LOCUS       KJ810980              132401 bp    DNA     linear   MAM 25-MAY-2014
DEFINITION  Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB_29G08, complete sequence.
VERSION     KJ810980.1
SOURCE      Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)
  ORGANISM  Oryctolagus cuniculus
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Lagomorpha;
            Leporidae; Oryctolagus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 132401)
  AUTHORS   Rogel-Gaillard,C. and Bed'Hom,B.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (09-MAY-2014) UMR1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative
            Biology, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA),
            Domaine de Vilvert, Jouy-en-Josas F-78350, France
COMMENT     ##Assembly-Data-START##
            Assembly Method       :: PhredPhrap v. v. 16
            Sequencing Technology :: Sanger dideoxy sequencing
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..132401
                     /organism="Oryctolagus cuniculus"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /clone="BAC LBAB_29G08"
     repeat_region   complement(201..443)
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   531..881
                     /note="matching ERVL-B4-int"
     repeat_region   complement(892..1039)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(1040..1463)
                     /note="matching LTR29_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(1464..1637)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   1639..1970
                     /note="matching ERVL-B4-int"
     repeat_region   1981..2312
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(2308..2564)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   2565..2899
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(2900..2994)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   3417..3645
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   3646..3686
     repeat_region   3687..3734
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   4298..4307
     repeat_region   4308..4647
                     /note="matching CSINE2A2_OP"
     repeat_region   4648..4669
     repeat_region   6597..6626
     repeat_region   6703..6850
                     /note="matching LTR16B2"
     repeat_region   7096..7124
     repeat_region   7673..7998
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   8344..8415
                     /note="matching Charlie9"
     repeat_region   8541..8572
     repeat_region   8643..8807
                     /note="matching Charlie9"
     repeat_region   complement(8811..9142)
                     /note="matching CSINE2A2_OP"
     repeat_region   9225..9576
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   9700..9914
                     /note="matching MLT1E2"
     repeat_region   10132..10482
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(10557..10678)
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   10755..10987
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(10986..11058)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(11330..11455)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   11904..12150
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(12409..12699)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   12900..13125
                     /note="matching Tigger7"
     repeat_region   17687..17735
     repeat_region   complement(17827..18777)
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   complement(19406..19464)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   19465..19504
     repeat_region   complement(19505..19765)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   19779..19991
                     /note="matching L1MA6"
     repeat_region   19997..20316
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   20319..21086
                     /note="matching L1MA6"
     repeat_region   21157..21434
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   21442..21789
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(22397..22505)
                     /note="matching LTR16B_OC"
     repeat_region   22546..22582
     repeat_region   22757..23052
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   23109..23461
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   23466..23487
     repeat_region   23651..23720
                     /note="matching LTR1A2_ML"
     repeat_region   complement(23668..23955)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   24544..24594
     repeat_region   24936..25244
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   25318..25359
     repeat_region   complement(25630..25946)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   25949..25978
     repeat_region   27425..27610
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   27630..27661
     repeat_region   27856..28111
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   28112..28147
     repeat_region   28148..28191
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   28877..28895
     repeat_region   29446..29745
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(29747..29810)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(30337..30629)
                     /note="matching MLT1A1"
     repeat_region   30630..30948
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(30990..31290)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   31465..31501
     repeat_region   31544..31622
                     /note="matching LTR16B_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(32015..32230)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   32689..33028
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   33132..33186
     repeat_region   complement(34265..34520)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   35524..35575
                     /note="matching TUB1"
     repeat_region   complement(37788..38105)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(38171..38503)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   38582..38712
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(38708..39284)
                     /note="matching LTR20_OC"
     repeat_region   39285..39479
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   39480..39508
     repeat_region   complement(39819..39912)
                     /note="matching TUBE2"
     repeat_region   complement(40149..40450)
                     /note="matching L1M2"
     repeat_region   complement(40706..40742)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   40743..40813
     repeat_region   complement(40814..41055)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(41275..41513)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(41551..41648)
                     /note="matching L1_Felid"
     repeat_region   complement(41649..41986)
                     /note="matching L1M2"
     repeat_region   41987..42026
     repeat_region   complement(42041..42363)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   43363..43480
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   43611..43864
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   43865..43891
     repeat_region   43892..43952
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   45003..45061
                     /note="matching MIR3"
     repeat_region   45076..45381
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   46732..46994
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   46995..47040
     repeat_region   47041..47076
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(47593..47862)
                     /note="matching MLT1A1"
     repeat_region   47863..48209
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(48213..48507)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   48682..48718
     repeat_region   48762..48867
                     /note="matching LTR16B_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(49464..49735)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(49806..50571)
                     /note="matching L1MA6"
     repeat_region   complement(50574..50892)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(50898..51122)
                     /note="matching L1MA6"
     repeat_region   51136..51466
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   52108..52427
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   52506..52703
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   53905..53936
     repeat_region   55478..55534
     repeat_region   complement(57137..57443)
                     /note="matching MER44D"
     repeat_region   complement(57460..57620)
                     /note="matching MER44B"
     repeat_region   57643..57925
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(57927..57989)
                     /note="matching MER44D"
     repeat_region   complement(58195..58432)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   58523..58559
     repeat_region   58885..59130
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   59131..59170
     repeat_region   59171..59238
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(59239..59579)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   59681..59739
     repeat_region   59730..59767
     repeat_region   complement(59997..60228)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   60301..60425
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   complement(60603..60840)
                     /note="matching MLT1E3"
     repeat_region   complement(61071..61322)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(61329..61452)
                     /note="matching L1_Carn3"
     repeat_region   61497..61627
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   61638..61927
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(61937..62098)
                     /note="matching Charlie9"
     repeat_region   complement(63624..63714)
                     /note="matching LTR16B2"
     repeat_region   63722..63757
     repeat_region   complement(65927..66254)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(66829..67163)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   67191..67535
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   67595..67704
                     /note="matching L1M5"
     repeat_region   67706..67991
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(68028..68137)
                     /note="matching Ves2_ML"
     repeat_region   complement(68053..68144)
                     /note="matching LTR44B_MD"
     repeat_region   complement(68071..68305)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   68307..68580
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   68581..68877
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(68886..69230)
                     /note="matching ERVL-B4-int"
     repeat_region   69336..69579
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   complement(69767..69795)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   69796..69830
     repeat_region   complement(69831..70074)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(71085..71385)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   73585..73630
     repeat_region   74879..75098
                     /note="matching LTR33_OC"
     repeat_region   75250..75426
                     /note="matching LTR33_OC"
     repeat_region   75419..76081
                     /note="matching LTR33_OC"
     repeat_region   76082..76575
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   76580..77910
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_I-int"
     repeat_region   77887..77927
                     /note="matching ERVH_OC_I-int"
     repeat_region   77929..78423
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   78424..78682
                     /note="matching LTR33_OC"
     repeat_region   79321..79540
                     /note="matching L1M3a"
     repeat_region   complement(79945..80301)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   80302..80653
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(80654..80853)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   complement(80858..81165)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(81195..81553)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(81558..81671)
                     /note="matching L1MEf"
     repeat_region   complement(81723..81820)
                     /note="matching MIR3_MarsA"
     repeat_region   81884..82407
                     /note="matching L1MC4"
     repeat_region   82408..82659
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   82660..82705
     repeat_region   82706..82756
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   82757..82849
                     /note="matching L1MC4"
     repeat_region   82850..83107
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   83108..83141
     repeat_region   83142..83185
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   83186..83515
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   83516..83530
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   83531..83612
                     /note="matching L1MC4"
     repeat_region   84082..84104
     repeat_region   84808..84838
     repeat_region   complement(85097..85299)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(85426..85769)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(85822..85900)
                     /note="matching MER3"
     repeat_region   complement(86205..86544)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   87193..87511
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(87700..88019)
                     /note="matching CSINE2C_OP"
     repeat_region   88785..89033
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   89034..89098
     repeat_region   89099..89147
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   89582..89612
                     /note="matching MER5B"
     repeat_region   89613..90090
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   90091..90122
                     /note="matching MER5B"
     repeat_region   90123..90164
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   complement(90175..90503)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   90504..90567
                     /note="matching MER5A"
     repeat_region   91296..91373
                     /note="matching LTR24_Sar"
     repeat_region   91380..91429
     repeat_region   complement(92299..92590)
                     /note="matching L1ME3B"
     repeat_region   92670..93033
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(93034..93352)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   93353..93602
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   93705..93732
     repeat_region   complement(93733..94021)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   94044..94302
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(94332..94609)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(94610..94644)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(94729..95537)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(95538..95997)
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   complement(95998..96027)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(96208..96381)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   96373..96445
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(96638..96988)
                     /note="matching MLT1N2"
     repeat_region   97134..97469
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(97766..98428)
                     /note="matching L1MA4"
     repeat_region   complement(98432..98767)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   98769..99154
                     /note="matching LMER1"
     repeat_region   complement(99186..100615)
                     /note="matching L1MA4"
     repeat_region   complement(100743..101069)
                     /note="matching L1A2_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(101071..101466)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   101467..101937
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   complement(101938..102093)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(102094..102129)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   102130..102158
     repeat_region   complement(102159..102419)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(102420..103066)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   complement(103067..103781)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(103782..104115)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(104116..104775)
                     /note="matching L1A_Oc"
     repeat_region   complement(104777..104991)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   106957..106974
     repeat_region   complement(106979..107296)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   107340..107393
     repeat_region   108067..108341
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   108667..108925
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   108927..108965
     repeat_region   109116..109169
     repeat_region   109213..109545
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   110124..110178
     repeat_region   111274..111547
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   111743..112268
                     /note="matching MLT1E3"
     repeat_region   complement(112458..112582)
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   complement(112615..112871)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(113144..113489)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   113511..113539
     repeat_region   113919..113963
     repeat_region   complement(113965..114081)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(114174..114699)
                     /note="matching MLT1E3"
     repeat_region   complement(114895..115168)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   116522..116638
                     /note="matching MLT1A"
     repeat_region   116640..116653
                     /note="matching MLT1A"
     repeat_region   116654..116680
     repeat_region   116681..116775
                     /note="matching MLT1A"
     repeat_region   116770..116929
                     /note="matching MLT1A"
     repeat_region   116930..117247
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   117248..117453
                     /note="matching MLT1A"
     repeat_region   complement(117549..117677)
                     /note="matching L2c"
     repeat_region   complement(118289..118606)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   118628..118949
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   119618..119804
                     /note="matching L1M1"
     repeat_region   119808..120084
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   120104..120306
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   120307..120345
     repeat_region   120346..120389
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(120515..120805)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   120757..120937
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   120970..121213
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   121245..121584
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   121599..121661
                     /note="matching L1MC1_EC"
     repeat_region   122063..122353
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(122382..122683)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   122776..122801
     repeat_region   123453..123519
     repeat_region   123646..123848
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(123864..123920)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(124740..124805)
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   125990..126270
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   126412..126707
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   126728..127051
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   127071..127358
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   128362..128674
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   130481..130505
     repeat_region   131288..131586
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
BASE COUNT        30425 a        35979 c        36170 g        29827 t
        1 aagctttgaa aaaagagatg gtgtctctag aatgaggaca cactctatcc tggtcacttt
       61 gttgtgtgcc aggtacatga caatatttta gcaccaggga gacaagcgtg aaataaaaac
      121 aaaacttgtc aggaggattg tctagtgggg ctcgggcgga gtgaaggagg agagttgatg
      181 ctaggaggcg gcactgctgg ggggaaggtg gatgggggtg tgggattggg cgcagggctg
      241 atggctgttg tacttgggtg atcagtgtgg gcatcaatca gtaaggcagt gatgttgagg
      301 agtatttgac ggacgtgggc taatcagttg tgaggatgcc tgggggattt ctttccagga
      361 agggggacgc tgcagtgcga gtgtcctggg gcaggggcgt aaccgtggca gccaggagac
      421 agtgatttct gtagcagaga gagaatgtga tgaggtcaga tcatgtggac actgggaagg
      481 tgtcagcttg gtgggcttcc agggggccct ccatggttcc ccacacagca cacttcacag
      541 cacatcagtg ttgtcctggg tggtgcgcgt gggatcctac attggtctcc accatcctga
      601 cacagctggc ttttggtaga gaggtggagt ggccttttga ggacaggtgc agcagtagcc
      661 aggtgggaat accatgtgtg cctggggtaa ggttccccaa cgggctgtgt gtgggacagc
      721 actgtgcacc acatggtgct gctcctccca ctgccagggt tcatgggctc ggggtcaagt
      781 gtggaaacag gagtggtccc actcacaagt acccctagcg accctcttgc agaattcatg
      841 cttcctgtca ctgtgacaca atgctctgct gatccagcga ttcgtttttg ttttgttttt
      901 aaaatctatt tatttgaaag tcagagttag agagagagag acagaaacag atcaacacaa
      961 aaaatccata tgttgattca ctcccccaaa tggcctctat ggctggggct gggccagact
     1021 gaagccagca gcagggagct gtccgggtct taagcatgag gctggcccct gaacagcggt
     1081 gagcagtaca agcactcccc aacaaggaga atgggaaagg taaggttgat gggttaagaa
     1141 cacagcaagc acccgtgaat tctgtggaag caggaactac tttattgagg aagtgtacag
     1201 gcttgtaaga cttaaaaaaa aaaagacgtg cgcagcaggg gagccaatca gcgaaaaagt
     1261 catgcaggcg tgggtggacc acgcacaggg gcatcttaag caaagtatag ggatcacgca
     1321 ctgtccacat gtctggaact aaagcagacc tatccctgcc ggtggtccga tcttacgtag
     1381 cttaaccaca gcagccgcaa acacgcccct cgaacatctg ccaggcacca tattgtaatg
     1441 gaggttttag gcaatgccca acagggagct tcttcaaggt ctcccatggt gggtgcaggg
     1501 gcccaagcac tgctttctca ggccattagc agggagctgg atgggaagtg gagcggctgg
     1561 gatgcatact ggtgcccata caggatgccg gcgccacagc tggtggcttt accctgcttc
     1621 accacagcac cggcccccgg ctcagaggtc ttactcccaa ggtgggagtg cttctgctgg
     1681 gagacgcaat aaagactcct tggaattgga cattacaact gtcacctggg tactttgggc
     1741 cactgaaacc tctaaatcag gaggggaaaa aaggatttgt tgtgctggct gcagtcatca
     1801 gtcttgattg ccatggggaa attggactga gctcccagtg caggtggaaa gaacgtgtct
     1861 ggaatacaag aggcccttta gggggtctca gtatcaccat gcacagggat taaggtcgac
     1921 ggattacaac aacccaaaag acaggactgc taatggtggc ctggaccctt gaatcctcag
     1981 gtggtgcagt tggttaagct actgcctgca acacccacat cccatatgga cgcagactgg
     2041 tgtcccagag ctccacttct gatctagctc catgccaatg gcttgggaaa agccgtggag
     2101 gatggctcaa gtgcttcgcc cctgcaccca tgtgggagac ctggaaggag ctcttggatc
     2161 ctggcttcag cccagccctg agtattggcc cggcccaact gttggggcca tttggggagt
     2221 gaaccagcag atagaagatc tctctctctc tctgtgcgtg tctctgcttt tctctctctg
     2281 taactctcta cctttcaaat aaataaatct tttttaaaag acttatttgc ttatttgaaa
     2341 gagttacata gaagagagtc agaggaagag agagagagag aggtcttcca tctgctggct
     2401 cactccccag atggatgaaa ccactagagc tggccgatcc aaagccagga gccaggagct
     2461 tcctctgtgt ctcccatgca ggtgcagggg cccaaggact tgggccatct tccactgctt
     2521 tcccaggcca cagcagagag ctggatcaga agtggagcag ccagggctgg caccgtggct
     2581 caataggcta atcctccgcc ttgcggcgcc agcacaccag ttctactccc ggttggggtg
     2641 ctggattctg tcccggttgc ccctcttcca ggccagctct ctgctgtggc ccgggagtgc
     2701 agtggaggat ggtccaagtc cttgggccct gaaccccatg ggagaccagg ataagcacct
     2761 ggctcctgcc tttggatcag cacagtgcac cggccgcggc ggtcattgga gggtgaacca
     2821 acggcaaaag gaagaccttt ctctctgtct ctctctctct cactgtccac tctgcctgtc
     2881 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgga gcagccagga ctgaaaccgt tccccatact
     2941 ggatgccagc agtgcaggga gcggctttac ctgctatgcc atggcgcagg ccccacagac
     3001 cattttaaac accctcatct gtggcattgc ttctgggctt ggtgttgtgc actggtctct
     3061 tttttttttt catcctactg aacactttat ctcattctaa caaattcata gtatgtctct
     3121 ctatcaggta aagtgagtcc agtacatttt gtgttttgat ttcaagagta tgttgctacc
     3181 tttggctact tgaggagcac ctttccaagt tcccaaagta tccctatttc ttctttgaac
     3241 agaaattaca ctggtaaaca agcttgggaa ccactgacaa tttttttcca ttttaaaact
     3301 caacaattca tgaacacgaa ttatttcctc attaaaaatc ccttcaggaa agctttgctg
     3361 tttgcacttg tacatatttt ggtggattca ttccagaaat cttgaaatac tatgctgggg
     3421 tgggtgctgt ggtgtagcgg gtgaagctgc tgcctgcagt gtgccagttc gactctcggc
     3481 tgctccactt cccatccagc tctctgctat ggcctgggat agcagtggaa gatggcctaa
     3541 ctccttgggc ccctgcactc acatgggaga tccagaagaa gctcctggct cctggctttg
     3601 gatcggcgca gctcctgttg tagtgaacta gcggatgaaa gactttctct ctctctctct
     3661 ctctctctgc ctctccttct ctctctgtgt aactctgact ttcaaataaa ataaataaat
     3721 ctttaaaaaa agaaatacta tgctcatgtt gatagcattt cttaattgaa tttactaaat
     3781 gttaattgta tgttcaaggg gccttaaaaa gttcatggaa agtcatgatt attatttaat
     3841 ttaatttttc ctgactttgt aatccctctc atataaacac aaaagatttt tgcatatgga
     3901 ttttaatcca atcgctttgt ttatgctttg attaattcag agtgtatggt tcaggattcc
     3961 acctgctagg acatctggtg tagtttgaaa ggcaatggga tggaggctgc tggtgtttct
     4021 gtcctttact gctttggaga agccctccac acagggtcta atgagtgctg aaacaaccca
     4081 tgaactcaca ttttgcattc ccagtttcca ggtcactgga gcaaaagttg agctgggacc
     4141 ctgtagggac ggagcctggc ttactctccc caggcagccc tctgggtcca tgccaagccc
     4201 cgagggtgct ctggtgtctc ctgttggcca ccttgagctg tcacccttct ggcaggtggt
     4261 gctctcagcc atgcccagaa cagccagggt cctccaggaa aaaagcaggg gccggtgctg
     4321 tggcacagtg ggttaatgcc ctggcctgag gcgctggcat tccagatggg cgccggttca
     4381 agacccagct gctccacttc caatccagct ctctgctgtg gcctgggaaa gcagcagaag
     4441 atggtccgag tccttgggtc cccgtacctc cacaggagac gtggaagaag ctcctggctc
     4501 ctggcttcgg attggcacag ctccggccat tttggccagt tagggagtga accatcggat
     4561 ggaatacctc tctctctgtc tgcctctcct ctctctctgc ataactctga cattcaaata
     4621 aataaataaa tcttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaaagaaaa gcaaccccac
     4681 cactccttat tctgtttctg cccctctgct cctgggacgg cccaatcttg acattcgcat
     4741 tcttagccca tgtgcacctt caacctgact tgtttttttc cagctttgct gtggtgttca
     4801 atgggcggag ctgtccaaat tcatcagcaa tcgctgtcag tggcagggca ggtcacgact
     4861 ttccatgtca gagtcacaca cagagaagga aatgcagaag taccggaagt ggccacagca
     4921 agtgcagctt agaggcaata aaacaaaata ttccgcggct tcacccaggg ccccctgaag
     4981 gtttctctct ccggagaatt ccgcagcggc ttccccacct ctcagccgcc gcccttcctc
     5041 tattcctggt cgggttcctg cggtcaggag aggccagccc cagaacgttc cagaaccctc
     5101 catgggctcc acaataatca gaatagcagg gcaccctgac ccctcctccc ccgggcggtg
     5161 gacccaggtc atgagggaga tctgggctac ttagaatggg gtcggcctcc gctgcgcagg
     5221 gacgaggcag cgggccggcc ggggtgcggg gcgggtcctg gggggtcgcc accggacccc
     5281 ccctcccagt gcgtctatct ccctctcctt ccttctctgg ctcctccctc ggcccctccc
     5341 cagatccccg cacccaggac tatgctctga tggtggccgg cacgcgggag gaagctgggg
     5401 aggcttgggc cccccggggg cagcaacgag agcgtccgcg gacaccggtg gccagtgcgg
     5461 acccccgagg gagcggggcc ggggtctcag ttctgccctc tccggggttc ccggggtggc
     5521 ccccaggctc gcactccccc aggaacttga aagccgccgg gctccatcca cctcgaggcc
     5581 tcgcgccctg gttcttcagc gccgcctccg agggcgaccc gcagtccccg cgcccgcacc
     5641 gcgactggga gcggcgtagc cacgtcgggg aggacgggac gggactgcgg gcgcggcggg
     5701 cagacgttcg cagagtgtta ggactctgtg acccggcccc tcggctccgg agcgggcgcg
     5761 acctggctta accctagcac tcctccacgg gccctaaccc taaccctccc ccacgggacc
     5821 taaacctagc cctcccccag ggcggagggc ggcgcgctga ccctcctggg cggggaaggc
     5881 aggcacgctt ggtttctgtt tctttttcag tctggatctg gactgaatta ctgtcttctt
     5941 gcagctcagg gaagagtctg gggtgggcgt ggctgcaagg cgggaagggg cgctgcgatc
     6001 ccggcctccc gccgcgactg atgacggccg aggccggtcc cgggtcccac gcgtggcagg
     6061 atcccatgca cggttgcatg gtggcgcggg tggttccggg gggtagcttt cttcccgctt
     6121 ccttcattcg tgccccagta cggcacttaa caggacggtg caaacccctg cttggggagc
     6181 cagagccccc aggagtagct agcagtggtg gaggctgcca gggactccct gatgggtccc
     6241 tgcactcggg ggaagctcag ggcacagatc aggacctccc aaagctgaat tcaaacctta
     6301 aacatggtgt cctcacctct agaccaaatg tccacccagc tcccctcccc acccccaatg
     6361 ctctggtgag ttgtttcagc gcctccctcc ctctcacctg ctttgcccac tggatggaca
     6421 cagctccaca gctggggagt tccctctgct gctctgtgct gcccccgtgc ggccaccgga
     6481 gctcagacca acacccggcc acgcccactg ctctccctga acttcctgtc ccagccctca
     6541 ggggagccca ctcccttgcc catagtcacc ctctctgggc agggtcaccc ctcagtctgc
     6601 cctgccctgc ctgacccctg cccagctact ctctgcgccg acgcccccct cccttcttgt
     6661 gtcagctatg accatgcttc tggggacact gaactctaga agacagtggt gacagatttc
     6721 caccgccagg cctgcagctg cccggggtcc ctggccccct ccccatcttc tctgacaggt
     6781 gtgtcctaag aaaatgctgg cgagtttcac accgtcttgg catctgcttc ttggaggtca
     6841 tggactaaca ggtcatttcc gtgtgtgtat gatgacccgc ttcttatccc agtgtgaaaa
     6901 tccttctctc tgctggcctc tgtatgacct ctctcggtca ctggatgtct gtttttctca
     6961 ttactacatt tggggtggtt tgcaacacaa caatggagaa ctaaccaagc acttgtgtct
     7021 aacagtctac agactccatc ctttccttcc tgcattttga tgtcagccac gctcctgtct
     7081 ccaattctgc tcctgttctc ttttcttttt cttttgtctt ttctcctcct ccccatccct
     7141 ccttttccct ccttcctttc agcctttttt cttctttgct tttttatatt agaagattcc
     7201 acccatgtga tgtctaccat gtggatgcat gggaagtgtc ctctggtccc gtgtgcttca
     7261 gttcaatgcc acagggcacg gataaaggca gcaatggtgg ctcctgtaga gtgagggcgg
     7321 ctccaggtgg tactgcagcc agggagaggc ttggcgccct gaacccctcc cgtggctggg
     7381 tgttctcttt ctaggacatc agcaatgtgg gctctcactc tcgtcgtaaa tgttgaaacc
     7441 gatccacaca cttcaggaat cagagtagcc ttgccagtgt gtttctagga cctgtgccac
     7501 caaatgcacc catcccaccc cagattccac acccgatatc tgggggcttt cttgcctgca
     7561 tgtctggggg ttaaatacac taacgtttat gggaaaaact gtttccaaca cacacattaa
     7621 gagaaagtgg ggaatttgtg gcatccataa agtgtaacac ttcaagccag cgccggctcc
     7681 gtagctcact tggctaatcc tctgcctgtg gcgccggcac attgggttct agtcctggtt
     7741 ggggcgctgg ttttgtcccg gttgctcctc ttccagtcca gctctctgct gtggcccggg
     7801 aaggcagtgg aggatggccc aagtccttgg gccctgcacc cacacgggag accagcagga
     7861 agcactggct cctggcttcg gattggcgca gtgtcagctg tagcagccac ttggggagtg
     7921 aaccaacaga aggaagacct ttctctctgt ctctctctct cactgtctaa ctctgcctgt
     7981 caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agagtaacac ttcatcagta cagcatggct gaaccccagc
     8041 ctcacagagc gggaacgact ctcccacgtc gtgagtgaca cagatgaatg catgcagtag
     8101 gggtcactgc acaaggagtt taagaacaga ccaaactact gacgtttgga tcatggatgt
     8161 atgtacttat tgtaggaagg gcaagggcat ggtgacacag cctcggcaca gaggcccggt
     8221 cgggagcagt ggactcggga gggcacaggt ggctgcagag gtccagcgga gggaggccaa
     8281 gtgtctattg gtcacctcct tacatgggca gttatgtcac agcactagtc tgggctggtt
     8341 tttaaatgaa agagaaagaa gttatcaaag ttcactgcaa ggctccttag caagaacacc
     8401 tcgcattgga acaaagccac agcccagtgg agaacttcag gaggccagag tcacagccag
     8461 ggtggcgccc aaattactcc caccacctct cacccaaaaa tcacagcagg agccatgagg
     8521 tccattacag gaggcccacg tgtttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttt ttatgaagac
     8581 aaacatcttt gatcctggat tggaggtcac catttctgca tcaccccaac tctgtcccca
     8641 tggtgctaac ccaggtgtac agactgaggt gtgagggtca catttttcta gctgaaagac
     8701 aatctgatta gacaaatatt tttgaagaca atttttgagt aagcaaattg acaattttgg
     8761 catccttaac aaactcaact tgaaactccc caagaaaaac aatgatagct tttttttttc
     8821 tttaagattt atttatttat taataagagt cacagaaagg cagaggcaga gagaatgaga
     8881 gaggtcttcc atctgttggt tcccttccca aatggctgaa atgactagag ctgggccaat
     8941 ttgaagccat gagccaggaa cttattctgg gtctcccaca tcaatgcaag ggcccaacga
     9001 cttgggccat cttctactgc tttcccatgc catagcaggg cattggattg gaagcagagc
     9061 agctgggact agagctggtg cccatatgga atgccagcac tgcaagaggt agaattacct
     9121 gctatgccac aacactggtc cctatagttt ggtttggttt agtttggttt ttaacaaatg
     9181 acggcaatga tgttggtggg aatgggaatg agtgcagcca tggagggaaa cagtgtgagg
     9241 atttctttag aaactagaaa tggaatttcc atagggtcca gctatcccac tactattccc
     9301 aaagacaaga actcactgca tcaacgtgta acctgcaccc ctgtgttaca gcagcactac
     9361 tcacggtagc caagagttga actcaaccaa ggcgtccatc atcagctgag taggtaaaga
     9421 aaatgtggta cttgcatgag atagaatact attcagccat caaaaaagaa tgaaatcctg
     9481 tcatttgtag caaaatggtt gaaactggag gatgtcatgt tgagtgaaat cagccagata
     9541 tagaaagaca aataccacaa gttttccctc ataggcagga gctaaaactt tttaaaaagc
     9601 cacacacatg tcaacctgaa cacagaatgt gatcactaga ggccttaaga gtagaaggaa
     9661 ttgaaggagt tgtgacaaag acaaaagcaa gagaccatgg tgggaggggc tcaggtgagc
     9721 gactcccctg ctgtgggcac tgactatgga gggcaggggt gcaaaggagg ctgggggcac
     9781 ttgggtggaa gcagccgccc tgcgctgcac ctgacagctg tcacagagac aggacgtctg
     9841 tcctccaact gtaaggcatg gaattctgcc cacaggttgg gcagattttg gaggaggtct
     9901 ccacccccag aacccgtgca cggcagcctg gaatctgacc caggacctgt gagcaaacga
     9961 gaggccttgt cccaggctgt gcagtgtgtg gtgacctgtt atgcagtgac aggacgctgg
    10021 tgacacccag gctcaggggt gtactaggtc ccccagctaa gcatcgtctc caccagagcg
    10081 aatttgggaa ctggtgtgag cactcactgc atgaaataaa accttcctga tgggccggcg
    10141 tcacggctca acaggctaat cctccgccta gcggcgccgg cacaccgagt tctagttccg
    10201 gttggggcgc cggattctgt cccggttgcc cctcttccag gccagctctc tgctgtggcc
    10261 ccggagtgca gtggaggatg gcccaggtgc ttgggccctg caccccatgg gagaccagga
    10321 gaagcacctg gctccttgct tcggatcagc gtggtgcgcc ggccgcagcg cgtcggctgc
    10381 ggcggccatt ggagggtgaa ccaatggcaa aggaagacct ttctctctgt ctctctctct
    10441 cactgtccac tctgcctgtc aaaaacaaac aaacatacaa aacacacttc ctgatggctt
    10501 ttgtacttgt ccttttagga tttttacacg atgcatttaa tttgtacata atcaggtcac
    10561 tctttcaaaa actcagttca tcgcctgttg ttagcaggtg tgactccaga tgctgggatt
    10621 acagctttgc ccaaaatagc cctgagcccc tgagtttatg ggacttgcat tccagaggtt
    10681 tcttaaaatg agatggagcc attagagtgg gacgtttaaa gatttattta ttcactaatt
    10741 tgaaaggcag ggctggggcg ggcactgtgc gtagccagtt atgctcccag ctgcaatcca
    10801 ggcttcccta tcagagcacc tgtgtgaccc cgactgctct gctgtcatcc agctccctgc
    10861 tagtgcacct gtgaccctga aaggctcctg taacaacatg agagacctgg ttggagttgt
    10921 gggctccatg atccagccca ggacacagca gccatctggg acgtgaccca gtgggtggat
    10981 attctcttgg gccaccttcc actactttcc caggttcatc agcaggaaga ggcatcaaca
    11041 gcaggacagc ctggactcag cagccctggg gtacaaggtc ggggctgaac tcacagcgcc
    11101 accacaatgc tccctcagga gtgcttgaca ggcaggagtg aagcagctga cttgcaatag
    11161 ccaggggctg ctgccctggg aagaatggtc cctgggtggg gagagggcag tgctggtgcc
    11221 tcagatcagg atgagggagt ggtggggatg acaaggagag gaagaagtga tgggggaagg
    11281 gctgagatgg aagtgaggga aagaggcaga ggtaaagatt ttgaaccagt ggtttcctag
    11341 gtgcattagc agggagaatg acaggaaatg gagcactggg actctaacac acaaccaaaa
    11401 gggaagccag tgtcaaagcc agaggcttaa cctgctactc cacaatgctg gcaccatgca
    11461 tttagaattt aatgtattct ttggggctgt ctaaaatata gttgcctcgt tatgtgaatc
    11521 aggttaaatg caaacatcag ggcccaaata aaatctgtgc aaggcttgga tggagatgat
    11581 tcatacaaat gggcagcagg tgggcattta gcctcacagt agagacgccc acaccccaca
    11641 gcagatgcct gggctgagag gctgctgctc ctgactccag cctcctgccc atgcagaccc
    11701 tgggagcagt gacacaggct caagggactg ggctcctgcc ccctcactgc agtcctgggc
    11761 tggatttcat ctgctcctct ttagcccaac cggatgagtc tctctctctc tctaataaat
    11821 aatatttaat acaacacaga ggaatgggca ctggggcggc agtgaagctg ttgcatgcga
    11881 tgcctgagac cttgaggctg agtgacggcc ccactcccaa tcccagtccc tgctgaggag
    11941 cacctggggg gcagggtggt tgctcaagtg cttgggtctg tgctgcccac gtgggggact
    12001 ttgattgagt tctgggctcc tgacttccat ctggcacagc ctgggcgttg caagcacgtg
    12061 gggagtgaac cagtgcatgg gagatctccc cccgccactg tccttagtct ccctcactct
    12121 cacaaataaa taaataaata aataaaataa tagcaggtaa tgtatgagca ctagtgaata
    12181 ttttttgtct gtatcaaaca gtggcaacct tgaggtgact aaatgtgtag aaccttctag
    12241 ctgaaacact aaggaacaaa ttgtgcctca gtgcttctct gcacagcatc ccccctcctc
    12301 aattctttaa actgagcttt ctgtgtctac tgtttcattt tatcagggag taaaactatt
    12361 aaatgtaaaa ttccataaac aaatatttca taactattaa attgcatgtt cttttattat
    12421 ctacttattt cttaaaggca gagtgacagg gagatggaca gagaacttct gtcctctggt
    12481 tcactcctca aagacctaca aagccaggtt gggccacgct ggagccagga acctggagct
    12541 ccctctgggt ctcccatgga cctgggaggg gcccagtccc tgagccatca tctgctgcct
    12601 cccaggctgc acgagcagga agctggatca cagcagagta gccagactca gacccaaccc
    12661 tctgctgtgg aatggggcgt cctaggcaga gactaacctg acctccacac cccctcctgg
    12721 gccctcctga gggagtgatg ggatctcctg actggtccct cccacctggg gtgtcaatca
    12781 tgcctgggtc cagcccatcc ccactgcatc ccctacaccc cactagtcac tcagcaggct
    12841 gcccccgtgt cacatggctc tggaggtgtc acaggtctgt gtcagccccc ttacctgaca
    12901 gcctagcact gcatcagagt gtctgccacc cacctccctc catggcatca cacaggcacc
    12961 gggctcctca cactgccaca gaagagggga cacagcaccg agacctctca gagaccacag
    13021 tcacacggga cttctcacag ctcgtggtgg gaacagctcc acgctatcag tgctgtggtt
    13081 tacctcttcc tgttcttgat tcatcaggta aacttcatca caggtgagtg cagtgcgggg
    13141 ctcaggactg cccagggtca ggcttccctg gggtcctgga cctcatctgg tggatgggga
    13201 gggacccggt gctgagctgt gctgcactcc cacagacagg ctcagggatg ggggtggggg
    13261 ggaggtgact gtcaccaggg cacagccaca ttatctggga aagcagacct ggggctctgg
    13321 gggcgatgct gttggacact tttaggtgtg atggggccac ggtgccctct gtcacagacc
    13381 agggtcctga tcactcaggt gggaaagtgc atgctgcaga cgtggctgat aaaccacagg
    13441 accgggctcc gcgggttcct ctctctgggg ctctcacaca cagcggcccc ctccccggga
    13501 actgaggacg aaaccactac cgctcctccc gccctcccca ggcccctcac tccccacagc
    13561 aaggtccctg gaggtgagtt ttcctctaga agagtccagg ggacaggtaa ggagcaggca
    13621 cagctcaagg acagggatcc gggaagggaa gggaggggct aggccggcct ggggctctcc
    13681 gggttttctc agtcagaggc tgcccggcct cggggagccg acatcacgca gcgcgggagg
    13741 acaggggtcg gggctgagtc caggtcctgg tgtggcgctc agggtctcgg tccgagggcg
    13801 ggtctgggcc ggggaagccg agcggcgggg agtacccgca tccctgagtt tcacttccac
    13861 ttcacaacct gggtcgggtc cttctgcctg gacactcgtg acgcgggccc cggtctcact
    13921 cccattgggc atccggtttc cagaggagcc aatcagcgct gcaggatccc ggctataaaa
    13981 tccctgggga gctgcagggc ctcagattct cctcaggccc caaggacggt ttcaatggcg
    14041 cctgggaccc tcctcctgct gctcgcgggg gccctgaccc tgacccagac ccgggcgggt
    14101 gagtgcgggg tcgggatgga aacggcctct gtggggcagg agcgtgggga cagcgcggcg
    14161 gggaacacag gacaccgggg gagtggtgaa tcctcatccc ccggcccaga cgcctccaac
    14221 ttggccatgg ctgtccagcc ccctccctct gcctcctctt ttctcacgac cccccccccc
    14281 ttcctcccac ccggtcccac ccaacctaac gcgggcgtcc cgctgctggc ggggggcggg
    14341 cagttcttag ctgctcccgc ccgcaggctt gcactccatg agttatttct acaccgccgt
    14401 gtcccggccc ggcctggggg agccgcgctt catcaccgtg ggctacgtgg acgatacgca
    14461 gttctcgcgc ttcgacagcg acgccgagaa cccgagggtg gagccgcggg cggcgtggat
    14521 gcggcaggtg gacccggggt actgggaccg agagactcag atctccaagg acaacgctca
    14581 gacctaccgc gtgaacctga acaccgtgcg cggctactac aaccagagcg cggccggtga
    14641 gtgacccggg cccgatcgca cctcgcgacc cctctccgcg tggtgcccag ggggctccga
    14701 gtctccgggt ccgaggtcct ccagactgcg cgccccgcgg agaccctcgg cccaggagga
    14761 gcccgcggga cactcacggg tttcggtttc agtttgggct gaaatccccg cgggtgggtc
    14821 agggcggggg cggagctccg tggccggggc tgaccgcggg gcggggccag ggtcccacac
    14881 tttccagact atgtttggct gcgaggtctg ggcggatggg cgcttcttcc gcgggtatga
    14941 acagcacgcc tatgacggcg ccgactacct cgccctgaac gaggacctgc gctcctggac
    15001 cgcggcggac gcggcggcgc agatcaccca gcgcaagtgg gagtcggcgg gtgtggctga
    15061 gcaccgcagg gcctacctgg aaggggagtg cgtggagtgg ctgcgcagat acctggagat
    15121 ggggaaggag acactgcagc gcgcaggtgc gcagggctgg gagaggccgc gctcactgac
    15181 ctcccctggg gcaggagctg ggggggggag aggaggaaat gagacccagg cccgaatctg
    15241 cctttcctca ccttaggggg cagaagcctc ccttgatttg gtgcctgccc ttctctcagg
    15301 gcagtagagg gacccgggct gtctgaggag ggagggacag agattccaga agtcacctca
    15361 gctgtgccct ggcttccccc aaggttctgt gatccgggac ctctcccagg cctgttctcg
    15421 gcctcaggct gctgcgtggg gagggttgac cccaggtacc agagtctctg ctggaatcag
    15481 cctctcctca cctctgagtc ctaggcatcc acctgagaat ttggcccgcc cttctctcag
    15541 ggcagtagag gaacccgggc tgtctgaggg aaggacagat tccagaagtc accctcagcg
    15601 gagccctgga ttccgtcaga gttctggcag ctgagacctc tcccagggca ctgtgaggaa
    15661 aggtctgact ccaggtgtct ctaggcttcc agcccgattt agaccaaaat ccctttcctt
    15721 ccccttgaaa gactcaaacc ctgggttgta tcgctggatt ctagaacttt ccaaagaatt
    15781 gatcatccca atgctatgtg caggcagggt ctgggttctg catccctccc ccacctctgt
    15841 cgtcccctcc attctcagga tggtcccgtg agtgctgctc ccgtgtccca tgaagatcac
    15901 aaagtgcctg aactttccaa atctttccct cagacccgcc caaagcccac gtgacccacc
    15961 accccgcctc tgaccgcgag gccaccctga ggtgctgggc cctgggcttc taccccgcgg
    16021 agatctcact gacctggcag cgggatgggg aggaccagac ccaggacacg gagctcgtgg
    16081 agaccaggcc tgggggcgac ggaaccttcc agaagtgggc ggctgtggtg gtgccttctg
    16141 gggaggagca gagatacacg tgccgtgtgc agcacgaggg gctgcctgag cccctcaccc
    16201 tgagatgggg tgaggagggc aggaggggcg gggcctctga ggggagggca gagccctgct
    16261 ggggccttca gcaggggcag ggctgagccc tggggtcaga gcccctcacc tccccttccc
    16321 ttctcagagc ctcctgctca gcccactgcg ctcatagtgg gaattgttgc tggagttctt
    16381 ggagttcttc tgatcctggg aactgtgtcg ctgttatgat gaggaggaag ctcagctcag
    16441 gtaggggagg ggagggtggg gtctgagtct cctgtcccct gggggacttc ctgtcaggga
    16501 gaagtgcacc cacccccttc atgggacaag cagtccacac ccatctgcac acccaggcca
    16561 ggccctgtgt ggtaacgcgg gctctccata atgcaccatg gaagataagg acgaatcttt
    16621 cctgggctgg tgctggtgat gggagctgag tgccagcagc cagagcaggg ggcggcccca
    16681 gctgaggaca gggctccagg ggcggggtct cctgtcccac agccacagtt ctggaagctt
    16741 ctgtaggatg agccagtgct ctgggcttcc tctaggtggg tgctcaggcc ctgcctcctc
    16801 cctggcctct cacaaggtgt tttcttctca cagatgggaa aggaggaaaa taccctccgg
    16861 ctgcaggtaa gtgctggggt gtggtggtgg tggggttcac tgagaccctt gccacagtga
    16921 gaaacccatg gagacgctgc ccgcccaccc cacgctcccc cctcagcctc agcccctgtg
    16981 ggcctcacca agccctgatt tgttcacccc aggtggccac agggaccagg gctctgatga
    17041 ttctctcatg ccctgaaagg tgagacctgg aggctgcttg ggagggggag gggcagaggg
    17101 gacaccgtgg gtctggggat tccttgaatg ggccatggtg gtggctgctc atgtccccgt
    17161 gtgcactgct catgtgaact tgttatctgg atttttctat agcgtgagaa gtggcctgtg
    17221 tgggactgag cgatgcagat tcgtgcagtc cccgtctctg tcctcagagc ccggctcacc
    17281 ttgaacgtgt gggcagcagg cacagtgtga ggaggggagc ctggcccgcc ctgcccgtgt
    17341 gggcgtctcc gtcctgtctc aggtcccgtg cactgcgctg cagctccttc cccattcagt
    17401 ctgaacactg atttattttt ccaattctgt catctggtgt ggatgagtta attaaatgag
    17461 gagattccta aaatttgaga gaggaaataa atagaaataa atagaggtgc tagaaccatc
    17521 cagaacccgt gtgcttgctt tgctgagtgt gctgcaggtg gggctgggag gggctgggag
    17581 gcactgagtg aggacagtgc tgtgtcctgg gtgctgagtc catccgggcg ctgtggtcgc
    17641 tcctcacccg ggtccctgcc ccgtcctcgt ctccagtgga agctgtgccc ccccccccgc
    17701 ccccgcctgt gctcaccgga ctcagccccg gccccaggag gtcctgttcc ttgtacccgc
    17761 agcagggacg gcttctgtgt ccggggtatc ctgagctcag gtttgtgatg gagcaataag
    17821 gagaccactc agggtggagg ttagttgatg gggaggtggc ccagagaggc tgtgagggac
    17881 tgggaacagg cctttttact gggcaggggc agcgtgggcc cttctgagac agtggccttg
    17941 aggagacatt tgagggacat gaggagtcat ctgcaaagcc atctggggca agtcctttgc
    18001 aggcagggaa cctacagtgc aaatgtcctg gggcaggagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt
    18061 gcacatgtgt ctacactaca ggaacaagga gcagggggtt gtgaaggctg ggtcaggggc
    18121 acgactggca cggaggccgt gtgcacactg gcagggtgtt gcccttgctc taagtgagct
    18181 gggagctggg agagctctga gcaggaaggg gcgtggctca gctgctccct tacaggaccg
    18241 cgtggctgct ggggaagggt ggggcgcaga ggccagcaag gctgcaggta ggacgtcagg
    18301 agaccaggca gagcccaggc tggggacggg gctaccgcgc tggggcgggg tgggaggagt
    18361 gggagaggag cttccggctc cttctgaaga tggactcatg gcgctgcctc gtgggctgca
    18421 ctaggggctg agagagggca gtcaaggagg ccgtgactgc aggaggaggg ggtttctctt
    18481 gggagagggg gcgacagtgg gcggggcatc tgaggagggg gtggcaaagg cgtccatgca
    18541 ggtgccctgg gagcccaggt gtctgctggg agtgtggctg acactgtggg gccagcagct
    18601 gggccgcagg atggggttag gagaaacgtc taggctggag aagtagacag ggaggggcac
    18661 cctgtgaatg gggtttgcag tcctgagcag agacgcagtc accaagggag ggggcggctg
    18721 ggaagaggaa gggcccaggc ccgagccctg gccctgcagc gtcggtgacc ggagtgagca
    18781 catggcagag ctggccgcgg gtctggggcc acgtcctgca ctgggggcct ggacttgctg
    18841 ggcaggagcc cccgggacac cgggaggatt cagacaatct ggggggagca ggtctgcgtg
    18901 tgtccagggt gtcttgccgc tgtagtcccc aggccacact ctcagccaga cctggaccag
    18961 gaccgacagg ccgggcctcg acctcccctt gggaattagt aactgagaag ttcctgagca
    19021 ggcccacact gggaggtgga gcctctggca gggactgagt gtagctgtcc ccgcccacag
    19081 tgcagccatc cctgcccact gtgctctccc tgattctcct gagtttctga ggtgggaggc
    19141 ggcacacact caactctgag cctctctcca gctgtgtctg cgcccctctc ctgcagtgga
    19201 tgtgctgggt ggtctactct ttcggtgctg ggcagtggga gtgagtcagg ttcccagtca
    19261 gccccaggct ccccaggagg ccacaccccc cagcaggact ctagactggc aggcagggtg
    19321 atgggggggg gggcagtgca ttttgtcagc tcccagtgct gtatgcagac atgaccatac
    19381 cgaaagtcta atgcactgga tttgcttttt taaaaaaggg tttgtattta tttgagaggc
    19441 agaattacag acagggagtg gggggagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga
    19501 gagaaaggtc ttctgtctgc tggtttactc cataagtggc tgccacagcc tgagttgggc
    19561 tgaaccgaaa ccaagaccca ggactttctt tgggtctccc acgtgggtgc agggcccaag
    19621 gactctggcc accctctgct gctttcccag tgcattagca gggagctgga tcagaagtgg
    19681 agcagccagg acccaaacca aaacccacac gggatgccag cactgcaggc ggtggcttca
    19741 actgcaacgc cacaacgttg gccccataca taaccacgtt gaagatcaca ctactaagtt
    19801 atataaccag gatggcatgg tgctggcatg agaacagaca catgggcaca gaaaataatt
    19861 ggaagcccag aaaaaaatcc attgattttt ctttcacaag gataccaaaa cacacactga
    19921 agataggaca attcttcaac atggtgaggg gaaaactgga tattcgcatg cagcataaaa
    19981 ttagaccctt acatggccgg cgctgtggta cagaaggtta agcctctgcc tgcagtgcta
    20041 gcatcccatt aggacaccgg ttagaaacct ggctgctcct ctactgatcc agctcactgc
    20101 taatgcacct ggcaaagcag cagaagacgg cccaagtgct tggaccactg aagccccgtg
    20161 ggagacctag aggaaggtcc tggctcctgg cttcatatca gaacagctct gaccactgtg
    20221 gccatatagg gagtgaacca gcaggtggaa gactctctct gcctcagcct ctctgtaact
    20281 ctgcctttca aataaataaa taaatgcttt taaaaatgaa agatatcaac tgctggtgaa
    20341 gactcaggag aaagaggcac agtgtttgtg ggcgtggcca ataagaaaag taggtggaag
    20401 accttaagaa tcaaaactag aatctttctg aatcattaaa aacagagcca cggcatgacc
    20461 agccatccca gtactgggca cacagccgca gggagggagg tccggagaga aggagacgtc
    20521 tccacatcgt gttcactgca gccctgttca cgataaagaa cacggaatca accctcaggc
    20581 ccagggcgga ggagacagag cagggggtgt gtccacagcg gggcgctgct gagccggtta
    20641 agaggaagaa tcctggggtt tgcagccagg aggatgaacc tggggctcat ggtgtcactg
    20701 aatgagccct gaacagagac aaagcccccc tgagctcact ccctgtggcg tctgaaaagc
    20761 tgaggccctg gatgtggaga atagaacagg ggctccccga gctgagaggg gcagagggag
    20821 ggcaggagga ggggccccgg tacagctggg caggaggagc agctctgctg ggctgtggcc
    20881 caggaggccc ccgagggaac agggacctag cgtctgtcac aggctgagag cagttggtga
    20941 atgttctcta cacagagaga ctctggggga ttaggtgatc cgtttgctaa tgactttgat
    21001 ttgatcctta cacatgtatc cacgcactga gagtccacac tggaccctgt aatatgtaca
    21061 accactgtgt gtccatcaaa cataaagtca gggcagctgt tggcagcagc agctgtcaca
    21121 ctggttacac ctgcaccctg agtgcagtgc gtgtaggggt cctggctgct tggcacccag
    21181 tccacctcct gctagtgtac acccttggag gcgtggagga tgggtcaagc actgggacat
    21241 cacataggag acccaggttg aggtttgggc tcctggcttt ggcctggccc agccctggct
    21301 attgcctctg gggagtgagt cagcagatag aagatctctc tgcattcatc tatcactgtc
    21361 tctctttttc tagctgtgtg tatctgcctt tcaaataaaa aatggaagtt aattaattga
    21421 agataaaaat aaaattttta gccggcgccg tggctcaata ggctaatcct ccaccttgcg
    21481 gcgccggcac accgggttct agtcccggtt ggggcgccgg attctgtccc ggttgcccct
    21541 cttccaggcc agctctctgc tatggccagg gagtgcagtg gaggatggcc caggtgcttg
    21601 ggccctgcac cccatgggag accaggaaaa gcacctggct cctggctcct gccaggatca
    21661 gcgcggtgcg ccggctgcag cggcggccat tggagggtga accaacggca aaggaagacc
    21721 tttctctctg cgtctctctc tctcactatc cactctgcct gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa
    21781 aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata aaatttttaa atcaagcaac tactaatcca acggaaacag
    21841 ctatcagtat caatttgttc taagctttgt aaaaaaatca aataaaatct acaaggaccg
    21901 aggagcactt aagggacaaa caggttctca ggtgggcagg gagcgcgggg tcatggactc
    21961 agccactgcc agcccagccc cgctgccggc cctcaggcag ccccggggga ggcggcagag
    22021 ctcctgctgc cagggaggcc acgtggactc tgctcccggg gactggggtt gagggacagg
    22081 tgatggctct ggcggggact gagcagccgc tgtcctgtct cactcccagg gctggagtca
    22141 cctccatgac cgtgtgtgta caagcactga gacgccagca cgagtcacag ctgccgggac
    22201 aaaggagaac acacagggca ggcggcagag acggcaaagc ctggaggagt gggtggagga
    22261 cgggggcctg gaagaactcc cacaggcccc gaggagtcca ggcgcccaca cgccggccca
    22321 gggccacatg agcgctccaa agcccctgag agcctggagc cctgacctct ggctgtctcc
    22381 aggctctttc tgctgggaaa atcccatccc cgtcagcagt gcccatcaga atcagaggac
    22441 aaggctggag gtaaaggaga gagacagctc actctacagg cagaggaggg gctggcagcc
    22501 ttcagggcct ctcaggggga ggctctgggc tctgaagggc acaagtgagg ctgggctgct
    22561 gagctgggct gagctgggtg aggtctggca gcagtgcctc tctggcgtca ccgcaggtcc
    22621 tggaaaccct gccccatggc aggaggggga cacagcagga cgtcctgaca ccgcgcaccc
    22681 gcaaacctca cttggccgag acctgagaga ggcagaggac tgtgtgagag aggaaacctt
    22741 tcccagggca gcgtctgcac agcgggttca gctcctggtt gtggtgcggc ctcccagagc
    22801 agagggcggg ttcacagtct gcctgctcgg cttccagtcc cgccccagct aatgcgcctg
    22861 ggaaagcagc agaagatgcc aagtgggagg gccctgtgct ccacgtggga gacccagatg
    22921 gagttctggg ctcctgtgtc cagtttgtgc cagccaggtt tttatagcta tttgaggagt
    22981 gaacagtgga gggacgaacc tgctctctct cccttacttt ctgacacttt gcttttcaaa
    23041 taaattaatg aaaaaattgt accccagtat ggtagcctta agaggggagg cttttagagt
    23101 tacttgagcc agcgctgcgg ctcactaggc taatcctccg cctgcggcgc tggcacacta
    23161 ggttctagtc ccggtcgggg caccggattc tgtcccagtt gctcctcttc cagtccagct
    23221 ctctgctgtg gccagggagt gcagtggagg atggcccaag tgcttgggcc ctgcacccgc
    23281 atgggagacc agaagaagca cctggctcct ggcttcggat cagcgcgtgc gccggcccca
    23341 gtgtaccggc cactgtggcc attggagggt gaaccaatgg caaaggaaga cctttctctc
    23401 tgtctctctc tctcactatc cactatgcct gcccaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaaaa
    23461 accacacaca caacaacaac aacaacacag tagctgcaaa gaagcactca gttagcactg
    23521 ataccatact gcgtctcaga catgggagcc ggggttacaa agtcagctaa aatgttggaa
    23581 acagttgcct ctaggaaggc agaaattgag aagagacaaa gacaggcaga gggagacatg
    23641 agagagaggg agggagggag ggagggagag agagagagag agagagagag aaggcttcca
    23701 tccatggttc acttcttagg tgttcacagc atccagccag ggatatgcca agatgaagcc
    23761 aggaaccaga agcttcttcc aggtctccca ggtgcgaggc agggggcaca aacacttaac
    23821 catgttctgc tgcttgccaa atgcatgacc agggagctgg atcagaaatg gagcaattgg
    23881 ggcaccagcc agcacccata tgggatgatg gtattcagac atgggcttta cccactgtgc
    23941 cacaatgctg gcccctcacg ggtcatcttg aaaaataaat aactctttca gttataggca
    24001 ctggtaagtt agattaaaat aacaacaaca attccaagaa catgagagtt tatggctgat
    24061 gacagctgag gagcgctggt gggttggagg cctcatcaca cgtgtgcaca gtttgcacac
    24121 accacgcctg cacacacgtg tgaaccacag cagccctgaa ccccacggga caggacaaat
    24181 cagcaaatgc atctctgcac ggtgcctgca taaacgctct gccacctcct tactgtgcac
    24241 cactggaccc agggagaccc cacgagggtc ccttatcctc tcctccttcc aggcaggccc
    24301 tagaccccct cctgttgcag gcagagcacc catcccagct tagtccattg ggcaggtgag
    24361 cctggtgctc tctgccaccc ctgctgacct gggtggggct gaggcagccc tgtcctggaa
    24421 gtgcagccag ggccaggagt caggggggac tgagacaggg gcgggggtgt tgccacatcc
    24481 ctgcccactc ggtctgaacc catggcgtca ggtgccggtg ctgctccccc tgggctccag
    24541 gttccttcac ccttcactga ctcagcccca tccccccagc gcccccctca ccccgagtgc
    24601 actgagccct gctcttcatc acctggatcc caaagccctg gccctggccc tgtccccctc
    24661 agctcaccag ccctgtcctc cacgagggct cctccctagg gctccccaca gcctcaattc
    24721 agaccacggc ccaggtgccc agcatctgtg ccagcctctt ctgtcctgct aggaccctgc
    24781 agctccagac actggggcag gaggatattt gctcaccttg ggtacagcat tgagacagag
    24841 ccctcctctg ccctgacctc atgtccaccc tcaatgtctc cagaatcgtt agtcagacac
    24901 aggccaaaca caaatattta aaaaccacaa aaacagggcc aacactgtgg cgtagtgggt
    24961 taatgcccgg gcctgaagct ccggcatccc atatgggtgc cggtttgagt cctggctgct
    25021 ccacttccat tgcagctctc tgctatggcc tggaaaggag tggaagatgg cccacctgca
    25081 ccctcatggg agacccggaa gaggctcctg gcttctggct tcggatctgc acagttccag
    25141 ccattgtggc caactggtag tgaaccattg gatggaaaac ctctctgtct ctacctctct
    25201 ctgtgtaact ctgactttca aataaatagt aattaaaaaa aaaacacaga aaggtctaca
    25261 ctacagaata tatacgtatg atagacagga ggttggtgca cagagtgtga cagatctagg
    25321 atctcagggt ccaggagcca ggagcggggt cccagcagca gacacactag tcccataggg
    25381 ccacctgcag acacagtgca cctgcagtga gatgactcca caccatgcag tgtgctacac
    25441 acaacaaagc aacaggaaaa caacacggac aagaaggacc agcctggcac agctgcaaac
    25501 actcacatgt gggacttctt ttagccctca cacacaagga aaaatgtagt ttgtttgttt
    25561 tataggatgc caacatgcag gagcaaggtt aacccagtgc accacaacag catcaagctg
    25621 ggcctgtttt tttttttaat taatttattc atttattagg aagtcagagt tgcagagaga
    25681 gaaaagcaac cgagagagat cttccacccc tgcttcaccc ccagatgagc accatgatcc
    25741 acgctgggtg acacagaagc aggagccagg agcttcttcc aggtccccca tgtgggtgca
    25801 gggcccacac gtggtcatct tccactgctc tcccaggcca cagcagggag ctgaatggaa
    25861 gtgaagctgc cgggcctgga acccgggctg gctcacaggc gccggcttta cagccacttt
    25921 accagacgca ccatgacgcc ggtctcattc tccatcccca gccccacccc acccccattt
    25981 aggatgcagg aatctgaagg gaccagaagg acggtgctgc tgggtccagg gcaggagggg
    26041 cccaggcccc actcccccag tggaaccagg ggacaggatt accacaatct gtggtcgggg
    26101 gaccctggga ggacagtcca caggacggtc ttgtagagga cactgtcatt aaaagcaaaa
    26161 aatggagaag ttagtgcctg actccatgct cgccacctgg ccaaggtcca gtcacaggag
    26221 gcccctccct ctctgcccca gaggtgctgc accctccacg ggagacgccc gctgagactg
    26281 cccggctctc cacgggagcc aactctgctg cagggaccgc cagccccgat ctgcgggtag
    26341 agaattcccc atcctctcta cgcctctgcc ccttccgtcc ccctgggaaa gtgtctgcct
    26401 ccccctccgc ctgcaccaca cggctgctgc tccctcttct ccccgtcact gcccagacca
    26461 ccatgaactt cacctgcccc tggttccctg caggtccctc actccacact cagaggctgg
    26521 attccaagca cgggcacagc ttctgcttac caagctctgc gcagggtgcc tgcccccagg
    26581 gcccccaggg atggctgagg aaggagtgaa ttcccacagg gccctgagag cacagcagat
    26641 tgctactaca gtgctgggga tgtcagcacc tgcaacaccg ctctgtgatt taatgtgaga
    26701 tgtgcactct gagtgttcct gactaagatg gcatcaagcc ttcccggccc cgggacgccc
    26761 tctcctggga ccccgctcac tgctctcctg ggcctgtctc cttcacgctg tgccccctct
    26821 ggctgtcctc accacttccg gagaactccg ggagaactgt ggactctcca tcctactgca
    26881 gggagcaggt ctgtcctctc tttcctaaac ctcctcatat gtgtgtgttg gcccagaggc
    26941 tctcacactc agcgggcaga gtggcaagga gagagcagag aagggaaggc agatggggac
    27001 aagctgaaga gcaagaaaaa gggaaccggt cccgggaaag cggggaagga agcagcagca
    27061 agggcgccca tggggcggcg ggggcagaga cgcagcgctg ggggctgcag cccctccccg
    27121 tggcctcccc aggacagagc tctaccggcc acctcgcctc cccttacacc cccacaaccc
    27181 tgctctgtgg tggggcagct gcagctttcc tctctcgtgt gtattggagt taaaatctgc
    27241 atcacgcacg ggacaggtgg gagggagagc agcacccttg tgatgcccgg gatcacaacc
    27301 ccacagccat ggccaaaata acatcacatc acagctgcat tcttgtcccg cagtcagagc
    27361 cagggtcggg ttgggtttgt agctcaaggg ctggaagctg ctagagactc ccacgcagga
    27421 caccccggtg ccagtgcgga cgacccggct tccaacccag ctccccccca gtgggcatcg
    27481 tgggagttgg caggcgatga ctcagcgacc aggtcaccgc cacctgcatg ggcgacccaa
    27541 tggagttttc cacaccttcc tttgcccaat ccagcactgg ctgattaagg gcatttcaag
    27601 agtgaaccag gggaccaggg ggtggaagac tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc
    27661 tggaaacgga gagagagcaa gtatttacaa atatttgtag tagtctagcc ttgttacact
    27721 gtctccttta aaaatcggtt aattttggta gtaaaaatac tcaaatttgg atttaagatg
    27781 tgtctgtcat tgaaatacaa caaatgactt gaataaaata ttgtatttcc ttgataaaat
    27841 ttgtaatttt tggagccagc gctgtggctc agtgagttaa cgccctggct gaagccccag
    27901 catcccgtat ggctaccggt tcaagacctg gttgctccac tcccaatcca tctctctgct
    27961 gaggcctggg gaggcagagg aggatggccc aagtccttgg gcccctgcac ctgcgtggga
    28021 gacctggagg aagctcttgt ctcctggctt tggatctgca cagctccact gttgcggcca
    28081 actggggaat taaccttcaa atgaaagacc tctctcctcc tctctcctct ctcctctctc
    28141 ctctctctgt ataactctga cttcaaataa ataagtaaat ctttttaaaa acagtttgta
    28201 tttatttttt tatttacatg aagtctcagg caccgcgggt ccgcccaggc tctgctggct
    28261 cctcaggaga gggtgaggag gcagggacgg cggggaggag gccagggacg ctggcctagc
    28321 caacacagca atggggtcag ctccgggtta gcggcgacga ggatgccggc ttgtctgtgg
    28381 agatgtcggt cctgcagcca gagagccgcg gggcgatgag tccagagcct gtgtgtcccc
    28441 gcgccaggcg agtgggcccc gctccctagg aagagggttg atggctttgc ccagggctct
    28501 cgcggctgaa agccaggcct gccctgggtt tgggggctgc gcggcaggac ccgggctgcg
    28561 agcgagcggc cacaccgccc ctctgcaggc gcctggccag ggaggtcggg gccaggaggg
    28621 gccgcgcaga tgatgctgag aagacggact tgacgagggg ctgctccgtc ctgtgtcccc
    28681 cgggagagtc ctcgtctccc tgcagcccgg gacagccacg ggaacggagg aacaggcagc
    28741 ccggcgcggg aaactggact gcagaacccc tcagggcgct gtgcccccag ctgccgctct
    28801 gggagccact gcggttgctc cagacacgga gttggcggcc aggcccaagg ctgctgagag
    28861 cagaaactgc gggaggcccg cccccccccc cccccggagg cctttggcct ggaggcttgg
    28921 gcgtctcccc cgtggcaaag gggctgtgga ttcgtccgcc agggccgtgg tcgctgtcat
    28981 gtggcagaca ctgtcaggtc tcggcgctga taaccggagg aggcgaaccc cgacggcttc
    29041 cacgcgagtc ggccagcggg cctcccactc agcgccttcc caggaagtcc cagcctgctc
    29101 cgaggcgaga ggagctcgca gcgccgtcct cagggtcccg caggaccgcg tgggacccgc
    29161 gtgcgcacag ccacgcgtcc ctcgggagcc tgacctccat gtgttgcgtg aaagcgctgt
    29221 ctgtccccag gagcctgcgg ctctcacctg gagtcccgcg ctcgacccgg ggtcccggtg
    29281 gacctgcagg agggagctcc tgctcagtgc cttccccgcc tctaacaaca gagctgcgcc
    29341 gcgggacggg ggcggggtca gggaagctca acactgggtt tcacctgttg gttaaatgta
    29401 aaatttcaag tggggggggg ggggaataga accagtgtga ggattagcag gttaaggtgc
    29461 ctctgagatg cctgtatgat ttgagcactg cttccagtcc cagctgctcc acctgggagc
    29521 cggctccctg ctatgcccct gggaaacctg cagagaggcc caggtacttg ggccctgacc
    29581 cacttgggag actcagaaga agctcctggc gccaggttct ggatcagcca agtgctagcc
    29641 attgcagcct tttggggaag gaaccatcag atggaagacc tatctctgtt tctcactctt
    29701 tagtagctct gttgttcaaa taagtaaata aatattttta aaagacttta agattttatt
    29761 atatttattt gggaggtaga gttacagaga gagtgggaga gacagagaaa ttttctccat
    29821 tactgttttt ttatgttcgt atttggtctg tgtctgacaa atgaatctgg aggattggag
    29881 ggtagagtgt gaggtcaggg cagaggaggg ctctgtctcc acgctgtacc caagatgagc
    29941 aaatctcctg ccccagcatc tggggctaca ggatctcagc agacagaagg ggctggcact
    30001 gatagagggg cacctggact gctattctgg gctgaggctg tggggaaccc tagggaggag
    30061 ccctcatgga ggacagggct gggtgagctg cgggggacaa ggacaatgac agggctgtgg
    30121 agtccaggtg atgaagagca gggctcagtg cacctccagg gtgagggggc gctgggggga
    30181 tggggctgag tcagtgaagg gtgatggaaa ccagggcaca gctggagcag cactggcacc
    30241 tgacaccatg ggttcaaaca gattgagcag ggatggggcg acacccgcac cccagtctca
    30301 gtccctcctg actcctggtt cttggtgggg gagggctgtc ctagtgcacc tgtgctgcta
    30361 tgacaggcgc tgcaggaaca ggaatttatt ggctcccagt tctgggccgg gaggtcccat
    30421 tcaaggcact ggcaggttag ggactctgat tcccagaagg cacctggaat gctgcatcct
    30481 ctggggagag caatgcttgg tcctcacgtg cagatggagt ggggagagag gaaaccctcc
    30541 cacagcctgg accccttata agagccctaa acccactggg aggactccac cctcagaatt
    30601 caaacacatc ttaaaagcct cccctcttag cggctcaata ggctaatcct ctgcctgtgg
    30661 cgccagcaca ccgggttcta gtccaggtcg gggtgccgga ttctgtcccg gttgctccac
    30721 ttccagtcca gctctctgct gtggccaggg agtgcagtgg aggatggccc aagtgcttgg
    30781 gccctgcacc ccatgggaga ccaggagaag cacctggctc ctggcttcgg atcagcgcag
    30841 tgcaccggcc gcagcggcca ttgggggtga accaacagaa aacaaagaac tttctctgtc
    30901 tctctctttc actgtccact ctgcctgccc gaacaaaaca aaacaaaaca aaaaaccctt
    30961 cccttttaaa gctacctact ggggtacaat ttttaaaaat attttgtttc aaaaagcaga
    31021 gtgacagaga gagggagaga cagagtatgg gcttccatca ctgttcattc cccaaatagc
    31081 tataaaacct gggctgatgt aaactggaca caggagccca gaactccatc tgggtctccc
    31141 acgtggagca cagggccctc ccccttggca tcttctgctg ctttcccagg cgcattagct
    31201 ggggctggac tggaagccga gcaggcagac tgtgaacccg ccctctgctc tgggaggcca
    31261 caccacaacc aggagctgaa cccgctgtgc agacgctgcc ctgggaaagg tttcctctct
    31321 cacacagtcc tctgcctctc tcaggtctcg gccaagtgag gtttgcgggt gcgcggtgtc
    31381 aggacgtcct gctgtgtccc cctcctgcca tggggcaggg tttccaggac ctgcggtgac
    31441 acccaagagg cgctgctgcc agacctcacc cagctcagcc cagctcagca gcccagcctc
    31501 acttgtgccc ttcagagccc agagctcccc ctgagaggcc ccgaaggctg ccagcccctc
    31561 ctctgcctgt agagtgagct gtctccctcc ttcacctcca gccttgtcct ctgattctga
    31621 tttcacagca actgtctgtg gagaccccga gggccccagg ccagcccacc cctcccttcc
    31681 ttcccggatc cctgtccctg agctgtgcct gctccttacc tgtcccctgg actcttctag
    31741 aggaaacctc aactccaggg accttgctgg tggggagtga gcggcctgga gagggcggga
    31801 ggagcagcag tggtttcgtc ctcagtcccg gggaggggcc cgctgtgtgt gagagcccca
    31861 gagagaggtg gggccgggtc ctgtggttta tcagccacgt ctgcagcacg cacttcccca
    31921 cctgagtgat caggaccctg gtctgtgaca gagcgcaccg tggccccgtc acacctaaaa
    31981 gtgtccaaca gtgatgcccc cagaacccca ggtctgagag agagaaagag agagagagag
    32041 gtgggaatct cccatctaca ggttcactcc ccgcatgcct gcaacagccc aggctgtgcc
    32101 agatggaagt caggagccca gaactcaatc aaagtccccc acgtgggcgg cgcagaccca
    32161 agcacttgag caaccacccc agccccccag gtgctcctca gcagggactg ggattgggag
    32221 tggggccgtc actcagcctc agggtctcag gcatcgcatg caacagcttc actgctgccc
    32281 cagtgcccat tcctctctgt tgtattaaat gttatttata agagatgggg gaaaaagaga
    32341 gactcctatc tggttgggct gaagaggagc agatgaaatc cagcccagga ctgcagtgag
    32401 ggggcaggag cccagtccct tgagcctgtg tcactgctcc cagggtctgc gtgggcagga
    32461 ggctggagtc aggagcagca gccactcagc ctgggcatct gctgtggggt gcaggcatct
    32521 ctactgggag gctaaatgcc cacctgctgc ccatttgtgt gaattgtctc aatccaagcc
    32581 ttgcacagat tttattgggc actggtgtta gtatttaacc tgattcacac aaggagacaa
    32641 ctagattttt ggctgcccca cagatgcatt aaattctaaa tgtatcaagc caactttgtg
    32701 gcatagcagg ttaagccttc gcctgcgact ctgtcatcct gtatgggcac tggtttgagt
    32761 ccctgctact ccacttcccc ctcagctctc tgttatgcac ctgggaaagc agcagaggat
    32821 gacccaagtg cttaggcccc tgcaactgtg ggaaacctgg aagaagctcc tggcctctta
    32881 gcataggtta gctcatccca agcctttgca accatttggg gagtgaatca gtggatggaa
    32941 tagtgatgct ctctttctcc atcccccccc ccccagcttc tcttgctgta actctgactt
    33001 tcaaaataaa taagaaaaaa attgtaaata ctgcatgcta ggaatccctg caaggcactg
    33061 tagatagcat ctcttcaagt caataaaaca actcccttgg aggtgagcac acagctgctt
    33121 cagaatcctg acctctgcct ctccctctcc tccttctcag ccctgccccc tcacctcctc
    33181 ctctccttgc cccccccatc cccatgtggg cactagcact gccctctccc cacccaggga
    33241 ccattcttcc cagggcagca gctccctcct gcaggtccac aggactccag gtgagagccg
    33301 caggctcctg gggacagcgc tttcactcaa cacgcagagg tcaggctccc gagggacccg
    33361 tggctgtgcg cacgcgggtc ccacgaggtc ctgcgggacc gtgaggacgg cgctgcgagc
    33421 tcgtctcgac tcggcgcagg ctgggacttc ctgggaaggc gctgagtggg aggcccgcta
    33481 gccgactcgc ctggaagccg tcggggtttg cctcctcctt tgatcagcgc cgaaacccga
    33541 cagtgtcctc cccgtgacag cgaccacagc cccgggggac gaatccacag cccctttgcc
    33601 gcgggggagt cgccgctgcc cctgggccag ggctcccggg gggccgggcc tcccgcagtt
    33661 tctgctcgct acgggaccag cagccttcgg gcctggcggc atctccgtgt ccggagcaat
    33721 ggcagcggct cccagagggg cagctgtggg cccagcgccc cgaggggttt tgtagtcccg
    33781 tttcccgccc cgggctgccc ttccctccgc tccccgcggc tgtcccgtgg ccgcagggag
    33841 acggggactc tcccggggga cacaggacgg agccacccct agtcaagtcc gtctgtccac
    33901 atctgcgtgg cctctcctgg cccggacccc ccaggcctgg tcccctcaag ggtcagcccc
    33961 gccttccccg cctcctcagc caatcccagg gtggacccat gggcctgagc cttcatgtaa
    34021 ataagaaaat aaacacaaac tttcacaaca aaataaaata ttatatttta ttgttccatt
    34081 gttgtatttc aatgaaagat gcttcttaaa tccaaatttg attattatta ctaccagaat
    34141 taactgattt ttaaaggaga cagtgtaaca aggctaaact cctacaatta tttgtgaata
    34201 cttgctcgct ctccttttcc attttatttg agagacagag caaatcttcc atcccctggt
    34261 ttactccatc ccctggttca ctcctgaaat gccccccaaa cagccagtgc tgggcagggc
    34321 aaagagggga gccaggaatt ccatcatatt gcccacgcag gtggcgggga ctggtctctg
    34381 agtcatcgcc tgccaactcc cacgatgccc actagcagag agctgggttg gaagccgagt
    34441 catctgcgct ggcactgggg tgtcctgtgt gggacgcagg tctccagtgg cttccagccc
    34501 atgagctaca aacccaaccc gaccctggct ctgattgcgg gacaagaatg cagatgtgat
    34561 gtgatgttat tttggccatg gctgtggggt tgtgatcccg ggcatcacaa gggtgctgtc
    34621 tccctcccgc ctgtcccgtg catgatgcag attttgtttt acctgcaata aaaaagagag
    34681 gggaaagctg cagctgccct gccacagagc ggggttgtgg ggcataaggg gccgaggtgg
    34741 ccagcagagc tcagtcctga ggaggccgcg ggatggggcc tgcagccctc cagcgctgcg
    34801 tctcccgccc ccgccgcccc atgagctccc ttgctgctgc ttccttcccc gctttcccgg
    34861 gaccagttcc ctttttcttc ctctcttcag ctcctccccg cctgccttcc cttgtctgtt
    34921 ctctccttgc cactctgccc gctgagtgtg ggagcctcta ggccaaccca ccggacggaa
    34981 acgaatccgg cggggagggc acagggacag gaagccctgc gggtccctgc gtgcagctca
    35041 tgggaagcgt tggcagtgcc gcagtgcggg gggggggggg cacacaggcc tggggggggg
    35101 gcccaggaaa ctcctgcctg gttgacatct gaggctgcgc tgcgtgggtt ctgttccttt
    35161 cccaatgcag ccccggtccc gagctgaggg agaggggccc ctgtgctggg agcgcaggca
    35221 tccgaggcca cagcccaagc agagaaggga gttttgggac agagcctagg gaactgcgca
    35281 gggtctggga ggagggaagc cctccttagg gaaggggcct tggggggcat gggcgtggcg
    35341 gcagggggcg cagaccctgg ggagcgcccc agacctgagc caggactgaa aatcgagttg
    35401 tcagttacag aattggctcg ggtaggtggg tgtttgccac ttgcatggga cacctgggta
    35461 gcgggacgtg gtgtttattt ggggatggag tgcaccctcc tgctctgtta ggaggcgtga
    35521 gcgctctctt tcttcctctc tctctctctc tcaagaaatt aggaaaaaaa tacaaaaccc
    35581 agaacccatc acactgagca accctgtcac tggggtactt ttagccacac ctcgaggctg
    35641 tacccaacac cacgtgaggt tggggtgatc tcaggatgcg ggggagggtc ccctggggtg
    35701 cagggcagag gggaaagtca ctgcagagga ccggtgtttc agccgcgggc tcctgatggg
    35761 gaggggaggg ccaggcaggg agtcctgttt tactgtgtcc cgggggagat gtccccagag
    35821 caggcagggg aggccaggct gcaggcgtgg cggcggaggg caggtgccag aggcgccacg
    35881 cgctggggct cggggtgtcc ggtcgtggct gggacaggga agcctgcgtg tgtgtagcct
    35941 gcaggcgaga aacctgctct aaggcagtgg ttctgagaaa aaaggctccc tgcatccctg
    36001 agagtggggg gaggggccgg tacagggcgt agcctgggta ggaggcctgg ctgcgtgggg
    36061 caggggctgt agtggccgaa cccgaaccgg ggcggagagg ctgagtggga gcggtcccag
    36121 cgcggaaggc cttctcagag ggcggggctg aggtctgcgg ggagctccgc agagggcggc
    36181 gcgttctccc ttcccccggg ctgacgctgg gtcccaccaa ctgcccctgg gagtctgaca
    36241 ccaggctgac gctacagtgc ggagtccgcg ggttggcggg tgacgtcagc gacctgggcg
    36301 tgctctgggt ttggacgaca tctgcagagt gcttgcgggg acccctagtg caaggctccc
    36361 tgtcccgcgc gctcccgcac agcaggctct ctgcagcctc tgctgttctc tgaggccctg
    36421 cactgcgccg ccctgggctg agcgttccct gggacttttc ccctccacga gggcggcccc
    36481 actctctgtc cacggtcggg tccgttgtcg ccggctggga gcaggggtca ggcaggtgga
    36541 ttcgtgtgtt cttgcctggg cttcccttgg ctcctgcgcg gtgggcgtgg ggcagggcgg
    36601 agctcggggg tgcaggacag aggccgcctg ttgcccacac aactcaatcc tgcagttcag
    36661 cgctgtcagt ccttcaggct tcgcagcgct ctgggctcca gatcccactc cccacccgct
    36721 gcaccgcctg gcctccaggc ctccacttcc aggacttcct agcccttcta ggctcgccgg
    36781 cggcctctgg gtgctcccct gagctcccca tggtgctgag agctgaggct caggcaccgt
    36841 tgctgccact ctggagacag ttctcagggc ccagggccct ggcttctccc agtcagcagc
    36901 gagtttcagc tcagtcccgg ggtccctgta cccgggttag ggcccctctt tctcctgccc
    36961 acgacctggt atggagaccc caggcccaca cagcctctcc cagaccccgg gactgtggct
    37021 gctctgcgct tggactgagc agggggcagt atggggtccc agacaagggc ctctgcctgt
    37081 gactccctcc atcctccccg cctccctggt gtcccccctt acatcccctg caccctgata
    37141 tggactctga ggagcctgtg tgctcaccca ttctcccccc tcccaccgta ctagcgagtc
    37201 ctcccctccc ccacagcccc tcctgcaccc cctgggcact gattccaggc tgtccccaag
    37261 gctgcccctc tccacggccc tccgcgtact ccagctcatg tacacagcat gtgatccgca
    37321 cagccagcac ctttgtgcac acttaaattc cctttatctg tgttgaaatg attgctccag
    37381 gccctctctg tgcactggaa caggaagtga gtcctgtaac tgacactgca tctgttggcc
    37441 acgcccctgt gtttccgtgt tccacacaga gggcgaccac agagtgcagg gctctgctgc
    37501 tggcttctct ctcgcatcat cgtaggctcc tccccatgtg gcaggtgtcg gaggacccta
    37561 ctttggtgcc tgagcagcgc tcagctgtgc gtggtccccg gttgcttgtt tcttcccgcg
    37621 ggccctgctc tccctgctgt gctgggggtg tggaaggcgt cacccagagt aggggtgtgg
    37681 cctcggctgc ctctttgtgg gcagtctcca tgaagagggg gaggagattc aacacaagtg
    37741 gttaggagtc aggtgcctgc ggccatgggt ctgtggctcc tgacgtcatt ttgcacattt
    37801 ttaagaggta gagttacaga gagagagagg gagagacaga aagaaaggtc ttccatcctc
    37861 tgcttcactc cccagatggc cgcaacagtc ggagctggat cgatttgaag ccagaagcca
    37921 ggagcttctt tcaggtctcc caagagggtg cgggggccca aacacttggg ccatcttctg
    37981 ctgctttccc aggtgcaaca gcagggagct ggatgggaag tggagcagct gagactcaaa
    38041 ctgacaccaa tatgggctgt tggtgctgta ggggaagctt agcctactgc gccagagcgc
    38101 cgaccctgga catttcgact gtacatcaaa tcagggcaat ttccatgtcc atgtgctttt
    38161 cattgcttcc tttattttaa aattatttat ttatttgaaa ggcagagcta cagagaggga
    38221 gagagggaga aaaagagaga gagagattgt ccatctacag gttcacttcc caagtggctg
    38281 caaaggctga gactgagcca ggccaaagcc aggagcctga gacctcatcc aggtccctca
    38341 caagggcgac agggacccag cacttggacc ttcttccaca ggtttctggg tgcatcagca
    38401 gggagctgga tcaggagtgg agcagctggg ctggaactgg cgctcacatg ggaagctggc
    38461 gttgtactta ggcggcagct taacctgctg tgtcccatgc cggccgccct tttctacttt
    38521 attggatctt ttgagcaaag gtcttccaga ggtcactgac atacataaaa gctggctgta
    38581 cggggctggc gctgtggcac agtgggttaa agccctggcc tgaagcaccg gcatcccata
    38641 agggcaccag ttctggtcct ggttgctcct cttctgatcc agttctctgc tattgttagg
    38701 gtccgaaaaa gcccaccgcc cgaggaacga ctccaagaga cttttctctc atgcaaccag
    38761 caaagggtta aagatttatt gatccaatat gttggggctc tctgaacata caaggacaga
    38821 ggagccccga ggaaccacag catagggttt ataaaggcaa aaaccgcaaa atcgagaggg
    38881 gggagagaat acacggttgc taagcagttg ctaatatctt acaatcagca attatgatct
    38941 taagacacag acaaatcaca ttttcattat tagctcaggt aacccaggtg caacctttgt
    39001 acttttaagc ttgagcaatc atgctagggg gtttttgtgc gttgccaagg gtgatgtagt
    39061 gcactgctat tgtccgacta tttgagatca tagtttcaga ccagagtctc acggtggggg
    39121 ggggtgcttt tccagaatgc agtctcaagt gctccaaaat ggagttccta ctgtcaaggt
    39181 gctacttcac tctgtcttat ttttacagct gcaccaggaa ggtttaaacc tgtaagctta
    39241 agcttaactt tttacacccg cacatataca attttaactc ttcactatgg cctgggaaag
    39301 cagtaaatat tgcccaagtg ctttgcactc atgtggaaga cccagaagaa tctcctggtt
    39361 cctggttttg gatcggcgcg ggtctggcta ttgcggccat ctggtgagtg aaccaacgga
    39421 tagaagacct ctctctctct gtctctacct ctccctgtaa ctctgtcttt caaataaata
    39481 aaataaaaaa taaaaaataa aaaaaaaagc tggctgtgtg ctgtagtcag cccctgagtt
    39541 gtggatccct gggcccgacc cctccacgca gcggtgttag ccccattgtc ccatcccagc
    39601 ccccacgcct tccccgtccc agtgaccctg ctgtgcattc agactggtgg ttgcttgttc
    39661 agtcccacgt ttaggggagc gggagccgcc tctttccacg gctgacactg cactgacata
    39721 aatgtcccca ctcccgcccg gatgctgctg gcgatagctt tcgcctgtgt ggttgagtaa
    39781 cagcagccac actgcgtaaa gcaatgcggt agttcacttt tacttacttt tgtccattca
    39841 ttattttctt tgagggagaa gagagagaaa agagcaagaa gagagagcga gtgagtgaca
    39901 gatggagaca gcgagcatct gacgggtcac agcccagcgg ctgccacttg tgggctgggc
    39961 caggctgaaa ccaggggtct ggacctcagc tggtctcccg gggactcgag ccacccctcg
    40021 ctgcctccca gaatgcccct cggcaggggg ctgggatcag ggctttgcta taggtgtggc
    40081 ccccatgcgg tgtcttcact gctgcccagc acgcgcccac ccctaccgcg gtctgtgccc
    40141 ccgtacccct gtggttggtc actcaggttg cgtctgtatc tccatgactg tgggggacac
    40201 cgcagtgagc acgcgggcgc aggcgtctct cagcaccctg acttctatcc cttggtgtca
    40261 ggagtggaca gctgggtcca tggtggttct gtatcagctt gttttcagga agccccgtgc
    40321 tgtttcccac aggtctgctc tcatctgcag tgtcaccaac agtgcctaag aattcccgtt
    40381 ctcctcatcc tcaccaacct tgccgtcttt cctcttgatg gtcaccaatg ggaggcacga
    40441 gctgatacct tctctgtgtc tccccatccc ccaggacatc aggtcattta tcccatcctc
    40501 caaatattac aagttaatca tctaatctgg gctccttaat ctgtcactgg acaactctga
    40561 ggtcgatttg tcagcctggg caaagctcct ttttctgaca cagagagaga gcatccagct
    40621 gttcctggca tcgctgtcct taatgtgggg gctgctgaat caagcagctg aattgaaaca
    40681 agttctatgt cacctctttc aagtgtttca ttatacattt ttatttatta tgaaaagcag
    40741 agggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga gaggagagga
    40801 gaggagagga gagagatctt ccatctgttg gttccctccc caaatgcctg caatagctga
    40861 gcaacagcca ggagcttctt ccgggtctcc caacgtgggt gcaggggccg aaggacttgg
    40921 gccatcttct actgctatcc caggccatag cagagagctt gattggaaga ggagccgcca
    40981 cgactagaac ctgtgcccac atgggatgcc ggtgccacag gtggcagctt tacctgctat
    41041 ttcacggtgg cggccctcac tgtgttctac atagaagtga cggcttcact ctgtagggct
    41101 ggccgggcat ctcatgacgc ctgcttgtcc cttcagagtg atgtggaatt ttctagaatc
    41161 tgacagtctg atggctgagc atggtcttca tctctcagta gctgagctgc agagtcctgc
    41221 tgggtccacg ttcacttccc agagtgttag gatggcaagc tttttgtttt taagtttttt
    41281 taaattcatt tttatccatt ttcaaaggag agagagagag agagagagag atcttccatc
    41341 ctcccccaaa tgcctgcaag agctgggcct gggcagggcc aaagtcaggg gctgggaacg
    41401 tgatccaggg tcacacggtg atgacaagga cacaaggtct gagccctctc ctgctgcctt
    41461 agcagggggc tgggccataa gcggggtgga tggagcccag gcactgggac acgggatccc
    41521 ccgtgcatca cagcgccacc tgctgggcac tttcatccac ctgctggcca tctgtgcgtc
    41581 tttctctgag aactgtctgt tcaagtcctc tgtcctggca gtgagtcctc tgtactgtgg
    41641 gtgtgaaggt ctcgttcagt gtgtgactgg caagcatctc ccagtctggg gcttgtcccc
    41701 gctctacagt tgtttccttg gccgagcaga agctgctcag ctggacgccg gccatgggtc
    41761 tgtttgcctc ccatttgctt ctttggggtc acattcagga agtctgtgct cagcactgtc
    41821 agagctgccc tccccggttc tccccggggc gcagagttcc cggtctcacc ctgacgtctg
    41881 tactgcacgc tgggtggctc aggggtgagg tcaggatcca ggctcagtct ctgtgtggat
    41941 gtctggttcc cccagcacca ctgactgaag agatgggcct ttccccgtgt gtgtgtgtgt
    42001 gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttaa atgaaggtgt acttatttat ttcttaattt
    42061 gaaagtcaga attacagaag gagagagggt gagacagaga gggaatcttc catctgcagg
    42121 ttcattccct taatggctgc aatcaacagg gttgggccag accagagcca ggagccagga
    42181 gcttcaccct ggtctctcat gtgggtgcag gggcccaagg ctgaggacac cttcctctgc
    42241 ttttccaggt gcattagcag ggagctgtac tggaagtgct gcaaccagga cttgagcaag
    42301 caccattatg ggatgctgat gctacagatg gtggcttaac acatgtgcca cagtaccagc
    42361 cccaggtggg cttttaaata gtttctttat ttttttagaa aggtctttta tgcttttata
    42421 tattaagttt acctttgaga aatacagaga gtagaggggt gtggggatgg aacgaatgaa
    42481 cagaacttct gctggaatat tgtgatggat tgaccaacta atattctcta acagattttt
    42541 accagcatgc aggttttgtt ttctttaccg acaaaccatc agagtccttc cgtttggcag
    42601 cagttgcacc atcatgacac agaaaagcag ccttggctga ctcagtacct tatgtaaaat
    42661 aaggaagaag tagttgaatt taaaagactt agcatatctt gactttactg atggtaaact
    42721 attttcagtg caggaaatga atctttcgcc tactatgaat tctcctcaga ttcccccttt
    42781 cttttagatt ttaccaagaa ctgggggcag atttgtggtt ctgatcattc ttttatctgc
    42841 tggcaactgt attaagacct cggtgtagga gattccgatg accttgggaa agtcacaaga
    42901 cttcggattc ttcaatggta aaaggcagtg gtttttactg tcctttctca tcctactact
    42961 cagtgtcaat gcccagttga aaaaaaataa tctgaaagcc ccgtgtaccc tcaaactcgt
    43021 gaaatttcta gaagtctcgg gaaatattta aggcagtacc ataaaaagcc aggtggccaa
    43081 cagtccctaa agttgggcag gtagtggtgt gcgaacaggg tcttttgggc cccctaaagc
    43141 caccccaagt ggctctgtcc ctgcagcaga gttggctcct gtggagagcc gggcagggag
    43201 accaggtgag gattcgtcac ccagaacaag aaaaggaaca gggacccggc tgccctcttc
    43261 agggtgctgg gtaaacgcat cgtttcagat aaacttcctg ggatgcaggg acggaagcca
    43321 gaaagccacg caggtgctgg gcgcggggga cgagggcaat caggagcaga gagccagtgt
    43381 ggagacgggt ggaagtgtgt gcgggagggc aggtgtggtg ggaaaaataa ctatgttcct
    43441 gaagttgtac ttatgaaatt tgtgctcatt aaataaaaga tttctttgag ggaaaaaaag
    43501 aaaagaaaaa cacctgtcac cccatacaat caaaagcctt acaggataaa aatatgatgg
    43561 ccctgggaaa aaccaaagat gatgtcctta caagttacga tgtcctgtgg ccagtgctgt
    43621 ggcatagcag gtaaagccgc cacctacagt gccagcattc catataggtg ccggttcaaa
    43681 tctcggctgt tccacttcca atccagctct ctgttgtggt ctgggaaagc agcagaagat
    43741 ggcccaagtg cttgggcccc tgcacccacg tgggagaacc agaagaagct tctggctcct
    43801 ggcttcagat tggccaactc tggccgtttc agccatttgg agagtgaacc agtgaatgga
    43861 aggcctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct cccactttgt gatttaattc tgactttcaa
    43921 ataaataaat gaatcttttt atataaaaaa aagatacaat gtcctgtgga tggtcctcct
    43981 agggtttccc ctgaccccag agttggaaaa ctgatgaaat ggatgagaac tcagtgtctg
    44041 gtggcagcgt cccctgtggg aggggtggcc atggcagtga caccctaggg tgcaggaggt
    44101 aggtggctgt gggaaccgtc tcaggccatg ggccttcaga accccctact ccccacgggg
    44161 aggaagcccc ctgagggctg tggcctgagt gagtccccac caggatgggg tgggaaggcg
    44221 ggggagcctc gggcaggcag cagcccttgg gtgcagctgt gtttcagggg caggtggacc
    44281 aggcagagca aggaggaccc agggcagcct gggagcctgg gcaggtgcag agggtggcgg
    44341 cctgacctcc tccgcatggg ctgctccagg gcagggcgct gccagctctg ctgctctggg
    44401 cctgaggtgc ccctgacctc ctggtgggct ttgcagtcgg gagctgctga ctcaggactg
    44461 ggcagggcag gtgcgggtgc ctggggactc aggaggagga ggggcgtgtg tgccccctgc
    44521 tggcctagag gacaggaggg aggctgtgtg gggacccagg ggcctgaggg gaggagaggc
    44581 ctgggtttcc acgctccgat cttgtcctgt tccctgtggc cgtcctagtc ccttgcctgt
    44641 gtgtggtgac agcaggggca agtggtcatg tggacggagc tgcaggagag gagccagggc
    44701 tgagaaaagg cgtgagcgtg agcagacgtg ggcgtcgtca tccttccaac aagggtggga
    44761 gctgagttct gagcggctga ggagggagaa gtcctgaccc agtaagaagc acccttggaa
    44821 cattttctgg tttcttgccc ccagcagagc tggtgagcct tcgtgtcatg gatgaccagc
    44881 agggggcgcc aagagaccac gacgacagca cagggtccga ggttcaggct caggtgtaaa
    44941 tcctgggtcc cctggttcca ctgagagtgg ggtccctagg gaagggcctg ggcccctcct
    45001 gtcctggacc agcaacgcca cccttctggt cacttcagat tacttgcctc caaaatgagg
    45061 gtgggaatgg ggaatgagac cggcgtcgtg gcgcggctgg tgaagtggct gtggagccga
    45121 cgcctgtgag ccagcccggg ttccaggccc ggcagctgca cttccactcc actgcaggag
    45181 agcagtgaag atgaccacgt gtgggccctg cacccacgtt ggggacctgg aagaagctcc
    45241 tggctcctgc ttctctctca cccagcgtgg atcgtggtgc ccatctggag gtgaagcagt
    45301 ggatggaaga tctttctcag cttcttctct ctctctgtaa ttttgatttc caaatgaata
    45361 aataaatatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcaaac ccaggggcac agcttgatgc tgttgtggtg
    45421 cactgcctcc tacatgctgg catcccataa acaaacgaaa tagaaaacaa gctacatttt
    45481 tccttgtgtt tgtgtgggtg aaaagaattc ccacatgtga gtgttggcag ctgtgccagg
    45541 ttggtccttc ttgtctgtgt tgttttcctg ttgctttgtt gtatgtagca cactgcatgg
    45601 tgtggagtca tctcactgca ggtgcactgt gtctgcaggt ggccttgtgg ctgctgctgg
    45661 gaccccgctc ctggctcctg ggcctgaaat ccttgacttc tgtcacactc cgtgcacccc
    45721 ctcctgtcta tcatatgtgt aaattctgta ttgtagacct ttctgtggtt tttaaatgtt
    45781 tgtatttggt ctgtgtctga attacgaatc tgggggattt gagggtggac atgaggtcag
    45841 ggcagaggag ggctccgtcc tgacgctgta cccaagaaga gcaagtctcc acttgcccca
    45901 gcatctgggg ccgcagggtc ccagcagaac agaaggggcc ggcactgatg gctgggcgcc
    45961 tgggccgtgg ttctgggctg aggctgtggg gagccctagg gaggagccct cgtggaggac
    46021 agggctgggt gagctgcggg ggacagggac agggctttgg gatccaggtg atgaagagca
    46081 gggcttagtc cactcctggg tgagggggcg ctgggggatg gggctgagtc agtgaagggt
    46141 gaaggaatcc ggagcacaag ggaacagcac cggcacctga tgtcgtgggt tcagatgggt
    46201 ggctagggag ggggcaactc ccccacccca gtctcagtcc cccctgactc ctggccctgg
    46261 ctgcacttcc aggacagggc tgcctcagcc ccacccaggt cagcaggggt ggcagagagc
    46321 accaggctca cctgcgcaat ggactaagct gggatgggtg ctctgcctgc agaaggaggg
    46381 ggtccagggc ctgcctggat gaggagaggg tgagggaccc tcgtgagggc tccctgggtc
    46441 ccagggtgca cagtagggga ggtggcagag cgtttatgca ggcaccgtgc agagatgtat
    46501 ttgctgatgc gtcctgtgcc atggggttca gggctgctgt ggttcgcacg tgtgtgcagg
    46561 cgtggtgtgt gcaaactgtg cacatgtgtg atgaggcctc caacccacct gtgctcctca
    46621 gctgtcatca gccataaacc ctcatgttct tggaattgtt gttgttattt taatcagact
    46681 taccagtgcc tataactgag agaattattt atttttcaag atgacccgtg aggggccagc
    46741 attgtggcac agtggttaaa gcccatacct gcaacaccat caccccatat gggtgctggc
    46801 tggtgcccca attgctccac ttctgatcca gctccctggt catgcgtttg ggaagcagca
    46861 ggacatggtc aagtgtttgg gcccctgcac ccacctggga gacctggaag aagcttctgg
    46921 ttcctggctt cttcctggca catccctgga tggatgctgt gaccacctgg gaagtgaacc
    46981 acagatggaa gccttctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcat ctctccctct
    47041 gtctgttact ctgacttcca aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tttctcatgg aacgccatat
    47101 ctttgtctct tctcaattcc agccttccca gaggcaactg cttcccacat tttcgctgac
    47161 tttgcaccct ggctcccacg tctgagacgc agtgcggcat cagggctacc tgagcgctcc
    47221 tttgcagctg ctgtgttggt tttgttcgca gcgtgaagcc cactcagcct ccaacctccc
    47281 gtcctgccct gcgctattct gttcctgccc ctctacgctc tgctctaaga aactccagcc
    47341 ttcggtcgcg ccgactggga gcgggttgac tctgcagcct caggggctct caggccagct
    47401 ctggactccc aggcaaggct gtggtctgtt ggaacagacg ctctaggtag tccaggctcg
    47461 gggccctcag aatgtgaaag gggaggagaa gtgcatgggt caggtgacag tgtctgcctc
    47521 tgttgtggtt cctggtgggg gggggggggg ctgtcctagt gcacctgtgc tgcagtgaca
    47581 ggcgctgcag gaaacaggaa tttattggct cccagttctg gggccgggag gtcccattca
    47641 aggcactggc aggtttgggg actctgattc ccagaaggca cctggaatgc tgcatcctct
    47701 ggggagaaca atgcttggtc ctcatgtgca gatggaaggg ggagagagga aaccctcccc
    47761 cagcctggac cccttataaa ggccctaatc ccagagggag gactccaccc tcagaattca
    47821 aatacctctt aaaaagcccc ctcttaaaac tatcactcta ggccggcgcc gtggctcact
    47881 aggctaatcc tctgccttgc ggcaccagca caccaggttc tagtcccggt tggggcgccg
    47941 gattctgtcc cggttgcccc tcttccaggc cagctctctg ctgtggcccg ggagtgcagt
    48001 ggaggatggc ccaggtgctt gggccctgca ccccatggga gaccaggaga agtacctggc
    48061 tcctgccatc ggatcagcgc agtgcgctgg ccacagcagc cattggaggg tgaaccaaca
    48121 gcaaaaggaa gacctttctc tctgtctctc tctctctcac tgtcgactct gcctgtaaaa
    48181 aaaaaaaaaa atagcactct ggaataaaat ttttaaaaat tattttgttt gaaaagcagg
    48241 gtgacagaga gagagggaga cacagagcga gatcttccat ccatgttcac tccccaaata
    48301 gatgccggga caggtataaa ctggacacag gggcccagaa ctccatctgg gtctcccacg
    48361 tggagcacag ggccctcccc cttggcatct tctgctgctt tcccaggcgc attagctggg
    48421 gctggactgg aagccgagca ggcagactgt gaacccgccc tctgctctgg gaggccgcac
    48481 cacaaccagg agctgaaccc gctgtgcaga cgctgccctg ggaaaggttt cctctctcac
    48541 acagtcctct gcctctctca ggtctcagcc acgtgaggtt tgcagctgcg cggtgtcagg
    48601 acgtcctgct gtgtccccct cctgccatgg ggcagggttt ccaggacctg cggtgacacc
    48661 cgagaggcgc tgctgccaga cctcacccag ctcagcccag ctcagcagcc cagcctcact
    48721 tgtgcccttc atagcccaga gcctccccct gagaggcccc gaaggctgcc agcccctcct
    48781 ctgcctgtag agtgagctgt ctctctcctt tacctccagc cttgtcctct gattctgatg
    48841 ggcactgctg acggggatgg gattttccca gcagaaagag cctggagaca gccagaggtc
    48901 agggctccag gctctcaggg gctttggagg gctcatgcgg ccctgggcgg gcgtgtgggc
    48961 gcctggactc ctcggggcct gtgggagttc ttccaggccc ccgtcctcca cccactcctc
    49021 ccaggctttg ctgtctctgc cgcctgccct gtgtgttctc ctttgtcccg gcagctgtga
    49081 ctcgtgctgg cgtctcagtg cttgttcaca cacggtgtgg aggtgactcc agccctggga
    49141 gtgagacagg acagcggctg ctcagtcccc gccagagcca tcacctgtcc ctcaacccca
    49201 gtccccggga gcagagtcca cgtggcctcc ctggcagcag gagctctgcc gcctcccccg
    49261 gggctgcctg agtgccggca gcggggctgg gctggcagtg gctgagtcca tgaccccgcg
    49321 ctccccgccc acctgagaac ctgtttgtcc cttaagtgct cctcggtcct tgtagatttt
    49381 atttgatttt ttacaaagct cagacaaatt tgatactgac aattttaccc ttgggttagt
    49441 agttggttca gttaaaaatt ttatttttat gttaattaat taacttccat tttttatttg
    49501 aaaggctgac acacacagct agaaaaagat agacagtaat agatgaatgg agagagatct
    49561 tctatctgct gactcactcc ccagaggcaa tagccagggc tgggccaggc caaagccaag
    49621 agcccaaacc tcaacctggg tctcctatgt ggcggcccag tgcttcaccc atcctccacg
    49681 cctccaaggg tgtacactag caggaggtgg actgggtgcc aagcagccag gacccctaca
    49741 cgcactgcac tgggggtgca ggtgtaacca gtgtgacagc cgctgctgcc aacagctgcc
    49801 ctgactttat gtttgataga cacacagtgg ttgtacatat tacagggtcc agtgtggact
    49861 ctcagtgcgt ggatacatgt gtaaggatca aatcaaagtc attagcaaac ggatcatctg
    49921 atcccccagt gtctctctgt gtagagaaca ttcaccaact gctctcagcc tgtgacagac
    49981 gctaggtccc tgttccctcg ggggcctcct gggccacagc gcagcagagc tgttcctcct
    50041 gcccagctgt accggggccc ctcctcccgc cctccctctg cccctcccag atcggggagc
    50101 ccccgttcta ttctccacat ccagggcctg agcttttcag acgcctcagg gagtgagctc
    50161 agggggtttg tctctgttcc gggcttattc agtgacacct tgagccccag gttcatcctc
    50221 ctcactgcaa accccaggat tcgtcctctt aaccggctca gcagcgcccc gctgtggaca
    50281 caccccctgc tctgtctcct ccaccatggg ctcctgggtt gattccatgt tctttatcgt
    50341 gaacagggct gcagtgaaca cggggtgcag acgtctcctt catgccggac ttcccttcct
    50401 gcgccttgtg cccagtactg ggatatctgg tcatgccgtg gctctgtttt taatgattca
    50461 gaaagattct agttttgatt cttaaggtct tccacactac ttttcttaat ggccacgccc
    50521 acaaacactg tgcctctttc tcctgagtct tcaccagcag ttgatatctt tcatttttaa
    50581 aagcatttat ttatttattt gaaaggcaga gttacagaga ggctgaggca gagagagtct
    50641 tccacctgct ggttcactcc ctatatggcc acagtggtca gaactgttct gatatgaagc
    50701 caggagccag gagcttcctc caggtctccc ttgtgggttc ggtggccaag cacttgggcc
    50761 atcatctgct gctttgccag gtgcattagc agggagctgg atcagtagag gagcagccag
    50821 gtttctaacc ggtgtcctaa tgggatgcta gcactgcagg cagaggctta accttctgta
    50881 ccacagcgcc ggccacgtaa gggtctaatt ttatgctgca tgcgaatacc cagttttccc
    50941 ctcaccatgt tgaagaattg tcctttcttc agtgtgtgtt ttggtatcct tgtgaaaggt
    51001 cactttgctg taaattgaag gatttttttc tgggcttcca attattttct atgtccatgt
    51061 gtcggtgcct cacgccagca ccgtgccatc ctggttatat aacttagtag tgtgatcttc
    51121 aacgtggtta cgtacggggc caacgttgtg gcattgcagt tgaagccacc gcctgcagtg
    51181 ctggcatccc gtgtaggttt tggtttgagt cctgatgctc cacttctgat acagctccct
    51241 gctaatgcac tgggaaagca gcagagggtg gccagagtcc ttgggccctg cacccacgtg
    51301 ggagacctga aggaagtcct gggtcttggt ttcggttcag cccaactcag gctgcgacag
    51361 ccacttgtga attaaaccag cagacgaaag acctttctct ctctctcccc gctccctgtc
    51421 tataattctg cctctcaaat aaatacaaac ccttttttaa aaaagaaaat ccagtgcatt
    51481 agactctcgg tatggtcatg tctgcataca acactgggag ctgacaaaat gcactgcccc
    51541 ccccccccca tcaccctgcc tgccagtcca gagtcctgct ggggggtgtg gcctcctggg
    51601 gagcctgggg ctgactggga acctgactca ctcccactgc ccagcactga gagagtagac
    51661 cacccagcac atccacagca ggagaggggc gcagtcacag ctggagagag gctcagagtt
    51721 gagtgtgtgc cgcctcccac ctcggaaact caggggaatc agggagagca ctgtgggcgg
    51781 ggatggctgc actgtgggcg gggaagctac actcagtccc tgccagaggc tccacctccc
    51841 agtgtgggcc tgctcaggaa cttctcagtt cctaatcccg aaggggaggt cgaggcccag
    51901 cctgggggtc ctggtccagg tcttgctgag agtgtggcct ggggaccaca gcggcaggac
    51961 accctgcaca caggcagacc tgctcgcccc agactgtctg aatcctcctg gtgtcccggg
    52021 ggctcctgcc cagcaagtcc tggcccccac tgcagacgtg gccccagacc cgcggccggc
    52081 tctgcagtgg gctcactccc atcaccgacg ctgcagggcc agggctgggc ctgggccctt
    52141 cctcttccca gccgccccct ccctcggtga ctgcctctct gctcaggact gcaaacccca
    52201 ttcacacggt gcccctccct ttctacttct ccagcctaga cgtttctcct aactccatcc
    52261 cgcggcccag ctgccggccc cacagtgtca gccacactcc cagcagacac ctgggctccc
    52321 agggcacctg catggacgcc tgggccgccc cctcctctga tgccccgccc actgtcgccc
    52381 cctctccccc agagcaaggg caacaccctg ccagtgtgca cacggcctcc gtgccagtcg
    52441 tgcccctgac ccagccttca cgaccccctg ctccttgttc ctgtagtgta gacacatgtg
    52501 cacacacaca cacacacaca ctcctgcccc aggacatttg cactgtaggt tccctgcctg
    52561 caaaggactt gccccagatg gctttgcaga tgactcctca tgtccctcaa atgtctcctc
    52621 aaggccactg tctcagaagg gcccacactg cccctgccca gtaagaaggc ctgttcccag
    52681 tccctcacag cctctctggg ccacctcccc catcaactaa cctccaccct gagtggtctc
    52741 cttattgctc catcacaaac ctgagctcag gataccccgg acacagaagc cgtccctgct
    52801 gcgggtccca gggacaggac ctcctggggc tggggctgac tccctgtgag cacaggcggg
    52861 ggcggggggg cacagcttcc actggagaca aggacggggc agggacccgg gtgaggagcg
    52921 accacagcgc ccggatggac tcagcaccca ggacacagca ctgtcctcac tcagtgcctc
    52981 ccggcccctc ccagccccac ctgcagcaca ctcagcaaag caagcacaca ggttctggaa
    53041 ggttctagca cctctattta ttcctattta tttcctctct caaattttag gaatctcctc
    53101 atttatttaa ctcatccaca ccagatgaca gaattggaaa aataaatcag tgttcagact
    53161 gaatggggaa ggagctgcag cgcagtgcac gggacctgag acaggacgga gacgcccgca
    53221 cgggcagggc gggccaggct cacctcctca cactgtgcct gctgcccacg cgctcaaggt
    53281 gagccgggct ctgaggacag agacggggcc tgcacaaatc tgcatcgctc agtcccacac
    53341 aggccacttc tcacgctata gaaaaatcca gataacaagt tcagatgagc agttcacagg
    53401 gggacatgag cagccaccac catggcccat tcaaggaatc ccagaggcca cggtgtcccc
    53461 tctgccccac cccctcccaa gcagcctcca ggtctcacct ttcagggcat gagagaatca
    53521 tcagagccct ggtccctgtg gccacctgga gtgaacaaat cagggcttgg tgaggcccac
    53581 cgggacgtgg ctgagggagg gacgaggggt gggcgggcag cgtctccatg ggcttctcac
    53641 tgtggcaagg gtcttggtga cccctccctc cacacacccc aggacttacc tgcagccgga
    53701 gcgtatttcc ctcctttccc atctgtgaga agaaaacacc ttgtgagagg ccagggagga
    53761 ggcagggcct gagcacccac ctagagggag cccagagcac tggctcatcc tacagaagct
    53821 tccagaactg tggctgtggg acaggagacc ccgcccctgg agccctgtcc tcagctgggg
    53881 ccgccccctg ctctgtggct gctggcactc agctcccatc accagcacca gcccaggaaa
    53941 cattcatcct tatcttccct gtgctttaca gagagcccac gttagcacac agggcctggc
    54001 ctgggtgtgc agatgggtgt gcactgcgca tcccatgaag ggtgtgtgtg cacttctacc
    54061 tgacagaaag gggacaggag actcacaccc caccctcccc tcccctacct gagctgtgct
    54121 tcctcctcat cacaacagcg accacagctc ccaggatcag aagaactcca agaactccag
    54181 caacaattcc cactatgagc gcggtgggct gagcaggagg ctctgagaag ggaaggcgag
    54241 gtgagggact ctgaccccag ggctcagccc tgcccctgct gaaggcccca gcagggctct
    54301 gccctcccca cagaggcccc gcccctcctg ccctcctcac cccatgtcag ggtgaggggc
    54361 tcaggcagcc cctcatgctg cacacggcag gtgtatctct gctcctcccc agaaggcacc
    54421 accacagccg cccacttctg gaaggttccg tcgcccccag gcctggtctc cacgagctcc
    54481 gtgtcctggg tctggtcctc cccatcccgc tgccaggtca gtgagatctc cgcagggtag
    54541 aagcccaggg cccagcacct cagagtggcc tcccggtcag aggcagggtg gtgggtcacg
    54601 tgggctttgg gcgggtctga gggaaagatt tggaaagttc aggcactttc tgatcttcat
    54661 gggactcggg agcagcactc acgggaccat cctgagaacg gaggggacga cggaggtagg
    54721 ggagggtgtg cagaacccag accctgcctg cacacaggca tcgggatgac ggattctttg
    54781 gaaagttcta gaatcagaga gacagcccag gctaggagtc tccaggtgtt tgaggggagg
    54841 aaaaggattt cagtcttgac ctgacaggag gcagagactc ggaacacctg gggtcaaacc
    54901 tccccacgca gcagcctgag gccaagaaca ggcctgagag aggtcccggc tcacagaacc
    54961 ctgtctgagt ccagggcacc gctgaggaga cttctggaat gttctgttcc tccctcctta
    55021 gacagcccgg gtccctctac tgccctgaga gaagggcagg caccaaatca aggaggacgc
    55081 ttctgtcacc caccccccaa cctaaggaga ggggtttggg gcctgggtct catttcctcc
    55141 cctccttccc agcccccacc acaggggagg tcggcaagcg cggcccctcc cagccttgcg
    55201 aacctgcgcg ctgcagtgtc tccttcccca tctccaggta tctgcgcagc cactccacac
    55261 actccccctc caggtaggcc ctctgacgct cagccgcacc cgccgcctcc cacttgcgcc
    55321 gggtgttctg agccgccgtg tccgccgcgg tccaggagcg caggtcctcg ttcagggcga
    55381 tgtagtcggc gccgtcgtag gcgtcctgcc ggtacccgcg gaggaggcgc ccgtccgccc
    55441 cgacctcgca gccgtacatc cactggatgg tgtgagaccc tggccccgcc ccgcggtcag
    55501 ccccggccac ggagctccgc ccccgccctc acccacccgc ggggatttcg gcccaaaccg
    55561 aaaccgaaac ccgtgagtgt cccgcgggct cctcccgggc cgagggtctc cgtagggcgc
    55621 gcattctggg ggacctcggc cccggagact cggagccccc tgggccccac gcgggcaggg
    55681 gtcgcgaggt gcgatccggg tcactcaccg gccgcgctct ggttgtagta gccgcgcagg
    55741 gtgttcaggt tcacgcggaa ggtctgctcg tggctcttgg cgttccgcgt gttcaggtcc
    55801 cagtactccg gctccacctg ccgcatccac ggcgcccgcg gctccatcct cgggttctcg
    55861 gcgtcgctgt cgaagcgcac gaactgcgtg tcgtccacgt agccgacttc gaggtactgg
    55921 ggctccccca ggccgggccg ggacacggcg atgttgaaat acctcaggga gtgtgagcct
    55981 gcgggcgaca ggggctgaga actccccgac ccccgccagc agcgagacgc cggagtctga
    56041 ggtgggtggg accgggtggg agcaagggga gagggggtcg tgagacggaa aaggggcagc
    56101 agggagggag ggggtgggac agccgcggcc gaggtggggg cggctggggg ctgaggagac
    56161 gccgctcccc cggagccctg tgtccccgcc gcgcggtacc ctcgatcctg ccccgcagag
    56221 gctgactcca tcccgaccct gtactcaccc gcctgggtgt ctttcagggt cagtgccccg
    56281 gcgagcagca agaggagggt ccgaggcgcc atggacccca ttgtcgaggt ctgaggagac
    56341 tgagcactgg cagctccgcg gggattttat agcccggatc gacggtgctg attggctcct
    56401 ctggaaaccg gacgcccaat gggagtgaga tctgggctcg cgtcacgagt gtccaggcag
    56461 aaggacccga cgcaggttgt gaagtggaag tgaaactcgg gtacgcgggg acttccccgc
    56521 cgctcggctt ccccggccca gacccgccct cggaccgaga ccctgagcgc cgccagggac
    56581 ctggactctg ccctcacctc tgtcctcccg aggctcgcgc tgcgtgatgt cggctccctg
    56641 aggcccggca gcctctgtct gaggaaacct ggagagcccc aggccggccc agcccctccc
    56701 ttccttcccg gatccctgtc cctgagctgt gcctgctcct tacctgtccc ctggactctt
    56761 ctagaggaaa actcacctcc agggaccttg ctggggggag tgaggggcct ggggagggcg
    56821 ggaggagcgg cagtggtttc gtcctcagtt cccggggtgg gggggggggc gctgtgagag
    56881 aggtccctgc ggagccgggt cctgtggttt atcagccacg tctgcagcac gcacttcccc
    56941 acctgagtga tcaggaccct ggtctgtgac agagcgcacc gtggccccgt catacctaaa
    57001 ggtgtccaac agcgtcccat tgacgccccc agagccccag gtctgctttc ccagataaca
    57061 tggctgtgcc ctggtgacag tcacctcccc ccagccctga gcctgtctgt gggagtgcag
    57121 cacagctcag caccgggtcc ctccccatcc accagatgtg gtccaggacc ccagggatgc
    57181 ctgaccctgg gcagtcctga gccctgccct gcacgcacct gtgatgaagt ttacctgatg
    57241 aatcaagaac aggaagaggt gaacaacagc accaacagcg tggagctgtt cccaccacga
    57301 gctgtgagaa gccccgtgtg actgtggtct ctgagaggtc tccgtgctgt gtcccctcct
    57361 ctgtgacagt gtgaggagcc cggtgcctgt gtgatgctgt ggagggaggt gggtggcaga
    57421 cactctgatg tagtgctagg ccatcaggta agggggctga cacagacctg ggacacctcc
    57481 agagccatgt gacacgcggg aggcctgctg agtgactagt gggtgtaggg aatgcagtgg
    57541 ggatgggctg gacccaggca tgattgacac cccaggtggg agggaccagt caggagatcc
    57601 catcactccc tcaggagggc ccaggagggg ggtgtggagg tcaggttagt ctctgcctag
    57661 ggcgccccat tccacagcag agggttgggt ctgagtttgg cgactctgct tgtgatccag
    57721 cttcctgctc gtgcagcctg ggaggcagca ggtgatggct cagggactgg gcccctccca
    57781 gccccatggg agacccagag ggagctccag gttcctggct ccagtctggc ccagcctggc
    57841 tttgtaggca tttggtgagt gaatcagaag acagaagatc tctgtccatt ccccgtcact
    57901 ctgcctttaa ctaataagta aataataaaa ggacatgcaa tttaatagtt atggattgtt
    57961 tatttctgga attttacatt taatagtttt accacctgat aaagtgaaac agtagaggaa
    58021 gaaagctcag taaagaatgg gggaggggag atgctctgca gagaagcact gaagcataat
    58081 ttgtcattta gtgtttcaac tagaaacttc tgcacatttt gtcacctcag ggttgccact
    58141 gtttgatgca gacaataaac tatccaccag ctctcatgca ttacctgtta ttattttatt
    58201 tatttacttg tgagagtgag agggagacta tgggctgggt ggagggagat ctcttatcca
    58261 ctggttcact ccctgcatgc ctgcaactgc ccaggctggg ccagatggaa gtcaggagct
    58321 cagaactcaa tcaaagtccc ccacatgggc ggtgcagacc caagcacttg agcaaccacc
    58381 cctgcccccc aggtgctcct cagcagggac tggaattggg agtggggccg tcactcagcc
    58441 tcaaggtctc aggcatcgca tgcaacagct tcactgccgc cccagtgccc attcctctgt
    58501 gttgtattaa atgtgattta ttagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagac
    58561 tctcatctgg ttgggctgaa gaggagcaga tgaaatccag cccaggactg cagtgagggg
    58621 gcaggagccc agtcccttga gcctgtgtca ctgctcccag ggtctgcgtg ggcaggaggc
    58681 tggagtcagg agcagcagcc actcagcccg ggcatctgct gtggggtgcg ggcgtctctg
    58741 ctgcgaggct aatgcccacc tgctgcccat ttgtatgaat cgtctccatc caaaccttgc
    58801 acatatatta ttgctctact ggtgttagta tttaacctga ttcacgtaaa gaggcagtta
    58861 ggttttagac agtccataat gcttgggcta gcattgtgga gtagcaggtt aagcctctac
    58921 ctttgggtgc tggttcatgt cccagctgct gcacttccaa tcctgctccc tgctaatgca
    58981 cgcaggaaac caggagaaat aacccaagtg cttgggcccc tgtacccatg tgggaaaccc
    59041 tgaagacgag cctggctcta ggatttttcc tgacacagca ttgccccttg cagccatttg
    59101 ggttgtgaat cggctgacat aagattctct ctccctccct tcctccctcc ttccctcctt
    59161 ccctccctcc ttccttcctt gccttctttc tcttcctcct ttggtaactc tgtcaacata
    59221 gatatgacat aaaaaaaatt tttttacagg cagagtggac agtgagagag agagagagag
    59281 agacagagag aaaggtcttc ctttgccatt ggttcactct ccaatggcca ccgcggctgg
    59341 cgcgctgagg ccagtgcacc gcgctgatcc aaaggcggga gccaggtgct tctcctggtt
    59401 tcccatgggg tgcagggccc aagcacttga gccatcctcc actgcactcc caggccacag
    59461 cagagagctg gcctggaaga ggggcaaccg ggacagaatc cggcgccccg accgggacta
    59521 gaacccggta tgccggcgcc gctaggcgga ggattagcct attgagccgt ggcgccggct
    59581 gacataaatg tttaaaaatt ataagtgcta ggaatccctg ctaggctctg cagatgcgtc
    59641 tattcaaatc aataaaacaa ctcacttgaa gctgagctca ccgctgcctc agaatcctga
    59701 cctctgcctc tgcctcacct ccttctcagc ccttcccctt cacttcctcc tctccttccc
    59761 ccccccccca gtccccatgt gggcactagc actgccctct ccccacccag ggaccattct
    59821 tcccagggca gcagcccctg gctattgcga gtcagctgct tcactcctgc ctgtcaggca
    59881 ctcccgaggg agcattgtgg tggcgcagtg agttcagccc cgaccttgta ccccagggct
    59941 gctgagtcca ggttattctg tttttgatgc atgggaaagt actggaagat ggcccaagag
    60001 aatttttacc caccggtcac ttcccaaatg gttgctatgt cttgggctgg agcaaggagc
    60061 ccacaactcc aaccaggtct cccacatggt tacagaggct taggcagggt cacaggtgca
    60121 ctagcaggga gctggatgac agcagagcag tcggggtcac acaggtgctc tgatagggaa
    60181 gcctggactg caggtgcagc ataactggct acgcacagtg cccaccccag ccctgccttt
    60241 caaataaata aataaaactt taaacatccc actccaatgg ctccatctca ctttaagaaa
    60301 cctctagaag gtaagggtca taagcacaca ggggctcagg gctgttttgg gcaaagctgt
    60361 aaccccagca tctggagtca ctgctactgt caacaggtgc tgaactgggt ttttgaaaga
    60421 gtgaaacctg attgttttac aatttaaagg cttcgtgtaa caatcctaaa aggacaagtc
    60481 ccaaagccat caggaaggtc ttgttcatgc agtgagtgct cacgccagct cctgaattcg
    60541 ctctggtgga gacgatgcta gcaggggcac ctgtgcaccc ccgagcctgg gtgtcaccag
    60601 cgtcctgtca ctgcagaaca ggtcacctca cactgtgcag cctgggacaa ggcctctcat
    60661 ttgttcacag gccctgggtc agattccagg ctgctgtgca tgggctctgg gtgcagggtt
    60721 cccaagagct gtggggccat ctcaggggtg ggacctcctc caaactcctc ccgagctgtg
    60781 ggcagaattc tgtgccttac agttggagga cgggcgtcct gtctccatga cagctgtcag
    60841 atgcagcatg gggcggctgc tcccacccca gtgcctccag cctcctttgc cccccaccct
    60901 ccatagtcag tgaccacagc aggggagttg ctcacctgag cccctcccac tgtggtctct
    60961 ctcttgcttt gtctctgtca cacctccttc aattccttcc actctcaagg cctctagtga
    61021 tcacattctg tgttcagatt gacatgtgtg tggttttttt taacagtatt agttctcctc
    61081 tatgagggag aacttgtagt atttgccttc tgtacctggc ttaattcact caacacaaca
    61141 tcctccagtt ccaaccattt tgctgctcat ggcaggattt cattcttttt tgatggctga
    61201 atagtattcg gtttcgtgta tgtaccacat tttctttacc tactcagctg atgatggacg
    61261 ccttggttga gttcaactct tggctaccgt gagcagtgct gctgtaacac agaggtgcag
    61321 gttacacgtt gaagcagtga gttcgtgtct tcgggaatag tagcgggata gctggatcct
    61381 atggaaattc cattgctggt ttgtgaggaa atccccgcac tgtttcccac cgtagctgta
    61441 ctggccagca tttgttaaaa agcagactaa accaaagtaa acaaaaacca aactaagggc
    61501 ggcgccgcgg ctcactaggc taatcctccg ccttgcggca ctggcacacc gggttctagt
    61561 cccagttggg gcgtcagatt ctgtcccagt tgcccctctt ccaggccagc tctctgctgt
    61621 ggccaggtaa atctgccgcc tgcagtgctg gtatcccatg tgggcgccag ttttagtctc
    61681 agctgctctg cttccagtcc agctccctgc tatggctggg aaaacagtaa aaggtgtccc
    61741 aagcccttgg acccctgcac cactgtggga gatctggaag aagcaccagg ctcctggctt
    61801 tggactggct cagctctggt ggtttcggcc atttggggag tgaaccagtg gatggaagac
    61861 ctctctcatt ctctctgcct ctctgtgact ctgccattca aataatagaa caaatctttt
    61921 taaaaaagca aatgaacatt gttttttcct gggaagtttc aagtttagtt tgttaaggat
    61981 gccaaaattg tcaatttgct tactcaaaaa ttatctttaa aagcattgtc taatcaggtt
    62041 gcctttcagc tagaaaaatg tgaccctcac atctcagtct gtacacctgg gttagcacca
    62101 tgaggacaga gttggggtga tgcagaaatg gtgacctcca atccaggatc aaagatgttt
    62161 gtcttcatta aaaaaaacaa accaccccct ggacaccacg tgggcctcct ctaatggacc
    62221 tcatggctcc tgctgtgatt ttgggtgaga ggcagtggga gtaatttggg agccagcctg
    62281 gctctaactc tggcctcctg aagttttcca ctgggctgtg gctttgttcc aatgcgaggt
    62341 gttcttgcta aggagccttg cagtgaactt tggtaatttc tttctctttc gtttaaaaac
    62401 cagccagact ggctgctatg acataactga ccatgtaagg aggtgactga tagacacctg
    62461 gcctcccctc actggacctt tgcagccacc tatgccctct tctagactgg gcctctgtgc
    62521 cgaggctgtg tcatcatgta cttgcccttc ctacaatgag cacatacatc catgatccaa
    62581 acgtcagtag tttggtctgt tcttaactct ttgtgcagtg acccctactg catgcattca
    62641 tctgtgtcac tcacagcgtg ggagagttgt tcctgctctc tgaggctggg attcacccat
    62701 gttgttctgc tgaaatgtta cattttatgg gtgccacaaa ttccccactt tctctcgatg
    62761 tgtgtgttgg gagcagtttt tcccataaat gttagtatat ccaaccccca ggcatgcagg
    62821 caggaaagcc tccagagctc aggtctggga tgtgggtggg atgggggcat tcggtggtgc
    62881 aggttctaga aacacactga taaggctact ctgattcctg aagtgtgtgg atcggtttca
    62941 acatttatga ggagcctgag agcctgcatt gctgatgttc taaagagaga acgcccagcc
    63001 ggggaggggt tcagggctgc aagcctctgc ctggctgcag taccgccccg gctgccctca
    63061 ctcagcagga gccaccagtg ctgcctttat ccatgtcctg tggcattgaa ctgaagcaca
    63121 cgggaccaga ggacacttcc catgcagcca catggtggac atcacatggg tggaatcctc
    63181 cactataaaa agcaaaaaga agaagaaaga ggagaagaag gggaagaagg agaagaagga
    63241 gaaggaggag gaggaggagg agaaggagaa ggagaaaggc tggagggaag gagggtaaag
    63301 gaaggatggg gaagggggga aaagacaaaa gaaaatgaaa agagtacagg agcggaattg
    63361 gagacaggag cgtggctgag atcaaaatgc aggaaggaaa gcattgagtc tgtagaatgc
    63421 tagagatgca agcgtttggt tagttctcca ttgttgtgtc gcaaaccacc ccaaaaggta
    63481 gtgatgagaa cagacatcca gtaactgaga gagggtcata cagaggccag cagaggggcc
    63541 tgtgtgggtg gaagagttgg agagagagaa ggattttcac gttggaatag gaattgtggc
    63601 atcatacaca cacggaaatg acctgttagt ccctgtcctc caagaagcag atgccaagac
    63661 ggtgtgaaac tcgccagcat tttcatgtca gagaagttgg ggagggggcc agggaccccg
    63721 ggcagctgca ggatgaggtg caggtgtgca gctgcagaca ggagagagat gctgtggaaa
    63781 tctgtcatca ctgtcttcta gaaagttcag tgtccccagt gtggtgggag cactgtcatc
    63841 agttgacaca gagtggggag agggaagggc gacggcgcag agagcagctg ggcaggggtc
    63901 aggcaggacg gggcagactg aggggtgacc ctgccctgac aggaggattg cgggcgaggg
    63961 agtgggctcc ccagggctgg gaggagaagt tcagggagag cagtgggcgt ggccgggggt
    64021 tggtctgagc tccgatggcc gcacgggggc agcacagagc agcagaggga actccccagc
    64081 tgcggagctg tgtccatcca gtgagcaaag caggtgagag gtgagggagg cgctgaaacg
    64141 actcaccaga gcgttcagag cgggggaggg gctgggtgca catttggtct agaggttggg
    64201 acaccatgtt taaggtttga cttcggctcc gggaggtcct gatctgtgcc ctgagctccc
    64261 cccgagtgca gggaccccca gggagtccct ggcagcctcc accactgctg gctcccccag
    64321 gcgggctctg caccgccgtc ccgtctgttg cggtgctggg gcacgaatga aggaagtggg
    64381 aagaaagcgc ccccggaacc ttccgtcccg cgccaccacg caaccttgcc acgcgtggga
    64441 ccccggaccg gccgaggccg ccgtcaaccg gggcgggaga ccgggatcgc agcgcccctt
    64501 cccgccttgc agccacgccc accccaggct cctccctgcg ctgcaagaag acagtaattc
    64561 agtccagatg cagactgaaa aagaaacaga aaccaagtga ccctgccttc cccgcccggg
    64621 agggtcagcg cgccgccctc cgccatgggg gagggttagg gttaggtccc gtgggggagg
    64681 gctagggtta ggtccgtggg ggagtgctag ggttaggtcc cggagcctgg gacctcacaa
    64741 gccggcctag ctctggggtc gcgccccctc gggagccgag gggcctggtc acagactcct
    64801 aacacctctg cgaacgtctg cccgccgcgc ccgcagtccc gtcccgtcct ccccgacgtg
    64861 gctctgccgc tcccagtcgc ggtgcgggcg cggggactgc gggtcgcctt cggaggcggc
    64921 gctgaagaac cagggcgcga ggccttgagg tggatggagc ccagcggctt tcaagttcct
    64981 gggggagtgc gagcctgggg gccaccccgg gaaccccgga gagggcagaa ctgagacccc
    65041 ggccccgctc cctcgggggt ccgcaccggc cacccgtgtc cgcggacacg ctcgctgctg
    65101 cccccgggga gctcaagcct ccccagcttc ctgccggccg cctgggtgcc cccggggagc
    65161 tcaagcctcc ccagcttcct gccggccgcc tgggtgcggg gatctgggga ggggccgagg
    65221 gaggagccca gagaaggaag gagagggaga tagacgcact gggagggggg gtccggtggc
    65281 gactccccag gacccgcccc gcaccccggc cggcccgctg cctcgtccct gcgcagcgga
    65341 ggccgacccc gattctaagt agcccagatc tccctcgtga ccttggccca ccgccctggg
    65401 gaggaggggt cagggcgccc tgctattctg gttatcgtgg agcccatgga gggttctgga
    65461 acgttctggg gctggcctct cctgaccgca ggaacccgac cgagatgaga cgggggcggg
    65521 gtcttcagtg tgcgggagac aaacaagaac agaggaaggg cggcggctgg gaggtgggga
    65581 agcagctgcg gaattctgag agagaaacct tcagggggcc ctgggtgaag cctgcggaat
    65641 attttgtttt attgcctcta agctgcactt gctgtggcca ctaccggtac ttccgcattt
    65701 ccttctcggt gtgtgactct gacatggaaa gtcgttacct gccctgcagt tgacagcgat
    65761 tgctgatgaa tttggacagc tccacccatt gaacatcgca gcaaagcagg agaaaaacaa
    65821 gtcaggttga aggtgcgcat gggctaagaa agccggtgaa gattgggccg tcccaggagc
    65881 agaaggcaga aactcaaaat aaagagtggt gtttatttct ttctttttat ttttgaaaga
    65941 ttcatttatt tatttgaaag tcagagttac acagagagag gagaggcaga gagagagcga
    66001 ggtcttccat ctgatggttc actccccaat tggtcaaaat ggctggagtg gcacaaatat
    66061 gaagccagga gtttcttcca ggtctcccac gggggtacag gggcccaagg atttgggcca
    66121 tcttctgctg ctttcccagg ccacaacata gagctggatt ggaagtggag cagctgggtc
    66181 ttgaaccggc gcccatctgg aatgccagcg cctcaggcca gggcattaac ccgctgtgcc
    66241 acagcaccgg cccctgcttt tctcctggag gaccctggct gctctgggca tggctgagag
    66301 caccgcctgc cagaagggtg acagctcaag gtggccgaca ggagacacca gagcacccgc
    66361 ggggcttggc atggacccag agggctgcct ggggagagta agccaggctc tgtccctaca
    66421 gggtcccagc tcaacttttg ctccagtggc ccagaaactg ggaatgcaaa acgtgtgtta
    66481 atgggttgtt tcagcactca ttagacactg tgtggagggc ttctccaaag cagtaaagga
    66541 cagaaacacc agcagcctcc atcccattgc ctttcaaact acaccagatg tcctagcagg
    66601 tggaatcctg gactataaac tctgaattaa tcaaagcgta aacaaagcga ttggattaaa
    66661 atccatgtgc aaaaatcttt tgtgtttata tgaaagggat tacaaatcca ggggaaaatt
    66721 aaactaaata ataatcatga ctttccatgg actttgtgaa gccccttgaa catacaatta
    66781 acatttagta aattcaatta agaaatacta acaacatgag catagtattt ctttttttaa
    66841 agatttattt attttatttg aaagtcagag ttacacagag agagaaggag aggcagagag
    66901 agagagagag aaagagagag agagagagag agaggtcttt catcgctagt tcaccacaac
    66961 aaccggagct gcgccgatcc aaagccagga gccaggagct tcttctggag ttcccatttg
    67021 aatgcatggg cccaaggact taggccatct tccactgcta tcccagacca tagcagagag
    67081 ctggatggga agtagagcag ccgagacttg aaccggcaca ctgaaggcag cggctttacc
    67141 cgctacacca cagcacccac cccagcatag tatttcaaga tttctggtgg ctggcgctgc
    67201 ggctcaatag gctaatcctc cgcctaactg caccggaaaa ccggattcca gtcccggtcg
    67261 gggtgccgga ttctgtcctg gttgcccctc ttccaggcca gctctctgct gtggcccggg
    67321 agtgcagtgg aggatggccc aagtgcttgg gccctgcacc ccatgggaga ccaggaaaag
    67381 cacctggatc ctggctcctg ccatcggatc agcgcggtgc gccggccatt ggagggtgaa
    67441 ccaacggcaa aggaagacct ttctctctgt ctctctctct ctcactgtcc actctgcctg
    67501 tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagattaaaa aaaaaaaaga tttaaaaaaa ataaaaaaaa
    67561 gaattgcaca ttaaatcact gaatggtcca agaatggtgg gcatttagac catagagaat
    67621 tgtcatgcac tattcactac agcataaatt tgtacagccg ctttggaaga cagtgtggca
    67681 gttatgttgt tcattaaaca cacatgaggg atcttcaaat gactcataga aaatgcgtat
    67741 tcagaaaaga ttaggcaagg atttcttttg caccaaaata gcctcatact agcatgttat
    67801 aacgcgtcta agcaggatgt actttgaagc actaagaaga tacaaaagac cccgaaccag
    67861 agaaacatga attctgctaa aattaaagca agaaagaaca tcaaatgtat ggtgaagctt
    67921 gggagggaaa atggtgaaat aattgatgct taagaaaaag tatgacaatg ctcaaataca
    67981 tcagcagttt aaagaaatgt tgtttgtact taaaaggcag agtgacacag agagaggtat
    68041 gggtacaggg ggagagagag cgaagagagg gagagagaga gagagagaga gggagggaga
    68101 gagagagagg gagagagaga gaatcttcca tctgttggtt cactacccaa agatccacaa
    68161 cagccagggc tgggccaggc tgaaacctgg agtcaggtgc tccatctggg tcccccaagt
    68221 ggacggcagg gacccaagca tttgagccgt cacctgctgc ctcccaggac acgttagtgg
    68281 gaagctgaac caaaagcaaa gtagcagctg gcaccgtggc tcaataggct aatcctctgc
    68341 cttgcggtgc cagcacaccg ggttctagtc ccggtctgag cgccagattc tgtcccggtt
    68401 gcccctcttc cagggcagct ctctgctatg gcccgggagt gcagtggagg atggcccaag
    68461 tccttgggcc ctgcacctgc atgggagacc aggaaaagca cctggctcct gccttcggat
    68521 cagcgtggtg tgccagccgc agcacgccgg ccgcagcggc cattggaggc tgaaccaatg
    68581 cctggcctga agcgccggca tcctatatgg gtgccagttc tagtcccaac tgctcctctt
    68641 cctgacccag ctctctgcta tggcctggga aagcagtaga aggtggccca agtccttggg
    68701 cccctgcacc cacgtgggag acccggaaga aactcctgga tcctggcttc agattggtgc
    68761 agctccagcc gttgccatct tgggagtgaa ccagcagatg gaagacttct ctctgtgtct
    68821 ctacctctct ctgtaactct gtctttcaaa taaataaaat aaatcttaaa aaaaaaagag
    68881 agcgaatctc tggaccagca taacattggg tcacagtgac aggaagcgtg aattcctcga
    68941 gagggcccct aggggtactt gtgagtggga ccactcctgt ttccacactt gaccccgagc
    69001 ccatgaaccc tggcagtggg aggagcagca ccatgtggtg cacagtgctg ttgcagccct
    69061 ttggggaacc ttaccccagg cacacatggt attcccacct ggctactgct gcacctgtcc
    69121 tcaaaagacc actccacctc tctaccaaaa gccagctgtg tcaggatggt ggagaccaat
    69181 gtaggatccc acgagcacca cccaggacaa cactgatgtg ctgtgaagtg tgctgtgtgc
    69241 agaaccatgg agggccccct ggaagcccac caagctgaca ccttcccaat gtcccacagt
    69301 ctgcatgttc ccacgtgatc tgacctcatc acattctcgc tctgctacag aaatcactgt
    69361 ctcctggctg ccatggttat gcccctgccc caggacactc gcactgcagc gtcccccttc
    69421 ctggaaagaa atcctccagg catcctcaca actgattagc ccacgtccat caaatactcc
    69481 tcaacatcac tgccttactg attgatgccc acactgatca cccaagtaca acagccatca
    69541 gccctgcgcc caatccccac acccccatcc accttccccc cagcagtgcg gcctcctagc
    69601 atcaactctc ctccttcact ccgcctgagc cccactagac acatcctcct gacaagtttt
    69661 gtttttattt cacgcttgtc tcccaggtgc aaaaagagtg tcatgtacct ggcacacaac
    69721 aaagtgacca ggatagagtg tgtcctcatt ctagagacac catctctttt ttcaaagctt
    69781 ttttatttga aaggcagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga atgagcatct
    69841 tccacctgct ggttcactcc ttaagtgacc acaacagctg gagttgggac cagcccaaag
    69901 ccagcagcca agaactccag ctgaggctcc taaatgggtg gcaggaacct atactgggcc
    69961 atcatctgct gcctccagga ggtgggtagg aagcagaggg gcggggcttg aaaggctact
    70021 cagctaccaa gtgttgcagg tgtcagctta ctgcctgtgt ctcagtgcct gccctggaga
    70081 cactgttttt attcgtggag cctcaggcca gatgctgctg gtgacagcta aatgcacact
    70141 gacgtcagtg ccccctgtgc acttctcacg gtgctgctgt ccctgccctc tctgccctcc
    70201 ccacactgac ccacctgcgc tctgcagctc atgagctcgt ctgctcagag aacaattcag
    70261 gcatgcgggt cccatttccc acctctgtta gctgcaccct gctgaacaag tcgtggactt
    70321 agcctacagc cagccccaga gtgactaaag caaggggcag gttgagtggc tgggggagca
    70381 gggacggatg ggagacttac taagtctctc acatgggaga cttgactgac acgagaaact
    70441 accagttcca gaatctgggt catccttcaa agactggggg atgatggaaa gaacaatctg
    70501 gaaaacagcc ccaggaggag ggcaagcctc cgaccaatct gacagtttat ctcttgacac
    70561 cactgccccc tgcgtgtaag ggcctccagg aacctcgcgg agggggacaa ggacagataa
    70621 agtccctctg ctaccatcag agacgggaca cccagaggag caagggacca ggacccacac
    70681 ccagggacaa gcaaaggcat agacctctaa tagagacaca aaggacagag gctgaaagct
    70741 ggccttgacc agagcccttg atgtccactc ctggggacag gaccagaccc cagcaaagtc
    70801 cccactgtcg caggtctctg tgatctctgt tctagtggga tgtgcttctg ctgagggaca
    70861 aggacagaga ggagtggaga tgacccaggc aaggaatgac catgtaaagc ccaggatgga
    70921 ctgagcccga cccacacggt cccgtccaag ttcggctcct cacagctgtt cctgtcctaa
    70981 gctgcaacag actcagcaca gcaatcacgt ggattctgga agagtctcag tgcttctact
    71041 tatttcctcg ttcaaatcaa ggagtcctct tttttaaaaa aatattttat tttattttat
    71101 ttatttattt gagaggtaga gttacaggtg gaaagaggga gagacagaga gagaggtctt
    71161 ccatccattg gttcactccc catgtggcca caatggccag aattgagcag ctccaaagcc
    71221 aagacccaga atcttctcct gggtctccca tgtgtgtgta ggggcccaag cacctgggcc
    71281 atcctccact gcttccccag gccactagca gggagctgga tctgaagtgg agcagccagg
    71341 atgcgaacca gtgtccatat gggatgcagg cactgtaagc agaggcccca catcgctcag
    71401 tcctacataa ggcagccgtc tcatcctgca gaagcgaaca gtccaggtga gtcacagtaa
    71461 gaggcgacat tgggaacagt ccccctaaca ctcactgtcc acagccagag gccccataat
    71521 gcagacacgc ccccctcttc caccgcagac cctcgggatc gcatctttgg aagttctgag
    71581 aggcaccaca gctcagggca ctgtcccttc ccggggcagg acaggacctg gtcagggccc
    71641 acaggggatg tggcttaagc aggaattaag ggctgggtga gctcccctgt ggcctcccgg
    71701 ccacctcacc cccaacagtc tcatggatcg ccatccccca atacttcctt gtagaaacac
    71761 tgtctttgcc aagagcgggc aggaaatgtc ccatgagagg ccaggaaggg gcagggccac
    71821 gaggtcctag agaaacttcc tagtctggac cccagggaac tttccaaact gtgacgccaa
    71881 gaggtcagta cacacgcaag ggctggaccc acggccctcg tgaggtcagc cagtagcagg
    71941 gatttccctg tgcccaagcc cggcaggcat aggtccccaa agctcttcct cttccccaca
    72001 cttgcttttc aatggagtga atgatagcac acaggctccc aggccaggtc agcatctgtg
    72061 tgtggatggc gcatcccagt aacaagggca gagactggaa gacgcccacc tgcggctcga
    72121 agctcagcag tgggacagga gtcagacctc accctctcca tacctgagct cttcctccac
    72181 cacaacacaa acgcaatcac agctccaagg agaaccaggc aaacggttat cacgatggag
    72241 ttggtggact gagaaggcgg ctctgggaga gaaggggagg tgagcggctc tgaccccagg
    72301 gctcagctct gcccctgctg aaggccccag cagggttctg ccctccccac agaggccccg
    72361 cccctcctgc cctcctcacc ccatgtcagg gtgaggggct caggcagccc ttcgtgctgc
    72421 acatggcatg tgtatctctg ctcctcccca gaaggcacca ccacagccgc ccacttctgg
    72481 aaggttccgt cgcccccagg cctggtctcc acgagctccg tgtcctgggt ctggtcctcc
    72541 ccatcccgct gccaggtcag tgagatctcc gcggggtaga agcccagggc ccagcacctc
    72601 agggtggcct tgcggtcaga ggcggggtgg tgggtcacgt gggctttggg gggatctgag
    72661 ggtaagaaag aagaaattca aacagtttgt atgcctgctc tggccatgaa aagcactatt
    72721 cacaatagca ccttcagaac agataggcca agtggagcgg ggcaggcagg gtaatagcga
    72781 ggcactagcc tggtctctgg tctctgggaa atcgcctaag ccttggaagc ttcaagaatc
    72841 agggcgaggc agtgcagagt aggaggctcc aggtcttgag gagggaaaac agacttctgg
    72901 acctgactag gatgtaggcc cagaggcaca gagaagctgg agtcagacct ccagagtttg
    72961 ggtgtggggc agaggacagg gcctgagccc caaagttacc cagctgtgcc cacggttgcc
    73021 gccagggcca tagaaacacg ctaggaagtt attacagaga cttcctccct ctgcatcccc
    73081 aggaagtgca gatcccttga ctgtccccaa gaggagggca gaccctcaga gccgctctct
    73141 gatagaaggt tctagcaacc ctggtggatt cctccccctc gggatctgaa gggggagatg
    73201 aaggaggaag cattctagtg gcaatcccat tttctctgct tacggtgggg gaggtacagc
    73261 ctctgctgga ggggcaactg ggaggcaccc cgaggcctcg cctacctgcg cgctgcaggg
    73321 cctccttccc catctccagg tatctgcgca gccactccac gcactccctc tgcaggtagg
    73381 ccctgtagtg ctcagcatgg cccagagcct cccacttgcg ccgcgtgatc tgcgctgcca
    73441 tgtccgccgc ggtccaggag cgcaggtcct cgttcaggac tatgtagtcg gcgccgtcgt
    73501 aggcaaattc ttcatacccg cggaggaagc gcccgtccgg ccccacgtcg cagccagagg
    73561 tccactggaa gctgtgagaa cctggccccg cccccaggct cagccacgcc ccggtcacgc
    73621 cccgccgcgc acccggcctc cttagccccg aacccgcttg gcgcagaccc tcaggctgct
    73681 ggtggttatt ggtcagagcc cacactggaa acagaaccca aggaatcccc gcgggctcta
    73741 actgggccga cgggccggga gggtctggtg gcctcggggg aagctatgac ctggacattc
    73801 agagcatcct ggctcgtccc aggaccacgt cggctctcac cccctccgac ccccgtagcg
    73861 gctcaccatc ctcgctctgg ttgtagtagg cgagtgcagt gcgcaggttc gagcgcagag
    73921 tctgcgcgtg gacgccggcg atcttggtct gcgcatccca gtactcgggc ccctcgggat
    73981 ccatccacgc cgccaggggc tccaccctcg ggttggccgc gtcgctgtcg aagcgcacga
    74041 actgcgtgtc gtccacgaag cccaccgagg tgtagtgcgc ttccccgcgg ccaggccggg
    74101 acacggcgac gtggaaatac cgcagggagt gggaggctgg gggcgggcgg gggcagctgt
    74161 gaccggcccg agcctccggc tggcgcgcgt gggtggagcc gggaaggggt tcgcgggatg
    74221 ggaagggtga gccttagggc gccgggggcg ggcggaggca ggtctgggga agggtcaggg
    74281 cgggcagatc caaagtgcag agggcagggc aggggagact gagacgcgcg ttccaggagc
    74341 cctaattcac gctgcacggc cccctcgccc gtcgcccgca ggggccgtct ccctctagac
    74401 cccgtactca cccgcccgag tcgtgggccg ggccagagcc ccgcaaaaca tcaagagaag
    74461 gattcgaagc tccatagact agaccctcag ggtctggaga gactgaatcc cggctcatcc
    74521 gcggggactt tagaactgaa aacggcgacg gtgattggct tctcgaaaag cgggcgccca
    74581 atgggagtga gagctgggct cgcgtcacga gtatccaggc agaaggaccc gacccaggtt
    74641 gtgagaagag gaagtgaaac tggagatgcg aggaatcccc acagctccta ctcctagccc
    74701 cagactaggg gaccccggga ctgaggctct aagagccacg cctcgaacct gggacttttg
    74761 ccaggtccat accctcgcta cactgccccg agtgctgttc gtcaaacgga ctccgggagg
    74821 ccaggcttgg gctgcgcccg gccacttctc ctcttttcct ggattctccc tccctgattg
    74881 tggggaatcc cacaggagtc ccaaaaatag agtcacagat caccgctcgc ctgaccagca
    74941 gaaggaggtg aactgtggaa actccactat ccacaaagtg aaagtaaata aaaatggagt
    75001 cactcatgtc aagccagaga ctgatgacat cacttatatc aagctcagcg cttgccagaa
    75061 gatgctcctc atcagactga acagacatcc ctgggcagcg tgtgctgcac gataaccttg
    75121 agtcaccttc ctactgcacc atgattggac gcaacctgag aatgagctgg aaacacctgg
    75181 tcccaaacag tggatggtgg cgtcccggga aactccgaga gggagcacga ctgactggga
    75241 gcacccgaac aagcaggaga gctgccagga aactaggata gaaggagagc ctttggcact
    75301 gctctccacc ctcttgggga tcaccgcctg gtgtgggaac ctctggctct ccacacatct
    75361 ggagctgaag gggcagcctg ttgctctgtg gtaatgacac aagccaacaa cggatcaagg
    75421 gcccagtgcg tgtgaacctc tggatctcct cgcacttgga gctgaagagc cagctcacta
    75481 gcccccttgc taagcgacac aaggagacta cgggatcaaa actccagcgg agctgccact
    75541 tcgctgcctc gcctggaccc cttagcagcc tgctgccagg cctgactgca gagccggacc
    75601 aggcctccca gcaggggaca tctccaactt ctccccttgc catccgcctg ggaactctga
    75661 gcctactgcc cagagtgaca gccttcccac gacttcctgc ctctaagtga ctgatccgag
    75721 atccgtctct gccgagacgt tgagctctgg actttgaaca ctgacttttt catgaccgtg
    75781 atgcgagcct tgaaaacaca gcttttgtaa atgacattag ccatgtgtaa tgtaatatga
    75841 atatgctttg accctgtgac taaaaataat gttagatacc ttgctgtaca tatactatga
    75901 taactggata gccctcaaag ttactttaac actatatact gtgatctgtg gattaatgaa
    75961 taagctcaag cagtattact gatatttatt tatattcatg gtattgattt cagtagttct
    76021 ttagtcataa aggaaatagt gttattctga tagttaagtg taattatagt aagttaagta
    76081 gtgtggggag caatccggac tagactgagt tactggaatt aggacttatt ctgtgcatct
    76141 gctctcccac aatatggcgc tgggagagaa gtaaacagct tccgcacagc tgcctccagt
    76201 tcaactaata aactgtagga cttgctcctg attggaggag agcagcgtac tcggcgtgtg
    76261 ggcagccgag ttaggattgg cggaggagga ctataaagga ggagagagac ggcatgcacc
    76321 aggaacatct atggggaaca tctaagggga acatctagct gaaggaacac ccgtgcagcc
    76381 cccgagagac ccggccggcg gtgtgccgct cccctgcgga agtggggaat gtggcagggg
    76441 gaactgccct tccatggagg tggaagggac ggtagccaac ccgggaagaa ccagcagcga
    76501 acccgggaag ggccgagcag acgaaagaac agcgcagggt cctgtgttgc tcctccacga
    76561 agagggggag cgacataatg gtgccgtgac tcggatagga aacctagaac ggatagcaaa
    76621 tttaggaggg aagaaacggg aagaactggg aaaatatcgg agagagagac tagcaaacag
    76681 cctagggaaa agccggacga aaagggtgcc ggaagaagct attgaaagcc taggcataga
    76741 ctcagatacg gactacgggg ggaagctggg agaaatctct aaagtcgaaa gcgaaagtga
    76801 aagctagaac aaacagactc ggatgcggac tgtggggaga ggccaggaga aatgagggag
    76861 gaatattgtt ggaagaaaac ttagggaaac ataccgggta gagaaaaatg ttagggaaat
    76921 tgaagccgcg gggggcaggc cgaggcggat acgaaagcca ctttgggatt ctcaagttag
    76981 cctgggaata gggggtgaaa agttgaaacc agaaactgaa acataagcca gattgggatc
    77041 cgtctgatta gcccggggag caaaggacgg gaagccaaac cgtggggcgg agacgtaagc
    77101 tgggttgaat tcgccaggct agcccgggga acttagattg aatgctagtg gcggacacgt
    77161 aagctacgct gtgtgactcg cggaagccgc cgcgtgcaga gagagcacgg ggcgtgaata
    77221 gatagggaac ggggctggcg cgaggccgtg gttcagacgc gaaagggtta agtgcgagac
    77281 tgcggagtgt gcgcgcaaag cgggctgaag cggctcagcc ggaagaaagc cgcggagaaa
    77341 tagcctcggg gcggagcctg ccggcagggc gaggtgccgg gaagctgcgg ggataagaga
    77401 aacagaagtt ttagaagtaa agtgagagaa ataggaatgc tggaagatag aagtggaatg
    77461 ggagaaatag gaatgcccgg agatagagaa atagagaaat agaaaggcct cccctcaaca
    77521 tggcaattag aaggcttgga ttcggtctgc ccgattaagt gaggcgatga gcacctgcgg
    77581 cggctagcag cttatgcgcc gcaggtcacc gaagacaggc acgaattaac atcagtaagg
    77641 cctcccccac aatacggcaa tgagaaggct tgggttcggt ttgcctgata gggcttgtaa
    77701 gcccctgcag gcagagcaga gcatgcgctg cagggcaccg aacgcaggca cgcatcagcg
    77761 cctgaaaacc tcctcacaac atggcgaaga gaggacccgg attcggtttg cctgattgat
    77821 aggacttgta agagcttgtg acaactctag caagtagagc agagtgtgtg ccgcgggaca
    77881 ccgaagacag gcgcgtatca acgccaaaaa taaaaagaaa gggggatctg tggggagcaa
    77941 tccggactag actgagttac tggaattagg acttattctg tgcatctgct ctcccacaat
    78001 atggcgctgg gagagaagta aacagcttcc gcacagctgc ctccagttca gctaataaac
    78061 tgtaggactt gctcctgatt ggaggagagc agcgtactcg gcgtgtgggc agccgagtta
    78121 ggattggcgg aggaggacta taaaggagga gagagacggc atgcaccagg aacatctatg
    78181 aggaacatct aaggggaaca tctagctgaa ggaacacctg tgcagccccc cagaaagccg
    78241 gcaggcggtg tgccgctccc ctgcggaagt ggggaatgtg gccaggggga actgcccttc
    78301 cacggaggtg gaagggatag tagccaaccc gggaagaacc agcagcaaac ccggggaggg
    78361 ccgagcagac gaaagaacag cgcagggtcc tgtgtcgttc ctccacgaag agggggagcg
    78421 acaaagtagt agttaagcca aagattggac tgttaagtat attgacaagt atattggtaa
    78481 gtatggattg ataagtattg atactgctaa gtgtattgac ctcaatgagc atgctgatga
    78541 gtagtgtggt aatacccctg gtgtgtaagc aataaaatct ctcactgtga aggcagtctt
    78601 gtgtcctgtg tccttccttc ccgggctctg acacgtcgct cttagccctg tcaagctgcg
    78661 tgatgacagc aggctcgtga cactgatccc tggattctcc ctactcttta actgtcccct
    78721 tgagtcttcc agaagaaagc tcgccccaga tactgtgaag ccagacggtg tgagctggtg
    78781 gggggggagg ggtgagctgg cgggggtggg gcggtggtga agcaacggca gtttcctgtt
    78841 tacatctgga ggagctgtgc ttggggcccg cgtacagatc ctgccggaga cctgtctcct
    78901 ttggggtttg ctacagtggg gaacccaggt gatctgaaat ctatcctgta aaaatagtga
    78961 ccttaccctt cacacacgga tgtgtctaaa atccctgcaa tgctgctcgg agctccagca
    79021 tcgagccttc agaaaatatc attaatatag aacattgcag ccagcgtgga cgaccttgac
    79081 tcacctgcca gtcacagcta ttcggtgcag tcgacgtccc cttccccaga gctcattgcc
    79141 tacgtgatga cctcacaaca tcttttattg tgatactcag ccttgttgtc ttcaatgaac
    79201 ataactgagg agacaatttg tttctaggca acctcccaga aagttggaaa taccagaggc
    79261 aaagaatgtt ctgctaagcc ctataggtgt ttgttaaaat tttgtaaagt atattgcaag
    79321 ctgaaacagt cttgttcctc tgccccaggc aatctccact ggggtcctga agaagttctg
    79381 ccttccaggg acccggtggg gacacattca tccatgcccc agagtcaaac ctgctgacct
    79441 cagttcaact gtagaacctg aagtggccct ggcacctggc accagcccct cccagctgtg
    79501 gcccgggatt aatttcagct gctcaggatc taggcaagag gcacacggct catgcctgag
    79561 gtggtaggcc tgcagacgtc agttttgccc aaccagccac agctgaggcc agtcttgctc
    79621 acccacagaa ccgtgctgtg atccaccggg agacgtgaat gactagtaat aggttcacca
    79681 tccatggacc ctactgtgta ccacagtgac ccctcatcct cacatcagcc ctaataacca
    79741 aggcctgagg gaagaccctt cctgcaacag tccagacaga atccatgcct gccaaagccc
    79801 ggccaacagg atggccaagt gcacactccg ctggggaccc cgtagacatc acgtgacctg
    79861 actgcgccct gtgtgatgtg ctgctgctgg atgcagtgtc tgcgggtgtc gcgtggctca
    79921 aagtggtcaa cagcgtgggc cacttgtatt ttaacgaaac caggagaggg aaaaggcggc
    79981 tccgttttct cccttacact cactgtttcc agtgttcact cccaacggaa gtgaactctc
    80041 gttcccctct gggtgcggtt tcttccaacc tgagaaattt ttgtagtatt tcttctgtca
    80101 tgcggtcttt ctgcaaaaac tgccttagtt ttatttgacc tagagaaaat tttatcttct
    80161 catctctgaa catagttttt acaggacgga cttgtataat tcggagttaa caggtggttt
    80221 tcttacagca cttttttaaa aagtagctgc cttgtcctct gagctccact gtctctgatg
    80281 acaaattaga accacttgtg gccagcgcca tggctcaata agctaatcct cccccttgcg
    80341 gcgccggcac accgggttct agtcccagta ggggcgctgg attctgtccc ggttgcccct
    80401 cttccaggcc agctctctgc tgtggccagg gagtgcagtg gaggatggcc caagtgcttg
    80461 ggccctgcac cccatgggag accaggataa gtacctggct cctgccatcg gatcagcgcg
    80521 gtgcaccagc cacagcgtgc cggccgcggc ggccattgga gggtgaacaa gcggcaaaag
    80581 gaagaccttt ctctctctct ctctctctca ctgtccactc tgcctgtcaa aaaaaaaaaa
    80641 aaaaaaaaaa gaaccacttg taccggtcat tcctgttgtt ctcacgcatg ctccgtgcca
    80701 tcttctcaga tttttctcaa gattttcatt ttctttagtt tttctcaggt gtgctttcat
    80761 gtatgtatgt tctgcctgac attcattgag tttaccaaat ctataaattc atgtctttta
    80821 ccaattttgg aaactttggg gcatttcttt aaaaaaaaaa gatgtattta tttgttagaa
    80881 agggagagga agagacagac aaaaagatct tccatcagct gtttcactcc ccaaatggct
    80941 gcaacagccg gagctgagct gatccaaagc caggagccag gagttccttc cgggtcttcc
    81001 acacaggtgc aggggtccaa ggacttgggc catcttctac tgctttccca ggccatcagc
    81061 agagagctgg attggaagtg aagcagctag gacatgaact acgcccatat gggatgctgg
    81121 caccacaggt ggaagcttaa tctactacac cacagcgctg gcccctgggc aattatttct
    81181 tttattatta ttatttttta atttttaaat tttttttatt tttttgacag gaagagtgga
    81241 cagtgagaga gagagagata gagagaaagg ttttcctttg cctttggttc accctccaat
    81301 ggccaccacg gccggcgcac tgcggccggc gcactgcgct gatccgatgg caggagccag
    81361 gtgcttctcc tggtctccca tggggtgcag ggcccaagta cttgggccat cctccactgc
    81421 actccctggc cacagcagag agctggcctg gaagaggggc aaccgggaca gaatccggtg
    81481 ccccgaccgg gactagaacc cggtgtgccg gcaccgcaag gcggaggatt agcctagtga
    81541 gccgcagcgc cggcctaatt atttctttat acatcattta acttcgccat tctctctttt
    81601 ctcttctggg gttgccattg cacaaatgtg tgagggattg catatggtcc tcctggtctc
    81661 tgagaatctg tcataggtgg ccttcacaag aaccatacaa aagagcgttt tcctttttgt
    81721 cctttgcaca ctgggacact gcagcacaga gaggattggt gacctgtcca agtctacaca
    81781 ggcagttaag tgacaggagc gggatttgag agccgatcct gctaccataa gctgttgggt
    81841 cagaggaatg cattggtaca cactgtcagt aaactcacgc cagaaaacag tgtgggcggg
    81901 ggacgaagcc ggtcctcact gtggggttcc agctgacacc tgacacaaac aacaaagctt
    81961 gaaaattgtg tggccaccac ggtaacaaca acacacgcag gcaagaacct tggaggaatg
    82021 ctggtgggtg caagttaatt gaacaaaatg atagtcacat aatttcaaag tgttttccca
    82081 aaagtttctc aaccataatg gaaaacggca actctgtggc agaagtacct ggtccgtatt
    82141 gctctgataa gcgatcaaag tcagcatcac ccacccaccg tgagccaaac tgacatggtg
    82201 gccctgtggg tgacgcttgg ggaggaccca gtgtcacctg tgtaacatcc ctgcctaaac
    82261 acatagcctg tacttcatta tgggggcgca gcagaaggag tgaagttgac gggctttcta
    82321 taaactaaac ggtctgtcct ctgcaaaagt accaacatca tcaaagacaa agaacgagca
    82381 attgttttat attaagagat taactcagag ccattgttgt ggcacagtgg gataagccac
    82441 cacctgtgat gccagctgtg agtgctggtt cgagtcctgg aagctctgct tccaatctag
    82501 cttcctgctc atctgcctgg gaagcagcag aagatggtcc aagtgcttgg gtccctgtca
    82561 cccacatggg agacctggat ggagttcagg ctgctggctt cagcctggcc cagacctggt
    82621 actgcagcca tttggggagt taaacagcag atggaagatt ctctctctcc ctctccctct
    82681 ccctctccct ctccttctcc ctctctcctt ttctcccttt aactctgcct ttcaaataaa
    82741 taatttttaa caaaaaaaaa agagattaaa tctacatgac aactgaacac agtatatatt
    82801 cttggattag gtgctggatc agaaaaaaat acctataaac agcataattg gggccagtgc
    82861 tgtgtcatgg ccagtaaagc cactgcctgc tgtgctggca tcccatatgg gcaccagttc
    82921 aagtcccagc tactccactt cctatccagc tctctgctat ggcttgggaa ggcaacggaa
    82981 gatggcccaa gtgcttgggc ccttatacct gcacgggaga cccagaagaa gctccaggct
    83041 gctggcttcg gatccaccca gctccagctg ttgcagctgt tggagagtga accagcagat
    83101 gaaagacctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tgcctctgcc tctctgtaac
    83161 actgcctttc aaataaataa ataaaggggc cagcgccatg gttcacttgg ttaatcctcc
    83221 acctgcagcg ccagcatccc atatgtgtgc caggttctag tcctggtagc tcctcttcca
    83281 gtccagctct ctgctgtggc ccaggagggc agtggaggat ggcctgggtt cttgggccct
    83341 gcacccacgt aggagaccag gaggaagcac ctggctcctg gcttcggatc agcgtagctc
    83401 tggccgtagc ggctacttag ggggtgaacc aacggaagga agacctttct ctctgtctct
    83461 ccctctcact gtctaactct atttgtcaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaat aaaaaatctt
    83521 ttttaaaaaa ttataattat gacagtttgc aatatttgaa tagggacagt agtagaatca
    83581 atgtgaatgt tcttgatttt tattatctta ctcaaaatca ggggactctg gggtttggtg
    83641 caaaacaaat cagtataaac cagacactgg cccacaatgt agagtgaggg aaacaggggg
    83701 aggatcactc atattttcct ttcctgggga atatttcctg gtttctgctg ttcctcccat
    83761 gtccctgggt tgggggagga ggactccctg gaagcaggag gggaagatgg ggaggaggaa
    83821 acatccacct gtggctcctc cctgcccctc aactcctctc tccctcccca gccctggccc
    83881 atgggcccct ccttctccca gcctcagctg gagcccagac tctcacctgg atcagctcct
    83941 gcgtgggaag tgagccagag ccgtcggctg gctgtggtgt gggagagggg agggagaggt
    84001 cagagcctgg ggctggaaca aggtgcagtg gcagggaggt tagagtgaga acttccagat
    84061 gccagtgaga tgtgagtgat cggggggcgc gggggggggg ggggtgtgga cctcgccagc
    84121 acctccattg aggagaaaag gaacaggcct tgggtccagg cggagactcc cctcttccat
    84181 ccctggcttc tgacaccacc taatcccagg tcccattgaa ggcattggca ggcaaggggc
    84241 agctcagctc ctctctggag aacacttgcc cagccaccca gcctcgctgt gactactcct
    84301 tctccaccca ggatgggtcc ctctgagtcc agagtccccg ggcagctcct tgcctccctg
    84361 cagcccgatc agaatgaggt tggcagctga gaggtcaaat gctcgcactg cagggtgggg
    84421 cagccccggg ggtcctcctg ctgctgcacc accgctgggg cactggcctc agaaaggaca
    84481 agcagaggtg cagccagggg cagggccacc cctacttcct cccttccttt ccagccgctt
    84541 ccacagcagg aggcccagac agtaccctgg tcagggggac ctccccagga ggcctccgtc
    84601 cctcagtgcc tcaggtccga gcacctggct cccttgtctt gttgttcatg gatcccttcc
    84661 ccttttggtt gtgtgtccac tgaaacaaca gctgctacta aaccaggtaa aagatgttac
    84721 ctaggaaagt cgagatccca ttactggggg acaatgggag atatggacag actgatcaca
    84781 gggcagagag gcacacagga gcacatgcac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacgg
    84841 ggaataccca tcccgcagct caaccactcc ctccctgctc ccgctctctc tgcagggtag
    84901 gtacatcaac aatattaaat gcacgtccta agagaaaccc caagttcttg ctttcagctc
    84961 atacttgcct cactgctgtg gaaagttctt ataacatttc ttttcatgcc tttgatgttg
    85021 tttccacaac agcaaagtta tgattcatgg tgatggaagg accaaataga atagtgatag
    85081 cacaccttca ctttttaatt gagagacaga gagatacaga aagagctccc atttgcaggt
    85141 tcgctaccta aatgcttcca gtgaccaggg caggaccggg ccaaaaacat gaacctggga
    85201 cgcgatccgg gtctcccaca tgggtggcag gatcccagtt ccatgagccg tcacagctgc
    85261 ctgtcaaggt gtgcattaat gtgcagctgg aatcagaagc cacagtttgg gcacaaaccc
    85321 cggtgctctg atagagaaca ggaaagaccc agccactggg caaacgccca cccttcagac
    85381 cctcatgatg gggtctctga cgcaggccca ctaactattg aaaaattttt ttttgacagg
    85441 cagagtggat agtgagagag agagacagag agaaaggtct tcctttgccg ttggttcacc
    85501 ctccaatggc cgccgcggcc ggcgcgctgc ggccagcaca ccgcactgat ccgatggcag
    85561 gagccaggag ccaggtgctt ttcctggtct cccatggggt gcagggccca aggacttggg
    85621 ccatcctcca ctgcactccc tggccacagc agagggctgg cctggaagag gggcaactgg
    85681 gacagaatcc agcgccccga ccgggactag aacccagtgt gccggcgccg ctaggcggag
    85741 gattagccta gtgagccgtg gcgccggcct aaactattga aatttaaatc aacgaaaatt
    85801 agctgtttag gtattatttt actgtttcaa cttaaatcaa ttaaatttga tcaattttaa
    85861 atttcagttt ctcacttgca cccgccacat tccaagagct gacagctctg agctccattt
    85921 cccagtgagg gtctgtagct gaccagtggg gtccgtctcc tctgtgagtg acggccaagt
    85981 gctccaatca cacacaagta gttaggattc ttttttcccc ccacaaaatc aaaatattta
    86041 ttttgttctt ttgcatgtga cactgttaaa acactccgac gacagcaatg ctgcctccag
    86101 gagcttacaa tctagaacag tcaacactaa ctgtagaccc agtgatgaag gcattctgtc
    86161 agagagactg gtctatgatg attgtgactt tattactgtg tatatttttt taaatttttt
    86221 atttatttat ttatttgata ggtagagtta cagacagcga gagagagaga gacagagaga
    86281 aaggtcttcc ttccgttggt tcacccccca aatggttgct acagcctgca cgctgtgcca
    86341 ctctgaagcc aggagctagg tgcttcctcc tggtctccca tgcgggtaca gggcccaagc
    86401 acttgggcca tcctccactg cactcctggg ccacagcaga gagctggact ggaagaggag
    86461 cagccgggac cagaacccaa cgcccatatg ggatgccagc gccgcaggca gaggattaac
    86521 caagtgagcc acggcaccgg gcccctactg tgtatctttg attgtgtctt ttaaagaagc
    86581 agctggagag accaggatca aaattaaatg acatcagagt gtacctcatg cccctccagc
    86641 tcctatgcaa ggagctgtga ctagaaactc aagaccagta cccacagcct gaaagggcta
    86701 cagaggtagt gaggtaactt tctactcccc tggtggagag tgagggttcc ctctttgtgg
    86761 gcagtcaggg tgttgagtgt tccgccatcg tagactggag acagcacgta agagtttgta
    86821 agtctgagca gggtacgagg tagcccttta cccagacttg cagaaattcc agctgggcag
    86881 ccacttcttg aagcatgctg aaggtctcta acaggctgct aaatgccaac tgctgctgtt
    86941 gacacctaca aagagcaatg cccactgcat cagaggggct agggagactg ggcaaactag
    87001 acgatgggga tgaacgactg gaagccagga agggaaaagg agagcagaat aagaggccaa
    87061 agaggtgagg gtacagtctc ctaacagttg tacacagggg aggtggaaaa gagaagtcta
    87121 ggtccaaaat gaacagacat caggcattac attgcaaatg aacaggaata cagaaatgaa
    87181 agtcaatcag atggggccgg cgctgtggag ggtaaagccg ctgcttgcag tgccggcaca
    87241 ccatatgggc gccggttcga gtcccagctg ttccagctct ctgctatgag ctgggaaagc
    87301 agtagaagat ggcccatgtc cttgggcccc tgcacccaca tgggagaacc agaaggactc
    87361 ctggctcctg gcttcagcct ggcccagacc tggtattgca gccacctggg agtgaaccag
    87421 cagatggaag acacctctct ctctccctct gcctctctgt aactatgcct ttcaaataaa
    87481 taaataaata aataaatctt tacaaaaaag aaagtcactg agatcattat attatgacaa
    87541 tccaacagct caagaaatac gggaagaatt taaacttttt ctttcactgg tttcatcctt
    87601 tggcgaccct gagtctctaa aattcaggtt ttccaggagg ttatcctgaa aacctatcac
    87661 aaattgaggt tcttctctgt tagtttcttt aaaaaaaaaa gaagatttct ttatttgaaa
    87721 gtcagagttt cacagagaga gaaggagagg cagagaggca gagagagagt cttccatccg
    87781 ctggttcact ccccaaatgg ccacaacgac cagaactgcg ctgatctgaa gccaggagat
    87841 tttctgtgtc tcccatgagg gtgcaggggc ccaagcactt gggccatctt ctactgtttt
    87901 cccaggccat agcagagagc tgggtgggaa gtggagcagc tgtgtcccga actggcgccc
    87961 atatgggatg ccagcattgc aggcagcagc tttacccact atgccacagc accagcccca
    88021 agattcttct ctgttagttt caaattcata ataccctaag tggccttggt ctttcttacc
    88081 ttactgacaa agtcccagaa ctgggaaggt attttatagc agctcatgct gagatatcta
    88141 gagagtacca ggatcacgac tgaaccttga tgcttacttg gttctcatgg ttttatgatt
    88201 ccttggcttc tgagatggcc acgggctatt tacagctcta attccagact ctagtcagta
    88261 cccagcattc tctctgccca tgccaagtta tcaggacttc aagtggatga aatgagagaa
    88321 aagcacaaag ctccaatgtt ggttcttgga ttttaaactc catccagtag actcatcacc
    88381 ctctcttggt tgaaagccat agaagtgcac attcctctct cccctgtatt taactggcat
    88441 ccacagagaa agtacaaact tcaaaaccag cgcccaagcc aacaggacag ctctggccaa
    88501 ggcacggttg tgtctggctc caaggagagc agggttgagc agaccagtac agaagattca
    88561 ccttaccgag gtagtacaag actgtggcag agactaacaa cagaataaaa atccaacgtg
    88621 attcatcact gagaaaagaa gtttttaacc acttgtgatc taattaagcc cccaagagtg
    88681 gcaaagatgg ccaggcagag gatggggatc tgcctgtgtg ggtatggatg ctggggacta
    88741 atgcaagtct ggccatcagc agacctacac cctaggtttc tccaggggcc agcactgtgg
    88801 ggtagcaggt aaagccacca actgcagtgc cggcatcccg tatgggtgct ggttcgagtc
    88861 ccagctgctg cacttctgat ccagccctct gctatgcctg ggagaagatg gcccaagtcc
    88921 ttgggccact gaacccacat aggagaccca gaagaagctc ctggatcctg gtttcagatc
    88981 ggcacagctc cggccattgc agccaattga ggagtgaacc agaggatgga agatctctct
    89041 ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ttctctctct ctgcctctcc ttctctctat
    89101 gtgtaactct gactttcaaa taaataaata aatcatttaa aaaaaaaagt ttctccaaag
    89161 agaagttgaa cttttgccct tctggcccag ggtggctggc tgatttacac tgcaggtcaa
    89221 aggtctctca accttcaaac tccttccgag aaaccacagc tctttaaaaa caaggagtgg
    89281 tgatttcatc catgccggtg aagggacttt ggctgcagcc cttcctgtaa atgtgcaaag
    89341 ggacaggtat aggtgtacac acctatacac aggcatagct atacacacaa aagcttctgg
    89401 aatgcttaag tattgaccag cagtatgtat gacatgaatt acagtctacc aatcagcaat
    89461 tcaaatttcc acatccaata ccaagtgaag ctttctgaat ttaaagcaga gattctgaaa
    89521 gtgtgagtcc cccaaaatca gcaggaatat caccaggaat caatatatgc caactttggg
    89581 gctatgggag taaggcccag caattagtat tttgtgggga gcaactcgga ctagactgtt
    89641 actggaatta agacttattc tatgcatctg ctctcccaca atatggcact gggagaggag
    89701 gaaacagctt ctacacagct gcctttcacc aacttgacaa gctgtaggag ctgctcctga
    89761 ttggaggaga gcagcgtact cggcatgtgg gtagcagagt tgggattggt ggaagaggac
    89821 tataaaggag gagagagaca acatgcacca ggaacatcta aaggaacatc tatctgaagg
    89881 aacacctgtg cagcccccga gagagccggc cggcggtgtg ccgctccccc gcggaagtgg
    89941 ggaaagtggc agggggaacc gcccttccac ggaggtggaa gggacggtag ccaacctggg
    90001 aagaaccagc agcaaacccg gggagggccg agcagacaaa agaacagcgc agggtcctgt
    90061 gtcgttcctc cacgaagagg gggagcgaca taatggtgcc gtgactcgga tatgaagcct
    90121 aggcagggtt tagtgtcgtt cctccatgaa gagggggagc aacagtattt cttttttttt
    90181 tttttttttt tgacaggcag agtggacagt gagagagaga gacagagaca gagagaaagg
    90241 tcttcctttt gccgttggtt caccccccaa tggccgctgc ggccagcgca ctgcggccgg
    90301 tgcaccacgc tgtgcttctc ctggtctccc atggggtgca gggcccaagc acttaggcca
    90361 tcctccactg cactcccggg ccacagcaga gagctggact ggaagaggag caaccgggac
    90421 agaactggca ccccaaccgg gactagaacc cggggtgcca gtgccgcagg cagaggatta
    90481 gcctatgagc caggcgctgg cccagcaatt agtatttcaa taagccccct gctaattctg
    90541 atgcatgctc aagtttgaaa ttccctggtt tgaagacaga cacatgaaaa cagtaatagg
    90601 aacaaattca tactcttttg cttcgttcag ttgagacaaa ccaaggtact cagtcaaagt
    90661 caaatgccag tggttttaca tttggatttt aaaatatcta tttctattct ctcaaattga
    90721 ttgtcttttt tttgatttgc aaattcattc taatcaaaat gataagtggg agcataaatt
    90781 gatgagttag taacccaaga atgcacactc tgcaagccct gggcctctat taagtcacaa
    90841 ccacccctct gcacacttcg aagattttgg tgcaacacat cacacctgga gaaaggcaca
    90901 gggtatgtcc cgcttataga gtccaaagac tagaacttat tttctgctgt taagtttgaa
    90961 ttctgggttt agttggacaa gaatttccct cagctgccat caatcctgct gaaagtcaaa
    91021 cccatcccat cactgactca cgaaaaacaa aacccaacaa attcgtacgc tgtctgccaa
    91081 ataaaaccaa gaggataaaa aaaggcagca gatgaccagg tcattgaata gaaagctgcc
    91141 cagattagat gagaacataa aaatgggatc taagatgatg aggaagaaga catctcagat
    91201 ggcttctctt taagaaaaac tggaatctca acttcgtagg aaaaaaaaaa actgtttagg
    91261 aggttaccac tttaccccag ggactgtaaa ctaaacctct gctgagcagt gtgtgtgtgt
    91321 gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgc gcgtgtgagc atgtgtgtat tgtgttgcat
    91381 gtgtgcatgt gtgtgtgcgc acatgtgcgc atgtgagcgt gtgtgtgtga agaggagcaa
    91441 gaggagatga ttggagcagg aatcacatgt tccagtcgca gactgcttcc cactgcactc
    91501 acggaggcca caccacgggg tgtgacgtta atggcaatgc tatgagatgc ccacctacca
    91561 cgctttcttc cagctgaaga gcaggtatcc cggcccggcc cggctgctgc ggcaatgcac
    91621 aggcagccgt tgcgggtcgt gaagatgagc atgtgaagta gctgatggcc acctggagga
    91681 cacgcagcgc tgcttgcagg cgcaaggaaa gctgagcgtc tgccgtccag ccgttctgtg
    91741 tctccacaaa gtggttccat ctggtcctgg gacagctcgg acctgtagca gacgctgact
    91801 tgtgacttcc atggcaggct ctcccgggct ctcttgagtc cctcatagaa cattgctaga
    91861 agaagcactg ccacaaaggc tccagccatt tctccagaaa acaccagttc cacgttctta
    91921 aagccaaagt agacggtcac aggcatcatc gacaccacca tggcactctc tcctccgccg
    91981 cgggagtgtg aggctgaggt ggtcacgtgg tccatgcggt gggaaggacc cgttttccca
    92041 ggagaagttc agattcagca gaagagtctc ttcccaggtc gagtcccaca actgatgcct
    92101 cccctcagaa ccttaaaata aataagctga tagaattgtt taaatcagta agaaaaaata
    92161 tacttacagc atgaaatttc cataacaaat ccccatggca ctaagaatgc tcttgctatc
    92221 ctgagattcc ttagtaaacc tagccagatt gtctaaagtt tgtgtgcatc tctaaacatc
    92281 tctaaatgat acagattaat ctctaaacag tgcagattat tttgaacttt acacagaatt
    92341 gtaatttttc agacgagtgg aatcctgctg ggtacattct tttgaggctg tattttagct
    92401 caaatatata tctgtaaaga tgctgttagt gtctgctcat gtttattgtt ggaaaacagt
    92461 acaataaata agcaaaccac acattaagtt aaccctttgt tgtggtcatt cactttgttt
    92521 atggattagg aacaacgctg ctatgagtcg ccgtgtacat tttgttggca cacacaagca
    92581 catgtttctc acagttacag gaatagactt gaattattgg tgtaggaaga aacttcaaaa
    92641 tggtcatgga aaatggagtt aaaaaataaa aagttacctt aggcatggaa agccaagata
    92701 ctctggaaaa aaataaaata aaataaagga ccgaaatgaa agatctctgc aagtgagatc
    92761 ccagtagaaa gaacgggcca tcaaacaagg aggtaccttt ctctgaagtg aggagagaac
    92821 ttccactttg cctatgacct tatctaaata aaactgaagt agatgaactc aaaaggcttc
    92881 catagccttg ggagattact gatgtcataa acaagagtgc caatttgtta agtcaacaac
    92941 aggagtcact gtgcacttac tcctcatgta ggatctctgt ccttaatgtg ttgttcaatg
    93001 tgaattaata ccataactag tactgaaaca gtattttttt ttggacaggc agagtggaca
    93061 gtgagaaaga gagacagaga gaaaggtctt ccttttgccg ttggttcacc cccagccagc
    93121 gcaccgcgct gatccaaagc caggagccag gtgcttcctc ctggtctccc atgcgggtgc
    93181 agggcccaag gacctgggcc atcctccact gcactcccgg gccacagcag agagctggac
    93241 tggaagagga gcaaccggga cagaatccgg tgccccaacc gggactagaa cccgaatccg
    93301 gtgtgccggc gctgcaggtg gaggattagc ctagtgagct acagcgccag ccctgaaaca
    93361 gtgttttaca ctttgtgttt gtgtgggtgc aaactgttga aatctttact tagtatatac
    93421 taaattgatc ttctgtatat aaagataatt gaaaatgaat cttgatgtga atggaatggg
    93481 agagggagca agagatggga gggttgcggg tgggagggaa gttatggggg gggggagcca
    93541 ctgtaatcca taaactgtac ttcggaaatt tacatttact aaataaaagt taaaaaaata
    93601 aaaagttacc aataaacttt tttaaacttt tggcaggtgg ggggataggg agaaggcaca
    93661 tgttcttcct ctccacttcc tgtctgactg cacctctttt taaaatatat atatatatat
    93721 atatatatat atttatttga aagaattaca aagagagagg gagagaaaga gagagatctt
    93781 ccatctgctg gttcactccc caaagagtca taatggccag ggctgagcca gatcaaacca
    93841 ggagccacga gcttcttcca agtctcccac gtgggtgcag gggcccaagc aattgggcca
    93901 tcttctgctg ctttcccagg tgcattagaa gtgagctgaa tcagaagtgg agctgccagg
    93961 acatacagga tgcaggcatc acaggcagca gctttaccca ctatgacaca gtgctggccc
    94021 catcaataaa ttttatttct cacggctggc actgtagagt aggggtaaag ccaccacctg
    94081 cagtgctggc atctcatatg agtgccggtt tgaatcctgg ctgctccact tctgatccag
    94141 ctctctgcaa tggccttgga aggcagtaga agatggccca agtccttggg cccctgcacc
    94201 cacatgggag acccagaaga agctcctggc tcctggcttt ggatcagtgc agctccggcc
    94261 attgcagcca cctggggagt gaaccaatgg aaggaagacc ttcaaataga tgaataaatc
    94321 ttttggaaaa atttatttat ttgaaagtca gagctacaca aagaaggaga agcacacaga
    94381 gagaggtagt ccatttgctg gttaactcct cagatggccc caatggccag agctaccctg
    94441 atccaaaacc aagaaccagg agatctccca catggtgcat gaacccaagg acttggccat
    94501 cttctactgc tttcccaggc catagcagag agctggatca gaagtggggc agccaggtct
    94561 tgaaccggcg cccatatggg atgccagtgc ttcaggccag ggcgttaact aattctcaac
    94621 ataagctcca tcaaggtcaa gacaatgaca gttatctgag ggtccacagt gcagtatttc
    94681 atacattatt tactgaagaa aaactgtagc ctaatattaa gaaatacagt ggagaaggat
    94741 tcactaggga agctttcctg ggtgttttct gttaaaattt tgtcaaaatt ttcaaaacac
    94801 tctcatagtc atcagaaatt gtcctgtggc cctccagaaa gtcagaaggt gaagtgcctt
    94861 gagcgtccca aaaacttgcc gctagcacct ttgctcctga ctggtctgtg ttgctttaaa
    94921 ccactgctgc ctcttggtag ccattgcttt gattgtgctt tgccattagg atcgtactga
    94981 aaagccacga cttagctcct gtttgaagat tcttgaggat attgatccca cttgcttgat
    95041 atttccactg aaagctctgc tattgtgtgc agctgatctg agcacatcag tctcggcacc
    95101 atccaacagg aagtgagctc aacttgagtt tttcagagtc attggcattc aaacaatgga
    95161 gatgtctgtg ctgttggctg ttgtttctgc tgttacttgt cagccccttc aattagggca
    95221 tcaactgatg gatatttttt tctcaaatat taatgtggat agtttgttgc tacaggcttt
    95281 atcttcctga tttctccaaa tgggttatcc atttgtacac tgctggttta tttgggaatc
    95341 tatcatcata atcttttcat aaatctttaa tgatttcacc attcttccac ccaagcttct
    95401 ccataaattt gatgtttgtt cttgctttaa ttttagcaga attcatgctg ctttggtagg
    95461 agttcttttc aaactgctgc ttcagattta gtgtctcaca ttagatcatg ttcacgaatg
    95521 ttaaagcaag atagtattgt cgctccccgt cttcgtggag gaacgacaca gaaccctgcg
    95581 ctgttctctt gtctgcttgg ccctccccgg gtttgctgct ggttcttccc gggttggcta
    95641 ccgacccttc cacctccgtg gaagggttcc ccctagccac tttccccact tccctggggg
    95701 agcagcacac cgccggccgg ctctctcggg ggctgcacag gtgttcccct tagatgttcc
    95761 tggtgcatgt tgtctctctc ctcctttata gtcctctcca ccaatccgtg ctctgctacc
    95821 cacacgctga gcgcgccgct ctcctccaat caggagcggc tcttgcagct tgtcaagttg
    95881 gtgagaggca gctgggtaga agctgtacac tcctctccca gcgccacatt gtgggagagc
    95941 agatgcatag aataagtctt aattccagta acagtatact ccgagttgct ccccacaagt
    96001 atgagtttat atttgggcaa aataattaca ggtgggtaga taagaaggct gtgaggagct
    96061 gagtgtggtc agggctgtgc ccagtcagtg ctcagtccat ggtgggcatt tatgcagtca
    96121 ctccttaact cggtcatcat ttccactgtc cttgtctctc caggacaacg ttgtcccacc
    96181 acgacacatg accacaggga ctcactgctt ccacctaatg gctcactccc cagataccca
    96241 caactgttgg ggttgggcca ggccaagctc agagcctgga tctcaatccg ggtctccatg
    96301 gaggtggcag ggacccaagc acttgagcca tgctttgctg ccttcataag gcatgcagtg
    96361 gaagaaagct tggaaggaag ttccatctct ccttctctct ctgcaactct gcccttcaaa
    96421 ccaaatcaat aaatccttcc aaaaataaat tttttttcct taagaaagaa aatgaagggc
    96481 atatattgtc aattatgaga cacaatgttg ggagatagat gctgacccct ctcccaggga
    96541 atatagtgca ggtggtggtc aggaagaggc ttccagctga acataaagaa ctctctgaat
    96601 gctgctttct gaaattattc cccagatgtt ttctcatttc ttggagcaaa caatggagtc
    96661 caaatgttta tgatttacat agagtatata tatatatata tatgctattg agagcaaatt
    96721 taattttgac aaaggttgca gaaccaggct tgactctaca cagtctggag cagaatccat
    96781 atctccaccc taactgggtc ccgtgtaggt gccacggtcc tcccactggg cacaaatggc
    96841 acagctcaca ccactgacac ctgatgctgg gcacgggacc ctgcagctgg gactgctgtc
    96901 actgccaccc ctggaagtgt ggcatcacta ctgccactca gaccagccct gccagatgca
    96961 tctgcacaga cctggcctcc acgcatcagc tcaccctgat cagcgtcctg catgtgatca
    97021 agtgcccagt ggagtctccg cctcagcctg tgtcccactg taggaatgac gggagttttc
    97081 ctctcctccg gaaggaggca ctttctgtct cttctcaaga tgttaaatgt gagccggcgc
    97141 tgcggctcac taggctaatc ctccgccttg cggcgccggc acaccgggta ctagtcccgg
    97201 tcggggtgcc ggattctgtc ccggttgccc ctcttccagg ccagctctct gctgtggccc
    97261 aggagtgcag tggaggatgg cccaagtgct tgggccctgc accccatggg agaccagggg
    97321 aagcacctgg ctcctgccat cggatcagcg cggtgcgcca gccgcagcgg ccattggagg
    97381 gtgaacaagc ggcaaaagga agacctttct ctctgtctct ctctctctct cactgtccac
    97441 tctgcctatc aaaaaattaa aaaaaaaaag atgttaaatg tgaaattctc caaaggttga
    97501 aagagttttc aggtattggg cagtaagagg taaagaaagc taatgaattt gaattacgga
    97561 gcaatgatca gagccaagaa ctttatctgg gacttggaag gcactcgggt ttggctgagt
    97621 gaacaggtga ctgaagatca catcttgaga gtacatgact aggtctagct tttttccatg
    97681 ctagttatat acagttatat acagttgtat ttcacatgga tatgtttctg gaaaattaat
    97741 cagcaacact tactgctttt actagttttt aagtttatta acacgtagta gttgtatgct
    97801 gaacggcata gagtacagta tttgcaaaca catacagtgt aaaatcatga agtgagatga
    97861 ctagcagttc catttcccta tcttttcttt atgtttgggg cccatcggct tcttctttcc
    97921 tgttcattat gtggcttaaa tgcaaccatt ttgaccactg gggccccact ctgctgagga
    97981 acactagaat ttagtacttc tatctgaatt ttggtactgt tacccaacct ccctccctat
    98041 ccttcttcct cccctcccca gtctcaggta accactatcc taaattcaca ttgacttaca
    98101 gtgaacttcc acctacgaga ggggtcatgt ggtacttgct tactgcactt aatataatga
    98161 tctccagttc catcagtttg ctactgcctt cttcttcatg gctgaaatgt tttctctgtc
    98221 cagtcgtcca gcagtagaca tgcaggttaa ttccatatct tggctactgt gaccagtaca
    98281 gcaatgaaca taagaatgtg tgtgctgatt tcatttctca cgaatatata cccagaagtg
    98341 gggcactttc ttggtcgatc tctctagttt tttgatgagc ttcgatgctg ctccccaggt
    98401 gctgcactaa gtacactctg gccgacaggt attctctcca catccacacc agcgtttatt
    98461 attttttgtc ttttcgataa tagccattct aactggagtg gattactgtc tcatagtggt
    98521 tttgatttga atttttagga cagttagtgt tattgagcat gttttcatgt ttgttggcta
    98581 tttatttgtg tttcctggga aatgtctact caaatgtact gaccatcttg gaactgattg
    98641 cttgttcttt gttgggtttt ttgagttcct tatgtattct ggatattaat cctttgtcaa
    98701 atagtttgca aatcttttct cccatctgtc agttgtctcc actctgttgt ttcctctgct
    98761 gtgcagactg tgggtgatcc tgtacctggc taggagactg tccatgcagg gggttaacct
    98821 gactgctggc agacagcagg agccccaggc acacttcccc cacccccgcc aatcaggtaa
    98881 actgctcctg ggtgtagccc agacccacca ggaaggctac ctagctaaat gagcttcaag
    98941 ctgattggag catagcggtg ccaatatctg ctctctccta cagaattagt gttgccctga
    99001 atcagctaca ccccccactg cctgcccttt aaaaggtgtg cttgattgtt aataaaagga
    99061 catgttcact gaaacttgtc tccggtgctt cttgtcgagg aacactgtcg ccccaccatc
    99121 ctacagtgcg cgggcctcgc aggtcaagcc tgcagcagcc acttcttagt ttgatataat
    99181 cccatttctc taaaaaaatt ttgcctacac tgatgtcttc aaatgttttc tctatgttga
    99241 ttagagtagt tctattattt cagttcttat ctttaagtct tttatccatt tgagttgatt
    99301 tggctatagc atgagaggta acgatcttgt ttgatctttt gcatatggaa gaatttatcg
    99361 gagttatccc ttccccagtg tatgctgttg gcatctttgt caagaatcag ttggccgtag
    99421 gcatgtggat tcatctctga gatctctgct ctttgatatc tggtctttat gtctgtctag
    99481 gcactagtac cacgctgttt tgcttaccga gctctacagt atgtattgca atcaggaatt
    99541 ggaatatttc cagccttttt ttaattttct gcaagtttta tgcttccata tgaattttag
    99601 gattttttcc tagttttgtg aagaatgaca ttgatatttt ggtgagggtt gcaatgaatc
    99661 tataaatcat gttttataaa tttccattct tcctatctat aaacactaca tgtctttcta
    99721 gtttctgtat tttctacgat tttgtttatt gatgtttttg taattttcat tgtagtggtc
    99781 tttcatatca ttggataaat ttgttttaag tttgcttttg gtagctattg tgaatgagtt
    99841 tgctcttatt tcagtaatga gttcactatt ggtgtataaa aatgctatgc tattgcatgt
    99901 tagtttgtat cctgcaattt tgctgaactg ctaaacttcg ttttcatttc tattcatttt
    99961 ctggtaaagt atttaggatt gttatatgta cactcatgtc atctgtaaac agcaataatt
   100021 ttacttcctt ttttcctatt cgtaatttta tttctttctc ttgcccaact gctctgccta
   100081 aaaacttcag gattatattg aataaaaatg agagtaaata tccttgtctg gttccaaatc
   100141 tgagaggaaa cgtcttcagt ttttccactt tcaacatgat gttagctatt tgcctgtcta
   100201 ggagccttga ctgtattgag gtttgctctt tatacaccta atctcttcag ggatttttgt
   100261 catgaagaga agttgaattt tttattgagt tcattttctg cacctattga gatgatcaga
   100321 tgatcctcat ccttcgtgcc attgatgtga tgtttacact tatctgtttg catgtgttga
   100381 acaatccctg catccctagg ataaatgttt cctgatcgtt tgaatgatca ttttgatgtg
   100441 ctagtggatt tgattactga atattttatt tgtaattcta ataaggaatt attcatcagg
   100501 gatattgatc tacagttttc ttttttggtc ttgtccttgt ttggttttgg aatcaaggtt
   100561 gtgcttgtct tatagaataa gtttttttga atggtttaga ccaattgata ttaatgttat
   100621 ctttttcccc aggaaagctc ttatttaagg atacgaactt catgcatttc ataaatgcaa
   100681 ctttaggaac atagtaattc ttcccacata ccaccctccc acccacactc tcacccctct
   100741 tcctcctccc actcctaatc cccttattat ttttttacta agatctactt tcaattaact
   100801 ttataacaca tacaattaac tctatattaa gtaaggagtt cacaaatatt atgaaaaaga
   100861 actgttcctc aacagttgag acaagggtta tttaaagaca ttgcatttca aagtgtcatt
   100921 ttcatttcta tattttatca tttaggtgct ctattagtta tcaaaggtca gggagaacat
   100981 atgatatttg cccctttggg acttgcttat ttcactaact ataatgtttt ctagttttag
   101041 ccattttttt taaacaacag gatttcattt tttttaccac catgcagaat tccatggtgt
   101101 acatatccca taatttcttt atccagtttt cagttgaagg gcatttgggt tgatttcata
   101161 ccttagctat tgtgaattga gctgcaataa acatgggggt acagataact ctttcattcg
   101221 ctgatttcat ttcccttgag taaattccca ggagtgggat ggctagatca gatggtagga
   101281 ccagattcaa atttctgagg tatctccata ctgtcttcca cagaggcttt accagtttgc
   101341 attccaaaca tcagaggatt agggtacctt tatcccaaca tcctcgccag catttgttgt
   101401 ttgttgactt ctgtacgaaa atcattctaa tggggatgaa gtgaaacctc actgtgggga
   101461 gcaactggga gcaactcgga ctagactaag ttactggaat taagacttat tctatgcatc
   101521 tgctctccca caatatggcg ctgagaaggg aaacagcttc tacacagctg cctccagttc
   101581 aaccaataaa ctgtaggacc tgctcctgat tggaggagag cagcgtactc ggcgtgtggg
   101641 tagcagagtt gggattggcg gaggaggact ataaaggagg agagagacaa catgtaccag
   101701 ggaacatcta tggggaacat ctgagggaac acctgtgcag cccccgagag agccggccgg
   101761 cggtgtgccg ctcccccgcg gaagtgggga atgtggcagg gggaaccacc cttccacgga
   101821 ggtggaaggg tcggtagcca acccgggaag aaccagcagc aaacccgggg agggccgagc
   101881 agacaaaaga acagcgcagg gttcagtgtt gctcccccac gaagacgggg agcgacacct
   101941 cactggggtt tcgatttaca tttccctgat ggctagcggt tctcagcact ttttcatgtg
   102001 tctgttggcc atctggattt cctcttttga aaaatgcccg tttaagtcct ttgcccattt
   102061 cttaactgag ttctttgttt cgttgttgag tttttttttt ttaaagattt atttgaaagt
   102121 caaagttaca gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaag tcttccatcc aatggttcac
   102181 tccccagttg gcggcaatgg ctgaagctgc gccaatctga agccaggagc caggatcttt
   102241 ttccaggtct cccacatggg tgcagggtcc caaagacttg ggccttcttc tactgctttc
   102301 ccaggccata gcagagagct ggattggaag tggagcaacc aggtcttgaa ccagcaccca
   102361 tatgggatgc cggcacctca ggccagggcc ttaacccact gcgccactcc accagtccct
   102421 gttgttgagt ttcttgatct cttcatatac tcttgctatt aatcctttat cagttgcata
   102481 gtttgcaaat aatttctcct attctgtcag ttgcctcttt gctgagtgtt tcttttgcag
   102541 tgcagaagct tctcatttga tgtaatccca tttgtcaata ttgactttga ttgcctgtgc
   102601 ctctgggata ttttccaaga actttttgcc tatgccaatg ttttgcatga tttctccaat
   102661 gttctctaat aatttaatgg tattgggtca tagatttagg tctttaatcc attttgagag
   102721 gatttttgta taaagtgtaa agtagggggt cttgcttcat acttttgcat gtggagatcc
   102781 agttttccca gcaccatttg ttgaagagac tgtcctttct ctgctccagg gattgatttt
   102841 agctcctttg tcaaagataa gttggttgta gatccatggg ttgatttctg gggtttctat
   102901 tctgttccac tggcctaccc atctattttt gtaccagtat caggttgttt tgattaaatt
   102961 gccctgtagt atgtcttgaa atctggtatt gtaatacctc cagctttgtt tttgttgtac
   103021 aaaattgctt tagctattca ggatctcctg tatttccata tgaatttcag aatcattttt
   103081 tctagatctg agaagaatgt ccttagtatt ttgattggta ttgcattgaa tctgtaaatt
   103141 gctctaagta atgtggacat tttggtggta ttgattcttc caatccacaa acatggaaga
   103201 tttttccatt tttttgtgtg tcttcttcta tttctttctt taatgttttg taattatcat
   103261 caaaaagatc tttgacaccc ttggttaaat ttattccaag gtatttgatg ttttgcaact
   103321 attatgaata agattgatct cagaagttct ttcacaacca tggcattgtc tgtgtatata
   103381 aaagatattg atttctgtgt gttgatttta tatcctgcca ctttaccaaa cttttctgtg
   103441 agttccaata gtctcttagt ggagtcattt ggatccccaa tgcacaggat catatcacct
   103501 acaaataggg atagtttgac ttcctccttc ccaatttgta tccctttgat ttccttttct
   103561 tgtctaatga ctctggataa aacttccagg actgtattga ataacaatgg tgagagtggg
   103621 catccttctc tggttccaga tctcagtggg aatgcttcca acttttcccc cattcagtag
   103681 gacactagct atggttttgt cataaattgc cttgattgtg ttgaagaatg ttccttctat
   103741 acccaatttg cttaaagttt tcatcatgaa agagtgttgt atttttttta aagattttat
   103801 ttattttatt tatttatttg acaggtagag ttacagacag tgagagagag agaaaggtct
   103861 tccttctgtt ggttcacccc caaaatggcc actacggccg gcactgcgcc gatccgaggc
   103921 caggagccag gcgcttcttc ctggtctctc acgtgggtgc aggggcccaa gcacttgggc
   103981 catcatccac tgccctcgcg ggtcacagca gagagctgga ctggaagagg agaaacggga
   104041 ctagaacccg gtgcccgtat gggatgccag caccgcaggt ggaggattag ccaagtgagc
   104101 catggcgctg ggcccagagt attgtatttt ataaaatact ttctcttcat atattaagaa
   104161 aatcatatgg tttttgttct taatttgtta atgtggtgta tcacattgat tgatttgtga
   104221 atgttgaacc atccctgcat agctgggata aatcccaatt ggtcctggtg agtgatcttt
   104281 ctgatgtgtt attgaatttg attggcaagt attttgttga tgatttttac atctatgttc
   104341 atcagtgaaa ttggtttgta gtactctttc tctgttttat ctttctctgt tgttatctta
   104401 atttaggagt taaggtgatg ctggcttcac agaaggagtt gaaggggatc ccctcctttt
   104461 tagttttttt ttgaatagct tgagaagagc tgcaggtagt tcttctttga atgtctggta
   104521 gaattcagca gtgaagacat ctggtcctgg gcctttcttt actgggagag tcttcattac
   104581 tgattccatt tccaaatcgg ttataggtct gtttaggttt tctatgtctt catggctcaa
   104641 tttaggtagg ttgtacatgt ccaggaatct atccatttct tctaggtttc tcagtttgtt
   104701 ggcattcagc tctttgtagt aatttctgat gattattttt atttccatgg tgtctgttga
   104761 cacaattcct ttttcttttt ttttttaatg tattttattt atttgaaaga cagttacagg
   104821 tagagataga gccagaggga gagaggtctt ccatcgctcg ttcactctcc aaatggcaca
   104881 acagccagag ctgagctgat ctgaagccag gagccaggag cttcttctgg gtctcccacg
   104941 tgggtgcagg gacccaagca cttgagccat cttccactgc tttcccaggc ctttctcgga
   105001 gggatccggg atccctgctc cctgccacag taccctgact gtgggattca agtccccatc
   105061 caggtactgg atctgccctt tatcttccat gtgctttaca acagagcaag cgttagcacg
   105121 caggcacaga ctggggagat cctgtgtgcg aaaggggctt cccaggaatg gggcagttgc
   105181 acttctcctg gggcttgcaa ttccccagag ggacaggaga ctcagactcc accctcctct
   105241 tccctacctg agctctgcct cgtcctcctc atcacaaagt gaccagagct catatgacca
   105301 cagctccaag caccaccaat ccagcaacaa ttcccgctgt ggggatggtg ggctgagcag
   105361 gaggctctga gaagggaagg ggaggtgagg ggctctgacc ccagctctca gccctgcccc
   105421 tgctggaggc cccagcaggg ctctgccctc cccacagagg ccccgcccct cctgccctcc
   105481 tcaccccatc tcagggtgag gggctcaggc agcccctcgt gctgcacacg gcacgtgtat
   105541 ctctgctcct ccccagaagg caccaccaca gccactcact tctggaaggt tccgtcgccc
   105601 ccaggcctgg tctccacgag ctccgtgtcc tgggtctggt cctccccatc ccgctgccag
   105661 gtcagtgaga tctctgcggg gtagaagccc agggcccagc acctcagggt ggcctcgcgg
   105721 tcagaggcgg ggtggtgggt cacatgggct ttgggcgggt ctgagggaaa gatttggaaa
   105781 gttcaggcac tttgtgacct tcgtgggaca caggagcagc actcacggga ccatcttgag
   105841 aatggagatc tgggggactt tggccctgga gactcggagc cccctgggca ccacgcgggg
   105901 aggggtcgcg agctgcggtc gggcccgagt cactcaccgg ccgcgctctg gttgtagtag
   105961 tcgcgcaggg tgttcaggtt cacgcggtga gtctgcgcgg tgtcctcggc gttccgcctg
   106021 ttccggtccc agttccccgg gtccacctgt cgtatccacc gcgcccgtgg ctccatccta
   106081 ggtctcgcgg cgtcgctgtc gaagcgcacg aactgcgtgt cgtccacgta gcccacggag
   106141 atgaagcgcg gctcccccat agccgggccg ggacaccgcg gtgtagaaac aactcaggga
   106201 gtgcgagcct gcgggcgaga gcctacgggc gggcgacagc gactgagaac tgcccgaccc
   106261 cgcccgcagc gggaccccct ggtctgggtc aggtgggagg aggggagaga gagtcctgag
   106321 acctgagacg gaaaaggggc ggcggggagt ggactgggga ggggagggtg caggaccgga
   106381 gcggccggcc gaggtggggg cgtctgggcc aggggctgag gagacgccgc tcccccgggg
   106441 tcctgtgtcc ccaccgcgtg gtcccctcgc tcctacccca cagaggccgt ctctctctgg
   106501 acctcgcact tacccgcctg agtttcgttc agggtctggg ccagggtccc caatagcagc
   106561 agaggggggt ccggggcgcc atcgagttca ttttctgggt ctggaaaccg gacggccact
   106621 gaaagtgaga ccggggcctg cgtcacgagt gtccaggcag aaggacccga cccaggttgt
   106681 gaagtggaag tgaaactcag ggacgcgggg cttcccgccg ctgggcttcc cccgcgcaga
   106741 ccccgccctc ggaccgagac cctgagtgct gccccgggac ctggactctg cccccacccc
   106801 tgtcctccag agccccgcgc tgcgtgatgt cgcccccccc cccccccagc agctgtctga
   106861 ggaacccgga gagccccagg ccggcccagc ccctcccttc cttcccggat ccctgtccct
   106921 gagctgtgcc ctgctctttc ctgtcccctt ggactctttt tttttttttt ttttcagatt
   106981 tttaaaaatt tatttagtat ttgaaaggta gagttacaaa gaggcagaga gagatatgca
   107041 gagaggtctt ccatcctctg gttcattccc caaatgactg caaaggctgg agctgaggcg
   107101 gtctgaagcc aagaacaagg agcttcttcc gggtctcctg cgcgggtgca ggggctcaag
   107161 gacttgggcc atcttctact gtcccaggcc acagcagaga gccggatcag aagaggagca
   107221 gctgggacta gaactggcgc ctatatgggg tgcaggcggt gcaggcagag gattaacctg
   107281 agccacggcc ggcccctatt gcaagctttt gaacagtaaa ccagtgaatg gaaaatatct
   107341 ctatctacct atcatccatg tatctatcaa tcagctatct tatctatgtc tctgacactc
   107401 tacgtttcag attggttcaa aatgaataaa taagtgtctg ggaccaacag aacaagcacc
   107461 agcagcctgg ctgccagtgt agtctgccgt ccccctcatg gggtccagga cccaggaggc
   107521 caagaagctg gccggccgcg cagtggcgga gaaccacgtg aggataacca agcgctggga
   107581 accgggagtg gttccagatt tgtgctggcc gcacagcaaa cagcgggagt gaagcccgac
   107641 aatctgaacc tgctgcgttc ccacttcccc ccaggcctgg cggctcgtac tgcagtctga
   107701 cctggagcga cccctagcgg ctgacctcgc catggacggt gctgacccgc agatgctgat
   107761 ctcagtctca tcgagggtgg tagaggcagc ctgacccacg ggaagatgcc ggcaggctcg
   107821 gccggtcacg tcattctggt ctctgatttc ataaaagagt caaaggatct cggggaccag
   107881 tggcatagag gacaaccaaa tggcctgagt cccggtgagc cgagcagtga ccgcgaagct
   107941 tgggggtgag gtttaacttc aaatggccat tctcaaggct ggtcctgtgg tgacagctga
   108001 tgggaatttg atcctggcct ggaagtttga ccaggtacac aaatggagtg aagggaccac
   108061 agcgtcccca tacagacact ggttcaagtc acagctgctc cacttcccat ccagctccct
   108121 gctaatgtgc ctgggaaagc agtggaagat ggcccaggtc cttggttccc tgcacccagg
   108181 tgggaggcct gaatgaaact cctggctcct ggcttcggaa tggctcagct ccagctgttg
   108241 cagccatttg gagagtaaat agtgactgga agacctctct ctgtctctct ctctttctct
   108301 ccctctgtaa ttctgccttt caaatctaaa aataaatcat tttttttcaa attcaggttt
   108361 tttttataaa acagaactca gtttcatatt ttatatgaaa tatttgcaat acaagatggg
   108421 gggagggact atcttgaaaa cctttggcac cactatactc caaaagttgt acttatgaaa
   108481 tttatactta tcaaataaaa gctttctata aaaaaaacaa cctttggctt gagcctgctg
   108541 agtaagctga tgatcgcctg atgccgtcag agaacctggt gacttcactg ccctctcttc
   108601 tgtgtcctca gtgggcgccc attgcagtca cagcacaacc atcacttctc aaggtcaggt
   108661 ctacaggggg ccgctgttgt ggcatagggg gtggagccac cgcctgcagt gctggcatcc
   108721 taaatggacg ccggtttgag tcccagctgc tccgctttgg atccagctcc atgccagtgc
   108781 tcctgggaaa gcagcagcag atggcccaaa tgcttgggcc cctgcaccca ggcagagacc
   108841 cagagagctc caggctcctg gctttggcct ggcgcagtct tggcagttgc ggccattttg
   108901 agaatgaagc aacagatggg aagatttctc tctctctctc tttctctccc tccctctctc
   108961 tctctgaaat aaaaaagatc agtgtgcctc tctggccagc atcttggctt cctgggccct
   109021 ggaccccgtg aggggggcag gcagactata ctgccagcca ggctgctggt gcttgtgctg
   109081 ttggtcccag acatttattt tgaacgagga gtgtcagaga catagataag acagatgatt
   109141 gatagagaga cggatgatag gtagatagaa ttattttcca ttcactggtt tgctgttcaa
   109201 aagtttacaa taggggctgt ggtacagtag gttaatcctc tgcctgcacc gcctgcaccc
   109261 catataggtg ccagttctag tcccagctgc tcctcttctg acccagctct ctgctgtggc
   109321 ctgggaaagc agtagaagac gctccaagca tttgggcccc tgctgccact tgggagacct
   109381 ggaggaagct cccggttcct ggcttcagat cagctacggc catagcaatc atctgagcag
   109441 ttaaccagca aatggaagac ctctctgtct atctctttct ctgcctctct ataactctac
   109501 ctttcaaata ataaataaat ttttaaaaat ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagttcaggg
   109561 ggacaggtaa ggagcaggca cagctcaggg acagggatcc gggaaggaag ggaggggctg
   109621 ggccggcctg gggctctccg ggtttcctca gacagaggct gacaggcccg gggagggcgg
   109681 ggggggggac acatcacgca gcgcggggct cgggaggaca ggggttgggg cagagtccag
   109741 gtctcggtcc gagggcgggt ctgggccggg gaagcccagc ggcgggaagt ccctgcgtcc
   109801 ctgagtttca cttccacttc acaacctggg tcgagtcctt ctgcctggac actcgtgacg
   109861 cgggccccgg tctcactttc attggccgtc cggtttccag acccagaaat tgaactcgat
   109921 ggagcctagg accctcctcc tgctgctcac ggggaccctg accctgaccc tgaccgagac
   109981 ccaggcgggt gagtgtgggg tcgggaggga gacggccttc gtgaggcagg agcgaggttt
   110041 ccgcgcggtg gggacacagg accccgggga gcgacgtctc ctcagccccc cgcccagacg
   110101 cccccacctc ggcagcgccg gtgctgcctt tccctacccg cctccctttc agtctcacca
   110161 ccccctctcc ccttcctccc agccgggtcc cacctgtctc agacccgggg ttcccgctgc
   110221 tggcgggggt cgggcagttc tcggccgctc ccgcccgcag gctcgcaact ctgagttact
   110281 tctacaccgc cgtgtcccgg cccggcctgg ggtagccgcg ctttctcgcc gtgggctacg
   110341 tggacgacac gcagttcgtg ggcttcgaca gcgacgccga gaacccgagg atggagccac
   110401 gggcgccttg gtgaggcagg tggacccggg gtactgggac agggagacac agcgctgcaa
   110461 aaacattgcg caaactgacc gcgtgaacct gaacacccgg cgcggctagg aaaaccagag
   110521 cgaggctggt gagtgacccg ggcacgaccg cagctcgcga cccttccccg cgtggtgccc
   110581 aagggggctc cgagtctccg gggccgaggt cccccagact gcgggccccg cgcagaccct
   110641 cggatgggaa gaaccagggg gaccctcacg ccggaagggg cgtgtgcggt gtcgggtaga
   110701 gacggcagcc ccgggcccgg catcactgca gaactagccc gcttctgagc agtcctggac
   110761 tgaaccgggg gcccgctgcg gcagaggctg taggagagga gcgcgcagcc gcccttgtgt
   110821 gtcctggagg tttccaccgc cccctgacac gcctcctcca gcccctggtc actactgagc
   110881 agtagaaccg cttcctcccg ttctctgctg cttttcagcg cccttgcagc gctcacagcc
   110941 tttgcggaag gagctgtgag gctctggagc cttgctcatc tctgcagagg tcctgggcgc
   111001 ctggggtccc cgggcacgga ggcagtgtcc cgaagggagc ttttccaaac cacgtgatgc
   111061 tgacattccc tctcatctgc aagatgagtt tacctggtgc ggccagtggc tgtgtgactc
   111121 agcccagccc ccagaccccc gtggagtcct cccctcgggg gaccccagta tggtgctccc
   111181 tagtgaggac acagctcccg gggccagctc cctgcctggc atggtcctca ggtcctcttg
   111241 gagagctggt cccgcactgc ccttctctgg gcggggtcca gcgctgtggc atagcgagta
   111301 aagctgccgc ctgcagtgcc ggcatcccct tccgatccag ctctctgcta tggcctggga
   111361 aagcagtgga agatggccca agtccttggg ccctgcaccc acgtgggaga cctggaacaa
   111421 gctcctggct cctggctttg gatcgacgca gcatctgggg aatgaaccag cagatggaag
   111481 actctctctg cctctccttc tctctctctg taactctttt gaataaatat attaaatctt
   111541 aaaaaaatag aagaaagtga aaataaagag aatttccatg tatagcagac tggacacaca
   111601 tgtgtatcgt taccattcac aacaatctcc tggactgaac ttcaatttac aatcacatcc
   111661 caattaaaca cacaaagaag aacgaagccc tgcttggcag agtctctgcc gccctcccca
   111721 ataaacacca cagggctgtt ccccttcccc cagttcatca atcaaacgct agcgctagca
   111781 taggtcccgc tgggaagggg ttcacagagg taactaaggt gcgaagtcaa tcatctgaag
   111841 ctggcgggtg atgctggaat gtcctaactg ggggaggggg gcccttacag cattgggctc
   111901 ttccgtggga gggatttctc ccctgtgggc tttgaacatg gaggggctgt gctcccagaa
   111961 atgctggtgg cccctagggg ttctcaacag caccccccgc cctgcgcgca tacacgcacc
   112021 tgtaccctga cagctggaga cgggaccccc gttctccaag tgcaaggcac ggaattctgc
   112081 ccatggctca ggcagagttc ggaggaggtc tccaccccca agacggcagc acagttctgg
   112141 ggaaccctgc acccagagca cgtacgtgca cagcagcctg gaatttgacc caggaccagc
   112201 aaacaaacaa gaggcgttgt cccaggctac acagtgtgtg gtgacctgtt atgcagtgac
   112261 aggaagctgg tgacacccag gctgaggtgt gcaccaggta ccaggtaccc cagctgaacg
   112321 ttgccatgta ccaccggagt gagttcagga actggtgtgc acactcactg agtgaaacaa
   112381 aaccttttcc taactttttt tgtgtttttc acttcacaat tttggtgtga tgcagttcca
   112441 ttttaataca atcagattcc acccatttca caaatattaa ttggtgcctc ctatgcagca
   112501 ggtatggctc tgtatgctgg ggttacaact ttgaccagaa cagccctaag cctttgtact
   112561 tgtccgtctt acattctaga ggcttcttga gcgtgagacg gaaccattag gtgtttttat
   112621 ttaattttct ttatctattt gaaggaacaa agagggagag agaggaagag ggagcactcc
   112681 ctgctggggc tagaccaggc tgaagccgaa ggtgggagct gggattgcaa ctccactctc
   112741 ccaggaggga gttggcaggg acccaactac tggagctgtc aacactgcat ccagggcttg
   112801 cattagcagg aagctggagt caggagccag agctggggct cgaacccagg ccctctgctg
   112861 tgggatgcag gtgtcttaac ctctcgctga atgcccaccc ccgaggattt taaatgagga
   112921 gctgagacaa ccagactcac attcgcagga tgactgacca ctgcggagag aggaggctgg
   112981 gcatggcaca actcggggtg agagggtggt gagggctaag ggagagggga gaggctgagg
   113041 gatgagggag acagaaaagg ggcagaggca ggaggcgaga aaaagaagtg gaatggaaga
   113101 attttaaagc agtgggattt gcaggtttaa atagtgttct atgtttttaa aaaaatattt
   113161 atttatttaa agtcagaatt acagagggag ggagggaggg aggaatggag ggagagaaag
   113221 agagagagag ttttcatttg ctggttcact ccccaaatgg ctgcaatggc cagggctggg
   113281 ccaggccaaa gccaggaggc acaaacttct tcccatgtct cccatgtggg tgcagggccc
   113341 aagcacttgg gtcatcttcc actgtttttt tctggtgcat tagcaggaag ctgggttgga
   113401 agtggagcaa cgggtacttg aaccgacatc cctatgcaat gccggtgttg caggcagtgg
   113461 ctttacccac tacaccacag caccggccct aaacattatc ctataaataa tatttattta
   113521 tctacctgtt tgtttatttt caaaatggca ccacattgtt ttattccaac tttcaaacaa
   113581 tataaacagg tgatgacgat gacttctttt accaaaccat gcacgtgaca ataaaggaac
   113641 agaaaaagaa ttgacaaaaa aggaaatcat ttaaaaaaac ccgagtcttt cacatttcag
   113701 agcagtgctc cggcaaaatc ggcaaatctt tctggccagc tgcctccgac aaggactgga
   113761 acaaatccct gatcttagtg agagtgccac cgtgtttccc cgaatagttt ataatccgag
   113821 tcactgcgtg tcacactgct ccactcagac tttcatcaac ctgatctttc ttcttttttt
   113881 tttatgggta gggaaggcac acctgatctt tttattacag agagagagag agagagagag
   113941 agagagagag agagagagag agaaatcttc ccatctgtta ctttgctctc aaaatggctg
   114001 caactgccaa gactgcgcca ggccaaagcc aggagcctgg agctctctgg gtctccacct
   114061 gggtgcaggg gcccaagcat tgcacaccag ttcctgaact cactccggtg gtacatggca
   114121 acgttcagct ggggtacctg gtacctggtg cacacctcag cctgggtgtc accagcttcc
   114181 tgtcactgca taacaggtca ccacacactg tgtagcctgg gacaacgcct cttgtttgtt
   114241 tgctggtcct gggtcaaatt ccaggctgct gtgcacgtac gtgctctggg tgcagggttc
   114301 cccagaactg tgctgccgtc ttgggggtgg agacctcctc cgaactctgc ctgagccatg
   114361 ggcagaattc cgtgccttgc acttggagaa cgggggtccc gtctccagct gtcagggtac
   114421 aggtgcgtgt atgcgcgcag ggcggggggt gctgttgaga acccctaggg gccaccagca
   114481 tttctgggag cacagcccct ccatgttcaa agcccacagg ggagaaatcc ctcccacgga
   114541 agagcccaat gctgtaaggg cccccctccc ccagttagga cattccagca tcacccgcca
   114601 gcttcagatg attgacttcg caccttagtt acctctgtga accccttccc agcgggacct
   114661 atgctagcgc tagcgtttga ttgatgaact gggggaaggg gaacagccct gtggtgttta
   114721 ttggggaggg cggcagagac tctgccaagc agggcttcgt tcttctttgt gtgtttaatt
   114781 gggatgtgat tgtaaattga agttcagtcc aggagattgt tgtgaatggt aacgatacac
   114841 atgtgtgtcc agtctgctat acatggaaat tctctttatt ttcactttct tctatttttt
   114901 taagatttaa tatatttatt caaaagagtt acagagagag agaaggagag gcagagagag
   114961 tcttccatct gctggttcat tccccagatg ctgcgtcgat ccaaagccag gagccaggag
   115021 cttgttccag gtctcccacg tgggtgcagg gcccaaggac ttgggccatc ttccactgct
   115081 ttcccaggcc atagcagaga gctggatcgg aaggggatgc cggcactgca ggcggcagct
   115141 ttactcgcta tgccacagcg ctggaccccg cccagagaag ggcagtgcgg gaccagctct
   115201 ccaagaggac ctgaggacca tgccaggcag ggagctggcc ccgggagctg tgtcctcact
   115261 agggagcacc atactggggt cccccgaggg gaggactcca cgggggtctg ggggctgggc
   115321 tgagtcacac agccactggc cgcaccaggt aaactcatct tgcagatgag agggaatgtc
   115381 agcatcacgt ggtttggaaa agctcccttc gggacactgc ctccgtgccc ggggacccca
   115441 ggcgcccagg acctctgcag agatgagcaa ggctccagag cctcacagct ccttccgcaa
   115501 aggctgtgag cgctgcaagg gcgctgaaaa gcagcagaga acgggaggaa gcggttctac
   115561 tgctcagtag tgaccagggg ctggaggagg cgtgtcaggg ggcggtggaa acctccagga
   115621 cacacaaggg cggctgcgcg ctcctctcct acagcctctg ccgcagcggg cccccggttc
   115681 agtccaggac tgctcagaag cgggctagtt ctgcagtgat gccgggcccg gggctgccgt
   115741 ctctacccga caccgcacac gccccttccg gggaagttaa gtcaagcgcc gagagcggcg
   115801 cggcagcgcc cccgtgtggc cacagggctg agcacagaag ccccctatcg ccgctcctgc
   115861 tcagccagca ccctactgcc cgcatcagga aaggctccgc gcataaaggg tgccccagcc
   115921 cggtcaacag cttcagaatc gggactgtct ggcacaatgc acagtgccgt cgctgttccc
   115981 tgtccactga gtggctcggg acagagccag gtgttcagac tgtaacagtg ggttcccggg
   116041 gccagggaac atactgggtg ccctcagcct cctgggattg gaccctggac tcccgagttc
   116101 ctatcacttg ttcctgctgc tgcttctgtt gctggagact cctccactgg gactcaagtc
   116161 aggttgccca ccacctctga tcttaggagc tctccagtcg cagccccaaa cctcatgtct
   116221 tccccagtga ctaatgcaga actttggggg gtccatagcc agggaagaga cccccaggcc
   116281 ctacacacag cagctgagcc acactgttag ctgggcagca gccacatacg accctgaaat
   116341 acagacgacc cctcccaagg cccaggagac gtgggagtag ttggtggccg ggggctgcca
   116401 ggctgaggtg ctggtgtggt gagatcatga ctggggtggt gctgagcacc atgcttgtcg
   116461 ggggcttagg aaactgacac catggtgggt accagataca cacgcgtcat gggagtgtcc
   116521 agtcgtggac agagctgtgt cccccaaagt ccatgtgggt aagatgtacc cccagtgcga
   116581 ctgtttggat atgggatctg agggcaacaa gtagggttgg atgaggtcat aagggtggaa
   116641 gagaggcccg agatctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gcacacacag aaggagaaca
   116701 cggtgagagc agccatccac aagccggaag aggtctcacc aggggccgaa cttcctggcc
   116761 ccttgatcct ggactgaatg tgtgcatccc ccacaaatcc ctatcttgga gttccaacgc
   116821 ccaacaccac ggtgtcagga gccaaggctt ttaggggtgt tgaggctcag ctgaagctgc
   116881 aggggtggtc cccgtaatgg agtaaggtct tcctaagagg aggagccggg gggctggggt
   116941 cgtggcacag caggacatgc caccacttgc caggcgaact tcagtatcac agcgctggtt
   117001 ccagacccgg ctgctctgct tctgatccag ctccctgcca atgcgcctgg gaaggcagta
   117061 gcagcagatg gaccaagtgc ttgggcctct gccacctaca tgggtgaccc agatggagct
   117121 ccacgccctt gacttcagac tggcccagcc tcagccattg tggccatttg gggagtgaac
   117181 agtacatggg agattgatct ctctgtaact cttccttgaa aataaagtta tcacttttta
   117241 aagaaaaata aagaagagga ggaagagatg gactcccctc tgtgtgtacc aagggaggcc
   117301 ccagcgggga ggcggggcct ctgaagccag gacaggccct caccaggaag cgaatctgcc
   117361 ggctccctgg gcccggacct ccagcccccg gaactgtggg aaccaagtcc ggctgtgaaa
   117421 gccctggtct gtgctgtgct gttccagcag cccacgctga cggatgcaac cccccaaaac
   117481 ccagctccaa caagctcccc catttcaaga tcagacccag ctgcaaaaga attctggtca
   117541 gagaatttat tcacccattt agcaaacatt tacgagtgcc ctgtgccagg catgctcgtg
   117601 tttaatcaca acacacaaga cacctgtgcc ctcgatgctg gcaaccaggc aggaagaaca
   117661 gacagcagag aaagacaggg gaacagggga acattctaac agggtgctcc tgttacctac
   117721 tgctgggtag cagccagtcc ccaaacacaa cacctgtttg accgtctctc atctgtgggt
   117781 tgacccggcc cattgaggca gatcgcagcc cttgaccttg ggggtgctgc tttcccacta
   117841 tcccctgcac atccctggct gaaccaggcc cctcctgcag aggtcagacc ataaatccca
   117901 cccaaccaac gtgctcttaa tactcagaaa caataaaagg caaactaaca ccgtaacgta
   117961 agaccaggtc ccctggcttc cgtgtgatct cctcctgcct tcatttccat atgtgacacg
   118021 cacacctgac cactaaagtg aggtccaccc aaagccaatg cctgaggtcc tcacaggtta
   118081 acaaagccaa aattcataag ccccgttcta ttcatggctt aggaatgccg actggaaggt
   118141 agaaggggtt aatccatttg ggactcgcca tttaaggcag ccacttggtg cttgaaaggg
   118201 ccagtgttca ggaagggttg ttagtgtatc atttaggtcg tcttgtagaa gtctctcttg
   118261 ttgttggttt tttactaaat aggtgccctt ttttttaaag atttatttat tatttattta
   118321 tttgaaaggc agggttacag agaggcagag agaggtcttt cctctgctgg ttcactcccc
   118381 aaatggccac aatggctgga gccgagccaa tccaaagcca ggagccagga gcttcttcca
   118441 agtctcccac gtggatgcaa ggacccaatc acttgggcca tcttccactg ctttctcaag
   118501 cacattagca gagagctgga tctgaagtgg agcagctggg actcaaacca gtgcccgtat
   118561 gggatgccgg cactgcaggc agcggcttta gttgctacgc cgtagcatat tacaattcaa
   118621 atgagttggg gccagcacta tggtgtagca ggtaaagtcg ccatctgcag tgccggcatc
   118681 ttatatggcc gccagttcta gtgccggctg ctccacttcc gacccagctc tctgctatgg
   118741 cctgggaaag caatggaaga tggcccaagc ccttgggtcc ttgcacccat gtgagagacc
   118801 tggaagaagc tcctggctcc tggcttcgga tcagttcagc tctggtcatt gtggccatct
   118861 ggggagtgaa ccagcggatg gaagacctct ctctgcctct gcctctctgt aattctgcct
   118921 tccaaataaa taagtaaatt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattccg atgggccatt tgccagctct
   118981 atgtgggcct ggcgtgtacc ctcatgatga tgagaccctc atggaaccca gctcagacgg
   119041 caaggaacca cagaactgtg tcctgggact tggcactggg ctggaaaaac ccaatgctgg
   119101 gcaggcccta ggccaacgcc agtggatgaa gcttccagat ctatgctggt gacagatggc
   119161 gccacagggc ccaggttggg cagacgtacg tgccagccag catcggctga ggctgcttgc
   119221 aggggccttg gctgtgagga cgcctcaaca acaggaaccc acagcggcac aggctttggc
   119281 ccaaccccca tggggccctg gcctcagcag gctgtgggtc caggtgacag cactgtggcg
   119341 ctgctggcca caggcccagg ccagccccag gaagaggctt atagggatag actacctctt
   119401 ttttagacac ctcccctgtt cattctgaac aacacaccac ttacagtttg ggcacgaagc
   119461 tgagctacaa gcattctcca gaaatcaaac agaaacaacg caccaacagc ggccttgcag
   119521 caaaacccag cttagggcac cacctagtgg tggaataggg gaagtggcca caggctcaga
   119581 aaatcagcag agagctcaga gtatatagca cctaggaaaa taagtaactc tttagtgcgc
   119641 aggcacagca cagcaacaag taccaagaac ttccagggaa ccacgacctc accaaggggc
   119701 aaaataaggt gccagcagcc agtcacctag aaactgcagc ttccaaatgc acagaagaaa
   119761 tggctgtctc aaggagattc gataaacctc agaacagaga ggagctggcg gtggactaag
   119821 ccaccgcctg agacaccggc atctcgcatc agagtcctgg ctgctctgct tccaatccag
   119881 ttccctccta atgcacctgg gaaggcaggg gaaagcagcc caaattactt gggctcctgc
   119941 cacctctgtg ggacaccagg atggagctcc tagtttgaca tcagcctggc ccagccccat
   120001 ccattgtggc catctgggga ttaaaccaac aagtgggaaa tctctctgcc actctgcctt
   120061 tcaaataaag aaaagtagat ctttttttaa aaaggaacac agaggggccg gcgctatggc
   120121 ttagtaggtt aagccgttgc ctgcggcgct ggcatcccat gtgggcaccg gtgtgagtcc
   120181 cagttgctcc agttccgatc cactgctctc tgctaatggc ctgggaaagc agtggaggat
   120241 ggcccaagtg gaggatgagc atttggggag tgaaccagca aatggaaaac ttctgtctta
   120301 ccatcttctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctgtaac tctgcctctc
   120361 aagtaaataa atagatctct taaaaaaaaa aaaggaacac agagaaacaa cttaatattc
   120421 taatgaggga cttgagagat gatgtaatta aaaaatcaaa cagaagtagt aggtgctgga
   120481 cctactgtta acagtgtgga atacccacat cccatatctt tttgaaaggc agagccacag
   120541 agaggcagag gcagagagag catgagagag aatcaatctc ccatccgctg gttcagtccc
   120601 cagatggcca caacagctgg agttgcaccc gtctgaagct aggagcttcc tccaggtctc
   120661 ccacgagagt gcatcttcta ctgcttcccc aggccacagc agagagctgg atagaaagtg
   120721 gagcagccgg gacttgaacc agcatccata tgggatgcca gccctgcagg tggtggattt
   120781 acccgctaca ccacagcgct ggccctgaca tctgtatcag aacgccaggg ttcaagccct
   120841 ggctccactt tcaattcctg cttcctgttg atgtgcaccc tgggaggtag tagcaatggc
   120901 tccaatggct gggttcctgc cacccacatg agacctgtgc cccggggtgg aagggtggca
   120961 cagcaccaga gtcgccactg gggatgccac atcctgtacg ggagccccag ctccttcact
   121021 tctgatccag ttccccctga tgcacacgct gagaagcagc aggtgatgcc tagagttctt
   121081 aggtccctgc ctcccacgtg ggggacctgg attgagttcc aggctcctgg cttcagcctg
   121141 ccctaggcct ggctgtggtg ggcatttggg gagtgaacca atagatcaaa gatctcctct
   121201 ttctctgcct ttcaaataaa aattttttaa aaatataccg tgtgggagcc catgctgtgg
   121261 tgtagtgggt aaagctgccg cctgcagtgc cagcatccca tatgggcacc gtttcaagtt
   121321 ccagaggctt cacttccgat ccagctctct gctatggcct gggaaagcag tagaagatgg
   121381 cccaagtcct tgggcccctg agccctcaag ggagacctgg aagaagctcc tggctttggc
   121441 ttggcacagc tctggccatt gcagccatct ggggggaggg gggggtgaac cagcaggtga
   121501 aagacctctc tttctctctg cctctacctc tctgtagctc tgcctttcaa ataaatcttt
   121561 aaaaattaaa taaaattcaa aaaattaaat taaatagcct gtgcccagta aagctatcct
   121621 gtaggtgtga gggagagata tgatgacatt ctgagacaaa cgtgagccat ggatgacctt
   121681 atctcgaggg acacaggaca gccactctcc ccacccagag gggtttcagc ccccagctct
   121741 gtgacccact gacctctaca gagctctccc tacgcagccc ctggagccct cgatgcagag
   121801 agcacgctgg ttggcagtcg cctgccatct gccatcctgc cttctgcagc ggctttttct
   121861 gcctctcccc agctgattca tacggaggtc ttctatttcc ttctcagcac ctcggcctcc
   121921 agccacagca ggacatcgct tcagaacacg cggcaggaag cccagcaagt ctacacactg
   121981 ctcaaacccc aggtgtgagg ccaagactct actccataca ggtgtggagg gtgggctcac
   122041 tagctcaaca aagcctgata cgggggccgg cgccgtggct catttggtta ctcctctgcg
   122101 gcgccggcat cccatatgag caccagatac tagtcccagt tgctcctctt ccagcccagc
   122161 tctccgctgt ggcctgagag ggcaatagag gatggcccaa gtgcttgggc ccctgcgccc
   122221 gcatgggaga cctggctcct ggcttcggat cggcgcagtg tgccggctgt agcagccatt
   122281 tggggagtga accaacagaa tgaggacctt tctgtctcac tgtccaactc tgcctgtaaa
   122341 aaaaaaaaaa aaagcctgac acgggcacta gtggcattgt gttttcctaa agtcttactt
   122401 atttgaaaga taaagaatct gaaagataga gaatcttcca ttcaccggtt cactccccca
   122461 aacatctgca atggccaggg ctggaccagg ctgaagccag gagccaggag tttcttctgg
   122521 gtctcctaca tgggtacagg gacccaagca cttgggccat cttccactgc tttcccaggt
   122581 gcattagcag ggagctagat aggaagtgga acagctggga ctctaaccgg tgcacatatg
   122641 ggatgccggc ggcttaaccc actacactgc cacagtgctg accgcacact agtgtcattg
   122701 tgtcaggagc cacagctgca agtgacacta aggagcccag ggaaggcaag tccctacagc
   122761 aggcaatgca aaacaggagg ggaggggatg ggaggggagg gaaagaagtc atcctgggcc
   122821 agcaaagggg taaagggaca atcagtactc aagccaggta aacccacaca caattccccc
   122881 aggctcttct gcccgccatc tgtggcgcct tgagcacacc tgtcccaggg cgggccccac
   122941 aggtaccgcc cagggtgagt gctgagtgcc agcgtcccca tctgcaaata gactctgcag
   123001 atctgagagg cgtgtgagaa gacactgaag cctgggcacc agtgctttga ccactgcagg
   123061 agcatgcttc actcaggaaa aaggccgatc ctggtctcca tctggggcca ggcagggagg
   123121 ggagcggggg cagcagaggg gcaggggtgg gcactgaagt gaggtgaagc ccggagggaa
   123181 tctgttcctg gcggctactg ggcagctcag actgccccac ctgtcacagt ccttcctctg
   123241 ccctgccttc gccgcctcct gctcttctag tccctggcat cccagggctg gggggtggtg
   123301 tgcacatgct cccagaatcc caaggcaaac agaagaacag agcagctcca caggcagtgg
   123361 gatgatgacg tcatcaccca ggatgagtag cacaaggggt ggggctggag ggcatgaaag
   123421 gggacttgga cccaggcggg gaattgccct taaccccatc ccacaccacc cccaccctac
   123481 agctcactat ccctgcccac cacacccaac cagacctcag ggctcccacc ctccacaaag
   123541 tcctcatcaa cagttcattg tttcagaatc actgcccccc ccccccaggc cagtctcaaa
   123601 caggaagctg cctcagcatc ccagcagatg gctttaagct gagagggtac agcaggtgaa
   123661 gccacggcct gcacaccggc agtcacagtg gagtcagtga atcccagctt ccgaccaaca
   123721 tgcccgagca ggcagcagca gtacttgcgg ccctgccccc atgtgggaga ccggggtgga
   123781 gctcctgcct tgggcctggt tgtcgtatcc atttgtgaac cagcagatag atggtcgatc
   123841 tgcctttcaa gtatacactt gaaaggagcc aggagcttct tccaggtctc ccatgcgggt
   123901 gcaggggccc agagagttgg tggaattcct aacttcctga tgctgaacca cagcttccaa
   123961 ggcctcaacc tccccaccct gctaatgctg cttccctcta cttccccttc acccagggac
   124021 cccagcccca ccgcacagct gagctggccc aagttcagct acaacataca aggggcgcga
   124081 aggggcccag gaactcaaga cccaaaagcc acaggaacca atcaggagac acagagaaag
   124141 cccggagaag acatgtgagc ttccacctgt tcctcatcaa ctttccaaca atggacacac
   124201 cacccgccac ccccttccat gttatcaagt aaatgcaaga gacctccaca ggcagccaag
   124261 acagccatga cctcccagcc tgctgggtcc cattccagcc cccaccaccc ccgccccggc
   124321 cctgcccaat gacagtctgc acacaaattc gctgactcgt gccctacaat ctcacttcaa
   124381 ttccaataaa ggcaggcagc acttacagat aacaaagaca catttctctt tcattttgag
   124441 ttttgttaaa aaaaaattct gacaaatcag gagttgaggt ttcggagtgg tggtgatgca
   124501 aaagagggac gcctcggggg agggggctgt gaggggcagg cagcagtagt gtctccttca
   124561 cccccacgcc tgggatcctc tccagaagac acgatcgtgc tcccaaacgg gcgattcctc
   124621 taccgtgtct gctcaactgc ggagaaagca cagcagtcag aacggggcgg aggcgaggca
   124681 ggaaggacac gcatgcgagg gtgcttagtt taaggtttat gaagaatgga actaaaaggc
   124741 aattttgttt tggtgcaaaa cgttttgaca cccatgcatt tcccaggaac tttctgaaga
   124801 cccctgtgca catgcaggtt atctgttgta gcatgaattt taagcgaagg tagagaaaaa
   124861 taatttgaag gcagaagact gcacagaggt caacacaatg acctaaaccc aacagggcat
   124921 cagagacagg caggaagaac cgtcaggggc tcacttcctg tacagcacgg gatttaagga
   124981 agttctttag ggatgaggac ctgaagagcg gggggagagc cgtctaacag cgctactcac
   125041 tataggagga gatgtcgatc tcatcaggca gttcactaat gttgacctca aagcggtcct
   125101 gcacgtcatt gaggatcttg gcatcattct catctgacac aaaggtgatg gccaaaccct
   125161 tggtgccaaa ccggcccgct ctggccacct gaaaggagac aaaagagcag gtctggagga
   125221 tccataaaat gggaaacctc cgtggggaga gggagccgtg aggcggcgcc ctgagggcag
   125281 acggcagtgg catgtgctgc ggggcttacc cgatgcaggt aggtgtcaga atcctcaggc
   125341 atgtcatagt taaaggctat gttcacccgc tcaatgtcca tacctcgacc aaacaggttg
   125401 gtagccacaa gaattcgtcg ttgaaaatct ttaaactgct gataccgaga aagcctttgt
   125461 gaggaaggaa attagacagg tgttgagact ccctcctcgc agcggctcct tttcctgcga
   125521 ggacataaaa ggcctcccca cccgcagctc acctttcctc ctggggcatc cctcggtgga
   125581 tggcaatagc tgggaagttc tgctccacga ggagctgggc cagagcaatg cagcgctgca
   125641 cagacttcac aaagatcacc acctgcgggc gcggggcggg cagggtgggg tgtgccccac
   125701 ggtgggaaag gtcatgcgtg agtcttcggt aatttccctc tccctgtaac tccctaccac
   125761 atcatcgccc gggcagacag cctgagaggg cagcgaagtc actaaggtga ggatcccaag
   125821 tcattaaaac tagggtctag ggagctcatg acattcctac tcatcacagc actgaagcca
   125881 aggggcctgt tctaactcca gggagatttt agtgcaaaca gacctcagag acatcatgaa
   125941 gaaatgtttc tcctcaatac aagaaacaga cttaagaacc ctaaatgcag ggccaccgct
   126001 gtggcttagg ttagacctcc acctgcagcg ccagcatccc atttgggtgc cagtttgtat
   126061 cccagctgct cttcttccaa tccagctcta tggcctgaaa gcagtggaag atggcccaag
   126121 tgtttgggtc cctgacccat gtgggagacc tggaagaagc tcttagcttc ggatgggctc
   126181 agctctggcc attgtaggtt aatcagagga tggaagactt ctctccttct cttagtctac
   126241 ctctcaaaca aataaatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactaa atgcccaagt tcattttact
   126301 taagggttcc atttatcatc aatgccagga atcaaacaga aaaacacacc cctttcctca
   126361 tgctcagccc ctaaaaatca aatgtcttct ctcatttaaa agaacttctc tggggccagg
   126421 actgtggctt agtgggctat gcctctgcct gtagccccag caatccttat gggcaccagt
   126481 tccagtccag gctgttccat ttaaaatcca gctctctgct ttggcctcag aaagcagtag
   126541 acaatggccc aagtacttga gcccctgcac ccacgtagga gacctggaag aagctcctgg
   126601 cttcagatca gtccagttct ggccattgca gctatttggg aagtgaacca gtggatggaa
   126661 gacctttctc tgtttctacc tcagaaatga ataaatctta aaaaaaattc actcaaaaac
   126721 tttcagtggg gctcacgatg tggtctagca agtaaagcca ctgcctacag tgccagcatc
   126781 ccatatggac cctggttcga atcctggctg ttccacttcc gatccagctc tctgctatgg
   126841 cctgggaaag cagaagatgg cccaggtcct tgggcccctg cacccacacg ggagacccta
   126901 aggaagttcc tggctcctaa ctttagatca gcccagttcc agcagttgca gacaactggg
   126961 gagtgaacca gcggatggaa gagctctctc tgcctctcct tctatgtaac tcttgacttt
   127021 caaataaatc aataaatctt aaaaaaaaaa aaagaagaaa aaaaattttc ggggccagta
   127081 ctatggctta gcaggtggag ccgccgcctg cagtgccagc atcccatatg gacaccagtt
   127141 caagtttcag ctgccccact tccgatccag ccctctgcta tagcctagga aagcagtaga
   127201 agatggcctg actccttggg cccctgcacc cgcatgggag acccagaagc agctcctggc
   127261 ttcagatcgg cacagctcca gccattgcag ccaactgggc ttgaaccagt ggatggaaga
   127321 cctctctcaa agtctttcaa ataaataaat ctttaaaagt acattttctc cacctctccc
   127381 cacttagatg gtttcctcaa taaaaatata cctaataccc aggcttctgc tacagctgga
   127441 gatgtagcca acgctcatcc tcctactggt cttcgaacaa ctgacctggt tgaactcaag
   127501 gacatccaga aggtcaaaga gcttccggtt cttctcgttg tccttcagtt tcacgtagta
   127561 ctgctgcaac ccatgcagcg tcaacttcgt ctcatcatcc acgaagatct ccataggctg
   127621 ggggggagga aggggtaggg aacgggagga gggcagagtg ggggggttaa acctgggggg
   127681 gtggaggaag ctgctctcca atacacccca tggggggatg gggagaagag aagattgaaa
   127741 accccaccac acccccccaa aaatacccat tttactgtgg tctaaaacgt cagacccatt
   127801 tccttcctgt cagtggagtt ctttttaaga ctgcccaact gagaactggc atgggaacct
   127861 gtgcttgcaa agggagcagg accaacaaaa ccacccaatg gcaagatgcc acgacctcca
   127921 acggaggtgg tggggaaaac aaacaggaga ggagtcgcaa cacactgcaa acatctggga
   127981 aagaatgggc aacggcgact caaggtcagt gactccttca gagctggctt tagaacaaag
   128041 gggaggacaa ggactgctcc tcctaagttt tctctccact aggaaactgt tacgcacatt
   128101 aggaaagtgg atgtcttcaa gatcaaacaa tgcaagggac agaatcaaaa tgccatttaa
   128161 ggagaagcaa aatcactcca gaggagtaca acttgcctca tctcacaagg gcagtttcag
   128221 attaaactgg cctctgaact aagagtcaaa tcccctacag gcttacatgg aaggcatcag
   128281 taagtggtgc tagaaaaaca aattcagagc agtaggtatg cgtttatctc taacattttt
   128341 ttagaaatta aatcaaccct tggggccggt gctgtggcac agtgggttat tgccctggcc
   128401 tgaagcgtcg acatccccta tgggcgccag ttctagtccc ggctgctcca cttccgatcc
   128461 tgctctctgc tatggcctgg gatagcagca gaagatggcc aagtccttgg gcccctgcac
   128521 ccacgtgaga gacctggaag aatcccctgg ctccggttca gcacagctcc agccgttgcg
   128581 gccatctggg gagtgaacca gcggatggaa gacctctgtc tctacctctc tcttcaactc
   128641 tttcaaataa ataaaataaa tcataaaaaa aaaatccttg aagtggagga gagtagcatt
   128701 aaagacggaa actgacacta gtacaaagcc caactttcca aacttcatcc tacttcaggg
   128761 aggaacccag ggaccaagat gggaaagagt cactgcattc catggggaaa aaacaccagc
   128821 acaatctcag aaggcaggct aacaaggcac aaagggatct tccatggcct ccttccaatc
   128881 tgatactagc cccaaggaca gctccagtta tgccacggga aggagcacac agggagggga
   128941 ggaacccact ccactgctta tacaatgggc tctgccagcc ccaggccctg acacccgccg
   129001 ggttacatcc aagtggagct atccacttta ccttttccca tatccctcta ctctgagcat
   129061 ttaaaaaaaa attgttttaa agaaaaaaaa tccaccaccc ccattcagga cacccttccc
   129121 caaacacatg tggggaaaag agggcacagc acgcgttgga ttcaggaaaa aaaccgggaa
   129181 cggaaaaaga ggctggtttg gtcctcagct tcctggtgag gtttccccgc ggcctccgct
   129241 gccgccatcc accgctgggt gccgtccgca ttccctcgtc gcgccacggt gcttctctgc
   129301 tgccggctcg cgtcaaccga ggttccgacg ggtgcaagga ggtatgggca ggaaggagta
   129361 ggggatcggg gactgaggtg ccaaaggccc ccacccctgg aggtggggag ggggcgggtt
   129421 catttgtgct gtttgctctt cttctgtcga gccctgccat ctgtctgtcc ctctctcttg
   129481 ctctcctgcc accgggaggt atgtgttttg gtgagcagaa ggctccagct gtatgctcga
   129541 tgccactttg agggtgcgtg gctgtaaggg gtatgtagat gacggtgggc ggtagggcag
   129601 aaaacactgc cctcccccaa aggggagaag aggttaaaaa aaatgctgtt gattttttaa
   129661 aagcagtcga acactacccg ctctcacgtt aacccgacca agtcttccgg agtttccctg
   129721 gcacccgcgc agaccctaac gctagctgtc tctgcctcgc tgtgtctctt caaggagcca
   129781 tcactcccag acgggcacga gcccccttct tgacgtctga aggacaaggg ggtctggagg
   129841 aggagggcac ggagggggag gaggcagcgg gcggggagtg gaggaagaga aggtagaagg
   129901 gtatttacat cttgcatgaa cttgcggcag acgggacgga tctctttgct caaggtagca
   129961 ctgaacatca tgacctgctt ctcgtggggg gtcatgcgaa aaatttcctg gacatcccga
   130021 cgcatgtctg cagtgaagga aaaacgagag gagaaaacag caccgtgaaa accagagcag
   130081 agggcctgcc ggctgaggtc gagactggaa gcaggtaagc gagtgactca ctccacggaa
   130141 aagtgcccca gttctctcta gttctccgag caccgtcaaa ccagacccac agcaatcaca
   130201 agggaaaaag cagcgagctt gaaataaacg attcccagct ctgtctcaat caaccccaaa
   130261 gccccaagta aacagggatg aagcccacca cgtagtctca aaaggacaag gcctttgcaa
   130321 aatgctccca actcctcatt ctctaagccc cagcctctgc agttacgaca ttccagatgt
   130381 caagtctact ccacgccgcc atcactgccc ggagccacct gacagctggc catcttaaac
   130441 agccatcaag atccatcaca agaacttccc tagactatgt ccacccccct cacccactca
   130501 cccacattca gttcttactg aaattttcct tcaacaaccc cactcagccc gctagaacag
   130561 cacaccatac aaactcccac tctctctcca ttatcccaga atttaggcct agcaatctac
   130621 tcagccacaa tcctaaccgc aggtgttatg cttcagaggc cagagtagac catctccttg
   130681 ttgagtacct cccactacaa cacccactgt taaaaaaaaa aaagaggagc tgtagtggtg
   130741 gcgtattatc agactcctag tctcaaagaa catctgtcat agaaagcaca cgatatccac
   130801 ctcgctaacg gtcaaaattg tttaaagcgc taacaaaggc agtccaggga acccagagcc
   130861 atcagtcatg ggtgatagat agagtcgtcc ttgcactgag tgctcctgta gcaaacaagc
   130921 atcatttggc tctgaagggc ggggccctgg accgccagcc agtcccagca ctgccactca
   130981 ccgagctgtt caagcatctt gtcgcattca tccaagataa agtgtttaat gtgtttgagg
   131041 ttgaggctct tgttccgagc cagggctagg atgcggccag gagtccccac gacaatatgc
   131101 gggcagttct tcttcagcac ctcttcatcc ttcttgatag acagaccacc aaaaaacacg
   131161 gcaacctgcc aaaccaggga cagagcgtga caatgaagga aggattccaa tctgcccaga
   131221 gtccccattc actcaagttg ctccaaacca cgtcgtagaa catttcagaa ctttatcttt
   131281 ggacctgggg ctcgcgttgt ggtacagcag gttaaagcca ccacctgcaa caccagcatc
   131341 ccacgtgggc aacggttcaa gtcccagctg ctccacttcc agtccagctc cctgctaatg
   131401 tgcctgggaa agcagcagaa aatggcccaa gtgcttgggg ccctgctacc catatgggaa
   131461 actcggatga aattcctggc ttcagtctgg cccagatcct ttggggagtg aaccagcaaa
   131521 tgaaagctct ctcctcctcg ctctaagtaa ctctgccttt caaataaata aatctatata
   131581 aaacaaacaa aaaagataca ccattcctgt agagcctcca gcttcctctt gctacactct
   131641 ccaaaattct caaagcacag tgaagtgaac gggtataagt actagtaagg aaagcacggt
   131701 ggcagctagg cacgtggtac agtggttaag ctatcacatg ggacatccgc atcccatata
   131761 cggagtccct ggttgaaaat ctgtatgcat atacacacaa gtgcctttca aataaaaaca
   131821 gaaacttcaa aaagaggatg gccatgtggt acacagcatc cagagcgtga tcgtgagttc
   131881 tgctacccaa caggtgtatt tacactgcat taagccaagc caaactaagg cttctacaaa
   131941 aataaaatgc agcaaagcat ctcttgaatt ataatgtata tgcaatgagc cctatgattt
   132001 agtaagatct cctgtacact ggaagcctga gggacttagc atcacttaca catatgccga
   132061 gattctcaca taagctgtaa tacacactgc tgagctaaac tttaaggtcc ccaaagccca
   132121 cccccaccca cacccccatt cactctgtcc gtctccatgc ttgcttacct tgacattggg
   132181 catgtactta gagaagcgct catactcctt gctaatctga aaagccagct ctctagtgtg
   132241 acacatcacc agcacagaca cctgggagga gagagggtta catgaaaaca tacagtgtat
   132301 atgcctcttt gttgccctct tggagagtaa gaaatacaga agcacacctg gagaccacaa
   132361 ataacttagg ttctgagatt tcaatgatca gccccaagct t