LOCUS       KJ810984              122115 bp    DNA     linear   MAM 25-MAY-2014
DEFINITION  Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB-866H07, complete sequence.
VERSION     KJ810984.1
SOURCE      Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)
  ORGANISM  Oryctolagus cuniculus
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Lagomorpha;
            Leporidae; Oryctolagus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 122115)
  AUTHORS   Rogel-Gaillard,C. and Bed'Hom,B.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (12-MAY-2014) UMR1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative
            Biology, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA),
            Domaine de Vilvert, Jouy-en-Josas F-78350, France
COMMENT     ##Assembly-Data-START##
            Assembly Method       :: PhredPhrap v. v. 16
            Sequencing Technology :: Sanger dideoxy sequencing
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..122115
                     /organism="Oryctolagus cuniculus"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /clone="BAC LBAB-866H07"
     repeat_region   complement(58..347)
                     /note="matching LTR35_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(429..466)
                     /note="matching LTR1C2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(504..559)
                     /note="matching LTR8B_EC"
     repeat_region   complement(796..1854)
                     /note="matching MER52-int"
     repeat_region   complement(1855..1912)
                     /note="matching L1-2_Cho"
     repeat_region   complement(1913..2143)
                     /note="matching MER52-int"
     repeat_region   2271..2401
                     /note="matching MIR"
     repeat_region   complement(2487..2522)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   2523..2548
     repeat_region   complement(2549..2802)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   3066..3257
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   3768..3804
     repeat_region   3805..3819
     repeat_region   complement(3930..4181)
                     /note="matching L1MC5a"
     repeat_region   complement(4370..4428)
                     /note="matching LTR1B1a_Mim"
     repeat_region   complement(4766..4883)
                     /note="matching L1MC5a"
     repeat_region   complement(5162..5482)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(5649..5720)
                     /note="matching MLT1A"
     repeat_region   complement(5859..6229)
                     /note="matching L1MC5a"
     repeat_region   6308..6466
                     /note="matching LTR41"
     repeat_region   6585..6851
                     /note="matching L2"
     repeat_region   complement(6861..6922)
                     /note="matching L1ME3D"
     repeat_region   complement(6923..7249)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(7250..7668)
                     /note="matching L1ME3D"
     repeat_region   complement(7669..7993)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(7994..8072)
                     /note="matching L1ME3D"
     repeat_region   complement(8073..8379)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(8381..8947)
                     /note="matching L1ME3D"
     repeat_region   9003..9320
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(9322..9615)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   9656..10011
                     /note="matching MLT1A0"
     repeat_region   complement(10021..10145)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(10277..10594)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(10720..10768)
                     /note="matching CSINE2C_OP"
     repeat_region   10769..10800
     repeat_region   complement(10801..11032)
                     /note="matching CSINE2C_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(11033..11193)
                     /note="matching L1ME1"
     repeat_region   11201..11368
                     /note="matching MLT1A0-int"
     repeat_region   11377..11495
                     /note="matching MLT1A0"
     repeat_region   11496..11551
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   11564..11612
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   11655..11967
                     /note="matching MLT1J-int"
     repeat_region   11978..12234
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   12187..12235
                     /note="matching LTR66"
     repeat_region   12236..12265
     repeat_region   12266..12291
                     /note="matching LTR66"
     repeat_region   complement(12293..12361)
                     /note="matching MdoERV2a-int"
     repeat_region   complement(12868..13207)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(14114..14172)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   14173..14198
     repeat_region   complement(14199..14455)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(14557..14780)
                     /note="matching MLT1J2"
     repeat_region   complement(14827..14899)
                     /note="matching MER3"
     repeat_region   14900..15229
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(15230..15345)
                     /note="matching MER3"
     repeat_region   complement(15365..15826)
                     /note="matching LTR33"
     repeat_region   complement(16121..16414)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(16431..16777)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   16791..16809
     repeat_region   complement(16908..17037)
                     /note="matching LTR30_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(17705..18296)
                     /note="matching ERVL-E-int"
     repeat_region   18311..18411
                     /note="matching MLT1D"
     repeat_region   complement(18412..18723)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   18724..18812
                     /note="matching MLT1D"
     repeat_region   complement(18906..19141)
                     /note="matching ERVL-E-int"
     repeat_region   19142..19289
                     /note="matching MER77"
     repeat_region   19309..19502
                     /note="matching LTR53"
     repeat_region   19532..19837
                     /note="matching CSINE2A2_OP"
     repeat_region   19953..20268
                     /note="matching LTR16A"
     repeat_region   20275..20818
                     /note="matching HERV16-int"
     repeat_region   20819..21154
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   21155..21251
                     /note="matching HERV16-int"
     repeat_region   complement(21262..21286)
                     /note="matching L1MB4"
     repeat_region   complement(21287..21707)
                     /note="matching LTR29_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(21718..22015)
                     /note="matching L1MB3_EC"
     repeat_region   22016..23488
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   23489..23834
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   23835..24015
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   24017..25161
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   25164..26055
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   26056..26415
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   26416..26868
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(26874..26939)
                     /note="matching L1MB4"
     repeat_region   complement(26944..27216)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(27242..27379)
                     /note="matching L1MB4"
     repeat_region   complement(27380..27716)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(27717..27745)
                     /note="matching L1MB4"
     repeat_region   complement(27748..28036)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(28047..28203)
                     /note="matching L1M3"
     repeat_region   complement(28213..28377)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(28378..28694)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(28695..28807)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(28860..29189)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(29258..29547)
                     /note="matching L1M3"
     repeat_region   complement(29551..29875)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(29877..30115)
                     /note="matching LTR20C1_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(32205..32327)
                     /note="matching L1MD3"
     repeat_region   complement(32328..32640)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(32641..33148)
                     /note="matching L1MD3"
     repeat_region   complement(33223..33234)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(33235..33551)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(33552..33634)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   33686..33710
     repeat_region   33711..33730
     repeat_region   complement(33739..34021)
                     /note="matching L1MD3"
     repeat_region   34066..34104
     repeat_region   34357..34611
                     /note="matching LTR35_OC"
     repeat_region   34665..34719
                     /note="matching MER52-int"
     repeat_region   34720..35005
                     /note="matching LTR77-int_TS"
     repeat_region   complement(35305..35336)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   35337..35692
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(35693..35953)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   36485..36741
                     /note="matching MER52-int"
     repeat_region   complement(37093..37428)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   37936..38080
                     /note="matching MER52-int"
     repeat_region   38280..38796
                     /note="matching MER52-int"
     repeat_region   39070..39395
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(39396..39467)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   complement(39468..39795)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(39796..40379)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   40380..40628
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   40629..40673
     repeat_region   40674..40733
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(40734..40992)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   40993..41032
     repeat_region   complement(41033..41089)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   complement(41124..41454)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   41511..41782
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(41795..41882)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   complement(41924..42165)
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(42256..43410)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(43411..44580)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(44581..44592)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(44593..44655)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(44656..49231)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(49247..49328)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   complement(49329..49662)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(49663..49925)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   complement(50067..50334)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(50512..50553)
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   complement(50586..51065)
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   complement(52053..52550)
                     /note="matching L1MA10"
     repeat_region   complement(52551..52692)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(52693..52729)
                     /note="matching L1MA10"
     repeat_region   complement(52752..52933)
                     /note="matching L1_Carn7"
     repeat_region   52934..53267
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(53268..53289)
                     /note="matching L1_Carn7"
     ncRNA           53312..53350
                     /note="matching U2"
     repeat_region   53545..53865
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   53868..53910
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(53911..54236)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   54237..54250
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   54685..54706
     repeat_region   complement(54735..55330)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   55331..55369
     repeat_region   complement(55370..56110)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(56113..56532)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(57157..57274)
                     /note="matching L2d2"
     repeat_region   complement(58876..59207)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(59867..59989)
                     /note="matching L1M5"
     repeat_region   complement(60182..60270)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   60260..60355
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   60298..60361
                     /note="matching Ves4_ML"
     repeat_region   complement(60362..60693)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(60701..60955)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(61825..62158)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   62796..62968
                     /note="matching L1MB2"
     repeat_region   62969..63038
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   63039..63145
                     /note="matching L1MB2"
     repeat_region   63263..63584
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(65257..65334)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(65506..65608)
                     /note="matching MLT1A0"
     repeat_region   65943..66259
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   66260..66415
     repeat_region   66888..67190
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   67191..67519
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   67549..67612
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   67933..68250
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   68325..68608
                     /note="matching L1M4"
     repeat_region   68625..68924
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   70130..70817
                     /note="matching L1M5"
     repeat_region   71541..71719
                     /note="matching L1M4"
     repeat_region   71720..72036
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   72037..72092
                     /note="matching L1M4"
     repeat_region   complement(73069..73962)
                     /note="matching LTR28_OC"
     repeat_region   73966..74213
                     /note="matching L1M4"
     repeat_region   74214..74239
     repeat_region   complement(74240..74568)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   74569..74632
                     /note="matching L1M4"
     repeat_region   74648..74957
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(75001..75240)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   75427..75539
                     /note="matching MSTD"
     repeat_region   75600..75761
                     /note="matching MSTD"
     repeat_region   complement(76143..76250)
                     /note="matching MSTB"
     repeat_region   79836..79860
     repeat_region   complement(79861..80186)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   80704..80800
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   81405..81711
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   81739..82649
                     /note="matching L1MEc"
     repeat_region   82655..82709
                     /note="matching L1B_Oc"
     repeat_region   82710..82732
     repeat_region   82958..83721
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   83731..84356
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   84356..85350
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   85351..85434
                     /note="matching MER11A"
     repeat_region   85435..85658
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(85679..85909)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(85911..86357)
                     /note="matching L1M1"
     repeat_region   complement(86358..86687)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(86688..86817)
                     /note="matching L1M1"
     repeat_region   complement(86840..87052)
                     /note="matching L1M1"
     repeat_region   complement(87155..87534)
                     /note="matching L1M1"
     repeat_region   complement(87540..87717)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   88767..89088
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(89113..89277)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   complement(89274..89435)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   complement(89443..89665)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(89666..89749)
                     /note="matching MER11A"
     repeat_region   complement(89750..90797)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(90812..91029)
                     /note="matching Charlie1a"
     repeat_region   complement(91436..91821)
                     /note="matching L1MA4"
     repeat_region   92128..92200
                     /note="matching MER101-int"
     repeat_region   92386..92847
                     /note="matching MER101-int"
     repeat_region   92848..92875
     repeat_region   92876..92975
                     /note="matching MER101-int"
     repeat_region   93957..94212
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   94213..94240
     repeat_region   94241..94296
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   94806..95025
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(95057..95167)
                     /note="matching LTR42B_MD"
     repeat_region   complement(95108..95382)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(95383..95514)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(95425..95527)
                     /note="matching L1_Rod"
     repeat_region   complement(95498..95874)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(95875..96212)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(96213..97175)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(97180..97751)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(97755..97995)
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(98084..99239)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(99240..100409)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(100410..100958)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   100959..101303
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(101304..105084)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   105085..105111
     repeat_region   complement(105112..105439)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(105440..107874)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(107910..108549)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(108550..108704)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   108705..108729
     repeat_region   complement(108730..108768)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   108769..109125
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(109126..110085)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(110148..110827)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   110841..111267
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   111268..111352
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   111353..111369
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   111373..112284
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   112287..113460
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(113460..114842)
                     /note="matching LINE1E_OC"
     repeat_region   114841..115812
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(115815..116558)
                     /note="matching LINE1E_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(116423..116574)
                     /note="matching HAL1-3_ML"
     repeat_region   complement(116576..116718)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(116721..117580)
                     /note="matching LINE1E_OC"
     repeat_region   117584..117611
     repeat_region   complement(117612..117936)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(117937..118028)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(118029..118111)
                     /note="matching LINE1E_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(118096..118221)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(118284..118699)
                     /note="matching LINE1E_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(118700..119030)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(119031..119542)
                     /note="matching LINE1E_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(120627..120957)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(121321..121386)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   121387..121422
     repeat_region   complement(121423..121669)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
BASE COUNT        32046 a        26407 c        26673 g        36989 t
        1 aagcttgctt tgtgctcaga ggcagcacag ggtggtactc gcctctccag ctgctggtgt
       61 tgcaaaacgg tgaaggtgat ctcagttctt gtctcatggc gaagaagaat ttccacatgg
      121 acagggggca gtgagcaaag cgagacttat tgaaagtgag agacctactg acacagcagt
      181 caggagaggt ctccaaggga ggagttgcca gttaagcctc taaaggcctg ccctttagaa
      241 aaaaaaaaaa tagctctctc tattggcccc cttctgaaaa ccagacctgg atttaaccaa
      301 tcaggggcgg gggcagaata gcagccaatc agaaggcagg gattacaatc ctgtctagct
      361 ttcccacctg ataaaaacta agtgcactta acagaactaa ctgtgcatta gcctgacaca
      421 cattccaact gacctaactg cctattagcc cagctaactc ctcgcattcc gcccctcacc
      481 agaagaatgg accctaacag ccattaaggg tttggggtga caaccactct ggctgcatcc
      541 tgctgacaaa gggcacagag atggaacagc agcagaacat tcctctgagg attgatctag
      601 ggatccctgg tagaatgtgg atgttcttgg gggcttcacc tggagtatgg cctgaagctt
      661 gatggctttt ggttgtttaa tcctagagga cgcaaagcct tgagtccctc tgtggcttca
      721 caggggtcat tgtccttgct tgggtcagac ctagggttgt ttcccagagt ttggtcttgc
      781 tgaggctcca gaggtccaga ctttactctg gtaggataga tccaggcatc gtggcctgag
      841 acccctactg tgggggagcg gccaggatga cagtcaaagg gcctccccag gattcaggaa
      901 gacatggaga gtgactagga agagctttta tcagcactaa gtctccacta ttgaatttag
      961 gaattcccaa agacttggca gtttttcagg tcattgttga agagcttctt ggaatttagc
     1021 taattcagca acagatttag tgaggctaat ggtttcttgg tatgtcacta gatcattagt
     1081 aaggaaagac ctcccacatg gcttcttgaa agagcttagg cctaaatcag aaggggtatt
     1141 tctaatgagc atgaatgctc tgggtagcag atttacccag gggagatgag tttcctgggg
     1201 tggctttctt aggtgtggtt taaggatgtc gttagttttt ttctaccttt cctgaggatg
     1261 agggtctgtg tgtgcaatgg agatgatact gaatgccgag agccttggag actccttgtg
     1321 tgactgctgt tttaaggaag gaccactgtc actctgtaga tttttttgga gtccaaatct
     1381 cagggtaatt tctgtaagaa gaactttggt tacctccata gccttttcag tcctgcaagg
     1441 aaacacttca actcagccag cagagatgtc tacccagact acaaggtctt gggcatttct
     1501 ggtctcagag acataagtaa aatccaactg ccattcttcc ccctggatat cttccctttc
     1561 tttgcattcc gggaagtggg aacatttggc ttctgaggtt ttttgaggca tagtttgcaa
     1621 gctcctataa cctacttgat tgtcttttag agacttttcc cagtagatag ctgctgggcc
     1681 acttataagg tcttatcttg ccctaggtgg aaagtttggt ggagagtctt aagaactttc
     1741 cattggcatg gcaggaggat gaatttttcc ctcctcggat gggaaccatc atttgcacgg
     1801 aggctgtgat cccaagagag tgccctttgg gtctcctcaa gtgtatattg gggtttgatc
     1861 tccaatgaca gactttccca gactagagga gtctcccagg attcaagggg agaagtttcc
     1921 ctggctgttg ctcaggcagc caagtcagcc agtcggtttc cctctacaat ttcacctgtc
     1981 actttctggc gtcccttgca gtgtatggtt gccacctctc aggacaacct acgatttgtc
     2041 tcctgatgat actgaatagg agtcccatta gcagtgagaa aatgtctctc cttccaaaca
     2101 gctgcacagg cgtgaaggac caaataagca cacgagagcc agtgcagtgg cactcagact
     2161 caccagctct ccccaaggta ctgaaaacag ctaaaatttc ctcccatggg gctctagtgt
     2221 tgtgttcctt ccagatggag gccagggcag tatatggggc aggttaggag ggagctaaac
     2281 accatggact tgaatcctct tgactcactt tttatgactt tgagggactt gcccaacatc
     2341 tcagagtcac aggttttcct ctgtaaaatg ggaatgttaa ccatatctac ttcatatagt
     2401 tctgaagagc cacagtaatg ctttgaaata gtaattgttg actaggccaa ggggtctggt
     2461 ataaacctat gcatatgaaa tgggaatttt tttaagattt atttatttga aagccagagt
     2521 ctgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatt gattttccat ctgctggatc actcccaaaa
     2581 tggctgcaat ggtcaggact gtgccactct gaagccagga gctttttgtg gatcttccac
     2641 atgggtgcag gaccaaggac ttgggccatc ctctgctgcc ttccaaggca ctttagtagg
     2701 gagtgggatt ggaagtggag cagctgggac ttgaaccagc acccctatgg gatcttggca
     2761 tcacaggcag cagctttaca cactccgcca caatgctggc cctaaattga gaacgttaag
     2821 aagattttgc aggtacattc cttgtgtggt tctggtgtaa ccagaggaag gacgcatgat
     2881 tgctccctaa aaatgagttt gcatatgatg gggtatagga aattgctgtg acatgttttg
     2941 ttgtgttaca gttattgtga acctaggtaa cttggtactt taattatgac taatatgagt
     3001 gtgctttggc agcactaact ctgttttgag ctcttccttg taacacaggc tgtaactgag
     3061 ccaagaagtc cttgggtccc tgcatcttcg tcggagacca ggaagaagct cctggcacct
     3121 ggttttggat cagctcagct ctggcaattg gcagtcattt ggggagtgaa ccagcagatg
     3181 gaagacctct ctctctctgg ctctacctct ctctataact ctgtctttca aataaataaa
     3241 ataaatcttt aaaaaaatac ggcattcaag atttcagaat tttaagaatg ctagagtgtt
     3301 gaaaagaggc ctgcaaacaa tgaaaaatac ttaaaaatag aaatttcaca ttggtaaaga
     3361 tagaaaaatc tgcttgaatt cttcttgtga agaatactct ggtattgggg tcataatgaa
     3421 tgaatgtctc taaaggaaaa gttaaaggtg acatgcacgg agctgatttt aagcctatat
     3481 ttctatttcc catcagaggc ttgaactaat aaacactttt tgcgctacta agaactgact
     3541 attttgtcct aagaactggc tgctggctga aaagtatcca gtttaatgtc ccctttaaaa
     3601 acaaagaaag gcattttgag cactaatagc attaattgct aggttttgaa aagaagattg
     3661 tataggctga agtcaatctc ttgtattatg ttgtctttta aaatatttta tatttcaaaa
     3721 ttggtgactt ttagtcaaaa gtaagtgaaa atatatacca tacaatggta tgtatatata
     3781 tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaaaata tattatgtac cacacaatga tacattccac
     3841 atttagcttt aaatttttta agaactttag gccccgtata gtgatggtgt ggttacccag
     3901 aatgtgaaat agaatactac catgacatat ttttaaatta ttatggaaat tttcaaaccc
     3961 acacaaatgc agagaaaaaa atatgaacca tttggcttca acaattatca acattttgct
     4021 tttattacgc tacatttgat attccttctc ccactttttt tttttaagct gaagactttt
     4081 aaagaaaaat cctacactta cttcactgac tgtaaaatgc ttccatatgt ttttctaatg
     4141 ggtggaggct tttcttatat tctaacatgc cattattgca ctgcatagaa atattcatac
     4201 aattgttgat ggcaataaaa caggctccat acaatgactc atataaggtt tattcaggaa
     4261 agaatatgaa ttcctgaggc ccaggagatg caagcccggt gacttttaat gaatcctgga
     4321 aaatgttcca aagtactcaa attctcatca tattttgtat tccatagcag taaatcatca
     4381 tacatcatta cacaggaaac acacgttggc ttggcctgaa aagataggtt ctagtcaaca
     4441 gagggagttt cttgtaggtt ggagactact gtttttagaa catgattggt tgcaaacatc
     4501 ttcagagaca gagtgctgcc tctgaaaaca ggctacagaa aagaccactg atgaattcta
     4561 ggacatttct gggaaaagat acagaatata tagataaaga acaaagggta cacaaggcag
     4621 cggcaggaaa cagagcctgt gtgtgtatca ctcacgtcta aattgacctg ctgggtaaga
     4681 gtgatagctc tgtccagacg ctcttcaggc tagtctcagt aggagacagc tttacaggct
     4741 ttttagggcc agttctataa ttgctcaata atttcattgt atcatttaat atgcagttca
     4801 tataaatatt ccctgatctt atcaaatatg tctttttttt ttatggttga gttgtctgaa
     4861 tttagaccca aacaaggttc atatgattaa gaaaatgtta acttacagag aagttatatc
     4921 agtgcaaatg ctttttggtc agtgtaataa aaatgaattt tgctcaataa aagtacaaaa
     4981 gatgtatatc cactgcctgt gtttgttcag tgtttcggtt tctctttaaa ctagtgcttt
     5041 tgtgttttta actggtgctt ttattaacac atcattgata cttgttcact ttatatttgt
     5101 aaatgtcttt attttctctt gttaataaca gtaccacagc gtgggtgagt tatatataat
     5161 atttttagat ttattttttt attcaaaagt cagagagaga tggacagaca cacagagaga
     5221 ttgagagctt ccatccactg gttcactccc cagatggtca caatagcctt gaatgggcca
     5281 ggccaaagcc aagagccagg agctgcttct gggtttccca tatgggtggc agaggcccaa
     5341 gcacttggac catttgctgc tgcttttccc aggctgttag cagggagttg catgggaagt
     5401 ggagcagctg ggactcgaac ctgtgccata aagaatgcca gcatcacagg tagcagcttt
     5461 acctgctagg ccacaatgcc ggttctgtga gttatatttg ggcccatgat tctggtccag
     5521 gtgtgagggg ctgtatctgg taatggcctt tatatcggca aagtcccaag gcagcacagg
     5581 gcagcatgtg acaggagaca gggagtgtgc ctatgtgggt ctcccctggc ccttctctcc
     5641 agtgtttaac tgtgggggcc ccacctcaat gcctttgtct aatgctcatc acctcccaga
     5701 agccctgcct ctaaacacca gagccagatg aagtttccac cctcgaaatg cctcactacg
     5761 aggaccaact cccaccaaca gtttcagaag ggacaaacca tagcagtgta ggaagggttg
     5821 ctttgatcct tttgaaaact atgctttttg aaattctgca ttacatttta ttgtgccact
     5881 caatcttctt ctcttccata gcaatccacc ccctctttat ttttataact ttaatttcct
     5941 ggagaaatca gttcatttat cctgtagaat gctccacatt ctggaattgg ctggttgctt
     6001 cctcgtggtg tcagttaaca tgttcctctg ccttgtttat gtcttataac tgctattaaa
     6061 tcaagaggct ttgtcagatt tgggtgtagt atttgaaggc aagaatacct cataagagat
     6121 gttgtgttcc tattgcatca catctggagg tatgtatgat ctccattcca ctgtcaatga
     6181 cgataaattt gacaaaagcc tcaggtatta tcagcctaat ccttccattt cccattgcgt
     6241 gggttgcaga tttaatgtct cagctccaga aatgttccca aattctctac aaacggccgg
     6301 ctctgctgtt tagtctgaag agggcaccag agagtcgttg caggaaagaa tggttttgtt
     6361 ctcggattcc tgcgcctctg tgccggttcc cacagcgaat gcacaacttt tccagcacct
     6421 gctcttgcag cggctgaagc atctccagca tccagcgtca gcaacactca gcggcttcca
     6481 gaggctcccg aacagagcta caataggtat ccccggctgt gcacagcctc agcccgcgtc
     6541 ttgcagactt ctgccgccgg cgccgtccca ccctccctaa caagactagg tgccagccct
     6601 ttgtagcttt ctcaaacact tccctaccat cctcaaatag ctcctctccc gctgcagcaa
     6661 ttttttaccc ttcttagtga attactctca tgagcaggca aatgtgttca aatgtctccc
     6721 gaagaaaaaa cccaacccct tgatataaat tttttgagac ttttgagcca gctgctcctc
     6781 tatttctctg ctcctcattt acggtgaaac ttgaagtcct ctctgcatac actatttcct
     6841 ttcctcttct ctttgcctaa aagtatgaca tgtagaatat attaaaaaga gcatacataa
     6901 tacatctata cacattaaat tattttttta agattttatt tatttatttg acaggtagaa
     6961 ttacagacag tgagagggag agacagagaa aggtcttcct tgcgttggtt cactccccag
     7021 acagccgcaa cggccggagc tacactgata cgaagccagg agccaggagc ttcttcccag
     7081 tctcccatgt gggtgcaggg cccaagcact tgggccatcc tccactgcta tcccaggcca
     7141 caggagagag ctggactgga agaagagcaa caggactaga accggcaccc atgtgggatg
     7201 ccagcgctgc aggtggagga ttaacctagt gctccatggc accggcccca tgttaaagtg
     7261 ttaataagat agtaaaggtc attctgtaga tatttctcat tttaagaatt caaatatttc
     7321 cagtatcttc actgtgtacc caatcgattc ttttgctatc ccccagcttt tgaaggtttt
     7381 agctagtgtt tttgtgataa tcattctata gctttttttt tatacttgta gacatgaatg
     7441 tatctccaaa tgggatgttg tctggtttgc ccatttttaa aattttatac acatagaatc
     7501 acccttttgt gttttcctgt gacttgtctt tgttgttgag atttgtcatc ttgatgcatg
     7561 caccttgggc tgattcattt tcactgccct atagtatttc agatgtgact ttcctacatt
     7621 tttttttctc tgttctttta tccctggaat ttggtttgcc tttgcctctt tttttaaaat
     7681 ttattttatt tatttgaaag tcagagttgg gagggataca gagagagaga gagagatctt
     7741 ccatccactg attcactccc caaatggcca caacagctgg ggctgggtca ggctgaagcc
     7801 aggagccaag ttacatccag gtctcccaca cgggtacagg ggtccaaaca cttggtccat
     7861 cttctgctgc ttccccagga acattagcag ggatctggat cagaagtgga gcagctggga
     7921 cttgaaccag catgcatatg gggtgccagc accgcaggta gggtctttac ccactacacc
     7981 acaatgccag gccttttttt tttttttttt gcctcttttg ttgttataac caatgatgca
     8041 atgaacattc tcatacatgt accctgaaag actttttaat ttaaaatttt atttatttat
     8101 tgaaaagaca aagagagggg aaaaaaatcc catccactgg tttgttcccc agatgctctg
     8161 aacaggctgg gccaagctga agccaggagc caggaactta gtcccggtct cccatgacag
     8221 tggcaggaac ccagggactg gagcatcagg tgctgcctcc agggtaccca ttagtaggaa
     8281 gctggggttg gaagtgggac caggactcaa actcaggcac ccctatgggg gatgcaggtg
     8341 ttctgagtgg gctgtaatct ctgccccaaa catctgctct gagccttttc agagtgtgtg
     8401 ttcaggagtg gaagctctga gtctcaggat gtgtgtgtga gtgtagtgtt attactgagg
     8461 ggagactgtt cccaggagct gtgtaactac actccctcct gtggcggatg aagttcccaa
     8521 caaaccacag attcaactgt atgtggtatc gtctgacttc caagtttttg tcattctgat
     8581 ctgtatgaat attttctcat tttgggttta atttacattt tcctgattat ctaaagttga
     8641 gcatttttgg tcatttgtgt tctttctgta taatgtcttt tatgattttt atacttcttt
     8701 tctattagat ttttttctta tggatgtatg gaaggtattt ggttttgtat tctggatact
     8761 aactctttat tgtgtatatg tgttgcaaat atcttcttag agtttcaaac ttgccttttc
     8821 tctctcctaa ttttatcttt tgacaaaaaa aactttcatt ccaaagtagc taaatttatc
     8881 aagttctgtg ttttagattc tgagcctaat ttaataaatc ctaccctgtc ctaaggtaac
     8941 aaagataata tatactgatt tttaaatatt ttattacatt tttaaaaatt gaatattagg
     9001 tgccagcact gtggcatagt aggttaagcc tccacctgca gtgccagcat cctttatagg
     9061 cactggatcg agtcctggct gcttcacttc tgatccagct ccctgctgaa ggcctgagaa
     9121 atcagtagaa gatggcctaa gtccttgggc ccctgtaccc atgtgggaga cccagaagaa
     9181 ctcctcgctc ctggcttcag actggcccag ctaagggctg ttgtggccat ttggggagtg
     9241 aaccagtcat ggaagacctc tctctctgtc tctccttctc tgtgtctgtt actctttcaa
     9301 ataaataaat acttttaaaa ttttattttt aattacttga aaaaggcaga gagagagaga
     9361 gtgagtgagc aaacttccat ccactcgttc attcctcaaa ttcctgcaaa agccaaggct
     9421 ggaccaagtg aagccaggag cttggaactc catccaggtc tcccaaatgg gtggctgggg
     9481 cccaagcact ttagccacct tctgctgcct cccagggtgg gcagaaagct ggactggcag
     9541 cagggccagg acccaaacct aggcactccc gtccatcatg caggtgcccc aagctgcatc
     9601 ttaacctctg tgccaaagct ttaaagtgtt gctgtctgcc ctgtcccctg ccttgccatc
     9661 ccagattcat ctgttcaagc ctaatcccaa tgtgacgtta tctggaggtg gaggctttgg
     9721 gacatgttca gatgatgagg aaggagcacc aatgagtggg attagagctt ttataagtga
     9781 tcccagaggg ctcccttgtc tcttcagcca agcaaggaca cagtgagaag ctggcagtct
     9841 gaatgctaga aggtccttgc ttgaactttc catgctagca ccctgattgc agacagatcc
     9901 cagcctgttt tcaccctaat cccagcctcc caaactgaga ggagtaaatg ttagttgttc
     9961 aaaccaccca ttcagtggca tttttgttat agcagcctga acagactaaa agaccaacag
    10021 acccaatctg agtctcccac atgagtgata gggagccatc acctgctgcc tcccggtgtg
    10081 tgtgttagca agtagctgga gtcaggaggg gagcaaggac tggaatccag acaccctgat
    10141 ataaggcctg agcctcccaa gtcaggtctt aactgctatg ccaaacatcc actccatttc
    10201 atgttacata ttgacagcta ctactgataa aaacaaacca aggaagggga ctagagagta
    10261 gggagaaaat gttacatttt ttaaaaaaaa ctatttattt ctttatttga ggggcagagt
    10321 acagacagag agagggagag acagaaagag aggtcttcca tccactggtt cactccccgg
    10381 atggccgcaa cagccagagc tgtgcccatc tgaagccagg aaccaagagt ttcttccagg
    10441 tctcccacac gggtgcaggg gcccaaggac ttgggccatc tttcactgct ttcccaggcc
    10501 ataacagaga gctggatcag aagtggagca gctgggactt gaaccggttg gcactgtaag
    10561 cagcagcttt accagctgca ccacagcacc ggcctctcct acttccattt tcaaggtcag
    10621 caataccatg tctacctttc tgatgcacct ttccatcagc acatctctct ctgctcacag
    10681 ttgaaaaatg tcctctgcat atgattatac catgccccct ttaaaaaaaa gtttatttat
    10741 ttgaaaggca gagctacaga gagaagttga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga
    10801 attttccatc agctggttca ctcctcaaat gccctcaacc gcctggaact tcatctgggt
    10861 ctctcacatg gtgcaggggc gcaaggattt ggaccatctt cttctgctac tttcccaggc
    10921 catagcagag agctggatca gaagtggaac agccaggact caaaccggcg cctatgtggg
    10981 atgctggcac tgcaggggac agctttaccc gctacgccac agcgccagcc cctgacttct
    11041 tttatccaac atatgattat cctatgattc atccatgttg ttgaatgtgt taataatcca
    11101 ttccttttta ttgccgtgta gtattttctg tgcagattta ccagagagta gatagtgatt
    11161 gatatattca tggaaattca ggttatttcc agtgctgcaa gcaccttgtc acttttagca
    11221 agatcttata agaaagtgaa aattcaggaa agaaatgacc agattgcaag cagagtttga
    11281 agggaagaga ctgagtccaa atgtgtgagt ccctgcaaac tcaggaaatc cacctgcttt
    11341 tgtctgtcta gtgtaagaca taaggctgta gttgcttgtg atagacaaaa ttatgatgtc
    11401 cacattctaa tccccagaac ctgggacaat gtcaccttat gtggcaaaag ggactttgca
    11461 gttacctgtg attaagatca aggtccttga gatgagagcc agggttgtgg tgctgtgggt
    11521 taagctgccg tacagaacac cagcacccat agattcaagt tacctatctg taactctgcc
    11581 tttcaaataa ataaataagt attttttaaa aatgttttaa aaataaataa attaaaaaag
    11641 atgttgtcat cccacccaac gttgctgctg ttaagttgag agagaggcat gagtcattca
    11701 agggagtgtg acactaaaaa ctactcaaga attacaccca gaaaataagt ctggctgtgg
    11761 tatttgacac aggaagcaag taaacaagaa actctttcag tttttgagga cactgtactg
    11821 ccaaggcagc tataagcctg accttggaaa agcctgtagt taaaccttaa attaacttgc
    11881 aagcccttca gttgcatcaa gacaaaatgg actgcaaaat ctgttcagaa cgatcctaaa
    11941 aaggggtacc cctctctgcc cttcaaaaat gaaaataggg gccgacgctg tggtgcagct
    12001 ggtaaagctg ccacctgcag tgctggcatc ccatatgggc actggtttga gtcccagctg
    12061 ctccacttcc gatccagctc tttgttatgg tctgggaaaa caatgcaaga tggcccaaat
    12121 tcttgggccc tgcacggaca tgggagaccc ggaataagct cctggatcct ggctttggat
    12181 tggcccagcc ctggctgttg caaccatttg gggagtgaac cagtggatgg aaaacctctc
    12241 tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctatata tatatatata tatatatatg tttgtgtgtg
    12301 tgtgtgtaca cacatatata tgtatattta tgtatatatg tatgtgtatg tatatatata
    12361 tttgtattct gtcctttttt ctctctgtaa cttgcctttc aaataaataa gtaaaccccc
    12421 cctttttaaa gggacttaag aaaaccttta aaaagagaaa gggaattgat cttgttcaga
    12481 gaactcaaga aaagtatgtg ttagcaatag gcaagctgca tcccaagtgc tgggggccag
    12541 cttggtggtc cacccacagg tacatagcag gatctgcagg agtggaggag tggaggagtg
    12601 gcagcagcca tctccctgta agggcctcca cggttcccag tgagatgcaa agcaccgagg
    12661 cttctcacca ggtgggctgt ggtgtgaggt gtgtagcatc tcacctgctt taattactga
    12721 atgaaaatga tagtcttttc acctttggga acacaaaagg ggagtacagg caatgattcc
    12781 aatcaacagt tatcagcaat gaccagaagg ggtagcactg accttgtcta accagcgtgc
    12841 ttccggtttc taaacttatt ttttattttt ttttatttat ttattttttt tgacaggcag
    12901 agtggacagt gagagagaga gagacagaga gaaaggtctt cctttgccgt tggttcaccc
    12961 tctaatggcc gccgcagacc gcgctgatcc gatggcagga gccaggagcc aggtgctttt
    13021 cctggtctcc catggggtgc agggcccaag cacctgggcc atcctccact gcactccctg
    13081 gccacagcag agggctggcc tggaagaggg gcaaccggga tagaatccgg cgccccgacc
    13141 gggactagaa cccggtgtgc cggcgccgca aggcggagga ttagcctagt gagccgcggc
    13201 gccggcccgg tttctaaact taaatacagg aaacatacca tctggtggaa gagaaccacc
    13261 aggcggcaaa caaagggacc aaatgtcccc gcagtgaccg ggactctgcc tcttagctgt
    13321 ggcaacagca gtcgcggact ctgaaaagat tccttcacaa aaacttccct gacccaaggc
    13381 ggtagataat tgagcagttc tctccggctg gtctaggcat gtcttgatac ggttccccct
    13441 ttccaatacg tgtgctggaa catatagttg gcaacttcct ggaatcgcca gctctgcgcc
    13501 catttctgtt tgaaaggtct caaattaggg tgtgggaaac cccgtcgctc agaggcagga
    13561 cagcagtgac tcccccagag gctccagttg actggcgttg ggatcctatt tcttcagctt
    13621 cgttctctga ggactccact gagaactcag gcggggcagc tggggaagct cggagttcag
    13681 gctttggagc cagacccaac aaacccggtc tctgaggcgg tctccaccta gcgatctccc
    13741 tggtctgtct ttctgacttt ccccttcttc ccaacaaccc ctgatgctca tggaccactc
    13801 tgttttcctt gcccctacag gtgttctctg tcccattgca tgggtccacc gaggctcttg
    13861 cacaattgct aacctgtgaa gactgtaaca catgagccac ccacaggatt ccctgtgaga
    13921 tggggcctct gaagggagtc ccgccccttg cacctcccct cagatgctcc ccttgttgtc
    13981 tctcccagaa tgaaagtcgc atcaccttat gggcactgtt acaccattgc ttcccctggg
    14041 attatctgac agtcccctca caaggtcaaa gccacagcca gctgaggtca tctatgttgt
    14101 ggctcagtaa ccataaagac ttatttattt atttgagaaa ggcagattta cagaaagaaa
    14161 agtagctaca aggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatc ttccacccac tggttcactc
    14221 cccaaatggc cagaacagcc agggctccaa taggcctaac cttggagcct gggactccat
    14281 tagggtctct catgagggtg gcagggatcc aaacacttgg gacatctgct gcttgcctaa
    14341 gcatattagc agggagctgg actcaaagtg gagcctctgg tactagaacc agagctcata
    14401 tggataccag catctcaggc agcagcttaa catgctacgc cacaacacca gtcccaaggt
    14461 cacaggttga tgcaggtgag ttggttctga ttcctgccaa aggacaaaga ctctttcgat
    14521 gctatggttt tgtctacagg acttcagagt cttcctgagc ctcagaaccc tccactggct
    14581 cctctgcatc tgtccagctg atagaggaag agagatggta tggagtaggc acagctgatc
    14641 tcagccaccc gtacccagag tgacacacac caatcactcc ttgagtagaa ctagtctgaa
    14701 caattccatc caactgaaag gtgggctcag gaatggagac ctcatgagta tcaaacatga
    14761 agaaatagat ttggtaaaca taaatgcatc ttcccaactt ttcctcctct ggaagcaact
    14821 atagagctgt gctgtttaat aatagctgct agaaatatgt ggctttttaa agttaaatta
    14881 agtgtaaaat tcatgttgtg aggttggcac tgtggtgtag caggtaaagt cactgcctac
    14941 agtgctggca tcccatatgg gcgctggttt gagtcccagc tgctccactt ctgacccagc
    15001 tctctgctat ggtctgagaa agcagtagag gatggcccaa gtccttgggc ccctgcaccc
    15061 atgtgggata tctggaagaa gctcctggct cctggctttg gattggctca gctccagtca
    15121 ttgcagccaa ttggggagtg aaccagtggg tgtaatacct ctctctctgc ctctccctct
    15181 ctgtaactct gactgtcaaa taaataaata aataaatctt taaaaaaaat caagttgtac
    15241 tagtaacatt tcaagttctt aatgacacct gtgattggca tctactatac tggaccatgt
    15301 ggatagaata tttctatcac aggaaatatg tgtttgacat cactgataca aggtacctta
    15361 gatggggtcc tagaaatgga tcaagcattc aaaatcagta gtcttaggag ggtttaataa
    15421 cagggctatt tactaagata taggcaagtt tggggtataa ttttaagaga tagtgaagtt
    15481 cctaggactg gtaatgcaat ggctgctatc tatccctagg cttggagtag ttactgagtc
    15541 ctggagacag aggtcacatg gagaaatcca tgggacagga gctgtcacca tcacttgagg
    15601 ggtcagccaa catgtagcaa gcctgcaggg agagaactga gagaataaac actctgacca
    15661 ctcccctcct tctgtgctgt ctcctgctgg aacttaccat tagctggacc aaccagtggg
    15721 caaaggagtt tattgattta gtacatacag gtcagctgct caggaaactg agtaggacag
    15781 agaagggtag agagcagatc tggaggatga atggaaatat ttcagcgaag tctgctcttg
    15841 gtttcttacg gttgtgggat ggcagtgagg gtagggggtg tgctatcagg taggcttatt
    15901 gtaggttttt ccctgtacac gtggaataat tcaaaggtag aggcataaag atgtacagga
    15961 gagaaggaag ttcacagcaa aacaaaagta caagcccaag aatcacacgg tgtggctggt
    16021 gttggggtac agcaggttaa accacccact gtacatctgg tacccggcat cccacatgag
    16081 cagcagtctg cctttcaaat accataaaac agaaatcttt tttgtttgtt taattttaaa
    16141 gccagagtta cagaaagggg gagacagtga gggagagagg gagaaagatc tatccgctgg
    16201 ttcctcccaa aaggccgcaa cggctggggc tgggctggac caaagccagg aacctggaac
    16261 tctatccaga tctcctgcac ttaggccatc ttcctctgct ttcccagacc cattagcaga
    16321 gggctggatc agaatccagg actcaaacag gcacccatat gggattccag tgttgtaggc
    16381 agaagcttaa cctactatgc cgcaatgctg gcccaataaa atgaattctg ttttttaaaa
    16441 aagatttatt tgtgaatttg aaagtcagag ctaaagagag agagacagag agagagagac
    16501 agagacagag agaggttttc catccactga ttcactcccc cagatggcca cagctgccag
    16561 ggaatggact tgcccgaagt gaggagccag gagcttcttc tgagtctccc atatgggtgg
    16621 caggggctca agtacttgga ccatcttcca cggcttttct cagtccatta gcttgagctg
    16681 aattggaagt ggaacagcca ggacatgaag tggtgcccat ataggatgcc tgcatcacag
    16741 gcagcaggtt tacccactac gccacaacac tggccccaaa ataaatcttg aaaaaaaaaa
    16801 aaaaaagaac caagttatgc atggacaagc agaaatacag aaaggctcca aagagagaaa
    16861 aatccctcat taaagaaaaa tatccaacag tggaaaagaa aagcccctgc caaaggaaaa
    16921 agccccatca atatggttag gtttttacat tatatcctac agaggcatag gaggtgatgt
    16981 ctgggggtga ggaccatttg tgtatttaaa aggagggttg gggcagggct ctagcactgc
    17041 ttgtgctggt tgcaagtccc caacattgtg gaacttgtgg tttcactacc aggaaaggct
    17101 tggggacttg ttggtgcatg ggagatgtgc ttgcaccctg tatacagaaa gggggggggg
    17161 ggtctggcct gtgcacagga agggaaggga gcctggatgg tgcacaggag aggggccacc
    17221 atgtgaacta ggctaggcta tcagatggag cagctgcagc tgtcccacca tgggtagatg
    17281 agttggctgt ggtcatggaa acatgaattg actggagctg tcaatcatcg acctctagag
    17341 taccctcagt gcagtttggc ttgggatgtc aactatagag ctttgccaac ctctccattt
    17401 ctttttaaga aaggagcagt ccagcagcag tttagctgga gctgtcaaac atggaccgtg
    17461 ctgtcctgtg gatcaccaag gagccttcaa accttagctt ctcccctagc tacctaagtt
    17521 cccaagacat cgtcatccag tcttattgtg tataccaaaa taaaagacat aacaatttcc
    17581 aaaaagccat gtattatcat gtgataacat caatttagtc acttggaatc tgaaatacca
    17641 gtaaccgcca tgcttttcat ttaaggtaat agatagaagc atgggataaa taatagatgt
    17701 aaaaatagct gctgcaatct tcacttctat agctgttctc acatttgtgt ggacaaccca
    17761 tcatatctgt gtttttctac tgcctatcca tatcatcatt actctctgct tatacctcag
    17821 ccagccaggc tctttatttg gtgaagggat ccattttcat tcccctggga tctgagttat
    17881 tggtggtctt gtctttactg agttgtgtag ctttccatca acaaggactg ctgagagtag
    17941 gtactaagag gtcccccaag aacccttcat tccaaacata atcctctggc aactggaacc
    18001 aattacacaa ggtactactg tggctccctt cttggcctat tacttcggtg gcacaaaaga
    18061 tcctaaatgg ccagagtttc aatttctaat taagaagaac tattactgtg tcccctgcta
    18121 gaagtgttcc tctcttagaa ctcataaaga ccctgagctc aaggtcatag atctgagaag
    18181 caaaaaacct tcaagtagct tattaagtcc aatagcagca ggggatagtc ctaactccaa
    18241 cccttgattt ccagtcctgt gcattctgga tgtgggatag atgacactat atgctgtttt
    18301 tttttttttt taaactgaat accctaaata tatctgtgtc ctaattccca gaatctgtga
    18361 atgtttcttt atatatctaa agggactttg cagatgtgat caagttaaat attttttgaa
    18421 gatttatttg aaagtcagag agaaagagga gagagagaga gaacacaaga gccagtgtga
    18481 gaaaaatcac ctgctgattc actcgccaag tggctgcgga ggttgagcct gggccaggct
    18541 gaagccaggg gccaggaact cttttctggt ctcccacgtg gatggccaga gcccaagtac
    18601 ttgagtcatc atcacattac caggaagctg gatcagaaac agaccatgac tcaaacaggt
    18661 gctccaatat gggatgctgg tgaaaagcag cagcttaatc tgcaatgcca caaagctgtc
    18721 ctcaagttaa ggctcttaat acaggaagat tatcttgaat tttccagctg ggccctaaat
    18781 ataatcacaa gtgttcttat gagagtgaca gggagaaatt taactgcaga agagaagtta
    18841 agactggaat aatcggggct ggcactgtgg gttatctttc agctggtgtt gtgagaattc
    18901 agtatccact acatcatttt ataaaatcaa cttcatacat gatgggatat gtatgaaaat
    18961 cagtgaaact catgggcata atcctatttc catatttcct ttactgaaaa atatgtccct
    19021 tgtaaaatgc aattttatgt gggataactt catgattgac taggcattct gcaagtttgt
    19081 gagcatagag cttatagaat gaacaagcaa tggaagacaa attcatacta gaataagtat
    19141 ctgtgctaga aaaagcttaa ttgagcaggc aggcttgtgt tgctgacacc ctgcacattg
    19201 ccaagaaagg catattttca tgactggtac tcgatgagct gctgggactt gagctcctga
    19261 aatgttctga ctgttgagat gatttttatg ctgacatgcc tgatatcata aaattattat
    19321 aagcttaaca ttatgtgctg ccctaacctc tggtaaaatc aagagggctt caaactagct
    19381 taactgcaag ttcctctcca tgctctactc ctgcaaataa agacatgcag ccaaacaaaa
    19441 gagcctgcca cagttcctaa ttatccctga gtactgccag cctgaagagt tattcaaaca
    19501 agatgctatt caaacatcaa gaattagtgt aggggctggt gctgtggtgc agtgggttaa
    19561 cgccctggcc tgaagcacca ggatcccata tgggcaccgg ttctagaccc ggctgctcct
    19621 cttccaatcc agctccctgc tgtggcctgg gaaagcagta gaagatggcc caagtccttg
    19681 gacccctgca ccctgctcct ggcttctgat cggcacagct ccggccattg cagctatctg
    19741 gggagtgaac cagcggatgg aagatctctc tctctctgtc tctacttctc tctgtaactc
    19801 catctttcaa ataaaataaa tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa ttagtgtaat atatgttgag
    19861 aggcgtttcc cagaatctct gccctccctc ctccttcaga attccacact tattccttca
    19921 gctgctgagt cacagtgacc aagagttagc agtctgctaa acagacttgc tcagtgtcag
    19981 gcccccttcc cagggcagcc tacagatcat gactggtcaa cgtgcggtta taaacatcta
    20041 ctgtcttcac ctcaaagtgg gatgactccg cagcagcacc tcagctcaga tcagctcctc
    20101 agatcatcga tgcttttgct gtattttatc acagcccagc ttctccctct gcccaatcct
    20161 tcttccttca cttctttcag atattgatcc tgagaatatt ccttaacaac gcccttcaca
    20221 gtaatctttg tttcagggtc cactacttag ggaatttagt ctgggacata ggccatcaga
    20281 agtgggatct gagaaagtgg ccattaaaat gggagtttac aggtctgtta tccacttgct
    20341 ggctgtcctc attactggtg gtgggaggaa cactggtagc ccccacacag gtaggagtgc
    20401 agttgctaaa atttccagga ctggtgaatt gggttcaagt accatgggag gaaatgtact
    20461 ggtggataca atctatgaat cacttgataa aatagataaa atagaattat ttttaatgga
    20521 attggatagc tgtgtggggg agcattcata gcctttaggg aaaagctgaa ggtaataaat
    20581 caacagttaa gggctaggtg gcagcatatg aagagactct tacctcctgc agcaggaagg
    20641 cagggaaagc tgagacctgg ctcaggattt aacatcagat agacagagct gcagaaagag
    20701 ttgaattgtc agcaccagca ggtctgttat gcccagaatg agaccttgtt tgggatagaa
    20761 tggaatcctg aggcacagga tggacagtgt gtgtgtcaat atacaaagtg atctgaggcc
    20821 ggtgccgtgg ctcactaggc taatcctccg ccttgcggcg ccggcacacc gggttctagt
    20881 cccggtcggg gcgccggatt ctgtcccagt tgcccctctt ccaggccagc tctctgctgt
    20941 ggcccgggag tgcagtggag gatggcccaa gtccttgggc cctgcacccc atgggagacc
    21001 aggagaatca cctggctcct gtcatcggat cagcgcggtg tgcgggccgc agcacacctg
    21061 ccgtggcagc cattggaggg tgaccaacgg caaaggaaga cctttctctc cgtctctctc
    21121 tcactgtcca ctctgcctgt caaaaaaaaa aatatatata tatatataca aagtgatctt
    21181 cagtacccag atttctctgc actgtctaga cttaaaaatg tgtctcactc cttcctataa
    21241 tgggctgtca tcactactag gctctcaatt cctgggaaca tttccttgtc gggatctcaa
    21301 gccctaggct ggcccctgac cagcaggggc cactacagac actcccccaa caaggtgaat
    21361 gggagaggta aggtcgatgg gtgatgaaca caccacaagc accgtgagtt ctgtcgaagc
    21421 aggaaccact ttattgaaaa agcatacagg cttataaagc ttacaaagga catgcacagt
    21481 aggggagcca atcagtgaaa aggtcatgca ggcatgggtg gaccacacac aggggcacct
    21541 taagcaaagt atagggatca tgcactgtcc acgtgtctgg aactaaagtg gacctaaccc
    21601 tgccggtggt ctgatcttag gtagcttaac cgcagcagcc acagacacac ccctcgaaca
    21661 tccaccaggc gccatattgt aattgagatt ttaggcaatg cccaacattt cctcaaattt
    21721 ctgttctata aatataccca ttgtaggtaa ctcatacaaa tagaatcaca atattgtctt
    21781 tctgaatcag gcatatttcc ctaacatagt gttttcaagg tctatcttgt tgaaccatat
    21841 gtaaaaattt cattcctcct tgtggttgaa tagtgtttca ttgtacatgt gtgcatgaat
    21901 tgattcgctt acccattcat ctgttgatgg acacttgttt tcatcttttg tctattatga
    21961 ataatactgt tatgaaacct ggatgcccag atgatcttct tcaagacttg ctttccagtg
    22021 ttaagagaaa agtttatagc aataggtgcc tacatcaaga aattggaaag gcaccaaaca
    22081 aatgagctat caacgcatct caaggatcta gaaaaactgc agaaaaccag gcccaaaact
    22141 agtaagagaa gagagataat taaaattaga gaagaaatca acagaattga atccaaaaac
    22201 attacaaaag atcagcaaaa tgaagagtgg gtttttttga aaaaataaaa aattgacaca
    22261 ccattggccc aactaaaaaa aggagagaaa agacccaaat caataaaatc agagatgaaa
    22321 aggggaatgt aacaacagac accacagaaa caaaaggagt caccagaaat tactacaaag
    22381 agttgtatgc caacaaacag ggaaatctac cagaaatgga tagattcctg gacatctaca
    22441 acctacataa attgaaccag gaagacatag aaaacctaaa cagacccata actgaatcag
    22501 aaattgcatc agtaataaag gcccttccaa caaagaaaag cccaggactg gatggattta
    22561 ctgctgaatt ctaccagaca tttaaagaac taactccaat acttctcaaa ctattcagaa
    22621 caattgaaag agagggaatc ctctcaaaat atttctatga agccagcatc accttaatcc
    22681 ctaagctgga aaaagatgca gctttgaaag aattacagac caatttccct gatgaacata
    22741 gatgcaaaaa tgtcaataaa attctggcca atagaatgta acaacccatc agaaagatca
    22801 tccacccaga ccaagtggga tttatcccta tatgcaggga tggttcaatg ttcgcaaatc
    22861 aatgtgttac atgacataaa caaactacag aagtaaaacc atatgattat ctcaatagat
    22921 acagagaaag catttgataa aatacaacac cctttcatta tgaaaactct aagcaaattt
    22981 ggtatagaag gaacattcct caatacaatc aaagcaattt atgaaaagcc cacagccagc
    23041 atcctattga atgaggaaaa gttggaagca tttccactga gatctggtac cagacaggga
    23101 tgcccactct caccattgct attcaatata gtcctggaag ttttagccag agccattagg
    23161 caagaaaaag aaatcaaagg gatacaaatt gggaaggaaa aagtcaaact atcccttttg
    23221 cagatgatat gattctttat ttaggggatc caaagaactc tactaagaga ctattggaac
    23281 ttatagaaga gtagcaagat ataaaatcaa cgcacgaaaa tcaacagcct ttgtatacac
    23341 agacaatggc cacggttgag aaagaatttc taagatcaat cccattcaca atagctacaa
    23401 aaacaatcaa ataccttgga aaaaacttga ccaagtatgt caaagatctc tacgattaca
    23461 aagccttaaa gaaagaaata gaagagagcc agcaccatgg ctcacttggc taatcctcca
    23521 cctgcggtgc cagcacccca ggttctagtc ccgattgcgg tgatggattc tgtcccggtt
    23581 gctcctcttc cagtccagct ctctgctgtg gcccaggagt gcaatgtggg atggcccaag
    23641 tgcttgggcc ctgcacccca tgggagacca gaaggaagca cctggatcct ggcttcggat
    23701 tggcgcagcg cgccggccac agcaagccgg ctgtagcagc cattagggga gtgaagcaat
    23761 ggaaggaaga cctttctctc tgtctctctc tctctctctc actaactctg cctgtcaaaa
    23821 cgaaaaatag agaaggatac taaaaaatgg aaaaatcttc gatgctcatg aattggaaga
    23881 atcaatatca tcaaaatgtc cattcttcca aaagcaattt atagattcaa tgtgatacca
    23941 atcaaaatac caaatacagt cttctcagat ctgaaaaaat gatgttgaaa ttcatattga
    24001 ggcacaggag acctctaata gctaaagcaa tcttgtacaa caaaacagtg caggaggcat
    24061 cacaataaca gatttcaaga catactacag ggcagttatt attaaaacag catggtactg
    24121 gtacagaaaa gatggataga ccaatggaac agaatagaaa cacaccagac atcaatccaa
    24181 acatctacag ccaacttatg tttgatcaag gatctaaagc caattcctgg agcaaggaca
    24241 gtctattcaa caaatggtgc tgggaaaact ggatttccac atgcagaagc atgaagaaag
    24301 acccctacct ttcaccttac acaaaaatcc actgaacatg gattaaagat caaaatctag
    24361 gacccaacac aatcaaatta ttagagaaca tcagagaaac ccttcaagat ataggcacag
    24421 gcaaagattt attggaaaag accccagagg cacagtagtc aaagtcaaaa ttaacaattg
    24481 ggattacatc aaattgagaa gtttctgtac tgcaaaagaa acagtcagga aagtgaagag
    24541 gcaaccgaca gaatgggaaa aaaatttgca aattatgcaa ccgaaaaagg ttaataacca
    24601 gaatctacaa agagatcaag aaactccacc acaacaaaac aaacaatcca gttaagagat
    24661 gggccaagga cctaaacaga catttttcaa aagagaaaac ccaaatggcc aacatacaca
    24721 tgaaaaaatg ttcaagatcg ctagccatca gggaaatgca aatcaaaacc acaatgaagt
    24781 ttcacttcgc cccggttaga atggcttaca tacagaaatc aactaacaac agatgctggc
    24841 gaggatgtgg gggaaaagga aaactaatcc actattggtg ggaatgcaaa ctggtaaagc
    24901 cactatggaa gacaatttgg agattcctta gaaacctgaa tatagcccaa ccacatgacc
    24961 caaccatcac gctcgttgga atttacccaa aggaaattaa attggcaaac aaaaaagctg
    25021 tctgcaccta atgtttattg cagctcaatt cacaatagct aagacatgga attaacctaa
    25081 atgcccatca acggaagact ggataaaaaa ttatgggata tgttctctat agaatactat
    25141 acagcagtaa aaaaagaaag aaagaaatct ggtcatttgc aacaaaatgg agcaatctgg
    25201 aaaacatcat gctgagtgaa ataaaccagt cccaaagaga caaatatatg ttctccctga
    25261 tcagtgacaa ctaactgagc acctaaaagg agacctgttg aagtgaaaca gacactatga
    25321 gaaacaatga cttggtcagc ccttgtcctg actgtcgagg gacaatttac ttttttattc
    25381 cttttagtat ttttttattc tacttaatac cattggttga actctttaat taacacacaa
    25441 ttattcttag gtgtttaaat ttaattgaaa agtgatccct gttataaata agagtgggaa
    25501 taagagaggg aggagatgta cagtttggca catgctcact cggacttacc cctaatggta
    25561 gagctagaaa catgccagag gattaccaaa tcaatcccat cagggtggca tgtaccaatg
    25621 ccatcttact agtcaaagtg atcagtttaa gttcataact gatcataatg ataggattaa
    25681 gtgtcaaagg gatcacataa acaagaccat tgtctgctaa taataactga tagaattaaa
    25741 aaggagagaa tgatccaaca tgggaagcgg gatacacagc agactcatag aatggcagat
    25801 gtcctaaaca acattctggc ctcagaatca gcccttaaag cattcagata cggctaaaaa
    25861 gaccatgaga gtttctcagg catggaaagc caagacactg ttgcaataaa aaaaaaaatc
    25921 taaatgaaag atctctgtga gtgagatccc agcggaaaga acgggccatc aaagaaggag
    25981 gtacgtttct ctgaagggaa gagagagctt ccactttgat tatggccttg tctaaataag
    26041 atcggagttt gtccgccggc gccgtggctc actaggctaa tcctccgcct agcggcgccg
    26101 gcacaccggg ttcttgtctc ggtcggggca ccagattctg tcccggttgc ccctcttcca
    26161 ggccagctct ttgctgtggc cagggagtgc agtggaggat ggcccaggtg cttgggccct
    26221 gcaccccatg ggagaccagg aaaaaagcac ctggctcctg gctcctgcca ccggatcagc
    26281 gcggtgcgct ggccacagcg cgcctccgcg gcagccattg gagggtaaac caacggcaaa
    26341 ggaagacctt tctctctgtc tctctctctc actgtccact ctgcctgtca aaaaaaaaaa
    26401 aaaaaaaaaa aaagatcgga gtttgtgaac tcaagaggct tccatagccc aagaggcttc
    26461 cataaccttg gcagttaatg acaagagtct cgggtgattt atgatgtcat gtagaagagt
    26521 gtcaattgtt aaatcaacaa caggaatcac tgtgcaccta ctccccatgt aggacctctg
    26581 tccttaatgt gttgtactat tcgaattaat ggtaaaatac tactcaaaca gtacttcata
    26641 ttttgtgtat ctgtgtgggt gcaaactgtt gaaatcttta cttagtatat actaagttga
    26701 tcttctgtat ataaagataa ttaaaaatga atcttgatga agaatgggat aggagaggga
    26761 gtaggtgatg ggatggttgt gggtgggagg gaggttatgg gggaaaaagc cgctataatc
    26821 caaaagttgt actgtcggaa tttatattta ttaaacaaaa gttgaaaaaa agacttgctt
    26881 tcaattcttt tggatatatg cctaaaaggg agttgttgga tcatacagtg gttctgttta
    26941 acttttttgt attgaaaggt agagtgagat ggagagagag agagagagag agagaatatc
    27001 tttcatttac tggcacactc ctcaaatgcc tttcacagcc aagactgaag ccaggaactc
    27061 catccaggtc tcctccatgg gtggcaagag cccaagtact taagccatca tctgctgcct
    27121 tccaagataa tattagcagg aagttagatt ggagtcagta cttgaactgt cactctgata
    27181 tgggatatgg gtaatccatg taacagttca atccacaaca ctctcccctt cactgtcccc
    27241 gtgtgtgact ttttcaggac taccagtgta ttttccacag tggctgtgcc actttacatt
    27301 cacaccagca atacacagtg atccaacttc acatgtttgt caacactttt tatattccat
    27361 ttaaaaaata ttataaccat tctttttttt ttttttttga caggcagagt taatgagaga
    27421 gagagagaga cagagagaaa ggtcctcatt tgttcgttgg ttcacccccc aaatggccgc
    27481 tatggcccgt gtgctgcgct gatccaaagc caggagccgg gtgcttcctc ctggtctccc
    27541 atgcaggtgc agggcccaag cacttgggcc atcccccact gcactcccgg gccacagcag
    27601 agagctgcac tggaagagga gcaaccggga cagaatccgg caccccgacc gggactagaa
    27661 cccagtgtgc cggcaccaca ggtggaggat tagccaagtg agctgcggta ccagccatat
    27721 tatagtcatt ctaatagttg tgaagcagta cctcattgtg attctgatgt gcattgcctt
    27781 agtaactaat gatggcgaaa atcttttcat gttctcatca gccatttgca tgttttcttt
    27841 agagaaatgt ctattcaagt tctttgctcc tttttgaact gagtcatatt ttttgttgct
    27901 gagccataat agttccttac atattctaga tatcaatacc ttttcagata tattatttgc
    27961 aaatgttttc cctatctata cattgccatt ttgctttctt gatagtatcc tttgatgcac
    28021 agaagctctt aatttggaaa aggcagttta tttttttttt attgtctatg cttttggaat
    28081 tgtatccaag aaatcattgc caaattcgac atattaaatt ttcactaggc ttcttctaag
    28141 aattttattg ttttatcact gtgtttagct taaatggtct ttgattcatt ttgactactt
    28201 ttttttttta atttgagaga gagtaagaca tagacagagc acacacaagt tcctatcctc
    28261 cagttcactc tcctgaatgc ctgcaacagc tggagctgga ttgcaccaaa agcaagagag
    28321 gagaattcat ccaggtctct gatgtgggtg gcaggaaccc aaatctttct tttcccctta
    28381 aaagtatatt tatttatttg aaagacagag ttttacaaag agagagaatg gaggggaagg
    28441 agggggcaga gatcttccat ccattgattc actccccaaa tgacagcaaa agctagggca
    28501 gggccaggat gaagccagga gcttcctcca catctttcac atgagtgcaa ggcccatgca
    28561 cttgggcctc cctctgctac cctcctaggt atggcagcag ggagctagac agaaagtgga
    28621 gcaggtggaa cacaacccag cacccatacg ggatgccagc agcatcctta ctcactacac
    28681 cacagcactg gccctcagga accccattct tggcctctca ctgccacttc acagggtctg
    28741 cattaacagg aagctgaggt caggagccag agcttggcat ccaatccaga cactctgatg
    28801 tgggatgaga gcaccctaac tcatgttgga actgctaagt taaacatcca tcaccaggtt
    28861 tttttttttt aagatgtatt tatttattta tttgaaagtc agagttacac agagagagaa
    28921 ggagaggcag agagagagag agaaaggtct tccattctct agtttacttc ccaattggcc
    28981 gcaacagacg gagctgcgcc aatccgaagc caggagcttc ttccgggtct tccgcatggg
    29041 tgcaggggcc caaggacttg ggccatcttt cactgctttc ccaggccaca gcagagagct
    29101 ggatcggaag tggagcaacc gggactcgaa ctggcaccca tatgggatgc aggcgccagc
    29161 tttacctgct acgccacagc actagcccca ccattttgtt ttgtttagtt acatatagtt
    29221 tttatttgag agagagagag agaacataaa aacacatctt ctcttcaaca ttttggaaaa
    29281 gtctgagaag tattagcaat aattcttctt tgaatgtttg atcgagttca cccataaaga
    29341 cctctattta ggacttctct ttattgacaa gtttctgatt tcttagtcat tttctttact
    29401 tgttataggg ctgttgagat tttttgaatt gatttttcaa gtgaatttgg taatttgaat
    29461 gtttcaagga atttcttgat atcctctaga ttatcttctt ggtgtaaaat tgctctttta
    29521 agatcggtag taatgtctcc agtttcacca tttttaaaaa atattattta tttatttatt
    29581 tatgagaggt agagttacag acagagagaa agagacagaa aggtcttcta tctgctggtt
    29641 cactccccaa atggccacaa cggtctgagc tgggctgatc tgaagccagg agtcaggagc
    29701 ttctgcaggg tctcccacgc aggtgcaggg gcccaaggac ttgggccatc ctctactgct
    29761 ttcccaagct acagcaggta gctggatcag aagaggagca gcctgaatac cggtgctcat
    29821 tagggatgcc aacaccacag gtggaagctt agcctattac acgacaatgt cagcccagtc
    29881 aaattataat cttaacatta atccaggtgc aacctacgtg ccttaaactt gaacgatcat
    29941 attaggcgat ttctatgttt tgccaaacag taagtagtgt actgttattg tcttagtttt
    30001 agaccacagt tagcttcaga ccatagtctc atggtgtgtt tgggggttct ttctcaagat
    30061 ggagtttttg gtgctctaaa acgcagtccc tcttgtccgt tagggtgtca tttcagcctg
    30121 gcattccaag aagggttgct aaggtctcat atggtcctct agggaaacta tgcagcaaga
    30181 attctagaat gctaatggat atagctgaga gaaccagttc taacacacaa tcaggcttct
    30241 tgtcccggtt cagtgagccg gctctccgga tgcgtcactt ccaccacctc tcagtttgtt
    30301 aatgacaagc tgggtcacag ttcctagtct tccagcggcc cagcgcgcat ctcctgccac
    30361 agcctcccat cttggatgtt aattcacttt gggcagtctc ggcaatcggt tgactccagc
    30421 gcttccagga tctctccaga agtggtatag gggtgaactg gggattttaa aaagtataaa
    30481 tgccaacccg tgatgagaac ggcagaagca cctaactcca ccagcacaga gggagaaatc
    30541 ctcaccttag gaacgcgagc ccgcgttgcc aggcaaccag agggcgcctc cctgcggccc
    30601 ccgcgactgc gcggttgatg cccgccatct tggccagttg gccttggcct tgaggatcgc
    30661 tctgccctca agagacctgt aaaatgggac tactagcgtc tttgagacct acttgacaga
    30721 actgctgcac agcacagcac ggtacaaaca gaattactgt gaaaacattc gtagtcccct
    30781 catccgcctg gcaccaccgg gccttccctc tctctcgagg tgacctgggc gtgagcagct
    30841 gctggagggc ggacccgcgg gtcccagagc aacggctgca gccccgggct gcctgggcgg
    30901 ggggattacc ggaggggcca gaaggtgggc ctgcgtggcc ggggtgctgg tgagtgtttg
    30961 ggggcagtgt catggcaggg ctgaggggct caggtctcat ccaggccggt gcgggatcca
    31021 tggagcaggc aggcggccca aatgatcgcg ggcccgggcg aaggtggggc gccaggtgca
    31081 gagacagggc agggaggaac aagagggcca gagggctcag aggctggcta aaaacaaaac
    31141 aggagccctg gtcagttgct gtggaaatag caaccagcat tctttaggac attctgtttt
    31201 acagagtgag tttcatttat tacatgatcc catttaatcc tttctacagt ccgctggaat
    31261 ttggggcatt attggtatta ttattgttac ccctcttcag tggaggtgat agtggggttg
    31321 ggagaagtgt ggagaatcag agctggatgt aggccaattg ctgtcctaaa tacagcccga
    31381 caatgatacc tacttgacct ttcatggttt gatgtgaagg tcctaagtgt ccttctaagt
    31441 cgcctgatga attcagtgca agctagctgc gtctcgctcc aggtgacaga aacaaaagtg
    31501 ttagctgacc ttccaaccaa gcttttaaag tttagtcact cacagtgcta tatatacaat
    31561 taaaggaaaa atgcacctga caatgaaaga aaacaaagga ctacattcga gcatggcaac
    31621 aagagagtta aggacacgat agcaagggag caaaatgtgg aggccatctt ccctgggtgc
    31681 cctaaactca ggcttatgtt ctttagtggt tatcccagga ctgagatgta gttatggaga
    31741 ggaacagacc tgagcttaga tcatggctac tacccttagc tgttgtttga attctcatac
    31801 tttttttctt cttgtaatta atggagatga tgcctgtcta tcagggatgt ttagagaatg
    31861 acaatatata aaaaatatta cccatcacga agtgaaaagc ctttttaaaa tctccttaca
    31921 gataaggaat ttgggggctg tagtacttta ccaagattgt tcagagcagt tttgggacta
    31981 gggaaggaaa aaataggagg atattcccat tgctgagaat taccactgag ccatataaat
    32041 agatctttta aaatatggta gcgtttcata gctggtgctg tgtaacactg tgtgatgctt
    32101 taacttattt tgcttcgcgc tcccattttc tattaatatg tgattcacac atagtaaaat
    32161 gcaccctgtt agtgtagtac tgcaataaat atacaaacaa acccatcacc cccaaaattc
    32221 ccatgtgctc cttttgtcat ctccacccca gcttggaaca atagttgttc agtttccctt
    32281 ccctattgct ttgtctttgc aagactatca tagagttggt atctacattt ttttttccac
    32341 aggcagagtg gacagtgaga gagacagaga gaaaggtctt cctttttcca ctggttcacc
    32401 ccccccagtg gctgctacgg ccagcgcgct gtgatcagcg cacgccgctg atctgcagcc
    32461 aggagccagg tgcagggccc aaggacttgg gccatcctcc actgcactcc cgggccacag
    32521 cagagagcta gactggaaga ggagcaacca ggacagaatc tggtgccccg accgggacta
    32581 gaacccggtg tgccggtgcc acaaggtgga ggattagcct atagagccgt ggcgccggcc
    32641 agtatctaca tttttgaatt tagcttagca taatgcatct gagattccct cacgttgttg
    32701 agtgtatcag taattcattg ttttttatga ctaagtattg ttctctttta tcagtgtacc
    32761 actgattgtt aattcctcag caaaaggaat atgtttgtta gaaatatttg tgtgaaatat
    32821 ttaataattt cacaccataa acacgtagca cagggattgc tggcacaatt gggaagtgta
    32881 tgcttaactt aacaagattc gccagactgt ttttaagggt gcctgtactg tatcattttg
    32941 tattcttact tgcagtgtat gagagttcca tttgctccat atcatcacca gctcttgatt
    33001 gtaaggtttt gttgttgttg ctgctgctgt tcattttatc catttaaatt ggtatattga
    33061 tatatcattg tggttctatc ttatatttcc ctcatgatga atgatgttgg gcatatcata
    33121 atgtgttaac atttattata catgtataat atttattata tatttgtata acatttatta
    33181 tacaagtata cttttaaaag tttgtggaaa tggaattaaa agataagttt atactttttt
    33241 taaaaaaaat tttatttatt tatttgagag ctagtgttac agacagagag ggagagacag
    33301 agagaaagat cttctatccg ctggccacaa ctgccagagc tgagccaatc caaagccagg
    33361 agccaggagt ttcttccaga tctcccatgt gggtacaggg gccccagtgc ttgggctata
    33421 ttctactgct tccccaggcc atagcagaga gcttgatcag aagaggaaca gcctggacta
    33481 gaaccagtgc ccatatgaga tgccagcata gcaagtggag ggttaatcta ctgcaccaca
    33541 ctgctggccc ctgataaatt tatatttgtt gcaaattttt tttgaaatcc atgaatagtt
    33601 ttttcataaa aaaattttaa tgaatttttt gaagtcacat catatgcatg gggggaccta
    33661 tttctttacc ttgttatgtc cattgatata tatatatata tatatatata cacacacaca
    33721 cacacataca tatataattc tttcccccaa atcacacttt cttgaatatt atagcatcac
    33781 agtaaatctg gaaatcaggt actgtgagga cttcaacttt ttctttttca gaattgtttt
    33841 ggctgtttct cttttgttct actaaagttt tagaatccgc tttagaagtt ttaacaagaa
    33901 aattttctga aattttcata ggcatttcaa tagatcagtt tgaggagaat tgatatctta
    33961 agaatattga gtcttccaat tcatgaatat agcatatttc atcatttatt taggtcttct
    34021 tgatagggac tccaggggtc cctggaaagg aaagaaaaac atggcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    34081 aaaaaaaaaa cccaaaaaac aaaaccatga tgaaactctc caagagccca gagggtaggg
    34141 gaaacaggag acctgagaaa catatacaat atagtcttta gatgttgagt ctgctgatgg
    34201 ggcttgattg ggcaccctgc aggcttttgt gcaaaactcc aatgtcagtt ccctgattgg
    34261 ttcatgtagc atatctcacc agcaaacact ttcagttccc tgattgattg ttattcttgc
    34321 ctattgattg gttgctgtcc cttccttcta ataggttgtt attctggcct cctgattcgt
    34381 tgttattctg ccacatacaa agggtaaaat ctgtactcct cagaatcagg gagaaccact
    34441 ttgcatataa aagagcatcc ctggcaacac cttttttaga gtccccctcc tgactgatgc
    34501 agcaggaggc tttgtgctct caataaactt cactttgttt actgtccctc tccatgtgga
    34561 aattattcta tgtgagacaa gagccaagat cgcccttgtc atcttacaac agcgtggtgc
    34621 tgtgactagg acttgattca gttcagcact gggtcgcttc ctcagatggg tgagcaagtg
    34681 gactgcttct gcctctgtgt tttggagagc ctcacactcc tcactctcaa ggatgttggg
    34741 tctctggcag ccagttaaaa gcggttagca tggcggccag tcttaagact caggaatcag
    34801 gcttgctgag aaacactaga tcaatcccct tctaccagtt ggctttggga atgttggtcc
    34861 tattctgact cagtttcttt ttgaagggat caactgtcac acgacagtgg aagaaggtct
    34921 tggagtaatt gggaaattca ggccagggca atagtctggt gcttttcaaa gcctgtttga
    34981 ttggactcct gactcccaca gtctgttctt tctgtggagc tcaatctgtc gatgagactg
    35041 ggcatggtct agagcaaggc taagggctca atgtcccagt gactccttac tttaccccag
    35101 actctgacaa gatctccaac tcttactctg cctcactaca ctgtggactg tggatgcact
    35161 ctgtcccgcc acctcctcat ttcttagaaa ctcaaattct tggttccact agtcagtatc
    35221 tccttgaata tctagttgat ttggggtcag gatttaggta cccctttgct aactcaggtg
    35281 gccttttcca tctagtcaat tctttttttg ttttaattaa tttatttaaa gattggccag
    35341 caccacggct caataggcta atcctccacc tgaggagcca gcacactggg ttctagtcct
    35401 ggtcggggca ccagattctg tcccagttgc ccttcttcca ggccagctct ctgctgtggc
    35461 ccgggagggc agtggaggat ggcccaagtc cttgggccct gcacccgcat gggagaccag
    35521 gagaagcacc tggctcctgg cttcgcatca gcccggtgca ccggctgcag cgcgctgacc
    35581 gcagtggcca ttggagggtg aaccaatggt aaaggaagac ctttctctct atctctctct
    35641 ctctctcact gtccactctg cctgtcaaaa aaaaataata aataaaataa aataaaaagt
    35701 aaaaaaagag ttacacagag agagaaggag aggcagagag agagagaaag agagagagag
    35761 agagagaggt ttttcatcca ttggttcact cccccaattg gctgtaacag ccagagttgc
    35821 actgatccaa agccaggagc caggagcttc ttccaggtct ctcacatgga tgcaggggcc
    35881 caaggacttg gaccatcttc tactgcttcc tccccaggcc atagcagaga gctgaatcgg
    35941 aagtggagca gccacagcac caaccccccg tctagtcaat tctttaagtg tagatcccat
    36001 tgtgacctgg acttgtagaa acaggtcctg cagtatattc tctagtgctc tccttccaaa
    36061 gtagctcaaa accccttaag actcttgttg tggaggctca ctgcaaatgc aggtctataa
    36121 gatgtggctc aaggttagga ggtgtaggac tactgtttct tttcatgtaa ggggacaaag
    36181 caaccatatg tatttgcaca gactgaggcc tagttctagc atactgccag taaagggaac
    36241 tggtcacttc cagtttgtgc tgttctggca aatataaatc ccaggttaca ccacagcagc
    36301 aagaggccat cagagagaca tctaagctca gtagagactg tcggagagac agcccaagct
    36361 cagagcatca gacatctcaa actcaggaga gagcatcaca gaggcatctg aaactcaagc
    36421 gagagcatca gagacacatc tcaagcaaag agaaagcatc agatgtctca aactcagtac
    36481 agcaggcact cccttggggc acatcctcag ataatgggag tcctttgacc tctttaagaa
    36541 aaagtacctg atctttttct gcatcactgc ctggcctggt tacaagctgg agggtggaga
    36601 aagttggcct ccagagggta ctattaatta taataccatt cttcaactgt atcttttctg
    36661 ttgtaaagca gggaagcaat tgaagtccct caatcccagc tttctttgta ctacaggaca
    36721 atccagacct ctataaagcc tatcttcagg accacaatga ccccctgtaa tccttctact
    36781 tcctctactt gtcctccata ccctgagtct tcagtgaccc ctgagcctct tgctggtcca
    36841 ctgcctcctc aacaaatacc caaaggacaa gagatctcac agcatggtgg ctgtgtgatg
    36901 tcttttcaca gcagggttgg ctgtgtccac cagttatgat gggaatcagt ctaaatatgc
    36961 tttcttgatc ccagaagttc acctgtgtgg atggtggttg tacttggcag gattattttt
    37021 tatagcacaa cttatgtgtt tcaaatggac aaggggttag tacagtactg ggctgggttg
    37081 tctttgtttt gttttgtttt gttttgacag gcagagtgga cagtgagaga gagagagaca
    37141 gagagaaagg tcttcctttt tccgttggtt cacccacccc cacccccata gccacagagg
    37201 ccagcgcacc gcgctaatcc gaagccagga gccaggtgcc tctcctggtc tcccatgcgg
    37261 atgcagggtc caaggacttg ggccatcctc cactgcactc ccgggccaca gcagagagct
    37321 ggactggaag aggagcaacc gggacagaat ccggcaccct gaccgggact agaacctggt
    37381 gtgccagtgc tgcaggcgga ggattagcct attgagccgc ggcgccagcc tgggttgtct
    37441 ttgaatagag cttccttccc agtactttga ggcctacaag atgtatctag agagtttacc
    37501 actgcagaaa gtttataaag actgtttggg tcgagtggag acagagggga aggacctctg
    37561 gttttctttt tttggttggt tgctgtaaca ctgttcttcg agtgactggg agagtttgat
    37621 atttctgcag acaacatcga gcaccatggc tcttgcagga tgacttcgat gctgtatgaa
    37681 ttctgccatt ttgctggcac tggtatggct cttgggtcca ccactctgtt ggagctatgg
    37741 actccatttt gatttttgct gcagatcata caaaggaagg tgctcctggg tatttgggtc
    37801 cacattttgt tttggggcta tatatttggt tcttataaat tgttcaagtc catggttgtt
    37861 gccgtcttgc atcactggag ctcctctgat atcttttaag atcaacggac tggatgatgt
    37921 tttagatagg agacaaaaat tttgctatgg gtaatattct cctttgtgct cacactgagg
    37981 agatatcaca tgaaggtagt aacattctca atttcctaga ggagaggggc tccaaagtcc
    38041 caaagtccag ggcccagttc tgctagccct cagggaagta gagctgaagg agccagtagg
    38101 taggaaagaa agctataagt gatggaaggt taagaaagag aatttcatgg taactaatag
    38161 aatacttgaa atgtaatgta ttgagtgaaa tatacatttt gagatttgat gattgtttgt
    38221 ggaagttgaa tgctgtgtaa aatgaggatg ggtgagggaa gaaatgtaga agcaagcctt
    38281 ggaacaagga gcctgcagag cagcatatgc aacagtcacc ctagaaggaa ccactgagag
    38341 tcctcttacc cagggtacag atgcccaact ggcggagctg atgagagtcc tcaagctaag
    38401 taaggataag agtgaatatt tatgctgaat cgaaatatgc ttatctagtc ctccataccc
    38461 acacatccat ttagaaggag agacacttcc tgactataaa caggtctcct atcagatttc
    38521 atcaggaaat agatcaacta ttactttcag tgtttcttct ctgcaaagtg gccattatac
    38581 accataagag acatcgaaaa gggaaagatg aaatagccaa cagcagttga ttggcagact
    38641 ttgcagccaa attgccagca cagaaactcc cctccctggg acagtagaag ctcctttaat
    38701 ccaggataac tccttatgag gggcagggtc ttaatattgc cctagtaaga tgaggtggaa
    38761 actctccaag gagtacaatc ttcaaccttt gggatgcaat gcagttttag gaattttcct
    38821 cacaggttaa tctgaagtta aagctgaatt ttctcttatt ttaagggtaa atgtttttgc
    38881 atcagtaaac agtttgacag attttggggg aacagaaaat gattatggac taaaagagaa
    38941 aaactgcagc tttcacagga aacttggttt tagaaaactt aaagtgctgt tgccttgtgg
    39001 tacaagcttg ttaactggct tgccttctat acatgataac cgactgaagg ttaaaatact
    39061 tctggtatgg gccggcactg cggctaatcc tccacctgcg gtgcaggcac cccgggttct
    39121 agtcacggtc ggggcaacag attctgtccc ggttgctcct cttccagtcc agctctctgc
    39181 tgttgcccgg gaatgcaatg gaggatggcc caagtgcttg agccctgcac gcgcatggga
    39241 gaccaggagg aagcacctgg ctcctggctt tggattggtg cagcacgccg gccatggcgg
    39301 ccatttgggg ggtgaaccaa cggaaggaag acctttctct ctgtctctct ctctcactgt
    39361 ctatcactct acctgtcaaa taaatttaaa aaaaatgctt agtagaattc actagcaaag
    39421 tcatgggcct gtggctttct ttgtgcttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttttt tttttttttt
    39481 tttttacagg cagagttaga cagtgaaaga gaaacagaga aaaaggtctt ccttccgttg
    39541 gttcaccccc aaaatggccg gtacggctgt tacgctgtgc cgatctgaag ccaggagcca
    39601 ggtgcttcct cctggtctcc catgcaggtg cagggcccaa gcacttgggc cattctccac
    39661 tgcactccct ggccacagcc gagagctgca ctggaagagg agcaaccggg acagaatccg
    39721 gcgccccaac cgggactaga acccagggtg ccagcaccgc tggtggaaga ttagccaagt
    39781 gagccatggc gccggcctct tagtgcaagt tttaatgtta ctttcaattc ctttaatgaa
    39841 taaagagcta tttatgcgat ttcttcttaa ataatatttg ctgtttgtat atttaaagaa
    39901 atttgtctgt ttcatttaat tcattgaata tgagtaaagt gttcttaata ttccattatt
    39961 gtctttttat tacccatagg acctttataa aagtttcttt tttcattctt attgttactt
    40021 atgtccatat ttttttattt gttatactag tgaaggcttt ataaacttta ttgctctttt
    40081 caaagaaatg cattttggtt ttggtttcca tgaaattgta tatttttgtt gtttgaatat
    40141 cttttattat tccaagttaa tttgcttatt agcatttgac tatatctctg ttttttaatg
    40201 tgtggtctct gttacaatat ccctactgtt cgtagtctag agttaaaagt ttatgacttc
    40261 aagtaatata taaaaggctt acaaccacac aggtcccctt tcctacactg ttttatgtat
    40321 tatatttata tattataacc cttcccaaca atattataat ttttgcttcc aaaactcctg
    40381 gggcttgtgc tgtggtgtag cgggtaaagc ttccacctac agtgccggca tcccatatgg
    40441 gtgccggatc gagctctggc tgctccactt ccaatccagc tatggccttg gaaagtggaa
    40501 ggtagcccaa gtgcttggga ccctgcacct gcatgggaga cctggaagga gctcctggct
    40561 cctcacttca gataggcaca gctgcagctg ctgcagccat ttggggagtg aatcagcaga
    40621 tagaagacct ctctctctct ctcctctctt tttctctctc tctccttctc tctgcctctg
    40681 cctctctgta actctgcctt tcaaataata aaataaataa atcttttaaa aaataaaaaa
    40741 actatgtaac agaatttgtg agatattaag tagattattt tatttatgca aatatttatc
    40801 atgtatgtcc ttccttcttt cctaaagttc tggaattccc tttggtatca tttcttacca
    40861 ctactaattt tcattagcaa ttcttttaca acaggttctc tggtgatacg ttctcttagt
    40921 tttacttcac ctgaaaatta ttgctttcat tcctcaagga tatttttgtg gtgtggaatt
    40981 ctggattgac aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttttcccac
    41041 cactttatag atatttttcc actgtctttt ttttttcact gtcttttgac ctctgtggat
    41101 tctagctgga atatctacca acatttttgt aagagattta tttatttatt tgaaagagtt
    41161 acacagagag agaagtagag gcaggagaaa gaaaggtttt ccatctgctg gttcactccc
    41221 caattggcca caacggccag agctgtgcca atctgaagcc aggatccagg agcttcttcc
    41281 gggtctccca tgtgggtaca ggggcccaag gacttggact gtcttctacc gctctcccag
    41341 gccatagcag agaactggat cagaagtaga gcagccggga cttgaaccag cacccatata
    41401 ggatgctggc actgtaggca gcagccttgc ccgctacacc acagcaccag ccccactacc
    41461 aacattttga tttgttctcc ccttgatgta atatgctgtt ttcttggagc cagcactggt
    41521 atcccatatg ggcactggtt tgagtcccag ctactcttct tccaatatag ctctctgctt
    41581 atagcctggg aaagtagtgg aaggtggccc aagtgcttgg acccctacac ccacttggga
    41641 gacccagaag aagctcctgg ctcctggttc ggattggctc agctccggcc gttgtggcca
    41701 tttagagatt aaaccgtagg atggaagact tctccctctg tctctccctc tctctgtttg
    41761 taactttgcc tctcaaataa atcttttttt taaatgccat tttcttcttt ctgctttcaa
    41821 gagtttttct ttcccttagt ttgtagcaac ttgattttga tgtatctgat atggttttct
    41881 tttttttttt atattgaaat catttcttta ttaggatctt cttttttttt ttaaactttt
    41941 atttaatgca tataaatttc caaagtacga cttatggatt acaatggctt ccccccatac
    42001 cgtccctccc acccacaacc ctcccctttc ccactccctc tccccttcca ttcacatcaa
    42061 gattcatttt cgattatctt aatatacaga agatcagctt agtatacatt aagtatggat
    42121 ttcaacagtt tgctcccaca cagaaacata aagtgaaaaa taatagatga tttttttaaa
    42181 tgatgatgaa atcagagcag acctattgtc atgtttaatc ccagtgagag tcaagttggg
    42241 aattgataat ttcttttttt ttttacagag gatcagttta gtatgcatta agtaaggatt
    42301 tcaacagttt gcacccccat agaaacacaa agtgaaatat attgtttgag tactcgttat
    42361 agcattaaat ctcaatgtac agcacattaa ggatagagat cctacatgag gagtaagtgc
    42421 acagtgactc ctgttgttga ctttacaaac tgacactcct gtctatggca tcagtaatct
    42481 ccctatgctc cagtcatgag tttccaaggc tatggaagcc ccttgagttc tccgactctt
    42541 atcttgttta gacaaggtca tagtcaaagt ggaggttctc tcctcccttc agagaaaggt
    42601 acctccttct ttgatgacct gttctttcca ctgggatctc actcacagag atcttttgcc
    42661 agagtgtctt ggctttccat gcctgaaata ctctcatgag cttttcagcc agctccgaat
    42721 gcctttaggg ctgattctga ggccagagtg ctatttagga catctgccat tctatgagtc
    42781 tgctgagtat ctcacttccc atgttggatc actctcccct ttatttactc catcagttag
    42841 cgttagcagg tactagactt gtctatgtgc tccctttgac tcccagtccc ttcaccatga
    42901 ccaactgtga actgaaactg atcacctgga acagtgagat ggcattggta catgccacct
    42961 cgatgggatt gaattggaat cccctggtag gcttccaact ccaccacttg gggcaagtca
    43021 gcctgagcat gtcccaaatt atacatctct tccctctccc attcccacca ccatgttcaa
    43081 cagggatcac atttcagtta attttcaaca cttaagaata actgtgcatc aattacagat
    43141 ctaaaccagt catattaagt agaacagata aaaaaactac taagagggat aatgtattta
    43201 gttgttcatt aacagtcagg gctatgctga tcaagccacc atttcccata gtgtccacct
    43261 cactccaaca ggtttccctc ttggtgttca gtcagtcgtc accgatcagg gagaacatat
    43321 ggtatttgtc cctttgggac tggcttattt cactcagcat gatgtgttcc agattcctcc
    43381 attttgttgc aaatgactgg atttcgttgt ttcttactgc ggtatagtat tctaaagagt
    43441 acatatccca taatttcttt atccagtcta tcgttgatgg gcatttaggt tggttccagg
    43501 tcttagctat tgtgaattga gctgcaataa acattagggt gcagaccgct tttttgtttg
    43561 ccaatttaaa ttcctttggg taaattccaa ggagtgggat ggctgggtcg aacggtaggg
    43621 ttatcttcag gtttctgagg aatctccaga ctgacttcca tagtggcttg accagtttgc
    43681 attcccacca acagtgggtt agtgtccctt tttccccaca tcctcgccag catctgttgt
    43741 tggtagattt ctgcatgtga gccattctga ccggggagag gtgaaacctc attgtggttt
    43801 tgatttgcat ttccctgatt gctaatgacc ttgaacattt tttcatgtgc ctgttggcca
    43861 tttggatttc ctcttttgaa aaatgtctat tgaggtcctt ggcccatctc ttaagtgggt
    43921 tgttggtttt gtttctgttg agtttcttga tctctttgta gattctggtt attaaccctt
    43981 tgtctgttgc acagtttgca aatatttttt cccattctgt cggttgtctc ttcactctcc
    44041 tgactgtttc ttttgcagta cagaaacttc tcaatttgat gcaatcccaa tagttgattt
    44101 tggctttgac tgcctgtgcc tcccgggtct tttccagaaa ttctttgcct gtgccaatat
    44161 cttaaagggt ttctccaatg ttctctagta acttgatggt gtcaggtcgt agatttaggt
    44221 ctttaatcca tgttgagtgg atttttgtgt aaggtgtaag gtaggggtct tgcttcatgc
    44281 ttcggcacat ggaaatccaa ttttcccagc accatttatt gaatagactg tccttgctcc
    44341 aggaattagt tttagatcct tgatcaaata taagttggct gtagatgttt gggttgattt
    44401 ctggtgtttc aattctgttc cattggtcta tccatctgtt tctgtaccag taccatgctg
    44461 ttttaattac aactgccctg tagtatgtcc tgaaatctgg tattgtgatg tctccggctt
    44521 tgtttttgtt gtacaagatt gctttagcta ttcgaggtct cttgtgcctc catataaatt
    44581 tcagcaccat tttttccaga tctgagaaga aggtcttcgg tatcttgatt ggtattgcat
    44641 tgaatctgta aattgctttt gggagaatgg acattttgat gatattgatt cttccaatcc
    44701 atgagcatgg aagatttttc catttcttgg tatcctcttc tatttctttc tttatggttt
    44761 tgtaattttc atcgtagaga tctttaacgt ccttggttaa gtttattcca aggtatttga
    44821 ttgtttttgt agctattgtg aatgggattg atcttagaag ttcttcctca gccatggcat
    44881 tgtctgtgta tacaaaggct gttgattttt gtgcattgat tttataccct gctactttgc
    44941 caaactcttc tatgagttcc aatagtctct tagtagagtt ctttgggtcc cctaaataca
    45001 gaatcatgtc atctgcaaag agggatagtt tgagttcttc cttcccaatt tgtatccctt
    45061 taatttcttt ttcttgccta atagctctgg ctagaacctc cagaactata ttgaatagca
    45121 gtggtgagag tgggcatccc tgtctggttc cagatctcag tggaaatgct tccaactttt
    45181 ccccattcaa taggatgttg gctgtgggtt tttcatagat tgctttgatt gtattgagga
    45241 atgttccttc caaacccagt ttgcttagag ttttcatcat gaacgggtgt tgtattttat
    45301 caaatgcttt ctcggcatct attgagataa tcatatggtt tttcttctgc agtctgttaa
    45361 tgtggtgtat cacattgatt gtcttgcgca cattaaacca tccctgcata ccagggataa
    45421 atcccacttg gtctgggtgg atgatctttc tgacgtgttg ttgcattcta ttggcgagaa
    45481 ttttattgag gatttttgca tctatgttca tcagggatat tggtctgtaa ttctctttca
    45541 gtgctgcatc tttttctggc ttaggaatta aggtgatgct ggcttcatag aaagaatttg
    45601 ggaggactcc ctcttcttcg attgttctga atagtttgag aagaattgga gttagttctt
    45661 ctttaaacgt ctggtagaat tcagcagtga atccatctgg tcctgggctt ttctttgttg
    45721 ggagggcctt tattactgtt tcaatttctg tctcagttat gggtctgttt aggttttcta
    45781 tgtcttcctg gttcaattta ggcaggttgc atgtgtccag gaatctatcc atttctgata
    45841 ggtttccctg tttgctggca tacaagtcct tgtagtaatt tctgatgatt ctttttattt
    45901 ctgtggtgtc tgttgttaca tttccttttt catctctgat tttattgatt tgggtctttt
    45961 ctcttctttt tttagttagt tgggccaatg gggtgtcaat tttgtttatt ttttcaaaaa
    46021 accagctctt cgtttggctg attttttgta atgtttttct tgattcaatc ctgttgattt
    46081 cttctctgat tttaattatt tctcttctcc tactagattt gggtctggtt tgctgtaggt
    46141 tttctagatc cttgaggtga attgaaagct catctatttg gtgtctttcc aatttcttga
    46201 tgtaggcacc tattgatata aactttcctc ttaacactgc ttttgctgtg tcccataagt
    46261 tttggtatgt tgtgctgtta tcctcattta cttccagaaa gtttttgatt tctcttttga
    46321 tttcttctat gacccattgt tcattcagga gcatgttgtt caatctccat gtgtttgcgt
    46381 atgctgtagg gattcctgag ttgctaattt ccaacttcat tcctttatgg tctgagaagc
    46441 tgcatggtat gattctaatt cttttgaatt tgctgagact tgctttatgg cctagtatgt
    46501 ggtcaatcct agagaagctt ccatgtactg ctgagaagaa tgtaaaatct ttagctgtag
    46561 gattgaaagt tctgtatata tctgttagat ccatttgggc tatagtgtcg tttaaatcta
    46621 ctgtatcctt gttgatcttc tgaccggatg atctgtctat ttctgagagt ggagtattga
    46681 agtcccccag tactactgta ttgcggtcta agtctccctt taagtccgtt aataaatctt
    46741 ttagataaac tggtgccctg tagttaggtg catatacatt gataattgtt atatcttcct
    46801 gttgaattga tcccttaatc atgatatagt gtccctcttt gtctctctta acagtttttg
    46861 tggtaaagtt tatgttgtcc gatattaaga tggctacgcc cgcctttttt tcatttctgt
    46921 tggcatggta tatcttttcc agcctttcac tttcagtctg tatggatctt tgttggaaag
    46981 atgtgtttct tttaagcagc aaatagatgg gttttgttcc ttaacccaat cagccaatcg
    47041 gtgtctttta actggacagt tcaggccatt cacgttcaaa gtgactaatg ataagtggta
    47101 actttgccct gccatttgcc aaagataagt tctaatatat gctttgaatt ccctgtgatc
    47161 ttttgctgtg aggtttcctt ccttggtttc cttcctttac cttctttcat attgatgacc
    47221 gtgtttctgt gtttctgtgt gtaacacatc tttaagcatc ttttgcaggg ctggacgagt
    47281 ggcaacaaat tctttcaatt tctgtttgca atgaaaagtc tttatttcac cttcattcac
    47341 aaatgatagc tttgcaggat ataatattct gggctggcag tttttctctc ttagtacctg
    47401 ggctatatct cgccattccc tcctagcttg tagagtttct gatgagaagt cagctgtgag
    47461 tctgattgga gatcctctga gagtaatctg acgtttctct cttgcacatt ttaggatctt
    47521 ttctttatgt ttcacggtgg agagtttaat tacaacgtgt cgtggtgagg atctcttttg
    47581 gtcgtgttta ttaggggttc tgtgggcttc ctgtactagg atttctctgt ccttctccaa
    47641 acctgggaaa ttttctgcta atatctcact aaaaaggcct tctaatcctt tctccctctc
    47701 catgccttca ggaactccta gaacccgaat gttgggtttt ttaatagtat cctgaagatt
    47761 cccgacaata tgtttcagat ttctaatttc ctcttctttt ctttggtctg actgtatcct
    47821 ttcctgttct ctgtcttcta agtccgatat tctctcttct gcttcaccca ttctgtttgt
    47881 aaggctctct attgtgtttt tcatttgatc tattgaattc ttcacttcag tcactatcac
    47941 agtttcctgt tgtactagtt gtttcatttc attttgattc ctccttaata tttcattttc
    48001 acgagagaga ttttctatct tgtccattaa ggatttgtgt agttccagaa tttgtttttg
    48061 agaacttctt aatgttctta tcaatttttt gagatctgct tcctgcattt cttctatgtc
    48121 atcatcttca taatcttgaa ttgcggtgtc tttttcattt gagggcgtca tggtgacttc
    48181 cttgttttta ttacctcggt ttttgcgttt gttatttggc atattggaga tatttggttt
    48241 cttcactgtg gtgctttttc ttgttatact atgactctag attaagtgga ctatctgttt
    48301 ttgatggagc cttagggctt gagatgggtg tggcctgaga gctctgtttg gtgtgccaaa
    48361 ggtgacactc ccaggttagg cgtggtaaat ctctctctct ctctcttttt tttttttttt
    48421 ttgattcaaa agggaagtaa ttccgcacag ctgaacgaag ttggaggtag ttagcaggca
    48481 aatgatatac ccacaggagc cagagatcag aagctctttc ccaagatccc cacagggaat
    48541 ctgttcggcc ctcagagtgg gctcaaattc tccttcagcc tcccactggg ttgccaaagt
    48601 tacggaattg tagcgtctct ggagagtgct cacgtgaatt ccgtgagttc tctcccccac
    48661 catctctttt ttcacagtct cagttcagta gcaccacaaa tttactagct cctaatctcc
    48721 tgttaattcg ccccggccag agtcaggttt ttctgctagg ctcagggccg gtgcagacct
    48781 gaggtcgctc tgcttatgac gtatgtccaa gatggcgcct gctctttgtc ttgctcgccc
    48841 ttgagaggtg agcggagaga gagaaacccg tgtccgcacc agtcaccctt ttttctctct
    48901 ctctctctct tccagttagc cttgtgaact tccccccccc cggggggtcg ttccctctag
    48961 tctcctctct ccgcttgcct gccggtgtct cgggctattg aggttcagct cacctcgcat
    49021 tccagcgctg gtgtgttgag tctgccgctg atgtcccgaa ctgtgggctc ccacgctctc
    49081 cacgcaggtc cgctgtgagt cacgcgttcc ggaagagttt cttctgctgt ttcctcccct
    49141 actcttcctt gaacctgcag tatctccact tttattaaac tatctctccc cagactatca
    49201 gtgtgctccc ttcctattcc accatcttgc cggaaatctc ctgatatggt tttccttgaa
    49261 gttattttct ttggtattta aattcttggc agaaatgtct tttgctctat ttgagaggtt
    49321 ttcacccatt ttttaaaaaa gatttattta tttatttgag aggtagagtt acagatagag
    49381 agagggagag acagagacaa aggtcttcca tccactggtt tactccccaa atggctgcaa
    49441 tggccgaact gggtcaggct gaagccagga gccaggagct tcttctgggt ctcccaagtg
    49501 catacagggg cccaaggact tgggccatct tcttcccctt tcccaggcca tagcagagag
    49561 ctggatcaga agtggagcat ctgggactca aaccagtgtc catatgggat gccagcaccg
    49621 catgggggaa gacttaaccc actaagcaac agcacaggcc cctcacccac tctttaaata
    49681 gtttttgttc accagtttgt ttctccttcc ctattattct aatgatatgg atgttagacc
    49741 tattgagatt gtgccatagg ccaccaagtt catgtttctg tttttgtttt cgtttttctc
    49801 tgtgacttag actggataat tttattacat tatcttcaag ttccctgaat ctcttctctt
    49861 tcatctcctt tatgcttttg aggccatgca gtgacatttt ctctcaaata ctgtattatt
    49921 caatttgatg gccagacgta agggtggtag agaaggagaa tagtctataa tcccaccaag
    49981 gtaatggagg ggttggatgg tgaggtggtt gatggtaccc attcctgagg aatggcaagg
    50041 atgaaggtga taatatacat ggatgtgttc accctccaat ggccgccgcg gccggcacgc
    50101 tgtggccggc gcaccgcact gatccaaagg caggagccag gtgcttctcc tggtctccct
    50161 tggggtgcag ggcccaagca cttgggccat cctccactgc actcccgggc catagcagag
    50221 agctggcctg gaagaggggc aactgggaca gaatccggcg ccccgaccgg gactagaacc
    50281 cgtgtgccgt cgccgcaagg cagaggatta gcctattgag ccacggcacc ggccaatact
    50341 atttattttt aaaactatat ttcagcatat atgtgtgtgt acataataga ctaagatgtg
    50401 ggtacattgc ttactgaaat gtttcaaaca tgtttaaaaa taatttaaac tttgatgata
    50461 agatttctca gtgtgtgaat aatacacctg tgactgatcc tagtggtttc ttgtcgctcc
    50521 ccctcttcat ggaggaacga cactaaaccc tgcctaggct tcatatccga gtcacggcac
    50581 cattatgtcg ctccccctct tcatggagga acgacacagg actctgcgct gttctttcgt
    50641 ctgctcggcc ctccctgggt ttgctgctgg ttcttcccgg gttggctacc gtcccttcca
    50701 cctccgtgga agggcggttc cccctgccac tttccccact tccacggggg agtggcacac
    50761 cgccggccgg ctctctcggg ggctgcacag gtgttccttc agatagatgt tccccttaga
    50821 tgttcctggt gcatgttgtc tctctcctcc tttatagtcc tcttccacca atcccaactc
    50881 tgctacccac acgccgagta cgctgctctc ctccaatcag gagcaggtcc tgctgtttat
    50941 tggttgaact ggaggcagct gtgtagaagc tgtttctccc ttctcagcgc catattgtgg
    51001 gagagcagat gcatagaaca agtctcaatt ccagtaactt agtctagtcc gagttgctcc
    51061 ccacagtttc tgatatctaa ttcctgtatt ctcagatgaa gtttaggata cagccataaa
    51121 ttctgtaatt cttattttct actacaacac atattttgta ttgagtggat taggagctta
    51181 gagatatatc ctttgggcta tgttgtgaat ttactttctc ataacctggc atactgccgc
    51241 ttcattacat ctatgaactc actctgagct atgatttcac ttggaaatgc ttctagtaga
    51301 accagctgct tgatagggac accatttcat cctgcaggct ggaacctgtt ctgattagtg
    51361 ccctggaaag aacttggatt ttgaggaaaa gttaggaaca gtctgaacat gaaagctctt
    51421 ttctcacagg tccatattga agtttattaa actcacaact tcctatttct cttcatgtct
    51481 tctcagaaag tgattcctcg tttgaaagga cctgagtgtg gacctgagtg cagtgggcat
    51541 ggctgctgcc tccccgctga gaaacctgga ggacgaggtg ctgtgctcca tctgccttga
    51601 cttcttgaga gacccagtga ccattgactg tggtcatgtc ttttgctacc actgcatcat
    51661 taaggtctgt gaatcttcta ggcagccgtt aaactgttct ctttgcaagg cagcttttaa
    51721 gaaggagaac atgcgccatg tgtggcagat ggccagcttg gtggagaaca tctggaggat
    51781 gaaggtagat gaggagagac aacccagaga ggaaagaccg cctgagcaga aggcagcgaa
    51841 gctgtgtggg cgacacctgg agaagctgca ctactactgc aaggacgacc agcagatcct
    51901 gtgtgtgatg tgtcgggagt cccgggagca ccggcaccac gccgccgttc tcttggagaa
    51961 ggctgcacag ccttatcggg tgagaaccct gtgggacctc agctctgtcc tggtagccaa
    52021 aaaagttctc aaccttcagg ataaggtcca acttttaaag ccactttttg aggtataatt
    52081 gacatataaa aagctgtatg tatttaatgt atacaaatca ttgagtttgg ggttagtata
    52141 tacctgtgaa accatcacca ccatcaaagc catacacata cccatcactt tccagagttt
    52201 cttctcactc cctttattat gatgtctttg tgtgtgtgta tggtaacaac actaaagagc
    52261 cacccttttt acaaatcttg agtatatgat acagaattgt tagctgtatg ctgcacagga
    52321 gatctccaga atctcccttg cataactgaa actttgttca ctcttgtcac cgccctaggc
    52381 cctctcccca ggagccccag gcaacgacca ttctactctc tgcttacatg gactatttta
    52441 gacccacata caagttagat catacaatat gatactaaga tacaatactt cactaagcat
    52501 tgtgtcttct aggtccatcc acatggccgc aaatggcagg attcccttct ttttaaagga
    52561 tgggtaatac tccattgtat gtatatacca cgtttcttta tccattcatc cattgctgga
    52621 cctttagatt gttatcacgt gtttgctatt gtgaataacg ctgcattgaa catggaagtg
    52681 cagacattct ttgagatact gatttcactc tggataaata cccagaaata ataataataa
    52741 taaaaaaaac caaataccca gaagtgggat ttctgtatca tacggtagtt atgtttttaa
    52801 ttttttgagg aaactttatt ctgcttttat aatgactatc agtttatatt cctaccagct
    52861 gtgcatctgg gttccctgtc tgtatccata cccacacttg ttctgttttt attctttaat
    52921 aataaacatt acaggggata gcgctgtggc gtaatgggta aagctgccac ctgcagtgcc
    52981 ggcatctcat atgagcgcca gttcaagtcc tggctgctcc acttccaatc cagctttctg
    53041 ctatggcctg ggaaagcagt agaagatggc ccaagtcctt gggcccctgc acccacgtgg
    53101 gaagacccag aagaagctcc aggctcctgg cttcagatcg gcacagctcc ggccattgca
    53161 gccaactggg gagtgaatca atgatggaag atctctcttt ctctctgcct ctccttctct
    53221 ctctgtgtaa ctatgacttt caataaatag ataagtattt aaaaaaatga acaagaaggc
    53281 tgaggtgatg gtccaaattc tttagtatgg gattgtttct ctgccttttg gctaagatca
    53341 ggtgtagtat gggaggttct tggtaaagtg ccactctgaa tttgataata aaactgattt
    53401 gtttccatat cagcttatgg tagtcccatt gccttgatgc tttagtttct aaggcattca
    53461 gatcaaatgt aaatcagcaa cagagaatac tagtattact ggtatctctc agtttttaca
    53521 aggataattc caaaagatca tggaggggct ggcactgtgg tatagtggat taagccgcca
    53581 cctgcagtgc tggcatccca tatggacgct ggttctagtc ctggctgctc cacttctgat
    53641 ccagttctct gctatggcct gggaaaacag tagaaagatg gcccaagtgc ttgggcccct
    53701 gcacctgcat gggagacctg gaagaagctc ctggctcctg gcttcggatt ggcccagctc
    53761 cagctgttgt ggccatttgg gaagtgaact agtggatgga agacctctct ctctttcgct
    53821 ctctatgtaa ctctttcaaa taaataaata aatcttttta aaaaatccta tatatggatt
    53881 tcaaagaatt tttgcattaa aataaacttg tttgttttta aaatatctgt ttatttattt
    53941 gaaagtcaga gttacacaga gagagaagga gagatagaga gatcttccat ccgctggttc
    54001 actcaccaat tggccgcaag agccacagct gtagcaatcc gaagccagga gccaggagct
    54061 tcttccaggt ctcccaggtg ggtgtagggg cccaagaact tgggtcatct tccactgctt
    54121 tcccaggcca tagcagagag ctggattgga agtggagcag ctgagactcg aactggcacc
    54181 catatgggac gccggcactg caggcggcag cttaacctgc tatgccacag cgctggcctc
    54241 taaacttgtt tctattttcc acaaattttt tgaggtatcg tcttaaaaac tataatgtaa
    54301 ttcttagtgg ttgtataatg atagtagatt attttatctc acttctagac agctgctata
    54361 agccaacata gttctcattt tgtttcttca tcgttcacta gaatggaaac tgtgactctt
    54421 actacacact ggaaggtcaa acaccatctg atttcattat ggaatcactt tgtgtgccct
    54481 ttcttaattg aggccatttt catcttgata ctgagattct tcatgtttgc ttccataggg
    54541 taaaattcta aatcacctga aggttctgaa gggagacaga gatagaattc ggaattttca
    54601 gtccacagga gaggatgaaa ttcaggccct gctggtaaga aaaggcttga gtgaatgccc
    54661 tgtgtacatg tgaatggggt aggggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctag gttgaggggg
    54721 aaggaagtga atggacttat tttttttaaa cttttattta ataaatataa atttcttaag
    54781 tacagctttt ggattatagt ggttcttccc ctccgtaccc gccctccaaa tccaaaacca
    54841 gcccacctcc tattccttct cccatcccat tcttcatcaa gattcatttt caattatctt
    54901 tatatacaga agatcaactt agtatatact aagtaaagac ttcaacagtt tgctcccaca
    54961 cagacacaca aaatataaag aactgtttga agactagttt taccattaat tctcatagta
    55021 caacacatta aagacacagg tcctacatgg ggagtaagtg cacagtgact cctgttgttg
    55081 atttaacaat tgatactttt atttatgatg tcagtgatca cccgaggctc ttgtcatgag
    55141 ctgccaaggc tatggaagcc tcttgagttc acaaactcca accttattta gacaaggcca
    55201 tagtcaaagt ggaagttctc tcctcctttc agagaaaggt acctccttct ttgatggccg
    55261 gttctttccg ctgggatctc actcacagag atgagatctt tcatttaggt gtgtgtgtgt
    55321 gtgtgtgttg tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg ccacagtgtc
    55381 ttggttttcc atgcctgaga aactctcatg ggcttttttg ccaaatctga attccttagg
    55441 gctgattctg aggtcagaat gctctgtatg gcatctgctg ttctgtgagt ctgctgtgta
    55501 tcccgcttcc catgttggat cattctctcc tttttaattc gatcagttat tattagcaga
    55561 cactagtctt gtttatgtga tccctttgac acttaatcct attattatga tcagttatga
    55621 actgaaactg atcactttga ctagtaagat ggctttggta catgccacct tgatgggatt
    55681 gatttggaat cccctagcat gtttctagct ctaccattgg ggtaagtcta agtgagcatg
    55741 tgccaaactg tacatctcct ccctctctta ttcccactct tatttataac agggatcact
    55801 tttcaattaa atttaaacac ctaagaataa ttgtgtgtta attaaagagt tcaaccaatg
    55861 gtattaagta gaataaaaaa atactaaaag gaataaaaaa gtaaattgtc cctcgacagt
    55921 caggacaagg gctgaccaag tcattgtttc tcatagtgtc tgtttcactt ctacaggttt
    55981 ccttttaggt gttcagttag ttgtcactga tcagggagaa catatgatat ttgtctcttt
    56041 gggactggtt tatttcactc agcatgatgt tttccagatt gctccatttt gttgcaaatg
    56101 accagatttc tttctttctt tttttactgc tgtatagtat tctatagaga acatatccca
    56161 taatttttta tccagtcttc cgttgatggg catttaggtt gattccatgt cttagctatt
    56221 gtgaattgag ctgcaataaa cattaggtgc agacagcttt tttgtttgcc aatttaattt
    56281 cctttgggtg aattccaagg agtgggatgg ctgggtcatg tggttgggct atattcaggt
    56341 ttctgaggaa tctccagact gacttccata gtggcttgac cagtttgcat tcccaccaac
    56401 agtggattag tgttcctttt tccccacatc ctcgccagca tgggttgtta gttgatttct
    56461 gtatgtaagt cattctaagg tgaggtgaaa cctcattgtg attttgattt gtatttccct
    56521 gatggctagt gaatggatgg acttcttatt cagaacttat ccccagagta tgtcacaaat
    56581 gtctggtgtt tcctagcctt tcagaacaaa tcatcttttt cttttcctgc atttactgta
    56641 gacaaaattc cagaaccaca agcaagacat tgcatccgtg tttgaacagg gccatcaatt
    56701 cttgagagaa agggagcagt accttttgga gtggctggtg gggctggagc aggagctcac
    56761 ggaagggagg aatagccacg tcaccaaggg ctccgaggag gtggtccggc tcagggcttt
    56821 gatcacagac ttagagaaga aggctcggca gccagcactt gaacttttgc aggtgaggga
    56881 ccagccaaac tctatctgaa tgcttttgct ccaagccaca gtgttccctc ttccttagca
    56941 agagatttgg accaggagtc aagacagcca atgttttatt ctcatttgtt gagtgcttta
    57001 ataagttctt cagtccacca ataggtttaa agccttacat tgccatcggc aggggactgt
    57061 aatatgcaga ccatatagtg tagtagcaag acatacacaa ataattgagt gctaaacctt
    57121 gtgacctgac tggaggccac aggaattctg ggaaaagcta gaatttagtc aaggaagtct
    57181 tcacataaga ataagctctt gctgttggcc ctgaagaaaa tatatagatt tggattatca
    57241 gaaaggaaga gctgaacatt ctacttggtg ggggagggaa gtagattggt tagaattagg
    57301 taaatgaatg tgataataaa cttggtgcat gtgggcaggt gaatgtagtt acttaggaag
    57361 ctaaggacag gaagctgaag ggaatatagg aaagggacat gtaagtaaag tgaagagaac
    57421 tacctttctg gtgagggagt ttaaatgagg gacaagttaa aaggaagttg agatagctaa
    57481 gatggggtca acagagacct tccaaggcag atgagatttc agtcttgata gacagaggtt
    57541 cttagtggat tattgtctgt gtgtggacca ggaaaggttt cctggagagt ctagaactca
    57601 aaggaggaaa agagggagaa gcatgtgtcc ctgcaagctg gtaccacagg ggagagcaga
    57661 gcaggttcag gcccatcaga ataatgcact cttcagtgct gttgatcacc ccttcatgct
    57721 gagtatgccc aggggtggcg atggctcctg agcgtgccca ggggtgggga tggctcctga
    57781 gtgtgcccag ggatggtgat ggctcctgag tgtgcccagg ggtagggatg gctcctgagt
    57841 gtgtccaggg gtggcgatgg ctcctgagtg tgcccagggg tggtgatggc tgttgagtgt
    57901 gcccaaggat ggtgatggct gctgagtgtg cccaggggtg gggatggctc ctgagcacgc
    57961 ccagggatgg tgatggctcc tgagtgtgcc caggggtggc gatggctcct gagtgtgccc
    58021 agggatggcg atggctcctg agtgtgccca ggggtggcga tggctcctga gtgtgcccag
    58081 gggtggggat ggctcctgag tgtgcccagg ggtggcgatg gctcctgagc acacccaggg
    58141 atggtgatgg ctcctgagtg tgcccagggg tggcgatggc tcctgagcac gcccagggat
    58201 ggtgatggct cctgagtgtg cccaggagtg gcaatggctc ctgagtgtgc ccaggggtgg
    58261 cgatggctcc tgagcacgcc cagggatggc gatggctcct gagtgtgccc aggggtggcg
    58321 atggctcctg agtgtgccca ggggtggcga tggctcctga gtgtgcccag gggtggtgat
    58381 ggctcctgag tgtgcccagg ggtgacgatg gctcctgagc gtgcccaggg gtggtgatgg
    58441 ctcctgagcg tgcccagggg tggcgatggc tcctgagcgt gcccagggat ggtgatggct
    58501 cctgagcgtg cccagggatg gtgatggctc ctgagtgtgc ccaggggtgg tgatggctcc
    58561 tgagtgtgtc caggggtggc gatggctcct gagtgtgccc agggatggcg atggctcctg
    58621 agtgtgccca ggggtggtga tggctcctga gtgtgcccag gggtggcgat ggctcctgag
    58681 tgtgcccagg ggtggcgatg gctcctgagc accttatttc tgtgacagtg tttgtcctct
    58741 tcctttcagg atccaagtga catattaagc aggtaaatgc ttcttcattt ttgtgttttt
    58801 ttttaaaaaa ctacttatga tgtctctttc ttttctcttt cttgttattt aaatttgata
    58861 aggactagaa agtgtttttt tttttaagat ttatttttct atttgaaagt cagagataca
    58921 cagaggagag ggagagggag agagagagag agaggtcttc catctgatgg ttcactcccc
    58981 agttggccgc aatggctgga gctccgccga tccaaagcca ggagcttctt ccgggtctcc
    59041 caggcgagtg cagggtccca agggcttggg ccatcttcta ctgctttccc aggccatagc
    59101 agagagctgg atcggaagtg gaacagccgg gacttgaacc ggcacccata taggatgctt
    59161 gcacttcagg ccagggcgtt aacacgttgc accatggcgc cagccccaaa agtgggttat
    59221 ttcaaggtaa gagagactcc tactagggta agttgaaagg tattccatga aatggggaag
    59281 ggagttacag aaaaattatt catgaaattc atgtaaggat ggtaatgagc taagaaataa
    59341 atgaaatggg agattataga agagtattag agaaaattta gaattctaaa acccaatttc
    59401 ttttcattct tgtctttccc acatggttcc cagctgctac tcctggtcac agcttcccct
    59461 acacagcaca tttcattatc agattgccct ccatgctcaa cagtgatgat ttcctgtgct
    59521 ctgactgttc actgaaagaa gacacttgtg taggtcatag gatcaatgat gtgtctgata
    59581 gtggatctga ggatacgtat gttaaacact taacaccgac agttttcaag accatatcca
    59641 tatgatacac agaagcttta gacagattaa aaagtcaagc actttgattg cacaccactc
    59701 atctccaaag acggccagga ctcagcatct ggtgagcatt tagtctgtga aacggacatt
    59761 gggtataaag gaagtaatga gctaggttac cagatcctag ctggggggac tagacacaca
    59821 tgttacagat gagtaatcac ataagaaatg aggctcaaac acactaggta atgcttcttg
    59881 ccttgacata ttttgtctga tactaataaa attatcccag ctttcttttg actcgtttgc
    59941 atagtatttc tttttctatc ctttaattct caatctttct acacttttaa taaatgcatt
    60001 ctgacacttt ttatttaatg gaatatttag tatttatatc tcctagaaaa tcaccatatt
    60061 tttgaaatta tttgcacaac caaaattata tgtttaaatg tattcatttt actttttata
    60121 tatgaacact tacaacctct tattttgtgc atttctactt ttatttcatc tactttctac
    60181 ctttttaaaa aatatttatc tatttgaaag tcagagttac agagagagga gagacagaga
    60241 gagcaagatc tttatttttg tggccattgg agggtgaacc aacggcaaag gaagaccttt
    60301 ctctctgtct ctctctctca ctgtccactc tgcctgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagatcttt
    60361 atttttttta aagatttatt ttatttattt gaaagacaga gttacagaga gaggtagagc
    60421 cagacagaga gaggtcttcc aaccactggt tcactctcca aatgactgca acagccagag
    60481 ctgagctgat tggaagccag gatccaggag tttcttctgg gtctcccacg tgggtacagg
    60541 ggcccaagga gctgggccat cttctactgc tttcccaggc catagcaggg agctggatca
    60601 gaagtggagc agccgagact tgaactggtg cccaaatggg aagccggtgc tgcaggctgt
    60661 gactttaacc cgttgtgcca cagtgccagc cccgagtgag atcttctatc cgctgattca
    60721 ctccccaaat gaccacaatg gccagggctg gtacgggctg aagccaggag cctggagctc
    60781 catccaggtc tcccccatgg tgacagggac ccaagtactt aggccatcat ccactgcctt
    60841 cccaggcaca agcaggaagc tagattggaa gtggagcagc caaggctcag tctctgatat
    60901 gggatgctgg aattgtagtg gtgacttagg ctcactgcac cataatgctg cccccatttt
    60961 tttctatttt taatggattg ttggttttta gctgtatgcc ctgcctttgc tgtataccat
    61021 aatatctagt attataaaat acataatatt gtttatttta attgttttct aggtattttg
    61081 aacttttgaa tttgagttgc tctttaacat aagatttaag aatgttattt gtcattgatg
    61141 ttgttcgtta gtagatgttt tgtttcatta gttttttttt tcattagttt tttaatcttg
    61201 taattagaaa aaactgttgc tttcttctag acttttttgt agatttctat gttgtaaatt
    61261 tttgtgattg ttccaaactc ttgaaaataa ggtacattca ctgttttctt ctaataagat
    61321 ttgatattca tctatctcca tgatgttttc ctttgtaatt ttgttattta aatgcttcat
    61381 tgtgatactt atttttttaa ctttttaata taacctgggc taagagaggc cccttactga
    61441 aatatttttc ttattatagt gtttgctttt tatattttga tgcttttttc tcctctgcat
    61501 gagctttagg aaagttatat cttaattata gattataata ctttaagtaa cataaaatac
    61561 cctttattgt tataatattt ttcttccttt aattctatct gataataaga tcaacacctc
    61621 agatttcttt cattctgtag ttagcttatt tatctcttcc catttttatc ttttttaact
    61681 ttaaatcttc ttttaaaatt ttaaattcaa agctttatct taattaccat tatttaatat
    61741 atatcttcaa ataatttctt tagaaactat gacattacta gcatgtttca aagatattct
    61801 aaggccaaaa aattgaactt ttgctttttt taaagattaa cttatttatt tgaaaggcag
    61861 agttacagag aggtagaggc agagagagag agagagagag agaaatttcc atccgctggt
    61921 tcactcccct aatggccaca atggctagag ctgggctgat ctggagccaa gagcttcttg
    61981 tgggtctccc atgtgggtgg cagggggcca agaacttggg ccatcctcca cttctttccc
    62041 aggtacatta gcagggagct gaatcagaaa cggagcatcc aggacatgaa ctggcgctca
    62101 tatgggatgc cagcactaca ggcagtggct taacccacaa tgccacagca ccagccccaa
    62161 ccttttgctt taaacgtcat atataaatga catatttggg gtgtagatgg ccttttcttc
    62221 agagctgtct acttacactt tgatgttgga gctgactttt ggaaatgtag atttcaccct
    62281 ccgcccccag gcctgttgtt ggttgtattt gtaaggcacc tgtgtaggtg gtaacagtgg
    62341 gaatataggt ctttcttttg gtacttccca ctgtgactct actttctcta ggtatcctcg
    62401 gaagaagttc tggattgaaa agcctatcag tcctgcaatc aaaaaacgag cagaagaatt
    62461 ttcagataaa cttgcttctt tagagaaagg actcagagga ttccatggta aaggaatgga
    62521 tgaaggaaga tgttctgagc ctagaaatct tctttcattt tgatacttct tttgatgttg
    62581 gttctaacct taacttttag aatttcttgc tcttgtgcat accaggcaga aacattggga
    62641 agggaatcta agtctaaacc agagaatcct tccacacaac agtctaaaaa tgttactaag
    62701 actaaggtag aattataagt aaataggccc cagagttggt ttaaaaataa gataatttat
    62761 aagtaatagt agaaataaaa atattgggag gttaaggaaa acagcatggc agttcctcaa
    62821 agtaattaaa aatagaatta ttacatgatc tgttaatcac atttctgagt atatatccca
    62881 gagctgaagg caggatcttg aggagacgtt tgcacatcca tgtttctagc ggtgttagtg
    62941 caatagaggt gcaaatgtcc acttgtagag gaatggataa aggaactgtg gcatacacat
    63001 acagtggaat gttatttcac ctaaaaaggg aaagaaattc agatatgctc caccacagat
    63061 aaaccttgag agcattttac taagtgaaat aaaccagtca caaaagataa taatactgta
    63121 tgattccact tggctgtcat tggtacagaa cctgaatgac tcactttcag ctggtcagct
    63181 ctgggtgtct cctgcactga tttctctgtt tcatttgcac ttccatgggt gtcctgtcat
    63241 cttttaaaac tgtgttagtc aggcggctca ctaggctaat cctccacctg cggtgccggc
    63301 acaccaggtt ctagtcccgg ttggggcgcc ggattctgtc ccggttgctc ctcttccagg
    63361 acagctctct gctgtggccc aggaaggcag tggaggatgg cccaagtcct tgggccctgc
    63421 acccgcacgg gagaccagga gaagcacctg gctcctggct ttggatcagc acgatgcgcc
    63481 ggcctcagcg gtcattggag ggtgaaccaa cggcaaaagg aagacctttc tctaggtctc
    63541 tctctctcac tatccactct acctgtaaaa aaaataataa taaataaaaa aattttaaaa
    63601 aaaacctgtg ttagtcaaca gtaagagaac ttgacctaga aagacgtagt gttagaattg
    63661 tttactgtct ttttctccat tcactctagg aaagctgatg agagatctgg aatataaaac
    63721 aagtaagtat tggggagggg ggcttacact gttttgtttt gctctaaaga gaaatttctc
    63781 acctgaaatt tccatttttt ctttgtgaag ctcctttacc tggatcatct ctctaaacag
    63841 gaaggcctgt gtagtgccta tctgttaact gatccctgag ttttcaaacc caggaacttt
    63901 tggggtgctt tccccagata gaatgactcc agtccttccc tctttctctt cacagatatc
    63961 atcaagctgc ctgtgccctt gaattgtctt cccacattct gtccattcta gatatgggag
    64021 ctaacagtag tgtgagcaca aggtctaagg cattctttgt cctggtcccc aaagggtgtg
    64081 tcagcattgt cagaaaggcc ccagagcata tgggtaaaat atcctttggt atattttatg
    64141 atgccacatt tttatcccct gtccttacag tgaagatcat cctgaattct cagacagcca
    64201 atggctacct ctcagtgtct ccaaatggga agagtatgat attcactggc ttatggatga
    64261 acaaatacca acatggtcag cgatttgatc ctgagcctgc tgtgctgggc agcaatggct
    64321 tcacatgggg caaagtgtac tgggaagtca aagtgaacag aatctggtgg ggagcagagg
    64381 aggaagaaga agcaatgcgg tacaggggtg gagccagagg tgtgtttggc agtagctatt
    64441 ttagtggatt cttaggcatc actgatgaat atggttctcc tggatataga aatgagaatg
    64501 aagagttgga ggaggaaaat ggactatggt ccaaattctg catagtaggg gtggcaagag
    64561 agtcagtggt gagaagagga tttctcaact tcacccctga ggagggattc tggactctgc
    64621 agctctcttc agctggggtc tgtgtatgca ctggctctga tcccttccag attctgtcct
    64681 actgtccaag aatgattgga gttgctttgg attatgatgg agggaaggta acctttacca
    64741 atgccagaac tcaagagttc atctacgaat tctcatcttc cttcactggg agaatttttc
    64801 ctttcctgtg gcttaattgc atgagatcca gacttacact gagaccctga gaagtgacat
    64861 gaggggcaca gtctatcttt actttttctt tttttctctc tttctttcat ttgtccctat
    64921 tcttctacat cattcttaac tttttacttt agctagattg tcctgatggg tttccagatt
    64981 cccttagctg accagagcag tgtggtagag tcaggaatct cttgccctct ctgcttttgt
    65041 ctctaaaatg ggaatgataa tacttgattt gctttatcta tagtggaaag gttgtaattc
    65101 attaaaataa ttattaaagt acatgccatt attaattttt ttcttgttgc ctttgattta
    65161 gtccttgtct ttgtctgcca ctgagacaaa tgatgaggaa tacctgtgtc ataggtttga
    65221 agcctctgcc actaatagga attgactacg acatctgaga cagatctctc atcagctggt
    65281 tcactcccca aaatgcttac aacagcagag cctgggtcag gaggaagcca ggagacttaa
    65341 gccatcacct gctacttctc aaggtatgca ttaaacagga aactggaact caaacccagg
    65401 cacctcaatt ataggatgta ggcatcctaa gtgaggtctt aactgctgaa ccagatgccc
    65461 actcctctct tcctctaatt gtaagaccat taatggcaac atgggtaatt acctccaaaa
    65521 ggccccacct cctaatatca ctaacatacg aatcagagga ttcattttca atacatggac
    65581 tttgggggga cataaacaaa ccacagcatg gggaaatctg ctctgataat ttacctgtat
    65641 agtaatgttt ttttttgaaa aatcagacca aacaatacaa aatctctgta gcctgtatct
    65701 atatccatca gtaaaagtaa gtagaagtcc actgccattg cttatgctca aatgcttgat
    65761 attgcaaggt cgaggccatt tacaaccaca ttttttcaca taacaaatag ccaacagttt
    65821 taactagtat attttatgtg tttagctgtg catatttagt aaccaatagg acccaggaac
    65881 aaattttatg ggttaaggat tcagatgtcc cagtgagttt ggttagaaat aaatgagagc
    65941 aaccagctct gtggcatagc aggtaaagtc gcagcctaca gcactagcat cccatatggg
    66001 cactggtttg agacctggct gcttcacttt tgatccagct ccctactaat gtggctagga
    66061 aggcaacaga agatggccca agtgcttggg cccctgaacc cacatgggat accagaagaa
    66121 gattctggct cctgagttca gcctgtccca gtcccagcca ttgctgccat ttggggagtg
    66181 gcaagacctt ttgctccctc tctctgtctt tgcctctctc tgtaactctt ttaagtatat
    66241 aaaataaatc tttaaaaaag aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg
    66301 aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa gagaaagaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag
    66361 gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaagaaag aaaggaagga aggaaataat
    66421 gagttgcaaa aaacaaggcc agtttagcaa gacagtggtg agactgttct tgtttagaat
    66481 cttttgttac tccactgatc aaaaattggg gaagctgaga aacaggatga ccaacaagta
    66541 cagagactca atatgagtct cctcttcaat gttcttttgc tgaatatttc cttgagatgc
    66601 acgcatctcc acattctggg cctgttgcga gaattctacg catatgtatg tctccaaaac
    66661 tcctgcgacc agttgttctt ccacatactt ggactctggc caaacatttg gttactacct
    66721 aagtttatgt aagaccttaa catcagacca ttgtttaccc tgtaggcaat aaattgtacc
    66781 tttcaacttt ctgctcaatg tgatgtttct acttccctgt ttttctttag caaagaatgt
    66841 atcagtggaa accttaattt ctcctgtgcc caggagattt ttttgagaaa gctttgcaaa
    66901 acaaaaaata tttccacact tataccctct tggtgggaat gtaaattagt gcagcggctg
    66961 tggaaaacag tgtggagatt tccttaaaaa ctagaaatag acttgccata tgatccaaca
    67021 gtctttaaca gaatgaatca gagataccag caccaccatg tttatagaag cactgttcac
    67081 agcagccaaa atttgtagtc aaccaaggtg tccatcatca gatgaatgca taaagaaaac
    67141 gtggtgtata tacatgatgt aatattattc aactatcaaa aagtatgagg ggccaacact
    67201 gtgttatgta ttaggttaaa cctctgcctg tggcactggc atcccatatg ggcaccggtt
    67261 ggtgtctcag ctgctcttct tccggtccag ctctctgcta tggcctagga aagcagcagc
    67321 agatgtctca agtgcttggg cccctgcacc cgcgtgggag tcccagaaga agctcctggc
    67381 tcctggcttc agactgaccc agatccatcc attgtggcta tttggggagt gaaccagcag
    67441 atggaagact tttctctttg tctctccctc tctctgtaac tctacctctc aaataaataa
    67501 acctttttaa aaaatgaaat tctaccattt gcagcaaaat agacacagct ccctctcact
    67561 gtctgtaact ctatcaggca aataaataaa taaagtattt ttttaaaaaa aacctttgtt
    67621 ttatactttt gtcaaaccaa tgattaacaa tattatacta acatagtttt catgatctgt
    67681 ggttccttta aaatttattg tatttgggtg aaattttcat ttttccattc aattattgtt
    67741 tataaccatt gtctatatcc catggaacta gggttttttg ctttttactt gtcaaatttc
    67801 ttatttggtg aattattaag ccttttacta taacataaat ttaaaatgtt atctcaaaaa
    67861 ctagaaaaaa ggagggtggg aaagagggag aaagggaata tcattatgtt cttagaattg
    67921 tatctacagg agctggtgcc atggcacagt aggttaatcc tccacctgca gcaccagcat
    67981 cccatatggg tgccggttct agtcccggct gctcttcttc caatccagct ttctgctgtg
    68041 gcctgggaca gcagtagaag atggcctaaa tccttgggcc cctgcactca catgggagac
    68101 ccggaagaag cagctggctc ctggctttgg atcggcgcag ctgtggccat tgcggccacc
    68161 tgaggagtga accaacggac ggaagacctt tctctctgtc tctccctctc accgtctgta
    68221 actctctcaa ataaattaaa aaaaattttt ttaaataatt gtatctacaa atcacattca
    68281 atctgttaaa atctacttta aaatttaaaa taaaaatttg ttaaaagaaa caattccaat
    68341 catctaccaa ttcctccaga gacatagaaa gagttagtat tccccagctc ataaccttga
    68401 taacaaaacc tgtgaagcac aatacaagag gaaaatacct ggaaaatttt acaagcaaat
    68461 tcctaagaaa aatatcagca tatggaattt tgcaatatac ttaagtataa aaatcacaca
    68521 gctatcactt cattcatcag atatcaatta atgtaattca tcaccctaaa agatataaga
    68581 agaattttac ttcaataggt atagaaaaca aaagcaacag ggagggcatt gtggcccaat
    68641 ctgcttggga cacctacatc ccaacaccag agtgctagtt tgagtcctat ctactcagct
    68701 tccaatccaa ctccctgcta atgtgcctgg gaagcagcag atgatggttc aagtacttgg
    68761 gtccctgcta cccatatggg agagccagac agaattcctg gctcctggct cctgcctctg
    68821 gtctggacta atcctagctg ttatagccat ttggggaatg actcattaga tggaagatgt
    68881 ctctgtcact cttcctttca aataagtaaa taaatcattt taaattttgc taatattcaa
    68941 tgtgccttca tggttaagaa aaaggttttt tcaaactaat ggaaataaat ttctttaaag
    69001 tgatacagcc tgactttatg cttgaatata aatacatagg ttaaatacaa aataatgtag
    69061 ttttcctttg gaatacactg tattaaacct gttaaaaaat tgagaacatt taaaataaat
    69121 ttataaacaa tccaaaatca cttgatttgt ttcatttata aggaacccat aaaacttaag
    69181 tcaaatttgg agcacagtta aatgatggtc tgggacttca gcccagcctc ctagctcacg
    69241 aggccagggg atccaacttt agcagaaaga ctgctgttgt aaatcatttc cccagaacag
    69301 cggggacgta caaatgtggc tggaaggagg acagcacctc agtaggtgaa gggagctgat
    69361 tttcctcacc ttccagctct tctctctcct tgcctaccct acaaccgaag aggagaaaaa
    69421 cacacattca cctgacagat tcagcaagtg catcctcttc ctgcgtctga gtgcagggag
    69481 tattttattt tgatttgata aatttcattg cattctaaaa atgtctttcc tggtcttcta
    69541 tggattttca tatatagatg tctcctttga tttttttttc tacatggcat taaatgagtt
    69601 gattttattt tttcttttcc agctcaaggt cctgtgcttc ctccattcca tgacttcctt
    69661 ctcttattca atatgtgttg ttcacgtatt ccaaaattca caattttgga tatacacaca
    69721 attctctaac ttgttttttt ctgagatctg tccatgttga tacgggttta gttcctttta
    69781 acttagtgat gtattgagtg atgaaatatt aactcttcta ggtattttgg taaaggaaat
    69841 ttataggccc cataatcttt acagccccat taacacaata acaggatagg taacactgga
    69901 atcaggtgat ggttaacaaa aaccctgaag agctgtgagg acactggtgt ctgtttttcc
    69961 cgtgagactg catgtgaaca aggagtgcct cttggtgagg tggccacaat gctttgttcc
    70021 agggatgagg aacagtgtag tgagaattaa aaatacctgt aaccttggag aaggagtagg
    70081 aacatgtgct aggctcagaa ctacaggggg gaaaggcaca ccagagaacc atcatcctga
    70141 tccaaaacta accaaagaaa aacatcactg ggaagaaatg gacaagtatc cctcaggaac
    70201 acagacacaa actatcagga aatcaaattt taaaattcat agcaacaaac acatctctgc
    70261 acatcagttt tattgttatc ataggaaagc aagtttggtt aaacacttgt aaaacacaca
    70321 attcaccaaa gtattagaat gaaaaacaaa agctatacat tcattacaat ggatgcagaa
    70381 aaacacctgt ccaaattcaa catcatttca tgatgaaatt tctagcaaac tagaaatagc
    70441 aaggaacttt tcaacctggc tatagacatc tactcagtga tcaaaggctc aatgcttgct
    70501 tcctagaatc agcaacaaag cagatatctg atctcaccat ttaatcagtc ttgttctgga
    70561 tgccctaacc aacgcaaaaa gtacaaacat gaaattaaaa cttctaaata gacaaataaa
    70621 tctgcccttc tgtgcagaaa gcatgataat tcatattaaa aatctttcag cactcccaaa
    70681 agttactagg attaataaat caacttagca gggccacaga ttaatatggt taatacacta
    70741 aaatcaattt tatttttatg tactaacaac aagcaattgg gaaatatttc cataacctcc
    70801 atttacaata acatcaacat tttttcagct aaaagcaatg cagtatcctg gatttgatcc
    70861 tggtatagaa aagagttatt ggtagaaaaa ctagtaaaat acaaataaac tattcagctt
    70921 attcagttat aaaagtgatc atttcttagt tataacaaat attcaatggt tatttaacat
    70981 gctaaaaatt agagaaaata gggcaaagac taaatggaac tgatataggc aggcagattg
    71041 aacaaaacat attaattctg taagctggaa gaccacgcct tcaccacgcc cttgtgtgat
    71101 ctcatgtccc tacctgatca cacttgggcg cccacctgcc caccagacca tataaccact
    71161 cccctttgaa aagcatataa aaggctagga atgccccaaa atcgctctct gcctctgctc
    71221 cgctgcccat gataagctgt taatagctgc tcaaaactct tgctgcacgt ggcttttggc
    71281 ctgctttctg cttggtgtga actccaacct aatctccaga ctttcacttc tcccttagat
    71341 tagataacgc cctcactctc caatgcattt ctctcactga ataaaaagct aaaaaatgta
    71401 tcatgctgtc tcatttattt gcgccagtat tcagaattct ctgaattcat ggcaagaacc
    71461 caaaaggctt attaatattc taaatttatt aataagcacc tggtaacaga atcttctgta
    71521 ctatttttac tacttcctat aaatctacaa aaaaccttac ttagaagtaa aaaaaaaata
    71581 cttagaaaca aatttaatta aaaagataca agtccaccct caaaactaca aaatagtgca
    71641 aaaataaata acaagacata aagaacagag ggccatacca tgtgtatgga ttgaaaaact
    71701 cgatattaat atgaaaattg gggccagcac cgtggctcac ttggcaaatc ctccacctgc
    71761 agcgccagca tcccatatgg gtaccgggtt ctagtcccgg ttgctcctct tccagtccag
    71821 ctctctgctg tggcctggga gggcagtgga ggatggccca agtgcttggg ccctgcaccc
    71881 acatgggaga ccaggaagaa gcacctggct cctggcttcg gatcagcgca gttctagccg
    71941 tggcggccat ttgggggatg aaccaatgga aggaaaacct ttctctctgt ctgtctctct
    72001 cactgtctaa ctctgtcaag taaataaata aataaaagaa gatgaaaatc atccctacat
    72061 tgatcaattt tatttaatgt ttccaattaa aagctaaatt tacaaacgaa aagaaccgtc
    72121 cagtgcagct tcaatcaagc tctctctact tgagtgcaaa cactaacata gaacatgacc
    72181 ataaaaagca gcagccatcc ctctggatcc aggctggaat gtcagctgga agcaccttct
    72241 ccacatagcc agctttccgc agcccacaga agctgcatct gacaaagagg acctgaggta
    72301 aggcagcagg aatgaggaac aagtagcaaa tcaaaatggg cgtggcttcc aaaaggactt
    72361 gttgaatggc tcagtgcctt ctgtttaagt tcatgcttga ttcaggttgt aaaagaggaa
    72421 gttgtaaccc ttgcaatgtt ttatatcaga ctgatgatgg tggcgggaag gctaatattt
    72481 accctcacag tggagggcaa aaaaaaaaaa aatttgagaa ttattttatt aaaaacaaag
    72541 caatccaaca tgtaagtaca aaaagaatga aaaattccca aatcaaatac agttttaagg
    72601 tttctgtagc acttaccatt aaggcagtct gcattctcac acactcagta tgaaatagtt
    72661 gatgaaacaa aggatattat ccttttttat taaccccctc ccacctataa tctcccaaat
    72721 cctcaagatg tgatagccac ctcacttcct ctggaaagtc actcattatc taattcatgt
    72781 cttaaagatg aatgagtcaa tgtgccttat cagattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtccccatg
    72841 agtgacagcc caagggaaca ggatcctagc ccctctgcct ccacagtccc gggcttctaa
    72901 atgcctgtaa aactaccaac cacagcccac agcccgccct cactcaacgg ctcacccaca
    72961 gctttatgtt gctttacttc ctaaagcaaa cagtctgggt taaagaatga cagaactact
    73021 ctcccttcag atgaagtcct tcgtggttta ttttttaatt gacatgtttg ccagagacca
    73081 gctccagctg gtccaggggt cccaaggtgt gagaggtgtt ggcacttgaa atgagagaca
    73141 cactcacagc aaggctgatg gcatggctct ggctctcaag caccagactt tatatcataa
    73201 gtcacacaat gattctttct tcttacaata acaagtctgt tgttcacttt catctagtga
    73261 gaatttcttt gattttcaag gacatacgca gagcatgggt tactatgaca ggcaggtgcg
    73321 agattacggg ctgcccacaa aagtcaagac ctggagtgct gctgagctat gcagaaactg
    73381 attacagaag ctagaatatt accttcctac tctaaccttt actagaagcc ccaagttcaa
    73441 agcatgccct cttttaaatg tatcccctct ttgcagttct ttcggtaact ctttaattgt
    73501 ttattgaact tatctaaagg tcccttagat ctattccaca gttttgacat cctaaccatt
    73561 gctatatttg tagcacatat tgaattaaag ctttaataac acttatcttt attctagtgg
    73621 gaagtatata ccagggagcc tgttgccttt taattctttt acacaacagc tcaaccttgt
    73681 ataaagcacc aaccccttct cctacactaa cattctgctt gattaaaatt ctacaaagca
    73741 atggacattt tggggattat gagactaagc attcttccct aaaattagga atacagcaat
    73801 cattagcagg accaccagga agctccagct tgcttatgca gagtgtagtt cccaacaaac
    73861 ctaaaaccgc caagaggacc tcagctgtca ttctcacgcc ttgctgagac agaccttctg
    73921 ctgtgacctt gtcagccagc cgaagttgcc ttggcctcgc cacgtgttga tttttaaatt
    73981 tttagagaaa gacataagac gtagaatagc taattttgaa aaaactagaa caaaattgga
    74041 aggcttttat tccaaaactt actatgaagc tatagtaatc aacagaacat ggaatcagtt
    74101 taaagttaga tatctagatc actgtagcag aagaagatcc cattgtggca ccacactatt
    74161 attttcaatg ggctttcaac aaaggtgcca agataatttc acggagaaaa gacttttttt
    74221 tttttttttt tttttttttg acaggcagag tggacagtga gagagagaga cagagagaaa
    74281 ggtcttcctt ttgctgttgg ttcaccctcc aatggctgcc acagccggcg cactgtgccg
    74341 gcgcaccacg ctgatccgat ggcaggagcc aggtacttat cctggtctcc catgcgggtg
    74401 cagggcccaa ggacctgggc catcctccac tacactccct ggccacagca gagagctggc
    74461 ctggaagagg ggcaaccggg acagaatccg gcgccccgac caggactaga accagctgtg
    74521 ccggcgccgc aaggcggagg attagcctag tgagccgcgg cgccagcctg aaaagacagt
    74581 tttcaatata cgcttatgga tcatcgggat atccgtttcg aaaaaaagaa atgaagcttg
    74641 ggggcctgtg ggttaaaccc tgcctgcagt gctggcatcc catatgggca ccagtttgat
    74701 cctggctgct ccacttctga tccagctctc tgctatggcc tgggaaagca gtagaagatg
    74761 gcccaagccc ttggacccct gcacccatgt gggagactgg gaagaagctc ctggctcctg
    74821 gcttcagatt gacacagctc tggctgttgc tgccaatagg agagtgaacc agcgaatgga
    74881 agacctctct ctctctgcct ctccttctct ctatgtgtaa ctctgacttt caaataaata
    74941 agtcttaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagactacat tgtatatgtt tctcaggttt cctgtctccc
    75001 cttcccaggt ggctgcatca gccagagctg caacaatcca aagccaggag ccaggagctt
    75061 cttccaggtc tctcacgtgg gtgcaggggc ccaaggactt gggacatctt ctactgcttt
    75121 cccaggccat ggcagagagc tgcatcggaa gtggagcagc cgggtctcga atccgcgccc
    75181 gtatgggacg agggcacttc aggcgagggc gttaacccac tgtgccacag cgctggcccc
    75241 tcggtgttta cattcttatg actacacaaa tgctagaaac aagcagatta gtagctataa
    75301 ttacttatct tttgtttaat tgactttttc atttccctgg agttaaccaa tgtctgttcc
    75361 ttaacttggt tagtttcttt tgtactcatt actaactttc tcccaaactc acttctagga
    75421 tctgctccat ggttagaatg tgtctatcaa agtctgtgtg ttggaaacgt gatccctgat
    75481 gtggtggtgt taggagatgg ggctgatggg atctgtgtgg gtccagaggg ttccacactt
    75541 gctaacgttg aacgccatca ggccaggagc agtgttccca ctctggcctc tgtggccccc
    75601 tcgcttgcac ccttaccccc agggctgtga gagtgcagga agaaggtcct tgccagagcc
    75661 ttgaccttga tcctggaatt cacagcctgc aaaactgtga caatgaacct ctgttctgta
    75721 tcatttaccc cgtctgtggc gttatgctag agtaacacaa atgcacttta ttctcatgaa
    75781 gacatccaag cacattcagt ggcccaccac gtcatctttg tgaaggtgcc tgtcccacag
    75841 ctctggccgg gccaggcgtg gcctccatgc ttacacacct gggaagggct gacatcatgg
    75901 acctccttca ctctccctga acagcccttg gcttctccct tgtgcaggct ccccggttgc
    75961 cttcatcctg ttggctcccc cttaggtttt ctccaccatt ttcatttccc atcatccagc
    76021 atgaggaggt ctaagggaca cggaaagtaa gacactgaca ccatagcctc tgaaaatgtc
    76081 tgtaggctat ccttgactta ttccaatttt gctccatgta ctgagcggtt tttaatccca
    76141 agaggaaaca cctgaggcag tataactctg taaagaggag aggttatttt actcacagcc
    76201 ctggaggctc acgcaccagg ccctggcact gctcctctgg caagacctca tggtggaaca
    76261 cgatgacggg ctgcctgcaa gagagaggag agactatttg aatgtgccat gggatattct
    76321 aacgtgttaa atcttttaaa tgattgtcat ttctaagttg gtagatataa cggaagacaa
    76381 aattatcctt ggggttatca ttaattccaa agaacacaca gagatcctag agccaaaacg
    76441 tctgatacct gctgatttag cccccacgcc ctgcctcggg aaggtgctgc gaaaggagcc
    76501 ttggtgccag gtcccatgga aacctggggt caaagtctca gattctggcg tggcgctcag
    76561 ggtcgcggtc cgagggcagg gttgggccgg ggaagccaag cggcgggtag tccccgcgtc
    76621 ccagagtttc acttcccttc tcacaactcg ggccagatcc ttctgcctgg acactcatga
    76681 cgcgcgccca cgtctcactc ccattggacg taaggtttcc agaggagcca atcagtgccg
    76741 ccggaattca gctataaaat ccccggagct gctgggactc agattcttcc tagaactgca
    76801 gtatgttttc cttgatgcct cggaccctcc tcctgctact cgcaggggcc ttgaccctaa
    76861 cccagactca ggcgggtgag tacggggtcg ggatggagac ggcctctgtg gggcaggagc
    76921 gtggggaccg ggcagcggca tctcctcagc ccccggccca gacgccacca cctcggccgc
    76981 gccggtcctg ctccctcccc tgacccagtc ccttgtgcag tcaccttttg cagcttcact
    77041 accttgagtc ctttgcactt cggacccagg agttctgagc cggaccccaa cccctgtcgc
    77101 ccgcaggctc gcactccatg agatttctcc acaccaccgt gtcccgggct ggcctggggg
    77161 agccgcgctt cactgccgtg ggctacgtgg acgacacgca atgcgggcgc ttcgacagcg
    77221 acgccgcgag tcccagggcc gagcctcggg agccgtgggg gcggcaggtg gagcccgggt
    77281 tctgggacac gcaaacgcag atcttgaagg gcgaaatgct aagttacctc gaggtcctga
    77341 actccctgcg catctactac aaccagagcg aggccggtga gtgacacggg ccgatccacg
    77401 tcccgggttg ccagagtctc ctcagagctt caccctgtgg ccccaggacg cgcgcatctc
    77461 cttcacccag caagagcccg gggattccct gtggctgggt ttcagttgcg gtgggaaaag
    77521 gcgaggacca tcatcatctc tggtcggact ctgggggcgg gggcagtaag tgggtgcatt
    77581 tgtttctggg tggagtgggt gactggcttg tggtgcccag gctgaccgca ggactggcgg
    77641 ggccagggtc tcacacactc cagtctatgt tcggctgcga agtggggccg gatgggcgct
    77701 tcctccgggg atacagtcag tacgcatacg atggcgccga ctaccttgcc ctaaatgagc
    77761 acctgcactc ctggaccgcg gtggacacca ggcctaacat ctggaagccc gagtgggatg
    77821 gggagcagtg cacgtccttc ttggagggcg agtgcgtgga gtggctccgt gggttcctgg
    77881 agatggggaa ggagaccctg cagcgcgtag gtacgtgggg ccacggggca cctccctatc
    77941 acgggtcagt ctcccagcct gagtctcaca agagagagaa caagagagta tccaggttag
    78001 agcactgcct ccctcagctc cggaggcgga agaatcctgc tgggtttcca gatcctgtgt
    78061 gaagcagtga atctgagggc ccgcgctcct ctctgggatt attaagggat ccagtctctg
    78121 ccgtgttgaa aagtaagagg atccccgaaa ttactgaccc gtatgacctt caaccttggg
    78181 tgtcagggcc cccacccgag gtctccagag gactgatttc ccttttcagt ctttgacctc
    78241 cactcaggtc agacatgaac tctctgagac ctgagcttca tacctgggct cactctgatt
    78301 ctagaacttt acaggaatgg gcgattattc cagatatctg agtccagcct ggtgtctgag
    78361 gtctgcactc actgccccac tccaagtgtc ctgtccattc ttaggatggt cctggggcta
    78421 cttcagtggt ccatgggaga ttcagcaaaa cctctgaatt tcttgaatct tcccctcaga
    78481 tccccccaaa gacacatgtg gcccaccacc ccatctctga cagggaggcc accctgaggt
    78541 gctgggccct gggcttctac cctgcggaga tctcactgac ctggcagcgg gatggggagg
    78601 accagaccca ggacatggag ctcatggaga ccaggcctgg gggtgacgga agcttccaga
    78661 agtgggcggc tgtggtggtg ccttctgggg aggagcagag atacacgtgc cgtgtgcagc
    78721 acgaggggct gcccgagccc ctcaccctga gatggggtga ggagggcagg aggggcgggg
    78781 cctctgtggg gagggcagag ccctgctggg gcctttagca ggggcagggc tgagccctgg
    78841 ggtcacagcc ctcacctccc cttccttccc tctcagagcc tcctgctcag cccaccatgc
    78901 tcatagtggg agtagttgct ggcctggtcc tcggagctgt ggtcacagca gctgtggttg
    78961 catttgtgat gaggaagagg aagaggaaga gctcaggtag ggaggggtga gggctgcagt
    79021 ctgagttttc cttgtcccac tgggagctgc tgcctgctta ctgggaagta ccagtcatac
    79081 atgtgcttac atgcacgcac atgcttatca ggctaggggc cctgttagct ggtgctctct
    79141 tacaaagtgt gtatgagaat gaaggtgaag catcaccctg atgactgccg tgatggggac
    79201 ctgattcccg gcattggagg tcgctgggga aagcccctta ctgaggacag acctccaggg
    79261 aggtggttgc tccattcctt ctcttctcct gtcctcctgt ttcctgatct tgccctgggc
    79321 ctgcagtcat gttctggaaa catccttggg gtccaggacc tcatggcctt gccttatcct
    79381 tggcctcatg cgtattatgt tcattctaca gttaataatg gaaggaggta tgctgagtct
    79441 acaggtgagt gtgacgtggg tgacccctga gactcctggg atggtgtacc aggagcccat
    79501 gggggagcac acctgccccc ccatgattcc tcctgcagcc acaccgcctt gggctctgac
    79561 cagatcctgt tttattccaa cccaggcagc gacagcgccc aggattctga tacgtctctc
    79621 acagcttcta caggtgagaa ctggagaagg gtcagggcag aggggaattc ttcagatttg
    79681 aatgtgagtg tgtggtgggc tggtccaaat gtcaccacat acagtgactg atctgagttg
    79741 tttctcattg tttgctgcta cagcatgaga catcccttgt gtggcactgc gtgacgcaag
    79801 cttcgttcaa atcccgccca atccgagcat ggaccttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt
    79861 gacaggcaga gtggacagtg agagagagag acagagagag aaaggtcttc ctttgccgtt
    79921 ggttcaccct ccaatggccg ccgctgcagc cggcgcaccg cactgatcca atggcaggaa
    79981 ccaggatcca ggtgcttttc ctggtctccc atggggtgca gagcccaagc acccgggcca
    80041 tcctccactg cactccctgg ccatagcaga gagctggcct ggaagagggg caaccgggac
    80101 agaatccggc gccccgaccg ggactagaac ccggtgtgcc ggcgccgcaa ggtggaggat
    80161 tagcctattg agccacagcg ccggccgagc atggacttta agagctcctg acttctcctt
    80221 ctcagcttgt atctgaatgt gtcggtgtga cagtgctcct gttggcatga agtaggatgc
    80281 tgggatgctg gccttgcatg cccaccaaag cctccccaac actgacctgt attctcttcc
    80341 caaccaactt cctgttccag ctacatgggg ctgggatgtc tccatcgttt taactatgaa
    80401 ctgcaacatt ggacttcaac ttcttacttc cctattggga gtaagagtct ggatataaat
    80461 atccttttaa aattctctcc tgaaaagttg atggattaat gaaaggataa gaagagcctt
    80521 cgaattttag aggtgaaaca aatggaagaa gaccagagca cctctgggat ccatgtgttt
    80581 gctatgctga gtctgttaca ggctgggaca gaaactaagg actcttgagg aggggcccag
    80641 tgttgtgcag ccgggcccag ttatgctcac tccatcgtgg actttgacat aatcgctttg
    80701 tagctggctc ctggtttcag cctgttccag ccagcactgt tgctgccaat cgagtagtga
    80761 agcagtgaat ggaaaaatat ctctctctcc tcatctttct aataaatatt tatttattta
    80821 aaaatgattt gctaaaaatt cagttcatta gcttttgctt tgatccccaa aagaataaca
    80881 aaatttggat ttattcttat gccttaaatt ctacaaattc aggtatgcat atgaaaaaat
    80941 agacagctat ccacacagtg gacaacaggt atcctcgtgt cacctttgct gcccctttga
    81001 tcttgtgcca cagtagtagt tgtccagcca ggatctgtga tctcgggaac tcaggataaa
    81061 gcccaagcct tattctcaca ctagcaccat gggcagtcag agctcgtgtg ggcaagccct
    81121 cagctctaac cttttcagta ttgggttcca tagaggacta tgcctgctct tgttatgagc
    81181 taggttcctt tcttctccag tagtctgctg tctctgacag cagggtgact tgtctttcct
    81241 gtctcacaag gcccagagta gcccctgctg acagtagtcc ctgtggtgtc aagacaggac
    81301 ttttcagacc tattcagccc ttgtccttat tctgggcctg ttttctgggc tgttctttct
    81361 gtctttctcc attcctttta aaggaaccag aatccgaggc aggtgcctgc agcataggca
    81421 tcccatgtgg gcaccggttt gagtccaggc tgttcatctt ccaatccagc tccctgctaa
    81481 ggcctaagaa aagcagcaga ggatggtcca ggtacttggg ctgctgccac ccctgtggag
    81541 gatccagatg gaattcctgg ttcctgtttt cagcctctcc cagccccagc tattgcagtc
    81601 atttgggagt gaacccatgg aattaaattt atctttctct ccctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt
    81661 ttccctgtct ctgtcgctct gcctttaaaa taaataaatc tttatcaaaa ataattggct
    81721 ataaaaattc agttcattgg cttttgtttt gtgacatgat agaataagaa gaattggatt
    81781 tatttttgtg ccttaaacac tacagactca cattgacata ggaaaaaaca gacaagtatc
    81841 cagacactgg gcaacaggaa ttctgatctc tgagagagaa ggaattgaaa gagggaaggg
    81901 ctacagttat ccagctccct cctggacagg ttttgcagga tgcagtgagg gaggaggagc
    81961 cctaacagca cagctgactc actgagtgga ggggacagag gtgtgaattt ggagaagcct
    82021 caacagtgag aacatgcaag atgaaggcac aaagaaaaga tagaatacag gaaaggaagt
    82081 tgcatagggc ctccctgggg tcttcagctc attatttcat gcacgtaagg gaactagtct
    82141 agtacaggga aagaatcacc tgaagtctgt aggtaacagt gcccagtgct acacagagct
    82201 ggaaatagtg cctgttccca gcagccagaa tgaggctcat aaatcgctgg gattcgacag
    82261 actattcgga agagttttga gtcaggaggg gtgaataatt atcccaggaa taaacagttt
    82321 atgctttttc cagcaaatat taaaacccca aagtctcaaa catctcctga ataacttaaa
    82381 tttttccaat aagaggtatt caagaatatt tatggtatat taatatctct tgcacataac
    82441 cttgtaaagt tacaatgtct actatcaaaa taatcaggca tgaaatgaaa atatgaaaat
    82501 accactcata agatagagaa aggaaattaa tttaagccaa gactgacaca gaggttataa
    82561 tgagcagaaa tgaaagttta atagttactc taaacacatt ccataacttc aaaagtttca
    82621 aaatagacat gaaagataca taaaaaggag gttccaagat ggtggaatat ggagggagct
    82681 tactgatcta gtccaggaga agacagtttt ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt tttgtacatt
    82741 ttaagctttt atttagtgag aaagatgcat aggagagtga gagctttatt taagagagag
    82801 aggtgaatag gggttcatac ccagcaccag gaaccagcca tgtggatgag catctaggcc
    82861 aggaagccta gagcacatgg cccgaaggcc attgccctgg aggcacaggg ctacagcaag
    82921 cccatctcct ttcaagagtc tagggaagaa gagagggcag gagaagacag tttaattaaa
    82981 gtggagatgg tgtagtctca gggaagagtt agggaaacaa tggaagagga atctcttctg
    83041 taattagagg aacttggtgg acctatgtgg agggcatagg gcataggacc tatgtggagg
    83101 gtgcccacgg ctcaggactc cagcagccaa gagctctgtt accgcgctgg aaaatgaggt
    83161 gagatgaact cgcagtagct gagacactgg cagaaaagtg gcaggaagag cctagaggga
    83221 acgaggcttg aagccccata ggggaagtac acctgcctaa cgagaggaga ggaaaaataa
    83281 aaggaacagt acggacacga ttctgtctct ctccactcac cttacaaagc catacaagca
    83341 gatagagcag gtgccatttt ggacatatga aacagctgca ccagcttgtg tctgtgcccg
    83401 gctatcagct gagtggagac tcctgactcc gatggagaga gataacaggt ggctagaaac
    83461 tgtgactatg tgacgcttct gacctgagac tgtgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agcaaaactg
    83521 agggagtatg ggagaattca cagtgtggct gagactttga gtagtcttgc agaagatgcc
    83581 acaagctcgg taagccctgg ctacacagta agagacattg caggggaatt ggaatttaca
    83641 ctgaggacta cacagatcct ttgtgtggtc cttgggacag agtagatgaa tattataccc
    83701 actgggtata atatttgcct gggtagtcag gcaaatccaa aagaattgaa atcataccat
    83761 gcttcttagc acacaatgga aggaggctgg aaattagcaa ctcaggaatc tctaaagcat
    83821 atgcaaacac atggaaacca aacaacaagc acttgaatga agagtgggtc atagaagaaa
    83881 tcaaaagaga aatcaaaacc tttctggaag caaatgaata taacaacgca aaatatctaa
    83941 acctatggga tacagccaaa ggagtattaa gaggcaagtt tacagcatta ggtggctaca
    84001 tcaagaaatt ggatactcta tagaatacta tacagaaacc tggtcatttg caacaagatg
    84061 gaggaatttg gaaaacatca tgctgagtga attatgccag tcccaaaggg acaaatatca
    84121 tatgttctcc ctgatcggtg acaactaact gagcaccaaa ggggaaactt gttgaagtga
    84181 aatggacact atgagaaaca gtgacttgat gagctcttgt cctgactgtt gatgtacaat
    84241 gtaatacttt atccatttta gcattttttt tgttctagta ctattgattg aactctgtaa
    84301 ttaacacaca attgttctta cgtgtttaaa ttttaactga aaagtgatcc ctgttaggaa
    84361 tttggaaaac attatgctga gtgaaataag ccagtcccaa agggacaaat ttcatatgtt
    84421 ctccctgatc ggtgacaact aactgagcac caaaaaggaa acctgttaaa gtgaaatgaa
    84481 cactatgaga aacggtgact tgatcagccc ttgccctgac tattgataaa caacttaata
    84541 ctttatccct cctagtattt tttgtttgtt agttctactt aatacttttg gttgaatcct
    84601 gtaatcaata cacagttatt tttaagtgtt gaaacttaac tgaaaagtga ttgctgttaa
    84661 atataagagt gggaataaga gagggaagag atgtgcaatt cgggacatgc tcaagctgac
    84721 ttgcgccaaa cagtagagtt agaaacatac caggggattc caattcaatc tcatttaggt
    84781 gacatgtacc aatgccatct cactagtccc agtgatcaat ttctgttcac aattgatcat
    84841 aatgatagga ctaagagtca aagggatcac ataaacaaga ctagtgtctg caaatactag
    84901 ctgatagaaa aaagggagag aacgatccaa catgggaagc aagatacaca gcagacccat
    84961 agaatggcag atgtcctaaa cagcactctg gcctcagaat cagccctgaa ggcattcaga
    85021 tctggctaaa aagcccatga gagcatttca ggcctggaaa gccaagtcac tgtggcaaaa
    85081 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacaacc acctaaatga aagatctctg tgagtgagat
    85141 cccagcggaa agaagtggcc atcaaagaag gaggtacctt tctctgaagg gaggagagaa
    85201 cttccacttt gactatggcc ttgtctaaat aaggtcgtag tttgtgaact caggaggctt
    85261 ccatagcctt ggcagttcat gacaagggcc ttgggtgatc actcacgtca taaataagcg
    85321 tgtcaattgt tcaatcaaca acaggagtca ctgtgcattt actccacatg taggacctct
    85381 gtccttaatg tgttgtactg tacaaattaa tggtaaaact agtcttcaaa caattcttta
    85441 tactttgcat gtctgtgtgg gagcaaactg ttgaactctt tgcttaatgt agagttgatc
    85501 ttctgtatat aaagataatt aaaaatgaat cttaataaag aatggatgga agaaggagaa
    85561 ggaggtgggt ttgggtttgg gggttgtagg acgggtatgg gaggaagaac tgctataatc
    85621 ccaaatttgt acttatgaaa tttatattta ttaataaaag ctttctacaa gaaaagagag
    85681 agacctattt atttgaaaga cagaggtagg gagagagtga gagtaacagc aaaagagtga
    85741 cagagagaaa tcttctgtcc tctgattcac tcttaaatag ctgcacacag ggcagggctg
    85801 ggctgaattc ccggtggctg ggacccagga cttaggccat cttctgctgc cttcctcagg
    85861 gattatcagg gagaaggatc ggaagcaggg cagacgggac tggagtcaga agaggcagct
    85921 taactcaagc tcacgcctct ttgttgtttt tctgagtgga tgatctgtcc attgctgaag
    85981 ggggagcgct gaagtcccct actattatca tattggagtc tctctctctt taggtctatt
    86041 aatatttgtt ttatgtatca ggatgctctc atgttgggtg catatgtatt attactggac
    86101 taacatttta tcattatata atgacctttc ttttcctgtt ttagtgcttt gcatgtaaaa
    86161 tattttttgt ctgatgtaag tgaggctgca tgtggtttct tttaggttcc acttgtatgg
    86221 aatatcttat tttgttattt cagtttcagt caatgtgtgt ccttaaggga aataagggtc
    86281 ctgtaaaatg catatagttg gatttttttt tttttactat tttattcatt cagtcattct
    86341 atacctttaa ctagagaatt taatccattt tttttgtcag gcagagttag acagtgagag
    86401 agagagacag agagaaaggt cttccttcca ttggttcacc ccccaaatgg ccgcaacagc
    86461 cggcacgctg tgcccatccg aagccaggag ccgggtgttt cctcctggtc tcccatgcgg
    86521 gtgcagggcc caagcacctg ggccatcctc cactgccttc ctgggccaca gcagagagct
    86581 ggactggaag aggagcaact gggacagaac tggcacccca accgggacta gaacatgggg
    86641 tgccggcacc gcaggcggag gattagccta gtgagctgca gcgccagcca gaatttaatc
    86701 cgtttacatt taaggtaatt attggtaagt aagtcttata atgcaatttt aatattgcct
    86761 tctagtttta gttttctctc taatttcttc ttccctcttt ccctaactcc cttccttcct
    86821 ccttccatcc tatcccctac ctttctccct gtctcataat cttcctttat aggaaagtga
    86881 tgtttcttgt actgcgtttc tgttctttgc ttattgtttt tggtaagtct attatataat
    86941 tatgtatgca caaggcttac ataatcatgc tctggttata caaactactt taaatgatag
    87001 aaacttaaca ggatcataaa ataggaaaat aaagagagat tagtaatata aagtaatatt
    87061 caatgtacat cattttccct catagtttga atgtttgtgc tgtcatcttt ctatattgcc
    87121 catcataaca tactaatata tttatttcac aacaaagata tgaatagatt acacaccatg
    87181 aaaatcatta tgctggaacg tactgaattt ctatatttgt atagatactc taaccagaga
    87241 gtctttttat attcttccta ctcattagtg ttccttcact tcagtttgga aactttgcat
    87301 ttcttgtagg acaggtctgg tggtgacaaa ttctctcagc ttttgttgtc tggcaatgtc
    87361 tttatctctc cttcatatct aaaggatagc ttttctgggt gcagtgttct tggtggcagt
    87421 attattcctt taactgtgac agtgtctcat cccctccctg ctggcctgta ccgtctctgc
    87481 tgagaagtct gcaatcaggt gtactgggat tcctttgtgt tgtttctttc ccttgaaact
    87541 tctaagaaat gatttattta tttgaaaggc acagtgacag agagggttca atctgttggt
    87601 tagctttcca aattcatgca gtagccaggc caggagccag gaattccatc ctggtctcaa
    87661 atataggtgg cagggtccca agtacttgag ccatcttcca ttgccttccc aaacacagtc
    87721 ctatggttcc ttgctatctg cccaaggatg gggaaggggt gataagagca tcctcgtggg
    87781 tagtcaggct gatactgagc tggcacactc cggagctggg actacctgat gctgacctgg
    87841 gacacacagt caacagacca ggtgtaatcc cagggatgta tgcccgacac acacgaggct
    87901 ggcagtgata tacactgaga taagcccatc cctgtggggc acaagtcttt gcctggtgct
    87961 ggagcaggtc ttagaagctc tgcctgcaac cactaatgta tagacagaga ccattaggat
    88021 ttggccaatg tagattttat tagcccagca ttgagttcca attcagagtc ccgtagctcc
    88081 ttgccttctg cccaaggtaa gggaaggggc actaaagaca gccttttggc caaacagatt
    88141 gtcactcagc tacatcacaa gtgggtttca cagttcctgg gctgggtagt ctttggggtg
    88201 catgctagac ccctatgaag ctggtagtaa tacatgctga aacaagtctg tctcactgca
    88261 acacagagct ccaatgccag gggaactctt gaggcttcat ttgcaagttc tgacctgtag
    88321 gtagaaggct tgggcttcgc caggtgttgg gtctcactgc tgccacctgg ctctgagctg
    88381 taaggcaagg tcctaagttc cctcttctac cctactcctt ggtggcttgt gtgttgctgt
    88441 gctttgtttt tgtgattggg ggaaggggtg gtgcaagtga tcccttgacc tctgggttaa
    88501 tgcaagtcca aaatgttagc ctgtggttag gagtccaggg acagagctgt gggtccctgt
    88561 tagacactgg ttttttaaca tggcaggcct tgtgctggat ttcaagtcca agcactggac
    88621 ttaagtgagg gaagcaaaat gtttttctcc acgctgggct tcttggaata ggatgaggga
    88681 tgacaagtac ccttctttct tgcttgcttt tgtttttttt ttttaatatt tatagggaag
    88741 gcactgtaca tagatgtaaa gtggccgcct gcagtgtcca catcccatag gggcaccagt
    88801 tcgaatccag tcctggctgc tccacttcca atccagctcc ctgctaatgc acttgggaaa
    88861 tcagtggaag atggcccaag tacttttgtt cctgcaccca cgtgtgagac ccagaagcag
    88921 ctccaggccc ctggctttgg attggcccag atccagctat tgtgcccatt aggggagtga
    88981 accagtggat ggaagactgt tctctctgcc tctccatctt tctctctctc tttctctctc
    89041 tctctgtaaa tctgcctttc aaacaaacaa atacataaat ctttaaaagt attgaactgt
    89101 gtacaatatg ttttatatga aacaacttca gattaacagt atctaaatta atgagataca
    89161 aacattacat tccatataac tctatttcct cttctaccat ttagtactat tattgttata
    89221 cagatcatat ctgaatatca taaacaactt gcattgtaaa aattttcatg tagttttgga
    89281 aagtttcaat gtgttcatct ttaaggtcag gaatcttttc ttccatgatt cagtctacca
    89341 ataactgcac ctgatatcca gtgtttatat ctcatgcatt ttcatcattg caaatttgat
    89401 tttgatcttt tatgtatctt tctttctttt tttaaagaaa attttattta ataaatataa
    89461 attttgaaaa taaagctctt ggattataga ggtttttccc ctcataccac cctcccatcc
    89521 gcaaaccatc ccatcattta ctccctctcc catcccattc ttcattaaga ttcattttta
    89581 attatcttta tatacagaag atcagctcta tattaagtaa agatttcaac aggttgctcc
    89641 cacacagaca cgcaaagtat aaagaattgt ttgaagacta gttttaccat taatttgtac
    89701 agtacaacac attaaggaca gaggtcctac atgtggagta aatgcacagt gactcctgtt
    89761 gttgattgaa caattgacac gcttatttat gacgtgagtg atcacccgag gcccttgtca
    89821 tgaactgcca aggctatgga agcctcctga gttcacaaac tatgacctta tttagacaag
    89881 gccatagtca aagtggaagt tctctcctcc cttcagagaa aggtacctcc ttctttgatg
    89941 gccacttctt tccgctggga tctcactcac agagatcttt catttaggtg gttgtttgtt
    90001 tgtttttttt tttttttgcc acagtgactt ggctttccag gcctgaaatg ctctcatggg
    90061 ctttttagcc agatctgaat gccttaaggg ctgattctga agcctgactg ctgtttaggg
    90121 tctttgtcat tccatgagtc tgctgtgtat cctgcttccc atgttggatc gttctctcct
    90181 ttttaattct atcacttatt ttagcagaca ctggtcttgt ttatgtgatc actttgacac
    90241 ataatcctat ctttatgatc aattatgaac ttaaactgat cactttaact aggaagaagg
    90301 ttttggtacc tgccagctta atcggatttc gagtcccata gcaggttttt agctttatcc
    90361 ttaggggcaa gtccgatgga atgtgttccg aacagtacat ctcctccctc tcttattctg
    90421 ctcttatttt taacaggcag agatcaattt tctattggat ttaacaccta agaataattc
    90481 tgtgttgagt tcaactaatg ataataaatc gaaagagaaa atactaaaaa gaataaaata
    90541 ataagctgtt cctccacaat caggacaagg gctgatcaag tcattgtttt ccatagtatc
    90601 agtttcactt ctacaggtct ccttttaagt gctcagttaa ttgtcacaga tcagggagaa
    90661 catgtggtat ttgtcccttt gggactggct tatttcactc agaatgctgt tttccagatt
    90721 ccaccatttt gttgcgaatg actggatttc atttttttta accactgtgt agtatttata
    90781 ttgattctat gtcttattta tgggctatta ctctgtcctt gcttctttca agcacaaggg
    90841 tattccatag aaagaagggg gctagtacag cccacagcag gattttcatt ggcacaaaca
    90901 tcctactttt gatgtagtag aattgcttat gtgtgtttcc ctttggtcat ataagatgtt
    90961 ttgataatgt tatctccaga atggagattt aagaaaatta atatttttaa agacatttta
    91021 agtaaaattc aactaatgta aaaaaattag tatttttgag aacttcagct tgacaaaaca
    91081 agacatgttt cagtgaaagt gtttttttcc cttcagtagt ttaaaggtgg tgaagattgt
    91141 aattcctgct gcagtttcca ttcttgccga atctgctttt agtgcaatta atgtcttagt
    91201 ggtatcataa agacacctga gcaggactcc ctgcctcccc aagcttagct agtactctgc
    91261 tcctaagaga agagaccccc tctgttgcct gatggtgtcc taccttggaa cagaggtggg
    91321 gacatgaatt tttccctttg gagctgggaa aagtttgtga ggaggtcagg tggagattca
    91381 ctcagggcac atcttgcttt caagtatcca tgtccctgac agccatctga tgcaatctct
    91441 agctttcaca cagaagtgat aatatgtggt ggttattttt gtttgtttgt ttgttttgct
    91501 gtgtctgatt tgtttcacta atggtatatt ctccagttcc ctccattttg ctgtgagtgc
    91561 caggatttca tttctcatgt gactgtctag tgtttctttg tgtatattta ccctatgttc
    91621 ttttttattc atccagcaat ggatacctag gttgattcta tttattggct attgtgaaca
    91681 atgctgcatt gaacgtggga gtgcagctat atctgatacg ctgatttcat aaattcagaa
    91741 tgtatccaga agtgggatgg ctgagtcaga tagtagttct attttcagct ttttgaggaa
    91801 caaccatatt gctttaatgg cagctagcag gtgggatgag ggagagatct ttaggtcctt
    91861 ggggccctgc cctatgaagc tagttctctt gagggttggt tataagctga attcagtcca
    91921 gcttcactct gtgtttccta gatcaccatg tgatcattcc tgtgcacctg ctagtccatg
    91981 tccagcttcc ccaagatgaa gaaagaggct gcctgatctg aactgtgagc tccaaactgc
    92041 aagttgaaac atgcccaatc tttcccaaga tgctcctgtc catgtcttgt cttttagtta
    92101 aagaaaactt ggtcgataca tcaacatttc ttggtgtcag aaattggatc taaagcaagc
    92161 tcccacgttc tccctggcag cattctggac caaggcactg aaggccgaca ctgcctcatg
    92221 accactcatc tacacacaga tgcctcggtg caccgggagg tcccctggtt ccagattcct
    92281 gtgcttcagg ttgggattct ggaagtcagg agggttctcc cttgcttagg gtatcagact
    92341 tagtccatat gggtgtggtg cagcctccag taattgtttt tggttgcacg ggaagggaca
    92401 ccatttggtg gctacaaaag agtcatccca catgctcaat ctttttctgc tgaccagctg
    92461 tctcctggca ctctattttc atgactaaat tggttaggtc tctggaccaa acaacctgaa
    92521 tgatttaaag ctttggtggc cagaatgagt tctttggaaa ctgcacaact tgtctctttg
    92581 catgtgtagt tagaacagag ggaagaatga acctccccga gacagtggga ggaatcttgt
    92641 aagtgatatt tccaggaatc caatgatatg tttttgtttc tctgaaagaa aataatccca
    92701 aataaatcag ggatccaaca aattagaaaa gaaattagca tttgtaataa taaaacaaaa
    92761 tcagctggtg cttccctggc aagtgctgct gtcacttctt ccccttgctt tgtgtctgcc
    92821 cctcccctgc cacctcctcc agagctccct cttcctcttc ctcttcctct tcctccacag
    92881 gctctgagtc ccgcccccac ttcttccctg acattctgtt ctttccaaag cttctaactt
    92941 tcctatttct tcttgatagc tccttttaaa atcctaacaa cagtgaatgg gagcaaacac
    93001 aacgggagcc tatagtcctg ggttgcaatc agaactttta gcttatgggt tcccctatcc
    93061 acaagggaac tccctggaat caaacactgt aaacattagc acctgccaac ctggcttttc
    93121 agatctttat aaacttgttc tcaggctccc aggaaatgtc ctggcctagg gatggttgct
    93181 acctgctgga gggaaggaat cccttgagaa tattaacctg gctattagcc aagtgttcaa
    93241 aaaagcagga aaacgggcag ttgaattacg aaagggcagt ctcttgattt tcctccacca
    93301 ggtaaactgg ataaaccatc cagtgttgca cccaaggaaa gaacccatcc ttgattactt
    93361 taccgatttg cacagacctt gtatatttac ctaaccagtt tacactggtc cttctctgcc
    93421 aataataaag gaacacagtt cagggaaaac cctttctgtt ttgttgtaat cagatccaga
    93481 gagccccaca gattaaatct caatcaccgg gaactggaaa tacccttggg aacaagtatc
    93541 caaggcacat ttaattgttg gcaaatctaa tacagggaac tgtctttttg ccaaccaaca
    93601 tctcctgcgg cctctactct aagccaagcc actgaaaaag tgctgtgggc tcctccctca
    93661 ccatccgtgt tccccagtct gtggaagcct agttctttcc tccacactca tcatttctgc
    93721 accagctgcc tgattgtgag cacagactca tatatcagag ttcacataga aaaaggctcc
    93781 cgactctcct gctgaataga gctctcattg tgtcactgat acaagttcca cctgtccaga
    93841 tagacgagca ggacatgaag cagatgacag ctgagtggac cacttctcac aataatcagg
    93901 accaggacag aacagcctca aatcagcctg cagtaggtgg aaatcgtgga cagcggctgg
    93961 cactgtggtg cagcaggtta atgccctggc ctaacgcgct ggcatcccat gtgggtgctg
    94021 gttcgagacc aggctgttcc acttctgatc cagctctctg ctatggcctg ggaaagtact
    94081 gaaggatggc ccaggtcctt ggacccccgg gcccacatgg gagacttgga agaagttctt
    94141 ggctcctagc tttggatcag tacagctcca gcagttgtgg ccaattaggg agtgaaccag
    94201 tggatggaag acctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gcctcttctt tctgtgtaac
    94261 tctttcaaat aaataaataa caatcttaaa aacaaagaaa tcctggggaa cctctttgcc
    94321 ctgctctcct tggttgttat acttctttct tcctctgtgg actaggacac cactagctat
    94381 gtttgccatc actgtagtga tctccttctt tagtgattat aatcaccatc ttgtagagtt
    94441 cctttctaaa gacccttacc atatatgcca atttgtcccc ctcttggaag agatccctaa
    94501 tgactactgg tagctcccac gtgagttgat atcctccact gactggtccc ccattcaatt
    94561 ctagtcattg ttcctgccct ctgcaagtaa atgaaaaagg ccaccaacca atcttctctg
    94621 atcttgacca tggtcaagta ccaaatgcag tgttgggtat attatcacac ccacactgaa
    94681 gtctggtacc agtgatgatt ctactgtgat tccactaact tctctactat ctccagcttc
    94741 attgtgaccc actctagaac acccaatact caggtatgaa ttctttcttt aaaacaaaaa
    94801 aaacaggggc tggcattgtg gtgtagcagg taaagtcgac atctacacac cagtatccca
    94861 tatgaacact ggtttgtgca ccagctgctt cacttccaat ccagatccct gctaatgacc
    94921 ttggaagagt ggtagaaggt ggaccaacta ttttgggccc ctgccactta tatgggaaac
    94981 ccagaagaaa ttcctggctc ctggcttcag cttgcctcaa acctgtgaat cagaaatgga
    95041 agataaagaa aaagaaagaa agaaggagtt atacagaaag agagggagag agagagaaga
    95101 ggaggaggag gaggagagag agagagagaa aaatgtttca ttcactgact cactccccag
    95161 tggctgaaat ggctaggact ggaccagagg ctaggtgcca ggagcttctt ccaggtctcc
    95221 cacatgggtg gcagggaccc aaacacctgg tccattctgc tgatttcccc aggtcattag
    95281 tagggggctg gattggaagt ggagtagcca aggcttcagt tagcacccgg ggatgttagc
    95341 attgcgggag agctttacat gctacatcac aatgccaatc cctatgtttt actttagaaa
    95401 aatgactatg tggtgaagat ataatctgat catgttcatt tgaggttata tgccattcct
    95461 gtatttggat gttcatatct ttcttgaaat tgaggaattt ttcttctatt atttatttta
    95521 taaatctttt tttaataaat ataaatttca taagcacgac ttttggatta tggcaattct
    95581 tccccctata ccagccctcc cacccccaaa ctgtcccacc tcctattccc tctcccatcc
    95641 cattcttcat taagattcat ctttaactat ctttatatac agaagattaa ctctatacta
    95701 agtaaagatt ttgacagatt gtacccacgc agacacacaa agtataaaga actgtttgaa
    95761 gactagtttt accattaatt tgtatagtac aacacattaa ggacagaggt cctacatgca
    95821 gagcaagtgc acagtgactc ctgttgttga ttgaacaatt gacactttta tttatttttt
    95881 taaagattta cttatttatt tgaaagtcag agttatacag agagagaaga gacagagata
    95941 gagagagaca gagagagagg tctttcattc gatggttcac tccccagatg gccacaatgg
    96001 ccggagctgt gccaatccga agccaggagc caggagcttc ttcctagtct cccatgtggg
    96061 tgcaggggcc caaggacttg ggccatcttt tactgctttc ccaggccatg gcagagacct
    96121 ggacaggaag tgccaggtct tgaaccggca cccatatggg atgctggcgc ttcaggccag
    96181 agcattaaca cactgcacca cagcgctggc ccaacactct tatttatgat gtgtgatcac
    96241 ctgaggcact tgtcatgtgc taccaaggtt atggaagctt cttgagtcca aaaactccgt
    96301 tactatttag acagggccat aatcaaagtg gaagttctct cctcccttca gagaaaggta
    96361 cctccttctt tgatggcccc ttctttctac tgggatctca ctcacagaga tctttcattt
    96421 aggtcatttt tttgtcacag tgacttggct ttccagacct gaaattctct catgggcttt
    96481 ttagccagat ctgaatgcct taagggctga ttctaaagcc ggaatgctgt gtagagcatt
    96541 tttcattctg tgactctgct gtgtgtcctg catcccatgt tggatctttc tctcctttta
    96601 cattgtatcc atcattatta gcagacactg gatcttattt atgtgatccc tttgacacat
    96661 aatcctatct ttatgatcag ttatgtactt aaactgatca ctttaactaa gaagatggca
    96721 ttggtacctg ccaacttaat aagatatgga atcccatggc aggtttttag cttcaccctt
    96781 aggggtatgt ccgagtgagc gtgtactgaa ctgtacatcc ctctcttatt cacagtccat
    96841 ttttaacaga tagggatcaa ttttcatttg gattttacac ctaacaagat ttctatgtta
    96901 agtaaagagt tcaaccaatg gtattaagta gaaaaataaa atactaaaag ggataaagta
    96961 ttaagttgct catcaacagt caggacaagg gctaatcaag tcattgcttc tcatagtgtc
    97021 aatttcactt ctacaggttt ccttctaggt gctcagttgt cacaaatcag ggagaacata
    97081 agatatttgt ccaattggga ttggtttatt tcactcagca tgatgttttc cagattcctc
    97141 cattttgttg caaatgatcg gatttctttt tgtttagctc tgtgtagtat tcaggagagt
    97201 atatatcgca tgatttcttt atccaatctt ccattgatca gatttaggtt gattccatgt
    97261 tttagctatt gtgaattgag ctgaaataaa attaaggtgc agatagctct tttatttgca
    97321 gatttaattt ctcttgggta agttccaagg agtaggattg ctgtgttgta tggtatggct
    97381 gtattcagat ttctgaagta tctccaaact gtattccata gtggctttac cagtttgcat
    97441 tcccaccaac agtggatcat gtcccttttt ccccacatca ttgccagcat ctgttgttag
    97501 ttgatttctg tatgtgagcc attctaactg gggtgaagtg aaacctcatt gtggttctga
    97561 tttgcatttc tctgatgact agtgatcctg aacatttttt catgtgtagt aggccatttg
    97621 gatttcctct ttcgaaaaat gtctattagg tccttggcct atctcttaag tgagtggttt
    97681 gttttgttgt tgtggagttt cttgatctct ttgtagattc tgcttattaa tcctttatca
    97741 gttgcataat tttctttttt ttaactttta tttaatgaat ataaatttcc aaagtacagc
    97801 ttatggatta caatggcttc ccccccataa cgtccctccc acccacaacc cccccctctc
    97861 ccactccctc tctccttcca ttcacatcaa gattcatttt tgattctttt tatatacaga
    97921 agatcagttt agcatacatt aagtaaagat ttcaacagtt tgctctcaca cagaaacata
    97981 aagtgaaaaa taatagatga ctttttaaat gatgatgaaa tcagatcaga cctattgtca
    98041 tgtttaatcc cagtgagagt caaattgaga actgataatt tctttttttt ttacagaata
    98101 tcagtttagt atacattaag taaagctttc aacagtttgc acccccatag aaacacagag
    98161 tgaaatatac tgtttgagta ctcgttatag cattaaatca caacgtacag cacgctaagg
    98221 acagagatcc tacatgagga gtaagtgcac agtgactcct gttgttgact ttacaaattg
    98281 acactcttat ttatggcctc agtaatctcc ccatgctcca gtcatgagtt tccaaggcta
    98341 tggaagcccc ttgagttctc cgactcttat cttgtttaga caaggtcata gtcaaagtgg
    98401 aggttctctc ctcccttcag agaaaggtac ctccttcttt gatgacctgt tctttccact
    98461 gggatctcac tcacagagat cttttgccag agtgtcttgg ctttccatgc ctgaaatact
    98521 ctcatgggct tttcagccag atccgaatgc ctttagggct gattctgagg ccagagtgct
    98581 atttaggaca tctgccattc tatgagtctg ctgagtatct cacttcccat gttggatcac
    98641 tctccccttt atttatttta tcggttagtt ttagcaggta ctagacttgt ttatgtgctc
    98701 cctttgactc ttagtccttt cattatgatc aattgtgaac agaaattgat cacttggaat
    98761 agtgagatgg cattggtaca tgccaccttg atgggattga attggaatcc cctggtatgt
    98821 ttctaactct accatttggg gcaagtcagc ttgagcatgt cccaaattat acatctcttt
    98881 cttctcttat tcccactctt atgtttaaca gggatcacat ttcagttaat tttcaacact
    98941 taagaataac tgtgtgataa ttacagaatt aaaccaatca tattaagtag aacagataaa
    99001 aaaaactact aagagggata atgtattaag ttgttcatta acagtcaggg ctatgctgat
    99061 caagtcaccg tttctcatag tgtccatttc acttcaacag gtttcctttt tggtgttcag
    99121 tcagttgtca ccaatcatgg agaacatatg gtatttgtcc ctttgggact ggcttatttc
    99181 actcagcatg atgtgttcca gattcctcca ttttgttgca aatgactgga tttcgttgtt
    99241 tcttactgcg gtatagtatt ctaaagagta catatcccat aatttcttta tccagtctac
    99301 cgttgatggg catttaggtt ggctccaggt cttggctatt gtgaattgtg ctgcaataaa
    99361 cattagggtg cagaccgctt ttttgtttgc caatttaaat tcctttgggt aaatcccaag
    99421 gagtgggatg gctgggtcga acggtagggt tatcttcagg tttctgagga atctccagac
    99481 tgacttccat agtggcttga ccagtttgca ttcccaccaa cagtgggtta gtgtcccttt
    99541 ttccccacat ccttgccagc atgtgttgtt ggtagatttc tatatgtgag gcattctaac
    99601 cggggtgagg tgaaacctca ttgtggtttt gatttgcatt tccctgattg ctagtgacct
    99661 tgaacatttt ttcatgtgcc tgttggccat ttagatttcc tcttttgaaa aatgtctatt
    99721 gaggtccttg gcccatctct taagtgggtt gtttgttttg ttgtttttta ggttctcgat
    99781 ctctttgtag attctggtta ttaacccttt atctgctgca tagtttgcaa atattttttc
    99841 ccattctgtc ggttgtctct tcactctcct gactgtttct tttgcagtac agaaacttct
    99901 caatttgatg caatcccaat agttgatttt agctttgact gcctgtgcct cccgggtctt
    99961 ttccagaaat tctttgcctg tgccaatatc ttaaagggtt tctccaatgt tctctagtaa
   100021 cttgatggtg tcagttcata gatttaggtc tttaatccat gttgagtgga tttttgtgta
   100081 aggtgtaagg taggggtctt gcttcatgct tcggcacgtg aaaatccaat tttcccagca
   100141 ccatttattg aatagactgt ccttgctcca ggaattagtt ttagatcctt gatcaaatat
   100201 aagttggctg tagatgtttg ggttgatttc tggtgtttca attctgttcc attggtctat
   100261 ccatctgttt ctgtaccagt accatgctgt tttgattaca acttccctgt agtatgtcct
   100321 gaaatctggt attgtgatgc ctccggtttt gtttttgttg tacaagattg ctttagctat
   100381 tcgaggtcta ttgtgcctcc atatgaattt cagcatcatt tttttctaga tctgagaaga
   100441 atgtctttgg tatcttgatt tggattgcat tgaatctata aattgctttt gggagaatgg
   100501 acattttgat gatgttgatt cttccaatcc atgagcatgg aagatttttc catttcttgg
   100561 tatcctcttc tatttctttc tttacggttt tgtaattttc atcatagaga ttgttaacgt
   100621 ccttggttaa gtttattcca aggtatttga ttgtttttgt agctattgtg aatgggattg
   100681 atcttagaag ttcttcctca gccatggcat tgtctgtgta tacaaaggct gttgattttt
   100741 gtgcattgat tttataccct gctactttgc caaactcttc tatgagttcc aatagtctct
   100801 tagtagagtt ctttggatcc cctaaataaa gaatcatgtc atctgcaaag agggatagtt
   100861 tgagttcttc cttcccaatt tgtatccctt taatttcttt ttctttccta atagctctgg
   100921 ctagaacctc cagaactatg ttaaatagaa gtggtgaagc cggcgccgcg gctcaatagg
   100981 ctaatcctcc gcctagcggc gccggcacac cgggttctag tcccggtcgg ggcgccggat
   101041 tctgtcccgg ttgcccctct tccaggccag ccctctgctg tggccaggga gtgcagtgga
   101101 ggatggccca ggtccttggg ccctgcaccc catgggagac caggaaaagc acctggctcc
   101161 tggctcctgc catcggatca gcgcggtgcg ccggccgcag cgcgccagcc gcggcggcca
   101221 ttggagggtg aaccaacggc aaaggaagac ctttctctct gtctctctct ctcactgtcc
   101281 actctgcctg tcaaaaaaaa aaatatagaa gtggtgagag tgggcatccc tgtctggtac
   101341 cagatctcag tggaaatgct tccaactttt ccccattcaa taggatgttg gctgtgggtt
   101401 tttcatagat tgctttgatt atattgagga atgttccttc caaacccagt ttgcttagag
   101461 ttttcatcat gaacgggtgt tgtattttat caaatgcttt ctcggcatct gttgagataa
   101521 tcatatggtt tttcttctgc agtctgttaa tgtggtatat cacgttgatt gtcttgcgca
   101581 cattaaacca tccctgcata ccagggataa atcccacttg gtctgggtgg atgatctttc
   101641 tgatgtgttg ttgcattcta ttggcaagaa ttttattgag gatttttgca tctttgttca
   101701 tcagggatat tggtctgtaa ttctctttca gtgctgcatc tttttccggc ttaggaatta
   101761 aggtgatgct ggcttcatag aaagaatttg ggaggattcc ctcttctttg attgttctga
   101821 atagtttgag aagaattgga gttagttctt ctttaaatgt ctggtagaat tcagcagtga
   101881 atccatctgg tcctgggctt ttctttgttg ggagggcctt tattactgtt tcaatttctg
   101941 tctcagttat gggtctgttt aggttttcta tgtcttcctg gttcaattta ggtaggttgc
   102001 atgtgtccag gaatctatcc atttctgata ggtttccctg tttgttggca tacaagtcct
   102061 tgtagtaatt tctgatgatt ctttttattt ctgtggtgtc tgttgttatg tttccttttt
   102121 catctctgat tttattgatt tgggtctttt ctcttctttt tttagttagt tgggccaatg
   102181 gggtgtcaat tttgtttatt ttttcaaaaa acaaggtctt cgtttggctg attttttgta
   102241 atgtttttct tgattcaatc ctgttgattt cttctctgat tttaattatt tctcttctcc
   102301 tactagattt gggtctggtt tgctgtaggt tttctagatc cttgaggtga attgaaagct
   102361 catctatttg gtgtctttcc aatttcttga tgtaggcacc tattgatata aactttcctc
   102421 ttaacactgc ttttgctgcg tccataagtt ttggtatgtt gtgctgttat cctcatttac
   102481 ttccagaaag tttttgattt ctcttttgat ttcttctatg acccattgtt cattcaggag
   102541 catgttgttc aatctccatg tgtttgcgta tgctctaggg attcctgagt tgctaatttc
   102601 caacttcatt cctttatggt ctgagaagct gcatggtatg attctaattc ttttgaattt
   102661 gctgagactt gctttatggc ctagtatgtg atcaatccta gagaaggttc catgtactgc
   102721 tgagaagaat gtaaaatctt tagctgtagg attgaaagtt ctgtagatat ctgttagatc
   102781 catttgggct atagtgtcat ttaaatctac tgtatccttg ttgatcttct gtcctgttga
   102841 tctgtctgtt tctgagagtg gagtattgaa gtcccccagt actattgtat tggggtctaa
   102901 gtctcccttt aagtccgtta ataaatcttt tagataaact ggtgccctgt agttaggtgc
   102961 tatacattga taattgttat atcttcttgt tgtattgatc ccttaatcat tatatagtgc
   103021 ccctctttgt ctctcttaac agtttttgtg gtaaagttta tgttgtccga tattaagatg
   103081 gctacgcccg ctcttttttc atttctgttg gcatggtata tatttttcca gcctttcact
   103141 ttcagtctgt atggatcttt gttggaaaga tgtgtttctt ttaagcagca aatagatggg
   103201 ttttgttcct taacccaatc agccaatcgg tgtcttttaa ctggacagtt caggccattc
   103261 acgttcaaag tgactaatga taagtggtaa ctttgccctg ccatttgcca aagataagtt
   103321 ctaatatatg ctttgaattc cctgtgatct tttgctgtga ggtttccttc cttggtttcc
   103381 ttcctttacc ttctttcata ttgatgaccg tgtttctgtg tttctgtgtg taacacatct
   103441 ttaagcatct tttgcagggc tggacgagtg gcaacaaatt ctttcaattt ctgtttgcta
   103501 tgaaaagtct ttatttcacc ttcattcaca aatgatagct ttgcaggata taatattctg
   103561 ggctggcagt ttttctctct tagtacctgg gctatatctc gccattccct cctagcttgt
   103621 agagtttctg atgagaagtc agctgtgagt ctgattggag atcctctgag agtaatctga
   103681 cgtttctctc ttgcacattt taggatcttt tctttatgtt tcactgtgga gagtttaatt
   103741 acaacatgtc gtggtgagga tctcttttgg tcgtgtttat taggggttct gtgagcttcc
   103801 tgtactagga tttctctgtc cttctccaaa cctgggaaat tttctgctaa tatctcacta
   103861 aaaaggcctt ctaatccttt ctccctctcc atgccttcag gaactccaag aacccaaatg
   103921 ttgggttttt taatagtatc ctgaagattc ccgacaatat gttttagatt tctaatttcc
   103981 tcttgttttc tttggtctga ctgtatcctt tcctgtgctc tgtcttctaa gtctgatatt
   104041 ctctcttctg cttcacccat tctgtttgta aggctctcta ttgtgttttt catttgatct
   104101 attgaattct tcacttcagt cactatccca gtttcctgtt gtactagttg tttcgtttca
   104161 ttttgattcc tcattaatat ttcattttca cgagagagat tttctatctt gtccattaag
   104221 gatttctgta gttcaagaat ttgtttttga gaacttctta atgttcttat caattttttg
   104281 agatctgctt cttgcatttc ttctatgtca tcatcttcat aatcttgaat tggggtgtct
   104341 ttttcatttg agggcgtcat ggtgacttcc ttgtttttat tacctcggtt tttgcgtttg
   104401 ttatttggca tattggagat atttggtttc ttcactgtgg tgctttttct tgttatacta
   104461 tgactctaga ttaagtggac tatctgtttt tgatggagcc ttagggcttg agatgggtgt
   104521 ggcctgagag ctctgtttgg tgtgccaaag gtgacactcc caggttaggc gtggtaaatc
   104581 tctctctctc tctctctttt tttttttttt ttttgattca aaagggaagt aattccgcac
   104641 agctgaatga agttggaggt agttagcagg caaatgatat acccacagga gccagagatt
   104701 ggaagctctt tcccaaggac cacacaggga atctgttcgg ccctcagagt gggctcaaat
   104761 tctccttcag tctcccactg ggttgccaaa gttacggaat tgtagcgtct ctggagagtg
   104821 ctcacgtgaa ttccgtgagt tctctccccc accgtctctt ttttcacagt ctcagttcag
   104881 tagcaccaca aatttactag gtcctaatct cctgttaatt cgccctgccc agagtcaggt
   104941 ttttctgcta ggctcagggc cggtgcagac ctgaggttgc tctgcttatg atgtatgtcc
   105001 aagatggcac ctgctctttc tcttgctcgc ccttgagagg tgagtggaga gagagaaacc
   105061 cgtgtccgta ccagtcacct tttttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc ttccagttag
   105121 cctggtgaac tccccccccc cccgggtgtc gttccctcta gtctcctctc tccgtttgcc
   105181 tgccagtgtc tcgggctatt gaggttcggc tcacctcgcg ttccagcgct ggtgtgttga
   105241 gtctgccgct ggtgtcccga actgtgggct cccacgctct ccacgcaggt ccgctgtgaa
   105301 tcacgcgttc cagaagagtt tcttctgctg tttcctcccc tactcttcct tgaacctgca
   105361 gtatctccac ttttattaaa ctgtctctcc ccggactatc agtgtgctcc cttcctattc
   105421 cgccatcttg cctcctccct tgggagaatg gacattttga tgatgttgat tcttccaatc
   105481 catgagcatg gaagattttt ccattttttg gtatcctctt ctatttcttt ctttacggtt
   105541 ttgtaattct catcgtagag attgttaacg tccttggtta agtttattcc aaggtatttg
   105601 atggtttttg tagctattgt gaatgggatt gatcttagca gttctttctc agccatggca
   105661 ttgcttgtgt atacaaaggc tgttgatttt tgtgcattga ttttatatcc tgccactttg
   105721 ccaaactcct ctatgagttc caatagtctc ttagtagagt tctttggatc ccctaagtaa
   105781 agaatcatat catctgcaaa gagggatagt ttgacttctt ccttctcaat ttgtattcct
   105841 ttaatttctt tttcttgtct gatggctctg gctaaaactt ccagaactat gttaaataga
   105901 agtggtgaga gtgggcatcc ctgtctggtg ccagatctca gtggaaatgc ttccaacttt
   105961 tccccattca ataggatgct ggctgtgggc ttttcataaa ttgctttgat tatattgagg
   106021 aatgttcctt ctttacccaa tttgcttaga gttttcatca tgaaagggtg ttgaatttta
   106081 tcaaatgctt tctctgcatc tattgagata atcatatggt ttttcttctg cagtctgtta
   106141 atgtggtgaa tcacattgat tgatttgcga atgttgaacc atccctgcat accagggata
   106201 aatcccactt ggtctgggtg gatgattttc ctgatgtgtt gttgtattct aatggcgagg
   106261 attttactga ggatttttac atctatgttc atcagggata ttggtctata attttctttc
   106321 agtgctgcat ctttctctgg cttagggatt aaggtgatgc tggcttcata gaaagaattt
   106381 gggaggattc catctttttc gattgttctg aatagtttga gaagaattgg agttagttct
   106441 tctttaaatg tctggtagaa ttcagcagtg aatccatctg gtcctgggct tttctttgtt
   106501 gggagggcct ttattactgt ttcaatttct gtctcagtta tgggtctgtt taggttttct
   106561 atgtcttcat ggttcaattt aggcaggttg catgggtcca ggaatctatc catttctgat
   106621 agattttcct gtttgttggc atacaagtcc ttgtagtaat ttctgatgat tctttttatt
   106681 tctgtggtgt ctgttgttat gtttcctttt tcatctctaa ttttattgat ttgggtcttt
   106741 tctcttcttt ttttagttag ttgggccaat ggggtgtcaa ttttgtttat tttttcaaaa
   106801 aaccagctcc tcgtttggct gattttttgt aatgtttttt ggattcatcc tgttaatttc
   106861 ttctctgatt ttaattattt ctcttctcct actagatttg ggtctggttt gctgcaaatt
   106921 ttctaggtgc ttgagatgca ctgaaagctc atctatttgg tgcctttcca atttcttgat
   106981 ataggccccg attactataa acttgcctct caatactgct tttgccatat cccataagtt
   107041 ttgatatgtt gtgttgttat cctcatttac ttccagaaag tttctgattt ctcttttgat
   107101 ttcttgaatg acccagtgtt cattcaggag catgttgttc agtctccatg tgtttgcata
   107161 ctttctgggg tttcctgagt tgctaatttc cagcttcatt ccactgtggt ctaagaagct
   107221 gcatggtatg attccaattc ttttgaattt gctaagactt gctttatgac ctagtatgtg
   107281 atcaatccta gagaaggttc catgcactgc tgagaagaat gtaaaatctt tagctgtagg
   107341 attgaaagtt ctgtagatat ctgttagatc catttgggca atagtgtcga ttaaatctgc
   107401 tgtttccttg ttgatcttct gtcctattga tctgtctatt tctgagagtg gagtattgaa
   107461 gtcccccagt actattgtat tggaatctaa gtctcccttt aagtccctta acatatcttt
   107521 taaatagacc gatgccctgt aatgaggtgc atatacattg ataattgtta tatcttcttg
   107581 ttgtattgat cccttaatca ttatatagtg cccctctttg tctctcttaa cagtttttgt
   107641 attaaagttt attttgtctg atattaatat ggctacacct gctttttttt tggtttttgt
   107701 tggcatggaa tatctttttc caacctttca ctttcagact gcatgcatct ttgttagaga
   107761 gatgtgtttc ttataggcaa caaatacttg ggtgttgttc cttaagccag tcagccagtc
   107821 tgtgtctttt aactggacgg ttcaggccat tcacatttaa tgtgactatt gatacatcag
   107881 ttgcataatt ttcaaatgtt tcattgtgtt cagtcggttg cctcttcact ttcctgactg
   107941 tttcttttgc agtacagaaa tttctcaatt tgatgtaatc ccaatagttg attttggctt
   108001 tgattgcctg tgcctctggg gtattttcca agaaatcttt tcctgtgcat atatcttgca
   108061 gggtttctcc aatgttctct aataatttga tggtgttggg ttgtagattt agatctttaa
   108121 ttcatgttga gagggttttt gtgtaaggtc taagttaggg gtcttgcttc acgtttctgc
   108181 atgtggaaat ccagtattcc agcacaattt attgaataat agactgtcct tgctccagga
   108241 attggtttta gatccttgat caaatataag ttggttgtag atgtatggtt tgatttctgg
   108301 tgtttcttgt ctgttccatt ggtctatcca tctgttttta tccagtacca ttctgttttg
   108361 attacaactg ccttgtagta tgtcttgaaa tctggtcttg tgatgattca gctttgtttt
   108421 tgttgtacta gatcgcttta gctatttgag ttctcctgtg cctccatatg aatttcagca
   108481 tcatattttc cagatctgag aagaatatct ttggtatttt catcagtatc acattgaatc
   108541 tgtaaattgc tattggaaga atggacattt tgatgatatt gattcttcga atccatgaac
   108601 atgtaacatt tttccatttt ttgtattttt ttttgtttct ttaaagtttt ttaattctca
   108661 tcatagacat cgttgacttc cttgattggg tttatttcaa ggtatttgtt ttgttttgtt
   108721 ttgttttgta gcctatgtga atgggattta tcttagaagt tctttttcgg gccggcacca
   108781 cggctcacta ggctaatcct ctgcctgtgg cgccggcacc ccgggttcta gtctcagtcg
   108841 gggtgccgga ttctgtcccg gttgcccctc ttccaggcca gctctctgct gtggccaggg
   108901 agtgcagtgg aggatggccc aagtgcttgg gccctgcacc ccatgggaga ccagaagaag
   108961 cacctggctc ctgccatcgg atcagcgcgg tgcgccagac gcagcacgcc agctgcggtg
   109021 gccattggag ggtgaaccaa cggcaaagga agacctttct ctctgtctct ctctctcact
   109081 gtccactctg cctgtcaaaa aaaataataa taatataaaa ataaaaagaa gttctttttc
   109141 actgtggtga gtttgattac aatgtgtcgt ggcgaggatc tcttctggtc atatttattg
   109201 agagttctgt gtgcttccta tacttggatg aaactttctt tctccaaacc tgggaagctt
   109261 tctgctagta tctcactaaa aaggccttct aattctttct ctctctccac gccttcagga
   109321 actcctagga cccaaatgtt ggttttttta atagtatcct atagattccc aacaatattt
   109381 tttagatttc taatttcctc ttcttttctt tggtttgact tatactttcc tgttctctgt
   109441 cttctaagtc tgatattctc tcttctacct cactgattct gtttttaaag ctctcaaatg
   109501 tgttttttaa ttgttctatt gaattcttca tttcattttg ctttctcttc aagatctcaa
   109561 tttcatgttc tactaaattc ctcatttcat tttgcttcct ccttatgatt tcattttgac
   109621 aagagagatt ttctgtcatg tcctgtatgg atttcagtag atcatgtatt tgtttttaat
   109681 tccttctaaa tattcttatc atcaattttt ttagttccat ttcttgcatt tcttctatct
   109741 catcatcttc ataatcgtgt attagagtgt aatgttattt tgtgagcatc atgatgtctt
   109801 ccttgttctt gtttcctcag tttttgcatt tgttgtttgg aattgtggag attttctttt
   109861 gtttcttctt ctttattttt ttcactgtgg cagcttttct cattatacta tgactctaga
   109921 ttaagtggac tgtctgcttt tgatgaatct ctagaggctt gtggtgggtg tggccagagc
   109981 tctgttcaat tcttcagggt taagggtgtt tcaaagtgac acacccaggt ttggcatgat
   110041 ctatcacttt tttttgttca gaagggaagt aattccgttc agctgtgctc ttctcgatgg
   110101 cgatcagtgc ctgagcgcta gccccattgt gtataatatt catctgttct gccccaaggc
   110161 ccgcacaaag gatctgtgca gtccttagtg taagctcaga ttcccctgca atgtctcact
   110221 gggtagccag ggcctcctga gcttgagacg tctcccattg agactattcg ctattcacag
   110281 ttccagttca taagctccac acattcacta ggtcttaggg tcctgttatt actccccacc
   110341 agagtcaggt ttttctgctt ggctgagggc aggcaagccc ccagctggca cagctattaa
   110401 gtttgtccaa aatggcgcct gctttattgt ctcacattac tttgtaaggt gagcggagag
   110461 agaaaattgt gtccatactg tcccttttat ttttttctct cttctagtta ggctggtgta
   110521 ctttcaccct cagggcttca agcctcctta catctatgcc cttcctgcca cttttctgcc
   110581 attgtcttgc gctactgtgg ttttgcttca cctctccaga gctgacatgg aggatactct
   110641 tggcagctga ggtccagaac tgtgggcacc catgccttcc acgtagatcc actgtgtcac
   110701 cctaattctg gaagagtttc tctgccattt ttttcctaac tctttcctga gactacacta
   110761 tctccacttt tattaaacta tcttttcttg gactatcagt gagctccctc actattcagc
   110821 catcttggaa ccagttactc ccagaagcca ttagggaaga aaaagaaatt aaaggaatac
   110881 aaattgggaa ggaagaactc aaactatccc tctttgcaga ggatatgatt ctttatttag
   110941 gggatccaaa gaactctacc aagagactat tggaactcac agaagagttg ggcaaagtag
   111001 aaggatataa aatcaatgca caaaaatcaa cagcccacag gcaatgccac ggctgagaaa
   111061 gaacttctaa gatcaatccc atttacaaag ccacaaaaac aatcaaatac cttggaataa
   111121 acttaaccat ggatgtcaaa gagctctatg atgagaatta caaaatctta aagaaagaaa
   111181 tacaagccta taccaaaaac tggaaaaatc ttccacatac atggattgga agaatcaata
   111241 tcatcaaaat gtccattctc ccaaaagcaa tttatagatt caatgtgata ccaatcaaaa
   111301 tgccaaagac attcttctca gatctggaaa agatgatgct gaaattcata tggaggcaca
   111361 ggagacctct attagctaaa gcaatcttgt acaacaaaaa caaagccgga ggcatcacaa
   111421 gaccagattt caaaacatac tacagggcag ttataatcaa aacagcatgg tactggtaca
   111481 gaaacagatt gatagaccaa tggagcagaa taggaacacc agaaatcaaa ccatacatct
   111541 acaaccaact tatatttgat caaggatcta aaaccaattc ctggagcaag gacagtctat
   111601 tattcaataa attgtgctgg aatactggat ttccacatgc agaaacgtga agcaagaccc
   111661 ctaacttaga ccttacacaa aaaccctctc aacatgaatt aaagatctaa atctacaacc
   111721 caacaccatc aaattattag agaacattgg agaaaccctg caagatatat gcacaggaaa
   111781 agatttcttg gaaaataccc cagaggcaca ggcaatcaaa gccaaaatca actattggga
   111841 ttacatcaaa ttgagaaatt tctgtactgc aaaagaaaca gtcaggaaag tgaagagtca
   111901 accgactgaa cacaatgaaa tattcgaaaa ctatgcaact gataaaggat taataagcag
   111961 aatctacaaa gagatcaaga aactccacaa caacaaaaca aaccactcac ttaagagata
   112021 ggccaaggac ctaatagaca tttttcgaaa gaggaaatcc aaatggccaa ctacacatga
   112081 aaaaatgttc aggatcacta gtcatcagag aaatgcaaat cagaaccaca atgaggtttc
   112141 acttcacccc agttagaatg gctcacatac agaaatcaac taacaacaga tgctggcaat
   112201 gatgtgggga aaaagggaca tgatccactg ttggtgggaa tgcaaactgg taaagccact
   112261 atggaagaca gtttggagat tcctcagaac ccttttgaag tgaaatggac actatgagaa
   112321 acaatgactt ggtcagccct tgtcctgact gtagaggatc atctaactat tttattcctt
   112381 ctagtattat ttttttgttc tacttaatac tattggttga actctttagt ttacacacag
   112441 ttattcttag gcatttaaaa ttaactgaaa agagatgcct gttaaatata agagtaggaa
   112501 taagacaggg aggagatgta cagttcggta catgctcact cggacttacc cctaatgcta
   112561 gtgctagaaa cgtgccaggg gattccaatt caaccccaac aaagtggcat gtaccaatgc
   112621 catcttacta gtcaaagtga tcagtttaag ttcataattg atcataatga taggattaag
   112681 tgtcaaaggg atcacataaa caagactagt gtctgataat aataactgat agaatgaaaa
   112741 aggagagaga gcgaaccaac atgggaagcg ggatacacag cagactcata gaatggcaga
   112801 tgccctagac agcactctgg cctcagaatc agccttaagg cattcggatc ctgctaaaaa
   112861 gcacatgaga gaaactcagg catggaaaac caagacactg tggcaataaa aaataaccta
   112921 aatgaaagat ctctgtgagt gagatcccag tggaaagaac ggaccatgaa gaaggaggta
   112981 cctttctctg aaggaaggag acttccactc gactatggcc ttgtctaaat aagattggag
   113041 tttgtgaact caagaggctt ccatagcctt ggcagctcat gagtagtgct tcaggtgatt
   113101 tctgacatca taagtaagag tgtcgtttgt taaatcaaca acaggagtaa ctgcacacct
   113161 acttcccatg taagatctct gtccttaata tattgtacta tgtgaattaa ccataaaact
   113221 actactcaaa cagtattcaa tactttgtgt gtctttgtgg gtgcagtctg ttgaaatttt
   113281 tacttagtat atactaagtt gatcttctgt atataattaa tgaatcttga tgaagaatgg
   113341 gatgggagag ggactgggag atgggatggt tgtgggtggg agggaggtta tggagggaaa
   113401 actgctataa ttcaaaagtt gtactttgga aatttatatt tattaaataa aaattgaaaa
   113461 aaagttcttt ttccactgca gcattgtctg tgtatacaaa gactattgat ttttgtgtat
   113521 tgattttata tcccactatt ttatccaact cttctatgag ttttaatggt ctcttggtgg
   113581 agttctttgg atcccctaaa taataatacc atctgcaaag agagatagtt tgacttcttc
   113641 cttcccaatt tattcccttt gattgcattt tcttgcctta tgactctgac ctaaacctcc
   113701 agaactatac tgaatagcaa tggttagagt gggcatccct gtctggtacc agatctcagt
   113761 gggaacgctt ccaacttttc cccattcaat atgatgctgg ccatgggttt gtcataaatt
   113821 gctttgattg tgttgagaaa tgttccttcc atacctaatt tgcttagagt tttcatcatg
   113881 aaagggtgtt gttttttttt atcaaatgct ttctctgcat ctattgagat aatcactagg
   113941 tttctcttca gcgtgttaat gtgctgtatc atactgattg atttgcaaat gttgaacctt
   114001 ccctgcatac cgaggataaa tcccacttgg tctaggtgga tgatctttct gatgtgttgt
   114061 tggattctat tggctagaat tttatggagg atttttgcgt ctatgttcat cagggaaatt
   114121 ggtctgtcat tctctttctc tgctgcatct ttttcaggtt taggaattaa agtgatgctg
   114181 gcttcataga aagaatttgg aaggatttgc tctctttcaa ttgttttggt tagcttgaga
   114241 agaattggag ttagttctta tttcaatgtc tggtagaatt ctatagtgaa ttcatccggt
   114301 ctatagtgaa tccatctggg cttgtctttg ttgggagggc ctttattact gactcaattt
   114361 ctgaatcagt tatgggtctg tttaggtttt ctatgtcttc aagattcaat ttagttaggt
   114421 tgcatgtgtc caggaatcta accatttctg atagttttcc cagtttgtta gcataaaact
   114481 ctttgtagta atttctgatg attcttttta tttctgtggt ttctgttaca ttcccttttt
   114541 catctctgat tttattgatt tgggtctttt ctcttttttt ttcagttagt tgggccaatg
   114601 gtgtgtcaag tttttttttt ccaaaaaacc agctctttgt tttactgatc ttttgtattg
   114661 ttgttttgga ttcaattttg ttgatttctt atctagtttt aattatttct ttttctccta
   114721 ctggttttgg gtttggtttg ctgttgtttt tctagatctt agagatgtat tgatagctca
   114781 tttttttggt gcctttccaa tttcttgatg taggcaccta ctgctataaa ctttcccctt
   114841 gatgtataag ttgggacatg ctcaagttga cttgccccaa gtggtggagt tagacatgtg
   114901 ccagggaatt ccaatacaat cccatcaagg tggcatgtac caacgccacc tcactagtcc
   114961 aagtgatcaa tttagggtca caatagacca taatgatagg tctaagagtc aaagggatca
   115021 cataaacaag actagtgtct gataatacta actgatagaa taaaaaatgg aatggagaga
   115081 acgatccaac atgggaagca ggatacacag aagactcata gaatggcagt tgtcctaaac
   115141 agcactctag cctcagaatc agcccttaag gcattcggat ctggctgaaa agcccatgag
   115201 agtatttcag gcatggaaag ccaagacact ctggggaaaa aaaaaagagg acctaaatga
   115261 aagatctgtg cgagtgagat cccagtggaa agaacgggcc atcagagaag gagctacctt
   115321 tctctgaagg gaggagaaaa cttccacttt gactacgact ttgtctaaat aagatcagag
   115381 ttggcgaact caaaaggttt tcatagtctt ggcaactcat gactagagcc tggaaagatt
   115441 gctgatgcca taaacaagag tgtcaatttg ttaagtcaac aacaggagtc actgtgcact
   115501 tactccccat gtaggatctc tgtccttaat gtgtagttca ttgtgaagta aagatatgac
   115561 tagtgctcaa acagtatttg gcactttgtg tgctgtgtgg gagcaaactg gtgaaatctt
   115621 tacttaatat atactaaact gatcttctgt atataaagag aattgaaaat gaatcttgat
   115681 gtgaatggaa tgggagaggg agtgggagat gggagggttg cgggtgggag ggaagttctg
   115741 gggggggaga aagccattgt aatccacaaa ctgtactttg gaaatttaca tctactaaat
   115801 aaaagttaaa aaaaaaactt tccccttaac actgcttttg ctgtaactta tatttttgat
   115861 gttgtgttgt tatcttcatt tgctcccaga agagttttga ttcctatttt gatttttctt
   115921 ctatgacaca ctgttcattc agcagcatgt tgttcagtct ccatgtgttt gcatatgctc
   115981 tagagattct tgagttgctg attcccagcc tcattccact gtggtctgag aacatgcatg
   116041 gtatgatttc aattattttg aatttgctga gatttgcttt atggcttagt atctggtcaa
   116101 atctagagaa agttccatgt actgttgaga aaatgtgtat tcttctagtg taggatgaaa
   116161 agttctgtag ctatctgtta ggtccatttg gtctaaagta tcaattaaat ctgctatttc
   116221 cttgttgatt ttctgtatgg ttgacctgtc cattgatgaa agtggagtac tgaagttccc
   116281 caatgctatt gtattggagc ctaatctccc tttaattccc ttatcctttc ttttaaatag
   116341 ccaggtgccc tgtaattaag tgcatataca tttataatag ttacatcttc ctgttgaatt
   116401 gatcccttaa ttactatata gtgcccttcc tttgtctctt ttaacagttt ctgtgttaaa
   116461 gtctattttg tctgatatta acatggattc accaggtctt ttttgatttc taatatcatg
   116521 gaatatcttt ttccaacctt tcgctttcag tatgcatgcc tctatttggt gagttcctgg
   116581 gccatcttct accgctttcc caggccatag cagagagctg gatctgaaga ggagcatctg
   116641 gaactagaac cagcagtcat aaaggattcc agcccttcag gcaaggactt taaactacta
   116701 tgccatagca ccggccccct aagatgtgtt ttttgtaagc agcaaataga tatgttttgg
   116761 ttttttaatt caatcagcca gtctgtgctt tttaactgga gagttgaagc catttgcatt
   116821 gaatgtgact actgataaat aatgactttt ccctgccatt ttcccaaaga tattcctaat
   116881 ttatactttg atcttcctgt gatcttttac tgagagatgt tcttgcttta ccttctttca
   116941 tattgatgac catgtttctg tgtttgtgtg tgtaacatac ccttaagcat tttttgcagg
   117001 gttggatgga tgttaccaaa ttctttcagt ttctgtttgt tttgaaaggt ctttatttca
   117061 ccttcattca cagatgagag ctttgcaggg tataatattc tgaaatgata gtttttttct
   117121 cttaggactt aggctatatc ttgccattct ctcctagcat acagggtttc tgatgagaag
   117181 tctgctgtga gtctaattgg agattctctg aaagtaatct ggcatttctc tgttaaacat
   117241 tttagaatct tctccttatg tttcaatgtg gtgagtttta ttacaatgtg tcatggcaag
   117301 agtcttttct gattatgtct attgggagtt ctgtgtgcct cttgtacttg gaggtctctt
   117361 tctttctcca aacctgggaa gttttctatt agtatttcat tataaaggcc ttctaatctt
   117421 ttctctctct ctctccatgc cttcaagaac tcctagaata tgaatattgt ttttttaaac
   117481 tatcttgtag attcccaacc ttatttttta gatttctaat ttcttccact tttctttggt
   117541 ttgactgtac tttcctgtgc tttgtcttct aagtccaata ttcttttttt tttttttttt
   117601 tttttttttt tgacaggcag agtggacagt gagagagaga gacagagaga gaaaggtctt
   117661 cctttgccgt tggttcaccc tccaatggcc gccgctgcag ccggcgcacc gcgctgatcc
   117721 gatgacagga gccaggagcc aggtgctttt cctggtctcc catggggtgc agggcccaag
   117781 cacctgggcc atcctccact gcactccctg gccatagcag agagctgtcc tggaagaggg
   117841 gcaaccggga cagaatccgg cgccccgacc gggactagaa cccggtgtgc cggcgccgca
   117901 aggtggagga ttagcctatt gagccacggc gccggcttaa gtccaatatt ctttcttctg
   117961 ccttattgat tttgttctta aagctctcaa ctgcgttttt tatttgttct attgaattct
   118021 tcatttcact ttgattactc cttaagatct caatttcata agagagattt tctttcatgt
   118081 tctgatggat ttcttttttt aacttttatt taataaatat aaatttccaa agtacaggtt
   118141 ttggattaca gtggcttccc cccccccata acttccctcc cacctgcaac cctcccatct
   118201 cctgctccct ctcccattcc aaaaatatgt gtattttttc caagctggca ttggaatctc
   118261 agccaatgcc ttcctctctg aatggattgc aatagttcat gcattagctt ttgattactt
   118321 ctatgtaatc ttatgacgaa ttttttgagt tctatttctt gcatttcttc tgtctcatca
   118381 tcttcataat ctagtattga agtctcatgt tcttttggga gcatcatgtt ttcttcctta
   118441 ttcccatttc ttggattatt gcatttgttg ttcagcatct gttgagatac tcgttggttt
   118501 cttcttcttt tttttttttc ccactgtggt gacttttatc gttgtactat gactctgtag
   118561 ataagtggac tgtctgcttt cagtgaatct ctagaagctt gtcatgggtg tggccagcga
   118621 gctctgttca gttctccagg gttaagggca tgactaaggt gacacaccca ggtttggtat
   118681 ggtcaatctt ctctctctct tttttttagt gattttttaa tatatttgac aggtagagtt
   118741 acagacagtg agagagagac agagagaaag gtcttccttc agttggttca ctctccaaat
   118801 ggccgccaag gccagcgctg tgctgatcca aagccaggag ccaggtgctt cctcccagtc
   118861 tctcatgagg gtgctggggc ccaagcactt gagccatcct ccactgcctt cctgggccac
   118921 agcagagagc tagactggaa gaggagcaac caggactaga acccagcacc tatacaggat
   118981 gctggcgccg caggtggagg attaaccaag tgagccacag cgctggcccc ctctctcttt
   119041 ttttctctct tttttttttc aatcagaagg gaagtatatt ctggtcagtt gagctcttct
   119101 cgatggcgac caatgcctga gtgctagccc cagtggctat aatattcgtc agctctgtga
   119161 caaggaacac acaaaggatc tgtacagtcc tctgtgtaat ttcagcatct ctagcagtgt
   119221 ctctcaccag gcaaccggga atctctaagc tcatggcatc ttccactgag actgctcaaa
   119281 gtcccagtca caccctgagt tctcccacac accctcagct tgtttttgtt tttgtttttt
   119341 ctcacagtcc tggttcggat gcttcacaca atcacaagct ccttgccctg tgttatttct
   119401 ccccaccagt caggagtctg ctcggctgat tgccaggcgc agacacaagc tggcgcagct
   119461 gttatgtatg tctaaaatgg tgcccgctct ttcagctacc acagtacacc tttataaagt
   119521 gatcggagag agaaacgtgt cctactctgg aggcgactga ggtggagttc gtatccctgc
   119581 cattcactgt gctagagtga actgattgat tcattgttca gagtgagagc acagtcccag
   119641 ggaacttcac ccccccactc ctacccctgc cgatgtgcgc actgtccaga gatccagcac
   119701 actctgtcct gcgcctgcac cctctgtctg atgccatgac aaaatccatc ctagtgtgct
   119761 gggagctctg agcctcccca agtgactgga cgggtgcatg ggaacccagc cagaacctgt
   119821 atgtttcaag tggtgtgggg aggggaggta tggggaagaa catgatcccc aattcagaca
   119881 gggcaggcat ctatttccag agtcctaggg gatatcattc cagaagccct gctcccacaa
   119941 tccactttgt gcagagtgct gtgtgggctg ggaccctggc tgctggccta ttgggccggt
   120001 aggacctggg gagctaagtc ggccttactc ccaggcagga ctgtctttgg ggtccctgga
   120061 agaagaagat agcaagggct tctgtctccc agcacagcat gcattgcacc agtgactcct
   120121 ctctcaatat ggtgtcacac cagcactgcc ctggctttga ggggtggcag agtgaagacc
   120181 aagcgagttc cttctttgaa gcaaaggtaa gtcttgcagg gaccctcctc actgggctct
   120241 gtctgtggtg agtggattcc tcctggggag gggggtgcct ggctgaggga tccgtgctga
   120301 tgggctccac ctccgctctc ctgctcacca tttccctaca ataaggaccc cacaggctgt
   120361 gtggctggag ctgcagacac cactggcttg gctttgttct gctttgtcct ctctctgtgc
   120421 tgctacacct tctatcagtg tcctgctgtg ttcccagtgt tctgttaatg cattcggggg
   120481 ctcttcctca ggtgctcacc tccgcaagta gcagctttgg gttttcttgg aaaaggtgga
   120541 agtgaaagtt gaatttccct gtacagccat cttaatcgcc cagataagtg ctattaaaac
   120601 cacttaaatt tacatagcat tttttatttt tttaaaaaga ttcattaatt cctttgaaag
   120661 gcagagttac agggaaagaa ggaaaacaca cacacacaca cacacacaga gctttcattt
   120721 actgattcat tcccctaatg gctgcaacag ccaggactgg gccaagctta agctaggagc
   120781 ctggaactct atccaggtct ccaacgtggg tgcagggttc aagcacttct gctgctttcc
   120841 caggccatta acagggagca ggattggaaa tggagcagac aggacttgaa ctggagccca
   120901 gatgggatcc tggcaatgca ggcagtggct caacctgctt tgcacaatgc cagcccctac
   120961 gtagcatctt acaatataca aagagaggct aggtgaacag tgtctgccta ggtccactct
   121021 ggatagaaaa gcagctggaa tggaacctct ggagctggtc ttttattctc caagtgaggc
   121081 acagggattt cttatatttc tctgcagctt aatttccatt actgactttc tgtgactgca
   121141 gaagtcatcg ctgtctgatg cagacacctt gacttttgaa tcacaaaaag cattggtgtc
   121201 cttggtccct gtcctagttg atggccaagg cccctgaaag agaaagccat tttaaaaagg
   121261 acgggtgact gaataattat ttactgtacc agagtatctc aattttaact tgcatgctac
   121321 tttttaaaag attatttatt tatttgcaag tcagagttac acagggagag aaggagaggc
   121381 agaggcagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aggtcttcca tgcgctggtg
   121441 cagtccctaa atggccacaa tggccggagc tgctccaatc tgaagcggag ccaggaagtt
   121501 cttctgggtc ttccacacgc attcaggggc tcaagcactt gaactatcat ccactgcttt
   121561 cccagaccat agcagagagc tagatcggaa gtggaccaac gggtctgaaa ctggtgtcca
   121621 tgtggattgc cggcactgca ggaggcagct ttacccacta caccatagca gtgggacatc
   121681 cttgcatgct gttttaatct caactgctct cccaacacag actgttacat ggtcccattc
   121741 ataaatattt attgatgttg tggatgacac taaaaatgaa aggagcctgt ctgtgttgat
   121801 tgtgaacctt aagttgctct ctcagtcttg agcatgtggt gccgtccttg gagagcttgc
   121861 ttgaacttac gcttgtgtca agaggttaac cgccctctga aattgatcca cacagctgta
   121921 tgatgaatgc atttatcatg tgacttgcca tgcccagcac tgtagaagtg gggtatcctt
   121981 gagtagaaag ttttccttct cctctatgct ggtagcagtg ctgtgaggag gcttgacctg
   122041 tgtgtaggga aatcagaact tctggcactt ggctcccttt catacagcgt tattttcacc
   122101 ccaggcataa agctt