LOCUS       KJ810982              119296 bp    DNA     linear   MAM 25-MAY-2014
DEFINITION  Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB_204B12, complete sequence.
VERSION     KJ810982.1
SOURCE      Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)
  ORGANISM  Oryctolagus cuniculus
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Lagomorpha;
            Leporidae; Oryctolagus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 119296)
  AUTHORS   Rogel-Gaillard,C. and Bed'Hom,B.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (09-MAY-2014) UMR1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative
            Biology, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA),
            Domaine de Vilvert, Jouy-en-Josas F-78350, France
COMMENT     ##Assembly-Data-START##
            Assembly Method       :: PhredPhrap v. v.16
            Sequencing Technology :: Sanger dideoxy sequencing
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..119296
                     /organism="Oryctolagus cuniculus"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /clone="BAC LBAB_204B12"
     repeat_region   234..735
                     /note="matching Zaphod"
     repeat_region   complement(827..949)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   2323..2350
     repeat_region   complement(2351..2590)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   4100..4236
     repeat_region   4240..4434
     repeat_region   complement(4467..4761)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(6403..6906)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(6939..7434)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(7436..7488)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(12529..12759)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   12934..13260
                     /note="matching CSINE2A2_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(13286..13614)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   13948..13998
                     /note="matching MLT1J2"
     repeat_region   complement(13997..14286)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(14586..14918)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   14987..15334
                     /note="matching CSINE2_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(15335..15411)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(15412..15488)
                     /note="matching SINEC_Mv"
     repeat_region   complement(15414..15503)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   15576..15706
                     /note="matching LTR16A"
     repeat_region   complement(15932..16024)
                     /note="matching L1MA5A"
     repeat_region   complement(16027..16375)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   16497..16517
     repeat_region   complement(16529..16819)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(16830..16873)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   16874..16909
     repeat_region   complement(16910..17158)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(17240..17576)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(17642..18280)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(18268..18775)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(18775..19192)
                     /note="matching L1MA5A"
     repeat_region   complement(19602..19684)
                     /note="matching B2L_S"
     repeat_region   complement(19618..19761)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   19805..20102
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(20175..20190)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   20191..20233
     repeat_region   complement(20234..20515)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(20522..21578)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   21579..21619
     repeat_region   complement(21621..21974)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(21982..22311)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(22833..23139)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   23345..23405
     repeat_region   complement(23592..23924)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(24289..24609)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(24611..24807)
                     /note="matching L1MC5"
     repeat_region   complement(24808..25142)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(25143..25291)
                     /note="matching L1MC5"
     repeat_region   complement(25345..25766)
                     /note="matching L1MA7"
     repeat_region   25788..25824
     repeat_region   complement(25830..26079)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   26096..26127
     repeat_region   complement(26128..26461)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(26469..26842)
                     /note="matching L1M2"
     repeat_region   complement(26866..26953)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(26971..27323)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(27469..27805)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(27812..27925)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(28546..28934)
                     /note="matching LTR3B1_OC"
     repeat_region   28935..28981
                     /note="matching LTR3B_OC"
     repeat_region   29425..29565
                     /note="matching MTEa"
     repeat_region   31634..31757
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   32980..33095
                     /note="matching L2c"
     repeat_region   complement(33172..33393)
                     /note="matching ORSL"
     repeat_region   33545..33588
     repeat_region   complement(35638..35721)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(35971..36158)
                     /note="matching MLT1H"
     repeat_region   complement(37136..37461)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(37941..37960)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   37961..38269
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(38270..38529)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   38609..38722
                     /note="matching L1MD"
     repeat_region   complement(38723..39059)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   39060..39549
                     /note="matching L1MD"
     repeat_region   39727..40012
                     /note="matching L1M5"
     repeat_region   complement(40313..40645)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(40648..40940)
                     /note="matching L1M2"
     repeat_region   complement(40915..41153)
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(41238..42429)
                     /note="matching L1MA4"
     repeat_region   complement(42377..42738)
                     /note="matching L1M2"
     repeat_region   43304..43376
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   43366..43526
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   43534..44140
                     /note="matching L1MA5"
     repeat_region   44141..44211
     repeat_region   44318..45456
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   45462..45902
                     /note="matching L1MA5"
     repeat_region   46210..46338
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(46364..46684)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   46799..46879
                     /note="matching LTR24_Sar"
     repeat_region   complement(46881..46985)
                     /note="matching L1MA4"
     repeat_region   complement(46986..47651)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   47668..47808
                     /note="matching L1MD"
     repeat_region   47822..47877
     repeat_region   49293..49625
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(50119..50331)
                     /note="matching MIR"
     repeat_region   complement(51653..51981)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(54072..54378)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(54751..55056)
                     /note="matching L1M5"
     repeat_region   55182..55223
                     /note="matching L1MDa"
     repeat_region   complement(55224..55593)
                     /note="matching LTR36_OC"
     repeat_region   55594..56088
                     /note="matching L1MDa"
     repeat_region   56089..56419
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   56420..56907
                     /note="matching L1MDa"
     repeat_region   56943..57100
                     /note="matching L1MDa"
     repeat_region   57113..58204
                     /note="matching L1MDa"
     repeat_region   complement(58258..58353)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(58353..58679)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(58680..58791)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(58919..59285)
                     /note="matching LTR32B2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(59626..59778)
                     /note="matching MacNERV6b-int"
     repeat_region   complement(60173..60663)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   60783..60839
     repeat_region   complement(61219..61377)
                     /note="matching LTR7B_OC"
     repeat_region   61378..61405
     repeat_region   complement(61408..61723)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(61724..61951)
                     /note="matching LTR7B_OC"
     repeat_region   62027..62048
     repeat_region   complement(62136..62200)
                     /note="matching LTR8F_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(63020..63190)
                     /note="matching LTR1B_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(63197..63571)
                     /note="matching MacNERV6b-int"
     repeat_region   complement(63628..63668)
                     /note="matching LTR32B2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(63778..64011)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   64023..64157
                     /note="matching L1MD"
     repeat_region   complement(64159..64408)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   64409..65125
                     /note="matching LTR8B_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(65126..65161)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   complement(65162..65508)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(65509..65519)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   complement(65520..65852)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(65853..66185)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   66186..66699
                     /note="matching LTR8C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(66700..66793)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   complement(66722..66804)
                     /note="matching L1-1_AMe"
     repeat_region   complement(66857..67106)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   complement(67131..67407)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(67443..67673)
                     /note="matching L1M4b"
     repeat_region   67672..67972
                     /note="matching L1MD1"
     repeat_region   68122..68435
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(69237..69345)
                     /note="matching MIR3"
     repeat_region   70649..70935
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   70942..70982
     repeat_region   complement(71350..71389)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   71390..71428
     repeat_region   complement(71429..71693)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   71824..71913
                     /note="matching MIRb"
     repeat_region   72302..72615
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   72620..72650
     repeat_region   73653..73718
                     /note="matching L2d2"
     repeat_region   complement(73800..73996)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   74013..74325
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   74338..74680
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(75278..75439)
                     /note="matching L1M5"
     repeat_region   75653..75721
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   75722..76038
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   76042..76077
                     /note="matching L1M4"
     repeat_region   76078..76187
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   76196..76473
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   76604..76820
                     /note="matching L1ME3A"
     repeat_region   76936..77004
                     /note="matching MIRb"
     repeat_region   77403..77484
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   77556..77581
     repeat_region   complement(78227..78411)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   78558..78606
     repeat_region   complement(78890..79196)
                     /note="matching L1MA9"
     repeat_region   79197..79483
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   79484..79521
     repeat_region   79522..79551
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(79552..79987)
                     /note="matching L1MA9"
     repeat_region   complement(80524..81055)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(81056..81264)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   81274..81911
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   82005..82245
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   82583..82915
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   83656..83988
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   84699..84890
                     /note="matching L1MA7"
     repeat_region   complement(84962..85303)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(85549..85875)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   86641..86951
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   86953..86993
     repeat_region   86977..87008
     repeat_region   87009..87047
     repeat_region   complement(87060..87320)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   87360..87672
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(87673..87910)
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(87997..89237)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   90916..90971
     repeat_region   91582..91613
     repeat_region   92537..92577
     repeat_region   92934..93226
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   93227..93281
     repeat_region   93304..93329
     repeat_region   complement(93341..93573)
                     /note="matching MER2"
     repeat_region   94964..95044
                     /note="matching MIRc"
     repeat_region   96511..96657
                     /note="matching L1MA8"
     repeat_region   complement(97114..97219)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   97500..97948
                     /note="matching L1MB8"
     repeat_region   complement(98041..98815)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(98814..99437)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(99593..99920)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(99931..99992)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   99993..100026
     repeat_region   complement(100027..100283)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(101151..101233)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   104558..104578
     repeat_region   complement(104675..105015)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(105016..105481)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(105482..105881)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(105939..106211)
                     /note="matching L2"
     repeat_region   106652..106696
                     /note="matching MIR3"
     repeat_region   complement(107960..108308)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   109588..109620
     repeat_region   109967..110004
     repeat_region   110896..111177
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   111202..111235
     repeat_region   complement(111247..111448)
                     /note="matching MER2"
     repeat_region   complement(111885..112045)
                     /note="matching LTR1B_OC"
     repeat_region   113034..113121
                     /note="matching MIRc"
     repeat_region   114667..114789
                     /note="matching L1MA8"
     repeat_region   complement(115032..115081)
                     /note="matching MTD"
     repeat_region   complement(115394..115638)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(115699..115804)
                     /note="matching MST-int"
     repeat_region   complement(115788..116012)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(116004..116488)
                     /note="matching MST-int"
     repeat_region   116499..116709
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   116754..116776
     repeat_region   complement(116943..117183)
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   117268..117296
     repeat_region   complement(117298..118338)
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(118398..118685)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   118907..118937
     repeat_region   118973..119296
                     /note="matching L1MB7"
BASE COUNT        33117 a        25136 c        25611 g        35432 t
        1 aagcttattg atgcctcttc tctatttctt ttactcggtg aacttcttat ctctgctttt
       61 atatcctgtc ctatattaaa aaaatataaa ctggtgggtg agacagggag ggaaagagga
      121 ggggaaagat aggtattgtc ttatttagga tcactattac tgcttagcag acgttgttct
      181 aattgtttta taaccattta gtactgcctt tagatataca caggagggac attacaaatt
      241 acaaagtcat taaaataagt aaggatgctt ctgccatcgg gactttgtat ttagagctgg
      301 cacagtaaaa tctacaactc tgcatatctg atcactcatt aacatcatca aggccccagg
      361 aaatgcttct catgtatttt gctctctgtt cttgtaacta gaggcaatcg tatccacttg
      421 ctgagaaggt atgtggatgt gcctttgctg acatcagatg gagaagtttc atggttcaag
      481 agggagttaa gcaggtgaag agattataag agaaaaataa actaaacatt ttacatactt
      541 ccaaccgcag agaatacatg tcatagattc ctgcatagga ggatcccttg ctagcagagt
      601 tggctaatct tcctgtctca tacattgccc tggtatttct agccattatg caggacagca
      661 gagaaattgc aatattaaac aattcatatt actcttgtat ttgtgtaggt gaagattcaa
      721 atccaaatgc atgaatcaca gtccatattt tacaaaagga agcctcaggc aaaaagaaat
      781 tcagtctttg ttgactcata aagcacatta gtggtggaac tgctgtggct gtgctgggct
      841 gaagccgggg agctgggaac ccaatccagg tatcccacac gggtcgcaag agccattgct
      901 gctgcctccc agggtcggca ttagtaggaa gctgggctgg gaaccgagcc tgagtaatcc
      961 agtgtgggac acgaacgtcc caacctgcag catgccctcc ctgccacggc ccaccagagg
     1021 ttcaaacaag atgtccactc ttgaattgct tttgattttc ggttctttaa accactaaga
     1081 cattcagtct tcagatctag acagacatct tctgtagttt gatccaacag gcattaaatg
     1141 ttcacccagt gcaatttggt gaaggcagtg ccaggcgttg gatacagaac cttcagaaca
     1201 aatgtctgcc cagagacaga tgacgacctg aagctccagc gctgattggc tctgttcctg
     1261 gggatcctcc aatctcaaca tgcctggaag ctttctcagg tttttattct cccaggtggg
     1321 cacatcagat ctatttgggg caagctttgc tgactgccat tcgcttcttc ccttgttctc
     1381 aagtatgtct cgggggatgg cgctgctgct tcccagaagc cttcgtagag cagctgtgct
     1441 ggcgatcctg gtggtgctga gctcccctgc ggcagagggc cacgactccc caagtaagcg
     1501 cagggcggct gctacccagg gcccccactc agggaaccct ccttgggctg gggtgtgggg
     1561 aacggtgatc tccatgagct tagaatacag cgctctatca ccagctaatt tcctcttttc
     1621 cagacagcct ggtgtccgcc ttctgatcgt aagatgagca caggtggtct ccttcccatg
     1681 ggctcaagcc tgcggatgtt acactaagag ggaggggatc acatgcatag cctttattag
     1741 tgacggataa agtgagattg gggcttattt tcgaagacag gattttttcc agagtaacac
     1801 aggtttgtta cttcaggatc ccccaaggct ttatctttgc taaatagcag ggatttattt
     1861 tgtgattctg ggttggggaa acaaggcagc aatagcctct ggtttctgag gacaaggagt
     1921 ctgtattcct gatctgagtg aaaagttcat ggaggcaaac acttggctgc taactgaagc
     1981 caagcgctga ccacagatag ggagtcttac cttcaggtcc cactggctta ggggcaaatg
     2041 ataacttgac cgagagtcag aggcatgagt tgatggtggg ctgaactcag ggaaaaagga
     2101 gtatgcaaag aacaggagaa ttaaagaaca atgtgtattg agaaaccact cattgctaac
     2161 cattctctca attctgtttt tattgaataa attagagaga gatggagaga gtgagacatt
     2221 gcggacacag gattaatatc tttatataaa ttctctcaac cttccaacat gcctaggtgc
     2281 aggtattgtg acatttaaaa aattatgtat ttatttgaaa gggagagaga gagagagaga
     2341 gagagagaga aagaatcttc tacttgctgt ttcacttccc aggtggctac aatgtccagg
     2401 gctgtggcaa gagctgcttc cccgcctctc acatgggtgg caggagccca agaacttagg
     2461 ctgttcttgc tgctttccca ggcacattag cagggagctg aatcagaagc agagcagcca
     2521 agactctaac aggcacttat atgggatact ggcactgcag tcatgggctt aacccccatg
     2581 gcagagcgcc acctttgtga ctttgttttt acacaattat acccatagcc agttctaaga
     2641 accctgttct tcccaccaca acacgaggct cctctgcatc taagataata gataaaaaca
     2701 cactctgtta taacaattta gatggtatta ggtagtttgc ccaagctggt aattgacgca
     2761 gttcaactgg aatctatcta aagtcaaagc ttgtgctcct ctcatgaata ggaaattcta
     2821 taattctatt gtaggactcc gaggtgtctc caccccccac cccacccccc agagcaagcc
     2881 cggacaaggt gggaagcagg gcgcttgcgc agaggtccgg ggaccacgct tgtcaggaca
     2941 ggcttggagt ccgctcactt tatacctcat gtgctgttcg cccgagctcc cgtgttatgc
     3001 gggtacctgt ctctgaggtt ccctggaatt cacggagtga ggcttccggg gggaccgccc
     3061 cacccctcca agtacggcct gcaggtgcaa cccaccgccg ccgattctgg ccgattcgcg
     3121 ggctccggta ggggccgccg ctctcagcgc cccgcctttc cggccgcccc tcgggtgagg
     3181 cggatcccgg aagccctcgg aggagcggaa ggagccgact gggcgacccg ggttcgggag
     3241 gcgcggggct gggttggcgg gagtcggaga tgcggcgggt tcccggcttc tctgccctca
     3301 acgccggctc cgcacagcga cggccgcaag gggcggtgcg gctgagccgg gccggggcct
     3361 gactgccgcg cgttgatgcc ccgcagagga tttcgtggtc cagtttaagt gtcagtgcta
     3421 cttcaccaac gggacgcagc gggtgcagta cgtgaccaga tacatctaca acctggagga
     3481 gcacctgcgc ttcgacagcg acgtgggcga gtaccgggcg gtgaccgagc tgggccggcc
     3541 ggaggccaag tcctggaaca gccagccgga catcctggag cggacgcgcg ccgaggtaga
     3601 cacggtctgc agacacaact accaggcaga gctcctcacc tccttacagc ggcgaggtga
     3661 gtgcggcccc tccgccgccg gccgggtctc cctgctcggg gagaggccgg cctctgggac
     3721 gcgagcccct ctgtgcggag gggacgggcg gcgacccagg ggagggcggg ggccggaccc
     3781 cagcagtcct tggacgttcc ctaaggaggc cggggcggct gtcctgtgtg gccccgcctc
     3841 gtggcctcct ggtctgtctg gtcctttggt tttctcaggt ccgtttgcct ccttccttac
     3901 ctgtgcgctg tggggcccca gcccctgcct ctgcttcctg tagccattaa agcagggccc
     3961 agggcccatc tgctgagctc aggccactga gacgcccagc aggctggacc taggtctgct
     4021 ctgccgccgc tcaccaggca ccttgcacat aatgtagtaa gcacactgta gtcgtatttt
     4081 gacctttggt ttcaaaccat cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct
     4141 cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcctct cctctcccct cccctcccct cccctcccct
     4201 cccctcccct cccctcccct ccttctccct ctcctccgac ccttctcctc ccccgcccct
     4261 ccctttcccc tcccccgcgc ctccctttcc cctccccctt ctttcgctcc tctccccttc
     4321 ccccttcccc cctccccttc cgccttcccc gcccctcccc attctcctcc tctcactctc
     4381 cccctccccg cccctctctc ctcctctccc ctcccttctc tcttcccctc ccccctctat
     4441 tctcccgttc tctgtctcct ttcaaagaaa gagagtaagc cagagagcaa gagagggaga
     4501 aagcgtgcac ttttgtatct ggttcactca cctctaaatt cttgcaacaa cagaggctgg
     4561 accagaccaa agcctttggt gtcttccatg tgggttgcag ggacacgtgt gcttgagtta
     4621 gcatctactc cctcccagag tgcacatttg taggaggctg gagtgtgctg gcaagtagag
     4681 ctgggactgg aacccaggca tgacgtatgg gatgcgggca tccctagcca gggcttaact
     4741 gctgcaccaa acacctaccc cagttctgtt ttctgaagta gcagtcacaa gacctagagc
     4801 tctccgaggg gaggactgtc accctggatt gtaggtaggg tgaactccag aaaccattgt
     4861 tcttggctac cagttaggct caagagaaac tggagggtaa atagagcctt aaaaatggac
     4921 ttaactaatt gttcactact attttattta gtgcttcaaa ataaaccctt attgatttgg
     4981 atcttagtag tttagaattt gtgaatgcaa agtcctagga ttaaagtgtt tgctaaaaat
     5041 aaaaaaagca gtcaatggtg ttgtaaggaa gagttaaatt ttttttttta attgcaaaga
     5101 gttgcctaat tcagagagca ggagtttcaa tagataaatt taatccactg aagtattgaa
     5161 tgaaaattgt ctcaggcttc ttttggtgta ggcctgactc ccattccctg gctgtgctcc
     5221 ctccaccccc ttgtatcacc acatccctca ggggtagatg ttctgaaaga taattattct
     5281 cacttaatga gcacctgtag gcaattgcct taccaaatac catctacatt atgccatctg
     5341 ttctcacagc tatcttgcag tttgggatta gcatcatcat cttacatgag gtaatattgg
     5401 tacatggtag acactctact agttacctta cagttactca ccaggtcctg aagcctcccc
     5461 caaataccag acagttctca tgcatataag aatctaactg aagcaaaacc tcctgaagct
     5521 ggctgggtag gatcagaagc agcagtatga atctattcct gcctattttc aatgttagtg
     5581 ggatagaaat gatccttcaa ggattgaaaa ttcatgatta atccctagca tgactccagt
     5641 tttatcttac cttatactct tttgcctact tctagcccac atcctaatgc aaccaattac
     5701 ttttattttt gctatttaat tctttttcat gaaaaaaatt atgctttcta tatttagtcc
     5761 cagtctgtgt aagatgaaca aattttatga gtacatatag ccagccatga tttcagtgag
     5821 actgtaggaa ggagaacctg aacatgagtt aaaaaatcca agctgaaaac atgatgcctt
     5881 ccagatgacg ctcatgagta ccatttaatt gggtgcaggg actacctggg gatctcggca
     5941 aatctcagtt atatttatgt gctcacatca cgttcacatg aactcaaacc aacttctgta
     6001 agaatctcag aatatttttt aaagagaaca tatgtaataa gtctgatttc agaacaagga
     6061 aggaagggat taatagcaag agaatggagt aaacaactag taattaaact tacttgaata
     6121 ttaagagggg aaaaaaagaa aatgagagaa cactaaataa ataaaaaaac acccattagt
     6181 aatagtaatg atagcaatta gtattactag tctgtagcag attctaattt tgcatcagga
     6241 gaatacgaaa gtacaattaa ataatctgag aagtaagggg caagacgtat aaaatgggca
     6301 gggaaatgtg tgtcatattt gatcataagt ggcagttgga aaaaataaag gaatagaggc
     6361 atgggcaagc atgatttttt tttaaagttg tcacctgatg tctttttttt tttttaaact
     6421 tttatttaat gaatatacat ttccaaagta cagcttatgg attacaatgg ctcccccccc
     6481 cataacttcc ctcccaccca aaccctcccc tctcccgctc cctttcctct tccattcaca
     6541 tcaagattca ttttcaattc tctttatata cagaagatct atttagtata tattaagtaa
     6601 agatttcatc agtttgcacc cacacagaaa cacaaagtga aaaatactgt ttgagtacta
     6661 gttatagcat taaatcacaa tgtacagcac attaaggaca gagatcccac atgaggagta
     6721 agtgcacagt gactcctgtt gttgacttaa caaattgaca ctcttgttta tggcctcagt
     6781 aatcacccta ggctcttgtc atgagttgcc aaggctatgg aagccttttg agttcactga
     6841 ctctgatcat atttagacaa ggtcatagtc aaagtggaag ttctctcctc ccttcagaga
     6901 aaggtaatag cttttttttt ttttttaaat aaaaagcttt tatttaataa atataaattt
     6961 cataagtaca acttttggat tatagcagtt cttcccccca tacccattcc acccccaaac
     7021 catcccactt cctactccct ctcccatccc attcttcatt atgattcatt tttcattatc
     7081 tttatataca gatcaactca atactaagta aagatctcaa cagtttgcac ccacacagat
     7141 acacaaagta taaagtatta tttaaagact agttttacca ttaattttca tagaacaaca
     7201 cattaaggac agaggtccta catggggagc aagtgcacag tgactcctgt tgttgattta
     7261 acaattgaca ctcttatttg tgacatcagt gatcacctga ggctcctgtc aggagctgcc
     7321 aggctatgga agcctcttga gttcacaaac tctgacattt tttagacaaa gccataatca
     7381 aagtggaagt tctctcctcc cttcagaaaa aggtacctcc ttctttgatg gcccctcaga
     7441 ggccagagtg ctatttaggg catttgtcat tctatgagtc tgctgtgtgg tcaagcatga
     7501 tgttttattg atattgtctt tttccttaaa ggcttcttta cctttctttc caagcacata
     7561 aacgtatgaa ataacatact catttgtttg gctctgtata caggttacaa attttatgaa
     7621 gacaaggcca tggtctgtca tttatctgtg gatccacagt gcttgtcaaa tttatatttg
     7681 ttgtatgaat aaaataaagt ataggtagtg tatatgatgt ggagattgaa gtttatgtat
     7741 tcagtactat acatttgtat gtgtgtgtgt cagggttctt catagaaaga atggcatttg
     7801 agccaaggtt aggataaaag ctgagaggga tggatgctgt gttgactgac agcatgtagg
     7861 aagtgctttt gttatgcaat tctgtgagta ttacaggttg agaattatgg aatacagcct
     7921 gatggaggag caagcatgta ggaatgatgt gatggtcact gttatcaggt catttctcag
     7981 cctatgttat tgttcactgg actgagattt atgttgattg tttcacatta gcaggcaaaa
     8041 gtcatagctg ttgtgttttc tgtactgtgg tgagcactgg tactgacaga aagcagtatc
     8101 actgtctaga gtgatgacct tcaatttcaa taggagtagg ggaacaagat ttactattgt
     8161 taatattttt gtgaaggcct acataatgta ttgatttata gttttaaaag gcttcaatat
     8221 ttgcaaatag taactcccac aggatggtgt ttattgtccc ttatttctct gaaaagtaaa
     8281 tggactaata catgtcctca agctaataag aaacaatgct cacattctaa ttcacaactt
     8341 ggaatccagg aatctgttta gtttgtcaag gggtgactcc ttccccattg ggagacttgc
     8401 catgtacttt cacgtctcac ttactctgtc ttttcctgtc tgttactgcc cccagagaag
     8461 cctatggtga ccatctcccc gtcgaagaga gaggttctgg accaccacaa catgctggtc
     8521 tgctcagtga cagatttcta ccccagccag atcaaagttc gctggtttcg gaatgaccag
     8581 gaggagacag ctggcgttgt gtccacccct cttattagga atggggactg gaccttccag
     8641 attctggtga tgctggaaat gactccccag cgaggagatg tctacacctg ccaagtggag
     8701 caccccagcg tcgagagccc catcacggtg gagtggcgta agggcagatc gttttctttc
     8761 actgttggtc ccacaagaca gagggtggag ctccctatgc cccatcctat ccattatccc
     8821 tgggtggcta ctgagctggg aatcacagga gactggtgca tctcttgtcc catggtggaa
     8881 acattggaag atttctgatc tcactatctt cccagatgga gggaggccac actacacatg
     8941 gtaggccaga aagccagccc tgatggccct gtgggactat gtaggttgtg gatgtgtccc
     9001 tgaggaacgg ggtgcttccc cctctccctt gcctacctcc catggccaga ggatctgttg
     9061 gctggtcctc ccctgtgaga gatgttcgga atgcggaact agactcccct ggtgccttct
     9121 accttctgta ctttagatta gacttcagtc ctcagccagg gacactgtgt gatgtggaat
     9181 aaacgctgac actctgtttc tccccagggg tgcagtctga atctgcccag agcaagatgc
     9241 tgagtggcgt cgggggcttc gtgctggggc tgatcttcct cgggctgggc cttatcatcc
     9301 atcacaggag tcagaaaggt gaggagctct ggggggaagt ggggaagatg ggctgtgtct
     9361 gagaccctct gttcctgagg ctctgcctct acagattgct tcctttcccc tgaccctgaa
     9421 aggaaggatc tgggctggag gaggtggggc agcctagggg gagacttcag aatctgattt
     9481 tctggttgaa aggcagccct gccacagagc tggcagagtt tatcctaaga cttccttaca
     9541 gtcatccttg tctcactgga taccttccaa aagcttcctc cattaaggtc atcagcgttt
     9601 ctttttccta ctgacagttt catatgtctt ggaagatttt aggttagggc actgaaggca
     9661 tttggaacat gagtagggag aaaatataac cctccagtaa agttgcgttt ttctttgggg
     9721 taagaatggt ggtttgtata atgagattgt tctctatata attttctttt gtaggatctc
     9781 gtgggtctcc accaacaggt aatatttcat ctctgggtgg cagggggaca ggtataagag
     9841 gaaagggaat aaggtgggta tacctgggca cagtggtctc cattcatagc ctattctctc
     9901 ctgtggggat caagagttag gagagaaatt tgcaagtttc tgtaaaaagc tccagactgt
     9961 ttcccagagt caaatcataa ctttctggac tcttcctgtg aaacctgagt caaagccaca
    10021 tcttaggtgt cagacacaga atgatgccca cgtattggtt gctactgtct agactttcgt
    10081 aagtgactcc attggtggtg atgaggtatc attagaaggt gagttatgta attcagtcaa
    10141 aagattaaac cctttatttt ccctggaaaa gtaacagctg tctcacctct gatacacctg
    10201 catcacctga agttccatgt cctctttagc tgattgcagc ttcacataga tactgggaga
    10261 ggtgatgatg atatgccctg ggtctcagct ttctctgtct gatcctgcag ggggagctgt
    10321 ggagggaggg gagggaatgt ccttcagggg ctgtgtgctc atcactcccc cttctcttca
    10381 acagggctcc tgcactgact cctgaggaca ttttaaccca ggattggtta ttgcttctgt
    10441 aatgcctgcc ttcctgtcct tgcctggaac tccctactgc ctcagttaac ctgtgcctct
    10501 ctgaaatcag agtcctacag acccggttgc agctgccagc tcacctcctc tgaccctgaa
    10561 gtctctgcct gtgtgctccc agctgtctac tcagacccca ggggtttctc tgtttccatt
    10621 ccccactccc acagattgct caagagaagt acatcaaaac cattttcctg aacttggaat
    10681 ttttttcata attaaatgtg attatgagtt acttgtaccc taagcctctt aattgggtgg
    10741 aagcaggaga ctggtacaga atgaaggaac agattttgag gtgccaagcc aacctgtggc
    10801 cagaggagga gttatttctt gaaaggacaa gagaagcatc atggggtgcc atgtggaggg
    10861 ggcagaggca atagaaactc attcagttgc cacacccttc acattcttaa tatgatgctc
    10921 agtggaacaa tcttaggata tcccagtccc ttacagtctg atgacttgtg tatgtaagca
    10981 tgcattactt gtgtgcatac ataaatggca cctggtggca cagagaacca aaatatttca
    11041 agtgtaacct ggaaagttac actgagacct ttttaatttt agaaggtaga accagcaata
    11101 aaaacactat attcttgctt tcaaacaata gaaagccaac tcaatcttat tttgttaaaa
    11161 aaaaacaaca acaacaacaa aaaaaaacag gaagtctggg tttaagctgg tttcagcagt
    11221 aaatacattg agacatttat attcatctct cctttctctt cctgtttctc tccctggacc
    11281 tttttctcat tctctgcctt ttttatccct ccatatttct ttcagtgtct ctctctgcat
    11341 atttttatgt ctgtctgtct ctctgtctcc cttgctgtgt ctctggcttt cactacattg
    11401 ctgcctctgt atgtgtctct gtttctgttg gtgcctttgc cactatctgt agccctcttt
    11461 ctatttcatt ttgaaagtct aatttctgca tttctctttc tgatcacctc acatctcatc
    11521 tctatttctg tgtatgtgtc tgtctctggt gtgtgtttcc attgtgtcta tcagcatgtt
    11581 gagaaagatt ctgataggct aatcctgggt cacatgaaca cctcttaatg ccattctgta
    11641 gatgcatgta gacatccacc cccttactag gagtggggct gaaatttcct gaacctgggg
    11701 atgcaggaaa gtacctccag cataaagatg tctatgtgtg ccactcagag cacctcagcc
    11761 tcagaacccc accaccgtgg agtggtggga aggggtttgt ctctttgcat cacggacttc
    11821 acaagacaaa cagcagagct ttctctggtt ctgggatccc tcagtggggc acctgtttat
    11881 actcatcctg cccctcgact cttgcacagt cacctgactg tactatcgat ccggaatagg
    11941 gactagagct ttctttctgt ggacttaggg acctgttgat tactgaagac atcctcttcc
    12001 ctgggctaga gaggacacac tgagggtcca gcactgaaag ctggtctcct cagcctctgc
    12061 ttcaccatca ggataagtgg ctgtgagcct cgctgaggtt atggaaggcc atgcccagga
    12121 ggagcagaaa ttgccctctc tgttctctcg agttagtcgt cccgtgggcc gaggagactg
    12181 caggtctttc cagttcttgg acaaagttaa cgaactagat tgccttggac tcttcatctc
    12241 ctgtattcta ggctgtaatg ctggtcatca gatggggtgg gtatgggaca gacactgata
    12301 ctcgagcttc tgctccctgg ggttgtagga tgaacttgcc cagagcaaga tcctgagtaa
    12361 gaagttttgt catcttttca gggtgagcct tgtcatttac cataagggcc agtagggagt
    12421 gatactctta ggaaaatggg aaggatttgt gctgggtcat ccatggagac tctggtctct
    12481 atatgtagct ctctgcttct ttttaaaaat aaattatttt agttatttga gagaaagaca
    12541 gagatcttcc attttttggt tctctcccca aatgcccata acagtagggg ctgggctagg
    12601 ctgaagccag gactgagaac tccatatagc tctcccacat gagtgacaga gacccaagta
    12661 cttgagtcac cacctatgcc tccaagggtg tacattaata ggaacttgga atttggagaa
    12721 gagctgggac ttgaacccag gccttctaat gtgggataca tatattttaa ctatagcacc
    12781 aaatatttgg cccatctctt tgcttttgtt cttgaaaaga agggggcagg gttcagggtt
    12841 aaagtagact tagagtttag agagatggta aagtctaatt tttctaattg aaaccaagag
    12901 ctattactag ggtggttgta gaatatattt tatggggctg gcgctgtggc atagtgggta
    12961 aagcctgaag tgccagcatc ccatatggac gctggttgga gtcctggatg ctccacttct
    13021 gatccagctc tctgctaatg cacctgggaa agcaacagaa gatggctcaa gtactgtagg
    13081 cccctgaacc catgtgggag acatagaaga aacttctggc tcctgtcttt ggattggcct
    13141 atctccaggt attgtggtca tttagggagt gaaccattgg atggaagatt ttctctctct
    13201 ctcttttctc tctccttttc tctctgtatt tctgcttttc aaataaataa atcaatctta
    13261 ggacattctt tcaatttgac attgttttta ttttaaattt tttaaattta tttgacagat
    13321 agagttagac attgagagag agagacagag agaaaggtct tccttccgtt ggttcacccc
    13381 caaaatggct gccaaggccg gggctatgct gatctgaagc caggagccag gtgattcctc
    13441 ctggtctccc atgtgagtgc agggcccgaa cacttgggcc atcctccact gccttcctgg
    13501 gccacagcag agagctggac tggaagagga gcagccagga ctagaaccca gtgcccatat
    13561 gggatgccag tgctgcaggc agaggattaa ccaagtgagc catggtgccg gccctcaatt
    13621 tgatattgtt acactggccc catgttggca agattgcttc ttaaagagag ggtcagagtt
    13681 ttatctttat tccagtggta gttttgtaga aacaactatt ttgtactcag gtttaatttt
    13741 ctaacatagc cttcaattga caatttaatg aaaataacca gtgcatcttt tataagcaag
    13801 tctaataaca aaaagaagtg agtcttagta tgcacatagc atggaggaaa atgtagtgga
    13861 tgacaacgta ttcattgtga ggatttggcc ttagcttaag taatgccttg cagacacagt
    13921 ggtgctcacc atattccaaa gttcctgtgc atttcccagc ctcctctgct gttaggttgg
    13981 ggtcatgtga ctagtttttt tttttttttt tttttgacag gcagagttag agaaagagag
    14041 agatagagag aaaggtcttc cttccgttgg ttcacccccg aaatggccgc caaggctgat
    14101 gcgctgcacc gatccgaagc caggagccag gtgtttcctc ctggtcttcc atgtgggtgc
    14161 agggcacaag gacctgggcc atcctccact gcactcttgg gccacagcag aaagctggac
    14221 tggaagagga gcaaccagga cagaaccggt gctccaacgg ggattagaac cctgagtgcc
    14281 ggcgccagcc cagtgagcgg ccggcagggt catgtgatta gtaccagcca atagaaacca
    14341 aaagatggtg taagatattt ttattttgtc tttctctact atctgaaaac ccagaagcca
    14401 ttgctgaatt aaaacataag acccataact tgagtccttg atagactgtg gaactgagtt
    14461 catttcattg cagtataaca ctgagaatta ttttttactg ggggttaaca tcttacgtca
    14521 aacaattttg cctttcctga ctagtgatgg acatttaaca aaaaaacaaa aaagagagcc
    14581 tttttttttt tttaaaaaaa ggtttatttt atttaaagaa gaaagtgaca gagcaagagt
    14641 gagttggtga aagagatcgt ccattcactg gttcacttcc taaatggctg caatgactgg
    14701 ggctgggtca ggccaaagcc aggagcccag agcttcattc tggtctccta tgtgggtggc
    14761 aggggcccac acatccgggc cattctccag tgcctttcca gacatattaa cagggagttg
    14821 gattggcagc agagcagctg ggacttgaac cagtgctcca gtatggaatg ctgatgtctc
    14881 aggtggcagc ttatcttgct gtgccacaac ctggccccaa gaagagagtt cttaagttat
    14941 agggttggtt tattgtgtca atgggagtta agagactata ttttttggga ctagcattgt
    15001 gtcatagtgg gtaaagctgt tgcctgcaac atcaacaacc tatatgggct ccagcttggg
    15061 tacaggcttc tccacttctg attcagcttc ctgctaatgg cctgggaaaa ttggcagaag
    15121 atggcccaag tgtttgggcc cctgacacca cgctggagat ccagatgagg gtcctggctc
    15181 ctggcttggc ctggcatagc actggctttt gcagccatct ggggagtgaa ccagaggatg
    15241 gacgataccc ttctttctgt ctttccctct ctttctctaa ttttgacttt gaaatcaatc
    15301 aatctaaaat atgagacaga atttctaaaa aaaatttgtt tatttatttg aaacacaaag
    15361 ttataaagag agagggaaga gaaagagaga aagagaggtc tcccgtcctg gagagtggag
    15421 cagtggggac tcaaaccgat gaccacatgg gatgccagca ttgcaagtgg cagcttaatc
    15481 cactgtgcag cattgatggc ccctaagaga ctgtgtttta atgaacattt atttgcttat
    15541 atccaccgta atgtgtgtga ctaagacagt gctcctgtag cacatgctgt cgtgtttcat
    15601 ttagattcct cctttcagga ctgaaggttt actcactcag tgggaatgtt gccatctgaa
    15661 agccctgctt ccaaattgcc ttaggtgaca agagctgcct caaccactta cataaaatac
    15721 agtgcggtat ttcaacacac atatacatag cataaacaat catagtaggc agctagcctt
    15781 tataattcct ttcatttcct ttttaatttt tatttaaaaa ttttaaggtg aacaaatttc
    15841 atatatttca tatacacaga ttcaggagca cagcaatact tcccacccca ccctccctcc
    15901 tgctcattct ctcaccttcc ctcctccttc ctttcccatt tcctttgtat ttggaaccta
    15961 ccagttcctt ctattccagc tgtttttact gaatataata tgttattgtg aactatggtc
    16021 ttccagtttt tttttttttt ttttttttac aggcagagta gacagtgaga gagagagaga
    16081 cagagagaaa gatcttcctt tgccgttggt tcaccctcca atggctgctg cggcgggcgt
    16141 gctgcagcca gcgcacggcg ctgatccgat ggcaggagcc aggtacttct cctggtctcc
    16201 catggggtgc agggcccaag cacttgggcc atcctccact gcactccctg gccacagcag
    16261 agagctggcc tggaagaagg gcaaccggga cagaatccgg cgccccgacc gggactagaa
    16321 cctggtgtgc tggcgccgct aggcagagga ttagcctatt gagccacggc gccggccttg
    16381 gtcttccagt ttttaaaaca tttcatatac aaggccaaag tttctttttg ttcatcacca
    16441 atgtaatgct tgcctctctc tcacaccaat aattttcttt tttctcctca gtttggtata
    16501 tatatatata atatataagt cagagttatg aaagtcagag ttatacacag agagcaagag
    16561 gcagagaaag agagaggtct tccatccact ggttcactcc tgagatggct gcaatggctg
    16621 gagccgcact gatccgaagc caggaaccag gtgcttcttc ccagtctccc atgtgggtgc
    16681 aggggcccaa ggacttggtc catcttccac tgcagagagc tggattggaa gtggagcagc
    16741 cgggacttga tccagcgccc ttatgggatg ctggcactgc aggtggcgaa tttacctact
    16801 acgccatagt gccggtccct ggtatgtgtt tttttttaaa aagagattta tttatttctt
    16861 tgaaagtcag aatgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagat cttccaactg
    16921 ctggttcact tcccaaatgg ctgtaatggg tcaggtcaaa gccaggagcc aagagcttca
    16981 tctgggtctt ctgtgtggtt gcaatggcca aacacttggg ccatcttccc ctaatttccc
    17041 aggggcatta gtaggcagct gtatcagaag tagagcagat aggaattgaa ctggtgccca
    17101 taagggatac tggtatcaca ggctatggtt ttactcacta tgtcactgtc tcagcccctg
    17161 gtatatatgc tttcaatagt ttttaatgca tttttatgta tatgttggta catgccaatg
    17221 acacagactg tagatatcat tttttaaaag atttatttta tttatttgaa aaccagattc
    17281 acagagagag agggaaagtg agagaaagag agagagatca agcttctatt ctctgtctca
    17341 cttcccaaat ggctgcaata gttggggctg ggccaggctg aagccaggag ccaggaactc
    17401 catacaggtc tcccatatgg gtggcagggg tctaactatt tgggccatct tctgttagtt
    17461 tcccagacac attaacaggg agctggatca gaagtggaat agccaggagt tgaaccagtg
    17521 ctctgatagg ggtgaaaaca ttgtagacag agctttaacc tgctatacaa ccatgctttt
    17581 atcagtgaat agcatgattt ggaggcattt acataattcc atatataaat tataaatttt
    17641 attatatttt actgcttttt tatttttaac ttttatttaa tgaatataaa tttccaaagt
    17701 acagtttatg gattacaatg gcttcccccc cataacgtcc ctcccaccca caaccctccc
    17761 ctttcccact ccctctcccc ttccattcac atcaagattc attttcgatt ctctttatat
    17821 acagaagatc agtttagcat acattaagta aagatttcaa cagtttgctc ccacacagaa
    17881 acataaagtg aaaaatactg tttgagtact agttatagca ttaaatcaga atgtacagca
    17941 cactaaggac agagatccta catgaggagt aagtgcacag tgactcctgt tgttgactta
    18001 acaaattgac actcttgtta atggcatcag taatcaccct aggctcttat catgagctgc
    18061 caaggctatg gaagccccct gagttcactg actctgatca tatttagaca aggccatggt
    18121 caaagtggaa gttctctcct cccttcaggg aaaggtacct ccttctttga tgacccattc
    18181 tttccactgg gatctcactc gtggagatct ttcatttagg gttttttttt tttttcccaa
    18241 agtgtcttgg ctttccatgc ctgaaatact ctcatgggct atctatcatt atgatcaatt
    18301 gtgaacagaa attgatcact gggactagtg agatggcatt ggtacatgcc accttgatgg
    18361 gattgaattg gaatcccctg gtatgtttct aactctaccg tttgaggtaa gtcagcttga
    18421 gcatgtcccg aattgcacat ctcttccctc tcttattccc actcttatat ttaacagcga
    18481 tcacttttca gttaagtttc agcacttaag aataattgtg tattgattac agtattcaac
    18541 caaaagtatt aagtagaaca aacaaacaaa aaatacgaag agggataaca tattaagttg
    18601 ttcatcaaca gtcagggtga gggctgatca agtcaccgtt tctcatagtg ttcatttcac
    18661 tttaacaggt ttcctttctg gtgctcagtt agttgtcacc tatcaaggag aacaagtggt
    18721 atttgtccct ttgggattgg cttatttcac tcaacataat gttttccaaa ttcctaacag
    18781 ggatcacttt tcagttaaaa tttaaacacc taagaataat tgtgtgttaa ttaaagagtt
    18841 caaccaatgg tactagaaca aaaaaatact aaaatggata aagtattaca ttgtatatca
    18901 acagtcagga cgagagctga tcaagtcact gtttctcata gtgtccattt cacttcaaca
    18961 agtttcccct ttggtgctcc gttagttgtc actgatcagg gagaacatat gatatttgtc
    19021 cctttgggac tggcttaatt cactcagcat gatgttttcc aaattcctcc atcttgttgc
    19081 aaatgactgg gttttgttat ttttgactgc tgtatagtat tctatagagt gtaaatttta
    19141 ttatatttta ctgctttaat atatcctagt tttggctatc tatgcttgat tcggtcattt
    19201 gttgtacttg gtgatccaat ctttagtcat ttagtatctg ccttttttat attgttaaac
    19261 taaaagtatt gacattctgc tattacaaca tttatctttg ggcttttctc cttgtttaat
    19321 tataaaaatt gaagaattat ttatgacttt ataaatgtca tttatgtaac cgacttttct
    19381 agtttgctgt ggagctgtca tacttgaagc cccactcagt gatgttctga gttgaatcca
    19441 ctgttccttg gatcttttgc cttccaattt cctggttagc aaccaaattt tattaaacca
    19501 tgtacttatg tttccaataa aactgaatga caaataaatt ctacatcttt tcatgcctga
    19561 taggattttt attctgtttt catgactgat ggccatgaaa gacttctgta tttgtttttt
    19621 ttttttttaa agattattta tttatttgtt tgagaggcag agttacagag agggagcaac
    19681 aaagagaaag gtcttccatc tgctggttca tttcccagat ggctgcaaaa gttggagccg
    19741 agacagtctg aaaccaggag ctggcctcca agctatgtgt ttgtgaatag caataattat
    19801 cctcggggcc aatactgtgg catagtgggt taaggcatcc catatgggca ccggttcaag
    19861 ttctggctgc tctatttccc tgttaatgtg cctgggaaag cagtggaaaa tggcccaaat
    19921 gtttgggccc ctgaacccac atgggagacc cggatgaagc tcctggctcc tggtttcagc
    19981 ctggcccagc cctggccatt gtgaccattt ggggagtgag ccagcagata ggtatctacc
    20041 tctctctctc tgtctctccc tttctgtaac tatgccttca aataaataaa tatttaaaaa
    20101 aattatcttt tagaactgca attttttttc tgattttaat ggcagaagtt tctgacagtt
    20161 tgaacttggg ccagtttttt ttaaacaaat tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta
    20221 tctatctatc tattttcatg tacttcaagg tagaaagaga gcgagaagga gagaggcata
    20281 tcttccatcc actggttcct ttcccaaatg ccaaatgcct gcaacaacta gtgccggggc
    20341 aggttgaaac caggagccta gaactccagc taggtctcca aagtgggtgg cagaggctga
    20401 agcacctggg ccatcatcta taacctccca ggatgaattg gcaggaagct ggtttggaag
    20461 tggaacagat gggacttgaa ccagcactct gatatgaaac gcaggtgtcc caagctattt
    20521 atttattttc tttttctttt tttaactatt atttaataaa tataaatttc caaaatacag
    20581 cttttggatt acagtggctt tttcacccca taactttcct cccaccggca accttcccat
    20641 ctcccgctcc ctctcccatt ccattcacat taagattcat tttcaattat cttcatgtac
    20701 agaatatcag ttttgtatat attaagtaaa gatttcaaca gtttgcaccc acacagaaac
    20761 acacagtgta aagtactgtt tgagtacttt gtgttgtact aaatcacatt gtataacaca
    20821 ttaaggacag agatcctaca tagggagtaa gtgcacagtg actcctgttg ttgacttaac
    20881 aattgacact cctgtttatg gcgtcagtaa tcaccccggg ctcttgtcat gagttgctaa
    20941 ggctatggaa gccttctgag ttcgctgact ctgatcttat ttagacaagg tcatagtcaa
    21001 agtggaagtt ctctcctctc ttcagagaaa ggtacttcct tctttgatgg cccattcttt
    21061 ccactgggat ctcactcgca gagatctttc atttagttgt tgtggttttt tttttttttt
    21121 tttttttttc cagagtgtct tggctttcca tgcctaaaat actctcatgg gctcttcagc
    21181 cagatccgaa tgccttaagg gctgattctg aggccagagt gctgtttagg acatctgcca
    21241 ttctatgagt ctgttgtgta tcccacttcc catgttggat cattctctcc tttttaattc
    21301 tatcagttag tattagcaga cactagtctt gtttgtgtga tccctttgac tcttagacct
    21361 atcattatga tcaattgtga actgaaactg atcactttgt ttagttagat tgcattggta
    21421 catggcacct tgatgggatt gaattggaat cccctggcat gtttctaact ctaccaattg
    21481 gggcaagtct gtttgagcat gtcccaaaat gtacacctcc tctctctctt attcccactc
    21541 ttatatttaa aagggatcac ttttcagtta aatttaaatt tattttttat ttttttattt
    21601 tttatttttt tttttattta tttttttttt attttttttg acaggcagag tggacagtga
    21661 gagagagaga cagagagaaa gatcttcctt tgccgttggt tcaccctcca atggccgccg
    21721 cggccggcgc gctgcggcca gcgcaccgcg ctgatccgat ggcaggagcc aggagccagg
    21781 tgcttttcct ggtctcccat ggggtgcagg gcccaagcac ctgggccatc ctccactgca
    21841 ctccctggcc acagcagagg gctggcctgg aagaagggca accgggacag aatccggcgc
    21901 cccgaccggg actagaaccc ggtgtgccgg cgctgctagg cggaggatta gcctagtgag
    21961 ccgcggcgcc ggccaaattt attttttaaa gatttattta tttatttgaa agtcagagct
    22021 acacagagag aggagaggca gagagagaga ggtcttcctt ccgttggttc attctccaat
    22081 tggctgcaac agctggagct gcgccaatct gaagagagga tccaggagcc ttctctgggt
    22141 cccccatgta ggtgcaggtg tccaggtgtc tgggccatcc tccactgctt tcccaggcca
    22201 cagcagagag ctggattgga agtagagcag ccaggtctcg aaccagcgcc catatgggat
    22261 gctggcgctt caggccagag cgttaacctg ctgcgccaca gcaccggccc cacaagctgt
    22321 gatttaatca gttgtgccgc aacgtctact ccttgagtca gtttttgcct attctgtttc
    22381 tactcagtga ctatgatttt ccctgaacca tttgtggaca aattttgagc aacatattta
    22441 ggggtgtgtc attttccttg attctgttaa aaatcttgat agtccctttc tctgtaaaga
    22501 attaggttcc ttatgcctag aagatgtttt ttttttttaa tttgttttgg taatttaccc
    22561 tttcattttc tctgtggttc tttctatctc tgccacttga tggtgtgcct tttgggtcta
    22621 ttcgttatgt gttacctttt ctaacgtata ttatatctat ttgtattctt taatttcaaa
    22681 gagattttcc tgattcaatt ttctaatatt tctattaaaa tttccaattt taaaatagca
    22741 tcccattatt atttatatag ctgcagtatc tttctacttt taagaattct aattagaaat
    22801 attttatgta ggttatttgt ccttatatga actttttcta ctaatgtttt ataatttatt
    22861 tatttgaagg gcagaaactc acagagaaag atagagacaa atagacagac atagggaggg
    22921 cttctgtcca ctggaccatt ccccaaatgc ctgcaatatg ggattgggcc aggtggagcc
    22981 aggagctttg aattcaatct gaatctccca tgtgggtgtt agggatccac atacctgagc
    23041 cataactgtt gcttcccagg ctgtgcagag tgaggaagct ggaattagag ttgggactgg
    23101 aacccaatca ctctaatatg gaatgtgggc atcccaaaca ctgtgccaat accttgccct
    23161 ctactaaatt tgttatcatt ctgtctttat tttattctag tcttctcttt tgtactgcag
    23221 attttaatga aatatctagt ctgccttgct catatactct tcatctactg gtttcatctc
    23281 aagatacatt tcttcaagcc tctaagcttc accgaattat acctggccct ggccctgctc
    23341 aatactctct cactgtattc ctctctctct ctttctttct ccctttatct ctgtgtcctt
    23401 tcactggagt ataagtccag tgaagacaat gaatgtatct gtatatgtct gtttttaaat
    23461 tattttagta ctcaggatgt agcatggtac tgcttacaaa cctggtcatt gtctcatgaa
    23521 tgattgaatt aatataaata tattcagaat ttgagcttag tccagtcaat aataaagcaa
    23581 agatcatttt attctttttt taagattttt tatttatttg tttaagaggg tagagttaca
    23641 gacaatgaga gggagagaca gagagaaggg tcttcgagct gttgattcac tccccaaatg
    23701 gccacaatgg ctggagctgt gccgatccga aggcaagagc ctggagcttc ttcctggtct
    23761 cccatgtggg tgcaggggcc caaggatttg ggccatcctc tactgctttc ccaggccata
    23821 gcagagagct ggattggaag aggagcagct gggactagaa tcggctccca tacggaatgc
    23881 tggcaccgca ggcagaggat taacctactg cgccatggtg ccagctccga tcactttgtt
    23941 cttatttctt gttgcatata ccttgttttg gagtacattt ctgagtgctt catatagtct
    24001 aaaacaggat ttggatttag gattttctaa aagtgataaa aatgattaca accttaaaaa
    24061 tcaatataac atcaaacaga atgcttcttt acctattttg ttttagattt tccaaaatgt
    24121 caaaaaaata ctgttatgga aaattttaac tacatataat ggagaatagt atgcatgaac
    24181 aacccatcat gagcagtttt ataaatctac ctacttactt tcataaggac atagattgtt
    24241 tggaagataa ttccagacat aatgtaattt catcaataat tatatatatt ttaaagatgt
    24301 atttatttat ttgaaagtca gagttacaca gagtgagaag gagaggcaga gatagagaga
    24361 ggtcttccat ctgctggttc actccccaac tggccacaac agctgcagct gagcaatcca
    24421 aaagcaggag ccaggagctt cttctgggtc tcccatgcag gtgcaggggc ccaaggactt
    24481 gggccatctt ccactgcttt cccaggccac agcagagagc tggattggaa gtggagcagc
    24541 tgggacttga atcagtgccc atatgggatg ccggcactgc agactggggc tttaacctcc
    24601 tgtgccccaa taattatatt gttatgaaat tctaaaacat agtgacttta taaaaacaca
    24661 acaatgccat taccacattc aaaattttat gaataatttc tccaattagt gacaattttt
    24721 cttagtatct cataaaaaca tttgatagtt gttttgtttg aatacatata caaaatgtgg
    24781 tattcagctg atatatcctt taatcttttt tttttttttt ttttgacagg cagagtggac
    24841 agtgagagag agagacagag agaaaggtct tcctttgccg ttggttcacc ctccaatggc
    24901 ggcggccggc gcaccgcgct gatccgatgg caggagccag gagccaggtg cttttttcct
    24961 ggtctcccac ggggtgcagg gcccaagcac ctgggccatc ctccactgca ctcccgggcc
    25021 acagcagaga gctggcctgg aagaggggca accgggacag aatccggcgc cctgaccggg
    25081 actagaaccc ggtgtgccgg cgctgctagg cggaggatta gcctagtgag ccgcggcgcc
    25141 ggcctccctt taatcttttt ttagtaacta gtttcttttt ctgttctttt tctttgaagt
    25201 ttatatgttg aagaaacgga attgtttgtc ttgtaaaatt gcccgtattc tggattttgt
    25261 tgtttaaatc cctgtgttaa catttgatat gggatttttc actgggatcc cagaaaataa
    25321 aagcaccaat tgatttttaa gaagtttaag ttttagtcaa caagtaataa ttttgtgtat
    25381 ttatgggaca caatatgatg tttcagtatt tgtatacatt gtaggatgat caaatcaaat
    25441 caagtatcat tttctgtgat gaaaacactt gaatctatca tttaattatt taaaatacac
    25501 aattcattat tagtaactgt agtcaccttg ctgtgcagta gaacactagg gcatattcct
    25561 tctatataac tacaactttg tagtcattga ccaacgtgtc tttcctttcc actttcaccc
    25621 ccacaaacct ctggtaatct ctattctact ctctactatg agtttgacaa tttagactgc
    25681 acatataagt gagatcatgc aatatttttc tctctgtgcc tggtttgttt catgtaacaa
    25741 aatgttctct aggctcatct acgttgcaat ttgccattta ttaacagtct atccatctat
    25801 caattatcta tctgtctttc atctgacact ttatttgaaa gacagagtta tagagacaga
    25861 gggagagaca cagagagaaa tctatccact cattcactcc ccaacaagcc aaaatggaaa
    25921 ctctatcctg ttctacatgg gtggcagggg ccaagttcct gggccatctt caggatggga
    25981 gctggatcag aaatggagca gtcagacttg agcagattct catatgggat gccagtattg
    26041 caggcgatgg ctttccccac tgtgctacaa tattcgccct cttctgacat ttttttttgt
    26101 ttgtttgttt gtttgtttgt ttttttgaca ggcagagtgg gtagtgagag agagagacag
    26161 agagaaaggt cttcctttgc cgttggttca ccctccaatg gccgccgcgg ccggcgcgct
    26221 gcggccggcg caccgcgctg atccgatggc aggagccagg agccaggtgc ttttcctggt
    26281 ctcccatggg gtgcagggcc caagcacctg ggccatcctc cactgcactc cctggccaca
    26341 gcagagggct ggcctggaag aggggcaacc gggacagaat ccggcgcccc gaccgggact
    26401 agaacccggt gtgccggcgc cgctaggcgg aggattagcc tagtgagccg cggcgccggc
    26461 ctcttctgac atttttttaa gcattcgttc attcattgat gaacagttag attatttcct
    26521 atcttgacta ttgtggataa ttctgtagtg aatatggaat gcaggcacat ttttagcaaa
    26581 cagatttcaa tttctttgga tatacgtcca gtagttgtat tgttggatca tatggtaatt
    26641 ctgtttttat ttttttaagg gatctccata ctgttttcca caatggctgt actaattcac
    26701 attcccacca acaatatcta ggggttcctt tttctccata tcctcagaaa cacttgttat
    26761 gtttttgctg atagccaatc taatagcaga tgtgatagca catgatgatg taacattttt
    26821 atatgttttg ctaatagtca atctaatagg tctgataaga gctaagcatt tctctaatga
    26881 ttagagatat tgagcatttt ttataagctt gttggccatt tgtgtgtctt tttttgaaaa
    26941 gtgactttcc aattcctttg tctattattt atttatttat ttattatttg tttgaaaggc
    27001 agagtgacag agggggaggg agagagggaa ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa
    27061 tcttccatct actggttcac ttcccagatg gccacaaaaa ttaggactgg gccaggcaga
    27121 attcaggcct gtaacttcat ccaagtccaa gtctcccaca tgggtggcag gggcccaagc
    27181 acttgggcca acttctgctg ttttcccagg tgcattaatg ggaactggat cagaagcaaa
    27241 gcagcatgga cttgaaccag aactccaata tatgatattg gcatcctagg cagtagctta
    27301 actcactgtg ccacaatatt ggcgcttctt tttcctattt ttatttttaa ttttttaaaa
    27361 ttttatttaa ggtatacata cttcatgcat ttcatgtata caaatttagg aacatagtga
    27421 ttctttccac cctaccctcc ctcctgcctg aactcccacc cttcttcttc ctctctctcc
    27481 tattctcatt cttatttatt acaaggatat attttcagtt aactttatac tcataaggct
    27541 aaccctacac taagaaaagc attcaacaaa tagtatgaag aaaaaaaacc cactcttccc
    27601 caacagttga gaaagggctg ttcaaaatca tcacatctca agtgttaatt tcacttcagt
    27661 agactgcctt ttaggtactc tgttagatac cacagatcaa ggaaagcatg gtatttttca
    27721 ttttggaact ggctgatttc acaaagtata atggtttcca gttgcatcca ttttgttgca
    27781 aatgacagga tttctttttt tttttaacca ttgtgtagta ttcgatagtg tatatatacc
    27841 ataatttctt aatttagtct tcagttgatg gacatctggg ttgattccat atcttagcta
    27901 ttgtaaattg agctgcaata aacatggggg tacatgggcc tgatttagaa ttatctgcct
    27961 agaagcacct gtggcaccac tcacgctact gtgtctgaca tccatggtgg catggggaag
    28021 tctatatgat tatttctcag ggccctatct aagaaagtac tccacctagg cctcttcaac
    28081 taggatccct aaatatattt tcgtttttta cccttattac tttttccatc attaccagtt
    28141 gtaagtgagg gcaatgtctt tggttcttcc caatgctcac atccttgtct tattctgttg
    28201 ctcttctgat tacatttatt ttcctatata cagaatgctt tcatcctcag gagaggaaaa
    28261 tttctactat caccacacat ttttcacaaa tctaaagttt tgactaccaa atttgacttt
    28321 tggtactaat attttgacat ctggttcttt tgagattctt ttgaggttca aaattgtttt
    28381 ctcttatttt tctgcagtaa cttaaaagct atattaaaat aagcataagt atatttagta
    28441 taagattttt aggattttaa atatctgcta tcaaaagcca aaccatggag agagggcatg
    28501 tattagcttc attgatgcct gaattgggtg ggtgggtggg ggttgtgata gaacaaagac
    28561 atcagcctca gccattctag ctcattgccc aaaagataga taaaatcagc atttatccct
    28621 tatccctata tcctttgaag tccctgagtt tattccttat tcctgaatcc caattcagtc
    28681 tcacatgata ttgttcccca ccccttgcat tattccccag gtttggaacc cagcaggcca
    28741 aacttaaaga acctgtatga aggaattcat ctctatcaac tgccccacta cactttggac
    28801 cccttgtcca cctgagaaat aaaaaagccc agtccctaga gtctgagccc tctgacatgc
    28861 gtttggtctg tgagcagtct ggctgtgagt tcatatcctg tcttctctct gtttctgcac
    28921 ccttttgtct tacatttggt gccccctgtg aggagacacc aatctgtgtc ccctttcctt
    28981 atgggtggca gaggaaaagt attcagacca caggaggaga gaaatgttag cctctgctaa
    29041 gatctacaaa cagttattag caggttatac ttggttgttg tgttacagag catggaacat
    29101 gatctgagaa atgagattaa aagatcctga actgtaagag ttttctatta tgttatggat
    29161 tgaagagaaa tagtttcccc caaactcatg cagaggttta aactctgcag cgttgtggtt
    29221 gtgttaaagt ggatggatta agggcaaaga cttatctaat tatggcatct gagagaaggg
    29281 tctagtggag gtctttgggt cactaggggc atgccctttg tggggtggtt atcctgaggg
    29341 agtggttata tgagtacaac tttggcctgg ctgtttctct ttcctggttc accatgtgat
    29401 ccattctcta cctctgtatc caatgctgcc aacctccacc agatatcagg ttatagggct
    29461 gtctgatctt gaactgtgac ctccaaactg tgtaagtcaa aataaactct ttctctccca
    29521 agaagcttgt tgtaggtatt tttgttaagt gatgaaagtg gactatttca tacccttagt
    29581 cacagtctta gtcagacttg agatgaaaat caggaaaaaa aattgaacaa cagatttatt
    29641 aggggatatt tattgccttc atatttgggt cactgaggga ttatgtagct ggaaggacta
    29701 ccttaaggaa tctcacatta ggtaacactt gaggaaagaa aattgaggga agaattccaa
    29761 gcataagtga actctgggtg aatgtagcat ctgaagtcca taaaagaggt gagaagagaa
    29821 atgattggaa gagacacaaa atgtgatgaa ccaggccaga aaatagtgct aggttatcca
    29881 gcacatcgac tcttctgctt ttgtagatgg gcaatgtacc tgtaaaaatg ggacagacat
    29941 gagactgatt gaggggcttt ctgtgccatc atcatgccat tttccaatta tcctacaact
    30001 ttacaaccat atttatgtct acaacatccg cccacttttg ttcttccttt ttttgtggct
    30061 gaatccttac cttcactacc agggtgtgat tcacaagggt ccttgctgtc gggaggcacc
    30121 acctgagcgc agtcctcgga tgatgaggat ggtgcctact atgatgccca cgaggcccac
    30181 agccaacccc agggcgcaga ccacagtctc tgtcagctct gacatggggg ctgggatctc
    30241 aggttctgtg aaagtgaagt tgcagaggtc agaatacaga gtatgggttt gtgaatctat
    30301 ctgtggaata gggtagggga gttctgcaaa gaaaagaagc accaggctta ggaagcagaa
    30361 caaagtttat cattagaacc ccttctaaaa gtatggaaga caagttttgg aacatgagag
    30421 ttattggcta aaaggcagga tgtttttgac ctgataggca agaaggcatc aaaaagaagc
    30481 agaacttata cctaccccag tgtctcagaa gtggcttctc caggccccag tgctccactc
    30541 tgcagtcgta aatatcatca gcagaaggga ggaaggtgag gtagccgatt ttgaagaagg
    30601 tgtgatcact cttggagagg aagctggtct caaaaacacc ttctgtgact gggtgcccat
    30661 tgatcaacca cgagatgttg atcacaggag gaaagatgtt gtccacaaga cagatgaggg
    30721 tgttgggctg ccccagcctc acaggggcct tggagaacac tgttacctca ggaacttctg
    30781 tggtgaggaa acagcagtgg tgtgagttgc tggtagctct gtcctgggct tctgcactgc
    30841 accacggaga agccctccca ccagaacttc ccaactgata gttgaagagc tcttgtttcc
    30901 cttctgcttg ggaaacactg gcaattgcca atgtttcagc aatgtgccct actgtggaat
    30961 gcttattaag gttttagaac taggggactt cttgaaggag gcaaggaaat acttatgaga
    31021 gaaggacttg gtattacatg gaaatatttg aattttgaga tgagagagga taagagttca
    31081 gtaataactg caagaagatc ttgggcctcc ttggaaagga gatagtttta tataaggatg
    31141 agtgggtatc tatccttagg gaagaaggga gagagacctg ttatgaaggg atggattcaa
    31201 gatggtgaca cttactattg acagcagcag tagagttgga gcgtttaatt atgatgtcca
    31261 agttgtattt tgctgtggct atgtttccca gtgcaccctg tggatcaaaa cttgcaaatc
    31321 tgctaaactc agaaagcctc cagatagtct ccttcttatc caggtctaca tagaactgct
    31381 catctccatc aaattcatgg gtgtactggc cagagggacc ataagactgg tagacgttta
    31441 tgccatagga gccaacgtgg tcagctgatg agtgaaagat gagacataaa aggtaaaaaa
    31501 acttaataaa caaagtgaca aaagaaactc acttccaaat gctgtgggtt tcatctctgg
    31561 caaagactct ggacaaaatt cccaatgtct gctttagcct cccctgcatt ggtagctgcc
    31621 cagtgagaat gcagtctgcc tttcccacta tcacgtgtgc cccacgagag cagaatgtca
    31681 tgtcttcttt actgctattc taactcagtg tctggcatat tataagcttg tgataaatat
    31741 tgtactggat ggaagaagaa atgaatgaat gatcacaata tttagcttct cagagattca
    31801 gtttgcttcc ttctgcttcc taacttttca tcagttaata gcacattgac tatggctcct
    31861 cttcccagaa ccagctcaga gaaggtcatt ttcaatacca acatcctttc ctttttttct
    31921 ttataaccaa aggaaagcac aggaattgat tattttaaaa gttttacata actattataa
    31981 ggtatagaaa agggtattaa aaaacaacaa cagctttaca aaatacataa aaactaaaca
    32041 atgctcctag gtgtctattt tgctaattgt agtgatcctt agggtggagt atctggtttc
    32101 tctgaaataa aaatggaaac tttattcagt tttacatttc tgtcattcac caccccattt
    32161 ttcctctctg ttttctgact caccatttat tctcagttga aggctcagta agttgaggct
    32221 cttctccagt ggacactgtg catttccgaa gatgcctaag cagaatggca actgatgcag
    32281 tctgtctctt cctaaaccca cctaactgta cattttatca agacatctgt gaatgtttaa
    32341 catttcatct ttccttgtgt cttcatttac tgaatatcaa caagtggcag acaaagcagg
    32401 gagtaaggag aacaccaacc aggcaaggtc tctcccatca caaatcactg actagctgtt
    32461 gagtcaggca agtaaaggag cagacacgat atggtgtggt gagttctgtg gtaagggtat
    32521 ttacagctgt acagcttaac aacctccaca agaatctgcc agtcaaacca agcccaggat
    32581 ctgttttgat attgttgtct tagaacttcc tgtatatatc tattccatcc tggaggtttt
    32641 tttttttttt ttggcttagt caccaaattt cttagctaag tcctctcagt aacttgtcta
    32701 tgaccacaat acggcctcca actctttcat tccaatgcct tgctctccaa ggttattgtc
    32761 ctcttctgac tcactctctg ctttacccag caagatcacc tttgttgatc acttaacaga
    32821 ccacccaaca aagccttcat atacatacca taaattgtga ctcccttttc tagcatgaac
    32881 ataggcaatc attttttttc acgtggaact tgtcctaggc tgctcaccat tgctggagga
    32941 catgatattc ctgggaccag cccttctgct ttcttgcact acattctgtt tccagcagta
    33001 gtgtgtgcaa ccactagggg gcagacggca caactttcca tctcttagtc cctaaaactt
    33061 agttcattgt gcactcaaaa atgtatattg aatgatagtt gctattgagg atcacagaaa
    33121 ttagggataa ggctagtgag cacatgggta gcagcttctg catatgaaag tcagggtgca
    33181 ctaagacttg tgaattccat gtactgttgc tttcatggac ctatttcttc aaaaaatact
    33241 gaaaattatg ttttatgatt gtactaatgt aaagataatt acagtatgta acttcatttt
    33301 tcttctaatg ttacaaagag ttaaacattt ttatgtaacc ctataaggat catgggcctt
    33361 cagcattgtg cccactgtgt caaatggata tgttaaatct gaccaagata ttcaagtgcg
    33421 atattgaaga caggaaatgc agaacaaata agccaaatgc tctgaaagaa cgtctactat
    33481 caaacatagt aagaatgggt gtagtcaggg ttaataagct tgctaacgat gagagtaaca
    33541 tccatttcat tttccctttt aactatttga ttttcaactt tcatttttta aaaatccatg
    33601 tctctaaaat ggcagagagt cagggatgga tcttgaaagg aaaggcaaag catggcatgg
    33661 agaaagagtg gaaagagatg gacaacaatg cagggagacc caaaggagca aatcattaat
    33721 aattgtactt gcccattttc ctttactaga tgggctgaag aacaggctat ttgtattaat
    33781 gactttaaaa taaaataatt tgatttacca aaattctaat cataaagttc tcaattttaa
    33841 tagaaaagtg aatatattcc tttctttgct aaagaaaaaa atacaatgtt atatctgtga
    33901 taggaataag taaaaatcag taagtgttgg cactgctgtg tttctactat ttataaagca
    33961 tattgacatg cccatcttac ccacatgagg taactgagtt taagagaccc atgtggtaaa
    34021 gtcacaacta aagctggact gtgtctcctg gaatgctaac tcattcccca ctgatgccag
    34081 ttctcagcac tgtgtccaaa tctaaactgg agaaaaagac gtcttaactg tatgtgggta
    34141 tagcatacat aattcatgga actatttaac ccaaaatata ttatggagac atataaaaag
    34201 cttcaaacat tggtcaggga aatttgggaa taatagttca taaatattta ataatgaaat
    34261 gtggtccact gtggaaatga ccctggtctt tgaggtattc atgatcgagt gtcacagaga
    34321 cttccaggcc acgttccctg gctctgtcat aaatgcaaga atatccttag ggaactctca
    34381 acagcacagg tagcaaagaa attgggttgg ggctttagtt tcccaaaaga gcaacagcta
    34441 taatttttaa acctcttaat actgagaagg cccataggaa atctctacta tttcttagcc
    34501 aatttctatc tcttttttca gctccagggg acaaccatca gccatgcact cacccacaat
    34561 gtcctcagct ctgcacgggc tcatcatggt ggtcagggca agggccgcca ggatcagtgc
    34621 tttgttggga atcatcctcc tctcaaggtg gtcccagcag ctgctgctct gaggtgcaca
    34681 gaaatcgagg actgagccaa ctaaagagga cccaaaccaa accccttcag gtcagcattt
    34741 ggccaatcag aaaaatctcc tatgatgaca cctcagttgc cagctgcaga gcctgtttca
    34801 agaggcccag aggcaaaaaa gggaaatccc ctgcttctga tgcaacttct agagtgtacc
    34861 gagagaattc tccatgagtg gagggaggac actgaatcag agctttctct catgtgtgtg
    34921 tgtctgcgag tagcacgggg gtggggacta tgcgtcagca atatgttgtc cttcaggatt
    34981 ttctgagtta tggttcccag aattcttccc tgagttgatt cccctctgtg gcagtcctca
    35041 ccccctccct gttctctggc ttctgaatgt gggttagctg tgtttctttg tgtacccaca
    35101 gtgcacatgg agtcctctag atcttaagtt gacctgccta cccaggtgat ctctgtcggc
    35161 agtagctttt tctacttgaa taaacccagt tggccaaatt cttctcaaat tctcaaaagc
    35221 ttcacgtgtt ttctgtcagg gcagcaacag gggtaataat gccatgagat gccaaagtaa
    35281 ctgcatgagt tttatacaga tttttttcct gttttgagta atctttgtat tttgtgtttt
    35341 ggtgtcaaga cttctactgt attgcagtag ctgaaagtgt ttaaaaaaaa acagagtcca
    35401 gagtatcaaa gtaaaaataa gatgggcttt gtaataaaat aaataatctt ttagtactgg
    35461 ccttgataag ctgcaccatc ttggtaaaat tgctcgaaat acctaagcct tggagctatt
    35521 ttttataaag tgggatgaaa actattatat gatatttaat atcatgaagt tataaaaaag
    35581 cacaaatgat aaagttcaaa tgtaaggata cttcaagaaa tttatgagaa ttaaaagatg
    35641 aatgtatttt ggtgcaagca atttttttga aattcatgca tttttttcat aatattttca
    35701 tgaactttgc aaagatccct cacatagtcc agtgcctggc acatgacaaa tattttcaag
    35761 tgatagatat tgtataatga caaatactca gaatgataac aacaataata acatcatgcc
    35821 tacccaggga cagcctgtaa cctcagcaac tgagccttct ccctgagcca ctgtgagtgt
    35881 gtaggagctt gtgaggcaca gaagccctaa acagttgctg ggaaacacag ttgtgctcag
    35941 caggctccct cacttgtctg cagcattagt tcagctagga ttcctaggct tctcgccacg
    36001 tgggctgctg atccagcaag gctggctgag gcttgttcct aggtgataga gggctccctc
    36061 attcacgaaa gaaaaagcag ggcctcttga acttaaaatt agaactgaaa gcatcacttc
    36121 cattatattc tacctgtcaa agcaagtcac aataccaggt gaagtcagga gggggattaa
    36181 gaagttttca ccatttttta cgatttatca atcatgtcct ctgggtaaat ttgctgtctg
    36241 aggattgcag aatctccata tttgaaaccg attccaactt gtaattttat gtttactttt
    36301 ttcccattgg aagaacaact ttctcaaagg agaacggaat gaaggactat tgaattttaa
    36361 tatgaaacat tgctatgatt tgttctcaaa aatctttttc agaattttcc agttgaaaat
    36421 ataggaactt ggagaactgt acgtagtcat tttatagctg ccaagaatgc catgttgatg
    36481 caaaggcctg aatactgata gtcagtcatg taatctcttc agttataaag ttagtgaagc
    36541 acatgacctt gcaaaggcaa caattctgtt ttttgctcaa catcattccc actgattctt
    36601 tgtcaccaac aagtcctatg tgtatgagtt agttgattta gatgattctt ttaataaatt
    36661 gcacaataaa aataatgtga aacagaagac tgctctctac taatttctgt ttgaaaacat
    36721 tcaaaattac ttacattccc agatctactt ttagctgtat agctcatggc tactcttcag
    36781 ctagactgag tggtttgttt cataagactc tgtgctatga gtgaagtatg taatcaacaa
    36841 atgctcgttg agttgaatat aagttcttaa ttcatctgaa gccggctatg gaacagactg
    36901 cccggagaca aatgaggttc ttcacaccct gtgctgattg gttctcttca caagaattct
    36961 ccagtcataa tatacataca tattatgaac attcttgtac agaaaccttc gcctgacatg
    37021 actcagtaaa ataaatgaaa aaaaatctta aattgaaatt ttaaatgcaa ttatttattt
    37081 taagttatat attttaatca aatgccaaca tgtatattta atgcatttag cctagatttt
    37141 ttttttttga caggcagagt ggacaatgag agagagaaag agagagagaa aggtcttcct
    37201 tttgccgttg gttcaccccc gatggccgct gcagccagcg cacggcgctg atccgaagcc
    37261 tggagccagg tgcttcccct ggtctcccat gcgggtgcag ggcccaagtt cttgggccat
    37321 ccctcactgc cctctcggcc acagcagaga gctgccctgg aagaggggca accgggacag
    37381 aatccggcgc cccgaccagg actagaaccc agtgtgctgg caccggaggt ggaggattag
    37441 cctattgagc cacagtgcca gcattaacct agatatttta aaattatcat aaagccagaa
    37501 cttaaaaaat acagatgatc atgtaagcag cattctaatg ttttaataac agacaatatt
    37561 agggaaaagt aatccatata tgtgtaaagt ttagaaattt tgaaaaatac tgcaaataat
    37621 agaaatatct tataaaactg tgtttacaat aatggaagtt gaatattagt tgttcttgct
    37681 tgactgtgtt tctctaaaaa tattccattg gaaagaaaat attggcaggg atatgcttgc
    37741 atcggtgaga tggaagaact tgagagctgt ggagtgtgca ctggagaaag agggtggggg
    37801 caggggatgc acccaaggcc atttgacttt ttcttcctgc acacttgtta gtcatgtatt
    37861 aattgttacc tttgagatgt ggggatgttg gaatccatga atttttgcac tataagaatt
    37921 gtaaaataaa gttcttcata tgttagaaat atggcatcac ggggccggcg ctgtggtgca
    37981 gcaggttaaa gccctggcct gaagcgctgg tatcccatat gggcacaggt tcgagtccca
    38041 gctgctcctc ttctgatcca gctctctgct atggcctggg gaagcagtag aagatggccc
    38101 aagtccttgg gcccctgcac ccatgtggga gacccagaag aagctcctgt ctcctggctt
    38161 aagatcagct cagctctggg tgttgtggtc atgagtgaac taatggaatg gaagacctct
    38221 ctctctctgt aactttttca tatatataaa ataaatattt aagaaaaaaa aaagaaatga
    38281 gagagagaga gagaacttcc atttactagt ttactttcca aaaaacgtgc cagtctgaag
    38341 tcaggaacat ggaacttaat ctatatcccc atatggaggc aggataccaa gtactttgtt
    38401 ctcacttgct gcctcccaac gtgcctgtta acatgaagtg ggaactgata gtggatctgg
    38461 acgtgaatga attcaggcac tctgatatgg ggtgtggatg ttccaattgg catgttaact
    38521 tctgtgccaa attcttggcc cagaaaagaa ttttttaaaa aataaatatt taatataatt
    38581 aattgaaaat atctaacaaa ataatctgat attaatgact gcattaaata taattgatat
    38641 aaatatacca atttaatgat aaagatcaga gtgaatagaa atggcctaat tgaattctaa
    38701 tctgcataaa gataatgcat ttttttattt taaagattta ttttatttat ttgaaagaca
    38761 gttacaaaga gagaagtaca gagagagcga gagagaggtc ttcaaggtgc tggctcactc
    38821 ctcaaatggc tgcaacagct ggagcaagac tgatctgaag acaggagcca ggagattttt
    38881 ccaggtcttc cacgtgggtt cagagccgca agcacttgga ccatcttcca ctgctttccc
    38941 aggcacatta gcagagagct ggattggaag aggagcagct gggacttgaa ttagtgccca
    39001 tatgggatgc tggcactgca ggccggggct ttagctcact gtgccacagc accagcccca
    39061 aatactagat ttctaataga taagcatagc tacatgaata gtaaaagcag agggaatatg
    39121 taccctgtga acaaaatcaa caggaagctg tgataactat gtcaatattc aacaaaatgg
    39181 gtgtcagaac taggaatatt cccagggata aagaggaaca ccatcgaaag aaaaatgggc
    39241 tttaaatcca aaagacaaaa taatcataag tgtatatgtg cctgaaaaca gggcttcaaa
    39301 atatattagt caaaactgat aaaaatggaa ggaaaaatag agaaattcaa aattataatg
    39361 gaagcattta cactcatttc tcagtatttg gcagaaaact taaagtcaat gaggacttgg
    39421 aataactgaa cagtgctacc aactaacttg acaaagtctc acttatagaa aattccacaa
    39481 aatagcagaa cacttgctgt ttaaatatgt gtagaataat catcaagata aacagtatgc
    39541 tggtggccag aggaggttgt taaggaaggt atccatgtgt ctttgctctt tttccctatg
    39601 tctcagacca gtttaaaaac ttgtgtatgg ttaatggtgg tacaatgtgg gatggtgaaa
    39661 taatcaattt gatgacttaa tcacaagata acaataaatc tctagcttta ataaaaacaa
    39721 aagagaaaaa cccaaatgct gtatcataaa acaatatttg gaagtgtcaa agaattgaaa
    39781 tcatacaata tatgcatgtt tttctgggcc acaagataat taaaatagcc cccaagataa
    39841 ttaaaatagc aatgaataga agaaaaataa ttggagtcta tgttgaaatg tttagaattt
    39901 aagaaacaga cttggaaact atccactggt caaagtaaaa attataaggg tgatcaaaaa
    39961 atatttgaat tgaaataaaa ttaaaagcta acatattaaa atttgtgcaa tgtggaggga
    40021 gatccaagtt agccaagtag agagatactg tgctggtctt tgtcatagag gagcaccaga
    40081 aaggcaatac ctgtttccag gagatcaatt gagagaaaac tgcagtaaat atggaatgga
    40141 aactccaggc agtgcagaga ccccaaaagc caatagagag aaacaggaac gaagaatact
    40201 gttgctcctg cactggccag ggagatgccg cactgctggt gaaggtacat aggaagccac
    40261 cgccttcact gcagactaac tacaggagaa cttctagtcc tcactgactg tatttatttt
    40321 ttaagattta tttcatttat ttgaaagaca gttacagaga gaggtagagc tagagataga
    40381 gagagaagtc ttccatctgc tagttcactc ctcaaatgac cgcaatggcg agagccgagc
    40441 tgatctgaag ccaggagcca ggagcttctt tcaggtctcc cacgtgggtg caggggccca
    40501 agcacttgga ccatcttcca ttgctttccc aggccatatc agagagctgg atcggaagtg
    40561 aagcagctgg gtttcaaacc cgcacccata tgagatgctg gcactgcagg cggtggctta
    40621 acccgctacg ccacagtgct ggccctaata gcatttatga ttttgaggta tgttacttct
    40681 atacataatt tgttgagagt tttttttttt tgtcatgaat ggttgttgga tctcattcaa
    40741 tgatttttcc acatctgttg agatgatctt atagtttttg ttcttcattt tgttgataca
    40801 atatttttta catttattga cttgtgaatg ttcaactgtc ctttcatccc tggggtaaat
    40861 tccacttgat catgatgtat gatcttttca atgtagcatt ggattttttt aatttttttt
    40921 atcttttatt taatgaatat aaatttccaa agtacgactt atggattaca atggcttccc
    40981 ccccataccg tccctcccac ccacaaccct cccctttccc actccctctc cccttccatt
    41041 cacatcaaga ttcattttcg actatcttaa tatacagaag atcagcttag tatacattaa
    41101 gtaaggattt caacagtttg ctcccacaca gaaacataaa gtgaaaaata atagatgatt
    41161 ttttttagat gatgatgaaa tcagatcaga cctattgtca tgtttaatcc cagtgagagt
    41221 caagttggga attgataatt tctttttttt tttttttttt tacagaagat cagtttagta
    41281 tacattaagt aaagatttca accgtttgca cccccataga aacacaaagt gaaatatact
    41341 gtttgagtac tcgttatagc attaagcctc aatgtacagc aattaaggac agagatccta
    41401 catgaggagt aagtgcaccg tgactcctgt tgttgacttt accaattgac actcctgttt
    41461 atggcatcag taatctccct atgcaccagt catgagtttc caaggctatg gaagcccctt
    41521 gagttctccg actcttattt tgtttagaca aggtcatagt caaagtggag gttctctcct
    41581 cccttcagag aaaggtacct ccttctttga aggcctgttc tttccactgg gatctcactc
    41641 acagagatct ttttgccaga gtgtcttggc tttccatgcc tgaaatactc tcatgggttt
    41701 ttcagccaga tccgaatgcc tttagggctg attctgaggc cagagtgcta tttaggacat
    41761 ctgccattct atgagtctgc tgagtatctc acttcccatg ttggatcgct ctccccttta
    41821 tttattctat cggttagtgt tagcaggtac aagacttgtt tatgtgctcc ctttgactct
    41881 tagtcctttc attatgatca cttgtgaact gaaattgatc acttggaata gtgagatggc
    41941 attggtacat gccaccttga tgggattgaa ttggaatccc ctggtatgtt tctaactcta
    42001 ccaattgggg caagtcagct tgagcatgtc ccaaattata catctcttcc ctctcttatt
    42061 cccactctta tgtttaacag ggatcacatt tcagttaatt ttcaacactt aagaataact
    42121 gtgtgataat tacagaatta aaccagtcat attaagtaga acagacaaaa aaatactaag
    42181 agggataatg tattaagttg tttattaaca gtcagggcta tgctgatcga gtcaccattt
    42241 ctcatagtgt ccatttcact tcaggaggtt tcctttttgg tgttcagtca gttgtcaccg
    42301 atcagggaga acatatggta tttgtccctt tgggactggc ttacttcact cagcatgatg
    42361 tgttccagat tcctccattt tgttcaatgt agcattggat ttgattacta acattttgtt
    42421 gaaaatattt gcatccgtat ttcacaagga tatttgtcta tagttttctt tttgtgttgt
    42481 gtctttcttt agttttaata tcagagaaat gctgacctca taaaaagagc tttgcagagt
    42541 tccatctttt tcatattttt aaatagtttg agaagtactt gagttagttc gtctttcaat
    42601 gtttttgaag aattcagtga aaacccatca ggtccttgac ttttctttga tgagacactt
    42661 tcaaaatact gtttgtattt cattatttgt tatgaatctg cttagatttt ctgcatattc
    42721 ttgatttaat ctttgtagtc tgaaacagag aaatgcagat aaggccctcc agatccaacc
    42781 aatgaatgca aattactcca gggctacagg accaacagcc atggccccag agctgcagga
    42841 cacagagagg actgcccccc agttcccaca ggtctttcaa gagtgatgct gggacttgcg
    42901 tccttgccac ccagcacctg tgctgagggg acttcctcag gtcctctagg cttgagtagc
    42961 acctgctact gctgccaagt accaggaagc aaagggaaat ttctctagat ctgaacagag
    43021 tgagcaagtg tggctctgga tcttggaccc tgcaatctca cagcatcacg ttgcatagag
    43081 gcctgctctc tgccctttga agtgccctag ttctttctct ggagggcttt tgatagtgat
    43141 ggggccactt gctgtcccct aagacagaat ggagtttagc agtggctgta ccacagcagt
    43201 tcaggtgtgg gacctgggga gtggagggag cattatgggt tccttcacag gggcaaagag
    43261 gttgttcaga ccccaatcaa tagactggat ttcagtcagt gagggggctg gcattgtggt
    43321 gcagtgggtt aaagccgcag cctgcagcac cggcatccca tatgggctcc tggctcctgg
    43381 atttggattg gctcagcgtc agccattgtg gccaattggg gagtgaacca gtggatggaa
    43441 gacctctctc tctctctctg cctctcctct ctctgtgtaa ctctgccttt caaataaata
    43501 aataaataaa taaaatcttt taaaaaggtt aactatggta aacccctagc caataatgta
    43561 ctgaatgggg agaagctgaa agcatattcc ataaggtctg gaatgaaaca aaaatgttca
    43621 cttttgccat gcttattcac tgtagtactg gaagtatgag caagagcaat tagggaagag
    43681 aaagaaataa aagacatcaa aaatggaaag gagggagttg aaatatccat tttttcacac
    43741 atgattttgt acatgaaaaa tcctaaacat gccaccaaaa agctgttaga acagacaaat
    43801 caattcagta atgtcacaga acacaatttc aatgtataga aactagcaaa attttcatac
    43861 acctacaatg atcttgctga aaggaaaaga aattccactc ataacagcta aaaattattt
    43921 agaaatacat ataaccaaag aaatgaaagc tgtctacaat gaaaatgtta aaacactgac
    43981 aaaaacaatc ttcaaggatt ctcaataatg gaaggatatt tcttgcttgt ggatttgaaa
    44041 aactaatgtc attaaaactt acacactaaa ggaagctaca tattcagtgc agatcctatc
    44101 aaaatcctga tgacattcct tgcagaatta gaacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    44161 aaaaagaaag agaaaggcaa aaggaaggag gatgggaggg agggaggaag ggaatatcat
    44221 tatgttattc gatttgtatc tacaaatcat actgaatctg ttaaaaatga attaaaatta
    44281 aaataaaaca tgaaataaaa aagaaaaaaa atcctgaaat tcataaggag gcacaaaaaa
    44341 accccaaaca gccaaagtga tcctggcaaa acaaaacaac cataaagatg gaggcatcac
    44401 aataccatac cagatttcaa agcctactac aaggttataa taagtaaaat ggtactggca
    44461 taaaaactga cacatagacc agtgtgacag agtagagaac tcagaaatta atctatatgc
    44521 atatggccaa ctgatttttt ataaagatgc tacgaacata tattggagaa agtatacatt
    44581 ggagaaagca tagtctttcc aataaagatg ctggcaaaac tggatatgca catggaaatc
    44641 aactcatgat ggatcgaaga gctaaatgta agatctgaaa ttattaagtt ggtgggagaa
    44701 gacatgggta aaacactaaa gacattggtg taggcaatga ctttttggat aagaccccaa
    44761 aagcacagat aacaaaaaac taggcaaatg agattatatc aaacaaagaa gtttctgcat
    44821 aacaaaggaa atgataacag agtgaagagg catccaacag aatgggagac aatattttta
    44881 tgctccatat ttggcaaagg attgatatgc agaatatatc agatactcaa aacactgaac
    44941 aatattacct accattccaa ttaagaaatg agccaagaac ctgagtagaa atttctcaaa
    45001 agaatacata ttatcaacaa taatacttga aaaaattctc tatatcagta gccaccaggg
    45061 aagtgtaaat ccaaaccaga atgagatatc atgtcatttc tgtcagaatg gctgttatca
    45121 aaaagacaga gaggaacaaa tgctggcagg gatgtggaga aaaggaaagt cttacacagt
    45181 gttggtggga atgtaaatta gtgaagccac tatgggaaac agtatggaga tgtctttaaa
    45241 aactagaaat gcaactgcca tgtgaggtag caaccccact atggagtata tgtgcaaaag
    45301 acacaaagtc actgtatcag agcaacacct gctctaccat ggatattgca gcactgttca
    45361 cagtggccag gatatgcaat caatcaaggt gtccatcatg agatgaatgg atgaagaaaa
    45421 tgtcatataa tacacattgg aacactacat gaaaataaca caatcctgtc acttgcagca
    45481 aatggatgga agtggaggac agtatgttaa gtgaaataag ccagacacag aaagacaaat
    45541 gccacatgtc gtgcttatag gtggagctgg aaaaaaaaaa aacaaaacaa aactcaatct
    45601 aaacacagaa tgagattatt agaggaaggt agagatgggg gcatagagga agtctgggta
    45661 atgggtacca aatcagcgtt acattaggag aataagtttc tcgtgttcca cagctagtgg
    45721 agagaatata gctcacaata tcctggtata gattgtatga ataaataaaa taacaaagct
    45781 ccaagtctcc aattatgaag tgatgtcaca gaaggggagt gctgattact ctgtttcagt
    45841 tagcatacat ggtataaatg tatgaaatat catgctataa tccatgaaat gtacaattat
    45901 tactgataaa aattttaaag tttaataata aaatcctctc aaaattagag ttagaaaatg
    45961 tgtgcaatgt aattaaaaca atgctaacag aataatttat acctatacta gaaaaaaagg
    46021 atgctattct tttgagataa catattttta attcatgtta tagtcaaagg cttagtagtt
    46081 ctggtaaata aagagtttga caaataaaaa gtaaaaagac cgtagtccag cagggtatta
    46141 ggcaaggact gtatacagta aataagcaaa aagatgctca acttcactca tataaagtac
    46201 attttattga atcttgatgt gaatggaagg ggagagggag tgggaaaggg gagggttgtg
    46261 ggtgggaggg acgttatgag ggggaagcca ttgtaatcca taagctgtac tttggaaatt
    46321 tatattcatt aaataaaagt tttaaaaaag tacattttat ttattttttt aaatttattt
    46381 atttgtttga aagtcagaat tgagagagac agagagagag agacagacag agagagagag
    46441 acagagacag agatcttcca tccattggtt cactcccaat attgctgcaa tggccagata
    46501 gggccaggtg gaagccagga tcctggaact ccaactgggt ctcctgctac cctctgctgc
    46561 tatcccaggc acagcagaag ggagcttgat tgaaagcaga acagctggga caccaactgg
    46621 cccacagctg agatgccaga gtctcaggtg gcggttaaat ccattctgcc acaatgctgg
    46681 tgcctaaagt agattttaaa atagtcacaa aagcattaga actacagtag tatataatgc
    46741 ctatcaattt gtttgtcaaa gacttaaaac aaagtttgac aaaagactat ttgtgcagaa
    46801 ctgatacatg ggggcatttc tttgtgtgtg tgtatgcgtg tgtatgtgtg tgcatgtgtg
    46861 tgcgtttata tttaactcct acatataaag gagaacatgt ggtatttatc ttcctgtgtg
    46921 gcttatttag ctcaacatga tgtcccccag ttccaatcat cttgctgcaa atgatagaat
    46981 ttcattcctt ttttatagtt tgaataacat tccattatgt gtatgtgtgt ataaaactat
    47041 cttgtttctt tattaattga tgatggacac cttggttcat tctatgtgct ggctgttgtg
    47101 aatagtgctg ctataaatgt tgtagagcag ttatcttttt gatgcaatga tttaagtctt
    47161 ttggatatgt acctagaaga gggattgatg gatcatacag caggcctatt accaattttt
    47221 aaaagaaatc tccatggtgt ttcccataat ggtttcacta gtttaaattc ccactgacat
    47281 tgtgtagggg ttcctctttc ttcacatcct tgcctatatt tgttactctc tgacttttgg
    47341 ataatagcca ttctgaccag agtgagatga tatttcggtt ttgatttagg ttttcctgat
    47401 ggctagtgat ttacaacatg ttgtcatata tttgttggcc atttgtgatt attattttga
    47461 gagctctctg ttaaggtcct tttcccattt cttaactgga tttgttgttg ttgttgagcc
    47521 ttttgaattg ctgaggtatt ctggatatga tttttttgtc acttaagtag cttgcaaata
    47581 ttttctccta ttctgttgga tgtctcttca ctctattggt tgtttccttt gctgtgcaag
    47641 aatggtatta aatcattgat ccatcagcca ccttaacaag ttagaaaaaa atcaaactct
    47701 aagtatgtag aatgaagaac ataaaaataa cagaagaaat tgatgaaact gagagcagac
    47761 aagaacgaga gggaaaatca atgaaataaa aaaacgaatc ttaaaaagta agttaagttt
    47821 caatacatca aatgaatttt aaataaagaa atcattaaat aataccaata aaataaaatt
    47881 gatgagtcct ttgtcacgtg tacttatgct gtagattctg ttggtattgt gaaaaggaac
    47941 acttttttaa tgcagagcta ttcctgtgag ttttcttctt agcttagtct cctagagaca
    48001 aatgatgctg ccctacatct catcctcatt ggctggaaag aacatgttca aggttcaagg
    48061 tccaaatttt tgtttcactt aagcatattt tctgcaaagg tcttgatcag tcacttctag
    48121 tttagcttat ggggatgagt ttgtggtggg gtggggctga gaagggtaaa gtaggactgc
    48181 agagccccga ggatccattt ccttttgttt tatgccctgg cagcttgaat ttatctccaa
    48241 ggtttgtctc tatattccaa agctataata attgattgtg ttctaatggg caatggaata
    48301 aattgtctcc gtataggaac aacaaaataa cataaaaaga aagagaaggt ttttgaaaaa
    48361 taagaaatat agtagaggag aaatccaatt attttaagaa ttgctctgta ctgtggcagt
    48421 cttagataaa tttatacagg agtgtagtca cttttcatat tgacttttag aaaccccata
    48481 caaagtttga aaaattcatg tagatactga atgaaactat aaagtgtaca tactgaatta
    48541 ctctctagga acattgtatt ctgctccact tagtcctcat atttttgggt ctcaaaatta
    48601 agttttgtgg tattttcttt gattattctt tatattcctt gttaaaagta tgaattagga
    48661 attcttgttt ttgtccttgt taatggacac ctttttctta taatattctt tcttatgctt
    48721 ctttatggct tagcctgcaa agacaaatga tgctgtctca gatatggttc taatacatgg
    48781 gagaagaatg catccaatgt cttattcttg tgtcacttaa actcagcttc cacacaggct
    48841 gcctccaaag cagccccaca gaggaatgtg gggtttaaga gtcggggacc ggaacaagga
    48901 cttgtagaca gcacttagtg ggtgtcttcc agagtgacct gcttccctgt ctagaaaaat
    48961 atttcatatg cacagagaag ggagggtgca gaagctgggc aagggagcag gtgttatctt
    49021 tattccctgg gtcacaacca agggttggaa attcagccaa ggtggctcac acccacagac
    49081 ccgacaggaa tggacaacga taaataggaa catctcaagg tgtttctacc tttggaaatg
    49141 cagaggatac tttgtggctc agtccccagg gagtttcaga acagtccagt tggatcttct
    49201 ggtcttggct ctggttacga atctgtcaat aaggtcccaa atcaattttg agtttgtcta
    49261 ctgatgtgaa tctgattctt aatttcagag ctggggctgg cactgtggcg cagtgggtta
    49321 acacgctggc ctgaagtgct ggcatcctat ataggcgccg gtacgagacc tggctgctct
    49381 acttccgatc cagctctctg ctatggcctg ggaaagcaat acaaaatggc ccaagtccag
    49441 gcccctgcac ctgcgtggga gactgggaag aagctcccgg ctcctggctt tggatcagtg
    49501 cagctctggc cattgcagcc aattggggag tgaaccagca gatggaagac acctctctct
    49561 gtctctgcct ctcctctctc tgtgtaactc tgactttcaa ataaataaat aaatctttaa
    49621 aaaaattttc agagctaacc agcacattct gatgcatcag ttgtggaaag gaaatcagga
    49681 ggagactgag ggaatgagcc ctctctcccc agatatccag aaggagctga gtctcctgga
    49741 ggtggagagg ggaagagcag aacctgaagc acaaagttcc ctcctcccca ttcccatcca
    49801 atatattgga agtttggctg gttttggttt gtgaacccga caagagagac ctcttaatac
    49861 ctcccagata aacagagagg aaagacagga attctcccca catgtgatgc gacttaaata
    49921 ttaactcaca aaccctgctg tgctcaggtg tgcagaggca gaagcgcacc cctgagattt
    49981 atactttgtt ctgcaaatgt cagatggcag ctccagtctg cagtgacagt acagcaactt
    50041 ccggaccaaa tattgagtcc ttataagcca ggcccgtgag aaaatggaga tacattgatg
    50101 accataatta ataatgacaa caataaggcc taatatttat ggagtgctta ctgttgccag
    50161 aaactcttct aagtgctttt cctgcgttaa ttgacttgat ctttacaagg ataccatgag
    50221 gatatattga tgttatttct ctttcttatt tatcagttag gaaattgtag caccaggagt
    50281 tgggtatctg cctaagacat ggagctgaga ttcaaaccca ggcagctcag ccactggtta
    50341 aaccacccac ttaattcttc taaggaagta attacacaga ggcctggata cataactttc
    50401 aactgacttt acctggtggt gtttctgcag ggcaagccag aggtggaaat ttgcattgtt
    50461 acaactcact aagcccctct ctgcgctctt cctatgaact gaacgggact ctccctcctc
    50521 ttggcatttc ttgtgcctga tagagaatgt gattcatgca tgcatgcgtg cacacaggaa
    50581 tggtcagggc cagtgcaatg catctgcagg gtttttaaat ggatgacaga tttggggtcc
    50641 tcatacttag ctgatgaatc tgcaatttca ttcagtcaga tgtccttagc aatcttacag
    50701 gtcaaacacc tggaggctaa caaaaccttt tggcttcatt aaaaactgga gaaatgttcc
    50761 tgagctgaga gcatcactaa ctagggttga agaggcagag ctggttcccc atccccgagg
    50821 ttatgctgtt gtcactgcag actggaggcg tcatctgaca tctgcaggga ggggagcgtg
    50881 aacctcgggg gtgctcttct gtctctgccc acctgagcac tcagggtttc tgagttcaaa
    50941 atgtaaggca cttcacatct agggagttat ttctgccttt cctctctgtg agctgttatg
    51001 aggccactgt tttagctcca tgaggcaagt ggataaaaga agaatatttt agtgggaagt
    51061 gagaagtaga gatttatgta acaggtttaa gaagtagact tgagggctca gctgagaaca
    51121 ggaacgttgt ggttatgatc acggaagcac cgtgaggacc tgcaggagag aaacaaaggc
    51181 agaggattcg tggggagggg cgcccaagac aagctactta gagtttccat ttaatgtgct
    51241 acatacaaaa tgttctacat ataaattccc ctaactaatg tctctaaaga ccacttatct
    51301 taacattaag actactgaga ggaagaaaat gtatttgctc tgtcatctac ttctagtccc
    51361 tggggagtca ttaaggtcca tcctgatttt acaaatatgt gtgtagacat tggtacaaat
    51421 acaaacaaat ttcacagaat tagaatttgg tctttgtaat aacttttttc acttcaatta
    51481 tgaagataat tttctgtatc aatgaagaat agtcttataa aatattatct ttagtgacta
    51541 taaaaatatt accatatact tgaaattgta tttgttatta tttttcactt gggatattta
    51601 aggaatttaa tttaaagatt agatgtagaa tagttagttc tcatcttttt tttttttttt
    51661 taaagattta cttatttatt tgaaaggcag agttccagag ttccagagaa agagagagac
    51721 agagagagat gcactggttc actccccaaa tggccacaac agccaaagct gaagtgatct
    51781 aaagccaggt gccaggggct tcatctaggt ctcccaggtg ggtacagggg cccaagcact
    51841 tgggccatcc ttggctgctt tcccaggcag ttagcaggga gccggatctg aagtggaaca
    51901 gctaggactg gaaccggcgc ctgtatgcga tgccagcact acaggaggaa gctaaaccca
    51961 ctgcgccaca gcgccagccc cagagttaca atctcttgtc taccatgacc attaccacat
    52021 aggcagccta gtgagtaccc ctcaaacaaa atccttgtgg tttcctttta ggataaattg
    52081 aatggtccca aagaaaataa ttccatatac agccttcatg gtcccccagt gaagggtcag
    52141 actctgaaag attatccccc agttaccatc aaatctcagc tgatttcttg gaactcaaaa
    52201 ataatttttg gtcactatta agtgtgaaat aatattaaag aaaagaaaac attttaaaag
    52261 agcaataggg ataaagaaag aaacagaaaa agagaactat attagagaaa acagataatt
    52321 cagggattaa aggtagcttt aaaacatata cataaaacaa aaaaaaagcc aaacaaaatt
    52381 ttaattatta ttttcacaaa atttggagaa agcagccttc ttataataca agtaaattgg
    52441 ctgttaatct tttgctcata atatagcaat taaaaccttt gaaaattaac agcatgggaa
    52501 aaggatcagt acaatgtaat attttttcat aaacttctag agcattgttt gaaaatctag
    52561 taaatatttt gaataaaatt tgtcttaaac ctataaattt tatctccatc tgagttcttg
    52621 atctctttat taatttatga cttgttttct tttcaataaa ttactttcct tgttttctat
    52681 tgattttaca tatttctcat gaaaattatt ctttgatatt ttctaccatt cccaatgtta
    52741 atggggtgtc ttcccctccc ctaaccttga gtatatctcc ttgatatagc ttattctgcc
    52801 agagacaact gatgtggcct ccttcctttg ccttattagt cagaaagaag aatatttgat
    52861 gatgtatcgt ggtttcacgt aaatgtggtt tatgcaaaga tttatgtcaa catccttcct
    52921 cttcaaccac agctcctgtc tagtaaccac ttcccatgcc cagacagcac tttcttttct
    52981 ataagtaccc aacaagttct tagtttttct gagattcttc atgtgaattt taactagaag
    53041 tacattcttt aatgattcat ccaacagtct tcatacatga tgtgcagaac atgagaacaa
    53101 aactatctac aagtaaaggt atcaaatgca tatatagtat aaaatttcca gctatgaaga
    53161 atacaatttt ctgtaagaca tttttctgaa ggatactttc tggctgtatg aatccagttt
    53221 attagtaatc acattgtaga agtttcctaa ggagggaaaa gcagatggga aacctgtagt
    53281 gataaaaatg atttgcaatt gcgtaggttt gaattgtgaa ggtggatgta cagctcaggg
    53341 agaagcacac agaatcaggg tgcttgtcca tctcccagtg cacctgttgg gctggggtga
    53401 ggcttgaatt taccaggagg ttgtatttat agagaccaca gttgaacaga ggttggaacc
    53461 aaactgatgg tcagctcagg ttcatgttct gggcaataca agggccttcc actggagaac
    53521 tatgccttga accctgtgca tatgcggggc catgagttag ggcacaagtt cattttctag
    53581 gacaacgaac tcttcaaggt ccaggctgag ttaaccagtg cactcttctc caacacccca
    53641 cccagtggca aatgtaatag atcatcccta acttgctgta tgctacagaa ctcacaaagt
    53701 gttttcagcc aaattgggtt atgtgattac tgactccaca gcaacttgtt gtagtggctc
    53761 aagaatgaga acaggattct caattgctct acaaatttac cagtggcaag aaatatgtct
    53821 cactacccac ttgcagtggt actgataaag atatgcacaa tagtaggaag tttatagtaa
    53881 gagtggtacc atggaatgct tatttttatt tctctttttc tctcttgtac tttgttgtat
    53941 ctttttcatt cttgctgaga catcaccaag taaacttata aattctgtag tatcttctag
    54001 tcttttttat atttaaattt taattaagac tagaaattct ttctgacact tggaaaccaa
    54061 aaagaggcat ctttttaaaa aatatattta tttgagaggc agatttagaa agagagagag
    54121 agagagagtc ttcctggtgc attcctcaaa tggccaaaat ggtggagctg ggccaatctg
    54181 aagccaggag tcaggagctt cttccagatc ttccacgtga gtgcaggggc ccaagaactt
    54241 ggtacatctt ccactacttt ccaaggccat atcagagagc tgtattggaa gtggagcagc
    54301 cgagtttcaa attggctccc atattggatg ctggcactgc aggtggaggc ttaacttgct
    54361 agctacagcg ctggccccta ggcatctttc tgttttcttc cttattcata catcttctta
    54421 ataatgagag agtctggggg tctaaagtca actcaggaaa tgggtaaatt tctttggtag
    54481 tgtgttcatt tttgaggccc acttaacaga ggagtcttct atatgtctcc tggggaattc
    54541 gaaggatgtg attggctttg tgtggttgat cacagggaga tctgctgcac ttgccagtgg
    54601 ttcagtgaaa ggcagttagg tctcctgctg tgagcatttt gatctgaatg tctccttcac
    54661 atcaagtccc tctgaattgc tggccaatgg tgaaggaatt ctgaggaccc ttcacacaac
    54721 agaattctgg ttatttcttt tttacttatt ttgtttgcta ttatgaccta cacctttctt
    54781 cacatccttg tcatgtctgc tgacatgata atattccttt aaaacatatg cccaagactc
    54841 taattgctgt gtgttgtatg tgcataaaca atttaactag atataactag ttgtattaat
    54901 tagcacccct actagccatg tatagtttat tcccactaat gaactttctt gcaacttctt
    54961 catattgtta gacatttttg tttttgctca ttgttgtata ctatgtgata ctttctaatg
    55021 gcttgaaaat gtgttttcct gaatattaat aaggtttcac gtgagtattg acttgctatg
    55081 tttccttctc ataatctatc tctggactct agagtggcat tgagttcttt gttactttta
    55141 taagtttaag aataacatat gtatagatag aaataaattt aaatagatgc ccccactgac
    55201 ataacagaaa tgttagaatg atctgttgtg agctgcaata agctcaaact cctgtttcag
    55261 gttcttgcct tttatttaga gaaatctaag tacaggcaca aaacacaaca cgcagcatga
    55321 taaggtttat ttgcagagtg agaaggatac acaggaaaat gagggcttta ttaagggaga
    55381 gtgagatagg aaggggaaac agggacttcc ataccctgat ttacttgagt ccaagagagg
    55441 agagagagag agagagagag ccctccctgt caccacgctt cttatccact tccaaaaggg
    55501 aagtggttat gtagtctgat tgacaagtgg gggtggggga gttgtggcct ccagctcatg
    55561 aactagctat ctaccttgag ttttcccaca tcagtctgac aactatttta tagaaaccat
    55621 caaaaatgcc tgtaaatgta tttacaaaca tacttaaaga aaatgaaaag tagaatgtct
    55681 caactaagaa tttgaaatgt caacaaagaa gtagaaatta taaagaagaa aaatggaaat
    55741 ttcagagctg aaaaataaaa taaccaaaac attcaactta atgattgggc tcaatggtgg
    55801 aatggaagga gcacggggag gaatttgtgt cagagataaa atagaactta aggtgtatgt
    55861 gggaatggaa caagatttaa attccttttg tcaagtttcc agaaagagac aataaagaat
    55921 acaggggtga aaaataaata gtgtctgaat acttctcaaa cataaaaaat tatcaaccta
    55981 taaatcaaag aagctaagtg aaccctgaca agctcaaaaa cccatgacaa cacacatcct
    56041 agtgaaacgt ctaataaaag aaaaaagata ttgaaaacag tgggagatgg ggccggtgct
    56101 gtggcgcagt gggtaatgct gcctcctgca gtggcagcat cccatatggg tgccggtttg
    56161 agtcccagct gctccacttc cagctctctg ctaaggcctg ggaaagcagt ggaagatggc
    56221 ccaagtcctt gggcccctgc accctcatgg gagacccaga agaatctcct ggctcctggc
    56281 ttcggatcag ctcagctccg gctgttgtgg ccatctgggg agtgaaccag cagatggaag
    56341 acccctgtct ctttctgcct ctccttctct gtgtgtgtgt atgactctaa ctttcaaata
    56401 aatggtctta aaaaaaaaaa aaacagtggg agaaatactt cttacctaca gaggaaaaca
    56461 acttgaatta cataattctc atcagagaat ttctctctag agaaagtgta ataataattt
    56521 ctgagtgttc aaataaatga actatcaatc cagagtccta tacgctgaga aaatattctt
    56581 caggaatgaa ggaggaatca aaacattctg atataaaagg aagctaaatg aatccatcac
    56641 cagcactcct accctaaagg aatgtttcat gaaagtttca taaaacagaa agaagatgac
    56701 caaggaagga accctgagac atcgagagga agaaaaaatt ccagtaagaa aaaatatgaa
    56761 taaatagaat aaactgtact tcttttttat ttttataaat tgtgtttgat gattggagca
    56821 aaattataac actgggagag ttgtaaatgt atttgagaaa aaattttaaa gtaattatta
    56881 taattagggg agaacaatag ggcatgataa ctatgatgat ttatatatat atatgcacac
    56941 acatatataa ataatttaat acctagaaca actgccaaaa aagctataaa agaatacact
    57001 caagaatagt atagatgaat cattctaaaa tgttctagta actcacagga aagcagaaaa
    57061 aaaccccaga aatgaataga gaaaactaac aaaaaacaga cttaagtagc tgaaaaaaaa
    57121 gttggcagag gaaatcaaaa catgaaacaa ccttatgttt ataagagatg tacttcatat
    57181 atggtgaaaa atacagtttt aaagtaaaag aatggaaaaa agatgtggaa accctaaaaa
    57241 aagtagaaat gattgcaata atatgagata aagtagactt tcttgaagga cagaatatta
    57301 ctgtcatgtg caataatgac aaagttaatc cactgagaag atgcagcatc ttgtgtgttc
    57361 atgcattaaa ccacagagca gcaacatact tagaacaaaa actggtagga ctagaaggag
    57421 acacagaaaa ctcctcgaat agctgaagac tttaatatcc attttgtcaa aattggcaga
    57481 actagacata aaatcagcat ggatacagaa gtattcaaca acacaattaa tcagcagtat
    57541 ctaatcacca tttccagaac cccacccagt aaaagttgaa tatgcattct tttcaagtgc
    57601 agtaggcaca tactgaaaga gatcatatcc tgggccataa aacaaacctc aagaagttca
    57661 aaataaataa atccaaaata ctttaatttg aaataattga ataaagagta tgtttatagt
    57721 tacagtggaa tcaaactaga actcagtaac agaaaaaata ataggaaatt tccaaacaca
    57781 caggtactaa aacaacccat ctaaataata cttgagtcaa aaaagatgac acaaaggatt
    57841 gaaaatatta aatttaatga aaatgcaaca tatgttaatt gtgggacatg actagaacag
    57901 tgcttagaaa aaatttacag tactaaatga aaatattaga aaagaaaaaa aatccaatca
    57961 ttaatccaat ccccacttta aaaacctaaa aaaaagaaga gcagaataaa cctaaaggaa
    58021 gtagaaggaa gaaaacaata aaaataaagc acaaattaat gaaataaata aattgaaaaa
    58081 atcaatttct ttgaaaatgt cattatgttg acaaatctac agcaagctag ataaagaaat
    58141 aagggagaag aaaaattagt agtatcaggc ttgaaacaga tgttagcact tgtagagatg
    58201 ctgcttaagc atctctcagc gggggcaaac tcccctgaaa ttagaggcac agcctggggt
    58261 gctcaattag ttgtcaccga tcagggagaa catatgatat ttgtcccttt gggactggct
    58321 tatttcactc agcataatga tttccaaatt cctagcaggg atcacttttc agttaaaatt
    58381 taaacaccta agaataattg tgtgttaatt acagagttca accaatagta ctagaacaaa
    58441 aaaaatacta aaatggataa agtattacat tgtacatcaa cagtcaggac aagagctgat
    58501 caagtcactg tttctcatag tgtccatttc acttcaacaa gtttcccctt tggtgctccg
    58561 ttagttgtca ctgatcaggg agaacatatg atatttgtcc ctttgggact ggcttaattc
    58621 actcagcatg atgttttcca aattcctcca tcttgttgca aatgaccggg tttcattgtt
    58681 tttgactgct gtatagtagt ctatagagta catgtcccat aatttcttta tccagtctac
    58741 tgttgatggg catttgggtt ggttccaggt cttagctatt gtgaattgag ccagcagcac
    58801 acttttagaa tggtcattcc cgtgtcctgt ctcctcatta gaaaaacccc acaagcactg
    58861 actctacaga tatccaaagt aaaacaaggg aatactagga aatgtctatg gagacaaatg
    58921 aaaggccatc acaaagcacg ccaaacattg gagttaaagg aaaagtttat tgttgggggg
    58981 cagcgatagg ctggaaggag agggtgaaaa agagaaaaga gaaagagcct gtgtgtgaaa
    59041 gcaggccttg tcatagcttt gcagggatga gggagtggga acagtgaatc ctgttagagt
    59101 gggggtagag ttgccgctta tggttgggcc atttggtcac ctgaccctta taagctgggt
    59161 cctggagtga cccagcacct ggagtgactg aacctagtgt acaaggtggc ggctgggcca
    59221 gaaactaaga tggcacctgg agcttaagat ggtgcctcgg ataagaagat accatttcac
    59281 taacattccc cccttttatt ttttataaag caagtattgc atgggattac actggctcca
    59341 aaagcccagg agaggtggag ggatgatgat ctatcttgta gaactacttc ctactgacat
    59401 ggggcaatga gtcactctcc cctggtgggg caacacctca agtcatgatc tcctgggtgg
    59461 ggagctggat ttatccctgt agtagcattt ggttgactgc ttggttggtg aaggctttgg
    59521 ttcgttccat tatcacctcc tgtaaacact taaacagaca aggcagtata aaagccagag
    59581 tgaggacagc agccaatggt cctaggagtg gcattaacca agtaatttaa tattttgttg
    59641 tacctggctc aattgattga cattaataac aacattgttc tcccagaaag atgcaagttt
    59701 ccctttttta actgttataa gttctaaagc aggtctgttc tgtagtacca tgcctgttag
    59761 tgaggtgatt tggctttgga cctggtgatc tcctcttgga gttgttttgg aattggttgg
    59821 tcaagataac gtgtggccca aagctgttcc tgaaatcact acagaggaga aggaggctgc
    59881 aaagctaatc ccaaccaaaa ctgggagaaa cactgcttgt ctcttgcagg tagcagggtt
    59941 tgtctgtaga aaaattctga acaatcgcac aatgttaggt ggggggagag gaccaccaat
    60001 acacacgggc gggagtacag tgattgatgt aagagtagaa gttgtgatta caaaggaatg
    60061 aggcctgagg gggctagata aaacaaagga cagagtcatt atttgagggc tatgaaaggt
    60121 gctgtctaaa ccaagagcaa gttttccctt tgagagtcaa agagaggatc agattttttt
    60181 tttaactttt atttaatgaa tataaatttc caaagtacag cttatggatt acaatggctt
    60241 cccccaccca taacgtccct cccacccaca acccttccct ttccctctcc ccttccattc
    60301 acatcgagat tcatcttcaa ttctctttat atacagaaga tcagtttagc atatattaag
    60361 taaagatttc aacagtttgc acccacatag aaacacaaag tgaaaaatac tgtttgagta
    60421 ctagttatag cattaaatcc caatgtacac cacattaagg acagagatcc tacatgagga
    60481 gtaagtgcac agtgactcct gttgttgact taacaaattg acactcttgt ttatggcatc
    60541 agtaatcacc ctaggctctt gtcatgagtt gccaaggcta tggaagcctt ttgagttcac
    60601 tgactctgat catatttaga caaggttgta gtcaaagtgg aagttctctc ctcccttcag
    60661 agagaggatc agattttaat tttatgtcag agaaaaatag attaacaact tttgtatgaa
    60721 aacatatttg ttaacaaacc caatagtttt ttacagaaga taaggtgcta agaatatcaa
    60781 tgtttacatt tagacacatt tatcatttgc ctttacccaa tttacattta acaattacac
    60841 ctagatgact gaagacactg atactatatc atacctttat ctgaattaaa atgaaaattg
    60901 taataatatg gaattctagt cctttttata aaactctagc tataaatcag tgacattaaa
    60961 ccagaaattg caaaatctat cttagggggc tatgacaagt actgattgca ttgctatatc
    61021 atcagaaacc tgttaaacca cattgcaaaa caaatttggc aagttacaaa gaaatatttt
    61081 gaaaggcagt gatctcccta gattcaaaag agagaaattc ctttaaaccc aatgtccagc
    61141 tacagctgaa ccaaattttc atgcatgaga ttgttattta accaagacat aattttagat
    61201 tttaattgaa tttgggtttg ttgtgttcga atttcccaat caatgcataa ggcacagtcg
    61261 cagatgcaaa agcagaggtt tatttgttac cagctggctg gaacctccta cccacacaca
    61321 gccatttagc agtgcacagg caagaagccc tcttctttcc ttctttgtgt aaaagaggtt
    61381 tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgttttggac aggcagagtt agacagtgag agagagagag
    61441 agagacagag agaaaggtct cccttccgtt ggttcactcc ccaaatggct gccacagccg
    61501 gcgctgcgcc aatccgaagc caggagccag gtacttcctc ctggtctccc atggggtgca
    61561 gggcccaagc acttgggcca tcctccactc actcctgggc cacagcagag agctggactg
    61621 gaagaggggc aaccaggtca gaactggtgc tccaactggg actagaacct ggagtactgg
    61681 cgctataggt ggaggattag cctagtgagc catggtggca gcctagagag gtttttatag
    61741 ccttacatta acaaggatgc atgttatctg gtatgtaggt taccttctta ttctctatat
    61801 ggacctagca tatttattgg ttcatttaaa cgtaaatgtg ggaacgacac acaaaggaga
    61861 tggaggcaga actacacaaa ggaactggca ggaagcattg ggccataaat tccaggggag
    61921 ctggcaggaa gcaacaggcc ataaactcta gaacttaact ctctttgttc tcaagggtcc
    61981 ggcctgcctc cttcctggtc caggatgagg cctgtcatgg cgttacagca ggcaagcaag
    62041 caagccagag tacagaagtg aaactggcat ttagcaagct ggggactcca actcctacag
    62101 gttctagttt tccactggag attgttcacc tttatgtaag gtttaatggg ggaagtcatc
    62161 catcatagta gatggacacc tctctggttg gagagcgaga tatttaagga gaatctgata
    62221 ggtgacagag taaggggcaa ttagggaaaa ggagctatgt ctggatatag ttattaacct
    62281 ggtgagcctg cttgtttgaa gggccagagt cttggtcatt atttttacac agatttggag
    62341 agatatctct cagggtaatc ttttctttgg agggagacct ttattttgtt aggttttagg
    62401 attttagggt ccaaagaaga ggaggtggct agttagagaa gactttagag ctgagtctgc
    62461 ccagacagaa ggtgggggta tttgaagtca gccttgaccc tcagagctgc ttgttggggg
    62521 agatgtagag caccccaagg actctgataa ggagggtgga ggatgagaag aagactcttt
    62581 ggtgaagttt acagtgtatt gttttagcag tttggaatgt cccaggcaca gggcttttat
    62641 agtggtaaac attttgttag cgtttacagt attttttgta ctcaggagag agtggcagaa
    62701 tggagaaggg tttagaaaga gagaggcagt tttggctgtt gacccaaagc taacaaacaa
    62761 aatatgtagg caatacccac taatgagacc aggaaatcga gtttgtagga actgagatct
    62821 ggtgaggtat ggaaagcact tagaggagca gagagagatg gaggtcttgt caggatctgg
    62881 agtaaaggaa aaactcactg aggcagggag cccggagccc atggccttgt tccaggctgc
    62941 tgctcccagt ctcacgcaca aattaatctc agaggaagga agaacagaat gcattttttg
    63001 gctgacatcc taactgcaga aaacccatca aaagacctaa ttatcctgcc tggcttgctc
    63061 atgataaagc aaagagtcat tagaagagtg gtacaggtga cttgtttaca gtaaactgtg
    63121 agctcaggag gatggaattg ccactccctt gctattctta tggtaaaatt ggagctggag
    63181 ggcgaggggc gaaggtgagc tggaggatag gacgactgga aggtgaagct acctgagcat
    63241 caaactgata gagtatgtct cctcccagaa ggggagcagg gcaccgaggt ataacaagca
    63301 aagagtaaga gaagggtgtc ttataagtca tgcagaatag attgggagtc tgcagaggca
    63361 aggttttcct ctaccccaac tatggagggt gaggcagcag aggtggcccc caataatggg
    63421 tgaggactga gaaggctgcc ctgtgttaat gaggaaagaa attggcctac ctgctaccat
    63481 cacagttaca ctgggctccc ggggagtgat ggccatagtt gggtagtggg agtctgggct
    63541 cctttaatcc tcagatgcca gtcctagaag gtcaacctgg ggtgtgaatg gagtggatgg
    63601 cctattgact tgatggacaa gataatgttg aggggaacct cagataagag agcaccattt
    63661 cactaacaac aaatatggca acacatgggg tagatttttt ttttcctaaa aatcacaaac
    63721 cactacaatt aattcaatat ggaatagatg gttgcattct cttttaattt gaaactcaga
    63781 tctcccattc tctgcttcac tcctcagatg actgcaagaa ttggggctgg gccaggctgt
    63841 agctgagagc ctggaacttg acccaaatct cccatgtggg tggcagggac ccgagtactc
    63901 aagccatcac ttgctgcctc tctggtgcac ataatcagga agctggaact aggagcagac
    63961 ctgacactca aacccaggta ttccaatatg ggatgcaggc atcctaagca gagtaactgc
    64021 catgccaaat gctcactcca gaacagataa tttgaatatc ctctgcacct gttgtggaaa
    64081 ttgaatctat aaagtgaaaa actcccccaa atgatatccc ctggcctcga tggtttcact
    64141 gaagcattct actaagcctg gatatgatgt ggtatttcat cgtgactttg attttcattt
    64201 ccttgatgac taatgatgtt gagcatgttc ttacatgctt attatttttg agaaatgtct
    64261 attctgattc tttgtccatt tttgaattgg gttatttgtc cttttattat tgaatggtaa
    64321 gaattcttta tgtattctaa atgtaaatcc ttttattggg agtatgatca gaaaatattt
    64381 tctaccattt tgtgggaatg tgtcttcttg ttaggtagga agttagatat gagcttatgt
    64441 gtgtatgaca ggcctaaaga gaagatatct atatccagca tacatctcaa agtcatcccg
    64501 ataatgtttt agaggcagcc cggcattcgc gtcctgccct gcccctttct acctgataac
    64561 ctgccgggtg gagatccctg ccccttctgc ctgacagtct tccacaatct cccagatgca
    64621 gcccagtatc tgcatttcaa ataccctgct ctggatcccc attctctagg gggtcctatt
    64681 cacccttcct ctgaacccag gatggcgcca gctaggcttc ctcctgtctg ataccttcaa
    64741 gggaaaactc agataggagc ttcttaatat ttacagccat aaaatccttt gtttcaggag
    64801 gagatatttg aagacaaaga cccatctcct taaaaacccc cggcctcaac tggactgtgc
    64861 gctcagccct ctgcctctct gttgagctgc ccgcctggcc tgcccaggtg taatctctct
    64921 actcaaccat gtaacctcgc tcccccccac ccctgtccga gagactgggc actctctctc
    64981 aggtcctgtc tggagaggtg ccaatccgtt cttgcggatg tccctaccct aataaacttt
    65041 gctacttttt actctccact actctgtctc acgcctgaat tctttcttgc gcaaagtcaa
    65101 gaaccctgca ttttctccgg taacattctc actttcttgt tggtgtcccc tttgaagtac
    65161 aaaagttttc attttttttt ttgacaggca gagtggacag tgagagagag agacaaagag
    65221 aaaggtcctc ctttgccgtt ggttcaccct ccaatggccg ccgtggccag cgcgctgtgg
    65281 ccggcgcacc gcgctgatcc gatggcagga gccgggtacc tatcctggtc tcccatgggg
    65341 tgcagggccc aagtacctgg gccatccttc actgcactcc ctggccacag cagagagctg
    65401 gcctggaaga ggggcaaccg ggacagaatc cggcgcccct actggaacta gaacccggtg
    65461 tgccggcgcc acaaggtgga ggattagcct actgagccgt ggcgccggcc aagttttcat
    65521 tttttaaaaa atattttatt ttatttattt gagaagcaga cttacagaca gagagaggga
    65581 gaaacagaga caggtcttcc atccactggt ttactccccc aacggccaca atggtcggaa
    65641 ctgaaaccat cagaagccag gagccaggag cttcttctgg gtctcccaca tgggtgcagg
    65701 ggcccaagtc cttgggctat cttatactgc tttccctggc tatagtagag agctggatca
    65761 gaagaagagc agctgggaca tgaactggtg cccatctggg atcacagcac tgcaggcaga
    65821 ggctttagtc tcctacgcca cagcgccagc cctggttttc aatttttaca agtccagttt
    65881 atcatttctt ttgctgttta ggcttttggt gtcatttaag aatctattat caaatccaag
    65941 ttaatgaagc tttagcctta tgttttctta gcattacttt agctgcattc catgccttgg
    66001 tatattgcgt cttaattttt gttaatctca gaatgttttc tggcttattt tttgaacctt
    66061 tttttggact cactgcttat ttagagatct gctgtttgat tttcatgtat ttgtgagttt
    66121 cacaaaattt tttggtttta acccattggg ttcaacgaac acactttgta ttatatgagt
    66181 ctatatgtta ggtaggaagt cagaaatgag cttatatgtg tgtgacaaag gcctaaggaa
    66241 ttgacatcta caggggtcca gcatctgcat ctcaaagtca acctgcactt caaatgtcct
    66301 gcccggatct gaccttccag ggggtcctgc cccttctacc agataaccat ccttcctcta
    66361 aggcatccga tgtgatgtca gccaggcttc ccttgtctga taacttggcg ggggcggggg
    66421 ggggcactca gaaaggaatt tttcatattt acatccaaca agtcctttgc tctggaggag
    66481 aaggagaaga ggtgggaagg caagacccac ccccttaaaa accagggcct aaatgtaagc
    66541 tgtgcactct ctcccaggtc ctgtctggag aggtgcccat tcgttcttac ggatgtccct
    66601 accctaatac accttgttat gttgttttct cctgctctct gtctcacacc tgaattcttt
    66661 cttgtgtgaa gacaaggacc ctttgcttct ccggtaacat atatgccttc aaatttagca
    66721 tgatttgatt tacattctag cacatggtct atcttggaga atgttccatg tgtgcttgag
    66781 aagaatatac atttattagc actgaacact gacagtgcag ccaatagtct gatctcctcc
    66841 caggttgcct ctttcagggc aaggcttgct ggagccccag tagtcataac acaccacacc
    66901 catggtagac cttccatccc tcaattgggg actgggcaga aaaagggaac tgtcacttct
    66961 cagtggtact taaccccacc ttagcctcag cagcgagcag acaggggagt ggggcaggat
    67021 gagcagctct aaaatcccat tctttataag aactaggttc tctgacttgg agctgtgggg
    67081 agagggatct tttgttcttg gctgcaaaga tctggtgtga aatccctctc tctttttaaa
    67141 gatttattta tttatctatt tgaaaggcgg attgacagga cagctgaaga gagaaaaagg
    67201 gagaacaagt agggggtgga gtggagagag agagagagac ctttcatctg ctgattcagt
    67261 ccccaaatgg cagcagtgac cacggctggt ccagattgaa gccaggagcc tggagcttca
    67321 tccaggtttc ccacatgagc ggcaggggcc taagcgtttg ggccatcctc tgctgccctc
    67381 ccaagtgcat tagcagggag ccggatccag tgtctcaggt gtgggcttaa cctgctgtgc
    67441 cactgcctag agtggaatct ctgtcttgct gagctgagag tgggaataaa gaaatactct
    67501 ggattcaggt tctgcagtct tgcctttctt actggacttt tatacatttt catttgctgt
    67561 ttgtccttag catactttca gaggtcttaa atgttttctt tttattcttt acttacgctg
    67621 gagagtgggt cagcagcact ccttgcactg ccatgccaag agtctacctc cttacataac
    67681 actgttgaat gaaaacatta tagaagtaag taagttagtt gttgccaagg gttaagggta
    67741 ggtagggtag gtgtggaggg cagcggggaa gcaggtgtgg ctataaaagg ggaagacgat
    67801 tcttgtggtg atggcagggc tctgtatctt gactgggtca atgctaatgt cctggtagtg
    67861 atactatact gcagttttta aagatgttac ttgggtaaag ggcatacaga acgtgtgtgt
    67921 tatttttcac aataggaaac agactgaaaa tcacaaattt aattaataaa aaggcatcta
    67981 ctattgaaag atattctagc agacaaaatt atgacacatg cttgcatgaa cacatttttc
    68041 ccttggtagc cgtggacaca tagctacagt ttcattctgt ggcaaggttt aagtcacaga
    68101 gtagaactct gctattggag ctggtagagt gggtaaagcc gccacctgca gtgccggcat
    68161 cccataaggg tgccggtttg agtcccagct gctccacttt cgatccagct ctctgctatg
    68221 gcctgggaaa gcagtgaaag atggcccaag tccttgggtt cctgcgccca tgtgggagac
    68281 ctggaagaag ctcctggctt tgcattggcg cagctctagc cgtgcggcca attggggagt
    68341 gaaccagcgg atggaagacc tttctctctc tttctctctc tctgtctcta cctctctctg
    68401 taactgcctt tcaaataaat aaaataaaaa aaaaactcta ttatttgact actgattttt
    68461 tcttttcagt gctgaggatg gcagatcact tggttatttc tctcctttga caaattttcc
    68521 tatattctag aagagaattg agatctatgg atcctcacta aattctactt gaagatattt
    68581 ctatctacat gatcttttcc aattcccagt tcatatataa agcagagatt tctctttttc
    68641 accgttattt aggaagtagc aagtctggaa tgttgtgaag tcatccaact tcgttggaag
    68701 cataagcacc tatgacaggc ttcagtgact cctacatgga tttagaaagg gagtaactaa
    68761 taatcctccc tcacagtcag tagtcaagga atgaattgga gagtaagcac ataatgatga
    68821 aaactaagct ataaaacttc tctagctaaa gagaagattc tattccataa ttctataata
    68881 agtggcaaag agtattaacc aattcttgaa ttctggtgag cataattatt ctaagaatag
    68941 ttgtaacaaa tattggtctt gcttcaaagg gatacataaa gaagacttca aaaggggatt
    69001 tttttttttt aaattagcca acatggttta gttttattga ggaatgattt tcttctggga
    69061 taatgaaaag ttttaatttt tttgttgaat ttgcttttca gaccgttccc tttccctttc
    69121 tgtagttata tttagctagt gaaatgacca aaagaagtgg aataaaaatt aaatttttgg
    69181 taatatttat catgtttcag gaatatgata aatgatcttc cacatcagta ggtgttgaca
    69241 tggaagatca tgtaattcaa ccattccatt ttagtgataa ggaaatagac gctcaaaagg
    69301 gtaagtcacc tgaccagggg gtgaattgag tgccagaatt ctgacctcat gacctggaac
    69361 gcaatgctgt tccttgcatt tgactgtgta actatatttc actaacttgc ttctggcaat
    69421 agttacctct gatcaggcaa actattgcct tctattggag ggaaattggg agaagaaata
    69481 ttactttaag ggatgtggaa ttcatagaat gaaggttcac tcaattctta ttcaaatttt
    69541 atgatgaatt cagataaatt aatattttaa attcacaagc tttgaactga gtttaaatcc
    69601 taaaaatgac tatgttggat cgcttaaaat gattaattct tagaccacta ctcacattaa
    69661 ttaatttgac aaatattttt gagtgttatc ttaggtgtca aagactcagg agttatgatt
    69721 ctgttatgat gattgagatg tgcaccggga ggtgctgctt tgctggagcg aaataatcgg
    69781 actttccttc caatttccta tgactatcac aggtgagtcc tggacttttt cacaatctcc
    69841 atctcgtcta ccacaggtat caatgcatca gcagccagca gagtccagcg tcacagccat
    69901 tgccttctct ctctctcttt tttttttttt tcatttcctt ctctattaaa actgaccagg
    69961 gacttcccac acatgtctga aaaatatcag gtgccattcc ctcccccacc cccagtaaat
    70021 ccttaaatcc tcattctcca ttctgcttca tactataaga tgtggtttcc tggctcccca
    70081 catgatgtat cttatttctt tccatgaaac taggttgtta ggcttccctt caccataaat
    70141 cagtcatcct gtcatttctc caccttcccc caagacctga ggtcagatta gaccttctta
    70201 gcagaagaat ctgctggaga ttagtgatgc tactgcattc tctatcccta ttggctgaag
    70261 aaaaaagcac tgaagggctg gggatttcca ggaatgattt tcttaaaatg tctcagtgca
    70321 aaaagctgga agccttttct aacaggaatc agccagaact gggaacgatg tggcagaatc
    70381 tgggtctgag ggctgagcct gtgggagctg cctgtgaaca gagaaaagat gtatttcttc
    70441 ccaaggactc atatttccat tttcatcaaa tgatacgctg tagtacgatg atgagaatgt
    70501 tagtgctgga caaacccaaa ccctccattt taatggcttt ttcttagcct tttaactaca
    70561 caggaatttc caagatggtt tccttgttga ttttcctttc tatctacagc tgtataattt
    70621 tttttctttt aagtttcatt tattttgggg ccagcactgt ggcatagtag gctaagcctc
    70681 tacctgtggt cccagcatcc catatgggca ctggttcgag tcccagctgc tccacttcca
    70741 atctagcact ctgatatggc ctgggaaagc agtagaaggt ggctcaagtc ccttgggcct
    70801 ctgtacccac ttgagagacc tggaagaagc tcctggatcc tggcccagct ctggccactg
    70861 tggccatctg gggagtgaac cagcgggtgg aagacctctc tctctgtcta tccttctctc
    70921 tgtaactctg cctctaaggt aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa caaaaaaaaa
    70981 cagagaagac tctgctcaca tcaggcagaa ctgctctctc tacctgtgtc tgtcattctt
    71041 ccttgtccct gcagtaccat tttgttgttc attcttttcc cctttgctcc cttctttaac
    71101 ctgaagcatg ctcgtcctcc ttttcaggag tcttactatc tcatacacat ggagaactcc
    71161 aatctaattt tgaaagttct tacagatttg taaaacattt taacagtttt tctacctttt
    71221 gaaaactcat gatgcctgaa atttatgctc ttattgtatt ttataaacaa atggattgca
    71281 gcttttgttg tgttatattt atgttgtctc tgaactccta cgaaataaaa tctacagatc
    71341 acattgatat tttaaaaatt ttatttattt atttgacagg tagagttaca gagagagaga
    71401 gagagagaga gagagagaga gacagagaaa ggtcttcctt ccgttggctc actctccaaa
    71461 tggtcgcaac aaagctgtgc cgacccgaag ccaggagcca ggagccagga gcttcctccc
    71521 ggtctcccct gtggatgcag gggcccagca cttggcccat cctccactgc tttcccaggc
    71581 cacagcagag agctggactg gaagaggagc aaccgggact agaactggtg cccatatggg
    71641 atgctggcac cacaggcgga ggattaaccc agtgcgtcat ggcgctggcg cccacattga
    71701 ttcttatata cctgcacctt gaagaatgtt ttttgtaatt tcagtgctca tacactttaa
    71761 ataaatttat gttccccaaa gagaattttt taaagccaga atataattcc catattccta
    71821 ctgtcacttc caaaattggt ataaaatgtt atctgcagaa ctggtctaaa gattagatga
    71881 gataactgaa aatgcctagt tagggcctag aactattgat tctttttcca tcattgtcct
    71941 gtgttttctt ctgataacca gcagatgggg agatgactct tgataaattt ctctctcctt
    72001 tcctgtcaat ctccttccca acacagattt aaattttcca ccagaaatga aacactaata
    72061 acctagcact ttctctgcca ttaagtcctt gacaagggct ttccatttgt gcctgaaagg
    72121 aataagtttc ttcggtctag tattctacac ccatcctggc acgcttgcaa acaaaaaagg
    72181 ggaagttctt ggacatccac atgaccatat cctatttctt caaaacacta aattttgctc
    72241 tccacataac tcataatctg ccccatatgc caccttctca catgatctta aaacaagtct
    72301 aggggccggc actgtggcat agttggtaaa atcaccactc tggcatcctg tttgggtgtg
    72361 agttcgaatc ccagctgctc ctcttccgat ccaggtccct gctaatgagc ctgggaaaag
    72421 tagcagaaga tggcccgagt gcttgggctc ctgtatgcaa gtgggagacc agtgtgaaac
    72481 tccgggctcc tggttaaggg caggcccagc cccagctgtt tggccatgtg gggagtgaat
    72541 cagcagatgg aagatcttta tctttccctt tctctctctc taactctgtc tttcaaataa
    72601 ataaaaaaca aatctaataa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaacaaac caagactaat
    72661 gccagcactg ttgcagtagt cttaactcaa atttgcagga ggcaggtggt gttatttcac
    72721 ccattggatg tatagggagg aaactggtaa gtaatggaga gttccacaaa ttaactttgt
    72781 ccataaaatc gacctgcttc atcctgaagt acagagcctg aaatcaggat agagaagtgg
    72841 cctgaggttc aagcactgag tgttcagaat gctatctctg aaggaagaaa acagttctaa
    72901 aaacactcaa cattttcttg ctctacccat tcaacggcag caactcacac aagtttggaa
    72961 ggacagagga cacttagcaa tatcagtact ctagtcctgc ggtcatccca cgtctccctg
    73021 tgtcggtaca gctcctgggt tcccagcgct tgctctgttt cccatgtgca catctcagtc
    73081 catcatgtcc cctgagcagc agcggctcgg cccagcttcc aaggcctgtc agaccacagc
    73141 acctctctgc gtctctgtgt cccacgctgt tctgtgagtg gcacattcac tctggccagt
    73201 cagggcttcc cgctaattta atctccacct tgtaacccca cctcagtacc gctcctgccc
    73261 atgtagctca catttgcctt ttcctctgag tcatgtcctc cacttctctg ctccagttct
    73321 catttctgtg aatgaaccaa cattttcaag ttttctctaa aactccaatt tatgagtata
    73381 tgaatatatc ctttctctac aatccttaca ttttgtatct tgatctataa ccatttgtat
    73441 acttattgta atttataaaa atgtatactt aaaacattgt ttattaattc aacagctatt
    73501 agcaattgcc cattttggat ctaacttttc tttctaggag ctgagaatag tgcacaaaga
    73561 aaataaagtc ctagacttat caagtttctg ctctatgtgt gtttctttcc tggtaaatgt
    73621 tgatcttcat gacatcctta tcctggtact gccatcccct agcacactcc attgaacaca
    73681 ggaggtgtcc aataagtgtt cactcttgat ttcatctgtt ccaccccacg cttctatcgt
    73741 ccacatagta cttagcatac cacttgtcat ttataggtta taagttaaga tttgctgttt
    73801 ttttaacttt tatttaataa atataaattt ccaaagtaca acttatggat tacaatggct
    73861 ttttcccccc cataacttcc ctcccactct cagccctccc ctctcctgct ccctctccca
    73921 ttccattcac atcaagattc attttcaatt atctttatat acagaagatc gatttagcat
    73981 atactaagta aatattgaaa tcacaacatt aagggctggt attgtggcat agtgggttaa
    74041 gctgctgcct gagacactag catcccatat gggcaccagt tcaagtcttg gctgctccac
    74101 ttctgatcca gttcccctac aaatgcacct gggaaagcag tggaagatag cccaagtgtt
    74161 tgggctcctt tgcccatgtg gatgaagctc ctgacttcgg cctgactcag ccctggctgt
    74221 tgcagccatt tgagaagtga accagcagat ggaagatacc tctttttctc tccttctctg
    74281 tccctaactc tgcttttcga ataaataaaa cacattttaa aaaaagatag cccttggccg
    74341 gcgctgcggc tcactaggct aatcctccgc ctgcggcgcc ggtacaccgg gttctagtcc
    74401 cggtcggggc gtcggattct gtcctggttg cccctcttcc aggccagctc tctgctgtgg
    74461 ccagggagtg cagtggagga tggcccaagt gcttgggccc tgcaccccat gggagaccag
    74521 gagaagcacc tggctcctgc cattggattg gtgcgttgcg ccagctgcag cgcgctggcc
    74581 gcggtggcca ttggagggtg aaccaacggc aaaggaagac ctttctctct ctctctctct
    74641 ctcactgtcc actcagcctg tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat agcccagcat caagaggaga
    74701 ttgagactga catcaaggtg gagtttgctt tctggactgc agtgatggtt gagaaggcga
    74761 cctctgccgg gcactctcct gccccctctg catgtgcgta ttccagttca ccaacttcct
    74821 aaagagggca gtgaacactg ggtgctttag gaagtgctcc acgaacccat tctaaggcgg
    74881 gaaagtgtct gaaaatacag aaaggaatag tttagtgacc aaaacatgga cagaactggc
    74941 ccagccacca ggaattccca tccattcatc acaaagcatt cctggagctg tgtccttcac
    75001 tgcttcttct ccttctccat caggtcattc ctcaacatgt gtgctgatgt ttctgattct
    75061 cctacccttt cccttctgtg acttccatgg cacctgaggg agtgctcctc ccttgttgcc
    75121 ctgtttccta gctacaagtg ttgcagccag ggtagcgagc cacaggctcg tttatcatcc
    75181 tcatcagcag ctttccgaca gcctcccagg gcacccacta gcatgctcag taattcctta
    75241 ttctctctat ttaacacttt atatttctta ctgcaagtta attgttttcc ttatgattag
    75301 tgaatttggt gtcctatttg gaaatgcatt ttcggcttca ctgccatgat gatattctct
    75361 attgtccttt agaaatctta ttgtattgat tttcacatat agatatagaa tcttactgga
    75421 attaattttg tgaatgatga ttaaaaattt atatttatgt atttacttga gagtcagaga
    75481 cacagaagga gatgtatata tctcacatgg gatacgggta acccaatagg cagctttatc
    75541 cactatgcaa aacgtgcacc ccaggtttca tttttgttta aatcctactg accctgcagc
    75601 acaggcagaa aagcctatta tttcctgggt gttcaattaa aaataattag atggaactgg
    75661 tgttgtggca cagtgtatta agctgctgct tatgatgctg gcatcccata taagagtgcc
    75721 aggggccggc actgtggctt agtgggctaa gccttcgcct atggtgctgg tatcccatat
    75781 gggcactggt tcatgtcctg gctgctcctc ttcagatcca gcatctctga tgagagcagt
    75841 ggaagatggc ccgagtgctt gggcccctgc cacccatgtg ggagacccag aagaagctcc
    75901 tggctcctgg cttcagatct gcccagttcc ggctattgtg gcaaggggtg tgaaccagca
    75961 gatggaagac ctttctttct gtctgtctct ctctctctgt aactctgcct ctcaaacaaa
    76021 taaaatattt taaaaaaatt gaaaactttt gtgcttcaaa ggaaaccaat aagaaagttg
    76081 cagccatttg gggtgtgaac cagtggatgg aagaccttcc tctctgtttc tttctttctc
    76141 tgtttgtaac tctacctctc aaataaataa ataaaataaa aaaaaaacag atgccagtcc
    76201 taactatgtg cttctgatcc agttccttgc taatgcacct gggaaagcag cagagaatgg
    76261 ctcaagtact tgtgcccctg cacccatgtg ggagacccag atggaatccc tggttcctag
    76321 ctttggcctg gcccatccct gtttgttgtg gccatttggg aaatgaacca gtggatgaaa
    76381 gaactttctc tctctctttc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttctt cctctctgtc actctacctt
    76441 tcaagcaaat aaatagatat tatttaaaaa gaaaattaga caataaaaag acacaaatga
    76501 gaacatacta tgtaatttaa tttgtataat gttactgaat gtggttaagg ataaagatta
    76561 ggccatgaaa gtacttggga aagcaaataa gcacttgctg ctcaagtctg gagagtgagt
    76621 tttcttggtg ggaggggaaa gtggtgtgga aaggaggagg catattaggg cttatggatt
    76681 gctaaagttt tgtttcagta tctgggtgtt gttcttggat attgactgtg taataattgc
    76741 tttagttgta tgtgttaatg aacatgtgct ttatgtggtt ttctatatat atgttctagt
    76801 tcaccataca gttttaaaaa tgtaaaatat ataatttcct catcaaatcc agtaattatt
    76861 atctattgag tactaaatta tcaacatttt tcagtactca gggatgaagc agttaactgg
    76921 aaatgcaatg tgtatatacc tactgcaagg tgataatgag aattgaatga aataaagtat
    76981 ttggaaatgt aactcagtgc ctggaagaaa accaatggta gtcagttatt aggtcttcct
    77041 ttcatttgtc tatgcataaa cccatgacaa agttgataca gtccatctct ctcatgtctc
    77101 cacttcttct gtaatgcaaa tacagggtga caccagcatt gcagatttta atttgtgctt
    77161 ttaatattag tgaggatttc ccacacagga actctaatat ccaactcctc ctattctcac
    77221 cccacatttt gttttgttct tcagacactc cttccttgct aaccaagtaa ccatgtaggt
    77281 cataatttat cctgcaaatt gaagcctcaa acctttttta tcgatatctg atttagtcat
    77341 cctgtcctcc attcacttct tgccaagatt ttgtataaga tgttctgctc agatgtgtct
    77401 gaccagctgt tgtggcaagc tggggtgcaa accagcagag ggaggacctt tatttctgtc
    77461 tctctctctc tgtaactgtc tgtcatatgc atctgctggg gataagtgat ccttctctac
    77521 tctctacgcc cattggctac agaaaaaaaa atctgcacac acacacacac acacacacac
    77581 aaatcagttg ccttagaagg gatggggatt gccagtaaac ctttctcttt tttctctgaa
    77641 gtgtctcaca caaaaagcaa aaggtcaaca cctcgatgga tacaaggatt gatccctttg
    77701 ggtgctacct ccaaaaggaa agaaaataca tttctgctaa tcctctatag gagctcaggt
    77761 ttcttcctta agtgtgcagt tactaatata agtctgggga tccaaaaata gctcagtatt
    77821 cttgttgtac attcctgttg tccttacatt aattcctgtg cccagccatt cataattaat
    77881 cttgggttga taaacttttc cccagttaat gatttttctg ctgttatttt cacctttcta
    77941 aaagatatgc cttccaggcc aattttcaat attctccccc aatgttgttt aatcttgcat
    78001 ggctgctcag ctctaccagc attacgtagg gaggaatttc aattccagtc taacaggacc
    78061 ccccactatc cactacctca tgttttttgt tattgttcct gttcctcagc tggtctctga
    78121 ccaacctgaa acacagcttc ttcctctgtg ttctgagttt cacttcatct ggaactcaca
    78181 tctatgacaa tacttccttt tgttgcaaat acaagttagc acttcatttt ttaaaaagat
    78241 ttatttattt atttatttga aaggcaattt gacagagagg aagagaggaa gagagagaga
    78301 gagggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga aagtctttca tctgctggtt
    78361 cactctccaa tggactgagc tgagccaata tgaagccagg agccaggagc tgttgttgat
    78421 cctatcaaat agttctacgt taaatttata tgtctatttt aactatagac actagtttcc
    78481 ttaaaagtag gatttaaatc ccatgtatct ctttattttc tggatgagaa gaatgctttt
    78541 cacctaggaa gaactcaata aacatatatt actatagatc taaatattaa tttatatgta
    78601 tatattcaca tgtggggata agtatctgga ttgctctact gcttaacctc acctctctgt
    78661 ttggtaacaa tctagatgca ccctctgcgt ttgggtggga gatagtgaga ggagggtgca
    78721 aaagcacagc tggtgaacag atacatgggc agcaaacacc cagggtttaa tcccccagat
    78781 tctatttctg ctttcagccc cacctcagct atgtctttaa ggtttattag agatgtaccc
    78841 tgacccactc aaaaataaga gatattactt ccatactatg cttttaaaat tatttttgac
    78901 aaaatacaat tatatgtaat catgtaatac aaagtgatgt tataatagtc acatacatat
    78961 aatgtagaat gattacacca gactcattaa tctttccatc aacttaaata cttaccattt
    79021 tcaccccatt tatctgcaac tttgtatcca ttgaccaaat ttctcccccc cattttcctc
    79081 actttacaga ttttgataac ctccagtctt ctttatgatt ttacaagttc agttgtttta
    79141 gatttcacag gtgtgagaat gtgtattatt tgttttgttt attagaaact catttaggcc
    79201 ggtgccgcgg ctcactaggc taatcctctg ccttgtggtg tcggaacacg gggttctagt
    79261 cccggtcggg gcagcggatt ctgtcccggt tgcccctctt ccaggccagc tctctgctgt
    79321 ggccagggag tacagtggag gatggcccaa gtgcttgggc cctgcacccc atgggagacc
    79381 aggagaagca cctggctcct gccattggat tggtgcgttg cgccagctgc agcacactgg
    79441 ccgcggtggc cattggaggg tgaaccaatg gcaaaaggaa gacctctctc tctgtctctc
    79501 tctctctccc tctctctctc tgtctactct gtcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaagaaac
    79561 tcatttagca tttatattgt tcaaagtggc agaatttttt ctttcttttt atggctgaag
    79621 aatattcccg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta tcaatatttc tttacccatt tatccataat
    79681 ggacacttag gttggttcca tagcttgctt acccctgata agtaacattg cagtgaatta
    79741 ggaagtgctg atgtctcttc cctgtactat tccaagtcct caggatagac atggagaagt
    79801 agtgtggctg aactgctagg tcatggtagt cctatttttt aattcttaga agaaactcca
    79861 aatagttttt atagtggttg caccaaatta atattcccac caactgtgca agtgtttcct
    79921 tttttttcac ttcttctcca gcgcttgttt tcttttgttg ttttgataat aattattcca
    79981 ataggtggac cagtggaatg tgaaaatgga attttgaaaa agaaacttcc caggtattta
    80041 ctggataaag tggtgaatat tttcccacag tatacttaat acaagatcta gatcaaagag
    80101 aaggaaaagg aaaacactta ctatatacaa taataattta catgcctagt aaattctagt
    80161 agttctccct atgactactc actgggaaat attctgggtc taatagacag tgctgtgtta
    80221 aagtactgca aaacacagat aaggtgaagg caactatgtg tttggaagct ggtgtcaagg
    80281 tataaagatg agcttaaacc aaacttcctc aatggggaac atcactgagc tcctcctgaa
    80341 aagggtccta tcaggcccac tgccactaat gtggccttgt gtatgtttat taggatgttt
    80401 attcaggatg gtaacacaag atgatccatg caagagctca gtaaaaagac aaaaaacaaa
    80461 aacaagcaaa aagaatacag ggaatggtaa ttggtgctgc caattcttta aaaaaacata
    80521 aaaactctta gtcctttcat tatgatcaat tgtgaactga aattgatcac ttggaatagt
    80581 gagatggcat tggtacatgc caccttgatg ggattgaatt ggaatcccct ggtatgtttc
    80641 taactctacc atttggggca agtcagcttg agcatttccc aaattataca tctcttccct
    80701 ctcttattcc cactcttatg tttaacaggg atcacatttc agttaatttt caacacttaa
    80761 gaataactgt gtattaatta cagaattaaa ccagtcatat taagtagaac agacaaaaaa
    80821 actactaaga gggataatgt attaaattgt tcattaacag tcagggctat gctgatcaag
    80881 tcaccatttc tcatagtgtc catttcactt caggaggttt cctttttggt gttcagtcag
    80941 ttgtcaccga tcagggagaa catatggtat ttgtcccttt gggactggct tacttcactc
    81001 agcatgatgt gttccagatt cctccatttt gttgcaaatg actggatttc gttgtttctt
    81061 attgcggtat agtattctaa agaatacata tcccataatt tctttatcca gtctaccgtt
    81121 gatgggcatt taggttggtt ccaggtctcg gctattgtga attgagctgc aataaacatt
    81181 agggtgcaga ccactttttt gtttgtcaat ttaaactcct ttgggtaaat tccaaggagt
    81241 gggatggctg ggtcgaacgg tagggttata ttcagattca aagggagcac ataaacaagt
    81301 cttgtacctg ctaacactaa ccgatagaat aaataaaggg gagagtgatc taacatggga
    81361 agtgagatac tcagcagact catagaatgg cagatgtcct aaatagcact ctggcctcag
    81421 aatcagccct aaaggcattt ggatctggct gaaaagccca tgagagtatt tcaggcatgg
    81481 aaagccaaga cactctggca aaaagatctc tgtgagtgag atcccagtgg aaagaacagg
    81541 tcttcaaaga gggaggtacc tttctctgaa gggaggagag aacctccact ttgactatga
    81601 ccttgtctaa acaagataag agtcggagaa ctcaaggggc ttccatagcc ttggaaactc
    81661 atgactggtg catagggaga ttactgatgc cataaacagg agtgtcaatt tgtaaagtca
    81721 acaacaggag tcacgatgca cttactcctc atgtaggatc tctgtcctta atgtgctgta
    81781 cattgaggct taatgctata acgagtactc aaacagtata tttcactttg tatttctatg
    81841 ggggtgcaaa ctgttgaaat ctttacttaa tgtatactaa actgatcctc tgtaaaaaaa
    81901 aaaaaaagaa agaaagaaat tatcaactcc caacttgact ctcactggga ttaaacatga
    81961 caataggtct gatctgattt catcatcatt taaaaaaaat catctattat ttttcacttt
    82021 atgtttctgt gtgggagcaa actgttgaaa tccttactta aggtatacta agctgatctt
    82081 ctgtatatta agataatcga aaatgaatct tgatgtgaat ggaaggggag agggagtggg
    82141 caaggggagg gttgtgggtg ggagggacgg tatggggggg agccattgta atccataagt
    82201 cgtactttgg aaatttatat tcattaaata aaagctaaaa aaaaaccata aaaacataaa
    82261 ttattttgtc ttccaaaagt gatatgaaaa accatttgaa tctgagcatt gacacgattg
    82321 tagtactctt caggaattgt aaaataaaag gactggtaac tacgtgtgtc ccattcctca
    82381 gaggagagga gtctgatatc cagaataatc ctgtgtccct cttgtccaca cttggactgc
    82441 tgtccactga attattcagc actcttggga gtctcaaact gactcttctc agcaagggag
    82501 gagggcaaga acctttggtg actcttgaga ctgaatcaac ttttggaacc ttaacatttt
    82561 gataatgaaa agcactgggc ttggggttgg catgtggagt agtaggtgaa gccactgccc
    82621 ttagcaccag catcccctgt gggtgccagt tcatgtcctg gctgctccat tttcgatcca
    82681 gttccctgct aatggcttga gaaaggcaat ggaagatggc cttgagtgct tcggcccctg
    82741 ccacctacac aggagaccca gattgaagct tctggcttcc ggctttcgcc tggtccagcc
    82801 ctgaccttgg tggccattta gggagtgaac caatgtatgg aagctctctc tatctcttgg
    82861 tctgtctctc tctctttgta accctttcat ataaatagat aaattttttt aaaaagtaca
    82921 agacttgcaa gtcatcctta ccaaccttaa atgtagtgtt gtgatgcccc aggaaagatt
    82981 tctgttaggt gagactagat tggaacaaat atgtcaaatt gaatatagta tctcagattt
    83041 taaatcaata gaatccatct tttggcaaaa aataaacata atggaatgca attttgaaaa
    83101 atggaaaaat atgtaaccta ctgtcaggag cacaatttca ttgcagacaa caaaaaaatc
    83161 aacaatttca aagaattttt aaaaattgca cttcttcctc acaaagtctt cactttttga
    83221 actatcccaa ttgaaaccac acatggaatt tattaccaca catggaattt attaacacaa
    83281 tatttaagtt tctttgtgta aaacaatctt tgtacatagt aataaaaaca gataagacaa
    83341 gatgcattaa atagaaactt tctgtttttt tttttccttc tgtgtcttta cagagccagt
    83401 gatgatgatc tgcaacagaa gagttaagtt tctgattttc tgtatcatgt gccttatacc
    83461 tttgctgtgg taagaactct gagcacctga aggacagatc ctggtgatgc tgtttagcac
    83521 ttagctggca aactgagctt ctttctcttg aggattcttg taatgaacaa gtatgaacaa
    83581 gaagtcacaa tatagaatgg cctggactat gccaaccacc acagcagtga ggtcaaagaa
    83641 gtcctcaaag taaaagccgt ggctcacttg gctaattctc cgcctgcggt gccggcacac
    83701 tgggttctag tcctgatcgg ggcgccggat tctgtcccgg ttgctccact tccagtccag
    83761 ctctctgctg tggcctccac ttgggcccag tggaggatgg cccaagtgct tgggccctgc
    83821 acctgcatgg gagaccagga ggaagcacct ggctcctggt ttcggatcag cgcagcgtgc
    83881 cagccatagt ggccacttga ggggtgaacc aacggaagga agacctttct ctctgtctct
    83941 ctctctctct cattgcctaa ctctgcctgt ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg caccagatcc
    84001 agttgacaag acacaaagca cagtagagac ccaggaagaa caggtagtcg ggggtgatgg
    84061 tcttgccttc cccagtcttg gtcgtcatca agcactgtga ctggatggtc actcactcag
    84121 gtagatggag aaggtccatg agactcaagt ggagagaaat catgattgac cagaaatgag
    84181 aggcctctca cacgggacca gcagaaactc atgtaaaggc atcatgatag ccattatagg
    84241 tggccttcca ttcatgaaga tcaagtacac tggggctcag gggcaggcaa tgtagataag
    84301 cttcacagac ttagtataca aggaaataaa cgataattag ttgtgaggac cagagacttt
    84361 cagatggcac attttttttt tctatcaagg atatgtatca cccatggtaa gaagaaattt
    84421 gctctgttta tgcatttctt gtgctttttc cccttagcta taaagtctgg tgacctgctt
    84481 ctcattttaa gtgccagatt agtgctagtt tctttctgaa agcttctgag aatattctga
    84541 aactcctgag aatattctta aagcatttgg acttgatctg tgtcagctct ggccctgtag
    84601 ataaccacaa accccatatt tccaagatac tattgcatgt ttcagactgt ttataagtga
    84661 gcctgtgaca actggtagga ctctaagtag agactttgga ggaagtattg ataaaagggt
    84721 ttaaaatttc aattagagaa gtgaaatgat ttttgagatc tattgcacag catgttgact
    84781 agttaataat aatgtattgc atatttcaaa attgccaaga cagtgaattt caaattttct
    84841 caccatgaag aaataagtat atgaggttat attaatcagt gtgattaaat tttaaacagt
    84901 ttctataatt tgaaagctat atgccatatt tataagagca agttttcata agtgtccttt
    84961 ttttttttgt tgttgttgac aggcagagtg gacagtgaga gagagacaga gagaaaggtc
    85021 ttccttttgc cgttggttta ccctccaatg gccgccgcgg ctggcgcgct gcggccagcg
    85081 caccgtgctg atctgagggc aggagccagg tgcttctcct ggtctcccat ggggtgcagg
    85141 ggcccaagca cttgggccat cctccactgc actccctggc cacagcagag agctggcctg
    85201 gaaaaggggc aaccgggaca gaatccggcg ccccaaatgg gactagaacc tggtgtgcca
    85261 gcgccgcaag gcggagggtt agcctgttga gccacagcgc cagctgataa gtgtcctttt
    85321 aaagtatgtt tatggatgtt cagagtttat tattttcctt tgtcatcttt tttgtgtcat
    85381 aatatttaag tgaattttac ttcggctttg ttagattatc acatgtcaca attagtttct
    85441 gagtaaatta tgatcatgtt tgtcacacta agcatgatat tctgctggtt caactgcaca
    85501 actgctaata gtactgattt atcatcggca tgtagagtaa tttattcttt tttttttttt
    85561 tttttgatag gcagagttag gcaatgagag agagagagaa aggtcttcct tccgttgatt
    85621 cactccccaa atggctgcta cggccagcgc gctgcactga tccgtagcca ggagccaggt
    85681 gcttcctcct ggtctcccat gcgggtgcag ggcccaagca cttgggccat cctccactgg
    85741 gcccaagtgg aggccacagc agagagctgg actggaagtg gagcaaccgg gacagaaccg
    85801 gtgccccgac tgggactaga acccagagta acagcgctgc aggtggagga ttagcctagt
    85861 gagccatggc gctggccaga gtaatttatt ctaagatcca gggaaaatag taaattctgc
    85921 ctaacccttc caacaagttt tgaagttttc acaagtagaa atatatgaaa gaaaattttc
    85981 attctgttct gagatgttct atcttgcact gtgttagcca agaaatctga ggtaatgatt
    86041 gagaacaata gtttagattt gggaatccgg ggactaccat tatctttaat gagatttatg
    86101 caggaactgg tgggggaggt agtcactgat cataagatca gtgcagagtt tctcatttcc
    86161 aaagtgggtc aaaatggttg tgagtttttt tttttaatag aaactgccgt tgctacacag
    86221 tatctgtcct acattatata aaatgctgtt gctcaataaa ggagtcattt tatgcatatc
    86281 cactaactaa agtgagaaaa gtaatcttat agaagagcca tgtgttgtct tcagaaactg
    86341 aatattgagg tagcatgacg ccatggggta tgtgggatat gaaatcacat agaagttggt
    86401 tcagtctgga gtgtgtcatt cttctcacag ttgttcagtt cttatcacta tgttccctct
    86461 gtgtgtaggg atgacaagag catttctctt tctgaactaa tgtaagaaat aaaaatacaa
    86521 tgaataatgc ctttaggaca attttgagta aaaagtaaaa tgctcaaaaa ttcctaatag
    86581 aaatttttat cactatatag tgattatcct gccactagat atatttaaaa aagtttattt
    86641 ggggctggtg ttgcagtata gcaggtaaag ccaccacctg tgatgctggc atcccttatg
    86701 ggcactggtt catatcctgg ttgctccatt tctgattcag ttccctgcta atggcctagg
    86761 agaagcagca gagatgaccc aagtatttgg ggtcctgcca tccacatggg agacctagat
    86821 gaagcccctg gtttcttgct ttggcctggc ccagcctagg ctgttggggc catttgggta
    86881 gtaaacaatg gatagaagat ctatctctgt ctgtcactct ttcaaataag caaatgaatc
    86941 ttaaaaaaaa aaacagtaac agagagagag gaaaagacac acagacatag acacacatac
    87001 acacacacag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag aaagagactt ccatctgtgt
    87061 cttccctctg ctggttcact ccccaaatgc ctggaatagc ctgggctggg ctaagctgaa
    87121 ggcaagaact acgactccat ccacatatca catgggtggc aggtacccaa atatttgggc
    87181 catcatttgc tgctttctca ggtacgttaa ccagggagct tgtttggaat tggagtaacc
    87241 gggactcaaa atggtactcc aatatgggat gtaggtatcc tggacagtgg cttaacatgt
    87301 tgtgctgtaa caccagcccc tgtcactaag gtatttacag tatttaggga atgactgctg
    87361 cgttgtgaag cactgggtta agtctctttc tgtaacactg gcattccata tgggtgctga
    87421 ctactgcctg ggctgctcta cttctgatcc agctccttgc taatgtgcct gggaaagcat
    87481 cagaagatgg cccaagtgct tgggtccccg ccaccaacat gagagacctg gatgaagctc
    87541 ctggcttctg gctttgcctg gcacagtcct ggcctttgtg accatttagg aagtaaacca
    87601 gctgatgggc gatctctctg tctatccctt ttcctctgta acactgcctt tcaaataaat
    87661 aaataaatct tttttttaac ttttatttaa tgaatataaa tttccaaagt acgatttatg
    87721 gattacaatg gcttcccccc cataccgtcc ctcccaccca caaccctccc cttgcccact
    87781 ccctctcccc ttccattcac atcaagattc attttcgatt atcttaatat acagaagatc
    87841 agcttagtat accttaagta aggatttcaa cagtttgctc ccacacagaa acataaagtg
    87901 aaaaataata gatgattttt tttaaatgat gatgaaatca gatcagacct attgtcatgt
    87961 ttaatcccag tgagagtcaa gttgggagtt gataatttct tttttttttt ttttttacag
    88021 aggatcagtt tagtatacat taagtaaaga tttcaacagt ttgcaccccc atagaaacac
    88081 aaagtgaaat atactgtttg agtactcgtt atagcattaa gcctcaatgt acagcacatt
    88141 aaggacagag atcctacatg aggagtaagt gcacagtgac tcctgttgtt gactttacca
    88201 attgacactc ctgtctatgg catcagtaat ctccctatgc tccagtcatg agtttccaag
    88261 gctatggaag ccctctgagt tctccaactc ttatcttgtt tagacaaggt catagtcaaa
    88321 gtggaggttc tctcctccct tcagagaaag gtacctcctt ctttgaagac ctgttctttc
    88381 cactgggatc tcactcacag agatcttttt gccagagtgt cttggctttc catgcctgaa
    88441 atactctcat gggcttttca gccagatcca aatgccttta gggctgattc tgaggccaga
    88501 gtgctattta ggacatctgc cattctatga gtctgctgag tatctcactt cccatgttgg
    88561 atcactctcc cctttgttta ttctatcggt tagtgttagc aggtacaaga cttgtttatg
    88621 tgctcccttt gactcttagt gctttcatta tgatcaattg tgaactgaaa ttgatcactt
    88681 ggaatagtga gatggcattg gtacatgcca ccttgatggg attgaattgg aatcccctgg
    88741 tatgtttcta actctaccat ttggggcaag tcagcttgag catttcccaa attatacatc
    88801 tcttccctct cttattccca ctcttatgtt taacagggat cacatttcag ttaattttca
    88861 acacttaaga ataactgtgt attaattaca gaattaaacc agtcatatta agtagaacag
    88921 acaaaaaaac tactaagagg gataatgtat taagttgttc attaacagtc agggctatgc
    88981 tgatcaagtc accatttccc atagtgtcca tttcacttca ggaggtttct tttttggtgt
    89041 tcagtcagtt gtcaccgatc agggagaaca tatggtattt gtccctttgg gactggctta
    89101 cttcactcag catgatgtgt tccagattcc tccattttgt tgcaaatgac tggatttcgt
    89161 tgtttcttat tgcggtatag tattctaaag aatacatatc ccataatttc tttatccagt
    89221 ctaccgttga tgggcataaa taaataaatc ttaaaaaatc actgcttatt agaactgtgg
    89281 tggagtttga attaatgagg aatttacatg tagagatgtc ctttaatatt aatgtagtga
    89341 ataattagac aaaatagtat tatatgttta aatttacatg actacaccat aatgcaatcc
    89401 atacattttc tgtagtggtc tatttcctga acattctaca acatattcat ttggacagtc
    89461 atctgtcttc ttagatctca tgttatgacg atgcaagaga aggagactaa taaagcagtg
    89521 cagtctcgat aaaataaggg aatcataatg ggaagtatgg gtaagagatt aaacaccctt
    89581 ttccaaaaac attaattatt ttagagcaga ctgtagtgtc aagggctgac tttgtgttct
    89641 tgctctctca gtgtcctgac tacactgatt caagagtgtc cttatcacac tgttgggtca
    89701 agtgctctgc aggggcctcc atcccacagg gtcacctcct ctaagtttct gcctgtgtgt
    89761 tctgaggggc agctggactc aggggcagca tcagcaaagg aaaaaactgt ttccctcagg
    89821 taaattattg actagcattt tatttccgct aacttaacag ccctaccact gaagcggatt
    89881 ctgtgacatc atcagttacc gggcagtgct gtactttgct gtgtccacag aatcacagca
    89941 ttttccaaca tggaaataca ggaaagatca tagtgcttga ttaaactgag agaaactaaa
    90001 taattcccca aactataata tcaatgtgtg atacaacaag gaccagatta aaatcttctg
    90061 actttgattt attctccttc cacctcttct cctaaacacc ctcagacata cacttgtgca
    90121 aacagcaact gagagatgaa tactcttgca aggctcaaac ttgggacaga atagtgacca
    90181 gctcagggct ggcttccaat agaggcccaa ttaacctgtt ttgaatgcaa ctggatcaag
    90241 cttttaagat actaaattaa cgcagtcctt ttaaggaagg aaatgatatt tcagaaggga
    90301 atgttcatac tgaagctctg accagcaact gatgatgctt ttcatctgtg atgctggttg
    90361 gttcttcaca ctgagacgac ccaatccagg cacagagaaa tgagtacctt aggaggagaa
    90421 gggtcagagg tgtcactcag tgagactcgc ctgctcccct ggcagccacc cctcctgctc
    90481 tcagaatgct gtgtctgtgg ctctcccgag gcccctgcct ggcagctctg actgtgacac
    90541 tgctggtgct gagctcttac ctggctttgg ccagggacac ccgatgtaag tgcatgcttt
    90601 ggatactggg ctattattgg gtggggaaga agggagttaa tttgtctctg agtccagact
    90661 ttgttcctta aaaaactgtg acattttctt cactgaccac ccatctttgt cctgtagatg
    90721 ttcaatattt cctgtgaaag gagcatggat gtttgccctc tttgtgagat ctgcataagg
    90781 ggcctcctgg tccagaccat ttcctcccaa ctctcctcca gtctaacccc tccagccacg
    90841 cactgtgttt ccaatcttga gctcctatca gagaacccca gcctcagggg tttaagcttt
    90901 atactcctgg atgttctctc tctctccctc tcctcctccc tttcttccta ccccttttcc
    90961 ttctccttct cttctggaga caaagcaaag acccttagtg cttagttatt ttacagacaa
    91021 ggagcaaaat atgagttgtt ctttggtgct ttgaagaact taaagtatcc tctgaaagcc
    91081 tagctgaggt tagcgtctac ttgaagcttt ctataagttt ctactacatc tcctacattc
    91141 tcggactgga accctccaag ggggaatcaa gtaattcgga taaattatat gaagttccct
    91201 ttttgcaagt caaaaatgta aaaaaaaaaa ttcaggagtg tcttaagtgt ccaactatac
    91261 actgtgagca gggtgtggag acagtgagaa ggttgttagc attcaaagga gctgaaatct
    91321 gaactgtgaa cacttctcac tagaaggagg aggaagagaa gtctgtagga attcccacgg
    91381 gaagtgggag ggataaatgt attaatgaga acaaaagaga aggggagcgg gagccccttc
    91441 ctgctttcca gggaaagccg tccaggatcc tggtttgttc actggggaac gacaggcctg
    91501 cagccctgag accgccaggt ctgtctctac cacagatggg acccagactt cagcacatct
    91561 gcagcaggct ctatccaagt gcccccccac ccccaccccc cacccccggc cccgcagaaa
    91621 atgttccagg ccttcgcggt gcctcttctt gtcccacctt gaatgtcact cctcatcctt
    91681 ctcggtggcc tcctgtggcc caggtcagcg cattgttctc ggttccggac tccccacctg
    91741 ccctgacttg gctcagtccg gttcacactc ccgaatgttt gatctttgac cggagcttct
    91801 gccgggcttt agcgtctcca ggggaggggc gattggggga acaaggtggg gactaagcac
    91861 agaccgggca cgtcgtgggc accgagggaa ggtcccagga gagaaaagga ggcagcggct
    91921 gcggggggtg ggcgtttcag cagaggccag acacgtgcgg tgagaggccg gctgcggcat
    91981 ctcaggctga ggccgcagca gcaggctgtt tgggcggcag cgctgtagca gccctgctgg
    92041 gaggtcccag gtggcgcgga ggcagaggga tccagcctga cagctgcggc ttagaggggc
    92101 ttcccgcccc aggggtctcc ttcccgccaa ggcagaggag ggacgcgggg caaatagcac
    92161 agggcgcggc cgggccccta agggctgccc tgggctcgcc cccgcccagg gggagtcgtc
    92221 ttcggtctct ccccagaggc agcccttgtg actggtctct gtgtcttcgc agcccgtttc
    92281 ctggagctgg ttaaacatga gtgtcatttc tccaacggga cgcagcgggt gcggtatata
    92341 ttcagagacg tttataacca ggaagagcac gtgcgctttg acagcgatgt gggcgagttc
    92401 gaagcagtga cagaactggg ccggccggac gccgagtact ggaacagcca gacggacatc
    92461 ctggaggaca ggcggaccgc ggtggacagg tactgcagac acaactacgg ggttctggac
    92521 agcttcctgg tgcagcggcg aggtgagcgc ggggcggggc cgcgtccctg acggtcaggg
    92581 gcgggagcgg gggggggggg cgggggggcg gagcggcggc gacctccagg caccaaggac
    92641 ttttgaggcc cattttaggt ctgaattgcc tgctatgttt ccattgttta tttatttatt
    92701 tttggtgtag agtgagtgtg aaaccggctt agaactacaa tttaacttaa catactgatg
    92761 ttgaatttta ataatgccaa taggattgaa ttaggcgcat attttgctct gtgcatttta
    92821 acacaatttt cctcatattt ccctttgtta catctttaaa aaatatttca aatattgtgt
    92881 gtgaaagggg gtgcggttcc aggagccccg caggtgtcca aatcggagga tgaggggccc
    92941 tggtgatggc ccaggtgaag ctgctgctta tgatgctgga gcgcaggttc gagtcctggc
    93001 cactccatat catgtccaat ccagctcctt gataatgtgc ctcgaaagcc tcggagaatg
    93061 cccccaagtg cttgcgccac tgccaccttc ttgggtgacc tggatggagc tcctggaagc
    93121 tggctttggc ctgactctgc cctgaccctt ctctccattt tgggagcaag ccagtggatg
    93181 gaagattctc attctctctc cctctctcct tctctctctc tctctccctc cctcactcct
    93241 tccctccttc cctctccctc cttccctcct tccctccctc ctgtctcttt cactctgcct
    93301 ttcaaataaa taaataaatg ataaataaac caatctttta caaaatccaa tggtgctcca
    93361 ctcctttata tgaaatgggt agtgtttcca tgtgacctgt gcacatcctg ctctggtctt
    93421 taaagcatct caggtcactt gggctcctta acactgtcag tgtgattgct gtgccaaccc
    93481 ttgtcacacg gtgttgttta ggaaataatg acaagagaca gaagtgtaag tgtttagtac
    93541 agccacttgt ttttccctca aatacctttg atctctccag ggcgagtttc tctgatcacg
    93601 cttggggatc caggtagcac cctgcactct accctgtctc ctgtgtgtat ttttcctgtc
    93661 tgtttcttct gtttccaggt ttcttgaaca ttttttccaa ttactggtca gttgttacga
    93721 ctgctctagg aattaccaat catcacttac cccaggattt ccagaacttt tctggttttc
    93781 ttatgcagca actttattaa tactttgacg aaatttgatt ctgcattttc tcccatttac
    93841 agtttatatt atttagactg tgtttattag tttacatgtt aagagtattt ttatttaatg
    93901 aaatatactg cataattgtt cataatgatt tatcaccaat cgtacatcta tcattttgtg
    93961 tattatgaaa atatttcacc ccaggtttat attttaacaa aaatagcttt gttgaagttg
    94021 ccagtgttgg ggattaccta tgtgtgagtg gcagaccctg ctctggcctc agatgtcagg
    94081 ttagaaggag agacgactct tggattagct gtgctcactt tgtaaaagaa ctgggttgtt
    94141 cagctgatca taaagagagg tttttaatga acagcctctt ttctccttcc cctctcctct
    94201 ggactcctgc ttgaggctgg agcctgggga tggagaggca gaaagcagcc acgagggagg
    94261 actgtgcctg tttcacttct ccctgttccc tctgcctcct agttgtgccg acggtgaccg
    94321 tgtaccctgc aaagacccag cccctgcagc accacaacct cctggtctgt gctgtgagtg
    94381 gcttctatcc aggccacatt gaagtgcggt ggttccggaa tggagaggaa gaggaggctg
    94441 gggtggtgtc cacgggcctg atccgtaatg gagactggac cttccagacc ctggtgatgc
    94501 ttgagacagt tcctcagagt ggagaggtgt acacgtgcca ggtggagcac ccgagcgtga
    94561 ccagccccat caccgtggaa tggagtgagc agcttcccga cccataaagc ccccaccccc
    94621 ccctccagga aggggactct ggctgtggcc gagtgtcagg ctgctctccc cgcactgtgt
    94681 ctgcatctgc tgcatgagca cctctccttc agcacaggtc cctggggtag cccagtgctg
    94741 gtttccacac acacttctat cccctgggga ggtgaccatg cctgcaggga gagggaggtt
    94801 gttcctgttt tgaactttcc cagcatcaca ggtcatggtc acccccttgg ctctgggctt
    94861 ctgtctgtgc ttctgaggct gggcttgtgt ttccggttct gctgctctga gtttctggtg
    94921 gtgatcagag aagaggagca ggcagggttt tcctgacacg aggggagtcc agtctctgct
    94981 ctgcctgcta ttagctctgc tgtcctggcc aagccgctta acctcagtga gtcccagatg
    95041 cttcccacct cagctgtcat ttcaggcttg ttctatttca gcaaagcgaa tgcctgagct
    95101 tggggctcct cagtaagatt ttaaaaatct ttcttgcagg ttggctaatc actgttgctc
    95161 ctctagtcca ggcttccttc ccccctccaa aagccctgca tctctgggtc ctgattgcag
    95221 gggtcatatg agatcagatg tctaacgctg gcttcttctt tcagaggcac agtctgaatc
    95281 cgcacagagc aagatgctga gtggagtcgg gggctttgtg ctgggtctgc tcttcctcgg
    95341 gctggggctc tttgtctacc gcaggaatca gaaaggtaag gacctgttgc tgtgaggact
    95401 ctcctagacc tagctgggga gaaacagggt ttttctcaaa ttagttattt gtccatcatt
    95461 ggccctttgt acttttgcat ttggatcaca gtttcctgga aatctagaaa ccagcaatgt
    95521 gtggcactct gaacaagggt cgtgcttcat agaaacaagg acaggttaac cagcacagag
    95581 actgagaacc tggggcccag gacagcacag ccaccggggc tgcctgattg gcactgcctt
    95641 tgtgtgacag cagcgtccct accacaggct cgcagattct gctcctgtct ctgaactgct
    95701 ttctggggag gtggtgggag agaaaggagg aagtatttgg ggacacattt gctccacatc
    95761 tttattcacg tatcttctct cttcccaggg cactctggac ttcagcccac aggtaatgcg
    95821 cctttatcct cttctagaga caagttcagg ttaccatgaa ctggtagcag gggcaacaag
    95881 acatgagact gagctaatgg ccaatgatct gggaccagac ctctgctctg gcagtttgca
    95941 ctaagcttct cttgttatac aaaaggctgt gctctgtgtt agcattagct caggagactt
    96001 gagttttttt gtatctttcc cactgcagtg tgatccatgc agccctgaga aagggcaaaa
    96061 gcagctgtct tcagagttgg ctctgacaac aaccctgtcc tctgtcacct gcagggctcc
    96121 tgagctgaag caaggaaggc agctctcagg aagaacctgt gtccctgatt cttcacatca
    96181 gcaggtgttc tgggtggctc tccctgttcc ccaaagagtg tggtttctca gcatctggct
    96241 ccctcctggt tcagtgaccc tgaagaaagt gtcctctctg gtggcgtcct cagcccctgc
    96301 ccttgacctg gtgtcccagt gctgatggca gtgccttctc cgtgctgttt gtgtgctcct
    96361 ttgcgttcag cccttcatgc ctcccctctg atctcactcg tggcacattt ttgattacat
    96421 ttttctctaa taaatatgaa atgaatataa tctgcttcat acaacttcat ggacaagaaa
    96481 cagaaaagag aggtttgcat caccatacga taagtgttct ttcctctatg ataagtgtct
    96541 gaattaatgc atgtgttgaa tagcttgatg tgtgcatttc acatgtatac atacatatca
    96601 acatcacgca gctaattata tgtaggtaca atttttcctt gtcagttaat taaaaaacaa
    96661 aagaaaagta aatgaagtct aaatgaatgc ataaaaactg ctacaggctg tagcaataga
    96721 aacatacaac aaaattatgt aatgggcaca atgtagcaag taaataaaaa acttcttggg
    96781 tatttgtcta aaacattttg taactatagc tgtaaaacac tacaaagatc taaattctgt
    96841 gagcttcatt catatgctat tatactggag ttggagatgt gtattagctt tactctaagt
    96901 aaaatatgca agccagcttt cttgtgaagg aaatttattc tggcttacat ttggcactca
    96961 cagctctgga tcgggcagcc ctgtaatctg gcgtgtaatg gaggctggca gtggtggagt
    97021 gggtgaaccg ggatgatgat cacatgctga ggaggagtca gagagagaag ccaggagaac
    97081 cttttctcca acaaccaaca ttctagagaa cctgcatgag gaggaagttt gatcagaagg
    97141 gaacagctgg gcctcaaact ggcaccctga tgtgggatgc cagcatctca agtggagact
    97201 taacccactg tgccacaaca tacctattta atgagcatgt tttggtaaga attcattgat
    97261 gattaaatac acatgtagag cagagtccca aactagaact cctaacagtt gagattcaat
    97321 ttaagaagta aggagtttcc agttgttgat atagtatatt gcaaactgac actttcagca
    97381 taaacataac cctgagaaat aaaaattaaa atatcaaaaa gtataaaata actgaaacat
    97441 tttgttacca tcatcattat tgaaattgtg attcaaaaca aaagcctttc taaatagtga
    97501 tgcattgctg gtggggtgga tgatgtcata actacggaaa tccatttggc aatttcatag
    97561 actatctagc atagttctgc tgtgggactc agcagttgca ctccttgaat cacccaaaca
    97621 gaggacaaca tgtactcaca acaatgtgtg tgcaggtgtt cagagcagca ttagcatttg
    97681 cctcaaactg gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaaa tatccagcca caaataagca gagaaagaat
    97741 agttctacag ctatgtagtg gaatagtatt catcaataaa ggagaaaaat gctgatgcat
    97801 gttataaaac cgatgaactt catcaacatt gcactctgtg aaagatactg ggcacaaact
    97861 atgatgttat cagatcccat ttacatgcaa cacctagaaa aggtaaattt gatcaacaca
    97921 gaaagcagac tagtgggtgc atggggcttg tgctgaggta aacattcatg atacacagcc
    97981 acatgctaca gaagaaatgt tctaaaacta ttttcatgat ggttgcacaa attattaatg
    98041 ttcagtttct ttcttttttt tttaactttt atttagtaga tgtaaatttc caaagtacag
    98101 cttatggatt acaatggctt ccccccccat tacttccctc ccacccccaa ccctcccctc
    98161 tcccactctc tttccccttc cattcacata agattcattt tcaattctct ttatatacag
    98221 aagatcaatt tagaatatat caagtaaata tttcaacagt ttgcacccac acagaaatac
    98281 aaagtgaaaa attctgtttg agtactagtt atagcattaa atcacaatgt acagcacatt
    98341 aaggacagag atcccacatg aggagtaagt gcacagtgac tcctgttgtt gacttaacaa
    98401 attgacactc ttgtttatag catcagaaat ctccctaggc tcttgtcatg agttgccaag
    98461 gctatggaag ccttttgagt tcgccgactc tgatcatatt tagacaaggt cataatcaaa
    98521 gtgcaagttc tcccttcaga gaaaggaacc tccttctatg atgacctgtt ctttccactg
    98581 ggatctcact cgcagagatc tttcatttag gtcatttttt ctttccagag tgtcttggct
    98641 ttccatgcct gaaatactct catgggcttt ttagccagat ccgaatgcct taagggctga
    98701 ctctgaggcc agagtgctgt ttagggcatc tgccattcta tgagtctgct gtgtatcctg
    98761 cttctcatgt tggatcattc tctccctttt ttattctatc agttagtatt acagaatgcc
    98821 ttaagggctg attctgaggc cagagtgctg tttagggcat ctgccattct atgagtctgc
    98881 tgtgtatcct gcttctcatg ttggatcatt ctctcccttt tttattctat tggttagtat
    98941 ttgcagacac tattcttgtt tatgtgatcc ctttgactct tggtcctatc gttatgatga
    99001 attgtgaaca gcaattgatc acttggacta gtgagatggc attggtacat gccaccttga
    99061 tgggattgaa ttggaatccc ctgggatgtt tctaactcta ccatttgggg caagtctgat
    99121 tgagcatgtc ccaaattgtt catctcttcc ctctcttatt cccactctta tatttaacag
    99181 ggatcacttt tcagttaagt ttcaacactt aggaataact gtgtattaat tacagaattc
    99241 aaccaatagt attaagtaga acaaccaagg aaaaaaatac taaaagggat aaagtattaa
    99301 gttgttcatc aacagtcagg gcaagggctg atcaagtcaa catttgtcat agtgtccatt
    99361 tcactttaac aggtttcctt tttggtgctc ggttagtagt cactgatcag ggagaacata
    99421 tgatatttgt accctttatg ggtaggcatg cctacccata aagaggttca gatgatgctc
    99481 tccaatcaat agctctaatt ctgttacagc atcatttacc aggcagagtt tctccttgat
    99541 gtgtccacag aatcatagct gctcctttct tttttcctgg gtccatcaga gatttttatt
    99601 ttaaagattt tatttattta tttgagaggt agagttacag acagtgagag agagagagac
    99661 agagagaagg gtcttccctt tgctggttca ttccccagat ggccacaatg gccggagctg
    99721 agctgatctg aagccaggag ccaggtgctt cttcctggtc tcccacatgg gtgcagtggc
    99781 ccaaggactt gggccatctt ccactgcctt ctcaggccat agcacagagc tggattggaa
    99841 gaggggcagc tgggactcaa actggtgctt gtatgagatg tcaggccagg gatttaaccc
    99901 actgcgacac attgccgacc ccatatataa tctttttttg aaaaaagatt tatttattta
    99961 tttgaaaggt agatttacag agaggcagag gcagagagag agagagagag agagagagag
   100021 agagaggcct tccatccact ggttcactcc ccagatggcc tcatggttgg agctgtgctg
   100081 atccaaagcc aggagccagg agcttcctcc aggtctccca cacaggtgta gggacccaag
   100141 gacttgggcc attttctact gctttcctag gcataacaga gagctggatt ggaagtagag
   100201 cagccaggaa ttaaactggc gtccatatgg gatgttggca ttgcaggcgg cagctttacc
   100261 cactacatca tagcgccggt ccctgtccat ataatattta taataagatt acaaattaag
   100321 aaggaattca tggttacaaa atgtaatgaa cttatgaaat aattcttaag ccaatatgca
   100381 gagaggagac aaaagagaaa tcaagaggtc actggctaga aaggctcatc agggtgggga
   100441 ggatatttaa tgccaatccc cccattaggg atttctggca tggctgtcct tgggacagga
   100501 agctgcagga aggagccttt ttccctgtgg cacctggact cctttcaagg catgaatggt
   100561 caacactggg tttctacttg tttactagct gcatgtgcct gtgtgatatc agagcacttg
   100621 attcagttct atggtgagga aaaggagacg cacacaaatg ccaaagtgac caaggaatgg
   100681 tggcctcact ggaaaaagca gcctgcaaag cagtcaagct gtctcaccag catcaagtca
   100741 cccatggact tagggaaaga ttaggttaca ttcctgtgtc agactgtgtt tcataaactc
   100801 aactgagttc atttttaagc agtaataatg tgtataaggt tgtaagcaga tctcactcac
   100861 actgacagcc caaaccgggg attatcttta ctcaggtggg ttttggacaa gtaaaatcta
   100921 tttttaaaat aggcatgtct ttcataagat gattttaaaa ctcattcctt gaatgacttg
   100981 gtggcattcc aaatgggaaa atctacacag aggaaatata atggcttctt gagagattga
   101041 caaattagaa accatgtagt aaggatttca gagttggttc actggaaaag tctgtgccca
   101101 atgggacaca tacaatggta cttcaaaaag ctcatggaaa aatgtaattt tttactttgg
   101161 taccaaagca ttcaaaatca atatatagtt tttttaatag tatgcatttt ctcttaattt
   101221 tctatgactc ctctcctatc tcatctgact tccttgatct ctaaatacac attggacgta
   101281 ccaggaggtg gccattgtct aatcccagtg ggacccttgg gcaaggtcac agctgctgat
   101341 ggatgaagaa ggatttcatc ttccacagac aggatttata cagagcagac aactcagtca
   101401 agggctggga gcccagctct ttggactgga tgtaccagtg caccagatca gccaggcctt
   101461 agagaacaaa gcatttctgt gaagatactc tgctcttatg aagttgtcta ctccacactc
   101521 attgactaac attaaggagt tcttgatatt caattcctac aaagcgttga tgtggtcact
   101581 gataaatact attggaaatc tcccattcac aaagcccttt gatgacctta tctgtttgag
   101641 gataaaacca ggaattagac caacgttgtg ctgcagaagc agctggtagg ggttggagta
   101701 acacagcctt tccatgactc tgtggatggt tgcacctacc tcttgaggat aggggtccct
   101761 tctgttgaac actgacattg gcagaaagtg agcagagaac agaatattca cctccctttc
   101821 ttcttaagtg gaaaatggtc cagtactttc agaatgaggt ctggaaaaca ctggatgagg
   101881 acaggatgtg tgggccacag tcagcagtgc tccacctcat ggcaggcttc tttcctgctc
   101941 cactacagta tctgtaaatt ccatttaagc tgctgctcat ggtagaacaa cagtactggg
   102001 gtactgtgtg aaaacaacag ccctttcttg tccctctttc ttcatttctt caatttcttc
   102061 ttcaattaaa gcatggacat ttccagtatc caataaaaat gtgtgagagg ctatatgggg
   102121 accaactcat caaggagctt caccctgcct tctccttgtt tggaaaccca catcctgagg
   102181 ggggacccac cttcactcct gtggcactgt gcttgaattt tggaaatttg gcatttggac
   102241 acaatactgc cagtccactt tggaaatgtc ctgggctctc agtccaagaa gagcctcaga
   102301 aggaagtggt gaacttctgt gagggtttca gggcctcttg ttcagcatta atattacagt
   102361 cttcagatcc cttatttcca gatggacttg gcgttatgtg cttttggcac atcgggttga
   102421 ttctgtgttg gcggctgtgg ctgtacctgg ttggtgcccc cattactgat gtgccctgaa
   102481 gctgcccaca gcttgcaggg tcactgccat gtttgggctg actgaaagcc acagcatctt
   102541 ctgctattga agttttagaa agacgaaagt agcttcattt caactgtgag aagttaagca
   102601 atttccccaa atatacaact ctaagttatg gtacaatgag gagcagatta aagtctctga
   102661 cgtgggaagt catcttccct ccagccctat actctaaaca tcttcacaca tatacctgtc
   102721 cacacagctc tgtccttagt cagaagtgat gtctcctaca aggttcaaat cagaacagat
   102781 cactgctgat cacctcagag gaggctcacg tcccaccctg atgaaaatgc tgcagctgta
   102841 aggttcaaaa cttgacaaca ctaaatttaa aacacacttc atgtgtttct gaacaggacc
   102901 ttcactctga atgtctggcc agcaactgat ggtgcttttc atgtcctatg ctgattggct
   102961 ctccaaatta tcattagtca gtacaatccc taagccatga gtatcttggt ttctattatt
   103021 tgagatgtgt ctgggtcaga gttgtcctgg gacttgcctg ctcctctggc agccagcccc
   103081 tcctgctccc cagaatgctg tgtctgtggc tcctcagaag ctcctgcctg gcggctctga
   103141 ctgtgacact gcttgttctg cgctctcctt tgtctctggc cagggacacc agacgtaagt
   103201 gcatacactg gatgctgggc ccttatacct gattggatgg tgggggagga aggcagttaa
   103261 tttgcctctg tgctcatgat gtgtttctta aatgattgtg gtgtgtcctt caatgatcac
   103321 ctatctttat cctatgagtc ctaagttatt tcccccataa agaacatggt gcctcctcta
   103381 tctgtaagat cgcataaaga gaccctccca ttgctcccag ctctcctcca gtctcaccct
   103441 ctgaccctca ccacatttcc tcagctgtga gtgttgaaat ggattctcct aaggtaattc
   103501 ccaggcagca ctgcccctta ctatgagtgg tgcccccaaa aatgttcttt tgaatatttt
   103561 ttgggggact aaaaagaatt cgaaggatcc tacaacaacc agctttaggt gctctgcatg
   103621 ctccttggag ctgatgtcac tccttcagat aggatgtatc acgagttgcc ctctgtcagc
   103681 tccttccttt tctccatgtt tataaagggt ttatataaaa ggttctctga taggagctga
   103741 ggttagtgtt ttctctagtg gaaagcacct tgcagctgga gcaaagatct tgaatgtttg
   103801 tgatgactca gcaggtaagg agcatctatg aatgttcttt gatgccttgt agaacttaaa
   103861 gcatcttctg gaatcctagt tgaggtgaga gctctttaca aatttatatg agactttcag
   103921 tactgtaatt gtctagtatg tctccagatt ctctggctga agatcaacaa gagggtttca
   103981 actaatgtag cataaattgt atcaaattct gcttttgtaa gtcaaaaata gaacaaattc
   104041 agcaatttta tcttggtcta cacacacacc catatacagt ggtacagaga cagtgtgaag
   104101 gttgttaaca tctcccagag ctgaaagtca acaagcaagt caggggaact cattggcttt
   104161 ctggtcctac cccagatttc atgatttttc ataatgatct gtttttctca atgaaccttg
   104221 tccagtttcc tctaccttca cttccttcct attctgtatc cagttgtgtc attcccatta
   104281 ctaaaaatcc ctgatttcac acagattctc agtactcttg gaaatccatc agaggagagg
   104341 atgtgatgaa aatttccctc tttctgaaaa tcatcttttc cttacttgtg aatacttctg
   104401 cctagaagca ggagaaagag aaagtttgtc ccaagctgtg caggaagtgg gagggataaa
   104461 gcatgttaat gagaacaaaa gagaataaaa gcttgagtcc tctcttgctt ttcagagttc
   104521 ccacaacaaa ttcttttttt tccctccact ttaacaattt tctttttttt ttttttttac
   104581 agttatggac ttgatacatt tcataattcc aactttctga acatggtgat tcttcccacg
   104641 gtgccctcct tccccccaca ctatcacacc cctcctcctc cctctcttat tcccactaaa
   104701 aattttttac taacatctat tttcaattaa ctttatacac atatgactaa ctatgtaaag
   104761 tgaagagttc aattaatagt atgaaaaaaa aacacccaat actgttcttc aatagtcaag
   104821 agggctgttc aaagtgattg cttctcaaag tgtcaatttc acttctatag attacatttt
   104881 aggtgcccta ttgattatca gaggtaaggg agaacataca gtatttatcc ctttgggaat
   104941 tgcttatttc actaagtttg atgttttcca gtttcatcca ttttgttgca aatgatcaga
   105001 tttcagttac tttttttttt actgctgtgt agtattccat aacttacata tcccataatt
   105061 tatccagtcc tcatttgatg ggcatttgag ttgattccat atcttagtta ttctgaatta
   105121 agctgcaaca aacatgggga tactgataac attttcatat gctgatttca tttcccttgg
   105181 gtaaattccc aggagtgaga tggctgggtc gtatgatagg tctacattca gatttctgag
   105241 gtatctccat actgtcttcc atagtggttt taccagttta ctttcccagc aacaacagat
   105301 tagggtacct tttcacccac atccttgcag catttgttgt tggttgattt ctgtatgaaa
   105361 gccgttctaa tggggtgaac ttcattgtgg tttggatttg cattttcctg atgtctagtg
   105421 atcctaagca tttttttcat gtatctgttg gccatttgga tttcctcttt agaaaaatgt
   105481 ctttttcttg gtgagatgtg tttcttgtag gcagcaaata aaataaatga gttttttaaa
   105541 tccattcagc cagtttatgc cttttaactg gagattgaga ccatttgcat tcaaggtgac
   105601 tattgataag caactatttt gctttgccat ttttccataa atattcctat tttttatttt
   105661 ggatttccta tgtgcttttt tggcagattt tcttccttta cctgcttttg tagtgatgac
   105721 catgtttctg catttctgtg tgtagcacac ccttaagcat cttaattaag gctggatggg
   105781 tggtgacaag ttctttgaat ttctgtttgt tacagaaagt ctttatttca ccttcattca
   105841 taactgaatg aactgcaggg tacagtattc tgggttgaca gaatgaatga tgcaagaaat
   105901 aatttgaagt ttatgtttag aactaaagat tttatttgtg ttaagtttga aataattttt
   105961 ttggcgttta agtgaagctg ttcaagattt caaatgaata caagacacta cagtccagtg
   106021 taagaccaga acgagagata ttcctgaaac tgtgatgtta ccaattcatg tatagtgtta
   106081 aactccaaaa agatgaaaga ggttacatag ggagcagtgt tgtgtttgga aaataagaat
   106141 agggcctagg cctccaaaag ggattaagaa ggagaactgg agaagctgga ggaaaaccag
   106201 gagaatatgg tacagtagaa aatgtttatc tgcttgttta tacttttatt tttgaaaaac
   106261 aatgcataag agcatacatc tttcagacat cctggatttt gtcttagtcc cttcccattt
   106321 tcttttggat gagcctatag gattagcaca gccagacagt cacttctgag ttagtaactt
   106381 ttgagactta gtaggttttc ctactctctc atcaaagagg cagtggtcaa cattgttgaa
   106441 cgttgctgag aaaattaaat gatggttgag aacaagcaac aggactgaag aattttaaga
   106501 ttactattaa tttttaatta agatggagac ttgcatagga gctgtgacat aaggcaggga
   106561 gttcttaatg tagcattcac agggagtaaa ttctaggaca ccactgccag atttcctaat
   106621 ctcctctgtt tgcttgactt gtcatgaaac atgtgaccat ggacaagtca attcacccct
   106681 ctcatttagt tgcctccatt gttcgaggat taaaagagat gatgaacaag gcattagata
   106741 cagtgcctct acacttactt ccgtgcaagc atatcctttc tcttgtaggc gtcgcggatg
   106801 ctgtctctaa aagagctctc caatccaact gccacatgtt tgcagcaggc tgcttccctg
   106861 gcactaccta tcgtaatctc gtactggatt atccctgcag cctccaatct catccctttc
   106921 cttctacatt ttccttcata cttagggtac aaagacaaaa aaaatagcat tccagtatat
   106981 tttcatacta acaaaatggt tggtgaagtg ttagaataaa tatagaatac aatttgctta
   107041 agaaaaattt ctcacattaa gttaactact aagctaatac acagccatgc ttactacaag
   107101 ttatggtttg aggatctcac ataagtaggt tgttagggtc acagttatca ctatcatcaa
   107161 gtagagttaa gagtctcaca atttcagtga atgagattca cagaagttgc atattgccat
   107221 tctaaagacc ttttccactg ccaatacagt tgtctagtag tgattctcac tgtgggaaac
   107281 acagtttttt atagttccaa agtttgtgtc cattacgcta ggctaacagt gtactgttcc
   107341 cttattctca ccatatcttt tgtgggaatc tttgcacctg tgctcagtgt taattaatta
   107401 atgccaccac tactattttc ctctcacttc actgtcagtg ttctgtactt tatttttaat
   107461 gtcagctgct cctgatgtat ttatattatt gggttataat ctctatcatg tatagaagtg
   107521 caatatggtt ttcttttcat taatgatatg gtcttctaaa tactctttac taggttgttt
   107581 gcaaatatga acacatctca aactatgcca agtcttgttc agatttattt atttcttagc
   107641 ttcataataa gctctatcaa ctgatttctt acatagatgt ggattctgaa gtctctttaa
   107701 agtacaataa acacagagtt caaaaaagtg tttgtaccta ctcttcattg gacaagattc
   107761 tttagtcatt atattttaac atagataaca tcctaggagg aattaaaagc caaaacttca
   107821 ccttttataa gaaattcaaa atatggtgtg tataacagtt atatagagac aatataaaat
   107881 ttacagtttg ctgtaaataa ttccactgta acagtggtta ttgaagaaat aacaaaatat
   107941 atccctggtt agaacccata tttttttttt ctttttgaca ggcagagtta gacagtgaga
   108001 gagtaagaca gagagaaagg tcttcctttt gccgttggtt caccccccca agtggccgcc
   108061 acggctggcg tgttgctgct ggcacactgt gccgatccga tggcaggagc caggtgcttc
   108121 tcctggtctc ccatggggtg cagggcccaa ggacttgggc catcctccac tgcactcccg
   108181 ggccacagca gagagctggc ctggaagagg ggcaactggg acagaatctg gcgcctcaac
   108241 cgggactaga acctggtgtg ccgtctctgc aggtggagga ttagcctagt gagctgtggt
   108301 gccggcccag aaccatatgt tttgatagtg tctcaatagt cattgcaaat caattttaaa
   108361 tgttttgcgt ttagaggtat gtttctcaaa aaatgtgttt gtttaggcca agattttcat
   108421 cagacacaat gtttgggaga tcttttcaat ataattctca tctgtttgta attagtgctg
   108481 gttcctttct catgcattct ttttcaggtg gtttacacca gtgattctca ccaggggaca
   108541 gttttgtatc ctactcccca cctttgcacc ccaaatccct ccaacaggga actgttggca
   108601 agatgtcagg tccacagttt caggagtgct gagctgggca acactggttt acactgtgct
   108661 gattctaaaa cttctagatt ctcatgttaa tacaaatact acacaattca gttctgcatg
   108721 gtttatttta cctcatttca ttataaaaca gagtgatatg aaactacagt tataggaatt
   108781 caccactttc ttactgaagc cactagataa gtgtaaattc aataccttca ttttagtttt
   108841 tgtaaccctg tgcaatgttg ttcagttttt gtgagttctt agtcatcacc ttagtctgtc
   108901 acctttcaat aacttgcttt ataaggcatc agcagtgttg actgccacaa atattttcaa
   108961 taaaacgctt aaaactcctg cagaattccc acatgctgta ctactggtct tgtcagatgc
   109021 ttgtgtcact tttaaccaca ggattaattt tggcaaactt attgggatct tttctcatat
   109081 taaccaaata aaaagcaaaa atttaaaaat atacatttat gtaatgaatt catgcacaga
   109141 aacacatatg taagtatgct agcatgaatg gaaactggga acacatgtga tggatgagcc
   109201 cggacagctc tgagacacat ccttacctac acttcatctg gtctaaattt tcaaagaatt
   109261 tggaataaaa tttttaaaag acctggagac ctttgctttt gagatttgga aattcattta
   109321 aagggctgca gactgtatta gaatcagagt tagtctcctg acgacttctc agtattttac
   109381 catcacttgc tgcaaatctg aaatccctac aaggaccaca ggactcctca gtacgtggct
   109441 aaggccgagt ctccgtattc caccctcctg tcactctgca gggcccggcc ttttcctggt
   109501 tgtgctctgc catttctggt ttcttgagga agttcatcgg ccttcggacg tcacatttcc
   109561 tctccctaaa cgttgctgcc tttcactcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac
   109621 cccactccta gctcactcta gtctaacctt tcgtgtccca cctcagaggt cgctcctcac
   109681 agggtcatct cggcgcctcc cgcggcccag gtcaacgcca tcgttgtctg tgctggtctt
   109741 gcacgcccct cacattggca tgtgtttggc cttcgtccac cacgtttagt gcactttgct
   109801 ccgcgagggg aggggacacg tcccttgttc tcttcttggg gttctcgggg tggacacagg
   109861 ccgggcacta cgcggatact ggttattccc aggaaggagg aggtggatgc ctttcaggag
   109921 agccagagcc ctgcggtgag aggcgggcgg tagcgtcccc gctgaggcag cagcagcggc
   109981 cggtgcaggt gcaggcagca ccagggcgaa ggtggctgtg gcccagctgg gaggccccag
   110041 gctgcgcaga ggcggagggt cctgaaggct gcggctcaga ggggcttcca gcagcaggga
   110101 gctccctccc tacaaggctg aggagagacg cggggcgcag ggctgggggc gcggtgtggt
   110161 gcatgggcat gtcctgggcc cgcttccgcc ccggcgcccc gacaggtgac aggcgggagt
   110221 caccatcagt ctctccccgg aggccgcccc tgtgaccggg tctctgtgtc ccccagcccg
   110281 tttcatgcag caagttaaac atgagtgtca tttctccaac gggatgcagc gggtgcggtt
   110341 cctggatgga cacttataca accgggagga atacgtgcgc ttcgacagcg acgtgggcga
   110401 atacagggcg gtgaccgagc tgggccggct ggacgccgag tactggaaca gccagacgga
   110461 cagactggac tacaaacgcg gccaggtgga cacatactgc agatacaact atggggttgt
   110521 ggacagcttc ctggtgcagc ggcgaggtga gtccgggggc ctgggacagc gacctccagg
   110581 caccaaggac ttctgagacc cattttaggt ctgagttgcc tgctatgttt tcactgttta
   110641 tttgtctttt ggtgtaatat ttttacgttg ttgaaatgag tgtgaaaccg gcttagcact
   110701 acaatttacc ttaaaatact gaggttagta ttttaataat gccaatagga ttgaattagg
   110761 cgcatatttt gctctgtgca ttttaacaca atttaccgca cattcctctt tgttaagtaa
   110821 tttcagatac attggcctgt gtgtgagagg gggagcggtt ccaggagccc cgcaggtgtc
   110881 cagttgggag gatgaggggc cctggtggtg gcacaggtta agctgctgct tatgatgctg
   110941 gcgcgcaggt tccagtcctg ggtgctccaa gtctgatcca gctccctgct aatgcgtctt
   111001 ggaaagcctg gaggatggcc caagtgcttg ggccattgac accttcttgg gtgacctgga
   111061 tggagatcct ggaggctggc tttggcctgg ccgtgtgctg acccttcttc tcatttgcag
   111121 agtgaccagt ggatggaaga atctctctct ttctctctcc cactttctct ttctttccct
   111181 gtttctacca cattgccttt caaataaata aataaataaa taaatgataa ataaaccatt
   111241 cttttacaaa atccaatggt gctccactcc cttatatgaa atgggtagtg tttccatgtg
   111301 acctgtgcac accctgccct ggtctttaaa gcatctcagg tcacttaggc tccctaacac
   111361 tggcagtgtg aatgctgtgc caacccttgt cacacggtgt tgtttaggaa ataatgacaa
   111421 gagacagaag tgtaagtgtt cagtacagca cttgtttttc cctcaaatac ctgatcacgc
   111481 atggggatct ggtagcaccc tgcactcgac catgtctccc gtgttgtatt tttcctgtct
   111541 gtttcttctg tttctaggtt tcttgaacat ttttcccaat actggccagt tgttatgact
   111601 gctccaggaa ttatctatca tcactgacct ctggatttcc ggagcttttc tggttttctt
   111661 gtgcagaaac tttattaata ctttgatgat acttggtcct gtattttctc ccatttatgg
   111721 tttatatatg actttgttta ttgctttaca tgtatgaatt taaatgtttt tatttaatga
   111781 aatacactgt aaagttgttc ataatgacat caccaataga aaatctatca ttttatgtat
   111841 tatgaatatg tccccctccc gggtttctct ttttttattt ttttgagatt taaaagcaga
   111901 atgtattaga gtcaaagacc tccagctaca gtgttatgga gggggctcca agagaggcaa
   111961 aaacccaaag ggcacaatgg tactggggtt tttaagcaca attttgcgga agaaaaaaca
   112021 tgacattcag ttacaaggtg gggaccaggt ttcgctttta acaaaattcc ctttgttgag
   112081 gttggcaatg tcaaggattt gctgggtttt aggaacacat gtcagtgagt gacagatcct
   112141 gctctgccct cagatgtcag cttacaaaaa gagacgactc ttggattagc tgtgctcatg
   112201 ctgcaaagga gtggggtttg tcagctgatc atagagaggt ttttaatgaa cagcctcttt
   112261 tttccttccc ctctcctcag gactcctgct ctagactgga gcctggggat ggagaggcag
   112321 aaagcagcca cgagggagaa ctgctgtgcc tgcctcactt ctccctgctc cctctgcctc
   112381 ctagttgtgc cgacggtgac cgtgtaccct gcaaagacgc agcccctgca gcaccacaac
   112441 ctcctggtct gcgctgtgag tggcttctat ccaggccaca ttgaagtgcg atggttccgg
   112501 aatggagagg aagaggaggc tggggtggtg tccacgggcc tgatccgtaa tggagactgg
   112561 accttccaga ccctggtgat gcttgagaca gttcctcaga gtggagaggt gtacacgtgc
   112621 caggtggagc acccgagcgt gaccagcccc atcaccgtgg aatggagtga gcagcttccc
   112681 gacccgtaaa gccctccccc tccaggaagg ggactctgcc tgtgcccgag tgtcaggctg
   112741 ctctccccgc actgtgtctg catctgctgc atgcgcacct ctccttcagc acaggtccct
   112801 ggggtagccc tgtgcgggtt tccacacaca cttctatccc ctggggaggt gaccatgact
   112861 gcagggagag agaggttgtt cctgttttga acgttcccaa catcacaggt catggtcacc
   112921 cccttggctc tgggcttctg tctctgcttc tgaggctggg cttgtgtttc cggttctgct
   112981 gctctgagtt gctggtggtg atcagagaag aggagcaggc agggttttcc tgacaggagg
   113041 ggagtccagt ctctgctctg cctgccatta gctctgctgt cctggccaag ccccttaacc
   113101 tcagtgagtc ccagatgctt cccacctcag ctgtcatttc agggttgtgc tatttcagta
   113161 agctgaatgc ctgaggcttg gggctcctca gtaagatttt aaaagtcttt cttgcaggtt
   113221 ggctaatcac tgttgctcct ctagtccagg cttccttccc ccctccaaaa gccctgcaaa
   113281 tctgggtctc gattacaggg gttgttgtgg ggttagatgt ctaacgctgg cttcttttct
   113341 caggggcaca gtctgaatcc gcacaaagca agatgctgag tggagtcggg ggctttgtgc
   113401 tggctctgct cttccttggg ctggggttgt ttgtctaccg caggaatcag aaaggtgagg
   113461 ccctgttact gtgaggactc atagactttc ttaggagcag aaatggtttt gctcaaaata
   113521 gttatttgta agccattggc cctgaataaa gtgtttcttt ttcccagttg accacaaatt
   113581 tcctagaaat tcagaaacca acagtccttg gttactgtgt cagagtttga tggttatgct
   113641 tcatggacag aaggaaatag gaaaggttaa gcatagacat ttgtgagtca gaagcccgaa
   113701 gccagtgaag gaagagccac taggggtaat taaattgcac tgaatttggg taacagcagc
   113761 ttctttggtt tcaggctccc agtttctgct tctgtcttgg tatgcttggt gtataagaca
   113821 tggtagtaga aaaatctaag atgacacatc ttgggttggg gacatcaggt ttggggacat
   113881 atttgcctcc atggctttta aacatatcgt ctctcttttc caggacactc tagacagcag
   113941 ccaagaggta atgctctttt ttcctcttct agagaccata taatttatca tgaacaggca
   114001 gcagagatga caggaaactg aaataagggg aaagaccttg gaataagacc tctcatcatt
   114061 tttaactaag gcttctcttc atttaaaaaa gggggagggc ttgtgttctg tgttaacatt
   114121 agtttaggga gagtgaaggt ttttagtttc ccttctcact gtggcatgat caatgcagcc
   114181 ctgagcgagg gcaacagaaa ccattttcag agttagttct gatagagtaa cactcttctc
   114241 tgtcccctgc aggtctcctg agctgaaggg aagatggcgt ctctcaggga agaactgtcc
   114301 ctgattctta acaccatgaa gaagttgttc caagtggact tcattcttct acaaagagag
   114361 tgatttctca ggacctggat cccttctggt tcagtgacct acaggaaatg tcctccctag
   114421 cccctgcctt ggtcagggag tcccagtgct gatggcagtg ccttctctgc attgttttgt
   114481 gtgctccttg tgttcaaccc tcactgactc ccatacatgt gatctgacct gtcacacgtt
   114541 gctttatcac agtttttcaa ataaatatga aatgaaatat cttctgctgc atatagtttc
   114601 acaagcaaga aacaggaaag agtgggtgga ttacatcact atgcaataac agttttgtat
   114661 tcttacatga tatgtatgta atgtaatacc tatattaaat accttgattt cagcattcta
   114721 tatgaatata tatgtcaaaa tgtcatataa atggatacag ttttccttgt cagttaattg
   114781 aaaaagagaa aatacaaaat ctaagaaagc aatgcataaa aactgaaaac aggctgtagc
   114841 aattaaagca aacaacaaaa gtatgttatg ggaaacaatg tagcaagtaa ataaaatttt
   114901 ttggcctttg tctaagacat tttgtgacta tagttgtaaa acgctacata ggtctaaatt
   114961 ctgtgagctt catttgtaaa ctatttatac aggagttgga gaggtgtgtc agctttctgt
   115021 ttcagggact tctttggaag gaaaaagttt atttcagctt acagtttgga ggtcacagtt
   115081 ctggaatgca cagccccata atctgatgtg taatgaaggc tggcagaggt ggaatgggtg
   115141 cacagagacg atcacccagc gagcagaagg cagagggaga agctaggcag acataggctg
   115201 cagtaagcaa ctatcttaag gaccactttc aaatggcaag tccccaatga cccaaagtcc
   115261 tcccaccaga cctgtctttt gttataatta catcaaatct ctatccttaa tccttaattc
   115321 atcaaccctt gatgttaaga catcagatag cagtttaaac atctacatga gttttgggaa
   115381 tccaagtttt tttttttttt ttaagattta tgtatttatt tgaaaggcag agttacagag
   115441 agagggaaag acagacagaa ggaggtcttc catctgctgc ttcactcccc agatggctgc
   115501 aatggctggt atgggcctgg ctgaagccag gagctaggaa cttcatctag atttcccatg
   115561 tgagtaccag ggcccaataa cttgggccat actccattgc acatcagcaa ggagctgtat
   115621 tagaagtggg cagccagggg ttgcaggtgg caactttact tgctagtcct ggggatccaa
   115681 attcaattca gtccatagct ggctccccaa actcatgtcg ttgtcatata tagcatacag
   115741 tatttccatt ccagaagtcc caaagtctta actcagtcca atatcatttt tttaaatttt
   115801 aaagagttat atttatttat ttgattggca gatttatttg agaggcagag gcagagagag
   115861 acagagggag gtcttccatc tgctgcttca ctttccaaat ggctcaatgg ccagagctgg
   115921 gccaaactga agccaggagc caggaggttc ctccaggtct cccacgtgga tgcaggggcc
   115981 aaagcacttg gtccatcctc ctctgctttc cctgctattc caaagtgcca ccctcccaac
   116041 atcaatttaa aagtccatag tccaaattct catctgagac tcaaagcaaa ttaacttgga
   116101 acctgtgtaa ccagaacaag ttatactcac ttccaagata cagtagtgta atgaaaaagg
   116161 aaaaaggtat acattttcat tccaaggtag tcaaggaatt aggactaata ggggcaaagc
   116221 cagactgaaa acaagcaagg caaacattaa gatctgaagt tgcaagtcta gagtcctggg
   116281 cacactgctt tgggagctgg gattccaact gttccagcag taccacccct acagcttggc
   116341 tggtcctagc ccatgttcta ttcttacagg ttagactctc atttctacag cctattaggc
   116401 actggtgtgt aggggctgac tgaggcagct ccaaccctac ctttctgctt ggcattaccc
   116461 tcgtggagac tcgttgcagt aaccccactc ttatgactcc tgggaggcag gtgatgatag
   116521 ttcaaatact tcaatctgtt actcacgtgc aactccaaac tgacatcctg tttccttgtt
   116581 gaggtctgtc ccagccaggg atgttgtggg tatttgggaa gtgaatcagt ggactaaaga
   116641 tttctttctg tttatctctg tctctgtctc tttcaaataa aatgagaata agtaaaaagt
   116701 taaaaaaaaa cagcacttaa agaaatggtg gatggggtag gagataatgg gagatatata
   116761 catatacata tatataatta tcatcaattt atccagttat agcaaaaatt aataaaaaag
   116821 caagaagatt gtttttacaa cttaatatac tgacactgat tttatgagaa aaatacattt
   116881 tccaggttct ttttgaaaaa aaatatgtaa ataccagctg tatatttggt attttttttg
   116941 gattttttta aacttttatt taatgaatat aaatttccaa agtatggctt atggattaca
   117001 atggcttccc ccccataccg tccctcccac ctgcaaccct cccctttccc actccctctc
   117061 cccttccatt cacatgagga ttcatttttg attctcttta tatacagaag atcagtttag
   117121 catacattaa gtaaagattt caacagtttg ctcccacaca gaaacataaa gtgaaaaata
   117181 atagatgatt ttttaaatga tgatgaaatc agatcagacc tattgtcatg tttaatccca
   117241 gtgagagtca agttgggaat tgataatttc ttcttcttct tcttcttttt tttttttttt
   117301 ttttttttta cagaagatca gtttagtatg cattaagtaa agatttcaac agtttgcacc
   117361 cccatagaaa cacaaagtga aatatactgt ttgagtactc gttatagcat tgtctcaatg
   117421 tacagcacat taaggacaga gatcctacat gaggagtaag tgcacagtga ctcctgttgt
   117481 tgactttaca aattgacact cctgtttatg gcatcagtaa tctccctatg caccagtcat
   117541 gcgtttccaa ggctatggaa gccccttgag ttctccgact cttatcttgt ttagacaagg
   117601 tcatagtcaa agtggaagtt ctctcctccc ttcagagaaa ggtacctcct tctttgaaga
   117661 cctgttcttt ccactgggat ctcactcaca gagatctttc atttaggtgt gttttttttt
   117721 tttttccaga gtgtcttggc tttccatgcc tgaaatactc tcatgggctt ttcagccaga
   117781 tccgaatggc tttagggctg attctgaggc cagagtgctg tttaggacat ccgccattct
   117841 atgagtctgc tgagtatctc gcttcccatg ttgaatcact ctccccttta ttctatcagt
   117901 tagtattagc aggtactaga cttgtttatg tgctcccttt cactcttagt cctttcatta
   117961 tgatcaattg tgaactgaaa ttgatcactt agggactagt gagatggcat tggtacatgc
   118021 caccttgatg ggattaaatt ggagtcccct ggtatgtttc taactctacc atttggggaa
   118081 agtcagcttg agcatgtccc aaattgtaca tctcttccct ctcttattcc cactcttatg
   118141 tttaacaggg atcacatttc agttaatttt caacacttaa gaataactgt gtattaatta
   118201 cagaattaaa ccagtcatat taagtagaac agacaaaaaa actactaaga gggataatgt
   118261 attaagttgt tcattaacag tcagggctat gctgatcaag tcaccatttc tcatagtgtc
   118321 catttcactt caacaggtaa aatgtttatt tatccattct taactatttg aaaggcaata
   118381 taatggggag ggagaaggat agggagagag agaaagagtg agagagagac tgaaagcatg
   118441 aatctcacca tctgctcaat gtcttcccaa atgcccatag cagtggaggc tggaccaggc
   118501 caaagatagg agccaggaat tccatacagg tctcccatgt gagtagaaca gattcatgca
   118561 ccatcacctg ttgcctccca ggtgattaat ttgaagctgg attggaagca accagaactt
   118621 gatcagcact ctgatatggg atgctgatgt cacaagtggt ggattaaccc actctgctac
   118681 aatacacctc ttttagtaaa ctaattttga tagtaattaa ttgatgatta aatacaagtg
   118741 tagaacagat ccaaaattgg aaactcttga cacttaagat tcagtttaag atgcatgtgg
   118801 agtttcaggt tgatggtaaa gtatattcaa aactcatttt ttgagcaaaa atatgacttt
   118861 gatgaataaa aattgaaata taaaaagagt ataaaattac taaaacatta ttttattatc
   118921 atcattatta taattatgtt tgaaaacaac aacaaaaaag tgtttctaaa tactgatgca
   118981 ttgctggtgg agtggatcat gttacaacta ttgtagaagt caatttggca attttttaag
   119041 aatattcagc atatgtttac tataggatcc agcaattcta ctcctcaaat atgcccaaaa
   119101 caggggtcag tacatctcac aaaaatgtgt gtgcaaatgt tcagagcagc attagccata
   119161 gcagtcccaa actagaaaca atccaaatat ccaacaactg ctaaataaat aaaatgtgct
   119221 acacccatct gatggaatgt gattgaataa taaaagggga caaaacaatg ataaatttta
   119281 ccaaactgat aagctt