LOCUS       AL050328               54106 bp    DNA     linear   HUM 13-JAN-2009
DEFINITION  Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-145L22 on chromosome
            6p21.32-22.2 Contains the gene for myelin/oligodendrocyte
            glycoprotein (MOG), the gene for a novel KRAB box containing C2H2
            type zinc finger protein, ESTs, STSs, GSSs and a CpG island.
VERSION     AL050328.24
KEYWORDS    CpG island; HTG; KRAB box; MOG; zinc finger.
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 54106)
  AUTHORS   Griffiths C.
  JOURNAL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC. Wellcome Trust Sanger
            Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK. E-mail enquiries:
   Clone requests: Geneservice
            ( and BACPAC Resources
COMMENT     -------------- Genome Center
            Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
            Center code: SC
            Web site:
            This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all
            were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate
            chemistry or
            covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an
            attempt was
            made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and
            all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly
            confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the
            being a YAC.
            The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
            numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
            Em:, EMBL; Sw:, SWISSPROT; Tr:, TREMBL; Wp:, WORMPEP;
            Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
            This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
            human chromosome 6, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 6
            Mapping Group.  Further information can be found at
            IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone
            RP11-145L22. It
            may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once,
            for a short overlap.
            During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones.
            differences are found these are annotated as variations together
            with a
            note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation
            annotation may
            not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the
            clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
            The true right end of clone RP1-271M21 is at 100 in this sequence.
            The true left end of clone RP3-377H14 is at 54007 in this sequence.
            RP11-145L22 is from the library RPCI-11.1 constructed by the group
            Pieter de Jong. For further details see
            VECTOR: pBACe3.6
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..54106
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     misc_feature    101..54106
                     /note="annotated region of clone"
     mRNA            join(19276..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U18801 Em:U64565"
                     /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA092209.1 Em:AA249234.1
                     Em:AI205181.1 Em:AI564864.1 Em:AL119259 Em:AL157529
                     Em:AW425115.1 Em:AW483180.1 Em:R52373.1 Em:R89508.1"
     mRNA            join(19276..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U18840 Em:U64566"
     mRNA            join(19276..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U64564"
     mRNA            join(19276..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U64568"
     mRNA            join(19276..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U18843"
     CDS             join(19403..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
     CDS             join(19403..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
     CDS             join(19403..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
     CDS             join(19403..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q16653"
     CDS             join(19403..19490,21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
     CDS             join(<21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,30146..30166,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
     CDS             join(<21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,30146..30166,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
     mRNA            join(<21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,30146..30166,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U18803 Em:U64567"
     mRNA            join(<21514..21861,28394..28507,29885..29905,30146..30166,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U64569"
     mRNA            join(<21514..21861,26825..26962,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U64571"
     mRNA            join(<21514..21861,26825..26962,28394..28507,29885..29905,
                     /product="myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U64570"
     misc_feature    27690..27834
                     /note="Single clone region. Small insert library of single
                     pUC subclone"
     regulatory      34533..34538
     regulatory      34537..34542
     regulatory      34541..34546
     regulatory      34545..34550
     regulatory      34549..34554
     regulatory      34553..34558
     regulatory      34557..34562
     regulatory      34561..34566
     regulatory      34565..34570
     regulatory      34569..34574
     regulatory      34573..34578
     regulatory      34577..34582
     regulatory      34581..34586
     polyA_site      34622
     polyA_site      complement(34733)
     mRNA            complement(join(34733..35875,37667..37733,38179..38323,
                     /product="chromosome 6 open reading frame 40"
                     /note="match: cDNAs: Em:D21850 Em:X71623"
                     /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI337131.1 Em:AI341244.1
                     Em:AI638099.1 Em:AI651985.1 Em:AI656752.1 Em:AI970473.1
                     Em:AW002543.1 Em:AW440310.1 Em:AW593483.1 Em:AW613702.1"
     regulatory      complement(34749..34754)
     CDS             complement(join(34750..35875,37667..37733,38179..38323,
                     /product="chromosome 6 open reading frame 40"
                     /note="match: proteins: Sw:O75467 Sw:O75820 Sw:P17038
                     Sw:P17097 Sw:P17098 Sw:P21506 Sw:P51523 Sw:P51786
                     Sw:P52736 Sw:Q06730 Sw:Q15928 Sw:Q60585 Sw:Q61967
                     Sw:Q99676 Sw:Q99676 Sw:Q9Y2Q1 Sw:Q9Y473 Tr:O14898
                     Tr:P70405 Tr:Q61491 Tr:Q62515 Tr:Q9Y2N9 Tr:Q9Y6R6
     misc_feature    53907
                     /note="Clone_left_end: RP3-377H14"
BASE COUNT        15011 a        12509 c        12106 g        14480 t
        1 cctcatcttc catccatccc tgagagcata tagcccagaa tttaacactc tgggagccct
       61 gaaaacatat taaccaacgt agttcacttg attgatgatc aggtagatgc taggtacatt
      121 ttgggagtat ctcattaaat tctcacctaa ccacacagag tggatattca tgttctatac
      181 tgagcctagt aaactaccat ttaaagaaag taagaagcaa atcagaggtc acacagctat
      241 aaagctgaca gagccaacat ttgaacttaa gttcgttacc ctattttcaa attctttcta
      301 ctgcattgag aggcttagtt ttgaggcact tctctcaccc aactcccact ccaaggcttt
      361 ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttttttttat tgagacggag tcttgttctt ttgcccaggc
      421 tggagtgcag tggcacaatc tcggctcact gcaacctccg cctcccgggt tcacaccatt
      481 ctcctgcctc agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ccgccaccat gcccggctaa
      541 tttttttgta tttttagtag agtcggggtt tcactgtgtt agccaggatg gtctcgatct
      601 cctgacctcg taatccgccc acctcggcct cccacagtgc tgggatgaca ggtgtgagcc
      661 accacacccg gctccaaggc attttctgtc aagggtcaaa ctgcagttct attctctcat
      721 ctaaagtagt ggtgatcact gggtgaatgg aagatgttca tgtcctcttg ggttaggatg
      781 aaagacctgt cttctgggag agttttctgt cctgtaacag ctcttgctct ttagaaaaat
      841 gtatagggca aaggtttatt attcaaacgt gaagttattt acactctggg attcactctg
      901 gctttttagt gaggttttga atcctttgca tcatatttaa tatcactaaa ataggatatt
      961 tttgtgaaac tgtttgatcc ttcccctcag tttccatttg tgtgttctct ttcttcccgt
     1021 cttgataggc acaggcactc agaatcactg ggccagaaag aagtaagaga gtaggccggg
     1081 cacggtggct catgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaagc caaggcgggc agatcacgag
     1141 gttatgagat caagaccatc ctggctaaca cggtgaaaca ccgtctctac taaaaataca
     1201 aaaaaaataa ttagccgggc gtgatggtgg gcgcctgtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct
     1261 gaggcaggag aatggcgtga cctgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgatcagag atcgagccac
     1321 tgcactccag cctgggcgac aaagtgaaac tccgtctcag gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag
     1381 agagagagta agggaacatc tttcgttaat aaaccctctc tattgctccc cacacacaat
     1441 cctagtttgg ttgctgtctt cgtctgtttg ggctgccata acaaaatctc ttgcaccggg
     1501 taacttatga acaacagaaa tgtatttctg acagttctgg aggccgggaa atccaagatt
     1561 aaggcactgg cagattcagt gtctggtgag ggctggcttc ctcatagact gccatctgcc
     1621 atctgcgatc tagctgtgtc ttcacatggt ggaagggcaa acaagctccc tggggcctct
     1681 tttagaaggg cactaatctc atttgcaaaa gtccccacca cttaatacca cattgcattg
     1741 gggattaggt ttcagaacat gaattttggg ggaacacaaa cattcagacc atagcagttg
     1801 tacattcttg gcagttctgg ccttggttta ttgtgccaat aaaagtaagc tcatgaagct
     1861 atttctatca tgtctttaca ggcatgtaca ggtgagccca gtttgggagt cacaaaactt
     1921 cagtgaaatt aaaaagccac actatgagta cctgcactag cacttaccac tctcacacac
     1981 aagaatccct gaggcagtgg ggatcctacc cctgtctcag gagtgcacag agccaataac
     2041 caaattacaa cattgacatt gtgaagttgc ctctagaaat aatttctcaa taagtacacc
     2101 tttatataat aagtgaatga acacaatgta attaaatgct agattaacct aagaaacaaa
     2161 aaggaaaata gcttctttgt ccgttcatct acaggataat gaggtcatgt taaaagactt
     2221 agaaaaggtt cagttctcct gccgggcgcc gtggctcatg cctttaatcc cagcactttg
     2281 ggaggcctag gcgggcggat cacctgagat caggagtttg agaccagcct aaccaacatg
     2341 gagaaaccac ccatctacta aaaatacaaa attagtcggc catggtggtg catgcctgta
     2401 atcccaccta ctcgggaggc tgaggcaaga gaatcgcttg aacccaggag ctggaggttg
     2461 cagtgagctg agattgtgcc attgcactcc agcctgggca acaggcaaaa ctgtctccaa
     2521 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggttc agttctcaga aacacaaatt taatgagcat tttgaagatc
     2581 tcaaaataag tattatattt aattaaacat gtgtaattaa gtatatactg gtatgaatat
     2641 ctacaaataa ttattcatac taatctgaaa aacgtatgca tcataatgtg tgtatataat
     2701 tggttgctag gggatttgtt tgttcatttt gctgcaatag atttctgtct ctcgtcatat
     2761 tctgttcaag tacctaaaat gattgctcac ttattcgaag cacactaatg aaataatact
     2821 cagagtaaaa ggatatatca cccagatttt tctattagaa gctacacaat actcaaaaat
     2881 ctatcattta atatgtgtat gcaggtctaa agcccataat aagcaaaaat atattttcac
     2941 gttaaatgta tggctattta cactagatga ggtaaagaaa gactataaat agcttcacat
     3001 ctcgttttgt cacagaatga atgcaagtca ggccaggctt tgccgccaaa tgagttacaa
     3061 aattttggtt ttcagagtat tgtgaatttt ggaattgcag aaaaggatat gtgaaactgc
     3121 ttataaacat gagaagatgt ttacagatag atgttttaga agtcaaatga acaaatctga
     3181 agcaacagac tagaaattct attcatggaa atatgataaa aatgccagta agagggctgg
     3241 gcgtggtggc tcacacctat aatcctagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg tgggtcgctt
     3301 gaactggagt ccgagaccag cctgggcaac atggcgaaac cccatctcta ccaaaaatac
     3361 aaaaccccgt ctctaccaaa aatacaaaaa atcagttggg catggtggca ggtgcctgta
     3421 atcccagcta cgggggaggc tgaggaagga gaattgcttg aacctggaag gcagaggttg
     3481 cagtgagccg agatcacacc actgcgttcc agcctgggcg acagagcaag actccatctc
     3541 aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaatt ttaaaatgcc agtaaggatc tccataaagg
     3601 ctatgtatga aaacctgacc atgtcacatc catgacccta ttacagcagg tcagattaat
     3661 cttaccctag tccagagaac cacgggaacc actgagtcct agtggaggga aagcctggaa
     3721 cagatgtgaa gcaagcttgg cttttagcaa ttgagagtaa acaaacacct gctgagttta
     3781 ctcttccttg cctgtctttc taagccatca ctctgaagac ctaaaaagca gacatgactc
     3841 atacacacct tcagatgctt tcagtatttg ttacacctag atctgtgcag aaactgaata
     3901 ccttattggt gcataattta caaagaattc tcacattagc tcttctaatt ctttctgttg
     3961 tttctatatg ataatatctc catttgtcag ataggaaaac tgaagctcag aaagtttgaa
     4021 tgaacttcat aagatcacac agccaataaa taccagagct tggcctcaaa gtcaagtctc
     4081 aggtccttct gcccttcact aacagtgctc cagccatggt cgtctgactg ctgttcttta
     4141 aacttcctta actttcaact cagaaaccaa acacacccag ctccctctgc ctgggcgtgg
     4201 tgctctgttc agcctcctca ccccacaccc atgttgctaa cagcttaaat ggcacctcct
     4261 cagtaaagcc tcccctgaat tccccagact tagaacactg tttccccaat cccactagcc
     4321 actctcatat atggcatact gtagtcattg ttttgtttgt ttgtttttta gaaagagaga
     4381 gagagagaaa gaaaagaaga aacgaaagaa aagaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa gaaaatcaaa
     4441 atccatgtgg gtgtggtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcagg
     4501 cagatagctg aggtcaggag ttccagacca gcctgaccaa tatggtgaaa ccccgtctct
     4561 actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggggtgg tggtgcatgc taaagggaag ggaaggggaa
     4621 ggggaaggga gagaggaagg aagggaggga ggaaggaagg aaggaactta tctccgtctg
     4681 ggtaacatga ggagaccctg tctctaccaa aaattaaaaa tattagccga gtgtggtggc
     4741 atgagcctgt agtcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg aggatcgatt tagcctagga
     4801 agtcaaggtc agtaagctgc gatcatgcca atgcactcca gcctgggtga cagagagaga
     4861 ctctgtctca aaataaaaat aaaaccacaa aacttatctc agtggtaatt aaggtaactg
     4921 tggaatcgtg tatttacatt tgccttcctg accagaccat aaactccagg agggcaggga
     4981 ttttgactat gtggctcatt ttatcccact aaaagagcta catattttct gactcagaga
     5041 tgagtttcat tccattgtac agaatgatca caccagtttc caagtctatt aatctagcgg
     5101 tctctgttgt ttgttgaaga cctactaggt attggtaaaa tgggttgctt tgttccatgg
     5161 gccataatag tgacacattc taaacacatt taagtcattc caccctataa gttacaggat
     5221 aataataata atagcattta ttttactata accagttttg ggctgtgtgt tttacttgga
     5281 ttgtctcact tgctccttat agcattctct gatatagata ttagtcttcc catttacaaa
     5341 atgggaaaac tgaaactcaa acatgtttaa taatctgcac agtgtctcac atgtaacaag
     5401 ccaacatgag attagtgatt ccaaagaccc tgctcagccc aatgacaaga tgtggaaagc
     5461 accctcaagg cacccagggg tctctctccc tgagagtcct gtgcatatca gcaatgctgc
     5521 taaggattaa atcactgcgg ttatcactat gtgggtaaga tttctgttag tagaagatcc
     5581 agaagattca ccctgccata gagcaggggg ccttggctga gccataggca gaatcactct
     5641 ccaaaaagac ttaccagtgt ttatctgaat attttctttt agcaataact ttacttactt
     5701 gcgttatttg taggtgctgc cattttgctg tccatgatgc tactatgctc agtaccctta
     5761 ctgtactgcc cagtagccct taccattagc aaactaaagc ttcctcacca gcattagacc
     5821 tggcaagacc tctgtgcatc ccccaccacc catgagcatt ttgatagcat tgcaagtata
     5881 atctctggtg catgcacaaa ttctgctcca catagcagcg ctaatggtgg cccacatcgg
     5941 gaataggagt agagcaagat gttaccagga agagggcctt acttctcttc tctctcttct
     6001 cgctgctttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttgttt tgttttgttt tttagatgga
     6061 gtcttgctcc attgcccagg cgagtgtagt ggcgcaatct cagttcactg caacctctgc
     6121 ctcccaggcc tgtcccagcc tcccgagtag ctgggactac agatgcctgc caccacgcct
     6181 ggctaatttt tgtgttttta gtagagatgg ggattcacct tgttggtcgg gctaatctca
     6241 aactcctgac ctcaggtgat tcacacgcct tgacctctca aagtgctggg attataggca
     6301 tgagccacta cgttcagcca ttcgctgctc ttaagaaagt acttttccaa agatcattct
     6361 ccttggtctt atcttaagat cctgctatga aatagggaca cgggtggaaa attttcacct
     6421 gtgcctgcag caaactttca ttctgtctga ataattataa gtaggatggg ggaggggaga
     6481 agaaaaagag accatgatct gaagaacctt aactgttccc ctgttatccc tggttactgt
     6541 caagcagcta gcaggctagg ctaggtgggg tatcttcttt aactctactc ctgcattagc
     6601 tgttctaaat cctagaactc atgccctgtt tgaaatttct ttccctatgc ccaactcaag
     6661 tgatgccatc ctattttcta ttttccacca tgggaaaaat ggaaaataac aggagaaatg
     6721 tattaagaaa gcattcttga atttgagttt gttaactttt tttttttttt aacagtcttg
     6781 ctctgtcacc caggctggag tgcagtggtg caagcttggc tcactgcaat ctccacctcc
     6841 tgggcttaag caattcttgt gcctctgcca cctgagtagt tgggattata ggcatgcacc
     6901 accacgccca gctaattttt gtaattttag tagagatggg gtttcaccat gttggccagg
     6961 ctggtcttga actcctgacc tcaagtgatc ctcccacctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga
     7021 ttacaagcat aagccaccac ccccggcctg aatttgttaa cttcttacca acattttaca
     7081 aagaagattg aaggtaatgt gggttctaag actgaagagt acaaggtaag ctggtggtta
     7141 atggggagga gggatgatgg atgaactggt cagggaagag gatgaaatgg ctcaaaatag
     7201 aggtacaaat agaatgggct gggctcctcc aaccattcct tgtgatttta tttttacttt
     7261 tttttttttt tttttggtgg agtttcactc ttgttgccca ggctggagtg caatggtgcg
     7321 atctcggctc actgcaactt ccacctcctg gattcaagtg agtctcctgc ctcagccttc
     7381 tgagtagctg ggaatgcaga tgcgatctcg gctcactgca acttccacct gggttcaagt
     7441 gattctcctg cctcagcctt ctgagtagct gggaatgcag gcgtgtgcca ccacacatgg
     7501 ctaatttttt gtatttttaa tagagatggg gttttgtcat gttgcccagg ctggtcttga
     7561 gctcctgacc tcagatgatc cgcccacctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt
     7621 gagccaccgc gcctgaccta tttttacttt tttaaaagac aggtctcact ctattgccca
     7681 ggctgctctt gaactcccgg cctcaaccaa ttcttcctgc tcagcctcct gagtagttgg
     7741 gactacagca ctcacaactg tgcctgaccc ttctcttaat tttaactcct gagtgatttt
     7801 cttctctgga ccccaaggag tcatgatatc tctaaattat atcctgaagt tatttcaact
     7861 ttagaaaata aagttttagg cctggttcag tggctgacac ctgtaatccc aatactttgg
     7921 gaggctgagg caggcagatt gcttgagccc aggagtttga agctaacatg gcaaaacccc
     7981 atctctatca aaaaaaaaaa aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaaaagaaaa aaggctaggc
     8041 gcggtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct aaggtgggca gatcacgagg
     8101 tcaggagttc gagaacagcc tgaccaacat agtgaaaccc tgtctctatt aaaaatacta
     8161 aaattagcca ggtgtggtgg tggacacctg taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag
     8221 gagaatcact tgaactggag aggcagaggt tgcagtaagc tgagtttgcg ccattgctct
     8281 ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agacaccatc tcaaataaaa aagaaaagaa aaaaaagatc
     8341 ttggaatgct ttttttctgc ctgtgtattg atattattct taaggggctc ataagaaaac
     8401 taaatatata tatttacata tatatatata tataaaatca cccaggttgg agtgcagcgg
     8461 tgcaatctca gctcactgca atatctgcct ccagggttca agcaattctt ttgcctcagc
     8521 ctccccagta gctaggattt caggcatgca ccaccatgcc tggctaattt ttgtatttga
     8581 agtagagaca gggtttcgcc atgttggcca ggctggtttt gaactctgga cctcaaatga
     8641 ccctcctgcc taaagtactg ggattacagg ggtgagccac catgcctggc ccagaaaata
     8701 ttattgttat ttaatatgac ctgccataac taccattaaa agtagtacag gtgtgcaaaa
     8761 gaaacttatc tggctatggc tgggcgcggt gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga
     8821 ggctgaggca gactgatcat gaggtcagga gatcaagacc atcctggcta acatggtgaa
     8881 accctgtctc tacaaaatat acaagaaaaa attaaccggg catggtggcg ggtgccagct
     8941 actcgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcgt gaacctggga ggcggagctt gcagtgagca
     9001 gagatcgcgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc aagagagcaa gactcggtct caaaaagaaa
     9061 agaaaagaaa agaaatctta cctggttgta agattttttt ctcatttagt caataaatat
     9121 ttatggaata gggcagtttg ggatcacaca catgagctaa gcatgatgtc agccttcata
     9181 gctcctacaa tgtggtatgg tgattttttt ttctttttga gatgggagtc tcactgtgtc
     9241 aaccagcctc aaacagtcct tccatctcag cctcccaagt acctgggact acagatgcat
     9301 gccaccatgc ccagctactt ttttgtattt ttgatagaaa cagggttttg ccatgttggc
     9361 caggctgatc tcaaattcct ttcctcaagt gatccgcctg ccttggcctc caagagtgct
     9421 gggattacag gcatgagcca ctgcacccag ccaatgattt taaaactgga atacagaaag
     9481 agaagaagaa agtcatgctc catctttatt atttaaaaat cagaacagat acacatattt
     9541 gttgtgagca ctaattaaaa tatccttaaa gtttccttac cttggagtgg aattatttgc
     9601 atatgtatac acatgatgct gactttagaa gaaaagttac aagttaaaac acgtttgatt
     9661 aataaaagaa aaagaaataa attatacata aatttagctt tgttgctgaa aatcacctct
     9721 ccaaacatag agttcaggtt ggggcaaata aaaaattgca taaaacaaaa aggctaagaa
     9781 atggtacaaa aaactcagag aaccactact tcacgtttcc caataaagca tcttttatat
     9841 ttataaaagt taagcctgca tatctctgcc cccaattgca gcagaaacac ctgaaaaaga
     9901 atgccagtct ggtcttgctc tgacaatggt tttctgactg accttgagcc tgtcacaacc
     9961 cgtctggcct caatttcatc aactgtaaaa taagaataaa actatttgat atctttaact
    10021 cacatactat tgtgagaaat aaatacaatc atagacaaat gttttcagaa tgtgaaaatg
    10081 ctataggaac acactttttc tccagtggct ggcataaaag tgttggtatg ctataccacc
    10141 aagtcattag atatgagtta atttctggat tactgtttca gtaagaataa gctctacaca
    10201 acttcagcaa gtgatgttgg tatgtcatcc acaaagttct atcaccctat tccatagcat
    10261 acccctgttg aacttcccac atccctgtct tcccttagct tcctgtatcc aacctcagcg
    10321 caatagctca gtttgaccat tagatggtac cagttacaag gcaaacttag gtcccttcag
    10381 aaactgagca tttctaaaaa gcaaatattt tttcaggttt gtttgtaact taaacaacaa
    10441 aaaaatcatt attttaaagg ccatatgctc actgtgaaaa tatatcaggt ggtgtatgaa
    10501 ataataagta aattatctgc cgggcgcggt ggctcacgct tgtaatccca gcactttggg
    10561 aggcctaggc gggcaggcag atcacgaggt caggagttgg agacaagcct ggccaacaca
    10621 gtgaaaccct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aattaggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg
    10681 taatccccgc actttgggag gccgaggcga gcggatcacg aggtcaggag atcgagatca
    10741 tcctggctaa cacgacgaaa ccccgtctac ttaaaaaaaa atacaaaaat tagccgaggg
    10801 tggtggcggg cgcctgaaat cccagctact caggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa
    10861 cctgggaggc ggaggttgca gtgagctgag atcacgccac tgcactctaa gagtgaaacc
    10921 atgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtcaaaaat actaataaaa atactaatct cgtagttaac
    10981 agattgctgt gacctagagc aagtaaaggt gtaattatca gcctataggg gttagagtgg
    11041 caagaagatg cctgagggtg agcctacagc ctaaaagata atagaataca aaggctgaag
    11101 acctacaggc agggattctt tgtcattcat tctttcagca aacttattct aatatgtatc
    11161 cctcactatt caatgcccag gagggcacag ggaaaataag acgaagtcct gccctcactg
    11221 gctaacattc taagcacagg tgctgcacaa gaggtgttat gttttttggg ggagccagac
    11281 acaggcctaa gcactttatg taccttgtct catttaatcc tcacatcagc accacgaggt
    11341 gacagaatta tcattttgca gttaaataaa ttgatatttc ttcatggcca ggtgcagtgg
    11401 ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggcgg gtggatcacc tgaagtcgga
    11461 gttcgagacc agcctgacca acatggagaa accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaattag
    11521 ccgggcatag tggcgcatag cctgtaatcc cagctactcg gaaggctgag gcaggagaat
    11581 cacttgaatc caggaggtgg aggttgcggt gagccgagat cgcgccactg cactccagcc
    11641 tgggcaacaa gagcaaaact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaga gatttcttta
    11701 agctctttgc ctagggtcac aggtctttcc acaggaccgt agactagagt cagatgtgtt
    11761 cctcaatcaa ttaggaaagg gtggtgctgg aatttgcatc tgagtattcc aagcttctat
    11821 attctcatat tctggaatga ggatattatg agtcctgaaa caactctaga aattctaggc
    11881 tacataatta tccctccata acgtgttctc tgccagaata ataatgaaaa aaaagtactg
    11941 tggtggccag accccaagat gattggcgaa gtgaaagttg cccagttcca aaatggccac
    12001 caccgcactt tcctggcgtc ggagcgacta cgtagtgaca gaaggaccat cagcaggtgg
    12061 gtgctcacag ggactgtgcc agttgccaaa ctggccacct gggcctttct tctcctgagc
    12121 aacagccaag caacattata ggcttcaggc ctacctagcc caggctgggt taaagcagat
    12181 aaacgaagcg gacagcggag gaaaagcacg taaccaagtg cagtgggtct gaagcgaaag
    12241 gcaagaaaag ctctgccctt aggaacgggg tgtcactgcg cggctcgcag gcacctctct
    12301 ttgacctatt tataatctgc gccttattct ccgcccccaa aggctgctgg caaccaattc
    12361 tcggtggcga agtcgtgacg tcagctgttg cgggtcagat tgggagagct tcctggtcct
    12421 tacctagcaa gattctgccg ctaggtggcg aaaagcgaag gggccaaaga aatggaaaga
    12481 aggcgaggaa aagcgggaga agatggggaa ggaaaatgta tattcttgta tcatcctaca
    12541 gctaggcaaa aatattagga taatgtggcc taacctccag ttctatgttg gctggaaaat
    12601 ccaggaatgg gaagctcact cccgtagttc ccactcattc ccaccacggt tggacagctc
    12661 tgaaggaggg aaaattcttt cttttgagct gaaatctgcc ttcagagtct tgcacccaac
    12721 tgttctaccc cacggggacc tacagaacag cccaaagcct cttacgcagg acaacccata
    12781 gcagtttgat taaaatcagc gcaaacccat tcccatttgg tgagggggga gggggagggg
    12841 caagcctcag tgcctgactc acttgactca caagaagctg aatgtttttc cttttgaaag
    12901 ataaaaatat tgtgaatctc agactaacaa tagggaatac acaaaaatgg aaaaaatgtt
    12961 gatagataaa atttaaacct ttggtagaac ataattagtt ttttgttctc tacatttttc
    13021 catatcgttt ctaatttttc tacactgtat gtgttactta aagaaataaa ccagtaggcc
    13081 aggcgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggcg ggcggatcac
    13141 gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta atacggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaaa
    13201 atacaaaaaa ttagccaggc atggtgacgc acccctgtaa tcccagctac tcaggaggct
    13261 gaggcaggag aatggcgtga acccaggagg cggagcttgc agtgagccga gatcgtgtca
    13321 ctgcactcca gactgggcga cagagcaaga ctctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa
    13381 aagaaataaa ccagtatggc cgggcgcggt ggctcatgcc tgcaatccca gcactttggg
    13441 aggacgaggc gggtggatca cgaggtcagg aaatcgagcc catcctgacc aatatggtga
    13501 aacctcgtct ctactaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcgt ggtggcgggt gcctgtagtc
    13561 ccagctacaa aggagggtga ggcaggagaa tcccttgaac ccgggaggtg gaggttgcag
    13621 tgagccaaga tcgtgccatt gcactccagc ctgggcaaca agagcgaaac tccgtctcaa
    13681 aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaag aaaaagaaat aaagcagtat gaaagagcag cccctggctg
    13741 cattcaccac agcacccatg ctcacacatg ctacaggcgc tcacttgctg ggagctgcct
    13801 cacattgatt cggatcagtg ttctcatttc tccgacctac ctaggaagca tctggctaaa
    13861 ttgatgtaaa ttagacattt tatagtctat cggtcattga gcctcagtgg aatatctaga
    13921 ccaatttaaa cacacaaata ttatgggaaa tagggccaca aaagtagaaa agaaaacgtg
    13981 aattcctctt tatatttatg ccactagagg gagttccaga agaaaatcac tgcatgtaag
    14041 ggctaatgac tgtatttact gagtggttac tgtgtaccat tcacagttca cagggactca
    14101 ttcatgtcat tctcatgata accctgatga agtggatgat attattccct cactcactaa
    14161 ggagaaagcc agggtacagt gaagtataca actttgtgca gggcaattta tcaatattta
    14221 ttgaaattac caaaaaacat gctctctgaa caaactattc taccagtgta gaaagcagag
    14281 taaacttcat gggtgagtga ccagggcagt cacacaaggg ccccatgctt agaagggata
    14341 ctgtgtttgg gttctaaagc tctgtggttc ctgtcttgaa attcttaata attttatctt
    14401 tcaatttgtg tcttataatg aagtccgatg agaaagcaga acatgggcta gagacttttg
    14461 gagcctggct caagcgaggt cctgctcccc atgcctccca gcctccccag gactggtttt
    14521 cagctgccgg ctccaccacc ttctgtgcag gctcgctccc agcaggggcc tgggaacagt
    14581 ggaaaggagg ggagcggtca ggcatacaca cctcccttgc caaatggaag gcatggccct
    14641 aggcacttgt gaagatctgc acttccccct aggtactcct gtgcctggag tgtgacatta
    14701 aattaaaaaa aaaaaggccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccacc attatgggag
    14761 gccaaggcag gcggatcacg aggtcaggcg atcgagacca tcctggctaa cacggtgaaa
    14821 ccccgtctcc actaaaaata caaaaaaatt atctgggcat ggtggcgagc gcctgtagtc
    14881 ccagctactt gggaggctga gacaggagaa tggcttgaac ccgggaggcg gaggttgcag
    14941 tgaaccgaga ttgcgccact gcactccagc ctgggcgaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa
    15001 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa gaaaaaaacc ccacataata ggttgacagt ggaaccacag
    15061 aaaaaaggaa aaggttgggt tttttttctg ctttttattt tctattttat tattttttaa
    15121 tagatttatt taactagaga tggggtctca ctatgttgta aaggctggac tcgagaccct
    15181 gggcccgagc gatcctccaa cctggtcctc ccaaagtgat gggattacag gcgtgagcca
    15241 ctgcacctgg tcttttcctg ctattaaaca aggagctcca tagtttcatt ttgcccctca
    15301 aaatatgtag ctggccttag tagactgata ttcattgcca aattatatgt aagagcaaaa
    15361 aggttgaaaa tgatggcctg acattgatca atttgtgcct ttaggtaaca tataactgta
    15421 atataactgc aatacaacta gaatataact cataaaggca agaatcttgt ctgccttgct
    15481 gaaagtttta taatcagggc ctaatataaa gtatgacaca tagcacttgc ttttaaatat
    15541 gtattgattt aaattaattg agtacatttt tgcttcatcc tagtaaaaat aggtatttaa
    15601 aaaactgaaa cagtctaaat gtcttgggat gctacttaaa taactatatt atattcatcc
    15661 aataaaatat tgtaagctgt ttaaaaataa caaggatgtt ctttaggtac tgataaggaa
    15721 agagcttcaa gataaattgt taccatttat gtaaaacagg tgggagaagg gagagggagg
    15781 gatgtgtgag cgctacttgc agtactcaca ggcagtgact ttcgtggagc gccctctagt
    15841 ggtatatata tacaaacgga aggatttaga gaaaatacag atcggcttta gctggctgag
    15901 atttattttc aaagcatgtt actttataag aatcaatttt tatttaaaaa atttttttga
    15961 gatagggtct cactctgtcg cacaggttgg agtgcagcag cacgatcagt gctcactgca
    16021 gcctctctct cttgggctca acaggtgcat gtcaccacgt ccagctaaca atcaattttc
    16081 aaaagtacaa aaaagccata ttatgtatta atgtggaatt atgaattaag tagacaacaa
    16141 gaatcaaaac agggtgtcta ttatcacttc tgataacata aataatgtaa agatacatat
    16201 tttacagatt atctgtaaaa gcttatacag tactgttgct gggtatttat gtaggaaagc
    16261 taccatttat tgaatgctta ctatttcaca tatggacagc atagagcatg ttaaaaaatt
    16321 accacacaca tttactgtat tcaatgtgtc actctgaata tattactgtg tacatggtct
    16381 gtcattggac atggtgagag atgcagatta agctgaaatt actgaggaca gcaacactgg
    16441 aagaaaattg agctgggtgt agtggctcag cctgtaattc caacatttca gaaggctgag
    16501 gcaggaggat cacttgagtc caggagtttg agaccaaggg aaagaaaaga aaagaagctt
    16561 tcatttagcc aggcatgctg gcacatacct gtagtttcag ctactcagga ggttgaggca
    16621 taaggttcac ttaaagttga gaggtaaagg ctgcagtgag ccctgatcac gccactgctc
    16681 tccagcctgt gacagagaga gaccctgtct caaaaacgag aaagaaagaa aaaaagaggc
    16741 aactcaagaa ctcaggaata cttgcaggat ctcataacat atgctataca aaatcaatta
    16801 aaataatatt taaatgctga aagaaatgag cagctcccag ggtgatacag ggtggtttca
    16861 cttcttggac acatctacac tgagctctat tcctggcaat acctgatgtt cccatacccc
    16921 agatttcttt attttatttt gagacggagt tttgctcttc ttgcccaggc tggagtgcaa
    16981 tggcgggatc ttggctcacc gcaatctccg cctcctgggt tcaagggatt accctgcctc
    17041 agcctcccga gtagctggga ttacaggcgc acgccaccat gcccagctaa tttttgtatt
    17101 tttagtagag gcagggtttc tccatgttgg tcaggctggt cttgaactcc caacctcagg
    17161 taatctgccc gcttcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcg ggcccagccc
    17221 ctatacccca gatttctgca agtggcaaca ccactggctt cattttgctg gtggcccctc
    17281 tggccttccc ttgtatatat cacctttgcc caaagaccat gtcagccaag ggactgctct
    17341 cacagctcca ggaatcctcc cctttcagga aatttgaggc agttgagggc atgaaagtaa
    17401 ataagctgag ctcatcagag gccttgtatt gtggtggtta aaagagccag ttctaggact
    17461 agaaagcctg gcttgaaatc ccagctctgc cactccctag tggtgtgact ttagcaagtt
    17521 cctttacctc ttttgtacct cccttttctc acctgtaaga tatgggtgat aatagtttaa
    17581 tatttgtttt gttgttgtga ggattaaagg tgttaatgca agtaaaccac ttagaaccac
    17641 agcacataga atatctcagt aaggtggtta gtttttttta ttgttgtttt cagagatgct
    17701 gtgatttctc caaagtggct gtgatggctc ggcaggctcc tgaccctctc tgctcccaca
    17761 tgcctccacc ctcatcctga tctcccatcc agcttttgac agcttgcttg gtgctggaca
    17821 attgcacaca tcttaccacc cccaaatcct gcccagaagc atcttgtgca taactctcct
    17881 acctgaatat gcaacaggga gaaagagcgt cccaggacat tttaggtttt tgaagaaaaa
    17941 aaaacccctt tggtaaaaag ccagagatcc acagcggcca ctttttccat gggattgacc
    18001 cctgcaatct tgactttcaa ccacacagca ccagagtagc caaacattgc ttgtgtccaa
    18061 acgctggctg ccttgaaggg tgaaagaata agcagttccc aaactcagct gaccttaatg
    18121 tccttctagc tccttacgcc catctcggac aaaagcagaa atgtatgtct cagttgtgtt
    18181 tctacccctt gctgcccaat ataaattttt gtgttgccca atataatttt ttgtgacgat
    18241 ggaaatgttc tgtatttgtg ttgtctgatg agataaccac taactgtagt gctattgagc
    18301 atttgaaaca tggctagtgt aatcaatgaa ccaaattttt aattttattt aattgtaatt
    18361 aattttaagt ggccacatgc agggagtgac tgctgcattg gacagcacgg ctctaaattg
    18421 agcctttttt ccttatttgg tgaggcatac ttgccttaag attgggaagt ctatttttgg
    18481 aacctgctac caatgctggt ctcacacttg caattctcag ctgagccaag aggtgagaga
    18541 aaggtcattt tccattccag atctcactct cccctgtgac actgaggaaa ctggcaagtg
    18601 atgtgaaggc tggagagcgt gtcctgtatg ctggctctgt cccttctgcc tgtgttgact
    18661 gacatagtta gttgctgccc ttgctggtct cccttcctcc aaccttgcct ctctgagcac
    18721 acctgacatt catctcatga cttccctaaa aacattcttt gggaacaaga aactaacaaa
    18781 tcccaagtga cctatcacat atacaaacat acagggcaga gtttggattc gcggtagaag
    18841 aaagggaggt tagacattaa gaagaatggt ctggtgatga cagttgtgag ataatagaaa
    18901 caggaaaaag aaatctaagt tttctttctt tttttaagaa ccaataataa tttctctctt
    18961 ttgactagtc agtagggctg gggtggattg gaggaagctt acatattcca tgaacaagcc
    19021 tcttcctaag gtcctgtaag tgatcctgcc ccactgatta gcccctagaa gacccttcaa
    19081 aggttggatc tccaggaggg agtgggggag gaaagccctg taccaggcag cctctgctcc
    19141 attgctctgg gggggtgggg aaggcaaacc ctggtcatcc cctcagtctg tagccctttt
    19201 gtgtgagtgc ctggcaaggg tgacgtgggg ctgtttctgc gggcacagct gcagcaatta
    19261 ccggagtgga ggcagggccc aggcagcact gccctccaag atcttccctt gggcttttca
    19321 gcagtaaggg gacatgcacc ccaagggcct ccacttggcc tgaccttgct gcgggggctc
    19381 tctgtcccca ggaacagtag agatggcaag cttatcgaga ccctctctgc ccagctgcct
    19441 ctgctccttc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcca agtgtcttcc agctatgcag gtaagacatg
    19501 ttttttttcc tgccctgggg agaccctgaa aacagaaagg ctagtttcct ggggcttagc
    19561 tccttcaaac atcctcaagt tgctatatta tctttctaaa acatagacct actgacatgc
    19621 ctcccttcct cagaaacctt ccgtgggtgg ttcttacagc cttcaagatg gagtccagac
    19681 tctttttttt ttttgagaca gagtctccct ctgttgctca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg
    19741 atctcggctc actgcaacct cagcctccct ggttcaagcg attctcctga cttggcctcc
    19801 caagtagcgg agactacagg cgcctgccac cacacccagc taaatttttt cttttctttt
    19861 tttttttttt ttttttgtat tttagtacag acggggtttc acatgttggc caggatggtc
    19921 tcgatctctt gacctgctga tccgcccgcc tcagcttccc aaagtactgg gattatgggc
    19981 gtgagccact gcactaggcc taattttttt atttttagta gagatggggt ttcaccatgt
    20041 tggccaggct ggtctggaac ccctgacctc aagtggtctg ccctcctcag cctcccaaag
    20101 tgctgagatt ataggcatga gccattgcgt ctgacccaga ctccttaatg tgactaactc
    20161 aaggctttcc ttgaactact tcttacttgt ctttccagct ttgtcttttc acctctcaaa
    20221 ttgagataaa ataataacaa cctcttggag ttctcatcag gattacatga aatgagatat
    20281 gtaacatgct tagcagtgcc tgtccatagt aaatctcaat aaatgtttgt ggaattataa
    20341 tatcttgtca tgtttgagac tttgctctgc ataatcaggc accagtaggt ttttataaag
    20401 gaacccggct gtcacgtgca gaggagaaat aaacagaaag tttcccatcc tcagggagcc
    20461 acctgactga cagaggcaca gtgcatccac tctccaggtc taggggagaa agcagcctta
    20521 tttcttagta gctcagaatc tgacttgaga aacacatcca catagaaaaa aacaaggaac
    20581 tttttcgggt cagggtccgg gagccacagt gaggtggaag atacagggga aggaagaggg
    20641 aaatagagcc atccccaggg tggaagatct cagaagagaa tttgggaaac aaggtatgaa
    20701 caaggactga atagtgagaa gtgatggaga gacagttaaa gtagatggag tgacaaaagc
    20761 aaaacctcta agggtagaat aggcagcaat ttggccaagt cctaacaggg aggcccatag
    20821 gaggattcaa cctcaagatg ctgtgccaca ttccaagagg gaacctaaag gctgggctga
    20881 agagtcagag atggctacag ctggcaaaaa gatgggcaga tgctgagagg agatgattgc
    20941 taaaatgttc tgtccaggac attcacagta tctctataac cagagtcttt tttgtcgttg
    21001 ttgttctcaa gaaggaaact tgaggccggg tgtggtggtt tatgcccata atcccagcgc
    21061 tttggggcca aggcaggcgg atcacctgag gtcaggagtt cgagaccagc ctggccaaca
    21121 gtgtgaaacc tcatctttac taaaaataca aaaattagct ggatgcggcg gtaggtgcct
    21181 gtaatgccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacctgg gaggcggagg
    21241 ttgcagggag gcggaggttg cagtgagcca agattgcacc actgcactcc agcctgggcg
    21301 acagagagta agactgtctc aaaaaataaa tgaataaata aaaaggaaga agaagaagaa
    21361 gaagaagaat tgcaatcctc cctggctcta gaatgtcatt taaaagtcga gtgtcttctt
    21421 ccttccctgt tttgaagcag cccttctcat gacaggcttg cttgccaagg ttccctctga
    21481 ccttaaatct cttccttttg gtgtcttgga cagggcagtt cagagtgata ggaccaagac
    21541 accctatccg ggctctggtc ggggatgaag tggaattgcc atgtcgcata tctcctggga
    21601 agaacgctac aggcatggag gtggggtggt accgcccccc cttctctagg gtggttcatc
    21661 tctacagaaa tggcaaggac caagatggag accaggcacc tgaatatcgg ggccggacag
    21721 agctgctgaa agatgctatt ggtgagggaa aggtgactct caggatccgg aatgtaaggt
    21781 tctcagatga aggaggtttc acctgcttct tccgagatca ttcttaccaa gaggaggcag
    21841 caatggaatt gaaagtagaa ggtgagtagt gccatataat attaggtatt aactgttggg
    21901 tggccaagaa caattattct ctcaactgag atgagatccc tcaacccaaa catctcagtc
    21961 ctgggaatga tttccataaa aatgtacaca tcaataaaca gaaactcatg cttagggatg
    22021 tctgttgcat cattattcag agtagcaagg aaattgggat caaaatcaat gcctttgagt
    22081 aggtaagtga cagaatgaac aatggtagcc atactgtgaa tattatgcag gcattaaaaa
    22141 gattatttta gcactaggcc agatggtttg gaggccttct ataaggtatt attgagtgat
    22201 aagagcaagc tgctgtagga tacaaaaaca aaaacaaaac cctagggcat ggtggtttgc
    22261 ctcgcagcta ctcaggaggc tgagacggga ggctggcttg agcccagggg tttgcagtta
    22321 cagtgagcta tgattgcacc actgcactcc aacccgggtg acagagcaaa gaccttcacc
    22381 cccactccct acccgtctct aaaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaacc cttgggccca
    22441 gcgccgtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctgtgggagg ccgaggtggg cagatcacaa
    22501 ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat cctggctaaa acggtgaaac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac
    22561 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattag ccaggcatgg tagcaggcgc ctgtagtccc agctactcgg
    22621 gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc ggaagcggag gttgcagtga gccaaaatcc
    22681 ttccactgca ctccagcatg ggggacacag cgagactcca tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    22741 ccctgtattt gtgagcgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacctgtgc ttggtcctag
    22801 tgaataagca agtaaatcaa atgtctaaat ataattatag aaaggagatg tcaccttttg
    22861 gctgtacctc cactatttca ttctgcagaa ttgcagaatt tctttttttt ttcctttctt
    22921 tcttttcttt ttttttttga cacagagtct cgctctgtca cccaggctgg agtgcaatgg
    22981 cgccctccgc ctcctgggtt caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag tagctgggat
    23041 tacaggtgcc caccaccaca cccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cagggtttca
    23101 ccaggttgtc aaggctggtc tcaaactcct gacctcaggt gatccactcg cctcagcctc
    23161 ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca tggtgcccgg cctcagaatt tcattttcaa
    23221 catgttttgc atgatgggtg attttggaga atattttttg ctctatcgca ggatgattaa
    23281 gatgtggaca aggtgaagcg gatggagggg gagctttgaa agttacttgc tatttaattg
    23341 aggaactaaa ctgctttgag agcctggggg tcagatcctc tgccttttcc tcctccccac
    23401 ctgcagtgca aacatcagac aattgatcac tattgtatct tggaggtggg agtgaccatt
    23461 gcagtgctgg gaccagaaga tggcattgta tgtggaacaa caaagcacta tttctagaga
    23521 ctgcctgcag ggatatggaa atagctttat gtgtctcaga atgttcttca tacagctgtt
    23581 tttattgggg aaattctact tgccgaaaag tttgatagtg agaccctctc cagtttgcag
    23641 atttttctcc ttcctgctca acaacttcct agctcagtaa ctgcctctcc caacaaactc
    23701 cctcagtttc accacaccaa aaaaggaaga caagccggtt gcggtggctc acacctataa
    23761 tcccaaaact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggtg gatcacctga ggtcgggagt tcgagactag
    23821 cctgaccaac atggagaaac cctgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaattagcc tggcgtggtg
    23881 gcgcattcct gtaatcccag ctgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcgcttga accccggagg
    23941 cggaggttgc agtgagccaa gatcatgcca ttacactcca gtctgggcaa gaaaagtgga
    24001 actccatctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacaaggaag acaaaaagaa aagcagctaa
    24061 agactttgcc tcaggggaga aagttctctt ttgggttgct atccacattc caacctcctg
    24121 ttcccacctc ttcgtctgca tgcctaagaa actgttttac aagtaaataa gggacgcttt
    24181 gtctaggctt cggagccagg aagttgagac aaatttagga atgagatgaa gtaatggtat
    24241 tattgcaagt ctcaggtgta actacctctg ctctttctct gaagagtttc taatttctct
    24301 tgtttactta tttttttctt gtcatttttg tgattttatt actagttgtc tctaatcctt
    24361 tctttaaatt cttcattttg aaacataaaa acaaatgcca ggcgcggcag ctcacgcctg
    24421 taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaagcgg gcagatcacc cgaggtcagg agttcgagac
    24481 cagcctgatc aacatggaga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa atacaaaatt agctaggcgt
    24541 ggtggcacat gccagtaatc ccagctactt gagagactga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac
    24601 cgggaggcag aggttgcggt gagccaagat cgcgccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa
    24661 gagcaaaact ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa ccacatacaa accagagata atattataat
    24721 gagcctccaa gtgcctacca ccttgctgca gcacttgtca atccagggac cacccacttc
    24781 accagctccc cactcattac caccctcccc tactcaatta ctgaggtaaa tcctaggcag
    24841 catgatcatt tctttttttt ctttttattt attttgagac aggatctgtc tctgtcaccc
    24901 aggctggagt gtagtggcat atctctgctc actgcagcct ctgcctcccg ggcagaagcc
    24961 atcctcccac ctcagcctac atagtagctg ggaccacagg cacacaccac cacacactgc
    25021 taatgttttg tattttttgt agagactggg ttttaccatg ttgatcaggc tggtctcaaa
    25081 ctcctaggct caagcaatcc tcccacctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctagaat tacaggcgcg
    25141 agccactgca cccagcgaag aacacttttt aaaaaataaa taggccgggc gcggtggctc
    25201 acacccgtaa tcccagtact ttgggagccc aaggagggcg aatcatgagg tcaagagatt
    25261 gagaccatcc tagctaacat ggtgaaaccc catttctact aaaaatacaa aaacaaaatt
    25321 agcctggcgt ggtggcaggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactt gggagctgag gcaggagaat
    25381 ggagtgaacc cgggaggcgg agcttgcagt gagctgagat catgccactg cactccagcc
    25441 tggggcaaca gagtgagact caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gccccccctc cccacacaca
    25501 ataatataaa taaataaata accacaatac tattatcaca tcttacaaac tcaacaaaaa
    25561 tttcttaata tcatcaaata cccagtttgt gttcaaattt tcctgattgt ttcataaata
    25621 tactcttaca gttggtttct tttagcgaga ttcaaatgag acccacctgt tgacctttgc
    25681 ccttagggtt tcccagggtc tgaattttgt tgacgacatt cccatgttgc tatgtaatac
    25741 ggtcctccat gccctgtgtt tttctgtaaa ctgatagatg tggaggtgca atgacatttg
    25801 tgtttgattt actttggcaa atatagttca tcagtgatac tctatacttc ttgttgcttt
    25861 acatccggag gctgataatg tctgcttttc tctcttttct aattatttgt gaaaggaaaa
    25921 atgtgggggg ttgggagaaa aaaaccctta agtacatact cgctaaatca cattgctaca
    25981 ggtaacttcc attaagaact tgaaagcaaa ggtagctgca ttttccccta gggaacacaa
    26041 tgatagccag gagccttagt ctacagcttg aaggattgta attataccta agcaaccctc
    26101 ctggaccaat ttaatgttat tagctgtgat gtatccctac ctttgatgtc attatcctta
    26161 cttagctccc ttaaagcaga gatcaagatg aaaagggctt cagctgcagc atggcacatg
    26221 gagattagag tggggctttt ggatgctgag gagcagacct agaatgggaa atagatggga
    26281 gccacagaag tgaaggtccc cctccctcat tgctcaacct actccacatc tccaggtctg
    26341 cacatctgtt cagttactga atcctgtgta agctaccttc tttttctttt ttcttttatt
    26401 tatttatttt tttttttttg agatggagtt ttgctcttgt tacccaggct ggagtgcaat
    26461 ggtgcaatct cggctcactg caccctccaa ctcccaggtt catgcaattc tcctccctca
    26521 gccttccaag tagctgggat tacaggctgc accaccatgt ctggctaatt tttgtattat
    26581 cagtagagag agggtttcac catgttggcc aagccggtct cgaactcctg acctcaagtg
    26641 atccacccac cttggcctcc caaaatgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac catgcccgct
    26701 gtaaactacc ttcttaaaag ctctagaaga gggctcttaa ccttttgttg tgtgtcatgc
    26761 accttccaca agctgatgaa gttgatagac cccatctcag aatttttttt tttttttgag
    26821 acagtgtctc actctgtcac ccaggattgg ttgcagtggc acgatcatgg ctcattgcag
    26881 cctccacctc ccaggctcaa gtgatcctcc tgactcagcc tcttgaatag ctgagaccac
    26941 aggcttgtgt caccatgccc aggtaatttt taattttttt tcatagaggc agggtctcac
    27001 attgtgttgc ccagtctggc ctcgagaact cctgggctca agcaatcttc ctgccttggc
    27061 ctcccaaagt ggtgggatta caggggagag ccaccacacc tagccagaag aatgttttaa
    27121 atacaccaaa taaaacattt ataccaaaat acagttatca aaatattaaa ttaacaagag
    27181 ttagggtgac cctattaatt agtgtaattt caaaatagta atgaacataa gtgatagttt
    27241 gagatttctg tgacttttct aatgtgacgt gaaaatattt gtgatttttc tttttctttt
    27301 ttttttttga gatggagttt cgctcttgtt gcccaggttg gagtgcaatg gcaagatctc
    27361 ggctcacctc aacctccgcc tcctgggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcttgagt
    27421 agctgggatt acaggaatgt gccaccacgt ccagctaatt ttgtattttt agtagaaaca
    27481 gggtttctcc atgttggtca ggctggtctt gaactcccaa cctcaggcga tccgcccgcc
    27541 tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggt gtgagccacc gcacctggcc aatatttgtg
    27601 atttttattg acgacaaagt caaaggttct cttcatataa ttgtgttgta tcgcctacaa
    27661 gcataattaa aataaacact aaatttcagt ttaaagttta ctgaaaataa atatgtattt
    27721 tttattccct atttaagctt tgaatcccct gacttcctat accattacca ctgtcctagt
    27781 tcaggttcat gttgtttttt actttaattg ttatcacagt ctcttaacat ttctccctat
    27841 gttctccagt cctgtaggtg ctaaatctga cgtggtcact tctcagcttg gaatccttca
    27901 gtgcaccacc acagccttga actaggacag tggtaaaggt ataggaagtc aggggattca
    27961 aagcttaaat agggaataaa aaatacatat ttattttcag taaactttaa actgaaattt
    28021 agtgtttatt ttaattatgc ttgtaggcga tacaccacaa taatatgaag agaacctttg
    28081 actttgtcgt caataaaaag tcccttgagg gacttcagat ctaagtccct tagctgctca
    28141 ttaaaactcc cccagcctga cccaatacac aatcttgact ttaaaccact tgtcattcta
    28201 aatcactagc atttcctgga aaaaaagcca tttttccttc agggctaagc tcagggacca
    28261 attctgtgtc accttctttg aatcctgatg atattcactt ctttatttga cctgatttat
    28321 tgggccccag acaccatgct gagtgttggg gattcagctc tggacaatgt caaatgtcag
    28381 tcctgccttt cagatccttt ctactgggtg agccctggag tgctggttct cctcgcggtg
    28441 ctgcctgtgc tcctcctgca gatcactgtt ggcctcgtct tcctctgcct gcagtacaga
    28501 ctgagaggta cagggcagag ggtgggtgga tcaggatcct ttctttaaat gagctggctt
    28561 cttggagcta caccacttaa catgtatttg tgagtgactt ctgggttcag aagttcttct
    28621 cactattgag tgataaagaa aaaaaataac tccatgatga aagagtttta catcttacgg
    28681 aatgctttca tatgaataat cggacctagc atttccctat gagctaacta tggcatatag
    28741 taaccccatt ttacagagga tacaactgag gccaggagta gttcagtgac ttactcaaac
    28801 cgatataact tataagtggt agagctgagg cctctgtatc atacctagca gctccatgca
    28861 acttgggaga gtgtgagctt caaagtcaga caggtctagg ctattaggag ttttgaataa
    28921 agatactgaa gtgaaagtct ctaccacaca gtaggcgttc gaaaattgtt tcctccttct
    28981 ccattcaaca ctgaggactc aggttcagct gctgatgaag ctcctctttt ttgcctagag
    29041 ctttcattct gagccttctc ctcctaccaa gtgtctcccc agtgccagag caggaagagt
    29101 cttcactcct ccccatgccc cacctcccat ttgttactaa gaggagagga gaaagtagca
    29161 aggagggtat ggggaatgtt ttgggggaat gggtgttggt gcgatcaaca acaaagtcct
    29221 ttctctcacc ttgaattcat cccagatgcc tgcttgttta cttcttccac acaaaaaaag
    29281 gccttcagcc ctcatggctg agcagaaaga atctgaatgt tagagtcagg cagcctgggt
    29341 ttgaattcca tctcaggtac tgaactctat agcaaaattc ttagattctc cgagcttcag
    29401 ttgccttgtc tgtcaaatag agaaaacatc ctccctccta aattgtaggg aggattaaag
    29461 tcatgcaaag tgcctactac aaatccagtc acaaagtagc tagctactca ctaaatgttc
    29521 agctcctccc tcctcattca gatgggaagt ggctttagat aaacaaagtg gcaacgcagt
    29581 gggctggagc agctctgtga actgagaatc caagaaaagg ggcgaagagc agctgggatg
    29641 tattggatgc ttgtgctggc ttggagcatt gctcacattc tttattcgct attgtatcta
    29701 gactatagct agagaaagag ccgcaaccat tggctttaaa tccagtgctc ttcctactct
    29761 cctgaggttg tttccaggct gcagagaaat agcctgcaca aggggcccag gcgctgggtg
    29821 tgggagggtc cccaccgaga gccagaacat gcaggaacta aaatgttgcc tttttctatt
    29881 ttaggaaaac ttcgagcaga gataggtgag ttccagtcat cgtttctccc aattcttgcc
    29941 ttttggtttt ttggcataac ggaaatggtc ccgttcttgg atcgtctctc cctctcaata
    30001 ccctgttttc ccctcagttt ccctttctct acagtgggtg tgtcgtgcct agaacaagtt
    30061 ttaagtaatt aaataacaaa gactcaggat aaaagatcct ttttgagtgc cctactaaat
    30121 ccatttccat ttgtttctct ttcagagaat ctccaccgga cttttggtaa gttccggcat
    30181 gtctaggccc tcccaggtca acttggtatt tcactctagt tccagtcacc tgggggaaca
    30241 aggacccctg gctcctggtt gagtcccttc ctctcttctc ttttctttct ttaaataaga
    30301 agtcatttgc atttaggatt ggtaaaatca taataaaaat actcatgtac tgtttttatg
    30361 tgccaggcac tattctaact actttacaaa aacgttatct tattctgttt aactccttat
    30421 gcacatgatc tctcttttca ggaatggcaa aacagaggta aatagatcgt ttacacgtaa
    30481 acctgatgtc tggttgggga ggtgaaacaa acagaaacaa gacacaactg tatcacctgt
    30541 acttatattt ctgctttaca aactcaggat gtttccatga gtacagaaca tgactaatca
    30601 gagaagacct catagaggaa tagaaaagcc accaagcccc actaggaatt gacccctcaa
    30661 ggacatggtt tctagccttt ttgttcactg cagattgccc aatgcctaaa gataatggca
    30721 acagaagagc acccaaatat ttgttagata aatgttgcag acactagaag gtgtcattag
    30781 ggcacagatg gtaccttctc tgagcaaact tccttcacag ctcctcctcc cgaggctgta
    30841 ggtgactcta ctcttgtcac ctggcacaca gagttctatc gtacgattta ggaaattaga
    30901 ccagtgtgtg gaccacacac acacacatct ttacacaccc aaagaggagg aatagtatct
    30961 ttgttttgga ggacttgact atgaaaggtc ttaactcctt tttgtaccat gaatctctct
    31021 ggcactccag tgaagtctaa aggacccctt tgcagaatgt ttttaaatat acacataaaa
    31081 tagaacacat aggattgcaa aaacaatcat tgtactaaaa tacagttatc aaccgataat
    31141 cacatttgtg atatagtaac ataaatgttt cttttttttt ttttttgagg cagagttttg
    31201 ctcttgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcaatggc gcgatctagg ctcactgaaa cctctgcctc
    31261 ccgggttcaa gcgattctca gcctcctgag tagctgggat tacaggtgcc cgccaccaca
    31321 cccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga ctaggtttca ccaggttggc caggctggcc
    31381 tcgaactcct gacctcaggt gatccacctg ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacgg
    31441 gcatgagcca ccgtgcccgg ccataaatat ttctttagcc aaagtaatac attaagtaat
    31501 gtagcagcaa gtctaataac ctgtaatttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttttttttg
    31561 agatgaagtt tttttgagat ggagtgcaat ggcacaatct cggctcactg caacctccac
    31621 ctcctgggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccaag ttgctggaac tacaggcgca
    31681 tgccaccatg cccagctaat ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgttggc
    31741 caggctggtc ttgaacccct gacctcaggt gatctgcctg ccttggcctt ccaaagtgct
    31801 gggattacag gcatgagcca ccaggcccag cccaataacc tttaatttca acatactaat
    31861 aaacataaac agtatttcaa gatttctgca ataactctaa tgggaatgaa aacatctgtg
    31921 gcttccattg gtaattaagt cacaggtact gctcatattg tggttagttg taaaatgttt
    31981 tggtttgttt tgttttttcc aagacttggg ggaatgggtg ttggtgggat caacaagagt
    32041 cttgctctgt ggcccaggct ggagtgcagg ggcaggatct tggctcactg caacctccgc
    32101 ctcccaggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcctgag tagctggcat tacaggcatg
    32161 tgccaccacg cccagctaat ttttacattt ttagtagaga tggggtttca ccatgttggc
    32221 ctggctggtc ttgaactctt ggcctcatga tccacccgtc tcggactccc agagtgttgg
    32281 gattacaggc atgagccacc acacctggca gttgttacat ttttaatgaa agaaaatgtt
    32341 aaatccagtt attgaaaata aggaggcagt acttttctca tccaagttca tggactttct
    32401 gaattttgtc cccagagtcc tttggtgttc taggacccca ggttaaggaa ccaaaaaaga
    32461 caggtgggtg gggcatgagg gggaacacat gttaaccctg tttgttctgg tgaacaattc
    32521 agatccccac tttctgaggg tgccctgctg gaagataacc ctgtttgtaa ttgtgccggt
    32581 tcttggaccc ttggttgcct tgatcatctg ctacaactgg ctacatcgaa gactagcagg
    32641 tgcagtggct gggcagcagg caagaccacc aaatagtggg ggaccaagtc agctctgaat
    32701 gggaagccaa aagagaatag aaccaggact caagattagg ggagctggga tttccttatt
    32761 cctctgtccc catgcccaac cccaggctct tctgagaaac tgtgaagaga accacttact
    32821 ggatctgtgg gatcccccag tggaaagggc agtgtgggtc actccaaatg tccataggga
    32881 ggatgtggga aaggtgctat tcatcttcca ctaatcacat atttgtttct ttttgttttc
    32941 agggcaattc cttgaagagc tacgtaagtt ctcttctctc tgttataagc agagaataaa
    33001 aagccaggaa agggagacag aagcaacaag aggaagaggc gggctattga gggatcacat
    33061 tcccagagga aaggaggagc tggagagcct gggtggaggg aagactcctc ctgggaggta
    33121 gagggcaaag aagccagctg ttagagacac atttacaggt ggcagagaag ctggaggcac
    33181 tcctatctgc cacctgatcc attcctcctt cactgcccct aagcaggaat ccaaccctag
    33241 ctggtctcat tgcccattcc acagcaactg cccagtgcct cacctctcag atcaaccatt
    33301 gaggcaggaa tggagacaag atgaccccaa gggcttttct tctccctagt tcaatggttt
    33361 tatgatacaa actactgaca tacgtttttc aagttatttt ctccttcttc taggaaatcc
    33421 cttctgagtg atgtcacatc ttggcagggg tggaggagag cctggttgcc cagggatttg
    33481 tccttgggga catctcatcc atcaagttgc acactcactg gcatctttgc tatggggaca
    33541 ttccaatttg cactttcagg aacactctga attccaagta gaattgattt cccttcttct
    33601 gtcatctacc ttttctcttc attttcccat ttttattacc cttctttcca tttctctctc
    33661 cagtcttcca cctggaagcc ctctctggct aaggacaggc aggtgcccct ctctccatca
    33721 gaggacacct gtactggaga gcaacacagg atggtctctg ccatgaactg gaggccagga
    33781 atctcctcac tgaaaattac agtatggtaa ctttgcaaat ggtggttgtt tcttccaaga
    33841 ctccagccct gattgcgcaa aactgaaagg catgtgaagg gaaggaagag gaagagtgca
    33901 aaacattgaa gagagagctg agtgagctga agagtgagga tatgagtagc cccaacccaa
    33961 acctggagat ggggagaaac ctacagaata ctagccagag ctcctccttg tcttggcagc
    34021 ctactaggga cctggggaag caaaaacgaa agctgggcaa catgcctgct ttagaatgtt
    34081 ttccttctac ttacacatct tccacaggtc tcagaatctt tccttcctct catccttttc
    34141 tcctatcttc atatctatca gagtatccac tgtttattca acaactacta cttgatggtc
    34201 agacacaaac aaacaagcta ggtgctaatt aataaagata cgagttttgg ccgggtgcgg
    34261 tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg cgggcgaatc acgaggtcag
    34321 gagttcaaga ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaacaa
    34381 ttaactgagc atagtggtgg gcacctataa taccagctac tccggaggct gaggcaggag
    34441 aatcgcttga acccaggagg cagaggttgc agtgagctga gatcgcgcca ctgcactcta
    34501 gccggagtga cagagtaaga ctctgtctca aaaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata
    34561 aataaataaa taaataaata aataaaaaat aataatacaa gttttcataa gcacacttct
    34621 aaccccttgt cttttatgta tttccttcct tatccacgca cctgtctccc tctactccag
    34681 cctcattacc ccagaggtca gtcctcagga aaactaaaca caaagaaaga gctcagtcag
    34741 aaaggccatt tatttatgtt tcaagatgct cactgcctcc tttgttttgt ctcctttgca
    34801 ggccttctct cttaggcctc ttctcctggg ggtatggatc ctggggggag attgatcacc
    34861 tccatgcttc cattcctccc cagccatagt ggggacatca tgagagaagc caagccactg
    34921 gcccaggatc acccggcatt tatggtggct gctctggcac aggtccttgc ctttatagcc
    34981 cctccagtga tccataaggc cctctttctc cccaaaggag aggtcacaga tagggcaaag
    35041 gtagctcttc tgcttccagt gggtctgctg gtgtctgacc agcctggaaa atgagctgaa
    35101 agacttgctg caatggaagc agtagttggg cggctctgtg aggtgggcct tctggtgtct
    35161 ggagagatag gatttcttgc taaaagtcaa agaacaatgg gggcaacaga agacattgag
    35221 tcttgagggc ttcactggat gagagttgga tctggcaacc tgacagaggg ttccagtgat
    35281 gggtgcctgg gtcctggtca caggtgcttg gttcttaagt acagatgcct ggttctgggc
    35341 cataggaccc tcagttctaa atatgggttc ctgggacctg gccactggtg catggttcac
    35401 atccaaaagc ccctggatgg acctctggct tctggcgatg ggtgtctgga attcagcctg
    35461 ggtgcctgga atcctcaaag tacactcctg gtttccatcc actggctcct ggttttggtg
    35521 tatcttctgg tggcgtttga gctcagactg gtcccggaag ctcttcccac acacagagca
    35581 tgaatggggc cggtaaccca gatggacgcg gcggtgacga cttagtccag aagcatcaca
    35641 gtaggtcttg tcacagagcg tgcaacagaa gggcctctcc ccaagatgca tgcgtctgtg
    35701 atagctgagg gacttggggc tccgaaacaa cttcccacac tgactgcagc tgttagtcag
    35761 cttgggattg tgaacaaact ggtggctata gaggtaggag cgcctgctga aacatttgcc
    35821 acaggtgtag caaaaaaagg gtggcccagc ctgggatgct tgaagcaccc gggtcctgtc
    35881 catagtccca gctggggcag atagggggca ctggccggcc cctctgcatg caaggaagac
    35941 cttgtcatca ctagtcccct catctctcag actgggatgt tgttctcgaa gctctttctt
    36001 cttgccttct acagtgaatg aggaagaata acacaaaatt cactgtaaga actccaacag
    36061 aggcttggca tggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggccagcgg
    36121 atcacctgag gttaggagtt cgaaaccagc ctgaccaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtctctac
    36181 tacaaataca aaaattagct gggcgtcatg gcatctgcct gtaatctcag ctactaggga
    36241 gactgaggca ggacaatcac tcgaacccgg gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag ccaagatggt
    36301 gccactgcac tcctgcctgg gcaactagag tgaaactctg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa
    36361 agaaagaaaa agaagaagaa gaaggagaag gagaagaagg agaaggagaa gagaaggaga
    36421 agaagaagaa gaaggaagaa gaagaagaag aaaagaaaag aagacgaaga cgaagaagaa
    36481 gaagaagagg aagaagaaga actccaacac agcactccat tcagcctaac acacttcttg
    36541 tctctgccct tgctctccca cccaacacat tcatccttac ccttgggcct cataggctag
    36601 aaataagaag aaaaaaagaa aaaattggct tttcaaatta gaagcaaata aaaatttaac
    36661 tggaatcttt caacactgtc agaaatgtaa attttaactt acaacaacac ttcttgaaat
    36721 ctatcttatc tcattctcaa tattgctcaa actcccatag acaatccaca gacacccaca
    36781 taataatgca tcatgaacac tgggccactt gagggtgaaa agaggtgtta ttaataatca
    36841 agctgggatg agaagtataa accaggactg tcctggaaaa ccaaaaagtg tatccgcctg
    36901 gcttgatatc tctctcaact atttactacc agggacaagc ctcccttact ccaacccagc
    36961 atgaaaccta tctcctttgc ttctcttttc tcttggaaag aacattttaa tcagagcact
    37021 atcatggaca taagcaactt tcatgtcatc tctcaatctc tagaaactga agacatctac
    37081 ttctcctgaa agacttagat cttcagccag ccaggcacgg tggctcatgc ctgtaatccc
    37141 agcactttgg gaggccgagg tggatggata acctgaggtc aagacatcaa gaccatcctg
    37201 gccaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa attatctgga cacggtggca
    37261 catgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgagaggc tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacccgggaa
    37321 gtggaggttg cagtaagcca agattgtgcc actgcactcc agcctggcaa cagagcgaga
    37381 ctgtgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaga gagagagact tggatcttca
    37441 acttgaaaac ttgaagtcaa gggacttgag cctatgatat taagctctct ttcaactcca
    37501 agtctgacca ggctggacag aggtacacta ggagagcatc tatagagcat tcatcctctt
    37561 catcagctct ccatcctttc aggggttatc ctgggccctt ttccccttcc tccctgcttg
    37621 gcaattctta cctgaaaggc cttctgtgtt tgggagatgg acaaactctc tccactgttc
    37681 ctcttcttgc tcaagcttgg tgattagctc tggcttatgc agaaagattc tggctgatgt
    37741 gtgggaatga gaaagcgttg agttggtccc aggtatggcc ccttcacatc tgatggggac
    37801 aacaggctac ctcctgtagc ctttgtttaa gaaccataac ctgggacatg tagatgcgga
    37861 aaggagacat taaaaggcca gctgctagca aagtacctgg ttctcaggag tgacttagta
    37921 aatatttgtt tgatgaatgg aaaaatttgc atattttgag aacactgtca tcatgttaca
    37981 agtgttatct ttgccttcat gcaggctatc atttcttctc tttaccactg agcttagtga
    38041 ctcagatctt tcacacctgg aaagcataga accaggggtc agtgaaacta attgtaagct
    38101 gatctacctg tccagggaaa ccagatgttc cagggccctt aggacagggg gcttgctgag
    38161 ggaagcccag cctcttaccc acagatgtta gattcttaaa ggtttccgac ataacatcct
    38221 ggtaaaggac cctctggctg gcatctagac agtcccactc ttcctgggtg aaattcactg
    38281 ccacatcctc aaaggtgact ggcttctgga agaacaggag agactcaaga agtttatata
    38341 aatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtacaagat
    38401 taacatccag tctcaagatt cagagaatta aaacctaaga gaaagataaa accatggaag
    38461 gaagagagaa atattaaaag acagacacaa ggccagcaac tgtgaagtat agaaaggaaa
    38521 ggaggccgga tgcggtggct cacgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc tgaggcaggc
    38581 agatcacgag gtcgggagtt cgagaccagc ctgaccaata tggtgaaacc tggtctctgc
    38641 taaaaacaca aaaattagct gggcatggtg gcgcatgcct gtaatcccag ctactcagga
    38701 ggctgaggca ggagaattgc ttgagccccg gaggcagagg tagcagtgag ccaagatcgc
    38761 gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagc gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag
    38821 aaaaaaaata aaggaaagga aagatgaaga gaaagggaga aagataagat gtgggggaga
    38881 ggaaagagga tatgcagata tgcagaatat aaacaggaaa gcaaagcgaa ggaaaaaatg
    38941 ctgccactct aacaaatttc aggaagtact ccatgaagga tgccaggatg gtgtgggaga
    39001 tggagaaagg tcttgcagct cctttttctg gatgtcgttc agtctggaac aatctgagat
    39061 ttcatttgac ctgcaggcag gagtatgtat gaaagagctc ctggagtcca ggacctggac
    39121 cccatctctc tctagcttag tctcctcacc ttcttcaccc gtgcctccct ccagcaatct
    39181 ctcttcatgg cttcctgcag ggtggcagct acctcgccca cccatgggag cgtcttctgt
    39241 acaggttcga ttggcttcag ctgttcaaac atcttctctt ctgtggtgtc tctttctagc
    39301 tttatccact cctggcctgg tgcccaggcc tgactggatt ccttcctggg gctatctacc
    39361 tcccagtaac tgggcagatg gagaggccca gcaaaggccc cagggtttga tgtggcttcc
    39421 tgtgacaaat gtatctgctc caagaggctg tcttcctttt ttgttctgct gtccaaattc
    39481 tcctcttcca caattgagaa caattttgct tccctcaaag ctgggccaca gagttcaggg
    39541 ccctggtcac ccttggctca ccagctgcca ttgtttagta acaacaccag cctgggctag
    39601 gtgtctgccc tctgttctac cctgcttcta gaaacctgag gtcagagaaa aacaaaacat
    39661 atcagcaaga gggagggtaa gaaacagctt ccttatttgg tcagggaatg ccagcagtta
    39721 ctaaacccct acagtgtgcc actggatgct ctcagcaatg aggtaacaat tactggccct
    39781 gtcttaagga cctaatgcag agatgctaaa taattttcca aggacaagtg gacattcttg
    39841 atctacaaaa gttaatgttt aaacctaatg ttaatgttag actcagtacc attggaaatc
    39901 atgtagctgg ggtaaccagg ctaggatctg tcacagatca cctcgagtga gtctctttat
    39961 tctttctgac ttggtttcat cagaaatgtg agaataaagg agacactctc taagatctct
    40021 tccatgacca aaattataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca attatgtgat
    40081 ctggattttc aatacatgta gtagttcccc tttatcatgg ttttgctttt caatgcttca
    40141 gttacccatg gtcaaccatg gttcaaaaat attaaatgaa aaattccgga ggacaggcac
    40201 agtggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcatttt gggaggctga ggtaggcaga tcatctgagg
    40261 tcaggggttc gagatcagcc tggtcaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact aaaaatacaa
    40321 aaagaaaata gctgggcata gtggcacaca tctgtaatcc cagcaactca ggaggctgag
    40381 gcaggagaat cacttgaacc ctggaggtgg acgttgccat gagccaagac tgtgccactg
    40441 cactccagcc tggaacatag agcgagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaatccag agataaacaa
    40501 ttcctaagtt ttaaattgct tgacattctg agtagtgtga tgaaatcttg taccttttct
    40561 ctctggcctg cccaggatgt gaatcatccc tttgactagc atatccacac tgcagacaat
    40621 acctgcccat tagttcctta gtagctagcc atctcagtta tcaggttgac tactgtagta
    40681 tagcagttgc ctgtgctcaa gaatgcctta ttttacttaa taatgaccca aaagcacaag
    40741 agtagagacg ctggaaattc agatatgcaa agagaagcca taaaataaaa aggtaaaaat
    40801 tcttgtctta aggaaagaaa aaataatcat atgctgaggt tgctaagatt tacaatataa
    40861 attattttga gagagatacc acattcatac aacttttatt acaatatatt gctgtaattg
    40921 ttctatctta ttactagtta ttgttgtcaa tctcttacca tgcctaattt gtaaattaaa
    40981 ctttatcatt attatgtatg tatagaaaaa gaaaaccata gtgtatacag ggtttggtac
    41041 tattcatggt ttcaaagtat ccactggggt ggggcgcggt ggatcacttc agggcaggaa
    41101 tttgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actgaaaata caaaaattag
    41161 ctgggcgtgg tggcacgctg tagtcccagc tgctcaggat gctgaggcag aattacttga
    41221 acccgtgagg tgaaggttgc agtgagccaa gactgtgcca ctgtactcca gcctgggtga
    41281 cagagcgaga ttctgcctca aacaacaaca aaaaccaaag tatccactag agctcttgga
    41341 acatatcacc tgtggataag gggaaccact gtatacacag atctttgtga agaatactgc
    41401 taacaaccca agagcaatca cttattcagg gctcacaatg agcccagcac tggagttccc
    41461 tgctcatcct tggaaatttc ctgctcagat gcaaacatag ctgaactctc accttttcct
    41521 gctgacagcc actcacccac atctccctta ctagagatag aaagaaaaga ataaagacca
    41581 aaaaaccctg ttgactattt tttcctttca ctttttgaga agtgttaata gaactgaaaa
    41641 taccagcaag gaaaaacgcc ctcgaggaat agagttaatt ggatctccaa aatgttgtca
    41701 tgaaaggtgc attcctggga tatgaatttg atttccttcc tttcttcctc tctatttctt
    41761 tcctctctct ccctttcctt tcctgtcttt caaaaccatt cgcactcctt ttatgaggca
    41821 tgcagatctt ggattattct tccactttcc agccaactgc acttcaaaac agccttaata
    41881 aggctgggca cggtggctca gcctgtaatc ccaacacttg gggaggccga ggcgggcgga
    41941 tcacctgagg tcaggagttt gagaccagcc tgaccaacat ggacctcgtc tctactaaaa
    42001 atacaaaatt atcccggcgt ggtggcgcat gcctgtaatc gcagctacta gggaggctga
    42061 ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccgggaggca gaggttgcgg tgagcggaga tcgcgccatt
    42121 gcacaccagc cagggaaacg agagtgaaac tccgtctcaa aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac
    42181 aaaaaacgcc ttagtaacag tgccctcaag aacctggcct tccagttctc tggcagagaa
    42241 gacctactgc tgccgctagt cctcaagatg gcatttgctg gaggcggtag gcagaggccc
    42301 taagtgtgga ttctaacccc cgtggggact gaatctctgc ggctgttgct tgcccaggca
    42361 cgtttgcctc ccatgaactt ccttcatcca cagggcccca aacctcatgc cggcgggagg
    42421 aggaaggaga ctgggcataa ctcatcagac tttcgactgt aagagctgga ggccgcctgc
    42481 gggcttatct gtacccgggc ctgtccccac ccttccagaa tgtaaatcct ctgagggaat
    42541 gtgtcgtcgc catctttcag tcctttgagt gcacccagtc tctctccaac ccaaaaccct
    42601 ttatccacgg caattgtgag aatgataaga atccccctca cccctcacac cgcaaacagt
    42661 tgcaatgctt agtgggattc acccttgtcg tcaccaaccc tgctactcca gccacgtgag
    42721 ttttccgcct gtcagccaag caaaatggcc ttcctgcagt cgcacggccc tttggtctct
    42781 gctcagggct tcggggaccc tttccagcca ttgccctgca cctacccacc agatcgccgc
    42841 cctggtgggc gctcctggcc ctgtcccccg cgcttagttt gtcattgcgc gcccagatcc
    42901 ggaaccccag cctcgaagct tccggtggcc gggaacaaag ccggttttgc tcactgttgc
    42961 ctggcaaagc aggcgcttgt tagcacccac tgaatacgct tatgtgctca gaaacggtcc
    43021 cattggttgg gactaccttc cccgatgccc atctgcccag aatcttcctt ctgggatgcc
    43081 gactttttca acacgtgcca ggagcccttc ctcggcccgg aatccccaga gtgcccacag
    43141 tggacagggc acctggatac accccagact aacccacgtt tccccggagg accccagagg
    43201 ttggaagccc ctccaagatt aggggcgcag tgctcccctg gcctgcggaa gagtcagagg
    43261 agtggggaca acattcaaca tcagcctcta ctaccgctag cgcgactccc cgccgccgct
    43321 ctactcacct gacgcgcgca gtggaccgcg atttaggggc acagggtctc ccggggacca
    43381 gcggctggag cgctccggcc gagcacccgc agtcccggcg ccgcggcccc gccccggccc
    43441 cgccctcttc cgctccctcc cagtcatcag gccaccgaga atgtgcccct tgacccagat
    43501 gagagggtga gcccgccaag gtcaagcttc ccatcctaag aatcacagac agcccggcca
    43561 tgcaccacca cttcgagcct ccgaccaact gatagctgct ggtcccaagt agcgctagga
    43621 ttttcgcttt cccagtctta attgactcta aaagaagaag aaaaaaaagc ctgggcgcga
    43681 ttgctcacac ctgtaattcc ggcactttgg gaggtcgagg ctggtgaatt acctgaagtc
    43741 aggagttcaa gaccaccctg gccaacatgg cgaaacctcg tctctactaa aagtacaaaa
    43801 attagccagg cgtggtggcg ggcgcctgta accccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga
    43861 gaatcgcttg aatccgggag gtggaggttg cagtgagccc agatcacgcc actgcactct
    43921 agcctgggca aaaagagtga aactccatct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagg
    43981 aaagtactta cgaaaaaaaa aaaaagacca aagtattatg attaaaacac gcggccgaga
    44041 gcggtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct gagggggcgg atcacctgag
    44101 gtcagaagtt cgacctcagc gtggccaata tggcgaaacc ttgtccctat taaaaataca
    44161 aaagttagcc ggtggtggtg acgcacacct gtaatcccag ctacttggga gacattgccg
    44221 ttactgggca agtgttcttt caagagcatc ttatctgaat tactatagta ctaaaaaatg
    44281 tctaggctgg gcccccgtgg ctcactcctg gaatgctaac actttgggaa gctgaggagg
    44341 gaggattgct ggaggccagg agttcaagac caacctgggc aacatagcaa gaccctttct
    44401 ctagaaaaaa tgaaaacaac ttggccaggt gtggtagtac atgcctttag tcctaggtgc
    44461 ttaggaggtt gaggtgggag gattgcttga gcccaggagt ttgaggttac agtgagctat
    44521 gattgcacca ctgcattcca gccttggcaa tggagtgagg ccctatttct aaacagaaca
    44581 aaaaaaaaga atgcctgctg ataaaccttg agacaggaca ttcatgaagg atgaagaaaa
    44641 gatttctttt atttttttat ttttattttt ttgagacaga gtctcgctct gttgccccgg
    44701 ctggagtgca gtggcgccat ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc aactcctgag tagctgggat
    44761 tacaggtgcg tgccaccata cccggttaat tttttttttt tttttttttt ttagtagaca
    44821 cagggtttca ccatgttggt caggctggtc tcaaactcct gacctcatga tctgcctgcc
    44881 tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcgcccggct agaaaagatt
    44941 tctttcttct ttcttttttt tttttttaat tatactgtaa gttttagggt acatatgcac
    45001 aacatgccgg ttagttacat atgtatacat gtgccatgtt ggtgtgctgc atccataact
    45061 catcatttaa cattagatat atctcctaat gctatccctc cccactccct agaaaagatt
    45121 tcttgtggag tttttaaaaa gtcctttgaa acaattcttt tcttttcttt tttttttttt
    45181 ttttcgatac agagttttgc tcttgttgcc caggctagag tgcaatggca tgatctcggc
    45241 tcaccgcaac ctctgcctcc cgggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc
    45301 tgggattaca ggcatgcacc accatgcctg gctaattttg tatttttagt agagatgggg
    45361 tttctccatg ttggtcaggc tgttctcgaa ctcccgacct caggtgatcc acccacctcg
    45421 gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcatg agctaccacg cccaacttaa caattcttac
    45481 ttcaaacatg taagcatgac gttcctctcc ttcatgcctt cctggccatt tttttttttt
    45541 tttttttgag acagagtctc gcttcttcac ctaggctagc gtgcaatggt gtgatcttgg
    45601 ctcactgcaa cctccacctc ccaggttcaa gcaattctca tgcctcagcc tccccagtag
    45661 ctgggattac agccacatgc cagcacgtcc gactaatttt tgtactttta gtagagatgg
    45721 gggtttcact atgtaggcca ggctggtctc gaactcctga cctcaggtga tccgctcgcc
    45781 tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaagc gtaagccacc gtgcctggcc tggccctatt
    45841 ttatctgggt ctgacaaaag ttatttcatc ctagtatctg caatttttcc gcagaaaatt
    45901 acagagacgc acagtgaatg tgaaaggagg gaaattaaca atagctattg gcagagccaa
    45961 acaaatcatt acactttacc tggatcatct gggagttgag atgttgaggg tataaggaag
    46021 tagcatgtca atgcttgtta agaaagaatg gcaacaactg tgctgcctta cagatcagca
    46081 ccttctgcag tctgcgagcc caaccttaga tccatttgta ggcaacagta aaaggtctca
    46141 tattttcatt gcagtgagcc ctgactgcca tcaggaagat ttggtcctct aggtaagatt
    46201 tccctgagac aaagtactat gggaaatcaa gtgcatattc agcctcttag tactctgggt
    46261 tggtgttacc gtactgacga aggcgatcca ttgatgaaaa acaaactgac ctaaagaaat
    46321 gtaaataaat gcttgcagtc agccctgttc ctctgaaaaa ttcccctagc ccttatgttg
    46381 aaacctgatg agaactttaa aaatgttaac ttggtaatgg atggaatcct cctcattcaa
    46441 ggttacccct gtgcaagtca agctcaagtc agcctgaagg tgcaaacccc atggactcag
    46501 ccagagccta tggctgtggg tgctagatcc aaggccaaaa ctgatggcat cagccatcag
    46561 gatgtttctg cccaatataa agtattgggt gggctgagaa cactgaaagc ttgccatgca
    46621 gaaagaaact gaaagtaaat gcttgacttc aatggaacag aacttgtttc tccctccatg
    46681 ctcccgatcc ctttagatcc ctttatctca cctcagccac tttaagacaa aaggtgatta
    46741 gaggtgtaga gaagttctaa tgggatacat tcatttgcag tagtccccca aggtactgtg
    46801 ataggcagaa ttctaaagat gctttccccc tcaaggttgc ttcccctggt tattcagtca
    46861 aatactaatc aaagtacaga tgctcttcaa tttaaaatgg ggttatgttt caataaaacc
    46921 attgtaactg ataaatattt tcaagtggaa aatgtattta atgcacctaa cctactgaat
    46981 atattagctc agcctagcct accttaaatg tgctcagaac atatttgcct acagttgggc
    47041 aaaatcactt aacacaaatc ccattgtatg ataaagtgtt gactatctca tgtaactggt
    47101 tgcatacagt acagtataga gtacagtatc agttgttacc atcataattg tgtggctgat
    47161 gggagctgca gctcactact gctgtccagc accgtcacag agtatcatac tctctaaccc
    47221 aggaaaatat caaaattcaa agtacagttt atactgaatg tgtgttgctt tcacatcatc
    47281 ataaagttga aaaactgtaa gttgagccat cgtaaatcag ggaccatctg caccactatg
    47341 tagggattat gctgttgtaa ttgaagtccc aagacaattg accataaaac aggttatctg
    47401 gttgggcctg atctaaccac atgaactcct taaggggcag aaaaaacaaa gatcaaagag
    47461 aagttgggaa gattcaaagc aaaagaagta ttcagtgtac catggctgtg tttcaagatg
    47521 gaggtggcca tgagcaaaag aatgcaggta acttccagaa gctgagagca acccttggtt
    47581 gacagctagc aaggaaacag gaacctaatt cctacaatca cttcttctcc ccttgtcttc
    47641 ttccctttct tcgtgtgtaa gcgcattata ctatctctgt aagcacaaaa attgcctaaa
    47701 atttaagtgt agttttctga tcgcttgtaa aactgacaca gctataatta tcatccatgt
    47761 gaaaaacacc atcccagtga gaaacctgtg agcctctccc caagcagaac ccattgatcc
    47821 tacacaggtg tcatcagagc tgattccttt ctatgcccct ttatctctaa tgtccctatt
    47881 ctgttcctgt tttcacttca ccagcagctt ctccaactcc ctaggccaat gccctgagaa
    47941 tttcccttcc tctcccccat cctagggatg gagagtaggg gttggtcccc aggataagcc
    48001 acatttatcc ctggaagcag cagcagaagt gacagtatgt ttgtggggtc cacttgtaac
    48061 ctgggaacca cttgttttgg cctggaaacc tcgctctgtc ccgaggtcag aatccacggt
    48121 cactaggtgg agaggaaaca tctatgtcag cgtggatttg ggaaacactt cagattccga
    48181 gactaacacg ggactggggc gcccccttgg gtacgttgtc ctgtccagtt gctgaaagcc
    48241 aaaggtgaca atggggaggt ctcaacctga ggaggaggcc aaaagagtcc ggtcttctgt
    48301 tctcagcccg gtgaccacac acaagtgcca atgttctgct ctcttggatt ctgattgagc
    48361 agcctgggag aggactgggc tgcagtctaa actggacaga tatggctggt gtggaggctg
    48421 gctgtcaatg agggagtgaa ggtaagccgc ccgaaaagta gataattttt acttccactt
    48481 tctttttctt tcctgagcac tagttataaa aatatccttt taaaatctaa aatattggcc
    48541 aggcacggtg gctcacactt gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaggca gatggattac
    48601 ctgaggtggg gggtttgaga ccagcctgac caatatggag aaatcctctc tctactaaat
    48661 atacaaaatt agccgggcat ggtggtgcat tcctgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctga
    48721 ggcaggagaa tctcttgagc ctgggaggtg gaggttgcag tgagccaaga tcgcgccatt
    48781 gcactccagc ctgggcaaca agagcaaaac tctgtctcaa aaatcaaatc aaatcaaatc
    48841 aaatctacaa tatttttgga tttacagaaa agttgcaaag atagtacata gttctcatat
    48901 gttccacatt cagtttcccc tattattagt gtcttatttt attatacatt tgtgacaggt
    48961 tatgaaacaa tattgataca ttgttactaa ctcctatttt atttggattt tattcttttc
    49021 cctaacatca cttttatgtt ccaggatccc atccaggata cattacattt agtccccttt
    49081 atatctcctt agcctcctct ggtctatgac aatttctcag acctcgtttt tgataatttg
    49141 gtatttcttg aggagtacta gtgaggcata ttgtaaaatg ttccttaatt tgagtgtggt
    49201 tgacagggct ataggtttgg gggaagaaga gtacagagat gaaatgcaat actctcaata
    49261 caacatacca agagtgtata ttacccagtt gatttatcaa atgattatgt taacctccat
    49321 cacttggcta gggcagtgtt tcccagtcta taatatataa tttttaatag cagcccaaag
    49381 agactaaaac acttgccctt gcatgaagaa ccctgtctga cttctgggag cccaaggaga
    49441 cgcaggggag gtccacagcg agaagaaaag ggggctcagg tcgtctgtcc tcaggtctat
    49501 ggccacttgg gggtggcacc tctctggtgt ctcagacaca aattgagcaa tcagaaaagg
    49561 ctgggatgtc tgtggtctga gttgggcaga ggtggctgac cctggaacct gacatcaata
    49621 gggggatgaa gacaatttct gagcagcccc agtagtcaga ggacaagaga actctggagc
    49681 cccgcactgt ctctgaggtt ccaatctttt ctcactcttc ccagcccctt gatagaaaac
    49741 cctgggaaaa ctaaaaagta tactgttttt cctttaactc cctattcctt tcctcttctg
    49801 agggttgttg ttgttgtttt ttttaataaa cttattaatt ttagaatact tttagatcac
    49861 acaaaagttg caaagataat acatagttct cacatatgtc acactcagct ccccattgtt
    49921 aacatatttt tttttttttt tgagggaatc tcactctgtc gcccaggctg aagtgcagtg
    49981 gcatgatttc ggctcactgc aacctctgcc tccgggtttc aagccattct cctgcctcag
    50041 cctcctgagt agctaggatt acaggtgcgc gccaccatgc ccagctagtt tttgtagttt
    50101 tagtaaagac agggttccac cacattggcc aggctggtct cgaactcctg acctcaggtg
    50161 atctacctgc ctcggcttcc caaagtgctg gcattacagg tgtgtgccac tgcccccagc
    50221 cccattgtta acatcttata tcactattat acatttttca caaccagtga gacaatatta
    50281 atatagtatc actaaacttt atttcgattt cattagctct ttctgttttg aaacaaagtc
    50341 ttgctctgtc acccaggccg gagtgcaatg gcatgatgtc cactcactgc aacctccacc
    50401 tcccgagttc aaatgatttt catgcctcag cctcctgaat agctgtgact acagacacat
    50461 gccaccgtgt ctggctgatt tctgtatttt tagtagagac aggatttcac catgttggtc
    50521 aggctggtct cttactcctg acctaaagtg atccacccgc cttggcctcc caaagtgcta
    50581 ggattacagg tgtgagccac catgcccagc caggtttcat tagttctttt aacttccttt
    50641 ttctgtcaca ggatttcatc gaggatatca cattgtattt agtcctaatc atgtctcctt
    50701 aaggctcctc caggttgact ttgttttcaa tgactgtctt agtatgtcga gtattactat
    50761 aacagaataa cttgaaactg ggtagtttat aaagagaaga tgtttattta gctcatgatt
    50821 ttgcaggctg ggaagttcaa caggatagtg ctggatctgg caaacttctg gtgaaggcca
    50881 aatgttaggt caaaacatgg tggagaaggg gaaaagtgag tggcatgtgc aaaaacatca
    50941 catggggaga cagggaagca agagagagtc taggaaacca aacttgcttt tataacaacc
    51001 tgctttttgg taactaacct agccccaaca gagtaataaa ttactcgctc atgtgggagg
    51061 gcattaatcc attcatgaag gatctgctcc tgatgaccca aacgcctccc actaagcccc
    51121 acctccaaca ccaccaccac attgagaact tttttttttt gcctgaggtt gggagtttga
    51181 gaccagcctc accaacatgg ataaaccctg tctctactaa aaatagaaaa ttagccaggt
    51241 gtgatggcac atgcctgtaa tcccagttat tcaggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga
    51301 acccgggagg tggaagttgc agtgagccaa gatcatgcca ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa
    51361 caagagtgaa actctgtctc aaagaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga gtaaacaaaa tttaattttc
    51421 ctaatggaaa aaattatggt gcattctata acaatagagg actcacagaa aactttgcag
    51481 gtagatatat caatagagca atgaaaacaa aggtatataa gtagtaaata gaaacttcag
    51541 agtaaatagg taaggattcc acaaaactca atgtactgaa ggttcatttt actctctaaa
    51601 ggaggaagaa tagtcgtctt gatgggtgtg tttaaggggc aatgattgtg atggagtctc
    51661 aaatatttcc tgacagattt tctgatgtgt aacaattttc ctgaaaatgc aaatgattca
    51721 gatattttct ttatctttca ttgtttatta atatcatata aacaccagcc tgaccaaaat
    51781 ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacaa aaattggccg ggcgtggtgg cacgtgcctg
    51841 taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcccg tgaaccaggg aggcagaagt
    51901 ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgc gccattacac tccagcctgg gcgacagagt gagactctgt
    51961 ccgccccgcg cccccctccc ccaacaaaaa ataaacagca gaacacctta actatgaaga
    52021 gaatacaata tcattcattt gctctctttt tttctagtat catttatcac acacacacac
    52081 cctcacacct tttgctcaat aggtaaacat ctctttcact tctgtatcac tttctttctt
    52141 tctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgag acggagtctc gccctttaag tgcagtggcg
    52201 ctgtctctgc tcactgcaag ctccgcctcc cgggttcacg ccattctcct gcctcagcct
    52261 cccgcgtagc tgggactaca ggcgcccgcc accgtgccag gctaattctt tgtattttta
    52321 gtagagactg agtttcacct gttagccagg atggtctcga tctcttgacc tcgtgatccg
    52381 ccctcctcgg cttcccaaag tgctaggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc ccggcctctg
    52441 taccattttc tccactttga ggcagagtct ctctctgtcg cccaggctgg agtgcagtgg
    52501 cgggatctcg gctcactgca agctccacct cccgggttca cgccattcgt ctgcctcagc
    52561 ctccagagta gctgggacta caggtgcccg ccaccacgcc cggctaattt ttttgtattt
    52621 ttagtagaga cgaggtttca cctcgttagc caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacctagtga
    52681 tccgcccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gatgataggc gtgagccacc gcgcccagcc
    52741 tttttaagac agagtttcgc tcttgttgcc caggctggag tgcaatggcc cgatcttggc
    52801 ccaccacaac ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agccttccta
    52861 gtagctggga ttacaggcat gcaccaccac gcctgcctaa tttgtatttt cagtagagag
    52921 ggggtttctc catgttggtc aggctggtct caaactccca acctcaggtg atccgccggc
    52981 cttggcctcc caatttcctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cgcacccagc ctggtttaat
    53041 actttttatt tagtggcacg atgcccagga atgaattaaa gtcattaaat gaggactagg
    53101 ttgctatgca cttggctgtt tctggacttc ctgtgctgtt ccattggttg gtctattcat
    53161 tcaccagtgc cacactgttc tagtgacagg gaatttgtaa aatatttaac tattaggcat
    53221 aactagacac ccaattctca atttgttttt ttcccccaag ggattttcta attattctta
    53281 tttattttct catgtgaact ttataatcta cttgtctagc ttgagaaaaa aagtagttgt
    53341 tggcattttg attaggaggt attacatttg aaaatttact ctgcaaatgt gctgtatagt
    53401 cttcctattt gagaatgttc ttctgtacta cacagccata aaaaggaatg aattaacagc
    53461 attttcagtg acctggatga gattggagac tgttattcta agtgaaataa ctcaggaatg
    53521 ggaaaccaaa catcgtatgt tctcactgat atgtagaagc tgagttatga agacacaaag
    53581 gcatatgaat gatgcaatgg actttgggga cttgggagga agagtaggag ggggcaaggg
    53641 acagaagact acaaggtgca gtgtatactg ctcgggtgat aagtgcatcg aaatctcaca
    53701 aatcaccact aaagaactta ctcgtgtaac cgaataccac ctgtacccca agaacttatg
    53761 aaaaagaaaa aaaaaagttc ttcatttttt tttttttgaa atggactctc attctgtcac
    53821 ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt gtgacctcgg ctcaccacaa cctccacctc ccaggttcaa
    53881 gccattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaggtag ttgggattat aggctcacac caccacaccc
    53941 ggctaatttt tgtattttta gtagaagcag ggtttcacca cttggccagg ctggtctcaa
    54001 actcctgatc tcaggtgatc ctccaacctc agcctgccaa agtgctgaga ttacaggcgt
    54061 gagacaccgc acccggcccg atttgttcat atctaatttt taaatt