LOCUS       KJ810978               83793 bp    DNA     linear   MAM 25-MAY-2014
DEFINITION  Oryctolagus cuniculus clone BAC LBAB_319H05, complete sequence.
VERSION     KJ810978.1
SOURCE      Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)
  ORGANISM  Oryctolagus cuniculus
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Lagomorpha;
            Leporidae; Oryctolagus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 83793)
  AUTHORS   Rogel-Gaillard,C. and Bed'Hom,B.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (09-MAY-2014) UMR1313 Animal Genetics and Integrative
            Biology, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA),
            Domaine de Vilvert, Jouy-en-Josas F-78350, France
COMMENT     ##Assembly-Data-START##
            Assembly Method       :: PhredPhrap v. v. 16
            Sequencing Technology :: Sanger dideoxy sequencing
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..83793
                     /organism="Oryctolagus cuniculus"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /clone="BAC LBAB_319H05"
     repeat_region   complement(1..278)
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_I-int"
     repeat_region   complement(308..780)
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   complement(781..929)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   1170..1472
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   1806..1882
                     /note="matching L1MC2"
     repeat_region   1883..1986
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(1987..2330)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   2331..2522
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   2523..2661
                     /note="matching L1MC2"
     repeat_region   2673..2838
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(2887..3198)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   3216..3351
                     /note="matching L1MC2"
     repeat_region   3374..3732
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   3762..4188
                     /note="matching L1MC1_EC"
     repeat_region   4223..4387
     repeat_region   4325..4392
     repeat_region   4399..4524
                     /note="matching L1MC2"
     repeat_region   4525..4784
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   4785..4861
     repeat_region   4862..4901
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   4902..5031
                     /note="matching L1MC2"
     repeat_region   5352..5461
                     /note="matching L2"
     repeat_region   5582..5607
     repeat_region   5610..5709
                     /note="matching MER88"
     repeat_region   complement(5719..6036)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(6217..6313)
                     /note="matching LTR36_OC"
     repeat_region   6314..6346
     repeat_region   complement(6347..6393)
                     /note="matching LTR36_OC"
     repeat_region   6396..6422
     repeat_region   complement(6463..6648)
                     /note="matching LTR36_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(6847..7161)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   7487..7823
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   complement(8021..8328)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(8799..9029)
                     /note="matching L1M3a"
     repeat_region   complement(9264..9286)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   9287..9509
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   9510..9546
     repeat_region   9547..9593
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(9594..9630)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   9632..9662
     repeat_region   10881..10904
     repeat_region   10960..11239
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(11251..11312)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   11315..11626
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   14001..14478
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   14511..14552
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   15343..15362
     repeat_region   16368..16616
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   16617..16659
     repeat_region   16660..16713
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(16801..17128)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   17241..17257
     repeat_region   18452..18714
                     /note="matching L1M5"
     repeat_region   complement(18853..19193)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   19270..19314
     repeat_region   complement(19421..19753)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   19754..20031
     repeat_region   complement(20044..20302)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   20520..20870
                     /note="matching CSINE2A2_OP"
     repeat_region   20940..21260
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(21313..21351)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   21352..21378
     repeat_region   complement(21379..21615)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   21802..22080
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   22387..22444
                     /note="matching LTR14_OC"
     repeat_region   22424..22585
                     /note="matching LLTR29_OC"
     repeat_region   22586..22939
                     /note="matching LTR14_OC"
     repeat_region   23244..23544
                     /note="matching LTR30_OC"
     repeat_region   24549..24665
                     /note="matching LTR17_OC"
     repeat_region   24693..24913
                     /note="matching MLT1A1"
     repeat_region   25103..25309
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(25870..26178)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   26968..27232
                     /note="matching LTR30_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(27658..27978)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   28419..28695
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(28824..29161)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   29209..29553
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(29639..29965)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   30634..30742
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   30898..30922
     repeat_region   31039..31057
     repeat_region   complement(31062..31143)
                     /note="matching CSINE2C_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(31269..31354)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   32094..32600
                     /note="matching LTR8C_OC"
     repeat_region   33024..33073
                     /note="matching TUB1"
     repeat_region   34637..34661
     repeat_region   complement(35366..35678)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(35756..36088)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(36618..36970)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(36971..37276)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(37281..37494)
                     /note="matching L1M2"
     repeat_region   37508..37768
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   37769..37812
     repeat_region   37813..37872
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   38077..38667
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   38685..39039
                     /note="matching L2a"
     repeat_region   complement(39526..39591)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(39599..40097)
                     /note="matching LTR20C_OC"
     repeat_region   40098..40475
                     /note="matching LTR27_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(40476..40573)
                     /note="matching LTR20C_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(40574..40806)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   41637..41668
     repeat_region   44182..44375
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   44376..44414
     repeat_region   44415..44485
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(44569..44611)
                     /note="matching Charlie1a"
     repeat_region   complement(44790..44811)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   44812..45144
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(45145..45424)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   45598..45914
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   45920..45965
     repeat_region   complement(45966..46299)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   46339..46475
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   complement(46509..46644)
                     /note="matching L1MA4"
     repeat_region   complement(46645..47598)
                     /note="matching partial Sat-1_TSy"
     repeat_region   47866..48049
                     /note="matching MER3"
     repeat_region   complement(48807..49075)
                     /note="matching MER90a"
     repeat_region   49080..49401
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   49581..49892
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   49991..50315
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(50377..50590)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(50726..50875)
                     /note="matching MIRb"
     repeat_region   51694..52033
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(52132..52486)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(52536..52874)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   53241..53449
                     /note="matching LTR30_OC"
     repeat_region   complement(53602..53646)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   53647..53688
     repeat_region   complement(53689..53944)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(53972..54297)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(54375..54517)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(54520..54655)
                     /note="matching L1M4"
     repeat_region   54685..54709
     repeat_region   complement(54710..54977)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   55238..55400
                     /note="matching DNAX1_Opr"
     repeat_region   55481..55532
     repeat_region   complement(55755..55769)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   55770..55795
     repeat_region   complement(55796..55864)
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(56692..56961)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(57460..57840)
                     /note="matching LTR32B1_OC"
     repeat_region   57919..58842
                     /note="matching L1C_OC"
     repeat_region   59238..59713
                     /note="matching ERVNOC_LTR"
     repeat_region   60267..60399
                     /note="matching LTR23_AMe"
     repeat_region   60406..60534
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   61040..61360
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   61431..61491
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(61492..61812)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   61813..61870
                     /note="matching HSMAR2"
     repeat_region   complement(62158..62448)
                     /note="matching L1M4a1"
     repeat_region   62449..62477
     repeat_region   complement(62478..62649)
                     /note="matching L1M4a1"
     repeat_region   complement(63159..63371)
                     /note="matching L1M4a1"
     repeat_region   complement(63845..63951)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   63953..64101
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(64373..64688)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(65048..65313)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   65533..65640
                     /note="matching MIR"
     repeat_region   complement(65674..65979)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   66095..66273
                     /note="matching MLT1H1"
     repeat_region   66424..66677
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(66680..66975)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   67144..67485
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(67578..67914)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   68156..68467
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(68468..68822)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(69480..69499)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   69500..69818
                     /note="matching CSINE1"
     repeat_region   complement(69819..70113)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   complement(70250..70266)
                     /note="matching CSINE2"
     repeat_region   70267..70583
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
     repeat_region   complement(70584..70863)
                     /note="matching CSINE2C_OP"
     repeat_region   71328..71361
     repeat_region   complement(72917..73061)
                     /note="matching Tigger19a"
     repeat_region   75246..75354
                     /note="matching MIR3"
     repeat_region   76396..76517
                     /note="matching L2c"
     repeat_region   complement(76634..76794)
                     /note="matching L2c"
     repeat_region   complement(78799..78998)
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   79355..79375
     repeat_region   79425..79452
     repeat_region   complement(79453..79758)
                     /note="matching CSINE3A"
     repeat_region   79759..79775
     repeat_region   80114..80458
                     /note="matching CSINE2B"
     repeat_region   80895..81011
                     /note="matching L2c"
     repeat_region   81002..81122
                     /note="matching MIRb"
     repeat_region   81668..81701
     repeat_region   82547..82818
                     /note="matching Tigger19b"
     repeat_region   82931..83249
                     /note="matching CSINE2B_OP"
BASE COUNT        20075 a        21630 c        21182 g        20906 t
        1 aagctttcct ccaacgatat tcctccctca tttctcctgg cctctcccca cagtccgcgt
       61 ccgaatctgt ttgttctagc tttcactttc gctttcgacc ttagagattt ctcccagctt
      121 ccccccgtag tccgtatccg agtctatgcc taggctttca atagcttctt ccggctcctt
      181 tttcgtccgg cttttcccta ggctgtttgc tagtctctct ctccgatatt ttcccagttc
      241 ttcccgtttc ttccctccta ggtttcctat ccgagtcagg tttcctatcc gagtcacggc
      301 accattatgt cgctccccct cttcgtggag gagcaacaca ggaccctgcg ctgttctttc
      361 gtctgctcgg ccctccccgg gtttgctgct ggttcttccc gggttggcta ctatcccttc
      421 cacctccgtg gaagggcagt tccccctggc cgcattcccc acttccgcag gggagcggca
      481 caccgccggc cggctttctc gggggctgca cgggttccct tagatgttcc ccatagatgt
      541 tcccggtgca tgccgtttct ctcctccttt atagtccttc tctgccaatc ccaactcggc
      601 tgcccacacg ccgagtacgc tgctctccaa tcaggagcaa gtcctacagt taattggttg
      661 aactggaggc agctgtgcgg aagctgttta cttctctccc agcgccatat tgtgggagag
      721 cagatgcata gaataagtct taattcgagt aacttagtct agtccggatt gctccccaca
      781 ccaaggactt gagccatcct ctgctgcttc cccaggccat tagcagggag ctggctcaga
      841 agcagagcag ctgggacaag aataggtgcc tgtgtgggat gccagcactg cagacggcaa
      901 cctaacccac tgagccacag taccaaccca caagtcctct cctggggcaa ctcaccttgg
      961 agtatttgca tcatggaaat gagcaaggtc tgattcatgg gggagctact aaacttgccc
     1021 ttggtgaaca tgaagtcaaa tggaattcac gtaacacgtg ccctaccacc cagaaatggc
     1081 taactcaacc atgagacgca ctgagactct ctcttcatag tccttggctc agggacacca
     1141 gtcaatagaa acttcaacaa tcaaaggtgg ggggcagtgc tgtggtgtaa tgggtaaagc
     1201 cactacctgc agtgctggta tttcatgtgg gcgctgattc tagtcctggc tgttccactt
     1261 ctgatccagc tctctgctat ggcctgggaa agcagtagaa gatggcccaa gtgcttgggc
     1321 ccctgcaccc acgtgggaga cctggaagaa gctcctggct cttggcttca gatcagtgca
     1381 tctctggcca ttgtggccat ctggagaatg aaccagtgga tggaagacct ctctctctgc
     1441 cttttaaata attaaataaa tcttttaaaa aatatgccca tcaaagactg gattgtacag
     1501 aactaaaggt gggtgtggcc tcatctgaca ggactcccgc tgaggtgaga agctgggatg
     1561 agtgggggga aggacacaca gcctcgcagc ctcgtgaagg gaggggccac actgcatgtt
     1621 cacggtgctg ctcttctcct tcctctgccc gctacattta tgggaagctg tggctgctgt
     1681 taggtataca cagggatggc ctgacactat tccacagcaa aggcagctgc tgaggacaag
     1741 gaatggtcgt tgtgagttgc agaagtggtg gacactgggc attcacgcac taacagaaga
     1801 agcagtttac atacagcacc aaaagcatga ccatgggaga aaaactaagt tgaaatttac
     1861 tagaattcaa atcttctgct ttggggctgg cactgtggca tagcaggtaa agccaccacc
     1921 tgcagtgctg gcatcccata tgggcactgg tttgagtcct ggctgctcca cttcttcttc
     1981 ttcttcttct tctttttttt tttttttttt tgacagagtg gacagtgaga gagagagaca
     2041 gagagaaagg tcttcctttg ccattggttc accctccaat ggccgccact ggcgcgctgt
     2101 ggctggtgca ccgcactgat ccgatggcag gagccaggta cttatcctgg tctcccatgg
     2161 ggtgcagggc ccaagcactt gggccatcct ccactgcact cccgggccac agcagagagc
     2221 tggcctggaa gaggggcaac cgggacagaa tccagtgccc cgaccgggac tagaacccgg
     2281 tgtgccagcg ccccaaggag gaggattagc ctattgagcc gcggcgccgg cttgatgctc
     2341 cacttgtgat ccagctctct gctaatgcac ctgggaaagc agtgtaggct ggcccaagac
     2401 catttgggga gtgaaccaat gtatgaaaga ctcctctctc tctctttctc tccctctccc
     2461 tctctctctt tctgcctctg taactctgtc tttcatataa atacaataaa tcttaaaaaa
     2521 aatcttctac tttgtgaaag acattgttga gagaatgaaa agccatagcc tgcgagaacg
     2581 tatctgccaa acatgaatgt gaaaaaatac acaaaggatt ttttaacgtc aacaataaga
     2641 aagcaaacaa cacaattaaa actaagaggg caccagcgtt gtggcgcagt gagttaaagt
     2701 cccagagtgc agtgccaaca tcccatatgg gtgccggttc aggtcccagc tgctccactt
     2761 ctgatccagc tccctgctaa tgctcctggg aaagcagtag aagatggccc aggtccttag
     2821 gcccttgtac ccacgtggta cagatgaaaa catgatctac atcatatatc attagataat
     2881 tgcaaatttt tacaaaaata ttatttattt aaaaggcaga gttacaagga ggcagaggaa
     2941 gaaagagaga gaaaggtctt ccaccctctg attcactctc cagatggcca caacagttga
     3001 gctgtgctga tccaagccag gagccaggag tgtcttccag gtctcccagt aagtgcagga
     3061 gcccaaggac ttgggccatc ctctactgct ttcctaggcc atagcagaga gctggatggg
     3121 aagtggagca gctggatctc gaaccagtgc ccatgtggga tgccagcact gcagaccggg
     3181 gctttaacct gctgcgcctg ctgcatcagc ctgataactg caaattaaaa caataataag
     3241 gtaccaccac acattgattt gcatggctaa cctccaaaac agagacaaca tcaaatgctg
     3301 gcaagggtgt gaaacaacag gattctcatt catggctggt tgaaatgcaa attataaata
     3361 ttaaagctgt cttggggccg gctccgcggc tcactaggct aatcctccgc cttgtggtgc
     3421 cggcactccg ggttctagtc ccggtcaggg cgccggattc tgtcccggtt gcccctcttc
     3481 caggccagcc ctctgctgtg gccagggagt gcagtggagg atggcccaag tgcttgggcc
     3541 ctgcacccca tgggagacca ggataagtac ctggctcctg ccatcggatc agcgtggtgc
     3601 gcgggccgca gcgcgccaac cgcggcggcc attggagggt gaaccaatgg caaaggagga
     3661 cctttctctc tttttctctc tctcactgtc cactctgcct gtacaaaata aataaataaa
     3721 taaataaaat aataataata ataaaagaaa aaaaaagctg tcttggaaag atagcttggc
     3781 agcttcttgt aaagctacac gtacacttct acagatcagc agtcgtgctc ctcgggttac
     3841 ccaagtgggt gaaaggctgc ccacgcgcac gcccgtgcat ggatatgtat tctcgcttta
     3901 gtcatagttg ccaatgcaga aatgtcttca ggaagtgaat gggcaactgt ggtgcgttct
     3961 gataacggaa tgctattcga caataagaaa aaatagacta ttcgctatga gaggccaggg
     4021 aggagccctc attgtgcgtt gctcagggaa agacgctaat ccaatgtgaa aaggctgtgt
     4081 actgtgtgat tccactatct gatgttctgg aagaggcccc aagtaaaacc atggagacgc
     4141 cacaaagatc gtggttgcca ggggctgagg ggaggcacag agggatgatg tatgccattg
     4201 ttgtatgtta gctacaaata ggtatacatt tgttatatat atacacacac gtgtgtgcat
     4261 gcatgtgtgc atatgtaaaa taactatata taatgaatta tatattatat atgtacagag
     4321 aaggtagata atattataat tttacattac atttatatta ttttatatac tttttatata
     4381 aaatataatt ttggtggata ttattattat acttggtgag taataccatt atagttttgc
     4441 caaaagccat aggaagaacc ctaatgtaaa ctatggactt tagttactaa taatgtatca
     4501 gtcttataac aaatgtactg ctctggggcc gatgctgtgg tgcagcaggt taacgccctg
     4561 gcctgaagta ccagcatctc atatgggtgc cggttctagt cccggctgct ccacttctga
     4621 ttcagctctc tgctatggcc tgggaaagca gtggaagatg gcccaagtcc ttgggcccct
     4681 gcacccacgt gggagaccca gaagaacctc ctggctcctg gcttcggatt ggtgcagctc
     4741 tggccattgt ggccaactgg ggagtgaacc agtggacgga agacctctct ctctctctct
     4801 ctctctctct ctctttctct ctttctctct ttctctcttt ctctctttct ctcctctctc
     4861 tgtgtaactc tgactttcaa ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa atgtactaaa ctgatgcaag
     4921 ctgttaatga caaggaagtg aggggaatat gaagggctat ttggagactg tacttttcac
     4981 tcagtttctc tataaatcta ctattgctat aagaaaaata aagcctaata agtaaaaaaa
     5041 ctgaacaccc gatgtgagac cttctaacta ctcaacgatt cgacctttag ttgaagatgt
     5101 cactggcctg gtggtcggct gaaggccaca ggtgcacctg ggtctctgct gcagctgtgg
     5161 ctcctagagg tcgagtcact gctcgctcct ttgtccctgc aggcctggtg tccccgctag
     5221 tccctcaggg cttctgcgtg cctgcctagg gctcctgaac cctccccatg tccactggaa
     5281 ttgtcctctt gtcacagggc gctcagtcat aagcccctcc cctcccaaat aaaaagattc
     5341 ctcttactga agttcctctt ctctcaaaac tctgctataa cttcccgttc ccatcagagc
     5401 aaaggccagg acctcgccct accctgccgg cctgcagatc tccgggactc tgctcgctct
     5461 ccccagagca cagacaagct cctgccccag gattttgctc agaaagaact cgcccctgat
     5521 gccctcgtgg acgattcctc gtgttcctca agcttctccc tgaaagactc tgcattatgg
     5581 cttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttact ttatctggtg cttcagcact ctcacaaaca
     5641 gcttgtggaa accccacccc tacaccagga tagggctgct tcctgtgcaa gttcccctct
     5701 tcttatcttt tttttttttt ttttttgtaa agctttatgt atttatttga aagtcagagt
     5761 tacacagaaa gagaaggaga ggcagagaga gagaggcctt ccatccactg gttcactccc
     5821 cagatggcca caatggctgg agctgggccc atccaaagcc aggagccagg agcttcttcc
     5881 aggtctccca tgcaggtgca gtgacccaag gatttgggcc atcttctact cacccaggcc
     5941 atagcagaga gctggatgtg aagtggagca gccaggactt gaaccagcgc ccttgtggga
     6001 tggcggcctt acccgctatg ccacagcacc tgccccaagg ctgcagtttt tgtatgtttc
     6061 atttcactgg tgtttcccag atgcaaaagt ggtgtgtacc aaatacctcc cactgctctc
     6121 aggccatagc tggaagtggc tagagttgaa ttctgagctg agccatttcc agatggactg
     6181 tggacttggt gggggagagg tgggttctgg agtccctatc ctaggctctt gcttgttacc
     6241 tggagacgca ctctaagtac aggcacaaat atgacataca gggtagtaat gtttacttaa
     6301 aagacaagag aatcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacctgg gcattgttca
     6361 agaatagagt gggctgggaa gggaagagag gagcaaggga gagagaggga gacagagaga
     6421 gatgtgtttc agtaccctgc atcctctgtc tgcaggaaga gtccctcccc actgctgacc
     6481 tcttctgagg ttggaaaggg gcgtggctac atggtaccgc ccccaggtcc caggtaaggg
     6541 gagagacatc ctggggaatg ggtcatttga ctgacaggtg ggcaaatggg attgcatagg
     6601 gtgggggaag tgtggtccta atctagctac ctgccttatg ctacatcagg acggaggcca
     6661 gcaaacttga cccaacaggc aggtcgccct tcaggtgctg gggggtggaa caggacagtt
     6721 ctcagacctc ctctggggtg ggggtgatgt gggcaatgga catattaact gccaatccac
     6781 attcttctgt agagacagaa atactaagtg gagagtagtg ttgtaggcaa agagaaacag
     6841 aatttattta ttttgaagat tatttatttg aaaagcaggg ttacagagag gaacagatag
     6901 aatgagagag aggtcttcca tttgctgttt tacttcccaa atgaccacaa cgcccgaggc
     6961 tgggccaggc tgaagccagg agcctggcac cccatccagg gctctcacat agatagtagg
     7021 ggcccaagcc cctgggccat tttctgctgc tttcccaggc ctttagcagg aagtggagca
     7081 tctgggactc acaccagcac tcataagaga tgctggcatc acaggctgca ccttaaccat
     7141 ttgcatcacg atgctggccc ccagaatgta tttaacagtg agggaataga cacacattca
     7201 catgtgagtg tggacctcct cacacagaga aacacccagc gtgagtggcc aaagggttgc
     7261 ccgtgagagt gtggaaaaac ccaagaacag agcctgtaag caaaaagaga gcagcccacc
     7321 ggagagctgt cagtggtgga aagagggctc tcgcccacct tctcactctg tatataagga
     7381 aggagaggaa accccaatgg gatgtacaaa tggggtggag tctgagcatg cgctgtggta
     7441 ctggatgcaa cctgggaagt ttggcctatc aagactacag ctcgttggca ggcaccgcgg
     7501 taatcctcca cctagtggcg ccggcacacc gagttctagt tctggttggg gcgccggatt
     7561 ctgtcccggt tgcccctctt ccaggccagc tctctgctgt ggcccgggag agtagtggag
     7621 gatggcccaa gtgcttggtc cctgcacccc atgggagacc aggagaagca cctggctcct
     7681 gccttcggat cagcgtggtg cgccggccgc agtgcaccgg ctgcggtggc cattggaggg
     7741 tgaaccaacg gcaaaggaag acctttctct ctgtctctct ctctcactgt ccactctgcc
     7801 tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagactacag ctcgagacag ggtcacactg
     7861 cagggtgcag gcactgcagc tcgtccaaac gtgagctacc tagttgcacc atggggcggg
     7921 taatgggaga tgttcgaccc aaggctcata gatgtttcag tgtacacgca gccatagcaa
     7981 atttatgttc ccttgctttc ttttcacatt aaaaaaaaaa aaacatttta tttttttatt
     8041 tgagaggcag agttacagac agagagaggg agagagagat cttccatcca ctggttcact
     8101 ccccagttgg ccacagtggc tggaggtggg ccagtctgaa gccaggagtt tcttccaggt
     8161 ctcccacgtg ggtgcaggga cccaagtatt tggatcatct tcagctgctt ttccggccat
     8221 agcagagagc tggatcagaa gaggcgcagc tggggctcga acaagccacc catatgggat
     8281 gctggtgcca caggtggagg cttagtccac aacaccacag cactggcccc ttcttttcac
     8341 attttaactg gcaaaagcta actctcagtc ttgtgacttt cctctgacta gtcctttgaa
     8401 taataatgtt tgcatgagaa tttctggagc caatggaaag gaaatgactg gaatggcaga
     8461 ccttacaccc cagctaagga agaaatttac aaccaccata tctaagaaac taagctaagc
     8521 tccatatcta agaaactcca ccccctgatc atctgaacac aaacataccc tgaagcctgc
     8581 caaagaatca acagactaga tcagttgttt cttttctctc tctctccctg cccccaccaa
     8641 ctatccttgc tcccatgaag ttgtggccag cttgcaaatt ggggaagagg atatttgaaa
     8701 ctgtagagtt agcctggccg ctctgataaa ctaaccgact aaccgactcc tggccagcag
     8761 ccagcagccc gggctagttc ctgtacaaag tccaccatct gtcaccacca aggcacaagt
     8821 gggcctgact ctcccaggtg cctggcagat ggcgctggtg gcaggaccaa gggcaaatgg
     8881 agctgtgcac ggtgccactt gtgggtctgc agccatgacc atggccagtg agcctgctcc
     8941 gcgccctggg ctgctctctc caggtggtct gggcgtcccc agagtctcac aacctcctct
     9001 cagaatctga cagctcccac aaaagccctc accagggggc gctagttgtt ctgggcaggc
     9061 gccggcagga ggcctgcttc gctgtcctgc tgaatcccat tggagtaaac tttaggaagg
     9121 aagcggaact gacagagcca gggactcagt agaggggcac tttggaagca gaccctggcg
     9181 tgtcagcagg gactttcata ggacaacaag cagtgtgtgt agtgggggag gagctaggga
     9241 agacaacggg tcctgaattt ttttttttct tttttagatt taatttgggg ctagtgctgt
     9301 ggcttaatag gttaagcatc tgcctgcagc accggcatcc catatgggca cctggctgct
     9361 ccactttcga tctagcctcc ctgcttatgg cctgaaaaga agtggaagat ggcccaagtg
     9421 cttgtacccc catgggggac ccaagaagct cctggctcct ggctgatgga cccatctccg
     9481 gccattgcag tcatctggga atggaagacc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc
     9541 tctctcccca cacctctttc tgtaactctg ccctttaaaa aacattttta aaattttatt
     9601 tgaaaggcag agttacagag aggcagaaag ggagagagag agagagagag agagagagag
     9661 aggctgctaa gggaaccagt accgaaagga aattaggcac atgtgcagcg ggagtagaag
     9721 ccatgaacgg aacaccagct gtacaaactt tcacattctt ttttgagcat gcgttgaata
     9781 aactgctttg ttcagtgtag cgaagcagag aaggccgagc gcccagaagc agagcagtgc
     9841 tgtggcaggg tccagaagac catagacagg gtggggctca gtgggatcag cctcttggct
     9901 ctctgggaga tgcctgggag ggtgtgtgga gctggagcct gggggacagc ggcagccaag
     9961 cctggacgag gagctgagga cagcacgcag gctgggtgcc cttgagcgag agcagagtgg
    10021 gcccagggct ggagaccccc acttctaaga ggttccttcc tccagcagga cctgcgacag
    10081 tgtctttggc tcagatggct gtcctgggag acgagcagag catttgggca ccctcccaac
    10141 ccgtgtgggg aaaatgagca gcagggtcag tgagcctgca gctgctctat tcctgaccct
    10201 tccctggtac acttgttccc tgcggcgctg gggggtgcgc tgtgcccctt ggattgcatt
    10261 tgggatgcat gcggaagggc ttctccctcc tggactacag gactggagct cctccaccca
    10321 ctggtcctct ccctgactga acaaagggac cgcgtttcca gcagagcctt ggaccgtggg
    10381 cggcatccca ctgctttgca ctgtcagcag ggtccctgcg ccaggcggga acgggactgc
    10441 tcttaaacaa gactggtgct ggcttgggga ggccaagccc agagcagtgg ttgccactgg
    10501 aggaagcctc cacataggca tcagcaacac ggggtctctg ctttccctcc tctccctctc
    10561 gcgctcctct tctcctgcag ggatgtgcag ctcacgggct tcagggaaga agcaaagcac
    10621 cagcaaaggc gtaaggacct aggacttccc tacaacctcc tcctggtgca agcatggagc
    10681 gtggtcagct atgcagctgg gtgagcgtcc cctgtgggca ctctgagtgg tggcacctgc
    10741 accccctctg gcgttctcca aaagcccaat gactgtgtct ttagtgctcc ttgagcaaca
    10801 actttgcaaa cagcaacagg gactggcatg ataaaattac aacgtggcat ttgtggcagc
    10861 cagaccctaa gacaatcccc tacacacata catacataca tccacctcag atttattact
    10921 gaggccagtg tttgtggcgt gccagagaaa gtctctgggg ccagcatccc atttggatac
    10981 tgtttctagt cccgctgctc cacttctgat ccagctctct gctatggcct gggaaagcag
    11041 cagaggatgg cccaagtgct tgggtccctg cagccgcctg ggagacctgg aggaagctct
    11101 tggctccagg cttcagatca gcccagctct ggccatcatg gccatttggg gagtgaatca
    11161 tgggatggaa gatctctttc tgtttctcct tctctttctc tgtcactctg atttccacat
    11221 aaataaaatc tttaaaaaat ttctttatgt gaaaggtaga gtgacagaga cagaagtttc
    11281 cctctgctga ttcactctct aaacagcagc aacaggggct ggtgctgtgg tgtagcgggt
    11341 taacgttctg gcctgaagcg ccggcatccc atatgggcac tggttcctgt cccgactgct
    11401 ccatttcgga tccagctccc tgctgatttt cctgggaagg cagcagaaga tggcccaggt
    11461 gcttgggtcc ttccatcagg taggcaacca ggatggagtt ccaggctcct ggtttggcct
    11521 ggtccagccc tggttgccac ggccatttgg ggtgtgtagc agtggactcg ctcttgctgt
    11581 cttgctctcc ctgttactct ttcaaataaa tgaatctttg aaaaaacaaa ctcttttatt
    11641 cctttttaca gcttctttca atgacattgg gagtcccctc cttccgggga ccatcacgca
    11701 ttgtgctgac attggatgta aggcagccgt gtcccgctgt ggaaggaagg aatgacaaag
    11761 ctaggtgggt cactgcgaat gctcacactc agcagcccgc tggtcactca gaatatccaa
    11821 accaaagatc cagtgtctta gcttcacaag acacgagagc cagcactgtt cctgcctggc
    11881 ccaaagcgag gctgagtcag ggccaaggga gacgagactg cagaaggaat ggtgggttga
    11941 gtgaactctc tgtacacact gctctgtacg cactgctgca ggggttgcgc gcctcccccc
    12001 ttcacatttt tgctcagctc catcctttac ttcctgtggg aagaggaagt cccgtgagca
    12061 gccagggaga aggcagggcc gtggggccct gggggagccc ccagtcctga accccactgg
    12121 agtctccaga gccatgggtg cagggcagga tcaggatcac ggggagagag ggagtgcagg
    12181 gctgcagcca ggcccccatc agaggtctgc cctcagcagg gccctgctct ctccctgcca
    12241 ctgtggggaa tcaggccccc aaaccagagt caccaatggg aaaagcctgc ttcacttccc
    12301 gtgggtatta cagaggggcg tcagcagagg cctgcaacca gccagctcaa gtgtatgtgg
    12361 gtggagcttc ctgtgaatgg ggcaggtgca ttctacccag gcttgaaatc ctctatcagg
    12421 ggacaggaga ctcagacccc accctcccct cccctacctg agctgtgctt cctcctcctc
    12481 acaacagcga ccacaactcc caggatcaga agaactccaa gaactccagc aacaattccc
    12541 actatgagcg cagtgggctg agcaggaggc tctgagaggg aaggggaggt gaggggctct
    12601 gaccccaggg ctcagccctg accctgctga aggccccagc agggctctgc cctcccctca
    12661 gagcccccgc cgccctgccc tcctcacccc atctcagggt gaggggctca ggcagcccct
    12721 cgtgctgcac acggcacgtg tatctctgct cctccccaga aggcaccacc acagccgccc
    12781 acttctggaa ggttccgtcg cccccaggcc tggtctccac gagctccgtg tcctgggtct
    12841 ggtcctcccc atcccgctgc caggtcagtg agatctccgc ggggtagaag cccagggccc
    12901 agcacctcag ggtggcctcc ttgtcagagg cggggtggtg ggtcacgtgg gctttgggcg
    12961 ggtctgtggc agacaaagca gggatggtct gggcagggtg tccactaaac gatggagatg
    13021 tcccagctcc tgatggcgtg ggggcccacc aggtaggagt cgggggaaga gtggcaggag
    13081 catccgctac gcaggtgtgg agggaaccca gtgggttaaa ctggtcccag ggaagggcct
    13141 agagctcggg gcagaccctg tcctccagag gagcctcttc tgacctcctt gccctggccc
    13201 cgggctctca ggccctgctc ctggacggtg tcgctagtgg ggaagcagcc gtagtgtgag
    13261 aaatgcccct ccccagaacc atgcctagag gtctccagag agttctctca cccctgggag
    13321 gcttaggaag gagggacaga ggcactgccc aggagacgtc agatgagagg accccagatc
    13381 cacacctctt ggttgaggga ctccaagctc agcaaccaga caacctacat ccctgggccg
    13441 gagcagctcc aggactggcc ccaccccctt acacacagga gacatgagtg gtccccgccg
    13501 gctgtgtggg ggagggggag tggcggggct gggggagctc attaccagtg cgcgtggagt
    13561 ttgcccctct gagctccaag tatctgtgca gccacagggc acactccttt gtcaagtaca
    13621 tcacgtctct ctgcatgtgg tcctggccgg cctcccattt ctgcttggtg tagcgggcta
    13681 gaggtgaggc tgccacatac tgccgagagt ccacatccaa ggtcaggtag tcgtcaccgt
    13741 cgtagccgta ctgccagtgt cccgtggtcc caccgtcgtc ttggagttca cagccatatg
    13801 tgaactgcag agtgtggggc cctgcccacc cccaggcccg ggcatgtcag tatgggcaga
    13861 tgcacctccg gcgcccctct ccatcacggt ccccgtccct gcaccccacc tgccttaccg
    13921 ctcggcttct ccttagtgac tcgctcactc tacacaatcg agtttggcct cctgatgctg
    13981 acctctcctt gctgtcagcc tgtggggagc aactcggact ggactaagtt actggaatta
    14041 agacttattc tatgcagctg ctctcccaca atatggcgct gggagagaag aaaacagctt
    14101 ctacacagct gcctccagtt cagccaataa actgtaggac ttgctcctga ttggaggaga
    14161 gcagcgtact cggcgtgtgg gcagccgagt taggattggc ggaggaggac tataaaggag
    14221 gagagagacg gcatgcacca ggaacatcta aggggaacat ctggaggaac acctgtgcag
    14281 cccccgagag agccggccgg cggtgtgccg ctcccctgcg gaagtgggga aagtggccag
    14341 ggggaaccgc ccttccacgg aggtggaagg gatagtagcc aacccgggaa gaaccagcag
    14401 caaacccggg gagggccgag cagacgaaag aacagcgcag ggtcctgtgt cgttcctcca
    14461 cgaagagggg gagcgacata atggtgccgt gactcggata tgaagcctag gcagggttta
    14521 gtgtcgttcc tccatgaaga gggggagcga catcagccct gcttggggaa ggatctaggt
    14581 gctgtccagc atggactgaa aaagcatgca agggagtctt tgccacctct tgctatgcct
    14641 ccaatacctg cacagcactg ccagccatac gggtgcctcc ctgtaggagc tgcaagctcc
    14701 cgggatacac acacttggtg atgttcttcc tgtctctacc tccacaggac ccaaggcaca
    14761 ggccaggtag tgcctgtgac ccagtgagag tcttacttag tgaacgagtg accgtgacac
    14821 acacctaggt tgcctgtgac cagactgggc ggtcttcatt cccaagtgac agcttgtgca
    14881 cccttgtttg cccagccgac cccatggtaa ttactggtgt agacagatcc cacccaccgt
    14941 ctcacaacac ccacctgcca gcttgtgtgg ctgctctggc tttgaacttg gcctcagggt
    15001 ttggttgtag tactgctgca cgtttctcag gcttagctgg aaaatcttca ttcgacttgt
    15061 gaagatcttg gtctcatcct caaagtaact gggctcctcc ctcagccact ggacgcaagg
    15121 cttagccttc ctctcctcac tggcgtagtg gatgaagcgt tggttatcca cgaagccaga
    15181 ggcagcaaag gcagggactc ctggacttgg ctctgtcaca gcccagtaga aatactgcag
    15241 agagtgcgat cctgaggcag gaacagtgac tcagggtgaa cgacatcatt aactgagtga
    15301 ggccccagct cctagtgtgt ggggaatgag tgcacacgac catgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg
    15361 tgagatagga gatactgggt gcactgcacg aaaccaaggg aagacatttt agcacaaccc
    15421 agcagcataa ggaagtcaaa gcccaccaag aactcagaga cagaaatgtt agtgcaaggt
    15481 gtcaagacga gttccactgt gaagctgtcc ttgattgggg tctgcggcgg tgggggagac
    15541 ttagaaaccc cctcagagca tggccttagg gagagtggcc tgagacaggg tcttccaggc
    15601 tcctggctct ggtttcacca tctcagcccc catcccctgc ctggatcctg tgagtcactg
    15661 tcaccctctg cctcctaggg agagcccctc cctcccccca gggcttctgc ttcctcacct
    15721 ctagaacaaa accatttttt cagaaaaccc ctggggctcc cagctcagag acccataatt
    15781 ccaggggttt tccactccac ggggggcctc atgtgagcag cactagggag tggtgggggt
    15841 ggagggagga gcccaggaga gcaggcgggg caggagacag acaaggctta gagggaaagc
    15901 tgagaaccaa agaggtcaaa gtctctgttc tgcttggctc cttctctgcc tccttggcct
    15961 cagcctggag acacaaggac tacttggagt tcaagacagg aaatcacaag ttgaacggaa
    16021 ctgctcgctg aaaatccttc agtcagaagc tgtcgggctg ataacggcca cgtggcctgc
    16081 actacaggtg actcccagac cccagtgagg gtcctcaccc aagaccaacg cctgtggaat
    16141 cccagctttc atttgtggct gcttctgctc tttcaacgag cgaacttcct ttcctgtcac
    16201 cagctctcgg ggttaggctt gcttgtctga gctttgtgca gttcactcta tgaggttgaa
    16261 aagaatctgg tcctcacctt ccaggctcca ctctcacagc acagggacat ttgtggctcc
    16321 tgttggtcca gttccctggt ttctgttcct ccgattttgc ctttctcggg ccagtgctgt
    16381 ggacagcggg taaagctgcc gcccacaaca ccagcatcct atctgggcag tggttcaagt
    16441 tcggctgctc ctctccgatc tagctccctc caacgagcct ggcaaagcag cagaagatgg
    16501 cccaagtgct tgggcccctg cacccacatg ggagacccgg aagaagctcc tggcttcgga
    16561 tcagcgcagc tctggcagtt gggaccaatt gtggagtgaa ccagtggatg gaagacctct
    16621 ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctgcct ctcatctctg tgtctctgtg taactctgac
    16681 attcaagtaa ataaataaag cttttttaga aaattaaaaa aataataaaa tgaaatacca
    16741 tgtcaggata tgcctgtgga gaggggggaa aggcacaaga cagatgttaa agacaaattc
    16801 ttttttctct atagttttat ttatctattt atttgtgagg caaagttaga gagagaggag
    16861 gagagacaca gacagaaagg tcttccatcc tgtggttcac tcccaaatgg ctgcaatggc
    16921 cagggctggg cagatctgaa gccaggaacc aggagcttct tctgggtctc ccatgtggtt
    16981 gcagggtccc atggacttgg gccatcttcc attgctttcc caggcacacg agcagggaac
    17041 tggatcagaa gtgaagcagc caggatgcaa actgagtacc catatgggat gccagtgcca
    17101 taggctgagg cttaccctac cacgccacgc cacagtgctg gtcctctcta cacttcttag
    17161 ggctgagtcc agctttcaag tcatgagtta ctttgtcctt ttgttagtct atgtgtgtaa
    17221 gaggaaccga agaaaacaag tttttttttt tttttttgca ggaaataaga acttctgtgt
    17281 ggtggaagga gaactttaaa agccacgtta tcagcaactg catttctaaa ccactgctct
    17341 tgtgggatgg ggttcagccc actccctagc tgaacactgt gctgagaagg cggtgccagg
    17401 gtttctcagg gtaaccacac ccacgaacct tcagggggag gagggaaaaa ctccccgtca
    17461 gtaaacttgg ctgctgctcc gagtctctct gcagccgcca agaagcttgg agccgccggc
    17521 cccgggtaca acagaccggc tggggctgca gacaaaagtc ctgtttcctc aaaagcatca
    17581 ccgctgtgac gcgagcctgt gtttcctgtt ttcctttgaa ccgtagtgtg atggagacat
    17641 ctgaacccca ggttcgaggg gagcggcctc ccccgaggtt ccagaccgtc gcccctagac
    17701 agtgccccgc ggggagcctc tgccacctcc attttctccc gcggcttctc ccagccctcc
    17761 gcacgcaccc ctactcaccg gcccccacgt cccgcaggaa gctcagcagc aggaagacga
    17821 gcgcccaggg cccggcccag gttggaggac ccctgtgcgc gcgcgcagcc atactgtggt
    17881 cgacctcggg cttccggtga gctcagaaag gaaactaccg cctagcctgt ggcgcccagg
    17941 cttttggaag tggaggtcgg ggatggggga gggggtggga cgacggagct cgggagggct
    18001 gaggagaggc gtctcgaagg tgggtgatct ccgttcctgt acaatgatcc ccctgcggaa
    18061 ctcagactga ggacagggcg gggtccggtc cttggcgccc tgggaccctg gcggggcgcg
    18121 cgccgctcgg gctgcgctgg ctcagggata cagaccagga acaacgtcca cgccgacatt
    18181 tccactaaat gttcccagct gattatttcc tgcaaaggtt tagtgttgac atttgcgggt
    18241 gtgatctctg tggattttga cctggccgtg cagccgtctg tagcggctct caggcagctg
    18301 ctggcgagcc tttcttggtg gtgaataaac tcctttactc ccgcattcca tgtgcctcaa
    18361 cttgctttct gtattgacag cttgcatgta tgttatgaag tccgcaagag ttcaagctac
    18421 agacacagga tacagactca ggaatatctt cattcagaac acaaagaatt ctccaaactc
    18481 accagtaagg aaccatgcct cattaaaacc gggcaaatgt cgttcagaca gctctccaag
    18541 cacctggaga gatgctgaag acgctaatgt tactcaccac gaggcaaatg caaattaaag
    18601 tgagactcca ctgcacacgg atcaaaacag cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagccata
    18661 agatcaactg ctggtaaaga tggtgcagca aggtgaactt tccatcattg ttgggatagc
    18721 cacctccctg ttctacccct gcctgggggg tcctgaatct acagttcttg aaagtcttct
    18781 atgatttgga gtactttttg tttgtttgtt ttaaactatt ttctttccat ggtatgcagc
    18841 ctcctttttt tttttttttt tttaagattt atttatgtat ttgaaaggcc aagctacaga
    18901 gaggcagaga gagagagaga gagtgagcga gcgagcacgc ttccattcat ttgttcactc
    18961 cccacttggc cacaacagcc ggagctgtgc tgatttgaag ccaggagcta ggagcttttt
    19021 caggtctccc acgtggatgc aggagcccaa gaacttgggc catcttctgc tgctttccca
    19081 ggccatagca gaaagctgga tcagaagtgg agcagcaggg acttgaactg gcacccatat
    19141 gggatgccgg cactgcatgc ggtggcttta cctgctacag cacagcactg cccttgagca
    19201 ggctcttaaa cccatgagaa agaaagctgt tcacattgga tgaacttgca ttttattgga
    19261 ggcacacagt attttacttt tattattatt tttttaaatc taattttatt cttaaaattg
    19321 aatttagcta gcaggtagaa ataagaatgt atctgcacca tacaaaacag tgtgagctgc
    19381 ttgcacatta ataagaaatt tagcacctac acttcttttt ttatttttta aagattttat
    19441 ttacttattt gagagttaga gttataaaca gtgagaggga gagacagaga gaaaggtctt
    19501 ccgtctgctg gtttgctccc caaatggccg caaaggccgg agctgtgcct atccaaagcc
    19561 aggagccagg agcttcttcc aggtcttcta cgtggtgcag gggatcaagg acttgggcca
    19621 tcttccactg ctttcccagg ccatagcaga gagctggatc ggaagaagag cagccaggac
    19681 tagaaacagc acccatatgg ggtgctggcg ctgcaggtgg gggattaacc tactgtgcca
    19741 cagcgccagc ccctcctata cttcctttcc tttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct
    19801 tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct
    19861 tccttccttc cttttctttc tttctctctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc
    19921 tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tccttctttc cttctttcct tctttccttc
    19981 tttccttctt tccttctttc cttctttcct tctttccttc ttctttcttt caaaagcata
    20041 gctagagaga ggtcttccac ccgtggattc actccccaaa tagctgcaat ggccggagtt
    20101 gggctgatcc gaagtcagga gcttcctcca ggtctcccat gcaggtgcac ggacccaagc
    20161 acttgggcca tcttccactg ctttcccagg ccatagcaga gagctggttg ggaagtacag
    20221 cagccaggac tcgaatccta accctaacca tatgggatgc gggcactgca ggtagcggct
    20281 ctacccgcta cgccatagcg tcccgccccc attttttaaa tgtagaaata gcaacaatgt
    20341 ggaaacttat attcatcaaa tactagcatt taaaacatac atgagtaata aagtgaaccc
    20401 tcagaggcca ctgctcagca agctccacac tggccacttg accttatctg atgagaacgg
    20461 gagttccaac atctgagtgg cttaagttaa aagtagaatg aataggattt ttatagcaag
    20521 ggccagtgct gtggcatagt gggtaaaagc ccaggcctgc agcaccagca tgccaatggg
    20581 caccagtttg agtcccagct gctctgcttc ccatccagct ctctgctatg gcctgggaga
    20641 gcagaagatg gcccaagtcc ttgatcccct gcaccacaca ggagacctgg aagaagctcc
    20701 tggctcctgg ttttggatca gctcaactcc agccattttg gcatttgcag agtgaaccag
    20761 tggatggaag actttctctc tctctctttg cctctctctc tgtaactcca tagatatgta
    20821 cagttttaat gtgtcaatta aacataaatc agattttaaa atctaaaaaa tattcctcac
    20881 agtttggatc actgttatac aaaaatgtga cacatgaagg ctttctgcac tgtgtaaggg
    20941 gggccagtgc tggggcccag agtgttgggg ctcacctgtg acgccggcat cccatgtggg
    21001 cacccgtttg catcccaggt gctccacttc tgatccagct ctctgctgat ggcctgggaa
    21061 agcagtagaa gatgacccag gtgcatgggc ctctgcaccc acatgggaga cccagaggaa
    21121 gctcctggct cctggctttg gatcagcaca gctccagctg ttgtggccat ttggggagtg
    21181 ggccagcagg tgcaagacct ttctctccat gtctcacttt ctcttaactc tgcctctcaa
    21241 ataaataaat ctttaaaaaa tatattgtat gaggtttagt ttaaataaaa caataatttg
    21301 catttctttc ccttttaaag atttatttat gtatttgaaa ggcagaggta cagagagaga
    21361 gagagagaga gagagagatc tccatctact cgttcactct ctaaatgcca cagtggccag
    21421 ggctgggcca agacaaaacc aggtctccca tctgggtgca ggggcccaaa tacctggacc
    21481 atcctctgct gctttttcag gcatattagc agggagctgg atcgaagtgg agcagccagg
    21541 actcgaacca gtgcccatat tatttgctag cactgcaggt agtgctttaa ccttgtacac
    21601 cacagcgcca gctccaataa tttggatttc aaatattaaa aattacctga taattgtgac
    21661 aaaaatcata ggtagctgat tattgctaac actgtaaata gaggatgtaa gtaatgtgca
    21721 gagctatcta aaaagagttg ggagggctaa ttctattctg tcagtgcttg aattccaatg
    21781 aataaaatca ggagagggat ttggctcagc ggagaagtca cagcctggga ggcctgcatc
    21841 ccacatctgc aggcctggtt ctagtcctgg gcctgtttct gatctcagtt ttctgctatt
    21901 gtgtgcactg ggagacagtg catgactcaa gcacttgggg aaattcagat tggattctgg
    21961 agtcctgttt tcagcctggt gcaggcccag ctataggggg gcatctgggg agtgaacctg
    22021 cagatggaag agctctgtct ctctgccttt caaacacaga gaaataaact ttaaaaagaa
    22081 caatctcgga gctgggcagc tctgtgctcc gagaggttga ggactgagaa aggagcagcc
    22141 cagaagtttc ctggactggg ctgctgggtg acatggccct ggccctggcc gtgtctgctg
    22201 ctcaggtgtg gtactagttc atgtaggctt agcgatgtcc acagggaaca gggaacctga
    22261 tagcaaatgc tagggggttt caagtttcag aaccgatgaa aatcgtgatg tcttcatttg
    22321 tctctccact gcctgctggt tttgctgcaa ggggaagagc tctggtctta cagttcctgg
    22381 tctactcaga ggcctctgtc ttttaactgc acttgcttct ctctgacatg attaaagctg
    22441 aggtttctgc ttttaaaata ccccacaact gcaactcggg gctgattccc cagacttgtt
    22501 ctgtgagtag accagccgcc agctggctaa tgacgactcc caatttggct taatcactct
    22561 gtggtctttt gctccatggg acccaaatgc ttcagctgta gttcctacct gctcatgtgt
    22621 aaccatctca ggttctgctt gttagtacag agcaatggtg ttaacctcgc cagacagctt
    22681 acagctcagt gtatgtgtgg aagaaaacat catcagtaac tacgtaccca tgcccagtgt
    22741 tgtatcagtt cctataatag ccaatcaaat gcatgcaggt aaccatataa gggagacaag
    22801 gaggctaaaa ccatatataa ggcagggccc cttttgttct gggctcagga ttttggagaa
    22861 aaaaattcca ccacaaaaat aaagactaca tcctgttatt tgtcttggtg tcttgtctct
    22921 gtacaccaat cctgctgcac cagctccagc caaactgctg gacagctcct cctggacccc
    22981 tccaacagca cagggcagta actgacagcc tgggccaaag ggctggccag ctgctcctca
    23041 ctttggggag tcagtgattg acagctccaa gaagttcgcg ctttgagaga caaaaacaac
    23101 cggcctggga cacagcagtt ggcccctgtg catgtcctct tccgtgcacc ctcctaactc
    23161 ccttcccctc tatgcacaac ctaagccctc cttcctgtgt gtggtgcaag cccacctccc
    23221 atgcaccagc aagttctgcc gtctcctccc ctcccagtag cagaagttcc aagttccaca
    23281 atgttgcaag cttgcaacca gtgttagctg gaaatatcta ccatggcagc aggatgtgtc
    23341 ccccaatggc ctttgggtca taataatgtt attataatgc catcactatg gggggatgcc
    23401 catttgtatc ttgcacttga cacatgacac tttcattatc tctaaaaagg gcacagacat
    23461 gggcagtgct caagctccga cccaaactgc acctagtctg gaatattcaa tcgggttcca
    23521 ccccagcatc actccctaca cttctggttg acagggcttt ttcctttgct gggttttttc
    23581 accattggat gtttttcctc ggaaggggga tttctcttca tttgggtcct ttttgtgtct
    23641 ctggctgctt tgttctggca caacttggct cttgagcttg gttttgctcc aagaattaat
    23701 gcttctttcc tgtgtatctt tgtgcctccg cctttgaatt cttccacggt ggaggaaaga
    23761 gctgcaaaag cccagccctc agccctcagc cctcagccca caggtttgat agggaccccg
    23821 gggtaccaga gatgaaagca tcacaggcac aggttgctaa aaggcccaca agaagcaagc
    23881 aggctcccca caaatccgag tgtgctaagg agccagcatg gatgaacagg aatccctctg
    23941 ccctcctaga gagggtaaga gtgtctcaca cagcaggtgc ctggacctgg gggccagggc
    24001 gtcctggctt attctgcagt gcgctccaga ccgccagagg aggcttcaga aagtgcctgc
    24061 tggtcctgag accgatctct cccggccttg aaggttttca acatctgaga tgtgccggaa
    24121 gatgagaagg atgacgataa tcaagtgatt ctgttggctg gtgctctcca ggtcgcgccg
    24181 gaaaatggat gaagcaacca tgggtgagga aggccagctc ccaaggtggc cccaacaaca
    24241 gggggaaagg ggtgtgtcca agctggcccc agatggggag tgcccaggac aagcccgatt
    24301 cctttcttcc cagtgacaga cgatgaatgg gccagggtgc gttccgattg gctcttcgtg
    24361 acaaacgcca gctgtcccct gagacctggg tttatttctt ccctagaaac agagggggtg
    24421 aaagttgagg ttctgcaacc tgtgagtttc attcctctga taggaggaag ttagggaagc
    24481 atgaccttgc tcccttagcc ctcaagaagg aggaatgaga tgtctggggg cgggggtggg
    24541 ggcgatgttg taacaagagt gcagggttta ggcccagggc aggagtctgg agcctgttac
    24601 tggctgcagc ttgtttctcc taggtgctct gcaaagcttc tcttgcaaca ttgtgctcag
    24661 aggagccaga ccccagggat tccctctccc caattagcgc ctgataaagg gcttgagagg
    24721 aggatttagc tttccctggc ttctgccaag cagggacaca agttttctcc ccgctgccat
    24781 atgcaagcct ccagaggtgc cagccatgag cctgctggcg ccttgattct gaccttctct
    24841 gccccagaat ctgtgagaag tatatctctg ttgtttgtga gttccctggg ctcaggtatt
    24901 ttcattttag cagtgaggca ggaggcagct aagggctacc tggggaaact gagaaaagca
    24961 aattcccaag tctctcattc tctctgtctc tgcctccctc atcctcagcc ttgagcagga
    25021 cagaaggact actggaagtt gaggaaaaag aagccagctg gagacccctt cactcagaag
    25081 ctgtgtattg gggcttgtga actggcgttg caggttgagc ctccacctgg gacggcaccc
    25141 catatgggca ccggttcgag tcctggctgc tccagttctg atccagctcc ctgctaatgc
    25201 acctgggaaa gcagcagaga aaggcccaag tgcttgtgcc cctgtactca tgcaggagac
    25261 ccaaaagaag ctcctggctt cagactggcc cagctccgat tgctgtagct cctctgccat
    25321 ctcgggccat ttcccatgcc acaccacatc ctcctgctgt cactgagagg cataggtgga
    25381 gaaggaattg cagggcacac cctgtaaccg ggtgactctt ggagcctcct gggaccagtg
    25441 acctacggag acttggagga cacgagggac cctgtgagca tcttctgtgg ccacagcttc
    25501 tgccaggcca gcagcactga gtgtcacttg cagatccaca gggagccctg agctgcccat
    25561 tctgtaggga gaaggttcaa gagggggaca tcaggcccaa gtgggttctg gcatttggtc
    25621 cccgacacta aggcccagca gtgagattct agcatggaaa ttttggttct gtgagcagct
    25681 cagggagagg gcctttgtct atggccaggg ggcccagcag ttcctgggtg cacttcccag
    25741 ggagcacaga tgccactatg cgctgcagga gggggaaggt gctgtgctcc accaggtagc
    25801 gaaaccattc tgccccttat gtaaaggaag gatgaagaag gacagaagta ttaggtgctt
    25861 tcctttcctt tcctttttca acatttgttt atttatttga gaggtagagt tacagagagg
    25921 gagagacaag gctctttcat ccactggttc actgcccaga tggccacaat agctggagct
    25981 gagctgatcc aaaggcagga gccaggatct tctatgcagg tgcagagacc taagcacttg
    26041 ggtcatcctc tactgctttc ccaggccata gcagagagct ggatcggaag aggagcagcc
    26101 aggacaggaa ccagcagcaa tgtgggatgc tggcactgca agcagaggct tagcccacta
    26161 caccacagcc ctggcccctt agctgctttt cacatttgca tttctctgaa tatgtttttc
    26221 agtacgtagt aagccttttt tggtttccca gcttagcaat gatttcttac accttgacag
    26281 gtcactgtat gcggttccac agaacccggt cctcaccttc ctgctctcca ctcctgcagc
    26341 agcagcacaa acactgaggc atttggagta gagggctggc gcacaccccg tctgggagca
    26401 gcttgggtgt cctccccgag gaggggccac gtttgaacac agccctgaca gtggaagcac
    26461 caggcgaggg ttgtttcctg cacagctgag aagtgctggt tattagacgc ccgttggttg
    26521 tagaatggct gaggccgagg acatgggtgt gggggcagct gttcatggtg ctcaggagtg
    26581 ctggcctcca tcagttccac ctggacttga tcatttcttc ctccctaaca taactggggg
    26641 acccttggca agctctttat ccactgcgtg cttatatggg tgatgtgtta cagatgttgg
    26701 gaggattaat tgacttcaga tgtgggaggc actcaggatg tgggcaggga gtagagttag
    26761 ccggcagaaa ggagatgatg atggttccac agctgttgct gtgacactgt ctgtggctga
    26821 cctgccaggc tgtgtcaggg caggacccat ggaacccatg cagcagctct ggctgcctga
    26881 atccacagct gcagccagct cccggtggca gcccacatca cccaatactg ttctctgtgc
    26941 acccccccaa cctgccaccc ctgcccccca cctctcccat gttgcagaaa ccacaagttc
    27001 tgcaatattc caacacagaa ccagcaccag ctggaaatat ccaagatggc tgcaagatgt
    27061 gtcccatggt taactctagg tcgttataat gtcattatat atatacatca tgtcacatca
    27121 tatcagtaaa tcatgtcatg tcatgacatg cgtgagggca ctcctattcc catcatacac
    27181 ctgatgctgt gacacttccg agatatccaa aaaagggaat ggatatgggt ggccactctg
    27241 ggagcctcct gggaccagtg acctatggag actgagagga cacaagggac cctgtgagca
    27301 tcttctgtgg ccacagcttc tgccaggcca gcagcactga gtgtcacttg cagatccaca
    27361 gggagccctg agctgcccat tctgtaggga gaaggttcaa gagggggaca tcaggcccaa
    27421 gtgggttctg gcatttggtc cccgacacta aggtgcagca gtgagattcc agcatggaaa
    27481 tttggttctg tgagcagctc agggagaggg cctttgtcta tggccaggag gcccagcagt
    27541 tcctgggtgc acttcccagg gagcacagat gccactctgt gccgcaggag ggggtaggta
    27601 ccatgctcca ccaggaagga tgaagaagga cagaagtatt agctgctttc cttgcctttc
    27661 ctttttcagc attcgtttat ttatttgaga ggtagagtta cagagaggga gagacaaggc
    27721 tctttcatcc actggttcac tgcccagatg gccacaatag ctggagctga gctgatccaa
    27781 ggacaggagc caggactttc ttctgacctt ccacgcaggt gcagagacct aagcacttgg
    27841 accatcttct actgcgttcc caggccatag cagagagctg gatttgaaga agggcagcca
    27901 ggaacaggaa ctggcgccca tttgagatgc tggcacaaca agcagaggct tagcccacta
    27961 caccacagcc ctggcccctt agcagctttt cacgtttgca cttctctgaa tatgattttc
    28021 agaacgtggt aagtcttttt tggtttccaa gcttagcaat gatttcctac accttgactt
    28081 ttcaaagagt tagaaaatcc aagcgattct tctgcttaca tcctccttta cagagggaga
    28141 caaaggtatc acaaatggtc tgtcttggtg agttctccaa tggcacagag catcccacat
    28201 tacaagcggt attgcacacc gcgtgaacgt ggccagctct gatttccttc acccgctgac
    28261 agtgctcagg catctgtgtc ttcgttaata ttttaattgc ctgtggttaa tttgaacaga
    28321 aggctggaaa acctaagacc atgtaggaat ctttaaattt tagttaccat ccttctgccc
    28381 caggatggta aatgaactat aaaaagagcc tgaagtggcc tgcgctgtgg tgtagctggt
    28441 aaagcagttg cctgtagtgc tggcatccca tctgggcacc agttcaagtc ccagctgctc
    28501 cacttttgat ccagctctct gctatggcct gggatagcag tagaagatgg ctcaggtcct
    28561 tgggcccctg cacctgcgtg ggagaccggg aagaagctcc tggctcctga cttcaggtca
    28621 gcacagctca gcagatggat gacctttctc tctgtctcac tctgcctctc aaataaataa
    28681 atcttaggaa aaaaaaaccc acacatacac attttacctg acttacacca tattaaaatg
    28741 acaggcataa cataggcaca acttacattt tagagcttgg aaatgaagaa ccaataggca
    28801 tgggagctgc tcaaaataac acattttctt aaaaaaaaat aatttcttta tttgaaaggc
    28861 agagttacag agaggaagag gcagagagag agacagagac agagagagtg aagtcctcca
    28921 ttcgctggct caacccccag atggccacaa tggctagaac tgggccgatc cgaagccagg
    28981 actcaggagc ttcctttggg tctccatgca ggtgcagggg cccaaggata tgggacaact
    29041 tctactgctt tcccaggcca tagcagagag ctggattaga agtggagcag ccaggactcg
    29101 aactggcacc atatgggatt ccggtgtttc aggacaggtg ctatgccaca gcaccggcct
    29161 ctgcctttca aataaataaa taaatctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatgg gccggcgccg
    29221 cggctcacta ggctaatcct ccacctagcg gcaccggcac accgggttct agtcctggtc
    29281 ggggcgccgg attctgtccc ggttgcccct cttccaggcc agctctctgc tgtggccagg
    29341 gagtgcagtg gaggatggcc caggtgcttg ggccctgcac cctatggaag accaggataa
    29401 gtacctggct cctgccatcg gatcagcgcg gtgcgccggc cgcagcgcgc cggccgcggc
    29461 ggccattgga gggtgaacca acggcaaagg aagacctttc tctctgtctc tctctctcac
    29521 tgtccactct gcctgtcaaa aaatttaaaa aaaaagtggt attggattta cttacaaagt
    29581 gcaataaaat ttatgacaac taatcttaga ctatttgatg accacctaga tttatttatt
    29641 ttttaattaa atatttattt atttacttga aaggcagagt tacagaggca gacatagaga
    29701 gaaagggctt ccatccgctg gttcactccc caagtggccg ccatggcagg agctgtgccc
    29761 atctgaagct aggagccagg agcttcttcc tggtctccca cacaggtgca ggggcccaag
    29821 gagttgggtc atcttccact gctttcccag gccatcagca tagagctgga tcagaagtag
    29881 agcagctggg actcaaatta gtacccatac gggatgccag cactgtaggc agcagcttta
    29941 tccactaagc cacagcgctg accccaacct acaattattt atagctgtat tgaaagctac
    30001 agatctacat ataaaagtca ataaacacat tcatgtgtgc acgaaaagct gcatatattt
    30061 tcagtggctt tatagatccc aaagtctcat ttctaaggag gttgcaagaa cccaaattat
    30121 gcaggaacct caattactgt accctacatt gcaagaaatg tgactgcttt ctcagtttac
    30181 aatttttgga cccaaaaaat cagaaaagaa gccaggcctc atcagtctcg gttactaaaa
    30241 gccagtggag taacccctca tcctaactac cgcccagggg tgtggcacca gaagagccag
    30301 gtgacctctg tctgtcacag agatgtccgt gaccatggtt tgctggaagc acatgaattc
    30361 tgggaagcag catgcaggaa agagatcctg gctttcttca attgtgcttt gagggctcag
    30421 gaggccccaa agatgagatc atgccaagaa accttgggag agtccaggtg tttagctcca
    30481 agaaaccgag gaagttgtta cagaggtttc ctagcaaaca tcacgtcagt tgaaagcaga
    30541 agcgtttcag tgaccgagtt acagcctttg aggaccacac agtgtgattt ggacatttgt
    30601 gctgagttgg tgctgtggca cagcgggtta ggcggcctgg cccagccctg ctggttacaa
    30661 ccatgtgggg agcaaaccaa gagatggaag atctgtctcc atcgctaatt ttttcaaata
    30721 aataaatata ttttttaaaa gagacatttg tgctactgtg tgccctcttt ggaggacgca
    30781 tgagacataa cacttttttc acactttggc atcatggtct gggtggaagt tgtgttttat
    30841 cttgaaataa aatccattga gggggggata aaaatctact aagacagctt ccatacaggg
    30901 ttggggagtg ggtgggtggg tgatccggca cactctgagt gagggtcttt ctgcacaggg
    30961 cagcagagga ggcaaggctt tgcagattcg cacatcgcca gggagcccta cacagctcgt
    31021 gttacagtag ctctgctctt tttttttttt tttttttaag attttttaaa aaaagattta
    31081 tttatttgtt tggaaggggg tgggggagat agagagaggt cttccatccg ctgctttact
    31141 cccatttcaa tgagagacgc ttcttaaatc caaatttgat tattttccta ccagaattaa
    31201 ctgactttta aacgagacag tgtaaatact ttgtgaatat ttgctctctc tctttttcca
    31261 ctttatttga gagagagaga atcttccatc cctggttcac tcccgaaatg cccccaaaca
    31321 gccattgttg ggcagggcaa aggcggggac caggtcattg agtcatcgcc tgcctcctcc
    31381 cacgatgccc actagcgggg agctgggttg aaagccgggt cgtccgcgct ggcaccgggg
    31441 tgtcctgcgt gggacgcgcg tgtctccagc ggcttccagc ccgtgagcta caaacccaac
    31501 ccgaccctgg ctctgactgc gggacaagaa tgcagctgtg atgtgacgtt attttggcca
    31561 tggctgtggg gttgtgatcc cgggcatcac aagggtgctg ctctccctcc cacctgtccc
    31621 gtgcgtgatg cagattttaa ctccaataca cacgagagag gaaagctgca gctgccctgc
    31681 cacagagcag ggttgtgggg gcgtaagggg agcgaggtgg ccggcagagc tcagtcctgg
    31741 ggaggccgcg gggaggagcc tgcagccccc agcgctgcgt ctccgccccc gccgccccat
    31801 gggcgccctt gctgctgctt ccttccccgc tttcctggga ccggttccct ttctcttcct
    31861 ctcccagctc atctccatct gccttccctt ctctgctctc tccttgcact ccactgagtg
    31921 tgggagcctc tgggccaacc catgcgatgg gcgcgcatct ggcagggcgg gcacacgagg
    31981 ggacacgagg ctgtgcgggt ccctgggtgc ggcgtgccgg aagcgcgggc ggtgccgcag
    32041 tgcagtgcgc agtgcacgcg acctcggtgc ccccaggaaa ctcccgcctg ggttgttagg
    32101 taggaagtca gaaagtgagc ctatgtgtgt atgagaaagg cctgaagacc agcacccact
    32161 gtggaagctc cagaagccca gcatcttgca cttcaaagtc ctgcccagat cctgatgacc
    32221 ttccagggag tcctgaccct tctacctggc ctgataaaca tccttcctct aagatgccag
    32281 gcaggcttcc cctgtctgat aacttcaggg ggaaaaactc agaaaggaat ttttcgtatt
    32341 tacacccaac aagtcctttg ctcaggagaa gaaggagagg gggcgggaaa aggtgaaaag
    32401 gcaagaccca tccccttaaa aaccccagcc taaatgtgca ctacacagcc tctctcaggt
    32461 tctgtctgga gaggtgccca tttgttctta cggatgcccc taccctaata aaccttgcta
    32521 tgttgctttc ccctgctctc tgtctcacgc ctgaattctt tcttgcgcaa agacaaggac
    32581 cctttgcttc tcctgtaaca cgtgtgacag cggcagccct gccgtgcagg ttctattcct
    32641 ttccaaatgc agccctggtc cagagctgag ggagagaggt gcccctgtgc tgggagcaca
    32701 ggaatccgag gccacagccc aggtggaaaa gggagtttgg ggcagagcct agagggacta
    32761 ggcgtggact ggggaggagg ggagcgctca atagggaagg caccttggga ggcatgggct
    32821 tgggcagcag tgtgtgcaga ccctggggag tgccctagac ctgagccatg accaggaacc
    32881 gagatgtcag agttatggag atggctcggg tgggtcggtg cttgccactt gcatgggaca
    32941 cctggattgc aggacctggt gtgcattttg ggggggggtg tgaataaacg gatggaacgt
    33001 cccctcctcc tctgttagga ggctcgcgct ctctcgctct ctctctctct ctctcaagaa
    33061 attaggaaaa aaatacccag aacccatcac gttgagctcc catgccctag gggtggtttt
    33121 ggccccatcc caaggctgtg cccaacaccg cgtgaggttg ggatgatctc aggatgccgg
    33181 gaggtcccgt ggggtgcagg gcagagggga agtcactgcg gaggaccggt gtttcgatgg
    33241 tgggctcctg gtggggaggg gagggcgagt cagggagtct tgttttactg cgccccgggg
    33301 agatgtcccc agagcaggca ggggaggcca ggctgcaggc gtggcggcgg agggcaggtg
    33361 ccagaggcgc cacacgctgg gacttggggt gtccggtggt atctgggaca ggcccagggt
    33421 ttccggagcc tgcccgtgtg tagcctgcag gcggagaaag cctgctctaa ggcagtggtt
    33481 ctgagaaaaa aggcgctgga gcccacttgc atccctgaga gtggggggag gggccggtac
    33541 agggcgtgga cccggggagg aggcctggct gcgtggggca ggggctgagt gggagcggtc
    33601 ccagcgcgga aggccttctc agagggcggg gccgaggtct gcggggagct ccgcagaggg
    33661 cggcgtgcgc tcccttcgcc tgggctgggc ctgggcgctg ggtcccaccg agggcccctg
    33721 ggagtctgac atcagtctga cgccacagcg cggagtccgc gggggtggcg agtgacgtca
    33781 gcgacctggg cgtgctccgg gtttggccat cactgcagag tgcttgcggg aacccctagt
    33841 gcaaggctcc ctgtcccgcg cgctcccaca cagcaggctc tctgcagcct ctgctgttct
    33901 ctgaggccct gcactgttct ctgaggccac tttcccactg cgccactgcg cgggaagcat
    33961 gtcatggggc cgcaccgtgt cctgctcatc ctggccggag ctacactctg cacccatggg
    34021 tgctgccgtc gatgagtgag gctcgtgtgg tcctcagtcg agcaaggccg cgagagtttc
    34081 ccaggttcgg atgtcgcgcg gagcctgtaa ctggtcgggc tcctgcgcgg tgggcatggg
    34141 gccaggcgga ggccagggtt gcaggatgga ggccgcctgt tgcccacaca actcaatccc
    34201 gcggctcagc gcagtcagcc cctcaggctt ccccaatggg ctctgggttc cagatcccac
    34261 tccccacccg ctgcaccacc tggcctccag gcctccactt ccaggacttc ctagcccttc
    34321 taggctcgcc ggcggcctct gggtgctccc ctgagctccc cagggtgctg agagctgagg
    34381 ctcaggcacc gttgctgcca ctctggagac agttctcagg ggcccagggc cctggcttct
    34441 cccagtcagc agcgagtttc agctcagtcc cggggtccct gtacccgggt tagggcccct
    34501 ctttctcctg cccacgacct ggtatggaga ccccaggccc acacagcctc tcccagaccc
    34561 cgggactgtg gctgctctgc acttggactg aggagggggc agtatggggg tcccagacaa
    34621 gggcctctgc ctgtgactcc ctccatcctc cctgcctccc tggtgtcccc ccttacatcc
    34681 cctgcaccct gatatggact ctgaggagcc tgtgtgcccc cccattctcc cccccacaga
    34741 gtactagtga gtcctcccct cccccacagt ccctcctgca ccccctgggc actgattcca
    34801 ggccgtcccc gcggctgccc ctgcccacgg ccctctgcgt gcttcagctc ctgtacacag
    34861 tgtgggatcc acacagccag cacctcgatc ctcatccttt gtacacactt aaattccctt
    34921 tatctgtgtt gaaatgattg ctccaggccc tcctgtgcac tggaacagga agtgagtcct
    34981 gtaactgaca ctgcatctgt tggccacgcc cctgtggtcc cgtgttcctg tgttccatgc
    35041 agagggagac cacagagtgc agggctctgc tgctggcttc tctctcgcat cattgtaggc
    35101 tcctccccgt gtggcaggtg tcggaggacc cggctttgat gcctgagcag cgctcagctg
    35161 tgcatggctc cctgattgct tgtttcttcc catgtgcccc tgctctccct gctgtgctgg
    35221 gggtgtggaa ggcctcaccc atagtagggg catggccttg gcagcctcct gtgggcagtc
    35281 accaaggata aaggggagga gattcaacac aagtggttag gagtgagggt acctgtggcc
    35341 atgggtctgt ggctcctgac ttgtcatttt gcacattttt taagaggtag agttacagag
    35401 agagggagag acagaaagaa acgtcttcca tcctctggtt cactccccag ttggccggaa
    35461 cagtcagagc tgggtcgatc tgaagccagg agcctggagc ttcttttggg tctcccacga
    35521 gcgcacaggg gcacaaacac tttggccatt ttccactgct ttcccaggtg caacagcagg
    35581 gagctggatg ggaagtggag cagccaggac tcaaactggc accaatacgg gatgttggta
    35641 ccgcaggcgg aggcttagtc tactgcgcca cagtaccgag cccgaacatt ttgaactgta
    35701 catcaaatca gggaagtttc catttccatg ttcttttcat tgcttccttt atttatttat
    35761 ttccaaaata ttttttatgt gaaaggcaga gctacagaga gggaggtaga gggagagatg
    35821 gagagagaga tcgtccatct acaggttcac tccccaaatg gctgcaaagg ctgagactgg
    35881 gccaagccga ggccaggacc ctgagacctc atccaggtcc ccccatgggc gacagggacc
    35941 cagcacttgg accttcttcc actgctttcc tgggtgcatc agcagggagc tggatcagga
    36001 gtggagcagc tgggctggaa ctggcgctca catgggaacc tggtgtccag ggtagcagct
    36061 taacctgctg cgtcccaatg ccggccccct tttcattgtt cttatttcag cctttgagcg
    36121 cctgtcttcc agctgacact gacatacata aaagctggct gtgcgctgta gtcggccact
    36181 gagcccggat ccctgggccc gacccctcca cgcagcggtg ttagccccat tgtcccatcc
    36241 cagcccccac gccttccccg tcccagtgac cccgctgtgc attcagacag gtggtctgct
    36301 tgttcagtcc cacgtttagg ggagcgggag gtgcctcctt ccacagctga cactgcgctg
    36361 acataaacgt ccccactccc gcccggatgc tgctggcgat agcattcgcc tgtgtcgggg
    36421 agtaacagca gctatgctgc ttaaagaaat gaggtagttt atttttattt acttttgtaa
    36481 ataaatgtaa atgtttcaga aagattctag ttttaattct taaggtcatc cacactactt
    36541 ttcataaggc cactcccaca aacactgtgc aaacatcttt ctcctaagtc ttcagctttc
    36601 acttttaaaa agcatttatt tatttatttt tttttttgac aggcagagtg gacagtgaga
    36661 gagagagaca gagagaaagg tcttcctttg ccgttggttc accctccaat ggccgccgca
    36721 gccggcgcgc tgcagccggc gcaccgcgct gatctgatgg caggagccag gagccaggtg
    36781 cttttcctgg tctcccatgg ggtgcagggc ccaagcacct gggccatcct ccactgcact
    36841 ccctggccac agcagagagc tggcctggaa gaggggcaac cgggacagaa tccggcgccc
    36901 caaccgggac tagaacccgg tgtgccggcg ctgctaggcg gaggattagc ctagtgagcc
    36961 gcggtgccgg cctttattta tttatttatt tatttgaaag gcagagttac agagaggcag
    37021 aggcagagtc ttccatctgc tggttgactc cctaaatgac cacaccagtt ggagctgttc
    37081 ttatctgaag ccaggagctt cctctgggtc tcccacgggg cttcagtggc ccaagcactt
    37141 gggccgtctt ctgcagcttt tccaggtgca ttagcaggga gctggatcag gagaggagta
    37201 gtcaggcctc taactggtac cctaatggga tgctggcacc gcaggcagag gcttaacctt
    37261 ctacaccata gcgccgccac ataagggtct aattttgtgc tgcatgtgat tatctagtgt
    37321 tcccatcacc atgtcctttc ttcagtgtgt gttttgatat ccttgtgaaa ggtcactttg
    37381 ctgtaaattg aaggatattt ttctgggctt ccaattattt tctatgtcca tgtgtctgtt
    37441 ctcatgccag caccgtgcca tcctggttgt ataacttagt agtgtgatct tcaaaatggt
    37501 tacgtacggg gccaacgttg tggcgttgca gttgaagcca ccgcctgcag tgctggcatc
    37561 ccgtgtgggt tttggtttgg gtcctggctg ctccactgct gatccagctc cctgctaatg
    37621 cactgggaaa gcagcagagg gtggccagag tccttgggcc ctgcacccac gtgggagacc
    37681 tgaaggaagt gctgggtctt gattttggtt cagcccaact cagactgttg cagccacttg
    37741 tggattaaac cagcagatgg aagacctttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc
    37801 tctctctctc tcccctctcc ctgtctataa ttctgcctct caaataaata caaaaccctt
    37861 ttttaaaaaa aagaaaatcc agggccggtg ccacagctca ttaggctaat cctctgcaca
    37921 cacgcagacc tgctcgcccc agactgaatc ctcatggcgt cccaggggct cctgcacagc
    37981 aagtcccggc ccccagtgca ggacgtggcc ccagacccgc ggccggctct gccttgtgct
    38041 cgctcctgtc actgacgctg cacggccaca gctgggcctg ggccctttct cttcccagcc
    38101 gccccctccc tcggtgactg cgtctctgct caggactgca aaccccattc acacggtgcc
    38161 cctcgccgtc tacttctcca gcccagactt ttctcctaac cccatcctga ggcccagctg
    38221 ccagccccac agtgtcagcc acattcccaa caggcacctg ggctccaggt acctgcattg
    38281 acgcctgggc cgccccctcc tcagatgccc ctcccactgt cgccccctct cccccagaaa
    38341 aacccctcct cctgcagtca cggctccttg accgccctct ctcagcctct ggtgccgtcc
    38401 tcgaggcagc gtcgtgagtc catcttcaga aggagccgga agctcctctc ccactcctcc
    38461 cacccccgcc ccagcgcggt agccgcctcc ccagtctggg ctccgccggg ctgcagactt
    38521 cctccctgaa gccttgctgg cctctgcgcc ccaccctccc ccagcagcca cgtggtcctg
    38581 taagggagca gctgagccac gccccttcct gctcagagct ctcccagctc ccagctcact
    38641 tagagcaagg gcaacaccct gtcagtgtgc acatgacacc cacacacaca cactcctgcc
    38701 ccaggacatt tgcactggag gttccctgcc tgcaaaggac ttgccccaga tgaatttgca
    38761 gatgactcct catgtccctc aaatgtcttc aaggccactg tctcagtggg gtctttgcag
    38821 cccccgcacc cacgcaaggc agccactttc tctctctcac gtccactctg caccacctcc
    38881 cccacgcact aacctcctac cctgagcgct ctcccattgc tctgtccaga gcccatcagc
    38941 tgcctcctcc cgggaatgca ggctccacag ggccagcagc ttctgcctcc ctcagggctg
    39001 cagctcgggt gtcatgggcg gggcccccag cacacagcac ctgcagtgga gctccgcccc
    39061 cttcctgctg ctgctttatc aatggagccc aggtcagctg cagcctgagg cagccacagc
    39121 cccgccccct caccctgctg tcaccagggc cctcacagga acaagggcag tgtgagcagc
    39181 caaggaaatg aaaaataaat gaacgcggga aagatggggg ccgtggctgg gcccaagcct
    39241 gagctcaggc tgcccaggca caggaagccg tcccggctgt gggtcccagg aacaggacct
    39301 cctggggccg tggctgagtc cagtgagcac aggcggggga gggtgcacaa ccttccactg
    39361 gagacgagga cggggcaggg accacagcga ccgcagtgcc cggatggact cagcacccag
    39421 ggcacagcac tgtcctcact cagtgcctcc tggaccctcc cagccccacc tgcagcacac
    39481 tcagcacagt aagcacatgg gttctggaag gttctagcgc ttctattttt ttttaagatt
    39541 ttttatttat ttatttgaca ggtagagtta cagacagtga aagagagaaa ggtcttcctg
    39601 ttgtacctga gcgagtgtaa acaaaggagc tccacacatt gataaaattt gatggtcctt
    39661 tattgccggc agtggagagt gggctagtgc cctaaagaac tctcgactct gaagcccaaa
    39721 gcaacagggt ttataaaggc aaaaaccgca aaatcaggag gggaatacat ggttgctagg
    39781 atcaggggga acatatggtt actggggtca agctgaccta aaacctatgc aaaactagta
    39841 tcagttataa tcttgacaat accagttaca atcgtaacaa ttccaattat aatcttgaca
    39901 ttaatccagg cattggcttt aatcatatgt aggacataga caaattacat ttttatcatt
    39961 aacccaggtg cagcctatcc acttccaagc ttgagcaatc atgctagggt ggtttatgct
    40021 ctgccaagtg tgatgtagta gactgctatt gttcaactgt tttagatcat agtttcagac
    40081 cacagcctca tggtgtgtgt taggaaactg gcacagtttt agccaggtgg ccgcatggcc
    40141 cagctacctg agccaggctc cacccccatc ctaatgggat tccctgctcc tgcttccctg
    40201 cccgtcctca ggcaaagttt taaaagggcc tgttcctctc ttggctctta gttcttctct
    40261 cttggctctg ctctcttggt ccttctctcc tgcgctctct tggtctctct tggcttctct
    40321 cctcctctca tctctcttct ctctctctct tatactttct ctctctttcc cttcgccgcc
    40381 ccttccctcc agcctgctgg gtttccccca ataaaccctt tcccttactc tggtgtccgg
    40441 tgtgttttgt gagtgcctaa cattaatata taacagtgtg tggagggggg caccttccca
    40501 gaatggagtc tcaggttctc caaaatggag tccctactgt caaggtgtta cttcatgcct
    40561 tctattggtt cacccacaaa gtggccgcta cagctggtgc tgcgctgatc cgaagccagg
    40621 agccaggtgc ttcctcctgg tctcccatgg ggtgcagggc ccaagcactt gggccatcct
    40681 ccactgcact ccctggccac agcagagagc tggcctggaa gaggggcaac cgggactaga
    40741 acccagtgcc cacatgggat gccagcgcca caggcggagg attagccaag ttagccacgg
    40801 caccaggccc tactgcttgt atttatttcc tttctcaaat tttaggaatc tcctcattta
    40861 attaactcac acacacacca catgacaaga attggaaaaa taaatcgttg ttcagatgaa
    40921 tgaggaagga gctgcagcgc agtgcacagg atctgagaca ggacggagac gcccacacgg
    40981 gcaggcgggc ctggagctga tgcgctcaag gtgagccggg ctctgaggac aaagacggag
    41041 cctgcacgaa tctgcatcgc tcagtcccac acaggccatg gtctcacgct atagaaatat
    41101 ccagataaca agttcagatg agcagtgcac acggggacat gagcagccac caccacggcc
    41161 cattcaagga atccccagac ccacggtgtc ccctctgccc caccccctcc caagcaggcc
    41221 tccaggtctc acgtttcaca gataggagag aatcatcaga gccctggtcc ctgtggccac
    41281 ctggggtgaa caaatcagga cttggtgagg cccacgggga cgtggctgag ggaggaacgg
    41341 gtgggcgggc agcgtctcca tgggcttctc actgtggcaa gggtctcagt gaaccccacc
    41401 cccaccacac cccagcactt acctgcagcc ggagcgtatt tccctccttt cccatctgtg
    41461 agaagaaaac accttgtgag agccagggag gaggcagggc ctgagcaccc acctagagga
    41521 agcccagagc actggctcat cctacagaag cttccagaac tgtggctgtg ggacaggaga
    41581 ccccgcccct ggagccctgt cctcagctgg ggccgccccc tgctctgtgg ctgctggcac
    41641 tcagctccca tcaccagcac cagcccagga aagattcgtc ctcatcttcc cttgtgcttt
    41701 acagagagcc caagttagca cacagggccc agcctgggtg tgcagttggg tgtggactgg
    41761 gtgtcccaag aatggggcag gtgcacttct ccctgacaga aagtccccca ggtacaagag
    41821 actcagaccc caccctcccc tctcctacct gagctgagct tcctcctcat cacaacagcg
    41881 accacagctc ccaggatcag aagaactcca tgaactccag caacaattcc cactatgagc
    41941 gcagtgggct gagcaggagg ctctgagagg gaaggggagg tgaggggctc tgaccccagg
    42001 gctcagccct gcccctgctg aaggccccag cagggctctg ccctcccctc agaggccccg
    42061 cccctcctgc cctcctcacc ccatctcagg gtgaggggct cgggcagccc ctcgtgctgc
    42121 acacggcacg tgtatctctg ctcctcccca gaaggcacca ccacagccgc ccacttctgg
    42181 aaggttccgt cgcccccagg cctggtctcc acgagctccg tgtcctgggt ctggtcctcc
    42241 ccatcccgct gccaggtcag tgagatctcc gcggggtaga agcccagggc ccagcacctc
    42301 agggtggcct ccttgtcaga ggcggggtgg tgggtcacgt gggctttggg cgggtctgag
    42361 aagaagaggc aaaaggtcag acactctgca tttctaggga cttcccagca gtgccatgtg
    42421 acactgggag agttgacagg atcatgtggg gcagtgaggg ctgtgtagta caaaaccccc
    42481 acatggcctg gacacaggca tcagggctaa tatcctactg cttggaaagt tctgagtgag
    42541 aggtgagaag gcccagggtc cacggctccc agtccctggg aggggatggg gcaggattct
    42601 attcttgacc taggtggaaa ccaacgttgg attcagatgt cagaccacca gagaccctga
    42661 acacggggca gagaacaggc ccgagagccg ctttcccagg gttcccaagt cacaaggacg
    42721 gtctccccta gaactcctgc gaagggcggg tcttctgaaa atcactcggt acaggatctg
    42781 gaaacctggg cacgctcctc cctctcggca tcccagagag gagctgcacc atggcctcaa
    42841 ttctaccttc cactacacct tctcgggctg caggtgtggc cgccgcccaa ggggagctga
    42901 gccagtggcc ccgggggccc cgcacacctg cgcgctgcag cgtctccttc ccgtcttgca
    42961 ggtatctgcg cagccactcc acgcactccc cctccaggta ggacctgtgg cgctccgcct
    43021 cgctggcttc ctccgatttg cgcttggaga tctgcgctgc tgtgtccgcc gcggtccagg
    43081 agcgcaggtc ctcgttcagg gcgatgtagt cggcgccgtc gtaggcgaac tgctcgtacc
    43141 cgcggaggag gcgcccgtcc gccccgacct cgcagccgta catccactgg agggtgtgag
    43201 accctggccc cgtcccgcgg tcagccccgg ccggtcagcc tcctggcggt cagactgccc
    43261 gtacagaccc atcccctgcc agcccaaact gaaaacgaaa ccagggcgaa gctccgcggt
    43321 ccaaccggtt ctctgggtaa agggcggacc cagagactct gggggactcc ggcccgtccc
    43381 tggggggtga ggacgaccca gacccagcag cactcaccgg tgtcgctctg gttgtagtag
    43441 ccgcgcaggg tctgcaggtt tactcggaaa gaaagcgcgg tgttcttggc gcgctcggtc
    43501 tgccggtccc agtaccacgg ctccacctgc tgcatccacg gcgcccgcgg ctcggccctc
    43561 gggctcgcgg cgtcgctgtc gaagcgcacg aactgcgtgt cgtccacgta gcccacggac
    43621 atgaagcgcg gctccggcag gccgggccgg gacactgcgg tggtgaaata ccgcagggag
    43681 tgcgagcctg ggatcgggaa agagcggctg aggcccgggc cgaccccctc ctttgttgac
    43741 acttggtcga cggggcgggt ggggaccagg cggaggtggg ggaaaggagg gtcttaaacg
    43801 tgggcagggg gaggtcaggg cgggttcagg gttggggtgt tggatgacag gggcggaaac
    43861 gcagcggcca ggtctgcgcg gtccccacgc tcctgccccg cagagaccgt ctccctcccg
    43921 accccgcact cacctgtccg ggtctcggtc agtgttaggg cccccgcgag cagcaggagg
    43981 agggccccgc actccatggt cccatactcc cggtagaggc agtcaccgtc gcggcgcggg
    44041 gatttcagac ctgcggtgcc gattggctcc tctggaaagg acgcccaatg ggagtgagac
    44101 ctgggctcgc gtcacgagtg tcagggcaga agaacccaac ccaggttgtg ttgagaaagc
    44161 gaaacttggg aacgcaggga ctccccgctt tgggcttcct cggcccagac ttgggccctt
    44221 ggaccgaacc ggctgctccg cttccgaccc agctctctgc tgtggcttgg aaaagcagtg
    44281 gaagatggcc cctgcaccat gtgggagacc aggaggaagc ttggctcagc tccggctgtt
    44341 ggggccaatt ggggagttaa ccagtggatg gaagactctc tctctctctc tctctctctc
    44401 tctctctctc tctcccccct tcccccatcc tctgtctccg tctctctcta gctctttcaa
    44461 gtacataaac aaatctaaaa aaaaagctga aactactgcc acctgcctcc ccgcttctgt
    44521 ccatgggttc atagttcata tttgcacttc tcttaactgc attagctatt actgttccag
    44581 caggacattt gaaagtgaaa ctggcttttc tcctccaaca agaagtgctg tggagaatgg
    44641 agtagcctct ttgtctcctc ttaaagcgcc agaatccctc tcccagagct gggctccata
    44701 ccttccaaaa ggtagggtac cgctctgccc cctgggtctt tctagaaaaa agttatcccc
    44761 cgaaaatctg atgcagagtt tttaaaaatt tcttttttta aaaggactta tggggccagc
    44821 actgtggtgc agtaggttaa tcctccgcct gcggcactgg catcccttat ggacgagggt
    44881 tctggtcccg gctgcccctg ttctgatcca gctctctgat atggcctggg aaagcagtag
    44941 aagatggccc aagtccttgg gccccagcac ccacatggga gactggggga ggcgcctggc
    45001 tcctggcttc agattggcac agctccagct gttgtggtca tttggggagt gaaccaacag
    45061 aaggaagacc tttctgtctg tctctccctc tcactgtctg taactctgcc tttcaaataa
    45121 aaataaataa aatcttttaa aaaaggattt atttatttat ttgaaaggca gagttacaga
    45181 gaaggcgagg caggagcaga gagagagaga gagagagagg tctttcaatc tgaagccagg
    45241 agccaggagc ttcttcgggg tctctgtcag tgcaggggcc caagcacttg ggccatcttc
    45301 ttgccttccc aggccatagc agagagctgg atcagaagtg gagcagccgg gtctgcacct
    45361 gtgcctacat gagattcctg tgctgaggct gtggctttat ccattgtgcc acagcaccag
    45421 cccctaactt tctttttaaa attttaatta gtttttgaca cattcaatat agttcataaa
    45481 tataattcta caaatatgat tatattccct tcctctctcc ttcactctgt cacttcttcc
    45541 tacctcttgt tttatttcag tttttgagat aatatatttt aaatttacat tctgaggcca
    45601 gcgctgtggc atagcgggta aagccgctgc ctgcagtgct ggtatcccat atgggcactg
    45661 gtttaagacc cagcagctcc tcttatgatc cagctctctg ctatggcctg ggaaagcaat
    45721 ggaagatggc ccaagtcctt gggcccctgt acccacgtga gagaccagga agaagctcct
    45781 ggctcctggc ttcagatcag cccagctctg gctgttgtgt ccaattgggg agtgaaccag
    45841 cagatggaag acctctctct ctgcctctgc tctctctgtg taactttgac tttcaaataa
    45901 ataaataaat aaataaatct tttttttttt ttcttttttt tttctttttt tttttttttt
    45961 tttttgacag gcagagtgga tagagagaga gagacagaga gaaaggtctt ccttttgccg
    46021 ttggttcacc ctccaatggc cgccgcggcc ggcgcgctgc ggccggcgca ccgcgctgat
    46081 ccgatggcag gagccaggag ccaggtgctt ttcctggtct cccatggggt gcagggccca
    46141 agcacctggg ccatcctcca ctgcactccc tggccacagc agagggctgg cctggaagag
    46201 gggcaaccgg gacagaatcc ggcgccccaa ccgggactag aacccggtgt gccggcgccg
    46261 caaggcggag gattagccta gtgagccgcg gcgccggcca ataaataaat cttttaaaaa
    46321 atttacattc tgtaagaagg cacagctcca gccactgcgg ccaactgggg agtgaaccag
    46381 cggaagaaga cctctttcct ctctctctct gtctcctctt ctctctgtgt gtaactctga
    46441 ctttcaaata agataaatag atctttttta aaaaactgta tttgcagcaa tgttaataca
    46501 cacaggcatt tctttttttt tttctcttta gttttagttc ccacatataa gggagaacat
    46561 gtggtttttg tctttctgca tctggctctt ttcacgcaac atgatctcct gtagttgtgt
    46621 ttattttgtt gcaaatggta aaatttcatt ttattatagg cgaataatat tccattttat
    46681 atatatattt accacatttt ctttatccat tcatctggtg atagacacct tgattgagtc
    46741 caaattttgc ctattgtgag cagtgctgct ataaacatgt ggtgcaggta tctctttgat
    46801 acatcgtggt caaggctttt gagtatctaa ccagtagtgg gattgctggg tcatatgtca
    46861 agtctattcc tagtgggatt gctgggtcat ttgtcaagtc tattccactg ttttccacag
    46921 tggctgcact aatttacatt cccaccaaca gtgtgtaggt gttccccttt gtctacatcc
    46981 tcaccagcgt ttgttagtct ctgtgttttg gattttagcc atgctgacag gggtgaagtg
    47041 gtatctcatt gtagtcttga tttgtatttc cctgatggct agtgatgttg aacagttatt
    47101 catgcatttg ttggccattt gtatttcttc ttttgaaaac tgggtctctt gcctatttct
    47161 taactggatt ttttgttttt ttttttctta ttgaattttt taagttgctg atatattctg
    47221 gagattaatc ctttgtcagg tatgtagctt gcaaatactt ttcccattca gttggatgtc
    47281 tcttcactct attgatcatt tctgttgctg tgcagaagtt tctgagtttg atatatttcc
    47341 atttgtttag atttgctttt gtccaagaag tcgtccttgt gcttcttgtc caagaagtcg
    47401 tcccctatat caatgtcttg gagtgttacc cttacatttt cttctagcaa cttcatagtc
    47461 tcaggtcata gactgacgtc ttcgatgcat tttgaattta tttttgtata tggtgagggg
    47521 tagaggctta atttcattct cctaaatata ggcatccagt tttaccagca ccatttgctg
    47581 aagagatgat ccttactcct ctgtatggtc tgagtatttt tgttgatacc agagcttttg
    47641 agatggagac tcagttattg cctgtttgga actagaaata ttttgtgcct gaaggcacca
    47701 gacagagatt cactgttgac tactttgggt tttattacac agcaccttaa attatacctg
    47761 ctcacagaca gtggagattg gtgaaatctg tgggagaaat aacatgggct ccctcattaa
    47821 tgtctctaag tgcactcaac ttgaggccca cagggcatca acagaagtgt tgtccatata
    47881 cagaactttg tatgatgaag gactgttctg tgtctgggct gtctactatg gcagccacta
    47941 ggcatgtgga tgttgggcac tttaaatgtg actggtataa cagaactttc aattttgttt
    48001 attcagttta aatagccaca tgtgcctatt ggtcatcata tttgactgca agtctagagt
    48061 gttctcagtt tttaatcttc ctcaaaatat actgtgggac tctttgtata ttaaaattgt
    48121 cttcatatgg aagccgtggg tttgtttatg tgggtgttgg acatagtctt gaagtacagt
    48181 atgcccaaca aagtttaatt aatatgtgtt ttaatagtga gagtatacaa acattaacca
    48241 aaacatgtaa taaacctcaa agttgtaagc attcaaaaat ggtgacaatt cttgtctatt
    48301 ttgcattggg actctggtgt tattgtttta tttaacttgt tgaagatcaa gaagtaagta
    48361 gatcttcatt tactgccaaa taaactgttc attgagtata acatatgcca gatactcttt
    48421 ataattcata gcatatatta agtactctta attcaataaa tatttaatga caaaacagaa
    48481 ttttctaaac ctcagaattg taccatctta actactttcc ctgttgctcc ccatattcca
    48541 acagttttgt ttttcttcac tgttggaccc ctctttcctt aatgttataa cctagatgga
    48601 aacatgtatg aaatgttcat ggctgaggaa tgagagggac tctctaagcc tgactcagag
    48661 atgaaaaacc ataaagaaaa gggatggtag tttttaactg cttataaatt acaagaagct
    48721 tctccttggc aacttcaaac atacaaacac tttcccacaa tcaacctcaa tgtcacacaa
    48781 aaaagttatt agacaaaatg gtaatatgtc catgccttcc ccagacacca cgacgggaac
    48841 cccttgggtg acaaagctgg gtttattgct gatgcttggg aaagtacacc atggggcaag
    48901 ctgtggtgtc tcaggaaaga acctgtagta gcatttgacc tttggctggg tgattctggt
    48961 ttttggttgg gtacttgtca tgaagcagag gcaattctgc aattgggtct ctcaataaat
    49021 cttacctcta ggaagggcag accagaacag gataaagata tagccagtaa agaagactcg
    49081 ggactggcat tgtggtacag agggttaagc tgctgcctct gatgcttgca ttacatatga
    49141 gtgcttgttc gagtcccagc tgctttgctt ctgatccagc tccctgctag tgaacctggg
    49201 aaagcagcag aagatggccc aagcgcttgg gcccctgtca cccacgtggg agacatggat
    49261 gaaactcctg acttcagcct gacccagctc tggctatttc agccattggg gaagtgaacc
    49321 agcagataga agatatctct cgctctctct cctcatctct ctgtaactct gtcacataaa
    49381 taaataaatc tttaagaaaa atacaaatat taaacacata ggttaacaat aaataaatgt
    49441 gaataaaatt aaaatgtaga ctaaaaaatg ggagtaagat ataaaatttg ccaatttgca
    49501 aaggtgaaaa tcagtgctta tagtattgac cagaatatag aaaaatttat aaagtttaat
    49561 gggattaaaa attggtatga ggggccagcc ctgtggtgtg gtgggtaaag ctgctgcctg
    49621 tggtgccagc atcccatatg ggtactggtt tgagtcctgg ctgctccact tcccatccag
    49681 ctcttttcta ttgtacctga gaaagcagca gaaaatgccc cccgtgcttg ggtccctgta
    49741 cccacatggg agacccaaaa gaagctccag gctcctggct tcagcctggc ccagccctta
    49801 ctgttgtggc catctgggga gtgaacagag gatggaagac ctctgtctgt ctaactttgc
    49861 ctttcaaata aatgaataaa tctttaaaaa aaggtatgaa atttctaaag agtatttttc
    49921 ataaaatgct tcaacagtat taagtactta catttagaca caatatttct cttttaggaa
    49981 tctaggctag ctggcgccgt ggctcactag actaatcctc cgcctgcggt gccagtaccc
    50041 cgggttctag tcctggttgg ggcgtcggtt ctgtcccggt tgctcctctt ccagtccaac
    50101 tctctgctgt ggcccaggaa ggcagtggag gatggcccaa gtgcttgggc cctgcacctg
    50161 catgggagac caggaggaag cacctggctc ctggcagcat gctggccgta gtggccattt
    50221 gggggggtga actaatggaa ggaagacctt cctctctgtc tctctctttc tcacactgtc
    50281 taactctgcc tgtcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aatctaggct aagagtatat
    50341 tcagaaattc ttataaatat gtaatagaga tattcctttt ttaaaaaaat ttatttgaaa
    50401 ggcggagtga cagataggga aagagagaga gagatcttcc atgtgctggt tcacttcccc
    50461 agtggcttgc aacagccaag tccagactaa gcagaagcta cgagcctgaa ctgcatcttg
    50521 gtctccacgt ggatggcagc ggcccaggca cgtggaccat catctgccgc cttcccaggt
    50581 gctttagcag caggcactct ctgagttgga acactggtgt cccaagcagc agcttaacaa
    50641 ctccagcccc tgggatattc tttgaataat gatttataaa agctaaagaa tagaaaaatc
    50701 taaatggtac acttaatatg atgttagcta tgcattgtgg agcgctttat gtctcaggca
    50761 atagtaatgt gtattttaca tcaggagtca aagttaatct tcagagcaaa cccacaaggg
    50821 acccagaatg tgatcctttg tacagacagg gaaaaggaga ctcagagaat gtaaggagat
    50881 gtgtagctgg gtctgacccc agggcattgt ctctcagagg ccttgttcac tgatccgtgg
    50941 ttgattctct gtctactagg tagggtactc tatgcaagtg aatggtttca gtgttctgga
    51001 atattctgca acagcaggct gctagactcg gaggtcagga ggctttgtga cttccctgca
    51061 taccccacac taaagcccat catccagcac gtatttccag gcccctgtaa atgaagagat
    51121 cggccagaca ctgaagatac aagaagagct gaagtaagag cctgatgatt tggagcttgc
    51181 attgtcagga ccgagacaga caattaacaa cagttaccga ggtaaatgca aaatcagtac
    51241 tagactgtga atgaaaatgt catgatacca tgaaaacagg caacaaggag tcacaagaga
    51301 tcccaccatt atcaataata tatggaagat atgagaaaac atgtggcatt tatgaaagac
    51361 acacacttat ataaaataat aacaagaaca aaaatgagcc caaggaatta aaaatattat
    51421 tgcagaatga tagaagtgaa tgattcaata gatgaattgg aaggtattag tcacaataca
    51481 atggaaaagt gtttgcaaaa aggaaagaga aactatcaat tccaacatca tgattcaagt
    51541 ttcacttaga atactgagca ggaaatgacc aataatgatt caggaatatg tctcaggtta
    51601 cactttgaag gctctggcca agttcttacc acagcagata aaaatagatc tacacatgac
    51661 acattaaaat aaaatttcag aaagagaatg gaaggggcca gcactgtggt gcagtgggct
    51721 aatgccctga cctgaagtgc cggcatccca tatgggtgcc agttctagtc ccggctgctc
    51781 ctcttcccat ccagctctct gctatggcct gcgtaagcag tagaagatgg cccaagtcct
    51841 tggaccctgc cacccacaag ggagacccag aagaagctcc tggctcctgg cttcagatta
    51901 gcacagctct agccgtgtgg ccaattgggg agtgaaccat cggatggaag acctctctct
    51961 ctctctctct ctctgcctcc cctctctctg tgtaactctc tcttgcaaat gaatattaaa
    52021 tctttaaaaa aaagagagag aggaaagatg gaaagaagtg attttgaaaa cttcaagagg
    52081 caaccaaagc catgtttttt ggcagctaga agacaaacaa tggtttcctt tttttttttt
    52141 taagatttat ttattattta ttcaaaagtc agagttacac acagagagaa ggagaggcag
    52201 agagggagcg aggtcttcca tctgctggtt cattccccaa ttggccacaa tggccagagc
    52261 tgtgctgatc caaagccagg agccaggaac caggggccag gagctaggag attcttctgg
    52321 gtctcccatg cgggtgcagg ggcccaagga cttgggccat ttctactgct ttcccaggcc
    52381 ttagcagaga gctggattgg aagtggagca gccaggactt gagctggtgc ctatatggat
    52441 gtcggcactg tagacggcgg ctttacccgc tatgccacag agccggcctc aaacaatggt
    52501 ttcaaatgcc aagaaaaaat acgttcaaca taaagttttt aaaaaagatt tatttattta
    52561 tttgaaattc agagttatag agaaaaagag aggcagatag agagagaggt cttccatctg
    52621 ctgtttcact cctcagttgg ccccaatggc tggatctttg ctgatctgaa gccaggagcc
    52681 aggagctagg agcttcttct gggtctccca tgtgggtgta ggggcccaag cacttgagcc
    52741 atcttctact tctttcccag gccatagcag agagctggtc ggaagtgaag cagccaggac
    52801 ttaaaccggt gcccatatgg gatgctggca ctgctaggca gcgactttac ccgctacgcc
    52861 acagcaccag ccccaaccaa cataaaattt tatatcaagt ggcagatggt ctaaagacat
    52921 ttttggatgt tgagggcttt agcattttac tttccatgtt ttcttcccca gcatatcact
    52981 aggagggaag caaaaatgat ggggaaaaca aagagcgggg gacatgtggg acacaagcgg
    53041 tggaggaatc agcctgagag aagggtgagc aggacaagtc ctgttctgtg cgcacacaaa
    53101 ctcccttccc ttgtgagcac tgagcgagtc cacctgctgt gctccacaag gctcctccct
    53161 ttctgagctg cagaaatcgc aaatctggta gtgttaagaa ctgtgacctg tgttagctgg
    53221 aaatactaga ctgcaggatg tgacttttga gtcattataa tgtcattgta ataacttacc
    53281 ataacgacac gcccactcct gtcatgtgtc tgcagccagg acacttctga tatttcctgg
    53341 aaaggcagtg gtcaagcccc actcaatcgc caccccctgc gcctctgtac cttctatgcc
    53401 tctggaaggt ccaaagggaa gacctaacct tgttaaaggg ctttctcctt tctggaggtt
    53461 tatcctttgt ggagggtttt ttccactgtc agaaggggga tttttctttg caatctgttt
    53521 gcattcttat ctgttcatgc atgacttggt tcttgtcctt gcactttcat tttgtggcaa
    53581 ataaatctca ctcccttgta cttttttaaa aatatttatt tatttattta tttgaaagac
    53641 agaattgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagatc ccccatccag
    53701 tggttcactc cccaaatggt tgcaacaccc agagctgggc tgatctgaag ccaggagcct
    53761 ggagcttctt ctttgtctcc cgcgtgggtg caggggccca ggaacttggg ccatcttctg
    53821 ctttcccaga tgtattgtag ggagctggat cagaagtaga gcagccagga catgaaatgg
    53881 cacccatatt ggatgctggc gctgcaagca gtggctttac ccactatgcc acagtgctgg
    53941 tctctctcct gtatatcttt atgcctctac tttttttttt ttttatttaa caggtagagt
    54001 tatagacagt gtgagagaga gagagacagg gagaaaggtc ttcctttcgt tgattcactc
    54061 cccaaatggc tgctatggcc agtgctgcac cgatccgaag ccaggagcca ggtgcttctt
    54121 cctggtctcc catgtgggtg caggcaccca aggccttggg ccatcctcca ctgccctccc
    54181 aggcaacagc agagagctag actggaagag gagcaactgg gactagaacc cagcgcccat
    54241 atgggatgcc ggcaccgcag gcagaggatt aaccaagtga gccacggcgc cggcccctat
    54301 accgctactt ttgaattctt tcacatttgg aaagaacaat ctacaataag tgtagtcagg
    54361 agccctccag ctcaaaaccc ttgggccgtc ttctgctgcc tttgcaggca tactagcagg
    54421 gagctggatt ggaagtggag cagccaggac ttgtaccatt gccccactat gggattgcaa
    54481 gcagtggctt aacctgctgt gcaacaacac tggcccctaa aatgcttttt ctgcatggag
    54541 ttgattctgt ggtttttctt cttaccctat tgatgctgca agtttgattt tcatatattc
    54601 atttgaactt gcatcctggg ataaaacttg gtcatgatgt gttatccttt attattatta
    54661 ttattattat tgaaaggcag aattagagag agagagagag agagagagaa tcttccatcc
    54721 actggttcac tctccaaatg gtcacaatgg ccagagctag gtcatgctaa aaccaggagc
    54781 caggagcttc ttccaggtct ccaacttgga tgcaggggcc caagcacttg agccatcatt
    54841 cactgccttc ccaggcacat tagcagggag ctggatcaga agcagagcag ccgagactca
    54901 ggacaaagca gtggtatggt atgggatgcc agcaccctaa gcagcaactt cacctacgat
    54961 gtcacagtgc tggtccctgg ggtgagtctg tcacttttct gctgggtcaa cgggggcctg
    55021 gagctcctgt gtacctcagc tcaggcctca tgaacagctg gaagctggat gggaagcaga
    55081 acccaaacga ctcaaggcca gggtgctgtc tgtagcagtg ggctagaatt ggtgccaatc
    55141 agtatagaaa tggggcgcag agtcccttcc aggtggggca tgcgattctg aggcagcctg
    55201 gctctggtgg actatgtcca ggagttggaa atgtccagct tgtgacatct tttggtctcg
    55261 tcctgccaag gtaccggaga tgggagttga aattcaacaa atctatagca gcctaatttt
    55321 gaagttgatc attttgtatg ccccctgaat gacgttataa atacccaatg accctttgca
    55381 ggaggaaagg ttccccaccc tgctagacct gtgggattca gagcccagcg gtatcactgg
    55441 ggaataggaa tgaaggagag aaaaggggta tggttaacag gtgtgtgtgt gagagactcc
    55501 atgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ctgtgagttt gtacaaaaga cagcaagtga gcgcctgctc
    55561 aggaatctga actgcaggac ccttggctcc aaagggagtc tctgggatcc tggaccactt
    55621 ctgagaaccc ttctctgaat gaggctgcct cctgtgctac ctgcttccct cttcattttg
    55681 ctagctgcaa aacactgtct cccctccaca tttcttccct ccctgttctg gtaaacaacc
    55741 actcccaacg ttgtgattta tgtttatggt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgacag
    55801 gcagagttag tgagagagag acagatagaa aggtcttcct tctgttggtt caccacccca
    55861 aatgtggttc ttgatagcat atattcagag gacttcaaat gtcagttttt gacgttatgt
    55921 cttgactttg caatatctcg tttacccagg agaccttccc ctatcataca accccatctt
    55981 cccagcacag gtgtgcagtg gttttgactg ggtttggatt aagagttaag aattacggat
    56041 ttgtgggaat gtacttgtta tggcctgacc tcgtgcaggt gttttaagtc ttacgttaac
    56101 aaccgacaag taaagggtac agacttggtc taattacagc gtctgagcag tgggcctggt
    56161 ggaaggtggt taggtcctgg gggacttccc ctaaggagga ctttctcacg agagggctgg
    56221 ttatataagc agagcatgct tcctgtgtct ctctctgctc tctggctcag catggggttg
    56281 ttccttcaca cgttgtccca tcccgggcag ccaccaccag actaagctat gatggctcca
    56341 tgcaacccca aactgtgagc ctgaactgtg caaccccaaa ctgtgagccg aaacaagtct
    56401 tttccttccc aaggcctttc acttaaagta atgagagtca catactgaac tctcctagtt
    56461 tcccttccca cacatcctgc tgctccccag tgagctgatc cttgctgggt gcttttgttt
    56521 tattactttc tacaacttat tactttcatc aatgtatccc cctacttgag cacgttcctt
    56581 ctcaatacct ccaaactcct gatggttgtt aaggtcattt tcttggtgaa aactcccctc
    56641 tgcattctca tccacccaga ccactttgtc cttcccttcc catcccctcc cagagttaca
    56701 gagacaggga gatcttccat ctgttggttc actccgcaaa tggctgcaac agccagggct
    56761 gggccagcca aagtcaggag ctaggaactc caaccaggtc tcccatgtgg gtgcaggggc
    56821 ccaagcatta tgacatcttc cactgctttc ctaggcacat cagcagggag ctggatcaga
    56881 agtggagcag ccaggacccc agttggcact tatataggat gctggcgtgg caggtggtag
    56941 ctgcacagca gcgctggcct cgccttgtcc ctttctggac tggtgttcct gtaacttccc
    57001 tctcacccca ccccacccac attcctggtg agtgccttca cttttcatgg gttgttgcca
    57061 cattcaccaa ctccaggtct ttataaattc cttcctttct ggggtatttc cttcaacttc
    57121 tggagagaag gatgtgtagg ggccatgttg ccatggcttg caatgtctga tttatagggg
    57181 gtgaatttgt gagtcaggtc acccacctcc ctatccacac gggagaaact ggggccaggg
    57241 ggtggttctc accaggggta tagccagccc ctctcattgc tccaagactg aatcactgca
    57301 attccatttc ccctgcagca gcagcaaaac aatctcagag gctggagcct acgctgaccc
    57361 tcagggccac tgcaaggagc tgtcccagtg tttaagctga aggggggggg gtccttggaa
    57421 agcatccttg gggttacggc cctcaattct cttcctgggt ataaggcaac cacataacac
    57481 accaaacacc agagttagag gaaaggttta tcttccggtg ggagaagccc aggggaccag
    57541 agggagagag tgagagggtg agagagagag gaggagagtg taagagagag tgagagagag
    57601 tgagcgagag cgagcgagca cgtgttaggg aacaggtgct gttaaatctg cagtggtggt
    57661 agtggtggtg gggggatgtc cggttggggg gtggcaggga agtaagagta gcaaatccca
    57721 ttagggtggg ggtggagctg acactggtgg ttgggccatg gcgcttagga ctaaaacctg
    57781 tgggaagggg gccagggcct aagatggagc cacagaaaag actgcaccat tttactcaca
    57841 ctggggcaac gggttgatct gtggccttcc tcatgcaaag gagtaatcag atctggggaa
    57901 aggcttttaa agtaggggcc tattaaaaat aagagtggga atagagaggg aggagatgta
    57961 cagtttggca catgctcact cggacttacc tcaagggtaa agctagaaac ttgccatggg
    58021 atttcaaatc aatcccatta aggtagcagg taccaatgcc atcttactag ttaaagtgat
    58081 cagtttaagt tcataactga tcataaagat aggattaagt gtcaaagtga tcacataaat
    58141 aagaccagtg tctgctaata ataattgata gaactaaaaa ggagagaatg atccaacatg
    58201 ggaagtagga tacacagcag actcatagaa tggcaaatgc cctaaactgc actctggcct
    58261 cagaatcagc ccttaaggca ttcagatctg gctaaaaagc ccatgatagt ttctcaggca
    58321 tggaaagcca agacactgtg gcaaaaaatt acctacatga aagatctcta tgaatgagat
    58381 cccagaggaa agaacgggcc atcaaagaag gtggtaactt tctctgaagg agggaaagaa
    58441 cttccacttt gattatggcc ttgtcataaa taagagtgtc aattgttaaa tcaacaacag
    58501 gagtcactgt gcacttactc cccgtgtagg atctctgtcc ttaatgtgtt gtactatgag
    58561 aattaatggt gaaaatagtc ttcaaacagt actttatact ttgtgtgtct gtgtgggtgc
    58621 aaactgttga aatctttact tagtatatac taagttgatc tgtatataaa gataattaaa
    58681 aatgaatctt aatgaagatg ggatgggaga gggagtagga gatgggatag tttgcgggtg
    58741 ggagggtcat tatgggggga ggaaccacta taatccaaaa gttgtacttt tgaaatttat
    58801 atttattaaa taaaattttt ctaaaaaatt aaaaataaag tagtggccat gtttttgttc
    58861 tcaatcagac ttccagaggg tgctgtgtca gttcttagaa cacctgacct cagccagcat
    58921 ttctcttcct ttctgaacta gcagagagga caacagagag ggtggaggca aggtgaatgg
    58981 tggtcatgcc ggggccaagg aggaggggag ggaaggatag aaagtggagg aaggacaaaa
    59041 ggaggcagaa gggtgagccc tcagggacac acgggggcct gctggtgtgg ctaggggtgg
    59101 tgcctcgagg tcacctgaaa cccgcctttg gcttgtccct tagcttaggg tcctccactg
    59161 ctctgctccc accaatgtga ttagaaaaaa caaaacagaa cctgcttcct gattctcaca
    59221 ctggcaccat cacccactgt ggggagcaac tcggactaga ctaagttact ggaattaaga
    59281 cttattctat gcatctgctc tcccacaata tggcgctggg agaggagtaa acaacttcta
    59341 cacagctgcc tccagttcaa ccaataaact gtaggacctg ctcctgattg gaggagagca
    59401 gcgtactcgg cgtgtgggta gcagagttgg gattggcgga agaggactat aaaggaggag
    59461 agagacaaca tgcaccagga atatctaagg ggaacatccg gataacatct gagcagcccc
    59521 tgagagagcc agctggtggt gtgtcgctcc cccacggaag tggggaaagt ggcaggggga
    59581 gccgcccttc cacggaggtg gaaggatcgg cagccaaccc gggaaggacc agcagcaaac
    59641 ccgggaaggg ccgagcagac gaaagaacag cgcagggtcg tgtgttgttc ctccatgaag
    59701 agggggagcg acaacccacc tcctggttct tttttcatcc cctggctccc gtctcccaaa
    59761 gaacactggc aacattctcc cggatgcttc atttgtcccc gccactctac caggcagcca
    59821 ctgcctgggc tcctcatgat aactgaaaaa gccgcaggga ctaaagcaca ctcattccct
    59881 tctccgtagt caggggtttc ctcctgcctc cctctcctgc tctgcggggc cccagccaag
    59941 tcttccggaa caagtctggc aagaggactc agtggggcag cctgcggtga agctagtccc
    60001 agggatcgag ccagcctggg cgccctccac actcaccacc tccgcccccg ccgtagctcc
    60061 tccagtgttc ctgccacacg tgcacagaga gcccaaaggt gtgtaactcc cagacgtcga
    60121 tgacaaatgc gtccagcgac atcactagtc aatgctccct cacacttcag ggacaagagc
    60181 cccaaaccag ggagaaaggg tgctgtgtgc tctccattgg cctgtggaag tcccagggga
    60241 cggacttcac tttgctatcg cttcaggggg ccccatgctt tctccactgt ccctttcctc
    60301 ccttggaatg aacttctcca ttgaagtttc aatgagccct tgctttacta cccctcattt
    60361 tgtctcctgt actataattc agcattctga caacgaaaac taaacaggct gcaggtgatg
    60421 gctcaagtgc tgagatccct gccgcccaag ttcctggctc ccacttcagc ctggcctggc
    60481 cccacccctt tcaggcatct ggggagtcaa ccatggacgg gaactctgtc tctcaaataa
    60541 aaataaacaa ttttaaaaat gaataaaatt aagggactta atttcagcta aaaagactga
    60601 atttgttgtg tttataaaca ttcttgagta attccatcta ttacatttct gtttcccgac
    60661 cctacaacct tgagcttgga ggatttccca ggagaggaat gtttccaaca aacaacttca
    60721 ttgttttgct aaattagatg ctggggccac ctgccggtct tttccagtga agcaatttca
    60781 ctggttcggg agattggcac tgattacaaa gaggaaacag taaagaaagt agtgaaaatt
    60841 agtaaaatat aaagttctct gaggtgtggc ttcaataaat gatattctaa cagagacagc
    60901 aatactctct ttagcaacac aagtcagatt tgttattaaa gatgatggat gaattgggat
    60961 gaaacaagtg attggctcta tgaagctaaa taaaactatt tgagaagtga aacaatatat
    61021 gtttttaaag atttattttg gggctggcgc tgtggtatag agggtaatgc caccccctgc
    61081 agtgccggca tcccataagg gtgctagttc aagacccggc tgttccactt cagttccagc
    61141 tctctgctat ggcctgggaa agcagaagat gtctcaagtc cttgggcccc tgcacccacg
    61201 tgggagaccc aaaagaagct cctggctcct ggcttcggac cggcaatgcc tggagtggcc
    61261 atctggggag tgaaccagcg ggtggaagat ctctctctgt cctgcttttg cctctctgta
    61321 attctgactt tcaaataaat aaataaatct tagaaagaaa ttctttgaaa aaacagaaaa
    61381 agatgtttat tttggtgcaa atatttttga aactcatgtg catgtgatgt ggggtcttaa
    61441 gaaagtatgg aagatatatc acaggaaaat actatgcatg aatttcaaaa attgtttaaa
    61501 gatttattta atttatttga aagagttaca cagagagagc agaggcagag agaggtcttc
    61561 catccgctag ttcactcccc aattggctgc aacagccgga gctgcgctga tctgaagcca
    61621 ggagccagga gcttcttcct ggtctcccat gtgggtgagg ggcccaagga tttgggccat
    61681 cttctattgc tttcccaggc catagcagag agctggacca gaagtggagc agccgggtct
    61741 caaactggca cccatatggg atgccagcat tgcaggcgga ggctttaccc gctacgccac
    61801 agcgccggcc ccccaaattt tttgacatca gaataaaatt atttaattca attttcataa
    61861 actttttgaa ttattcttgc ctgactagta tgtgatacga ctcgctaaac taatgtcgat
    61921 gaaactcata actttttagc aatctaaaac ttcttcctgt tggtcgccta ctacattttt
    61981 cgggtgctat gacctctcta ttttacctct gaaatattgc tggctgaatc tggctccaat
    62041 cctatttccc acttcctagg tctggctcac accaactgtt atgctgaatg gttaagacca
    62101 gattcctggg gctggtgttg tggcacagca ggttaagcca aggcttggtc tggggggtca
    62161 aggtcactga ttctttagac ttctgtgacc acatccggaa cacattcatg tcactgttgt
    62221 tccacttgtg agtttccatt taaagctttt aaggtcaccc tttctttatt cacctaactg
    62281 ttcactcttt agtcacaatg tttcctttaa tttctttagt aaatttcttc atttcttcca
    62341 gtgtatttct tccagctgtt ttgaagggtt tgggtgctaa ttccagaatc ttggtccggg
    62401 gcaacccatt tcctttgaat tttccttctt agtgtggtca cacttttctg tgtgtgtgtg
    62461 tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgttgg atcaatttgg ctggaaatgg attttgtatt ttatgtttta
    62521 gagaatctga aatctccatg tttttctgag gattgttctt ttctccctag aaagcagtcc
    62581 ttgcctggac agcactgtgg aatctgtcac gcctgcagcg tgctgcacct gatgtctctg
    62641 ctctgttttc caacagccaa cctgcagcat gggggtgggg gggtggaggt gctctgtgtg
    62701 tcttctctgc ctctgtgtaa tataatggtt gaccaagtat gtggctactt ctactcagat
    62761 ttgggggctt accctccttg tggttgcttt gtttatggaa tcccctctga actcccaatt
    62821 gtttccacag cctcaaatcc tgcgctttga cctatcaagc cagtaccact tttgcttcct
    62881 tctgcttgag ctgtgtgcag attggcaaat gcgcttggtc catattacct gcagaagagc
    62941 agctcttgtc agtcactctc atccaagagt aaaccttcta agttctttct gatttttcac
    63001 tgagttctcc ccagtgtctc acagctatat ggaatttagt gttcaaccag ggatgtggat
    63061 ataatttgca ttcaggttga atctcatatc ttctgtagct ctctttcaaa ttccctttta
    63121 cattcccagc tgctttggga ccagtgccct ggtccactag ggggaggttg gagagcactc
    63181 gcaggcaaga ccaccaaact gtggttttta agttataaaa gtagtccttc aaaatcaaag
    63241 ctttgtcaaa tttgtttgct ttattttaca gtgatctgaa gtatatgcct tttgcatttt
    63301 gttcagttcc tgttctctgc aggagatctc tggaccaact tcttcgtgtt gctgttacca
    63361 gaagtcccac catgcagagt ccacagccca cagttcaatg tcgctggact gacccggatc
    63421 caagcagcag agactccctg ttcaggcttc tccaactgaa ataagattag gcctggcacc
    63481 tgcggcccca aattcctcaa ggaaattata taaccacaat gataaagaag gacacctgac
    63541 atcagtattg gcgacagcat atttcctaac tgagaatttg ctcactgtgg gaaccaccaa
    63601 aaatacatag ctaaagttgt gtggaggcca tggaagtggt gcagttaaat gtggaacaag
    63661 ggctgccttt gtctctgctc cccacactgc gcctctaggt gtgtctttgg tcactcttac
    63721 agacagctgt agcccttggc agtgagacac acaccacctc cccatcactc agtgggccct
    63781 ggggttttca acttgaggga ttcctccaac tctaaggagt acacactctt gagaaacaac
    63841 tgcatttaaa aaaattttta tttacttatt tgaaaggcag agagaggcag gagtgaggag
    63901 agatctctgg ttcactaccc aaatggttgt gacagctgga gctggacaag gtatgtggta
    63961 gattgtactg aattcaggac tgttgggttc agcctgacct ggttgttgtg ggcatttggg
    64021 gtgtgaacca acagatggaa gacttttgtc tgtctctgcc tttcaaataa aatgaaaata
    64081 aacagataaa aatttaaaga atatacttcc agcaaaaggg gagatcatga gtggaagata
    64141 tgatgaatga aaaagtaaac aaaaaataaa ggaaatgtat ggtaaattaa gattaactat
    64201 gggcaaaact ggaaatctct gttaagggga caaaggatag tatattaatg gggaggaaat
    64261 ataagtagtg gaaatataag ctatttctct cttttccccc acaataatgt tggatttttt
    64321 tccttaaatt ctattaaaaa tttcaaggta gacatttcat tcatttttaa aaaaagattt
    64381 atttatttat ttaaaagagt tacacagaga gaggagaggt gtgggggggt cttccatctg
    64441 ctggttcact ccgcaattgg ctgcaatggc cggagctgtg ctgatctgaa gccagaagcc
    64501 aggagtttct tctgggtctc ccacaagggt gcaggagccc aaggacttgg gctatcttct
    64561 actgctttct taggtcatag cagagagctg gatcagaagt ggagcagctg ggcctcgaat
    64621 tggtgcccat atgggatgct ggtgcttcag gccagggtgt taacctgctg agccacagca
    64681 ccagccccga catttcatcc ataagtcatc tattttggtt ttgctttgaa catttcagca
    64741 tagagcttat acagacagtg ttgtgtattc tgttggtttt tctgttatct ttccaactta
    64801 tttctggaat tttcagttct tcagatgtgc taaccttata aataatgaat gcatgtattt
    64861 aaatgcagag ttttcaccag tgggacattt tctgcagtaa gaatgccatt cacaaagctg
    64921 gtaggcactg ccaggtcatg tctttcagaa ccacggacag atccacacag gcttacactg
    64981 gggagctagt ctgccctcct caggatgcag tgggacacca ggaaggtaaa tggttacaga
    65041 attgtgattt tttaaaagaa agatttattt atttgaaagg cagagggaca gagagagaag
    65101 gatgtggaga ggagagattt gccatctgct ggttcacttc cccgtggcca caaaagctag
    65161 ggctgggcca ggctgaagcc agaaggaaag aactccattt aggtctccag catggctgtc
    65221 agggcccaag tatttaggtc attatatgct gccttcctag gtgcactaga tgggaactgg
    65281 atcagaagtg gaacagctgg gactcaaact ggcaagtggc aactgaacct gctgtactag
    65341 aacacctgtt ctaggcattg tgatttgaaa catggccagt aatcacagtc ttaaacaatg
    65401 tgttctcttc cctctacttt cccactccca acacgccatt agtcacgtat ttcatgctca
    65461 cagtaacagg aggaccaggc tggccagagg aggcagtttc aggtcgactg tggccaatga
    65521 tataaatggg caaagaacaa gatctagaat gaaactgcca agaactgaat tttggcctta
    65581 aactcttcat aaccacgtta ccttgagcaa gttacttaat gtttcctaac ctagttttct
    65641 tgaacaagtc acattttcta gaatttattt tcatttttaa ttaatttatt tgagaagcag
    65701 agttagagag ggagagacaa agagagaggt ctttcattca ctggtttact ccctaaatgg
    65761 ggctggagct gggctgatct gaagccagga gccaggagct tcttccaggt ctcccacgca
    65821 ggtgcagagg cccaagcact tgggccatct tctactgctt tcccaggcat attagcaggg
    65881 agctcaatgg gaagcagagc agctgggatt ttgaaccatt gctccgacat ggaatgctgg
    65941 cagcagcatc ttaacttgct gcaccaccct gctggcctct ctctgaatgt tttgaaatat
    66001 ccttgttatg tgtaaaagac atctctagag acaaatagtg gtaatgacct aaaacaaaac
    66061 tgggctaggc agcagcccac atggtaaagc aatgaggtgc tagacagtca agtgaagctt
    66121 cttgggtctt ccagcccagc caccaactaa atccagctac ttccatatgg aatggaagaa
    66181 ccatctagcc aagtcctttc agagttccca cccagaatcc ttgttgttta aagccacaat
    66241 gttatgaact gatttttatg cagcaataga taagtgcaaa aagagaatta gaaaaggaag
    66301 aagggaaacg gcattatggg gatactgaat tttgtttgta tacttctggt ataatccgat
    66361 tagctggaag tcagtctgga aattctgtcc ttgagaaggc actctaagaa tagcaaagaa
    66421 ttaggagcag gcattgtggt gcagcaggtt aagcagctaa ttaggatacc tgcaacctgt
    66481 gtcagagtgc tggtttgagt cctggctatt tcagtccaat ccagccttag cattcctaga
    66541 ggcagcagat gatggttcaa gtgcttgggc ttctgccact catgtgggag atctggaaga
    66601 agttctgggc tcctgatttc atcttggccc agccctggct attgtgggca tttggggaga
    66661 gactgagcag aggcagaggg agaggcagag tgatagaggg aggtggggga gagaggggag
    66721 gctgacttcc attttctggt tcactcccta aatggttaca acagtcagag ctaggccaat
    66781 ctgaagccag gagcttcttt ggggtctccc atgcagttgc agggtcccaa gggcttgggc
    66841 ctttctctac tgctttccca ggccacagca gagagctgga ctggaagtgg agcagctggg
    66901 acttgaacca gcacccacat gggatgctgg cactgagggt ggtggcttta cctgctatgc
    66961 cacaacacca gcccctgtca tgcttttatg tatgtttaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggttgcttg
    67021 ctgattccca aaaaaaactt tcctgagaat cattgtggaa tgtctaccag ggatctttca
    67081 ttagggaccc ttggccatgt tagttctagt ctgcaccatt taccatgtta gaattatata
    67141 gaaggggccg gcgccgtggc tcactaggct aatcctccgc cttgcggcgc cggcaccccg
    67201 ggttctagtc ccggtcgggg tgccggattc tgtcccggtt gcccctcttc caggccagct
    67261 ctctgttgtg gccagggagt gcagtggagg atggcccaag tgcttgggcc ctgcacccat
    67321 gggcgaccag gagaagcacc tggctcctgc cttcagatca gcacggtgcg ccggccgcgg
    67381 cggccactgg agggtgaacc aacggcaaaa ggaagacctt tctctctgtc tctctctctc
    67441 actgtccact ctgtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatgaa ttttatagaa
    67501 gacaattctg agattgagaa aagacccacc ctgagtgggc ctggaggata ggaacaccac
    67561 accgcgtttt ctctttattt ttatttattt ttttttgaca ggcagagtgg actgtgagag
    67621 agagagaaag gtcttccttt gccgttggtt caccctccaa cggctgctgt ggccagcatg
    67681 ctacagccgg cgccctgcgc tgatccaaag ccaggagcca ggtgcttctc ctggtctccc
    67741 atggggtgca gggcccaagg acttgggcca ccttccactg cactcccagg ccacagcaga
    67801 gagctggact ggaagagggg caaccggcac agaaccggcg ccccaaccgg gactagaacc
    67861 cagggtgccg gcaccgcagg tggaggatta gcctagtgag ctgcggcacc cgcccatttt
    67921 ctctttattt aaagagcgca gcagtagcat cacattctgt ccagaccttc agtcaacagt
    67981 ctggggtacc taaacctgga acaccctatg aaggcttatg ctcctgcagg actctggggc
    68041 ttgagttcca aacgtacctt tgcattgagg agacagagat ggggcatggg aaccatggcc
    68101 ttggaaatgg aatctgttta agtgggccaa gtgttctaca aaaatcagga tttcagggct
    68161 ggtcttgtgg cacagtggga taagcaactg cttacaatgc cgacatccca caggagagcg
    68221 ccagttcgag ttctggctgc tctgcttcca atccagctcc ctgttaatgt gcctgggaaa
    68281 gcaatggaga tggcccaggt ccttgggccc ctgcacccac gtgggagact ctccacattt
    68341 ctggatttct ggtttcagcc tggcccagtc ccagctattg tgtccatgtg gacaatgaac
    68401 cagtggacgg gagatctctg cctctcacta tcactctaac tttcaaatag acaaacaaaa
    68461 aaaatctttt atttattatc tatttatttg acaggcagag tggacagtga gagacagaga
    68521 cagagacaga gagaaaggtc ttccttttcc attggtttac cctccagtga ccgctgcggc
    68581 tggtgcgctg cggccagcgc accgtgctga tccgaagcca ggagccaggt gcttctcctg
    68641 gtctcccatg gggtgcaggg cccaaggact tgggccatcc tccactgcac tccgggccac
    68701 agcagagagc tggactggaa gaagaacaac cgggacagaa tccggtgctc caactgggac
    68761 tagaacccag ggttctggtg ccataggcgg aggattagcc tattgagcca cgatgccagc
    68821 ccaaaaaaat ctttaaaatt aaaaaatcag gatttctctt catggatgga atacaaagat
    68881 ggtaaaaaac aaagaggtta gacagtttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagac caaaaaagga
    68941 aaatggaatt aggagttgaa atacccatgg aacagaatca cacaaaggaa gctaggatca
    69001 agtttattta tttagaatgc ggggtgaatc cctcactggt gactggaact ctgggcctgc
    69061 accttctcct taggcaggtg ggctgggtcg gagtgggctg tgtttggccc aggctgtggc
    69121 agtttgggat ctgggtagat gagcagaatt ggttttctga gactgtggct cttgacaccc
    69181 accagaaccc atccatgtct cttcttcaac tctccaagcc ccacccccac ccctaagtgg
    69241 gtgtccccat ttttctttac cgcctctcac ctgcctgact ccccagctgg gcctcaggcc
    69301 ggtctcccca gagcagatgc ctgggatcat tgaggaaccg ttggctgcgc tgacatgtta
    69361 ggcaggtctg gactgtccag cgctgtccct tgcagcctgg gatgaaagtg agagaaagga
    69421 agagtgctaa atttagaaga aaaggtctct tgcaaccagt tttgcctcca ttattattat
    69481 tattttaaat ttatttgagg ggcggcacca tggctcactt ggtcaatcct ctgcctatgg
    69541 cactagcatc ccatatgggc gctgggttct agtcccggtt gctcctcgtc cagtccagct
    69601 ctctgctgtg gcctgggagg gcagtggagg atagcccagg tgcttaggtc cttgaacctg
    69661 catgggagac caggaagaag cacctggctt tggattggcg caacgctggc cgtagcggcc
    69721 atttggggag tgaaccaatg gaaggaagac ctttctctct gtttctctct ctcactgtct
    69781 ataactctgt caaattaaaa aataaataaa taaaaaaatt tatccgaaag gcagagttac
    69841 agagagagga gagacagagg tcttctacct gctgcttcac tccctggaca ttggccccaa
    69901 gggccagacg taagccatga gcccagagct tctttcaagt ctcccacgcg ggtgcccatg
    69961 tacagggccc acgtgcttgt acttctgctg ctttcccagg gacattagca aggacctaga
    70021 ttggaagtgg agcagctggg tctcgaacca gtgcccatac aggatgctgg catagcaggt
    70081 ggaggcttaa ccttgtatgc cacaagacca gccttgcctt tactattttt aggaggaatt
    70141 ccacccctac ctccacttta tatgcaaata tgatggtgtg aggccccagc acagctttat
    70201 ccatttctta gaaatcttta aagtccaaat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat taaaaattgt
    70261 atttgagggg ctggtgctat ggcatagcag gtaaagctgc cacttgcagt gctggcatcc
    70321 catatgggca ccagttggag ccccagctgt gccatttccg atccagctct ctgctatgcc
    70381 ctgggaaagc agtagaagat ggcccaaggc cttaggcccc tacacctgtg tgggagaccc
    70441 ggaagaagct cctggctttg gatcagcgca tttccagcca tttggagagt gaaccagcag
    70501 atggaagacc tcactctctc tttctctctc tgcctcagcc tctctgtaac tatgcctctc
    70561 aaataaataa ataaatctta aaattttttt tttatttgaa aagcagttag agagagagaa
    70621 agggagagag atatattttc tatctatttt ctatctgctg gttcactccc caacagtcct
    70681 cggagtctcc cacgtgggtg caggggccca agcacctggg ccatcctcca ctgctttctc
    70741 aggcacatca gcagggagcc ggagaggaag tggagcaccg gggactcccc tgggtccata
    70801 tggatgctgg cgtatgctag gggcacaggc cagggtttta cctgctatgc cacagtgtgg
    70861 accaccacac tgtaaacttc taacaagagt cttgccctgg cctgtttccc tcttcagccc
    70921 tgtcttgtcc tgctacctca agctccagct tcctgtactt ctacagcacc accaactccc
    70981 tcatcatgga atcctccccc gtgcctagag cgcccatctc gctccctttg ttgagcctct
    71041 ccatcactgg cattttctac actgccctaa ctgctaggat ctttaatcca tcaggctgta
    71101 atttcagaga caacttcctg ggttgtggca gtggaacggt gtcctacgcg acacccaatg
    71161 ccacccgtta ttatgcacag gtggggctgc ctcttacggc aacatcatgt gtctgccgca
    71221 caggtggggc ctaaaaacga actccaaacc ctagtttgtt ccagtgcagt cggcaactta
    71281 actcagagct ggagactgct cctcagcccg acccccgcct agaggcgccc ccaccccacc
    71341 cccacccccg cccccaagcc cgcaatcctg caggaccact cacgtctctg gcgctgggtg
    71401 caggtgaggc ccgggatgag cggggaagag cagccacggc agagggtcct cttcaccgag
    71461 gggtccctgg gggcagaggc aaaggtggtc cggccgcccg ctccacggcc cgcgtccccc
    71521 cgccgccagc tgcgcgcccg tctcaccgac gcaggacgag ccgcttggcg atggtccgct
    71581 cagtgtggca gtagaatctg gccagcgcct ggttctcggg gtcctgcgca aggacgcagt
    71641 gggcggcctg ggcgggcggg gcggggtcac ctcggcgccg aacgcacgag gtccgcgtcc
    71701 ctccgcacgc cctggccggg actcacctgg tagaggaagt tgagcctcag gaaggcctcg
    71761 cggtccttga ccgggcccgc catgggcgca gtgccggccc tcgtaggacc gcctccagcc
    71821 ccgcccacgg cgccgcgcga ggcctgctgg gaagtgtagt cccacggggc ccgcgccccg
    71881 gctggccgcc ccagcaccct gagtgggcaa ttccaagccc tgagtccgtt ctggagtttg
    71941 ggagtccttc cagacttccg caagcccacg gttcgactat cggagtggga gaggatctta
    72001 aaaagtgcta cacattttca cgagagagga ccggtgtcta agacagacag ccgggtatac
    72061 ccagctagac ctgcgcacca gtctcctaag ccgaaggcag acacctagat ctggtgggac
    72121 agaggctaca tgtccacaca gccatagggg cccacgagct ttgtgaagag ggtgaggatc
    72181 gcgaaaacac aacttactct cttttccacc cacccgggaa acacactgtg cttgttacac
    72241 ggtgctgtta acacaccagg tgagccccac ttgtgccaac agtttccaac ccctggcgta
    72301 tagcgcggaa acctgtcagc agcagcccca ccccagccca caccctgacc tttctctccc
    72361 tccagtttct tctgtctgcc atcccgttca cctgattctt cacctgattc tcggtggccg
    72421 ccagctgcac aacgcaaaca tgaggtgggc aggatgtgca tgagcggcta gcacaggtca
    72481 ggagagggtg agccgcctct ctcctttagg ggcccctgcc accaggcgac agaggaccag
    72541 gcctcctgct caggggaagg aaagtggctg acacttggga tgtcttgcag gggtcctcag
    72601 actcaggtga gtttaatgcc gatgcctagg cccgcacagg ccctgaccga acaaagagag
    72661 ggggaggccc aggagcatgc gttttgaaca cccatcaaca caaagccatt gccaaattac
    72721 cacacaacac agaggtcact tcagtggatc ctttgttcca tataattttt accaaccaga
    72781 gttatcctgc cacaaagaac cacagtcaag gcacaaaggt aagaggagga gagtggacac
    72841 agtcctgctg aggtggtaga actgaaatgc cctcgataaa ctgcagtttc ttgtcctggt
    72901 cttctgtgga gattgaccca agcagcagat aatccaagac gttgtgtttt ggtttggcat
    72961 gcattgcttt ccttgttttt tttgtttctt tatttggatc acttatgtac cctactggtt
    73021 gtttgttttg gcctaacatt aagatgattt acattctctg aaaaggggaa tggcaaaggg
    73081 tgaacgatgg caacagacaa gccaaagcct gccttgtgtg aacagcaata ccaggccaga
    73141 cgcacacagg cccaaggaag ttgctatctg gccttttctt acacacaccg cccgcttctc
    73201 acctgtcctc agggtgagaa agactccatt tacctttctt cctttctggc ttggacactg
    73261 ccagctaaca aggctgacaa cttgggagca gccacttagg aacattcttt aaggccagag
    73321 ctttggacag agttacctcc ctctgacacc caactcttgc ctctccctgt ccccttggga
    73381 gaacagtgag agggtaggcg tgtctcacag gctctctccc aactcgcctc tggagaggag
    73441 tgagggcagt gacttcttgg agacaaccca ccacgagcaa gccagcagta agccagctct
    73501 gcggacggct gaggcgggaa cctgggttct cctgtcttct cacctcctcc tttttcctat
    73561 acgacttctg gccattcctc atcacaatgg caaccctaac ctgggaacag aagactgact
    73621 gaatctcctt ccctttcatt agtctctagg actttttagt ttccttcctt gaccttcctt
    73681 ctgtatcctt cttgatccca gactctgctc ttaaaaaaca aaacaaacaa aaaaaaacca
    73741 aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaac tcaactttag attcatgaca gcagctgtca ctcatcttcc
    73801 ttcaatcaag aggtgcacag acctttgcaa tcctccttag gaaacaagac tattctgggt
    73861 cgaagaaccc catgagaaga tgcctggggg ggtttctgct tcttcttcca gtttgagcaa
    73921 attagaacct cctgctgact ctgtttccat aaaagcctct ccttcctttc caacccctcc
    73981 ctgtgcaaca gaaaacctgg tgggcgccag ggtcgacgat cccctgggaa ccagctcccc
    74041 atcctgaccg tcaggaggga gacacagctg tgctctcact gcagcccggg cctgcccact
    74101 cctgcacaca aagcatctta gaaaccacgg tgtttctctg agatgattca caactggaac
    74161 caggcagaca ccaagacgtt cccgcaggcc acaggaagga aggcccgtat tcttgaccct
    74221 gcctcacccc gattcctccc gcgtcccaac ctgtcactcc caatctgttg gaggcctgat
    74281 ggtaagtggt gcagcattct tccgaccggc ccgtatgcct gggtagaaca ggggccaaag
    74341 tttctctgtg aaggtatcgg tgaaggtgta gatgtgagaa cggtctgtga cgttataaaa
    74401 agacagcgtg ccagcctcat agtctaggaa tatgcccacc cgtttgggtt tcactttgat
    74461 atgcaacggg gtgaaaggtg tggtggtggc tgcatatttg tccccattcc acagccgtac
    74521 ccgccagtag ccagtctcag ggagtggagt cagctcgccc tttcggctca cagagtcccg
    74581 gcacacaccc actgcccagt gggtcttgtc gcccacctcc acctcccagt agtgtcgacc
    74641 tgaggtgaaa ccttcagtag ccaggacaca agggtagaag gtgaaacgcc gtggtgtgtc
    74701 ggggagatcc cggagtcttg tctccacgaa cttgacgctc ttacggtctt ctgataggac
    74761 taggttagga tgagcagtct cggggtccag ggtcacatcc gctggcggga gaagccagag
    74821 tggggagcta gatgaggatg ggaatagcta aatgtccctg cctcactttt ccagcctgcc
    74881 tctacagagc ctggtccctt aaaagttacc tctctaaccc agggcgtctc ctgagggagg
    74941 ggagaatgaa ggctaccctt ctcatcccga ccctgcaggg accactctaa ggttcccact
    75001 ctccctgtca ccctccgaca tcatcatcta ttgctctgta cagagaggtg caaggcatgg
    75061 tctgagggcc aggaaggaaa gtgttatgtt aagaaagata cagagcaaga cagcacatgg
    75121 tctacgaata gggtgaggtg tatgtgtttt cccagagctg tcctggttaa tgaccacttt
    75181 ccttgcatga atattaagga cacatccttt cactattcag ctcatcctag ctttagacgg
    75241 ccaccctatc taacaacctg ggcaaactat ttaacctttc caagtctcta gaaaagtgtg
    75301 gatctcagag taggtgatac ctaaggcttc ttctcatttt gagttctgtg actcagggtg
    75361 acattcaaag ttgggtgaag atgggtgtgt gaatgaagag agacgggata actgaagccc
    75421 acataaagta gggtctgaag actttgttct ctctggcaat tccctctgct aatttccttt
    75481 tgggaacaac tcaccaatta gctgtttaag gattttcctt agggcaaaat actgtcgggg
    75541 aaaattgctg aagttctttt ccagctctat agatactgaa gtcacttcca tggtcttcac
    75601 cttctcacat ctaggagggg atggggagat taagggcaag gttaggggaa gctgaagcca
    75661 ggcggctatc agatgttgtc atctttaggg agaaactaaa actccatctt cccactttcc
    75721 cctcctccct gaagacaact gcttcctttc gccaatccac agagagccac tggttcccgg
    75781 gacagattct tatgttgaca aggtcagtgg tgggtgggtg gggggaaggg gtgtgtctta
    75841 tatttcatgc ccatgggtaa gcccattggc tccgccaacc cgttcctcct gccatcttgc
    75901 ttggacgtaa tttaccaata gacgcaagga gaacctgttt ctatgttatc attcttctta
    75961 ctgaggaagt cctgatgctc aaaggggaaa atggattatt agtcctgatg atctgttccc
    76021 taactggttt cttggacctt ctcccatatc ctgcccagcc tgtatgactt tcccctcatt
    76081 attcccccaa ctccttactg aactcccagc atctaagaca agccctaact cactcaaaga
    76141 gatttaagaa tcacttactt ttccagggta tttttgacat cctagaggga aggagaaaag
    76201 aaagcaatat tggtcctggt attcaagggt cctgaaggca aaaggtttcc cctcctcccc
    76261 aaagctctag atctctaaaa aggcccagag aatactgagg gtcccagtgc agggcgaaga
    76321 gttccagggg catccgagct tctctcccaa ctggatcccc attttcaact tttggtcatt
    76381 gtggagcttg ataatttgaa tcacttccaa atggtttctt ggtgtttgtc tttgctcctc
    76441 aggctcactg ggagctccct gcaagggaca gggattgtgt ctgctcttca ctctgtgccc
    76501 caagtaccaa ccacacactg tgtctccctg aggatctcag gacagagaat tctgactggc
    76561 agcacaaaac aaaccactct ttcctgttgt ggtttggtat tccctagcca gcactggtta
    76621 atgaacatta acaactgcgt gccaatccta atttgagaat acttggggtc cagaagacaa
    76681 agaagacaaa tctctgcccc ttaaggattt tccagtttaa tgtggaaagc agaacataca
    76741 gacatgaaga acacgggaat aataaatacc gagcaataca caacatgcat ataaatgtac
    76801 aatgaagcct caatgattca aatgctggta atctgatatc taagataaaa agtatgtccc
    76861 ctacagcctg gctaatacga tttatctgtt taagagaata acactacttc aaacatttta
    76921 gaggcatcat tggtatatca aaagcaaggt attctttaca agtatccttt aagctatgtt
    76981 tctgttcttc agcactaggt gattcaaaat ccaggactta aaagtaactg gtttcacaaa
    77041 atttctaatg catagttttt tttttttaac ttattcagac tatgactttt gtcctttcaa
    77101 aaagtgattt ttttccccct tgggtacaaa ttaagtacat aattgttgac aggacataag
    77161 accatgatta gaaaggatgg gagagatcag aggactttct gtaggaagag atccttgtat
    77221 gtctggaagg aaagactgga tctagggaag cagagtggaa gagcgagcct cccaggctga
    77281 catactggct gtgcgaagct atactgtgca cgacctgagg ggctatgcag gggcaacggt
    77341 cgaaccttaa gcatctcgaa gcccgactgt aagcacttgc cctccacctc tgcagccagg
    77401 tgggcgaggt cccggcgctt gtccccaagg tgagcagcat tttctcgtag tcgctggaga
    77461 atgtcctgtt cctcctcctc cagtcgtgca aacagcatct gctgctcctc atccagccgc
    77521 ctgtgcagct cttcaaactc ccgcaggatc tgctgccggc gactctccac cagtctctag
    77581 ggagagaggg aagacgctat gtcagcaggg ctggcagggc agggggaggc cccttgccca
    77641 ccatgtgtgc acctcagcag agacttccag agtcactgac aaccattaca caggacaccc
    77701 ctctttctct tgggtgcaat ttccttctgg aaagaatgac tccatccctg ccacgcccac
    77761 tgaaaacttg acagtgaaaa acatggggag gttaaaaaaa atcaacgttt aaaagtattt
    77821 tcattttctt catgatctaa aatagtagta cttttatgtt ttactaaaat atattcacat
    77881 aagtactcaa tatgacaatg tctgctatta tagatattag agatatttct gctaccccca
    77941 actgctgaat ttctcatcaa gaacatgaag gaacaaatcc tggaaagcta aattgtcatc
    78001 atttgtatat tgcaaggcat ttaagaggaa aaaaaaaaaa accagaaaat caatcggaaa
    78061 agtatcagaa tcagtaagtt taataatgag aggttatgaa atacagatgc agatttcagg
    78121 gctaaacctg ttaaacagtt tcgattcatt tcaaagaatt ggcagttccc gtcctggaac
    78181 aggttccaaa agttggtgaa ttagttgctt tctctacacc ggcacatgca agtacacctc
    78241 tagcattcct gaaatttggt atcatcctca aacaccagcc acggcacttt gcaagggtta
    78301 tcagcaatcc tctcttctgc gtattcacaa gagtatgcgc cgagtgtcct gtgactgggg
    78361 ggaggtacca acccaagagc caagcaaagt gggcagccag actgggcctg tggaaagagg
    78421 aagtggacag ggcctgaagg cagggctgaa gtggaggagg ggggacgaac gccagggtgg
    78481 gcttcacaag cctggcacgt ctgatgtcca cgcagtttcc ggcagaggct gactacctat
    78541 gtgcttccac ggctgcctgc gcaggtgcac gctgcagctg aatgtccttt ctcatttgct
    78601 ctgacggcat gcatgcgtgt cggcatgtgt gagcgtaggg gtgacatatg ggtagatgtt
    78661 caggattcat gaccacggaa cacaggaagc aaaaaggctc cccttattag aaactcataa
    78721 ccccttctcc ttgtttactc catatttgtt cttaatgagc tgttatttcc gtgaatgcat
    78781 tttggaaatg ggagaatttt taataaaaga gggcagagtg acagagaggg agggagacac
    78841 agagaattaa atgaagctgg ttctctctcc agacgcctgt cacagctgag gctaggaggc
    78901 caggtcaaag ccagaatcag caacttcatc agggtctccc acctgagtag caggaaccta
    78961 agtacttggg tcaccacctg ctgcctcccg ggcacattgt tccaggtggc aggctaacct
    79021 gctatgccac aacacctgca ctgggcactt gtggcaaggc tgctggcact ccttcagtgt
    79081 gtgagacaac cctgcacagt gacctgtctt gtaccatttt caatgtattg tcctttaatg
    79141 gaaatatttt tgtgtgtgta aaaaatgcag gcttggactt gaacatcatt tttgtatttc
    79201 acagagtaat tcttagcaca gtttaataca ctggaattat ggtccctaaa tacaacttac
    79261 taagactata ttctgttctt agaactttat gcaatgtaat tattttgcaa aatcatgtta
    79321 ccaagagctt ggctgcttgg ggggcctggt cagatttttt cttttttttt tttttaaatc
    79381 ctgctgctca ggccacactc agtgtggggt ctagcagtag gaggtttttt tttttcttta
    79441 tatatatata tatttatttt ttgacaggca gagtggacag tgagagagag agacagagag
    79501 aaaggtcttc ctttgccgtt ggttcaccct ccaatgaccg cgctgatctg atggcaggag
    79561 ccaggtactt atcctggtct cccatggggt gcagggccca agcacttggg ccatcctcca
    79621 ctgcactccc tggccacagc agagagctgg cctggaagag gggcaaccgg gacagaatcc
    79681 ggcgccccga ccgggactag aacccggtgt gccggcgcca caaggcggag gattagccta
    79741 gtgagccgtg gcaccggcta gattttctat ttattgcatt gctgatgatg ccacatatgg
    79801 gttcaagtat ataactgcac cacaggatct cctgggtatt cctgccccaa atatgtacgc
    79861 accagatttt atcataagtt acttttatgc tgtatgacat tatatttgga cttgtcagtt
    79921 tcttcaaaat tacatagata ggttatttat aatttttcat ttcagcagtt aaccacaaac
    79981 tttggaaaag aggactgagg caaagaggtg ggtggggctg agggacaagg tggcagaatt
    80041 taaatggtct caaaagcaat gttggtggcc atttcaagga ccactgaggc gatagtttgc
    80101 aatctaaaaa aacgggcagc attacagcta ggtgggttta gctgccacct ggagattcca
    80161 gcatcccaca tgggagtccc tgggatggaa gcacttgcct ctacttctgg tccagctccc
    80221 tgctaatgtg cattctgaga gagagcagat gatggcctaa gtatttgggt ccctcaccca
    80281 gatggagttc ctggctcttg cctttcacct ggcccatgcc ccagctgttg tgagcattag
    80341 gggagtgaat cagcggatgg aagaggtcat ggacactctc tcactcttgc tcgctcgctc
    80401 tctttgggtc tctcctcctc tgtcactctt tcaaataaat aaaaagcttt aaaaaaaagt
    80461 tcaaaataaa taacactaca gttctggttt aagtatttag aagatttttt taaaaaaatt
    80521 ctacttccac atccatcttt tacctttaag aaggtgatca gcaggaagag gaaaattaat
    80581 gactgggaat aagcttcagt ttcatttgtt ttaattttct caggagtcct ccaaaagaac
    80641 aaagaacttt ttttaaagtt cacttctacg accaaaatta gttcaaagct ttaaaatctc
    80701 acatgcatgc tttgttgaaa cgtatgaagc actaaggcca cagacttgtt ctctgtggaa
    80761 atgccattct ttagtaaaac actcacattc gctttccagc gctctctaaa tgtcaactcc
    80821 taatcctcat cacttcttct ggaaactttt aattaggtta tcttctcagg agcttatggc
    80881 tgtgctttct gtgccatgtc actgtctatc ttctgcactg actttaagct cacggagggc
    80941 aaggaccatg atctggttca tccctgtttg gcctttccca ggagctgaat aaatatttag
    81001 tgattcatga agaaccagta tccctggttt tgccacttac tggccatatg gtcttgggct
    81061 agacagttat ccaagttctg tttcttgtgt gaactggggt gacagcactg atatcacaga
    81121 atatctaagt ttaccctcac cttgtagctt cctccatgtc ccattatccc aggtctgtcc
    81181 tgttcaatct gggcaactct ctaagatcta gaaccatcct gtaaatttga aacgtcatgg
    81241 acacctaatg aatcaatgca taggagtcaa tattagttga tatttttgct actactaata
    81301 attattcagt gtccaacagg aataaccaaa atatcatgct accaataaag caatgctttg
    81361 aaacagatgc aaaattatgt aaaaaataag agttaatttt gaagggccag gaaaggctac
    81421 agaagtggct ttcactctgc ctaaagatgg acaggatcct acccctggag aaagacattc
    81481 tagcactgaa ccaacatctt ctaacagatt tgcactttaa ttacaagaat gtggtcctaa
    81541 tgccactggg agctcttggt cagttccacc tcttcctccc cagtgaactt tctgttttcc
    81601 gctcctcagc ccctccaaga aacccctgtc cctgcatttg tagtagatgg cttccttcct
    81661 tacttagaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaacaa aaaaccaaca agatcagtgg gcatgaacta
    81721 tgaactcatg acaagcaatt taactataat gtttactgga agtacaatca aagcccaata
    81781 aaatgctctc attttttgtg tgaacagaat ttttcaatgc cccagaactg gtggatgaaa
    81841 cactgtgtgg ctcgtctcct tgtgggcagc tatcctgcag agcagccagg tgggcctgcg
    81901 gcctgcctct accttgagct cccccggctt cttctcctca gaggacttgc agcgggtgat
    81961 ttcctgcagt ttctgctcca ggggctccag gcacttctgc agtttttcct ggagggtgga
    82021 gaaggagcga gagaggtgat atctggggtc ggatattatt cagaggttaa ctcatttgtt
    82081 tgctccctgt ccaccttcca ttctttctcc ctgcctgtca tttgagtgtt aactgcctac
    82141 tactgattgt tcttcctgcc cccaacctat ctccaccatc tttcctgatc actcaacttc
    82201 cctctcgctg atctatgaca ggcgtccacc tgtcaccacc tctatgtcct tccccaactc
    82261 tgtccatttt attactcagg caattgccta ttagagttga ggatcccttt tgtacgctga
    82321 tacctttctt tacctctgtc ttcccaccca aatctaacca tctacaaata caagacactc
    82381 cattacttat actgtcaatt acgtgaaatc tgattcccaa gatttcatta acattaagca
    82441 aagtatgtga cagagtggta agacattaaa atctctagtt cctattactc aaacaggtat
    82501 cccatgcccc agcagtgagt taaaccagat gccacgttca ctatctggga gatgtgaatg
    82561 acagactggt tcagcttagt ctggtgattt tattagtccc agcagatgtc acctactccc
    82621 agtatcaatg gaaaacaaac agcattccga gcagggtggc agcacgaaga aaccagattt
    82681 ctttttggtt tttcttaagt ctgatctttc tgactggttt catgcattta tgaaaaatat
    82741 ggcatattcc aaaaccacat atactgacat ttacccgtac aactcaaatg cgtggcaaaa
    82801 cttggaaaga aattttgggg tccttctcaa aactgctctg catgtaaagg acgactgacc
    82861 agacacttaa aaaagctaac atacaacccc cagtctgttg tctctcctct gcaaactctt
    82921 attagaaata ggggccagca ctgtggtgta gtgggcaaag ctgccacctg cagtgccagc
    82981 atctcccata tgggcgctgg ttcgagaccc ggatgctcca cttctgatcc agctctctgc
    83041 tgcggcctgg gaaagcagta gatggcccaa gtccttgggc ccctgcaccc acgtgggaga
    83101 cccagaagaa gctcctggct cctggctcag attggaccag ctccggctgt tgtggccagc
    83161 tggggagtga accagtggat ggaagacctc tctctctctg cctctctgta gctctgcctt
    83221 aaaataatca atcaatctta aaaacaaaaa caaaaaaagg aaacagggct ccctgtaact
    83281 actgtccagc ctgctcctcc taataaccca cgcttcttga atctcaggac cagcagttgc
    83341 agacccacgt atcctgggta tgtagctcca aggggagggg cagacacaac cttgccccca
    83401 gaagtgtaca gctctctccg cagggagggt ctcactctct gacacttccc ttcctttccc
    83461 tgttttggca tcaggtccgg ctgcccacct tgtactcctg ggtggcgtca tccagcggca
    83521 caacagtgtg ggcccggtgt gtgtgggaaa ttgcacatat caaacacacg gcctcctggt
    83581 cctcatagca gaaaaggctg agggcctcat ggtgctgggg gcagaggctc tcatcccgga
    83641 tcttccgctt gacggcctgg agctgcttcg caatttcgac catactgcct agctgccgat
    83701 tgggccgcag actgcggtag cgcgaggttt tccgacacac gggacaaggg aagtccctct
    83761 ctaggtcctc ccaccagcgg gtaatgcaag ctt