LOCUS       HSU13369               42999 bp    DNA     linear   HUM 12-MAR-2010
DEFINITION  Human ribosomal DNA complete repeating unit.
VERSION     U13369.1
KEYWORDS    18S rRNA; 28S rRNA; 5.8S rRNA; 5'ETS; 3'ETS; ITS1; ITS2; intergenic
            spacer; cdc27 pseudogene; p53 binding site.
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
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  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (11-AUG-1994) Iris L. Gonzalez, Hahnemann University,
            Pathology, Broad and Vine, Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..42999
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /map="acrocentric p-arms"
     misc_RNA        1..3656
                     /product="5' external transcribed spacer"
     misc_feature    1..694
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Numbers J00304,
                     K01105, M17313"
     misc_feature    1
                     /note="site of initiation of transcription"
     misc_feature    695..3656
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Numbers X17625 and
     rRNA            3657..5527
                     /product="18S ribosomal RNA"
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Numbers K03432 and
     misc_RNA        5528..6622
                     /product="internal transcribed spacer 1"
                     /note="ITS1; corresponds to GenBank Accession Number
     variation       5559..5570
     variation       5712..5718
     variation       5712..5718
     variation       5719..5758
                     /note="between 11 and 20 copies of 'ag' at this location"
     variation       5839
     variation       5892..5898
     variation       6293
     variation       6535..6538
     variation       6548
     rRNA            6623..6779
                     /product="5.8S ribosomal RNA"
     conflict        6673
                     /note="This sequence differs from J01866 in the absence of
                     GC at this position. The absence of the GC is supported by
                     existence of a NheI restriction site which is detected in
                     genomic and rDNA clones"
     misc_RNA        6780..7934
                     /product="internal transcribed spacer 2"
                     /note="ITS2; corresponds to GenBank Accession Number
     rRNA            7935..12969
                     /product="28S ribosomal RNA"
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Number M11167"
     variation       10075..10095
                     /note="between 5 and 8 copies of 'cgg' at this site"
     variation       10099..10102
     variation       10109..10110
     variation       10117..10127
                     /note="between 9 and 12 'c' bases at this location"
     misc_RNA        12970..13314
                     /product="3' external transcribed spacer"
     misc_feature    12970..13314
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Number X17623"
     misc_feature    13314..18063
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Numbers X02500,
                     K03435, K03436, X12818"
     misc_feature    13315..42999
                     /note="intergenic spacer; IGS"
     regulatory      13334..13350
                     /note="SalI box"
     repeat_region   13473..14270
                     /note="Sal variation; repeat block R1"
     repeat_region   14272..14985
                     /note="Sal variation; repeat block R2"
     repeat_region   14987..15540
                     /note="Sal variation; repeat block R3"
     repeat_region   complement(15524..15717)
     repeat_region   complement(16018..16083)
     repeat_region   16084..16146
     repeat_region   complement(16396..16542)
     repeat_region   complement(16664..16778)
     repeat_region   complement(16818..16889)
     repeat_region   complement(16935..17019)
     repeat_region   complement(17144..17368)
                     /note="5' truncated"
     repeat_region   complement(17553..17584)
     repeat_region   17617..17649
     misc_feature    18063..30486
                     /note="fragments previously published, GenBank Accession
                     Numbers X13991, X13992, X13993"
     repeat_region   18624..18659
     repeat_region   18666..18947
     repeat_region   18976..19066
     repeat_region   complement(19306..19369)
     repeat_region   complement(19430..19485)
     repeat_region   complement(19501..19548)
     repeat_region   complement(19610..19891)
     repeat_region   complement(19953..20000)
                     /note="fragment, 5' end"
     repeat_region   complement(20136..20154)
     repeat_region   20569..22625
                     /note="long repeat 1; LR1"
     misc_feature    complement(20698..20916)
                     /note="similar to GenBank (dbEST) Accession Number T06394"
     repeat_region   complement(21116..21383)
     misc_feature    21380..21721
                     /note="similar to hypomethylated clone sp0.3-23, GenBank
                     Accession Number X07493"
     repeat_region   21486..21529
     repeat_region   21671..21913
                     /note="near complete"
     repeat_region   22197..22250
                     /note="abc repeat block"
     repeat_region   22358..22425
                     /note="T repeat block"
     repeat_region   22464..22513
                     /note="bc repeat block"
     repeat_region   22714..23033
                     /note="Butterfly repeat block 1"
     repeat_region   23035..25043
                     /note="long repeat 2; LR2"
     misc_feature    23282..23373
                     /note="similar to GenBank (dbEST) Accession Number T06165"
     repeat_region   complement(23608..23874)
     misc_feature    23871..24193
                     /note="similar to hypomethylated clone sp0.3-23, GenBank
                     Accession Number X07493"
     repeat_region   23979..24022
     repeat_region   24161..24387
                     /note="near complete"
     repeat_region   26866..26949
                     /note="ActcA repeat block"
     repeat_region   26950..27037
                     /note="ActcA repeat block"
     repeat_region   27038..27125
                     /note="ActcA repeat block"
     repeat_region   27271..27589
                     /note="Butterfly repeat block 2"
     repeat_region   27604..27799
     repeat_region   27851..28069
                     /note="repeated at 37923..38150"
     misc_feature    28598..28932
                     /note="similar to hypomethylated clone sp0.3-10, GenBank
                     Accession Number X06588"
     misc_feature    30487..37912
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Number X68195"
     repeat_region   complement(31705..31870)
                     /note="fragment; Alu 5"
     repeat_region   complement(32705..32984)
                     /note="Alu 6"
     CDS             33673..36005
                     /note="similar to human CDC27, GenBank Accession Number
                     U00001, T02858, M78440, T03211; cdc27"
     repeat_region   36264..36413
                     /note="fragment; Alu 7"
     repeat_region   complement(36543..36826)
                     /note="Alu 8"
     repeat_region   complement(36946..37226)
                     /note="Alu 9"
     repeat_region   complement(37307..37452)
                     /note="fragment; Alu 10"
     misc_feature    37912..42486
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Number M25718"
     repeat_region   37923..38150
                     /note="repeated at 27851..28069"
     repeat_region   38359..38640
                     /note="Alu 1"
     repeat_region   38740..39025
                     /note="Alu 2"
     protein_bind    39478..39510
     repeat_region   complement(39570..39849)
                     /note="Alu 3"
     repeat_region   39875..40730
                     /note="repeated 70-90 bp blocks containing CTTG and CTTT,
                     separated by CGTG"
     repeat_region   complement(40731..41021)
                     /note="Alu 4"
     misc_feature    42486..42999
                     /note="corresponds to GenBank Accession Numbers J00304,
                     X01547, K01105, M30906, M13001"
BASE COUNT         6411 a        13605 c        11491 g        11479 t
        1 gctgacacgc tgtcctctgg cgacctgtcg tcggagaggt tgggcctccg gatgcgcgcg
       61 gggctctggc ctcacggtga ccggctagcc ggccgcgctc ctgccttgag ccgcctgccg
      121 cggcccgcgg gcctgctgtt ctctcgcgcg tccgagcgtc ccgactcccg gtgccggccc
      181 gggtccgggt ctctgaccca cccgggggcg gcggggaagg cggcgagggc caccgtgccc
      241 cgtgcgctct ccgctgcggg cgcccggggc gccgcacaac cccacccgct ggctccgtgc
      301 cgtgcgtgtc aggcgttctc gtctccgcgg ggttgtccgc cgccccttcc ccggagtggg
      361 gggtggccgg agccgatcgg ctcgctggcc ggccggcctc cgctcccggg gggctcttcg
      421 atcgatgtgg tgacgtcgtg ctctcccggg ccgggtccga gccgcgacgg gcgaggggcg
      481 gacgttcgtg gcgaacggga ccgtccttct cgctccgccc gcgcggtccc ctcgtctgct
      541 cctctccccg cccgccggcc ggcgtgtggg aaggcgtggg gtgcggaccc cggcccgacc
      601 tcgccgtccc gcccgccgcc ttcgcttcgc gggtgcgggc cggcggggtc ctctgacgcg
      661 gcagacagcc ctgcctgtcg cctccagtgg ttgtcgactt gcgggcggcc cccctccgcg
      721 gcggtggggg tgccgtcccg ccggcccgtc gtgctgccct ctcggggggg gtttgcgcga
      781 gcgtcggctc cgcctgggcc cttgcggtgc tcctggagcg ctccgggttg tccctcaggt
      841 gcccgaggcc gaacggtggt gtgtcgttcc cgcccccggc gccccctcct ccggtcgccg
      901 ccgcggtgtc cgcgcgtggg tcctgaggga gctcgtcggt gtggggttcg aggcggtttg
      961 agtgagacga gacgagacgc gcccctccca cgcggggaag ggcgcccgcc tgctctcggt
     1021 gagcgcacgt cccgtgctcc cctctggcgg gtgcgcgcgg gccgtgtgag cgatcgcggt
     1081 gggttcgggc cggtgtgacg cgtgcgccgg ccggccgccg aggggctgcc gttctgcctc
     1141 cgaccggtcg tgtgtgggtt gacttcggag gcgctctgcc tcggaaggaa ggaggtgggt
     1201 ggacgggggg gcctggtggg gttgcgcgca cgcgcgcacc ggccgggccc ccgccctgaa
     1261 cgcgaacgct cgaggtggcc gcgcgcaggt gtttcctcgt accgcagggc cccctccctt
     1321 ccccaggcgt ccctcggcgc ctctgcgggc ccgaggagga gcggctggcg ggtgggggga
     1381 gtgtgaccca ccctcggtga gaaaagcctt ctctagcgat ctgagaggcg tgccttgggg
     1441 gtaccggatc ccccgggccg ccgcctctgt ctctgcctcc gttatggtag cgctgccgta
     1501 gcgacccgct cgcagaggac cctcctccgc ttccccctcg acggggttgg gggggagaag
     1561 cgagggttcc gccggccacc gcggtggtgg ccgagtgcgg ctcgtcgcct actgtggccc
     1621 gcgcctcccc cttccgagtc gggggaggat cccgccgggc cgggcccggc gctcccaccc
     1681 agcgggttgg gacgcggcgg ccggcgggcg gtgggtgtgc gcgcccggcg ctctgtccgg
     1741 cgcgtgaccc cctccgtccg cgagtcggct ctccgcccgc tcccgtgccg agtcgtgacc
     1801 ggtgccgacg accgcgtttg cgtggcacgg ggtcgggccc gcctggccct gggaaagcgt
     1861 cccacggtgg gggcgcgccg gtctcccgga gcgggaccgg gtcggaggat ggacgagaat
     1921 cacgagcgac ggtggtggtg gcgtgtcggg ttcgtggctg cggtcgctcc ggggcccccg
     1981 gtggcggggc cccggggctc gcgaggcggt tctcggtggg ggccgagggc cgtccggcgt
     2041 cccaggcggg gcgccgcggg accgccctcg tgtctgtggc ggtgggatcc cgcggccgtg
     2101 ttttcctggt ggcccggccg tgcctgaggt ttctccccga gccgccgcct ctgcgggctc
     2161 ccgggtgccc ttgccctcgc ggtccccggc cctcgcccgt ctgtgccctc ttccccgccc
     2221 gccgcccgcc gatcctcttc ttccccccga gcggctcacc ggcttcacgt ccgttggtgg
     2281 ccccgcctgg gaccgaaccc ggcaccgcct cgtggggcgc cgccgccggc cactgatcgg
     2341 cccggcgtcc gcgtcccccg gcgcgcgcct tggggaccgg gtcggtggcg cgccgcgtgg
     2401 ggcccggtgg gcttcccgga gggttccggg ggtcggcctg cggcgcgtgc gggggaggag
     2461 acggttccgg gggaccggcc gcggctgcgg cggcggcggt ggtgggggga gccgcgggga
     2521 tcgccgaggg ccggtcggcc gccccgggtg ccccgcggtg ccgccggcgg cggtgaggcc
     2581 ccgcgcgtgt gtcccggctg cggtcggccg cgctcgaggg gtccccgtgg cgtccccttc
     2641 cccgccggcc gcctttctcg cgccttcccc gtcgccccgg cctcgcccgt ggtctctcgt
     2701 cttctcccgg cccgctcttc cgaaccgggt cggcgcgtcc cccgggtgcg cctcgcttcc
     2761 cgggcctgcc gcggcccttc cccgaggcgt ccgtcccggg cgtcggcgtc ggggagagcc
     2821 cgtcctcccc gcgtggcgtc gccccgttcg gcgcgcgcgt gcgcccgagc gcggcccggt
     2881 ggtccctccc ggacaggcgt tcgtgcgacg tgtggcgtgg gtcgacctcc gccttgccgg
     2941 tcgctcgccc tctccccggg tcggggggtg gggcccgggc cggggcctcg gccccggtcg
     3001 ctgcctcccg tcccgggcgg gggcgggcgc gccggccggc ctcggtcgcc ctcccttggc
     3061 cgtcgtgtgg cgtgtgccac ccctgcgccg gcgcccgccg gcggggctcg gagccgggct
     3121 tcggccgggc cccgggccct cgaccggacc ggctgcgcgg gcgctgcggc cgcacggcgc
     3181 gactgtcccc gggccgggca ccgcggtccg cctctcgctc gccgcccgga cgtcggggcc
     3241 gccccgcggg gcgggcggag cgccgtcccc gcctcgccgc cgcccgcggg cgccggccgc
     3301 gcgcgcgcgc gcgtggccgc cggtccctcc cggccgccgg gcgcgggtcg ggccgtccgc
     3361 ctcctcgcgg gcgggcgcga cgaagaagcg tcgcgggtct gtggcgcggg gcccccggtg
     3421 gtcgtgtcgc gtggggggcg ggtggttggg gcgtccggtt cgccgcgccc cgccccggcc
     3481 ccaccggtcc cggccgccgc ccccgcgccc gctcgctccc tcccgtccgc ccgtccgcgg
     3541 cccgtccgtc cgtccgtccg tcgtcctcct cgcttgcggg gcgccgggcc cgtcctcgcg
     3601 aggccccccg gccggccgtc cggccgcgtc gggggctcgc cgcgctctac cttacctacc
     3661 tggttgatcc tgccagtagc atatgcttgt ctcaaagatt aagccatgca tgtctaagta
     3721 cgcacggccg gtacagtgaa actgcgaatg gctcattaaa tcagttatgg ttcctttggt
     3781 cgctcgctcc tctcctactt ggataactgt ggtaattcta gagctaatac atgccgacgg
     3841 gcgctgaccc ccttcgcggg ggggatgcgt gcatttatca gatcaaaacc aacccggtca
     3901 gcccctctcc ggccccggcc ggggggcggg cgccggcggc tttggtgact ctagataacc
     3961 tcgggccgat cgcacgcccc ccgtggcggc gacgacccat tcgaacgtct gccctatcaa
     4021 ctttcgatgg tagtcgccgt gcctaccatg gtgaccacgg gtgacgggga atcagggttc
     4081 gattccggag agggagcctg agaaacggct accacatcca aggaaggcag caggcgcgca
     4141 aattacccac tcccgacccg gggaggtagt gacgaaaaat aacaatacag gactctttcg
     4201 aggccctgta attggaatga gtccacttta aatcctttaa cgaggatcca ttggagggca
     4261 agtctggtgc cagcagccgc ggtaattcca gctccaatag cgtatattaa agttgctgca
     4321 gttaaaaagc tcgtagttgg atcttgggag cgggcgggcg gtccgccgcg aggcgagcca
     4381 ccgcccgtcc ccgccccttg cctctcggcg ccccctcgat gctcttagct gagtgtcccg
     4441 cggggcccga agcgtttact ttgaaaaaat tagagtgttc aaagcaggcc cgagccgcct
     4501 ggataccgca gctaggaata atggaatagg accgcggttc tattttgttg gttttcggaa
     4561 ctgaggccat gattaagagg gacggccggg ggcattcgta ttgcgccgct agaggtgaaa
     4621 ttcttggacc ggcgcaagac ggaccagagc gaaagcattt gccaagaatg ttttcattaa
     4681 tcaagaacga aagtcggagg ttcgaagacg atcagatacc gtcgtagttc cgaccataaa
     4741 cgatgccgac cggcgatgcg gcggcgttat tcccatgacc cgccgggcag cttccgggaa
     4801 accaaagtct ttgggttccg gggggagtat ggttgcaaag ctgaaactta aaggaattga
     4861 cggaagggca ccaccaggag tggagcctgc ggcttaattt gactcaacac gggaaacctc
     4921 acccggcccg gacacggaca ggattgacag attgatagct ctttctcgat tccgtgggtg
     4981 gtggtgcatg gccgttctta gttggtggag cgatttgtct ggttaattcc gataacgaac
     5041 gagactctgg catgctaact agttacgcga cccccgagcg gtcggcgtcc cccaacttct
     5101 tagagggaca agtggcgttc agccacccga gattgagcaa taacaggtct gtgatgccct
     5161 tagatgtccg gggctgcacg cgcgctacac tgactggctc agcgtgtgcc taccctacgc
     5221 cggcaggcgc gggtaacccg ttgaacccca ttcgtgatgg ggatcgggga ttgcaattat
     5281 tccccatgaa cgagggaatt cccgagtaag tgcgggtcat aagcttgcgt tgattaagtc
     5341 cctgcccttt gtacacaccg cccgtcgcta ctaccgattg gatggtttag tgaggccctc
     5401 ggatcggccc cgccggggtc ggcccacggc cctggcggag cgctgagaag acggtcgaac
     5461 ttgactatct agaggaagta aaagtcgtaa caaggtttcc gtaggtgaac ctgcggaagg
     5521 atcattaacg gagcccggag ggcgaggccc gcggcggcgc cgccgccgcc gcgcgcttcc
     5581 ctccgcacac ccaccccccc accgcgacgc ggcgcgtgcg cgggcggggc ccgcgtgccc
     5641 gttcgttcgc tcgctcgttc gttcgccgcc cggccccgcc gccgcgagag ccgagaactc
     5701 gggagggaga cgggggggag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa
     5761 agaagggcgt gtcgttggtg tgcgcgtgtc gtggggccgg cgggcggcgg ggagcggtcc
     5821 ccggccgcgg ccccgacgac gtgggtgtcg gcgggcgcgg gggcggttct cggcggcgtc
     5881 gcggcgggtc tgggggggtc tcggtgccct cctccccgcc ggggcccgtc gtccggcccc
     5941 gccgcgccgg ctccccgtct tcggggccgg ccggattccc gtcgcctccg ccgcgccgct
     6001 ccgcgccgcc gggcacggcc ccgctcgctc tccccggcct tcccgctagg gcgtctcgag
     6061 ggtcgggggc cggacgccgg tcccctcccc cgcctcctcg tccgcccccc cgccgtccag
     6121 gtacctagcg cgttccggcg cggaggttta aagacccctt ggggggatcg cccgtccgcc
     6181 cgtgggtcgg gggcggtggt gggcccgcgg gggagtcccg tcgggagggg cccggcccct
     6241 cccgcgcctc caccgcggac tccgctcccc ggccggggcc gcgccgccgc cgccgccgcg
     6301 gcggccgtcg ggtgggggct ttacccggcg gccgtcgcgc gcctgccgcg cgtgtggcgt
     6361 gcgccccgcg ccgtgggggc gggaaccccc gggcgcctgt ggggtggtgt ccgcgctcgc
     6421 ccccgcgtgg gcggcgcgcg cctccccgtg gtgtgaaacc ttccgacccc tctccggagt
     6481 ccggtcccgt ttgctgtctc gtctggccgg cctgaggcaa ccccctctcc tcttgggcgg
     6541 ggggggcggg gggacgtgcc gcgccaggaa gggcctcctc ccggtgcgtc gtcgggagcg
     6601 ccctcgccaa atcgacctcg tacgactctt agcggtggat cactcggctc gtgcgtcgat
     6661 gaagaacgca gctagctgcg agaattaatg tgaattgcag gacacattga tcatcgacac
     6721 ttcgaacgca cttgcggccc cgggttcctc ccggggctac gcctgtctga gcgtcgcttg
     6781 ccgatcaatc gccccggggg tgcctccggg ctcctcgggg tgcgcggctg ggggttccct
     6841 cgcagggccc gccgggggcc ctccgtcccc ctaagcgcag acccggcggc gtccgccctc
     6901 ctcttgccgc cgcgcccgcc ccttccccct ccccccgcgg gccctgcgtg gtcacgcgtc
     6961 gggtggcggg ggggagaggg gggcgcgccc ggctgagaga gacggggagg gcggcgccgc
     7021 cgccggaaga cggagaggga aagagagagc cggctcgggc cgagttcccg tggccgccgc
     7081 ctgcggtccg ggttcctccc tcggggggct ccctcgcgcc gcgcgcggct cggggttcgg
     7141 ggttcgtcgg ccccggccgg gtggaaggtc ccgtgcccgt cgtcgtcgtc gtcgcgcgtc
     7201 gtcggcggtg ggggcgtgtt gcgtgcggtg tggtggtggg ggaggaggaa ggcgggtccg
     7261 gaaggggaag ggtgccggcg gggagagagg gtcgggggag cgcgtcccgg tcgccgcggt
     7321 tccgccgccc gcccccggtg gcggcccggc gtccggccga ccggccgctc cccgcgcccc
     7381 tcctcctccc cgccgcccct cctccgaggc cccgcccgtc ctcctcgccc tccccgcgcg
     7441 tacgcgcgcg cgcccgcccg cccggctcgc ctcgcggcgc gtcggccggg gccgggagcc
     7501 cgccccgccg cccgcccgtg gccgcggcgc cggggttcgc gtgtccccgg cggcgacccg
     7561 cgggacgccg cggtgtcgtc cgccgtcgcg cgcccgcctc cggctcgcgg ccgcgccgcg
     7621 ccgcgccggg gccccgtccc gagcttccgc gtcggggcgg cgcggctccg ccgccgcgtc
     7681 ctcggacccg tccccccgac ctccgcgggg gagacgcgcc ggggcgtgcg gcgcccgtcc
     7741 cgcccccggc ccgtgcccct ccctccggtc gtcccgctcc ggcggggcgg cgcgggggcg
     7801 ccgtcggccg cgcgctctct ctcccgtcgc ctctccccct cgccgggccc gtctcccgac
     7861 ggagcgtcgg gcgggcggtc gggccggcgc gattccgtcc gtccgtccgc cgagcggccc
     7921 gtccccctcc gagacgcgac ctcagatcag acgtggcgac ccgctgaatt taagcatatt
     7981 agtcagcgga ggaaaagaaa ctaaccagga ttccctcagt aacggcgagt gaacagggaa
     8041 gagcccagcg ccgaatcccc gccccgcggg gcgcgggaca tgtggcgtac ggaagacccg
     8101 ctccccggcg ccgctcgtgg ggggcccaag tccttctgat cgaggcccag cccgtggacg
     8161 gtgtgaggcc ggtagcggcc ggcgcgcgcc cgggtcttcc cggagtcggg ttgcttggga
     8221 atgcagccca aagcgggtgg taaactccat ctaaggctaa ataccggcac gagaccgata
     8281 gtcaacaagt accgtaaggg aaagttgaaa agaactttga agagagagtt caagagggcg
     8341 tgaaaccgtt aagaggtaaa cgggtggggt ccgcgcagtc cgcccggagg attcaacccg
     8401 gcggcgggtc cggccgtgtc ggcggcccgg cggatctttc ccgccccccg ttcctcccga
     8461 cccctccacc cgccctccct tcccccgccg cccctcctcc tcctccccgg agggggcggg
     8521 ctccggcggg tgcgggggtg ggcgggcggg gccgggggtg gggtcggcgg gggaccgtcc
     8581 cccgaccggc gaccggccgc cgccgggcgc atttccaccg cggcggtgcg ccgcgaccgg
     8641 ctccgggacg gctgggaagg cccggcgggg aaggtggctc ggggggcccc gtccgtccgt
     8701 ccgtcctcct cctcccccgt ctccgccccc cggccccgcg tcctccctcg ggagggcgcg
     8761 cgggtcgggg cggcggcggc ggcggcggtg gcggcggcgg cgggggcggc gggaccgaaa
     8821 ccccccccga gtgttacagc ccccccggca gcagcactcg ccgaatcccg gggccgaggg
     8881 agcgagaccc gtcgccgcgc tctcccccct cccggcgccc acccccgcgg ggaatccccc
     8941 gcgagggggg tctcccccgc gggggcgcgc cggcgtctcc tcgtgggggg gccgggccac
     9001 ccctcccacg gcgcgaccgc tctcccaccc ctcctccccg cgcccccgcc ccggcgacgg
     9061 ggggggtgcc gcgcgcgggt cggggggcgg ggcggactgt ccccagtgcg ccccgggcgg
     9121 gtcgcgccgt cgggcccggg ggaggttctc tcggggccac gcgcgcgtcc cccgaagagg
     9181 gggacggcgg agcgagcgca cggggtcggc ggcgacgtcg gctacccacc cgacccgtct
     9241 tgaaacacgg accaaggagt ctaacacgtg cgcgagtcgg gggctcgcac gaaagccgcc
     9301 gtggcgcaat gaaggtgaag gccggcgcgc tcgccggccg aggtgggatc ccgaggcctc
     9361 tccagtccgc cgagggcgca ccaccggccc gtctcgcccg ccgcgccggg gaggtggagc
     9421 acgagcgcac gtgttaggac ccgaaagatg gtgaactatg cctgggcagg gcgaagccag
     9481 aggaaactct ggtggaggtc cgtagcggtc ctgacgtgca aatcggtcgt ccgacctggg
     9541 tataggggcg aaagactaat cgaaccatct agtagctggt tccctccgaa gtttccctca
     9601 ggatagctgg cgctctcgca gacccgacgc acccccgcca cgcagtttta tccggtaaag
     9661 cgaatgatta gaggtcttgg ggccgaaacg atctcaacct attctcaaac tttaaatggg
     9721 taagaagccc ggctcgctgg cgtggagccg ggcgtggaat gcgagtgcct agtgggccac
     9781 ttttggtaag cagaactggc gctgcgggat gaaccgaacg ccgggttaag gcgcccgatg
     9841 ccgacgctca tcagacccca gaaaaggtgt tggttgatat agacagcagg acggtggcca
     9901 tggaagtcgg aatccgctaa ggagtgtgta acaactcacc tgccgaatca actagccctg
     9961 aaaatggatg gcgctggagc gtcgggccca tacccggccg tcgccggcag tcgagagtgg
    10021 acgggagcgg cgggggcggc gcgcgcgcgc gcgcgtgtgg tgtgcgtcgg agggcggcgg
    10081 cggcggcggc ggcgggggtg tggggtcctt cccccgcccc cccccccacg cctcctcccc
    10141 tcctcccgcc cacgccccgc tccccgcccc cggagccccg cggacgctac gccgcgacga
    10201 gtaggagggc cgctgcggtg agccttgaag cctagggcgc gggcccgggt ggagccgccg
    10261 caggtgcaga tcttggtggt agtagcaaat attcaaacga gaactttgaa ggccgaagtg
    10321 gagaagggtt ccatgtgaac agcagttgaa catgggtcag tcggtcctga gagatgggcg
    10381 agcgccgttc cgaagggacg ggcgatggcc tccgttgccc tcggccgatc gaaagggagt
    10441 cgggttcaga tccccgaatc cggagtggcg gagatgggcg ccgcgaggcg tccagtgcgg
    10501 taacgcgacc gatcccggag aagccggcgg gagccccggg gagagttctc ttttctttgt
    10561 gaagggcagg gcgccctgga atgggttcgc cccgagagag gggcccgtgc cttggaaagc
    10621 gtcgcggttc cggcggcgtc cggtgagctc tcgctggccc ttgaaaatcc gggggagagg
    10681 gtgtaaatct cgcgccgggc cgtacccata tccgcagcag gtctccaagg tgaacagcct
    10741 ctggcatgtt ggaacaatgt aggtaaggga agtcggcaag ccggatccgt aacttcggga
    10801 taaggattgg ctctaagggc tgggtcggtc gggctggggc gcgaagcggg gctgggcgcg
    10861 cgccgcggct ggacgaggcg cgcgcccccc ccacgcccgg ggcacccccc tcgcggccct
    10921 cccccgcccc acccgcgcgc gccgctcgct ccctccccac cccgcgccct ctctctctct
    10981 ctctcccccg ctccccgtcc tcccccctcc ccgggggagc gccgcgtggg ggcgcggcgg
    11041 ggggagaagg gtcggggcgg caggggccgc gcggcggccg ccggggcggc cggcgggggc
    11101 aggtccccgc gaggggggcc ccggggaccc ggggggccgg cggcggcgcg gactctggac
    11161 gcgagccggg cccttcccgt ggatcgcccc agctgcggcg ggcgtcgcgg ccgcccccgg
    11221 ggagcccggc ggcggcgcgg cgcgcccccc acccccaccc cacgtctcgg tcgcgcgcgc
    11281 gtccgctggg ggcgggagcg gtcgggcggc ggcggtcggc gggcggcggg gcggggcggt
    11341 tcgtcccccc gccctacccc cccggccccg tccgcccccc gttcccccct cctcctcggc
    11401 gcgcggcggc ggcggcggca ggcggcggag gggccgcggg ccggtccccc ccgccgggtc
    11461 cgcccccggg gccgcggttc cgcgcgcgcc tcgcctcggc cggcgcctag cagccgactt
    11521 agaactggtg cggaccaggg gaatccgact gtttaattaa aacaaagcat cgcgaaggcc
    11581 cgcggcgggt gttgacgcga tgtgatttct gcccagtgct ctgaatgtca aagtgaagaa
    11641 attcaatgaa gcgcgggtaa acggcgggag taactatgac tctcttaagg tagccaaatg
    11701 cctcgtcatc taattagtga cgcgcatgaa tggatgaacg agattcccac tgtccctacc
    11761 tactatccag cgaaaccaca gccaagggaa cgggcttggc ggaatcagcg gggaaagaag
    11821 accctgttga gcttgactct agtctggcac ggtgaagaga catgagaggt gtagaataag
    11881 tgggaggccc ccggcgcccc cccggtgtcc ccgcgagggg cccggggcgg ggtccgcggc
    11941 cctgcgggcc gccggtgaaa taccactact ctgatcgttt tttcactgac ccggtgaggc
    12001 gggggggcga gcccgagggg ctctcgcttc tggcgccaag cgcccgcccg gccgggcgcg
    12061 acccgctccg gggacagtgc caggtgggga gtttgactgg ggcggtacac ctgtcaaacg
    12121 gtaacgcagg tgtcctaagg cgagctcagg gaggacagaa acctcccgtg gagcagaagg
    12181 gcaaaagctc gcttgatctt gattttcagt acgaatacag accgtgaaag cggggcctca
    12241 cgatccttct gaccttttgg gttttaagca ggaggtgtca gaaaagttac cacagggata
    12301 actggcttgt ggcggccaag cgttcatagc gacgtcgctt tttgatcctt cgatgtcggc
    12361 tcttcctatc attgtgaagc agaattcgcc aagcgttgga ttgttcaccc actaataggg
    12421 aacgtgagct gggtttagac cgtcgtgaga caggttagtt ttaccctact gatgatgtgt
    12481 tgttgccatg gtaatcctgc tcagtacgag aggaaccgca ggttcagaca tttggtgtat
    12541 gtgcttggct gaggagccaa tggggcgaag ctaccatctg tgggattatg actgaacgcc
    12601 tctaagtcag aatcccgccc aggcgaacga tacggcagcg ccgcggagcc tcggttggcc
    12661 tcggatagcc ggtcccccgc ctgtccccgc cggcgggccg cccccccctc cacgcgcccc
    12721 gccgcgggag ggcgcgtgcc ccgccgcgcg ccgggaccgg ggtccggtgc ggagtgccct
    12781 tcgtcctggg aaacggggcg cggccggaaa ggcggccgcc ccctcgcccg tcacgcaccg
    12841 cacgttcgtg gggaacctgg cgctaaacca ttcgtagacg acctgcttct gggtcggggt
    12901 ttcgtacgta gcagagcagc tccctcgctg cgatctattg aaagtcagcc ctcgacacaa
    12961 gggtttgtcc gcgcgcgcgt gcgtgcgggg ggcccggcgg gcgtgcgcgt tcggcgccgt
    13021 ccgtccttcc gttcgtcttc ctccctcccg gcctctcccg ccgaccgcgg cgtggtggtg
    13081 gggtgggggg gagggcgcgc gaccccggtc ggccgccccg cttcttcggt tcccgcctcc
    13141 tccccgttca cgccggggcg gctcgtccgc tccgggccgg gacggggtcc ggggagcgtg
    13201 gtttgggagc cgcggaggcg ccgcgccgag ccgggccccg tggcccgccg gtccccgtcc
    13261 cgggggttgg ccgcgcggcg cggtgggggg ccacccgggg tcccggccct cgcgcgtcct
    13321 tcctcctcgc tcctccgcac gggtcgaccg acgaaccgcg ggtggcgggc ggcgggcggc
    13381 gagccccacg ggcgtccccg cacccggccg acctccgctc gcgacctctc ctcggtcggg
    13441 cctccggggt cgaccgcctg cgcccgcggg cgtgagactc agcggcgtct cgccgtgtcc
    13501 cgggtcgacc gcggccttct ccaccgagcg gcggtgtagg agtgcccgtc gggacgaacc
    13561 gcaaccggag cgtccccgtc tcggtcggca cctccggggt cgaccagctg ccgcccgcga
    13621 gctccggact tagccggcgt ctgcacgtgt cccgggtcga ccagcaggcg gccgccggac
    13681 gcagcggcgc acgcacgcga gggcgtcgat tccccttcgc gcgcccgcgc ctccaccggc
    13741 ctcggcccgc ggtggagctg ggaccacgcg gaactccctc tcccacattt ttttcagccc
    13801 caccgcgagt ttgcgtccgc gggaccttta agagggagtc actgctgccg tcagccagta
    13861 ctgcctcctc ctttttcgct tttaggtttt gcttgccttt tttttttttt tttttttttt
    13921 ttttttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt cgcttgtctt
    13981 cttcttgtgt tctcttcttg ctcttcctct gtctgtctct ctctctctct ctctctctgt
    14041 ctctcgctct cgccctctct ctcttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctg tctctcgctc
    14101 tcgccctctc tctctctctt ctctctgtct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct
    14161 gtcgctctcg ccctctcgct ctctctctgt ctctgtctgt gtctctctct ctccctccct
    14221 ccctccctcc ctccctccct ccctcccctt ccttggcgcc ttctcggctc ttgagactta
    14281 gccgctgtct cgccgtaccc cgggtcgacc ggcgggcctt ctccaccgag cggcgtgcca
    14341 cagtgcccgt cgggacgagc cggacccgcc gcgtccccgt ctcggtcggc acctccgggg
    14401 tcgaccagct gccgcccgcg agctccggac ttagccggcg tctgcacgtg tcccgggtcg
    14461 accagcaggc ggccgccgga cgcagcggcg caccgacgga gggcgctgat tcccgttcac
    14521 gcgcccgcgc ctccaccggc ctcggcccgc cgtggagctg ggaccacgcg gaactccctc
    14581 tcctacattt ttttcagccc caccgcgagt ttgcgtccgc gggaccttta agagggagtc
    14641 actgctgccg tcagccagta ctgcctcctc ctttttcgct tttaggtttt gcttgccttt
    14701 tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct
    14761 ttctttcttt ctttcgctct cgctctctcg ctctctccct cgctcgtttc tttctttctc
    14821 tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtctctc gctctcgccc tctctctctc
    14881 tttctctctc tctctgtctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc cctccctccc
    14941 tccccctccc tccctctctc cccttccttg gcgccttctc ggctcttgag acttagccgc
    15001 tgtctcgccg tgtcccgggt cgaccggcgg gccttctcca ccgagcggcg tgccacagtg
    15061 cccgtcggga cgagccggac ccgccgcgtc cccgtctcgg tcggcacctc cggggtcgac
    15121 cagctgccgc ccgcgagctc cggacttagc cggcgtctgc acgtgtcccg ggtcgaccag
    15181 caggcggccg ccggacgctg cggcgcaccg acgcgagggc gtcgattccg gttcacgcgc
    15241 cggcgacctc caccggcctc ggcccgcggt ggagctggga ccacgcggaa ctccctctcc
    15301 cacatttttt tcagccccac cgcgagtttg cgtccgcggg acttttaaga gggagtcact
    15361 gctgccgtca gccagtaatg cttcctcctt ttttgctttt tggttttgcc ttgcgttttc
    15421 tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tctctctctc tctctctctc
    15481 tctctgtctc tctctctctg tctctctccc ctccctccct ccttggtgcc ttctcggctc
    15541 gctgctgctg ctgcctctgc ctccacggtt caagcaaaca gcaagttttc tatttcgagt
    15601 aaagacgtaa tttcaccatt ttggccgggc tggtctcgaa ctcccgacct agtgatccgc
    15661 ccgcctcggc ctcccaaaga ctgctgggag tacagatgtg agccaccatg cccggccgat
    15721 tccttccttt tttcaatctt attttctgaa cgctgccgtg tatgaacata catctacaca
    15781 cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacccc gtagtgataa
    15841 aactatgtaa atgatatttc cataattaat acgtttatat tatgttactt ttaatggatg
    15901 aatatgtatc gaagccccat ttcatttaca tacacgtgta tgtatatcct tcctcccttc
    15961 cttcattcat tatttattaa taattttcgt ttatttattt tcttttcttt tggggccggc
    16021 ccgcctggtc ttctgtctct gcgctctggt gacctcagcc tcccaaatag ctgggactac
    16081 agggatctct taagcccggg aggagaggtt aacgtgggct gtgatcgcac acttccactc
    16141 cagcttacgt gggctgcggt gcggtggggt ggggtggggt ggggtggggt gcagagaaaa
    16201 cgattgattg cgatctcaat tgccttttag cttcattcat accctgttat ttgctcgttt
    16261 attctcatgg gttcttctgt gtcattgtca cgttcatcgt ttgcttgcct gcttgcctgt
    16321 ttatttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccttccttcc ttccttcctt ccctccctta
    16381 ctggcagggt cttcctctgt ctctgccgcc caggatcacc ccaacctcaa cgctttggac
    16441 cgaccaaacg gtcgttctgc ctctgatccc tcccatcccc attacctgag actacaggcg
    16501 cgcaccacca caccggctga cttttatgtt gtttctcatg ttttccgtag gtaggtatgt
    16561 gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatct
    16621 atgtatgtac gtatgtatgt atgtatgtga gtgagatggg tttcggggtt ctatcatgtt
    16681 gcccacgctg gtctcgaact cctgtcctca agcaatccgc ctgcctgcct cggccgccca
    16741 cactgctgct attacaggcg tgagacgctg cgcctggctc cttctacatt tgcctgcctg
    16801 cctgcctgcc tgcctgccta tcaatcgtct tctttttagt acggatgtcg tctcgcttta
    16861 ttgtccatgc tctgggcaca cgtggtctct tttcaaactt ctatgattat tattattgta
    16921 ggcgtcatct cacgtgtcga ggtgatctcg aacttttagg ctccagagat cctcccgcat
    16981 cggcctcccg gagtgctgtg atgacacgcg tgggcacggt acgctctggt cgtgtttgtc
    17041 gtgggtcggt tctttccgtt tttaatacgg ggactgcgaa cgaagaaaat tttcagacgc
    17101 atctcaccga tccgcctttt cgttctttct ttttattctc tttagacgga gtttcactct
    17161 tgtcgcccag ggtggagtac gatggcggct ctcggctcac cgcaccctcc gcctcccagg
    17221 ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagccttccc gagtagctgg aatgacagag atgagccatc
    17281 gtgcccggct aatttttcta tttttagtac agatggggtt tctccatctt ggtcaggctg
    17341 gtcttcaact tccgaccgtt ggagaatctt aactttcttg gtggtggttg ttttcctttt
    17401 tctttttttt tcttttcttt tctttccttc tcctcccccc cccacccccc ttgtcgtcgt
    17461 cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc ctcctcctcc tctttcattt
    17521 ctttcagctg ggctctccta cttgtgttgc tctgttgctc acgctggtct caaactcctg
    17581 gccttgactc ttctcccgtc acatccgccg tctggttgtt gaaatgagca tctctcgtaa
    17641 aatggaaaag atgaaagaaa taaacacgaa gacggaaagc acggtgtgaa cgtttctctt
    17701 gccgtctccc ggggtgtacc ttggacccgg aaacacggag ggagcttggc tgagtgggtt
    17761 ttcggtgccg aaacctcccg agggcctcct tccctctccc ccttgtcccc gcttctccgc
    17821 cagccgaggc tcccaccgcc gcccctggca ttttccatag gagaggtatg ggagaggact
    17881 gacacgcctt ccagatctat atcctgccgg acgtctctgg ctcggcgtgc cccaccggct
    17941 acctgccacc ttccagggag ctctgaggcg gatgcgaccc ccaccccccc gtcacgtccc
    18001 gctaccctcc cccggctggc ctttgccggg cgaccccagg ggaaccgcgt tgatgctgct
    18061 tcggatcctc cggcgaagac ttccaccgga tgccccgggt gggccggttg ggatcagact
    18121 ggaccacccc ggaccgtgct gttcttgggg gtgggttgac gtacagggtg gactggcagc
    18181 cccagcattg taaagggtgc gtgggtatgg aaatgtcacc taggatgccc tccttccctt
    18241 cggtctgcct tcagctgcct caggcgtgaa gacaacttcc catcggaacc tcttctcttc
    18301 cctttctcca gcacacagat gagacgcacg agagggagaa acagctcaat agataccgct
    18361 gaccttcatt tgtggaatcc tcagtcatcg acacacaaga caggtgacta ggcagggaca
    18421 cagatcaaac actatttccg ggtcctcgtg gtgggattgg tctctctctc tctctctctc
    18481 tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcgcacgc gcacgcgcgc acacacacac acaatttcca
    18541 tatctagttc acagagcaca ctcacttccc cttttcacag tacgcaggct gagtaaaacg
    18601 cgccccaccc tccacccgtt ggctgacgaa accccttctc tacaattgat gaaaaagatg
    18661 atctgggccg ggcacgctag ctcacgcctg tcactccggc actttgggag gccgaggcgg
    18721 gtggatcgct tggggccggg agttcgagac caggctggcc gacgtggcga aaccccgtct
    18781 ctctgaaaaa tagaacgatt agccgggcct ggtggcgtgg gcttggaatc acgaccgctc
    18841 gggagactgg ggcgggcgac ttgttccaac cggggaggcc gaggccgcga tgagctgaga
    18901 tcgtgccgtg gcgatgcggc ctggatgacg gagcgagacc ccgtctcgag agaatcatga
    18961 tgttattata agatgagttg tgcgcggtga tggccgcctg tagtcgcggc tactcgggag
    19021 gctgagacga ggagaagatc acttgaggcc ccacaggtcg aggcttcggt cggccgtgac
    19081 ccactgtatc ctgggcagtc accggtcaag gagatatgcc ccttccccgt ttgcttttct
    19141 tttcttccct tctcttttct tctttttgct tctcttttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct
    19201 ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttttcttttt ctctcttccc ctctttcttt cctgccttcc
    19261 tgcctttctt cttttcttct ttcctccctt cctcccttcc ttctttcctc ccgcctcagc
    19321 ctcccaaagt gctgggatga ctggcgggag gcaccatgcc tgcttggccc aaagagaccc
    19381 tcttggaaag tgagacgcag agagcgcctt ccagtgatct cattgactga tttagagacg
    19441 gcatctcgct ccgtcacccc ggcagtggtg ccgtcgtaac tcactccctg cagcgtggac
    19501 gctcctggac tcgagcgatc cttccacctc agcctccaga gtacagagcc tgggaccgcg
    19561 ggcacgcgcc actgtgccca caccgttttt aattgttttt ttttcccccg agacagagtt
    19621 tcactctcgt ggcctagact gcagtgcggt ggcgcgatct tggctcaccg caacctctgc
    19681 ctcccggttt caagcgattc tcctgcatcg gcctcctgag tagccgggat tgcgggcatg
    19741 cgctgccacg tctggctgat ttcgtatttt tagtggagac ggggcttctc catgtcgatc
    19801 gggctggttt cgaactcccg acctcaggtg atccgccctc cccggcctcc ggaagtgctg
    19861 ggatgacagg cgtgagccac cgcgcccggc cttcattttt aaatgttttc ccacagacgg
    19921 ggtctcatca tttctttgca accctcctgc ccggcgtctc aaagtgctgg cgtgacgggc
    19981 gtgagccact gcgcctggac tccggggaat gactcacgac caccatcgct ctactgatcc
    20041 tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttcttga
    20101 tgaattatct tatgatttat ttgtgtactt attttcagac ggagtctcgc tctgggcggg
    20161 gcgaggcgag gcgaggcaca gcgcatcgct ttggaagccg cggcaacgcc tttcaaagcc
    20221 ccattcgtat gcacagagcc ttattccctt cctggagttg gagctgatgc cttccgtagc
    20281 cttgggcttc tctccattcg gaagcttgac aggcgcaggg ccacccagag gctggctgcg
    20341 gctgaggatt agggggtgtg ttggggctga aaactgggtc ccctattttt gatacctcag
    20401 ccgacacatc ccccgaccgc catcgcttgc tcgccctctg agatcccccg cctccaccgc
    20461 cttgcaggct cacctcttac tttcatttct tcctttcttg cgtttgagga gggggtgcgg
    20521 gaatgagggt gtgtgtgggg agggggtgcg gggtggggac ggaggggagc gtcctaaggg
    20581 tcgatttagt gtcatgcctc tttcaccacc accaccacca ccgaagatga cagcaaggat
    20641 cggctaaata ccgcgtgttc tcatctagaa gtgggaactt acagatgaca gttcttgcat
    20701 gggcagaacg agggggaccg gggacgcgga agtctgcttg agggaggagg ggtggaagga
    20761 gagacagctt caggaagaaa acaaaacacg aatactgtcg gacacagcac tgactacccg
    20821 ggtgatgaaa tcatctgcac actgaacacc cccgtcacaa gtttacctat gtcacaatct
    20881 tgcacatgta tcgcttgaac gacaaataaa agttaggggg gagaagagag gagagagaga
    20941 gagagagaga gacagagaga gacagagaga gagagagagg agggagagag gaaaacgaaa
    21001 caccacctcc ttgacctgag tcagggggtt tctggccttt tgggagaacg ttcagcgaca
    21061 atgcagtatt tgggcccgtt cttttttttt cttcttcttt tctttctttt tttttggact
    21121 gagtctctct cgctctgtca cccaggctgc ggtcgcggtg gcgctctctc ggctcactga
    21181 aacctctgct tcccgggttc cagtgattct tcttcggtag ctgggattac aggcgcacac
    21241 catgacggcg ggctcatatt cctattttca gtagagacgg ggtttctcca cgttggccac
    21301 gctggtctcg aactcctgac ctcaaatgat ccgccttcct gggcctccca aagtgctgga
    21361 aacgacaggc ctgagccgcc gggatttcag cctttaaaag cgcggccctg ccacctttcg
    21421 ctgtggccct tacgctcaga atgacgtgtc ctctctgccg taggttgact ccttgagtcc
    21481 cctaggccat tgcactgtag cctgggcagc aagagccaaa ctccgnnccc ccacctcctc
    21541 gcgcacataa taactaacta acaaactaac taactaacta aactaactaa ctaactaaaa
    21601 tctctacacg tcacccataa gtgtgtgttc ccgtgagagt gatttctaag aaatggtact
    21661 gtacactgaa cgcagtggct cacgtctgtc atcccgaggt caggagttcg agaccagccc
    21721 ggccaacgtg gtgaaacccc gtctctactg aaaatacgaa atggagtcag gcgccgtggg
    21781 gcaggcacct gtaaccccag ctactcggga ggctggggtg gaagaattgc ttgaacctgg
    21841 caggcggagg ctgcagtgac ccaagatcgc accactgcac tacagcctgg gcgacagagt
    21901 gagacccggt ctccagataa atacgtacat aaataaatac acacatacat acatacatac
    21961 atacatacat acatacatac atccatgcat acagatatac aagaaagaaa aaaagaaaag
    22021 aaaagaaaga gaaaatgaaa gaaaaggcac tgtattgcta ctgggctagg gccttctctc
    22081 tgtctgtttc tctctgttcg tctctgtctt tctctctgtg tctctttctc tgtctgtctg
    22141 tctctttctt tctctctgtc tctgtctctg tctttgtctc tctctctccc tctctgcctg
    22201 tctcactgtg tctgtcttct gtcttactct ctttctctcc ccgtctgtct ctctctctct
    22261 ctctccctcc ctgtttgttt ctctctctcc ctccctgtct gtttctctct ctctctttct
    22321 gtctgtttct gtctctctct gtctgtctat gtctttctct gtctgtctct ttctctgtct
    22381 gtctgcctct ctctttcttt ttctgtgtct ctctgtcggt ctctctctct ctgtctgtct
    22441 gtctgtctct ctctctctct ctctgtgcct atcttctgtc ttactctctt tctctgcctg
    22501 tctgtctgtc tctccctccc tttctgtttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tccccctctc
    22561 cctgtctgtt tctctccgtc tctctctctt tctgtctgtt tctcactgtc tctctctgtc
    22621 catctctctc tctctctgtc tgtctctttc gttctctctg tctgtctgtc tctctctctc
    22681 tctctctctc tctctctctc tccctgtctg tctgtttctc tctatctctc gctgtccatc
    22741 tctgtctttc tatgtctgtc tctttctctg tcagtctgtc agacaccccc gtgccgggta
    22801 gggccctgcc ccttccacga aagtgagaag cgcgtgcttc ggtgcttaga gaggccgaga
    22861 ggaatctaga caggcgggcc ttgctgggct tccccactcg gtgtatgatt tcgggaggtc
    22921 gaggccgggt ccccgcttgg atgcgagggg cattttcaga cttttctctc ggtcacgtgt
    22981 ggcgtccgta cttctcctat ttccccgata agctcctcga cttcaacata aacggcgtcc
    23041 taagggtcga tttagtgtca tgcctctttc accgccacca ccgaagatga aagcaaagat
    23101 cggctaaata ccgcgtgttc tcatctagaa gtgggaactt acagatgaca gttcttgcat
    23161 gggcagaacg agggggaccg ggnacgcgga agcctgcttg agggrggagg ggyggaagga
    23221 gagacagctt caggaagaaa acaaaacacg aatactgtcg gacacagcac tgactacccg
    23281 ggtgatgaaa tcatctgcac actgaacacc cccgtcacaa gtttacctat gtcacagtct
    23341 tgctcatgta tgcttgaacg acaaataaaa gttcgggggg gagaagagag gagagagaga
    23401 gagagacggg gagagagggg ggagaggggg ggggagagag agagagagag agagagagag
    23461 agagagagag agaaagagaa gtaaaaccaa ccaccacctc cttgacctga gtcagggggt
    23521 ttctggcctt ttgggagaac gttcagcgac aatgcagtat ttgggcccgt tctttttttc
    23581 ttcttcttct tttctttctt tttttttgga ctgagtctct ctcgctctgt cacccaggct
    23641 gcggtgcggt ggcgctctct cggctcactg aaacctctgc ttcccgggtt ccagtgattc
    23701 ttcttcggta gctgggatta caggtgcgca ccatgacggc cggctcatcg ttctattttt
    23761 agtagagacg gggtttctcc acgttggcca cgctggtctc gaactcctga ccacaaatga
    23821 tccaccttcc tgggcctccc aaagtgctgg aaacgacagg cctgagccgc cgggatttca
    23881 gcctttaaaa gcgcgcggcc ctgccacctt tcgctgcggc ccttacgctc agaatgacgt
    23941 gtcctctctg ccataggttg actccttgag tcccctaggc cattgcactg tagcctgggc
    24001 agcaagagcc aaactccgtc cccccacctc cccgcgcaca taataactaa ctaactaact
    24061 aactaactaa aatctctaca cgtcacccat aagtgtgtgt tcccgtgagg agtgatttct
    24121 aagaaatggt actgtacact gaacgcaggc ttcacgtctg tcatcccgag gtcaggagtt
    24181 cgagaccagc ccggcccacg tggtgaaacc cccgtctcta ctgaaaatac gaaatggagt
    24241 caggcgccgt ggggcaggca cctgtaaccc cagctactcg ggaggctggg gtggaagaat
    24301 tgcttgaacc tggcaggcgg aggctgcagt gacccaagat cgcaccactg cactacagcc
    24361 tgggcgacag agtgagaccc ggtctccaga taaatacgta cataaataaa tacacacata
    24421 catacataca tacatacaac atacatacat acagatatac aagaaagaaa aaaagaaaag
    24481 aaaagaaaga gaaaatgaaa gaaaaggcac tgtattgcta ctgggctagg gccttctctc
    24541 tgtctgtttc tctctgttcg tctctgtctt tctctctgtg tctctttctc tgtctgtctg
    24601 tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctc tttctttctt tctgtctctg tctttgtccc tctctctccc
    24661 tctctgccct gtctcactgt gtctgtcttc tatcttactc tctttctctc cccgtctgtc
    24721 tctctctcac tccctccctg tctgtttctc tctctctctc tttctgtctg tttctgtctc
    24781 tctctgtctg cctctctctt tctctatctg tctctttctc tgtctgtctg cccctctctt
    24841 tctttttctg tgtctctctg tctgtctctc tctctctctg tgcctatctt ctgtcttact
    24901 ctctttctct gcctgtctgt ctgtctctct ctgtctctcc ctccctttct gcttctctct
    24961 ctctctctct ctctnnnccc tccctgtctg tttctctctg tctccctctc tttctgtctg
    25021 tttctcactg tctctctctg tctgtctgtt tcattctctc tgtctctgtc tctgtctctc
    25081 tctctctctg tctctccctc tctgtgtgta tcttttgtct tactctcctt ctctgcctgt
    25141 ccgtctgtct gtctgtctct ctctctccct gtccctctct ctttctgtct gtttctctct
    25201 ctctctctct ctctctctct ctgtctctgt ctttctctgt ctgtcccttt ctctgtctgt
    25261 ctgcctctct ctttctcttt ctgtgtctct ctgtctctct ctctgtgcct atcttctgtc
    25321 ttactctctt tctctgcctg tctatctgtc tgtctctctc tgtctctctc cctgcctttc
    25381 tgtttctctc tctctccctc tctcgctctc tctgtctttc tctctttctc tctgtttctc
    25441 tgtctctctc tgtccgtctc tgtctttttc tgtctgtctg tctctctctt tctttctgtc
    25501 gtctgtctct gtctctgtct ctgtctctct ctctctctct ctccttgtct ctctcactgt
    25561 gtctgtcttc tgtcttactc tccttctctg cctgtccatc tgtctgtctg tctctctctc
    25621 tctctcccta cctttctgtt tctctctcgc tagctctctc tctctctgcc tgtttctctc
    25681 tttctctctc tgtctttctc tgtctgtctc tttctctgtc tgtctgtctc tttctctctg
    25741 tctctgtctc tgtctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tgcctctctc actgtgtctg
    25801 tcttctgtct tattctcttt ctctctctgt ctctctctct ctctccttta ctgtctgttt
    25861 ctctctctct ctctctcttt ctgcctgttt ctctctgtct gtctctgtct ttctctgtct
    25921 gtctgcctct ctctttcttt ttctgcgtct ctctgtctct ctctctctct ctctgttcct
    25981 atcttctgtc ttactctgtt tccttgcctg cctgcctgtc tgtgtgtctg tctctctctc
    26041 tctctctctc tctctctccc tccctttctc tttctctgtc tctctctctc tttctgggtg
    26101 tttctctctg tctctctgtc catctctgtc tttctatgtc tgtctctctc tttctctctg
    26161 tctctgtctc tgcctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctgtctgtc tctctcactg
    26221 tgtgtgtctg tcttctgtct tactctcctt ctctgcctgt ccgtctgtct gtctgtctct
    26281 ccctctctct ccctcccttt ctgtttctct ctctctctct ttctgtctgt ttctctcttt
    26341 ctctctctgt ctgtctcttt ctctgtctgt ctgtctctct ctttcttttt ctctgtctct
    26401 ctgtctctct ctgtgtctgt ctctctgtct gtgcctatct tctgtcttac tctctttctc
    26461 tggctgtctg cctgtctctc tctctctctc tgtctgtctc cgtccctctc tccctgtctg
    26521 tctgtttctc tctctgcctc tctctctctc tgtctgtctc tttctctgtc tgtctgtctc
    26581 tctctttctt tttctctgtc tctctgtctc tctctgtgtc tgtctctctt tctgtgccta
    26641 tcttctgtct tactctcttt ctctggctgt ctgcctgtct ctctctctct gcctgtctcc
    26701 gtccctccct ccctgtctgt ctgtttctct ctctgtctct gtctctctgt ccatctctgt
    26761 ctgtctcttt ctctttctct ctctctgtct ctgtctctct ctctctctgc ctgtctctct
    26821 cactgtgtct gtcttctgtc ttactctctt tctcttgcct gcctctctgt ctgtctgtct
    26881 ctctccctcc atgtctctct ctctctctca ctcactctct ctccgtctct ctctctttct
    26941 gtctgtttct ctctctgtct gtctctctcc ctccatgtct ctctctctct ctctcactca
    27001 ctctctctcc gtctctctct ctctttctgt ctgtttctct ctctgtctgt ctctctccct
    27061 ccatgtctct ctctctccct ctcactcact ctctctccgt ctctctctct ctttctgtct
    27121 gtttctttgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct
    27181 ctctctgttt gtctttctcc ctccctgtct gtctgtctgt ctctctctct ctgtctctgt
    27241 ctctgtctct ctctctttct ctttctgtct gtttctctct atctctcgct gtccatctct
    27301 gtctttctat gtctgtctct ttctctgtca gtctgtcaga cacacccgtg ccggtagggc
    27361 cctgcccttc cacgagagtg agaagcgcgt gcttcggtgc ttagagaggc cgagaggaat
    27421 ctagacaggc gggccttgct gggcttcccc actcggtgta cgatttcggg aggtcgaggc
    27481 cgggtccccg cttggatgcg aggggcattt tcagactttt ctctcggtca cgtgtggcgt
    27541 ccgtacttct cctatttccc cgataagtct cctcgacttc aacataaact gttaaggccg
    27601 gacgccaaca cggcgaaacc ccgtctctac taaaaataca aagctgagtc gggagcggtg
    27661 gggcaggccc tgtaatgcca gctcctcggg aggctgaggc gggagaatcg cttgaaccag
    27721 ggaagcggag gctgcaggga gccgagatcg cgccactgca ctacggccca ggctgtagag
    27781 tgagtgagac tcggtctcta aataaatacg gaaattaatt aattcattaa ttcttttccc
    27841 tgctgacgga catttgcagg caggcatcgg ttgtcttcgg gcatcaccta gcggccactg
    27901 ttattgaaag tcgacgttga cacggaggga ggtctcgccg acttcaccga gcctggggca
    27961 acgggtttct ctctctccct tctggaggcc cctccctctc tccctcgttg cctagggaac
    28021 ctcgcctagg gaacctccgc cctgggggcc ctattgttct ttgatcggcg ctttactttt
    28081 ctttgtgttt tggcgcctag actcttctac ttgggctttg ggaagggtca gtttaatttt
    28141 caagttgccc cccggctccc cccactaccc acgtcccttc accttaattt agtgagncgg
    28201 ttaggtgggt ttcccccaaa ccgccccccc ccccccgcct cccaacaccc tgcttggaaa
    28261 ccttccagag ccaccccggt gtgcctccgt cttctctccc cttcccccac cccttgccgg
    28321 cgatctcatt cttgccaggc tgacatttgc atcggtgggc gtcaggcctc actcgggggc
    28381 caccgttttt gaagatgggg gcggcacggt cccacttccc cggaggcagc ttgggccgat
    28441 ggcatagccc cttgacccgc gtgggcaagc gggcgggtct gcagttgtga ggcttttccc
    28501 cccgctgctt cccgctcagg cctccctccc taggaaagct tcaccctggc tgggtctcgg
    28561 tcacctttta tcacgatgtt ttagtttctc cgccctccgg ccagcagagt ttcacaatgc
    28621 gaagggcgcc acggctctag tctgggcctt ctcagtactt gcccaaaata gaaacgcttt
    28681 ctgaaaacta ataactttnc tcacttaaga tttccaggga cggcgccttg gcccgtgttt
    28741 gttggcttgt tttgtttcgt tctgttttgt tttgttcgtg tttttccttt ctcgtatgtc
    28801 tttcttttca ggtgaagtag aaatccccag ttttcaggaa gacgtctatt ttccccaaga
    28861 cacgttagct gccgtttttt cctgttgtga actagcgctt ttgtgactct ctcaacgctg
    28921 cagtgagagc cggttgatgt ttacnatcct tcatcatgac atcttatttt ctagaaatcc
    28981 gtaggcgaat gctgctgctg ctcttgttgc tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg tcgtcgttgc
    29041 tgttgtcgtt gtcgttgttg ttgtcgttgt cgttgttttc aaagtatacc ccggccaccg
    29101 tttatgggat caaaagcatt ataaaatatg tgtgattatt tcttgagcac gcccttcctc
    29161 cccctctctc tgtctctctg tctgtctctg tctctctctt tctctgtctg tcttctctct
    29221 ctctctctct ctgtgtctct ctctctctgc ctgtctgttt ctctctctct gcctctctct
    29281 ctctctctct ctctgcctgt ctctctcact gtgtctgtct tctgtcttac tccctttctc
    29341 tgtctgtctg tcggtctctc tctctctctc tccctgtctg tatgtttctc tctgtctctg
    29401 tctctctctc tctttctgtt tctctctctc cgtctctgtc tttctctgac tgtctctctc
    29461 tttccttctc tctgtctctc tctgcctgtc tctctcactc tgtcttctgt cttatctctc
    29521 tctctgcctg cctgtctctc tcactctctc tctctgtgtg tctctctctc tctttctgtt
    29581 tctctctgtc tctctgtccg tctctgtctt tctctgtctg tctctttgtc tgtctgtctt
    29641 tgtctttcct tctctctgtc tctgtctctc tcactgtgtc tgtcttctgt cttagtctct
    29701 ctctctctct ctccctgtct gtctgtctct ctctctctct ccccctgtct gtttctctct
    29761 ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgtcttt gtctttcttt ctgtctctgt ctctctctct
    29821 ctctctgtgt gtctgtcttc tgtcttactg tctttctctg cctgtctgtc tgtctgtctc
    29881 tctctgtctg tctctctctc tctctccccc tgtcggctgt ttctctgtct ctgtctgtgt
    29941 ctctctttct gtctgtttct ctctgtctgt ctttctctct ctgtctcttt ctctctgtct
    30001 ctctgtctgt ctctgtctct ctctctgtct ctctctctct gtgggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt
    30061 gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgccttctg tcttactctc tttctctgcc
    30121 tgtctgtctg cctgtctgtt tgtctctctc tctctgcctg tctctctccc ttcctgtctg
    30181 tttctctctc tttctgtttc tctctgtctc tgtccatctc tgtctttctc cgtctgtctc
    30241 tttatctgtc tctctccgtc tgtctcttta tctgtctctc tctctctttc tgtctttctc
    30301 tctctgtgta tcgttgtctc tctctgtctg tctctgtctc tgtctctctg tctctctctc
    30361 tctctctctc tctctgtctg tctgtccgtc tgtctgtctc ggtctctgcg tctcgctatc
    30421 tcccgccctc tctttttttg caaaagaagc tcaagtacat ctaatctaat cccttaccaa
    30481 ggcctgaatt cttcacttct gacatcccag atttgatctc cctacagaat gctgtacaga
    30541 actggcgagt tgatttctgg acttggatac ctcatagaaa ctacatatga ataaagatcc
    30601 aatcctaaaa tctggggtgg cttctccctc gactgtctcg aaaaatcgta cctctgttcc
    30661 cctaggatgc cggaagagtt ttctcaatgt gcatctgccc gtgtcctaag tgatctgtga
    30721 ccgagccctg tccgtcctgt ctcaaatatg tacgtgcaaa cacttctctc catttccaca
    30781 actacccacg gccccttgtg gaaccactgg ctctttgaaa aaaatcccag aagtggtttt
    30841 ggctttttgg ctaggaggcc taagcctgct gagaactttc ctgcccagga tcctcgggac
    30901 catgcttgct agcgctggat gagtctctgg aaggacgcac gggactccgc aaagctgacc
    30961 tgtcccaccg aggtcaaatg gatacctctg cattggcccg aggcctccga agtacatcac
    31021 cgtcaccaac cgtcaccgtc agcatccttg tgagcctgcc caaggccccg cctccgggga
    31081 gactcttggg agcccggcct tcgtcggcta aagtccaaag ggatggtgac ttccacccac
    31141 aaggtcccac tgaacggcga agatgtggag cgtaggtcag agaggggacc aggaggggag
    31201 acgtcccgac aggcgacgag ttcccaaggc tctggccacc ccacccacgc cccacgcccc
    31261 acgtcccggg cacccgcggg acaccgccgc tttatcccct cctctgtcca cagccggccc
    31321 caccccacca cgcaacccac gcacacacgc tggaggttcc aaaaccacac ggtgtgacta
    31381 gagcctgacg gagcgagagc ccatttcacg aggtgggagg ggtgggggtg gggtgggttg
    31441 ggggttgtgg ggtctgtggc gagcccgatt ctccctcttg ggtggctaca ggctagaaat
    31501 gaatatcgct tcttgggggg aggggcttcc ttaggccatc accgcttgcg ggactacctc
    31561 tcaaaccctc ccttgaggcc acaaaataga ttccacccca cccatcgacg tttcccccgg
    31621 gtgctggatg tatcctgtca agagacctga gcctgacacc gtcgaattaa acaccttgac
    31681 tggctttgtg tgtttgtttg tttctgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtccccc aggctggagt
    31741 gcagtggcgt gatctcagct cactggaacc tctgcctcct gggttcaagt gattctcctg
    31801 tctcagcgcc accatggccg gctcattttt tttttttttt tttttggtag acacggggtt
    31861 tcaccctctt tcattggttt tcactggaga ttctagattc gagccacacc tcattccgtg
    31921 ccacagagag acttcttttt tttttttttt tttttaagcg caacgcaaca tgtctgcctt
    31981 atttgagtgg cttcctatat cattataatt gtgttataga tgaagaaacg gtattaaaca
    32041 ctgtgctaat gatagtgaaa gtgaagacaa aagaaaggct atctattttg tggttagaat
    32101 aaagttgctc agtatttaga agctacctaa atacgtcagc atttacactc ttcctagtaa
    32161 aagctggccg atctgaataa tcctccttta aacaaacaca atttttgata gggttaagat
    32221 ttttttaaga atgcgactcc tgcaaaatag ctgaacagac gatacacatt taaaaaaata
    32281 acaacacaag gatcaaccag acttgggaaa aaatcgaaaa ccacacaagt cttatgaaga
    32341 actgagttct taaaatagga cggagaacgt agctatcgga agagaaggca gtattggcaa
    32401 gttgattgtt acgttggtca gcagtagctg gcactatctt tttggccatc tttcgggcaa
    32461 tgtaactact acagcaaaat gagatatgat ccattaaaca acatattcgc aaatcaaaaa
    32521 gtgtttcagt aatataatgc ttcagattta gaagcaaatc aaatgataga actccactgc
    32581 tgtaataagt caccccaaag atcaccgtat ctgacaaaat aactaccaca gggttatgac
    32641 ttcagaatca tactttcttc ttgatattta cttatgtatt tatttttttt aatttatttc
    32701 tcttgagacg cgtctcgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc gatggtgtga tctcggctca
    32761 ctgcaaccgc cacctccctg ggttcaagcg attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg
    32821 ggactacagg tgcccgccac cacgcccagc taatctttat acttttaata gagacggggt
    32881 ttcaccgtgt cggcccggat ggtctcgatc tcttgacctc gtgacccgcc cgcctcggcc
    32941 tcccaaagtg ctgggatgac aggcgtgagc cactgagccc ggccttctct tgacgtttaa
    33001 actatgaagt cagtccagag aaacgcaata aatgtcaacg gtgaggatgg tgttgaggca
    33061 gaagtaggac cacacttttt cctatcttat tcagttgata acaatatgac ctaggtagta
    33121 atttcctatg tgcctactta tacacgagta caaaagagta aaacagagag actgctaaat
    33181 taaagggtac gtgaagttct tcatagtaac tccgtaaact ggaacactgt caaaaagcag
    33241 cagctagtga attgtttcca tgtatttttc tattatccaa taagtgaact atgctattcc
    33301 tttccagtct cccaagcact tcttgtcccc atcaccactt cggtgctcga agaaaaagta
    33361 agcaaatcaa ggaacacaag ctaaagaaac acacacacaa accaaagaca actacagcgt
    33421 ctgcaaaagt ttgctagaag actgaaactg ttgagtataa ggatctggta ttctacgatc
    33481 atgagttcac ttcagagttt gttcaagaca tacgtttcgt aaggaaacat cttagttaga
    33541 agttattcag cagtaggtac catccctaag tatttttcac caaatccgtg acaataaaga
    33601 gctatctaac cagaaaaatt agcgagtacg ggcaccatcc atagggcttt gtctttacgc
    33661 ttcattagca cttaccatgc cttacaatgt ctaggattga ccctgatagc atttcgaaaa
    33721 caagctaatg ctttgtccag ttcttcagtg aagacaactc acgccctaat gcgctatagg
    33781 cataagcatc atttggatcc acttcgagag ttctctggaa gaattgaatc gcaatatcgt
    33841 gttcccgttt gcagaccgaa acagtttccc tgcagcacac caggcctctg gctggcgaat
    33901 ttttatccat gtctgtgaag tctttggaca gaactgaaag agcaacctct ttcggaggat
    33961 gccaaagtgt tgtagagtag atctccatgc cttcgactct gtaattctca atcctcctaa
    34021 cctctgagaa ttgtctttca gcttgcgtgg actctgaaag tttacaatag gccntttccg
    34081 atttggcaca gtacccaacc ggtattgcag tggtgagaag ctagatggct caagatgctg
    34141 atagcttctt tgccgtggta agaacacaaa gctaaataac ctttccccct ttcacgaaga
    34201 aggctcatca agccttccgc tgctgctttt tgtagattaa aagcctgaat ctgaggcgcg
    34261 attgcggcta ttttcccttc tgaaatgacg gaagagtcca attttgtcac ttccaggcta
    34321 tcacttatgt tcggtggagt tattgctcct ttattagttt tacttttggt tcttctgttt
    34381 gggattttag gtggaaactt catttttaat tttctcctaa ttctcctcgg ttgtggagct
    34441 gtcactagtc aagagtcgtg aatttcttcg aggncggtgc atttggggga gatgccatag
    34501 tggggctcaa tacctgaggt gttgcccttg tcggcggacc agaactttgt gtttttgcaa
    34561 ggactggagt tacctttcgg ctctttcccc tctgcgagaa gacagacggt gttccggttt
    34621 ggccgattct ggcaacaggc ttttctgaag gggctccggt ggatggcacg tcagtgacag
    34681 acggtgtctc ataccagtgc agttttgtca atagggtccg tctccgggac ttggggtttc
    34741 taatggcaaa atgccaacac ttggggttaa tggactaaca gctgctggtc ctcctaataa
    34801 acttcgacca gtttttggtt tatgttgaac ctgtttagat catatggaag ttcctgttcc
    34861 cagtgggaca gtatcaggtg aaaggacagc tgaatcgata gaagacactg gggagtctgt
    34921 attcaaggag tactttgaat tggaagattc taaattccat ccgtttcatt cgacggtgtc
    34981 ctggggtgtt tccgtaagaa cggtctcggg ctgtctgtga cataaactag gacgaggtcc
    35041 aagtgttgtg gcgcaacact tggacaggca gttgctaaag ctctctagag aggtgaatca
    35101 aaatgtttgg tcaggatctg gcttttcccc cctatttcac atcatgattc aaagggacac
    35161 cagaggaaag gatttcaacg aaggctcttt tggtcacatt ctgatccttt ggtaagccga
    35221 tctgtcttgc aatatacatg tcccgacgat ggaaggggaa agcgagctga atcaccaaac
    35281 tcaggaacga taatatcatc gtggcttttc tgcttatgaa acactccacc cgataagatt
    35341 tgatcccctt ctgcaagctt gctgagatca acacaacatt tcgcaagcag gcatttgcat
    35401 tgcggggtag tacaactgtg tcctttcaag agtctatatg ttttataggc ctttcctgag
    35461 cggtaagaac aggtcgccag taagaacaag gcttcttctg agtgtacttc tgcataaagg
    35521 cgttctgcgg gggaaaccgc atctcggtag gcatagtggt ttagtgcttg ccatatagca
    35581 gcctggacgg gtccctgcag caccgccatc ctcgaggctc aggcccactt tctgcagtgc
    35641 cacaggcacc cccccccccc catagcggct ccggcccggc cagccccggc tcatttaaag
    35701 gcaccagccg ccgttaccgg gggatggggg agtccgagac agaatgactt ctttatcctg
    35761 ctgactctgg aaagcccggc gccttgtgat ccattgcaaa ccgagagtca cctcgtgttt
    35821 agaacacgga tccactccca agttcagtgg ggggatgtga ggggtgtggc aggtaggacg
    35881 aaggactctc ttccttctga ttcggtctgc acagtggggc ctagggctgg agctctctcc
    35941 gtgcggaccg ctgactccct ctaccttggg ttccctcggc cccaccctgg aacgccgggc
    36001 cttggcagat tctggccctt tctggccctt cagtcgctgt cagaaacccc atctcatgct
    36061 cggatgcccc gagtgactgt ggctcgcacc tctccggaaa cattggaaat ctctcctcta
    36121 cgcgcggcca cctgaaacca caggagctcg ggacacacgt gctttcggga gagaatgctg
    36181 agagtctctc gccgactctc tcttgacttg agttcttcgt gggtgcgtgg ttaagacgta
    36241 gtgagaccag atgtattaac tcaggccggg tgctggtggc tcacgcctgt aaccccaaca
    36301 ctttgggagg ccgaggccgt aggatccctc gaggaatcgc ctaaccctgg ggaggttgag
    36361 gttgcagtga gtgagccata gttgtgtcac tgtgctccag tctgggcgaa agacagaatg
    36421 aggccctgcc acaggcaggc aggcaggcag gcaggcagaa agacaacagc tgtattatgt
    36481 tcttctcagg gtaggaagca aaaataacag aatacagcac ttaattaatt tttttttttt
    36541 ccttcggacg gagtttcact cttggtgccc acgctggagt gcagtggcac catctcggct
    36601 caccgcaacc tccacctccc gcgttcaagc gattctcctg cctcagcctc ctgagtagct
    36661 gggattacag ggaggagcca ccacacccag ctgattttgt attgttagta gagacggcat
    36721 ttctccatgt gggtcaggct ggtctcgaac tggcgacccc agtggatctg cccgccccgg
    36781 cctcccaaag tgctggggtg acaggcgtga gccatcgtga ctggccggct acgtttattt
    36841 atttattttt ttaattattt tacttttttt tagttttcca ttttaatcta tttatttatt
    36901 tacatttatt tatttattta tttatttact tatttattta ttttcgagac agactctcgc
    36961 tctgctgccc aggctggagt gcagcggcgt gatctcggct cactgcaacg tccgcctccc
    37021 gggttcacgc cattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggactacag gcgcccgcca
    37081 ccgtgcccgg ctaacttttt gtattttgag tagagatggg gtttcactgt ggtagccagg
    37141 atggtctcga tctcctgacc ccgtgatccg tccacctcgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatg
    37201 acaggcgtga gccaccggcc ccggcctatt tatctattta ttaactttga gtccaggtta
    37261 tgaaaccagt tagtttttgt aatttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga cgaggtttca
    37321 ccgtgttgcc aaggcttgga ccgagggatc caccggccct cggcctccca aaagtgcggg
    37381 gatgacaggc gcgagcctac cgcgcccgga cccccccttt ccccttcccc cgcttgtctt
    37441 cccgacagac agtttcacgg cagagcgttt ggctggcgtg cttaaactca ttctaaatag
    37501 aaatttggga cgtcagcttc tggcctcacg gactctgagc cgaggagtcc cctggtctgt
    37561 ctatcacagg accgtacacg taaggaggag aaaaatcgta acgttcaaag tcagtcattt
    37621 tgtgatacag aaatacacgg attcacccaa aacacagaaa ccagtctttt agaaatggcc
    37681 ttagccctgg tgtccgtgcc agtgattctt ttcggtttgg accttgactg agaggattcc
    37741 cagtcggtct ctcgtctctg gacggaagtt ccagatgatc cgatgggtgg gggacttagg
    37801 ctgcgtcccc ccaggagccc tggtcgatta gttgtgggga tcgccttgga gggcgcggtg
    37861 acccactgtg ctgtgggagc ctccatcctt ccccccaccc cctccccagg gggatcccaa
    37921 ttcattccgg gctgacacgc tcactggcag gcgtcgggca tcacctagcg gtcactgtta
    37981 ctctgaaaac ggaggcctca cagaggaagg gagcaccagg ccgcctgcgc acagcctggg
    38041 gcaactgtgt cttctccacc gcccccgccc ccacctccaa gttcctccct cccttgttgc
    38101 ctaggaaatc gccactttga cgaccgggtc tgattgacct ttgatcaggc aaaaacgaac
    38161 aaacagataa ataaataaaa taacacaaaa gtaactaact aaataaaata agtcaataca
    38221 acccattaca atacaataag atacgatacg ataggatgcg ataggatacg ataggataca
    38281 atacaatagg atacgataca atacaataca atacaataca atacaataca atacaataca
    38341 atacaataca atacaatacg ccgggcgcgg tggctcatgc ctgtcatccc gtcactttgg
    38401 gatgccgagg tggacgcatc acctgaagtc gggagttgga gacaagcccg accaacatgg
    38461 agaaatcccg tctcaattga aaatacaaaa ctagccgggc gcggtggcac atgcctataa
    38521 tcccagctgc taggaaggct gaggcaggag aatcgcttga acctgggaag cggaggttgc
    38581 agtgagccga gattgcgcca tcgcactcca gtctgagcaa caagagcgaa actccgtctc
    38641 aaaaataaat acataaataa atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac
    38701 ataaattaaa ataaataaat aaaataaaat aaataaatgg gccctgcgcg gtggctcaag
    38761 cctgtcatcc cctcactttg ggaggccaag gccggtggat caagaggcgg tcagaccaac
    38821 agggccagta tggtgaaacc ccgtctctac tcacaataca caacattagc cgggcgctgt
    38881 gctgtgctgt actgtctgta atcccagcta ctcgggaggc cgagctgagg caggagaatc
    38941 gcttgaacct gggaggcgga ggttgcagtg agccgagatc gcgccactgc aacccagcct
    39001 gggcgacaga gcgagactcc gtctccaaaa aatgaaaatg aaaatgaaac gcaacaaaat
    39061 aattaaaaag tgagtttctg gggaaaaaga agaaaagaaa aaagaaaaaa acaacaaaac
    39121 agaacaaccc caccgtgaca tacacgtacg cttctcgcct ttcgaggcct caaacacgtt
    39181 aggaattatg cgtgatttct ttttttaact tcattttatg ttattatcat gattgatgtt
    39241 tcgagacgga gtctcggagg cccgccctcc ctggttgccc agacaacccc gggagacaga
    39301 ccctggctgg gcccgattgt tcttctcctt ggtcaggggt ttccttgtct ttcttcgtgt
    39361 ctttaacccg cgtggactct tccgcctcgg gtttgacaga tggcagctcc actttaggcc
    39421 ttgttgttgt tggggacttt cctgattctc cccagatgta gtgaaagcag gtagattgcc
    39481 ttgcctggcc ttgcctggcc ttgccttttc tttctttctt tctttcttta ttactttctc
    39541 tttttcttct tcttcttctt cttttttttg agacagagtt tcactcttgt tgcccaggct
    39601 agagggcaat ggcgcgatct cggctcaccg caccctccgc ctcccaggtt caagcgattc
    39661 tcctgcctca gcctcctgat tagctgggat tacaggcatg ggccaccgtg ctggctgatg
    39721 tttgtacttt tagtagagac ggtgtttttc catgttggtc aggctggtct cccactccca
    39781 acctcaggtg gtccgcctgc cttagcctcc caaagtgctg ggatgacagg cgtgcaaccg
    39841 cgcccagcct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcgctcgct tgcttgcttg ctttcgtgct
    39901 ttcttgcttt cccgttttct tgctttcttt ctttctttcg tttctttcat gcttgctttc
    39961 ttgcttgctt gcttgctttc gtgctttctt gctttcctgt tttctttctt tctttctttc
    40021 tttctttctt ttgtttcttt cttgcttgct ttcttgcttg cttgcttgct ttcgtgcttt
    40081 cttgctttcc tgttttcttt ctttctttct ttcttttctt tctttcttgc ttgctttcct
    40141 gcttgcttgc tttcgtgctt tcttgttttc tcgatttctt tctttctttt gtttctttcc
    40201 tgcttgcttt cttgcttgct tgctttcgtg cttcttgctt tcctgttttc tttctttctt
    40261 tctttctttt gtttctttct tgcttgcttt cttgcttgct tgctttcgtg ctgtcttgtt
    40321 tctcgatttc tttctttctt ttgtttcttt cctgcttgct ttcttgcttg attgctttcg
    40381 tgctttcttg ctttcttgtt ttctttcttt cttttgtttc tttctttctt gcttccttgt
    40441 tttcttgctt tcttgcttgc ttgctttcgt gctttcttgt tttcttgctt tctttctttt
    40501 gtttctttct tgcttgcttt cttgcttcct tgttttcttg ctttcttgct tgcttgcttt
    40561 cgtgctttct ttcttgcttt cttttctttc tttcttttct ttttctttct ttcttgcttt
    40621 cttttctttc atcatcatct ttctttcttt cctttctttc tttctttctt tctatctttc
    40681 tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctgtt tcgtcctttt gagacagagt
    40741 ttcactcttg tttccacggc tagagtgcaa tggcgcgatc ttggctcacc gcaccttccg
    40801 cctcccgggt tcgagcgctt ctcctgcctc cagcctcccg attagcgggg attgacaggg
    40861 aggcaccccc acgcctggct tggctgatgt ttgtgttttt agtaggcacg ccgtgtctct
    40921 ccatgttgct caggctggtc tccaactccc gacctcctgt gatgcgccca cctcggcctc
    40981 tcgaagtgct gggatgacgg gcgtgacgac cgtgcccggc ctgttgactc atttcgcttt
    41041 tttatttctt tcgtttccac gcgtttactt atatgtatta atgtaaacgt ttctgtacgc
    41101 ttatatgcaa acaacgacaa cgtgtatctc tgcattgaat actcttgcgt atggtaaata
    41161 cgtatcggtt gtatggaaat agacttctgt atgatagatg taggtgtctg tgttatacaa
    41221 ataaatacac atcgctctat aaagaaggga tcgtcgataa agacgtttat tttacgtatg
    41281 aaaagcgtcg tatttatgtg tgtaaatgaa ccgagcgtac gtagttatct ctgttttctt
    41341 tcttcctctc cttcgtgttt ttcttccttc ctttcttcct ttctctcctt ctttaggttt
    41401 ttcttcctct cttcctttcc ttctttctct ctttctgtcc ttttttcctt cgtgctttat
    41461 ttctctttcg ttccctgtgt ttccttcttt tttctttcct ctctgtttct ttttcccttc
    41521 tttccttcgt ttctttcctc attctttctc tctttttcgt tgtttctttc cttcccgtct
    41581 gtcttttaaa aaattggagt gtttcagaag tttactttgt gtatctacgt tttctaaatt
    41641 gtctctcttt tctccatttt cttcctccct ccctccctcc ctccctgctc ccttccctcc
    41701 ctccttccct ttcgccatct gtctcttttc cccactcccc tccccccgtc tgtctctgcg
    41761 tggattccgg aagagcctac cgattctgcc tctccgtgtg tctgcagcga ccccgcgacc
    41821 gagtccttgt gtgttctttc tccctccctc cctccctccc tccctccctc cctccctgct
    41881 tccgagaggc atctccagag accgcgccgt gggttgtctt ctgactctgt cgcggtcgag
    41941 gcagagacgc gttttgggca ccgtttgtgt ggggttgggg cagaggggct gcgttttcgg
    42001 cctcgggaag agcttctcga ctcacggttt cgctttcgcg gtccacgggc cgccctgcca
    42061 gccggatctg tctcgctgac gtccgcggcg gttgtcgggc tccatctggc ggccgctttg
    42121 agatcgtgct ctcggcttcc ggagctgcgg tggcagctgc cgagggaggg gaccgtcccc
    42181 gctgtgagct aggcagagct ccggaaagcc cgcggtcgtc agcccggctg gcccggtggc
    42241 gccagagctg tggccggtcg cttgtgagtc acagctctgg cgtgcaggtt tatgtggggg
    42301 agaggctgtc gctgcgcttc tgggcccgcg gcgggcgtgg ggctgcccgg gccggtcgac
    42361 cagcgcgccg tagctcccga ggcccgagcc gcgacccggc ggacccgccg cgcgtggcgg
    42421 aggctgggga cgcccttccc ggcccggtcg cggtccgctc atcctggccg tctgaggcgg
    42481 cggccgaatt cgtttccgag atccccgtgg ggagccgggg accgtcccgc ccccgtcccc
    42541 cgggtgccgg ggagcggtcc ccgggccggg ccgcggtccc tctgccgcga tcctttctgg
    42601 cgagtccccg tggccagtcg gagagcgctc cctgagccgg tgcggcccga gaggtcgcgc
    42661 tggccggcct tcggtccctc gtgtgtcccg gtcgtaggag gggccggccg aaaatgcttc
    42721 cggctcccgc tctggagaca cgggccggcc cctgcgtgtg gccagggcgg ccgggagggc
    42781 tccccggccc ggcgctgtcc ccgcgtgtgt ccttgggttg accagaggga ccccgggcgc
    42841 tccgtgtgtg gctgcgatgg tggcgttttt ggggacaggt gtccgtgtcc gtgtcgcgcg
    42901 tcgcctgggc cggcggcgtg gtcggtgacg cgacctcccg gccccggggg aggtatatct
    42961 ttcgctccga gtcggcaatt ttgggccgcc gggttatat