LOCUS       JF288178              188366 bp    DNA     linear   HTG 15-AUG-2011
DEFINITION  Neovison vison clone DEFB1, *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS ***, 51
            ordered pieces.
VERSION     JF288178.1
SOURCE      Neovison vison (American mink)
  ORGANISM  Neovison vison
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Carnivora; Caniformia;
            Mustelidae; Mustelinae; Neovison.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 188366)
  AUTHORS   Anistoroaei,R., Ten Hallers,B., Nefedov,M., Christensen,K. and de
  TITLE     Construction of an American mink Bacterial Artificial Chromosome
            (BAC) library and sequencing candidate genes important for the fur
  JOURNAL   BMC Genomics 12, 354 (2011)
   PUBMED   21740547
  REMARK    Publication Status: Online-Only
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 188366)
  AUTHORS   Anistoroaei,R., Christensen,K., Nefedov,M. and Khristensen,K.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (30-JAN-2011) Basic Animal and Veterinary Sciences,
            Animal Genetics and Bioinformatics, University of Copenhagen, The
            Faculty of Life Sciences, Groenegaardsvej 3, Frederiksberg C 1870,
COMMENT     * NOTE: This is a 'working draft' sequence. It currently
            * consists of 51 contigs. Gaps between the contigs
            * are represented as runs of N. The order of the pieces
            * is believed to be correct as given, however the sizes
            * of the gaps between them are based on estimates that have
            * provided by the submitter.
            * This sequence will be replaced
            * by the finished sequence as soon as it is available and
            * the accession number will be preserved.
            *        1     1125: contig of 1125 bp in length
            *     1126     1225: gap of unknown length
            *     1226     1981: contig of 756 bp in length
            *     1982     2081: gap of unknown length
            *     2082     2557: contig of 476 bp in length
            *     2558     2657: gap of unknown length
            *     2658     3232: contig of 575 bp in length
            *     3233     3332: gap of unknown length
            *     3333     4332: contig of 1000 bp in length
            *     4333     4432: gap of unknown length
            *     4433     5087: contig of 655 bp in length
            *     5088     5187: gap of unknown length
            *     5188     6162: contig of 975 bp in length
            *     6163     6262: gap of unknown length
            *     6263     7014: contig of 752 bp in length
            *     7015     7114: gap of unknown length
            *     7115     8249: contig of 1135 bp in length
            *     8250     8349: gap of unknown length
            *     8350     9683: contig of 1334 bp in length
            *     9684     9783: gap of unknown length
            *     9784    10293: contig of 510 bp in length
            *    10294    10393: gap of unknown length
            *    10394    11255: contig of 862 bp in length
            *    11256    11355: gap of unknown length
            *    11356    11900: contig of 545 bp in length
            *    11901    12000: gap of unknown length
            *    12001    13137: contig of 1137 bp in length
            *    13138    13237: gap of unknown length
            *    13238    14251: contig of 1014 bp in length
            *    14252    14351: gap of unknown length
            *    14352    16638: contig of 2287 bp in length
            *    16639    16738: gap of unknown length
            *    16739    17292: contig of 554 bp in length
            *    17293    17392: gap of unknown length
            *    17393    18838: contig of 1446 bp in length
            *    18839    18938: gap of unknown length
            *    18939    20792: contig of 1854 bp in length
            *    20793    20892: gap of unknown length
            *    20893    21902: contig of 1010 bp in length
            *    21903    22002: gap of unknown length
            *    22003    22574: contig of 572 bp in length
            *    22575    22674: gap of unknown length
            *    22675    24323: contig of 1649 bp in length
            *    24324    24423: gap of unknown length
            *    24424    25296: contig of 873 bp in length
            *    25297    25396: gap of unknown length
            *    25397    26641: contig of 1245 bp in length
            *    26642    26741: gap of unknown length
            *    26742    27388: contig of 647 bp in length
            *    27389    27488: gap of unknown length
            *    27489    33138: contig of 5650 bp in length
            *    33139    33238: gap of unknown length
            *    33239    34609: contig of 1371 bp in length
            *    34610    34709: gap of unknown length
            *    34710    41057: contig of 6348 bp in length
            *    41058    41157: gap of unknown length
            *    41158    53398: contig of 12241 bp in length
            *    53399    53498: gap of unknown length
            *    53499    55047: contig of 1549 bp in length
            *    55048    55147: gap of unknown length
            *    55148    58952: contig of 3805 bp in length
            *    58953    59052: gap of unknown length
            *    59053    60796: contig of 1744 bp in length
            *    60797    60896: gap of unknown length
            *    60897    70629: contig of 9733 bp in length
            *    70630    70729: gap of unknown length
            *    70730    87243: contig of 16514 bp in length
            *    87244    87343: gap of unknown length
            *    87344    97474: contig of 10131 bp in length
            *    97475    97574: gap of unknown length
            *    97575   106015: contig of 8441 bp in length
            *   106016   106115: gap of unknown length
            *   106116   112297: contig of 6182 bp in length
            *   112298   112397: gap of unknown length
            *   112398   121433: contig of 9036 bp in length
            *   121434   121533: gap of unknown length
            *   121534   125123: contig of 3590 bp in length
            *   125124   125223: gap of unknown length
            *   125224   148060: contig of 22837 bp in length
            *   148061   148160: gap of unknown length
            *   148161   157324: contig of 9164 bp in length
            *   157325   157424: gap of unknown length
            *   157425   160336: contig of 2912 bp in length
            *   160337   160436: gap of unknown length
            *   160437   162195: contig of 1759 bp in length
            *   162196   162295: gap of unknown length
            *   162296   168866: contig of 6571 bp in length
            *   168867   168966: gap of unknown length
            *   168967   169259: contig of 293 bp in length
            *   169260   169359: gap of unknown length
            *   169360   175654: contig of 6295 bp in length
            *   175655   175754: gap of unknown length
            *   175755   179526: contig of 3772 bp in length
            *   179527   179626: gap of unknown length
            *   179627   180265: contig of 639 bp in length
            *   180266   180365: gap of unknown length
            *   180366   182168: contig of 1803 bp in length
            *   182169   182268: gap of unknown length
            *   182269   183108: contig of 840 bp in length
            *   183109   183208: gap of unknown length
            *   183209   188366: contig of 5158 bp in length.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..188366
                     /organism="Neovison vison"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /note="contains defensin beta 1"
     gap             1126..1225
     gap             1982..2081
     gap             2558..2657
     gap             3233..3332
     gap             4333..4432
     gap             5088..5187
     gap             6163..6262
     gap             7015..7114
     gap             8250..8349
     gap             9684..9783
     gap             10294..10393
     gap             11256..11355
     gap             11901..12000
     gap             13138..13237
     gap             14252..14351
     gap             16639..16738
     gap             17293..17392
     gap             18839..18938
     gap             20793..20892
     gap             21903..22002
     gap             22575..22674
     gap             24324..24423
     gap             25297..25396
     gap             26642..26741
     gap             27389..27488
     gap             33139..33238
     gap             34610..34709
     gap             41058..41157
     gap             53399..53498
     gap             55048..55147
     gap             58953..59052
     gap             60797..60896
     gap             70630..70729
     gap             87244..87343
     gap             97475..97574
     gap             106016..106115
     gap             112298..112397
     gap             121434..121533
     gap             125124..125223
     gap             148061..148160
     gap             157325..157424
     gap             160337..160436
     gap             162196..162295
     gap             168867..168966
     gap             169260..169359
     gap             175655..175754
     gap             179527..179626
     gap             180266..180365
     gap             182169..182268
     gap             183109..183208
BASE COUNT        47015 a        43201 c        43120 g        50030 t
        1 aaacatttag taagaaaaac tgcaacagaa tatgtaaata taatagtatt atatgaatat
       61 aaataaaata gtatcagata aaaatgatca ttctaaaatt gtgtttatta aatgtttgtt
      121 ttgttacatg cccaattaga tcattttaat ttaaatccaa caaactggtc aaggaatgac
      181 gtcttcctct tctgacttcc catggtagtt cacttcttta tcagtttttg aactattaat
      241 gcagttgtgt gttgtcagct atctgtcagt ctttgcagtg atttgtgagg cgtaggattc
      301 tgcctgttcc taggaaggct acaacataaa tctcatgggc ctcagttact attgaatgga
      361 agatcataga tggttcagga tataaaaata gaaaagaatc acattggact tgtattccca
      421 gtctagaatt ctttattctt tgtatttatt tatttgtttg tttgcgagag agagtgagga
      481 agagagagag agagagagca cgagtgagga gaggagcaga gggagaggga gaaggatggt
      541 ccccggctga gcagggagcc cagtgtgggg ctcgatccca gggtcctggg ctcaggacct
      601 gagctgaagg cagacgctta agctaaccca ctgagccact caaacacctc tagaactttg
      661 tattcctgta tgcaaggcat ttttaggaaa gaatagggat gaataaaggg agtaagatag
      721 cttttaaatt atatttatat ttatagtgct tcccaagaaa ctggttgttt ccctttgcat
      781 atcaacctct ccatcactgt ctgaattgca gctgtgtctc attcttctcc ttcggcctac
      841 tcttcctccc tttttctgta gcatgttaac gcctggcccc taggcaagtc acagccttag
      901 ggatgatagc agggagcacc aaggggagtc gtgtagagag gatcaagtca ccactgtatg
      961 ctcgtgcagg gctttggaca gagcaaatgt ccaggacttt atttaaagtt tggttttgct
     1021 tctttgaggc cacttccata ccatttactt ataaattttt accaaaataa atattatccc
     1081 ttattcccct agccttttca ctccttcact ggctcatttg tgattnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     1141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     1201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnngtggt ggtactcttc tccctctctt ttgtgctaaa
     1261 ggagaagttt ggggcccctg tctttttcct gtttgactcc acccgttccg aagaggtctg
     1321 ttccttccag tttcccagtg gcatccattt gttgggcggt aagggggtcc tgtggttttc
     1381 taagcttagg agagcaacag actgggcgtt aataaacaca tgcaggacag agtgggctgt
     1441 tggtgttttc tcacctcact tcaccccttc tgtaagcttc cattcctacc actcctcaga
     1501 aagtactcct ccaggtaaca ggtgaccttt gtttggccac ttcgcagttc tggatctttc
     1561 cgtgcctttc gttgactagt tccttcttga gatgttttct tctcagggcc tctgtgtcag
     1621 cccattctcc ttgtttttct ccttcctctt tggctgttct ctttcaagag ctggaagata
     1681 aaaggtggaa gctgaagaat gtgggttgga tcgagaaaat gtgtctgggg cactcgagct
     1741 gctcctggcg cattcctcag tgagaagatt ttttttttct tagcttttct tacatattaa
     1801 tgacaggcat ttcttattca tctgtcacaa aactgatttt tctgactttc agtataattt
     1861 tttaaaatac tactttgtct tcctgtcttc tcactaactt aatgaattct agtaagcgtt
     1921 cttactgaat accacagagt gattctgtgg agctttggac ttaactaaaa ttgggtgagc
     1981 tnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     2041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nttttgtttt ttgtttgttt
     2101 gtttggtttg taagtaggct ccatacccag cgtggagccc agcaaagggc ctgaacccac
     2161 gaccttgtga ctgagacctg agttgagatc aagagtttga cacttaactg acagagccac
     2221 ccagacattc aaacctatgt tgggttttaa agacttttta gctgttgcct atatatatgt
     2281 caggtataac aagaaaaaag agaattttaa gtgggcagaa tatttaaatt aaatataacc
     2341 aaaaagacac tcttgactgg tagagaaatt taaatacagg attaggcaaa caaggaaatg
     2401 ggaggtgttg ccttaccgaa gtgtccattc gcgctgtgac cgagagagag aacccgagct
     2461 ttgtatgtca catgtgatac acaaacactt gtgttgaaga gtgaaatacc aggcctgtca
     2521 agtgtgtgtg tcagagggac ctcctgatga ctgatgtnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     2581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     2641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnagc cccgcctcgt gttctcactc cctcctaaaa aataaatctt
     2701 taaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagtt ataccttaat tagaatactt tttccatata tttctgaata
     2761 gtatgggaaa atttttgctt atacaataaa ataagcacca actaatgtag tttttacaag
     2821 tatagagaca cgagctttat taaatatgga agaaaacatt tatgtcactt ctttcttgtc
     2881 tcctgaaagt cttttagtgt ttttctgatg attctctcct agttttcatt tgggtcccca
     2941 ccccaggaac tgggctgttg gggttccaca gccgtccatg ctgggtcttg gtcctctcca
     3001 agcccgacaa gggtagtagc acttgcctac acggatgaaa taatgtagac gaaactggat
     3061 tgtaaacacc agggtaccat gtagatttta ctcccatatg aatttgggag tccttctcag
     3121 tatccgtgtg tcttccatcc ttagctgatg tctcgtggga gacactgtcg cttcccaggc
     3181 accacagtta caagttcaag gctgctcact ttttttttta attttatttt ttnnnnnnnn
     3241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     3301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnctcttact tgtaaagtga attaaatcca
     3361 tccatgtctt tgtcaatata ttttttttaa ctaatcctaa agttagaacc tgtttctaaa
     3421 tagatcaaag tatatgtaag ttgggcaact tactttgaat atcatggata tgctctaaat
     3481 ttcaatttta agtagtagta cattggaatt atgttgatta taactgattt taagaagtca
     3541 cagtgaactg cataagatca ctttgaacat cttatttctt atgaacatac ttatattctc
     3601 atagaagttc tataaaatat atttgttggt ttaaaaattt tgtatcaaaa tatttggaaa
     3661 attagaagct tctttttaac atgtgctgat atgacttgaa ttattatttc ctaaaattaa
     3721 gagccctgga tctacctgta aatctcttca catatcattt aagcctatgt ttatgttatt
     3781 ctcattattg atttgcagct tagttattac ttgttttctt tataagaatg ccatcaatgt
     3841 gcatgctttt atgttttcca gaaaagggtg tgtttggatg gaagtaaaag aaaaaataaa
     3901 atctttcact gtctctactg tctgtgctat ttaacttttt gcgacccaga aattccccaa
     3961 cactcttcag ttacatccta agctttgtga ctggccctac attctgaacg tataaaatta
     4021 caatattttt tcataaatat tgagcaaact tttaaaaaaa tgcattacaa tactcaaaat
     4081 tgcgaagcaa tattttagtt tcattataca aactcatcta tgcctcttac acaatgtata
     4141 tcgcaagtgt tagttgtttg acagttccgt aatcattagg gtacctcact gaggcttgtc
     4201 cggggcctca acttagccag gttggtaagt gaagacccaa tctgactgat ccctgccctg
     4261 tacatactaa tggtttcttt catgtcttcc attcccatgt gattttgttt cctgtaccgt
     4321 ggtcccaatt ttnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     4381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnttctgatg
     4441 ggacctcagg aagcaccagc ccctggacgt gagaagaggc cgatctgctc ccttggctca
     4501 gcttgtaagg cacccggcac ggggtccgtt cccgcatctg tgcaaaataa gtagctgggg
     4561 taacctgtaa gctctccggc agctggaaaa gcacacacgt aggcttggtg acctgcatta
     4621 gcgcccacac agctggtgca gaaacccagg ctcgccgcct cctttctgca gagcggacct
     4681 gctgggcagg accgagctcg gccccaagga acagtggata cttcctggtg cctgttcatc
     4741 ctgctttcta cgtgttcttc ctgtttacga cgtgtctgcc ttcgggggag ctgtggtggg
     4801 gacaagcatg accacattgt cccagctcaa ccagaaactc cgagaggaga ggctgtgccg
     4861 ctcacattct cctccagggc tctccgcagc tgcgtcttct tcaggcgggt gcctgcgccc
     4921 gggggctggc gtggatgatg aagaaagcaa gtgtggagca gtcagctctg cctttatttg
     4981 ccgcaggtga caccaggggc aaagactgac ttggggtgga cagtgagtcc ctctgtatcc
     5041 acgctggttg ggcatctgtc cgcgttgggc ggtcttattc tgtgtgcnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     5101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     5161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnagc acatgcgcac tgaggctgtc ccagacggag
     5221 gtgacttgag atggccataa ggcttctaga cctccctgcc gtcctaaact cgccgagacc
     5281 tacaccccca acaatgccga cattctaaaa acagctcaac acttctccct ccatctggag
     5341 atctctgaag gtccgttaga gcagaacggt cgctctgaag agtctacagg gactcatttc
     5401 tcagctgttc actgagggac tcccatctga gtgccttaaa tgcttcgtgg aggagagatt
     5461 tattggatgg attggcttct tcttttgctc tttgaacaat taagaatact gtgactacct
     5521 aaacccgtgg gtaggatccc ctttccttcg gtctttcatg tatttcattc ttaacaaact
     5581 cctacacatg tctcaaaacc catctcaggg gtttgtcttc cccaagctga gctgaccagc
     5641 ccctccttaa caggatcagt ctttgttaaa cagactctgg ccggggtgcc atggactgaa
     5701 tgggtcctcc tcaaattaat gttcaagccc caatccccag tgtgattgta tttggaggtg
     5761 gggccccttg gaaggtaatt aggttagatg atgtcctgac ggcagggctc aagtgatgca
     5821 attagcatcc tgataagaaa agaagagaaa gagaccagag ctggctaccc ccacccaacc
     5881 ccgacccact ccccacccct gtgtaagaac caggacacag gccttcccca gacatgggac
     5941 ctgtgggcac cttgacctcg gacgccagcc tccagagttg gagaaacacc tgtgggcggc
     6001 tcaggcctgc gggccgtagc gttttcttat agcggctgga gctgactgag acgcaggctg
     6061 cttgctccac gaggggggcc ccgtggaggg ggctgggttt cggctctgct ggcagcacag
     6121 ggcagagctt ggcacctagc aggaaggacc cagctgccag gannnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     6181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     6241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nntcaaccaa gcacacagaa taagacagat gccccaactg
     6301 gtgcagattc ggagggactc actgtccacc ccaagtcagt ctttgccccg gggtagggga
     6361 catgtgggag tcccaacctc cgggccagct cgcttcagct tctcccgcct ccgcagcctg
     6421 gctccggtgg aaagtcacag cagcgtgccc gggggcctgg atactcgggg ctcatgagga
     6481 cggtggcagg tgtctgcccc gggagggtcc aggtcgctgg ctctgaagga tttacaacca
     6541 gcctcgtaaa cacagcaccc gagccggtcg ggtgggggaa aagcccctcc cgtggaccca
     6601 gaggcgtaaa cagctcgggg gttcctgcgg gggatgcaga gccccagagg ccagacccac
     6661 agaaaaataa aaaccagtac cacgactttt gatgtggccc ttggacagaa agtggccggt
     6721 tcccacggca ccggctgggg gcgacccgtt tctcctgcac tttgcagagt tgggaggagg
     6781 gcagttaggc ctgtgccgac cttgaccttc acagacaagc gttcctgctt ctgagaccca
     6841 ctcgtcattt tggcaaatcc tgtttcccag actggcctcc aggttcaggc ctttgcattt
     6901 ggtgctttcc accttgttcc tgaggaaaac cgcttctaga cttgacgtcc cttctctttc
     6961 tggcttctcg ccctcaacct tctccaggca ggggtcatgc tgggtggcat gtgannnnnn
     7021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     7081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnngaggct tttaatccac tgagccaccc
     7141 aggtgcccca tcatcaacac aaattttgag ctagtatatt tttctagaat gggaaactac
     7201 catctttagg ctaaaaagaa aagaaaattc cattttggct tggttttccg ttaaaaaaaa
     7261 cgacaaaaaa acttcgcaac tgtaaacaag caaatgaact aaaggaaatt tacagttgtg
     7321 ggtaggcatc ccatcgcaag gcctccccgg ggacaggccg gaagcccatt gctgcatcac
     7381 tccccaccgc ccaggcactc acgagtaccc ttcctgggac ggggcaaaac gatgtaggct
     7441 cattttccac gtatgacgtc tgccatgaag tggggatggt tcctgttggc cgcggaccag
     7501 tctgaggctg ctggctaggt gacggctttc tttccacatg gaaaaaccac acctaatggg
     7561 agagatcccc gccctggagt cctctgcccg tcatgatgtg agaagcattt cctacttcat
     7621 ttccccggag tctgaccaca gaagccgtga ccttgttgga aacatgaaag tccatctggt
     7681 ataactcgaa ttttttcccc aaccatggcc acttgactca gttggaaagc actgggaacg
     7741 tgatgttcct ccttggtttc gagaccgtct gaggatgaac agggattagc ctccgcgtgg
     7801 gcaacgtgct gcccgaacgg ttatacagac tgtgggatct ggatgatgca ttcttccttt
     7861 ttagcgtctg tatatcagtc tgcaaattga ggtgatagac taacagggtt agcctgtgaa
     7921 aaataaaatc caggaatgtg aagctttgtg atacagtgtg ggaggggaag ggctgccatg
     7981 ctggtcaggt ttggatttgc aaaaggatta tgggaaccat gagaacaacc ttgccgcacg
     8041 tttgtgaatg tatatcaaat gattctgctt atctgataag gtaggtcagc gccctgtaac
     8101 actgtcagca ggagtgcaag aggggttatt ctgtttccta aagacttctg gaaaagtctc
     8161 tgaagcttta gatgcgtatt gcattttaag aatgctgacg gcaacaggtt ttccccaaca
     8221 aaggtgttat ggactgtgct gtgtgcacgn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     8281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     8341 nnnnnnnnna gccagcattt cgcttattag aatgaggctg gtataaccac caggacactc
     8401 ctgggccacc agcccgtttg tcttgtgttc taccttgtgg ctgggcaagt tgcaaagcag
     8461 aaagcttcca gcagagcagg attttgagga gtctgacatc tgtgagcatc aaaagccata
     8521 ggataagtgc tataaagaat tttggtgaaa aacccataga ggagtcagaa aaagtctcac
     8581 ttttgcaagt ttgagagtga ctttggagct gtgttctagt tgagtttgaa ggtggaagcc
     8641 agttggatgc cagcaaaggc tgagaggaga cagtgactgg agattgtaaa gaaggtttct
     8701 aattgcactg aagaattcgt acacacgcgc gagggaggaa ggaaggagag tgcacgagaa
     8761 caaggaggac tggagatttc ctccacaagc ctaggaccac cagagcttgc cagccaacca
     8821 ccaggagctg ggaagaggtg agaaaaggct gcctgagggg tttcagatag ggcatggcct
     8881 tgctgatacc ttgagcttgg atttccagtc tccagacctg ggagatgatg ctttggccat
     8941 gcagaccctg gcacgtcggt atggctatcc taggaaaccc atgtaggctc agtaaggagg
     9001 tttaactgat ttcatcgagg attctgactc cttagagaac aaaattaagt ggagaactcg
     9061 aggttctctt aggtcccatg aacaagtatt atgggtagcg aaattgttgg accagagaaa
     9121 aacctactgc caaatgcagt taaccccatt ttcaggagaa gtttctaaaa atagataagc
     9181 acctgcaagt cagctgtgaa gaccaaaacc tataaattga caggattcac acatacatcg
     9241 tttcctagat gactgaaaat agataaatta gaaaatcatc gtcttctttc aaaatatcag
     9301 ttgtttgctt taaaaatgtg tggaatgcct ttcgatagta agtttactca agaattcaag
     9361 attactttgt tacaaatagt attttgttta tataaatatt ctagttgcat atctacgaca
     9421 taaagatgga tgagttccat gaacatagta tatgaattac atgaatatca gtagttcagt
     9481 tagcacagat ttgtcacaga cgttatctga tgagtgttct gctcatcctc atagaaaaag
     9541 aaaaaacagt tcattcaaca tgttcactct aaattttctt gtatgcatta agaccatctc
     9601 cctgagtgtt aatctacagg aaaaatttaa ttcctctgga tccagttata atgggaacaa
     9661 tcatcataaa acttcatctg taannnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     9721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
     9781 nnnaggacag gcactagcac gccatgaact tcagcttgca tgttgtcatt gctagaacac
     9841 ggaaggctct atcgcagact ctttctgtgg aaataaaatc tttgccctag atcagaattt
     9901 accaacgtgc agcaggaaaa tcctcagaga tgctgcacca cggatcacag acgggttcta
     9961 cacagatagg tcgcttctac ttccccctcc aaagcgaact gcggagatcc aaccttgtct
    10021 gttcttttcc ttatctgtgt ctgccctgag ggcaacgctg agatcggagc ttgcaaagcc
    10081 agtcagtccg ttgttcattt atccccgtcg tgtgctggta actgcgatcc ctcggagggg
    10141 tccctgcgtg gacgcacata ctctgtctac tttggggatt gatgaggcta tgactctagg
    10201 gacctggttc ctgacattca cccacttgtc cactcacctc ttcattcatt cagctggcat
    10261 ttccacaagg tacttctctg ccgtgcctgc tacnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    10321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    10381 nnnnnnnnnn nnntcttcta tagaccaaat acgaacgcta cgagagggaa agtttcctcc
    10441 agcccagtag ttttccacat tggcaccgag gcggactgca agagggagga attactgacc
    10501 ggcttggctg aggtctcctg gttttgtttc aggaaatggc cctcgttttt ctcaagaggc
    10561 aaagaaccga gcaccccatg cccgctggca ggtgggaggg gagtggggcg ggccggggga
    10621 ctcccctctc gggctgctgc gatctagctc ggggtgtggc ctgcagggtc atcatcgagc
    10681 ccaccagtgc tggcgaggtg gtccaggggc tctccaggga ccgccctcct gagcccctgc
    10741 ccggccgtgg cgctacacgg agctcccatc cagaagggcc gcacactctc ctccgcttcc
    10801 acatttcacg ggccgcggca cctccacagc cacgccttac ctccgtggga cgggaaggag
    10861 aggagagtca ggacctttgc ccaaagccct gatgactatc ccagtgagaa ggggttctgt
    10921 taaaaccact ttgcgtacag accttttttt tttctagacg cagataatca aatctttgtc
    10981 taaaatctca attctccaat ttccccaata tttaaactcc taatacagac gtggttgaaa
    11041 atgctgccta gtaacatgct ttccggggga ggagccacgg cggcagcctc ggctcgtggt
    11101 gagcaggtgc cttcgtggct tcagcccggg ctgggaggat ccctcagagg gtttttgaga
    11161 atctgtagag catgataagt aaagccaaga ggagctgcag gtcacctcgg gcagaagacg
    11221 tgaacgtgca caccctcggt gttgtggagg acggcnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    11281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    11341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnagctg gtggaaagca gaactgttgt ggatgcttct taaacccagt
    11401 gctctaagtg ctcaacatga gcttttgtgg ggcaggaaca tattgcaaaa gttagcttaa
    11461 tctccagcgg gaatgcccca tcccctgggg ctctggccag tgtttctgct ctacctcggt
    11521 gaggaaactg ctttctcttt gaagggaatc aggtgcaatg gctttgaccc ctgtcctgct
    11581 ttcagctcaa ccttctggat gaagacatcg ctgtttggga gaaaccagca atccaagggt
    11641 gagtcagcac cttttctaga agacactgct agactgctgc tcaacctccg tatctttggc
    11701 ctcttgttga gtcagagcct tttcaaatgt tccagaactc tctctaggca gagagaaggc
    11761 acctgtagcc cttgccattc cgccccccaa caagacaatg ggttgaaagc aggagacagt
    11821 ggaaagtggg tcaccttcct ggcccaggtt gtgacagggg ccttggggac cctctgcagt
    11881 gaggatgccc ctgggaaccc nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    11941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    12001 tccttctccc tcttcctact gctccccctg ctccctctct ctctctctct gacagataag
    12061 taaataaaat cttaaaaaaa ttaaatttag agattaagag aaatgagcta atttggggac
    12121 tttgccccag gagtcatgct caaatgtcgg caaaggggtc atctggttaa tgggatccca
    12181 gttcctgtgt caccactcac tttctagcct ctgctcaagg ccagtccccg cctggcctcc
    12241 ttcctcacac cattaacacg acaattaatg cagggctgga acaggcccag acgaaacact
    12301 tgtttagaac acttcctctc acttccccgg cacaaacatc tattctgggt ttgggctatt
    12361 ttccaaggtg ggttacatga tgataaacaa gttgtttttt tgttttgttt tgtttttttg
    12421 gtaagtgaaa ttttaaccgg gtgcttcgca aaacacaatg aaaacaaaag cgttatttga
    12481 agaaactatt gagcggaaaa gtagggacgt aaagaattgc aagtggttat aagaatgttt
    12541 ttccactaag ctctgtttat cccctggcat ttgaaaagac ctgcttggac acgtttctga
    12601 ccagcaatat gcatttccca cagatgtggg gggggatgct ttcttatata gaccattaat
    12661 aattatctat cttcttttaa ggataaacat ggaaagtgga aagttcaaga aatcaattag
    12721 ctggcttgag tctgctgaga aattcaggac aacgttcagg gctgaaattt atgaagtaaa
    12781 tcaacataat atgaagaagt aaattaaccc agaatgtcac aatgaaagga tagttcccat
    12841 gtaacctcat aaatttcctg cttgatggat ttcaagtctc tgatttctaa taaaattctc
    12901 atgagaacac agtattgctc cataaaatct cctgaactct ccccatgaga aacggctggt
    12961 ttataagggc gcatgggttc atggctgtgg tttatttatt aaaaatttct cagtaaatat
    13021 aacttggtcc agcgcacagc accctacgat tatggggagg ttgtgcatca tttctgctgt
    13081 ccctaagtat gaagaaaaac aagaagaagc acgtcaggaa ctctactaaa accaaagnnn
    13141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    13201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnntat agtcttgcca taatgaatgt
    13261 atctgtgtgg tcaaagtcac ggatttttcc atggtatttt tccatgggag atttcctccc
    13321 tgagagatgt taacttagaa tctggattat agctttgact ttcgagcagg atctcccctg
    13381 gcatccacaa gcttgaagtc agtgactgta ttgactttgg taggcctgat tggcaagggg
    13441 gatattagtc aaattgattt tttgcaagat tgacgagggt aggggatagg gatccgctgg
    13501 tttagaaatt tatgtcagga aacttgtcct gtttcccaga tttttaacca gggggtatgt
    13561 cctctcctct ctgagccggt ggttacatta aaggacagaa agtgaatagg gctgacaggt
    13621 attagggtga ctagccatcc caactggcct gggactattt ggtgtcaacc ctaaaatctt
    13681 gcatcccaga aaaccctcca gccccaggaa aaccaggata gttgatcatt ataaacagta
    13741 tggaaaactg aattaagttc agaagggcag aaaaataata accttatttt aaagagaaca
    13801 accagactga ggtttcaagt aaaatccctt cttgatgctt aaaatacaga agcataatca
    13861 gcatttagct tgagaacata ttcaggaaac agctcaaaaa gaatgtacca gtctcatggt
    13921 tggcgcagta gaatgtgatg tgaaaaacca aacaaaccac gaatctggct aacaatttca
    13981 gaggttaacc tctcctctgg tcttttggaa gcataagcag aacgaggcat cgcacggggg
    14041 tttaggtccc ccttagaggg ctgctgccaa agatcccacc aggctttcct cagaatcttg
    14101 gctgcttagc aaatccctct tctctctgcc agaagaagaa aaggatgcag aatgaagtca
    14161 gaagcccatc ttgggagcag gggttcctta cctgagcccc cacataacac cctatccaaa
    14221 ggtctccctt tctggatctc tcaggttcct cnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    14281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    14341 nnnnnnnnnn nacatgagtg gttgaggtcg acagagtgtg ggcaggactg gcaaggtggc
    14401 ctgctgctgc ccggtcctcg gggaattcct ggccggtgtg tccaccgctc ctctcccggg
    14461 gatgcggagc gcatgacact gaccggcagc cgaagcagag ccccgggaag gccccggaga
    14521 ccccagaggg acaaggaagt gcgcgctgcg ggcggccgtg ggtgcacgcg tttcggttcc
    14581 aagctcaccc agaacccctg cttttaaaga gggaacttga ccttgtttca tccgatcgga
    14641 ttctgtcgtg ctgccccgca cctgtccgat agcagctgtg acgggtgttc gggcgtcctc
    14701 tttgtgccag gctccctgct gctgtcatgg gcgcgcagga gacctcacaa cttccgttct
    14761 cacgtttctg ctctttcaac atcgaggtag aactgacatg cactagccgc aggtgtccct
    14821 cgcgctgatt cactgtttct gcacattaca gaagggttcc atctgtcacc ccctagttaa
    14881 aagttgttct tctgcttctt aatagaagta ccagcaatga attatgtctt tggggcagcg
    14941 aaggtcacag aaagcgtttc actgtcagcc cagaatctaa gtaactcagt caatagaaac
    15001 caattgcttt accctcctct tggtcaagga tggggtgcag aagacaggga aaagcggaag
    15061 cctctttgca acggccagcc tgggggccag tgggtaggga ggcaagtgct ggatggcctc
    15121 ctcctgtggc agcgggggtc ccctgccatc gtttctggaa ctccatcccc cgtatcccac
    15181 aaccttgtca acagcccgtt ggtcagactt ccgattaccc catggaagcg gaatagcatc
    15241 ggtcttgttc ttacaagatc aaagtcctct gccaaaaagg cagggggtct gtaatggtct
    15301 cacaaacacc catctccaga gcggcttgtt cagtggggcc ggccaggctc agtcagtgga
    15361 gcgtgccacc cttgatctcg gggtcgtggg tgggagcctc ccattggctg tgtgattact
    15421 ttaaaaagta aaataataaa aaacaaaacc aaaatggcta ttcagacgca ttgcttatgg
    15481 aaatacaatc cttggtcatc caggaaaaag ctggaagttc agctccactt accgcgtgtt
    15541 gactgaccgc tggccatgag ctgcccctcc gcttacttac tccgaggggc aaagggctgg
    15601 aggagacaac cggctgctag cagcgtatgg tcgctgtaga aacatggagt tggccctaat
    15661 ttccctcggg ttctggagag acccaggttc cctgcttttt agaaacggca gtgtttgtct
    15721 ggtcggtcgt gtttaagggt actggtggtc cctttcttgt gtcccctgtg gcttcatggg
    15781 ataagaagga agcgaagtac cttaaagaaa tgaagagagc catgtgggca ggtgcgacag
    15841 cagacgtaag ataaataccc ttggagccaa gaccatggga gcaacacggg tgttttgagg
    15901 ctctggggga cggccactta cgggggcggt ggtggccgca gacgtcccgg cccagagaag
    15961 caccttctac tatccggggc tgagtcacca atgccacaac ccacaccttc taaactgaga
    16021 gtgtcccctt gaccaaaccc tgctcaggct tccctaaact tttcaactag gtctgtactt
    16081 gcaaggttct ctttgctttg ttcagttcta gcaagaatcc tgctgagtca gtattcgtgg
    16141 aaacctccac gttcaagatc tcatcacctt ctgtatctgg tcaagatccc cagccccacc
    16201 ggccccaggt ggggtcggac ccccggcccg ccttcagcag gaaggctgtt aggttggttt
    16261 agctggagtg tttccccttg cccccccaca cctcctctca gtccactgac ccctccccca
    16321 tcagtcccca ctcgtccatg ctctatccag aatggcgtcc agtgtagacc tgtctctgaa
    16381 ccgctactgc agtggtcctg cagtttttac tgctttcccg acgtccggct ctggttcatc
    16441 acagacactc cttccaccag ccacggtctg ggcgctccta cgtttggtgc cagaagtttg
    16501 gagcctcggt ctgctctctg cccttgccgt ctgtggccag cagcagggac aatgacagct
    16561 gacagctccc tgcaaaatca cactgaactt cctctccagg acttggccat tgtctctgaa
    16621 cccagaggtg tctggcacnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    16681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnct
    16741 gctccgccct ggagaaagag ccccggcccc ttcctccacg ctgtgctccc tctgtcctgt
    16801 ggactgcttt tgggcaggag ctggatcctg accgttgttg gcaaaggaga caaaactgga
    16861 ggtttccaac aggtctgctt ctgaggtcag gacaccctga aactcagagc ctttctctga
    16921 ggatgggggt cctggggtaa cagtgggagc tctggctggg aaaacagggg tgtcctttac
    16981 tggggttagg gctggttcac ccccgacgcc aggagaggaa agtggccagg actgtcttct
    17041 ccaaaggctg tgtcgatctt agacacattt cctgtgtttt tagggcaagt cacaccaaca
    17101 gccagtgatg gtgactgagg aaagaatcct ccagagcagt ctggctttct agcccagcgt
    17161 tggggggtcc ccacagtggg ctgggggcct ttcccgtggc gggtgaactc gtgacattct
    17221 ccctggcgag tgcctaggct ccccagcttc tccccagcgg gagccgaggc ccggggaggg
    17281 cttccgtgcc tgnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    17341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnagctcgct
    17401 ggttctgctg agtcaagttc ttaagtttgt ctcaaatcca ttgccttttt ctgtccttat
    17461 tgtcattttc ctggcagttc tgatcttact gcttcctgtc tgggtcctat ggtttcctct
    17521 gtcctcattc cctgtccaca gcctgtcctt cccaccacct ggcgacctgc tcctcctgca
    17581 gatcagaccc tgtcatccct ccctaacgca cctggggcgt aaccccctct cacccgaggg
    17641 gcaccaagac cccacttctt gacaacgcgg gcaaacctgt ttacaaggcg tccccagtct
    17701 tcctttccag agtcatcttc caacctgctg ctcccatggt gactggctaa caggacgggc
    17761 caacctgcct gggctaaggg acgcccaggt gccggtaaaa cgtcattttg agccgtgtct
    17821 gtgagggttt ccagaagagg ttagcagttg aatcagtaga ctgagtagac tgccctcccc
    17881 ccctcgccag ggcaggtggg cctcgtccaa tctgtggagg gcccgaatag aacaaaaaca
    17941 cggagaaagg gcgcattctc tttgttctcg agctgagaca tccatcttct cctgcccttg
    18001 gacatccgag ctcctagttc tcagttcttt tggacgccga ttgaatcaca ccacattttc
    18061 ctcattctcc agcttgcaga aggcacacca tggcctacct cagcctccga aattgcatgc
    18121 agctgttccc ataataaatc tcctctcacg catctctgta ggtcctagcg gctctgtttc
    18181 cccggagaac cttgaccgac acaccaccac cgccaaaaaa ggctccttga ccaaacctga
    18241 cgcagacagg catctcgaag ccctcttcct gactcggcct caagcctggc ctgtaaaaac
    18301 ttggcacaaa tgactttgtg gtcagctctt cactgtcgcg acggactgag taatttctct
    18361 ttatcacctt ccactgctca tctccggcca cccacgctac tttcctgcgg gcggcctgat
    18421 gctccgtgtt gcttctgcac cttagcctgc catgcccccg ccttctcacc cccctttctt
    18481 cctgccagtc tccttccccc gagacctgct cgaatgccac cttgtgtaaa gccttctctg
    18541 acgcccctct ctctgcctct tgtgttcctg cggagtttta tccacacaga gcttgcattc
    18601 atgggtaggg gtctttgagg ccactgaggt tcaacctgcc cacactccga agtctgagtc
    18661 tgtttccagc acacggagga cacggtgtgt gcacgcctaa gtgggcgagc cggtaacaag
    18721 cggaagaggt ccaacctggc tcccggggca tttgacagtc atccagaggc tggctgcctc
    18781 ctctggaagg gaaggcgagg cagggcgttc tcagtcaggc tggccgtcag caccacctnn
    18841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    18901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnca aaaccattaa ccattaaaac
    18961 ccagagctac tctaagcacc caggcccgtc cttcttagaa agtggatttc caggtcctct
    19021 gtggtcttct ggcttttgga acaacaacta caactttctc tttgccagca caatgtaatg
    19081 taccccaaag gagtcacttt tgtttggggt caaggctcat gtgtcttcta gggaaagtgt
    19141 ccgttgggga gagtggaggt ccatgaaagg acagagggac aggcctgaca tttacggggt
    19201 gttggcagaa ggcttggacc agccagccag ggaccaggcc ctggtccggg caacatcgcc
    19261 ggccggtgat ggacagcctc actggctggt gatcctggac atgcaggtcc cctctgtgag
    19321 tggagtccgg ggctccatga gccgtctgag ccgagcctga aggcatctgt gagtcacgtt
    19381 gggggaggcc gctcggcacc cctgctctcc gccagggtct gctttctccc cttcccgctt
    19441 acctgctctg acctcggggg tctcatgacc gagccagccg ccgggaagga caaagttctc
    19501 gttttccttc ctcacctcag gccctcctgg acttctgggg agaggacagt gacagacgca
    19561 aatggagacc cttcctgttt gtccctccag ctcgtcagca caccggcagg gggacactgt
    19621 gctctgcaaa cgatccctcc cctttgctcg cgcgtgcgga gcgggcttga agtgccgcag
    19681 cgtgtccggg gggccgggcc cacgtgttcc tcgtcctcct gcatggcgag atgggcaccg
    19741 ttactcctgg tgcgcagatg gggaaactga ggcttggaga gggtctatgt catgtccaac
    19801 accatgcgtc cgcccgtctg tgggccccaa ggcctgcagg gttgatcagc cgattgtggc
    19861 tcttctaaag gcaggagggg gcgtaccccc cgacctcgct ggacagaagc tgcccctcct
    19921 gccctttcct tgctcacggc tctgtcctgc agggtctgct cccctgaaag tcccttcccc
    19981 ctttcatcac cattaatgac catggggtgt cagttctcat gtgccacgtt acttatttaa
    20041 ccctcccagg cgaccccgag aagtgagtga atcttataat cacttcagca gcactgggag
    20101 gccccgttct caatgtgcgg caagaaaaca ggtgtggagt gtgtcagtcc ttagccgagg
    20161 gggttggtaa cagggaagag ggagccacag tcccaaagca agctcctaat cccaaaaccc
    20221 gtgccccaaa gtgccagctg tcttttctct ccctcgctct tggcaatgcg agttcaggag
    20281 gtgtcgaagg agatggttat gaatccccgc tccctgtgtt tttagtggct gcttcaggca
    20341 ccacaacccc ccacgtccga gacggcaaga gctctgggcc ctgcgaggtc tggagccaac
    20401 gctgacctgc ctctgccact ccagaacttc ttggaacggg aattcattgg ctcaacaaat
    20461 gtgttctgcc aagcatcgag ctgtccttgc tttagagccc aaggagaaga ggcagctctc
    20521 gtccttatgg tcacagaacg tgaactgtgt gcgtctctga aactggggct gaacaaggaa
    20581 aggaaggggg gttccctgag gagacgagtc ggggctggag ggtgatgggg aggtgagacg
    20641 gaggagggcc tgcgaggtgg ttcaggccct gaatttcaga tcagagggcc tggagttcgc
    20701 cctgggagaa tgagttgggc cgagctccgc atggtgtgtt tggggtacgg atggctgcgc
    20761 atgtgtgtac atgtgacaga cggagtgcgt ccnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    20821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    20881 nnnnnnnnnn nnctgtcttg ttcaagttaa gaaaaagaag ggggttcgac cttaattgat
    20941 cggctcctga atcagagcaa gatgtacctt taaagtcatc tgagaagctc cctccctcag
    21001 ggcctcccca ggactctggc tatgcctgtg ccgatgctga tgacacgcct ggctctgatc
    21061 cctggccagc aggtctgtgg ccagagcagg agggggtcct ctctgaaacg gggcccagga
    21121 aagatgctga aggaaacgtg ttcctttttc atgacttggg atcctggcat gaaccggttt
    21181 cttactgagt ctttgaagct gtgctctctg acacaaagat aatgttcaga aaaaacccga
    21241 caaccacaac agagaaggtc aggactgtgc acagcctggg gtgtagcttt cctctcagtc
    21301 ccgaatcgtc tgttctcctg acgtgaggat ccctcttcct accttccctg aagccttcac
    21361 tagtccaatg agcaatttca ctgggttttt agcacctgct ggagacagaa ggcaagaagg
    21421 aaaggaaaga tgttctccag aagcctaggg cttctgtgcc atatgcccat ggaaagttga
    21481 agcagaaaga aaatcgtgtc acattgagct gtggatcgta gtggagggag cctggggccc
    21541 gacgacagcg tggtcaggga gggctcccag caagaagggg cacacgcgcc ttggacgggc
    21601 agacgggagc aaggccgaag ggagcacgtg tagggcagcg gggcaggaag aggccacaga
    21661 agtggcgggt ccatgctggg gacagtgagg taggggttgg agagctgagc cccttctggt
    21721 ctagctggag ccttgggtct catttctaag aaataaagag ccagggggaa agcaatccac
    21781 ctggttttgt gaacgggggt ctgggtctca tgccagaggg aggaactcag ccaatgacat
    21841 cactggaaac tgctgggggc accggggtca cagctgaggc aagacggagg cgggagagga
    21901 ctnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    21961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nncctgaggc ctagttttca
    22021 tgactctctt ccctcatcca tctcagggtt gatacatacc agaaactccg agctccgttt
    22081 atgaaccttc gagggagcac ggagaggcag agaacatgga gtcacaggcg gacacgagca
    22141 gcgcgaatac agacgtgaca tgagcctgac acagccccat ccctgcacac aaccccagaa
    22201 ggccgactta tcacgcagtt attccggaag cttctctcaa gtgactggca ttcactgaac
    22261 tcaccttttg ggttaccaga tatttagtta tcagtcctca aagtcatata caggcctccc
    22321 agcccttaat aagtgtccta ctgggttggg ctgagggaag gggctgatcc ctactagagt
    22381 agatggtgcc caggaaggcc ttgaatcctt ggtgagtctg agcaaaaaaa ccatctttgc
    22441 tctcttccca caagtacaag ttccatcttc tcaggggaac cacactctga acacaaaggc
    22501 ccagctttaa gcaaaattgt tgccgttgca aatgtgctct gggtgccttc agagatggag
    22561 gggggctcca gctcnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    22621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnncttggc
    22681 tctcagatag cttcgccctg aaataaagcc ttgatgcaaa tgtcaccagg ccagctccgt
    22741 ggcctcatct gcggctaaat ctacatcccc ttctgccact aaggtcgtag gggtttaaat
    22801 gcaatggtct tcagtgaggc actctctatg gctccaaagc catgaccaac aaattaaaac
    22861 aagaacaaga cagaattggg ccgaagataa aacaaaacaa aacgaaagct ttggaaggca
    22921 gctgcctctg gaagaagctt cctgatgata gacgtgctca gggaagtaca ggctggaaga
    22981 gggggtgcct gttagagcag gggttcaaag tggtgacttt gagctttttt ccaaccttga
    23041 gcttctatgc ccaaaggcag aatacatggg atcctactgc atggatgaac tcaccctcca
    23101 gaggtgaaag gaggctgctt gttccacccg tccagctttg ggggggtggg tagcatgagc
    23161 aacaagcaat gaccttggtg cccgtctgcc tggaaccaca gatagctcag gccctggacc
    23221 aggaagctag gcaggagcac agaaagggcc agccaccccc agaggcgctg tcctctggtg
    23281 aagcagtaca ccaaggagcg gaggcctgta ggatgagata ggacagacaa gcaggtgcac
    23341 ggagggcggc aggggagagt tagtgacctg ccaacaccgc atccccagca ggggcaggct
    23401 ccctgttgga cccagcccag acacaggcat agccagctgg cattctagac aggcctgcgg
    23461 agggatgaag gtgccagggc attccgggga ccccagacat cagacagtgt ggtcacagag
    23521 aggggctgtt ggattgcata ggacagcacg tgtgaaaaat acttggcact ggtacgtgca
    23581 ttgaaacagc gctaatcctc tcttgggatt ttgtttttta attttgcgga tgctagggta
    23641 gggtaacaca aaggaaagag acaaatctcc gtgaggatct gtgctggtaa tcagtggcca
    23701 tgggggggga ggggtgcttg catccatcca acacaggtag gtgctggaat cattttatag
    23761 gatcattgct tgggtttccc actattaaag ttcaaaatgg atttatgggc acataaagct
    23821 gcgagttgta gtgggaatac agcattgcct ggggtccaca taggaaccct gcaggtctgg
    23881 atcaggggac cagggaatgc ccggctctgt ttggagttct aaccaccctg ggcttcctgc
    23941 tccccccgct accaccggcc aagctaaacc agggtctcca gtcaaaagtc tttggaggaa
    24001 tccaagcaat gcccgggccc aagttggttc cctggtgaga gggaaagtgg ggacaacgtt
    24061 tcctggagca catggggtgg gtcctgacat ggggtcctgt gctgaggcct gcttgtctgg
    24121 ttgggggccc aggcaccggc agggcaggcc ggatccacga tgtgcgcgct gcagtgtgcg
    24181 cagagctgag cccaggctgg ggcaggtggc ctgccttggc aggggtgcca gggcgagtgg
    24241 gggtgggggc ggtggtggag gcagtgagct gagctgaggc tcgagccgtg gggctggtgg
    24301 gccactcatg cgtgctctgc tccnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    24361 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    24421 nnnaacgtga tgtaaaaatg aattgtaaat gcagtttact atggagagtc acacgggaag
    24481 gtcctgatgg gggtgcggtg ggggaggcta ccaaagactg aggatgagga ggcagggcag
    24541 ggaccacccc cccccaccgc ttagctggca ggagggctat tcattggcga gtagagagaa
    24601 aaggaaaaga ttcatatcaa agcaccacag gaacaatttg tgcaataggt ttgaattagg
    24661 gtgttttaac attacaagtt gtcatgtgga atggaagcag aaaaagttaa tactgctggg
    24721 ggtagacatg gccttcctgc ttgcatgagc tgtgacccct cccagacctg gaggcaaagc
    24781 ctgggccctg gggagctctg gaaggattca tggctcagag ctgtgtcagg attttaaggt
    24841 ttatgaccct gtagattaag ggactttaag gtcttctcaa ttgttttctt tgttgtggca
    24901 aatgcccagt gatgttgttt atttaaaaaa aataataata atcattgtgg aaatgataag
    24961 attttggtct aaaattcctg tctgtcctct cttccttcct ctgtcctttt gttttttctt
    25021 tttttccctc aaaatgactt gattatcttt tcctcatgtg ttagaacatt tttttcttct
    25081 ttagtaagtt ttcatttaaa ttccagttag ttaacataca gtgtaatatt agtgtcaggt
    25141 gtataatgta gtgattcaac acttctatac atggccagtg ctcatcacag gtgcacacca
    25201 taatccccat cacctgtgtc cccaagctcc ccacccacct cccctctggg gaccatctgt
    25261 tgttaagagt ctgtttctcg atttgtgttt ctctctnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    25321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    25381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnaggt ttaaatatct tatcagtcca cattgtttca tacacaatca
    25441 ctctttccct tcagattctc cttttccctt gttgccactg actactgtgg ttttgggaaa
    25501 ttcgacatct tgctatgttc gtggcgtccc cggggggtca tctctcagca gacctgcact
    25561 atgtcaccct ctcctctcct ggtggggagt gcacgcttcc cggatgtcct gctccctgct
    25621 tctgtggcag cggatgactt ttgcaggctc gaccatcatg gagttgtgac tagagaaggc
    25681 acacattccc ctggggcaca gagcaggcac aggagaaaaa caggagagct tggggctgtg
    25741 ctggccgggt actccagata cctactgatt tcattcaagg atctggatgg ttccgacagg
    25801 gaccctggga atggctggac ttaggtcacc tcattgtctg tcgccactgg ccacctacta
    25861 ggtgataata tatcagaaga tagcgcctga gggctgttgc ctccagtggg agctggtggg
    25921 gagagtctga gcctgaaccc aatgtcccag gccaggggtg gcggaggaaa tctccacagg
    25981 gcccttcgga gaaccagcaa atgcagccca cgaaatggtt agggaagcat cgatcagcag
    26041 cccaatggag cagaaatctt gctaatctag caaagtgtgt tcttctggaa gagagagagc
    26101 attgtgcgcc cccatccaaa cgactgagta agaggaagaa agaggctgcg gtgggatccc
    26161 cttccccagc cctcacctcc ccccccccca cgctcagggc agcccaagca cggggacagg
    26221 aacgtcccat aggactagga tgtgagactg aagtttaaga aaagacaaac tacatcttca
    26281 taaccaaagg aggttcttca ataactcaaa gtttccaaaa agttacgtgg ttggactgag
    26341 acaccattag tggttttggt ttgtgacctg atgagtctat tcaaaccagt gatatttcac
    26401 ggctcactta gcatccttgg catgatttta aggaggaaaa tcagggtcca ggaggtggag
    26461 gagaggggct gagaccggct ctccttctat tccccaccac aaatggcttg caaggtcttg
    26521 ttcacgttca gctgtgatgg ttctagctct gtgctcttct gagcctccga cgacaggtga
    26581 catctctctt cctgcacaca tattctgatt cagtgctgag tcagaccctg cctgtcacgg
    26641 annnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    26701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn ngatcctcat aagaagagga
    26761 cattgggacg tataaaggga tgtgtacaca cggaggaaag gccgtatgag gacaggagag
    26821 taggcagcta tctgtgagcc aaggagagag gccttgggag aaccctaacc tgctgacaca
    26881 ttgaccttga acttccagcc ttcagaactg ggaaaggttt aatttctgtt gtcgggggag
    26941 accaccctgt gcccttttgc tatggccgct ccagctgacg aacacagcag gccatcacca
    27001 gtctggggaa cagtccattc tgatgccgtg tgtctctgcc tattggagag atggttctca
    27061 taccactgga tttgtctgtt atttaatcca tatctctgtc acagctgcct cacctgacct
    27121 aggactgtgg gtgtctggtg actggatatt tggcaatgtc tggggacact gtgggttgtc
    27181 acagctctgg ggtatgtggg gtggacatta ccggcatcta gtgggtggag gccagaggtg
    27241 ctgcggaaga ccagtgatgc gcagaacaga gagttatctg gtcccaaatg tcaatagcac
    27301 caaggctgag aaactgtgat gtacatcagt ggttctcgat gctgcataca cattcagtca
    27361 cccaggatac tcttataaat atagactgnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    27421 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    27481 nnnnnnnngg gaattcaaag gaccaagaat agccaagaca ctcttggaga agaaggtcgg
    27541 aggacttgct ttactggatt ttgaggctaa ttatagatcc actgtaatta gactgtttgg
    27601 taaagacaaa aggacagacg tacaaatgga acaggaagga taaagagtgc agaaagggac
    27661 ctatgcctgt gtgaagaatc aagctcctta ggagagcagt gtgggggagg aagggaaatg
    27721 ctccccttgg agctggttct gggacgattg gagattcatg ttagaaaaaa aaaaaacaac
    27781 tttaccctta actcaaacat taaaaacaat tgcaaaatgg attataagcc taaatgaaaa
    27841 aggaaaaata atgagtcatc agaagacaaa gttgtagact ttcttcatgt tttgggcgta
    27901 aaaaaatgtt tcttaaaata caaaagggat tgcttataaa gggaaagata ggacacattt
    27961 agccacatta taatcatcat gcaaacttct gtgtaagcag tttccatcag gagagaaaag
    28021 tcatagtaca agggaggaga agagatttgc aatattatag ttgacaaagg gcttacttga
    28081 agaatccaca aagatctact acaaatcatt gagaaaaaaa cagataaact gatagaaaat
    28141 agagacacat agtttcacat atcataaaag ctatctaatt ggctaatagc tgtatacaaa
    28201 agtgctcaac ttagtgtttc tcaggaaaat gctggaaaaa ttccagcgag ataccactac
    28261 actcaccaga cagctaaaat ttagaatgat tgacaatgac aagtattggc gtgggtacgg
    28321 agccgtgaga ctctcatcca ctggggaatg gtgtggtatc ttctatcaag attacaaatt
    28381 tcttgcgcta ttatctctct gcctacctgt cctaatcaaa cacgagcata cacaagggcc
    28441 cacaacatcc ccttcttcct ggtaactagc cgactgaaag gcacacacaa accaagctgt
    28501 attattcagc atatgtatta acatggtaaa aggctaagaa atatgggaag ttattacccc
    28561 aagagtcaag cccaggggta ggtgactgag aagcctggag agattatttc ttaggtgccg
    28621 gccaagtcct gcttcttgac ctaaacccta gtcacaggct acttgtttta taattcatta
    28681 agctgcacat tcctggttta tgcacttttc aagatgcgtg taatactttg cagttaaaga
    28741 aagagaaaat aagagttact tctgaaaagg tcatctgcct attcccagag ctgtgaccac
    28801 ccggcaccgg atgggtcctg tcccctcttg ggtctgcttc tgtgcgctcg ctgtctgaca
    28861 gctccgtggg taaaccacac ctctcttctc ccccactttc ccaagggcga ctccatgtcc
    28921 ttggacttgg tgcttattcc cgccggtgct cacgaagctg gcctgcgacc agcgatcccg
    28981 cacatcccgt ggggccgctg gcgcacacac accagaggaa cgtggcagag gagacccgtt
    29041 tcaaggtagg aactgctttt ccccggtggg aaagcaggtc tgtgccagtt tcagtgcttg
    29101 cggagaaaat agggactctt tccaacatac atttattgag ccatacacgg ctggattgtc
    29161 caaacccccc cctcagtgca gctgcaaacc agctgtcggt gggggtgggg ggtgcgggaa
    29221 gaaccgtagc aggtgtcggt tgaatgaaag acagttggct tcagcagtgg gaaactcagt
    29281 aggaaagggg tgccaggggt tcagtcacgg aagcgaacag gaggggggaa ggactggttc
    29341 tgggcagcga gcacaggagg cgctgaactt ttagggtcat cagaaaataa atctgcagaa
    29401 agcagggacc acaccgttcc gtgtcactgc cttgcaatgt gacctgcatg ggcagatgct
    29461 ggtggccggg gaagaggagg gggacggcgt aaaggtcaac acagagggag atcttagact
    29521 tcgcatagag gagccacgga gagagaattt cttaacgagc ctttcagaga agtggggaca
    29581 gggcgggggg gggaacgcgg gactggaagt gtggtgagca ggttgctggc ggacctcgct
    29641 ctcggccact ctgctccaag tgtgggcccc gaggttccct tcgtgtcaca cagtcaaagc
    29701 tcctagtgag ggagttggaa gataaaactg gagagctgtt gactaaaatt ataaatttct
    29761 taggcacaaa cacagacaca cgcagccggg ggagaacgcg gtctgggatt ccacagagcg
    29821 ggccgccgag ccccacgccc tccgagaggc gtccagggac ccggtgctgg gaagccgggg
    29881 ggcctggtct tacgggcgga cacagctcat cagagccctc cgggcctcag caagtcaacg
    29941 gaggctcctt cccgctgggg acagggtggt ggctggcgtc atgccaggga aggactgccc
    30001 cagaggctgt ggggcgccga gacagaggct gcttgtccac ttcggaggct gctggcgctt
    30061 gagccatgcg tgcaggctag agaggacccg acctcctctc tggcctcatc tgcaggtatc
    30121 ttctgcttcc ttgttctttt tttaagattt tgtttattta atttagagaa gcagactgcc
    30181 tgctgagtgc gagcccgatg cggggctcca gcttgcgact ctgggccatg acctgagctg
    30241 aaatcaagag tcaggccctt agccgacccg ggtgcccccc tgagccttcc gaagctatct
    30301 ggggacaaaa tcacacatgt cgtgaggtgg ttttcataga cacgctcttc tctccgccgg
    30361 cacgctcccc gtgtggtatt ttgtgggccc agctcagctt cccgtgtgag gctgaccatg
    30421 tgcttctgtg aggcctggtt tggcggccgt agggcccttg tgtctgaggc aaggagaaac
    30481 atgtttttct cgatgggacc cggaggccat agcagacaca ttcctggtgg ctgttgccag
    30541 aggtcaggct ggaggaagga attcaggcca gcaggtcggg gtggggatcc cagagtgaga
    30601 cactcaggtg tagacaaggc agggcagact ctgagggtca cgggatgtgt gagcaggcgt
    30661 cattttggac aaaccttcat tttaaaggtg gggaaactca ggcccaggca cccaggagtg
    30721 cccacagggt cccagaagga aaggagggag ggtacggagg agtggccggt gcctctctca
    30781 gtgggtttgg ttggttttgc acagggaagt gctaaacacc agggaacatt ctccccgtgt
    30841 tcccaggtcc actttgctct cccctgatca gcctccacgc tgcatagcta taactcccca
    30901 cagcagccgg cagatgggaa aagtcggtga agtaggctaa gcggagcaac agggagcggt
    30961 ggggtctgca gcgcctgggg gggggcacca tgacagctca ctgcctctgg gcctagagta
    31021 cggcttcatt ttttgtgttc ttaagataca aatctgaatt ttatgtgaca catcctgagt
    31081 ttctaatgtc aagaaggaag taaaaaattt tttttaaata ccatggacac caaaatgact
    31141 tccatctttc cttcacttct ccgtccctta agagagcctt cctggcccct gcagacccgg
    31201 tcggtcccct tgtcacgcga tcccttagca ccctgtactt aatggcattt cacaacacaa
    31261 tggtaattag ataattaatt ataaaattgg gtttcttgcc atgctctgct tctagaacgt
    31321 caggtcatac tttccagggc tgtggtttcc tggctcttcc ccttttccag ggcatggcct
    31381 gcacacagta gctattaact aaatgtctgt ggagtcagtg agtgagcagc cccaaacaac
    31441 cctgacttcg aaacccctcg gctgggctct catccagctg atgcaggggg ccgagctgcc
    31501 ttgccgtttg gacatcattc cgtgctcaca gaaataagat ttgtataaga taaaaggggc
    31561 aatccccccc cttttcttta tagagataaa aaccgctaaa agagagtgcc cagtcatggt
    31621 ttcctgcagg gaccacacaa ccatcattca ccttggggcg tgtgggcctg gttccccccg
    31681 gggtaagcag ctgagcccta atggctttcc cagaaaaggg agtgaactga tcccctgtga
    31741 gggctcaagt ggagtcacag tgcgaggctg ggacccgagc agcaccttct agaagcagcc
    31801 ctcagctccc ttcttgcaat aaacttggtc ccacccccgg actgggaatc agcgttgcgc
    31861 agacaggact tgagtgttgt cagaggacag agtagggcag cttctcctgg gagtttctga
    31921 gcgaatcctg ggtatacgca gcgttcaatc acgttgtagc taatatttct gtatggaaag
    31981 accagtaagt tcggtcgctc ctgtgtatcg tcagaaacac ttccacattc tctgctttga
    32041 atgagatgct cacagtcccg tgttgaaggg atcagctgaa ctcttcaagt tcaatagtgg
    32101 ctctcaggct tttctgagct tgagctgaac tgcagccaga aacttcacag agcctctggc
    32161 cccaaatgca cacctgcccg tgtggctaga atcagcgtgg gaagagcatg gacgcttact
    32221 gagccgcctg cactcctact ttcggttctc tgagaaaaac gttgtgacga ctctctaaac
    32281 cgattttttc acccctcgaa tgggtccccg ctagaaactt aaaactgcct tagaatgctt
    32341 tcgcacccag cttccagatg gggggactgg gttgtacttg gagaagatct agcagatctg
    32401 tatgatgcag aaaagcaccg tcggatcttt tagggaactt gggagcagaa ttcatgctct
    32461 aagtgccccc ccaacccacc acgggcccct cgttctgcag atgagacagc tgaggccccg
    32521 gatgtaggat ttgccggagg ccaggacaga acatgtcccc caggccagga cagaacatgt
    32581 cccccagttg ctccacacgt agcatcccac ctgcccttac acgtctgttc tgagccgggg
    32641 agctggtgtc ttccggcccg acggagagct ccctcctgtg ccctgggcag atttcccact
    32701 ccacagaaca cgcgaggatt tcccagggag gatcaaagac cacccgtgca cgaaatgagt
    32761 caaaggtgca gggtgagctg gctttgtggg aggggcaagt ggcacctgct tacagcaggc
    32821 caccttcgag gccccaccca gggaccaggg tgagccccgg ctggcagcct acacctctcg
    32881 cccctggata ggaagccggc ccttcgatgc gaggaggcac gctgcaggag agtccgtggt
    32941 cccccttcca cggaggatga tttctagaag tccgagacaa agatggagac gggggatgct
    33001 ggagcttcct gagaccagcc cagcatccct gcccagcacc aagggcatgg agcccccagg
    33061 aaagtcaggg agggaggcct gggtctgtct ctcctgtggc tgggctgccc agtgggccgg
    33121 ggagagtcag cctggggtnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    33181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnngt
    33241 gtccccaggc cagccactca gtcctgggga tgcttttctg ctgccccacc ccccaggccc
    33301 caagacacag gtgtccttaa actcagcccc ccaattcctg gccccgggcc gagggcctag
    33361 agcagggtct cacagcttac ctggggccag gtgggaggag acgaggcaca gaatcagcag
    33421 caggaaggag agagccctca tggcggctgg caggccgggc cgggatgccc ggggaaggca
    33481 gagaggctcc ttggaggcag agctgacaga ggccgagctg acagaggctt ccaaagccgg
    33541 gagtgtctct gtatttatag ggcggcactt gcacaatagc agaggtgatc tgaagggcgg
    33601 tgttgcaatc cggagtgaaa ttctaataaa ccacccctca cgccgtttgc cctgagtagt
    33661 ccgggagtca cgtgcacaca cttttctctg tccagctgcg gctggattca gctctcagcc
    33721 cggaacaccc ccagttggct cctctgaccg gttcggtttg gttttttgag gctggacaat
    33781 gcgagtgagc ttcctgcagg aggcagccca ggctagcagg cccgtggtgg ggcagcttag
    33841 aaagctggag gaggtggcct cagggggaca ccgcacaagg ggctgcccag cccccagccc
    33901 agcatgcgag tctctgtctc tgagctgtgt tctccatgcc atggccccag gggacaccct
    33961 cgtccctgac aaaagtcaag ccgcttgctt ttcacttaac cttcagggtg gaattttctt
    34021 tctcaaaatt ctctgctcct ggggtacatg ctctccttga ctaatcaatg ccagcccttc
    34081 ctccttccct tccttccctc cttcattcta atgtgtgtgt cttgcaaatc tttttaaatc
    34141 taccagcctc ttctatcact taatggtttt tttttcatcc agacttgatt tctttagagc
    34201 agttgctggt acactgcaag atttaggagc aggtacagag attccctatc tactccctga
    34261 tcccccctcc cctactccct gacctcctcc acagggggca tacttgttac cactgacgaa
    34321 cttacatgga cacatcggta gcagccggag tccacagttt gcattaaggt tcacgcttgg
    34381 tgttgtgcat tctaagggtg tggacaaagg tatgaggaca cacattcacc atcacagtgt
    34441 cacgcagagt agtatctgtg ccctaataaa tcctcggggc tccacctctt cattcctcct
    34501 tccccctaac ccctcaacca ctctctctct cctgtctcca tagcttcgcc tttctttttt
    34561 ttttttttaa agatttttat ttatttgtca gagagagaga gagagagcgn nnnnnnnnnn
    34621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    34681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnt tcagagagag agagagagag cgagcacagg
    34741 cagacagaat ggcaggcaga ggcagaggga gaagcaggct ccctgccgag caaggagccc
    34801 gatgtgggac tcgatcccag gacgctggga tcatgacctg agccgaaggc agctgcttaa
    34861 cccactgagc cacccaggcg tccccatagc tttgcctctt ctggaacgtc ctgtgggtgg
    34921 aatgagaccc tacgcagcct ttccagacgg gcttctccca cttggggatg tgcatggaag
    34981 gtccttccat gtcttctcac gccttgatcg ctcatctctc cttagtgcct cacagcattc
    35041 cagcgtctga gtgaaccaca gggtacgtct ccgtccactg accgaggacg tcctgcttgc
    35101 tgccaggctt tggtcatgac gagtgcagtt gcataaacac ctgcgtcagg tttttgtgtg
    35161 gacgtccgtt ttcagcttgt gtgtgtgtga atgtcgagaa gtgctattgc tagaccctat
    35221 ggtaggaggt tatttcattt tattagaacc tgccgagccg tcttccaagg aacctgcgcc
    35281 actttgcgtt tccccagtgc tgagctcccg ttgctccacg tcctggtcag catttgctgt
    35341 tgttggcgct tccagaccgg ggccactctc gccggtgggg aggaccagct cctgttctaa
    35401 tttgcgtttc cctgatgacc tgtggtgtgg agcatctttt cctctccggc ctttctcttt
    35461 tccaactaga ggtctgttcc taggaagctg tccactacgg cttcgcagga agcgagcccc
    35521 tggcatggcc tccgggagtc tgcaggcctg gtttccagac agggctgagt cttcctgact
    35581 cagcgattca gggattcagg ctgcaaggat tggagtctcc agccctccat ggtcagactg
    35641 gggcgttgtg ttagctacta tctgaggatc tctcaagttc tcatcaattc taaagaggtt
    35701 ttaaatgttc tctttattat tagtttttat aattctacaa acagctctcc tagtgtcttg
    35761 gtcagcgttc agaagcagct ctggctgact aagcaagaga ggagtttccc gagagggcag
    35821 tgggtagctc tcgggatcaa cgcggggcct ggagaacctg cttggagctc agcctccagg
    35881 aagagtgtcc gacctatgcc gcagatctgg tctgaggcag cccgtgtgct gtggccgctg
    35941 tgcgggagat gccaggagct ggccttctcc accaccggca gagccccatc tgtaccaaag
    36001 cagcaccttc tggatgcttc cacggcaggc ctgccagaga gaaggacaga gggacagagg
    36061 ctcatatagc ctgagagata gagagatagg tggagggggg ttggcatcag gagtcccctt
    36121 tccctgcccc tcccaccctg agccccacca ctggtcccac tgtcccacag ccctgagtct
    36181 ggttggcaga gcctcagtca caggaccagc tgcaagggag tctgggaaag caagaccctc
    36241 acattcacag cacctgcgga ggggagggga ctgtgtctga tgggggaaat ggtggctaca
    36301 tgaatgtttg agcagaagga gctttaggtt tccctagagg gtacgtgaac cgagcggccg
    36361 ggaggtgtaa ggaagagaag tcatgggggg gaggcaggat ggtcggtaag acatgtgata
    36421 ttaaggccac aggggacacg cagagctgaa ttgcggggga cacttgggaa ggcaagggcc
    36481 ggagttcccc aggccagggg atgtggacac gggggtgttc ctaccccaca ccccccctcg
    36541 ctaggagcag ctccgagcag gaggcgtttg ggaaggttgc tgggctgtgc tgcctggcgg
    36601 cggagagcag ggtgtcggct ctcggaaggc aggggatttg cagagaaatg gtaaaggggc
    36661 cgccgtggta gtgaatgaaa tctgtaggga aggaaggctt ctaacaaatc ccagagaaga
    36721 cggacattta agggagcacg aaagaaaacc aggagaatgg gggtgggagc cggggaggga
    36781 gcattggggg gcgaccaaat gcggaaaact ttgtagggga acagagcatt gcagtgtttg
    36841 ccagctggtg aggtcgtgag agccacgaca tcggccccac ctgagtggac acggacatcc
    36901 tgggctccgg tcccggggct ccaggtcgcc cctggtttct ggccgcctcc cgctgaatca
    36961 tttctcctcc acctcgggca gagctgctcc ttcatttctg gcacctgcgt ggtgacaggg
    37021 aagggggctc gaaggggcag gcatgttatt ttatttatta ttattatttt atttatttat
    37081 ttttattctg tgcgatcatt cacttaaggg aggctgcgtt ctgtttggcg gctacggcgt
    37141 cctaggagca gcaggtacgt ttccagccgt ttcccttgtg ctttcatgtg caccagacct
    37201 tgtccgtggt ctgctggggt cacgtccttg gccatctggt ctctaggaca cgtctcagag
    37261 gccacattgc ttgccactgc cctgaggcag gagctgtttg tgtcagctgc tggtcacact
    37321 ctgggcgcat gacacctgtg tgcagaggtg agggcgggca agtgggggga aggagggcgg
    37381 tgctgggttg cacctgcctt ggggccccca ccttccagga ccagatgaga tgcagccttt
    37441 cagcgtgggg ttgaacagat tctggtccca cgccgcgctg ctcggaggcc tggtctccac
    37501 ggggcgtgtg ggagctgctc ctccgtacgg ggatggagga aaacgcaggg caaagcctga
    37561 ccgagcacct ccccagggca ggtccaggtg gggacgtcca caccggcgca tgcgtctagt
    37621 ctgcagagcc gcgcgaggcc acggaggggg ttggactgcg ttagacccct gagttagact
    37681 ggatgctaac tccgagcctc cacccagagg cagggtcacc ttggacatgg cgtttagctg
    37741 ctcccctgct ggaagaagca gcagtcaccc ccccccccga cggcttgtgg ggatttcctg
    37801 tgggaggatg agacagtcag gcgggggagg ggtccatccg tgccaatttt tacggctcct
    37861 gtctctctcc ttcgggttag gagcacactg gggtcgcggg ttccctacac gagaacagct
    37921 caggtgggac cgttccggga ccgcacccgg gtggagcaga ccgtgtggaa ggtgctgggc
    37981 tcagctgccc tccctgccgt cggcctcttt acacaaacta tgcacattct gtgaaaagct
    38041 aagaccgtaa gggtgagtgt caacgagatc gcgaagttgc cttgaaggcg acctcccacg
    38101 gatgtgggga ttgctggcga tgaggtctct ttcggtctgt gacgttctcc tctgcaccgt
    38161 gcaggggtat ctacacgtct ggggtcatgc atacgtgtgg ttttaaaggc agcacgctgt
    38221 gacgctgcgc tgaaacttgc tccctttcca agatccgttt tccattttcc aaggtcattg
    38281 gatcattttt tttaaacttt ttttttttta gattttattt atttatttga cagacagaaa
    38341 tcacaagtag gcagagaggc agagacagag gaggaagcag gctcgatgcc aagcagaaag
    38401 cctgacccgg ggctcgatcc caggacccca ggatcatgac ctgagccgaa ggcagaggct
    38461 ctaacccact gagccaccca ggcgcccctc attggatcat ttttgtaatg catttacaac
    38521 ttatctgtgt tccatctatg gtggaatact ttttaatttt tcaatattta tttatgtatt
    38581 agagaaagag agagagagag gcccatgtgt ggaggggaag agggagaggg acagagaatc
    38641 tcaagccgat tcccggctca gcatggagcc tgatgtgggg cttgatctcc caaccttgag
    38701 aacatgacct gagccgaaat caagagtcag atacttaacc aaccaagcca cccagatgtc
    38761 cctatggcag aatacttttg aaaaagtatt tacttttgaa aattgcagta agacgcacaa
    38821 aacacaatat tgactaagtt agccattttt gagtgtacgg ttcaggggta gtaagtgtgt
    38881 gcgcgctgtt agatcaccat cactgccgtc catcgccaga accagccgtc gctctgaagg
    38941 aaagctctgt gcccgttcga caccaaccgc cccttctccc tgccccgacc cctgcaaacg
    39001 tccgctctgc tttctgtctc tgcgaatggg acccctcgga acttcacaga agtgtcatca
    39061 tacagtattt gtgagtctcc gagtttcatt catgcgccag ccagtgccca atttccctcc
    39121 tttttaaggc cgagtagagt ttcggggcac ttggaagagg tacaagatca gtggtaacgc
    39181 tacagtttag gacagtcgcg gagtcaggac ctgcctctct cctctccact cacgccctgt
    39241 ctccctgtcc ttcgcggggg caaacctcca aggggaggct cagcctgcac cccggctgcc
    39301 gggcatcctc ctggagcagc tgatactccg gtttctgcag aactgaaggt tgggcagggt
    39361 ccctccctgg aatgcaaaca cgctggacga aggtaacatt tatactcacg tcccagctca
    39421 ggtgtgggac cgagggcaga gcccggcgtg gactccaact ttccagttat gcccagaacg
    39481 ccaagtactg tcagttagaa tcgcagcctc gtgacgtccg agcaggaagg cccttgagca
    39541 ttttctccgc agagttcctg tgctccacgg agagcggggg tcctaccgag tcctagcaag
    39601 acccacgctc cagaccttgc cctgctttct gccagaacag cccagaaact tccactctct
    39661 gtgtcaggcc tgccgaagca gcttttgtct gcaaggggtt tctgggactt agcaacgaag
    39721 ggaccaaagg aatccagctc ggcacaatcg atgtctcacg gtcacagaaa gtaaacgtgg
    39781 agtgaaggtc tgtcttcaga gccctgacac ttcaggtaaa tgggaaccat tggaagtgcc
    39841 tctggcgtgt ttgtgtcagt cctgacacca ggctctggca gcccccggcc tgggtagggg
    39901 ggcaatgctg cccagaagtt ccggccaggc tcttcatcct tgcacgtggc cttcctttcc
    39961 gggagctcgg aatccgagca cacccggggc tctcagggac ttgtgctttg cttcacacta
    40021 aggccaaccg caccgacccg ctgggaatga cagccggggt gattctcagc gtttacattg
    40081 ctggaaccag aggccatcgg aagcagatca gaaacccaag gggagtgcat tttggtatgt
    40141 gagcaaaagg gttgttcgac cctaaaggaa gtaaaacccg ttttgtgtgt ggaattatca
    40201 ttccccaaca gaaatcccct agaccacttc ctgctgtaac cagctcttcc cgtgggtaat
    40261 ttgcacagtg actttccttc tcgaaaatag atgatgacgt caggagtcgg gaactgtcgg
    40321 ggtcatcagg atctgggaaa gcctgagctg gagccagaag gaggcagcat gggcaggtgc
    40381 aagcctctgg ggaaagcgtt gggaggcccg gcctgagtcg gagcctgcgt gcagctggct
    40441 gtgtaggacc ttgacggatg acaggctccc taccgttctt cgtttcctcc tagagaagaa
    40501 caaggtgcat tttatgggtt ttttagagac cagtttccaa actggacagc ctgttggaat
    40561 cacctggacc atctttacaa aacaggcctt gaactgccgt tgccaacagt aaccgtctag
    40621 aatctgtctt tttaatatga tccccgataa acacaaatca cacaatgcca tttgctgtat
    40681 gcgctcacac gtcttactgc atttcttcag ttcgcacgtg catactcttt cattttagca
    40741 ttttgaaatt gggctgaatc ttataattaa tattaattat taatcatatt attatgttat
    40801 taatattgat attatattat tataataatt ataattatta ttataaaggc agaggcttta
    40861 tattataata attataataa tataatataa attttataat attattataa tatattatat
    40921 aataatataa attattaatt tatattaata attttaatat aaaaattcta taaaattata
    40981 aagtatcctt aatagtaatg atagtattta atgtggtctc tcctctccac tgaaaagtag
    41041 gtaaagaaat gtgactcnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    41101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnctc
    41161 tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcccgtaa ataaataaat aaaatgtaaa gatttaaaaa
    41221 tcttaaaaaa aaaaatgagt cttacatcta gtggtatttg aaaactaagg aaatacctaa
    41281 tctcattttc atttttatgg caaccttagg aactagacct gaagggatga ataattccct
    41341 tttcacagaa aaagcaggct caagtgggtt agactttgat ttattctttg atttatttat
    41401 ttattcaacc aatattaata gcatcttccc caggagggct gccaggctga gtctggggat
    41461 gcaaagatga gtaagaacct ggttcctgtc ctcacaggct catgcagaca cggttatggc
    41521 tgtggctgga tgaatcatgg tcccagaggc cctcctggcg ctgcaggaac agagggctta
    41581 gctctgactg gaggttggcg gtggaccccc ctcctccttc ccccattgct ctgtttccca
    41641 actccgtgca gtctgagggc tttaccagag gcatcgcctg cagagggaag ggtttgactc
    41701 tggatcccat ccacacagca ctacttcatt tatcccataa acacgcacgg aaagctttgt
    41761 cgttagtgct gtgctcaccg cacacaaaga tggaccagac aggtaggagc tctcgatggg
    41821 agcgcagcag acaaatatta aatgattcca caagcgttca gtcctctaaa agaggaacat
    41881 gggcaataac actcataaag acaaggtccc ctgacctcat ccggtgtgaa gttagtccct
    41941 tcctagctgg ggatctgatg agcagatgag cagacgtcca ggcaaaaggg aaggtgtggg
    42001 gagaggtggg ttaagggcgt tcaaggccga ggagacagat cccttctagg tcctgcaccg
    42061 aaggagccca cgggagagaa ccaccgctgg agctgaaaga gagaggcggt gggggagggg
    42121 gtgagcaggc aggcgggagg ctgtgtctcc gcacctcgga gcactggtag gaattgtggc
    42181 tcttcctcca gggacaagag gaaactgttg aaaaaaaatt ttttttaatt ttatctattt
    42241 gttcatgaga gagggagcac attcaggggg agggtcagag tgagagggag aagcagactc
    42301 cccggctgag cagaaatccc cataggggcc ctgggatcag gacctgagcc gaaggtggat
    42361 gcttaaccac ctgagccacc caggctcccc cccaaaattt ttataaatat atattgtggt
    42421 aaaatataca caacataaat ttaacccttt taaccatttt tctttttttc tttttctttt
    42481 ttttttaaag attctattta tttatttgac agacagagac cacaagtagg cagagaggca
    42541 ggcagagaga gaggaggaag caggctcccc gccgagcaga gagcccgacg agggtctcaa
    42601 tcccaggacc ctgggatcat gacccaagcc aaaggcagag gctttaaccc actgagccac
    42661 ccaggtgccc caaccatttt caagtgtaca gtgtggcatt aaatacaggc acgctgttgt
    42721 acaactgtca tcgctatcca tttccagaac atttcatcta cccaaactga aatgaaacgt
    42781 aacacccatc ctccttcccc ccaggccctg gcaagctcca ttctacctcc ttttctgtga
    42841 gtctgacagg aaggaatcag gcagtgtttg tcctgatgtg accggctaac ttcacttcgt
    42901 ataacgttgt caaggttcac acacactgca gcatgtgtca gaatgtcttt cccttgtaaa
    42961 gccaaataat attctatttt agctatactc cacattttat ttctctagtc atctgtggct
    43021 ggacacctgc tgaaaggttt catacagaaa gtaacgtggt tccatatatg ttttgcaaag
    43081 gtccacccgg ttgctctccg gaagccgatc tggaagcagg gagtaggtct cccggtttgg
    43141 ggaaggttgc gtgaatccag cccgagagga acagatggtg gtgagaatgg taagaaatgg
    43201 aaggttcaag agctacttgc gaggaggagt caaaatgttt gtctggacat ggggagccgg
    43261 ggagagggag tcaggcaagg gttaccccag gtggatgggc cgccgttcgc aattacaaga
    43321 tgcagccgaa gtgttgagcc ctggagcttt gagaagtatg gggccatcca agcaggggtc
    43381 tctcagtctg gagctcaggt gtaagctgga ggctccgaag ggacagccat cagccctgcg
    43441 gtgatcatcg aagccaaagg ggtgtaagtc atgccccaga gcaagggtgc agcgagaaag
    43501 cagggaggtc caagaaaaga tccttgaacg acttccatgt ttttggtctc gtagagttgg
    43561 atcagccaac ctgaaataac gagggagaac attcagaggg gacagacccg aggagtgtgg
    43621 tgtcatgaaa gccaagggaa gaagaagggc tttcaggaag aaggtattta gtaaggtaaa
    43681 gagtggaata gtgtccgtgg attcccgcaa acagggagta actagttacg tgatggcaac
    43741 ggatatggag tgtgggacgc acaccaggca aggggggaat ggaaaaacgg agataatggg
    43801 gggctaccag cttggtgtcc ttggtcagtt agctgtgcgt caggcatggt agggtgaaat
    43861 gctacagtgc ctctggatct gaggcaaagt cctgccagca aggggacttc cttgaccttg
    43921 atcctgactc cctgctctcc cggcaagcca acaacaatgg gaatcttggg gaggctgatg
    43981 catatcctca acacctgtgt tcttgacttg aggggatggg ggacgggaat gaatatgcag
    44041 ggtcagcatc tgctgcagag aaatagctca ggtaccttct gtcaccttct ggggtttggt
    44101 ttctggagcc agtggcaaga gggaggagcc ggggctctgg tctcaggtct gtgggagact
    44161 ggcgtgcgac cttggcaagc cagtgcttcc cacctctgga gttcctaatc tgtcagaggg
    44221 agtcttcctc agcgagataa ttctggaatg catttcctca ttggaggtgt gtttgttttt
    44281 gcaaggaagt ccctaccaga aaaggttgtg atgatcctta ggacaaaaag acgcatctgc
    44341 aagccaagga ccacacaact attgtcccat ttattctcca aacaacgata tggtccgggt
    44401 actgttaatc ccatggagca gatgctaatg cgtaggtttc ggagggtgat gacctccttg
    44461 agagggaggg tgtgcgtttg taccaggcag cagtgaggaa tcataaattt aaatcatcac
    44521 tgcctgctcc cctgcaaagg gagtcctttg agcaggccaa ggcctgaaaa gagccacaga
    44581 tactctcctg tatctgaaat ccgaaatttt gagaaaaccc caaatcctta gtggatattg
    44641 ggagacatcc attctttggg atctcagcac cttacctggg ttatcttcca tttctcgcca
    44701 cggtccccac ccctcacccc ctgtgtctct gctgtgcctc acgactcccc tccacactgc
    44761 ttctcctgcg ggtcacacct ttgcattatt tcctgggccg gggagaccct ttcctcacga
    44821 tgcaggctga cattctgggc atccttcaag gctcctgaaa ctttcttgac ctcccaacag
    44881 ctgtaaagtc tccctccttg cggatctttg ttgtatctcc tacgcctctc gggatgttac
    44941 tctttctcgg ccttgaattc aagttgtctg tttaccccct tcctgttgga acagttggcc
    45001 tttgagtttc atgcaaacta agcatgacca gagttggcgc atggcagaag ctcggggtgg
    45061 cttgttggct ggaaaaccct ccatcctcac ctgggtttgg tttgcccaca caggcctcca
    45121 ctgggtccct gatctttgga gtctgcatga gtgtcatgct gggtgcaggg ttacctacac
    45181 cctacccaga gaataaggtg tttccctgac tcgagcttgg gaaaagcacc ccattacgtg
    45241 gccacctgtt tcttctggag gcccctatca ggcagcggtt atactggccc gctacgtccg
    45301 cacagtttgg agagcttcta atgagcagcc cagacccaca cttgtcacct cagctccatg
    45361 gtgaggagaa cactaggtcc attatcccca ggtccccatt ttccagatga gggaacaggt
    45421 tcaaccacgt taagctgatg tacctgggac ttcatggctt tggttggagg actgctgagt
    45481 cttcaggttt ccggtccagt gactccgaag gataagaaga aatgaccaag acatatgcag
    45541 accaggacat ggcaagtggt gaaaaggcgc ccagaaatag tggggagaga aggaggaatc
    45601 cgaggaggag aaggaatgat ctatatattt cttaagattt tatttatttg acagagagag
    45661 agagagatca taagtaggta gagaggcagg cagagagagg gagaagcagg ctccctgctg
    45721 agcagagcct gatgtggggc tcgaccccag gaccccaaga tcatgacctg agctgaaggc
    45781 agaggcctaa cccactgagt cacccaggcg ccccaagaag gaatgatctt tgtgcaggat
    45841 acgtggcttc tggagttccc accacgtggg cggcgtggag gcagcgtcgg gtccacgtct
    45901 caggactcac ccggtggagg cgggcaagcg ggagggtgag cccctgagct gggcacccag
    45961 acacccagga ggccggccgt cttacactct ctgtctctgc acgtcctctc cacctccctg
    46021 tgtggactcc caaatccaac ctccttgcca agtgtcagac gttttactcg tgtggagagt
    46081 gacgtgtttc agaatggcaa cggagcagct gccgtcttag cagaagaaag agggtggaaa
    46141 ctgccaattt ccagaaaacc aagctggatt ccccaacctg ggccccacca gaatgacagc
    46201 gggtcccctc ccgggccttg gtgtcttcct tacagagcgg tgagtttggg ctatttgatt
    46261 gctaaggtcc tttacctcct ctctattttg agtctgcgct ctggaacgga tcacctcctt
    46321 cctggagact tgatgcctca cggtaacctt cgctcctgcc tcgcttcccg gaccaacccg
    46381 cacagcccag cgtggtgagc ctgcagactc aggaggtcaa actcctacca gcttcccaaa
    46441 ggaactgggt ggcctcgggc gagggatgct caatgcctca gtttccccat ttgtaaaatg
    46501 gtgatcgtga tggtacctac ggcctcagag cgttgtaaga aataaatgtc atgatagaat
    46561 tagaacagtg cctaccctca gtcaatgctg gtgggtctta ctggttgtat tccttgtgta
    46621 ggtatctgac ctcctcacct tccgggaagg tggggacctc atccgaacgg agtttggact
    46681 cctgttacct gtgcaggatg tggtccccac tgggctgtcc tgagttgcgg ttggttgaat
    46741 tcattctctt ccaggccatc gagagccccc attgtggcgc taatggtact ggggactcag
    46801 agggtcgggg ccccggagct ggggtggttt tcaggaagtt gtctgacccc attcttggct
    46861 tcagataaca ggtatttatt ctccggggac aacaaatatg cttctatatc aaatacaaat
    46921 accatgtgtg ggttgtttcc tttgcatggg attgtggtat ttgcgtatgg gagtatgtag
    46981 ttaaacagag ctgagcccca cctgtaaagc tgttttttta aaccttaaaa actttagagt
    47041 gatgctctat agaataatca gacagaatgg aagtacaggt aatgcgtaca ggtaagcttt
    47101 atttcacgac ctgtccctcc aagacccctt ctctttgcca gaggtaaata ctgctcacac
    47161 tgggtgattt gctttttaag ctctgggctt tttcctctgt atttacctat acggtgtgca
    47221 cacacagaga ttttcttatc actctattcc tcccgccaat gtgctcctgc tacaccttag
    47281 tccctgagtt gcgtttgtca ctggacacgg atcatggagt ttctggtcat tcaacgattt
    47341 ggatctacat tttgcatgag ccctcaagtt ccccttctga cccccaagga aagggccatc
    47401 gtgagctccc cagtccctgc cctgaactac ctcagtccct gcgcccgagg gcagagcagg
    47461 ggcgggggtc cctggaggga ggctggctct gggagggttt gggagccatc agaaagtctg
    47521 gtggtcgctg tgccttctat agcccatggc cacgttcaga gggctttcaa gtccgttttg
    47581 gtacctgtgc tgcagaaggg ccgtgggcag gtaggaggga cgggtggctg cgtgaggagt
    47641 gtaggcttct ttcttccaga tgaaggtgga cagagtctgc cgggactctt ctccggtgac
    47701 aagtttcctt gttgtcctca gagtttatgg ttccagaaga agctggacag actggctgaa
    47761 ccccacttcc tgcagggatc tcctaccctt gacctcctcc cctccaacag ggcctggcct
    47821 gggctccatg gccagaccac gcctacaggg gtgcctccag ctaaggcgag ccctggaaag
    47881 gaacgtgccc aaagggggtt tcttggtctc aggtctcagg ctttaaccct ttgctttaag
    47941 tcagcatctc gtaccctcag cgtgatggac atttttgaca ggataattct ctgttacggg
    48001 gggaggggct gtcctgtgac ttataggatg ctgggcaaca tcccccgcta ggtgcctggg
    48061 ccactctctg ttgtggcagt caagaatgtc cccagaattg tcagatgtct tccaggggcc
    48121 gcatcactct ggctgagaac ctctgcccag aggagtgaag tcatcatcct gaccccgctg
    48181 cgtgccggga ccacttcgcc tgccgtctgc gccacggcct gccctggttc caggcgcgcg
    48241 gatgcattgc gccatcagtg gaaacagctg ggcatgttgt gggcttgatc ttatcaagga
    48301 ggactagcaa aggagcaggc cacacacaga tttctgtcct tttactcact gagcagtcgc
    48361 cgagcccctg cctggggctg gctgtgccgg gcggtgtctc agacgtgcct gtgtcctagg
    48421 tgtgcccgtg tcctagacgt gcctgtgtcc tagacgtgcc cgtcagcctc tgtccccaag
    48481 cagtcccgcc tgcaggtggc cagggcaggg aaacaaggtc tgctcaccac acagtgaggc
    48541 aagggctccc ggaggtgaag ggcacgtcct tgctctcgtt cccaacttat gagccacaca
    48601 acgcggcttc acaaataacc ccgaggagga gttacctgcc gtgaaatgcc gggtgctgct
    48661 ggaaaagggt gtggactctg tgaacaggga gcttttcccc ttaaccaaac acgccgtgct
    48721 ttcctgctaa gcggccaaac tcaatgttta gttgttggaa atcatgttct tctaattccc
    48781 cagtgcattt tatttttaaa aagattttat ttatttgagg agagagagcg cacacacaca
    48841 cacaaggtgg gggcagggca gaaggacaag caggcttcct gctgagcagg ggaccctgag
    48901 atcatgacct gaggctgaca cttaacgggt ggagcaaccg ggtgcccctc cacccccggt
    48961 ggtgcatttt aattttttaa atttttttaa aatctattta tttaatatat agagagagag
    49021 atcacaagta ggcagagcag caggaagaga ggaagagaag caggctccct gctgagcaga
    49081 gagcccgatg ccgggcttga tgccaggacc ctgagatcat gacccgagct gaaggcagag
    49141 gcttaaccca ctgagccacc caggcacccc ccggcggcac attttaacca gtccccatgt
    49201 cactggttcc tcatgagctc attcattcaa aggtatccat gggccacccg ctggggcatc
    49261 gcggatgagc agcaggggct gggctttcgg gggggggcct tccccaacgg cctgagtctg
    49321 gctttgccac tgtggggaac tcctgtgagc tttggggggc atttgtgaca cggagggaga
    49381 ccgcaggtgt cttcggctcc cctgagggtg agtgtggcct tctcgccctc cacagctcag
    49441 gctgctgcgc tgaggggcgt cccggggtcc cgggctgcag cccgtggagg cccgtctgcc
    49501 ctctcctccc tgtgtatcag cgcgagcgaa tcccctgctg tctttctgat tcagcgcagg
    49561 tggattcaag gacagcctgg gtcccttgtc tcttagaagt tttattttag tggatgagat
    49621 taacctcgtt caacaaacac aaactacaca cacacacaca cacgggtgtg tctgtgtgca
    49681 cacatgccta cgtgcatatg tgtgtgatag gcaagcaagg atatcagtgt gtgataaaaa
    49741 ttaagcagca tgagaagatg aaggtggagt tagtgtagag gacgggccag ggacagtgtc
    49801 cccaaggagg aagcgtttta gcagaaacct ggagagagct cttcgagggc ctggcagaag
    49861 ggcttgctcc atgactagtc aacagcatca gacccaggca cacacctgtg cacgcgtgtg
    49921 cacacacaca ggcatacaca cctgcaccct cacacgtcta caggtgtgtg cagcaggtca
    49981 gctggcgggc attccctctc ccccagcttt gcaccaccct ccgctcagcc catgcccgga
    50041 cccctgtcct caacccacgg ggggcagagc acaaagcctg actttggaac tagaaggcag
    50101 gaggggacag ggtctgggcc agttgctaca ggctggtggg tggggctcca tcctgagatg
    50161 agactcaggc ttgggcagat tcacggggga agtagaggtc atgagagaga caaaggatga
    50221 ctggatggag ccccgtgttc ttctgaccta gtacgcccct catttcatcc cctgctgccc
    50281 ccagcctgtg tctgccctca gggacccatg ggttgggcgt ccaaggtgca gcggtgtgca
    50341 cagggctaac tccctggctg tcggccctct gagcattcct ggcttccact ccgcactgac
    50401 cggcattcct agaaatggaa gaaaaggagt ttgaagtctg tccattctgt gtttccagtg
    50461 ttggcaggag ggtagagctc tcgggggtgc atggagggcg tgggggagct ggaaccggtg
    50521 ccgtctggga gcttgtcccc caggcttctg ctcgacccgt gtgagggaca gcgagtggcc
    50581 gggcagactg ttgggtgtgg cattgctggc cctctccgtc cctttggcca ggcttgaggt
    50641 gctgcatagc cagaaccctg ggcttcggtg ctggggacaa tgagagccag agccggagtc
    50701 actcattact gaatgtgtgg ctggagtgta tgagacttac ctgcaccctc ttatttcctt
    50761 tactgtaaaa cagcacctgc cctgcctgag agcagatggc aaaagaggtg ggaaaatgct
    50821 ttactaaatg ccaatttggg gcaatcggct ccctggcctg aacccagggc ggtggtaatg
    50881 gggtgtgtgc atttcatgcc tccctcttgc agggagtgtg ggctcagcca gggagcctct
    50941 cttctggtgg aaagagtagg tgagacccct tgatagaaag ctttccagac agacactagg
    51001 ggatgcttgt gggggcacct ggaaggcagg gaccacactt tatttccttt cctctttttt
    51061 atctttaagg tatacaaggt agtgatttaa gatgcagaga catggtgatc accacgatca
    51121 agttcatgaa cacatctcct tcacctcatg gagttacctg ttggaggtgt ggtgacagca
    51181 gttaagacct accctctcag caaatctcag ctcagtcgtc aggcagcatt acatctccag
    51241 aacttactca ctttgtaact gagagtttgt acccttcagg cattttttac atgatcggcg
    51301 ccccgtaaag aaggactgaa tgttcacggc tgaaggttaa gtatgtggct ttgttgtcaa
    51361 acaaacaggg ttcctgatcc acagctggac tgagtcagct gtagagctgg accccactca
    51421 ttccatggcc catgctcacc ccagtcatcc atccccctgt gggtccaggg gcctcccaac
    51481 acccccttct tcgcagacct ccattaccta cacctggcgt acatcctgca catctttcca
    51541 gaatttgcca atggccaaat ctcgaaggtg ctgggctcga tgatgggctc tcctgaggga
    51601 gtagtggaga gagtgaagtt actgtgaagg ggagccatgg ggaagagaag aagggtatca
    51661 ggggcctctc gtgttctggt tgctgtgaat atattttcgc atttaatttc agaacacatg
    51721 gtccgaacag tgccaagtaa agatcaattc caaacgtatc atttcatgag aggtagaaat
    51781 aaaattgtca agactgctat catttaaata attctggtag aatttgaaat aatattttct
    51841 acattcccct ggcatacctg agagttattt gcagagtacc agtgatccaa ggagtagcag
    51901 tatcttttca gaaacagctc ttgcttcttc taccttcagc gcggaaaggg cttgccagcc
    51961 ggctccgaac ttcctcaatg cctgaaaggc tatgtcaagg tcacgaggtg tggaactgag
    52021 aatctccagt cctggcgcta taattctgct gcaaacacac cttatcactt tggtcagatc
    52081 aattgatcca tgactgttta ctaaaaactc ctaggtacca gtcctccgaa ggcactgtgc
    52141 agactcatgg atcagtaaaa tcatcggggg gatggacaga catgcagcta atagtaaaac
    52201 aagctatact cttgagttcc tgcttctgct tctagaggaa tatctggtta ggtcaagaag
    52261 atttcattta tttgttttgt tagttaattt cagggacaga attgggtgat tcgtcagttg
    52321 catataacac ccagtgctca ttaggtcatg tgccctcctt aacatccgtc acccacttaa
    52381 cccatccccc agccacctcc cctccagcaa ccctatttgt ttcctagagt tcagtatcgc
    52441 ttatggtttg ccaccttctc aattttcacc tcattttatt tttccttccc ttcctcatgt
    52501 tcatctgttt tgcttcttaa attccacata tgagggaaat catatggtag ttgtctttct
    52561 ccaactgact tatttcactt agcgtaacac cctctaggtc catccacgtc gttgcaaatg
    52621 atcaagattt ttcaaggtgc ttacaaactt tgacagctga atgaccaaaa agtattttac
    52681 taaaaactta atgggaatca gaggagcaac caacttaaag aaaaatatta ttatgatgcc
    52741 cataatctat tggtggtatt acaatactgt gatatgtaca tattttacta ttatttttga
    52801 actgtgggtt aactttttaa aaacagagga agaattgtgt agaaacctat gtttaaatat
    52861 aacctctgtt aaaaacttta actttaggga cgcctgggtg gcacagtcag ttaaacatct
    52921 gccttcacct caggtcatga ttccagagtc ctgggattga gcctggcatt gggttctccg
    52981 ctcagcaggg agcctgcttc tccctcttcc cctccccttg cttatgtact ctctctctct
    53041 ttctctctct caaataaata agatcttaaa aataaaacaa aacagaacaa aaattttgac
    53101 tttatctctc tccaccagaa agacttctgg gaacatagtt ttaaaaactt tctcggggtg
    53161 cctggtggct cagttggtta agtgactgcc ttcgtctctg gtcatgatcc tggaatccca
    53221 ggatcaagtc ccacatcagg ctccctgctc agcagggagt ctgcttctcc ctctgaccct
    53281 ccccccatgc tttctctctc tctcactctc cctctctctc aaataaataa ataaaatctt
    53341 tagaaaaact gctttttcaa ccaaccctta ataaaactaa ttgattaaaa acagaaccnn
    53401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnga ttaaaaacag aacccatgaa
    53521 cttgatgttt cgttcttgct tgtcatactg cttgaccaga gctctacaca ctctgacttc
    53581 ggaatgacct caaaattttt gataagatga actctagtta gccctgtcca actctaacct
    53641 tgcatatgtc cttctatcag agcacatcct ggtgacgcct ctgactctca gctcacttct
    53701 aagagtgaca tgtgagccac tgaacgtgga ccactgaagc agatcagtga acatcgttac
    53761 tgagtgtgga tcaccagaca tggactgcca gccatagact gctgaacaca gaccaccaaa
    53821 cgtggggccc tgaacatgcg acactgaaca tggactatca cacatgggct gctgaacatg
    53881 ggccaccacc agctatggac tactgacttt cacctactca ccctatggta aaggccagag
    53941 agaggaagtt ttggaagtga tggtgtaaac agaacattct agaaaggaat ctctgaacta
    54001 ggccctgctg cttgctggtg tgtggcatcg tggctgtgat ttccctgcac agtagactct
    54061 ggcttccttt ctctggggaa gggtctcagt gtgggtgtca ttgttctcct ggtctttagc
    54121 agtctcctaa ctggtcaccc tcctttcctc ctttctctcc tcaaccctgt ttccaaccag
    54181 caaccaaagt gattttgcca ggatgtaaat cagatcatgc aatttccctg tttatgactc
    54241 aactatgact tttcctggtg cctagaaaaa cagttcatgg ccttcaagat gggacatgct
    54301 caggccctgc ccttcattta ggatctgtct cctcgcctgc cctttcttcg tgggggaggc
    54361 tgaggctctc cccctctgca cacacttggc acccatggtg ctggccagcc tgcagctctc
    54421 tgggcattgg cccctcggca ctgagacgga tgcacagctt tcctgaccgc cgggaactgg
    54481 tacatcgccc cagggcctac agccctgcct gtctgggctc ctcacactct gaactccaag
    54541 gatcactcat cctcctctct gttcccttga cctgctttgt tgtttttaat aacttgcatc
    54601 tgtaccttac attcagtttt atgtttgttt ctattagact tttccttgtc aaacttcgaa
    54661 ctggtcactt ctcccctgaa tgtgtgtccc ccggggcaga tgtttcttgc ttcactattt
    54721 ctcttttcca ctgaaatgtg agcgcctgca gggtagggag cttggccttc ctgctcatcg
    54781 gtgtagtgtt gctggtgaag gcagtcctgg tacaggacag gccctggtac atttctcttc
    54841 ttttgtccat gagaagaaaa gagtgctttt gattgcagta gagaaaataa gaaagtaagg
    54901 gtttcagctc agcaccccag tccctgacga gacatccctt tttactccct ctgggcaggg
    54961 agcgtattcc tgactttggg aaccatgaga gctgaactca ccgaccctgc cttccatccc
    55021 cacccacacg cccctcactc tgtgtgcnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    55081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    55141 nnnnnnnccc ctcagtgtcc cttgtaggtc aactagccca tcctccctgt aagcccttgc
    55201 caggcaattt gggagctgca gaggttcctg ttgggcactc caagaaagct ctagaaagct
    55261 ctcaggaggc aggggttggc ttctcttcct cagaagcccg agttgggctt gtgcatgaca
    55321 agggctcagc aaacactggg gattgttgga gaagaaatat gaatccgtca gtgaggcctg
    55381 gtgtcacctt ttctatgccc cagatttaac agaatgacac aggatggaaa ggtaataaag
    55441 ctgcctcagc agcgcccact ggaaacattt gagctgagga tgtgttacca ctgagaagcc
    55501 attgactaca tttgcttact ttgtgtatac tcttgttttt gttgttaaag attttattca
    55561 tttgagagaa agactgtaca aaaggagagg gagaagcaga ctccacgttg agcggggagc
    55621 ccgatgcagg tctcgatccc agaactccag gatcatgacc tgaaccgaag gcagatgctt
    55681 agccactgag ccacccaggc gcccccactt tctgtattct tgatggtcca gcatgtgaag
    55741 ccttgtttct ggagagactg cctcccagga ctagctaatt cttagaggga gcaaacaagg
    55801 ccccatgagt ataccgtcca catacaagcc aacccatcca gagcccacat acctaatcat
    55861 ctctttgtca cgtactcact ctgctctcaa ggagtggagg ccaggtctga gacagccagg
    55921 gatcagcgct aatgcctaga acatgcccaa accattcaac catccaaact caggctcact
    55981 cgggttacct gtcctgcact ccttcttttc tcccacaaga acacaacaga ggttctgggc
    56041 catgctctgc cctctccccc tccttaccaa tcttgtgcct ccccaaatgg ctccacatgg
    56101 caccctgtgg ctcctgtccc ttgggagctg cgagaaggag ctcactcttt tatgacaatc
    56161 atatcctatc caagagcctc atcacatctg attaaaacaa atcccaggta catcttcaga
    56221 acacaggcct tgttctgact cttctggatc ctcaaaaaaa taaatctcct tgcttattag
    56281 ccctctaata aaaacagaaa cataataaaa caaaaacaag ctaaactgtg tctgatggat
    56341 ttcacactgc gtgatggaaa agcatgataa taattatgct tcaaaatgtt ctttttacag
    56401 aagggagaaa caaagcaaaa caaaacaaag gacctagaag cttctaagaa atgttattta
    56461 atgaataaag ctgccttggg ctttggactc atatatatta tttttatgta tatggtcctc
    56521 atattagacc aatcagagaa gaaggtcaac ttgacatcac tttcgagagt taataatgta
    56581 atttttcctg aattctatca aactatcttt ttttcctctt attagtagag tgccatagtc
    56641 tccccttcag atttctgaga tgcaacgtgt cctctctgaa gcggcagaaa tctccagctc
    56701 ttccaagctg acaggagata taatacccca cccgcttcag gataatttac attatttcac
    56761 tagagatgca gtcgtgtaaa ggcttgtgtg gtaaatttga gattattgtc tttagaattt
    56821 gagaatctca aatgactgca cacaaattac agttttcagg aggaaaatct ctgtcaaaaa
    56881 cattgaaaca agggaacacc taaattttct gtaagttaat aaagaaattt agtcacattt
    56941 ttaaaaaata ttttatttat tcatttgaca gagagagatc acaagtaggc agagaggcag
    57001 gcaggcagag agcgggggaa gcaggctccc tgctgagcag agagcccgac gtgggactcg
    57061 atcccaggac cctgagacca tgacctgagc caaaggcagc ggcttaaccc actgagccaa
    57121 ccaggagccc cgtcacatta tttttaaact gctgactgat cagtcagaat ggtttatttg
    57181 catgatatag gcactgttgt tgttgttttg attcaaatat agttaacata cagtgttata
    57241 ttagtttcag gtgtgcaatg tagtgactca gcaattctgt acaacacctg gtgctcatca
    57301 cgacatgtgt cctccttcat cctcaccctc ccagccctct cccctctggt aagcatcagt
    57361 ttcttctcta tagcttagtt aagagtctgt ttcttagttt ctctctctct ctctctctct
    57421 tctttccctt tgctcatttg tttcttaaat tccacatatg agtgaaatca tacagtattt
    57481 gtctttctct gacaggctta tttctcttgg cattatactc tctagctcca tccgtcttgt
    57541 agcaaatagc aagatttcat tcctttttta tgactgagta atattccact gcatatatgc
    57601 cacatcttct ttatttattc gtctatcgag ggacatttgg gtgccttcca taattttggt
    57661 gttgtaagta atgctgctat aaccataaga gtgcatatat ccctttgaat ttatattttg
    57721 catttttttg gcaaatagta attcaattac tagattatag ggtagttcca ttttttaaag
    57781 attttatcta tttatttgac ggcaagagag agcacaagta gagcagtagg caaagggaga
    57841 gggagaagca gactcccctt tgagcaggga gcctgactca gggattgatc ccaggaccct
    57901 gggattatga tctgagctga aggcagattc ttaaccgact gagccaccca ggcacaccag
    57961 ggtagttcta tttttaactt tttgaagacc atccatacca tcttccagcg tggctgcacc
    58021 agtttgcatt cccaacagcg caagaggttc ttctttctct gcatccttgc caccacctgt
    58081 tgtttctgtg ttttggtttt agtcattctg ataggtgtga ggtgatatct cactgtggtt
    58141 ttgatttgca tctccctgat aatcagtgat gctgagcatg ttttcatgtg tctgttggcc
    58201 gtctggatgt cttccttgaa gaaatgtctg ttcgtgtctt tttcctattt tttaattggg
    58261 ttatttgtta ttggggtgtg agttgtataa gctctttata aatctggata ctaacccttg
    58321 ttgtcatttg caaatatctt ctcctgttca gtaggttacc ttttagtttt gttgattgtt
    58381 tccttaatcc tttcctaatt tccttaatct ttgacaaagc agaagagaat atccagtggg
    58441 aaaaagacag tctctccaaa aaacggtgtt gcaaaaactg gagagctaca tgcaaaagaa
    58501 tgaaactgga ccactttctt tcgccacgca caaaaataag ctcaaaatga attaaagacc
    58561 tggggcacct gggtggcaca gagggttaaa gcctctgccc tgggctcagg tcatcatctc
    58621 agggtcctgg gatagagccc cgaatctgct cagcagggag cctgcttccc ctcctctctc
    58681 tctgcctgcc tctctgccta tttgtgattt ctgtctgtca aataaataaa taaaatatta
    58741 aaaaaaaaaa gaattaaaga cctgaatgtg agacctgcaa ccatgaaaac ccgagaccag
    58801 agctgggcag tgatttttct gacatcagcc atagcagtat ttttctggat atgcctcctg
    58861 aggcaaggga agcaaaagca aaaataaaca attgggccta caccaaaata aaaagcttct
    58921 gcacagtgaa ggcagtgttt tttaatgatc ttnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    58981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    59041 nnnnnnnnnn nnaagccatg agaataaagg acaaaaatta gacacctgga agaacgagct
    59101 tctacaggtg cttacgatgt ttgtcataaa ttaacatccc agtggtagga agttttcacc
    59161 aaacagcctg tggtgtaggt ggaacattcc aatgttaaat tccttcaaat aagacatgtg
    59221 cataggaaat acaggttcgg aatctatata tttcttggaa agataattca aattaaacca
    59281 ttacttactg gaactgagga agagagttta aaacatttta aaatacagag taactatctt
    59341 catttctcac aaacattaaa aaagaaaatt gtttgttgaa gggtttgctc atttttgaca
    59401 cttctgcttt cattcctgta gatacctttg tgagactttt aaaaaatcag cgtactgaga
    59461 caaagcatag aaatagttta gatcgaagta tttcctgcca ggagaactat tgtcagatta
    59521 atgcaaacat taacaaacaa aaaggagact ttaaccccgg aggaagactg tgttccagca
    59581 tttataggcc tttactgtgg gtaatcactg tgtcactcac aacttttgtt tactcccaac
    59641 tgagaaagta cagaacatta caaacagaac aatggtcgtc tatgttcaat gcctataaac
    59701 acacttccaa caaacaatgt gtgtgtgtag agatgctttt ccttttttat cctgttatgt
    59761 tcattctgat tattgaaatt atatttattg taataataat agtaatgcat gtaataattt
    59821 attgcttgtc ttacagcaca tgtaaagaca cacttactga aatgtaattt tatgtttgtt
    59881 gactctaata ataaaaataa gactaatttg tatttttttt aattgatgca ttggcacaaa
    59941 cactcaaaag aaggattttt cattagggaa catctgggaa gcattgctct gaaggatgtg
    60001 gttgccaaga cgggaggtgg tgggtaggac ccagttctgt tggcaagcag gatggtcttg
    60061 gtgttgccag gaggtatggt agcatttctt ctccagctga agttcccttc gggttttgga
    60121 ttcttttgtt ttctctgaaa ttgctttcag tttagtgggc acagtggtaa accacctggc
    60181 atcctccaca tggggctcag aaggaactat ttccataggt aaattatccc agcagaggag
    60241 tctggccatg gggcgtgctg tcgccctctg gtggtgggag acgcgcctac actcccccca
    60301 cccaacccct tgggccaggg gatggccttc ctctctctct ctcctgcgac cataaaagct
    60361 catatccctt ttgataaaca ggaaaacccc acacttatat ccttccttct tccacccaat
    60421 gattcttgaa aatcactgaa tttgctgcat attttcatca gcctggattt ggtccagact
    60481 tccttgaagg ttgtaataca aaaacaaagg tgtttttccc ccccatctgt caaatatata
    60541 taacactata accttgagta tgcttatgta agcaattccc ctcactctga tacaaacctt
    60601 cccggttgac catcgctata ttagtccata ccgaagatcc cttcaagaat ccttcaggtt
    60661 ttcggggcac ctgggtggct cagtgggtta ggccgctgcc ttcagctcag gtcatgatct
    60721 caggtcatgg ggtcctggga tcgagtcctg catcgggctc tctgctcagc agggagcctg
    60781 cttcctcctc tctctcnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    60841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnaaat
    60901 tcttaaaaaa aaaaagaatc cttcaggttt tcttatgatt ttatttcatt tatttgcttt
    60961 tttaaagatt tatttattta tttgagagag aaggagaaca agcggggggg gggggagagg
    61021 cagaggcaga gggagaagtc tccccgctga gcaaggaccc cttgtgggac tccatcccag
    61081 gaccctgaga gcgtgacctg aatggaaggc agacgtttaa ccgactgagc cacccaggcg
    61141 tccctgttta ttgttctaag caggctccat acccagtgca gtccctggcg tggggcttga
    61201 actcacaacc ctgaaatcaa gacctgagct gagaccaaga gtcggacgct caacggacgg
    61261 agcgtccagg cggagccccc cttactcgct cagggcaggc ggtatcacag gcagcggggt
    61321 ccgtgccgca agatgagttt tccttgctct tgcttcttcc tccctccctc ccctccccgc
    61381 gctgggcccg tctggtctgg ggacggagag tgagtgcgca gtggtcagcg agcagggagc
    61441 agggagagaa ccggcttagg gccagttagc gcacagcctg tgtccgcctt cggtgggggc
    61501 aggtgctcgg agaaggtgtg tgtgcaggaa gcgagaggat ccgccttccc agacacctgc
    61561 ttgacccgct ctgtggtctc ctcagaagcg cgcggggctg tatgtccccc aggggttcgt
    61621 agagaaggaa gcgaccggac gcacgggaca gtgtggctcc ggcggggaag cgctgtgtcc
    61681 acatcacgga tcgcagggac cgcatcccgc ctcgcagcgg gcgtcccggg cctgcttacg
    61741 gtccgggtct cccgcacaaa ccgtctgcgc ggaggaggct gggggcgcgg gggtgggggg
    61801 cgaggcggcg ccgcgctcgg caggagcagg gatggagaga acgagcctgc gtccaggcag
    61861 ccgcctcggg ctcaggagaa acgtgggtgt ccgaagtccc gcctccctgc tggggccact
    61921 gcagcccgag tcgtccacgt gacctctgcc ccccccgccg cgtccgtcgg gccaaagggg
    61981 tgggggtcag actcgaggtc tcctggtggt cacccgcagc cagctgtgtc tctgggtggg
    62041 ggggggcgcg tggacccgac gccacttgtc tggttctcag cgcgcactgt cgtctgggcg
    62101 ctgccccggg ggcctcccca gacccggggc tccgccgctg accctgttcg tgccccaggc
    62161 cagagccagc cggagtccca ggcagaggtg ccgagagctt cgaagagtcc tgcggcaggg
    62221 gcgcgtcctc ccgggcacaa ctgaggcacc aagaaccctg gcctccgcag tgcccgtcag
    62281 aaagtcagtc agttctccag agaattcggc caggagtcaa atacaagtga ttccggacct
    62341 gccagaatca cttattcatt tttaatttct agacataatg ggatttggac aaggtttata
    62401 cttggcgttt gacagcttca aactgaagca gaatttgtgt aacacggaaa gcacagatcc
    62461 caagtgttca gctggatgag ttttgacgaa tgcggtcacc tgtgtaaccc atgtcgccgt
    62521 caagactcag gacgtctctg ccaagcccct aagttgccct gcttcctctc tgatcctcta
    62581 ggctcattcc ccgcctggaa gaactctgct catgatctgg cgatgaggtc agggccagct
    62641 cctagcaggg caaggacccc aggttttgta tccctgtcgg cgtattctga gccaggaact
    62701 gccattgctt tctatcacgg ctcattttaa atagtatttc cccgtgacct tcagtgtcgc
    62761 cataggcatc agatttccgg gaggcttgag ccttgtgtcc tggtactccc gagggtgagg
    62821 aggaaggtgc cagtgagcga ccttgtgctt gccccaaagc ggggccttga tacacttcct
    62881 tgaaaccggc tcagagtcaa caccgaacaa agaagggctt aatcatttac tgggctctga
    62941 tcaggtgtgg cctctctgga ggggagcggg agtccgaggc aaggcctgga ttgcacgcag
    63001 aagtcagggg gttttaaggg agaggggctg tgctggctca cgaggcaggc gagcagccga
    63061 agaaggcgtg tgatctcctg ctcttatgca gaggaacgac tgtgctttcc acatcacact
    63121 cggggcagtg aaaaccaagc tttccagttc ctgcgttctg gggctctggc acctggggcc
    63181 ccgctgaccc tggaggacct gtatctcccc gagttagtgg attcctggag atagttaact
    63241 actccagtgc tttcatgtgc caaccgacac cagcccacac ccggaccacc tcttctgtgg
    63301 ggctctcagg ctctgggcta ccttccacct gccctcatca ccccagggca ggggcaggca
    63361 acgaggaagg agcaggcccc aggctgcccc aatccgaaac gcgcttccct tgcctcctct
    63421 gttccttcct gtagaaagta ccatgaagtc ttttgtcgtg ctcttccctc ggtccctctg
    63481 cgtcctgact gacccacggg gcccctcacg gcacggtgtg gccccctccc tttgagaact
    63541 gtgactaata acctgtgttt acagtgccgg tcatctcctg atctgttggt cttaccacgt
    63601 ctgcataata agaaaaccta cattttaaaa catggatata aagcgactat tcatttgcca
    63661 acaattttct ggcttcggaa gggttggagc tgagggtaag gctgtggctt gtggaccgtc
    63721 tgctccaggg agcggccgtg gccgagatca cagcagagga aagccctctg ccgcaagagt
    63781 tgagagcgag tgtccccggg gggctccctt cctgggctga ggcttgtctc cgagactttt
    63841 cccagaggag cagcagaaac gggctagtct agtcgcattc agctcctaaa ggcagaggga
    63901 gcagagaaaa ccacagaaga gtgagcagtt gaattctggt taaaacggca atgggatttt
    63961 gtgggattta cacacgcggg gaggagcgca gggtccgacc cacacaaccg gaggaaggag
    64021 caatgatgat atcgtaggga cgagggtggc agacacgcac gcagcgctct cccctccaag
    64081 cacctgcggg tgtggcttaa tttggcccta ctgttgatag caacgaggta ctatttttat
    64141 gccctgctac aaggacggca acagaggcac cgagatgaag cgatctgttc aagctcgcac
    64201 agggaatgac gtgctaggag ctgggctatg ggcccagaat ggggctatct gccctgctgt
    64261 gctgtaggat tggcgctcct cacacagaat gcctcgtctg tgcttgcaat cttatttatt
    64321 tatttaagat tttattgacg gattggagag agggtgagag agcacgagcc agggtagggt
    64381 cagagggagg gggagaagca ggctccctgc tcagtaggga gcccgacgca gtgggggttg
    64441 gatcctagga cctcgggatc atgatctgag ccgatgtgta accgactgag ccacccagat
    64501 ggccctgtgc tcggggagag cagcgcagct agaaccccag cccctgccct cagggaactt
    64561 ggagcctgtg gaagaaagac cgtaagcaag gagctgcatc aacaggactg ttctagatgc
    64621 gcgccgaggg tccgggagga aagaagcaga gcggcaggac acggagtgct gggtgtgcac
    64681 agggcactta gagtcccatg aatttcagtc agcgcgcaga acaccctttg cgaaatgaat
    64741 ggctagctgg caggttggga gagggaacgt ctgggggaag ccactgggca caggtggcca
    64801 aggacaggag tcttcatcct gcagcatgac atacgtacat ttcagcaccc agtgtggtcc
    64861 aggaactccg gcgaagccct gtcccatcag cagagtccca ggcccttctt tccaacacta
    64921 ccagtgtgtt acaccttgtc cacaggctgc tctcacagca tgcccagacc cgaaccagcc
    64981 tcttacctcc aaaacctcct gcctccctga agccccaggc agatgctggc gtgaccactg
    65041 cctagacagg gtcaccatcc atgccgttct ttctctcacc tccacgttca agccatggct
    65101 gcttcctggc catcttctct ccccatagtt ccaggatctg tcccagcctc cgcatctgta
    65161 agggactgac tcttgcacgt ggtttggaag tttgtcgtgt gagaaccacg gtgctctgtg
    65221 gtacagctca gggctgtctc tggatcaaag gcttaaataa tgtttgtctc ccactataga
    65281 acttacaaaa agcatttgtg gggtaggagg gatggagacg aggcagcctt ccctgcaagg
    65341 attttcagga gagactgtgg aggtggtgtt gacctgcttc atgagacctg gaaaggaggc
    65401 gcctttaaac agcaccaccc cttcacgtca cacacactgt cagactacag actcctgctg
    65461 aagaatttgc tcttgtccaa agccagggcc tgggctctga gctgagtgct gggtccctga
    65521 gtgatgactt ttggattagt tggcagaacc acataatgaa gtcccagaga ctgaagggtc
    65581 ttaaaaacca gagctttatt ttcttgaagt tctggtggaa gtctgggatc ttggtattgg
    65641 cagggttgtt tccttctgag gccattgagg gaaggatcta ttccggcctc catccttggc
    65701 ttgtagacag ctgtcttccc catgaatctt caaaagctca tccttcagaa tgggtcagtg
    65761 tcttaatctc ctcctagaag gaccctagtc atattggatc cgcacccacc ccagtggcct
    65821 cattttaact taattccctc ttcaaagact ctcagtagcc acattatgaa gtactggggg
    65881 ctgggagttt aacatgggaa tttgggagga gcacggtgta gcccttgaga gtctcttcct
    65941 ggaaagctgg gcagcctggg tgaggcggga acagagtcct cgaggcagag cagtgggagg
    66001 tgaagacaga gtaattatga gccagtccac agtccctgca gatcgcggta ggtactggat
    66061 attttaagtg gaatgggaaa ccttttcagc gttttgagaa ggaagtgaca tacgtctctg
    66121 tgcctgctga gtggaaaacg ggacagcagt gaccccaaga ctcagctggg agagcagtcc
    66181 cggtaattat gacacagcca ggtgagaagt gacggtggcg acaggaggtc cagttcggag
    66241 tttattttga agcgagaggc aacagcattt gccgacagtg atcgtgggtt gagaggaatt
    66301 agaaaaatgt ttctggctgc acccaactgt gggagcggtg gctccatgtt ctgagatgcg
    66361 ccccctagag gaggggcagg ctgcagggac gcagggtcac gactttagtt gggacatgag
    66421 gggtgagatt ctggggaccg catccagaaa agatgtgctg gagtcggggc tggctggagt
    66481 ggaaggtgta aatgtggagg tcattccgaa gtggacagtc tttagcaccg acatttgaaa
    66541 gattcctcag ggaatgagac gtgttacaga agacggacgt ttgatgttat ttaatcagtg
    66601 cctgaatgcc ttgtgtggac tttggggtta agaatttcac actcaggtgc actgtggagt
    66661 ctggggaagc tttggcaggc ggttagaagt cctcggcggt tgtcatctct gcccggttcc
    66721 ctgtccctgc ccaggggaaa cacatactaa catcttgccg caactctctt tccgcaccgt
    66781 tcctgcccca gccaaatctc atctaggtag accaagggca gcaccccaat tccgagaatt
    66841 ctccgaaaat tagtcttccg ggtgatacag agtctgagcc cggattgtcc acagactgac
    66901 cgcaaggtgg aaggcaggca cttttcccag ttttccccag cctgcttctt tgtgctgtag
    66961 cctcctctgt ctccaaggga agatacagca gcaactaggg ggatttgccc ctgtttggat
    67021 tggaacagtc ttgtttgcat ctaaactccg tgtaggtggg cagtgggggg aaagtctccc
    67081 tgacccttcc tggcttcctg ccccccgtcc ccaagacctc tgagagaagt cgccggagca
    67141 gagcatgaac ctactcatgg gggtttgaga agacctcagg ggttatccca taaccctact
    67201 gaggctcaga gaagggggcc aacctgccag gtgtattatg gggagcaggc aggtgagtga
    67261 cacggtcaga atcccagccc tgtgcgtgtg aagtctggct ctgccatgga ctaactctga
    67321 gaccccggac aagccactta gcctgtttct ctgtttccaa attctcaaaa gagggatagt
    67381 gatgggtcct tcgcaggatc tttgaggatc aaaggagata atggcgggga cgttcttacc
    67441 acagtccggg tatccagatg gcagccatgg agcgcaaggc atcattttta agcgactttt
    67501 gaggtcttcc gactccagct ccgaccctct tgccaacacc atcctactca cagtctcccg
    67561 ggtggaaggg ctgagcccat ttctgggtgt cttatttcga tcgaaacgta aaggcagggc
    67621 tcaccagaga tgtattatgg tggcatgctg gcccttgacc ctgcaggtgg cgaggctggt
    67681 gcagacgtcc tgcattgtgg agatgacact cgtcactttg ccttatgaca ggaccataag
    67741 caacccttgc taacagaagt ctagcatggg ctctagatat tgacttgggg cttgggaagt
    67801 ccagaaaaag tcacctaact tcagggacac atctttgctg aaataccaga ctctgggtca
    67861 cactaagaat gtacgacagg aaaaagagct actgtctctg ctcttggttg attcactgtt
    67921 tgtgtttgtt tgggttttcc aaaaacctta ggggatccaa tcattcggga cgtcaaggat
    67981 ttgggggtag atgaaagtct gtccctaaga attaagtttc aaagagttat tggaaacatt
    68041 ttagtatgga aaactcctgg gtgggttaca gttcacgtca atctcttctt aaatagacaa
    68101 cccactatgc taattcaact ttttctcgca cagttaagca attcattgtg attatacatt
    68161 attgttctat tgatgcagag ggttttgtgt ccctataaaa acaggttcac gagaaagcac
    68221 ttgcctttct gagtgcttat gtccattctg catatttttc tgtttccttc ttcataccat
    68281 gcttatagaa atcccttgct ttaggtgctt aaaatttgct taaatgtgct ctaaaggagt
    68341 ttttgaaatt gctcgttgtc caaattccct gtttctgtgg ttcctgatac ttatgatatt
    68401 cttagaacat tctatcttat atcaaaatca caattgtatt ttaattgatt tcatctttac
    68461 atttgaacct ctgtgataga gtttattttg atataaggaa tgcgttggag atcatgtttt
    68521 ttctttgttt gtttccttaa actagtgatt atcatgtcta aaattacccc cttcctttaa
    68581 aatgctaaat tttcacctac acggtttgat ttctattcct tttagttgaa ctaatgtgcc
    68641 tctttctgca ctgttcctca ttgtttaact tctctaccgt agctgttctt ttaaaatata
    68701 tcggggcaaa tctcctcact ctccttttca gttgtgctcc cagcttggat cagatgttta
    68761 tatagttccc agtgaactaa aagaaatgat acttaatctg tttttatcaa gttcattagg
    68821 attttgattg aactgtatta aatttgtatg ttcacacaga gaataggcag cttatactaa
    68881 tgtctcttca acatcgagga cattgcacac ctgatgttct gtattctccg gaagagagtc
    68941 gtatcctttt ctccacctaa cttatacaaa catatttcat gatttttcta ggtattttat
    69001 ggatttcgtt gttgtggtga cacgtggtac catagtttgc tttgaggttt tagttgctac
    69061 tgtgcctggg atcttttgct gtgtatggaa agaggctaca cagagagaga gagaaaaatt
    69121 taaatatttg atttttagaa aaattttcaa tctctgtaga ttcagactgg ctaagtagga
    69181 aaaatttggc aagacctagt ttttgtgggg ggggaaacat ggagaaaggg aaacgttaat
    69241 ggtctcttgg tgggactatg agttagtaca gattttccca tgagcatttg actatataca
    69301 gatttaaaat atatatactt tttgacttag caataccagt tctagaaatt catccaaagg
    69361 agtcaactgg acagttcaca acaaatatgt ccaaatattc atcatgttag tactcataac
    69421 ggttgaaagt tggagtcaat ataaatgtgt gttataggag atttcctaaa taaattatga
    69481 tatattctga gggtgcaatt tcttgcagcc acagacacag taatgtatcc aaatgcatgt
    69541 gcatatgttt acctgttgtc atagagaatt gtccttgcct ggctcttgga tgaataaagc
    69601 aggtagtgat cagcacacat tccgggtacc gctgaggaag tgtgtgagga cattccgtgt
    69661 ctgaaaggat gttgaacata cacctgggat ttcacgtcac ttacgctttt tccttattct
    69721 ctgtcctttc ttatttttta aaaaagcatg aatcatttga actcccttcc tccccaccac
    69781 ccccagaatt aggctgaatc attgtaaaca acaataaaaa attaaagaga tgctaacgtg
    69841 tctgaacgta aagtgctgga aaggaagcgt gggttgaaat agcacttggg tcacaatgga
    69901 tagtcctaga gggcagtttc tgccctgatt cacaatagcc attgtttaac cctaggttct
    69961 aggaagtgtg ctgacgactt tattttttat ttatttattt tcttttattt atttacttat
    70021 tattaagttt gattagccaa cagagagtac atcattagtt tttgatgtgg ggttcactga
    70081 tctgttagtt gcatataaca cccagtgctc agcacatcac gcaccctcct tgacaacttt
    70141 agatgactga tctcattcag cctcacctcg ggctgcaggc tgtgtcggga tgtaaattgt
    70201 ttacgccagc aggagctgga gggagtcacc aatttgggaa gagtgcagca ggcacccaga
    70261 gcaaccttgc ctgagtgcag cttctttcaa agaactggga ggcctccctc ctcatccctg
    70321 tcccttccca cacccacttt ccctacagcc cagctctcct gctgctcctg tcccccgagc
    70381 agccttcatg tctagcagca agagatttag gaaagcatgt tacggagatg gataaattat
    70441 atgtccaatt gacttgtaag aagtcctagg aattggctac ttgaattttt ttttggttac
    70501 caatttttaa aattgaaaaa atcgatgcaa atactgcccg aataggcaaa gcggaacaag
    70561 ctgggtttga aatattaaac gtatcctgga tctagaccag atccttcttt tcatgtttcc
    70621 tgtttactgn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    70681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnt tcccagagga
    70741 tcggtattga cttatattac ttatactatt tcatgaatat tcttctggac catcttctgt
    70801 acatattcat tatatttcag taaaatgacg tcttgctact tttactgttt gggggaccag
    70861 tgatgattta tctgttgcat tttctgtgtg gatgcttggt ttgtgtcctt tttaaaaaaa
    70921 cagttgtcat tacagctagc acagggaaga ctggaagaaa tgaagaatga aagaaataaa
    70981 agagcaaagg gcaagaaaaa gaggagaaca tcttagtact ctgaaaaatg gacaaaaatg
    71041 gttacaaccc agataagact ataaaactag tcggtagtac accaagatta tcaagtccag
    71101 ataaaccagg cactgggcgt atttgtttct gacaaattat catttaaacc agctcggttt
    71161 tgctcacatt gtttctatct gtcggtccct aaaatatagg tactatatac actgtatgta
    71221 aatacatgca tgaatataca tgatgtatat atttaagtat atttctcttg ctccggaaag
    71281 tgcagagtct gtctggtggg aaagttttcg gagagtctgt ctccgaaagt tgttttccag
    71341 gaggggtccc ccagcctccg aaagtcaacc cccctcgtgt gcaaccgatg agaccaggag
    71401 agtctccttt atcctgtggc ccatcctctc cccactctgg ccttgggcgt aacagccatc
    71461 gtctggtttg tttggttttg tatttagcat acttctctgt tccgggaaag tgcagccttc
    71521 tccagggcgt atgcactgaa ctcagtccgg tttgggggct ctggagagag ctggctgtgc
    71581 cctctgcggc gtcccgaaag gaaggacacc ctcccttctt cccactcagg cctggcctcg
    71641 gaggaagggc ccagaagaga cgtaaaaggc cgttgcccag gcttgcaagg tgcgaggcag
    71701 agctctccac cagggaaggc tggagaaggc agcgagggag cccggaggcc tgtgggccac
    71761 actggaatgc aaacgtaggc atggcccgca tggggggacc ttatagacgc ggacacctgt
    71821 ggcatcctga aggggaaaat ggctcatgac cagccctgcg gtgtgttggg ggacatcgag
    71881 ggctctggct gggcggtgat gatgctcaca gatccatttc caacacgtct gcttcacttt
    71941 ctcccagggc tggactccca gattcccagg ggtgcggaga gaggctgcta atggtcacgt
    72001 gtggccctgg agctcccagg caggcggtcc aagcaagcac cctgcctccg ctgcgtcacc
    72061 atccaaattt ggtatctggc aaccaccgcc aggagcacca tgcaaagtaa gggggtcctc
    72121 ccagctcttc actgccttgg agaattctgg aaacccggga ggcaggaaat ccagaacttt
    72181 ggaatctgat ttctcagaca cccagaagca ggaacctggc ccctgggaat ggggccagac
    72241 ctgccatttc tggagatgca caggcgggtg tagagaaggg ctcaggtttc cagacacagc
    72301 ggaaaagatc caagagtgag cttgagcgct gctttggtgg caagcatgat gtgactgtga
    72361 gccccaaaga ttggggtcag atgcttttga aaataacatt tagaggatgt ttttaattat
    72421 aagggaagta aacacaaagg caataactta cccttaaatc taaccattag gtagctctgt
    72481 gggtgagtca agaaaaaagg aatcgtatat cccttcaaca aatgcgtact gagtttctag
    72541 tttcttctat agtccagaca cagttctaaa cgctggggat agaacagaga acaaagagga
    72601 caaaaattcc tgtcagcaca gggcttacag tgttgggggg agagagagag agaggaataa
    72661 atagcataga tgacaggatt ctaaaataat gttatgggat gaatggtgtc cccggaaggc
    72721 acgtgttcaa gtcctgaccc ccaggacctc agaatgtggc tgcatttgga gttgggcctt
    72781 taaggaggcg agtcagctaa catgaggcca tgagactggg cagacgtggg aggcagaggc
    72841 atacctcgca cagaggaagg cctgaggagg acacagagaa aaggcagcca tctgcaagac
    72901 aaagagctcg gcctccctag aacccagtcc tgtgacaccg tcattttgca tttctaactt
    72961 cccaaaccgt gagaaagaaa ttcctacagt ttaagtcacc tggtctgtgg tattctgtta
    73021 tgacaactct agaaaacaaa tgcagagagt ttgtaggctg ttcagggcaa tacagcacag
    73081 taagacaggg tcggccgtgt ggagccgggc ccatctgtgg gggaggggca ttccaggcaa
    73141 agggcggtgc caaggccctg gggtgggagc agccatgagg cagctgagag ggtgagccta
    73201 gccatgtcag agttgtgcac gtgcagattt tggatttact cagaatgaat ccgttttcct
    73261 aatgaataaa aatcttttgg gttttctttg ttgggtttgt gagataggaa gctagctaga
    73321 tagatgatag gttgaagaaa atttgacttc agatgatttg gggtttctca gtctgtgaat
    73381 gtggtatccc tttgaatttg ttaacatctt ttagtcctcg ctgcatttta aaagttttat
    73441 tcacctattt cttacacatc tattattaag cttctaaata ttttctgtgc tgatatggta
    73501 agtagtatct tttccactat aattttgaag gaatcagttg acctttctct ctgctggttc
    73561 cctgtagtgc ggtgacctaa ttaaccaagt tcactcccct tcccccccgc cccccgctcc
    73621 cttttactac ccacttttag ttgaaaatat cacttttctt ttacttcagt acgtgttcat
    73681 tggtttctcg tgtttaaatg atttcttctg atttccagct atggaagcag agggggagaa
    73741 catcaggtgg cattttctcc cctttcttgc cgtcatcggc tagtagaatc ccacattttg
    73801 cctcggtgat gtttgcatgg gttctgggcc cgtcatcgcc gaatgctccc cttagaccca
    73861 gcctcccagc tccacatggc ctcccaacac cttcggccta ccgcaaagca ttctcggcag
    73921 tcagtgcgcc cgcgtgcttc cccaagcaga cctcctcatt ggagcgatac tccttcaggc
    73981 cttgtgttga aaaacgccgt cgcatttata atgaagagac agttgttggt gtggaagatt
    74041 ttatgggctc gcatttcttg ttcttgaggg ctgtgctgga ctgctccttg tcttctagtg
    74101 ttgaaggcta cttcgtacat gacgggacct tcctgatggt gtcagcaact tgattgtctt
    74161 gcctggccat tctgaagatt ctttacacta aaaatccaga aattttatgg agatattaag
    74221 atagaatttg ttcttgattg ttctgtgcca aattttcttg ggataccact ttaatttgta
    74281 gactggcgtc ttcttaacac ctgaaaatcc ttttttaaaa ttttatcgtt aaagcttgct
    74341 caatgacatt ttagagaccc gattctgtga atggtgactc tcttctgtct gccgtgaccg
    74401 tcattccttc tgctcaccca caggaactct gatgtatcgc cgttacattt tacccactct
    74461 tttccaccct atctctgtcc tccgctttgt ctccaaaccc atgccgttca gtctctcctg
    74521 tgtgtcccca ttctgtcgtg atttgtattt ccttctttca cttcctacct ggctctgaaa
    74581 gctcagctat cttatctctt cttatctcta aatatctttt cggagtggag gtgtctctga
    74641 ctggtgttcg agctctgttt caaaacaagc tcttgcttcg tcatcttcac caacttaggc
    74701 actccgtggg gtcagaattt ttgtccattt cacggcaata ttttcagctg ggggtttcta
    74761 gtctaccaac cgcttctcct gttcttccat cgcaatattt tcagctgggg gtttctagtc
    74821 taccaactgc ttctcctgtt cttccatcct gtgcttctca tgtttctggg taataccttc
    74881 ggagagattc tgtttggtga tgactcatct ttgtccaggt gaaatgtccc tggacgatct
    74941 atttttaaga cgttttagta gggagtgagt agacagaagt gggtttcagt ctgctgggaa
    75001 tcctcccaat gacccagggt tctagtatca atacaatggc taatcaacag ggtgacatac
    75061 catgtgccat cttccctctc ataaccagac tcaatactgt tgccttgtga ccagactgct
    75121 tcttatgacg acaggctctt gtgtgattgt tttttccata catccttcca actcctaaaa
    75181 atgcagtgca gtctgggctc agagactctc cccctgccta ctcactcacc tgacccaact
    75241 gtttcagata aggcactgtt ggttgtactt tagggggaag gcatgatttt gcacagctct
    75301 gctccggcag cattgcctgg gaccctcaca cagaggtagc ccttcttgtc tccctcccac
    75361 ccggccacgt catgaatgtg atgacacttc ttcttattta tccgattttg gagtagtaga
    75421 tatctaccat ttgtacagac aatgaagttt acacctttcc catctttctt tctttctttc
    75481 tttctttctt cacttttagg gggttcctga gagaagaggg ggagaatccc catcttcact
    75541 ttcccacttt aaaaagaagt ttctggtggt cacagtcctt tacctgggct tcctgattcc
    75601 atcttatata ctaccaccaa tgtatttcta aatcgcacat ttgacaatgt catcttctcg
    75661 tttgaaatcc ttcaacatct tctctttgct tataggacag attcaaccat ccaagatctg
    75721 attctatata tcctgtaata cttccttttt cctatgcctt agccgaagga catacttgtg
    75781 atttcccaaa atcacactga tctttgccca tggtcttcct cctactacag agcctgcctc
    75841 agaaatgtca actcatctct taggacatag atgaagtgtt aactccccag caaacatttc
    75901 ccagtttttc cacctctgac ccccactccc accacataga aagagcaatg actgttcctt
    75961 cctgtaagat cccttgggct tatcgtactt tataaccatg aactattaca gaattaattt
    76021 atttaatcaa gcccaaggcc cctcatgttc tgagatcata tgttgttcat tttgtgccct
    76081 ggttctgggt aagtaactgg caaattgcag gagcagagcg actggttttc ctgatgaatg
    76141 atgttgagct gagcataccg tgtccttgga aatggggcga ggagagaggt ggaaatggag
    76201 aatcaggtga gggctggtcg cgcccacctg actgacttct gtttctataa ttcttctcac
    76261 ttgaatgctg gctacttctg tggataggcc cagaaattct aactttgtct tctcattttc
    76321 cagatgagac actaaggcca aaagccaaga agctacctgc tccggggggt agggggtgtg
    76381 tccctgcagc acagcccagg tatcctgact ctgctgtttc tcttggtgaa tcaaaacttg
    76441 actcataatg atttacattt tcttgaatga gcatttttta aaggatttta ttttatttat
    76501 ttgagagagc aagagagagg agagtgagca agaacatgag tggggggaag gtgcagagga
    76561 agaaggagaa gcagactccc tgctgagcaa ggagtccgat gcgcggctca atcccaggac
    76621 cccaaggtta taacctgagc cgaaggcaga cactggactg actgagccac ccagggaccc
    76681 cttatgagca ctttttcata atactcccaa atgatttctg tggttttcaa cccaaaccgc
    76741 ttttgtccct ttatttcaag tgtgcttctc tcgagcgccc cctgtgcact gaccaaggca
    76801 tggagggtaa caacactctc cacagctctc agggggctga ctttattgcc ctcccgcttc
    76861 acccctccct ccgtggctct agctttggtc tagccatagt gtgatgcttt gtttcaatat
    76921 ctgtctccca aggcttgatt ttatttcttt ttgctcctgg tgtgtttcac tattcgcttt
    76981 caatttactc ccttctacac agagatctta catttcccac ttgttgacag tcttagccct
    77041 actgaagtcc catgacatca cagaagtgtc ttttccccat cttctcatct gttccgtgtc
    77101 tcctagttct ctcggtctct gtttcccttc ttgcaacgtg ctctctgagg cagcactctg
    77161 gcccctgaac ccttcgtgcc tcctacatga gggtacctgc tcggctctgg gtgcgggtgt
    77221 ggagctctcc cagggccttc ctgagaagcg gggacacgct gagtcttctg gcaccttcat
    77281 gggcttctgt ctcctaaaac ttcttctgct tagccgaggc ctcccctggg aaaaccacat
    77341 tcacaaatgc tgataggagc gcctgtcgct agcccttggc tccccgccag gagcgtgccg
    77401 ctcttctgga aatgaccccc tcagtggttt ctccggttca ctagcgcagt gtgatcagaa
    77461 caaagtcagg ccattagggg cacctccagg aacaagccct ggagaatgaa gaagaacttg
    77521 aggaaggcac ccagctaccc acaggaggga gaggaggtga gtgagtgctc ggcagggagc
    77581 agactgggga ggacagggct gtgtgttcaa ggccaagttc ctttgttctc aggcagaagg
    77641 tcccatccac agggcaagtg cttccctttc acacttcact ctcttccgct gggtctccgc
    77701 atacctctca gaagtgcctg ggtctcaggc atgaggacgg cgttttggga tgtcgcccgc
    77761 cccagttctg tgatttcgta gatgagggct tggggcaata ggactcagaa gtcagaggca
    77821 aaggcagagc cagaaccaga gcctaccatc cccaatctga atgtcctgct tatttctgcg
    77881 acgttcttgg gacacctgag ctacttctgc agaggagtcg agtctgcatg gagtgaattc
    77941 acatgaaggc tctgagcata ggtttgactc aaagctgagt tcagttcctg cttggccact
    78001 gtggggccct gttgcctcat ctctagaaca gagtcgctgt gaggacctat ttgtaagggt
    78061 tgccttgagg gggaaatgca agggtcacgt agagcatctg gcataacact ttgcttgcag
    78121 gacagctaga tgcctgttac tcatcactgg acacatcggg tgctcattcc cagatttacg
    78181 gctctgtggt agaagaccaa aagccaccca tctgcaggta taagatgatg gagttcattt
    78241 aaagggacct aaagtaaact attagaagct tggaaggcca cttgcttgga ttctcaatgg
    78301 aagcaggaca ttagaaaaaa tgcacagtaa ttcccctgcc cgaggagtca gaggctcctc
    78361 agagcagaga agggaaggct caggagagcc tggtgaacat tggcagacag gtgataggtt
    78421 agcccaggaa agagaggtga attccaggtt tctgtagctt catgaaaagt gtttcctatt
    78481 cctgttgaag ctgaagttgt tctctgtctg gtttgtactg aagagctcaa caccagggag
    78541 acaaagagta gcagacccca tcatgagtta tcaagatctc gtgggctcct aaggtgacat
    78601 atgggtcaac agctaatagg acatccagct ggttcatgat tagagagatg gtttctcttt
    78661 ttctagaaag agacagagaa gggtcattca gtgaggctgg tctgctcagg gtggtgcttg
    78721 tcagctcaga cctccgtagg ccagggagtg ggctgagaac agagcagcca gtattttgtt
    78781 ttctctttgt agagcagaga acagaagtgc tgacccgggg ccatccgttc tgtggcctgc
    78841 ccttctggaa gtcacctacc cagaggagca gactcaaggg ccttattgcg ccaatactcg
    78901 gggagaattt tatgagattc acatgatctt tttgtctctc tctctcgttc tcttttcctg
    78961 tccttttcct tctcttcatt tctacttcct ttaccttaaa aatatcagtt cccccttctt
    79021 tttgacattt tttttcttcc cttccctaca tcctccagac acttctctca gagcttttaa
    79081 atactaatag cccaaattcc tagacccaaa gtagaatttc ctctggatct cacttgtcaa
    79141 atggaaatct tgacataaac tagctcatgt caactctggg ccttaagaca gtggtggact
    79201 cagtctgggg gtcacagaag ccttaaagga cagtgttgtc cttaaaaccc tctcactgcc
    79261 ttcactggtt tctgattccc cagggacatc tgggctgaaa ccacagcttg tgcttaatgc
    79321 atgagttgaa atgaatagtt aagtcctgga agaaaaatca aagggtttca tggaaggaat
    79381 cacatgtgac aataaactcc tggggcatct tatttttttt ttaactttta aaatctattt
    79441 ttgaaaaatc ttgtttggtt tttgggatta aggaagttgc tctttgaccc aagaggggag
    79501 gagtcagaga ataagaaaga agaaaatggg ggaaataagg caaattttgc attgtggtga
    79561 ctgggaagga gtcctgtcag atgaggggta tctcttgcag gcttggcggt gacattatct
    79621 tgaccatagt tgagcaataa gggagcatat cttggtccct ctgttaagca agcaggttgg
    79681 ggaaggtgat ctgagggctc cactgattgt gagtctatgt aagttaatga aaggagaaaa
    79741 atgtcaagtc tatacctcag aatcaagggg gctaaatcat aattattgca ggtttatgat
    79801 tttatacttg aaaaaccatt gagaagtcat cacaagaaga ccgatcaaaa tccaaccagt
    79861 gaggcaaggg acaaaatcat tgcgtaccat cagtagcgca ttctgtgcaa aagggagcca
    79921 attataaaat accaagagag aaggagtggt attataaaat accaagaaga gtctttgttt
    79981 ttgactcaaa tacaaagaga aagtgtgaac tatcagaaat gaagccccaa gaagtgttct
    80041 ggatctagat gaagaaatgt ttggaagacc acaaaaaagg gtatcttcca aaaaggcata
    80101 aacatggaag ctggaacctt gttcttggag agactcaatt atccaccatc agcttttctt
    80161 aaacaaaacc tgtcatttca atgcagtgtc aatgaacaaa gcaataaacg tgtttttaac
    80221 ttgattaagt agttaaaaag ttagtttgta agacagactc attcacactg gccatgcatc
    80281 cctgcaagaa ctagagagga ggcttgactt tttttaaaat gccacattaa aacattttat
    80341 taagaagatt atacagttga tccttgatcc ctgcacagct gaaaatcagc atataactca
    80401 ttttcctttt ctttttgtta aattttatct aaataacagt taacatacag tgtagtatgg
    80461 gtttcaggtg tacaatgtag agatttaaca cttccatacg tcacctggtg ctggtcatga
    80521 caggtgcagc ctccatccct agcacctgtt tcccccatcc ccacccacct cccctctggg
    80581 aattatcagt gtgttctcta gagttgagtc tatttcttgg tttgcttctc tttccctttc
    80641 ccctttgctc atttgttttg tttcttaaat tccacatatg agtgaaatca gatgctattt
    80701 gtcattttct gactgactta tttcacttag cattgtaccc tttagctcca catcattgca
    80761 atggcaagat ttcactctct tcatgtctga gtaatattcc atggtcctaa atgcaagtta
    80821 acatcatgca agcatggcac aagaagtgac aacggaaggg gggcaagaac agaatctacc
    80881 ccacggcccg agatcttctg ggcatttgat acctggcaaa gttagtatta ggtgctttca
    80941 ctcatatgca acatggccca tctgctctct ccagggtgtc cgcagggtgt tacatcaggg
    81001 taggcctggt tatcgtccat ccctgcccat catgtgtgat tttgtttctt ttatgtgcag
    81061 gactgtgttt taagagaaca aagacataaa ctcagatatg tgcctttctt ctgaggtagc
    81121 acagggttag agtgtggggg tgtcatggtg ggcttagaat attcgtattt ctaagtgggg
    81181 catgaaccag tcttcatgtc actcctggga acccacatct gtcacagttt ttcagaacaa
    81241 tttccatttc tgagccaaag aactgaggat gaaactgact gggaatacag acataattag
    81301 gtaaacacac ggacaaaata tatctttaag aaaaaccaaa ggtgaacaaa ttaaaaaata
    81361 atcattgaga gtagccacaa attctggcta ctagatgagt aggggcaaag caaacaggaa
    81421 gccaggaaca gtttttgcaa ggcatgtgat aaaggattaa tgactttaaa taaacagaga
    81481 gttctcagaa gtcagtaaga acagatgaat ggaaaaatag agaaacaagt gaactatatg
    81541 aataggtact aagagaaaaa aataaccaat gaacattttt agcaaatgtt aagcctcaga
    81601 aataatgtta aaaagatatg ttaaagcaaa caggcaatgt tattattcac tcatgtgatc
    81661 tgcaaagatt gaagcagttg ataatgacca gtactgataa gattatcaac agttaaaagg
    81721 tatttctaca cactgtcagt aagcagataa agtggtagag tagtttcttg agtggaccag
    81781 tgggcaatgc ccataaaact tgaaatactt gggtatgttg atgttctgtg tctaggaatt
    81841 tatacaaagg tctaggaatt taagggttct aagaatttct aaagatatat gtctagtcac
    81901 acaaatatgt gaagccaatg tatttcaata gacattaaag agtgtctaag ataatattga
    81961 agtggggaga aaaactgcag tggatcttgt tatgaattat gatcctatat tttaaagtta
    82021 aaaattaata tttagatgat ttagctcaca agggaaaaga atagaagtac tctgaggtgt
    82081 aaatagtggt taaaattgaa agtagttgga aggtaggact atgggttgtt ttaccttcca
    82141 gtttttacat ttctctatta tttgcagttt tcccatgtgt gttatttttt tataaccagg
    82201 aaagtaatta attgaaacaa aattaaatga taatactcta atcgtaggaa taatggggcc
    82261 tgtttccccc ctaattttta accagtatga actctttctt ccctcaacat ggatcttcca
    82321 ggagggttaa agccaagcca ctgccattct ggatcttctg taaggagccc tgggccatcc
    82381 cgtcggctct tttctgatga acttccttcc ctgtgaggaa ctctcttgat tctccttttt
    82441 gtagcagctt ggctgtcagc cttccctctc accttcaggg gctgtagctt cagctttgcc
    82501 tggatagact ccagcctcac ctggggaggt catatagcag tgcctctaaa aatagaacta
    82561 ccctaccatc cagtcatcgc actgctgggt atttacctct caaatgccca atactaaaaa
    82621 ggatacatga acccctatgt ttataacagc attatttaca atagccaaga catggaggga
    82681 gcccaatcca ttgaatggac ttttaagaag atatggcata catatggtaa aaaatatata
    82741 tgatatatat atcatatgta taatggaata ttactcagcc ataaaaagaa tgaaatcctg
    82801 ccatttgcaa agacatgggt ggagctacag agtacaatgt taagtgaaat aagtcagaga
    82861 aagacaaata ccatatgatt tcactcattt gtgggattta agaaacaaaa caattaagca
    82921 aaggataaaa gagagaagaa agagaagcaa actaagaaac agattcttca ctctagagaa
    82981 cacactgatg gtccccagag gggaggtggg tggagagatg ggggacacag gtgccgggga
    83041 tgaaggcatg cacctgctgt gaggtgtccc aggtgacata tggaagtgtt gaatctctat
    83101 attgtacacc tgacactaat accccattgt atgttaacta aactggaatt acaattttaa
    83161 aaagttaaga aaaccattgc tgtgcctcaa cccacaggct gagagaaaac agggccagca
    83221 gctagggctc agggagccac tgtggtccca cctgctgaca acagaggagg ggggcctcgg
    83281 gcagggcgag ttcatcacga ccccagtccc tgggctgctg tttctctaac cctgaacctt
    83341 gggcttctga ctctgtcctc ttgcttctca ccatcaggcc ttgggaaatc tcagctccgc
    83401 agcaatgaga ctcctccacg tgatccttat cactgctgtt ataatcttcc aggtactgca
    83461 cggtaaatac cagccatgac gccctccttt ccccaagccc accgtagccc aagagtcaag
    83521 cagcggggtt gctcagaagc catatcaaca tcccaaaata acttcttgac aaggttaaac
    83581 attccttgaa ggggatttac gacgtcttgt ggaaagggct tgctaggtag ttgtcttctg
    83641 ctccctccct tccctgtgga tgaactggat gattagagac aatccgttga atcacctgtt
    83701 ggagacaacg atcctgaaca cgggccccgc ctggggagca cttctgctca tgtcccagtg
    83761 gtgaccttga gtctcactgg gcaaggcttt cttcagacgg ttctgtgaga gcggggacgg
    83821 gtgttggggc ataggggctg ggggcttggt gaggagcacc cagcagtggg tcctgttacc
    83881 ctccagttaa tgccaggtgg gaacaacttg tcaggaagga cagtttgtca ccgacagtta
    83941 tgccttgtgg cggaatgagt ggggacactc actcttggag ccaagctgct ggctgtcagt
    84001 gctggcctgg gagagacagg gcttccctcc acgaggtccc cagcattcct ccccatgcct
    84061 tcagcttcac tcaaacacct tttcattttg cagacagcac caggggcttc aattttgaaa
    84121 gaccctgcta cctccgtggt gggatctgcc tgaagcaagg gaccccagac tgtgagccct
    84181 tccgaggccc ctgccgggcg ttcaccgttt gctgcaaagt aaagaggagc tgacggggga
    84241 cgtggagcag ccgaggggcc ctgatgccag gatccaagca cggttccctt gtccgaataa
    84301 accaaaagac atgctagtct cactattcag ttactgtgtc gttaggatcg attaaagaaa
    84361 cagttgtctt ccacggaggg gtagtcagtg agagggagac gatgtaagaa taaaatttat
    84421 attatgcttt atattttgca aagcattttc attcacataa cctgtcattc ttagactgtt
    84481 tggtttatca gcctccctta gcgggtgcag aaaccagact ccgtttagtt aaatcacaag
    84541 atgacaccgt cagtaaagga gcgtgatcga agacgttctt ttggccggtc tgtaatactc
    84601 cagccacgtg gaagggaggt tatggttttc tttaacaact gcaggaaggc tggataggaa
    84661 agagtcccct agagtggggt gaggcgatgt gaggacaggg cttggccccg ggatgtgctc
    84721 gtgcagtagg tgaagtgccc agtgggaggc gctgttgagg gagcccagcg ttaggggtgt
    84781 ggtgctgggc acaggctggt gcaccaagag atcaattcca gagaggaacc tcaacggcag
    84841 gtcagaaggc ttccgctgac aggtgtgatt actgtgtgtc ttccttgttc acttttctgg
    84901 ttcagggcat gacatctgct gtcgtgtccc caggaagtca cctctccact aggaatgtcc
    84961 ctgtcctccc tctgcagagg gagcgaaccg aggcatgggt gtggctttct gctatttaca
    85021 aagccaatcc ggacatggtg gggagaggat gcaggaggtc acccaaggtg acccggaagc
    85081 tgaaggacga aggggacaaa taagttttac cacacatctt tccaaaacct aaagagtcac
    85141 aggaaaaagc aaggagtatg agaggaattg tgacaaccag taataaagag gaccatctct
    85201 acgaccaggt ccccatcgac gaacaaccaa agaaaattta gtgcaggttt gtacatgaac
    85261 agcggactca ttattaccag ctgtaaatca gcgcttgtaa agatatccgg atatggctac
    85321 caatgttact ctcctgctgc tcttcattgg cactgacttc ccaaatagtt tgcctacagc
    85381 agttacagga cttgaatatt cctgctctgt gacattagtt ttaaacatta tttatttgaa
    85441 ggagagagag agagagagag aatgatcagg ggaagggaca gagggagagg gagaagggac
    85501 agagggagag agatgcagga cttgatccca gaaccctggg attgtgatct gagtggaagg
    85561 tagacaccca gccgactgag tcccccaagt acccctgtct cagcaaattt acaataaaca
    85621 tacaatattg ttaactctag tcatgatgcc ctgtaccaac tctgcaggat ttatccatcc
    85681 tacattactg agactgtgtc ttataaacga tatctccctg tttcctccgt tccctagcac
    85741 ctggtgacca ccgttctttt ctgtgtttct gtgagttaca aggaggtggt cataactgac
    85801 atcttaaggt tcttctattg gttgggagta aagataatgt gttaacttga gacttttcta
    85861 agtgtgcatg gtagaattcc aagcacaatc tccaacacaa aagaaaccta gtgtgtaact
    85921 tccaagccag tagaggggga aaaaaaatgg gaaaataaaa caaaaaaagc aagaactcaa
    85981 ttaacaaagg cacaaaagga agcaaacagc atagaaaaag gaaacacgta gtcagaacaa
    86041 aatggtagca ataatcccca tgtattagta attacagtaa acataataca tgaatagatg
    86101 gaaataatca ggctaggtaa aagaattcac tccagctgga tgctatgtat aagagacaca
    86161 aagtttaagg acttggaaag gttaagaaaa taggaagaga actagaggta ttgtaacgaa
    86221 agggtagcat agctctttat ccaggaaaat aaacacccca ccctgttagg tgaagggagg
    86281 gttactgcat aatgataaat atttcaatta actaaaaaga tgtaatcatt ttaaatttgt
    86341 aagcacttgg gaacctgggt gtctcagtca gttgagtgtc tggtttcaac tcaggtcatg
    86401 accctggggt tctgggatca agtcttgcat caggctctct gctcagtgga gagcctgctt
    86461 ctccctctcc ctctgccccc tcccctgctt gcacgctctt tctctctcgc tcactcgcta
    86521 aaaaaactta aaaaattgta agcactttca aaagtgctta caaagtgctt tcaaaatatg
    86581 taagcaaaaa ctaatagagc tagaggtaaa ttgttccaga ttcattaata caggtaagat
    86641 tttcagaggt accatccatc atatagatat taaatatttt gtatatggtg tgtgtcttag
    86701 tttgtttggg ctgctgtaac acaataccat agaccgggga gggggctata aataacagtt
    86761 tatgtaccta tttctcacct ttctggaggc tggaagccca agaccagggg ctgtcagatt
    86821 tcatgggcga gagaccattt cttgctcata ggctatggac ttctttttat tttattttat
    86881 tctgttcagt tagccaccat acagtactaa atcattagtt tttgatgaag tattcaatga
    86941 ttcattagtt atatgtaaca cccaatgctc ctcaccacat gtgccctcct caatatccat
    87001 cacccggcta ccccatccct ctacccccta cgccttctgt gaccttcagt ttttttcctt
    87061 gagtccagag tctctcatgg ttcatctccc tctccgattt cttcactttc agttttcctt
    87121 cccttcccct gtggtcctcc gcactattcc tcatgttcca catatgagtg aaaccatatg
    87181 atgattgtct ttctctgctt gactacttca cttaccataa catccaccag ttccatccat
    87241 gttnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    87301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnngatgcaa atggtgggta
    87361 ttcatctttt ctgatggctg agtgatattc cactgtatat acagacacat cttctttacc
    87421 cattcctctg ttgaagggca tctcacctcc ttccacagtt tggctactgt ggacattgct
    87481 gctatgtatg gtgaactttt actctggctg gggtaatatc atgaaaactt ttatttgtaa
    87541 gccctaatat ctaaattatc actagtctat gggaagtgac aattagctaa tattttattc
    87601 ttttaaaatg taaaattttt aatggattat tctaagagcc agtccttatg taaagagact
    87661 actgaacaat ctcacagtaa aaaagaattc ggaatctgga cccagacttc tgattctgat
    87721 ttttacttcg ccacatacaa actctatcac tacactaaat atctctagtc ttattttcct
    87781 catgtgtgca tttagggctc ctattaagac ctgcataaag tgaggctact ttgcttctgg
    87841 cagcaggaag gcggaaataa tctccttcag tacactcttc ccttttagtt ctacttatgt
    87901 gtatgagcgt aaggcaagct atcggccatt gcctagggag aagagggaaa ggtatgaaaa
    87961 tcctggagtt agccactcct gaggacaatt gttgtagaca atggttcatc cagaatcagg
    88021 gggaatcatt gttttttgag gaaggcaaga ttttctggat gaggatttcc tgagctctgt
    88081 gagattctgg gtcaaggtca gggtcaggta gccaaaccct gataactggc aggtgaagta
    88141 aaatgtgaga ggtaggttgc actaaatccc ctgcctcaag acaagggcct catttgagaa
    88201 gagaacaact ggttcttcct caggctttgg ttaagaagga aatcccctcc gctttcacct
    88261 acaccagaaa ctatgtttgc tcggcaggac aagagccgag gacacgaggt tatctcagtc
    88321 atgagacatc actgtggccg ggacagggac ctgaatcagc agggtcatcg ctgcaacagg
    88381 agaatttccc tggtcagacg aggcagggac agaccttatt aagaacacat gaaatagctg
    88441 agctcagaag agactgcaga cgtctggaga tcagaacgac cacctcttcg gggggaatag
    88501 ggacttggga ggtgagtcat aagaggtagg tggtggtttc tgttctagag agatgactgg
    88561 aaaaacacaa gtcctggtgt gattgtaatt gtccccaagt tgcaggagca gattattctc
    88621 attccctgag aataacgcag aaaaaaggtc ctaccaacca tcccaggttt ttcatagagt
    88681 aaatgttcca tgaatcctag tcattatcat gtcactaccg ttactgttct tcctaggcct
    88741 tgatttgtta aacgctaaca aaagaaatga ccccagccct gtaccaaaca tcgctaatcg
    88801 ctgtccttgt ttattttccg gcattcattg tccactctac atgtcagtca gtgctctgat
    88861 cacaatggac attctcggcc gtgtttagtc acctcgttca aacttataaa agaggaggct
    88921 ctaaatgact ttttattcaa ccctgttaca ctgctgtttg tcttctcttt tcaagcgact
    88981 tcgaggagtt ctccacagac tcagcgccat gaagctcttt ctccttctca tcttcgtctt
    89041 ctgcatctct caagtaatgc caggtaaacc ttcctctgcg tctccttaaa ccagcaccta
    89101 tttccttgtc caatctggtg acattcctac aaatatgcct cctttcttga cgtttccacc
    89161 tgcggaggtg tgtttgaact aacgttcgca atcctcattc ctcagatacc ctgtgtagtg
    89221 actggctgta agagcaggaa agggggaacc ttagagggct tccagaagga ggcaattcat
    89281 gtatgtagca ccagggcatt ttagaagaaa cttgaaggtg ttctccactc cacatcttga
    89341 gcaagggatg gcaagaagaa agggagagag ggacacaggg ccctcattgc ctgcctggtg
    89401 ttcattccca atgtcacaaa aacactgagt ataaatgaat agcttggagg atttgcagag
    89461 aactatagtt acttggattg gggaggagaa aattggcttg catgggtgag tactgtgagg
    89521 gtctggcagg tgactgaaag tcagccattc tcccttgtcc ccatattgtg cttggtgctc
    89581 acccacgata cctccacctc tacttttctc ctcctctaat attctatctt tatataaata
    89641 aattcaccca atcaaatagt ccatttctgg gtctcattgc ttctggctcc tgtgtcttct
    89701 agaataccac ttcacagagt tgactgatga taaaccaagg ggacaggagc tgagctgagc
    89761 agcatgtccc cagccaccat cctcctcctt tctgctttgg gtcaagaaga gtctgttcac
    89821 tatggaccca cagggcatga ggtctggttt tgttgcatca ctcggagtaa tggcccaact
    89881 tcagtttcct cactggactg atttctcttt tttttgattt ctcatcgaag agcagtgaag
    89941 agtagattat gttgggctgt gaaagaacat gtttggggag aatcacaggg ctgctcacac
    90001 cacgactctt tgtgacagag ctagggcaga gatactgatg ttctcaggga tgggcagccc
    90061 caatgtcaga gctgcctgct gtggtcacag ctgctatgat gaaaacagga tgggcagggg
    90121 cctttcatga tagtcttgac catgtggtgg gagatagggt acaagagccc accataagct
    90181 gaagtttatg aagactcccc gctaaaagcc ccattctaac tgcttgcccc agtagaagga
    90241 ggcagattga agaaaatgta aacagagctg agacccacga atggggtaaa gtaagggaat
    90301 gagcttacct tccagcctcg agttgttcca caaagggtat gtatggccct ctcgctagtc
    90361 tgaggcgtca tgacgtctgc atcttggtcc agagttggtg acttctgatg acccacggtg
    90421 ggcaggctgg gtgataggga gcacagaggc ccttctttct ctgggctgag tgtaaacttt
    90481 ctttctccca ccttctaaga ggcaggaaaa gaagccttcc acaaggcctg gctttgactc
    90541 gggtaggatt tcccccctct cttttggaaa cctttcttat ctcagccagt acccgtgatt
    90601 attctgactc ttttctttag ggacttaaat ttagatcttt aatctttctg ttttaaaaac
    90661 ataactgata agctctgaag cctgggattc taagcctggg aattaggggt gaacttcagg
    90721 gaactggtga cattccttaa ctgttttggg gcacactgtg tgagtacact tttagatatg
    90781 accaagtatg tatgtagatc ttccttcctc agactgtggg ctgcagtatc aacttattct
    90841 cagcagaatc ctgtcccaga aagataaaaa ccagttttaa tgtgttactt ccaaaggaca
    90901 ttgacaatcc cataatcagt ctctgggagg cacacttgcc actctgaggt gtatcaaccc
    90961 aagagaagta tttgaagtct ttgatttcag cctccaaata acatcataaa tttctgttct
    91021 taacaagctt taaagactgg cattgtcttc ctgtttaaca agcaagcagg aacaacaagg
    91081 cagggaggag gaggaacgta ggactgtgta cgttcttgag taatgacggt tgggggtcct
    91141 ggccagactg aattgttgct tcccctctat ggggagcttg aggctttctt ccaaaaataa
    91201 atagtttttg ctctttctac aggttatagg catggtgaca tgtatcattt ttgtgactca
    91261 cagacaagtg tgtgcctgag gaagaaaagg aactgtgtga ttcgcatgcc agggacatgc
    91321 cccggaagga gcttctgctg cataaggatg aagtgaatgg aagaattcat gtttaatgaa
    91381 tctaccctga attaagtaaa ctgaagaagt catacttcat gtacctaccc tgaattaaat
    91441 cggaaggctg aggcctcatg ataccttttc ctcattcaga aattcattta ttttgttggt
    91501 aatctctcaa gcaccagctg tgtgctagga actgaaatgg tatacgggga actggagata
    91561 tgggttcaag gtatgttctg ctaatgaaac tcacagacgt ggaaatctta tccaccttgg
    91621 gtgttcaaag atgtcttcac agtgaatgcc atgtatgagc agaataaaaa aaaaaagtgt
    91681 aggaattact gaggggtatt taaaggagaa gtggtgtggg tttcagtgtg gagagagcaa
    91741 ggtcactatc acacacacag gctcgtctct cggtaggggg ttagttctga aagcagaatg
    91801 tgatgaaagg aaagtaggga aggtatggac aataaatgga ggatgcttaa gaaattttac
    91861 tttatttttg aaatttaggg aaacataaaa aaaattttaa atggaggtgg agaaggggga
    91921 ttgatttata cccatatggc cccatggtta tttactttat gtttgggttg taattcaaca
    91981 ctttattatt attttttttt taatttacta ttttttttaa gcagaattga cttttttttt
    92041 tttaaagatt ttatttattt gtcagaaaga gagagagaga aagcacacaa gcaggcagag
    92101 aggcaggcag aggcagagag agaggcaggc tccctgctga gcaaggagcc cgaagcggga
    92161 ctcgatccga ggaccctggg atcatgacct gagccgaagg cagcggctta acctactgag
    92221 ccacccaggc gtccccaaca ctttattttt ttaatgaagt tgtttccggt tggccattga
    92281 gagctctttc aacccaagag ctcttgggtc ctctcaacgt tcatttttct gagcgctttc
    92341 ttattttctg acactataag atactccagc ctcattttgc attttctcag ccccagtctt
    92401 aaagtgagtt agttcctcaa ggatccttgg ttccatctac agaaaatggt atttggaaac
    92461 agagatctga ggagcacctg gcaggcttag ttggtagagc atgcaacctt tgatctcagg
    92521 gtcatgagtt caagtgccac gttgagtgtg gaggctactt aaaaaggatg gtaaaaaaca
    92581 aaaacaaaaa caaaaaagag atctgagtac tcaatgtgct ccactgattc acttgtctct
    92641 cagtggctgc acttaggaaa cgtgtttgga tattaattca tttatataca cacctgtaca
    92701 tatttctgta tctctctatc tctgtatgta ttttaaaaac ccatgttcaa cttcaatcca
    92761 gcaccatggt ggtccttctc atctccctct ttccttattt ataatctttt cttctccatc
    92821 agtgaaaaaa tggctcttag agtgcatttt ctcctttgtt caactctgat atatacaaca
    92881 agtagtttta gaattactaa tccaaatccc tgtgagcaac agatctaaca accacagtcc
    92941 ggtccttgta tgaggacttt tcctctttaa tcttcagtta tcaggtcaaa aatagtttct
    93001 caaagttagt tatgtcttta gtgtgtgttt cagtgtgaag agagcaaggt cactatcaca
    93061 cacacaggcc cgtctctcag tactgggtag ttccagaacc aaaatgtgat gaaatgaaag
    93121 tagggaaggt atgaccaata aatggtacca ctccttattg tcattccctc ttatgacccc
    93181 taacccatgg ccaccattga gctggcttct aaccttatag ttttgctttt cgtgaatgct
    93241 gcatagatgg gctcaagtaa cctgtagtcc ttagagctgg tgtcttcaac tcagcagaag
    93301 acctttgaga tccattcatg ttactagact ccgtcattcc ttcttattgt ggcatcacat
    93361 tccattatgt gatgccacag ttaattcact agtaaaacac caggacatct gtgttgttaa
    93421 ctgtttttgg caaacataaa ttaagctgct atgaatattt gcataatttt aaaaaatggg
    93481 aatgtgagtt tctatttccc tgagaaaata cccaggagta gaattaatga ctgatatgac
    93541 aagcatacgt tcaactttat aagaaacaac aaaatggagg gcctgggtgg ctcagttggt
    93601 caggcatctg acttcggctc aggtcatgat cttggggtcc tgggatcaag ctccacattg
    93661 gactcaccag tcagtggggg cctgcttctc cctctaccca ttctccctgc cgctccccct
    93721 gcttgtgccc tctctctctc tctgaaaaat aaataagtaa agtaattttt tttttaaaga
    93781 aaacaccaaa ttagcttcca aagtagcctt acaacttctc atctccagca gcagtgtcca
    93841 agagtttcat ttgttaccaa aaggaagtcc ctaagagaaa agacgactgt ttcaaaaaga
    93901 gaataagttc ctgctgaaga tggcatttcc actcccaatc agcaggcttc tgccacacaa
    93961 tccaaatctt atctcttatc ttatccttgt ggcccttggg ttatgaggca atgcttctaa
    94021 aggaatctgc tatttggaaa ggcatctttg gagagaggaa aataatcact aactcggtaa
    94081 gtcttgattc tctgtgaaac agtgggttgt ttctgtaatc tctgagatcc aattctatgg
    94141 cttcaaggca ttaagggtac caacttagag ctttctgcac ctttaggccc ttctggtcaa
    94201 tctatttccc tggctcttca ataatcaaca aggaaccatt gcttggtagc caacagtcat
    94261 taagggagta tgataatgcg agcaaaatct cagtaacttt tcccacatat tgtcaacaca
    94321 cacacacaca tgcacgagca tgcatgtata cacacacaca tacgcacaca cccctcaagc
    94381 tctaatcctc gatatgtcca ttgacagaca tatatgaaca ggttacacgg ggcttgcaga
    94441 accatttgaa tagttacagg tgcagaagca gtgacataga aaaggacagg ccttgttcaa
    94501 tcagggaatt agcagtgggt acctagttca gaactccagt cccatacacc cctcccctcc
    94561 ccgagttcaa ccgtgccctc agaaagaccc gaggcaggat gcatgtgatt ggtgatgggt
    94621 ttattccaca gaggtcagca ggcgtgaggc tgccatgctg ccctgaggag tcacggaggg
    94681 ccggatgcta gagacgacag caatgtttgt tccgacttct gcattccgca ggcaggatgg
    94741 agcatccgtg ggtcttttgg tgcttgcaga caccgcccat tttttcacat tcaaggtatt
    94801 tccccctttt ctcatgccct gtaaaggaag gagaggtgac aaaacaatat taaatccata
    94861 acgcgtgttc aactaaagct accagaattc atcttgtatg gacaaaactg gtcctctacc
    94921 cattctggtg tgacccatca gtttagcatg attttttctt tttttttttt ttttttaaag
    94981 acttttattt atttagttga gagagagaga gacagtgaga gagagcacta gcgaggagaa
    95041 ggtcagagag cgaagcagac tccccatgga gctgggagcc cgatgcggga ctcgatcccg
    95101 ggactccagg atcacgccct gagccgaagg cagtcgtcca accaactgag ccacccaggc
    95161 gtccctagca tgtttttttc aaagtctagt gtctataaag aagacattca ccctcattca
    95221 tttatatatt gtctattgtt gcttcttatg aggatcatga cagaccttgt ggcccagaaa
    95281 gcctaaaata ttagctggtc ctttaccaaa aaaaaagttt attgacctct gcactgtagt
    95341 gtctttcttt ttcagaagaa ggaactttag attggagaaa gcaagtgact tgattctgct
    95401 acaagattag ggacatactc tgcatgttct tcataaaagc ttcccaaagc accttcctct
    95461 ttttcaaaag ggcaaaatct tacaagcatg cagcccaagc tagaaaacaa actttggaca
    95521 ctaagtgggc aatcttgctc ctgaatacca cccctcccat ctcccatgcc atcacagctt
    95581 tttcatacac tgtgacattt tcagtgccac catggtccat agcaagctct ggtcttctcg
    95641 ggctctcatg agttaagctg gaaagaacat ggcatgtgat taagtcactt gactagagaa
    95701 attcaggaag cgacttgaga gtggtgaaaa cgtgaacgat acctaaaatt aagagaacat
    95761 cttagaagaa gaatgacaag cagccacgag gaaactatga ataagaagag tttccagatc
    95821 cttccacagt ttggctattg tggtcattgc tgctatgaac attggggtac agatagccct
    95881 tctttccact gaatctgtat ctttggggta aatatcctgg agtgcaattg ctagatcata
    95941 gagtagctct atttttaacc ctttgaggaa cctccacact gttttccaaa gtggctgtac
    96001 cttgtatacc caccagcagt gtaagagggt tcccctttct ctacagcttc accaacattc
    96061 atatgtggaa cataaggaat agcacggagg acattaggag aaggaagagg aaaatgaagg
    96121 gggtggaatc agtggaggat acgagccatg agagactaag gactccagga aacaatctga
    96181 gggtttcggg ggggtagggt gggggatgca ggagtctggt gatgggtatt aaggaggaca
    96241 cgtgttgtaa tgagcactgg gtgttatatg caaataatga atcactgaac accatacatg
    96301 atgtactgta tggtgactaa cataacataa taaaatttaa aaaaggaaaa gtatccaaca
    96361 gaggatttgg cttttaaaag caccacgttg tgatggaaag catactcggc tgggaattaa
    96421 acttattttc tgctttctgc caggtccata gttttcttct ggaagtcaca aaatctccca
    96481 atttttcata agaagacaaa ataaaaataa ttatatatat gtaattataa attacgtatg
    96541 taatacatat acttataaat gtgaatgaat gtatgtgagt atgttgtatt catctatgtt
    96601 tctaattgat accattcata taatatgaac atatattcat gtatattcat atcaatgtct
    96661 ctctctgtat ctatatccaa ctgtctatgc ccagtaggct ggtcctttct ttcagctgtg
    96721 atatcactca gttgtattct cctgggcatc gctgggtcat gagtcactgt gactctattc
    96781 ctccccacgg ccatctgtca tagcatccta ctaggaggag ctgccactta cctgatgaca
    96841 cctggacaag acacacaagt agaagaaaca gaaggaatag cagcctcatg gtgggaagtc
    96901 agttcttggg attataggag gaacgtctga agcctgatgg tggctctttc ctcggtgcac
    96961 atcaatgggg gcaggtgatc tggggaaaga gggaaaaact cagctagaga ggaaaagctt
    97021 ctattcccag tcaagacact cgttccatga gggcctgggt gtgactggag aatgtctcat
    97081 ctatggacac gtggttacag ttccaattcc tctcatcaca aaggaagacc tttacagtaa
    97141 gtcagcactt tctagttcat tttcactact gcttatgact ctgaggcttt gtgcctttta
    97201 cacagaatta tttgagcaaa tcatatatct atccattcat ttttatgatg tgtctctaca
    97261 cctgacagct tcccctttag gaataccaag agaagtcccc tttttagaag tttgaaagag
    97321 agaaggaaaa aaaaggggga gagggatgaa ttttttttaa aagattttat ttatttgaca
    97381 gatagagatc acaagtaggc agagaggcag gcagagagag aggaggaaac aggctccctg
    97441 ctgagcagag agcctgatgg cggggctcga ttccnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    97501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    97561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnagccga aggcagaggc tttaacccac tgagccaccc aggcgccctg
    97621 agggatgaac tttttaaatg gaaatgatat tctctgcttt ttcactccca acaatttgtt
    97681 ttctccatta cccatttaaa agacagagtt gattcattct aggcaagctt ttacaatgcc
    97741 atagaccaaa cctggtaaga ctttaggggc caaaaatatt tcttaataca gagattgcct
    97801 cagagcgtcc ttgtgggaag ggagttaggt aacaccgaag tatacaaggt aaaacattga
    97861 aattcctctc catctcctcc ctctctcctt cccagcttct ctttgttttg tttgtcttgt
    97921 ttttcaccat aatgtgaact tctaaaataa caaagtcttg ttgtattacc tccaattctc
    97981 agcaactggg tcagtgccct ggcatagaga ggagagccaa gcatttgttt aaatgaatgt
    98041 acgcttgtgt ggacaaataa atacatagat gcatgaataa cagggaggag ggaggaaata
    98101 aatgagggag gcaggcaaaa tggacggaca gatagacgag aagaggacac agggaactag
    98161 acttctctgc tcatctgaca ctggtcacaa acattggtga gtcaaaagat agatggctac
    98221 tgagagcaga tatccaagaa atcatccaaa ctcagaagca agcagtgatc ttttggggga
    98281 atagagacaa aggaatttca cttaatattt aaagagcttt agggttggac agatgtcagt
    98341 tcaaagtctt tgttctgcca ctcattagct gagtgatctt gaaataacct ctcaagcttc
    98401 agtttctcct tctgtacgct tggtgttgga tagagtacca ttctcctagc cccgcagtag
    98461 aaaaaggatc ttaagccagt ggataaccaa tacctctctg tgccgagagt catgttttaa
    98521 tgggaatcac tgccagggtt ccaacctaca gcgtgaggag aatttttcta gggttccaga
    98581 aattacacaa gatgttagtt tcttccatca acatctgcga tgtttcagag aaatgctgta
    98641 atttaaaaac tccaatatag ctattgtgct tttgttgagc ccatggaact agaagtctgt
    98701 ggtgaaactt gggccacttt tggcatggaa gaaagacaat cttaagaaag aacctggaat
    98761 tttaagtaca tgcacacaat tcccccttgg atttcactta ttaaacacag ctattgctta
    98821 ataagtttgc ataatttaat aaaataacat taagcttctt tggaccttca ttccagtaac
    98881 agagaatggg acaacttttt ctggaataca tatcatgtgc taggactctt agaaatgtgc
    98941 taggaatctt agaaatgata tcttacaact gccatgtgag atagatattt tctttacgcg
    99001 aacaaaacaa atgcaggttg ggcaactagc gatagaacct agatttgtac cttttgaaat
    99061 tattttatgg tccttcctgg tgaagaaagc atgatgaaat ttgccagatg aaggaatgta
    99121 gctacagtga gatacgcaag tgtgagtgtg catgagcctg tgtgcttgtg tgtgtgcaag
    99181 agagaaggag gggagaaggg gtgggggact atgagcgagg ggttttgatt aaaagttttt
    99241 taaactaccc tcttctatca acaaggaaaa tgtgacacag atcaggctgg tgctccctga
    99301 gcaagttgac caaataattc accatccaaa ctgggacact tttgagaatg caagggacat
    99361 attactaaat tatgctggaa caacaggcat ataaactggg gatttctctg gccacctgag
    99421 gtattgctct ctctttaaga aaacatcttt tttaataagc acatgtttct ttgctgaaga
    99481 ttgggaaagg cctcgaagtt gatggtcttc ctacaaggct ctttcctcac tgctctggaa
    99541 tgaccaagag cagatcacct ggccacaagg gactccaagg tcatggcaac tgttcaccac
    99601 cttggcttat ctgtgctact cagcctttgc ccattttcct ctctcagctc gaaggcaatg
    99661 agaggatgaa ccttggaaaa gacagcaccc gctccataca tttggaagta acgacatcaa
    99721 cttaattagt aagctcttct gattttatac caaggtggaa cacacttcta accaggtacc
    99781 attcataatc ctatgctagt atagatagca ttatcactga cagttattaa tcttggagga
    99841 gatcttagag ggctcccttg cttcccattc ttggtggtac aaattgactc accatctcta
    99901 accctcatca cactaagatc acatctaatt attttggaga aaggtcaggg tctcaatgaa
    99961 tgatttcttt aatattttga cccaggcatc acctggggct ctggtgagga cccactagct
   100021 tgccttaacc tagagcatct cagctgagct tgtccctcaa ctcctgtcct catcgaagta
   100081 actttcactg ccccatctct cttccatctg agataactaa atctgtttct gacattttgt
   100141 gtttgtccag aaacaactca gtgataaaat ggttctgcct tcgaatcccg agatctgcat
   100201 ttgaactttt cactaagtag agatctattt cagtttagcg atattaacct aaaaatagaa
   100261 taaatgtttg tagtaatatg tttaaataag tcatatttaa ttctacacag acactctgat
   100321 ggttttactt ccttggcccc aggaacattg ctttcataat aatactaata attgcaataa
   100381 taatagaaga aaaaaagaaa gcatagactg aaagtttttg cccaatctcc tatacttgta
   100441 tactgaaagc catcctttgt atcaattccc taaatatcat gcatctattc ccattccttc
   100501 tttaaccatc gaaagctctc tcctgaaaac ctaccttgca gttggttcct ccacagttca
   100561 gaggatgtct gctgcctttc cttctagcac ctgggaaaaa ctgctcattg ccacacaatt
   100621 agggtcacat caacaatggg cagagggagg gctgagggag gtcacacagg atgcattatg
   100681 atcctttact gacaggagtc attttggtga aaagaggggg atgagccaga tctgagtggt
   100741 atcaaacccc cagagaagga gaagaggatg tggggactgt ccagacactc cttccaaagg
   100801 ttttgctgag aaactaagca aaggcaaagc aagagctggt ggtgacatag tgtcaaagag
   100861 aatgtgtgtg tgttttttta gtggtttttt agtttgtttt tttttttttt aagttttaga
   100921 ttctccaccc tcttcttgct attgaaatca gaaaggtatt cctcccatat gagattcata
   100981 ataagacaca tgagaatgtt atgaccataa aacataaata gattttatgg ggtaaaactt
   101041 gaatgtttag aaaaaaccta aaaattaaaa tcccagtaga gaagatgatg aaagtccagt
   101101 aaacagtaga accaaatcac atttaaaatc agatgaaggc taatcaatcg taaaacaggc
   101161 taaaaataaa gaataaagag acatgagttg tctgaggtat tacatcaaga taacaaacag
   101221 gaccaaggag acgaaaagga ggacaaactt ggggttctta gttaatgaat aggaattcag
   101281 aaccaggagc aaaaatgaaa aatttgacct aaaagaagca gaataaagat tttggaagcc
   101341 aaggaaaagc ttgaatgtca ggaaacatag aaaacactca agttttgctt taagaccctg
   101401 ggctaaggaa agctgctgaa gagttttaga aagattaatg tttgaaagta tgatttgtaa
   101461 gatccctttc atgttatcac aaaagaattt tcatgcggaa aaggaagagg ttgataaagc
   101521 ttaacgtggc ccctcagaca aagaggccct gggggacaag gagtaagatt ctgagggtgt
   101581 gattttactc cctttcacat gagtcttgag gggcaggtga cagacaaaca ctcagaggga
   101641 ggggacattg gtagaggcac ctcaagcttt tgtgtgaata aatataaaaa tgtgtacaat
   101701 cttttcaaca atagagacaa tcttccatta ttttgtctgt tgctcattaa ataaatccag
   101761 gttttggatc tctggtggta gaccttgtat gctcacaaca taaaactttt aagtagaaaa
   101821 acaagacttc gtagtttaag acccaaatat cttttttttt ttaaagattt tatttatttg
   101881 acagagagaa atcacaagta ggcagaaagg caggcagaga gagagagggg agaaagcagg
   101941 tcccctgcgg agcagagatc ccgatgtggg gctcgatccc agaaccctgg gatcatgacc
   102001 tgagccgaag gcagaggctt taacccactg agccacccaa gcgccccaag acccaaatat
   102061 cttaacaaca ataacaaaat gccatagaaa cagagtggag atttaacact gataatccaa
   102121 accctttatt caaagaagct tctttccaaa taaggaaaaa aagatgatca tttataaatg
   102181 ctgaggaagc ataagtattg aaggcaacaa tgccagcctt tctccaaaac agcactgagt
   102241 ttccattttc tctacattat gtacctctgc ttcactgctt tgtctcactg agagagaatc
   102301 gcagtgggac cagtgggacc agagctgtcc cacaggacgg gacaatgata atgacgggaa
   102361 ttggtaatga cgggaatgat ctccatctct gatgcccaaa atggcagcca ttggccacat
   102421 ggggccattg agaacttgag caggtatgac tgaggatgtg aattttaaat tttattaact
   102481 ttgaaataac taaaatttat atccaataaa tagctgcctc ctgctaatat ctatggtaac
   102541 agtgcaggct tagatgcaaa gcaatatagt gctgatctca agattagacc tcccccggca
   102601 agcagccacc tcttctccat tcttgctgcc tattgggagt gcctggacca atgttgcctc
   102661 tttgtatttg tgaaggaatg agtttatgat ggctgttttc tatttgtgtt tattaactct
   102721 gttgagttca agttcccttt aatttgtgaa ttcctccctt tgcttgagag gtgacagact
   102781 catagcatgt cacagctgga agttctatta aaggacttct agttcaggaa aaatcaaaga
   102841 aattgctcgt ttggctacaa tgactgaatc tttcaggagc gcgtgtgttg agaaagattc
   102901 tgaggccaca tcaaggcatc tcatcaagga aggaagaatg tcaccatgga tacaaataca
   102961 tggttgggag gtgggtgtgc agagggaaag gaagaggtgg tcccgttatc tatttctgca
   103021 gaacaaatca gccccaaaac tagccccccc ttttaatata ctgtattttt tgtcccaggg
   103081 gtacaggtct ctgaatcatc aggtttaaac atttcatggc actggccata gaacatagca
   103141 tccccaatgt ccaaaaccca gccaccctat ccctaccgcc acaccctcaa gcagccctca
   103201 gtttgtttca tgagattaag agtctcttat ggtttgtctc cctcctgatt ccattttgtt
   103261 tcattttctt ccttccctac cccacagaac cccctgcctg tatctcaaat tcctcatatc
   103321 agagagatca tatgataatt gtctttctct gattgactta ttttgctcag catagtacct
   103381 tctagttcca gccatgtcgt tgcaaatggc aatttcattt cttttgatgg ctgcctaata
   103441 ttccattgta tatatatacc acatcttctt tagccattca tctgttgatg gacatctagg
   103501 ttctttccac agtttgggta tcatggaaat tgctgctata aacattcagg tgcacgtgcc
   103561 ccttcctcaa ctttttgaag aacctccata ctgttttcca cagtggctgc acgagcttgc
   103621 attcccacca acagtgtagg aggctacccc tttctctgca tccttgccaa catctgactt
   103681 gttaatttta gccattctga ctggtgtgag ggggtatctc attgtggttt tgatttgtat
   103741 ttccctgatg ccgagtgatg ttgagaacta cttcatgggt ctgttggcca tctggatgtc
   103801 ttctttgcag aaatgtctgt tcctgtcttc cccccatttc ttgattggat tgtttgttct
   103861 ttgggtgttg agtttgataa gttcattata gatttggggt actagccctt tatctgatat
   103921 gtcatttgca aatatcttac cccattcttt tggttttgtt gactgttccc tttgctgtgc
   103981 aaaagccttc gatcttgatg aagtcaagat ccttgcttcc cttgcatttg gcaaagtttc
   104041 taggaagaag ttgctgcagc tgaggtgaaa aaggttgctg catgcattct cctcaaagat
   104101 tttgatggat tcatatctca cactaaggtc tttcacccat tttgaatcta tttttgtgtg
   104161 tggtataaga aaatggtcca gtttcactct tttgaatgcg gctgtccaat tttcccaaca
   104221 ctatttgttg tagagactaa ctttttcccc attggacatt ctttcctact ttgttgatga
   104281 ttagttgacc atagagttga gggtctattt ctgggctctc tatactcttc cattgatcta
   104341 tgtgtctgtt tttgtctcag taccatactg tcttgatgat gacagcttta taatagagct
   104401 tgaagtctgg aatgtgatgc tgccaaattt gattttcttt ttcaacattt ctctggctat
   104461 ttggggtctt ttctggttcc atataaattt tagtattatt tgttccattt ctttgaaaaa
   104521 aaattgatgg tattttgata gggattgtgt taaacgtgta gatttcttta ggtggcatag
   104581 agattttcat aatatttgtt cttccaatcc atgagcatgg actatttttc catttctttg
   104641 tgtcttcctc aattcctctc atgagcactt tagagttttc tgagtacaga ttctttgcct
   104701 ctttggttag gtttattcct aggtatctta tatggtttta ggtgcaattg taaatgggat
   104761 cgactcctta atttctcttt cttctctctt gttgttggtg catagaaatg ctactgattg
   104821 ctgtgcattg attttatatc tcaacatttc actgaattcc tgtgtgggtt ctagaatttt
   104881 tggagcgaag tctttcgggt tttccacaga aagtatcata tcatctgcaa agtgtgagag
   104941 tttgacttct tctttgatga tccagatgcc tttaatttct ttttgttgtt tgattgctga
   105001 ggctaggaca tctagtacta tgttgaatag cagtggtgat agtggacctc cctgccatgt
   105061 tcccgacctt aggggaaaag ttctgttttt ccccattgag aatgatattt ggtgtgggtt
   105121 tctcatagat ggctttgatg atattgaggt atgttccctc tatccctaca atttgatgct
   105181 gtactttgtc aaacgctttt tcagtgtcta ttgagagtat catatggttc ttgtcctttc
   105241 ttttattaag gtattatatc acattgattg atttgtggat gttgaacaaa ccttgcagcc
   105301 caggaataaa tcccacttgg ttgtggtgaa taatcccctt aatgtactgt tgtatcctat
   105361 tggctagtat tttgctgaga aattttgcat ttgtgctcat caaagatatg ggtctgcaat
   105421 tctccatttt aatggggtct ttgtctgctt ttggggtcaa ggtaatgctg ggctcataaa
   105481 acgaatttgg aagttttctt taatttcatt ttttggaaca gtttcaggag aataggtatt
   105541 aattctttaa atttttggta gaattcccct gggaaccctt ctggccctgg actcttgttt
   105601 gttgggagat ttttgatgac tgcttcaatc tccttactgg ttatgggtct gttgagattt
   105661 tctatttctt cctggttcag ttttggtagt ttatatgtct ctaggaatgc atccatttct
   105721 accaggttgt ctaattagct ggagtatagt tgctcataat atgttcttat aattgttttt
   105781 atttcttttg tgttggttgt gatctctcct ctttcattca tgattttatt tatttgggtc
   105841 ctttctcttt tctttttgac aagtctggcc aggggcttat caatcttatt aattttttca
   105901 aagaaccagc tcctagtttc attgatttgt tttactattc ttttgatttc tatttcattg
   105961 acttcttctc tgatctttgt gacttctctt ctccttctgg gtttaggctt tccttnnnnn
   106021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   106081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnagcca cagcaacttc tttcaagata
   106141 tgtctccaaa ggcaaaggaa acaaaagcga aaataaactt ttgggacttc atcaaaatca
   106201 aaagcttctg cacagcaaag gaaacagtac aaaaaaaaac acagaggcaa cccacggaat
   106261 gggagaagat atttgcaaat gacggtacag acaaaaggtt gatatccagg atctataatg
   106321 aactcctcaa actcaacaca cacaaaacaa gcaatcatat aaaaaaatgg gcagaagata
   106381 tgaacagaca cttctccaat gaagacatac aaatagctat caaacacatg aaaaaaagtt
   106441 catcatcact agccctcagg gagattcaga ttttttatcc attctgatac cctgtgtctt
   106501 ttgattcaca catttagccc atttacgttc agggtaacta ttgaaagata tgaatttagt
   106561 tccattgcat tgcctataag gtgactgtta ctatatattg tctctgttcc tttctggttt
   106621 gttattttta ggctctctct ttgcttagag gatccctttc aatatttttt gtagggctgg
   106681 tttggtgttt gaaaattctt ttaatttttg tttgtcctgg aagcttttta tctctccttt
   106741 tattttcagt gacagcctag ctggatattg tattcttggc tgcatatttt tctcatttag
   106801 tggtctgaat atatagcctt tctggcctgc caggtctctg tggataggtc tgctgccagt
   106861 ctaatatttc taccattgta tgttacagac ctcttgtctt gagctgcttt caggattttc
   106921 tctttgtcat taagaattgg aggggctctc agcctgatct taaactgtga tccaaggcac
   106981 aatcagacca ctgttatttg agcagggacc ccaaaagtgg cagatccagg gacaccactt
   107041 ccttccttct ctgggacgag tggtactgga gcacgtggca ggaatctact gagtttggag
   107101 actccaaatg gggctaagac agaaatgctt ggtcctggcc aggtgagctc agagtgcagc
   107161 cagagaccag ggagatggga gggattaact acttttctct gagagtgcac tgaggagtag
   107221 agccccaagc tctaagctcc tacagagcca gagattggta ggccaccatc ttaattcctg
   107281 gttccatctc tgcagccagc ttccccactc caataactgg gagctctgcc accctcagac
   107341 accccaggtc tttctgtgac cccacagatc ttgagaccac actgtccccg cttagcctcc
   107401 ggagcttttt ccctcagtgg agcagacttc taaaagttgt gattttgtgc tcctctgctc
   107461 caccacttgc caggagccag ccactccccc aacggtctat cttcagattc acttctctgc
   107521 atgacctact tccagaaagt gatcactttt ctgttcctag aattgctgct cttcttctct
   107581 tctatctcct gttgagtttg taggtgttca aaatggtttg ataactatat agctcaactc
   107641 ctctagctga actcctggaa cctgatgata ttttagtctc ctattcctct gccatcttgc
   107701 tcacaaatcc ccaaacctag ctctttcaaa aaccattatt ttattattat cactcatggg
   107761 actctaaaga gaaattggga tccactgggt gtctggggtt cagagatgct catgggttgg
   107821 ccgtcatatg gggctggatc catctcaggg ctcacataca tccttggacc tgggctggga
   107881 ggctccttgc agaggctgga gcaacatctg tttgtccacg ggatctccca ggctgcaatt
   107941 tcagagccct ctgcattctc acacatggtc tctgggctgc catggtatgt gtcctgggaa
   108001 agggactgca ggtgtggctc tgtgacctca ggggcccctc agcatcactc ggatgtctct
   108061 ttcaggtgtc atggtcacaa aggcctgctg ggagtccagg ggaggggagc acagactgct
   108121 cctcttggtg ggagacccgc atggctctgg aagaacttgt ttggaaaaga caaccttcca
   108181 cacacagaag ctgattggag gcacgtgtgc cagacaatga ctcggttttt taaatgaaac
   108241 ccaaaggggt taactgactt tcccaaatga ttcaagacca gcttccctcc cccagcaaga
   108301 atctggatgg agctgggttt cacttggaat aaagatgaca ggactactga agaatgaggc
   108361 ctgcctggct tctggaacac ctgaagcctc acccctcccc tcctttcact ccccatagcc
   108421 tccctggggt gtgggctgtg gcctcctgca ggaacaggat agaaaacgct ccatcttctg
   108481 ttccctccct taaacaacac tctgttctac agatgggagg cgggtgatgc ctaagtcatt
   108541 cctccccatg gaacccagtg aagattttct tcatccctag acaattctct aggaggaagc
   108601 taaacagtct caataagaaa gaattggctg ccgtctttaa aactgaagtt tttaatttat
   108661 aacgaatgtg tgttttccct ttaaaaccaa tgtacatttt tcctttcatc tctatactta
   108721 tgacaatgtt atgggctatt tatagtttta tccacttaaa agatgaggaa agagagcttt
   108781 aaaggtttta aatcagtcat tcattgtttt actcctttat ctgaccaaag ttgtcatcat
   108841 gatgataata atacaatagc tacaattcac tgatcccttt ctcagtgccc agaacagtgc
   108901 ttagcctttc ccaaacaaca tcccagcaag tctgtgaact ggcttgaaag cagacccgcc
   108961 aacctcctgg gaatcagcct ttctatctat atccaaatca cacacctgta gctccgtccc
   109021 tcctatgtgc aggtaggtaa gtccctttct gatttcttag catctccagg tgcacttgtg
   109081 ctcagctgac atcataccca caccacagct gcccacgtct ctggccaccc ctgggttcca
   109141 attctgtgtt cctgctacag cttcctcctg cttctcacac tgtgtgatgc agtcccttgt
   109201 tcctaggctg agatcccaca cccaaaaagc tattatatga gacaaggttt tgtgggtatt
   109261 ggaaacaatg gaaggatggg cagggtgtgt gagtcactgc acagaaaaga aaatgaatta
   109321 gcaatagaca ggacagccgt ccactgccac caactcctcc agactctccc tctggcatcc
   109381 tttctcctgt tgtgccctgt agggcatcac atatgccacc ccaaatatgc cctttagaca
   109441 tacagattat tttgagctga agacaattga gaaataggag ccaaaacaaa aaaccaacaa
   109501 aacaaaacac agaacacctc tctgctctcc cttaccatct tcccaaaagc aaacctagac
   109561 tcttcatcac tgaggactct agacttttac cagcccagag acatcaggag aggaatctcc
   109621 ataacaaacc ttggtaacat aatgcttgcc ctccatccgt ctcccgttct agttatcttc
   109681 ccacaggttg ctgcccctaa aggcccaaac tccttttcct ttgtcttgtg acttctctgc
   109741 atttactcct ctatgctatg atgctcaata agccccaagt tctaacctcc cctcagagtt
   109801 actcatcact ggatttctcc tgcatgtatg tgcacggaac atgttagtaa gttacatttt
   109861 tctcacctca gtctctcttt tatcagttta atttccagga acctaggaag gtaagagaaa
   109921 aaggtctttc ttcctctaaa cccctcatgt gtctgagtcc ctagtggtag agtccctgag
   109981 tctcctcatg aaaaactaaa cgtttacttt caaaacattg atccacttcg cacttgtttt
   110041 ccttcacctc cgtattatgt atatctccaa aagttttgct ttcaaaacca aaatgtctat
   110101 ggtgtttgct taaacaatag gcagattttc tccagtaaaa cccaatcatt taccttttac
   110161 ccaggagtga gtgaaattgc taaaaatcaa cattttcccc cttttaaccc attatagagc
   110221 aattattttt ccataataca tgtggggaaa taaatattag agtctaatct taatctaagt
   110281 tcataaaact ctcaggaaca ccatacaacc agaaatagag gaaactggtt tcctgattct
   110341 gaccagtgat ttaatggggt ttacatttca taaacatatc ttaggggaac agcatctctc
   110401 tccaccatgg tcttagcagt tggctttctt tagttctgct tctgtcttct gcagcacttt
   110461 tgtgtaggga ataaacacct gccaatctct acccagttat gaaggcatct gagtggaaaa
   110521 cagaagcccc tactcatgag acaagaaaaa ggaagcagca ctcttccaga gaaacctgaa
   110581 agaaaagggg aggattaaaa cttgttcaca caccatttca ggaagacttc aagcatgagt
   110641 catcaaccct tcataaatcc ttgaaggggc acctgggtgg ctcagtcagt tgagcatctg
   110701 actcttggtt ttgcctcagg tcatgatctt ggggtgctga gatcaagccc cttgttggac
   110761 tccccactca ggtgtctgct tcccctctcc ctctccctag accccttccc cagcttgtgc
   110821 actctctcta aaataaaaaa atctttaaaa aaagtccttg ggggaagagc ttctttctca
   110881 agaacaaggc tctatggcca caatgatttt tgatatgggt gtgacttctt gtagataatt
   110941 tcctgatgaa ggaaattggt cattggtcaa ttgctctgct tggtcatgga tgcttgttct
   111001 tgaagaaccg gattgctgga cattgatttg tgacagtgac ttgggccact ggatgttttc
   111061 aggtggaggt ttgtcgaaga tttttttctt gggatggaga cacaccactg aattacacac
   111121 actgaaattc agtagttacc aaatacagag aaagcaagcc aggggccatt tgtttgcctt
   111181 tctttttcct aaataatctg gttcattgag tctttgagct tagctgagaa gcgagatgca
   111241 atgaaagtgt aattattgct ttttctcaaa ttccttcttt ctctcttctt ccttcctctc
   111301 ttccttcctc cttccttctt ttcttccctc ccttccctcc ttccttttct ttatcttttt
   111361 cagttccctt cctttttttt ttttaacttt gatgactata aatgtcagga cagagtcaag
   111421 gaaaggggag caaccaagtg aatgatgctg aatttcccct ttgctcaaaa ggatatgatg
   111481 gagaacaata aattccagag gatttcctat gggagaaagt atctggagac acacacggtg
   111541 aaagttttct aagtgtatga tgggagtcct agtcctatta tgagtttctc cagacagcca
   111601 acctaagata tacaccctta tatctaagga tatgaaggat agcctggatt tctatcctta
   111661 gaataaaatg agttctcttt ctatttagga aggcacagtc cttgggcttt aagcacaggc
   111721 ttgtcaatct tgctatgaaa gagcagtggg actttaccca gtgattttgt ctgttaggct
   111781 gggttgagac caaataaatc tgagaactcc cagaaggtct tctgcatgtt tcatggtaaa
   111841 gggagagtgt ctattttgaa cggttggttc aaataatcta tttaacctag agaaaaattg
   111901 gtgagaaatt tcagtctacc ctcaaattat ttcaagcctc tttttttttt aattttttat
   111961 ttcttttcag cataacagta ttcattgttt ttgcaccgca cccagtgctc cgtgcaatcc
   112021 gtgccctctc taatactcac cacctggttc ccccaacctc ccaccccccg ccccttcaaa
   112081 accctcagat tgtttctcag agtccatagt ctctcatggt tcacctcccc ttccattttc
   112141 cctcaactcc cttctctcca tctcccttgt cctccatgct atttgttatg ctccacaaat
   112201 aagagaaacc atatgaaatt gactctctct gcttgactta tttcactcag cataatccct
   112261 tccagtccgg tccatgttgc tacaaaagtt gggtattnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   112321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   112381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnncat cctttctgat ggaggcataa tactccatag agtatatgga
   112441 ccacatcttc cttatccatt catctgttga agggcatttt ggttctttcc acagtttggc
   112501 gaccatggcc attgctgcta taaacattgg ggtgcagatg gcccttcttt tcactacatc
   112561 gtatctttgg ggtaaatacc caggagtgca atggcagggt catagggaag ctctattttt
   112621 aatttcttga ggaatctcca cactgttttc caaagtggct gcaccaactt gcattcccac
   112681 caacagtgta agagggttcc cttttttcca catcctctcc aagcctctta attcttgggt
   112741 ctatgttacc tggtgtgggc gatgagaata aaattggcaa tatgaagaca agacaatgga
   112801 tcttcatggt tgacaaactc aagggccagc caaggatgaa gagcaaggtg attttctttc
   112861 aatctttata aagattaagg gaacatggtt attggcagaa atggtgttta caattctagc
   112921 aaaattacac aatgatgaaa gggcagcatc tttccttctg gttctcatgt ctcgctctta
   112981 gaacataaaa cacatcccct gagccagatg caaaagtcat agggccatat gcctcagaaa
   113041 ttgctgtccc acttccatgt gggatgtaga aagtatatcc ataaacggat tctttctggc
   113101 agtgaatctg ggtggtgtgg agctaggctg ggtctatctc catttagtag caatcctagg
   113161 acacatagcc tgggtttaat ctgttctcac tgtggttctt taaggctccc aattttccat
   113221 tctcctcccc aagggacagg agacagaatg gggtcagaat ggttttcaat tcagtataca
   113281 tggggcatat tcaaccctgc ccatgaatca ggacttggtc agaccaagga tctctacgcg
   113341 tactcttggg agtttgagca ggacaaaatc ggttaacatt tagagctgag agaagggagg
   113401 aaaagtagat taccttcaac aggtaaagga ccccgtgaca cctgaatttt cttatgctat
   113461 taatttcatg tgaatagcct cttaattcac cactatcata gagatgttga gttaaggtaa
   113521 catcttattt ctcttcttca gaaaaagaga ctgttggacc aaagtaactc gattgtgaac
   113581 ttcttctagt ctatgacact ttctatgcaa atgaggattc tgggaatgtg cctttgtgac
   113641 ctcaggttat tcctggagtc tgattagtca tgtccagatc ccagatccca tgtcctaatc
   113701 ccagattaga aggtgtggag gccacacagt gtttgtgaaa cagcagtttc tttttcttag
   113761 agtagccctt tgggggtatg tgatgaatta ataattaaac ctccaattgt aagaataaag
   113821 cttcagtagt gtagatttat tccttgtcac ttctactgag gatttttttt tttttttttg
   113881 gctagcggtg gggatcttct cggaaatgtg aaatcacagg acacagacag catgccctcc
   113941 cccctctgcc caagaagggg gcaccttttc caactaaatc cacactgtaa gtctgaaaca
   114001 ggtccttttt gtaacagtga gcccagggcc tctaccaagg gaaggatatt tgacatatga
   114061 accatacata tttttaggaa aaaagataca taaagaaaaa tgttgagttt ttgtcatttt
   114121 tttttctcca ctaaacaatg cagttttgga tcttttgtgt ggttaatttt atgctcaagt
   114181 ccagatttta aactactatt tcattttttt aagcttttat ctatttattt gagagaaaga
   114241 gagaggaaga gagcatgata ggggagaagg tcagagggag aagcagactc cccgccatgg
   114301 agatgcgagc ccgatgcctc ctcaatccca gaactccagg atcatgacct gagcggaagg
   114361 cagtcactta accagctgag ccacgcaggc atccctattg attcattttt ttttttaata
   114421 gcacgtgagc acagccacac ataaactcct attcttaaag caaatgacaa catcccttgt
   114481 atttttagtg aaacctaaaa ataagattaa aaaaggcaaa agacatcaga aatccaaaca
   114541 ctgtgtcaga aagaaaacgt gtgtcagtgc ccccttgagt aaacctgcaa gagcttctct
   114601 ttccaaggct gtgttcatgc cagtaagtcc taactctata attattagga gagaattttc
   114661 ggacaaagac tgggtgctgc tgaggtccca aggggtcgtt cctgttgtag aagcacccag
   114721 tcaaggttct gatccacagc tgggacaggg tttggcgagg acttcgtagc aggtcagatc
   114781 ttctgagaga gagaaaattc ccccgaagct ctgctaagtc agtctccacc atgggccagt
   114841 ggtttcagaa tcagaaacag ccagcaggtg gttatttgta tgattttgtt ttccagcaaa
   114901 ttcagttgat gaggtttgag gctgagatgg gagaaaaaga tgcagctaaa agtacaggaa
   114961 tggtttagca agaacctaat aggtacgtaa gtgctcatag aaaacgactt tggttaacaa
   115021 acctgttgtg ggatgagccc tgggtgttat aaggaattgc tgaacaccac accaaaaact
   115081 atggtgtact atatgtacta aacggtgtac tatatgtact gtatgtgtac atgtagtgta
   115141 ctatatgtca gctagctggt gtactatatg tcagctagat gaacatatta acaattaatt
   115201 aattaattaa ttaaaaaaga aaagcaacct gttgtgataa tgtttctagt gtccgagtgg
   115261 tctcaggtgg ggtgtgggtc tcatgctttc tctaccctgt ctctcatgga gtctttcctt
   115321 cctttgtctc tctcttgcct cgccttcctt ccccactgcc tgctgcgaag tgtggggaca
   115381 cagccataac cgacgttgct aagaaatgga ctattcgaca caatttcttg taggggggtt
   115441 cttgggtggc tcagtgggtt aaagcctctg cctttggctc aagtcatgat cccagggtcc
   115501 tgggattgag ccccgcatcc agctctctgc tcggcaggga gcctgcttcc cttcctctct
   115561 ctctgcctgc ctctctgcct acttgtgacc tctgtctgtc aaataaataa gtaaaatctt
   115621 taaaaaaagt aatttcttgt aggtaaccag tctgctctgg gctcaacttc ctattttctc
   115681 tccttccttc cttcatccct ttaattctgt gttcataaaa tcaaggatat aacagaagtt
   115741 aggcatccag ttagaaacac tgtttttgat gggctgcctc ccggcaggga tccagaacaa
   115801 cgccgctggc agggttcggg ggttggtgtc ctccaggccc ctggacctgc aaggacacag
   115861 ccatttcaaa tatagcctgg gctgctttgt tctctggggc actcccggtg acccagaggc
   115921 tcatccttta cgcatcaaga tttataaagt agcattctgc acgtctgtcc ttggatgaaa
   115981 tcaaatttct tgcttctatt aaaaaagaaa agtcatctag cagcagcttg ctgttaagcg
   116041 acagcctgag cagaggggaa aacaagctac ttggcttctt cctttcccct tggcttagaa
   116101 atggttttgt gcctgggtgg ctcagtcggt taagcgtctg cctttggctc ctgccataat
   116161 cccagagctc ctggatttag cgcatctgtg ggctccctgc tcagtgggga gtctgcttct
   116221 ccctctccct ctgctcatcc cccctgctgg tgcttgcacc ctctcaccct ttctctaatg
   116281 tgctctctta aataagtata attttttaaa aaattgtata tatttaaggt atacaaaatt
   116341 atttgatgtg tacacatagt gacatgatta ctgtagtgag gataattaac atatctcccc
   116401 acataactac catccctgcg tgtgtggtga gagcatctga aatctactct cctagcaaat
   116461 tcgaaggttc gacaccatat tcctaactat agtcattcgc cggacacgag atcgctcggc
   116521 ttcctcatct cccctaacta ccactctgta ccctttcacc agcatctccc catttccctc
   116581 agcaacctgc ccctggtaac cagcatccga ctctctgctt tcagtgttca gctcttgtag
   116641 attccacata tcagtgacag catgtagtcc tttattcttc cctctgtgtc tgtcttattc
   116701 tacttagcat aatgccctcg gtgctgtcca tgttgctgca aatgacagga tttccttcct
   116761 tctaatagct gactaatagt tcatcgtgcg tatagcatac ttctttatct gtccgtccac
   116821 tgatggacac gtaggttgtt tccatatctt ggctactgtg aataatgcta cagtgagcat
   116881 gggggtgccc acagctcttt gggattctgg tttcattccc tgagtatata ctcaaaagtg
   116941 ggattgctac atcacttcgc ctttctttct tcttcttctt cttctttttt ttttttttga
   117001 gaaatccact tactgttttc catagtggac atatctattt ataatcctat taacgatgta
   117061 tccgagttcc cttttctcaa catcttatca acatctgttt tatttttttt attgctaacc
   117121 atcccagcag gtgtgaggtg gtacctcact gaggttttga cttgcatttc ctgatgatga
   117181 gtgatgctga gcatcttttc atgtgtctgt tgaccacaca gagccaagga aaaaacgaaa
   117241 tgcaaaagca acctacagat tgggagaaaa tgttcacaaa ccatgtatct gataaggggc
   117301 taatatacaa aatatgtggg gaaaacatac aactccatag taaaacaata tacaacttga
   117361 tttaaaaatg gacaaaggac ctgaatagaa agtctccaaa gatgaaggtg tacgaagagc
   117421 ggttgaaatt ttaatactga ttgcattgaa tgtgtagttg cttttggtag cacatcttaa
   117481 acttaagaaa aaaaaaagtg ggaaggcatg gcctgacctt gcaggagata atgacgagtg
   117541 tgtgaattac agtcacctta tggaggctct ttgtctaaat caccctaaga tgtataaatg
   117601 ttctcatttt cctgactgcc aaaagggtgt gggtatatct gaggtatctt acgatttctt
   117661 tttttttttc tttttcccct ctcgcgaacc taattagagc tctagcaatg ttatgatcct
   117721 ctcaaagatg actacaggac cattttcttt ttattcattt ttatcctttc tactttgggt
   117781 tcacttccct ttattctagt tccttagggt agaaatttac attgttgatt tgtgagcttt
   117841 accccgtcaa tcttaaaagc attcgatgtt ataaatttct ctctaagcat tgcttaagtt
   117901 gcattcccac aaattttggc atgctatttt catttttgag aagtttaaaa tatttgctaa
   117961 cttctcatgt gatttcttct catacccatt agaagcatgt tgattaattt ccacatattt
   118021 ggggattttt ccagatatct ttctgtaatt catatctttg aaaattccat tgtggacaga
   118081 catagtgtat atctgggtat gatacacagt gaataatttc aatttttctt cattttttga
   118141 gacttgtttt atagtccaat agagctatat tgcataacat ttcaatggat tctgtgatta
   118201 ttgggtagag tgtcctataa gtttcattag gtcacacacc gatgacaccg ttgttcacgt
   118261 cttccatatt attcctgatg ctttgtctgc ttttgttttt tgttatgagt gaagtgtggt
   118321 aatatctaat tgtaattact tatgtattgg tttctcttct catttctacc agttttcctt
   118381 taagacttta gggactttgt tattaaaagc attctaattt aatatgaaca tatgttcttg
   118441 gtgaatgaac cactttatac ctggggaaaa tatccttttt tatctctcct aatactccta
   118501 aaatatactc tgatttatag gcaattagcc agcatggcca atcgtatttt ctttagctca
   118561 tctgttttca gtcttttatt tttaatctat ctttgccttt ccatttgata ccccaagtgg
   118621 gtttcgtata gacagcgtgt atcttatttt ttaagaagct gacaatctct ccctttgaga
   118681 atgaatctta gctgaacatg ttgtacctaa gttttcatga gggaccacca aggagccaac
   118741 accgatgcaa tcacatgagg gtttatttaa caagcttaag tttgggccca agtataccca
   118801 acacagagac acagcgacac agcggactag ggacttggac ccccaaccag attacagtta
   118861 gagtttttaa aggcagagta ggggtggact cagcgggggg tgaggacaaa ggggattagg
   118921 gatgatgtaa gtctctaagg aatcttggaa gcaaggtctc caggaccttg aagggctagc
   118981 tcttgttggg agaaaggtta tttattacta gcaataaaaa atcttctcgt gagacccttt
   119041 agatgtatat cagtgggtca tatgcttggg aatgatcgct gacactatct tggagattta
   119101 gagataaagt ttcacatttc tcctatcaag tgtccttgtt agtgagattt agatttagaa
   119161 gaaatttaac tttatttcca ttttcttccg cttcagcctc cttcagtttt atggagggga
   119221 gggcgacatt agggcttgag gaactgagtt attcgcctct ggaaattggg ctattgacaa
   119281 gatagcttct ttgttgtaaa tctctaggac atttgtagag ggagggagac tcctgtctag
   119341 caggattgtg atctctgcag gttaactgtt tgtttttctt ttagggcagt caggggtggc
   119401 tgaggaatgt cacacatact accgagggga ggggagccgg tggagagcgg gtgcaaggtg
   119461 ccagcttttg ctttgccaag atggctgtac ttatgtcagg gctagactcg aggtgggtac
   119521 agccttgttt ttcttggcct tcacttacat tttactccag cctgcagagc cagatttcca
   119581 tctggcatta tttttcttct gactggtacc tttttttttt tttttaataa tgtaggcttt
   119641 ctgggaagga attttcttag ctttttgttg ttgtggttta aaaaaatttt cccccttggg
   119701 acgcctgggt ggctcagttg gttggacgac tgccttcggc tcaggtcatg atcccggagt
   119761 actgggatcg agtcccgcat caggctccca gctccacagg gagtctgctt ctctctctga
   119821 ccttctcctc attcatgttc tctctcactg tctctctctc aaataaataa ataataattt
   119881 aaaaaatctt taaaaaaatc cccccccctt tttttaaaat agacttttta gagccgtttt
   119941 gggtacacaa ccacgctgag cagaaggtgc agagatttcc cacatgtctt tacacaggca
   120001 cggcctccct cccagagggt ccacagcctc ccagcggcta tgttagttac agctaatgca
   120061 cctgcacgat gcaccatgac cacccagagt agttccagaa cagttcactg gagctccaca
   120121 gcccagctac acatgcaatc ccttcctgag gactctctcc atgcagctgt gggaaggtac
   120181 gtgctccggc ctggtatgtg ttcctggaat tgtccatcga gtcccttcgg cgtgtttttg
   120241 ttttgctctg ggcttgccaa gtttcacccc aggcatgctc aaaccagcac cagaccaaga
   120301 ttccagggag ccctttgttg cccgtggagc tccaccccca tccagatgtc ctcttctggt
   120361 tttccgctct gagcacgggg gtcttgtggg gcctgaactc agaaggattg caggtaagcc
   120421 tgggttctcc cctgtgcttt ggtctggggt ctgcttccca agacaggggg tctccctcat
   120481 gccccacccc caccccccct cctgcagtca cagcccccca tgctggctgt gcagtgtctg
   120541 gaagtgtctc ccatctctgt ctgcttccct agttgcatcc cgtctgaggg caggtcccac
   120601 agcagttcat gctttttttt ttttaattta aattttattt aatttctttt gctttctttt
   120661 tctaacattt tttttgaaat ttttaaaaat tttttcagcg taacagcatt cattgttttt
   120721 gcaccacacc cagtgctcca tgcaatctgt gccttctcca atacccacca cctggttccc
   120781 ccaacctccc acccccccac cccttcagaa ccctcagatt gtttttcaga gtccatagtc
   120841 tctcatggtt cacctcccct tccaatttct ctcaactccc ttctcctctc taactcccca
   120901 tgtcctccat gctatttgtt atgctccaca aataagtgaa actatatgat aattgacttt
   120961 ctctgcttat ttcactcagc ataatctctt ccagtcccgt ccatgttgct acaaatgttg
   121021 ggtattcatc ctttctgatg gaggcataat actccatagt gtatatggac cacatcttcc
   121081 ttatccattc atccgttgaa gggcatcttg gttctttcca cagtttggcg accgtggcca
   121141 ttgctgctat aaacattggg gtacagatgg cccttctttt cactacatct gtatctttgg
   121201 ggtaaatacc cagtagtgca agtctctaca ccttaaagaa ctggagaatc aacaacaaat
   121261 caaacaaact ccacacataa gaagagaaat catcaagatt agagcagaga tcaatgaggt
   121321 agaaaccaga gataccgtag aacgtatcaa tgaaactaga agctggtttt ttgaaagaat
   121381 caataagatc gataaaccat tggccatact aatccaaaat aaaagagaga aagnnnnnnn
   121441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnaactgta ctcgaggaac tacagaacac
   121561 tcatgaaaga aattgaagaa gacacaaaaa gatggaagac cattccatgc tcttggatca
   121621 gaagaataaa caatgttaaa atgtccatac tgcctagagc aatctatact tttaatgcca
   121681 ttccgatcaa aattccaccg gtatttttca aagagctgga gcaaataatc ctaaaatttg
   121741 tatggaaatc ggttcatgct tttttgatgg aaagtgggat caaggctctt ctctttggga
   121801 atctgtttcc atcttctgac agctggttct cttgcttttc cgtagggctg gtgtgaggaa
   121861 aatgggtctc ccaccgcagc tcctggaatc cttccatatc aacatcgaga ggacactgac
   121921 tagttaaact gcagggcctc agaccaccgg gatgaaacag tttctcagca gcttttgtgc
   121981 tcaaggcact ttcctaggcc atccagaaat gattaagaca aagtctttgc ccttaaaaat
   122041 gatgcaacca gacatggaga ttggaaataa gcgaatggta caacgcagaa atcaaacaaa
   122101 attcagagaa gaggttttca gtccgaaccc tgcagtgtgc cagaggaaag ctcatattct
   122161 tttgggaaag cagctctctc tgtaaggagg tcgtcgcatt tgtgatggcc cctggaggat
   122221 gtgcaaaagt ttagagatga agctggaagg gtgattgtat gcctggtgag aggtccgctg
   122281 gagcagaggc atgggtgaga ggaaagctaa gggaattttt taggaggaac agggaggcca
   122341 atctctttgg ggagcataat ttgcaaaaga ggagtcaaat ctgataacgc ttggaaaata
   122401 agtttagact tttttgaggc ttccttttgg agactccaaa ggtgagtctg ggaaggcatt
   122461 ctaacttacc agtttggtaa caactaccac aataaccaga atttaaaaag gacaatcaag
   122521 cttctctttc ttttgaaaaa aaaaaaaatt aaaatttgat ttttctcctg taaacttaca
   122581 ggagacattt tcacacttta caatgtcccc agtcagtgtt tccggatttt atttctttct
   122641 tcggcagcat tttcggcccg aggaagaaca gcggcctatc tgctcctcct ttggcagaca
   122701 gctaagcaca gcacaccgcc cactccttat tcggcaataa tacctctgca gggtatttac
   122761 aattcctcca tttcctgcaa ggacaaaata gaacacaggg gaaggcttta gtccaagtac
   122821 aaggcttttg gaattcctca aataaccgat ctgttgcctt tcttttattt ttccccggtc
   122881 ccctttcctg aattggaaag tgaattcggt tatagaccca gttgtatgct tcatagggtt
   122941 gaacacatac atacattgct ttaagccaag aaacaagaaa atacacattg gaaagatact
   123001 ggtttgaatt tggtagatac caatttgtaa tttcctttat aaataaaata ttattctgat
   123061 cactattcca gggaattgtt tgtttttctt ttattttaag gtgtttttct ttctttttaa
   123121 atcaactttt ccttttttta gaaaatgaga agtaaagtag aggaaggatt aagcaaccaa
   123181 ctgacctgtg cttctgtggg tcacagctca gccggggacc aaggtggccg tgggggaggg
   123241 atgcggctgg gctcgcgggg gctgaggctg caggggcccc ctgaggttcg cagcccccca
   123301 gggactccac ttacaacccc taaagctagt aagtaggagt ctgttcttct gatctcagat
   123361 taaatccatc tttcctgctg gggttaaagt ttttctatca ctttctttat gtctctcgag
   123421 caggtaaggc tcgtccctgt ccatgatggg ctggtctttg tgagctattt agtctctgaa
   123481 aaggtcaggg aaacggcttc aagatccttg atgagtctca ccagaaaaaa gaaactggtg
   123541 atgtctgttc ccataccaca aatcgacctg gtctgaagtt cccgaggaat ggaaacggac
   123601 cgcctctgca tgacatccct gcagttccca caaccctctc acctcccagc ccatctcacc
   123661 tggaacaggc atcaagaaca gaaagggcaa caggagaaga aggtaataga tcctcatggc
   123721 cgaccggctt ctcggcgcgc tgagactggg tgggaaggtg tgcccgcctg ctttataagg
   123781 gttacaggac acgccacgca gccataggga cgggtgagca gcagctgcaa ttcctgtaat
   123841 agtacaatga tgacaatatg acgtgtttcc cgatgcttca tgccagtgtc tcttacccca
   123901 cagaccacgc ccactcaccc cgagttaatt gcaaacctaa agggtgaagc aagcctgatg
   123961 tgagcaccca gctattctga tgccctctag gctccaggag cgcctcgggg tctggccggg
   124021 agctagctac aggtataggt ggcaaagacc ctctcctctt gggggcattc ccagggcata
   124081 tcgttgggag ctgcccgtgc ccccactggg gtacttctga tctatcttcc taaagtccta
   124141 gaagattctg gagctcacct aggaccgtag cagtccagct ttggacatat tcagaatcta
   124201 ggtgcaagct caggctgggt cacacctcga gcctgcattc aggcatttca gggtatgcct
   124261 gaaattgaga taaaatggga tcagcttctt gataataaga aagggaggat aaatgggcac
   124321 tttccacagt cccttactct gtgctctttg gtgtgcaata tgggcagtaa cttgggtgaa
   124381 acagggttta cagttcatca ttgtctgaaa actgtcagat tcatgagtca aggtgtctca
   124441 tcctccttca tcagagaagg agaatgctgg gatgatgtat ttggtgggcc agcacctctt
   124501 ccttcttgat gacactccct atacaaataa ggggcttagg aaggtgcatt taagactttt
   124561 ggttactcat gtcttgggag cattcaagga agtccagaga tcaggtgatg tccactggat
   124621 atagactcaa tgttttaaga accagcttta aaaaactata ttggacttaa atgttaagga
   124681 atccattagt ggtttatatt tgttgatagg ctatttaatt gggagctgaa gtcccatgac
   124741 attgtctggc tgttgtgtta cgtgaacgca gttacaacag atccaccaag gtccaggtat
   124801 attacttcta ggagtgcatg tttgggatcc tggcgcaccc atcagattct gtaagccatc
   124861 tctgaacacc tcccatagag agacaagtgc catatgctcg ggatcagagg gatggaagtg
   124921 gacgggaggc aaagagtgac cagttcaagt tctttctctc agagagcatc tgtgtaggta
   124981 aaggcagatg tgcgtgcagt caaagccaca gaggggggca tttcaacaag tgtcacagta
   125041 cgggttttag cacaaggcta tagaaatgga gaagaaatgt aattcacagc agaaggcaga
   125101 tttagatgat ttaagaaggg tttnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   125161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   125221 nnngaaaagg gtttcaagtg gtagacactt cccttttttt aaatcaaaat tttctcagaa
   125281 gttcaggatt taagacaaag caggtattat attatttatt tatttactta tttagagaga
   125341 ggcatgagga ggggcagagg gagagggaga gaaagaatcc taagcaggct ccatgcccag
   125401 cgtggaatcc catgcagggc tccatctcat gaccctgaga ccatgacctg agccgaaatc
   125461 gagagtccag atgctcatcc agtgagccac ccagatgccc ccaagcaggt atttttaagt
   125521 ggggaaggaa gtgcgtgtgg gacaggacgg ctgttagctg cacagacagc cttgctcagt
   125581 cttacgcagg ctaggagaga ggacgggtgg gcgttgcagg aacgtagagc ccgctctcag
   125641 cccagggctg gggctcgtct tagggggatg atttctcttc cacagggaag acagaccccc
   125701 ggtgacctct tggtgtaact ggttccttca aagcttggaa ggcatttcca aggcaatgcc
   125761 actatttttt aagagggaat gaaagctatt ttggtaactg gggtttgcct tcttggctta
   125821 ttataccttt tttttttttt taatgtcagg aatacttcaa gcctcttcag tcctagtagt
   125881 cacacaacct ccagctgaga atgaagatgc cgccacggta tcggatgcac tgggaagacc
   125941 tggccccacg ccctggccct ggaggcttga gtcctggagc ctggacctgc agaccgagct
   126001 tggaaccgca gaccccacac cccgatgcct tggcgtccag attctctctc agctctaaag
   126061 cgctttcccg atgctaagac agttggggag agatgtcaat tatttaactt ttttgttaga
   126121 ctttctgctc atgttttttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttttt aaattcattt tgcaaatatg
   126181 gaacagagat ttgattgata caagttttgg gtccagggca gccctgtgtg gatggagggc
   126241 agaccactag gacactgggt tagggaccca agttagccat tgaactctca gccccgacac
   126301 ctattatttg ggtttcctgc aggaagttcc ttagatccct gagcatctga gccctcagca
   126361 gtaagctcgc aggggaggcc ttcagagcga atgtcatgaa acacactgac aactgtaaat
   126421 taccacatga tctgagtatc acccataggg ccctcaggaa gcccaatcaa gaaggggatg
   126481 gtgatcctca ggaagcttaa agatgatggc cttggctccc agcacaggaa tccgggatat
   126541 gtgttccttt atcttatcac catccaaaag tggcccagcc actctccttt atggccgttt
   126601 tgacgtcctg cccactgctg gatgagttac acaggcctga tcccagtctt acggtggaga
   126661 cattgaggcg taggctgagt gacttgccct cctaggtcac ccagactgtc aatggccgca
   126721 ctgtgaacta caggggattg tgtacatttt tcaggagccc ctgctttcca tgcgccatat
   126781 agactggcca cagggatgcc ttcacagaag gtgggagggc aggaggtggc gagaagccaa
   126841 ggtattcctc tgctgttcct cagaaggcat ctcctctggg cctccgattc ctaccagaaa
   126901 cctacttcat tcatggtcct ggcttccacc aggcgggtcc accatgacct gttaggagct
   126961 ccatatctta ggcttcggaa atattacctc cttcctcctt cggtccctct ggccttaggg
   127021 acaggatttc ctttcggctg ctgccaattc tgagttgact caccatacat ttggcttgtc
   127081 agttctctta gataaccatc gatattaaat tctccccatt gacgttctta aatttctttc
   127141 agtgtctctg gttggacttt gacggtcttc aaagtccatg ctctaaacca tcacagtatt
   127201 gtagttctgt cccttcctct cctgtcactg cattgtcacc agctagaata atgctttgct
   127261 ctacgcagcc ctcctgaatg tcccatcggc atctcaagat ttagcaggaa gtgggatctt
   127321 tgaggcagtg gttgggggct gaaagtcaat gccagcttct cgtggcctct tgttacctgt
   127381 ttccactgca ggtgtatgtg aggtggtttc tagtcttctg atttatcact gctattttag
   127441 cagtgataca tttaaataat ttaaataact aatttaatta attttaataa tttaaataat
   127501 tttaaattac ttttccacaa aataatgtaa gcaaggaaac aggaaaaaga aaaccttcct
   127561 ccaaccatgt aaccatagat caccttttct tctagaaagg taacaaactg taggcttcta
   127621 gctggaacca ctcatggagg tactttgttt ttccagggaa ttaggccctc agggaggttt
   127681 taatgcccag ctgagcaggt cggcccatcg ggtcggccca tcgctgagca ggctgcccat
   127741 ctgccctgct ttgtgccttg atatgtttgc tgagctcctg agagcatccg agctagacct
   127801 tcccctgccc taaaagatac tatcttccct ccaaacccaa gtcagccagc tacttctcaa
   127861 ggtcaggagg tgggctacga gaagcagagg tttcattgca cacaggtcaa ctgagttgtt
   127921 tgtcttcacg gaaccgtgcc gtgtggacaa atactttgta tcaccctcag ctagcaagct
   127981 ttcttggcag ttttgtatct tgcaagcatg aacaaaggtt gttgtccctt cagcttcctg
   128041 cagatgcccc tgtattgtca acacttgatt tgctgtcgtg ctctatccac tgtacaaaaa
   128101 aggagggata tagctacgga aaggcaaggg aggtatgcaa ggaagggata aggcttgggc
   128161 ctgggggacc taccaggagt cacaggacgc cgttgggttg acggggtgcc acagagagtc
   128221 agacagcact cttcttccca ggagccacca cagaggtggc ggggcataga gccaggtgag
   128281 ggagcagtga gacgtctagt tgagccaaag tcaagtggac gagcatgttg ggcaggtttg
   128341 catttaattt ggtagacagg ccatggattc atgagaaact agatctaaga cttaaattct
   128401 ctaacaggat aaccacccgc tgacacctcc ttccagaaac gctgagaagg gggacgcctg
   128461 ggtggctcac tcggttaaga gtctgctttc agctcaggtc atgatcccag agtcctggga
   128521 tcgagtcctg tatcgggctg cctgctcagc aaggagcctg cttctccctc tgcctgctgc
   128581 tctctttctt tccttctctc tctgacaaat aaatatataa aatttaaaaa aaagaagaag
   128641 aaacactgaa gggaaggttt gagaatgctg tgcatacact tgggtaactc tttcccagat
   128701 ccttgtgttt taaagacatt taggtcatcc tcctgcaggt ggtgtctgtg atggctctgg
   128761 gagccgagcc actgtgaggc gagtactcat ggcaggccct gcagccgggc cccctgctcc
   128821 tctacccatc aagagcagag tgattctcga gtagccagac acagtccaga ggaagaagtt
   128881 ctcaggagag gcacggcctg ttttctctgc ctggggctgt gatgtgagga acaaggcaga
   128941 agggaataga gataaaatta aatttcctta taacctgaag cccactgaca aacccttgaa
   129001 gtcggcagag tatgacattc ctcaggaacc cccaaccgtc tttttttttt ttaaagattt
   129061 atttatttat ttgagagaga gacagagaga tcatggggaa gaggaggggg acagggagaa
   129121 gcagactccc cgctgagcaa ggagcccgat gcgggactcg atcccaggat gctgagatca
   129181 tgtcctgagc tgaagtcaga catttaactg acggagtcac ccaggcgccc cttaggagct
   129241 cccaactgtc tcaacaacct tgcaagaggg aaaaacaacc atagcttaat aatagctagg
   129301 cctccaggat ctgtgaatct tttaacatat gaaaattctg ctgggaactt ccttgtcttt
   129361 acctcccctg acccccaagt ctgtctccca tcacccctca caatccccgt gcaacgtgca
   129421 gcagctctct ctgcccacga gttctgtccc catgctttga taaaacccca tgcttttgca
   129481 ccaacaattc tgtcttggtc gtcagctccg aaccccaaca tctccctgtc agctgtgcca
   129541 aaactctgac tcagagacag cggggagggc aactgagctt gtcaccgttt ctgtggtctc
   129601 acacagggac tctctgaggc cctgtgcatt gtccacatac tgaaatcacc cttcgccgcc
   129661 gtatgtacac gcttccttgt atgcagaata aattactttg aagggatggt gtccattttc
   129721 taagttctcc acacgccggg ttttcccttc accccgctgt tccccactct tcccaaacag
   129781 gacgctctaa tccagctgga ctccgggact ccccaccaca gcctgtggcc aggggcagtc
   129841 cttcaggatt tgactcgtgg gtctagcagc actcggcaag ggagaataaa agaaagcgat
   129901 tccacctcca ggttctgcac caggtctctg cggggagctc ctcctgaatg aatgcagctt
   129961 ttcctgggga ggggggtggg caaggggcga ctcttcctcc tatgtctctt tgcagctgag
   130021 atagcgtgat gatggccttt ctgcgtcaga aaacacccag atggttcaga gggtacaatc
   130081 tgagtgacag atgtccaaga cctagacaag ggttctaaaa attaattcct tttctcacca
   130141 agcgcttcag cttatgggga tggaagggaa cggtttccaa ccctctcccc agtgggtcac
   130201 cgtgttccag actctccctc gaatttttgt tatttgcacc tattctggct tcttcctctt
   130261 gttcaggagg aagtttttct ccttccgtgc ctctcttctc tgtgctcttt gaactctgcc
   130321 tttttagcca cataccatta cataacccct ctcctactcc cttttcccac tgggtccttc
   130381 actgtagtcc acattcacac tcaatttttt atttaaaatg aagctgcact tgaccctttt
   130441 tttctcctga aaccatgaca tcaccgtttt ctttcattct ttaccaaatt tctcaaaaga
   130501 gtggtctggg ctcacgtgac ctctgatgcc ctcaacccct tgctccccag ttgattgctt
   130561 cctggcatct gtctcaagaa attccttgca ggtggaatga agtgtgattg gtgccagcat
   130621 ttacctgagt actgagcaga gagaatgaag gcgctgacac caccgggcac ggaggggaga
   130681 cctgctctgg agacagagtc aggctgacga tgggacccct tgtagcaggc taaaactagt
   130741 tcaggaattt gaaaccttag caatgatgtg atgctgcgtg cctttcccag aaactaaaat
   130801 cacaccgaac acagtagaag atgaatctcc cgactcctga gggcaaaatc aagaagggat
   130861 gtagttcata aaagttcata tgtaaggcta ccttccatcc tcctacccat ctgacagcaa
   130921 tattttcttt ccaaatggaa tggtatgtgt atgatgcatt actttctgtt tatatttttg
   130981 ctctcatcag attctttaac tgcatttcat gctcagcctc agtgaaaact catcctatag
   131041 caacacctgc caacagccta cccagcctgc tggctgcttc cttgggaagg atgcttagag
   131101 tgtacgtggc tcttagaact catcggcggg ctgggggctg gggtagagga agaacgtacc
   131161 caaaggcaag acatggtacc caaaaacaca ggacatgtgc cattcttacg taatcagaac
   131221 tgaaacttga aataaatcta tcagctactg ttgcagtagg cagtgggaaa gcctcagatg
   131281 cttcccacac aatgactggc atctacggaa ctgttagtat gtactgagca cacgtacatg
   131341 tggttggcgc tttaatgcac ttttgtgacc aaaaggagtg aggtcactat tataatctag
   131401 gctttaagga caaggaaatt gaggctaaga ggaatgaagt gacttggtaa aattcaagtt
   131461 tggagcccag acaggttcac aggttacacg gaattaggat taggccactt taccacctca
   131521 ggtcacgata attgttttat ttgtttgttt tagtttttat ttaaattcca gttagttaac
   131581 atacagggta ctattagttt caggtgtaca atttagtgat ccaacattta cacataacta
   131641 tgcttcatac ccattttttg gccaaaggtt tcctaagtgg ggtttctagt gggaaggtat
   131701 atgatgtcat gtggtgggaa agaaagcaac aggactgcgg gacatgaagc catatctcac
   131761 ccactcgacc cagacctcag agctgtttct gttttgagac ctctcagata agtgcctcat
   131821 ggaaggggtc accatggcac ctaggacacc agagcatcaa gaaaaatgca agcaaatgat
   131881 gaattttgta tctctctgtc aacctcctct tccacatttc aaaaaaagaa gttttttggg
   131941 ttgcatacat caggaagcag gaaacttttt tctgtaaagg actgtacagt aaaaagaaaa
   132001 tgaggttttg ctgatcatac agttactgtt gcaactactc agctctgtgt gtgtgtgtgc
   132061 caaagtggcc ctaagcaata tgcaacaaac aggcgtggct ttgtttcaat aaaactttat
   132121 ttgtaaaaat aggtagcagc tggctgtagc cagtgcctcc cggcttgcag acccctggct
   132181 tgcatttgtg agactaggag agaggaggca gcctctaaaa ggcttctgat gagcctcaca
   132241 ttctagtact caggcccttg tgtcatcccc tccttttcct tgtgggctca cctcattgac
   132301 acatttccaa cacatagaat cccacttctg ggattaggtt ataaaagacc atggattcca
   132361 tttggggtgt ccctctactc tgacttgctg actttaaggg aagccagatg ccatatttac
   132421 ggctgcccta tggagaggcc cttttggcaa ggaactgagg gaaacttctg gtcaacccag
   132481 tgaggaacat aagtgaacct taatctaaca gctttcaagg aatctacttc tgccaaggac
   132541 cgcatgagtg agcttcacaa agcacatcgt tctctgctga gctttcggtt gaactgcagc
   132601 cctggctaac agcttgaccg gaacatcatg agtgccttga tccagaagca ccccgccaag
   132661 ctgtgcctgg ttcccataac ccacagaaac ccacagacac tccgcatttg ttgttgtgcc
   132721 atgggtaacc accacagtga ggtatagcca tgggtaacca ccacagtgag gtatagcgta
   132781 aaacgcaaga catctggagg cccgtcttct ggagccaggg ttcacgtgga tgtaggttag
   132841 ctgcttaccc atctggacct tccatttccc ctctgcctgc caaaggaggg gggtcatgca
   132901 tttctgaggt tcttacaaat ctaaatcctc atagttcatt gaatggagtc acagcgacac
   132961 ctaaagaatt ggaaatccat gggtgaaact gagcctccca acttattttg ctgtcagttg
   133021 ccaacattta aaggagaaaa gattctgtgt aaaagtccat atctttggtt ccttcagaaa
   133081 agtgtgatga tttaaccact agggcccaca ctcatacctg ggaattgcaa ggtatagcca
   133141 aagatctctg cccctttaca tagaatacaa gccctcaatc agaaccccca ttcactatct
   133201 ttcacaggct tgtctcactt cttcaaaatg cctggctctg ctgggctttc aggggtcata
   133261 taagttatgt ctgatcttgc tttgggatct tccctataac agagcaaagg tgttccagtc
   133321 taggacattg gcccattttg gctccacagg ccctttgtga aatgctgtct gtgtcgtatg
   133381 aactggaccc acgcattctg ctgcatggac ttcgggaaag ccccagctca gagcctggac
   133441 aggaggtgta cgtggtttgt aacaacacct gcgttcttcc ttctctctgc cacacatctg
   133501 gaagacctct ccttcctccc acaaccttta tagaaaaaca cacttcagca ctcacctgtg
   133561 cacacataca cccgcacaca cgcccacacc caattacaga actcacgtag atcagggaga
   133621 agctacactt ccgtgtattc tctctgctcc tgacctgtca gggctcggac aactttctct
   133681 tttcccacca ggtgctggtc ctcgctgccc cctcagctga tggaatctat cccggacgca
   133741 acccctgtgg ctcctccttc cattgctcca tccgcctcct tcctctccac cctcttacag
   133801 tccctgcact cgtttctcgg tttctgtgtt gcctgcattt agagtctcat tcttctgggt
   133861 gccaggcatt atcagctcat gaaaaacaca atctgtctaa gatagggata tatgcacaag
   133921 ccgatttaaa ctaccatgac tcaaaattca tcttgtgttg agggcatact tgtgtttggt
   133981 tataagcatt tcacaggatg tctcttttag gaagcactcc agcctcgggc caaatcctgg
   134041 ctttagcacg ctacttaggt acacacgtgc atagttcaca acacctgctc agacctacac
   134101 agccagcatg gaacgtgtcc agctggggac aacctataaa acctgggggt taggtgggat
   134161 taacaaaaat atcatcaata tctacatgtt gtcacaagtg gtacatattt tagaaaaata
   134221 attttgatca tggcctggat tttaattctc ctggagactg accattgggg atgacccgcc
   134281 cactgtgttc atagtgctgt gaacaaaaga gacaagatga agggggcggg gcgctgcgtt
   134341 ccaaaggggc gagatttgct tctgaccagt tggttccctg tagcctcttg ggaactagat
   134401 tttcttcaag agactgggtg ctcagtgtca caggctgcct tgttcaggtc cctgaagtgt
   134461 ctattagatg tcccacttta ctgactttga gtatttacct cttccttgga gagatgcgga
   134521 agctccaagt atccagctgc agacccacta caaagctacg cccactttct caacaagcaa
   134581 gaactattat gtgtgcccaa atatttcgtc gtcttttcag tctaactgga atggcctgtc
   134641 tttccctgga accatcccct aacatccgta tcttttcctg gtctctcggc cttgctgctg
   134701 tgggctgagc tccgtccttc tctgtcctgc tcttgctttc tctctgcctc ttgtcatcac
   134761 tgtctgtgtt cctgcgtctg tccttgtctg tctcttacgg tgttctctgt ttttcatcac
   134821 cgagtgtgtg tgtgtgagtg tgtgagggtg tgagtgtgcg tgagcgtgtg tgcacgcgtg
   134881 ggggtctctc tacctccacc tttgaggacg gtgcagcaat gtccagtctt ggagtctttc
   134941 cacaccagag gtctcttcct gactggctgc agtgttccag cccctagggc caccctctgt
   135001 agccagcggg gggggatttt caggcagcct cttctggcca ccaggtgcct ccagggctca
   135061 cgtgggaaag cagggccagg acagacacag ccgtctccgt cagcaagccc agccccagaa
   135121 ctctgtagtg acatccgttg aaggtcatgg ggaataaggg aacagaggta tgaaccaacc
   135181 ttcatttctt tttttttaaa tccctcaagc tctatccttc cttccacaca agcctgagct
   135241 cagagaaggt tacaggcatt tttcatcctt tggagacagt ctcctacaaa gagaaaagcc
   135301 cttttctcta ttgtgtgaca tctatttcta tttttacttc tacacgggca gataaacgag
   135361 gtggctattc gttttcctac cccctctttt atttgttctt ctttgaaggt cccaacttcc
   135421 ccagcccacc gtcctcacct tctccagaag gacgtggtca tttgattgga tcctacctgg
   135481 aagaacccag cccctccgct gggatatgaa gggaggggag gcgctcctta atgatcgcag
   135541 ggagcctcaa ggagcagcag gacagaaacc aaaggctact ttgttgaaca atggtgtccg
   135601 gactctccca gaagtgagaa acttctttag caattaggga actgttccct tcctccctct
   135661 gagtgaagcc tgtcatcttc aacacccagt gcctgtcctg gggaggcgca cctctaccac
   135721 ggtcaggagc tggagagaga gctgtgcgcg ctccccttac agtcactcac gaagccagcc
   135781 agaggcgtgg gaccacccac accatcctta gaaagcccaa acgctcccag cttaacgttc
   135841 cccggggcat gagtgtcccc agacactcct ggttgtcctg ctgccgccca aagggccact
   135901 ccagcttgtt caagtgaatg gaaagaggtg ggggagggaa gagggacacc cctcactata
   135961 gcggggctgg gggagagcat ggggtggact gaagaaggac aatccgggtg caggagacta
   136021 aggctggaac gggaagaaca ctccaggaca cagctttcta aaggatctaa gcaaagggaa
   136081 tttccttcta gaatgtgggg aatacattaa tttgccagac tttaggtttt taccctaagg
   136141 tgtccagaaa catcagtaaa atattctgtc cctgcaaggt ccctttcaag agtgataggg
   136201 agtttgcagg accgttgggg aaggggatat catctgcggc gtggaggtca ggcagcgggg
   136261 gccacagctg ggagggctcg gccatggttc tcaggtctga acgcacaata gcttcccttg
   136321 gttaccttcc cggaaacaac caaggagccc atcagatccc tacaggtggt gcctggggca
   136381 taatgaggaa gtgtgaaaag ctgccaacga ggcatgagag gcatgaggca tcctgaacca
   136441 cagctctaga ggaagatgat ttctaaagag cgaggacact cccctggctt agggacagac
   136501 ctcactgtct gtgctcctcc gggttcctcc ctgtggcaag acagtgacag cgatcaagtg
   136561 aaaagtgcag cttttccagt tccttcggtc atgcacacct gtggcaggtg ccacacccag
   136621 catcgggcat caccctgcac acccagttct gtgagtcact gtgactctgc tctccgtggg
   136681 ccaggcaggc aagaatccca gggagcactg ggctgcctcc cgcacggccg ggtctgctgg
   136741 gaaagggctg ggcctccgct ccctcacccc gtgggtgtga gtgcctcccc ggtgcctcag
   136801 ttgccctcct gcctttcctc ccagtcattc tggcctcggc tggctttgct cccgcggagg
   136861 ggcttgtgta gagagacagc tcctcacgca gcgagaagga tggagaggca cggccaggct
   136921 gagaagcctt ccttgcaggg gatttcagct ctggccacat tcctgcctct aggtgcgagc
   136981 gcccaccctg ggccccgccg gggagagtct gatggtctca ttggtagctg ctgacccacc
   137041 tgggctgcag gggtggggcc agcgggatgc gggagtgggg acagagtttc tgagcccccc
   137101 tacattctag taagagcggg tctgatcacc cttgcagatg ccatgaagag gattcattaa
   137161 cttccttcct tcatttcttc ctcttccctt cctccccgtg ctccctggac actcactctt
   137221 gtactcgtca tttcctgtca ccgtgttctc tctggtttgg gagccgacct ccaccctgta
   137281 ggaggcccca ttctccccgg ggcccagagc cagctcaccc ggctccacca tgtgcgaatc
   137341 ttccttcttc gccctctatg cacctgccgc gccgacccac cccatggccg tggccatggc
   137401 cggagagctc agccctgcct cggacaccct ggcgggtggt tcttgtgttc gcacccaccc
   137461 ctccccctcc actgcccaag ctgcagagac gatgtctaca ccggacagct ccgggggtaa
   137521 gggaaggccg cagcgggctt ctacaacagc ctcaagccag agtctccacg tctcttgttc
   137581 ttttcaggct tccaagtgga gaaacgcaaa cagattccaa gcgtccctgg atgctcaggt
   137641 ggaaggaaga agcatgttca cggtaacccg gacagggagt ggaaagccca taactccctt
   137701 cctaccctgc ccacatctgg ggttacagga gcctcggcag aaccccagac accttccgca
   137761 cagacaccca aatggcaaga gaggagagcc caggctctct tctgctgctc gttagctgtg
   137821 tggaatacac accccttcct gctgcttcac tagctgtgtg gtctcgggcg ggtctctttg
   137881 ctctgcgagt gttagttcac ccctccccaa atccggacaa tgacacacgc ctcagtgcgg
   137941 atcgtgggtg tggtagaaaa ggccactcgc agcaaatgct cttttactat cactgccaag
   138001 atcacgccga tcctcacgtc agtactcgtg aagttagaga gagttggaag ggacgctgtg
   138061 tgtggacgct gctgcctcta gatttggtag gacgagggaa cgaggtggag gggagagggc
   138121 ccaccatgga cttgtcgtca atgtctacca tctaaatatc acctgcctac atgacctcag
   138181 cccagcctct gaaacctcaa aataatatac tccattgtgc tggcttcctg gcagatccag
   138241 acagggcctc cccccctgaa cgctgtgtgg ctccgggtaa gccgcttccc tgctctgagc
   138301 cttacgcgtc gcacctgtgt tatgagcaca ctcagacctg ctcctgagat gaaccgagac
   138361 aggagctcat gaagcccctt accctggagc tattgccaag gagctgacag gtgacgccgg
   138421 cagggatacc ccgaaaacca ctgtgttcct tggcatttag catgggaatt cttccggacc
   138481 tggacgcagg cagatccagc cggagtcata catccctggg ccccaagatg atgctctctg
   138541 aaccctccct ggggcctccc tctgggtgac tgtgggcatc agccgctccc agccaggccc
   138601 ttccccgcct gagttctcag acttcggcag ggcaggcagg tgcttccctg cagaggagac
   138661 acatgcctgt ctcccgtgga gtcacctggg gaataacccg tcagaggggc accaccggcc
   138721 tgccttccag cagggggacg gttgcaaagc acaggtccat ctggcatcca gccacgataa
   138781 ggacaccctg cactgcagac gtggccgctc ttcatggttc ctgcgtctgg ctgaggcttc
   138841 cttctccccc gagtgaagga ggttgccccc gaccacgggc ggatttctga cctcctgggg
   138901 cttttggttt ctttggctgg tgaagtttac ggtggtgctg aactagattc tttctgagtt
   138961 tttatggaag aggattgcca agacagttcc gaaggaggaa ttttaatatg tcgagcgatt
   139021 gcagcattat tgtttatgtg gatggcctgt ggctttccaa aaggactctt ttgaagggtg
   139081 ttcttgtttg gtttgtaata aacccattcc atccctgtat tggggcgctg cctcagcaga
   139141 caggtggtat ttagatgcag acagtcagtc tgtgggagcc cgactctgcc cggcgtgagg
   139201 atgcagggtt tggcccgaaa gacatggcag tgacattagc gtgcttgtct gcccgtgccc
   139261 gaggttgtcc gggcgcagga tccggtggtg acatctcacc ttcagaggca gcgagaggac
   139321 aggcttctca cctttctctg cagcttatcc gcactgcttg gctgagctcg tgggctcttt
   139381 tacatgctgg tggctctttt aaaccatggc ttttcccctg tgccccaggc agagagatct
   139441 gttctggtcc cgacactaat ttggggtgtt ccctgaggag gggcgttcag aggcttctta
   139501 catggccgtc ttgaactgca agctaaaccc agctcggccg ttttgattgc tccttccaga
   139561 gtcttcccac aacagtctgc tgtctttcgg aggacatggt ttttatcaaa tggtctctcg
   139621 gctccttttt tgtctaagat tctatggccg aaaggcaggg gacagcaggc aaatgctcct
   139681 tctggggact caggatccag gaggactccc taaggcatct ccagcccatg ttctgtgccc
   139741 tctgctgccc acaggggagc cactaacccc ctgaaaagga gccggctctg agctcagttg
   139801 tgagcctgta taacagggca gggctagcaa gggctctgtc ccactccctg accagcagtg
   139861 acgaaagaga cagggctgca ggcttcaggg ggtgtccggg ttccctggca tccccatgtt
   139921 ctacgtgaag atcaggaacg acggtgccag tggactgaag acctgtgctt gagacgtgga
   139981 ttaaccgatt catttcttca cccttttcac actgagcttg gtcactaatt gtttaaatag
   140041 gagtgaggcc cagaactgag tgaaggatca cctagtttag caggagaggt aggcatggca
   140101 atggataatg gctggataac tgcatcacag aggcagagcc cctaagagga aggcatgagg
   140161 ggtgcagcca ttgattctgc ctgcagaaat tcagggcagg gggccaggga aggttccact
   140221 ggaggggaca ttcgaaccca tatgattgca gggaaggaac attctgtcat ccctagttac
   140281 gtactaagtc atctcaaaga ggcggcggag tcttggagag gttcagtggg gaagatgata
   140341 cttgtcttag aaaaaggatc tatggggaag atgtacagac ttgccaggta taaaacactg
   140401 gatcctgtcg accacagcct ggcccctctg cctccagctg gctgcctggg gcccccagcc
   140461 atcaggaaac tcagcccctc cttgcatcag tggagggttc ttgctcccaa ctccggttcc
   140521 accaagagaa aagctgcaag tctgcccaca cctcctccca gctgcccctg tgtgatgcac
   140581 gtgtctgaga gcaaggacga ggttgtcctc gtaagtcccc aggtgagaca gatctgggac
   140641 ccaaaggcag gaggcagtgc cctcaaccat ttttatgtga tttataatcc tacccgagtc
   140701 tctcctgtaa atccctgggg gaggcagtca gggagcacag ctcagtggca gacggaggtt
   140761 agaacctggg gaggctctta gccccccacc tttctgctgc ttcctgacag cagaggctgc
   140821 tcagcgccgg tcactgctgg gggtcaaaac gccagcagac cagctgcagc aggaagccag
   140881 caggctctgc tgtcattatt catcgttctg cggccacctg cccccccccc caaagtagag
   140941 ctgcgcggtg acgccttcgt acctatcctg atccattcag ttaattccca caaacctatc
   141001 gtggggcaga aatgaatgag acgctgtaat ttatctaacg ccaagaaatg caggctggaa
   141061 gggttgctaa ttcaggctcc ctttgttctc agcccagaac tgactccacc agcggcttcg
   141121 ttcagcgaac ccgagcctct ctctccacgc cccgttagat caggtttgcg cgctccgaag
   141181 gcagcaacgc gtcctctcga ggtaggctct ggtcccgacc cgctgtcggc cccgccgacg
   141241 taggttctgg ctttgggaag taacaattgg aggagtttta cctcaactta gaaacatact
   141301 agggctttgt aagaccatgt acaacgggat aatttcaaaa attatcacag atatgaagta
   141361 atttgttcag tatttcagag aggcaagcaa gaacctgaat ccaggtccct gggcgcatct
   141421 agacatctgg gcagggtccc gtctggttcc ttcccaggag agaggaaagc gaaaggaggt
   141481 cactgcggac atcttggaca cccgaccctc ttcctggtcc tccttacctt cacctcgtgt
   141541 ctgtccctct gagcctcggc aaatacccca ggggctggct ttgtgccggg caaagctgta
   141601 ggttttcctc ctcacatcca cattgcccat ttaagaatta taacatttcc cccattgaaa
   141661 gccacaccag gcctgatttc tttttctttt ttcctatctc taagatttta tttatttaac
   141721 tgagagagag acggtgcgag cacagagaca gagagaagta ggctccccac tgagcaggga
   141781 gtcatatgtg gggttcaatc ccaggacccc gggatcatga tctaagccca gatgcttaac
   141841 caactgagcc acccaggtgc ccctcttttc aaaaaatatt tatttatttg agagagagag
   141901 aaaatgcatg tgcaaagggg gagggagagg gacaagtaga caagtagact ccatgctgag
   141961 cgaggagcgg atgtggggtt tgatcttaag accccaagat catgcatgac ctgagctgaa
   142021 atcaagagtc agctgcttaa ctcactgagc aggcacccca gaccacacct ggcttccact
   142081 agaaatcaga gggcgacgaa ccagagagac tctggatgca gggaaacaaa ctgagggtta
   142141 cagagttggg ggctggtggg gttcagctgg gcatgaagga gggcgcgtga tgtggtgagc
   142201 actgggtgct atacataact gatgaatcac tgaaccttac atcagaaact agtgatgtac
   142261 tatatgttgg tgggaaaggg gccaaaagac tgactgactg catttctgcc cctctataga
   142321 tgagatcatt ctggttgctt ggtctctagc ccacccttgt ctgtgggtca gtgagacaca
   142381 ctctcaggaa cagggaaaag aggtaggcca ttacacattt ctgagactct ttaagaaaaa
   142441 aaacaaaaac agaagaggtc aagtaagcaa ggttttagga aaattttttc atcagacctt
   142501 cacccttgct gctggattca ctcaacaaac atttattgaa cacctgcgat gagccacacg
   142561 tccttccacg tccttgggat gcttcaggag ccctcctgcc tttcagaagc ttacatgtta
   142621 ggtctcagct ttatcctttt tgccttaggt tttgctgtat gtctctggtt tgttttttcc
   142681 ttctgcctca gtagctggta ggcagcacct attccagggg ttggagcata tttccgcctt
   142741 tttctcacca aaatggcaga agaaaagtct gcaggttcca tgttccgtaa ggcagataac
   142801 atctctgatt ccaggtggaa tatcccctgt tgatacaata taatagagtt gctattgagt
   142861 tcaaatggta cagagaaaga aagatgaccc cagcccacag ctctgaatat ttactatatt
   142921 cctccaaagt tccatgtctt tggactaggt ccagtttaac tgaggtttgg tttcttagct
   142981 ttaaagcagg aacaataacc tacacctcaa atgttctata ccaacaataa gtcatggaac
   143041 acttcatcaa aaaataatga tgtactgtat ggtgactaaa ataacagaat aaattttttt
   143101 taaaaagagt ataagtgaga ttcctccaaa aaaatcaaag ttgtttccag aagggtatat
   143161 atttcatcct aaattattac atcaggactc tcaagcttcc tggtgacaga caggagttag
   143221 tggattaggg gaaagcaaag acacttcaga gaacagagtg gaataaagca gaggtggtct
   143281 ctgtctctaa aaaaaacaaa atagttctga ttctcagctt gcggtcccat ttttagtttc
   143341 atgtcttaca atgaaaagag gaaaagaaaa cctttttctt caccatgact tgtgaacttg
   143401 gaggtcaagg acaacccccc aatatgaaaa gtgttttcca tttgtcacaa ggaaaaaata
   143461 gtgtaattat gtgcggtgac agacattgac taggtttttt gtggtggtca tttcacaata
   143521 cataggaata caggatcact atactgttta tctgaatcta gtataaagtc ttatggcaat
   143581 tctatctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagcgctccc tatttgggaa tgagatggtt gcatgacagc
   143641 tctgatgtca ggtccgcaaa tgtcacctac aatgaccatg aaaaccaaca aaaaccacaa
   143701 aatgtccaca gtgttggtct tgcatgattt attttatttt atttttaaag gctctattta
   143761 tttgtttggt agagagaaag agagagagca cagcaggggg agaggcagag ggagaggtag
   143821 aaggagaggt agaagcaggt tgccggcaag cagggagtcc aacacggagc tcgacttcag
   143881 gaccctgcga tcatgacctg agccgaaagc agacgcttta ccgactgagc cactcaggag
   143941 ccctggactt gcacgattta aaaaacaacc ctgtgcaaga tctcgcaaca gctgaggcct
   144001 accctgggat cctgtattgc ctctgcagtg gcttgcaggg gagacagcca catgaagaca
   144061 tgggccccac agcaatgaag gtagaagaac cacaagccta gggacctgga gatctgcact
   144121 ctagtcttat ctcctccagt agctatttct ctctccttgg agagtttgtt taacctgcga
   144181 tgcctcagtg ttctcctgta gagctaacca cctggggtga ggggtgctgg aggaacgctg
   144241 tcctagatat aagtcactca ctgctggggc cgtaacaggg gtgagtgccc caggatacgc
   144301 tgttgctctc ccgggagctc agtgtcctct ccctgtagag cacagggccg ccatggatga
   144361 cccatcgtcc cttccagctc tgacattcat gggactgtca tttcctcctg ggaacttttc
   144421 tcagactgcg gtgagtattt cctatttgta tcagagcctt tgtctgtgtt agatgacccc
   144481 ctataactca tatttcactt tttaaaaaat tcttcccaag gaagatccta atagtccaga
   144541 gctgagctgc agaggggtcc atcagcacca ttaccagtac acagacaccc cagccctcca
   144601 cacaggcatc gcccctgggg ttcctgccct acctgctctg gtcacctcca gtaggtttct
   144661 gcaccagcca ggagatattt acctgagttc acttggacca gacagaagag gacactgaaa
   144721 agaaagaggc ccttcatggt tcaaggttcc caccggctct cccagccctc ctgtgcagaa
   144781 aaaccaagcc aacaaaacag tggagtggag tagccaagac acaaaaatgg gacatttata
   144841 ggtttttggg aacactgatc aggaatgagc acatttatct ggtctactga gtaagactgt
   144901 gggcagaagg tactagatac tcttcctttc tgcctaaaaa tagacagact tcttggtatt
   144961 gggagaagca gggcttcacc gacagctggg tacaccaagg ttgccccaga aagtgaacca
   145021 acagctgtga gggctcttta caacaggtgc tgtactggga gagagccatg ggccctcagg
   145081 aagcttttgt ttgggctgca ggaacacatg aattggtctc agaaatacac ttccaggtgt
   145141 atacccaatg gacataggcc cctgtgcacc aagagacatg cccaagaatg ttgttatagc
   145201 ctccttcatg atggccatca gcagacaaca ttccacccag taataaaacc aataaggcat
   145261 ccccccccac cagcagcgaa catcaaacag ccatcaccac agatggttac agcacggatg
   145321 tgccgcacag acatcctgca tgggaaaaag ccagacacaa cacactgcat tatattttta
   145381 aatgtggcaa atctaattta tgtattaaaa atcaggaagt tgtctacttt ggtggaagaa
   145441 ggtagagcct tctctcattc aacgaaattg tcttgaatgg aagagggggc agcttggggg
   145501 agacaagggg aaggctctac agggtgctgg gctgcaggat ggagcccgcc tcaggggaca
   145561 cccttgtaag gaggagggca ttagacctgg gtctggaagg acagcttgcc acacagatgt
   145621 gtgtaacaga caatgctaaa atgcccagtt gctacggctg ctcattctgc cgtactggcc
   145681 acacgccgtc ttccatctcg ttctccaggc cttcttgaca cctgttgctg gtttctcgtc
   145741 catccttcca gacgttttcc atctctgcat tcacggagtt gaatctctat gcccctttct
   145801 gtatacacgg tgacagacta tacttcttac tctggacttg cctttttttc atgatgtacc
   145861 ttggagacgt attaactagg tacatggagg gtatcttcat ttttttttaa taacagctgc
   145921 atatgagttc ttttatgtgg tctcctacct gatttactcc atccacaacc atatctgacc
   145981 atgcatcttc ctcagacaag ggatttcaat gagaagtcaa gtggtggcct cagagttctg
   146041 gaggtgagca aagacctagg tgatcaaagc aggtggccag aagagatgag ggcctgaaat
   146101 tcactttgga cattccaggg ctaaaagatg aagcaaagac agtgggtcct aatgaaggat
   146161 agcctgattc actggacttt ctgtatcttg taaaaatatc tatgaaaata ggagttcaga
   146221 gagcccctgg gtggctcagt cagttaagcg tttgatcttg tttttggctc aggtcatgat
   146281 ctccgggtca tgggattgag ccccggatca ggctcctcat tcagtgtgga gtctgcttag
   146341 gattctcccc ttcttcttct ccctcccctt ctgccccaac cctggcactc actcactctc
   146401 tccctttcaa aataaataca caaattaatt aatttaaaag aatcttttaa aaatgtgaag
   146461 ataggggtta aggaaaaact atttggaaac taaatgctgc ttttctctct ttgccaaaaa
   146521 aaggtcaccc tatcagtaac tatgaacgaa gcaatcataa aaaagatatc aagatgtgta
   146581 tgtgtggggg tcaaacagta tataagaact cgggtaaaat ttgaaattct ttttctctgg
   146641 agcatttgtt ctgaacagat ctccagatgt tcccattgtg aaaaaaagta taagaatctc
   146701 gattcgatcc ttgagaaaac tggcttccat gccaagaata tatcctagac tcatgacttc
   146761 caaagaatga ttgtaattct gaatccaccc acatggatgg agaatgtata gctaggagat
   146821 gcaagaatta ctgtccagta caaattctag catgtatata cccagatgta tgggtcattt
   146881 gttaaaagtc accttggtag gtgaaaccat aagaagcatg tttcatatct ggcattcttt
   146941 cttgccagct agactaacct gatttggaaa agatttaagg taaatgtgga tggcattttt
   147001 ttttctagca gtccatccag cacacaagta gttgtgagat tagagtttgg aaattgtttt
   147061 ctgtatagtt tggaaatttt atgagctatg ttgggaaggt agttcaccta ggagaaaaat
   147121 acatgagcca tattagtatt tatcacccac ttctttcttt actcacagat ctactatttc
   147181 caagtcacag actcagatat aactgctagg gaagaatttt atgaatagtg ttggagaatt
   147241 agacatgcca tcccaacaga agacaaacta ggaaactgag ctcattgaac aatcccatta
   147301 atctagtcat gcagtcattg gttcttataa ttacagggtt gaaaggaact taagctctgt
   147361 ttgtcccaac atggaagata attattctgg tgtgcattac agtcatacag agaaagatgg
   147421 cataaggaga gatgagagat gtccctgggt ttgaaaatat tttacagtgg caaaagattt
   147481 ttatatattt tttaaaaact tcgatataat tcaccaatag ttagataaac aacctaatat
   147541 aaaaatgggc agaggacttg aataaacatt tctccgtgga agaaatgcaa atagccaaaa
   147601 gacacacaga aggtgctcaa catcagtaat catcaggaaa atgcaattcg aatcacagag
   147661 acaccatttc ccaggaacaa ggaagtccat tagaaataat aataataata ataacaacaa
   147721 caacaacaaa gccaagtggt gttgctgccc catgacccaa gaagttttca ttcccaattt
   147781 tagtctcacc atttcactaa atgagtacca gatggttagc atttggccga gaatcccagc
   147841 cacctgccac ccgggtgact ctgagataag gctccactgc tctcaaataa atggtgagtg
   147901 aaggtattta ctctttcctc ttacttattt gccccatgag aatgtaagct ccattcaggc
   147961 agaggtttct gtggttggct ctttatcttt aggacctaga acagtgcttg tcacacgata
   148021 ggagctcaat ggatagcggt tgaatgaatt tgtatgtttt nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   148081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   148141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn ccagaaaaga ttgaattcaa atcaacacaa agcataagga
   148201 aaaaaaagta caaagtaaag gctgagagta agtcatcaga gaagagagcg ccaagctcca
   148261 gtgggcacac ctcctttgtc cactgagggc tgtgcttggg acacttacag gaatagctct
   148321 cagtttccct tcattttgga cagactaatt atcatttttg ttcttacaaa tacgactcac
   148381 tgattgtcat gaagagctta ggttgagaag gacacgtttg cctactgtgc tcaccaggag
   148441 tcacaaaaag ccacaacaca gttattgcta gagtcggggc caggaccagg catcagcctt
   148501 cctggtgagg gctgattcct ctgctcacac acccacatct agtggcatct ggaactcaca
   148561 gagtcacgtg ccctcctgca gggacagtgc cttcccccag aggttgagcc cccgtcctgg
   148621 tcagggtcca tctctctgag gttgtggcca agaaatatcc tgagaaacat atatgtgttt
   148681 ctcagaaaca tcagagtcat gtaggatgaa aaagcccata ctcagacttt cctgccttga
   148741 agtgagctgg gttagtgtcc tggttatgtc atctgatacc ctacctgatt tgggttggat
   148801 cacttagctc tctgccctta attcgtccta cagtgaaaca ggaacaacaa ctggcccatt
   148861 gcaagggcct tggagagaga ggtagggggt agccatgaat tctctgagca gagtggaggc
   148921 aaatcacaga agggacccgt aggaagtagg caggagagaa cagactgatg ctttcctgct
   148981 ctcccaaaag cccatgctta accacagcat ccactgatgc acttagaccc acagagacag
   149041 ttaatcagac ccctctgcct cctaactggg ctcgatgtcc tttccctgca accagggttg
   149101 atcctggccc ccgctgtccg cataggtaaa gctaatgcta gtcatctgac acttgggaat
   149161 tttttgggtc tatcaggaaa gaggcaagcg ctgtgttaat ggtctcagtt tccctttatt
   149221 tggacatact aattttaatt tttgttctta atgacgaggg gactccctgg gtccagtaag
   149281 gtcatttcct ctgacccaag agataatctg agtcagtcca agcctgcagg ctatggtgac
   149341 caccacatgt gtggacaggt agaaaaaatt cagcgtggct gttattaaag tcataggatg
   149401 ccaagtcatt tgatttggtt gacggagcct gcccacccag cacccacccc agcagaccta
   149461 gggctttgag gagaaaatag attccctgat gaaggggtgc tccgggggat ggatgggtca
   149521 cagggatcaa agctcacaga aggtctgggg tgcagtggga ggcaggacac tgtgtgtgca
   149581 aggtgggcgt ggagagcaca gatggaggca gccaggcgcg gctgtaatga cctaaagcaa
   149641 ttgctagctc aagggctagc aattcccacc aggggtacag caggtgtcca taaagccttg
   149701 ccttcctcag ggtcctgcac gaggcaggct tctatgaaaa gaacaacacg agtgtaatca
   149761 acagagctgc tgacttagaa cttgcctgga gagcccacag tgctcattct cttgtctcta
   149821 agcaggaccg taggtggtag aaaaacatca gttgttatct gattcttatg catcccaaag
   149881 ttggttccag aatctctcta cggaatgtgc tttaatgttt catagtctta atacccagaa
   149941 gttctttctt atgttagata agactttcct ggtgcaatgt ctttgcctac aatcaaagca
   150001 catctttgtt tatttataca tacatacata tatatcctta agcacattta ttttatcttt
   150061 ttaaatgtat atttaaaatt taagagtcac gcaatgacat ttttaaaaga cagatgctta
   150121 actgactgag ccacccaggc atcccgagag ttatgcaata acttgacagg gtattttcaa
   150181 agataaaata acttaaaatt gtcaataatc taaacattgg agtgtaaaat ccattttttt
   150241 tttgctcttg gacatacttt taattttaca tcagaaatat gaaaatttgt atcttgtact
   150301 ttgtaagaaa aagttatctt gaaatcttta tcttatgcat ttttgtggtt tttatttgtt
   150361 tttctgttta ttatacctaa gggatatata atatcccttt aagtagatat accatagttt
   150421 gctaattatt ctagtttgaa catttagatt tatttcaaaa agtttctcca aatatttttg
   150481 ttttctcctg aggacaatta cccatccttt ttttaaaagt gaggtaagaa cccttaatat
   150541 gagacttacc ctgttaaaaa atgtttaagt gtgtgattca gtatttcaac cacagacaca
   150601 atgttgtatc actagaactt actcatcttg cataaccgta actttgcacc cactaaagat
   150661 ccatcatttc tgaggagaat aatagctaat gagcacaagt atttcctctc ttgcatacat
   150721 aataaaaaat accctactta tcagagaagt tatgtaaatt ggcgatactc ctggttttat
   150781 atgtaagtac tggttttcac catgacttca ctacccctta agtatcaccc ttgcatgagt
   150841 atgtctgtgt gtggattaaa tatggaacac attcatccag aaaggagcct ggaaaggcag
   150901 cattctggag agaggtctat ctatgcacct agttttttct ttatgagcta aagaagcttg
   150961 ataataacct agatagatac ccacacgtaa caaaagcaca gaagatttat tttttttaga
   151021 atatagcatc tcctttattt tcttgatttt ttgatatata attaacatca gaaatgatta
   151081 tctttttttt ctcttttttc cagttttatt gggatataat tgacatacag cacggtataa
   151141 gtttaaggtg gccagcataa tgatttgacc tgcatgaatc tatcacaaaa tgattaccac
   151201 aggttcagtt aatatccacc atctcatata gataccaaaa aaagaaagga aaggaaaaaa
   151261 atgtttttcc gtgtgatgag tagagagaat ttgcaactca tgaaagctaa agaaagatgt
   151321 agagagaatg atgggctcaa aagtttgtaa catgagttat gaacagttta tgaataatta
   151381 ccttgagtct gaaaataatc accacataca catgtctcat agtaaattat tgagtatggt
   151441 aatagtaaaa ttatttttaa gaatagtaaa atatttttaa attttttaaa tttaaatttt
   151501 taaaatttaa aaacagtaat atttttaaga atagtaaaac tatttcttga ctatggatct
   151561 ataaagatag ccctgaagct gcttttgatt agggatgctt aacacaaaat tctaagataa
   151621 acagcagagg ggttctgtcc atggaacatc ccacccttct tacttcacca aggagacctc
   151681 tattgctggt ctgttgggag agcagggggt tagcagatgg tgtgaaatga ctaagtttaa
   151741 gaagaatgag cattttaaca aagtaggaga gactaaacgg gactggaatc ggtgcccttt
   151801 tgatggagaa aatgcagagg attttttttt agagttaatg tgtatgtatt cttgctgaga
   151861 tttgagaaga tacagtttga tcaataagat gacaacagga tcctatgaga aaggcataat
   151921 ttgagagaga ggattacttg caaaaacatg agtatttaaa aataaatgga aatctaatat
   151981 ctgaacatga aaaatcccta tatggtgaaa aatggaaggc actaccaaag gagagattgg
   152041 atgatccctc ttttgagaaa aggggcagac cagagggcac tctcactgtc tggggctcca
   152101 tttcctgttc tgtccactga agaagctcca ctccaacgag aggccagtga gcccctcttc
   152161 ccacagttgc cggagggtgg gcaccctgct ctaccgaggt tagggtcctc tcacctggca
   152221 gagccgtcat cggtccccga cccccaacgc ccacctcctt cagcgctgct gtcttgctga
   152281 tgaggagtca agtattctct atcttcattt atgtttccca caagtgttct tgtatgtgga
   152341 ggcctgtctc ctgtcgtctt ccagcctacg atattccatg aaatcacagg agggcctgcg
   152401 gtctgcttat cctgattgac tttggttggt gggttacttt tagaaaaaca aatgttgctg
   152461 gacatcctcc ctgtccttca agatctgagt aaaataagaa atttcatagg attattagct
   152521 tttgggtaga tggtggaagg aaggcccacc tagttgaccc ttattacaaa gagtgactcg
   152581 gtctggggta cttgctccta ccatcctcag acagttccta cagtcctgca ggatttccat
   152641 tctagtcaca gaaaaggcat ccctactgca gtcctcccca ggacctgatt agaaacacga
   152701 agacaaagcc tggcacggag acttggaagt ggtaggatgt gtaaatatgg catctaactt
   152761 ctctggatgg aaaacagttc cttgtcagat gagccaagcc aggaccactc acgaggactg
   152821 tgagacacag cagactccca tgaagactgc aggacaggac agggcttgag acctctcccc
   152881 gagtgccctc tgccccagtg actctccgtc ttcattctta cactcactca caataatttc
   152941 gagcaggtat gacgtataag acgtgccgag catggcagca tggcagtgaa gggtctggtg
   153001 ggctctctct gctcatggtg ggccgttcac cgtccgggcg ttagacatgt gacagtcctg
   153061 ccattacctc cctgtggtcc tgataaggac agtgagggca atggtggggt ctacccggtc
   153121 ttggggggct attccagagt ctagtgcttt aacctccctc ggaagttcag tagatcagat
   153181 gaagggaccg tggccgtatg caggaggatt cgaagggtga cgggagagat catgtggcac
   153241 ttgagaaatg aaaagccact gtgcccagga ctcagcgtca gaggagaggg atcaccggag
   153301 tacactggat ttaggaggcc atgctatgga tctggggctt tctgttagga gcagctgtcg
   153361 cccctgcctc ccctcttgct ttcatacccc aaatctagtg ttggttccta cctcacctta
   153421 tgcagaatgt gacgacttat cacctctatg gcccggccac tctcctctct cacctggatt
   153481 gctgcaagag cccttcaaat gagttttctg cttctgcctt atcccctcct ctaccctcaa
   153541 cacagaagcc ttcccttcct ggactaccct ccctccattc caccacccct cccctgctca
   153601 tctcctgggt gaatgctgct tcatgctgtt cccttgcctt cgcagaaccc tacggtgtcc
   153661 cgcagtggct ccccttgttc tgtgcctccc cgaaccatta gcatcgctca gcgtggtccc
   153721 tctgtggccc tgaaagctgc ctggacacta gaggttgcaa gttttccact ctgatttctt
   153781 gtctccccat ctctcctgga atccttgtca gtcccttcaa gtctccactg gacatcgtga
   153841 ataccccagc ccttacagtg caatgtgtcc agaaccaatc tagtcccttc cgcttgtcct
   153901 cgtcacgtgt gtgttgcatc tgttaacaca gttcttttct gccccatgtc cttccttctt
   153961 cttcatcacc aaaactgtga cctccacgtc tttgctgtcc gccaacccca gtgcttctcc
   154021 cttattagcc atgatctcca ccttagtcac cagatggcta tccctggact tgccccatta
   154081 ctgttggctc ttacctgtgt tcctgcctct ggtctcaccc atttccaatc cacccctagt
   154141 cctgtcatta gaaggaacat tttacattga aaatatgacg atgtcactcc cctggagtac
   154201 ctgataagct ccttttgctt agcagcctga accatttagc acaatatgtg ttttctttgc
   154261 aacttcacac cattttccta catcctcctc atttgacact tggagttaat ctcccacttt
   154321 tgcagggaca ctgaactcac catttgctcg gaaaacccat tctttcatgt ctcctccgtg
   154381 cctttctgca aatcgtatcc tttgcctaca aatctcatct ctttctttca atgcacacac
   154441 tcctattcat cctccaaaac cctgctcaca tttcctcagg aatcctttct tacatctctt
   154501 gtatttctct gttccactta ctgccttgga tatatgtgca ttataaaatg tgtggcattt
   154561 tattgttttt atttccctgg gtgtttgtcc cccccccccg actacatatt tatgttttca
   154621 atttgttaca tttctcagtg cctagggaag gaaggaaata ggtactcaaa aatatttttc
   154681 aagcacagaa ggaaatactt ggatgttttc ctgtgaaagt ttattacatt aaaggctgtg
   154741 tgatttttga agctttaatc tgtctcaggc taagtcattt tctctatggc cagacagagc
   154801 tggttgtctg ttgttttgct actacaaaat gtctagactg tcctgatcaa atgatagcac
   154861 cccacaaatt catgctcagc ctcttctcca aagacacctg tgtctgggtc ggtgctatgg
   154921 cccctagaga ttaggcaggt ggaccaagat ttggcttctc tgtcgacaac ctcagttctg
   154981 atgcaaacag caggcgtatt tctttttaaa gcagtagcca acttgtgttt ccatatagtt
   155041 acaaaattct tgacaatagc cttcactttt cttgcagtcg acaactttga aattcggttc
   155101 aggttctgta taaagaaata tccgacatta gcgtcttaag accatctcaa gaatcggacg
   155161 ggggttattt taacccagag ggatatggtg gaggatggca ataaggaggt tataagtgag
   155221 cattcatatt tccctgcggc catcctgaga gcagaaaaat cagatctttg actctggctt
   155281 aaaacgtcac ctttattctc ccccccaaaa aacagctgcc aattctgagg cagttgggaa
   155341 aagaaacagt aataggtatg ctaaaatatt aaagttcctc ataagccagt ttgggatgct
   155401 gtgtaagggg acccatccgg gctctgtgag tggaggacac agcactacct aacactggca
   155461 tgagtgggat ggtcctccca ggagggctgg ggctgagcca tccctgtaag ggagatgaca
   155521 gggagctgag ggcatattgt aaagagtcaa aagatttctt ttttcccctc attctaaggg
   155581 agcacctgga aggttatttg atgtctcaga gatgtgccag tttatctgag cagtgtgaca
   155641 ttggtacctc actccacaat tcaagcactg agattattaa tcaagaattc ttatcttaaa
   155701 ttatatatta tgaagacagt tgataaaaca tggaaggacc aaggctgggg aagccttctg
   155761 atagactcaa gctgaggctg ctttggtcat cgtaatctcc gtcacagacc tgagatgtga
   155821 ccttcagccg gattaaatgt gaagaaacgg tatcctcttc ctgccctaat ctgtttcact
   155881 ggtgtgcatc gcaaatctgt gcctagatcg atgaatctac tgattaatta aaattatttt
   155941 cttaccactt catttttagc cagtagtcat ccttccctat atatacacgt agatacacaa
   156001 agcctgcaca gattgactga gaaccgcttg atgagtttgg acaatctcat aaccccatga
   156061 taccatcacc accgtcaggg tagtaaactt atctaccacc tacaaaattt ccttctgtcc
   156121 ctttgtttct attgttttat ttttgttttc cttgtggtaa gagcacttaa cacaagatct
   156181 aacctctcaa catatttttg aatacacaac ccaaagtgtc aaccagaggt acgcatttgt
   156241 agagtggatc tccagaattt attcgtctag cataactgag accccatacc aagcaaacaa
   156301 caggcctatt ccaaagaagc acccatctcc tctgtgcacc tgcaggtcgc ggagctcacc
   156361 tgagcaactc ccacctgtag gtttgggagg cagagaagac gaatcccccc tagccccata
   156421 cagcaggaga cacacagtaa gttctccagg taagccgcag caatgacggg taaccgtgag
   156481 aaatgtggat aggacagcgt gatgccagac tgacacagcc ttttacaact gtctaagtat
   156541 tttaggatgt tattcttttg ggatactgtg tttctaaaca cagatcaaag tattttgcca
   156601 gtagaggagg taattagagt ttttcctcaa ttcaggagaa ggaacaatta agagagagaa
   156661 ttttcgtctt aataaatact tttccaatac actcaaatca agtaggaagt agaaaaccag
   156721 tagaaaaata aaaatgttta agaaaattgt attgcagggc gcctgagtgg ttcagtgggt
   156781 caaagcctct gccttcggct caggtcatga tcccagggtc ctgggatcaa gtcctgcatc
   156841 gggctttctg ctcagcgggg tgcctgcttc ccgcccccca tctctctgcc tgcctctctg
   156901 cctgcttgtc atctctgtct gtcaaataaa ttaattaaat ctttttaaaa aattgtattg
   156961 cagaaatagt cattttgtag gacattctct ctctttaatt gcttcttctc tgagttgggg
   157021 aatgaggtgg agggggtcag tattgcattc tgggtgtggc actgggcttg aggacacaca
   157081 aggaggctgc acacccagtc tcacaagtgg gaaggcaagt aaaaattcag gagtgagtga
   157141 tgcaccctga gaaactgagg caggaaatga ttacagggta ttggagagaa aagggaaatg
   157201 ggtatgtttt taaaagaagt acactgggga gtgcctgggt ggctcagtgg gttaagcctc
   157261 tgccttcggc tcaggtcatg atctcagggt cctgggatcg agccccacat cgggctctct
   157321 gctcnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   157381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnngaaggc tccactcttg
   157441 actaccattc accagttgca caatctcgga caagttgttg tattttattg tattgtattt
   157501 atttttatat caccatgttc aattagccaa catataatac atcattagtt tcagatgcag
   157561 tgttcaatga ttcattactt gcgtacaaca cccagtgttc atcacatcac gtgcccttca
   157621 tgcctccttc atgcccatca cccgatgacc ctgtcctccc cacccccttt ctgtaaccct
   157681 cagtttgtgt cctgaatcga aggagttatt ttaaatctcc actccctcgt gaatcaaatg
   157741 ggaatgataa tgccgtctca tagatttgct gttagaataa ttgacacgtg ccctgtatcg
   157801 tttatattgt tgtgatcatg gtgttttctt tttccctttc cttgggagga gaagcagagt
   157861 agcgagtccc tgggaaccaa gggccacctc caaagggatc ggagtgagga gaggacaatg
   157921 ggagggataa tgtggcagga tctgaattac gggcttccct ttgccagcgc cctcgtgtgt
   157981 gttccctgct cttgcccact gagcatccag cctcttgctc cctgtttcaa ggtcaggaat
   158041 gagtctggga ttaagaaaac gtcttggaaa tgactgtctc ccctaagatc ttacggactg
   158101 gcagctggct ccacatgggt gttcaggacc aacctgagac gcggctgagg tctccttggc
   158161 tttgtcatcc ctgtggccca tcttctgcac ctttctctgg ggcattccag ggtgcccatt
   158221 gctcacccaa cacacagcaa gtattcagca aattctaggg agcgggactc ccacatggca
   158281 ggaggaggtt gtcttgctcg gtatcatctc ctctctctct ccggggcggg cttgtagtca
   158341 ggggttgcag aagtccttca atacttctgc ctcattgtcc ctcacactcc tgggtctcac
   158401 gggaccctca gttgtctgtc ggcgggggat gtcagccccc atgacccttc tgacaggcgg
   158461 gcagctccag ccgtctacct actgtcttca taaacagccc gtccttaact cagccgctgc
   158521 tcagccctcc cccacctgtc cagacacctc ccccatctgt tcattcacca aacacttcca
   158581 gagtggaggg actggtcaca cctttttttt ttttttccca cttacctgga aaagggggag
   158641 tgcgtggtaa gagatagcgt ttttcttggt ggtgtggcaa gggagacccg aatttctctt
   158701 gtccgggaga ctcttccccg gattctctca gttctcgcag gtcctcggtg tcttggtggt
   158761 aagcatttcc ggctctggat cgtcctgtct cacagtaaat acacagcagg gtatttttag
   158821 agctctctca tgagcagacc cctgaggctg tggtgcatcg ctgcaggggg cgagtgaacg
   158881 tggaggggtg gggggggcgg cagaggctac agaggtggct gctcagtggg tataaagttt
   158941 cggtgctgca acacgctgca ttctagagac gtgctctcaa gcacggagcc tacccgtaac
   159001 tgtgcggtgt cgtgcacgtc aaggtttggg aagaggctag ttcttttgct aagtgttcct
   159061 accacccaca cacagaacac caccacaaag cgacacgagg aaactttggg aggtgttgca
   159121 tgtggctatg cccttggctg tggcgacggg accatggttg tttgcaaacg tccaaactcg
   159181 tcagactgta cacattaaat acaaccattt cttatgtaat aattatacct catgcagctg
   159241 taaagaaaaa gaggaactgg agaatggggt ggggtggggt ggaaggaggg caaatgttat
   159301 ttgtgtgttg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgacac acacagaaag agaggaggag gaagggaggg
   159361 agggagagac agagggaggt gagtgatgac caagaagggt gggcagtgga gcctgagtgc
   159421 ttcacggaag ctgagactcc ttgacattca aagtcctttg tgatacaggc tgtccctctt
   159481 tacaaggagt aggtgaacat taacaggata agaaagtgta gtcggggttg ggacctgtct
   159541 cctggggagc cagggccatc agcatattca aagtgtccct tacacaccca gcccagagac
   159601 ccctgcccca aaaccctgcc aggaaatgca ctcagggggc ttagtacctc actgcccagc
   159661 ccagatgtcc agcctggaca cgggccattg tggagacacc ctggccccag gcccgggtca
   159721 cgtttctggt ttacctggaa acatcagggc cacaaggaga aggctgacga acgcagagaa
   159781 aaataggctt catgtcaccg aggagactgc ccactgggaa ggtgctggtg ggcagagagc
   159841 tgggctccct ttatagcccc acgctgcagg gagggggcct gcagcaggca agagaggcat
   159901 tctggaataa tctctgggtc acagaggacc cacgtggaca cattattctc ccactactag
   159961 ctagcggaac aaacatctga gccactctcc ccaggacgta aatctcgtga ctgaaagccc
   160021 tgggtgggtt tggtgagtaa gaaatgtctg agccagagaa gaggagtagg aagaggaaag
   160081 agagaaagag aggggccgac gtcaacgcca ttaaccaaaa aagcaccaat tccctccaca
   160141 tctggtccga cgcccccccc cccgcccact gctgtgatat cacatgtttg gccgctctaa
   160201 ggcttcagtg ttgtcttctg gatgcatgta ttgtggggta aaatatcatg caggaagaca
   160261 tcagacatgt cagggatgac ctggctcgca caactgtcac ttcccggagt ttccaagtca
   160321 ctccaggttt catttcnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   160381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnngtct
   160441 tttcctttgg tacacccggg tattgctgcc atcgggtcca attcacttat gcctaaaaaa
   160501 tatctattat tgaggccgag ttttctcttt tggtactaaa cgagcaaaag gcttttcttc
   160561 ttctcttccc tccacttccc cttcttcttc ttcttttttt taaagatttt atttatttat
   160621 ttgacagaga gcgagaacgc acaattatgc agagtggcag gcacagggag aaggacgacc
   160681 cgccgcggga ctcaatcccg ggaccccagg atcatgacct gaaccgaagg cagaccttgc
   160741 gccacccagg gactcctcat cttcttcttc ttagcaggaa tgagttttat gtcgctgcat
   160801 tatctcgggc acacataccc caggcagtct gtcttagaca caaccagaga aaggtgggct
   160861 ttggttcaag agtgttataa ccaccaaaaa ttcaatatgg cctcacaggt gtttggaaaa
   160921 ggtggccctt gtcacatgtg tctcatttgt aggcacattt tggtccaaag aaaatgtcta
   160981 agatcacttg tgtaagtgaa aataattata ttctacctgg agggagctgg aaacagacga
   161041 agaaggtagc agtggcccca gcaggggctt ggacatccgg gaagcaacgg tgaagtagag
   161101 gtttggagct actaacatgt gtgcccaggg ttccggggtc atcatgctgc agcctctcct
   161161 ccaggtctgg aggaaaattc aatattgtgg agcacagagg tgctagcata agaccattcg
   161221 cattcttgat tttcaggctt ttggaaatct tcagttcaaa aagggccttt gggatcctgg
   161281 tagaggtggg agacaatggg tccctgataa ggtttgctaa tcacagaagc ctccagaggc
   161341 tgacagctgg aggctggaag aaattacatg gtcaagcagg gcgtgggaag ttgctgagac
   161401 cctaacttca aataaagatg ttcttatacc ctcacctgta agccatgtta ctttcatatt
   161461 ctagccccaa agctgtgctc ataattgtgc ttgtatttat ttctaaggat tgggatcaag
   161521 gtagaaacca tcccgagggg ctgggattcg agctcaccat ggcttgctgt ctcagatttg
   161581 aacccgaggt gtggggaaga tgcctggtcc tgcctagtat cctgacctac tgggaaaggc
   161641 actcgcctct ctgcaccttt gtttccacgc ctgaaaaagg ccagggtgac gcctcttgtc
   161701 tcacaagcat gttgtgggga tcaaaacaga ttaggcacgt gaaagcacct tgtataatac
   161761 acaatgtgag aatcacaaag ggcgacacca acttaggaca acttaaaatc gacgttaggt
   161821 tgtcctaaaa cacgttcaat atcccggtat ctgggctgct gtctcctcgg ggggctgctt
   161881 cccaggctcc ccccctcccc tggtcatggc tgaaatcaaa ggctcacatc tgcactggat
   161941 tttcaatgca gtagtttacg ggggagacgg caggtatagg atgccaccca cagaagagac
   162001 ctcggaggct ggccatcaaa cacggcgcat gggtggactt ctgggatcct gagtctgaga
   162061 aaccagtttt gaaaaaaaac atttttgaaa caaccaggat catttgaaca ctgatcgact
   162121 atttgattat agtaagggta tttgttttta ttttttttct aagtaaggtc ctagcactgt
   162181 ggttttatat gtacannnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   162241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnngcgtg
   162301 tgtgtgcgtg catattttta agtagttatt ttctctgaat tatatattcc aaagtatttt
   162361 cagagaggtg acatggcatg ttgagtcttc tcggaaataa tccgggaggg ggagttcatc
   162421 aaggagtgaa acgagattag ccatacgttg aggctgggtg accgttaagt gaaggtccaa
   162481 tttaccatct gggtaaaaag gcggcagcgt aacagctccc gggtgacttt gtgtccgtcc
   162541 acccggaggc aggccgtgac ctcagggggt tgtccttgtt tgtttgagtg gggctgttga
   162601 tgttcatggg ctcgatcatt atgtctgagg gttgggaaaa tagtgatatt ctccttccat
   162661 tatcattttt tgtcatttat tagctgggct acttttatag agagaaaagc ttttcctcat
   162721 aaatggttgg gtcaccccga aagaaagttt ggacaggaac agcaggtttc ttcaccagat
   162781 ctcaggaccg tgagtctgca ccgagctgat ctgcgggagg tgaccctcta cagagccaca
   162841 tgggtcgtcg catggcatct cttttgtttt gctcccagga aatctgtgct ttgaattacg
   162901 gcgtatgcca aaggaaatgc actcaatatt gatttattgc cctattttga tgaacaaaag
   162961 acatatatga ctgcagagca aaatttctga tcagaaaact aatgctatca agattatttg
   163021 ataccattca tgccaaaaaa taaaaatacg ttcccttagg cttgtggccg ctgagacgta
   163081 ttttttggtt cggctgtgaa ggtgtcgaga ctctcacgta acccacattg ctgtcctccc
   163141 ttctccccac cacagaacgt cctctcgggg cgcctacatg ggccctgcac ggagcgacgg
   163201 cgctcatgga agtgtcggta atcgggctag tggctgccgc tgggcggatt cgagctgcga
   163261 ggcctcggga cgggaaggct tccaggtccc tccatcagcg gctctgggga ccagcagcac
   163321 tgggcttcgg gccgccacgg actcagaggg ttggcttttt caaacagcat gggtaggcat
   163381 cggggcacgc tccgatttgg aattcctcag ctttacacct gctccggcag cgggccgtcc
   163441 cgtaaccgca gatcttgtat atgtcaaact cacttctcac taaataacag aacaagtcag
   163501 tgtgattaat tgtgccctga ggacggggag gcaggacttt cgcagtggtt ttgggggaga
   163561 gtggctgaaa cagcgataga gaatgcctgg gggggaactg gggaaacagt tccccacggg
   163621 tggttttccc aaccaccccc tccctctgtg ttcctcactg gtggactcca ccatctgatt
   163681 ctcttccagc acgactaaaa caaaacaaga taaaaaaaaa aaaaaacata acaaagcaaa
   163741 aacccaaaaa aatttagttg gagttcatca catcgccact caaaatccct tcaacagttt
   163801 gttaatactt tttggttgaa tccaagtcaa ccccttacca tgggcttcaa agctgccctg
   163861 ccctgaggcc ggggcccctt ctacctgggg caggaccctg ggcctcagcc cacccaggag
   163921 gcagggcctc cctgcagggc ccaatgcttg gctctggatg ccttcacttg ccctaaaaca
   163981 ctcctctcct ctgtccagaa atgacctccc tgacctcagt gtcatgacgc cggggaatct
   164041 ctccctggaa gcatctggaa ctgttgtctg cactacacaa ttttgttgtt gttgttgttc
   164101 tttcatgaca tttttcccaa gttgtagttt catacgtttt taataacttg gtcttcccga
   164161 ctgaattcta agctcctcag gtcgaagata gtgttacgtt ccactcacca gtacaggctc
   164221 acccaggacc cagggcccga cctgtgctga ataaccaatg cctgttgagt gcatggttag
   164281 acagagtgaa tgagaatgaa gcagacgcga cgtgagcagg ggggagcaga acggaatgga
   164341 ggagaagaga tacacccctg ctctcttggc ccctggccta gagcagtaag tgggagatat
   164401 gagtttagcg actcacagtc caggggagtg atctctgcag ctcacagtag ccgtcagagc
   164461 tacagcctcc tcacaagctc agcaggcagc atttcacagc aagaccagaa gatgctggac
   164521 atggtcctgg tggagggaga ccagacgggg atccaaagag cccccctgcc gagagctgtg
   164581 tttgagatgg ttctacagac aggtgcctcc tgctctcagc aggtgccagg ttcaggttca
   164641 ggttcaggga ggggtctcaa gagaactctg gggacagggg tccaggctgc accgggttgg
   164701 gggtctttgc agaggtttag gaatttggtt tcaactgcta caggtacaaa acctagcaca
   164761 gtatacggtg ggagacatca ttagatttta gagaaattca cattaaaatc acacacaagc
   164821 tgtgatacac acttacctga atggcaaaaa ttaaaaaaaa aaatagtaga cagttctttg
   164881 tagcagatgt cagccacagt gagaacaagc caggccgcac ttaccttcct ggtgggagct
   164941 tgaaagagtg cagctgctca agaagcccgt tggagttctc tcagaaaaac taaactcgca
   165001 accataggac ctggcagtgc atgtcaggac acttatctca gaggaaggaa gaagaaccta
   165061 caaacgttca tgttggggca cctggggggc tcagtgagtt aaacataggc cttaggctct
   165121 gactgagcag agagtctgtt tctccctctc cctctgcctc tccccgtgct cgttcccttg
   165181 tttgctctct cactctctct ctctaataaa taaataaagt ttttttaaaa actaaaaaac
   165241 ataaatgttg acagcaactt tacgtgtaat agcaccaacc tgggaaagag cccgctgtcc
   165301 tccgacaggc gaatggttaa actgtgctac ccccacactg tgggccacca cacaaccaca
   165361 aagaggaaga cgccctgaga tacacaacct tgcagagtct ccagagaact acagcgagta
   165421 aaaaagccag aagctacatc tgcatgattc catttatttg aagggattcc attcctgaag
   165481 ggacaagttg taaagtgggg gacagatcag ccctaccagg agttaaggtg gaggtggagg
   165541 caggagggaa gagggtgtgg ctctgaatgg acaacatggc gggggtcttt gtggtgaggc
   165601 atttgctttg tatcatgtga gtatgtggtg gtcatattat tctctggttg tgctattggg
   165661 aaaacagtat taaaaggtag agatgtatct atattgtgtt ttacaactgt acatgactct
   165721 ataaatactt caaaacagaa aaatgtcatt taaaaggatt gttaacaatg aatcttggaa
   165781 cactacattg aacctaataa catactgtat ggtgattaac aaacacaata aacatttttt
   165841 aaaaagattg ttgattccaa caggattcaa tacattgacc ttgaagaatc aagagggaaa
   165901 taaggcaaga tttctgatcc agcagggaac cagggctgga tcttaggcct tgggaacatg
   165961 accaggaatt cttaattgaa gcaggtaata tgaatgctta gagtcaggga gtaatttgac
   166021 aaatcataga cagtcaatct gggaccagga cccaggtcat cagaactact atagctacct
   166081 acagtccctc tgcccatcag taaatttgat tccagactta cggatagggg atgaatctat
   166141 agggagtatt taactgtctc caattaaagc catggggtca agaccattaa tttagatgtg
   166201 tgtatgacac atgagagtcc tcaataagta aatctatctg ctatctacct gtcattaata
   166261 taaataccca tacaaatata tgtccctttc tctaccatcc acttatctat catctatctc
   166321 aacaagtggt tggggctgac accttaggga aagctagagg tctgttgact tagagttttt
   166381 accagacccc tttaaaaaga aatatcagat ggttttggga aaattccttt accaaaaaat
   166441 tataggaaaa gaagccggta ggcaggcacc accaaagtta gctagtcaca ggtccctgtt
   166501 ctaagtgaaa caattgacag gttgatagaa gacgatcatt tatttttatt gagatgtccc
   166561 ctcactgaag agaagacaaa actaggtcat ttttgcggct ctggaaagcc agagtcttca
   166621 ggttcaatca tctttactct tcaagcatgg ttggcgtgtc aggcagcatt tcagagactt
   166681 ctggcagaga gcgacaattt cttcattttt cagacaagaa ttcacacatc tcccatgaaa
   166741 cttgaagcat ttctcatcaa aaaatgaatt cctggctata taaaggaaag ggccacctgg
   166801 attaattctc ttctcagata tgtccagtta ccaggtatgg tcaagtaacg agttagtaaa
   166861 gacttcttta caagctgaca tagtgtctcc cattgccagt agatgagata gtagggaact
   166921 attttctctt tgatttttct gttttttgtc ataggtggat taaagaccag gaagaacaga
   166981 ttcgtgttct ggcatttggg gttaggctgt atgggggctt tgagaagcag aagcttttgt
   167041 tcttttacca gaaactattg gggtcatgat caccttgttc ctgtaaaccc ctccagggtg
   167101 agtgactccc cagctcactg tcaaagtgct ccctggtgag agcagggcag gtctgaggct
   167161 gcggagatgg tgcaagacca gagtcaacaa ggataaatgt atagaaaggg aaacattcac
   167221 tgttgtgggt ggcaggaaaa agattgctta gaatggctca atccaatttc ttttccacat
   167281 tttgcaaaat gtgttcaaga gcaggcaagg gcggatgctg ggagcggctc tccaagactc
   167341 ctcgagtcta tcctgcacag aataccagcg ctggccatag cactttagca gcagcaatca
   167401 gaagacaagc ccacttcagg tgaaagagag acgcgcatct tatcagaaat aatactttag
   167461 agtttaacct aaggtatgta cgtacataca tgcataatga tacgtaagga cagcgtcaga
   167521 cgtccacaaa ttgaaactga ggccaacata cagaggtggc tgatccctgt acgtgtaaaa
   167581 ctaaaaccgg gcggaacggt accagcatgt gcttaatcat ttccagcatc agcactgaat
   167641 tcgtaagtac acgtactcca atgtttcaaa gctcggggaa ctgtgtctcc cactgcaggg
   167701 gcccctagct gccctcctag tgttgtaagg tcatcccagg ctggaggtgc tggacctcac
   167761 tcttgtacta catccagctg acagcattgg tccaaaacca gaaagcctcc gcgaggggag
   167821 ggagcacctg tgtgtacaag ccttccaatg gatcattaca ggcacccatc tagaggtcag
   167881 gggaactctg tgtgtgtgcg tttgacacag taagaggtca gctccatttg attttattaa
   167941 ataatttcat attacatgtt cccatattgt gtcgactaag tatataagaa gtctgactgg
   168001 tctgaaaagg gggtcttggt cactgtccaa tgtgtacctc gaggccagtg gagtgaacag
   168061 atcaccgtgg gtcttggatc cctatatatc tggcacagaa tctactctca cagtcttatt
   168121 gcaaaaaaga ccagccacat atgcagcagg tgtgagaatt ccgagccgcc taacgggaca
   168181 tcagtggcat ctggcgccaa cttggactca ttgtaggttc taaaaaagcc ctttcttcag
   168241 ctctctggaa actgggatga gtctggtctt gggctttaat ctgacgggag ccattgatgg
   168301 ctcctaggag cagaagagtg tgatgagaga cctgatacgg actctcaggt cctcacttca
   168361 ttcccgctta tccgtaggac tccgtgaggc ggcctcgccc agctgaggcc cagtttctgt
   168421 atctgaaaaa tatatgtaaa acaggccttc caggctgaag gagttgctct gaacatcact
   168481 acattagaag gaggacagag ctggggtgcc tagtggttca gtcagtcaag caattgactc
   168541 ttgatctcac ctcaggtctg ggtctcaggg tcttgagttc aagccccgca ttggcctaac
   168601 ttaaaaaaaa aaataggaca gcgtttcctt aaaggacttg gcattggaaa agtccttgca
   168661 ctttggtctg aggcattttt cacaggaccc agtctcatgg agtgtggcga aggagtgaca
   168721 gtttcagggg actgtttgac ctgggccatg actggcacga ccacagcgtc tcacctccat
   168781 ccctttcctt gtccagtact cctttttctg gctcttttcc ttacctgtcc catctctatc
   168841 acaattattt ttttttaaag attttannnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   168901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   168961 nnnnnnttta cttgacagac agagatcaca agtaggcagc gaggcaggca gagagagagg
   169021 gggaagcagg ctccctgctg acctgagctg aaagcagagg ctttaaccca ctgagccacc
   169081 caggtgcccc acaatttttt ttttttaaga tccactgacg cctatacttg tttttatatt
   169141 ttccccccaa tttttgtttt tgttaatgag cttggccctg gggaccaaag ggcatctttc
   169201 ctggcatatc tttcttcctt caaacctgtg atagcccatc ctagacaata atgaaaaacn
   169261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   169321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnna gagcacctcc tgtagcaaac
   169381 gttccccagg cagattcacc aggctgagca caccaggtgc tcactgagac agaccctgtc
   169441 tctaggccac cacctctata acctttcctg caaagacatt gattttacct ggggccagaa
   169501 ggaagagaag agcaaagaca aagaggaacg tcctcatgac tcgcaggatc ttgaaagatc
   169561 agcacagtgt ccatgataaa aatttaaaaa acagcaaaac acccacattt atatgtttct
   169621 ctaaaccaaa gaacatcttg atcgatgagg catgtcagaa acgagggcct gtccatgctc
   169681 ccctgaggag agcccacaca tctcagtggg tggcagtctg ggctcattgt ttttctgatt
   169741 ctggaaagtt cccaagaagg acaatgggga agaagcaaaa acagagcaga ggatgcattg
   169801 gtgatcaagg acagatagat agaggcacca gtgggaacca aaggtctgct acctggcagt
   169861 ttgggtttct agtcctgcct acgctccttc atagcttcgg ttcactcata tgtaaaagga
   169921 gagtaagtat ataacatcat aacgcagtca atggggtctg aattatagct ctgatatgca
   169981 ggagctgtgt acatttggta agttgtccta ctgaaggttg tgtttttatt attattattt
   170041 tttaattgag ctggttgagt agttcttgat ttgggctcag gccatgatct cagggtcccg
   170101 ggatccagcc ctgtgtcagg ccctgcactc agtggggagc ttgcttgtga ttctttctct
   170161 ttcctctccc tctaccctcc atctctctct cgctcattct ctctcagata aataaataaa
   170221 tacttaaaaa taagtgctac acacttagtg tttcacacat tatcttattt tatcctcaaa
   170281 cagctcccca gacagttctg agcttatgcg atatttgatt atgactatat gtgtgtgtgt
   170341 gtgtgtataa aatagctata tactctgaat gtcacagact cccactaatt ttattacctc
   170401 ttttttttcc taatctgcag taaatcaact aagtagatgg agagaacgtc ctgaattatc
   170461 cactttaatt cttccctctg gtggaatacc tctctttaat gcaacattgg ggagacgagc
   170521 ctccctcatg atcactccgc attagtattg ctactaaaat ttgaaatacc ctagaagcat
   170581 ttgttaaaat actcataaac tctcgaaaag caatagatgc ttgttgtgtt attgaaaaca
   170641 cggtttttga tgagatctgg acaagaccat ccatttcctt ccttgtgcca cactgatctc
   170701 aacaaatgat ggaatacata aataactctg aggaaaggga cacattttta acttttctct
   170761 attcccttcc aatccacaat taaaattatt ttattttttc aattaaaata atttaaatcc
   170821 ataagaaaag acaaacttcc aaacatctta aagtgatacc cacagcctca tcggtcttct
   170881 ttattacccc attaggtcat ttatctctgc ttcttaaggc tggtctgttt catcaggaag
   170941 tgaaggttcc aaacttaaaa gaatcctagt tggacccttt gacacaatcg aacgttacta
   171001 aggtgatgag aactccatgt ggtggtagga tttcacatgg cttctcctct aaactcagat
   171061 gatgtctcag tccctttgag ctgccatcac aaataccaca gatgcagtgg tttataatca
   171121 acaaatattc atttctcata gttctgcagg ctggggatat aagactgggc gccagcatga
   171181 ccaggtgctg gtgaggaccc tcttctgagc tatagatgac ttctcgctgt gtcctccctt
   171241 ggaggatggg gacagggagc tctctggcat tccttttatt aggcaattat cccattcatg
   171301 agggctctta acctaatcac attccaaagg ctcacctcca aatcccatca ctgtggggat
   171361 aaggtttcca catgaatatc aggaggacac agctgttcag ccatggcata tgcaatcttg
   171421 tctgagcact ccaaagagcc agccccctct cctaagggct aagagccagc ctgttcacac
   171481 ctcactgtgg agaggacaga catctcggag tgggtgaatt ctaaggtctg gagtgtgatg
   171541 agttccaggg tgtgggggct gctcaaggaa gagaggtggc atcaggtggc acctggacag
   171601 ggttgcatgg gggaatgccc tgccagagat ggcagcatga tgcatcccct gaaaggggaa
   171661 gggaactccc agaggagagg ggcaccagag aaaggctcac atgtctggat gatacgtctc
   171721 agcaggaggt ggggagtcct gggatcacaa ctctcagggg gacactgaca atttggagtc
   171781 ttaatgctat ggcctttgtc ttgtctatgt tagcaggtgt tgggcacttt ggggggtcac
   171841 acaaagctgg tgggctttaa atggctaaac aaatgttttt agttgcatca tacttgaagc
   171901 actcaggtat ggaagaattt gagcttggag cagggcgctt tgagctacag acgtgagcac
   171961 gatagggacc actatacaga gggaccacct cactggccca ctgatgtagc aaggaggtct
   172021 tgagatccct atgacaagaa ccaacacttt aatttgagaa ctgcaagagt cttcttattt
   172081 agacattcac ttcaggccag gaccagctat ataacatgct ggcccaagca catcatacaa
   172141 atacaagtcc ccatgttcag gaaacaggaa aaaggtgcca ttaaaggcac ttagttcctc
   172201 tgtcatagat ttttttttct cttatgattt tcttttttct tttataattt tttttgtgaa
   172261 catataatgt attattagcc tcaggggtac aggtctgtga atcgccaggt ttacacactt
   172321 cacagcactc accatagcac ataccctccc caatgtccat aaccccacca ccctcttccg
   172381 accctcctcc ccccagtaat cctcagtttg ttttgtaaga ttaagagtct ctgatggttt
   172441 gtctccctcc caatcccatc ttgtttcatt tattcttttc ctacccccca aaccacccat
   172501 gttgcatcac cacttcctca tatcagggag aacatatgac agttatcttt ctctggttga
   172561 cttattttgc taagcataat accctctagt tctatccatg tcgtcacaaa tggcaagagt
   172621 tcatttcttt tgatggctgc atagtattcc attgtatata tatacaccac atcttcttta
   172681 ttgtcataga tatttttctt tgctatttaa tatcatagtt cctcaggcac aagggtactt
   172741 gcaggacact tacagaccct cactggtgcc cggggatctg ctcattgaca ctgcatatct
   172801 ctgtatggtc cagcgtctgc tgggttgccc tcccagggca cctgctgcag gaccaccgtg
   172861 cctcactgaa gagagagtca agccaggtgt gtttcctccg tgagtctgcc actcccaccc
   172921 atggtcaccc atggtgacca gctctccaag gatatctcag tgtctgtgcc cggaagcaat
   172981 tggtattgaa ttgggggctg aggagaggcc tcctcctgcc aagattccct gcctacacca
   173041 ctgttagccc tgagatacct ccatcccatt gctaggtacg tctggactca gtccaagcct
   173101 gggatctgat agccccttga tgttcagttc aatgagtcca tttaaatatc ctatgatgta
   173161 tctttattac atccccatat taagacttag aaacaggttt aaccaagtaa gcaacctgcc
   173221 cgggtcacgt gcttgctaaa ctgacctgac tgtagtctct ccggttcagt gctcctatcg
   173281 ccttcccaaa gtgaagaaca gagccttccg taagcacaag caataggaca gaacttattt
   173341 ggtgatataa gtgttgattt tgatgcccac gttcttgatg agtgaaaagg atatagtaat
   173401 tatgccttca ggctgctagg cgacattgtt acaggatcag ggattcaaag ctcacttggc
   173461 gaaatgacac ccatcccctt gctcctgggg acattgacag gtagtacaaa tgagagcctg
   173521 ggaaggaaca gagcctgctt cttgggctct tagagggcac caggcctcct tccaagcctt
   173581 ccctgtgttc caaacacatc cccataatca ccagagcttg acgccaatcc tgagaagctg
   173641 gctggagaac tcgttgtctc tcagcaactg tagtggctcc ttattcaatg gaagagaagg
   173701 gtaaattctg agagagaaag ggagtagcag gcttctactt gctgggtcag gaggattggg
   173761 gtggcccctg gttttccagc ccctgacctc aagttccttg cactaccctg gccggagctc
   173821 ccagaataca aggctttatg gagaccaagg gttattgtcc atcatagcca tccttgatcc
   173881 tgggaaatgg agcatataaa tgtgctttct ttattgattc acttcactga ccaagagcat
   173941 tccccattac ttacaaatat aaatgagcct cctgtcttct cagagaggcc ccaaacctct
   174001 gctctgaaga gccatccctc agagatgacc ctaagcagaa agatgtcttc tttcgtcttt
   174061 gcctttttca ttttggctca atttctgtca ggtaatggca aaaggatggg atggtgaagg
   174121 gcgcagatca taaagcctaa ggctcttcca tagaccatca taaaattgag aggaatggtc
   174181 ggctcccctc tgagcatctc atgggatctt cttgactctg cagcggcatt ttctaagcaa
   174241 accattaccc tcccccgcct ttttaaaact tcttactagt tactgggagg gctgatcttt
   174301 agaagtagcg caaagatacg gtctctgtaa aatgctgtcc tttgacagca gatgtgtgga
   174361 gctggaaata ctgttttata caacattatt tcctgcactg attttaatat ccaaaatgtg
   174421 ttgttttgaa tttagggtgc caggcaggac tggagtattc tgagccactt ccaggaggta
   174481 agttgaatcc cttgtgcata atttctactt ttcggtcctc tggcctgtca gctccctctg
   174541 acttccggca acaaggagtg atggaaatga tagtgagaat agagttgcct gaaatcccag
   174601 atgtctgtgt ctgtcttctc ttacttggat tttcatctca cagagaaatc tctgttactg
   174661 caatggaatt ttggccatag ggatttggac ctggtggcta gtgtcattag ctcatggtgt
   174721 tcataaaagc aagattagag gatacgcttg taccagccaa tgagcactga ctgcttagag
   174781 aacatcctca tctgtctcct ataggctctg ctcccaaacc cagcaaaatg tgttccaaac
   174841 tatggtacta atctaggaag gatcaaataa agtgaaatct cgtcaccatc acagaagagc
   174901 tgtgaagagt ggagaacccc caatctctgt ttgtgcactc atctcctgca ggaagaaagc
   174961 atattataag cagaactgaa agaaataccc ctgggtaatt gcaaacagaa tttaaaagtg
   175021 tttagacaga attgtcgagt gagaaaaaaa aaaaaacctc aggtgattac tagtcattga
   175081 gcactgacta tgtgccagac agtctgttaa ccttatgtaa attatgtcat ttaatctcca
   175141 aacatccctg tgatgtgggt actattgtaa ccgccacctt atagaagatg gggaagctga
   175201 gacatagagg cgacgttcaa tcattttgcc taggtgacat gatgatagtg gtaagctagg
   175261 cttccaactc aggatgccag ggtcacaaag ttttaattct ctgagtctca ctcaggtaga
   175321 acagtgccca ccaataccgt tttttaataa agattttatt tatttattta tttatttatt
   175381 tatttgagag agagacagag agagagaatg cacacaagca ggagggggag ggcagaggga
   175441 gaggcaggct ccctactgag cagggagccc aatgcgggac ccgatcccag gacgctgaga
   175501 tcatgatcca agccgaaggc agacacccaa tgactgagcc acccaggcgt cccccaccaa
   175561 tacctttaag cagaggtggc atacaaaatt ctcaacgaaa ctgtagcact gaactatcag
   175621 accgtccacg gcctgcaaag atcagattcc atcannnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   175681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   175741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnngagatc atgacctgag ccgaaggcag cggctcaacc cactgagcca
   175801 cccaggcgcc cccacggatc aggactctta acacaacatg tgatgagtgc atgacatcaa
   175861 gcagaagagg caggtgatga ggacctgggc ttaccagagc aaagattacc tctaatggtg
   175921 acttcacaga agcaactggc agccacggct gcccccactg ccccaacaag cttctgcaca
   175981 atgcaaacag caatcagcag gaacacaaag agtgtccggg ttagtgttca gaagttaggt
   176041 gggcaacttc aggagatgga atgcatccaa ggaagggacc aactctgggc tcattactga
   176101 gcaatgatgt gagagggagg agcagatggt gagacgggga gcataaaggc tgaaatagtc
   176161 actggggatg ggcaaatggg ctgtcaagga gctcagtgaa tggttgcagg aggagaccaa
   176221 cctgtaagct tccacatagt tctgaggttc ttgagaagag ggtggttaat cagaaagaga
   176281 ataaggggtc acaacacaaa tgttgcccct ggagaaccag atcagcaaac agattcttgg
   176341 ctggcaaagg ccctacctac ctggtccatg aaatttaccc cggaaaattt tttgtggtcg
   176401 gtcctataaa aaaccttctg tttaaagtaa cagcaacaaa agtagctaat ggaagataga
   176461 gtgtttggca gaatgttctc acataaacta ctccatttga ccactagaga aatttacagt
   176521 gtagacaagt atttctaaaa tgttgatatg acaaatgaga aagctaagac caggcagttt
   176581 actgaagaca caccaccatt accagactca aaccagcact gactttacct ctaccttcta
   176641 cctctacctc tacctttacc taactttaac cttacctttg aggacctttc taaaccacaa
   176701 ggtggccttt ccaccttcaa cctgtaatct tcgcagaagt atatcaggaa tgtattttta
   176761 tggttctaca gtacttttga cccatgcaag gcatggagaa cagagatggt gcctatctct
   176821 tgcttcaaca ttaactcttg ccccaacccc catcccgaat aaagcagagc tcttggaaaa
   176881 atcagggctg gttctttaga aacactcttt aaagtcatac aaaccctcac ctttttttga
   176941 tggcttttga ctttctcccc acctctgggc agtccctgga aagatgtctc agctgttctt
   177001 tgtcagccta ggtgagtttg ctccttgtga gcggtgctgg ctgggccggg gaaaatgcag
   177061 gaggatgtgt accgaggacg agaaggttat tggacaatgc aggttgaact tcttctgttg
   177121 ccgaccgaag atcacctgaa gcagatcagc actcttctgg ccttccaagg gggacttggt
   177181 attcaaggga agagaaggga agttgcgagc cttacccaca tcacactgtg agtgagcctc
   177241 agaatcattc tcatgtctct ctccctttgt tttgtttctt tgcttgtatt ttaagataat
   177301 ccttaaaaaa tcaagatctg agtgtgtggc tagtagccta ctcagatacg acaactaggt
   177361 aatggtagac tcccttatag ctttcaaatc tttcccctac acttccttca tatggctcaa
   177421 ggtcacctta tgattttatt atctccattt gtatttgaag aatactatct ctatttgtat
   177481 tttagagtca gagaaacttt catttcttca aggtcatagc ctgcgagcca agaaaaggtg
   177541 tgatcacccc tatcccgttc ttttgttccc atctatatgt aataatttta accaaaaaga
   177601 taaacagaaa cgggatctgc atctgtgtta atagaattac aattctatag catacaagaa
   177661 attatccata ttctatccaa aacactgtca gtcattgatt ctagtactta tggtgtattt
   177721 tttaagcaac ttgtacctac tcagttaatg tccagggcac caactttgta cttctcttct
   177781 tgccagtaag tgaaaatgtc agagattaat ttaaaatgct caacatggtc tgtgcaagaa
   177841 tggttgactg tataacttct gccttatgat ataaaatttg tagcttcaca caataaaggt
   177901 caaaattatt catcttatga gcagctcctc aaatctgatc actcagtttt cacatggcag
   177961 gttgacatta tttagcttca catctgagtt agcgttgtat catctcttgt ttcacgctca
   178021 gacacactcc ctgtcctttc cctgctcggc tctgtgtaac tggcactact ctctgcaaac
   178081 tacattctcc acgcctgctg gcatccagct ggcttctatc aatgtcagtg tgtggtggga
   178141 ggatagatgg gaagaaggta gagccccagg ttctctcccc taccctctgc tccggcagta
   178201 gctccatctc caataacaaa gtccctgctt ctgggtcctg gcttctccct ctgtcctgct
   178261 gctgcagaca caacccctgt agccagtcct agcttctggg tcacaccatg gtctcctgct
   178321 ttccccccag ccactgggca gtgggggctt ccagctaggg ctaaccctgg ggctgcccca
   178381 ttgctcccct ttgcatgctc agctcttcca acactttatc acatcctctc catgttaaat
   178441 catctctatc aaaccaccct gtgtgggagc tgttttcatg cctggagcct gactgattgg
   178501 gcttttccat cggctctact gtcagactga tttagatggg atcagttatc ttccaaaagg
   178561 gatctgagtc atcccctttg ccaacccgag tgttccctca ttttcacagg gattaactca
   178621 gagaagtgga cagtggaaca acaaaagaat ctgcagttat cactgcaggg gggtggggta
   178681 ctcctgctca gttctccaca gtgagagtgc tgttgagggt ttacagagga ccatgagacc
   178741 aaatacttac tgctcattcc aaacacccca ttctgtgatt tcccaaattg aaaacaccct
   178801 ggaatccaac tgatgtctcc tttatggaag gattcaagtg catgtctcag agtcatgcag
   178861 agaggtggac cagtggctac accctgatat tccctttctc gtaaccttgt acagaatccc
   178921 atagatgatc gccgactcac gaattaccct tcctctcttt ctcttgctct ctcctctctt
   178981 cttcagttgg cttcttttta ggaaattttc gtccacaccc ccttcttccc gagaccctca
   179041 atcctcccta taaaataata aagtctaaac tcatacaaat tgcttattaa ttcagcactt
   179101 tcagggtgca agtggctgcc catggcctct tcagattaac tgttttattt ccacagtaac
   179161 tcatggagat ctctgatatc agcccactgg gtgttctgaa gggaaactct tctacatggt
   179221 ggaagggtca gagggaaatg gtcagaaaga aaggacactg atacggctgg tttttccctg
   179281 aagtatctcc gctctagtct acctactgct cctgtgtagc atgacttgtc ctccttcatt
   179341 ttgaaactgt ggctctggtg tgactatgct aactgtgtat tatcccttct tcatctgggg
   179401 ttctgtttca gaactccctc cccataactg aaagggaaca gcagaacctg tagagcaaga
   179461 ctgatccatt tgggctgaag taccaaaggg cagaggacaa aaccttgagt atcattttct
   179521 cccacannnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   179581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnggtc acgatcccag
   179641 cgtcctggga tcgagtccca catccggctc cttgcttggc agggagcctg cttctccctc
   179701 tgcctctgcc tgcctctctg tctgcctgtg ctcgctctct ccctctctct ctctgacaaa
   179761 taaatagata aaatttttaa aaagagagag attttactta tttgtttgaa agagagagag
   179821 agggagagag agaacaagca gaggggagga gcagagggag tcagagaagc agactgcctg
   179881 ctgagcaggg agccccatgt gagacttgat ccaaacgcct caggatcatg acctgagctg
   179941 aaggcagatg tttaactgac tgagtcaccc aggtgccctg atgtttttgt tctaacagga
   180001 aagcgacttt attaaactca acttgcaaat attaccttgt ctgtagggta gcagttcaaa
   180061 tctcagtggt gtttgtgtgt ttgtcatttt gttttacctt aactaggtgc aagcatggct
   180121 caagggttag ctaaagtcat gggcagagtt tacacataga acctaagctc ccttctctgg
   180181 gtcatcattt tcaacaggtg cagtctccct tggctctgac cttgtgttct tagtttagaa
   180241 agaggatagc tatttttgtt tgtttnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   180301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   180361 nnnnnaaata aataaataga attctttgaa aaataaaatg ttcttttatt tgtttcagct
   180421 ttcatattct tcaggtaatt tcttccccca aagttttact cattaccagt gggagggtcc
   180481 acctgttagg agctcacttt gctttgcttt atttgaaatg gaactcctta tttgagtttt
   180541 aatctttcaa ataaccccct acttaaaatc cttcaataac ttcactttga ttttagaata
   180601 aaattcaaat ttcttagtaa cataaataaa cataaatagt tccccaatcc atatttgaat
   180661 gaaagctatt cccgtaacat atgagatatg gtcactttta gtcataatgc cattatcctt
   180721 aatatttata tcttacaaat ataaaaactt tgagctttta ataacaattt ccatatcaat
   180781 tgtttcctaa gttcctctaa ctagacaatt atcaattaat aagtcaaaga acctgtgtat
   180841 tttgaacatc tactactgca aagcagtatc acaagtaatg aatggaagga aaaggatgaa
   180901 ggagagtcat tttcttctgt ggagcttgtt tgtagtcaca ttggacaggt aaaaaatttt
   180961 tgtatattat aatttttgaa aagccattat accaggaacc cattaacaac tgccaagtga
   181021 gtcttagaag agaccagctt gcacatatca tcttagagaa gaagaggaat gggagttata
   181081 gaccttctgg aaatggaggt acccaaaatg gggcttcaga gaaaagcaga catggaggca
   181141 gagacataga atcgaggaat aaaatcagga gaacaagttg tctgccctac tcccccataa
   181201 acatcattgg gataatatct gatccagcaa cccacacatt actcagtgga ggatgaataa
   181261 tagtttcttc ttaatgaaca ctaaacccca agttgacttc cagccctttc agagccatag
   181321 aacttgtttc aatcaacttc cctttataag agtgctggat tccagcaact gtaccctttc
   181381 tccactgatg tctggagcca tgagaatctt ttccttaatt tctgctgctc tcattctcct
   181441 tgttcacatt ttctcaggta agaaggaaat cctaatagat gtaaggatga caatttgtct
   181501 tttgagaaga aagctcaggt tttagaaaag tgcatgactc atccctgtgt tctaaaatgg
   181561 tcccaggaca ggcagttact ggaaatcttt cctggagctg agacccaaaa cagtgggacc
   181621 acacggagcc agactagctc cacccagaag aatatctggt taatttccct aaatgttcta
   181681 cctagggttt agacttctct ttacattcag atctctttcc ttctgtattc ttcaacacag
   181741 cttcagcata tgccaaagtg attgctcaaa atgagagaac gtttcagagg caaattccaa
   181801 atacacttgt taatttaaag aattatagct tttgtagcct gaatgagact aaactcatga
   181861 taagaggttc ttggtctatt tttgtatgtc ttactagctg gtccaaatct cctaatcttt
   181921 gattattcag aatttctttc tagttctccc atacttacgg aaattttttt ttcaatttat
   181981 ttattttcag aaaaacatta ttcattattt tttcaccaca cccagtgctc catgcaagcc
   182041 gtgccctcta taatacccac cacctggtac cccaacctcc caccccccgc cacttcaaac
   182101 ccctcagatt gtttttcaga gtccatagtc tctcatggtt cacctcccct tccaatttac
   182161 ccaaattcnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   182221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnaa cgcccaactt
   182281 ttgtagtaac atggacggga ctggaagaga ttatgctgag tgaaataagt caagcagaga
   182341 gagtcaatta tcatatggtt tcacttattt gtggagcata acttatggaa atttttatca
   182401 tttaaacaac tagcgacttg gttagtttgc ttttcgatct ttgagggctt tgaaatggtc
   182461 tctttttgct cagtacagcc aacactttat ccctaagaaa atttttttaa agatttattt
   182521 atttatttta gagagaaaga gctgggggag gggcagaagg agagagaaag agaatcccaa
   182581 gcagactccc caaagagtgc agagcccaat gtggggcttc atcctgtgaa cctgagatca
   182641 tgacccgaac caaaatctag agtcagatat ccaacctatg gaaacatcca ggtgtccccc
   182701 taagaaactt ttatattcat ctcttctcaa ctatgcttca ttctttctgt tatgaagctg
   182761 tttctaatgg gggttcccca tgtatcatga agcactttac ttcttcatgg ttcctgaatt
   182821 tccacactta tttctataca atcaggcttc agtaggccta ccaagccaat agatatgaag
   182881 tgtgttccta ccacttaatg agaaattgtt tgggcatgat agcaaaagta ggtaaagtgg
   182941 aaggtcaaaa atataatcag agcatggtct ttacccttaa tttgcttgaa gtttatgatt
   183001 ttattatttc tgtattggtt aaaaaaatag gttgcccaga atagtaaata tgcatttgat
   183061 acatttcaaa tgtgtatgta agtgaatgga agagatggga agatgcacnn nnnnnnnnnn
   183121 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   183181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnaa gagaagccat ggagatcgaa gcttggttcc
   183241 aactgtggga tcaggtgggg ctttctgaga ggtgacattc atattgcact tttgaaagca
   183301 gacacaaaca aaagtccttg tgtttcaaag gctcatttat caaagcagtg tcttagcttc
   183361 tgccccagtc tcttttcttg gaggtcagac aatggattcc agtggagaaa tacattttaa
   183421 gccatcttct ccatccccat tcatcaggtc tctgatttgc taaggactcc tgttcccaaa
   183481 ctcactcagg cacatttgaa tcctaataat aagcacagtg tgggctcgga ttaggaccac
   183541 catgatcaca ataaccacag aaaatctcag agctggaagt gagtttaatg attaatacaa
   183601 gaggtaatga acactgacta ttatgccaaa acatgtgagg ttggatctca gttgccatcc
   183661 ttttaagttc tgtcaactct tgtgcttcaa tttcctttct gtaaatggta ataataataa
   183721 aatcatttga aagatgaaga cacttgttac attaattaga gtaaaagcaa acttatttta
   183781 acaaagacgc ttaaaaagag agtcaatgaa aaaaaaaaac aaatttattt tttctcttaa
   183841 ggaaaagtcc aaagacaagt aagttgacta ttgtgggtag aaagaatgtc cttctccatc
   183901 aagtcaactt tgatttgagg aggaaggtta accttgcatc ctaaacatgt gactatttta
   183961 tctgattcta aagatgctct aaaagaaagg gctgaaaagt aattaaaggg catgatttaa
   184021 aagattgcat agaagtagct acatcattcc attcctgttt cattcatcca aacttatcca
   184081 tggggccatg cagagaaaca ggaccaggga ctgatacatt ttgctgagtc tccatgtgtt
   184141 atccattatc tgaaaagaaa attactgatt ggggaaattt taacaatccc tctgcttatg
   184201 tactgcttaa acaaagccag gcacatcctc tgtgccctga gaaagtttgc tgttactttt
   184261 gtttgcttgt cattgttttt tatcatcact ctcattcttg gtatctgccc caatatttaa
   184321 acactttata ggtattacac atcaatcaat tgcccagttg cctgatgaag ttcagtgacc
   184381 tattcagtga cccaagttca actttgagct attaaaaaat tccccttact ttgagcagaa
   184441 atctaaggtt atgtgattcc ttttcattgg tctgagtcct aactggggca tgaacaaggt
   184501 cagtgtctct tcagcacagc agtttctcag gtatatgaca accatatgta ttcttctccc
   184561 ccaccccaaa gctgtacttt ccgagaataa tttccttttg agagtaatca tttccttttg
   184621 agaactgatt cctgtttttt ctattatttg tcccaagaac acatattgcc aaaaaccttt
   184681 ttcaatcatt cttctaaaaa aatttttgat ctcttcagct tagtctttgt tctgaaggaa
   184741 aacctgttgc ctatcccatt gatatgttta caaagtggac cagtaccaca tttcttttat
   184801 cttcgcactt aaatttgtga aactcaacaa ccacacagca gtccatgtag gttatcattg
   184861 acctgcctac tgtgtcaaca gtattgtctt taccttttgt tatatatctg agaatattaa
   184921 tttggagatg tgaaaaaaat cacaaattgg aaaggactgt ttattggaat taaaaagtac
   184981 actgcctccc tcccaggaag aagttctcta cttctagata ttctagaaat gactgtggta
   185041 gaagaaattg aataccaagt aagaacactg catcagagaa tctggtggga gcagagaatc
   185101 tgagctccca caccactatg ctttttctga tctctaggtg tgtactctgt gtctgtagga
   185161 gatttggtaa tgaggagatt tggcctgggt gatgttgtgt tgctttctgg tcaccagtga
   185221 ctgggtaact gaagccctgc tttcttcact tagcccatgg aggaatatac agacagatac
   185281 agtgtaagaa aaggaatggg cgctgtgaag tcgagtgtct ctccttcgaa gttaagattg
   185341 ggggctgtcg agctgaattg acaccatttt gctgcaagaa aaaggggaac aagtaaaagc
   185401 caagcagcag ctacaaaaag taagaggcaa aggtcctctg gctgtgagct ccatgcagca
   185461 aacctgtctg gattttctct cttgacctcc aaacttgaca ttatttgaat gaagctgtca
   185521 gtccagcttc tgacgctgca gagaaatgtc ttctctaatc caggagatcc ccaaggaaac
   185581 aaactgtgtg gggtttacct tggctatccc cacttgctgg catagtgagt gagcaaatga
   185641 acagatgaaa caggtaaaat ggaaaggtgg gactgtgctt gaaagaagtt ctgaagtcct
   185701 ggcttcagac agaagtgtga ccctaggcct ttttgctgtt cagactctgg tgtctgaagt
   185761 aagaggatat tcaaccacat agtaaatggc ccatatgctg gacacgaatc atcactgcct
   185821 tagccatact gtcagcatgg acttatccag ctccttcaca gacaattaga atggccccca
   185881 atccctgtcc aatcctggac atcaagtgtc acaatgaagc tggcccccgt caaagtttaa
   185941 ggtggcccaa gactgagaac atcttcattc tggccacttg caatgagaat gtgtcattca
   186001 tggactatca gagcacaagg tccctagaga taagtttaac tccacacctt cattacagag
   186061 aaggagatat aggcccaaga agatctcact gttgctggct tagtcgcagc catgttcaga
   186121 cttctggttt ttgggtctta tgttgttagc atgtccacag aatgttgtgc tggccaaggg
   186181 cagaagtctg aagatggaac acttcttagc agctccagta aacagttggg tggagaaaga
   186241 agtggaaacc agctgcagaa aaattgcata ctttccaaaa tccctcctgt gatcttgcaa
   186301 tccttgcttt tcaggtaagg acacataggt ttgcctctgc cctgacttgc caaaattcag
   186361 aggcccagtt ttgaggtaga gcaagatata tttcacaggc cattttcatc ttagatttac
   186421 agcacaccct tccagaacag aagaaacaca gtccctttgg tctgctctgg agaatttcat
   186481 tacctattca attaagccca cttcctgtag agatgtaaat aagagagaac aaaataaaac
   186541 acaatttcct aggataagac aatttgtaaa agcttgtacg ataagaaata aaaatgtgtt
   186601 tcaaaaaaat gttctggtgc tattatttac ctttatggtt aatgggccaa attttttatt
   186661 ctaaaaccat gtaagagtga agcaagcaga tgatgctcgc cgttgcaagg gtctcaggtc
   186721 ctaggctttc ccaagaagtt tcttacccac agtctcagat aaaataatct aaatgtaatt
   186781 aggtctcttc ccgtttttcc tccctttatt ctttccttct ttttttggcc aaatgaactg
   186841 gagtatgtat aatgtatctc tcttttattc tcaaattaca gaaacatcat cctttgccac
   186901 ctttttgctg ctagaatttc tctttacaag gaggccagtg acctcttagg catgtcttgg
   186961 tcaccattcc ttctttctaa atacccagta taatttctgt tgacctacat gggccctgtc
   187021 tgataaaaat cctacactgt atttccaact ttaacttttt gctgaagttt tataaggcat
   187081 tggtcttcct aactggactt ctgatagaca cctaaaagtg acttgtgttt actgtaattt
   187141 attcctttgt ttccaaaaat gaccttcatt tactattcta gatcttagta aatattgccc
   187201 ccatttactt agacactcaa gttaataatg gcttgctcag ccttactctc cctcacaaat
   187261 cacacaattc cctcatcgca taactccaca tagactactc cctagtatgt gaaaattgtg
   187321 ctataacttt tcttcccttc tttctcctca ctaacattgt tctcatttac ctggaattgg
   187381 gggttgggct ttgttccaca tttcacatac acacaccatg tgtgttgttc aaccctaaaa
   187441 acgaagcaga aatgtcacac tcagatttac agatgttctt aaaacattaa aattagaaat
   187501 gagcttaaaa ataatttaag tcaggtcacc tgggtgactc agttggttaa gcatctgcct
   187561 tcagctcagg tcatgatccc agggtcttgg gaggaaactc tgcattggac tcctgctcag
   187621 cggggagtct gcttctccct ctgcccctta ctccactcat atgctctctc tctctctctc
   187681 aaataaacaa aatctttaaa aaataatata agtcaatgtt tccagaacca aattgattct
   187741 agtcacctag aatatttttg gaagtcagca gtctgtctcc tactctaaca ctttcatatt
   187801 gggaacactt cattaagaat ctgaattttt aaaaccacgt ttccaaccaa atctcctcca
   187861 tagtgctgtt tggcagctac agaccattga ccagagcatc tgagattcaa atgtgaccag
   187921 gttctgtgtc ccaaagttcc agctagaaga cagaatggag cttcagaact caaatcccga
   187981 agtcctgcct ttaggctctg tggtatttca ctgttctgca ctttttgaaa agaagatact
   188041 gagaggaact gaacaaatgc tcaactcagg gagcagaagc tcagacttta aagactgatt
   188101 gattgattta agagagagag caggagaggg agcatgtatg agttgggagg agggagagag
   188161 agggaaggaa aagccgactc cctgacgagc agtgagcctg acagggggtt ccatcccagg
   188221 accccaggat catgacctga gctgaaggca gatgctaaac ccactgagtc atccaggtgc
   188281 tctagaagct cagactctag caggaagaca gatatatgtc cagccagcta acatacaatg
   188341 tggcaggttc cacagcctga tgggaa