LOCUS       AA600000                 521 bp    mRNA    linear   EST 20-JUN-2002
DEFINITION  ag29g09.s1 Human bone marrow stromal cells Homo sapiens cDNA clone
            IMAGE:1091008 3' similar to gb:M10119 FERRITIN LIGHT CHAIN (HUMAN),
            mRNA sequence.
VERSION     AA600000.1
DBLINK      BioSample: SAMN00155529
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 521)
  AUTHORS   Jia,L., Robey,P., Young,M., Schuler,G., Powell,J., Yang,L.,
            Lennon,G., Hillier,L., Allen,M., Bowles,L., Geisel,S., Kucaba,T.,
            Marra,M., Martin,J., Steptoe,M., Tan,F., Theising,B., Bowers,Y.,
            Wylie,T., Waterston,R., Wilson,R. and Francomano,C.
  TITLE     WashU-MGB/NHGRI EST Project
  JOURNAL   Unpublished
COMMENT     Contact: Wilson RK / Jia L
            WashU-MGB/NHGRI EST Project
            Washington University School of Medicine
            4444 Forest Park Parkway, Box 8501, St. Louis, MO 63108, USA
            Tel: 314 286 1800
            Fax: 314 286 1810
            This clone is available royalty-free through LLNL ; contact the
            IMAGE Consortium ( for further information.
            Insert Length: 964   Std Error: 0.00
            Seq primer: -40m13 fwd. ET from Amersham
            High quality sequence stop: 391.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..521
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /tissue_type="bone marrow stroma"
                     /clone_lib="SAMN00155529 Human bone marrow stromal cells"
                     /lab_host="XL1-Blue MRF'/SOLR"
                     /note="Vector: pBluescript; Site_1: EcoRI; Site_2: XhoI;
                     mRNA made from human bone marrow stroma, cDNA made by
                     oligo-dT priming. Directionally cloned. Size-selected for
                     average insert size >0.5 kb. Library constructed by Dr.
                     Marian Young and Dr. Pamela Gehron Robey (NIDCR). Library
                     supplied by Dr. Libin Jia (NHGRI)"
BASE COUNT          107 a          133 c          153 g          128 t
        1 gcatcaaaaa gctttatttc catttggtcc aaggcttgtt aggatagtta agaaagctgc
       61 ctattggcag gagggagagg cttaggcaga agccctatta ctttgcaagg ggcccttcag
      121 aagtcgctgg gctcagaagg ctcttagtcg tgcttgagag tgagcctttc gaagagatac
      181 tcgcccagcc cagcctccgg gccacccagc ctgtggaggt tggtcaggtg gtcacccatc
      241 ttcttgataa gcttcacttc ctcatctagg aagtgagtct ccaggaagtc acagagatgg
      301 gggtccgtgc gggcagaacc cagggcatga agatccaaaa gggcctggtt cagctttttc
      361 tccagggcca tggcagcttt catggcgtct ggggttttac ccacatcatc ttcagctggc
      421 ttcttgatgt cctggaagag agcgcggcgc acgctggttt tgcatcttca ggagacgctc
      481 gtagccctcg gctctctcgg cagttcgcgg agagtggctc a