LOCUS       HUMHPRTB               56737 bp    DNA     linear   HUM 26-NOV-2001
DEFINITION  Human hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase (HPRT) gene, complete
ACCESSION   M26434 J00205 M27558 M27559 M27560 M27561 M29753 M29754 M29755
            M29756 M29757
VERSION     M26434.1
KEYWORDS    Alu repeat; LINE repeat; hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase.
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
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COMMENT     We received a sequence correction from Dr. Edwards June 19, 1991. A
            't' was added between bp 22227 and 22228.
            [1]  sites; mutations causing gout.
            [13]  sites; mutations causing gout.
            [17]  sites; mutations causing gout.
            [Gene 68, 85-91 (1988)]  sites; mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan
            [14]  sites; mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. [19]  sites;
            mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome and gout. [21]  sites;
            mutations causing gout.
            [9]  sites; mutations causing gout.
            [20]  sites; mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. [16]  sites;
            mutations causing gout.
            [25]  sites; mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. [23]  sites;
            mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome and gout. [10]  sites;
            mutations causing gout.
            [12]  sites; conserved domain.
            [22]  sites; mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. [8]  sites;
            mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. [3]  sites; Lesch-Nyhan
            [6]  sites; mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome and gout. [2]
            sites; mutations causing gout.
            [5]  sites; mutations causing gout.
            [7]  sites; mutations causing Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. [18]  sites;
            mutant reversion.
            Draft entry and computer-readable sequence for [24] kindly
            by A.Edwards, 26-JUL-1989.
               Mutant    Description
               RJK 1780  missing intron 1 (partial and exon 2 [25]
               RJK  849  missing intron 3 (partial) and exons 4-9 (no mRNA) [7]
               RJK  984  missing intron 5 (partial) and exons 6-9 (no mRNA) [8]
               GM  3467  missing intron 8 (partial) and exon 9 (no mRNA) [25]
               RJK  853  complete gene deletion [25] [7] [22]
               GM  2227  inversion of exons 6-9 (no mRNA) [18]
               GM  1662  and GM 6804 duplication of exons 2 and 3 and elongated
                         mRNA [7] [18]
               Connersville missing intron 7 (partial and exon 8 [19].
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..56737
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     repeat_region   complement(41..258)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy A"
     repeat_region   261..321
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy A"
     repeat_region   complement(694..1012)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy B"
     repeat_region   1013..1054
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy B"
     variation       1664..1678
                     /note="ggccggctccgttat in wt; gt in gout RJK 951 [23]"
     gene            1677..41502
     CDS             join(1677..1703,14780..14886,16603..16786,27892..27957,
                     /note="hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase"
     exon            <1677..1703
                     /note="hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase"
     intron          1704..14779
                     /note="HPRT intron A"
     repeat_region   complement(2869..2902)
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy C"
     repeat_region   3078..3107
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy D"
     repeat_region   complement(3342..3532)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy C"
     repeat_region   complement(3343..3982)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy D"
     repeat_region   4228..4254
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy E"
     repeat_region   4463..4494
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy F"
     repeat_region   complement(5937..6232)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy E"
     repeat_region   complement(6288..6524)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy F"
     repeat_region   7504..7807
                     /note="Alu repeat copy G"
     repeat_region   complement(8408..8713)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy H"
     repeat_region   complement(9169..9477)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy I"
     repeat_region   9699..10142
                     /note="Alu repeat copy J"
     repeat_region   complement(10293..10407)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy K"
     repeat_region   complement(11254..11312)
                     /note="LINE repeat copy A (partial)"
     repeat_region   12154..12310
                     /note="Alu repeat copy L"
     repeat_region   complement(12998..13302)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy M"
     repeat_region   complement(13314..13638)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy N"
     repeat_region   complement(13923..14238)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy O"
     repeat_region   complement(14239..14610)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy P"
     variation       14778
                     /note="a in wt; t in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1760, no [25]"
     exon            14780..14886
     variation       14808..14809
                     /note="tt in wt; ttt in Lesch-Nyhan Chicago [19]"
     variation       14874
                     /note="t in wt; c in Lesch-Nyhan Detroit Leu->Pro [19]"
     variation       14877..14879
                     /note="tta in wt; ta in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1939 [25]"
     variation       14886
                     /note="g in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 2163 Arg->Lys [25]"
     intron          14887..16602
                     /note="HPRT intron B"
     repeat_region   complement(15843..16090)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy Q"
     repeat_region   complement(16293..16518)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy R"
     exon            16603..16786
     variation       16619
                     /note="c in wt; g in gout Toronto Arg->Gly [2]"
     variation       16623..16664
                     /note="atgtgatgaaggagatgggaggccatcacattgtagccctct in wt;
                     at in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 2108 [25]"
     variation       16675..16676
                     /note="ag in wt; agg in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 866 [23]"
     variation       16676
                     /note="g in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan, HPRT-Utrecht: Gly->Arg"
     variation       16677
                     /note="g in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan New Haven Gly->Glu [19]"
     variation       16679
                     /note="g in wt; c in Lesch-Nyhan Yale Gly->Arg [20]"
     variation       16680
                     /note="g in wt; t in partial HPRT deficiency, HPRT-Madrid:
     variation       16690
                     /note="c in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan Flint RJK 892 Phe->Leu
                     [Gene 68, 85-91 (1988)] [23]"
     variation       16707
                     /note="a in wt; t in gout Arlingen Asp->Val [19]"
     variation       16756..16759
                     /note="tgta in wt; ta in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1332 [23]"
     variation       16780
                     /note="c in wt; a in gout Munich Ser->Arg [13] [6]"
     variation       16784..16787
                     /note="tgtg in wt; tg in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1747 [25]"
     intron          16787..27890
                     /note="HPRT intron C"
     unsure          17479
                     /note="polymorphism or cloning error"
     repeat_region   complement(18242..18284)
                     /note="LINE repeat copy B (partial)"
     repeat_region   complement(18439..18783)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy S"
     repeat_region   18962..19084
                     /note="Alu repeat copy T"
     repeat_region   complement(19104..19397)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy U"
     repeat_region   complement(19778..20064)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy V"
     repeat_region   20486..20636
                     /note="Alu repeat copy W"
     repeat_region   complement(20696..20990)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy X"
     repeat_region   complement(20996..21293)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy Y"
     repeat_region   21582..21635
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy G"
     repeat_region   complement(21878..22171)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy Z"
     repeat_region   complement(23461..23773)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AA"
     unsure          24904
                     /note="polymorphism or cloning error"
     repeat_region   25311..25427
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AB"
     repeat_region   complement(26280..26389)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AC"
     repeat_region   complement(26844..27092)
                     /note="LINE repeat copy C (partial)"
     exon            27892..27957
     variation       27898
                     /note="c in wt; t in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1930 Gln->TAG [25]"
     variation       27912
                     /note="c in wt; t in gout London Ser->Leu [1] [17] [25]
     intron          27958..31617
                     /note="HPRT intron D"
     repeat_region   complement(28395..28431)
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy H"
     repeat_region   28924..28982
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy I"
     repeat_region   complement(29561..29864)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AD"
     exon            31618..31635
     variation       31622
                     /note="t in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan Midland RJK 896 Val->Asp
                     [14] [23]"
     variation       31623..31625
                     /note="ctt in wt; ct in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 2019 [25]"
     variation       31625
                     /note="t in wt; c in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1784 Leu->Ser [23]"
     variation       31629
                     /note="t in wt; g in gout Ann Arbor Ile->Met [16]"
     intron          31636..34937
                     /note="HPRT intron E"
     repeat_region   complement(33149..33619)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AE"
     exon            34938..35020
     variation       34963..34971
                     /note="tgcag in wt; agcaaagcaa in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1210
                     Met->Lys [23]"
     variation       35016
                     /note="g in wt; t in gout Milwaukee RJK 949 Ala->Ser [19]
     intron          35021..39815
                     /note="HPRT intron F"
     repeat_region   35563..35605
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy J"
     repeat_region   36576..36646
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AF"
     repeat_region   complement(37301..37559)
                     /note="LINE repeat copy D (partial)"
     repeat_region   38614..39040
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AG"
     repeat_region   39092..39389
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AH"
     repeat_region   complement(39428..39452)
                     /note="LINE repeat copy E (partial)"
     exon            39816..39862
     variation       39838
                     /note="c in wt; t in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 974 Arg->TGA [23]"
     variation       39843..39847
                     /note="tgttg in wt; tg in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1894 [25]"
     variation       39859
                     /note="g in wt; t in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 2185 Asp->Tyr [25]"
     intron          39863..40033
                     /note="HPRT intron G"
     variation       39867
                     /note="g in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1934. no [25]"
     exon            40034..40110
     variation       40035..40039
                     /note="tgttg in wt; tg in Lesch-Nyhan Michigan RJK 855
                     [19] [23]"
     variation       40081
                     /note="g in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan Kingston RJK 2188
                     Asp->Asn [25] [6]"
     variation       40096
                     /note="t in wt; g in Lesch-Nyhan New Briton RJK 950
                     Phe->Val [19] [23]"
     variation       40103
                     /note="a in wt; g in gout Ashville Asp->Gly [21]"
     intron          40111..41454
                     /note="HPRT intron H"
     variation       40115
                     /note="g in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 888, GM 7092, no
     repeat_region   40623..40926
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AI"
     repeat_region   40953..41263
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AJ"
     variation       41451..41453
                     /note="ata in wt; ttt in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 906, GM 1899,
                     downstream cryptic splice site used"
     exon            41455..>41502
                     /note="hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase"
     variation       41455
                     /note="c in wt; g in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1874, RJK 2079,
                     His->Asp [25] [23]"
     variation       41462
                     /note="g in wt; a in Lesch-Nyhan RJK 1727 Cys->Tyr [23]"
     variation       41487..41510
                     /note="aaaatacaaagcctaagatgagag in wt; ag in Lesch-Nyhan
                     Evansville RJK 894 [19] [25]"
     repeat_region   42641..42937
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AK"
     repeat_region   44043..44109
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy K"
     repeat_region   complement(44487..44777)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AL"
     repeat_region   complement(46306..46628)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AM"
     repeat_region   46629..46689
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy L"
     repeat_region   47521..47764
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AN"
     repeat_region   49258..49552
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AO"
     repeat_region   49706..49994
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AP"
     repeat_region   50003..50313
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AQ"
     repeat_region   complement(50775..51067)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AR"
     repeat_region   complement(51101..51318)
                     /note="LINE repeat copy F (partial)"
     repeat_region   complement(51688..51716)
                     /note="short interspersed repeat copy M"
     repeat_region   complement(51979..52277)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AS"
     repeat_region   52408..52675
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AT"
     repeat_region   complement(54552..54654)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AU"
     repeat_region   complement(55165..55466)
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AV"
     repeat_region   56524..56690
                     /note="Alu repeat copy AW"
BASE COUNT        15689 a        11281 c        11599 g        18168 t
        1 gaattctcgt aaaactcttc atggcagtag ttattattct ctctctctct ctttttcttt
       61 tttcttgaga caggatattt ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggca cagtcttggc
      121 tcactgcagc ctggacctcc tgggctcaag ccatcctccc acctcagcct cccaagtagc
      181 tggggctaca ggcacatggc caccaggcca gataattttt catttttgta gagactgagt
      241 ctcaccatgt tacccaggtt tattattctc attttttaga tgaagagact gaggtccaga
      301 gaagctcaat gacttgccta gttttacaaa tctcctgcca tcacataccc ctcagcgtcc
      361 ttaataagag ggaggccacc aactatgtgc tgggcactgt ggtggatgct ggagctatag
      421 ggttgagtat ataagaaatg gtgttgctgg agcaactgtt gcttgcttac ctgacctatc
      481 tgagaattaa ttagcagggg aacatatttt tgttttcaga ttcaatataa gaacttgtgt
      541 gggcaaaaat aaagatcagt agtaataaca gtagttccca tttgctgact gtactgtcct
      601 aagtgcatat atatatacat acacacacgc atacctatac tcctctaata ctcaaaatga
      661 tcctgtttat gtattgttaa tatgctcatt ttatttttaa atttttattt atttttattt
      721 ttatttattt ttgagacgga gtctcattct gtcgcggagg ctgaagtgca gtggtgcgat
      781 ctcagctcag tgcgacctcc gcctcccggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagctccgga
      841 ctagctggga ttacaggcgc ccgcctccac gcccagctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag
      901 atggggtttc gccatgttgg ccaggctggt ctcgtactcc tgaccttgag tgatccacct
      961 gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcatgagcc accgcgccgg gctaatatgc
     1021 tcattttagt gaggcaaaaa tagaggctca gagtctgatt tgtacaaaac tacagagcag
     1081 ttaagtgtcc tctcagatgt gtaccctgat ctgggtgact ctaggactct aggtctcaac
     1141 tgttacaacc agttaagggt ttggggaagc actgggccaa gagtcaggaa aatggaagcc
     1201 acaggtagtg caaggtcttg ggaatgggac gtctggtcca aggattcacg cgatgactgg
     1261 aacccgaaga gccggggccc ggtttacggc cgccatgaag caacgcgcgc cggtaggttt
     1321 gggaatcagg gagccctctg aataggagac tgagttggga gggaaagggg cttcgctggg
     1381 ggagcctcgg cttcttctgg gagaaaattc ccacggctac ctagtgagcc tgcaaactgg
     1441 taggcgccgg cgtaggcgcg cgggcggggc cgggggcggg gcctgcgggg cgtggcgggg
     1501 cgggcagagg gcggggcctg cttctcctca gcttcaggcg gctgcgacga gccctcaggc
     1561 gaacctctcg gctttcccgc gcggcgccgc ctcttgctgc gcctccgcct cctcctctgc
     1621 tccgccaccg gcttcctcct cctgagcagt cagcccgcgc gccggccggc tccgttatgg
     1681 cgacccgcag ccctggcgtc gtggtgagca gctcggcctg ccggccctgg ccggttcagg
     1741 cccacgcggc aggtggcggc cgggccctga ggcgcgggat ccgcagtgcg ggctcgggcg
     1801 gccgggccca gggaaccccg caggcggggg cggccagttt cccgggttcg gctttacgtc
     1861 acgcgagggc ggcagggagg acggaatggc ggggtttggg gtgggtccct cctcggggga
     1921 gccctgggaa aagaggactg cgtgtgggaa gagaaggtgg aaatggcgtt ttggttgaca
     1981 tgtgccgcct gcgagcgtgc tgcggggagg ggccgagggc agattcggga atgatggcgc
     2041 ggggtggggg cgtgggggct ttctcgggag aggcccttcc ctggaagttt ggggtgcgat
     2101 ggtgaggttc tcggggcacc tctggagggg cctcggcacg gaaagcgacc acctgggagg
     2161 gcgtgtgggg accaggtttt gcctttagtt ttgcacacac tgtagttcat ctttatggag
     2221 atgctcatgg cctcattgaa gccccactac agctctggta gcggtaacca tgcgtatttg
     2281 acacacgaag gaactaggga aaaggcatta ggtcatttca agccgaaatt cacatgtgct
     2341 agaatccaga ttccatgctg accgatgccc caggatatag aaaatgagaa tctggtcctt
     2401 accttcaaga acattcttaa ccgtaatcag cctctggtat cttagctcca ccctcactgg
     2461 ttttttcttg tttgttgaac cggccaagct gctggcctcc ctcctcaacc gttctgatca
     2521 tgcttgctaa aatagtcaaa accccggcca gttaaatatg ctttagcctg ctttattatg
     2581 attatttttg ttgttttggc aatgacctgg ttacctgttg tttctcccac taaaactttt
     2641 taagggcagg aatcaccgcc gtaactctag cacttagcac agtacttggc ttgtaagagg
     2701 tcctcgatga tggtttgttg aatgaataca ttaaataatt aaccacttga accctaagaa
     2761 agaagcgatt ctatttcata ttaggcattg taatgactta aggtaaagag cagtgctatt
     2821 aacggagtct aactgggaat ccagcttgtt tgggctattt actagttgtg tggctgtggg
     2881 caacttactt cacctctctg ggcttaagtc attttatgta tatctgaggt gctggctacc
     2941 tcttggagtt attgagagga ttataagaca gtctatgtga atcagcaacc cttgcatggc
     3001 ccctggcggg gaacagtaat aatagccatc atcatgttta cttacatagt cctaattagt
     3061 cttcaaaaca gccctgtagc aatggtatga ttattaccat tttacagatg aggaaccttt
     3121 gaagcctcag agaggctaac agacataccc taggtcatac agttattaag agaaggagct
     3181 ctgtctcgaa cctagctctc tctctctcga gtaataccag ttaaaaaata ggctacaaat
     3241 aggtactcaa aaaaatggta gtggctgttg tttttattca gttgctgagg aaaaaatgtt
     3301 gatttttcat ctctaaacat caacttactt aattctgcca atttcttttt tttgagacag
     3361 ggtctcactc tgtcacctag gatggagtgc agtggcacaa tcactgctca ctgcagcctc
     3421 gacttcccgg gctcgggtga ttctccccag gctcagggga ttctcccact tcagcctccc
     3481 aagtagctgg gactacaggt gcgcaccacc atccctggct aatatttgta ctttatttta
     3541 tttatttatt tatttatttt ttgagatgga gtttcgctct tgttgcccgg gctggagtac
     3601 agtggcatga tctcggctca gtgcaacctc tgcctcccgg gttcaagcga ttctcctacc
     3661 tcatccccct gagtagctgg gattacaggc gcctgccacc atgcctggct aattttttgt
     3721 atttttaata gagacgaggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggct actctcgaac tcctgatctc
     3781 aggtgatcca cccgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccactgcgc
     3841 ccggcctaat atttgtattt tttgtagaga tggtgttttg ccatgttgtc caggctggtc
     3901 ttgaactcct gagctcaagc gatctgcccg cctctgcttc ccaaagtgct gggattacag
     3961 gcatgagcca ccgtgcctgg cctaggtaga cgcttttagc tttggggtgt gatgcctgcc
     4021 ccagtatata gtgaatttaa ttattgctag agctggctgt ttgttagttt tctttgaaca
     4081 taagatactc attgttttta gtttgcaaat ccctcttcct ttttaaaaaa tttctttccc
     4141 ttaaattgtt tgcatgttag caataacaaa tgcttaaatg gtgctatgtg ctagatactc
     4201 ttctaagccc tgttatgtat attaactaat tttttaaatt acacaaatca gagaggttaa
     4261 gtaacttgcc caagattacc caacaatact aggatttgaa cctaagtttg tctcacccca
     4321 gattctgctc ttaatctcta aacttttaag ttagtagtga caatagtagg tatttattga
     4381 atacttaact atgttttagg cgttgaagta aatattttgc aggcattatc taatgtaaac
     4441 accctaaagt tacataacag gtacccttta ggtaaataaa cactagtatg accttggagg
     4501 cacagatagt tgaagtaact tgcccaatat cacttacatg aaattggccc tcaaatgtgt
     4561 ctgatacaac ccatgctgct tgtaactatc gttttaaact gccagggtaa acttggacac
     4621 acttgagcta agaaaaagct tttagatttt tgcaaattaa tgtgaaagat atgctttatg
     4681 tggatataat atcttctaaa tttcggggat ggtagtccta gaaatgtaat cctgccctag
     4741 ccgagcttac cctgccaata attttttaca gaattggtaa aacggagcac cttttttttg
     4801 tccttggcca cactgttatc aacagggtgt agattgacat caatctgtag gtgtaaacca
     4861 gaattactct ttgtgaccac caggaaatag agcagttcag ttcaggggtt tctttctgtg
     4921 aatttagcac tgtgacctgc atactacaag tctactttgt tttctatcca ttgtttgtat
     4981 ctgggtattg caaaaggtag gaaaaggacc aaccagatca gcagagaaga gttgccttgg
     5041 agttttcttt tagttttctg cagttcatta gatagtaact aggccatgtc attttactcc
     5101 cttgtagtga agatatgttg aagttgtact ggtatactct tctacctttc tgtaatttta
     5161 tattgtgtag acttgataaa atttatgtgt caatcaccac cattaatatc aatattgagc
     5221 ctcaattctt atttttctgc ccagtggctg ccaaattact aacatttaca ataattcact
     5281 actactaaga taatctacta gttcgatcac atacttcaaa ttgttatgga actactgtct
     5341 tcagcattgt gcttctgata actgataagt ataatttttt ttttgtccag agtgaacatg
     5401 tctattcttc cactgtacac actaataaaa ggaaaaattg taatattggg taaattcatg
     5461 tccttacaca tgtagtagtt atgagcccat gtccctagaa tgagtaataa tttatccctc
     5521 ccttggttga atagtcaaga atgctgattt taattcttct aacagcttta tccctcagaa
     5581 gggaaggcaa gcaagttata tatgtagttt atttgtaaga ctgatatgaa attggaagat
     5641 gaatctacta ttagctttaa ttatttttac atttaggaat attgcatcag taactcataa
     5701 ttttggtttt ctgttatcct gagttaacac aaattatcca aggagatggc ggatcatctg
     5761 ctttgaggtg tttttttttg agaattttaa tgtatctgaa tataaaaggt aaaaatatgc
     5821 caactagcaa tttctgccca ttccagaagt ttggaaatat tactcattac taggaattaa
     5881 ataaaatatg gtttatctat tgttatacct cttttaattc acatagctca tttttatctt
     5941 ttatttttgt ttgttttttt tgagatggag tcttgctctg tcaccaggca ggagtgcagt
     6001 gatgcaaatc tcggctcact ctagccaccg actccctggt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctg
     6061 agccttctga gtagctggga ttacaggcag gcaccaccac gcccagctaa tttttgtaga
     6121 gacaggattt caccgtgttg gccaggatgg tctccatctc ctgacctcat gatctgcctg
     6181 cttcggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gtgggagcca ctacgcctgg cccacatagc
     6241 tcatttttag actcacttcc attaagtctt gtttggaccc acgaacattg tctttttttt
     6301 tttaagatgg agtttcactt ttgttgccca gactgtagtg caatggtgca atctcagctc
     6361 actgcaatct ctgcctcctg ggttctagca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg
     6421 gaattacagg cgcccgccac cacgcccagc taatttttgt gtttttagta gagacggggt
     6481 ttcaccatgt tgggcaggcc aggggtgatc cgcccacctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga
     6541 ttacaggtgt gagccaccgc atctggccaa catgtctttt tttttttttt cctttttaac
     6601 cacaaagaga cttaagcagt ccttgtcaca gatgatgaat tgatgttgca agtattgtct
     6661 tagcttggat taattttctt gcttactgta attttagata atatagcttt gtaattagag
     6721 attttatgtg taaaccacaa aaatgtttac atgaaggcca ttattacaga tgtgacgtgc
     6781 ataattatta gtaatttgta tgtttacatg ggtcagtctg gcaaaaaatt atgaagtttt
     6841 aaaaattaaa aaaaattata atgccagttt tactggaaag taaaattatt tcagtaatcg
     6901 attatagcaa aagtattgat tttcattcca gacaaaagtc agaatgaaag gtaatttctc
     6961 aatactcttt cagattaata aaagtacctg tagcgatttt tatcattcac aagtatatca
     7021 caagtaagtt agaatttgag aactgtgttc tagatctctg aggagatgca gtcagatttc
     7081 tgaactgtct cagcaaatgg taagtaactt agagctagta attaataacc tgtcctttga
     7141 tttctgattc agccaagaat ggccatattt gggaaaggca gatctggaga gtaaccacgt
     7201 tttcattcat ttaccacttc taggcccctc cagagctctc agatattttg gggttgagcc
     7261 cttccccaaa gccatacagg accttttttt tgtgatctgt tctagccatt tttatgttgg
     7321 gtgcttgtta tggactgagc atttatgtcc tcccacaccc cccccatacc ttttttgaag
     7381 tcctaacccc cagtgtgatg gtatttggag acagggcctt tggaaggtaa ttacagttag
     7441 aagaagtcgg gagggttggg cccaggtctg attggattag tgcccttata tgaaaagaca
     7501 ccaggacggg cgcagtggct cacacctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc caaggtgggt
     7561 ggatcacgag gtcaggagtt tgagaccagc ctggccaatg tagtgaaaca ccatctctac
     7621 taaaaataca aaaattagct gggtgtggta gcgggctcct gtcatccaag ctactcggga
     7681 gggtgaggca tgagaatcac ttgaacccgg gagttggagg ttgcagtgag cccagattgt
     7741 gccactgtac tccagcctgg gtgacagagt gagactctgt ctcaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa
     7801 aaaaagagac accagagagc ttgttagaag aggtcatgtg agcacacagt tagaagacct
     7861 tcaagccaaa gaagaggcct gagattgaaa cctaccttgc aggtacctta attttggact
     7921 tcccagcctc caaaactgtg agaaataagt ttctgttaag tcactcagtc tgtggtattt
     7981 tgttatggca gcctgagcag gtagttgttc tttcagaagg tgttgataat aaccacatgc
     8041 aacaccaagt cacaaataat aaaacagatg taacttatat tcatacagaa agttgggcac
     8101 tgccattgcc ttgttggttt acacggctgt gctagttcag tagcagaaag gtgctggtct
     8161 cctttactca gtttacaatc taggcagtag aatgtaatca ctgctttaaa cttgatactg
     8221 cttagggaga gaatcattgg tgctgggtaa ctttgggttc taggtttact ttttgtgtat
     8281 atataactgt ttttggtaaa tcacaagttt ctgggcttgt cgaattagat tttgttacag
     8341 attatgagct ttattatgct atacagttag ttgtatgtat atatgccttt cccactagat
     8401 tttaagcttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt gacggagtct tgctcttgtc gcccaggctg
     8461 aagtggagtg cagtggcaca atctcggctc actgcagcct ccacctccta ggttcaagcg
     8521 attctcctgc ctcggcctcc caagtaactg ggactacagg cacgtgccac cacacccggc
     8581 taatttttgt attttttgta gagacagggt ttcgccatgt tggctaggct ggtcttgaac
     8641 ttctggcctc aggtgatcca cccgcctcag cctcccaaag tgctgggatt tacaggcatg
     8701 agccaccacg cccagctata gctctttaag ggttgtaaat ttataatcat tcttttactc
     8761 tcctgcaaat tctgttgcac actgccttaa tcaaggtaga tgctgaatgc atttttgtat
     8821 aattgaatat gttgcaatcc ccaactctct ccaactgttc ctgtcaaagc agccactgga
     8881 ttgttaacta atccatatta gatggggtta attaatatca gatgggacaa gtaagggcta
     8941 ataagattat aggccaccaa gtagatttct gtctagctct tatagagatt gagtttattg
     9001 gacctgtttg ataggaagtt ttggtgtttg ggatgattaa aactgaagtt cctatttatt
     9061 gaattatacc tatttatatt atttcatatc agtggtccac atgcaagtga ggcttctgag
     9121 acagagtttg agttctctct tcaactacca taacacttaa cctgtatctt tttttttttt
     9181 ttttttttta gacaggagtc tcgctctgtc actcaggctg gagtgtagtg gtatgatctc
     9241 ggctcactgt aacctctgcc tcctggattc aagcagttct ccatgtctca gcctccctag
     9301 tagctgggat tacaggcctg tgccaccatg cctggctaat tttttttttg tatttttagt
     9361 agagacgggg ttttaccacg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcttgacct cgagcgatca
     9421 acttgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcatg agccacagcg cccagccgtc
     9481 ttttttttta aatagcaatt taacactgtt cacagttact catgtacatg tcatgccatc
     9541 tattacactg taagttctgt gagggtagct gtatcaaatt tatctaactc tctctagtat
     9601 gcatgacata gtaagtattc aataaatatt tgcatattag tgataaggat acaggttctg
     9661 aatagtgggt ccttaccatt taagaattag tatttgatgg ccgggcgggg tggctcacgc
     9721 ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg cgggcggatc atgagatcag gagatcgaga
     9781 ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaatcccgtc tttacaaaaa aaatacaaaa gaattaacca
     9841 agtgtggtgg tgggtgcctg tagtcccagc tactgctttg tgaggctgag gcaggcagat
     9901 cacctgaggt gggaaattca agaccagcct gaccaacatg gagaaacccc atctctacta
     9961 aaaatacaaa attagccggg cgtggtggcg catgtctgta atcccagcta ctcgggaggc
    10021 tgaggcagga gaatggcgtg aacccgggag gcggagcttg cagtgagcca ggatcgcgcc
    10081 actgcactcc agcctgggcg acagagcgag actccgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    10141 aattagtatt tgatatttga tcattaaata tgaattaaga ggacttagac tttttgttaa
    10201 atgtcaagct gggaaaagtt gtcatttaaa tgaattgcct cttatttaat ttcgtctgat
    10261 gatacatttt gtttttattt tgtaaaaaat tatttttttt ctttttggag acagggtctt
    10321 gctctgttgc ccaggctggt cacaaactcc tgacctcaag caatcctcct gccttagcct
    10381 cccaaaatgc tgggattaca ggcgtgacga cctcgcccgg ccttgtatta tgatacattt
    10441 tgaacaacta caagtagact tggtataatg aacctgcacg tacccattgc caagttctga
    10501 caactgtctg tctatagcca attatgcatt tcttaaatta gaaccccccc aatataccca
    10561 aatatatata tatgtgtgca tatatatagt aagttgtaac aaagttgtga attcatacct
    10621 gaagtatctc aagtgatgca agttttatga atttttgttt atgccttttg ggaagagttg
    10681 tattgacaaa ttttttatgc ttaaagtaaa ccataaatca aaaaaataaa atctaggatg
    10741 caataaaaca aaacaacttc ttgacataag tatggtatgt aaatctgttt tgattggaaa
    10801 tcaatttgtt atattgccag aattcctgtt ttagaataca tctctgctga tctgtctgta
    10861 ttcttagact gcatatctgg gatgaactct gggcagaatt cacatgggct tcctttgaaa
    10921 taaacaagac ttttcaaatt cttagtcgat ctgcagaacc tgtagccagg cactgaacca
    10981 ttttgataga tgcagtaatc gttgcaagtg tatatttcaa gggagttctg gctgggtcct
    11041 agtttatgct tgtggcagaa gcagtgagta actgggagga agttggtgag taagcttcaa
    11101 ggaagaagtc atttttagta ctctggatct tcctgatttt aaagcactac aaaatggtgc
    11161 attttcattc ttgtcaagtg ataacagata tattctgatg agcctgaaat gaatatatat
    11221 tgtatcattt ttataatatc tagcaaggtt tgtattttcc tagaacttga actaaatttc
    11281 agttcataaa atttataaaa tacttagttg ttgtaaaata tttttggaat gttcacatag
    11341 gtgacacaca aatgtcccat tttcattctt tctatagtaa atatgttctg atatgtgaag
    11401 gtttagcaga tgcatcagca tttaatccta gaggatctgg cataatcttt tcccccaaga
    11461 atagaaattt tttctgctta tgaaagtagt acatgtttct ttaaaaacaa atcaatattg
    11521 acttctgcct gctgtatagc actatgcctc cacctggcca tgaccagggg catgtcctgg
    11581 tccacctacc tgaaaatgtt tgcaaccagc ctcctggcca tgtgcacagg ggctgaagtt
    11641 gtcccacagg tattacgggc caacctgaca atacatgaag ttccaccaaa gtctgagaac
    11701 tcagaactga gctttgggga ctgaaagaca gcacaaacct caaatttctc agcactggaa
    11761 acctcaaaat ataactgaat tccataaata agattttaag tcttaaatat gtatttttaa
    11821 atgtattaaa agtcaagctg cttgtattta agcacctaat acaatgctta ggttgtaaaa
    11881 ggagatgctc aataggtact aactgatata ttgagattta attatggttt gaccaatatt
    11941 tattggaaac cgccaaagct taaatcatca gcttcttgaa tgtgatttga aaggtaattt
    12001 agtattgaat agcatgtgag ctagagtatt tcattctttc tggtttattt cttcaaatag
    12061 actttgaata taatggtgaa tgggtattat aaattaacta ataaaaatga cattgaaaat
    12121 gaaaaaatat atatattaaa gtgtagaaag tgaccaggcg tggtggctca cacctgtaat
    12181 ccaagcacct tgggaggctg aggcaggagg atctcttgat cccaggagtt caagaccagc
    12241 ctgggcaaca tagcgagact tcgtctctaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaaa aaaatttttt
    12301 ttatttaaaa aaagtgtaga aagtgtcaag accccacttc ttaccattat ttggtatatt
    12361 tctctatacc cacccaccct tcctccttac tccctccctc ccttcccaat ctttttatct
    12421 ttttgtattc tgattttttg tttgtatatt ttgctttaat ttaatgtatc ctttaaaaat
    12481 ttcccataca ttttatatgt atatataaaa acgcatgctg ccaaagataa tttataagaa
    12541 agaccattga atttttttaa aagtgatata tattcattga aaaaaattta gaatatatag
    12601 caaagcaata aagaactaaa taaaattgct gtaactcctc tttcaaagat aagtgctttt
    12661 atgattttgt tgtatttttt tctgtatata ggtacatata tagtatttat aaagctgtac
    12721 tcatagtaca ttttcacatc acaggtacca tatcagtgtt attaaatatt ttgtatgcca
    12781 ggggctagac ataccaagac aaccaatatg tggttctact taaataatat tagagtatct
    12841 tttatgatga cacttcatga gttgactata ataatcttag acttctaaga gtttgggttt
    12901 tcaaaagatc acttagcttt tttgggtgat ttttccccct tactgtgaga tgagagaggc
    12961 tgtttggatt tgggattggg gtagcgggga cagcaacttt tcttttcttt ttctttttta
    13021 ttttgaggta gggtattgct gtgtcaccca ggctggagtg cagtggtgtg atctcggctc
    13081 actgcaacct ccacctcccg ggctcaggtg atcctcctgc ttcagcctcc cagtaactgg
    13141 gactacaggc gcgtgccaca tgcctggcta attttgtatt tttagtagag atggggtttc
    13201 accatgttgg ccaggctggt ctctaactcc tgacctcagg tgatacgccc acctgggcct
    13261 cccaaaatac tgggattaca ggcatgagcc gctgcatcag ccagcagttt ttcttgtggt
    13321 tttttttgtt tgttttgttt tgttttgttt ttgagatagg gtcttactct gttgtccacg
    13381 ctggagtgct gtggtatgat cgtagctcac tgcagcctca aactcctggg ctcaagtgat
    13441 tccttctgcc tccgcctccc gagtagctgg gactacaggt atgcaccacc atacctggca
    13501 aatttttaca aagttttttg tagggacggg gtcttgctac attccccatg tcggtcttga
    13561 actcctggcc tcaagcaact ctcctgtctc agcctcccaa agcactggga ttacaagtgt
    13621 gagccaccac accatgccag tttttcctgt tcagtgtgat attttatctt gttagactac
    13681 agtgtgttaa aacttgtttt actaaatttt caaacatact caaaagtgga gagaatagta
    13741 taatgaatac ccgtatgttc atcacccatg tttagaatat tattaaatat aaagattttg
    13801 ctgcgtttgt cttagctctt taaaattttt ctttttctct ttgtgaccta aaggaaattc
    13861 catatcttat cactttactt ctacattctt gactaagatg actaagacat atagttacat
    13921 ggttttttgt tttgtttttg ttttttaaag acgaaatctc gctcttgtcc cccaggctgg
    13981 agtgcaatgg tgccatctca gctcagtgca acctctgcct tctgggtaca agcgattctc
    14041 ctgcctcagc ctcccaagta gctgggatta caggctcctg ccaccacgcc tggctaattt
    14101 ttgtattttt agtagagacg gcggggggag gtttcaccat gttgacaagg ctggtctgga
    14161 actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacccgcctc ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt
    14221 gagccaccgc gcccagcctg tttttttgtt tgtgtgtttt gttttttttg agacagagtc
    14281 ttgctctgtt tcccaggctg gagtgaagtg gtgccatctc agctcagaga cagagtcttg
    14341 ctctgtttcc caggctggag tgaagtggtg ccatcttggc tcactgcaac cttcacctcc
    14401 caggttcaag tgattctcct gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tgggactaca ggcatgtgtc
    14461 accacacccg gctaattttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg ggatttcacc gtgttgccca
    14521 ggctggtctc gaactcctga gctcaggcag tctgcctgcc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg
    14581 gattacacgt gtgaaccaac ccgcccggcc tgttgttttc ttacataatt cattatcata
    14641 cctacaaagt taacagttac taatatcatc ttacacctaa atttctctga tagactaagg
    14701 ttatttttta acatcttaat ccaatcaaat gtttgtatcc tgtaatgctc tcattgaaac
    14761 agctatattt ctttttcaga ttagtgatga tgaaccaggt tatgaccttg atttattttg
    14821 catacctaat cattatgctg aggatttgga aagggtgttt attcctcatg gactaattat
    14881 ggacaggtaa gtaagatctt aaaatgaggt tttttacttt ttcttgtgtt aatttcaaac
    14941 atcagcagct gttctgagta cttgctattt gaacataaac taggccaact tattaaataa
    15001 ctgatgcttt ctaaaatctt ctttattaaa aataaaagag gagggcctta ctaattactt
    15061 agtatcagtt gtggtatagt gggactctgt agggaccaga acaaagtaaa cattgaaggg
    15121 agatggaaga aggaactcta gccagagtct tgcatttctc agtcctaaac agggtaatgg
    15181 actggggctg aatcacatga aggcaaggtc agatttttat tattatgcac atctagcttg
    15241 aaaattttct gttaagtcaa ttacagtgaa aaaccttacc tggtattgaa tgcttgcatt
    15301 gtatgtctgg ctattctgtg tttttatttt aaaattataa tatcaaaata tttgtgttat
    15361 aaaatattct aactatggag gccataaaca agaagactaa agttctctcc tttcagcctt
    15421 ctgtacacat ttcttctcaa gcactggcct atgcatgtat actatatgca aaagtacata
    15481 tatacattta tattttaacg tatgagtata gttttaaatg ttattggaca cttttaatat
    15541 tagtgtgtct agagctatct aatatatttt aaaggttgca tagcattctg tcttatggag
    15601 ataccataac tgatttaacc agtccactat tgatagacac tattttgttc ttaccgactg
    15661 tactagaaga aacattcttt tacatgtttg gtacttgttc agctttattc aagtggaatt
    15721 tctgggtcaa ggggaaagag tttattgaat attttggtat tgccaaattt tcctctaaga
    15781 agttgaatca ttttatactc ctgatgttat atgagagtac ctttctcttc acaatttgtc
    15841 tctttttttt ttttttttga gacaaggtct ctgttgccca ggctggggtg cagtgcagca
    15901 gaatgatcac agttcactgc agtctcaacc tcctgggttc aagcgatcct tccacctcag
    15961 cctcctgagt agctgggact ataggtgtgc gccaccactc ccagctaata tttttatttt
    16021 gtagaaacag ggttcgccat gttacccagc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcatgag
    16081 ccactggccc agtttctaca gtctctctta atattgtata ttatccagaa aatttcattt
    16141 aatcagaacc tgccagtctg ataggtgaaa atggtatctt gtttttattt gcatttaaaa
    16201 aaaattatga tagtggtatg cttggttttt ttgaaggtat caaatttttt accttatgaa
    16261 acatgagggc aaaggatgtg atacgtggaa gatttaaaaa aaatttttaa tgcatttttt
    16321 tgagacaagg tcttgctcta ttgtccaggc tggagtgcag tggcacaatc acagttcact
    16381 ccagcctcaa catcctgcac taaagtgatt ttcccacctc acctctcaag tagctgggac
    16441 tacaggtaca tgctaccatg cctggctaat tttttttttt ttgcaggcat ggggtctcac
    16501 tatattgccc aggttggtgt ggaagtttaa tgactaagag gtgtttgtta taaagtttaa
    16561 tgtatgaaac tttctattaa attcctgatt ttatttctgt aggactgaac gtcttgctcg
    16621 agatgtgatg aaggagatgg gaggccatca cattgtagcc ctctgtgtgc tcaagggggg
    16681 ctataaattc tttgctgacc tgctggatta catcaaagca ctgaatagaa atagtgatag
    16741 atccattcct atgactgtag attttatcag actgaagagc tattgtgtga gtatatttaa
    16801 tatatgattc tttttagtgg caacagtagg ttttcttata ttttctttga atctctgcaa
    16861 accatacttg ctttcatttc acttggttac agtgagattt ttctaacata ttcactagta
    16921 ctttacatca aagccaatac tgttttttta aaactagtca ccttggagga tatatactta
    16981 ttttacaggt gtgtgtggtt ttttaaataa actcctttta ggaattgctg ttgggacttg
    17041 ggatactttt ttcactatac atactggtga cagataccct ctcttgagct acatcggttt
    17101 gtggggagtc aaaagtcctt tggagctagg tttgacaaat aaggtgggtt aacacttgtt
    17161 tcctagaaag cacatggaga gctagagtat tggcgaattg aagaaatccc cctttttttt
    17221 taacacactt aagaaagggg actgcaggta tactcaagag agtaagtcgc accagaaacc
    17281 acttttgatc cacagtctgc ctgtgtcaca caattgaaat gcatcacaac attgacactg
    17341 tggatgaaac aaaatcagtg tgaattttag tagtgaattt cattcataat ttgatcgtgc
    17401 aaacgtttga tttttattac tttagactat tgtttctgat tttatgttgg gttggtattt
    17461 cctgtgagtt actgttttac ctttaaaata ggaatttttc atactcttca aagattagaa
    17521 caaatgtcca gtttttgctg tttcatgaat gagtcctgtc catctttgta gaaactcgcc
    17581 ttatgttcac atttttattg agaataagac cacttatcta catttaacta tcaacctcat
    17641 cctctccatt aatcatctat tttagtgacc caagtttttg accttttcca tgtttacatc
    17701 aatcctgtag gtgattgggc agccatttaa gtattattat agacattttc actatcccat
    17761 taaaaccctt tatgcccata catcataaca ctacttccta cccataagct ccttttaact
    17821 tgttaaagtc ttgcttgaat taaagacttg tttaaacaca aaatttagac ttttactcaa
    17881 caaaagtgat tgattgattg attgattgat tgatggttta cagtaggact tcattctagt
    17941 cattatagct gctggcagta taactggcca gcctttaata cattgctgct tagagtcaaa
    18001 gcatgtactt tagagttggt atgatttatc tttttggtct tctatagcct ccttccccat
    18061 ccccatcagt cttaatcagt cttgttacgt tatgactaat ctttggggat tgtgcagaat
    18121 gttattttag ataagcaaaa acgagcaaaa taggggagtt taactttaat attttctttt
    18181 aaaaagcatt tcatgttata agatcaattc tgagtggtag aaaatgcttt gacattttat
    18241 ttccattttc tacttttagt ttttttccta tttgtttaag atcttagagg attattaagc
    18301 tgaactcctc aactgataaa aagcatgaca tcttaaacat aagcaaagca tatttttagg
    18361 ttaattttca catagaaaac agtttatttt atgtgaaatt ctatgtagat atactatttt
    18421 tttggtattt attgatatgt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt
    18481 ttatttattt attttttttt ttgagacaga gtctcactct gttgcccagg ctggagtgca
    18541 gtggcatgat cgtagctcac tgcaacctcc actcccgggt tcaagcaatt cttctgtctc
    18601 agcctcccga gtagctggga ctacaggtgc ctgccactat gcccggctaa tttttgtgtt
    18661 tttagtagag atggggtttc accttgttgg tcaggctggt ctcgaacccc tgacctcagg
    18721 tgatccaccc acctcagcct cccaaagtgc tgggattata ggcatgagcc acgtgcccgg
    18781 ccgacatgtt aattttttaa aaaaggcttt actggggtat attttatata atataataat
    18841 cacatgtttt aactatacaa ttccaagctt tttagtatat ttatagggct atgcaaggaa
    18901 gatatactgt taaacagtag aaattgagaa agctcttctg ataatatctc ttgatttgat
    18961 gatggctcat gcctgtaatc tcagtgcttt ggaaggccaa gacagcagaa tcacttgagg
    19021 ccaggggttc gagaccagcc tgggcaacac agcaataccc tatctttaca aataataaaa
    19081 atatctgttg atttgaagta aagttttttt ttaaagacaa ggtctcattc tgtcacccag
    19141 gctggaatgc agtagcaaga tcacagctca ctgtggcctt gaccttctgg gctcaagtga
    19201 ttctcccact tcggcctccc gagtagctgg gactaacagg tgtgcaccac catggctggc
    19261 taattttttt ttatgtttgt agagattggg tcttactgtg ttgcccaggc tgatcccgaa
    19321 ctcctgggct caagcagtct tcctgcctca gcctctaaaa ttgctgggat tacaggcttg
    19381 agtcaccatg cccagcctga agtagcattt ctaccctgtt taataattca gcagcttgtc
    19441 atgtaagata ttcatatatg catataaaca ttaggcagct taatttggta aaactgtaaa
    19501 atggaaattt taaattgttt gcagcatcaa taacattgat gtcagtatga tttttacatg
    19561 ctgatcttga ccaatttgaa acagtgagtt aaaatctggc tgatccgtac taatcctaaa
    19621 gaaatattct atgaactatt aaatgtttcc agaatatata aagaaacatt atgatgtcaa
    19681 cacacccatc tatttttttt tggaaataaa aactccattt ttcttattaa agaaaacatg
    19741 cttattagaa aacatacggc tgggtgcagt ggcacacatg taattccagt gctttgggag
    19801 atcgaggtgg gagaatcact tgaggccagg agtttgagac cagcctagac aacataatga
    19861 gaccccctct ctacacaaaa agaattagtt gtgcatggtg gcgtgcacct gtagtcccag
    19921 ctacttggga ggcagaggca ggagcatccc ttgagcctag gagtttgaga ctgcaggagt
    19981 tcgagactga gtggaatgca gtggaactgc attccagcct gagtgacaga gggagaccct
    20041 gtcttaaaaa aataagaaag aaaacacaac tgcagaaaat tataaaggat ttaagtcatt
    20101 ccaaatatca ctgccacttt ttatttagaa tattctaaag aattctctct ctgtgtacac
    20161 acacacatat gcgtactctt aatccaagta gcttggtagg attttattta cctagtgcct
    20221 agatgggaaa ttgcctgggg attccaaata cctatttcat taaattaaag atgtcactga
    20281 ttttaagact taacactatt tttcatactg ccaagaaaga aaacactacc agttataaat
    20341 gtaaattgcc atcaattgta atacatcaat tttagagcta ttattaataa aatgtgaatg
    20401 tgcatcttag agcaatgaaa tatagtacta tatatttgat gaccttttct gccctgtgat
    20461 attcagaaag tgaaagttaa atatgggctg agcatggtgg ctcacacctg taatcccagt
    20521 actttgggaa gtcaagacgg gaggctggct tgaacccagg agttcaagac cagcctaggc
    20581 aatgtagcga gacgccatct caaaatatta aaaataagta aataagtaaa taaaaagaag
    20641 gttaagtata caaatgtatt tcctttgttg tgaatttatt tcaattttat agtgattttt
    20701 tttttttgag acgaagtctc actcttgtcc cccaggctgg agtgcgatgg cgtgatctca
    20761 gctcactgca acctctgcct cccaggttca agctatactc ctgccttggc cccccgagta
    20821 gctgggatta caggcgcctg ctaccatgcc tggctaattt ttgtattttt agttgagatg
    20881 gggtttcacc atgttggcca ggctggtcta gaactcttga cctctggtga tccacccgcc
    20941 tcggactccc aaaatgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc gtgcctggcc agtggttttt
    21001 tgttgttgtt gttgttgttt tgttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttgttttg agacaggatc
    21061 ttgctctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtgccatctt ggttcactgc aacctctgcg
    21121 tgggctcaag caatcctccc acctcccttt ccagagtagc ggggaccaca ggtgtgtgcc
    21181 accacacctg actaattttt gcattttttt ttgtagaaac agggttttgc catgttgccc
    21241 aggttggtct gaaactcctg agctcaaaca atccaactgc cttggcttcc ctaagtgaaa
    21301 ttacaggcat gggccactgt acccagtcta gtgatttttt tatttttatt tttattttat
    21361 tttattttat ttttttacca aaaaaacaac aaagcctcag gaggaaaagt tgatacacaa
    21421 gtaaatttta ttggaaatgt ttttgtgtgg accttaagca gagggaaaat tagtctgcat
    21481 tatggtgtat ccagactaaa tgactgatat taaaatgaaa ttattcttag gatttgcaat
    21541 cttagagaaa actttttcat ttttattttt ttgagttaca aattatcttc atttacattt
    21601 gagaacagtg agtcacagag ggattaagta acttactcaa gatcatacaa gtctttgatt
    21661 tgaacccaat cttttaactc tgcagaactc agagtcactc ttatttggaa aaacttttta
    21721 actgatgtgg atcctctaat atgggcttcc tattattcat tctctattag tcagaagttt
    21781 tgcaagcaga cagaattcat tttgccaatt acgggatttt ccctcagttg cagtcaaggt
    21841 tcataaaact ataactcttt atctttaatt agaaatgttt ttttttttga gacaaggtct
    21901 tgctctgttg cccagactgg aatgcagtgg catagtggcc cattgcagct ttgaactcct
    21961 gggctcaagg gatcctctgc ctcagcctcc caagtatctg agactacaag tgcgtgccat
    22021 cacccatggc tattttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttgtagagat agggtcttgc tgtgttgccc
    22081 aggctggtct caaactcctg gtctcaagca atccttctgc cttggtctcc caaagtgctg
    22141 agattacagg tgtcagccgt tgcacctggc caaaacgata acttaaaata cacacacaca
    22201 cacacacaca caaacacata tgtgtatttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtctcaaaa
    22261 ggtatcaaaa gagaatagct ataactttag tgttgatctt gatagtgact tgattaggct
    22321 ctgtttaaca tcaaagatgc aaattaatac tttctttgaa catattaaaa atgcagaaaa
    22381 tattggagta ttttatttta aataaattgt attctgtata tttaaggtat acaacatgat
    22441 gttatgggat acatataggt ggttaaaaga ttactgcagt gaagcaaatt aacgtatccc
    22501 tcaactcaca tagttaccca tttttttttt gttttggtgg caagaggagc ttaaaatctc
    22561 atttagtgtg aatcccaaat acagcacaat tttattacct atatacttca tgttgtacat
    22621 tatatttcta gacttgttca tcctacatat ctgctacttt gtatcctctg agctacatct
    22681 ccccattttc tcacttgccc cccaagtagt ttcttaaagt gtctcatgta agagggcagt
    22741 agctttcagc ttaaactttt tctctgtatg tagtcgattt ctttgaggta tacttttctc
    22801 tccagaatag ttagatgtag gtataccact ttgatgttga cactagttta cctagaactt
    22861 atcttctgta aatctgtctc tatttccatc tctgtctcca tctttgtctc tatctctatc
    22921 tgtctatctc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta
    22981 aagcaaattc atgcccttct cctatttatt gaatcgagac catagacagg ggtgagagaa
    23041 agaatttggc aggaatgggg atgtgtatta tctgtggcat aaggaaactt tacagaacta
    23101 ggttcaaaag tatactttct agttctttcc catggctttt cactttgatg tagtccttat
    23161 caggtaactg aggttttata taagtcccct gattcttaga acatgaaggt gtagtagtca
    23221 aggttggtcc cttgaaacca caaattttgt gaaaaaaaat taagaaaatt tgaataattt
    23281 cctcagcaaa tacatattga tcatctgtta tacagccatg agaagtggtt ctgttgcaca
    23341 cgtttatttt atcagatcct aatcccaaac caggcataaa atggaaacca tgaagatagg
    23401 atgaaataac ttctgaatgt ttgaatgttt gaaaatagtg tacttaaaaa taccaggtgg
    23461 tttttgtttg ttttttgttt ttttcttttt ttgagacagg gtctcactct gtcacccagg
    23521 ctggagtgta gtggtgcaat ctcatctcat tgcagtcttg acctcccagg ctcaggttat
    23581 ctcccacctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga ctacaggcac atgccaccac gcccagctaa
    23641 ttttttgtat tttttgtaga gacggggttt caccctgttg cccaggctgg tctagaactc
    23701 ctgggcttaa gcgatcctcc cacctcagcc tcccaaagtg ctaggattac aggcatgagc
    23761 caccatgcct ggcagaaaat accaggtttt taagtatcag cacttactct tcaatctttt
    23821 ctattactat gttgtgctaa atggtatttt ttatttaatt agagcaatgc tgttcaatag
    23881 aactttcttt gaggatggaa atcttttatg tttctgctat gtggtacaga gccactagtg
    23941 acatgtggct tttgagcgct tgacacatct tgtgcaacac aggaactgaa tttttaagta
    24001 atttatattg ccacatgtgg ctaccgtatg ggacagtgta gtactagatg atctgtaagg
    24061 gctgtgcttc atcagtgtcg ttttttaact gacaaaaacc tttagttttt tttttagtaa
    24121 tgtgtttatt taaaagaatt cataaaatac aagtaaacaa attaacttgt tacctgagca
    24181 tatgtccttt catacttatt ttttctgcat acatattttg gaaaatggaa tatctgcccc
    24241 ttttttttta tctgagatac agtctacctc taaaaataca tgattctaac attctcactt
    24301 tttgttggca tttgatcagg gtatagaaaa acagttaaaa ggacagagaa tggttgagag
    24361 attatgatat gaagagaaaa tgtgattgag tgtggtagac ttggggcctg cttgaatgtt
    24421 gagagaatga ctgttttccg ataaaaaaaa aaagtccatt ctaggatcct aaaagaaggg
    24481 tctgaagttc actgcagaaa gcaagctaca tagtactaag ccactaaggg gacatggagc
    24541 ccttagtaat tcctacctta gtaatagtct catcatgccc tcttgggaac ccagccttgt
    24601 tgattagcct ctctgctttc tctccttata gttcaacctc cctgtttgtt ccaagcagtt
    24661 cttttcctgc ccatttatta tgcatttcta tacagctttc ctcctctttt tctataccat
    24721 gctgcagttc ttattgctac ctagaggttt tcaaaattcc taggggcgga taagtaggca
    24781 taaacaaagt tcttccctat tatccttcct attttttcac ctagactgaa gaggtagaca
    24841 aaatagaaat aaagacatta agggtatgtg tttgtagtcc caaagagctt ctctggcaat
    24901 tttgatgtag ttgacagtga cgctctgagt tcaggacaga ttggactcct tggctgagag
    24961 gagtgaggag ataggacggt agaggagagg gtagagcaac tctggaggaa gctttcccct
    25021 cacctttgcc agtcctgtta tcctagactt aaccataatt aaagatgagg gaggcactca
    25081 gtaaagggat ctagtgggaa gcttgttcca gacagccaag gagggaggtt cgcgcagttc
    25141 ctttggccac ccaggtgggg taattgatcc atgtatgcca ttcatgtaca atgtaggcac
    25201 ttatacctgt attccaatgt agtgaactat accattactc ttaaattaat attctttatt
    25261 agcttccatg gtggctatag gccaggcaag agagttaaga aaaaataaat agccaggtat
    25321 ggtgactcaa gcctgtaatc tcggcacttt aggaggccga ggcaggagga tagcttgagt
    25381 ccaggagttc aagaccagcc tgagcaaaat agtgagatcc tgtctctatt ttttaaaaaa
    25441 gccttggggc aaacaggagt atggaggttt ggatgctaat agaacagcag tgtcttactg
    25501 cttggagttc tcttgtttct tgtcctatca ccgtagcctt tggatcacag caatttttcc
    25561 atgactccat acttttcagt tcttgaatat tttttccttt attcctcttg tctctgtaaa
    25621 gacatcaact ggagttggac tgtaatacca ggtatctcca gaagatggca ctatttaaca
    25681 gattttataa ataatttgat gtgagtcact gtcatctgaa gcttgttgcc ttttctttct
    25741 ttcttctttc ttttttttcc ccatcaattc tgtatgtttg aaatgctggg atttaagtta
    25801 gttagaataa gggatgtctg taatttccct aaattgagaa gtaatatgca aaggttgata
    25861 tcagaagtca tatgctcacc ttgcaacacc aaataatact ggcccatttg tgatttttga
    25921 aagtaacact ccataataaa tggatgtata tatagaagca taacaaaaat agaagcacat
    25981 aaaagtgaaa agtctcataa acgccattgt cactactcat gtaattgctg ttacaaattt
    26041 gtttaaatgt tgaataaaaa tggtgtcata ggcaacacag tgttccacta cttggtgttt
    26101 ttaatagcat tattctgtct cagtgtgctt tggattatca ggtgcttttt aatagttgca
    26161 tggtattaca ttgtgtagat gaacttgatt aatttaaatg gttccctgtt aatggacatg
    26221 ttggtttgtt tttgtgaaca actgatacag tgaacattta ttttttaaat aaaaaaaaga
    26281 gagacagggt cttgctgtgt ttctcgggct ggccttgaac tcctggggtc aagcgatcgt
    26341 cttgcctctg cctccctggg attacaggca tgaagccacc gcacccggcc cagtgaacac
    26401 tcttgaatgt atctttgtat acttgtcaag tgtttttgta gcaattgatt cccagaagtg
    26461 ggaattacat ggaattaagt gacatgcatg tttgcaattt taacaggtat tgctatgtca
    26521 ttttcaaaag aagctatgcc aattaatact ctcaccaaca agagtgctta tttcccctca
    26581 gcatattatc aggcttaagt tttgccagta tgggtgggag aacagtagaa tcacattgtt
    26641 ttagtgtttg tttctcagat agatataatt ttacacctta taaccttctc ttctataaat
    26701 tgtctatttg tgttcattct ccattttcct atgggttctt attgttggag cccaatatat
    26761 aaaagggggt atttgttaca gaacctcttc agttttggtt catgtcatgc ctgggttttt
    26821 accctttcta cggatgttaa aaaaaattct ctattttctt ccagtccact tatggcttta
    26881 ttttttacat ttagatttta atccgtctgg aatttatttt tgtgtatgct gtgaggtagg
    26941 gaccatactt ttattttttc ccaaatgggt tactagttgg ccaaacatca tttattgaat
    27001 aattcatctt ttccctactg actcgaaata ccatctttat tgtatactaa atcctcatat
    27061 agttctgggt ctgtttctgg gctctacttt gttcatttac tgtgctggta ctgcaccgtt
    27121 gtaattgctg tggctttgtg gtatggtatg gcttgctctc tgctagggca agtcgaagct
    27181 cttttgttca cctgctcttt cacccaaatt ttctgtcctg aatccagcac agccaaatta
    27241 tggtcattgt caccaccaac tacagtgggt gttgagcatt tcccattgaa tctcctgtaa
    27301 gggttttatt ggattctgtg atagcagtaa aatgggagcc taagaggtat tccttaaagg
    27361 actactaatc agacctggtt tcccagatga tgctgaagat gacggggcct gggctagact
    27421 tttgagggac atatccttgg ggttgggtgt gatatagacc agcccttaca atttgcttga
    27481 ctcatgggaa tcgtacaggg ccagaaccag acacctgtca tgctaataac ttccctcaca
    27541 attcagaaat cactgtgatt gaagatgggt ggctgttata atactaccca cttaaaaatg
    27601 gatgtaaccc attttttagg actcttaaaa acatcaaatc agtaatggcc gattaggact
    27661 ttttaatttt tactaatctc tacttgaaag ttttctagtc attcatttca ggaaacctaa
    27721 ttcttataat tcatatcatt tagaatatca taatgctatg gatattagct agctaacttc
    27781 tcaaatcttc tagttctcat ttaatttgaa gtttgtgtgt gtacataagg atatacatat
    27841 acatatgtgt gtgtagatat atatatatat agtttttttt tttttaacta gaatgaccag
    27901 tcaacagggg acataaaagt aattggtgga gatgatctct caactttaac tggaaaggta
    27961 tgtatcttga aagggaagaa aaaaaagcac ttcataccga gtcaattagt aacagtgtgc
    28021 tttcaatcaa tcactaagag ataatttaca tagtataact aaatgggtta tttaaccctt
    28081 ggaagcagtc taggttaatt atcgttccct aggtcatgta gtaaaaagac agtagaatcc
    28141 aacattaacc ttaaatgtcc atattgtcaa gtactgctgt ctgcctctgt gggactctaa
    28201 tttgggatcc ttcaaaaaac attgatgggg gaaaagatag cctttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    28261 acaaacctat gtgagtctat gtgaggtaga ctcacatagt ttcctaaaag atagcaaagc
    28321 agtattatgt agtggctgaa agtgtgagtt ccggagcctg acaactgatt caaagcatgg
    28381 cttagtactt cctaactctg accttgggca agttacttaa cctctctgtg tcccatatgt
    28441 gattagggtg aggttgataa tagcagccat agagttaaga ggattaagtg ctataatgca
    28501 agtagagctc ttacaacagt ttctggtaaa tcactcaata aattcagaca tactattatt
    28561 ttaagaaatc tcaaagagtt ttcttgtacc ttaaaattct cctagtgtga accattggtt
    28621 ttggtatatt gtgcttccat gtagtttaat atcaagatgt ttttagattt cccttttaat
    28681 ttatttgttg acccattggt tgttcaggag catgctgttt acctgaaaat aatggagata
    28741 ttaaggtatt tgaatattta tcttctagta cattgaaaaa ctttttgaga gtaaccaata
    28801 ataaatgatg gaatgctact gctttttttt tttgaagctg ccagttattg tttacttaca
    28861 ctatgccaaa tataaaggca ttaatctcat aaaagtttca caacaatcct gtgagggaga
    28921 cgatatcccc attttacaaa tcaggaaatt aagacttaat aaggttaaaa gacttgcccc
    28981 aaagtcacag aaccagtaag tggtagagct tgaatttgaa tacagacctg actctaaagc
    29041 tcttttcttt ctttagattt tagtgttcat tgcttacttg aatgagtatc tataagaaaa
    29101 ctttaacatg taaaacttct gtgaaattat cttgtcccat atcagggtca tgtcaaacta
    29161 atgtcctcct cagcatcttt ggaaaacttc agaggagaaa tgagctttgc ccctcctgtt
    29221 catttcatat accactgtta gacctgtcct tccctttcag catgctttgt ccatatttag
    29281 aagctgttga agccattact tgtctggtca gtttttagtg ctggaatgga cctagccttt
    29341 taggccttct gagatttagt ttgatctcgt ctttcccacc taatggctct gttctactac
    29401 atagatttga tctgaaacag ttctctgttt ctaaaataac tttcttttca tgatagtcac
    29461 agtaaagtac atttattatg gaaaaatcaa taagtataac gagtgaaagt tatttcttgg
    29521 tggtaagatt atgggattat ttgaactttc tgtttcattg tattttattt atttatttat
    29581 ttttgtgatg gagtctcact ctgctgccca ggctggagtg cagtagtacg atcttggctc
    29641 actgcaacct ccccttccca gttcaagtga ttctcctgcc tcagactccc aagtagctgg
    29701 gattacaggc gcacgccacc atgcctggct aattttttta tctttagtag agacagggtt
    29761 tcaccatgtt gaccaggctg atctccaact cctgatctca ggtatccacc tgcctcagcc
    29821 tcccaaagta ccgggattac gggtgtgagc caccctgcct ggcctcattt tgtcttttgg
    29881 gggtattttt gtgtgcagat atatatgtat ataaatattt ttccctcttt tccccagtta
    29941 gtatttgagc agatgaactt tggacccgaa tacctgtatt caagtctcta ataccacttc
    30001 ttggctattt tcattttatc aaatggcctc ttatcctcgt ttttctcatt tattaagtag
    30061 agatgtaact acttgatata attcaaaaac tcaataatgg cattcttttg ttttttagac
    30121 tctagtgtct gtactccttg taccatgctg ggattcattt gaacaattgc atggcttttt
    30181 tagtgtatta ttaaatttgc agtttactta gaatttactg ggacctcata caaatgggaa
    30241 aaaaacataa ctgtgttact catttgctgt gtgcctttgg attgacccta ttttttgtat
    30301 tcattttctc cccatgtcct gagttccact ttgaataaaa aagtaatttt tttcctgcct
    30361 gtaaaatagg ctaccaatag gctgcagttg tctatagtag ctgcttcact gaggagagct
    30421 cagcatgaga gaaatagtat gaattgcttg ccacaagtta tgggctagcc ttacttcatt
    30481 ctgtacttgg acctgtttag gcttctaaga gatcttacct ccaacaataa actgctttga
    30541 gacatgaaaa ggtggaagct ttacttggtt ataactttac ttttaatacc tagaacagtg
    30601 agtcttcaaa cttgtatttg catgcccaat ttataaaaag tttcctgagc atttacccct
    30661 aatatatgca ttttaaatta tatatgattt atggtaataa taatatatat gttacaaaat
    30721 acatacaaaa atatagatta aacaaggtga ggttaaaaaa tttaaaagtt ctaatctttc
    30781 ttgcaaacca gtggatcttt tgtgccttac tctggtaaac actgtcttag aagaatatat
    30841 agaacattaa aatcttaatg ctatagttat atgacagagt atgatgagag ctacagataa
    30901 acaacacatc atgaatcttc ttgtggcagt gtttataacc attatgtgaa atgctgcctc
    30961 attcttataa ctagcataag aacagatagg actttctcga ttttgagggg taattattag
    31021 atggtatttt ctgttaagga ctcttccagc tataaaattc ttaaatgtag aaagcgaagt
    31081 gagggtttat ggtgagagga agcattggta tcatgtttta gtgtagtcca agaatatgga
    31141 cacatccaga aaatgcagat caagtttagc ctaatgagaa aatatatttt ggagtccata
    31201 tggtaaatta aattatgtga tttttgagtt attgtacaaa tataattctt agaatgttag
    31261 agtcaggaga ctataagaga ccaactgctt caagtttcat ttaacacatg ggaaactaag
    31321 gcgagagaaa tttcaagact tgcccaagat tagacctctt gttaagtaat gaaagtgttt
    31381 taaaaacagg tgggtcaaat tctgttttta aaatttccat tatgatgaaa atttcagtat
    31441 tacaggcttc caaatcccag cagatgggcc acttgtttaa aggagagttt gatataataa
    31501 agcatctaaa aacaagagtt tggataattc cttagggttg ttatgatgtg atttgactta
    31561 taattggaaa taccgtttta ttcattgtac tgattttcat ttctcttttt cttctagaat
    31621 gtcttgattg tggaagtaag ttcacattta cttttaatat aacatttatg acttttctaa
    31681 cttagtatgc accatcctaa aggtaagcca gggagagaaa ttcctctgca tcagttttaa
    31741 tggtgggctt gtgttctaaa ggagtgagat tggttttttg taaagactac ttagtaattt
    31801 gtttttacca ataatggaat ggtatacttc ctacctctct ttttttagtt tgaagtattt
    31861 tctttctaaa cataactctc tctctctatt tatctatata taatatatac atatatatct
    31921 tatattttat gtatatatat atatatcttg cttagatttt gtcttatgta atatttggta
    31981 cataaaaaat aatatttata atttatagac tattttccat gtgttattat gtgctaaagt
    32041 attttgtatc ttagcaccga gaggctaagc agtttcctag ggttaccagc tagtaaacta
    32101 agggaaacct ttacttcctt tagctcagtg gttctcaaaa tgtggttccc tagaccaaaa
    32161 gtattaatat cagacaagaa cctaccgaat caaaatatct gtgatgaggc ccagcaagct
    32221 atgctttaac aagtttccga gtgattctga tgcatgctaa ggtttaggat cccttgtttt
    32281 tactcataag tcactttctc attaaggcct tccctggcca tcctatataa aatctcatgt
    32341 tttcacaccg tcaacttcgt attcctcctc aatactttta ttttcctgat cacttatcac
    32401 taacagcctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctatgtata tatatatata tatcacttat
    32461 cactgtctaa cagcctctct ttatatatat ataatctata gattatatat atatgcagca
    32521 ttgtgcaatc attatcacgc tcaattttaa aacattttca tttccccaca aagaaaccca
    32581 atccccttag ccatcactcc caattttccc ttcccccagc acctagcaaa ctgatcatct
    32641 acctacttgc tgtctataag atttgcctat tctggacatt ttgtataaat agaatcatac
    32701 aatatgtggc cttttgtatc tggcttctct cacttaatgt tttcaaggtt cattcatgtt
    32761 gtggagtata tctgcactca tttccttttt attgccaaat tgtatggata gacaggtgtt
    32821 cctcaactgt gtcctgataa acccatctga agttgaaaat atcataagtt gaaaatggat
    32881 ttactacttt gataaatcta tcctaaagtc agaaaaatct catgttggaa ccatcgtaag
    32941 ttggatacca tctgaattac atttttgtta tccattcact ggttgacaga cgttaggttg
    33001 tttccactga tgctccttat ttctcgtacc tgaaatgtcc ttattccctc ccttcttatc
    33061 ccatgtttaa gtcatttaag acccagctca aacgtcacct ccacaaaacc ttccttgata
    33121 cccctttcct cttcaattca cttggacctt ttgcatttaa ttttaatttt tatttttttt
    33181 aagacagagt ctcactctgt caccaggctg gagtgcagtg gtatgatctc agctcactaa
    33241 ctactctgcc tcccaggttc aagcaattct catgtctcag cctcccaagt agctgggact
    33301 acaggtgtgc gccaccatgc ctggctaatt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtatgtatgt
    33361 atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat acacaaacat atataaatat atatacatat
    33421 atatatatac acacatatat aaatatatat acatatatat atatacacac acacacacat
    33481 atatatatat atagtttttt tttttttaag tagagatggg gttttgccat gttggccagg
    33541 ctggtctggc ctcaagccat cctcccacct cggcctcgca aagtgctggt attataggca
    33601 tgagccactg tgcctggcct gcatttcatt ttaattataa aatattttga actcagaaaa
    33661 aagggtatgc tgaataccta cgtacccaca aaagtattaa cattttgcca tatttgcttc
    33721 tgatcttatt ttttttgaga aattaaagat cataatacaa ctaaagcccc atttctttcc
    33781 cttcattccc agaagtatga caattatcct taaagttgat atatatcatt cccatgcatg
    33841 ttttttatac ttccctagta caagttagct gtatcctctg ctcaggggct catcaagctg
    33901 aatcaaggga ctcatgatcc tcttcaaagt tccttcaggt tgttggcaga atttagttcc
    33961 ttgtgattgt aggactgagg gcccgttttc tcactggctg ctggccaggg gttgctccca
    34021 gatatttaaa ggctcatgcc ctagcccatg acagtctcac aacatggcag ctgacttctt
    34081 caaaaccagc aggagaatct tgctctagtc taccacataa cctaatcaca ggagcggcta
    34141 tcccgttatt ttcacagatc ctggtcacat tcaaggggag ggaacccttc tgtgtgtgta
    34201 caccaggagg caggaatttt ttttttcttt ttcttttttg ttaaaaagtc ttaaagtctt
    34261 ttatccctaa aggaggcagg aattttgaga gccatcagaa ttctgcctac cacagcccag
    34321 aaatctgcat ttttcacaag tctccagcca tgatgtttct gatggctcac actgctttat
    34381 tccattttta aagagtattt ttattgaaaa gcattagggt tatggtttaa aaaatatttt
    34441 ccctaacaaa gatgggtttg tttagagtcc tacttttgac taaatagctg agattcactt
    34501 ttatgtaaag ttcattttat agcgttatta atttgggtgc ctttaaaaat agtataaagc
    34561 atgtttctcg agtgtagtct gttagccacc tatattggag agttgggagg agagagtctc
    34621 tatcttgaat ttatgggaaa aattctaaaa tactttttat aatgaaggac aacatcataa
    34681 ctccctaata aaatgtgcat gtatatattc aaatttgctg tcattgatcc tgcacctaca
    34741 aaatccagtc ctgggggctg gcattcttac tgcttgctga gggccagatg atatagattc
    34801 cagaatatct ccatgtagat tttggtgaga attactgtgc tgaaaagaat gacagtattg
    34861 cagttataca tgggggtttt ggtactttat attgtgactc tgaatttaaa gctatgcaat
    34921 gtcttctttt ttgaaaggat ataattgaca ctggcaaaac aatgcagact ttgctttcct
    34981 tggtcaggca gtataatcca aagatggtca aggtcgcaag gtatgtatga cattttgaca
    35041 cagaatattt tcctcatttg aagggggatt aagtgattgc ttctttttaa ggataaatgt
    35101 tttcaactgt cattttatct tcgaaaagta atgtaatctc atataagact taagatataa
    35161 tccttttaaa taattttgtc atgtgttaat aaagctcata attacagtca cttccttgct
    35221 aatattaaca tttggttttc agcatgctaa ttatatcagt ttgtcctgaa tagcatggca
    35281 gaggattttg ggcccccttg caaaattaag aataaggatt ccaaagcggg tgaggaagtg
    35341 ataggaaggg gtgggccctg aagatctgga cctcctggaa ttgagtgatg aatgctgcat
    35401 cttctttgtg tctgtagtga aattttataa tgcctgcttc cttttttatt aagtcggcct
    35461 cacctcctca ccttacctat gctgttttac ttttgctttt atagttctac ctgtgtttat
    35521 ttctcatttt cgtttcatct ctcaacaact ctggggtggc attattattc ccacttttca
    35581 gataaggtta ctgaggcata gggaattgtc caaaggtaca gagctagtcc gctatagaga
    35641 tgagatttga acccagggaa cctggctcac agtttatgct tttgcctacc ttaagttttt
    35701 aatagagtga catcaaacaa acatttaaga atatgttttt cttttccttt tataatttca
    35761 ttaaaaacat taagtctctg atcagtctgc agtttttatg taggggtcag gtaatgttct
    35821 aacttctgct ttttcctaag tgattaacag gtttttataa gcccttttga aaaaatcacg
    35881 gtatctgtcg agcatctttg aatcagagta agccttctag tgagtcatat gtcagcagtt
    35941 tgactgtatg ggcttttcta atatccagtt caagtgttta tcagtgagtt tttcttttaa
    36001 atagatttgg gacaggtact atgagagtat ataagtgata cgttatagga cactaactag
    36061 tatcctatga aatggcaaaa actgcaatca cttttgcacc aaccaaatag aaactaatca
    36121 gtgcacttgc ttatttttct acatgctctt tagggtttta aatgtcaacc tactgtggca
    36181 tagactttaa tcctctgggt attcttttgt tgttctttcc tggtatatgc tgtggaattg
    36241 agatagactg gttcgtgagc gagagatttt gtgttgccac aggtaggaca tgctcaaaca
    36301 atacttgggt catttcttga cccaagtcat ctattcacca tagttttgta gcaccgatct
    36361 tgcatacatt tcatgtatct tctttgaacc ccacgtcagt gctgcttata tgatactcag
    36421 aaattaaaca ctaaggaata agattttcag gtaggattga gttttggagg gtcacaaatc
    36481 ttgtaatgtc taatatttcc actctccctg ctgagaatta gttttggctt ccttggaggt
    36541 gatatcgcct ctgttgagta taagtggcct actgtgatca caccactgca ctccagcctg
    36601 ggtgacagag tgagaccctg tctcagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatg catggcctag
    36661 atgacttcta aggtttttcc cacccagttc cagttttcat gttctaggca gagcagtaaa
    36721 gtgagaaaca catggacttg ggagtttagt ctcgcatttc actgccactt aatctgagcg
    36781 actattccat atttaatctc tctgaatgta tttactcatc tttaaagggg aatgattatt
    36841 aacatctttt tctcagggaa actatatgag tcaaggagat aatatatttg aaaatctttt
    36901 taactgcaaa gcgctgtttc actgttggtt ataatgtgat tgatctcatt gtagtgagca
    36961 gctgcttaat tgcgttttag aatgtaggga agatagtaat atttttcaca ttatatatgt
    37021 agctggttct ggaactgtaa acatactcct tttttatgga gatctgagtc acgtaccata
    37081 aaattcactc ttttaaagtt gtacaatcca gtggtttttg atatattcag agttgtgcat
    37141 ctgctaccac tatttcattt tggaacccaa agaaaccttg tacccattag cagtcattct
    37201 cccttctccc agcccctggc aactactaat ctactttcta cagaaagtcc gtacagattt
    37261 gtgtattatg gacattccat ataaatggac tcatgcaata tcctgtcttc tttcacttag
    37321 catagtgttt tcaaggttca tctaggttgg ggcatgtatc agtacttcat cccttgtttt
    37381 ggctgaataa tatttcattg tacaaatata tcacattttg cttatccatc tgttggtgaa
    37441 catttgagtt tctacctgtt ggcttttatg aataatgttg atttgaatgt ttgtgtacaa
    37501 gtatgaatac ctgttttcag gtctcttgag tatatagttg ctaggtcata tagtaactct
    37561 gtgtttaaca ttttgaggaa ttgcccgact atttaacaag gtatatgtac tgttttacac
    37621 cagtaacata tgagggttcc aatatctcca catccttgac aacacttgtt actgtccttt
    37681 ttattgtagc catcctagtg gctatgatgt ggtatctcat tgtggttttg atttgtgttt
    37741 ctctgatgct gatgatgttg aacatgtttt catctgctta ttggccattt acatatatct
    37801 tcttaagaac ggttacccat ttacagtatg gaaaatgctt cagatgcaac tctagtcatg
    37861 ccttagagat ggagctttat taaacattca gatctctagg catatgaagt gctgagttct
    37921 cttgaactcc taatacagat tgcactgagt ttagtgatac cttttctgga gcattcctga
    37981 gttcaggtag ggagaagggt ttttgctgtg attggcttgt tatgttcttt ctaaatggaa
    38041 atagaattga agtgtctcct ctctccattt attggaagag tcatgaggga cataattaga
    38101 tgatcccttg gagtctccgg cttaggtcag tggttatcta cttaggctgc acattggaat
    38161 cacctgagag ttaaaaaacc aggataacct ctgcctgtgt ctcatctcca gcaattctga
    38221 tgtaattggt caggctgtgg cccgagtagg tgagttctgg ttttttaaag ctcccaggtg
    38281 attctgatgt gcaatccagg ttgagatcac tttgggccct ttccagctct ttaaacatat
    38341 atatttatct aggaaggtat gaaagcataa gttttcttga gactgccttt aacatctgta
    38401 aaggctttca aagcagcttc tgtagttttt tttaaatggc tgaatatttt tcaacaggca
    38461 gcatttgggt tataaaatta gcttttggta gagttgactt ataccacctc cagcttttgt
    38521 tccaaaaata aatactggtt cttttggcac actagttgtt ttaccctaaa gttcctcttt
    38581 gtaagccagt tattaaaagt tgtgatgcag ccagggcgaa gtggtacaca tctgtagtcc
    38641 cagctactcg gaaggctgag gggggaggat cgctagagcc caagaagtca aggctgcagt
    38701 gaactgtgat tacaccactg cactgcagcc tgggccacag agcgagactc atctctttaa
    38761 aaaaagaatg ttgtgaggcc gggcgcagtg ctcacgcctg tgatcccagc actttgggag
    38821 gccgaggtgg acggatcacc tgaggttggg agttcgagac cagcctgacc aacatggaga
    38881 aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa aaatacaaaa ttagccgggc gtggtggcac atgcctgtag
    38941 tcccagctac tcggcaggct gaggcaggag aatcgcttga acctgggagg cagaggttgt
    39001 ggtgagttgg gcgagccatt gcactccagc ctgggcaaca agagcaaaac tccatctcaa
    39061 aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa agaatgttgt ggccaggcgc ggtggcttac gcctgtaatt
    39121 tcagcacttt gggagaccga ggtgggcgga tcacgaggtc aggagatcaa gaccatcctg
    39181 gctaacacag taaaacccca tctctactaa atacaaaaaa aaattagccg ggagtgctgg
    39241 cgggtgcctg tagtcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcgg gagaatggcg tgaacccagg
    39301 aggcagagct tgcagtgagc ggagatcgcg ccactgcact ccagcctggg caacagagcg
    39361 agattccgtc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat gttgtgataa aaggtgatgc tcacctctcc
    39421 cacacccttt tatagtttag ggattgtatt tccaaggttt ctagactgag agcccttttc
    39481 atctttgctc attgacactc tgtacccatt aatcctcctt attagctccc cttcaatgga
    39541 cacatgggta gtcagggtgc aggtctcaga actgtccttc aggttccagg tgatcaacca
    39601 agtgccttgt ctgtagtgtc aactcattgc tgccccttcc tagtaatccc cataatttag
    39661 ctctccattt catagtcttt ccttgggtgt gttaaaagtg accatggtac actcagcacg
    39721 gatgaaatga aacagtgttt agaaacgtca gtcttctctt ttgtaatgcc ctgtagtctc
    39781 tctgtatgtt atatgtcaca ttttgtaatt aacagcttgc tggtgaaaag gaccccacga
    39841 agtgttggat ataagccaga ctgtaagtga attacttttt ttgtcaatca tttaaccatc
    39901 tttaacctaa aagagtttta tgtgaaatgg cttataattg cttagagaat atttgtagag
    39961 aggcacattt gccagtatta gatttaaaag tgatgttttc tttatctaaa tgatgaatta
    40021 tgattctttt tagttgttgg atttgaaatt ccagacaagt ttgttgtagg atatgccctt
    40081 gactataatg aatacttcag ggatttgaat gtaagtaatt gcttcttttt ctcactcatt
    40141 tttcaaaaca cgcataaaaa tttaggaaag agaattgttt tctccttcca gcacctcata
    40201 atttgaacag actgatggtt cccattagtc acataaagct gtagtctagt acagacgtcc
    40261 ttagaactgg aacctggcca ggctagggtg acacttcttg ttggctgaaa tagttgaaca
    40321 gctttaatat acaataattg ttgcattatt atttcagatg ataaatgtgg tcataagtaa
    40381 gaaataaatg atcgagttta gtcttttaat tcactgtcct ttgaatacct gcctcttact
    40441 ctggaggcag aagtcccatg gatgtgttta tgaacatggt tgaggaagat ttaggaagac
    40501 tgcaacagta cactacctaa agcaggtttt ttactccatc tttttttgcc acgtacactg
    40561 gcctcccact ttgatatgct tgaaattatc tccttgattt gtctttcaaa actacatatt
    40621 gaggctggtt gcggtggctc acacctgtaa tcctagcact ttgggaggcc aagccggaca
    40681 gatcacttga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cctggcaaac atgatgaaac cccaccttta
    40741 ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc caggcgtagt ggtgtgtgcc tgtaacccag ctacctggga
    40801 ggctgaggca ggagaatcac tggaacccgg gaggcagagg ctacagtgag ccaacatcac
    40861 gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagc aagactctgt ctcaaaacaa aacaaaaaac
    40921 aaaaaactac gtattaagac aagaaacaga ctgggcgcgg tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc
    40981 agcactttgg gaggctgagg cgggcggatc acaaggtcag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc
    41041 taacacggtg aaaccccgtc tctactaaaa aatagaaaaa attagctggg gtggtggcgg
    41101 gcgcctatag tctcagctac tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aatggcgtga acccgggagg
    41161 cagagcttgc agtgagcaga gatcgtgcca ctgcactcca gtctgggtga cagagcaaga
    41221 ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa caaaaacaag aaacaaatta aactaatgtg atagactact
    41281 gctttgtttt caaaagatac actccccaaa agttactgat ctaaatacag tagtactatc
    41341 tctgtttagt aagaaccctg acaactaata gtgttcttat atgtaaaatg ctattcttgc
    41401 ctttcatttc agaatatact ttttaaatgt gaatttctgg attttttttt atagcatgtt
    41461 tgtgtcatta gtgaaactgg aaaagcaaaa tacaaagcct aagatgagag ttcaagttga
    41521 gtttggaaac atctggagtc ctattgacat cgccagtaaa attatcaatg ttctagttct
    41581 gtggccatct gcttagtaga gctttttgca tgtatcttct aagaatttta tctgttttgt
    41641 actttagaaa tgtcagttgc tgcattccta aactgtttat ttgcactatg agcctataga
    41701 ctatcagttc cctttgggcg gattgttgtt taacttgtaa atgaaaaaat tctcttaaac
    41761 cacagcacta ttgagtgaaa cattgaactc atatctgtaa gaaataaaga gaagatatat
    41821 tagtttttta attggtattt taatttttat atatgcagga aagaatagaa gtgattgaat
    41881 attgttaatt ataccaccgt gtgttagaaa agtaagaagc agtcaatttt cacatcaaag
    41941 acagcatcta agaagttttg ttctgtcctg gaattatttt agtagtgttt cagtaatgtt
    42001 gactgtattt tccaacttgt tcaaattatt accagtgaat ctttgtcagc agttcccttt
    42061 taaatgcaaa tcaataaatt cccaaaaatt taactgcttt atgaattcaa tttaaaaatc
    42121 cttaaaataa gtcctgtctc tttaaaaaaa cctatgcata gttatcattt ctctacaaat
    42181 taacctagtt tagttttctg ttggttccat tttccttgtt tgttaagttt tagtagctag
    42241 tttaattgta atctcaatga ttatgtggta gaatgggttg gcggacgtac aaaaattcct
    42301 agctacttca gagacattaa atttcagaca catggtacac tttatattac attttactat
    42361 gctaaaataa cacggctttc ttttggaatt ctgttcagtt tttcagattg taatctcagc
    42421 tacatctcaa cagattgttc tcagatatgt cctattacct tctttgtgta gatagtgctt
    42481 tattgactaa gaacaatgac aacaacacct tttgttttct gggaatagga gaaaagtttt
    42541 aagccaaaac tcttaattgc ttatctgctc cacgtgaggt atgaactatc aaacttagga
    42601 gccatctagc ttacacgtgt tccttaaaaa gtttgctgta ggccgggcac agtggctcgt
    42661 acctgtagtc ccagcacttt tgggagccca gggtggggga tcacttgagc tcaggagttc
    42721 aagaccagcc tgggcaacat ggcaaaacgc catctctaca aaaatacaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    42781 aacgctgggt gtggtggcgc acaactgtag tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggtgggag
    42841 gattgcttga gcttgggagg tgaaggctgc agtgagcctt gacagtgcca ctacactcca
    42901 gcctggatga cagagtgaga ccctgtctca aaaaaaagag tttgctgtaa ttcccagcaa
    42961 caaagtagga gactcaaact aaataatttt ctatagtcct agaacttctt agtttacaaa
    43021 acatttttac ttctgttatc tcatttgatc ttcataccca tgtaagggtt gaggtagatg
    43081 ttaccacatg tgagtgcaat atccagaact ctgaatccct tcttccccta aaatgtcagc
    43141 ccgctgaggt ccacttggct accctcttga atactgcatc cagcttccca ctgctgaacc
    43201 tctttactct ttttttttca gttgcactta ccgccttcta gtaagttgaa ccatatgaaa
    43261 ttaccatttt tgcaggtaaa aaatggccgg tgataggcag tttggcgtcg tataacccaa
    43321 taacatgtta tataatttac ccacaagtgg tgggttgcta tgtcctggag gagtcagctt
    43381 cagactctag ctaaatgatt gtataacctt gcagctctcc cctaagtgag gaggcaatgt
    43441 tgaaagtccc atgtcttatc agaaccaggg aggcagatga gaaactgcct tatggcagct
    43501 cccacaacat agggaggtgg gtgacaaatg gccttgggac agcttcttcc caagactggt
    43561 tatgttacag tgttcctggg aggatcacat ggcattcctc caagatgggt cagactgctg
    43621 ttggccttgt ctgtgtggcg tatgtgaaga cattcatggc cagagctgtt cccttagaag
    43681 catctactaa attgatcttt tcctttctta cttactgtct gtctccctta gtaggctgtc
    43741 agctccgtga gtgcaggacc ttgccagtcc tggtcactgc tatatcccca gcacctacaa
    43801 gagtgcctgg aaaattgtag tgctcaataa atatttgttg gataaatgat agaatgatag
    43861 gaagttaaaa agcaattaaa atacttgaaa agaagcaaaa catttttcat gttaagcaaa
    43921 aaaaaaaaaa aaacttatta aggatagcta acatgtattg aattctatat gcaatggaat
    43981 gatacttagc gcctttgaat ccttatgata accctataag gtaggttgtt tgggtttttt
    44041 taattgtccc aactttacag atgaagaagt gcaggtccag agaggtcaca taatttgccc
    44101 aggatcacac agctagtaag tagcagatga ggaatttgaa cccaggcagt tgtattccac
    44161 catctgccct cttagttcat tgccacttaa cctataatgc ccagctcttg tgtagaaatt
    44221 aatacactga taacatagag gaaaacatta agctcattga atgtaataag tccagatgac
    44281 ttgtacatta aacacagctt tttgaggtca cagctgatct ctaagaatgt aaactgattt
    44341 cctctggcac taaaaagcat tttcaaagac tgttaagaga gtttctccaa cattctcttc
    44401 agatttttct gctggcttat tttatgattc tgtggacagc ttcagacaaa ataactttct
    44461 ggtatgaagg attgtgttta ctctgctttt ttttttgttg ttttttgggt tttttgtttt
    44521 gttttgtttt gtttttgaga cagtgccttg ctctgctgct gcccaggctg agtgcaatgg
    44581 catgatctcg gctcactgca acctctgcct ccctgggctc aggccaggtg tatgctacca
    44641 ctctcagcta atttttaatt tattttttta gagatacggt cccactctgt ttcccaggct
    44701 ggtctcagaa ctcctgggct cagacagtcc cccgccatgg cctcccacag tgctgggatt
    44761 acaggcatca gccaccatgc tcagcttgtt ctgccatttt caaatgtgaa ttttatagac
    44821 actttaaacc acttgaaaga gtgatgatgt tttaatgatt ttcattatta tttgcaactt
    44881 caagcattaa acactgccaa attaagtttc aagttttctc tttacacaat atggatgtac
    44941 ttcataatgg acttcctcat catgattaat gagtgaagtg acattcaaac ttggtagctt
    45001 ttcagtagaa cttcctttcc caacattttt tctgttcctt taattatggc aatatctgag
    45061 agctctgaac ataagtcaaa ggtttgatta tttttcatgt ggcttcctct gcttggaact
    45121 ttctgccccg catcttcccg ttgccccctg tgtcctcttg tcatgcccct accctttttt
    45181 gagtgtgtct attttctggc actacaagac ataacaggct catcttgtgt tttccctacc
    45241 ctgacccaga atcagccatt acttcaagga gccctggttc cattattgga gaatactatt
    45301 agaaaccagg atctggtgct aggcatgctc atttctattg gagtgtcata caaacaattt
    45361 gtaaattgtt tgtaggtcct cccagtggat aggattagga aataaaacat gcatactaac
    45421 catgcataca cacacatcta cgtctatttc tgtatctgtc tgtatacata ttaaaataaa
    45481 catgggttga taactaatgt ttctgctgta atccacagcc ttcatcctag cctgccactc
    45541 ttcttctttt tagctttttc aacagtggga aatgtggctc ttgttatgta cactttattc
    45601 acttatttgt ttgaccctag tatcataaag tagttccgta tgcctgtaac agatcgacta
    45661 actagagtcc attatttgcg gaaagatctt tttgtccgaa cgttaccgca ggggtgtcca
    45721 atcttttggc ttccctgggc cacactagaa aaagaagaat tgtcttgggc cacacgtaaa
    45781 atacactaac actaacgata gctgataagc taaaaaaaaa aaatcaaaaa aatttcatga
    45841 tgttttaaga aagtttacta atttgtgttg ggccacgttt aaagccatcc cgggtcgcag
    45901 gttggacaag cttgccttac agtatccagt caaaataatg ttttccaaaa ttacttcttt
    45961 tctttttcat ccctttcagt gtggccgtta tttataatgc agtttggttc attagtgttt
    46021 ttattacaaa tacaccctca gccttcatat cctagtttta atgaattatt acggtgaaac
    46081 ataataagag tcagagctat acagaaaggt ctactcagag gtgctttgtt ccctcctatt
    46141 ctgttcccac tactcctact ttccactgac cctgtaagca tcatatttat ttttaatggc
    46201 agttacattt ttaccaagtg cttactatct gtaggcactt ggtgtgtatt gcttcttttg
    46261 gtgttcacag caacctcttg aggtaagcac tattattatc cccccttttt cttttttctt
    46321 tctttctttc tttttttttt tttttttttt tgacagtctt actctgttgc ccaggcagga
    46381 gtgcagtggc gcaatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ccaggttcaa gtgattctcc
    46441 tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgcgagtac aggcacaagc caccacgccc ggctaatttt
    46501 tgtattttta gtagggatga ggttttgcca tgttggccag ggtggtctcg aactcctgac
    46561 ctcaggtgat ctgcccgcct cgacctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca cgaaccactg
    46621 cacccggcta ttatccccat tttttagatg agaaagctga atcccagaga gcataagaag
    46681 cttgtccaga gtgacatctc tgatgcataa ccagtactca aacctatttt tctgacacca
    46741 aggcctgtgt gtaaactgta aaggggctgc ttggcaccta ctttcctaaa gttgtcctat
    46801 cccttctctg tctgggtctt cctgaagctt ggcacttctg aagtcacctc tctgaaaaca
    46861 ttctggtaac tgttaaatcc cttgttctag ctattcatgt gttctgtgtg gttaaacaag
    46921 gttcacaatg gccacctggc ctttggaact tgggtgaaga ggctgccttc agttgatcct
    46981 ccccactccc attttcaaaa catgggttta catgagttat ttgtgaatta ggaaacataa
    47041 ccatgttttg agccttcata gaaaacaaac gtctggggtc atacaggtta aaaggagtaa
    47101 ccaaattcgg cactatcatt gttctattca gtagacaatt ctggggcctt tctgtgtctc
    47161 aggttctgta ctagttgttt caggactttg ggataaatac aaactatccc tgccctcagg
    47221 gggcttaagg tcaggtgtac aagtgactct aatgtgaggc aaggctggat tcagtgctgc
    47281 atatctaatg ctatgggaat tcaaagagga agtgatcaga atgagaaggg agggatggat
    47341 cattccagga gaagcttcag ggaaaagcaa catttaaaat gagacttttg agagtgaggg
    47401 aaatttggac aggtggatat agaggatgca aggctagagg aaaggtttta gccagaaagt
    47461 ctgcttgggc aaatgcctgg gtaaaaaaag aaaatccact ttgggaggac aaggcgggca
    47521 atcgcctgag gtcaggagtt cgagaccagc ctggccaaca tggtgaaacc ccgtctctac
    47581 taaaaataca aaaattagct gggcgtggtg gtgggtgcct gtaatcccag ctacttggaa
    47641 ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacccag gaggcagagg tttcagtgag ccgagattgc
    47701 gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacaagag tgaaacatct aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaat
    47761 cacagggcag tgtggggaat ggtgagtatt ctaatttggt tgtggcagag aggatgtaga
    47821 aggaagtgat aagagagaaa gccggatagg agggcctttg tgccagttag gatgttctag
    47881 acttccagcc aggttgccca gctcaaactg gcttaaacaa tgagggggtt tattggctat
    47941 gtaattggga agtgcagagg tagctcaggc cagatcagtt tgatccactg ctccattatg
    48001 atgtcaaaga cccatgcgat ttccacctca ttattctgct gtccatagag ccaacttcat
    48061 cctaaggcca gtccttgtgg tcagacaagg gctgccaata gtaatctggg tgcaagtttc
    48121 tttgagaaaa tctttctgtg tcaactctct taaaaggggt gaaaaatctc tccttaagtc
    48181 ccactggcca gaatgggccc atgcacccat ttcttaacca gtcactggca actgggggtg
    48241 ggattgccgt ttgcccaatc aggtccattt ctggagctaa gattaaactc catttccctt
    48301 gggacacatt gaacagaatc agaattcgat gaagaaggaa gaagcggaga attggtttgg
    48361 tgttgggtag gcaaccaaaa ataacctctg ttgcctcaag tgccaagaaa gtggtgtttt
    48421 gtgcttgtta gggtaaaaat ggggatcatg gaaaatattt taagtttcat agaccaaaaa
    48481 atattccagt gtttcatcaa atctaagagg ctatcaatta taagatatac cattatttta
    48541 tgtaccacca aggaagaaaa aatgctgcca gtgaagttag gatgtattgc aggttgggtt
    48601 ctctgggaag caggctgaaa aggaggtgag aatgcaggac atttatggga gaacaccctt
    48661 gggattaata ctggaggagg agaaccaagc agggttggtg gggcacaggg agaagttggg
    48721 atgccatgca gtcacaacaa aggcctcagc caaccccacg gggagctcga gaagctgaga
    48781 tggcccttca gtgttgccct gccttgtggt gagtgaattg ggtcttcata tccccatgtt
    48841 gactggtcat tggatgtggg ctcccttagg aatgggcatc tcttcagcag aggtagcttt
    48901 cttcaaaaga ggtgattcca aagagtcacc cactcactga gggctgtctg ctggcagcat
    48961 tctcagccac tactcaaaga tgacctgtcc aggaagggga acctaggtgg catgacacat
    49021 tgtctattac aacatgctac tgattataag agccgggagg tggggggcaa cacaatgtct
    49081 gagatattaa aatggaagtc tcttagaaga aatggataat tctataatta tagttaatca
    49141 gaaaggggaa gaagtgggga aatggaccaa gggcctgaga gagaaaacag acgcaacagg
    49201 ccactagaaa gataggacac tggagggtgg gaagccctag cagtttcttc cagggtgggc
    49261 tgggcacggt ggctcattcc tgtaatccca gaactttggg aggccgaggc gggcagatca
    49321 tttgaagtca ggagttggag accagcctgg ccaactcctg tttcaccctg tctctgccaa
    49381 aaatataaaa aattagccgg gtgtggttgc atgcgcctgt aatcccagct acttgggaag
    49441 ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaacccagga ggcagaggtt gcagcgagga aaaatcgtgc
    49501 cactgcactt gagcctgggt gacagagtga gactgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aagtttcttc
    49561 cagggtggct tctgtgccag agtcaggtgc cccagctacc tctaatttat ggtcctcctg
    49621 cactgggaaa cagattttct acttttggtt tcatgataaa taacatttcc ccctgatttt
    49681 aaaagttatg gatttggctg ggcatggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcctagc actttgggag
    49741 gtcaaggcag gcagatcact taaggtcagg agttccagac cagactgggc aacatggtga
    49801 aaacccgtgt ctaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta gccaagtgtg gtggtacatg
    49861 ccagtagccc tagctactca ggagactgag gtgggaggat tacctgagcc caggagatca
    49921 ggcctgcagt gagctgtgat tgtgccattt tactccagcc tgggtgacag agtaagaccc
    49981 tgtctcaaaa ataatagtaa taggctgggc gcggtggctc aagcctgtaa tcccaacact
    50041 ttgggaggcc aaggcgggcg atcaattgag gtcaggaact caagaacagc cttgccaaaa
    50101 tggtgaaact ccgtctctac taaaaataca aaaatgagcc gggtgtggtg gcgcatgctg
    50161 cattcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgct tgaactcggg aggcagaggt
    50221 tgcagtgagc cgagattgca ccactgcact ccagcctggg tgacagagtg agactccatc
    50281 ttaataataa taaaataata aaaattttaa aaagttatgg atctggatgg agggaaatgg
    50341 aatgtataaa agaagtaaac atacacaaga agatacaaat acagaataaa agtaaaatgc
    50401 aaccatcatc ccactacccc gataccaggg tatccgtttt tacatctttt ctttcattct
    50461 ttctgtcttt atataattgt ataaatgctg cataaacctc ctcttgcctg ctgcctcctc
    50521 aaagacctcc ctccctcctt cactgccctt ctgctcctgg agagccaccc tctctccatt
    50581 tatccttcct atcagcttca ggttcttacc atgttaacaa aaagaaaatc ttataagcct
    50641 gtcactctct acatacgccg cacctccttt cattcatagc ctttaaaaca tatatatagc
    50701 agttattgtg gttatttttc tgttcacaaa ataaaaaaac actctttcta gaaaactgga
    50761 atatagaggc aagctttttt tttttttcag acggagtttc gttctgtcgc cccaggctgg
    50821 agtgcagtaa cgaaattaca gcttactgta acctctgcct cctgggttca agatattctc
    50881 ttgcctcagc ctcctgagta gctgggatta taggtgcctg ccaccacacc cggctaattt
    50941 ttgtattttt agtggaaatg gggtttcgcc atgttggtca ggctggtctc gaactcctga
    51001 ccttgtgatc tgcccatctc ggccttccaa agtgctggga ttacaggtgt gagccactgc
    51061 accctgccga ggcaagattt tttttttttt ttttaagaaa acccagttat tccattaccc
    51121 aatgaaactc taaacatgtt gatgtacatc cttccaaaat ttctttttat gacaacatgc
    51181 tttttatttt taattatttt tattttattt taaggtccgg ggtacatgtg aaggatgtgc
    51241 aggtttgtta cataggtaaa cgtgtgcctt ggtggtttgc tgcaccctgt caacccatca
    51301 cctacgtatt aagccccaca tgcattagct attgatcctg atgctctctc tccctgctgg
    51361 ctccccagca ggccccggtg tgtgttgttc ccctccctgt ttatgagaac actttcttga
    51421 cataaagatt tcatttattc ccatggaatt ctaaaggctt ttcatacttg tgaaggaata
    51481 atagtttaga aataaactga actttaaaag ataccatttt gaaaaataat atacagccat
    51541 caaaaattat atttatggga actatgcaat aatattaaac tctatcatct gttgactgcc
    51601 tcctatattc cagaaacttt acatacacca attctaatcc ttacaagaac gctgtgtagg
    51661 ctttagcatt agatggacca ggtttcacca actgtatggt cttggataag tacccaacct
    51721 cctgtcccta agtttcctca cctgtgaaaa cacggtttct accagctttc aaataagatg
    51781 atcaatataa ggcacttgga acagaacctg acacatcata agcactctat aaatgtctat
    51841 tatcaccaaa taattccagg tgccttgaaa atttaaatga aaaacaaaat caaaccatga
    51901 caatactaga agcaaattta ggtgaacact tttctaatcc gggggtgggc gggggctggg
    51961 gggaggcagg gagaagacct tttttttttc tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtcccca
    52021 agctggagtg cagaggcgtg atctcagctc actgcaacct ctgcctcctg gattcaagtg
    52081 attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggactataca ggtgcacacc accacggcca
    52141 gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagatggg gtttacaccc tgttagccag gatggtctca
    52201 atttcttgac ctcgtgatcc catccgcgtt ggccttccaa agtgctggga ttaccagcat
    52261 gagccaccgt gcccggctgg gagaagacct ttctaagcat gataccaaag gcagagacaa
    52321 taaaggcaaa gaattgacag aattcactat ccgataaaaa tcacttctgt ggccgggcgc
    52381 ggtggctcac acctgtaatc ccagcactgg gaagccgagg tgggcggatt gcttgaggcc
    52441 aggagttcaa gaccagcctg gccaacatgg caaacctcct gtctctacta aaaatacaaa
    52501 aaattagcta ggcatggtgg catgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcaggaagc tgaggcatga
    52561 gaatcacttg aacctgggag gtagaggttg cagtgagcca agatcatgcc actgcactcc
    52621 aacctgggtg acaaagtgag actctgtctc aaaaaaaata acaattaaaa taaaatcact
    52681 tctgaatggt ggaaagcacc acaaagttag aggtcaagca ataatttgga gaaaagaatt
    52741 agtaatttgt tggacagaca aaagactttt ttaatataac aaaaacttta aaaattaaaa
    52801 aaatacacat tcgaggacat tttcctaaaa acacaggcaa aggacataaa cagcaaagca
    52861 agaagacagc ttgatgtggc cattttatcc agggggacat tttggtgagc cctatggaca
    52921 cagctgccat gatgccaaca atgtgacagc tgtccccttc aaaatgcgtt agccccagct
    52981 cttcctctcc cccaacctcc agtccaaagg acttgcactt tctactttac tcctttctgc
    53041 attgtttaat tttcttttac aaatatgtta cttgtcatca gaaaaaataa agaaataaat
    53101 aaactgttag agtgttagcc ccttaaaggg gagcaagaat cacctttcta aaagaaagtt
    53161 tatgttaaat ataatattag catatgtgaa tcctgagaga aaagttaaca gtttagttga
    53221 gttatttcct ctgtagtctg gagctaaaaa tagggaatct tattctgtcc taaatctttt
    53281 ccttcctcca cccagtgtct gtctggatcg aattcattca ttcactcagt aggcactcac
    53341 tcagccaggc atggtgctag gcctcaggac ctcgctgtga accagaaact gtccctaccc
    53401 ccatggtgca ggcattctgc ttgggagttg gaggaggaac aggtaaaaaa taattaaata
    53461 ttcaggttaa cgatatattg tcaggtttga ggattgagga aagggcgcag agagtggcaa
    53521 gggctgctgt ttagatacag tggccaggag gctccgatga ggtgaccttt gaggagagac
    53581 atgcaggaga tgaggggaca gtgaagagga tttctaagaa cactccaggc agacagaaca
    53641 gcgacagcca aggccctgaa gtgggtaggg gcctggtgtg tgtgaggaac ctcaggattg
    53701 ccatcatggc tggagcagag acatgaagca agaaggccat ggagatgagg gcagggagat
    53761 cccggagtgg ggagatcaga tggggctctg tgtatcatgc aaaggacttt gcattctgtt
    53821 ccaagagctg ggaaggttga cataattagg aaaaaagccc agaaaagcag aggtatccat
    53881 ttttcatggt aaagatgata atttcaatta aaacacgatt cctggatata tgtaatttgt
    53941 aggccaaatg gtgcccaatc cctacctccc tcaccccctc acttccctat ccctaaaacc
    54001 tgtacctcaa ctcccgttcg taagtgatgg gagttaggaa tagagaaatc tcccggttgg
    54061 gttttctgag caaagaggta acatagcagc tctgttattt ctttcacgtc tccaagggaa
    54121 ccatgactca cccttagcta tcccccggga atgtggccct cagagtgttc ttttactgat
    54181 tcgtgatttt gttatgtaca cctggagtga tggaacatac cataccagct tgtcagggtt
    54241 gctttgtgca aagatcgatg acgtgtgtga acccggatcc atgcttgggg tcctgagttt
    54301 caggtgccat ggccagttgc tagcaggttg tatgtgtgtg accagcccct atgtgagtct
    54361 ctcagaccct gaaactccaa acaggcttcc ctgggcagag acattctgtc catgctctgt
    54421 ggcttgctgc tcgagaggga tagatcacat cctgtgtggc ttcttcttaa atgaagaagg
    54481 acattggaag cctgtgctgg gcttctctgg accccccgat gtatatgtat gtatattaaa
    54541 gagagaccag ggtctcactc tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactgctagc ctcaagaaat
    54601 cctcccgctt tggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggca tgagtcacca tgcctgatgt
    54661 atatattttt ccagctccct tcttttctgt atcatttgct attactacct cttagctatt
    54721 agtataaact gatcttgagt tgtgtaaatc tttctggtga ttcactgtga tgggatgatt
    54781 gtgtcctctc aaaattccta tgttggagtc ctgacccatg gtacctcaga aagtgactgt
    54841 atttgaagat aggtctttaa agaggtcatt gtaaattaat taataaggtc attagggtgg
    54901 actctaatcc gatatgactg gtatccttat aagaaaagga aattagcaca cagacacaca
    54961 atcagaggga gaagacagcc agtcatctac aagccgagga gacagacctc agaagaaacc
    55021 aaccctgcct gcaccttgat cttggacttc tagtcgccag aactgtgaga aaacaaatct
    55081 catgtttaag ccagaaccta gcacgtggta cttgttaagg catccctaga aaactaatac
    55141 actcactgaa tgaggcaggt agctgtttct tttatttttt gagacagagt ctcactttgt
    55201 ctccaaggcc agagtgcagt ggagcgatca cagctcactg cagcccctgc cttccaggct
    55261 caagccatcc tcccacctca gcttctcaag tagctgggac tacaggcatg caccaccacg
    55321 cccagctaat ttttgtattt tttttttttt tttgtagaga cggggttcac cgtgttgcct
    55381 aggctggtct caaacccctg agctcaagca atctgccctc cttggcctcc caaagtgttg
    55441 gatttacagg cgtgagccac tgtgcctgga tatggtaact ttttcatatg ctatttgctt
    55501 gatgattatt tttctgtttc tgatataatg ctttttatta gagagttatc tgtttgtttt
    55561 tattttttaa tgtttgaatt taaaaaatta gtataatttg cataattgaa aaattatatt
    55621 tgaataattg aaatatattt gtataacctt aaatttaaaa actatgatag cgtatacagt
    55681 gaaattttcc tctcatccct tttttccatt taaccagtgc acttcccaac agccaacaga
    55741 taattttagt ttcctcactc cctgagctat tttatgtata tgcaagtaga tatgtacata
    55801 catatttctg ccttgtaaca caaatagtag catactatac aactgctctg cttcttcctt
    55861 tttttagcta agaatattaa aagagtgaaa aagatgtacg ctaacaaaaa tcaaaagaaa
    55921 actagagtga cattataaga actgatgatg tagatttcag agcaatgatt actgctagga
    55981 aaaaagggtc attttacatt gatcaaagag gtcaactcat caggaagaca taataatcct
    56041 aaacacttat gtacttaaca gagcatcaaa atacatgaag cataaatgaa agaaccgtgg
    56101 gagaaagtag acaaattaat gactgtagtt gaagatttca gtatccctct atgaaaatca
    56161 gggtagtaca agtacacaga aaattggtaa agatatatga cttgaacaac attatcaacc
    56221 aaattgacct catttacatt tgtggaatgt tccaactaag aacgtcagaa aacatactct
    56281 tttcaagtgc acatggaaca tttaccaaga tagacaatat tttgggtcac cgcaagtctc
    56341 aacacattga aaggattcag atcatataaa gtatgctcca tgaccatgat ggaattgaat
    56401 tagaaaccaa taatgtatct ctggaaaata cacaaatatt tggaaattaa tatgcccttc
    56461 taaaaaattt atgcatcaag aagaaatcaa aaagggatat ttgaaaagta ctatgaaact
    56521 gatggccagg catggtgctc atcgcctgta atcccagcac tttgggaggc cgagaaagat
    56581 ggatgaagtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg cagaaccccg tctctactaa
    56641 aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcgtggtggt gggcgcctgt aatcccagca gtccacgtgt
    56701 cgccgcccct ggtgatggac cagcggggct tcgacga