LOCUS       HSU07000              152141 bp    DNA     linear   HUM 12-JAN-2001
DEFINITION  Human breakpoint cluster region (BCR) gene, complete cds.
VERSION     U07000.1
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
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  AUTHORS   Roe,B.A.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (22-FEB-1994) Bruce A. Roe, Dept. of Chemistry and
            Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma, 620 Parrington Oval, Room
            208, Norman, OK 73019, USA
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..152141
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     source          1..39480
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /clone="cos 7-1"
                     /cell_line="K562 CML"
     source          37039..58263
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /cell_line="K562 CML"
     source          53441..93816
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /cell_line="K562 CML"
     source          85435..124633
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /cell_line="K562 CML"
     source          115221..152141
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /cell_line="human lung carcinoma tissue"
     repeat_region   <1..259
     repeat_region   complement(5049..5343)
     repeat_region   5650..5941
     repeat_region   6732..7042
     repeat_region   complement(7199..7539)
     repeat_region   complement(7865..8107)
     repeat_region   8749..8975
     repeat_region   complement(9245..9545)
     repeat_region   12200..12510
     protein_bind    13650..13664
     misc_difference 13658
     protein_bind    13684..13696
     protein_bind    13711..13725
     protein_bind    13755..13774
     protein_bind    13818..13828
     misc_difference 13945
     repeat_region   13983..14521
     protein_bind    14061..14082
     misc_difference 14096
     misc_difference 14269
     misc_difference 14302
     misc_difference 14366
     protein_bind    14411..14435
     misc_difference 14459^14460
     misc_difference 14477
     misc_difference 14481
     protein_bind    14486..14499
     misc_difference 14494
     misc_difference 14506
     regulatory      14517..14521
     misc_difference 14522^14523
     misc_difference 14539^14540
     misc_difference 14541^14542
     misc_difference 14544..14546
     misc_difference 14544
     misc_difference 14544^14545
     misc_difference 14548..14549
     misc_difference 14557
     misc_difference 14571
     misc_difference 14573
     misc_difference 14595
     misc_difference 14617..14618
     misc_difference 14628..14632
     protein_bind    14656..14671
     misc_difference 14670..14671
     misc_difference 14670^14671
     misc_difference 14687^14688
     misc_difference 14904
     misc_difference 14931^14932
     misc_difference 14965^14966
     misc_difference 14974^14975
     gene            15039..149600
     CDS             join(15039..16317,87877..88058,95028..95132,95433..95618,
                     /experiment="experimental evidence, no additional details
                     /note="GenBank Accession Numbers Y02596, M24603 and
                     Y00661, citations[2], [3] and [4] respectively, represent
                     the results obtained by sequencing the cDNA of the BCR
                     gene and were used to determine exon spans by comparative
                     sequence analysis. Additionally, the exon spans are in
                     consensus with intron-exon splice junction sequences,
                     citation [5]"
                     /product="breakpoint cluster region protein"
     exon            15039..16317
     misc_difference 15524
     misc_difference 15647
     misc_difference 15899
     repeat_region   16054..16330
     repeat_region   19442..19673
     repeat_region   complement(19798..20096)
     repeat_region   complement(22938..23236)
     repeat_region   complement(23563..23892)
     repeat_region   complement((24225.24248)..24552)
     repeat_region   complement(28473..28789)
     repeat_region   29217..(29511.29556)
     repeat_region   29667..29992
     misc_difference 29979
     misc_difference 30589
     exon            32326..32463
                     /note="alternative exon 1"
     CDS             join(<32329..32463,33292..33432,87880..88059,95028..95132,
                     /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
                     details recorded"
                     /note="the protein coding sequence of the alternative
                     first exon, the alternative second exon and the BCR second
                     exon, from cDNA clone 8a; shares homology with GenBank
                     Accession Number X14675"
                     /product="breakpoint cluster region protein"
     CDS             join(<32329..32463,87880..88059,95028..95132,95433..95618,
                     /inference="non-experimental evidence, no additional
                     details recorded"
                     /note="the protein coding sequence of the alternative
                     first exon and the BCR second exon, from cDNA clone 3c"
                     /product="breakpoint cluster region protein"
     misc_difference 32500
     repeat_region   32914..33214
     exon            33289..33430
                     /note="alternative exon 2"
     misc_difference 33442
     repeat_region   complement(34728..34937)
     repeat_region   complement(35531..35727)
     repeat_region   40346..40681
     repeat_region   (42634.42650)..42951
     repeat_region   43153..43449
     repeat_region   complement((43595.43607)..43869)
     repeat_region   complement(45267..45589)
     misc_feature    55654..55657
                     /note="breakpoint region: 4 bp from chromosome 22 and 6 bp
                     from chromosome 9 are deleted in 9q+ and 22q- sequences at
                     the breakpoint; patient NA with ALL (acute lymphoblastic
     repeat_region   55876..56191
     repeat_region   (58663.58675)..(58975.58992)
     misc_difference 68426
     misc_difference 69236^69237
     misc_feature    69807..69812
                     /note="breakpoint region: 6 bp from chromosome 22 occur in
                     both 9q+ and 22q- sequences at the breakpoint; patient FY
                     with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia)"
     misc_feature    70639..70640
                     /note="breakpoint region: 2 bp homology occurs at the
                     breakpoint between chromosome 9 and chromosome 22
                     sequences; patient SUP-B13 with ALL (acute lymphoblastic
     misc_difference 70688
     misc_feature    73993..73994
                     /note="breakpoint region: 2 bp from chromosome 9 occurs in
                     both 9q+ and 22q- sequences at the breakpoint; patient SA
                     with ANLL (acute non-lymphoblastic leukemia)"
     variation       74381..74404
                     /note="dinucleotide repeat polymorphism, 21 GT repeats in
                     BCR, 9 GT repeats in GenBank Accession Number X13921"
     repeat_region   (74423.74436)..74763
     misc_feature    74656..74657
                     /note="breakpoint region: 1 bp from chromosome 9 and 1 bp
                     from chromosome 22 are deleted during translocation at the
                     breakpoint sequence of 9q+; patient BON with ALL (acute
                     lymphoblastic leukemia)"
     misc_difference 75493
     misc_difference 75894
     misc_difference 76041
     repeat_region   82138..82441
     repeat_region   83225..83531
     repeat_region   complement(86491..86825)
     exon            87877..88058
     exon            95028..95132
     gene            95433..95618
     exon            95433..95618
     repeat_region   complement(95639..95824)
     CDS             <96845..97681
                     /note="ORF in intron 4, is within a GRAIL predicted
                     excellent exon and has homology with GenBank Accession
                     Numbers T10559, T11065 and T11428"
     repeat_region   complement(100334..(100747.100780))
     exon            102486..102593
     exon            105610..105670
     exon            107159..107211
     exon            107712..107852
     repeat_region   (108693.108706)..109014
     repeat_region   (110163.110196)..110500
     repeat_region   112506..112779
     exon            118055..118176
     misc_difference 118117
     misc_difference 118138
     exon            119111..119279
     misc_difference 119260
     exon            121237..121356
     exon            122175..122250
     misc_difference 122879
     exon            123595..123699
     misc_feature    123873..123874
                     /note="breakpoint region: 1 bp from chromosome 9 occurs in
                     both 9q+ and 22q- sequences at the breakpoint; patient
                     0319129 with CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_feature    124033..124034
                     /note="breakpoint region: patient 0311068 with CML
                     (chronic myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_feature    124243..124246
                     /note="breakpoint region: 2 bp homology occurs at the
                     breakpoint between chromosome 9 and chromosome 22
                     sequences; patient 1 with ALL (acute lymphoblastic
     misc_feature    124256..124257
                     /note="breakpoint region: patient 7701C with CML (chronic
                     myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_feature    124384..124385
                     /note="breakpoint region: patient 02120185 with CML
                     (chronic myelogenous leukemia)"
     exon            124417..124491
     misc_feature    124471..124472
                     /note="breakpoint region: within BCR exon 14; 332 bp from
                     chromosome 9 and 257 bp from chromosome 22 occur in both
                     9q+ and 22q- sequences at the breakpoint; patient A with
                     CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_feature    124633..124634
                     /note="breakpoint region: patient K562 with CML (chronic
                     myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_difference 124790
     misc_feature    124960..125047
                     /note="breakpoint region: 88 bp from chromosome 22 and >70
                     kbp from chromosome 9 are deleted between the 9q+ and 22q-
                     breakpoint sequences; patient 83-H84 with CML (chronic
                     myelogenous leukemia)"
     repeat_region   125000..125302
     misc_difference 125143
     misc_feature    125149..125150
                     /note="breakpoint region: patient 1 with CML (chronic
                     myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_feature    125212..125213
                     /note="breakpoint region: patient 2 with CML (chronic
                     myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_feature    125226..125227
                     /note="breakpoint region: patient 3 with CML (chronic
                     myelogenous leukemia)"
     misc_feature    126049..126050
                     /note="breakpoint region: 3 bp homology occurs at the
                     breakpoint between chromosome 9 and chromosome 22; patient
                     ICB1 with CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia)"
     exon            126619..126716
     exon            129102..129233
     repeat_region   (130164.130185)..130482
     repeat_region   complement((132635.132667)..132989)
     repeat_region   complement(133078..133369)
     repeat_region   135119..135408
     repeat_region   138876..139218
     repeat_region   complement(142371..142697)
     exon            143502..143561
     exon            144402..144511
     exon            145775..145914
     exon            146965..147099
     misc_difference 146975
     exon            148046..148151
     exon            148630..148792
     exon            149511..149600
     misc_difference 149765..149766
     misc_difference 149772..149773
     misc_difference 149772
     misc_difference 149794
     misc_difference 149830
     misc_difference 149857
     misc_difference 149871
     misc_difference 149898
     misc_difference 149985
     regulatory      150010..150015
BASE COUNT        33309 a        39653 c        40875 g        38304 t
        1 gatcacgagg tcaggagata gagaccatcc tggctaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctctact
       61 aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc aggcatggtg gcacgcacct gtagtcccag ctacttggga
      121 ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacctgg gaggtggaag ttgcagtgag ccgagatctt
      181 gccactgcat tccagcctgg gtgacggagt gagactctgt cttttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
      241 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggagt gtttccagag acaagcccca atgtgtaagt gcttatcaag
      301 cctctgttta catcacactt gctatatttg gccaaaatgg ggcattttgg ccaaatgtcc
      361 aaagtccaga gtcagtgtgg gaggggattt cataagggtg tgaagaactg gaggtctgat
      421 gcattggggg ccaatatggg ggggtggggt gcaatatagg gaactaaggg agagagtaag
      481 atgaagggct gtgtcccaat gtctgctcct tttttgtcct gaggcaaagc aagggctttc
      541 tccctaagca acagctcctt accctgacct ttgccaatga actcagcata gaggtgcttc
      601 ctcaagaaag cctgctttag cctctccagc tgggtcaggt tgcccttgat ccctatcctg
      661 gtctctttac aattccctta ccgtcctggt ggccttggtg gtctgccttg ttcactgctg
      721 catccccagc accagcctac taagtaagcc ttggaatgag tgcacggcta gtctcacagt
      781 gcagcctcac acgatgttgt taactggtgc tctacacctt ggatcccaag agggcgaggc
      841 cagagcccag gtcacccctg accccagcag gcaccaccac ccaccaccca ctggaaccca
      901 cttgcagtgg aaattctgac ccactgttcc ccaaagcaga agtcatccag gagtggggtg
      961 cctcctgggg gagtagcaag aggccacatt tatggagcac gctctttgtg ccagccccgt
     1021 atgcagtgag gtgctctgga agctcgttta accacagcaa tgctgtgggc tcactaccac
     1081 ccccgccctg tccccgcctg acaggtgggg agactgaggt gcagacagct gaagagatgg
     1141 gacacacctg agcacctcct cctcctctga actcctggtc cctcccctgc ctctgctgcc
     1201 aaccccactt ggagtctaat cccagtggga atctgctgca ggtgccctca cccctggggc
     1261 tcaatgtctc tcagtcagtt gccccagcac actgccaccc agggtcgaac cccaaaagga
     1321 gtttattcgc atggccccaa ccaagctcag ccctcctcag ggtcccccag ctgagccttc
     1381 cccttcactg ccgctccctg caccctcaca atgtgagtct atgattctgt ccttcccagc
     1441 ccagcagcca tggttgacag aggctccaca gggaccggag caaggcagtt gctctcagca
     1501 tctttcaacc ctgtcccctg ggtgcctgcc tgcctccccc tcctcccagc cctgctgcag
     1561 gcctctggag tggagaggag gccagcagga tccattcgac tcacatttca gcctggggga
     1621 tgggatggac cactgtcaga caaacctcac tctctggagg gatgcagggc atcttaaccc
     1681 aggagaactc aggtcaccta caatctaggt aactgaatac tgaaatggac agaggatcgg
     1741 ttaaattgac acgttcactc attcattaac tcttttttta attaatttat tttttttttt
     1801 aaggcaacac agccagggtc tcgctgtgtt gcctgggctg gcctcaaact cccggtctca
     1861 agcaatcctc ctgtctcagc cttctgaaca gctgggacta caggtgcact actgcacctg
     1921 gcttcattga ctaattctca ttttttttga gatggggtct cgcattgtta cccaggctgg
     1981 agtgcaatgg cgtgatcata gctcagtgca actttccatc atcaagcaat ccccccaccc
     2041 cagcctccca agttgttggg actacaggaa tgagccagca tgcccagcta atttttaatt
     2101 ttttttttaa tttcacagag atagggtctg tgttgcccag gctgcactaa ttcttacttg
     2161 ttcatgcatt cagctttcct ggagccccct ttctggccca gccctttgca ttctcccatt
     2221 cactcctccc gcagcccaca cggcagatgc cagcccgacc ccattttcac aggtgagcca
     2281 ggcttggcat ggggcataag ccctgggtcc acacaggcag ggctagactg ggaggcagct
     2341 ccctccagct cttgaagtcc tgggcccccg gggatgctga caggtagcca aggaatccca
     2401 ggcttggagg ggactgcaga gagacacagc aaccaaggga gcccaggaca gggatgagag
     2461 aagacatgtg gggggtttca gaggaagaaa ctcacagcac agagagggac ccctcctctc
     2521 ctgagggaga agcggctcct ggagactggg tggaccctgg gcaccgctcc ccgccacaca
     2581 cacacacaga cacctgccgc ttcaggcact gtgtgagatg cgatgccctc ccagcagttc
     2641 ccaggctcct ctgccatctg ctgtggccta ccaatgtcat ctcccatatg tcagccttcc
     2701 cctgaaggaa actgatgagc agccaggacg tatgactgtc acatgctcct tccaggcagc
     2761 acagaccctt cctggcctcc tcccctttgt ccaggcaccc cctcagtatt cagggccacc
     2821 agccagtgtc taagcctggg ccccaggaag gtgagggagc aggcatggga ctcctgtccc
     2881 tgggcactgt cagcaggctc accccttgtc ttctgggata catggtgggt ggtctgggag
     2941 gcaaaccagg tctgggctcc ctcttccctg acaggtggtt ggcaccccta gcctgagggt
     3001 acactaggcc tctgctcact ggaagccaca gcctggcaca actcactggc cctgtcttcg
     3061 ggaacgagct catcttgtcc cagcaatttc gcctcctgtg aaggctgcca atggtggcca
     3121 ggagactccg ctgggattct cctgactgca gggacctcat caataattga ttctgcagaa
     3181 ggcagtggag ttcctgagga ggggcccagg tctggaaggg aaggttcaca gccccagtca
     3241 ctcggaacct gggaccagca gctccacagg ggctcgtttc tcactggaca aagatggccc
     3301 tcagatcttt gctccgcact ctggctgggg gcaggaataa aggacagctg tattgatggc
     3361 ccagttttct gatcttgccc ccagctccct atggttgata gatgacagat gatggatgac
     3421 agatgatgga tggtggtcac atggccacat cccacttgaa gggagccctc ctctggcctc
     3481 cagcctccca agtgggtggg gacaggggtg gagacagcgc ggaaaaggag caagaaagaa
     3541 caaaagctca cgcaggcttt taattcgggc tcaggcagat ctgagggcag aaagcccagc
     3601 catctacaat gtcttgcctg atggtactga ttgtgactca ggaggttggg ctcaagtctg
     3661 ggcccccagt tattgctatg tgacttgggg aggtcactct ctgagcccgt ttccctgcct
     3721 cttgttgggg taatggctgg ggaggtggaa agaaatcacg ctgaaggacc tcagttccag
     3781 gctggccccc tggtgagggc tggttggata ggacccctga agactgtgtg accctcatga
     3841 gcagagccat tgcacccacc cacaaggggc ctttgggtga attagaaaaa ggtaccttgg
     3901 ctgggtgcgg tggtgcacac ctgtaattct ggcactttgg gaggtggagg tgggcggatc
     3961 gcttgagctc aggaattcga gaacagggca acatggcaaa actgtctcta caaaaactat
     4021 aaaaattagc tgggcatggt ggtgtgtgcc tgtagtccca gctacttgtg aggctgaggt
     4081 ggaaggatcg cttgggccca gaagcttgag actgcagaga gctgagattg tgccactgca
     4141 ctccctccta agcaactgaa caagaccctt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca aaaaaagaaa
     4201 aagccacctg tgcagttccc caaaaagtca aacatagaat tgtcacatga catggcccag
     4261 aaatataccg ttcctaggta tatcctccaa agaactgaaa gcagactcaa acaagtacat
     4321 tgccttagtg ggagcctgcc atagtctagg tggtttttag aacaacagaa atttatttct
     4381 cacagtcccg gaggctggaa gttccagatc agggtgccaa cacggttgga ttctggcaag
     4441 ggcccttttc taggtcacaa actgtagaat tctcactgta tcctcacata gcaaaaagaa
     4501 tttgagagcg ctcttcaggg ttcctttaaa aggccactaa tcccagccag gcacagtggc
     4561 tcacacctgt aatcctagca ctttggcagg ccgaggcgga cagactgcct gagctcagga
     4621 gtttgagaga agcttgggca acatggtgaa aaaaaaacaa attagccggg cgtggtggtg
     4681 agcacctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaagc tgaggcagaa gaattgcttg aacccaggag
     4741 gcggaggttg cagtgagctg agatcatgcc actgcactcc agcctggtga cagagcgaga
     4801 ctccacctca aaataaataa ataaataagg ccactaatcc cattcacgag gactccaccc
     4861 aggacttaac tacctccgag gcacattgag ggttagaatt tcatatatat atatatatat
     4921 atacctacat atttcccact tagagatggg gtctgactat gttccccagg ctggcgtgct
     4981 gtggctattc acaggcacaa tcccactact gattggcaca gaagttttag cctgttgcac
     5041 tttctttttt cttctttttt tttcaaggtg gagtctcact ctgtccccag gctggagtgc
     5101 agtagtgcaa tcttggctca ctgcggcctc tgcctcccgg gttcaagcga tcctcctgcc
     5161 tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactacaggc gtgcaccacc acgcccagcc aatttttgta
     5221 tttttagtag agacaaggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggatg gtctcaatct cctgacctca
     5281 tgatccaccc actgtggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc actgagcctg
     5341 gcctacactt tctacctggg caggttcact cctccttagg aaacctgatg gtcatcatgt
     5401 tgatgaccca ggaagtcatc atactgatgc tgaacttagt gcagacacct gacaggcata
     5461 gtgcactaaa gcccagaact cctagattca agcaaccctc ccacctcagc ctctggagta
     5521 gctggaacta caagtgtgta ccacaatgcc cagctagaat ttcaacatac aaattttggg
     5581 ggacacaaac attcagtcca ttgtatacat gtacatacac attcaagtaa tattattcat
     5641 gctgagcgcg gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcaccttg agaggcagtg ggggtggatc
     5701 acctgaggtc aggagtttga gaccagcctg atcaacatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa
     5761 aaatacaaaa ttagccaggc gtggtggcac gtgcctgtaa tctcagctac tcgggaggct
     5821 gaggcaagag aatcgcttga aactgggagg tagagattgc ggtgagctga gatcttgcca
     5881 ttgcactcca gcctgggcaa caagagcaaa actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa
     5941 aaaaaacaag caatgttatt gacaacagtg aaaaagtgga agccaggatc ggtggcacat
     6001 atctgtagtc agcttcctat ctaacaggcc agtcctcaag cacctggtta ccaggaagaa
     6061 gaaacaaaaa ttgttaaaaa gcacccttcc ttaatgcatt ttatatccat ctgttaaaac
     6121 aattgccatc ataaactgat tctgtaagaa taagacatac aaatggaatc atacaatatg
     6181 tggctttttg tgactgcttc tttcacttag cataatgttt tcaaggctca tccatgttgt
     6241 agcatttatc agtacaatat ttcatttcat ttttttcttt ttcagacagc gtctggttct
     6301 gttgcccctc tggagtgcag tggcactatc atggctcact acaatctctg cctatagtga
     6361 tggtgcgcgt atagtcccag ctacttggga ggctgaggtg ggagaactgc ttgaatccgg
     6421 gaggtggagg ttgctgtgag ccaagatcac accattgtac tccagcctgg gtgacagagc
     6481 gagattctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggccaggtg cagtggctca gcctgtaatc
     6541 ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcgggcaga tcacgaggtc aggagatcaa gaccatggtg
     6601 aaaccccatc tctactaaaa aaatacaaaa aattagccag gcgcggtagt gggtgcctgt
     6661 agtcccagct acttgggagg ctgaggcagg aaatggtatg aacccaggag gcggagcaag
     6721 aatccgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagactg ggcacggtgg ctcacacctt taatcccagc
     6781 actttgggag gccgaggcag ggtggattgt gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta
     6841 acacggtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggtgt ggtggcaggc
     6901 gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcatgaac ccaggaggcg
     6961 gaacttgcag tgagccgaga tcgccccact gcactccagc ctggggtaca gaacgagact
     7021 gcatctaaaa aaaaaaaaag aatgtcatat atttggaatc atacagtatg tagccttttc
     7081 agaatagtgt cttttcatat ggtaataggc atttaagttt cctccatgtt tttccatggc
     7141 ttgtcagctc ctttcttttt agtgctgatt aatattccat tgtctggatg taccacagtt
     7201 tctttctttc tttttttctt ttttttcttt gagacggagt ctcgctctgt cacccaggct
     7261 ggagtgcagt ggcgcgatct ccgctcactg caagctccgc cttccaggtt cacgccattc
     7321 tcctgcctca gcctcccaaa tagctgggac tacaggtgcc tgccaccatg cccagctaat
     7381 tttttgtatt tttagcagag atggggtttc aacatgttag ccaggatgat ctcgatctcc
     7441 tgacctcgtg agccgcccgc ctcggcctcc caaagttctg agattacagg catcagccac
     7501 tgtgcctggc cttcttttca tttatttatt taatttgaga cagggtctca ctctgtcgcc
     7561 caggctggag tgcaggggta tgatcatagc tcactaaaac ttcaacctcc ctggctcaag
     7621 caatccttcc acctcagcct ccagagtagc tgggactaca gacacatgcc acaatgctca
     7681 ggtaattttt ttatttttgg ttttttgttt tttgtttttt ttttttagag atggggtctc
     7741 actatggtgc ccaggctggt ctcaaacttc ttctccgtta ttatttacta tttatttatt
     7801 ttgagacgga gtctcgctct gtcacctagg ctggagtgca gcagcacgat cttggctcac
     7861 tgcaaacgtc catctcctgg gttccagcga ttctcttgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg
     7921 gactacaggc atgcgccacc acaccaggct aactttttca tatttttagt agagacaggg
     7981 tttcgccatg ttggtcaggc tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct caaatgatcc accctcctcg
     8041 gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg agccactgtg cccagcctct attctttcat
     8101 ctgttgactg acacctgcat gctttccatc cccagggctt tgaggcatga gaagttctgc
     8161 attgtctcca gcagaggggg cggttgggtc ccagcctgtt cttccagtaa agggaaaggg
     8221 tggcctccgg gaggggtttg ctggaacttt tgcttggggc ctaggaacca cttgggctgc
     8281 tgctgagggt gtgtgacggt gtgtgtgtgt gttttgattt taaaattact tctaggctgg
     8341 gcactgtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca cttcggggag ctgagttagg aggatcactt
     8401 aagcccaggc gtctaaggct gcagtgagct aggattgcaa taatgcactc cagcatgggt
     8461 cacagagcga gacccccatc tcaaaaaata tataagtaaa taaataaata atagaatcat
     8521 gtaaccacac tcagagaaca agggaaattg agggggaaca tcaccaaaaa ccccacttct
     8581 ctgttatatt ttagtttcga gatttaaaaa cataatatgg attggggatg ctggaaatac
     8641 ttgttatcta attgtggcga tggcttcaaa gtatacacag atgtcaacac tcatcaaatc
     8701 gcactcctta tgcgcagttt atgacacttc aattatactt caataaagtt gtaaaaaaaa
     8761 aaaaagctga gtgtggtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagta ctttgggagg ctgaggcagg
     8821 tggatcccct gaggttggga gttcgcaacc agcctgacca acatggagaa accccgtttc
     8881 tactaaaaat acaaaattag ccaggaatgg tggtgcatgc ctgtaatccc agctactcgg
     8941 gaggctgagg caggagaatt gcttgaaccg ggaagcggag gttgtggtga gctgagatca
     9001 cgccattgca ctgcagcctg ggcaacaaga gcaaaactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaagaaaaa
     9061 aagattgtaa aaaaaaaatt tttttttttt ttcagacaga gtctcgctct gtcacccagg
     9121 ctggagtgca gtgacgcaat cttggctcac tacaagctcc gcctcctggg ttcacgccat
     9181 tctcctgcct cagcctccga gtagctggga ctacagacgc ccaccaccac acccggctaa
     9241 tttgtttttg tatttttagt agagtcgggg tttcaccgtg ttagccagaa tggtctcgat
     9301 atcctgacct catgatctgc ccgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtcag
     9361 ccacggcact tggcaaaaaa tctatttttt tttaaattac aaaagatagg tgggttggct
     9421 tgtttgtttg ttttttcttg agacagagtc tcactccatc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg
     9481 gcgtaatctc ccctcactgc aacctccgcc tactggatcc aagcaattct ccagcctccg
     9541 cctctggagt caccatgccc agctaatttt tatatttttg gtagagacag ggtttcacca
     9601 tattggccag tctgatctta aactcctgac ctcaagtgac ccgcccgcct agcctcccaa
     9661 agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccataga taggcgtttt attatgaaga atttagaaaa
     9721 gcatgatgat ttagaaaata aatgtcaccc actgctcata gacagctgtg gagcccttgg
     9781 tgaagccccc tcctcctgct gaacccctca gaaggctcct ggggtagcgc tcagggccca
     9841 tccagcctcc agcttctgca gccaagttcc agggcccacc tctgccctgc cggcctcatg
     9901 atgccagact cagctagcat ccttcccact gagggaacag cagctatcag catgaggctc
     9961 tgccttcttc actgagtctt ctccgctcag actccagggt ccccatcatc tccctggcca
    10021 gtcccttctc agtccctctg cctctacttc ccccctagtc cagtaactgt cccttctcca
    10081 cccagcctca cgcaggcagg gggagagtct ccagccccgt ggcaacaaac aacatcgatt
    10141 cactggcaac actccacttt ctctctgagg tcttcattgc tccttggtgc aacagggtca
    10201 ccctctgcct gatgcctgct catggatggg ctatgcggac ctgaagccct gtgcaggcac
    10261 ctctgcttgc ctgttgcagt caccatccca aagtcatccc catgagctgg cctccctctg
    10321 ttggggaaaa gctgggtgtg gggagagaag ctgaggcagg gcttgcatgt ctgctagact
    10381 tgctggctcc ttccttctag cactctcatt atctcaagta gccatatgtt tcaaagaaaa
    10441 tgctaaactg tcacagctgt agctcatttg cttgatacac cgcttccttt caatccccac
    10501 atcctcacca cctgtttctt tgtttgatca ccaataaata gcataggctc ctagggctag
    10561 aggcctttgc agcctctata ctagcgttgg ccccctggtc ccactttctc tcttgccttt
    10621 tctcactcct ttgactccgc cagactttgt cgcccccacg gcctggtgtt gggtctgatc
    10681 accccaacat ccctcattcc ccacacccac tccatctaca agtcccatga gttttacttc
    10741 cagaatgctc ctgaattcta accccttctc tggggtacct tgcttctgcc ctattctggg
    10801 tcaccaatgc cttcctcata aacaattgcc acaatcccca accactcccc ctactcccac
    10861 ctcccacgcc caaccttcca tgcaacagac cccagcaagt caccccgctt cctgtgcggt
    10921 tgagtacagc agccacggtg gccattgaaa ctcactaaca cgaaaccaaa cattcagttc
    10981 ttcagctgcc ccagccacgt ttcagatgct cagtaatcac acggggcagc tcgtggctgc
    11041 cacattgtgc agcacagatt acagaacatg cccatggtac tggcaagttc tatcggacag
    11101 tgcaggtcta gaacctttga gcagcttttc cttgcattta gaataaaacc caaactttgt
    11161 gcaggcctac aaggccctgc ctcacctctg atcccacttc ctactgccta caccagcctc
    11221 atctcccaac ctggctgctc ctcaaacaga actttgaagc ctccttgtcc tttgcctacc
    11281 tggtccttgt ccttaggacc agctcaggca tcacctcccc tggcaagcct ttccccgaac
    11341 tgtgccttct cccacaggac acacacacct ttgctatagc cgggctgtga atgccttatc
    11401 acttcctccc ccatacacag gcatcgctct cggtgaccta tctgccctcc aggccatgca
    11461 cacatctggt tcctcattcc accagacctg gttgagcact tactctgagc tcactatatg
    11521 agagacatag gggaacaaga caaacaggtc tgtgaccttg cagagtttag atctagttgg
    11581 aacagacact gagtggggga ttacagagtg ttatgtgtgt ctaaacccca tgcccatgcc
    11641 catgccctgc tgcattcctc cctagggagg gatggatgat aagaaaactc tacaggaaag
    11701 gcccagaggc tcaggatagg ggtgctttca gggaagtcct gaggagagaa cagtgtcctt
    11761 ggggccagaa gaggctgtcc cacaagggag aaagccacta tctggacgtg tccttgtgcc
    11821 taacaaaaag ccatttgcta tgccaagaga acagagcatg caaactcaaa ctaaacagct
    11881 tcagagttta cttagagaca gggtcttgct ctgttaccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgtg
    11941 atcctagctc actgaagcct caaattccca ggctcagtgc aatcctccca ccccagcctc
    12001 ctgagcaggt agaactacag gcacgaggca ccatgccagg ctaattttta aatttttttg
    12061 tagagatgga gtctcactat gttgcccagg ctggtcttga actcctgggc tcaagcgata
    12121 ctcctgcctc ggcctcccaa aacaccagga ttacaggcat gggccactgt gcctgccttt
    12181 atcataccca ttttaaagaa gaggccattg agggctgggt gcagtggctc acacctgtaa
    12241 ttccagcact acaggaggcc aaggcgggca gatcacgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc
    12301 tggccaacac agtgaaaccc cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaaactagct gggcgtgatg
    12361 gcaggcgcct gtaattccag ctacttggga ggctgaggca gcagaatcac ttgaacccag
    12421 gaggcagagg ttgcggtgag cagagatcac tccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacagtgt
    12481 gagactccgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata ggccactgag gatgagagca ctgctcagta
    12541 tggcactact gggattccag cccctttagt ggccagggca tcatttgcat ctcagtttcc
    12601 tcacatgcaa aatgggctat ttgcagcctg atgggaaggg gatgagaagg tccgctgggt
    12661 ccaagggacc aggatggcag gaggttagca aggcctgcag agggcagcag tgagctgcgc
    12721 accgcccacc cagcctagaa actggggccc atgggttttc cagggcagga atgttctcca
    12781 ggggcactaa tattaacagg caatcacgaa atcgacccct acacaccatt tatcaggttg
    12841 tgttttatgt ttgccccatc tgggcatttt atgcaggatg ctctcaacat tttgtaccgt
    12901 ggcccacagg actgggtgga agacaggaca gctcagagca gggagtgaaa caaaatcttt
    12961 gatggttctc tagggaagcc tggaaatctg agacagggca aagagcaggg agtctgatga
    13021 gcacaaaatt aaaataccca aaccagcctg ccgggtcagg ggaaaaggaa gcaggattgg
    13081 gcacatgaag aacagatgac aaaactgagg ctcagagagg ctgagagaga cactgctgag
    13141 gtcacacagc caggagtcgg caggaagccc tgaacccaag cagggctggc ctggctacta
    13201 gcctgggctc agtcctttag attggacttc aaagtatctg ctccagatga cgctggcatt
    13261 gggaggaggg catgataatc cctaacatcc acacagggac aacagcactt ggaggcagat
    13321 gtgcttctca cttcaaggaa actgaggcag agagggagag gtggtcagga ctcaagccca
    13381 gtaattcatt tgccaaatcc tgtttccttt tcccccaacc cagcgggctg gtttgggtat
    13441 tttcagtttg tgcccatcag agtccctgca gagtgctctc cactgtgtct cagatctctg
    13501 tgtccccaga gaaccatcaa aggttttgtt tcactccctg ctctgggctg tcttccaccc
    13561 agccctgtga acctcagtgc aggttggccg cccccttaga gggaggctaa tcagggaagt
    13621 tctgagtcag gtcgtcctgg aaaaactaca ttgacctctg gagctcaaga gaggccaggg
    13681 gacaaacaca tggctcagca cacaggaagg caggtgtggg tattgagtga cctgagggag
    13741 aaatccctat ttatcatcca tcatgtggtc ctgctgtgac aaacccgtgt ggcagccacc
    13801 cacagcagat ccacaacgtg agaggcccgc tgaaacaagg gtgctggcat tggttactca
    13861 gcctggccct ccctgccttg cggggtgacc tgcctggtcc tggcctctct gtgagttggg
    13921 ccctgctggg tggtccctag tgtgcccagc cctgaggctg gtgagaggcc aggctgtgag
    13981 gtgtgaggaa cttacctgcg tctccatgga aggtgccctc cgcatcgttg ggccagatct
    14041 gcctggtctt gcagatgccc acgatggtgg cctctgacac gacgactggg cagtgccggt
    14101 gacgcttatg gcactgcggc gtggtagggg cagagggggg aggttgcttc tgtcggagga
    14161 ctgctgcgag ttctgccaga gagagcagct cttgtcccgg aacatgaggt aggtggtggg
    14221 gcttggggac acgcggctgg actggccgga gaagtcctcc tggccggagg ggagccaagt
    14281 gttcctgttc caggactgca gaactggccc agacctctgt attggaaagg tctttatgga
    14341 ccagggagtc cggtgtcttt tttacggggg acccctgggc tgcgagttgc acagtccaat
    14401 tcgctgttgt tagggcctca gtttcccaaa aggcacaggg acggggggag ggtggcggct
    14461 cgatggggga gccgcctcca gggggccccc ccgccctgtg cccacggcgc ggccccttta
    14521 agaggcccgc ctggctccgt catccgcgcc gcggccacct ccccccggcc ctccccttcc
    14581 tgcggcgcag agtgcgggcc gggcgggagt gcggcgagag ccggctggct gagcttagcg
    14641 tccgaggagg cggcggcggc ggcggcggca cggcggcggc ggggctgtgg ggcggtgcgg
    14701 aagcgagagg cgaggagcgc gcgggccgtg gccagagtct ggcggcggcc tggcggagcg
    14761 gagagcagcg cccgcgcctc gccgtgcgga ggagccccgc acacaatagc ggcgcgcgca
    14821 gcccgcgccc ttccccccgg cgcgccccgc cccgcgcgcc gagcgccccg ctccgcctca
    14881 cctgccacca gggagtgggc gggcattgtt cgccgccgcc gccgccgcgc gggccatggg
    14941 ggccgcccgg cgcccggggc cgggctggcg aggcgccgcg ccgccgctga gacgggcccc
    15001 gcgcgcagcc cggcggcgca ggtaaggccg gccgcgccat ggtggacccg gtgggcttcg
    15061 cggaggcgtg gaaggcgcag ttcccggact cagagccccc gcgcatggag ctgcgctcag
    15121 tgggcgacat cgagcaggag ctggagcgct gcaaggcctc cattcggcgc ctggagcagg
    15181 aggtgaacca ggagcgcttc cgcatgatct acctgcagac gttgctggcc aaggaaaaga
    15241 agagctatga ccggcagcga tggggcttcc ggcgcgcggc gcaggccccc gacggcgcct
    15301 ccgagccccg agcgtccgcg tcgcgcccgc agccagcgcc cgccgacgga gccgacccgc
    15361 cgcccgccga ggagcccgag gcccggcccg acggcgaggg ttctccgggt aaggccaggc
    15421 ccgggaccgc ccgcaggccc ggggcagccg cgtcggggga acgggacgac cggggacccc
    15481 ccgccagcgt ggcggcgctc aggtccaact tcgagcggat ccgcaagggc catggccagc
    15541 ccggggcgga cgccgagaag cccttctacg tgaacgtcga gtttcaccac gagcgcggcc
    15601 tggtgaaggt caacgacaaa gaggtgtcgg accgcatcag ctccctgggc agccaggcca
    15661 tgcagatgga gcgcaaaaag tcccagcacg gcgcgggctc gagcgtgggg gatgcatcca
    15721 ggccccctta ccggggacgc tcctcggaga gcagctgcgg cgtcgacggc gactacgagg
    15781 acgccgagtt gaacccccgc ttcctgaagg acaacctgat cgacgccaat ggcggtagca
    15841 ggcccccttg gccgcccctg gagtaccagc cctaccagag catctacgtc gggggcatga
    15901 tggaagggga gggcaagggc ccgctcctgc gcagccagag cacctctgag caggagaagc
    15961 gccttacctg gccccgcagg tcctactccc cccggagttt tgaggattgc ggaggcggct
    16021 ataccccgga ctgcagctcc aatgagaacc tcacctccag cgaggaggac ttctcctctg
    16081 gccagtccag ccgcgtgtcc ccaagcccca ccacctaccg catgttccgg gacaaaagcc
    16141 gctctccctc gcagaactcg caacagtcct tcgacagcag cagtcccccc acgccgcagt
    16201 gccataagcg gcaccggcac tgcccggttg tcgtgtccga ggccaccatc gtgggcgtcc
    16261 gcaagaccgg gcagatctgg cccaacgatg gcgagggcgc cttccatgga gacgcaggtg
    16321 agttcctcac gccacgtgcg tgggcacacc tgcacggggg aggaaaacca tagacgagta
    16381 ggggatacaa aacagaagtt gggagggagg agtggatagt tttgagtgta tcaggtgcac
    16441 ttgtggttca cgcggatcct gcacccgaac aaactccatc ccctcctcct tcctgaatgc
    16501 atactgttag tgtttggaat ggaattgggt tgaggatggt cttgtgaggg atgggaggtg
    16561 gtttgttcct ttggttctag agcaatgtgt ttgtgaagta cagcttgtga gttgaaggaa
    16621 gatgcttcag gcagtaacct ccttgctatg tgctctctcc atgccgggca gtgaggatgg
    16681 cataaaagcc ggagtcatct ctagcgccca catcggatgc tgttagcagg gactgattta
    16741 tgtcttgggc attccccgcc accccactga tcctgttctg gaggggttat atgacacgtt
    16801 tgtgaaacct gagatatgct agctgctcct aggccataga agtgtcaggt ttgcttgcta
    16861 accagcagtc ctgaacacaa gtcacagcag gtgagaatag gaattagaag gaagtgaggc
    16921 gacaggcagt tgtgactcag tgggccaccg aaaatcaact gcatggagat tttatctggg
    16981 ggtgaagcag agccacaccc gttctgatct gcctggcttt gatgggaggc ttcacccatg
    17041 attattcacc accaggctcc tccatggtgg taacccagcc ccatttgctg accctccagt
    17101 gtgctcctgc tgcctcatct tgccaaggat aagcacccac aggtgcttat ttggggctcc
    17161 caatctgtgg tcagattcta gcactaagat taaaactatg ggattgtacg cctaacttct
    17221 gtgctagatg caaataccat caggcatttt gggtcatggg actatgtttt gagatccaga
    17281 cacagtttgc cattggggta aggaaagggt gggctggggt gtgtgtgtga ggctgtcggg
    17341 aatcttttgg agtcctggtc cctgttaagc tcatctggtt ttctgcttca ttgatttttc
    17401 tttttctgct gatggaggag ttgaatgtgc ttggtttgtc aaaatcctct tcaaacgagt
    17461 gaggctattt ttggctctta gagctgctgc ctttttgtgg tgggcactct gtcctgtttg
    17521 tgttaggtac ttccagttac tgatcttcca tttgcagctg gggtttcctg tggtgcacgg
    17581 ctccgacctg ccgtctggcc gggctgcatt ccctaagtcc ctatgtgggg gcggggtgga
    17641 aggctgtact attcagaagc ctgctttgca ggcacatcag ctcgttcggg gtctggagga
    17701 ttgccttgtg gttactgggc accagccttg tctggccagc tgttggtcag gcgagccagc
    17761 ttgaactggc cctcagtgcc atggtgcagg agagttatta ataaagaaga aaatgagagg
    17821 tttttaggga gatgtgcaaa ttgaaattga tagtctttgc tggtggagaa ttctgggttt
    17881 ccagaacctt gggcccagcc tttcctacag ctcctgtaga cttggccatg ttggccacat
    17941 cactagacgc cgaatgcaag tcagtaaatg aatataggaa ttattataga gggatggaaa
    18001 gcccagtgcc ttgagtcaga cagggcaggt cctcaggaaa tggctgagga ggtaatttta
    18061 ccacttggac ccacttttag gacttgctgg attcttctcc gaatgtcctc aaggtcccac
    18121 agtctctttc ccattaggtt ttattttttc ccccttaaat gttttgtttg ttttttgttt
    18181 ttaagagaca gcgtctggct ctgccatcca ggttggaatg cagtagtatg atcatagctc
    18241 actgcaacct caaaactctt gggctcaggt gatccaccac agccttttca gcagctggga
    18301 ctgcaggctc aaaccactat actgggctaa tttttaattt tttttttttg taaatacagg
    18361 gtcttgctgt gttgcccagg ctggtatcaa actcctgggc tcaagcattc ctctagcttc
    18421 agcctcctga gtagctgggg ttacagggat gagacacctc accaggcctc ttagacgttt
    18481 ttagtaacta aggtcactta aacattttta aaagggatta ttttccctca gacagttttt
    18541 cttttttaag acttaatttt tttagagcta ttaggttcac agcaaaattg atcgggaaat
    18601 atagcaattt cccacatact ccctacccct acacccccac agcctcccca gttaacatct
    18661 cccaccagag gggcatgttt gttacagtcc atgaacctac ctgcattggt gcctcattat
    18721 tacccaaagt ccagagttta catttgggtt cactcttggt gttgtacagt ctatgagttt
    18781 ggatcctgtt atgttttaaa actcctgctt cttttagccc tgggcacctt gacactctgc
    18841 ctagcagttt cccctgacgt gggtccatgt atggcaggca tggaaagagg aatcctcact
    18901 ggctcagcca tctgtctctg cctgtttact gatgttcttt agagggctgt ggagcctgct
    18961 ggtctgaaaa ggaacaatga ggaaaatcac tcatgggggt gggtgggggg aggaagtcac
    19021 cctaatgctc cgcagtggca gatgtggtga cccagatcta ataacctcgg aatcagtctg
    19081 tttggatgaa tggaccgtcc catttccaag ttgagggccc ctcaagggag ggggctgaag
    19141 ccatccctgg gcacggtgac aaagtgcttc ccatagggcc cctcatgggc tcatctgtcg
    19201 ccctggggtg gggctgccca tttacaggta aagacacaac tgggaagcgg caaggctggg
    19261 attctgggtc tctgtgtgaa tgcagagctg ttccgtttgg cacgtggtgg ccctgcggtg
    19321 ttcttcccac taccccacac tgctacctgc aaagcacaac tggggaggtt cagggcgtcc
    19381 ttccagtctt tgcaccctgg gcccgcctgt gggggtaatg atagacggct gtgagccctg
    19441 ctgtaaaact atgcagaacc cggccgggcg cggtggctca agcctgtaat cccagcactt
    19501 agggagtcca aggcgggtgg atcacaaggg caggagatgg agaccatcct ggctaacacg
    19561 gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa aaattagccg ggtgtggtgg ccggcgcctg
    19621 tagtcccagc tactcgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaactaggg gaggcggagc
    19681 ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgc tgggctgcac tccagcctgg gcgacagagc gagacacagt
    19741 ctcaaaaaac aaacaaaaaa ctatgcggaa ctcacagaag gagagtgtgg ttctctctgt
    19801 tttttttgtt gttgttgttt ttttgaggcg gagcctcgct ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg
    19861 cagcccagcg atctcggctc actgcaagct ccgcctctcg gcttcacacc attctcctgc
    19921 ctcagcctcc tgggtagctg ggaccacagg cgcccaccac cacacccagc taattttttt
    19981 gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcactgt gttagccagt atggcctcga tcttctgacc
    20041 tcgggttccg cccgcctcag cctccgaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccacccgcg
    20101 caaggcggat agtgtggttc ttgcgatctg ggaacttaca agttaccgga agagagggag
    20161 aggcacacat gtatgtgctc aagggaagtg agatcagaga agcttccgga aatggcagga
    20221 ctgaagagga cttgatcagt caccagaagt tggagggcag agagtagccg tttgccctaa
    20281 ggaaaaatgg cagcaaaggc ctggggccac ccacgtctgc cttgtgattc taggctgtgt
    20341 gcttttcttt aaatggtaaa atatgcttaa cttaaaattt accatttttg taacttttaa
    20401 aaagtttggt aaaatgcaca taacaaaagt tactgtctta acccttttaa attgtttctt
    20461 tgggtaaggc cagtcaagtg aagcagggga acattttaac catttttatc catacagttc
    20521 tgtggtgttg actacattca cattgttgta cgaccatcac tactgtccat cttgaacttt
    20581 ttcatcttcc cgactgaagc tctgtaccca gtgaataata actccccatt ccctgccccc
    20641 agcccctggc actgccattc tccatctgtg tctctgaatt cagctattat agatacctca
    20701 tgtaagtcca gtcctgtggc attcgtcttt ttgtgattgg cttatttcac tgagtgtaat
    20761 gttaccaatg ttcatccatg tgatggcaga aattgtgtgg attttttttt taatggagtt
    20821 tcactctagg ctggagtgca gtggcgtgat ctctgcttac tgcagcctct gcctccccag
    20881 ttcaagcttc aagagtctcc tgcttcagga gttcaggatt ctcctgcttc agcctcccga
    20941 gtagctggga ttacaggtgt gcaccaccac acccagctaa tttttgtatt ttcagtagag
    21001 acggggtttc gccatgttgg ccaggctggt ctggaactcc tgacctcaag tgatccaccc
    21061 gtcttggcct cccagagtgc tgggattata ggcatgagcc actgctctgg gccaactgtg
    21121 ctttttgaag gcaggaataa ctggttcatt tctgggtgtc ccagggagcc tggttctgag
    21181 ctttacacat agcacatact ggaagagccc ttcctccttt tcatagccca tggggtcagg
    21241 actggggact tttactgatc attggaaagt gacttatcaa ttactcggtc tttttctcat
    21301 ttcatccctg tagtttactt tctgaggatc tttttttttt aagtggctta aaatactttt
    21361 tttttttttt tttttcacag ttctctggtt ggctaggcag ttttcctgtt gtgggcccac
    21421 tgggctgaaa taggacggtc tagttagcct cacccacaca ttctgtgatt gcaggctgat
    21481 tgacattggg gaggaggggc tgtcttattt gtgttgcagc tggctcgata tcagttggga
    21541 cagcagacgt ttctccttct ctttctctct ctctctcttt tttttttttt taatagagat
    21601 tggatctccc tatgttgccc aggctggcct cgaactcctg ggcttaagca atctacccac
    21661 ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg gaattacagg cgtgagccac cacacccagc ctcctccttt
    21721 ttcttttttt cccccattga gacataataa ttgtacctat ttagagggtg tgatattttg
    21781 atacatatct gcaatgcata atgatcagat tgaagtgatt agcatattca tcacctcaaa
    21841 cacatttatt atttgtttat gctgggaggt ctgaggaatt cttgattcaa acacccagcc
    21901 caatgtgcct gtcaactttc ttccaggtgt cagttgtgag acgggacaga tcttgtgttt
    21961 cttcatggac ttcatgtgag tggctgccct gtgttttcac atttttatta agcagcttaa
    22021 tttgcccttt gaattccggt gatgagttgg cgccagagtg accactgcat tgtttttccc
    22081 ttgggtgatg ggctggactg gcaaccagtt tgagtgagta actgtggggc agagaaaggt
    22141 cacctgggcc tggagttggc tccatcgtca tctcttaagg ccagagcctc gtggccacct
    22201 ctcagttgag tacaggctcc tttccatgga tggagacaga gtgggcagat ctgggtggag
    22261 tctgaggccg ctaaaggcat cagcagcaca gaagcagagt ctagatcaaa ttttacaagc
    22321 gttctctggt tcaggaaggc tgacttgttt tgggaacaga atggagcatt ctgaaacatt
    22381 tcactgaaga aggagctggg agtgctgttg atttgactgg gttcagggga gcatgcctta
    22441 tccatgactc ccttttgctt agtttgttgc ttctagcttt atagcctcct tccttccttg
    22501 gttggaagtc ctgtggctgg gagggcttgt gtttgtgact gctaacctca ccaggacaaa
    22561 gagcccaggt gagctatgtg cttgagcaca cttgggagag gacacagcag tgcatgaggc
    22621 ccaggctgca gctcacccct gtggtttgag agggtcccct gtttagagtg aatgaatggg
    22681 catcttggaa gctttctcag gttaccaaag agtaggtctg agttttggct gaggctgctg
    22741 ctttttgggt caagactcgg ggtggtggtg gattaaatta actatgaacc ccagggaata
    22801 tcttgaccct gactggaata caactgttgt ggctcaagta ggtttttttt ttcccctttt
    22861 gaaaagtgta gttattttaa ttaaaataca atatccatgt aacatgttag aagtttgtta
    22921 tttttattat tgtaaaattc atgttatatt ttttattttt tcaagacggg gtctcactct
    22981 gtcacctagg ctggagtgca gtggcacgat ctaggctcac tacaaccccc gccacccagg
    23041 ttcaagcgat tcttctgcca cagcctcccg agtagctggg attacagcta attagcctag
    23101 ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtcttgaa
    23161 ctcctgacct caggtgatct gcccccctca gcctcccaaa atgttgggat tacaggcctg
    23221 agccactgcg cccggctaaa atttatatta taagatgcac cattttctcc atttttaagt
    23281 gtacagttca gtggcattaa gtacatcacc ttgttttgca accatcacca cttgtcaatt
    23341 tctagaactt tttcatcttc ccaaactgaa acttcatatc catcagactt taactcccca
    23401 ttccccctca tccccagctc ccggaagcca ccgttctact ctgtctccat gattttgcct
    23461 ctcctagatg cctcgtgtaa gtggagtctt ataatatttg tcctgtgtct ggctgatttc
    23521 actcaagcag ggctttgaag ttccccaggg cgacactctc agtcttttct tttttttctt
    23581 tctttctttt cttgagacgg agtttcgctc ttattttgcc caggctggag tgcaatggca
    23641 cgatctcggc tcactgcaac ctctccctcc caggttcaag taattctcct gcctcagcca
    23701 cccaagtagc tgggattaca ggcgcctgcc atcacacccg gctaattttt tgtattttta
    23761 gtagagatgg ggtttcacca tgttggccag gctggtctca atcgtttgac cccgtgatcc
    23821 acccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tataggcatg agccaccgct cctagcctag
    23881 ccctctcagt cttaagactg agttaactcc cagctctgat ccgtcacaag ggtgttctct
    23941 tccggaaaac acccgttagc aatggcgatc ttccctgggc cttcacgccc ttagctttga
    24001 agtggcccag agtattagtt tgccaaggct gtcccataac aagataccaa gactgggtgg
    24061 cttaaataac agaaatatat tttctcacac ttctggatgc caaaagtcca agatcaaggt
    24121 gccagcaggg ttggttccct ggagggctct cattggcttg caggtgccat ggtcttgctg
    24181 cctctgcaca tggtcttttt ctctgtgcat gaactcccct ggcatctctc tgtgtccaaa
    24241 tttcccttct ttttttgttt ttgagacgga gtttcactct tgtcacccag actggagtgc
    24301 aatggcacag tctcagctca ctgcaacctc cacctcccag gttcaggcaa ttctcccgcc
    24361 tcagccttcc gagtagctgg gattacaggt gcctgccaac acacctgggt aatttttgta
    24421 tttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt agccagcctg gtctcgaact tctgacctta
    24481 ggtgatccgc cctcctcggc ctccaaaagt gctgggatta taggcatgag ccactgcacc
    24541 cggcccaaat ttcccttctt aaaaggacac cagtaagact ggattaaggt gggcagtaaa
    24601 gacccctgct ttaacttaat cagttcttga aaggccttat ttccaaatac agtcacattc
    24661 tgaggtactg ggagttagaa cgtcaacata tggggagtga ggcatggttt agttcgtaac
    24721 acttggtgag tccgttactg ggcagcagag gaaagggctg ccaggcagag ggagatggtg
    24781 tttgtgccgg ctccctcaga cgtgttagga ggagtgtgag ccaagcgtca tgtggtttta
    24841 ggcagcctag aggggcctag aggacactga gccaggcatc aggagggctg cgtgctaaaa
    24901 cttcgtgtgc tgccatctct ctccacatcc aaaaagtagg ggtgggaaca ggtcattgct
    24961 aaggttcttt cgttagcttc tttaattttt ttctttaaat ttaaaattta ttaccttttt
    25021 ttttaataga taaagggtct cgctctgttg cccaggctgg agtatagtgg catgatcata
    25081 gctcactgta gccacaaact ctcgggctca agcgatcctc tctcctcagc ctcctgaata
    25141 cctggtacta caggcgcgtg ccaccatgcc tggctaattt ttaatttttg ttgagacagg
    25201 gtcttgcttt gttgcccagg ctggtctcaa actcctggcc tcaaacgatc cttcccgcct
    25261 cggcctcccg aagtgctggg aataattata gatgtgagtt actgcacaca gcctgaatgt
    25321 attattaaca caactttttc catctctttt ctgtttatct tggtttatgt ctcccttatt
    25381 aaaaacgaag gcaaccacct ctccctatcc aatcgctcaa aggtatttat tgagcatcta
    25441 ctttgtgcct ggcactatct tcatggaaat cctttcttcc ttattcattg atttatggaa
    25501 aggctgatct ccaagggcct tgtctttaaa acaacaacaa acaaacaaaa cctttctaat
    25561 gtcaaagcat tttcccctgc gtatctttct ttaacggtat atttgcagct gtttcctgtt
    25621 aatcctttgt ctatctggct tcctttttag ggtgatggga tccttaagca cagagtatgc
    25681 cctgctgtag tgtcctgcag gatgggccac actctggccc tttaacagtg tttgatgtga
    25741 cgatgcacct gagcccatgg aggtctgtgt ctcgggcccc gtgggtgttt gcagattgaa
    25801 gatggaatga tacacaccat ctctgagatt tttatttgct cagaccttcc cctgttctgg
    25861 cccaaccccg cttaatcatg tctaataagt ggtggtgggt ttttgggggc ctagtgatac
    25921 aggtggcccg gcgatgaaac gttggctttg gagattatcc cgctggttct gtttccttct
    25981 ttgctggtga ttggtactcc ctggctcacc cttagagaac ttcccgaatc ctcagactgg
    26041 ggcctgctaa ttagctgtct tgggttctag ctctcactgc cacgactttg caaaatgact
    26101 atagatgtgg atggtggctg gtgcccatgg gcagagcaat cagcacattc atagacccac
    26161 cttcctgggg ctggggtgtg aagaccggac accccactga agtagtaaat atgactttca
    26221 tggaggctgc ttcatgggcc ctcgaaagtt tcttgtaaag tggctggagc aggattataa
    26281 ttatactccc tccactgatt gagtctgagg gggtatgaga cactctggcc tggagtaacc
    26341 tgcccaaggt caagtggttg gtggaggggc tggcgctgcc tctctcctca gactgagtgg
    26401 ttgtgttaat cacatgagag cagacacaga atgactttgc ggaggtggag gagacctgga
    26461 tcatttgctc agcaaaccgg ttttgggcac ctgctgtgtt gggcacagat ggtgctcagt
    26521 acagtcaggc aggccttcca gcaggtcggc tttggtctgg tgggaagaca gcctcattaa
    26581 cctaagtgcc atgatagaaa tcaactgacc ccagccttta gtctgggtct tgaaggtgtc
    26641 agctgtctag gaacatgttt cccctctcat tttgcaaatc tccaagatag ggatttcctg
    26701 actcttgata gctccttctg ggacactttg gtaaggcttc tccagcaagt tgtgtggcaa
    26761 ggggcccaag aagacagaac tgttggaagg gcgctgccca tccatctgct tttcccacca
    26821 acagtcaagg gctgtgaatg ctgacctgct gctgacagtg gtctgttgtg caggttctgg
    26881 gaggggcaga gggacgaggt ctggctggga agatgtagcg gagatacaca gaggtagccg
    26941 gctgtgtgtg cacagggcca ggtgcagggc ccagagagcc aggtgagtga ccagggagca
    27001 ctgggaagga accatctcca ggcaaagcca ggacacagcc aaggggaccc cagaagaaga
    27061 gaggggagcc ttgtgcagca gccacagaga gagagagcca ggcagagcaa ggaattgagc
    27121 agcccgggga gatcctctac tcaagtgcca ctgttggctc aagaagagtt tttgaagatt
    27181 cacttcactt taaaggcctg acatgcttcc gtgtttaaag tgctgctggg gtcagtttgt
    27241 atgcccgtag agtagggaga gattttctgc acatgacgag gtattgatga gcattcgaag
    27301 caacctacag gcaacatatg ttgacagtgc agactttgaa gggaaaagat ctggacttgc
    27361 ccagagacct ggcacttgcc actgtgtggt cttgcacagg gacttaattc tcccttgact
    27421 tctgtcagct ggagagggtg acccttcccc ttgggggctt cgtgggagta gcgggtgcag
    27481 accatctggc ctcctgtctg gtctcataga gtctcctgtt catgtatctg atgtcagttg
    27541 attgaacatc acttagcaaa aaatcttaag aagaaatgca taatttagta tggacatttc
    27601 actcacttgg ctcagccatt gtataaccag tatgagctcc ggggggaccc tggggtgtgt
    27661 cagggccctc attctcctcc tataatcctc ctgggctgag tggagttctt acattttgaa
    27721 ggttatgcaa tggactgcat gtttggatcc atctgcaaat tccccttttg gggagaggct
    27781 gagttgccct gtgcttgagg gagctgggca gatggtactt tgtgtagcct gctgcatttt
    27841 gcagaatgtc ttctctcaca ggggtccctg tggaggagtg acaggaaccc tcttagctga
    27901 gtgttgggag gttttaggtg gagggctcag gtcacccgca ggggtcattt gactcctacc
    27961 ttatctgggt agataggatc atctttgtcc cacagtcctt cccagtattg tgaagtgatg
    28021 cattggcgtg agcccagggg tgccaagggt gggctggcaa tgcccacatc cagttctctg
    28081 tccctgaggc acggaggtgg ttgtgctggg ctcagagccg ccgtctgact ggttggaagc
    28141 cctgctctga ttttgtgaat caccctagtt aagtggaagc tcagcgtagc ctgttccctc
    28201 tgtgggggtg tgcagaagca ctgtttattt ttgcccacat cttagagtga taaatggaac
    28261 tcatttatga attttgactt ccaaaagctt tccactttct cccttaggaa catggataaa
    28321 aattgtccac atttgttttt ggagacatgg attgttacct gaaacctact tttcagatgg
    28381 tcttgatgtg aaaactgttg ccaggctggg cgtggtggct catgcttgta attccagcat
    28441 cttgggaggc tgaggtgggt gggtctccat tttttttttc tttttttttt tctttctttt
    28501 ttctttgaga tggggtctcg ctctgtcgcc caggctggag tgcagtggag caatctcggc
    28561 tcactgcaaa ctccgcctcc caggttcacg ccattctcct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc
    28621 tggaactgca ggcgcctgcc acaacgccca gctaattttt tttgtatttt tagtagagac
    28681 ggggtttcac cgtgttagcc aggatggtct cgatctcctg acctcgtgat ccacccacct
    28741 cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagccactg tgcccggccg ggtggatctc
    28801 ttattcccag gaatttgaga tcagcctggg caacatagca agaccccatc tctacaaaaa
    28861 atttaaaagt gagctgggca tggtggcatg tgcccgtaat ctcagctctt ctgggggctg
    28921 aggcgatagg atggcttgag cccaggaatt cagggctgga gcaaactatg attgcaccac
    28981 tgcactccat ccagcctggg cgacagagca agcaagaccc tatctctaaa aaggaaataa
    29041 ataaatacac ataaaaacca ttgctttttt ttggccggga gtggtggctc atgcctgtaa
    29101 tcccaacact ttgggaggcc gaggcaggca gaacatctga ggtcaggagt tcaagaccag
    29161 cctggccaac atggtgaaat gtcgtctcta ccaaaaatac aaaaatgagc tgagcaggct
    29221 gagagcagtg gttcacgcct gtaatcctag cactttggga ggccgaggca ggcggatcac
    29281 ctgaggtcgg gagtttgaga ccagcctgac caacatggag aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa
    29341 atacaaaatt agctgggcat ggtggcacat gcctgtaatc ccagctactt gggaggctga
    29401 ggcgggaaaa tcgcttgaac tcaggaggca gaggttgcaa tcatccaaga tcgcgccatt
    29461 gcacttgagc ctgggctaca agagcgaaac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata
    29521 tcagctgggc atgttggtgc acgcctgtaa tcccagctac tcaaggaggc tgtggcagga
    29581 gaattgtttg aacccgagag gcaggggttg cagtgagcca agatcttgcc actgcactcc
    29641 agcctgggtg acagagcgag actgtctcaa aaaataaaaa ccggccgggc gcggtggctc
    29701 gcgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggtgggtg gatcacctaa ggtcaggagt
    29761 tcaagaccag cctggccaac atggtgacac tccatctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattaa
    29821 ttgggcattg tggcaggcgc ctgtaatccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg taggagaatg
    29881 gcttgaaccc gggaggcgga ggttgcagtg aaccgagatc gtgccattgc actctggcct
    29941 gggcaacaag agtgaaactc tcaaaattaa aaacaaatta aataaataaa taaataccac
    30001 tgctttttta ataacaggta caaattttaa agagaaataa aaaaacattg ccatcttcaa
    30061 atctccacaa aaatggaaag acaggacagt gccagtcagc cactttctgc agtcaccatg
    30121 atcccttctc tctccttcat ttttaatgtg tgttttttta aattgtagta aaatacacat
    30181 actctaaaat gtaccatctc aaccacttct cagtgtgcag tttagtagtg ttaagcctct
    30241 agtgttttat aagtggcaga gttgatggga aaacactgat cttcaggagg ggttttttca
    30301 gtgccagcgt ccctctggat gtgtaggcag ataagaaggt ggctcggaca cagtccttaa
    30361 ataagtgcca ggagccagca ggccagggtg ggagccggga caagcaggca cctaaagtaa
    30421 cggtaacata aggcaggtgg cgagactctg tggatggatc agtgccaggg gctgtgcggg
    30481 aagggaaacc ttacatctgt cctgtttctt aggggacgag gttgtggagg ggagggtatt
    30541 ccaggcaggg aatgtgggca agaactcgga ggcttgaagc attcagtata gtcgtctctc
    30601 gatatccgca ggaaattggt tccaggattc ccttgggcag cagtccccag cctccttttt
    30661 gacaccagtg accagtttca tggaagaaat ttttccacag actgggggtt aggggatggt
    30721 ttcaggatgg gactgttaac agctcagatc atcaggtatt agattctcat gaggagcctg
    30781 cacagcctag atccctcgca tacataagcc acaatagggc ttctgctcct atgagaatct
    30841 aatactgctg ccggcctgac aggaggtaga gcttaggcag taatggagca atgaggagca
    30901 gctgtaaata cagatgaagc gtcactctcc gcctaccgct cacctccagc tctgcggccc
    30961 agttcctaac aggccacgga ctgataccag ttcatggccc gggggttggg gacccctgcc
    31021 cttggggatc ccagaatcct tggatgctca agtccttatg taaaatgcca tagctagctt
    31081 ttgcatataa cctatacaca tcttcctgta cactttaaat catcttgaga ttacttataa
    31141 tacagtcatg caccacataa cgacattttg gttattgatg gtggtcccat aagattataa
    31201 tactgtgttt ttactgtacc ttttctacat ttggtatgtt tagaaacaga taccactgtg
    31261 tcacaattgc ttacggtatt cagtacggta acatgctgca caggtttgta gcctaggagc
    31321 aataggctgt gccacgtagc ctaggtgtgt agtaggctct gtcgtgtagg tttgtgtagg
    31381 tacactctat gatgtttgca tgaagatgac attgcctaat gatgcatttc tcaacatatc
    31441 cccttttaag caaggtatgg ctttatctaa taaaatataa atgctttgta aatagttgtt
    31501 acagtgtatt gttattacat ttatattatt cttattgttg gttatttctt tccaaatagt
    31561 ttcattctga ggttgcttga atctgcagat gtggaacttg aggctgtgga gggccaactg
    31621 tatgctcaga aagtagcagg ctctggttgg agagttggta taaaatgtgg acaacaggga
    31681 aggtgaggga taggagagtt ggggtcatcc tatgtgggtc tccgaagcca ggctgagggt
    31741 gttgtgcttt ctttgaggat gatagggagc cactgaaggt tgttaagctg gagaggggat
    31801 gcctttggag ctttgccttg ggaaggtgag tttggcaaaa gtgtgtgtga tggtccagtg
    31861 ggagtcaggt acctggagct gttgtcttga ggggcggtgg ggaggaatgg ggagggatgg
    31921 agaggacaag gaatatgagc tgattctggg gagggggtga cagaaaggga ggctgtatga
    31981 gcctggggat ggtgagcgct gtgctggcag gtttcagggc ctttcggaga gaggaccagg
    32041 ccaggaatga agaggaagga cagaagcgtg ggttgcggag ggtgtgtgga gtggagggcc
    32101 ggagcaggcc cttgggcctt gcgtcctggg ggaggtcacg tgagagaaag aagtggggga
    32161 gtttatgttg cggaaaggct aaaaggaagt gactgttagg aggttatggg ataaaggaca
    32221 gaagccaggc tccaagtgag tataggagag accagagcac taaattggac cacagtgtcc
    32281 agcattctgg cagcagggag gaggtgggtg gggattcagg attagggtcc gagtgctccc
    32341 cgagtgtcca ccgtcggcct gctctgttcc ggggcagggc cacatctttg tccgtgtgcc
    32401 gaggagggga ctggtgggct ggagtcccag ggggagatta ttccaagtag gggctccaga
    32461 aaggtgagtg atgtgtttgg gtctatggga aggttggtga cccccaaaga gaggtggctg
    32521 ggttactgct gaacagctat cagggtgata tggctttgca ggggtccagt ccatgggcct
    32581 gacatgttgt agctatgctt tgaaggcatt ttcctggtgg gaggccaccg caggtaaggg
    32641 gagtgaaagg gtggctgtgg cggctgttcc ctgtggctgg tggccatgga taagtgaaga
    32701 ggaacgtgat gctgggcacc atgctggtgg tgcctggggc agagcctggc cttgtggggc
    32761 tgtggagcag ggtgaggatc tgggatctag gactgctatg caccgggccg aatcgtgata
    32821 cccaagggag gcatcttgtc gtggagcagt tgcatgggcc cgcccttgtt ccctggagca
    32881 gctggtgagg tactgttaga atttggccct aacaggactg ggcacagtag gtcacacctg
    32941 taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggctg gtgtatcacc tgaggtcagg agttcaagac
    33001 caggctggcc aacatggcga aacccggtct ctattacaaa tacacaaaaa ttagctggac
    33061 gtgggggtgc acacctgtga tcccagctac tcaggaggct gaggctaaag aatcacttga
    33121 acctgggagg cagaggttgc agtaagccaa gatcacacca ttgcacgcca gccaaggcga
    33181 caagaacgaa actccgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaattt ggccctaaca aatgcaggtt
    33241 gtgattatta acataagtct ggtttcctct ctcatggcat ttctttagtg gccagatggt
    33301 gtgagtggct ccagaagact cttctcttct ctgtgcaaga gccaggaagg ctctagaaag
    33361 gaatgtctga ggaagcatcg gagactgggt cccgccatgc ctgtgtcatc tcctggcttc
    33421 cccggccctt gtgagccccg cggttgctta tttatcctgc taaggccaca gtctcaggtt
    33481 ccagaaactc tggcaaggaa gtctgggaag gttgatgggg atgggctggc gggctgggag
    33541 aggtgctttg ttttcactcc tcaggaagct tgaggcttct tgtggaagcg tctgctgctt
    33601 tgggctgggc agctgcgccc ccagaaagcc agctaggggt ctgccgccta ataccatggg
    33661 tggaaactat tgcagtcagc tgttgggatg caggggaagg tattggtagg actggggtgc
    33721 cctgtctcct ttgtccccat gagtgcaggg gatagatctg aaaggagagg ggaaaatgga
    33781 tgttttcttc tttgtctctc ctttctccct gctttcaagt ctgtgaatta attggagtca
    33841 ttcccaaggg aggagggtca ctttattgaa ttttaagaca aggcggggcc aggcgcgatg
    33901 gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccaaggcg ggcagatcat gaggtcaaga
    33961 gaccatcctg gctaacacag tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aaaaaattag
    34021 ccgggcgtgg tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc agccactcag gaggctgagg catgagaatg
    34081 gcatgaactc gggaggcaga gcttgcagtg agccaagatc caccactgca ctccagcctg
    34141 ggtgacagag caagactgcg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag caagacaagg catatgacag
    34201 ggcatgatac tgacgagacc ttggacatca aaggctggag caggacttcc tcctagggaa
    34261 catcctcaga tatgtagatg tcaccgtgtg ggctcagaca tccagggtgg accagagccg
    34321 gtggcttagg tctggtggtc tgtccctgac tgcacttttt tcagagctgt tttggtttga
    34381 agctcaaagc gggcttttta tttatttatt tagagacagg gtcttactcc gctgcccagg
    34441 ctggtgcagt ggcacactca caactcactg cagcctcaac ctcctgggct caaacagtcc
    34501 cctcatctca gcatctcaag tagctgggac tacaggcatg caccaccatc cccccaggta
    34561 atttttaaat tttttgtaga gacaaggttt cactatgttg cccaggctac aagaggactt
    34621 taactttttt ttaattaaaa aaaaattttt tttgaaacaa ggtctcactc tgtcgcccag
    34681 gctggagtgc agtggtgcga tcatggctca ccgcagcctt gacctctcca ggctcaggcg
    34741 attctcccac ctcagccttc tgagtagctg ggacggcagg cacatgccac catgcccagc
    34801 taatttttgt atttttttgt agagatgagg tgtcttcatg ttgcccgtgc cagtctcaaa
    34861 ctcctgggct caagcgatcc acccgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggac tccaggcatg
    34921 agccaccatg cctggccaag ggggcttttc aaaggctggg ctgggctgtt catttggaaa
    34981 aaaggttggg gatgttttca cttcaccagg acttctgcca gtcagcaggc tggtacatta
    35041 ggagcccaag ttttgcctgg tgctggtgga cgggtctagg cctgagaagc cgtagtctcc
    35101 tagtgcttgg tgctgctaag cccaaagaac agagtggtta caggaaatgg aacatttagt
    35161 ctggcagagg ccaagggcag caggtcccta ctctggctgc ccatgtagtt aaaaagtcac
    35221 acacgtgcgc agctggtctg attaatgagt ttgttttttg atgtcacagt ttctgggcac
    35281 agcagagctg gctcctctgc ttggggtctc ctcaggctgc agttgaggtg ttggccgggg
    35341 ctgcattccc tgctggggct tggggttctc ttctaagctc acctgggttg ctggcagtgc
    35401 ttacctcctg gcagttgtag gactgagtcc ccatttcctt gctggcattg gctggaggcc
    35461 ccttctagag cccaccctgt tcataggcag ttcacacaca gctgtttgct tttctcttct
    35521 cagtgaatct ggtttttttg ttttttcgtt tttgagacgg agtcttgctc tgttccccag
    35581 gctggagtgc agtggggcga tcttggctca ctgcaagctc cgcctcctgg gttcatgcca
    35641 ttctcctgcc tccgcctcct gagtagctgg gactacaggc acccaccacc atgcccggct
    35701 aattttttgt atttttagta gaggtggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg tctcgatctc
    35761 ctgaccttgt gatccgccct cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgtgagcca
    35821 ccgcgcccgg ccaagtctgg gttttttgaa aagctccctg ggtgacttga ctctagccct
    35881 cagggttcag acccttcggt ttctgggagt ccgtggacat tggctgcagg ttttgaaagg
    35941 ctggcatctc aagaggggag cagatgaaga gtcatgggga aggttcctgt gcagtatgag
    36001 gaaggtttaa ttttcttgcc aacttttgag ataattatgt gtaaatcttt tttatatagt
    36061 taagatgttg ctgtgtagtt gggtgtccgg ccttagttaa tgtgaacgtt tccatgtatt
    36121 agtaaatctt gtgtaaatat tatttttaag ggccatatta ttactttgta gtggagttat
    36181 ggtttaattt atctaatttt aatgaatttt tgttggacat ttcgagtggt tctttatgca
    36241 gctggttagt ataatgtttc agtgaacttc tctctctttt tttaaatagc ttcactgagg
    36301 taattcatgt accatacaat tcaacccttt aaagcagcca atttaatggg ttttggtata
    36361 ttacattatt actttttaaa aattatggtg aaatatatat acaaatttga cattttaacc
    36421 actaaaaatt aaaattatgg taaaataaca taaaatttac catttttagc cgcacagcta
    36481 aatggtgtta agtatattcc tgtcatgcac ccatcactat catccatctc cagaactctt
    36541 tccaccttgc aaaactgaaa atctgtactc atttccaccc attaaagaac agtgcttctt
    36601 cccccacgcc cagtccctgt aaccaccatt ctactttcta tctctaggaa tctgacgact
    36661 ctagaaactt tatttaagtg gaatcatgca gtatttgtct ttttgtgact tatttcacat
    36721 catgtcctca aagttcatct gtgttttact gtgtttcaga accccttcct ttttaagctt
    36781 gagtaataat tcaattgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat
    36841 ttaatctatc attcattgat gggcacttgg gtcattttaa ccatttttaa atgtacagtt
    36901 cagtggcatt aattacattc agtgaatttt tttgtggggt tttttttttg tttgtttttg
    36961 aaacaggatc tcgctctgcc atctcactct gcatctgcac tggtgcagta agagctcact
    37021 gcagccttga cctcctgtga tcctcccacc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gactacagat
    37081 gcacatcact acactcatct gtcgtttttt ttctttttgt agagacaggg tcttgctgtg
    37141 ttgcccaggc tggtcttaaa ctcctgggct caaatgatct gcccgccttg gcttctcctg
    37201 aagtgctggg attacaggtg tgagccacca tacttggcca agtgaatacc tttttatatg
    37261 agtttctgcc catgatgggg tgggcctctg tcactggatt taccaggtca gagaggtgga
    37321 tggtcttaag acccttgatg gctgctgcca ggtcaccttc cagaaatcct gccccagttt
    37381 acccttggct ttatggttaa ctgcctgctc ttttttgact tttttcttgc ctccttctgt
    37441 tcacaggatt gtactgaagc agttccatca ggtgctaaaa cgtctgagct gtgtggggcc
    37501 ttaccctcca aaaatccaaa attgtgatgt gggattttca ttccagagaa gcagaatctg
    37561 agattaaggt ttgctttggg tcagaggagt ctgtgctaga ctgggctcca cggtaattcc
    37621 cgattccttg atgaccctcg aaacagtcca gctttgatag ggaggagccc tgagctgggg
    37681 tcacactggt ccactctctc attcaggaag tttcctgagg ccactggctg tgtgacactc
    37741 agttctttgt cagcgctgtg gttcttggta gggaaagaac ttactgtccc cttgtctgtt
    37801 gtgaagtttg ctagtttatt gctgttgtgg gctacttgta actgaatctg aaaagcattt
    37861 tggcttctct tctgtgcatc gtgagttagg tctgccagat agcattgtcc agttaattct
    37921 ggctcatgga gttcctgctt ggctttcatt gaagctccaa ggaagcagaa ggccatggca
    37981 gaaaaggatt tctacaaagg gaaagggact tgcatggctg cacttggctg gcagaagctg
    38041 ggctgggacg ggaggacaaa cacctccctg tgcaggcagt gggttcagat ggtcttggct
    38101 ggaaggaggg cagataatgg tgagaccacg tttggaggga gggcagcatg gtgtcatggg
    38161 cttggggagg aaaggagagg aatggcccct tcttcagcac tgactagtcg tcctgcaccg
    38221 tggagggtgt tccgtcttat tttccagcgc tcacaactag gagccagcag ttcagtttta
    38281 gccatcccag ctcatggatt atggagctgg gacccacgct tgctcctcct cttgctctgc
    38341 gttgcccatc ttagctgtgc ccttggccgc cactctgact ccagtgaatc acgtagactc
    38401 cttgggcctc tgaattcctg tccgtaaatg atgaagctga atggcagcat ttttaagatc
    38461 cgttagtttt gtgattctaa ataaaattaa gtcatgttgc tctgagttcc cagaaaatta
    38521 ttttaagatc cgttagtttt gtgattctaa ataaaattaa gtcatgttgc tctgagttcc
    38581 cagcaaatta tttggaaatc cctcttggtg gatgtcccaa agcagccttc ctgtaggatc
    38641 ctggttgtgt ctggcttcct gcagtaatgt ggattggggt ggattggcct ctgtgtgcac
    38701 ccttaatggg aaccaggaca ctgctttgct ggctgatttg ttgtcctccc ttactgccca
    38761 ctggccagtc tacaggtcac caccaggact ggaacagatt tcagaggccg tgcaggtttc
    38821 atctggggca acgtgccaaa gtgcagagcg tgggcagcgg gaggccctgc cgtccgcgtg
    38881 gatgggggag acggcagcat gggggtgtct gccagggcgg aggtgatgat gtgcaagcag
    38941 gtggttggca gcaggaggcc tggtagtgcc agctggtgtc ttgccagcca gagcacagcc
    39001 ccgcttggtc aggaatgcat gtgctgaggc cagcactgag atgagcaggc atgcgtgtgt
    39061 ggccacccct atttctgtgc tatagtggga ggagcacatt aggtactttg aggccataat
    39121 ttacctttgt tacagatgac caattcccca acagcctccc agccttttgc aggccccacc
    39181 tgggatcaga aggcaaggta tccttcctgc agggaaagcc tgttagtctt tcctgagcat
    39241 tcttagtgcc agttggagta ggggctgtct tggtactgag ctggccggtg ctggagatgg
    39301 gctggtcagt ctggagggca taaggacagg aaggataccg gcactgaacg ttgtcactcc
    39361 tgtgggggta cagatgcctc agtggaagcc acgctttcct tcagaatatt gcatttggtg
    39421 ggcctgtctc aaggtgcact ttgactcctg aagaccctcc ttctcctcct ctcacggatc
    39481 tgccggtgtt ccctctctgg aaggcttgca ggagagacag gatccctccc tttactggaa
    39541 ctttgcactt gggtttggct ttgtgctttg taaggggatc ccattcagcg tccaggatcc
    39601 gagccttgct ctatttctgc aaggagctgg tggttgctgc tcgccaaggg gatactcaga
    39661 cagccaaagc ctaggcagga tcagaagctc aggcagcaga gccaagattt gaaccaataa
    39721 tttttttttt ttttttttta ctttactcta cagtattggg attggctgaa ctttccttaa
    39781 atgaccagat agtaactaat tttatgtttg tggctgagag gcaaaatcga tgctactttg
    39841 tggatactta cataaccatt tggaatgtga gcatgtgaaa ctataaagag cattcttaag
    39901 gcctaggtca catgaaaaca ggtggcagtg ggctggattt ggcctgtggg ctgcagtttg
    39961 ccaacctgtg tttcacagcg agctgcctcc aaatgcctgg tggtgatgca atcgatgaca
    40021 gagccaggtg tgggcgtctc acatctgtgc tcaggagctc acaggagctt ctctcctata
    40081 gaacctgtga ggcaggtagg gtagtcttcc aaaccccatg aggattcttt cctcagagaa
    40141 gttgccggag gaggaaaagc tggatgagag atggtcactt ggtttctaac ttccctttct
    40201 cttccctgtt tcctgctgct tcccagggct gaatgaatat tccctgaaac aaggctggcc
    40261 atgagctaat aatcgttgaa gccaaatgat ggggtaatgg gcattcatga tgctgtgctc
    40321 ttacttttgt atttgtttga aattttccag gataaaaagc taagaaaata ggctgggggc
    40381 ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggtgggcgga tcacgaggtc
    40441 aggagatcgg gaccatcctg gcttacacgg tgaaaccatg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa
    40501 aaaaagtagc cgggcgtggt ggcgggcacc tgtaatccca gctactcggg aggctgaggc
    40561 aggagaatgg catgaaccca ggaggcggag cttgcagtga gccgagattg tgccactgca
    40621 ctccagcctg ggcaacatag cgagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gttaagaaaa
    40681 tagtcattca ttgattaaag ttaccaaaaa acccttccac attgagagaa cagggtgtta
    40741 aaactcagaa accttttcaa gccccaagat gagcaaactt gctcctctta tttcctagca
    40801 gcagatgttc ctgagaaagg ggtagctgtg cttgagccat tccatcattc atccaagcca
    40861 tccatctatc catctattca tcatcaatcc aagatccaaa catttatcta tttatctatc
    40921 cacccatcca tccaaccagt catacaacca tccatttaac tattctttat tcatcatcca
    40981 tccaactaaa tctattcatc cctctgtcat ccattcattc ctccctccct ccctccctcc
    41041 ctccctccct ccatccatcc atccatcatc tgtctaacat ccagccaacc atccatccat
    41101 tcaacattga actatccatt attcactcat ccatccaaac atgcatccat tcagtcatca
    41161 cctattcatc catccattca tcctccaacc attcatctgt tcatttgaag ttgatgtgac
    41221 acctactggg gtccaagcac aatgcttagg ccttgacttt gtccttgacc tcaaggaacc
    41281 catagacata tattaaaaac agctgataaa ggggtgctgg gatggaagtg agtaccaacc
    41341 aggcactgag aagtgactga ctctgctggg ttagcagaag gaagacatta aggagaggat
    41401 ggcccattag ttggatcttg aatggactca aaaggagtat attgtaatcc cagtactttg
    41461 ggaggctgag ttgggagggt cgcttgagcc caggagttca aaaccagcct aagcaacata
    41521 gcaagacgct gtctttacaa aaaattaaaa attagccagg tgttttggtg cacacctgta
    41581 gttccagcta ctctggaggc tgagttggga ggatcgcttg agcccaggag tttgaggcta
    41641 cattgagctg tgattgcacc actgcactct agcctgggcg acagagacag accctgtctc
    41701 tgaaaaacaa aacaaacaaa aggagtatgt taggccattg taggggagga ggagaggcct
    41761 tctaagcagg gactgtcaca aaggaatgaa agagcctaac agcctggcct gccacaggtt
    41821 tctcagacac ttgggatagc tggcatatgg tgttggggtg agagaccagc tagtgatgat
    41881 gtggggtggt ctggtgttga cccccagagg ccagagaaga cttctgcatg gaggatggag
    41941 tgagcatgga gtgtgcgact gccataggcc ctgctcagtg ccctacaccc cgtgtgtgcc
    42001 tgtgacacct gatggcctat gcaccccata cacacagctg gacagcagac cccggctgcc
    42061 ctggctgagg caggtgtgcc catctgtacc cacctttgct ttggctcatt ggctcctggt
    42121 ctcctgttgc cgagcacctg tctagacaga atgatgtttt gtgtctgtgc aaaacagaca
    42181 cgctggagct tcgtgtttgc agagcttcat gcttcagttg gtaccccgtg aggcttgtgt
    42241 gggcagctgt tcagaaacct caattgggcc ctctggcatt tgtgagaacc ttgggctgga
    42301 acccacccgg ctggcagtgc aggagagcag cccttccccc tcgagggcct tgtccctttc
    42361 acctgtgccg tgtctgtgtg acactgaagc tctgtctggt gcgggttgaa gtttgtgacc
    42421 cccacttacc aggcccagag catgcatggt ggactgtggg agatagtcat tgggattttt
    42481 catttgattt tatgtttttt ttttaatcaa ggtaaaatac atgtaacatt taccatctta
    42541 accatttaaa aataacacag ttcagtggtg ttgagtatgt tcatgttgtt cagccatcac
    42601 catctgtcac tgaatgtttt tgtcttgtac aacaaaaact ctggactcag ccaggcactg
    42661 tggctcatgc ctataatccc agcactttgg gagttcgagg cgggcagacc acctgaagtc
    42721 aggagttcaa gaccagtctg gccaacgtgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa
    42781 taattagcca ggcatggtag cgggcgcctg taatcccagc tcctcaggag gctgaggcag
    42841 gagaatcgct tgaacccggg aggcggaggt tgcagcgaac tgagatcggt ccactgcact
    42901 ccagcctggg caacagagcg agactccgtc taaaaacaaa ccaaaaaaag cttctggact
    42961 cattaaatat aggctttcca tttcccctcc ccgcggcaac cactgttcta ctttctgtat
    43021 ggatttggct aatcgaggta cttcatatga gtggattcat atagccttcg tcttttgttc
    43081 ctggcttatt tcacgtaacg tcatgtcctc aaggttcatc ggtgttgtag catgcattag
    43141 aatctccttt cttttagccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttggtag
    43201 gccgaagtgt ggatcacctg agctcaggag ttcaagacca cccaggacaa catcatgaga
    43261 ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaaaatg aaccgggtgt ggtggcacac gcctctagtc
    43321 tcagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgagc cccagaggtg aaggttgcag
    43381 tgagccgaga tcacgccact gcactccagc ttgggctaca gagtgagact ctgtctcaaa
    43441 aaaaaagaat ctcttttctt tttaaagctg aataatattc cattggtaga cacacatttt
    43501 gtttatccat ctctctgcca gtagacactt gggttgcctc caccttttgg ctgttgtgaa
    43561 taatgttggc aggaacatgg gtgtacaaat ttcgtggctt gtttgctaat ttatttattc
    43621 atttttattt tatttttttg agatggagtc tcgctctgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg
    43681 gcgcgatctc ggctcactgc aacctcccct gcctcccggg ttcacaccat tctgcctcag
    43741 cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggcaccc gccaccacac ctggctaatt ttttgtattt
    43801 tcagtagaaa cggggtttca ccgtgttagc caggatggtc ttgatctcct gaccttgtga
    43861 tccgcgccca gcctattttt taattttttt agagatgggg tcttgctgtg ttgcccaggc
    43921 tggtctcaac ctcctggcct caggccatcc tcctgcctta gccccctgag taactgtgat
    43981 tacagacatg caccactgcg cccctactca atggtatttt tcacatatca gatttttaca
    44041 ttatttgccc ctcacccact taacagctat ttgtttttca actaacttcc tttactgttt
    44101 caacaaattt ccaattatag taatttttac cctagaaaaa agaaattatg ggttgaaggt
    44161 aaaacaaaaa tacatatctt gtgaattatc tgttcttttt caaacatctt aaagacttag
    44221 gctgggcaca gcagctcaca cctgtattac cgggaggctg aggcaggagg attgcttgag
    44281 cccaggaatt tgagagcagc ctgggcaaca aagtgagacc ccatctctac aaaaaaattt
    44341 gaaaattagc tgggcatggt ggcatggacc tatagtcctg gccgcttgag aaactgaggt
    44401 gggaagatag cttgagcccg ggaggtcgag gttgcggtga gccacaattg tgccactgta
    44461 ctccagcctg ggtgacagag taagaccctg tctcaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattaa
    44521 aggcttgaaa gatgtcatga tgtcatttga tggttgtata tgtgcacgta tgtgcattca
    44581 ggtgtaattt acagacaatg aaagtcactc ttggtatact gttctgtgag gtgtgacagc
    44641 gttctgtagc cattaccttc atcaagatac acagcaggcc tatcacccca gaaacttgca
    44701 ttaccccttg ttccttgtag gcatttctcc tacttgcagc ccacgacacc actgatgtgc
    44761 tttctcccct tacagtttag cacttttccg aatgtcatat aaatagaatt gtacagtgtg
    44821 taaccttttg gctctggctt ttttcacttt gataatgcat ttgaaattca tgcaagttgt
    44881 gtgtaccaat agggcattcc tttttattac cgaggattat ttcatcccac agatgggtca
    44941 gtactgttct tcccctttct atcccactaa catctttatt cagatgtaac atacatacca
    45001 tagagttcac ccgtttaaaa tggaccattc agtggtggtt agtattatct cagagttgtg
    45061 cagtcatcat cactgtctga ttgcagatca ttttcatcac ccccaaaaga aaccctatac
    45121 ctattagcac tctctcccca tccccttctt ctgttagtcc tggcaaccac cagtctgctt
    45181 tctgcctctg tggatttgtc ttttctgggc ttttcataaa tgggatcaca tggtacatag
    45241 cttttggtga cagagttctt agagcttctt tttttatttg tttgtttttt gttgagacgg
    45301 agtcttgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgcga tctcggctca ctgcaagctc
    45361 cgcctcccgg gttcacacca ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg gactacaggc
    45421 gcccgccact acacccagct aatttttttg tatttttagt aaagacaggg tttcactgtg
    45481 ttagccagga tggtctcgat ttcctgacct cgtgatccgc ctgccttggc ctcctaaagt
    45541 gctgggatta cagacgtgac cactgcgccc ggcccttttt tttgagacag tctcactctg
    45601 ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtacaatc ttggctcact gcagcctccg cctgccgggt
    45661 tcaaggattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag cagctgggat tacaggcgcc caccaccacg
    45721 cctggctagt tttttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttg tatttttaat agagacaggg
    45781 tttcatcatg ttgtccaggc tggttgtaaa ctcctaacct caggtgatcc acccgccttg
    45841 gcctcccaga gtgctgggat tatcttagag cttctcaata gaagtcctat cttccaggcc
    45901 acatctcacc ctccaggggt aggggctggt ggagctgttc tcactcagtt tgtcctcagt
    45961 tccttcttga gcctggaccc ttccctctag atttggggct gctcctctca gagtgcccca
    46021 gaacaaaacc ccctccctgt tcccacttcc cactgtctgc aggactcccc taccccataa
    46081 ccagggtcct gccagcccta ccctcagcct cccataaggg tctgaagtgg caggtggatg
    46141 ggaaactgca ctctctgacc tctgcaaggg gactgctgct ttcccatgag cttctcctct
    46201 ttccgttgct ggtttcttct ttgttatctt tgctgctgga gtggccagac cctgggaagc
    46261 gggctggaga gaggagagaa gccatcgagc cacatggacc cctacagccc ggaatctgag
    46321 ctgtggtagg attggctgcg attgggattg gcagacacac tgggtttgta caggagggga
    46381 ccctgaagga tgggctgtgg tcaaagtggg atcccttcac tgtccatagt ccttggatct
    46441 gaaactgctg acaggtgccc ctgggaactg ctgtggtatt tggagtctat agagacaccc
    46501 attgctcagg accccagggc cttaacaggg agtacactgg cttctgggaa gcttgatgga
    46561 gttgttgctg cataggtgca gaaaatccca gcagtggagt aaggcctgaa gtaagccccc
    46621 actgggctct gtggggcctg gggcagcctc ctctgttgca gggccgccag catctccagc
    46681 agaagtgcag tgcttgctct ggggacacag gggccttttg gaatgagcat gtggacttgg
    46741 cttatggatt gtgcctaccc cagagcgttg ctgtgtctct caacacacac agcttccatg
    46801 ggctgctcac tccaattctg atggagaggg catttatgac tctgtccgtt ggtttgtttt
    46861 ctcactgaag aggaacatag atgcacctgc tctctgggca agagatgtgg cagctgcaag
    46921 ctgcacaccc tgttctgaat attgcccaga ccagaatatg aattacttgg tcataaatca
    46981 gtgtcttgtc tgcagaaaac ttggcaatgt gagggacggc agctttaact tgattcctgg
    47041 gaggctgccg gcctcaaaaa ggacaaggac tggcaatcag atgggcattc tctctaattt
    47101 gggaggcttt cgggcttcct cacggagtgc tgctcctggg gacgtaccac aagaacctcc
    47161 cttgtctagt tttgttctga cgcttgggct cattcacctg actgtctcct tgcttgtctg
    47221 gctctcagga aagccttccc ggagaggatg tggctgaccc ctgcagccat ctctccacag
    47281 acaatcatgg ccctgagctt ggctgtcctt ggttgggtac atccaaggct ctgcctgcca
    47341 gggtaggcac tggccaggct gtgggatggc agcgttgctg acttgtgctc ctgagtcctg
    47401 ggggccctga gtgagcctcc gtgcaggagt cgggctgggc tgagaggtgt ggagagtcgt
    47461 tcccttaatg gatggtcagg cacagcagct atgggctcaa attccggagg gacgctgagc
    47521 caggtcccag cctgtgcact gagcatgtca ttcactttga gatcccctct agggtaaggc
    47581 acaccgtgag tggatgtgcc actaagaagg aggcagcagg ctgagcgtgg tggctcacgc
    47641 ctgtaatccc agctctttgg gaggccaagg tgggaagatt gcttgaagcc agaagtttga
    47701 gaccagcctg ggcaagaaag tgagagctcg tctctccaaa aaaacgtaaa aatattaatt
    47761 gctggggcgt ggtggtgcat gcctgtagtc ctagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa
    47821 tcgcctgaat gacccaggag ttcaaggcta tagtgagcta tgattgcacc actgtacttc
    47881 agcctgggca acagagcaag acccctgtct cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga agaagaagga
    47941 ggaggaagac agtactccca gttatcattg cgagaggcag agatgcgaga ttccactttg
    48001 aattatgttg aaatttgggg aaaatgcatg cctgataatg ggtaaaatac agtaagtttc
    48061 ctcatctgtg aaatagaaat cccactagtc gttgactcag gaacttgctg tgaagattag
    48121 agatgaggtg tgcaaaaaaa agcacctagc gtggctgctg gcatgccctg agtgcttaat
    48181 aacatttgtt attctcattt tattgttgtt atcgtagttg ctgttatgac agatagcggg
    48241 agaggatgtt ggctgcttta tcagctggct ggatgtttgg tttgtttttt tttttttgtg
    48301 agggttaaag tgggagatgg gaagctgtct ttttccatca gagttggaaa ggcccggagt
    48361 gttcatttct cagcaataat tgttttcaaa tggttttatt ttagggatag atcccttctt
    48421 tgccaatggt atttcagatg accccccagt atatgaaaaa gatgaaagag gagccacagg
    48481 tcctgaaggc tgcccagctc agcctcccca cccaacctgg gctctgagga cctggcttgg
    48541 gaggtgctgc tcttggcagc cccagccttc cacctctgtg gcctgtgcca tggccaggag
    48601 gacctgcatt tccttcggac tgtctctctg ctcaggcgga ttatttcgtg cttcgtgtgc
    48661 cctcccaggg tagggacggg gaagctgtga ggatgctctg tggggatcgg ctccctgtgt
    48721 tgtccatgtc ttcttttagg tggagttggc taggcaggga acctggcacc atttccttct
    48781 cagagcagag aaacagagtc ggcgtttgtg agcgtgcatt gtccaaacct gcatttggaa
    48841 ggggtcaaag taggctgggc tttgttttta ctttttcttt ttaaattatg atgaactata
    48901 cataatgtaa aatttaccac ttcagccatt tttaagcata cgatcgatgc atgacattaa
    48961 ctacattgat ggtgttgggc aaccatcacc actatccatc tccagaactt tttcatcttc
    49021 cccagactga aggtctgtac ccatttatag ccagtaaaca actctctact ccctcctccc
    49081 tcagcccctg gccaccacca tcctactcta tgtctatgaa tttgactact ctagagacct
    49141 catatgagtg gagtcctaca gcgtttgtcc atttgcatct ggtttatttc acttaacata
    49201 atgtcctcaa gtttcatcct tgccttggca tgtattagaa ttttcttcct ttttaaggct
    49261 gaataatatt ccattatatg tctgcaccgc attttgctta tgcatccatt ggtggatgga
    49321 cacctggctt gtttctgcct tttgtaaagc atgctgctgt gaacacgggt atacatgctt
    49381 ttactcttga ccccttgcaa acaggtctgt cttgcacatg tgccccaggt accactcagc
    49441 catctgctca ttaatgggag aggggagaac cttcccggtt ctcttgagta actaccatga
    49501 tcacagcttt ctggaatgta gcaggttact tgataaagag ggcgggaatt cttagaaagg
    49561 agggtttctg gctgcaagcc ccatacctgt tttctgccac cttctctgcc aagggagctt
    49621 gagccagcca tttctgggaa gtggtgagcc tcagatatgg ttcagggaag atgggaagtg
    49681 ttacagtgta attccatctg ctgatgggga caggcacaaa cctggtggct tgttgtcctt
    49741 ggaacagtca gtgatgaagg cagagtggcg gtaggacagg gaccccgctt agttatgaca
    49801 ctgcctccta agtggaacta agtggaaggt ctagtggggc cttcttcgtg ggttgggaca
    49861 gtggttctgc acccccactc agcagctcag gaactgaagt tagagcctgc cttcagggga
    49921 tgggcatgtg tacaagggat aggggaccag ttaatccagg agttagatgg tgactgagac
    49981 tccaggaatt tcccctttcc tgtaaacatg ggtcattttc tagaattacc acgttccctt
    50041 taattttgcc atgtttagga aatctggctg agctggtaat taccaagtct aactgagaaa
    50101 tgtcttatat gtaaccttct gtttcccttg agtgtttcgg aggaagctgt gggcacgttt
    50161 tatggatagg tgctccgagt tctttccgct ttggtccagt ctgagtggct ctgataagcg
    50221 ttggcaacac caccgatttt tgtggggcct ggcttcagaa catgaatgtc tgtgtttctg
    50281 caaaaccaag tgtactcact gcctcctttt aaaatcatgc tacaaggatg tctttcactt
    50341 tgaattctgc gcttacattg ttcaagaggc atcaccatgt ttataacctc agacgcagta
    50401 attccaccct agggcatttt cctaaggaaa attgcttccc ccttttcttt tatggtagta
    50461 ttatgtgaaa ttattcattg tattcataac agtggaaagc tggaaacaaa ctgagcatcc
    50521 tgtaatacaa aaggggttcc attagcttgg tagacgattc tgtcatcatc cgatggtaag
    50581 gatgaaaatg aattagcaac gtggaacatt gtcataagtg gaaaaagtga gatgcccaaa
    50641 gtgtgatgat ttgtatcagt catctcttgt tcggtaacaa accatcccaa agtttagagg
    50701 cttaaaacaa tgcgatttaa tcgcagtgcc atctggcttg gtatgaggtg gttctgctgt
    50761 cacacaggct tggtcatgtg actgtattca gtttgtggtt tgactgccgc tggcatccga
    50821 ggtggcctaa ccgttgtagc taaggacttg gtagggacac cggaaggctg agacctctct
    50881 ctccttgtgg tccgtcattg ttctgcagtg aagcctgagt tgcttctcat ggaggctagg
    50941 ttccaagagc aaaggtggat gctgcagggc ttcctgaggc ctgggctatg gaacttctca
    51001 gctgaacttc caccggattc tgttggtaca gtgtgtcgca agtcttgccc agatctaagc
    51061 gggggtagaa agctggactc tacctcttga tgggaggagc agcagtgtca tgtggacaca
    51121 cggcgtggac acaaggcatg attctcaggg gctctggtga ttgctcccac cacaggattt
    51181 tagttacaca gtcacaggac aaggactgga agtgattgtg ggaaaatgat cctagaccat
    51241 tggtagagga ggtgaggttg tggatgactt ttttagattt ttgctgttgc catgttatat
    51301 agtaggttca aagtaaaaaa tccttagcat gttatccact ggactcctag ttcaagattg
    51361 ctggggtgtc agatccactg ttaggtccca taaacttgca ggctcggcca gtgcagaacc
    51421 tctgcagcct ggccttcggg aagaagacat ccagagatag tgaccacacc atggggtacc
    51481 ttcaagctct ggtgctctct cttcgccttg ctgaccttga tggagtggat aggccttggg
    51541 ttcaacatga attgacccag gccatggggg cattggttgg cctcctctgt aaggtaggcg
    51601 tggggctcag cctgcaagag ctgaccatac ttatgtagga ttagggggca tcggtgggaa
    51661 ccctggtgtc caaggacagt attgtctggt tgactgaagt tagggaagtg ggtggggaac
    51721 atggaattgt caatccttca ggctcctttt gaaggtcatt gttttcctaa acagatggtt
    51781 atttggactc ttacaagttc tctgtaagtt tgtaaatgtt tgaaaataaa tagtggaata
    51841 aataaataca tgggaaaccg cactttgcct acgtgtggga tgctcgtgag acctggaggg
    51901 agggcactcc catgaaggcg gggatcccgg gtaggcggtg atctgcagct gtggccgcct
    51961 gctcggacag gaaaggcctt gacgtccaga tcctgctggt gggagagccg tggcccaggc
    52021 tcctacattg ccttggggag gagagtcagg ccctgcaggg aagggttgtg aacctgctct
    52081 gggcaaatgg gcctggctcc tgggaaactt cgggcctgca gtaaccctac tctgaccaga
    52141 ggaatccttc ccctgtcgca ttggcatccc tcccctcact gttctcttca ttctggaccc
    52201 ccttgtcatc acgatgccag tgctgtccct ttggtgtggg gtttgtgctc tgacctgacc
    52261 ctcaggccct gccagtgccc tggcttccag gcagatctgg gcaggcaggt ctgagccccc
    52321 ggagctgggt aagcatctgg ggcatgtgag gattgcagga ggtgacccgg gacagtgcct
    52381 cacgcccagg gtgaccagaa actgtgttcc cttccctaac ccaccgggtt taaacttttt
    52441 acttgctagc catagagctc ttaatcagac aatatccagg ggaaccccca ttatgtaagg
    52501 caggtaaagc tggtggaagc tctcccaccc actagttgtc cctgctcagc cttggcacgg
    52561 ggccactgtg ggaccggaga gctgggaagc caccacctca gtccctgcca gtctctggtc
    52621 tgatggtgag gaggggtctg gcctgctcag tggcagggtg cggaggtgag gctggtggct
    52681 gttcttcagc tgtgggactc gtgtggggac aagctgaaca gtgtgctgat ctctgatcac
    52741 cactcaagcc acaagtgact ggacaggcat ggacctgtgt cctcatagtg aggacccatg
    52801 gggcttcacc caggacagcc tggttcgcct gccctccgat gctggtggag gggaggcaag
    52861 gcagagggga ctcctgtaaa gggctgtttt tttctgtcct ggaatgagca cattctgagg
    52921 gtgagtggct gtcagcagtt aggaaaaatt gcctgttgac ttgtttcatt aagaggcccc
    52981 ttgccgaggg tgaggtcgca gcccggccct gctcagggag gaagcggtgt ttacagagcg
    53041 gccagctggt gccgggtgag gaggtggctg atccctcgtt atggagctga gaaggcctgc
    53101 gcttccagcc cattcctgcc atgccgctgc cctaatggct gtgacaatgg atggatggat
    53161 ggacggaggg ccaggccaac caggcagtga aaacaggaaa cctaatcttt taaaaataat
    53221 ccagggggag gggagaaagt gaagcagcaa agcccttaag ccgacagatg gccctggtgg
    53281 ggtgtgtctt ccaactgggt aggtgcttct caaggctgaa aattccagtg agtcggtgaa
    53341 agctgagcgt gcccaccaaa gacacttgaa tgggcggctg gcattttcaa gctctgttcc
    53401 ttatgttaga cgatgttgtt ttagcacaaa gcctcccccc ggatcccaag cctctcccca
    53461 ccatggctcc agagtcatcc ctatgtggaa cccagcgggg cagtctgacc ttgtcccttt
    53521 ggctgtgacc ctgtcccacc cttggcctct gtccctggtt cttgcccagg tccactattg
    53581 catggccaga ttcatcctca cagggacctg accgctgttc ccttctcaca aacctctgag
    53641 ttgcccatgg gctgaaggtc aaggtcacgc atctcaggca ggcaggtgtg caggaccctc
    53701 cacgctcgtg ggcactggcg gtgcgggagc acagctccct cctctctgct agctctgaga
    53761 gtcccccgcc acccctctgt gtgcttcctg caccccctct ccttgcctag aatgtccccc
    53821 acaatgtctc cacttgccca gctctgtcct ctgtgtccag ctttgaggct actttctgca
    53881 gtcaccacta ttatcccacc ccatgtagtt ctctgtcccc gacctgcatg taacctgttt
    53941 ccctcctccg gccgctctca gccgctcctt catgcctcct tcctgggctc cctttggtac
    54001 ttgtgtgtgc accgccttct cgcctccaag tctgcagttc ctggagcatt gagtcatcct
    54061 gttaccattg cttctgactc gaaggacacg gccccttggg gctggctggt gtcatgtgtg
    54121 gctgcacaga ggggaggggc tgttctgcca cctgcccttt gaggctgtgt gggcacggtt
    54181 ccctctagag ctccatgtct agcagagcat gcgggggtcc tgctgtgccc ccactcccat
    54241 agtgcttgaa ccacttcacc ccttgcatgg ggaccaacag gatctacctc cctctgtcga
    54301 atgtacttct gaaaggagga aggttacact gaagtttcac ctaccgtcca tgggattttg
    54361 accctgctgt agtgacagct gcatgtttgg ttctagggga ggaggggtga atgacttatc
    54421 ttggagaagc cagagccagg tgtcagggaa tggcctctgt gtctgccacc tcctgctgcc
    54481 tctctgcctg ggtcatttgg ttcagtggct ataactgtct tggagcagca tttgcttcca
    54541 ggttgggttc aggtatgaag tgctgaaaac atgggaatcc ctgagcccag ccccacccag
    54601 gcttggtctg ctaggggagg tggaagcagg gcttctgagg ccctgaggct gcctggggag
    54661 tgcgtttctt ctccacccac ttgcaagctc agctcacttc ctcttactgt atacttggtg
    54721 tttcattcac actccttgca gcatgcttct gggatatgat gaaaatcagc tgtgggtgtt
    54781 gatttcggag ctgggcaacg atcctctctg gacccgcatt cccatctgta agatgggggt
    54841 agtaacctcc accctcactg cttcctggaa ttgttgatgc atcagagaga gcagccagtt
    54901 tgcactgtgg gcttccaggg agatttattt catgccatgg ttcccctttt ggataagggg
    54961 ctagatttgc tttcttcatc agattgtccc cggggacaca cacaggagtt gctctcacgt
    55021 cgttgcctct tggtatcttt gaagcctgtc tgttagaacc cgcctctttg atggtagggc
    55081 aggatttgga gaggtgatgg cctctttggg ttgaatttct cactctaatg ggctcacagt
    55141 accttctgat tacctcctgg ttcagcttcc ttgacaacaa actagaattg cttcagatgc
    55201 aatacttcat tcttcctagt gcatgagtaa ttcatatcca ctatttgctc cctcttttac
    55261 aaattggagg atggcgatgc agatggaaga tgacctgctc atgcatcagg ccgagacttc
    55321 aggcttccga ggcacatgtt tgaggttgag actccctagg gagagtggag tcacctttgc
    55381 tttgcagagg agccatgggg gaccatgtct cagcacctct gaaaggtttt ctgccccatc
    55441 cagtctgctg cttctctccc ctccctcctt caccctgttc cccttcatca ggggtgtaaa
    55501 tgatggtctt cctgtcttcc catgcacctc ccttaggacc agagcaggtg ggagatgtct
    55561 tcacaggagg gttccaggat gataggtttg gagcaaaggg ctgggggctt ctggggagcc
    55621 ccattcctgc acctccatgc tgaatgaaga ggccacacga ggatgctcac actgctcagt
    55681 gcttcttaga gaaagctgct ggctctgatt aggtctggta gggggcaggg tccttatttc
    55741 tcaggactca agacagatcc tcaatcaatg gcaagagtca tttttgtttt cccgccaggc
    55801 tcactagagt ttctgtctct tcccactttt ctttgtggga cagctttcgg gagggtgggg
    55861 ttgtctttgt tatgagaagt gacagccaga tggactcagt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca
    55921 gcactttgcg gggccgaggc aggcagaatc tgaggtcagg agttcgagac cagcctggct
    55981 aacatgttga aaccctgttt ttactgaaaa gacaaaaaat tagctgggcg tggtggcagg
    56041 cgcctgtaat tccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcacttgaa cccaggaggc
    56101 ggaggttgca gtgagctgag atcatgccac tgcactccag cttgggcaac agagtgagac
    56161 tctgtctcaa aaaacaaaaa aaagagagag aagtgatagc cctccccgtc ttctcacctg
    56221 tcactcctct tggtctccct gtggagcaag tttcctgcag tcactatgtg ctttgttcac
    56281 ttctacatcc acagtgccta aaacaatgcc agcacgtagt aggtgctcag ttaatgcttg
    56341 cagagtgaac aggtgacaca cctgcctggc gcgtcttggg ccccttatta ggcacagtaa
    56401 ggcatagaaa actgtctgat tccggccgag tttccaggct aagtgggaag gtggaacaca
    56461 gcatatgaag attaaaatga gaagtaaagt gatagttcac agtatgttgg tgggaaaagg
    56521 ttgatacgat tgtcagataa attgcacaag tgctaagtgc tgagaaagtt cagagcaggg
    56581 gaagtggttc ccgaggaagg aggcagagga gtgtagattt tgtagagaag gctaagagag
    56641 ggtgggatgt ggcaaagggc gaagggtaga aggagacatg acctgggaga ggggagcgtg
    56701 gcaggggccc atgggcttca gggctgtgac caacagcatg ctggtgaaca gaccagacgt
    56761 gggctatgtt gtctgggcct gtgaagctga gttcaagagc ccaagccttc ctccctcatg
    56821 cccatgctgt tggaaccttg aggtggttac ctgggcagaa ttcctgtcct ggtctctggg
    56881 cagcatctct cctgcttctg ataaagacta acaaggtgtc ttagtctgtt caggctgcca
    56941 taacaaaatg ccaggctggg ctgtttataa acaagagaga tttagtgcgc acagttctgg
    57001 atttggggaa gtttgagatc aaggcaccta cagattacat gttagataag ggctccctgc
    57061 ttcatagatg gcatcttcct gctgtttttc atgtggcaga agggccaaag aagctctctt
    57121 gggcttctta ttgtaaaggc attaatttca ttcatgaggg ttccaccctt acgacctcat
    57181 cacctcccag cagccccacc tcttagtatt atcacattgg gggttagact ttaacataag
    57241 agctttggtg gggggtacag tattaagtcc atagcacaag gggtgacacc ttggagtggg
    57301 tggagggtga ccacctagca gtgtgacaag aactccacta agggaattgg ggtgtgagtg
    57361 tgagcatgtg tgagtatttg tatgtgcaca cttgtgtgtg tacatgcata tctccaagtg
    57421 tccatgtatg gctgtgtgag tgcatgtgcc tgtgtgtggc ccattggggg acaggagcag
    57481 gggccttgag gctgggcttt gggctttgtg tacatttctt agcatcttgt agatgcggat
    57541 gctgactccc tcctatggtg cctctcaaga tgaaatgaga gcatatccaa agccctgtgt
    57601 gcacagtcgc tcccttcttc cctcttctcc tggtatcagc ccccctattc tggctggctg
    57661 agccctaggc tgccggtgca gggggtactc agggaggagg gctcaggcag gcagcagagg
    57721 cctggagggc ctggctctgt gggatctgtg accttctcca ctccagttgg caagggtcca
    57781 ggtgagtctc ccaccctccc agtgcacagc gagatttcag gttttgtttc tagaccctga
    57841 ttgccatgtg gttttcacac cgcctctcct cctgccattg acagtggggg gctttgattg
    57901 ctgtcccccc tgtaatggga acactttgct gaccttttcc ttcctttccc cgctaaatga
    57961 ttcctggcca aagccctgcc tccccatggg gagccgcctc ttcctgcctt tcccaaaggc
    58021 acaggccctg atgcccagga ccccgtgtag gacacacagg gacagacagg agtgccctta
    58081 tctcacccgc tggtttggag ggacagttta tctctctttt ccacatggtc taaaggaagc
    58141 tggtgctgaa atggcagaga cagggactga ctccacaaca ggaagacagg ctcgggcgca
    58201 gatctctcga ctgtggccgc cacacagtgg tcactgctgt tgtcctgggc cacctctctg
    58261 atccccaggg ctctcctgtc ccaagtggct gcctgaattg gttttttgca ctggcattta
    58321 tacctttact tggttaatga ttcttagagt tctttatgga ctgtaggggg aggaccgagg
    58381 tccaggtggt ggtgatggct gctttctaac tggcagtcct gggcagtgcc ttgaggggag
    58441 gcatttcttc taaagctcag ctctcacttg tgcctccagg agagtcaaac tgccgccttg
    58501 ctctgagcca tctcaaagtg aggtgagcca cattctctca gcagggtggt gggttggcag
    58561 atgacttgaa ggaagagccc actccctgct tacccactct cgttttaata cgccaagtct
    58621 gcccagagac gctggcctcc tcaaaggagg aaagacaccc tccaaaacct gctgagaggc
    58681 cgggggctgt agctcacgcc tgtaatccca acactttggg aggccaaggt gggcggatca
    58741 cttgaggtca ggagttccag accagcctgg cccacacagt gaaaccctgt ctctactaag
    58801 aatacaaaaa tcagccaggc atggtggcac acgcctgtga tcccagctac ttgggaggct
    58861 gagtcaggat aatcgcttga acccagaagg tagaggttgc agtaagccga gatcacgcca
    58921 ctgcactcca tcctgggcga cagagcaaga ctccatcccc cccaaaaaaa caaaacctgg
    58981 acagagtggc cccctgcagg ccccccgctt cttggggctg gagcaagtgt tcttatagat
    59041 gtctctggtc gtcttggcca ctggctcgga gacagccacc gagacccggc atttggagca
    59101 gctggctggg atgctgcagg gaggggtgtc caagcaggag gcagccaagc ctgcctggag
    59161 caggataaga tgagctcccc tctgagactc agtattttct gttcaatgaa aggaacagtc
    59221 cagtatttga gacaggagaa ccggaattga cttgactggt ctgtggtgct tttttttttt
    59281 ttttcctgtg ccttgattct tccatttaaa tacagaggac acctgaccct aaggcgcatg
    59341 gaccagagac atcatctgaa cccagagtag cgtgcatggt gattattttg agatttcctc
    59401 tctgtcccca tctgggctca ttttcactgg atggacccca ccatgcttct tagaccctgc
    59461 ggcaggctgg ccagcccagg tggagggcat gcgctttgcc aaaggcgaga ccgctggctg
    59521 gagactggac tgcggggcca tcctccaggc tcttgcacgg ggacctggag gatgtggccc
    59581 aagctcagtc tccttcagtc tgcattggtg gctaatcagg acacgggtat gggggaaatc
    59641 cctgtaggtc tggaggtggc tgggatggcc cagggcttgt ttctcaccct ttacctctag
    59701 tttatatccc actgacaccg aggtttattc gcaatgcact tcagcagata gggtgatggg
    59761 gtagaatcac agagctgagg agtccacggt aaagaattcc aggtccctgt gcttctcctg
    59821 catcccagct cttctgtcat tggaaggcag tcatccaaga ctcctccctt ttctggcctt
    59881 tgctgtcagg gagcctgggg gccagttcac tattcatttc gcacagtcag tgcatcccag
    59941 ggcctgaaac acgctttgag ccttcatttt tgttttcttc ccagtggcct tatttttaca
    60001 ctgtttgatt tcttaaggct gctttggatc cttttaaaag taggcgagtg aaaagctaca
    60061 caaacaaact cctgggcttg gcaccctcct gtgcccacat ccggcgccct ttctttggga
    60121 cctgccggag cctgggtccc ctggcagggt ggggcaggat agggtggggt gttgcctgag
    60181 aaatggtgca aaccttcttg cactccgtaa atgattcatt tccttcaaat gtcctatgct
    60241 gttttccagc agaatctcca ttatgtatga atcaagatcc tggctgacat tttctgcctt
    60301 ggctgttgtg agctttcccg tcagaaatat ccttcccatg gggcctgaag taattatttt
    60361 atatttattg gcattaagtg tatgagagag agagagagag agagagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg
    60421 tgtgtgtgtg tgtcagaagt ggtgtatcag ctgccacata gtaagagagc aaaggatctt
    60481 cttttgtctt atggtgtttt acctgtgctg attggttctt ggcagccttt aaatgcctag
    60541 gcagagagga agagagaggt tcctaagctt catggtgaat ttctaagtct gtgttgactg
    60601 caggaaatgt atgaggaaag gatggtggtt gaggcctctc cctcacattt aggccagggg
    60661 ttggcaaatt gcagcttagt cctgtctgct gcctgttttt gtaaataaaa ttttattgga
    60721 acacagcttg ctcattggct tatgtataac atttggctgc tttcatgcta tgatgacaag
    60781 gttgagtagt tgagacagat gccatgtggc ttgcaaagct gaagatattc attagctggc
    60841 tctttccagg aaaagtttga cccctgcttt aggataaaac agagaaatgg agagacatgg
    60901 aatagcagag tatcttttca actaggttca atatgaatga acaggtcccc tcagttgcac
    60961 ctgaaagggg ccagaagtcc tataggtttg ggtttggggg agattgaagt tagacttgct
    61021 tggttcagag accaggccag gatcgagcat ttgccattgg tgacctggag gtgtctggag
    61081 caggatcctt ttaaataggc aagctgcttg ctgggaacac agttcacctt aagctttaaa
    61141 aaaaattcct tcaaagccaa aaaccatgca aatatggagc tgcctgacaa gccgaatgat
    61201 tgatagggta gaaaataggg tctgtcataa aatatttgag gaggtggatt tttacagcag
    61261 ggagaagcag gctgacaagt gccacttgtt aatggtgact accaccttcc gtacctactg
    61321 tgtgccaggc atagcaatag acactttgtt attgtgttcc gtctagaaac aaccctgcta
    61381 agtagctccc agtattcccc agttaccagt ggaggctcca aagatatatc ttttgtgtga
    61441 attgcacagc ccacgatcag ggaggaagcc atcccctgtg gtccagccct ctgcacaggt
    61501 aatgggggaa ttagctggaa ttgcagccat cctgtaggac ataaggaaga acatcttgac
    61561 tgtaagcatg gttaaacact gggatgagct gtcagggaag cgtgagagat ccccatctgg
    61621 gaggagcttt ggaaaggaga aacatttgta agtctatttt cagctttcag ctgcatggtg
    61681 acacagggca ttggccttga tggcctctag gagatcttgt gacctttctg atttcagcat
    61741 tctctctcct gtcacatcag accctttgct ggtttagatc acaatagtac tgccagtgct
    61801 gcaccctttt agaacttcta aggccatgag ttattggaga ttcagtttcc agggtggttc
    61861 ttgaacctaa gaaatcttct agaagcctgg gtcatgttgt gaggtccttg tgcctgttgg
    61921 gtcgtggttc tgtctgcctc aggttactgt tggccccagg gctctttttc ctgcaggcct
    61981 tagttagcac catgaatggt taggggtatg ggggtcaggg tgagtggtca ccagtgggtt
    62041 tcaagggatt ggcctatttc atctaagttg ccaaacttat gtgcacagag ttgttcgcag
    62101 tatttcccta gcatcttctt aatgtgtgtg ggatcagtag tgatatcccc tctttcattt
    62161 ctgattttgg tcatttgtgc ctttcttttt ttgtttgtta gtctgctaga agtctgttac
    62221 ttctttttgt tgggtttact ttgttcatct tttaaaaaaa attttagaga cctttcctct
    62281 tttctgatat aagcatttga tgctgtgaat ttgcctccaa gcactgcttt agctgcatcc
    62341 tacaaatttt tatatattgc atttttattt tcagtcattc caaaccagtt tctaattttc
    62401 ctcgagactt cctttttcat ctgtggatca tttagtagtg tttaatagta atgtttcatt
    62461 tctaagtatt tggaggtttt tccaggtgtc attctgttac tgatttttag tcaaaaataa
    62521 atgtattagt ttcctattgc agctgcaata aattgccaca aacttagtga cttcaaacaa
    62581 caaaacatac taccttatag ttctggccag aagcttaaaa gaggccttat agggctaagt
    62641 cttagttttc cttcatctga gaaggtcttt attttgcctt cattcctgaa ggatattttc
    62701 attggatata acattctggg ttgacagttc ctttctttta ggactttaag atgtttcatc
    62761 cccttctggc ctctatagtt tctgatggga aatctacagt tacgtgaatc cttattctcc
    62821 tgtatgtaat atgttgtttt tctctgactg ctttcaagac ttttttcttt aactttggtt
    62881 ttctgtgctt ttattatgat atgtctggct gtagttttct ttctttatcc tgtttggggt
    62941 tcactgcatt tctcgggtct gtaaatttat gttcttcccc taatttggga agtgttcagc
    63001 tattgtattt tccgatactg ttttctgctt ccatctctcc tctctttctg ggacacctgg
    63061 gacatgaaat tagacatcaa catcttttga tgttgttcca tagatgcttg aggttttatt
    63121 ccatttttct ccatttttgt tttctctctc ttatttagat tggataattt ctattgatct
    63181 atctttaagt tcactgactc cattgtcatc tccattctgc tgttgaaccc ctccaggtaa
    63241 ttgtttattt tttggttcta aaattcctat ttggttcttt tttatagctt ctattttttt
    63301 tggctgagaa ggcctgtctt tttatttgtt tcaagagtct ttgtcctttc ttcttagagc
    63361 atggttataa tagctgcttt aaagtcttag tctgataatt caaacatttg ggtcatcttg
    63421 gggttgatgt tagttgattg ccttttcctt tcacagttta tgttgcttag ttctctgtca
    63481 agtaattttg ggttatatcc tggacatctt gagtgtaata ttatgagact ccggaccctg
    63541 tttaaatgtt ctgaaaatgt tgactgattt tttttttttt aaacaggcag tcaacccagt
    63601 tagattcaga tggcatatcc tggctcactt tctcagctct gtggttccgg tatccaccct
    63661 gctgttgacc actgagggat cagtttgaaa ctgggcagtg atctgtgctg tgctgattct
    63721 aagtgttttc acacatgtgc agtttagggg tgagcccagg gcttcttatg aagatttaaa
    63781 ggatcccttc tccagctccc tcttctccat gatcttccct atactctcta cttccccatg
    63841 tccccccttt caggtgttct gattagaagg cagttccccc ctgagggtcc actgttgctg
    63901 tgctggtgaa gggggcaggg gcttcaccta tttggtggcg cttggttagt gtagagtgga
    63961 aagagtccac gggtctccac cccagggagg ccgctgcttg catctgtggg gagaggaatg
    64021 gacacgttgt ttgtgctggg gaaaggtgga taaagccaaa agagttcaat ctacaggatt
    64081 tctccttcct gggcttttgg ttagagagag caagcttttc tgtttggttc tttttttttt
    64141 ttcctcttgt ctgtgcctgt tggtagtttc aagctactct agtgcccatg ctgggaggca
    64201 aaattccaaa aactggaaaa ccagaaaaat cactgccaag gtgtccttaa agtcctgcaa
    64261 tctctgctca gtcctcctgc ccttatctac ctttttgagt cccatgatag aggtttcatg
    64321 cagaatttgt acctgtggat agtgggaaag gctgtagtgt gctttttcca tcttgcctgg
    64381 aattggaagt tccaacttct acatttagac gtccttctct ctgtgtgtgg tgatgttccc
    64441 tgggatagac cactactgcc cttagacagc attctgaggg tggtggccca tactgatcac
    64501 ctcagcccac ccagtaactt tcctgcggcc cctcccaaga cccccgcccc aacagggcta
    64561 agctgataca cacactgcgg atgcaggcct gcctgctggg ccttcctggt gtttgttttt
    64621 tccaggcaaa gcacctctct ctgcctcctg ctggtttatt cagcagtgtc ccagggtttg
    64681 ctcattgtct gctttgcttc agacccttct atcaaattcc attgtctctg tcttaatggt
    64741 ctttgcaggg taggcatggc catctgcatg ttcactgaag ggcctgcctg catttccagg
    64801 gagagaaagc cttcaggcca ctggtgcata aagatctttg gaaatgtcca gaagatccca
    64861 aacattgcct gtcctgcatg ccaggcctca cttgccacca gcctgctccc cagccgcaca
    64921 tccagctgtc atttcctaga gaacccatcc cacgcagttg ttttggacac atagcgttcc
    64981 ttcagggaat gtggccccgg ggccacaggt ggagtagagg gcacagtatc ccgaaccatc
    65041 taacggggcc cgactcaccc tcaccatgca ccaggccagt tatggtttct ttctgtgtct
    65101 tatttccccc tccatcaaat gagagttatt gtagaaacct tatagtgctg tgttgggatt
    65161 agcagtaaac agtttggcat gtggtagatg ctcgggaaat ggaagctgcc cttttttcct
    65221 aatgggaaag aagggatttt gtttttgaga caattccctt cctctgctgc tgcataggga
    65281 cacctgggtg cctttctaaa attagaccag ggcatggtgg cttgctcgta atcccagtgt
    65341 tttgagaggc caaggcggga agatcacttg aggccaggag tttgagacca gcctgggcaa
    65401 cctagtgaga ctccgtctct ataaaaaaat aaaattagct ggatgtggta gtgcacgcct
    65461 gtagtcccag ctattcagga ggctgagtca ggaagattgc ttgagcccca ggagtttgag
    65521 gcaatggtga gccatgttca tgccactgca ctccagccta gccaacagag caagaccccg
    65581 tctcataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaat aaaataccaa
    65641 cagcctgtgc tggctggagc catggtgtta aaaggcccat ggacttgggc catgcctgag
    65701 ctggctgtgc tctgcctgcc acttaggctg cccctccctg acccagcttg tgtggaggag
    65761 gcatggaatc ctacaggaat gtgaagttca tccttccctg gatacttggg caccatctgg
    65821 ccaggctcat ggagcaaatg ggcctgtgag ttatgtcccc acccgtgcct acgcccaacc
    65881 tttatgcccc gtttttagtg ggagaatttt gtttggagct gcaggtgttg gggggtggca
    65941 cgtctcaggc tttggggtct tcctgttctc tttcttggcc ctgctccact ccttggttcc
    66001 cctggccctg tcttgcctgc ctgttaactt tgggtaccct cagcctgtcc caaggcagct
    66061 catccctcag gccctgccct gtcttgtctc tccagcctcc cagcccaggg gcttgctctc
    66121 catgtagtaa ctaatacctt agtgtgatcc tctaattttc tgttgctttc ttgcttccat
    66181 ggttgttgga agcctggaga cccagtgttt ggccaaggac agggcctgct ggttttagag
    66241 ctcctggccc agtagggatg ataggaccca ggaccccaag tgctctaggc aggcactgtt
    66301 ctgggtgctg taaagcacgg tgcctagcac ctcacaggga ctcggggtgt cctggctgac
    66361 cagccgaatc cactttttat tgacaagaag cctgggtccc agagacatta agtaacgtgc
    66421 taaggtcacc cacctgggca gtggtagggc tgggtttgaa ccaaggtctg cactgcccag
    66481 ctcatgaatt ctgctgcttg ggagccagca gcactactgg cacaagggta gggggacctc
    66541 aggcctgtca gagagggtgc ctggctcttt gggagtgggg ggtgcaccag agtgggttgg
    66601 agacaggacc cagagcacca ccctttacct gaccagcatc ttggtggggt tccccacctg
    66661 gaaaggcagg accctggggt ccaacagagc ctattgcaga tccaggttct ggcccagctg
    66721 ggatgctcac tggcttctgt ggcttatcag cgagcctacc tgctgcaccc gtgagcatgg
    66781 gcggccccat ctgcctcctc cttcaggtga gatggcagga tcagagagat ggaatgaatg
    66841 ctgccgtgtc gcattcatgt aggaaggcct tatttacaaa ccatctgtag cagtcagaag
    66901 gcctgatgtg gtcaggccag accatggagc ccctgttctg gatccatttg gcaaagatga
    66961 gagagaagct gggttaggct ttgttgggta aatgcaaatg ccacatctgt gtgtgcacac
    67021 acataggctg agacattttt ctgcgaggtg ggggatcgca ttgagggaag aaaaggtgct
    67081 ctaatagctt cagcctggac ttgggtccag agctttggat agaagcatct ttccagacaa
    67141 ttgggatcct gtagaaaatc tgccctctga ggctcttcta tgccttctgt tgtgtcctgg
    67201 gaccccttgg catctccagg cagagcctat acagagcatc cacatcagag tcccctgtgg
    67261 gccccagtgc ctgtagttcc atctcctgcc tggatgctcg gttcttggag cgagcttcct
    67321 gagcagcctc tgcaggctcc aggctctggc agcatctcca cgccactcct gccggccttt
    67381 ctcctggtgg aagcagcctg cgttgcttct ctgcccggtg gtgacaggct gttctcgttt
    67441 ggaaacagaa gagacaccac tgcttcccca caccgacttc ctaaaacatg aggctccctt
    67501 ctgtggtgta tgtgtaaaat gcctggctct gtatatgcac gtggtgcacg cctggccctg
    67561 gggtcttcac attcttcaga agaggccagg catggaggct cgtgcctgta atcccagcac
    67621 tttgagaggc tgaggcaaat gaatcatttg aggtcaagag ttcgagacca gcctggctaa
    67681 catggtgaaa ccccgtcttt gctaaaaata taaaaattag ccaggtgtgg gggcttacac
    67741 tcttgtagtc ccagctattc aggaggctga ggcacaagaa tcgcttgaac ccaggagtcg
    67801 ggggttgttg tgagctgaga tcacaccact gcacgccagc ctgggtgaca gagcgagacc
    67861 ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aagaagaaca tggtgacttc
    67921 acctgcccag ggaggcgtgc cagccagggg cccatggaga atcagatatt cagccaggga
    67981 caagggcatg tcagtgggca gagtgccagg gtgtgggagg ctctctgggt ggtcgctgac
    68041 caaaaacatc acttctgggt tttgtgactc agaaatgagc tcagcctgta taccctgcag
    68101 atgtgatgag ccccaggccg agtcctctgg gggtgtcatt aatggcgtgt gcatgagcat
    68161 tttcttctgg catttttaca gagaccatgt gcagctggac tctccggaga cagcaaacag
    68221 aaattctatt atgtgtccta tcagctagta aaggagggga gcttgccttg agttgtgttt
    68281 ttctgcgacc ctgtgtgttt gatccttgtc tgcacccagt ttggccaccc tgacctctgt
    68341 cactcccaag tccgaggaac cagtggttat gtgaatgtga agttatttac ttcatctgtt
    68401 tatttagatc tgggccctgg ggtggcccca tgcgttgaat aagtgtgttc tacagaaccc
    68461 atggtccctg ggttctgggt gatcagtggc ctgaggaggg accagactcc agcccgtcct
    68521 aaggagctta tgagaagttt tgaggggact ggtgcctgga catgggctgt agcgtaggtg
    68581 gagtgtcgag gaggacccta cacacggtga gtgggagaaa gcacctggga gagcatcccg
    68641 cagcccagga gggtggtcag gttaagtcac agcagggatg gggctatcag aatggtgggc
    68701 tgtgaagaac tgggagggcc aagactcagg gaggccatct ggatggggaa ggtgtgagcc
    68761 gaggcccaga atggagcacc caggggaccc aggctgatca ggtcgcagcg agcatgaggg
    68821 gactgtgcga agccatgagc tccagactcc ccagtcgtgg gccctgatgc gggggtgtgt
    68881 gtgagctgga gccgtgggac cagggccgaa cccgtgtgct ggacagtctt cggggcccag
    68941 acaccaaggg ccacccggag cctacaggaa agttggggag tagaggggca tgtgttgtat
    69001 ggacagagcc ctaccatgct tagaggagtc aggctcctcc cccgactctg tggccacaca
    69061 ttgtccctca cactcttgat ttctcagcca cagtgagggt gaaaaccagg gtcagctcga
    69121 gactatgacc cagttcccat ttcacctcct gggtcttctc caggttctgt ggggtttttt
    69181 gttttgtttt gtttttttga gatggagtct ctcgctctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcagt
    69241 ggtacgatct tggctcctag gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagtagctgg
    69301 gattacaggc atgcacccag ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccatg
    69361 ctggccagac tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct caagtgatcc gcctgccttg gcatcccaaa
    69421 gtgctgagat tactagtgtg agccaccatg cccggccttc tccaagttcc gaattccctg
    69481 aaagcagctg tgctgttgcc ctgccctctg gggcacaatg ttaggagtaa gcagcgttta
    69541 agtgcctccc tgattaagag aaagatgtat attcccactg ggtggcgagg acatagatgt
    69601 ccaggcccat gtgttccacg gcataatgtg gggactgcag agaggaaggg acatgtttat
    69661 gtcccaggtg agtcatggaa tctcagaata tgagggtgtg catgtcagat tttttcaagg
    69721 aggggtgtct tagtcacttc aggctgctat aacaaaaatg ccataaactg ggtaccttaa
    69781 acaacaaaca cttactcctc acagtgctgg aggcaggaag tcagtatcaa ggagctggaa
    69841 catttggagt ctgccaaggg cccacttcct ggttcttagc catcttcttg ctgtgttctc
    69901 acctggtgtg gaaaggatgg gggctgtctc tggggtttca aaagggcact aatccccttc
    69961 atgagggttc cgtcctcctg acctaatcac ccccaaaggc cccacctcta aataccatca
    70021 cattgggggt tagatttcaa cataggaatt ttgcagagat gtgaacattt attctgtgtg
    70081 ctgtaagggg catctcagag tgccaccccc acatctccaa agctgctgga ccttgcatat
    70141 gggagctgac tctcttgggg ctggtgtgac tcatggctgg aggcctggct tgttaaccca
    70201 gctctgaggt cctctgggtg ccacctcctg cacaccagcc agccaggtgg cctccacgta
    70261 ccttctgttt catggagaag agctacttgc ttaagacagg ttcctcaaac ccctggcatc
    70321 tggtctcagg tgactctgag catctcatgg ctacctcctc cccacctgca gcctcatctc
    70381 caccctgccg cactctatga ctgagcagca cagggcgcca ggggatgttt gtctgcactg
    70441 ctgctgtgtt gctgacttat gagacctctt tggaaggggc tcaacaggtg aggagagtgg
    70501 tgtgaatcca cttgtcctaa tagaccactc caactttctg aacatcccag gctttcctgg
    70561 tacagtcccc atcttccagc caagaggaga gcatggctca ggtgggattc aggcgagaac
    70621 agggcaacgc acacctacta gccaagatac aaagcactta atacagggag gagtcatgtg
    70681 ggcagagccc agtgggtctg ggttcccctc atgaggaccg agaggggacc aacacctgtt
    70741 agatgtctgc tgtgttcctg acgttggcct gggtgtggga tgtgactggg tgtctgttgc
    70801 tctccttggc aggtgcctgc cctggaggta aagaggctgg gacagtaact ttaggcagtc
    70861 agctggggtc tgtctgttaa gcaaggagca ggaatcagcc ttgttctcta ctggcctgtc
    70921 tgggaagcgt gaacaaattc tgtgtcttga atagtacccg agtcagttgc cagccctgtg
    70981 ctggctctgg cagggggtag ctgtggaggc aagagtgttg ggcagggtga cctgattgag
    71041 ccaagctgtt attcttccac ctgaggattt tccagaagaa gtgccaggct cagaaccggc
    71101 gtcagatacc tctgagagcc tttccggttg ccacggttct cccaggatcg tggagttctt
    71161 gaaggaaggc cttttcctgg cgtgtctgca gtggcatggt gatatagcca cgccgcccct
    71221 gtttgtgagt tgaatctctg cagaactcac ttttcccagg aggtgctttc agaatgcagc
    71281 ataccacagt cctcatcagg atctgctcat ttggctgggc tggcaggtgg ctgagttggc
    71341 tcccggagcg ggtgtctagc agctgtgctc atggaggcag gctgggcgtg tgaatctcac
    71401 ctcctcccac ggccccctgg ggaagcagga taggagctgg gcctggttcc cgagcctggc
    71461 cgattgggag taacaggtgg gatctggacc aggttgtcac acccacaatg acagctggga
    71521 ttatcaccgt gggtggtaat tcccacatga cagtttcgag tttcaggtca agagctgggt
    71581 cctctctctc ctcttgcatc tggacagaga gatccttgcc ggctggtttt ctggctcgtt
    71641 cctcagctgt tttctgtggc ctgcagagtt tgcagcccca ggggagtaag gaaagctctg
    71701 ctctggcctg atttttgctg gagaagagaa atgtggaagt cagggtggtg gcctttgcag
    71761 tgggtcagct ttgggctgct gagacgggcg gcgtgaaggc cggcttccag agccctggct
    71821 ggcctttgta gtggatgaga cggaccagat tgccatgcta gggtcacccg ctgacctgca
    71881 gtggcctgag cagatacatg gctctgccag atttcctgaa gtggagccct cagcctcaca
    71941 ctgcatcccc cagaagccag gcaagaggag gtcataaggt ttttctggaa aggagcgaaa
    72001 gagtgcgctg ctaaatgttg caggtgggag tgcgtgaaca ggtgaggctt ccggtaatta
    72061 tgacaagtga tgcttgtgct tctcagtgcc gtttcctccc tctgatgggg cctgcttgac
    72121 acctcgcagg gagcgtgggt ggagagtgtc attatcccca tttcattggt gggaacattg
    72181 agagatgaaa cgaggagttt catctgcagg cccctgggcc ctctggtcat cccggtcatc
    72241 ctggttggtt tattgtcttg ttttttaagg gggatgatcg aagaaagcct tggaggtagg
    72301 gtgggggaag ctgggaacag agggaattat atttcctttt ccaaatactt gtttaagaat
    72361 ggaagagttc ctggccacat aatccatgtg cacagatttt ccgggggaaa atccatttga
    72421 gtttagactt ggagaccgtg ccacctcccg gtctgttcct caggcttttg acatctgccc
    72481 acacctggaa catcttaaat tctggtggag aatacaaaac gtcactcccc tgccccagct
    72541 cacccctagt tcagcccccc aggatacctg aagttgggga tcctccttct tagctgtgga
    72601 gctcagggta tgttggttcc acgtccaaac cttcaacctt catctgtaaa atggggtact
    72661 gatggctccc ttgcagaggc ctggggattc gaggcagcac ttctggcccg tacctgttgc
    72721 catttctgca tgttgtaccc ctggccctga ctcaggctgg cgtcctgaac acctgtgcat
    72781 ccacaacccc ataagccttc caggagcact atagatcagg gtgacccagg attaggccgg
    72841 gggtgggaat tacagactac ccccaggact gacccagagc tatacccctc cagggccggt
    72901 gggaacacga gtggtttttg tgtgtgtatg tggcttgcag cttgcaaggg gggtgggggg
    72961 caggtggcgg ggttggttcg agtctcaaac tgtcctctgt cgggtcgggt caggcctcaa
    73021 actctcctct gggccatttc cttctttttc tcaacagaaa gaacccaggc tatggaatca
    73081 tgtgtgggcc cagcagggtt cataggcacc ttctcagtct gtctccagcg ttgggctctt
    73141 ctggtcctgc ccagcttgtc gctttagtac ctcagtttcc ttatctgcat ggaagcccac
    73201 ctgtcagctt ggatgagggg aggaaagcaa agcccctcag gccctgtgtg ggaaggagag
    73261 tctgaaagtg caggggctgt gctcaggaag gagcgcagct tcaggagggg ctggttggct
    73321 ggcagtgttg tgcaggacat tcagaacgtg actgggtttc tattctgatt tgtacaagca
    73381 taggatactc aggtggctct ggtctgttct ctagcaggag agtctggggt caatctgtaa
    73441 taatttagct tctgagcagg tgcccggcac tggaagagga gagcccaaga gagcacggat
    73501 acattgtgtg gctgaagggg gcaaggccct gggctgcctc ctactctgac cttgtgggcc
    73561 ttggtgtctg ctcttcccct ctgtctgcca ctctgagtct ggaatgtggc agtgatatgg
    73621 gtgttgtggg cactcctggc atgtgggcag ctcctcagtg ctggtgtctg agctccacaa
    73681 tgacttcatt catgtaatag tatgttatgg ctgcgtaaca aagaaccaca aactgtgcag
    73741 cccaaatcat agaaatttat catctcacag ttctgacgac tggaaatatg agattgagat
    73801 gttggctggg ttggatcctt ataggtggca gttttcaagt tcacatgaca ttctccctat
    73861 atgccagtct gtatccaaat tccacccacc cacccccact tttttttaag agacagcgtc
    73921 tccctctggc tccagtccca ggctgcagtg cagtggcgca gtcatagctc actgtagcct
    73981 cagcctcctg ggctcaagtg atcctcccac ctcagcctcc caagtagctg aaaactacac
    74041 ttgaccacca tacctggcta atttttatat ttttttgtag agacacgttc ttgttatgtt
    74101 gtccaggcta gtctcgaact cctggcctga agtgatcctg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt
    74161 acaggcatga gccaccacgc caggccacct cttttttaaa ggacacagtc acattggatt
    74221 aggacctaac ctaatgacct cattttaact tggtaaagac cctattttca aataagttta
    74281 gaggttagga cttcagcata tgaatttagg agggaacaca atttagcccc taaaactgta
    74341 cttctattct tttgttttaa atttcagagc ctggctgatc gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt
    74401 gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgtctat gtgtgaaaat atacataggc cgggcgcggt
    74461 ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg aggctgaggc gggtggatca cgaggtcagg
    74521 agatcgagac catcctgact aacacggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat
    74581 cagccgggcg tggtggcggg cgcctgtagt tccagctaat cgggaggctg aggcaggaga
    74641 atggcgtgaa cccaggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccgag atagtgccac ttgcactcca
    74701 gcctgggtga cagagcgaga ctgtctcaaa aagaaaaaaa aaagaaaaag aaaaaaagaa
    74761 aatatacata acatgtactg ttttagccat ttttaagtgt gcggttcagt ggtattcagt
    74821 acatccacat tatcatacac ctgtcactac tgtccatctc cagaactttt tcatattctc
    74881 cacactgaaa ctccactaaa cgctaactcc ctcctcccct cctgtccagc acctcacaac
    74941 cccctttcta ctttctgtct ctatgaattt gactactcta ggaacctcat atacgtggaa
    75001 tcttacggta tttgtttgtt tgtgcctggc tgatttcact tagcataatg tcctcaaggc
    75061 ctatctcagt cagcgtgtgt cagagtttcc ttcctttttg aggctgaata atactccttt
    75121 acatgtatgt ggcacgttct ggttttccac tcatgcattg atggatgcta gggttgctgc
    75181 cacctcttgg ccattgtgga tggcgctgct gggaatgtgg tgaatgtgca cctcctctcc
    75241 taacctgccc caggcatcct tcagaagcgg ggcagcccaa gaccgagatg ggggaagaag
    75301 gtggtttgcc tgccctccca ggcttgctgg gtgtctgccc gtggctgggc cctggccccg
    75361 ggctcagggt ggtgaccgcc agcaggggga agtccctctt cctgccattc ccccccgacc
    75421 aaccctctgt atttcctctt tggaggggca gtgagtggga agggaggacc cacaggtgtg
    75481 cagcggccat ggcccgcatc ctggctgagc acctttgctg gtgtggaggg actccctcca
    75541 gtcactttca gacctcactc cccatgctgc tcccacacca gggcactgtt cccacgccat
    75601 cctcctttga agggcactac ccatcttccc tgtcttgccc cttcccaccc tcttcccagg
    75661 gacttttctg gtcagttccc tgctgccagg tctatacctc agggactaga agctcagcat
    75721 cccctctgct cttcctcctt ttgcctttgt cctcttagcc agacccaggc tcactgtgcg
    75781 tcagtgcccc tgcctgcgtt tttctaccaa caccaggcct acctggagtg accatcgcag
    75841 aagcccccag ccctgcccca cctccagtgc cacactcaga tgtgctgcca gaacgtcacc
    75901 tgtctccctg cagcctctag gctcccctct tgttccagac ccagacatct cctaaatgga
    75961 gcccaagtcc ttggcctgaa gcctgaggct ccccacaaaa tcaccctctt cctctctctc
    76021 ctctcactgc cagcctgtat cccctttccc agctgtaccc cctttcccag agaccacttc
    76081 cagcccccct tagctcttag tggcctctgg ctggatctag aaaccaaact gacaccaggt
    76141 acattaacaa gagaaaagca cacaaatgtc attagtttta caggtgcatg ggaaacttca
    76201 ccagagtcaa gtccagacaa gtggccgaag caagatgctt tatccttttt cgataaagaa
    76261 caataagttt gagaagtggc aggacaaggg ggatctggct aggggcagta aattcttgag
    76321 cagtcactgg gagatatatg aggggtgtaa acctggtgga agataagggt tactttgtta
    76381 aagcatattt attcaggccc actgcagccc ccgattccat ctcaggtgat aagggctatt
    76441 ttctcccctg gttcaaggaa gacacccctc ccagaggaat ctttatggct tgctgagtat
    76501 agcaagaaac aggtcagcta gccctttctg aagctgcagc tcgaagtcag tgtagccatc
    76561 cggtgtattt tgggatggca cgtccttcac tctttcccag cctttctgca tttgtaagcc
    76621 ccaggaaagc cggcagctga gtcagcctga atccctccat ggggcgtctt tgcagctccc
    76681 tgcccctgct ggttgaaggc tctgttggtc gcattcttct ctctcacaga ctctgcccct
    76741 ccaaagccct tccagccctc tcctgggggc tgggttatct ctgtcctcag actccatggc
    76801 accgagttca ggccatgtct tagtgtcctg tggcttcctt aacagaatgc cacaagctta
    76861 gtggcttaca acaacaaaca tttattctct cccagttctg aagactgaag tcccacatca
    76921 aggtgtccgc agggccaggc tgtctctgga ggctctaggg gaggatcctt cctttctgtt
    76981 cccagcatct gatggcccac ggcattcctc gacctggtga caacatctct ccagtccctg
    77041 cctccgcctt caaatggcct cctgtatgcc tgtgtcttct gtctctttaa agatatttgt
    77101 cattggattt agggtccatc agtgtgatat tgtgatataa gaaacctgta tgtggtcttc
    77161 cttctggttt ctggcacaag ctcctaaaat cattgtaatt ttctgaacga tggggtgata
    77221 ggagcatctt ttgttattca tacaagccct tttctgtggg acctgaggtt atgctaatga
    77281 ggtgatgctt gaggggcccc tagatagctg tgggacgggg ctggttgcca gaggaaccag
    77341 ccacgtgatt agagggttgg aactttagct ccacccctga actctgggga tggggagagg
    77401 ggtggagatt gaattgatca cccgtgtcta cagccatgcc agcctgatct cggctgaact
    77461 gatcatcagt ggccaatgat ttagtcttgc ctacctagtg gaacctccat gaaaacacta
    77521 cacagtgagg ttcagagagc tttcacgttg gtgaacacat gaaggtgctg ggagggcagt
    77581 gccccaagag gccatggaag ctcccccaca atacacaccc tgttacccag ccctcttccg
    77641 tttggctttc gtgagtggta tcctttacaa taaactggta aatgtgagta aaaggttttc
    77701 ccgaattctg tgagctgttc tagcaatttt tttttttttt ttttaagatg gagcctcgct
    77761 ctgttgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgag atctcggctc actgcaacct cccgggttca
    77821 aatgattctc ttgccttagc ctcccgagta gctgggacta taggcgcctg ccaccacgcc
    77881 cagctaattt ttgtgttttt agtagagacg cgatttcatc atattggcca gactggtctt
    77941 gaactcctga ccttgtgatc cgcctgcctc agcctcccaa agttgctggg attacaggca
    78001 tgagccaccg tgcccggctc tagcaaatta ttgaacctga ggagggggtt gtgggaacac
    78061 cccatctcca ctcccagctt tagagtcagt aggtcagaag tacaggtggc ccagacttcc
    78121 cccagtgcct taagtgggaa cagtcttgtg gtactgagcc cttaacctgt gaagtctgac
    78181 acttattcca catacttact ggcagaatgg aattaaatta taggacaccc ggctggtgtc
    78241 cagagactgg gaggattgcc tggtgaaagg agaaaaccca cacgtgtgtt gtcaggagag
    78301 ttctggggga atagaaacac atcatagtag tagtaattgg acaatctagg gtgatctcat
    78361 ctcaaagcct ttaacttcat tacatctgca aaaagactct ttccaggtaa ggtcgcattc
    78421 gcagattcta gggttaggat atgaacgtgt tcctttgggg gcccactaca gtgggcttct
    78481 caccttggtg tcctcagggg agccagtgtc tgcctccctc tcctccgtta ggtcctggct
    78541 ccgtggtcat ttcctcaggg agaggccctg ctgtccttcc tgggtctgtc ttcctccctc
    78601 ctgcatgtgc tccggtgcca cctgcctctc tcccgtggcc ttgtcatggt tgctgtgatg
    78661 cccacgtcac gtgactccat ggattccgct ggctcccatg ggcaggggct gggtgtgcgg
    78721 tgctcaccat tccataccca gcacagtgtc ctgcacgtat tagatactca gtaagtacat
    78781 ttgtctgggg ctaaaccttc agggtctcca ggaagtcttt ctgagcccca gagtcctaaa
    78841 aagcccaggt gctgctgagg aataataact gtatcatcct ggggcggagg gctgctgcct
    78901 cttcccagct ggggtttcag cctctgccct gcccccgcac cagccggccc ccaacctgaa
    78961 gcctagagca tcaaattatt attgcctccg ggaatgactg ggagccttag gcacaggtgg
    79021 gtccttggag acaggggatg gtcctttaac agtgttctgg atcctgatgg agaagagagg
    79081 gggttctcct ctgcccacac tgaggcacac tcggcttgtg gaggaaaacg gctgactagt
    79141 gcccccagaa aatcgccagc aaagttgacc ttctggtgat tcagtctcca accagctcaa
    79201 ccttcaagca ggcagagctg tcagggctgg tcgtgtgggt tggactttct cctccaagaa
    79261 agctcagagt tgtaaatacc tgtttctcat ctgcggtgtc tagggttgcc tggggagtca
    79321 aggcatcagg gagcaggaca ggctcaggcc cttcccgact gacattttcc agcctatggg
    79381 gggccttggc tagcctggtg gctttctctg tggcatacgc tgattcatga ccctgacctc
    79441 tctctacccg ggcagctgcg gctttccatt cttgggtgct ggcctggtga tgtcattgtt
    79501 ggggtacggc atgagggctg ggaggccaca ggatcctggg gtgctctctg tgtacccttc
    79561 caccacagaa ccaaggaccc tggtggcagg cctttagcca gggtgcggtg gctaactgga
    79621 tggggcacgt ctcatttata aagaattttg aggcacttgg cgtggatgca agaaggggca
    79681 gctgccagcc tggcagagga ggagaaagta gagaaaccac cagaaccaac cacacatctc
    79741 cgaaagcact cactgcatgt gggtggcctg aggttatggc caggcggtac tgatgtccat
    79801 ccggaaggat actctcagcc ctcgggaaac agtggaatta tgttccgggt tccctgctta
    79861 ggagaggaaa acaggtcagc cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt gaggtaaaat tcacataaca
    79921 taaaatgaat cattttaaag tgaacaattc cgtggctttt agtgccttca cagtgttgtg
    79981 caaccaccat ctccgtttag ttccgaaaca ttttcgtcac cccagaagga aacccctgcc
    80041 cattaagcag tcaccgacct cctttctgtc tttatgggtt tacgtattgt ggggatttaa
    80101 tatcaatgga gtcatacaac atgtggcact ttgtgactgg catatttccc gtagcatcat
    80161 gttttcaagg ttcatccgtg ttgtagcatg tgacagaatt tccttccctt tgaaggcaga
    80221 ggccgggtgt agtggctcac acctgcaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccta ggcgagagga
    80281 ccacttgaag ccaggagttc aagaccagcc taggcaacat agcgagaccc ctgtctctac
    80341 aaaaagaaaa aaaaaattat tttagctgga cataatggca cacacctgta atgccagtta
    80401 cttagggggc tcaggcagga gatcacgtga gcccaggagt tcgagactat ggtgagcaat
    80461 gctattccat tgaatctgat ggacatttgg attgtttcta cctcttgtga ataatgcttc
    80521 tgtgaacatt ctggtacaag tttttgtttg aacactagtt ttcaattgtt ttgattatac
    80581 acctaggagg ggagttgcta agtcgtaagg ttatcaatgc cacatcttag aaatgccttc
    80641 tctttggaat gaaagttgac ccagcaggca ggtcacacag gtgcagctgg gcacagtcaa
    80701 gctctgcctg agactcagtt tttcctgtct gaaaaatagc aatctaaaag ttcatgccca
    80761 ctcaggtgcg tattccaaga gatgatacgt gggttttcag caccatatgt gacctggagg
    80821 aagtaccccg taaagggtgg tgggtttttt ttgcccacta cttcaaagat ttgggtcttt
    80881 tttgctgtca gaggaactta cctccctgaa gcactacggg tattccctga ccttacctga
    80941 ggttctgcta cgatagccag cttcggagcc cccaagatcc acagcccttc tcgagggtag
    81001 agtctgctct tggtgggtgc atggtggtaa gaaggtgcca ggctatggat gagcgtgggg
    81061 tgcagagcca gctccgactg tggactctgc acccttcatg agacccgaac ctctgtccca
    81121 gccatggttt tccaagcctc tctggaggac agtgcctgcc tgacaatccc tccaaaagac
    81181 gtgtgctgct gtttgtagaa gtcgctggca ccatgctgcc atggcctgcc taggacctgg
    81241 gagaagatgg gaggccaaga ggagggcagg agccgggaag gaggacagct gcagccatga
    81301 cagggtgggg gtttgatgtc cgcctctgtg aaaacctcca ccacagctgg ccgagccacc
    81361 ggatgtttga tctcctttta cctttgtaaa taaatactgc ctagtctttg gctgccagtg
    81421 taaacaagga tggagaccac tctgctgatg atctctgtgc tccctggagt tcctgcctcc
    81481 tccacccaaa ttcctcccag tgcccctttc ttctcttgac tccagtacat gttgatcgga
    81541 gggcccttta cagccgctct cattgttctg ggtagggagg gcccagagca tgacctctga
    81601 tcccctgagg gcttgctccc atctcaccct ggggcacatt ggcagaggtt gggtcagggg
    81661 ctgggttcct ggaaccccac acctctggca gccacaccac ggatggagga tctggggtct
    81721 ctctaggcat atctggcctg ggagagcctc tcctgcctgg ctgtacccag gcatcacatg
    81781 gccgatggtc tgagctcagt tctgcatgca tttcctggga gcccaccgtt ccaccttctg
    81841 tctctatgaa tctgactact gtaggtacct catatgagtg gaatcataac aatatttgtc
    81901 cttttgtgtc tggcttattc cactaagcag aacatcaagg ttcatccatg agattgcatg
    81961 tgtcaaaatg tccttccttt ttaaggctga atgatgttcc attgcgtgta tacattacat
    82021 tgtgcttctc ccttcttctg tcagtggaca ttgggttctt tccacctctt ccttcccatg
    82081 ttgtgatgaa tatgggtgtg caaatatgtc ttcaagttcc tgctttcagt tcttttagag
    82141 gctgggcgca gtggctcacg cttgtaatcc cagcactttg ggagactgag gctggtggat
    82201 tacttgaggt caggagttcc agaccagcct gggcaacatg gtgaaacccc atctatactt
    82261 aaaatacgaa aattagctgg gtgtggtggc gcacgcttgt aatcacagct acttgggagg
    82321 ccaaggcagg agaatcactt gaacccagga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcgcgc
    82381 cattatactc cagcagtgtc cgggcaacag agtgagactc catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    82441 atcagttatt ttgggtacat aactaggagt agaattgctg gatcatgtgg taattctgtt
    82501 taattttttg aaagattttt ttttttgaac cagtgtagtc taggggatgt gaccgcagca
    82561 cctacctggg cctgggctga ctgggaccta accaggcatt attcttttcg ctatattatt
    82621 tttatttttt ggctgccctt tttcctttta tgaaagaata gatttgcaga gttctggggt
    82681 tgggttgcta agcaaactgc ctggagagaa gagggtttca gatttcacta ggccctccct
    82741 cttccacacc aaccctgggc tgtctgcact ggacttcctc tccccagccc cactcctagt
    82801 ctggttcctg gttcaggtga gcagcagcca gattccatgc ccccaccttc taccttctag
    82861 tgtttgggtt ctgccttgga taaagctttg caggaaggat gtggctgatg agaccatcaa
    82921 cctcagtcct gccaagggtg aggcggccca gagaggtttt tccactgggt attcctggta
    82981 cgggggcagg agccaggcct cccaattggt tctggctctt gggagatggt ggctttcaaa
    83041 atgccaaata atgtacttta tcctcaagag gaaagggcct tggctgggca tggtggctca
    83101 agcctataat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcaggagg gttgcttgag gccagagttt
    83161 aagatcagcc tggacaacat agcaagactt tttctcaaaa aatgttttta aaaattagct
    83221 gggcaggcca ggcacggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccaaggtgg
    83281 gtggatcaca aggtcaggag atggagacca tcctggctaa catggtgaaa ctccgtctct
    83341 actaaaaata caaaaaaaaa ttagccaggc gtggtggcgc acgcctgtag tcccagctac
    83401 tccggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcgtga acccggaagg tggagcttac agtgagccga
    83461 aatcgcgcca ctgcactcca gcctggacga cagagcaaga ctctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa
    83521 aaaaaaaatt agctgggcat agtggcatgc acctgtagtc ccagctactt agaaggatcc
    83581 cttgagccca ggagttcaca gctgcagtga gctgtgatca ctccactgca cttcagcctg
    83641 ggtgacagaa agatcatgtc gctgaaaata aaatcacggg tggggggtgg tgctttgtgt
    83701 acttagggga gctcaggtgt gaaaaactgc gttttgaaaa agcaggttcc tgtgtgctgg
    83761 ttagaatggg gggatgagga aattgagggg cagtcctccc cacaccatca tttgccttgg
    83821 agcagactgg aagagtcagc agaatgaggg gcaacaagta tggattggag tgatctgggt
    83881 gagctgaggc aggggctgaa gccctcatat ggaacgtggc agggatgagc aggccatctg
    83941 gaatccagac ttaaaagcat cagtcaccca gacattgatt tgagatctct gcagaggggg
    84001 aaacggctgg ggtttcagcc acttggagtg tcctaattcc ccagcagagt ctggccgtga
    84061 gacctagtct ctctgtctca cctggcgggg tgatgtgtcc acttcaaagt ctcactggac
    84121 acaggcaggc aaaccctcac cgggcacttg attcttgcac caggttttag cgtggacgtt
    84181 gctaagccag catgtggctt cgcacatgtg gagtcttaca gttactctga agcaagccct
    84241 gggaccccga atctgacccc gaagttcttg ctgggctgac tccctactcg gtgttgactt
    84301 gaccttacac gggagtcagt gtagtcatgg gctcggaaag cactcagata aaaggtgctc
    84361 cacccagtga tgaagaatgt gttgatgtct taagatcgtc ttcagataaa cagcaaaacc
    84421 gttggttaaa agctggtcta acccacctta ttttgttgtt gtttgttttg ttttagacgt
    84481 ttcgcagcct gaagctgtgg ttttagtctc tttctctagt gataagtgga aaagagggat
    84541 gaggaagggg ctttgctggc ccgaccaaaa acaaaactaa gaacccatga gtgtattctc
    84601 tcccttgggc acttggacac ctctgctaga acatttagta gacgctgaca attccaagct
    84661 aatgtaaaag ccaagtctgg agggtcatgg ggtgggagac tagggtgagg aagttgttaa
    84721 aggaggccaa ggggatggca cggccttcat ctaatagtga cagtagcatt ttagagctag
    84781 agggtcttta tccattgtct agttcacatg catgatttta aaaaaggaag ctgaggcagg
    84841 aggattgctt gagcccagga gttggagact agcctaggca ccttagcgag tcaacgtctc
    84901 tgttaaaatt aataaatgaa gtcaagaaag gtgaggcatg ggcggcctca gtgacctgga
    84961 ctaactcaca gagaggtagc aatggggagg gccagagcct cgcttctgag ggattacacc
    85021 acagctcact tcccccaccc aaaggccaaa ggaactgagc gttaataacc aacatagcga
    85081 tcttggtacc tggagccccc tcgatgtccc atggattaag gagaccagat tcctccatac
    85141 agcttgttga gggacttggt gggtgcccct tgctcttggg gtcttcctac tttggctgct
    85201 atgctcaacc cagacccagc ctcttcctgg aattctcctt tcaacacgca cagagacaga
    85261 acccggcccg gactttgcag ccagtagttg tgtgcaatca cctgggacag tgctgcaggt
    85321 cagcagccgg caatgctaga caccgggttg gggtcgctca gcaggtctaa gccctggctg
    85381 ccagctagat tcccccagga agcccctata gcttcggatt cagcaggtct gtgtggatcc
    85441 cggtgaaatc gttttcaaag cctcccaggt gttgccgacg tgcagccagg gctgaggaca
    85501 cctgttagag ggtgctgagt cctgtgggac gagaagtgga gaacctggga gagggagagg
    85561 cagaggtgtg caaggaagcc ggaacttcgg ccacctgcac ccacagctag tggcagatca
    85621 ctccagacac acggctctcc ccggccttcc acgtggaaag gactgacaac agtctccact
    85681 tcaggattgc tgggtcagtt gctctgagtg cctgagggca gccctgtgcc cacccagcct
    85741 gggtgtgtgt ggtggcagtt gtaaactcct gaatgaacac caaggtcacc tctgctggta
    85801 acctttgggc agggctgctt acaggtgact catggtgaga gtgacgtcac cccatcaggg
    85861 tgagctctca gaagtcccat gggcctcaaa gtcccccttt ggaaggagtg gagaagggat
    85921 cctcacatga gccatggatt gggccagaag atccttgtgg gttgacagtg gtcatgatga
    85981 gtccactggc ttagaaaact caggctgaga acaggccatg gaggagctcc agatggctaa
    86041 ggccttggaa acacgtgttg agctttgtca ttcagcctgg gaggaaggga gtgattatct
    86101 ccaggtgcct ctgggaggaa tgaattactc tgtataacca gatagtccca acaggcaggg
    86161 ggcctcttgt aggataagcc actctgtcct cctgcgggta ctcacattgg ggtaagggtg
    86221 gtctgggatt tcgacagacc tgctggaagg tggtctatga ctcagccaga agctgggcca
    86281 gactggggga tgggggaacc tgtagcccca gttccctggg ctggcatcgg aatagcatgg
    86341 taggactcgc tgctcatggt ggacagaact tgcaccccag ccagcatgct ggcctgtgct
    86401 cctcacccca tcagacccca tgggcaggtg tgcaaggtgc aaggaccgtt cctgacatca
    86461 agacggtaac ggtaacattt tgggtttccc tttctttttc ttttcttttc tttttttttt
    86521 ttttttgaga cagagtcttg ctctgtcacc taggctggag tgcagtggtg caatcttggc
    86581 tcactgcaac ctccacctcc caggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct cctgagtagc
    86641 tgggattaca ggcacctgcc accatgccca cctaattttt tatagtttta gtagagatgg
    86701 ggttcaccat attggccagg ctggtctcga actcctgacc tcaagtgatc cacccacctc
    86761 ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagccactgt gcccagccag ggtccccctt
    86821 tctatagcaa cccaaccccc ctgtatgggg gagaaccaac tgttttctct gtacacaagc
    86881 tcaacgcaga acacttatgt gaccaaatgt aggggttttt cccacaccaa gcagttctct
    86941 gcagacacca gctgggtgtc ctacaatttc aactcagttt tgacattgtc tacctggagt
    87001 tagcatcaga tcccactgtt aagggctcag ctccagaaga ctgcccctaa cgtcaggtgt
    87061 cagtagcaag tccaggttat ctattggccg taaattggag gttcctacag ccccctcctt
    87121 gagtttgatc acttgctgga acggctcaga gaactcagga aaataactta ctagctgact
    87181 ggtttttaat acaaagatac aactcaggaa cagccatatg gaggaggtgc acagaggaag
    87241 gtctgtggga aggggtgcag agcttccatg ccctctcggg gcactgccac attttcagca
    87301 acctggaagc tctcctaacc ctggcctttt ggacagccct cattgtgtag gcatgattga
    87361 ttacgtcact ggccattggt gatcaactca accttcaact gtgggtcttc cccagagagt
    87421 tgggggtgcc aactctctaa tcgtgtggtt ggttctcccg gcaaccagcc cccttcctga
    87481 ggctatccag gagccccagc cacctgtcat ttactagcac acataaagac atgtattact
    87541 ttggagattc caagggtttt aggacctgca tgccaggaaa gtagagggtg ggatatgcaa
    87601 agatcaaata tacatttctt aagtcacaac cccctgccag gggcagacgt atctcagaaa
    87661 gccccttgta ttgtctaggg agtgagctca tgttcatccc ccctcacctt gtggtctttg
    87721 accagtcagt tgtgaagggg acgtcagcat acccgaggtc gttgtgagat gcctgttggg
    87781 gacagagatg gtgtcagctg ggtgcttgct gggatgggtt gagtatggat gctcccttct
    87841 ctgtctctaa cacaggatgc ttctttgcac acacagatgg ctcgttcgga acaccacctg
    87901 gatacggctg cgctgcagac cgggcagagg agcagcgccg gcaccaagat gggctgccct
    87961 acattgatga ctcgccctcc tcatcgcccc acctcagcag caagggcagg ggcagccggg
    88021 atgcgctggt ctcgggagcc ctggagtcca ctaaagcggt gagtccccat ggtgtacgtg
    88081 tggcaggagg gccaggtgag gctccctgaa gcgcagcccc atgctcaggg gtatgtagca
    88141 ggtaggtggt ggagcagcca atggtttgga agcgagtggg tcaccaaaaa ctccttcctc
    88201 atctctacat gtggtacaca gacagcctgc cagatgtgtt gatcagggag atcgggggat
    88261 gctttgaact gagcgtggag gaggcaggca gcatgtggtc ttgaggctga gaatgtcagc
    88321 accagaggcc accaccaaga cctgcgtggt ggcgccggca acactcctga gccaggtggt
    88381 gtctgggctt gggtcccttt gcttcatagc cttcttgctc ccttttacca aagcgtgtgc
    88441 tgaggatggc tccatccatg tgaccagagc ctttcctgtg aattttcact tgaccctcat
    88501 taataattct tggcctttct gtcacttcca ctttacaaag gtgaaactga agtccagtgg
    88561 tggcttcccc aaggtctcat ggctagtgag tagcggcaca ttcagtagat gctctgccat
    88621 gccctccaag aaagcagtgg acccacgccc cccctcacat gagaacgtag cccgggctgg
    88681 ttgcaggctg gatggtgctg gaccgcccgg ccctgcatga agttctgatt cctcttgctg
    88741 gtcccacagc tcagggggct gcttcagcaa tgctctgggg cccagatgct caccccttgc
    88801 cattggtgca tgtcccccca cttgacctct tgggttcctt acttcttggg ctgagaaaat
    88861 cactgcccca gggcagttgc tcctttttgt ctttttggtc cctgatgaca gattacttcc
    88921 gcactctgct tagcttattt ctagatggtt tccaccatag cctggcatgg tggctcacac
    88981 ctataatccc agcgactcag gaggctgagg tgggagaatt gcttgagtcc aggagctcga
    89041 gactgcagtg agctgtgatt ctcaccactg cactccagcc tgggcaacag agcaagaccc
    89101 tatctttaaa aataataata aaaaaataaa taaaaagagc aagagagaga tggacttttc
    89161 cccatttctg taaggaagct ccagaagtgt atcttctcac tgagctgctt ttttctgggg
    89221 ctgacatgtt agctgcacgc ctgggactgc tgcttacgta tatacttttg tgatttctga
    89281 aggccttggt gctgggcagg cttctcattc tgaaccgaga ggatgggaga ggaagccagt
    89341 gggtaacatg tacctgctcc gtgcagcaca cacaggctgc tgccttaggt agcttcctat
    89401 cccacgtcga gtgtcagctt tttacagact aggaggccga ggttcagaga ggtgaagtaa
    89461 cttgcttggg ccacacagct ccagggtttg aagccttcct gattcttcaa tgggcacact
    89521 ttccctccct caactgtctt gtctttcttg gtgcacccct ttcttgctgc attgtgagcg
    89581 tggtttggta caaagaagga ccaagttcag gtaggctaag tgctgaactt gagaaaggca
    89641 atttctttcc atcattcttg agggctatct gcacccagcc agtccttgat gcagttcctg
    89701 gccccgaaag gaagctgatc tgcccactca gtgccccagt ccctgtccgg gggtgggggc
    89761 ctcccaccca cacctggctc tgacttggag tacagccttc acctttcagt ccagggcttc
    89821 tcctctgtga agccactcca gatcctggtc ccccgacccc tgctccctgc ttctgccctc
    89881 acaggagctg tagatgtttc tcgtggtgca catcctgcag gaggttgcac gtctctgcct
    89941 gtcaggtcca gagtttccaa tcccaagcac gccccttggc ccagagctgg tctgaagagg
    90001 aggggatttg attggaggag aactgtgtgt agctcctttc cagaaacctt ctggtgctct
    90061 tcccagtggt tggggcccca ggacgggtac ccttcactgc tctggagaca agcatagcct
    90121 tgacttcctg gtttccctgc cagccatgca acaagccatg caaatgtcat ctttcatttc
    90181 tgatctttgg tttgaagaca tggctgtcgc ttcctaggac acctgacttc ccccagggag
    90241 catggtgatc ttgaggccag aggcaccctg atcctgacca tccagtggga aatgggcatc
    90301 aggctgctca tccctctcct cctgcacgcc acccacccct catttggtcc cagatgctga
    90361 tcttgagtct ttggggtgtc agtggactcc tgtggcatgg gtcttctctg tgaataccca
    90421 ctcgtagtgc agacagaggc tggacagagg ccaggcaccc ccttgcccgg ggtgctgtgg
    90481 gaaggattca cacaggctgg cctgttgcga caacctgcag ccccaggacc ctgtacagag
    90541 gccagcccct tgccctctgg tatgccttga gggccaggtt cttggggtgt tcgccggctg
    90601 ggccgcagga caatgtccag tctgttggta atgaaaacct gcccttgccc agagcaagag
    90661 ggtcctttct ccagcagctg tgctagctac acactcccag cccagagcag cctgcccctc
    90721 gcagtaaggg ttttgcaccc tgatcaccac tgggctcccc cagattaggg ggactaggag
    90781 gagggactag aaggggcctc tttgcactct gccctgtcct gaagctcagt tccagctccc
    90841 gccctcagtt cacccgtggg cctggtagcc agctgacaac agttttattc acctgttctc
    90901 tgttggcttt tcctgcttgg ttgtcacaag cccagtttgt tttgtgggtt ctttattggc
    90961 ttttatttag cctcaagttt tgtgtttgta cccacctagg tagggtcatg gtaggagggc
    91021 cttccttcca tgtcactgac ttctttttcc aatttccctt tacctccggc ttcctacccg
    91081 ccccagcctc cttgcctgcc tccatggccc tccctgcatt cacgtccttt cccataactg
    91141 gcacaagcac agccctgagt tataaatagc cccaggccag gccctgccct ttgctctctc
    91201 gttttctctg catggacttg gctgatttct gagccatccc tgtctgatgc catcagcact
    91261 attcaggact ctagaagatt cttagtctaa ggagaagtgc ctcatcctga gtcttgtctc
    91321 caccccaccc cgtccatgcc ctgagccaga tgttccctga gcggccccgc ccttcagaac
    91381 acggagggag agccagattc tgccttcctg cctgtgctgt ttttcctcct ggctttccaa
    91441 accatgtgga cagaacgaga cacagtgctc ccacccacgc cggcacaagc atctcacact
    91501 gggtggggct gtcatgggcc ctgctgccct agcagcctcc ctgggcccta caggccgcct
    91561 ggtactcata gtagcaagat tgtccttaga acatgagcac ggctggcagg ctgggtggat
    91621 gggtggcgct gcccaaggga cccaccattc ccttcacctc ttctcctctt gtggagcagg
    91681 gagcggcatc tgcacacagt aggaggcacc tgcaggggca gctggggtgc tttccccaaa
    91741 gactccacca ttcatgatgg gcagagaggg ggtgtcatag gtcgccccac cctacgtgta
    91801 tgtgcaccat gggcagcaga cttgctgaac ttgggtagca tttcagggca ccaaggcagg
    91861 ctcaactgac agccctgggt tccttggacc caactgtctc caagtgagag tacggagacc
    91921 ctgaaggagc cctcagagat tcataaaaac gcagccaaca ctaggataca accaggtgtt
    91981 taagatccac tcattgattt attaaatgaa tcttaattga gcacctgggt gttctgggca
    92041 ctgtgctaga cagggaagtt cctagctcag gcacagccgt ggcctggagg ctcccacccg
    92101 tggagtcact gcctaccctg ccctgggggg acaggtgtgc atggaacctg cgtgtccttt
    92161 tccttggagc tgctctcagc ccagatcttg atggctgtcc cccccacaca catgtacgtg
    92221 tgtataaatg catatatata cacacatata cacaggcacc cgggcatgct gacacctcat
    92281 gcatacattc acacaagtgt gcacacactt aggagattcc cagggcaaaa aggtggccca
    92341 ggaaggcttt ttagatggtc ccagtgggca agtgaggatg tgtggtccaa gccccaggga
    92401 ctcaaatggg gcacagggtg gggctccctc cccgggcagt ggaggctcag ggccggaggg
    92461 catttgcctg agaccatggg gcaggccagg ccctgggcac ttcgtgttga acctgctgtc
    92521 tataccatga catgcctccc tcctagaggg ccagggaaat aggacagcag ggttgggagt
    92581 aggcaggggc tgtgctggga ccctgattcc aaattctaca gataccatga ggcctgagct
    92641 gacctcagtc agatccttcc tcaaacccat cagttctcac tggaggtgat tctgctccca
    92701 gggcatgtgt ggcagcgcct ggagacattg tggctgccac acctcggggg agagggtgtt
    92761 actcacatac gataggtaga ggcaaggatg ctgcacagaa tcctgcaagg cacaggatgc
    92821 cacccagccc ctgacagaga ctcctccggg cctagatgtc agcggggcca acgagaagcc
    92881 tgcccgcagc cagtgatttt ccccgaaagt gggaaagtga gtgatcaggg accaccgccc
    92941 cagttccacg cctgtgagcc cagcaaccag tggagaagtg gacggggctg tcacagacac
    93001 cggacctggc accaccccca ccccccgcac ccacacactt tcctctgact gcaggcaggg
    93061 ccattgggca caggcggaac aaagggagca cggcctcagc ccggtggagc actgaggtgc
    93121 tgccatgggc atggccagcc tccaacattg ccagtggcca gggagtaggc gggagtggcc
    93181 aggaagtcag gtggcgattt ctgtggcctt tggcatcatc atctttggtg tcatgccttt
    93241 gctgggactg ttgtaacaaa gcatcacaga ctggggggct taaagaacag gagtttattt
    93301 tctcctagtc ctggaggcct gaaatccaag atcaaggggt gggcagggtt ggtttcttct
    93361 cgggcccctc tcctgggctt gtcttctcta tgtgtcttca cataatgttc cctccatttg
    93421 agtctgtgtc ctgacctctt cttttacaag caccccagtc ctggtggggt aacatggctc
    93481 atgcctgtaa tcccaccact ctgggagttt gaggtagaag gaccgcttga gctcaggagt
    93541 ttgagaccag cctgggcaac atgacaagac cttgtttcta ttaccaaaaa aaaaattttt
    93601 tttttttttt tgagatggag tttcgctctt gttgcccagg ctggagtgcc acagcatggt
    93661 ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc ccctcctgtg ttcaggcaat tctcctgcct ctgcctccca
    93721 agtagtgggg attataggtg cccgccacca cacccggcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga
    93781 gacggggttt caccatgttg gccaaggctg gtgatctcga actcctggcc tcaggtgatc
    93841 tgcccgcctc ggcctcccaa actgctggga ttacaggcgt gagacattga gcctggaccc
    93901 cccaaaaatg tttaagttag cagagcgagg tggtgggtgc atgaggtccc agctacttgg
    93961 gaggctcaga tgggaggatg acttgagcct gggctctcaa ggctgcagta agctgtgact
    94021 gtgccacagc gctccagcct gagcgacaga gtgagacatc gtctcaaaaa aaacaaaaaa
    94081 gaatgtgaca tatggaacct tttggcttca gtttacctta aaggccctgc cttcagatac
    94141 ggtaacgttc taaggtactg ggggttaggg cttccacgtg aatttgagtg gggaggggag
    94201 atgttatcat aactaggact agaaggtggc ctcccagggg catgggctct gtcccctaca
    94261 tcaacatcca acaatgtgtc agcttcatca tttggagaca aaaacagtag agcttccctg
    94321 aactttcagc agggacgcta atgagaaggg gggactttgt catagcccac atgtaagagg
    94381 gtccctgcca gtccagtgat gtcagggtct aaaaagcagg gtcaggggac acaggccttg
    94441 agccccaggg acagggttct tctggggcag atggtagcag tccctgtggc tgggagggag
    94501 ggcatctgga gaaggcggtg ctgcctgggc cccgtcaatc gaagggtcat gtggcggcag
    94561 cagtcagaga atccaggtga ggcgggcccc aggtgagcag tggggagtgg agtttggctg
    94621 cagcagaagc caggtggcca tgctgtgggc tctgacgccc cctcaggtca gagcctcctt
    94681 ctccttccct gactgtgtca ggcagctgcc cttgggttgc atgcagaagc gtggagggag
    94741 gcctggccca gcctgctccg caccaaactc tgtttcgtgg tctggcaaga gtaagggtgg
    94801 ccctggtgtt gccagatgac ccccctcccc gggattctca gtgactgtga gtgtgtggct
    94861 tagtatgtgc ggagggtccc ctgcctccct ttaattccat gtggagcctt tgtgggggca
    94921 ggggtttgtc cagaggtcaa caagctggcc ctcctctctc agagggccct gatggaagaa
    94981 tccccctacc acccttccag gctgacttct gtctatttct cctgcagagt gagctggact
    95041 tggaaaaggg cttggagatg agaaaatggg tcctgtcggg aatcctggct agcgaggaga
    95101 cttacctgag ccacctggag gcactgctgc tggtgaggag gatttaggga gctgagcagg
    95161 gcgggatggg gcagggtgac agggttgggg agcctctttg cccttaagtc ccaggtcagc
    95221 tgtcagagcc tgggtgcagc tcgccatccc tggagtggat accagtggaa gactgagttg
    95281 ccaaaccaag ctggttttaa aattgtattt gttatgtgat ttaaaaataa aagtgcatat
    95341 gtcaggtaac catgactgtc tactgccata caatgcacct gacggatggc agcccctctc
    95401 acctgtgcta cctcacttgt gccctcttcc agcccatgaa gcctttgaaa gccgctgcca
    95461 ccacctctca gccggtgctg acgagtcagc agatcgagac catcttcttc aaagtgcctg
    95521 agctctacga gatccacaag gagttctatg atgggctctt cccccgcgtg cagcagtgga
    95581 gccaccagca gcgggtgggc gacctcttcc agaagctggt gagtaaccca gggccggtgc
    95641 tgggactaca ggcgtgtacc accacgtcca gctaattttt tgcattttta gtagagacag
    95701 ggttttgcta tgttggccag gctggtctca aactcctaac ctcaagtgat ccacctgcct
    95761 cagcctccca aagtactgag attacaggcg tgagccgcca tgcccagcct tttttttttt
    95821 ttttctaatt tatatttatt tagatagtta tttttaaaaa gagatgggga cttactacgt
    95881 tgtccaggct ggagtgcagt ggctattcac aggcgcaatt ccactgctca tcagcacggg
    95941 agttttgacc tccttccttt ccaaccttgg ctgtttcact ccttcttagg caaactgatg
    96001 gttcccgact cctgggaggt caccatattg atgccaaact tagtgtgtag tgcactacag
    96061 cccagaactc ctgactgaag ccatcctccg gcctcagcct tccgcgtagc tggggctata
    96121 ggtgcacgcc accacaccct gtgtgtggct gggactacag gtgcacgcca tcacaccctg
    96181 tgtgcgccat cacaccctgt gtgcaccatc acaccctgtg tgcacacact ttccctaaag
    96241 caggcttcct ccgctgggaa acaagtcctc taggggcagg tgtggccaga ggccaggccc
    96301 ccctctaagt gtgaagagca tgtgattcct taaaagccct tcccccagca cttctggact
    96361 accgagacac acagctctgg cctcgggcct ccccttggct ggtgctgggg gctgagtttt
    96421 ctgctctgag gtgtggcttt cctgtagggg gacccctccc tctgccaccc tgtgctgcag
    96481 acccccagac tccaggccag agctaaggct tgaggaacac agaaggcact taatttgttc
    96541 cagttcttgc tccctggggc tctttccccc atggccagag agcaggaggc tgtattttga
    96601 tacatgctgc cccctccatc tttgaagccc ccccaccccc gtttctccgt gtgtgtgtca
    96661 gcagttttaa acctagtgga gggtggtggc tcgggctggg ctccgcgtcg ggctgccccg
    96721 cagctgctct tgggcagcca gggccgctgg gtgtggggcc gccgggaatg gcgggcccgg
    96781 gtgagggcgg gcccgggtga gggcgggggc ggagaggcga agaagctgca ggaagggagg
    96841 gtgacgaggg ggaagcgaag gaaggggaag aggaagggaa aagcgagcga gaggggcaag
    96901 gcggaagagg aagcagggcg gaagggaagc ccgggccgca gacggcgaag gaggcagcgg
    96961 gccgggggct gaggcgggag cgaggacacg cccaagagag gaagcagagg gaggcggaag
    97021 cgtggaggaa ggggcgagag gcatcatcaa aggagatgag gggagcgtag gggccgggaa
    97081 agaggcacaa ggaagaaagt atgggaagga ggaatggagg gtcagggcta ggcggcggga
    97141 gggcgccagg ccgggaagag tacaaggaca aggaggtcag gtttgggcct acatcccggg
    97201 gacaggggcg gccatggcgg cggcagccag ggaggaggag gaggaggcgg ctcgggagtc
    97261 agccgcctgc ccggctgcgg ggccagcgct ctggcgcctg ccggaagtgc tgctgctgca
    97321 catgtgctcc tacctcgaca tgcgggccct cggccgcctg gcccaggtgt accgctggct
    97381 gtggcacttc accaactgcg acctgctccg gcgccagata gcctgggcct cgctcaactc
    97441 cggcttcacg cggctcggca ccaacctgat gaccagtgtc ccagtgaagg tgtctcagaa
    97501 ctggatagtg gggtgctgcc gagaggggat tctgctgaag tggagatgca gtcagatgcc
    97561 ctggatgcag ctagaggatg atgctttgta catatcccag gctaatttca tcctggccta
    97621 ccagttccgt ccagatggtg ccagcttgaa ccgtcagcct ctgggagtct gctgggcatg
    97681 atgaggacgt ttgccacttt gtgctggcca cctcgcatat tgtcagtgca ggaggagatg
    97741 ggaagattgg ccttggtaag attcacagca ccttcgctgc caagtactgg gctcatgaac
    97801 aggaggtgaa ctgtgtggat tgcaaagggg gcatcatatc attgtgagtg gctccaggga
    97861 caggacggcc aaggtgtggc ctttggcctc aggccagctg gggtagtgtt tatacaccat
    97921 ccagactgaa gaccaaatct ggtctgttgc tatcaggcca ttactcagct cttttgtgac
    97981 agggacggct tgttgtgggc acttctcacc cctgaaaatc tgggacctca acagtgggca
    98041 gctgatgaca cacttggaca gagactttcc cccaagggct ggggtgctgg atgtcatata
    98101 tgagtcccct ttcgcactgc tctcctgtgg ctatgacacc tatgttcgct actgggactg
    98161 ccgcaccagt gtccggaaat gtgtcatgga gtgggaggag ccccacaaca gcaccctgta
    98221 ctgcctgcag acagatggca accacttgct tgccacaggt tcctccttct atagcgttgt
    98281 acggctgtgg gaccggcacc aaagggcctg cccgcacacc ttcccgctga cgtcgacccg
    98341 cctcggcagc cctgtgtact gcctgcatct caccaccaag catctctatg ctgcgctgtc
    98401 ttacaacctc cacgtcctgg atattcaaaa cccgtgaccg tcagggccac ccctgcctgt
    98461 gggccaagga gaccagtgag tcagggacct ctcttgcatg aagggtgcag tgatagttcc
    98521 tccccactgc cccactgtgc tcctgggcct gtgaccccag tgctcaggca ccttgcagta
    98581 gaggcttctg actcctggag ctttgtggct taccagagat gcagtccctc ccaggaacct
    98641 gttggagagg caggacctgc tgctttagag gagtgcagct gaacctcggc cctgcgactc
    98701 tgtttggcca gagcaaggat ctggcctgga gaggcccatc ctacacccct tattagagcc
    98761 gtgatagcct acagagtgag gtgaggttct cccgccttcc caggtggttt ctttctgcca
    98821 cttcctggaa agaaaggtga ggctgccaat agcccgctag caccagccag acctcacgct
    98881 tgaccaacct ctcggggcca gaggttcatt cctggggcac tgtggcctgg ttttgttttg
    98941 aaaccaagag agggcaaagg gaacccagca gttctgagtg agttctagcc agccctacct
    99001 caggctggct gttgagagat tttacaattt tcatttttgt aaaaataaag cttgattgtt
    99061 cacagaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaacctagtg gacgtgactt ggcctgccgc cctcctgaga
    99121 aatggagaat cgtgttgttg gggggaaaaa aacacacatc cagagctctt tgccagataa
    99181 tattccgaaa tcactcagag acttttttaa aactttaata tctgaggaac actggaattt
    99241 aactttggaa ggtttccgct ggctgccctg gaggccttga gctaccttca tgcgtcagat
    99301 gatgcagccg gaagactcgg aggagaggct ggcgttgcag tgggaagttg ttccccataa
    99361 cgacgagctg agtactcacg tgtgttcaac ctgggctggg tgctggggac tccccaagga
    99421 cagataggcc cggtgcctgc ccttgtcccc atgaccagct cagtagggtt ggcccagcat
    99481 cgctctgtca ggtttccggg ttggacaagt cttaggacca aaggagcttg cagtgccctt
    99541 cccagctccg gtgcctcttc caagcccagg aactcgtgat ccacgtccag tggttcagaa
    99601 agccagactc agatgcggct tctgccacct cctcctgtgg ggctgcacgg gctgacttcc
    99661 ctgctctggg ttgtggttct ggctgaagtt ttatcaactc agaattttta tttttctaat
    99721 tatttcaaac ttacaggaga actgtaagaa tggggcaaag agctctagta tagccttcat
    99781 ccagatacac tgatgggaac tttttgccac atttgcttta tctctttctg tgcacacgca
    99841 aacgcacata gacacataca cacacaagca caagaagttt tccccctgaa tacttcattt
    99901 gctaagaaca aggacattcc tataactcac agtagaattt gtcaaattca ggaaatttca
    99961 cattcatgag atactattat ttaatatgta gttcatataa acttccccca agttaacaat
   100021 tacattcttc acagctgttt tcattctctg attcaggacc cggtttaaga tcatgttatg
   100081 tacttggttg tcccatctct ctagtctcct tccatctgta ccagttcctt agactttgct
   100141 tgtcttccat gaccttgact tttttttttt ctttttcctt gagatagagt ctcactctgt
   100201 cgcccaatct ggagtacagt ggtgcagtct tgtctcactg caacctctgc ctcctgggtt
   100261 caggcgattc tcctgcctca gcttccctga gtagctggga ctacaggcac gtgccaccat
   100321 gcccagctaa atttttttgt gtttttagta gagacaaggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct
   100381 ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc aggtgacccg cccgcctcag cctcccaaag tactgggatt
   100441 ataggcatga gccaccgcac cctgcctttt tttttttccc ttttggagat ggagtctcgc
   100501 tctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcagtggcgt gatcttagct ccttgcaacc tctgcctccc
   100561 aggttcaagc gattctcctg tctcagcctc ccgagtggct gggattatag gcatgcgccg
   100621 tcacgcccgt ctaatttttg tattttcagt agaaactggg tattgccatg ttggccaggt
   100681 tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct caggtgatct gcctgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgctaggat
   100741 tacaggccgc cgtgcccaga caaccttgac attttttgaa gggcacaggc ccactcgggt
   100801 ttgccagttt cctcaggaat agcctcacgt tctgcgtaac agcaccacag cagcgaggct
   100861 gtgtgcttct cagtgcatca gatccggagg cacatttttg attagtgaaa aatgtggaaa
   100921 ggaattgctt agaactttgc acaagccacc tggaagatgt gagctcctgg agcaggaggg
   100981 aggagaagtc ttgaaaggag tcctcttccc aagacccctg agaccctgct gagctgtcac
   101041 ctcttctgag aggctgtcct ggtcctgacc acattctcaa aagcagtctc cttgctctca
   101101 gtccctgtcc tgcttataac catctgccat tactttgctt gtgtgtgttc atgcatgtgt
   101161 ttatcaggca ctgtcctgtt agaacaccag cttcagaggg cagcgccgtg tctgaattgt
   101221 ttaccactgc ggtgacaagg cctaaagcag gcccttggct gctttgtacc aaggctggga
   101281 ggcactcagt gacttgcaaa ggagggagga gggaaagaag gaagagctct gggcctcatc
   101341 actgcacgga tgaggaagaa cctagaattg gaggatgcaa ggactcctcc aggtggtcag
   101401 catggcaggg gcctggcagg tgtcttccag ctgctaccct ttcctcgtac actctaagac
   101461 ccttcttgca gcccttgtag ggagcagggc cagaagatca gacagtgcca agggtgcctg
   101521 gtttatccag catctgggat tgtcatctgt agaaacataa aattcaatat aaatgcaaat
   101581 gcacatggaa ataaaattta ggtttgacac aaaacaaaca ccaggagccg tgaatgcctt
   101641 gggcttccag cttgcagtca gctacagtgg gagtctccag ccctgaccag tgcatctcct
   101701 gggtctgccc ttatactccc caggcctagg tttgctgatt tttccctcgc tgcccataaa
   101761 ggtgttgtgg ggcccagaga tggcagtgtc tgctgcactc acacaagttg ttgctgaatc
   101821 gagtgtgtgt ctgagctgga ggtgcagtga ggagatctat tattgccatt ggtttaataa
   101881 agaacaaaca acacctctcg ccttacagcc ggtcggtctc cccccaccag gtgtgtagca
   101941 tgacacctga gcaccctcac caggcccagg atgggcttgt gtctgtgcag tgggaggctc
   102001 tcttctgcaa agacggccgg acttggcatt tcttatgtgt ctgaagggac tggacatgcg
   102061 tggaacacca tgggtgggaa agggggtgac ctctgtgtcc agggtacact cttgcagcca
   102121 gaatgggaaa gtgctgagca cagacacttg tccagattca ctgacaacct caaacttcag
   102181 ctgccgctca tggcaccatt tcagcgaatg gggtgggagg aataagtagc tctggaaggg
   102241 aactgttacc tgcctggcgc cgtgagtcac ttctcagcat gtcattttgg gagcgggaag
   102301 tgtgctgggt gcgtggggag gggagcaggt gggagggagc agcacggaag cgccgaggcc
   102361 tctgcagcct gtgtgccgtc tgctgtccct ggagtttctg cagagctgtg cacgggagcc
   102421 tgctcttcag aaagatgggg gagcagcagc acctgtccca ctctctcttc cttcctcccc
   102481 ctcaggccag ccagctgggt gtgtaccggg ccttcgtgga caactacgga gttgccatgg
   102541 aaatggctga gaagtgctgt caggccaatg ctcagtttgc agaaatctcc gaggtaatgc
   102601 cttgatgccg ttcagacagg tgcaccgctg actcccacct gtaccctcca cctcccgagg
   102661 agaacagagt gcaccagatc aagatctggt cgtgaacccc agctgtttcc agattctgtt
   102721 gggttcgttg cgtcagccct gtgctgggga tgctgttgtg cgcagaccga aggagcagcc
   102781 cacagggcgt cctgcctccc cgggggcgag ggcctgattc tgggggttgc cgagttccgg
   102841 ggacactctt tgcactgtct gtctgcagtg aggggtgtct gtagttctgc ctgtgagcag
   102901 ctctctccac aagagtcctg aggctgactt tgtacctggc actggaggcg aggccggagg
   102961 tggcccactc ttccttttct agcctgccag agaccttgag agcattgagg aagcattgag
   103021 gggctagcgc cgtggggcga gggctcatgg cacctgtgct ctgtggaccc atgtggggag
   103081 caaagcgaca ggttggagct gcactaaccc aggccccagg tctgagaggc tgctgactcc
   103141 ctgcctgcat ttagccccag gaagctgaaa cctcaaacca tgtggtgtta gcgcccaggg
   103201 cctcgaaaga gtcattcaga aacagagacc atgaatgggc cattcagaag gctggtggcc
   103261 cagccagaac cagaacccag ccacacccct gggtctgcac tccagactgg ggttctttct
   103321 gcccttctcc agcctgtgtc tgcctggtgg tcactctgcg acattttcct ctttggaggc
   103381 ccttgcctct tcatgagccc cccatctcgc tgtagctttg ccttctgact tggctttccc
   103441 ccacccagca agggttctga gcagaaagcc ctccgtgtga gaaccgcagg gttagaaaga
   103501 ggcatgggca ctagaaatag ggagtgaatg cggtcaccct tgctgggaca ccctcagctg
   103561 tcacccctgg gctttgttgc tgaggctttg tgccgtctta ttgtttatca ccggatggag
   103621 catcacgggc ttcgctctga tgtctccagt ggtgacagta cctgccgctc tgttcttcca
   103681 gagtctgtgg ggcaccctgc tccgccaggt gctgctggta acaggctctg catgtatccg
   103741 gggctccagc tccctcccca ctgccagcct ccctctggac cattcaatct gttctctttt
   103801 cctttttcat taaatgagca accctcctcc cccacagctg gaatggtggc atcgaatttc
   103861 aagtgacctt gacaaatcag ggacctgatc ttttaagaac aggttacagt taagcgggca
   103921 agttcaagtc cacccagaca ggtttctgca gaggagggag gaaacaccat gggacgccac
   103981 ctggggatca cgtggtgcca ccaaccatgc accagtggat tctgagccat ggttgagatg
   104041 cagggagtgg gatggggctc aggaccagct gcaaaccgac ccaccgtgaa agtttgtggc
   104101 acctgcacca tcagggcgac atgcactttg gttctctgtg tttcaaaaaa gacccagagg
   104161 aattggagcc acccaaagaa agcagagtca aacgcaagga agagaaagca gcaagccctg
   104221 cagaggtgtt ggggggtcag tgctcaggcg tgggagttcg aagatcaccc tcaagtacag
   104281 gaaggagtgg agtagtgtcc gtcttctcct gggacagtcc tgagagatgg gcagcatcca
   104341 gttagatctg gttccatgga acaccagctc tccagacggt aggaatagga attacatgaa
   104401 aagggctttg ggagtcaggc cagtttggga aatgcagggt taaaccaaac tcacaagttt
   104461 tcttgaggca ggttttcctg gagctcctag ataactccca agcatcacac tgtccacgga
   104521 cacgtgggcc gcctcccagg ctcttgtgag cccagcacct ggtttttgca gtcttttgtt
   104581 tggctctccc acccccttac accctttggg aactgctgag tcagatatac agaagaacag
   104641 tcactgcgag ggctgttaaa ctctcaggaa aggtaccaaa gtgcatggca gcgtttggcc
   104701 ccagtgagct ggaaaacact ttcgtctggt cttgagatgt ttcctgcagc acaagaggtt
   104761 ggcagagcaa cctcagaacc tcttctgtct ctgtttatgc ttttgttcag aagcttagta
   104821 ccaggaatta atctcagctc cttcccagag gattttaggc acacagggat cttttattct
   104881 gcacttctcc agtgatgctt tcaacacaat tgtatcaaaa cagcctaggc tattcactta
   104941 caagccctgc ttttgccctg ggaatcttag cacctcattt tttagtaagt acacttgcag
   105001 atccggagag ggcaggtgga ggtataatcc agtgtcagtc tgcagtggtg ggcctgccct
   105061 ggccgtctcc aaagatgggt gctcttcgga actggcagcc ccctgcatgc tgtctaattg
   105121 ccccaagaaa acagtgacgt gtgtttagga gcatgctcct gttggcctcc atttacagga
   105181 tcctctgtgt cagaggatct cagccaggcg tgattttgtt cacaagggac acttggcaat
   105241 gcctggagac attttggttg tcaaaacagc aggaaggcag acgtgctcct gtacctatag
   105301 gtagaggcca gggcagctgc tcagcaccct aaggtgccca ggacagctgc tcagagaatc
   105361 tgtagcccaa aatgtcaaca gtgacctggc tgagaagccc tgtcccaggt ggaccgcagc
   105421 atccagggca tcctgcgtgc tcggcttgct cgtgggtccc tgcacaccct gtgacttcat
   105481 tatcagctca gaatgcacct ggggtttgtt gtagtgaggg aaagctgaaa ttgttgccaa
   105541 agggggaact gtctgcatca tcaaagctgc ttctgtcatc tgtgtgaaca tgcgcttttc
   105601 tctctgcaga acctgagagc cagaagcaac aaagatgcca aggatccaac gaccaagaac
   105661 tctctggaaa gtgagttctg catgctgagg tctctgtgtg ccctcgtcag ggaggctgct
   105721 gctggcagag ggggcgttgt ggaaaagcag acacagtgcc cacttgggtc atcccttggt
   105781 gccttccctg ttctctcttc agatagagtg ggcacgagga aagaacagct cagggagggc
   105841 agggaaggat accatcagga ccagtttgcc accaacatta gcaacaaggt gctgcttaaa
   105901 ttgacttaaa tgttatcctg ttgaccccag tggcctcata aggaggattt tttttttttg
   105961 aggcggagtt ttggctcact gcaacctcca cttcccgggt tcaagtgatc ctcctgcctc
   106021 agcctcccga gtagctggga ttacaggcac acaccaccac agccagctaa tttttgtatt
   106081 tttaatagag atggggtttc cctccgtatt ggtcaggctt gtctgaactc ctgacctaaa
   106141 gtgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggtgtgag ctaccgcacc tggcagtaac
   106201 aaggatttta ttttctgttt ttgccaatga caagtttggt cataaagtaa tctgtgcaga
   106261 gcacaggctt taagtggctg ggcaggaatt gagtccagag ttgctgggaa agtgctgtca
   106321 ggaattgtca gtcacttctt attttcagtt gttagggtgt tgtgaatagt tacacttgca
   106381 aagaacagca gcccccggag ctttgtcctc caagcctcag tttccctatc tgcaaaatga
   106441 aaatagcgat gagtgcctta tgctggttgt gggagtcttg tgaagaacat acttggcatg
   106501 tctcagaaca cacctgagcg tctgtgcctg ggacgggcca cactcactgt catcatggag
   106561 aagcacgggt ggctgaggct ggccagggct cccaccatgc cagggagttg ctcccactgc
   106621 agtggggctc atgtgcctct ggagtccggg tgtcctcggg caggtcgcca gagaacctgt
   106681 caaaccaaga gttgtattgg catctgagta ggtttctgct tgtctcagag tcaggtgtct
   106741 gaaatgtcct gggatcgatg gtaagagcag ctaagaggtc tgctcagctt accctctggg
   106801 ctggggagca ggtctccctc cagaattggg gcccacccca gcccgtcctt gccagggtgg
   106861 gttccctgac ctcaggctag aggagcagca gtgctgagcc ttttcagctg ttgccaccga
   106921 gccagccatg caggctcggg tctgacagcc gctctggact ctgcatgcag tgaatgtcct
   106981 ggacttaaag tgttcctgtt gggtgctcta gccttgccct tgtcactgcg cagaggggag
   107041 atggggcctg tggaggctgg ggcagccccc tccccactca cccttgcacc gagggtggtc
   107101 aggcagctgg tgtgcttctc catgtgcaac ctctctcacc tcccctctct ctccacagct
   107161 ctgctctaca agcctgtgga ccgtgtgacg aggagcacgc tggtcctcca tgtaagtcac
   107221 agcgcccctc tggaccggga ccaaaactgc cccctcgggc acacacagca acaatgttct
   107281 gagacctttt tttagttgtc atagctgcag ccaagggggt gctactggca tctaatgggt
   107341 agaggcctgg ggtggtgttg gacattctgt agggaaagga cagctctctc ttgtccctcc
   107401 acaaagagtt actccacgca aaatgtccac agtgctgagg ttgagaaacc ctgccctaga
   107461 tccttacaga ggagtccttc ttggccatgt gcatgcagcg tgagtttgct ggaacacatg
   107521 taggacctgc ttccaggatg gtgctcacac aagctctgtc cacaaagctg gggcccaagt
   107581 gagagagact gtggtgacac tgagggagcc ggcgctctgg gctccgtcca cactttgtgt
   107641 ctgcactttg cacacagtgg caggtgccag tgctcctctg tgtctaactc aagtctttct
   107701 tcctggggca ggacttgctg aagcacactc ctgccagcca ccctgaccac cccttgctgc
   107761 aggacgccct ccgcatctca cagaacttcc tgtccagcat caatgaggag atcacacccc
   107821 gacggcagtc catgacggtg aagaagggag aggtgagtgt ggcaggggat ggcttgggtc
   107881 cacccatcct gctgagctgg gggcatgcag ggcccctcga tctgaggtct ggagcccttc
   107941 ctggtcctca gcagaccttg ccttctggga ttggtgagat tggccgcaca ctcagtcctg
   108001 tgtggaaggt gtctgggtgc agtctcaggg gtgaccctgc aagcaccatg ccctccaggt
   108061 ggcagccatc accatgcctc actcagccac ctctttcctt ttctgtcatt gtgggttgtg
   108121 tccagggacc cctttttttt tatcccccac agtcttgcca gctcaggctc cccagccaag
   108181 gagacttgtg caaaggaggt gagtaggagg atggcatttt gtctgcctgg aatcctccta
   108241 cttccccctg agtgctttca ttaaaaaaca gttaacatcg ggtttaagga ttagaaagtg
   108301 gggttcgtgg tttgtgtctg tgacgtgaga ctggttgaag cacttcacgt cttcctccgg
   108361 gaagactctc cttccccttc ccccccgtca ctgatgtact ctgtgtgcac atcatcgatg
   108421 agcaggcatg gcctgtgcct gtgccgctct gagccttcct aggtgtggcc tggcacataa
   108481 tgaggcagat gcattcccag gcaggtagca gctactgaga acagccaagg cgtgtaagct
   108541 ggggagccag tgtccagggg gaacagcttt tgtcagaagc agcactgagg cgaggggagc
   108601 tgacccccgg cctcaggggt ctcatgcagg gacagaagct gtctggccca ggcaggacac
   108661 aggctgggcg tgaacctgac tgtagttgcc tcagaaccac ctcatggctg ggtgcggtgg
   108721 ctcacgcctg taatcctagc actttgggag gcctaggcgg gtggatcagg aggtcaagaa
   108781 ttcgagacca gcctggccaa catggtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattaa
   108841 ctgggcacgg tggtgggtgc ctgtaatccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg caggtgaatc
   108901 gcttgaaccc aggaggcgga gtttgcagtg agccgagatc tcaccactgc actccagcct
   108961 gggtgacaga gtgaaactcc atctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agaaccacct
   109021 ccttctcttt cttctggttc atgggccagg tggtcggcac tgtaccaagg acacgggccc
   109081 tgtcctcagg gcccccaggg tggacctgcc caacacatgg ggcttgcttt cctcctcctg
   109141 ccctgggcca ccaggcaggc agctgtcagc cccatctgcc acacaccact ttgggaatgg
   109201 taccctgagt gtccagagtc taatccgagt tgacctttag tgagggactt ggtcaggttt
   109261 ctcctggtgg gcctggccca ggaagggcat ggaggaggag ggagctgtcc cttccattcc
   109321 gctctccggc ttgtccaagc cctggagctg ggcagactca gagtcccatg ccagcatcgt
   109381 gaggaccgac ccactgggtg gcctagagct tctcccaact gggcccattc cttgtctttg
   109441 cagcagggtg ggaacatggc cccacctcat cgggcacctg ggctgtcaaa tgggcatgat
   109501 ttagtggcag tcctcgccat ccgtgttggc tccttggcag tctctgagcg cattgaaggc
   109561 ggaagtgggt ccccggcacc ttccagtgga ggcgttgagc agtgcaagtg ttccccagct
   109621 gctcatccca tggctgggac ctgggagtgg tgggggatca gatcttgctt cttggagcaa
   109681 caaccgggcc ctgcccttgg ttctcttccc tggctcaggg ccccagaagg agagcaaacc
   109741 tgtgacaaac ctgtgggcag tccacacaga tctaagtgga tgttggattt gcttctccta
   109801 agcctccacg tgctgggtgg gttcctgcca ggttcgccct accctcctga gatgcctgct
   109861 ctttctcttc taccgactat tcttttatga gcgctctgac ctcctgggaa gtgagtgtgg
   109921 gcgtcctttt tcccatggct tctcctgtgc ctagtctgct ccctgcaact gcagctgcca
   109981 tttagcattc ctagagacaa ggaagggcct tctcagtgct cggatcattg gaatccactg
   110041 ctttggggaa ttaaggaaaa cgcgatgttg tctagaagtt gacacctagg ccctcgttcc
   110101 tgcatccgtc cccatggggg ccaacttcca cgcttaccca tggtcatgtc tcggggccac
   110161 caaggaggaa gtgtaattta agaagggctg ggtgcggctg ggcgcggtgg ctcacacctg
   110221 taatcctagt actttgggag gccgaggcag gcggatcacc aggtcagaag tttgagacca
   110281 tcctggctaa cacgataaaa ccccatctct actaaaaata caaaaaatta gctgggcgtg
   110341 gtggtgggca cctgtagtcc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcaggagaat ctcgtgaacc
   110401 tgggaggcgg aggttgcagt gagccgagat tgtgccactg cactccagtc tgggcaacag
   110461 agcgagattc tgtctcaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gggctggttg cttcacaaag
   110521 gcaggggcct ggatctgcat cctccccagg acctcgccct ggtggagggg cacttgctca
   110581 ttgaggaggg gtcacctggg tgccttagct gcaaagcaag gtggaggact aatgactcta
   110641 gaaaagtcac cgtgagtctg accagcaccc cttcactcag agctttctat ccgaggcacg
   110701 ttaagggagg tggcttgatg gtggctaagg caggatgata gatgcctgtg ctttgcccct
   110761 gcccctgcca ttcctggggc agatgctgct gatcagttgg gcactccaag cctggacatc
   110821 cacctcggta tcccctggca ctgcccaacg ggtttgcagt ccttgatgca gaaagaaaga
   110881 tgccagatgg gcgaagcccc gtcagggtcc gctctccctc actgctacca gtgtactgat
   110941 ttggggacac ccttttgctt ccctgggtgt ccgtgctctc tgagggcaat gatgcagggt
   111001 ccgtggcccc tccactgggt gttgagactg aaaaggtttc acagcctgcg agggacttta
   111061 tgaaagtgag gggtggtggc ctgcccgcat gctgccatct gtgtcggagg tgacgggcga
   111121 gctcccctga cgacactagc caggaaaggg gggcagaagc tccaggctac ttcctcttag
   111181 aatttgcagc caggggcagg gcctgaactt ttctcagttc tgcccatctc ttagtttggt
   111241 acatgacatg gagtgtcaag ttcccaaagg gagaaaggga ctgtgcctct gcattctcat
   111301 gacagttctg tggggtcaga ggtgatctcc cttttacaga tgaggaaact gcgactcaga
   111361 gaggttgagt gtcttgccca gtcacacagc cactaagtag ctaagccagg atgcgagtga
   111421 ggccatgggc ccctggccgc ctgtgtgccc ctcgggtgtg ttactctttg gttcccttcc
   111481 tcctctgtga gccgatagga cgtttccacc cctcctcttg ttcctgcact acctggaggt
   111541 aggaaagagg aagagatgtc ccttttagct ccgcacacta ccccatcccc tgctgctgct
   111601 gctgctgctg ggagtgtgtc aaggggttgg ggctgtttct gtcttccctg gcatttgatg
   111661 tcaagaggaa agctgcttct gttggcctgg gtgtttcgag gttctcctgc agtcactact
   111721 gggcctcctg ggaggtggcc cattgctacc tgctgagcct gggcaagtct ggcatcgagg
   111781 agaggcccag gtatgagccc tctgcagggt cagccacccc agccccagac ccccactgtg
   111841 gctcctataa tctcattgcc cttttcagcc acatcccatg gctccagggc tgtgctcttt
   111901 ggggaacagt gactttgggc tgcattccag gtagctccct gatgctgaac ggtggccggc
   111961 aggtgctcca gcttcctggc atcctggccc aagcacacct gggggccgtg agccacaggt
   112021 gctgcccaag agaatgccct ccttagcctt cccaaaatga caggatcaaa ggatcccgca
   112081 ggcacagttt ctttccaggc ctgggttctg agggctggtg ggtggcgctc atttgtttag
   112141 gtgaattaac ttcacagtta gataaccaat ccccactgct gggtgacttc ccacgtggtt
   112201 gcctctctgt ctactcggag ccttggcacc acgtgctgct cagcaccccc tccgcctggg
   112261 ctcggaagca tagcggacga tccagtttgg atgttctgtt tcccaagagc cagccaggca
   112321 ttgacctcca atacccgttc tctgcctggg attgcagagg cccctctttt aggaagaaca
   112381 cagacagcag tccaaacagg agctgcagga aggccctgga ggagggaagt accaccagtg
   112441 caggcttgag gctgagagat ggtgaggctc gggcagagga gaaccaaggt ctttcagttg
   112501 atgattaaag agttggagaa caggctgggc atggtggctc acacctgtaa tcccagcact
   112561 ttgggaggcc gaggcgggtg gatcacttga ggttaggact ttgagaccag cctggccaac
   112621 atggtgaaac cccgtctcca ctaaaaatgc aaaaattagc caggcatggt ggcaggtgcc
   112681 tataatccca gctactccgg aggcggaggc aggagaattg cttgaacctg ggaggcggag
   112741 gtggccatga gctgagatca cgccattgca ctctgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagtga
   112801 aattccgtct caaaaaaaaa gagttggaaa acagttggag aagccagacc ctgttggcaa
   112861 agtttgcaag gggtgctacg gagagggagg tgcccacccc aggggtgaag acaggatggg
   112921 tggggttctc agctccactg gacaccaaac agaagctgta agtgcaaggc tagtgcccat
   112981 gtcgagggct gggcctttct gggcccttca taaacattgg caaacaaagc ttgggttctc
   113041 ggcttgtctg ggccaagttc taattccttc caggagcgtg ggcacgttgc ttacctctta
   113101 gctgtttctt ctccaggaag tggtggagct ggagcctgct gcatgggagg gttctgtgga
   113161 gtgagatgag atgttttacg tcatgctctt ttcacacctt cttggcaccc agaaagagct
   113221 cagcaaacat tagctgctac cagccaccct gactgtggct gtcagccagc attgttcttc
   113281 ccaggccctg ccctaccctc ctcctggcat agtgtctctc agggcatagg aaactttctc
   113341 ggccagattg gccatgggag gctttcttgg ggaccagaga gtctgcaggg agggcaagtc
   113401 aagagcaggt gagagggagg gaagggcgag caggaccctt gacctcattc tcggctgcag
   113461 tgtatattgg cctgcctggt gaccctcctt gctcctggtc ccactgccaa acctctggag
   113521 tctgccacat ccctgcatag acagggccac tgacaggcag tggcagccag ttcagtggca
   113581 ctcagccagg tctccagggg tgtgcgcttt gctctggggg cagggtagcg ggggctgagg
   113641 ccactggctg cctccagggc ccccccacca gccagcagct ggaagctcca ccttggtctt
   113701 cacttgggcc gtcttccttc tccacttcct cagctgctat gtgggcttct ttggcaactt
   113761 ttccttgtct caccagtcaa ggccctgctg atttgttgat gatcagactg tagttcgtgt
   113821 acctggggaa gttttccagc atctccatgg agccatggtc tctgattcct ggagcatgtc
   113881 gtagtcggtt caggctgctg taacaaagta tcatctgctg agaggctcac acacaggcct
   113941 ttacctctca cagtggtgga ggctggagat ccggcagggt gccagcaggg tcaggttctg
   114001 atgagggcag tgagaagcac ggccaccctc ccactgtacc ctcacatggc cttcctggga
   114061 gtggacatgg agagagaaaa ggacctctct ttttttcctt cttatgagga cactcatccc
   114121 atcacatgga ttccaccgca tgacctcatc tacacctact cacctcgcaa aggccccacc
   114181 tccagatacc agcccattgg agttagggcc tcagcataaa ttctgagggg gacagaaact
   114241 ttcagcccta acagtatgct tcttccagac tggccttcct gggaaggccc tggataggct
   114301 gtgcctgggg ttgggggtga tgttgcactg gcaacagctg gaggaggcag ctggcctggg
   114361 ggaagtcccc ttagcaagga ggtgcccctc ctcactccca ccagcctgat gcgaccccct
   114421 cctcagaaga cagggcacat aatgtgacct cacagggcct cagtttcctt gtgtgtagaa
   114481 atcagggtta tggtgcctgc cttgtagagt cctggtgagg agtgagtggt gtgattcatg
   114541 ggaagctgtg actgtcacat tcccacctgc agaggacatg gcgaagggtg acagccccgt
   114601 gtgaggccct gcaggtcgca gtttcattta atcctcagaa cataccacca gactggtctt
   114661 tctcacccca tcatgtttaa ggaaacagag gctccaagaa atggaggagc atagccagca
   114721 tcatcgtcac agagaaggag aagggtgggc tcgggacagt gaagatgcag gctgtcctgg
   114781 ccacccttgc tttctgcggg ctcctgtggg gatgatgatt ttagttattc aagaagacag
   114841 gtggcgtttc ttccaactgg tgtttcccac ctgggatgtg ggggggctcc ccaaagggag
   114901 tgttgtcctg ccaactgggg cctgctgtcc cactgccctg ccccgctctg aagcacacac
   114961 agggacccat gcccacacgg ggttacttgc accaggacac acacaggcct gacacgcaca
   115021 ggacatgccc ttgcatggga acacacacac agaaacatgg agatgcacac agtgagacac
   115081 acgggcacac acctacccag gccacaggcc tgtgtggggt tccacgcacg agggcacgct
   115141 caggcactca cactcacaca agaatgaaca cacctggaaa catggagaca cacagggaca
   115201 cacagacgca gagcacatag gatcttcccc tgtgcccttt tcatacacag actcccatgg
   115261 ccccggggag ccaaagtgtg gtaccgtccc tgtcccgggg ccactgaggc cctggccctc
   115321 tctgtcccac agctccagct gggactgttt gccctagttg agatgctgag ccttggggac
   115381 agtggtttcc agccacgtgg ccttatgccg gctttgggat gcagtcagga ttgtgacccc
   115441 ggcccaccct tgccgtgtgc cctggaggac gactcgggtg ggctatgcag gaagcctgtg
   115501 ctgatctcaa ggccaactgt cctgtactcc aggccgggga ccaggctgct gagcgcttcc
   115561 gagagggaca tctcctgggc agggagtgac ataggccacg ccatgtgggc ctcccagcca
   115621 tgtgctggtg ctgtgtgggc tgggagggca ggcaggggcc gagtgacggg gactgcagag
   115681 cggggcctga gatgctgtga catgctgggc tgcctgtggc tttcgggctt ctctcagatg
   115741 agagttgcac aggtgggtgg ggggttgggg agtctgtggc agcatcaaaa gagtagccca
   115801 gaaaccgccg agtccactgt tcgagcctcc cgggcctgca gcccgcaccc cagaggggcc
   115861 acttcctccc cacagtcagg cctgtgtgtc ctctcaacgt ggcaagccgg catgtgggtg
   115921 ctacaggtcc ccagtgtgac actcagtagc cttgctgaag gccgagggtg ccccttaggt
   115981 gggttgtggg cagcctctgc tggagaggga gctgcgtttc ttgaccgcag gcagagtggg
   116041 ctgggtctgc agtttctgag ctgagcatgg ggtgccctct gctggtgatg gcgagaagct
   116101 cactgccttt gtatggagaa ggctgccatc cagccccgcc actgccccag aaggaaggcg
   116161 cctgagaccc ctcctccttg gccgggaggc cctttgctgt gtccctgcca agaggaccta
   116221 ctgcagtcct tcccgaagga cctcagtgtc ctgggaccct acccagatct ggtccccact
   116281 gcagacccag cagtttgggt tacccggctt cagcgctcca gctctacatg atgtttctcc
   116341 aggtgcacat gctgtttctt gcttcccgtg ggtgccgtca ccaggcagcc gtctgccctc
   116401 ggcaggcggg gtgtgggtga gtgccgatga gtcatggcct tggcacgccg gcagccttcc
   116461 tacccttcca cttatgggca ccagcagccc ctgcgtaatt cattggttcc ccttcgcaag
   116521 agccggctgc ctgtcgtgag ccaagctgct tatgatggtg acatgaagcc tccacctctg
   116581 agagtgtcgg aggactggcc caggctgttc ttgcaaatgg ggagctctgt tgcctccggc
   116641 cccagaatgg gggaaaagtt cagagagacc gaggctcccc gagaagaacc tcaggctgca
   116701 ggtgacagca gggcaaggtg cctggtctgg ccccaggacc agcctggctc cctgagagca
   116761 caaggcctca tcacttctcg agatgaggac aggtgcaccg cctgcgggga gacactgggt
   116821 tttcacactc tctgttgtat gtgcctcccc tgccaaccct tctgactctc agtgcagggc
   116881 gggcgtcgtc ctccctgtga gccttccctg agaccaggtg ggctgggtgc ccactaaaca
   116941 cttggcctct ctgccacgag gttgtggact cctgagggta gaggcctgtg aatgttaccc
   117001 ctctctttct gcgctgcctg ggacagaggg tggacctccc tgaagctctg ttttctcatt
   117061 aaggacctgc ctacagcctg ttgtggggat tgggtcaaat aattcaggcg atgtgctcgt
   117121 gcagtgcgct ggtcccagcg tggggaaggc ttgctgcgac agcctctcct cctgtccctg
   117181 taccctcggc acagcgccca accctgtgag gtaccaggca ggggtgactt acctagacat
   117241 gcccattcag cagccccttg agcaagaagg accgaccctt gcctttcaga tgcagaccaa
   117301 gatgcagaaa ggcacccttc tcaggccgca ggtgtccagg caggtgtcag aggtgcagcc
   117361 cgtgcacacc ggggacccta tccatcctgt ctagttggga ggactaggag ttccacatgt
   117421 gggaccctca gttcctgctg ccttcagaac caggcccaac ccttgctgtg acctcgaggg
   117481 ctgccacttt tcagagtgca ctgggcctgt ctccacccat agaccatact gccacatctg
   117541 tacctcgggc accaatctct ccccaccaca ggggcctgtg cctgagatgg tccctctaca
   117601 gaaatacctg ctcctggcat ggctggcttc ttgccaattc tggatctcca gctgccaccc
   117661 cagagaggca ctggcttccc tgtttaaaga gggtcccccc atcacccatc ttcacagcag
   117721 actgtttgct tggctgtgtg ccccttcaga cccacaccca ttacctcccc ctctccccca
   117781 tcctcccacc ctcttccaaa ggctgaacac acaggaggga ttgggaaatt tgttgaacaa
   117841 agaagttaca cataagccct gatgtgttag caggacagtg agatgaacaa aacgttctgg
   117901 aaagtgggtg tgagggtcag atgtggaggg agtgaaatct tcccagggag agaatgtctc
   117961 tgggtcaacc tgctcctgct gggctgggag ggccgaacac cccccaccca tcaccccagg
   118021 ctggccctga ccccagcctt ccctgtgcct gcagcaccgg cagctgctga aggacagctt
   118081 catggtggag ctggtggagg gggcccgcaa gctgcgccac gtcttcctgt tcaccgacct
   118141 gcttctctgc accaagctca agaagcagag cggagggtga gtgacgatgt ggcccctgtc
   118201 ccagcagtga ccccaccctg actctccagg tcatggaggg tcttgtcatg gcggaggtca
   118261 gtggtgatgt agctcgttac attccgtttc tacttgggca caatgccagg ctccaggtta
   118321 aagattgtca ctagcaatct ggagacgtca tggggcatca gggtgaccag ctttgactcc
   118381 tgtagtgagg ggtaaacccg accgtggctt ccggcactat tgcagaaagg tcacctcagg
   118441 acccatccgg gaagcgtgag atcaggggct gcaggcagtg ctgggtggtg gctgctcctt
   118501 gtctccccga gcctggtggt ggctttccga gttatcctcg gcataggcgt gcacacactc
   118561 ccctcctccc tcctccctgg gttcacccag gttgcaccag gttggaatgg agcaaagagg
   118621 gccacactgg gaaggaccag cacggggctc tttcctgcat cctgccgttg ccctgctgag
   118681 tgggtttaat cagtcaactc agaggagagc cttagttccc ccatctgtca ggcgagggga
   118741 tgacgccagc tagatctgta gtccctcaaa ctttacggcc ctgggggtgg atttcagtcc
   118801 tgtcctgtca ttgtgcagcc ttgatgtgct cccacatgag ccttcaacct tagagccagc
   118861 tcaggacaag gtggatctag actcctgaga tgcctggggc ctgcggtcac atgttcagag
   118921 tgtctgttcc caggaatcct ggcacctgcc agtggcctca tcccagtctg tcccatggaa
   118981 cacgtgctgg gttttaggtc aggtaaacca tgtatggccg agaacactgg ctcttgggct
   119041 cttgacagca gtgacatcag ccatagaagg cagtcggtgc atgtgaacgt tcttctctcc
   119101 ccatccccag caaaacgcag cagtatgact gcaaatggta cattccgctc acggatctca
   119161 gcttccagat ggtggatgaa ctggaggcag tgcccaacat ccccctggtg cccgatgagg
   119221 agctggacgc tttgaagatc aagatctccc agatcaagaa tgacatccag agagagaagg
   119281 tgcacaccag gggagcaagg gccgggtttg gtgtggtcag agtggcagca gtccccgcac
   119341 acggccagtg ggtgctttct ccgtcaggcc tctgggcccc aggtctggtc tctgggaccc
   119401 ctgtaagctc tcagctcttg gagggctggg catctgggca caactaggtg tccagttgtt
   119461 ctgagaaccc ccagctaaat ggggagcacc ataccagagc ggctgccaac ccaaccctcc
   119521 agaaaaatga agggaactgg tcgtggtctc tacagtgcgc ctttcacggg atacttctta
   119581 gacctggtgg actgcctcat gcttagttgt ctgacctgtg accaggggtc cctcacgaga
   119641 gaaacttgtt taaactgtgt ccagtttatg cccacctgac cattgctgtg gcactgggag
   119701 cctgattttg tgttttcact ggcatccccg gggaaaactt aacctaggca aacacctcct
   119761 agtttttcgg aaacacagca ccacaatagg aaacaagttc agagatttta cctacaggtt
   119821 ttggacaagg aggtgccatg agtagggagg gcagtcttct gtccctgggt catgcaaggc
   119881 agaaatgaag agttagcgca tgacagctag cagtatttat aagggaacag ggtgtgatca
   119941 ctttaagttc acaggcaaat gcctggatgg tccttttaag gaagcagcag gaatgcggga
   120001 gctcagtcag ccgggcggga gagaggcttc cgggttctca cctctggcca caggcttgag
   120061 ctgttcaagt gtgtggtctc ctgataccca ggctgcgtcc tttgccgtgt ggttccatta
   120121 catgggtgaa gtactgagtc accagagaga aagtcacagc cagacagtgg agggcttgga
   120181 gtagtccagg atgcagggtt gggggaggtg ctggctgtcc cccatacaag ctaccctgat
   120241 ggggcccagg cccaggtggc agtgccaccc ctctaggtgt tcaggactac ctgcccttgg
   120301 ttttttccag agatgtttga agactgtaaa aatggtgagg acaagcccct caatcaaagg
   120361 ttagccaggc cagaggaggc gggtggcatc aaggttaggc ctgggtccag gtatgcccag
   120421 gtagggtgga cgcagcagga caggaggtcc tcagcccttg cccagctgcc cagcctgctg
   120481 tacccaaacc cagcacactt aggaacacag ggagcttcaa gactggggtg aacattctat
   120541 tgtcatcctt gtgggactgt gacctccagg gtagggtgtc cccacacaga gtgggagcca
   120601 gtgctcaggg cagctgagcc ctattgactg ttactgttgc attctccatg ttcagctctt
   120661 tgggggatgg gatggggtgg ggccctacct ggtgacaggc agcacagttt tctcctcccc
   120721 agggatagtg gcttctagag tgaaacccat ggctcagcat aggaagggcc ttcccatcca
   120781 ggttctgttg acggtcgtct ggtcttctgc tggcatctcc acaaacatgc ccaggggccc
   120841 gatgctgaaa cctagttgga ttaggaagag ggtgagggac cctgtaggtc acagcagcct
   120901 cctagacatt gtctgaattt gggaaaatga aaggcaggga tgttggtaaa agtttcttct
   120961 ctccgccctt gtgagaggaa agacttaatt cctccaaaaa aggtttactg agcatgtcct
   121021 gcagcttatg ccatgccttg accctgtaaa aaagctgttt ctgtcctcca gaggccacca
   121081 gcaactgcgg tctggggccc tggtctgtgc tgagtggaga gatgggattc ttgccctctg
   121141 caggctgaat gcagctggtg gtggggatgg atggaatggg agtgggttgt gtggagcgct
   121201 ggaatgggaa ggtgaggctg tggcatctcc ccacagaggg cgaacaaggg cagcaaggct
   121261 acggagaggc tgaagaagaa gctgtcggag caggagtcac tgctgctgct tatgtctccc
   121321 agcatggcct tcagggtgca cagccgcaac ggcaaggtga gcgcctgctg ttccggcccc
   121381 tcctgctctc ctggcctggg atgggctcct ggttgcctaa tggcagtgcg ttttcacttg
   121441 gatgcgcccc actctgagag aggcatgtcc ggcatggtgc atgcaagcac gcacattcct
   121501 ttgtctgggg ctttgggctg tagcccccag gttgagtggc agctggctca gctcccacag
   121561 ctgggagtgg acagggtctc cagggagggt atagggcagg ggagcctagc aggtttgtgc
   121621 agatctggcc cttggtacag ggatgctgtc ctggggcctt gagggccaga gacacacctt
   121681 ctgtcctgag tctggctcct gctgccatct gtaacctggg cctctccctc ctgtcaatac
   121741 atgtctgtca atgtccagaa tggcttgttt tctagcctga ccaggagagg cagctggtgg
   121801 gctctgcaga agcctcacct ctgggctagt gtggggcttg tgaattgaat gcaggaggtc
   121861 aggtctggat caacgttcac ctctgcagat cccacctggt tacctccatg tccctaagct
   121921 gtgcccctct gccagcatca caccctgacc catgtagttc gggtgagaga tggtgtgcca
   121981 gaggtgctgt ggcacccagc tggcaggaag ggtagggagt gccggaagcg acatgccagg
   122041 ccgtgagcac acctggccac tgggctccag ccggctggag atacgagttg tgtgctctaa
   122101 ggtgccccgg gcctaccagg catttgcgta gccagggcgg agataactgg gtgtgttctt
   122161 cttgcccacc ctagagttac acgttcctga tctcctctga ctatgagcgt gcagagtgga
   122221 gggagaacat ccgggagcag cagaagaagt gtgagtatcc tctgtcctga gaggggctgg
   122281 gcttcaaacc attagggcca ggctggcagc tcctgtggtt ttaaaccttc ttttttattt
   122341 cgaggggttt tatccaagtg aagtgttgca tggagggcta atttagaaaa gaagttggcg
   122401 acagccatcc cgataggccc ccagccctct tgttcccctg ccagcctatc ctgcccccat
   122461 cacctgggca ctcatttccc cactgccctg tgatcccctg tgaatccccc ttccccaggc
   122521 cctttccaga ttccacacct gcccctacac acacccctgc catctccccc tagtctgctg
   122581 cccatacacc gcacccccgg cctgccccct agtcctttct gggaccctgc caccacccca
   122641 ttttcttggc ctcccccatt tctcctcatc tactccccgc cccctgggcc ttccctgccc
   122701 cagcaggtgc tgatgctaaa ggggcctttg gctgggccca cttgggcatt cacactgtgc
   122761 tggccccact gccctgttca tatggccggg gttgcccgct ctcagctcag gggcgctccc
   122821 tcctgtctgg ggcagcccct tccttctctg ggcacttccc tctgtcaggg cgctccttcc
   122881 ttcgggtcct gcctggcagt gtcggtgggg aaggcagacc cggttccctc cttggaggtt
   122941 tgggattcac cctgagctgg ggctctgcat gcctctggcc tggcctgacc tcccgcgccc
   123001 tcaggctcat cattctcacc tatgcagagc cacctctcgg cccccaatgc caccgtggcc
   123061 tgggggatca aggatctccg ggcagccctg ccagtgcttg tgtcccaggg tttcctgtca
   123121 taacatagga gccccagcca tttccagagt ggcagcctct gttccctgtt cagcattatg
   123181 cccagaaata agcccctttt cctcacctgg tggagaaacg ggggcctgtg ttagcagagg
   123241 acgggcagag ccatgctgct gtctgtatgg ggagacctca cagggaggtg ctcccagtcc
   123301 agccactcat tctcagacct gccttgtggc tgtgcttagg tagcgtggga tgtgtgtgtt
   123361 tgtaagtctc atgctaagac tcctccaggc ctgggctctc cagggccaca cctcactctg
   123421 ccgccagacc agcactgcac ttgagagcca agtgccctct cctgagcccc caagccctgg
   123481 caccagttct tgccgtgccc cttccccagg gtgtgtggtg gaggtccagt gggaggggcc
   123541 agagggccaa ggagcagatt gaccaattgg tgcacctctt ttccaacctc ccaggtttca
   123601 gaagcttctc cctgacatcc gtggagctgc agatgctgac caactcgtgt gtgaaactcc
   123661 agactgtcca cagcattccg ctgaccatca ataaggaagg tgggcccccc cgtttccgtg
   123721 tacagggcac ctgcagggag ggcaggcagc tagcctgaag gctgatcccc ccttcctgtt
   123781 agcacttttg atgggactag tggactttgg ttcagaagga agagctatgc ttgttagggc
   123841 ctcttgtctc ctcccaggag tggacaaggt gggttaggag cagtttctcc ctgagtggct
   123901 gctgctgggt ggttgaggag atgcacggct tctgttccta gtcacaaggc tgcagcagac
   123961 gctcctcaga tgctctgtgc cttggatctg gccccactcc cgtcctccca gccctcctct
   124021 cctccagcta cctgccagcc ggcacttttg gtcaagctgt tttgcattca ctgttgcaca
   124081 tatgctcagt cacacacaca gcatacgcta tgcacatgtg tccacacaca ccccacccac
   124141 atcccacatc accccgaccc cctctgctgt ccttggaacc ttattacact tcgagtcact
   124201 ggtttgcctg tattgtgaaa ccagctggat cctgagatcc ccaagacaga aatcatgatg
   124261 agtatgtttt tggcccatga cactggctta ccttgtgcca ggcagatggc agccacacag
   124321 tgtccaccgg atggttgatt ttgaagcaga gttagcttgt cacctgcctc cctttcccgg
   124381 gacaacagaa gctgacctct ttgatctctt gcgcagatga tgagtctccg gggctctatg
   124441 ggtttctgaa tgtcatcgtc cactcagcca ctggatttaa gcagagttca agtaagtact
   124501 ggtttgggga ggagggttgc agcggccgag ccagggtctc cacccaggaa ggactcatcg
   124561 ggcagggtgt ggggaaacag ggaggttgtt cagatgacca cgggacacct ttgaccctgg
   124621 ccgctgtgga gtgtttgtgc tggttgatgc cttctgggtg tggaattgtt tttcccggag
   124681 tggcctctgc cctctcccct agcctgtctc agatcctggg agctggtgag ctgccccctg
   124741 caggtggatc gagtaattgc aggggtttgg caaggacttt gacagacatc cccaggggtg
   124801 cccgggagtg tggggtccaa gccaggaggg ctgtcagcag tgcaccttca ccccacagca
   124861 gagcagattt ggctgctctg tcgagctgga tggatactac tttttttttc ctttccctct
   124921 aagtgggggt ctcccccagc tactggagct gtcagaacag tgaaggctgg taacacatga
   124981 gttgcactgt gtaagtttct cgaggccggg cgcagtggct catgcctgta atcccagcac
   125041 tttgggaggc tgaggcaggt ggatcgcttg agctcaggag ttggagacca gcctgaccaa
   125101 catggtgaaa ccctgtgtct actaaaaata caaagattag ccgggctagg cagtgggcac
   125161 ctgtaatcac aactgcttgg gaggctgagg gaagagaatc gcttgaaccc aggaggcgga
   125221 ggttgcagtg agccgagctt gtgccactgc attccagcct gggcgacaga gcaagactcc
   125281 gcctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagttcctag aaacagcaaa atgtggagac agaaagctta
   125341 ccagggattg ttggggaatg gggttgggag agaggactaa ctgcagatga acccaagggg
   125401 gactttttag gtgagagcag tgtcgtgaaa agactgtggt gctgtttgcg ctcacattta
   125461 catttcctaa aattctttaa accctacact tggaatggat gaattacatg acatgcagat
   125521 tgcaccttca taacataatc tttctcctgg gcccctgtct ctggctgcct cataaacgct
   125581 ggtgtttccc tcgtgggcct ccctgcatcc ctgcatctcc tcccgggtcc tgtctgtgag
   125641 caatacagcg tgacacccta cgctgccccg tggtcccggg cttgtctctc cttgcctccc
   125701 tgttaccttt ctttctatct cttccttgcc ccgtgcactc aaccttgcat ccccaaacca
   125761 aacctattat tcatggaccc caaacttgtt cctcttatgt cctgtccctt tgaggggcac
   125821 caccatccac ccgcatggcc aagccagaaa ccgtggtctg ctctccctcc gttaaatgcc
   125881 attctccatc agtgaggctt cttagtcatc tctggctgcc tggccaggcc ctggctgtgg
   125941 cctcctccct ggtctttgta gctctggata tccctgcaga aagggtcccc actaccaggc
   126001 ctctccatcc ccagtctcag gtagtttttc taaaatgcaa accccaccct gcaacttacc
   126061 gcccacagcc cagcccactc ttctccaggc ctcgcctccc tcccttcccc ctgcacccca
   126121 cgacttctcc agcactgagc tgcttcctgt gccccacagt ggcctggagt cccctttgcc
   126181 ttaactcttt gccccatagt acagcggggt ctgctctgat tgtaggggct tcccacatcc
   126241 cccaggatgg ctgccctctg ctgtggcatc actgtgtaac aatggcgtgt acacctctct
   126301 gtccccacca gtgcagggcc cttctcatcg taggggcttt agctggggtt tgtggatcga
   126361 ctgagtgaac gaatgttgtg ggaagtcccg tttcccagcc gcacccaggg aaattccaca
   126421 gagcgggcag gggcatcgca tgaggtgctg gtgttcacgc cagaccacaa ttaggtgttt
   126481 aatttttaaa aagaaagtta caaccttttt tttttatttt tattttttct gattctgcaa
   126541 ataacacctg ctcttacaga ccatgtgggt gatgtggaaa agacctgtga ccttctccat
   126601 gtccacttct ccccacagat ctgtactgca ccctggaggt ggattccttt gggtattttg
   126661 tgaataaagc aaagacgcgc gtctacaggg acacagctga gccaaactgg aacgaggtga
   126721 ggaactgatt ccacaagggc ccagcctgcc aggtggggca caggatattt tccactggag
   126781 ataatctaaa ccttcagggg ctccctgagg gcttcccccg aaggcagtgc tgctgaattc
   126841 caggaatctc ctggggggcc agtaggtgac gtgtccaaga gattttatct ccttgttcct
   126901 gaaaacctta cccatccctg tcatcacaaa gaagccacct attttgctgg agaagtgttt
   126961 ggaaagagac ttaaaaaggc tttttgtctg cctttgttag cgcttatgtt tacttggtag
   127021 gtttccatag tgtttttccg cagaagttgg aatgagctcc cgtgaccctc ttggcttccg
   127081 gaagcctggg gctctgctgg tggggctggg acagggactg tagggtcctg cttgcttgtc
   127141 tcggggtgtt gggtttgtat tgtgtgtcgc cgtgccttcc tccaccttgg agagctgctg
   127201 tgtgagtcac ttagccattt ggccctgcac cttcgggagt aggggaatga ttgcagagag
   127261 gcccgtattg actaagtccc agatccatga gaggtgccat ttcccagctt ctgcagcagc
   127321 tgtgacctcg aaggtctcat tcttgatgct gcaggtagag gccagctggg cctgcagaga
   127381 gctgcctccc acccctgctc ctgcgaagga ggaagccaag agcccccagg ctgcttggtc
   127441 tacacgggtc acgaggctgg tggatggagc agtggggctg gaacccaggt ctcctttctc
   127501 agcatccact actctttgat cattttagac atgttgcttg aatagtacaa gggcacaagg
   127561 agctcagtaa aataacctgg tcattgtagc tctggacatc cctgcagaaa gggctgagtg
   127621 gcagctgtga tgagaggggg tataagagcc acaggggatc catcgaagaa gcctttgcag
   127681 agaccaagag tgccacgacc cagcagagac aacaagagag ggtgccaggc agtgtgcaaa
   127741 aggttcaggt gccaggcagc cacggaagct ccggggaggc atgaagacat gagggttaga
   127801 ttgtagcagg tcacgtccac caccctcact gtccatgaag atctggactt ggggacactc
   127861 acatgttcct ggcgcacaca cacacccacc ccctccccta ttcaggttca gaaattcctg
   127921 ctgcttgctt cttcccgcac cctcctccat ttccccgcca agaagccatg cgcgcacacg
   127981 cctcggtgtg aagcgcagat tcaccaacag caccgtcagg gtgatggagg agagagttaa
   128041 caccacgcac ccacggcaga caactggaga gctcggggag cagtttttcc tccaagtccc
   128101 tctccctcct gtatcaaccc caaggatcac tcttttgttt ccttttagat ataattcatt
   128161 ttttaaagag cggttttagg tttgcagcaa aatggagcag aaagaacaga gttcccatgt
   128221 acctcctgcc ccccatctca attatggaca tcccactcca gggtgggaca tgagttacag
   128281 ttgatgagcc tgcattaacc catcattacc acccagagtt catagttgat gttaggtagg
   128341 gttcattctt ggtgttacac atgttatgtg ttctgacaaa cgtggaatga cgtgtatcca
   128401 ccataataat atcttacaga atagtctcac cgccataaaa gtgaacctgc atcgacagat
   128461 cattatcttt cagagtccat agaaatatct ttttttgagg gagagtctca cactgttggc
   128521 cagcctggaa tgcagtggca tgatcttggc ttactgcagc ctccgcctcc cggattcaag
   128581 caattctcgt gcctcagcct tacaagtagc tgggatcaca ggcatgcacc accacgccat
   128641 actatttttc gtatttttag taggatgggg tttcgccatg ttggctagtt agtctcgtac
   128701 tcctggtctc aagtgatctg cccaccttgg cctcccaaag tactgggatt acaggtgtga
   128761 gccaccgtgc ccagcccata gaaatatctt aacaagtacc ctggcgattg tgaggcaggt
   128821 ggtgtgggga tcaccctttg agatgctggt gtaaggagtt tggattaagt ttgaaaggca
   128881 gtcggagctt ctggaagcat ccgggctggg ccacggtctc atgccagggg tgcttacaag
   128941 gaatacttcc atgtgtccca ggactaaggg aggagggtct caggcattgg tccctctggg
   129001 ccagcaaggg cagcagggag agccccggtt cagaggaccc ttcagccata acattgaccc
   129061 gtttgttcac actggacttc ccttctccct tggggctgca ggaatttgag atagagctgg
   129121 agggctccca gaccctgagg atactgtgct atgaaaagtg ttacaacaag acgaagatcc
   129181 ccaaggagga cggcgagagc acggacagac tcatggggaa gggccaggtc caggtgaggc
   129241 agccatccct accctcccct gcccgatgca tggcgtcctt tttcatgcag cccctgggga
   129301 cactgagatg gtcatggcct tgcacccagg gtggggtggg gtgggcagct gtggctctga
   129361 aacatccatc gtgggagacc tgagccggtg cctgcatgta tcttgatggg tcttgacgta
   129421 ccaccctctg tctgcgtgtc tgttgcgtcg gctcattccc aaaggaattt ccattcaact
   129481 tggttttgca gctggggcct cagttcctgc ccggccttag gagaacccaa ggtggaacag
   129541 ttagatggtg tcctaggctg aaattggccc atcctgtgcc agtcttctta gaaaagcaca
   129601 ggggtcccag aggctgcctg caagcacagg ggtcccagag gctgcctgct tggcatcccc
   129661 tatctgtggt ctagacccaa tttctagggt atagagctgt atctctgaac agggtgcaca
   129721 cagacaggtc tcctcccagg ctaatctgga agcccccagg tgagaccgag aatgtgtcca
   129781 tacaggacca gcaagggggc cctggttctt aaggagactg cctgggccct ctgtccttca
   129841 gaagcttgtc tagcccctgg gagcacgcca ccagggtttc ctggaggatc atagctggcg
   129901 ccccaggccc tgtttatcct gttcccaccc tcacaattgc gcgggggtag ctgagaggaa
   129961 gccctgatcg tgctttcctt atagtgcatt atatcagtgg gttgtgggta cagctctctc
   130021 ttcccaggac cttccatctt cacaagaggc ctctagaggg agtgggtttg gctttccaca
   130081 tgcccctaga agcacagggc tcctcaggaa gcccagtctc cctccctaag caggaagtaa
   130141 aaatcctctt gtggttaaat accaagtgcc aggctgggcg tggtgctcac gcctgtaatc
   130201 ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggtgggcgga tcacgaggtc aggagatcga gaccatcctg
   130261 gctaacaccg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccag gcgtggtggc
   130321 gggtgcctgt agtcccagct actcgggagg ccgaggcagg agaatggcat gaacctggga
   130381 ggcggagctt gcaatgagtc aagatcacac cgctgatctc tagcctgggt gacagagcga
   130441 gagtccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaataccaa gtgccaggaa gaatgaaggg
   130501 agagggtggc tcttccctga gtcacctgtc atctttgctg atggatccca cattctcatt
   130561 cagatcagca aatctttacc aagtgctggc ctcaccccct tctgccaccc tggcctggct
   130621 ggccacatct tcggaggtgc agctactgcc tgtttttctg ccttggaagc ttataaggga
   130681 actcagtggc tcagagcctc ctggggctcc ctatactttg agatcaggtt taaaagcaaa
   130741 aagactcctc tggcacatgc ctgtattcca gctactcagg acgctgaagc gagaggattg
   130801 cttgagccca gctattcaag accagcctgg gcaacataga cccctgtcta aaacaaaata
   130861 aattaactaa aaattgctct cagctctcct gtcgctgtcc cactgcactg tcttgttcac
   130921 tctgccagcc tttgtgtgga ttctcatggt gggagattgt accacacaga tgggccacac
   130981 cactcttgat ggagtactta gtgctggtct cctttgagat ccgaagtatt ttagcatcag
   131041 tcaaatgacg gtcatagttt gggtgatggt cacggctcag gttctttttt acacgtgctt
   131101 gctttggttg ttgttgttgt tctttgtttt cttgaggcag tatctggctg tgtctcccag
   131161 gctggcgtgc aatggcagga tcatagctca ctgcaacctc aaactcctgg ctgaagcaat
   131221 ctttgtgccc tagcctccca agttgttggg attacagtcg tgccccacca tgcctggcta
   131281 agttgttttt tgttttttgt tttttttttt tttttcgaga cagagttttg ctcttgttgc
   131341 ccaggccgga gtgcagtggt gtgatcttgg ctctctgcaa cctcccgggt tcaagcgatt
   131401 ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgatggga ttacaggcct gagccactgt gcctggccac
   131461 atgtgctttc ccattcggtc cttgcagcag atctttgaga gagctcattt gacactcagg
   131521 agatgcttct ctaacctgct cagaatcagg gccctgggta ttcagggagg tagagggagc
   131581 agactgcaaa gccagtcgtg ctcccatcgc tcccacttct ctctccctct ccatgttttc
   131641 tgtctccccc acccagccta gggcattcct cccccacagt ccagcctgca tctggcacag
   131701 tgtcactgct cagcccaggg atactcacag cctgggtgcc tggctccttt tttcagctca
   131761 tcaaaccagg taaagggagg ttcagattct gccaaccatt gactcaattc atccaaatct
   131821 tcaatcactg gaatcctggg agtggctgga tttgaaccag gacctctgag tactattgct
   131881 aagtaactgg gggtctcagt gaaagagaga aaagagctga taggcctctt cctgtgttat
   131941 catgtcaggc catcttttga aactcttttc tgcaatgcta ctgaagtatt tatgcacgtg
   132001 acctgtgctc ttctgtcagt ctaggggtgc tggctgagca ccccacccca tcccggggaa
   132061 gaggagagca gtaagtgtcg aagaaaaacc cgagctggac agcagttaaa gtggtaaaag
   132121 caggttttgt ttagtaacta ttgtgatagg gaaaagacta gaaatggaag gcctagaaat
   132181 gggctcaatg ctgaagtcac ttggatgagt ggggacttgc agccaagaag cagggtaggg
   132241 gttgatggat ggaaaatgat gaagtaacat cagggggaag agggattctg gtgaaaccga
   132301 cccgacagga ttcttgctga agacaggcca aagtgatcga tctcccccgg gggatggcgt
   132361 ggggtgagga atctgatcag atagcaaggg cagggggttc tggctaaacg gacttagcag
   132421 gattcttgca aaatttgggc tcctgagaac atgcccaagg atgggatcta gctggaataa
   132481 aaagctggag ggaccagatg agttccgtca aggagagtct ttgtcacacc cccaccacac
   132541 tcagtgtgac ctgggtgaat tactgtccca ctggcccaaa tgtgtttcct cacttttcct
   132601 tcccttcctt ccttcccttc cttcccttcc ttccttttct ttctttcttc ctttcctttt
   132661 tcctttttcc tttccttttg cctttccttc ttcttcggag tctcactgtc ttgcccaggc
   132721 tggagtgcag cggtgccatc tcagcttact gcaacctctg cctcccgggt tcaagcgatt
   132781 ctgctgccgc agcctcctga atagctgtta ttacaggcat gtgccaccac gcctggctaa
   132841 tttttttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg gtctcgaact
   132901 cctgacctcc agtggtccac ccgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta taggcgtgag
   132961 ctactgcacc cagcctcctc acctttaaat cttccccaaa tatttgttca aaacaaacat
   133021 cactcatttt gtgttcctgc tgcaacagac cccctggggc ctgcccctct ccaaggctgt
   133081 tttttgtttt ttgagacaga gtctggctct gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca gtggcatgat
   133141 ctcggctcac tgcaagctcc gcctcctggg ttcacgccat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg
   133201 agtagccggg actacaggcg cccgccacca cacccagcta atttcttgta tttttagtag
   133261 agatggggtt tcaccgtggt ctcgatctcc tgacctcatg atccgccctc ctcagcctcc
   133321 caaagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac cacgcctagc tccaagactg tttaggggct
   133381 acgtaagttt ctctcctatg ggcgcctctg ccacatggac catgtctcat tcgtctcgga
   133441 atgcccccca ggcacatcac agacccccct gcacgggtga atggctgtgt ggacgagacc
   133501 tacatggccc tgagataatc cttgaaatac aaatgaggat tctcgatgcc ttcgtggcct
   133561 tacctgacca tacctccccc aactcccatc acgtcccccg tgacgtgatc tttattttgg
   133621 cttatgtttg tctctgctgc tggaaagtaa acgtggagga cagggctttg tccagttcat
   133681 tctctgtggt atctccagta tccagacaga gacataaaac atacatctgt atctgtaagt
   133741 tatttaatac attgtttaat ggatctagag tttatatata tatatatata tatatagtaa
   133801 aatatatatt ggcacaaagc aagtactgtt acatgcactg gaaattgctg agccaggcac
   133861 ctgccctctc acagatgaag gtgctgaagt tcccaggggt ggctggggcg ggagccagcc
   133921 aagcctgggg cttctccacc acgctgtgca tgtgcccagt ggtggtcggg gccttcatgg
   133981 tgagggggtc ggggagttca gagtttggac tcccacgtgc atccctgcac catgggcagc
   134041 ctttttatct tagccagaag gctgagaagt aattccttcc tttttaaaaa aattgtaaaa
   134101 taagcacaat gtaaaatgtc ccaggtgttt ttaagtgtgc agttcagtgg catcaggcac
   134161 attcacattg ttgtgcagcc atcaccacca tcatctccag aacttttttt tcatcctctc
   134221 aaactgaaac tctacaccca ttaaacaata actcccaggg gggcaggtgc aaaaagaata
   134281 actccccatt cctcctgccc ccagctcctg ttaacctcta gtccactttc tgcctctgtg
   134341 gatttgccta ctctagctac ctcatgtaag tggaatcata cagcatttgt cttttgggtc
   134401 tggtttattt cacttagcag catgtcctca aggctcaccc atgttgtaga atgtgtcaga
   134461 atgtccttcc tcttgaaggc tgagtaatat tccattgtat ggattaacag acattcacca
   134521 gcaggtggac gcctgggttc tttccagtct gaggctggca tggtcagtgc tgttgtgcac
   134581 atggacataa gatccaccca acttggtgtt atctttgcat tcgcaagctg ttgccaggca
   134641 catccatggg ctctcggggg gaacagctgc tgcagagtgg gcagtccaac agggagaccg
   134701 cccgaaaatg ggtggacctc actgcgtggt ggggacttga gagcagctgc cagggtgcca
   134761 ccaggagggc cccagtcaga cctgctggct tgtacctggt caggtgccca cataacccag
   134821 gctggcagag aagtctggga aactccagcc agccagccag agcaccagct tcaaatgaag
   134881 cagaggctca cagtccaaat ctcatccccg aggctcacat aaaacattgg caacaacaaa
   134941 aatgaactct gatgccccca ctggaacatg agttgtgagc ccagcaagac acataaatag
   135001 agcaggagaa atgggagaag acaaaagtct atgacttgat agaatgttgc cctctaagga
   135061 gaatagacag ggctaacatg atttagcaac ctagaaaatt tgcagatgaa gagagatgca
   135121 cctgtcatcc tagcactttg tgaggctgag gagggcggat catttgacat caggagttca
   135181 agaccggcct gaccaacatg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaacacaaa aaaattagcc
   135241 aggcgcgatg gcgcatgcct gtagtcccag ctactcggga agccaaggta ggagaattgc
   135301 ttgaaccagg gaggcaggga tttcagtgag ccagggtcgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg
   135361 gggacagagc gagactatct caaaaaagac agaaaaaacc tgaagaaatt cctaatggca
   135421 gcaaggctcc aatttcccca gctctgccaa ctgtggtgac tccctctctg gcccaggatg
   135481 tgcaggagca ctgggactgt gtctcagggc ccccgtccct gttgcgctgc actcggctag
   135541 gctgcagact agccctccag caatgtgtcc cataccccgt cccatgaatc ttggatggat
   135601 gttgatgcct tcaccttgaa aaatccctcc ctgaagatac agattcaatg tcccctgctc
   135661 tgtgaaggct tctctgtccc gtgacctcac ttcccaagta accgtgccat ctgagccacc
   135721 agtcaatctg ggccaaagcc tgccctggct cttggcacat ttgccacatc cttcctttcc
   135781 agcttctctg atctagacca tgaaggctgg ggagaggggt cttcttgttc ttggggaccc
   135841 ccccgccagg catggcacac aggaagcctt ccatgactag ggtggcacag cgggttcctg
   135901 gtgtctgagg atggaccagg atggcctcgc tcactcaaat ggctcattca ggctcggggc
   135961 tggcttggaa gggacacccg acttgggtcc tcttgcacct gcccacacac aaggacttca
   136021 atttgtgctg tcagtggctc ttttctggac tgtgggcacc accacagctt tgtccctgct
   136081 gtactgtgta tccccttgcc tttctggctt gtggctctga acaaagcagg tcacccatcc
   136141 caatttctag agccccccca ccgccacccc caccctcatg gagcctctat cgtgcaagaa
   136201 gggaggtggg gacctggcaa gtcatccagg acaggcattt gaagagcagg agccaaaatc
   136261 tgagactcgg gcaagtggtt cctaaaccca gctcatcagc accattaagg ggagcaaaaa
   136321 accagaccgg gccaagcccc cagcccagaa gatcccgact cctgctgccc acagacaggc
   136381 acatgagcag ctttgctgag gactcctttc catcccagac ccctgccctt ggggcctgcc
   136441 agggacctct gccctcatgg ttggatctgg acactcccgg gatgctgcgg cttctctacc
   136501 tgctgcaact gcctcacctc acgggagggt ctctctacgc aacttctgag tcgaggtgca
   136561 taagcagtgt gggggctgta ggcccctgta gctggctgca gagagccaag cgcctcccac
   136621 acggtacagc acagaaggct cctggtgtca ctgggaaaag cccagattca aaaaggctgg
   136681 gctccggagt catgcacatc ctctctcagg tatccctgtg cagaaaacag tgtccacggg
   136741 ggagaaagag gccaggctgg tgtcgcagag cgccaatggc atagtcacca ccactcctcc
   136801 gacttacttc ctcctgggat cccacaaaca agccccccag ctgggagcct ggacctccag
   136861 ggaccagggc agccgccacc tacttggcgt gagtcatgaa tgcccttcac acagcaatca
   136921 gattccttcc tgtctagcca tggttcccac ccatcactcc cactgacaca gggaccaggg
   136981 gctggagcca gatagtgcct gctccatcgc ctcctcacaa acgacagata aggatgagaa
   137041 cagcagcaaa cgctgacccc ccacccgtga gagcataagt cactcaaccg tcaaggctgc
   137101 atggcccccc ccaccccaat ttaattcacc tgtgagaggg caagtgcctg gctcagcaat
   137161 ttctagtgca tgtaacagta cttgctttgt gccaatatgt attttactat atatatataa
   137221 actctagatc cattaaacaa tgtattatta cataacttat agaggtatgt tttatgtctc
   137281 tgtctgggta ctggagatac cacagagaat gaactggaca aagccctgtc ctccacgttt
   137341 actttccagc agcagagaca aacataagcc aaaataaaga tcacgtcaca ggggacgtga
   137401 tgggagtcgg aggaggtatg gtcaggtaag gcggataccg tcatgaaggc accaagaatc
   137461 ctcatttgta tttcaaggat tatctgaggg ccacgtaggt cttgtccaca cagccattca
   137521 cccattcagg ggggtctctg atgtgcctgg ggggcattcc gagatgaatg agacatgcat
   137581 ggtccatgtg gcagaggcac caataggaga gaaacttatg tatgtagcct cttaaacaga
   137641 cttggagagg ggcaggcccc agggggtctc ttgcagcagg aacacaaaat gagtgatgtt
   137701 tgttttgaac caatatttgg ggaagatatg aagatgtaaa catcatgaaa atgtaagatc
   137761 acatgagcaa attcttacac agattccacg ggattcttct tgaagcacac cgccatcaac
   137821 atggatagtg atacaggtcc tccttgctct attgagagcc acttttggac cctttatttt
   137881 taacttttgt accatgaaat gcatccattt ttataaccga atgattttat agtaaattta
   137941 cagagctgta caacttttac caacaatcca gttttagaat atttctatca ccccaatttc
   138001 cttgttgcct tttttttttt tttttttttt aagacagggt cttgctctgt tgcccaggtt
   138061 ggagtacagt ggtgcaacca cactcagcac aaccttgatg tcccaggctc aagtgctctt
   138121 cctaccttag cctctcaagt agctgggacc acaggcatgc gccaccatgc caggctattt
   138181 tttttttttt tttttttttt tgagacaagg tcttgttttg ctgcccaagc tggtctcaaa
   138241 ttcctaggct caagtgatcc tcctgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgagat tacaggtgtg
   138301 aaccaccgtg cccagcccct gttcccagtt atagccactc ccagacccaa gccgatctgc
   138361 tttttgtctt tagagatttg cccattcttc acatttcata aacgtggaat catactagag
   138421 tgggcttttt tgactgattt cctccactta ccattatgtt tttgaggttt attcatgtgg
   138481 tagcattgtt tggttccttt ttatgataat aattttccat tgcatacata taacatgttt
   138541 ttatttctgc atttactatt tgacagacac ttggatcatt tctagtttgg gctgttaagg
   138601 ttgatgcagc cacgaacatg tccttggtac cagtctctat atggacgtat gttttcattc
   138661 actgagtaaa cacctagtaa gattgctggg ctgtgcaaca aggtgactat ttggggaact
   138721 gccctacgtt gtctggagta gctgcaccat cttacatccc cagtggccat gtatgaaagc
   138781 ccatttctct acatcctcac cgatgctggt tatagtgtat cctaagggag aagggtgtgt
   138841 tccttttgaa gtgatgttag agactggttg ggatcagaga agagaagcaa agagttaaaa
   138901 gtgggataga ggccaggcgc ggtggcttac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt aggaggccaa
   138961 gttgggtgga ttgctttagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tgaccaacat ggtgaaacct
   139021 cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattaaccg ggcatggtgg caggtgcctg taatcccagc
   139081 tcctcagggg ctgaggcaag agaatggttt gaagccagga ggcagaggtt gcagtcagcc
   139141 gagatctcgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacagagtga gactccgcct taaaaaaaaa
   139201 aaaaaaaagg tgcaggatgg atctcaggag agcagattgt ggtcatagac tacagcagga
   139261 ggcctgtaat ctctctcctg gtgaacacag aggttctctg gtggtctcag caaagaccca
   139321 cccccgggag taggttatag tgcagacaca tggggcccag acaggaacaa ctggggttgc
   139381 cctgctggac catccaggct ggtgacgatg ggcgtgaagg aagctgttgt ctacaaggag
   139441 ctaagtgaac aagcatttcc tcctttggaa ggtttactca tagccccctc cctgcccctg
   139501 ctgagggtgg gtgagaggat gtcctccggc tgcccattgg tgactcaatc cagccacact
   139561 gactacaaag caagcagggc agtgctgggc ccccagcaga gccaccatgc aaagtggtca
   139621 gtgatgcttc agggcagcac acagcacctg ccccagttgg gcttcggcct ccctcagccc
   139681 ccaccccacc acttccctgg gatggatgtg cacgatagtt ttctaggcag acctctaggc
   139741 caccatctgc caggcccgct gaccatagtc attctttcaa ggctcctgcc ttacccagtc
   139801 cagggggaga ggagcagcaa cctggtccat cctcctgaga ccactgcatg tgagcagaca
   139861 gacccctgcc tgcccagtcc ccggccaggc agcaggcatg ttcctcacca agaccttgca
   139921 acccaggggg accctggaca gcatccggag tgcctcggtt tttcccttaa gggaaaactg
   139981 tttccccctt ggtcatctgt ttttccaaac cccagtcttt tgcttgttta cttctctggt
   140041 gctttaaata actgcacgag agagcgtacc agccttgagc aatgtttggg attggctgag
   140101 ctgaggcaca ggcctcatta tcatgctatt ctttatacgg cttccgctct gcggcgcaca
   140161 ctctgttctt tggaacagag ccagccttgg gacagccttt cccactggag ctgccagtca
   140221 ggaccgccgt gagagccagt gcctggaggc caacaccctg gtcttcagtc actgggagtc
   140281 acagagaggg gcccgataaa gagccctcct ggcagcatca gtaccaggtt ggagtgggcg
   140341 ctggacacca ccaatgctgg ggagtggacg ctggctggag ccccacccag ggctgcacat
   140401 tgctcagcca gctagctctg ggggagcagg acctgagcag ggtgtcctcc accctgggtc
   140461 catcagaggc actgcatttg attattgggg ttacctgctg ggagtggtgc agattttgga
   140521 cagtctggat tgcttccagc acaaggcagg ctgaccagtc atactttact cagtctccaa
   140581 acttgggcaa caggaaacta gccacttgag aaggaagctc agcttttctg ggctttagag
   140641 gagatggaga cacgttggaa attcccgtaa ccaataggct ggggtgggag ggtgttcttc
   140701 ccacacacac acaaaaaagt ggaacccgga ggtgatggga agctttgacc ttggccagcc
   140761 agactgcggg gtggggtttc cctcaaagcc tggtcaaaag gccttggagg ctggaagctc
   140821 tcgtttagcc ccaccagctt cccagagcag caaggccaag catgcaagag tcaccatcca
   140881 ccctggccat gatgcagggc ctcctttggt acttccaccc cagccgggcg ggccggagcc
   140941 gggcggcctc tgctgaaaag cacctgtggg ccgtggttcc aggggggctt tgaggggcag
   141001 ccgctgatgt ctggacagct tctctttctg tctcttctta cctggactct gggttgcttg
   141061 ttagctgctt ctgcctgttc tgggttttca aggggagagg ggcccagtga tggctgttct
   141121 ttgaaggaaa ggtaagaatg tctcctgctt aacatgtttc tgtgtttcca gttacttggt
   141181 tggttagtag agccagggtc tctcgctttg ttgcgcaggc tggagtgcaa tggcatgatc
   141241 atggctcaca gcagtctcca ccttctagcc tcaagtgttg cccccacctc agcctcccga
   141301 gcagttggga ctgcaggcac atgccaccat gcttggctaa tgcttttgaa aatttttttt
   141361 ttatagagac agggtctcac tatattgccc aggctggtct taaactcatg ggctcaagtg
   141421 atcctcctgc ctcggccttt caaagtgctg atatcacagg cagggtttcc attttttaaa
   141481 gctcccagca gtggtataaa ctcctccttt ccagagaaag cgcactctgt ccgcatccct
   141541 catgttgtcc tctcctgcct ctgcttaggg ttcactccgg gggaaagtgc cacttgagag
   141601 tttccttttt atgtgtggtt ctgactgacc gctccctgct cacagatgct gcttctcagg
   141661 gtggggtccc tgaggcctgg agtgtggcct ctgacgacct tcagggccag gtgcggaatg
   141721 agagcctgtg gccgcatggc ccccggtggg agacgtcccg ccgccctttg cttctctgtg
   141781 ccactctggc tgcacagttc agagccttgg gaaacgttaa ccagtaggac ctagaagggg
   141841 aggtgagaag gggtcaaccc ccaggtgtgc ctgtggtgag ccttcgtgct gagcaggtgc
   141901 agggagggag gcccaggtgc acacacctgt gaagtagggg ggcagctggc tgggctcctt
   141961 gacctgctcc agagcttctt attttctggc cacttcacct gcagaaggcc caggtggctg
   142021 tagccgctag ggtcccttgc agtggaaatg atgcctgtcc tcagcccctc tctaggcctg
   142081 gcactgtgct cagcaccgtc gtgtgtgtgt atgtatatgt gcacgcatgt gaatgtgtgc
   142141 agacatcatg aggtgtggtc cctgctgtta ggcagcttgc cttgtggctg aagtgaacca
   142201 tcacctgaat caagggatgg aaacacaagg ccagatgcag tggccttcta tggagtcaga
   142261 cggtggctcc gtgacctggc ttcactccag aactacctgg ggtttctagc tgtgtaaatc
   142321 ccaggtccca ctcagattat gagtcagttc tctgcaggtg gaacccaggg aggtgttttt
   142381 tttgtttttg cttttatttt tgagacgaag tcttgctgtg tcgcccaggc tggagtgcag
   142441 tggcgccatc ttggctcact gcaacctcca cctcctgagt tcacaccatt ctcctgcctc
   142501 agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacagacgc ccaccaccac gcccagctaa tttgttgtat
   142561 ttttagtagg gacagggttt caccatgtta gccaggatgg tctcaacctc ccgacctcgt
   142621 gatccgccca cctcagcctc tcaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ccgcacctgg
   142681 ccagggaggt gtatttttaa caagatggta ctgctcattc acccagccca gccagtgatc
   142741 ttggcatacc caggaaccgc tgacatagaa cgtgctcccc ataaaacggg agacagaggc
   142801 ttcacggatg ggggacatgt ggcttggtca tgacagggtg ttacatacca ggacagactg
   142861 tgttcgggtg acattaagga caagctcctg caggctagct gtctggatag tgccgggtgg
   142921 gggtagaagt tagaggggtc acagaggggc ttcctcccgg ccccctcatc agctgcttga
   142981 tttagggctt gtttctgggt ccttctgggc ctgattctga accatgggac tggtgtggcc
   143041 tgcaggctcc tcccgccaca agctgttcat ggtgcagggg gagaacagtg tccacaattc
   143101 cccagacagc agctgtggat gccaggcccc caggagttgt tactgaagtt gctgctggac
   143161 agctcacctt tcactgagct ccacatagca cccgtggtga tggaagccgg atggagagag
   143221 cctgccagcc tgcacatcag ctcccaactg ggcggggcag agggaggagg gggtggggac
   143281 cccaggcagc agggctctgg gagcagtggg gccctgggtt ccaggggtgt ctggcaggcc
   143341 cctccttact ctacctctgt tggcctctgg atggaggtgc tggccgcagt cgggctctgc
   143401 ctctgactaa gggttgggga agtggcgggt gtgggctgct gccccgtggg gcctctgaac
   143461 agaccccagg gcctctgcca atcatgactc cttcctttca gctggacccg caggccctgc
   143521 aggacagaga ctggcagcgc accgtcatcg ccatgaatgg ggtacgtgtc cgtgggactc
   143581 tcctggtgcc cacttccccc agaaggatag ggtggcctct gttcatttca aatcagtcag
   143641 aggtggctga gcctgaggca gcatctgaga gggagcctgg ttggagaagg gagggccccc
   143701 aagagcagaa tcaccatgca cgggaatcgt cattcattgg ctggaatgca gttgccagcc
   143761 aggccctgag catccctcct caaacaaagg tctcatggca ccaccaggac aggtggggcc
   143821 tccactcagg gacctggggg ctgcccatag aaatggagac ccctgatttg tctttaggta
   143881 ccccagaaag gtttagacct taaaagcaat gacacaccca aaaaggcccg ggtataaatg
   143941 gtaaaatgtt aatatttgag attcttggct ttttcttaca ttattctgtc tttcctactt
   144001 aatttttaat tgttactaag aaagagaaag ccaggcacag tgcacctata gtctcagcta
   144061 ctctggagtc tgaggcagga gaatcactgg aacccaagag ttcgattaca gcctgggcaa
   144121 cattgcaagc tcctatatct aaaaaaaagc aagcaagcaa gagaagcagc ggggatttta
   144181 ggaggtgctt ctgcagaaac cagtcgttta catcatcttc aacaatcctg gctcttgctg
   144241 aagtagacta ggggcttccc cgaggggcgg ctccacctca tgctgagacc tctgcatgcc
   144301 ttgggggtgg aaatatttga tgagactccc aggggtcctt gggaccttgg gctatgagga
   144361 ccagaaggat tagaggactg tgccccttct ccctactgta gatcgaagta aagctctcgg
   144421 tcaagttcaa cagcagggag ttcagcttga agaggatgcc gtcccgaaaa cagacagggg
   144481 tcttcggagt caagattgct gtggtcacca agtgagtggg gaggggcttg ggctcacgca
   144541 ctgagggtgc ctgtcccttc agctgtttct gcagaaaaga gcatgtgtgg gtctctcctc
   144601 tctgtgcgtg gccactgcac ggtgaggtca ggccccaggg aacacggcgt cttcagctac
   144661 ctcctgtgtt tcctgcaaac cagctcagga atgtccttgc cacctggctt ggaagcagta
   144721 ggctggctcc aggaactgcc caagtgcagg gttttctgcc cttgcttgga atttatcacg
   144781 gtcccagatt cctgttgaat ggccgtaacc cctgcccctt tgtcacgagt cagttgccaa
   144841 gagaagcctg tttggtttga gagcagttca tgcagacata gaccacttcc tctgagaatt
   144901 catttgcttc cccaggatgg aatctggctg ggcctctgac cttgctggtc acgtgggccg
   144961 gggcctccat cagtcatacc ctggactcct atctgtgtct aaacaccacg ccccaccccc
   145021 aactgcacgg cagccactcg catagcactc tgggagggct gtgggcatga gcagcgagga
   145081 ctccatcagc agctccccca gataagccct gctaatgagg gggcttgcga agcagctttg
   145141 atgtgctggt aaatccaggt gcaaaacaga actcaagtta aggcctccgc acagcactgc
   145201 gttctaactg tgaaggattc ttactctagt gtcctgtgtg gaggtattgg aattgtccat
   145261 tgctaagact cagaggagaa aagcacttag catcgcagga cttggagcac cggtgctgag
   145321 gcaacccttc attcattcgt cggatgtgtg ttaaggccca ggcccagggc aggggtcagg
   145381 gattctcctc tcacacagca cgtgggtggc aggaccaaca ccgggtctga cctcccagcc
   145441 gggggtacag gctgctaacc ccaggcctgg aatctgtcag atgcccttcc cgtgctgact
   145501 tgacatagac aggcctcctg accttcccgc aaaggtcatg tgtgattcgc aggggttctg
   145561 gccgcttgaa aggttcctga gaaagtacat gccatgagga cagagcttgc agagggagga
   145621 caggcatgca gaaggctctg tgtgcagccc cagacctggg taccttcgtc accgtcctca
   145681 ccccacctcc gggtgtgcag atatggagca ggtctcctgt gttatggccc aagcagggct
   145741 gttaggacac tgagaacatt ccctcctccc gcaggagaga gaggtccaag gtgccctaca
   145801 tcgtgcgcca gtgcgtggag gagatcgagc gccgaggcat ggaggaggtg ggcatctacc
   145861 gcgtgtccgg tgtggccacg gacatccagg cactgaaggc agccttcgac gtcagtgagt
   145921 gttggcctgc gcaggacggg atggaggtgt gggcaatggt gtccgcgatg agatctcaga
   145981 gtgctccatg gcccaggcat gtcacatcct tctctgtgtc ttttcttcat ttactgtgtt
   146041 attattttta aaaaagagaa gacaagagtt gtagaaaaag cctctgtaga aaccagtttt
   146101 taaaccatcc tagccatgca tgccacttgc tggggtaggc caggggtttc tgcagggcct
   146161 tggccttcct gccttggggt tggacaggag gtggaagccc aggactcagt gcagtctgtc
   146221 ccctgccatg tgtgaggatg cggcaggcag agggcactga tgaaattcag cccaggctgg
   146281 ggctgcagca tctctgcctc catctcacca accctcacag gctatgaagg acctggaact
   146341 gtcacaaatg ccaggggagg gcactgagac cccagagggt ccctcccagc atcttcaaca
   146401 ggattttgtg cctgcagacc cttctttggg gcacacacca ccaaccctga ccaggacccc
   146461 tagaatgccc agcatccctg ggagggccct gtggtagttt cagctccctc tgggggccca
   146521 gaatgaacct ggcctgtggt gaggatgtaa gcaccaatgg ccaattgggt ccaaaggaag
   146581 acaccggttc aaacactgaa accaatcaga ttctcccacg gccttcctgc tatcagacga
   146641 cactggtgca ggggtggttg ctatgtacag ggcagagcca cccaatcccc acgcaggcgc
   146701 tgtgtcctgc cacgctggcc tcctcctggc catcacatca ggccaagcag gggagaggaa
   146761 tgggaatgcc cacgcacccc tatcaactct gcagacacag aaccatgcac agctcttggg
   146821 aggagtcaga tgagctgctc aaagcccagg agggacccgc acagtggtca gcatggcagg
   146881 gacagtgctt tagccaaggc agggatggtg ggagactcac tcgggatcct caaggaggcc
   146941 gctgcatttc cgtgctcttt ccagataaca aggacgtgtc ggtgatgatg agcgagatgg
   147001 acgtgaacgc catcgcaggc acgctgaagc tgtacttccg tgagctgccc gagcccctct
   147061 tcactgacga gttctacccc aacttcgcag agggcatcgg tgagcactgg aggccttggc
   147121 ctcatgggag acgtctcctc cacgtgcact gctgcccttg gaggctgtga aaagtgaggt
   147181 gtgggaaccc aagctgtgcc ccctctgcca tggtcggcat tttaacccaa cctcaaaaag
   147241 caggggacca gaaccgagcc tgtcctggaa ggccttgccc atccctagag ggctccctgt
   147301 ccctactcct caaggagacc aagaggctga aatagtcagc actgctgtgc tgtggggtcc
   147361 taaagtctgc tgtcctcctt cctgcagacc agggctgaag gagggtgcct gggtgctctt
   147421 gccatgggtc ctggtccagc caagcatggt ttcaaacatg acctgaccct tagtcaacct
   147481 ggaggctgat gtctagagtg ggtgctggtg tgtgcagtac ctgtggcctc tgcatcaccc
   147541 ttagggcagg tctgcctccc gggcccatgc acagaggacc tggtctccca gcctgcaggt
   147601 gcccctgtgg tgtccaggac gacgaggggg tctctgcgta cttggtgggg ctgggaccct
   147661 cccacttccc acctccttgt gttcctcact cccctgtttc attccatgct gagcctcccc
   147721 tgccttgggc tcctctgggg agggggtggt ggcaggagtt gtccaagggc agctctgccc
   147781 atgagcagct gctctagcgg ctcctcctgc tgctgtttgc cgggtgctgc tgacccctgc
   147841 gaggtagaga aaaggcgttc aggtggttca caccccacac aggtgcccct cacagggtcc
   147901 tcaatggggg ccagagctgt gagactgagg atgatgacga gcctgggctg tgcagggaca
   147961 caagccccag gtgctccatg tgaacacctc gggagaggtc tctggctcgt tgtgacccca
   148021 aggagtaacc caccgccttc tgcagctctt tcagacccgg ttgcaaagga gagctgcatg
   148081 ctcaacctgc tgctgtccct gccggaggcc aacctgctca ccttcctttt ccttctggac
   148141 cacctgaaaa ggtagcccag ctctcccatg gcagcccagg gctccaggtc cccaggccgc
   148201 agagtgcccc tctgctccca ctagaccccc aacaccgagg accttttctc ctgacccttg
   148261 tctgcagtca ctcactgcct ttggcgacta gtgccactgc cacccctgcc ccagcctctc
   148321 ttctttgcca ccctcctctc tctgcactgt ggccttaaaa aagagctcag agctttggcc
   148381 gtggccagca gtgcacttgg acccccctct tccctccgag tcacatcaag taggagacct
   148441 ccccaccagc ccagagctgg ctccttgtcc tgggccactg agacccagaa gtaccagggc
   148501 tggagtcagc ttgcagcaca gccagggtcg aggtcactcc cttcctgaga actccagcac
   148561 agcccagccc ctctgcctct ctcctggggg tggcgttgaa acagcacccg ctgctttggt
   148621 cctctacagg gtggcagaga aggaggcagt caataagatg tccctgcaca acctcgccac
   148681 ggtctttggc cccacgctgc tccggccctc cgagaaggag agcaagctcc ctgccaaccc
   148741 cagccagcct atcaccatga ctgacagctg gtccttggag gtcatgtccc aggtatggga
   148801 agacaggctc cagcccatgc aaccctgacc tgacagaggt ggcctctgcc tgccccaccc
   148861 ccagtcctgc ccatcttctt acttgcattg tatgtggtgt ggccaacatt cacagagagg
   148921 gacttgccta ggtctgcatg gatgggagtg atagtggggg cccaggccac ctcctggtcc
   148981 tgctagtgca ctttgctgga agcttaaaac tacctcaagt gttcgggtgt ggtggctcat
   149041 gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccaa ggcaggataa ccaatcccag gtgtttgaaa
   149101 ccagtctggg caatgtggca aaccccatct ctagaaaaaa taaaaagaaa aattagccag
   149161 gcattgtggc acacatctgt aatcctaggt atctgggagg ctgacacagg aggatttctt
   149221 gagcccagga gttagaggct gcagtgatcc atgatggagc cactgtactc cagcctgggg
   149281 gacagagcaa ggccctgtgc atctctaaaa taaataacca ccccccaccc aacaagtcat
   149341 gccttgtcag gaccccaccc cacccccatc tcactgtaag gggttcatga caccagcagg
   149401 ggtccccagc acctgagatg gacttggagg cttgggcccc aaagacctcc caccagcagc
   149461 tgtgagcccc gctctgagcc actcttctct tccctactct gcccgggcag gtccaggtgc
   149521 tgctgtactt cctgcagctg gaggccatcc ctgccccgga cagcaagaga cagagcatcc
   149581 tgttctccac cgaagtctaa aggtcccagt ccatctcctg gaggcggaca gatggcctgg
   149641 aaacctctgg ctaatcgggc catccgtaga gcgggaacct tcctgaggtg tccttgggcc
   149701 acccccaagt gttgggccat ctgccaagag acagcgaccc aaagccgaag gacaggtggc
   149761 ctggaaagat cccgcccagg tctgggagcc ccaggctggc ctcagactgt ggttttttat
   149821 gtggccacct gagggcgccc caagccagtt catctcggag tccaggcctg gccctgggag
   149881 acagggtgaa gggagtggtt tttatgaact taacttagag tctaaaagat ttctactgga
   149941 tcacttgtca agatgcgccc tctctgggga gaagggaacg tgactggatt ccctcactgt
   150001 tgtatcttga ataaacgctg ctgcttcatc ctgtgggggc cgtggccctg tccctgtgtg
   150061 ggtggggcct cttccatttc cctgacttag aaaccacact ccacttctaa cagggtttga
   150121 gaggcttagt cagcactggg tagcgttttg actccattct tggctttctt tttctttcca
   150181 gaaggatttt tgtgcagaaa tgggtctttt gttgccatgt tagtcctcct tggaaggcag
   150241 ctcagaaggc ctgtgaaatg tcaggggaca ggacccccag ggagggaacc ccaggctacg
   150301 cactttaggg ttcgttctcc agggagagcg acctcgtccc ccgatcctga ccgcccttcc
   150361 ggcccacgct ctcctgtttg gcttccacag gcctggactt ctctggcttc tctgcccaca
   150421 cactccctgc ccccagtgtc cctgcccctg ccccagcaca ggtgacttca tttctgtcct
   150481 ctcagctcag tggactcgct caacttttgt ataagtctcc acttggtggc agcagcttgc
   150541 tgatgacttg ttttaaaact ttcatcctaa ataacctttt gatacttgaa tatttgtaag
   150601 ttttatacat agtttctaat ttttttccga acagatccag atacctaata agatgctgga
   150661 atgtaatccc tggacaatcc gtgtcctggc agcatttggt cttcctctaa gcgcctggct
   150721 ccgctgttct caggagtggg ttctgaagtc tctggagaac aggatacgtg gagggttagg
   150781 aaggggccag gcctagagac gggagactcc ctcccggagc aggtggaggc acaggaccat
   150841 tcgctacccc atctgccgac acctgcgggg gagcccaggc attctttgta aaccctcctg
   150901 accacctggc tcaaagaaaa cagaagcatg gagaccgcca agtattttca agaaataacc
   150961 ccatgaatat tccatcactt ttttagaaag aggggcttgg ggcaggcaga ggagagaagg
   151021 gagagcaaac tgagagccaa gtttccacac ggtcctgcag gaggagagga tgcagctgcc
   151081 cagagggaag caggatcaca tttaaggaag tgtgtggggt ccctggatga caccagcacc
   151141 cagtgcggct ctgtctggca cccgctccca aggtgggagg agtgggtgtc ccctgtgtgt
   151201 cagtgggcag ctcctgctga acccgcagct cactagggag cctgacagtg gggccatgcg
   151261 cctgacactc ctctctgctt gtggacctgg caaggcaggg agcagaaaac agccacttga
   151321 aggctttctg tctgcgtctg tgtgcagtgt ggatttagtt gtgctttttt cttgctggga
   151381 gagcacagcc accatttaca agcagtgtca ccgtcgtggg tggcgaggac agaacaggag
   151441 cctctgctct ctgtacctat ctgggcccgg tgggctccct tgtcctggct tccatctctg
   151501 tctcagcgac cattcagccc tgcgcaggaa cacgtgttgc ttagaaaagc caaatccagc
   151561 cttgtctctg cctcctctgg tctcatgatg tgcatctgtt accttgaaac tggaaaccag
   151621 tctatcaatg tctgtgccaa ttttttattc cctccccaac ctccttcccc atacgacttt
   151681 ttatttatgt aggatgtgtg ctgtctaatg atgggatgac cacacttttc catgttctaa
   151741 aagtgctcct ctcccgcagg gtcccagggc tggtggttgc tttgggtcta cagctacgtc
   151801 ttacccacct cctgcctcaa cagcctgtgt ggtggcaaag ccggtgtggg gctggggaac
   151861 gcagcgttct ccaggagggg gacctggctc tccttctgca atgcaggcga aggcctagat
   151921 gccagtgtga cctcccacaa ggcgtggctt ccagactccc cggccggaag tgatgctttt
   151981 ttgccttggg ccctgggttt gaagcagcct ggctttctct tggtaagtgg ctggtgtctt
   152041 agcagctgca atctgagctc agccacctac acaccaccgt ggccgacact ttcattaaaa
   152101 agtttcctga gacgacttgc gtgcatgttg acttcatgat c