LOCUS       X02996                 11570 bp    DNA     linear   VRL 18-APR-2005
DEFINITION  Adenovirus type 5 left 32% of the genome (coordinates 0% to 32.39%
            as measured by <ad2>).
ACCESSION   X02996 J01967-J01968 J01970-J01972 J01974 J01976-J01979 K00515
            V00025-V00027 V00029
VERSION     X02996.1
KEYWORDS    alternate splicing; DNA polymerase; overlapping genes; polymerase;
            RNA polymerase III; terminal protein; terminal repeat; transfer
SOURCE      Human adenovirus 5
  ORGANISM  Human adenovirus 5
            Viruses; Adenoviridae; Mastadenovirus.
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  REMARK    sites; cds start for E1a proteins
REFERENCE   16  (bases 6242 to 11570)
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            type 5 DNA (map positions 17.1-31.7)
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COMMENT     sites; splice sites in E1a 13S mRNA
            sites; splice sites and termini for E1b mRNAS
            Notes on the presentation of ADENO in the EMBL data library:
            The genetic map of Adeno is customarily presented from left to
            right, the 0% position being left and the 100% position being
            right. The two strands of Adeno are normally represented like this:
            r-strand:  3'------------------5'
            l-strand:  5'------------------3'
            ^                ^
            0%              100%
            This often causes confusion because the generally accepted way to
            represent DNA molecules is:
            Here Adeno virus sequences are always given in 5' to 3' direction
            and the sequence of the l-strand is displayed irrespective of the
            direction the viral transcription takes.
            This sequence corresponds to bases 1 to 11560 of <ad2>, which serve
            as some basis for the annotation of sites. the differences between
            <ad2> and <ad5> are too many to report herein, however a printout
            of those is available upon request from genbank. the map
            coordinates in the sites presume 360 bases per map unit. although
            there are approximately 115 sequence differences between the two
            strains over this region, no site difference exceeds 0.02% by this
            the sequence represents the early mrna transcripts e1a and e1b and
            the intermediate mrna transcript ix, all of which are transcribed
            rightwardly off the r-strand; the iva2 and e2b mrnas which are
            transcribed leftwardly off the l-strand ((indicated by "(c)" and
            "comp strand" below)); and the 5' end of the 28 kb major late mrna.
            the cap sites and possible promoter sequences for these are
            summarized in the following table:
            mrna        cap site           possible promoter region
            ------      ----------         --------------------------
            e1a           499              tatttata at bases 468-475 [6]
            e1b          1702              tatataa at bases 1672-1678[6]
            ix          3582              tatataa at bases 3551-3557 [6]
            iva2          5838 +/- 2  (c)   tacaaa at bases 5979-5974 on
            the comp strand [10]
            major         6049              tataaaa at bases 6018-6024 [10]
            as with ad2, not all the transcripts from this region have been
            characterized at the sequence level. the nine proteins given in
            features table below are not the only possible gene products (see
            the main adenovirus 2 entry).
            large amounts of small rnas are produced from the vai and vaii
            genes late in development for unknown reasons. [5] and [6]
            demonstrate that vai gene activity influences vaii expression; that
            the 5' flank affects the start site of the rna but that an
            intragenic promoter (bases 10626 to 10690 below) determines whether
            the rna is actually produced; and that there is striking similarity
            between this rna and trna.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..11570
                     /organism="Human adenovirus 5"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     precursor_RNA   499..1632
                     /note="primary transcript of E1A region"
     mRNA            join(499..1112,1229..1632)
                     /note="mRNA 1 (part 1)"
     mRNA            join(499..974,1229..1632)
                     /note="mRNA 2 (part 1)"
     CDS             join(560..1112,1229..1545)
                     /note="E1a protein from 13s mrna (32k,regulation and
     CDS             join(560..974,1229..1545)
                     /note="E1a protein from 12s mrna (26k, regulation and
     CDS             join(560..637,1229..1318)
                     /note="putative E1a protein from 9s mrna (splice sites
                     determined for ad2)"
     intron          975..1228
                     /note="intron of mRNA 2"
     intron          1113..1228
                     /note="intron of mRNA 1"
     polyA_site      1632..1632
     precursor_RNA   1702..4070
                     /note="primary transcript of E1B region"
     mRNA            join(1702..3510,3595..4070)
                     /note="mRNA 4"
     mRNA            1702..2255
                     /note="mRNA 5 (part 1)"
     precursor_RNA   1704..4070
                     /note="primary transcript of E1B region (alternate mRNA
                     start site)"
     mRNA            join(1704..3510,3595..4070)
                     /note="mRNA 4, alternate mRNA start site"
     mRNA            join(1704..2255,3595..4070)
                     /note="mRNA 5, alternate mRNA start site"
     CDS             1714..2244
                     /product="E1b 21k protein"
                     /note="mRNA 5 first reading frame"
     CDS             2019..3509
                     /note="E1b 55k protein (transformation)"
     CDS             join(2019..2255,3595..3612)
                     /note="mRNA 5 second reading frame (part 1)"
     intron          2256..3594
                     /note="intron of mRNA 5"
     intron          3511..3594
                     /note="intron of mRNA 4"
     mRNA            3580..4070
                     /note="mRNA IX"
     CDS             3609..4031
                     /note="IX protein (hexon-associated protein)"
     polyA_site      complement(4060..4060)
     mRNA            complement(4060..5427)
                     /note="mRNA IVa2 (part 2)"
     precursor_RNA   complement(4060..5836)
                     /note="primary transcript of IVa2 region (alternate mRNA
                     start site)"
     precursor_RNA   complement(4060..5838)
                     /note="primary transcript of IVa2 region"
     polyA_site      4070..4070
     CDS             complement(join(4091..5427,5706..5718))
                     /note="reading frame IVa2"
     CDS             complement(5197..8367)
                     /note="DNA polymerase"
     intron          complement(5428..5705)
                     /note="intron of mRNA IVa2"
     mRNA            complement(5706..5836)
                     /note="mRNA IVa2 (part 1) (alternate mRNA start site)"
     mRNA            complement(5706..5838)
                     /note="mRNA IVa2 (part 1)"
     mRNA            6049..6089
                     /note="major late mRNA (1st leader)"
     misc_RNA        6049..6049
                     /note="cap-site for late mRNAs"
     intron          6090..7110
     mRNA            7111..7182
                     /note="major late mRNA (2nd leader)"
     intron          7183..7951
     mRNA            7952..8391
                     /note="mRNA (i leader)"
     intron          8392..9643
     CDS             complement(8583..10544)
                     /note="terminal protein"
     mRNA            9644..9733
                     /note="major late mRNA (3rd leader)"
     intron          9734..11049
     mRNA            10617..10778
                     /note="Va1 RNA"
     mRNA            10620..10778
                     /note="Va1 RNA (alternative 5' start)"
     mRNA            10875..11035
                     /note="Va2 RNA"
     CDS             11050..>11570
                     /note="52.55K protein"
     mRNA            11050..>11570
                     /note="mRNA (52,55 k)"
BASE COUNT         2298 a         2903 c         3726 g         2643 t
        1 catcatcaat aatatacctt attttggatt gaagccaata tgataatgag ggggtggagt
       61 ttgtgacgtg gcgcggggcg tgggaacggg gcgggtgacg tagtagtgtg gcggaagtgt
      121 gatgttgcaa gtgtggcgga acacatgtaa gcgacggatg tggcaaaagt gacgtttttg
      181 gtgtgcgccg gtgtacacag gaagtgacaa ttttcgcgcg gttttaggcg gatgttgtag
      241 taaatttggg cgtaaccgag taagatttgg ccattttcgc gggaaaactg aataagagga
      301 agtgaaatct gaataatttt gtgttactca tagcgcgtaa tatttgtcta gggccgcggg
      361 gactttgacc gtttacgtgg agactcgccc aggtgttttt ctcaggtgtt ttccgcgttc
      421 cgggtcaaag ttggcgtttt attattatag tcagctgacg tgtagtgtat ttatacccgg
      481 tgagttcctc aagaggccac tcttgagtgc cagcgagtag agttttctcc tccgagccgc
      541 tccgacaccg ggactgaaaa tgagacatat tatctgccac ggaggtgtta ttaccgaaga
      601 aatggccgcc agtcttttgg accagctgat cgaagaggta ctggctgata atcttccacc
      661 tcctagccat tttgaaccac ctacccttca cgaactgtat gatttagacg tgacggcccc
      721 cgaagatccc aacgaggagg cggtttcgca gatttttccc gactctgtaa tgttggcggt
      781 gcaggaaggg attgacttac tcacttttcc gccggcgccc ggttctccgg agccgcctca
      841 cctttcccgg cagcccgagc agccggagca gagagccttg ggtccggttt ctatgccaaa
      901 ccttgtaccg gaggtgatcg atcttacctg ccacgaggct ggctttccac ccagtgacga
      961 cgaggatgaa gagggtgagg agtttgtgtt agattatgtg gagcaccccg ggcacggttg
     1021 caggtcttgt cattatcacc ggaggaatac gggggaccca gatattatgt gttcgctttg
     1081 ctatatgagg acctgtggca tgtttgtcta cagtaagtga aaattatggg cagtgggtga
     1141 tagagtggtg ggtttggtgt ggtaattttt tttttaattt ttacagtttt gtggtttaaa
     1201 gaattttgta ttgtgatttt tttaaaaggt cctgtgtctg aacctgagcc tgagcccgag
     1261 ccagaaccgg agcctgcaag acctacccgc cgtcctaaaa tggcgcctgc tatcctgaga
     1321 cgcccgacat cacctgtgtc tagagaatgc aatagtagta cggatagctg tgactccggt
     1381 ccttctaaca cacctcctga gatacacccg gtggtcccgc tgtgccccat taaaccagtt
     1441 gccgtgagag ttggtgggcg tcgccaggct gtggaatgta tcgaggactt gcttaacgag
     1501 cctgggcaac ctttggactt gagctgtaaa cgccccaggc cataaggtgt aaacctgtga
     1561 ttgcgtgtgt ggttaacgcc tttgtttgct gaatgagttg atgtaagttt aataaagggt
     1621 gagataatgt ttaacttgca tggcgtgtta aatggggcgg ggcttaaagg gtatataatg
     1681 cgccgtgggc taatcttggt tacatctgac ctcatggagg cttgggagtg tttggaagat
     1741 ttttctgctg tgcgtaactt gctggaacag agctctaaca gtacctcttg gttttggagg
     1801 tttctgtggg gctcatccca ggcaaagtta gtctgcagaa ttaaggagga ttacaagtgg
     1861 gaatttgaag agcttttgaa atcctgtggt gagctgtttg attctttgaa tctgggtcac
     1921 caggcgcttt tccaagagaa ggtcatcaag actttggatt tttccacacc ggggcgcgct
     1981 gcggctgctg ttgctttttt gagttttata aaggataaat ggagcgaaga aacccatctg
     2041 agcggggggt acctgctgga ttttctggcc atgcatctgt ggagagcggt tgtgagacac
     2101 aagaatcgcc tgctactgtt gtcttccgtc cgcccggcga taataccgac ggaggagcag
     2161 cagcagcagc aggaggaagc caggcggcgg cggcaggagc agagcccatg gaacccgaga
     2221 gccggcctgg accctcggga atgaatgttg tacaggtggc tgaactgtat ccagaactga
     2281 gacgcatttt gacaattaca gaggatgggc aggggctaaa gggggtaaag agggagcggg
     2341 gggcttgtga ggctacagag gaggctagga atctagcttt tagcttaatg accagacacc
     2401 gtcctgagtg tattactttt caacagatca aggataattg cgctaatgag cttgatctgc
     2461 tggcgcagaa gtattccata gagcagctga ccacttactg gctgcagcca ggggatgatt
     2521 ttgaggaggc tattagggta tatgcaaagg tggcacttag gccagattgc aagtacaaga
     2581 tcagcaaact tgtaaatatc aggaattgtt gctacatttc tgggaacggg gccgaggtgg
     2641 agatagatac ggaggatagg gtggccttta gatgtagcat gataaatatg tggccggggg
     2701 tgcttggcat ggacggggtg gttattatga atgtaaggtt tactggcccc aattttagcg
     2761 gtacggtttt cctggccaat accaacctta tcctacacgg tgtaagcttc tatgggttta
     2821 acaatacctg tgtggaagcc tggaccgatg taagggttcg gggctgtgcc ttttactgct
     2881 gctggaaggg ggtggtgtgt cgccccaaaa gcagggcttc aattaagaaa tgcctctttg
     2941 aaaggtgtac cttgggtatc ctgtctgagg gtaactccag ggtgcgccac aatgtggcct
     3001 ccgactgtgg ttgcttcatg ctagtgaaaa gcgtggctgt gattaagcat aacatggtat
     3061 gtggcaactg cgaggacagg gcctctcaga tgctgacctg ctcggacggc aactgtcacc
     3121 tgctgaagac cattcacgta gccagccact ctcgcaaggc ctggccagtg tttgagcata
     3181 acatactgac ccgctgttcc ttgcatttgg gtaacaggag gggggtgttc ctaccttacc
     3241 aatgcaattt gagtcacact aagatattgc ttgagcccga gagcatgtcc aaggtgaacc
     3301 tgaacggggt gtttgacatg accatgaaga tctggaaggt gctgaggtac gatgagaccc
     3361 gcaccaggtg cagaccctgc gagtgtggcg gtaaacatat taggaaccag cctgtgatgc
     3421 tggatgtgac cgaggagctg aggcccgatc acttggtgct ggcctgcacc cgcgctgagt
     3481 ttggctctag cgatgaagat acagattgag gtactgaaat gtgtgggcgt ggcttaaggg
     3541 tgggaaagaa tatataaggt gggggtctta tgtagttttg tatctgtttt gcagcagccg
     3601 ccgccgccat gagcaccaac tcgtttgatg gaagcattgt gagctcatat ttgacaacgc
     3661 gcatgccccc atgggccggg gtgcgtcaga atgtgatggg ctccagcatt gatggtcgcc
     3721 ccgtcctgcc cgcaaactct actaccttga cctacgagac cgtgtctgga acgccgttgg
     3781 agactgcagc ctccgccgcc gcttcagccg ctgcagccac cgcccgcggg attgtgactg
     3841 actttgcttt cctgagcccg cttgcaagca gtgcagcttc ccgttcatcc gcccgcgatg
     3901 acaagttgac ggctcttttg gcacaattgg attctttgac ccgggaactt aatgtcgttt
     3961 ctcagcagct gttggatctg cgccagcagg tttctgccct gaaggcttcc tcccctccca
     4021 atgcggttta aaacataaat aaaaaaccag actctgtttg gatttggatc aagcaagtgt
     4081 cttgctgtct ttatttaggg gttttgcgcg cgcggtaggc ccgggaccag cggtctcggt
     4141 cgttgagggt cctgtgtatt ttttccagga cgtggtaaag gtgactctgg atgttcagat
     4201 acatgggcat aagcccgtct ctggggtgga ggtagcacca ctgcagagct tcatgctgcg
     4261 gggtggtgtt gtagatgatc cagtcgtagc aggagcgctg ggcgtggtgc ctaaaaatgt
     4321 ctttcagtag caagctgatt gccaggggca ggcccttggt gtaagtgttt acaaagcggt
     4381 taagctggga tgggtgcata cgtggggata tgagatgcat cttggactgt atttttaggt
     4441 tggctatgtt cccagccata tccctccggg gattcatgtt gtgcagaacc accagcacag
     4501 tgtatccggt gcacttggga aatttgtcat gtagcttaga aggaaatgcg tggaagaact
     4561 tggagacgcc cttgtgacct ccaagatttt ccatgcattc gtccataatg atggcaatgg
     4621 gcccacgggc ggcggcctgg gcgaagatat ttctgggatc actaacgtca tagttgtgtt
     4681 ccaggatgag atcgtcatag gccattttta caaagcgcgg gcggagggtg ccagactgcg
     4741 gtataatggt tccatccggc ccaggggcgt agttaccctc acagatttgc atttcccacg
     4801 ctttgagttc agatgggggg atcatgtcta cctgcggggc gatgaagaaa acggtttccg
     4861 gggtagggga gatcagctgg gaagaaagca ggttcctgag cagctgcgac ttaccgcagc
     4921 cggtgggccc gtaaatcaca cctattaccg ggtgcaactg gtagttaaga gagctgcagc
     4981 tgccgtcatc cctgagcagg ggggccactt cgttaagcat gtccctgact cgcatgtttt
     5041 ccctgaccaa atccgccaga aggcgctcgc cgcccagcga tagcagttct tgcaaggaag
     5101 caaagttttt caacggtttg agaccgtccg ccgtaggcat gcttttgagc gtttgaccaa
     5161 gcagttccag gcggtcccac agctcggtca cctgctctac ggcatctcga tccagcatat
     5221 ctcctcgttt cgcgggttgg ggcggctttc gctgtacggc agtagtcggt gctcgtccag
     5281 acgggccagg gtcatgtctt tccacgggcg cagggtcctc gtcagcgtag tctgggtcac
     5341 ggtgaagggg tgcgctccgg gctgcgcgct ggccagggtg cgcttgaggc tggtcctgct
     5401 ggtgctgaag cgctgccggt cttcgccctg cgcgtcggcc aggtagcatt tgaccatggt
     5461 gtcatagtcc agcccctccg cggcgtggcc cttggcgcgc agcttgccct tggaggaggc
     5521 gccgcacgag gggcagtgca gacttttgag ggcgtagagc ttgggcgcga gaaataccga
     5581 ttccggggag taggcatccg cgccgcaggc cccgcagacg gtctcgcatt ccacgagcca
     5641 ggtgagctct ggccgttcgg ggtcaaaaac caggtttccc ccatgctttt tgatgcgttt
     5701 cttacctctg gtttccatga gccggtgtcc acgctcggtg acgaaaaggc tgtccgtgtc
     5761 cccgtataca gacttgagag gcctgtcctc gagcggtgtt ccgcggtcct cctcgtatag
     5821 aaactcggac cactctgaga caaaggctcg cgtccaggcc agcacgaagg aggctaagtg
     5881 ggaggggtag cggtcgttgt ccactagggg gtccactcgc tccagggtgt gaagacacat
     5941 gtcgccctct tcggcatcaa ggaaggtgat tggtttgtag gtgtaggcca cgtgaccggg
     6001 tgttcctgaa ggggggctat aaaagggggt gggggcgcgt tcgtcctcac tctcttccgc
     6061 atcgctgtct gcgagggcca gctgttgggg tgagtactcc ctctgaaaag cgggcatgac
     6121 ttctgcgcta agattgtcag tttccaaaaa cgaggaggat ttgatattca cctggcccgc
     6181 ggtgatgcct ttgagggtgg ccgcatccat ctggtcagaa aagacaatct ttttgttgtc
     6241 aagcttggtg gcaaacgacc cgtagagggc gttggacagc aacttggcga tggagcgcag
     6301 ggtttggttt ttgtcgcgat cggcgcgctc cttggccgcg atgtttagct gcacgtattc
     6361 gcgcgcaacg caccgccatt cgggaaagac ggtggtgcgc tcgtcgggca ccaggtgcac
     6421 gcgccaaccg cggttgtgca gggtgacaag gtcaacgctg gtggctacct ctccgcgtag
     6481 gcgctcgttg gtccagcaga ggcggccgcc cttgcgcgag cagaatggcg gtagggggtc
     6541 tagctgcgtc tcgtccgggg ggtctgcgtc cacggtaaag accccgggca gcaggcgcgc
     6601 gtcgaagtag tctatcttgc atccttgcaa gtctagcgcc tgctgccatg cgcgggcggc
     6661 aagcgcgcgc tcgtatgggt tgagtggggg accccatggc atggggtggg tgagcgcgga
     6721 ggcgtacatg ccgcaaatgt cgtaaacgta gaggggctct ctgagtattc caagatatgt
     6781 agggtagcat cttccaccgc ggatgctggc gcgcacgtaa tcgtatagtt cgtgcgaggg
     6841 agcgaggagg tcgggaccga ggttgctacg ggcgggctgc tctgctcgga agactatctg
     6901 cctgaagatg gcatgtgagt tggatgatat ggttggacgc tggaagacgt tgaagctggc
     6961 gtctgtgaga cctaccgcgt cacgcacgaa ggaggcgtag gagtcgcgca gcttgttgac
     7021 cagctcggcg gtgacctgca cgtctagggc gcagtagtcc agggtttcct tgatgatgtc
     7081 atacttatcc tgtccctttt ttttccacag ctcgcggttg aggacaaact cttcgcggtc
     7141 tttccagtac tcttggatcg gaaacccgtc ggcctccgaa cggtaagagc ctagcatgta
     7201 gaactggttg acggcctggt aggcgcagca tcccttttct acgggtagcg cgtatgcctg
     7261 cgcggccttc cggagcgagg tgtgggtgag cgcaaaggtg tccctgacca tgactttgag
     7321 gtactggtat ttgaagtcag tgtcgtcgca tccgccctgc tcccagagca aaaagtccgt
     7381 gcgctttttg gaacgcggat ttggcagggc gaaggtgaca tcgttgaaga gtatctttcc
     7441 cgcgcgaggc ataaagttgc gtgtgatgcg gaagggtccc ggcacctcgg aacggttgtt
     7501 aattacctgg gcggcgagca cgatctcgtc aaagccgttg atgttgtggc ccacaatgta
     7561 aagttccaag aagcgcggga tgcccttgat ggaaggcaat tttttaagtt cctcgtaggt
     7621 gagctcttca ggggagctga gcccgtgctc tgaaagggcc cagtctgcaa gatgagggtt
     7681 ggaagcgacg aatgagctcc acaggtcacg ggccattagc atttgcaggt ggtcgcgaaa
     7741 ggtcctaaac tggcgaccta tggccatttt ttctggggtg atgcagtaga aggtaagcgg
     7801 gtcttgttcc cagcggtccc atccaaggtt cgcggctagg tctcgcgcgg cagtcactag
     7861 aggctcatct ccgccgaact tcatgaccag catgaagggc acgagctgct tcccaaaggc
     7921 ccccatccaa gtataggtct ctacatcgta ggtgacaaag agacgctcgg tgcgaggatg
     7981 cgagccgatc gggaagaact ggatctcccg ccaccaattg gaggagtggc tattgatgtg
     8041 gtgaaagtag aagtccctgc gacgggccga acactcgtgc tggcttttgt aaaaacgtgc
     8101 gcagtactgg cagcggtgca cgggctgtac atcctgcacg aggttgacct gacgaccgcg
     8161 cacaaggaag cagagtggga atttgagccc ctcgcctggc gggtttggct ggtggtcttc
     8221 tacttcggct gcttgtcctt gaccgtctgg ctgctcgagg ggagttacgg tggatcggac
     8281 caccacgccg cgcgagccca aagtccagat gtccgcgcgc ggcggtcgga gcttgatgac
     8341 aacatcgcgc agatgggagc tgtccatggt ctggagctcc cgcggcgtca ggtcaggcgg
     8401 gagctcctgc aggtttacct cgcatagacg ggtcagggcg cgggctagat ccaggtgata
     8461 cctaatttcc aggggctggt tggtggcggc gtcgatggct tgcaagaggc cgcatccccg
     8521 cggcgcgact acggtaccgc gcggcgggcg gtgggccgcg ggggtgtcct tggatgatgc
     8581 atctaaaagc ggtgacgcgg gcgagccccc ggaggtaggg ggggctccgg acccgccggg
     8641 agagggggca ggggcacgtc ggcgccgcgc gcgggcagga gctggtgctg cgcgcgtagg
     8701 ttgctggcga acgcgacgac gcggcggttg atctcctgaa tctggcgcct ctgcgtgaag
     8761 acgacgggcc cggtgagctt gagcctgaaa gagagttcga cagaatcaat ttcggtgtcg
     8821 ttgacggcgg cctggcgcaa aatctcctgc acgtctcctg agttgtcttg ataggcgatc
     8881 tcggccatga actgctcgat ctcttcctcc tggagatctc cgcgtccggc tcgctccacg
     8941 gtggcggcga ggtcgttgga aatgcgggcc atgagctgcg agaaggcgtt gaggcctccc
     9001 tcgttccaga cgcggctgta gaccacgccc ccttcggcat cgcgggcgcg catgaccacc
     9061 tgcgcgagat tgagctccac gtgccgggcg aagacggcgt agtttcgcag gcgctgaaag
     9121 aggtagttga gggtggtggc ggtgtgttct gccacgaaga agtacataac ccagcgtcgc
     9181 aacgtggatt cgttgatatc ccccaaggcc tcaaggcgct ccatggcctc gtagaagtcc
     9241 acggcgaagt tgaaaaactg ggagttgcgc gccgacacgg ttaactcctc ctccagaaga
     9301 cggatgagct cggcgacagt gtcgcgcacc tcgcgctcaa aggctacagg ggcctcttct
     9361 tcttcttcaa tctcctcttc cataagggcc tccccttctt cttcttctgg cggcggtggg
     9421 ggagggggga cacggcggcg acgacggcgc accgggaggc ggtcgacaaa gcgctcgatc
     9481 atctccccgc ggcgacggcg catggtctcg gtgacggcgc ggccgttctc gcgggggcgc
     9541 agttggaaga cgccgcccgt catgtcccgg ttatgggttg gcggggggct gccatgcggc
     9601 agggatacgg cgctaacgat gcatctcaac aattgttgtg taggtactcc gccgccgagg
     9661 gacctgagcg agtccgcatc gaccggatcg gaaaacctct cgagaaaggc gtctaaccag
     9721 tcacagtcgc aaggtaggct gagcaccgtg gcgggcggca gcgggcggcg gtcggggttg
     9781 tttctggcgg aggtgctgct gatgatgtaa ttaaagtagg cggtcttgag acggcggatg
     9841 gtcgacagaa gcaccatgtc cttgggtccg gcctgctgaa tgcgcaggcg gtcggccatg
     9901 ccccaggctt cgttttgaca tcggcgcagg tctttgtagt agtcttgcat gagcctttct
     9961 accggcactt cttcttctcc ttcctcttgt cctgcatctc ttgcatctat cgctgcggcg
    10021 gcggcggagt ttggccgtag gtggcgccct cttcctccca tgcgtgtgac cccgaagccc
    10081 ctcatcggct gaagcagggc taggtcggcg acaacgcgct cggctaatat ggcctgctgc
    10141 acctgcgtga gggtagactg gaagtcatcc atgtccacaa agcggtggta tgcgcccgtg
    10201 ttgatggtgt aagtgcagtt ggccataacg gaccagttaa cggtctggtg acccggctgc
    10261 gagagctcgg tgtacctgag acgcgagtaa gccctcgagt caaatacgta gtcgttgcaa
    10321 gtccgcacca ggtactggta tcccaccaaa aagtgcggcg gcggctggcg gtagaggggc
    10381 cagcgtaggg tggccggggc tccgggggcg agatcttcca acataaggcg atgatatccg
    10441 tagatgtacc tggacatcca ggtgatgccg gcggcggtgg tggaggcgcg cggaaagtcg
    10501 cggacgcggt tccagatgtt gcgcagcggc aaaaagtgct ccatggtcgg gacgctctgg
    10561 ccggtcaggc gcgcgcaatc gttgacgctc tagaccgtgc aaaaggagag cctgtaagcg
    10621 ggcactcttc cgtggtctgg tggataaatt cgcaagggta tcatggcgga cgaccggggt
    10681 tcgagccccg tatccggccg tccgccgtga tccatgcggt taccgcccgc gtgtcgaacc
    10741 caggtgtgcg acgtcagaca acgggggagt gctccttttg gcttccttcc aggcgcggcg
    10801 gctgctgcgc tagctttttt ggccactggc cgcgcgcagc gtaagcggtt aggctggaaa
    10861 gcgaaagcat taagtggctc gctccctgta gccggagggt tattttccaa gggttgagtc
    10921 gcgggacccc cggttcgagt ctcggaccgg ccggactgcg gcgaacgggg gtttgcctcc
    10981 ccgtcatgca agaccccgct tgcaaattcc tccggaaaca gggacgagcc ccttttttgc
    11041 ttttcccaga tgcatccggt gctgcggcag atgcgccccc ctcctcagca gcggcaagag
    11101 caagagcagc ggcagacatg cagggcaccc tcccctcctc ctaccgcgtc aggaggggcg
    11161 acatccgcgg ttgacgcggc agcagatggt gattacgaac ccccgcggcg ccgggcccgg
    11221 cactacctgg acttggagga gggcgagggc ctggcgcggc taggagcgcc ctctcctgag
    11281 cggtacccaa gggtgcagct gaagcgtgat acgcgtgagg cgtacgtgcc gcggcagaac
    11341 ctgtttcgcg accgcgaggg agaggagccc gaggagatgc gggatcgaaa gttccacgca
    11401 gggcgcgagc tgcggcatgg cctgaatcgc gagcggttgc tgcgcgagga ggactttgag
    11461 cccgacgcgc gaaccgggat tagtcccgcg cgcgcacacg tggcggccgc cgacctggta
    11521 accgcatacg agcagacggt gaaccaggag attaactttc aaaaaagctt