LOCUS       HUMHBB                 73308 bp    DNA     linear   HUM 16-OCT-2008
DEFINITION  Human beta globin region on chromosome 11.
ACCESSION   U01317 J00093 J00094 J00096 J00158-J00175 J00177 J00178 J00179
            K01239 K01890 K02544 M18047 M19067 M24868 M24886
VERSION     U01317.1
KEYWORDS    Alu repeat; HPFH; KpnI repetitive sequence; RNA polymerase III;
            allelic variation; alternate cap site; beta-1 pseudogene;
            beta-globin; delta-globin; epsilon-globin; gamma-globin; gene
            duplication; globin; polymorphism; promoter mutation; pseudogene;
            repetitive sequence; thalassemia.
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
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COMMENT     On Feb 16, 1994 this sequence version replaced gi:183807.
            [1]  cRNA fragments.
            [2]  mRNA.
            [5]  sites; polyadenylation signal and site for the beta gene.
            [4]  cDNA from normal and thalassemic mRNAs.
            [6]  cDNA.
            [9]  mRNA and cDNA fragments.
            [10]  mRNA.
            [7]  cDNA.
            [13]  see comment below for 35854 to 35946 - may be 40770 to 40862.
            [19]  sites; amber mutation at codon 17 of the beta chain.
            [22]  sites; gene order for the beta-like globin cluster.
            [27]  sites; consensus sequences in the promoter regions.
            [40]  sites; mutation associated with Hb Vicksburg.
            [41]  beta thalassemia DNA.
            [42]  sites; mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [35]  sites; mutation associated with beta-plus thalassemia.
            [36]  sites; mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [37]  six alleles over this span.
            [32]  sites; mutations associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [34]  sites; mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [52]  sites; alternative cap sites for mRNA.
            [53]  sites; mutation associated with beta-plus thalassemia.
            [56]  sites; deletion mutation associated with beta-0 thalassemia.
            [48]  sites; mutations associated with beta thalassemias.
            [49]  sites; deletion mutation; for sequence, see separate entry.
            [62]  DNA from Kurdish Jew with thalassemia.
            [58]  sites; promoter region for beta gene.
            [59]  sites; termini for RNA polymerase III transcripts.
            [60]  sites; alternative cap sites for mRNA.
            [61]  sites; deletion mutations associated with thalassemias;.
            [65]  for the R allele;.
            [73]  sites; beta and gamma gene cap sites.
            [71]  sites; mutation associated with beta thalassemia.
            [66]  sites; Miyada Hb lesion; for sequence, see separate entry.
            [75]  sites; hsRTVL-H element; for sequence, see separate entry.
            [67]  sites; mutations associated with thalassemia.
            [68]  sites; mutation associated with thalassemia.
            [69]  sites; mutation associated with thalassemia.
            [76]  see comment; review.
            [74]  sites; mutations in the A-gamma gene.
            [81]  sites; mutation in promoter region leading to HPFH;.
            [82]  sites; mutation in promoter region leading to HPFH.
            [85]  sites; DNAse I hypersensitivity sites in the region.
            [78]  sites; cryptic branch points in beta IVS1.
            [79]  sites; 3' segments of beta and G-gamma cDNAs.
            [84]  sites; mutational analysis of G-gamma IVS-2.
            [86]  sites; small nuclear ribonucleoprotein binding site to mRNA.
            [92]  sites; hemoglobin Long Island mutation.
            [94]  revises [72].
            [95]  sites; mutations resulting in beta-thalassemia.
            [97]  sites; sickle cell anemia mutation site.
            [30]  sites; thalassemia mutations.
            [43]  sites; thalassemia mutations.
            [44]  sites; thalassemia mutation.
            [21]  sites; thalassemia mutation.
            [90]  beta-0 thalassemia mutations.
            This 73 kb sequence, which includes all of the known beta genes in
            the cluster on chromosome 11, was compiled from the following
            sources primarily:
                bases             references
                ------           ------------
               1 to 10409           [80]
               10410 to 13774       [55]
               13775 to 16594       [80]
               16595 to 19304       [99]
               19305 to 21381       [23], [28], [39]
               21382 to 32352       [63; see acknowledgments therein; bases
            31888-32020 sequenced on one strand only]
               32353 to 43728       [29]
               43729 to 50715       [94]
               50716 to 67204       [47], [62]
               67205 to 73308       [83]
            Other sequence work is referenced and annotated below. Oliver
            Smithies provided the sequence in [80] via Arpanet and Francis
            Collins supplied a diskette with the sequence in [76].
            Computer-readable sequence for [94] kindly provided by
            M.M.Miyamoto, 15-FEB-1988.
            The five beta-like globin genes are found within a 45 kb cluster on
            chromosome 11 in the following order:
                  5'-epsilon -G-gamma -A-gamma -delta -beta-3'   [22]
            Additionally, the pseudogene beta-1 is located between the A-gamma
            and delta genes [72]. A region 5' to the epsilon gene was thought
            to be another pseudogene; however [55] shows this not to be so.
            These embryonic, fetal and adult beta-like genes have the same
            overall exonic structure, leading to the conclusion that they are
            derived from one ancestral gene. In particular, they have many
            consensus sequences and repetitive sequences in common which have
            been analyzed by [27] and [76].
                   Epsilon gene
            The epsilon globin gene (hbe below) is normally expressed in the
            embryonic yolk sac: two epsilon chains together with two zeta
            chains (an alpha-like globin; see separate entry) constitute the
            embryonic hemoglobin Hb Gower I; two epsilon chains together with
            two alpha chains form the embryonic Hb Gower II.  Both of these
            embryonic hemoglobins are normally supplanted by fetal, and later,
            adult hemoglobin.
            The promoter region sequences 'ccaat', 'ata' and 'cttccg' found at
            19403, 19458 and 19495 are characteristic of all human beta-like
            genes, as well as of some other mammalian genes, and are thought to
            influence initiation of transcription and translation [27],[76].
            However, at least nine alternative cap sites which do not possess
            these conserved sequences have been found upstream from the
            so-called canonical cap sites at 19486 and 19488 [52],[60].
            The Alu family sequences found at 16892-17158 and 17927-18190 are
            typical of the 5' flanking regions of the beta-like globin genes
            [23],[39]. The first of these bipolar repeats has been shown to be
            active as a template for RNA polymerase III [39].
                   G-gamma and A-gamma genes
            The gamma globin genes (hbgg and hbga below) are normally expressed
            in the fetal liver, spleen and bone marrow.  Two gamma chains
            together with two alpha chains constitute fetal hemoglobin (HbF)
            which is normally replaced by adult hemoglobin (HbA) at birth.  In
            some beta-thalassemias and related conditions (HPFH or 'hereditary
            persistence of fetal hemoglobin'), gamma chain production continues
            into adulthood.  The mapping of deletions in these pathologies is
            therefore of special interest with regard to developmental control
            The two types of gamma chains differ at residue 136 where glycine
            is found in the G-gamma product and alanine is found in the A-gamma
            product.  The former is predominant at birth.  Because of the
            sequence identity of the two genes over large stretches, it was not
            always possible in the early work to know which sequence was being
            investigated [13],[15],[17].  Moreover, because allelic variation
            has been reported for each of these non-allelic genes, further
            sequence work is required to determine the consensus sequence for
            each.  Thus far the sequences of two A-gamma alleles have been
            reported ([24]; see separate entry which annotates the allelic
            variation).  The second introns for the hbgg and hbga genes shown
            below contain 886 and 866 bases respectively, while their alleles
            on the opposing chromosome have 904 and 876 bases for the
            corresponding introns.  [24] and [29] present an analysis of this
            phenomenon and conclude that intergenic exchange can occur in human
            germ line cells with significant frequency.
            Given the above-mentioned uncertainties with regard to polymorphism
            and material, differences, where annotated, are treated as
            variations rather than as conflicts.
            The promoter region sequences 'ccaat', 'ata' and 'cttctg' found at
            bases 34390, 34448 and 34485 in the hbgg gene, and bases 39326,
            39384 and 39421 in the hbga gene, are characteristic of all
            beta-like genes, as well as of some other mammalian genes, and are
            thought to influence transcription and translation [27],[76].  The
            gamma genes each manifest duplicate 'ccaat' boxes at positions
            34363 (hbgg) and 39299 (hbga).  Alternative cap sites are active in
            vitro upstream from the canonical cap sites at 34478 and 39414: at
            bases 34398, 34408, 34418 and 34428 for hbgg, and at bases 39334,
            39344, 39354 and 39364 for hbga [73].  Alternative cap sites have
            also been reported for epsilon and beta mRNAs when there is no
            duplication of the 'ccaat' sequence.  [81] and [82] show that the
            distal 'ccaat' box for the hbga gene (for the B allele -- see
            separate sequence) has some vital function: a g -> a mutation at
            base 39297 is apparently responsible for one form of Greek HPFH.
            The Alu family sequences found at bases 32390-32723 (approx.) and
            37325-37562 (approx.) are typical of the beta-like globin Alu's
            [27],[76],[31],[29].  A study of the hbgg repeat has revealed RNA
            transcription by polymerase III [31]( also reported for Alu regions
            in the 5' flanks of the epsilon and beta genes).
            Human, gorilla and chimpanzee beta-like pseudogenes were sequenced
            and compared (see separate entries for the other primate sequences)
            by [72] and revised by [94]. The pseudogene structure was deduced
            through comparison with the A-gamma globin gene. Base substitutions
            in the initiation codon and in codons downstream, that create
            internal termination signals in exons 2 and 3, make this sequence a
                   Delta and beta genes
            The delta and beta genes (denoted hbd and hbb below) are normally
            expressed in the adult: two alpha chains plus two beta chains
            constitute HbA, which in normal adult life comprises about 97% of
            the total hemoglobin.  Two alpha chains plus two delta chains
            constitute HbA-2, which with HbF comprises the remaining 3% of
            adult hemoglobin.
            The sequence given below has been reconstructed from the sequences
            reported by [47] and [62]: the mutation at base 62143 is apparently
            sufficient to distinguish the Kurdish Jew thalassemic sequence from
            a normal (consensus) beta globin DNA; [62] has resolved all
            sequence differences to date with exception of the differences
            reported herein as variations.
            The promoter region sequences 'ccaat', 'ata' and 'cttctg' found at
            bases 54672, 54709 and 54747 in the delta gene, and at bases 62061,
            62106 and 62144 in the beta gene, are characteristic of all
            beta-like genes, as well as of some other mammalian genes, and are
            thought to influence transcription and translation [27],[76].
            However, alternative cap sites have been found for these genes as
            well as other beta-like genes [58],[73].
            [95] describes the mutation (substitution of 'a' for 't' at
            position 62107, thereby destroying the promoter) found in an Hb
            Lepore-beta+ -thalassemia patient, who was homozygous for this
            mutation.  The father who had the simple beta-thalassemia trait was
            found to be heterozygous.
            A form of thalassemia exists, where 19 bp are added after the first
            exon, starting at position 62390 and ending at a stop codon at
            position 62406-62408 [30],[43],[57]. This aberrant splicing is
            caused by a mutation of 'g' to 'a' in the first intron of
            beta-hemoglobin at position 62388.  The substitution of a 'g' for a
            't' at position 62394 also causes premature splicing and results in
            an abnormal and abbreviated beta hemoglobin [90].
            Another form of beta-thalassemia is produced by the substitution of
            an 'a' for a 'g' at position 62632.  This causes a readthrough at
            the exon/intron boundary of exon 2/intron 2 [44].
            The Alu family sequences found at bases 50915, 51976, 65513 and
            66776 are again typical of the beta-like globin Alu's.  These
            sequences are of considerable interest in relation to regulation,
            recombination and transcription by RNA polymerase III.
            There are non-Alu repetitive elements in the gene cluster that have
            been partially characterized: the EC-1 repeat [38] and a
            retrovirus-like element in the 3' flank about 300 kb downstream of
            this sequence [75] (see separate entry); there are numerous repeats
            in the 5' flank which will be included in a future update [80].
            Reference [83] has characterized a novel KpnI family sequence in
            the 3' flank of the cluster.
            Potential polyadenylation signals were identified for the following
               hbe       positions 21055-21060
               hbgg      positions 36043-36048
               hbga      positions 40959-40964
               hbd       positions 56365-56370
               hbb       positions 63718-63723.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..73308
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     repeat_region   10597..10611
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy"
     repeat_region   10612..10924
     repeat_region   10925..10939
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy"
     repeat_region   complement(16918..17218)
     repeat_region   17940..18231
     gene            19289..21080
     precursor_RNA   19289..21080
                     /note="hbe mRNA (alt.) [23],[52],[60]"
     mRNA            join(19289..19632,19755..19977,20833..21080)
     exon            19289..19632
     precursor_RNA   19486..21080
                     /note="hbe mRNA (alt.) [23],[52],[60]"
     precursor_RNA   19488..21080
                     /note="hbe mRNA (alt.) [23],[52],[60]"
     CDS             join(19541..19632,19755..19977,20833..20961)
     exon            19755..19977
     exon            20833..21080
     variation       20983
                     /note="g in [76]; c in [23]"
     old_sequence    21354..21360
     unsure          31888..32020
                     /note="sequenced on one strand only [76]"
     repeat_region   32390..32406
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [31]"
     repeat_region   32407..32711
     variation       32608
                     /note="g in [29]; a in [31]"
     repeat_region   32712..32728
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [31]"
     variation       32743..32744
                     /note="ag in [29]; ga in [31]"
     variation       33186
                     /note="a in [29]; g in [31]"
     variation       33198
                     /note="a in [29]; g in [31]"
     variation       34276
                     /note="c in wt; g in persons with elevated gamma chain
     variation       34282
                     /note="c in wt; t in persons with elevated gamma chain
     variation       34321
                     /note="c in wt; t in high G-gamma SS; beta thalassemia;
                     and in low Hb F G-gamma-beta+-HPHF and HPFH [77]"
     variation       34361
                     /note="g in wt; a in persons with elevated gamma chain
     gene            34478..36069
     mRNA            join(34478..34622,34745..34967,35854..36069)
                     /product="G-gamma globin"
     exon            34478..34622
                     /note="G-gamma globin"
     CDS             join(34531..34622,34745..34967,35854..35982)
                     /product="G-gamma globin"
     exon            34745..34967
     exon            35854..36069
                     /note="G-gamma globin"
     misc_difference 37486
     variation       37657..40179
                     /note="g-25 kb-c in wt; gc in silent deletion [91]"
     variation       37975
                     /note="t in all Benin-type sickle cell (beta-S)
                     chromosomes and some African beta-A chromosomes; t
                     abolishes a TaqI site"
     variation       39297
                     /note="g in wt (b allele, see separate sequence); a in
                     HPFH [81],[82]"
     gene            39414..40985
     mRNA            join(39414..39558,39681..39903,40770..40985)
                     /product="A-gamma globin"
     exon            39414..39558
                     /note="A-gamma globin"
     variation       39438
                     /note="a in [29]; g in [15]"
     CDS             join(39467..39558,39681..39903,40770..40898)
                     /product="A-gamma globin"
     exon            39681..39903
     exon            40770..40985
                     /note="A-gamma globin"
     variation       43782..43784
                     /note="gat in [94]; gt in [76]"
     variation       43830..43832
                     /note="ttg in [94]; tg in [76]"
     variation       43843
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       44122
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       45069..45077
                     /note="aaaaaaaaa in [94]; aa in [76]"
     variation       45227..45228
                     /note="ca in [94]; ctca in [76]"
     variation       45280
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       45297
                     /note="c in [94]; t in [76]"
     variation       45299
                     /note="t in [94]; c in [76]"
     variation       45309..45311
                     /note="cat in [94]; ct in [76]"
     variation       45317..45319
                     /note="tta in [94]; ta in [76]"
     variation       45321..45323
                     /note="tag in [94]; tg in [76]"
     mRNA            join(45657..45800,45922..46145,46997..47370)
                     /note="pseudo-hbp mRNA [72]"
     CDS             join(45710..45800,45922..46145,46997..47124)
     exon            <45710..45800
                     /note="pseudo-hbp, [72]"
     exon            45922..46145
                     /note="pseudo-hbp, [72]"
     exon            46997..>47124
                     /note="pseudo-hbp, [72]"
     repeat_region   complement(50889..50894)
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [47],[62]"
     repeat_region   complement(50915..51198)
     repeat_region   complement(51199..51204)
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [47],[62]"
     repeat_region   51966..51975
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [62]"
     repeat_region   51976..52259
     repeat_region   52286..52295
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [62]"
     gene            54740..56389
     mRNA            join(54740..54881,55010..55232,56131..56389)
     exon            54740..54881
     CDS             join(54790..54881,55010..55232,56131..56259)
     variation       54886
                     /note="g in wt; a in beta thalassemia [89]"
     exon            55010..55232
     variation       55047
                     /note="g in wt; t in beta-thalassemia Glu->stop"
     variation       55523
                     /note="ct in [54],[62],[76]; tc in [25]"
     variation       55571..55572
                     /note="ct in [62],[76]; c in [25]; cc in [54]"
     exon            56131..56389
     variation       58855..63093
                     /note="a-4239 bp-c in wt; ac in atypical beta-thalassemia
     variation       59663..72286
                     /note="t-12622 bp-t in wt; tt in Dutch beta-0- thalassemia
     variation       60745..60750
                     /note="tatttt in [62],[76]; t in [37]"
     variation       60832
                     /note="a in [37],[62],[76]; g in [51]"
     variation       60842
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; ca in [37],[51]"
     variation       61148
                     /note="c in [51],[62],[76]; g in [51]"
     variation       61294
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; t in [51]"
     variation       61308
                     /note="t in [62],[76]; tt in [51]"
     variation       61586
                     /note="t in wt; c in Albanian allele (produces RsaI site)
     variation       61608..61609
                     /note="tt in wt; tatat in Albanian allele [70]"
     variation       61663
                     /note="a in [62],[76]; g in [51]"
     variation       61753
                     /note="gc in [62],[76]; g in [51]"
     variation       61773
                     /note="g in [62]; a in [76]"
     variation       61797
                     /note="t in [54],[62],[76]; c in [51]"
     variation       61824
                     /note="g in [62],[76]; c in [51]"
     variation       61922
                     /note="g in [51],[62],[76]; c in [41]"
     variation       61932
                     /note="a in [51],[62],[76]; t in [41]"
     variation       62050
                     /note="c in wt; g in beta-thalassemia [63]"
     variation       62107
                     /note="t in normal promoter; a in thalassemia patient (Hb
                     Lepore-beta+ -thal)"
     variation       62109
                     /note="a in [26],[41],[51]; c in [62],[76],[J. Biol. C"
     gene            62137..63742
     mRNA            join(62137..62278,62409..62631,63482..63742)
     exon            62137..62278
     variation       62156
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; t in [48]"
     CDS             join(62187..62278,62409..62631,63482..63610)
     gene            <62187..>62408
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
     mRNA            join(<62187..62278,62390..>62408)
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /product="beta-globin thalassemia"
     CDS             join(62187..62278,62390..62408)
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /product="beta-globin thalassemia"
     exon            <62187..62278
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="beta-globin thalassemia, [30],[43]"
     variation       62195
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="c in [26],[62],[76]; t in [48]"
     variation       62205..62207
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="gag in wt; gg in beta-thalassemia [64]"
     variation       62206
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="a in normal hbb; t in sickle cell anemia 78]"
     variation       62238
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="a in wt; t in thalassemia [Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci.
                     344, 113-119 (1980)]"
     variation       62279
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="g in wt; a in thalassemia [63]"
     variation       62283
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="g in wt; c in thalassemia [63]"
     variation       62284
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="t in wt; c in thalassemia [63]"
     variation       62388
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="g in wt; a in thalassemia [30],[43],[57],[90]"
     exon            62390..>62408
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="beta-globin thalassemia, [30],[43]"
     variation       62394
                     /gene="HBB thalassemia"
                     /note="t in wt; g in thalassemia [90]"
     exon            62409..62631
     variation       62430
                     /note="g in wt; a in a form of thalassemia [30]"
     variation       62632
                     /note="g in wt; a in a form of thalassemia [44]"
     variation       62647
                     /note="c in [26],[48],[62],[76]; g in [48]"
     variation       62705
                     /note="g in [26],[62],[76]; t in [48]"
     variation       62712
                     /note="c in [26],[62],[76]; t in [48]"
     variation       63297
                     /note="t in [26],[48],[62],[76]; c in [48]"
     variation       63376
                     /note="c in wt; g thalassemia [63] (causes an extra exon)"
     exon            63482..63742
     variation       63830..63831
                     /note="ta in [62],[76]; t in [26]"
     variation       63918..63919
                     /note="ct in wt; cct in a form of thalassemia [45]"
     variation       63918
                     /note="c in [62],[76]; cc in [26]"
     variation       63957..63958
                     /note="aa in [37],[62],[76]; tt in [26]"
     variation       63957..63958
                     /note="tt in wt; aa in a form of thalassemia [45]"
     variation       63974
                     /note="g in [37],[62],[76]; c in [26]"
     repeat_region   65490..65502
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   65513..65767
     repeat_region   65768..65780
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   66765..66775
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 5' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   66776..67042
     repeat_region   67069..67079
                     /note="Alu flank repeat 3' copy [62],[76]"
     repeat_region   67071..73195
BASE COUNT        22068 a        14146 c        14785 g        22309 t
        1 gaattctaat ctccctctca accctacagt cacccatttg gtatattaaa gatgtgttgt
       61 ctactgtcta gtatccctca agtagtgtca ggaattagtc atttaaatag tctgcaagcc
      121 aggagtggtg gctcatgtct gtaattccag cactggagag gtagaagtgg gaggactgct
      181 tgagctcaag agtttgatat tatcctggac aacatagcaa gacctcgtct ctacttaaaa
      241 aaaaaaaaat tagccaggca tgtgatgtac acctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggccga
      301 aatgggagga tcccttgagc tcaggaggtc aaggctgcag tgagacatga tcttgccact
      361 gcactccagc ctggacagca gagtgaaacc ttgcctcacg aaacagaata caaaaacaaa
      421 caaacaaaaa actgctccgc aatgcgcttc cttgatgctc taccacatag gtctgggtac
      481 tttgtacaca ttatctcatt gctgttcgta attgttagat taattttgta atattgatat
      541 tattcctaga aagctgaggc ctcaagatga taacttttat tttctggact tgtaatagct
      601 ttctcttgta ttcaccatgt tgtaactttc ttagagtagt aacaatataa agttattgtg
      661 agtttttgca aacacagcaa acacaacgac ccatatagac attgatgtga aattgtctat
      721 tgtcaattta tgggaaaaca agtatgtact ttttctacta agccattgaa acaggaataa
      781 cagaacaaga ttgaaagaat acattttccg aaattacttg agtattatac aaagacaagc
      841 acgtggacct gggaggaggg ttattgtcca tgactggtgt gtggagacaa atgcaggttt
      901 ataatagatg ggatggcatc tagcgcaatg actttgccat cacttttaga gagctcttgg
      961 ggaccccagt acacaagagg ggacgcaggg tatatgtaga catctcattc tttttcttag
     1021 tgtgagaata agaatagcca tgacctgagt ttatagacaa tgagcccttt tctctctccc
     1081 actcagcagc tatgagatgg cttgccctgc ctctctacta ggctgactca ctccaaggcc
     1141 cagcaatggg cagggctctg tcagggcttt gatagcacta tctgcagagc cagggccgag
     1201 aaggggtgga ctccagagac tctccctccc attcccgagc agggtttgct tatttatgca
     1261 tttaaatgat atatttattt taaaagaaat aacaggagac tgcccagccc tggctgtgac
     1321 atggaaacta tgtagaatat tttgggttcc attttttttt ccttctttca gttagaggaa
     1381 aaggggctca ctgcacatac actagacaga aagtcaggag ctttgaatcc aagcctgatc
     1441 atttccatgt catactgaga aagtccccac ccttctctga gcctcagttt ctctttttat
     1501 aagtaggagt ctggagtaaa tgatttccaa tggctctcat ttcaatacaa aatttccgtt
     1561 tattaaatgc atgagcttct gttactccaa gactgagaag gaaattgaac ctgagactca
     1621 ttgactggca agatgtcccc agaggctctc attcagcaat aaaattctca ccttcaccca
     1681 ggcccactga gtgtcagatt tgcatgcact agttcacgtg tgtaaaaagg aggatgcttc
     1741 tttcctttgt attctcacat acctttagga aagaacttag cacccttccc acacagccat
     1801 cccaataact catttcagtg actcaaccct tgactttata aaagtcttgg gcagtataga
     1861 gcagagatta agagtacaga tgctggagcc agaccacctg agtgattagt gactcagttt
     1921 ctcttagtaa ttgtatgact cagtttcttc atctgtaaaa tggagggttt tttaattagt
     1981 ttgtttttga gaaagggtct cactctgtca cccaaatggg agtgtagtgg caaaatctcg
     2041 gctcactgca acttgcactt cccaggctca agcggtcctc ccacctcaac atcctgagta
     2101 gctggaacca caggtacaca ccaccatacc tcgctaattt tttgtatttt tggtagagat
     2161 ggggtttcac atgttacaca ggatggtctc agactccgga gctcaagcaa tctgcccacc
     2221 tcagccttcc aaagtgctgg gattataagc atgattacag gagttttaac aggctcataa
     2281 gattgttctg cagcccgagt gagttaatac atgcaaagag tttaaagcag tgacttataa
     2341 atgctaacta ctctagaaat gtttgctagt attttttgtt taactgcaat cattcttgct
     2401 gcaggtgaaa actagtgttc tgtactttat gcccattcat ctttaactgt aataataaaa
     2461 ataactgaca tttattgaag gctatcagag actgtaatta gtgctttgca taattaatca
     2521 tatttaatac tcttggattc tttcaggtag atactattat tatccccatt ttactacagt
     2581 taaaaaaact acctctcaac ttgctcaagc atacactctc acacacacaa acataaacta
     2641 ctagcaaata gtagaattga gatttggtcc taattatgtc tttgctcact atccaataaa
     2701 tatttattga catgtacttc ttggcagtct gtatgctgga tgctggggat acaaagatgt
     2761 ttaaatttaa gctccagtct ctgcttccaa aggcctccca ggccaagtta tccattcaga
     2821 aagcattttt tactctttgc attccactgt ttttcctaag tgactaaaaa attacacttt
     2881 attcgtctgt gtcctgctct gggatgatag tctgactttc ctaacctgag cctaacatcc
     2941 ctgacatcag gaaagactac accatgtgga gaaggggtgg tggttttgat tgctgctgtc
     3001 ttcagttaga tggttaactt tgtgaagttg aaaactgtgg ctctctggtt gactgttaga
     3061 gttctggcac ttgtcactat gcctattatt taacaaatgc atgaatgctt cagaatatgg
     3121 gaatattatc ttctggaata gggaatcaag ttatattatg taacccagga ttagaagatt
     3181 cttctgtgtg taagaatttc ataaacatta agctgtctag caaaagcaag ggcttggaaa
     3241 atctgtgagc tcctcaccat atagaaagct tttaacccat cattgaataa atccctatag
     3301 gggatttcta ccctgagcaa aaggctggtc ttgattaatt cccaaactca tatagctctg
     3361 agaaagtcta tgctgttaac gttttcttgt ctgctacccc atcatatgca caacaataaa
     3421 tgcaggccta ggcatgactg aaggctctct cataattctt ggttgcatga atcagattat
     3481 caacagaaat gttgagacaa actatgggga agcagggtat gaaagagctc tgaatgaaat
     3541 ggaaaccgca atgcttcctg cccattcagg gctccagcat gtagaaatct ggggctttgt
     3601 gaagactggc ttaaaatcag aagccccatt ggataagagt agggaagaac ctagagccta
     3661 cgctgagcag gtttccttca tgtgacaggg agcctcctgc cccgaacttc cagggatcct
     3721 ctcttaagtg tttcctgctg gaatctcctc acttctatct ggaaatggtt tctccacagt
     3781 ccagcccctg gctagttgaa agagttaccc atgcagaggc cctcctagca tccagagact
     3841 agtgcttaga ttcctacttt cagcgttgga caacctggat ccacttgccc agtgttcttc
     3901 cttagttcct accttcgacc ttgatcctcc tttatcttcc tgaaccctgc tgagatgatc
     3961 tatgtgggga gaatggcttc tttgagaaac atcttcttcg ttagtggcct gcccctcatt
     4021 cccactttaa tatccagaat cactataaga agaatataat aagaggaata actcttatta
     4081 taggtaaggg aaaattaaga ggcatacgtg atgggatgag taagagagga gagggaagga
     4141 ttaatggatg ataaaatcta ctactatttg ttgagacctt ttatagtcta atcaattttg
     4201 ctattgtttt ccatcctcac gctaactcca taaaaaaaca ctattattat ctttattttg
     4261 ccatgacaag actgagctca gaagagtcaa gcatttgcct aaggtcggac atgtcagagg
     4321 cagtgccaga cctatgtgag actctgcagc tactgctcat gggccctgtg ctgcactgat
     4381 gaggaggatc agatggatgg ggcaatgaag caaaggaatc attctgtgga taaaggagac
     4441 agccatgaag aagtctatga ctgtaaattt gggagcagga gtctctaagg acttggattt
     4501 caaggaattt tgactcagca aacacaagac cctcacggtg actttgcgag ctggtgtgcc
     4561 agatgtgtct atcagaggtt ccagggaggg tggggtgggg tcagggctgg ccaccagcta
     4621 tcagggccca gatgggttat aggctggcag gctcagatag gtggttaggt caggttggtg
     4681 gtgctgggtg gagtccatga ctcccaggag ccaggagaga tagaccatga gtagagggca
     4741 gacatgggaa aggtggggga ggcacagcat agcagcattt ttcattctac tactacatgg
     4801 gactgctccc ctataccccc agctaggggc aagtgccttg actcctatgt tttcaggatc
     4861 atcatctata aagtaagagt aataattgtg tctatctcat agggttatta tgaggatcaa
     4921 aggagatgca cactctctgg accagtggcc taacagttca ggacagagct atgggcttcc
     4981 tatgtatggg tcagtggtct caatgtagca ggcaagttcc agaagatagc atcaaccact
     5041 gttagagata tactgccagt ctcagagcct gatgttaatt tagcaatggg ctgggaccct
     5101 cctccagtag aaccttctaa ccagctgctg cagtcaaagt cgaatgcagc tggttagact
     5161 ttttttaatg aaagcttagc tttcattaaa gattaagctc ctaagcaggg cacagatgaa
     5221 attgtctaac agcaactttg ccatctaaaa aaatctgact tcactggaaa catggaagcc
     5281 caaggttctg aacatgagaa atttttagga atctgcacag gagttgagag ggaaacaaga
     5341 tggtgaaggg actagaaacc acatgagaga cacgaggaaa tagtgtagat ttaggctgga
     5401 ggtaaatgaa agagaagtgg gaattaatac ttactgaaat ctttctatat gtcaggtgcc
     5461 attttatgat atttaataat ctcattacat atggtaattc tgtgagatat gtattattga
     5521 acatactata attaatacta atgataagta acacctcttg agtacttagt atatgctaga
     5581 atcaaattta agtttatcat atgaggccgg gcacggtggc tcatatatgg gattacatgc
     5641 ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg caattggatc acctgaggtc aggagttcca
     5701 gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacccct tctctactaa aaaatacaaa aaatcagcca
     5761 ggtgtggtgg cacgcgtcta taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcact
     5821 tgaacccagg aggtggaggt tgcagtgagc taagattgca ccactgcact ccagcctagg
     5881 cgacagagtg agactccatc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaagaagt ttattatatg aattaactta
     5941 gttttactca caccaatact cagaagtaga ttattacctc atttattgat gaggagccca
     6001 atgtacttgt agtgtagatc aacttattga aagcacaagc taataagtag acaattagta
     6061 attagaagtc agatggtctg agctctccta ctgtctacat tacatgagct cttattaact
     6121 ggggactcga aaatcaaaga catgaaataa tttgtccaag cttacagaac caccaagtag
     6181 taaggctagg atgtagaccc agttctgcta cctctgaaga cagtgttttt tccacagcaa
     6241 aacacaaact cagatattgt ggatgcgaga aattagaagt agatattcct gccctgtggc
     6301 ccttgcttct tacttttact tcttggcgat tggaagttgt ggtccaagcc acagttgcag
     6361 accatacttc ctcaaccata attgcatttc ttcaggaaag tttgagggag aaaaaggtaa
     6421 agaaaaattt agaaacaact tcagaataaa gagattttct cttgggttac agagattgtc
     6481 atatgacaaa ttataagcag acacttgaga aaactgaagg cccatgcctg cccaaattac
     6541 cctttgaccc cttggtcaag ctgcaacttt ggttaaaggg agtgtttatg tgttatagtg
     6601 ttcatttact cttctggtct aacccattgg ctccgtcttc atcctgcagt gacctcagtg
     6661 cctcagaaac atacatatgt ttgtctagtt taagtttgtg tgaaattcta actagcgtca
     6721 agaactgagg gccctaaact atgctaggaa tagtgctgtg gtgctgtgat aggtacacaa
     6781 gaaatgagaa gaaactgcag attctctgca tctccctttg ccgggtctga caacaaagtt
     6841 tccccaaatt ttaccaatgc aagccatttc tccatatgct aactacttta aaatcatttg
     6901 gggcttcaca ttgtctttct catctgtaaa aagaatggaa gaactcattc ctacagaact
     6961 ccctatgtct tccctgatgg gctagagttc ctctttctca aaaattagcc attattgtat
     7021 ttccttctaa gccaaagctc agaggtcttg tattgcccag tgacatgcac actggtcaaa
     7081 agtaggctaa gtagaagggt actttcacag gaacagagag caaaagaggt gggtgaatga
     7141 gagggtaagt gagaaaagac aaatgagaag ttacaacatg atggcttgtt gtctaaatat
     7201 ctcctaggga attattgtga gaggtctgaa tagtgttgta aaataagctg aatctgctgc
     7261 ctaacattaa cagtcaagaa atacctccga ataactgtac ctccaattat tctttaaggt
     7321 agcatgcaac tgtaatagtt gcatgtatat atttatcata atactgtaac agaaaacact
     7381 tactgaatat atactgtgtc cctagttctt tacacaataa actaatctca tcctcataat
     7441 tctattagct aatacatatt atcatcctat atttcagaga cttcaagaag ttaagcaact
     7501 tgctcaagat catctaagaa gtaggtggta tttctgggct catttggccc ctcctaatct
     7561 ctcatggcaa catggctgcc taaagtgttg attgccttaa ttcatcaggg atgggctcat
     7621 actcactgca gaccttaact ggcatcctct tttcttatgt gatctgcctg accctagtag
     7681 aacttatgaa atttctgatg agaaaggaga gaggagaaag gcagagctga ctgtgatgag
     7741 tgatgaaggt gccttctcat ctgggtacca gtggggcctc taagactaag tcactctgtc
     7801 tcactgtgtc ttagccagtt ccttacagct tgccctgatg ggagatagag aatgggtatc
     7861 ctccaacaaa aaaataaatt ttcatttctc aaggtccaac ttatgttttc ttaattttta
     7921 aaaaaatctt gaccattctc cactctctaa aataatccac agtgagagaa acattctttt
     7981 cccccatccc ataaatacct ctattaaata tggaaaatct gggcatggtg tctcacacct
     8041 gtaatcccag cactttggga ggctgaggtg ggtggactgc ttggagctca ggagttcaag
     8101 accatcttgg acaacatggt gataccctgc ctctacaaaa agtacaaaaa ttagcctggc
     8161 atggtggtgt gcacctgtaa tcccagctat tagggtggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga
     8221 acccgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagctga gatcgtgcca ctgcactcca gcctggggga
     8281 cagagcacat tataattaac tgttattttt tacttggact cttgtgggga ataagataca
     8341 tgttttattc ttatttatga ttcaagcact gaaaatagtg tttagcatcc agcaggtgct
     8401 tcaaaaccat ttgctgaatg attactatac tttttacaag ctcagctccc tctatccctt
     8461 ccagcatcct catctctgat taaataagct tcagtttttc cttagttcct gttacatttc
     8521 tgtgtgtctc cattagtgac ctcccatagt ccaagcatga gcagttctgg ccaggcccct
     8581 gtcggggtca gtgccccacc cccgccttct ggttctgtgt aaccttctaa gcaaaccttc
     8641 tggctcaagc acagcaatgc tgagtcatga tgagtcatgc tgaggcttag ggtgtgtgcc
     8701 cagatgttct cagcctagag tgatgactcc tatctgggtc cccagcagga tgcttacagg
     8761 gcagatggca aaaaaaagga gaagctgacc acctgactaa aactccacct caaacggcat
     8821 cataaagaaa atggatgcct gagacagaat gtgacatatt ctagaatata ttatttcctg
     8881 aatatatata tatatatata tacacatata cgtatatata tatatatata tatatttgtt
     8941 gttatcaatt gccatagaat gattagttat tgtgaatcaa atatttatct tgcaggtggc
     9001 ctctatacct agaagcggca gaatcaggct ttattaatac atgtgtatag atttttagga
     9061 tctatacaca tgtattaata tgaaacaagg atatggaaga ggaaggcatg aaaacaggaa
     9121 aagaaaacaa accttgtttg ccattttaag gcacccctgg acagctaggt ggcaaaaggc
     9181 ctgtgctgtt agaggacaca tgctcacata cggggtcaga tctgacttgg ggtgctactg
     9241 ggaagctctc atcttaagga tacatctcag gccagtcttg gtgcattagg aagatgtagg
     9301 caactctgat cctgagagga aagaaacatt cctccaggag agctaaaagg gttcacctgt
     9361 gtgggtaact gtgaaggact acaagaggat gaaaaacaat gacagacaga cataatgctt
     9421 gtgggagaaa aaacaggagg tcaaggggat agagaaggct tccagaagaa tggctttgaa
     9481 gctggcttct gtaggagttc acagtggcaa agatgtttca gaaatgtgac atgacttaag
     9541 gaactataca aaaaggaaca aatttaagga gaggcagata aattagttca acagacatgc
     9601 aaggaatttt cagatgaatg ttatgtctcc actgagcttc ttgaggttag cagctgtgag
     9661 ggttttgcag gcccaggacc cattacagga cctcacgtat acttgacact gttttttgta
     9721 ttcatttgtg aatgaatgac ctcttgtcag tctactcggt ttcgctgtga atgaatgatg
     9781 tcttgtcagc ctacttggtt tcgctaagag cacagagaga agatttagtg atgctatgta
     9841 aaaacttcct ttttggttca agtgtatgtt tgtgatagaa atgaagacag gctacatgat
     9901 gcatatctaa cataaacaca aacattaaga aaggaaatca acctgaagag tatttataca
     9961 gataacaaaa tacagagagt gagttaaatg tgtaataact gtggcacagg ctggaatatg
    10021 agccatttaa atcacaaatt aattagaaaa aaaacagtgg ggaaaaaatt ccatggatgg
    10081 gtctagaaag actagcattg ttttaggttg agtggcagtg tttaaagggt gatatcagac
    10141 taaacttgaa atatgtggct aaataactag aatactcttt attttttcgt atcatgaata
    10201 gcagatatag cttgatggcc ccatgcttgg tttaacatcc ttgctgttcc tgacatgaaa
    10261 tccttaattt ttgacaaagg ggctattcat tttcatttta tattgggcct agaaattatg
    10321 tagatggtcc tgaggaaaag tttatagctt gtctatttct ctctctaaca tagttgtcag
    10381 cacaatgcct aggctatagg aagtactcaa agcttgttaa attgaattct atccttctta
    10441 ttcaattcta cacatggagg aaaaactcat cagggatgga ggcacgcctc taaggaaggc
    10501 aggtgtggct ctgcagtgtg attgggtact tgcaggacga agggtggggt gggagtggct
    10561 aaccttccat tcctagtgca gaggtcacag cctaaacatc aaattccttg aggtgcggtg
    10621 gctcactcct gtaatcacag cagtttggga cgccaaggtg ggcagatcac ttgaggtcag
    10681 gagttggaca ccagcccagc caacatagtg aaacctggtc tctgcttaaa aatataaaaa
    10741 ttagctggac gtggtgacgg gagcctgtaa tccaactact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga
    10801 atcgcttgaa ccggggaggt ggagtttgca ctgagcagag atcatgccat tgcactccag
    10861 cctccagagc gagactctgt ctaaagaaaa acgaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa
    10921 aacccatcaa attccctgac cgaacagaat tctgtctgat tgttctctga cttatctacc
    10981 attttccctc cttaaagaaa ctgtggaact tccttcagct agaggggcct ggctcagaag
    11041 cctctggtca gcatccaaga aatacttgat gtcactttgg ctaaaggtat gatgtgtaga
    11101 caagctccag agatggtttc tcatttccat atccacccac ccagctttcc aattttaaag
    11161 ccaattctga ggtagagact gtgatgaaca aacaccttga caaaattcaa cccaaagact
    11221 cactttgcct agcttcaaaa tccttactct gacatatact cacagccaga aattagcatg
    11281 cactagagtg tgcatgagtg caacacacac acacaccaat tccatattct ctgtcagaaa
    11341 atcctgttgg tttttcgtga aaggatgttt tcagaggctg accccttgcc ttcacctcca
    11401 atgctaccac tctggtctaa gtcactgtca ccaccaccta aattatagct gttgactcat
    11461 aacaatcttc ctgcttctac cactgcccca ctacaatttc ttcccaatat actatccaaa
    11521 ttagtctttt caaaatgtaa gtcatatatg gtcacctctt tgttcaaagt cttctgatag
    11581 tttcctatat catttataat aaaaccaaat ccttacaatt ctctacaata gttgttcatg
    11641 catatattat gtttattaca gatacgcata tatatagctc tcatataaat aaatatatat
    11701 atttatgtgt atgtgtgtag agtgtttttt cttacaactc tatgatgtag gtattattag
    11761 tgtcccaaat tttataattt aggacttcta tgatctcatc ttttattctc cccttcaccg
    11821 aatctcatcc tacattggcc ttattgatat tccttgaaaa ttctaagcat cttacatctt
    11881 tagggtattt acatttgcca ttccctatgc cctaaatatt taatcatagt ttcatataaa
    11941 tgggttcctc atcatctatg ggtactctct caggtgttaa ctttatagtg aggactttcc
    12001 tgccatacta cttaaagtag cgataccctt tcaccctgtc ctaatcacac tctggccttc
    12061 atttcagttt tttttttttc tccatagcac ctaatctcat tggtatataa catgtttcat
    12121 ttgcttattt aatgtcaagc tctttccact atcaagtcca tgaaaacagg aactttattc
    12181 ctctattctg tttttgtgct gtattcttag caattttaca attttgaatg aaatgaatga
    12241 gcagtcaaac acatatacaa ctataattaa aaggatgtat gctgacacat ccactgctat
    12301 gcacacacaa agaaatcagt ggagtagagc tggaagcgct aagcctgcat agagctagtt
    12361 agccctccgc aggcagagcc ttgatgggat tactgagttc tagaattgga ctcatttgtt
    12421 ttgtaggctg agatttgctc ttgaaaactt gttctgacca aaataaaagg ctcaaaagat
    12481 gaatatcgaa accagggtgt tttttacact ggaatttata actagagcac tcatgtttat
    12541 gtaagcaatt aattgtttca tcagtcaggt aaaagtaaag aaaaactgtg ccaaggcagg
    12601 tagcctaatg caatatgcca ctaaagtaaa cattattcca taggtgtcag atatggctta
    12661 ttcatccatc ttcatgggaa ggatggcctt ggcctggaca tcagtgttat gtgaggttca
    12721 aaacacctct aggctataag gcaacagagc tccttttttt tttttctgtg ctttcctggc
    12781 tgtccaaatc tctaatgata agcatacttc tattcaatga gaatattctg taagattata
    12841 gttaagaatt gtgggagcca ttccgtctct tatagttaaa tttgagcttc ttttatgatc
    12901 actgtttttt taatatgctt taagttctgg ggtacatgtg ccatggtggt ttgctgcacc
    12961 catcaacccg tcatctacat taggtatttc tcctaatgct atccttcccc tagcccccca
    13021 cccccaacag gccccagtgt gtgatgttcc cctccctgtg tccatggatc actggttttt
    13081 tttttttttt tttttttttt tttaaagtct cagttaaatt tttggaatgt aatttatttt
    13141 cctggtatcc taggacctgc aagttatctg gtcactttag ccctcacgtt ttgatgataa
    13201 tcacatattt gtaaacacaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatatata tatataaaac
    13261 atatatatac ataaacacac ataacatatt tatcgggcat ttctgagcaa ctaactcatg
    13321 caggactctc aaacactaac ctatagcctt ttctatgtat ctacttgtgt agaaaccaag
    13381 cgtggggact gagaaggcaa tagcaggagc attctgactc tcactgcctt tggctaggtc
    13441 cctccctcat cacagctcag catagtccga gctcttatct atatccacac acagtttctg
    13501 acgctgccca gctatcacca tcccaagtct aaagaaaaaa ataatgggtt tgcccatctc
    13561 tgttgattag aaaacaaaac aaaataaaat aagcccctaa gctcccagaa aacatgacta
    13621 aaccagcaag aagaagaaaa tacaataggt atatgaggag actggtgaca ctagtgtctg
    13681 aatgaggctt gagtacagaa aagaggctct agcagcatag tggtttagag gagatgtttc
    13741 tttccttcac agatgcctta gcctcaataa gcttgcggtt gtggaagttt actttcagaa
    13801 caaactcctg tggggctaga attattgatg gctaaaagaa gcccggggga gggaaaaatc
    13861 attcagcatc ctcaccctta gtgacacaaa acagaggggg cctggttttc catatttcct
    13921 catgatggat gatctcgtta atgaaggtgg tctgacgaga tcattgcttc ttccatttaa
    13981 gccttgctca cttgccaatc ctcagtttta accttctcca gagaaataca cattttttat
    14041 tcaggaaaca tactatgtta tagtttcaat actaaataat caaagtactg aagatagcat
    14101 gcataggcaa gaaaaagtcc ttagctttat gttgctgttg tttcagaatt taaaaaagat
    14161 caccaagtca aggacttctc agttctagca ctagaggtgg aatcttagca tataatcaga
    14221 ggtttttcaa aatttctaga catgagattc aaagccctgc acttaaaata gtctcatttg
    14281 aattaactct ttatataaat tgaaagcaca ttctgaacta cttcagagta ttgttttatt
    14341 tctatgttct tagttcataa atacattagg caatgcaatt taattaaaaa aacccaagaa
    14401 tttcttagaa ttttaatcat gaaaataaat gaaggcatct ttacttactc aaggtcccaa
    14461 aaggtcaaag aaaccaggaa agtaaagcta tatttcagcg gaaaatggga tatttatgag
    14521 ttttctaagt tgacagactc aagttttaac cttcagtgcc catgatgtag gaaagtgtgg
    14581 cataactggc tgattctggc tttctactcc tttttcccat taaagatccc tcctgcttaa
    14641 ttaacattca caagtaactc tggttgtact ttaggcacag tggctcccga ggtcagtcac
    14701 acaataggat gtctgtgctc caagttgcca gagagagaga ttactcttga gaatgagcct
    14761 cagccctggc tcaaactcac ctgcaaactt cgtgagagat gaggcagagg tacactacga
    14821 aagcaacagt tagaagctaa atgatgagaa cacatggact catagaggga aacaacgcat
    14881 actggggcct atcagagggt ggagggtgag agaaggagag gatcaggaaa aatcactaat
    14941 ggatgctaag cgtaatacct gagtgatgag atcatctata caacaaaccc ccttgacatt
    15001 catttatcta tgtaacaaac ctgcacatcc tgtacacgta cccctgaact taaaataaaa
    15061 gttgaaaaca agaaagcaac agtttgaaca cttgttatgg tctattctct cattctttac
    15121 aattacacta gaaaatagcc acaggctcct gcaaggcagc cacagaattt atgacttgtg
    15181 atatccaagt cattcctgga taatgcaaaa tctaacacaa aatctagtag aatcatttgc
    15241 ttacatctat ttttgttctg agaatataga tttagataca taatggaagc agaataattt
    15301 aaaatctggc taatttagaa tcctaagcag ctcttttcct atcagtggtt tacaagcctt
    15361 gtttatattt ttcctatttt aaaaataaaa ataaagtaag ttatttgtgg taaagaatat
    15421 tcattaaagt atttatttct tagataatac catgaaaaac attcagtgaa gtgaagggcc
    15481 tactttaccc aacaagaatc taatttatat aatttttcat actaatagca tctaagaaca
    15541 gtacaatatt tgactcttca ggttaaacat atgtcataaa ttagccagaa agatttaaga
    15601 aaatattgga tgtttccttg tttaaattag gcatcttaca gtttttagaa tcctgcatag
    15661 aacttaagaa attacaaatg ctaaagcaaa cccaaacagg caggaattaa tcttcatcga
    15721 atttgggtgt ttctttctaa aagtccttta tacttaaatg tcttaagaca tacatagatt
    15781 ttattttact aattttaatt atacagacaa taaatgaata ttcttactga ttactttttc
    15841 tgactgtcta atctttctga tctatcctgg atggccataa cacttatctc tctgaacttt
    15901 gggcttttaa tataggaaag aaaagcaata atccattttt catggtatct catatgataa
    15961 acaaataaaa tgcttaaaaa tgagcaggtg aagcaattta tcttgaacca acaagcatcg
    16021 aagcaataat gagactgccc gcagcctacc tgacttctga gtcaggattt ataagccttg
    16081 ttactgagac acaaacctgg gcctttcaat gctataacct ttcttgaagc tcctccctac
    16141 cacctttagc cataaggaaa catggaatgg gtcagatccc tggatgcaag ccaggtctgg
    16201 aaccataggc agtaaggaga gaagaaaatg tgggctctgc aactggctcc gagggagcag
    16261 gagagaatca accccatact ctgaatctaa gagaagactg gtgtccatac tctgaatggg
    16321 aagaatgatg ggattaccca tagggcttgt tttagggaga aacctgttct ccaaactctt
    16381 ggccttgaga tacctggtcc ttattccttg gactttggca atgtctgacc ctcacattca
    16441 agttctgagg aagggccact gccttcatac tgtggatctg tagcaaattc cccctgaaaa
    16501 cccagagctg tatcttaatt gtttaaaaaa attatattat ctcaaggact gttcttctct
    16561 gagtagccaa gctcagcttg gttcaagcta caagcagctg agctgctttt tgtctagtca
    16621 ttgttctttt atttcagtgg atcaaatacg ttctttccaa acctaggatc ttgtcttcct
    16681 aggctatata ttttgtccca ggaagtctta atctggggtc cacagaacac tagggggctg
    16741 gtgaagttta tagaaaaaaa atctgtattt ttacttacat gtaactgaaa tttagcattt
    16801 tcttctactt tgaatgcaaa ggacaaacta gaatgacatc atcagtacct attgcatagt
    16861 tataaagaga aaccacagat attttcatac tacaccatag gtattgcaga tctttttgtt
    16921 tttgtttttg tttgagatgg agtttcgctc ttattgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcatg
    16981 atttcggctc actgcaacct ccccttcctg cattcaagca attctcctgc cttggcctcc
    17041 agagtagctg gggattacag gcacctgcca ccatgccagt ctaatttttg tatttttagt
    17101 agagatgggg tttcgccatg ttggccaggc tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct cagatgatct
    17161 gcccgccttg gcctcctgaa gtgctgggat tataggtgtg agccaccacg cctggcccat
    17221 tgcagatatt tttaattcac atttatctgc atcactactt ggatcttaag gtagctgtag
    17281 acccaatcct agatctaatg ctttcataaa gaagcaaata taataaatac tataccacaa
    17341 atgtaatgtt tgatgtctga taatgatatt tcagtgtaat taaacttagc actcctatgt
    17401 atattatttg atgcaataaa aacatatttt ttttagcact tacagtctgc caaactggcc
    17461 tgtgacacaa aaaaagttta ggaattcctg gttttgtctg tgttagccaa tggttagaat
    17521 atatgctcag aaagatacca ttggttaata gctgaaagaa aatggagtag aaattcagtg
    17581 gcctggaata ataacaattt gggcagtcat taagtcaggt gaagacttct ggaatcatgg
    17641 gagaaaagca agggagacat tcttacttgc cacaagtgtt tttttttttt tttttttatc
    17701 acaaacataa gaaaatataa taaataacaa agtcaggtta tagaagagag aaacgctctt
    17761 agtaaacttg gaatatggaa tccccaaagg cacttgactt gggagacagg agccatactg
    17821 ctaagtgaaa aagacgaaga acctctaggg cctgaacata ggaaattgta ggaacagaaa
    17881 ttcctagatc tggtggggca aggggagcca taggagaaag aaatggtaga aatggatgga
    17941 gacggaggca gaggtgggca gatcatgagg tcaagagatc gagaccatcc tggcaaacat
    18001 ggtgaaatcc cgtctctact aaaaataaaa aaattagctg ggcatggtgg catgcgcctg
    18061 tagtcccagc tgctcgggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgtt tgaacccagg aggcgaaggt
    18121 tgcagtgagc tgagatagtg ccattgcact ccagtctggc aacagagtga gactccgtct
    18181 caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaaaga aaaagaaaaa agaaaaaata aatggatgta
    18241 gaacaagcca gaaggaggaa ctgggctggg gcaatgagat tatggtgatg taagggactt
    18301 ttatagaatt aacaatgctg gaatttgtgg aactctgctt ctattattcc cccaatcatt
    18361 acttctgtca cattgatagt taaataattt ctgtgaattt attccttgat tctaaaatat
    18421 gaggataatg acaatggtat tataagggca gattaagtga tatagcataa gcaatattct
    18481 tcaggcacat ggatcgaatt gaatacactg taaatcccaa cttccagttt cagctctacc
    18541 aagtaaagag ctagcaagtc atcaaaatgg ggacatacag aaaaaaaaaa ggacactaga
    18601 ggaataatat accctgactc ctagcctgat taatatatcg attcactttt ttctctgttt
    18661 gatgacaaat tctggcttta aataatttta ggattttagg cttctcagct cccttcccag
    18721 tgagaagtat aagcaggaca gacaggcaag caagaagaga gccccaggca atactcacaa
    18781 agtagccagt gtcccctgtg gtcatagaga aatgaaaaga gagaggattc cctggaagca
    18841 ctggatgtaa tcttttctgt ctgtcctctc tagggaatca ccccaaggta ctgtactttg
    18901 ggattaaggc tttagtccca ctgtggacta cttgctattc tgttcagttt ctagaaggaa
    18961 ctatgtacgg tttttgtctc cctagagaaa ctaaggtaca gaagttttgt ttacaatgca
    19021 ctccttaaga gagctagaac tgggtgagat tctgttttaa cagctttatt ttcttttcct
    19081 tggccctgtt tttgtcaact gtcaccacct ttaaggcaaa tgttaaatgt gctttggctg
    19141 aaactttttt tcctattttg agatttgctc ctttatatga ggctttcttg gaaaaggaga
    19201 atgggagaga tggatatcat tttggaagat gatgaagagg gtaaaaaagg ggacaaatgg
    19261 aaatttgtgt tgcagataga tgaggagcca acaaaaaaga gcctcaggat ccagcacaca
    19321 ttatcacaaa cttagtgtcc atccatcact gctgaccctc tccggacctg actccacccc
    19381 tgaggacaca ggtcagcctt gaccaatgac ttttaagtac catggagaac agggggccag
    19441 aacttcggca gtaaagaata aaaggccaga cagagaggca gcagcacata tctgcttccg
    19501 acacagctgc aatcactagc aagctctcag gcctggcatc atggtgcatt ttactgctga
    19561 ggagaaggct gccgtcacta gcctgtggag caagatgaat gtggaagagg ctggaggtga
    19621 agccttgggc aggtaagcat tggttctcaa tgcatgggaa tgaagggtga atattaccct
    19681 agcaagttga ttgggaaagt cctcaagatt ttttgcatct ctaattttgt atctgatatg
    19741 gtgtcatttc atagactcct cgttgtttac ccctggaccc agagattttt tgacagcttt
    19801 ggaaacctgt cgtctccctc tgccatcctg ggcaacccca aggtcaaggc ccatggcaag
    19861 aaggtgctga cttcctttgg agatgctatt aaaaacatgg acaacctcaa gcccgccttt
    19921 gctaagctga gtgagctgca ctgtgacaag ctgcatgtgg atcctgagaa cttcaaggtg
    19981 agttcaggtg ctggtgatgt gattttttgg ctttatattt tgacattaat tgaagctcat
    20041 aatcttattg gaaagaccaa caaagatctc agaaatcatg ggtcgagctt gatgttagaa
    20101 cagcagactt ctagtgagca taaccaaaac ttacatgatt cagaactagt gacagtaaag
    20161 gactactaac agcctgaatt ggcttaactt ttcaggaaat cttgccagaa cttgatgtgt
    20221 ttatcccaga gaattgtatt atagaattgt agacttgtga aagaagaatg aaatttggct
    20281 tttggtagat gaaagtccat ttcaaggaaa tagaaatgcc ttattttatg tgggtcatga
    20341 taattgaggt ttagaagaga tttttgcaaa aaaaataaaa gatttgctca aagaaaaata
    20401 agacacattt tctaaaatat gttaaatttc ccatcagtat tgtgaccaag tgaaggcttg
    20461 tttccgaatt tgttggggat tttaaactcc cgctgagaac tcttgcagca ctcacattct
    20521 acatttacaa aaattagaca attgcttaaa gaaaaacagg gagagaggga acccaataat
    20581 actggtaaaa tggggaaggg ggtgagggtg taggtaggta gaatgttgaa tgtagggctc
    20641 atagaataaa attgaaccta agctcatctg aattttttgg gtgggcacaa accttggaac
    20701 agtttgaggt cagggttgtc taggaatgta ggtataaagc cgtttttgtt tgtttgtttg
    20761 ttttttcatc aagttgtttt cggaaacttc tactcaacat gcctgtgtgt tattttgtct
    20821 tttgcctaac agctcctggg taacgtgatg gtgattattc tggctactca ctttggcaag
    20881 gagttcaccc ctgaagtgca ggctgcctgg cagaagctgg tgtctgctgt cgccattgcc
    20941 ctggcccata agtaccactg agttctcttc cagtttgcag gtcttcctgt gaccctgaca
    21001 ccctccttct gcacatgggg actgggcttg gccttgagag aaagccttct gtttaataaa
    21061 gtacattttc ttcagtaatc aaaaattgca attttatctt ctccatcttt tactcttgtg
    21121 ttaaaaggaa aaagtgttca tgggctgagg gatggagaga aacataggaa gaaccaagag
    21181 cttccttaag aaatgtatgg gggcttgtaa aattaatgtg gatgttatgg gagaattccc
    21241 aagattccca aggaggatga tatgatggag aaaaatcttt atcggggtgg gaaaatggtt
    21301 aattaagtgg cagagactcc taggcagttt ttactgcacc ggggaaagaa ggagctgttg
    21361 tggtacctga gaaagcagat ttgtggtaca tgtcactttt cattaaaaac aaaaacaaaa
    21421 caaaacaaaa cttcatagat atccaagata taggctgaga attactattt taatttactc
    21481 ttatttacat tttgaagtag ctagcttgtc acatgtttta tgaaattgat ttggagataa
    21541 gatgagtgtg tatcaacaat agcctgctct ttccatgaag gattccatta tttcatgggt
    21601 tagctgaagc taagacacat gatatcattg tgcattatct tctgatacaa tgtaacatgc
    21661 actaaaataa agttagagtt aggacctgag tgggaaagtt tttggagagt gtgatgaaga
    21721 ctttccgtgg gagatagaat actaataaag gcttaaattc taaaaccagc aagctagggc
    21781 ttcgtgactt gcatgaaact ggctctctgg aagtagaagg gagagtaaga catacgtaga
    21841 ggactaggaa agaccagata gtacagggcc tggctacaaa aatacaagct tttactatgc
    21901 tattgcaata ctaaacgata agcattagga tgttaagtga ctcaggaaat aagattttgg
    21961 gaaaaagtaa tctgcttatg tgcacaaaat ggattcaagt ttgcagataa aataaaatat
    22021 ggatgatgat tcaaggggac agatacaatg gttcaaaccc aagaggagca gtgagtctgt
    22081 ggaattttga aggatggaca aaggtggggt gagaaagaca tagtattcga cctgactgtg
    22141 ggagatgaga aggaagaagg aggtgataaa tgactgaaag ctcccagact ggtgaagata
    22201 acaggaggaa accatgcact tgaccctggt gactctcatg tgtgaagggt agagggatat
    22261 taacagattt actttttagg aagtgctaga ttggtcaggg agttttgacc ttcaggtctt
    22321 gtgtctttca tatcaaggaa cctttgcatt ttccaagtta gagtgccata ttttggcaaa
    22381 tataacttta ttagtaattt tatagtgctc tcacattgat cagacttttt cctgtgaatt
    22441 acttttgaat ttggctgtat atatccagaa tatgggagag agacaaataa ttattgtagt
    22501 tgcaggctat caacaatact ggtctctctg agccttataa cctttcaata tgccccataa
    22561 acagagtaaa cagggattat tcatggcact aaatattttc acctaggtca gtcaacaaat
    22621 ggaggcaatg tgcatttttt gatacatatt tttatatatt tatggggcat gtgatactta
    22681 catgcctaga acatgtgact gattaagtct agatatttag gatatccatt actttgagca
    22741 tttatcattt ctatgtattg agaaaatttc aaatcctcat ttctgaccat tttgaaatat
    22801 ataataaata gtaattaact atagtcaccc tactcaaata tcaacattat aaactaacta
    22861 atccttcttt ccactttttt accaaccaac atctcttaaa tcccctgcca tacacatcac
    22921 acatttttca gctctgataa ctatcattct actctcatac caccatgaga ccactttttt
    22981 agctccacag atgaataaaa acatgtgata tttgactttc tgtatctggc ttattttatt
    23041 atctatctct ttggcatacc aagagtttgt ttttgttctg cttcagggct ttcaattaac
    23101 ataatgacct ctggttccat ccatgttgct acaaatgaca agatttcatt ctttttcatg
    23161 gcaaaatagt actgtgcaaa aaatacaatt ttttaatccg ttcatctgtt gatagacact
    23221 taggttgatc ccaaacctta actattgtga ataggtgctt caataaacat gagtgtaatg
    23281 tgtccattgg atatactgat ttcctttctt ttggataaat aaccactagt gagattgctg
    23341 gattgtatga tagttctgtt tttagtttat tgagaaatct tcatactgtt ttccataatg
    23401 gttgtactat tttacattcc caccaacagt gtgtaagaaa gagttccctt ttctccatat
    23461 cctcacaagg atctgttatt ttttgtcttt tttgttaata gcattttaac tagagtaagt
    23521 agatatctca ttgtagtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatca ttagtgatgt tgagattttt
    23581 tcatatgttt gttggtcatt tgtatatctt tttctgagat tgtctgttca tgtccttatc
    23641 ctacttttat tgggattgtt gttattttct tgataatcat tgtgtcattt tagagcctgg
    23701 atattattct tttgtcagat gtatagattg tgaagatttt ctcctctgtg ggttgtctgt
    23761 ttattctgca gactcttcct tttgccatgc aaaagctctt tagtttaatt tagtcccaga
    23821 tattttcttt gtttttatgt gtttgcattt gtgttcttgt catgaaatcc tttcctaagc
    23881 caatgtgtag aagggttttt ccgatgttat tttctagaat tgttacagtt tcaggcttag
    23941 atttaagtcc ttgatccatc ttaagttgat ttttgtataa ggtgagagat gaagatccag
    24001 tttcattctc ctacatgtag cttgccagct atcccgactc atttgttgaa tagggtgccc
    24061 tttcccattt atgtttttgt ttgctttgtc aaagatcagt tcggatgtaa gtatttgagt
    24121 ttatttctgg gttctctatt ctgttccatt ggtccgatgt gcctatttgt acaccagcat
    24181 catgctgtgt ttttggtgac tatggcctta ttgtatagtt tgaaatgagg taatgtaatg
    24241 ccattcagat ttgttctttt ttttagactt gcttgtttat tgggctcttt tttggttcca
    24301 taagaatttt aggattgttt tttctagttc tgtgaaggct aatggtggta tttatgggaa
    24361 ttgcaatgca atttgtaggt tgcttctggc attatggcca ttttcacaat attgattcta
    24421 cccatctatg agaatggcat gtgtttccat ttgtttgtgt cttatatgat tactatcagc
    24481 cgtgttttgt agttttcctt gtagatgtct ttcacctcct tggttaggta tatattccta
    24541 agtttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttttg cagctattgt aaaaggggtt gagttattga
    24601 ttttattctc atcttggtca ttgctggtat gtaagaaagc aactcattgg tgtacgttaa
    24661 ttttgtatcc agaaactttg ctgaattatt ttatcagttc tagggggttt tggaggagtc
    24721 tttagagttt tctacataca caatcatatc atcagcaaac agtgacagtt tgactttctc
    24781 tttaacaatt tggatgtgct ttacttgttt ctcttgtctg attgctcttg ctaggacttc
    24841 cagtaatatg ttaaagagaa gtggtgagag tgggtatcct tgtctcattc cagttttcag
    24901 acagaatgct tttaactttt tcccattcaa tataatgttg gctgtgtgtt taccatagct
    24961 ggcttttatt acattgaggt atgtcctttg taaaccgatt ttgctgagtt ttagtcataa
    25021 agtgatgttg aattttgttg aatgcagttt ctgtggctat tgagataatc acatgatttt
    25081 tgtttccaat tctctttatg ttgtgtatca cacttattga cttgcgtatg ttaaaccatc
    25141 cgtgcatccc tcgcatgaaa ccacttgatc atgggttttg atatgccgtg tgggatgcta
    25201 ttagctatat tttgtcaagg atgttggcat ctatgttcat cagggatatt gatctgtagt
    25261 gttttttttt tttggttatg ttctttccca gttttggtat taaggtgata ctggcttcat
    25321 agaatgattt agggaggatt ctctctttct ctatcttgta gaatactgtc aataggattg
    25381 gtatcaattc ttctttgaat gtctggtaga attcgaacgt ctcctttagg ttttctagtt
    25441 tattcatgta aaggtgttca tagtaacctt gaataatctt ttgtatttct gtggtatcag
    25501 taatagtatc tcctgttttg tttctaactg agtttatttg cacttctctc ctcttttctt
    25561 ggttaatctt gctaatggtc tatcagtttt atttatcttt tcaaagaacc agctttttat
    25621 ttcatttagc ttttgtattt ttttgcagtt gttttaattt catttagttc tcctcttatc
    25681 ttagttattc cctttctttt gctgggtttt ggttctgttt gtttttgttt ctctagtttc
    25741 ttgtggtgtg accttatatt gtctgtcctc tttcagactc tttgacatcg acatttaggg
    25801 ctgtgaactt tccttttagc accatctttg ctgtatccta gaggttttga taggtgtgtc
    25861 actattgtcg gtcagttcaa gtaattttgt tgttcttatt atactttaag ttctgggata
    25921 catgtgcaga atgtgcaggt ttgttacata ggtatagatg tgccatggtg gtttgctgct
    25981 cccatcaacc tgtcatctac attaggtatt tcttttaatg ttatccctct cctaaccccc
    26041 tcaccccccg acaggccctg gtgtgtgatg ttcccctccc tgtgtccatg tgttctcatt
    26101 gttcaactcc cacttatgag tgagaacgtg tggtgtttgg tttctctgtt cctgtgttag
    26161 tttgctcaga atgatgtttc caccttcacc atgtccctgc aaagacatga actcatcatt
    26221 ttatggctgc atatattcca tggtgtatat gtgccacatt ttctttatcc attatatcgc
    26281 tgatggccat ttgggttggt tccaagtctt tggtattgtg aatagtgccg caataaacat
    26341 acgtgtgcac atgtctttat agtagaatga tttctaattc tttgggtata tacccagtaa
    26401 tgggattgct gggtcaaaca gtatttctgg ttctagatcc ttgaggaatt gccacactgt
    26461 cttccacaat ggttgaacta atttacacac ccatcaacag tgtaaaattt ttcctattct
    26521 tccacatcct ctccagcacc ttttgtttcc tgacttttta ataattgcca ttctaactgg
    26581 catgagatgg tatctcattg tggttttgat ttgcatttct ctaatgacca gtgatgatga
    26641 gcttcttttc atgtgtttct tggccacata aatgacttct ttagagaagc atctgttcat
    26701 atcctttgtc cactttttga tggggtcgtt aggttttttc ttgtaaattt gttgaagttc
    26761 tttgtagatt ttggatgtta gccctttgtc agatggatag attggcaaaa attttctccc
    26821 attctgtagg ttgcctgttc actctgatga tagtcttttg ctgtgcagaa gctctttagt
    26881 ttaattagat cccatatgtc aattttggcc tttgttgtca ttgcttttga tgtttagtcg
    26941 tggaattttg cccatgccta tgtcctgaat ggtattgcct aggttatctt ctaggatttt
    27001 tatggtttta ggttgcacat ttaagtcttt aatccacctt gagttaattt ttgtataagg
    27061 tgtaaggaag gggtacagtt tcagttttat gcatattgct agccagtttt tccagcacca
    27121 tttattaaat agggaattct ttctccattg cttttgtgat gtttgtcaaa gatcagatgg
    27181 tcgtagatgt gtggcattat ttctgaggct tctgttctgt tccactggtc tatatatctg
    27241 ttttggtacc agtaccatgc tgtttttgtt actgtagcct tgtagtatag cttgaagtca
    27301 ggtagcatca tgcctccagc tttgttcttt ttgtttagga ttgtcttggc tatatgggct
    27361 cttttttgat tccatatgac atttaaagta gttttttcta attctttgaa aaaagtcagt
    27421 ggtagcttga tggggatagc attgaatcta taaattactt tgggcagtat ggccatttta
    27481 aagatattga ttctttctat ctatgagcat ggaatgtttt tccatttgtt tgtgtcctct
    27541 cttatttcct tgagcagtga gtggtttgta gctctccttg aagaggttct tcacatccct
    27601 tataagttgt atttctaggt attttatttt attctctttg cagcaattgt gaatgggagt
    27661 tcacccatga tttggctctc tgcttgtcta ttattggtgt ataggaatgc ttgtgatttt
    27721 tgcacactga ttttgtatct tgagactttg ctgaagctgt ttatcagctt aagattttgg
    27781 gctgagatga cagggtcttc taaatataca atcatgtcat ctgcaaacag agacaatttg
    27841 acttcctctc ttcctatttg aatatgcttt atttctttct cttgcctgat tgtcctggcg
    27901 agaacttcca atactatgtt gagtaagagt ggcgagaggg catccttgtc ttgtgccggt
    27961 tttcaaagca aatgattttt aaatttccgt cttgatttca ttgttgaccc aatgatcatt
    28021 caggagcagg ttatttaatt tccctgtatt tgcatggttt tgaaggttcc ttttgtagtt
    28081 gatttccaat tttattctac tgtggtctga gagagtgctt gatataattt caatttttaa
    28141 aaatttattg aggcttgttt tgtggcatat catatggcct atcttggaga aagttccatg
    28201 tgctgatgaa tagaatgtgt attctgcagt tgttgggtag aatgtcctgt aaatatctgt
    28261 taagtccatt tgttctttaa atccattgtt tctttgtaga ctgtcttgat gacctgccta
    28321 gtgcagtcag tggagtattg aagtccccca ctattattat gttgctgtct agtagtaatt
    28381 gttttataaa tttgggatct ccagtattag atgcatatat attaagaatt gtaatattct
    28441 cccattggac aagggctttt atcattatat gatgtccctc tttgtctttt ttaactgctg
    28501 tttctttaaa gtttgttttg tctgacataa gaatagctgc tttggctcgc ttttggtgtc
    28561 catttgtgtg gaatgtcatt ttccacccct ttaccttaag tttatgtgag tccttatgtg
    28621 ttaggtgagt ctcctgaagg cggcagataa ctggttggtg aattctattc attctgcaat
    28681 tctgtatctt ttaagtggag catttagtcc atttacattc aacatcagta ttgaggtgtg
    28741 aggtgactat tccattcttc gtggtatttg ttgcctgtgt atctttttat ctgtattttt
    28801 gttgtatatg tcctatggga tttatgcttt aaagaggttc tgttttgatg tgcttccagg
    28861 gtttatttca agatttagag ctccttttat cattcttgta gtgttggctt ggtagtgccg
    28921 aattctctca gcatttgttt ttctgaaaaa cactgtgtat tttcttcatt tgtgaagctt
    28981 agtttcactg gatataaaat tcttggctga taattgtttt gtttaagaag gctgaagata
    29041 gggccatatt cacttctagc ttttacggtt tctgctgaga aatctgctgt taatctgata
    29101 ggttttcttt cataggttac ctggtagttt cacctcacag ctcttaagat tctctttgtc
    29161 tttagataac tttggatact ctgatgacaa tgtacctagg caatgatatt tttgcaatga
    29221 atttcccagg tgtttattga gcttctttgt atttggatat ctaggtctct agcaaggagg
    29281 gggaagtttt ccttgattat ttccatggac aagttttcca aacttttaga tttctcttct
    29341 ttctcaggaa tgctgattat tcttaggttt gattgtttaa cataatccca gatttcttgg
    29401 aggctttgtt catattttct tattcttttt tctttgtctt tgttggattg ggtaattcaa
    29461 aaactttgtc ttcaagctct gaatttcttc tgcttggatt ctattgctga gactttctag
    29521 agcattttgc atttctataa gtgcatccat tcatccattg tttcctgaag ttttgaatgt
    29581 tttttattta tgctatctct ttaactgaag atttctcccc tcatttcttg tatcatattt
    29641 ttggtttttt taaaattgga cttcaccttc ctcggatgcc tccttgatta gcttaataac
    29701 tgaccttctg aattattttt caggtaaatc agggatttct tcttggtttg gatgcattgc
    29761 tggtgagcta gtatgatttt ttggggggtg ttaaagaacc ttgtttttca tattaccaga
    29821 gttagttttc tggttccttc tcacttgggt aggctctgtc agagggaaag tctaggcctc
    29881 aaggctgaga cttttgtccc agcaggtgtt cccttgatgt agcacagtcc cccttttcct
    29941 aggacgtggg gcttcctgag agccgaactg tagtgattgt tatctctctt ctggatctag
    30001 ccacccatca ggtctaccag actccaggct ggtactgggg tttgtctgca cagagtcttg
    30061 tgacgtgaac catctgtggg tctctcagcc atagatacaa ccacctgctc caatggaggt
    30121 ggtagaggat gaaatgaact ctgtgagggt ccttactttt ggttgttcaa tgcactatct
    30181 ttttgtgctg gttggcctcc tgccaggagg tggcactttc tagaaagcat cagcagaggc
    30241 agtcaggtgg tggtggctgg gggggctggg gcactagaac tcccaagaat atatgccctt
    30301 tgtcttcagc tactagggtg agtaaggaag gaccatcagg tgggggcagg actagtcgtg
    30361 tctgagctca gagtctcctt gggcaggtct ttctgtggct actgtgggag gatgggggtg
    30421 tagtttccag gtcaatggat ttatgttcct aggacaatta tggctgcctc tgctgtgtca
    30481 tgcaggtcat caggaaagtg ggggaaagca agcagtcacg tgacttgccc agctcccatg
    30541 caactcaaaa ggttggtctc acttccagcg tgcaccctcc cccgcaacag ctccgaatct
    30601 gtttccatgc agtcagtgag caaggctgag aacttgccca ggctaccagc tgcgaaacca
    30661 agtagggctg tcctacttcc ctgccagtgg agtctgcaca ccaaattcat gtccccccac
    30721 caaccccccc actgcccagc ccctagatct ggccaggtgg agattttctt tttcctgtct
    30781 cttttcccag ttcctctggc agccctccca aatgacccct gtgaggcaag gcagaaatgg
    30841 cttcctaggg gacccagaga gcccacaggg cttttcccgc tgcttcctct acccctgtat
    30901 tttgcttggc cctctaaatt gactcagctc caggtaaggt cagaatcttc tcctgtggtc
    30961 tagatcttca ggttcccagt gaggatgtgt gtttgggggt agacggtccc ccttttccac
    31021 ttccacagtt tgggcactca caatatttgg ggtgtttccc gggtcctaca tgagcaatct
    31081 gcttctttca gagggtgtgt gcgttctctc agctttcttg aatttatttc tgcaggtggt
    31141 tctgcaaaaa aaattcctga tgggagactt cacatgctgc tctgtgcatc cgagtgggag
    31201 ctgcaatgta cttctgctgc cacccatctg ccatcaccct ctaatttgtc ggtaatatgc
    31261 atttttaatc aatctttttt tctctctctc tcttttcttc tcccccaaaa ctatactgcc
    31321 ctttgatatc aaggaatcaa ggccgtgatg ttgaggggtg ggcagtggat acactcttta
    31381 ccccttaggg agcatatcta gatttagata ttgccaattc aagataactt aattgaaagc
    31441 aaattcataa tgaatacaca cacacacaca cacatctgca tgacaagatt tttaatagtt
    31501 gaaagaataa ctaataattg tccacaggca ataagggctt tttaagcaaa acagttgtga
    31561 taaaacaggt cattcttaga atagtaatcc agccaatagt acaggttgct tagagattat
    31621 gacattacca gagttaaaat tcaataatgg cttctcactc cctaccactg aggacaagtt
    31681 tatgtcctta ggtttatgct tccctgaaac aataccacct gctattctcc actttacata
    31741 tcaacggcac tggttcttta tctaactctc tggcacagca ggagtttgtt ttcttctgct
    31801 tcagagcttt gaatttacta tttcagcttc taaactttat ttgcaatgcc ttcccatggc
    31861 agactccttc tgtcattttg cctctgttcg aaaacttttt ccttaatttc attcttagtt
    31921 aataatatct gaaattattt tgttgtttaa cttaattatt aattttatgt atgttctacc
    31981 tagatataat cttctagagg attgttttat tctctgactt atttaactta aatgcccact
    32041 acctttaaaa attatgacat ttatttaaca gatatttgct gaacaaatgt ttgaaaatac
    32101 atgggaaaga atgcttgaaa acacttgaaa ttgcttgtgt aaagaaacag ttttatcagt
    32161 taggatttaa tcaatgtcag aagcaatgat ataggaaaaa tcgaggaata agacagttat
    32221 ggataaggag aaatcaacaa actcttaaaa gatattgcct caaaagcata agaggaaata
    32281 agggtttata catgactttt agaacactgc ctgggttttt ggataaatgg ggaagttgtt
    32341 ggaaaacagg agggatccta gatattcctt agtctgagga ggagcaatta agattcactt
    32401 gtttagaggc tgggagtggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gaattttggg aggccaaggc
    32461 aggcagatca cctgaggtca agagttcaag accaacctgg ccaacatggt gaaatcccat
    32521 ctctacaaaa atacaaaaat tagacaggca tgatggcaag tgcctgtaat cccagctact
    32581 tgggaggctg aggaaggaga attgcttgaa cctggaaggc aggagttgca gtgagccgag
    32641 atcataccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agaacaagac tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa
    32701 gagagattca aaagattcac ttgtttaggc cttagcgggc ttagacacca gtctctgaca
    32761 cattcttaaa ggtcaggctc tacaaatgga acccaaccag actctcagat atggccaaag
    32821 atctatacac acccatctca cagatcccct atcttaaaga gaccctaatt tgggttcacc
    32881 tcagtctcta taatctgtac cagcatacca ataaaaatct ttctcaccca tccttagatt
    32941 gagagaagtc acttattatt atgtgagtaa ctggaagata ctgataagtt gacaaatctt
    33001 tttctttcct ttcttattca acttttattt taacttccaa agaacaagtg caatatgtgc
    33061 agctttgttg cgcaggtcaa catgtatctt tctggtcttt tagccgccta acactttgag
    33121 cagatataag ccttacacag gattatgaag tctgaaagga ttccaccaat attattataa
    33181 ttcctatcaa cctgataagt taggggaagg tagagctctc ctccaataag ccagatttcc
    33241 agagtttctg acgtcataat ctaccaaggt catggatcga gttcagagaa aaaacaaaag
    33301 caaaaccaaa cctaccaaaa aataaaaatc ccaaagaaaa aataaagaaa aaaacagcat
    33361 gaatacttcc tgccatgtta agtggccaat atgtcagaaa cagcactgag ttacagataa
    33421 agatgtctaa actacagtga catcccagct gtcacagtgt gtggactatt agtcaataaa
    33481 acagtccctg cctcttaaga gttgttttcc atgcaaatac atgtcttatg tcttagaata
    33541 agattcccta agaagtgaac ctagcattta tacaagataa ttaattctaa tccatagtat
    33601 ctggtaaaga gcattctacc atcatcttta ccgagcatag aagagctaca ccaaaaccct
    33661 gggtcatcag ccagcacata cacttatcca gtgataaata cacatcatcg ggtgcctaca
    33721 tacatacctg aatataaaaa aaatactttt gctgagatga aacaggcgtg atttatttca
    33781 aataggtacg gataagtaga tattgaagta aggattcagt cttatattat attacataac
    33841 attaatctat tcctgcactg aaactgttgc tttataggat ttttcactac actaatgaga
    33901 acttaagaga taatggccta aaaccacaga gagtatattc aagaataagt atagcacttc
    33961 ttatttggaa accaatgctt actaaatgag actaagacgt gtcccatcaa aaatcctgga
    34021 cctatgccta aaacacattt cacaatccct gaacttttca aaaattggta catgctttaa
    34081 ctttaaacta caggcctcac tggagctaca gacaagaagg tgaaaaacgg ctgacaaaag
    34141 aagtcctggt atcttctatg gtgggagaag aaaactagct aaagggaaga ataaattaga
    34201 gaaaaattgg aatgactgaa tcggaacaag gcaaaggcta taaaaaaaat taagcagcag
    34261 tatcctcttg ggggcccctt ccccacacta tctcaatgca aatatctgtc tgaaacggtt
    34321 cctggctaaa ctccacccat gggttggcca gccttgcctt gaccaatagc cttgacaagg
    34381 caaacttgac caatagtctt agagtatcca gtgaggccag gggccggcgg ctggctaggg
    34441 atgaagaata aaaggaagca cccttcagca gttccacaca ctcgcttctg gaacgtctga
    34501 ggttatcaat aagctcctag tccagacgcc atgggtcatt tcacagagga ggacaaggct
    34561 actatcacaa gcctgtgggg caaggtgaat gtggaagatg ctggaggaga aaccctggga
    34621 aggtaggctc tggtgaccag gacaagggag ggaaggaagg accctgtgcc tggcaaaagt
    34681 ccaggtcgct tctcaggatt tgtggcacct tctgactgtc aaactgttct tgtcaatctc
    34741 acaggctcct ggttgtctac ccatggaccc agaggttctt tgacagcttt ggcaacctgt
    34801 cctctgcctc tgccatcatg ggcaacccca aagtcaaggc acatggcaag aaggtgctga
    34861 cttccttggg agatgccata aagcacctgg atgatctcaa gggcaccttt gcccagctga
    34921 gtgaactgca ctgtgacaag ctgcatgtgg atcctgagaa cttcaaggtg agtccaggag
    34981 atgtttcagc actgttgcct ttagtctcga ggcaacttag acaactgagt attgatctga
    35041 gcacagcagg gtgtgagctg tttgaagata ctggggttgg gagtgaagaa actgcagagg
    35101 actaactggg ctgagaccca gtggcaatgt tttagggcct aaggagtgcc tctgaaaatc
    35161 tagatggaca actttgactt tgagaaaaga gaggtggaaa tgaggaaaat gacttttctt
    35221 tattagattt cggtagaaag aactttcacc tttcccctat ttttgttatt cgttttaaaa
    35281 catctatctg gaggcaggac aagtatggtc gttaaaaaga tgcaggcaga aggcatatat
    35341 tggctcagtc aaagtgggga actttggtgg ccaaacatac attgctaagg ctattcctat
    35401 atcagctgga cacatataaa atgctgctaa tgcttcatta caaacttata tcctttaatt
    35461 ccagatgggg gcaaagtatg tccaggggtg aggaacaatt gaaacatttg ggctggagta
    35521 gattttgaaa gtcagctctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcgcgtgtg tttgtgtgtg
    35581 tgtgagagcg tgtgtttctt ttaacgtttt cagcctacag catacagggt tcatggtggc
    35641 aagaagataa caagatttaa attatggcca gtgactagtg ctgcaagaag aacaactacc
    35701 tgcatttaat gggaaagcaa aatctcaggc tttgagggaa gttaacatag gcttgattct
    35761 gggtggaagc ttggtgtgta gttatctgga ggccaggctg gagctctcag ctcactatgg
    35821 gttcatcttt attgtctcct ttcatctcaa cagctcctgg gaaatgtgct ggtgaccgtt
    35881 ttggcaatcc atttcggcaa agaattcacc cctgaggtgc aggcttcctg gcagaagatg
    35941 gtgactggag tggccagtgc cctgtcctcc agataccact gagctcactg cccatgatgc
    36001 agagctttca aggataggct ttattctgca agcaatacaa ataataaatc tattctgcta
    36061 agagatcaca catggttgtc ttcagttctt ttttttatgt ctttttaaat atatgagcca
    36121 caaagggttt tatgttgagg gatgtgttta tgtgtattta tacatggcta tgtgtgtttg
    36181 tgtcatgtgc acactccaca cttttttgtt tacgttagat gtgggttttg atgagcaaat
    36241 aaaagaacta ggcaataaag aaacttatac atgggagcgt ctgcaagtgg gagtaaaagg
    36301 tgcaggagaa atctggttgg aagaaagacc tctataggac aggactcctc agaaacagat
    36361 gttttggaag agatggggaa aggttcagtg aagggggctg aacccccttc cctggattgc
    36421 agcacagcag cgaggaaggg gctcaacgaa gaaaaagtgt tccaagcttt aggaagtcaa
    36481 ggtttaggca gggatagcca ttctatttta ttaggggcaa tactatttcc aacggcatct
    36541 ggcttttctc agcccttgtg aggctctacg gggaggttga ggtgttagag atcagagcag
    36601 gaaacaggtt tttctttcca cggtaactac aatgaagtga tccttacttt actaaggaac
    36661 tttttcattt taagtgttga cgcatgccta aagaggtgaa attaatccca tacccttaag
    36721 tctacagact ggtcacagca tttcaaggag gagacctcat tgtaagcttc tagggaggtg
    36781 gggacctagg tgaaggaaat gagccagcag aagctcacaa gtcagcatca gcgtgtcatg
    36841 tctcagcagc agaacagcac ggtcagatga aaatatagtg tgaagaattt gtataacatt
    36901 aattgagaag gcagattcac tggagttctt atataattga aagttaatgc acgttaataa
    36961 gcaagagttt agtttaatgt gatggtgtta tgaacttaac gcttgtgtct ccagaaaatt
    37021 cacatgctga atccccaact cccaattggc tccatttgtg ggggaggctt tggaaaagta
    37081 atcaggttta gaggagctca tgagagcaga tccccatcat agaattattt tcctcatcag
    37141 aagcagagag attagccatt tctcttcctt ctggtgagga cacagtggga agtcagccac
    37201 ctgcaaccca ggaagagagc cctgaccagg aaccagcaga aaagtgagaa aaaatcctgt
    37261 tgttgaagtc acccagtcta tgctattttg ttatagcacc ttgcactaag taaggcagat
    37321 gaagaaagag aaaaaaataa gcttcggtgt tcagtggatt agaaaccatg tttatctcag
    37381 gtttacaaat ctccacttgt cctctgtgtt tcagaataaa ataccaactc tactactctc
    37441 atctgtaaga tgcaaatagt aagcctgatc ccttctgtct aacttcgaat tctatttttt
    37501 cttcaacgta ctttaggctt gtaatgtgtt tatatacagt gaaatgtcaa gttctttctt
    37561 tatatttctt tctttctttt ttttcctcag cctcagagtt ttccacatgc ccttcctacc
    37621 ttcaggaact tctttctcca aacgtcttct gcctggcctc cattcaaatc ataaaggacc
    37681 cacttcaaat gccatcactc actaccattt cacaattcgc actttctttc tttgtccttt
    37741 ttttttttag taaaacaagt ttataaaaaa ttgaaggaat aaatgaatgg ctacttcata
    37801 ggcagagtag acacaagggc tactggttgc cgatttttat tgttattttt caatagtatg
    37861 ctaaacaagg ggtagattat ttatgctgcc catttttaga ccataaaaga taacttcctg
    37921 atgttgccat ggcatttttt ttccttttaa ttttatttca tttcatttta atttcgaagg
    37981 tacatgtgca ggatgtgcag gcttgttaca tgggtaaatg tgtgtctttc tggcctttta
    38041 gccatctgta tcaatgagca gatataagct ttacacagga tcatgaagga tgaaagaatt
    38101 tcaccaatat tataataatt tcaatcaacc tgatagctta ggggataaac taatttgaag
    38161 atacagcttg cctccgataa gccagaattc cagagcttct ggcattataa tctagcaagg
    38221 ttagagatca tggatcactt tcagagaaaa acaaaaacaa actaaccaaa agcaaaacag
    38281 aaccaaaaaa cctccataaa tacttcctac ccagttaatg gtccaatatg tcagaaacag
    38341 cactgtgtta gaaataaagc tgtctaaagt acactaatat tcgagttata atagtgtgtg
    38401 gactattagt caataaaaac aacccttgcc tctttagagt tgttttccat gtacacgcac
    38461 atcttatgtc ttagagtaag attccctgag aagtgaacct agcatttata caagataatt
    38521 aattctaatc cacagtacct gccaaagaac attctaccat catctttact gagcatagaa
    38581 gagctacgcc aaaaccctgg gtcatcagcc agcacacaca cttatccagt ggtaaataca
    38641 catcatctgg tgtatacata catacctgaa tatggaatca aatatttttc taagatgaaa
    38701 cagtcatgat ttatttcaaa taggtacgga taagtagata ttgaggtaag cattaggtct
    38761 tatattatgt aacactaatc tattactgcg ctgaaactgt ggtctttatg aaaattgttt
    38821 tcactacact attgagaaat taagagataa tggcaaaagt cacaaagagt atattcaaaa
    38881 agaagtatag cactttttcc ttagaaacca ctgctaactg aaagagacta agatttgtcc
    38941 cgtcaaaaat cctggaccta tgcctaaaac acatttcaca atccctgaac ttttcaaaaa
    39001 ttggtacatg ctttagcttt aaactacagg cctcactgga gctacagaca agaaggtaaa
    39061 aaacggctga caaaagaagt cctggtatcc tctatgatgg gagaaggaaa ctagctaaag
    39121 ggaagaataa attagagaaa aactggaatg actgaatcgg aacaaggcaa aggctataaa
    39181 aaaaattaag cagcagtatc ctcttggggg ccccttcccc acactatctc aatgcaaata
    39241 tctgtctgaa acggtccctg gctaaactcc acccatgggt tggccagcct tgccttgacc
    39301 aatagccttg acaaggcaaa cttgaccaat agtcttagag tatccagtga ggccaggggc
    39361 cggcggctgg ctagggatga agaataaaag gaagcaccct tcagcagttc cacacactcg
    39421 cttctggaac gtctgagatt atcaataagc tcctagtcca gacgccatgg gtcatttcac
    39481 agaggaggac aaggctacta tcacaagcct gtggggcaag gtgaatgtgg aagatgctgg
    39541 aggagaaacc ctgggaaggt aggctctggt gaccaggaca agggagggaa ggaaggaccc
    39601 tgtgcctggc aaaagtccag gtcgcttctc aggatttgtg gcaccttctg actgtcaaac
    39661 tgttcttgtc aatctcacag gctcctggtt gtctacccat ggacccagag gttctttgac
    39721 agctttggca acctgtcctc tgcctctgcc atcatgggca accccaaagt caaggcacat
    39781 ggcaagaagg tgctgacttc cttgggagat gccataaagc acctggatga tctcaagggc
    39841 acctttgccc agctgagtga actgcactgt gacaagctgc atgtggatcc tgagaacttc
    39901 aaggtgagtc caggagatgt ttcagcactg ttgcctttag tctcgaggca acttagacaa
    39961 ctgagtattg atctgagcac agcagggtgt gagctgtttg aagatactgg ggttgggagt
    40021 gaagaaactg cagaggacta actgggctga gacccagtgg caatgtttta gggcctaagg
    40081 agtgcctctg aaaatctaga tggacaactt tgactttgag aaaagagagg tggaaatgag
    40141 gaaaatgact tttctttatt agatttcggt agaaagaact ttcacctttc ccctattttt
    40201 gttattcgtt ttaaaacatc tatctggagg caggacaagt atggtcgtta aaaagatgca
    40261 ggcagaaggc atatattggc tcagtcaaag tggggaactt tggtggccaa acatacattg
    40321 ctaaggctat tcctatatca gctggacaca tataaaatgc tgctaatgct tcattacaaa
    40381 cttatatcct ttaattccag atgggggcaa agtatgtcca ggggtgagga acaattgaaa
    40441 catttgggct ggagtagatt ttgaaagtca gctctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg
    40501 tcagcgtgtg tttcttttaa cgtcttcagc ctacaacata cagggttcat ggtgggaaga
    40561 agatagcaag atttaaatta tggccagtga ctagtgcttg aaggggaaca actacctgca
    40621 tttaatggga aggcaaaatc tcaggctttg agggaagtta acataggctt gattctgggt
    40681 ggaagctggg tgtgtagtta tctggaggcc aggctggagc tctcagctca ctatgggttc
    40741 atctttattg tctcctttca tctcaacagc tcctgggaaa tgtgctggtg accgttttgg
    40801 caatccattt cggcaaagaa ttcacccctg aggtgcaggc ttcctggcag aagatggtga
    40861 ctgcagtggc cagtgccctg tcctccagat accactgagc ctcttgccca tgattcagag
    40921 ctttcaagga taggctttat tctgcaagca atacaaataa taaatctatt ctgctgagag
    40981 atcacacatg attttcttca gctctttttt ttacatcttt ttaaatatat gagccacaaa
    41041 gggtttatat tgagggaagt gtgtatgtgt atttctgcat gcctgtttgt gtttgtggtg
    41101 tgtgcatgct cctcatttat ttttatatga gatgtgcatt ttgatgagca aataaaagca
    41161 gtaaagacac ttgtacacgg gagttctgca agtgggagta aatggtgttg gagaaatccg
    41221 gtgggaagaa agacctctat aggacaggac ttctcagaaa cagatgtttt ggaagagatg
    41281 ggaaaaggtt cagtgaagac ctgggggctg gattgattgc agctgagtag caaggatggt
    41341 tcttaatgaa gggaaagtgt tccaagcttt aggaattcaa ggtttagtca ggtgtagcaa
    41401 ttctatttta ttaggaggaa tactatttct aatggcactt agcttttcac agcccttgtg
    41461 gatgcctaag aaagtgaaat taatcccatg ccctcaagtg tgcagattgg tcacagcatt
    41521 tcaagggaga gacctcattg taagactctg ggggaggtgg ggacttaggt gtaagaaatg
    41581 aatcagcaga ggctcacaag tcagcatgag catgttatgt ctgagaaaca gaccagcact
    41641 gtgagatcaa aatgtagtgg gaagaatttg tacaacatta attggaaggt ttacttaatg
    41701 gaatttttgt atagttggat gttagtgcat ctctataagt aagagtttaa tatgatggtg
    41761 ttacggacct ggtgtttgtg tctcctcaaa attcacatgc tgaatcccca actcccaact
    41821 gaccttatct gtgggggagg cttttgaaaa gtaattaggt ttagctgagc tcataagagc
    41881 agatccccat cataaaatta ttttccttat cagaagcaga gagacaagcc atttctcttt
    41941 cctcccggtg aggacacagt gagaagtccg ccatctgcaa tccaggaaga gaaccctgac
    42001 cacgagtcag ccttcagaaa tgtgagaaaa aactctgttg ttgaagccac ccagtctttt
    42061 gtattttgtt atagcacctt acactgagta aggcagatga agaaggagaa aaaaataagc
    42121 ttgggttttg agtgaactac agaccatgtt atctcaggtt tgcaaagctc ccctcgtccc
    42181 ctatgtttca gcataaaata cctactctac tactctcatc tataagaccc aaataataag
    42241 cctgcgccct tctctctaac tttgatttct cctattttta cttcaacatg ctttactcta
    42301 gccttgtaat gtctttacat acagtgaaat gtaaagttct ttattctttt tttctttctt
    42361 tcttttttct cctcagcctc agaatttggc acatgccctt ccttctttca ggaacttctc
    42421 caacatctct gcctggctcc atcatatcat aaaggtccca cttcaaatgc agtcactacc
    42481 gtttcaggat atgcactttc tttctttttt gttttttgtt ttttttaagt caaagcaaat
    42541 ttcttgagag agtaaagaaa taaacgaatg actactgcat aggcagagca gccccgaggg
    42601 ccgctggttg ttccttttat ggttatttct tgatgatatg ttaaacaagt tttggattat
    42661 ttatgccttc tctttttagg ccatataggg taactttctg acattgccat ggcatgtttc
    42721 ttttaattta atttactgtt accttaaatt caggggtaca cgtacaggat atgcaggttt
    42781 gttttatagg taaaagtgtg ccatggtttt aatgggtttt ttttttcttg taaagttgtt
    42841 taagtttctt gtttactctg gatattggcc tttgtcagaa gaatagattg gaaaatcttt
    42901 ttcccattct gtagattgtc tttcgctctg atggtagttt cttttgctga gcaggagctc
    42961 tttagtttaa ttagattcca ttggtcaatt tttgcttttg ctgcaattgc ttttcacgct
    43021 ttcatcatga aatctgtgcc cgtgtttata tcatgaatag tattgccttg atttttttct
    43081 aggcttttta tagtttgggg tttttcattt aagtctctaa tccatccgga gttaattttg
    43141 gataaggtat aaggaaggag tccagtttca tttttcagca tatggctagc cagttctccc
    43201 ccatcattta ttaaattgaa aatcctttcc ccattgcttg cttttgtcag gtttctaaaa
    43261 gacagatggt tgtaggtaca atatgcagtt tcttcaagtc atataatacc atctgaaatc
    43321 tcttattaat tcatttcttt tagtatgtat gctggtctcc tctgctcact atagtgaggg
    43381 caccattagc cagagaatct gtctgtctag ttcatgtaag attctcagaa ttaagaaaaa
    43441 tggatggcat atgaatgaaa cttcatggat gacatatgga atctaatgtg tatttgttga
    43501 attaatgcat aagatgcaac aagggaaagg ttgacaactg cagtgataac ctggtattga
    43561 tgatataaga gtctatagat cacagtagaa gcaataatca tggaaaacaa ttggaaatgg
    43621 ggaacagcca caaacaagaa agaatcaata ctaccaggaa agtgactgca ggtcactttt
    43681 cctggagcgg gtgagagaaa agtggaagtt gcagtaactg ccgaattcct ggttggctga
    43741 tggaaagatg gggcaactgt tcactggtac gcagggtttt agatgtatgt acctaaggat
    43801 atgaggtatg gcaatgaaca gaaattcttt tgggaatgag ttttagggcc attaaaggac
    43861 atgacctgaa gtttcctctg aggccagtcc ccacaactca atataaatgt gtttcctgca
    43921 tatagtcaaa gttgccactt ctttttcttc atatcatcga tctctgctct taaagataat
    43981 cttggttttg cctcaaactg tttgtcacta caaactttcc ccatgttcct aagtaaaaca
    44041 ggtaactgcc tctcaactat atcaagtaga ctaaaatatt gtgtctctaa tatcagaaat
    44101 tcagctttaa tatattgggt ttaactcttt gaaatttaga gtctccttga aatacacatg
    44161 ggggtgattt cctaaacttt atttcttgta aggatttatc tcaggggtaa cacacaaacc
    44221 agcatcctga acctctaagt atgaggacag taagccttaa gaatataaaa taaactgttc
    44281 ttctctctgc cggtggaagt gtgccctgtc tattcctgaa attgcttgtt tgagacgcat
    44341 gagacgtgca gcacatgaga cacgtgcagc agcctgtgga atattgtcag tgaagaatgt
    44401 ctttgcctga ttagatataa agacaagtta aacacagcat tagactatag atcaagcctg
    44461 tgccagacac aaatgaccta atgcccagca cgggccacgg aatctcctat cctcttgctt
    44521 gaacagagca gcacacttct cccccaacac tattagatgt tctggcataa ttttgtagat
    44581 atgtaggatt tgacatggac tattgttcaa tgattcagag gaaatctcct ttgttcagat
    44641 aagtacactg actactaaat ggattaaaaa acacagtaat aaaacccagt tttcccctta
    44701 cttccctagt ttgtttctta ttctgctttc ttccaagttg atgctggata gaggtgttta
    44761 tttctattct aaaaagtgat gaaattggcc gggcgcggtg gctcacacct gtaatcccag
    44821 cactttggga ggctgaggtg ggcggatcac gaggtcagga gatcaagacc atcctggcta
    44881 acatggtgaa accccatctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccagagac ggtggcgggt
    44941 gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tggcgtgaac ctgggaggca
    45001 gagctgcagt gagcagagat cgcgccactg cacactccag cctgggtgac aaagcgagac
    45061 tccatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaag aaagaaaaaa aaagtgatga
    45121 aattgtgtat tcaatgtagt ctcaagagaa ttgaaaacca agaaaggctg tggcttcttc
    45181 cacataaagc ctggatgaat aacaggataa cacgttgtta cattgtcaca actcctgatc
    45241 caggaattga tggctaagat attcgtaatt cttatccttt tcagttgtaa cttattccta
    45301 tttgtcagca ttcaggttat tagcggctgc tggcgaagtc cttgagaaat aaactgcaca
    45361 ctggatggtg ggggtagtgt aggaaaatgg aggggaagga agtaaagttt caaattaagc
    45421 ctgaacagca aagttcccct gagaaggcca cctggattct atcagaaact cgaatgtcca
    45481 tcttgcaaaa cttccttgcc caaaccccac ccctggagtc acaacccacc cttgaccaat
    45541 agattcattt cactgaggga ggcaaagggc tggtcaatag attcatttca ctgggagagg
    45601 caaagggctg ggggccagag aggagaagta aaaagccaca catgaagcag caatgcaggc
    45661 atgcttctgg ctcatctgtg atcaccagga aactcccaga tctgacactg tagtgcattt
    45721 cactgctgac aagaaggctg ctgccaccag cctgtgaagc aaggttaagg tgagaaggct
    45781 ggaggtgaga ttctgggcag gtaggtactg gaagccggga caaggtgcag aaaggcagaa
    45841 agtgtttctg aaagagggat tagcccgttg tcttacatag tctgactttg cacctgctct
    45901 gtgattatga ctatcccaca gtctcctggt tgtctaccca tggacctaga ggtactttga
    45961 aagttttgga tatctgggct ctgactgtgc aataatgggc aaccccaaag tcaaggcaca
    46021 tggcaagaag gtgctgatct ccttcggaaa agctgttatg ctcacggatg acctcaaagg
    46081 cacctttgct acactgagtg acctgcactg taacaagctg cacgtggacc ctgagaactt
    46141 cctggtgagt agtaagtaca ctcacgcttt cttctttacc cttagatatt tgcactatgg
    46201 gtacttttga aagcagaggt ggctttctct tgtgttatga gtcagctatg ggatatgata
    46261 tttcagcagt gggattttga gagttatgtt gctgtaaata acataactaa aatttggtag
    46321 agcaaggact atgaataatg gaaggccact taccatttga tagctctgaa aaacacatct
    46381 tataaaaaat tctggccaaa atcaaactga gtgttttgga tgagggaaca gaagttgaga
    46441 tagagaaaat aacatctttc ctttggtcag cgaaattttc tataaaaatt aatagtcact
    46501 tttctgcata gtcctggagg ttagaaaaag atcaactgaa caaagtagtg ggaagctgtt
    46561 aaaagaggat tgtttccctc cgaatgatga tggtatactt ttgtacgcat ggtacaggat
    46621 tctttgttat gagtgtttgg gaaaattgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgtg atgactgggg
    46681 acttatccta tccattactg ttccttgaag tactattatc ctacttttta aaaggacgaa
    46741 gtctctaaaa aaaaaatgaa acaatcacaa tatgttgggg tagtgagttg gcatagcaag
    46801 taagagaagg ataggacaca atgggaggtg cagggctgcc agtcatattg aagctgatat
    46861 ctagcccata atggtgagag ttgctcaaac tctggtcaaa aaggatgtaa gtgttatatc
    46921 tatttactgc aagtccagct tgaggccttc tattcactat gtaccatttt cttttttatc
    46981 ttcactccct ccccagctct taggcaacgt gatattgatt gttttggcaa cccacttcag
    47041 cgaggatttt accctacaga tacaggcttc ttggcagtaa ctaacaaatg ctgtggttaa
    47101 tgctgtagcc cacaagacca ctgagttccc tgtccactat gtttgtacct atgtcccaaa
    47161 atctcatctc ctttagatgg gggaggttgg ggagaagagc agtatcctgc ctgctgattc
    47221 agttcctgca tgataaaaat agaataaaga aatatgctct ctaagaaata tcattgtact
    47281 ctttttctgt ctttatattt taccctgatt cagccaaaag gacgcactat ttctgatgga
    47341 aatgagaatg ttggagaatg ggagtttaag gacagagaag atactttctt gcaatcctgc
    47401 aagaaaagag agaactcgtg ggtggattta gtggggtagt tactcctagg aaggggaaat
    47461 cgtctctaga ataagacaat gtttttacag aaagggaggt caatggaggt actctttgga
    47521 ggtgtaagag gattgttggt agtgtgtaga ggtatgttag gactcaaatt agaagttctg
    47581 tataggctat tatttgtatg aaactcagga tatagctcat ttggtgactg cagttcactt
    47641 ctacttattt taaacaacat attttttatg atttataatg aagtggggat ggggcttcct
    47701 agagaccaat caagggccaa accttgaact ttctcttaac gtcttcaatg gtattaatag
    47761 agaattatct ctaaggcatg tgaactggct gtcttggttt tcatctgtac ttcatctgct
    47821 acctctgtga cctgaaacat atttataatt ccattaagct gtgcatatga tagatttatc
    47881 atatgtattt tccttaaagg atttttgtaa gaactaattg aattgatacc tgtaaagtct
    47941 ttatcacact acccaataaa taataaatct ctttgttcag ctctctgttt ctataaatat
    48001 gtacaagttt tattgttttt agtggtagtg attttattct ctttctatat atatacacac
    48061 acatgtgtgc attcataaat atatacaatt tttatgaata aaaaattatt agcaatcaat
    48121 attgaaaacc actgattttt gtttatgtga gcaaacagca gattaaaagg ctgagattta
    48181 ggaaacagca cgttaagtca agttgataga ggagaatatg gacatttaaa agaggcagga
    48241 tgatataaaa ttagggaaac tggatgcaga gaccagatga agtaagaaaa atagctatcg
    48301 ttttgagcaa aaatcactga agtttcttgc atatgagagt gacataataa atagggaaac
    48361 gtagaaaatt gattcacatg tatatatata tatagaactg attagacaaa gtctaacttg
    48421 ggtatagtca gaggagcttg ctgtaattat attgaggtga tggataaaga actgaagttg
    48481 atggaaacaa tgaagttaag aaaaaaaatc gagtaagaga ccattgtggc agtgattgca
    48541 cagaactgga aaacattgtg aaacagagag tcagagatga cagctaaaat ccctgtctgt
    48601 gaatgaaaag aaggaaattt attgacagaa cagcaaatgc ctacaagccc cctgtttgga
    48661 tctggcaatg aacgtagcca ttctgtggca atcacttcaa actcctgtac ccaagaccct
    48721 taggaagtat gtagcaccct caaacctaaa acctcaaaga aagaggtttt agaagatata
    48781 ataccctttc ttctccagtt tcattaatcc caaaacctct ttctcaaagt atttcctcta
    48841 tgtgtccacc ccaaagagct cacctcacca tatctcttga gtgggagcac atagataggc
    48901 ggtgctacca tctaacagct tctgaaattc ctttgtcata tttttgagtc cccactaata
    48961 acccacaaag cagaataaat accagttgct catgtacaat aatcactcaa ctgctgtctt
    49021 gtagcataca ttaattaagc acattctttg aataattact gtgtccaaac aatcacactt
    49081 taaaatctca cacttgtgct atcccttgcc cttctgaatg tcactctgta ttttaaatga
    49141 agagatgagg gttgaatttc ctgtgttact tattgttcat ttctcgatga ggagttttca
    49201 cattcacctt tactggaaaa cacataagta cacatcttac aggaaaaata taccaaactg
    49261 acatgtagca tgaatgcttg tgcatgtagt catataaaat cttgtagcaa tgtaaacatt
    49321 ctctgatata cacatacaga tgtgtctata tgtctacaca atttcttatg ctccatgaac
    49381 aaacattcca tgcacacata agaacacaca ctgttacaga tgcatacttg agtgcattga
    49441 caaaattacc ccagtcaatc tagagaattt ggatttctgc atttgactct gttagctttg
    49501 tacatgctgt tcatttactc tgggtgatgt ctttccctca ttttgccttg tctatcttgt
    49561 actcatactt taagtcctaa cttatatgtt atctcaacta agaagctatt tttttttaat
    49621 tttaactggg cttaaagccc tgtctataaa ctctgctaca attatgggct ctttcttata
    49681 atatttagtg tttttcctac taatgtactt aatctgctca ttgtatattc ctaccactaa
    49741 attttaacct cttttatggt agagacattg tcttgtaaac tcttatttcc ctagtatttg
    49801 gagatgaaaa aaaagattaa attatccaaa attagatctc tcttttctac attatgagta
    49861 ttacactatc catagggaag tttgtttgag acctaaactg aggaaccttt ggttctaaaa
    49921 tgactatgtg atatcttagt atttataggt catgaggttc cttcctctgc ctctgctata
    49981 gtttgattag tcagcaagca tgtgtcatgc atttattcac atcagaattt catacactaa
    50041 taagacatag tatcagaagt cagtttatta gttatatcag ttagggtcca tcaaggaaag
    50101 gacaaaccat tatcagttac tcaacctaga attaaataca gctcttaata gttaattatc
    50161 cttgtattgg aagagctaaa atatcaaata aaggacagtg cagaaatcta gatgttagta
    50221 acatcagaaa acctcttccg ccattaggcc tagaagggca gaaggagaaa atgtttatac
    50281 caccagagtc cagaaccaga gcccataacc agaggtccac tggattcagt gagctagtgg
    50341 gtgctccttg gagagagcca gaactgtcta atgggggcat caaagtatca gccataaaaa
    50401 accataaaaa agactgtctg ctgtaggaga tccgttcaga gagagagaga gaccagaaat
    50461 aatcttgctt atgctttccc tcagccagtg tttaccattg cagaatgtac atgcgactga
    50521 aagggtgagg aaacctggga aatgtcagtt cctcaaatac agagaacact gagggaagga
    50581 tgagaaataa atgtgaaagc agacatgaat ggtaattgac agaaggaaac taggatgtgt
    50641 ccagtaaatg aataattaca gtgtgcagtg attattgcaa tgattaatgt attgataaga
    50701 taatatgaaa acacagaatt caaacagcag tgaactgaga ttagaattgt ggagagcact
    50761 ggcatttaag aatgtcacac ttagaatgtg tctctaggca ttgttctgtg catatatcat
    50821 ctcaatattc attatctgaa aattatgaat taggtacaaa gctcaaataa tttatttttt
    50881 caggttagca agaacttttt tttttttttt ttctgagatg gagcattgct atggttgccc
    50941 aggctggagt gcaatggcat gatccaggct cactgcaaca tctgcctccc aggttcaagc
    51001 gattctcctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct ggcattacag gcatgtgcca ccaccatgcc
    51061 tggctaattt tctattttta gtagataggg ggtttcacca tgttggtcag gctgatctcg
    51121 aactcctaac atcaggtgat ccaccctcct cggcctctga atgtactggg atcacaggcg
    51181 tgagccacca cacccagcca agaatgtgaa ttttgtagaa ggatataacc catatttctc
    51241 tgaccctaga gtccttagta tacctcccat accatgtggc tcatcctcct tacatacatt
    51301 tcccatcttt caccctacct tttccttttt gtttcagctt ttcactgtgt gtcaaaatct
    51361 agaaccttat ctcctacctg ctctgaaacc aacagcaagt tgacttccat tctaacccac
    51421 attggcatta cactaattaa aatcgatact gagttctaaa atcatctggg attttgggga
    51481 ctatgtctta cttcatactt ccttgagatt tcacattaaa tgttggtgtt cattaaaggt
    51541 ccttcattta actttgtatt catcacactc ttggattcac agttatatct aaactcttat
    51601 atatagcctg tataatccca attcccaagt ctgatttcta acctctgacc tccaacctca
    51661 gtgccaaacc catatatcaa acaatgtact gggcttattt atatagatgt cctataggca
    51721 cctcagactc agcatgggta tttcacttgt tatactaaaa ctgtttctct tccagtgttt
    51781 tccattttag tcattagata gctacttgcc cattcaccaa ggtcacagat taaaatcatt
    51841 tccctacctc taatcaacag ttcaattctg cttcaatttg tccctatcta ttaatcacca
    51901 ctcttactgc ccagtcaggt cctcattgtt tcctgaacaa gagtagatgc tattctttcc
    51961 actttaagac cttatcctgg ctggatgcgg tggctcaggc ttgtaaaccc agcactttgg
    52021 gaggccgagg caggcagatc acttgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg accaacatgg
    52081 tgaaacccca tctctactaa aaatacaaaa tcagccgggc gtgtggtgca tgcctgcagt
    52141 cccagctatt caggtggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa cccaggaggc ggaggttgcg
    52201 gtgagcctag attgcaccat tgcactctag cttgggcaat agggatgaaa ctccatctca
    52261 gaagagaaaa gaaaaaaaga ccttattctg ttacacaaat cctctcaatg caatccatat
    52321 agaataaaca tgtaaccaga tctcccaatg tgtaaaatca tttcaggtag aacagaatta
    52381 aagtgaaaag ccaagtcttt ggaattaaca gacaaagttc aaataacagt cctcatggcc
    52441 ttaagaattt acctaacatt ttttttagaa tcaattttct tatatatgaa ttggaaacat
    52501 aattcctccc tcacaaacac attctaagat tttaaggaga tattgatgaa gtacatcatc
    52561 tgtcattttt aacagttagt ggtagtgatt cacacagcac attatgatct gttcttgtat
    52621 gttctgttcc attctgtatt cttgacctgg ttgtattctt tctgagctcc agatccacat
    52681 atctaagtac atctttttgc attttacaag agtgcataca atacaatgta tccaagactg
    52741 tatttctgat tttatcgtac cactaaactc acaaatgtgg ccctattctt gtgttcacga
    52801 ctgacatcac cgtcatggtc caagtctgat aatagaaatg gcattgtcac tttcttccct
    52861 actgcaacag aagcccagct atttgtctcc cattttctct acttctaaaa tacatttctt
    52921 cactaagtga gaataatctt ttaaagacac aaatcaaacc atgccaccac ctttcttgaa
    52981 ttattcaata tctttcgttg gcttccaggt tacagaaaaa taacttgtaa caaagtttaa
    53041 aggtcattca tggctcctct ctaccctatt ttataacatt tccccttgtg atcagaatct
    53101 caggcacatc atccatcttt ctatatacaa ataaagtcat atagtttgaa ctcacctctg
    53161 gttactttta atcaaccaaa tgctgtaaaa tgcatttgta tcgctacgtg ttaagcagta
    53221 gttgattctt ttcatttctt gttaatattc tattctttga ctataccgta atttatcaat
    53281 tctactgttg gtaagcattt aagtggctac cggtttgagg tttttatgat tattgctgtc
    53341 ataagcattt ctatacatgt ctttggatac acacatgcat gtgtttctga atatctaaaa
    53401 atgtaattgc taggtaatag acttatcaag catccagcat ttgtggatac tattaaaggt
    53461 tttccaaagg ggttatacta ttgtacagtg tcaccaacag agtttgagtt tctattgatc
    53521 catatcacca ccaaaatttg aactgtcagt cttatctctt ctcttgtctc ttttttcctc
    53581 ttttttttcc ttcccttccc ctctcttcgt ttcttttctc tcctcttctc ttctttcctc
    53641 tcttcccttc cctttctctt tctcttccct atcccttctc ctctcctctc ccctcctttt
    53701 ttctcctctc ctctccatta tttatttttc cttcttctcc tccatccctt ccatcctctc
    53761 tcttcccctc ttccttcctt cctttctcca tttcttcctc ctctttccct caatccttcc
    53821 ttttggatat gctcatgggt gtgtatttgt ctgccattgt ggcattattt gaattcagaa
    53881 aagagtgaaa aactactggg atcttcattc tgggtctaat tccacatttt tttttaagaa
    53941 cacactctgt aaaaatgttc tgtactagca tattcccagg aacttcgtta aatttaatct
    54001 ggctgaatat ggtaaatcta ctttgcactt tgcattcttt ctttagtcat accataattt
    54061 taaacattca aaatatttgt atataatatt tgattttatc tgtcattaaa atgttaacct
    54121 taaaattcat gtttccagaa cctatttcaa taactggtaa ataaacacta ttcatttttt
    54181 aaatattctt ttaatggata tttatttcaa tataataaaa aattagagtt ttattatagg
    54241 aagaatttac caaaagaagg aggaagcaag caagtttaaa ctgcagcaat agttgtccat
    54301 tccaacctct caaaattccc ttggagacaa aatctctaga ggcaaagaag aactttatat
    54361 tgagtcaact tgttaaaaca tctgctttta gataagtttt cttagtataa agtgacagaa
    54421 acaaataagt taaactctaa gatacattcc actatattag cctaaaacac ttctgcaaaa
    54481 atgaaactag gaggatattt ttagaaacaa ctgctgaaag agatgcggtg gggagatatg
    54541 cagaggagaa cagggtttct gagtcaagac acacatgaca gaacagccaa tctcagggca
    54601 agttaaggga atagtggaat gaaggttcat ttttcattct cacaaactaa tgaaaccctg
    54661 cttatcttaa accaacctgc tcactggagc agggaggaca ggaccagcat aaaaggcagg
    54721 gcagagtcga ctgttgctta cactttcttc tgacataaca gtgttcacta gcaacctcaa
    54781 acagacacca tggtgcatct gactcctgag gagaagactg ctgtcaatgc cctgtggggc
    54841 aaagtgaacg tggatgcagt tggtggtgag gccctgggca ggttggtatc aaggttataa
    54901 gagaggctca aggaggcaaa tggaaactgg gcatgtgtag acagagaaga ctcttgggtt
    54961 tctgataggc actgactctc tgtcccttgg gctgttttcc taccctcaga ttactggtgg
    55021 tctacccttg gacccagagg ttctttgagt cctttgggga tctgtcctct cctgatgctg
    55081 ttatgggcaa ccctaaggtg aaggctcatg gcaagaaggt gctaggtgcc tttagtgatg
    55141 gcctggctca cctggacaac ctcaagggca ctttttctca gctgagtgag ctgcactgtg
    55201 acaagctgca cgtggatcct gagaacttca gggtgagtcc aggagatgct tcacttttct
    55261 ctttttactt tctaatctta cattttggtt cttttaccta cctgctcttc tcccacattt
    55321 ttgtcatttt actatatttt atcatttaat gcttctaaaa ttttgttaat tttttattta
    55381 aatattctgc attttttcct tcctcacaat cttgctattt taaattattt aatatcctgt
    55441 ctttctctcc caaccccctc ccttcatttt tccttctcta acaacaactc aaattatgca
    55501 taccagctct cacctgctaa ttctgcactt agaataatcc ttttgtctct ccacatgggt
    55561 atgggagagg ctccaactca aagatgagag gcatagaata ctgttttaga ggctataaat
    55621 cattttacaa taaggaataa ttggaatttt ataaattctg tagtaaatgg aatggaaagg
    55681 aaagtgaata tttgattatg aaagactagg cagttacact ggaggtgggg cagaagtcgt
    55741 tgctaggaga cagcccatca tcacactgat taatcaatta atttgtatct attaatctgt
    55801 ttatagtaat taatttgtat atgctatata cacatacaaa attaaaacta atttggaatt
    55861 aatttgtata tagtattata cagcatatat agcatatatg tacatatata gactacatgc
    55921 tagttaagta catagaggat gtgtgtgtat agatatatgt tatatgtatg cattcatata
    55981 tgtacttatt tatgctgatg ggaataacct ggggatcagt tttgtctaag atttgggcag
    56041 aaaaaaatgg gtgttggctc agtttctcag aagccagtct ttatttctct gttaaccata
    56101 tgcatgtatc tgcctacctc ttctccgcag ctcttgggca atgtgctggt gtgtgtgctg
    56161 gcccgcaact ttggcaagga attcacccca caaatgcagg ctgcctatca gaaggtggtg
    56221 gctggtgtgg ctaatgccct ggctcacaag taccattgag atcctggact gtttcctgat
    56281 aaccataaga agaccctatt tccctagatt ctattttctg aacttgggaa cacaatgcct
    56341 acttcaaggg tatggcttct gcctaataaa gaatgttcag ctcaacttcc tgattaattt
    56401 cacttatttc atttttttgt ccaggtgtgt aagaaggttc ctgaggctct acagataggg
    56461 agcacttgtt tattttacaa agagtacatg ggaaaagaga aaagcaaggg aaccgtacaa
    56521 ggcattaatg ggtgacactt ctacctccaa agagcagaaa ttatcaagaa ctcttgatac
    56581 aaagataata ctggcactgc agaggttcta gggaagacct caaccctaag acatagcctc
    56641 aagggtaata gctacgatta aactccaaca attactgaga aaataatgtg ctcaattaaa
    56701 ggcataatga ttactcaaga caatgttatg ttgtctttct tcctccttcc tttgcctgca
    56761 cattgtagcc cataatacta taccccatca agtgttcctg ctccaagaaa tagcttcctc
    56821 ctcttacttg ccccagaaca tctctgtaaa gaatttcctc ttatcttccc atatttcagt
    56881 caagattcat tgctcacgta ttacttgtga cctctcttga ccccagccac aataaacttc
    56941 tctatactac ccaaaaaatc tttccaaacc ctccccgaca ccatattttt atatttttct
    57001 tatttatttc atgcacacac acacactccg tgctttataa gcaattctgc ctattctcta
    57061 ccttcttaca atgcctactg tgcctcatat taaattcatc aatgggcaga aagaaaatat
    57121 ttattcaaga aaacagtgaa tgaatgaacg aatgagtaaa tgagtaaatg aaggaatgat
    57181 tattccttgc tttagaactt ctggaattag aggacaatat taataatacc atcgcacagt
    57241 gtttctttgt tgttaatgct acaacataca aagaggaagc atgcagtaaa caaccgaaca
    57301 gttatttcct ttctgatcat aggagtaata tttttttcct tgagcacatt tttgccatag
    57361 gtaaaattag aaggattttt agaactttct cagttgtata catttttaaa aatctgtatt
    57421 atatgcatgt tgattaattt taaacttact tgaataccta aacagaatct gttgtttcct
    57481 tgtgtttgaa agtgctttca cagtaactct gtctgtactg ccagaatata ctgacaatgt
    57541 gttatagtta actgttttga tcacaacatt ttgaattgac tggcagcaga agctcttttt
    57601 atatccatgt gttttcctta agtcattata catagtaggc atgagactct ttatactgaa
    57661 taagatattt aggaaccact ggtttacata tcagaagcag agctactcag ggcattttgg
    57721 ggaagatcac tttcacattc ctgagcatag ggaagttctc ataagagtaa gatattaaaa
    57781 ggagatactt gtgtggtatt cgaaagacag taagagagat tgtagacctt atgatcttga
    57841 tagggaaaac aaactacatt cctttctcca aaagtcaaaa aaaaagagca aatatagctt
    57901 actatacctt ctattcctac accattagaa gtagtcagtg agtctaggca agatgttggc
    57961 cctaaaaatc caaataccag agaattcatg agaacatcac ctggatggga catgtgccga
    58021 gcaacacaat tactatatgc taggcattgc tatcttcata ttgaagatga ggaggtcaag
    58081 agatgaaaaa agacttggca ccttgttgtt atattaaaat tatttgttag agtagagctt
    58141 ttgtaagagt ctaggagtgt gggagctaaa tgatgataca catggacaca aagaatagat
    58201 caacagacac ccaggcctac ttgagggttg agggtgggaa gagggagacg atgaaaaaga
    58261 acctattggg tattaagttc atcactgagt gatgaaataa tctgtacatc aagacccagt
    58321 gatatgcaat ttacctatat aacttgtaca tgtaccccca aatttaaaat aaagttaaaa
    58381 caaagtatag gaatggaatt aattcctcaa gatttggctt taattttatt tgataattta
    58441 tcaaatggtt gtttttcttt tctcactatg gcgttgcttt ataaactatg ttcagtatgt
    58501 ctgaatgaaa gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaaa gagagggaga gaggaaggga agagaggacg
    58561 taataatgtg aatttgagtt catgaaaatt tttcaataaa ataatttaat gtcaggagaa
    58621 ttaagcctaa tagtctccta aatcatccat ctcttgagct tcagagcagt cctctgaatt
    58681 aatgcctaca tgtttgtaaa gggtgttcag actgaagcca agattctacc tctaaagaga
    58741 tgcaatctca aatttatctg aagactgtac ctctgctctc cataaattga caccatggcc
    58801 cacttaatga ggttaaaaaa aagctaattc tgaatgaaaa tctgagccca gtggaggaaa
    58861 tattaatgaa caaggtgcag actgaaatat aaattttctg taataattat gcatatactt
    58921 tagcaaagtt ctgtctatgt tgactttatt gcttttggta agaaatacaa ctttttaaag
    58981 tgaactaaac tatcctattt ccaaactatt ttgtgtgtgt gcggtttgtt tctatgggtt
    59041 ctggttttct tggagcattt ttatttcatt ttaattaatt aattctgaga gctgctgagt
    59101 tgtgtttact gagagattgt gtatctgcga gagaagtctg tagcaagtag ctagactgtg
    59161 cttgacctag gaacatatac agtagattgc taaaatgtct cacttgggga attttagact
    59221 aaacagtaga gcatgtataa aaatactcta gtcaagtgct gcttttgaaa caaatgataa
    59281 aaccacactc ccatagatga gtgtcatgat tttcatggag gaagttaata ttcatcctct
    59341 aagtataccc agactagggc cattctgata taaaacatta ggacttaaga aagattaata
    59401 gactggagta aaggaaatgg acctctgtct ctctcgctgt ctcttttttg aggacttgtg
    59461 tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt gtggtcagtg gggctggaat aaaagtagaa
    59521 tagacctgca cctgctgtgg catccattca cagagtagaa gcaagctcac aatagtgaag
    59581 atgtcagtaa gcttgaatag tttttcagga actttgaatg ctgatttaga tttgaaactg
    59641 aggctctgac cataaccaaa tttgcactat ttattgcttc ttgaaactta tttgcctggt
    59701 atgcctgggc ttttgatggt cttagtatag cttgcagcct tgtccctgca gggtattatg
    59761 ggtaatagaa agaaaagtct gcgttacact ctagtcacac taagtaacta ccattggaaa
    59821 agcaacccct gccttgaagc caggatgatg gtatctgcag cagttgccaa cacaagagaa
    59881 ggatccatag ttcatcattt aaaaaagaaa acaaaataga aaaaggaaaa ctatttctga
    59941 gcataagaag ttgtagggta agtctttaag aaggtgacaa tttctgccaa tcaggatttc
    60001 aaagctcttg ctttgacaat tttggtcttt cagaatacta taaatataac ctatattata
    60061 atttcataaa gtctgtgcat tttctttgac ccaggatatt tgcaaaagac atattcaaac
    60121 ttccgcagaa cactttattt cacatataca tgcctcttat atcagggatg tgaaacaggg
    60181 tcttgaaaac tgtctaaatc taaaacaatg ctaatgcagg tttaaattta ataaaataaa
    60241 atccaaaatc taacagccaa gtcaaatctg tatgttttaa catttaaaat attttaaaga
    60301 cgtcttttcc caggattcaa catgtgaaat cttttctcag ggatacacgt gtgcctagat
    60361 cctcattgct ttagtttttt acagaggaat gaatataaaa agaaaatact taaattttat
    60421 ccctcttacc tctataatca tacataggca taatttttta acctaggctc cagatagcca
    60481 tagaagaacc aaacactttc tgcgtgtgtg agaataatca gagtgagatt ttttcacaag
    60541 tacctgatga gggttgagac aggtagaaaa agtgagagat ctctatttat ttagcaataa
    60601 tagagaaagc atttaagaga ataaagcaat ggaaataaga aatttgtaaa tttccttctg
    60661 ataactagaa atagaggatc cagtttcttt tggttaacct aaattttatt tcattttatt
    60721 gttttatttt attttatttt attttatttt gtgtaatcgt agtttcagag tgttagagct
    60781 gaaaggaaga agtaggagaa acatgcaaag taaaagtata acactttcct tactaaaccg
    60841 actgggtttc caggtagggg caggattcag gatgactgac agggccctta gggaacactg
    60901 agaccctacg ctgacctcat aaatgcttgc tacctttgct gttttaatta catcttttaa
    60961 tagcaggaag cagaactctg cacttcaaaa gtttttcctc acctgaggag ttaatttagt
    61021 acaaggggaa aaagtacagg gggatgggag aaaggcgatc acgttgggaa gctatagaga
    61081 aagaagagta aattttagta aaggaggttt aaacaaacaa aatataaaga gaaataggaa
    61141 cttgaatcaa ggaaatgatt ttaaaacgca gtattcttag tggactagag gaaaaaaata
    61201 atctgagcca agtagaagac cttttcccct cctaccccta ctttctaagt cacagaggct
    61261 ttttgttccc ccagacactc ttgcagatta gtccaggcag aaacagttag atgtccccag
    61321 ttaacctcct atttgacacc actgattacc ccattgatag tcacactttg ggttgtaagt
    61381 gactttttat ttatttgtat ttttgactgc attaagaggt ctctagtttt ttatctcttg
    61441 tttcccaaaa cctaataagt aactaatgca cagagcacat tgatttgtat ttattctatt
    61501 tttagacata atttattagc atgcatgagc aaattaagaa aaacaacaac aaatgaatgc
    61561 atatatatgt atatgtatgt gtgtatatat acacatatat atatatattt tttttctttt
    61621 cttaccagaa ggttttaatc caaataagga gaagatatgc ttagaactga ggtagagttt
    61681 tcatccattc tgtcctgtaa gtattttgca tattctggag acgcaggaag agatccatct
    61741 acatatccca aagctgaatt atggtagaca aagctcttcc acttttagtg catcaatttc
    61801 ttatttgtgt aataagaaaa ttgggaaaac gatcttcaat atgcttacca agctgtgatt
    61861 ccaaatatta cgtaaataca cttgcaaagg aggatgtttt tagtagcaat ttgtactgat
    61921 ggtatggggc caagagatat atcttagagg gagggctgag ggtttgaagt ccaactccta
    61981 agccagtgcc agaagagcca aggacaggta cggctgtcat cacttagacc tcaccctgtg
    62041 gagccacacc ctagggttgg ccaatctact cccaggagca gggagggcag gagccagggc
    62101 tgggcataaa agtcagggca gagccatcta ttgcttacat ttgcttctga cacaactgtg
    62161 ttcactagca acctcaaaca gacaccatgg tgcacctgac tcctgaggag aagtctgccg
    62221 ttactgccct gtggggcaag gtgaacgtgg atgaagttgg tggtgaggcc ctgggcaggt
    62281 tggtatcaag gttacaagac aggtttaagg agaccaatag aaactgggca tgtggagaca
    62341 gagaagactc ttgggtttct gataggcact gactctctct gcctattggt ctattttccc
    62401 acccttaggc tgctggtggt ctacccttgg acccagaggt tctttgagtc ctttggggat
    62461 ctgtccactc ctgatgctgt tatgggcaac cctaaggtga aggctcatgg caagaaagtg
    62521 ctcggtgcct ttagtgatgg cctggctcac ctggacaacc tcaagggcac ctttgccaca
    62581 ctgagtgagc tgcactgtga caagctgcac gtggatcctg agaacttcag ggtgagtcta
    62641 tgggaccctt gatgttttct ttccccttct tttctatggt taagttcatg tcataggaag
    62701 gggagaagta acagggtaca gtttagaatg ggaaacagac gaatgattgc atcagtgtgg
    62761 aagtctcagg atcgttttag tttcttttat ttgctgttca taacaattgt tttcttttgt
    62821 ttaattcttg ctttcttttt ttttcttctc cgcaattttt actattatac ttaatgcctt
    62881 aacattgtgt ataacaaaag gaaatatctc tgagatacat taagtaactt aaaaaaaaac
    62941 tttacacagt ctgcctagta cattactatt tggaatatat gtgtgcttat ttgcatattc
    63001 ataatctccc tactttattt tcttttattt ttaattgata cataatcatt atacatattt
    63061 atgggttaaa gtgtaatgtt ttaatatgtg tacacatatt gaccaaatca gggtaatttt
    63121 gcatttgtaa ttttaaaaaa tgctttcttc ttttaatata cttttttgtt tatcttattt
    63181 ctaatacttt ccctaatctc tttctttcag ggcaataatg atacaatgta tcatgcctct
    63241 ttgcaccatt ctaaagaata acagtgataa tttctgggtt aaggcaatag caatatttct
    63301 gcatataaat atttctgcat ataaattgta actgatgtaa gaggtttcat attgctaata
    63361 gcagctacaa tccagctacc attctgcttt tattttatgg ttgggataag gctggattat
    63421 tctgagtcca agctaggccc ttttgctaat catgttcata cctcttatct tcctcccaca
    63481 gctcctgggc aacgtgctgg tctgtgtgct ggcccatcac tttggcaaag aattcacccc
    63541 accagtgcag gctgcctatc agaaagtggt ggctggtgtg gctaatgccc tggcccacaa
    63601 gtatcactaa gctcgctttc ttgctgtcca atttctatta aaggttcctt tgttccctaa
    63661 gtccaactac taaactgggg gatattatga agggccttga gcatctggat tctgcctaat
    63721 aaaaaacatt tattttcatt gcaatgatgt atttaaatta tttctgaata ttttactaaa
    63781 aagggaatgt gggaggtcag tgcatttaaa acataaagaa atgaagagct agttcaaacc
    63841 ttgggaaaat acactatatc ttaaactcca tgaaagaagg tgaggctgca aacagctaat
    63901 gcacattggc aacagccctg atgcctatgc cttattcatc cctcagaaaa ggattcaagt
    63961 agaggcttga tttggaggtt aaagttttgc tatgctgtat tttacattac ttattgtttt
    64021 agctgtcctc atgaatgtct tttcactacc catttgctta tcctgcatct ctcagccttg
    64081 actccactca gttctcttgc ttagagatac cacctttccc ctgaagtgtt ccttccatgt
    64141 tttacggcga gatggtttct cctcgcctgg ccactcagcc ttagttgtct ctgttgtctt
    64201 atagaggtct acttgaagaa ggaaaaacag ggggcatggt ttgactgtcc tgtgagccct
    64261 tcttccctgc ctcccccact cacagtgacc cggaatctgc agtgctagtc tcccggaact
    64321 atcactcttt cacagtctgc tttggaagga ctgggcttag tatgaaaagt taggactgag
    64381 aagaatttga aagggggctt tttgtagctt gatattcact actgtcttat taccctatca
    64441 taggcccacc ccaaatggaa gtcccattct tcctcaggat gtttaagatt agcattcagg
    64501 aagagatcag aggtctgctg gctcccttat catgtccctt atggtgcttc tggctctgca
    64561 gttattagca tagtgttacc atcaaccacc ttaacttcat ttttcttatt caatacctag
    64621 gtaggtagat gctagattct ggaaataaaa tatgagtctc aagtggtcct tgtcctctct
    64681 cccagtcaaa ttctgaatct agttggcaag attctgaaat caaggcatat aatcagtaat
    64741 aagtgatgat agaagggtat atagaagaat tttattatat gagagggtga aacctaaaat
    64801 gaaatgaaat cagacccttg tcttacacca taaacaaaaa taaatttgaa tgggttaaag
    64861 aattaaacta agacctaaaa ccataaaaat ttttaaagaa atcaaaagaa gaaaattcta
    64921 atattcatgt tgcagccgtt ttttgaattt gatatgagaa gcaaaggcaa caaaaggaaa
    64981 aataaagaag tgaggctaca tcaaactaaa aaatttccac acaaaaaaga aaacaatgaa
    65041 caaatgaaag gtgaaccatg aaatggcata tttgcaaacc aaatatttct taaatatttt
    65101 ggttaatatc caaaatatat aagaaacaca gatgattcaa taacaaacaa aaaattaaaa
    65161 ataggaaaat aaaaaaatta aaaagaagaa aatcctgcca tttatgcgag aattgatgaa
    65221 cctggaggat gtaaaactaa gaaaaataag cctgacacaa aaagacaaat actacacaac
    65281 cttgctcata tgtgaaacat aaaaaagtca ctctcatgga aacagacagt agaggtatgg
    65341 tttccagggg ttgggggtgg gagaatcagg aaactattac tcaaagggta taaaatttca
    65401 gttatgtggg atgaataaat tctagatatc taatgtacag catcgtgact gtagttaatt
    65461 gtactgtaag tatatttaaa atttgcaaag agagtagatt tttttgtttt tttagatgga
    65521 gttttgctct tgttgtccag gctggagtgc aatggcaaga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc
    65581 cgcctcctgg gttcaagcaa atctcctgcc tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gattacaggc
    65641 atgcgacacc atgcccagct aattttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt ctccatgttg
    65701 gtcaggctga tccgcctcct cggccaccaa agggctggga ttacaggcgt gaccaccggg
    65761 cctggccgag agtagatctt aaaagcattt accacaagaa aaaggtaact atgtgagata
    65821 atgggtatgt taattagctt gattgtggta atcatttcac aaggtataca tatattaaaa
    65881 catcatgttg tacaccttaa atatatacaa tttttatttg tgaatgatac ctcaataaag
    65941 ttgaagaata ataaaaaaga atagacatca catgaattaa aaaactaaaa aataaaaaaa
    66001 tgcatcttga tgattagaat tgcattcttg atttttcaga tacaaatatc catttgactg
    66061 tttactcttt tccaaaacaa tacaataaat tttagcactt tatcttcatt ttccccttcc
    66121 caatctataa ttttatatat atatatttta gatattttgt atagttttac tccctagatt
    66181 ttctagtgtt attattaaat agtgaagaaa tgtttacact tatgtacaaa atgttttgca
    66241 tgcttttctt catttctaac attctctcta agtttattct attttttcct gattatcctt
    66301 aatattatct ctttctgctg gaaatatatt gttacttttg gtttatctaa aaatggcttc
    66361 attttcttca ttctaaaatc atgttaaatt aataccactc atgtgtaagt aagatagtgg
    66421 aataaataga aatccaaaaa ctaaatctca caaaatataa taatgtgata tataaaaata
    66481 tagcttttaa atttagcttg gaaataaaaa acaaacagta attgaacaac tatacttttt
    66541 gaaaagagta aagtgaaatg cttaactgca tataccacaa tcgattacac aattaggtgt
    66601 gaaggtaaaa ttcagtcacg aaaaaactag aataaaaata tgggaagaca tgtatataat
    66661 cttagagata acagtgttat ttaattatca acccaaagta gaaactatca agggagaaat
    66721 aaattcagtc aacaataaaa gcatttaaga agttattcta ggctgggagc ggtggctcac
    66781 acctgcaatt gcagcacttt gggaggccta gacaggcgga tcacgacgtc aggagttcaa
    66841 gatcagcctg gccaacatag tgaaacctca tcgctactaa aaatataaaa acttagcctg
    66901 gcgtggtggc aggcatgtgt aatcccagca atttgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt
    66961 gatcctggga ggcagaggtt gcagtgagcc aagattgtgc cactgcattc cagcccaggt
    67021 gacagcatga gactccgtca caaaaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa gggggggggg ggcggtggag
    67081 ccaagatgac cgaataggaa cagctccagt ctatagctcc catcgtgagt gacgcagaag
    67141 acgggtgatt tctgcatttc caactgaggt accaggttca tctcacaggg aagtgccagg
    67201 cagtgggtgc aggacagtag tgcagtgcac tgtgcatgag ccgaagcagg gcgaggcatc
    67261 acctcacccg ggaagcacaa ggggtcaggg aattcccttt cctagtcaaa gaaaagggtg
    67321 acagatggca cctggaaaat cgggtcactc ccgccctaat actgcgctct tccaacaagc
    67381 ttaacaaatg gcacaccagg agattatatc ccatgcctgg ctcagagggt cctacgccca
    67441 tggagcctcg ctcattgcta gcacagcagt ctgaggtcaa actgcaaggt ggcagtgagg
    67501 ctgggggagg ggtgcccacc attgtccagg cttgagcagg taaacaaagc cgcctggaag
    67561 ctcgaactgg gtggagccca ccacagctca aggaggcctg cctgcctctg taggctccac
    67621 ctctaggggc agggcacaga caaacaaaag acaacaagaa cctctgcaga cttaaatgtc
    67681 cctgtctgac agctttgaag agagtagtgg ttctcccagc acatagcttc agatctgaga
    67741 acaggcagac tgcctcctca agtgggtccc tgacccccga gtagcctaac tgggaggcat
    67801 cccccagtag ggcggactga cacctcacat ggctggtact cctctaagac aaaacttcca
    67861 gaggaatgat caggcagcag catttgcggt tcaccaatat ccactgttct gcagccaccg
    67921 ctgctgatac ccaggaaaac agcatctgga gtggacctcc agtaaactcc aacagacctg
    67981 cagctgaggg tcctgactgt tagaaggaaa actaacaaac agaaaggaca tccacaccaa
    68041 aaacccatct gtacatcacc atcatcaaag accaaaggta gataaaacca taaagatggg
    68101 gaaaaagcag agcagaaaaa ctggacactc taaaaatgag agtgcctctc cttctccaaa
    68161 gtaacgcagc tcctcaccag caatggaaca aagctgggca gagaatgact ttgacgagtt
    68221 gagagaggaa ggcttcagaa gatcaaacta ctccaagcta aaggaggaag ttcgaacaaa
    68281 cggcaaagaa gtaaaaaact ttgaaaaaaa attagatgaa tggataacta gaataaccaa
    68341 tgcacagaag tccttaaagg acctgatgga gctgaaaacc aaggcaggag aactacgtga
    68401 caaatacaca agcctcagta accgatgaga tcaactggaa gaaagggtat caatgacgga
    68461 agatgaaatg aatgaaatga agcatgaaga gaagtttaga gaaaaaagaa taaaaagaaa
    68521 cgaacaaagc ctccaagaaa tatgggacta tgtgaaaaga ccaaatctac atctaattgg
    68581 tgtagctgaa agtgatgggg agaatggaac caagttggaa aacactctgc aggatattat
    68641 ccaggagaac ttccccaatc tagcaaggca gcccaaattc acattcagga aatacagaga
    68701 acgccacaaa gatactccta gagaaaagca actccaagac acataactga cagattcacc
    68761 aaagttgaaa tgaaggaaaa aatgttaagg gcagccagag agaaaggtcg ggttacccac
    68821 aaagggaagc ccatcagact aacagctgat ctatcggcag aaactctaca agccagaaga
    68881 aagtgggggc caatattcaa cattgttaaa gaaaagaatt ttcggcccag aatttcatat
    68941 ccagccaaac taagcttcat aagcattgga gaaataaaat cctttacaga caagcaaatg
    69001 ctgagagatt ttgtcaccac caggcctgcc ctacaagagc tcctgaagga agcactaaac
    69061 atggaaagga acaactagta tcagccactg caaaaacatg ccaaattgta aacgaccatc
    69121 aaggctagga agaaactgca tcaaggagca aaataaccag ctaacatcat aatgacagga
    69181 tcaaattcat acataacaat actcacctta aatgtaaata ggctaaatgc tccaattaaa
    69241 agacacagac tggcaaattg gataaggagt caagacccat ctgtcgttat gtattcagga
    69301 aacccatctc acgtgcagag acacacatag gctcgaaata aaaggatgga ggaatatcta
    69361 ccaagcaaat ggaaaacaaa aaaaggcagg ggttgcaatc ctagtctctg ataaaacaga
    69421 ttttaaacca acaaagatca aaagagacaa agaaggccat tacataatgg caaagggatc
    69481 tattcaagaa gaagaactaa ctatactaaa tatatatgca cccaatacag gagcacccag
    69541 attcataaaa caagtcctga gtgacctaca aagagactta gatgcccaca caataataat
    69601 gggagacttt aacaccccac tgtcaacatt agacagatca acgagacaga aagttaacaa
    69661 ggatatccag gaattggact cagctctgca ccaagcagac ctaatagaca tctacagaac
    69721 tctccacccc aaatcaacag aatatacatt cttttcagca ccacaccaca cctattccaa
    69781 aactgaccac atagttggaa gtaaagctct cctcagcaaa tgtaaaagaa cagaaactat
    69841 aacaaactgt ctctcagacc acagtgcaat caaactagaa ctcaggatta agaaactcac
    69901 tcaaaaccac tcagctacat ggaaactgaa cagcctgctc ctgaatgact actgggtaca
    69961 taacaaaatg aaggcagaaa taaagatgtt ctttgaaaca acgagaacaa agacacaaca
    70021 caccagaatc tctgagacac attcaaagca gtgtgtagag ggaaatttat agcactaaat
    70081 gcccacaagg gaaagcagga aagatctaaa attgacaccc taacatcaca attaaaaaac
    70141 tagagaagca ggagcaaaca cattcaaaag ctaacagaag acaagaaata actaagatca
    70201 gagcagaagt gaagaagata gagacacaaa aaacccttca aaaaaatcaa tgaatccaga
    70261 agctgttttt ttgaaaagat caacaaaatt gatagactgc tagcaagact aataaagaag
    70321 aaaggggaga agaatcaaat agacgcaata aaaaatgaca cggggtatca ccactgatcc
    70381 cacagaaata caaactaccg tcagagaata ctataaacac ctctacgcaa ataaactaga
    70441 aaatctagaa gaaatggata aattcctcga cacatacact ctgccaagac taaaccagga
    70501 agaagttgta tctctgaata gaccaataac aggctctgaa attgaggcaa taattaatag
    70561 cttatcaacc aaaaaaagtc cgggaccagt aggattcata gccgaattct accagaggta
    70621 caaggaggag ctggtaccat tccttctgaa actattccaa tcaatagaaa aagagggaat
    70681 cctccctaac tcattttatg aggccagcat catcctgata ccaaagcctg acagagacac
    70741 aacaaaaaaa gagaatgtta caccaatatc cttgatgaac atcgatgcaa aaatcctcaa
    70801 taaaatactg gcaaactgaa tccagcagca catcaaaaag cttatcctcc atgatcaagt
    70861 gggcttcatc cctgccatgc aaggctggtt caacatacga aatcaataaa cataatccag
    70921 catataaaca gaaccaaaga cacaaaccat atgattatct caatagatgc agaaaaggcc
    70981 tttgacaaaa ttcaacaatg cttcatgcta aaaactctca ataaattagg tattgatggg
    71041 acatatctca aaataataag agctatctat gacaaaccca cagccaatat catactgagt
    71101 ggacaaaaac tggaagcatt ccctttgaaa actggcacaa ggcagggatg ccctctctca
    71161 ccactcctat tcaacatagt gttggaagtt ctggccaggg caatcaggca ggagaaggaa
    71221 ataaagggca ttcaattagg aaaagaggaa ggtgaaattg tccctgtttg cagatgacat
    71281 gattgtatat ctagaaaacc ccattgtctc agcccaaaat ctccttaagc tgataagcaa
    71341 cttcagcaaa gtctcaggat ataaaatcag tgtgcaaaaa tcacaagtat tcctatgcac
    71401 caataacaga caaacagaga gccaaatcat gagtgaactc ccattcacaa ttgcttcaaa
    71461 gagaataaaa tacctaggaa tccaacttac aagggatgtg aaggacctct tcaaggagaa
    71521 ctacaaacca ctgctcaatg aaataaaaga ggatacaaac aaatggaaga acattccatg
    71581 cttatgggta ggaagaatca tatcgtgaaa atggtcatac tgcccaaggt aatttataga
    71641 ttcaatgcca tccccatcaa gctaccaatg actttcttca cagaactgga aaaaactact
    71701 ttaaagttca tatggaatca aaaaagagcc cacatcacca aggcaatcct aagccaaaag
    71761 aacaaagctg gaggcatcac gctacctgac ttcaaactat actacaatgc tacggtaacc
    71821 aaaacagcat ggtactggta ccaaaacaga gatctagacc aatggaacag aacagagccc
    71881 tcagaaataa tgccgcatat ctacaactat ccgatctttg acaaacctga gagaaacaag
    71941 caatggggaa aggattccct atttaataaa tggtgctggg aaaactggct agccatatgt
    72001 agaaagctga aactggatcc ttccttacac cttatacaaa aattaattca agatggatta
    72061 aagacttaaa cattagacct aaaaccataa aaaccctaga aaaaaaccta ggcaatacca
    72121 ttcaggacat aggcatgggc aaggacttca tgtctaaaac accaaaacga atggcaacaa
    72181 aagacaaaat ggacaaacgg gatctaatta aactaaagag cttctgcaca gctaaagaaa
    72241 ctaccatcag agtgaacagg caacctacaa aatgggagaa aatttttgca atctactcat
    72301 ctgacaaagg gctaatatcc agaatctaca atgaactcaa acaaatttac aagaaaaaac
    72361 aaacaacccc atcaaaaagt gggcaaagga tatgaacaga cacttctcaa aagaagacat
    72421 ttatgtaatc aaaaaacaca tgaaaaaatg ctcatcatca ctagccatca gagaaatgca
    72481 aatcaaaacc acaatgagat accatctcac accagttaga atggcgatca ttaaaaagtc
    72541 aggaaacaac aggtgctgga gaggatgtgg agaaacagga acaactttta cactgttggt
    72601 gggactgtaa actagttcaa ccattgcgga agtcagtgtg gcaattcctc aggaatctag
    72661 aactagaaat accatttgac ccagccatcc cattactggg tagataccca aaggattata
    72721 aatcatgctg ctataaagac acatgcacac gtatgtttat tgcagcacta ttcacaatag
    72781 caaagacttg gaaccaaccc aaatgtccaa caacgataga ttggattaag aaaatgtggc
    72841 acatatacac catggaatac tatgcagcca taaaaaatga tgagttcatg tcctttgtag
    72901 ggacatggat gaagctggaa actatcattc tcagcaaact atcacaagga caataaacca
    72961 aacaccgcat gttctcactc ataggtggga attgaacaat gagaacacat ggacacatga
    73021 agaggaacat cacactctgg ggactgttat ggggtggggg gcaggggcag ggatagcact
    73081 aggagatata cctaatgcta aatgacgagt taatgggtgc agcacaccaa catggcacat
    73141 gtatacatat ataacaaacc tgccgttgtg cacatgtacc ctaaaacttg aagtataata
    73201 ataaaaaaaa gttatcctat taaaactgat ctcacacatc cgtagagcca ttatcaagtc
    73261 tttctctttg aaacagacag aaatttagtg ttttctcagt cagttaac