LOCUS       X97051                 92588 bp    DNA     linear   HUM 14-NOV-2006
DEFINITION  DNA sequence of the human immunoglobulin D segment locus.
ACCESSION   X97051 S64822
VERSION     X97051.1
KEYWORDS    D segment; germ line; immunoglobulin heavy chain; JH segment; VH
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 92588)
  AUTHORS   Corbett S.
  JOURNAL   Submitted (02-APR-1996) to the INSDC. S. Corbett, MRC, Centre for
            Protein Eng., Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2QH, UK
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 92588)
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REFERENCE   11  (bases 64614 to 64700)
  AUTHORS   Siebenlist U., Ravetch J.V., Korsmeyer S., Waldmann T., Leder P.
  TITLE     Human immunoglobulin D segments encoded in tandem multigenic
  JOURNAL   Nature 294(5842), 631-635(1981).
   PUBMED   7312051
COMMENT     This sequence of the human immunoglobulin D segment locus was
            determined from three overlapping cosmids; COS23, COS21 and COS24
            (described in reference [2] above). All the sequencing and
            analysis was carried out at the Sanger Centre (Hinxton, Cambs,
            CB10 1RQ, England) whose financial and technical assistance is
            gratefully acknowledged.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..92588
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     repeat_region   <332..>429
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 99..1 of consensus"
     repeat_region   <446..>501
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 1..58 of consensus"
     repeat_region   <504..>600
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 211..308 of consensus"
     repeat_region   659..1074
                     /note="2 copies of 208 mer 82 % conserved"
     repeat_region   680..991
                     /note="3 copies of 104 mer 97 % conserved"
     repeat_region   1438..1771
                     /note="MLT1D element fragment"
     repeat_region   2589..2696
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   3347..3636
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 1..308 of consensus"
     repeat_region   3949..4002
                     /note="27 copies of 2 mer 82 % conserved"
     repeat_region   3963..4002
                     /note="10 copies of 4 mer 90 % conserved"
     repeat_region   4557..4868
                     /note="3 copies of 104 mer 82 % conserved"
     repeat_region   4939..5227
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 1..308 of consensus"
     repeat_region   5830..6197
                     /note="2 copies of 184 mer 88 % conserved"
     repeat_region   <9220..>9383
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 1..180 of consensus"
     repeat_region   9385..9453
                     /note="THE1B element fragment"
     repeat_region   9389..9468
                     /note="MSTA element fragment"
     repeat_region   9992..10057
                     /note="3 copies of 22 mer 89 % conserved"
     sig_peptide     join(13036..13084,13168..13178)
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     CDS             join(13036..13084,13168..>13481)
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     intron          13085..13167
                     /note="VH6-1 leader intron"
     V_segment       13179..13483
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     mat_peptide     13179..>13481
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     repeat_region   13856..14008
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   16622..16883
                     /note="MSTA element fragment"
     repeat_region   16636..16704
                     /note="THE1B element fragment"
     repeat_region   16757..16977
                     /note="THE1B element fragment"
     repeat_region   18114..18345
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   18445..18743
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   <18813..>18987
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 308..133 of consensus"
     repeat_region   <19004..>19115
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 113..1 of consensus"
     repeat_region   19371..19470
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   20192..20275
                     /note="2 copies of 42 mer 94 % conserved"
     repeat_region   20282..20365
                     /note="2 copies of 42 mer 94 % conserved"
     repeat_region   21647..21798
                     /note="2 copies of 76 mer 98 % conserved"
     repeat_region   21726..21959
                     /note="3 copies of 78 mer 98 % conserved"
     repeat_region   22161..22382
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   22752..23135
                     /note="8 copies of 48 mer 89 % conserved"
     repeat_region   25123..25301
                     /note="MLT1D element fragment"
     repeat_region   25695..25760
                     /note="3 copies of 22 mer 83 % conserved"
     repeat_region   25697..25760
                     /note="16 copies of 4 mer 83 % conserved"
     repeat_region   25700..25763
                     /note="4 copies of 16 mer 83 % conserved"
     repeat_region   28283..28318
                     /note="12 copies of 3 mer 83 % conserved"
     repeat_region   29990..30265
                     /note="2 copies of 138 mer 81 % conserved"
     repeat_region   30572..30617
                     /note="MLT1A element fragment"
     repeat_region   30683..30712
                     /note="MLT1A element fragment"
     repeat_region   30801..30872
                     /note="MSTC element fragment"
     repeat_region   31700..31825
                     /note="3 copies of 42 mer 99 % conserved"
     D_segment       33714..33730
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       36367..36397
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     variation       36395
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="allele of D2-2 previously described as D4 [7]"
     repeat_region   38139..38218
                     /note="5 copies of 16 mer 83 % conserved"
     repeat_region   38231..38388
                     /note="2 copies of 79 mer 87 % conserved"
     repeat_region   38265..38360
                     /note="6 copies of 16 mer 87 % conserved"
     repeat_region   38266..38361
                     /note="2 copies of 48 mer 88 % conserved"
     D_segment       38834..38864
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D3-3; previously described as DXP4 [3]"
     D_segment       39986..40001
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D4-4; previously described as DA4 [3]"
     D_segment       40947..40966
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D5-5; previously described as DK4 [3]"
     D_segment       42795..42812
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D6-6; previously described as DN4 [3]"
     D_segment       43300..43316
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D1-7; previously described as DM1 [3]"
     repeat_region   44721..44780
                     /note="2 copies of 30 mer 97 % conserved"
     D_segment       45982..46012
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D2-8; previously described as DLR1 [3]"
     variation       45995..45996
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="allele of D2-8 previously described as D1 [8]"
     repeat_region   47769..48056
                     /note="6 copies of 48 mer 86 % conserved"
     repeat_region   47773..48060
                     /note="18 copies of 16 mer 84 % conserved"
     repeat_region   48413..48780
                     /note="2 copies of 184 mer 94 % conserved"
     D_segment       48512..48542
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D3-9; previously described as DXP1 [3]"
     D_segment       48696..48726
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D3-10; previously described as DXP'1 [3]"
     D_segment       49591..49606
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D4-11; previously described as DA1 [3]"
     D_segment       50551..50573
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D5-12; previously described as DK1 [3]"
     D_segment       52060..52080
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D6-13; previously described as DN1 [3]"
     D_segment       52568..52584
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D1-14; previously described as DM2 [3]"
     D_segment       55235..55265
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D2-15; previously described as D2 [9]"
     repeat_region   56988..57131
                     /note="3 copies of 48 mer 81 % conserved"
     repeat_region   56988..57099
                     /note="7 copies of 16 mer 90 % conserved"
     D_segment       57552..57588
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       58699..58714
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       59661..59680
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       61503..61523
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       62015..62031
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     repeat_region   63307..63423
                     /note="MER22 element fragment"
     D_segment       64644..64671
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     variation       64662
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="allele of D2-21 previously described as D3 [10]"
     repeat_region   66520..66711
                     /note="4 copies of 48 mer 94 % conserved"
     repeat_region   66525..66716
                     /note="12 copies of 16 mer 92 % conserved"
     D_segment       67161..67191
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       68334..68352
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       69300..69319
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       71666..71683
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     D_segment       72169..72188
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     repeat_region   74038..74328
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 1..308 of consensus"
     repeat_region   75154..75238
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   75475..75821
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   75973..76130
                     /note="2 copies of 79 mer 83 % conserved"
     repeat_region   76910..77151
                     /note="MER43 element fragment"
     repeat_region   77621..78105
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   78160..78249
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   78361..78388
                     /note="7 copies of 4 mer 100 % conserved"
     repeat_region   <78389..>78597
                     /note="Alu repeat: matches 308..80 of consensus"
     repeat_region   78959..79724
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   79785..79922
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   80009..80101
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   80146..81025
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   81093..81207
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   81250..83150
                     /note="L1 element fragment"
     repeat_region   84822..84887
                     /note="3 copies of 22 mer 82 % conserved"
     repeat_region   84829..84883
                     /note="5 copies of 11 mer 84 % conserved"
     repeat_region   85184..85733
                     /note="11 copies of 50 mer 96 % conserved"
     D_segment       87459..87469
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
                     /note="D7-27; previously described as DHQ52 [5]"
     J_segment       87562..87615
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     J_segment       87769..87823
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     J_segment       88384..88435
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     J_segment       88758..88807
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     J_segment       89156..89208
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     J_segment       89760..89824
                     /product="immunoglobulin heavy chain"
     regulatory      90650..91231
BASE COUNT        23124 a        26255 c        23719 g        19490 t
        1 aagcttttta cagcttccag tcaggctatg aactccagta tcaccacctc cagcctgata
       61 attacatata ttggaagaaa atcagttaaa ggactccctc tagacccttg aaagggtgtg
      121 agagacaaca tggtttcgcc tgccttcatg tgtcccagtc catccctgtg gctgcctctg
      181 tccacctcag cttgcccact gtctttcctt cccaactgtc tgccctgctg acttctggcc
      241 tcagtgacag atgcaaagac aaggcgacag ccccacatag accgtttaac cagtcccaca
      301 tttgcataag ctaaatggtc atgtcacagt ctgttgccca ggctggtctc aaactcctgg
      361 gctcaagtga tccacccacc ttgaccccca aggtgctggg attacaggct tgagccacag
      421 tgcccagcca agaacccgtt tttgagtggg caccttggca cacacctgta aacgcaacac
      481 tttgggaggc caaggtggga gtgtggcttg aggccaggag gttgaggttg cagtgagcta
      541 tgatggcacc acctcactcc agcgtgggtg gcagagtgag atcctttaga aaaaaaaaaa
      601 aaaaaaactt gttttctctg cagccgggct ccgtgaccaa acacaaacac aaacttcccc
      661 tccagagggt ccaggagggg ctgggctgca ggaggtgctt agggcctctt agggaatggt
      721 aagtgaccac ccaacgcagg cactcagccc caggggcata tgcagagaga gggtccagga
      781 ggagctgggc tgcaggaggt gcttagggcc tcttagggaa tggtaagtga ccacccaacg
      841 caggcactca gccccagggg catatgcaga gagagggtcc aggaggagct gggctgcagg
      901 aggtgattag ggcctcttag ggaatggtaa gtgaccatcc aacgcaggca ctcagcccca
      961 ggggcatatg cagagagagg ctgggaggac actttcagtg actggggtta caaaccccaa
     1021 ccataagaca ttgctggctc tgtgagccgc cacctccaga aatctcccac ttagttctta
     1081 gcacttatcc actcttccct tttcctactc tcaattcctg gaggatgccc tcctttctca
     1141 ggctcagacc aacctaccag ctccactcta gacctgaaca catgactcct ccctctgtct
     1201 ccacctggaa atctcatcag tgcctcacat ttacactcct gaaaatcagg tcctgcctac
     1261 ccaccctctt gctccacctg attcctgccc tgtttcagcc agagaccttg cagtctcctt
     1321 taactctcaa acccacccat gtcgtgtgag catactgact gtgttctatg caagaaagag
     1381 cagtttcttg gtggtcctgc ggttttatta gtccagaggc aaagcgttgg cagagctggt
     1441 ttcttctgaa ccctgggagg gagattctgt tttcatgcct tttccagatt ctagaaccca
     1501 tattccttgc tctgtgtccc cttcttccat cttcaaaggc catcctctca tctctgtgtc
     1561 catcatcaca tcacccttcc cctgactctg gttctcctgc ttccacttat aagcaccctt
     1621 gtgattacat catacccacc cagacaatgc agggccatat tctcccctct cgagattaat
     1681 ttaatcacat ctacaaagtt cctcgtgcca tatgaggtca ctaaaccaca tgttctgggg
     1741 gtttgaatgt aaacatttgg gggatgcatt attcagccac ccacaagcac tgctccccac
     1801 tggccacaca ctatgcacag ccgagatcat gcaagtgagg cacgttcatc aacagcagct
     1861 tcagcaggaa actatatgct ccactttcct gccatttgta tctggatttt tttttcgcta
     1921 tcattgtaga aagagtggta ttgtaaaatt aaagatggat tattttcttt ctagaacact
     1981 ttggcaatct atccaacatt atttatcccc ttctgagtgt caagtgtgag gtcattcttt
     2041 cattgagagc tcaatgccta caattatgat aatgcatatt gggtactttc acacatcaga
     2101 aagttcttct ttcttaaaat ctgttcttga attattcatt cttctctagc tttttgttga
     2161 tctattttat aattttagaa aaatcagaaa gtaacttgaa gtatctgtca tctctacagg
     2221 tttacctccc tctttgtggc cttcagaatg tcatgacacg cttttccctt gctcatcaca
     2281 tggtttctat gtatgagacc tcatcacagg agctgtggtc ccccgggagc aggcatctgt
     2341 ggatggtgcc ttgctcctgg ctgctgggac ctgtgtgctg ccagtggcac tccacgacag
     2401 tgatttccca gctcagtttt gcagctccag atggtgggtg agacactagg accactttgt
     2461 gaacagcgag ggcttggggt ttgcttttct accatgtcca gggctgctgt tcatgaggga
     2521 atgtttctaa cctgacatca tggctgaagc caacttagaa cctctctagc cgtatgggga
     2581 gtaggtgagt gatacagatg ttaattagct cagtggagcc actcccctat gtagacatgt
     2641 tacaaaacat tatgctgtac agaataaata taggtcattt ttatgtgtca atcaaaagag
     2701 aaactaatta tttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacc tctctactca agccgaaacc tcagctccag
     2761 tcccacaagt cacacaaggc tgctcccgtc ctgtgtatgt taaacctacc tcagaaatgc
     2821 aaggggcatt caggtttcat tctcaattca aatgcccttt ttaattttgt ctattcctag
     2881 cacctggcaa cttccagctc tttttttcgg gctcattcat tatttaaagc acgtataatt
     2941 tttcacccac attctaacac atgtagtact gtagagaatc cttccctagg aggatctaca
     3001 gcattagaaa agaattaaga actccaatat ttacaagaag gaaaaagcaa aaagagatca
     3061 aaaaatgggc aacttctaga aatagaaaac cctcatgagt atgatgataa atcgctggca
     3121 cacatgtgaa tagttacttg atgcttatag tgatgtctgg gaaaataaca tgaaatactt
     3181 ataatctgtt tctcacacat gtaattcaaa agaatagaga gaagatgatt tgaaatattc
     3241 ttaagtttgt aggaaaaaag ctacttccat atgcataatt gcatgtattt tgatactgcc
     3301 attattaaga actatctaag agggtccatt aaaaataaaa tttcttggct gggcacagtg
     3361 gctcatgcct gtatcccagc actttggaag gccgaggcag gtggctcacc tgaggtcaga
     3421 agttcaaaac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aacgctgtat ctaccaaaaa tacaaaaatt
     3481 agctgggcat ggtggcatgc acctgtagtc tgagctactt ggggggctga ggcaggataa
     3541 tcgtttgaac ccaagaggtg taggttgcag tgagctaaga tcataccacc gcactccagc
     3601 ctgacagaca aagcaagact ctgtctcaaa aatattaaaa taaaatttct cattcctatt
     3661 acagagtaat ttaattcatt aatgccctgc cctgttacaa aactcatttg taaaatacta
     3721 attgtaattg tgaaaaaatg gcaattgata ctaattttaa attctaaaaa cagggcaccc
     3781 atattaaaga ttattctgca gtaagagaat tagctataac attttgtaat aaggtggaga
     3841 aaacattctc caacttacaa tggttggtga gaagaaagtt tccagcacgg tagatggacc
     3901 ctaagagccc ttgttgaaat aataagacaa aaagatatac agagagatga gccagatgaa
     3961 gggagacaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaggcaca gaaatgagag atacaaagtg
     4021 aaagagggca acctgtgggg tcatcagata tttgttttct gttttgttta ttctaacata
     4081 aaggcagtgg tgggtcatcg atgtatttag agtttgcaca atcactgtgg aacacagaca
     4141 gacacagggg aagaggagaa acacagggcg gtggcttgcc cttggactgt tcttagttcc
     4201 tcaaaacgta acagctttgc ccaacctaag ggaactttca gcagctgctc ttctgccata
     4261 ggcctctttc ctgccttgtt ttcatgtggc tgactgtttc tgttcctgca ggtcttagct
     4321 catcagacag gcatttatta cctctgtgtc aacagtggga gcttccatta ctctctagca
     4381 tgacactccc cttcctcttt taggaaattt aacatggaag tgagtttgcc atcggccttc
     4441 tccccacagt gttaacagtg gtgaggaagc cagcctgttc caccttgccc ctcccatgat
     4501 tccaacactg agttcagact tgtcacatgg aacttatctt tgcatgtttg tggcacagac
     4561 agatggaccc aaccatggat tagtggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat
     4621 ggatggatag atggatggat ggatggctga gtaggtgtgt ggatggaaga gtgaaaagat
     4681 agatggatgc atgtatgggt ggatgggtag gttgatggat gcatggatgg gtggatggat
     4741 gggtgagtgg atgaatgggt gggtaggtgg gtggctacat gcatggatga gtacttggat
     4801 agataagtga gtggatggat ggatggatgg atgaatgggt atgtgaaggg atggatgtat
     4861 tagagtgggt agttaggcag gcatgagctg atagtcaagt gattgttaaa ctgcctctct
     4921 aaaataataa ttggtctcgg ctggacgcgg tggctcatgt ctgtaatccc aacactttgg
     4981 gaggctgagg tgggcggatc acaaggtcaa gagattgaga ccatcctgac caacatggtg
     5041 aaaccctgtc tttactaaaa atacaaaaat tagctgggcg tggtggcgtg catctatagt
     5101 tccagctact cgggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cctgggagga agaggctgca
     5161 gtgagctgag attgtgccac tgcactccag cctggtgaca gagcaaagct ctgtctcaaa
     5221 taataataat aataataaat aataattgat ctcagccagc gccaagaaaa ggcagtctcc
     5281 caatagatag aaaacacccg aaactggtca tcagcagctt cctgataaga tctcaggcat
     5341 tgggtgagtg ggctcaagca tatgcactaa gaggcaaagt ggcagagttt aactggcaca
     5401 taatcttcct ctaggaacac tctaatagta agagaaggac acctcaaatg agcatgtgca
     5461 catttcatta aacccactgt gtatgcagcc cctcccaagt gctggcaggc cactgtacat
     5521 gtgggcagcc cactccaagg gaagaatcaa gggagaagaa atacaaatcc cagaaccatg
     5581 tcaatgtata aaaccccaag tcaagggccg gacagagcac ttagatctct caagtcgccc
     5641 acttagccct cttccaagtg tactttactt cctttagttc ccactttaaa actttaataa
     5701 acatttactc ctgctctaaa acttgcttgg gtctctcact cttctgtatg ccccttggcc
     5761 aaattctttc ctccaaggag gcgagaatca agttgctgca gacctgtatg gattcgctcc
     5821 tgctaacaga tagctggatg ggtggacaga tgcatgaatt agtggatgga cgtttggatg
     5881 tgtgggtggg tgggtggatt gtgggatggc tggatgaatg catggctgga tgggtggaca
     5941 gatgcatgaa ttagtggatg gatgtttgga tgtgtgagtg ggtgggtgga ttgtgggatg
     6001 gctggatgaa tgcatggctg gatgggtgga cagatgcatg aattcgtgga tggacgtttg
     6061 gatgtgtggg tgggtgggtg gattgtggga tggctggatg aatgcatggc tgggtgggtg
     6121 gatggatgca tggataagtg gtggacggat ggacgggtga gtggatgggt ggatgtgtgt
     6181 gtggatgggt ggataggaaa gccctctaat tgattacagg gctcagtgtg tgcttcaaca
     6241 tcatgatggc atcatcacat tggtccctgt atgaagcagt gggggaggag agtgtaccag
     6301 gggagcagga atgacttttc tccagaatcg acctctccca ccctgcagcc tgggctgtgc
     6361 aggccacatt ggagaaggtg cggtcgacta ctcctaaatg ttgttgtgtc caatggcttg
     6421 ttgacgttga tgtaggaatg agcctacatc tccaccatag atggaactgt ttgggtcccc
     6481 aaagcagaaa gcctcttctg ttgcaggtgc tgaagtttcc atcttcttct gcttatacgg
     6541 aagctcacgc atcccttgga tggcaggcgt caggttcctg tgcgcactga gttcccccct
     6601 tacatgcttt ggacagaagt gtgagacaca caagattgct gcaggaagtc cacctgtggg
     6661 gatgctgcga cttctccagc aagaacacga gtctgctcat tgaccatcac cacacataac
     6721 aaattaagtg tccctttttt gataacacgt cattgtttca cagagtattc ttttaaagtg
     6781 tataagttga ctgcagttat tattttttac ttctgttact aatttactca taattaggca
     6841 caatttacac ttaagaaatt tcttaatagt tttttcctcc ttaaggtgaa ctacagtcag
     6901 ataacatact tatcaattgt ctctagctct tgtcagaaaa acatatagat gtgtgtgtgc
     6961 gtgtgtcttg gcctttccaa tgatgaatta agatgtgcat tgagaaggca ttcactttat
     7021 ttgacgttaa ggaagtacca agaagacgct ctccacagac cctgggaaag ccagcagctg
     7081 caccccgagg ctgtgccagg cagggaacaa ggaggcagca ccacctgctg ggcagggaaa
     7141 atgtcctccc agtccctgcc gcttctctgc agaggcacaa agagctgccc cttctcctgg
     7201 gccttctcct gggctgatga gattgctccc cgatatgcca aatcagggtt gtgcatctga
     7261 ggctctgtct agactctcag ctccttccta ctcctgcaaa gtgaagaaaa caatgccaag
     7321 gggtcctgga ggcgtctcta cccctggaga gttttgactc tcttcaatag tctccactac
     7381 cctgccctca ctccatgtcc tccgtttctc cctaaagcgg tgcccagtct gattgcactg
     7441 tggcagggat aacgaggggc caggacatca ggggagagaa gtttctacct gagtcacagc
     7501 agcggctgcc ctgcagactc ctgaagacac aagacacatt tccatcccag agacccagcg
     7561 aaatgcaacc tcaggctaga gacagccagt tattttttct tgttctgtcc tggagaggcc
     7621 actgagaaag tcgagcccct tgttgaggaa aacatgagat ctctgtgtgt cgtcctctgc
     7681 ctgatggctg tacctccatg tgagtgtctc agagatttca gaacgggggc tgtgggctgt
     7741 ggtgtccgct tgtgactcat ctctttgctt cttgtccctg agtgtcctgc atcagatgca
     7801 gctactggag tcatgcccag ggctggtgag gtcctcacag acctctgggc ctggacccag
     7861 cagccctctg ggaaggcgct ggggcacctc agctccaggg gcagcacaca cttcagccca
     7921 gcctttctgg gccaactctc catctgtaga gacacatcca aggcccagtt atccctgcag
     7981 ctgagctccg tgatggccaa gggcagggcc gcacattccc gtgggagaca gaatggggac
     8041 ctcagcgtga gcccagacac aaacctccct gcagggaagc acaagaccac caggcggcgc
     8101 tccagaccac acagcggccc cagaagcagg ttttaggggg cggggcagac gtgtccgcgt
     8161 tgagtcaggt cattggtttt actttccctg agcaaacggc ctctgccaag gactcactgc
     8221 acctctcacc ttcacagttg tttttttttt ttttttaatc accctgtaga gttttgctag
     8281 ctaatttaga tattgaggag tgcttcatac ttccttgggc ctctgcttgc agaaacatag
     8341 caattgtaag gaggcacgtg ggaaagcccc ggctcggtga cccgggggat gctgctgtgg
     8401 ccctggcaag agggcgtcgg gccgcagtaa caaaggtgca gacggctctc agcctgcgcc
     8461 cgcggagtac aacacataag ggctgtaacc taacgaaaaa agaatcgcag tgcaactgtc
     8521 ctgcatttga gtttgtgatc agttttgccc tttgtcttta acaggttcta acataaaatt
     8581 ttgaatgttg gttcaagccc tgtgggtaaa atgcacttac ccacattcct taaacaaata
     8641 gaacactgag gtggaaatgt tttgaaaaag tagttttcag acatttggaa acaagcatca
     8701 caggatcata acccctgaga aaagaaaaac aaatgaacga atcctgctat tgcctgaaag
     8761 cagctgccag gacacacgga aaggcttagt gagctgagcg gacagagagc agagttcaag
     8821 gcagcagcag cccgagggga ggagcaccgg ggagcaggct gctgtgcagc caggatgggc
     8881 cggggtgggg cggggggaga acagctggag acttgccgca gggaggggga tccctcaggt
     8941 ttggggctga gaactgactt atgcctgact tatgcctgca tgaaaagaaa ctactcgata
     9001 tcagggggaa atcaccagaa acctgtggac ccaaaactac acagagccta cacaaggaaa
     9061 gcattgtttg tgttctccca gccagggtgg aaagaccttg agatatgtaa agcttcaagc
     9121 aatcttccga agtaatctcg tgagtagtgg tgccacatta attcaggact aaaggctgct
     9181 ctgaactgaa cctaagaaat gcttcaagtg tagcctggag cccgggtgca gtggctcaca
     9241 cctgtaatcc cagcactgtg ggaggccgag gcaggcggat cacttgaggt caggactttg
     9301 agaccagcct ggccaacatg gcaaaacctg tctctactaa aaacacaaaa attagctggg
     9361 cgtggtggca gatgcctgta atcacctccc acctggaccc ttccttgata catcagaatt
     9421 acaactagag atgagattgg ggtggggaca cagagccaaa ccgtatcaca taggaaccta
     9481 aaaggataat aaagtaggaa aacttcccac atcagtaacc ctttatccga tagtaatccc
     9541 aatctgcaaa gtaaaactgt gtgattttac taagataacg gaatcttctc tacagaagga
     9601 ctttccagtg caaaagctcc ccaccctcac catgaaatgc acgtgaccat ttccaatttg
     9661 tgtaaagtcc tcagttagta ctgagacttc ggaaggttag aaatcccttt gctcatgctg
     9721 catggtccgg atgagatgta agaatcatta gctaatagac atgcaacagc ttttgtgtga
     9781 aagatgttat gagacattta aggtatttgc ttgtgattac taagcattca ttgtatcatt
     9841 ggagcacatg tgcttttata ccctggagaa attccagtaa ttgaattgct gggttgaatg
     9901 ggattttgat ttggattaaa tttaaactat agattttatt tagggaaaac tggcatctta
     9961 attatgttat tggggggccc ttgctcccag agctcccaag atggtggcag gccgcttcca
    10021 aaatgaccgc aggccacttc caagatggtg gcaagcctca tgttctctga cctggggttc
    10081 ttggcctcac ggattccaag gaatggaagc ttgggccatg cagtgagtgt tatagctcta
    10141 ttagaagccg tgggtcacgg aagagaaccg tggaacccag tgactagtgt tcagctcgat
    10201 taggacgaac ccaggcactt agccgtgcag gaacaatggc gagcatttgg cccgatcgag
    10261 agtggcaatg ggcgcctcgc tggatcagga gcacagcgga taccctgatg gatccggagg
    10321 gatggaagcc agcggtgggt ctcccacggg ggcaaacagc agtggtggac ggtgagcgaa
    10381 agcgaagctc gagccgtaac aaacatggac cagaagagtg cagttgcaag atttagtaga
    10441 gtgaagacag agctcccata caaagggagg ggacccaaag agggtagctg ttaccggctc
    10501 gaatgcctgg gtttatatcc cgatcattgt ccctcccgct gtgctctcag gtgatagatg
    10561 attggctatt tctttacctc ctgcttttgc ctaattagca ttttagtgag ctctctttac
    10621 tatctgattg gtcgggtgtg agctgagttg caagccccgt gtttaaaggt ggaagtggtc
    10681 accttcccag ctgggcttag ggattcttag tcggcctagg aaatccagct agtcctgtct
    10741 ctcaattaca ctgagttttc caatccatgc atccaatatg tggtgtatct cttcatatgt
    10801 tcatagcctc tgagcaatgt tttacaattt tctgtgtaaa gaactccaca tcgttttatg
    10861 tttcttctaa ggtatatcct gattgctttt tatgtcttca caagtttttt cctttcaaaa
    10921 ttaattttcc aattgtttgg tgctaatatg ctcaaatgtc cttgattttc ttagtttgaa
    10981 cagtccgttt ttgttttggg gatttatttt tttttcagat tctttaagat tttctatgtc
    11041 tataaccata taatctctga acagagacag ttttgctttt tcctttcaac ttgaggtagg
    11101 ttttctgggt agttcaggac gcgcaggcac tgggtgggtg gtgttagcag ctgcacgatg
    11161 ccttggagag gacactctcg ggggactgtg gccgctgctc agctgtgacc gttcttatag
    11221 caccagcagc tgcggccacc attcttatcc aatttccaaa gccacaccac aggccctctc
    11281 aagaacgagg cgtggaggct atgccctctc ctggacacat catcattccc aagccccacg
    11341 atgtgggccc catgggacgc acacctttgt ctgtccagac ctcagcccca cctcctcatc
    11401 ctgcaccaga actcttcaga gcccagtgca tgaaatgggc taccaaggaa atgagggtag
    11461 gttcctgaga ggaaactggc cctgcatttg ggagctagga gtctgctaat tcgcctggca
    11521 gccctgtgca gccctccgtg gctacagtcc accccgtgcc catcagtgcc tccttcctgt
    11581 gcaagcctgg acctcgccct gggctcagga tgggctgtag accgagaatg caggcgggaa
    11641 agtctttgtc tatcggggcc atagtcaggt tctacagtga gtcagggaaa gacctgtgga
    11701 ggtgtggatg aggacaatgg gtccaccatc aacaggagga cacgggttcg accccttgca
    11761 gaggcacagt cccacatcac tgggaggcag ccacactcac tgcctcgccc tctcctcaca
    11821 cagtgcagtt tccacgttca cagccccagc cagtcaccag gaatgccctg ggggcggcct
    11881 ttccccagtg cactccgagc cctcccttgg ctgtgcggtg agctccatgc ccaggagata
    11941 tccacccata gtcctccgga aagcagctga cctgccatgc cctggaacca caaatcccca
    12001 cagatcagcc agcctgcagt gggccttgga tgtggtgagg agtggtggca cccccgttcc
    12061 caccccacag atgcaacgcc tgtgggtgac gcatgtgagt actgaggagt agagggtaga
    12121 actgtaggcc ccgagaacca cagaaactcg ggtgttacac tctggggcca tgtaaggaga
    12181 aagtgtcact ggacagaaac aggcccctcc tagacactgt gtgcgccata gtcacctgtc
    12241 attagctctc actcttgcag attcatgatt gaggtggtta aaaaaaaaaa agctcctact
    12301 cacccatcca accccatcct ggggtgtttc caccaccctt ggggtttggg atgagctgcc
    12361 cttgcccact gtgctctgtg gacctccctt tagaagctca cagctccctg cactcggctc
    12421 catcctgccc caccacacag aagcaaaacc cctctccttt ccactgcagg cttttcctgg
    12481 accagaatgc tgacctgctg cccttcactc ccgaagtggt gggactgcct ggggtggtgt
    12541 gggtgttgag ccttcttact ctagggacct ggcacctggc cccaggggca cagggatggt
    12601 gcatctgcct agggatgcct cctcatgcca gggggtgggg gttagtacca tcggccctca
    12661 ggatttgttg catgaatgag tgaatgggtg aataaatgaa ggggatctga tctatgaata
    12721 agggtatata gactttggtt gatgtaggac gccaaatgct ggaatttcag agtcatcaca
    12781 cccaggggcc ctgcctctga gctcctcttt gcatccaatc tgctgaagaa catggctcta
    12841 gggaaaccca gttgtagacc tgagggcccc ggctcttcaa tgagccatct ccgtcccggg
    12901 gccttatatc agcaagtgac gcacacaggc aaatgccagg gtgtggtttc ctgtttaaat
    12961 gtagcctccc ccgctgcaga actgcagagc ctgctgaatt ctggctgacc agggcagtca
    13021 ccagagctcc agacaatgtc tgtctccttc ctcatcttcc tgcccgtgct gggcctccca
    13081 tggggtcagt gtcagggaga tgccgtattc acagcagcat tcacagactg aggggtgttt
    13141 cactttgctg tttccttttg tctccaggtg tcctgtcaca ggtacagctg cagcagtcag
    13201 gtccaggact ggtgaagccc tcgcagaccc tctcactcac ctgtgccatc tccggggaca
    13261 gtgtctctag caacagtgct gcttggaact ggatcaggca gtccccatcg agaggccttg
    13321 agtggctggg aaggacatac tacaggtcca agtggtataa tgattatgca gtatctgtga
    13381 aaagtcgaat aaccatcaac ccagacacat ccaagaacca gttctccctg cagctgaact
    13441 ctgtgactcc cgaggacacg gctgtgtatt actgtgcaag agacacagtg aggggaagtc
    13501 agtgtgagcc cagacacaaa cctccctgca gggatgctca ggaccccaga aggcacccag
    13561 cactaccagc gcagggccca gaccaggagc aggtgtggag ttaagcaaaa atggaacttc
    13621 ttgctgtgtc ttaaactgtt gttgtttttt tttttttttt ggctcagcaa cagagatcat
    13681 agaaaaccct ttttcatatt tttgaaatct gttcttagtc taatggagat tctctaatat
    13741 gtgacaatgt ttttctcttg ctgtttttgg aattctttgt ctttgacttt tgacaacttg
    13801 acttttgaca gtgtgcctca aagaagttct attttgggtt ctgtgaacct cctggatctg
    13861 ggaagttttc agctatgatt tcattaaacg tgttttctac accatttccc tactcttttg
    13921 gaatacccat aatgcaaata tttgttcact taattgtgtc ccataaatgc tggggatttt
    13981 cttcattcct ttttactctt tttttctttt tattcatctg cctgaattat ttcaaaagat
    14041 ctgtcttcaa cttcagaaac tcttttgctt ggcctagtct aatcttgaag gtctcaattg
    14101 tacttttaat ttcattcatt gaattcttca actctggaat ttctgttggt tcttttttat
    14161 gatacttatc tctttgttga attcctcatt caaatgataa attgttttcc tgatttcact
    14221 gaattttcta tctgtacact attgtatctc cctgagtttc ttagagatta tccttttgaa
    14281 ttatttttct gacattctgt atatttcctt atgattgggg tctgctactg gagaatgact
    14341 gttgtctttt tcaggtgtcg tgtttcctgg ccttttcatg ttttatgtgt tcctacgttg
    14401 atttctacac atctggcgga ccagtcatcc cttgcaattt aatggagtag gttttgcagg
    14461 aaaagacttc ctagtacaga cgggtctcag ggtgtcagtg tggcggggcg tgctggcttt
    14521 agttctaggt tgacgcagta gcgtagtctc catgtcgttt cttcagctgc cgtccacatt
    14581 ggtgacgttt gcgagtgtct cagtggcctg ggctgagagg tttgtggcag tggaagtgca
    14641 acgttgctag aggtggactc accaggctgt ttctgaggtc gaggcacatg catgcacatg
    14701 gtggattgac caacttggtg ccaggctcac tagggttggg gacatggggc tgtttctcag
    14761 gcccaggatg caaacacaag tctctttggc tggcctgggg gtgtggcttc tgagggcaat
    14821 ccacagggct gtttctcagg ttcaggacac aagtgcatgg ccgctcaact ggcctgggca
    14881 tgtgtctccc agggccaccc catgggctct ttctcagacc caggacatgg ccacatggct
    14941 tcctcagctg gcctgggtgt gtgtctgctg gggggctgca ggggcacagg gttatttctc
    15001 aggccggggt catgggcgca cagctgcttg ctggcttata ggagtgcctg ccaggggtgg
    15061 cccatgatgc tgtttctcag gcctaatttc aggtgcagag cctttgggca ggtcaacggc
    15121 atacctgtgg aaattggagt ggatgccaca gggctatttc tcaggtgcct gagtgtgggc
    15181 acatatccac tctgccagcc tggagttagt atcaggtgct cggtggctca ggggcctctc
    15241 ctgctcaggg gagggccctc agcagcttgg ccaaatcaat ggtggattca ccctgggcag
    15301 gcctggcagg ctcttcctcc agctggatgt gcagcagcag gggttgggtt ttttgctgtg
    15361 cagggccaga gtcacggcca atcctcagcc taggctctgc acagccaggg ttgtggcatt
    15421 cagccaccca gatatgggca tcctgaagat ggagccccaa tgctagaaag aggcagtggc
    15481 taccagcctc agggcaggat gcactccaga ggcggctccg gtctcaaggt ggcgctgggc
    15541 tgcagcagct aggctcacag tggatgaatg ggggcaggga gtacacacct tgtgctccta
    15601 atctgggatc attcctggca gctcccaaac ttggctgagg gcttgcaaaa cctgtggaat
    15661 tctcctgttg caagggctgt agatgtttgc agtggcagtg ggtgctggcg ggaaatctgc
    15721 ttaccttttc cctacatggg aagtccctcc tgtgtccaga ccaatccgat ctgggtgggg
    15781 aagacaaggc tgcaaaggcc aggtgcctcc atgctgccct ccgatcacca cgggtgcgtt
    15841 tccacacctc cactgcactc cgtcagtctc ccttcaacac tccagtcaaa ccttagctgt
    15901 ttcttctttg ccttattcct tcctcatggg gagggtgtgg gtgaacacca ggcttctcta
    15961 agttcttcat ccatcttgct gatgtcattc tccatccagg catgggtttt taagaagtag
    16021 tgaatactga aatttcagca gaggacacct ctataaaaat tctgcaactg gaaaacctcc
    16081 ttaaattggc tgattgtcat tacaattgga ggaaaactgc caataatttc aaatttagaa
    16141 ggctgagact ctataaacaa agactaacaa tatgttttct gatatttttc cccaaaataa
    16201 tacttttcca agacgaaaat ttttccaggg tatataagca catgtgctcc aatgatacaa
    16261 caaatactta ctaatcataa gcaaatacct taaatgtctt ataacatctt tcacacaaaa
    16321 gctgttgcat gtctattagc taaaaattct tatgtctcgt ccagatcatg cagcatgagc
    16381 aaagggattt ttgaccttca aaagtctcag tactaactga ggactttaca caaattggaa
    16441 atggtcacct gcatttcatg gtggtggtgg ggagcttttg cactggaaaa tccttctgta
    16501 gagaagattc cattatcttg gtaaaattac atagttttat tttgcagatt gggattacca
    16561 actgataaag ggttactgat gtggaagttt tcctacttta ttctcctatt aggttcctat
    16621 gtgatatggt ttggctctgt gtccccaccc caatctcatc tccaattgta attcccatgt
    16681 gtccagggag ggtccaggtg ggagtgatta gatcaagggt ggtttttccc aggctgtttt
    16741 catgataggg tgttatcatg agatatgatg gtttaaaagt ggcaggttcc cctgctctct
    16801 ctctcgcctg ctgccacata agacgtgcct tgctttccct tcaccttctg ccatgattgt
    16861 aagtttcctg aggcctcccc agccatgcgg aactatgagt caattaaacc tcctctcttt
    16921 ataaattacc cagtctcagg tagtatcttt atagcggtgt gaaaatggac taatacacta
    16981 tggctttgaa ttaataattt aaaatttgtc agcttggcaa taaaacatcc tgttgacatt
    17041 tattttttag gtaatatttt aaattggcag tttcattcat gtttttacaa attcttattt
    17101 tcagggtgtt taaggccttt gctttgaact tggtggttcc ttacactcca tgctgttagt
    17161 gaagagggac caggttggga ggcattggtt tgggtggtgg tcaggaaggg cagagtgatt
    17221 tgagtagggt ctgagtggat aatagctcat cagtttggaa tttataaatg accagggatg
    17281 atttaaggag attcctgcca gacacctatg ccatggccat gccctatctg gatctccagc
    17341 cgtgagatga gaacccagcc atgcggggga gtctgttcgt tctgctcaat gttgtaagtg
    17401 gcacatgcta ttggataatg tagaattgaa tggatatcat tttattatta taatttacaa
    17461 acttcctaca ataaacttat cacctttata catagaaaca aatataagta cattttccct
    17521 cccctatgtc attttgagcc cctctctcca aaccatcctc ccactctgcg acctcactgt
    17581 ccctgcattt ggctatgctc tggcaagtcc ctgcttagac aagcactcac cagaccaccc
    17641 tactcagcct ccccttcagc gcccacctgg cccacctgct caaatacatg ttgagtggtc
    17701 acacacatgg actgaacacc atctattcca tgcactgccc cagtgaccgc actgagcagc
    17761 aagagagaaa tgatgcatta gctatcaagg atgccaattc aaatgctgga gtctttctca
    17821 gatacttttc aatgttcaag aattgttgat tgtgaattct atacccaatg aaactatcct
    17881 tcagaaatga gcagaaaatg gataccttct caaataaaca aaaactaaaa gaattcttgc
    17941 tacaagatgt actcttaaag actggctaaa ggaagttctt caaacagcaa ggaaattgaa
    18001 ttgatcttat gtcctgcaca cttgctaaat ttcctctcaa ttttagcagc actgtttaga
    18061 ttccatagga ttttccatac aaacagtcat gtggtctata tatagagaca gattttcctc
    18121 ttttccagtg gggataaatt tatgtctttt tctttctgtg ttacagcagg taggacctcc
    18181 agtacaatgt taaacagaag tggtgaaaac agacattctt gcctgtttcc taacgttgga
    18241 gtttggtctt ttactatggt gtcagatgtt agctgtaggg tttttataaa tgcccttcat
    18301 cacattgagg aagtttgctc ctatgcctaa ttttctgaga gtcttttaat gtgacactca
    18361 tgctagaatt tattaaatgc tttctgtcta ctaagatgat tatgcagttc ttatattaac
    18421 atgaataatt acatttattt attctttaat atcaaggcaa ttttgcattc ctgagacaaa
    18481 ccccatttag tcatcatgtg ttgttattgt tacatattgt tggattcaat ttcctcaaaa
    18541 tttgttaaga attgttacat ctatgtttac aaggaagatt agtctgtagg gtattttttc
    18601 ttataataac tttgcctagt tttgcaatca gggtaatgct ggactcacag aatgagttgg
    18661 gaagctattt cctcctcttc atttttctga aagaatttgt ataaaattgg aattatatct
    18721 tccttaaagg tttgcaagat ttcataatga agtcattggc ctagagtttt ctttgtggga
    18781 aagtctttgt ttgtttgttt tgtggtttgg gttttttttt aagagacaca gtctcactct
    18841 gttgcccagg ctggaatgca gtggtgtaat catagctcac agcagcctca acctcctggg
    18901 ctcaagcaat cctcctacct cagccttcag agtagctggg actacgggca tgtaccacca
    18961 cacccagctg tttgtttgtt tgtttatcgc tttgtcttgt ttttgaggtc ttattatgtt
    19021 gcccaggctg gtcttgaact cctggcctca agtaatcctc atgcctcagc ctcccacagt
    19081 gctggaatta caggcatgag ccactgcaca cagactgtgg gaaagttttt aactaaaaat
    19141 tcaattttct cttccttttc cagtgagctt tccagtgtct ttcaattaat gtatctattt
    19201 tatctaagtt gttgaattta ttgtcaaaat ttttttaaac aatattcctc tcttagaggt
    19261 tgaacatctg tagaatctgt agtgatggca cctcttaaat ccctgatctt gctcatctgt
    19321 gtcgtctctc tttctctaat cagtatgcct aaagtttaat ttcattgatt ttcttaaaaa
    19381 actggttttg gttttattga tttttttccc tagttttttg tgttacattt cattgacttc
    19441 tgctctgata tttactattt cctttctact gcctacagta agtttaattt gctattttct
    19501 tagtttccta aagtggaagc taagtttatt gacttgaggc ctttcctctg tctggatgcg
    19561 gatatttgct gctaaacatt tccctccaac accatgctgt gagttttagt tacagcgggc
    19621 ttggagttgg cctgagaaat tctacttaaa cagctgcacc tatcatgtaa gtgataaatg
    19681 atgtacctgc ctggccctca cccctggtca aagaatggga tgtactaatg agcaatgttg
    19741 ctgcgtagct gtggatttca aggtattttc tgtgtggttt tatcatcagc attgtttgtt
    19801 gatgactgca agactgatga tttgcacctg gcctcggtga gatccccgaa agaccctgca
    19861 gatgggctgg ttacttagca gaaaatatga caacgtggcc agcaggaaac aggaaggtac
    19921 aatcggctgc aggtgagctg ttggaagtaa gttccaattt tcctattttg tatttgcatt
    19981 ttaatagtga gactgcgctt atgttatttg tgtgaaacag ctttattcat agcactgtaa
    20041 tttaaagaga aaacccattc atgggaacaa caaacgacct agacaccaag gtagctcatg
    20101 ccatccaagg ctatactgtg cagtgattgg gaaaatgggc actggtccca gaagtctgat
    20161 cgacactctg ccactggcta gtcccgtgct ggggggcgag gatccacact ctgccactgg
    20221 ttagtcccat gctggggaca agtatccaca ctctgccact ggctagtccc gtgctggggg
    20281 gcgaggatcc acactctgcc actggttagt cccatgctgg ggacaagtat ccacactctg
    20341 ccactggcta gtcccgtgct ggggggcaag gatccacact ctgccactga ttagtgttgt
    20401 gaagatttaa ataaagaacc cacaccatat tctttgactt gtgctttccg tatactgaga
    20461 gatagtaaga gtacattatt attatttata aagtaaacta gaaagcacat gggaagacaa
    20521 gaagaaaacc tgaataaaca tgaattaccc cattttcctc aggagaaaac tttcacactc
    20581 tgaaggtaca caaattagcc tacaaattta atgtaaagca aatagactgt tgtaggtacc
    20641 aattctcaat gtcacagtgt tacatggaaa gtaaaataca caagaacagc ccaaaagatg
    20701 gaaacaatgg acgtggtcaa atgacatcag tacaacatcc atatggtcct aagtagccat
    20761 ctttaaaatg ggttagaaat gccttcaatc attcacacag acacatgcat tgaacaaact
    20821 ctaagaagtg ttcttacacg ggaaaagcaa gttacagatg catgggcatg atatggatgt
    20881 agatgtgtgt atgtgcatcc cactcataca caaaataccc agcatcgccc acatgcctgc
    20941 tgtgtgcgta agtgtgagcg agtgcacaga caacagcgtg cagaaattca aaccaagctg
    21001 tgggtacttg ttaccactgg gaagggagtc ggtcacagag ggaaagagaa acaggacatc
    21061 agcctttgac ttcagaactg ttcctgcctt ttcacatcct gtgctgtttt cagcatcatc
    21121 ggagccctta acacacatca cgggagtaag agtgtgttag agggagcatt cggtgggaca
    21181 gatattgcca tggcttgtgg atagagttca cagtccttaa taatccccga gatggcagcc
    21241 aagagctacg ttctcaatca cgcagcttca ccccagaaac tgacagaaac ccaacaacca
    21301 aaaggtgtcc attctgacag cctcagcctg tgctggctca gatgagcaaa aatgtacaga
    21361 tattaataat gatgttgatt tgaagagcac agaggggggt atgcatgata agggtccaaa
    21421 tttttacctt aaaaaagaat acatttactt ctcaatcacc tacataacga tcatttttta
    21481 aaaaactgat caaatttggt gttacaaggg cacgttgcaa attcttctgg ctacttttct
    21541 ctgactattc taattacgtt accgtgtttt ctcctgtatg tgcccgttca tgtgaatgtc
    21601 atttctggct acttttctct gactattcta attacgttac cgtgttttct cctgtatgtg
    21661 cccgttcatg tgaatgtcat ttctggctac ttttctctga ctattctaat tacattaccg
    21721 tgttttcctg tatgtgcccg ttcatgtgaa tgtcatttct ggctactttt ctctgactat
    21781 tctaattacg ttaccatggt ttctcctata tgtgcccgtt catgtgaatg tcatttctgg
    21841 ctacttttct ctgactattc taattacgtt accgtgtttt ctcctgtatg tgcccgttca
    21901 tgtgaatgtc atttctggct acttttctct gactattcta attacattac cgtgttttcc
    21961 tgtatgtgcc cgttcatgtg aatgtcatcc aggcagattt cccaaatccg gcttcctgta
    22021 accaagggct gaaagaggga acggtttcct gggaatcctt tttgcagttt attttacccg
    22081 gaggcagaag cccacggttc cgtgaagagt ctattgctct cccctctctc cttttgtgtc
    22141 tctattttta attgacaaaa aagcaaatgt gaagattcct ggggtacaat gcaaagtgac
    22201 aatgcctgtc tatattgtgg gatgattaaa acaaggtaag tggcatatcc atcacctcac
    22261 acacttatca ttttgtggtg agaacattta aaatctcatc ttttagcaat tttgaaatag
    22321 tcattattgt taactatagt caccatgctg tgcaacagat caaaagaact gactcctccc
    22381 atcagcagaa acttcatgcc ctttgaccag catctctcct ttccccgtcc acgactaacc
    22441 cccagcccaa gagaacagcc aacacccacc tcgctgctgc cacacgacat gtcgggcttt
    22501 gatgggatgg aggtgagggt ggggaagaca attccaaagc tggagcactg gcctcacagc
    22561 tcagacactc ttctacttat cctgagagaa tgatgtgctg agaccaacta aacctcccct
    22621 gctcttccca catggcagaa aagaggcaac ccagggaagc cattgccagg acatcatggt
    22681 cacccaaccc ttgtgcagaa aggaagcacc tgcccaggat gccatagcac ccaaccctca
    22741 tccccaagga aacacagccc agggcaccat ggacacccaa ccgtcatccc caggggagga
    22801 cacagcccag ggcaccatgg acacccaacc ctcatcccca ggggaggaca cagcccaggg
    22861 tatcttggac acccagccct cattcctagg ggagtacaca gcccagggca tcttggacat
    22921 ccaaccctca tccccaggga aggacacagc ccagggcatc ttggacaccc aaccctcatt
    22981 cccataagag cacacagccc agggcatcgt ggaggcccga ccctcatccc taggggagga
    23041 cacagcccag ggcaccatgg acacccaacc ctcatcccca ggggaagaca caacccaggc
    23101 caccattaac acccaatcat gtgcagggag ggtgtccttg gagcctggga ctcttgccag
    23161 tgaagcggtg gacaagaaac tgaggatgcg atcagcacac agaaatctca ggcagcctag
    23221 gatacatgag gcctctcacc cctgggaaca ctgagcagcc accaggagcc cacaccttga
    23281 ggtacagcag gagccatgcg ctcttgctct tgctcactca cactcctgca cacagccact
    23341 gacacacgcc ctcgtgcacg ttgcagatta actccactgg ccttgcactt gcaacgctgg
    23401 aggctgagag gtatccccag gttcttttct cgtgagaggg gcaggctgac tttcactctc
    23461 ctccatgtgc tagaggcagc tccaccaaca ctggctgccc tgagtggatg cacctggctc
    23521 tggaattcct gtcatttgct ttggatccag gagcccctgc ctcatgtagc tacttaacag
    23581 aaaggaggaa tccacccagg acatgcccag acgggagcct cacaggatgg acagtggtgt
    23641 ctggggtcac gggcagccct gacccagcag cgccagcacc agcacaccca gtggggaagg
    23701 cggggaggcc caaacgccac ccacagtttg ttactccact gggtgggacc cggcacccct
    23761 gccttcctga caccctggag tccctgcctc ctcctagagc ccccaagccc atctgcctca
    23821 gagcatccag agacagacct ggggagccat ttcctcaggc cctggacaag gaaacaggga
    23881 attccaggtt atgggtgcct ggggcaggtc tcaggcaggt gctgggaacc agagagaggg
    23941 gtcaccgcga ggcctcaggc ctggcaccag cactttgagc ctcagtttac cagcccacga
    24001 ggtgctgagt ctggactgga tgaccttccc acccccagtg acctctgccc tttcccgagc
    24061 atgtcagctc tgctccagca tcctggtgtg agcgcaatgc cacttttttt ctcaacaaat
    24121 acgaaaggag gaaggtgccc ccagggccct gtgccctgag gatgcctgtg tggaggggtc
    24181 catttcatca ctggtgtcac tcacaggaag ggacgaagcc acctgccttg acggagctta
    24241 ctccacctcc gccgaaggcc ggggaggtcc ctcacagaga acctgaggcc cagcaggctg
    24301 cagaggtgct ggcatggaat gactgctcag acgcccgggg ccggcagaga ggacggatgt
    24361 gggggaggtg cacactgagg agcctctcct tggaggtgga gacacgtgca ccacatggac
    24421 caggacacag tccacgaagc ctcgcatccc cctgagctgc agctcaaggg cctctctctg
    24481 agcccagagt cccacccctg ggaggcagct gccccagctc tgagggagga gggcatccac
    24541 caggccctcc atctcctggg ggcaccagcc cagcccagag gctctgcagg actctgcacc
    24601 tccaattcat ggccaggact ttctggatgt atcttaagga ctgaggactc cacatcaggg
    24661 accacacaag accggggtcc cggacacggg ggttgggggt gagcatgtca ccgggatggg
    24721 ctgtggcgtc actctggtac ttcatccgga cagccaggga ccaaagccac gccctcagcc
    24781 ccaccccacc cctgcctcac atggcaacgc agggtctgca gatgcaggag agtgagaagc
    24841 atggtagcca ggcagactag aggacccgag ctggggttga gcacctccct gtctacccag
    24901 ggcatggcct gtgagactgc aggtggccta gtgtgtgctg caggctcaag gtcctgcccc
    24961 agggagcatg acattcaggc ccagaaattg catcgtgctg cacacagtcc aaggggataa
    25021 ccctgtgaag ttcaggtcac cagcaggctt ggggtcaaga ccgagctgca gaggacaggt
    25081 ttctggaagg cacagcatca tgggtggagg gacttggagc aaggtcctta gccccgggac
    25141 cagtgaatgt gtgcccttat agggaaaggg ggtctgtgca gaagcaagtt agctgaaaat
    25201 catgaagtgg agaggctccc ctggattaaa ggggtgagcc ctaatgtaat cacaagtgtc
    25261 cttctaggag gttggcagag ggagactgac atagacagaa gccaggtgag gtgggaagcg
    25321 gaggcagagg ccgagagagc agacgctacg ccctggccct gaagacggag gaggagccga
    25381 gagctcaggg atggagagac tggaggaggc agggaagttc tccccgcaag cctggaggga
    25441 gcatggcctc cagcaccccc agaccttggc cctgcaggat tcatctggac ctgtggtata
    25501 aatggtgttt aagccactgg gctgtgcaaa ttgtcatagc agccatggcg cattcctaga
    25561 gggagccctg gtggggaccc agcaggcagc gacggggccc tcacaagcct gtgagccact
    25621 cagagccgcg agagtggcta ggcttggtga ggtgcaggcc acgcgcacct ccactaaggc
    25681 agccttaggg cccacacttc ctctctctct ctctctctct ctatctctct ccctccctcc
    25741 ttccctccct cccgctctct tggttggaca gctctccatc atccccctgg acatgaccac
    25801 ctcccaaggc cgagctgggg cgctttgctc gaggtgagca ctgacatcct gggggtgtga
    25861 ggggcacctg cccagcggcc ccgtgtgcag gatgggcggt gggccctagc tggcactggg
    25921 catatggccc ggctggtgcc tgcaggctgc agcttttctg gggtggctgg gatcagtgaa
    25981 ggcctccaga gtctgggcct gggatccctg cagtgctggc tgaggacagg cggggctggg
    26041 cagtgagggc actgggtcac tatcaccacc cacggtttat tacttcacta ggtgggacct
    26101 ggcacccctg ccttcctgac accctggaat ccctgcctcc tcctacagcc cccaagccca
    26161 tctccctcag agcctccaga gacagacctg gggaggcatt tcttctgccc ccagcagaag
    26221 cccgggaggc cgggaaggca cagtgggtct aaaggagagg atcccaggac tgcctgaggg
    26281 gtgactccga cgaggcaagc atagagccca ctgagaagcg gggtgggagc cccaccaggg
    26341 atgggctagt tcctcatgaa ggaccaggac ccaggaagga caagggggcc tgctggggca
    26401 gggtctgcta tgccggagtc cctgtgagcc tggcccagac ctgcctctct ctttcctcat
    26461 tggtccccac aggtccgtgg tggttgccgt atcgggaggc cccatggtgg caggggtggg
    26521 acacctggta tacgtcgcca ggtgtgtcca ataggctcat gctcacacct tctcctggca
    26581 cctgggcaaa gcctgagcac ccaggcactg aagtgagggc aaggcctcgg ggccccacag
    26641 gatggccgag gagacagctg cagggcgcct gggacccctg ggctcaggag gtagaaggat
    26701 acagcctgaa aacccacacc acaagctcac cggccagtgc aggcccacag agctcgagga
    26761 ggcagccctg agcctcccag ggagagatgc tctgtgcacg ccggcacagg ccctgggtta
    26821 caaaccctag gcacagccca ggagaggccc aggccccagt ccagcaaggg gttgcaggaa
    26881 gcaagaggtc cccggccaca gcatgagata agcccatcaa gccagggcca ggtgggcaat
    26941 gggaggcagg cagggcttgg gggtgagtcc ctgctgcagc gccgtccact gtcgaccgga
    27001 ggagtttctt ccctgtgcgg agtccacggg cctcctgtga gtgtgtgcat gggcacaagt
    27061 gtgtgtgtgg ctctgctgtg tgtctgtaca cacatatgtt ttgggttttt ttgtgtctca
    27121 gaccacagag tctgcccctc ccaccaaagc ccaggcagaa ggatgaaccc acgcccctgg
    27181 ggcccaggcc tcagcagcct ctgcgggatc attgttccca gttgtcactt gcctttgcca
    27241 cagccctatt tctccacaat tccttaaagt cctcaacatg catttaaggc acaaaggtga
    27301 aactgcccag aaacatctga ctccgccgtg gaacccagga gcaagctggg ttagctaagg
    27361 agcggggccg ttggcagagg ctggggatcc aggctgaact ttggaggagg catgtcccag
    27421 catgggctcc tgactatgtc ctcctgggac aaacccaaac ccgctctttg aatatgggag
    27481 ggactttgct ggccccggcc ctgaccgcag cacttggaaa ctgaggagtg gtcgcctcct
    27541 ccgtgtcaca gctgcccgtt caccatcata gaagcaactc tgtcacctcc atgggcccct
    27601 ctgtggctgc tgcctgggtc caagctgagc ccagctgccc aggcccagaa ggaaagccca
    27661 ggccaggtgc ccagcacaga ggcagtcaca taccccgggg agagccacag caagcagcca
    27721 atattgccca ggagaggagt agctgacaag gcagaacgtg agctgccatc ggctcgagag
    27781 gctttgctgg tcctcctggg gctctggaca tgaccaggag gagcgaggga agaagtcgca
    27841 tggtggtccc atcctgggtg gggcctgatg gcagctggcc acccgtccca gagtggcagc
    27901 cagatgccag cgccattccc acagtcacat cattggtcac agaatgcagg acatagagtg
    27961 tcttctttcc atcacagtgc tgtccagacc catagcctag ggtagacctg gaagattcaa
    28021 tgtccacacc cggggctgga gcgtagccat gagccacgcc ccctgcccgt gcatggaaag
    28081 ccagcccaag ctctgctcca tccctagcca aagtcagtgt cctttcccct tctcccaagt
    28141 gagctctagc cacctgccta ccctgccatc tgaggatgac agccttcatt ccattggaac
    28201 ctggctctgc caccagcagg cttgcagtcc tgggcagact ccgtcacctc tctatgcctc
    28261 agcctttcca tctgcacagg aggaagatga tgatggtggt gatgatgatg gcgatggttt
    28321 ccttttgcat ctgaggcaag gactaattga gatgatacac atcaggcact gggtatggtg
    28381 ctggtccttc ctgagcactc aatctatgtg agctgtcctt gtgaaatggg tgtcaccaca
    28441 tttccccacg cagaacatcc tttgtctgcc atacttgaaa cgtctgcccc aatactaaca
    28501 gctcctcatg gaagatgtgc acacccaccc accctcatac tcccaaaggt gcccgtgctt
    28561 tatcaagcca aagtccagcc aggaacttta cagcagcatc cctttccctc tccaagcacc
    28621 aaggagcaag gcaaagcact acatcttcca tctggaggca atgccaccct cttctcccat
    28681 tttcactgcc atccctaaga ggcagtgctt ccccaaaagg ttccatagca gcctgcctac
    28741 agcaactctg ttcacacgag tttcagcatc cttgcagtgg ctcccctgcc atgctgtggc
    28801 tcttcattca ccctcttctc ctgctccccg tgacaggcat agattctgag tgatctggat
    28861 acattgcttt gtttaataac attacagctt ctgtgctgaa aaagatacag cagatagaga
    28921 aggcaattgt tgaacacaaa atagtgacag cagagatgac ggcaagttgg catttttctt
    28981 ttctagcaat aaaacttaaa gctgactcaa ggagaaatgg aaatcataat tggaacagta
    29041 atcctcaaga aagcattaag attattaaat aattgccctc acagatgact tcaggccaag
    29101 atggctttat gggtgaagtt tagactttca caaaactaat cagttcccat aagaactgct
    29161 ccaggatttg gaggaacatg ggaaagtcta ttaaagggat cacaattcac agtccccaga
    29221 gtaaaacatg ggctaacttg cattttggca aagagccaaa tgttataaat gacatcctag
    29281 aaggccaaat tctgtccatc tcgttgaaca aggacttaca ccaggaattt agaactattt
    29341 atagctcatc ccaccactca ggccaatgat gacccatgat catctcacca gaaatggaaa
    29401 gactcagatg attaatagag tctcaatttc tctgagacat ctaagagccc agcccaagcc
    29461 cagacccagg agggcaccca ggcctggaca gagaacactg atatcacacc agccctccag
    29521 agggaagcag agactccttc aagctctgga aacacaggcc cagacagctg cccaaagttg
    29581 ggcaggcttc actgcaaacc caaatcatga agctaggtaa cacctttaca gattctttac
    29641 atttaaaaat catcaaaaca agagtaaata ataaactcaa ataatattaa tctaatatgt
    29701 aaaggtcttg taccattatt atgcaaacaa catacataag ctaataagaa aaagaacaaa
    29761 tcccttaaga aatcggcaaa aaggatataa cacaatttct aaaagaaaac aaatggctag
    29821 cacacataag gaaaacactt tgtgaacaga cattcttcag aacattattt ataattataa
    29881 aatagttgaa agcaagatag tgcctgaaga aattatggtg catacattag tgggactatt
    29941 ctgcaaacat tcccaattat acttgtcaca tatctgtgat aacgtgacag ccagcattca
    30001 tggggtgacc tcatttggta aaagggtgca aagctcaaca cgcattgtga gatgactgtg
    30061 gtgtaaaatt agtgggatta ttccgcaaac attcccaatt atacttaccg catatctgtg
    30121 ataacatgac agcattcatg gggtgacctc atttggtaaa agggtgcaaa gctcaacacg
    30181 cattgtgaga tgactggtgt aaatacaaag accaaactgt gaaaaggagt ccatcaatta
    30241 atcgatgctt accttcagtt ttgggctaat ttttaaagta tgctataagc atatgctcct
    30301 gttataacag aatggaggga ttatgagaga tgatgcaggt gtgtcctggg cctcccctgg
    30361 cccactgggc cctagagatg ccttcccagg catcgctgtc agggcttccc tcagagggag
    30421 tcctgtattg acctcaccac caaggtctgg agcaggggat ccttagatat tggttggggt
    30481 tatctcacct taggtctgaa tatggggttg tcttagactg ttttgtgctg ttagaataga
    30541 atacccaaga ctgggaaatt tatactgaac ggaaatttat ttctcacagt tctagaggct
    30601 gtgaagtcca agagcacagg tgccagagca agtccaagag caagggaaag tccaaagcaa
    30661 gtccaggagc atctggcgag gaccttcttg ctgtgtcatc acatggcgga aggcaagaaa
    30721 gagagcaaga gggggccgaa ctcacccttt tataacagca ccaatcccac ccatgaggtg
    30781 gggaccttat gacctaatca ctcttcatac tgttacaatg gcaatgaaat ttcaacatga
    30841 gttttggagg agagaagcat tcaaaccaca gcaagggtgc tcctacctcc tctctcaggg
    30901 catctgcaga aagagctgca actgcacgtc cttcctccgt ccatcctcca tcccttccca
    30961 atgtccgtgc atatcctgtg acccaggagg tctggcatag ggggtgctcc tgccttaggt
    31021 ctgaggccct gtctgaagag gggtaggtga ggaggccatc tgatggtctg ggccaagaca
    31081 gtcacaggac gcatcattta tcatcaagga ggctgagggt tgagtctcca ggtccaggga
    31141 actccccaca aagtgggaac cctgcccagc tccacacagc ctctgctggg ggaccctgct
    31201 ctggtgcaga gcctggggac aggtcttgag ctcagccaga gtctgcctcc ctgtcattta
    31261 ggaactaaac caagcggcag gatgctggag cccagccccc atctgacctt acagggccaa
    31321 ggctggggcc ctgggttccc ctcaaggcgc agcaggactg gagccccagg cagtgcagga
    31381 gtggccaaag ctggggcttc ctccagagcc cccaagcatc acggcaccaa gaagggtagg
    31441 accctggcct gaggaattgg caccaaagcc ccagaaacta ccctggacac catggagaga
    31501 ggcctggagg ggaagcacca ggcactgcct ccccttctga tcccacctga ggtggctgcc
    31561 aagcccagag agccgctctg atgtccccca gccctgcagc ccagggatac ctgtactgtg
    31621 cccctggggg acccctggcc agtctgtgca aagaagtcac caccctacac tcagagacag
    31681 tgggggtcct cgtcccacat cctcagagca tggcccggct gctgcaggga tggtctcctg
    31741 gtcctcagag catggcccgg ctgctgcagg gatggtctcc tggtcctcag agcatggccc
    31801 agctgctgca gggatggtct cctggaggcc ccccagtgct ctattgtcag ggctccctcc
    31861 acccccccgc accaagagag agccagaccc cagcaaggct tccagtggct tcaggtcaca
    31921 cccctaggct gaccccagcc ccattaacac ctgcctgaga aagctccacg caccagaact
    31981 gaccgtctgc tccaactctt gacctcccgt tctcagggcg tctgctgaaa aggctgcaac
    32041 tgcacatcct tcctccgtcc gttcccgatg tccgtgtgtc tcctgtggcc aggaaggtct
    32101 ttctcgggac ctgagagccg ctccctgaag tgtccccatt gggaaggatg gggcctgtgt
    32161 ctccaggctc tgggaggaca gaatcctgac ctcaacagtg gccggcacgg acacaactgg
    32221 ccccatcccg gggacgctga ccagcgctgg gcaacttttc ccttccccga cgactgagcc
    32281 ccgagcaccc tccctgctcc cctaccacct ccctttacaa ggctgtggcc tctgcacaga
    32341 tgataatgga gcttggctca ttcccctaga gtcggtaggg agttaaggac aaaactcagt
    32401 ttcctccacc tgaactcaag tctgcctatg tttacctaat cacacctggt ggacagtttg
    32461 gacaaacttg cacactcaga gacacagaca cttctagaaa tcattatctc cctgccccgg
    32521 ggaccccact ccagcagaag tctgctaggc actggcctgg gccctcctgc tgtcctagga
    32581 ggctgctgac ctcctgcctg gctcctgtcc ccaggtccag agtcagagca gactccaggg
    32641 acgctgcagg ctaggaagcc gccccctcca ggccagggtc tagtgcaggt gcccaggaca
    32701 agaaagattg tgaatgcagg aatgactggg ccacacccct cccgtgcacg ccccctcttg
    32761 ccctgcaccc cacagcccag ccccccgtgc tggatgcccc cccacagcag aggtgctgtt
    32821 ctgtgatccc ctgggaaaga cgccctcaac ctccaccctg tcccacggcc caaggaagac
    32881 aagacacagg ccctctcctc acagtctccc cacctggctc ctgctgggac cctcaaggtg
    32941 tgaacaggga ggatggttgt ctgggtggcc cctaggagcc cagatcttca ctctacagac
    33001 cccaacccaa gcaccccctt ctgcagggcc cagctcatcc ccctcctcct ccctctgctc
    33061 tcctctcgtc gcctctacgg gaaatccggg actcagcagt aaccctcagg aagcagggcc
    33121 caggcgccgt ttaataggag gcttcctcac aatgaaactt ttagaaagcc ttgactacaa
    33181 tgatgacctt ggtgtggctg tgaacactgt cagctcccac agctgctgca gcaaaaaatg
    33241 tccatagaca gggtgggggc ccggggtcgt ctgctgtcct gctcagccca cagcacgcat
    33301 ggaggatctg aggtgccaca cctgacgccc aggccagaac atgcctccct ccagggtgac
    33361 ctgccatgtc ctgcattgct ggagggacag gggcagccta tgaggatctg gggccaggag
    33421 atgaatccta ttaacccaga ggaaaactaa caggacccaa gcaccctccc cgttgaagct
    33481 gacctgccca gaggggcctg ggcccacccc acacaccggg gcggaatgtg tacaggcccc
    33541 ggtctctgtg ggtgttccgc taactggggc tcccagtgct caccccacaa ctaaagcgag
    33601 ccccagcctc cagagccccc gaaggagatg ccgcccacaa gcccagcccc catccaggag
    33661 gccccagagc tcagggcgcc ggggcagatt ctgaacagcc ccgagtcacg gtgggtacaa
    33721 ctggaacgac caccgtgaga aaaactgtgt ccaaaactgt ctcctggccc ctgctggagg
    33781 ccgcgccaga gaggggagca gccgccccga acctaggtcc tgctcagctc acacgacccc
    33841 cagcacccag agcacaacgg agtccccatt gaatggtgag gacggggacc agggctccag
    33901 ggggtcatgg aaggggctgg accccatcct actgctatgg tcccagtgct cctggccaga
    33961 actgacccta ccaccgacaa gagtccctca gggaaacggg ggtcactggc acctcccagc
    34021 atcaacccca ggcagcacag gcataaaccc cacatccaga gccgactcca ggagcagaga
    34081 caccccagta ccctggggga caccgaccct gatgactccc cactggaatc caccccagag
    34141 tccaccagga ccaaagaccc cgcccctgtc tctgtccctc actcaggacc tgctgcgggg
    34201 cgggccatga gaccagactc gggcttaggg aacaccactg tggccccaac ctcgaccagg
    34261 ccacaggccc ttccttcctg ccctgcggca gcacagactt tggggtctgt gcagagagga
    34321 atcacagagg ccccaggctg aggtggtggg ggtggaagac ccccaggagg tggcccactt
    34381 cccttcctcc cagctggaac ccaccatgac cttcttaaga taggggtgtc atccgaggca
    34441 ggtcctccat ggagctccct tcaggctcct ccccggtcct cactaggcct cagtcccggc
    34501 tgcgggaatg cagccaccac aggcacacca ggcagcccag acccagccag cctgcagtgc
    34561 ccaagcccac attctggagc agagcaggct gtgtctggga gagtctgggc tccccaccgc
    34621 ccccccgcac accccaccca cccctgtcca ggccctatgc aggagggtca gagcccccca
    34681 tggggtatgg acttagggtc tcactcacgt ggctcccctc ctgggtgaag gggtctcatg
    34741 cccagatccc cacagcagag ctggtcaaag gtggaggcag tggccccagg gccaccctga
    34801 cctggaccct caggctcctc tagccctggc tgccctgctg tccctgggag gcctggactc
    34861 caccagacca caggtccagg gcaccgccca taggtgctgc ccacactcag ttcacaggaa
    34921 gaagataagc tccagacccc caagactggg acctgccttc ctgccaccgc ttgtagctcc
    34981 agacctccgt gcctcccccg accacttaca cacgggccag ggagctgttc cacaaagatc
    35041 aaccccaaac cgggaccgcc tggcactcgg gccgctgcca cttccctctc catttgttcc
    35101 cagcacctct gtgctccctc cctcctccct ccttcagggg aacagcctgt gcagcccctc
    35161 cctgcacccc acaccctggg gaggcccaac cctgcctcca gccctttctc ccccgctgct
    35221 cttcctgccc atccagacaa ccctggggtc ccatccctgc agcctacacc ctggtctcca
    35281 cccagacccc tgtctctccc tccagacacc cctcccaggc caaccctgca catgcaggcc
    35341 ctcccctttt ctgctgccag agcctcagtt tctaccctct gtgcctaccc cctgcctcct
    35401 cctgcccaca actcgagctc ttcctctcct ggggcccctg agccatggca ctgaccgtgc
    35461 actcccaccc ccacactgcc catgccctca ccttcctcct ggacactctg accccgctcc
    35521 cctcttggac ccagccctgg tatttccagg acaaaggctc acccaagtct tccccatgca
    35581 ggcccttgcc ctcactgccc ggttacacgg cagcctcctg tgcacagaag cagggagctc
    35641 agcccttcca caggcagaag gcactgaaag aaatcggcct ccagcaccct gatgcacgtc
    35701 cgcctgtgtc tctcactgcc cgcacctgca gggaggctcg gcactccctg taaagacgag
    35761 ggatccaggc agcaacatca tgggagaatg cagggctccc agacagccca gccctctcgc
    35821 aggcctctcc tgggaagaga cctgcagcca ccactgaaca gccacggagc ccgctggata
    35881 gtaactgagt cagtgaccga cctggagggc aggggagcag tgaaccggag cccagaccat
    35941 agggacagag accagccgct gacatcccga gcccctcact ggcggcccca gaacaccgcg
    36001 tggaaacaga acagacccac attcccacct ggaacagggc agacactgct gagcccccag
    36061 caccagccct gagaaacacc aggcaacggc atcagagggg gctcctgaga aagaaaggag
    36121 gggaggtctc cttcaccagc aagtacttcc cttgaccaaa aacagggtcc acgcaactcc
    36181 cccaggacaa aggaggagcc ccctgtacag cactgggctc agagtcctct cccacacacc
    36241 ctgagtttca gacaaaaacc ccctggaaat catagtatca gcaggagaac tagccagaga
    36301 cagcaagagg ggactcagtg actcccgcgg ggacaggagg attttgtggg ggctcgtgtc
    36361 actgtgagga tattgtagta gtaccagctg ctatacccac agtgacacag ccccattccc
    36421 aaagccctgc tgtaaacgct tccacttctg gagctgaggg gctgggggga gcgtctggga
    36481 agtagggcct aggggtggcc atcaatgccc aaaacgcacc agactccccc ccagacatca
    36541 ccccactggc cagtgagcag agtaaacaga aaatgagaag cagctgggaa gcttgcacag
    36601 gccccaagga aagagctttg gcgggtgtgc aagaggggat gcgggcagag cctgagcagg
    36661 gccttttgct gtttctgctt tcctgtgcag atagttccat aaactggtgt tcaagatcga
    36721 tggctgggag tgagcccagg aggacagtgt gggaagggca cagggaagga gaagcagccg
    36781 ctatcctaca ctgtcatctt tcaagagttt gccctgtgcc cacaatgctg catcatggga
    36841 tgcttaacag ctgatgtaga cacagctaaa gagagaatca gtgaaatgga tttgcagcac
    36901 agatctgaat aaattctcca gaatgtggag ccacacagaa gcaagcacaa ggaaagtgcc
    36961 tgatgcaagg gcaaagtaca gtgtgtacct tcaggctggg cacagacact ctgaaaagcc
    37021 ttggcaggaa ctccctgcaa caaagcagag ccctgcaggc aatgccagct ccagagccct
    37081 ccctgagagc ctcatgggca aagatgtgca caacaggtgt ttctcatagc cccaaactga
    37141 gaatgaagca aacagccatc tgaaggaaaa caggcaaata aacgatggca ggttcatgaa
    37201 atgcaaaccc agacagccag aaggacaaca gtgagggtta caggtgactc tgtggttgag
    37261 ttcatgacaa tgctgagtaa ttggagtaac aaaggaaagt ccaaaaaata ctttcaatgt
    37321 gatttcttct aaataaaatt tacagccggc aaaatgaact atcttcttaa gggataaact
    37381 ttccactagg aaaactataa ggaaaatcaa gaaaaggatg atcacataaa cacagtggtc
    37441 gttacttcta ctggggaagg aagagggtat gaactgagac acacagggtt ggcaagtctc
    37501 ctaacaagaa cagaacaaat acattacagt accttgaaaa cagcagttaa aattctaaat
    37561 tgcaagaaga ggaaaatgca cacagctgtg tttagaaaat tctcagtcca gcactgttca
    37621 taatagcaaa gacattaacc caggttggat aaataaacga tgacacaggc aattgcacaa
    37681 tgatacagac atacattcag tatatgagac attgatgatg tatccccaaa gaaatgactt
    37741 taaagagaaa aggcctgata tgtggtggca ctcacctccc tgggcatccc cggacaggct
    37801 gcaggcacac tgtgtggcag ggcaggctgg tacctgctgg cagctcctgg ggcctgatgt
    37861 ggagcaggca cagagccgta tccccccgag gacatatacc cccaaggacg gcacagttgg
    37921 tacattccgg agacaagcaa ctcagccaca ctcccaggcc agagcccgag agggacgccc
    37981 atgcacaggg aggcagagcc cagctcctcc acagccagca gcacccgtgc aggggccgcc
    38041 atctggcagg cacagagcat gggctgggag gaggggcagg gacaccaggc agggttggca
    38101 ccaactgaaa attacagaag tctcatacat ctacctcagc cttgcctgac ctgggcctca
    38161 cctgacctgg acctcacctg gcctggacct cacctggcct agacctcacc tctgggcttc
    38221 acctgagctc ggcctcacct gacttggacc ttgcctgtcc tgagctcaca tgatctgggc
    38281 ctcacctgac ctgggtttca cctgacctgg gcttcacctg acctgggcct catctgacct
    38341 gggcctcact ggcctggacc tcacctggcc tgggcttcac ctggcctcag gcctcatctg
    38401 cacctgctcc aggtcttgct ggaacctcag tagcactgag gctgcagggg ctcatccagg
    38461 gttgcagaat gactctagaa cctcccacat ctcagctttc tgggtggagg cacctggtgg
    38521 cccagggaat ataaaaagcc tgaatgatgc ctgcgtgatt tgggggcaat ttataaaccc
    38581 aaaaggacat ggccatgcag cgggtaggga caatacagac agatatcagc ctgaaatgga
    38641 gcctcagggc acaggtgggc acggacactg tccacctaag ccaggggcag acccgagtgt
    38701 ccccgcagta gacctgagag cgctgggccc acagcctccc ctcggtgccc tgctacctcc
    38761 tcaggtcagc cctggacatc ccgggtttcc ccaggcctgg cggtaggttt ggggtgaggt
    38821 ctgtgtcact gtggtattac gatttttgga gtggttatta tacccacagt gtcacagagt
    38881 ccatcaaaaa cccatccctg ggaaccttct gccacagccc tccctgtggg gcaccgccgc
    38941 gtgccatgtt aggattttga ctgaggacac agcaccatgg gtatggtggc taccgcagca
    39001 gtgcagcccg tgacccaaac acacagggca gcaggcacaa cagacaagcc cacaagtgac
    39061 caccctgagc tcctgcctgc cagccctgga gaccatgaaa cagatggcca ggattatccc
    39121 ataggtcagc cagacctcag tccaacaggt ctgcatcgct gctgccctcc aataccagtc
    39181 cggatgggga cagggctggc ccacattacc atttgctgcc atccggccaa cagtcccaga
    39241 agcccctccc tcaaggctgg gccacatgtg tggaccctga gagcccccca tgtctgagta
    39301 ggggcaccag gaaggtgggg ctggccctgt gcactgtccc tgcccctgtg gtccctggcc
    39361 tgcctggccc tgacacctgg gcctctcctg ggtcatttcc aagacagaag acattcccag
    39421 gacagctgga gctgggagtc catcatcctg cctggccgtc ctgagtcctg cgcctttcca
    39481 aacctcaccc gggaagccaa cagaggaatc acctcccaca ggcagagaca aagaccttcc
    39541 agaaatctct gtctctctcc ccagtgggca ccctcttcca gggcagtcct cagtgatatc
    39601 acagtgggaa cccacatctg gatcgggact gcccccagaa cacaagatgg cccacaggga
    39661 cagccccaca gcccagccct tcccagaccc ctaaaaggcg tcccaccccc tgcatctgcc
    39721 ccagggctca aactccagga ggactgactc ctgcacaccc tcctgccaga catcacctca
    39781 gcccctcctg gaagggacag gagcgcgcaa gggtgagtca gaccctcctg ccctcgatgg
    39841 caggcggaga agattcagaa aggtctgaga tccccaggac gcagcaccac tgtcaatggg
    39901 ggccccagac gcctggacca gggcctgcgt gggaaaggcc tctgggcaca ctcaggggct
    39961 ttttgtgaag ggtcctccta ctgtgtgact acagtaacta ccacagtgat gaacccagca
    40021 gcaaaaactg accggactcc caaggtttat gcacacttct ccgctcagag ctctccagga
    40081 tcagaagagc cgggcccaag ggtttctgcc cagaccctcg gcctctaggg acatcttggc
    40141 catgacagcc catgggctgg tgccccacac atcgtctgcc ttcaaacaag ggcttcagag
    40201 ggctctgagg tgacctcact gatgaccaca ggtgccctgg ccccttcccc accagctgca
    40261 ccagaccccg tcatgacaga tgccccgatt ccaacagcca attcctgggg ccaggaatcg
    40321 ctgtagacac cagcctcctt ccaacacctc ctgccaattg cctggattcc catcccggtt
    40381 ggaatcaaga ggacagcatc ccccaggctc ccaacaggca ggactcccac accctcctct
    40441 gagaggccgc tgtgttccgt agggccaggc tgcagacagt ccccctcacc tgccactaga
    40501 caaatgcctg ctgtagatgt ccccacctgg aaaataccac tcatggagcc cccagcccca
    40561 ggtacagctg tagagagagt ctctgaggcc cctaagaagt agccatgccc agttctgccg
    40621 ggaccctcgg ccaggctgac aggagtggac gctggagctg ggcccatact gggccacata
    40681 ggagctcacc agtgagggca ggagagcaca tgccggggag cacccagcct cctgctgacc
    40741 agaggcccgt cccagagccc aggaggctgc agaggcctct ccagggggac actgtgcatg
    40801 tctggtccct gagcagcccc ccacgtcccc agtcctgggg gcccctggca cagctgtctg
    40861 gaccctctct attccctggg aagctcctcc tgacagcccc gcctccagtt ccaggtgtgg
    40921 ttattgtcag ggggtgtcag actgtggtgg atacagctat ggttaccaca gtggtgctgc
    40981 ccatagcagc aaccaggcca agtagacagg cccctgctgt gcagccccag gcctccagct
    41041 cacctgcttc tcctggggct ctcaaggctg ctgttttctg cactctcccc tctgtgggga
    41101 gggttccctc agtgggagat ctgttctcaa catcccacgg cctcattcct gcaaggaagg
    41161 ccaatggatg ggcaacctca catgccgcgg ctaagatagg gtgggcagcc tggcggggac
    41221 aggacatcct gctggggtat ctgtcactgt gcctagtggg gcactggctc ccaaacaacg
    41281 cagtccttgc caaaatcccc acggcctccc ccgctagggg ctggcctgat ctcctgcagt
    41341 cctaggaggc tgctgacctc cagaatggct ccgtccccag ttccagggcg agagcagatc
    41401 ccaggccggc tgcagactgg gaggccaccc cctccttccc agggttcact gcaggtgacc
    41461 agggcaggaa atggcctgaa cacagggata accgggccat cccccaacag agtccacccc
    41521 ctcctgctct gtaccccgca ccccccaggc cagcccatga catccgacaa ccccacacca
    41581 gagtcactgc ccggtgctgc cctagggagg acccctcagc ccccaccctg tctagaggac
    41641 tggggaggac aggacacgcc ctctccttat ggttccccca cctggctctg gctgggaccc
    41701 ttggggtgtg gacagaaagg acgcttgcct gattggcccc caggagccca gaacttctct
    41761 ccagggaccc cagcccgagc acccccttac ccaggaccca gccctgcccc tcctcccctc
    41821 tgctctcctc tcatcacccc atgggaatcc agaatcccca ggaagccatc aggaagggct
    41881 gagggaggaa gtggggccac tgcaccacca ggcaggaggc tctgtctttg tgaacccagg
    41941 gaggtgccag cctcctagag ggtatggtcc accctgccta tggctcccac agtggcaggc
    42001 tgcagggaag gaccagggac ggtgtggggg agggctcagg gccccgcggg tgctccatct
    42061 tggatgagcc tatctctctc acccacggac tcgcccacct cctcttcacc ctggccacac
    42121 gtcgtccaca ccatcctaag tcccacctac accagagccg gcacagccag tgcagacaga
    42181 ggctggggtg caggggggcc gactgggcag cttcggggag ggaggaatgg aggaagggga
    42241 gttcagtgaa gaggcccccc tcccctgggt ccaggatcct cctctgggac ccccggatcc
    42301 catcccctcc aggctctggg aggagaagca ggatgggaga atctgtgcgg gaccctctca
    42361 cagtggaata cctccacagc ggctcaggcc agatacaaaa gcccctcagt gagccctcca
    42421 ctgcagtgct gggcctgggg gcagccgctc ccacacagga tgaacccagc accccgagga
    42481 tgtcctgcca gggggagctc agagccatga aggagcagga tatgggaccc ccgatacagg
    42541 cacagacctc agctccattc aggactgcca cgtcctgccc tgggaggaac ccctttctct
    42601 agtccctgca ggccaggagg cagctgactc ctgacttgga cgcctattcc agacaccaga
    42661 cagaggggca ggccccccag aaccagggat gaggacgccc cgtcaaggcc agaaaagacc
    42721 aagttgcgct gagcccagca agggaaggtc cccaaacaaa ccaggaagtt tctgaaggtg
    42781 tctgtgtcac agtggagtat agcagctcgt cccacagtga cactcgccag gccagaaacc
    42841 ccatcccaag tcagcggaat gcagagagag cagggaggac atgtttagga tctgaggccg
    42901 cacctgacac ccaggccagc agacgtctcc tgtccacggc accctgccat gtcctgcatt
    42961 tctggaagaa caagggcagg ctgaaggggg tccaggacca ggagatgggt ccgctctacc
    43021 cagagaagga gccaggcagg acacaagccc cctccccatt gaggctgacc tgcccagagg
    43081 gtcctgggcc cacccaacac accggggcgg aatgtgtgca ggcctcggtc tctgtgggtg
    43141 ttccgctagc tggggctcac agtgctcacc ccacacctaa aacgagccac agcctccgga
    43201 gcccctgaag gagaccccgc ccacaagccc agcccccacc caggaggccc cagagcacag
    43261 ggcgccccgt cggattctga acagccccga gtcacagtgg gtataactgg aactaccact
    43321 gtgagaaaag cttcgtccaa aacggtctcc tggccacagt cggaggcccc gccagagagg
    43381 ggagcagcca ccccaaaccc atgttctgcc ggctcccatg accccgtgca cctggagccc
    43441 cacggtgtcc ccactggatg ggaggacaag ggccgggggc tccggcgggt cggggcaggg
    43501 gcttgatggc ttccttctgc cgtggcccca ttgcccctgg ctggagttga cccttctgac
    43561 aagtgtcctc agagagtcag ggatcagtgg cacctcccaa catcaacccc acgcagccca
    43621 ggcacaaacc ccacatccag ggccaactcc aggaacagag acaccccaat accctggggg
    43681 accccgaccc tgatgactcc cgtcccatct ctgtccctca cttggggcct gctgcggggc
    43741 gagcacttgg gagcaaactc aggcttaggg gacaccactg tgggcctgac ctcgagcagg
    43801 ccacagaccc ttccctcctg ccctggtgca gcacagactt tggggtctgg gcagggagga
    43861 acttctggca ggtcaccaag cacagagccc ccaggctgag gtggccccag ggggaacccc
    43921 agcaggtggc ccactaccct tcctcccagc tggaccccat gtcttcccca agataggggt
    43981 gccatccaag gcaggtcctc catggagccc ccttcaggct cctctccaga ccccactggg
    44041 cctcagtccc cactctagga atgcagccac cacgggcaca ccaggcagcc caggcccagc
    44101 caccctgcag tgcccaagcc cacaccctgg aggagagcag ggtgcgtctg ggaggggctg
    44161 ggctccccac ccccaccccc acctgcacac cccacccacc cttgcccggg ccccctgcag
    44221 gagggtcaga gcccccatgg gatatggact tagggtctca ctcacgcacc tcccctcctg
    44281 ggagaagggg tctcatgccc agatcccccc agcagcgctg gtcacaggta gaggcagtgg
    44341 ccccagggcc accctgacct ggcccctcag gctcctctag ccctggctgc cctgctgtcc
    44401 ctgggaggcc tgggctccac cagaccacag gtctagggca ccgcccacac tggggccgcc
    44461 cacacacagc tcacaggaag aagataagct ccagaccccc aggcccggga cctgccttgc
    44521 tgctacgact tcctgcccca gacctcgttg ccctcccccg tccacttaca cacaggccag
    44581 gaagctgttc ccacacagac caaccccaga cggggaccac ctggcactca ggtcactgcc
    44641 atttccttct ccattcactt ccaatgcctc tgtgcttcct ccctcctcct tccttcgggg
    44701 gagcaccctg tgcagctcct ccctgcagtc cacaccctgg ggagacccga ccctgcagcc
    44761 cacaccctgg ggagacctga ccctcctcca gccctttctc ccccgctgct cttgccaccc
    44821 accaagacag ccctggggtc ctgtccctac agcccccacc cagttctcta cctagacccg
    44881 tcttcctccc tctaaacacc tctcccaggc caaccctaca cctgcaggcc ctcccctcca
    44941 ctgccaaaga ccctcagttt ctcctgcctg tgcccacccc cgtgctcctc ctgcccacag
    45001 ctcgagctct tcctctccta gggcccctga gggatggcat tgaccgtgcc ctcgcaccca
    45061 cacactgccc atgccctcac attcctcctg gccactccag ccccactccc ctctcaggcc
    45121 tggctctggt atttctggga caaagcctta cccaagtctt tcccatgcag gcctgggccc
    45181 ttaccctcac tgcccggtta cagggcagcc tcctgtgcac agaagcaggg agctcagccc
    45241 ttccacaggc agaaggcact gaaagaaatc ggcctccagc gccttgacac acgtctgcct
    45301 gtgtctctca ctgcccgcac ctgcagggag gctcggcact ccctctaaag acgagggatc
    45361 caggcagcag catcacagga gaatgcaggg ctaccagaca tcccagtcct ctcacaggcc
    45421 tctcctggga agagacctga agacgcccag tcaacggagt ctaacaccaa acctccctgg
    45481 aggccgatgg gtagtaacgg agtcattgcc agacctggag gcaggggagc agtgagcccg
    45541 agcccacacc atagggccag aggacagcca ctgacatccc aagccactca ctggtggtcc
    45601 cacaacaccc catggaaaga ggacagaccc acagtcccac ctggaccagg gcagagactg
    45661 ctgagaccca gcaccagaac caaccaagaa acaccaggca acagcatcag agggggctct
    45721 ggcagaacag aggaggggag gtctccttca ccagcaggcg cttcccttga ccgaagacag
    45781 gatccatgca actcccccag gacaaaggag gagccccttg ttcagcactg ggctcagagt
    45841 cctctccaag acacccagag tttcagacaa aaaccccctg gaatgcacag tctcagcagg
    45901 agagccagcc agagccagca agatggggct cagtgacacc cgcagggaca ggaggatttt
    45961 gtgggggctc gtgtcactgt gaggatattg tactaatggt gtatgctata cccacagtga
    46021 cacagcccca ttcccaaagc cctactgcaa acgcattcca cttctggggc tgaggggctg
    46081 ggggagcgtc tgggaaatag ggctcagggg tgtccatcaa tgcccaaaac gcaccagact
    46141 cccctccata catcacaccc accagccagc gagcagagta aacagaaaat gagaagcaag
    46201 ctggggaagc ttgcacaggc cccaaggaaa gagctttggc gggtgtgtaa gaggggatgc
    46261 gggcagagcc tgagcagggc cttttgctgt ttctgctttc ctgtgcagag agttccataa
    46321 actggtgttc gagatcaatg gctgggagtg agcccaggag gacagcgtgg gaagagcaca
    46381 gggaaggagg agcagccgct atcctacact gtcatctttc gaaagtttgc cttgtgccca
    46441 cactgctgca tcatgggatg cttaacagct gatgtagaca cagctaaaga gagaatcagt
    46501 gagatggatt tgcagcacag atctgaataa attctccaga atgtggagca gcacagaagc
    46561 aagcacacag aaagtgcctg atgcaaggac aaagttcagt gggcaccttc aggcattgct
    46621 gctgggcaca gacactctga aaagccctgg caggaactcc ctgtgacaaa gcagaaccct
    46681 caggcaatgc cagccccaga gccctccctg agagcctcat gggcaaagat gtgcacaaca
    46741 ggtgtttctc atagccccaa actgagagca aagcaaacgt ccatctgaag gagaacaggc
    46801 aaataaacga tggcaggttc atgaaatgca aacccagaca gccacaagca caaaagtaca
    46861 gggttataag cgactctggt tgagttcatg acaatgctga gtaattggag taacaaagta
    46921 aactccaaaa aatactttca atgtgatttc ttctaaataa aatttacacc ctgcaaaatg
    46981 aactgtcttc ttaagggata catttcccag ttagaaaacc ataaagaaaa ccaagaaaag
    47041 gatgatcaca taaacacagt ggtggttact tctgctgggg aaggaagagg gtatgaactg
    47101 agatacacag ggtgggcaag tctcctaaca agaacagaac gaatacatta cagtaccttg
    47161 aaaacagcag ttaaacttct aaattgcaag aagaggaaaa tgcacacagt tgtgtttaga
    47221 aaattctcag tccagcactg ttcataatag caaagacatt aacccaggtc ggataaataa
    47281 gcgatgacac aggcaattgc acaatgatac agacatatat ttagtatatg agacatcgat
    47341 gatgtatccc caaataaacg actttaaaga gataaagggc tgatgtgtgg tggcattcac
    47401 ctccctggga tccccggaca ggttgcaggc tcactgtgca gcagggcagg cgggtacctg
    47461 ctggcagttc ctggggcctg atgtggagca agcgcagggc catatatccc ggaggacggc
    47521 acagtcagtg aattccagag agaagcaact cagccacact ccccaggcag agcccgagag
    47581 ggacgcccac gcacagggag gcagagccca gcacctccgc agccagcacc acctgcgcac
    47641 gggccaccac cttgcaggca cagagtgggt gctgagagga ggggcaggga caccaggcag
    47701 ggtgagcacc cagagaaaac tgcagacgcc tcacacatcc acctcagcct cccctgacct
    47761 ggacctcact ggcctgggcc tcacttaacc tgggcttcac ctgaccttgg cctcacctga
    47821 cttggacctc gcctgtccca agctttacct gacctgggcc tcaactcacc tgaacgtctc
    47881 ctgacctggg tttaacctgt cctggaactc acctggcctt ggcttcccct gacctggacc
    47941 tcatctggcc tgggcttcac ctggcctggg cctcacctga cctggacctc atctggcctg
    48001 gacctcacct ggcctggact tcacctggcc tgggcttcac ctgacctgga cctcacctgg
    48061 cctcgggcct cacctgcacc tgctccaggt cttgctggag cctgagtagc actgagggtg
    48121 cagaagctca tccagggttg gggaatgact ctagaagtct cccacatctg acctttctgg
    48181 gtggaggcag ctggtggccc tgggaatata aaaatctcca gaatgatgac tctgtgattt
    48241 gtgggcaact tatgaacccg aaaggacatg gccatggggt gggtagggac atagggacag
    48301 atgccagcct gaggtggagc ctcaggacac aggtgggcac ggacactatc cacataagcg
    48361 agggatagac ccgagtgtcc ccacagcaga cctgagagcg ctgggcccac agcctcccct
    48421 cagagccctg ctgcctcctc cggtcagccc tggacatccc aggtttcccc aggcctggcg
    48481 gtaggtttag aatgaggtct gtgtcactgt ggtattacga tattttgact ggttattata
    48541 accacagtgt cacagagtcc atcaaaaacc catgcctgga agcttcccgc cacagccctc
    48601 cccatggggc cctgctgcct cctcaggtca gccccggaca tcccgggttt ccccaggctg
    48661 ggcggtaggt ttggggtgag gtctgtgtca ctgtggtatt actatggttc ggggagttat
    48721 tataaccaca gtgtcacaga gtccatcaaa aacccatccc tgggagcctc ccgccacagc
    48781 cctccctgca ggggaccggt acgtgccatg ttaggatttt gatcgaggag acagcaccat
    48841 gggtatggtg gctaccacag cagtgcagcc tgtgacccaa acccgcaggg cagcaggcac
    48901 gatggacagg cccgtgactg accacgctgg gctccagcct gccagccctg gagatcatga
    48961 aacagatggc caaggtcacc ctacaggtca tccagatctg gctccgaggg gtctgcatcg
    49021 ctgctgccct cccaacgcca gtccaaatgg gacagggacg gcctcacagc accatctgct
    49081 gccatcaggc cagcgatccc agaagcccct ccctcaaggc tgggcacatg tgtggacact
    49141 gagagccctc atatctgagt aggggcacca ggagggaggg gctggccctg tgcactgtcc
    49201 ctgcccctgt ggtccctggc ctgcctggcc ctgacacctg agcctctcct gggtcatttc
    49261 caagacagaa gacattcctg gggacagccg gagctgggcg tcgctcatcc tgcccggccg
    49321 tcctgagtcc tgctcatttc cagacctcac cggggaagcc aacagaggac tcgcctccca
    49381 cattcagaga caaagaacct tccagaaatc cctgcctctc tccccagtgg acaccctctt
    49441 ccaggacagt cctcagtggc atcacagcgg cctgagatcc ccaggacgca gcaccgctgt
    49501 caataggggc cccaaatgcc tggaccaggg cctgcgtggg aaaggcctct ggccacactc
    49561 gggctttttg tgaagggccc tcctgctgtg tgactacagt aactaccata gtgatgaacc
    49621 cagtggcaaa aactggctgg aaacccaggg gctgtgtgca cgcctcagct tggagctctc
    49681 caggagcaca agagccgggc ccaaggattt gtgcccagac cctcagcctc tagggacacc
    49741 tgggtcatct cagcctgggc tggtgccctg cacaccatct tcctccaaat aggggcttca
    49801 gagggctctg aggtgacctc actcatgacc acaggtgacc tggcccttcc ctgccagcta
    49861 taccagaccc tgtcttgaca gatgccccga ttccaacagc caattcctgg gaccctgaat
    49921 agctgtagac accagcctca ttccagtacc tcctgccaat tgcctggatt cccatcctgg
    49981 ctggaatcaa gaaggcagca tccgccaggc tcccaacagg caggactccc gcacaccctc
    50041 ctctgagagg ccgctgtgtt ccgcagggcc aggccctgga cagttcccct cacctgccac
    50101 tagagaaaca cctgccattg tcgtccccac ctggaaaaga ccactcgtgg agcccccagc
    50161 cccaggtaca gctgtagaga cagtcctcga ggcccctaag aaggagccat gcccagttct
    50221 gccgggaccc tcggccaggc cgacaggagt ggacgctgga gctgggccca cactgggcca
    50281 cataggagct caccagtgag ggcaggagag cacatgccgg ggagcaccca gcctcctgct
    50341 gaccagaggc ccgtcccaga gcccaggagg ctgcagaggc ctctccaggg agacactgtg
    50401 catgtctggt acctaagcag ccccccacgt ccccagtcct gggggcccct ggctcagctg
    50461 tctgggccct ccctgctccc tgggaagctc ctcctgacag ccccgcctcc agttccaggt
    50521 gtggttattg tcaggcgatg tcagactgtg gtggatatag tggctacgat taccacagtg
    50581 gtgccgccca tagcagcaac caggccaagt agacaggccc ctgctgcgca gccccaggca
    50641 tccacttcac ctgcttctcc tggggctctc aaggctgctg tctgtcctct ggccctctgt
    50701 ggggagggtt ccctcagtgg gaggtctgtg ctccagggca gggatgattg agatagaaat
    50761 caaaggctgg cagggaaagg cagcttcccg ccctgagagg tgcaggcagc accacggagc
    50821 cacggagtca cagagccacg gagcccccat tgtgggcatt tgagagtgct gtgcccccgg
    50881 caggcccagc cctgatgggg aagcctgtcc catcccacag cccgggtccc acgggcagcg
    50941 ggcacagaag ctgccaggtt gtcctctatg atcctcatcc ctccagcagc atcccctcca
    51001 cagtggggaa actgaggctt ggagcaccac ccggccccct ggaaatgagg ctgtgagccc
    51061 agacagtggg cccagagcac tgtgagtacc ccggcagtac ctggctgcag ggatcagcca
    51121 gagatgccaa accctgagtg accagcctac aggaggatcc ggccccaccc aggccactcg
    51181 attaatgctc aaccccctgc cctggagacc tcttccagta ccaccagcag ctcagcttct
    51241 cagggcctca tccctgcaag gaaggtcaag ggctgggcct gccagaaaca cagcaccctc
    51301 cctagccctg gctaagacag ggtgggcaga cggctgtgga cgggacatat tgctggggca
    51361 tttctcactg tcacttctgg gtggtagctc tgacaaaaac gcagaccctg ccaaaatccc
    51421 cactgcctcc cgctaggggc tggcctggaa tcctgctgtc ctaggaggct gctgacctcc
    51481 aggatggctc cgtccccagt tccagggcga gagcagatcc caggcaggct gtaggctggg
    51541 aggccacccc tgcccttgcc ggggttgaat gcaggtgccc aaggcaggaa atggcatgag
    51601 cacagggatg accgggacat gccccaccag agtgcgcccc ttcctgctct gcaccctgca
    51661 ccccccaggc cagcccacga cgtccaacaa ctgggcctgg gtggcagccc cacccagaca
    51721 ggacagaccc agcaccctga ggaggtcctg ccagggggag ctaagagcca tgaaggagca
    51781 agatatgggg cccccgatac aggcacagat gtcagctcca tccaggacca cccagcccac
    51841 accctgagag gaacgtctgt ctccagcctc tgcaggtcgg gaggcagctg acccctgact
    51901 tggaccccta ttccagacac cagacagagg cgcaggcccc ccagaaccag ggttgaggga
    51961 cgccccgtca aagccagaca aaaccaaggg gtgttgagcc cagcaaggga aggcccccaa
    52021 acagaccagg aggtttctga aggtgtctgt gtcacagtgg ggtatagcag cagctggtac
    52081 cacagtgaca ctcacccagc cagaaacccc attccaagtc agcggaagca gagagagcag
    52141 ggaggacacg tttaggatct gagactgcac ctgacaccca ggccagcaga cgtctcccct
    52201 ccagggcacc ccaccctgtc ctgcatttct gcaagatcag gggcggcctg agggggggtc
    52261 tagggtgagg agatgggtcc cctgtacacc aaggaggagt taggcaggtc ccgagcactc
    52321 tccccattga ggctgacctg cccagagagt cctgggccca ccccacacac cggggcggaa
    52381 tgtgtgcagg cctcggtctc tgtgggtgtt ccgctagctg gggctcacag tgctcacccc
    52441 acacctaaaa tgagccacag cctccggagc ccccgcagga gaccccgccc acaagcccag
    52501 cccccaccca ggaggcccca gagctcaggg cgccccgtcg gattccgaac agccccgagt
    52561 cacagcgggt ataaccggaa ccaccactgt cagaatagct acgtcaaaaa ctgtccagtg
    52621 gccactgccg gaggccccgc cagagagggc agcagccact ctgatcccat gtcctgccgg
    52681 ctcccatgac ccccagcacg cggagcccca cagtgtcccc actggatggg aggacaagag
    52741 ctggggattc cggcgggtcg gggcaggggc ttgatcgcat ccttctgccg tggctccagt
    52801 gcccctggct ggagttgacc cttctgacaa gtgtcctcag agagacaggc atcaccggcg
    52861 cctcccaaca tcaaccccag gcagcacagg cacaaacccc acatccagag ccaactccag
    52921 gagcagagac accccaatac cctgggggac cccgaccctg atgacttccc actggaattc
    52981 gccgtagagt ccaccaggac caaagaccct gcctctgcct ctgtccctca ctcaggacct
    53041 gctgccgggc gaggccttgg gagcagactt gggcttaggg gacaccagtg tgaccccgac
    53101 cttgaccagg acgcagacct ttccttcctt tcctggggca gcacagactt tggggtctgg
    53161 gccaggagga acttctggca ggtcgccaag cacagaggcc acaggctgag gtggccctgg
    53221 aaagacctcc aggaggtggc cactcccctt cctcccagct ggaccccatg tcctccccaa
    53281 gataagggtg ccatccaagg caggtgctcc ttggagcccc attcagactc ctccctggac
    53341 cccactgggc ctcagtccca gctctgggga tgaagccacc acaagcacac caggcagccc
    53401 aggcccagcc accctgcagt gcccaagcac acactctgga gcagagcagg gtgcctctgg
    53461 gaggggctga gctccccacc ccacccccac ctgcacaccc cacccacccc tgcccagcgg
    53521 ctctgcagga gggtcagagc cccacatggg gtatggactt agggtctcac tcacgtggct
    53581 cccatcatga gtgaaggggc ctcaagccca ggttcccaca gcagcgcctg tcgcaagtgg
    53641 aggcagaggc ccgagggcca ccctgacctg gtccctgagg ttcctgcagc ccaggctgcc
    53701 ctgctgtccc tgggaggcct gggctccacc agaccacagg tccagggcac cgggtgcagg
    53761 agccacccac acacagctca caggaagaag ataagctcca gacccccagg gccagaacct
    53821 gccttcctgc tactgcttcc tgccccagac ctgggcgccc tcccccgtcc acttacacac
    53881 aggccaggaa gctgttccca cacagaacaa ccccaaacca ggaccgcctg gcactcaggt
    53941 ggctgccatt tccttctcca tttgctccca gcgcctctgt cctccctggt tcctccttcg
    54001 ggggaacagc ctgtgcagcc agtccctgca gcccacaccc tggggagacc caaccctgcc
    54061 tggggccctt ccaaccctgc tgctcttact gcccacccag aaaactctgg ggtcctgtcc
    54121 ctgcagtccc taccctggtc tccacccaga cccctgtgta tcactccaga cacccctccc
    54181 aggcaaaccc tgcacctgca ggccctgtcc tcttctgtcg ctagagcctc agtttctccc
    54241 ccctgtgccc acaccctacc tcctcctgcc cacaactcta actcttcttc tcctggagcc
    54301 cctgagccat ggcattgacc ctgccctccc accacccaca gcccatgccc tcaccttcct
    54361 cctggccact ccgaccccgc cccctctcag gccaagccct ggtatttcca ggacaaaggc
    54421 tcacccaagt ctttcccagg caggcctggg ctcttgccct cacttcccgg ttacacggga
    54481 gcctcctgtg cacagaagca gggagctcag cccttccaca ggcagaaggc actgaaagaa
    54541 atcggcctcc agcaccttga cacacgtccg cccgtgtctc tcactgcccg cacctgcagg
    54601 gaggctccgc actccctcta aagacaaggg atccaggcag cagcatcacg ggagaatgca
    54661 gggctcccag acatcccagt cctctcacag gcctctcctg ggaagagacc tgcagccacc
    54721 accaaacagc cacagaggct gctggatagt aactgagtca atgaccgacc tggagggcag
    54781 gggagcagtg agccggagcc cataccatag ggacagagac cagccgctga catcccgagc
    54841 tcctcaatgg tggccccata acacacctag gaaacataac acacccacag ccccacctgg
    54901 aacagggcag agactgctga gcccccagca ccagccccaa gaaacaccag gcaacagtat
    54961 cagagggggc tcccgagaaa gagaggaggg gagatctcct tcaccatcaa atgcttccct
    55021 tgaccaaaaa cagggtccac gcaactcccc caggacaaag gaggagcccc ctatacagca
    55081 ctgggctcag agtcctctct gagacaccct gagtttcaga caacaacccg ctggaatgca
    55141 cagtctcagc aggagaacag accaaagcca gcaaaaggga cctcggtgac accagtaggg
    55201 acaggaggat tttgtggggg ctcgtgtcac tgtgaggata ttgtagtggt ggtagctgct
    55261 actcccacag tgacacagac ccattcccaa agccctactg caaacacacc cactcctggg
    55321 gctgaggggc tgggggagcg tctgggaagt agggtccagg ggtgtctatc aatgtccaaa
    55381 atgcaccaga ctccccgcca aacaccaccc caccagccag cgagcagggt aaacagaaaa
    55441 tgagaggctc tgggaagctt gcacaggccc caaggaaaga gctttggcgg gtgtgcaaga
    55501 ggggatgcag gcagagcctg agcagggcct tttgctgttt ctgctttcct gtgcagagag
    55561 ttccataaac tggtgttcaa gatcagtggc tgggaatgag cccaggaggg cagtctgtgg
    55621 gaagagcaca gggaaggagg agcagccgct atcctacact gtcatctttc aaaagtttgc
    55681 cttgtgacca cactattgca tcatgggatg cttaagagct gatgtagaca cagctaaaga
    55741 gagaatcagt gagatgaatt tgcagcatag atctgaataa actctccaga atgtggagca
    55801 gtacagaagc aaacacacag aaagtgcctg atgcaaggac aaagttcagt gggcaccttc
    55861 aggcattgct gctgggcaca gacactctga aaagccttgg caggatctcc ctgcgacaaa
    55921 gcagaaccct caggcaatgc cagccccaga gccctccctg agagcgtcat ggggaaagat
    55981 gtgcagaaca gctgattatc atagactcaa actgagaaca gagcaaacgt ccatctgaag
    56041 aacagtcaaa taagcaatgg taggttcatg caatgcaaac ccagacagcc aggggacaac
    56101 agtagagggc tacaggcggc tttgcggttg agttcatgac aatgctgagt aattggagta
    56161 acagaggaaa gcccaaaaaa tacttttaat gtgatttctt ctaaataaaa tttacaccag
    56221 gcaaaatgaa ctgtcttctt aagggataaa ctttcccctg gaaaaactac aaggaaaatt
    56281 aagaaaacga tgatcacata aacacagttg tggttacttc tactggggaa ggaagagggt
    56341 atgagctgag acacacagag tcggcaagtc tccaagcaag cacagaacga atacattaca
    56401 gtaccttgaa tacagcagtt aaacttctaa atcgcaagaa caggaaaatg cacacagctg
    56461 tgtttagaaa attctcagtc cagcactatt cataatagca aagacattaa cccaggttgg
    56521 ataaataaat gatgacacag gcaattgcac aatgatacag acatacattt agtacatgag
    56581 acatcgatga tgtatcccca aagaaatgac tttaaagaga aaaggcctga tgtgtggtgg
    56641 cactcacctc cctgggatcc ccggacaggt tgcaggcaca ctgtgtggca gggcaggctg
    56701 gtacatgctg gcagctcctg gggcctgatg tggagcaagc gcagggctgt atacccccaa
    56761 ggatggcaca gtcagtgaat tccagagaga agcagctcag ccacactgcc caggcagagc
    56821 ccgagaggga cgcccacgta cagggaggca gagcccagct cctccacagc caccaccacc
    56881 tgtgcacggg ccaccacctt gcaggcacag agtgggtgct gagaggaggg gcagggacac
    56941 caggcagggt gagcacccag agaaaactgc agaagcctca cacatccacc tcagcctccc
    57001 ctgacctgga cctcacctgg tctggacctc acctggcctg ggcctcacct gacctggacc
    57061 tcacctggcc tgggcttcac ctgacctgga cctcacctgg cctccggcct cacctgcacc
    57121 tgctccaggt cttgctggaa cctgagtagc actgaggctg cagaagctca tccagggttg
    57181 gggaatgact ctggaactct cccacatctg acctttctgg gtggaggcat ctggtggccc
    57241 tgggaatata aaaagcccca gaatggtgcc tgcgtgattt gggggcaatt tatgaacccg
    57301 aaaggacatg gccatggggt gggtagggac atagggacag atgccagcct gaggtggagc
    57361 ctcaggacac agttggacgc ggacactatc cacataagcg agggacagac ccgagtgttc
    57421 ctgcagtaga cctgagagcg ctgggcccac agcctcccct cggtgccctg ctgcctcctc
    57481 aggtcagccc tggacatccc gggtttcccc aggccagatg gtaggtttga agtgaggtct
    57541 gtgtcactgt ggtattatga ttacgtttgg gggagttatc gttataccca cagcatcaca
    57601 cggtccatca gaaacccatg ccacagccct ccccgcaggg gaccgccgcg tgccatgtta
    57661 cgattttgat cgaggacaca gcgccatggg tatggtggct accacagcag tgcagcccat
    57721 gacccaaaca cacagggcag caggcacaat ggacaggcct gtgagtgacc atgctgggct
    57781 ccagcccgcc agccccggag accatgaaac agatggccaa ggtcacccca cagttcagcc
    57841 agacatggct ccgtggggtc tgcatcgctg ctgccctcta acaccagccc agatggggac
    57901 aaggccaacc ccacattacc atctcctgct gtccacccag tggtcccaga agcccctccc
    57961 tcatggctga gccacatgtg tgaaccctga gagcacccca tgtcagagta ggggcagcag
    58021 aagggcgggg ctggccctgt gcactgtccc tgcacccatg gtccctcgcc tgcctggccc
    58081 tgacacctga gcctcttctg agtcatttct aagatagaag acattcccgg ggacagccgg
    58141 agctgggcgt cgctcatccc gcccggccgt cctgagtcct gcttgtttcc agacctcacc
    58201 agggaagcca acagaggact cacctcacac agtcagagac aaagaacctt ccagaaatcc
    58261 ctgtctcact ccccagtggg caccttcttc caggacattc ctcggtcgca tcacagcagg
    58321 cacccacatc tggatcagga cggcccccag aacacaagat ggcccatggg gacagcccca
    58381 caacccaggc cttcccagac ccctaaaagg cgtcccaccc cctgcacctg ccccagggct
    58441 aaaaatccag gaggcttgac tcccgcatac cctccagcca gacatcacct cagccccctc
    58501 ctggagggga caggagcccg ggagggtgag tcagacccac ctgccctcga tggcaggcgg
    58561 ggaagattca gaaaggcctg agatccccag gacgcagcac cactgtcaat gggggcccca
    58621 gacgcctgga ccagggcctg cgtgggaaag gccgctgggc acactcaggg gctttttgtg
    58681 aaggcccctc ctactgtgtg actacggtga ctaccacagt gatgaaacta gcagcaaaaa
    58741 ctggccggac acccagggac catgcacact tctcagcttg gagctctcca ggaccagaag
    58801 agtcaggtct gagggtttgt agccagaccc tcggcctcta gggacaccct ggccatcaca
    58861 gcggatgggc tggtgcccca catgccatct gctccaaaca ggggcttcag agggctctga
    58921 ggtgacttca ctcatgacca caggtgccct ggccccttcc ccgccagcta caccgaaccc
    58981 tgtcccaaca gctgccccag ttccaacagc caattcctgg ggcccagaat tgctgtagac
    59041 accagcctcg ttccagcacc tcctgccaat tgcctggatt cacatcctgg ctggaatcaa
    59101 gagggcagca tccgccaggc tcccaacagg caggactccc gcacaccctc ctctgagagg
    59161 ccgctgtgtt ccgcagggcc aggccctgga cagttcccct cacctgccac tagagaaaca
    59221 cctgccattg tcgtccccac ctggaaaaga ccactcgtgg agcccccagc cccaggtaca
    59281 gctgtagaga gactccccga gggatctaag aaggagccat gcgcagttct gccgggaccc
    59341 tcggccaggc cgacaggagt ggacactgga gctgggccca cactgggcca cataggagct
    59401 caccagtgag ggcaggagag cacatgccgg ggagcaccca gcctcctgct gaccagaggc
    59461 ccgtcccaga gcccaggagg ctgcagaggc ctctccaggg ggacactgtg catgtctggt
    59521 ccctgagcag ccccccacgt ccccagtcct gggggcccct ggcacagctg tctggaccct
    59581 ccctgttccc tgggaagctc ctcctgacag ccccgcctcc agttccaggt gtggttattg
    59641 tcagggggtg tcagactgtg gtggatacag ctatggttac cacagtggtg ctgcccatag
    59701 cagcaaccag gccaagtaga caggcccctg ctgtgcagcc ccaggcctcc acttcacctg
    59761 cttctcctgg ggctctcaag gtcactgttg tctgtactct gccctctgtg gggagggttc
    59821 cctcagtggg aggtctgttc tcaacatccc agggcctcat gtctgcacgg aaggccaatg
    59881 gatgggcaac ctcacatgcc gcggctaaga tagggtgggc agcctggcgg gggacagtac
    59941 atactgctgg ggtgtctgtc actgtgccta gtggggcact ggctcccaaa caacgcagtc
    60001 ctcgccaaaa tccccacagc ctcccctgct aggggctggc ctgatctcct gcagtcctag
    60061 gaggctgctg acctccagaa tgtctccgtc cccagttcca gggcgagagc agatcccagg
    60121 ccggctgcag actgggaggc caccccctcc ttcccagggt tcactggagg tgaccaaggt
    60181 aggaaatggc cttaacacag ggatgactgc gccatccccc aacagagtca gccccctcct
    60241 gctctgtacc ccgcaccccc caggccagtc cacgaaaacc agggccccac atcagagtca
    60301 ctgcctggcc cggccctggg gcggacccct cagcccccac cctgtctaga ggacttgggg
    60361 ggacaggaca caggccctct ccttatggtt cccccacctg cctccggccg ggacccttgg
    60421 ggtgtggaca gaaaggacac ctgcctaatt ggcccccagg aacccagaac ttctctccag
    60481 ggaccccagc ccgagcaccc ccttacccag gacccagccc tgcccctcct cccctctgct
    60541 ctcctctcat caccccatgg gaatccggta tccccaggaa gccatcagga agggctgaag
    60601 gaggaagcgg ggccgtgcac caccgggcag gaggctccgt cttcgtgaac ccagggaagt
    60661 gccagcctcc tagagggtat ggtccaccct gcctggggct cccaccgtgg caggctgcgg
    60721 ggaaggacca gggacggtgt gggggagggc tcagggccct gcgggtgctc ctccatcttc
    60781 ggtgagcctc ccccttcacc caccgtcccg cccacctcct ctccaccctg gctgcacgtc
    60841 ttccacacca tcctgagtcc tacctacacc agagccagca aagccagtgc agacaaaggc
    60901 tggggtgcag gggggctgcc agggcagctt cggggaggga aggatggagg gaggggaggt
    60961 cagtgaagag gcccccttcc cctgggtcca ggatcctcct ctgggacccc cggatcccat
    61021 cccctcctgg ctctgggagg agaagcagga tgggagaatc tgtgcgggac cctctcacag
    61081 tggaatatcc ccacagcggc tcaggccaga cccaaaagcc cctcagtgag ccctccactg
    61141 cagtcctggg cctgggtagc agcccctccc acagaggaca gacccagcac cccgaagaag
    61201 tcctgccagg gggagctcag agccatgaaa gagcaggata tggggtcccc gatacaggca
    61261 cagacctcag ctccatccag gcccaccggg acccaccatg ggaggaacac ctgtctccgg
    61321 gttgtgaggt agctggcctc tgtctcggac cccactccag acaccagaca gaggggcagg
    61381 ccccccaaaa ccagggttga gggatgatcc gtcaaggcag acaagaccaa ggggcactga
    61441 ccccagcaag ggaaggctcc caaacagacg aggaggtttc tgaagctgtc tgtatcacag
    61501 tggggtatag cagtggctgg taccacagtg acactcgcca ggccagaaac cccgtcccaa
    61561 gtcagcggaa gcagagagag cagggaggac acgtttagga tctgaggccg cacctgacac
    61621 ccagggcagc agacgtctcc cctccagggc accctccacc gtcctgcgtt tcttcaagaa
    61681 taggggcggc ctgagggggt ccagggccag gcgataggtc ccctctaccc caaggaggag
    61741 ccaggcagga cccgagcacc gtccccattg aggctgacct gcccagacgg gcctgggccc
    61801 accccacaca ccggggcgga atgtgtgcag gccccagtct ctgtgggtgt tccgctagct
    61861 ggggccccca gtgctcaccc cacacctaaa gcgagcccca gcctccagag ccccctaagc
    61921 attccccgcc cagcagccca gcccctgccc ccacccagga ggccccagag ctcagggcgc
    61981 ctggtcggat tctgaacagc cccgagtcac agtgggtata actggaacga ccaccgtgag
    62041 aaaaactgtg tccaaaactg actcctggca gcagtcggag gccccgccag agaggggagc
    62101 agccggcctg aacccatgtc ctgccggttc ccatgacccc cagcacccag agccccacgg
    62161 tgtccccgtt ggataatgag gacaagggct gggggctccg gtggtttgcg gcagggactt
    62221 gatcacatcc ttctgctgtg gccccattgc ctctggctgg agttgaccct tctgacaagt
    62281 gtcctcagaa agacagggat caccggcacc tcccaatatc aaccccaggc agcacagaca
    62341 caaaccccac atccagagcc aactccagga gcagagacac cccaacactc tgggggaccc
    62401 caaccgtgat aactccccac tggaatccgc cccagagtct accaggacca aaggccctgc
    62461 cctgtctctg tccctcactc agggcctcct gcagggcgag cgcttgggag cagactcggt
    62521 cttaggggac accactgtgg gccccaactt tgatgaggcc actgaccctt ccttcctttc
    62581 ctggggcagc acagactttg gggtctgggc agggaagaac tactggctgg tggccaatca
    62641 cagagccccc aggccgaggt ggccccaaga aggccctcag gaggtggcca ctccacttcc
    62701 tcccagctgg accccaggtc ctccccaaga taggggtgcc atccaaggca ggtcctccat
    62761 ggagccccct tcagactcct cccgggaccc cactggacct cagtccctgc tctgggaatg
    62821 cagccaccac aagcacacca ggaagcccag gcccagccac cctgcagtgg gcaagcccac
    62881 actctggagc agagcagggt gcgtctggga ggggctaacc tccccacccc ccacccccca
    62941 tctgcacaca gccacctacc actgcccaga ccctctgcag gagggccaag ccaccatggg
    63001 gtatggactt agggtctcac tcacgtgcct cccctcctgg gagaaggggc ctcatgccca
    63061 gatccctgca gcactagaca cagctggagg cagtggcccc agggccaccc tgacctggca
    63121 tctaaggctg ctccagccca gacagcactg ccgttcctgg gaagcctggg ctccaccaga
    63181 ccacaggtcc agggcacagc ccacaggagc cacccacaca cagctcacag gaagaagata
    63241 agctccagac cccagggcgg gacctgcctt cctgccacca cttacacaca ggccagggag
    63301 ctgttcccac acagatcaac cccaaaccgg gactgcctgg cactagggtc actgccattt
    63361 ccctctccat tccctcccag tgcctctgtg ctccctcctt ctggggaaca ccctgtgcag
    63421 cccctccctg cagcccacac gctggggaga ccccaccctg cctcgggcct tttctacctg
    63481 ctgcacttgc cgcccaccca aacaaccctg ggtacgtgac cctgcagtcc tcaccctgat
    63541 ctgcaaccag acccctgtcc ctccctctaa acacccctcc caggccaact ctgcacctgc
    63601 aggccctccg ctcttctgcc acaagagcct caggttttcc tacctgtgcc caccccctaa
    63661 cccctcctgc ccacaacttg agttcttcct ctcctggagc ccttgagcca tggcactgac
    63721 cctacactcc cacccacaca ctgcccatgc catcaccttc ctcctggaca ctctgacccc
    63781 gctcccctcc ctctcagacc cggccctggt atttccagga caaaggctca cccaagtctt
    63841 ccccatgcag gcccttgccc tcactgcctg gttacacggg agcctcctgt gcgcagaagc
    63901 agggagctca gctcttccac aggcagaagg cactgaaaga aatcagcctc cagtgccttg
    63961 acacacgtcc gcctgtgtct ctcactgcct gcacctgcag ggaggctccg cactccctct
    64021 aaagatgagg gatccaggca gcaacatcac gggagaatgc agggctccca gacagcccag
    64081 ccctctcgca ggcctctcct gggaagagac ctgcagccac cactgaacag ccacggaggt
    64141 cgctggatag taaccgagtc agtgaccgac ctggagggca ggggagcagt gaaccggagc
    64201 ccataccata gggacagaga ccagccgcta acatcccgag cccctcactg gcggccccag
    64261 aacaccccgt ggaaagagaa cagacccaca gtcccacctg gaacagggca gacactgctg
    64321 agcccccagc accagcccca agaaacacta ggcaacagca tcagaggggg ctcctgagaa
    64381 agagaggagg ggaggtctcc ttcaccatca aatgcttccc ttgaccaaaa acagggtcca
    64441 cgcaactccc ccaggacaaa ggaggagccc cctgtacagc actgggctca gagtcctctc
    64501 tgagacaggc tcagtttcag acaacaaccc gctggaatgc acagtctcag caggagagcc
    64561 aggccagagc cagcaagagg agactcggtg acaccagtct cctgtaggga caggaggatt
    64621 ttgtgggggt tcgtgtcact gtgagcatat tgtggtggtg actgctattc ccacagtgac
    64681 acaaccccat tcctaaagcc ctactgcaaa cgcacccact cctgggactg aggggctggg
    64741 ggagcgtctg ggaagtatgg cctaggggtg tccatcaatg cccaaaatgc accagactct
    64801 ccccaagaca tcaccccacc agccagtgag cagagtaaac agaaaatgag aagcagctgg
    64861 gaagcttgca caggccccaa ggaaagagct ttggcaggtg tgcaagaggg gatgtgggca
    64921 gagcctcagc agggcctttt gctgtttctg ctttcctgtg cagagagttc cataaactgg
    64981 tattcaagat caatggctgg gagtgagccc aggaggacag tgtgggaaga gcacagggaa
    65041 ggaggagcag ccgctatcct acactgtcat cttttgaaag tttgccctgt gcccacaatg
    65101 ctgcatcatg ggatgcttaa cagctgatgt agacacagct aaagagagaa tcagtgaaat
    65161 gcatttgcag cacagatctg aataaatcct ccagaatgtg gagcagcaca gaagcaagca
    65221 cacagaaagt gcctgatgcc aaggcaaagt tcagtgggca ccttcaggca ttgctgctgg
    65281 gcacagacac tctgaaaagc actggcagga actgcctgtg acaaagcaga accctcaggc
    65341 aatgccagcc ctagagccct tcctgagaac ctcatgggca aagatgtgca gaacagctgt
    65401 ttgtcatagc cccaaactat ggggctggac aaagcaaacg tccatctgaa ggagaacaga
    65461 caaataaacg atggcaggtt catgaaatgc aaactaggac agccagagga caacagtaga
    65521 gagctacagg cggctttgcg gttgagttca tgacaatgct gagtaattgg agtaacagag
    65581 gaaagcccaa aaaatacttt taatgtgatt tcttctaaat aaaatttaca cccggcaaaa
    65641 tgaactatct tcttaaggga taaactttcc cctggaaaaa ctataaggaa aatcaagaaa
    65701 acgatgatca cataaacaca gtggtggtta cttctactgg ggaaggaaga gggtatgagc
    65761 tgagacacac agagtcggca agtctcctaa caagaacaga acaaatacat tacagtacct
    65821 tgaaaacagc agttaaactt ctaaatcgca agaagaggaa aatgcacaca cctgtgttta
    65881 gaaaattctc agtccagcac tgttcataat agcaaagaca ttaacccagg ttggataaat
    65941 aagcgatgac acaggcaatt gcacaatgat acagacatac attcagtata tgagacatcg
    66001 atgatgtatc cccaaagaaa tgactttaaa gagaaaaggc ctgatgtgtg gtggcaatca
    66061 cctccctggg catccccgga caggctgcag gctcactgtg tggcagggca ggcaggcacc
    66121 tgctggcagc tcctggggcc tgatgtggag caggcacaga gctgtatatc cccaaggaag
    66181 gtacagtcag tgcattccag agagaagcaa ctcagccaca ctccctggcc agaacccaag
    66241 atgcacaccc atgcacaggg aggcagagcc cagcacctcc gcagccacca ccacctgcgc
    66301 acgggccacc accttgcagg cacagagtgg gtgctgagag gaggggcagg gacaccaggc
    66361 agggtgagca cccagagaaa actgcagaag cctcacacat ccacctcagc ctcccctgac
    66421 ctggacctca cctggcctgg gcctcacctg acctggacct cacctggcct gggcttcacc
    66481 tggcctgggc ttcacctgac ctggacctca cctggcctcg ggcctcacct ggcctgggct
    66541 tcacctggcc tgggcttcac ctgacctgga cctcacctgg cctgggcctc acctgacctg
    66601 gacctcacct ggcctgggct tcacctggcc tgggcttcac ctggcctggg cttcacctga
    66661 cctggacctc acctggcctg ggcttcacct gacctggacc tcacctggcc tcgggcctca
    66721 cctgcacctg ctccaggtct tgctggagcc tgagtagcac tgaggctgta gggactcatc
    66781 cagggttggg gaatgactct gcaactctcc cacatctgac ctttctgggt ggaggcacct
    66841 ggtggcccag ggaatataaa aagccccaga atgatgcctg tgtgatttgg gggcaattta
    66901 tgaacccgaa aggacatggc catggggtgg gtagggacag tagggacaga tgtcagcctg
    66961 aggtgaagcc tcaggacaca ggtgggcatg gacagtgtcc acctaagcga gggacagacc
    67021 cgagtgtccc tgcagtagac ctgagagcgc tgggcccaca gcctcccctc ggggccctgc
    67081 tgcctcctca ggtcagccct ggacatcccg ggtttcccca ggcctggcgg taggtttgaa
    67141 gtgaggtctg tgtcactgtg gtattactat gatagtagtg gttattacta ccacagtgtc
    67201 acagagtcca tcaaaaactc atgcctggga gcctcccacc acagccctcc ctgcggggga
    67261 ccgctgcatg ccgtgttagg attttgatcg aggacacggc gccatgggta tggtggctac
    67321 cacagcagtg cagcccatga cccaaacaca cggggcagca gaaacaatgg acaggcccac
    67381 aagtgaccat gatgggctcc agcccaccag ccccagagac catgaaacag atggccaagg
    67441 tcaccctaca ggtcatccag atctggctcc aaggggtctg catcgctgct gccctcccaa
    67501 cgccaaacca gatggagaca gggccggccc catagcacca tctgctgccg tccacccagc
    67561 agtcccggaa gcccctccct gaacgctggg ccacgtgtgt gaaccctgcg agccccccat
    67621 gtcagagtag gggcagcagg agggcggggc tggccctgtg cactgtcact gcccctgtgg
    67681 tccctggcct gcctggccct gacacctgag cctctcctgg gtcatttcca agacattccc
    67741 agggacagcc ggagctggga gtcgctcatc ctgcctggct gtcctgagtc ctgctcattt
    67801 ccagacctca ccagggaagc caacagagga ctcacctcac acagtcagag acaacgaacc
    67861 ttccagaaat ccctgtttct ctccccagtg agagaaaccc tcttccaggg tttctcttct
    67921 ctcccaccct cttccaggac agtcctcagc agcatcacag cgggaacgca catctggatc
    67981 aggacggccc ccagaacacg cgatggccca tggggacagc ccagcccttc ccagacccct
    68041 aaaaggtatc cccaccttgc acctgcccca gggctcaaac tccaggaggc ctgactcctg
    68101 cacaccctcc tgccagatat cacctcagcc ccctcctgga ggggacagga gcccgggagg
    68161 gtgagtcaga cccacctgcc ctcaatggca ggcggggaag attcagaaag gcctgagatc
    68221 cccaggacgc agcaccactg tcaatggggg ccccagacgc ctggaccagg gcctgtgtgg
    68281 gaaaggcctc tggccacact caggggcttt ttgtgaaggg ccctcctgct gtgtgactac
    68341 ggtggtaact cccacagtga tgaaaccagc agcaaaaact gaccggactc gcagggttta
    68401 tgcacacttc tcggctcgga gctctccagg agcacaagag ccaggcccga gggtttgtgc
    68461 ccagaccctc ggcctctagg gacacccggg ccatcttagc cgatgggctg atgccctgca
    68521 caccgtgtgc tgccaaacag gggcttcaga gggctctgag gtgacttcac tcatgaccac
    68581 aggtgccctg gtcccttcac tgccagctgc accagaccct gttccgagag atgccccagt
    68641 tccaaaagcc aattcctggg gccgggaatt actgtagaca ccagcctcat tccagtacct
    68701 cctgccaatt gcctggattc ccatcctggc tggaatcaag agggcagcat ccgccaggct
    68761 cccaacaggc aggactccca cacaccctcc tctgagaggc cgctgtgttc cgcagggcca
    68821 ggccgcagac agttcccctc acctgcccat gtagaaacac ctgccattgt cgtccccacc
    68881 tggcaaagac cacttgtgga gcccccagcc ccaggtacag ctgtagagag agtcctcgag
    68941 gcccctaaga aggagccatg cccagttctg ccgggaccct cggccaggcc gacaggagtg
    69001 gacgctggag ctgggcccac actgggccac ataggagctc accagtgagg gcaggagagc
    69061 acatgccggg gagcacccag cctcctgctg accagagacc cgtcccagag cccaggaggc
    69121 tgcagaggcc tctccagggg gacacagtgc atgtctggtc cctgagcagc ccccaggctc
    69181 tctagcactg ggggcccctg gcacagctgt ctggaccctc cctgttccct gggaagctcc
    69241 tcctgacagc cccgcctcca gttccaggtg tggttattgt cagggggtgc caggccgtgg
    69301 tagagatggc tacaattacc acagtggtgc cgcccatagc agcaaccagg ccaagtagac
    69361 agacccctgc cacgcagccc caggcctcca gctcacctgc ttctcctggg gctctcaagg
    69421 ctgctgtctg ccctctggcc ctctgtgggg agggttccct cagtgggagg tctgtgctcc
    69481 agggcaggga tgactgagat agaaatcaaa ggctggcagg gaaaggcagc ttcccgccct
    69541 gagaggtgca ggcagcacca cagagccatg gagtcacaga gccacggagc ccccagtgtg
    69601 ggcgtgtgag ggtgctgggc tcccggcagg cccagccctg atggggaagc ctgccccgtc
    69661 ccacagccca ggtccccagg ggcagcaggc acagaagctg ccaagctgtg ctctacgatc
    69721 ctcatccctc cagcagcatc cactccacag tggggaaact gagccttgga gaaccaccca
    69781 gccccctgga aacaaggcgg ggagcccaga cagtgggccc agagcactgt gtgtatcctg
    69841 gcactaggtg cagggaccac ccggagatcc ccatcactga gtggccagcc tgcagaagga
    69901 cccaacccca accaggccgc ttgattaagc tccatccccc tgtcctggga acctcttccc
    69961 agcgccacca acagctcggc ttcccaggcc ctcatccctc caaggaaggc caaaggctgg
    70021 gcctgccagg ggcacagtac cctcccttgc cctggctaag acagggtggg cagacggctg
    70081 cagataggac atattgctgg ggcatcttgc tctgtgacta ctgggtactg gctctcaacg
    70141 cagaccctac caaaatcccc actgcctccc ctgctagggg ctggcctggt ctcctcctgc
    70201 tgtcctagga ggctgctgac ctccaggatg gcttctgtcc ccagttctag ggccagagca
    70261 gatcccaggc aggctgtagg ctgggaggcc acccctgtcc ttgccgaggt tcagtgcagg
    70321 cacccaggac aggaaatggc ctgaacacag ggatgactgt gccatgccct acctaagtcc
    70381 gcccctttct actctgcaac ccccactccc caggtcagcc catgacgacc aacaacccaa
    70441 caccagagtc actgcctggc cctgccctgg ggaggacccc tcagccccca ccctgtctag
    70501 aggagttggg gggacaggac acaggctctc tccttatggt tcccccacct ggctcctgcc
    70561 gggacccttg gggtgtggac agaaaggacg cctgcctaat tggcccccag gaacccagaa
    70621 cttctctcca gggaccccag cccgagcacc cccttaccca ggacccagcc ctgcccctcc
    70681 tcccctctgc tctcctctca tcactccatg ggaatccaga atccccagga agccatcagg
    70741 aagggctgaa ggaggaagcg gggccgctgc accaccgggc aggaggctcc gtcttcgtga
    70801 acccagggaa gtgccagcct cctagagggt atggtccacc ctgcctgggg ctcccaccgt
    70861 ggcaggctgc ggggaaggac cagggacggt gtgggggagg gctcagggcc ctgcaggtgc
    70921 tccatcttgg atgagcccat ccctctcacc caccgacccg cccacctcct ctccaccctg
    70981 gccacacgtc gtccacacca tcctgagtcc cacctacacc agagccagca gagccagtgc
    71041 agacagaggc tggggtgcag gggggccgcc agggcagctt tggggaggga ggaatggagg
    71101 aaggggaggt cagtgaagag gcccccctcc cctgggtcta ggatccacct ttgggacccc
    71161 cggatcccat cccctccagg ctctgggagg agaagcagga tgggagattc tgtgcaggac
    71221 cctctcacag tggaatacct ccacagcggc tcaggccaga tacaaaagcc cctcagtgag
    71281 ccctccactg cagtgcaggg cctgggggca gcccctccca cagaggacag acccagcacc
    71341 ccgaagaagt cctgccaggg ggagctcaga gccatgaagg agcaagatat ggggacccca
    71401 atactggcac agacctcagc tccatccagg cccaccagga cccaccatgg gtggaacacc
    71461 tgtctccggc ccctgctggc tgtgaggcag ctggcctctg tctcggaccc ccattccaga
    71521 caccagacag agggacaggc cccccagaac cagtgttgag ggacacccct gtccagggca
    71581 gccaagtcca agaggcgcgc tgagcccagc aagggaaggc ccccaaacaa accaggaggt
    71641 ttctgaagct gtctgtgtca cagtcgggta tagcagcggc taccacaatg acactgggca
    71701 ggacagaaac cccatcccaa gtcagccgaa ggcagagaga gcaggcagga cacatttagg
    71761 atctgaggcc acacctgaca ctcaagccaa cagatgtctc ccctccaggg cgccctgccc
    71821 tgttcagtgt tcctgagaaa acaggggcag cctgagggga tccagggcca ggagatgggt
    71881 cccctctacc ccgaggagga gccaggcggg aatcccagcc ccctccccat tgaggccatc
    71941 ctgcccagag gggcccggac ccaccccaca cacccaggca gaatgtgtgc aggcctcagg
    72001 ctctgtgggt gccgctagct ggggctgcca gtcctcaccc cacacctaag gtgagccaca
    72061 gccgccagag cctccacagg agaccccacc cagcagccca gcccctaccc aggaggcccc
    72121 agagctcagg gcgcctgggt ggattctgaa cagccccgag tcacggtggg tatagtggga
    72181 gctactacca ctgtgagaaa agctatgtcc aaaactgtct cccggccact gctggaggcc
    72241 cagccagaga agggaccagc cgcccgaaca tacgaccttc ccagacctca tgacccccag
    72301 cacttggagc tccacagtgt ccccattgga tggtgaggat gggggccggg gccatctgca
    72361 cctcccaaca tcacccccag gcagcacagg cacaaacccc aaatccagag ccgacaccag
    72421 gaacacagac accccaatac cctgggggac cctggccctg gtgacttccc actgggatcc
    72481 acccccgtgt ccacctggat caaagacccc accgctgtct ctgtccctca ctcagggcct
    72541 gctgaggggc gggtgctttg gagcagactc aggtttaggg gccaccattg tggggcccaa
    72601 cctcgaccag gacacagatt tttctttcct gccctggggc aacacagact ttggggtctg
    72661 tgcagggagg accttctgga aagtcaccaa gcacagagcc ctgactgagg tggtctcagg
    72721 aagaccccca ggagggggct tgtgcccctt cctctcatgt ggaccccatg ccccccaaga
    72781 taggggcatc atgcagggca ggtcctccat gcagccacca ctaggcaact ccctggcgcc
    72841 ggtccccact gcgcctccat cccggctctg gggatgcagc caccatggcc acaccaggca
    72901 gcccgggtcc agcaaccctg cagtgcccaa gcccttggca ggattcccag aggctggagc
    72961 ccacccctcc tcatcccccc acacctgcac acacacacct accccctgcc cagtccccct
    73021 ccaggagggt tggagccgcc catagggtgg gggctccagg tctcactcac tcgcttccct
    73081 tcctgggcaa aggagcctcg tgccccggtc ccccctgacg gcgctgggca caggtgtggg
    73141 tactgggccc cagggctcct ccagccccag ctgccctgct ctccctggga ggcctgggca
    73201 ccaccagacc accagtccag ggcacagccc cagggagccg cccactgcca gctcacagga
    73261 agaagataag cttcagaccc tcagggccgg gagctgcctt cctgccaccc cttcctgccc
    73321 cagacctcca tgccctcccc caaccactta cacacaagcc agggagctgt ttccacacag
    73381 ttcaacccca aaccaggacg gcctggcact cgggtcactg ccatttctgt ctgcattcgc
    73441 tcccagcgcc cctgtgttcc ctccctcctc cctccttcct ttcttcctgc attgggttca
    73501 tgccgcagag tgccaggtgc aggtcagccc tgagcttggg gtcacctcct cactgaaggc
    73561 agcctcaggg tgcccagggg caggcagggt gggggtgagg cttccagctc caaccgctcc
    73621 actagccgag actaaggaag tgagaggcag ccagaaatcc agaccattcc atagcaaatg
    73681 gatttcatta aagttaccag acttcagtgt aagtaacatg agccccatgc acaacaatcc
    73741 cttatgaagg ggaagtcagt gtcgcctcgg atttcttgaa aaacacaaaa acttatcaat
    73801 gcctgtaaaa gtctgttgga aagaaaatat gattcaagaa tgttatgccc aacaaagctg
    73861 gcatattttc tacccggaca cactcaggga atgtggtccc ttgagtgctt ctctcactgc
    73921 gtaaatccta cgtggtgttt aagcatattc ataaatgtgt atgtctattt ttatgtgtaa
    73981 gatggttcat ttttatttta tttattcaat atgtacaata aagaatattg acaaataggc
    74041 tggacatggt ggctcccacc tgtaatccca gccctttggg aggccgaggc gggcagatca
    74101 cctgaggtct ggagttcgag accagcctgg ccaacatgat gaaaacccat ctctactaaa
    74161 aatacaaaga ttagccaggc atggtggtgc atgcctgtaa tcccagccac tcaggaggct
    74221 gagacaggag aaatgcgtga acccggaagg cggaggttgc agtgagccga gatcacacca
    74281 ctgcactcca gcctggcgac agagcaagat tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa agacaaagaa
    74341 atttgttttt ttgaataaag acaaatttca tcacacgaag ataaagatgc aaagctccag
    74401 acaggaaggc acggacagca cagtgaagcc cggagcgggc gctggggggc caggggcatg
    74461 gcgggggtgc cagcgtctct cggttcctac catggccact ccagcctgtg ttctcacgag
    74521 gatggctgtg caatgctagg agcgtgttcg aagctctagg gcaaccactg gaagtgaggc
    74581 tgaggagcag agcccagagg cccgtggagc tgatgaaaag aaagctggag aaagtgtttg
    74641 ctgcctccca acatggtaag aaaagataga aagagagagc acacggcaaa gggagcttgc
    74701 tgagggactc tttacaatgg cttgcacaga gctcaggggg tctgggaggc tagggccctg
    74761 cgcagggcag tcaccccagc ctgctgacca aggtttgctg caggcagctc tgggggtggt
    74821 tgaggcgcgg tccctggagc cacccctcaa gggaacgagg cagcagagtg ggccaaggcc
    74881 caggtcggct gcaaggctgc ccaggacttg gggtccttac atcagcagcc actgatgcag
    74941 ctggcccaga gagaggcgcc gagcaggttg cctccagggg acaaaccagg tcggagaggg
    75001 tgaggcagtg gatggagcca caacaacccc gggcacgggt gacacgcacg ttcatgcaca
    75061 tctgaccctt cctccctcac caaacaggtc cccctgcctt ccccatggtt gcgaaaaagc
    75121 aaaatgtaga cgttttttct tttttaattc atgttttaat tgacaaatga agccgtatat
    75181 atttattgtg tacaacatga tgctttaaaa tatgtataca tcgtggaaca gcaacgttga
    75241 gctaatttaa cacgcattac ttcacatact tgtcatcttt tgtggcgaga atgcttaaaa
    75301 tccactctct tagtattttt taagaatgca atacattgtt gtcaactgtg gtcaccgtca
    75361 tgcatagcca agctcccgac ctcaccctcc tgccagctca ggctgtgcat cctttcacca
    75421 gcatccccca ccccggcccc tggccctggt aactaccact ctatactcta cgtatgagtt
    75481 cagcttttta agattccaca gatgaatgag atcatacagt atttgctttc tatgcctggc
    75541 ttattttagt taacacactg tcctccagat ccatccgttg ttgcaaatga cagggtttca
    75601 ttctttttaa agtctaaaga gtattccatt gtgtcaatgg acctcatttg ctttatccat
    75661 gcatcaacta tggacattta ggttgattcc atttcttagc tgttgtggat ggtgctgcag
    75721 taaacatggg gctgcagatg tctcttcaac atactgacat catgtccttt ggataaatac
    75781 ccagtagtgg gatcgctgga tcacaatgta cagttttttt tttaatggaa actttcattt
    75841 tttggtgaaa ttaggaaaac agataaaacc cacagaatcc aaaatatatg tgaagatgcc
    75901 aaaaacagtt gacattgggc agaggtcaca tggaaggaag tgaatacatg acggggtgtg
    75961 agggcccaga ggcagctgaa atacgctttc taaacacaag gacctcttct gagagggcag
    76021 aagttttatc ctgcacatgc aatgaccagc acagctaaaa tacactttct aaacatgagg
    76081 acctcttctg agagggcagc tttatcctgc aaatgcaatg accagcacag gacccagaat
    76141 aaagagagtt gccagcggac gcctggtgtc catgtgtcca ggtgagttcg agatgcggac
    76201 ggcgctggcc agccagtcac accctaagtc aatctgctgc atgcatttgt ccttgccaca
    76261 gcagaaaacg agaaagcctt tgggctgcaa agcttcacag gctcctcttc tcccgactcc
    76321 atggaaacag ctacaaagag caggcccagt agagcttaat tcatgaaaat gagtaataaa
    76381 cttgaactgg aacagtatcg actttttaga aacggcagca aagtgtataa aaaatattca
    76441 ccagaacaat atttccaaac gatgagatga gaatttcagc caagtaatcc tccatggata
    76501 gaaaataatg aagggattgg atttatgaag gaaaatcatg gagctcaaat acaagaaaag
    76561 agaatcaaaa atgaacagga ggagataaaa tatggtttgg ccaaagttac aaaataaatt
    76621 ttttaaaaac ccttcatcat ggcaagtaga aagagcgaga ggaaaaacag atcccgtgga
    76681 agacacaaat aggacatggg gagaaaaatg aatgagatga aacagagcag aaataaaatt
    76741 ttacggaact aaagacaagt gatctgaacc tgcctggggc ctgggggacc tcgccaccct
    76801 gaagggaaag aacatgcctg gctggctttg ccacctgctc attgcagagc cccacagctt
    76861 gcaacaaaca taggcggtag ccagggagtg gttacagcag gccttgagca agacccagtg
    76921 ttgtgctgac ttcaggtctg acccagcact gtcatagtgg tggtgtccat agtggtagtg
    76981 ggggtgcttg tgtcactcca cccccatctc caggaggctc agaacagaca gagagagact
    77041 ccatttgttt gggagaaagt aagggatgag aacaagagtc tctgcctggt aatccagaga
    77101 attattctag atcttggcca agattatcaa agcagtacct ctatgagtct tttgggcttg
    77161 gagtccccct aaagcagata tagctaagat cacaacaccc aagtcctttt gaatatgtgg
    77221 gaagacttcc caaggacagg agcaaacaaa caagcccaga ctgcaaaaaa acaagccgag
    77281 actgcaataa acacctcact cttcaatgcc caggcactga agaacatctc ctagcagcaa
    77341 caccatccag gaaaacatgg cctcaaccag tgaactaaat aaggcaccag ggaccagtct
    77401 cggagaaata gaggtatgtt atctttcaga gaattcaaag tagctttgtt gaggaaactc
    77461 aaagaaattc aagataacac agtgaaggaa ttcagaatcc tatccgataa atttaacaga
    77521 gattgaagca attaaaaaga attaagcaga aattatggag ctgaaaaatg caattggcat
    77581 actgaaaaat gcatcagagt attttcatag cctcatatat caagtagaag aaagaattag
    77641 tgagcttgaa aacaggctat ttggaaaagc acgataaaag gagacaaaag agaaaagaat
    77701 aaataacaat gaagcatatc tacaggatct agaaaatagc ctcaaaaggc caaatctaag
    77761 aattattagc cttaaagagg aggtagagaa agagggatgg agagtttatt caaagggata
    77821 ataacagaaa acttcccaaa cctagagaaa gatatcaata tccaaatgca agaaggatgt
    77881 agtacaccaa ggagatttaa tgcaaagaag actacctcaa ggcattcaat actcaaactc
    77941 ccatatgaca aggactttaa aaagatccta aaagcagcaa aagaaaagaa atgaataaaa
    78001 tactatggag ctccaatatg tctggcagca gacttttcag tgaagacttt atatgccagg
    78061 agagagtgtc ataatggatt taaagtgctg aaggaaaaaa cttttaccct cgaacagtat
    78121 agctggtgaa attatccttc aaacatgaag gagaaataat ttgtttccag acaaatgttg
    78181 agggatttca tgaacaccag acctgtcttt taagaaatgc taaagggagt acttcaatca
    78241 gaaagaaaca cgttagtgaa caataagaaa tcatctgaag gcacaaaact caccggtaat
    78301 agtaagtaca cagaaaaaca cagaatatta taacactgta actgtggtgt gtaaactcct
    78361 tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tttgttttta gacggagttt tgctccagcc
    78421 caggctggag tgcaatggca caatctcagc tcactgcaac ttccacctcc cgggttcaag
    78481 caattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tgggattaca ggcatgtgct accatgtcca
    78541 gctaattttg tattttagta gagacggtgt ttcaccatgt tggtcaggct agccttatct
    78601 tgagtagaaa aactaaatga tgaagcaatg aaaaataata actacaactt ttcaagacat
    78661 agtacaataa gatataaatc ataacaaaaa gttaaaaggt ggagggatga agttaaggca
    78721 tagagtcttt attagttttc tttttacttg tctgtttatg caaacagtgt taagttgtca
    78781 tcagtttaaa ataatgggtc ataagatact atttgcaagc ctcatggtaa cgtcaaacca
    78841 aaagcaatac aacagataca caaaaaacaa aaagcaagaa gctaaattac gtcatcagag
    78901 aaaatcacct tcactaaaag gaagacggag aaaagaatga agagagagaa gaccaaaagc
    78961 aaatagcaat atggcaggag taagtcctta cttatcaata ataccattga atgtaaatgg
    79021 actaaactct ccaatcaaaa gacatagagt ggctgaatca attaaagaaa aaacaagacc
    79081 cattgatctg ttgtccacaa gaaacacact ttatctataa agacacacat agactgaaaa
    79141 caaagggatg gaaaaagata ctccacgcca atggaaacca aagaaagagc aggagtagct
    79201 acacttatat caggcaaaat agatttcaag acaaaaacta taagaagaga caaggtcact
    79261 aatgataaac aggtcaattc agcaagagga tataacaatt gtaaatatat atgcacccaa
    79321 tgctggagca cccagatata taaagcaagt atttactaga gctaaagaga gaaatagact
    79381 ccaatgcaat aatagctgga gatttcaaca tcccactttc aacattgaac agatcctcca
    79441 gatagaaaat caacaaagaa atattggact taatctgcac tatcgaccaa atggatctaa
    79501 cagatattta cagaacattt catccaacag ctgcagaaca cacattcttt tcctcagcac
    79561 atagatcatt ctcaaggata gaccatatgt tgggtcacaa aacaagtttt aaaatattca
    79621 aatacattga aataatatca agcatcttct gtgaccacaa tggactaaaa ctagaaatca
    79681 ataacaagag gaattttgga aactatataa atatatggaa attaatgaat gctgagtggg
    79741 tcaatgaagc aattaagaag gaaactgaaa tttttcttgg aacgaatgat catggaaaca
    79801 gaaaatacca aaacctatgg gatacagcaa aagcagtact aagagggaag tttacagcta
    79861 caaatgctta cattaaaaaa gaagaaaaac ttcaataaaa aaacctaaca atgcatctta
    79921 aagaactaga aaagcaagag gaaatcaaat ccaaaattag tagaagaaaa cagtaaaggt
    79981 cagagcagaa ataagtaaaa ttgaaatgaa gaaaacaata caaaagatca ataaaacaac
    80041 aggttgtttt cttgaaaagt taaacaaaat tgacaaacct ttagccagac taagaaaaaa
    80101 agacagaaga tccaaataaa taaaatcaga gatgaaaaag gtgacattac aacttacacc
    80161 acagaaattc aaaggatcat tagtggctac tataagcaac tatatgccaa taaattggaa
    80221 aatctagaag aaatgcagaa attcctagac acatacaacc tcccaagatt aaaccaagaa
    80281 gaaattcaaa acctgaacag actgataaca agtaatgaga tcaaagccgt aataaaaagc
    80341 ctcccagtaa agagaagccc aggacccgac ggcttcactg ctgaattcta ccaaacattt
    80401 aaagtagaac taataccaat cctactcaaa ctattccaaa aaatagaggt ggaaggaata
    80461 cttcaaaact cattatacga ggccagtatt aacctgacac caaaactaga caaagacaca
    80521 tgaaaaaaag aaaactacag gccaatatgt ctgatgaata ttgacacaaa aatcctcaac
    80581 aaaatactag caaaccaaat tcaactacac attagaaagt tcactcatca tgaccaagtg
    80641 gaatttatct aacttgggat gcaaagatgg ttcaacatat gcaaatcaat caatgtgata
    80701 catcatatca acagaatgaa caacaaaaac catttgatca tttaattgat actgaaaaag
    80761 catttgataa aattcaacat tccttcataa taaaaattct cttctatact aggtacaaaa
    80821 gaaacttacc tcaacataat aaagccatat atgacagtcc cacagtatga tactaaatga
    80881 ggaaaaactg agagcctttc ctctacgatc tggaacatga caaagatgcc cactttcatc
    80941 actgttattc aacatagtac tggaagtcct agctggagcg atcagacaag agaaagatat
    81001 aaaagacatc caaattggaa aggaataagt caaattatcc tcatttgcat atggtatgat
    81061 cttctattta gagctaacta aagactccac caaaaaaagt tattagaact gacgaacaaa
    81121 ttcagtaaag ctgcaggata caaaatcaac atacaaaaat cagtagcatt tctatatgcc
    81181 aacaatgacc aatgtgaaaa agaaattaaa aagtaaccct atttacaata accacaaata
    81241 aacacctagg aattaaccaa agaggtaaaa gatttctgta atgaaaacta taaaacactg
    81301 atgaaagaaa ttgaagagta caccaaaaaa tggaaagcaa ttgcatgttc atggattaga
    81361 agaatcagtg ttgttataat gtccatacta tccaaagcaa tctacagatt caatgcaatc
    81421 cttatcaaaa taccaatgac atcattcaca gaaatagaaa aaaaaaatcc taaaatttac
    81481 gtggaaccac aaagacccag aatagccaaa gctctcctaa gcaaaaagaa cgaaactgta
    81541 ggaatgacat tgcctgtctt caaattctac tacagagcta tagatagtaa ccaaaacagc
    81601 gtggtactgg cataaaaaca gacacagaga caaacagaac aaaatttaaa aacccagaaa
    81661 taaatccaca cacctacagc aaattcattt ttgacaaagt tgccaagaac atactctggg
    81721 gaatagataa tgatatctct tcaataaata gtgtggggaa aactggatat ccatatacat
    81781 aacagtgaaa ctagacccct ctctctctca ctatatacaa aaatcaaatc aaaattgttt
    81841 aaggacttaa atctaagacc tcatactatg aaaccactgc aagacaacct tggcggaaac
    81901 tctccaagac atcagtccag gcaaagattt cttgagtaat atcccacaag cacagacaac
    81961 caaagcaaaa atggacaaat gggatcacat caagttaaaa agcttctgca cagtaaggga
    82021 aacaaccaac aaaatgaaga gacaacccac agaatgggag aaaatatttg aaaaataccc
    82081 atctggcaag ggattaaaaa ccagaatata tgcagaatat ataaggagct caaacagtgc
    82141 tatagaaaaa aaaatctaat aatctgattt aaaaatggga aaaatgttag aatagacatt
    82201 tcttaaaata agacatacag atggcaaacc gacatggaac ggtgctcaac atcatggatt
    82261 atcacagaaa cacaatcaat caaaactaaa actaaaatgt gctatcatct caccccagtt
    82321 aaaatggctg atatccagaa gacaggcaat aacaaatgct ggcaaggatg tggggaaaag
    82381 ggagccccca tacactgttg ctgggattgt aaattagtac aaccactgtg gagagcagca
    82441 tgaaagttcc tcaaaaaact gaaagaaagc taccatagga tccagcaatc ccactgctgt
    82501 gtatatacta caaaagaaag gaagtcagta tatgaagagg tatctgcact cccatgtttg
    82561 ttgcagccct gttcacaaca gccaagattt ggaagcaacc taagtgtcca tcagcagttg
    82621 aatgtataaa gaaaatgtgg tgcatataca caatggagta ttattcaata ataaaaagga
    82681 atgagattga gtcatttgca acaacatgga tggaactgga gatcattatg tgaagtgaaa
    82741 taagccaggc acagaaagac aaacattaca atgttcttac ttattaatga gatctaaaaa
    82801 tcaaaacaat tgcacccatg ttcataaaga gtaaaaggat ggttaccaga tgctgagaac
    82861 ggtggtgggg ggatagggaa aggtggcagt ggttaacggg tacaaaaaaa tagaaagaat
    82921 gaataagact tgctacttga tagcacagca aggtggctat agtcagtaat ttagttgtat
    82981 atttttaata atgaaaggtg tataattgga ttgtttctaa cacaaaggat aatgcttaag
    83041 aggatggata ccccattttc catgatgtga ttatttcaca ttgcacgcct agatcaaaac
    83101 atccaatgta ccccataaat atatacatct tctatgtacc cataaaaatt ctgtaaaata
    83161 aaatatataa aaagaggtga cagatatgga agacaggcaa agaagagacg acatccacat
    83221 aatccgagta cctaagaaag aatggagtcc agtgcatctc aggagccacc attctaagcc
    83281 aattttctct ggttctctca gtcaccctac caatacgtgg gcaatcttgt tttatttcag
    83341 gatagagttt ttgaaattat agatttaagt atgctttctg ttctattact tttggtaatt
    83401 aattttagaa agaactaatt tgggcacaaa tttgaaaaaa ttctaaatcc aaaaaaaaaa
    83461 agaaaaaaac acacacacaa tcatctataa gggggatgat gaccagtcct agatttctca
    83521 ccagccacat tcaagatcag taaatggtag gacaaaacct gtagggtcct taagggggaa
    83581 agaagtagtg gatagtccag agtctatata cagccaactg ttcttgaaga aaaaaggctg
    83641 ctgaaaagga gttccaaaca ttctataatc cataatctca tgatgaaact actagaggaa
    83701 gaccaccagc catcaaaagg tgcttggaga acccagggcc aagaaccaaa agtaaatatt
    83761 aagtgtcctt aactgcgaga ctaagataga aatgactgtg ggggaccatg tggcctcaac
    83821 agaggtgaaa tggtgtctgc ctgacaaagt ggacatttta caatgatcaa aacacagaat
    83881 atgagataga gagcacttct gaattactgc ctcactccaa ataactctca gccaaaggac
    83941 ttcagtaaaa ccaaattggg catattagac agtacaaaca aattctaaga aaataatatt
    84001 actgattaca atcacatgat gctagagatg gaggggaaaa ggaagaggaa accaggtaat
    84061 ttcatactcg tatatagtaa agaactaaag tacattgtcc aaagaagaac aaagaatatt
    84121 ttggaaagtt ataaaggtag ccactacaca tagaagatag caaagaacaa gaaaacttaa
    84181 gatggaaaac tttttggaag cataagaata gaaaatataa actactaaga taagattgaa
    84241 gccaaacaga tctatgaaaa caacaaacat caatggcctt aacttgccta ttaaaaggaa
    84301 gagactttca aattggacca caagataaaa cccaactcta tatagcatat gagtattaca
    84361 cacaaaatgg gaaaagctga aaaaacttgg gcaaaattca ccccaagcaa attccactgt
    84421 ttcctttggg acaaaatgcc aagctccatg ccagggaaga tgattctcct cagaccttct
    84481 cctcactctc ccagtcctct tagggaagga attgggtgtt agaggaggga gactctgtcg
    84541 attatcagct gaagcagtgg tgtgctcctg cgttgcttct gacctgggaa atgaagcagc
    84601 aagactcttt ctgctgtgtc tttgcccaga agggccatcc ccccagagca gagtacccag
    84661 gccggcagga gcagtggtgg aagcgtggaa accacgtctc ctacagcaga gaccatcaga
    84721 agcggagcct cgggtataag ggaaacaacg cgttctccct aacctgggag tgacagacag
    84781 cgtcattcct cacagtgata ccctgtgttc tagccatctg gcccatgaca gagccagccc
    84841 agagccagcc cagagccagc ccctcaccat cctggagcct ggccagctcg ccaagctgca
    84901 ccataggcct ggaaggcgtg gagacctgcg gcagtgccct gtcctcccgt gaggcctgcc
    84961 atccctgcca ggggtcgcct ctggcttctc cttctccagg accgcacggt ccagaggctc
    85021 agtgcctgga gtaggtgttg cctccctgct tctaggccca gaccctccct tgttcctgac
    85081 cccgggcctt tccctctggc ttggacatcc agggccctgt ctcagctggg gagctgctcc
    85141 tgctcaagga ctgtcttccg cgggatcgaa aggccgcgtc ctgaacaatg cgtgggccac
    85201 gtaagcggag caggctctaa aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac gtgagcggag
    85261 caggctctaa aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac gtgagcggag caggctctaa
    85321 aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac gtgagcggag caggctctaa aggccgcgtc
    85381 ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac gtgagcggag caggctctaa aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg
    85441 cgtgggccac gtgagcggag caggctctaa aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac
    85501 gtgagcggag caggctctaa aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac gtgagcggag
    85561 caggctctaa aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac gtgagcggag caggctctaa
    85621 aggccgcgtc ctaaacagtg cgtgggccac gggagcggag cagactctaa aggccgcgtc
    85681 ctaaacagtg tgtgggccac gtgagcggag cgccctctcc actgccctcg gggccgcagc
    85741 tcccagctca gctcccagcc ctgctcaggg cagccaggcc aggaggtacc atccaggcta
    85801 agtgaccctc aggggggaca ggtgccccag gagatgccag ctgttgggag aggctggggg
    85861 accaactcga cctggcctgt gggccctgcc ctggccaccc attgtaggat ccagccgcca
    85921 cgcctgtgac actcgtgtgc tttccctggt gtgtgcttgt ggcaggtggg ggcagagggt
    85981 cctcaggcca gagagccact cccccagcgc cagaccaccc tcttcctcac tcccccacct
    86041 caccccctca caggtgcctc ccaggccatc agggcccaac cacccctaaa caaatgggtt
    86101 ctcggcccct cgtggctgga ggtgggttct ctcaccattc ccagcctaag actccatccc
    86161 catgctggca gctgttcaac catgtctaga gagatccact gtcccagaca gcacctcagg
    86221 gtcccccgtc ctgcctggaa ccctgtagga aactccacaa accgccgcca ttctgtccac
    86281 acccctacag gagccccaac cctctcccca catccaggct tccctcccag acccctcatc
    86341 cctgcccgca cggtgcctga gggggccttc ttgggcagcg cctaagcaag cccccagcac
    86401 ccttcggccc cttcaaggca cacaggcccc ctttccaccc agcctcagga aaccacctgt
    86461 gtcctccaac gacaggtccc agcctcccag cctttgcctt gcctgttcct ctccctggaa
    86521 ctctgccccg acacagaccc tccccagcaa gcccgcaggg gcacctcccc tgcccccaga
    86581 caccctgtgc ccgtcagttc atccccagca gaggccctca ccaggcacac ccccatgctc
    86641 acacctggcc ccaggcctca gcctccctga gggccccacc cagcccgcgt ctggccagtg
    86701 gtgcgtgcaa agcccctcac ccagactcgg cggaaggcag ccagtgcagg cctggggagg
    86761 ggctctcctt agaccacctt gcaccttccc tggcacccac catgggaaga gctgagactc
    86821 actgaggacc agctgaggct cagagaaggg acccagcact ggtggacacg cagggagccc
    86881 acgccagggc gccgtggtga gtgaggccca gtgccaccca ctgaggcctc ccgttcagtg
    86941 ggacgacggt gaacaggtgg aaccaaccag gcaacccccg ccgggcccca cagacgggat
    87001 cagagcagga aaggcttcct gcccctgcag gccagcgagg agccctggcg ggggccgtgg
    87061 ccctccaggc gaggaggctc ccctggccac cgccacccgg gcctctctgc tgctgggaaa
    87121 acaagtcaga aagcaagtgg atgagaggtg gcgtgacaga cccagcttca gatctgctct
    87181 aatttacaaa agaaaaggaa aaacacactt ggcagccttc agcactctaa tgattcttaa
    87241 cagcagcaaa ttattggcac aagactccag agtgactggc agggttgagg gctggggtct
    87301 cccacgtgtt ttggggctaa cagcggaagg gagagcactg gcaaaggtgc tgggggcccc
    87361 tggacccgac ccgccctgga gaccgcagcc acatcagccc ccagccccac aggcccccta
    87421 ccagccgcag ggttttggct gagctgagaa ccactgtgct aactggggac acagtgattg
    87481 gcagctctac aaaaaccatg ctcccccggg accccgggct gtgggtttct gtagcccctg
    87541 gctcagggct gactcaccgt ggctgaatac ttccagcact ggggccaggg caccctggtc
    87601 accgtctcct caggtgagtc tgctgtctgg ggatagcggg gagccaggtg tactgggcca
    87661 ggcaagggct ttggcttcag acttggggac aggtgctcag caaaggaggt cggcaggagg
    87721 gcggagggtg tgtttttgta tgggagaagc aggagggcag aggctgtgct actggtactt
    87781 cgatctctgg ggccgtggca ccctggtcac tgtctcctca ggtgagtccc actgcagccc
    87841 cctcccagtc ttctctgtcc aggcaccagg ccaggtatct ggggtctgca gccggcctgg
    87901 gtctggcctg aggccacacc agctgccatc cctggggtct ccgccatggg ctgcatgcca
    87961 gagccctgct gtcacttagc cctggggcca gctggagccc ccaaggacag gcagggaccc
    88021 cgctgggctt cagccccgtc agggaccctc cacaggtagc aagcaggccg agggcaggga
    88081 cgggaaggag aagttgtggg cagagcctgg gctggggctg ggcgctggct gttcatgtgc
    88141 cggggaccag gcctgcgctt tagtgtggct acaagtgctt ggagcactgg ggccagggca
    88201 gcccggccac cgtctccctg ggaacgtcac ccctccctgc ctgggtctca gcccgggggt
    88261 ctgtgtggct ggggacaggg acgccggctg cctctgctct gtgcttgggc catgtgaccc
    88321 attcgagtgt cctgcacggg cacaggtttg tgtctgggca ggaacaggga ctgtgtccct
    88381 gtgtgatgct tttgatatct ggggccaagg gacaatggtc accgtctctt caggtaagat
    88441 ggctttcctt ctgcctcctt tctctgggcc cagcgtcctc tgtcctggag ctgggagata
    88501 atgtccgggg gctccttggt ctgcgctggg ccatgtgggg ccctccgggg ctccttctcc
    88561 ggctgtttgg gaccacgttc agcagaaggc ctttctttgg gaactgggac tctgctgctg
    88621 gggcaaaggg tgggcagagt catgcttgtg ctggggacaa aatgaccttg ggacacgggg
    88681 ctggctgcca cggccggccc gggacagtcg gagagtcagg tttttgtgca ccccttaatg
    88741 gggcctccca caatgtgact actttgacta ctggggccag ggaaccctgg tcaccgtctc
    88801 ctcaggtgag tcctcacaac ctctctcctg ctttaactct gaagggtttt gctgcatttt
    88861 tggggggaaa taagggtgct gggtctcctg ccaagagagc cccggagcag cctggggggc
    88921 tcaggaggat gccctgaggc aacagcggcc acacagacga ggggcaaggg ctccagatgc
    88981 tccttcctcc tgagcccagc agcacgggtc tctctgtggc cagggccacc ctaggcctct
    89041 ggggtccaat gcccaacaac ccccgggccc tccccgggct cagtctgaga gggtcccagg
    89101 gacgtagcgg ggcgccagtt cttgcctggg gtcctggcat tgttgtcaca atgtgacaac
    89161 tggttcgacc cctggggcca gggaaccctg gtcaccgtct cctcaggtga gtcctcacca
    89221 ccccctctct gagtccactt agggagactc agcttgccag ggtctcaggg tcagagtctt
    89281 ggaggcattt tggaggtcag gaaagaaagc cggggagagg gacccttcga atgggaaccc
    89341 agcctgtcct ccccaagtcc ggccacagat gtcggcagct ggggggctcc ttcggctggt
    89401 ctggggtgac ctctctccgc ttcacctgga gcattctcag gggctgtcgt gatgattgcg
    89461 tggtgggact ctgtcccgct ccaaggcacc cgctctctgg gacgggtgcc ccccggggtt
    89521 tttggactcc tgggggtgac ttagcagccg tctgcttgca gttggacttc ccaggccgac
    89581 agtggtctgg cttctgaggg gtcaggccag aatgtggggt acgtgggagg ccagcagagg
    89641 gttccatgag aagggcagga cagggccacg gacagtcagc ttccatgtga cgcccggaga
    89701 cagaaggtct ctgggtggct gggtttttgt ggggtgagga tggacattct gccattgtga
    89761 ttactactac tactacggta tggacgtctg gggccaaggg accacggtca ccgtctcctc
    89821 aggtaagaat ggccactcta gggcctttgt tttctgctac tgcctgtggg gtttcctgag
    89881 cattgcaggt tggtcctcgg ggcatgttcc gaggggacct gggcggactg gccaggaggg
    89941 gacgggcact ggggtgcctt gaggatctgg gagcctctgt ggattttccg atgcctttgg
    90001 aaaatgggac tcaggttggg tgcgtctgat ggagtaactg agcctggggg cttggggagc
    90061 cacatttgga cgagatgcct gaacaaacca ggggtcttag tgatggctga ggaatgtgtc
    90121 tcaggagcgg tgtctgtagg actgcaagat cgctgcacag cagcgaatcg tgaaatattt
    90181 tctttagaat tatgaggtgc gctgtgtgtc aacctgcatc ttaaattctt tattggctgg
    90241 aaagagaact gtcggagtgg gtgaatccag ccaggaggga cgcgtagccc cggtcttgat
    90301 gagagcaggg ttgggggcag gggtagccca gaaacggtgg ctgccgtcct gacaggggct
    90361 tagggaggct ccaggacctc agtgccttga agctggtttc catgagaaaa ggattgttta
    90421 tcttaggagg catgcttact gttaaaagac aggatatgtt tgaagtggct tctgagaaaa
    90481 atggttaaga aaattatgac ttaaaaatgt gagagatttt caagtatatt aattttttta
    90541 actgtccaag tatttgaaat tcttatcatt tgattaacac ccatgagtga tatgtgtctg
    90601 gaattgaggc caaagcaagc tcagctaaga aatactagca cagtgctgtc ggccccgatg
    90661 cgggactgcg ttttgaccat cataaatcaa gtttattttt ttaattaatt gagcgaagct
    90721 ggaagcagat gatgaattag agtcaagatg gctgcatggg ggtctccggc acccacagca
    90781 ggtggcagga agcaggtcac cgcgagagtc tattttagga agcaaaaaaa cacaattggt
    90841 aaatttatca cttctggttg tgaagaggtg gttttgccca ggcccagatc tgaaagtgct
    90901 ctactgagca aaacaacacc tggacaattt gcgtttctaa aataaggcga ggctgaccga
    90961 aactgaaaag gcttttttta actatctgaa tttcatttcc aatcttagct tatcaactgc
    91021 tagtttgtgc aaacagcata tcaacttcta aactgcattc atttttaaag taagatgttt
    91081 aagaaattaa acagtcttag ggagagttta tgactgtatt caaaaagttt tttaaattag
    91141 cttgttatcc cttcatgtga taattaatct caaatacttt ttcgatacct cagagcatta
    91201 ttttcataat gactgtgttc acaatctttt taggttaact cgttttctct ttgtgattaa
    91261 ggagaaacac tttgatattc tgatagagtg gccttcattt tagtattttt caagaccact
    91321 tttcaactac tcactttagg ataagtttta ggtaaaatgt gcatcattat cctgaattat
    91381 ttcagttaag catgttagtt ggtggcataa gagaaaactc aatcagatag tgctgaagac
    91441 aggactgtgg agacacctta gaaggacaga ttctgttccg aatcaccgat gcggcgtcag
    91501 caggactggc ctagcggagg ctctgggagg gtggctgcca ggcccggcct gggctttggg
    91561 tctccccgga ctacccagag ctgggatgcg tggcttctgc tgccgggccg actggctgct
    91621 caggccccag cccttgttaa tggacttgga ggaatgattc catgccaaag ctttgcaagg
    91681 ctcgcagtga ccaggcgccc gacatggtaa gagacaggca gccgccgctg ctgcatttgc
    91741 ttctcttaaa actttgtatt tgacgtctta tttccactag aaggggaact ggtcttaatt
    91801 gcttgatgaa gagcaggaga ctcatttatg tgagtctttt gagtgaccat tgtctgggtc
    91861 actcccattt aactttccct aaagcccatt tgaaggagag gtcgcacgag ctgctccaca
    91921 acctctgaat ggggatggca tgggtaatga tgcttgagaa cataccaagc cccactggca
    91981 tcgcccttgt ctaagtcatt gactgtaggt catcatcgca cccttgaaag tagcccatgc
    92041 cttccaaagc gatttatggt aaatggcaga attttaagtg gcaaattcag ataaaatgca
    92101 tttcttggtt gtttccaatg atgactgtta tctagaggga atttaaaggc aggggtttac
    92161 tgcagactca gaagggaggg gatgctccgg gaaggtggag gctctgagca tctcaatacc
    92221 ctcctcttgg tgcagaagat atgctgccac ttctagagca aggggacctg ctcattttta
    92281 tcacagcaca ggctcctaaa ttcttggtct cattctcaag atgttttaat gactttaaag
    92341 cagcaaagaa atattccacc caggtagtgg agggtggtaa tgattggtaa tgctttggaa
    92401 ccaaaaccca ggtggcgctg gggcaggact gcagggaact ggggtatcaa gtagagggag
    92461 acaaaagatg gaagccagcc tggctgtgca ggaacccggc aatgagatgg ctttagctga
    92521 gacaagcagg tctggtgggc tgaccatttc tggccatgac aactccatcc agctttcaga
    92581 aatggact