LOCUS       KJ466348             3441612 bp    DNA     linear   HTG 11-MAR-2014
DEFINITION  Elaeis guineensis, pooled multiple clones, *** SEQUENCING IN
            PROGRESS ***, 235 unordered pieces.
VERSION     KJ466348.1
DBLINK      BioProject: PRJNA217845
SOURCE      Elaeis guineensis (African oil palm)
  ORGANISM  Elaeis guineensis
            Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Embryophyta; Tracheophyta;
            Spermatophyta; Magnoliophyta; Liliopsida; Arecaceae; Arecoideae;
            Cocoseae; Elaeidinae; Elaeis.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 3441612)
  AUTHORS   Low,E.T., Rosli,R., Jayanthi,N., Mohd-Amin,A.H., Azizi,N.,
            Chan,K.L., Maqbool,N.J., Maclean,P., Brauning,R., McCulloch,A.,
            Moraga,R., Ong-Abdullah,M. and Singh,R.
  TITLE     Analyses of hypomethylated oil palm gene space
  JOURNAL   PLoS ONE 9 (1), E86728 (2014)
   PUBMED   24497974
  REMARK    Publication Status: Online-Only
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 3441612)
  AUTHORS   Low,E.T., Rosli,R., Jayanthi,N., Mohd-Amin,A.H., Azizi,N.,
            Chan,K.L., Maqbool,N.J., Maclean,P., Brauning,R., McCulloch,A.,
            Moraga,R., Ong-Abdullah,M. and Singh,R.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (19-FEB-2014) Advanced Biotechnology and Breeding Centre,
            Malaysian Palm Oil Board, No. 6, Persiaran Institusi, Bandar Baru
            Bangi, Kajang, Selangor 43000, Malaysia
COMMENT     * NOTE: This is a 'working draft' sequence. It currently
            * consists of 235 contigs. The true order of the pieces
            * is not known and their order in this sequence record is
            * arbitrary. Gaps between the contigs are represented as
            * runs of N, but the exact sizes of the gaps are unknown.
            * This record will be updated with the finished sequence
            * as soon as it is available and the accession number will
            * be preserved.
            *        1   110194: contig of 110194 bp in length
            *   110195   110294: gap of unknown length
            *   110295   141391: contig of 31097 bp in length
            *   141392   141491: gap of unknown length
            *   141492   142448: contig of 957 bp in length
            *   142449   142548: gap of unknown length
            *   142549   143631: contig of 1083 bp in length
            *   143632   143731: gap of unknown length
            *   143732   143978: contig of 247 bp in length
            *   143979   144078: gap of unknown length
            *   144079   144407: contig of 329 bp in length
            *   144408   144507: gap of unknown length
            *   144508   146338: contig of 1831 bp in length
            *   146339   146438: gap of unknown length
            *   146439   218150: contig of 71712 bp in length
            *   218151   218250: gap of unknown length
            *   218251   318694: contig of 100444 bp in length
            *   318695   318794: gap of unknown length
            *   318795   415783: contig of 96989 bp in length
            *   415784   415883: gap of unknown length
            *   415884   466690: contig of 50807 bp in length
            *   466691   466790: gap of unknown length
            *   466791   470349: contig of 3559 bp in length
            *   470350   470449: gap of unknown length
            *   470450   503110: contig of 32661 bp in length
            *   503111   503210: gap of unknown length
            *   503211   535611: contig of 32401 bp in length
            *   535612   535711: gap of unknown length
            *   535712   547057: contig of 11346 bp in length
            *   547058   547157: gap of unknown length
            *   547158   566218: contig of 19061 bp in length
            *   566219   566318: gap of unknown length
            *   566319   585274: contig of 18956 bp in length
            *   585275   585374: gap of unknown length
            *   585375   622062: contig of 36688 bp in length
            *   622063   622162: gap of unknown length
            *   622163   668356: contig of 46194 bp in length
            *   668357   668456: gap of unknown length
            *   668457   669127: contig of 671 bp in length
            *   669128   669227: gap of unknown length
            *   669228   749711: contig of 80484 bp in length
            *   749712   749811: gap of unknown length
            *   749812   833353: contig of 83542 bp in length
            *   833354   833453: gap of unknown length
            *   833454   905962: contig of 72509 bp in length
            *   905963   906062: gap of unknown length
            *   906063   912012: contig of 5950 bp in length
            *   912013   912112: gap of unknown length
            *   912113   999555: contig of 87443 bp in length
            *   999556   999655: gap of unknown length
            *   999656  1031543: contig of 31888 bp in length
            *  1031544  1031643: gap of unknown length
            *  1031644  1040311: contig of 8668 bp in length
            *  1040312  1040411: gap of unknown length
            *  1040412  1078675: contig of 38264 bp in length
            *  1078676  1078775: gap of unknown length
            *  1078776  1100996: contig of 22221 bp in length
            *  1100997  1101096: gap of unknown length
            *  1101097  1159532: contig of 58436 bp in length
            *  1159533  1159632: gap of unknown length
            *  1159633  1159726: contig of 94 bp in length
            *  1159727  1159826: gap of unknown length
            *  1159827  1160407: contig of 581 bp in length
            *  1160408  1160507: gap of unknown length
            *  1160508  1167524: contig of 7017 bp in length
            *  1167525  1167624: gap of unknown length
            *  1167625  1240296: contig of 72672 bp in length
            *  1240297  1240396: gap of unknown length
            *  1240397  1316379: contig of 75983 bp in length
            *  1316380  1316479: gap of unknown length
            *  1316480  1380708: contig of 64229 bp in length
            *  1380709  1380808: gap of unknown length
            *  1380809  1382374: contig of 1566 bp in length
            *  1382375  1382474: gap of unknown length
            *  1382475  1396356: contig of 13882 bp in length
            *  1396357  1396456: gap of unknown length
            *  1396457  1466153: contig of 69697 bp in length
            *  1466154  1466253: gap of unknown length
            *  1466254  1470130: contig of 3877 bp in length
            *  1470131  1470230: gap of unknown length
            *  1470231  1543843: contig of 73613 bp in length
            *  1543844  1543943: gap of unknown length
            *  1543944  1555623: contig of 11680 bp in length
            *  1555624  1555723: gap of unknown length
            *  1555724  1560973: contig of 5250 bp in length
            *  1560974  1561073: gap of unknown length
            *  1561074  1561697: contig of 624 bp in length
            *  1561698  1561797: gap of unknown length
            *  1561798  1562598: contig of 801 bp in length
            *  1562599  1562698: gap of unknown length
            *  1562699  1564063: contig of 1365 bp in length
            *  1564064  1564163: gap of unknown length
            *  1564164  1591373: contig of 27210 bp in length
            *  1591374  1591473: gap of unknown length
            *  1591474  1592013: contig of 540 bp in length
            *  1592014  1592113: gap of unknown length
            *  1592114  1596933: contig of 4820 bp in length
            *  1596934  1597033: gap of unknown length
            *  1597034  1597522: contig of 489 bp in length
            *  1597523  1597622: gap of unknown length
            *  1597623  1601617: contig of 3995 bp in length
            *  1601618  1601717: gap of unknown length
            *  1601718  1602525: contig of 808 bp in length
            *  1602526  1602625: gap of unknown length
            *  1602626  1603022: contig of 397 bp in length
            *  1603023  1603122: gap of unknown length
            *  1603123  1617133: contig of 14011 bp in length
            *  1617134  1617233: gap of unknown length
            *  1617234  1620254: contig of 3021 bp in length
            *  1620255  1620354: gap of unknown length
            *  1620355  1693754: contig of 73400 bp in length
            *  1693755  1693854: gap of unknown length
            *  1693855  1769868: contig of 76014 bp in length
            *  1769869  1769968: gap of unknown length
            *  1769969  1845783: contig of 75815 bp in length
            *  1845784  1845883: gap of unknown length
            *  1845884  1896468: contig of 50585 bp in length
            *  1896469  1896568: gap of unknown length
            *  1896569  1917719: contig of 21151 bp in length
            *  1917720  1917819: gap of unknown length
            *  1917820  1985835: contig of 68016 bp in length
            *  1985836  1985935: gap of unknown length
            *  1985936  2006124: contig of 20189 bp in length
            *  2006125  2006224: gap of unknown length
            *  2006225  2007939: contig of 1715 bp in length
            *  2007940  2008039: gap of unknown length
            *  2008040  2008625: contig of 586 bp in length
            *  2008626  2008725: gap of unknown length
            *  2008726  2012598: contig of 3873 bp in length
            *  2012599  2012698: gap of unknown length
            *  2012699  2013979: contig of 1281 bp in length
            *  2013980  2014079: gap of unknown length
            *  2014080  2057205: contig of 43126 bp in length
            *  2057206  2057305: gap of unknown length
            *  2057306  2122329: contig of 65024 bp in length
            *  2122330  2122429: gap of unknown length
            *  2122430  2191485: contig of 69056 bp in length
            *  2191486  2191585: gap of unknown length
            *  2191586  2223992: contig of 32407 bp in length
            *  2223993  2224092: gap of unknown length
            *  2224093  2228404: contig of 4312 bp in length
            *  2228405  2228504: gap of unknown length
            *  2228505  2230773: contig of 2269 bp in length
            *  2230774  2230873: gap of unknown length
            *  2230874  2233260: contig of 2387 bp in length
            *  2233261  2233360: gap of unknown length
            *  2233361  2233847: contig of 487 bp in length
            *  2233848  2233947: gap of unknown length
            *  2233948  2255348: contig of 21401 bp in length
            *  2255349  2255448: gap of unknown length
            *  2255449  2285221: contig of 29773 bp in length
            *  2285222  2285321: gap of unknown length
            *  2285322  2320521: contig of 35200 bp in length
            *  2320522  2320621: gap of unknown length
            *  2320622  2384881: contig of 64260 bp in length
            *  2384882  2384981: gap of unknown length
            *  2384982  2448050: contig of 63069 bp in length
            *  2448051  2448150: gap of unknown length
            *  2448151  2511076: contig of 62926 bp in length
            *  2511077  2511176: gap of unknown length
            *  2511177  2517924: contig of 6748 bp in length
            *  2517925  2518024: gap of unknown length
            *  2518025  2577517: contig of 59493 bp in length
            *  2577518  2577617: gap of unknown length
            *  2577618  2593805: contig of 16188 bp in length
            *  2593806  2593905: gap of unknown length
            *  2593906  2639608: contig of 45703 bp in length
            *  2639609  2639708: gap of unknown length
            *  2639709  2699172: contig of 59464 bp in length
            *  2699173  2699272: gap of unknown length
            *  2699273  2763594: contig of 64322 bp in length
            *  2763595  2763694: gap of unknown length
            *  2763695  2823908: contig of 60214 bp in length
            *  2823909  2824008: gap of unknown length
            *  2824009  2884300: contig of 60292 bp in length
            *  2884301  2884400: gap of unknown length
            *  2884401  2941002: contig of 56602 bp in length
            *  2941003  2941102: gap of unknown length
            *  2941103  2941360: contig of 258 bp in length
            *  2941361  2941460: gap of unknown length
            *  2941461  2947404: contig of 5944 bp in length
            *  2947405  2947504: gap of unknown length
            *  2947505  2999234: contig of 51730 bp in length
            *  2999235  2999334: gap of unknown length
            *  2999335  3058738: contig of 59404 bp in length
            *  3058739  3058838: gap of unknown length
            *  3058839  3060005: contig of 1167 bp in length
            *  3060006  3060105: gap of unknown length
            *  3060106  3060724: contig of 619 bp in length
            *  3060725  3060824: gap of unknown length
            *  3060825  3061529: contig of 705 bp in length
            *  3061530  3061629: gap of unknown length
            *  3061630  3112819: contig of 51190 bp in length
            *  3112820  3112919: gap of unknown length
            *  3112920  3123678: contig of 10759 bp in length
            *  3123679  3123778: gap of unknown length
            *  3123779  3164193: contig of 40415 bp in length
            *  3164194  3164293: gap of unknown length
            *  3164294  3200528: contig of 36235 bp in length
            *  3200529  3200628: gap of unknown length
            *  3200629  3212331: contig of 11703 bp in length
            *  3212332  3212431: gap of unknown length
            *  3212432  3213196: contig of 765 bp in length
            *  3213197  3213296: gap of unknown length
            *  3213297  3214710: contig of 1414 bp in length
            *  3214711  3214810: gap of unknown length
            *  3214811  3256463: contig of 41653 bp in length
            *  3256464  3256563: gap of unknown length
            *  3256564  3269534: contig of 12971 bp in length
            *  3269535  3269634: gap of unknown length
            *  3269635  3275185: contig of 5551 bp in length
            *  3275186  3275285: gap of unknown length
            *  3275286  3277279: contig of 1994 bp in length
            *  3277280  3277379: gap of unknown length
            *  3277380  3286372: contig of 8993 bp in length
            *  3286373  3286472: gap of unknown length
            *  3286473  3292957: contig of 6485 bp in length
            *  3292958  3293057: gap of unknown length
            *  3293058  3300452: contig of 7395 bp in length
            *  3300453  3300552: gap of unknown length
            *  3300553  3324634: contig of 24082 bp in length
            *  3324635  3324734: gap of unknown length
            *  3324735  3326246: contig of 1512 bp in length
            *  3326247  3326346: gap of unknown length
            *  3326347  3327423: contig of 1077 bp in length
            *  3327424  3327523: gap of unknown length
            *  3327524  3327739: contig of 216 bp in length
            *  3327740  3327839: gap of unknown length
            *  3327840  3347906: contig of 20067 bp in length
            *  3347907  3348006: gap of unknown length
            *  3348007  3348433: contig of 427 bp in length
            *  3348434  3348533: gap of unknown length
            *  3348534  3356133: contig of 7600 bp in length
            *  3356134  3356233: gap of unknown length
            *  3356234  3356434: contig of 201 bp in length
            *  3356435  3356534: gap of unknown length
            *  3356535  3358733: contig of 2199 bp in length
            *  3358734  3358833: gap of unknown length
            *  3358834  3359981: contig of 1148 bp in length
            *  3359982  3360081: gap of unknown length
            *  3360082  3361227: contig of 1146 bp in length
            *  3361228  3361327: gap of unknown length
            *  3361328  3370545: contig of 9218 bp in length
            *  3370546  3370645: gap of unknown length
            *  3370646  3371094: contig of 449 bp in length
            *  3371095  3371194: gap of unknown length
            *  3371195  3372499: contig of 1305 bp in length
            *  3372500  3372599: gap of unknown length
            *  3372600  3374282: contig of 1683 bp in length
            *  3374283  3374382: gap of unknown length
            *  3374383  3374870: contig of 488 bp in length
            *  3374871  3374970: gap of unknown length
            *  3374971  3376535: contig of 1565 bp in length
            *  3376536  3376635: gap of unknown length
            *  3376636  3377225: contig of 590 bp in length
            *  3377226  3377325: gap of unknown length
            *  3377326  3378587: contig of 1262 bp in length
            *  3378588  3378687: gap of unknown length
            *  3378688  3379699: contig of 1012 bp in length
            *  3379700  3379799: gap of unknown length
            *  3379800  3380258: contig of 459 bp in length
            *  3380259  3380358: gap of unknown length
            *  3380359  3381134: contig of 776 bp in length
            *  3381135  3381234: gap of unknown length
            *  3381235  3382250: contig of 1016 bp in length
            *  3382251  3382350: gap of unknown length
            *  3382351  3383144: contig of 794 bp in length
            *  3383145  3383244: gap of unknown length
            *  3383245  3383840: contig of 596 bp in length
            *  3383841  3383940: gap of unknown length
            *  3383941  3384613: contig of 673 bp in length
            *  3384614  3384713: gap of unknown length
            *  3384714  3385213: contig of 500 bp in length
            *  3385214  3385313: gap of unknown length
            *  3385314  3386191: contig of 878 bp in length
            *  3386192  3386291: gap of unknown length
            *  3386292  3386655: contig of 364 bp in length
            *  3386656  3386755: gap of unknown length
            *  3386756  3387488: contig of 733 bp in length
            *  3387489  3387588: gap of unknown length
            *  3387589  3388586: contig of 998 bp in length
            *  3388587  3388686: gap of unknown length
            *  3388687  3389731: contig of 1045 bp in length
            *  3389732  3389831: gap of unknown length
            *  3389832  3390563: contig of 732 bp in length
            *  3390564  3390663: gap of unknown length
            *  3390664  3391459: contig of 796 bp in length
            *  3391460  3391559: gap of unknown length
            *  3391560  3392381: contig of 822 bp in length
            *  3392382  3392481: gap of unknown length
            *  3392482  3392850: contig of 369 bp in length
            *  3392851  3392950: gap of unknown length
            *  3392951  3393640: contig of 690 bp in length
            *  3393641  3393740: gap of unknown length
            *  3393741  3394301: contig of 561 bp in length
            *  3394302  3394401: gap of unknown length
            *  3394402  3395019: contig of 618 bp in length
            *  3395020  3395119: gap of unknown length
            *  3395120  3395834: contig of 715 bp in length
            *  3395835  3395934: gap of unknown length
            *  3395935  3396697: contig of 763 bp in length
            *  3396698  3396797: gap of unknown length
            *  3396798  3397396: contig of 599 bp in length
            *  3397397  3397496: gap of unknown length
            *  3397497  3398107: contig of 611 bp in length
            *  3398108  3398207: gap of unknown length
            *  3398208  3398823: contig of 616 bp in length
            *  3398824  3398923: gap of unknown length
            *  3398924  3400070: contig of 1147 bp in length
            *  3400071  3400170: gap of unknown length
            *  3400171  3400581: contig of 411 bp in length
            *  3400582  3400681: gap of unknown length
            *  3400682  3400904: contig of 223 bp in length
            *  3400905  3401004: gap of unknown length
            *  3401005  3402081: contig of 1077 bp in length
            *  3402082  3402181: gap of unknown length
            *  3402182  3402936: contig of 755 bp in length
            *  3402937  3403036: gap of unknown length
            *  3403037  3403637: contig of 601 bp in length
            *  3403638  3403737: gap of unknown length
            *  3403738  3404445: contig of 708 bp in length
            *  3404446  3404545: gap of unknown length
            *  3404546  3405104: contig of 559 bp in length
            *  3405105  3405204: gap of unknown length
            *  3405205  3405502: contig of 298 bp in length
            *  3405503  3405602: gap of unknown length
            *  3405603  3406360: contig of 758 bp in length
            *  3406361  3406460: gap of unknown length
            *  3406461  3406887: contig of 427 bp in length
            *  3406888  3406987: gap of unknown length
            *  3406988  3407528: contig of 541 bp in length
            *  3407529  3407628: gap of unknown length
            *  3407629  3408555: contig of 927 bp in length
            *  3408556  3408655: gap of unknown length
            *  3408656  3409208: contig of 553 bp in length
            *  3409209  3409308: gap of unknown length
            *  3409309  3409712: contig of 404 bp in length
            *  3409713  3409812: gap of unknown length
            *  3409813  3410786: contig of 974 bp in length
            *  3410787  3410886: gap of unknown length
            *  3410887  3411863: contig of 977 bp in length
            *  3411864  3411963: gap of unknown length
            *  3411964  3412664: contig of 701 bp in length
            *  3412665  3412764: gap of unknown length
            *  3412765  3413362: contig of 598 bp in length
            *  3413363  3413462: gap of unknown length
            *  3413463  3414010: contig of 548 bp in length
            *  3414011  3414110: gap of unknown length
            *  3414111  3414632: contig of 522 bp in length
            *  3414633  3414732: gap of unknown length
            *  3414733  3415448: contig of 716 bp in length
            *  3415449  3415548: gap of unknown length
            *  3415549  3416097: contig of 549 bp in length
            *  3416098  3416197: gap of unknown length
            *  3416198  3416706: contig of 509 bp in length
            *  3416707  3416806: gap of unknown length
            *  3416807  3417436: contig of 630 bp in length
            *  3417437  3417536: gap of unknown length
            *  3417537  3418052: contig of 516 bp in length
            *  3418053  3418152: gap of unknown length
            *  3418153  3418613: contig of 461 bp in length
            *  3418614  3418713: gap of unknown length
            *  3418714  3419177: contig of 464 bp in length
            *  3419178  3419277: gap of unknown length
            *  3419278  3419854: contig of 577 bp in length
            *  3419855  3419954: gap of unknown length
            *  3419955  3420404: contig of 450 bp in length
            *  3420405  3420504: gap of unknown length
            *  3420505  3421043: contig of 539 bp in length
            *  3421044  3421143: gap of unknown length
            *  3421144  3421656: contig of 513 bp in length
            *  3421657  3421756: gap of unknown length
            *  3421757  3422288: contig of 532 bp in length
            *  3422289  3422388: gap of unknown length
            *  3422389  3422914: contig of 526 bp in length
            *  3422915  3423014: gap of unknown length
            *  3423015  3423515: contig of 501 bp in length
            *  3423516  3423615: gap of unknown length
            *  3423616  3424080: contig of 465 bp in length
            *  3424081  3424180: gap of unknown length
            *  3424181  3424640: contig of 460 bp in length
            *  3424641  3424740: gap of unknown length
            *  3424741  3425119: contig of 379 bp in length
            *  3425120  3425219: gap of unknown length
            *  3425220  3425643: contig of 424 bp in length
            *  3425644  3425743: gap of unknown length
            *  3425744  3426129: contig of 386 bp in length
            *  3426130  3426229: gap of unknown length
            *  3426230  3426656: contig of 427 bp in length
            *  3426657  3426756: gap of unknown length
            *  3426757  3427149: contig of 393 bp in length
            *  3427150  3427249: gap of unknown length
            *  3427250  3427646: contig of 397 bp in length
            *  3427647  3427746: gap of unknown length
            *  3427747  3428067: contig of 321 bp in length
            *  3428068  3428167: gap of unknown length
            *  3428168  3428546: contig of 379 bp in length
            *  3428547  3428646: gap of unknown length
            *  3428647  3429012: contig of 366 bp in length
            *  3429013  3429112: gap of unknown length
            *  3429113  3429471: contig of 359 bp in length
            *  3429472  3429571: gap of unknown length
            *  3429572  3429926: contig of 355 bp in length
            *  3429927  3430026: gap of unknown length
            *  3430027  3430362: contig of 336 bp in length
            *  3430363  3430462: gap of unknown length
            *  3430463  3430720: contig of 258 bp in length
            *  3430721  3430820: gap of unknown length
            *  3430821  3431148: contig of 328 bp in length
            *  3431149  3431248: gap of unknown length
            *  3431249  3431585: contig of 337 bp in length
            *  3431586  3431685: gap of unknown length
            *  3431686  3432016: contig of 331 bp in length
            *  3432017  3432116: gap of unknown length
            *  3432117  3432420: contig of 304 bp in length
            *  3432421  3432520: gap of unknown length
            *  3432521  3432835: contig of 315 bp in length
            *  3432836  3432935: gap of unknown length
            *  3432936  3433253: contig of 318 bp in length
            *  3433254  3433353: gap of unknown length
            *  3433354  3433643: contig of 290 bp in length
            *  3433644  3433743: gap of unknown length
            *  3433744  3434018: contig of 275 bp in length
            *  3434019  3434118: gap of unknown length
            *  3434119  3434330: contig of 212 bp in length
            *  3434331  3434430: gap of unknown length
            *  3434431  3434712: contig of 282 bp in length
            *  3434713  3434812: gap of unknown length
            *  3434813  3435023: contig of 211 bp in length
            *  3435024  3435123: gap of unknown length
            *  3435124  3435347: contig of 224 bp in length
            *  3435348  3435447: gap of unknown length
            *  3435448  3435714: contig of 267 bp in length
            *  3435715  3435814: gap of unknown length
            *  3435815  3436044: contig of 230 bp in length
            *  3436045  3436144: gap of unknown length
            *  3436145  3436406: contig of 262 bp in length
            *  3436407  3436506: gap of unknown length
            *  3436507  3436766: contig of 260 bp in length
            *  3436767  3436866: gap of unknown length
            *  3436867  3437120: contig of 254 bp in length
            *  3437121  3437220: gap of unknown length
            *  3437221  3437463: contig of 243 bp in length
            *  3437464  3437563: gap of unknown length
            *  3437564  3437810: contig of 247 bp in length
            *  3437811  3437910: gap of unknown length
            *  3437911  3438148: contig of 238 bp in length
            *  3438149  3438248: gap of unknown length
            *  3438249  3438449: contig of 201 bp in length
            *  3438450  3438549: gap of unknown length
            *  3438550  3438752: contig of 203 bp in length
            *  3438753  3438852: gap of unknown length
            *  3438853  3439079: contig of 227 bp in length
            *  3439080  3439179: gap of unknown length
            *  3439180  3439412: contig of 233 bp in length
            *  3439413  3439512: gap of unknown length
            *  3439513  3439744: contig of 232 bp in length
            *  3439745  3439844: gap of unknown length
            *  3439845  3440064: contig of 220 bp in length
            *  3440065  3440164: gap of unknown length
            *  3440165  3440371: contig of 207 bp in length
            *  3440372  3440471: gap of unknown length
            *  3440472  3440693: contig of 222 bp in length
            *  3440694  3440793: gap of unknown length
            *  3440794  3441008: contig of 215 bp in length
            *  3441009  3441108: gap of unknown length
            *  3441109  3441311: contig of 203 bp in length
            *  3441312  3441411: gap of unknown length
            *  3441412  3441612: contig of 201 bp in length.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..3441612
                     /organism="Elaeis guineensis"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /clone="U_UG-1D7; U_UG-1D8; U_UG-1D9; U_UG-1D10;
                     U_UG-1D11; U_UG-1D12; U_UG-1E1; U_UG-1E2; U_UG-1E3;
                     U_UG-1E4; U_UG-1E5; U_UG-1E6; U_UG-1E7; U_UG-1E8;
                     U_UG-1E9; U_UG-1E10; U_UG-1E11; U_UG-1E12; U_UG-1F1;
                     U_UG-1F2; U_UG-1F3; U_UG-1F4; U_UG-1F5; U_UG-1F6;
                     U_UG-1F7; U_UG-1F8; U_UG-1F9; U_UG-1F10; U_UG-1F11;
                     U_UG-1F12; U_UG-1G1; U_UG-1G2; U_UG-1G3; U_UG-1G4;
                     U_UG-1G5; U_UG-1G6; U_UG-1G7; U_UG-1G8; U_UG-1G9;
                     U_UG-1G10; U_UG-1G11; U_UG-1G12; U_UG-1H1; U_UG-1H2;
                     U_UG-1H3; U_UG-1H4; U_UG-1H5"
                     /note="BAC pool EgBAC10"
     gap             110195..110294
     gap             141392..141491
     gap             142449..142548
     gap             143632..143731
     gap             143979..144078
     gap             144408..144507
     gap             146339..146438
     gap             218151..218250
     gap             318695..318794
     gap             415784..415883
     gap             466691..466790
     gap             470350..470449
     gap             503111..503210
     gap             535612..535711
     gap             547058..547157
     gap             566219..566318
     gap             585275..585374
     gap             622063..622162
     gap             668357..668456
     gap             669128..669227
     gap             749712..749811
     gap             833354..833453
     gap             905963..906062
     gap             912013..912112
     gap             999556..999655
     gap             1031544..1031643
     gap             1040312..1040411
     gap             1078676..1078775
     gap             1100997..1101096
     gap             1159533..1159632
     gap             1159727..1159826
     gap             1160408..1160507
     gap             1167525..1167624
     gap             1240297..1240396
     gap             1316380..1316479
     gap             1380709..1380808
     gap             1382375..1382474
     gap             1396357..1396456
     gap             1466154..1466253
     gap             1470131..1470230
     gap             1543844..1543943
     gap             1555624..1555723
     gap             1560974..1561073
     gap             1561698..1561797
     gap             1562599..1562698
     gap             1564064..1564163
     gap             1591374..1591473
     gap             1592014..1592113
     gap             1596934..1597033
     gap             1597523..1597622
     gap             1601618..1601717
     gap             1602526..1602625
     gap             1603023..1603122
     gap             1617134..1617233
     gap             1620255..1620354
     gap             1693755..1693854
     gap             1769869..1769968
     gap             1845784..1845883
     gap             1896469..1896568
     gap             1917720..1917819
     gap             1985836..1985935
     gap             2006125..2006224
     gap             2007940..2008039
     gap             2008626..2008725
     gap             2012599..2012698
     gap             2013980..2014079
     gap             2057206..2057305
     gap             2122330..2122429
     gap             2191486..2191585
     gap             2223993..2224092
     gap             2228405..2228504
     gap             2230774..2230873
     gap             2233261..2233360
     gap             2233848..2233947
     gap             2255349..2255448
     gap             2285222..2285321
     gap             2320522..2320621
     gap             2384882..2384981
     gap             2448051..2448150
     gap             2511077..2511176
     gap             2517925..2518024
     gap             2577518..2577617
     gap             2593806..2593905
     gap             2639609..2639708
     gap             2699173..2699272
     gap             2763595..2763694
     gap             2823909..2824008
     gap             2884301..2884400
     gap             2941003..2941102
     gap             2941361..2941460
     gap             2947405..2947504
     gap             2999235..2999334
     gap             3058739..3058838
     gap             3060006..3060105
     gap             3060725..3060824
     gap             3061530..3061629
     gap             3112820..3112919
     gap             3123679..3123778
     gap             3164194..3164293
     gap             3200529..3200628
     gap             3212332..3212431
     gap             3213197..3213296
     gap             3214711..3214810
     gap             3256464..3256563
     gap             3269535..3269634
     gap             3275186..3275285
     gap             3277280..3277379
     gap             3286373..3286472
     gap             3292958..3293057
     gap             3300453..3300552
     gap             3324635..3324734
     gap             3326247..3326346
     gap             3327424..3327523
     gap             3327740..3327839
     gap             3347907..3348006
     gap             3348434..3348533
     gap             3356134..3356233
     gap             3356435..3356534
     gap             3358734..3358833
     gap             3359982..3360081
     gap             3361228..3361327
     gap             3370546..3370645
     gap             3371095..3371194
     gap             3372500..3372599
     gap             3374283..3374382
     gap             3374871..3374970
     gap             3376536..3376635
     gap             3377226..3377325
     gap             3378588..3378687
     gap             3379700..3379799
     gap             3380259..3380358
     gap             3381135..3381234
     gap             3382251..3382350
     gap             3383145..3383244
     gap             3383841..3383940
     gap             3384614..3384713
     gap             3385214..3385313
     gap             3386192..3386291
     gap             3386656..3386755
     gap             3387489..3387588
     gap             3388587..3388686
     gap             3389732..3389831
     gap             3390564..3390663
     gap             3391460..3391559
     gap             3392382..3392481
     gap             3392851..3392950
     gap             3393641..3393740
     gap             3394302..3394401
     gap             3395020..3395119
     gap             3395835..3395934
     gap             3396698..3396797
     gap             3397397..3397496
     gap             3398108..3398207
     gap             3398824..3398923
     gap             3400071..3400170
     gap             3400582..3400681
     gap             3400905..3401004
     gap             3402082..3402181
     gap             3402937..3403036
     gap             3403638..3403737
     gap             3404446..3404545
     gap             3405105..3405204
     gap             3405503..3405602
     gap             3406361..3406460
     gap             3406888..3406987
     gap             3407529..3407628
     gap             3408556..3408655
     gap             3409209..3409308
     gap             3409713..3409812
     gap             3410787..3410886
     gap             3411864..3411963
     gap             3412665..3412764
     gap             3413363..3413462
     gap             3414011..3414110
     gap             3414633..3414732
     gap             3415449..3415548
     gap             3416098..3416197
     gap             3416707..3416806
     gap             3417437..3417536
     gap             3418053..3418152
     gap             3418614..3418713
     gap             3419178..3419277
     gap             3419855..3419954
     gap             3420405..3420504
     gap             3421044..3421143
     gap             3421657..3421756
     gap             3422289..3422388
     gap             3422915..3423014
     gap             3423516..3423615
     gap             3424081..3424180
     gap             3424641..3424740
     gap             3425120..3425219
     gap             3425644..3425743
     gap             3426130..3426229
     gap             3426657..3426756
     gap             3427150..3427249
     gap             3427647..3427746
     gap             3428068..3428167
     gap             3428547..3428646
     gap             3429013..3429112
     gap             3429472..3429571
     gap             3429927..3430026
     gap             3430363..3430462
     gap             3430721..3430820
     gap             3431149..3431248
     gap             3431586..3431685
     gap             3432017..3432116
     gap             3432421..3432520
     gap             3432836..3432935
     gap             3433254..3433353
     gap             3433644..3433743
     gap             3434019..3434118
     gap             3434331..3434430
     gap             3434713..3434812
     gap             3435024..3435123
     gap             3435348..3435447
     gap             3435715..3435814
     gap             3436045..3436144
     gap             3436407..3436506
     gap             3436767..3436866
     gap             3437121..3437220
     gap             3437464..3437563
     gap             3437811..3437910
     gap             3438149..3438248
     gap             3438450..3438549
     gap             3438753..3438852
     gap             3439080..3439179
     gap             3439413..3439512
     gap             3439745..3439844
     gap             3440065..3440164
     gap             3440372..3440471
     gap             3440694..3440793
     gap             3441009..3441108
     gap             3441312..3441411
BASE COUNT      1049363 a       662645 c       657414 g      1048790 t
        1 tgacaagtgt aattttatag ggtacccaaa agagaccaaa gggtattatt tctacctagc
       61 tgatgagcaa aaggtgtttg tcagccttaa ggcaatcttt ttagaaaaga agttccttgg
      121 tgaagggact gttgcctcta aggtcgaact taaggaagtt cgacaggtaa aaaaatcgac
      181 acaaatagct gaacctgaac cggatttgat tatatcagat ctggagccca ttgttcctgc
      241 acccttaagg cgatctgata gagtaccacg tcaatcagac agatactatg atttgttggt
      301 ccgggatgga gatcctatcg aacttgatga aaatgatgag gatccgatca cctacatgga
      361 tgcaatacag agacctgact ctgagaaatg gctagaggct atgaaattcg aaatggagtc
      421 catgaaggtc aacgatgtgt ggacattggt tgacccaccc gaaggagtaa aattcatagg
      481 gtgtaagtgg gtcttcaaga agaagagggg cgcagacgga aaggtgaaaa cctataaagc
      541 ccgtctggtt gccaagggat atcatcaaca ttatggtata gactatgatg agacattttc
      601 tcctatggta atgctcaaat ccattcggat tatgcttgca atagctgtct atctggacta
      661 tgaaatctgg cagttggatg tgaagacagc tttcctaaat ggagagctgg acgaagaggt
      721 gtatatgata caacctgaag gattcacatc cacagatgag tctaaggtat gcaggctaca
      781 gaggtccatt tatgaactta agcaagcatc tcgaagttgg aacatacgtt ttgataggac
      841 gatcaagatg tatggcttcg ttaagaatgg agaagagccc tgcatttata agtgggctaa
      901 tggtccagta gtagtatttc ttgtattgta tgtggatgac attctcttaa tcggaaatga
      961 tatcccttta ttacagagaa taaagatttg gctgtcgtca caattctcca tgaagcattt
     1021 gggagaagct tcctacatcc tagggatgag gatctataga gatagatcta aaaggttgct
     1081 tggcttatcc caatccacgt acattgatac tatgctgaaa aggttcagca tggagaattt
     1141 caagaaagac tatctttcga taggccatgg aatttctctc ttaaagaggg attgtccgac
     1201 aacacctcaa gagagagagc gtatgggtag aattccatat gcttcgacag tgggatctat
     1261 catgtatgcc atgacatgta cacgaccaga tgtgacgtac tcactaggag tagtgagtag
     1321 ataccaatct gatccagaag agaatcactg gaagattgtt aaaaccatcc tgaagtattt
     1381 aaaaaatact aaggaccagt ggcttgttta tgatgaatca gacttgagac ttatagggtt
     1441 tacagactct agtttccagt ttgatcatga tgacagcaag agtgtgtcag gatttatttt
     1501 tacccttaat ggtggggcta tctgctggac gagttccaag cagcacataa tagctgattc
     1561 agtttgcgag atggagtatg tcgctgcatc agatgctgcc aaagaagcgg tgtggctgaa
     1621 gaaattcatc accgagcttg gagtagcacc ctcccttgtt ggtccatttc tgctctactg
     1681 tgacagctct agagccattg ctaaggcgaa ggaaccaaag gcacaccagc ggaagaagca
     1741 tattttgcgt cgctaccatc tcatccgaaa aatcatggat cgaggtgacg tcaaccttca
     1801 gaagatcaac ggaaaagaga acctggctga cccattcact aaagccattg cggtgaagga
     1861 gttcgacgat ttcaagtcga agatgggtat tagatactgc accgattggc tttaggccaa
     1921 gtgggagatt gttgggaata gtatctcaaa gccaattgtc agtctgttga tggttgtgct
     1981 ttttgttgta ttagtatata aattataaat aaataaaaat tattttggta tttttcatca
     2041 caaattatca tcttctaatg aactcctgtg ttgtggtgaa gtccttagga ctatttagac
     2101 tcaacaaagg aggatttgtc gtttagtcct taaacatatt cgcgaccaaa tgatacatta
     2161 ttaccaagga caataatgtt tatcgagcat aggtcgttgt gtgccatata ggttggttgt
     2221 cctcttaacc aaggagtgta gagacactgg tatggcatac aagtgagatg taagggtaca
     2281 tctacactga acgtgactga ctccggagct atctctgctg tcaagatttg ctccgatggg
     2341 atatgggtat aaatatccct ccgacctgag accgccacgg tgacttgcaa gcaactcact
     2401 acacttaggt actagactac ctgaatttct aattcagtga cagaaggttg ttgggtgtag
     2461 tcaagtactt gacttgtcgg tgcgtgtgtc aagatgggat tgaccactcc agttcaggag
     2521 ctgtgtacag tcgtgtttca atttagcaaa atcttggcca ggatagtcct agtgaggagt
     2581 cacaggactg attgagttga gcacgacttg gatgatctaa tcaaggttga cagtttaacc
     2641 ctgagtcgtc ctaaacacag gggtcaaaag ggatgaatta tacagtaacc atattcacgt
     2701 aggttttgag tgttgcgatt gtgactattc aacctatcca gatgtcggat accattgcta
     2761 gatggtcact tcgattagta tagaaattgg ttcctgtgct accggcttag gttcgaacct
     2821 gcggggtcac acacattaga ggttcctatc tgatctgatg gctgatgaag agtcttaata
     2881 tttatggact atgagtccta catgtctgag actctgtgat cgagaatcaa gattctctga
     2941 tcataagtcc cacacatttt gggtaccggg gtcaagagtc ccactggttt gggactctac
     3001 gatcaaggtt tcatattgat ggactttgat acccgattgc ctatcagatt tggactcaat
     3061 atttatgaga ggtttaatta gtgatttgat tgctaattaa ctcaatttaa ttgagtaatt
     3121 atttttggat caagtccaat tgaattggat tcagttgggt ttgacccgat taggttaaga
     3181 gttgacctaa tcgtcgagat ggtttgatcc ttgatttgat cagaggttgg gcttaatcaa
     3241 ttcctgattt gattaggatt ttattaagcc taattaagcc taattaagtt agatttaatt
     3301 tagtctaatt gtgcttaacc tatttagatt agggtggctc aattaggttc aaaccacctt
     3361 gacctttctc cctgcgccac ctcacttctt ctgtgcatat ttgaattcac gagaagcaac
     3421 ttcttatgaa ttttctccac acagaaggca tcccacgccc acccttgtgt actaattatc
     3481 tggataaaaa taagttggtt ggccattcaa attcaaaaga aagtttgaat ttgaatgagc
     3541 aaccaactaa tccatgcgcc atgctcatat cttgtgcgcc ccatatttta cacgagaaag
     3601 tatttcttgt gtaaactctc tatgcacaaa tcaactcatg ccccttctct tctcatgccc
     3661 aagtggatag ggatgagttg gttttgcatt tgaattcaaa tttgatttga attcaaatgt
     3721 gcaaccactt atctttatcc tctcacacgg ataagacacg ttcgacgtta ttttaaaagg
     3781 aggagaaagg tggggtgtgc gtagaatttt ttggagaaaa ggagtgatgc atgaggaagc
     3841 cttgtgcaca agtagaaagt ccatatcctt ccgagagaag aagaaagaaa agaaaaaata
     3901 agtgggcgta gggtttccaa tgagttccct aggatttcag cctggggttc gggaagtgag
     3961 aaggtgagct acaagtgtcg tgtgttgtga tccaggtggt gtgcccaagg cccaggggac
     4021 caaggctaag gccaaagtcc atcattcatg agggcttcat ggaggctcta gggctagttg
     4081 ggccctaggt tgaaaggcta tgggcctttc gggttcttga ggtccaggtt atgtgggcct
     4141 caaggtacca actctttatg tgccaggtct gagcccagga taggtgagat tagatcgagt
     4201 cattggtgta catgggcttg ggttaaccta atctcccata gagttggtca agggagtttt
     4261 gggtttgggt cacttgaccc tgtgtttata tatacatgca ctgtatagat ttgattaagc
     4321 caagaaatac gaaaacactt tctcccaagt ctctctctct ctcctctccc tctctctcca
     4381 gctattctcc atgccccagg agaaagaaac cctagggttt cttaccgcca ggccccaaaa
     4441 aggcaggaaa agcaagggga ggtgctaggc tccccctttg tgtcgcccac cacttttctc
     4501 tctccctctc ttgcagtcac ccaaacatca ggtccaggac ttggaatctc ttaagaagag
     4561 gttggtataa gttcttctca gatctggagt tgatctgagg tcgtttgagg tgcgggtgag
     4621 atcaccatca acagatctac aggaaaggat gcagcaggac agatctgcaa ggtcaggttc
     4681 tatctacctt cttctatatt tagaatgccc tgattcaaga tctgtgaatt ggaagacatc
     4741 ggtccaggcc tgatctattg ggtaccagat cttggatttt ttagaggtga tcttagaggc
     4801 gttcttcatc tggaatgaaa ggctgatgaa gaagacagca accaggctga tttcgtcaag
     4861 ggcctttgat cgagtccaga agtctccaga tttgttcgtt gctggttctg ttgcacccat
     4921 ggtctatgga aggatccagg atcatactcc aatagttggt atcagagcca cggtggtaag
     4981 aaaatggttc caagtgcgag aagttgaaga tcccaagtgc tgaaaatttt tagcaaggta
     5041 ccatcaaggt atattctaca cttcttgatt ttatattgct tgtttggctt ggatccagtc
     5101 atgggcagca atatgaaggt cgatttcaag aagtttgatg gcaagaaaaa ttttttcatg
     5161 tggaaaatcc gggtggagga tcttctggtg caagcagatc tagatcaggc tttggatgag
     5221 aagtctgagg gaatgataga tagacaatgg gcatcgttgg agaagaaagc atgctcggtg
     5281 atcagaggtt gtttggcaga tgcggcgttg tgttcgatat tggaagaaaa gaccccgaag
     5341 ggcctttggt cgaagttgca caccatgtat atggggaaga atatgtgcaa caagctaatg
     5401 ctgaagaaga ggttgtacag tcttcggatg taggagggat atgatgtgat tggccacatt
     5461 cagaggttcg accagttgtg cacggagttg atgaatatcg gggtgaagct ggatgaggtg
     5521 gacaagtccc tgttgctttt gtgtctgctg ccaggatcat atgactcttt ggtgactaca
     5581 ctgctccacg gtaaggagac tctggaatat gaggacatgg tctcggtgct gaagtctaat
     5641 gagcaaaaaa aaaagttgac caaagatcag gctccccagg agggtttggc agtaggggag
     5701 aggacaggta gaggtagagg cagaagcaag tctaggaggc agtccaagtc caggaaggga
     5761 aagaaagaaa tgaaatgctt caagtgcaat gagttcgggc acttcaagcg agaatgtcca
     5821 ctatggaaga gcaagaaggg agaaagaagt ggctcagaat cagtgagtgc agttgctggg
     5881 cagcaggtgg aggatgatct acttgtggta tcagatggtc acaggcatta cacagaggag
     5941 tggacactag actctgcgtg ctcacatcac tacacaccac acaggtcttg gtttgtgaca
     6001 tacaccaaga cagatgaggg atcagtgact ctaggcaaca atcatccttg caaggtggct
     6061 gggataggga cagtcagggt gaggatgatt gatgggattg tgaggacatt gtcaaatgta
     6121 aagcacgtcc cggagctgga aaagaatctg gtgtcactag gctacttgga gcgcagtgga
     6181 tacagcttca gcagtagggc tagaagcgga gtactgaaca tctccaatgg agctatggta
     6241 gtgatgagag gcaggaggtt ggacaataac ctctatcgca tggagggatc tgtggtgacc
     6301 ggagagtctg atgctgcagc acaggaccag cagggggctt acaggatgtg gcactaccgc
     6361 ctaggccaca tgggtgacaa ggggctgagg gagttgagca ggagaggact catctctgat
     6421 ttggaggatg gtgctacagg aaagatctgt gagccttgcc agatgggaaa gcagaggaga
     6481 gttcagttca acatcagtac aacccacagt gcagcccctc tagagttatt acacacggat
     6541 gtgtggggac cagccccagt ttcagctagg aatggggcca gatacttcat gaccctgatt
     6601 gatgatttct caagaaaact ttggatttac ttcatgagag agaagtcaga ggtcttcacc
     6661 aagttcaaga tctggagagc tgaggtggag aaggagcaag ggaggagcat gaagtgtctg
     6721 aggtcagaca atggcttgga gtacacgagc agaaagttcc aggactacta tgaggagtgt
     6781 gggatcagga gacacttctc agttaagggg actccacagc agaatggggt ggtcgagagg
     6841 atgaacagaa tacttctgaa aaaggcacga tgtatgaggc tgcaagcagg gcttccaaag
     6901 gcattctggg ttgacacagt tgatgcagtg ggttacttgg tcaatcggtc acctcacacc
     6961 aggttggatg gcaggcttcc agaggaggtg tggtctggga ggatagttgg gctaggccat
     7021 ctacgggtat ttgggtgcac ggcctatgtg cacattggag ctggtgagcg gagcaagcta
     7081 aatgccagat cacgcaagac ggtgtttcta agctatctgt gaggaattaa gggatacagg
     7141 ctatgggatc ccttggaaaa gaaggtcatc atttgtcggg atgtaacttt tgatgaggag
     7201 tcagtcctac ggaggtgagc aggcatggag gagcagcagg agcaagagga ggtccagcag
     7261 ggcgctgctg gacagcttac ctctttgatt ttgcctcttg caggtactac gggaggacat
     7321 gacattcagg tggagaacct acctaaggtg tctccacagg tggagaggac ttgaacggat
     7381 gatcgaagct gagaggtcca gcaggagcga gctggatcga ggactgatat cagtgttgcc
     7441 ctacacaagc ccaagaggac catcaggcaa tcggaccgat atggcttcga ggagatgctg
     7501 tcatatgccc tggtgacagt gaatggagac ccatatatgt atcaagaggc tattgagagc
     7561 caggacagag agcggtgggt ccagacgatg tccgaggaga tgcagtctct ccaccagaac
     7621 cagacgtagt gattggtgca attgccatag gggaagaggc ccattggctg caaatgggtc
     7681 tacagtcgca aggaagggcc ttcagagcag ggaggtagca gattcaaggc gaggttagtg
     7741 gccaagggat actcccagaa ggaagacatc gacttcagtg aggttttctc tccgtcgtca
     7801 gacatacttc catcagagtg ttgctgagca ttgtagcagc tcaggattta gagctggagc
     7861 agatggatat caagatggca ttcctccatg ggcatttgga ggagatgatt tacatggagc
     7921 agccacccag ttttagggat tcaggatcag agggaaaggt ttgtttgttg cagaagtcgc
     7981 tgtacgggct gaagcagtca ctgaggtaat ggtacaagcg gttcgactcc tatgtgcgca
     8041 gcattggact tttcaggtac gagtttgatc cctgtgttta tgtttagtct cttgaggatg
     8101 gttctagggt gttcctactc ttgtatgtgg atgacatgct tatagcatgc aggagtagga
     8161 aggttgtgca ggatctgaag gcatccttat ctcaggagtt tgagatgaag gatttgggcc
     8221 ccacaaggaa gatcctaggc atggagattt tcagagactg agcccagagg gtgctacatc
     8281 tatctcaggg ggggtacata cagaaggtct tagagaggtt caggatgaag ggagcaaagc
     8341 cgacggagtt gccacttgcc ggtcacttca gactctcgaa gaccatggcg ccacagactg
     8401 aggtggaggc tcaggagatg gaaacggttc tttatgcttc aggagttagg agcttgatgt
     8461 atgcgatggt ctgttgtagg ccagacatcg ctcatgcagt gagtcaggtt agcaggtaca
     8521 tggcgcagcc tggctgggag cactggagag ctctaaagta gatattcaga tacctggcgg
     8581 gttcagttgg agttggcatc tgctatggat agcgaggaga tgtagtggga tactctgaca
     8641 tgtccaggga ggctcagggg ctgattggcg gttatgtaga tgcagacttc gatggagatg
     8701 tggatacccg gaggtctacg acaggcttca tctttagcct gtatgaaggt cctatttttt
     8761 ggagatcgag tctgcagccc atcacggccc tatccactac aaaggcgaaa tacatcgagc
     8821 tgacaaaagc agctaaggag gcaatttggc tgaagggttt gttgacgaag atgggcctta
     8881 ctcaagaggc cattagagtg cactgtgaca gccagagtgc acttcaatta gcacagaact
     8941 cagtctatca tgcaaggaca aagcacatcg acattcggta tcatcaaatc agggagcttg
     9001 tggaggatgg cgaggtggag ctagtaaagg tacacaccaa gaagaaccca gctgatgcac
     9061 ttacgaaggt acttccacag gatagttttt agagatgtgt tgagctgatt cggctgatgg
     9121 acagagtgaa gctggttgag gccttgggac accaaggtgg agattgttgt gatccaggtg
     9181 gtgtgcccaa ggcccagggg accaaggcta aggccaaggt ccatcattca taagggcttc
     9241 atggaggctc tagggctagt tgggccctag gttgaaaggc tgtgggcctt tcgggttctt
     9301 gaggtctagg ttatgtgagc ctcaagagac caactcttta tgggccaggt ctgggctcaa
     9361 gataggtgag attaggtcga gtcatgggtg cacatgggat tgggttaacc taatctccca
     9421 tagagttggt caagggagtt ttgggtttgg gtcacttgac cctgtgttta tatatacatg
     9481 cactgtatat gtttgattaa gccaaagaat acgaaaactc tttctcccaa gtctctctct
     9541 ctcttctccc tctctctcca gctattctcc atgccccagg agcaagaaac cctagggttt
     9601 cttgccgcca ggtcccaaaa aggcaggaaa agcaagggga ggcgctaggc tctccctttg
     9661 tgccgccaac cacttttctc tctccctctc ttgcagtcac ccaaacatca ggtccagaac
     9721 ctaaaatctc ttgagaagag gttggtacaa gtttctctca gatttggagt tgatctgagg
     9781 tcgtttgagg tacgggtgag atcaccatca acagatctac aggaaaggct gcagcaggac
     9841 agatctgcaa ggtttggttc tatctacctt cttccctatc tagaacaccc cgattcgaga
     9901 tctatgaatt gaaagacctc ggttcaggtc tgatctggtt gggtaccaga tcttggattt
     9961 tttagagatg atcttagagg cgttcttcat ctggaacgaa aggctgacga agaagacagc
    10021 aaccaggctg atttcatcaa ggatctttga tcgagtctag aagtctccag atttgttcgt
    10081 tgctggttcc gttgcaccca aagtccgtgg gaggagtcag gatcatgctc caacatcatg
    10141 atcccaccaa atttaaggga gatcttcaac atcctctcaa gcacatctgc tgacaattcg
    10201 gagcatccga agaatcgaca gacatcgatc gaaggagttc gatcagcatc ggtcgttgaa
    10261 agggctctac aatgagctag cacttgtgag gagccgatca gatcgggagc cttgtgtgga
    10321 tgatccgcag aggttagaag tactgtgtgg ctgcatcgcg atgatcagac tcttccgacg
    10381 gtgatcaaat tgtggtgatc gactacccgc acaaaggtat tatgttctga acacagaaca
    10441 gtaaattatt tactgtttaa atctgaattt taaatttaaa tgcatgcatg ctgtatatca
    10501 tatttagatc ctagtatagg gtaaacatat gttaattaat tatattaatt attttcactg
    10561 taaaatagtg attttgaaaa aaatttaaaa ttaccatttt acccctgcac taaaattttg
    10621 cttcacgatc ttcatccgag cttccacaat aagcggcctc ctttcagact cctacaagac
    10681 ccggactccg tccgaactcc tacaatagat tgaatcccag actcctccaa cattcgacct
    10741 tccacagtgt cctcaagact cttccagcgg acgaacctcc acagcgccat ccgaactcca
    10801 ttgtcggtcg accctctatc ggattcttca taaaatcgga cctctccgat ggaaaatttt
    10861 cagatgagct tccacatcag ataaatttca gacgaacttc tctagcaatc ggactcctac
    10921 cgaacttctc caacagaaag ttcccgtccg agcttctaca gcagatgact tttgcctgca
    10981 gcatcagcgc ctaaagcatt ccataactgt ggactcgtca gcaaccatga aaacatccga
    11041 acttctctta gattgctgag acagagagcc attccactgc accagacgtc ccagccgagc
    11101 tttagctgtc cagcccgaac tctctgacaa gtcgcaacaa cagacatcac tccactctct
    11161 gtaatagatt ccacatggcc ccaccactct ctggcaagtc acgacaacgg tcaccactcc
    11221 actctccata acaaactcca tgtgctcctg aatggcccac tgatgccact actctccgaa
    11281 acaaactccg cgtggccccg aacggtccac taccagatag ttacagacgt cactgtcaat
    11341 cagttatgct ctccatctat aaaagggatc ccagatacgt tcttctctaa gctctaaact
    11401 ctatctcgaa actttgctaa aatctcattc gagtgctcca tttctgttga ggtagagtac
    11461 tgacatgagc gtcggaggat cttactggag cacccccaac tccgatttag actttccttg
    11521 caggttcctg tggtggccgc gatctcctcg actccagctt ctccgacatc ggtggaattc
    11581 tgcaccaaca ataattaagt ctaattaaat tagatctaat ttaaaattaa ttagcactta
    11641 aattcaatct cttatagact ctttagatca tagatcaaat tttgttcatc cccagaattg
    11701 aacctgaacc tcatgtctag tgctagctag acataatcaa ctgtttaatc ccatatgatc
    11761 cataacttaa ttatgaatca agatagttta tatgttcaat caagtcatgt acttctaaat
    11821 tgatcatgta gatataggtc aattctttcc tacatcgtct gactttatgc gtggcttcat
    11881 aggttcgaac actaagtcgg tagtacagaa actattttct atactaatcg aagttaccat
    11941 ctagcaatgg tttccaacat tcggataagt cgaataattg taagacaata ttcaagaatc
    12001 tattcatatg gttaccgcat aattcattct tttaatccta aatgctctaa gatgatctag
    12061 gattaactgt caaccctgac agagtcatct acattgtatt tcaacctttc aaatctatca
    12121 catgaattat cctgatcaag attttactaa attaaagtat agtgatatat caactcctat
    12181 aattcagagg ggtcaatccc atcttgatcc atgcatagac ttcacaaata cttgatggta
    12241 cccagtagcc ttccatcact acattagaaa tatagatagt ctgacactaa agtatagtga
    12301 gttacttgca agtcactgtg atgatctcag atctgaggga tacatatcta tacacttcat
    12361 gagctgctct tgatagtaga gtgctcaaga ggtgagtcac ttgttcaata acgatgtact
    12421 cctacatctc acctgtatac cattccagtg tcttcatact ccttggttaa gaagacaatc
    12481 aacctatatg acatacaata attttcattt cataaatatc atcatcctat aatgatgtat
    12541 catttgatca tgaatatgtt taagaactat acaataaatc ctcctttatc gattatttta
    12601 tagttttaag gacttcatta taatataaga gttttacaag aaagatgtat cttttgtgat
    12661 gaataatgcc aaaataattt ttatttatcg atcaaaaatt tatatacaaa aggaacacaa
    12721 tcatccatag attggtttta ggacatattt tccaacaact ctcacttgga ctaaagctaa
    12781 ttggggtagt atcttatact cttcttccat ttgtgatcat caaactcttt gttcctaaga
    12841 gttttagtga aggagttggc tagatttttt ttttgtcgat tttctaaaac ttgatgtcac
    12901 ctcaatccat gatctctcgt acaagatgat agtggcacag aatgtgcttg gtatactagt
    12961 gtgactttga ttctttcgtc tgagctatgg ctctagcgct gtcataatat agtagaacgg
    13021 gaccatcaat ggaggatgta actccaagct cgatgatgaa tttttgtaac cacacctctt
    13081 cttttgtagc atcagatgta gcaaaatatt ctgcttcaca tacagaatcg atcacagtat
    13141 gttgcttgaa actctttcag taaattattc ttctatttaa gataaacacg taatccgata
    13201 tgcttctgct gtcatcacta tctgactgaa aattaaaatc agtgtatccc acaaatttca
    13261 aatcagtgtc tccatagata agccactgat ctttagtatt tctaaaatat ttaagagtta
    13321 tcttcacaat attttaatgg ttttcacctg gatctgactg gtacatactc actatcccta
    13381 gtgaataggc cacatccagc ctcatacaca tcatgacgta catgatagat cccactgctg
    13441 aaacatatgg tattctattc atacgctttc tctcctgagg gattattgta caatccttct
    13501 tggagagagc aattctatga cctatcgata gatagtcttt cttaaaattt tttatgttga
    13561 actgtttcaa tatggtatcg atatacgtga attgagacaa gccaagcaac cttctagatc
    13621 tatccctata gatctttatc cctaggatgt agaatgcttc tttcaaatcc ttcatggaga
    13681 attgtgatga taactacaac ttcacactct gcaaagttag gatgttattt tttattaaca
    13741 gtatgtcatc cacatatagt acaagaaaga tgattatgga atcattaatt tacttgtaga
    13801 tgtaaagctc ttctccattc gtaacgaagc catacatttt gatcacctta tcaaaataca
    13861 tattccaact cctagatgcc tacttcaatc cataaatgga cctatgtagt ttgcacatct
    13921 tagattcgtc tgtggatgtc aacccttcag attatatcat atatacctct tctttcagtt
    13981 ttccatttag gaaagcggtt ttgacatcta tttaccacat ctcataatct aagtgtgcag
    14041 ctattgcaag tataatcaaa atgaacttga acattaccat aggagagaat atcttatcat
    14101 agtcaatacc atgatattga cggtaatcct tggtaactag atgggcttta taggtttcca
    14161 ccttttcatc ctctcccttt tttcttttga aaattcactt gcaccctatg ggttttattc
    14221 ttttagacga atcaattagt gcccatacac cattgatctc catggactct atctcagact
    14281 tcatggtctc tagccatttc tgagagtcgg acctttgcat ggcttatata tagatgatcg
    14341 gatcctcatc attctcatct tattcgatag aatcaccatc gcagactaag aaatcatagt
    14401 atttgtccaa ttgacacggt actctagcgg atcttcttta tggtgcctct actggctcag
    14461 gattcgattc tccaatcaaa tctaattttg tgtataccag ttcttttatc ttatgaactt
    14521 caccaaattc aattgtacag gtattagttc cttctccaag aaactctttt ttcaaaaaga
    14581 ttgtcctgtt gctgactaac accttttatt cttcagcgag gtaaaagtag tactctttga
    14641 ttttctttag gtatactaca aacaagcatt tatcagattt taatccaaac ttatttgtct
    14701 ttaaatgttt gacatatgct ggacaccccg agaccctaag gtgtgagagc attggcctac
    14761 accctgtctg ttgggatgcg caggggtttc atgcatgtat ttcaaaattt tttcagtaaa
    14821 aaaaaattag attaaactat ttaatctata aatacatgca taagatctaa tcttaaaact
    14881 cttacaaatg gatcgatgat atgaatttat atgcataaaa atctgaatct aaaatgacaa
    14941 gtatgtgaac caaaaacaac atttagtaat agatctaatc taccacttct aagattccga
    15001 acccaatacc taagtgtggg tagtagaact ccacgatcga aaatatagat ctgaaagtcc
    15061 tctctgatct ctcatagctg cacaagcagc cagcctctac tgatggtcca cacaaagccc
    15121 ctcgaaccga tcagtcttct acgggagtgc tagctcgtgc agtcggcttc tgatggtaga
    15181 tctgacttga tctctttctt cgattacctc agacctttct gatgtcaaag atggattaga
    15241 gaaggatgct ggatggtgaa gaaaaaatag ataaagactc tcttctcttt aatttttccc
    15301 tcacccaaaa acttagaaca gttctaggtc tctcacccaa aaggagaatg gtctcctctt
    15361 ttgttcatgc caaggaaaaa tgaaacccat ccaaagctca catcccaaag aaggactttt
    15421 gccccacatt ctctttggtg tcttacagtg aaaagctctc ttcttttggt gcacaaaatt
    15481 atggcctttt tatgattgtc gcacaaacca gataagacaa gataagggct ggagtttgtt
    15541 gtaattcaaa tcattttaaa ttttaattta aatctaaatt ttgctcaccc ttatcaaact
    15601 taaagagaaa cataccagag aaaaatagat ataaaaatca attaaaaata cttctttttc
    15661 acatacacaa tgggcacatt caaaaactat cgatgggtgg aaggatatgg ataaggtttt
    15721 aagttaaaat tcaaatcaat ttgaattcaa ataaaaatca atcaatttct atctttaatg
    15781 ggtgacaaaa gaagggttat tttctgattt tctcatatac aaactaattt tgtatggtaa
    15841 gaaaaggtgt gagataattt gggtggtgta agggagataa tcttactcat ttagaactct
    15901 agggtttaac caattggatt tctttcaaac ccaatccaat tagacccaaa taaaatatga
    15961 tgaacctaat caaattaggc ttctataata ttaattaaat ttgatcaaat caataaatta
    16021 attgagccat agatccgatc aaatcaggat catttattct ttactgatta ggtcatctca
    16081 taacctaatc agacctaacc tgattgaatc caattcaatc aaacttgatc caaattttaa
    16141 tgctcaatca aattaaacta attagtgatc taattactaa ttaatctttc attaatgata
    16201 gagtccaagt ctagtgggac tcttctcgag agttcccatc caatgggact cttcagcaga
    16261 gtctccgtcc agtgagactc ttcaccagag tctctgtcta ttgaaactct tcagattagc
    16321 catatgatca gagaaaaact tctaatatgt gtgaccccat aggtgaagga accagatcta
    16381 gggtttcagg gttagatctt gaaacttttt caagatcaga cagcgaaaga caaaaataaa
    16441 tcaaaattta tcttataaaa ttagagaatc tctagatcta agattctatt acatgattat
    16501 tatatggtat taaattaaaa ataaaaatat aaaaagcaag aactatatgt tgatcatatc
    16561 aatatgtttc tatactacat ctaatgcata taaaatataa tagatcagat cttttacttt
    16621 gcaagttaga cgttctaact ttgctgatcc agatttaaag atgatgttgc aagctacaca
    16681 catgttcgat ctctaggagt catccatatg agcccacaaa tcacgatcaa aagtcctgat
    16741 ccagaaaatt agcacagtat gctagtactg tgctgatctt tcttcgatgg tcgatcagat
    16801 gcctccttct tcttgattta gactcttcca aagataaaaa ataggagaaa gagttttaga
    16861 tgtgagatac tcttagaaaa cttacagata gaagaaggaa agaggtgaac tcagcaaccc
    16921 tagaagaaga ccctcttctt cttctctttg ctctaaccta gatacttaat tttgtgtctg
    16981 ttatatccct atgccccaat attctttctc tctaattttc acatgcctca aaggtctctt
    17041 aatgctctat catccacaaa aatttcaaaa aaaaattcat cttaaataat gagatatgaa
    17101 gaatccttgt ctaggttaaa tacctagtca agaaaaatcc aaacagggca agacaagggg
    17161 tgcccaactc ttgggtgccc cctccttttt ttgccatgga ccaccagcaa agggtacaca
    17221 atatgtgcaa taaaatccat aaaaatctca aaaaaaatct gagtaaaatc aatatcataa
    17281 ggaaagagtt ttgatttcct aaaattctat ctcatagaat ttgaaatcca aactaattct
    17341 tactttgact tggtccacaa ccacattcta tgtaagagag aaagagtgga aagctttggg
    17401 catgcgtgaa ggcataggag agaaaatttt gtcacataaa ataagagaga atgggtgtgg
    17461 ggggctaagg tggcgcaagg tggaatccta gtcttactag gattcaatct atgacttgtt
    17521 ccaatttgat ttctcaaacc aaatcaaatt aaaactaaat caacctaatt aaaatagatc
    17581 ttaacctaat taagaatgta atttaatcaa attaaattaa atttaaatct gatttaattt
    17641 tctaatcgaa ttagaaatta ggttgatcca agtcctaatt gaactaggac taattttttc
    17701 ttgcacttgg cttatccaat aaaccaattg gacttaatct aatcaagtcc aaactaaata
    17761 taattaaatc atatttaatt aaacttaatt ttagtctatt gatttaatca aattaagcca
    17821 attagcaatc aaattgctaa tcgatcctcc tgcaacactt gcactaggtt aaatgtcaat
    17881 cgtattgatc gtttaatcct agaatgattc ttaatcgttg atcaaccatc cgatcgaatc
    17941 gtgaactcta atgtgtgtga cctcataggt ctgaatctaa gtcagtagtt tagaaataaa
    18001 tttttgtacc aatcgaagtg accatctagc aatggtatcc gacggtcgga taggtcgaat
    18061 gtgtggaata acatccttag aacccatgcg gacatagttt ccatataatt catctccttg
    18121 accaaaatgc tcataggata cctcagagtt caactgtcaa ctctgatcag gttgtccaca
    18181 ttgtatttca aaatatcaaa tccatctgac ggattatcct ggccaaagtt ttgctaaatt
    18241 gaaatacagt gactcattct tctccaactc ttagagtggt caatcccatc ttgatcatac
    18301 tccgacttca caagtacttg actgtgccca aaagccttcc atcattaaat tagaatttca
    18361 gttaatccag taccaaagca cagtgagttg cttgcaagtc actgaggcga tctcaggtct
    18421 aagggacatt tatacctata tcccatcaga gacattctcg atagcaaaat actctaaagt
    18481 tggtcacatt caatgatgat gtacccttac atctcaccta tatgccatac caatatttcc
    18541 acactctctg gttaagaggg caaccaaccc atatggccta cagtgaccta tgctcgatag
    18601 aagctgtcat ccttattaac agcctatcat ttgatcatga acagttttaa ggactaatcg
    18661 ataaattctt tctttatcga accaaaatag ttctaagaac ttcatcacaa caacggagtt
    18721 cattagaaga tgaaaactta tgatgaaaat attaaaaata tattttattt attaacaaat
    18781 taattacaat acaaggttgc tcaaccgtca acaggttgac gattgacctt tgggacatat
    18841 tttccaacaa tttccattta tcctaatgtc actcggcaca gtatctaata cccatcttcg
    18901 acttgtagtt gtcgacctcc tttatcgtca gggctttagt gaaggggtca gtcaggttct
    18961 cctttccatc gatcttctga agatcgacat cacctcaatc cacgatctcc tagaccaggt
    19021 ggaagcagtg caaaatgtgc ttcatccatt agtgtgcttt gggttccttc acctgagcta
    19081 tagcactagt gctgtcacag tagagtagga tcgaaccatc gagggagggt gctactccga
    19141 gctcggtgat gaattttctc aaccacatag cttctttcgc ggcatccgat gttgcgatgt
    19201 actccgcttc acaaacaaag tctgccacag tatgctgctt gaaactcttc cagcagatgg
    19261 ctctaccatt cagagtaaag aaataacccg acatgcttct actgtcatca tggtcagatt
    19321 gaaagctgga gtctgtgaac cccacaagtt tcagatctga ctcaccataa atcaaccatt
    19381 gatccttagt atttctcaaa tacttaagaa tgactttaac cactttccag tgattttttc
    19441 taggatcaga ttggtatcta ctcactactc ctagtgagta tgccacatct ggccttgtat
    19501 atatcatggc gtacatgata gatcctatga tcgaagtata tgggactcta cttatacgct
    19561 ctctctattc aggagttatc ggacaatcct tcttagagag agaaatttta tggcctatag
    19621 gtagatagcc cttcttgaaa ttctccatac tgaacctctt cagcacagtg tctatgtacg
    19681 tggactggga taacccaagc atccttttag atctatccct atagatcttc atctctagga
    19741 tgtaggatgc ttcacccaag tccttcatgg agaactgcga taacaaccaa acttttattc
    19801 cctctagtgc ggggatgtca tttttgatta agagaatgtc atccatatac aagataaaga
    19861 ataccataat tggaccattt gtccatttat agatgcagag ctcttcttcg ttcttaatga
    19921 agccatacgt ttcgatcacc ttatcaaaat gcatgttcca actttaagaa gcttgtcctt
    19981 tggctgagcc gtctcgaatc tgcgactgaa ctcatcgctc atgatagcca gcatgataca
    20041 gcgcaccgtg gtccgatcac tgagccactt ctggtaagtg tctctgattg ttccacgtgc
    20101 attgacagct ggctcctcag gtgcaggatc tattatcaca tataggatcc gttcatgctc
    20161 caggactatc ttcaactttc ggtaccagct accgaagttg ggtcccacca acttatcatt
    20221 gtccaacaat gatcggagcg ataggaaagt ggccatattt gcacaaagga gaaccataac
    20281 ctaattagta attgattcat taaacctaaa gatttggact ttaatcaaaa ggtttctccc
    20341 actattttat tcgaattggt agcctctacc tccaactcga ggaattaccc taattcctta
    20401 gtgggtacta gaatccactt agactgcaca caagcccaac tttggttggt caacccatgt
    20461 acatctaagg gtaggttcat aatcaattat ttctctaaac aatttctagt aattttaatt
    20521 ttgccccaga aacctaatca gtaggctttg gcctccactg taaggatccg gttaggtcca
    20581 accattaaca tgatcatact tggtgtatct aaccaacgaa tgattaagcc caactttggt
    20641 tggctcacct aaccaccatt agagagacac ttccaagtca tcatatgatg agtgataatt
    20701 ttattagtca acaagcacca ggcctttggg tctgcaatga ttattgagtt aatggactca
    20761 ttatcaaaca ccttaatggg aggctatgac tcagttatct ccataacttt atcattttaa
    20821 ggacctaata attttagaag atttaaataa tttagaggat gaggtcagat gaaccagctt
    20881 atcatgatcc tcccactggc ttcaccaagt cagcttaagg gagaccaggg ctagtctagg
    20941 agcacctaaa tcagtcacac tgatttacct agctgacatg gatcagctcg aatagtcaag
    21001 tgatccgatc aaaacataat ttcatcaaga ggtcaggtaa gttcgatcag tgggagggtc
    21061 taccaaagct tgccttagac accatcagaa atggccaggt aagcgggctc ccaattaaaa
    21121 accaccggtc tggtttacct tagacaccaa ctggtttaat tagtttcgat tagatcaacc
    21181 taatagttcg tgctagaccg cttagccaag aatcaagtcc atttggttct cgttaaagac
    21241 atggacttga ccaactataa ctattgtaat tgatctagag aattcttgac ctaatctaag
    21301 acaacaattg attagattta gtcaattctc taattaagtc catctttaat ctaaccatag
    21361 gtctaaccca attaatggac ctaattccca ctaacccatt aacccaatgt gttatgattt
    21421 gtgtcttagg ttcttcaatt cacaatccta gaacctaatc aaacaacttc ttaattctta
    21481 attaagtttt gggctgaggg ttgagttcgg cttttcaaaa aataattttc atatttataa
    21541 aataatttta taatatgatt ctaccaacca tattgcatgt ttgattcata atcaagatgc
    21601 aagtgaaata aacatgaaac tactttagat ctaatctaaa caggttcatg taattgaaat
    21661 aattttaact ttaaacaatt tctttgcaca aaaattatta acaaagagat tttatttcag
    21721 atttaaatat tttttaaatc taataaatca taaatttaat ctagatcata tctaataaat
    21781 ttatgattaa agatagatct acacaaacta ggacaacctt tgcattgtaa ggggtaaacc
    21841 ttacagcagg acaactttgc agtttgtgat tgatctaatc taaaaataat cagatttaat
    21901 aatcagatta taaattagat ctaatctaaa aataatctaa gcatgtataa ataatcatgt
    21961 aataaagaac ctggctctga taccaattga aggaaccaga tctagggttt cagggttaga
    22021 tcttgaaaaa gagggttgga tcttgaaact ttttcaagat catacagcgg aagactaaaa
    22081 taaatcaaaa tttattttct aagatcaaaa aatccctaga tctaagatcc tattacatga
    22141 ttattacatg gcattaaatc agaaattaaa atatataaat atagcatgaa ctacatgttg
    22201 atcatatcaa catgtttcta tactatatct aatgtatgta ttaaacaata gatcagatct
    22261 attacctcgt aagttagacg ttctaacctt gctgatctgg gcttgaggat gatgttgcaa
    22321 gccgcacatg cgtccggcct ctaggagtcg tccacacgag cccacgaatc tcgatcagaa
    22381 tcctgcttta ggaaatcagc acagtatgcc agtactgcac tgatccttct ttgatggttg
    22441 atcaggtgcc tccttcttct tgatttggac tctttcaaag atggaaagta gaaggaggag
    22501 tttcagatct gagacacttt caggaaactc aagatggagg gaggaaagat atgaaaacaa
    22561 aaacccaaga agaagaccct cttcttcttc acatttttct ctctagacac ccaaacttgc
    22621 atcttttata tctccatgat ccaaaggtat ttctctctaa tttttggatg gcacaaagat
    22681 ctctcaaatc tctaattttc cctaaaattt cataaagaaa ctcatcttat atagagagat
    22741 atgatagagt ccttgtctag gtcaaacacc tagtcaaggc ttatccaaac atggcaagtt
    22801 aagggatgcc caactcttga gcacctcctt catattttcg tgtatagatc accagaaaag
    22861 ggtgcacaat gtatacccta aaagccacaa aaattccaaa aaaaatttgg ataaattcgg
    22921 tgcaaaattg aaagagtttt ggatttctaa aactctatct catagaattc gaaatccaaa
    22981 cttattcctt ttagatttga tccaaaccac cttccatgta agaaagaaaa gaggagacct
    23041 tttgtgaacg tgggagagat ctgagagagg gcttttgtcg cataaaataa gtggagattg
    23101 gcgttgaata agagagaggg catggagaag gcttatgtgg cgcaaggtgg aatcctagtc
    23161 ttactaggat tctgtcttat gacttgtttt aatttggttt ctcaaaccaa atcaaatcaa
    23221 aattagatca acctaattaa aataggtctt aacccaatta aaaatctaat ttaatcagat
    23281 taaattagat ttaaatctga tttaattttc taatcaaatt agaaattaga ttgacccaag
    23341 tcctagttga actaagacta gtttttcctt gcacttggct tatccaataa accaattgga
    23401 cttgatccaa tcaagcccaa aataaatcta attaaattat atttaattaa acttaatctc
    23461 agccgattgg cttaatcaaa ttaagccaat tagcaatcga attgctaatc gatcctcctg
    23521 caacacttgc actgggttaa atgtcaatcg tattgatcat ttaaccctag aacgattctt
    23581 aatcgttgat caaccatctg atcggatcat gaactctaat gtgtgtgacc tcataggtcc
    23641 gaacctaagt cggtagcata ggaataaatt cctataccaa tcgaagtgac catctagcaa
    23701 tggtacccga cgaccggata ggtcgaatgt atagaataac atccttagaa cccatgcaga
    23761 tatagttttc atataattca tctccttgac caaaatgatc ataggacacc ccagagctca
    23821 actgtcaact ctgatcaggt tgtccacatt gtatttcaaa atatcaaatc catctgatgg
    23881 attaccctgg ctaaggtttt gctaaattga aatacagtga ctcattcttc tccaactctt
    23941 ggagtggtca atcccatctc gatcacactc tgactttaca agtacttgac tatgcccaga
    24001 agccttccat ccctgaatta gaaattcagt tagtccagta ccaaagcaca gtgagttgct
    24061 tgcaagtcac tgaggtgatc tcaggtctaa gggacactta tacctatatc ccatcagaga
    24121 tattctcgac agtagaatac tctggagttg gtcacgttca atgatgatgt acccttacat
    24181 ctcacctgta tgccatacca atgtctccac acttcttggt taagaggaca accaacctat
    24241 atagcctaca gcgacctatg ctcgatagaa gctgtcgtcc ttattaacag cctatcattt
    24301 ggtcgtgaac agttttaaag actaatcgat aaatcctctc tttatcgaac ttaaatagtc
    24361 ctaaggactt catcataaca acggagttca ttagaagatg aaagcttatg atgaaaatgt
    24421 caaatatatt ttatttatta acaaatcaat tacaatactt ggttgctcaa ccgtcaatag
    24481 cttgacgatt ggctttttgg gacatatttc ccaacaaatg tttcttatga gagataggaa
    24541 tcatggtgat gatcccaata cctttgacga ggcgatgtct gacatcgatt ttgaaaaatg
    24601 attagatgct atgaagttag aaattgactc aatgcacttg aaccaaatct ggactttagt
    24661 ggatccacct gaaggtattg tacctattgg atgtaaatag atttacaaaa agaagataag
    24721 taccgatggt aaggtagaga cctataaagc taggcttgtg gctaaggtta tagtcagcgt
    24781 aaggatattg actatcagaa aacttctcat ccatagttat gttgaaatcc atccatactt
    24841 tgcttgctat tgtagcttat tatgattatg acatttggta gatggatgta aaaactgtct
    24901 ttctgaataa atatcttgag aaagatatct atatagagca gcctatgggt ttcacgtctg
    24961 gtgatggtga tcacagagtc tgcaagctgg aaaggtccat atacaaatta aagcaagctt
    25021 ctcggagttg gaatcatcat tttgatgagg caatcaaatt atttgatttc attaaaaaag
    25081 aagaggaacc ttgtgtatac aagaggataa tgggagggtg atcatctttc tcgtattata
    25141 cgtggatgac attctcctta ttgaaaatga tattctcatg ctgatcacaa ataaaagatg
    25201 gttgtctaaa gaattctcca tgaacgatct agaggaagca tcctatattc tcgaaataaa
    25261 gatctatagg gatagatcta aatggatgcc tagcctatta caaaagctat gcatagagaa
    25321 ggtgctgaag aggttcagca tgaaaaactc caagagaggt cttttatctt ttaggtatgg
    25381 tattagtctc tccaagatga tgtgtccgac tatatctgaa gagattcagt gcatgagtag
    25441 gattctttgc gtttcaaaga tagggagcct catgtacgcc atgttatgta ctcgacttga
    25501 tattgccctt actgtgagtg tcacgagtag gtatcaatcg aatctagatg aagagcactg
    25561 gatagctatg aagaacatcc ttaagtactt aagaaaaact aagaatctgt tcttagtctt
    25621 tggaggagat tttgagttac aattcgaggg tgtattcttg ttcgatttac taaaagggtt
    25681 ctgagtaatt gatcaatgga ggctgagtat gctatagatg tgtaggatga attttgattt
    25741 taatattagt tgtagaactg gatgtcatgc catgacatag taatgtaaag acgatggcac
    25801 tatagccctt actaaagagc caaggtctca ccagaagtcc aaacacatag agcagcagta
    25861 tacgtgacta cctcatgtcg aggtgcgaag agtagactcc acggataatg tggtagaccc
    25921 actgactaag caattgagcc aatcgaaaat gaaagtccac cttgtaaaga tgggacttag
    25981 atttatggcc aattgacttt agaccaagtg agagattgtt agatgtatgt cttagaagcc
    26041 aatatggctg acacattgta aaatatctaa agcataaatt tatacttaat atattgatat
    26101 tatcaataaa agaggcaagt tcttttttat tcaagtataa tgtgtccttg aatcattcat
    26161 ggaattagtt tcgatatata ttctcaaagt attgagaatt agagacatat atttaattcc
    26221 taaaggctcc tggttatagg atcatcatga gggcgatgat agatccggat agactggcat
    26281 ataaatcact tccttcgaga tagataggtt tctaatctat tgtgtagaga cgcaagatga
    26341 taagtgcgga tggttgttag agaacagctg gcactgagcg tgactatacg agagatcact
    26401 tgaatttcta ttaatcgtca gtgattgtct cgatgctgta gttgtgtgac tgattttttg
    26461 acttaagatg gtactgttac tcacagtgag gctgctaaag tttgattgac acataaacat
    26521 ggatcttaat gagcccttgt agtggatgtt ggcgacagtt ggtctactgt aggagcgggg
    26581 tgtgcatcaa gataagatct atcgaccttg atagagaaga gtagtcctat gaaatttgag
    26641 aggctaagtc taagagtctg tggccacagc agtatgattg ataaaaaaaa atttccatag
    26701 aagtcacaac tggatttgag ttaatcaatc tatcatatga ctgatgttga agtttgacga
    26761 tttatccatg atctgccatc tagtcggaac tcacgataga gagaataaat catatgttaa
    26821 ctacacctag aggttcattt cagttctact ggattgccac tacatactac tagatatcct
    26881 ggtggattat gagagctcac taggattgtt ctggatcgac aatccttact gagttagagt
    26941 gaaattgttc tgatctattg aaaagagttt caatgatata atgatagaga tcattgtata
    27001 tctcactatc agatagaatt gaacttatga ggtcacacaa caaaaagatt aggcctgaaa
    27061 taagaaattg agcttatgaa gtatcaatta ggtttagaaa aatttattgg attcatggta
    27121 accttactag catacagttg gacccaattc ctctttccgt tgggattact tatttgataa
    27181 gataatttta acttaattat ctgctaataa tctataataa caagattcat gagactccaa
    27241 ttattgtgtg tctaaggtta tggatcatat aaattaaggg tgcaagactc ttatgaatct
    27301 ccttgatagt tattatgggg tgccactttg atttgatcaa ggcatgtcca ttaattagag
    27361 agcctttgat tttcatatgg gtgtctcttg ggtgcaaaag agggtgtcta attatgggtg
    27421 caagggctca aagagttggc gcctaatgga tttcctaatg taagttggat aacttaagtt
    27481 aatagaaatc ctaatgcaag taggatttgt attatgagat tgaataggat tcaatcttta
    27541 tgcctattta aagggacctc tcttaaggtc cctagaacat taaaaccagc agtccctcac
    27601 acccaaaggc tctccccaca ccttctcttc ttctctcttt ctcttctctt gggtgttcta
    27661 tacacccctt ccttgggatg cgcatcccaa ggagttccat acccagagga gtttggatgc
    27721 ttctttcttg ctggtttcta atatgtggta gtagcacata gcaagaagaa ctctagagaa
    27781 gaggagaaga agaagatcaa gtgttgatcg cgatccaggc ttcgttcaga ttcagtaggc
    27841 tgaattttgg agaatcaaaa tttagattat agaggactgt tccaggctga ttctgagtga
    27901 atactcgtag aggtcagata cttgtgcagc taatagagag cctcgtctct ttcaaatcta
    27961 gttttgaaga aagggattgc aaaacaggca tgtgatttga tcacaatctg aatttcagca
    28021 tatatcaatt ttagcatata aaatagatcc atgtggtttt atatttttat gcatgtaaaa
    28081 tttaaattaa aaatatttta atcttattct ccactacagt gtttagaaaa tagaagtttt
    28141 gaaatacata tgcatgcacc aaatccaaat tccaacaaaa atatcatcaa gtctttttag
    28201 gtattcaagc taatttggat cctttaggat tagcttgaat gatttatatt ggaacccaaa
    28261 tttgtttgat tttaacattt ccagatttgg tattctcaag tttttttaga ttacaattta
    28321 tagctttata atctagttta ttacacttaa aatatccaaa ttatattttc aaaagataat
    28381 ctaacaaaag tattttttat ctttgtttac ttaaaatatt aaatcctaat ccagcttcat
    28441 caaaaattat tttctatttt ttctaacagc atttgaagat tttaagagtt taaagtgaat
    28501 ttatctacaa taggttttaa ttctttaact tctttttgca aaatattatc ctttttaatt
    28561 gaattagttt gttcttttaa aaaattttct tttttcttct aatttttttt tcttcaaaca
    28621 gtaaaagatt tagccactac aagaaaaata acttttaata atggctatta gtgacgacaa
    28681 tattgccatc actaataaca atatttatca accactaatg atgatcaaaa gataagctgt
    28741 cataaaaaaa aattattaag cttattagcg atgaaaatat ggtattagcg acggcaaagg
    28801 ctatcgctaa tactcattag tgatagccgc catcgattcc ccccccccac tccacttcac
    28861 cattgctaat actcattagc gatggcttta gccctctcca gcctcagttt tcatctcccc
    28921 ttcccccatt ggtgatcgat cgaacccccc tccccctcac cccctctctc gattttccag
    28981 ctcacgttgc accactggag ccctcaacct cctcccctag cctcacgctg cccagcctcc
    29041 cattttcttt ttggagccca catccttgag ctcccccttc tttccagcta cctcctagag
    29101 ctggcgtccc attgcccgac ctcccttttc cttccccacc ccccttgtcg gatcggaccc
    29161 cccgccgcct ccctcttcct ccccccatca ccccactctt tacgtcacct ccgatcccca
    29221 ttttcccttg ctatgccact ggatctgact tcctcgagcc cccgaccacc tccttgagcc
    29281 cccagcccac ctcccctcgg ccacctcccc gagctctcga ccgcctccct tagcccccgg
    29341 ccagcctccc cccattcttc ttctcccttc ttccctccac ctccccctcc ccatcccccc
    29401 ttcttctcct gttgcctcca tgttgcagca tcgcctccat gccgtagcac cgcctccctt
    29461 gtcggatcca tcaccccctt gtcagatctg ctctccctac accgatgatg ccattttctt
    29521 actggatcca ccaccccctt gtcggatcta tcacccccct tgtcggatcc tctccccctg
    29581 ctggataccc catccccgca tcggatcgcc atccccatcc ccgcatcgct ggcgttcctg
    29641 gtgagtatta gcgatgttgg tagagccgcc actaaaagtc cttttgtttt aatatattaa
    29701 ttaattttaa ttagatattt aattaattaa ttagatatta atttaattaa ttaattaagt
    29761 attttattta actatgatta gagctagaac tgggcctgga ccgactcgat gggcttcaaa
    29821 ctggtctgaa ttcggatcgg gcttcaagct aggcttgaaa tagttcaggc caggcttggg
    29881 cctaattata ggatccattt gaattttgag tcgagctcgg ttatatcttt ggctcagttt
    29941 gagtcagcct gatggtgggc ccaatactgc cagctcgcat ccaacctaaa accagcagtg
    30001 ctctattcat aaagaggcta tgatgactgc ttgtgcaaga tgtgtttaaa gagtctagag
    30061 agagatggag gtgatgcatt tctatttttg ttgttatagt tgtagggcaa gcttagatgg
    30121 tccgttacat cgcaggcaac cgcttgcagc caccttatgg ttaaaggtgc agagaaactt
    30181 gcaacacctt attttctaac ggcagatttg agctttcttt ttttcctctt tcctttgttt
    30241 actttgttgg tctttgattt aagtactatt tttaagtttt tattttattt ttttaaaaaa
    30301 aattactcct aatttgtagt tttcctactt tgcagccacc taatggttta ggcccaccca
    30361 aatgggttca agctaggctc aggctcgggc caggtttagg cctggctttt tctaaaatca
    30421 tcggacctaa gcctgacctg aagcctgaaa agaattttcg ggccatgctc aggtaggggt
    30481 agtgcctgac ccagcctagt ccaattctag ccctaacaat gatgaagatt ttggatggct
    30541 aatttttaat taacgatcct tactagaata gatattgcat cttctgaatc tctttttgct
    30601 cttgctttgc tctacttttt attctttttt tcctactcag tcatctgttt ttaaaaattt
    30661 tgtattgcat agaatcataa acctatcttt tgattaatgt acatattata cggtatctgt
    30721 atatttatat atttttatat ggatagaaga attatataca ttggtcaatt gactgtctag
    30781 tttagatggt ttaaaaatta taattaattt tatagagaat tacagtaatc aaactgtatg
    30841 tttaggattc gagagaaatt ttagacagta ttttttttag ttctccttac acatatttag
    30901 tcatgtggag agaactaaaa aaaaaatact gtcaaaaatt ttttcagccc ctattatgta
    30961 tcgtttgatt acagtaattg acttatagaa ttaatgtaat ttatgaatga gatagaactt
    31021 tctataccta ttagttgatg atatgatgta tttattatgt aagtcatttt aaatgataaa
    31081 ataattgata aatattttac tttgtatttg tatatgcaga atcattagat agtgtatcat
    31141 tgaccgtagt tggatggacc atcgagtaga cgacagggtg atttctactg aatataggaa
    31201 gagtgtcaag tacttctgtg attatgcttt tggaaatgcg gcacttttag ttcaaggaca
    31261 gcctcattat ccttgtaaga gatatgtcaa tagagaaatg cttgatagag atataataat
    31321 tacctattta tataagagtg gatttatgcc aaactacaag cagtggtacc tacataggga
    31381 gacatgggag acaagtgtaa gggttagaag tcagcaggat aaggacacag atagaatggt
    31441 agacatggtt agggatgtgg ctagtcttga gtttgattgg gatatggaga acgatgcaaa
    31501 agctggtagc ggtgatttct atcatatatt gaaagatgct gataaaccac tgtggttgag
    31561 atgtaaaaca tacattgtat tatcaactgt atcagagtta ttggacttga aagtcgagtt
    31621 taatatgaca gtcaattgtt atgataggat ggtagcaaca ataaagaaga tgctaccaaa
    31681 ggatgaaaag cttattgaga gcttccatac ttccaagaaa atggtgaaag ggttaggcat
    31741 gggatacgag aagataaatg catgctataa tgattgcata cttttctata aggaggacca
    31801 actgaagagc tcatatgatg tatatgatga aaaccgattt aaaccaaagc atgagggtag
    31861 aaattagaag gacatatcat ataaagttct tcgatacctt ttcctttatt tatccaagag
    31921 tactgtcgga tagataagat ggcacaaaga agggattcgc aagcacatcg aatgataagt
    31981 catctgtcaa acagtgaggc atgaaagaaa tttgatgctt gtcatccttt atttgctcaa
    32041 aaatcatgca atatctgact gagcctgtct atagatggat ttacactgtt caatcatgca
    32101 gcggcccctt attcatgtta accagtcttt attattctat acaatctact gcctaggatg
    32161 tacatgaaag aatataacat cttttttaca ttagtcattt tcagaccacg acaccatggt
    32221 agaagcattg aagtatatct aagatctctt gttgatgagc taaaattctt atggtttgat
    32281 ggcacacata tatttgaagt atcgaaaaag caaaattttg taataaaggt tgcattgatg
    32341 tggaccatta gcgatttttc tacttatgag atgctgtcag gatggagcac tcatgggaag
    32401 ctagcatgtc cctattgcat ggagaatata aaatcatgtc aacttgagca tggtcgtaag
    32461 ccctgctggt ttgattatca tcatcaattt ctctctgagc atcatctttt ttgaaagtag
    32521 caggatggtt tcaggaggaa taagatagag aaggaccatg cacccccatg ccttagtggt
    32581 atgaaagtat tttagatatt atcccaaatg gatgaagtcc agtatggcat actatttgac
    32641 atgcagaaat ctcgaagatt tggtagaact cataattggg tgaaacgcag catcttctaa
    32701 gaattgtcat attggtccac taatttgatc catcataacc ttaatgtcaa gcatattgag
    32761 aagaatgtat tcaataatat tttctacact gctatggatg tcaagggcaa gacaaaggac
    32821 aaccctaagg ctcgactaaa tatgaagaat atatacaagc atcctctatt agagctggtt
    32881 gagatctcac ctgagaaatt tttgaagcta aaagtatttt atatcttaac gagagagtag
    32941 ttgaagggta tatgtgaata gtataaaaat cttaaatttt tagatgatta tgtaagtaat
    33001 ctagctcgat gcatcgatgt caaagattac aggttctatg gattaaaaag ccatgactgc
    33061 cttgtcttca tacaacgatt actcccattg gtttggcatg atctcctttt caactctata
    33121 tgaagttttt tgatcgagct tagtcttttc ttcataaata tttatgccat tgaactatcc
    33181 accgaccaca tctccagtct tgagactagc agtataaaaa ctatatgtag attggagaag
    33241 atattccctc ttagtttctt cgactccatg gcacatcttg tgattcattt gatgtatgaa
    33301 tctagggtgg gggggccagt atagtataag tggatgtatc catttgaaag atattgttgt
    33361 gatccacgtg gtgtgcccaa ggcccagggg accaaggcta aggccaaggt ccatcattca
    33421 tgagggcttc atggaggctc tagggctagt tgggccctag gttgaaaggc tgtgggcctt
    33481 tcgggttctt gaggtctagg ttatgtgggc ctcaagggac caactcttta tgggccaggt
    33541 ttgggcctag gataggtgag attaggtcga gtcatgggtg tacatgggct taggttaacc
    33601 taatctccca tagagttggt caagggagtt ttgggtttgg gtcacttgac cctgtgttta
    33661 tatatacatg tactgtatag gtttgatgaa gccaaggaat acaataactc tttctctcaa
    33721 gtctctctct ctcttctccc tctctctcca gctattctcc atgccccaga agtaagaaac
    33781 cctagggttt cttgccgcca ggtcccaaaa aggcaggaaa agaaggggag gtgctagccc
    33841 ctcccctttg tgccgccaac tcctttctct ctccctctct tgaagccacc caaacattag
    33901 gtacaggatc tggaatctct tgagaagagg ttggtacaag tttctctcag atctggagtt
    33961 gatctgaggt cgtttgaggt gcgggtgaga tctccatcaa cagatctaca ggaaaggctg
    34021 cagcaggaca gatctgcaag gtctggttct atctaccttc tttcctatct agaatatctc
    34081 gatttgagat ctacaaattg aaaaacctca gtccaggcct gatctagttg ggtaccagat
    34141 cttggatttt ttagaggtga tcttagaggc gttcttcatc tggaacaaaa ggctgatgaa
    34201 gaagacagca accaggctga tttcgtcaag ggccttcgat tgagttcaga agtctccaga
    34261 tttatttttt gctgattcta ctacacccaa agtctgtggg aggagccggg atcatgcttc
    34321 aatagttggt atcagagcca cggtggtgag gaagtagttc caagcacgag aagttgaaga
    34381 tcccaagtgc tgaaaatttt cagcaaggta ccatcaaggt atattctaca cttcttgatt
    34441 ttatattgct tgtttggctt agatccaatc atgggcagca atatgaaggt cgatttcaag
    34501 aagtttgatg gtaaaaaaaa ttttttcatg tggaaaatcc ggatggagga tcttctggtg
    34561 caagcagatc tggatcaggc tttggatgag aagcctgagg gaatgacaga tagacagtgg
    34621 gcattgttgg agaagaaagc atgctcggtg atcagagaat atttggcgga tgcagtgttg
    34681 tattcggtgc tagaagaaaa gacctcgaag ggcctttggt cgaagttgca caccatgtat
    34741 atggggaaga atatgtgcaa caagctaatg ctgaagaaga ggttgtacag tcttcagata
    34801 caggagagat ctgatgtgat tggccacatt cagaggttcg accagttgtg catgaagttg
    34861 atgaatatca gggtgaagct ggatgaagag gataagtccc tgttgctttt gtattcgctg
    34921 ccaggatcat atgactcttt ggtgactaca ctgctctatg gcaaggagac tctggaatat
    34981 gaggacatgg tctcggtgct gaggtctaat gagcaaagga aaaagttgac cagagatcag
    35041 gctccctagg agggtttggc agtacgggag aggacaggta gaggcagagg cagaagtaag
    35101 ttcagggggc ggttcaagtc caggaaggga aagaaagaga tgaaatgctt caagtgcaac
    35161 gagttcgggc acttcaagcg agaatgtcca ctatggaaga gcaagaaggg gaaagaagtg
    35221 gctcagaatc agtgagtgca gttgctggac agcaggtgga ggatgatcta cttgtggtat
    35281 cagatggtca caggcattac acagaggagt ggacactaga ctctacgtgc tcacatcact
    35341 acacaccaca caggccttgg tttgtgacat acaccaagac agatgaggga tcaatgactc
    35401 taggcgacaa tcatccttgc aaggtggctg ggatagggac agtcagggtg aggatgtttt
    35461 atgggattgt gaggatattg acaaatgtaa agcacgtctc gaagctggaa aagaatctgg
    35521 tgtcactagg ctacttggag cacagtggat acagcttcag cagtagggct agaagtggag
    35581 tactgaacat ctccaatgga gctatggtag tgatgagagg caggaggttg gataataacc
    35641 tctatcgcat ggagggatct gtggtgacct gagagtctga tgcagcagct gcagcacagg
    35701 accagcaggg ggcttacagg atgtggcact accgcctagg ccacatgggt gacaaggggc
    35761 tgagggagtt gagcaggaga ggactcatct ctgatctgga ggatggtgct acaggggaga
    35821 tctatgagcc ttgccagatg gaaaagcaga ggagagttta gttcaacatc agtacaaccc
    35881 gcagtgcagc ccctctagag ttagtacaca cggatgtgtg gggaccagcc ccagtttcag
    35941 ctaggaatgg ggccagatac ttcatgaccc tgattgatga tttctcaaag aaactctgga
    36001 tttacttcat gagagagaag tctgaggtct tcaccaaatt caaaatctgg agagctgagg
    36061 tggagaagga gcaggggagg agcgtgaagt gtctgaggtc agataatggc ggggagtact
    36121 ccagtagaga gtttcaggat tactgtgagg agtgtgggat caggagacac ttctcagtta
    36181 aggggactct acagcagaat ggggtggccg agaggatgaa cagaataatt ctggaaaagg
    36241 catgatgcat gaggctgcag gcagggcttc caaaggtgtt ctgggttgac acagttgacg
    36301 cagtgggtta cttggtcaat cagtcacctc acaccaggtt ggatggcagg cttccagagg
    36361 aggtgtggtc tgggaggaca gttgggctgg gccatctacg ggtatttggg tgcacggcct
    36421 atgtgcacat tggagctggt gagcggagca agctagacgc cagatcatgc aagacagtgt
    36481 ttctaggcta tccgcgagga gttaagggat acaggctatg ggatcccttg gaaaagaagg
    36541 tcatcattag tcgggatgtg acttttgatg aggagtcagt cctacagagg cgagcagaca
    36601 tggaggagca gcaggagcag gaggaggtcc agcagggcac tgctggacag cttacctctt
    36661 tgattttgcc tcttgcaggt actacgagag gacatgatat tcaggtggag aacctaccta
    36721 aggtgtctct acaggtgaag aggactcgga cggatgatcg aggtggagaa atccagtagg
    36781 agcgagctgg atcgaggact gatatcggtg ttgccctaca caagcccaag aggaccatca
    36841 ggcaaccaga ccgatatggc ttcgaggaga tgctatcata tgccctggtg acagtgaatg
    36901 gagacccata tacgtatcag gaggctattg agtcccggga cagagagcgg tggatccaag
    36961 cgatgtctga ggagatgcag tctctccacc agaaccagac gtggcgattg gtgcagttgc
    37021 cacaggggaa gaggcccatt ggctgcaaat gggtctatag tcgcaaggaa gggccttcag
    37081 agcagggagg tatcagattc aaggcaaggt tagtggccaa gggacactcc cagaaggaag
    37141 gcatcgacat cagcgaggtc ttctctcccg tcgtcagaca tacttccatc agagtgttgt
    37201 tgagcattgt agcagctcag gatttagagc tggagcagat ggatgtcaag acggcattcc
    37261 tccatgggca tttggaggag aggatttaca tggagcagcc actcagtttc aaggatccag
    37321 gatcagaggg aaaggtttgt ttgttgcaga agttgctgta cgggctgaag cagtcaccga
    37381 ggcaatggta caagcggttc gactcttatg tgtgcagcat tggactttcc aggtgcgagt
    37441 ttgatccctg tgtttatgtt cagtctcttg aggatggttc tagggtgttt ctactcttgt
    37501 atgtggatga catgcttata gcatgaaaga gtaggaaggt tgtgcaggat ctgaaggcat
    37561 ccttatctcg agagtttgag atgaaggatt tgggccctgc aaggaagatc ctaggcatgg
    37621 agattttcag agaccgagcc cggagggtgc tacatctatc tcaagggggc tacatacaga
    37681 aggtcttaga gaggttcggg atgaagggag caaagccggc gaagctgcca cttgccggtc
    37741 acttcagact ctcgaagacc atggcgccac agactgaggt ggaggctcag gagatggaga
    37801 tggtttctta tgctttagga gttgggagct tgatgtatgc gatggtctat tgtaggccag
    37861 acatcgctca tgcagtgagt caggttagca ggttcatggc gcagcctggc agggagcact
    37921 ggagggctct gaagtggata ttcagatacc tggcgggatc agttgttggc atctgctacg
    37981 gacagcgagg aggtgcagtg ggacactctg acatgtccag agaggctcag gggttgattg
    38041 acggttatgt agatgcagat ttcggtggag atgtggatac ccggaggtct acgacaggct
    38101 tcatctttag cctgtatgga ggtcctattt cttggagatc gagtctgcag cctatcacgg
    38161 ccctatccac tacagaggca gagtacatta ggttgacaga agcagctaag gaggcaattt
    38221 ggctgaagaa tttgttgacg gagatgggcc ttactcagga ggccattaga gtgcactgtg
    38281 acagccagag tgcacttcta ttagcacaaa actcagtcta tcatgcaagg acaaagcaca
    38341 tcgacattcg atatcatcga atcaggaagc ttgtggaaga tggcgaggtg gagctggtaa
    38401 aggtacacac aaaggagaac ccagctgatg cacttatgaa ggtacttcga tggggcaact
    38461 ttcagagatg tattgagctg attcggctga tggacagagt ggagctggtt gaggccttag
    38521 gacaccaaga tggagattgt tgtgatccag gtggtatgcc caaggcccag gggaccaagg
    38581 ctaaggccaa ggtccatcat tcatgagggc ttcatggagg ctctagggct agttgggccc
    38641 tagtttgaaa ggctgtgggc ctttcgggtt cttgaggtct aggttatgtg ggtctcaagg
    38701 gaccaactct ttatgggcca gatttgagcc caggataagt gagattaggt cgagtcatgg
    38761 gtgtacatgg gcttgggtta atctaatctc ccatagagtt ggtcaaggga gttttgggtt
    38821 tgggtcactt gatcctgtgt ttatatatac atgtactgta taggtttgat gaagccaagg
    38881 aatacaataa ctctttctcc caagtttctc tctctcttct ctctctctct ccagctattc
    38941 tccatgcccc aggagcaaga aacccgaggg tttcttgctg ccaggtccca aaaaggcagg
    39001 aaaagaaggg gaggtgctag cccctcccct ttgtgccacc aactcctttc tctctccctc
    39061 tcttgcaacc acccaaacat caggtccagg acctgaaatc tcttgagaag aggttggtac
    39121 aagtttctct cagatctgga gttgatctga ggtcgtttga ggcacgggtg agatctccat
    39181 caatagatct acaggaaagg ctgcaacagg acagatctgc aaggtctgat tctatctacc
    39241 ttctttccta tctagaatat cccgattcga gatatatgaa ttgaaagacc tcggtccagg
    39301 cctgatctgg ttgggtacca gatcttggat tttttagagg tgatcttaga ggcgttcttc
    39361 atctagaatg aaagactgac aaagaagaca gcaaccaggc tgatttcgtc aaaggccttt
    39421 gatcgagtcc agaagtctcc agatttgttt gttgctggtt ctgctgcacc caaggtccgt
    39481 ggaaggagtc aggatcgtgc tccaatagat atatgcacag tcttaagaag aaagtgaaaa
    39541 ataaggtcag agtcaaaggt tctattatgg aggcttacat aattgaagaa atttttaatt
    39601 ttaatcgata ctactttaac cccagtgtgc agacaaagtt gacttaagtg ggtcaaaatg
    39661 atgatggtgg tgagagatca gagatggaga tctcaatatt tgcctatctc actcgtgaat
    39721 ttggatacga ggttcgtcga gtataactga tattaaaatt tgacaggcag agacatatgt
    39781 tttgctaact atgcgaagat cgacttatat gttaggtaag tatccatcac aatctcaact
    39841 ttttaatcac ttattattct gtacttatgc atatatagac aatatgatga gatgctaaga
    39901 tgggacaatc cgatgataaa tgaggaagaa attttcactc agtgctcata gaactttaca
    39961 aattggttct atcaactagt aagcgaccat tatcatttta tttattttaa tttttttaat
    40021 ttatttattt tataatatgc aggtcatgca aggaggcgaa tccataccta acaagctaag
    40081 actattaggt tacagaccaa caaagtatgt gacatattag aatggttgtt acgtaaataa
    40141 ttttaaattt tacgtatagc aatatggata tcaaaagagt acaatgaata gtgatgtttg
    40201 tataaaaggc agctattagg caaaggcgaa gagtgactac tatgaaatcc tcgaagaagt
    40261 gatcaagtcg acctatgtta gaggtaatag tatcattcta tttaagtgct gatatcaata
    40321 attgtttgaa ggttgatcca tggcacaggc ttattaaaat caaacatgga tcaaaaatat
    40381 atatcaatga cccttttgtg ctagctcaac aagctgttca actatattat acttcttttc
    40441 tatcaaggga gagaggaaga aaagattgat gggctatatg taaggttaag tctcgatcta
    40501 tttattacaa gttcaaagaa gaagaagaat agccctattt atcaaaatgc tttcaagagg
    40561 atgaaatatt agaagttcat cagcatttaa tagatgcaga gttgaatact ccaaaaattt
    40621 tcctacatga tggccaacat gaggaggtag atcatactgt gtttgtttta aggagcatcc
    40681 tatccaagaa ggtgaagaag aagaagaagt ggaagaaaaa gaggaagaag aggaatcgaa
    40741 agaagaatct gaaaggtacc aaatatctga agaggaagat gagtagtcaa ccttagaaag
    40801 gaaggagtcg accccacctc tcctcgcaaa gcttcagctc ggagactctt cttcaaagcc
    40861 ctccctttcc tttcttggac ttctcttcct agtctaagca cctctcagtg atgacctcca
    40921 cctaggcatc caagctctta tatctcgcat ccgaaatgcc acctccgacc gctctcattc
    40981 tcccgacctt ctaaaattat tttatttttt gcattgtttt gaattatttt aaatacttgt
    41041 cttgcatcat tttaaatctt acattgtcat attataattt gtataattaa tatgtgaatc
    41101 tatttatttt tattttcaga gattatagat catatctttt agaggtcgga gccatcacag
    41161 tcgaggagag agctctcatg caataaactt taatacttta gatattcttt ttaagattat
    41221 ttgatccttt attatctaat ataacttctt tatgatgttt tgatactctc aagtttggat
    41281 gacgtagggt caccagtgac tccatagcca tatcaagcag tgtctgactc tcagagtcaa
    41341 tggtatggta gaggatccat ctgattcatg gtacctctaa ctcgatcaga ggatagagag
    41401 ctcgtccaca ttctgagcca ctcgtaagta ctatatcttc attgaatatg tttaaaattt
    41461 agctattttg gagtctaaca tttattgttc aaaattaatt ttgcagtata tttaggagcc
    41521 tggggtgtct cctgtggtta ttaggatcat cgacgattga tgtcagggcc agtgaatgag
    41581 ttctccaatt gatcgtcagg agctcataaa gcagcttggg gaatatttct gataagtcaa
    41641 agatatttaa tttttaaatt tatggtaggt ttgtatttta tttattaata tatatttatt
    41701 tctacttgca agagtactat cgattcgaaa ctcctcagga taggaggctg gccgtcggat
    41761 cttcaaggag gtagccacac ataggcttcg ggatggactg tacagcctta gacagtccgc
    41821 catagagcaa tccagttcta agtcaccatt ggactaaaag ttttacatag atcactggat
    41881 gtgggcagac atatgggagg tcctctatga tcggtgaagc cctaagtagt actctggtag
    41941 gcggtagagg acacagcaaa atcaaaccac ctagcaggat ctgatcaagc acactgatgg
    42001 cttcgttggc acacatgttg tgaccgataa attgataaaa attttataat taaattaatt
    42061 tcatattgaa ttgatcatat gtatgttttc attaatttaa ttgaattatt tatttattat
    42121 agatatggca gttggatcat gcaccaggac agttgtagat atgggaggct acacaccagt
    42181 ctagaaggac cgatgattac ttagatccta gatctcgaca aatcacagta acaacataaa
    42241 tattatttat taagtgatat gtatggacta atgaactttt aaactgtata gacagattac
    42301 atggagtatc tcatatcatg gtatggtgag aatctatcct ctcaacccct ttttgatctt
    42361 gagagatggc tcagagccac tggaggggtg agtaggagtc ggatcataag atttgaccat
    42421 aacttcaacc ccccaatagc ttgatagtct tcgacatctt cctctcagtt ctcgatgttt
    42481 taaacatggg atgatgcaca tatggaggag gtcatgtaaa ggctttagag ctaccaacct
    42541 cagagcttcc aagatgccat ccgtgatacg atcattaaga ttctctggga tccacatctg
    42601 tgcgattagc tgggctcatt atcacagcca tcacatcagg taagtctatt aataattttt
    42661 ttatcttaaa tttttatatt tgaaagattc atatgtttag gcttgagtct gagaatagga
    42721 cctaggggat aaaaaattca atctaaccat ccaatcgata ggtcgaaaat atttatagct
    42781 ctgtatcatc gaatgaaata tgtacaaata atctgttcaa gaattaaaat agtatatcaa
    42841 aatatatatc tccatatcga tatatacatt ttcgtatcga aatttattaa taatatttta
    42901 tttttcttca ttacaagatg ctgggacatc tgactcttat ccaccagctg ctagagagga
    42961 cttacaggag gaggatgatg agaaagattt cacatgattt tttttttata tgtatgtaat
    43021 tttgatactt atataaattt ataaaatttt ataatttata tttttaatat aatataatta
    43081 attttatatt taaaattatg ataaataatt attattttat ttataatata ttttaaaaaa
    43141 tataattact tgttactgtg attaaaatag attttaaaaa atttaattat aaatttttta
    43201 aaaaaataaa aaactattag cgaaggtatt agcgactgac aaaatcatcc ttaatagttt
    43261 ttaattaaaa aaattaaaat aaaaaattat tagtgatggt aaataccatc gcctttcatt
    43321 aagaaaaaaa ttaaaataaa aaaatattaa tgatgacttt gttgtcgcta atatcgtcgt
    43381 taattatcct tattagcaat gaaattgttg ccatcgctaa taatgataat tagcgacgag
    43441 cttattttcg ataaattttt aacgatggga ttctatcact aatagtatta gcaacgagat
    43501 ttggattatt agcgatggtg aatagccatc actaataatc tattttcttg tagtgagctt
    43561 tctaagtttc ttatttttaa gagaaatcct tataatgtca ataaataact cattgaaggc
    43621 atcatataat tcatcacata taaactcatt agaattattt tcagttgcct catcttcgag
    43681 agccaaaggg tagaaatttg ctttttcttt atttttttct tttcctcaga gcttgaatct
    43741 tcattattgc tctaagtggt catcatagct ttcctcctga attttcttga gtgctttttg
    43801 agtagagggc aattggattt aaaatgtcca agattcttgc actcatagca aatggctagt
    43861 tgctctcttt ctttctcctt tttcttttct ttttcttttc ttccttccac tcttatgtat
    43921 ccttttttct tagggatgaa tcttttcttt ctcatgaatc tcttgaatct tctagtgatc
    43981 atcgccattt catcattatt ttttgattct tcagatgaat tactatccaa ttctttcatg
    44041 gttgataatt ttagtgcaat ggtctttctc tttctcacat cttttttcta tattttggtt
    44101 catactcaac tcatgagtca tgagtgagtc tataagttct ttcaaggcta acttgttgag
    44161 atcttttgcc tcttgaatag cagctacctt ggcctcctag ttctttgata ataattttag
    44221 aattttgtgc accaattcac tattagtgta gtttttacca aaactcttta aaccattaat
    44281 aatatcaatg aatctagtaa acatattagt gatactttta ctaggtttta tcttaaataa
    44341 tttatattta tgtacaagca tatttatttt agattttttg acttgatttg tacctttatg
    44401 gataacttct agtcgattcc acatctcttt agtagaagaa caaatagaaa tgcaattaaa
    44461 ttcatttgca tctaaataat agtataaaat atttatagct ttggtatttg attgagctaa
    44521 tcttttatct agtccatccc aatctttttc aagtttgaga gcagatttat catcaattat
    44581 aactatgggt gtatgaggtc ttttaattat aacattctat atatcataat cttgtgcttg
    44641 aatgaagatt ttcatacgtg cttttcgata agtataattt atgccattaa aaagaagagg
    44701 tctattcgtt gattagcttt caactaagga tgtaccaatt ggggctacta ttgatcttta
    44761 acttttgatg gttagatcaa ttgggtgagt agttgctctg atatcactta tttttcagag
    44821 atagcaaatc caagagggag gatgaattag gtttctttaa aaatttaatc ttaaaataat
    44881 ttatgtctaa aaagtaattc aaatagtatt tctggagtga taagcaaaaa atttaagcta
    44941 caatgaaaat aacaagataa gcaaaacaac acaatcataa acataaataa ttttatagtg
    45001 attcgatacc aaatccatta tttacgtcca ctttctaagt aagctcgctt aagaatttca
    45061 actataacct tgttcaaaat tataatataa ttatttttat agatttctac tggctcacta
    45121 accaaaatct tataattaat tatttttttc caagcttaca atcaatcttg attgattttt
    45181 ttggagatac caattaaacc aacactgtct aattttttag aattggacca aacccaagtt
    45241 tctaaatcca aaaaacttgt tacaatttaa caattaaaag aatatagaaa atagagttta
    45301 aagaataata aaactctttt aggctccaaa aaagtcaagg tatatgagct ttcaatgctt
    45361 gtacttcttc cttaattact taagaggttg aggcagcctt caatgtttct tctaaaagat
    45421 agttagttga aattgaacca cttttcctct ctttcagact aattgaatat aggaaagact
    45481 gaatttatgg catacttaaa ttccttctga tttctctttg agttcctcac actatcttct
    45541 tgaataacta cttgatgaac tcttcttttt tcaaaacttc tgaaaacttg attctctcta
    45601 ttaatccttc atatttattg gctcaaagat atctataatt aatactctag ctgttgaaag
    45661 cttaaaaata gctgttaaaa taaatttaga tatgttttaa aaattttgaa aaactagtca
    45721 ttattttgtc agaattctgt aagttggctc atccaggctc ttagttggct aaccctcaac
    45781 tttaagtcgg ctaagtaaaa ctttaagata gcttagcagc aaataccaaa aatctactat
    45841 tctatcttgt tctgtctgct taagctgggt tggctcagat cctgtcttag tctgttaact
    45901 tgaatacttg gtcagctaac tgattctgtg gatcgactta gaagatttac ttatttgtaa
    45961 ggctttctat atttattttc ctttaagact gagtctgcta tccttctttt tgagtcggtt
    46021 aagctctaaa cttggttggc tatcttgatc actaagtcag ctcagggaat tgttctgatt
    46081 tgtcaagatt gttgtctttc tcttatattg atactagatc gactaagcat gccaaaagaa
    46141 gttttagata gtttttctta atccaattta tttttaggct agactagcat tctcaaactt
    46201 aatttgtgca tatatgggct cattgagagg tacttcaaga ttagattttt tttttttgaa
    46261 aaaatcttta gattctttgc ttccaatcta aaagacttga gtttcaaaat ttgaattatc
    46321 ttaagaggat aaccttttga gtaaactaag tgagcatatt gagaaagcct ataatcactc
    46381 tcaaatatat tattagtaga cataatatat actcaaacac ctttaacatc atcaaaatca
    46441 attctagggt taacaaaata taaaccgtac gaaataacct cgcaacttca tccacacata
    46501 gcttccccac tattttctat aacttatcat aagataagat ttctatgtca ctgatgttga
    46561 aataggccac atttcttcca acatgttcac tacatccctc cttgctgaca aacttgccat
    46621 catgatgccc aataattgtt accttgtcca tgttagatgt atgtcctaaa agccaattgt
    46681 tagttgacac attttattct acgatataaa tttatattta aactattgat acaatcaata
    46741 aaggatattt tttttttcat tcaagtgtta tgtatccttg aatcatcttt aaaattgatg
    46801 ttatgataca tattctcaaa tattgagaat tagagacatg tatgatcgat tcttaaatta
    46861 ctcttaattt taggatagtc atggggatag tgatttatcc agatagactg atgcacggtt
    46921 cacttctttc agagtagata agtctctaat ctatgttgta gagacactga gtagaaagtg
    46981 cggataattg ttaaagaata actagtactg agcgtgacca tatgagagat catatagatt
    47041 tgtattcgat cattagtgat tatctcaatg ctgtagtcgt gtgactggtc cttcgacttg
    47101 cggtgtcata gttgctcaca gtaagactac tgtaatttaa ctacacataa atattaactt
    47161 gattatgagt ttttgtagtg gatgttaact ttagttagtt gagttgtgcg agtgacatgt
    47221 acgtctatat gggatttatc gaccttgata gagaggagca gtcctatgag atttgctaag
    47281 tccataagtc tatgatcata gcagtgtgat tgatgagaaa aattttttat ttggtatcat
    47341 taatagactt gagctgatcg atttatcata tgactgatga tgaggtttga tgaattatcc
    47401 atgacctacc atttagttgg gactcatgat agagggacta tatcatacat taactacacc
    47461 taaaggtttc ttttcgattc tactgagttg ccactatata ttgctagatg tcactgatgg
    47521 attgtgagag ctcaatagga ttattttaga tcaatgatcc ttatcaagtt agagtgaaac
    47581 tatctgaccc actgaaagag atttcagtga tacctatgat agagatcatg atatgtctca
    47641 ctacccaaca gaattgaacc tataggatca cacataaagg aagaagatct ggatagataa
    47701 taattaggct tatgaagcat caatttatat ggatttagag aaatcctatt agattcatgt
    47761 taatcttact agcacctggg tggacctaat ttctcttatg gttggtttac ttatatgata
    47821 agttttaact aatttctgta tttaatttga agctaattaa atttgattca ataaaattca
    47881 atggttggat attttattta tggcttaaat taaatcaaga aagagtttct taattttatt
    47941 cattaagaac acttgaagag aatttatgaa accatatgga ctgatttgag acttttaatt
    48001 gggtctcata taatgggatg cctagcatta ggtgtggact tgggtgagat atgggtggca
    48061 tcctatttat ttggtccaaa tatattatgg ctaggacttc taatatgatt aggaggaggg
    48121 atcctaattt gattaggaca cccttaagtt gtctatataa aggaccctag cctttacttc
    48181 ttacataagc tctcttcctc ccatcttgct gccacctatt actaggccca tgcctcatct
    48241 ttcctttctc tctctagccc atgccctctc tctctaggca tccttccttg gagccaaaag
    48301 aggggtgggc ggcatcatag gaggtggtgt caatcattgg cgccacttgc tcttgatttg
    48361 ttccctttcc tcacaagttt attgggagtt agctacaagc atttcttagt tgttgttctt
    48421 tcagattagt tgaggaatca agaaaagttt ttgatttctt taagaatcaa aaaaaaaaga
    48481 ttaaaagggt tcaaaattaa aagcatctcc aggcttagtt taagcctatt cagacttttg
    48541 gttcaagcaa gcaagagtca agaggatcta ttcagaccag ccctatggat atccgtagag
    48601 gtaggatact tatgctgcta attcagaacc tgttcaggcc ctaaatccat gaattaaatt
    48661 ggattcaacc atagttatag gtttgaaaca aagaaaaagt gattcagata tatgaattga
    48721 ttacagactt tcatttgtta ttcctaaaat cagtttatgt taatgtcagt atatgaacta
    48781 gatccataag tgctttcata tgataataca tacttagatt aaaagtattt taatctaatt
    48841 tttttgttat attttgaatt aaaaaaaaaa ttaaaattca catacactag cacttataaa
    48901 aaattcaata gtggtatcag agccacatat tcatatgtat gaaagtagca taaaaatttt
    48961 aaaaattatt tttaaaattt tgattttaga ttatacatga gatgtatatg tttatgttta
    49021 gatctgaaaa gtattttaga tctgattttt attcatatat acgtatgaaa gcacatatag
    49081 gttaaaaatt aaatttttgc gacctatatt ttttgtatat atgatatatg atggtgtgtt
    49141 tagatctgaa attgattttt aaaaaatata aaatttttta tatacatgat atatgattgc
    49201 atgcatgttc tgaaagtgtt ttaagaatca aaacttactt tttatgtatt gctccaagaa
    49261 ttaattttga tgattgcaaa ctatttgagg agattactaa tgagtttttt atctttaaaa
    49321 aatattttta tgatatttta ggtagtccaa aagattgagt ttaaaaagct tcatcaagtg
    49381 tgccaaaatt gaagtttcta taaattggag aagttttcga agccttttga gagtgtcaaa
    49441 ttgatttgaa tccatgtgag agcatttgga agtattctga taaatttcaa accttaaatg
    49501 catgaaaaat tgagttgcaa caatatgggc tgacccatct gggtcatccc ttttcattga
    49561 gtagccagca cgcttctttt tggctcatgg cacacagtgg gacgacccat gcagtgagac
    49621 gatccacctg ggatgatccc tgagaccctg agatcaaaac agaaagtgta attttcagat
    49681 tggccaaatg agatgtccta tgggacttct cagtcacagt gggatgaccc acctgagacg
    49741 atccattctg ggtgaattcc taacggctag ttttcagtct atttttgata tatttaatgt
    49801 gtattaaata ttctccaacg gctcaaaatc aactctaaga tattctcaag gataaatggt
    49861 gactataaat actctcttaa agtaaaaaat tataagaaga agcaagcatt caagttcaaa
    49921 tctgagaaaa gctttatcag ccctaaagag agaaaagaaa tatttaatca cttcaccaac
    49981 cattctccaa ctacaatcaa gtgtgaaatt tattgagtgt tcagcaaaag cttcttctcc
    50041 ttaagtatta tatttctatt atatttatta tgtttattaa aggggatagt atgttgaatt
    50101 ttctgtaccc tatttttctc atattgtttt tggatttttg agttttgcag gatttcaaaa
    50161 ctcagatgga ttgatccgaa ccctgaatca gattgttgag agttggcttg tacccaaaaa
    50221 ataaatattt ttgtttggat agcaagggtc ggaagtgtcc gatgtggtgt aattcttgta
    50281 atccatttag tggattgaat tctcaagtag ggacttggag agtggatgta ggtgcaaggt
    50341 tggcaccgaa ccactataaa ttctttatgt ttgttatgct tgcctctctt tacttgttct
    50401 ttgtgcctta tacttgtatt tctatctttt gtgtttgaat tcatttttat tagaaatcaa
    50461 cccactccac tcaaatactt tagcacattg atttagtgta ctaatcttta aaattttaaa
    50521 aagatccaat tcacccctcc ccttaggctc catatctggg caacattatg taattaattt
    50581 agatctaaaa tttattttaa tgatatgaaa ttaatatatg cataaattgt tggtcatgga
    50641 tagttttata ttaggtcaat gaattgcatc ttagattaca attagatgat attggattga
    50701 aatcgatata gctattgatc aaactgactc aagtgttcat ttggattgga tcaattgagc
    50761 ttataatttt acaagtgttg tagattgatt tgattaaacc ccatatgtag aatcaagtca
    50821 acctaaggat ctaatctggc tttatggctt gaattcgatt cacctaagct gattaattga
    50881 aaccaataag ctatttggtg tctaaggcaa gtctcgatcg gtgattttta attggaaggc
    50941 tattcaccta gataatttta cctacaatga gttaatggca tactctccca ccagtctcat
    51001 ttatcttgcc aattggatga ttgggtttat tagttgctca aaaattttgg tttagcccat
    51061 gccaattaga tcggtcatgt gatgactaat tagatgagac ctaacctaaa cttctctaat
    51121 taataataag ccctatgatc ttccaccatt gtagaagtgc agacatggta ctgacgttga
    51181 ctattcttga ctagttacag tggttcagtt gcatcgaaaa tatgcaacca ttctactagt
    51241 aaagagttgc tccaaggtaa agatggggtt ggactcaata tgtattatct gagggactca
    51301 atgatggctt cacacttgct agtgaacagt aggtcaggct taactacgaa gtagggtaat
    51361 atatattatt tgagctctca tgacctagaa atcatcgctg caacatgctt agagaagcat
    51421 ctggataaag agttgcctat gcatcgatgt gcatgtcatc aataactatt agatgaggtg
    51481 aacggcatcg atagggccgt agcacctact agaaaccttg cattggtcac atcagatttt
    51541 tattttttat cttgggagtt tcaaaattca aaaaaattgt aggagtctat ttgcatctaa
    51601 aaaattttta gagcaaatat aaattttaag tacaaatgtc taactagaat ctttattctc
    51661 acagataaac aatatcggcc tctaacccac tagcccacat ccttgaaacc aatcgattga
    51721 tcggtataaa ttataaggac tggctcagaa acattaggat agtcctgaca tccaaaatga
    51781 ttgggtatgt actcgaccaa gatgccccag tcttaccagc tcatcttagg tagagcaaag
    51841 agctgttctg aacaagtgaa cagatgatga ccttagggtg aaatgctata ttctagcttc
    51901 catgtcaaat gagttgcaga gctagtatga gcacataccc aatgcccatg ttatgatcac
    51961 tcacttgcaa gagttgtatg gtgagcagag ccggaccaca tgtttcaaat tgtccaagtg
    52021 attgttcaat atgaagatgc acaatggaca atcaatccac gatcattgta taataataat
    52081 caaggaccta aaggagcttg agaagctcag gcttaatatg tagagggaat taaagatcga
    52141 tttgatcctc caatctttga tcagtttgtt tggacagttt atcataaact accacatgaa
    52201 caaattagat agtaacttat tcgaattggt caatatattg gtcactactg agagtacctt
    52261 gaaaaattca aggggctcta ttcttgctgt ttagcgggca ccgtccaagg aaaagtttca
    52321 agagaagaaa aagaataagc ttacaaagaa gcagaagaag gagagcaagc ctaagaagga
    52381 tagtccaaag aaaactatgg aaaaagaaaa gtatttccac tacaactccg acagccactg
    52441 gaggagaaac tgtctgtctt atttagagag cttgaaaatg aaaaaggatg atcaaccttt
    52501 tgaaggtata ctcaaaatag aatctaacct aatagtttct tctactttta gttggatatt
    52561 ggactctagt tctagtactc atatatgtac ttcaatgcag ggtctaataa gtagaaagtt
    52621 gaggcaaggt gacatgatcc ttcggatcga caatggagta aagattgctg taaaagccat
    52681 tggaacctac catctttgat tatcgtcaag ctttagatta gatttaaaag actgttattt
    52741 tattcttgta gctagccaaa ttttgatttt gatctctgta ttagcacaga atggatatat
    52801 tttttaattt aataaaaatt tttattttat ttatttataa aataaattgg ttgcatatga
    52861 tcttttgaat tgacagtctt tatcacttgc atgttaatgc taatgtgaat ttaaatgagc
    52921 aactagtgag tgtcataggc caaaagaaac cctaagataa atttaaccat aagtacttgt
    52981 ggcaccatag gcttggtcat attggagagg acaggataaa taaactggaa agggatagga
    53041 tctttgactt agttaaatct gagtcgattc cgacctatga atcatgtctt caagaaaaaa
    53101 tggctaggtt actttttatg ggacaagaaa aaaggatcac tgagttacta gccctggtac
    53161 acaccgatgt gcatagccca tttgatacgc aggtcaggga tagttatagc tacttcatta
    53221 tctttactga tgatctgttt gttggatata tgtcttaaaa gtcaatatgg ctgacacatt
    53281 gtaataatct aggatataat tttatactta atatattgat atgatcaata aaaggataat
    53341 ttcttttcat tcaagtatga tgtgttcttg aattatctat gaaattattt tcaatacata
    53401 ttctccagat attgagaatt agaaacatat atataattcc taaatgctcc cgatcatagg
    53461 atcatcatga gaatgatgat tgatccagat agactagcgc acaaatcact ttcttcagaa
    53521 tagatgagtc tctgatctac tatgtagaga cacaggacga tgagtgcgga tagttgttag
    53581 aatataacta gtactaagcg tgaccgtaca agagatcttt tgaatttcta ttcaatcgtc
    53641 agtaattatc tcgatgctgt agttgtgtga ctggtccttt gacttgagat ggtactgctg
    53701 ctcgcagtga ggctgctgaa gtttaactga gacataaaca tagatctcaa tgagtactta
    53761 tagtagatgt tggtgacagt tgatccacta taggagtggg gtgcgcatta agataggatc
    53821 tatcgatctt gataaagaag agtagtccta taagatttga aaggctaagt ccaagaatct
    53881 atgaccatag cagtatgatt gatggaaaaa tttttttata gaagtcacaa ctagacttga
    53941 gctaatcaaa tctatcatat gactgatatt aaggtttgac gatttatcca tgacctatca
    54001 tctagtcggg actcatgata gagggattga atcacacgtt aactatacct aaaggttcat
    54061 tttaattcta ctgggttatc gctatatact gctagatatc actggtggat tgtgaaagct
    54121 cactaggatt attctggatc gacaatcctt gctgagttag agtaaaatta ttcctaccca
    54181 ttgaaaagag tttcaatgat acaataatag agatcattgt atatctcact atcagataga
    54241 attaaatcta tggggtcata caacaaagag attaggtttg aaattagtaa ttaagcttat
    54301 gaagtgtcaa ttgagtttag agaaactcat tgggttcatg ataaccttgc tagcacatgg
    54361 ttgatcctct ttcagttgga attacttatt tgataagata attctaactt attaaaaatc
    54421 tactaataac ctacatgaat aagattcatg agacttcaat tattaggtgt ctaaggttat
    54481 ggatcatata aattaagggt gcaagtccct aattaatttt tttgatagtt attcttaggt
    54541 gccaccttga tttgatcaag ttgggcgtgt ccattaatta gaaggatttt agttctctta
    54601 tggggtgtct cttgggtgtg ttttggagtg tctaattatg ggtgcaaagg ctctaattgt
    54661 tggcacctaa tgggcttcct aatgtaagtt ggataactta agttaatagg aatcctaatg
    54721 caagtaggac ttgtattatg agattgaata gaattcaatc ctcataccta tttaaaggaa
    54781 tctcccctaa gattcctaag gcatccaaac taatagcccc tcacatccaa agactctccc
    54841 tacgccctct cttcctctcc ctttctcttc tcttgggcgt tctacacgcc ccatcctttg
    54901 ggacgtgagt ctcaaggagt tccacgctca aggtgttggg gattccataa tttgttggct
    54961 gttggtgttt tatagccaca caaagcaaga aaaaactcta gggaagagga gaagaagaag
    55021 atcaaggaga aagattaagt attgatcacg atctagattt cgttcaaatt cagcaggcta
    55081 aattttggag aatcaaattt tagattaaag aagactgttc caggctgatc ccaagtggat
    55141 actcatagag atcggatact tatgcagcta agagagaatc tattctctaa tccatatttg
    55201 aagaaaagaa ttgtgaaata ggtatatgat ttgatcacaa tctgaatttt agtatatatc
    55261 aatttcagca tatgagatag atcatgtgat tttatatttt catgcatgta taattcagat
    55321 taaaagtatt ttaatcttat ttttcactgt agtatttaaa aaataaaatt tttgaaacac
    55381 atatgcatgc accaaatccc aaatcccaat actgtcatgg tacggatatg cgtttcttat
    55441 gaaacacaag tctgaagcat ttgaaaggtt taaagaatta aaataagagg tagagaagca
    55501 aacaagtaaa tccgtcaaag tcctacgatc cgatcgagaa gaggaatact tgagtactga
    55561 atttttagaa tatcttaaga aaaatagtat tatctctcaa tggatttctc ctagcacacc
    55621 tcaactcaat gggatatccg aaaggagaaa taggatccta ttggatatag tccgatccat
    55681 gatgagcttc actgatttac ccacattctt tgaggatatg tcttacttac tgcgatacat
    55741 attttaaata ggattctttc taagtctgtt cctaccaaac catataagat aggatattgt
    55801 aagaagctga gtttaagtta tcttaagact tgaagatgtc cggtctaagc taaaaaataa
    55861 aaagctgaca agttagagga tagatcagtt gtagcttgat ttatagggta tctcaaaaaa
    55921 tccattgggt actactttta cttttcacgt gatcacaatg tgattgtaag tcgcaatatc
    55981 atattcttaa aaaaatagtt tatacagaat agagatagtg ggaggttagt tgagctcgat
    56041 gagaaagtct ctgaagagca atgagctata gatcctcaga aatctattca tgatgagtca
    56101 gtagttaatg ttccatctct acctcataga ttagatagaa tcttccattc tcttgaaaga
    56161 tacatggata tactgaaaga agatgtagaa gaagtgttcc ttgtgggaga tagggatcat
    56221 ggtgatgatc ttagtactta tgatgagacg atgtctgata ttatttcgag aaatggttag
    56281 atgcaatgaa gtcaaaaatt gactcaatgc actcaaacca ggtataggcc ttagtggacc
    56341 caccaaagat aattattttc attagctgta aatggatcta taaaagaaaa ataggtgctg
    56401 atggtaaggt agagacctat aaggtaagac tggtggcaaa gggttataat cagcatgaag
    56461 gtattgacta tcatgatact tttttgcctg tagccatact gaaattcatc cacacattac
    56521 ttgctattac aacttactat gattatgaaa tctgacagat gaatgtgaaa actactttct
    56581 tgaatggata tcttaaggaa gatatctata tggagcaact tctggatttc acatccagtg
    56641 atagtgatta acgagtctgc aagctgcaaa ggtccatcta tggactaaag taggcatcct
    56701 ggagctgaaa tcttcatttt gataatacaa tcaaatcgtt tgatttcatt aaaaatgaag
    56761 aggaaccttg tgtttataaa agggtcagtg ggcgcacact tgtctttctc gtactgtaca
    56821 tcaatgatat tctccttatt gaaaatgata ttcccatgct gacttcatca aggcttggtt
    56881 gtctaagaaa ttctccatga aagacctagg gaaagcatca tatatcctta agataaaagt
    56941 ctataaagat agatctagaa ggatgcatgg cctgtcacaa aagcattaca tataaaaggt
    57001 gctgaaatag ttcaatatgg aaaactctaa aaggggtttg ctacccttta ggtatagtat
    57061 tcgactctcc aagatgatgt gtcctaatac ttctgaggag atcgagtgta tgagtaggat
    57121 cccttatgct ttagtaattg ggagcctcat gtacgtcatg ctatgtactc gacctgatat
    57181 tgtccttgct ataagtgtca cgagtaggta tcagtcgaat ctagatgagg agcactggat
    57241 agctatgaag aatatcttta agtacttacg aagaactaaa aatttatttt tgatctttgc
    57301 aggagcacct gaattgtgga ttgagggtta tacagattca aattttatgt cggatcctga
    57361 tgatagaaaa tttacatcgg ggtttgtgtt cgtatgcaat gatggtgtag ttagctagaa
    57421 gtgttccaag tagagcatta ttgcagattc aaccacagag actgagtata tcatcacttt
    57481 gaatgctata aaagaaggct tctaatttat aaaatttacc tcgaaacttg gtataataac
    57541 atcggatgcc atataactgt actgtgacaa caataaagcc atagcacttg ctaaggagcc
    57601 tcagtctcat caaaaatcaa agcacattga atggcggtac catatcatac gtgactactt
    57661 tgtaaatatg ttgagatacg aaaagtagac tccacagata acgtggcaga tccactgaca
    57721 aagcagttga accaacctaa aatgaaagct catcttgaga agatggggct tagattaatg
    57781 gccaattgct ttagtctaag tggaaaattg ttagatttat gtcctagaag ttaattattg
    57841 gctgacatat tttattttat aatttaaatt tatacttaaa ctattgattc aatcaataaa
    57901 agataatttt ttttttcatt caagtgctat gtatccttga atcgtctttg aaattgatgt
    57961 tataatacat atttttaaat attgagaatt agagacatgt ataatcgatt cctaaattgc
    58021 tctcaatttt aagatagtca tggggatggt gatttatcta gatacattga tgcacggttc
    58081 acttccttcg aggtagatga atctttaatc tatggtgtag agacactaag taaaaaatac
    58141 ggatagttat tagagaacaa ctagtactaa gcgtgaccat acaagagatc caatagattt
    58201 ctattcgatc gtcagtgatt atctcgatgc tgtagttgtg tgactggtcc tttgacctac
    58261 agtatcacag ttgctcacag taagactgct gtagtttgac tacacataaa cattaactca
    58321 attataaatt tttgtactgg atgttggctt tagttagttg agttgtgcaa gcgatgtgtg
    58381 catccatatg agatttatcg atcttgatag agagtaatcc tatgagattg gaaaagttga
    58441 gtccacaagt ctatggccat agcagtgtga ttgatagaaa atagtttcta tttagtatca
    58501 ctaatgaatt tgagctgatc aaatttatca tatgactgat gataaggttt gacgaattat
    58561 ccataatctg tcatctagtc gggactcacg atagagggac tgtatcatat attactacat
    58621 ctagagtttt ttttttagtt ctattgggtt accactatat attgctagat atcactgatg
    58681 gattgtgaga gctcaatagg atctgtcatg cccccgacct gagatttgaa tcgagggtca
    58741 tggcaaccgc cgcatactca tagaaaactt tttccataag catgcaaggc atctcatcat
    58801 gatatcttac acataaagtt aaattatttt tttttaaaaa atatttaaca aatcaaactt
    58861 tagttcaaat aacaaatcaa aactcagtgt ccaaaagaaa aacaattgtc tgacaaagtc
    58921 aacactaaaa aaaataaaag tcttgaatca atgagctaac tccatctcta atcgctctcc
    58981 caactgaaaa ttccgcatca cgctaatttt ctggatctgt aagaaaaata taaaactcat
    59041 aatgagctaa atagccctat aagcagtgta tacctttaac tgaataaatc agataaataa
    59101 tactatacat atcgatttac tgataataac aaaatcaata tgtaatttta tgaaatcata
    59161 atcatactat caatcatata taaaattcag ttcatcataa tttcaaatta tgcttatcat
    59221 cttaaattca tcaattctta agttcttctt accaaccata actatgacca cattatccct
    59281 gtggcagggt cataatacca cgtatctgct tgcgatggct gcgaatcatc tggcaaccaa
    59341 gtcctttgga accgctggtc tcgctggcgg tttgtcgctg atctcgctgg tgacataaat
    59401 cctcaagatt atcaattgcc aacgtatatg cccccattgg tggggtcctt aacacagtca
    59461 ggttgtcaat ttcatattat cttccaattc atatattatt ttcaaaaata atataaataa
    59521 atgatattcg agtcaaatca atcatatcat tctttatgat catacatcat cataataatt
    59581 ttttaacaaa taacttcaat cataaataat ctctacaatt aactttaatt ataaataatt
    59641 ttaataatta tttcaataaa taatttcaat cacaagcatg cataaattta tttaattcaa
    59701 aatttataat ttaatagata aatttaataa aagtaaatac tacttacctc aaaaaaaaat
    59761 tcaaactagg aattctaaaa atctcaaaaa tttttctcta aacctgatac gtcaaaatca
    59821 tatttttaat caaaatttta tcgaattaaa aataattaaa attattaaaa tctaatgtcc
    59881 ccacatagat cagcttgaca acagcatcca ggatttttgg actaatccat ggaaacccta
    59941 cttatatttc ttttaattat tattattata tttattatta ttattattat tatttatttt
    60001 tttattttaa ttaattccat aaatcctaaa aatctaagag agagagagaa aaagtttctc
    60061 tctccttttt ttttcttttt cttctttttc ttctttttct tttcttttct ttcttttttt
    60121 ttctttttct tctttttctt ctttttcttc tttttttttg ttcttcttct cggctccttc
    60181 cacgccggaa cagaggaccg gcagtccctt ccttttgccg ggccactcag accgcggccg
    60241 ccacgacaga gatcgacggc agaggggggc cactcccccg gttacagaga ggcatggccg
    60301 acggtcgatt gccatcgctg gtgtcgaaaa attcaaggaa aaagaggcca aaataggggt
    60361 ctcttttctg accaaaaatc agcgacaacc atcgccggca gttgcgcaca aaggcacggg
    60421 gagaagggga aagaaaagag gaagagaagg aggactcacc tcggcctccg gtgaccccac
    60481 cggcgagcaa tcacgatgag aacaagatga tgtctgcggc tccgaatcga aaaatcaggg
    60541 agaaggagag gggtagaggg ccgatgttcg atttctaagg taaggggagg tctttttata
    60601 gagggcccta ggacttcgag aggtcctagg actcccgatt cacccagatc tcatcggaga
    60661 agaagactcc tatcgggatt cttctttccg atttttctcc tatttatttt ttttttgggc
    60721 ttggcttggg tctcgacggt atgggcttgg gctatgacat tcttcacccc taaaaaaaaa
    60781 tttcatcctc gaaatttttc atacctgtgg tctcgaagag ctggggatat ttttgcttca
    60841 tttcttcctc tagttcccaa gttgcttctc ttttcgaatg tcgactccac tgtaccttga
    60901 tataagaaat gttgcgatgt ctcagtactt gttctttacg atccatgatc catatcggat
    60961 attcttcata tgatagatct tttctggctt gcactggttc aagttccatg atgtgacttg
    61021 ggtctggtaa atattttttt aacatagaaa catgaaaaat attatgtact cctacaagtg
    61081 aaggtggtaa ggcaagtcta taagccatct caccaattct ttccaaaatc tcaaacagac
    61141 ccacatatct aggattcaat ttgccacgaa tgccaaatct tgagattcct tttgaaggag
    61201 tactttgaga aatacatggt caccaacttg aaattctaat tttcgtctcc tattatctac
    61261 ataacttttc tgtctgcttt gtgctgcccg aagtcgttct ttaattaatt gaatcttctc
    61321 gactgcttgt tgaacaagtt cgagacccag tattttttgc tcgccaacat catcccagtg
    61381 aatcggtgat caacatcttc taccatataa tgcttcataa ggtgccatac cagtgctggc
    61441 ctgataacta ttattgtaag cgaactcaat caaaggtaga tgctcatccc atgaactttt
    61501 catatccaaa atacaggttc tcaacatatc ttctaagatt tgaatagttc tctctgactg
    61561 accatcagtt tgtggatgaa aagctgtact gaagttcaat tttgttccta atatcttgtg
    61621 taagctcttc caaaattatg atacaaattt ggtgtctcga tccgatacga tggtcactgg
    61681 aattccatgt agcctaacaa tttttttcat atataacttt gctagtcttt ccaaagtaaa
    61741 tccaactcta attggtagaa agtatgcaga ctttgtcaat cggtctacaa tcacccaggc
    61801 tgcatcattt ttactgagag tcttcggtag tccagttaca aaatccatag tgatatgttc
    61861 ccacttccat actggaatat caagaggttg aagtagtccc gcaggtctct gatgttcagc
    61921 tttaacttgt tgacacacca aacattgagc cacaaattga gtgatctctc tcttcatatt
    61981 attccaccag tacattttct ttaagtctct atacatctta gtacctcccg gatgaactgt
    62041 ataacctgtc tgatgtgcct cttgaagtat ttcatgcttg agtactgaat cattgggtac
    62101 gcaaatcctg tttttgaacc tcaatgaacc atcttcatgt atcttgaatt tagattgaac
    62161 accagcttcc actgaattcc ttattttcat tagttgtgga tcatcattct gggcaactgt
    62221 aattctttca atgagtgttg gctgaaccct tatgttggct aaccgtactg ttgagtcata
    62281 tatttggatg tctaattcta gttttcttat atccttcaat aattgctttg atgagtgatt
    62341 aaaaccgcca aattttccac aaatttttta ctaagggcat cagcaacaac attagctttt
    62401 cccggatgat aatggattgt taaatcataa tccttcaata gttctaacca ccttctctgt
    62461 ctcatgttta attctttctg cgtaaaaata tacttcaaac tcttatgatc agtaaacact
    62521 tcacactgtg caccgtataa gtgatgtctc caaattttta gggcaaaaat cactgcagct
    62581 aatttcaaat catgtgtcgg ataattctgt tcatatggtt tcaattgcct tgaggcatag
    62641 gccactacct taccatgttg catcaataca cagccgagtc cctttttaga tgcatcacta
    62701 tatattgtga atccttcatc tcctgttggt atagtaagga tagaggctga aactaatcat
    62761 tattttaact cttgaaaact ctgttcacaa tctttggtcc actcgcattt aacccctttt
    62821 tgagtaagat gagtcaaagg tgcagctatg cgagagaatc cttctacaaa tcgtctgtaa
    62881 tatcctgcca ttcccagaaa acttcgaatc tcaaaaatat ttgtaggtct gttccactgc
    62941 attatagctt tcacttttgc tggatccaca gaaattttat ctttagatac gatgtgtcct
    63001 aaaaagacta ttttgtccaa ccaaaattca tacttcttaa atttggcata aagcttttct
    63061 ttcttcaata tttgtagtac acaccgtaaa tattcttcat gctccaattt gcttcttgaa
    63121 tatatcaaga tatcgtcaat aaatacgata ataaatttat caagatagga tctgaatatt
    63181 ctattcatta aatccataaa ggctgctgga gcattggtta acccaaaagg catcactaga
    63241 aattcataat gtccataacg agttctaaat gcagtctttg gtatgtcttc tattttgatt
    63301 tttagctgat gatatcctga acgaagatca attttagaaa atacttgtgc accttgcagc
    63361 tgatcaaaca aatcatcgat tcgaggtaga ggatacttat ttctgatagt attcttattc
    63421 aactctctat agtcgataca aagtctcata ctaccatcct tcttcttcac aaataagatt
    63481 ggagctcccc aaggagatac actaggcctt ataaaacctt tatccaataa atcctgtaat
    63541 tgatctttta actccttcaa ctccataggg gccattttgt aaggagcttt agaaatcgga
    63601 ctggtattgg gtgccaactc aatggtaaat tcaatttctt tgtcggtaat tctctttttt
    63661 ctattctgat actacatgac ttgcacatac tttcggtact caaaatatca cctactggtg
    63721 tctcaacata taatttggtt ttcatgggtt cacatactat atcatgttgt ctaataaaag
    63781 tagtggatat aaaggagtgt gtagcatcag aatcaaacaa aactgaagca tgaatatcag
    63841 atacaggaat gatacctgtc accacagcat tggaggcctg agcatcctgt tgtgtgagta
    63901 catagatcct tccttgagtt ttcggccttt gacctccgtc ctttatttgt gtgggtctat
    63961 tttcatccat ctgggggcaa tctgcaatct tgtgtctttt ttgtccacat ctaaaatatg
    64021 aaccagtatt ccatgggtaa ttagaagact catgctctct tcggccacat ctcgaacatc
    64081 tagctgcctc attctcacga ttcttatcaa ttgctggctt ctttgctgga cccttattgt
    64141 tctgatttca tccttgagtt ccaccaaacc tatttctctt cttctgattt cgttctcttt
    64201 tcgcatgtgc ttcattaact tctctctcaa ttattagagc tttattcaca actgaggcat
    64261 aagtagttag ctcatagggt acaacttatt ttctgatttc tatcttcagt cccattttaa
    64321 atttatgtac tctgtcttgc tcaacctcaa gtaatcttgg aacaaactta gctaactcca
    64381 tgaatttagc ttcatattct gcaacagatc tgttctcctg tttcagatga atgaacttct
    64441 gctctttctg tattctgaca ttttgaggga aatacttgtc aaagaattta cctcaaaatc
    64501 tctctcaagt gagaggtatc ctatcgtgct catatttttg ttccagtata caccaccagt
    64561 tgtatgcctc gccttgtaac agagatgctg tgaagtggat cttctcttca tcgtggcatt
    64621 cttgcacggc gaatgccttc tccattttca taatccagtt atctacttcc agtggctcga
    64681 tggtcccttt gaaggctgga ggggctagct tcttaaactc gacgatatta tttctctgca
    64741 tcgggtgttc tccatgtcca ggtgtcggtg aaaaatactg acgtggctgt gcatgttgtt
    64801 gttgaagtaa ctgttgctgt atttgaacta ctccgatcag ggtttgcatt agttgagtca
    64861 tattcggctc ctcctgtact atcaaagtat ttttggtagg atcaaggatt ccttcctgct
    64921 gagttatgct gctatttaat tgaggagtgt tatcgccaag tggatttgat gtccctccta
    64981 ccgctccttg agtattcttc gctcgtcgtg gaggcatatt gacctatgat aaatttaaga
    65041 taataactta ttcttaataa ggttataact tacttgagac aggtcaaaat cataatcatc
    65101 ataactagcc tttcaatttc ctaatatcta cccatcactc actcactcta ttctacatgt
    65161 ctttacctat ctacttatgc tctgatacca tattaattat cacacccccg acccgagatt
    65221 tgaatcgagg gtcatggcaa ccgccgcata ctcatagaaa actttttcca taagcatgca
    65281 aggcatctca tcatgatatc ttacatataa agttaaatca ttttttttaa aaaaatattt
    65341 aacaaatcaa accttagttc aaataacaaa tcaaaactca gtgtccaaaa gaaaaataat
    65401 tatctgacaa agtcaacact aaaaaaaata aaagtcttga atcaattctg agaaaatcct
    65461 aaatcaatga gctaactcca tctctaatcg ctctcccaac cgaaaatccc gcatcacgct
    65521 aattttttgg atctgtaaga aaaacataaa ctcatcatga gctaaatagc ctagtaagca
    65581 gtgtatacct ttaactgaat aaaccaggca aataatacta tacatatcga tttactgata
    65641 ataacaaaat caatatgtaa tttcatgaaa tcataatcat actatcaatc atatataaaa
    65701 tttaattcat cataatttta aattatgctt atcatcttaa attcatcaat tcttaagttc
    65761 ttcttaccaa ctataactat gaccacatta tccctgtggc agggtcataa taccgcatat
    65821 ctgcttgcgg tggctgcgaa tcatctggca gccaagttct ttggaaccac tggtctcgct
    65881 agcgatttgt cgctggtctc attggcgata taaattctca gaacaatcaa ttgccaacgt
    65941 atatgccccc attggcgggg tccttaacac agtcaggttg tcaatttcat attgtctttc
    66001 aattcatata ttattttcaa aaataatata aataaatgat attcgagtca aatcaatcat
    66061 atcattcttt atgatcatac atcatcataa taatttttta acaaataact tcaatcataa
    66121 ataatctcta caattaactt taattataaa taattttaac aattatttta ataaataatt
    66181 tcaatcacaa gcatgcataa atttatttaa ttcaaaattt ataattttat cagataaatt
    66241 taataaaagt aaacactact tacctcaaaa gaaaatccaa actaagaatt ctaaaaatct
    66301 caaaaatcct tctctgaacc tgatatgtca aatatcatat ttttaatcaa aattttatca
    66361 aattaaaaat aattaaaatt gttaaaatct aatgtcccca catggatcag cttgatgaca
    66421 gcatccagaa tttttggact aatccatgga aatcctactt atatttcttt taattattat
    66481 tattatattt attattatta ttattattat ttattttttt attttaattg gttccataaa
    66541 tcctaaaaat ctaagagaga gagagagaga aagtttctct cttccttttt ttttcttttt
    66601 cttctttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttt ttttcttttt ctttcttttt cttctttttc
    66661 tttctttttc ttcttttttt ttctgttctt cttctcggct ccttccacac cggaacaaag
    66721 gaccgacggt cccttccttt tgccgggcca ctcaggccgc ggccgccacg atggagatcg
    66781 gcggcagagg ggggccactc ccctggttac ggagaggcat ggccggcggt cgattgcgat
    66841 cgccggtgcc agaaaatcca agggaaaaga ggccaaaaca ggggtctctt ttccgaccaa
    66901 aaattggcga caactgtcgc cagtagttgc gcacaaaggt acggggagaa ggggaaagaa
    66961 aagaggaaga gaaggaggac tcacctcagc ctccggtgac cccaccggtg agcaatcacg
    67021 gcgagaacaa gatgatgtcc atggctctga atcgaaaaat cagggagaag gagaggggta
    67081 gagagccaat gttcggtttc taaggaaagg agaggtcttt ttatagatgg ccctaggact
    67141 tcgagaggtc ctaggactcc cgattcaccc agatctcgtc ggagaagaag actcctatcg
    67201 ggagtcttct tcccgatttt tcccctattt tttttttttt gggcttggct tgggtctcga
    67261 cggtgtgggc ttgggcttgg gctatgactg gatcatttta gatcaatgat ctttgtcaag
    67321 ttagaatgaa attattctga cccattgaaa ggagtttcag tgatacctat aatacagatc
    67381 atggtatatc tcactatcag atagaattga acctatgagg tcacacataa aggaaaaaag
    67441 atctggattg ataatagaga cttatgaagc accaagttat atggatttag agaaattcta
    67501 ttgggttcat gttaatcttg ctagcagcta ggtgaaccca atttcttttg tggttgattt
    67561 acttatatga tcagttttaa ccaatttcta cacttgattt gaacttaatt aaatttgatt
    67621 caataagatc taatggttgg atgttttatt tatagcttga attaaatcaa gaaggagttt
    67681 cttgatttga tttattaaga acccttgaag agaatttatg aaactatgtg gtctgatttg
    67741 agacttttaa ctggatccca tatgatggga tgcctagcat taggtgtgga cttgggtgag
    67801 atatggatgg tgcccaattt atttaattca agtatatttt ggctaagact tctaatatga
    67861 ttaggaggag ggatcctaat ttgattagga tacccttaag ttgtctatat aaaggactaa
    67921 agcctttact tctcgcataa actctcttcc tcctatcttg ccgccaccta ttactgggcc
    67981 tatgcctcat cttctcttcc tctctctagc ccataccctt gaaagaggag tgtcctataa
    68041 accaatcgca agtatattgc gatggaactt ttctttgtaa ttttctaact catataatga
    68101 catttattat tgataataaa atgaagcatt gattcatcat tttagctgca tcttattatg
    68161 tctaaggtta tcatgaacct caaagattag gataatgatt ttaagagaga tgaataggtc
    68221 atactagtaa gacctaaaat tataaaattc taatcttaat tatttctgat cgtaggagca
    68281 ttgagttgga gatcaatatt ttgaatagac tgacatatcc tttgtatgct cgatggaaag
    68341 gatggcagat ctcactagcc acttatatat gggatactaa tacaaagatg tgggtgctta
    68401 tttgaaaatg agttcactga attgactcaa tgaaagagaa tatcttatgg aagccttact
    68461 tgcatgtcaa agatggttct ctaagtagaa gttatgcaag tgatccttag atctgagatc
    68521 accatggtat cttttgcaca tgaatctata tcatacccag gtatggcatt aagatatata
    68581 taggatgttt tggatatggt ggagtgtgta tgaaagttat gaataggtca acatagaatc
    68641 gatcactcat agtaagagga gatcacattc tgtatattct catccctaga tgactcagaa
    68701 aaaatctttt ggccaaaagc aggaaggaga ttagaaaaaa tttctaatgc ttcatcatcg
    68761 gagtcatcat tggttaattg agaatcgata tgaatatata tttgagtttg acataatttc
    68821 atactcatga acatattttg ggtgcaagga tgatcgaagg attgaattgc atggtaactt
    68881 gtcactgaaa aatatatttg atatttctat caaattttat atcttctggg tagtcacgat
    68941 acattaccag acgtcaatct tgatttatag gtttgatcaa attaaagagt ttaattcgat
    69001 catcaattag aaaagattct aattattgaa cttaggttag ctcgattgga cctaaatcgg
    69061 ttagattcaa acctaatcaa atttgatcaa cttgcacttg aatctactgc tggctagctg
    69121 tggaatccaa ttgatcacac atatataaaa attgatcaag gatccttttg ataaggttaa
    69181 ttagaatttt agatccaatc agaatttttg ataagcatgc tagcacgtgt atctcatttt
    69241 aacaccaaaa atgaagagtc caagttgtga aggactcttg gtgtaaaaaa tgaagagcgc
    69301 acacgctcta tggttttggc atgcagaagg accaagagtc ctgctttggg tctctgattt
    69361 ttatggcaat aagatcatat cttgaaccac ctagcatgcc ttttaaagta tgaaaaatca
    69421 tttgaattat gcatggaatt ttttctggaa ccttcctacg catgagagag atcttttgga
    69481 tgcacgaaga tatgtgaaga ctccttctat ttaaggagtc ttaagtgaca cttttatccg
    69541 atattttttt tttgataaag atcaaatttg aatgctaatt acatgtgatt attatggaaa
    69601 attattaggt aatttattgt tgcttttgat gcccttttat tgggcgtgca tgcgtgcgac
    69661 aaagaaggga tcgcacatct cttcgcgatg aagagttctt ctgtggttta aactccaatc
    69721 caaatggggc gtcacttcct gatagccttc ccatttgaat caaggaatat gtggcaaaat
    69781 ttcacacaaa tttgaagtca gaagagatgc caattgcatc tctttctgga cgtgcgcatg
    69841 tgagagagaa atagtcgacg tatcacaccc tgaagagtcc ttctgtttga actctcagat
    69901 aagtgatatg aggatctgat atggctttct agataagcca tgtcttctct attggtaccc
    69961 catctggtgc tataaatagg agatggcaga taagttaatc attctgttgg tgcaaaaatc
    70021 tgcttacacc ggagaagctg gagtcgggga agtcgcggtc gccgtcggga cctgcaaagg
    70081 aagtctaaac cggaggtggg gttgctttgg caagaccctc cgacgctcaa gtcagttctc
    70141 tgcctcaaca agaatggagt gctcgaacgg agaatttagc agagttttta gatgaaaaat
    70201 gagagcttat agaataacgt atctggggtt tcccttttat agacggaggg ggcagcagat
    70261 tgacagcgac gcctgtaacc gtctggcaga cggctgccca gagtcaggcg gaatttgctg
    70321 cgaagagtag tggagtagac ccgtggctat tgctatggcc tgccacgtgg agcctgttgc
    70381 aggtagtgga gtgacgtccg ttgccgctac ttgccaggga gtagtggagt cacgcagcac
    70441 ccaccgtagt gagtggagca gaatcatggc cgttgataca gcctgtcaga gagtaatggg
    70501 gtcgcgtagg gtccgccgca gggagtggag cagaatcatg gctattaata cagcctgtca
    70561 gagagtaatg gggtcacgta gggtccgccg cagggagtgg agcaaaatca tgactgttaa
    70621 tacagcctgg gaatgcagat ccatcggctg aagctcggca gtggtcggag ctgatggcgg
    70681 agtccggctc ccgtaggagt ccggacgaag tctgcctgca gccgttggag tcgaggatga
    70741 agcccggctc ccgtaggagt acgggaggag tcttcctgca attaaagtta aaggcgaagt
    70801 tcggctcccg taggagtccg aacggggctt accggtagcg gatgttgagg acggagcccg
    70861 actctcgtgg gagtccgggt gaagtcaact tgaggtcgaa gttgtcggtg gagtccggct
    70921 cccgtaggag tccggacgaa gtctgtctgc agccgttgga gttgaggacg aagcccggct
    70981 cccgtaggag tccgggtaga gtcttcctgc aatcaaagtt aaaggcgaag tccggctccc
    71041 gtaggagtcc ggatggggct taccagcagt tgatgttgag gacagagccc ggctcccgta
    71101 ggagtccggg cggagtctac ttgaggtcaa agttaaaggc gaagtccggt tcccgtagga
    71161 gtccggatgg ggcttaccag cagttgatgt tgaggatgga gcccggctcc cgtaggagtc
    71221 cgggcggagt ctactcgagg tcgaagttgt cgacggagtc cggctcccgt aggagtccgg
    71281 acgaagtctg tctgcagccg ttggagttga ggacgaagcc cggctcccgt aggagtccgg
    71341 gtggagtctt cttggagctg attctgctga gagcttcggc tgtgggtatt ttatacccaa
    71401 caccagtccc ctactttcga gtttgaattt cgaacgaaga aagtacaaag agatggatac
    71461 agccgaagcc gtcccctcga atcctgcgca ccgccgctcc cagatatttt ggcattaaat
    71521 gtgtgcatat cgaaactctt tttctggtta aggtgacctg aagagtcttt ttggaactcc
    71581 caccgaaatg cgatcctaag catcacgcta cgaaaatctg cgaacggtca atccttgata
    71641 gcggtgaggg ggacatgcgg aacacgtggc atgcatcagt tggcccaggt acgcccgctg
    71701 tcataactgt gctaagattc gctagctatt taaactccct actctccctt cggggtttca
    71761 ttctgccgag aagacgacac ccttctttca tctgagagcc tagctactca gctacttccc
    71821 ccgcaccggt ccttgccgtc ttcagccccc caattcttct ctaaggggtt cccacgccat
    71881 gtcctctacc ccgaaggcca tccttgaagg gatgtctagg gcttggagga aggcgaggag
    71941 gagaacagcg gccggtgagg atccccatca tttcaaaggg ggctcaagga agaattcctt
    72001 caacaacagg ggtttaatga cgagggccgc cggtaaagtt attctgcccg agaatttcgg
    72061 agtagcaagg cggggtgata tcggtcaaga gggcagggct gtcgtcacaa gctgtggcgg
    72121 gatccttgat gccgtcgggg ccgagggacc agaagcggtc ggcgtcgacg gtggggcagt
    72181 ggaatttgtt gcggggacgg tggaagtagc gcatgccgac cttgccggag tattttgggt
    72241 ggcggctgtc gcggagcatt cagagatgga gcatatcttt ggcatcaccg ctgcctccaa
    72301 ggtgactctg actcttcttg aaacaagtct tcgtcactgc tgccgttgcc cttaccgccc
    72361 ccgggaatct atcccaccct tttcccccta gggttgggac ttcggagatg gagcgaagcg
    72421 agatgggacg agaaccgata ggttcgttac atgcactgga gaacacggct gagaaggaca
    72481 gagacgggaa gaggagtttg tagcttggag cggcctccgg tatgtccttt ccaagccgtg
    72541 ttcgcgaggc ttgtaatgat gtatatcttt ttttcttgac ccaccgggtc ttgtaacgta
    72601 tatcttatta aatgaaaagg agattttgtt accttgtctg catcttgcat caaatagttg
    72661 tctgtcgaac ttcttcattt tcctttcctc tttcttcctc cttttcttct tttctttttc
    72721 acatcgtcct aaggtcatcg acgacctctt ttattcatgt agggttgtta tttgccgagc
    72781 tccttttcgg cttttacacc gttcgaagat acctggttgt tattccatca atggctgcac
    72841 gttcgcttgg ggccattcgg gcctgggtcc ctcctagggt ttgaatttgg ggatccgagc
    72901 ctctcgggcg ctgtttgttt tccaatcgtc actgttgtaa tccattgcct tcctttttcg
    72961 cttggagttt ttctccgctg aagctgaggc gaagttcggc tcccgtggga gtccgggtgg
    73021 agccttcctt ggcgtcgtgg acagagcccg gctcccgtag gagtcagggc gaagtcttcc
    73081 tgcaatcaaa gtcataggcg aagtccgact cccgtaggag tccggacgag gcttaccggc
    73141 agctgctgtt gtcggcagag ttcggctccc gtagaagtcc gggcggagtt atcctatagt
    73201 cgatgtcggt gatggagccc ggctcccgta ggagtccggg cggagctatc ggtgatggag
    73261 cccggctccc gtaggagtcc gggcggagct gtcggtgatg gagcccgact cccgtaggag
    73321 tccgggcgga gctgtcatgt agtcaaagtc ggtgacggag cccggctccc gtaggagtcc
    73381 gggcggagct gtcggtgatg gagcccggct cccgtaggag tccgggcgga gctgtcatgt
    73441 agtcaaagtc ggtgacggag cccgactccc gtaggagtcc gggctgagtt taccaccggt
    73501 cgaagttgct taagctaggg caaggttttc cccttggggg ggggcgcata tgggcattgc
    73561 agggcctctc cccccatccg gtctaaaaga gccgggcctt tgactttgtt catgtcagga
    73621 tgaggtcctc ctcttgttcc tggcatggct gtgggggcgc atatgggcgt tgcaaggcct
    73681 ctccccccat ccggtctaaa tggaaccgga ccttcgactt tgctcaagtt agggcgaggt
    73741 tctcctcctg tccctaacag ggctgtgggg gcacatatgg gcgttgtaag gcctctcccc
    73801 ccatccagtc taaatgaaac cgggccttcg actttgctca agttagggcg aggttctcct
    73861 tctgtcccta acagggctgt gggggcacat atgggcgttg taaggcctct ccccccatcc
    73921 agtctaaatg gaaccgggcc ttcgacttta ctcaagttag ggcgaggttc tcctcctgtc
    73981 cctaacaggg ctgtgggggc acatatgggc gttgtaaggc ctctcccccc atccggtcta
    74041 aatggaactg ggccttcgac tttatgaggt tgcccttttg cttttgatac agtttatttg
    74101 gattgtccaa agacatatgg gtatgcgatt tttgattaaa acgaagttac tggtagtaca
    74161 tccgtaagtt ttttgagctc catggtcgcg ggaggtcggc tcctccgagc ttcttaagat
    74221 aataagttct gggtcggact acttctttga cctcataaga tccctcccag tttggggcga
    74281 gtttcccccg gtcctgaggt tgcgagacag cagctcgtcg aagcactaga tctcctgctt
    74341 taaaggcttt gttcttgacc cgggcgttgt aatatcgagc aactttctgt ctgtaggctg
    74401 ccattcgaac ctgagcgatc tcccatcttt cttccagtag gtcgaggttg gctctaagac
    74461 tttgtgaatt ttggtgttcg tcgaatgcca tgactcatgc cgacggaagt ttaagctcga
    74521 tcgggatgac ggcttctgtt tcgaaggcta aagcaaaggg ggtctccccc gtaggtaacc
    74581 tttgggtagt tcgatatgcc catagcacat gataaagttc gtccgcccaa gttccttttg
    74641 ctttttcaag ccttgtctta atctcctgca aaagggttct gttagtcacc tcagcttcgc
    74701 cgttcgtctg aggatggact actgatgtga agttgtggga gatgtttaga tcttcacaga
    74761 attcgacgaa tcttgctccc acgaattgcc atccattatc agtgattagg gttctaggca
    74821 gaccgaacct gcatacaatt gacttccaga cgaaatcttg tactttcgct tctgtgattt
    74881 ttgctagtga ttcggcttca acccatttgg tgaagtagtc gatcgctaca aggagaaact
    74941 tcctttgtcc agacgccatg ggaaaggggc caaggatgtc catcccccat tgcgcaaaag
    75001 gccatggggc actcaagggt gtgagctcga tggcgggctg tctctggatg ttggcgtatc
    75061 tctggcatcg atcacacttt ttaacatatt caatcgaatc atgatgcatc gttggccagt
    75121 aatatccttg gtggagtagc ttgtgggata aagatctagc tcccaaatgg tttccgcaaa
    75181 ctccctcgtg tacttcccat aaggcgtagt cagcttccga gggccggagg catcttaaga
    75241 ggggcaagga gcatgatctt ttgtacaatt tgccctcata aaggatgtac cgggaggctt
    75301 gatttcggag ctttcgagcc tccttcgcgt cctgggggag aactccatct ctaagatagg
    75361 ttatcagcgg gtcgacccag ctgggctcgt ggtcgatctc cattacgggc cgcgattctt
    75421 ctgtactcag atattttaga acttcaaaga ggatgccttt gggcaattcg gccggagccg
    75481 atgtcgccag cttggagaga atatcggctc tggtattctc cagccttgga atctgcctga
    75541 tgtcgaaact gctaaaggca gagttaagct cctttacttt ctcaagatat ttggccatac
    75601 tgtcctcccg tgcttcataa ctcctgctga cttgtcccac cactagttgg gagtcgctgt
    75661 gtacccgaag ttgacctatt tctagctctt tggcgatcct taatcctacg atcaaagctt
    75721 catattccgc tccattgttt gttgcgggaa actcgaaacg cagagcgtac tccgcgatga
    75781 ctccctccgg gctgaccaag atcaggcctg cacccgcgcc tgccatgttg gaagatccgt
    75841 ccacatagag ggtccaaaag caatcggagg gattggctcc ttcgttgggg gagtttggtt
    75901 gagacttcaa gtcgtcaact ttgctttgct caggttcggc ctcctctggg atggtgcact
    75961 ctactatgaa atctaccaat atttgggcct ttactgctgg tctaggtctg tagttgatgt
    76021 cgaattccgt gagctcgatc gcccattttg ccattcttcc agaggcgtca gctcggtgca
    76081 aaaccgcctt gatcggttga tcggtgagta gcgtcacggt gtgcccttga aagtagggtc
    76141 ggagcctccg agctgcaacc aacaaggcgt aggtcagttt ttctaatttg gtgtacctgg
    76201 tctcgacgtc cctcagcgtg tggctaatgt agtagactgg tcgctggact ttcgtttctt
    76261 ctttgacaag gacggccgca agggccatgg gagagaccgc caagtataaa aatagttcct
    76321 ccccaggttc aggctttgcc agcagcgggg gtgagctaag gtagtttttt aattcttcga
    76381 acgcctgttg gcattcagag gtccaacaga agttcttcgg ctgcttgagg gtttgaaaga
    76441 agggcaaaca tcattcggcc gacctcgcga cgaagcgatt aagagccgct atcctccctg
    76501 tgaggcgctg aacctccttg atcgactttg gggcggtcat ctcttggatg gcgtgaattt
    76561 tctctggatt ggcctcaatc ccgcgccctg ataccatgaa gcccaggaac tttcctgagg
    76621 ttaccccaaa agcgtattta gttgtgttca gctttattct atacttttga agagcgccaa
    76681 aagtttcctc gaggtcggcg acatgatttc tggaagactt gctttttaca agcatatcgt
    76741 ccacgtagac ctccatgttt gggccgatct gctctttgaa gattttgttc accagccgtt
    76801 ggtaggttgc gtccgcattc ttgaggccga atggcatgac cctgtagcag taaaggccgt
    76861 gattagtgat gaaagctgtc ttttcttcat ctttcgatgc cattctaatt tgattatagc
    76921 cggagaacgc gtccataaaa gtgaggagct catggcctga ggtagcgtcc accagttggt
    76981 cgattctggg aaggggtagc tgtcctttgg acaggcctta ttcaactttt tgaagtctat
    77041 acacatcctc cacttgccgt ttgctttctt gaccaaaaca acattgaaaa tccaatcagg
    77101 ataattgact tccttaatga atccggcctt gagaagctta ttcacttcct cggctatcgc
    77161 cttctgcctc tcaggggcat gactccggat tttttctttt gtcggtcgat gcttcggatc
    77221 gactgccaga tgatgctcca tgacttccgt gtcaatcccc ggcatgtccg tcggaaccca
    77281 agcgaaaacg tccgcattcc ttcggagaaa atcaataaga cgcgttcgca cctcctcccc
    77341 caggttggag gccaatcaac accacatgct ccgcgtttcc atcattcagg gggactggta
    77401 ccagatcttc gattgggcca cccctttctt cggtgaggtc gtcgcgagca tccaatccat
    77461 cgacgggata ggggtcagcc cggtcgtttc tttgcaaggc gatgttgtag caatgtctgg
    77521 ctagggcttg gtctccccgt acctctccga tcccctggtt ggtggggaac ttcaatttca
    77581 aatggtaggt tgaaacgaca gctctgagag cattgaggcc gggccagcca aggattgcat
    77641 tgtaggcgga tggcgccttt accaccaaga aattcaccag agccctggac tgctttggat
    77701 actgacccgc ggccacagtc aaagctatca ttccctccgt cgaaacggca tcaccggtaa
    77761 accctatcaa gggggagcaa atcggtctca gatgaccacc aagagcggac attcttgaaa
    77821 aggcatcgta gaacaagatg tcggccgaac ttccgttgtc gacgagaata cgacggacgt
    77881 cgtaatttgt tatattcaag gaaactacga ccgcgtcgtt atgagggaat tggactccct
    77941 gggtgtcttc tttggtaaag gttatgggtt cttcaacttt ttgccgcttg ggggatgcag
    78001 ctggtatgtt ggtcgcctcc cgccggaatt cccctgagat ggcattgacg gaatccgata
    78061 gaggccggtc atccggccac tcctcgtcgg cgaccatagc cagaggtagt tgtgcaaagg
    78121 cctcgcgaga aggcatcaga tgagggaagg aggggtgggt gccgaaaaag atggcgggaa
    78181 gtggatccgt tgagcgctcc tttaagaaca agggtattgc gaaggttcag ccccttcctc
    78241 tagcgccaat cctgttggtg caaaaatctg cttgcgccga agaagctgga gtcggagaag
    78301 tcgcggtcgc cgtcgggacc tgcaaaggaa gtctaaaccg gaggtggggt tgctccggca
    78361 agaccctccg atgctcaagt cagttctctg cctcaacaag aatggagtgc tcgaacggag
    78421 aatttagcag agtttttaga tgaaaaatga gagcttatag aataatgtat ctggggtttc
    78481 ccttttatag acggaggggg cagcagattg acagcgacgc ctgtaaccgt ctggcagacg
    78541 gctgcccaga gtcagacgga atttgctgcg aagagtagtg gagtagaccc gtggctattg
    78601 ctatggcttg ccacgtggag cctgttgcag gtagtggagt ggcgttcgtt gccgctactt
    78661 gccagggagt agtggagtca cgcagcaccc accgcagtga gtggagcaga atcatggccg
    78721 ttgatacagc ctgtcggaga gtaatgggat cgcgtagggt ccgccgcagg gagtggagca
    78781 gaatcatggc tgttaataca gcctgtcaga gagtaatggg gtcgcgtagg gtccgccgca
    78841 gggagtggag cagaatcatg gctgttaata cagcctggga atgcagatcc atcggctgaa
    78901 gctcggcagt ggtcggagct gatggcagag tccggctccc gtaagagtct ggacgaagtc
    78961 tgcctacagc cgttggagtc aaggacgaag cccgactccc gtaggagtct gggaggagtc
    79021 ttcctgcaat taaagttaaa ggcgaagtcc ggctcccgta ggagtccgga cggggcttac
    79081 cgatagcgga tgttgaggac agagcccgac tcccgtggga gtccgggcgg agtcaacttg
    79141 aggtcgaagt tgtcggcgga gtctggctcc cgtaggagtc cggacgaagt ctgtctgcag
    79201 ccgttggagt tgaggacgag cccggctccc gtaggagtcc gggcggagtc ttcctgcaat
    79261 caaagttaaa ggcgaagtct ggctcccgta ggagtccgga cggggcttac cagcagttga
    79321 tgttgaggac ggagcccggc tcccgtagga gtccaggcgg agtctacttg aggtcaaagt
    79381 taaaggcgaa gtccggttcc cgtaggagtc tggacggggc ttaccagcag ttgatgttga
    79441 ggatggagcc cagctcccgt aggagtccgg gcggagtcta ctcgaggtcg aagttgtcgg
    79501 cggagtccgg ctcccgtagg agtccagacg aagtctgtct acagccgttg gagttgagga
    79561 cgaagtccgg ctcccgtagg agtccgggcg gagtcttcct ggagctgatt ctgctgaggg
    79621 cttcggctgt gggtatttta tacccaacac attcaattct gacatcccct atccactccc
    79681 tctcttataa ctctagggtt taggacaaag acttattctt ttaagataag cccattccta
    79741 atagctcgaa gggtttaaga ggttcagaag aagatggtca agtctagtgg gtggttctaa
    79801 aaggttcaga ctcaggtctg atcgactgat ggctagtcaa gttctagggg ctagaacttc
    79861 cgaagtaaga tgaaggaaga gcactatttt tgatctaatt tctgtgtgga tcaccattgg
    79921 aggagtgggt acttctattt tgatgggaca gtcaaaatat ttaactttat cagatataga
    79981 tgaaccatat gtgtgtacaa aaaaataaat gggagttcaa ctaacttctt gaatatgtat
    80041 gtgggggata taatgtatat tagaaaggta gtcccgacat tgcacttgta acttgcttat
    80101 cacagaagtt ttcataaaaa aaggacttgg attaagtatc caatatattt gacatctata
    80161 aggatagata taagtggatg cagggtttgt cccagtctag gtacatagaa tttaatgttg
    80221 aaagggttca acataaatgg gtgtaaaggt gtttacttat ccatacattc aatgtaccaa
    80281 gcctgatgta aattatgcct tgtgtataat cattgatttc agactgatct atgaaatgat
    80341 cttttgaaaa ctatgaaaaa tattctcaaa gtacttgaga agtactagag gagcagtgaa
    80401 ttgaaaaagt ttttatcaca gaagttttca taaaaaaagg acttggatta agtatccaat
    80461 atatttgaca tctataagga tagatataag tggatgcagg gtttgtccca gtctaggtac
    80521 atagaattta atgttgaaag ggttcaacat aaatgggtgt aaaggtgttt acttatccat
    80581 acattcaatg taccaagcct gatgtaaatt atgccttgtg tataatcatt gatttcagac
    80641 tgatctatga aatgatcttt tgaaaactat gaaaaatatt ctcaaagtac ttgagaagta
    80701 ctagaggagc agtgaattga aaaagtttca aacagcatac tgtatttgtt tcaattaaat
    80761 gttgttagta aagattgctt aggaaaggtg cctgatgaaa ggttcatcat taagttgggt
    80821 ctggtctcac caagtaccca cacacatcct aggcactttc acctcattca tgatatgacc
    80881 ataaaatgag ctaatattaa agaatagtat aataggacca gttcactaag ccatacacag
    80941 cagtagtgta atcgccatcc tgattgcatg aacatcacgt acaggggcga ttggctttag
    81001 tgcaagtggg agattgaaag aatagtaccc tacaagtcaa tcgtatggaa atgcgatggg
    81061 atatttcttt attatcttcc tgcttattag catgacatta gttattttat ttatatgaga
    81121 tattatgttt tattatttgc tgcatcattt ttatatgatt atgataaacc ccatagatta
    81181 gggaaatgat tttaggacca tgatgagatc atgtcaatga gatctaaaat cttgatagtc
    81241 ctaatctaaa atattttcag tcattggatc atcgagttag agatcgatga tttcgataag
    81301 acaggtacat cctatgtatg ctcgatggag aggtggttga tctcacaacc acctgtgtag
    81361 tgacactaat acaaagatgt aggtccttat tagagaatga atttactgaa ctgacccaca
    81421 aaagaatatc tgatggagca ttacagtatg tcaacagatg gttcttcgat gggagtggtg
    81481 catatgattt tttgacctga gattaccatg gtaccttatg tgcatggacc cttcctttgg
    81541 tttattcctt agcacatcac tttgagatgt gtgtgggata ttctaagtat ggcaaagtgt
    81601 gtataaaaat tatgagtggt caacaagaaa tcgatcactc cttgtaagag gagagaacat
    81661 cctatatgat cttgtaggat ggtgactctg aaagtctttg gccagagcag ggataaacag
    81721 tagaaataat ttttactggt tcatcaatcg agtcatcatc attggatcga gatacatatg
    81781 gttagatatt tgagtttgat atattttcat acccatgatc ttttcgagat gttgtgtgat
    81841 tgaaagattg aattgcacgg taactcatcg tagaaggata attttgatat tttcatcaaa
    81901 tttcaaatct atcgaatagt tatgacacat tgctagatgt caatattagc ttgtaggctt
    81961 gacagaatta aaagagttta attctagaat caattaggaa gagtcctagt tgattgggac
    82021 tcttaacctg acctaatcca attggattag ggtttctcga gagtttgggt ccactgttgg
    82081 ctagatttgg aatccaatag atcacacaca atagagattt agtcttgatc caattaattt
    82141 aaatttatta taaatttaat aggttaatta aattgctagc acatgaatta atccaagttt
    82201 ccaattggat ttagtgtaaa ggtgtttgtg ctaacctagt cttattgcct tgacctaatg
    82261 tgattagatt tgaactattt aattaattaa ttaattttat ttgattttgt cgaagtattc
    82321 cacatggaac caacctcctc cacaccaaaa agctatgctc atattaagtg tcacgtccaa
    82381 aataaattat gatgagaagg aagagtcctt ctcatctact cctcttaatt ttattatcat
    82441 attccacacg ttccaatttt ttgtgcacca tctgatggag ctacgagatg tgtgggcatg
    82501 gaagaggaga aagagtcttt ctcttggaaa gaactccatg ccaatttatt ttggatgcct
    82561 cctttatttt gggcattgaa gtggaagagt ccacttcact tgggactctt aatttcctta
    82621 atattccatg cattttcttc accccacgcg ctatctgatg gcttttggga taatgttggc
    82681 acagaagtgg aggagtcctt ttgctgaagg ctcttccaca cccaaaaact tctatataaa
    82741 aattaaacct ttataggaag tcatgggacg ttgcttggga tgttgctgcg ccaaacattg
    82801 attcctctct taaaacctct taattcttac atgcctattt ttttgggacc tgagaaggaa
    82861 gagtccttct gctctttgac ttctccatgc cacttttaat gtggtaattt attttttctg
    82921 tgtggaggag ttgggacgcc aagagttggc atcccttgaa ggttgtttgg catcccttgg
    82981 ttacctataa attaggtggc gctaaaccca ggttggatgc cccaaaaatt attgggaatt
    83041 ggcttgagga tgagagaaaa atgataggaa aatgtctgga taaagacaag gataagggaa
    83101 gagaaaatag aaaagaagtg agaagaaaaa aaaaagaaag tatgtgatac ttgtcctaaa
    83161 atcagattgt tcatgtgttg aacataaaat ctgattagag tgtgatttaa tactttgaga
    83221 atgaatttct agagagatct tagtagaggt catgaaggca tacaagcatt ggtatatccc
    83281 attcttgcga aggataatcg gcagtgcact tacgaagaag gctgcagcat catgtcgagt
    83341 tgggaagggc cctgatcaat cctatgtgga tcatcattgg agggcttcta ctttggagtc
    83401 ttatggagat ctcaaaatca ccagttcgta gtcttcatgg tggtatatga tttctgatct
    83461 tctcctcata tgcatgtttt tgttatttga ttgtaatcgt caagggattc ctaggatttt
    83521 tgagtttcag tggatgagtt taattgttaa acttagtttt cattattata tgcatgttaa
    83581 aaattttttg aaatctatat ttcactgcat catcaaaact caacagtgat atcagagcca
    83641 cctttgattg attcaatcaa atttcatgtt attcttgtga tatggattag atccagttcg
    83701 aactatgtca aaatcaattt ttctgattga tgtttcattg atgattttga tgcattttta
    83761 tttttgataa agagttatcg attcatgatc aaaccttgga tatgaaattt catggtttat
    83821 agacttgggt gacaagttta atttagatcc tatgatctat tttttgatag aattgaaatt
    83881 cagtgcatgt gatgcgtggg ggccttggaa tgctgcatat ggatgtacat tgccaaagat
    83941 taagattttt tgcatttgat gtatttactt aagattcaag gattgaccac catgttatca
    84001 gaaactcacc attgtgggtc gaccatcttg gttgttgctt gaggcatgcg tggggccaaa
    84061 aaattttggt catgaaaagg atgcattaga tatcaattaa aatttttgct gatggattga
    84121 tttaactata attcattatt ctaatgtgat taaaatttaa tgattataga ttaaattaca
    84181 attattgttc taatttgatt agaagctaag tttaattttg gttaatcaaa tttatcattt
    84241 acctaatttg attagggttt gagttatgaa tgaccgaatc tgagttaacc taatttaatt
    84301 aggtttaaca taagaattgg tcaaatcaat ttaaataaat gacaaatggt taacttaaaa
    84361 gttaaaaatt ggatcaagtg ttgaacccga atcagaaacc ctagatgggt cctatgccct
    84421 tattttttga acatcataat tgacatgtat ttgaatgata tcgcaattga aataatatga
    84481 gttatttgtt ataatatttt ataattatta tgaaatatta tgttgatttg ttatggacta
    84541 tggaacatct atgtgatgga tatatatatg aatgcttacc tattagttaa ttatataatg
    84601 catttacaag agttgcaata agggctgggc atctctaatg cattatatta tcagctatcc
    84661 ctctcttttc tatattctca gctgttgatt gagattttta cataatgata taaaattata
    84721 gaaaaaaatt atttgagatc agattaaaat tatttcattc tattttcaaa taaaagatca
    84781 agcattcata gttatcttca tggtgataaa gactagacta ttaagctttt agagagtaga
    84841 ggtgcattaa gattgaccat gagatggttc aatctataat gcacctaggg ttagacctaa
    84901 agatcatcct atagctcgga tgattttttc aaaagcccat aactatttat tttctttaat
    84961 atgctcttac ttgctggtag ttagtttttg aattaacatt gcatatgatg catgattaaa
    85021 tgtttaagat gcatatgata cctaagtctc ttagttaaat tatattaagt cttaatggtg
    85081 aagtgttaag aacactaccc atgccttcct tcatgctaag tcactattat atcaagaacc
    85141 atagtaggct tgttgtgcta tccataagac ttattgtggg gactgattta atactgtatt
    85201 ggtatataat gaagctaatt gtatttaact catattaaat taatagagta tatcaagaac
    85261 tgtagtgagt ttgttgtgct atccacaagg cttgctataa tgattggtat gatgttgacc
    85321 tagtgatgct tatggcatat tctggtagtg ctgccttgtt gtgctatcca caaaaatagt
    85381 attattcagg tatgaccata taggattaaa agatatgact taactaaaat gtcatagttt
    85441 gttgtgctat ccacaaggct ataagtattt tagaggcaaa agttatgttg agagttgcat
    85501 aaaatgcaat tagtaaagag ttacttacct ttgaactcat aaaagcttgt tgtgcttttc
    85561 acaagatttt ttatgagaaa ttgggatctc aaccccacta agaaacttca tgatatgatt
    85621 cttcgatttc atacttgagg gttataaaat tcgttaaaat agtaagagac acaattagat
    85681 aaaaatcctc atctaacttg tacatatcat catgaatagt cttgtttatg ttcttatata
    85741 tacatttaca tctttacatt cactgtttag gatattttta aattgaccaa atgtcatgga
    85801 atggttgaag aatagaaggt gaagaatgtc ttcactatag atatctaata tcattatagc
    85861 aatgataaga taaattataa gaattatctt acaagcgtga agcaatagca agatgcaaaa
    85921 gttacatcta ctaataattt gtatgtgata caaattaatt atcgttgagt atttcagctt
    85981 taaaattttt aggtatgtga tacctaatat aggttcctct tatgtaaagt atttgttgga
    86041 cctataaagc taaggtaagg tgactacttg ccttttggca ctgatggata gtccattctt
    86101 actaaggata tagaaatcta tttatttaga aactagtaga ctattgttta ttaaaaatat
    86161 tatttcaatc cctatgttat tataatatag atttgaaatt aatgttaaga gtaaaagtta
    86221 ctctccttct gataaatttt atgattatag tcttatattt ctatcactca atgatgttct
    86281 tcatattgat gaggataaaa aataagtatt tgaaggttac atatcttagg acaagcaaga
    86341 tattaggtct tgaacatatg gatgttcaaa aggctaataa tatcttgact catagatgga
    86401 cacttcatat atgatatgat gtgttctcta aaatacttca caaatatttt gattctcatt
    86461 ctaaggatat atcctagaaa ttactgtatg aattagatac tatctaaatc tcttacgagc
    86521 actccatatg agatatgaaa aaggcaaaag gcaggttgcc caacttatgt gaaaagagtt
    86581 gatgtacata agtttgtgct agaacaggct tttattagtt tatagattat cttaaaagaa
    86641 tagtgtgtga cactatttct accactctac ttgacaaaaa gtattttgtc agtaggtatg
    86701 ccacctttta gaaaaaaaaa attctaaaag agaatagtgg gaggataatt gaatttgaga
    86761 agttcaagac ctataaacaa tcttatctta acctgtggag tgtccacaag ttaatcctca
    86821 accagatata cccagtgatg aggtacgacc atgatacaca cctcctcacc aaaagatcaa
    86881 tccgagtgtg taatatacca ctcaaaatat gggtttgtca ttgtgaatgg tagtacacta
    86941 tacatcattg taaatgatgt ttttacttga tctattcgga gattattatg agtaaaaact
    87001 ctaactattg gcctgaaatc ttgacatccg gaatagactc cccgtacatc aaccaagtgt
    87061 agactatggt tgaagcacct atgggtataa cccaataagt tgctatcaag tatgcctatt
    87121 cggatttttg ccattgccat acaccaactg gagaagttgt ctctagtggg agggcaaatg
    87181 cttttatgaa tttagacagt ttatgaggat tgggtacttt tattttgatg ggatagtcaa
    87241 aatatttgac tttatcagat atagatgaac catgtgtgtg tacaagaaga taagtggaag
    87301 tttcactaac ttcttgatta tgtatgtggg agacatatag catattggga agatagtccc
    87361 gatattgtac tcgatcaata acttgcttat catagaagtt tttatgaaaa aagaatttgg
    87421 attaagtatc caatatattt gacatctata ggaatagatg taagtggatg cagggtttgt
    87481 cccagtctag gtacatagaa tttaatgttg aaagggttca acataaatgg gtgtaaaggt
    87541 gtttacttat ccatacattc aatgtaccaa gcctgatgta aattatgcct tgtgtataat
    87601 cattgatttc ggactgatcc ataatatgat cttttaaaaa ctgtgaaaaa tattctcaaa
    87661 gtacttgcga agtactagag gagtagtgaa ttgaaaaagt tccaaatagt atactgtatt
    87721 tgtttcagtt aaatgttgtt agtaaagatt gcttaggaaa ggtgccggat gaagggttca
    87781 tcattaagtt gggtctggtc tcaccgagta cccacgtaca tcttaggcac tttcacctca
    87841 ttcatgatat gatcataaaa taagctaata ttaaagaaca gtataatagg accagttcac
    87901 taagccatac acagcagcag tgtaatcacc atcctgattg cacagacatc aagtataggg
    87961 acgattgact ttagtgcaag tagaagattg aaagaatagt gccctacaag ccaatcacat
    88021 gaggatacga tgggacattt ctttattatc tttttgctca ttagcatgac attagttatt
    88081 ttatttatat gagatattat gttttatcat ttgctgcatc atttttatat gattatgata
    88141 aaccttatag attaggataa ttattttagg gccatgatga gatcatgcca gtgagaccta
    88201 aaatctttat agttccaatc taaaattttt tcagtcgttg gatcatcgat ctctgatcat
    88261 cgagtcagag atcgatgatt tcagtaagac tggtacatct tatgtatgct cgatggagag
    88321 ggtggttgat ctcacaacca cctttgtagt gacactaata caaggatgta ggtgcttatt
    88381 agagaatgag ttcactgaac tgacccacca aagaacatct gaaggagcct tacagcatgt
    88441 caacagatga ttcttcagtg agagtggtgc atgtgatctt ttgacttgag atcactatgg
    88501 taccttgtgt gcacggactc ttactttggt ttattcccta gcacactact ttgagatgtg
    88561 tgggatattt tgagtatggc aaagtgtgca tgaagattgt aagtggtcaa caaggaatcg
    88621 atcactcctt gtaggaggag agaacatcct atgtgatctc ataggatggt gactctgaaa
    88681 gtctctggcc agagcaggga tgaatggtag aaatgatttt tactgattca tcaatcgagt
    88741 catcatcatt ggatcgagat acatatgttt aggtatttgg gtttgacata ttttcatacc
    88801 atggcctttt cgaaatattg tgtgatcgaa agattgaatt gcacagtaac tcgccataga
    88861 aagataattt tgatattttc atcaaatttt aaatcttttg gatagtcatg acacatcgct
    88921 agacatcaat cttgacttgt agactcgata gaattaaaaa agtttaattc tagaatcgat
    88981 taggaagagt cctagttgat tgagactctc gacctgacct aatctaattg gattaggata
    89041 ttgtcgagag tttggatcca ttgctggcta gatttgaaac ccaatgggtc acacacaata
    89101 aagatttgat tttgatctaa ttaatttgaa tttattgtaa attcaatggg ttaattgaat
    89161 tgctagcaca tgaattaatc caaattccca attgggttca gtgcaaaggt atttgtgcta
    89221 atctagtctt attgccttga cctaatatga ttagatttga actatttaat taattaatta
    89281 gttttatcta attttgtgaa agtgttccat gtggaaccaa tctcctccat gccaaaaagc
    89341 catggtcata ttaagggtca cgcccaaaat aaattataat gagaaagaag agtcctcatc
    89401 tactcctctt aattttatta ccatattcca cacatttcaa ttttttgtgt gccatctgtt
    89461 ggagctacgg gatgtgtgag catggaaaaa gagaaggagt ccttctgttg gaaggaactc
    89521 cacaccaatt tattttggat gcctccttta ttttgggcgt taaattggaa gagtccactt
    89581 catttgggac tcttaatttc cttaatattc catgcatttt cttcacccca cacgccatct
    89641 gatggctttt gggataatgt tggtgtagaa gtggaggagt ccttttgctt gaaggctctt
    89701 ccacacccaa aaacttctat ataaaaatta aacctttatg ggaagtaatg ggacatcgct
    89761 tgggatgttg ctgtgccaaa cattgattcc tctcttaaaa cctcttaatt cttacatgcc
    89821 tatttttttt ggacctgaga aaaaagagtc cttctactcc ttgacttctc catgctactt
    89881 ttaatgtggt aatttatttt tgccatgtgg aggagttggg atgccaagag ttggcatccc
    89941 ttggaggttg tttggcgccc cttggttacc tataaattag gtggcgctaa acctaggttg
    90001 gatgccccaa aaattgctag gaattggtgt gaagatgaga gaaaaatgag aggaaaatgt
    90061 ttggataaag acaaggataa gggaagagaa aatagaaaga aagtgagaag aaaaaaaaaa
    90121 tatgagatac ttgtcctaaa attagattgt tcatgtgttg aacgtaaaat ctgattagag
    90181 tgtagtttaa tactttgaaa aaggatttct agagaggtct tagtggaggt catgaaggca
    90241 tacaagcttt ggtgcatccc attcttgtga aagacaatca gcaccatgtc gagttggaaa
    90301 gggtcctgtt caatcctgtg tggatcaccg ttggaggact tttgctttga agtctcatag
    90361 agatctcaaa attatcagtt catggtcttc atggtggtgt atgacttctg gtcttcttct
    90421 catatgcata tttttgttat ttgattgtaa tcgtcaagga attcctaaga tttttgagtt
    90481 tcgatggatg agtttaattg ttaaacttaa tttttattgt tgtatgcatg ttaaaaaaat
    90541 tttgaaattt atattctact acatcatcga aactcaacac aatgttatca gagcctatct
    90601 tgatttatat aatcaaaggt tagattatta tcttgattgt gatcaagcat gtatttttgg
    90661 tttggttcaa gtcgggtcaa tagttgaacc caattgaaca tccgaaccct aacatatctt
    90721 aaagatatat tttagataaa taatattaaa tgtatgatgt atatatagaa tctttcttag
    90781 tagctttgta ctcaaattgg gattcatcac taggccgtcc ggtcataaga gcaagtaggg
    90841 ttcaaaaatc ctctcttccc attccatggg gtactcttat ggtgtgtaga ggtgccactg
    90901 tgttatccca agaagaagaa tagtgaaaaa ataatttata ttcatacatg ttattagtac
    90961 ttcatgcata tgatatgcta agatgttatg ttataatcat gttgtataat tatgttttca
    91021 tatcttagag atatgattag atgctatgtt tagttgttat gatataacta taatagtgca
    91081 tcaatataat tggttgaatt aggatgtgca tgagatcatt aaagtcctca taaaaattat
    91141 attaagttgt aatgttgtga accagtagct gacctatttc ttgaatcgat taatcatttg
    91201 gtgtctaagg agtatttcaa gtgtggtggt tctttaattg attctgttta ctggtccggt
    91261 caatttattg gtatctaaga aaagccatgg tgggactcac atcaatctta acacttttca
    91321 gactaattag attagttcga atcttgaatg aaggttgctc agtattttga acactacata
    91381 tgccttcctt catgcctagt caatgccttg tcaaaaatca tactaggctt gttgtgatat
    91441 ccacaaggct tgctatggag attgatatgg gtttgccttg gtgcatatta gatgctttaa
    91501 aacatatttt agatatattg ctttgttgtg atatccacaa ggatagaatt tttcagatat
    91561 gactgtatga aaatgtagga tctgatttaa ctacaaaata ctatagtttg ttgtgatatc
    91621 cacaagacta tgaatatttt tagagacaag gtttatgttg agaattgtat aagatataat
    91681 tggatagatt tttctactta tgaactcatt gacgtttgtt gtgatatcca taaggcttca
    91741 ttgagggatt aggatctcaa ccccgttaag aaatcatatt aggatttttc atttaccaca
    91801 ggagagggct atggtattcg ataaaatagt aggagacata actaattaaa aaaccttatc
    91861 tagttatgca tgtcaaacat gagtggtctg ctgatactat tattttttat ttatgtagat
    91921 ttaaatctgt attatagctt ctttattttt attacatgaa atcataaata aaaaatatat
    91981 tgaccgatcc aaactatgtg aattgattaa agaacttgta aattaggttc gtatcgaaga
    92041 agaactctga tattctggat atttttgatc ttgaaatggt cagtaataat gagaaggcaa
    92101 aagatgtccc catcgatatt atcagttaat tttgtgacaa atttggatat tgagagaata
    92161 attacaaaaa ttatcttgca agattgaagc agggtacaag tatagtacca aaaagtgtgt
    92221 atatgataca gacctatttt tcattgagtg attcagattc taatatttga tattggatac
    92281 catctatgga tcgcatattt gtaattcatt acagcgacta cagaatatca aaagtttgaa
    92341 aagagatgat cttgaacttt atgatgcaag tagagagtcc attagcacag aagctgtggg
    92401 aatctatatg cttgatttgt cttcagacaa aattttagaa ttgaaagatt gttattatat
    92461 gccaaaaatt attagaaaca ttatttctat acctttgtta ttaaaacgag gttatgaaat
    92521 aaagctaatg gaaaatggat gcttcacttt cttttctaat gaattttata gtagtggtta
    92581 tattgataac aatcttttaa ttcttgtact caataaaaat attttttata ttaaaaaaat
    92641 ataaaaaaaa tatgaatatc atatatttct ggtattgccg tgttgatcat attagtgagt
    92701 caaggataaa taagttatat aaagaagaat tctttgatcc gtatgattat gaatcattga
    92761 aaacttgtga atcttgtctc ataggtaagt tgaccaaaac tctattttct aaacatggag
    92821 agtagatgaa tgggttgtta gccctaatat atacagatat atgtggatcg ataacaacta
    92881 aagccaaagg aggatactcc tattttatca cctttacaga tgatctatca aggtttggat
    92941 atgtgtatct tatgaaacat aaatccaaag tctttgataa gttcaaagag tatcaatata
    93001 tggtcgaaaa ataaattaaa aaaaatatca agattcttca atttgatcaa aaaggagaaa
    93061 tacttatcca gtgaatttct tgattatctt aaaagtaaag atattctctc taaatggatc
    93121 cctccttata cacccctgtt aaatagtata gtagaaagaa ggaattatac tttaatagat
    93181 atggtgcagt ccatgatgtg cttcactgat ttctcaatat ctttctaaag atatgccgta
    93241 gagacagccg catatatttt aaatagagta ccttcaaagt ctgttacaag cacaccatat
    93301 aagatattga atggaaggaa gcctaatctt aaacatctta agatttgagg ctgtcccgct
    93361 tatgttaaaa atatttttga atataagctt agtactagat cagacaaatg taggtttgta
    93421 ggatatccta agaaaactaa tggatactac ttctaccatc ctactgaaca aaaggtattt
    93481 gttagtaggc acatcacttt cttgaaaaat gaattcatcc aagaagaaga tagtgggagg
    93541 aatattgaac ttattgaagt ttagaatcta gaaatcaatc taaaaatacc tatggttgaa
    93601 ccacaagaag atcctcaatc agaagtacct agggataagg tacatccaca atacacatct
    93661 cctctctgaa agttagatag agtgtgtcaa gcacctctga gatatgatgt tatcattgaa
    93721 aatgataatt tgatcaacat cattcaggat gatgatctac tgatctattc gaaagcagtc
    93781 ataagtagag actcagatag atggttggaa gccataaaat ctgagataaa ttcgatgtac
    93841 accaaccaag tgtggacttt ggttgatgca cctgagggtg tgaccctaat agagtgtaag
    93901 tggatcttca agaagaaaat cgaagtagat ggtcaagtag aaacctacaa agctagtttg
    93961 gtggagaaaa attttagaca aaggtaagaa attgactatg atgaaatctt ctcactagtg
    94021 gctatgctca agtctattag gattttactt gctatagcag catactatga ctataagatc
    94081 tagtagatgg aagtcaagat cgctttcctc aatagtaatc ttgaggaaga gatctatatg
    94141 actcagtcag agagatttat ctcaagtgga agggcaaatc aagtatgcaa gctaaaaaga
    94201 ttcatctatg gattgaagca gacttcgagg agctggaata tccaatttga tatgatagtc
    94261 aaagagtttg gctttatcaa aaataaggat gaactatgtg tgtataagaa gataattgag
    94321 agtgctgttg tctttttggt tctgtatgtc gatgacatac tggttattgg gaataacatc
    94381 ccaatgatgc aatcggtcaa gacttggcta tcgaataagt ttttcataaa agacttgggt
    94441 gaagcatcct atatacaggg tataaagact atagagatag atctaacagg atgttaggct
    94501 tattccaatc acggtacata gatctcatat taaaaaaatt taatataaag ataagtaaga
    94561 gatgttacct atttgcaagt catggtatac gtctctctaa gaaaatatgt cctaagacac
    94621 cagaagagag gaaaaggatg aatgggatcc cttatgcctc gactgtgaga tcaattatat
    94681 gtttcatgct atataccaag cctgatgtag cttatgtttt agacatagct agcatatttt
    94741 aggctgatcc agaggaagat cattgaaaag ctgtgaaaaa tattctgaag tacttaagga
    94801 ctaaagatat ttttcttata tatggagaag gatcagaatt gaaactagaa gaatatacaa
    94861 attttaattt ttaatctgat ccaaatgata gttagtcaat atcaggatat gtgtttactc
    94921 taaatagtgg agcagtgagt taaaaaagtt tcaagcagca gacagtagct gactcaacta
    94981 ccgaggcaga gtacatcgct gctagtaaag ccactaggaa gctgtctgga tgaagaagtt
    95041 catcatggag ttaggagtca tttttgagat taaacgatcg atgccactct attgtgataa
    95101 cactggagcc gttattcaaa ctaaggaatc tagatctcat caaaaatcta agcacatcct
    95161 tagacatttc catctcattc gagaaattat cgagagataa gatgttgtcc ttgaacgaat
    95221 tgacacaaag agcaatatag cagacccatt cactaaggcc ataccatagc agctatttga
    95281 tcaccatctt gattgtataa gattgaaata caaaggtgat tggctttaat gcaagtggga
    95341 gattaaaaga gtgccctata aaccaatcgc aagtatattg tgatggaatt tttttttata
    95401 attttttaac tcatgtaatg atatttatta tttgataata aaatgagata ttgattcatc
    95461 atgttagctg catcttatta tgtctaagat tataatgaac tccaaagatt agggtaataa
    95521 ttttaggaga catgaatgga tcatgttagt aaaatctaaa accctaaaat cttaatctta
    95581 aatatttttg atcgtagaag cattgagttg aggatcaatg ttctagatag actggcacat
    95641 cctatgtatg ctcgatggag agggtggtag atctcactag ccacttgtgt atgggatact
    95701 aatacaagga tgtgagtgtt catttggaaa tgagtctact gaattgactc aatgaaagaa
    95761 aacatcttat ggaacccttg catgtcaaag atggttctct aagtgggagt tgtacaagtg
    95821 atccttagat ctgagatcac catggtgtct tgtgcacatg aatccatatt ttggttcata
    95881 cccaagcatg gcattaagac aaatatgaaa tcttttggat atgatggaat atgtgttgga
    95941 tgtatgtcct aaaagctaat cttgactgat gcatatcata ttactaggac ataattttat
    96001 acttaaaggg cacttataat accattcatg ttttatgtgt ccatgaatca tccaaggaat
    96061 taacaagatg atgacacata ttctcaaaga gttgagaatt tgagatgtgt cattgatggt
    96121 tgttcctaaa ttacaactgg ttataagatc atcatggaga tggtgattga tccagataga
    96181 tcagtgcatg gatcacttct ttcggataaa tgagtctcga gtctgcggtg tagtgacact
    96241 agagtgagag tgcagatggt tgttagagaa tactagtact gagcatgact aacacgaaaa
    96301 gtcacatgaa tgtctgctca ctcactagtg actttctcga tactgcagtg gtgtgactga
    96361 tcctttgact tgtagtgcta cagctgctcg cagtgaggct gctagaattt gactacacaa
    96421 atattgactt aatgagtctt tgtagtggat gttggcgata attgatccac tgtaggagta
    96481 gggtgtgcac ctaaatagaa tctatcgatc ctagcagaag aaaataatcc tatgagattt
    96541 aagaagttga gttcttaagt ctatggctat agcagtatca ttgatagaaa agagttttca
    96601 tgagaatcac atatggactc gagctaattg aatctattat atgatcgatg atgaagtttg
    96661 atgattcatc catgacctgc tatctgatcg aaacttacga tagagagact gtatcataca
    96721 ttaactatac ctagaagttc atcacctttt attctactag gttgtcacta cataccgcta
    96781 ggtatcactg gtaaattatg agatttatga gcatcatctt gatgatcgat gatccttgat
    96841 ggacagagtt agaatggttt caatccatta aaaaaaattt tgatgatatt atgatagaga
    96901 tcataatata tctcactact agatagaata aaatctatgg gatcacacac aaggagactt
    96961 ttgactgatc agatggttga attatgatta tgaatcatga tagaatttaa ttatcaattt
    97021 gattgatgat taatctaatg caaaagttat aattaagtaa ctcgttaaag agttagtgag
    97081 ttataggagg attaattagc aattaaatta ctaattggct caatttgatt gagtaatagg
    97141 acttgcatca agtctaattg aattagattt aatttaactt gatatgggtt tgatgtgatc
    97201 aagcctaatt gagttatgag ataaccaaat tgtatggaag aataattttt tgtttgatta
    97261 gtatttggat ttgacttaat ttctaattag actaggatct aataaagtat ttgggttctt
    97321 atttagatta agaattctct tctttaaagg tatactaaat tttaattaga ttaggattaa
    97381 attgagtttg actcaagcac taaaagagag tccaaaaaga ctaagactcc tcttttaatt
    97441 agatgacatc taatttaaat agtttgagct cctaattaaa ttagaatttt aatctattta
    97501 ggtctaatca atttttaata tgattaaaat taattaatat tttatttgat ttaaatctgc
    97561 catctaaaga ggagtcccat atggattaaa ctctttcctc catgcaccat aaactagccc
    97621 catgccaact tgattttgga tgccacgtcc cactcctttt tgcatgaggt tttttagcgt
    97681 gtaagaagcc ctctcaaact ccttctctgt gagataatat gggcgcaaat aggagagttg
    97741 tgggcggcat caaaaaggct agaatcctag gagagttgga ctctcatctc ctacctaaaa
    97801 tcaatctcct ctcctattta aacaaagcat cttatgggac gtgtaaccaa tcaaatgtga
    97861 tcaggttttg acacccaaaa gaaggggaga cgtgcatgga aaaatcaaag ggacaaaggc
    97921 atgggatgaa ggtcatgggt gtgaggtaag tcggattata tctcttcttt tttaccaaca
    97981 atcaaaagtt gattgttagg acctcttctc ttccatcttt tgtcctattt tggacatgat
    98041 ttttctctcc tcttagtcca agagttggat aaaattctta aattttcagc atagagattt
    98101 ggtgcataga ttttaggaag aaaagagaag aaagggttct cctcatgatc tctagcgtag
    98161 agatcatcat cctcctattt tcttcttctt ctctaagatt gtcttgagag aaaagaagat
    98221 tgttcaacaa tcaagatgtg atctctgcaa atgagctagc accctgatga gatcaagaag
    98281 cttctgatca gattgaagtc tcgtatggat attcgtaaag gtcagatact tatgcagttt
    98341 caagaaatct ttaaaaaata tccatgatca tcagttcacg atgtagatca acccgagcca
    98401 agatatgaag attagatctt ctctatttat ttttttctat ttgatttcta tatctaaatc
    98461 ctatctcaca tatatagatc ctgttgtatg atttaaagat ttgatcttat gtatgcttag
    98521 attaaattag atttaatttg aatttttgaa tttctactgc gtactcgttt caaaattttt
    98581 gtattcatga aatcatgaaa ctctaatagt ggtatcaaag ccacgtcatg tgcatgagat
    98641 tagaatttag atctaaaata tgtagaaaaa aattttagat ctaaaaattt tttatatcat
    98701 tctgatataa ggttgccccg gcataatttg ttatgctgta tggttgtcct agaacgatat
    98761 taaaattttt gattaaatta aaattttaaa tctaattttt tatcatatat gtgatatata
    98821 ttttattatt tagatctaaa aagaattttg agatctattt cgattcatat atatgatata
    98881 tgaaagtata tttaggactg aaattatttt ctataaccta aattttattc atgtatatga
    98941 tatatgtttg tatgtatgat ctgaaaatta ttttgagaat aaaatatatt tttcatgcaa
    99001 agaatttaga tctaaaaatt tagatttaag atctaaaatt agtgtttatg catgagagat
    99061 tggtcatggg tagatcaagt taggtcatat aattggatta catctagaat ttttgatttg
    99121 atcataatgg atataaatcg atttagcagt tgatcaaacc aaatcaagta ttgattagga
    99181 ttaggtcaat ggagcttaag atcatataat tgttgttgat tgatcgattg acacccatat
    99241 gtagaatcga ttaacctaaa gatctaattc ggctctatga ctcgaatctg attcacctaa
    99301 gctaacctat ttgaactaat taatcaattg atgtctaaga taaataatta aaatatgatt
    99361 atttaattag tttcgttcac tgacctgatc aatttatttg tatctaagaa aaacaacgag
    99421 ggaccccatc aatctctact tatctgacca atttaaaaga ttgagtctca aatacgatta
    99481 tttgatgatt tgatttaacc catgccaatt agatcagtca tgtgatgatt gattagataa
    99541 gacctaaatc caaatctctc cataaatatt aagtccaatg atcttccatc attgtagata
    99601 tgcgagcgtg ctatcggcat tgattattct cgactggtca agtggttcag ttgcatcgag
    99661 aacatgcaac cactctatta gcaaagagtt gcctcaaggt aaagatgggg ttggacccaa
    99721 taactattag gtgagggttt taatgacgac tttgcacctg cttgtgaatg gtaggtctga
    99781 cttaactaag aagtttgggc aataagtgtt agatgagccc acatgactta gagatcaagt
    99841 tgctgtaaca tgcttagaga agtatctaga caaagagttg tccatacatc ggtgtacgtg
    99901 ttatcaataa ctattagatg aggtgtacag tattggtggg atcgcagcat ccactaaaaa
    99961 ttcagttgtc atgttagaat tttcatttct ctatcaggag agtgtgagag atctgataaa
   100021 atagtgagag tctttttgca tctaaaagtt tttagaataa attataaatt aagtataaac
   100081 atccaactag aatctttgct ctctactgtt tattgtgtca gctttcaatc ctctagctca
   100141 aatcctagat atcaaccgtt taaccaaaac caattacata gaatggctca caaacttaag
   100201 aatcgttctt aattttaaaa aaattaaaca atattctcta ccagatcatc taatgttaac
   100261 tgccggtcca acccaaagtc aacgagctat acttgatgag tggatagaca atgacaataa
   100321 agataggtgc tatatgttga agtccatatt aggtgaactc caacgtatgc atgagcacat
   100381 attcactacc aacgatacat tgattcatct acaagtattg tgaggtgatc agagtcgcac
   100441 agtgcatgag atgcacgatg ggcagttagt ctataatcat tatttgatga tgatcaagga
   100501 tattaaggag cttaaaaggc tcgacataat catgcacaag aaattactta tagatttaat
   100561 cctacgatcc ctttttagtt catatggatg gtttatgata aactaccata tgaatgacct
   100621 tattggcatc ttatctgaat tggtcaaaat attgttaaca aaggaacctt aaaaagttta
   100681 gaggtacata cctggagagc ctaaagaaac aaggacatgc ctggagtagg cttgttgaaa
   100741 ttgctcaata tcatccttac gattttctct tctttcagtt gagttttaga ctctagtact
   100801 tttatgcatt ttaatataga gtcagtggga aggtagaggg ctgaggaagt aatccttaaa
   100861 atggcaatag gacaagagtt tctactgtgg ccatgagtat ctgtcttttg tgattatcat
   100921 ttgaatttag ttcttagaga taatttctat catttgcatg gtgatgcatc tgtgaactta
   100981 attgagcaag tagtgaatgc cattggatct gagagatcca aagttgagat aaactttaag
   101041 tatatgtgga atcttttgct aggtcatata gaagaagaaa tgattaacaa actgaagaaa
   101101 tatgagcttt tggactcatt cactattgag tcacatctag tttgtgcatt atctctttga
   101161 gaaaaaataa tcaagctact cttgtgggac aagaggaaaa agatcactga gatatttatc
   101221 ctagtacaca tttgatatgt gtagcccatt tgatgtacta ataaagtgag ttgtctctac
   101281 ttcgttatct ttaccgatgt tggtgcaaaa ttcagccgaa gccggagttg ctggagttga
   101341 gatgaccgcg gtcgccgtcg agacctgcaa gggaagtcta aactggagtt gggggtactc
   101401 cagcaagacc ctccgacgct caagtcagta ctctgcttca acagaaatgg agtgctcgag
   101461 cgagaatttt agcagaattt tgagatagag tttagagcat agagaagaat atatctgggg
   101521 gtcccctttt tataagcgga gagcataact gattgacagc gacgtctgta accacctggt
   101581 agtgggccgt tcagagccgc acggagtttg ttacgaaggg tagtggcgtc aggggttgtt
   101641 cagggccaca tgaagtttgt tacagagagt ggagtggtgt ccgttgtcgc gactcgccag
   101701 agagtggtgg agccatgctg aatccattgc agagtggagt aggatagtgg ctgttgtcgt
   101761 gacttgccag agagttcaga tctatcggct ggagctcagc tgggatgtct gatggaatgg
   101821 ctctctatcc catcgatcta ggagaagctc agatatttct gaggttgctg atgagtctac
   101881 tattatcaga tgcctcaggc gctaatgcta caggcaggag tcatctgctg tagaagctcg
   101941 aatggaggct ttctgttggt gaagtccgac aggagtccga ttgctaggga agtccgtttg
   102001 agatttgcct gatgtggaag ctcgtctgaa gattatctgc tggagaagtc cgattttatg
   102061 aagaatctgg tggagggtcg gccggcggtg gactttggat ggcgttgggg aggttcgtcc
   102121 gctggaggag tctggggatc ctgtgaaagt ctggatggcg ttgcagaagt ccggctgatg
   102181 ctattgaagg ctgatggctg gggaggttcg gcagacactg gaggcgatcg gccgttgtag
   102241 aaatccagct gccgatgtcc gtccgtcata gaagctcgtc cgatatccat tcgctatgaa
   102301 agtttggacg gagtctgatt cttgtagaag gctgaaagga gattgcttat tgtagaagct
   102361 cgatcaaaga tcgattatcg tggaagctcg gagtagcaac ctgatcggtg gatcctgtcc
   102421 cattgtacaa gctcgtctag gatccgacta cgaagaagct cggctgaagt ctatctgtaa
   102481 tagaagttcg aaagaaattt atttacagta gaggctcgaa tggaatttac ttatagtaga
   102541 tatctgaggt agaccgcccg ctgtaggagt ttggggtaga ccgcctgctg taggagtttg
   102601 gagtagaccg ctcgtagtag aagtttagag tagaccactc gtagtagaag ttcggctctc
   102661 gcagaagctc gatttgaatc ctgaaggcgg tcgactgtcg tagaaacttg gatggagtct
   102721 gattactgta gaaatctcat tatcagagaa gctcggatat tgacgaagtc tgaaaaaagt
   102781 ttggagaata gttgttcact gtagaaggtc ggctgatagt gaggcccaga gagcctttgg
   102841 agcggcccga tagatagatg gagaagctca ttatcgaaga agtccggatg gtattatgga
   102901 agctcggacg gtcgaggggg ttcagagaga cgccacacaa ggtcggaagc cagaaaaatc
   102961 ctggaagggt cggtccttta caaacttcag ctggggatat tttataccca acaccagtcc
   103021 tcctacttcc gagttcgagt ttcgaaagaa ggatgtacag agaaattctc atagtcaaag
   103081 ttgccccctc tcgattttcg cactcgatgg ttgccagata ttttggcgtt tggcacgctg
   103141 gtgccggagt cttttcaaat cgaagcgatc caaaaagatt ttttcaaaat ttctgctggg
   103201 gcgtggctct aggtacggtg caataatgac tttgtcagct gtcagccatt ttcagcagcc
   103261 tgtcatagtg agtgagacac gcggcaagtg taggtcggcc agaggagatc cgcaatcata
   103321 actgctccgg gccctgttgc ctatttaaac ccatcttcct ccttcagggg tttcactttg
   103381 cctgagagag tccctcgatc ccctcctctt ctccaagagc tccagcatcc ttctcggcct
   103441 taggcatcct ccaagtcgac ttccatcatc cttgctgtct tcctgcactc ctcgggccaa
   103501 cctaggttac ttctgaaact tcttgccatt tctgttcttt cttcttcgta ttccgttcgt
   103561 ttagcttcct tgagagcttg ttttctgttt ttcccatttt tttttcggga tttttgtggc
   103621 ttctatttga tccaaaatgt cttccgatat ctcctcttct agtggttcta aaagttcgtc
   103681 agccctagtt tcccaaagtc cttgtaccat agacagatcc gtagtcggga ccgaacctca
   103741 tccgatcttt acgccggaca ccatccctag ctctttgact ctggatgaac tctcactgat
   103801 aaggattcag tatggagttc ctctggagta tgagctggag cttcccggac caactgaccg
   103861 ggctagcgcc cctcctcccg gtcgcttctg tctataccag gaggatttcc atgccgaact
   103921 tcggcttcca cttctgcctt ttatcgtcgc tctcttttat tttctgaata tttctctagt
   103981 ctcagtagca cgaactcctt tagattttta ataggatttc tttctctttg tagtttagct
   104041 gaaattcggt agactctttt tttgtttaga aatttctaca ccttcaggcg tcatccctcg
   104101 gcaaaagact ggtggtactt ctcccctcag ttcggtagaa aggggttgct gaaaggcgcc
   104161 ccctcttcta tccacaactg gaaggagagg ttcttctatg tccgatgtcc aactttggag
   104221 ctagaattac ccccttaggg ctctctgagg gattccgtct atcgggcttc tagcctggaa
   104281 agggacgacc tcgaagcctc caaaaagctc gaggcctatc aagcccccct cctctccgaa
   104341 cttctaaagg aacaactttt gttcaacgtt ggcctgagtc ctcttaaccc taccggtacc
   104401 attttttttg gcttcttccc ctttctttta ttccatatct aagccatgtt gatcttcttt
   104461 tattacagac atggatgcag gcatggctcg gaggttagcc cagggtctca agacccacaa
   104521 gagaaaagat gcctcgactt cggggtcagt gaagaaagcc aggacaaaag ggacaagctc
   104581 gaccgtgcct gctcaggtgg tcattgccgt cgacgtccct tccgacgtcg aacccgaagt
   104641 cccccgagcc ctttcaagga gccccccgat cgaggatctc gctccagagg ctcgtcctga
   104701 gggggcatcc ggggccgaag gaaggaggag aaagaagatc ctggcccgga agagccacag
   104761 tcgtaaggct gccgtcgagg gggctggcgg ctccgaggaa gacctgggag aaaatttctt
   104821 caacaacagg gatttaataa agagactgat cgaagggtgc attctgcctg aggtcgtcta
   104881 gaggatcgtc cttactgatc ctgagctgtg ggtctgggac tcactgagat ctttcctcga
   104941 agtaggttaa ctcacttttt tctccttctt acttctttac ttaatttatt ctttagcctt
   105001 tatattgact ctccgacctt tcttgcagat tggacaccag cttgtcgcca aagtcgaggt
   105061 agtgaagatc gtcaagaggg aggcagctcg ggtggaagaa ggtcgcctgg ctggggccgc
   105121 ccgcctcgag gagaagatcg ccgaggccct aagtctccaa aaggtgctaa aaaaggaggg
   105181 acaaacctca tccgatctga ggatcgcctt ggaggaggag agaaaaaagg ctgaggccga
   105241 ggtctccgaa ctgaaggcat aaatttttga attaaaggtg caggttttcg agctgaaagc
   105301 acagatccca tccctgatct cggaggcagg ggcctgagca gtggaggagt tcaaggcctc
   105361 ctctgagatg gaggatctaa agatccagtt cggctaggat gccttcatca agggtttcga
   105421 actctatcaa gagaaggtgg ctggaaggtt tttcgaactg gatctcagct tcctggatga
   105481 ggtgtccgac gatgaagccg gaccatccga aattgctgtc ggtcctcttc cagttgggac
   105541 ctcatcgacc actgcggccg ccgctgtcga tctttcggag atgccgagcc cctccacttc
   105601 tgccccagag gtccagaacc tctagcttta tattttttct ttgtggtgac ttttcttcat
   105661 tctcttgtac ttgaaaatta ttttatcaat taaatcggat tcttctttac agaggactcc
   105721 ttttccttct tctgcattct ttccttctct tttatcttct tgtactaaat cgagtcatgg
   105781 cgcttttgtc tcccaatgat agtgccctgc tgaagctctt ctcctgccac aggagatttc
   105841 tttgaagtcg atgatctgag acctcagaag aaaagttcgt cagttgatga agaaatccaa
   105901 gaagctggaa gatgaacttc accgactgag gaagagccat tcgaaagtta ctgcaaaggc
   105961 tgttcgcttt caggacctcc acagaaagga tctcatggaa tacacccgaa ggaaggccga
   106021 cttcgtgaca gagcttgagg aactccgaaa atgtgccagc gaccgatctt ggactcaggc
   106081 ttccaagatc agctcccttg aagtcgagct ggcggctgca ctggagaaga tcggccagtt
   106141 gtaagggagc tcgtcctggc tcacaatcca agccgaccgc gatcgagact aatcgaagaa
   106201 gttctccgac cttcaaaagc agctgcagga cgctaaggcg aactacaacg cctaccgagt
   106261 cggctggagc gggcaagtag aggactaccg aaagaagctc cagacgacga ccgatgaagt
   106321 tgcccgcctt cggaggcagt tgtctgagag agtccagctt gcctctgcac aaggctccga
   106381 cgagctccat gcttgagggg gactatggca gaactgtctg tggcacttgg gcgggaggag
   106441 gccgaactgc agcggctgaa gattcagcta gtccacgagc agcaggcgat caaagatgct
   106501 gaagcggagt ccgaggtcct gaggaagaaa ctccgagagt tggagggtga gagccgacgg
   106561 ttccaccaga tgtaccggga tatgctgctg agaaagatgg aactagagga agaagtcgaa
   106621 aacttaaggc aatccctaat aaggaccgaa atcgagagct caaattcgaa agaagctggg
   106681 cttccttaga gctcctttct tttttttgtt atttctcttt tttggccttc aaggctttgt
   106741 aatgtacact tcactaataa aatgaaaaag aaatttttca ttaccttgtc cattcttgta
   106801 ttaaattgtt gtttactgaa cttctttgtc ttccgtcttg cttggcgtcg gcgttgttta
   106861 tgattcctca tctattcttg ctttgagtca ttgtttaccg aatttctttt atcttttgtc
   106921 ttgttcgatg ccgacgttgt ttgaaagttt tcgatcgtca ccgtgttgat tttctctttt
   106981 ctgttcgtga ccgtaggtct tttcgaggcc atttgagttt gacgcttcct cccggtgctc
   107041 gagcttgggg actcgaactt ctcgttactt tgagaaagtc gattaatcct cggcctgtgt
   107101 cgagtttcct tttagtgact gaggattttt tgataggagt atccttcctc attaagatga
   107161 ggtcccttgt gtctttgatg tagtttgttt ttcacttatc gctggtgtag ttcgtcgctt
   107221 tcccttttca tctccccctc tctttttttt ttttgtgttc gagtgaggat tttccctctg
   107281 ctcttaatgg ggtcgtgaga gcgtagagga gccattgagg aggccttcct cctcatccga
   107341 tcttgatcga ctgagtcttt atttacatca ggatgaggct ctcctcttat tctggacagt
   107401 caatttcagc tcatgttagg atgaggttct ccttctgttc ctaacagggc tgtggaggca
   107461 cgtaagggcc actgcaaggg cctctccccc aaaccagtct ttaagtaacc aggctttcga
   107521 ctttgctcat gttaggatga ggttctcctc ctattcctaa caaggctgtg ggggcacata
   107581 agggccattg cgtgggcctc tccccccatc cggtctttaa gtaaccgagc cttcgacttt
   107641 gctcatgtta gaatgaggtt ctcctcctgt tcctaacaag gctgtggggg cacataaggg
   107701 tcgttgcaag ggcctctcct cccatccggt ctttaagtaa ccgggtcttc gactttgctc
   107761 atgttaggac gaggttctcc tcctatttct aacacgctta atttcgacta aatgagggag
   107821 ttacttcctg tcgttataag ctcatgctaa aaggataaat atgtaaatat aaaactttta
   107881 tttaaagcaa agctattggt aatatattca tagatttttt gaatcctata gccgcggaag
   107941 gtctgctccc cgtcggggtc ctcctgagat ggagttgatg attccaatca gaggccggtc
   108001 ttcaggctgc tcctccctcc ttggcggctc cgactgtggc aggaccctag gccggtcttc
   108061 cctaccttca ggtcggcgtt gaatgaatct gtcgagccga cctcatctga taagctcctc
   108121 gatctcatct cagatctgaa tacactcctc cgtgtcgtga ccgtggtcat gatgatagag
   108181 gtaaaacttg ttaggattgc acttttcgag gtgtgtgcac atcctttccg atcttggcag
   108241 ctgttcccta acctccatca gcacttgagt tttcgatgtg ttgagagggg cgtagctgtg
   108301 gaaccttccc gggggagagc tccgtcgaac tctatgtttc gagctcctct gcctatgagc
   108361 tcggggagga gtctggacac gcttgtgtct ggagggagtt cgagaacgtg gccgagtgaa
   108421 gcgggcttgc tggagtcccc cacctgtcgc tgattcgcag cctcctcgtc cttcatcttg
   108481 aaggcttctt ctgctcgggc atattcttcg gcccgagcca gcaaatcagc aaagtccctg
   108541 ggatatttct ttttcaggga aaacagaaga tcgttctttt gaagaccccc cttcagggca
   108601 gccatcgtga ccgattggtt caagtttcgg acctctagtg cctcgacgtt aaagcggttg
   108661 acgtaggctc ggatggattc tccctccttc tgcttgatgt tgataaggaa cttcgaacct
   108721 ctccggagat gccggctgct aacaaaatga gccacaaact ggtggcttat ctgatcaaag
   108781 aaaaagatag tactcgactt cagcgtcgag taccagtttc ttgctgctcc cttcaaggta
   108841 gatggaaaag ctcgacacag gatggcgtct ggcgtgccat ggagcagcat cattgtctgg
   108901 aaggcctcca ggtggtcaac cggatctgag atcctgtcgt agctttcgaa ttgagggagc
   108961 ttgaagttta acgggatcag ttcctgcatg atcatttgag aaaaaggagg gtcagtacaa
   109021 atgtcctcac cataagcagg gggagcgtgg cggagctctt cgatccgtcg gttcatctcc
   109081 tggagtcttc gatccaagag gtcctctcga ctgtgagtct caagggtctt ctggcagagt
   109141 gtgggtaggg agcctccggg agtggaatcg agatcagact gggggctctc caccctcgga
   109201 ttcccctttt cggggaagac agggcaactg gcccaagtgg cccaccctac taccaaattt
   109261 tagaactccg gcgatgctct tttcaaccgc actgacgtct acggttgttg ctgctgctgc
   109321 atggcctgca ctgctttggt gagacctctg acctactgaa ccagcaggtc gaattgctcc
   109381 atgccgacca ccattgtcgg aggaggagga ggagcctggg aaactggagg cgaggttgga
   109441 gcttgagatc tggccgtgga ggccgtggat cgcctggtgg atgcctttcg gggaggcatc
   109501 aggtggagat ctagtaggag aaggagaaga agatgtcgga gaagatgacc gaaggtagtc
   109561 cccttgagca ctccttaaag aacaagggta ctgcgaagac acagccgccc ttcctctagc
   109621 gtcaattcta ttggtgcaga attccatcga aatcggagtt gctggagttg agatgaccgc
   109681 gatcgccgtc gggacctgca agggaagtct aaaccagagt tgggggtgct ctggcaagat
   109741 cctccgacgc tcaagtcaat actctgcttc aatagaaatg gagtgctcga gtgagaattt
   109801 tagcagagtt ttgagataga gtttagagct tagagaagaa tgtatctggg agtccccttt
   109861 ttataggcga agaacgtaac tgattgacag cgacgtctgt aaccacctag tagtgggccg
   109921 tttagagccg cgcggagttt gttacggagg gtagtggcat caggggtcat tgagggccat
   109981 gtggagtttg ttacggagag tggagtggtg tccgttatca tgactcgcca gagagtggtg
   110041 gagccatatg aaatccattg cagagagtgg agtaggatag tggccattgt cgtgacttgc
   110101 caaagagttc ggatctgtcg actggagctc ggttgggatg tctgatggaa tggctctcta
   110161 tcccgtcgat ctaggagaag cttgagtatt ctatnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   110221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   110281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnaggggg agttcgagat gagcatgatg ggagaactca ccttcttcct
   110341 cggactccaa atcaaacaat caaaagaggg aatctccatc actcaaagca agtacaccaa
   110401 ggaactactc aaaagatttg gaatggagaa ctgcaaacca attggcacac caatgagtcc
   110461 ctcatgtaag cttgacaagg atgatgaagg taaatgtgta gacttaaaat actatagagg
   110521 tatgattggc tcattattat atttaactgc aagtaggcct gatatcatgt ttagtgtttg
   110581 tttatgtgca agatatcaat ctaatcctaa agaatcttat ttgaatgctg ttaaaagaat
   110641 ccttagatac ttaaatggta ctcaaactct aggattatgg tactctaagg actcacaaat
   110701 tgatttatta ggatattcag atgctgattt tgctggatgt aaattagata gaaaaagcac
   110761 aagtggaact tgccaatttc ttggagttaa cctaatctca tggtttagca agaaacaaaa
   110821 ttcgatggca ctgtctatgg ctgaggccga atacattgca gccggaagtt gttgtgctca
   110881 aatcttgtgg attaagcaac aactcgaaga ctttggaatc aaacttaatg aaataccaat
   110941 aagatgtgac aacacaagtg ccataaatct atctaaaaat ctaattcaac actcaagatc
   111001 caaacatatt gaaataagac atcattttat aagagaacat gttcaaaata aaaatataat
   111061 tcttgaatac gtttgcactg aaaatcaatt agctgatatc tttacaaagg cccttagtga
   111121 ggataaattc tgtgaaatta ggagaaatct aggaattcta gatccttatg cctaaatctt
   111181 tctcaatttc caagaattga ttcttagagc tcaatttcca acatcaatcc tgatcccaaa
   111241 agctcaaatt tattattcta aaaacttatc tttgagcaaa acttcttctc ccaaaatttc
   111301 gaattttttt ggaatttatt cacatttttt tgaatttctg aacttcatga gtcgaccccc
   111361 atgagtcgac tcaatggcaa acttgttatt tcctcaaact tcccacgggc tcattgtttt
   111421 tataagggtc cctgttcgtg agacgactca tccgatcatc ttcttccttc caaaagccga
   111481 cttctccaat tctttttgct ccaaatccaa ggatttattt cgaggcaatt ctccctcctc
   111541 ctctccacca aaaattgcca ccttggaaag ggatttttgt gctttctccc attgtttggc
   111601 acggttggaa cgtgccctag cactccaccg ttcttcccaa atccacttct tttctccacc
   111661 aaaatccctc ttcactctct tgtgatccct cctccactca ctcacgtgtt cctccaagtc
   111721 ttctagtctg ctactgtagt gtatatggct ccgaagatga aacttcccca aagaagaaag
   111781 tcaatccgtg agcctgaaga aattgtccga aagaaaaggc aagctggtca gtcttccagt
   111841 gctcccactc caggttcagt atctgctcaa ggtccccctc aatcccttct aagccccagt
   111901 aagaatcctc tttctgatag aaaagtcgaa accaagaaga atatagattt tcgattcttt
   111961 gagaaagagg gttttacatt tgcaagtaaa attaaaaacc aaggatggga attctactgc
   112021 tcccttaagg aagtcaccta tgttgaccta gttagaaaat tctaccagaa cctacattat
   112081 ggaaatgggt cagtgacttc aacagtcaag ggaattgata tttgcttgga ttctagtata
   112141 ttgggagaaa tacttcagtt gcctagtgag ggttactctt atatggaact cccagtaaaa
   112201 gaagagggga tcagaattat tttaggagaa acttattcag gaagtttaaa taaattggaa
   112261 gcaaagattt tgtccattga gatgaggatc ctgcatcaga tggtaacgaa gctcttcttt
   112321 cctaggagtg gtaggcatga cttactttcc agcagagatg tttgaatcat gtttcatgtc
   112381 atcactcaga cccccctgaa cctccctgca cttatgatag aggccatgag agaaactttg
   112441 aacagatcca aggcacactt gccttatggt atggccctta ctagagtatt taggaggttt
   112501 ggagttagct gtgaggggga ggcttctact aagctctctc atgtggacac tttcaaccaa
   112561 cacaccctac accgaatggg atttacaaag actgatggtg gttggatcaa gggctctgaa
   112621 gaaagagctg aggagagagc tgaggagaga gctgaagaca gaactgaaga cagagctgaa
   112681 gaagaaggtc catcatctcc tgtccatgac ttcagggcag catcaccaaa tatccagttc
   112741 attcctgata cagaggctgg cccttcagag tttactagga tgcccacacc agtgtatcag
   112801 ccagagagta gagcacctca atcagagttc agactggctg acgatcagat cgagcagata
   112861 tcacagcgtg tggcttcttt gctatctagt cagtggagta gtacttcttt tgcacctgga
   112921 gccacttctt ctgatcagac catgactcct cacatctcca ctgtgtttta gatgatatca
   112981 gatcagtcca tccggattca gcagcttgaa gacacagtct ggagactgac tggcagagtt
   113041 cttgacttgc aggggcaagt ccttgctttg gcccatccta agccacagga gtccactatt
   113101 gaggtcacag acctcactgc agaggctggc aggctcagag gagcactgga gggtggatat
   113161 gagttactga ggaaagagat ccgaggatcg agtgagcatg caaccactca gttcactgct
   113221 ctacttcaat ctatttccaa agcactgaac gtacttgatt ccattagact caccctttct
   113281 gttcagtcct tagcctctca acgttctcag ccacccagtt cttctcgctc tcctgctcgt
   113341 gccagaggca aacggggtag aggacgcact tctgatccat cagcttctca tcccatatct
   113401 gatgactccg atccatgact tctcatgatc attactagat cctaggtgtt agtgtcttgt
   113461 tctaggatct gtattttggg gccaggtatt gacaattagc tggttgactt ttgtattaag
   113521 aactatgtaa tgaaacaatt atagttttat ggaatcatct tttacttata tctctacctt
   113581 ttgtaatgat gtcgatcata ttttggttat atatattctc cttgttgaaa tattatcttc
   113641 tctttgttgt tgtttgctgt taataattgc tgtatttagg gggaacaaac atctgtgata
   113701 aactctaaag ggggaaaaat taaagaatgt ttcagaaaaa ggaggagtta accatgtttg
   113761 atgatgtcaa aaagggggag aaattaaaca aaaaattgga gaaattaaac aaaaatgatg
   113821 agcaattaaa caaaaagtaa ttcaacaaaa gcaaaaccat aaatgatgag caattaaaga
   113881 aaaagcaatc catcaaaagc aaaactacaa attatgagaa attaatgaat gaattggaaa
   113941 atttaaagaa caatatcaaa agtacaatgc taagtacaat gcaaataagt aactttaaat
   114001 tacttcttta catatgctct gatttgagaa attaatgaat gaattggaaa atttaaagaa
   114061 caatatcaaa agtacaatgc taagtacaat gcaaataagt aactttaaat tacttcttta
   114121 catatgctct gatttgcttt aaaaatttaa atatgctctg atatacttca aaattccaac
   114181 ttgctctgat acatcttttg aaattttatt taccttgata catcttaaga aatttaactt
   114241 actctgatac atcttaaaat ttttttttaa cttgctctga tacattataa aatttgctct
   114301 gatacattgt gaaattttct ttgatacatt gtaaaatctt ttctgataat attgtaaaaa
   114361 ttatttttct tgctctgata cattgcaaaa tttatttttc tcttgctctg atacatctta
   114421 aactcaaaat gatctaatac tcttttcaaa tctttaagaa aatggacaaa ctatttttgt
   114481 atatgactat ttatattaca tgccaaaaga atcatattct tttcaagcat ctataatgca
   114541 ttcacataaa tgcttttgtt caaatgtttt gtcatcatca aaaaggggga gattgttgct
   114601 cctagattga ttttgatgat tacaaagcag attgaaggga tacaaatttt tttaaaagtc
   114661 tttatgctct acaggggcaa aatcataatt ttactaaaat cctgatttga tagcatcatt
   114721 tggtagaaca aatgatttgt aatctattag tgaaaatttc attatttttg gacttatatt
   114781 tttgaagtta tgaaggtttg aagtgcatga gtcgactcat gagtcaactc atggcactat
   114841 gagctgattg gcatgcaaaa atttcccttg gcacgctgga tttttgactt ggcacgacct
   114901 gtgagtcgac tcatgagtcg acccacaagg catgagtcaa ctcatgagtc gacctctgct
   114961 gatttgagcc aaaaaatcca gaaatcaaac ttgtctggct gttgcaacag aagtcgactc
   115021 atgagtcgac tcctgaagca tgagtcgact catgagtcga cccctgcgac gaaaaatgtc
   115081 tgcaacggct agttttttgc ccattttaat tgccttttat gcttcctaaa aatgctctaa
   115141 cggctctttt tctgcctaat atattttctc ttgtttctta atgctataaa atgtttcaaa
   115201 aggtgaaaat ataggataca attgagagga tccaaaatat acacgaggtg atcaacgaga
   115261 tactcgagag aaaaagaaaa gaggatccaa aatctacaca agagagacag gtgatccaca
   115321 atatacacga gagattgtga aagagattca agagcattca aagagaggat ttttcatgcc
   115381 tattgttcaa ccttgatcaa gagatctttc aaagccttca agaagtcttc aatcaaagat
   115441 catcttctcc tcaagcattc attcaacttt tcatccatct tgaggaaata caaaagggga
   115501 ttcttcattt gagtaaagta tttttattgt tatattcgct catttaagga gctgttattg
   115561 tattaatttg tgctttaaat tgtcttactc tttgtgagta attgttcttg tttttggagg
   115621 gtttccaaaa caagggaagg ttgatccgaa cctgaaattg gagtgttttt gggttggctt
   115681 gtacccgaga aataagtgga ctagcttggg aaagctagtg tcggagtttt cgacgtttgt
   115741 attcaggttg aatacaagta tagtggattg aaattcccaa gtaggagctt ggggagtgga
   115801 tgtaggtgca aggttggcac cgaactacta taaatccttg tgtttgtggt gtgctttatt
   115861 gtttctcttt atttctttat tatatccttg cattcttgct ttaggaattt aatcttgaat
   115921 taaagtcttt cttctcaatt catcataagt aattagttaa gcttaaaatt tttaaaaacc
   115981 caattcaccc ccccccctgt tgggttgcat agctgggcaa catcccagat gtcgactttc
   116041 gatcatctat atcagacata aagtttgagt ctgtaaatct ctgaacctag agttctccat
   116101 tctcaaagac tagaaacata tccttagtcc ttctcaagta cttaaggata catttcacag
   116161 aagtccagtg ctcttcgcct ggattcgact gatatctgct tgtgacactc acaacatggg
   116221 ctatatcagg tcgtgtatat agcatggcat acatgaggct tcctattgcc gaagcataag
   116281 ggatcttgct catgcgttca atctcctcag gtgtgctggg gcacatcttc ttggagagat
   116341 gaatgctatg tctaaaaggt actaaacctc ttttggagtt tttcatgcta aaccttttta
   116401 gcacctcctc tatgtacatc ttttgtgaaa gtcctagcat cctatttggt ctatctctat
   116461 agaccttaat accaagtata aaggatgcct ctcctagatc tttcatagag aataccttag
   116521 acaaccatat tttgactgag gtcaacataa aaatattatt ttcaattagg agaatgtcat
   116581 ctacgtacag tatgaggaag acaactgcgt tcccattgac cttcttgaac acatatagtt
   116641 ctttctcatt cttgatgaaa ccaaatattt tgatcacatc attgaaacga gtattccagc
   116701 tccgagatgc ttgcttaagt ccataaatga acctttgcag cttgcagatc ttgtgatcat
   116761 catcactgga tgtgaaacca agctgctgtt ccatatagat atcttcctca agatatccat
   116821 ttaagaaatc cattttcaca tccatctgcc atatttcata atcgaaatag gctgcaacag
   116881 caagcaatgt acggatggat tttagtatgg ctacgggcga aaaggtatcc tgatagtcaa
   116941 tgccttcgcg ttgactataa cctttcgcta cgagcctagc cttgaatgtc tctatatttt
   117001 tatctgtact tatctttctc ttgaagatcc atttacacct aataggtaca ataccttcag
   117061 gtggatctac caaggtccag acttggtttg agtgtatcga gtcaatttct aatctcattg
   117121 cctctaacca tttctcggag tcgatatctg atattgcctc atcataggtc ttggggtcat
   117181 caccatgagt cccatttttc gtgaggaata tttcctctac ttcctcttgt atagtaccta
   117241 agtatctttc aggaggatgg aaaatcctag tcgatctacg aggtggaaga ggttgtgtta
   117301 ggactagttc taattgattt ggttcctcag gttccttagc tcgttgctct tgggagacat
   117361 tctccttgag cttaattatt ctttcgatgc cactatcttg aataaactat ttttcaagaa
   117421 aaatagcatg tcgattcaca atcacattat ggtcttccaa aatatagaaa tagtatccta
   117481 atgactcttt aggatatcct ataaatcgag ctctaaaaga tctgaactct aacttgtcca
   117541 cctactatct cttgacatga gccggacaac ctcaaatttt gagatgactc ggacttggct
   117601 tcttactatt gaagcaaaaa tttagtgcag gggcaaaatg gtaattttaa aactttttca
   117661 aaattactat tttacagcgg aattattaat taatctcatt aattaatact aattaaccct
   117721 acactaggat ctaaatatga tacaacagca tgcatttaaa tttgaaattc aaatttgaat
   117781 cagtaaacat tttacagtac tgtgttcaga acacatcacc ttttgcgggt agtcgatcac
   117841 cacaatctga tcaccgtcgg agagctctga ttgtcacgtc gcagccaccc aactgtctgg
   117901 cctctgcgga tcatccacac gaagctcccg tctgatcagc tcctcacgaa tgctagttcg
   117961 tgatttcacc cttttgatgg cagatgttga tcgaactcct tcgatcgatg tgtgctgact
   118021 tctcggatgc tctagatcat ctacacagtt acttgagagg ctgatggatc tctctctgaa
   118081 atttggtgga ctcacgacac tcgtggcata ccaatctcac ttcccgaacc ctaggtagaa
   118141 accctagggt acacaccaaa aaccctgcgc ccaattttct ctcttttttt tctttttctc
   118201 tcggaaggtt ttggaccttc accttgcaca gaagccttcc tcatgcccca aagtttctct
   118261 cctaattttt ctacgcacgt cccacctttc tcctcttttt aaaacaacat cgaacgtgtc
   118321 ttatccgcgt gagaggataa agacaagagg ttacacattt gaattcaaat caaatttgaa
   118381 ttcaaatgaa aaccaactta tccctatcct tttgggcgtg agaagagaag gggcgtggct
   118441 ctttgtgcgt ggaaaagttt catgagaaac cttttctcgt gtaagtaatg tggtgcacaa
   118501 aatggataag gatgaaaggg caagtgataa gttatccatt caaattcaaa catgctttga
   118561 atttgaatgg ctaactaatt aatttatcca tccatatggc gcacaaatga ggacgtgggg
   118621 aagggtttta cgtgagaaaa atttcatgag aagtttcttc taatgaattc aaatgggtgc
   118681 aaggaagttg ggtgacgcag ggaatttaaa acaaggtggt ttgattcaaa ttgagccaac
   118741 ctagtttaaa ataggttgag cacaattaga ccaaattaaa cccaacataa ttaggcttaa
   118801 ttaggcttaa taaaatccta atcaaatcaa gaattaacta aacctaaccc ctgatcaaat
   118861 cagggactaa accaccttag cgattaggtc aacatttaac ctaatcgggt caatccaaac
   118921 tgaatccaat tcaattggac ttgatccaaa aataattact caatcaaatt gagttaatta
   118981 gtgattaaat tactaattaa atctctcata aatgttgagt ccaaatccga tgggcaatca
   119041 ggcatcagag accatcgata tgaaaccctg atcaaagagt tcaaatttca aattcaaaat
   119101 tcgaaattca aaattttgac cccggtaccc aaaatgtgtg gaactcatga ttagagaatc
   119161 ctaattctca atcatagagt tccagataga taagactcat aattagccat cagatcagaa
   119221 aggaacctct aatgtgtgtg accccgtagg ttcgaaccta agccggtagc acaggaacca
   119281 atttctgtac taatcgaagt gaccatctag caatggtacc cgatgaccgg ataggtcgaa
   119341 taattgtaat cgcaacattc agaacctacg tgaatatggt taccgtataa ttcatccctt
   119401 ttgacccctg tgtttcggat gactcagggt taaactgtca accctgatga tatcatccga
   119461 atcgtgctca actcaattag tcctgtgact cctcactagg actaccctgg tcaaggtttt
   119521 gctaaattga aatacgactg tacacagctc ctaaactgga gtggtcaatc ctatcttgac
   119581 acacgcaccg acaagtcaag tacttgacta cacccagcaa ccttccgtca ctgaattaga
   119641 aattcaggta gtccagtgcc taagtgcagt gagttgcttg caagtcaccg tggcggtctc
   119701 aggtcggagg gacatttata cccatatccc atcggagcaa atcttgacag cagaaatagc
   119761 tccggagttg gtcacgttca gtgcagatgt accattacat ctcacctgta tgccatacca
   119821 gtgtctccac actctttggt tatgaggaca accaacccat atggcacaca acgacctatg
   119881 ctcgataaat gttgtcgtcc ttggtaacaa cgtatcattt ggtcgcgaac atgtttaagg
   119941 actaagcgac aaatcctcct ttgtcgagtc taaatagtcc taaggacttc accacaacac
   120001 aggagttcat tagaagatga aacatttatg atgaaaaaat accaaaataa cttttattta
   120061 tttataattc atgtactaat acaaaaagga gcacaaccgt caacaggctg acgattggct
   120121 ttgggacact attcccaaca atctcccact tggcctaaag cctatcggtg cagtatctaa
   120181 tacccatctt cgacttgtag tcgttgaact ccttcaccgt aatggcttta gtgaatgggt
   120241 cggtcaggtt ctccttcccg tcgatcttct gaaggtcgac gtcacctcga tccacgatct
   120301 cccggatgag atggtagcgg cgcagaatat gcttcgtccg ctggtgtgcc tttggttcct
   120361 tcgcctgagc aatggctcca gagctgtcgc agtagagcag aactggacca acaagggagg
   120421 gtgctactcc gagctcggtg atgaatttcc tcagccacac cgcttctttg gcagcatttg
   120481 atgcagcaat atactccgcc tcgcattctg aatcagccac agtgtgctgc ttgaaactct
   120541 tccagcagac agccccacca ttaagggtaa aaataaatcc tgacacactc ttgctatcat
   120601 ctcgatcaga ctgaaaacta gagtctgtaa accctataag tctcaagtcc gattcaccat
   120661 atataagcca ctggtcctta gtatttctca aatacttcag gatggtttta acaaccttcc
   120721 agtgattctc tcctggatca gattggtatc tactcactac ccctagtgag tatgccacat
   120781 ctggtcgtgt acatgtcatg gcgtacatga tagatcccac tgccgaagca tatggaatcc
   120841 tacccatacg ctctctctct tgaggtgttg tcggacaatc cctcttcgag agagaaattc
   120901 catggcctat cggtagatag cctttcttgg aatttttcat gctgaacctt ttcagcatag
   120961 tatcaatgta cgtgcactgg gataagccaa gcaacttttt ggatctatcc ctatagatcc
   121021 tcatccctag gatgtaggaa gcttctccca aatccttcat ggagaactgt gacgacagcc
   121081 aaatctttat tccctgtaat gcagggacat cattcccgat taagagaatg tcatccacat
   121141 acaatacaag aaatactact gcaggaccat tagcccactt ataaatgcag ggttcttctc
   121201 cgttcttaac gaagccatac gttttgatcg tcctatcaaa acgtatgttc caactccgag
   121261 atgcatgctt aagtccataa atggacctct gtagcttgca caccttagac tcatctgtgg
   121321 atgtgaaccc ttcaggttgt atcatataca cctcttcgtc cagctctcca tttaggaaag
   121381 ctgtcttcac atccatctgc cagatttcat agtccagatg ggcagctatc acaagcataa
   121441 tccgaatgga tttgagcatt gccacaggag aaaacatctc gtcatagtct ataccataac
   121501 attgacgata tcccttggca accagacggg ctttataggt ctccaccttt ccgtctgcgc
   121561 ccctcttcct tttgaagacc cacttacacc ctatgggttt tactccttcg ggtgggtcaa
   121621 ccaatgtcca cacatcgttg accttcatgg actccatttc ggatttcatg gcctctagcc
   121681 atttctcaga gtcaggtctc tgcattgcat ccatgtaggt gatcggatcc tcatcgtttt
   121741 catcaagttc gataggatca ccatctcgga ccaagaaacc atagtatctg tccggttgat
   121801 gtggtactct accagaccgc cttaagggtg cataatcaat gggctccgga tctgatctaa
   121861 tcaaatccgg ttcaagttca gtaacatgtg tcggtttttc cacctgtcga acttcgtcaa
   121921 gttcgacttt agaggcaaca gttccttcac taaggaactc cttttctaaa aagattgcct
   121981 taaggctgac aaacaccttt tgctcatcag caaggtagaa ataataccct ttggtctctt
   122041 ttgggtaccc tataaaatta cacttgtcag acctaggtcc aagcttgtct gtaattaaac
   122101 gtttaatata agccggacac ccccaaaccc taaggtgcga gagtactggc ttacgtccta
   122161 tccatatctc atatggcgtt ttggctacag acttactcga aactctattt agaaggtaac
   122221 aagtcgattc gagcgcatat ccccagaggg agatcggcag actagcaaac cccatcatgg
   122281 atcgaaccat gtctaacagg gtccgattcc tcctttcaga cacaccatta tgctgtggtg
   122341 ttccaggagg agtccactga gagagaatcc cattctcccc tagatacgtc agaaactcat
   122401 tggaaaggta ttcacctcct cgatcagatc gaagagtttt aatacatttc ccagtttgtt
   122461 tttctacctc atttcggaat agtttgaaca tttcaaatga ttctgactta tgcttcatta
   122521 aatagacata cccataccta gataggttgt ctgtgaaggt tatgaagtag aaaaatcctc
   122581 ctcttgcact tgagctcatg ggtccacata catcagaatg taccagacct aagagttcac
   122641 tggctcgctc accttttcca gtaaaaggtg acttggtcat ctttccaaga agacaggact
   122701 cacaggttgg aagtgattca caatcactaa cttcaagaat tccttcttga gccaacctgt
   122761 ttatcctgtt cttattgata tgacctagcc tacagtgcca aaggtagact tctgacacat
   122821 tatctattct agagcgttta ccgaattttt gaaccacatt aacagactgt gatagtaagt
   122881 aaattccatt atttaattgt ccaacaaata ttgtaacacc attcaaaatg atattgcaaa
   122941 tattttcttt tattaaaaaa tcataaccgt acatggccaa aaggcctaca gaaataatat
   123001 ttaataaaaa acttggacaa tagtgacatt cactcagaat tacattacga gaattgatta
   123061 caaaactcat gattcctaaa gctagaactg gaactttgct tccatctcca acattcagga
   123121 acctctcgcc ttcatcaaat ctcctactga cctacagacc ctgcatcgaa ttacaaatat
   123181 gataagggct tccggtatcc aatacccagg cagtagtatc acaaatcgaa aagttgcaag
   123241 gagttatcat ataattacct tgcttcttct ttggcctgtt cgggtccagg gaggcaatgt
   123301 attgaggaca gttcctcttt caatgcccgt gcttcttgca aaagaagcac tccgcctggc
   123361 tctagtcatg cttgcgcttc ttggtctgac cccgtgctac tgtcccagca tgagattgca
   123421 ccttcttatt tttcttcttc ttgttcttct tccccttccc aaagggttga cgatgagaag
   123481 aagaccctcc cactacattc accgactcct tatggagttg gtgatccttc tcaaagttct
   123541 gcagcaaccc caacaatccg tggtagttta ctgcaggctt tgtcattcga aaatgagtaa
   123601 ggaatgggag gaaggacttg ggcaaggaat taaggatcgc atccttaccg agctgctcgt
   123661 gcagaggaaa gcccaatttg cttaggcgct caatcatctc gatcatatac agtacatgat
   123721 cagtgactga ggccccatcc ctcatccgag cattgaaaat agcacaacta gttttgtgcc
   123781 tttcaacgtc gtcaggcgtg ccaaaggagt cgttcaacat ttgaagcatc tcctgtggct
   123841 gggcattctc aaaccttcgg ctgaactcgt cattcattgc tgccagcata atacatcgaa
   123901 cggtggtgcg gtcattgagc cacttcaagt aagtgtctcg gatcgcttta ctagcgttcg
   123961 gagctggctc ctcaggtgtt ggatccgtta ctacataaag gatccgttca tgctcaagga
   124021 tgatttttaa ttttcgatac cagctatcga aattgggtcc catgagcttg tcattatcta
   124081 ataatgaccg gagcgacagg gtagtggcca tagctgctta aaggaaaacg agacctctat
   124141 tagtacataa attaatacta aagacttgga ctttagtcta aagtttttcc caatattttt
   124201 acgaactggt agcctcatcc tccaattcga gaaattactt taatttctta atgggtacta
   124261 gaatccacac agactacaca cgagcccaac tttggttggt caacccatgt gcatctatgg
   124321 gtaggttctt aaccagttgt ttctctaaac aacttctagt aatttatttt gccccagaac
   124381 ctaatcagta ggctttggcc tccactgaaa agatctggtt aggtccaacc attaacatga
   124441 cttaatttag tgaatcggac caataaatga tcaggcccga ctttggccgg ccaacctaac
   124501 caccatcaga aagactcaat caaattatca tattatgaat aataattcca ttagccaatg
   124561 agcaccaggc ctttgggcct ccaatgatca ttgaactaat ggactcatta tcattcactt
   124621 aatgggaggc tatgacttag ttatcattat aacttaatca ttttagggac ctaataattt
   124681 tgaggatttt attaaagaat agtagagaag aaatcatcca gccaatttca atcctcccac
   124741 tgacttcacc gagtcagatt aaaaaggatt taattaaagc tggcattagg agcacctaaa
   124801 tcagtcatac tgatttacct aatgacatgg gtgagctcta atcaccaaga gatctaatca
   124861 aaatctaact taccggattg gccaggtaag tgagatcagt ggtggggatt tgccattaac
   124921 tcgtcaatga tcgaatcaat gcgagtagct cccgcttaag aaccactggt caaaactgcc
   124981 gaacttacct tagacaccaa ccggttcatt agttttaatt ttgatcaact tagtaaatag
   125041 agctccatcg cgtagccatg aattaagtcc atcttggtct agttaaagac atggacccat
   125101 tcaactacaa ctattgaagt tgagtctaga gtatccttga cctaatctaa ttcaattttt
   125161 gattagattt gaccaattac tccaattagt ccattttttt ttttaaacta accttaggtc
   125221 taacccaatt atggacctaa ttcatctaac ccattgaccc aaaagtttat gcaattgtct
   125281 taggtcttaa ttcacaattc tagacctact agacaacact taattctttt aattaagtac
   125341 ttgggctgat gggtcagggt ttggcatttc gaaaataatt tttcaaattt gaaagatttt
   125401 attttctgtt caccaaatgt gttaactcat ttcacaaacg ggtcagcaca tttcataaac
   125461 agcaatttta ttgctcattt cataacagaa aataactcaa aataaatcat aaattttctt
   125521 ttagatctaa tctaacacat tcatgataaa tttcttaatt aagtcctttc gctgcttcat
   125581 cggtatggga tataattgta tcgacacccc taccgccata ggagacccca tcgaatggga
   125641 agagagggcc tttaaaccct acttttctcc tatgaccgga cggccatggc aaccaaccca
   125701 attagattac ttgctacttg gatcatgtat atctaaatat acaaatttca aaatttaaat
   125761 tttgaatttc aaatttcaaa ttttaaaatt taaatttcaa atttgagatt tcaaccaaat
   125821 tttaaatttc aaattttcaa tctttgaatt ttaaattttg aattttgaat ttcaaatttc
   125881 gaatttcaaa tttcaaattt caaatttgag atttcaacca aatttcaaat tttgaatttt
   125941 gaatttcaaa tttcaaattt cgaatttcaa atttcaaatt tcaaatttga gatttcaacc
   126001 aaatttcaaa tttcaaattt tgaatttcaa atatgaaact tctaacaaat ttcaaatttc
   126061 aaatttcaaa tctttttgaa ttttgaattt tgaattttaa attttgaatt ttaaatttaa
   126121 acttatagat tacaccttaa tctatgcatg catatgtata tcatattcta gaacctgctc
   126181 tgataccaat tgaagcaaaa atttagtgca ggggcaaaat ggtaatttta aaactttttc
   126241 aaaattacta ttttacagca aaattattaa ttaatctcat taattaatac taattaaccc
   126301 tacactagga tctaaatatg atacaacagc atgcatttaa atttgaaatt caaatttgaa
   126361 tcagtaaaca ttttacagta ctgtgttcag aacacatcac cttttgcggg tagtcgatca
   126421 ccgcaatctg atcaccgtcg gagagctctg attgtcacat cgcagccacc caactgtctg
   126481 gcctctacgg atcgtccaca cgaagctccc gtctgatcag ctcctcacga atgctagttc
   126541 gtgatttcgc ccttttgatg gtagatgttg atcgaactct ttcgatcgat gtgtgccgac
   126601 ttctcgaatg ctctggattg tctgcacagt tacttgagag gctgatggat ctctctctaa
   126661 aatttggtgg actcacaaca ctcgtggcat accaatctca cttcccgaac cctaggtaga
   126721 aaccctaggg tacacaccaa aaaccctgcg cccaattttc tctcttttct ttctttttct
   126781 ctcggaaggt tttggacctt caccttgtgc agaagccttc ctcacgcccc aaagtttctc
   126841 tcctaatttt tctatgcacg tcccaccttt ctcctctttt taaaacaaca tcgaacgtgt
   126901 cttatccgcg tgagaggata aagacaagag gttacacatt tgaattcaaa tcaaatttga
   126961 attcaaacga aaaccaactt atccctatcc ttttgggagt gagaagagaa ggggtgtggc
   127021 tctttgtgtg tggaaaagtt tcacgagaaa ccttttctcg tgtaagtaat gtggtgcaca
   127081 aaatggataa ggatgaaagg gcaagtgata agttatccat tcaaattcaa acatgctttg
   127141 aatttgaatg gctaactaat taatttatcc atccatatgg cacacaaatg aggatgtggg
   127201 gaagggtttt acgtgagaaa aatttcatga gaagtttctt ctcgtgaatt caaatgggtg
   127261 caaggaagtt gggtgacgca gggaatttaa aacaaggtgg tttgattcaa attgagccaa
   127321 cctagtttaa aataggttga gcacaattag accaaattaa acccaacata attaggctta
   127381 attaggctta ataaaatcct aatcaaatca agaattaact aaacctaacc cctgatcaaa
   127441 tcagggacta aaccacctta gcgattaggt caacatttaa cctaatcggg tcaatccaaa
   127501 ctgaatccaa ttcaattgga cttgatccaa aaataattac tcaatgaaat caagttaatt
   127561 agtgattaaa ttactaatta aatctctcat aaatgttgag tccaaatccg atgggcaatc
   127621 aggcatcaga gaccatcgat atgaaaccct gatcaaagag ttcaaatttc aaattcaaaa
   127681 ttcgaaattc aaaattttga ccccggtacc caaaatgtgt ggaactcatg attagagaat
   127741 cttaattctc aatcatagag ttccagatag ataagactca taattagcca tcagatcaga
   127801 aaggaacctc taatgtgtgt gaccccgcag gttcgaacct aagccggtag cacaggaacc
   127861 aatttctgta ctaatcgaag tgaccatcta gcaatggtac ccgatgaccg gatagatcga
   127921 ataattgcaa tcgcaacatt cagaacctac gtgaatatgg ttaccgtata attcatccct
   127981 tttgacccct gtgtttagga tgactcaggg ttaaactgtc aaccctgatg atatcatccg
   128041 aatcgtgctc aactcaatta gtcctgtgac tcctcactag gactaccctg gccaaggttt
   128101 tgctaaattg aaacacgact gtacacagct cctaaactgg agtggtcaat cctatcttga
   128161 cacacgcacc gacaagtcaa gtacttgact acacccagca accttccgtc actgaattag
   128221 aaattcaggt agtccagtgc ctaagtgcag tgagttgctt gcaagtcacc gtggcggtct
   128281 caggtcggag ggacatttat acccatatcc catcggagca aatcttgaca gcagaaatag
   128341 ctccggagtt ggtcacgttc agtgcagatg taccattaca tctcacctgt atgccatacc
   128401 agtgtctcca cactctttgg ttatgaggac aaccaaccca tatggcacac aacgacctat
   128461 gctcgataaa tgttgtcgtc cttggtaaca acgtatcatt tggtcgcgaa catgtttaag
   128521 gactaagcga caaatcctcc tttgtcgagt ctaaatagtc ctaaggactt caccacaaca
   128581 caggagttca ttagaagatg aaacatttat gataaaaaaa taccaaaata acttttattt
   128641 atttataatt catgtactaa tacaaaagga gcacaaccgt caacaggctg acgattggct
   128701 ttgggacact attcccaaca actatgtcat atctcatatg gtgtggtagg aatgatttta
   128761 gagagaaccc tattcaatac atatattgct gtcatgagac aatatcccca aagaaactca
   128821 gggaggtccg tgaagctcat catggaacgg accatatcta atagggtccg gttccttcgt
   128881 tctgaaacct cattgagttg tggtgtttca ggtagagtcc attgagagac tatgccattg
   128941 tccttaagat agtctaaaaa cttctgacta aggtattcac ctcctcgata tgatcgaaga
   129001 accttaatgg gctttcctgt ttgtttttct acctcatgcc tgaattcttt gaacttttca
   129061 aaagcttcag acttgtgttt cattagaaat acatactcgt acctagacat atcattggta
   129121 aaagtaatga agtagacata gttgcctcta gccggcacat caaatgggcc acacacatct
   129181 gtatgtacta gggcaagtag gtctatggcc ctttccccat gtcccataaa aaggagcttg
   129241 gtcattttgc cttgaaggca tgattcataa actggatatg actcgaaagt caacagactc
   129301 aatagtctag atttctccaa tttgttaatc ctgtcttccg ctatatgacc tagccttagg
   129361 tgccacagat acctatcatt tagactatct ctaggccttt taattcctat agcattcaca
   129421 tttttctcga tattaaatac agatacatca atatgtagct gatagagatc attaataaga
   129481 aaatcatttg caactttatt attttcataa aatatgttac aatggtcctt atgaaagcta
   129541 atcacatagc cttcttgtgc taaacatgaa acagaaatta aattcctgct ggctgcaggc
   129601 acataataac agtctctaag aactaaatct aatcctaatg gtaatcgcag agggtaggtt
   129661 cccacagcca cagcagcaac tcttgctctg tttccgatgc gtaggatcat atccccatcc
   129721 ctcagcctct tgctctcgtc aagactctgc atagaagtgc acaaatgagc actagaacca
   129781 gagtcaagta cccaactgga tgcagagaaa atcaaaagat tagattctat aatgagcata
   129841 cctccagaag gaccatcctt cttgttcttc agggtggcta ggtactgagg acagttctat
   129901 ttccaatggc cgtctgaatt gcagtgaaaa tatttttcct tttcagcaac cttcttcttc
   129961 aatttcgtct tcttcctttt tccatccacc ttctgcttct tcgcagactt tttcttcttt
   130021 ccaaaagact ttctcttaga agaagttcac tccacagtaa ggactgagcc ttttgaactc
   130081 ttcaaagaaa gcttagccgt aaccaacata ttcattaact cagccaaggt acactgcatc
   130141 ttatgcatat ggaagttcat gatgaactga ccatatgcat cggacaagga ctgaaggatc
   130201 acatcaatct aaaaattttt gtctaagatg aaatcgagct tctcaagctc cgcaagatcc
   130261 ttgatcattg tcaaataatg atcttggact gactacccat cacgcatttt agccttaaaa
   130321 agtctttggc agacttgata cttggctgca cgactttatt catcaaacaa ctcttgtcga
   130381 tgagccaaca tttggtagat agtcataata ttctcatgct ggtgctgcaa gtcatcagac
   130441 attgcaccca acatatagta cctggctttg ttatcttcat ccatccactt tttcagagac
   130501 gctctctgtt cagcagtcgg acgtgttggc atagcaggtg ggtcctggtc caagacataa
   130561 gttagttttt tgaaatccag aataattctg tagtttctca atcagtcttt gaaaattggt
   130621 ccagtcaatc tatgggtgtc tagtattttg gttagggggt tggatgcaga tatgtttcct
   130681 gtagggagtt aaaagtttct agttagattt tgtaatcaga cttaaccaat ttgtttaggg
   130741 gtttcatttt taaacaaatt aggctcccac tattttctca gatccctaca ctccctaggt
   130801 agagatgtga aaatctccat gattagtgat ttctaatggg tggtgcggtc tcaccgactg
   130861 gctcatcacc tcacctaaca gttattagtg atgggtcaat cgatgagtgg acaactcttg
   130921 tccaatgatt ctctaatcat ggtgcaccca aaacttgatc tctaattcat gaagctcatc
   130981 gtgttcgaaa tattactcca atctttagtt aagtcagacc caccatttgc atgaactaga
   131041 ttcttgattg agtccctcac cgtatctgaa atattgagca caacccatcc tctaatccat
   131101 agcatccaat gcctaatgga catggttgca tctttccggt gcaactgaac cactgtaacc
   131161 agccgagaac aatcaactcc gggaagggcc cgcacatcca caatggtgga agaccttaga
   131221 cttaatattt tcttaggaag atttgattta ggtctcatta aacttgactt gacatagtca
   131281 taacaattat gactaacctt gtggcatggg ttagctcgaa ttattagcca cctcaaatca
   131341 gaactggatc aacacatatg gccagataag tgagaccggt ggaagggata tgccattaac
   131401 tcaataagaa tgcattcgag tcgagtagct cccaattaaa aaccattcga tcgcatctac
   131461 ccaacttacc ttagacacca aattgttgaa ccagaaccaa ttgggttagc ctacaatcca
   131521 ggctctaacc actgagctaa attaggtctt aacttgatcg agtcacatat gaatgtgatt
   131581 caatcttgac ctagacttaa tcctattagg ctgatcaatt attagctttc atgatctcac
   131641 ctaaccaact tttgattcga tttgatcaac cgctagacct aattgagcta cccaagcccg
   131701 aacccaattt tatgaaaatg acttagatct gaaattctca attttagatc taatttaatt
   131761 tcataagctt aattcattaa ttaagtcttg ggttcataaa caaaatatgt aaaataaatc
   131821 ctaggatttc aggatctaga gttttacaga aaagtaagtt tgatttctga ttaaggatga
   131881 acgcgcagca cccctacatg ccataagaat accccattga atgggaggag aggatcttaa
   131941 atcttacttt attcttataa tcgaacggcc atgagaaaca tcttaatcag aaatactgat
   132001 ttaactacaa aactagttag atctaagtta catatcacat atataatttc agatctaact
   132061 tatacatgct ttgcatacat ctcatgtatt aaaatctaat ctaattaata tgctttcaga
   132121 tctgatacat tatatgtaat atctaaaaaa taagatttaa attgaactat tcaatataaa
   132181 atttattcta gacagttact agaacaattc tacaactagt ctaggcatgc agcagatcaa
   132241 tcttatgaat taattaaatt ttatttttta ttttttgatc tgaatataac atttataata
   132301 ttaaaaaatt agaaaataaa ttagatctaa tttatatttt aatcacgtta aaacctaaaa
   132361 cttcaagact attcatagtt taaactattc ctagtctagt catgcatcta atacaagtta
   132421 gatctactta gatttaattt taaatttttt aattttagat ccaatcatat ctgatgtgac
   132481 ttataaaatt tattaatatc aaataaataa aaataaaaat tagatctaaa ttagatctga
   132541 aatagagcca tcaacctggc tctgatacca gttgaaggaa aaactgtctt tttccttgta
   132601 tgatcttcca gatctaatga gatctaggat ggaatatttt taaaaaatta tcttacttta
   132661 ttttagatct aaggtctatt agatctaatt cttattattt gatatttaat ctaaaattaa
   132721 atctaaaact tgaggattag aggaatacct ctagggtaac tagattaccc tatagatgat
   132781 cgcagcaaca tccgaggttc taaaatagcc acgcagtcgc ctggcctacc gatattcact
   132841 caagtaggat ctggatcatc ttctcctcat gaatcttttc tccaaaaatc agatctggat
   132901 ctgatctgga agatcttcaa aagatcttct gaagctggag cagcagcttc acgacaaatc
   132961 cctatagcct tctgatcagg gagccaccac gccttggaca agcactagat ggatgcccaa
   133021 cttcttggac atgaagaggg gagagagagg actagagggg gtatagagaa gtggaaggat
   133081 atcaagtttt tgctaggggt tgaacagatt ctctaaaccc taggcgcaga tagggtttaa
   133141 atagaccctg ctgtgccatg cagtgccaca tcattcgacc aattagaaaa ttttaattaa
   133201 ttctaaaaaa attttaattg atggagtgat gtcatctgat catatcagat aagaacccca
   133261 ccaaaccctc ctactgttgg caccaacact ggataaacac agtgagattg gcgcccaaca
   133321 gtttgagtcg atcaaggcat agagtcctca tctcatggga ctctatccat atccacttga
   133381 ggcgcatgcc atatctgatt atggtgccca ctttgagggt aaaattagca agtggacact
   133441 ccataaaaac tctccaatga cctcttgcca agtggccttc agtccaagat ccatgggtca
   133501 atgtttgacc aatgtcctaa aatgaaaatg gcaggtgatc gaaattagca ggtgttgtct
   133561 taaatttatc tcatgagtta agacaagact tttcagagct ggactggctc cagtcagatg
   133621 gagaaaaatc ttctcaaggt tctctggatg agtcaaatca tatttggctc agtcgagata
   133681 gaaaagatta cacgagaaag aaagttaggc tcaatcatgt gctagcatga ttttcttgaa
   133741 cctaattgga tctaatccaa atcaatcgaa ctggactagc tcaattgatg acatccagat
   133801 cctaactctt atttgtgtga tccagttagg ttcattttca tatggtaatg agacatgtcg
   133861 tgatctcatc atcgacatca tcgaaactcc tttcgatgaa tcagaactct tctgattcag
   133921 ataatttaga atgatcgatc atcaatatca ttctaattgc tctcaaaatt catcgatgat
   133981 acctagcagt atatggtggc aacccatcaa aaatgaagat gaacctctcg gtgcagctac
   134041 ctgtgtgatt gagttcttct atcatgagtc ccgactgaat tagtgttaag gtgaactcat
   134101 caaacccaac atcagtcata tgaatcaatc gatcgatccg agtctgatgt gaaacctcaa
   134161 tagaaaactc ttttctatta tttcactcta ccatggccat gggcttaagg acttgatctt
   134221 tcgatcatca taggactact cctttcatct atcaaggttg atagatctct tcttggtgca
   134281 atctggtttc tacaatgaat atgctacaac caacatacac ctcagaattc tgaatggcta
   134341 ggagatcgag ttatggtgta gtcaaactat aacacactca aggtaaacta tcgatgcacc
   134401 tcaggtcaaa gaactagaca cacagctgca gcatcgagct agtcatcgac gagaaggtag
   134461 acttccttat gactgctcga ggtggtcacg ctcagtactc tcgttctcaa tgaatacttg
   134521 tactcttgct ctggtgtctt cacatcgtag actcaagact catctaccct aagaaagcaa
   134581 tcgtacacca accttctgga tcgatcacca tcctcgtgat gatcctatgg tcaggagctg
   134641 tttatgagtt agttatgtaa attcatacct taaattttta actcttgaaa atatgaatta
   134701 acatttctac taactcaaaa gatgtatcac agacataatg tacataatgt gatagttgaa
   134761 taaccctttt attcatttct agtcaaaatt ataaatttgc ccttacattt gtacaggaat
   134821 gtatcaacca atctggcatc taaggcacac atctaacaga aaccatagta tctatctagt
   134881 tgatatggta ctctatcgga tctccttaat gatgtttcta caataggttt caaatttgat
   134941 ctaatcaagt ccgactctat ggatttacta gattgtgtcg gttcttctac aaattgaact
   135001 tcatcaagtt caatctttga ggcattagtt ccttcaccaa gaaacttctt ttctaaaaag
   135061 actgtactat tactgacgaa caccttctgt tcgtcaataa aatagaagta atatcctttg
   135121 gtctcttttg ggtaccctat aaatagatac ttatcagacc taggtccaaa cttgtcagtt
   135181 tttaaatatt tgacatacgc cagacatccc caaaccctaa ggtgagagag tgctggctta
   135241 tgccctgtcc atatctcata tgatgtttta cttatagatt tatttgaaat tttatttaaa
   135301 atataacaag ctgactcgag tgtatatccc caaaaagaga tcgatagact tgcaaagtcc
   135361 atcatggacc gaaccatatc taatagggtt cgattcctcc tttccaatat accattatgc
   135421 tgtggtgtct cagaagggat ctattgtgag agaattttat tctcttctaa gtatgtcaaa
   135481 aactcactga agaggtttta tcctcctcga tcggatcgaa gagttttaat actctttcca
   135541 gtttattttt ctacttcatt acaggatcat ttgaacattt caaatgattc tgacttatgt
   135601 atcattaagt agatatgtcc atacctcgat agatcatctg taaaagtaat gaaataataa
   135661 tatctacctc tggcactagt gttcattggt ccatatacat cagtatgtat cagacctaga
   135721 actttactgg ctcgctcacc ttttttagta aaagatgatt tgatcatttt tttaagaaga
   135781 cataactcac aagttgggag tgactcacaa tcactgactt caaaaatttt ctcttatgtc
   135841 aacctgttta ttttgttctt attaactgac ctaacctata atgccaaagg tagatatcag
   135901 aaacatcact aattcgaaga tatttgctgg acgtgtacat tacactaaca gattgtgata
   135961 atatacaaat atcattgttc agctgtccat tcatcacact aataccattc ataatgctat
   136021 taaaattatt ttttttatta aaatttcata accgtatctg gccaaaaagc ctccagaaat
   136081 aatattcaat aaaaagaaaa gacaaaagtg acattcattt agaataatta tattagactt
   136141 aaatacaagc ttaatagtcc ctaatgcaag aactaaaatt gatcttctat ctccaacatt
   136201 aaggaacctt tcaccttctt caaatctcct actgacctgt agatcctgca atgaattata
   136261 aatattaaaa agatttttga tatctaatac ccaggtagta gaatcataaa ttaagaaatt
   136321 ataaggtgtt atcatataat taccttgtca agcaacaact tgcttctttc tcaacctgtt
   136381 cggatctaaa gaggtaatgt attgaggata attcttcttc cagtgccctt acttcttaca
   136441 gtagaagcat tctgtctgac tctggtcgga cttgagtttc ttggtctaac aggacttgag
   136501 tgccccagca ctttgcaccc ttttcttgtt cttcttattc ttctttcctt tcttaaagag
   136561 tcgacatcta gaagaagacc ctccaacaat atttaccgac tctatgtgga gctgatgatc
   136621 cttctcaaag ttctacagca accctagcaa atcgtggtac ttgactgtag gctttgtcat
   136681 ttaaaaatga gtaagaaaag ggaggaagga cttggacaga gagtttagaa tagcatcttt
   136741 cctcaactac tcatgcaggg aaaagtcgag tgttgctcct agattgattt tgatgactac
   136801 aaaacagttt gaagggatac aaatattttt tatttgaaaa agaccttatg ctctacaggg
   136861 gcaaaattgt aatttcatca aaactctgat ttgatagcat catcgtgtag aacaaatgat
   136921 atgtaatcta ttggtgaaag tttcatggtt tttggactta tatttttgga gttatgaagg
   136981 tttgaagttc atgagtcgac tcatgagtca actcatgaaa ctatgagctg attggcacgc
   137041 aaagattagc catggcacgc tggttttctg gcttggcacg acctgtgagt cgactcatga
   137101 gtcgacccac aaggcatgag tcgactcatg agtcgacttc tgctgttttg ggccaaaaaa
   137161 atccagaaac caaatctctg gactttgcaa cagaggtcga ctcatgagtc gacccctgag
   137221 gcatgagtcg actcatgagt cgactcatat gatgggattt gcctgtaacg gctagttttt
   137281 ggccagattt ggttgctttt taatgctgct ttttgtgctc taacggctct ttttctgcct
   137341 agtttagttt tcccttgtct cttaaggcta taaaaggttt caaaaggtgg aaaacaaaaa
   137401 agagagatcc aaatatccaa gaggcattca agtgatttga aaagagaaaa tcaagagcat
   137461 tcaagagggc attcaagtgc attcaagaga aggtttttca agccaactac tcaacatcat
   137521 acaagagctc atttaaaagc cttcaagaag ccatcaatca agctcaccaa ctcctcaagc
   137581 atttacttca tctctcatcc actttgagga aatccaagag gggcttcttc atttgagtaa
   137641 agcgtattta ttgttatatt cgctcactta aggagctatt cttgtactta tttgtgctct
   137701 aaactgattt tatcttgtga gtaattattt ttgttttgga gggtttccaa aacaaggaaa
   137761 ggttgatccg aacctgaaat cggagtgtat tgggtcggct tgtactcgag aaataagtgg
   137821 actagcttgg gatagctagt gtcggagttt ccgacggttg tattcgggtt gaatacaaag
   137881 tatagtggat tggaattccc aagtaggagc ttggggagtg gatgtaggtg caaggttggc
   137941 accgaaccac tataaatcat tgtgtttgtg gcatgcttta ttgtttctct ttaattctcc
   138001 attatatcct tgcattcttg ttttaagtaa ttaatctcaa actaaagtct ctctcctcat
   138061 tcatcaagct tttgatatat aatttttaca agtaattagt taagcctaaa atttttaaaa
   138121 cctaattcac cccccctctt gggttgcata gctgggcaac aagtggtatc agagcccggt
   138181 gctctagccc ttctttgatc taacaatcaa agagccaaag atctatggca acccacgtcg
   138241 gcacttctct agccgagggg caatctacca accgacctcc acttttcaat gggtctaatt
   138301 acacctattg gaaagctcgg atgaagattt tcatacaagc actagactat gatatgtgga
   138361 gtatcatagt gaacggtcca cacacaccca ccaagataat agatggtgag gagtcaacca
   138421 aacccgaaag agaatgggat gaggttgata agaaattggc acagttaaat gctaaagcta
   138481 tgaatgttct ttattgttca cttgatgcaa atgaatttaa tcgcatttct acctgtgcat
   138541 ctgctaaaga aatatgggat aggttagaag taacccatga gggaacaaat caagtaaagg
   138601 agtctaaaat aaacatgctt gtacataaat atgagttatt taaaatggag catgatgagt
   138661 ccataactgc tatgtttact cgctttactg atataattaa tggtttgaag agtcttggca
   138721 aatcttatac taacagtgag cttgtaagga agattctcag gtcattgcca agaacctggg
   138781 aagccaaggt gactgctatc caagaagcaa aggacttgaa cactctacct ctagaagagc
   138841 ttcttggatc cttgatgact cacgagctta gcatgaagca acatcaagag gatgaagtca
   138901 aaaagaagag aaccattgcc ctcaaatcca cagcctctcc tgatgaagaa actgacgaca
   138961 cagaagatga agaacaggat gaagaaatgg tactcatcac ccgaagattc aagaagttcc
   139021 taagaaagag gaaacagggg atgagaaaga gacctttcac aaaaggggaa caaagcaaag
   139081 agaaagaaaa agatcaaccc cttatatgct atgagtgcaa gaagccgggg catttcaaat
   139141 ccgaaagtcc acaattgaag aaaggtccca aaaagttcaa aaagaaggca atgatggcca
   139201 catggagtgc gagcgacgac tcaagctccg atgaggagac ctcaacagaa caagccaacc
   139261 tgtgccttat ggcacacgat aatgaggtaa tttctgaaac ccctagtgaa tttacttttg
   139321 aagaattgca tgaagccttc aatgatttaa ttgatgaatt gaagaaacta ggaataaaaa
   139381 acaaagaact aaaattgaaa aatcagtctt tagtaaaaca agcagaaaat ctttcaattg
   139441 aaaaatctac tttgcttcaa gagaaccaaa gcctaaagaa tgatattaat aagctgaaac
   139501 ctatagtaga taaattcacc ttaagttcaa acaaactaaa tatgattctt gaaaatcaaa
   139561 aggccgtata tgataaggcc ggacttggct ataacccctt aaagaaacaa aaatttctga
   139621 aaaatattta tgtaaattat tcaagtaaca agcctaccaa tactacttgt tttaaatgtg
   139681 gtagaatagg acataaatct tacacttgtg caaacataat tgtaaagaaa atatgggttc
   139741 caaaagtaac catcttgact aaccaaaaag gacccaagaa agcttgggta cctaaaacaa
   139801 aaacttgata tttgtttgca ggtgtgtcta gcatcccatg gagaaaacag gaaatggtat
   139861 ctggacagtg gatgctcgag acacatgact ggtgatgaat cacaattcat cacgcttgat
   139921 gctaaggatg gagggatggt cacctttgga gataatggca aaggaaagat catcgggata
   139981 ggtaacattg gtatcactcc ctccaaatat attgaaaatg ttttgttagt taaaggttta
   140041 aagcataact tacttagcat tagtcaattt tgtgataaag ggtataaagt agtttttgaa
   140101 tcatctgttt gtattgtgac tagtcctatt aatgatggca tcaaatttat aggacataga
   140161 catggcaatg tttatatggt agatctaaat gatttagcca aattagacat gcaatgccta
   140221 gtatccttaa atgctaaagt taatgagact agttggcttt ggcatcgtag acttgctcac
   140281 attagcatgc attctctttc aaaattaatt aagaaagaat tagttcatgg cttgcctaaa
   140341 ctgaattttg aaaaagatag gatttgtgat gcatgtcaac taggtaagca aactagagtt
   140401 tcatttaaat ccaaaaatat tgtttcaact tctagaccat tagagctttt gcatatggat
   140461 ttatttggac caactagaac cacaagtcta ggaggaaaat gatatggttt tgtaataata
   140521 gatgattatt cacgttttac ttgggttttc tttttggcac acaaagatga aacttttcat
   140581 attttcacta aatttcatcg aaaagtcact aatgaaaaag gatttttcaa ttcaaaatat
   140641 tagaagtgac catggaactg aatttgaaaa tcaagacttt gaaaaatttt gtgatgagaa
   140701 tggaatcggc cataacttct ctgctcctag aacaccccaa caaaatgggg tagttgaaaa
   140761 gaaaaaacag aaccttagaa gaaatggccc gtaccatgct ttgtgaaagc aaccttccaa
   140821 gatatttttg ggcggaagct attaacacag catgttacat tttaaatcgt gctttgatca
   140881 gacaattttt aaagaaaaac cccctatgaa ctttggaaag gaagaaaacc aaatattgca
   140941 tattttcata tttttggctg ccgatgtttt gtattaaata atagcaagga aagacttggt
   141001 aaatttgatg caaaatcaga tgaagcaatc tttctgggtt actcctctac tagtaaagct
   141061 tttagagttt ttaataaaag aactttagta gctgaggagt ccattcatgt tgtctttgat
   141121 gaatctaacg atcttccttc aaggaagaat gagggtgttg atgatgcaga tccattaata
   141181 gaaggtatga aggagatcac tctgaaagat tcagccactc cagaggacaa ggaacaagaa
   141241 gacaaacaag atgagatagg tgaggaaatt caagaacaac ctcaaggtac aaatgaccta
   141301 cccaaggaat ggaggtatgt tcacaaccac cctaaggaat taattattgg tgatcctatg
   141361 catggtgtaa aaactcgctc ttcacttaga gnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   141421 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   141481 nnnnnnnnnn natttttaaa tggatttatt gctgaagaag tttatgtaga acaaccccct
   141541 ggatttgaaa atcatgcctt tcctaatcat gtttttaaat taaataaggc tttatatgga
   141601 ttaaaacaag cacctagagc atggtatgat agactaagca aatttttact aaataatggt
   141661 ttttcaagag gtaatgtaga tacaaccctc tttatcaaaa gaaatcaaaa tgatatgtta
   141721 gttatacaaa tttatgttga tgacataatt tttgggtcta ctaatgaatc cctttgtcaa
   141781 gactttgcta agcttatgca gggggagttc gagatgagca tgatgggaga actcaccttc
   141841 ttcctcggac tccagatcaa acaatcaaaa gaggaaatct ccatcaccca aagcaagtac
   141901 accaaggaac tactcaaaag atttggaatg gagaactcca aacccattgg cacaccaatg
   141961 agtccctcat gtaagcttga caaggacgat gaaggtaaat gtgtagactt aaaatactat
   142021 agaggtatga ttggatcatt attatattta actgcaagta ggcctgatat catgtttagt
   142081 gtttgtttat gtgctagata tcaatctaat cctaaagaat ctcatttgaa tgctgttaaa
   142141 agaatcctta gatacttaaa tggtactcaa actttagggt tatggtactc taaggactca
   142201 caaatagatt tattaggata ttctgatgct gactttgctg gatgtaaact agatagaaaa
   142261 agcacaagta gaacttgtca atttcttgga gttaacctaa tctcatggtt tagcaagaaa
   142321 caaaattcgg tagcactgtc tacggctgag gccgaataca ttgcagccgg aagttgttgt
   142381 gctcaaatct tgtggattaa gcaacaactc gaagactttg gaattaaact taatgaaaca
   142441 ccaataagnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   142501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnntc gccactcgag
   142561 gaaaggttct tttgtgacct cttcccttgt tcttcacggt tggagcgtgc cctagcactc
   142621 caccgtccct ctcaaatcca ctcattctct cctccaaaac ctcaaatcac tctcttgtga
   142681 tccttcctcc actctctcac ttgctcctca agtctcctcg cctggtattg aagaggttat
   142741 ggcaccaaaa atgaaacttc cccaaaggag aaagtctgtc cgggaacttg aagaaagtgt
   142801 cagaaggaaa aggcaagcgg cacagtcctc ctctgctccc gttccagctt cagttcaagg
   142861 tccttcacag tcttctcaaa cccccagtaa gaaccctctc tcagatagaa aagtagaaac
   142921 cgggaaaaac attgacttcc gattctttga aagtgaggga ttttctttag caagtaagat
   142981 caaaaatcag ggatggagct tttactgttc actcaaagaa atcacctttg ttgaccttgt
   143041 tagggagttt tatcagaatc ttatttatgg aaatgggtca gtaacttcaa ctgtgaaagg
   143101 gattgatatc tgtctggatc ctgtcatttt aggggagatt ttacacttac ctagtgaagg
   143161 ttatgcatac atggaactcc ccgtgaaaga agaaggtata agtgttataa ttggaggaac
   143221 ctaccaaggg aatttgaata aactagaggc caagatttta cctatagaaa tgagaatctt
   143281 acatcaaatg gtcacaaaac ttttcttccc taggagtggt aggcacgatc ttctgtcagg
   143341 cagggacata tgcattatgt tttacattat cacagaaacc cccctaaacc tcccagcact
   143401 tatgatagag gccatgagag agactctgaa cagatctaag gcacatttgc cttatggtat
   143461 ggccctgact agagttttca ggaggtttgg agttagttgt gagggggagg cgtcccacca
   143521 aactgtctca tgttgatacc ttcaacctac acaccttgca tcgaatgggg ttcacaaaaa
   143581 gtggtaggtg gttggattca gggagctgag gaaagaacgg aagaagagac annnnnnnnn
   143641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   143701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn ntccggatcc agaggctggc ccttctgagt
   143761 ttaccaggat acccacatct gtgcatcagc cagagagcag agcacctcca ccagagttca
   143821 cactgtccga ttatcagatt gagcggattg cacagcgtat ggtctctttg atgtcgagtc
   143881 agatgagcag tacttcattt gtaccagggg ctacttctac taatcagact ttgactcccc
   143941 acatctccac agtatatcag atgatggcag atcagtccnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   144001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   144061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnaa tccattctcc catctccttt tgactccatt tccaaggctt
   144121 aagctagtgg aactcctccc gcctcctctc caccgcaaat tgccactcag ggaaaggttc
   144181 ttttgtgacc tcttcccttg ttcttcacgg ttggagcatg ccctagcact ccaccgtccc
   144241 tctcaaatcc actcattctc tcctccaaaa cctcaaatca ctctcttgtg atccttcctc
   144301 cactctctca cttgctcctc aagtctcctc gcctggtatt gaagaggtta tggcaccaaa
   144361 aatgaaactt ccccaaagga gaaagtctgt ccgggaactt gaagaaannn nnnnnnnnnn
   144421 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   144481 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnctt cgatttggca caccctcagc ctcaggagtc
   144541 tacgattgag gtcactgatc tcactgcaga ggccggcaga ctcagaggag ctcttgaggg
   144601 tggttatgag ttactgagga aggagatcag aggatcaagt gagcaagcta ctactcagtt
   144661 cactgcactt ctccaggctg tctccagggc actgactgta cttgactcca tcagacttac
   144721 cctttcagtt cagtccctag cttctcagcg ttctcagcca cccagttcct cccgttcgcc
   144781 tgctcgtgcc agttcttcct ctcgtgccag aggcagacgg ggtcgaggac gcatctcaga
   144841 tccagatcca tctgctcctt atcacatttc tgatgattct gatcattgat catttctaga
   144901 tcctaggtct tagtgtttag tcctctctag gatctgtatt tttggggcca tgtattgaca
   144961 ttagctagtt gactttgtat gatacttttt atgttacaat ctatgtactg aaacaattat
   145021 ggctttacct ttggaatgat gattatctta ctttggttat atattctctt ttgtgaaata
   145081 ttgtcttctc tttatggtat tatcatttta tgattgctgt taatagttgc ttcattaagg
   145141 gggagcaaac cctacaagag gagaaattaa agaatgcttc agaaaaagga cttaaccttg
   145201 tttgatgatg tcaaaaaggg ggagaaatta aacacaaaga aatccatcaa aagcaaacac
   145261 tacaaattat gagaaattaa tacattgaca attttaagta caaatgctaa atatactgca
   145321 aataagtacc ttttaaaatt acttatactc tgatttgctg taaacctttg aatatgctct
   145381 gataggcttt gaaattccaa acctactctg atatattgaa tacattgctc taatacattg
   145441 acaaactttg ttttactact ccgatacatt actcaatttt actctgacac attgaaaaac
   145501 tattttttat tactctgata ctttgctaaa tttttctcta atacattgta aaattgtctt
   145561 ccctacattg atacattgca aaattttcat ttctcttgct ctgatacatc ttaaacttaa
   145621 atgctctaat actccttcca aatcaactat tcaatatgct ttggcacaca tgactagttt
   145681 tgagaattga gaaaattttt caaaatacag tttgctctga taataaaatt aaattttctg
   145741 ctctaacacc aaaacaataa tccaatgagc atatcttcca atctttaagc aaatggacaa
   145801 accatttatg catacaacca tttgtatcac atgccaaaag aatcatactc ttttcaagca
   145861 tatgcaccta aaatacaatc tgttgaaatt tatgattcag aaaaatgctt ttgttcaaat
   145921 gttttgtcat catcaaaaag ggagagattg ttgctcctag attgattttg atgactacaa
   145981 aacagtttga agggatacaa atatttttta tttgaaaaag accttatgct ctacaggggc
   146041 aaaatcataa tttcatcaaa actctgattt gatagcatca tcgtgtagaa caaatgatat
   146101 gtaatctatt ggtgaaagtt tcatggtttt tggacttata tttttggagt tatgaaggtt
   146161 tgaagttcat gagtcgactc atgagtcaac tcatgaaact atgagctgat tggcacgcaa
   146221 agattagcca tggcacgctg gttttctggc ttggcacgac ctgtgagtcg actcatgagt
   146281 cgacccacaa ggcatgagtc gactcatgag tcgacttctg ctgttttggg ccaagaaann
   146341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   146401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnngg tcgactcatg agtcgacccc
   146461 tgaggcatga gtcgactcat gagtcgactc atatgacggg atttgcctgt aacggctagt
   146521 ttatggccag atttggttgc tttttaatgc tgctttttgt gctctaacgg ctcttttctg
   146581 tctagtttgt tttcccttgt ctcttaaggc tataaaaggt ttcaaaaggt ggaaaacaaa
   146641 aaagagagag atccaaatat ccaagaggca ttcaagtgat ttgaaaagag aaaatcaaga
   146701 gcattcaaga gggcattcaa gtgcattcaa gagaaggttt ttcaagccaa ctactcaaca
   146761 tcatacaaga gctcatttaa aagccttcaa gaagccatca atcaagctca ccaactcctc
   146821 aagcatttac ttcatctctc atccactttg aggaaatcca agaggggctt cttcatttga
   146881 gtaaagcgta tttattgtta tattcactca cttaaggagc tattcttgta cttatttgtg
   146941 ctctaaactg attttatctt gtgagtaatt gtttttgttt tggagggttt ccaaaacaag
   147001 gaaaggttga tccgaacctg aaatcggagt gtattgggtc ggcttgtacc cgagaaacaa
   147061 gtggactagc ttgggatagc tagtgtcgga gtttccgacg gttgtattcg ggttgaatac
   147121 aaagtatagt ggattggaat tcccaagtag gagcttgggg agtggatgta ggtgcaaggt
   147181 tggcaccgaa ccactataaa tcattgtgtt tgtggcatgc tttatttttt ctctttaatt
   147241 ctccattata tccttgcatt cttgttttaa gtaattaatc tcaaactaaa gtctctctcc
   147301 tcattcatca agcttttgat atataatttt tacaagtaat tagttaagcc taaaactttt
   147361 aaaacccaat tcaccccccc tcttgggttg catagctggg caacatcgag cttacttagg
   147421 cactcaatca tctcgatcat gtacaataca tgatcaatga ctgatgctcc ttccctcatt
   147481 caaacgttga agatggcaca actagtcatg tgcctctcaa catcgtcggg tgtgccaaag
   147541 aactcattca atatttgtaa catgtcttgt gacagagcat tcttgaaatg acggctaaat
   147601 ttatcattca ttaccgctcg cataatacaa caaatcgtag ttcgatcatt gagatggtgg
   147661 tgaataatga aatgatgaaa ttgttataac cagttaatct taatcctccc attgacttca
   147721 ctaagttaga ttaaagaaga ttaggtaaaa gttggtctag ccaaccagtc ataaatcctc
   147781 ctactgactt taccaagtca tgaagaggac tcaaaataag ttgaactagg tgcacctaaa
   147841 tcagtcatac tgattttcta attagcatgg gtcaactcca atcattaagt gatctaacca
   147901 aaacataatt tatcatgttg gtcaggtaag tgagatcgat gggaggaata taccatgaac
   147961 tcaatataga ctcaatctat gtgagtagct ctcgattaat gactactgat caaagctgcc
   148021 atacttacct tagacactaa ctggttagtc atttttaatt tgatcaactt atagatttgg
   148081 attcgaccat ggagctacga tcaaagtcca tattggtcta atcaaagata tggacttgac
   148141 caattacaac tattgaaatt gatcaagaga agaaatagac tcaatcaata ttaactttta
   148201 attagatttg atcaattact aatatggtcc attatcaata atttctaacc ctagatctaa
   148261 cccaattaaa tggatttgac tcgagctaac ccattagctc atgaattatg aaattaatat
   148321 cttagatctt tgattctcaa atctagatcg cttaattttt aattaaattt tgggctgaca
   148381 tgggttcgga tttgatgttt gaaaatagtt ttcaatttta taaaatattt tttacaatca
   148441 atcatctaat aattaaaatt ctaattttag atctaatata tattatttca gatcaaaaat
   148501 aaaattttaa aattttttgc ataattcatc atcatagaaa agatcgcgca acagccctac
   148561 atgccatcgg agatcccatc gaatggataa ttaggattgt gaaatcctga tttctcctat
   148621 gatcggatgg ctatgaggat ctatccaatc agattactat actactcaga tttaaaatta
   148681 attatttaga tctaatctaa ataattaaaa ttagattata tgcaaaaagt tcatatcata
   148741 agaaatcttg ctctggtacc atctgaagga aaaatggata gttcaaagca tgtatcttta
   148801 aaattttata gtaaaataat aaaagattaa acactttaat cttctaaaca tatcttagat
   148861 caaatctaaa ctaccattaa ggatctatga tataaaaaat ttacatataa aatatgatat
   148921 aaaattgaaa actgcatcga tcacatcgat gtcctgaatc tgatctaacc tttagatcat
   148981 attggttgag ttcagaactc atcacctttt catgggttga tgatctccac tactggtagg
   149041 catagtatga agctctcact gatgtcgaat agctgcacag gtcatccgac ctctacagat
   149101 catccactcg aagccctgat cggatcttcc ttcatgggag tgctagctca cgttgaaggc
   149161 tctggatggc tgatccaagc tcctttcttt gaatctccta gactcttcta gatcaaaaga
   149221 tgatgcttta tgaagaggtg gtggtgtgca agattggaca agactcactc ttgtattttc
   149281 ttctcataaa atatagagtt gaaaccctag aacccacagc tcatgcctga gaggaagaac
   149341 acttcctctg tttctcatgc acggaagccc aacccactct caacttttca catctccact
   149401 ctcaaatttc tcacactaaa aattactctt aatctcatac aaaattgatc tccttttaag
   149461 gttggtgtcc catagaagat aaggataaga aagaggttgt tttggttcaa attcaaacgt
   149521 tggttgatcc ttatcaccaa ttcaaatcaa atttgaatta aattttgaac caaactttat
   149581 tctcatctta taaactcaaa gaggggtcaa ccaacattag aatggtgcaa aaaatctcat
   149641 gcaaaaatac tttatgcata gagaaaagtg gtggcgtgaa gaggagagtc caactcaatt
   149701 tggactctaa attttcattc aaattcaaac ccatttgaac tcaaatttaa accaactaat
   149761 ttttaattta aaaaaaatta gatgaggata tagaaaaagc ttttgggcat gagaaaaatt
   149821 atgtaaaaat atttctcaca tgaagaataa gagggcacag agaaagaagg tgcaagggat
   149881 ttgaattcga attattttct catctaatta aattcttaac ccaaccaaat taggttaaat
   149941 ccaattgaac cattaaacct aatataatta gataacaaat agcttcaatt aaattttaat
   150001 gaaattaaaa attaattggc tcaagtcctg atcatatcag gaatcgaaca cccttagcga
   150061 ttaggtcatc tcattaccta atcaggtcaa accaaattga atccaattta attagatttg
   150121 atccaaaaat taatgctcaa tcaaattaaa ttaattagta atttaattac taatcaatcc
   150181 tcctataatt catcaataat tagcaaatta atttattata acttttgcat aggattaatc
   150241 atcaattgaa ttgactgttt tatcctagaa tgattcttaa tcattgatca gccatataat
   150301 cagtcagaaa cttcttttga gtgtgacccc ataggttcta acctaagcta gtagtataag
   150361 aataatcttt ctataccaat caaaaggatc atctagcaat gatatctgac gtccggatag
   150421 gttgaaagat tgtaaagtat catccaagaa cctattaaca tatggttacc atataattca
   150481 ttcctttgat ccaaatactc aaggtgacct agggtttaac tatcaaccct ggtatagtca
   150541 tccacattat atttcaattt ttaaaatcta tcacatggtt tatcccgatc aaggttttac
   150601 tgaattaaaa catattgata catcaactcc tacttattca gaggggtcaa ttccatcttg
   150661 actcatacac cgactttgca agtacttgac tgtgcctaaa aatttttcat cattgaatta
   150721 aaaatttaga tagtccagca tcaaagcaca gtgagttgct tgtaagttac cgtggtgatc
   150781 tcaggttaga gggacatttc tacccatatc cctcacgagc tactcttgac agtagagtgc
   150841 ttagcaattg atcacattca gtaagatgta ctcctacgtc tcacttgcat gtcataccag
   150901 tatcttcata ctctttaatt aaaaggataa ctaacgtata tggtgcacaa cgacctatac
   150961 ttgacatagc tatcgtccta ataatagtat atcatttggt tgtaaactta aggtttaagg
   151021 actaaatgat atatcctcct atatcaaatc aaatagtcct aaggacttta tcacataata
   151081 ggagttcaaa ataagatata cacaatgatg aaaaaattaa ataatattta ttaatttaat
   151141 aatttatata taattataat aataagctca actgtcaata gattgacaat tgattttgaa
   151201 atataatttt taataaatct tttgattggg agcatttaaa actagccact aataatgtat
   151261 gtcttaaatt cttaatacta tgagaatata caatatcatc tttgttaatt tttaggataa
   151321 atcatagaca tataaatatg attgaaaata aaaatatatt tttattaata ataaaaattt
   151381 tataagtata aaattaagtc tagaattaca aaatatgtca gccaacaatt gacttctagg
   151441 acacacatct aacagtaacc caagagggag agagggtgaa ttagatttct tataagtaaa
   151501 aattacttta aaataatgtg tgcctaaata caatacggat gatatatgtg aagtgataag
   151561 ttggaaaatt tatacttagt agaaataaca agaaaagtaa aataattaca attacaaaca
   151621 taaaaaaaat ttataatagt ttggtgccaa actcagtact tactattgga aaatatatcc
   151681 taaaatcaat catctaggtt gtagatgatt gtactccata taaatatgtg aattataaaa
   151741 tgataaatat tatctgacag attcatcata aggaatacat cttccaaaat agaacttata
   151801 tgttatgatg aagtccttag aactactact aaaatgataa aggagaattt atcatatggt
   151861 tcttaaatcc agctcacgat caaatgatac aattgttata agaacgataa ttatatcgag
   151921 agtaggtcat tgtatgccat attagttgat tgtcctctta accaagacat gtggtgacat
   151981 gggtatggca tatggatgat atgtaggagt acatttcact aagcgtgacc actccagagc
   152041 actctgctat caagggctgc tcttatggga tatgggtata tgtgtctctt ggacctaagg
   152101 ctgcctcagt gatttacaag caactcactg tgctttgatg tcagactact tgaattttta
   152161 attcgatgat agaaagattc tgggtacagt caagtacttg tgaaatctga gtgtgagtca
   152221 agatgggatt gatagcttca agtaaaatta gagatgatgc atcattatgt ttcaattcag
   152281 taaaattttg gccaaagtaa tcttagtgaa gagtcacaag atttttaagg ttgagacaca
   152341 atgtggacca ctctttctgg gttgacaatt taacccaaaa tcattcttga gcatcaagta
   152401 tcaaaaggat gaattatacg gtaactatat ccacatgggt tctagagtgt tgctggacat
   152461 acattcagcc tatccagacg ttcgatccca ttgctagatg gttatatcga ttagtataaa
   152521 aattattctg gtactactaa cttaggttca aacctataga gtcatgcaca tagaagtacc
   152581 tatctgatca aatagctgat cgacgattat gaatcgttga aggatttaat tatcaatttg
   152641 attaatgatt aatcctttac aaaggctgca ataaaatatt tactgatgat tagtaaatta
   152701 gaagaataat taattaataa tatgattatt aattgactca atttgattga gcactggaga
   152761 ttggattaga tctaattgaa ttggattcaa ttagattagc tttggattga ttggatgcag
   152821 ccctattgaa tgacaggact tgttccaatt gatcttagag atccaaaact aaattaatga
   152881 gattagtttg atataggctt tgattggatc aaatcctatt ggataataga cttgattgga
   152941 tcaagccata ttatcaaatt gcttccctga atccatcaag aatcaatcct tggattaatg
   153001 agattttaat ctaaccaatt tcaaaatcga ttggggccta atatgtttca taattgggct
   153061 aggatctaat tagttagttt gttataacta attcctaggt tagttaggat tggatccaaa
   153121 aattagttag aatttaagta agatcttgaa tcctatttgg aataggacta aacccaaacc
   153181 accccatgtg atttattccc cacgtcatat cttttcacct tgagaaaaat gatctcatgc
   153241 ccaagaaacc tcatgcccct ctcctctctt cctctcatga aaaaagagga ggcgtcccct
   153301 cccctctttt gttgtcgcca aaaataagaa ggggcgtcca agagttggat gccccaattc
   153361 tacatgacgc catccctctt ttctcctccc ttcttgaaga aattttgaga gactttctta
   153421 ctaatttttg gggcatcaaa gagaggcttc tctactgatt ttacaataga aaattagaga
   153481 agtaaagttc ttcccaatga gagaaagaga aggaagaaga agggtcttct ttcttgtgta
   153541 cagccttgaa gaaggagttc ttcttttaga ttttttttta ttttttttaa ggtaaaaatt
   153601 agattaaatc taatttttaa tataaaaatt tagaaaaaaa atatcaaaaa aatttggttg
   153661 gatgtttggg gcttcttgga gttctagatc aaggaagaag atggatcttc tttcttgtgc
   153721 gcaacgttga agaagaagga gttcttcttc taattttttt ttattttttt ctaatatcaa
   153781 aattagatta gatctaattt ttaacataaa aatttagaaa agaaatacta aaaaaatctg
   153841 gttgggtgtt tggggcttcc tagagttcta gatcaagaag aaaaaaggga gaagaagaga
   153901 gaagaatggt tctttccttg gatctctctt ttgatttttt ttagatctta aaattttata
   153961 taatttttag catgagaaat cagattagat ctaattttta tcatagaaaa ttagagaaga
   154021 aaaattcttc ttaagggtgt gaaagaaaga gagaaaggtt ctctcttatg catagaaaat
   154081 tgagaagaaa ggattcttct cttgatctct attatagaaa tcagatgcat gaatctagaa
   154141 agaaaaagag agaatctctt tattctttat ctccatcatg ttcctctcag atcagccaaa
   154201 ggatagtgtc ttcgcgagct agcactccca gagagatcga tcagcacgag gacttcgtgt
   154261 ggatacctat aggggccaga cacgtgtgcg gctgccaagc atcatgaaga accatctacc
   154321 ataaatttta gatgtggtga ttttctaccc gcacttaagt ataaagtttt gaattcaatt
   154381 aatatttaga tatgatctga atataaatta gatatgttct gtacttgctg aattttagat
   154441 ttcagatgtg tatacatgca tatttgttta tgtcatagat cttgtatggt gatttagatt
   154501 tgatctatgc atgtattata gattaattta tttaatctat atatatttca ctataaaatt
   154561 tttgaaaatg catgcacatc atccaccatg ctttccttca aatggtatca gagcgaaggt
   154621 tcattatgat atgaacatat atgcatgtag agttgaaatc tagatttagc aataaatgag
   154681 atgtattatg atctaatttt agttatgatc taatgttaaa tcagatctaa tacaatatag
   154741 atttgatata aatttttgca tatatgatat gtgaattaga ttagatgttc tgagtagcaa
   154801 agtactcaga ttggataatc accaggccat ccgatcatag gaacaagtag ggttacatga
   154861 ccctttcttt ccattcaaga ggatgctctt tatggcgtgt aggggtgcca ctgtgaggtc
   154921 ccatgaagaa gaaagtgaaa agagaaaact tactttcttg taaaatccta gatcttgaaa
   154981 ccctaggtgt tgttgtatgt gatacaagtt gcgaagaaac tagttacatc taatcttgat
   155041 taatcaaaat tactttgatt aaaaatcata aaaatttaaa tttgatctaa aagattttat
   155101 gatttaatgt aaaagattta cataaaaaaa tatttcataa ccttaactca tgttgatgct
   155161 atacttaatt aagaattaag aaatatattt tagatctaga attatgatta aagatctaat
   155221 gacattgcat aaaacatggg gcatgggtta gctcaaatca ggtcttttta attgggttag
   155281 acctaagatt agaatcaaag acataatgaa ctaaaaaaaa tagttgatca aatctaaccg
   155341 atagttgatt tagattagat caaggatact ctagatcaaa cataatagtt gtaattgatc
   155401 gaatccatat ctttgatcaa atcaaataga ccttgattga ggctcaaagg gtgagctcga
   155461 gtcattacgc tgattagatt gttaggtaac ttgagttgac tcatattgtt gaggttaatt
   155521 agtatgacta atttaggtgc cctggatcga cttgtcggtt ggaccgactt atctctagtc
   155581 cttctcatga cttggtgaag tcagtgagag gatttatgat gtatcggttt gactagctaa
   155641 tctctaatct tttacatgac ttggtgaagt cggtgagaga atttatgact tacaggtcga
   155701 ctgatatctt ttaaaaaatt taattaaatt ctctaaatta ttagatccat aaaataaact
   155761 aattatgggg ataactagat catagcctct cattaaggtg aatgataatg ggtccattat
   155821 ttctgatgga cattgcaagc gccatccatc tggtattctt ttcgaatgat gaaattatcg
   155881 ttcatcatat gatgactcta ttgaactatc tgatggtggt caagttgatc gagccatcct
   155941 cgggcctgat catttattga ctaaaatcac tgaataggtt catgttaatg gttggaccta
   156001 accgagactt tcggtggaga tccatcacct actgaaataa aatttggggt aaaatttaat
   156061 actaaaagtt gtttggagaa ataattgatt gaaaacctac ccatggatgc atatgggttg
   156121 atcgagccat cctcgagctt atatgcagtc tgtgtggatt ctagtatccg ctgaagaatt
   156181 aatgtaattc ttcaaattgg agatagaggc taccaattca tataaaatag tgggagaacc
   156241 tttagactaa agtctaagtc tttagacttg aagtaattca tatacttgta agtcagttat
   156301 tctcttttca gaaatggcta gaaaattatc gctctcttca ctgttagaca gtgaaaatat
   156361 tatcagacct aacttcgata gctagtatca gaagttgagt atagtttttg aaaaaattga
   156421 tcaagaagtc tcaggctaac ccaaacagac ttaaaagaga aatcagtaaa tggttgctga
   156481 tcaagatagt tatatgataa ctccttgaag tttttttatt ggtaatacta tctaggtata
   156541 ggataccaat agtgcaagtc atgtttgcaa atagttataa aagacttcag gatagtagaa
   156601 agtttgaaaa tggcaagaga ctcctaaatg taagacatgg aagtctgttc caatcttaac
   156661 atcaggaatt gttgagcttg ttttcaatcc taaagatgtc attttagatg attgtcacta
   156721 ttgtccaatc ttattaatgg tgtcaataag tatgattgtt ggaatatcat tgtgaatgat
   156781 actacaataa tgagtggata attgaaaatg acataaactc attaccatag cctattagtg
   156841 tagtgtacac atctgactag caccctagat tagataatgt cactaaagtc tgcttttgac
   156901 atagttgact tagtcacctt ttattggaaa ggatgaatga gctagcgatg ttctgagttt
   156961 agtacatatt gatgcattta cactcatgaa tattagtgcc aaaagagaac tttactacat
   157021 taaatctcta acgacctatc ttgacatggg tgcgtcttgc ttacgaagta caaatccaag
   157081 tcgattaaaa tgtttaaata attctataat gaggtaggaa aatgaactgc aaagaatatt
   157141 agaattcatc agtcagactg atgaagtgaa tacctttata gtaagttttg acatatctag
   157201 gagaaaatta aattctctct caatggcctc tcctgggata ccactatttg aaaggagaaa
   157261 ttgaactttg ttagatatgg ttcgatccac tgtgggtttg ctagtcagcc agagattatg
   157321 ctttagaaac tacttgatat gtgctcaaga atgttctgag caaatcgatc accaaaactc
   157381 catatgagat atgaacttgg gtaattcaat actcacttac tttaagtttg gggtgtcgaa
   157441 cttatatgaa atattcacaa actgactagc ttggatcttg gtctgataaa tattacatta
   157501 aagatatttt ttctatcttt ctgatagaca tgagatgttc atgtatctta aagcattctt
   157561 tttgaaaaga aagtttcttg gtgaaagaac tgatgtcatt aagagcaagc ttggtgaagc
   157621 ttaatagcta gaggaaccaa ctctgataca aaccaataga accagagttg attagatcaa
   157681 atctgaaatc tgatgtaaag gcatccttga atagatacag tagagtatcg tttcagccaa
   157741 acagatactt cgatttctag attcgggatg gagatttgat cttccatatg gatgtaatat
   157801 agggatctaa cattgagaag tatcttggag ctattaaatc taaaatgaag tccacaaaga
   157861 tcaacgatat atggacattc attggttcac ttgaaggggt gagatccata aggtgtgagt
   157921 ggattttaga tggataagag gcgcagatgg aaagatggag atctattgat tctgtctaat
   157981 tatcaaaaaa tttcatcaaa gttatactgt tgactatgac gagatgattt tcttatggca
   158041 atcctcaagt ccattcggat tgaatctgta ggaaccagat ctagggtttc agggttagat
   158101 cttgaaaaag agggttagat cttgaaactt tttcaagatc atacagcgga agactaaaat
   158161 aaatcaaaat ttattttcta agatcagaaa atccctagat ctaagattct attacatgat
   158221 tattacatgg tattaaatca gaaattaaaa tatataaata tagcatgaac tacatgttga
   158281 tcatatcaac atgtttctat actacatcta atgtatgtat taaacaatag atcagatcta
   158341 ttaccttgca agttagatgt tctaaccttg ctgatctggg cttgaggatg atgttgcaag
   158401 ccgcatatgc atccgacctc taggagtcgt ccacacgagc ccacgaatct cgatcagaag
   158461 tcctgcttca ggaaatcagc acagtatgct agtactgcgc tgatccttct ttgatggttg
   158521 atcaggtgcc tccttcttct tgatttggac tcttccaaag atgaaaagta gaaggaggag
   158581 tttcagatct gagacactct caggaaactc aagatggagg gaggaaagat gtgaaaacaa
   158641 aaacctaaga agaagaccct cttcttcttc acatttttct ctctagacat ccaaacttgc
   158701 atcttttata tctccacgac ccaaaggtat ttctctttga tttttggatg tcacaaaggt
   158761 atctcaaatc tctaatttca cataaaattt cacaaataaa ctcatcttat atagagagat
   158821 atgatagagt ccttgtctag gtcaaacacc tagtcaaggc ttatccaaac atggcaagtt
   158881 aagggacgcc caactcttga gcacctcctt catattttca tatatggatc aatagaaaag
   158941 ggtacacaat atatacccta aaagccacaa aaattccaaa aaaaatttgg ataaattcgg
   159001 tacaaaattg aaagagtttt ggatttctaa aactctatct catagaattc gaaatccaaa
   159061 cttattcctt ttagatttga tccaaaccac cttccatgta agaaagaaga gaggagacct
   159121 tttgtgaacg tgggagagat ctgagagagg gcttttgtca cacaaaataa gtggatattg
   159181 gcattgaata agagagaggg cgtggagaag gcttatgtgg cgcaaggtgg aatcctagtc
   159241 ttactaggat tctgtcttat gacttgtttt aatttggttt tccaaatcaa atcaaatcaa
   159301 aattagatca acccaattaa aataggtctt aacccaatta gaaacctaat ttaatcagat
   159361 taaattagat ttaaatctga tttaattttc taatcaaatt agaaattaga ttgacccaag
   159421 tcctagttga actaggacta gtttttcctt gcacttggct tatccaataa accaattgga
   159481 cttgatccaa tcaagctcaa aataaatcta attaaatcat atttaattaa acttaatctc
   159541 agcccattgg cttaatcaaa ttaagccaat tagcaatcga attgctaatc gatcctcctg
   159601 caacacttgc actgggttaa atgtcaatcg tattgatcat ttaaccctag aacgattctt
   159661 aatcgttgat caaccatttg atcggatcat gaactctaat gtgtgtgacc tcataggtcc
   159721 gaacctaagc cggtagcata ggaataaatt cctataccaa tcgaagtgac catctagcaa
   159781 tggtacccga cgaccggata ggtcgaatgt gtagaacaac atccttagaa cccatgcgga
   159841 tataattttc atataattca tccccttgac caaaatgatc ataggacacc ccagagttta
   159901 actgtcaact ctgattaggt tgtccacatt gtatttcaaa atatcaaatc catctgatgg
   159961 attaccctgg ccaaggtttt gctaaattga aatacagcga ctcattcttc tccaactctt
   160021 ggagtgatca atcccatctc gatcacactc tgacttcaca agtacttgac tgtgcctaga
   160081 agccttccat ccctgaatta gaaattcagt tagtctagta ccaaagcaca gtgagttgct
   160141 tgcaagtcac tgaggcgatc tcaggtctaa gggacactta tacctatatc ccattagaga
   160201 tattctcgac aatagaatac tctggagttg gtcacgttca atgatgatgt acccttacat
   160261 ctaacctgta tgccatacca gtgtctccac actccttggt taagaggaca accaacccat
   160321 atggcctaca gcgacctatg cttgatagaa gctatcatcc ttattaacag cctatcattt
   160381 ggtcgtgaac agttttaagg actaattgat aaatcctctc tttatcgaac ttaaatagtc
   160441 ctaaggactt catcataaca acggagttca ttagaagatg aaagcttatg atgaaaatgc
   160501 caaatatatt ttatttatta acaaatcaat tacaatactt ggttgctcaa ccgtcaacag
   160561 cttgacgatt ggctttttgg gacacatttc tcaacaactt ccacttgtcc taaagccact
   160621 cggcacaata tctaataccc atcttcaact tgtggttgtc aaactccttt attgccaggg
   160681 ctttagtgaa ggggtcggct aggttctcct ttccgtcgat cttctgaagg tcgacgtcac
   160741 ctcgatccac gatctctcgg atcaggtgga agcggtgcaa gatgtgcttc atccgctaat
   160801 gtgctttggg ttccttcact tgagctatgg caccagtgct gtcgcagtag agcaggactg
   160861 gaccatcgag ggagggtgct actccgagct cattgatgaa tttcctcagc cacacagctt
   160921 ccttcgcggc atctgatgct gcgatatact ccgcttcaca aacagagtct gccacagtat
   160981 gctgcttgga actcttccag cagatggctc caccattcag agtaaagata taacccgaca
   161041 cgctcctgct gtcatcatgg tcagattgga agctggagtc tgtgaacccc acaagtttca
   161101 gatctgactc accataaacc aaccattggt ccttagtatt tctcaaatac ttaaggatgg
   161161 ctttaaccac tttccagtga tcttctccag gatcagattg gtatctactc actactccta
   161221 gtgagtatgc cacatctggt cttgtacatg tcatggcgta tatgatagat cccacggctg
   161281 aagcatatgg gactctactc atacgctctc tctcttcagg agttgtcgga caatccttct
   161341 tagagagaga aattccatgg cctatcggta gatagccctt cttgaaattt tctatgctga
   161401 acctcttcag cacagtgtct atgtacatgg actgggataa cccaagcatc cttttagatc
   161461 tatccctata gatcttcatc cctaggatgt aggatgcttc acccaagtcc ttcatggaga
   161521 actgtgatga caaccaaact tttattccct atagtgcggg gatgtcattc ccaattaaga
   161581 gaatgtcatc catgtacaag ataaggaata ccacaactgg atcatttgcc catttataga
   161641 tgcagggctc ttctccattc ttaatgaagc catacgtttt gatcacctta tcaaaatgca
   161701 tgttccaact ccgagaagct tacttcagtc cataaatgga tctctaaagc ttgcacacct
   161761 tggactcatc tgtggatgta aacccttcag gttgtatcat atacacctct tcagtcagct
   161821 ctccattcag gaaagctgtc tttacatcca tctgccagat ctcataatcc agatgggcag
   161881 ctattgcaag cattatccga atagatttga gcattgctac aagggaaaac gtctcgtcat
   161941 agtcaatacc ataacgttga cgatacccct tggcaaccag acgggcttta taggactcca
   162001 cctttccgtc tgcgcccctc ttccttttga agacccattt acacccaatg ggtttaaccc
   162061 cttcaggtgg gtcaaccaat gtccatacat cgttgacctt catggactcc atttcggatt
   162121 tcatggcttc aagccatttc tcggaatcag gtctctgcat agcatccata taggtgatcg
   162181 gatcctcatt attctcatca agttcgatgg gatcaccatc ccggaccaag aaatcgtagt
   162241 atctgtccgg ctgacgtggt actctatcgg atcgtcttaa tggtgcaggt atattgggct
   162301 ccggatgtga tctaatcata tctgactcag gttcagctat tggtgtcggt ccttctacct
   162361 gttgaacttc atcaagttca atcttagagg caacggttcc ttcaccaagg aactcctttt
   162421 ctaaaaagat tgccttaagg ctgacgaaca ccttttgttc atcagcatgg tagaaaaaat
   162481 atccttttgt ctctttgggg taccctatga atgagcattt gtcagaccta ggtccaagtt
   162541 tgtctgtgac taatcgtttg acataggtcg ggcaccccca gaccctaagg tgtgaaagta
   162601 ccggcttacg ccctgtccat atctcatatg gagtcttaat tatagactta cttggaatcc
   162661 tatttaacag ataacaggcc gattcgagtg catatcccca gaaggatatc agcaagctag
   162721 caaaaatcca tcatggatcg gaccatgtct aacaaagttc gattcctcct ttcaaacaca
   162781 ccattatgct gtggtgttcc tggaggagtc cattgggaga gaatctcatt ctcttctaga
   162841 tatgtgagaa actcactaga aaggtattct cctcctcgat cagatcgaag agttttaata
   162901 ctcttcccag tttatttttc tacttcactt cagaatcgtt tgaacatttc aaatgaatcc
   162961 gacttatgtt tcatcagata gacatatcta tatcgggata ggtcatccgt gaaagttatg
   163021 aagtagaaat atccacctct agcactggtg ctcatggacc cacatacatc agtatgtact
   163081 aggctcaaga gctcagtagc tctctcacct ttttcagtaa aaggtgactt gatcatttta
   163141 ccaagaagac aggactcaca ggttggaagt gattcacaat cactaacttc gaggattccc
   163201 tcttgagtca acctgtttat tctgttcttg tttatatgac ctagcctaca gtgccataag
   163261 tagatatctg acacactatc taatctaggg tgcttgccgg taaaatagac tcttatcagg
   163321 cttgaccttt ttggtctggc tctgcactga tgtcctagcc tgaacttgca ccttctttac
   163381 tttcttcttc ttgttcttct tccctttctt aaaaggtcga gaaccagaag acgaacctcc
   163441 cactaaattc accgactcct tgtgaagttg gtgatccttc tcaaagttct gaagcaaccc
   163501 cagtaaccca tggtagttct cttcaagctt tgtcattcta taatgagtga ggaatgggag
   163561 ataagacttg ggcagcgagt ttagtattgc atctttctca agctgctcat gcaagggaaa
   163621 gccgagcttg ctcaatcatt ccatcagctc gatcatgtat aatacatgat cagtgactga
   163681 gacaccatcc cgcattttgg cgttgaagat ggcacaacta gtcttgtgcc tctctacgtc
   163741 atcgggtgtg ccaaaggcat cctccaacac ttgaagcttg tccttcggct gagccatctc
   163801 gaatctgcga ctgaactcgt cgctcatgat agccagcatg atacagcgca ccgtggtccg
   163861 atcactgagc cacttctggt aagtgtctct aactgttcca cgtgcattga cagctggctc
   163921 ctcaggtgca ggatccatta tcacatatag gatcgttcat gctccaggac tatcttcaac
   163981 tttcggtacc agctatcgaa attgggtccc accaacttat cattgtccaa caatgatcgg
   164041 agcgatagcg aagtggccat atttgcataa aggagaacca taacctaatt agtaattgat
   164101 ttattaaacc taaagatttg gactttaatc aaaaggtttc tcccactatt ttattcgaat
   164161 tggtagcctc tacctccaac tcgaggaatt accctaattc cttagcgggt actagaatcc
   164221 acttagactg cacacaagcc caactttggt tggtcaaccc atgtacatct aagggtaggt
   164281 tcataaccaa ttgtttctct aaataatttc tagtaatttt aattttgccc cagaaaccta
   164341 atcagtaggc tttggcctcc actgtaagga tccggttagg tccaaccatt aacatgatca
   164401 tacttggtgt atctaaccaa tgaatgatta agcccaactt tggttggctc acctaaccac
   164461 cattagagag atacttccaa gtcatcatat gatgagtgat aatttcatta gtcaacaagc
   164521 accaggcctt tgggtctgca atgattattg agttaatgga ctcattatca aacaccttaa
   164581 tgggaggcta tgactcagtt atctccataa ctttgtcatt ttaaggactt aataatttta
   164641 gaggatttaa ataatttaga ggatgaggtc agaagaatca gcttatcatg atcctcccac
   164701 tggcttcacc aagtcagctt aagggagacc agggctggtc taggagcacc taaatcagtc
   164761 acactgattt acctagctga catgggtcag ctcgaatagt caagtgatcc gatcaaaaca
   164821 taatttcacc aagagaccag gtaagttcga tcagtgggag ggtctgccaa agcttgcctt
   164881 agacaccatt agaaatggcc aggtaagcgg gctcccaatt aaaaaccacc ggtctggttt
   164941 accttagaca ccaactggtt taattagttt caattagatc aacctaacag ttcgtgctag
   165001 accgcttagc caagaatcaa gtctatttgg ttctcgttaa agacatggac ttgaccaact
   165061 acaactattg taattgatct agagaatcct tgacctaatc taagacaaca attgattaga
   165121 tttagtcaat tctctaatta agtccatctt taatctaacc ataggtctaa cccaattaat
   165181 ggacctaatt cctactaacc cattaaccca atgtgttata atttgtgtct taggttcttc
   165241 aattcacaat cctagaacct aatcaaacaa cttcttaatt cttaattaag ttttgggctg
   165301 agggttgggt acgacttttc aaaaaataat tttcatattg taaaataatt ttataatatg
   165361 attctaccaa ccatattgca tgtttgattc ataatcaaga tgcaagtgaa ataaacatga
   165421 aactacttta gatcaatcta aataggttca tgtaattgaa acaatttcaa ctttacacaa
   165481 tttctttgca caaaaattat taacaaaaag attttatttc agatttaaat atcttttaaa
   165541 tctaataaat cataaattta atcaagatca tatctaataa atttatgatt aaagatagat
   165601 ctacacaaac taggacaacc tttgcactgt aaggggtaaa ccttacagca ggacaacctt
   165661 gcagtttgtg attgatctaa aattttaatt tcagatttaa taatcaaatt ataaattaga
   165721 tccaatctaa aaataatcta agcatgtata aataatcatg taataaagaa ccttgctctg
   165781 ataccaattg taggaaccag atctagggtt tcagggttag atcttgaaaa agagggttag
   165841 atcttgaaac tttttcaaga tcatacagcg gaagattaaa ataaatcaaa atttattttc
   165901 taagatcaga aaatccctag atctaagatc ctattacatg attattacat ggcaattgaa
   165961 ttgctaatcg atcctcctgc aacacttgca ctgggttaaa tgtcaatcgt attgatcatt
   166021 taaccctaga aggattctta atcgttgatc aaccatctga tcggatcatg aactctaatg
   166081 tgtgtgacct cataggtccg aacctaagcc ggtagcatag gaataaattt ctataccaat
   166141 cgaagtgacc atctagcaat ggtacccgac gatcggatag gtcgaatgtg tagaacaaca
   166201 tccttagaac ccatgcggat atagttttca tataattcat ccccttgacc aaaatgatca
   166261 taggacaccc cagagtttaa ctgtcaactc tgatcaggtt gtccacattg tatttcaaaa
   166321 tatcaaatcc atctgatgga ttaccctggt caaggttttg ctaaattgaa atacagtgac
   166381 tcattcttct ccaactcttg gagtggtcaa tcccatctcg atcacactct gacttcacaa
   166441 gtacttgact gtgcccagaa gccttctgtc cctgaattag aaattcagtt agtccagtac
   166501 caaagcatag tgagttgctt gcaagtcact gaggcggtct cagatctaag ggacacttat
   166561 acctatatcc catcagagat attctcgaca gtagaatact ctagagttgg tcacgttcaa
   166621 tgatgatgta tccttacatc tcacctgtat gccataccag tgtctccaca ctccttggtt
   166681 aagaggacaa ccaacccata tggcctacag tgacctatgc ttgatagaag ctgtcgtcct
   166741 tattaacagc ctatcatttg gtcgtgaata gttttaagga ctaatcgata aattctctct
   166801 ttatcgaact ttaatagtcc taaggacttc atcataacaa cggagttcat tagaagatga
   166861 aagcttatga tgaaaatgcc aaatatattt tatttattaa caaatcaatt acaatacttg
   166921 gttgctcaac cgtcaacagc ttgacgattg gctttttggg acacatttcc caacagaatc
   166981 aagcttctca gagttagaat atatgttttg aacatatgac tttgttaaat atgaagcaaa
   167041 attctgtatg tacaaatggg ctaatagttc tgtaaaatca ttctttgtgc tgtttaaata
   167101 aaattctttt aatcaggaat gatatcccta cattacagag aataaaaact tgattatcat
   167161 ctctgttctt cataaaggtt tggaaggtta taagaatcat ccttaaatat ttatgaaata
   167221 ctaaggacca atggctcgtt tatggagaat ctgacttaaa acctgtgtaa tactgattcc
   167281 agtttatagt cagatgggaa tgacaaagtt gtatcagatt gtgtttttat cctaaaaaga
   167341 agagcgacat gttggaaagg tttcatgtag tatttagtag ccagttttat ttgtgatatg
   167401 gagttctttg cgatatctga tactggtaaa gaagttgttt ggttatgaaa attcatcagc
   167461 gagcatggag tggcaccctc cattgatggt ccagttattt tgtattgaca gtagtactgg
   167521 agccatagct caaactgaag aattgatgtt ctatctaaga atcaaatatt ttctgtattg
   167581 caatcacctt gatcgttaaa attgaaataa agtcgacctt gggaagatcg atcgaaagga
   167641 gaacttgacc gacccattga ctagagcaat cggatctaaa gagttcgatg atcacaaatg
   167701 gaagatgggt atttgatacc gatctaattg gctttagtcc aagtggaagt tgttgaaaaa
   167761 tatatcctaa aaccaatcat ctaggttgta gatgattgtg ctccatataa atatataaat
   167821 tataaaatga taaaattcat cataaagaat acatctttca aaatagatct catatgttat
   167881 gatgaagtcc ttataactac tactaaaatg ataaaggagg atttatcatg tggttcttaa
   167941 atctagctca cgaccaaatg atacaattgt tacaaagatg ataattgtat cgagtgtagg
   168001 tcgttgtatg ccatattgtt agttgtcctc ttaaccaaga tgtgtgatga cacaggtatg
   168061 gcatatgggt gatatgtagg agtatatttt attgagcatg atcacttctg gagtacttta
   168121 ctatcaagga ctgctttgat aggatatggg tatatgtgtc cctcagacct gaggctgcca
   168181 cggtgacttg caagcaactc actgtgcttt gatgtcggac tatccaaatt tttaattcga
   168241 tgatggaaga tttttaagta cagtcaagta cttatgaagt ctgagtacga gtcaagatgg
   168301 gattgatagc tccaagtaaa attggagatg atgcattatt gtatttttat tcagcaaacc
   168361 tttggccaaa gtaatcctag tgaggagtca caaaattttt aaggttgaaa cacaatgtgg
   168421 accactcttc ttgggttgat agtttaaccc aaagtcatcc ttaagtatca agtgtcaaag
   168481 ggatgaatta tatggtaact atatccacat gggttctaga gtattactgg gcatacattc
   168541 agcctatctg gacgtcggat cccattacta gatggttaca tcgattagta caaaaattat
   168601 ttttatacta cggacttagg ttcaaaccta tggagtcaca cacatagaag tacctatctg
   168661 atcaaatggc tgatcgatga ttgtgaatcg ttgaaggatt taattatcaa tttgattgat
   168721 gattaatcct ttacaaaggc tgcaataaaa tatttactaa tggttagtaa attagaaaaa
   168781 taattaatta ataatatgat tgttaattga ctcaatttga ttgagcactg gagcttagat
   168841 atgaagtttt gaatttaatt aatatttagt tatgatctaa atatcaatta gatatgttct
   168901 gtacttgctg aattttagat ttcagatatg tatacatgta tatttgttta tgtcgtagat
   168961 cttgtatggt gatttagatt tgatctatgc atgcattata gattaaatta tttaatctat
   169021 gtatatttca ctgtaaaatt tttgaaaatg catgcacatc acccaccacg ctttccttca
   169081 cttacgtcta ctctgcaagc aaactacttg agaatcctaa ctatgtcctc ttcaagatta
   169141 caatccaatt cttttcactg gttcacaatc caacctagtt aattttcact agctcattaa
   169201 caaaaatctt ataattgctt attttttttc aggctcacaa tcgatcccaa ttgatttttt
   169261 ttggagatat caagcaaaac caaactccat tcaatttctt gagcttgtac caatctcaaa
   169321 tttctcactc gagaaacttg ttacaactaa aacaaataaa agaatacaag aaatagagtt
   169381 tagagaataa taaaactcta tttagatcta aaaaatttaa ggtagttgag cttcaatgct
   169441 tggacttctt ctttgattgc ttgagaggtt aagatagctt ttaatgcttc ttctcgatgg
   169501 tagttggctg aaattaaacc actcttcctc tctttcaatc taattgaata taggaaggat
   169561 aaaatttatg acactcttaa attcctttct atttctcttt ttagttcagc acactatcct
   169621 cttcaatatt ttcttaatga actcttcttt caaaagttgg tttcctccct gaatccttca
   169681 catttattgg ctcaaacata tcttcatatt gctctatcca ttaaaagctc gaaaaaaata
   169741 atttagatga attttactat attttaaaaa ttctaaaaaa ttaatcgtta ttctatcaga
   169801 attcactaag ttggctcaca caagctctaa gtcaactaac cttcaactct gagtcagcta
   169861 agtaaaactc tgagatggct cgacagtaga tgtcaaaaat ccaatgttct atcttgttct
   169921 atctatctca gattgggtcg gctcggatcc tatcttagtt ggctgacttg aatgttgggt
   169981 cggctaacta attctctagg ttggctcaga agatttgtta atttataaag ctttctgttt
   170041 tcatcttctt ttaagactaa gtcggctatc cttcttcttg agttggctaa gcttcaaact
   170101 tggtcggcta tcttgaccac taggttggct cagaaattgt tctatgttga taatgtttct
   170161 atatttctct taaactgata ctaggtcagc taagctttag gctgggtcga ctcaactgca
   170221 taccaagcat gccaaaagaa tttttaaaca gcttttcttc atccaacata tttttaggct
   170281 agacttgcct cctcaaacat aagttgtgta tgtgtcggct tgttgaaaaa tacttctaga
   170341 ctagattttt ctttcaaatt tttaacttct tggtatcatt atcaaggagt taaatttgaa
   170401 aatttgagtt ttcttgagag tacaattttt tgagtaaaat tattaagcac attgagaaaa
   170461 cctacaatta ctctcaagca catcattagt agatacaatt tgtactcaaa cacctttgac
   170521 atcatcaaaa ttagttctaa ggccaataac ttctaatctt attataagct agagaatcat
   170581 ttagaaaaca agagaagagg attagaaaga gaattacatt atttatgaga gtattattga
   170641 atatctttgg aaaaaaaaaa aggagtttag tgcaaagatt tcagtgaact ttcaaaagag
   170701 atccacttca tctactacat ctctcaagct ttaaaagaat catcttttag catcttctcc
   170761 aagcttaaaa gagtttttat ttctattttt atttgtactc aaaattcttt tccattgtat
   170821 tctggatttt ctttacaagt ttttttgggg taaaagaaac ttcggttagg cttgtccaag
   170881 ccctaaattg gactttgtat ggttttggtt ggtgagccaa aaaaaccaac tagattaagt
   170941 tgtattgggt tctagccatg cagcaaaaag tgacttttaa aatttaaaaa ctaaacaagt
   171001 aaatagcttt aacagttaaa actattgagc tgaaacccaa atccaagaat caccttgccg
   171061 ttatcgatca aaacaaaaca agcatgcaaa gggatagaat ttttattttc atcaaaaaga
   171121 taatgtggca cattggttat ctctatgaga ctctaaagta gaagccctcc aatagtgatc
   171181 catacaaaag ttggccaagg tccttcctgt aggaggaaaa ccgcttttcc tcgtaggatc
   171241 tttcagattt catcaaatct ggggtggaat aattaaaaaa aaaattatct tacatatttt
   171301 agatctaatt ctctagatat aattttatta tctgatattt aaaatctaaa attaaatcta
   171361 aaactatgat gaaagaagaa gtaccttaag ggtaatttga ttaccctgta gatgatctct
   171421 acatagcccg aaattctaat gtagccacgc aagcgcctgg cctctaccgg tatccacttg
   171481 gataggatct aaaatatatt ctcctcatga atctatgctc caaaaattac atctaaatct
   171541 gattaggaag atcttcaaaa gtcttcctga agttggagca gtagcctgtc gaagatgtcc
   171601 tgcagccttc tgttccaggc atcaccacgc cttggatctt tgccagatgg acatccaact
   171661 ctttggacat gaagagggaa ggaaggagag ttgggaggac atagagaaga gggaaggagg
   171721 tagcagctat tggattttgt gcataaaata acttcttcca tgaaacccta ggcgcagcag
   171781 aatttatata gaccctgtat gctgtgcagt gccacatcat tcaaccaatc agaaaattct
   171841 aataaatttt ggaaaaattt tgattggtgg agtgatatca tctgatcaca tcagataaaa
   171901 actccatcct ctctctccta agttggcacc aacattggat aagctcaatc aaagtggcgc
   171961 caaagagtcc atgtttatca ggactctttg gttcttatcc atttggggca cccacttaaa
   172021 tccaattgga ctcatgccat aatctgatta tggcacccaa ttcaattggg ttttggcatg
   172081 tggatactcc ataaaaatcc tccaatgagc cctcttcagt ttaagaccca tatgtcaact
   172141 tttgacagat gtcctaaaat aaaattggca ggtgctagga attagcaggt gttatcttaa
   172201 attcatctca tgaattaaga caagcctttt ctgagctaga caatcttcat ttagactaag
   172261 aaaaatcttc ctaaggttct ttggatgagt caaatcatat ttggctcagt agagacagaa
   172321 aagattacac gaggagaaag ttaggctgaa tcgagtgcta gcatgatttt tttgaaccta
   172381 attggatcta atccaaatca attgagttag cccaattgat gacatccaga cccttatttg
   172441 tgtgacacag ttaggttcaa tttcatatga taatgagata tgtcgtgatc tcatcatcga
   172501 catcatcgaa acttctttcg atggatcaga actcttctaa ttcagataat taaaataatc
   172561 gatcatcaat atcattctaa ttgctctcaa aatctaccag tgatacctag cagtatatga
   172621 tggcaaccca tcagaactga agatgaacct ctcagtgcag ctacctgtgt gattgagttc
   172681 ctctattatg agtcccaact gaattaaggt taagatgaac tcgtcaaacc caacatcagt
   172741 catatgaatc aatcgatcga tctgaatcca atgtgaaacc ccaatgaaaa actccgtttc
   172801 cattatttta ctctgccatg gccatgggcc aaaggacttg atctttcaat tatcatagga
   172861 ctactcctct catctaccga ggttgataga tcccatcttg gtgcgatctg gttcctacaa
   172921 tgaacatgct acagccaaca tacaccttag aattttgaat ggctaggaga ttgagttatg
   172981 gtgtagtcaa actataacac actcaaggtg aaccgtcgat gcacctcaga tcaaagaact
   173041 agacacacaa ctgcagcatc gagctagtca tcgatgagaa ggtagacttt cttatgactg
   173101 cttgatatgg tcacgctcag tactctcgtt ctcaatgaat acctgtattc tcgctctggt
   173161 gtctccacac catagactca agacgcatct atcctaagaa agtgatcgta caccaatctt
   173221 tcgaatcgat caccatcctc gtgatgatcc tatagtcagg agctgtttat gagttagtta
   173281 tataaattca tgtattaaat ttttaacact tgaaaatatg aattaacatt cctactaact
   173341 ccaaggatgt atcatagaca caatgtacac aatgtgatag aagaataatc cttttattta
   173401 tttatagtca aaaatataaa tttaccctta gatttgtaca ggaatgtatc agccgatctg
   173461 gcatctaggg cacacatcta acaaactccc acttgaccta atgccaattg gctacatatc
   173521 taagtcccat cttctcaagg tgggcatcga tcttctgttg gcctaatggc ttagtcagcg
   173581 ggtctgccac attgtctatg gagtcgactc tcttgacctc gacataaccc ttttcgaggt
   173641 aatcacggat caaatagaat cgccgctcga tgtgcttgga cttctagtga gaccttgact
   173701 ccttagctag tgctatggca ccattattgt cgcaatagag agggatggca tccgatgaca
   173761 tcactccaag ctcagcagta aacttcttgt accagaatgc ctccttcgta gcttttgatg
   173821 cagtaatgta ctctgcctcc atggtggaat cagcaatcac catctgcttg gaactctttc
   173881 agctaactgc accaccatta caaatgaaca aactttcaga tgtcgacttt cgatcatcta
   173941 tatcaaacat aaagtctgag tctgtatatc cctgaatctg gagttctcca ttcccaaaga
   174001 ctaaaaatat atccttagtc cttctcaagt acttaaggat acatttcaca gaagtccagt
   174061 tctcttcgcc tggatttgac tgatatctac ttgtgacact cacagcatgg gctatatcag
   174121 gtcgtgtaca tagcatggca tacatgaggc tccctattgc cgaagcataa gggatcttgc
   174181 tcatgcattc aatctcctta ggtgtgctac ggcacatctt tttggagaga tgaatgtcat
   174241 gtctaaaagg taataaacct cttttggagt ttttcatgct aaaccttttt agcacctcct
   174301 ttgtgtacat cttttgtgaa agtccgagca tcctatttgg tctatctcta tagaccttaa
   174361 tacctagtat aaagaatgcc tctcctagat ctttcataga gaactcctta gacaaccata
   174421 ctttgactga ggtcaacatg ggaatgtcat tcccaattag gaggatgtca tctacgaata
   174481 atacgaggaa gacaactgca ctcccactga tttttttaaa cacacatggt ttcttctcat
   174541 tcttgatgat accaaacatt tagatcacat cattgaaatg agtattccaa ctctgagatg
   174601 cttgcttaag tccataaatg gacctttgca gcttgcagat cttgtgatca tcatcactag
   174661 atgtgaaacc aagcggctgt tccatataga tatcttcctc aagatgtcca tttaagaatg
   174721 ccattttcac gtccatctat catatttcat aatcaaaata ggctgcaaca gcaagcaatg
   174781 tgtggatgga ttttagcatg gctacgggcg agaaggtatc ctgatagtca atgccttcgc
   174841 gctgactata acctttcgct atgagcctag ccttgaatgt ctccatattt tcatctgcac
   174901 ctatttttct cttgaagatc catttacacc caataggtac aataccttca gatggatgta
   174961 ctaaggtcca gacttggttt gagtgcatcg agtcaatttt tgatctcatt gcctctaatt
   175021 atttctcgga gtcgatatct gatatcgcct catcataggt cttgaggtca tcaccatgag
   175081 ccccatttcc cgtgaggaac atttcctcta ctttctcttg tatagtacct aagtaccttt
   175141 caggaggatg gaaaacccta gtcgatctac gaggtggaag aggttgtgtt aggactgatt
   175201 ctgattgatt aggttcctca agttctttag ctcgttactc ttgggagaca ttctccttga
   175261 gcttaattat ttttccgatg ccaccatctt gaataaacta tttttcaaga aaaatagtat
   175321 ttcgactcac aatcacattg tgatctttca aaatatagaa atagtatcct aatgactctt
   175381 taggatatcc tatgaatcga gctctaagag accagaactc taacttgtcc gcctgctgtc
   175441 tcttgacatg agtcggacaa tcccaaattc tgagatgatt cagacttggc ttcttaccat
   175501 gccatatctc atatggtgtg gtaggaacgg ttttagaagg aaccttattc aatacataaa
   175561 ttgctgtcat gagacaatgt ccccaaaaaa attcagagag gttcgtgaag ctcatcatgg
   175621 aatgaaccat atctaatagg gtccgatttc tccgttctaa aaccccattg tgttgaggca
   175681 ttccaggtga agtccattga gagactatac cattatcctt aagatagtct aaaaactctc
   175741 gactaaggta ttcacctcct tgatctgatc gaagaacctt aatgggcttt cctgtttgtt
   175801 tttctacctc atgtctgaat tctttgaacc tttcaaaagc ttcaaacttg tgtttcatta
   175861 gaaacataaa cctgtaccta gacatatcat cggtaaaggt aatgaagtag acatagttgt
   175921 ctctagccgg catatcaaat gggctgcaca catctgtatg tactagggca agtaggtctg
   175981 tggtcctttt cccatgtccc acaaaatgaa gctgggttat tttgccttga aggcatgatt
   176041 cacaaactgg atatgactca gaagtcaatg gactcaatag cttggatttc tccaatttgt
   176101 taaccctatc ttccgctata tgacctagcc taaggtgcca cagatactta tcatttagac
   176161 tatctctagg ccttttaatt tttatggcat tcacatttta ctcgatatta aatacagata
   176221 catcaatatg tagctgatag agaccgttaa taagaaaatc atctgtaact ttattatttt
   176281 cataaaaaat attataatga tccttgtgaa agctaatcac ataggcttct tgtgctaaac
   176341 atgaaacaga aatcaaattc ctgcttgctg caggcacata ataataatct cttaaaacta
   176401 aatctaatcc taacgataat cgcagagggt aggttcccac ggccacggta gcaactcttg
   176461 ctccgttctc gatgcatagg atcatctccc catccctcag cctcctgctc tccttaagac
   176521 cctgcataga agtgcacaaa tgagcactag aactagagtc aagtatccaa ctggatgcag
   176581 aagaaatcat aagattagac tctataacga gcatacctcc agaaggatca tccttcttgt
   176641 tctttagggt ggccaggtac tgaggacagt tccgcttcct ccttttttca tccatcttct
   176701 gcttcttcgc agacttcttt ttctttccaa aagactttct cttggaagaa gtctgctcca
   176761 cagcaagaat tgagcctttt gaacccttca tggaaagctc agccgtaacc agcatgttca
   176821 ttaactcgac caaggtacac tgcatcttat gcatatgaaa gttcatgatg aactgaccat
   176881 atgcatcgga caaggactga aggatcacat caatctgaaa atccttatct aagatgatac
   176941 cgagcttctc aagctcctca agatccttga tcattgtcaa acaatgatct tggactgact
   177001 gtccatcacg catcttggcc ttaaaaaatc tttgacagac ttgatacttg gccgcacgac
   177061 tctattcacc aaacaactct tgcaggtgag ccaacatttg gcaggtagtc aaaatgttct
   177121 catgttggtg ctgcaagtca tcagacattg catccaacat gtagtacctt gctttgttat
   177181 catcatccgt ccactttttc agagatgctc tctgttcagt agtcggacgt gctggtatgg
   177241 taggtgggtc ctggtccaag acatgagtca attttttgga actcagaata attctatagt
   177301 tcctcaacca gtctttgaaa ttgggtccag tcaatctatg ggtgtctagt attttggtca
   177361 gggggttgga ggtagacatg tttcctgtag agagtcgaaa gtttctagtt agattttata
   177421 atcagactta actaatttat ttagggtttt tatttttaaa caaattaggc tcccactatt
   177481 ttttcagatc cctacactcc ctgggtagag atgtgaaaat cttcatgatt agtgatttct
   177541 agtgggtggt gcggtctcac caactggctc accacctcac ctaacaatta ttggtaatgg
   177601 gtcaaccgat gagtggacaa ctcttgtcca atgattctct aatcatagtg cacccaaaac
   177661 ttgatttttg attcatgaag ctcatcatgt ctgggatatt gctccaatcc ctagttaagc
   177721 caaacccacc atttgcacga actagattcc tgattgggtc cctcatcgta tctgaaatat
   177781 tgagcccaac ccatccttta atctgtagca tccaatgcct aagggacatg gttacgtctt
   177841 tccagtgcaa ctgagccact gtaaccagcc gagaacaatc aaccccagaa agagcccgca
   177901 catccacaat ggtggaagac ctagacttaa tattttctta ggaagatttg atttaggtct
   177961 cattatactt gacttgatat agtcatagca attatgacta acctagtggc atgggttagc
   178021 ttgaattatt agccacctca attcagaact aggtcgacac atatggccaa gtaagtgaga
   178081 ccgatggaag gaatatgcca ttaactcgac aagaatgtat ttgagtcgag tagctcccaa
   178141 ttaaaaacca atcgatcgca tctgcccaac ttaccttaga caccaaattg tcgaaccaga
   178201 actaattggg ttagcctaca atctaggttc taacctctga gccaaattag gtcttaactt
   178261 gattgggtca catctaaata tgatttgacc ttgacccaga cttaatccta ttaggctagt
   178321 caattattag ctttcatgat ctcacctaac caactcttga ttcagtttga tcaaccgcta
   178381 gacttaatta agctacccaa gcctgaaccc aattttatga aaatatctta gatctgaaat
   178441 tctcaattgt agacctaact taatttcata agcttaattc attaattaag tttgggttca
   178501 taaacaaagc atgtaaaata aatcctaggg tttcaggatc taaaattttg tagaaaagta
   178561 agttttgatt tctgattaag gatgaatgcg cggcatccct acacgtcata tgaacacccc
   178621 attgaatgaa aagagagggt cttaaaaccc tacttcgttc ttatgaccgg acggccatga
   178681 ggaacacctt aatcaaaaat ataaatttaa ctacaaaact agttagatct aaattaacat
   178741 atcatatata caatttaaga tctaactaat caatgctttg catacatctc atgtgttggt
   178801 gcaaaaatcc acctgcgtcg aagaagctgg agtcgaggga gtcgcggtca ctgccgggac
   178861 ctgcaaaaga agtctaaact ggaggtaggg ttgctccggc aagaccctcc gacgctcaag
   178921 tcagttctct gcctcaacaa gaatggagta ctcgaacgaa aattttagca gagttttggg
   178981 atagaaaata gagcttagag aataacgtat ctggggtccc cttttataga cggagggagc
   179041 agaggattga tagcgactgt ctatgatcgt ctcgtcatgg gccgtacggg gccaggagga
   179101 attaatcatg aagagtaatg gggtggagtc gtggctgtca tcatggctcg ccacgtggaa
   179161 tcagttgcag ggagcggagc ggcgtccgtt gtcgtgactc gccagggagt agtggaactg
   179221 cacaggatcc accgcaggga gtggggcaga gtcgtggtcg ttactgtggc ccgccagaga
   179281 gtaatggagc tgcgtaggat ccgccacagg gagtggagca gagtcgtggc cgttactgca
   179341 gcctgccagg gggtccagac ttgtcggctg aagttcgatt ggagtctaat ttccacagaa
   179401 gcccggatgg ggatcatttg ttgaggaatc taggccaaga ccttcagtag gagttcaggg
   179461 tggaagtctg gctcccgtgg gggcccgctc aaatcccacc tgtagctgga gtcgaaggca
   179521 aaattcggct cctgtaggag ctcagaataa gtcttcctgc aatcgaagtt ggagacagag
   179581 tccggctccc gtaggagtct ggacgaagtt tacctgcagt tgaagttgga gacggggtcc
   179641 ggctcccgta ggagtccgga cgaagtttac ctgcagctga agttgaagac ggagtctggc
   179701 tcccgtagga gtccggacga agtttacgtg cagttgaagt tggagatgga gtccagctcc
   179761 cataggagtc cggacgaagt ttacccgcag ctgaagttgg agacggagtc cggctctcgt
   179821 aggagtccgg acgaagtgta cctgcagttg aagttggaga tggagtccgg ctcccgtagg
   179881 agttcggatg aagtttacct gcagctaaag ttggagacag agttcggctc ccgtaggagt
   179941 ccggatgaag tttacctgca gttgaagttg gagacggagt ctggctccca taggagtccg
   180001 gacgaagttt acctgcagct gaagttggag acggagtccg actcccgtag gagtccggat
   180061 gaagtttgcc tgcagtcgaa gttggagacg gagtccggct cctataggag tccggatgaa
   180121 gtttttctgc agttgaagtt ggagatggag tccggctccc gtaggagtcc ggacgaagtt
   180181 taccagtagc tgaagttaga gacagagtct ggctcccgta ggagtccgga cgaagtttac
   180241 ctgcagttga agttggagac agagtccggc tcccatagga gtctggacga agtttacctg
   180301 cagctgaagt tagagatgga gtccggctcc cgtaggagtc cgaatgaagt ttgcctgcag
   180361 tcgaagttgg agacagagtc cggctcccat aggagtccgg acgaaatttt cctgcagttg
   180421 aagttggaga cggagtccgg ctcccgtagg agtccggacg aagtttacct gcagctgaag
   180481 ttggagacgg agtccggctc ccgtaggagt ccggacgaag tttacctgca gttgaagttg
   180541 gagacggagt ccggctccca taggagtccg gacgaagttt acctgcagct gaagttggag
   180601 acgtagtccg gctcccgtag gagtccggat gaagtttgcc tgcagtcgat gttggagata
   180661 gagtccggct cccataggag tccggacgat gtttacctgc tgctgaagtt ggagacagag
   180721 tccagctctc gtaggagtcc ggacgaagtt tgcctgcagt cgaagttgga gacggagtct
   180781 ggctcccgta ggagtcactc ctgacacgaa ctttgacttg gggggtttta cacccaacac
   180841 cagtccccct actttcgagt tcgtgcttcg agagaaggaa gtacagaaaa ttttcacagc
   180901 cgaagtcgtt tcctcgaatt ttgcacacga cctccctcga aaatcttggc atttaatgtg
   180961 tgcgtgctgg agcctttttt cgatcagggc gatctgaaaa gtcctttcgg aactcccacc
   181021 atggcgtaat cctaagcatc acgccatagc agtccgtgaa cagtcaaccc tatgtcgcgg
   181081 tgagtgggac acgtggcggg cattggtagg cctagggata tctgccatca taactgcacc
   181141 aggcctcgtt gcttatttaa acccccgcct ttactccagg ggcttcactt cacctgaggg
   181201 tcgacacctt tctttcgcct gagagtttag ccactcagcc actccatcgg tgcccttttc
   181261 gactccgagc acccttcgca ccagtcttcg ccatccccgt cggctctccg ttgccttcag
   181321 tctcctcgcc tctccgagga gttctcccgt cggggccccc acctcggagg ccaacctcta
   181381 gaggatgcca tggaccaaga ggagtgtgag gaggaaaaca gcggcctgcg agttctctgg
   181441 ctatcaaact gtcaccgagg gtttctatcg ccttaaaggg ggcttgaggg agaatttctt
   181501 caacaacaag ggtttaatga tggggtccac cgatgagggc gttctgcacg agagttttgg
   181561 agtagccgaa cggggtgaca ccggtcaagg gggcagagtt gtcgtcacaa gctgtggcgg
   181621 gattcctgac gtcgtcgggg tcgagggacc agaagcggtc ggcaccgaca gtggggcagt
   181681 agaacttgtt gcggggatgg tggaagtagc gcatgccgac cttgccggag tacctaggac
   181741 ggtggttgtc gtggagcaca cggtggtggt gcatgcctcc gatgccatcg cggcctctgg
   181801 gatacctccg gttcttcttg aagcaggtcg tcgtcaccgc tgctgttgcc ttcactgccc
   181861 tctgaattct atcccatcct tttcccccta gggttggggt ttcggcgatg gagtgaaacg
   181921 aggcgggggg cgagagccga gagacttatc acacgtactg aaaaatactg cttagaagga
   181981 cgaaatcgag aagagaagtc gacagcttga agtggtctct ggtgtatccc tttgttttct
   182041 ttttctggcc ctccgggtct tgtaacgtat atcttgttaa tcaaaaaatg agaagaagat
   182101 tttgttactt cgtccgcact ttgcgtcgaa ttgctgcctg ccgaacttct ttcctttacc
   182161 gttgttattg ttgtattccc ttctctctct ttcttcttct tttttttttt tgaggtcgtc
   182221 cagaggttac tggttgtggc cacatcggct cgcctttcca gtcatccttc ttcttcagcc
   182281 ttaatggctc tataatgtgt atttaataaa taatataaga agaaaatttc ctgctacctc
   182341 ttttatccat gtgttgaatt gtctcctgcc atgctttttt cggcctttgt gtcattcgaa
   182401 ggtacccgat tgccatcgca tcggcccatc ctttcgtccg agaccacaga tttatctggg
   182461 gccactcggg cttggtgccc cccattaggg ctcgagctcg gaggtccgag cttctcgtca
   182521 ccctgaggaa gtcatcttgt ctcgggcttg cgttgagagc tttcttgaaa gctgagcttc
   182581 ttgataagaa ccccaaccct tgctggggcg aggttctctg catatttgat gctgtttgtt
   182641 ttccattcgt cgccgacgaa gtccatcgct ttcctttttc atcgctttcc tctttaactc
   182701 ctctccgctt tccccttttt ctttttcgag tgagatcttt ccctctactc ttggtggggt
   182761 tgcgggagtc cggctcctgt aggtgaagtc ggaggcaaaa tttggctcct gtaggagctc
   182821 ggacgaagtc ttcttgcaat cgaagtcagg ggcgaatcca gctcccatag gagtccggac
   182881 gaagcttacc agcggtcgag gtcggggtcg aagcccggct ctcgtaggag tctgggtgga
   182941 gtcttcccat agccagagtc ggagacgaga tctggctccc gtaggagttc ggacggagtc
   183001 tgcttgcggt tgaagtcagg gatggagccc ggctcccgta ggagtccggg cgaattctac
   183061 ctgtgattaa agtcgagggt gaagtctggc tcccgtagaa gtccagacgg agtcttattg
   183121 cgaaggggcc gctgggaagg tccccctttt tctcatctgg tcttgaatga ccagacctta
   183181 attggtgtca gggtgaggtt cttcccctaa ttctatcgta ataggtttca gctctggtta
   183241 ggatgaggtt ctcctcctgt ccctaatgcg gctgtagggg cacatagggg cgctgctggg
   183301 cccttcctcc ccatccggtc taggtgtaac tgggccttca actttgctca tgttaggacg
   183361 aggttctcct cctgttccta acatggctgt gggggcacat atgggtattg cagggcctct
   183421 ccccccatcc ggtctaaaga gaaccgggcc ttcgactttg ctcaagttag ggtgaggttt
   183481 tcctcctgtc cctaacaggg ctgtgggggc acatatgggc gttgcagggc ctctgccccc
   183541 atccggtcta aagagaatcg ggccttcgac tttgctcaag ttagggcaag gttttcctcc
   183601 tgtccctaac agggctgtgg gggcacatat gggcattgca gggcctctcc ccccatccga
   183661 tctaaagaga atcgggcctt tgactttgct caagttagga cgaggttttc ctcctgtccc
   183721 taacagggct gtgggggcac atatgggcat tgcagggcct ctccccccat ccggtctaaa
   183781 gagaatcggg ccttcgactt tgtcgagaag aagttcccct cccgctttcg acacggtttg
   183841 tttcgattgt cctgtcgata taagctagtg ccaagagggg agacatgtag atatgcaact
   183901 tttatttaaa ataaagttat cgataataca ttcataagtt tttcgagctt catggtcgcg
   183961 ggaggtctgc tcccccgagc tccttgaggt aataggttct ggactggact acttctttga
   184021 ctccatacgg gccttcccag tttggggcga gcttacctcg gtcctgaggt tgcaagatag
   184081 tagctcgtcg aagcactaga tctcctgctc taaagacttt attcttgacc tgaaaattat
   184141 aatagcgggc gactttctgt ctgtaggctg ccatccgaac ttgagcaacc tcccgctttt
   184201 cttctagtaa gtcgaggttg gctttgagac cttgcgaatt gtgatgttcg ttgaatgcca
   184261 cgactcgcac tgacgggagt ttaagctcaa ttgggataac agcctccgtt ccgaaggcta
   184321 aagcaaaggg ggtctccccc gtgggcagtc tttgggtagt tcgatacgcc cacagcacat
   184381 gataaagttc gtctgcccaa gttcccttcg ccatttcgag ccttgtcttg atcccttgca
   184441 gcagggttct gttggtcact tcagcttcgc cgttcgccta gggatgggct actgatgtga
   184501 agttgtggga gatgttcaga tcttcacaaa atttggtgaa tcttgctccc gtgaactgcc
   184561 gcccgttatc ggtgattagg gttcttggca gaccgaatct gcaaacgatt gacttccaga
   184621 cgaaatcttg caccttagct tctgtgattt tcgccaatgg ttcggcttcg acccacttgg
   184681 tgaagtagtc aatcgctacc aggaggaact tcctctgccc caacgccacg ggaaagggtc
   184741 caaggatgtc catcccccat tgcacaaaag gccatggggc actcaagggt gtaagcttgg
   184801 tggcgggctg tctctggatg ttggcatatc tctgacattg gtcacacttt ctgacgtatt
   184861 caaccgagtc atgatgcatc atcggccagt aatatccttg gtggagcaac ttgtgagata
   184921 aagatctagc ccccatatgg cttctgcaga ttccttcatg cacctcccac aaggcgtagt
   184981 cagcttccga aggccggaga cattttaaaa ggggcaacga gtatgatctc ttgtacaact
   185041 tgccctcata aagggtgtag cgggaggctt gatttctgag cttccgagct tcttttgcat
   185101 cctgggggag aaccccgtct ctgagatatg ttatcagtgg atcgatccag ctgggctcat
   185161 ggtcaatttc catcacgggc cacaattctc ccatactcgg gcactttaga acttcaaaga
   185221 gaacattctt aggcaattcg atcggagcca atgttgccag cttggagaga aggtcggccc
   185281 taatattttc tatcctcgaa atctgcttga tgttgaagct actaaaggca gggacgagct
   185341 cctttacctt ttcaagatac ttagccatgc tgttttcccg tgcttcgtag ttttcattga
   185401 cttgtcccac tactagttgg gagtcgctgt gaacttggag ccgatctact cccagctctt
   185461 tggcaatctt cagtcctacg atcagagctt catattctgc tccattattt gttgcggaga
   185521 actcaaagtg cagagcatac tccacgatga ttccctctgg actgatcaag atcaggcccg
   185581 cacctatgcc tgacatgttg gaagacccat ccacatagag ggcccaaagg caaccagagg
   185641 gatctgcttc ttctttgggg gagttcggtc gggtctccag gtcgtcaatt tcaccttgtt
   185701 caggttcggc ctcctcaaag atagtacact ccactatgaa atctgccaat atctgagcct
   185761 tcactgctgg cctgggtcgg tagttgatgt cgaattctgt gaactcgatc gcccattttg
   185821 ccatcctccc agaggcatct gcccggtgta gaatcacctt gatcggttgg tcggtaagca
   185881 gcgttacggt gtgcccttga aagtagggtc ggagcctccg ggctacaatc aacagggcgt
   185941 aagtcagttt ttctaattta gtatacctga tctcggtatc tctcaatgca cgactgacgt
   186001 agtagatcgg ccgttggact tttgcttctt ccttgacaag tactgccgtg agagcagtgg
   186061 gagagaccgt caggtataaa aacagttctt ctccaggctc tggcttcgcc aacagcggag
   186121 gtgagccgag gtagctcctt agttcttcga atgtctgttg gcactcagga gtccaacaga
   186181 agttcttcga ccgcttgagg gtttggaaga agggtaagca ccgttcgacc gacctcgcga
   186241 cgaagcaatt cagggctgcc accctccctg taaggcgctg aacctctttt attgacttcg
   186301 gggcagccat ctcttggatg gcatgaattt tctctgggtt ggcctcaatt tcgcatcctg
   186361 ataccataaa gcccaggaac ttccccgagg tcactccaaa aatatattta gtcgggttca
   186421 gcttcatctt gtatttccgg agggtgccga agtcctcctc gaggtcggcg acatggttca
   186481 tgaaagattt gcttttcacg agcatgtcgt ccacgtagac ctccatatta cggccgatct
   186541 gctctttgaa gattttgttc accagccgtt ggtaggttgc gcctacattt ttgaggacaa
   186601 aaggcatgac ccagttgatc aattctgggc agagggtggc tgtcctttgg gcaggcttta
   186661 ttcagctttt taaagtctat gcacatcctc cacttgtcgt ttgccttttt gactaggata
   186721 acgttggaaa tccagttagg ataactgact tccctaatga atccagcttt caggagtttg
   186781 tccacttcct cggctatcac tttctgcctc tctggtgcat gacctcggat tttctctttc
   186841 atcggtcaat gcttgggatc aacgaccagg cggtgctcca tgacttccgt gtcaatctcc
   186901 ggcatgtctg ctggaaccca agcgaaaaca tccacattct ttcgtagaaa gtcgatgaga
   186961 tgcgtccgca cctcttcccc taggttggag ccgatcttca ccacatgctc cgcattcccg
   187021 tcgttcaaag ggatcggaac cagatctttg attgggccgc ccctctcctc agtgaggtcg
   187081 tcgcgggcat ccagcccatc aactggacag gggtcggatt ggtcgcttct ttgcaaggct
   187141 atgttgtagc agtgtctggc cagagcttgg tctcccctga cctctccgat cccctagtcg
   187201 gtagggaatt tcaacttcaa atggtaggtt gacacgatgg ctcggagagc attgaggcca
   187261 ggtcagccga ggatcgcatt gtaggctgac ggtgccttca ccagaaaatt catcagagcc
   187321 cgggattgcc ttggatatcg acccgcggcc acagtcaaag ttatcactcc ctcaattgga
   187381 atagcatcgc cggtaaaccc tactagaggg gagctaatcg gcctcaaatg gccatcaagg
   187441 atggacattc ttgagaaggc gtcgtagaat aaaatgtcgg ccgaactccc attatcgaca
   187501 agaatgcggc ggacgtcata attagctatg ttcagggaaa ctacgaccgc atcgttatga
   187561 gggaattgaa ctccctgagc atcttcttca gtgaaagtta tggattcctc gatctttttc
   187621 cacttgggag gtccggccaa tatgccagtc gctccccatc gagattcttt cgagatagtg
   187681 ttggcgaaat ccgttggagg ccgattgtcc gaccgctcca tgccggcagc cattgccgga
   187741 ggatgtggga cctggaaaac tggaggcgaa gccggagcct gagatccggc cgcagaggcc
   187801 gtgggtcacc gtgcgaatgc ttcacgagaa ggcatcgggc gaggatctag tgggagaagg
   187861 aggagtggat gtcggagaag atgatcgaag atggtcccgt tgagcgctcc tttaagaaca
   187921 agggtactgc gaagacacac gcccttcctc tagcgccaat cctgttggtg caaaaatcca
   187981 cctgcgtcgg agaagcagga gtcgagggag tcacagtcgc cgtcgggacc tgcaaaagaa
   188041 gtctaaactg gaggtggggt tgctccggca agaccctccg atgctcaagt cagttctcta
   188101 cctcaacaag aatggagtgc tcgaacaaaa attttagcag agttttggga tagaaaatag
   188161 agcttagaga ataacgtatc tggggtcccc ttttatagac ggggggagca gaggattgat
   188221 agcgactgtc tatgatcgcc tcatcgtggg ccatacgcgg tcaggaggaa ttaatcatga
   188281 agagtaatgg ggtggagtcg tagctgtcat catggctcgc catgtgaaat cagttgcggg
   188341 gagcagagcg gcatccattg tcgcgactcg ccagggagta gtggaactgt acaggatcca
   188401 ctgcagggag tggggcagag tcatggccgt tactacggcc cgccaggaag taatggagcc
   188461 atgtaggatc cgccgcaggg agtggagcag agttgtggcc gttactgcag cctgccaggg
   188521 ggtccagact tgtcggctga agttcggttg gagtctgatt tccgcagaag cccggatggg
   188581 gatcatttgt cgaggaatct aggtcgagac cttcagcagg atttcagggt ggaagtctgg
   188641 ctctcgtggg ggcccgatca aatcccacct gtagctagag tcggaggcaa aatccgactc
   188701 ccgtaggagc tcggacgaag tcttcctgca atggaagttg gagatggagt ccggctcccg
   188761 taggagtcgg gacaaagttt atctgcagtt gaagttggag acggggtccg gctcccgtag
   188821 gagtccagac gaagtttacc tacagctgaa gtcggagacg gagtctggct cccgtaggag
   188881 tctagacgaa gtttacctgc agctgaagtt ggagatggag tccggctccc gtaggagttc
   188941 ggacgaagtt tacctgcagt tgaagttgga gacggagtct ggctcccata ggagtccgga
   189001 caaagtttac ctgcagctga agttggagac ggagtccggc tcccgtagga gtctggatga
   189061 agtttaccta cagttgaagt tggagacgga gtccggctcc tgtaggagtc cgaacgaagt
   189121 ttacctacag ctgaagttgg agacggagtc cgactcccgt aggagtccgg atgaagttta
   189181 cctgtagttg aagttggaga cggagtctgg ctcccatagg agtccgaacg aagtttacat
   189241 gcagctgaag ttggagacgg agtccggctc ccgtaggagt ccagacgaag tttgcctgca
   189301 gtagaagttg gagatggagt ccggctccca taggagtccg gatgaagttt tcctgcagtt
   189361 gaagttggag atggagtccg gctcccgtag gagtccggac gaagtttacc tgcagctgaa
   189421 gttggagacg gagtccggct cccgtaggag tccggacgaa gtttacctgc agttgaagtt
   189481 ggagacggag tccgactccc ataggagtcc ggacgaagtt tatctacagc tgaagttgga
   189541 gatggagtcc gactcccata ggagtccgaa cgaagtttgc ctgcagtcga agttggagac
   189601 ggagtccggc tcccatagga gtccggatga agttttccta cagttgaagt tggagacgga
   189661 gtccgactcc cataggagtc cggacgaagt ttacctgcag ctgaagttgg agacggagtc
   189721 cggctcccgt aggagtccgg acgaagttta cctgcagttg aagttggaga cggagtctgg
   189781 ctcccatagg agtccggacg aagtttacct gcagctgaag ttgcagacgg agtccggctc
   189841 ccgtaggagt ccagatgaag tttgcctgca gtcgaagttg gagacggagt ccggctccca
   189901 taggagtccg gatgaagttt acctgcagct gaagttggag acggagtccg gctcccgtag
   189961 gagtccggat gaagtttgcc tgcagtcgaa gttggagacg gagtccggct cccgtaggag
   190021 tcactcctga cacgaacttc ggttgggggg ggggttttac acccaacatc atgtatcaaa
   190081 aattaatcta attaatatgc tttcagatct gatacatcac atgtaatatc taaaaaataa
   190141 gatttaaata gaactattca aaattaaatc tattctagac aagttaatag aacaattcta
   190201 caactagtct aggcatgcag cagatcagtt ttatgaaaaa aataaaattt tattttttat
   190261 tttttgatct aattataata cttataatat caaaaaaata gagaataaat tagatttaat
   190321 tcatatttta atctcattaa aatataggac ttaagactat tcatggattc aactaatcct
   190381 agtcaagtca tgcatcttat gcatgttaga tcttcttaga tttaatttta aatattttaa
   190441 tttcagattc tatcacattt gatgtgatat ctaaaattct ttaatatcaa ataaattaaa
   190501 attaaaatta ggtctaaaat agatctgaaa tagagccaac aacctggctc tgatactact
   190561 tgaaggagga aaaccgcttt tcctcgtagg atctttcaga tttcatcaaa tctggggtag
   190621 aataatttaa aaaaaaaatt atcctatata ttttagatct aattctctag atctaatttt
   190681 attatctaat atttaaaatc taaaattaaa tctaaaccta tgatgaaaga agaagtacct
   190741 caagggtaat ctgattaccc tgtagatgat ctctgcatag cctgagattc tgatgtagcc
   190801 atgccagcgc ctggcctcta ctagtatcca ctcaggtagg atctgaaatt ttttctcctc
   190861 acaaatctat gctctaaaaa tcagatctaa atctgattag aaagatcttc aaaagtcttc
   190921 ctgaagttgg agcagtagct tgtcgaagat gtcctacagc cttctgttcc aggcatcacc
   190981 atgccttgga tctttgccag atggatgtcc aactctttgg atgtgaagag gggaggaagg
   191041 agagcaggga ggacatggac aagaggggag gaggcagcag ctattgggtt ttgtacataa
   191101 aacaacttct tccatgaaac cctaggcgca gcaggattta tatagaccct gtatgctgcg
   191161 cagtgccaca tcattcaacc aatcaaaaaa tttcaataaa ttttggaaaa attttgattg
   191221 gtggagtgat gtcatatgat cacatcagat aaaaacccca ccctctctct cctaagttgg
   191281 tgccaacatt ggataagctc aatcaaagtg gcgccaaaga gtccatgttt atcaggactc
   191341 tttggttctt atccatttgg ggcgcccact taaatccaat tgggctcatg ccataatcta
   191401 attatggcac tcaattcaat tgggttttgg catgtgcaca ctccataaaa atttttcaat
   191461 gagctctctt cagtttaaga cccatatgtc aacttttgac agatatccta aaataaaatt
   191521 ggcaggtgct aggaattagc aggtgttgtg ttaaattcat ctcatgaatt aagacaaatc
   191581 ttttctgagc tgaataattt ttatttagac tgagagaaac cttcttaagg ttctctggat
   191641 gagtcaaatc atatttggct cagtagagac agaaaagatt atacgaggag aaagttaggc
   191701 tcaatcgagt gctagcatga ttttcttgaa cataattgga tctaatccaa atcaattgag
   191761 ttagcccaat taatgacatc cagatcctaa tccttatttg tgtgatctag ttaggttcaa
   191821 tttcatatga taatgagaca tgtcatgatc tcatcatcga catcatcgaa actccttttg
   191881 atggaccaga actcttctga ttcagacaat tagaatgatc gatcatcaat atcattctaa
   191941 ttgctctcaa aatccaccag tgacacctag cagtatatgg tggcaaccca tcagaactga
   192001 agatgaatct ctcagtgcag ctacctgtgt gattgagttc ctttatcatg agtcccgact
   192061 gaattagggt taagatgaac tcgtcaaacc caacatcagt catatgaatc aatcgatcga
   192121 tccgagtctg atgtgaaacc ccaatggaaa actctttttc cattatttca ctctaccatg
   192181 gccatgggct taaggactca atctttcaat tatcatagga ctactcctct cagctaccga
   192241 ggttgataga tcccatcttg gtgcgatctg gttcctacaa tgaacatgct acagccaaca
   192301 tacacctcag gattttgaat ggctaggaga tcgagttatg atatagtcaa actataacac
   192361 actcaaggtg aactgtcgat acacctcagg tcaaagaact agatacacaa ctgcagcatt
   192421 gagctagtca tcgattagaa ggtagacttc cttatgactg cttgatatgg tcacgctcag
   192481 tactctcatt ctcaaggaat acctatactc tcacttcagt gtctccacac cgtagactca
   192541 agacacatct actctaagga agcgatcgta caccaacctt ccggatcgat caccatcctc
   192601 gtgatgatcc tatggtcagg agctgtttat gagttagtta tgtaaattaa tgtcttaaat
   192661 ttttaactct taaaaatatg aattaacatt cctactaact caaaggatgt atcatagaca
   192721 caatgtacac aatgtgatag aagaataatc tttttattta tttatagtca aaattataaa
   192781 tttgccctta gatttgtaca aaaatgtgtc agtcgatcta gcatctaggg cacacatcta
   192841 acaaaaaata atgtggcaca ttggtgatat ctatgggact ctaaagtaga agccctccaa
   192901 tagtgatcca tacaaaagtt ggccaaggtc cttcctaacc ggtgcgcagc cacagccttg
   192961 tcttattaaa aacactaccg gcttcaaact cgaggaatga tcacaccaaa gcccagttgc
   193021 tttcgatctt accaccagaa tcatgctaag aagatactct tcaaatgtct cataatctag
   193081 gatttgattt tgggctccaa catatgaaaa aatcaaaccc tagggcacac tagcaacact
   193141 tgctaattat ctcaccatcc ttcttacaac ttttgcctct caattttttt ttgccttttt
   193201 ctcaaatttt tttagaattt tttttctaat ttacatgcca cttatctctg gttttcaccc
   193261 aaaaacccag tacttgggcc atatggcaca ttccatttaa ataggggacc aagggatgtg
   193321 agaaggacca aggggcgcta acctttggcg ctccactttc tcacgtggtg aataaattca
   193381 ccttgtatca tttggtgcag gagagccttc acatgaaagg actcctcttc tatgcctcat
   193441 aaaaatctct taataaattg gcaagaatac ataaggtatc tggataagaa cttaaggcaa
   193501 cgcgttaaga taagagtctt ctttaagaag gactctccat cttcaaatgc tacaaagagg
   193561 tgggtggcat ttttattttg gcatggaacc tggtgggtgt agaaaatgcc ttctccactt
   193621 gaaactattc taagttagat aagaatccaa tcaaaattga tctaatccca ttaagtcaaa
   193681 gataactggt ctaggttagc tcaaacactt tgatctaaat ttatttagga acttagatta
   193741 atacaatatg ctagcatatc aaattaacct ttaaaattta tattaaatcc taattaaatc
   193801 aaactaagat caaattttaa agtgtgtgac ccattgggtt tcgaatctag ctagcagtgg
   193861 atccagactt tcgatataat cctaatccgt tcagattagg tcacccgaag agtcccaatc
   193921 aactagaact cttcctaatt gatttttaaa ttaaactctt ttaattttga tgagttcata
   193981 agtcaagatt aacatctagc attgtatcat gattatctaa aagatttaaa attttgatga
   194041 taaattatca aaatatcttt tggtggtaag ttaccgtgta attcaatcct tcagtcaaac
   194101 aacatcccag atgagctgtg ggcatagaaa catatcaaac tcaatcactt atctaaatat
   194161 atctcgatta gaaggtgatg attcaattga tgatatatta taaaaatttt tccaattatc
   194221 atcctgcttt gatcaaagac tttcagaatc accaacctat gagatcacat aggatgtttg
   194281 ctccccttat tagaagtgac tgatccctta ttaatcactc acaatctcca tgcacacttt
   194341 atcacatcca gaacacccca tacaaagatc aaagaactaa gttagaaagt gaaccaaaat
   194401 atggattcat gtacataagg taccaagacg atctcaggtc aaaggatcac ttacacaact
   194461 cccactagag aatcatcagt tgacatataa ataaaacttc atctgatgtt ctcttatagg
   194521 tctattcagt gaacttattc tctaatgagt atccatatcc ttgcattagt gtcaccacat
   194581 aagtggttgt gagatcaacc accctcattt ctgaccatac ataggacatg ccagtcttac
   194641 cggtatcatt aatctctgac tcaatgaacc aatgattgaa aatattctaa gtcatggcta
   194701 ttaaggattt aggtcttact ggcgtgatct catcacggcc ctaaaaccat tgcccagacc
   194761 tatggggttc attataatct taagaacaaa aagatgcagc atataataaa tcaaaaatat
   194821 ttattttatt aataatatta atatcaatta tctgagtctg aaagataaat tacaaaaaat
   194881 atcctattgt atcccatatg tgattggctt atagggcata attctttcaa tcttccactt
   194941 gcactaaagc caatcgcccc tatatttgat acccatgcta tcaaagtggt agtcaaactg
   195001 ctgcattgac aaggccttaa tgaatggatc cactatatta ttgttgacgt caactcgctc
   195061 catgatcaca tcatatcttt tgactatctc ctgaataagg tagaaccgtc ttaggatgtg
   195121 cttggattta tgatgagacc tcgattcttt ggcttgagta actaccccag tattatcaca
   195181 ataaagggac aggttgttta atccctgaga ccacacccaa ttttggaatg aattttttca
   195241 tccagacggc ctccttagca gcctcactag ctacaatata ctcaacctca gtgatcgagt
   195301 cagcaacaga ttactgtttg gaactcttcc aacttactgc accaccatac agagtgaaca
   195361 catacccaga tatagatttg ctatcatttg aatcagatta aaaactagaa tcagtataac
   195421 ctttcagttt taaatcagag ctatcatata gtagaaaaat atctctagtt cttctcaagt
   195481 acttgagtat gtttttcaca gcttccaacg atcctcctca ggatcagcct ttaatctgct
   195541 tacaatgccc aagacataag ccacatcaga tctagtacat aacatagcat acataattga
   195601 tcctacagct gaagtataag gaatagaact cattctattt ctttcttcag gtgtcttagg
   195661 agacatcttc ttagagagtt gtatgccatg acttatgggt aagtaacctc ttttacttcc
   195721 ctccatgttg aacctcttca acacaaggta aatgtaccta gattgggaca agcctagcat
   195781 cctttttgat ctatctctat agatctttat accaagtata taggatgctt cacccaactc
   195841 tttcatgaaa aatttttatg atagccatgt cttgaccaat tgcaacatcg aaaaaccatt
   195901 ttcaatgagc agtatgtcgt ccacatacaa gaccaagaag acaacagcac tctcacttgt
   195961 cttcttgtac acacaaggtt catccatatt tttgataaag ccaaacgatt tgactgtctc
   196021 atcaaaatgg atgttccagc tcttcgatgc ttgttttaat ccataaatgg atctattcag
   196081 cttgcatacc tgattttttc tctcactaga gataaatctc tctgactgag tcatatagac
   196141 ttcttcttca agattttcat tgagaaagat agtcttgaca tctatctgcc agatctcata
   196201 gtcatagtat gctgcaatag caagcattat ccgaattgac ttgagcatgg ctaccgacga
   196261 aaaagtttct tcataatcaa taccttattt ttatctgaaa tcttttgcca ctagcctgac
   196321 cttatagatc tctacttggc catctgctcc aatctttctt ttgaagatct atttgcagcc
   196381 tattggggtc acacccgcag gtgcatcaac caaagtccaa acttggttgg taaacataga
   196441 gtccatttca aatttcatgg cattgagcca tttgtcaaag tcactactca tgacagcttc
   196501 cgaataggtc atgggatcat cattttgaag atgtgggatg tattgtcatt ctcaatgaca
   196561 aattcatacc tgagtggtac attacgtact ctacttgatc ttcgaagagg aggtgcgtgt
   196621 agtgactatg cctcaacaat gggcatatct ggttgaaaat cagtttgtga atcttggatg
   196681 ggttgtaggt tttgaacttc cataagttta acagacctcc cactgcctcc ttcttggata
   196741 aattttttct ctaagaaaat ggcatgccta tcaataaaca ccttttattg agtagggtga
   196801 tagaagtagt atccaatact ctccttggga taacccataa atctgtattt ttctgatcta
   196861 gcatccagct tatatccatc aatatttttc acataagtca gacaacccta aatcttaaga
   196921 tgcttaagat tggatctttt ttctttccat atctcatatg gagtactaga aatagatttg
   196981 aaaggcactt aatttaagac atatgctgta gcctcgagag catatctcca gaaggatatc
   197041 ggaagatccg tgaaatacat catggaccgc accatatcta atagggtgtg attcttcttt
   197101 ttcataattt tatttaatta tggagtataa ggaggtatcc attgagagag tattctattt
   197161 tattttaaat aatcgagaaa ctcactagat aagtactctc ctcctcgatc agatcgaaga
   197221 gttttaatac ttttaccagt ttgtttttca actattcttt gatactcttt aaatttatca
   197281 aaggcttcag atttgtattt cattaaatac acatatccaa atctagactt atcattagta
   197341 aatatgatga agtaagagta tctatctctg gcttgagtcg acattggact acaaacataa
   197401 gtatgtataa gatccaatat gtcactcgcc ctttctctat gtccagtaaa tagagtcttg
   197461 gttatttttt ttatgagaca agatccacaa gtttcatatg attcataatc ataaggatca
   197521 aaaaatttat ctttgtataa cttgttaatt tttgccttat ttatatgacc aagtcggcag
   197581 tgccagaggt atgtagcatt cacatccttt ttttttcttt tcttcatatt atcaatatga
   197641 agtatattat cattaagtga aagaaacaaa agaccattat caatataagt acttccataa
   197701 tattcattca aaaaatatat agaacaacca tagttctttg cttttatttc aaaatcttgt
   197761 ttcaataata atagtataaa aataatattt ctaaaaatat tagggatata ataataggtc
   197821 tttagttcca aaattttacc caaagacaac ttcaaaacct gattcctatg gcttcggtct
   197881 gaatggactc tccactagca tcaaattgct cgaagtcacc tttattcaaa ctctttattt
   197941 cttacagatg ctgcaatgat ttgcaaagat gtgagccaca ggtggtatct aatacccaag
   198001 aatctaaaaa taaagtattt aatgataagt tagtttgtat catatataaa cctttagcaa
   198061 catttactgg ttttacggtt gcaaggtatt ccttataatt tttctttcag tggccctcct
   198121 tgccatagtg atagcatgta cctttggcaa agaccttctt cacctttttc ttagagatac
   198181 cagccttagg gttcatcttt ttcttagaac ctttcttgcc ttttttcttg ttgatcttat
   198241 caacaagaag tatcagagct tttttaccct tgaaatggct ctttgctgtt ttcaacatgt
   198301 tcagtagctc agacaagcta gtgttcagtt tgttcatata ataatttatg acaaattgag
   198361 agaagaagtt gggaagagac tgcaggatca aatcctggct cagttcacct tccatgataa
   198421 agctcagttg tcccagacga atgaacaaat caatcatctt caggacatgc atttgcatag
   198481 aggtgccttc agtcatgcgg gtatggaata actgcttaga tatctcatat ctagcattct
   198541 actttattcc ccatataact ccttaagatt aaagagtata gagagaacat ccatgtcctc
   198601 gtgctgtctc taaagctcgt tgctcatcga ggcaagcatg atgcatttga cagtcacact
   198661 gtcctctttt cacatcttgt atgtggccct ttctttctcg gaagcatctt ctccgatcgt
   198721 atcgggtgca ggtgtatcca gaatgtagga gattttctcc tgagtgagaa ctattctcaa
   198781 gtttcttaac cagttgatgt agttaggtct ggtcaatttg tttgcattta gtatgcccct
   198841 aaatgatagt gaggatgcca tatgtgtagt taatctataa taacaagaat ataatataag
   198901 cggacaactc ataatgacat gcacaactag attaagactt ttgtttaatt gtatctctca
   198961 ctattttatc gaactttata gcccttaagt ataaaaattg agaaacatac taatattttt
   199021 tagtagggtt gagatcccta ttcctcacaa acatcttgtg gatagcacaa caagcattca
   199081 tgagttcaat aatagataac actttaccaa ttgtacttat acaattctca atattttttt
   199141 ctctgacctc tagatcacat ataatcttgt ggatagcaca acaaactatg gtgttctagt
   199201 taagttaacc cttcaatctc atatggtcat acttaaacaa tactgtcctt gtggatagca
   199261 caataaaata gtactattca aatatgccat aagcatcaat atgtacttga tcaacatcat
   199321 atcaatttct atagtaagcc ttatggatag cataacaagc tcactaagat cttgacatac
   199381 tctattcatc aagtttgaaa gaaggccctt gtagtgtcat atcactaatc aaagtccaaa
   199441 attcaataag accaaattga ccaggtcagt aggtaagagg ctccccgtag ttttcttaga
   199501 caccaacaaa gttggctagg ccagcatacg gatctaatta gaaaatcacc tttcatactt
   199561 tcctcgagac caattgatct aatgaattca atatttgaat tgaaaataaa ttccgacatt
   199621 acaatttaat ataattttta agaggatctt tgaactggtc tcagcacatc ctaactacaa
   199681 ctacataaaa tgtgctaaac atattatgta attcgacatg catctacaag tcatatagca
   199741 atcataaaat catgccaaaa aagtatataa gggtgcaaaa gaagacataa catatgtcaa
   199801 gcatatccaa aataagcaaa ccttaatcat attaggcatg cataacatcc ttaaccataa
   199861 attgatttaa gcatcaagct accatgataa tataaatttc aaattattat aaatttataa
   199921 atttaataat taaaatttaa gttcatggtt cttataaagt caaaaataat tttttgattt
   199981 taaagatcga tgctaaaaat cgaagcaata tttttggcaa tatatgaata agaacaatta
   200041 tacgctacaa ctttgtactt gtttgatcga atctaacaag ggtggctcta ataccactat
   200101 tgagtttcaa ccatgcagta aaaattgatt tttaaaattt aaaaactaaa taagtcaata
   200161 gtcttaatag ttaaaactat cgagtcaaaa tccaaaccct agaatcatct tgtcgatgtc
   200221 gatcaaaaca aaacaagcat gcaaagggat agaattttta aattggttta ttggataagc
   200281 caaatgcaaa gaaaaactag tcctagttta attaggactt gggtcaacct aatttttaat
   200341 tcgattaaaa aattaaaata gatttaaatc taattttatc tgattaaata agattcttaa
   200401 tttgattaag atctatttta attaggttga tttggttttg atttgatttg atttgagaaa
   200461 ccaaatttga acaagtcata gattgaatcc tagtaagact aggattccac cttgcaccac
   200521 cttagccccc cacgcccact ctctcttatt ttgtgtgaca aaaccatctc tcccaggctt
   200581 tcacgcacac ccaaagcttt tcactctttc tctcttacat ggaatgtggt tgtggaccaa
   200641 gtcaaagtag gaattagttt ggatttcaaa ttctataaga tagaatttta aaaaaccaaa
   200701 actctttcct tatggcacta attttactca aatttttttt gagattttta tggattttat
   200761 ggcacatatt atacaccctt ttttggtggt tcatggtaga aaaataagga ggggataccc
   200821 aagagttggg caccacttgt cttgccctgt ttggattttt cttgactaga tatttgacct
   200881 agacaaagat tcttcatatc ttattattaa agatgaattt attcttgaaa tttttgtgga
   200941 ttataaaaca ttgagaagcc tttggggtgt gtaaaaatta gggagaaaaa atataggagc
   201001 atggagatat aatggacaca aaactaagtg tttgggttag agcaaagaga agaagaagag
   201061 ggtcttcttc tagggttgct gagttcacct cttctcttcc tccatctgtg agttgtctga
   201121 gagtttctca tatctaaaac tccttctctt acttctcatc tttgaaagag tctaaatcaa
   201181 gaagaaggag gcatctgatc gaccatcgaa gaaggatcag cacagtacta gcatactgtg
   201241 ctgatttcct ggaccaaaac ttctgattgt aattcaaggg ctcgtgtgga tgactcctag
   201301 aggccgaaca tgtgtgcagc ttgcaacatc atcctcaagt ccggatcagc aaagttagaa
   201361 cgtctaactt gcaaggtaat agatctgatc tattatattt tacatacatt agatgtagta
   201421 tagaaacatg ttgatatgat caacatgtag tccttgctct tcatatttta atttctaatt
   201481 taatgtcata taataatcat ataataggat cttagatcta aaaattttct agttttataa
   201541 gataaatttt gatttatttt agtctttcgc tgcctgatct tgaaaaagtt tcaagatcta
   201601 accctgaaac cctagatctg gttccttcaa ttggtatcag agcctgggtt gtttattaca
   201661 tgattattta tacatgctta gattatttct tagattagat ctaatttata atctgattgt
   201721 taaagctaaa attaaaattt ttagatcaat cacgaactgt aggttgtcct gctgtaaggt
   201781 ttactcctta cagtgtaaag gttgtcctag ttcgtgtaga tctatcttta atcataaatt
   201841 tgttagatat gatctagatt aaatttttaa tttattagat ttaaaaaata tttaaatcta
   201901 aaataaaatc tctttgttaa taattctcgc ataaagaacc atcatatatt tatctggaaa
   201961 ttttatgcag tttaaagttg aaattatttc aattacatga acctgtttag attagatcta
   202021 aagtagtttc atacttattt cacttacatt ttgattataa atcaaacatg caacttggtt
   202081 ggtagaacca tgttataaaa atattttata aacataaaaa ttatttttga aaagccgaac
   202141 cccaaccctt agcccaaaac ttaattgaga attaagaagt tgtttgatta ggttctagga
   202201 ttgtgaatta aagaacctaa gacacaaacc ataatacatt gggttaatgg gttagtaaaa
   202261 attaggtcta ttagttgggt tagacctaag attagattaa agatggactt aattagagaa
   202321 ttgactaaat ctaatcaatt attgtcttag attaggtcaa ggatttttta gatcaattac
   202381 aatagttgta gttggtcaag tccatgtctt taacgagaac caaatggact tgattcttgg
   202441 ctaagtggtc tagtatgaac tgttaggttg atctaatcaa aactaattaa actagttggt
   202501 gtctaaggta aaccaaaccg atgattttta tttggcagcc cgcttacctg accatttctg
   202561 atggtgtcta aggcaagctt tggcagaccc tcccaccaat cgaacttacc tgctctcttg
   202621 gtgaaattat attttgatcg gatcacttga ctattcgagc tgacccatgt cagctaggta
   202681 aattagtatg actgatttag gtgctcctag accagccctt ttaatggtct cccttaagct
   202741 gacttggtga agccaatggg aggatcatga taagctggtt catctgacct cttcctctaa
   202801 atcaattaaa tctttcaaaa ttattagatc cttaaaataa aatagttatg gtgataacta
   202861 gatcatagcc tcccattaag tggatgataa tgggtccatc aattggataa tcattggagg
   202921 cccaaaggcc tggtgcttat caactgatag aattatcatt cataatatga tttcttgact
   202981 gcatctttct aaatggtggt taggttagcc aaccaaagtt gagcctaatc attcattggc
   203041 tagataggcc aagtatggtc atgttaatgg ttagacctaa ctagaccttt tcagtggagg
   203101 ccaaagccta ctgattaggg actggggcaa aattaaaatt attaaaaatt atttagagaa
   203161 ataattggtt atgaacctac ccttagatgt acatgggttg accaaccaaa gttgggcttg
   203221 tgtgtagtct aagtggattc tagtacccac taaagaatta gggtaattcc tcgaattgga
   203281 ggtagaggct accaattcga ataaaatagt gggagaaacc ttttaattaa agtccaaatc
   203341 tttaggttta atgaatcaat tactaattag gttttgattt ttttttagca gatatggcca
   203401 ctttcctatc gcttcgatca ttattggaca atgataagtt ggtgggaccc aacttcggta
   203461 gctggtaccg aaagttaaag atagtcctgg agcatagata gtcctggagc atgaacggat
   203521 cctatatgtg ataacggatc caacacctaa agagccagct gtcaatacat gtggaatagt
   203581 cagagatact taccagaagt ggctcagtga tcggatcacg gtgcgctata tcatgctggc
   203641 tgccatgagc aacgagttca atcgtagatt tgagacagct cagccaaagg acatacttca
   203701 tgtgttggag gatgccttta gcacatccga tgacacggag aggcacaaga ctagttgtgc
   203761 catcttcaat gccaaaatat ggaatggtgc ttctgtcact gatcatgtat tatacatgat
   203821 caagctgatg gagcatttga gcaagctcgg cttttccttg catgagcaac ttggaaaaga
   203881 tgcaatactg aactcgctgc ccaagtctta tctcccattc ctcactcatt atagaatgac
   203941 aaagcctgaa gtaaactacc acgggttact agggttgctt cagaactttg agaaggatca
   204001 ccaactccac aaggagtcgg tgaacttagt gggaggttca ccttctggtt ctcgaccctt
   204061 taagaaaggg aagaagaaca agaagaagaa agtgaagaag gtgcaagttc aggtcgggac
   204121 atcagtgcag ggtcagatca gaaagatcaa gctcaataag agtcaagctg aattcttttt
   204181 tcgcaagaag cgggggcact ggaagaggaa ctatcctcat tatattacct ccctggatcc
   204241 gaacagatag agaaagaagc aagcagttgc tgggcaaggt atttatatga taactccttt
   204301 caatttttct atttgtgata taactgactg ggtattggat accgatagct tttaccatat
   204361 ttataattta ttgcaggggt tgcaggtcaa taggagattc gagcaaggcg agaggttcct
   204421 gaacgtcgga gatggaagac cagttccagt tctagcatta gaaatcttga aacttgtatt
   204481 tgagtcccat accgttgttc ttaatgattg tcatttctgt ctcaatttct ttttaaatat
   204541 tatttctgta ggccttctgg ccaaaaatga ttataaaatt taaataaaga aacaagtttg
   204601 taatatcatt atgaatggtg ttactatttt ttgtggacat ttgaacaatg gtgtgcatat
   204661 gttatcacaa cctgttaacg tagtccattc tattggcaag caccctagat tagatagtgt
   204721 atcagatatc tacttatggc actatagact aggtcatata aacaagaaca ggataaatag
   204781 gttgactcaa gagggaatcc tcgaagtcag tgattgtgaa tcacttccaa cctgtgagtc
   204841 ctatcttctt gataaaatga ccaagtcacc ttttattgaa aaaggtgaga gagctactga
   204901 gctcttgggc ctagtatata ctgatgtatg ggggctcatg agcataaatg ctagaggtgg
   204961 atatttctac ttcatcactt tcacggatga tctacccaga tatggatatg tttatctgat
   205021 gaaacataag tcgaattcat ttgaaatatt caaacgattc caaagtgaag tagaaaaaca
   205081 aactgggaag agtattaaaa ctcttcggtc taactgagga agagaatatc tttatggtga
   205141 gtttctcaca tatctaggag agaatggaat tctcttccaa tagactcctc caggaacacc
   205201 acagcataat ggtgtgtctg aaaggagaaa ttagactctg ttagacatgg tctgatccat
   205261 gatggatttt gccagcttgt cgatatcctt ctggagatat gcactcgaat cggcctatta
   205321 tctattaaat agggttccaa gtaagtctta agactccata tgagatatgg acagggcgta
   205381 agccagtact ttcacacctt agggtctggg ggtgttcgac ctatgtcaaa cggttagtta
   205441 tagataaact tggacctaag tctgataaat gcacattcat agggtacccc aaagagacca
   205501 aagaaaattt tttctaccat gctgatgaac aaaaggtgtt cgtcagcctt aaggcaattt
   205561 ttttagaaaa agagttcctt ggtgaaggaa ctgttgcctc taaggttaaa cttgatgaag
   205621 ttcaataggt agaaggaccg acaccaatag ctgaacctga gttggatttg attagatcag
   205681 atccaaagcc caatgtacct gcaccattaa gacgatccga tagagtaccg catcaaccgg
   205741 acagatacta tgatttcttg gtccaagatg gtgatcccat caaactcgtt gagaatgatg
   205801 aggatccgat cacttatatg gatgcaatgt agagacctga tttcaagaaa tggcttgaag
   205861 ccatgaaatc caaaatggag tccatgaagg tcaacgatga atggacattg gttgatccac
   205921 ttgaaggggt taaacccatt gggtgtaaat gggtcttcaa aagaagaggg gtgcagataa
   205981 aaaggtggag acctataaag cccgtctggt tgccaaggga tatcgtcaac attatggtat
   206041 tgactataac gagatgttct cccctgtggc aatgctcaaa tctattcgga taatgcttgc
   206101 aatagctgcc catctagatt atgagatctg gcagatagat gtaaagacag ctttcctaaa
   206161 tggagagctg atcgaagagg tgtatatgat acaacctgag gggtttacat ccacagatga
   206221 gtccaaggtg tgcaagcttc agagatccat ttatggattg aagcaagctt ctcggagttg
   206281 gaacatgcat tttgataagg tgatcaaaat gtatggcttc attaagaatg gagaagagcc
   206341 ctgcatctat aaatgggcaa atggtctagt tgtggtattc cttatcttgt tcgcagatga
   206401 cattctctta atcgggaatg acatccccgt actataggga ataaaagttt ggttgtcatc
   206461 gcagttctcc atgaaggact tcagtgaagc atcctacatc ttagggataa agatctaaag
   206521 gaatagatct aaaaggatgc ttggattatt ccagtccacg tacatagaca ctgtgctaaa
   206581 gagattcagc atggagaatt tcaagaaggg ctatctatcg atagacaatg aaatttctct
   206641 ctctaagaag gattgtccaa caactcctga agagagagag catatgagta aagtcccata
   206701 tgcttcgacc atgggatcta tcatatacgc catgacatgt acaaggccag atgtggcata
   206761 ctcactagga gtagtgagta gataccaatc taattctgga gaaaaccact gaaaagtggt
   206821 taaagccatc cttaagtatt tgagaaatac taaggaccaa tagttggttt atgacgagtc
   206881 agatctgaaa cttgtggggt tcacagactc cagctttcaa tttaaccatg atgacagcag
   206941 aagtgtgtcg ggttatatct ttactctgaa tggtggagcc atctgctaga agagtttcaa
   207001 gcagcatact gtggtagact ctatttatga ggcagagtac atcgcagcat cggatgctat
   207061 gaaagaagct gtgtggctga aaaaattcat cgagctcgga gtagcaccct ccatcgatta
   207121 tctgattttg ctctactgcg acagcactag taccattgct taagcgaagg aacccaaagc
   207181 acaccagcag acgaagcata ttttgtaccg tctccacctg attcgagaga tcgtggattg
   207241 aggtgacgtc gatcttcaga agatcgatgg aaaggagaac ctggccgacc ccttcactaa
   207301 agccttgatg aaaaagtagt tcgacaacca caagtcgaag atgggtatta gatactgtgc
   207361 tgagtggctt tagaacaagt gaaagttatt gaaaaatata tctcaaaagc caatcgtcaa
   207421 cttgttgatg gttgagcaac cttgtattgt aattgatttg ttcataaata aaatatattt
   207481 ttggcatttt catcataagt tttcatcttc taatgaactc cattgttgtg atgaagtcct
   207541 taggactatt taggttcgat aaagagagga ttaatcaatt agtcgttaaa actgtttacg
   207601 accaaatgat aggctgttaa taaaaatgat agcttctatc gagcataagt cgctgtaggc
   207661 catatgggtt ggttgtcctc ttaaccaaag agtgtggaga tactggtatg gcatacaggt
   207721 gagatgtaaa ggtacatcat cattgaacgt gaccaactcc agagcattct gctgttgaga
   207781 atgtctctga tgggatatag gtataagtat cccttagacc tgagatcgtc tcagtgactt
   207841 gcaagaaact cactgtgctt tggtactgga ctaactgaat ttctaattca gtgacgaaag
   207901 gcttctgggc acagtcaagt acttgtgaag tcagagtatg atcaagatgg gattgaccac
   207961 tccaatagtt ggagaagaat gagtcgctgt atttcaattt agcaaaatct tggccagggt
   208021 aatccatcag atggatttga tattttaaaa tacaatgtgg ataacctgat cagagttgac
   208081 agttgaactc tgaggtatcc tatgagcatt ttggtcaagg ggatgaatta tatgaaaact
   208141 atatccgcat gggttctaaa gatgttgttc tacacattcg acctatctga ccgtcgggta
   208201 ccattgctag atggtcactt cgattggtac agaaatttat tcctgtaccc aacttaggtt
   208261 cagacctata aggtcacata caatagagtt cacgatctga tcggatagtt gatcaatgat
   208321 taacaatcgt tcaaggatta aataatcaat acaattgaca cttaacctag tacaagtgtt
   208381 gcaggaggat cgattagcaa ttcgattgct aattgactta atttgattaa gctaatgggc
   208441 tgagattaag tctaattgaa tatgatttaa ttatatttga tttgggtttg attggattgt
   208501 tgctccttga attgattttg atgattacaa agcatttgag ggggttacta atgattttag
   208561 cttgaaaaaa gatttattgt atttcagggg caaaatcgta attttattaa gttctgattc
   208621 ggaagcctca agagcaagag cagaagattt gtaatctatt gaagagaatt tcaatatttt
   208681 tggatgtata ttttaaaaaa aaatcatgtt tataaatttg agtcgacccc atgagtcgac
   208741 tcatggcaaa aagggctgaa cggcacactg aattttttgg ctggcatact ctgtgagtcg
   208801 accccatgag tcgacccctg tacatgagtt gaccctatga gtcaaccttt attgctgtgt
   208861 aggctaaaat tacagaacag tcattttcta ttttgtgcca cagaagtcga tcccatgagt
   208921 cgactcatga gcatgagtca accctatgag tcgacccctg cgacgaaaaa actccacaac
   208981 ggttagtttt cagctcattt taactgtatt taatgcccag attactctcc accatcattt
   209041 gaagttataa aaggcactta aaaaagggaa tcaacaaggt tttgaaaagg ttcttcaagc
   209101 attcatttca atcctaagca agagccctct taaaagttca agaagctttt atttcaagtt
   209161 caccaacctc tcaagagctc attcaagtct tcaaccactt tgaaaaaaat cagaagagct
   209221 tcgttcttat tgtgtaaagt atacttaaag ctttatttgc tcattaaagg agcaacatct
   209281 gtatttctgt gtgattaact gctatactct attttgagtt gatattttat tttggaagga
   209341 ttccaaaatg tggaaagatt gatccgaaca ttgattcgaa ttgtattagg ttggcttata
   209401 tccaaaaaat aagtgttcta gcttggaata gctagagtca gagtttctga cattgtattc
   209461 agtttgaata cggattagtg gatttgaatt ctcaagtagg agcttgggga gtggatgtag
   209521 gtgcaagatt ggcaccgaac cactataaat ttttttgttt gtgttgtgct tacttgctct
   209581 ctttttaaat tttcttatct ttttgtattc ttgtatccaa cttctacatc ttgcataaat
   209641 ttcactctcc acatttatcc tgctctttgt taaacaatcc tcatagttgt aagttaattt
   209701 taaattttta aaaacctaat tcaccccccc tcttgggttg catagctggg caacaagtgg
   209761 tatcagagct tggtgcttta gccctacttt gatttaacca tcaaagagct aaagatctat
   209821 ggcaactcaa gttggcactt cactagccga ggggcagtcc acaaaccaac ctccactttt
   209881 caatgggtca aactatgcct attggaaagc tcagataaaa atctttattc aagtacttga
   209941 ctatgatatg tagagtatca tagtaaatgg accacataca cccactaaaa taattgatgg
   210001 tgtggaatca actaaactcg aaaaagaatg ggatgaggtt gataagaaaa tggctcaact
   210061 aaatgctaaa gccatgaata ttttgtattg tactctagat gctaataaat tcaatcgtat
   210121 ttcaacatgc atgtcagcta aaaaaatatg ggatagatta gaagtaactc atgaaaaaaa
   210181 taatcaagtg aaggaatcaa aaattaacat gcttgtgcat aaatataaac tttttaaaat
   210241 gaagcatgat gaatcaataa ctaaaatatt tactcatttt actgatatta ttaatggtct
   210301 aaaatatctt ggtaagtctt attctaacag tgatctcgtg agaaagattc ttagatcttt
   210361 atcaagaact tgggaggtca aagtgacagc aatccaagaa gccaaagatc taaatatcct
   210421 acccttggag gagcttctag gatcgctaat gacacatgag ctaagcatga aacaacacca
   210481 agaagaagat gtcaaaaaga agaggataat cgccctcaaa tccactgctc aacctgataa
   210541 agaattcgat gatacagaaa atgaagagca ggatgaagaa atggccctca ttattagaag
   210601 gtttaagaaa tttttgaaga aaagaaaata aagaatgagg aagaggccac ctacaaaagg
   210661 agaacatagc aaagagaagg ataaggagca accccttatt tgttatgaat gcaagaaacc
   210721 gaaacacttt aagtctgaat gcccataact gaagaagggt cccaagaagt acaagaagaa
   210781 ggccatgatg gctacatgga gcgaaagtga tgagtcaagc tccgaagaag aagactcaaa
   210841 tgaacaagcc aacttatgcc ttatggcata tgaaaatgag gtaaatactg aaacccctat
   210901 tgactttacc tttgaagaac ttcatgaagc tttttatgat ctaattgatg aactaaagaa
   210961 gctgggggta aagaacaaat aattaaaatc aaagaatcaa tctttactaa aagaaaatga
   211021 gagtatttca aatgaaaaat taatcctgtc tcaagaaaat ttgaacttaa aaaatgagat
   211081 tgccaagtta aaaccaatgg ttgaaaagtt tactttaagt ttaaataaac ttcacatgat
   211141 acttgacaat caaaaggcca tttatgataa aatcagtctt ggatataatc ctttaaagaa
   211201 atagaaattt ctgaaaaata tttttgtaaa ctcatcatac aacaagtttt taaatataac
   211261 ttactttaaa tgtggtagag taggatacaa atcctattca tatttttcta acaaatctaa
   211321 aaatttcaat gtaaaaaaaa tttgggtttc aaaaagaacc attatgacta accaaaaagg
   211381 atccaaaaaa attagggtac ctaaagtcaa aacttgactc ttatgtgtag gtgtgtcttg
   211441 catcccaagg agcaaaccaa aaatggtatc ttgatagcgg gtgctcaaga tatatgacag
   211501 gtgatgaatc tcaattcatc acacttgatg ctaaaaatag agggatggtc acctttggag
   211561 ataatggcaa agaaaagatc atcagtatag gtaatattgg tatcactccc tccaagtata
   211621 ttgaaaatat tttattagta gatagtttaa aatataattt attaagtatc agtcaatttt
   211681 gtgataaaaa atataaagtc atttttgaat cttcagtttg cattgtaact agtcctatta
   211741 atgaaggcat taaatttgtt gggcatagac atgataatat ttatatggta gatttgaacg
   211801 atctttccaa aataaacatg caatgcctag tagccttgaa tgccaagatt aatgagacta
   211861 gttggttttg gcttcgtagg cttgcacata ttagcatgca ttcactttca aaatttatta
   211921 aaaaagaatt agttatcagc ttacccaaat tgaattttga aaagaataga atttgtgatg
   211981 catgccaaat gggtaaacaa acacgagtct cattcaaatc taaaaatatt atttcaactt
   212041 ctaggccatt agaactattg cacatggact aatttggatc cactagaact actagtctag
   212101 gtggaaaatg atatggtttt gtaattattg atgatttctc ttattttaca tgggtcttct
   212161 ttttggcaca taaggataaa acttttcata ttttctcaaa attttatcga aaagtcacaa
   212221 ataaaaaaga ttttttaatt caaaatattc gaagtgatca tggaatcgaa tttgaaaatc
   212281 aagattttga aaagttttgt gatgaaaaaa atattgacca taatttttca gcacctagga
   212341 caccccaaca aaatgagata gtagaaaaaa aaaatagaac ccttgaagaa atggcccata
   212401 ccatgctatg tgaaagtaac cttctaagat atttttgggt ggaagtaatt aacacggcat
   212461 gttatatatt aaatcatgct ttagttagat caattttaaa gaaaacccct tatgagcttt
   212521 ggaaagaaag aaaaccaaac attgcatatt ttcatgtttt tggttgttga tgttttattt
   212581 tgaataatgg taaagaaaga ctaagaaaat ttgatgctaa atctgatgaa gcaatttttc
   212641 ttggttactc ctcttctagc aaaactttta gagttttcaa caaaagaact ttaatagtag
   212701 aggagtcaat acatgtcatt ttttatgaaa ctaacgatct tccttcaagg aagaatgaaa
   212761 gtattgatga tgcagatttt cttatagaag ggatgaagga catcactcta aaagactcaa
   212821 ccattcaaga tgatgaagaa catgaagaca aacaggatga ggaaggtgaa gaacaacaag
   212881 aacaacctca aagtataaat gatctactca aagaatggag gtatgatcac aatcacccca
   212941 agaaactaat cattggtgat cctacacatg gtgtaagaac tcgcacttca cttaaagata
   213001 cattcaatca ttttaaagat acattcaatt attttgcttt tgtctctcat cttgaaccta
   213061 aaatcataga tgaagttgaa aaagattata attggataaa tgtaatgcaa gaagaattta
   213121 atcaatttga aagaaataat gtatggactt tagttttaag acctaaaaat tattcaataa
   213181 ttgacacaaa atgggtatac aggaataaat tggatgaaca tagaaatgtg ataagaaata
   213241 aagcgagatt agttgcaaaa gattataatc aagaagaagg aattgatttt gatgagacct
   213301 ttgcatctgt tgctagatta gaagcaatta gacttctact tgcatatgct tgctttatga
   213361 attttaagtt attccaaata gatatcaaaa gtattttttt aaatcgatat attactaaaa
   213421 aagtttatat agaacaatct ccagattttg aaaatcatgt tttttctaat catattttta
   213481 aattaaacaa agcattatat ggtttgaaac aagcacctag ggcttggtat gaaaggctaa
   213541 gcaaatttct gcttaataat gatttttcaa gagaaaatat agacacaacc tttttcatta
   213601 aaagaaatca aaataatata ttagttatac aaatatatat tgatgacatt atttttggat
   213661 ccactaatga aatgaagcga aaatttagtg taggggtaaa atggtaattt taaaactttt
   213721 tcaaaattac tattttacaa cagaattatt aattaatctc attaattaat actaattaat
   213781 cctacactat gatctaaata tgatacaaca gcatgcattt aaatttaaaa ttcaaatttg
   213841 aatcagtaaa cgttttacag tactgtgttc agaacacatc cccttttgcg ggtagtcgat
   213901 caccgcaatc tgatcgccgt cggggggctc tgattgtcac gttatagcca cacaaatatc
   213961 tggcctctgc ggatcatcca cacgaagctc ccgtctgatc agctcctcac gaatgctagt
   214021 tcgtgatttc acccttttga tggtagatgt tgatcgaact ccttcgatcg atgtgtgttg
   214081 acttctcaga tgctccagat catctgcaca gttgcttgag aggctgatgg atctctctct
   214141 aaaatttggt ggactcacga cactcgtggc gcaccaatct cacttcccga accctaggta
   214201 gaaaccctag ggtacacacc aaaaaccctg cgcccaattt tctctctttt ctttcttttt
   214261 ctctcgaaag gttttggacc ttcaccttat gcagaagtct tcctcacatc tcaaagtttc
   214321 tctcctaaaa tttctacgca cgtcgcacct ttctcctctt tttaaaacaa tgtcgaacgt
   214381 gtcttatccg cgtgagagga taaagacaag aggttacaca tttgaattca aatcaaattt
   214441 gaattcaaac gaaaaccaac ttatccctat tcttttgggc gtgagaagag aaggggtgtg
   214501 gctctttgtg catggaaaat atttcatgag aaaccttttc tcgtgtaagt aatgtggcac
   214561 acaaaatgga taaggatgaa agggcaagtg ataagttatc cattcaaatt caaacatgct
   214621 ttgaatttga atggctaact aattatttta tccatccata tggcgcacaa atgagggcgt
   214681 ggggaagggt tttgcatgag aaaaatttca cgagaagttt cttcttgtga attcaaatgg
   214741 gtgcaaggaa gttgggtgtc gcagggaatt taaaacaagg tggtttgatt caaattgagc
   214801 caacctagtt tagaataggt taagcacaat tagatcagat taaacccaac ataattaggc
   214861 ttaattaggc tcaataaaat tctaatcaaa tcagaaatta actaaatcta acccctgatc
   214921 aaattaggga ctaaaccacc ttagcgatta ggtcaacatt taacctaatc gagtcaatcc
   214981 aaactgaatc caattcaatt ggacttgatc caaaaataat tactcaatca aattgagtta
   215041 attagtgatt aaattactaa ttaaacctct cataaatatt gagtctaaat ccgatgggca
   215101 atcaggcatc agagaccatc gatatgaaac cctgatcaaa gagttcaaat ttcaaattca
   215161 aaatttgaaa ttcaaaattt tgaccccggt acccaaaatg tgtggaactc atgattagag
   215221 aatcctaatt ctcaatcata gagtcccaga tagataagac tcataatcag ccatcagatc
   215281 agaaaggaac ctctaatgtg tgtgaccccg caggttcgaa cctaaactgg tagcacagga
   215341 accaattcct gtactaatcg aagtgaccat ctagcaatgg tacccgacga tcggataggt
   215401 cgaataatcg caatcgcaac attcagaacc tacgtgaata tggttaccgt ataattcatc
   215461 ccttttgacc cctgtgttta ggacgactca gggttaaact gtcaaccctg atgatatcat
   215521 ccgaatcgtg ctcaactcaa ttagtcctgt gactcctcac taggactacc ctggccaagg
   215581 ttttgctaaa ttaaaatacg actgtacaca gctcctaaac tggagtggtc aatcccatct
   215641 tgacacacgc accgacaagt aaagtacttg actacaccca gcaaccttcc gtcactgaat
   215701 tagaaattca ggtagtccag tgcctaagtg cagtgagttg cttgcaagtc accgtggcgg
   215761 tctcaggtcg gagggacatt tatacccata tcccatcgga gcaaatcttg acagcagaaa
   215821 tagctccgga gttggtcacg ttcagtgcag atgtaccatt acatctcacc tgtatgccat
   215881 accagtgtct ccacactctt tggttatgag gacaaccaac ccatatggca cacaatgacc
   215941 tatgctcgat aaacgttgtc gtccttggta acaacgtatc atttggtcgc gaacatgttt
   216001 aaggactaag cgacaaatcc tcctttgtca aatctaaata gtcctaagga cttcaccgca
   216061 acacaggagt tcattagaag atgaaacatt tatgatgaaa aaataccaaa ataactttta
   216121 tttatttata attcatgtac taatacaaaa aggagcacaa ccgtcaacag gctgacgatt
   216181 ggctttggga cactattccc aacaatctcc cacttggcct aaagcctatc ggtgcagtat
   216241 ctaataccca tcttcgactt gtagtcgttg aactccttca ccgcaatggc tttagtgaat
   216301 gggtcggcca ggttctcctt cccgtcgatc ttctgaaggt cgatgtcacc tcgatccacg
   216361 atcttccgga tgagatggta gcagcgcaga atatgcttcg tccgctggtg tgcctttggt
   216421 tccttcgcct gagcaatggc tccagagctg tcgcagtaga gcagaactgg accaacaagg
   216481 gagggtgcta ctccgagctc ggtgatgaat tttctcaacc acaccgcttc tttggcagca
   216541 tctgatgcag taatatactc cgcctcgcat actgaatcgc cacagtgtgc tgcttggaac
   216601 tcttccagca gacagcccca ccattaaggg taaaaataaa tcctgacaca ctcttgctat
   216661 catcgcgatc agactgaaaa ctagagtctg taaaccctat aagtctcaag tccgattcac
   216721 catatataag ccactgatcc ttagtatttc ttaaatactt caggatggtt ttaacaacct
   216781 tccagtgatt ctctcctaga tcagattggt atctactcac tacccctagt gagtatgcca
   216841 catctggtca tgtacatgtc atggcgtaca tgatagatcc cactgtcgaa gcatatggaa
   216901 tcctacccat acgctctctc tcttgaggtg ttgtcggaca atccctcttc gagagagaaa
   216961 ttccatggcc tatcggtaga tagcctttct tggaattttt catgctgaac cttttcagca
   217021 tagtatcaat gtacgtggac tgggataagc caagcaactt tttggatcta tccctataga
   217081 tcctcatccc taggatgtag gaagcttctc ccagatcctt catggagaac tgtgacgata
   217141 gccaaatctt tattccctgt aatgcaggga catcattctc gattaagaga atgtcatcca
   217201 catacaatac aagaaatact actactggac cattagccca cttataaatg cagggctctt
   217261 ctccgttctt aacgaagcca tacgttttga tcgtcctatc aaaatgtatg ttccaactcc
   217321 gagatgcctg cttaagtcca taaatggacc tctgtagctt gcacacctta gactcatctg
   217381 tggatgtgaa cccttcaggt tgtatcatat acacctcttc gtccagctct ccgtttagga
   217441 aagctgtctt cacatccatc tgccagattt catagtccag atgggcagct atcgcaagca
   217501 taatccgaat ggatttgagc attgtcatag aagaaaacat ctcgtcatag tctataccat
   217561 aacgttgacg atatcccttg gcaaccagac gggctttata ggtctccacc tttctgtctg
   217621 cgcccctctt ccttttgaag acccacttac accctatggg ttttactcct tcgggtgggt
   217681 caactaatgt ccacacatca ttgaccttca tggactccat ttcggatttc atggcctcta
   217741 gctatttctc agagtcaggt ctctgcattg catccatgta ggtgatcgga tcctcatcat
   217801 tttcatcaag ttcgatagga tcaccatccc ggaccaagaa accatagtat ctgtccggtt
   217861 gatgtggtac tctaccagac cgccttaagg gtgcataatc aatgggctcc ggatctgatc
   217921 taatcaaatc cagttcaagt tcagtaacat gtgtcggttt ttccacctat cgaactttgt
   217981 caagttcgac tttagaggca acagttcctt cactaaggaa ctccttttct aaaaagattg
   218041 ccttaaggct gacaaacacc ttttgctcat cagcaaggta gaaataatac cctttggtct
   218101 cttttgggta ccctataaaa ttatacttgt cagacctagg tccaagcttg nnnnnnnnnn
   218161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   218221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn gcaagcttct cagagttaga atcatcattt
   218281 tgatgaagcg atcaaattgt ttgatttcat caaaaatgaa gaggaaccat gtgtatataa
   218341 aagggtcagt aggagcatca taacattttt catattatac atggatgata ttctcctcat
   218401 tgggaatgat atttccatgc taactatggt caaaagatgg ttgtccaagg aattctctat
   218461 gaaagatcta ggagaagcat cctatatttt tggaataaaa gtctatgggg atagacctaa
   218521 atggatgtta ggcctgttat aaaagctata catagagaaa gtgctgaaga gattcagcat
   218581 gaaaaactcc aaaagaggat ctttacctct taggcatagt attaatctct ccaagatgat
   218641 gtgtccaacc acatctgagg aagttcagcg catgagtagg attccttatg cctcgaccat
   218701 agggagcctt atgtatgtca tgctatgtac ttgacctgat attactcttg ctgtgagtgt
   218761 cacgagcagg tatcagtcga atctagatga ggagcactgg atagctgtga agaacatcct
   218821 taagtacttg agaaggacta atgatttgtt cttgatcttt ggagaagatt ctgagttgcg
   218881 agtcgagaga tatactgact cagacttcat gtctgatcct gttgatagaa aatctacgtc
   218941 aggatatgtg ttcgtttgca atgatggcac agttagctgg aagagtttca agcaatccat
   219001 catagcggat tcgaccatga aggcagagta tgtcgctgct tcggatgctg caaaggaagg
   219061 cttctgattc aagaagttcg tcatgaaatt tgaggttatg atatcagatg ccatatcact
   219121 ttactgcgac aacaatagag ccatagcact tgctaaggag ccgagttctc ataaaaaatt
   219181 aaagcatatc gagcggcggt atcgtatcat atcatatgtg actatctcaa aaaaaaatat
   219241 gttgaggtgc gaagagtaga cttcatggac aacatagcag acccgctgac aaagcagttg
   219301 agccaaccaa aaatgaaagt ccaccttgaa aagatgaaac ttagatttgt ggccaattgg
   219361 ctttagtcca agtgggagat tgttagatgt atgtcctaga agccaatatg gttgacatat
   219421 tgtaataaat ctaggacata attttatact taatatattg atatgatcaa taaaaggata
   219481 agtttatatt ttattcaagt gtaatgtatc cttgaatctg ttagatgcgt accctagatg
   219541 ccagatcgac tgacacattc ctgcacaaat ctaagggcaa atttgtaatt ttgactataa
   219601 atgaataaaa ggattattct tctatcacat tatgtacatt atgtctgtga tatatctttt
   219661 gagttagtgg aaatgttaat tcatattttc aagagttgaa actttaaggt atgaatttac
   219721 ataactaact cataaactgc tcctgaccat agaatcatca tgaggatggt gatcgatccg
   219781 gaaggttgat gtatgattat tttcttaggg tagatgagtc ttgagtctac ggtgtggaga
   219841 caccagagtg agagtacagg tattcattga gaatgagagt actgagtgtg accacttcaa
   219901 acagtcataa ggaagtctac catctcgttg atgactagct cgatgctaca gttgtgtatc
   219961 tagttctttg acctaaggtg catcaataat tcaccttgag tgtgttatag tttgactaca
   220021 ccataactcg atctcttagc cattcgaaat cctgaggtat atgttggctg tagcatattc
   220081 attgtaggaa tcagaatgca ccaagatggg atctatcaac ctcggtagat gagagaagta
   220141 gtcctatgat gattgaaaga tcgagtcctt aagtctatgg ccatggtaga gtgaaataat
   220201 ggaaaagaga tttccattgg agtttcacat cagattcaga tcgatcgatt gattcatatg
   220261 actaatgttg ggtttgatga gttcacctta acactaattc agtcgggact aatgatagag
   220321 gaactcaatc acacaggtag ctgcactgag aggttcatct tcagttctga tgggttgcca
   220381 ccacatactg ctaggtgtca ttggtgaatt ttaggagcaa ttagaatgat tttgatgatc
   220441 gatcattcta attgtctgaa tcagaagagt tctggtccat cgaaaggagt ttcgatgatg
   220501 tcgatgatga gatcatgaca tgtctcatta ccatacagaa ttgaacctaa ctggatcaca
   220561 caaataaggg ttagggtctg gatgtcatca attgagctag ctcaattgat ttggataaga
   220621 tccaattagg ttcatggaaa tcgtgctagc acacgattga gcctaacttt ctcctcgtgt
   220681 aatattttct gtctctactg agccaaatgt gatttgactc atccagagaa tcttgagaag
   220741 atttctctca gtctaaatga agcttgtcca gctcaaaaaa ggcttgtctt aatttatgag
   220801 atgaatttaa gacaacacct gttaattcct agcacctgcc aattttattt taggacatct
   220861 gtcaaaagtt gacatatggg tcttaaactg aagaagattc attagaggat ttttgtggag
   220921 tatccacatg tcaaaccaca tccaattggg tgccataatc agattatggg gtgagcccaa
   220981 ttggattaag tggggcgccc taagtggata aggattggag agacttgatc aacttggact
   221041 ccttggtgcc acctctcttt gagcttatcc aatgttggtg ccatcatagg agagaggatg
   221101 aggttattat ctgatgtgat tagatgacat cactctacca attagaattt ttttagaatt
   221161 aattgaaatt ttttgattgg ttgaatgatg tggcactgtg tagcatacag gatctatata
   221221 aaccctgctg cgcctagggt ttcgaggtag aagttatttt atgtaaaaaa cctaatagct
   221281 gcaaacccct cccctcttct ccatatcctc cctgctcttc tatctccctt cttcacgtcc
   221341 aaagagttgg acgttcatct ggtgcaagga aaaggcgggg tgatgcctgg aacaggaagg
   221401 ctgcaggaca tctttgatag gctgctgctc caacttcagt aggagttctg aagcacttcc
   221461 aaatcaaata gagatctaat ttttggagta tagatttgca aggaaaaaaa aatctagatc
   221521 ctatctgagt ggatatcgat agaggctaga tgcttgtgtg gctatttttg aacctctggc
   221581 attgctgcga tcatctacag ggtaatcaga ttacccttga ggtacttctt ctttcatcat
   221641 agttttagat ttaattttag attttaaata tcagataata agattatatc tagagattta
   221701 gatctaaaat aaatgtagga taaaaatttt taaatttatt ccaccccaga tttggtgaaa
   221761 tctggaagat cctatgcgga gaaaacattt ctcctccttc aagtggtatc agagccagat
   221821 tgttggctct atttcagatc taatatagat ctgattttaa tttttattta tttgatatta
   221881 aataatttta gatatcacat caaatatgat aggatctgaa atcaaaatat ttaaaattaa
   221941 atctaagaag atctaacatg catgagatgc atgactggac taggattagt tgaatccatg
   222001 aatagtctta agttttatat tttaatgaga ttaaaatatg aattaaatct aatttattct
   222061 ttattttttt gatgttataa gtattataat cagattaaaa aataaaaaat aaaattttaa
   222121 ttttttcata aaattaatct gttgcatgcc tagactagtt gtagaactat tctagtaact
   222181 tgtctagaat agatttaatt ttgaatagtt taatttaaat cttatttttt agatattaca
   222241 tgtgatatat tagatctgaa agcatgttaa ttagatcaat ttttgatata tgagatgtat
   222301 gcaaagcatg tattagttag atcttaaatt gtatatgtga tatgttaatt tagatctaac
   222361 tagttttgta gttaaattta tatttttggt taaggtgttc ctcatggctg tccagtcata
   222421 agaacgaagt aggattttaa gatcctctct tctcattcaa tggggtgttc atatgacgtg
   222481 taggggtgcc gtgctttcat ccttaatcag aaatcaaaac atactttttt gcaaaatcct
   222541 agatcttgaa atcctaggat ttattttaca tgttttgttt atgaacccaa acttaattaa
   222601 tgaattaagc ttatgaaata aagttaggtc taaaattgag aattttagat ctaagatatt
   222661 ttcataaaat tgggttcggg cttgggtagc tcaattaggt ctagcggttg atcaaatcga
   222721 atcaagagtt ggttaggtgg gatcatgaaa gttaataatt gagtagccta ataggattaa
   222781 gtctggatca aggtcgaatc acaattagat gtgacccgat taagtttaga cctaatttgg
   222841 ctcagtggtt agagcctgga ttgtaggcta acccaattgg ttctggttcg ataatttggt
   222901 gtctaagata agtttggcag attcgactga ctgattttta attgagagct actcgactcg
   222961 aatgcgattc ttgtcgagtt agtggcatat tccttccacc gatctcactt acttggccat
   223021 atgtgtcgat ccagttctga tttgaggtgg ctaacaattc gagctgaccc atgtcactag
   223081 gttaagtcat aattgttatg actatgtcaa gtcaagttta aagagaccta aatcaaatct
   223141 tcctaagaaa atattaaatc taggtcttcc accattgtgg atgtgcgggc ccttctcggg
   223201 gttgattgtt ctcgactggt tatcatggct cagttgcacc gggaagatgc aactatgtcc
   223261 attaggcatt ggatgctacg gattagagga tgggttgggc tcaatattct ggatacggtg
   223321 agggacccaa tcaaaaatct agttcatgca aatggtaggt ttggcttaac taaggattgg
   223381 agcaatatcc cagacatggt gagcttcatg aattagagac caagttttgg gtgcaccata
   223441 attagagaat cattagataa gagttgtcca ttcatcgatt gacccatcac caataactgt
   223501 taggtgaggt ggtgagtcag ttggtgagac cgcaccatcc actagaaatc gctgatcatg
   223561 gagattttca catctctacc cagggagtgt agggatctga gaaaatagtg ggagcctaat
   223621 ttgtttaaaa ataaaaacct taaataaatt ggttgagtct gattacaaaa tctaactaga
   223681 aactgttgac tctctacaga aaatattgtt gtgatccagg tggtgtgccc aaggcccagg
   223741 ggaccaaggc taaggccaag gtccatcatt catgagggtt tcatggaggc tctagggcta
   223801 gttgggccct aggttgaaag gttgttggcc tttcgggttc ttgatgtcta ggttatgtgg
   223861 gcctcaaggg accaactctt tatgggccag gtctgagccc aggataggtg agattaggtc
   223921 gagtcatggg tgtacatggg cttggattaa cctaatctcc catagagttg gtcaagggag
   223981 ttttgggttt gggtcacttg acccggtgtt tatatataca tgtacttgta taggtttgat
   224041 gaagccaaga aaatagacaa ctctttctcc caagtctctc tcttctccct ctctctccag
   224101 ccatcttcca cgccccagga gcaagaaatc ctagggtttc ttgccgccag tccatagaag
   224161 gaaagaaagg aagggaggcg ctagcccctt cccccctttg cagctgccag ccatttcttc
   224221 tctcccctct cttgaaggca cccaaacacc aggtgcagga cttggaatct cttgagaaga
   224281 ggttggtaca agtctctctc agatctggag ttgatctgag gtcgtttgag gcacgggtga
   224341 gatctccatc aatagatcta caggaaaggc tgcagcagga cagatctgcg aggtctgtct
   224401 ccatctatct tcttccccat ctagaatatc ctaatttgag atcgataatt ggaggacctc
   224461 ggtccagatt tgatctagtt gggtaccaga tcttggattt tttagaggta gtttcagagg
   224521 cgttcttcat ctggaacgaa aggctgacga agaagacagc aaccaggctg attttgtcaa
   224581 gggccttgga tcgtgtccag atgactccag atctattcat tgctggttct gctacaccca
   224641 aggtctatgg gaggagccaa gatcgtgctc caataattgg tatcagagcc acattggtga
   224701 ggaagtggtt ccaagtgcga gaagttgaag atcccaagtg ctgaaaattt tcagcaaggt
   224761 accatcaagg tatattctac acttcttaaa tttatattac ttgtttggct tggatctagt
   224821 catgggcagc aatatgaagg tcaattttga gaagtttgat ggcaagagga attttttcat
   224881 atgaaaaatc cgggtggagg atcttctggt gcaagtagat ctggatcagg ctttggatga
   224941 gaagcctgag ggaatgatag atagacagtg ggcatcgttg gagaagaaag catgctcggt
   225001 gatcagaaga tgtttggtgg atgcggcatt gtattcagta ctggaagaaa agaccccgaa
   225061 aggcctttgg tcgaagttgc acactatgta catggggaag aatatgtgca acaagctgat
   225121 gctgaagaag aggttgtaca gtcttcggat gcaggaggga tctgatgtga ttggccacat
   225181 tcagaggttc gaccagttgt gcacggagtt ggtgaatatc ggggtgaagc tggatgagga
   225241 ggacaagtct ctattgcttc tatgttcgct gtccggatca tatgattctt tggtgactac
   225301 actactctac ggcaaggaga ctctggagta tgaggacatg gtctcgatac tgaggtcgaa
   225361 tgagtagaag aaaaagttga ccagagatcg ggctccctag gagggtttgg cagtagggga
   225421 gaggataggt agaggcagag gcagaagcaa gtccaggggg cggtccaagt ccaggaaggg
   225481 aaagaaagag gtgaaatgct tcaagtgcaa cgagttcggg cacttcaagc gagaatgtcc
   225541 actatggaag agcaagaagg gagaaagaag tggctcagaa tcagtgagtg cagttgctgg
   225601 gcagcaggtg gaggatgatc tacttgtcgt atcagatagt cacaggcagt acacagagga
   225661 gtggacacta gactctgcat gctcacatca ctacacacca cacaggtctt ggtttgctat
   225721 atacaccaag atagatgagg gatcagtgac tctaggcgac aatcatccgt gcaaggtggc
   225781 tgggataggg acagtcaggg tgaggatgtt tgatgggatt gtgaggacat tgataaatgt
   225841 aaagcacatc ctggagctgg agaagaattt ggtgtcacta ggctacttgg agcgtagtgg
   225901 atacagcttc agcagtaggg ctagaagcgg agtactgaat atctgcaatg gagccatggt
   225961 agtgatgaga ggcaggaggt tggacaataa cctctatcgc atggagggat ctatggtgac
   226021 cggagagtct gatgcagcag ctgcagcaca ggaccaggag gggacttaca ggatgtggca
   226081 ctaccgccta ggccacatag gtgacagggg gctgagggag ttgagcagaa gaggactcat
   226141 ctctaatctg gaggatggtg ctacagggga gatctgtgag ccttgccaga tgggaaagca
   226201 gaggagagtt cagttcaata ttagtatagc ccgcagtgca gcccctctgg agttagtaca
   226261 tacggatgtg tggggaccag ccccagtttt agctaggaat ggggccagat acttcatgac
   226321 cctgattgat gatttctcaa ggaagctctg gatttacttc atgagagaga agtcagaggt
   226381 cttcatcaag ttcaagatct ggagagctga ggtggagaag gagcagggga gaagcgtgaa
   226441 gtatctgagg tcagataatg gcggggagta caccagcaga gagttccagg actactgtga
   226501 ggagtgtggg atcaggagat acttctcagt tagggggact ccacagcaga attgggtggc
   226561 cgagaggatg aacagaacac ttttggaaaa ggcacgatgc atgaggctgc aggcagggct
   226621 tccaaaggag ttctgggttg acacagttga tgcagcgggt tatttggtca atcgatcacc
   226681 tcacaccagg ttggatggca ggcttccaga ggaggtgtgg tctgggagga cagttgggct
   226741 gggccatcta cgggtatttg ggtgcacggc ctatgtgcac attggagctg gtgagcggag
   226801 caagctagat gctagatcac acaagacggt gtttctatgc tatccgcgag gagttaaggg
   226861 atacaggctg tgggatccct tggaaaagaa ggtcatcatt agttgggatg tgacttttga
   226921 tgaggagtca gtcctacaga ggcaagcaga catggaggag cagcaagagc aggaggaggt
   226981 ccagcagggc actgctggac agcttacctc ttttattttg cctcttgcaa gtactacggg
   227041 aggacatgac attcaggtgg agaacctacc taagatgtct ccacaggtag agaggactcg
   227101 gatggatgat cgaggtgggg aggtccagca ggagcaagct ggatcgagga ctgatatcgg
   227161 tgttgcccta cacaagccca agaggaccat caggcaaccg aaccgatatg acttcgaaaa
   227221 gacgctatca tattccctgg tgatagtgaa tggagaccca tatatgtatc agaaggctat
   227281 tgagagccag gacagagagc ggtgggtcca ggtgatgtcc gaggagatgc agtctctcca
   227341 caagaatcag acgtggcgat tggtgcagtt gccatagggg aagaggccca ttggctgcaa
   227401 atgggtctac agtcgcaagg acagagtgga gctggttgag gccttgggac accaaagtgg
   227461 agattattgt gatccaggtg gtatgcccaa ggcccagggg accaaggcta aggccaaggt
   227521 ccatcattca tgagggtttc atggaggctc tagggctagt cgggccctag gttgaaaggc
   227581 tgtgggcctt tcgggttctt gaggtctagg ttatgtgggc ctcaagggac caactcttta
   227641 tgggccaggt ctgttcccag gataggtgag attaggtcaa gtcatgggtg tacatgagct
   227701 tgggttaacc taatctccca tagagttggt caagggagtt ttgggtttgg gtcatttgac
   227761 tcggtgttta tatatacatg tacttgtata ggtttgatga agccaaaaaa atagacaact
   227821 ctttctccca agtctttctc tctcttctcc ctctctctcc agccatcttc catgccccag
   227881 gagcaagaaa ccctagggtt tcttgccatc agtccataaa aggaaagaaa ggaagggagg
   227941 cgctagcccc ttcccccctt tgcagctgcc agccatttct tctctcccct ctcttacagg
   228001 cacccaaata ccaggtgtag gatctaaaat ctcttgacaa gaggttggta caagtctctc
   228061 tcagatctgg agttgatctg aggtcgtttg aggtacgggt gagatctcca tcaacagatc
   228121 tacaggaaag gctgcagcag gacagatctg cgaggtttgt ctccatctat attcttcccc
   228181 atcttgaata ccccaatttg agatctacaa attggaggac ctcggtccag atcttatctg
   228241 gttgggtacc agatcttgga ttttttagag gtagtttcag aggcattctt catctggaac
   228301 gaaaggctga cgaagaagac aacaaccagg ctgatttcgt caagggcctt ggatcgtgtc
   228361 cagacgactc cagatctatt cattgctggt ttcactgcac ccaaggtcca tgggaggagc
   228421 caagatcatg ctccaataaa tatgtctgcc tcaaaccccc tgaccaaaat cctagacacc
   228481 catagctgat tggatcaaat ttcaaggact ggttgagaaa ctatagaatc attctaggtt
   228541 ctgaaaaatt gactcatgtc ttggaccagg acccacctac catgccagca catctgactg
   228601 ctgaacagag agtgtctcta aaaaagtgga tggatgatga taacaaagca aggtactaca
   228661 tgttgggtgc aatgtctgat gacttgcagt gccaacatga aaatattttg actacccacc
   228721 aaatgttggc tcacctacaa gagttgtttg gtgaacaaag tcacacagcc aagtattaag
   228781 tctgtcaaaa actttttaag gctaaaatat gtgatgggca gtcagtccaa gatcattgtt
   228841 tgacaatgat caaggatctt aaggagcttg agaagctcgg tatcatctta gacaaggatt
   228901 tttagattga tgtgatcctt aagtccttat ccgatgcata tggtcagttc atcatgaact
   228961 ttcatatgca taagatataa tgtaccttag ccgagttaat gaatatgctg gttatgactg
   229021 agctttcaat gaaaggttca aaaggctcag ttcttactgt ggagcaaatt tcttccaaga
   229081 gaaagtcttt tgaaaagaaa aagaagtctg cgaagaagca gaaggtggat ggaaaaaaga
   229141 agaagataga accgaagaag aaggcttctg aaaagggaaa atatttccac tgtcagtcag
   229201 aaggccattg gaagcggaac tgtcctcagt acctggccac cctgaagaac aagaaggatg
   229261 gtccttctgg aggtattctc attatcgaat ctaaccttat ggtttcttct gcattcagtt
   229321 gggtgtttga ctctgattct agtgctcatt tgtgcacttc catgcagggt cttgaggaga
   229381 gcaggaggcg agggatgggg agatgatcct acgcatcggg aacggagcaa gagttgctgc
   229441 tgtggtcgtg ggaacctacc ctctgcgatt accgttagga ttagatttag ttttaagaga
   229501 tagttattat gtgcctgcag taagtaggaa tttgatttct gttttatgtt gagcacaaga
   229561 aggctatgtg attagctttc ataaagacca ttgtaacata ttttatgaaa ataataaagt
   229621 tgcaaatgat tttgttatta atgatctcta tcagctacat gttgatgtat ctgtatttaa
   229681 tattgagcaa aatatgaatg ccataggaat taaaaggcct agatatagtc taaatgataa
   229741 gtatctatgg cacctaaggc taggtcatat agcgaaagat agggttaaca aattagagaa
   229801 atccaggcta ttgagtctgt tgactttcga atcatatcca gtttgtgaat catgccttca
   229861 aggcaaaatg accaagcttc cttttgtggg acatgggaaa agggccacag acctacttgc
   229921 cctagtacat atggatgtgt gcggcccatt tgatgtgccg gctagaagca actatgtcta
   229981 cttctttact tttatcgatg atatgtctag gtacgggtat gtgtttctta tgaaacacaa
   230041 gtctgaagct tttgaaaggt tcaaagaatt cagacacgag gtagaaaaac aaacagaaaa
   230101 gcccattaag gttcttcgat cagatcgagg aggtgaatac tttagtcagg agttcctaga
   230161 ctatcttaag gacaatggta taatttctta atggactcca cttggaatgc cttaactcaa
   230221 tggggtttca gaacggagaa atcagaccct attagatatg gtccattcca tgatgagctt
   230281 cacggacctc cttgagtttc ttgaaaaata gtttattcaa gatggtggca tcgaaagaat
   230341 aattaagctc aaggagaatg tctcccaaga gcaacaagct aaagaaccta aggaaccaaa
   230401 tcaatcagaa ccagtcctaa tacaacctct tccacctcgt tgatcaacta ggattttttg
   230461 tcttcctgaa aggtacttag gtaccataca agaggatata gagaaaatat tcctcacgaa
   230521 aaatggggct catggtgatg atcccaagac ctatgacgag gcaatatgag atatcgactc
   230581 tgagaaatgg ttagaggcaa tgagatcaga aattgactcg atgtactcaa accaagtttg
   230641 gaccttggta gatctacctg aaggtattgt acctattggg tgtaaatgga tcttcaagag
   230701 aaagataggt atagatggga atatggagac attcaaggct aggctcgtag cgaaaggtta
   230761 tagtcaatgt gaaggcattg actatcagga taccttctcg tccgtagcta tgctaaaatc
   230821 catccacaca ttgcttgctg ttgcagccta tttcgattat gaaatgtggc agatggacgt
   230881 gaaaatggca ttcttaaatg gacatcttga ggaagatatc tatatggaat agccgcttgg
   230941 tttcacatcc agtgatgatg atcacaggat ttgcaagctg caaaggtcca tttatggact
   231001 taagcaagca tctcggagtt ggaatactca tttcaatgat gtgatcaaaa tgtttggttt
   231061 catcaagaat gaggaggaac catgtgtgtt caaaaaggtc agtgggagcg cagttgtctt
   231121 cctcgtattg tacgtagatg acatactcct aattgggaat gatattccca tgttgacctc
   231181 aatcaaagta tggttatcta aggagttctc tatgaaagat ctaggagagg catcctttat
   231241 actgggtatt aaggtttata gagatagacc aaataggatg ctgggacttt catagaagat
   231301 gtacatagag gaggtgctaa agaggtttag catgaaaaac tccaaaagag gtttattgcc
   231361 ttttagacat ggcattcatc tctccaagaa gatgtgccct agcacacctg aggagattga
   231421 atgcatgggc aagatccctt atgcttcggt aatagggagc ctcatgtatg ccatgctatg
   231481 tacacgactt gatatagcct atgctgtgag tgtcacaagc agatatcagt cgaatccaga
   231541 tgaagagcac tggacttctg tgaaatatat ccttaagtac ttgagaagga ctaaagatat
   231601 gtttttagtc tttgaaaatg aaaaactcta gattcaggga tatacagact cagactttat
   231661 gtctgatata gatgattgaa agtcgacatc gggagtctat tcatttgcaa tggtggtgca
   231721 gttagctgga agagttctaa gcaaatggtg attgctgatt ccaccaaaga ggcagagtat
   231781 attgctacat caaaagctac gaaggaggca ttctggtata agaagtttgc cacagagctt
   231841 ggagtgatgt catcggatgc catccctctc tactgtgaca ataatgatgc catagcccta
   231901 gctaaggagc caaggtctca ccagaagtcc aagcacatcg agcggcaatt ccatctgatc
   231961 cgtgattacc tcgaaaaggg ctatgtcgag gtcaagagaa tcgactccac agataatgtg
   232021 gtagactcgc tgactaagcc attaggccaa aagaagattg aagtccacct tgagaagatg
   232081 ggacttagat atgtagccaa ttggtattag gtcaagtggg agtttgttag atgtgtgccc
   232141 tagatgccag atcggctgac acattcctat acaaatctaa gggcaaattt ataattttga
   232201 ctataaatga ataaaaggat tattcttcta tcacattatg tacattgtgt ctgtgatact
   232261 tcttttgagt tagtgggaat gttaatttat attttcaaga gttaaaaatt taaagcataa
   232321 atttacataa ctaactcata aactgctcct gaccatagga tcatcacgag gatggtgatc
   232381 gatccggaag gttggtgtac gatcactttc ttagggtaga tgagtcttga gtctacagtg
   232441 tagagacatc agagtgagat tacagatatt cattgagaat gagagtactg agtgtgacca
   232501 cttcgagcag tcataaggaa gtctaccttc tcgtcgatga ctagctcgat gctgtagttg
   232561 tatgtctagt tctttgacct gaggtgcatc gacagtttat cttgagtgtg ttatagtttg
   232621 actacaccat aacttgatct cctagccatt cgaaatcctg aggtgtatgt tggttgtagc
   232681 atattcattg taggaaccag atcgcaccaa gatgggatct atcaacctcg gtagatgaga
   232741 ggagtaatcc tatgatgatc gaaagattga gtccttaagt ccatggtcat ggtagagtga
   232801 aataatggaa aagagttttt cattagagtt tcacatcgaa ctcggatcga tcgattgatt
   232861 catatgactg atgttgggtt ggacgagttc accttaacct taattcaatc gggactcatg
   232921 atagaggaac tcaatcacac aggtagctgc actgagaggt tcatcttcag ttctgatggg
   232981 ttgccaccac atactactag gtgtcactgg tggattttgg gagcaattag aatgattttg
   233041 atggtcgatc attctaattg tctgaatcag aagagttctg gtccatcgaa aggagtttcg
   233101 atgatgtcga tgatgagatc acgacatgtc tcattaccat atagaattga acctaattgg
   233161 gtcacacaaa taagggttag ggtctggatg tcatcaattg agctagctca attgatttgg
   233221 ataagatcca attaggttca agaaaatcat gctagcacac gattgagcct aactttctct
   233281 tcgtgtaatc ttttctgtct ctactgagcc aaatatgatt tgactcatcc agagaacctt
   233341 gaaaaggttt ctcttagtct aaataaagct tgtccaactc aaaaaaggct tgtcttaatt
   233401 tatgagatga atttaagaca acacctgcta attcctagca cctgccaatt tcattttagg
   233461 atatctgtca aaagttgaca tatgggtctt aaactgaaga ggattcattg gaggattttt
   233521 gtggagtgtc cacatgtcaa accacatcca attgggtgcc ataatcagat tatggggtga
   233581 gcccaattgg attaagtggg gtgccccaag tggataagga ttggagagac ttgatcaact
   233641 tggactcctt ggcgccacct ctctttgagc ttatccaatg ttggttccaa tataggagag
   233701 aggatggaat ttttatctga tgtgatcaga tgacatcact ccatcaatca gaattttttc
   233761 aaaattaatt agaatttttt gattggttga atgatgtggc actgcgtagc atacagggtc
   233821 tatataaacc ctgttgcgcc tagggtttca agatagaagt tattttttgt aaaaaaccca
   233881 atatctgcca acccctcccc tcttctctac atcctccctg ctctcctatc tcccctcttt
   233941 atgtccaaag agttggacat tcatctggtg caaggaaaag gtgtggtgac gcctggaaca
   234001 ggaaggctgc aggacatctt cgacaggctg ctgctccaac ttcagaagga gttctgaagc
   234061 actttcaaat caggtagaga tctgattttt ggagcataga tttgcgagga gaagatgatc
   234121 tagatcctac ctgagtggat attggtagag gccaagcact tgcgtggcta tttttgaacc
   234181 tcgagagtta ctgcgatcat ctacagggta atcagattac ccttgaggta cttcttcttt
   234241 catcatagtt ttagatttaa ttttaaattt taaatatcag ataataagat tagatctaga
   234301 gattagatct aaaataaata taggataaaa atttttaaat ttatttcacc ccagatttgg
   234361 tgaaaattgg aagatcctac gcggagaaaa tatttctcct ccttcagaat catccatgaa
   234421 attaattttt gatacatatt ctcaaggtgt tgaaaattaa aaatatgtat ttaattttta
   234481 aatactttca gtcataaaat tatcatgaag atggagatcg atctgaatag accaatgcac
   234541 agatcgcttc tttcaggata gatgggtctc cagtctacag tgtgaaggga aggaaaacag
   234601 ttttcctcca ggatgcccaa gttgcatcta aaaattttct aatattctac ttgtttaatg
   234661 agcaaatttt tacctgaaat gtagtagaac tagagatcaa attccaaatt atttaatata
   234721 aatcttcaca gaggcctgga tttgtagatc ctctacttcg catgcacgtc agacgccaca
   234781 ggaaagcagg atgaactcca atccaattgg cttagcagct taatcaatcg agagatgaga
   234841 tgtgctagtg tgacacctca tactagcagg tagggcatcc aaagagaccc cacacctaaa
   234901 ggaagagggg cggcaacaag gggagaggcc aaagggaaga taggacctct ctctcttctc
   234961 tcgcctctct ctctcttttc tcttctctca atctgatttg tttgctatgc tattgctatg
   235021 catctatagg tagagaccct ctttatttat agatgattct catgatctaa tgagattagg
   235081 actgctttat gagggggtat ttctagtgca agtaggaata ctcatatctc atccaaaaca
   235141 ggtccgattc gaatccgatt cgaagctggt ttgaaataat tttgaaggac tgtcaattcc
   235201 aaactcttta agatttttat accaagtcta acttagattt tgaatccatt taagttcaat
   235261 taatttagat ctaatcaaaa attaattagt acttaaatct aatctttcat atgttccatg
   235321 aatcatagat cagaaactat tcatctccag gatcgaacct gaatctcatg tgtagtgcta
   235381 gctagacata gtcaactctt caatcctgtt tgacccataa cttaattctc aatcaagtta
   235441 gcttatatgt tcaattaagt caagtacttc caaattggac atataaatat aggtcaattc
   235501 cttcctactt tgtctgactt gtgtgcatga ctctatatgt tcaaatacta agttgatagc
   235561 acaggaacca attcttgcac taatcgagat tcatctagca atgattttcg acatccagat
   235621 aggtcgaatt atcgtaaaga aatatttcag aacccataca catggttacc atgtaattca
   235681 tttttttgac tctgaatgct ctaggatggt ctcaggttaa ctgtcaatcg agattgcttc
   235741 atctgcatta tatttcaacc tttcaaatct atctcatgga ttatcctggc caagacttta
   235801 ctaaattgaa atacagtgat acatcaactt caataatcca gagagatcaa tcccatcttg
   235861 atccacatac agacttcata agtacttgat tgtattcagt agcctttcgt cactgcatta
   235921 aaaattcagg tagtccggta ccaaagcaca gtaagttgct tgcaagtcac tatggtgatc
   235981 tcagatttga aggatattta tacctatgtg tttcacgagc agctcttaac tgcagaatgc
   236041 tcagtaggtg agtcacctgt tcaatgacga tgtaccccta catctcacct gtatgccata
   236101 ctagtgtcac cacactcctt ggttaagagg acaaccaact catatggcac acaacgacct
   236161 ccactcgata aatatcattg tcccataatg acgtattatt tggtcacgaa tatgtttaag
   236221 aactatacga taaatcctct ctttatcgta cactagcata gttctaagaa cttcatcata
   236281 gtacaagagt tcaaagaaga tgtcacttta tgatgaaaaa tatcagaata attattattc
   236341 aattgatcaa taattcatat acaaggatga actcaatcgt cacacgattg attttaggat
   236401 acaattccca acaactctca tttggactaa agccaatcgg ggtggtatct taaacccatc
   236461 ttccatttga agttattgaa ctctttgatc ctgagagctt tagtgaagag gttggctatg
   236521 ttctcctttt catcgatctt ttaaagcttg atgtcacctc ggtaaatgat ctctcgcacc
   236581 aaatgatagc ggcacagaac atgcttggtg cgatggtgtg acttgggttc tttcgcttga
   236641 gctatggcac tggagctgtt acagtatagc aagacaggac catgaatgga aagtataact
   236701 cccagcttga taataaactt tcacaaccac accacctcct ttgcagcatc tgatgtagta
   236761 atgtattcca cttcgcatac agaatcagcc acagtatgtt gcttgaaact cttctagcaa
   236821 acagctcctc catttaagat aaatacgtag cccgacatgc ttccgctatc atcacaatct
   236881 aattaaaaat taaaatcagt atatcccaca agtttcaggt cagagtcttc atagataagt
   236941 cattggtctt tagtatttct caaatactta agaattcctt tcacaatctt ccaatgcttc
   237001 tcatccagat ctgtctggta cctactcact acccctagtg aataggccac atccgatccc
   237061 gtacatatca cagcatacat gatagatctc actatcaaag catatggtat tctactcatg
   237121 cgctctctct cctcaagagt tgtcggacaa tccttcttgg aaagagtaat tccatggcct
   237181 atcgaaaaat agtatttttt gaaattatcc atgttgagcc acttcaacaa ggcatcaatg
   237241 tatgtggatt gggacaatcc aagcaacctt ttggatctat ctctatagat cttcatccct
   237301 aggatgtagg atgcttctcc caaatccttc ataaagaact gtgatgataa ctacagcttc
   237361 acactctgta aagtcgagat gtcattttct aataacagta tgtcatccat atacagtaca
   237421 aaaaaaatga ccacagaatc gaaagtccac ttatagatgt aaggctcttc tccattccta
   237481 acaaagccat atattttaat caccttatca aaatgtatgt tccaactcct tgatgtctgc
   237541 ttaagtccat aaatagacct tttcagcttg cacactttcg actcatctgt ggatgtgaac
   237601 ccttcaggtt gtatcatata cacctcttct tccagttctc tattaaggaa agtagttttg
   237661 acatccatct gccagatctc ataatctaag tgtgcagtga tagcaagcat aatccggatg
   237721 gacttgagca ttgctacaag agagaatatt tcatcatggt cagtaccata acaccgacgg
   237781 taatctttga cggctagacg ggctttatag gtctctactt tttcgtctgc tcctcttttt
   237841 ttcttaaaaa tttatttaca ccctatgagt tttatccctt caggtggatc aactagtgtc
   237901 catatactat taatctccat ggactctatc tcgaacttca tggcctcaag ctatttttaa
   237961 gagtcaggcc ttcgcatggc ctccatatag gtgatcggat cttcatcatt ctcatcaagt
   238021 tcaataggat caccgtctca gaccaagaaa ctataatatc tatcagactg atgcggtact
   238081 ctaccggatc tccttaatag tgcctctatc agttctagat ttgattcacc aatcgaattc
   238141 aattctatat gtgtcggtcc ttctacctca tgaacttcat caagtttaat tttacaagca
   238201 ttagctcctt caccaaagaa ctccttttcc aaaaagacta tctggctact aacaaacact
   238261 ttttgctctg cagcgaggta aaagtagtac cttttaattt tttttggata ccctacgaac
   238321 aagtatttat cagacttcgg tccaagctta tctgtcttta aacgcttgac ataaactaga
   238381 cacccccaga ccctaaggtg tgagagtacc agcttacacc caatttatat ctcatacgaa
   238441 gtcttatcga cagacttact gggcacctta tttaaaatat agcaagcagt ttctagagca
   238501 tatccccaaa agaagattga cagactggca aagcccatca tggatcagac catttctaat
   238561 aaagtttgat tcttcctctt ggacacacca ttatgctatg gtgttctagg agggatccac
   238621 tgtgagagaa tctcattctc ttctagatat atcaaaaact cattggtgag gtattcacct
   238681 tctcggtctg atcgaaggat cttaatattc ttttcaattt atttctctac ttcagcacgg
   238741 aatcatttga acatttcaaa tgattctgac ttatgcttca taagatagac atacccatat
   238801 ctcaataggt catctgtaaa cataataaaa tagtagtatc ctcctctgat acttatgttc
   238861 ataggcccgc atacatcaat atatattaga cctagtatat cactagctct ttcacctttt
   238921 ttcttaaaag gtgacttagt catcttacca actagacagg actcacgggt aggcaatgat
   238981 tcataatcat ctatctcaag gatatgtttc ttgatcaacc tgtcaatcct attcttgttc
   239041 acatgaccaa gcctacaatg ccaaagatag gattcactga tattatctaa tttaggatgt
   239101 ttactgactg tgtatattat actaacaggc tgtgatatta tgtatatact atatttcaat
   239161 tgtccatgca taattatagt atcattcata atgatatcat aaaaatcatc ctttattata
   239221 aacttgtaac caagtttggc caaaaaacct atagagtgac attcatcaaa aaggagggac
   239281 aataatgaca atcatttaac atgacactgc tagactcaaa aacaagctgc aaagtttcta
   239341 atgccagaat tggaataaga cttccatctc cgatgttaaa gaaccgctca ccctctcgaa
   239401 actttctact tacctatagt ctctgcaatg aattacatat attaatagga ctttcagtat
   239461 ccaataccca ggtagtagta tcataaatag agaaattaca agatgttatc atataaatac
   239521 cttatgaagc aaccacttgc ctctttctct tgttcttagg cctgtttggg tcaaggatgg
   239581 ctatataagc aggataattc ctttttcaat gacccagctt cttatagaag aagtactcta
   239641 cctggctctt atcaattttt gatggtttgc tctgcttggg atcagcggca tgggatttct
   239701 gcgtattttt cttttttcct ctcctagagg atcgatgccc tgtagatgaa cctcccacta
   239761 aattcatttg ctccttttgg agctggtgat ccttctcaaa agtctacagt aaccctagaa
   239821 aactatgata gtttaccaca ggcttcgtca ttctataatg actgagaaag ggtaggtagg
   239881 atttcaatag tgaattgagg atagcatcct tacctaactg ttcatacaat gaaaagtcaa
   239941 gtttgctaaa gcattcaatc tgctcaatca tatacaatac atgatcggtg actgaagccc
   240001 cctctcgcat acagacattg aacactgtgc aggagatttt atgtctctct gcatcctcag
   240061 gggtgccgaa ggattcattc aatatttgaa tgatctcctc tggctgtgga tttttgaact
   240121 tacgactaag ttcatctttc atagctgccc tcattatgca atgcatagtg gtgtgattat
   240181 tgagtcactt catgtaagta tctctcacag catgaggagc attggctgca gattcttcag
   240241 atgcctgatc cgtaagaata tataaaattt tctcgtgctc caacatgatc ttcaactttc
   240301 gataccagct attgaagttg ggtccgatga gcttgtcgct gtccaatagt gaatggaggg
   240361 atagtgtgtt ggccataact gaaagaagaa aatactagcc tattagtata tgaattattt
   240421 ttaatcctga agatataaac tttagtctaa agattctctc actattttta acaaattagt
   240481 agcctctacc tccaactcaa agaattacat taattcctta gcgggtacta gaattcacat
   240541 ggactgcatt cgggcccgag tgtggcttgg ccaaccctaa tacatccatg gataggttta
   240601 taaccaatta tttctccaaa caacttctag caatgggttc tcccccaggt gtctcttcag
   240661 caggcgtgta gcgcctccac tgaaaatctt ggttaggtcc aatcattaac atgacatacc
   240721 aagtacatcc aataaatgga tgtccaggtc cgagtgtggc tcagccaact tgagcaatga
   240781 tctgaaggta catcatgatg gtcatatgat gaatgataat ttcaatatgt aatagatacc
   240841 aagcgtgtgg tacctccaat acctatttga aatattggac tcattatcac acaccttaat
   240901 ggaaggcaat gatcaagtta tctcataact ttatcacttt atggacctaa taatttagaa
   240961 aatttgattt aattgatcta agaataagag aagaagtcaa cctgcaagct gcaagtcctc
   241021 ccactgactt caccaagtca tgtaaaggat taagcacaag ctggtctaag gacacctaaa
   241081 ttagtcacac tgattcacct taatggcatg ggtctgcacg aatcaactag tgacctaatc
   241141 aaaacataat ctactacatt ggccaagtaa gtgagattag tgagagggat atgcctttaa
   241201 ctcactgtag acgcatctag atgaatagct tccaattaaa aatcacttga tcgaatctgc
   241261 caaacttatc ttagacatca actggttaat tagttttgat ttggcaaacc agaaggttcg
   241321 ggctcaacca tggagccatg atcatggttc atttataagg gtcaaacaca tggacttgat
   241381 caaactacaa ctattgagat tgatctagaa aaatactgac ctgatctaat ttaatatttg
   241441 attagattta gaatttctct acatgatcca tatgtgtttc taaccctaga tctaacccat
   241501 tagaaggacc tgattcatgc taacttttta cccatcattt tatgtggtgt cttaatgatc
   241561 ttcaattctc aaatctagat cattcaaaac ttaattcata attagtgtgt gaaatgtatg
   241621 ttttagtcta tagaactatt ctacaagggt ttcaaatgaa gcataccata tgtttcaata
   241681 catgaaaata atttttttat aatatattta ataattaaat atatataggt atgatctaaa
   241741 tttcatacat acatctcatg tatcatgaca atctttagat ttataccatt tacatcatat
   241801 gtaacatgta attcagatct aaaataattt tatgtctaaa ttttatccta ttgcaatgaa
   241861 tcataaatca ctttagattt aattcaaata tatttatgat caaaataata cataaaaatc
   241921 tgttcgcttt tcttcttcat gaaatcagat cacaatgaca cccctacaca tcataagaga
   241981 acccatcgaa taggtaaaag agagattaat ctcttcaatc ttctatgatt ggatggtcta
   242041 gtgatctcat caatccgagt actaagctac taagatctaa aatctaattt catatataat
   242101 tacatcaata tataattatt gataaaatta ttttatgtca taaacttatc cttgatctta
   242161 tcaattatgt tcttcatcta atctaattag atttaatgta tcatatacat catatcagat
   242221 ctgaaacata tcttatactg attataaaat atcaatttca gatttgatat catatagaaa
   242281 attaattaga tgcaaatatg aatgcataag gaataaattt ttggtaaaat ctattttcgt
   242341 gtagtgctga attttgatag gattcatatc taaatatcca tcaaaatgaa tctaattcag
   242401 atctaaaata aacaacactt cataagagaa ataaaaatat taaaattata ttaaaatata
   242461 tttaaaatag attttaattc acattgctat tccatcaaaa attcagcaat agcaaaattt
   242521 tattataata gatttataac aatctcaatc aaccattgat taggcacctc taatccaatc
   242581 aaaattagat caaaaatttt atataaatag atttaaatga gatttaatat tttataaaaa
   242641 atctcaatta tatctcatat aaataatctc aaaaaatttt attttttatg catatatttt
   242701 aggcctgctc tgataccaat tgaaaggaag gaaaacagtt tttcttcgga atgcccaggt
   242761 tgcatctaaa ttttttttaa tattctactt atttaatgat caaatcttta tctaaaatac
   242821 agtagaacta aagattaaat ctcaaattat ctgatataaa tcttcacgga ggcctggatg
   242881 tacagatcct ctacttcgca tgcacgtcag atatcgcagg aaagcaggat gaactccaat
   242941 ccaattggct tagcaactca atcaattgaa agatgacatg tgctagtgtg acacctcaca
   243001 ctagaaggtg ggacatccaa agagacccca cacccaaagg aagaggggcg gcaacaaggg
   243061 gagaggccaa agggaagata agacctctct ctcttctcac acctctctct ctcttttctc
   243121 ttctctcaat ctgatttgtt tgctatgcta tttctatgca ttcataagta gagaccctct
   243181 ctatttatag atgattctca tgatccactg agattaagac tcttaattca aatctgattt
   243241 gaattgatcc aatacttatg aaagaaggat tcctatatga gatataattg tcatcacata
   243301 tgacaatcaa cttgcaccca atctcttacc cacttgggat gccccaaata agcaccaaac
   243361 taaattttgg tcatgcttaa tgagggagta tttctgtgca aataggaata ctcatatctt
   243421 atccaaaaca ggactgattc gaatccaatt cgaagctgat tcaaaataat tttgaaagac
   243481 tgtcaatccc aaactcttta ggacttttat atcaagtcta acttaaattt tgaatctatt
   243541 taagtttaat taatttagat ctaatctaaa attaattaat aattaaattt aatctttcat
   243601 atgttccata aattatagat cagaaactat tcatcttcga gatcgaatct gaacctcatg
   243661 tgtagtgcta gctagacata gtcaactctt caatcttgtt tgacccataa cttcattctc
   243721 aatcaagtta gcttatatgt tcaatcaaat caagtacttt caaattggac atataaacat
   243781 aggtcaattt cttcctactt tgtctgactt gtgtgcgtga ctccataaat tcaaacacta
   243841 agctggtagt atagaaatca attcttacac taattgagat actatctagc aatgattttt
   243901 gacatctaga taggtcaaat tatcataaaa aaatatttca gaatccatac atatggttac
   243961 cgcataattt atatttttga tcttgaatgc tctaggatgg tctcaagtta actgttaacc
   244021 gaaattgctt catccatatt gtattttaac tttttaaatc catctcatgg attaccctag
   244081 ccaaggcttt actaaattaa aatacagtga tacattaact ccaataatct agaggggtca
   244141 atcccatctt gatccacaca cagacttcgt aagtacttga ctgttcccaa tagccttccg
   244201 tcactgcatt agaaattcag gtagtccgac atcaaagcac agtgagttgc ttgcaagtca
   244261 ctatagtgat ctcaggtctg aaggacactt atacttatat gtttcgtgag cagctcttga
   244321 tagcagaatg ctcagcaggt gagtcacatg ttcagtgatg atgtacccct acatctcacc
   244381 tatatgccat accagtgtca tcacactcct tggttaagag gacaaccaac ccatatggta
   244441 cacaacgacc tccattcaat aaacatcatt atcccgtaat gatatatcat ttggttgcga
   244501 acatgtttaa gaactatacg ataaatcatc tctttatcgt gcactagcat agttctagaa
   244561 acttcatcac agtataagag ttcaaggaag atgtcacttt atgatgaaaa atattagaat
   244621 aactattatt caattgatca ataattcata tacaagaatg gactcaatcg tcacacgatt
   244681 gattttaaga tacaattcct aacacagtgt agagacacta gatgatgaat gcggatagtt
   244741 gttagagaac aactagtatt gagtgtgatt atacgagaga tcacttagat ttctacttga
   244801 tcgtcagtga tcgtctcgat gctgtagttg tgtgactggt cttttgacct gagatggtac
   244861 tgttgctcgt agtgaggatg ctagagtttg attgacacat aaatatgggt cttaatgagc
   244921 ccttgtagtg gatattggtg acagttggtc cactgtagga gtaggatgtg catcaagatg
   244981 ggatctatcg accttggtag aaaagaatag tcccataaaa tttaagaggc taagtccaaa
   245041 aatctgtggc cacaatagtg tgattgatgg aaaagagttt ctataggaat catatttgga
   245101 cttgagctaa tcgaatctat catatttttt attcaagtat ggtgtgtcct tgaatcgtct
   245161 atgaaattaa tttttgatac atattctcaa agtgttgaga attagagaca tatatttaat
   245221 ttttaaagac tttcgattat aagattatca tgaggatagt gatcgatctg gatagactga
   245281 tgcacaaatc attttcttca agatagatag gtctctagtc tatagtatag agatattgga
   245341 tgatgagtat ggatagttgt tagagaacaa ctagtattaa gcatgaccat atgggagatc
   245401 atttgaattt ctactcgatc atcagtgatc gtctcgatgc tgcaattgtg tgactgatcc
   245461 tttgatatga gatggcactg ctgctcgtag tgagactact ggagtttgat tgatacataa
   245521 acatgagtct caatgagtca ttatagtgga tattgatgat agttggtcca ctataggagt
   245581 agagtgtgca tcaagatgag atctatcgat cttggtataa aggagtagtc ctatgaaatt
   245641 tgagaggcta aatctgagaa tctatggcta cgtagtgtga ttgatagaaa agagttttca
   245701 taggtatcat atttggactt gagctgatca aatctatcat atgactgatg ttgaggtttg
   245761 acgatttatc tatgacctgc catctagtct gactcacgat agagggactg aatcacacgt
   245821 taactacatc tagaggttct tttcaattct actggattgc cactacatac tactaggtgt
   245881 cattagtgga ttgtgagagc tcattagggt tgttctggat cgataattct tgatgagtta
   245941 gagtaaaaat attttgatcc tttgaaaaga gtttcaatga tactttgaca gagatcatta
   246001 tatatctcac taccagatag aattaaactt atggggtcac acaataaaga gattaggtct
   246061 ggaataagca attgaactta tgaagtgtca attgggttta aagaaacccg attgggttca
   246121 agataatctt gctagcatat ggttggaccc aatttcttct ttatgttgag attttttatt
   246181 tgataaaata atttaaattt aattatctat taaaaaatta aatgaattag attcattgga
   246241 ctctaattat tgggtatcta agattttgga tcatatgaat taagggtgca agtccctaat
   246301 taattttttt gatagttatt cttgggcgtc atcttgattt gatcaagttg ggcatgtccc
   246361 atgattagag ggcttaaaga tctcatatgg gatgtccctt gggtgcaaaa gaggatgtga
   246421 aataatgggt gcaagggctc caagagttgg cacctaatag gatttctaat gtaagttaaa
   246481 taacttaagt tattaggaaa cccaatgtaa gtaggactta tattacgaga ttaaatagga
   246541 ttcaatctac atgcctattt aaagagacct ctcctaaggt ccctagagca tcaaaccagc
   246601 accccacaca ctataaagga gacctcccat gccctctctt cttcttcttt tctcttctcc
   246661 cttggatgtc taacgtcctt catctttggg catcccatct tgttccatgc ccaaggctat
   246721 tgggtacctt ttgtttgttg gtttctacct actggtagca acataattca agaggagaat
   246781 ggcaagagaa gaagagaaga agaagatcaa gaaaagagat caagtgttga tcgcgatcca
   246841 ggctgaattt tcttagagaa gaaaatttta cttgaagagg actgttccag gctgatcttg
   246901 agtggatacc catagaggtc agatactttt acagttagaa aaaaatatct tctcttttag
   246961 atccagattt gaagaaagag attgcgaaac aggtatgcga tttgatcaca atccgaattt
   247021 cagcatatgt caatttcagc atgtgaacta gatctttata attttatatt tttatgtatg
   247081 catgattcaa attaaaagta ttttaatcta gtattttact atggtattta gaaaataaaa
   247141 ttttaaagca cacatgcatg ctctaaacct caaattccaa caaaatgtta ttagtccata
   247201 atcgaacttg gatatgagat tctgtgttag acttgtgaga taagtttagg ttagatccta
   247261 tgatctgatt ttctatagaa ttgttaattc agtgcatgtg atgtgcacag acttggaatg
   247321 atacattgga tgtacattgc caagaattag ggttcttgca tatgatgcat tcatccaaga
   247381 tccaagggcc aaccaccatg gaattgggca ttcatcatta tgggttttcc attatgatta
   247441 ttgccctagg tatgtgtggg accgaaaaaa tttttttgat catggaaatg atgcttcaga
   247501 catggattag aatttttatc aattaatttg ttttaactat aattcattga tctaatgtga
   247561 ttaaaattta tgattataga ttaaatcaaa ttcataattc taatttgatt aaaaattatg
   247621 tttaattaag attgatcgaa ttgtcattga cctaatttgt taggacttga gtcatgattg
   247681 actgaatctt tgctaatcta attggattag ggtcaatcta aaaattgatc aactcaactc
   247741 aaaaggatga caattgattg acttaaaatt ggattaatag ttgaatctga atcaaaaatt
   247801 ctagacgggt cttatgccta tatatttaaa tatctccatt gacatgttca aaaatgatat
   247861 cacaattaga ataatatgag aagcttttta tcatgattta taattattat aaaatacatg
   247921 atgagtggtt atggattatg gtatatctat gtgatggatg tatgcatgaa tgccttcatg
   247981 ttggctgatt atataaatgt atctgcatag ttgcaatagg ggctgggtgc ccttgatgca
   248041 ttgtattttc gactatgcct ttcttttgta tgtttccaac cattgattag gacttttaca
   248101 tattgatata aaattataaa aaaaaattta tttaaaaata gataaaaatt atttttttta
   248161 ttttcagata aagatcgagc attcacaaaa atcttcatgg agatgaagac tggactacca
   248221 tgcatttgga gagtggaggc gcattaagat tgaccatgag atggttccat ctatgatgca
   248281 cctagggttt gacccgtata ccatcttgtg gctcgaatga attttttcaa aagtctataa
   248341 ccatttgatt ctctttatat tctcttacat gctggtagtt agaattaaaa ttgcatatga
   248401 tgtatttgta tatatattgg atgtgcatga gacctaagtc tctcatttaa attatattaa
   248461 gtcataatga cgaagtgtta agaacactac ccatgccttc cttcatgcca agccagtatt
   248521 ttatcaagaa ctatagtagg cttgttgtgc tatccacaag gcttattgtg aagattgatg
   248581 tgatattttt cgatgcataa tgaagctaat ggtatttagc tcatactaag tcaatagagt
   248641 atgtcaaaaa ttgtagtgat tttattgtgc tatccacaaa ccttgctata gagattgata
   248701 tgatgttgat ttagtaatat ttatggtata ttttgatagt actgccttgt tgtactatct
   248761 acaaggatag tattattcag atataaccat ataggattga aggatatgac ttaactacaa
   248821 tactataatt tattgtgcta ttcacaaggc tataagtatt ttagaggcaa acgttatgtt
   248881 gagagttgta tgagatgcaa ttggtaaaga gttacctacc tttgaactca taggagcttg
   248941 ttgtgctatc cacaaagttt tttatgagaa attgagatct caaccccatt aaagaactta
   249001 ttgataggct ttctcatttt tcatacttga gggctatgaa atttgctaaa atagtgagag
   249061 acataattag ataaaagatc ttgtctaaat tgtgcatgtc atcatgagta gtccttttat
   249121 attcttattc atctgcatct tcactatcac tacatggtat atttgatgcc ttttaaattg
   249181 accgaacttc atggactggt taaggaacat gagaatagtt ctcatttagg agatagtctc
   249241 ttattctcct gattttgatc tgattggaga taaaaaagga ataaccacat atgagatatg
   249301 gtggggtgac agtatgattg tcaagtatat cctgattaac ttaattatgc gattaagtca
   249361 atatcataga tggtgagtta atctaagatt tgatcctgct aacttttcta gattccttct
   249421 ttaacatctc ccaagagaag aaaggtgaat aatatcttca ccaagggtat caattttcat
   249481 tacaacaatg tgagcattga aagaaaattg taaaagttgt cttgcaagtg tgaagcagta
   249541 gcaggatgca aaaattatat ctgctaatgg tttgtatatg atacaaacta atttatcatt
   249601 gagtgcttca gcttttgatt tttggatatg tgatacctca tataggtctc acttatgcaa
   249661 agcattgctg gacctataaa gctgaagaga ggtgacttca tgccttttgt cgttaatgga
   249721 tagtccatcc aagctaaggc tgaaggaacc tacttatata tataactatt tagcaagatt
   249781 tagaaactaa tagactgcta ttatatgctt aaatttatca aaaatattat tttaattctt
   249841 ttgttattgt agcatgattt tgaaattaat ataaagagca aaagttgctc tctttctgaa
   249901 aattatgact atgaatttat gataatagtc tcatgtttct cttactcaat catgttgttc
   249961 ttcatgtaga tgagaacaag aaaagaatat gtgatggtca catatttctg gcattgccaa
   250021 cttagccatt tttgtgagtc aaagattaat aagtaataca aagaagagtt ctttgatctg
   250081 tataaatttt tgaatcatat agaacttgta aatcttatct catggataaa ataatcaaga
   250141 tcccatttac tggacatgag aatagggtga gtgaactatt aggccttata tatatggatg
   250201 tttgaaggtt aataatatct tgactcaaag atggacatcc catatgagat atggtgtgtt
   250261 ccttaatatg cttcgcagat tttattatct cattttgggg atatgtccta aaaattattg
   250321 catgtgttct aaattagata ccgtcaaaat ctgttactag cactccacat gagatatgaa
   250381 aaagaaaaaa agataggttg ctcagcttat gtgaaaagag ttgatatata taagttttat
   250441 gctagatcag gtttgtataa gtttataggt tatccttaga gtagtatgtg atactacttc
   250501 tactactcta acagacaaaa ggtgttttgt cagtaggtat accacttttt ggaaaaaaaa
   250561 attttattta agaaggagac agtgggagga tagttgaact tgagaagttt aagacctata
   250621 aactattcca tcataattta tggagtgtcc acaagttggt actcaaccag atgtgcccat
   250681 tgatgaggca ctgccatgac acacacctcc tcttcgaaag taaataagag tgtgtaatgt
   250741 accactcaag atatgggttt atcattgaga atgataatat gccacacatc attgcgaatg
   250801 atgtttcttg atctattcag aaacagtcat gagtagagac tctgacagat ggtttgaagc
   250861 catgaaatct gaaatggact ccctgtacct caaccaagta tggactttgg ttgaagcacc
   250921 tatgggtatg acccaataga ttgctaatag gaatatccat ccagatattg cttgctatag
   250981 ccgctcacca tctagagagt ttgtctctag tgggagggca aatctattta tggattaaag
   251041 caggcatcga agagttggta cttctatttt tgatgagata gtcaaaatat ttaacattgt
   251101 caaaatatga atgaactatg tgtgtgtagg aagataagtg agagttccac gaactttttg
   251161 gttatgtatg tagatgacat ataatatatt gagaaggtta tcccgatgtt gcagtcgatc
   251221 aaagatatgc ttatcacaaa aattttcttt gaaaagattt gggtaaagta tttgatatac
   251281 ttggtattta tagagataga tctaagtgga tgctaagctt atctcaatct aggtacatag
   251341 attttatgtt gaagagattc aacatggatg ggtataaaag agtttactta tccatatatt
   251401 caatgtacta agcctgatgt ggtttatgcc ttgtgcataa tcattgattt tagccagatc
   251461 catgatataa ttttttgaaa attgtgagaa gtgtttgtaa agtacttaag aagtactaga
   251521 gaagcagtga attggaagag ttctatatag caaactatat ttgactcagc taattgctgt
   251581 tagtaaagat tggtaaggaa agtcgcctga tgaaagggtt catcactaag ttgggtgagg
   251641 tctcatcaga aacccatgca catcctatgg cactttcacc tcattcatga ttagatcata
   251701 aaatgagttg ctataaagaa cagcatattg gaccagttca ctaagatttt acacagcagt
   251761 agtgtgttcg ctaccttgat tgcatgagca tcaagtactg gggcgattgg ctttagtgca
   251821 agtgggagat tgaaagaata gtgccctata atccaatcac atgggtgatg cgataggcac
   251881 ttttttatgt tatcttcctg ctcatttgca tgatattgat tattttatga ggtattgtat
   251941 tttattattt gctacattat attttatgat tatgataaac tccatagatt aggaaaataa
   252001 ttttatgatc atgatgagat catgccagta agacctaaaa tcttgatagt ctcaatataa
   252061 aatattttta gtcgttggat catcgagtcg gagatcgatg atgtcgataa gacttgtaca
   252121 ttctatgtat actcttgatg gagagagtga tcgatctcat aatcacttat gtggtgatac
   252181 taatacaaag atgtaggtgc ttattagaga atgagttcac tgaactgatc cataggaaga
   252241 acatctgata gagccttaca gtatgtcaac agatggttct ccagtgggag tggtgcaagt
   252301 gatcctttga cctgagatca ctatggtacc ttatgtatat ggatccttac tttggtttat
   252361 ttcctaacat gccactttga gatgtgtgtt agatattctg gatttggtga agtatgcatg
   252421 gaggttgtga gtagtcaata tagaattgat cactccttat aggaggagag aacatcctat
   252481 atgatctcat aggatgatga ctctgagagt ctctggccag agtagggata aatagtagaa
   252541 aagatttcta tttgttcatc aatcgagtca tcatcatctg atcgagatac atatggatag
   252601 atatttgggc ttgacatgat tccatatcca tggcctgttt gggatattat ataattgaag
   252661 aattgaattg catagtaact caccacgaaa ggataatttt gatattttca tcaaatttca
   252721 tatcttctgg gtagtcatga tacattgcta gacgtcaatc ttgacttgca gacttacaaa
   252781 aattaaaaga gtttaatttg agaattaatt agaaagtgtt ctgattaatt gatgtcttta
   252841 ggctgaccta attggattag gtcatgagtt tgaatccact actggctaga tatggaaccc
   252901 aatagattac atataatagg gatttaatct tgatctaatc tatttagatt tattataaat
   252961 tttatgagtt aattaaattg ctagcacatg aattaaccca agttttcaat ttagtttggt
   253021 gcaaaggtat ttgtactaac cctaagtttg atgccttgac ctaataggat taggtttaat
   253081 cttttggttt cctaatttgg ctaaccaatc cacttgaaag tgtttcatct ggaataaacc
   253141 tcctctacgc caccacacgc aagaaataaa aaggccctgc cccatttatt ttggtgttaa
   253201 gaaggaggag tccttttggt ttactcctct taaattttct tccatattcc atgctatcct
   253261 ttgtttcttg caccattaga tggtgccttg ggatgtgtgg atagagaaga caaggaagag
   253321 tccttcttta tgaaggaaat cacatgccaa aaattatggg atgcccattt tgtttgtgca
   253381 ttgaaagaag gaagagtcct tgttcaagac tcttggtttc atgcattttt ccttttccca
   253441 cgcaccatca gatgatgcct tggttcttat gtatagagaa ggagtccttc tatctgtgaa
   253501 actcttcttt tttcatgcct aactattttc ccctttggtt tctatgcgga aaattatttc
   253561 accatgtaga aagtatggga cgccaagagt tggcacccct tgggattttt ttgtggtgcc
   253621 ccttctttct acatttaagg ggtgctccat atgtgacatg gtgtccaatc ctaagggctt
   253681 taggcaaggg attatgtgag aaaagaaggg aaaaaatcta aaaataaaaa gacaagaaaa
   253741 agaagagaaa aattagaaag gaaattaaga gagaaatgga aagcaattgt tgcttgtcct
   253801 aaagtttaga ttgttcaagt gttggacatc tgaatttgat ttatgtgatg agatcctttt
   253861 ggtaaaaggt ctctagtgtg gtcctagtgg aggtttcgaa ggcatacagg cagtgaagtt
   253921 atgaagatgg ctacagcact atgtcaaatt aggaaggacc ttgatctgtc ccgtgtggat
   253981 caccattaga gggtttttat tttgaagcct tatggagatc actctattac cagatcctca
   254041 tcttcatgtt tggtatataa cttctaatct ctcgttaatc tgcatgctag aattgtttaa
   254101 ttgtaatcat caaagagttc ctagagtttg tatttcggta gtcatgtttt aattgtaaaa
   254161 atttattttc aataattgaa tgcatgtaaa agaatttttg aaaactatac tctgctgtat
   254221 cactgaaacc caacaaaata tggctttcag ctccaacatt taggaatctt ttgttgtttc
   254281 caatctttct actaacctaa agtcattgca acaatttaca tagactttcg atatccaata
   254341 ctcagatagt agtatcacag ttagagaaat cacaaggtgt tatcatataa gtgcctcgtc
   254401 cagtaatcct ttgctgattt ctcttcctta gcctatttgg atcaaaggac tctatcagac
   254461 taggtgaaac ttagacactt ttgtcagttc ggactcctca gcctaagcac gactcttttg
   254521 tactttcttt ttcttttctt tctcaaaaga ttattgtccc actgaagata catcttcaga
   254581 ggtgcaaaag aactccttca atatttaaag aattttctcc cattgagcat catcaaattt
   254641 ataactaaat tcatattttt tattgctctc aaaaacacca catagtgata tgatcatttg
   254701 gccacttttg ataagcattt ttgatcgcat catgtgtgtt ggatgcaaaa acatcaggtg
   254761 ctagatccat aattatatat aggatccaat cgtgctctag aactatttgt aatttttgat
   254821 accaactatc gaagttgggt cctataaata aatcattgtc aaatagtgaa cggagcaatg
   254881 gacatctagc cataattgaa aagaaaatat aagacctcta tgtttatgaa ttgattaaac
   254941 ctaaagactt ggactttagt ctaaaggttc tcccactatt ttagtcgaat tggtagcctc
   255001 tacctctaat ccgaggaatt actctaattt cttagcaggt actaaaatcc acacaaactg
   255061 cacacgagcc caaggtaact ttgtcccagg taacttttct agtaattaat tttgccccaa
   255121 gtaaataatt tctagtaatt aattttgctc caggtaactt ttcagttgac tttggtcttc
   255181 tctgcaagcc ctgattaggt ccaaccatta acaagatcat acttaggaat ccaactacca
   255241 aatgatcagc cccgacttta gtagccaatt tgactacttg ctagagagac ttgactgagt
   255301 catcatatta taaatgataa ttccaatggc agatgagctc caagtctttg ggcatccaat
   255361 gatcatcata ctaatggacc cattattacc aacttaatgg gaggctatga tttaattatt
   255421 accataacta tctcatttta ggaacttaat aatttaaaga atttaattta taaattaaaa
   255481 gaagagaaga gatcaatcag taaactacaa tcctcccact gacttcacca agtcattgaa
   255541 ttggattagg atcatgttgg ttgaaatgac acctagatca gtcatactaa tcaaccttaa
   255601 tggcatgggt caactcgaat cacttagtgg tctaatcaag acataatcca tcaaattgga
   255661 taggtaagtg agatcgatag gaaggtatgc taagcttgcc ttagacacca tcaaaatatc
   255721 cagataaact gctcccaatt aaaaaccacc gatcgaaatg tcaaacttat cttagacatc
   255781 aattggttaa ttagtttcga tttaaccaac ctaatgattt aggttcaacc actgagccat
   255841 aatcaaaatc tatttggtct aatcaaagat atggacttga ccatgtacaa ctattgtatt
   255901 agttttagag aaattctgat ttaatctaat tcaatattta gttagattta atcaatttct
   255961 ctatatggtc ctgttgggta taaaataccc cccagccgaa gttcgtgcca ggagtgaccc
   256021 tccggggatc caaccgactt ccgacctcca gcgatgtcta ttcaaacctc tctggcggct
   256081 gagcctccgc agcattctca agttctgtcg atggataaac ccccaccagc atcgaccaga
   256141 ttcttcacga cagatggact ccaacgggag ctggatctca tccccaactc cggctgcggg
   256201 aagactccgc ccggactcct acgggagccg gacttcatcc ccgactccgg ccgcaggcag
   256261 acttcgtctg gactcctacg ggagtcggac tccgcccacg gcttcaatta caggtagact
   256321 tcgtctggac tcctacggga gccaggcttt gcccccaact ccaattgcag gtagacttcg
   256381 ctaagactcc tacgggagcc ggatctcgtc cccaactccg gctgcggaaa gactccgccc
   256441 ggactcctac gggagccgga ctccacccac ggcttcaatt acaggtagac ttcgtccgga
   256501 cccctacggg agccggactt caccctcaac ttcaattgca ggtagacttc gcccagactc
   256561 ctacgggagc cggacctcat ccccgactct ggctacaagc agacttcgtc ccgactccta
   256621 cgggagccag acttcgccca cggctttaat tacaggtaga ctccatccgg actcctacgg
   256681 gagccagact tcgccccaac tctaattgca ggtagacttc gcccggactc ctacgggagc
   256741 cggatctcat ctccaactcc agctgcggga agactccacc tagactccta tgggagtcgg
   256801 actccgccca cggcttcaat tacaggtaga cttcgtccgg actcctacgg gagccaggct
   256861 tcgcccccaa cttcaatcgc atgtagactt cgcccggact cctacgggag acggatctcg
   256921 tccccaactc cggctgcggg aagacttcgc ccggactcct acgggagccg aatctcgtct
   256981 ccaactctgg ttgtgggaag actctgccca aactcctacg ggagtcagac ctcgtccccg
   257041 acttcggccg caggcagact tcatccggac tcctacgaga gccggactcc acccacggct
   257101 tcaattacag atagacttcg tctggactcc tacgggagcc aggcttcgcc cccaactcca
   257161 attgcaggta gacttcaccc ggactcctac gggagccgga tctcatcccc aactccgact
   257221 gcggaaagac ttcgcccgga ctcctacggg agttggatct cgtccccagc tctggttgcg
   257281 ggaagactcc acccagactc ctacgggagt cgaaactcgt ccctgactcc gactgcaggc
   257341 agacctcgtc tggactccta cgggagccgg actccgccca cggcttcact tataggtaga
   257401 cttcgtccgg actcctacgg gagccagact tcaccctcaa cttcaattgc aggtagactt
   257461 cgcccggact cctacgggag ccggatctca tccccaactc tggctgcggg aagactccgc
   257521 ccggactcct acgggagccg gacctcatcc ctgactccga ccgcaggcag acctcatccg
   257581 gactcctacg ggagccggac tccgcccacg gcttcactta caggtagact tcgcccagac
   257641 tcctacggga gccagacttc gcccccaact ccaattgcag gtaggcctcg tccgaactcc
   257701 tacgggagtc ggacctcctc cccgactccg actgcaggta gacctcgtcc ggactcctac
   257761 gagagtcgga ctccgcccac gacttcaatc acaggtaggc ctcgttcgga ctcctacggg
   257821 agccggactt ctccccctga cttcaattac aggtagactt cgtccggact cctatgagag
   257881 tcggacttca tccctgactt cgactacagg aagacttcgt ccggactcct atgggagtcg
   257941 gacttcaagc tcttgttgca agcgacccac tctgagttac cgctgcaaac aaactacttc
   258001 aagttcctac catgagcggc cttggccaag actcctcgac aaatgatccc cgtccgggct
   258061 tctacagaga tcggacttca atcgaacttc gatcgacagg cttggacccc ctggcaggcc
   258121 atagtaacgg ccatgactct actctacttt ctgcgatgaa ttccgcatgg ctccatcact
   258181 ccctggcaga gcacaataat ggccacgatc ctgctccact tcctgcgatg gataccgcgt
   258241 ggatcctcca tcctctggca agtcgcgaca atggatgccg ctccactccc cgtaacagac
   258301 tccacgtggc atgtcctggt gatagccatg attccactcc actactcttc gcaacaaact
   258361 cctcctgacc ccgggcagcc cactaccaga cggttacaaa cgtcgctatc agtctgttgc
   258421 cccctccgcc tataaaaagg ggaccccaga tacgttattc tctaagctct attttctatc
   258481 ccaaaattct actaaaattt ttgttcgagc actccattct tgttgaggca gagaactgac
   258541 ttgagcatca gagggtcttg ctggagcaac cccaactccg gtttaaactt cttttgcagg
   258601 tcccgatggc gatcgcgact ccctcgactc cagcttctcc ggcgcaggca aatttttgca
   258661 ccaacaggat tggcgctaga ggaaggggtg tgtcttcgca gcacccttat tcttaatgga
   258721 gcgctcagca ggaccgcctc tggtcatctt ttccgacatc cactcctcct tcccccactt
   258781 gatcttcgcc cgatgcctcc ccgcaaagca tccacacggt gatccacggc ctccgtggtt
   258841 agatctcagg cttcgacctc acctccagtc tcccagcctc taccccctcc tccggcagcg
   258901 acggttggcg tggagcaatt tgacctactg gtgcagcagg tcagaggcct cactgaagct
   258961 gtgcaggcca tacaacagta gcagcagccg caggcatcag tgcgacctga aagagcatcg
   259021 ccagaactcc aaaatccgat ggtgggatgg gccacttggg ccagccgccc tgtctttccc
   259081 ggaaagatga atccaagggt ggagagccct ctatcggacc acattccacc cccggaagat
   259141 ctctgcctcc attctgccag aagaccctcg agactcgtag ttgagaagat ttcctggacc
   259201 ggaggctcca ggagatgaat cggtggatcg aagaactccg ccactctccc cccacttatg
   259261 gtgaggacat ttgtactgac ctcccttttt ctcagatgat catgcaggaa ccaatcccgt
   259321 cgaacttcaa gctccctcag ttcgaaagct acgacgggac ttcggaccca gttgaccacc
   259381 tggaggcctt tcggataaag atgctgcttc atggcgtgcc cgatgccatt ctatgccgag
   259441 ccttcccatc caccttgaag ggagcggtga gaaactagta ctcgacactg aagtcgggta
   259501 ccatcttttc ctttgatcag atgagccacc agtttgtggc tcattttgtt agcagccggt
   259561 atccctggaa agattcagag tccctcatca acatcaagca gagggaggga gagtccattc
   259621 gggcctacat caaccgtttc aacatcgccg cattagaggt ccgaaactta gaccaatcgg
   259681 tagcgatggc cgccctgaaa ggtggtcttc agaagaacaa ccttttattc tccctgaaaa
   259741 agaagtaccc cataaatttt gctgacctgt tggctcgagc cgaagggtac atccgagtga
   259801 aagaagcctt caaaatgaag gatgaggaga ccgcgagaga gcggcaggcg ggagactcga
   259861 gtaagcccac agtcgaaaaa gggtcgagag aagcttgacc acgttcttga actcctccca
   259921 ggcacaagcg cgtccagact cctcctcgag cacgcagaca gggaagcccg gagcaccaag
   259981 ctcggtggag ctctccccca agaaggttcc gcaactatgc cccactcaac gcatcgaaaa
   260041 cccgatgctg atcgaggtca gagagcagct tccaaggcca gaaaggatgc acacacaccc
   260101 cgagaaatgc aaccccaaca agttctacct ctaccatcgt gaccacggcc acgatacaga
   260161 ggagtgcatt cagcttcgag atgagatcga ggagctcatc agacgaggtc ggctcgacag
   260221 gttcattcga cgccgacctg agggcagaga ggatcggcca agggccctgc cgcaacctga
   260281 accatcgagg agggaagagc agcccagaga ttggcctcca atcgagatca tcaactccgt
   260341 cactggagga cctcaaggag gagcagacct tccacgacca tgggacttga aaaaccaata
   260401 aatatattac taacgacttt actttgaatc aaaatttctt ttgactttgc atgtctttcc
   260461 cttttggcat ggacttgtta cgactgggga taaccccttc aaacaatcaa aataaggtca
   260521 tgttaggaac aggaggagaa cctcatccta acatgagcaa aatgaaagtc cgattatttt
   260581 aagatcggat caggggagag acccatataa cggcccttag gtgcccccat ggccatgtta
   260641 ggaacaagag gagaacctca tcctaacatg agcaaaatga aagtccgatt attttaagat
   260701 cggatcgggg gagaggccca tataacggcc cttaggtgcc cccatggcca tgttaggaac
   260761 aggaggagaa cctcgtccta acatgagcaa aataaaagtc cgattatttt aagatcggat
   260821 caggggagag gcccatataa cggcccttag gtgcccccat ggccatgtta ggaacaggag
   260881 gagaacctcg acctaacatg agcaaaatga aggcccggtt cttttagacc aaatgggggg
   260941 agaggcttta caacgtcctt atgtgccccc atagctatgt tgggaacagg aggagaacct
   261001 cgtcctgaca tgagcaaagt taaaggtccg gttcttttag accggatggg gagagaggcc
   261061 ttacaatgcc cttatgtgcc cccacagcca tgttggaaac aggaggtgaa cctcatcctg
   261121 acatgagcaa attcaaaggt ccggttcttt tagaccggat ggggggagag gccttactgt
   261181 gggaatcaga tctagggttt cagggttaga tcttgaaact ttttcaagat catacagcgg
   261241 aagactaaaa taaatcaaaa tttatttttt aaaatcagaa aatccctaga tctaagatcc
   261301 tattacatga ttattacata gcattaaatc agaaattaaa atatatataa atatagtatg
   261361 aactacatgt tgatcatatc aacatgtttc tatactagct acatctaatg tatgtattaa
   261421 acaatagatc agatctatta ccttgcaagt tagatgttct aaccttattg atctgggctt
   261481 gaggatgatg ttgcaagcca cacacgcatc cggcctctag gagtcgtcca cacgagccca
   261541 tgaatctcga tcagaagtcc tgcttcagga aatcagcaca gtatgctagt actgcgctga
   261601 tccttctttg atggttgatc aggtgcctcc ttcttcttga tttggactct tccaaagata
   261661 gaaagtagaa ggaggagttt cagatctgag acactctcag aaaactcaag atggagggag
   261721 gaaagatatg aaaataaaaa ccctagaaga agtccctctt cttcttcacg tttttctctc
   261781 tagacatcca aacttgcatc ttttatatct ctacgaccca aaggtatttc tctctgattt
   261841 ttggatggaa caaaggtatc tcaaatctct gacttctcct aaacttttat gaagaaactc
   261901 atcttatata gagagatatg atagagtcct tgtctaggtc aaacacctag tcaaggctta
   261961 tccaaacatg gcaagttaag ggacgcccaa ctcttgagca cctccttcat attttcatgt
   262021 atggatcaat aaaaaagggt gcacaatgta taccctaaaa gccataaaaa ttccaaaaaa
   262081 aatttggata aattcggtgc aaaattgaaa gagttttgga tttctaaaac tctatctcat
   262141 agaattcgaa atccaaactt attcctttta gatttgatcc aaaccacctt ccatgtaaga
   262201 aagaagagag gagacctttt gtgaacgtgg gagagatctg agagagggct tttatcgcac
   262261 aaaataagtg gagattggcg ttgaataaga gagagggcgt ggagaaggct tatgtggtgc
   262321 aaggtggaat cctagtctta ctaggattct gtcttatgac ttgttttaat ttggtttccc
   262381 aaactaaatc aaataaaaat tagatcaacc caattaaaat aggtcttaac ccaattaaaa
   262441 acctaattta atcagattaa attagattta aatctgattt aattttctaa tcaaattaga
   262501 aattagattg acccaagtcc tagttgaact aggactagtt tttccttgca cttggcttat
   262561 ccaataaacc aattggactt gatccaatca agcccaaaat aaatctaatt aaatcatatt
   262621 taattaaact taatctcagc ccattgactt aatcaaatta agtcaattag caatcgaatt
   262681 gctaatcgat cctcctgcaa cacttgcact gggttaaatg tcaatcgtat tgatcattta
   262741 accctagaac aattcttaat cgttgatcaa ccatctgatc ggatcatgaa ctctaatgtg
   262801 tgtgacctca tagttccgaa cctaagtcgg tagcacagga ataaattttt ataccaatcg
   262861 aagtgaccat ctagcaatgg tacccgacga ccggataggt cgaatgtgta gaacaacatc
   262921 cttagaaccc atgcggatat agttttcata taattcatcc ccttgaccaa aatgatcata
   262981 ggacacccca gagtttaact gtcaactctg atcaggttgt ccacattgta tttcaaaata
   263041 tcaaatccat ctgatagatt accctggcca aggttttgct aaattgaaat acagcgactc
   263101 attcttctcc aactcttgga gtggtcaatc ccatctcgat cacactctga cttcacaagt
   263161 acttgactgt gcccagaagc cttccgtccc tgaattagaa attcagttag tccagtacca
   263221 aagcacagtg agttgcttgc aagtcactga ggtgatctca ggtctaaggg acacttatac
   263281 ctatatccca tcagagatat tctcgacagt agaatactct ggagttggtc acgttcaatg
   263341 atgatgtacc cttacatctc acctgtatgc cataccagtg tctccacact ccttggttaa
   263401 gaggacaacc aatccatatg gcctacagcg acctatgctc gatagaagct gtcgtcctta
   263461 ttaacaacct atcatttggt cgtgaacagt tttaaagact aatcgataaa tcttctcttt
   263521 atcgaactta aatagtccta aggacttcat cataacaacg gagttcatta gaagatgaaa
   263581 gcttatgatg aaaataccaa atatatttta tttattaaca aattaattac aatacttggt
   263641 tgctcaaccg tcaacagctt gacgattggc tttttgggac acattttcca acaactctca
   263701 cttgtcctaa agccactcgg cacagtatct aatacccatc tttgacttgt ggttgtcgaa
   263761 ctcctttatt gccagggctt tagtgaaggg gtcggctagg ttctcctttc cgtcgatctt
   263821 ctgtaggtcg acatcacctc gatccatgat cttccagacc aggtggaagc ggtgcaagat
   263881 gtgcttcgtc cgctgatgtg ctttgggttc cttcgcctga gctatggcat cagtgctgtc
   263941 gcagtagagc aggaccggac catcgaggga gggtgctact ccgagctcag tgatggattt
   264001 ccttagccac acaacttcct tcgcggcatc cgatgctgcg atgtactcca cttcacaaat
   264061 agagtctgcc acagtatgct gcttggaact ctttcagcag atggctccac catttagagt
   264121 aaagatataa cccgacatgc tcctgctgtc atcatggtca gattggaagc tggagtttgt
   264181 gaaccccaca agtttcagat ctgactcgcc ataaaccaac cattggtcct tagtatttct
   264241 caaatactta aggatgactt taaccacttt tcagtgattt tctctgggat cagattggta
   264301 tctactcact acttctagtg agtatgccac atctggtctt gtacatgtca tggcgtacat
   264361 gatagatccc acggctgaag catatgggac tctactcata cgctctctct cttcaggagt
   264421 tgtcggacaa tccttcttag agagagaaat tctttggcct atcggtagat agcccttctt
   264481 ggaattctcc atgctgaacc tcttcagcac agtgtctatg tacatggact gggataaccc
   264541 aagcatcctt ttagatctat ccctatagat ctttatccct aggatgtagg atgcttcacc
   264601 caagtccttc atggagaact gtgatgacaa ccaaactttt attccctgta gtgtggggat
   264661 gtcatttccg attaagagaa tgtcatccac gtacaagaca aggaatacca caactggacc
   264721 atttgcccat ttatagatgc agggctcttc tccattctta atgaagccat acgttttgat
   264781 caccttatca aaacgcatgt tccaactccg agaagcttgc ttcagtccat aaatggatct
   264841 ctgaagcttg cacaccttgg actcatctgt ggatgtaaac ccctcaggtt gtatcatata
   264901 cacctcttcg gtcagctctc catttaggaa agttgtcttt acatccatct gccagatctc
   264961 attatctaga tgggcagcta ttgcaagcat tatccgaata gatttgagca ttgccacagg
   265021 agaaaatgtc ttgtcatagt caataccata acgttgacga taccccttgg ctaccaaacg
   265081 ggctttatag gtctccacct ttccgtctgc gcccctcttc cttttgaaga cccatttaca
   265141 cccaatgggt ttaacccctt caggtgggtc aaccaatatc catacatcgt tgaccttcat
   265201 ggactccatt tcggatttca tggcttcaag ccatttctcg gaatcaggtc tctgcattgc
   265261 atccatatag gtgatcggat cctcattatt ctcatcaagt tcgatgggat caccatcccg
   265321 aaccaagaaa tcttagtatc tgtccggttg acgcggtact ctaccagatc gccttaatga
   265381 tgcaggtaca ttgggctccg gatatgatct aatcatatca gactcaggtt cagctattgg
   265441 tgtcggtctt tctacctgtt gaacttcatc aagttcaatc ttagaggcaa cggttccttc
   265501 accaaggaac tccttttcta aaaagattgc cttaaggctg acgaacacct tttgttcatc
   265561 agcatggtag aaaaaatatc cttttgtctc tttggggtac cctatgaatg agcatttgtc
   265621 agacctaggt ccaagtttgt ttgtgactaa tcatttgaca taggccgggc accccagacc
   265681 ctaaggtgta aaagtgctgg cttacgtccc atccatatct catatggagt cttaattaca
   265741 gacttacttg gaaccctatt taatagataa caggccgatt cgagtgcata tccccagaag
   265801 gatatcaaca agctagcaaa acccatcatg gatcggacca tttctaacag agtccgattc
   265861 ctcctttcag acacaccatt atgctgtggt gttcctggag gagtccattg ggagagaatc
   265921 tcattctctc ctagatatgt gaaaaattca ctagaaaggt attctcctcc tcgatcagat
   265981 cgaagagttt taatactctt cccagtttgt ttttctactt cacttcgaaa tcgtttgaac
   266041 atttcaaatg aatccgactt atgtttcatc aaataaacat atccatatcg ggataggtca
   266101 tctgtgaaag ttatgaagta gaaatatcca cctctagcac tggtgctcat gggcccgcat
   266161 acatcagtat gtactaggcc caagagctca gtagctctct cacctttttc agtaaaaggt
   266221 gacttcatta ttttaccaag aagacaggac tcacaggttg gaagtgattc acaatcactg
   266281 acttcgagga ttctctcttg agtcaacctg tttattctgt tcttgtttat atgacctagc
   266341 ctacagtgcc ataagtagat atctgacaca ctatctaatc tagggtgctt gccagtagaa
   266401 tagactctta tcaggcttga tctttttggt ctggctctgc acaaatgtcc ctacctgaac
   266461 ttgcaccttc ttgactttct tcttcttgtt cttcttccct ttctcaaaag gtcgagaacc
   266521 agaagacgaa cctcccacta agttcaccga ctccttatga agttggtgat ccttctcaaa
   266581 gttctgaagc aaccctagta acccgtggta gttctcttca ggctttgtca ttctataatg
   266641 agtgaggaat gggagataag acttggacag cgagttcagt attgcatctt tcccaagctg
   266701 ctcatgcaag ggaaagccga gcttgctcaa tcgttccatc agctcgatca tgtacaatac
   266761 atgatcagtg acagaggcac catcccgtat tttggcgttg aagatggcac aactagtctt
   266821 gtgcctctcc acgtcatcgg atgtgccaaa ggcatcctcc aacacttgaa gcatgtcctt
   266881 tggctgagcc gtctcgaatc tgcgactgaa ctcgtcgctt atagcagcca gcatgataca
   266941 gcgcaccgta gtccgatcac tgagccactt ctggtaagtg tctctgattg ttccacatgc
   267001 attgacagct gactcctcag gtgcaggatc cataatcaca tataggatcc gttcatgctc
   267061 caggactatc ttcaactttc ggtaccagct accgaagttg ggtcccacca acttatcatt
   267121 gtccaacaat gatcggagcg atagggaagt ggccatattt gcacaaagga gaaccataac
   267181 ctaattagta attgattcat taaacctaaa gatttggact ttaatcaaag gtttctccca
   267241 ctattttatt cgaattggta gcctctacct ccaactcgag gaattaccct aattccttag
   267301 cgggtactag aatccactta aactgcacac aagcccaact ttggttggtc aacccatgta
   267361 catctaaggg taggttcata accaattgtt tctctaaaca atttctagta attttaattt
   267421 tgccccagaa atctaatcag taggctttgg cctccactgt aaggatccag ttaggtccaa
   267481 ccattaacat gatcatactt ggtgtatcta accaatgaat gattaagtcc aactttggtt
   267541 ggctcaccta accaccatta gagagacact tccaagtcat catatgatga gtgataattc
   267601 cattagtcaa caagcaccag gcctttgggt ctgcaatgat tattgagtta atggactcat
   267661 tatcaaacac cttaatggga ggctatgact cagttatctc cataacttta ttattttaag
   267721 gacctaataa ttttagagga tttaaataat atagaggatg aagtcagatg aaccagctta
   267781 tcatgatcct cccactggct tcaccaagtc agcttaaggg agaccagggc tggtctagga
   267841 gcacctaaat cagtcacact aatttaccta gctgacatgg gtcagctcga atagtcaagt
   267901 gattcgatca aaacataatt tcaccaagag gctaggtaag ttcgatcagt gggagggtct
   267961 gccaaagctt gccttagaca ccatcagaaa tggccaggta agcgggctcc caattaaaaa
   268021 ccaccggtct ggtttacctt agacaccaac tagtttaatt agtttcgatt agatcaacct
   268081 aacagttcgt gctagaccgc ttagccaaga atcaagtcta tttggttctc gttaaagaca
   268141 tggacttgac caactacaac tattgtaatt gatctagaga atccttgacc taatctaaga
   268201 caacaattga ttagatttag tcaattcttt aattaagtcc atctttaatc taaccatagg
   268261 tctaacccaa ttaatggacc taattcccac taacccatta acccaatgtg ttatgatttg
   268321 tgtcttaggt tcttcaattc acaatcctag aacctaatca aacaacttaa ttcttaatta
   268381 agttttgggc tgagggttgg gttcggcttt tcaaaaaata atttttatat ttataaaata
   268441 attttacaat atgattctac caatcatatt gcatgtttga ttcataatca agatgcaagt
   268501 gaaataaaca tgaaactact ttagatctaa tctaaacagg ttcatgtaat taaaataatt
   268561 tcaactttaa acaatttctt tgcacaaaaa ttattaacaa agagatttta tttcagattt
   268621 aaacatcttt taaatctaat aaatcataaa tttaatctag atcatatcta ataaatttat
   268681 gattaaagat agatctacac aaactaggac aacctttgca ctgtaagggg taaaccttac
   268741 agcaggacaa ccttgcagtt tgtgattgat ctaaaatttt aatttcagat ttaataatca
   268801 gattataaat tagatctaat ctaaaaataa tctaagcatg tataaataat catgtaataa
   268861 agaaccttgc tctgatacca attgtgggaa ccagatctag ggtttcaggg ttagatcttg
   268921 aaactttttt aagatcatac agcggaagac aaaaataaat caaaatttat tttttaaaat
   268981 tagaaaattc ttagatctaa gatcttatta catgattatt atatagcatt aaattaaaaa
   269041 ttaaaatata tataaatata gtatgaacta catattgatc atatcaacat atttctatac
   269101 tagctacatc taatgtatgt attaaacaat agatcagatc tattaccttg caagttagat
   269161 attctaacct tattgatctg ggcttgagga tgatgttgca agccgcacac gcatccggcc
   269221 tctaggagtc atccacacga gcccacgaat ctcgatcaga agtcctgctt caggaaatca
   269281 gcacagtatg ctagtactgc gctgatcctt ctttgatggt tgatcaggtg cctccttctt
   269341 cttgatttgg actctttcaa agatggaaag tagaaggagg agtttcaaat ctgagacact
   269401 ctcaggaaac tcaagatgga gggaggaaag atatgaaaat aaaaacccta gaagaagacc
   269461 ctcttcttct tcacattttt ctctctagac acccaaattt atgtctttta tatcttcaca
   269521 atccaaaggt atttctctct gatttttgga tggaataaag gactctcaaa tctctgactt
   269581 ctcctaaaat tttataaaga aactcatttt atatagagat atatgataga gtccttatct
   269641 aggtcaaaca cctagtcaag gcttatccaa acatggcaag ttaagggatg cccaactctt
   269701 gagcacctcc ttcatatttt catgtatgga ttaacaaaaa agggtgcaca atgtataccc
   269761 taaaatccac aaaaattcca aaaaaaattt ggataaattc ggtgcaaaat tgaaagagtt
   269821 ttggatttct aaaactctat ctcatagaat tcgaaatcca aacttattcc ttttagattt
   269881 gatccaaacc accttccatg taagaaagaa gagaggagac cttttgtgaa tgtgggagag
   269941 atctgagaga gggcttttgt tgcataaaat aagtggagat tggtgttgaa taagagagag
   270001 ggcgtggaga aggcttatgt ggcgcaaggt ggaatcctag tcttactagg attctgtctt
   270061 atgacttgtt ttaatttggt ttcccaaacc aaatcaaatc aaaattagat caacccaatt
   270121 aaaataggtc ttaacctaat taagaaccta atttaatcag attaaattag atttaaatct
   270181 gatttaattt tctaatcaaa ttagaaatta gattgatcca agtcctagtt gaactaggac
   270241 tagttttttc ttgcacttgg cttatccaat aaaccaattg gacttgatcc aatcaagccc
   270301 aaaataaatc taattaaatc atatttaatt agacttaatc tcagctcatt ggcttaaaca
   270361 aattagccaa ttagcaatcg aattgctaat cgatcctcct gcaacacttg cactgggtta
   270421 aatgtcaatc gtattgatct tttaacccta gaatgattct taatcgttga tcaaccatct
   270481 gatcggatca tgaactctaa tgtgtgtgac ctcataggtc cgaacctaag ccggtagcat
   270541 aggaataaat tcctatacca atcgaagtga ccatatggca atggtacccg acgatcggat
   270601 aggtcgaatg tgtagaacaa catccttaga acccatgcgg atatagtttt catataattc
   270661 atccccttga ccaaaatgat cataggacac cccagagttt aactgtcaac tctgatcagg
   270721 ttgtccacat tgtatttcaa aatatcaaat ccatctgatg gattatcctg gccaaagttt
   270781 tgctaaattg aaatacagcg actcattctt ctccaactct tggagtggtc aatcccatct
   270841 cgatcacact ctgacttcac aagtacttga ctgtgcccag aagccttcca tccctgaatt
   270901 tgaaattcag ttagtccagt accaaagcac agtgagttgc ttgcaagtca ctgaggcgat
   270961 ctcaggtcta agggacactt atacctatat cccatcagag atattctcga cagtagaata
   271021 ctctggagtt ggtcacgttc aatgatgatg tacccttaca tctcacctgt atgccatacc
   271081 agtgtctcca cactccttgg ttaagaggac aaccaaccca taaggcctac agtgacctat
   271141 gctcgataga agctatcgtc cttattaaca gcctatcatt tgatcgtgaa cagttttaag
   271201 gactaatcga taaattctct ctttatcgaa cttaaatagt cctaaggact tcatcataac
   271261 aacggagttc attagaagat gaaagcttat gatgaaaata ccaaatatat tttatttatt
   271321 aataaatcaa ttacaatact tggttgctca accgtcaaca gcttgacgat tggctttttg
   271381 ggacacattt cccaacactt acaacgccct tatgtgcccc cacagccatg ttgaaaatag
   271441 gaggagaacc tcatcctgac atgagcaaag tcaaaggccc agttctttta gatccgatgg
   271501 ggggagaggc ccttgcaacg gcccttatat gcccccacag ccccgttggg aataggagga
   271561 gaacctcatc ctaacctgag ctgagatcga ctacgtcaag aacagaagga gaacctcatc
   271621 ctgacgatga taaaaacccg gtcgcccaac aagatcggat aaagagaaaa gtcccctcaa
   271681 tggcacctcc acacttctat gcgaccccgc aaaaagcaag gggaggaccc tcactcaaaa
   271741 aagagaaaaa aaaaagagaa ggaaaagcga caagaaaagt aaaacaacac gataatgatt
   271801 gggcaccttc aaactacgtc gacgttgaac aagtcaaaag gcaaaagaag ttcggcggac
   271861 gacaatttaa tacaatgcgt ggatgaggta acacaaaatc tccttttcat ttcattcacg
   271921 gaatatacac tacaaagccc agaaggctaa aggaagaaaa gcaaaacaac aagaacaaaa
   271981 caaaacaaca aaaaaaatat atatacatgg aaagacggaa ggcaaaaaga gccctaggga
   272041 agctctactc cttccgacct cgaattatcg gcttcactcc ttatcaagga ctgcctcaga
   272101 ttttcaactt cttcttctag ctctctcttt ttcagcagca tgtcctagaa catccgatga
   272161 agtcgctgcc tttcattctc cacctttcga tgcctctttc tcaggacctc ggattccacc
   272221 tccgcatcct tgaccgcccg ctgctcgtat accagctgga tcttcaattc ctgcagctcg
   272281 gccctcccct ccccaagagt gacagatagt tcttctacag tccttctcag ggattggagt
   272341 tcatcggaat cccgagcgga agcagattga gccccctcag ctagctgcct ttgaaggcgg
   272401 gcaacctcgt cgatcgccat cctgagcctc cacttgtatt cgtccacctg cctgtgccag
   272461 ccggcccggt gcacgtcata gctcacctcg gcatcctgga gctgccgctg aaggtcggag
   272521 accttcttca accattcccg atcgatgtcg gcccgagtca aaagacggga tgagcttcct
   272581 tccaactggc cgatcctctc ctgtgcagcc gacagctcca ctctgagaga actgatcttg
   272641 gtagcttgag cccaagatcg gtcactggca tgcttcttgt gttcctcgag ctccttttcg
   272701 aagttcgtat ttctctgact gtactccatg atccccttca cgtggaaatt tcgaaagcgg
   272761 gtggcctccg cagtggcttc agagtgaccc tccctcaacc tgcgaagctc gccttccatc
   272821 ttcttcgacc tttttgtcaa atgaagaact tccttcttca ggcgctggat tgtagacttc
   272881 agtggaatcc cctggggtag gggaagcgct tcggcaggac actgccatcg ggagacaaaa
   272941 gcatcaaggc gcgtctcatt gcggaaagaa aaacaaaaag gaggaggaag gaagagtgga
   273001 gaagagtgaa aaagccatcc acaaggagaa actcaacttt attgattgaa tgtttcttaa
   273061 agataaaaag gaaagaaaaa attgcagtaa aagaaaaata caaggtcgga ggtctcagac
   273121 ctctgaagta ggagttgggg agctcggtgt ccctggaagg gggtcagagc tttcgaagag
   273181 aaggcagaca ccaacggaac tttcaagcgg gatgaggcct ctaaaggtga aaaggtgggt
   273241 ttaaatagac cctgggatcc gacgctataa tgatcgtgga tctccctagg ccgacccatg
   273301 ctcgtcgtgt gtcccactca ccgcggcagg tggctaaaag tggctgatag ctgacagagc
   273361 cattattgca tcgtacctga gccaacgtac cagcgggaat tctgaaaggt ctcttcgaat
   273421 cgctccgatt cgaaaagact ccagcacgcg cacatttaat gccaaaatat ctgagggaga
   273481 tcgtgcacag aattcaaggg gacaaattcg actgtgaaaa tttctctgta cttccttcat
   273541 tcgaaattcg aactcgaaag tagagggact ggtgttgggt ataaaatacc ctccagccga
   273601 agttcacacc aggagtgacc ctccggggat ccaactgact tccgaccttc ggcgatgtct
   273661 cttcaaacct ctctggcggt cgagcctcca cagcattccc gagttctgcc gatggataaa
   273721 cccccaccag catcaaccag attcttcacg atagacggac tcctatggga gccggatctc
   273781 atccccaact ctgactgcgg gaagactccg ctcggactcc tatgggagcc ggacctcatc
   273841 cccaactccg atcgcaggca gacttcgtcc ggactcctac gagagccgga ctctgcccac
   273901 ggcttcaatt acaggtagac ttcgtctgga ctcctacggg agtcaagctt cgcctccaac
   273961 tccaattgca ggtagacttc gctcggactc ctacgggagc cggatcttgt ccccaactcc
   274021 ggctgcggga agactccgcc cgaactccta tgggagccag actctgccca cggcttcaat
   274081 tacaggtaga cttcgtccgg acccctacgg gagctggact tcaccctcaa cttcaattgc
   274141 aggtagactt cgcccggact cctacgggag ccggacctca tccctgactc cggctgcagg
   274201 tagacttctt tcggactcct acgggagccg gactccgccc acggcttcaa ttacaggaag
   274261 actccatccg gactcctacg ggagtcagac ttcgccccaa ctccaattgc aggtagactt
   274321 cgcctggact cctacgggag ccggatctcg tccccaactc cggctgcggg aagactccgc
   274381 ccggactcct acgggagtcg gactccgccc atggcttcaa ttacaggtag acttcatctg
   274441 gactcttacg ggagccaggc ttcgccccca actccaatcg caggtagact ttgcctggac
   274501 tcctacggga gccggatctc gtccccaact ccaactgcag gaagactttg cccggactcc
   274561 tacgggagtc ggatcttgtc cccaactctg actgcggaaa gactctgtcc ggactcctat
   274621 gggagccaga cctcatcccc gactccggcc gcaggcagac atcatccgga ctcctacagg
   274681 agccggactc cgcccacgac ttcaattaca ggtatacttc atctggactc ctatgggagc
   274741 caggctttgc ccccaacttc aattgcaagt agacttcgcc cggactccta cgggagccgg
   274801 atctcatccc caactccgac tgcgggaaga cttcgcccgg aatcctatgg gagccggatc
   274861 tcgtccccag ctctagctgc gggaagactc cgtccgaact cctacgggag tcggacctca
   274921 tccccgactc tggctgcagg cagacctcgt ccggactcct acgggagcca gactccaccc
   274981 atggcttcac ttacaggcag acttcgtccg aactcctaca agagccagac ttcaccctca
   275041 acttcaattg caggtagact tcgcccagac tcctacggga gctggatctc atccccaact
   275101 ccgactgtgg aaagactccg cccggactcc taccggagtc ggacctcatc cccgactctg
   275161 gccgcaggca gacctcgtcc ggactcctac gggagctgga ctccacccac ggcttcactt
   275221 acaggtagac tttgcccaga ctcctacggg agccggactt cgcccccaac tccaattgca
   275281 ggtaggcctt gtctggactc ctacgggagt cggaccttgt ccccgacttc ggctgcaggc
   275341 agacctcgtt cggactccta cgagagccag actccgccca cgacttcaat cacaggtagg
   275401 cctcatccgc actcctatgg gagccagact ttgccccctg acttcaatta caggtagact
   275461 tcgtctggac tcctacgaga gccagacttc atcttcaact tcgactgcag gaagacttcg
   275521 tccaaactcc tatgggagtc gaactttgag atcctgttgc aagcgaccca ctctgagcta
   275581 ccgctgcaaa caaactactt caggttccta ccacgagcgg ccttggctga gactcctcga
   275641 caaatgatcc ccgtccgggc ttctacggag accgaacttc aaccgaactt cagtcgatag
   275701 gcctggaccc cctggtaggc cgcagtaacg gtcacaactc tgctccactt cctgtgatgg
   275761 atttcatgag gctccatcac tccctggcag accacaataa tggccacgat cctactctac
   275821 ttccttcgat ggataccgca tggatcctcc atcctctggc aagtcgcgac aacggacgcc
   275881 gctccactcc ccgcaacaga ctccacgtgg catgtcccgg tgatagccac gatttcactc
   275941 cactactctt cgcaacaaac tcctcctgac cccgggcggc ccactgtcag atggttacaa
   276001 acgtcgctat cagtctgttg cccccttcgc ctataaaatg gggaccctag atacgttatt
   276061 ctctaagctc tatatcctat cccaaaactt tgttaaaatt tccgttcgag cactccattc
   276121 ttgttgaggc agagaactga cttgagcgtc ggagggtctt gccggagcaa ccccaactcc
   276181 ggtttagact tcttttgcag gtcccgacgg cgaccgcgac tccctcgact ccaacttctc
   276241 cggcgcaggc agatttttgc accacaagtc cattaactct ttgattctaa ccttaggtat
   276301 aacccaaata agaagatctg atttgagcta acccatgcct ccatatttta tgcaatatca
   276361 ttagatgtta aatcacaatt ctagatctaa ttgattttac acttaattct taactaagtt
   276421 tcagcatcaa catgggttca gatttaggtt tgaaataatt ttaatttttt attttgtaaa
   276481 taatttataa ttaattttat gtaaagattt tctattctga aattgggtcg actcaatcaa
   276541 cactgagccg actatacaag gagactgggt caactcagtt caaaattgga tcggttcagt
   276601 aattgtgtga gcacatttca aaaaatttta aatctaaaaa atcttgcata attctaaaat
   276661 aaagttaatt ataaacaccc ttttaaatta tatctaaact ttttatgatt taagatttta
   276721 tttttgcatg attaaataat ttcaatcata tagattaaat attttacttt tcatacataa
   276781 ctttgtatca catacaactt tataagttct tcctttcgca ttcttcttca tgggatttaa
   276841 catatggcat ccctacatac cataagagca ccccatcgaa taggaagaga gggtttttaa
   276901 atctttcttg ctcctatgac cggatggcct gatgatcaac ccaatctaaa tacttgctaa
   276961 tcggatcatc taatctaatc acatatcata tatacttgaa tttagatata atctaaatta
   277021 tattagatct gatcgtaact ttagatcaca tctaaatcag atcataaaca tcacatgtaa
   277081 tatataaaat cagattttat caaagatcag tgcaaactag gacaacttgt tcactgtaag
   277141 ggataaaccc tatagcagaa caaccttatt tcagtttgta tgatcaatca ttaattaaat
   277201 ttagatctaa aatatcacac atcaaatcta aataaaatta atttttagat ctaatatgca
   277261 catataacat gtcataatga acctggctct gatactacta ttgaaaaata tagatgattt
   277321 catgcatata tttcaaaaat ttttgaaaca aattatagta aaaagaaact agattaatct
   277381 tattaatcta atatacatat gatcagatcc ataaattaac ctactctagg atttatgaca
   277441 tgatatgttg catataaaat ctaaaaaatt cagaagataa aatctgtatg catacatgtg
   277501 agaagtaaat caaatctact tctaatctga gtctaaagct cgatacctga gcatgggtag
   277561 atgatcaccg ctgttaagaa acatgataaa gaagatcctc actggttact catagccaca
   277621 catgtgtccg acctctacga aaagtctact cgaagctcca atctaatcga tctcctcgag
   277681 agtgctagct cgcacgaaga ccagcatgtt agctgatttg gatcttttct tcaaatcttt
   277741 caaacttttg tagaattgaa gaaggacatc tggaggagat ggagatgagg aagaagtatg
   277801 gataggagac tctcttctct cttcccaaac ccttaggatc aaaccctaga aatctagatt
   277861 ttgcactcac ccaagaagag aggactcttc tctttctttc acaccatgga accatgccca
   277921 aagccctttc aacatgaagg acactttctc ttctctctta catgcacaaa aagaaataaa
   277981 acccctttta tatttgcatg taaggacgtt gggttttaag agtccatgaa aagttggact
   278041 ctcacaaggg ttgttgccac cttctaataa aactcacacc aaaaaaatat gggatgcccc
   278101 aaccaacttg ctttcatagt aaatcagatt tccatctaat tttccatagt gagaaacccc
   278161 tttttgtcac acaaaagaaa ggaaaaagaa ggaagtgggt ggcaaggtta tagataaggt
   278221 caaaccttat ccaatatggt aacccattca aatcaaattt gaacatacca taaaacatca
   278281 gattttctct acttttggat gtgagaaagg gagggtggaa gaccattttg tataaagaaa
   278341 acatcatgca aaactctttt gtgcgtgatg aatagtggca tccaaaaaat atggcgcaag
   278401 ggaagaagag tccaatcttt tatggactct tggtttcctt atttgactcc aaaccaaatc
   278461 atatttggtt aagcccaaaa aaatagatga aatctaatct aattagattc ataatttttt
   278521 aatcaaattt taatcaaatt aaaaattgat tgagtcaaag tcctgatcaa atcagggata
   278581 attctctctt agcgattagg tcatcttata acctaattga gtcaaattta attgaatcaa
   278641 attcaattaa attttatcta ttcctcttta cttaattaaa ttgagctaat caataatttg
   278701 attactaatt aatcctttat taattcacaa tactcagtga ataaatttat tataattttt
   278761 gcataaggtt aaccatcaat cgaattaacg attaaaccct tgaatgattc tcaattgttg
   278821 gtcagacaca tgatcagtca gaaatttttt ttgagtatga ccccataggt tcgaacttaa
   278881 gtagatagca tagaaataaa tttttgaacc aatcaatgta accatctagc aacggaacct
   278941 gatgtctgga taggtcgaat gatgacgaag caacattcaa gaacctagtg aggtatggtt
   279001 atcgtataat ttatctcttt caccctaatg ctcaaagatg acctaggatt taactattaa
   279061 ccatagatag gtcatccaca ttatatttca atctttcaaa tccatcacat ggattattcg
   279121 ggtccaaatt ttactaaata gaaatatatt gatacataac ttctactaat tcggaggggt
   279181 caatcccatc ttaactcatg cactgatcta acaagtactt gactatacct agaaaccttc
   279241 catcattgaa ttaaaaattt agataattca atactaaagt acagtgagtt gcttgcaagt
   279301 caccgtgatg atctcaggtc agagggatac ttatacccat accctttgcg agtaactctt
   279361 gatagcagag tgctttgcag ttgatcatat tcagtgatga tgtactctta catctcacct
   279421 gcatgccata ctagtatctt catattattt gattatgaga acaatcaatg catatggcac
   279481 acaacaacct acacttgata tcgctataat cctaataata gcatatagtt tggtcgtgaa
   279541 ctagtttaag gactatatga taaatcctcc tttattgatt aaagtagtct taaggacttc
   279601 atcacaatac agaagttcgt tagaagatgt aaccttgtga tgaaaaaagc caaataatat
   279661 ttattattga tcaattcata tacatttata attagcacaa tcatcaaatg gttggcttta
   279721 agacacaatt ctcaattttt aattggtagc tcacttatct gaccatttca atggtgtcta
   279781 aggcaagctt tggcagaccc tcccatcgat ctcacttatc tggccaatgt ggtcaatcaa
   279841 gttttgatta ggttgctcat tgatttaagc taatccatgc tacctagctt agttagtcat
   279901 atgattgtgc tgactaatta agatatgact tgaacctgct ttgtcctctc atgacttggt
   279961 gaagtcagta ggagaatctt aagttaatca gtttgactga ttttggtgcc tctaaaccag
   280021 ctttatctct agtcctcttc aatgacttgg tgaagtcagt gagaagattg ttgattgctg
   280081 gttaatcttt tctcttcatt ctaaaataaa taattaaatc ctctaaatta gatctttaaa
   280141 atgaaatagt tatggagata actaaataga attatcattc attatataat gactttgttg
   280201 tactatctga taaatgattg atatggtcga gcttttcttg ggtctgatca ttcattagtt
   280261 agattcattg agtatattca tattaatggt tgacctaacc aggactttta gtggaggcct
   280321 atgcctacta aaaaaaaacc tggggtaaaa ctattactaa aaattatttg aagaaacaaa
   280381 tggttaagaa cctacttata gatacacatg ggtccgccga gatttcttcg agcccatatg
   280441 tagttcgtgt ggattctagt atctgctatg aaattaagat aattttttga attagaagta
   280501 gaagctacca attcgtataa aatagtggga gaaaccttta gactaaagtc caagtcttta
   280561 ggattaaata atttatatac taataggtct tatatttttt tttttttagt aatggctagt
   280621 aaattgtcac tctcctcact attagacagt gataagctta tgggacccaa ttttgataac
   280681 cagtatcaga agttgaacat tgttcttgga tcgaaaccgg ccaagaagct caaagcatat
   280741 cagagttgaa tagagtgctt cttttttaag aagctggatt attagaagag gaattatcct
   280801 caatatcttc agtcccttga cctaagcaag cctaaaaaga gaaatcagca aatagttgct
   280861 ggtcaagata gttatatgat aactccttat aatttttcta tttgtgatac tactacctgg
   280921 gtattggata ccgaaagtct aattaatatt tataattcat tgcaaagact ttaggttagt
   280981 agaagatttg aaaatgataa gaaattttta aacgtaggag atggaagtca tgttctaatc
   281041 ctggcttaaa gaattgtcaa gcttatttcc aactcatata ttatcatttt aagtgattgt
   281101 cactatcgtc taatcttttt aatgaatgta atctttgtag gccttttggt caaagatagt
   281161 tatagtttat caacaaagaa tgattattat gattattgtg atatcattat gaatgatact
   281221 ataataatgc atggacaact aagaaatagc atataccttt tatcacagtc tgttagtata
   281281 atgtacacat ctaacaaata ttctaaatta gataatgtca tggatgcata tctttggcat
   281341 tgtcggctag gttatataaa caagaacaga ataagcaggc taactaaaga ggtaatcttc
   281401 gagatcaatg attatgaatt attgtcgatc tgtgagtcct gtcttcttag aaagatgatc
   281461 aagtcaccct ttactggaaa ggatgaatga gctagtgatg ttctgagtct aatatatact
   281521 gatgtatgtg gacctatgaa tacaagtacc agaagagggt atagttgctt cattattttc
   281581 actgacgacc tatctaggta tgagtatatc tatcttgtga agcataagtc taaattgttt
   281641 gaaatattca aatgatttca taatgaagta gaaaaataaa ttagaaagag tatcaaaacc
   281701 cttcgatcaa atcaagatgg tgaatacctt tccaacaagt ttttgacata tctagaagag
   281761 aatgagattt tctcgtaatg gacacctctt ggggcatcac aacataatgg agtgtcagaa
   281821 aggaggaatc gaactctgtt agacatagtt cagtctatga taaagtttgc aagtttgccg
   281881 atctcttttt gagattatac tcttgaaact acttggtatg ttctgaataa cattttgagc
   281941 aaatcgatca ccaaaatacc atatagattg ggcataagcc gaaactctct caccttaggg
   282001 tttggggtag tcctaattat gtcaaacatt taaagatcga taagcttggg ccccaatttg
   282061 ataagtgtta ttttatagaa tatctcaaag aagctagggt atattacttc tactttccta
   282121 atgaacaaaa ggtgtccatg gctcttagga cagtcttttt agaaaaagag tttcttgaga
   282181 aaggaactaa cgccactaag gttgagcttg acgaagctcg acagatagaa gaactgacat
   282241 agacaaatga acctacagaa caaaatttga ttagatcaaa ttctgagcat attgtagagg
   282301 tacctttgag gagatccgaa agagtactat atcagccaaa tagatactac gatttcttaa
   282361 tccgagatgg tgatccagtt gaactagatg agaacaacga ggatctgatc acctatatgg
   282421 atgccttgca aagatctgac tttaagaaat ggcttaatac cataaaattt gagatggagt
   282481 ctatggagat caatggtgtg aaagaagagt gccctataag ccaatcgtaa gtatgttgcg
   282541 atgggacttt ctttaaaatt tttcaactca tgaaatgaca tttattattt gaggtattga
   282601 ttcatcatat tagctgcatc ttaatatgtc taagattatg atgaacccca aagattagga
   282661 taatggtttt aggagatatg aatgggtcat gctagcgaga cctaaaatcc taaaattcta
   282721 atcttaaata ttcctgatcg taggagcatt gagtcaggga tcaatatttt agatagactg
   282781 gcatgtccta tgtatgcaca atggagaggg tggcagatct cactagccac ttgtgtgaga
   282841 cactaataca aggatgtggg tgcacatttg agaaatgagt ccactgaatt gactcaatga
   282901 aaaagaacat ctaatggaag ccttatttgt atgtcaaaga tggttctcta agtgggagtt
   282961 gtgcaagtga tccttagacc tgaaaccatc atggaatctt gtgcacatga acccatattt
   283021 tggttcatac ccaggcatgg cattaagaca tgtacggggt gttctggata tggtggagtg
   283081 tgtatgaaga ttgtgagtag gtcaatatgg aatcaatcac tcctagtaag aggagatcgt
   283141 atcctgtgta ttctcaatcc tagatgactc agaaaagtct tttagccaaa agcaggaagg
   283201 agattagaaa gtgtttctaa tgcttcttta ttggagtcat tattggttaa ttaagaatcg
   283261 atatgaatat gtgtttgagt ttgacatgat tccatactca tgaatatatt tagggtgcaa
   283321 ggatgatcga aaaattgaat tgtacgataa tttgccactg aagggtagat ttggtatttc
   283381 tatcaaattt tatatcttct gggtagtcat gatatattgc tagacgtcaa tcttaatttg
   283441 taaatttttg atcgaattaa agagtttaat tcaattacca attagaaatg attctaatta
   283501 ttgaattcgg attagctcga ttggacctaa atcgattaga ttgaaatcta atcaaatttg
   283561 atcaacttat atccgaacct attgccagct agatgtggaa cccaatgggt cacacacata
   283621 taaaagttgg ccaaggaccc ttttgaaaaa ggttgattga aattttggat tcaatcaggg
   283681 ttccagtaag catgctagca tgtgtggaaa tccttgctct tttggagacc aatttgattt
   283741 catcccttgc taattagcta gcctaattta gtagacattt ggatcaggtc atatcaccta
   283801 aaagcatccc aaattggggc accacatccc atattaacac caattatgag agtctaagtt
   283861 gcggtggact cttggtgcaa aacaggttct gcgtacaagt gttggcgtgg gtagaagaaa
   283921 aaatattatt ttttatggga ttaaaattat atgtgatagc tcaaatcacc ctccatcctc
   283981 tagtacatat ctcaaagcat gatatatatt ttttctagaa tttttaagaa agagaaaaaa
   284041 ttagaaaaag aaggatgtct tgcgcatgtg cacagaagta ttgcatctct ccataattta
   284101 gagagtcttt ctctctataa aatgctttca tattggacct atttttggtg ataacatttt
   284161 acatttgata agatattttt gataattttt ctagaatttt tttggactta tctggatgcc
   284221 acatggatgc cataagtctg tcctgatgcc tacacgcgtg gtgatcagca ctcgtgtgaa
   284281 gaggtgtgag catagtatcc ttccatgata attttatcac tatttttgat tttttggaat
   284341 ttagattaaa tcctcaatcc atgtggattt ttgaagattt ttctgatttg agaagggatg
   284401 tgaaaacatc ccttctttgg ttgcacgcgc gcagatcagg atgctgatcg acgtattgtg
   284461 gataagagtc cttctgcttg aaggaactct tatctctcat aatcagatca gatatgcctt
   284521 ttggataagg catgtctctc tcttttggca tctctctggt ggctataaat aggtcggggt
   284581 gctggatatc tgatgaatca aagaagggtt ttcaatttct ctcctgttgc tctcctttct
   284641 ttcttacaat ctatcttagt tttaggacaa ggatttggga tttaagacaa aaccttatct
   284701 gatcctaaca agggttgtaa ggatcctaaa gaaggagaat caaaagttca gaagaggttc
   284761 taagagggtg aggtcaggtt cttgaagaaa cttgatcggt acgaggctag tcaaattcta
   284821 ggggctagaa ctcttgaagc aaggtgaaga aggagcactg tctttggttt aatttttgtg
   284881 tggatcacca ttggagggca gagacttgga tgccttgtgg aaattgtgat tagcgctaca
   284941 gatattcttc ttatcctaat ttatatttat tatgctttga ttattatagt caagagtttt
   285001 tgggcattag ggcttccggt gtattgggtg ttttgaatga aaattttaaa cacctaaccc
   285061 ttctactgtg ccttcgaaac ccaacgtggt gtatggatac ttgttgatcc atctgaaggg
   285121 ataaaactca taaggtgtaa atagatactt aaaggaataa gaggcacaga agggaaggta
   285181 ggacctataa aattcatctg gttgccaaga aatatcatca atgttatggt attgactatg
   285241 acaagatatt ctctcctgtg gcaatgctta aatctatttg gattatactt gtgatagcag
   285301 catacctagt ctggtaaatg gatgtctaga tgacttttca gaatggagag ctagttaaag
   285361 aggtgtgtat gacacagcca aaagggttca catccataaa taattctaaa gtgtatatgc
   285421 tatacagatc tatttatgga ttgaaacaag tgtctcagag ttgaaacatg cattttgata
   285481 aaataatcaa agtgcatggc ttcgttgaga atgaagtgga accttgtgtc tagctatgtt
   285541 tttaccttat atgatggagc gatatgctga aaaagtttca ggtggtacac aatagctaac
   285601 tctgcatgtg aagcagaatt gattgcaaca ttcgatactg ctgtaaagaa gaaaccctag
   285661 ccgacccctt cactaaagcc atcaagatcc aggaattcaa taatcataaa tagaagatgg
   285721 gtattagata ctattctgat tggctttagt ctaagtggga gttgttggaa attatgtcct
   285781 aaagccaatt atctatttgt agatgattgt taattatata tgaattatat taattattta
   285841 ataatttatc ataatttata tcttttctaa agaactgtta aattatgatg aagtccttag
   285901 aactatatat aatcgataaa gaaagattta ttgaatagtt cttaaacttg ttcatgacca
   285961 aatgatacat tattaataag gacgataatg tttatcaaga atagatcatt gtgtgccata
   286021 taggttggtt gtcctcataa ccaaagagtg tggagaaacc gatatggcat gcagatgaaa
   286081 tataagagta catttgcatg gaacttgacc caactgcgga gttctctact gttaagagta
   286141 gcttgcaaag gatatggcat acgtatccct ctgatctgag atcaccatag tgacttgcaa
   286201 gaaactcact ataccttggt gtcaaactac ctgtatttct aatacagtga tggaagattt
   286261 ctgggtatag tcaaatactt gtgaagtcgg tgtgtaagtc aagatgggat tgactgctcc
   286321 aagttgttga agaaaatgct tcaatgtatt tcaatttagt aaaatcttaa tcaggataat
   286381 ccttatgaga agtcaaaaga tttataagat tgagacacaa tgtggatgaa ttgattaaga
   286441 attgacagtt taattttgaa gttatcctga gcattgaggg tcaaggggat gaattataca
   286501 gtaaccatac accataagat tcttgaatat tgctttgcaa caattcaacc tattcggatg
   286561 ttgggtatta ctgctagatg gtcaatttga tgggtataaa aatttattcc tatgctatcg
   286621 acttagtgtt cgaatttatg ggatcacaca taaaagagat ttctgtctga tcaatgacta
   286681 tgaatcattg aaaggtgtaa tcatcaatat gattgatcat taacctcatg caaaggttgc
   286741 gatagaataa tttactaata gttagtgaat tatagaagga tgaattaaca attagattgc
   286801 tgattagctc aatttaattg agtattaaga tttgaatcaa atctaattga attggattcg
   286861 attaggtttg acccaattag gttatgagat gacctaatcg ctaagggaga ttattcctga
   286921 tttgattaag acttgggttc aattattttc taattgcatt aggatctaat tgggtttcta
   286981 attggattag aatttttttg atcctaggtt gtaaccaatt cctaaattgg ttaagaatca
   287041 attaaggacc aaaaggggag tcccagtcta ttgggactct ctctcccttg gtcgccccat
   287101 gagaaaccgc ccacattttc atgccccttc tcttctcagc actagatttg gataaaaatc
   287161 aattggtttt tagttcaaat ttgatttgaa ctggtttact tatcttgatt agatttgatc
   287221 tcatccaaac accttgccgc cacctattaa aaggtttttc tttttgtatg acaaaactaa
   287281 gaaaagaaaa gatttcaagg taagaaacct ttctcaccat gaataacagt gtgggggcat
   287341 gaggaaaatt gagaggggtg gtgggttttc ttgaagtgtg agaaaaaaga ggagagggtc
   287401 tcctcttgtg ggcttttgtg catgagaacc ctagggtttc ttcttatggt tttgggaaga
   287461 gagaaaagtg agaagagagt tctcatcttc atcttcttcc accacctaat cctcctccta
   287521 actatgcttt ctcatcctcc gaaagagtcc atgtgaactg atgaaggagt gcaatcagcc
   287581 atcaagaggg atctctgcaa gggatctagc actctaggaa gatctcgatc atctaacctc
   287641 tgattggatc cgaagtcttg tgtggatact cgtagaggtc ggatatctat gtagctacta
   287701 tgcaactaaa agaacctcta attcatgaaa attgactgcg gtgaatttca acccatgctc
   287761 agatatagag attcgatctc tatttcatgg tagatgcaat ctacaaactt attgatatga
   287821 tcaatagtgt ttaaatttca gatcatgcat atttatgtca tgtcatcatt cttattcttg
   287881 gtggatttta gattaaatct agtgcatgat agattaaatt atttaatcta gtatgttcta
   287941 ctactctcat ttcaaaaaag ttttgaaaat catgcatgaa accacctacc attttcatta
   288001 caacggtacc gaccgtgatc atatgagaag tcacatggat gtctactcac tcatcaaaga
   288061 ctatcttgat gctatagttg ttgttgggtt cttctcttga tgcgtgatga tcatggaacc
   288121 agcaacaaag gtctgaggaa agctttgatc tttgatctat cacctataac aaaacaatct
   288181 acaagaaaat tcagcaatct tgtagatcta gaggatttac ctttggaaga cccttagatc
   288241 atttcctctt gcttccaaat ctgaaactcc atcttgaaaa ccttcaaaac agaggatcaa
   288301 agatgaaaaa tcatcttttg atggcagcaa actcatggag ccccttggag atggggcggc
   288361 aacccaagga aggaaggcta gcaccttcaa accttcctat tttgaaggtg gcggccaaga
   288421 aaaccctagg atggctgctg gtggcatgga gaagacaaag agatagagag agggagagga
   288481 agagtgagaa aatttgggag aaaatggctt tgtatttagc ttggttcaat tagaatgata
   288541 atataatgta tatatataca ggatcaatgt gatccaaccc aaaaactccc atggctaacc
   288601 taatgtgaga ttgtgttcac ccaagcccat gtacacctat gatttgaccc aatctcacct
   288661 ctcttggact caagcctagc ccaatacaag ttaacccctc aaggtccaaa tcccctagac
   288721 ctcgaaactg tgaaggctga ctgcctttca ccctagggcc caaaccttgg ccttttcctt
   288781 ggtcccttga gccttgagag caccacacca gatcctacaa tctccatctt ggtgtcccaa
   288841 gatctcagca aactctgtcc tatctatcaa gcccatcagt cccacacaat agtgaaagct
   288901 gtcttgcgaa agtaccttcg taagtacatc agttggattt tccttagtat gaaccttcac
   288961 cagcttaacc tcaccatcct cggtgagctc tctgatctga tggtatctga tgtcgatgtg
   289021 cttcatcttt gcataataaa tagagttctg tgtaagcaac agtacactct gactgtcaca
   289081 gtgcactcta atagcctcct atgggatgcc catctctagt gccaagccct tcaaccatag
   289141 ggcctccttt actgcctctg tgataccaat gtactcagct tcagtggtgg ataatgccat
   289201 tatgggttgc aagcaagatc tctatgaaac gggacctcca tacaggttga acacaaaatc
   289261 tattgttgaa cgtcgagtat ccacatctcc atcaaaatct gcatccacaa acccttgtat
   289321 ttatccttga gcttatttgg acatgttaga gtatccctca gtacctccta gctatctgta
   289381 gcagatacca actctaacag aactcaccaa gtatctgaag atacccttta gtgctcatca
   289441 gtgctccctg ccaggctgtg ccataaacct gctcccctga ctcactgcat aggctaaatc
   289501 cggcctataa cataccatgg agtacataat gctccccaca ctagaggcat atggcactct
   289561 ctctatctct tgagcttcca tctcagtgtg tggcgacatg gtctttgaaa ggctgatatg
   289621 cccagtaagt ggcagcacta ccgacttggc ttccttcatc ctatatcttt ctaagacctt
   289681 ttgtatgtag cctccttgag ataaatgcag caacccttta gcttgatttt tgaaaatttt
   289741 catacctagg atcttccttg taggccccaa gtcctttatc tcaaattttt gaaacaaggc
   289801 tgctttcaat tcctgcacaa ttttcttact cttgcatgct atcagtatat catctacata
   289861 caggagtaag tacaaccaag atccatcctc tagagattta acatacacac atgggtcata
   289921 atcacacttg gaaagtccta tgctcctcac ataggtgttg aatcgcttat accaccgctt
   289981 tggtgactgc ttcagtccgt atagtgactt cttcagcaaa cagacctccc cctctgacct
   290041 aggctctcta aacccctgtg gctgctccat gtagatgctc tcctctagat gtccatagag
   290101 aaattccatc ttgacgtcca tctgctccag ttccagatcc tgagctacaa ctatactcaa
   290161 caacatcctg atggatgtat gcctgatgat tggagagaaa atctttgaat aatcaactcc
   290221 ttccctctgt gaatactctt tggctacaag tatagccttg tacctcactc caccttgctc
   290281 tgaagttgtc tcctttctgg tgaaaatcca tttggagcca atgggtcgag caccttctgg
   290341 tagatccact agctgccatg tctgattctt cctgagggac tccatttcct ctatcatggt
   290401 ctgcatctat gactctcgat ccgaactctc tattggcctc ctcaaaggtc tctggatctc
   290461 tattggtggt gatgagagca taagaaatag tctcatcaat gccataccac atcgatttgc
   290521 caatagtgtg cttcggcttg tgcagtgcca ctccccttgc actatcctgt aagcatgtgg
   290581 ctgcctctgc atctcctcct ggatagattg ccctcctcgc tggtcctcca taggtgtgga
   290641 aacatgcctg cttgtctcca cctcaaaatg aacatgatta gaggtagaag ttgatggtaa
   290701 atcacctata tgcgagtgct atccaatgct atcctgtgct gactttttat cttcatcagc
   290761 acctcccgac ttcttcaaga tgctctttga aggaaaaacc accttttttc tgtgtaggat
   290821 cttccagatt tcatcaaatc tggggtggaa taaattttat tttttatcct acgctatttc
   290881 agatctaatg tctattagat ctaattttat tatctgatat ttaaaatcta aaattaaatc
   290941 taaaagtatg agaaatatag acatacctta agggtaatct aattaccctg tagatgatcg
   291001 cagcactgcc tgaggttctg atgtagccat gcaagcacct agcctctacc agtatccact
   291061 caggtaggat ctagaatatc ttctcctcat gattctatgc tccaaaaatt agatcaatat
   291121 ctaatttaaa agtacttcaa aactccttct gaagttggag cagcagcctg tcgaagatgt
   291181 cttgcagcct tctgttccag gcgtcaccac gccttgtacc tttgccagat gaatgtccaa
   291241 cttcttggac gtgaagaggg gaaaaaggag aacagggagg acttggataa gaggggaggg
   291301 ggtggcagct aatgagattt ttgcataaaa caagttctat ctcgaaaccc taggtgcagc
   291361 agggtttata tagatcctgt atgctgtgca gtgccacatc attcgaccaa tcagaaaact
   291421 ccaataaatt ctgaaaaaat tttgattggt tgagtgatat catctgatca catcaaataa
   291481 aaatcctcat gctctctcct atgttggcac caacattgga taagcacaaa taaggtggcg
   291541 ccaaagagtc caagtttatc aggattcttt ggttcttatc catttggggc gcccacttaa
   291601 atcctattga gcacacgcca taatctgatt atggtgccca atttgaagtg gtttggacat
   291661 gtggacactc tacaaaaatc ctccaatgaa tcctcttcag tttaagaccc atatgtcaac
   291721 ttttgacaga tgtcctaaaa tgaaattggc aggtgctaga aattagcagg tgttgtctta
   291781 aattcatctt atgaattaag acaagccttt tctgagctgg acaaacttta attagactga
   291841 gagaaacctt tccaaggttc tctggatgag ccagatcaca tttggctcag tagagataga
   291901 aaagattaca cgaggagaaa gttaggctca atcgactgtt agcacgattt ccttgaacct
   291961 aattggatct tatccaaatc aattgaggta gcccaattga tgacatccag accctaaccc
   292021 ttatttgtgt gacccagtta gattcaattc tgtatggtaa tgagacatgt catgatctca
   292081 tcatcaacat cattgaaact cctttcgatg gaccaaaact cttctgattc agacaattag
   292141 aatgatcgat catcaaatca ttctaattgc tcccaaaatc caccagtgac acctaacagt
   292201 atatggtggc aacccatcag aactgaagat gaacctcttg gtgcagctac ctgtgtgatt
   292261 gagttccttt atcatgagtc ccgactgaat tagggttaag gtgaactcgt caaacccaac
   292321 atcagtcata tgagttaatc gatcgatctg agtccgatgt gaaaccttaa tgaaaaactc
   292381 ttttctatta tttcactctg ccatggccat ggacttaagg actcgatctt tcgatcatca
   292441 taggactact cctctcatct accgaggttg atagatccca tcttggtgcg atctggttcc
   292501 tacaatggat atgctacagc caacatacac ctcagggttt cgaatggcta ggagaccgag
   292561 ttatggtgta gtcaaactat aacacactca aggtgaattg tcgatgcacc tcaggttaaa
   292621 aaaactagac acacaactgc agcatcgagc tagtcatcga cgagaaggta gacttcctta
   292681 tgactgctcg aggtggtcac actcagtact ctcattctca acgaatacct atactcttgc
   292741 tctggtgtct tcacaccata gactcaagac tcatctaccc taaggaagcg atcgtacacc
   292801 aaccttccgg atcaatcacc atcctcgtga tgatcctatg gtcaggagca gtttatgagt
   292861 tagttatgta aattcatgcc ttaaattttt aactcttgaa aatatgaatt tacatttcca
   292921 ctaactcaaa ggatgtatca cagacacaat gtacataata tgatagaaga ataatccttt
   292981 tattcattta tagtcaaaat tataaatttg ccattagttc tgtacaagaa tgtgtcagcc
   293041 gatctggcat ctagggcaca catctaacaa actcccactt gacctaatgc caattggcta
   293101 catatctaag tcccatcttc tcaaggtggg cttcgatctt ctgttggccc aatggcttag
   293161 tcagcgggtc tgccacattg tctgtggagt cgactctctt gacctcgata taactttttt
   293221 tcgaggtaat cacggatcag atgaaattgc cgctcgatgt gcttggattt ctggtgagac
   293281 cttggctcct tagctagggc tatggggcca ttattgtcgc agtaaagagg gatggcatct
   293341 gatgacatca ctccaagctc tgcggcaaac tttttgtacc agaatacctc ctttgcacct
   293401 ttcgatgcag caatatactc tgcctccatg gtggaatctg caattaccgt ttgcttggaa
   293461 ctcttccagc taactgcact accattgcaa atgaacagac tctcagatgt tgactttcga
   293521 tcatctatat tagacataaa gtccgagtct gtaaatccct aaatctggag ttctctattc
   293581 ccaaagacta gaaacatatc cttagtcttt ctcaagtact taaggataca tttcatagaa
   293641 gtccagtgct cttcgtctgg attcgactga tatttacttg tgacactcat agcatgggct
   293701 atatcaggtc gtgtacatag catggcatac atgaggctcc ctattgtcga aacataaggg
   293761 atcttgctca tgcgttcaat ctcctcaggt gtactagggc acatcttctt ggagagatga
   293821 atgccatgtc taaaaggcaa taaacctctt ttggagttat ccatgctaaa cctttttagc
   293881 acctcctcta tgtacatctt ctgtgaaagt cccagcatcc tatttggtct atctctatag
   293941 accttaatac ccagtataaa ggatgcctct cctagatctt tcatagagaa ctccttagac
   294001 aaccatactt tgattgaggt caacctgaga atttcattct caattaggag gatgtcatct
   294061 acatacaata caaggaagac aactacactc ccactgacct ttttgaacac acatggttcc
   294121 tcctcattct tgatgaaacc aaacattttg atcacatcat tgaaatgagt attctaactt
   294181 cgagatgctt gcttaagttc ataaatggat ctttgcagtt tgcagatctt gtgatcatca
   294241 tcactggatg tgaaaccaag cggctgttct atatagatat cttcctcaag atatccattt
   294301 aagaatgcca ttttcatgtc catctgccat atttcataat cgaaataggc tgcaatagca
   294361 agcaatgtgc gaatgaattt tagcatggct acgagcgaga aggtatcctg atagtcaatg
   294421 ccttcgcact gactataacc tttcgctatg agcctagcct tgaatgtctc cacattttca
   294481 tctacaccta tctttctctt gaagatccat ttacacccaa taggtacaat accttgaggt
   294541 ggatctacca aggtccagac atgatttgag tgcatcaagt caatttcaga tctcattgcc
   294601 tctaaccatt tctcagagtc gatatctgat atcgcctcgt cataggtctt ggggtcatca
   294661 ccatgaaccc catttcccgt gaggaatatt tcctctacat cctcttgtat ggtacctaag
   294721 tacctttcaa gaggatggaa aaccctagtc gatctacgag gtggaggagg ttgtgttagg
   294781 actggttctg attgattagg ttcctcaggt tctttagctc gttgctctta ggagacattc
   294841 tccttgagtt taattattct tccgatgcca ccatcttgaa taaactattt ttcaagaaaa
   294901 atagtatttc gactcacaat cacattgtgg tctttcaaaa tataaaataa tatcctaatg
   294961 actctttaag atatcctatg aactgagctc taaaagatct gaactctaac ttgtccgtct
   295021 gctgtctctt gacatgagcc ggacaacctc aaattctgag atgattcaaa cttggcttct
   295081 taccatgcca tatctcatac ggtgtggtag gaacaatttt agaggaaacc ttattcaata
   295141 cataaattgc tgtcatgaga caatgtctcc aaaaaaattt tgggaggtct gtgaagctca
   295201 tcatggaacg gaccatatct aacagggtcc aatttcttcg ttctgaaact ccgttgagtt
   295261 gaggtgttcc aggtggaatc cattgagaga ctataccatt atccttaaga tagtctaaaa
   295321 atttttgact aagatattca cctcctcgat ctgatcgaag aaccttaatg ggctttcctg
   295381 tttgtttttc tacctcatgt ctgaattctt tgaacctttc aaaggcttca gacttatgtt
   295441 tcattagaaa cacatatcca tacctagaca tatcatcggt aaagataatg aagtagacaa
   295501 agttgcctct agccggcaca tcaattgggc cgcacacatc cgtatgtact agggcaagta
   295561 ggtctgtggc cttttcccca tgtcccacaa aagggagctt ggtcattttg ccttgaaagc
   295621 atgattcaca aactggatat gactcgaaag tcaacggact cagtagccca gatttcttca
   295681 atttgttaac cctgtcttcc gctatatgac ctagccttag gtgccacaga tacttatcat
   295741 ttagactatc tctaggcctt ttaattccta tagcattcat attttgctca atattaaaaa
   295801 taaatacatc atcatgtaac tgatagagac cattaataac aaaatcattt gcaactttat
   295861 tattttcata aaatatatta caatggtcct tatgaaagct aatcacatag ccttcttgtg
   295921 ctaaacatga aacagaaatt aaattcctgc ttgctgcagg cacataataa cagtctctta
   295981 aaattaaatc taatcctaac ggtaatcaca gagggtaggt ttctacggcc acagtagaaa
   296041 ctcttgctcc attcccgaca cgtaggatca tcttcccatc cctcagcctc ctgctctcct
   296101 caagatccta catagaagtg cataaatgag cactagaacc agagtcaagc acccaactgg
   296161 atgcagaaaa aattgtaaga ttagattcga taatgagcat acctccagaa ggaccatcct
   296221 tcttgttttt cagggtggcc aggtactgag gacagttccg cttcctatgg ccttctgact
   296281 gacagtggaa atacttttcc ttttcagaag ccttcttctt cggtcctgtc tttttgttct
   296341 tgccatccac cttctgcttc ttcacgaact tctttttctt ttcaaaagac tttctcttgg
   296401 aagaagtttg ctccacagta aaaattgagc cttttgaacc tttcattgaa agctcagcta
   296461 taaccaacat attcattaac tcggccaagg tacattgcat cttatgcata tggaagttca
   296521 tgatgaactg accatatgca tcgaacaagg actgaaggat cacatcaatc tgaaaattct
   296581 tgtctaagat gataccgagc ttctcaagct cctcaagatc cttgatcatt gtcaaacaat
   296641 gatcttggac tgactgccca tcatgcatct tggccttaaa aagtctttga cagacttgat
   296701 acttgaccgc gcgactctgt tcaccaaaca actcttgtag gtgagctaac atttggtagg
   296761 tagtcaaaat attttcatgt tggcgctgta aatcatcaga cattgcaccc aacatgtagt
   296821 acctggcttt gttatcatca tccgtccact ttttcagaga tgctctctgt tcagcagtcg
   296881 gacgtgctgg catagcaggt gggtcctggt acaagatatg agtcaatttt ttgaaatcca
   296941 gaataattct atagtttctc aaccagtcct taaaatttgg tccagtcagt ctatgagtgt
   297001 ctagaatttt ggtcaggggg tttgaggcag acatgtttcc tttagagagt caaaagtttc
   297061 tagttagatt ttataatcag actcaaccaa tttgtttagg gttttcattt ttaaacaaat
   297121 taggctccta ctattttctc agatccctac actctcttgg tagagatgtg aaaatcttca
   297181 taattagtga tttctagtgg gtggtgcagt ctcaccgact ggctcatcac ctcacctaac
   297241 agttattggt gatggatcaa tcgatgagtg gacaactctt gttcaataat tctttaatca
   297301 tggtgcaccc aaaacttggt ctctaattca tgaatctcac catatccggg atattgctcc
   297361 aatccttagt taagccaaac ccaccatttg catgaactag atttctgatt ggatccctca
   297421 ccgtatccga aatattgagc ccaacccatt ctctaatcca tagtatccaa tgcctaatgg
   297481 acatggttgc atctttccgg tacaactgag ccactttaac cagccgagaa caattaaccc
   297541 cgagaagggc ccgcacatcc ataatgatgg aagacctaga cttaatattt tcttaggaag
   297601 atttgattta ggtctcttta aatttaactt gacatagtca taacaattat gacaaatcta
   297661 gtggcatggg tcagctcgaa ttgttagcca cctcaaatca gaactagatc gacacatatg
   297721 gctaggtaag tgagatcggt gggagggata tgccattaac tagataagaa tgcattcgag
   297781 tcgagtagct ctcaattaaa aaccagtcgg ttgcatcagt ccaacttatc ttagacacca
   297841 aattatcgaa ccagaactaa ttgagttagt ctacaatcca agctctaacc actgagctaa
   297901 attaggtctt aacttgatcg agtcacatct aaatgtgatt cgaccttgac ccagacttaa
   297961 tcctattagg ctggtcaatt attaactttc atgatcccac ctaaccaact cttgattcgg
   298021 tttgatcaac cgctagacct aattgagcta cccaagcccg aacccaatct tatgaaaatg
   298081 tcttagatct gaaattctca attttagacc taacataatt tcataagctc aatacattaa
   298141 ttaagtttga gttcataaac aaagtatgta aaataaatcc tagggtttca ggatataggg
   298201 ttttgcagaa aagtaagttt tgatttctga ttaagaatga acgtgcggca cccctacatg
   298261 tcatatgaac accccattga atgagaagag agggtcttaa aattctactt tattcttatg
   298321 actgaacggc catgaggaat accttaatca aaaatataaa tttaactaca aaactagtta
   298381 gatataaatt aacatatcac atatacaatt taagatctaa ctaatacatg ctttacatac
   298441 atctcatgaa tcaaaaataa atctaattaa catgctttta gatctgatac atcatatgta
   298501 atatctaaaa aatagaattt aaattaaact attcaaaata aaaaatattc tagacaagtt
   298561 actagaataa ttctacaact agtctaggta tgcaatagat caattttatg aaataattaa
   298621 aattttattt tttattttct gatctaatta taataattat aatatcataa aaaatagaga
   298681 ataaattata tttaattcat attttaatct attaaaatat aaaacttaag gctattcatg
   298741 gattcaatta atcccagtct agttatgcat ctcatgcatg ttagatcttc ttagatttaa
   298801 ttttaaatat tttaatttta gatcctatca tatctgatgt gacatccaaa attatttaat
   298861 atcaaataaa ttaaaattaa aattagatct aaaatagatc taaaatagag ccaacaacct
   298921 ggctctgata ccacttgaag gaaaaatcat ctttttcctg tgtaggatct tccagatttc
   298981 accaaatctg gggtagaata aattttattt tttatcctat gttatttcag atttaatttt
   299041 tattagatat aattttatta tctaatattt aaaatctaaa attaaatcta aaaatatgag
   299101 aaatatagac ataccttaag ggtaatctaa ttaccctgta gatgatcgca gcactgcctg
   299161 aggttctgat gtagccatgc aagtgcttgg cctctaccag tatctactta ggtaggatct
   299221 agaatgtctt ctcctcatga ttctatgctc caaaaatcag atcaatatct aatttggaag
   299281 tacatcagaa ctccttctga agttggagca gtagcctgtc gaagatgtct tgcagccttc
   299341 tgttccgagc atcaccacac cttgtacctt tgccagatga atgtctaact tcttggacat
   299401 gaagagagaa gaaaggagag cagggaggat atggagaaga ggggaggggg tggcagctaa
   299461 taggtctttt gcataaaata agttctatct cgaaacccta ggtgcagcag ggtttatata
   299521 aatcctatat gctgcgcagt gccacatcat tcgaccaatc aaaaaattcc aataaatttt
   299581 gaaaaaatta tgataggtga agtgatgtca tctgatcaca tcagataaga atccccatgc
   299641 tctcttctat attggcacca acattggata agcacaaata aggtggcgcc aaagagtcca
   299701 agtttatcag gattctttgg ttcttatcca tttggggtgc ccacttaaat ccaattgagc
   299761 tcacaccata atctgattat ggtacccaat ttgaagtagt ttggatatgt ggacactcca
   299821 caaaaatctt ccaatgaatc ctcttcagtt taagacccat atgttaactt ttgacagatg
   299881 tcctaaaata aaattggcag gtgctagaaa ttaacaggtg ttgtcttaaa ttcatctcat
   299941 gaattaagaa aagccttttc tgagctgaac aagcttcaat tagactgaga gaaaccttcc
   300001 caagattttc tggatgagcc agatcacatt tggctcagta gagatagaaa agattacaca
   300061 aggagaaagt taagctcaat tgagtgctag cacgattttc ttgaacctaa ttggatctta
   300121 tccaaatcaa ttggggtagc ccaattgatg acattcagac cctaaccctt atttgtgtga
   300181 cccagttagg tttaattcag tatggtaatg agacatgtcg tgatctcatc atcgacatca
   300241 tcgaaactcc tttcgatgga ccaaaactct tctgattcag acaattagaa tgatcgatca
   300301 tcaaaatcat tctaattgct ctcaaaatcc accagtgaca cctagcagta tatggtggca
   300361 actcatcaga actgaagatg aatctcttgg tgcagctacc tgtgtgattg agttcctcta
   300421 tcatgagttc cgactgaatt agggttaagg tgaactcgtc aaacccaaca tcagtcatat
   300481 gaatcaatcg atcaatccga gtctgaggta aaacccaatg gaaaactctt ttccattatt
   300541 tcactttgcc atggccatgg gcttatggac tcgatctttc gatcatcata ggactactcc
   300601 tctcatctac cgaggttgat agatcccatc ttggtgcgat ctggttccta caatggatat
   300661 gctacagtca acatacacct cagggttttg aatggctagg agatcgagtt atggtgtagt
   300721 caaactataa cacactcaag gtgaaccgtc gatgcacctc aggtcaaaga actagacaca
   300781 caactgcagc atcgagctag tcatcgacaa gaaggtagac ttccttatga ctgctcgagg
   300841 tggtcacgct aagtactctt gttctcaatg aatacctgta ctctcactct ggtgtctcca
   300901 catcgtagac tcaagactca tctaccctaa gaaagcgatc gtacaccaac ctttcggatc
   300961 aatcaccatc ctcgtgatga tcctatggtc aggagcagtt tatgagttag ttatgtaaat
   301021 tcatgcctta aatttttaac tcttgaaaat atgaatttat attttcacta actcaaagga
   301081 tgtatcacag acacaatgtg atagaagaat aaccctttta ttcatttata gtaaaaatta
   301141 caaatttgcc tttagttctg tataggaatg tgtcagtcga tctggcatct agggcacaca
   301201 tctaacactc ttctcatcaa aaattacatg cctactgatc atagacctct ccaccagtag
   301261 gtaacccttc acaccctttg gatacccaat gaagaccagc ttttgtgact tcaggtccaa
   301321 cttgctcttt tcggctccct cgaccaatgc ataagttagg cagccgaaca ccttcaggtg
   301381 gcccagctcc accttcttcc cactccagac ctcctatgga atgcctccat tgagtcttct
   301441 atggggagac ctgttaatca gaaaatatgc aaaagttaga gcatcacccc aaaaagactt
   301501 gggcagtgat gcgtgcagcc ttaaacttct gaccttctcc attagtgttc agttcatcct
   301561 ctctgtaaca ccattctgtt gaggggtcat ctttattgta taatagtgtt tgatgtcatt
   301621 ctcctcacag tacctcctaa atttcaggct tgtgtattgt cctccattat cagacctcag
   301681 gtacttcact ggctgcccta cttccttctt gacctcagct ctccaggctt taaaccagat
   301741 aaataccttt gacttttctc tgatcagata catccatact ctcttggaga agtcatctat
   301801 gaaggtaaca aatcacctag ctctacctca agctgaaaca ggtgccggtc cccatacatc
   301861 cgagtgaact agctccagaa tgccttcact ctgcttggta ctactgacaa actttatcct
   301921 atgctgtttg ccgtagatgc aaggctcaca taggtcattt ttcttctttt tgagtgctgg
   301981 aatcagaccc ctcctactca actcagtgag ccccctgtca ctcatgtgac catacgatag
   302041 tgccacagtt gataggcaag ctgctcctcc tgtgctactg cagacacctc tgcactatct
   302101 gtaactactg agccctccat cctatacaga ttgttgctca atcttctccc tttcatcacc
   302161 actaaagccc cctttgatat cttcaaacat ccacttctcg gttggctacc gaaagcatac
   302221 ccctgcttct ccaaatatcc caaagagatc aggttcttct ttaactctgg tacatgctta
   302281 atatttatga gtgttcgtat gattccatca tacatcctca ccataattgt accaacacta
   302341 gcaaattgac atagataatc atctccaaga ctcacacttc ctccatcgga tttctcatgt
   302401 gtagcaaacc actcccgatg tgcagtgtag tggtgggaac atgctgaatc cagtgtccag
   302461 tggctatcaa cctctatggt cccatctgac acaaccagta agtcatctcc actatcctta
   302521 gatgatagag cactactccc gctggttgaa ccacccttgg aaaatctctt ccccttctca
   302581 ttcttcagaa gtgggcaatt cctctttaga tgaccaggct gttgacactt gtagcacttc
   302641 ggagctttct gatatcctcg agactttttg atctgccctt agacttatct taagccctct
   302701 ctttaggcct cccttatctc tcatttacaa caagaatctc tgtacttagg cttcctttac
   302761 atagcttttc tcgctgctca ttggacctga gaaccccaac cacatctttg aagttcaagg
   302821 tctctttccc atacaccaat gtagtaatga gaccatcata tgaaaatgag agtgaacaca
   302881 ataataggag agctctatcc tcctcatcca tcttcacatc aaggcccatt acatccaagc
   302941 aaacttgatt gaatttttgg atgtgagcag tcaagtctcc ttcctcaggc atcctcaagc
   303001 tgtacaacta tttcttcaac cacagcttat ttgtcatatt cttgtccatg tatgtgttct
   303061 ccaatttctt ccaaagcctc tttggagtag tttctatact tatctcaggt aggacttcat
   303121 cagcaaggca cattctaatt gtgctaaaag atatttcctc taactcctcc tagtcttcaa
   303181 tattgatctt ctcaggcctt tcccaaacca ataccttgta gatcctgttc tgaaccaaaa
   303241 gatccttcat cctttgctat caaaggctga agttatcctt gtcatcaaac tttccaaagt
   303301 ctatcttgat gctacttgat gccatcacaa ctagatctcc aaaatcaaac accaataaat
   303361 gaaacagtgt tctagaaaaa atctgctcag caccttacca caatccaggc aagactttga
   303421 tctttcctcc accagatcta tccccaaagc tctgatacca gatgttgggt tcttcccttg
   303481 atgcatgatg atcgtggaac cagcaacaag ggtctgagga aagctttgat ctttgatcta
   303541 ccacttagaa caaaacaatc tacaagaaaa tttcgtaatc ttgtagatct aggggattta
   303601 cctttggaag acccttagat catttcctct tgctttaaaa tctgaaactc catcttaaaa
   303661 atcttcaaac cagaggatca aagatgagaa atcatctttt gatggtagca aactcgtgga
   303721 gccccatgga gatggggcgg caacccaagg aaggaaggct agtgccttca aaccttccta
   303781 ttttgaaggt ggcagccaag aaaaccctag gatggctgct ggtggcatgg agaagacaaa
   303841 gagatagaga gagataggaa gagagagaaa atttgggata aaatggcttt atattcagct
   303901 tggttcaatc agaatcacaa tacaatatat atatatatat agggtcaatg tgacccaaca
   303961 caaaaacatc catggctaac ctaatgtgag attgtgttca cccaagccca tgtacaccca
   304021 tgacttaacc caattttacc tctcttggac tcaagcctag cccaatacaa gttagcccct
   304081 caaggcccaa atcttctgga cctcgaaact gtgaaggctg acaacctttc accctagggc
   304141 ccaaactagc cctagaactc ccatgaatgc ctcataggct ttggatcttg gtctttttct
   304201 tggttccttg agccttggga gcaccacacc aggtcctaca gttatgtgag tagttttttg
   304261 acctgagatg cctcgactat tcgtaatagg attgctgtag tttgactgta cataaacatg
   304321 atctcttagc catttgggtc cttgtagtat atgttggcta tagtaggtct tttgtaggag
   304381 tagggagtgt acaaagatgg gatctatcga cctcaatgga agagaagaag tcttatgcaa
   304441 tctaaaagaa tgagttcaca agtctgtggc cacagcaagt taatggatgg aaaagtattt
   304501 ccatcagtat catattttga acttgagcta attagattag gcatatgatg gatgctagga
   304561 tttgacaagt tgtccatgac tttcatccta taaggactca tgatagagga atcggatcat
   304621 atggtaacta tacctagagg ttctaaatat tttgttctac taaattgcta ctacatactg
   304681 ctagatgcca ctggtagatt gtgagaactc acttagacca ttttggatct gtaatccaag
   304741 tttgaggtga gttggaattg ttccagtcca tcaaaaagta ttttcgatgt tactttgatg
   304801 gatatcatta taagtctcgc tatcagatag aataaaatct atggagtcac acataaaaga
   304861 ggttgaccaa attaattgat tggatttaga tctaattatc aattggattg ataattcaga
   304921 tcgattggta aaagttacaa gtagaagttt ggttaagtat tagcaaattt gatctgattg
   304981 caagtgttgc aattgaattt gataagatta aatttggttt agaacctaat taaattaaat
   305041 caaatctaat ttagttagta ttgatctaat ctaagttgaa tggatttttt caatccaagt
   305101 atgacctaaa ttagaaacct agttggacta gatttcgaat tcaactcgaa ttgggccaga
   305161 tctggcttcg aattagattc aaattgaatc caaattaaac cagaatctca cctaattaga
   305221 ttaggataag aaaatctcag tttgactagg attcttcctc ctctttggtg cacaaagaga
   305281 gaggggcggc gcccttctcc ctacgcatgc aataagagaa ggggcaccaa tagttggcgc
   305341 cccattctcc taagactctc tctccttctc tcttttggaa ttaactcaat cctgactaat
   305401 ttagaatcag attaggagtc ctaaaagggg tttaaatttg gattatgttg tgggaattca
   305461 aataggagta ggactctttt tggtttgaga gtggacttca tgtggccgcc ccctttgcct
   305521 ataaataagg gtgccccacc tctagaatgc cccaagcact tctccatcag atcccatgcc
   305581 caaagagaga gacaaaatca aagagaaaag gagagaaaaa aggaagaaga gaagaagaag
   305641 agaaagggtt ctcttttagc ttcttcttcg aggtcctgcg cgaaggtgtt tatgctgtct
   305701 tcttccatga tgagatctaa tcaaacgaag tatatctgaa agaggctagc accttgatga
   305761 tctagaaggt tttggattta tatcaactct atgtagatat ctgtagaggt caggcatgta
   305821 tgtggcttca aacaaaacca gcaatcaatc cagatttggc ttgcaaatgg atagcaatct
   305881 caggtaagtt tttaatcctt cttaattttt ggttttcaga tctgtaaatc taaattaatc
   305941 atgcatgtta gatttctttt aggtgatact agatgagatc tagggcatat aatatgttaa
   306001 aaattttaat ctatactttc cattgtattt ttatgagatg aaaaaaaatc tacataatga
   306061 aatccaactt caatagttag tgaccagcaa gctatcctac agtcaacgat taagatccct
   306121 tcaccaagat ctatcaaggc tattgaggat ctctctaaaa tctaaaaaat cctagaagaa
   306181 agacaccttt agaaagaaaa acttataaag agaaaaagta agatttttct agacagaaaa
   306241 gtagagagag aaagtgggaa gagagaggaa gaagaggggg gtgagaaaaa tctttctttt
   306301 tcctttcttt ttttcttttt tcttcttttt ttctttcttc ttcctctttt cttcctaacg
   306361 gaatggggga ccttatggtc cttatttgtt ccccagatta tagagcactg tcggtgctgc
   306421 tgtggttgat ggcagctagg gctgctatgg cgcagtccaa aaattctaga ctgacagttg
   306481 gcagtgacca atgacactag aaaaactaaa aagaggaggg gtagaagcaa ggaaaaaata
   306541 ggagattttc ttatctaagt tttttggtga gattgacagc caatgatatt gtctaatgct
   306601 ctgaaaagaa gagaaaaaag gaggagggtg ggggcttact ttgggctcta gtgggctctc
   306661 caactcgatt ctcgatgggc acaatcatgg ctttcgaaaa caaactccga cgtgattcct
   306721 cgatgttggg ccttcaatct ccaatgggaa ggatgggaac ctttacttcc cactaaatag
   306781 agcttgaggg gaggagtcat tagagaatgg gaacctttac ttcccactaa atagagcttg
   306841 aggggaggag tccaactcct ccccgacttc aatttccatc ccaaaatcga gggaagaaga
   306901 ctcccaatcg gagtcttcct cattcctatt ttttttttgg tgctttaaga tttatgcaaa
   306961 atcttttttt tcaaccactt taagattcat gcagttgcgt ttaggttggg ttagggtatc
   307021 gcaattattg attttgaaaa aagatatcta attttataaa aagagcacat atattgaata
   307081 ccatataaaa caagtgagag cccccagaag tttagagcat gattcggctt cttgatatgg
   307141 catattttgc tattggatcc tgtatagtcc tcctcatagt ggctaaaggg atccacaatg
   307201 agtccaatga tactttagta caagataaaa tttataaaag ggccataaga taaaatatta
   307261 tctcattctt ttagggagag aaaaagatga ggctcaccca tattgtaatt actgagatat
   307321 taatacttag gttatattta gttacttgta gttgtatgag gttacaattg catacggttg
   307381 tagtttctat ttttgcaact acatttcttg tgtttatagt aaaataaaat atcatatgtt
   307441 tttgtttgct tataaataag agttgtaatt atatttgatt gtactattaa aaaaatattg
   307501 actatctctc catcaatgac ttaccatatg ttgggactta aaccattata gagattcctc
   307561 taaagtcttt ccaattataa tattttatag aaaaaattac aagaacaccc attcaatttt
   307621 agcttaattt tacttatacc ctctgtattt taaaaagtat caaactgatc cttttagtta
   307681 tcgatatatt tcaatatggt ccagccatct atccttatta acataatttt ataaaatgat
   307741 aaaaatattc ttatctctgt cttctccctc cttccttctt cttccttcct cctctctaat
   307801 tgatcctctc ctccatcacc aacgtccctc tttctccctc ctccttcctc ctctttctcc
   307861 tcctttcttt tttcctcatc catttctcct cctttatggt gactcttttt acctccacct
   307921 attcctccat ctcctttcct tcctcctcat ccacttctcc tcctcatttt tcttctcttc
   307981 taagccacct ataaaccatt cctctccata ccaagccctt gcaccttcat ctcatcttgt
   308041 cttccctctc ttctttctct ccatcctttt ctcctccttg tcctcctcca acacattttt
   308101 tatcggtggc ccctctctcc tcctcccctt cctccttatc catttctcct cattctctat
   308161 cacctcctca tcctcttcct cctccaaatc catctatctc tctacctcct ttccttcctc
   308221 atccattttt tctcctcatc ttccttctca ttcaagtcgt ctataagcta tcccctccac
   308281 agctacccct ttcacctggg atccttcttg tcagcaaccc atccttcccc ctccacttcc
   308341 tccccatcct cttcttcttc ttgtcctccc cacccatctt tgccggtggc cattctcccc
   308401 tcttctcctt ccttctcatc cacttcttct catcctcttc ctcctccaag tctacctatg
   308461 agcgggggat attttcatcc attaagagaa aagctaacac cgtttgctgg taaaataaat
   308521 cgctagacta tattgaaaca tatcaataag tagaagagtc aatttaatat tttttaaaat
   308581 atagcgatgt aaataaaatt ggactaaaat tgaggagata ttctatatat tttttttatt
   308641 ttatattata ccaaatttga tcataagaca attcaccata agagggccct caaaatgtca
   308701 tctgagtaat tagattttca ataacttata acaatccaaa tattggaaaa tgactaccac
   308761 ctgtgattgg gattcactta ttgttaacct ttccatctat gtctatccaa ggaatgattt
   308821 tgatagttat aagatattta agtatataat gaaactaatg gtattttgaa atgcatgctg
   308881 agaaagtttt agaaagctaa aatcaattta aaactattgt aaaaagtttg agggtaagaa
   308941 aaataagttt aagaagcaat attgtaagga tatttaaggt caagagtcaa caccaaaatt
   309001 cgaagagatg attctagcat gtagaaactc aagtggtaca aaactatagg ttgaccccaa
   309061 gtttccagga gtcgactctt tcaaggtaag atagaaagct atatttttca aatctattta
   309121 tgaactaact tctttagact tcaagtcgac cccaagttag ctgagtcgac tttctcaaac
   309181 aagatagaga ggtgccaaaa tagatctgat ttagagtcaa tcttctgcta gtcctagttg
   309241 atccactgta tttgacagct ttaatggcta gttctataga aattataaaa ttatgtaata
   309301 cttccccaat gactactttt agcaaatata ttgaaaaaag aaaaaaataa aaataaagag
   309361 aaaatctaaa atatattgag tgttcagtca agagagtgct attatacttc ttaagaacca
   309421 aattcttgag ttttcagaca tttcaaagta gaagaaaagt acactaattg tcaaacttcc
   309481 tcaacgatat tctcttgagc ttcaacaata ttttctattg attttttagg agctttttct
   309541 tatggttttt gatatataat ttttgttgta acaagtttca actaggtttg gaacttgaga
   309601 gaaaggcata tccaagtctt aaattacatt gtatctttgt agaaacctag gagtggcttg
   309661 agagagtgat tttaactgat tttccattaa caaaattaac tagttttgat tatgaacctg
   309721 agtaaaataa ccatgctata atcttggagt gatcataatg aaattctcaa gaaaatactt
   309781 ggagagtgga catagatgct aagtttggca tcaaaccact ataaatcttt gtgtctgtgc
   309841 atgttcttat tgattttctt tatgttctca tttgtatttg catatttata gttttaattc
   309901 attgctttca ttgcacattt actttgtatg ctttaaattg agcacatatt tgccttaatt
   309961 tttgaaaaag ccaattctcc ccctcccccc catcttgggt tatccatttg ggcaataagt
   310021 tgtatcaaag ctttattact taggtccttt tgatctaatg accaagagtc aaagattgga
   310081 tgatagctca aataggattg tctctttatc aaagggcaat ctaccaatcg acttacacta
   310141 ttcaatgcca ctaatctatt gaaaaagcat acatgtatat tttcatttaa gcacttgatt
   310201 ataacttata gaatatcata atcaatgatc acatacatcc actgccattg ttgttggcat
   310261 tatcactcct aaacctagaa ggtagtggga tgacctatat tagaagatag ctcaactcaa
   310321 tgcaaagacc atgaatattt tatattgttg cctagatgca aataaattta acaaaaattt
   310381 tatgtacatt ttagctaatg aaacatggga tagattagaa gttacccatg aggatacaaa
   310441 ccaagctaaa aaaaaattaa gataaatact cttgttcata agtatgagtt atttaagatt
   310501 gaacaaaatg aattcactta aatatttact aggtttattg atattataaa tagtgttaaa
   310561 tgtctaggga agtcttatac taataccaag tttgtttgca aaattcttag aatactacca
   310621 agagcatggg aggcaaaagt cagtgccata caagaagcta aggcccttaa tgcactatct
   310681 ctagaagagc tcttggatca ctcatgacct atgagctacc atgaagcaaa ataatgatga
   310741 gaaactaaag aaaaagaaga caaaactcat caaaagggat cttgtaaaag atttaccaaa
   310801 attaaatttt gaaaataata gaatttgtga tgtttgctaa cttgaaaaat ctactagaaa
   310861 ctctttcagg tcaaaaagta ttgtttcaac tttcagactg ttagaattaa ttcatatgga
   310921 cttatttata tccactagga ctataaggct agatggcaaa agatatgaac ttacgattgt
   310981 tcatatttat ttttgattta tttgaatttt atttttggta caaaaagatg aaatattttt
   311041 tgcattttaa agttttactg aaaaatttta aatgaaaaga actcaactat tgtttatatt
   311101 tgaagtgatc atagaatcaa atttaaaaat caatattttg ataacttttg taatgaaaag
   311161 aaaattgagc atgctttttc tatcttagga tacctcaaca aaatgtgatg gtagaaaaga
   311221 gaaataaaag tttagaagaa attattcata ccatgttata tgaaagcaac ctctcaagat
   311281 atttctggat agaagtgatt aacatagtat attatatttt aaatcatact tcaatccgat
   311341 caattttatg ttaaaaaata tgttccaaag ccaatcgtta gacgattgtg ctcatcttgt
   311401 aaacttatat gaatttttat taataaaagt tatttgatat ttttattaca aattgaccat
   311461 cttttaactc ctgcattata atgaagtcct tagaattata tatattaatc aacaaaggag
   311521 gatttatcat taagtcctta aaattattca cgatcaaata atacgctatt actagaatga
   311581 tagtgatatc aagtgtagat cgttgtgtgc catatgagtt agttatcctt ttaaccaagg
   311641 agtgtggaga tattgttatg acatgcagat ggaatatagg agtatattca catcgaacgt
   311701 gaccatgtac cgagcactct gctgtcaaga gtagcttgtg aagggtacgg gtataagtat
   311761 ccctacgacc tgagaccact atggtgactt gtaagtaact cactgtattt tagtaccgaa
   311821 ctatctaagt ttctaagtta gtgatggaag gatactaggt gcagtcaagt acttatcaag
   311881 tcggtgtgta agtcaagatg aaattgaccc ctctgaattg gtaggagata tgcatcaatg
   311941 tatttcaatt tagcaaaata ttggccagga taatctatga gatagatttg acagattgaa
   312001 atacagtgtg gtcaacttaa ttaggattga tagttaaacc ctaagtcacc ttaagtattt
   312061 gggtcaaagg gatgaattat acggtaacca tacactagta ggttctagaa ggttgctttg
   312121 caatacttca acccattcga tcatcgggtc atcattgcta gatggttaca tcgattagca
   312181 tagaaagttg ttcctatcct accaacttag gtttaaacct atggggtcac acgtattaga
   312241 agatttgatc agatctgatg gttgaagagt tctattggat tgtgactctg gtgaagagtc
   312301 ctacttgaat taggactctg tgggagagtc ccactgggac tggaactcta tcatttatag
   312361 agaactaatt agtaattaga ttactaatta actcaatttg attgagtaaa gagctttgga
   312421 ataagtctaa ttgaattaga ttcagttcga ctcagattgg gattgatatg atcaaatccg
   312481 attacaagaa aaatttgatc ctaattcgat cagggtttgg actcgactaa tttctaattg
   312541 agttgaaatt tgataagata tttaaatttt taattaaatt aggttcattt ctatcagtgg
   312601 tttcaatcaa aatttgattt ggattagaat tgaattagaa ataaagagtc caagtcaaac
   312661 taggactcta tccttatctt ttgcactaca tttggatcca taccaatttt tccatgtcta
   312721 attagatttg gattgtgatt tttggtgtta tgagagagaa tccaataagg gtggtcagct
   312781 atagctgatg agccataata ttatctcatg cctaattcga atgcgatctg aattagagat
   312841 aagatgcaga ttgggaaaga gatttttcgt atatggtata ttattagagt catattattt
   312901 tttttatttt tttttaataa attctttagc atgtcagact ttagatttct tctacacatt
   312961 ctaataattt ttttgaaatt tttagagatg ctgaaaaggt attttggcat tgattcatgg
   313021 catcctttct tgaaaagtcc taattcctag tctataaaaa ggggaccact ctcttggacg
   313081 tcccatgatc aattctctta tagatttttt attttcagag ctttttcttc tcttcttctc
   313141 ttccttctcc agattttcta tcactttaaa atatccaaag tacttgtaga agaagaaaga
   313201 ggtcagctat tgaagttatt cgcagactag catctccgag cccctgatct atgctagtct
   313261 tcgtatggat ttttctatag agattagaca acttcatgtg actatgagtg atctgaagaa
   313321 taccctctcc aattgttgga ttaggaaaga tcaagatcaa aatttatttg gtaacgatct
   313381 ctaacttatt ttgattcata tggtagatct aatagttaga tctagaattt caacattgat
   313441 gagatcgatg tgatttttat ttttagatct aaagcatata ttttttatat caaagatttt
   313501 gatatgatag tctaagatta gatcttatac atataattag tattaaatta tttaatctat
   313561 tatttttatt gtataaaatt tttttaattg catgtactgc actaccgtaa attttcttca
   313621 actggtatca gagccaagtt attttgatat gaattaatat gactttagat ctaattgttt
   313681 gttattagat ctaattattt atgatttaga ttagatttaa attagtttat ttttagattt
   313741 gattattatt tatttagatt agatgttctg agtagcaaaa tattcagatt gggtaatcac
   313801 caggccgtcc ggtcatagga gcaagtaggg tttcataacc ctctcctccc attcaatggg
   313861 gtgctcttca tgatgtgtag gggtaccatt gtgaggtccc atgaagaaaa aagtaaaaag
   313921 aaaaaactta ttttcttata aaatcttaga ttttgaaatc ctaggtgtta ttgtatgtga
   313981 tgcaagttgc gaagatagtt agttacatct aatcttattt agtcaaaatt attttaatct
   314041 aaaatcataa aaaatttaaa tttgatataa aaaattttat aacttgatgt aaaaagttta
   314101 tatgaaaaaa tattttcgaa atcttaacca tgttgatgca aaacttaatt gagaattaag
   314161 tatcaagctg attggatcta gaattgtgat ttagatataa tgacattgaa taaaacatgg
   314221 ggcatgggtt agctccaatc aggttcttct ctttaattgg gttagaccta aggttagaat
   314281 caaagaattg attgaccata tagagaaatt gattaagtct tactgttggt gcaaaaatct
   314341 gcttgcgcca gagaagctgg agtcgaggga gtcacggtcg ccaccgggac ctgcaaaaaa
   314401 agtctaaacc ggaggtgggg ttgctccggc aagaccctct gacgctcaag tcagttctct
   314461 acctcaacaa gaatggagtg ctcgaacaga aattttagca gagttttgag atggaaaatg
   314521 ggacttatcc cataacgtat ctgggattcc ccttttatag gcggaggggg caacaaattg
   314581 atagcgacgc ctgtaaccat ctggcagtgg gacacccaga gtcaagaaaa gtttattgcg
   314641 gagagtagtg gggtggaccc gtggctgtta tcggggcgtg ccacgtggag tctgccacga
   314701 gaagcggagt ggtgtccgtt gttgcgacgt accagaggat agaagaatcg tgcggtatcc
   314761 gtcacagaga gtggagcagg gccgtggcca ttattacggc ctgccaagga gtgatggagc
   314821 cgcgtggaat ccgtcgcagg aggtggagca gggtcgtggg atgatggggc cgcgtggaat
   314881 ctgccgcagg gaatggagca gaatcgtggc tgttactgca acgtgccagg ggttggaggt
   314941 ccgccggctg aagtccggct agagtgtcta gcggagagag gtagttagcc atccatccaa
   315001 gaagagctcg gaatctagct ttcgcaggag ttcggatgga gtcttccttc agtcacgacc
   315061 gggggcggag tctggctccc gtaggagtct gggcggagct tatcagcagt tgaagttggc
   315121 gacggagccc gactcccgta ggagtccgag cggagtcctc cttgcggttg aagtcgtgga
   315181 tggagcctgg ctcccgtggg agtccgggca gagttctcct gcaattaaag tcaggtgcga
   315241 agtccggctc ccgtaggagt ccggacggag cttaccagca gttgaagttg gcgacggagc
   315301 ccggctcccg taggagttcg ggcggagctt accagcagtc gaagtcggtg atggagcccg
   315361 gctcccgtag gagtccgggc ggagcttgcc agcggttgaa gttggcgatg gggcccggct
   315421 cccgtaggag ttcgggcgga gcttaccaac agtcgaagtc gacgacgggg cccggctccc
   315481 gtaggagtcc gggcagagct tgccggcaat tgaagttggt gacgaggccc ggctcccgta
   315541 ggagtccggg cagagtcctt ctgcaattaa agtcaggtgc gaagtccgac tcccgtagga
   315601 gtccggacgg agcttaccag cagttgaagt tggcgacgga gcccggctcc cgtaggagtc
   315661 cgggcggagc ttaccagcag tcgaagtcgg tgacggagcc cggctcccgt aggagtccga
   315721 gcggagctta ccagcagtcg aagtcggcga cagggcccgg ctcccgtagg aatccaggtg
   315781 gagcctgcca gcaattgaag ttggtgacgg agcccggctc ccgtaggagt ccgggcggag
   315841 cttgccggca attgaagttg gtgacggggc ctgactccca taggagtccg ggcagagtcc
   315901 tcctgcaatt aaagtcaggt gcgaagtccg gctcccgtag gagtccggat ggagcttacc
   315961 agcagttgaa gttggcgatg gagcccgact cccgtaggag tccgagcgga gcttaccagc
   316021 agtcgaagtc ggcgataggg cccagctccc gtaggagtcc gggcggagct taccagcagt
   316081 cgaagtcggc gacagggccc ggctcccgta ggagtccggg tggagcctgc cagcaattga
   316141 agttggtgac ggagcccggc tcccgtagga gtccgagcgg agcttgccgg caattgaagt
   316201 tggtgacggg gcccgactcc cgtaggagtc cgggtagagt cctcctgcaa ttaaagtcag
   316261 gtgcgaagtc tggctcccgt aggagtccgg acggagctta ccagcagttg aagttggcga
   316321 cggagcccgg ctcccgtagg agtccgggca gagcttacca gcagtcgaag tcagcgacag
   316381 ggaccgactc ccgtaggagt ccgggcggag cctgccagca attgaagttg gtgacggagc
   316441 ccggctcccg taggagtccg ggcagagctt gccagcggtt gaagttggtg acggagtctt
   316501 cctgtggttg aagtcgggga cggtgcctgc aagggtcaat cccactgaga acttcggctg
   316561 tgggtatttt atatccaaca cctaccaaat attaaattag attaatcaag atttctctaa
   316621 tacaatagtt atagatggtc aagtccatgt ctttgattag accaaatgga ccttgattgt
   316681 ggctcagtgg ttgaacctga atcattaggt tggtcaaatc aaaactaatt aatcaattgg
   316741 tgtctaaagt aagtttggca tttcgatcgg tggtttttaa ttaggagcga cttatctggc
   316801 cattttgatg gtgtctaagg caagcttaga agaccctccc accaatctta cttacctggc
   316861 taatttgata aactaaattt tgattagatc gctaagtgat tcgagttagc ccatgccatt
   316921 aaggttgatc tgtgtaactg atctaggtgc cagttcaatc agcatgacct aatctgattc
   316981 agtgacttag taaagttagt gggaggatta tggtctactt attgatcttt tcttctcttc
   317041 tctcttctct aaattgatta aatcttctaa attattaggt cctcaaaatg agctggttat
   317101 gatgataact agatcatagc ctcccattaa ggtgagtgat aatgggtcta ttatttttga
   317161 ttgacattac aggtaccatc catctgatat tctctctgaa tgatggaatt atcattcctc
   317221 atatgatgac tctaatgaac tatctgatga tggttaggtt gatcgagcca tcttcgaacc
   317281 tgatcactca ttaagtagaa tcgctgagta ggttcatgct aatggtttga cctaaccaaa
   317341 actttcagtg gaggcccatc acttactgaa atgaaatctg gggctaaatt aaatactaga
   317401 agttgtttgg agaaataatt gatttagaac ctacccatag gtgtatatgg attgaccgag
   317461 ccattcttgg gcctatatgt agtctgtgtg gattctagta cccgctaaaa aattaaagta
   317521 attcttcaaa ttagaggtag aggctatcaa ttcgtataaa atagtgggag gacctttaga
   317581 ctaaagtcta agtctttagg attaataaat tcatatactg attaggcttt gttctttctt
   317641 tgtgtgtgca gatatggcgt caaacttgtc actccgatca ctgttggata gtgagaagct
   317701 tatcagacca aattttaata attggtatca aaaattaaag attatcctgg agcacgagca
   317761 gatcctttat gtgataacgg atccgacatc tgatgagcct gctcctaatg ctcgaggagc
   317821 ggtctgagat acttatttga agtggctcaa caaccgcacc atggttcatt gcatcatacg
   317881 ggcctccatg aatgatgagt ttagtcaaaa gtttgatgaa gcttagccag aggaaatgct
   317941 tcaagtgttg agagattttt ttggtactct tgacgatgtt gagtggcaca agactagttg
   318001 caccattttc aatatttgaa tgagggaggg tacatctgtt atcgatcatg tattgtacat
   318061 aatcgagcag attgaaaaat tgagcaaact cgactttcct ttgcatgaac agctagagaa
   318121 aaatgtgatc ctgaactctc ttcccaagtc ctacctaccg ttcctcagtc atttcagaat
   318181 gacgaagcct atagtcaact accacggtct attggggttg ctacagactt ttgagaaaga
   318241 tcactagctc cacaaagaga tagtgaatct agtgggagga tcttcttcag atatcgtcgt
   318301 ccctttaaga aaggaaaaaa gaagaagaat aagaaggtgc atggtgctgg aagtcagtct
   318361 caaaaatcta agttcaaggc tgatcaaagt caagcagagt gcttcttttg caagaagtaa
   318421 ggtcattaaa agaggaagtg tcctcagtat atcgattctc ttgacccgaa caggtcaaag
   318481 aagaagaagc aattagttac tggaaggtac ttatgtgata acatcttgta atttttctct
   318541 tatagataca atgacttggg tattggatac tggaagccct attcatattt gtaattcatt
   318601 gcagggtctt caggtcacta ggagatttga agaagatgaa aaattcttga atgttagaga
   318661 tggaagatca gttgcagttc tagctttagg aatcnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   318721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   318781 nnnnnnnnnn nnnncttaga caccatcaga aatggccagg taagcgggct cccaattaaa
   318841 aaccaccggt ctgatttacc ttagacacca actggtttaa ttagtttcga ttagatcaac
   318901 ctaacagttc gtgctagacc gcttagccaa gaatcaagtc catttggttc ttgttaaaga
   318961 catggacttg accaactaca actattgtaa ttgatctaga gaatccttga cctaatctaa
   319021 gacaacaatt gattagattt agtcaattct ctaattaagt ccatctttaa tctaaccata
   319081 ggtctaaccc aattaatgga cctaattccc actaatccat taacccaatg tgttatggtt
   319141 tgtgtcttag gttcttcaat tcacaatcct agaacctaat caaacaactt cttaattctt
   319201 aattaagttt tgggctgagg gttgggtttg gcttttcaaa aaataatttt catatttata
   319261 aaataatttt acaatatgat tctaccaact atattgcatg tttaattcat aatcaaaata
   319321 caagtgaaat aaatatgaaa ctactttaga tctaatctaa acaggttcat gtaattgaaa
   319381 caattttaac tttaaacaat ttttttgcac aaaaattatt aacaaagata ttttatttta
   319441 gatttaaata tcttttaaat ctaataaatc ataaatttaa tctagatcat atctaacaaa
   319501 tttatgatta aagatagatc tacacaaact aggacaacct ttgcactgta aggggtaaac
   319561 cttacagcag gacaaccttg cagtttgtga ttgatctaaa attttaattt cagatttaat
   319621 aatcagatta taaattagat ctaatctaag aaataatcta agtatgtata aataatcatg
   319681 taataaaaaa aaacttaggc tctgatacca attgaaggaa ccagatctag ggtttcaggg
   319741 ttagatcttg aaactttttc aagatcatac agcggaagac taaaataaat taaaatttat
   319801 tttttaaaaa tagaaaatct ctagatataa aattttatta catgattatt acataacatt
   319861 aaatcagaaa ttaaaatata taaatatagc atgaactaca tgttgatcat atcaacatat
   319921 ttctatacta catctaatgt atgtattaaa caatagatca gatctattac cttgcaagtt
   319981 agacgttcta accttgttga tctgagcttg aggatgatgt tgcaagccgc acacgcatcc
   320041 cgcctctagg agtcgtccac acgaacccac gaatctcgat cagaagtcct gcttcaggaa
   320101 atcagcacag tatgctagta ctgcgctgat ccttctttga tggttgatca ggtgcctcct
   320161 tcttcttgat ttggactctt ccaaagatgg aaaatagaag gagaagtttc agatctgaga
   320221 cgctctcagg aaactcaata tggagggagg aaagatatga aaacaaaaac cctagaagaa
   320281 gaccctcttc ttcttcatgt ttttctctct agacatccaa acttgcatct tttatatctc
   320341 cacgacccaa aggtatttct ctctaatttt tggatggcac aaagatctct caaatctctg
   320401 acttctccta aaattttaca aagaaactca tcttatatag agagatataa tagagtcctt
   320461 gtctaggtca aacacctagt caaggcttat ccaaacatgg caagttaagg gacgcccaac
   320521 tcttgagcac ctccttcata ttttcattca tggatcacca gaaaaggatg cacaatatat
   320581 accctaaaat ccataaaaat ttcaaaaaaa atttggataa attcggtgca aaattgaaag
   320641 agttttggat ttctaaaact ctatctcata gaattcgaaa tccaaactta ttccttttag
   320701 atttgatcca aacaaccttc catgtaagaa agaagagagg agaccttttg tgaacgtggg
   320761 agagatctgg gagagggctt ttgtcacata aaataagcaa agattggcgt tgaataagag
   320821 agagggcgtg gagaaggctt atgtggcgca aggtggaatc ctagtcttac taggattctg
   320881 tcttatgact tattttaatt tggtttccca aactaaatca aataaaaatt agatcaaccc
   320941 aattaaaata ggtcttaact caattaagaa cctaatttaa ccagattaaa ttagatttaa
   321001 atctgattta attttctaat caaattagaa attagattga cccaagtcct tgttgaacta
   321061 ggactagttt ttccttgcac ttggcttatc caataaacca attggacttg atccaatcaa
   321121 gcccaaacta aatctaatta aatcatattt aattagactt aatctcaatc cattggctta
   321181 atcaaattaa gccaatcagc aatcaaattg ctaatagatc ctcctgcaac acttgcactg
   321241 ggttaaatgt caatcgtatt gatcatttaa ccctagaacg attcttaatc gttgatcaac
   321301 catccgatcg gatcatgaac tctaatgtgt gtgacctcat aggtccgaac ctaagtcgat
   321361 agcatagaaa taaattctta taccaatcga agtgaccatc tagcaatggt acccgacgac
   321421 cggataggtc gaatgtgtag aacaacatcc ttagaaccca tgcggatata gttttcatat
   321481 aattcatctc cttgaccaaa atgatcatag gacaccccag agttcaactg tcaactctga
   321541 tcaggttgtc catattgtat ttcaaaatat caaatccatc tgatggatta tcctggccaa
   321601 gattttgcta aattaaaata cagcgactca ttcttctcca actcttggaa tggtcaatct
   321661 catctcaatc acactctgac ttcgcaagta cttgactgtg cccagaagcc ttccatctct
   321721 aaattagaaa ttcagttagt ccagtatcaa agcacagtga gttgcttgca agtcactgag
   321781 gcgatctcaa gtctaaggga cacttatacc tatatcccat cagagacatt ctcgatagca
   321841 gaatgctctg gagttggtca cgttcaatga tgatgtaccc ttacatctca cctgtatgcc
   321901 ataccagtgt ctccacactc cttggttaag aggacaacca acccatatgg cctacagcga
   321961 cctatgctcg atagaagctg tcgtccttat taacagctta tcatttggtc gtgaacagtt
   322021 ttaaggacta atcgataaat cctctcttta tcgaacttaa atagtcctaa ggacttcatc
   322081 ataacaacgg agttcattag aagatgaaag cttatgatga aaataccaaa tatattttat
   322141 ttattaacaa atcaattaca atacttggtt gctcaaccgt caacagtttg acgattggct
   322201 ttttgggaca cattttccaa cagttcgaac ctacggggtc acacacatta gtggttcctt
   322261 tctgatcaga tagctgatta tgagtcttat gtgtctggga ctctatgatt gagaattagg
   322321 attctctgat catgagttcc acacattttg aataccgggg tcaaaatttt gaattttaaa
   322381 ttttgaattt aaaatttaaa ctctttgatc agggtttcat atcgatgggc tctgatacca
   322441 attgtagcga aaatttagtg cagctgtaaa atagtaattt tgaaaaagtt ttaaaattat
   322501 cattttgtcc ctgcactaaa tttttgctac aattgtttat aattcatgta ctaatacaaa
   322561 aggagtacaa ccatcaacag gctgacgatt ggctttggga cactatttcc aacaatcttc
   322621 ctgaaatttg gtggactcac gacactcgtg gcacaccaat ctcacttccc gaaccttagg
   322681 tagaaaccct agggttgccc atcggatttg gactcaatat ttatgagagg tttaattagt
   322741 gatttgatcg ctaattaact caatttgatt gagtaattat ttttggatca agtccaattg
   322801 aattggattc agtttggatt gacctgatta ggttaaatgt tgacctaatc gctaatgtgg
   322861 tttagtccct gatttgatca ggggttaggt ttagttaatt cctgatttga ttaggatttt
   322921 attgagccta attaagctta attaagttga atttaattta ttctaattgt gcttaatcta
   322981 tttagattag gttggctcaa ttaggttcaa accatcttga cttttctccc tgcgccacct
   323041 cacttcttct gtgcatattt aaattcacga gaagcaactt ctcatgaatt ttctccacac
   323101 agaagccatc ccacgcccac ccttgtgcgc caaatatctg gataaaaata agttggttgg
   323161 ccattcaaat tcaaaagaaa gtttgaattt gaatgagcaa ccaactaatc catgcgccat
   323221 ggtcttatct tgtgcgcccc atattttata tgagaaaata ttttttgtgt aaactctcca
   323281 tgcataaatc aactcatgcc ccttctcttc tcacgcacaa gtggataggg atgagttggt
   323341 tttgcatttg aattcaaatt tgatttgaat tcaaatgtgc aaccacttat ctttatcctc
   323401 tcacgcggat aagacacgtt cgacgttgtt ttaaaaagag gagaaaggtg ggatgtgcgt
   323461 aaaaatttta ggagagaaac tttggggcgt gaggaaggct tgtgtgcgag gtgaaggtcc
   323521 aaaacctttc gagagaaaaa aaaattgaaa tttgaaattt aaaatttgtt agaagtttca
   323581 aatttgaaat ttaaaattta aaatttgaaa tttggttgaa atctcaaatt tgaaatttga
   323641 aattcgaaat ttgaaatttg aaattcaaaa ttcaaaattt aaaattcaaa gattggaaat
   323701 tcgaaatttg aaatttggtt gaaacctcaa atttaaaatt taaaatttaa aatttgaaat
   323761 ttgaaattca aaattcaaaa tttaaaattc aaagattaga aattcaaaat ttaaaatttg
   323821 gttgaaatct caaatttgaa atttaaaatt taaaatttaa aatttaaaat ttaaaattca
   323881 aaatttaaat tttaaaattg gtatatttag atatacttga tccaagtagc aagtaatcta
   323941 attgggttgg ttgccatggc catccggtca taggagaaaa gtagggttta aaggccctct
   324001 cttcccattc gatggggtct tctatggcgg taggggtgcc gatgcaatta tatcccatac
   324061 cgatgaagca gcgaaaggac ttaattaaga aatttatcat gaatgtgtta gattagatct
   324121 aaaagaaaat ttatgattta ttttgagtta ttttttgtta tgaaatgaac aataggattg
   324181 ttgtttatga aatgtactaa cccgtttgtg aaatgagtca acacatttgg tgaacagaaa
   324241 ataaaatctt tcaaaatttg aaaattattt tcgaaatgtc aaaccctgac ccatcagatc
   324301 aagtacttaa ttaaaagaat taagtattgt ctagtaggtc tagaattgtg aattaagacc
   324361 taagacaatt gcataaactt gtggtcaatg ggttagatga attaggtcca taattgggtt
   324421 agacctaagg ttagcttaaa aaatggacta aatggagtaa ttggtcaaat ctaatcaaaa
   324481 gttgaattag attaggtcaa ggatactcta gactcaactt caatagttat agttgaatgg
   324541 gtccatgtct ttaactagac caagatggac ttaattcatg gctacgtggt ggagccctat
   324601 ttactaagtt gatcaaaatt aaaactaatg aaccggttgg tatctaaggt aagttcggca
   324661 gttttgacca gtggttctta agcgggagct actcgcattg attcgatcat tgacgagtta
   324721 atgacaaatc tccaccactg atctcactta cctggccaat ctggtaagtt agattttgat
   324781 tagatcactt ggtgattaga gctcacccat gtcattaggt aaatcagtgt gactgattta
   324841 ggtgctccta atgccagctt taattaaatc cttttttaat ctgacttggt gaagtcagtg
   324901 ggaggattga aattggctgg atgatttctt ctctactatt ctttaataaa atcttcaaaa
   324961 ttattaggtc cctaaaatga ttaagttata atgataacta agtcatagcc tctcattaag
   325021 tgaatgataa tgagtccatt agttcaatga tcattggagg cccaaaggcc tggtgctcat
   325081 tggctaatgg aattattatt cataatatga taatttgatt gagtctttct gatggtggtt
   325141 aggttggccg gccaaaatcg gacctgatca tttattggtc cgattcacta aattaagtca
   325201 tgttaatggt tggacctaac cagatctttt cagtggaggc caaagcctac tgattaagtt
   325261 ctggggcaaa atcaactact agaagttgtt tagagaaaca actggttaag aacctaccca
   325321 tagatgcaca tgagttgacc aaccaaagtt gggctcgtgt gtagtctgtg tggattctag
   325381 tacccattaa ggaattaaag taatttctcg aattggagga tgaggctacc agttcgtaaa
   325441 aatattggaa aaaactttag actaaagtcc aagtctttag tattaattta tgtactaata
   325501 gaggtctcat tttcctttaa gcagctatgg ccactaacct gttgctccga tcattattag
   325561 ataatgataa gctcatggga tccaatttcg atagctggta tcgaaaattg aaaatcgtcc
   325621 ttgagcatga gtggatcctt tatgtagtaa cggatccagc acctgaggag ccagctccga
   325681 acgctagtaa ggcgatccga gatacttact tgaagtggct caatgaccgc accaccgttc
   325741 gatgtattat gctggcagca atgaatgacg agttcagtcg aaggtttgag aatgcccagc
   325801 cacaggagat gcttcaaatg ttgaacgact cctttggcac gcctgacgac gttgaaaggc
   325861 acaaaactag ttgtgccatt ttcaatgctt ggatgaggga tggggcctca gtcactgatc
   325921 atgtactgta catgatcgag atgattgagc gcctaagcaa attgggcttt cctctgcacg
   325981 agcagctcgg taaggatgcg atccttaatt ccttgcccaa gtccttcctc ccatttctta
   326041 ctcattttcg aatgacaaag cctgcagtaa actaccacgg attgttgggg ttgctgcaga
   326101 actttgagaa ggatcaccaa cttcataaag agtcggtgaa tgtagtggga ggatcttctt
   326161 ctcgtcgtca accctttggg aaggggaaga agaacaagaa gaagaaaaat aagaaggtgc
   326221 aatctcatgc tgagatagta gcacaaggcc agaccaagaa gcgcaagcac gaccagagcc
   326281 aggcggagtg cttcttttgc aagaagcagg ggcattggaa gaggaactgt cctcaataca
   326341 ttgcctccct ggacccgaac aggccaaaga agaagcaagg taattatatg ataactcctt
   326401 gcaacttttc aatttgtgat actactgcct gggtattgga taccgaaagt ccttatcata
   326461 tttgtaattc aatgcagggt ctgcaggtca gtaggagatt tgatgaaggc gagagattcc
   326521 tgaacgttgg agatggaagc aaagttccag ttctagcttt aggaatcatg agtcttgtaa
   326581 tcaattctcg taatgtaatt ctgagtgaat gtcactattg tccaagtttt ttattaaata
   326641 ttatttctgt aggccttttg gccatgtacg gttatgatat tttaataaaa aaaaatattt
   326701 gcaatattat tttgaatggt gttacaatat ttgttggata attaaataat ggaatttact
   326761 tactatcaca gcctgttaat gtggttcaaa acttcggtaa acgctctaga atagataatg
   326821 tgtcagaagt ctacctttgg cactgtaggc taggtcatat caataagaac aggataaata
   326881 ggttggctca agaaggaatt cttgaagtta gtgattgtga atcacttcca acctgtgagt
   326941 tctgtcttct tgggaagatg accaagtcac cttttactgg aaaaggtgag cgagccagtg
   327001 aactcttagg tctgatacat tctgatgtat gtggacccat gagctcaagt acaagaggtg
   327061 gatttttcta cttcataacc ttcacagacg acctatctag gtatgggtat gtctatttaa
   327121 tgaagcataa gttagaatca tttgaaatgt tcaaactatt ccgaaatgag gtagaaaaac
   327181 aaactggaaa gtgtattaaa actcttcaat ctgatcgagg aggtgaatac ctttccaata
   327241 agtctctgac gtatctaagg aagaatggaa ttctctctca gtggactcct cctggaacac
   327301 cacagcataa tggtgtgtct gaaaggagga atcggaccct gttagacatg gttcgataca
   327361 tgatggggtt tgctggtctg ctgatctccc tctggggata tgcgctcgaa tcggcttgtt
   327421 accttctaaa tagagtttcg agtaagtctg tagccaaaac gccatatgag atatggatag
   327481 gacgtaagcc agtactctcg caccttaggg tttgtgggtg tccgacttat gttaaacgtt
   327541 taattacaga caagcttgga cctaggtctg acaaatataa ttttattggg tacccaaaag
   327601 agaccaaagg atattatttc taccttgctg atgagcaaaa ggtgtttgtc agccttaagg
   327661 caattttttt tgaaaaagag ttccttagtg aaaaaactgt agcctctaag atcgaacttg
   327721 acgaagttcg acaggtggaa aaaccgacac atgttactga acctgaaccg gatttgatta
   327781 gatcagatcc ggagcccatt gattatgcac ccttaaggca gtctggtaga gtaccacatc
   327841 aaccggacag atactatggt ttcttggtcc gagatggtga tcctgtcgaa cttgatgaaa
   327901 acgatgagga tccgatcacc tacatggatg caatgcagag acctgactct gagaaatggc
   327961 tagaggccat gaaatctgaa atggagtcca tgaaggtcaa cgatgtgtgg acattggttg
   328021 acccacccga aggagtaaaa cccatagggt gtaagtgggt cttcaaaagg aagaggggca
   328081 ccgacggaaa ggtggagacc tataaagccc gtctggtttc caagggatat cgtcaacgtt
   328141 atggtataga ctatgacgag acattttctc ctatggtaat gctcaaatcc attcggatta
   328201 tgcttgcgat agctgcccat ctggactatg aaatctgaca gatggatgtg aagacagctt
   328261 tcctaaacgg agagctggac gaagaggtgt atatgataca acctgaaggg ttcacatcca
   328321 cagatgagtc taaggtgtgc aagctacaga ggtccattta tggacttaag caggcatctc
   328381 ggagttggaa catacatttt gataggacga tcaaaatgta tggcttcgtt aagaacggag
   328441 aagagccctg catttataag tgggctaatg gtccagtagt agtatttctt gtattgtatg
   328501 tggatgacat tctcttaatc gagaatgatg tccctgcatt acagggaata aaaatttggc
   328561 tatcgtcaca gttctccatg aaggatctgg gagaagcttc ctacatccta gggatgagga
   328621 tttataggga tagatccaaa aagttgcttg gcttatccca gtccacgtac attgatacta
   328681 tgctgaaaag gttcaacatg aaaaatttca agaaaggcta tctaccgata ggccatggaa
   328741 tttctctctc gaagagggat tgtccgacaa cacctcaaga gagagagcgt atgggtagga
   328801 ttccatatgc ttcggcagtg agatctatca tgtacgtcat gacatgtaca cgaccagatg
   328861 tggcatactc actaggggta gtgagtacat accaatctga tccaggagag aatcactgga
   328921 aggttgttaa aaccatcttg aagtatttaa gaaatactaa ggaccagtgg cttatatatg
   328981 gtgaatcaga cttgagactt atagggttta cagactccag tttccagtct gatcgcgatg
   329041 atagcaagag tgtgtcagga tttattttta cccttaatgg tggggctgtc tgctggaaga
   329101 gttccaagca gcacactgtg gctgattcag tatgcgaggt ggagtatatt gctgcatcag
   329161 atgctgccaa agaagcggtg tggttgagga aattcatcac cgagctcgga gtagcaccct
   329221 cccttgttgg tccagttctg ctctactgcg acagctctag agccattgct caggcgaagg
   329281 aaccaaaggc acaccagcag acgaagcata ttctgcaccg ctaccatctc atccggaaga
   329341 tcgtggatcg agatgacgtc gaccttcaga agatcgacgg aaaggagaat ctgaccgacc
   329401 cattcactaa agccattgcg gtgaaggagt tcaacgacta caagtcgaag atgggtatta
   329461 gatactgcac cgataggctt taggccaagt gggagattgt tgggaatagt atcccaaagc
   329521 caatcatcag cctgttgacg gttgtgctcc ttttgtatta gtacatgaat tataaataaa
   329581 taaaagttat tttgatattt ttttatcaca aatgtttcat cttctaatga actcctgtgt
   329641 tgtggtgaag tccttaggac tatttagact cgacaaagga ggatttgtcg cttagtcctt
   329701 aaacatgttc acgaccaaat gatacgttgt taccaaggac gacaacattt atcgagcata
   329761 gatcgttgtg ttccatatgg gttggttgtc ctcataacca aagagtgtgg agacactggt
   329821 atggcataca ggtgagatgt aatggtacat ctgcactgaa tgtgaccaac tctggagcta
   329881 tttctactgt caagatttgc tccgatggga tatgggtata aatgtccctc cgacctgaga
   329941 ccgccacggt gacttgcaag caactcactg tacttaggca ctggactacc tgaatttcta
   330001 attcaatgac ggaaggctgc tgggtgtagt caagtacttg atttgtcggt gcatgtgtca
   330061 agatgggatt gaccactcta gtttaggagc tgtgtacagt cgtgtttcaa tttagtaaaa
   330121 ccttggccag ggttgtccta gtgaggagtc acaggactaa ttgagttgag cacgattcgg
   330181 atgatatcat cagggttgac agtttaaccc tgagtcatcc taaacacagg ggtcaaaagg
   330241 gatgaattat atggtaacca tattcacgta ggttctgaat gttgcgattg cgattattcg
   330301 acctatctgg tcgtcgggta ccattgctag atggtcactt caattagtac agaaattggt
   330361 tcctgtgcta ccggcttagg ttcgaacctg cggggtcaca cacattagtg gttcttttct
   330421 gatcaaatgg ctgattatga gtcttatgtg tctgggactc tatgattgag aattaggatt
   330481 ctctgatcat gagttccaca cattttgggt actggggtca aaattttgaa ttttaaattt
   330541 tgaatttgaa atttgaactc tttgatcagg gtttcatatc gatgggctct gataccaatt
   330601 gtagcgaaaa tttagtgcag ctataaaata gtaattttga aaaaatttta aaattatcat
   330661 tttgcctctg cactaaattt tcgctacaca atttagatga gatttttatc taaatatatc
   330721 tctcactatt ttaacaaatt ttatatccct caagtatgaa aatgagaaac ctaatcataa
   330781 agtttcttag gggggttgag atctcaattc tcataaaaag tcttgtggat agcacaataa
   330841 gcttctatga gttcaagggt aggtaactct ttaccaattg catctcatgc aactttcaac
   330901 ttaacttttg cctctaaatt acttatattc ttatggatag cacaacaaac tatagtattt
   330961 tagttaagtt atacctttca atcttatatg gtcatatttg aataatacta ttcttgtgga
   331021 tagcataaca aggcagcact atcataatat accataagca tcacttagtc aacatcatat
   331081 caatctctat agcaaatctt gtagatagca caacaaactt actataattt ttgacatact
   331141 ctattgacta aatatgagct aagtaccatt agcttcatta tgcatcgaga tagtatcaaa
   331201 tcagtcccca cagtaagtct tgtggatagc acaataagcc tactatagtt cttgacataa
   331261 tactggcttg acatgaagga aggcatgggt agtgttctta acactttgtc attatgactt
   331321 aatataattt aaatgaggat ctcaggtttc atgcacatct taaacatata tttatgcatc
   331381 atatgcaatc taatctttaa atctaactac caacatataa gagcataaaa agaaaaacta
   331441 atggttatgg acttttgaaa gatcatccga gccacaggat gatatatggt tcatactctg
   331501 ggtgcatcat agattgaacc atctcatgat caatctaaat gtacctccgc tcttaaacac
   331561 ttgatagtgc agtcttcatc tctatgaagt ctaccatgaa tgcttgatct ttatttgaaa
   331621 atagcaagaa ataattttat ctattctcaa ataatttttt ttctataatt ttacatcaat
   331681 ataaaagttt caatcaatag ttgagaatat acaaaagaaa gatgcagctg ataatacaat
   331741 gcatcagggg cacccagccc ctattgcaat tcttgcagat gcattaatat aatcagctaa
   331801 catggaaaca ttcatgcata catccatcat atggatgtac catagtccat aatgaaagaa
   331861 atatacccta caagccaatc aaaatttata ttttaataga tttttttatg atctttcaga
   331921 ctcatgtatt gactttttat aaataaaaga tatttttcat catatgctgc atcttacttt
   331981 tgtaatgact atgataaact tcataaatca ggacaatggg tttaggatta tgatgagatc
   332041 atacctatga gatctaaaat cttaaaaatt ttgatttaga atatttctaa tcataagagc
   332101 atcaagtaag agatcaatgt ttaggataga ctagcacttc ctatgtatgc tcgatgaaga
   332161 gggtggctga tctcataagc tacttgtatg agacactaat acaagaaagt gggtgctcat
   332221 tagaaaataa attcactaaa ttgatccaac ttaagaaata tcttatgaaa tttacttacc
   332281 catcaaaaga tgttttctta tagtgggagt tgtacaagta atcttttgat ctgagactac
   332341 catagaatct tgtatacatg aatccatatt ttggttcata ctcattcatg acttagtcat
   332401 gtacggggta ttctggatat gatggaatga gtatggaggt tgtgagtagg tcaacatgaa
   332461 atcgatcact cctggtaaga ggagatcgca tcctacttgc tctgatcgat tgatgattca
   332521 gaaagtcttt gatcaaagta gaataaaaat tagaaagagt ttctaatatt ttattaatca
   332581 aatcatcatt taagattaag aaaaatatga atatgatatt agatttgaca tcatttcata
   332641 tccagagtca tattcgagat gtaggaagat cgaaggatcg aattgcatgg taacttttta
   332701 ctgaaaaata tttttaatat ttttattaaa attttatatc ttctaagtaa atatgataca
   332761 ttattagaca tcaatcttct tgtaaattta atcaaattaa agagtttaat tcgatcatca
   332821 attagaaaga gttataattg ctgaaatcag gttagctcga ttggatccag attggttaga
   332881 ttaaattcta atcaaatcag atcaacttac actcagattt actgatgact agatgtagaa
   332941 tctaatagat cacatacaaa gagaattgat taggggtcta attagattag atcatgtttg
   333001 caaaatagat atactagcac atgttgcaaa aactagctcc ctatttcgaa tcaggttcga
   333061 aattgattcc agattgggct aattaaggtc aaattaattt aaaccaattt tgagtttgag
   333121 ttggatcatc ccttggctat atgtaccaaa aatttagagc caagaaacta gatctccatg
   333181 catcaagaat gtttcttgca catgggtgca gtctttgtac gcagaaacaa gtttcgcgtc
   333241 ccatgagatg ggatgcccct tccttgagct tatccaatgt ttcacgatga aaaaaaattt
   333301 aataattttt catttaattt taagcataaa aaattctttt gaggttaaaa taccttctgg
   333361 tttaatcgta aaaattagtt gaagttgaaa atcctactag tctaatccat gcgcctaacc
   333421 aaaagtccaa tttgtgaagg actctaatct gtgtcatgcc tcattttaat ttcagatttt
   333481 tttcatgcca ttagcaagtt agtgccttca ttttggtcta ttggatgtcc aaaagtcact
   333541 aatgggtggt ggagaaaaat tactctatgg gaagctgcgc aacgcatcag agaatcatcg
   333601 agaaaaatgt ttcgaagaat ccttctacac gaagcatctc ttggattttt tctcgatgat
   333661 tgccatatgt caaaacctta caaatgggca tgaaaattta ttagggggta tgagattttt
   333721 tgatagatgc gagatggtgc gtggaggggg cacgaatcat tctcgaaggt actccatcgc
   333781 taactattta aagggggctc cgtcggagat ttaattcatt cagattttta attccttctt
   333841 ttctttctta cacactctct ctattgtcca attagtctct tccttctttt gttaggatac
   333901 atccaaaaat agtaagaaca agtctgattt taggacaaga gcctaggaag aaaattaagg
   333961 aagacaagga gagaagaaag gtagggatag gaaggctagg agaagaagaa gaggatctta
   334021 agatcttgat gcctaaaaaa atttttaaag tgagaatttt gaagaaaaaa tcattccaaa
   334081 gaattggtgt cctagtatag tcctgtgtgg atcaccttgg agggtgaaca cttgagcgct
   334141 tggtggagat tctgtcagaa tttggattaa gcgctgcaga tattcttcta tagcttgaat
   334201 ttaattttaa aaatatgtta tatataatta ttaatcatca aggagatatt gatttatggg
   334261 tttaataatt aaaatttttt aatttaaatt ttttaaatct attattcttc cactgtgcat
   334321 gtccacccta aaactctaca cataaccact caacatgcat tttataataa ttataaaaca
   334381 taacaacaaa caacttatgt tattttaatt atgatattat tcataaacat gtcaatggaa
   334441 atgtttaaat atttgagcat aaggcccatc tagggttttt gattcgggtt caatacttga
   334501 cccaattcat aattttaagt taattatttg tcatcctttt gagttgagtt gatcaattct
   334561 aggttaatac taatttaatt aggttagcat agattcgatc aatcatgact caaatcctaa
   334621 tcaaattagg taaataaaaa tttgatcaac ctaaattaaa catgatttct aatcaaatta
   334681 gagatatgaa tttgatttaa tctattatca ttaattctaa tcatgttaga ataatgaatt
   334741 ataattaaac aaatccatgg acaaaaatcc taatccaagt ccgatgcatc ctttccatga
   334801 tcaaattttt tcagctccac acatacctag gacaacaact aagatggaag acttataatg
   334861 gtgagtgccc aataacatgg tggtcgatcc ttggatctta ggtagatgca tcaaatgcaa
   334921 gaatcctaag tcttgataat gtacatccat atgtatcatt ctaaggcttc atgcatcaca
   334981 tgcactggat tacattttca tcaaaaatta gatcatggat ctaatcttta acttgtcaca
   335041 caagtttaaa aatcatgaaa attatatatc taagatttga tcatggatta ataatattta
   335101 tcatttacaa aaatatatca agaatattat ttaaacatca attaaaaaaa tctaattttg
   335161 acatagtttg aactagatct aatccatatc acaataataa catgaaattt gattgaatca
   335221 atcaagagcg actctgatat cactgttgag ttctaatgat gtagtgaaat ataattttta
   335281 aaaattttta tatgcattca ataattaaaa ataaagttta atatttaaac tagactaccg
   335341 gaacacaaaa gctctagaaa caccttgata attgcaatca aataacataa atatgcataa
   335401 caagagaaga tcaaaagcca tataccaata cgaagatcat gaactgctaa tcttgagatc
   335461 tctacaagac tccaaagtag aagtcctcca acgatgatcc acacaagact gatcagggtc
   335521 cttcccaatt tgatgtagtg ctgcagcctt ctttgcaagt tcgctgccga tagtccttcg
   335581 caagaacaga ttacaccatc acttgtatgc cttcgagatc tctactagga ccactctaga
   335641 aatcttttct caaatgatct taccacacaa aaatcaattg aatattcaac acttgaacaa
   335701 tctgattttt ttggacaaac atcacatgct ttcctttttc acttcccttc cattccattt
   335761 ttctctccct tttctttatc tttttcattc cagatttttt ctaactttct ctcatctaat
   335821 cccatgccta aacctttttt ggataagagt ttatccctta tggggtgccc cttatgtaag
   335881 gtatgaaggg gcgccatgat ttttcctaag gggtgccaac tcttggcatc ccttaattct
   335941 tacatgctat taatttatat tttgcatgga atacaaagta ttaagaatgg aataagaaga
   336001 gtttatccag tagaaggact cctctgcgta gaaaaatctg aatgccatct aatggtgcgt
   336061 ggataaggga atggcgtgag aaattaagag tccaaaacca taaagattct tccatatttc
   336121 aatgcatata tgaaggggcg tcccatttat tttatggcat ggagttcctt accagggaag
   336181 gactcttcct tctcttctgc gcccataatt ccaagggtca tcgcatggca cgaggaaata
   336241 aaagaaatgc gtcgaataaa tggtaaggaa tttaagaaga gtggaagagg actcctctta
   336301 acgcccaaaa aataaatgat gccacatttt tctttgacgt ggtgaatggc atggaggtag
   336361 gtgatttcac atgaaactct tctataaaaa tcaaataagc cacctattta aatatgggtt
   336421 caaacccaat cacattaggt caaagctata agtcaagggt tagcacaaac acctttgcac
   336481 taaacccaat taaaaacttg gattaattca tgtgctagca attcaattaa cccattagat
   336541 ttacaataaa tccaaataga ttagaccaag actaattttt tattgtgtgt gactcattgg
   336601 attccaaatc tagccagtag tgaacccaaa cttatgatat aaccctaatc tgattagatt
   336661 aggtcagctc aagagtccca atcaactagg actcttttta attgattctc aaattaaact
   336721 cttttaattc agatgagtcc acaagttaag attgatgtct aacaatgtgt catgactatc
   336781 taaaagattt aaaatttggt gaaaatacca aaattatcct tccatgatga gttaccatgt
   336841 aattcaatcc ttcgatcata taacatcccg aaaagaccat gggtatgaaa atatgtcaaa
   336901 tctaaatacc tatccatatg tatctcaatt cgatgatgat gactcgatta ataaactaat
   336961 aaaaattatt tctactgttc atccctgctc tatccagaga ctttcagagt catcatctta
   337021 tgagatcgca tagaatgttt tctcctccta caaggagtga tcgatttttt gttgaccact
   337081 cacaaccttc atgcatactt catcatatct agaatatctc acatatctca aagtgatgtg
   337141 cgagaaaata aaccaaagta agaatctata tacataaggt accatagtga tctcaagtca
   337201 aaggatcact tgcaccattc tcactggaga accatctgtt gacatactat aaggcatcag
   337261 atgttcttcc tgtaggtcag ttcggtgaac tcattctcca atgagcatct acatctttgt
   337321 attaatgtca tcacataagt gattgtgaga tcaaccaccc tctccatcca gcatgcataa
   337381 gatgtaccaa tcttatcgat atcatcgatc tccaattcga tgatctaatg attgagaata
   337441 ttttagattg gggctattaa gattttaggt cttactgaca tgatctcatc atgatcctaa
   337501 aatcattgtc ctaatctatg agatttatca taatcgtaaa aaaatatgat gcagcaaatg
   337561 atagaataca atacctcata gaaaaaaata actaatgtca tgcaaatgag aagaaagata
   337621 acacagaaaa gtctcttcgc atccccatgc gattggcttg tagggcacta ttctttcagt
   337681 gtatatgata caacctgaag ggttcacatc cacaaatgag tctaaggtgt gcaagcttca
   337741 gagatccatt tatggattga agctagcatc ttggagttgg aacatatatt ttgataagat
   337801 gattagaacg tatggcttcg ttaggaatgg agagaaattc tgcatatata agtgggcaaa
   337861 tggttcaata ttgtatttct tgtgttgtat gtggatgaca ttctcttaat taaaaagatg
   337921 tccctgcatt acagagaata aaaatgtgac tgtcatcaca attctccatg aaggatctgg
   337981 ggaaagcaat ctatatccta gggatgaaga tctataggga tagatctaaa agactgctcg
   338041 gactctctca atctacgtat atagatacca tgctgaaaca gttcagcata gacaatttta
   338101 aaaaagacta tcttccgata gatcaaagaa tttttctttt gaaaggagat tgtccgacaa
   338161 ctccttaaga gagagagcgt atgaatagag ttccatatgc ttggcagtga gttctattat
   338221 gtacgccatg gcatgtacga gatcagacgt ggcatactca ctagaggtag taagtagata
   338281 ccagtctgat ttaggagaga accattggaa ggtcgtaaaa atcattctta agtatttgag
   338341 aaatactaag atcagtggct tgtgtatggt aaaactgact tgaaactggt ggggttcatt
   338401 gactccaact ttcagtcaga ccatgacgat agtaagagta tgttagatta tatttttatc
   338461 ctaaatgatt gagtgatctg ctgaaaaagt ttcaagcagc acactgtggc agactttgtt
   338521 tgcgaagcaa agtatatcgc agcatccgat gctgcgaagg aagctgtatg gttgcaaaag
   338581 ttcatcgaca agctcacagt cacactctcc attaatggtt ctatcttgtt acactacgac
   338641 aatactggag ccattgctca agccaaagag tcgagatcac atcagcgtac caaacatatt
   338701 ctacgctact atcaccttat ccgaaagatc atggatcgaa gtgacgtcga cctatagaag
   338761 atcgatgaaa agaagaatct gatcgatcca tttactaaag ctctcagaat taaagagttc
   338821 gatgatcaca agtcgaagat tgatattcga tactgtactt attggcttta gtccaagtaa
   338881 gagttattga aaaatatgtc ccagaactaa tcgttagata attgtgctca tcttataaat
   338941 tatatataaa tttttattaa taaaagttat ttgatatttt tattacaaat tatccatctt
   339001 tgaactcatg tattgtaatg aaatccttaa gactataatt aatcgacaaa ggaggatttg
   339061 tcgttaaatc tttaaaaatg tttgcgacca aatgatatgc tattaatagg atgatagcat
   339121 tatcgagtat aagtcgttgt gtgccatatg agttagttgt cctcttaacc aaagagtgta
   339181 gagaattgtt atggcatgca gatggaatgt aggatcacat tcgtatcgaa tgtgatcatg
   339241 tgccaagcac tctactatca agagtagctc gtgaagggta tggatataag tatccctccg
   339301 acctgaaacc accattgtga tttataagca actcactgta ctttagtact agaccattta
   339361 aatttctaac tcagtgacga aaggctactg gatgcagtca agtacttatc aagtcggtgt
   339421 gtgagtcaag atggaattga tccctctgaa ttagtaggag atatgcatca gtgtatttta
   339481 attccataaa atcttagcta ggataattca taagatggat ttgaaaggtt gagatacaat
   339541 gtgatcgatt aaattagaat tgacagttaa accctaggtc gccttgagca tttgggtcaa
   339601 gagaatgaat tatatggtaa ccatacgcta gtaggttcta gaaggttgct ttgcaatact
   339661 ttgacctatc cgatcatcgg atcatcattg ctagatggtt acatcgatta atatagaaag
   339721 ttatcctatg ctatcgactt aggttcgacc tatggggatc acacgtatta gaagatttga
   339781 tcagatctga tggctgaaga gtccaattgg attgtgactc tggtgaagag tcctactcag
   339841 actagaactc tggaagagag tcccattagg actgaaactc tactattttt gaagaattta
   339901 ttagtaatta gattactaat tgactcaatt tgattgagta aagagctttg aatcaattct
   339961 aattgaatta gattcagttt gactctgatt gggtttgata tgactgaatt cgattacaaa
   340021 aaaaatttga tcttgatctg atcagagttt tgactcggct attttttaat tagattaaaa
   340081 atttgatgag atatttaaat ttctaattag attagattta tttctattag tgggttcaat
   340141 acaaatttga tttggattag aatcagaatt ggaaatgaag agtcattgta aactaggact
   340201 atatccttat ctttttgcgc cacacttgga tccatgccaa tttctccatg cctaattgga
   340261 tttgagttgt gatttttagt gttatgatag aggatccaat aagggtgggt ggctatagct
   340321 gatgagttat aatattatct gttgcctaat tcaaatgcga ttcgaattaa aaataagaag
   340381 taaactagga aagagatttt tcgtatatga aatattattg gcatcatatt tatttttttc
   340441 ttatttttct tggagaatac tttggcatgt gagactccag aatccttctc catgttttaa
   340501 tgactttttt aaaatttttt gggatgccaa aaggaggttt tggtgttgac tcttggtgcc
   340561 cttctttgga aactcctaat tcctagtcta taaaaagagg tcctatctct tggatgtcct
   340621 atgatcatta tcttggtgtt ttttatttct agagcctctt ctccttctct tctattcctc
   340681 ttcttgatct tctcttactt tagagtgtcc aaggtatttg aagaaggagg aacatatcaa
   340741 ctatcgaagt tgcttgcagg ctagcacctc caagtctctg atctgcatct gtctttgcat
   340801 ggatcttctt gtagaggtca gatgactcca tgtggctacg aatgatccga aaaacacctt
   340861 ctccaaccat tggactagaa gaaatcaaga tcaaatttat ttggtaatga tctctaactt
   340921 gttttgattc ctatgataaa tctaatagtt agatctcgaa tttcagcatc gatgagattg
   340981 atgcaatttt tattttcaga tctaaagtac atattttcat atcaaagatt atgatatagt
   341041 agtctaagat aggatcttat acatgtgatt aggattaaat catttaatct attattttca
   341101 ctgcataaaa ttttaaaatt gtatgtactg cactaccgta tattttcttc aagtttttgg
   341161 atacagtcaa gtacttgtta agtcggtgtg taagtcaaga agggattgat ccctccgaat
   341221 aagtagaagt taatgcatca atatatttta atttagtaaa acctgagctc gagtaattta
   341281 tatgatagat ttgaaagatt gaaatacaat gtagatgact aatctagagt tgacagttaa
   341341 accttaggac tccttaagca ttattatcaa aggaatgaat tatatggtaa ccatacatca
   341401 gtaggttctt gaatgttgct tcgccatcat tcgacctatc cggatgtcat gtcccattgc
   341461 tagttggtta catcaattag ttcaaaaatt tatttctatg ctaccagctt agattcaaac
   341521 ttacggagtc acactcaaaa aaagtttcta actgatcatg tggctaatca ataattgaga
   341581 atcgttcaag gatttgatcg tcaattcgat tgatggttaa tcttaagcaa aagttacgat
   341641 aaatttattt gctaagtgtt agtaaattaa taaaaaatta attagtaatt aaattattaa
   341701 ttagctcaat ttgattaaat aaagaagatt aaatcaaatc taattaaatt agattcaatt
   341761 aagtttgacc cgattaggtt atgagatgac ataatcgcta agggagaatt atccctgatt
   341821 tgatcagaat tttggttcaa tcaattttta attggattaa gatttaatta aggattcatg
   341881 aacctaatta gattaagttt catcaattta tttgggttta accaaatatg atttggtttt
   341941 gaatcaatta aggaatccta aagtccatgt agtgttggac tcttcccttt gtgccaccca
   342001 attatagatg ccattttttc ttcatgctga aaatattttg catgaagttt ctccatgcta
   342061 ataacatcag atgtcatccc tttcttaatg ccaaatataa attggttatg agaaaaggaa
   342121 ggtttgaaat ttgatttcaa agataactcc ttatcaagat gagattggat ctcatccaaa
   342181 ccacctacac gccacacctt ggattccttt tattttgtgt gacaaaaggg agattttcat
   342241 tatgggaaat cagatgaaga tctgatttag tgtggaaaca aagttttgtg catgaaaaat
   342301 ttgtgaaggg tgatgctttt tgtgagaggg ggcgacaact caagagtcca acctcttttg
   342361 gactcttcca aaccctaaca acctaaccac ttggatgccc aaataaaaga attcttttct
   342421 tttgtgcatg catgagagac atcagaagat ggtcttcatg gtgaagtagt tttgggcatg
   342481 gcttcatgac atgaaagata gaggagagcc ctctcctctt tgggtgagca aaaaacctag
   342541 aaccctaggg tttgatccta aggatttggg aagagagaag agtgtctcct ccccaaattt
   342601 ctttcacctc ttcatctcct ctagatgctc atcttcaacc atctaaaaga ttcaagagat
   342661 ttgaagaaaa gatctagatc agtcaacaag atggacttcg tgtgagctag cactcccgaa
   342721 gagatcgatc ggatcggagc ttcgagtgga tgtcccgcag aggtcggaca tatgtgcagc
   342781 tgcgagtaac cagtgagaac ctcttcacca tatctcttag cagcggcgat catcaatctg
   342841 tgctcagata ttgagttttg aactcagatt atcagtagat ttgatctact gctcacatgt
   342901 acgcatgcag attttatatt ctgattttta gatttcatat gctagtatca tatcatagat
   342961 tctagagtaa gttaatttat taatctgatc atatgtatat tagattaata agattaatct
   343021 agttgctttt cgctatgatt tatttcaaaa aattttgaaa tgcatgcatg aaatcaccta
   343081 tattttccaa cagtggtatc agagctagat tctttatgat atattatatg tgcatattag
   343141 atctaaaatt taattttttt agatttgata tataatatct tagatttaaa tttaattaat
   343201 ggttaatcat acaaactgaa ataaatttat cctactatag ggtttatccc ttacagtgaa
   343261 aaagttatcc tagtttgtgc tgatctttga taaaatctga ttttatatat tacatgtgct
   343321 attttgatct gatttagata tgatctgaaa gaaaagtatc ctataagaca atcacaagtg
   343381 tgttacgatg agacttttct ttataatttt tcaactcatg taatgatatt tattatttga
   343441 gatattaatt catcatatta gctgcatctt attatgcata agattatgat gaacctcaaa
   343501 gattaggaca ataattttag gagacatgaa taggtcatgc tagtgagacc taaaatccta
   343561 aaaccctaat cttaaatatt cttagtcata agaacattga gtcggggatc aatgttctgg
   343621 atagtctggc acatcctatg tatgctcgat agagagggtg acagatctca ctagccattt
   343681 atgtgggaca ctaatataag gatgtggata ctcatttgaa aaatgagtcc actgaattga
   343741 ctcgatgaaa gagaatatct tatggaagcc ttacttgcat gtcaaagatg gttctctaag
   343801 tgggagttgt gcaagtaatc cttagaccta agatcaccat agaatcttat gcacatgaac
   343861 tcatatttta gttcatatct agacatggca ttaaaatatg tatggagtat tttggatatg
   343921 gtagagtgca tatgaagatt gtagtaggtc aacatggaat cgatcgctcc tagtaagagg
   343981 agatcgcatc cggtgtattc caattcgtag atgactcaga aaaaattttt tagccaaaag
   344041 taggaaggag attagaaaaa atttctaata cttctttatt ggagtcatca ttagttaatt
   344101 gagaatcaat atgaatgtgt gtttaagttt gacatgattc catactgatg aacatattca
   344161 gggtgctggg atgatcgaag gattgtattg tacggtaact taccactgaa ggatatattt
   344221 gatatttcta tcaaattttt acatcctctg agtagtcata atatattgct agacatcaat
   344281 cttgacttgt agatttttga tcaaattaaa gagtttaatt cgaatgccaa ttagaaagag
   344341 ttctaattat tgaaaacgga ttagctcgat tggacctaaa tcggttagat taaattctaa
   344401 tcaaattaga tcaacttgca cccagaccta ctactaacta gatatggaac tcaatgggtc
   344461 acacacataa ataaattagc caaggaccct ttttaaaaag gttgattaga attttggatt
   344521 caatcagggt ttcggtaagc atgctagcac gtgtggaatc cctagctctt ttagagatca
   344581 agttggtctc atgccttact catttgctag cccaatttag taagtatttg ggtcaggtca
   344641 agccaccagg aagaagctaa aaagaggcac catatctggt gtacacgcca aataactaag
   344701 agtccaactt aaggactctt ggtgctaata tacagaatgc atgcgcactt tatttgtgtc
   344761 aaagagaagg actaagaatc cttctatttt gggcctctat tttttatgac aagtagataa
   344821 gatgatgagc cacctatcat accttttgaa gtataaaaaa tctatcatat tgtgtatgaa
   344881 aaaattgctt gaaacattgc tgcattcatg atagtttttt ctggatgcat ggagggacgt
   344941 gaagactcct tctgtttagg gagtcttaag tgacttttta tctaataatt tttatgataa
   345001 ggatttattt taagtgctga tcatgtggta aaaatataaa aaattattag attaagaaag
   345061 gttacttttc acaccctttt ctgggcgtgc gcgataggga gaaggtgctt gcacgtctct
   345121 tcggtgaaga gtccttctca catatgaaat cttatccaaa taatgtgtca tttggtgatg
   345181 gccttcatat ttgaataaag gtttatgtag aaaaatttca cactaatctg atgtgtgaag
   345241 agatgtgaaa agcatctcgt tctgggtgtg tgcgtgtgag aaggtaggaa tcgatgtatc
   345301 accccctgaa gaatccttct atttaaggac tctcagataa gtgatacaag gacttgatat
   345361 acctttctag atgaggcatg ccttctctgt tagtgcccca tttaatgcta taaatagggg
   345421 atggcagatg gggtgatcat tcaattctta catcccctat ccactccctc tctctctctt
   345481 acaactctag gttttaggac aaggcttgtt cttttaagac aagcctaatc ctaatagctc
   345541 taaggattta agaggtctag aaaaaggtgg tcaagtctag tagatggttc aaaaagattc
   345601 agacttaggt ctggaggaag atctgatcaa ttggtggctg gttgagttct agaggctaaa
   345661 actcttgaag caaggtgaag aaggagcgct gtccttggtt caactttcgt gtggatcact
   345721 gttggagggc agatatttgg atacctcata aaaattggat tagcattaca gatattcttc
   345781 tgatctaaat ttattttatt atactttgat tgatatagtc aagagttttt aggcattagg
   345841 gttttcagtg catcgggtat ttttaataaa aattttaaac acctaatcct tttgctgtgc
   345901 caccgaaacc caacatgatc taaggttatg attagatctg atataattta gattagatat
   345961 aaattcatgc atatatgata tgttttgatt agatgcttag tagtcaagta atcggattga
   346021 acattcttgg ccattcgggc atagaagaaa gtagggtttt aaaatcctct tctctcattc
   346081 cataggaata tcttatgatg tgtaagggta ctattcattt atgaagatga accatgaaaa
   346141 aaaaaattat ttttctataa aaccctagaa ttgaaagccc taagattgtt gtatgagata
   346201 caagttgtat gaaaaatagt aactgttgga aaatatgttc caaaaagcca atcgtcaaga
   346261 tgttgacggt tgagcaacca agtattgtaa ttgatttgtt aataaataaa atatatttga
   346321 tattttcatc ataagctttt atcttctaat gaactccgtt gttatgatga agtccttagg
   346381 actatttaga ttcgataaaa agaggattta tcgattagtc tttaaaacag ttcacgacca
   346441 aatgataggc tgttaataag gatgacagct tctatcgagc ataggtcgct gtaggccata
   346501 tgggttggtt atcctcttaa ccaaagagtg tggagacact gatatggcat acaggtgaga
   346561 tgtactggta catcatcatt gaacgtgacc aactccagag tattctgctg tcgagaatat
   346621 ctctgatggg atataggtat aagtgtccct tagacttgag atcgcctcag tgacttgcaa
   346681 gcaactcact gtgctttggt actggactaa ttgaatttct aattcaggga tggaagactt
   346741 ctgggcatag tcaagtactt gcgaagtcag agtgtgatcg agatgggatt gaccactcca
   346801 agagttggag aagaatgagt cgctatattt caatttagca aaacttggcc aaggtaatcc
   346861 aacagatgga tttgatattt tgaaatacaa tgtggacaac ctgatcagag ttgacagttg
   346921 aactctgggg tgtcctatga tcattttggt caaggggata aattatatga aaactatatc
   346981 cgcatgggtt ctaaggatgt tgttctacac attcgaccta ttcggtcgtc gggtaccatt
   347041 gctagatggt cacttcgatt ggtacagaaa tttatttctg tactaccgac ttagattcgg
   347101 acctatgagg tcacacacat tagagttcat gatccgatcg gatggttgat caacgattaa
   347161 gaatcgttct agggttaaat gatcaatacg attgacattt aacccagtgc aagtattgca
   347221 ggaggatcga ttagcaattc gattgctaat tggcttaatt tgattaagtc aatagactga
   347281 gattaaatct aattaaatat gatttaatta gatttagttt gggcttgatt ggatcaagtc
   347341 caattggttt attggataag ccaagtgcaa gaaaaagcta gtcctagttc aactaggatt
   347401 tgggtcaatc taatttctag tttgattaga aaattaaatc taatttaaat ctaatttaat
   347461 ctaattaaat tatattctta attagattaa gacctatttt aattaggttg atctaatttt
   347521 ggtttgattt ggtttgagaa accaaattaa aacaagtcat aagatagaat cctagtaaga
   347581 ctaggattcc accttgcacc acataagcct tccccacgcc ctccctcaca ttcaatgcca
   347641 atctcctctt attttgtatg acaaaagccc tctcccaggt ctctcccacg ttcacaaaag
   347701 gtctcctctc ttctttctta catggaaggt ggtttggatc aaatcaaaaa ggaataagtt
   347761 tggattttaa attctatgag atagagtttt agaaatccaa aactctttca attttgtacc
   347821 gaatctatcc aatttttttt tgaaattttt gtgactttta aggtacacat tatgcaccct
   347881 ttgctagtaa tccatgcatg aaaataagga ggaggtgctc aagagttggg cgccccttaa
   347941 cttgccatgt ttggataagc cttgactagg tatttgacct agataaggac tctatcatat
   348001 ctctctatat aaaatgagtt tctttataaa atttttggag aatatagaga tttgagatac
   348061 ctttaggcca tccaaaaatc agagagaaag acctttgggt cgtgaagata taaaagatac
   348121 aagttagggt gtctagagag agaaacgaga agaagaagag ggtcttcttc tagggttgtt
   348181 tattttcata tctttcctcc ctccatcttg agtttcttga gagcatctca gatctgaaac
   348241 tcctcttcct aatatccatc tttggaagag tccaaatcaa gaagaagaag gcacctgatc
   348301 aaccatcaaa gaaggatcag cacagtacta gcatactgta ctgatttcct gaagcaggac
   348361 ttctgatcga gattcgtggg ctcgtgtgga tgactcctag aggttggatg catgtgcagc
   348421 ttgcaacatc atcctcaagc ctggatcagc aaggttagaa cgtctaactt gcaaggtaat
   348481 agatctgatc tattgtttaa tacatacatt agatgtagta tagaaatatg ttgatatgat
   348541 caacatgtag ttcatgctat atttatatat tttaattttt gatttaatac tatgtaataa
   348601 tcatgtaata ggatcttaga tctagggatt ctctgatttt agaaaataat tttgatttat
   348661 tttagtcttc cgctgtatga tcttgaaaaa atttcaagat ctaaccctga aaccctagat
   348721 ctggttccta cagtaacatc taatcatatt gattaaaatt attttaatca tcaaaaataa
   348781 aattataaat tataaataaa tttagatgag atctaaaatt gattttgttg gaaaaggtgc
   348841 agggttttat gcatgaattt caaaataatt ttgaaatata acgcagcgaa atatataaac
   348901 taaataattt aatatataaa tatatgtaat cagattacta aatcctataa ttaggaccta
   348961 taacatatca tattatattc ataatcaaaa tataaaagct ttggtattga tcaaatcaat
   349021 atcctaaatc taaaacagct ttagatctaa aacttagatc acatctaaat aagagaagag
   349081 atcagatctc ttaccatcat gcgggtcgag aactccatga ttgatttttt ttattatctt
   349141 tagagccgca catgcgttcg gcctctacag gtgatccaca tgaggctgca acaaaatcaa
   349201 aggtttgtcg aacgaagatc cgctcgaagt gctagcttct tgcagatccc tctggatggt
   349261 taatctaaaa aatattcttc agatctcttg gacattccat aagatgaaga atatgaggag
   349321 aaataaagaa aaagttaaac cttttgacct ctctaaaatc aaaaataaaa tataatagaa
   349381 aagatcctaa gagaagacag ttcttctctt tcagatcatc aacgatttat gtcctgagaa
   349441 catctctatg ctcggacatg aggagacctt cttctctaca tgtttttcaa actttcagat
   349501 cttatgatat ctaatttttt tcatagaaaa atattatgat tgatagagaa gaaagattct
   349561 aaaataaacc ttaagagaag accttatttt cttcttcttc tctcatcaga acatgatcag
   349621 atcatgtcca aaaattagat caccatgtcc caactaattg gagcataaat tcaccacacc
   349681 atccctcttc ctctctcaga tttttatcac ataaaaatac aaaaataaag agagaataat
   349741 ttgaaaagaa aagaataaga gaaaataatc ttctctctta ccttttgttt ctacaagaca
   349801 tcaacttttg atctcttgat agaaaactct tctccaagga tattgatgcc tcaaaccacc
   349861 catgccatcc tctttctcct ctactatttc tatcagaaat ccaccaattt ttttgacttt
   349921 atctttctct catatggggg gcaccttttt tatatggtgg actaggtcaa gagacgtagt
   349981 ccaacaagga gtccatgggg catccaactc ttggatgccc cttgccttat ccttttcatg
   350041 gagagcatga tcaaatgcac aaaaggggtg acaaaaagat aggacaagga tggaggaagt
   350101 tggtgcatga gaggagagag gagttcttgt gaagagggac tctttcaaaa aggaaatgaa
   350161 cctaaaccac ttttcataat aaaccaaatt actttccata ttgaatcaaa ttaaatctaa
   350221 ttcaattctc tagaataagt gtatgagatt acattcctta gatatagata tcatagaaaa
   350281 attatctgaa aattaatatg tggcgtgggc ttggagtttc ttaggtggcg caatggagaa
   350341 gatggaatcc tagtctaact aggattctta tgtagactag gtcaagctct tcgaactcaa
   350401 ttcaaattaa ttataatcta attaatgatg attctagtcc aactaaaagt ctaattaaat
   350461 tagattaaat catatttaat tctgatttaa atcctaactt aattagaaat taggtgcata
   350521 caagtcctag tcgaacaggg acttgttctc ccttgcaact gacttatcca ataaaccaat
   350581 tagacttaat ccaattaaat ccaaactaat tgtaactgaa tcaaattcaa ttagacttga
   350641 tctcagccca attgctaact cagattgagc cattagcaat ccaattgcta atcgatcccc
   350701 ctgcaacact tgcattagga aacatcaatt acattgatcg tttaatctta gaacgattct
   350761 caatcatcga ttaaccatct gattaggtta caatcactta tgtgtatgat cctataggtt
   350821 cgaacctaag ctggtagcat aaaaaccaat tcctgcacca gtcgaagtaa ccatctagta
   350881 atggtttccg acatccaaat aggtcgaatg tatgcaaagc aacattctaa gaaccctgac
   350941 ccatcgttac cgtataattc atccttttga tcaataatgc tcaagataat ttcgagtatg
   351001 ctatcaacac tcatataagt catctctatt gtgtctcaaa attttacaaa tctcatgact
   351061 cctcacaaag attatccagg cctaggtttt gctaaattga aacacagcga gacattctct
   351121 tcctgaagtt aatcaagagt gatcaatccc atcttgactc acacactgac ttcacaagta
   351181 cttgactata cccaaaaatc tttggaacct atattaaaaa tacagatagt ccggcaccaa
   351241 agcacaatga gttgcttgca agccaccatg gtgatctcaa gtcggaggga cacttatacc
   351301 cattggcctt agctagctac tcttgacagt agagtattac attgatcaca ttcaatgcag
   351361 atgtactcat acatctcacc tggatgccat accaatgtct ccacaccact tgattacgag
   351421 gacaaccaac gcatatggca tacagcgacc tacacttgat aagttatcat ccttgttaat
   351481 aacttatcat ttggtcgtga ataatttaag aaccatccga taaatctttc tttatcgatt
   351541 gattgtggtt ctaaagactt catcataatt taagagttca tttaacgaaa atagaacttt
   351601 tatgatgaac ctgccaaata actattatta ttagataatt catatactaa ttccaatcat
   351661 ctatcactta gatgattgac tttaggatac attttccaat aactctcact tgtactaaag
   351721 ccaatcagaa tgatatcaaa tatcctatct tccacttgag ttcgtagaac ttcttagttt
   351781 cgaggcctca gtaaatgaat cggtcaagtt ctcctttatc atcgatcttt caaaaatcga
   351841 tgtcaccctg atctaaaatc aaaagtgata gcaatacaga gtatgctggt ccttcagttc
   351901 tttagccaga tttatagctc cagtgctacg ataagattgg accatcagtg gagggtgcca
   351961 ctcccaacct gctacgataa gattggacca tcagtggagg gtgccactcc caacctacta
   352021 atgaagctca gcaactacac agcttatatg gcagcatcat atgctacgtt gtactctaca
   352081 tcactaactg agtaggctaa agtatcctgc ttggaacctt tccagcaaat tactcctaca
   352141 attagggtgt aatccgatac tttcttgttg tcatcttgat ctaactgaaa tcgaaacatc
   352201 cacatgttta aagtcagtat tttcatattt gagtcactgg actttaatat ttcccaaata
   352261 cttaaggatt gtccatacaa tcttccagta gttcttactt agatcaaact ggtatctgct
   352321 cactaccatt agtgagtata ccatatctga tcttgaacat ggagaaatta gatgacaccc
   352381 aaacctttat tctttgcaat gctggaatac cattcccgat taagagaatt tcatccatag
   352441 acaacacaag gaataacact acagaatatt ttgcccactt ataaatgcag ggttcctctt
   352501 tgttcataac aaagatatat tttcaaaacg tatgtcccaa ctctgggata atagcaaaaa
   352561 caggctttat aggtcttcac cttcccgtct gcgctactct gatccttttg aaaaatccat
   352621 tcacacctaa tggattttat ctcttcaggt gaatcatcta gtgtctatac actattgatt
   352681 ttcatggact acaatttgga tttaatggct ccaagccact tctcaaagtt agaccactgc
   352741 attgcatccc tataggtgat cggatccttg ttaatctcat cgagttcaat aggatcacca
   352801 tcccagatct agacactgaa gtgtttgtcc agctaatatg gtactctact agatctcctt
   352861 aaaggtgtta ctttaatggg ctctgagttt gatctaatca aatccgattc tgtaggttta
   352921 ctagattata tcggttcatt ttctactagt caaactttca agttcaactt gataggcatc
   352981 agttccttct ctaaggaact gctttccaaa aagaatgccc tactgctgat gagcatctta
   353041 tgtttttcag catgataaaa ttaataatcc ttaaacacct attggatcaa gaatcaagtt
   353101 tatctgtatg caaacctttg acataggccg tacaactcca aacccaaagg tgagagagtc
   353161 tagatctatg tccgttctat atctcatatg gaatctgcac aataggctta ctcagtatat
   353221 tttcagagta aaacagataa tcacataaga gcacaatcct gaaataggca gagaagtgaa
   353281 ctctattgtg gattgaacca tgtctaacaa agttcaactt ctcctttcag atacactttg
   353341 ttccaaaaag aaatccactg agagagaatc caattctctc ctagatatgt cacaaactca
   353401 ctggataagt attcatctcc tcgatctgat cgaagagttc taacacctta tccagtttgt
   353461 ttcaatcttt tattattgaa tcatttgaat atttcaaatg attcaggcca gatgcaccca
   353521 tgcccagata gatcgtctac aatgaaatat taatatcttc ctctggcact taagtttata
   353581 ggtccacata catcactata tatgagactt aaaactttat cagctccttc atctttttca
   353641 ttaaaaggtg actttgtcat ctttccaaga aaacaaaact cacaggctat caataattca
   353701 caatcattga tatgaggttt ctctctcaag ctaatccgtt tatcctgttc ttgtcaaggt
   353761 gactaagcca aagatagaca tccatgacat tatctaactt ggatgtgtgc attacactta
   353821 ataggctgtg taaatgttaa atgtcatttt cttattgtcc atgtatcatt gtaacattat
   353881 tcataataat atcacaataa tcttccttta ttaatgaatg ataattatct ttggccaaaa
   353941 ggccaacaaa gattacattc atcataaaca atggacaaca gtaacaatga caatatttga
   354001 aaataagctc tacaattcct taagttagga ttggaataag acttccatcc ctaatattca
   354061 agaatttctc accattttca aacattccac ttacttgtag tcctagcaat aaattgcata
   354121 gaccatcggt atctaatatc taggtagtag aatttcacag agaaacttta aggtattatt
   354181 atataacatc cttgatgagc aagtcttgct cctttcgctt gttcagccta ttatggtcaa
   354241 gggaagcaag ataattcttc ttcctatgac cctgcttctg acagtagaag caacatgcct
   354301 gatttgaatc aattttggac taattatttt gactggacta agaagcccaa atacaaatcc
   354361 attcatactg ctgaaccaaa ttcaactttt gatactaatt aacgaagtta gatcccataa
   354421 gtcatcactg tctaacagcg attggagcaa ttaaggttta gccttatttt gagaaaagag
   354481 aataatgacc taatgtatat gaattatttt aagcctagag acttagactt tagtctcaag
   354541 attctcccac tattttattc aaattggtag cctctacctc taattcggga attactttaa
   354601 tttttcaata ggtactagaa tccacataga ctacatacaa gtccgacttt ggtcggtcaa
   354661 cccatctgca tctacgggta ggttcattaa ccaattgttt ctccaaacaa cttctaaaaa
   354721 tttaatttta ccccagaaac ctaatcagta ggctttggcc tctactgtaa ggatccggtt
   354781 aggtccaacc attaacatga ccatacttgg tgcatctaac caacgaatga ttaagcctaa
   354841 ctttggttgg ctaatctaac caccattaga gagacatttc caagttgtca tatgatgagt
   354901 gataatttta ttagtcaaca aacaccagat ttttggatct gcaatgatta ttgagttaat
   354961 ggactcatta tcaaacacct taatgggagg ctatgactca gttatctcca taactttatc
   355021 attttaagga cctaataatt ttagaggatt taaaattatt aatgatttaa ggatagaaag
   355081 gacatagacc aatttgctcc cactgacttc atcaagtcaa gtcctcccac tgacttctca
   355141 agtcactcac aaggactagg atcaaatttg gtccatgggc acctagatca gtctcactga
   355201 atgaaatcag attcattgat ttcctatgtg acatgggtta gcacgaatca atgagcaacc
   355261 taatcaagac ctaattaacc acattggcca ggtaagtatg atcggtggga gggtcagcca
   355321 aagcttgcct tagacaccat aagaaatggc caagtaagcg ggcttccaat taaaaactac
   355381 cgatcagatt taccttagac atcaactggt ttatcagttt tgatttggtc tgcctaaaga
   355441 ctcgggctca gccgctgagc catgatcagt gtccatttgt tagatatatg gactttgatc
   355501 aactacaact attgaagtga tctatagaaa tgacctaatc ctaattaact tttaatcaga
   355561 tttgatcaat ttcttaactt agtccatatt taatctaacc ctaggtctaa cccagttaat
   355621 gacctgatca aagctaaccc attaaccttt aacttatgtt ttatggaatt gtcttaagat
   355681 ctttaaatca caaacctaga tttaaaacaa tcacttaatt cttttaatta agttcatggc
   355741 tgagggttgg ggttcggcat tttgaaaacc attttcaact tttgaaagat ttaatataat
   355801 ttaatgttat ttcactaaat aggttgactc atttcaaaaa tgggtcgact tatttcacta
   355861 acaaatactt acaattaaaa tcagtcagaa aaataattga gccaactttt caatcaagct
   355921 ggattgctgg tcgagctgac ccgataagca aataaaacct ttgcaagatc ctgttcttga
   355981 ataattttaa tctatgtata ttacataaaa ttttatgaaa taaaatagac ctaatctaaa
   356041 actttcatga caagatttat ttaaactctt ttaaattttc taggtcgcaa cgtaccagga
   356101 caacctttgc actgtaagga ataaacctta cagcaggaca acctaccatc cgtgcgatca
   356161 ttattttatt ttttagattt attttaatat aattatgaat atgttataaa agaacctaga
   356221 tgctctgata ccactattag aaaagatgca gggtttcatg catgaatttt aaaataattt
   356281 tgaaatataa tgcagcaaaa tatgtaaatt aaataattta atatacaaat acatgtaatc
   356341 agattactaa actctataat tatgacctat aacatgtcat attatattta taaatcagaa
   356401 ataaaagctt tggtattgat caaatcaata ccctagatct aaaacagttt tagatctgaa
   356461 acctagatca catctagata agagaagaga tcagatctcc taccttcatg cggattgaga
   356521 actctatagt tgattttctt tattgtcttt ggatccgcac atgcatctga cctctacaag
   356581 tgatccacac gagactgcaa caaaatcgga ggttcatcta acgaagatcc actcgaagtg
   356641 ttagcttctt gcaaattcct ccagatggtt aatctaaaaa atattctttg gatctcttga
   356701 atattctatg agatgaagaa tatgaggagg aatgaggaag aagtcaaact ttttgatctc
   356761 tctaaaatta aaaataaaat ataatagaaa agatcccaga gaagataatt cttctctttc
   356821 aggtcatcaa cgattgatgt cctgagaaca tctctatgct aggacatgag gagaccttct
   356881 tcgctagata ttttccaaac ttttagatct tatgatatct aatttttttc atagaaaaat
   356941 cataagattg atggagaaga agggttctaa aataaacctt aagagaagac cttcttttct
   357001 tcttcttctc tcatcagaac atgatcagat catatccaaa aattagatca ccatgcccta
   357061 actaattgga gcataaacat aaattcatca cgccatccct cttttcctct caaattttta
   357121 ttacataaaa atacaaaaat aaagagagaa taatctaaaa agaaaataat aagagaaaat
   357181 aatcttctct cttacctttt gtttctacaa gacatcaact tttgataaga ctcttctcca
   357241 aggatattgg tgcctcaaac cacccatgcc atcctctttc tcctctgcta tttctatcaa
   357301 aaatccatca atttttttga ctttatcttt ttctcatatg ggcggcacct tttttaaatg
   357361 gtggactagg ttaagagatg tagtccaaca aggagtccat ggggcatcca actcttggat
   357421 gccccttgcc ttatcctttt catggaaagc atgatcagat gcacaaaagg ggtgacaaaa
   357481 agataggaca aggatggagg aagttggcgc atgagaggaa agaggagttc ttgtgaagag
   357541 agactctttc aaaaaggaaa tgaacctaaa ccactttcca taataaacca aatcactttc
   357601 catactgaat caaatcaaat atgatttaat tctctagaat aagtggtgtg agattatatt
   357661 ccttagatgt agatatcaca aaaaaattat ctaaaaatta atatgtggcg tgggcttgga
   357721 gtttcttagg tggcacaatg gagaagatgg aatcctagtc taattaggat tcttatgtag
   357781 actaggtcaa gctcttcgaa tccaatccaa attaattgta acctaattaa tgatgatctt
   357841 agtccaacta agaattcaat taaatcagat taaattatat ttaattctaa tttaaatcct
   357901 aacttaatta ggaattagat gcatacaagt cctagtcgaa cagggacttg ttctcccttg
   357961 caactggctt atccaataaa tcaattagac ttaatctaat taaatttaaa ttaattttaa
   358021 ttgaatcaaa ttcaattaga cttgatctca gtccaattgc tcaatcagat taagccaatt
   358081 agcaatttaa ttgctaatcg atcctcctgc aacacttgca ttaggtcaaa catcaatcac
   358141 gttgatcgtt taaccttaga atgattctca atcatcgatt aatcatctga ttaggttaca
   358201 acctcttatg tgtgtgaccc tataggttca acctaagtcg gtagcataga aatcaatttc
   358261 tgtaccagtt gaagtaacca tctagcaatg gtttccgacg tccagatagg tcaaatatat
   358321 gcaaagcaac attctaagaa ccctgaccca tggttaccgt ataattcatc tttttgactg
   358381 ataatactca agatgacttc gagtatactg tcaatactca tataagtcat ctctattgtg
   358441 tctcaaaatt ttataaatct cgtgactcct cacgaggatt atctaggcct aggttttgct
   358501 aaattgaaac acagcgagac attctctttc tgaagttaat taggagtgat caatcccatc
   358561 ttgactcata caccaacttc acaagtactt gattgtatcc aaaaatcttt caaatctata
   358621 ttaaaaatac aggcagtccg gtaccaaagc atagtgagtt gcttgcaagt caccgtggtg
   358681 atcttaagtc agagggacac ttatacccat tggccttagc tagctactct tgacagtaga
   358741 gtattacatt gatcacgttg aatgcaaatg tactcctaca tctcatctag atgtcatacc
   358801 agtatctcta caccacttgg ttatgaggac aaccaacgta tatggcatac agcgatctat
   358861 acttgataag ttatcatcct tgttaataac ttatcattta gtcatgaaca atttaagaac
   358921 catccgataa atcctctttt atcgattgat tgtgattcta agaattttat cataatttag
   358981 gagttcattt aaggaagata gaacttttat tatgaaccta ccaaataact attattatta
   359041 gataattcat atactaattt caatcatcta ccacttagat gattggcttt aggatatatt
   359101 tttcaataaa tttatgatta attttatttt agtttatata aaattattta gatctaaaaa
   359161 ttaaataaat tattactgtt tctacctctg agtcgactcg attttgattt gagtcgaccc
   359221 agtgccttga ttagtcagct cagcttccta ttagttgatc gaatctaacc aaaagttaat
   359281 ttaaattagg tcaaggatgc tttagattaa atacaatagt tgtagttgat caaatccata
   359341 tcgttgatta gatcaaatag atcttgattt tagctcagcg atcgaacctg tctataagct
   359401 gatccaattg aaactaatta actagctggt gtctaagata aatttggcaa tcttgattgg
   359461 tgatcattaa ttggaagcta ctcatataga ttagatttat gatgaattaa tgacatattc
   359521 cttccatcga tctcacttat ctgatcaaca tggtgaatta tattttgatc agatcactca
   359581 atgattcgga ttgacccatg ctaactaaaa aatcagtatg actgatttaa gtgtccctca
   359641 tatgacttgt ttgtattctc cttcatgact tggtgaagtc agtagaagaa tttatgactt
   359701 gtcgagttga tcagctagtc ttgagtcctc tttataactt gatgaagtca gtggaaggat
   359761 ttataactag ttggatggat cagattaagc ttaatcttct ttgacctgac ttggtgaagg
   359821 aagtgagaga attaacaata actgatcaag tcttttcaat taaccaaatc ttttaaatta
   359881 ttaagtccat agaatgaact ggttatggtg ataactagat cataacctct tattaaggtg
   359941 aatgataatg ggtccattat ttttaattaa cattgcaggc accatccatc tgatgtttct
   360001 ctgaacgatg aaattatcat tcatcatatg ataactctat tgtactatct gatgaatggt
   360061 tagattggtc gagccatact cgggtctgat cattcattag ttaaaatcat ttagtagatt
   360121 catgttaatt gttggatcta accaagactt tcagtggagg cccatcatct actgaaataa
   360181 aatctgaggc aaaacttaat actaaaaatt atttagagaa ataattgatt aagaacctac
   360241 ctatagatgc atatgggttg gccgaaccat actcagacct atatgcagtc tgtgtggatt
   360301 ttagtaccca ctaagaaatt agaataattc ttcaaattgg aggtagaggc taccaagtag
   360361 actaaaatag tgggagaacc tttaaactaa agtccaagtc tttaggctga atcaattcat
   360421 aaacataaag atcttgtatt tttttttcag ttatggctag atgtctgttg ctctatttac
   360481 tatttgacag tgacgattta taggacccaa ctttgatagt tagtatcgaa agttgtaaat
   360541 agttttaaag catgaatgga tcctatatat gattacagat cctgcatcga atattctcac
   360601 atccaacaca cgtgatgaaa tcagagacac ttatcaaaag tagctaaatg attgaatcat
   360661 ggtgtggtat attatgaggg tagtgatgaa tgatgaattt cgttataaat tcgagaatac
   360721 ttagctgaag aaattttttt aaatattgaa ggaattcttt ggcacctctg aggatgtatc
   360781 ttcttcaagg catcactcct ttgagaaaga aatgaaaagg taggtgcaaa tgtgtcgtgc
   360841 ttaggttatg gagctcaaac tgacaaataa gtcttaggtt aaccctaata tgacacaatg
   360901 cttcttttag aagaagcaga gacactagaa aaggaatttt tctttatatc tagtttttca
   360961 taacccaaca ggctaaaaaa aaatcaacaa atggttgcta gacatggtgc ttatatgata
   361021 acacctaatg atttctctat tcatcgtact actacctaag tattagatat cagaagtccg
   361081 attcatatct acaaattatt atagagactt caggttagta aaaagattga aaacaacaaa
   361141 agattcctga atgttggagc tgaaaatcat gtttcagttt tggctttagg aattgtcaag
   361201 aaagtttttg attctaataa tgtcattttc ggtgattgtc actattgtcc atttagatga
   361261 gtataatttt tcataggcct tctagccaaa gatgaattta aattatcaat atagaataat
   361321 ttttgtgata tcattataga tgatgtcaaa atcatagtgg ataattaaaa aataatattt
   361381 agacaaccta ttagtgtaca ccaaacaaat cctttagagt agataatgtc acagatatct
   361441 atctttggca ttctagactc aattatataa acaagaataa gatcagcagg agataattct
   361501 caaagttaat gattgtgaat cattgtcaac ctgtcaatcc tatcaccttg ataaaatgac
   361561 cagatcgtct tttgctagaa aagatgatca tgctaatgat attctgagtc tgatacatac
   361621 tgatgtattg gatctacgaa catatttgcc ataaatttag attatttgaa atgttcaaac
   361681 aatttcataa gaaggtagag aaacaaactg agatgagtat tgaaattttt tgattgaacc
   361741 aagtggagaa tatctttcta gtgaatttat gacatatcta gaagagaata agattttctc
   361801 ttattgaaat caactttatc tgacatagtt cgatccatga tgggggtttg caagtttgtc
   361861 aatctctttt tagggttatg ctcttgagac tacttgtcat gttctcaact ggattatgag
   361921 caaatcagtc acaaagacgc cacatgagat atggactaaa cgtaagtcga tactctctta
   361981 tcttaaggtt tgggagtgtt cgattcatgt caaagtattt atagactgat taacttggat
   362041 cttgatccta tatatattat ttatagggta ccttaaagaa tttaagagat attacttcta
   362101 ccttactaaa gaacaaaagc tgttcagtat ttctttttag aaaaggagtg ccttggtgaa
   362161 gaaactgatg cctctaatag gattagagga tgcagacgag aagatggaga gttataaagc
   362221 ccgtctagtt acttaaggat atcatcaacg ttatggtatt aaccataacg agatattttc
   362281 ttctgtgaca atgctaaata tttcggacaa aaatagtatt tcttacatta tagaaaataa
   362341 aaatttctct attatcacta ttctttataa aagacttggg aaaagcatcc ttcatcctag
   362401 ggatgaagat ctatagagat agatctaaga gactgcttgg gttatctcag ttcacgtaca
   362461 tagagaattt atgagtagca tttattctat catgtacacc atatataaga tcgatatagt
   362521 atactcacta agggtagtga gtggatacct aaaagattta ggtgagaatc actggtaggt
   362581 catccttagg tatttgagaa atactaagga tcggtgattc ggttataaag aatctgactt
   362641 aaaacttgta gagtttgact tcaattttta gttggatata ataataacaa gaacatgttg
   362701 aaatacatct ttatcctaaa tgatggagca atctgctgaa aaaatttcaa gcagaacaaa
   362761 atagccaatt caattcacga agaagaatgt attgcaacat ctgatgcttg caaggaagct
   362821 atatgattgt agagattcat tggcaagcta ggagtgatac cctctaatga tggtcctgct
   362881 gtattgtata gcaccaaagc cattgctcat gtcgaggagc cgaagtccca ctaacttaca
   362941 aatattttac atcgctaata tcttattcaa aaaatcatgg atcgaggtga catcgaactt
   363001 tagaagatcg attgaaagga gaacctgacc aactcattta ctaaaacctt ggtatatagg
   363061 agttttaaga tgataaatcg aagatgggta taagatacta tactgattgg ccttagtcca
   363121 agtgagagtt gttgggaatt atatcttaaa gtcaatcatt tgataattat gctaattata
   363181 aatgtatatg aattgatcaa caataaaagc tatttgatct tttttttcat cacaaggtta
   363241 catcttctaa tgaactccta tattatgatg aagtccttag aactacttta atcgataaag
   363301 aagaatttat catgtaatct ttaaactagt tcatgaccaa acgatatgct attactagga
   363361 tgatagcgat tatcaagtgt aggtcattgt gtgccatatg cattgattgt cctcgtaatc
   363421 aagtggtatg aaaatattag tatggcatgt gttggtgcaa aaatccgcct gcgccggaga
   363481 agctggagtc ggggaagccg cggtcgccgc cgggacctac aagggaagtc taaatcggag
   363541 gtggggttgc tccggcaaga ccctccgacg ctcaagtcag ttctctgcct caacaagaat
   363601 ggagagctcg aacggagagt ttagcagagt tttgagataa ggcaaaagag cttaaagaat
   363661 aacgtatctg agtccccctt ttataggtgg gagagacaac ggactgatgg cgacgtttgt
   363721 aaccgcctgg tagtgggccg cccatggcca gggggattga ttgcgcaaga taatggagca
   363781 gacacgtggc caccatcata gcccgccaca tagggcctgt tgtaggtagt ggagcggcgt
   363841 ccgttactgc tagttgtcag cgagtagtgg gatcgtgcag cacctgccgc agggagcgga
   363901 gcagcatcat agctgttgac acagcctttc agagagtagt gggatcgcgc agcacctgtc
   363961 gcagggggag gtggagccgc gtggaattcg ctacaggaag tggaacagga tcatggcagt
   364021 tattgttatc tgccaaggga cacggatctg ttgattaagg ctcggcagtg gtcggagttc
   364081 ggcctttgta ggagtccggg aggagtctgc ctgcggctgt agtcgttggc gtcagggatg
   364141 aggctcggct cccttaaggc tcggctcctc cagcgattgg taccgagagc ggagcccggg
   364201 cggagttgca actgctgttg atggaggagc ccggctcccg taggagtccg ggcggagccg
   364261 ttctgatgcc gacggaggag cccggctccc gcagaagtcc gggcggagcc gttctgctgt
   364321 tgatggagga gcccgactcc cgtaggagtc cgggcggagc cgttctgata ccgacggagg
   364381 agtccggctc ccgtaggagt ccggacagag ccgttctgct attgatggag gagcccggct
   364441 cccgtaggag tctgggcgga gccgttctga tgccgacgga ggagcccggc tcccgtagga
   364501 gtccgggcgg agccgttccg ctgtcgatgg aggagcccag ctcccgtagg agtccgggcg
   364561 gagccgttct gatgtcgacg gaggagcccg gctcccgtag gagtccgggc ggagccgttc
   364621 cgctgtcgat ggtggagccc ggctcccata ggagtccgag cggagccgta ctgatgtcga
   364681 cggaggagcc cggctcccgt aggagtccgg gcggagctgt tctgctgttg atggaggagc
   364741 ccggctcccg taggagtccg ggcggagccg ttctgatgcc gacggaggag cctggctccc
   364801 gtaggagtcc ggacggagcc gttctgctgt tgatggagga gcccggctcc cgtaggagtc
   364861 cgggcggagc cgttctgatg ccgacggagg agcccggctc tcgtaggagt ccgggcggag
   364921 ccgttctgct gttgatggag gagcccggct cccgtaggag ttcgggcaga gccgttctga
   364981 tgccgacgga ggagcccggc tcccgtagga gtccgggcgg agccgttttg ctgttgatgg
   365041 aggagcccgg ctcccgtagg agtccaggca gagccgttct gctgttgaat tcgactgcgg
   365101 gtattttata cccaacagca tgcaagtaag atgtaggagt atatctcatt gaacgtgatc
   365161 aattacggag cactctgctg tcaagagtag ctcacgaagg atatggatat aaatgtctct
   365221 ccgatctgag atcatcatgg taacttacaa gcaactcact atactttgat gtcggactac
   365281 ttgaattttt aattcaatga tgaaagattt ttgggtacag ttaaatactt ataaagtcga
   365341 tgtgtgagtc aagaagggat tgacccctcc aaataagtag gagttaatgc atcagtatat
   365401 tttaatttag taaaacttga gcccgaataa ttcatatgat ggatttaaaa gattaaaata
   365461 taatatagat gattaatcta gagatgatag tgaaactcta ggtctcttta agcattaggg
   365521 tcaaagagat gaattatata gtaaccatac gccagtaggt tcttgaatat tgctttgcca
   365581 tcattcgatc tatccgaaca tcggatccca ttgctagatg attacattga ttagtttaaa
   365641 aatttatttt tattctatcg atttagattc gaacctacgt gattatactc aaaaaaaatt
   365701 tttgactgat catgtggctg atcaatgatt gaaaatcgtt caaggatttg accatcaatt
   365761 tgattgatag ttaatcttaa gcaaaagttg tgataaattt attcattaag tattaataaa
   365821 ttaataaaga attaattagt aattatatta ttaattagtt caatttaatt gaataaagag
   365881 gattaaatca aatctaattg aattagattc aattaagttt gacccgatta ggttatgaga
   365941 taacctaatc gctaaaggag aattattcct gatttgacta ggattttggt tcaatcaatt
   366001 tttaattgga ttgagatttg attaagaatt tacaaaccaa attagattaa gttttattta
   366061 tttatttggg cttaaccaaa tatgatttgg ttttgaatca aataaggaat cctagagtcc
   366121 atgtagtgtt agactcttcc ctttgcacca cccaattgtg gatgccattt tttcttcacg
   366181 ttgaaaatat tttgtatgaa gtttcttcat gcaaataaca tcagatgttg cccctttctc
   366241 aacaccaaat atgaattgat tttaataaaa ggaaggtttg aaatttgatg ttaaagataa
   366301 ctccttatca agatgagatt ggatctcatc caaaccacct acacaccaca ctttggcttc
   366361 cttttatttt gtgtgacaaa aggaaggttt tcactgtggg aaatcagata aagatctcat
   366421 ttaatgtgga aacaaatttt tgtgcatgaa aaaattatga agggtgatgc tttttgtgag
   366481 agggggtgac aactcaagag tccaaccgct tttggactct tccaaaccct aacaacctaa
   366541 ccacttggat gcccaaataa aagaattctt ttcttttgtg tgtgcataag agacatcaga
   366601 agatggtctt catagtgtag tggttttggg catggcttca tggcatgaaa gaaaaaggag
   366661 agccctctcc tcttttggtg agcgaaaaat ctagaaccct agggtttgat cctaagagtt
   366721 tgggaagaga gaaaaagaag agagaagagt gtctccttcc caaatttctt ccatctcttc
   366781 atctcctcta gatgctcatc ttcaatctct tgaaaggttt aagagatttg aagaaaagat
   366841 ccagatcagc caacaagatg gatttcgtgc aagctagcac tttcaagaag accgatcgaa
   366901 tcgaagcttc gagtggccat cccgtagaga tcggacatgt gtgcggctac aagcaaccag
   366961 tgaggacctc ttcaacatat ctttcagtag tgtcgatcat cgatccatgc tcaggtatcg
   367021 agttttgaac tctgattact agtagatttg atctactgct cacatgtatg catacaaatt
   367081 ttattttctg attttcagat ttcatatgcc acatattatg tcatagatcc tagagtaggt
   367141 taatttatta atctgatcat atgcatatta aattaatgag attaatctag tttcttttcg
   367201 ctatgattta ttttaaaaaa ttttgaaata catgcatgaa atcacctata ttttttaatt
   367261 tctcaacctc actatggaat cgtttgaaca tttcaaacga ttctaacttg ttcttcatta
   367321 agtaaatata cccataccta gatagatcat ttgtgaacat aataaagtat tgatgtcctt
   367381 tcacacttgc tcatcagtct acatacatca gtatgaacga gacccagaac atcactggct
   367441 cgttcatctt tttcagtaaa agatggtttg atcatctttt taagtagaca tgatttatag
   367501 attgacaatg attcacaatc attatcctta aggattttct cttagattaa cttgtttatc
   367561 ctgttcttat taatatgacc agcctacagt gccaaaggta ttcatcagag atatcatcta
   367621 tcctagggca ttttctcaat gtgtacatta cattagacca tgatacaatg taaattttat
   367681 tgttcaattg tccatacatt atagtaacat aattcaaaat catatcacaa aaaaaaattt
   367741 atcaaaattt tataattttc ttaggccaga aggcctatag aaattacatt caataagaaa
   367801 ctaggacaat aatgacaatc actaagaaca atgatatgag aattgaatac aagtttgatg
   367861 attcctaaag ctagaactag aactgatctt ccatctccaa cattcacgaa tctctcacca
   367921 tcttcaaatc tcctactgac ctgaagtcca tgcaatgaat tacaaatgtt aataggacta
   367981 ccagtatcta atactcaggt cgttgtatca cagattgaga agttgcaagg agttatcata
   368041 taattacctt gcttagcaac cggttgcttc ttcttcttaa gtctgtttgg atcaagaaaa
   368101 gtaatttatt aaggataatt tttcttccat tgaccctgct tcctacaata aaagtactcc
   368161 gcctgactct ggtcagattt ggacttggac ttcacagtct gacccccagc atttggcatc
   368221 ttatttttct tcttcttctt ctctttctta aaggaacgtt gcccgcctga agaagatgct
   368281 cccactacat tcaccatctt tttatggagt tggtgatctt tctcataagt ctgtagtaac
   368341 ccccacagac agtggtagtt taccatcgac tttgtcattc gataatgact gagaaacgat
   368401 cagtaggact ttggtagaaa atttagaatc atatctttcc taagctgttc atgcaaagaa
   368461 aagtcgagct tgctgaggtg ctcgatctgt tcgatcacat acaatacatg atcggttact
   368521 aatgcccctt ctttcatctt ggtattgaaa atagcataac tggttttgta ccgctcaaca
   368581 tcgtcgggag tgccaaaaga attgttcaac actttgagca tttcttctgg ctgagctttc
   368641 tcaaatttgc aactgaactc atcgttcata gccactcaca taatataaca taccgtggta
   368701 ccgtggtgtg gtcgttgagc ccttcaagta agtcctcgaa ccgcaccgcg agcattggaa
   368761 gctggctcct caggtgccgg atctgtcagc acgtacaaaa tccgcttgtg ctccaggatt
   368821 atctttaatt ttcaatatca gttatcgaaa ttgggtcctc tcaatttatc actgtctaac
   368881 aatgatcgaa gcaacaagtt ggtggccata actataaaag aaaaatcaaa acctaattag
   368941 tatatgaatc gattaagcct aaagatatgg actttagtct aaagattctc tcactatttt
   369001 aatcgaattg gtagcctcta cctccaattt gaaaaattac cttaattttt tagcgggtac
   369061 tagaatccac acagttgcac atgagtccga ctttgaggct cacccatgta catctataga
   369121 taagttctta accaattatt tcaataaata atttttagta attgattttg ccccaggatc
   369181 ccaacagtag gctttgacct ccactgaaag atcttgttag gtccaaccat taacatgatc
   369241 atactcagaa atcaaaccac aaatgatcaa accaaacttt gatcgatcat cctgatcatc
   369301 cataagagag actcgattaa gtcgtcatat tatgaatgat aatttcaata gcatatgagc
   369361 actgatgaat atttaattta agctattaga ggcactaaat attataataa ttgatattat
   369421 tttattaaaa tttgatgctg tctagtctat tttgtaggtg atggagagtt tggattcata
   369481 cgattcaaat tggacttaaa tcggatcaga tttgtgtgaa tcaggtaacc agttctcatt
   369541 ccagtgtgaa cacaacttaa atctcaaagg ctcagattaa aagatcactc ttcatgaaga
   369601 tctaaggatc cttattcaca cttccacctc ttttttcatg aaatcttaac ctctccactc
   369661 tataaataga actccaaagc ctccatcttc tccaatcaag ccaatcctaa attctcttca
   369721 agcttctctc tttctctctc cctcttcctc ttctccataa gtctagggga ggtactaatc
   369781 ctagcacaac accatattcc tccacagatc tcttttccac atcccatcaa atctaagaga
   369841 ggtcctaatc ctagtgccgc tatcctttct cttctacata cccgcttcca tctatctttc
   369901 tttcttggaa tttctagacc aagcctttta accattctac cgcttctgca tggagaaaga
   369961 tgaaggattc aaggagatac atccaccatc gagcgtagca agaagatcaa cttggtttag
   370021 ttgtgttgta tcgtaatttt attttttttt atgtatgctt ttttatttga ttaataaaaa
   370081 ataattttat tctaattttc atacttcttt cttagtttct tacaatctat tatttttttt
   370141 tatatttttg aaacaatcaa ctaagattcc tatcgatata atcctgactc atcctatcta
   370201 catagtaata aataagatta attttagtgt actacaacat gcatcaaatt ttggtaccat
   370261 tactgagaat cttggcatga ttgttttgaa aaaaatagaa aaaaattata aaataataaa
   370321 aaaatatatt ttactgcttt ctaaattttt atttcttact ttagattgct tgactatctt
   370381 atatacttta ctgctttata tttctagttg attattctct ttccttgcac tcttactttt
   370441 cataatttat ttttctaatt gataatttat tttttattat taattaatta attttaatta
   370501 cttaattatc ttttatttat ttttttaaaa atttttatct tatattgctt ttcatatatg
   370561 atagatttac tactctctag ctagattact ttatttgcat ttatagaaaa attttttact
   370621 ttctatgacc tagtgattta ctactttcca tagcttagaa taatttattg tcctaaaagt
   370681 agatttgatt tattacttta tttgcaggtt acctacttgc cttttaatct taacattatt
   370741 taccttccat ttagttagat tcactagatc tcatacctaa ttaacctaat ttaaaactta
   370801 cctcttattc cttcttgctt aaaaataaca taatataaaa agaaaataaa aacaccatat
   370861 aacacctgac taatataaat aaatcaatta aatcataaaa gctacttaac atgtttgggc
   370921 atcttttttt tttgcattgc atattttcat aaaaaatctt aagggcaaaa tcctaattaa
   370981 tataaggtgg agatttcatc accatttttt ggcccacaaa ccaccatctt gcaattgcat
   371041 tgacctaaac ctctaattta aaatcgatta gatgttgacc cctaaggatc ctcgagctca
   371101 gtaggacaag aaactctaaa agttggatca ggttcaaatt agtcagttta actgatgttt
   371161 aggaaagtgg ttcaggaatt atatcccgaa agaaggtggt acattaattg gttccgttca
   371221 cttatctgac caacataatt ggtgtctaaa gaaagcaaca gggggacccc caccaacctt
   371281 atacttatct gatcagttaa gcggctagtc tgctacttgg agtgcttgaa ggtgatcttg
   371341 gtagttagga gctgtctaga tctaggataa cctatagtca tgattaattg aaccactttt
   371401 ttgttaacta aaaacatcaa acctaattaa tttttctctc tcttcttagt cttagaactc
   371461 cttaggttct cttctttaga actcttttct ctccccctcc ttcttttctc atcttctttt
   371521 tcaaaaaaaa aattactgaa attaaaactc aatgagatat tttgggcgca tactaggacg
   371581 ccaatcatta caacctgatt tacacctatt agatctagaa ctagaaaaaa tgattcgaac
   371641 aaactaaatc aaaaccatag atccaaaata agagactgac ccaccacgat aattaaggga
   371701 gtattttact ctatcatctt atagctactc gccatgtatc cagcatcctc ttatggaggt
   371761 ggcataatat gaaatcaagt ttagcattat tcaaatgaaa ccatcatttt atggactaac
   371821 gaatgaggat ccgtacaaat acttggacga atttcttgag atatgctcca cagtaaaaat
   371881 tccaaacttc tccgatgatg ccctcagttt gaaactattt cctttttcac ctaaggataa
   371941 agccaagcat tggttaaact ctctagattc cacaaccatt tcaacttgag accatcttca
   372001 gagagagttt cttaagaaat actttccaat tagaaaaata aattaaatta gaaaaaccat
   372061 cactaatttt ttccaattgg atggggaacc tttacatgag acataggaaa ggctaaagga
   372121 ccttattcgt aaatgccccc accatgctat ctctaaatgg caacttattc agtgcttcta
   372181 cgacggtcta tcggagaaac accgataaat gattgatgca tcgtgtggta ggatattcat
   372241 gctaaagagt gaggatgagg ctcgatagct ctttgaaata cttagtgaaa actctctgca
   372301 ttacttgttt accacctcta gagaacaacc catgtctcaa caaaaaagag gtggaatcta
   372361 tcagattgga aacattatag atatccacag taagttagat gagttatccc aaaaattaga
   372421 ccatcttttg aatactagac actctttgat tctacctaac ccgatccaag atgtttatgc
   372481 attatgtgca agcctgaccc attttattag tgaatgccta accgtatctc aattttctaa
   372541 gtttgtgcac aaccaggtcc agcaagctca aacccaacaa gctcgtagat caaaaaatga
   372601 tccatattcg aacacttata atcccgactg gagaaaccat ccaatttttt tttggagatc
   372661 acaatcagtg gttggcccta ctggacctag actcaactat caagatccga catataggca
   372721 tggaccatac cactagttcc aaaatgctcc ttaactgtct atcactggtc acagctcaac
   372781 ttttgaggag aaggttctaa aagtgctaga acgattagaa gtcaacaccc agatccttaa
   372841 ctcccatacg caattcattg ctaagttaga gacctaaata ggtcaactag caaccgcagt
   372901 cagtaggagg aaagaaggga aattacttag ccaatctgag agcaatccga gagagcaatt
   372961 catggttgag agctccaatg ctccaaaaac cttttctgaa cacgctaaat caatcatgac
   373021 tctcaaaaat agaaaggtta ttaaacacat gagcaaaatc aatgagaccg accctagacc
   373081 tctgaccaaa ttcgaatcac ccaagaacaa ggaggatcca aaagtagaga atggaccaac
   373141 tgcaccggaa tcaccttact tgcctaaagt ctcattttcg agtgccctaa aagcccctac
   373201 tcctgtggat aagaagggaa gaagactcga taagatgtta gaattattta agcaagtcca
   373261 aattaatctt ctccttctag atgtaatcaa acaggtccca gcttatgcaa aatttttaaa
   373321 agaattgtac acctagaaac gtaaatcccg atcacaactt ctaaaaaaag tatgcctcac
   373381 cgaacaagct agctctgtat tccagcacgc tacccctcca aatcttaaag atccaggtac
   373441 ccctaccatt tcttgcatta taggggactt tcacttcgaa caagctctcc tggatctagg
   373501 ggccagtgtg aaccttttat ctagctcggt ttatgaactt tttggattcg aaaaactgaa
   373561 atccacatcg atcactttat agttagctga tagatcaatt aagacaccat gtgggatgat
   373621 cgaagatatt ttggtcaaga tagatgagtt ctatttttta gttggttttt tagtccttga
   373681 catgaaactg agtggcaatc caaagcaaat tttcattatc ttagacagat ccttcctagc
   373741 tacgacaaac gtgtgcatca attgtagggc agaagtcatg gatgtatcat ttaggaataa
   373801 gaaattgaga ctgaatatgt tcagtgcatc tcagggacca tcaactgata gttgctttaa
   373861 gatagataca ttcaagaaca tcatagagaa agcaacatca atgatttttg cacatgcttc
   373921 ttgagacatc cactggcgca ctttagagtg gatgattttt tcatatttgg aaccatcttt
   373981 gaagattatc tccataacct ctccaaagtc cttaagtgct gtacggagat aaatttgatt
   374041 ttaaattgag aaaagagcca tttcatggtt cggaaaggaa tcatattggg acatattatt
   374101 tctgaaagga ggattgaggt agacaaaatc aaaatcaagg tcatttcaaa actaccaccc
   374161 cccacttcga tttgacaaat acgagacttt agtaagatat catactggat tttacagaca
   374221 cttcatcaaa gattttagta agatatcgag acttttgtgt aatctactgg tcaaggacac
   374281 gccatttatc tttaatgaag aatgtctaca aatcttctac atcacaaaca gatctgacaa
   374341 cagcacccat aataaaactt cctgattggt ccttcccatt tgaaatcatg tgtgacactt
   374401 ctgattttga attaggggcc atcttaggtc aaagaatcaa taaggagtca catgtgatct
   374461 attacgctag taaaactcta tccgatgccg aattgatcta caccacgaca gaaaaagagc
   374521 tactagcgat ggtattcgcc cttgataaat ttcgttcata tctattagga tctaaggttc
   374581 tagtatattc tgatcacgtg gctctaaaac atctgctctc aaagaaagat actaaactgc
   374641 gattgatcag atggatcctt ctgcttcaag aatttgacct aaaaatctga gacaagaaga
   374701 atttcgataa tgtgatcgtt gatcacatat ctagaatctt agttgaccat atgatggata
   374761 tagatgagat caagaagaaa ttctctaacg aataattttt tgcaacctcc tctgatcaaa
   374821 tcctatggtt tgcccatatc attaactatt tggcaatagg gcaagttcct ctccattgga
   374881 caaaatagga gaatgatcaa ttcttctcac aggtcaaaca ttattattgg gaggaactca
   374941 aattgttcaa acattgccct gatcaagtga ttcaacgtta tgtccctgag agtgagtatc
   375001 aaagtatact taccttttgt tactctcatg catgcggagg acatttcagt gggaagagaa
   375061 caaccgtgaa agggttacaa agtaggtttt attggccgac attgtttaag gatgcacaaa
   375121 aattgtcttc aatgcttgca ctgtcagcag atggaaaata tttttaaaaa aaaatatgat
   375181 gcccctatct cctatcttgg tcatgaaaat ttttgatacc tggataatct attttatggg
   375241 cccctttcct ctatcctatg gatacgaata tattttggtt gcggtagatt acgtatctaa
   375301 atgggttgag gctatggcaa ccagaacgaa tgattacaag gtggtaatca aattcatccc
   375361 acataacatc ttaagtcgat ttggttgtcc aagagccatt attagtgatg gaggtgcaca
   375421 cttcacgaat aggcactttg aaagtttaat gaagaaatat agaatggaat cactcacaaa
   375481 attgccacac cataccaccc ccaaactagt agttaagtga aaatctccaa taggaagatc
   375541 aaacgaatcc tcgagaagac ggttaggctt gatcgaaaag attggtctag atgattagat
   375601 gatgcattat gggcctacca cactgcatac aaaactctga taggaatatc tccttaccga
   375661 ctcatttttt gaaaaagtct gtcatctacc aatagaacta gaacatcgca tattttaagc
   375721 cataaagcaa ttcaatttcg acatgaaaaa tacaggtagt aataagagac tacaattgaa
   375781 tgaattagaa gagctatgca atgaagcata tgaaaattta cgaatttata aggctcgaac
   375841 taaggcttat tatgataaat atatttcaca aaaaatattt gaacctaatc aaaaagtgtg
   375901 tggcattata atttgaggtt gcgactattt cctgaaaaac tccattttcg ttgggatgga
   375961 tcatatgtca taactctggt gttctctcat ggagcaattg aaatcaaaga tcctaaacaa
   376021 aaaaatacct ttaaagtaaa tggccaacaa ttaaaacatt atgtggatga aatcagatat
   376081 gacgaacaag ttgactcaat tgaattgtag gatccagtct acaattaaac tttgacttgg
   376141 tctggctgaa gatcttaaac ttagtgctta ttgggaggca acccaatatt ttattttttc
   376201 agttatccag atttttttta ttttgtaaga acctaaaaag gatgactagc taagttgagg
   376261 ggagaacatc atcaacatca gatgaaggcc cttgaaaaat atgaaagaac ctacaaacaa
   376321 cagcaaatca ggtggtatcc ctcattttgc attttttttt cctttttctc tattagagat
   376381 aatggaaatt aagttggggg tagaataact aatttaatta aatttttgag tatggtcaga
   376441 aaaaattagt tttgtgtatc tgaattttat ctcgatttaa atttaactag atatcctaat
   376501 caataagtga ttaacggtct agataatttt agagatatca aggaagaaat tattaaggat
   376561 atccaattaa tggtagaatt tagatcagac taaattttag agtgattcta gaatcctctt
   376621 tccacctacc tcaatgaaga atctgcttca tgcgggtttg tgtgaaaata tcaaagtatg
   376681 taaaaagctc accttaatca ttgattgaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagtttttag catttctcac
   376741 taatcgggct ccttcgccta agtaagcatt gttgtttgca tcaaaaggtg agaatgtgaa
   376801 gaaatatctt gtatagtcaa ttttaactag tagctttttt gactcgagtc agtaagcttg
   376861 agagatattt tacacttaat actttaaagc caactagttt gggagtcatt gatctaaagt
   376921 tggctacaag agtcaattag aaagcttaaa gagttatgac attgcaccga ctgtacatgt
   376981 aaatattttt ctaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaag aaagaataag aagaatatac tgcaaaaaga
   377041 tactatacca aatccatatt aagttagaag atttaaaaag gagtggagag tcgatgagag
   377101 aatatctcta aaaattttta tagctaatac tcaaccacta attgggttga attgataatc
   377161 caatgaagta cctctttaat ggcctagtcg gatatctact acagttagaa atatctagga
   377221 taactttcaa ttcaagaata atttggtgca caatgctaat gtatctattt tactcgagga
   377281 cgagtaaaag ttcaaatttg aaggtgtgat gaatatttaa tttaagccgc tagaggtact
   377341 aaatattgta ataattgatg ttattttatt gaaatttgat gctctctaat ctattttgca
   377401 ggtgatgggg agtttgagtt aatacgattc aaattggatt taaatcggat caaatttgag
   377461 tgaaccaggc aatcaatttc cattccagtg tgaacatgac ttaaatctca aaggctcaga
   377521 ttaaaaggtc accattcatg aagatccaaa ggttcttatt cacgctccca tctctctttt
   377581 cataaaattc tagcctcccc actctataaa tagaatccca aggcctccat cttctccaat
   377641 caagccaacc ctaagttctc ttcaagcttc tctcttcctc tctccctctt cttctttttc
   377701 ataagtctaa gggaggtact aatcctagca tgacaccata ttcctccaca gatctctttt
   377761 tcacatccca tcaaaactag aagatgtctt aatcctagta ccgctatctt ttctcttcta
   377821 tatacccgct tccatctacc tttcttcctt aaagttctta gaccaagtct tccagccatc
   377881 ctatcgctgt ctgcacggag gaagatgaag gattgaagga gacacatcca tcattggacg
   377941 cagcaagaag atcaacttga tttaattatc ttgtatcata attttatttc ttttctttat
   378001 gtacgcttct ttatttgatt aatgaaaagt aattttatta taattttcat gcttctttct
   378061 taatttctta caatctatta ttcttttctt ttatattttt gaaacaatca actaagattt
   378121 ctgtggatac gattctgact caccctatct atatagtagt gagtgggatt aattttggta
   378181 tactacaaca cacatcaagc actagacctt tgggccgtcc aatgatcatc caactattgg
   378241 acccattatc atccaactta atgcaaggct atgatctagt tatctccata actaattcat
   378301 ttttaggaac ctaataattt tagaagattt aattaattga gttgatagat gagaaaagat
   378361 gaccagttat tcttaatcct ctcactgact tcaccaagtc agattaaaga gattaaattt
   378421 aatttggtct gcccaacgag tcataaatcc ttccactgac ttcaccaagt catgaagatg
   378481 actcaaaata agttggacta ggggcaccta aatcagtcat actgattttc tagttagcat
   378541 aggtcaagtc caatcattaa gtgatctaat caaaatatga ttgaccatgt tggtcagata
   378601 agtgagatcg gagggaagaa tatgccatta acttgtcata gactcaatct atgcgagtag
   378661 ctcctaatta gtgaccaccg atcaaaactg tcaaacttat cttagacacc aactgattaa
   378721 ccaattttaa tttaatcgac ttatagattt gggttcgact atggagctac aatcaagatc
   378781 catcttgatc taatcaaata tatagattta atgaactata actattgaaa attgatcaag
   378841 agaagaaatt gatacaatca gaattaactc ttaattagat ttgatcaatt actaacatga
   378901 tccattatca ataatttcta accttaggtc taactcagtt aaatagactt gactcgagct
   378961 aatccattaa ctcatgaatt atgaaattga tgccttagat ctttgatttt caaatctaga
   379021 tcacttaatt cttaattaag ttttggactg atatgggttg gggttcgatg tttaaaaata
   379081 gtttttaatt ttataaaata tttttacaaa taatcatcta atgatcaaaa ttctaatttt
   379141 agatctaaaa catataattt tagatctaaa ataaagtttt aaaatttttt tattattcat
   379201 catcatgaaa aagcccttgt agtaccctta cacgccattg gagatcccat cgaatagata
   379261 aataggactg tgaaatccta atttctccta tgactggatg gctatgagga tctatccaat
   379321 cagattacta tactactcaa attttaaatt aattatttaa atctaattta aataattaaa
   379381 atcagattaa tatcaaattt atgcaaaaat ttatgtcata agaaatcgaa gcactgatac
   379441 cattattggg aaataggcag ttcaagcatg tatattttta aaatttttat agcgaaaata
   379501 gaagattaaa ctatttaatc tcttacacat actttagatt agatctaaac taccttctta
   379561 aggatctatg acatgaaaat attataccaa aaaaatctga tttgaaataa aatactgcat
   379621 caatcgtatc gatgtcctga attagatcta acgcttagat ctgatccgat gagttcagaa
   379681 cccattactt gatcatggat cgatgatcac cactattgat atatgtggta ggaggttctt
   379741 cttgatgttg agtagccaca cagcatgtcc gacctctata ggtggtccac tcgaaccacc
   379801 gaacagatct tctttctcaa gaatgctagc tcacgatgaa ggatctagat ggctgatgta
   379861 gtcctctttc ttcaaatcaa atagatacct tcaaattaga agaaagatct tttcaaagag
   379921 gagatggtgt ggaagaagaa aaataaaact ctttttattt ttctctctct cacaaaattg
   379981 ggactaagaa acactagaat cccactctgg atgtcatgcc ctaaagagga tcttcttcct
   380041 ctttttctca tgcaaggatg cccacccctt ttttttatat ctctcacgcc ctctctaagg
   380101 ttttctcata ccaaaactga agtgatttgg catataaaaa atcactccct tttaaggtgg
   380161 catcctatgt agagattgga caatttggtt cagcttcaaa caacctttga tcttattatg
   380221 aattcaaatc aaatttgaaa ttattttcca accaaattta atataaaagt aaagaactca
   380281 gaaaagaggt gacataactt agattggtac aaaaaacatc acgcaaaaat ttattttgca
   380341 tgtgagacga aggctagtca gtggctgggt agagtcccat aaaacttgga ctcttgattt
   380401 aagcttgatt tcaaaccaat tcgaagtcaa agttaatcca accaaattct gatctaaaga
   380461 ggatcagaag aaggcatcat acaccttctg gacataaaaa aatttatgtg aaaaccattc
   380521 tcatgcatga agaaagtagg gtacaatgaa agatgacgca tgaggtgttt tggttctatt
   380581 tgaattctaa cttgtattct tatctaatta gattcttaat ccaatcaaat tagattaaac
   380641 ccaattaaat tatctaatct aattagataa taagtgatct caattaaatc ttaatcagat
   380701 tagaaattaa tggcattcga atcagaaatc gaataccctt agcgattaga tcatctcata
   380761 acctatttgt gtcaaaccca attgaatctt attcaattag atttaatcca aacttcaata
   380821 ctcaatcaaa ttgagttaat tagtaatcta attactaatc aatcttcttt taatttatca
   380881 ataattagtg aattaattta ttataacttt tgtataaggt ttatcatcaa tcaaattgat
   380941 gattatatcc tagaatgatt ttcaatcatc gatcagccat atgatcagtc gaaaattttt
   381001 tttcagtgtg actctataga ttcaaacctt tctgaaccaa ttgatgtaac catctagcaa
   381061 tgagacccga tgtccgaata ggtcgaaaaa ttgtaaagca tcattcatga acctattggc
   381121 atatggttat cgtataattc atttttttga ccctaatgct cagggtgacc tagagtttca
   381181 ctgtcaaact cagataagtc agccacattg tattttaact tttcaaatct atcatataga
   381241 ttatcctaat taagatttta ctcaattgaa acatactgat gcattaactc ctacttattc
   381301 ggaggagtta attccatctt gactcacaca ccgacttcac aagtacttaa ctgtacccaa
   381361 aaatttttca tcactaaatt aaaaattcag atagtctgac accaaagcac agtaagttgc
   381421 ttgtaagtca ctatggtgat ctcaggtcag aaacatagtt atacccatat ccttcacgag
   381481 ctacttttga cagcagagtg tctagcaatt gatcacattc aatgagatgt actcctatat
   381541 cttacttgta tgtcatacca gtgtctccat gtcatttggt tatgagaaca atcaacacat
   381601 atgacacaca atgacctaca cttgataaat actatcattt tagtaatagc gtatcattta
   381661 gtcgtgaact aaatttaagg actaaatgat atatcctcct atatcgatta ggatagtcct
   381721 aaagatttca tcacaataat tgaagttcat taagaagatg tacattactt catgatgaaa
   381781 aagttaaata ataattttat taatttatca attcatatac attgacatag tttagcataa
   381841 ccgtcaacag acagatgatt gactttagaa tacaattttg cataactgca gacaaagccg
   381901 ggggatgcgg tgggcggaga gccaaggaat gcagtctgtg tggaggaacc acggttggcg
   381961 cccgatggtc gggtcccgag ggatgggaga ggtgggagcg gagaagcctc gggcaaagcc
   382021 acagagggag gcgatcaagc agagatgatg caggagagaa aaaagaaagg aaaaaataaa
   382081 gaatatgttt taaaaaataa taaaatatat aaaaataata tataatatct taaatacctt
   382141 atttgatatg agtaaaaaaa taaaaaataa aaataaaagg agctaaaaga ataaaaaata
   382201 caaacctggt tcagattgag aaagaaacaa gaggaacaat tgttttctat tgcatgtgga
   382261 ttgattaagg cataaaaaat aaattgatgt tggatttaaa tataagaaat ggatggatgg
   382321 agaccatgag gttgatgtgg ggcattaaaa aaccaataga gaagtagtca gagagagaat
   382381 gtaggatata attattcttt tcatctttta atatggtata gagttattaa agagagaaac
   382441 tataggtcat aattattttt attatgtagt cttttttatc ctttactttc aaaattttat
   382501 atgggttatg gggtcaattc attaatttaa tggggttaat tttaattttt cttagtagta
   382561 tatgtatata tgttcaatac tattaaattt ttatgtgggg tcaattgacc ccaatttctt
   382621 aacatggatc cgccactggt gttgacacat tttgatgctt cgggataagg gtgattggca
   382681 tcttttttca ctcttttgga atgctcttgg acttgaagac catttgcgtg cctccaccac
   382741 ctcctttctg acaatagacc aataccagtg aaaatagagc gggagaaagc cgtccagtct
   382801 aagggctttt tctaccccaa gagaccaaag agccccccgc acctcttcga ccgacatcgg
   382861 acaggtcaga gcctcattct ctagacaaag atatggattg cagacaggac ctctgaaagg
   382921 ataggtcact gcccaaagac accatccaac gagatctaaa gaactaaaaa atctgctatc
   382981 tgatctcctc actatcattc acaactctgt cgctaccctc tctcaactat ctgatgcagt
   383041 tgacagacct cctaatcata gtagactaat ggaaaaatct aacattccga tcaccctcct
   383101 tgatctaatg aactcaggat ttctgcctcc acagtatctc ctgctgttgc agcaaagagt
   383161 ggtgcatcga gagctaatga cgaagttctc taaaaatcag gctcctgaag gctcccctcc
   383221 tgatccttcc tcaactacaa tgctgtaatg tcttccttca ccccctcgag gcatttgaag
   383281 atatcaccaa cctccacatg gttccatcat aggagcctga cctggctaac ttcaacctcc
   383341 gtgtcatctg gtacctcaca tccccacaga cccgtatcct ccatacctct cgaattagat
   383401 cacacaatct agggtagaag gtccaaaact tttcaaactt gaatagggcc ctaggcaagc
   383461 aaagaccatc agtcgtgata agaatcgagc aatgatccga tgcaatcctc aaaagatgat
   383521 gaacttggtg tcccagagac cgttggagct acttcgtagc agcaagcatt cgatcgatcc
   383581 tctttccgac tcgagcaatt tcctgtcgat tggtgcacta agtgaattag ggatatgaat
   383641 agtagagatc aatcagacac atattgctga tgaagtttct aaactctcta gagttaatac
   383701 tatccccaaa ctgtttgcct cctctcttct catgggaccc catgataaaa ttgaaatcct
   383761 taatgataag ggaacacaaa cactacaaaa ccattttaga gatctcgacc aaagcaccct
   383821 ccactcccta tatttggtgc tcgcataaac tccagaaagt agccaaggtt catcagtatg
   383881 ctttgaaatg actaaggcca cctgccgctc gcatctatga aaggcatcca ccctgatcga
   383941 cccataatgc cacattgcct ggatgccccc tgatagccct ctagactcca ctacgaatgt
   384001 actccacgcc atcagaatct gatgtctagc ccgagccaga ctcaccccag aaactcgggt
   384061 ctcaagtatg acacagacat caaggccaag ctaccatacc aaccgatcaa aagtcgatcg
   384121 aaatgagggc atttccgccc cttggatgtt ccagatcagc aacctcatgg tggagactca
   384181 tggagagtgt ggcctacatt gtgccccctt atcttgagag cccacctcag tcccaacaac
   384241 catcgaatcc attggtgata ggcactctcc ctccccctag attgcctgtc gcaatctggt
   384301 aacaacaacc tcatgggcaa ggtcttgttc ctttaccaat gcatccatgt gagtagggtc
   384361 cacaccctta agaggcacca agtccctctc cattccaagt gttggatttc agatggatac
   384421 atgcatgtat tttaaaattt ttattagatc taatctaatt ttagcaaaaa ataaattcag
   384481 attaacacta ttataatcta atatgcatca gatctaatct gctaaccacc aaagatctat
   384541 catatgaaca tgaaagtatt ccatttaaaa tttgattaag aaaataatca aatcagagat
   384601 ccgatcttta tacatttgca tgggtggatg atctctacag ctgatgatca tggtatactc
   384661 tgaggttttt cgatcagctg cacatacgtc tgacctctat gagtattcat acgaggcttt
   384721 tgaatctgat cagaggcctg tgacttcacc agagtgctag cacccttgca aaagccatct
   384781 tttgatggtt gatattacag atctccactg atctctcaga ctttctcaga gaagatggag
   384841 tagaggagga agaggaggag aaagaggaag aaagagacac tctcttttat ttttccttca
   384901 tcctgaaacc cacacctgga tcccatggaa cccgcatccc ctctgaaggg tctcgcatct
   384961 ccaaaacctc ttgccccata ggagttcctc accaagaaaa accccacaca ccaagagacc
   385021 ttcttatgtg catgtagcct tcccaaaccc acgctaagaa gatgtttcat gtgcagaagg
   385081 actcctccct cgaacccatg cctctttata tgatttttca tgctaaaaat ccatctaaaa
   385141 cccatgccca catcctccta gagttggcat ccaaaatgga tagggacaag ggagagtttt
   385201 ggatagatgg aagtcttatc tcataagact tgaattcaaa acctatttga attcatcccc
   385261 atccatatcc aaaagaaaga gggtgcaaca agaggacgtg gagggggttc taggctcatg
   385321 caaaaatgag ggaaggggca cgcatgggta aggcatggca tggagaaatt ttgggccaag
   385381 ggagaaagag agtcccaatc tatctcgact tctcttggtg cttgagtcaa acttatttaa
   385441 tccctaatca aattaggagt tagtgcaccc aaagagagaa gaattcctag tccaactaag
   385501 aatccaatct cttttggtta gatcccaacc taatttggaa ttaggtcaaa ctcaaatctt
   385561 aattaaataa gaaatcagcc tccctcataa ttgggttatc tcataatcca attagacttg
   385621 atctaatcaa atccaaatca agtcaaatta aatccaattc aattagactt gatcctatcc
   385681 taattactca ataaaattga gccaattaat aatctaatta ctaattaatc cttctataac
   385741 tcactaacac ttagtaagtt tgacaattac aataattgta ttagatcaat catcaatcat
   385801 attgataatt acatccctct gtgattcata atcatagatc aaccatctga tcagataaag
   385861 atctcttttg tgtgttatcc aataggttct attctgttta aaactgagat atactataat
   385921 tcctatcata atatcattga aactcttttt gatggattag aactgttgaa aaaaggtaca
   385981 gggtttcatg cataaatttc aaaatatttt tgaaatataa cgcagcagaa catgtaaatt
   386041 aaataattta atctacaaat atatgtaatc aaattactaa atcctataat taggacctat
   386101 aacatgtcat attgtattta taaatcagaa aataaaagtt ttggtattga tcaaatcaat
   386161 accctagatc taaaacgatt taagatctaa aacttaaatc acatcaagat aagagaagag
   386221 atcggatctc ttaccttcat atgggttgag aactctatgg ttgatttttt ttattatctt
   386281 tagagccaaa catacattca acctctacag gtgatccaca caagactgca acaaaatcgg
   386341 aggttcgtcg aacgaagatc agctcgaagt gctagcttct tatagatctc tccggatggt
   386401 taatctaaaa aatattcttc agatcttttg gacatttcaa gagatgaaaa atatgaggag
   386461 aaacaaagaa gaagtcaaac cttttaacct ccctaaaatc agaaataaaa tgtaaaagaa
   386521 aaggatccta agagaagata gatcttctct ttcagtacat caatgattga tgtcctgaga
   386581 acatctcaat gctacgacat gagaagacct tcttctctag atatttttca aatttttaga
   386641 tcttatgata tctaattttt ctcataaaaa aatcttatga tttatgaaga agaagggttc
   386701 taaaagaaat cttaagagaa gaccttcttt tcttcttctt ctctcatcag aacatgatca
   386761 gatcatatct aaaattagat caccatgccc caactcatta gagcatgaat ccaccatgtc
   386821 atccctcttt ctctctcaaa tttttatcat ataaaaaata taagataaaa agaaaataat
   386881 atgaaaaaaa aacaataaga gaaaacaatc ttctctctta ctttttgttt ctacaagaca
   386941 tcaacttttg atctcttgat tgaagactct cctccaagga tattggtgcc tcaaaccacc
   387001 catgccatcc tatttctcct atagtttttt tatttaaaaa ccataaattt tttactctta
   387061 tttgatagca tatggggcgg caacttttta tatggcagat taggtcaaaa gaccaaatca
   387121 atcaaggagt ccatggggcg tccaactctt ggacgccccc tcccttataa attttgtgga
   387181 gatcaggata agatgcttaa aaggggtgac aaaatgatag gataggcttg aggaaagttg
   387241 gcgcaagaga ggagggaaga gtccttgtga agagggactc tttcaaaaaa agaataagcc
   387301 taaaccactt tccataatta accaaatcac tttccatatt gaaccaaatc aaatatgatt
   387361 caaatctcta aaataagtga tatgagataa tatttcttag acatagatat catagaaaaa
   387421 tatctaaaaa ttaattagtg ggcgtgggct tgagatttct taggtgtcgc aagagatgat
   387481 atggaatcct agtctaacta ggattcttat atagattagg tcaaacactt tgaactcaat
   387541 ctaaattaat tacaacctaa ttaatggtaa ttctagtcca actgagagtt caattaaatc
   387601 agattaaatt atatttaatt ctaatttaaa tcctagctta attaagaatt aggtacatac
   387661 aagtcctagt caaacaggga cttgttctcc tttgcaattg gcttatccaa taaatcaatt
   387721 agacttaatc caattaaatc caaactaatt atagttgaat caaattcaat tagacttgat
   387781 ctcaacctaa ttgctcaatc agattgagcc aattagtaat ctaattgcta atcgatcctc
   387841 ctgtaacact tgcatttggt caaacatcaa tcacattgat cgtttaacct aaaaatgatt
   387901 cttaatcatc aattaaccat ctgattagat tacaacctct tatatgtgtg accctatagg
   387961 tttgaagcta agtcggtagc atagaaatca attcctgtac tagtcgaagt aactatctag
   388021 taatggtttc caatgtccag ataggtcgaa tgtatgcaaa gcaacattct aagaaccctg
   388081 acccatgatt atcgtataat tcatcttttt gaccaataat gctcaagacg atttcgagta
   388141 tgctgtcaac actcatataa gtcatttcta ttgtgtctca aaattttgca aatctcgtga
   388201 ttcctcacga ggattaccca ggcctaggtt ttgctaaatt gaaacacgat gagatattct
   388261 cttcctgaag ttaatcagga gtggtcaatc ctatcttgac ttacacatcg acttcacaag
   388321 tacttgacta tacccaaaaa tttttcgaac ctatattaaa aatacagata gtccgacacc
   388381 aaagcacagt gagttgcttg caagtcatcg tggggatctc aggtcggagg gacacttata
   388441 cccattagcc ttagctaact actcttgaca gtagagtgtt acattagtca tgttcaatat
   388501 agatatactc ctacatctca cctagatgcc ataccagtgt ctccacactg cttggttacg
   388561 aggacaacca acacatatgg aatacagcga cctacactta ataagttatc atccttatta
   388621 ataacttatc atttgatcgt gaacaattta agaactatct gataaattct tttttattga
   388681 ttgattgtgg ttctaagaac ttcatcataa tttaggagtt catttaagga agatagaact
   388741 tttatgatga acctgccaaa taactattat tattagataa ttcatatact aatttcaatc
   388801 atctaccact tagatgattg gctttaggac acattttcca ataactccta cttgtactag
   388861 agccaatcag aatgatatca aatatcctat ctttcacttg agttcgtaga acttcttctc
   388921 agcaaatggg tcgatcaagt tctcctttat catcgatctt ccaaagattg atgtcaccct
   388981 gatctaaaat caaaagtgat agcaatacag agtatgctgg tccttcagtt cattagctag
   389041 atttatggct ccagtgctat gataggactg gaccatcagt ggagggtgcc actcccaaca
   389101 tgctaatgaa gctcagcaac tacacagctt acatggcagc atcatatgct atgatgtact
   389161 ctacatcact gactaagtag attaaagtat cctacttgga atctttccag caaattgctc
   389221 ctacaattag gatatgatcc gacactttct tgttgtcatc ttgatctgac tgaaattgaa
   389281 atatccacat atttaaagtc agtattttca tatttgagtc actagacttt agtatttttc
   389341 aaatacttaa ggattgtcca tacaatcttc cagtggttct tacttagatc agactggtat
   389401 ctgctcacta ccattagtga gtataccata tctgatcttg agcatggaga aattagatga
   389461 cacccaaacc tttattcttt gcaatgctgg aatgccattc ccgattaaga gaatttcatc
   389521 cacagacaac acaacgaata acactacaga atattttgcc cacttataaa tgtagggttc
   389581 ctctttattc ataacaaaga catatgttca aaatgtatgt tccaactctg ggatgatagc
   389641 gaaatgggct ttataggtct ccacctttcc atctacgcca ctctgatcct tttgaaaaat
   389701 ctattcacac ccaatgggtt ttatcccttc aagtgaatca tctagtatcc atacactatt
   389761 aatttccatg gacttcaatt tggatttaat ggctccaagc tacttctcag agttggacca
   389821 ctgcattaca tccctatagg tgatcggatc cttgttaatc tcatcgagct caataggatc
   389881 atcgtcccag acctagacac tgaagtgtct atccagctaa tgtggtactc taccagatct
   389941 ccttaaagat gttactttaa tgggctccga gtttgatcta attaaattcg gttctgtagg
   390001 tttactagat tatatcggtt tattttctat cagtcaaact tttaagttca acttgatagg
   390061 catcagttcc ttctctaagg aactcctttc caaaaggaat gctctactgc tgatgagcat
   390121 cttatgttct tcaacatgat agaatcagta acccttaaac aactattgga ccaagaacca
   390181 agtttatctg tatgcaaacc tttgacaaag accgatcaac ttcaaaccca aaggtgagag
   390241 agtgtaggtc cattctcgat ccatatctca tatggaatct gcacaacaga cttactcagt
   390301 atattttcaa agtaaaatag gtaatcacaa aagagcacaa tcctgaaacg gatagagaag
   390361 tgaaccctat cgtggattga accatgtcta acaaagctta acttctcctt tcagatagac
   390421 tgtgttggtg caaaagtccg ccggtgtcgg agaagctgga gtcgagggag ttgcggtcgc
   390481 catcgagacc tacaaaggaa gtctaaatcg aagttggggg tgctccggca agaccctccg
   390541 acgctcaagt cagttctctg cctcaacaag aatggagtgc tcgaacaaaa atttttgcag
   390601 agttttgaga tagagattag agcttagaga ataacgtatc tggagtcccc cttttatagg
   390661 caaaggatgc aacagactga tagcgacgtc tgtaatcacc tggtagtgga tcgttcaagg
   390721 tcataaggaa tttgttgcag agagtagtgg catcaggggc tattcagagc cacgtggagc
   390781 ttgtcacagg gagtggagta gtgtctgttg ttgcgacttg ccagagagtg gtggagccat
   390841 gcgaaattca tcacaggaag tgaagcagag tcgtggccat tactgtggcc tgtcagagag
   390901 tccagacctg tcggccgaag ctcgattgag gtgtctgaca gagagagata gctctccatc
   390961 tgagaaaagc tcggatgttg ctggcgagcc ctccaccgtt gggtgccttg ggcgttagta
   391021 ctgcaggcaa gggtcattcg ctgtaggagc tcggtcagag gctttctgta gatgaagttc
   391081 ggtttcacac agaattcgac agaagatcga ccgacaatgg atgtcggatg gcgctggaga
   391141 ggttcatcca ctggaggggt ccggctgctg gagtccgtgt gccttaggag ttcgttcgga
   391201 acctgtccgc tacagaagtt cggtcggagt ccgatccccg tagaagtctg gatggggatc
   391261 atttgtcgag aaagctcggc cgaagcctgc ctgcaataga agttcggaag gaattcgctc
   391321 acaatagaag ctcaggtgga ggcttacagt agaaatccga cgtggatcgt tcgtagtaga
   391381 aatttggagc agaccgcttg tagtggtagc tcggagtaga ctgcttgcga tgggggtctg
   391441 gagtctggcc cttgccagaa ttcggatgag gcccacctgc gataggagct tggggctgaa
   391501 gttcagctcc cttaggagct cggacgaagt ctacctgcag tcggagttcg gggaagaagt
   391561 ctggctcgcg taggagctcg gacgaagtct acctgcagtc ggggttcagg gaagaagtcc
   391621 gactcccgta ggagctcgga caaagtctac ctgcagtcgg agttcgggga agaagtccgg
   391681 ctcccgtagg agctcagacg aagtctagaa ggtggtcgac caccgtaaaa acttggatgg
   391741 agtccatccg tcatggagaa tccggttgac actggtgggg gtttatccgt cggcaggact
   391801 tgggaacgtt gcggaggccc gactgccgga gaggttcaag aagatgtcat cgaaggtcgg
   391861 atgtcggaag aatcccggga gggtcactcc tgacatgaac ttcggctggg gggtatttta
   391921 tacccaacac cagtcctcct acttccgagt tcgacttttg aatgaaggaa atatagagaa
   391981 gttgttacag ccgaagttgc ccccttgaat tctgcgcacg atcgccctca aaaatcctga
   392041 catttaatgt gcgcgtgccg gaatcttttt ctaattgggg cgatttgaag agtcctttcg
   392101 gaatttccac tgaagcgtgg tcccaagtgc cacaccataa tggtcccgcc agcagtcagc
   392161 cctacaccac ggtgagtggg acacgtggcg ggcgttggtt ggcctaggga tatccaccac
   392221 catgactgtg ccaggccccg tcgcttattt aaaccccctc cttccctcca gggacttcac
   392281 ttcgcctgag agtccagacg atgcctttct tctgcctgag agttcagcca cccatcgacg
   392341 cccttttcga ccctaagcat tcttcgcgcc aatcctcgcc atctccgccg gctccccgcc
   392401 tgtgttgggc caatctgggt tggtcccgaa acctctcttg ccatcatggt tgttccttcc
   392461 tctttttgct ttgtttgttc agcttccgaa ggtttattcg caacctctca tgatcttccg
   392521 agatttcctt ctcttcttct tcttcttctt cttttttgct gcaagcacgg acgtaggagt
   392581 tgcccaagtg gccctcaccg tcgacgtccc ttacgacgct gagccttcag tcctccgagc
   392641 ccttttgagg agttctcccg ctggggcttc tgccccggag gtcaatctcg agaggatgct
   392701 acggatcgag aggagtagga ggggggaaac attggcctgc aagttcagcg gctgccgaac
   392761 tgccactgaa ggctcccaca gcttcgaagg ggactcgagg gagaattcct tcaacaacag
   392821 ggatttaata atgaaactag ccgatgagtg cgtcctaccc gagaatttcg aagtagttga
   392881 acggggcgac accagtcaag ggggtagagt tgtcgtcata agctgtggcg ggtttcttga
   392941 cgtcgtcggg gtcgagggac cagaggcagt cggcgctgac ggcggaacag tagaacttgt
   393001 tgagggggtg atggaagtag cgcatgccga cctcgccaaa gtacctagga tggtggttgt
   393061 cggggagcac acggtggtgg tgcatgcctc cggcattatc gcggcctccg gggtactttc
   393121 gattcttcct gatgcaggtc gtcgttgccg ctgctgccgc cgccccttga gttctatccc
   393181 cccttttccc cctagggtta gggtttcggt aatggagcgg aacgaggtga ggggcgagag
   393241 tcgatgggtt catcacacat actgggaaat actactgaga aggatggaac tgaaaggaga
   393301 agtcaaaagc ttgaagcggt ctctaatgta ttcttttcaa gtcttgtagt aatgttcttc
   393361 tttcctcgat cctcagagtt ttataacgta taccttgtta atcgagaatg aaaaggagat
   393421 ttttgttacc ttgtccgcac tttgcgtcaa attgtcgccc gccgaacttc ttttattcgc
   393481 tattgttact attatattct cccctttttt tcttttctcg agtgagggtt ttccctctgc
   393541 tcttagtggg gtcgtgggag cgcggaggca ccaccgagaa gatttccttt ttcttatctg
   393601 gtcttgaatg atcagacctt agttggtgtc aggatggggt tcttccccta tttctgatgt
   393661 aatcagtttc agctcgggtt aggacaaggt tctccttcta ttcctaacag ggctgcgggg
   393721 gcacatatgg gcgttgcagg acctctccct ccatccgatc taagggtaac cgggccttca
   393781 cctttgctca tgttagggcg aggttctcct cctgtcccta acatggctgt gggggcacgt
   393841 acggacattg cagggcctct tcccccatcc ggtctaatgg taatcgggcc ttcaactttg
   393901 ctcatgttag ggtgaggttc tcttcctgtc cctaacaggg ctgtgggggc acatatgggc
   393961 gttgcagggc ctctcccccc atctggtcta agggtaactg ggccttcgac tttgctcatg
   394021 ttagggcgag gttctcctcc tgtccctaac agggatgtgg gggcacatat gggcgatgca
   394081 gggcctctcc ccccatctgg tcgaaggata atcgggcctt cgactttgct catgttagga
   394141 cgaggttctc ctcctgtccc taacagggct gtgggggcac atatgggcgt tgcagggcct
   394201 ctccccccat ccggtctaag gaggatcggg ccttcgattg tgtcgagacg aggttctcct
   394261 catgttccta acatggtttg tttcgattgt cctgtcaata taggctcgtg ccaagagaga
   394321 agacatgtgg atataaaatt tttatttaaa ataaagttat cggtaataca ttcgtaaatt
   394381 tttcgagctc catagtcgcg ggaggtctgc tccttcgagc tccttgaggt agtaagttct
   394441 gggtcggact acctccttga cttcatatgg gcattcccaa tttggggcaa gcttccctcg
   394501 atcctgaggt tgtgagacag cggctcgtcg aagcactagg tctcctactc taaagacttt
   394561 atttttaacc cgggagttgt aatagcggac gactttctgt ctgtaggctg ccatccgaac
   394621 ttgagctacc tctcactttt cttctaacaa gttgaggttg gctttgagac cctgcgaatt
   394681 gtgatgctca ttgaatgtca cgactcgtgc tgacaggagt ttgagctcaa ttgggataac
   394741 agcctccgtt ccgaaggcta aagcgaaggg ggtctccccc gtgggcaatc tttggatagt
   394801 tcggtatgct cacaatacat gataaagttc atctgcccaa gttctcttcg ctctttcgag
   394861 ccttgtcttg attccttgca gcagagttct gttggtcact tcggcttcgt cgttggcctg
   394921 aggatgggct accgatatga agttgtggga gatgtttagg tcctcgcaaa attcggtgaa
   394981 cctcgctccc acaaactgtc gcccattatc agtaattagg gttctcgaca ggccgaacct
   395041 gtaaacgatt gacttccaga cgaagtcttg cactttagct tctgtgattt tcaccagtgg
   395101 ttcggcttca acccacttgg tgaaatagtc aattgctacc aggaggaact tcctctgccc
   395161 tgatgccatg ggaaaaggtc caaggatatc cattccccat tacgcaaacg gccacggagt
   395221 gcccaagggt gtaagctcgg aggcgggctg tctctggatg ttgggatatc tctgacatcg
   395281 atcacacttt ctgacgtatt caatggagtc acgatacatt gtcggccagt aatacccttg
   395341 gcggagcaac ttgtgggata aggatctagc ccccagatgg ctttcgcaga ttccttcgtg
   395401 tacctcccat aaggcatagt cagcttccga aggtcggaga tattttaaaa ggggcaaaga
   395461 gtattacctc ttgtacaact tgtcctcata aaggatgtat cgggaggctt gatttctgag
   395521 cttccgagct tcttttgcat catgagggag aactccgtct ttgagatatg ccaccagtgg
   395581 gtcgattcaa ctgggttcgt ggtcaatttc catcacgggc catgattctt ccatacttga
   395641 gcacttcaga acttcaaaga gaacttcctt gggcaattca gccagaaaca gcgcagccaa
   395701 cttggagagg agatcggccc tggtattttt tattcttgaa atttgcctga tgttgaagct
   395761 actaaaggca gggacgagct cctttacctt ttcaagatat ttagccatgc tgtcctcgcg
   395821 tgcttcgtag tttctgcaga cttgtcctac taccaattgg gagtcgctgt aaatttggag
   395881 ccgatctact cctaattctt tggcgatcca caatcctgca atcagagctt cgtattccgc
   395941 tccattgttc gttgcgggaa actcgaagcg cagcgcgtac tccacgatga tctcctctgg
   396001 actgatcaag atcaagcctg cgcttgcgcc cgacatgttg gaggatccgt ccacatagag
   396061 ggcccaaaag caatcaggag ggtctgtttc ttcttcagag gagttcagtc gggacttcag
   396121 accgtcaatt tcaccttgtt caagttcggc ctcctccgag atagttcatt ctactataaa
   396181 gtctgccaat atctaggctt ttactgtcaa cctaggttga tagttgatgt cgaattctgt
   396241 gagctcgatc acccatttcg ctatcctccc ggaagtatcc gtccgatgca gaatcgcctt
   396301 aatcggctgg tcggtgagca acgttacagt gtgtccttga aagtaaggtc ggagcctcca
   396361 ggctgcaatc aacagggcgt aagttagttt ctctaattta gtatacctag tttaggcgtc
   396421 tctcaacgca cgactgatgt agtagattgg tcgttgaatt attgcttctt ccttgataag
   396481 aactgctgcg aaggccatag gggagaccgc caggtacaag aacaactcct ccccgggctc
   396541 gggcttcgcc aatagcgaag gtgagtcgag gtagttcctt agttcttcga acgcctgttg
   396601 acactcagtg gtccaatgaa gttcttcggc cgcttgaggg tttggaagaa gggtaagcac
   396661 cattcggccg acctcgcaac gaagcgattc agggctgcca ccctccttgt aaggcgctga
   396721 acctttttta tcgacttcgg ggcggccatc tcctggatgg cgcgaatctt ctccggattg
   396781 gcttcaatcc cacgccccga taccatgaag cccagaaact tccccgaggt cactccgaaa
   396841 gcacacttag tcgggttcag cttcatctta tattttcgga ggacatcgaa ggtctcctcg
   396901 aggtcggcga tgtggttcgt cgaagattta cttttcacaa gcatgtcgtc cacgtagacc
   396961 ttcatgttgc ggtcgatctg ctccttaaag attttattca ccagccgctg ataggtcgca
   397021 cctatatttt ttaggccgaa aggcatgacc ctataacagt aaagatcatg gttagtaatg
   397081 aaggcagtct tttcttcatc ttctggtacc atcctgattt gattatagcc agagaatgca
   397141 tccataaagg tgagaagctc atggcccgag gttgcatcca ccagttgatc aattctaggt
   397201 agagggtagc tgtcctttgg gcaggcttta ttcaactttt tgaagtctat acacatcctc
   397261 cacttgccgt ttgtcttttt aactaggaca atgttggaaa tccagtgagg ataattgact
   397321 tctctaatga atccgacctt caggagttta tccactttct cggctgtcgc tttttgcctt
   397381 ttcggtgcat gacctcggat tttttctttc gtcggtcgat gctttggatc aacggtcaga
   397441 cgatgttcca tgacctctgc gtcaatcccc ggcatgtccg ctagaaccca agtgaaaaca
   397501 tccacattct tttgtaggaa atcaacgaac tgcgtccgta cctcttcccc caggttggag
   397561 ccgatcttca ccacatgctc tgtactccca tcattcaagg ggatcgaaac cagatcttcc
   397621 attggcccgc ccctttcctc agcgaggtca tcgcgggcgt ccaatccatc aaccggacaa
   397681 aggtcagatt ggtcacttct ttgcaaggct atgttgtagc agtgtctagc cagggcttga
   397741 tctcccttga cttctccgac cccctggtta gtagggaatt tgaatttcag atggtaggtc
   397801 gacaccacgg cccggagggc gttgaggcca ggtcggccta ggattgcatt gtaggctgac
   397861 ggcgctttca ccatcaggaa atccaccaga gccctggatt gtctgggata tcgacccgta
   397921 actacagtca aagttattat cccctccatc gggatagcat cgtcggtaaa ccctactaga
   397981 ggggagctaa tcggccccaa acgaccgtca aggatgaata tttttaagaa ggcatcgtag
   398041 aacaaaatat cggccgaact ttcattatcg ataagaatac ggcgcacatc gtaattggct
   398101 atatttaaag aaactacaac tgcatcgtta tgagggaatt gaactctccg agcatcttcc
   398161 tcagtaaagg ttatggattc ctcaatcctt tgtcacttgg gaggtctagc caatacaccg
   398221 attgttccct gtcgggattc tcctgagatg gtgttggtga aaccgatcgg aggccgatta
   398281 tcgggccgct ccatgctgac tgctgtcgcc ggaggaagag gagcctggaa aatcggagat
   398341 gaggctgggg cttgcggagc ttactgagat ctggccgcgg aggctgttga ccgcctggtg
   398401 gttgccctcc agggaggcac caggtggaga tcaggtagga agctagagga gaaggtgtcg
   398461 gagaagatga ccggaggtgg tcccgttgag tgctccttta agaacaaggg tactgcaaag
   398521 acacaggacc cttcctctag tgccaatcct gttggtgcag aaatctgccg gcgtcggaga
   398581 agctggagtc gagggagtcg cggtcgccgt cgggacctgc aaagaaagtc taaaccggag
   398641 ttgggggtac tccggcaaga ccctccgatg ctcaagttag ttctctgcct caacaagaat
   398701 ggagtgctcg aacaaaaatt tttgcagagt tttgagatag agattagagc ttagagaata
   398761 acgtatctgg gatccctttt ttataggcag aggatgcaac agactgatag cgacgtttgt
   398821 aaccgcttgg tagtgggcca ttcaaggcca taaggaattt gttgcagaga atagtggcgt
   398881 caggggctgt tcagagccac atggagcttg tcgcggagag tggagtagtg tctgttgtcg
   398941 cgacttgcca aagagtggtg gagtcgtgca gaatccgtca caggaagtgg agcagaatcg
   399001 tggccattac tgtggcctac cagggagtcc aggcctgtcg gctgaagctc gattgaggtg
   399061 tccggtagag agaggtagct ctccatctga gaggagcttg gatgttgctg gcgagccctc
   399121 caccgttggg tgccttgggt gttagtactg caggcgaggg tcattcgctg taggagctcg
   399181 gtcagaggct ttctgtagat gaagtttggt ttcacgtaga attcgacaga agatcgatcg
   399241 gcaatggatg tcggatggta caggagaggt tcatccgctg gaggagtccg gctgctggag
   399301 tccgtgtgtc ttaagagttc gttcggaacc tgtccgctac agaagttcga tcggagtccg
   399361 atccccgtag aatttcggat ggggatcatt tgtcgaggaa gctcgatcga agcctgcctg
   399421 caatagaagt tcagaagaaa ttcgctcaca atagaagctc aggtggaggc ttacagtaga
   399481 aatccgacgt ggaccgctcg tagtagaaat tcggagcaga ccgcttgtag tggtagctcg
   399541 gagtagaccg cttgcggtgg gggcccggag tccggtcctt gccagaattc ggatgaggcc
   399601 cacctgcgat aggagcttgg agctgaagtt cggcttccgt aggagctcgg acgaagtcta
   399661 cctgcagtcg gagttcggga aagaagtccg gctcccgtag gagctcggat gaagtctacc
   399721 tgcagtcagg gttcgggcaa gaagtctgac tcccgtagga gctcggacga agtctacctg
   399781 cagtcggggt tcggggaaga agtccgactc tcgtaggagc tcggacgaag tctagaaggt
   399841 ggtcgaccac cgtaaaaact tggatggagt ccgtctgtca taaagaatcc ggttgacact
   399901 agtggaggtt tatccgtcgg caggatttgg gaacattgcg gaggcccaac tgtcggagag
   399961 attcgggaag atgtcgccga aggtcggacg ccggtagaat cctgggaggg tcactcctga
   400021 cacgaacttc ggctgggggg tattttatac ccaacagact atgttccgaa aaagaatcca
   400081 ctgggagaga attcaattct ctcctagata tgtcacaaac tcactggata agtattcgcc
   400141 ttttcgatct gatcgaagag ttctaacact tatccaattt gtttcaatct ttcattattg
   400201 aatcatttga acatttcaaa tgattaagcc agacgcaccc atgcccagat aggtcgtctg
   400261 taataaaata ttaatatctt cctctggcac ttaagttcac aggtccacat acatcactat
   400321 atatgagact tagaacttta tcaactcctt catctttttc attaaaaggt gactttgtca
   400381 tcttttcaag aagacaagac tcacaggcta tcaatgattc acaatcattg aggtgaggtt
   400441 tttctctcaa gctaatccat ttatcctgtt cttgtcaaag tgactaagcc aaagatagac
   400501 atccatgata ttatctaact tgggtgtgta cattacactt aataggctgt gtaaatgtta
   400561 aatattattt tcttattatc catgtattat tgtaacatta ttcataataa tatcacaata
   400621 atcttccttt attaatgaat gataatcatc tttggccaaa agaccaacaa aaatttcatt
   400681 catcataaac aatggacaat agtaacaatt actttaaata acaatatttg aaaataagct
   400741 ctacaattcc taaagttaag attggaataa ggctttcatc cctaacattc aagaatttct
   400801 catcattttc aaacattcta cttacttgta gtcctagcaa taaattgcat aagactatcg
   400861 gtatctaata cctgggtatt acaattttat agagaaactt taaggtgtta ctatataaca
   400921 ttcttgataa gcaactctta ctcctttctc ttattcagcc tattatggtc aagggaagca
   400981 agataattct tcttcctatg accctgcttc tgacagtaga agcaacatgc ctgatttgga
   401041 tcaattttgg attaattatt ttgactggac taagaagccc caatacgaac ttattcgtac
   401101 tgcagaatca aattcaactt tcgatactaa ttaacgaagt tgggtcccat aagtcatcac
   401161 tatctaaagc aattggagca attaaagttt agccttattt tgagaaaaga gaacaatgac
   401221 ctaatgtata tgaattattt taagcctaaa gacttggact ttagtctcaa ggttctccca
   401281 ctattttatt caaattagta gcctctacct ccaattcgaa aaattacttt aattttttag
   401341 taggtactag aatccacata gactacagac aagtccgact ttggtcggcc aacccatctg
   401401 tatctatgga tagattcatt aaccaattat ttctccaaat aacttatagt aatttaattt
   401461 ttccccagaa acctaatcag taggctttga cttccactgt aaggatccga ttagatccaa
   401521 ccattaacat gaccatactt gatgcatcta accaatgaat gattaagtcc aactttggtt
   401581 ggctaaccta accatcatta gagagacact ttcaagtcgt tatatgatga gtgataattt
   401641 cattagtcaa caaacaccag gcctttgggt ctgcaatgat tgttgagtta atggactcat
   401701 atcaaacacc ttaataggag gctatgactc agttatcttc ataactttat cattttaagg
   401761 accaaataat tttagaagat ttaaaattat tagtgattta aggatagaaa ggacattgac
   401821 caatttgctc ccattgactt catcaagtca agtcctccca ctgacttctc aagtcattaa
   401881 caaggactag gatcaaattt ggtccatggg cacctagatc agtctcactc aatgaaatca
   401941 gattcactga tttcctatgt gacatgggtt agcacgaatc aatgagcaac ctaatcaaga
   402001 tctgattaac cacattgacc agataagtat gatcgttggg agggtttgcc aaagcttgcc
   402061 ttagatacca aaagaaatgg acaggtaagc gggctcccaa ttaaaaacca tcgatcagat
   402121 ttatcttaga caccaactga tttatcaatt tttatttggt ctgcctaaag acttgggctc
   402181 agccactgag ccacgatcag tgtccatttg ttagatatat gaattttgat caactacaac
   402241 tattgaagtg atctatagaa atgatctaat cctaattaac ttttaattag atttgaccaa
   402301 ttttttaact tagtccatat ttaatctaac cctaggtcta acccagtaaa tgacctgatc
   402361 aaagctaacc cattaccctt taacccatgt tttatgaaat tatcttagga tctttaaatc
   402421 acaaacctaa atcctaaaca atcacttaaa tcttttaatg aagtccatgg ctgagggttg
   402481 gggatcgaca ttttgaaaat tattttcaac ttttgaaaga tttaatataa tttagtgttg
   402541 tttcattaaa taggtcaact catttcaaaa atagatcaac ttatttcact aacaaacact
   402601 aataattaaa atcaatcaga aaaataattg agccaacttt tcagtcaagc aggattactg
   402661 gtcgagctgg cccgataagc aaacagaacc ttcgcaagat ccttttcttg gctgatttta
   402721 atctatgtac attacataaa aatttatgaa ataaaataga cctaatctaa aatatttaag
   402781 acaagattta tttaaactct tttaattttt ttagatcaca acgtaccagg acaacctttg
   402841 cactataagg ggtaaacctt acagcaggat aacctatagt ccgtacgatc attattttat
   402901 tttttagatt tattttaata taattatgaa tatgttataa tagaacctag atgctctgat
   402961 accactgttg gaaaaagatg tagggtttca tgcatgaatt tcaaaatatt tttgaaatat
   403021 aacgtagcga aatatgtaaa ttaaataatt taatctacaa atgcatgtaa tcaaattact
   403081 aaaccctaca attagaatct ataacatatc atattatatt tataaattaa aaaataaaaa
   403141 ctttgatatt gatcaaatca atactctaga tctaaaatag ttttagatct aaaacctaga
   403201 tcacatctag ataagagaag aaatcagatc tcttaccttc atgtgggtca aaaactctgt
   403261 ggttgatttt tttttattat ctttgaatcc acacatgcat ccgacctcta caggtgatcc
   403321 acatgaggct gctacaaaat tgaatattaa tcgaatgaag atccgctcga agtgctagct
   403381 tcttgcggat ccctctggat agttaatcta aaaaatattc ttcagatctc ttggacattc
   403441 caagagataa agattatgag aagaaacaag agagaagtta aaccttttga cctccctaaa
   403501 attagaaata atatataaaa gaaaaggatc ctaagagaag acagatcttc tctttcagta
   403561 catcaatgat tgatatcctg agaacatctc tatgctagga catgagaaga tcttcttccc
   403621 tagatatttc ttaaattttt agatcttatg atatctgatt tttctcatag aaaaatctta
   403681 taatttatga agaagaaggg ttcgaaaaga aaccttaaga gaagaccttc ttttcttctt
   403741 cttctctcac tagaacatga tcagatcatg tctaaaatta gatcaccata ccccaactca
   403801 ttggagcatg aatccaccac accatccctc tttctctctt atatttttat catataaaaa
   403861 atataaaata aatataaaat aatatgaaaa aaaaataata agagaaaaca atcttctctc
   403921 ttaccttttg tttctacaag acatcaactt ttgatctctt gattgaagac tctccttcaa
   403981 ggatattggc acctcaaacc acccatgcta tcctatttct tctctagttt ttatatctaa
   404041 aaatcatgaa tgtttgactc ttatttaata gcatatgggg cggcaacttt ttatatggca
   404101 gattaggtca aaagacctaa caatcaagga ctccatgggg cgtccaactc ttggacaccc
   404161 cctcccttat aaatttcatg gagatcaaga taagatgctt aaaaggggtg acaaaatgat
   404221 tggatagtct tgggaaaagt tggctcaaga gaggagggaa gagtccttgt gaagagggac
   404281 tctttcaaaa aaagaataag cctaaaccac tttccataat taaccaaatc acttttcaca
   404341 ttgaaccaaa tcaaatctga ttcaaatctc tagaataagt ggtatgagat aacattcttt
   404401 ggatgtggat atcatagaaa aatatctaaa aattaattag tgggcgtgga cttgagattt
   404461 cttaggtggc gcaagagatg atatggaatc ctagtctaat aggattctta tgtagattag
   404521 gtcaaatact ttgaatgcaa tccaaattaa ttgtaatcta attaatagtg atcttaatct
   404581 aattaggagt ctaattaaat tagattaaat tatatttaat tctgctttaa attctaactt
   404641 aattaagaat taggtgcata caagtcctag tcgaacaggg acttgttctc cattgcaatt
   404701 ggcttatcca ataaatcaat tagacttaat ccaattaaat ccaaactaat tttaattgaa
   404761 ttaaatttaa ttagacttga tctcagtcta atttttcaat tagattgagc taattagcaa
   404821 tccaattgct aatcgatcct cctgcaatac ttgcattagg tcaaacatca atcacattgg
   404881 tcgtttaacc taagaataat tctcaatcat cgattaacca tctgattaga ttataacctc
   404941 ttatgtgtgt gaccctatag gtttgaacct aagctagtag cacaggaatc aatttctgta
   405001 tcagtcgaag taaccatcca gcaatggttc ccgacgtcca gataggtcga atgtatgcaa
   405061 agcaacattc taagaaccct gatccatggt taccatataa ttcatctttt tgatcaataa
   405121 tactcaagat gacttcgagt atgctatcaa cactcatata agtcatctct attgtgtctc
   405181 aaaattttgc aaatctcatg actcttcaca aggattacac aggcctagat tttgctaaat
   405241 tgaaacacag tgagatattc tcttcctgaa gttaatcagg agtggtcaat ctcatcttga
   405301 ctcacaaact gactttataa gtacttgact atatccaaaa atctttcgaa cctatattaa
   405361 aaatacagac agtccggtac caaagcacag tgagttgctt gcaagtcatc atggtgatct
   405421 caggtcagag agacacttat acccattggc cttagctaac tactcttgac agtagagtat
   405481 tacattggtc atgctcaatg cagatgtact cctacatctc atctagatgc cataccagtg
   405541 tctccatatc gcttggttat gaggacaacc aacacatatg gcataagtga cctacacttg
   405601 ataagttatc gtccttgtta ataacttatc atttggtcgt gaacaattta agaaccatcc
   405661 gttaaatcct tctttatcga ttgattatag ttctaaagac ttcatcctaa tttagaagtt
   405721 tgtttaaaga agatagaact tttatgatga acctgccaaa taactattat tattaaataa
   405781 ttcatatact aattccaatc atctaccact tagatgattg gctttaggac atattttcca
   405841 ataggaatga ttccagctct gtccatcaaa gatcatcgat catcaagatg acgttcgatg
   405901 agtctcataa ttaattagtg acacctaaca tatgtagtga caatctaaca gaacagaata
   405961 ttaaaccttt agatgcagtt atcatataat tcagtccttc tatcatgagt tttgataaat
   406021 ggaggtcatg aaaaattcgt caaacctcat cacttgtcat atgtattatt caattgactc
   406081 gaattcataa ataaaatccc atgaaaccct tttctatcat tcactctgcc atggccatga
   406141 tcttctgaac tcaatctcat gaataaaata ggactactta tccatcaaga tcgatagatc
   406201 tcatttaggt gtacatccta ctcttacaac gaacctactg cagccaacat acaccttaag
   406261 actccatata gttaggagac caagttatga tgcagtcaaa ttacaacagt cttattataa
   406321 ataaccgagg caccacgggt ctaaggacta ctcataccac tgtaacatcg agtatatcac
   406381 tgatgagtga atagatattc atacgactac tcgtgttggt catgctcgat actattgttc
   406441 tttaacaatc acctacactc tcactccaat gtctccacac tataaattca agacttgtct
   406501 atctagaaaa aagcaattcg tgcatcaatc ttatcagatc aatcaccatt ctcataatga
   406561 tccatcgatc gggagtattt agaaattaat taccaatgac acatacctca aattttcaac
   406621 tcttgagaat atgtgtcatt atcctattaa tttcttggac gatttatgga cacatgactc
   406681 aacatgaatg aaaattaatc ctatttattt tatttaatta taaaatcatg ccactagaaa
   406741 ggttacatat gtcgaccaac ttggctagta ggatatacat ctaacaatct cctacttgca
   406801 ctaaagctaa ttggccatca acctaagcct cattttctta aggtaagctt caatctctta
   406861 ctggctcaat agcttagtca gcaaatctat cacattctcc atagagtcta ctctctgcac
   406921 cttgatatag tttttctcga ggtattcaca aatctaatgg aatcatcact ctatgcactt
   406981 agacttctag tgagaccttg attctttagt cagagctatg gcactgatgt tatcacagta
   407041 gagttatatg acatcttatg tcatcacttc aaactacaca acaaactgta taaaccaaaa
   407101 aactacctta gcacccttag aaatgttgat gaactcgacc tctatgatgg aattttcaat
   407161 gatcggttgt ttggaactct ttcaatatac catactacca taacataaaa atacatattc
   407221 tgatgtagat cttctatcat caatctgtgt atccataaat cctaaattct tctcttcaaa
   407281 agattaagaa tatatcctta gttcttatca agtacttaag gatgtatttc atagctatcc
   407341 agagctcttt atctggattc gactgatatt ttgcttgtga cattcatagc aagagattta
   407401 tcagtcgagt acatagcata gcgtatatga ggctctccat agcagaacat acgagatcta
   407461 gcttatgcgc tcaatctcct caggtgtgct cgggcacatc ttcttggaga tatgaactcc
   407521 atgcctaagg gataacaatc cctttttgga gttcttcatg ctgaacccct tcagcatctt
   407581 tttctatata cattttttgt gatagatgaa gcatcctctt agatctatct ctatagatct
   407641 ttattcttag aataaaagat gcttcccttt ggtctttcat ggagaatata ttcgacaacc
   407701 aaaccttaac cgaggtcagc ataggaatat cattctcaga aaggaggatg ttatccacgt
   407761 acaatacgag aaatgtcaag cacttccact gaccttctaa aagatacatg gtttctcttc
   407821 attcttgatg acatcaaata ttttgatcac atcatgaaaa tgaatgctcc aactccgaga
   407881 tgctttcttg agtccataaa tagatctttg caatttacag atcttgtgat caccatcaca
   407941 gaaagtgaaa tccagaggct gcccatatag atatcttcta aagatatcca tttggaaatc
   408001 aatttttaca tctatctatc atttctcagg atcgatgact atcatcacct cataatagtt
   408061 tttaggatca tctccatgtt tcctatctct tataagaaat attttctttg catcctctgt
   408121 aagcatatct tatacctttc aggaggatag gagatttaac tagatctaca agattgatga
   408181 gatacgccat ctactgggtc aatgggttct ataggtacta tgactcattg ttgctcttca
   408241 aagactttct ctttgagcta taattgcctc ccactatttc catcatggat aagctatttt
   408301 ttagaaagac agtatgtgag gtcacaatca cattatgatc ctctagaaag caaaattagt
   408361 atcctaaaaa ctcttttgga tatcttatga aataagtctc gtagttctag cctctaactt
   408421 gttcgcttat tatcgcttga catagatcgg acatcctcaa atcttaagat gatcaagact
   408481 caatttttta tcatatcaca tctcatatgg tgtagtaaga atagatttaa agagaaccta
   408541 attcaccatc taattagtgg taagctaagc atgtccccca gataaataac gaaaaaggtt
   408601 agtgaagctc atcatggatc gaaccatatc taatagagtc caacatctcc attttaaaaa
   408661 atctcgttga gttaaggcat tccagatgga gtctattata aaactatacc atttttctta
   408721 agataatcga gaaatttctt agatattatt ctcttcaatc tgatcgaaat atttttagga
   408781 ttttttttga tttacttctc tacttcatat ctgaattctt taaatatttc aaagacttca
   408841 tattagtata tctcatacat atacatatac tatggataat caacggtaag gataattaag
   408901 tagagataac atcctctggc tgctacataa atgggccata gacatcagtg tgcaccaagg
   408961 caagtatcac agtgatcctt tccccatgtc ccacaaagga tagcttgacc atattttttt
   409021 gaagacaaga ctcacagatt ggatatgact cagtagtcat tgagcccaaa ggcccatctg
   409081 tctccagtct gttaatcatt tcttctccta tatgactagc ctaaggtgcc acatatactt
   409141 gaggttaatc tcatcactgg atctctcaga tccaatggca ttcacttatc tgcttgaaca
   409201 cattcacatc aacatataaa tgatggagat gttaatcata aagctacttc caaccatttt
   409261 atttccaaaa ataaatagta ccatagtctt cataaaaact aaattcataa ttatcttgtg
   409321 tgaaaataga aatcaaattt ctacaagcag caagaacatt ataacagtcc ctaaacctac
   409381 atgataatta cagatgatag gtatccatgg ccacagcagt aacacttact ccattgccta
   409441 tctaaaggat catatcacct tttctaagcc tctacttctc tcaagaccct gcataaaagc
   409501 acataaatat gcactagaac caacgtctaa gactaaactg gaagtaaagg gaactgtaag
   409561 gttagtttct tttacgagca tatctgacat agcttctaaa agtgtgtccg ttttattttt
   409621 tttagggttt tcaaattttc ttgatagttt ttccactcca cagcgagaaa tatatccctt
   409681 gaactcttca agatctcttc agtggtcatc aatatgtcta ataactcggt caagtgcaat
   409741 taatcttgtt catatggtgg tttgctataa actatccata caaactagta agagattgtc
   409801 agataaaatc cgcttgtaat tccttataca tcatcacacc gagcttctca agctcctcca
   409861 aatctttgat catcatcaaa taatggtcgt aattaaactg actgtcctta attcatctta
   409921 gtattgaaga gtctcttaga tacttcataa catatagatc ggctcacgtc accatacaac
   409981 ccttgtaaat gagtcaacat agcccaagta atctatatga cctcatgctg gcattgcaac
   410041 taatttgact ttgatgccaa tatgttacac ttgaccttgt tatcatcgtc caaccatttt
   410101 tcagtacttc cctatggtca gtggttgaac agtttggtaa tactgaagat tcctaattct
   410161 tgacatgact aagctcctca aaactcaaaa taatttttaa gtttctgagc cagtccttat
   410221 aattagatct ggttagtcca ttatttttta aaaatagaaa tagagttaga ggtaggcaat
   410281 ttttagtaga gagaagaaaa ttctagttaa atttttgtag ttgatttatt tagtttattt
   410341 tagatatttt attttaaaaa taaactacca cctactattt ctgcaaatcc ctacactcct
   410401 cggatggaga aataagaact ccttcacaag ttagggtttc taataggtac tgcagtccat
   410461 caattggtat gctatctcac ctgatagtta ttggtaaatg tgtcaactaa taggaggata
   410521 actcttgtcc aatgcttcaa aaacaaatta tagttgacct agtctctagg tcctacaacc
   410581 tcacctgaca gttattagtc tcattcccta gttaagtcag acccaccatt gagcatgagt
   410641 gaagccatta tttggacctt cacctaacag ttattaagcc aaatcctatc ttcaccccat
   410701 agtatctcat accaatagag tggttacttc tctcttgatg caactgaacc attgtgtcca
   410761 attgagaata gtcaacatcg gagagggcac agcactctac aacggtggat gatcctacaa
   410821 cttaatatta acgaggagat ttttaattta gatctccttt taatttacat ctcatgcaaa
   410881 tctttaattg attagggcat gggttaaact caatcatcag gcatccaaat tctaaactga
   410941 tcactgctgg ccagataagt aaaagattga tgggaggctc tccactatca gtggcaatgg
   411001 ttctaattaa ataaccatcg ctcaattact tgccttaaac accaacaagt cctgaccaat
   411061 ttcaattggg ttaacctaag tgatcgaggc cttagccatt gagtcaagac caaattatgg
   411121 gtgattgatt gagcacaaat tatgggtgat cctataacta ttgttatgat ctcaagcata
   411181 tttgatctaa ttgcaatcaa ctccttgatt caactcgatc aattgcccat cttaattgag
   411241 accaacatgt tggattctag tggtacagtg gaaggattag gtatttaaat ttttcattca
   411301 aaacacctga tgcaccgaaa atcctaatgt ccaataaatc ctaactatat caatcaaagt
   411361 ataattgaat taaatttgga taagaagaat acctgtagca ctaatccaaa ttttcatgag
   411421 gtattcaagt gtctgccttc taacggtgat ccacacagaa attagaccaa agacagtact
   411481 cctccttcat cttgcttcaa aaattctagc ccctagaact cgactagccc tgtaccggtc
   411541 agatttctcc aagaacctga ctcgaccctc tcagaacctc ctctaaactt ttgatttttc
   411601 ttctttagga ctctcacaac ccttgtttgg accaaataag gctttgtctt aaatcccaaa
   411661 gtcatatcct aaaactaaga tgggttgtaa gaaagaaggg agagcaatgg agagaaatta
   411721 gaaagtcgat ctgaatgcct tgaacaccca gcgcccagga cttctgatag ccaccagatg
   411781 gatgtcaaaa gggaaagaca tgctccatcc aaaaggctta tctgattaga ttatcagaga
   411841 taagagttcc ttcaagtaga aggactctta tcaatgatac atcgatcagc accttcacct
   411901 acgcgtacaa ccagagaagg gatatttttg catcccttct caaataaaaa aaatccacaa
   411961 aaatccatat agataggaga cacatttcta atttcaaaaa acttgataaa ttgataaaaa
   412021 tctcacagaa ggatgttatc ctcatacctt ttcacgtgag ttctgatcac cgcatgcgtg
   412081 tgcacacgag aaagtttctg acatccgttt ggccatctga aaagtctaaa aaaattttaa
   412141 aaaattataa aaaataatta atcaaattta gaatattata aaaaaaaatt gttccaattt
   412201 gaatgcattt gatgagaagg actctctgaa atgagaaaag attcgacgct tcaacgtgca
   412261 cgtgcgagag acccttctca tttctaattt tttgctgcct caaataatct agaaaaattc
   412321 catctcatac tttgagatgt acaccagagg atggagggtg atgtaggcta tcacacatat
   412381 cttaatccca tgccagaagg attctttctt ctactcatgc cgacactcgc acgcaaaacc
   412441 tattttacat caagagtcct tcacaatttg gactcttcat aattggcatt aaaatgagat
   412501 gtgacatccc aatttgggct gcttctaggt ggcacaacct gacccaaatg cccaccaaat
   412561 tgagctagct agttagcaag agatgagatc aaattgatct cccaaggagc taggatttcc
   412621 atacgtacta gcatgcttat cgaaaactct gattgaatcc aaaattctaa tcaaccttat
   412681 caaaagggtc tttgatcaat tttcatatgt gtgtaactca ttgagtttca catctagtca
   412741 gtagtaggtt cgaatataag ttgatcaaat ttgattagat ttcaatctaa ctaatttaga
   412801 tccaatcgag ctaacctgag ttcaacaatt ataatccttt ctaattggtg atcaaattaa
   412861 actctttaat tcgatcaaac ctataagtta agattgatat ctagcaacat atcatgacta
   412921 ttcagaagat ataaaattta ataaaaatat caaatatatc cttcagtggc aagttaccat
   412981 gtaattcaat ccttcgatca tccctgcatc ctaaatatat tcatgagtat ggaattatgt
   413041 caaacttaaa cacatattca tattgattct caattaacca ataatgactc tgatgatgaa
   413101 gcattagaaa ctctttctaa tctccttcct gcttttggcc aaaagatttt ttttgagtca
   413161 tctaggaatg agaatacaca agatgcaatc tcctcttact aggagtgatc agttccatat
   413221 tgacctactc acaaccttca cacacactcc atcatatcca gaacatccca tacatgtctt
   413281 aatgccatgc ttgggtatga accaaaatat gggttcatat gcacaaggtt tcatgatgat
   413341 ctcaggtcta aggatcactt gcacaactcc cacttagaga atcatcttta acatgcaagt
   413401 aaagctttca taagatattc tcttacatct agtcaattca gtggactcat ttctaaatga
   413461 gtatccacat ctttgtatta gtgtcccata cacaagtggc tagcgagatc tgctactccc
   413521 tcaatcgagc atatatagga tgtgccagtc tatccagaat attgatctct gactcaatgc
   413581 tcctacgatc agaaatattt aagattagag ttttaggatt ttagatctca ctagcatgac
   413641 ccattcatat cccctaaaat tattatccta atctttgggg ttcatcataa tcttaaacat
   413701 aataagatgt agctaaaatg atgaatcaat accttatttt attatcaaat aataaatgtc
   413761 attacatgag ttaaaaaatt ataaagaaaa attctatcgc aacacacttg tgattgactt
   413821 ataggacact catctttcaa tcttccactt gtactaaagc caatcgtctt tgtattttat
   413881 gcaatctaaa tggtgatcca atagctacta tggtatggct ttagtgaatg gatttgctat
   413941 actgttcttt gtatctactc attcaaagac aacatcttat ctctctataa ttttttgaac
   414001 aaagtggaag catctaagga tgtgcttaga tctttgatga gacctagatt ccttagcttg
   414061 aataacagcc ccagtattat cacaatagag tgacacaatc cttcaatctt agaaacgact
   414121 cctaatttca tgatgaattt cttcatccag acagcttcct taatggcttc actagcagtg
   414181 atgtagttta tctcagtagt tgagtcagct actgtctgct acttgaaact cttccaactc
   414241 actgtcctat catttagaat aaactcttat cctgatattg acttgctatc atccagatca
   414301 gattgaaaat tagaatctat atatccttct agtttcaact ctgatcctca tccatatatg
   414361 agaaaaatat ctttagtctt tcttaagtac ttcagaatat ttttcatagc tttccaatga
   414421 tcctttcctg aatcagtctg aaatctgcta gctacaccta aagcataagc tacatcaggc
   414481 ctggtacata gcatggcata cataattgat cccacagtcg aagcataagg gatttcattc
   414541 atcttcttcc tctcttctgg tatcttagga tatattttct tagagagacg tatactataa
   414601 cttgcaggca ggtaacctct tttacttgcc tctatattaa atctctttaa tatgagatgt
   414661 atgtaccatg actgagataa gtctaacatc cttttaaatc tatctccata gatctttata
   414721 cccagtatat aggatgctcc acctaagtct ttcatgaaaa acttattcga tagccaagtc
   414781 ttgaccgatt gcatcattgg gatatcattc ccaatgagca atatgtcatt gacatacaaa
   414841 atcaagaaga caatagcact cccacttatc tccttataca cacatggttc atccttattt
   414901 ttgatgaagc caaactcttt gactatcata tcaaatcgga tgttccagct cctcgagacc
   414961 tgcttcaatc catagatgaa tttttttagc ttgcatactt gatttgccct cccacttgag
   415021 ataaattcct ctggctgagt catatagacc tcttcctcaa aattactatt aagaaaagtg
   415081 gtcttgacat ccatctttca gatctcataa tcgtagtatg ccgctatagc aagcaaaatc
   415141 tgaatggact tgaggatagc cactggtgag aaggtttcat catagtcaat tctttatctt
   415201 tgtttgaaac ccttcgccac caggctagct ttataggttt ctacttggcc atatgctccg
   415261 atcttctttt tgaagattca cttgcaccct attggggtca caccctcaag cgcatcaacc
   415321 aatgtccaca cttcatcgag tccatctcag atttcataac ttccaaccat ctgtctgagt
   415381 ctttactcat gacagcttcc gaataagcca gtggatcatc atcctgaatg atgttgatcg
   415441 aaatatcatt cttaatgata aaatcatatt tcaaaggtgc ttgacgcact cgatctgacc
   415501 ttcggagaga aggtgtgtgc tgtggatgta cctcatcctt gggcacttct gattgaaaat
   415561 tttcttgtgg ttcaactata ggtatttctg gattgatttg tagatcctga attttcataa
   415621 gttcaatatt tctcatacta cctccatctt ggatgaattc atttttcaag aaaatggtgt
   415681 gccaactaac aaataccttt tgttcaatag gatgataaaa gtagtatcca ttagttttct
   415741 taggataccc tacaaaccta tacttttctg atctagcact aagnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   415801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   415861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnngcttgtg gactctaaaa actatcatgt taagctacca
   415921 tttgatggtg aagttttcga tcaggtatgg agtggggtgg atccgaggca accaggctat
   415981 ggcccgagaa tgctttgccg ctaagctccg agcagagggc caaccgatct agacggaggt
   416041 ccaacctgag ctcccgatag gactggatgc ccgtgatgat ctgattgaag gacatcttta
   416101 atcgatcggg gacctcctag atgtcttgct agaaaaggag aacacaagtc agactataaa
   416161 gatcagctca tgcttggatg aggcaactaa aagttggtta atagctcttt tatagaagaa
   416221 tgcggatctc ttcgctgggt caccgataga catgcctagc attgattcag agataatata
   416281 tcatcatctg agggtggatc caacccgtcg ttcgatgaag caaaagcagc agagttttgc
   416341 cctagatcat caaaaggcca tcgctgaaga gatggacaag ctgctcaaag tcggttttat
   416401 caaaaaagtc atgtatccgg attgactagc taatgttgtg ctagtcaaga aggcaaacga
   416461 aaaatagcgc atgtgcatcg acctcaataa atcttgtccc aaagatagca tttctttgcc
   416521 tcaaattgat caattggtgg atgctacctc cgggcataag ctcatcaact tcatggatgc
   416581 tttcatcagc tataatcaaa tctggatggc acctgaagat gagaagaaaa tagcttttat
   416641 cactgaatgt ggattttatt attcatgatg atgcccttta gcttaaaaaa tacaggcgct
   416701 acctagcagt ggttagtgga caaaatcttc aagtatcagc tcgactgcaa tatagaggca
   416761 tatgttgatg atatgctcat caagagtcgg actgccctag attatgttgc tgaccttcag
   416821 aagatctttg gtactcttcg tcgatttcgg atgaagctga atctgatgaa gtgtactttc
   416881 ggagtcacta ccgacaaatt ccttagattc ttgatctctt agaggggcat caaagtaaat
   416941 cttgagaaga tcaaggtggt ccttgagatg gcaccgtcaa gaatcataag ggaggtgtaa
   417001 tgcctcactg gtaagattgt ctcgctcaat cgctttatct ccaggtcagt cgaaaggtgt
   417061 ctcctcttct ttaaaatcct tagatagtta agagactttc agtggaccac cgagtgccaa
   417121 aaggtatttg aggaattgaa gtagtacctc agctctccac aattgctctc gaagcctcag
   417181 cctggcgagg agttatttct ctatatcgct gtctcccctg ttgtagtcgg ctcaatcctg
   417241 attcgagaag aaggacaagt gcaaagacct atatactata ccagcaagat cctccatgat
   417301 gcaaaaacta gatattctaa acttgagaag ctgatttttg tactggtcgt catggcaaga
   417361 aagttgcggc cttattttca ggctcctaca gtggtgctgc ttactgatca gccaattaaa
   417421 gctattctct attgtctaga tacctcaagg tggattgtaa aatgatcttt ggaactcgtc
   417481 gagctagatg tatagtaccg tctatggcct gccatcaagg cctaggtgtt ggcagatttc
   417541 atcctcgaat gcaccattcc aaatggagag gactggaagg ttgtaaagag ttcgaaaaaa
   417601 ggagagaacc tagggtatga caaaagctca agaggcgaag aggtagacat tggatctgac
   417661 ccagaggagc tctagacact tcacgtcgat ggttcatcaa gtgcgatgag ggcaaaggtt
   417721 ggactcattt ttatcaatac tgaaggagag gtggcgagat acgccttaca ttttgacttt
   417781 cttgccacta gtaatgaggc ggagtatgaa gctctacttt ctggcctttg ggtggtaaaa
   417841 aaaatagggg cccagcatct gaagattttt agcgactcct agttggtggt tggccatatc
   417901 aagggtggtt atatagccca agaggagaac ataaaaaaat atctccaaaa aataaaggac
   417961 ttaacttcga cctttttgag ctttaacatt tagcaggtcc ccagagcgga taacaccaag
   418021 gcagatgcac tatcgaagtt gacagctttg ctgcccacca gttgaactta cttcgaggaa
   418081 ctgaaaacct cgagcctcga agagcctctc actattcaac aaattgatga agagccctcc
   418141 tggatcgacc ctttactcaa atatctaagg tcaggcgagc tgccatttaa tcacaaagaa
   418201 gctcgaaaaa taagaaagca agtggcctgt tatgtcctct acaatgacaa gctatacaag
   418261 cgatccttct ctctaccatt attgaaatat ttgcatttgt ccaaggcaga ttatgcacta
   418321 tgggaggttc ataaaggcat ttgtgaaagc catttgaagg gtaaatctct ctcctacaag
   418381 attctccatc aaagatacta ctggcccacc atgcaacaag atatagacga gtttgtcaaa
   418441 aagtgtaatc actgccaaag gatttccaat atctagtacc agtcagcagc atctttggct
   418501 cctatcagtg ccccttgatt attcgcccaa tgggggatgg atattcttgg cctctttctt
   418561 cttgcgtcgg atcaacgtaa atttcttttg gtggccatca attactttac aaagtggatt
   418621 gaaactaagc ctctagccca cataacagaa gccaaagtga aggatttcat ctgaaaatct
   418681 ataatccacc gctacagtct ctccggggta ttgatcacag ataatggtag atagttcagc
   418741 agtactcgac tccatgagtt ctatagagca tatcagatag aacttcattt tactttggtt
   418801 ggccatccat aggcgaatgg agaagtagaa gtaaccaacc aaaccatctt gcaaggctta
   418861 aaggccagga tcaaccgaac tagggggttt tgggtcgacg agctttacga tatgttgtgg
   418921 gcctaccaga ccacccagag gctttcaact gatgagatcc cttttaactt ggcattcggg
   418981 gctgaagcag tcatccctgt agagttcgaa cttccttccc ttaaagtcga agagtataat
   419041 gaaaatatca actccgtatg gctacagact aacctcaact taattgaaga aagcaaagaa
   419101 tgcaccacca taagaatggc tacttaccgt cagagagtgg ctaagtatta caagttttga
   419161 gttaaattga aagaattctg agttggcaat cttgtgttac gatgggctga ggttttacag
   419221 cccactgagc aggagaagct atcagccaac taggaaggcc cttatcaaat ggatgaagtg
   419281 gtacatcctg aaatctacag gctcaaatag cttgatggga tgctaatctc caagccatga
   419341 aatacagcta acctccatat gtactatcaa tgatgttgta acatcttttt tatacgaata
   419401 agtctttaga tttgatattc gcatgaagga atctctctct agttaacttc acaagtttcc
   419461 ttagttgtga ttatagtcaa ttcatggagg acaatctaga aaacctccac gactcaaaga
   419521 cgaggctaac ttacaagact cctataaagt ccaagtcgca cgagaagcgg agggaggccc
   419581 taagggacct ccggagggct aactgaccag accctcagaa gatcgctaag aaaggcacaa
   419641 gatgtcgtag gcataaaatg ctacaggcac atgctgcctc tcgcgtgaag acaagaagag
   419701 tacaagatgt tgtaggcata agatgccata agtacacctg cctctcatga gggctaacta
   419761 gttagactct cagaataacg tcgaggaggg cataagatgc tgtaggcaca agatgctgca
   419821 ggcacatgct gcctctcatg cgaagatgag aagagcacaa aatgccatag gcacaaggtg
   419881 ccacaaatac acactacctc ttatgagggc taactagcaa aaccctcaga ataccaccga
   419941 ggagggcata agatgccgca ggcacatgct acctctcgta cgaagataag aagagcacaa
   420001 gatgccttaa gcacaagata tcatagacac atgctgcctc ttgtgagggt taactagcca
   420061 gaccctcaga ataccatcga ggagggcgca agatgccata ggcacaagat gctgcaggca
   420121 cacgttgtct ctcgtgcgaa gacaaaaaga gtacaagatg ccataagcat aagatgccac
   420181 aagcacacgc tgcctctcat gagggctaac tagtcagacc ctcaaaacac tatcgagaag
   420241 ggcacaagat gccataagca caagatgcca caggcacacg ttgcctttcg tgagagctaa
   420301 ctagccagac cctcaaaata ccatcgagaa gggcagaaga taccgtaggc acaagatgtc
   420361 gcaggcacat gctgcctctc acgcgaaaat gagaagagca caagatgtta taggcataag
   420421 atgccacagg cacatgttgc ctctcgtgag gactgtcaga gttttttgat ttcatacatg
   420481 catgatttta caaatcgagt acacagcaga attttaaaaa tttttagatt aaatttaatt
   420541 taatctcagc atgcataaga ttatatcttc aaaccataac gtggacaaaa gaaggaggag
   420601 acatccatgt ctaaacatgg acaagaggga gagaagaaca tgtcctaaca accaactctt
   420661 ggttgttgca agaaagaaga gattataaca aacttacctc acgccacctt tctccacgtc
   420721 gtccccttcc ctcccatgat ttttcatgca caaaaggggc ttctatttgg gcatcaaacc
   420781 taattgttat ctcttatatc ccattccata tgatagggta tttaaaggcc ttggatgagt
   420841 tagaatttga atgggagaag agagtccaaa acgtctagga ctcttccaat ttgatgccgc
   420901 ccaacaacca atttttacac actaaaaaga gaggatttct ttctttctta cacgccaaaa
   420961 agggaaggaa tatggcatca aaaattagtt atggcgtgga ccataggtgg tgcacaaatc
   421021 taaggtggat gtggagtcct tttggtgcaa ggaaaggaag agttttagtc acatgggact
   421081 ctttattaaa ttactatttt aaatctaatt aaaattttaa ttaattctaa tcatattaag
   421141 atcagattag actcaaaaag ataaaaattt aaatctgatt tggagttcaa ttaatttaga
   421201 ttggatgtct cctaattaga aaaggagtct tagtctaatt ggactctttc ttgatacttg
   421261 agtcaaactc aattttaatt ctaatcccat tatgatttgg tacagtatga aaataaagat
   421321 ttctaatcca attaagaata catacatcct agtctaatta gaaattgggt caaacccaaa
   421381 ttctaagtta actggggcta atcatccaat ctttttaggg ttatcctata accaaattaa
   421441 attcaatcaa attggacttg atacaagccc caatgctcaa tcaaattgag ccaattagca
   421501 atcctattgc taattaatcc ttctataact cactaactct ttagcgagtt acataatgca
   421561 atatttgtat tagatcaatt atcaatcaaa ttgataatca aatctttttt atgattcata
   421621 atcgtaattc aaccatctga tcagtcaaaa gtctctttta tgtgtgatcc cataggttct
   421681 attctatctg atagtaagat atattatgat ctctatcaca atatcattga aactcttttc
   421741 aataaattga aacaattcca actcagccca tcaagaatta ttgatcatca agataatcct
   421801 tgtgagtctc acaatccacc agtgacacct agcaatatat agtgacaatt tagcagaata
   421861 aaatatgaac ctttaggtgt agttagtgca tgatacagtt tctctaccat aattttcgat
   421921 cagatggcag gtcatagatg aatcgtcaaa cctcaacatt ggttatatga aggattcaat
   421981 cagcttgagt ccatatgtga ttttatgaaa attcttttca tcaatcacaa tactatggtc
   422041 atagacttaa ggactcaacc tcttaaattt cataggacta ctcccttctg ctaggatcaa
   422101 tagatcccat cttgatgcac acctcactcc tacagtggac caactgttgc caacatccac
   422161 tacaagggct ccttgagatc catgttgatg tgtcagtcaa acttcatcag cctcactacg
   422221 agcagtaatg tcacctcaga tcaaaggacc agtcatacaa ctgcagtatc gagaaagtca
   422281 ctaacgaatg agcagatatc tatatgactt ctcgtgttgg tcacgctcag tgctagttgt
   422341 tctctaacaa ccacctgcac tctcgctcca gtgtctctat actgcagatt cgaaacccat
   422401 ctgtccgaag aaagtgatat gtgcactgat ctatctagat caatcaccat ccccatgatg
   422461 atcctatgat caagagcaat ttaagaatca accattaatg acacatacct caaattctta
   422521 actcattgag aatatgtcat tatcttgtta atctcttgga tgattcatgg atacataaat
   422581 atgaatggta ctataactgc ccaacaagta caaaattata tcctagagat ataaaatgtg
   422641 tcagtcaaga ttggcttcta gagcatacat ccaataatct tccacttgta ctaaagccaa
   422701 tctgccatgt acctagccct atcttcatga gacatgcttt agtcttatgc tagctaagta
   422761 acttactagc gaatcaaccg catcacatat ggagtttgct ctctgcacct ctatgtattt
   422821 ttacttgaga tagtcgcgtg ttctgctgtt ctatgtgctt ggatatctgg tgagacttag
   422881 gctccttagc aaggactatg gtgccattgt ctttacagta tagtgtcacg gtatctaata
   422941 gcatgataat taattctgca actaacatta aaatcagaat acatcctaca catctatagt
   423001 gtactcagtt ttcattgatc gattatttgg aacccttcca aaatatcaac ataggaacac
   423061 accccatgat attgacattc tacaatcaat attagacata aaatctgaat tggtgtatcc
   423121 tcccactcct agctttgatc tttctccaaa ttaagaacat atccttagtt tttctcaaga
   423181 gcttaaggtc attttcacag caatccagtg ctcacagtct ggattcaatt gattactact
   423241 cgtgatattc acggtattat ttatatcatt ttaagtacat tacgacatat gactatgtcc
   423301 gagaaggtag cagacccctc tccgagattt ctatattgaa ccctttcaat atccagtctc
   423361 tgtactttat ctatgaaaat acaagcatcc aattgcatct atcactatag atctttagga
   423421 tgctcgattt atgtatttca tggaggaatc tatattcaac catattttaa ctgatgtcag
   423481 tattggacac tcccactgat ccttttgaaa tcataatttc tctttctgat caaacaattt
   423541 gatcatgtca tcaaaatgac ttgttctaac ttcaagatta ttataaactt tgtgatctcc
   423601 tatcataaga agtgagatcc ataggctatt tcatatagaa attttcagaa gatctctatt
   423661 caaaaatgct atttcacatc cttccttgga gtcgatatct cacgtcatct cattgtaggt
   423721 tctgaaatca tctctatgct ccaatctcct atgagaaatg actttctcta tatcctctgt
   423781 caagcatacc cgagtacctt tcgagaggat tggagatcct actatgtgta cgaggtggag
   423841 gagaaatata catctactga cttataatga atagattctt aaagtttcaa ggctcaccac
   423901 tcttcagaga tactctcttt gagcttaact ttcctctcac tgctttattt tagttaaata
   423961 atttttcaag aagatagcat gtcgggtcac aatcacattg tgatcctttt agaaagtagt
   424021 atcccaaact cttttaggat aagttttata aacctattct ctaacatatc cacctgctgt
   424081 cctagacata gactggatat ccttgaatct caaaataatt aagattcagt tctcaccatg
   424141 ttatctcata cgatgcagta agaacaggtt tagaaagaac ctaattttat ataaataaag
   424201 cacatcctta aagaaatata aataagtcaa tgaagttcat tatagaccag accatatctc
   424261 atatagtccc atgactcttc ttatctcatt gagatgagat gtactaagaa cagtccaata
   424321 tgaaacaata ccatatctca tatgcaaagt agagacaact ccttgattag cacatccatg
   424381 ggctacgcac atcaaatgtg tacaatgata agtatcttag tggtcctttt tctcttatcc
   424441 cacaagagta tcatagtcat attttctcaa agagatgata cataaactag atttgactca
   424501 gcagtcaata agtccaaagg cccataactc tctagtttgt taattatttc ttctctaata
   424561 tgacttagcc ataggttcca catatatttt aaattttatc tcaattttgg atctctcata
   424621 tccaataaca ttcactattt gcttaattaa gttcacatat gcatcaccac acaaataata
   424681 gagaccatct ctaagaatta aatccaaatg acgatcgcaa aggatagatg ttatgatcca
   424741 gatggtgtgc ccaaggccca ggggaccaag gctaagacca aggtccatca ttcatgaggg
   424801 cttcatggag gctctagggc tagttgggcc ctaggttgaa aggctgtggg cctttcgagt
   424861 tcttgaggtc taggttatgt gggcctcaag ggaccaactc tttatgaacc aggtctgagc
   424921 ccaggagagg tgagattagg tcgagtcatg ggtgtacatg ggcttgggtt aacctaatct
   424981 ctcatagagt tggtcaagga agttttgggt ttgggtcact tgacccggtg tttatatata
   425041 catgtacttg tataggtttg attaagccaa gaaaaaaaga tgactctttc tcccaagtct
   425101 ctctctctct tctccctctc tctccagcaa tcttccatgc accaggagca agaaacccta
   425161 gggtttcttg ccgccaatcc agataaggaa agaaaggaag ggaggtgcta gccccttccc
   425221 ccttgtagcc gcctaccaga tctgctctcc ccctcttgca ggcacccaaa caccaggtcc
   425281 aggatataga atctcttgag aagaggttgg tacaagtctc tctcagatct ggagttgatc
   425341 tgaggtcgtt tgaggcacgg gtgagatctt catcaacaga tctacagaaa aggctgcagt
   425401 aggacagatc tacgaggtct atctccatct atcttcttcc ctatctagaa tatctcgatt
   425461 caagatctat gaattgcaga acctcggtcc aggtctgatc tggttgggta ccagatcttg
   425521 gattttttag aggtggtttc aaaggcgttc ttcatctgga acgaaaggct gacgaagaag
   425581 acagcaacca ggctgatttc gtcaagggcc ttggatcatg tccagaagtc tccagatcta
   425641 ttcgttgctg gttctgctgc acccaaggtc catgggagga gttggtatcg ttctccaata
   425701 gttggtatta gagctacggt ggtgaggaag cagttccaag tgcgagaagt tgaagatctc
   425761 aagtgctaaa aattttcagc aaggtagcat caaggtatat tctacacttc ttgaatttat
   425821 attgcttgtt tggcttggat ccaatcatgg gcagcaacat gaaggttgat ttcgaaaagt
   425881 ttgatggcaa gaaaaatttt ttcatgtgga aaatctgggt gaaggatctt ctggtgcaag
   425941 cagatctgga tcagactttg gatgagaagt ctgagggaat gacagataga tagtgggcat
   426001 cgttggagaa gaaagcatgc tcgatgatca gaggatgttt ggcggatgcg gcgttgtatt
   426061 cggtgctgga agaaaagacc ccgaagggcc tttggtcgaa gttgcacacc atgtacatgg
   426121 agaagaatat gtgcaacaag ctgatgctaa agaagaggtt gtacagtctt cggatgcagg
   426181 agggatctga tgtgattggc cacattcaga ggttcgacca gttgtacacg agttggtgaa
   426241 tatcggggtg aagctggatg aggaggacaa gtctctattg cttctatgtt cgctgcccag
   426301 atcatatgat tctttagtga ctacactgct ctacggcaag gagactctgg agtatgagga
   426361 catggtctcg gtgctgaggt ctaatgagca gagagaaaag ttgaccagag attgggctcc
   426421 ccaggagggt ttggcagtag gggagagaac aggtagaggc agaggcagaa gcaagtccag
   426481 ggggtggtcc aagtccagga agagaaagaa agaggtgaaa tgcttcaagt gcaacgagtt
   426541 cgggcacttc aagcgagaat gtccactatg gaagagtaag aagggagaaa gaagtggctc
   426601 agaatcaatg agtgcagttg ctgggcagca ggtggaggat gatctacttg tggtatcaga
   426661 tggtcacagg cattacacag aggagtggat actagactct gcgtgctcac atcactgcac
   426721 accacacaga tcttggtttg cgacatacac caagacagat gagggatcag tgactctagg
   426781 cgacaatcat ccttgcgagg tggctgggat agggacagtc agggtgagga tgtttgatgg
   426841 gattgtgagg acattgacaa atgtaaagca cgtcccggag ctggaaaaga atctggtgtc
   426901 actaggctac ttggagcgca gtggatacag cttcagcagt agggctagaa gcggagtact
   426961 gaacatcttc aatggagcta tggtggtgat gagaggtagg aggttggaca ataacctcta
   427021 tcgcatagag ggatctgtgg tgactggaga gtctgatgca gcagctgcag cacaggacca
   427081 gcaggggact tacaggatgt ggcactaccg cctaggccac atgggtgaca gggggctgag
   427141 agagttgagc aggagaggac tcatctctga tctggaggat ggtgctacag gaaagatcta
   427201 tgagccttgc cagatgaaaa agcaaaggag agttcagttc aacatcagta tagcccgcag
   427261 tgcagtccct ttggagttag tacacacgga tgtgtgggga ccagccccag ttttagctag
   427321 gaatggggcc agatacttca tgaccctgat tgatgatttc tcaagaaaac tctggattta
   427381 cttcatgaga gagaagtcag aggtcttcac taagttcaag atctggagag cggaggtgga
   427441 gaaggagcag gggaggagcg tgaagtgtct gaggtcagac aatggcgggg agtacaccag
   427501 cagagagttc caggactact gtgaggagtg tgggatcaag agacacttct cagtttgggg
   427561 gactccacag tagaatgggg tggccgagag gatgaacaga acacttttgg aaaaggcacg
   427621 atgcatgagg ctgcaggcag ggcttccaaa ggagttctgg gttgagacag ttgatgcagc
   427681 ggattacttg gtcaatcgat cacctcacac caggttggat ggcaggcttc cagaggaggt
   427741 gtggtctggg aggatagttg ggctgggcca tctacgggta tttgggtgca cagcctatgt
   427801 gcacattgga gctggtgagc ggagcaagct agacgccaga tcacgcaagg cggtgtttct
   427861 aggctatccg cgaggagtca agggatacaa gctgtgggat tccttggaaa agaaggtcat
   427921 cattagtcgg gatgtgactt ttgatgagga gtcagtccta tggaggcgag caggcatgga
   427981 agaacagcag gagcaggagg aggtccagca ggacgctgct ggacagctta cctctttgat
   428041 tttgcctctt gcaggtacta tgggaggata tgacattcag gtggagaacc tacctaaggt
   428101 gtctccatag gtggagagga ctcggatgga tgatcgaggt ggagaggtcc agcaggagca
   428161 agctggatcg aggactgata tcggtgttgc cctacataag cccaagagga ccatcaggca
   428221 actggaccga tatggcttcg aggagatgct gtcatatgcc ctggtgatag caaatggaga
   428281 cccatatacg tatcaggagg ctattgagag ccagaacaga gagcggtggg tccaggcgat
   428341 gtccgaggag atgcagtctc tccacaagaa tcagacatgg cgattggtgc agttgccaca
   428401 ggggaagagg cccattggct gcaaatgggt ctacagtcgc aaggacagag tggagctggt
   428461 tgaggccttg ggacaccaac gtggagattg ttatgatcca ggtggtgtgc ccaagaccca
   428521 ggggaccaag gctaaggtca aggtccatca ttcatgagga cttcatggag gctctagggc
   428581 tagttgggcc ctaggttgaa agactgtggg cctttcgggt tcttgagatc taggttatgt
   428641 gggcctcaag gaaccaactc tttatgggtc aggtctggac ccaggagagg tgagattagg
   428701 tcgagtcatg ggtgtacatg ggcttgggtt aacctaatct cccataaagt tggtcaaggg
   428761 agttttaggt ttgggtcact tgacccggtg tttatatata catgtatttg tataggtttg
   428821 attaagccaa gaaaaaagat gactctttct cccaagtctc tctctctctt cttcctctct
   428881 ctccagcaat cttccacgca ccaggagcaa gaaaccctag ggtttcttgc caccagtcca
   428941 gataaggaaa gaaaggaagg gaggcgctag cccctttcct cttgcagccg cctaccagat
   429001 ctgctctccc cctcttgcag gcacccaaac actagatcca ggatctgaaa tctctttaaa
   429061 agaggttggt acaagtctct ctcagatctg aagttgatct aaggtcgttt gaggtgcggg
   429121 tgagatctcc atcaacagat ctacaggaaa ggctgcagca ggacagatct gcgaggtcta
   429181 tctccatcta tcttcttccc catctagaat accccgattc aagatctaca aattggagga
   429241 cctcggtcca ggtttgatct ggttgggtac tagatcttag attttttaga ggtggtttca
   429301 aaggcgttct tcatctggaa cgaaaggctg acgaagaaga cagcaaccag gctgattttg
   429361 tcaagggcct tggatcatgt ccagaagtct ccagatctat tcgttgctgg tttcgctgca
   429421 cccaagatcc gtgggaggag ccaggatcgt gctccaacaa tagataccca tagtcatagc
   429481 agcaactttt ttcctatagc caatttaagg gttacttcct cagccctcta ccttcccatc
   429541 gactctacac tagagtccac agctcaattg agagaagaaa aaatcgtaag gacagcattg
   429601 aacaatcttg atgtacctac tctaggtgtg tctttatttc tttagactct ccaagtattt
   429661 acctctgaac tctttcaaga tttctttatt atcaatactt tgatcaattc aaataaggtg
   429721 ctatgatgat cttttatatg atagctaatc acaaactatc catataaact aatcagagat
   429781 tgcaggatca aatccataag caattcttta tgcatgatta tgtcgaacct tttgagctct
   429841 ttaatgtctt tgatcattat taaataatga ttatagactg actgcccttc acacatcaca
   429901 cacgctgtgc gactctgatc atctcacaat atttgtagat gaatcaacat atcgtagaca
   429961 gtgaacatgt gctcatacat aacacttatc ttaattgtca ttgtccatcc actcatcaag
   430021 tatagctcgt tgactatgga ttggatggat tgtaaatatt agaataatct gatagaaaat
   430081 atagcttaat tttttaaaat taaaaataat ttttaaattt gtgagccagt ctatgtactc
   430141 gatttcggtt aatcgattga tatctaggat ttaagctaga gggttggaag ctgatacaat
   430201 aaacagcaga gagcaaagat tttaattaga tatttatact tattttatga tttattctaa
   430261 aaatttttaa atgcaaaaag agactctcac tattttgtca aatcttctac actctttgga
   430321 tgaagaaatg aaaatcctaa tgcgacgatt gaatttttag tgggtgctgc ggtcccaccg
   430381 atgccgtgca cctcatctaa taattattga aaacatgaat aaacaccgat gcatggacaa
   430441 ctctttgtct ggatacttct ctaagcatgt tgcagccact tagtctctaa gtcatgtggg
   430501 ctcacctaat agttattgtc cgcacttctt agttaagcca gacccactgt tcacatgcaa
   430561 gtgcaaagtc atcattgaat ccctcaccta acagttatta ggtccaactc catctttatc
   430621 ccacagtaac tctttgctaa tagagtggtt gcgtgttttc gatacaactg aaccactgtg
   430681 accagccgag aacaaccaat gccggtagca cgcccgcaca tctacaacgg tggaagacct
   430741 tgaacttaat atttgatgga aagatttgga tttaggtctt atctaatcag tcatcacatg
   430801 actgatgtaa ttggcatgtg ctaaatcaaa ccaccaagca accatatttg atattcaatc
   430861 ttccaaattg gccagataag tgagattgat gggggtcccc ccattgcttt tcttagacac
   430921 caataaattg accagataag tgaatgaaat caattatata atcacctttc aattacttgt
   430981 cttagacacc aattggataa ttgatccgaa taggtcagct taggtgaatc agactcgagc
   431041 tacagagccg aattagatcc ttaggttaat tcaattctac atatagatgt caatcgattc
   431101 gatcaacaat aattatatga tctaagactt tattgacctc atcttaatca acactaaact
   431161 cagtttgatc aactactaaa tcgatttaga cccaatatga tcaaatcaga aaccctttta
   431221 tataatccaa ttataggacc taacttgatc tacccatgac caatccctca tgcataaaca
   431281 ctaatttcaa atcttaaatc aaaattttta gatctaaatt ctttgcataa agagtaaatt
   431341 ttgatttcaa aataatttca gatcatgcat acaaatatgt attatataca taaacaagtt
   431401 cagatcatag aaacaaattt cagtcctaaa tatactttca tatatcatat atatgaatca
   431461 taacagatct cgaaactcct ttcagatcta aataacaaaa catatatcac atatatgctg
   431521 aaaaaattag atctaaaaat tcaatctaat taaaaatttt aacattattc taggacaacc
   431581 atacagcata ataagttatg ccagggcaac cttatgtcag aataacatca aaacctttca
   431641 gatctgaaat ttttctctac agattttaaa tctaaatctt aatcttatgc atatgatgtg
   431701 gctctgatac cactattaga gttttatagt tttatacacg catgatttta caaatcgagt
   431761 acataataaa attttaaaaa tttttagatt aaatttaatt taatctaagc atgcataaga
   431821 tcatatcttc aaactataat cagaatcatc atatgtaaga taagattcag atacaaaaat
   431881 taaatagaaa aaaataaata taaaacatac ctggacatgg atcaatcttc aacgtgaaca
   431941 gatgatcatg gatgtcttcc gaaggtccct tgtagtcgca caagcgtctt acctctatgg
   432001 gtatttacat gagactctga tctgatcata agccttttga tctcaccgag gtgctagctc
   432061 ccttacagag atcgcatctt gatagttaaa aatcttcttt tcttctaaga cacttttaga
   432121 gaataagaag atgtaggagg atcttaatct ctacactaga gattatgaga agaattcttt
   432181 cttctctttt cttcctaaaa ttcatgcacc aaatctttac aatagagatg taaaaatttt
   432241 attcaacttt tgaacaaaac aaggaggaga catccatatc taaatatgga ctagagggag
   432301 agaagaacat atcctaacaa ccaactcttg gttgttacaa gaaaaaagag attataataa
   432361 acttacctca cgccaccttt ctccatgccg tcccgttccc tcccatgatt tttcacacat
   432421 aaaaggggct tctatttggg cgtcaaacct gattgttatc tcttatatcc catcccatgt
   432481 gatgggatat ttaaaggcct tggatgagtt agaatttgaa tgggagaaga gagtccaaaa
   432541 tgtctaggac tcttccaatt tgatgctgcc caacaaccaa tttttacatg ctaaaaagag
   432601 aggatttctt tctttcttac atgccaaaaa gggaaggaat atggcatcaa aaattagtta
   432661 tggcatggac cataggtggc acacaaatct aaggtggatg tggagtcctt ttagtgcaag
   432721 gaaaggaaga gttttagtca catgggactc tttattaaat tactatttta aatctaatta
   432781 aaatattaat taattctaat catattagga tcagattaga ctcaaaaaga tggaaatcta
   432841 aatctgattt ggagcccaat taatttagat tggatgtctt ctaattggag gaggagtcct
   432901 agtccaattg gactctttct tggtgcttga gtcaaactca attttaatcc taatcccatt
   432961 aagatttggt atagtatgaa aataaagatt tctagtccta ttaagaatac atacatccta
   433021 gtctaattag gaattaggtc aaatccaaat cttaattcaa ctgaggctaa tcatccaatc
   433081 cttttgaggt tattctataa ccctataggg ttgattaaat caaatctaaa atgagtcaaa
   433141 ttaaatccaa tcaaattgaa cttgatacaa gccttaatgc tcaatcaaat tgagtcaatt
   433201 agcaatctta ttgctaatta atcctcctat aactcactaa ctctttagca aattacataa
   433261 tgcaatattt gtattagatc aattatcaat caaattgata atcaaatcct ttttatgatt
   433321 cataatcata attcaaccat ctgatcagtc aaaagcttct tttgtgtgtg accccatagg
   433381 ttctattcta tctggtaatg agatttatta tgatctctat cacaatatca ttgaaactct
   433441 tttcaataga ttgaaacaat tccaactcag cccaccaagg atcattgatc attaagatga
   433501 tccttgtgag tctcataatc catcaatgac acctagcagt atgtagtgac aatccaacag
   433561 aataaaatat gaacctctag gtgcagttag cacatgatac agtctctcta ccatgagttc
   433621 cgaccagatg gcaggtcatg gatgaatcgt caaacctcaa catcgatcat atgatagatt
   433681 caatcagctt gagtccatat gtgattctat aaaaactctt ttcatcaatc acaatgctat
   433741 ggtcataaac ttaaggactc agtctcttaa attttatagg actacttcct tctgttaggg
   433801 tcaatagatc ccatcttgat gcacacctca ctcttacagt ggaccaactg ttgccaacat
   433861 ccactacaag ggctctttga gatccatatt gatgtgtctg tcaaactcca acagtctcac
   433921 tgcgagcagt aatgtcatct cagatcaaag aaccagtcat acaactgcag tatcgaaaaa
   433981 gtcactaacg agtaagcaga catccatgtg acttttcatg ttggtcatgc tcagtgctag
   434041 ttattctcta ataaccacct gcactctcac tctagtatct ctacactgta gattcgagac
   434101 ccatctgtct gaaggaagca attcgtacac tgatctatcc agatcaatca ccatccccat
   434161 gatgatccta tgatcagaag caatttagga atcaactatt aatgacatat gcctcaaatt
   434221 ctctactttt aaaagaatgt gtcattatct tgttaatccc ttgaatgatt catggacgca
   434281 taaacatgaa tggtactata actgcccaac aagtacaaaa tcatatctta gagatataaa
   434341 atatatcagc caagattggc ttctagggca tacatccaac agggctaact agccagaccc
   434401 ttaaaatacc attgaggagg atacaagatg ccataggcac aaaatgccgc aggcatacgc
   434461 tacctctcgc acgaagatga aaagagtaca agataccgta agcacaagat gctgcaggca
   434521 catgctgcct ctcatgaggg ctaactagcc agacccttaa aacaccatcg aggagggcac
   434581 aacatgccgt aagcacaaga tgctataggc acacactgcc tctcgtacaa agacaaaaag
   434641 agcataagat gccataggca caagatgcca caggcatatg ctacctctcg taagggctaa
   434701 ctagccagac ccttcgaaca ttatcgaaga gggcataaaa tgccgcaggc acatgctgct
   434761 tctcggatca agatgagctg agtctgccac tcataagatg agccaggcac agaccgcttc
   434821 tcatgatcct agctgaagac gagtagctac tcacacaata aataaagcat tagttgcctt
   434881 ttgagcaaag tggtctttgc tttctccaac tattcttgat cagccctagc acataatgac
   434941 tcgctggttg gttcgagaca ccacctaatc aagactccta gattggagcg agcttaaatt
   435001 cttaagtccg aaatcacacg tgactaaagt aatcctaggc tccccaagtc ggagctagcc
   435061 tctatacgat aaaccagaga cataaataca ggtacgagac ataagcatga cagaagcaag
   435121 gtaattttta ttaattcgaa tatttacaaa ggatgggtgc cttaagcact gctttacaaa
   435181 aaaaaaatga agacaagatt ttttttacat ggcgttctta gcgccatatt acacacaaag
   435241 agaagatcat gccggtccag aagattatgt cggtccaaaa gatcatgcct atctagaatg
   435301 atcaagaata gcgtcatcat aggtgacatc aatgagtggg tggcagacac tctcctcagt
   435361 ctccagctca aggatgagga ggctcaatcc tcatttaatg aggaagcctc ctcatcgttg
   435421 ttcctgggct aaaagaaatg gagctccaaa tacagcatta tctgtagcag acgggcctta
   435481 caattcttga aaccatcgat gaatccatcg gcggcaatat ctataatctc gctcctaaac
   435541 tctatagaat tttgatactc cttaatatag tgagctcgga ccttcagagg aatctactca
   435601 aactgggggg tgcgatgacc ccggagcctt aatggagatc acaagatgga aggtgcccaa
   435661 tgagaggaag atggacctgt gcttctggct ctcacccttc tctagacttt tcttataaag
   435721 gcccatcttt cctttacctt ggccttcacc aatggcaaaa ggggatgcaa agaggagtgc
   435781 gggggtgatg ccatcacaac aggagagagg agtttctacg aagaaagaag atggaagatt
   435841 gagatttttt gtctgattgg cctctattta taaacaccaa catctacatt aatcaccaat
   435901 caacgatcaa aaggagcgtg gctatccatc agacaattaa tgatgtacct tcccattatc
   435961 aaaaataaat cttgatgacg cttcgcggac tgggacatag aaacatggca tgttcttaca
   436021 cgtcctatgc tctttctcag gcataacctt atcaaaaaag tcaacaaccg tcattctcta
   436081 tgatcaccca cattaaaaga atagaatgaa gttatcgctc ggctactcac ctcggagtgg
   436141 tattattaat taattgttac aaagtggtat taacaaataa tcgccttgga tcggcatgca
   436201 caagtgaaaa agatcagata tgattaagat attttattta tttctcttaa gtttttataa
   436261 tgaccatgaa aggtcatact acaaaagaaa agaaaaacaa gaaggcgaca aggtagtgcc
   436321 tggagctggg gcacctatca cagagacatt cactgcgatg gaattttaga tttcatctaa
   436381 gaagtccaaa tccaattttg gatgtttggt gatgatccta ttctggattg actgcttccc
   436441 agcatcgtag gcatcagcag aatattcggc tttctcatcc tcatactcct cggaggctcg
   436501 aaaatcttca acaattttag aagcaacctc tgctgtcttc ttctctgcca cctccagttg
   436561 ggccttgagc tcctttattc ttcccaatat ccatgagttc tcctcgacag cttctcttaa
   436621 tgtagcctca gcattctcgg ctctcctatc agcagtatca gctctcatgg agacttctcc
   436681 agtttctctt cagccttctc tttttcacct ttaagcatcc cagcctcgag ctcgaatttc
   436741 ttcttttctt tcgtgagctc atgggaactc tctatccacc cattcaaata atgggtgagc
   436801 tggtaaaaaa aaaaagaccc ttgtgaacaa acattaggca tatatacaaa atgaataaaa
   436861 ttacaggagg aagcatattc ggatgagaca gttcatagct gctttcctca tctcttttcg
   436921 agggatgttt agcagctcgt ttgcatcagt aggaagaagc atcctggaga gcaactcact
   436981 caccaaccag aggtctctca aagcttaagc cccgagcctc agagtggctg gagcagctcc
   437041 tgatgcactg gcttcccctt agctgtcgcc tcgtctgagg ggcgaccaac aataggagat
   437101 actagttgag ccggcaaact tggaggagca agcaagctca aaattacctc ctcaaaatct
   437161 tgctgtttgg tcctctcggt tgcctgtggt agccgaagaa ataggtgagc caccacgcac
   437221 ccatacgatt ttaaagtcat cggtaagagg aggcctagat tcttctgact ccaaagatgg
   437281 ctatgtagga ctcccaactc tgacacgagt acgcgcccac ctgtgggctc gactatcctt
   437341 tttcatagga tcttcttttt tggtagactc aggctcttcc tagcaaccac ctctgcaatc
   437401 aaggcaatca gattattagg gtaagagtaa tgaaaatcaa aagaatttaa gatataagca
   437461 gtcgactttc atataccttg gagagcggcc tggccgatgc caacgttaaa tagtatatgg
   437521 accgacaata gctcctttag atctgaaacc ttgaagccac atagaattac taaatcctgc
   437581 tttaagcaat cgtgcatcgg aggttccttt agtgtggcct cttgaggttc gtcctaggcg
   437641 acgaagcccc aatctttgtc tgatgtctga gaaacaaaga tgaaccatga ttttcaacca
   437701 tggacggcag aaggcatgcc caaaaactat aaataaaagc catctttctt cttctgaagc
   437761 gtcacatacc accacccgcg cgagtctgga tgtcgtctaa ggctgaaaag aaggcgaaag
   437821 aatgtagcac tgggatcgat cccagccaag atacatacta tgacaaagcc atagatatgc
   437881 tgtcaagagt tcggcacaat cgtgcatggc gatatctcaa aaaatcgaag aaacaccaca
   437941 aagaaggggt ggaaaggaag ccgcaaccct gctcagaaac actcctcata aaagctcatc
   438001 cgtcccggag gtggttggta gactcggtca tccggaccca gaacttctaa ctgaaactct
   438061 aaagggatct ggtactatcc atgaagcact actatgtccc tctcagatag ctcagatcga
   438121 aatcctaatg gcacaaaggc agagtctttg aaggtcattt ctctcaaagc acagaaggtg
   438181 gtggaagaaa gaagtgccta tgtcaaaaga ggagaacaac aatttgaaac tttgtagagc
   438241 cgacatatgg tcttgtctgg ggatttaaat aatttctgaa ccaataaaac atccaagagc
   438301 tgtctcccat cagtacatta attgtaggag atgtgaatcg gtgaaaagca aacacgcaca
   438361 cgatgcatga aaaccactgg tggatataat ttctaccatc gatttagtag ttaaagccaa
   438421 tgacaggtgt tgcagccaat ctcctattgc acctagctct gacaaagagc aacctacaaa
   438481 agaagtccac agatcgaaat tgtatctgac agagatcttc tgatttttat gtcagtgaga
   438541 agtagtgaac agcaaataaa aatattcaaa atgataaagt attagcccat aaatgtctta
   438601 ccaatgttgt tcatttacct ctctcttata ggcaacttag atgtaaccgt cgaacaagtg
   438661 gagtcccact ttttatggca ctaaaggata gttaactcct attattggat cataatcatg
   438721 gagttagtgg gcagtttata gccattaaca atcgtggtat gtggttatta tccacgattg
   438781 tggtatcgtg attgtaggca gtcggccatt agtcagtcga ccattatgat gctagttcgg
   438841 tcatgaagat gctgcttcga tcatgatggt cagtcggtca tgatggtcaa ttgaccatta
   438901 ggcaatcggc catgaagata ctgcttcaat catgatggtc agtcggctct gaagatgcta
   438961 cttcgattat gatggttagt cggtcatgat gatattgctt cgatcatgaa gatgctgctt
   439021 cgaccatgtc agtcagtcat gacagtcggc tgtggcagtc gacagtttga tagttggtag
   439081 tttggcagtc agccatgatg acacagtgtt gatcatgaag atgcaggttc ggccatgatg
   439141 atgcaggttt agtcatgatg actctgcttc ggtcatgatg actctacttc agtcataatg
   439201 actctgattc ggccatgacc tacagactta aaaaaaaatg ggatgactga tgaagatgtt
   439261 agaacctcac ctcatgaaag ttgaattatt gaagtttctt tccttccaaa gcctttcctc
   439321 ttgagatctc ttgactcttc ttatataagt gtggagcaag gggccgatct cgaatcgaag
   439381 ggagcagatc cgattatccc aatagttgtc tcccactctc aagtccaagc ctgacataga
   439441 cgatggaagt tagcgtatct tctgccatga ctttaagctc caattctatg gtcatttcaa
   439501 ctgcaaatat taatgattct ctcaaaaata gaatctccaa tcgttttgtc atttctttct
   439561 cggctctctt cttttttttt ttgattacca aagcttagtc tgacttttct ttgtcatcat
   439621 acctttagtt tgatttttgt agccttcaat caaaaatgaa agaaattttc taagtgctga
   439681 gtctccctga atgtgatcat cattcgtcat agatgacatt gcagagttga gttgatgtat
   439741 tttttgattg actgtattcg agtttgtatc atctgtccga ccatggttga gttgacatat
   439801 tgttccatcc gatcgtagtc gagtcggcat attcatctgt ccgatcagag tcgagtcgat
   439861 acattctttc atctgatcgt agatgagtca gtatattatt tcatccatcc atagtcaagt
   439921 cagcatatta ttccatctga ccatagtcga gttagcatat tattctatct gactgtagtc
   439981 aagttggcat attctttcgg ccgaccgtag ttggttggta tattattctg tccaactatg
   440041 atcgagtcaa catattgttc catccgacca tagtcgagtc gacatattgt ttcatccgac
   440101 tgtagtcgag ttggcatatt cttccgacca tagtcgagtc gacatattgt tccgtccgat
   440161 cgtagtcaag ttggcatatt gttccatccg actatagtcg agtcaacata ttcttccatc
   440221 cgactatagt ccatttgtag attcgatcga tcgaaatcga tttgtagatt tgatcgatgg
   440281 aagtcgactt attgtgaatg ctgaatatcg agagctggca tgtcatgaat attggggggg
   440341 ctaggagtcg gcacgctacg agtgtcgaga gtattgtcag tgcggagtgg ggcaggatag
   440401 ctgtgccttg aaggtacagc ctgtggtgct agctactttg attgctgttg tcgttgttct
   440461 atagtctgtt aaagactgtg aacagctttg atgagtgtct tcatctcagc cttgaagctt
   440521 acctcaataa taatggacgt attctagact tttcctctta ccaggatagt ggtggctcga
   440581 catgatggaa acatcaagcc aattgttgtt tcagagatag agaaggagat cattgtgggg
   440641 tatggcgact gtgcctaaat ggcactgtat acggtgccag cttctccatc accggttgct
   440701 actattgttg ttgtatttgc tgctattgaa ggctgtacac tacctctatc agtattttca
   440761 cctgctgcac taaggcagta aattgctaag tgttcgtggt gcgcccggac acgaggagct
   440821 gggctctact ggtggaggtg gaagcaggag atcttcccaa tggaaagact acctggtgga
   440881 gatgttctgg gctcttgttt tcgtcatgat tggattcgtt tcgctttcta ccaggtgcgt
   440941 caatctattg cggccaatct cctgttgtgc ctagctctga tgaagagtaa cctgcaaaag
   441001 aagttcacag accaaaattg tatccgatgg agatctttca atatttaagt cagtagagaa
   441061 tggcgaatag tagatagaat attcaaaata ataaagtgtt agcccacaag tgtcttacca
   441121 atgctgttca tttatcttcc ttttataggc gacttaggtg taatcgtcga acaagtggag
   441181 tttcgctttt tatggcacta aagggtagtt aacccctatt atcagaccat aatcatggag
   441241 ttaatggata gtttatgtcc actaacaatc atagtatgtg gttgataccc atgattgtgg
   441301 tatcatgatt gtaggcaatc ggccattagt cagtcggcaa ttagtcagtc ggctattatg
   441361 atgctggttc ggtcatgaag atgctacttc gaccatgatg gtcagtcggt catgatggtt
   441421 aatcagccat tagacaatca gccatgaaga tgttacttcg atcataatgg tcagtcggcc
   441481 attaggcagt cggtcataaa gatgctgctt tggttatgat ggttagtcgg ctatgatggt
   441541 cagttagaca tgatgatact gcttcggcga tgaagatgct acttcagcta tgtcagttgg
   441601 tcatgacagt cggccgtggc aatcagcagt ttgacagtcg atagtttggt agtcggccat
   441661 ttggtatcag cccttaggcc gttggccctt aggccgttgg tcatgatgat gcaggttcgg
   441721 ccatgatgac tctgatttgg ccatgatgat gcaggtttga ccatgatgac tctgcttcgg
   441781 ccatgatgac tctacttcga tcatgatgac cttggttcga tcataaccta cagacttaga
   441841 aaaatatgga atgactggtg aaggcgttag aaccccacct catgaaagct gaattatgaa
   441901 agttttttct tttctagagc ctctcctctt cggatctctt gactcttctt atataggtgg
   441961 tatagagcaa ggggccgacc tcgaatcgga gggagcagat ccgattatcc caacagcagg
   442021 caaatcatgc tttatgtcac tttcaaaggg atgcacagag atgtgcacca acacctcccc
   442081 acatagaagc aattcgaatt tttacttctc aaaagctgtg caataggtat gagacgtctg
   442141 gtctagatcg aaattcaaat tataatttac tgtattttac gattctaact aaatttaatc
   442201 tagctcggat tatggcttgg cccatgcctt actcaaaatg gcttagatta tgcactcact
   442261 taaattacaa tgctaattaa gttttatgat ttcaagttat agccaggtac ctaatatata
   442321 ttgacgctcg atccatattc cttagagcat gatttgtatc catccataca tggaaccaaa
   442381 atcaaatgca tttatatatt cttatgaaaa ttcgattaca agattggaag gtccagatta
   442441 taaaaaaaaa aagggagtgg aaaacataaa tcactactta gaagcattac aagggcagct
   442501 atctacgaag cagtcttcct cagcacagac attcccatcg atctgaatgg ctgcgtcgat
   442561 gttactcacc tcgacaggaa agcgggatgc cctcacaaat ctctccgtac tatctaccac
   442621 cacagtcaac aagctcttat ccagatagtc agtctgcaag ggctcgatgg gatttaaggg
   442681 aaaatgcacc cggacgatag ttctatactt ctcgaagccc acgaagaaca ccgtcttgca
   442741 agcttggatg atgattttgg ttccattctt agccaaccga ctttctttat ttttagtatt
   442801 ttttagtaaa agcccttgct ctataaattt atcccagagg agtttgtaat ttaccttcct
   442861 cttctccaac ttctttttca aattctccac ttctgacaag gtctcccaag ttttaacaga
   442921 tagccctgga gatgcctgac ccctttagaa gtagagcgcc catctccccg aggtattctt
   442981 tctccacgac tcatgccttc tgaagtgctg gccctcttgg ctggaccctt gctaggactc
   443041 cttcgagaat gaatttcggg gagggaaaga tctcggcttc tccttctccc aagtgacctc
   443101 ctcagctact ccaaatcatt atggatccgg tggtagtctc cctcagcctc taacctctgt
   443161 ctctcaagac tttcaatctg tctcttgaga tcctcgaccc ttctttcggc tttagacctc
   443221 tgccacttga gagctttaat ccacttttca gcctgtctca attcctcatc tcgacgatca
   443281 attatctctc gagcttcgtg gagggcctct tcagaagaat cgagctcctt cgccagctca
   443341 ccattcttgt tctctatttg ctccgattga tatttcaaca aatcaacttc ctcccttgcc
   443401 accgtaagtt tcaaggacag atcatcaggg gtggagccaa caaaattagc gaggtaatgt
   443461 cctacctatg caaaatttta tgaataaatg tcgaaagcat tgcaggaggt ggaagattga
   443521 aaaatgagtg tttgaagacc ttttacctaa ataagagatc tgaagtcgct caacatgtgt
   443581 tgttgcactt ctcgtccatc caaagactac ccttcaaata aaggaagaaa gtcccttaag
   443641 agttttgcca taacttggag atcctctatt gctgagagag caaaagatgc tggctgcgag
   443701 ggaccttcgt ggaggatagc tatagggata cattgggcac ccatcatcgg ctctcaggac
   443761 tcatcaatct ccgtgcccac tttcgacatc ccttcgagaa gactggtcgc cccttccgct
   443821 cgtcttttcc ttgccgaagc tcttgatgga tggttgctcg catcctctcc ttgtgcttgc
   443881 tccaccaata ttttttctaa tgaggtctcc tcgagtgtgg ccatcacgac tgtcggcaaa
   443941 ggaatcacag gctcgatgat cgaagtgaga ttctcatctc ttccaacctc agatttcgat
   444001 atgacgactg aaacttgggt gtcacccctt accagagtcg gtgggccaat ggacagaact
   444061 ctagcctgcc tcctgtgggc cgatatcaat tcaagcttct tcacgtgctg gggatccatc
   444121 ttgcctccaa gaatcgcaat agaccaatag aataggcgaa ggttgctatc gcctttcgac
   444181 gctcttgaag catgaattta aagaggggga aggaaacgaa aaactaccat tgaataatta
   444241 aatttctcaa aaactaaaaa gattattacc taaatggtcc catcgtttac ggccgtccat
   444301 atcaattgcg ctaagttgac atcacctgtt ttaaatgctg caaacaggtg tcaattcgaa
   444361 ggtgcgtacg cccctttatc cgaggtattt ttgggatatt cctttagctt gaccctcagg
   444421 ctcagcagta ggaggtagtg ttacagtagt tactgtgaga gcctcgaatc gatggttgcc
   444481 atgagcgctc agatcagcat ggtgtcgaaa gctacttcaa attaccaagc caccaatcat
   444541 tacgcagagc caagctgtcc accccgagtg gatcgctcag gcgtaactga ctcctccaat
   444601 cctatgggag cgattgaagg ctggattatc ttgcctataa tggtatgttc aacggtcctg
   444661 caatctcgag atctacgatc tcatagctgt gcaaccagct attcgatatc tttctatata
   444721 aaacaccaga gcctcaagga ccaggtaagc caatcaaccc ctctcagaga cttcgttgct
   444781 actttattat tctctaagtc tgacttgaac gtcggaggat cttcatcgga gccacacctc
   444841 tgatttgaat ttgttttaca ggtcactcca gtgtcagcat ctctgtgtga gtttcagtcg
   444901 ccctctctcc aatctcgacc gattccaaca aaaacataca tacatacata tatatatata
   444961 tattaaatga agacattagt gtccgttcgc tatttttttt tcatttgaca cgggttaaga
   445021 ggttttacaa aagtggtgtt ttgatttcaa tagaacagga ggaattcacg ccatgaatca
   445081 tttttccaca agtttttctc gccacctact ccaagaccca accagactcc gccatccacc
   445141 gactccaaga ccacctgatc atgggacccg aaggccaccc ttctctcttt attagatata
   445201 cttctatttc tctatctatt ccaaatttat tatgttatgg ttgcgggaat agatactcaa
   445261 agatgagatc aggggtttgg aagaatgatc cagattttag gggttggaaa agatatgcag
   445321 aacagagagt agtttggatg ggattctggg agcatcccac tatctggtag tgtatactta
   445381 tgtggattaa tttgttcaac atttttgata ggttctctgt ctttttttct aaaaaaaaaa
   445441 aaaaaaaaat ggtaggcact tagggttcaa tatacttggc ttttgactaa tcattggtca
   445501 gattgatccc aagccaactt ctgatcgcat tccaaccatt tttgaaaggt ttgtttaaat
   445561 ctgaactaat ttagcatgag tattggagac tttgaagact ggacttaggg ggttcaagaa
   445621 ctgagagagg caagccatgc actcatttgt ggtatataaa gttaacggat ggaaatgctg
   445681 aaggaatgag aaagcgagtt ttatcattat tcttatgatc atcgtgattc gtgcaacttg
   445741 tgttctagtt ggaataacgg agtaagatac ttgccatcgc ggcgtacatt agcatgtcaa
   445801 cgtcctatac gtcaacgtgc gccatcgagg ccgtcgtgtg ggacattgag ggcagaaacg
   445861 gattccgtcc acatttttcc ttggagattg agatctttgc accttagcgt aggttagcgc
   445921 cgatgatatt tatgatttta ttgcatccca tatattttat agaattataa gttagtatat
   445981 atattaaaat gaagatttta tcaacgttga gcctccattt gacaaagtcg ataaaaaatt
   446041 ttatgacaca ttgacaagag gtttcgttat catgtttttc tatttttttt ctattttttt
   446101 gtcaccagga gtcttatcgt gcgagggatt tggaagtgaa attagaaagc ttaagtgatg
   446161 gttggacttt tgtttttgat atttatttta taaaaaattt ttatttttta atttttttaa
   446221 aaataaatag agtggttaaa tagggaagct tagacggtgg ctggactttt gtgttagata
   446281 attttttttc gaaaattttt tatattttat tttttaaaat aaaataaaat aaaaaatatt
   446341 atggacatct ttaaatttta attaaaaaaa tataaaataa aaaattataa ttatctctaa
   446401 tatttttaaa aaaattttat atttttttat tattataata attataaaaa tttaaccgag
   446461 atcatcatac taatctttta tatatatata tataatatat atattaaaat aaagatttct
   446521 gtgttggcag agcctttatt tgatatgtgt atatgttatc gataagaaag tagagagcgt
   446581 gggaaagaaa cgaaaggatt acggtaataa agaggtagca tggctgcatg tatgatatgt
   446641 ggattgagat gaaaaaaaga gagaaggcta agaagaagag agagaagaag tcaaggagga
   446701 ggcctcaacg tctgcaaaaa tgaagacgag gtagttattg aaattgaaaa ctagctgcag
   446761 tgctggatta ctaccataaa tttttattaa aaatatataa aataaaaaat tatagttata
   446821 tctaattttt taaaaaaatt tatatttttt tattacgata acgcccgtaa aaaattaata
   446881 gagaccatcg tactaatata tatatatata tattaaaaca gaattttttg tattgacgga
   446941 gcctccattt gatatatgta tatgttatcc ataagagagt ggagaacgag gagagaaaat
   447001 gagaggatta tggcaacaaa aaggtggcat ggctgtatgt atgatatgcg ggctgagatg
   447061 aaaaaaaaga gaagtcaaga agaagaagga gaagaagcca atgaagagac ctcagcattg
   447121 gcaagaatga agacaagatg gttattgaaa atgaaaaact agttgtaatg ttagaactgc
   447181 tgtcaaatcc aaggctgatc agagttagaa aagatttgtt gcttcaaaag gctgcaaatc
   447241 tcacagaacc tcatttccta gggcttccac aaggctgttg ccactaccac cgtccccatg
   447301 gctcttgtgc tatcaccaat cgtagaaaag gagaggggag ggcaacaaat gcatcttggg
   447361 gtatgtatgg gagggtggga tatgtgggtg attctgtgtg agaaaaaaaa gagaaggatg
   447421 gtgtgcttct tcgatgatgg ccatgcatgc agtagtgata taaatttttg agttgtagga
   447481 gagataaaat aggattttaa agaaggaaag agaatggtaa aatttgtaga ctgagagagg
   447541 agagcggatt gctgttggat ttcttggtct tttgagtgga ctgaatatga agctctccat
   447601 ttttttgttt tgagatatct ctacccccaa gaaatgaaac accggtcaaa tgatttttag
   447661 tttttactta ccatttgatc gttgcatcct atatcttgta tggagttata agctaataat
   447721 tattattaaa atttattact cagtatacaa taatagtttg cctgttattt tttttattta
   447781 ttataattat tatattacta taattgttgg aaaaaggagc gaaaattagc accgtccgat
   447841 ggcacgagat gtgaaatccg ggaggctcct ttttcggttt agcgaacgcg gctcctcccg
   447901 accagtccaa agaaatatcg caacaatcag agaagaagag aagaggacga gagcatacag
   447961 agagaggagc agaaggaaat ggcggaggaa gaggtgaaac tgggatcgtc gaagtctatg
   448021 atcgcaacgc aggaggagat ggtggaggcc cgcgtgccca ttccctaccg cgaccagtgc
   448081 gcccatctcc tcatccccct caacaagtgc cgcgtcgccg agttctacct cccctggaag
   448141 tgcgaatccg agcgccactc ctacgagaag tgcgagtacg agctcgtcat ggagcgcatg
   448201 ctccagatgc aaaagatccg cgagctcgaa gagaagaaga aggccgccaa gctccagggc
   448261 aaatccccca tccccctcat cccctccacc gccaatgcct gataccattc ccccttctac
   448321 ttcttccgtc ctttcatctg gtcagtctcc gattcaacca accatattga tttccttttc
   448381 ttgtttctta tataattgat cgtgttgatt gattaattga tcgatcgatc gattgataat
   448441 ggggttggat ggaatcttga ctcgttgctg atctagccct cgttttggaa cttcagatct
   448501 tcaagaaaaa aaggattttt cttgagtctc agggttatgg gtttccgagg ggattcttgt
   448561 ttgccttgtc ggtgtgtttt ggattttttg attagggtgt ttgttggaat gtgatgactt
   448621 agaaaagacg gtaaatttgg ttctttttgt ttctgccctg cattgtattg ctgcttattt
   448681 tggtttttgg tgtggattgg ttatttgatc tccttctcaa gttcatggac cttttcctgc
   448741 agttgatgtc aaatctttgt agtgatcagc ctagtattaa gaaatttata cttaattaca
   448801 aaaagaaaat tttattatgc tttgagattg aatatattta gacttccttg ttcctcgtct
   448861 taaatgctct tgtgccttta aaataacggg gttggtgatg ggtgtaaggt aagaggtgaa
   448921 tcaaggttac agtctaaata atacatggca ttttcatttt tttttctaag gcacatggca
   448981 catttctcag gaaggatatg tcatttatat tcttgatgat catgggtgaa atttaatgca
   449041 tcgctattct gcaaaagggg caaacttttt ccttcttagt caactttatg aattcttttt
   449101 tgttcttgat atatagtaag gacctcgaaa ctagtaggct tcccaatttt cttttcataa
   449161 cttccatcca tgttgtttta ggtccttttt gatgtgaacc ttgtataagt gagcggttgg
   449221 agttgatacc tactgccact gagtacatgc agatgcatgc attgttaata tgagcaatta
   449281 ggttatctac acttttcttt agaaatatct taattttata ggggtttaaa ggttataaat
   449341 gctttttgta ttggacaatc ccctttatga ctttttcaaa ggaagagaga acaaatgcac
   449401 atctttatgt aacagggggt gctgctagca atcccaaatt gtggagcgga aatgatcacc
   449461 tagaaacaaa tggttacaac ccctcctttg tgcttattac ttgtagatag gctaattgtt
   449521 tggctcctca aataaaatca ttggtagtaa gataaaatga gttggtttag gataaaggga
   449581 gtggtaatgt gggttgatag aaacatggac ttgtgagcaa agcaagcctc aaattatggt
   449641 tcttttacaa caaaattttg atgtataata gcatatatga taggtgaact tcctgtgttt
   449701 attcacttga tatatcacta ccctaattac ttgaatatgt gtaggtagtg gacatgctat
   449761 aagacaactg taggtaacca atgaccacct aacataaagt atgcatatat ttagaccttt
   449821 taaccaattc ccatacttag gcaaaacaat tccatgcaaa acttgacgtg tagttcaatg
   449881 cttttgattt aaactattca aggtttccaa actgcctagg tagtgactga cttaaaggca
   449941 agcctaagca aaatgtctaa acaaccaggt gggcacctag ataagaagtc catataatta
   450001 gtaaaattaa tatttatcat tcatttgttt tcatatagag aattatagag aaggcataca
   450061 taggattata gaaaatgatg ggagaaataa gaaaaatgaa aagatgagaa tcaaagatga
   450121 tacgagatat gctattttct ctttcttcca ttggtggtga ctctcttaaa gacctaagtt
   450181 gaaccctagg ttatagttgg gtacttgaga taaaaatcct taaaaataat aaataagtat
   450241 ggctttatac ctacaatttt gatgttgaat tagaaaccaa tggaagggaa aaaggaaaaa
   450301 aaggagaact aaaagtgaaa tgtgacttac aaccacctgc tgccaacatt ttccaccatg
   450361 ttcagagggc aagaaaaatg taaagtggaa agctggagtg gcaaagaaaa agagaaaaaa
   450421 aaaaggaata aaatgggtga aggagaacaa tagatccata aaaaggacag caaaaggaat
   450481 ttgacttggt tggtcacacc ttctcatcat ccattttctc ttctcttctc tctagctgct
   450541 agcttaatgc ccatatgtct tctctgtccc tcttctacca tttccttgtt gaagactctt
   450601 ttctttattc acaagagagg ggcaaaggag atggttggaa agagggatga agaatttgtc
   450661 atccgtacta atatgtaacg gaaacttcca aatttctttt atacatttaa tgcactttca
   450721 cgtgaagatc tatcatgatc agaactaaca acctaccatc tttggtggga caatggataa
   450781 actgccatat ccaagtggtt attccttttt gacatgcatt gtatgtgtca aagatctagc
   450841 atgttaattg tcagatggtt taaggacact ttgatcttag ataaaaaaac tattttaagt
   450901 ggtcagataa atgcagacaa tgttttagca aggggtggtg agatgatata gtcagagttg
   450961 gtcttgttgc tcctagaatg tctaagctat tatgcattta aaaaaaaaaa aaagagtagt
   451021 gcaaattttt tcttacatcc cttgcacgcc tttttctggc catcacttcc cttttccatg
   451081 atgatgtgat tacatggaag tagataaaga tcacctgcca attcatccac ttccctctct
   451141 ttccctctct cgttgtctca caaacttatg aacctcagtg taggtgcaac ttggcaatta
   451201 gaataattgt catgtcaatg ccaatatatt acaagaacag caatttaagg ggatggttgg
   451261 gctttttgca agtccaaaac aaataccaag tctataatgg ccacaaattt caagttgttg
   451321 attaagtcta tagaagagac atgttgtcta tgccaaaatt tgcataccat gcttcaaaaa
   451381 ttaaaaatag caaacactaa taataaattg tggggcctca atatgtttga cctcataaca
   451441 gagaatgagt atgattcagg ctaagtaagc caatggagag cataaaatga tcctaaccta
   451501 agattttata gattttaaga aggttttagt caagtatatg ttcctggaga tgatatcaaa
   451561 aacaagttat gccatttgtg taggagatgt tggctcaggt gtggtgcttt caaatctctg
   451621 atgtccatgg gaaaggccaa tgtttgaagt ccaggaagta ctcatggagg ttctagcgct
   451681 ggtttgggcc ctagggtgga ggcagccagc cttcatggtt ttgagaccca ggagttatgg
   451741 gctttgaggg gctaattcac ttttgggcta ggtttggatc caaggagggt gagagcatgc
   451801 aagtcatggg tgtacatggg cttgggtgag tgcaatcatg tgggttagcc atgggagttg
   451861 tttgggtttg atcttaggtt agatcaattt gtactcatac atatatgagg ttgtaacctg
   451921 atttggtggt gtgaatagaa ccatttttct tccaattttc tctcttttcc tcttctcttc
   451981 ccttacacgc ctctcaagag gagcagcaaa ccctagccac cacctcccaa aaaccctagc
   452041 tcccatcaag ccccagtgcc aagaccttgg gtgcctccaa tccttgccgc cctgcctatt
   452101 ttggctttta cctcttgccg ccccattttc tggtggtttg aggtttgttt ccaggcctcc
   452161 acactgagaa gaaaagatcc aacaattggt atcaaagctc tggtcttgcg tggaaaagag
   452221 ggagaagcca aaagcaggag aagatcatca agtagaaatt tacacgtctc ttctaaggta
   452281 ttttttcaga tctatcttgt ggtttgctgt aattttggta agatttaacc atgggaagca
   452341 gcatcaaggt ggatttccta gaagtttgat ggaaaaaaaa gtttctccat atggaaagtt
   452401 agggtggaag atctgttggt ccaacatgag ttggatctgg cgttggagga gagatatgat
   452461 ggaatgatag atagacaatg gatgtccttg gagttctgat ggcatgttca gccattagag
   452521 ggtgtttggc ggactcggcg ttgtattcga tgttagaaga gaggactcct aaggggttat
   452581 ggtcgaagtt gcacaccatg tacatgagga agaacatgtg caacaaattg atgtggaaga
   452641 agcaattgta cagccttcgg atgcagaaag gtggagacat catagtgcac atccagaagt
   452701 ttgatcagtt aagtattgat ctggtgaact ttagggtgaa gatggatgag gaggacaaga
   452761 gtttgctatt gctatgctcg ctgtcctttt cttatgatcc gttggtgatg atgctgctgt
   452821 atgaaaagga gatcttgtat tatgaagaca ttgtctcggt acttagattc aatgagcaga
   452881 gaaaaaggtt gaccaaggaa agagctcctt aagagggctt ggtcgtaggg gagaggtttg
   452941 gaagagggaa ggatagaagc aagcaaaggg gacggtcaaa gtctcgaaaa ggcaaggagg
   453001 caaaatgctt caagtgcaat gaagttgggc acttcaagcg ggattgtcct ctttggaaga
   453061 agcaaggaga aaggagcgga tctgattcac tgagtgctgt ggttgatctc gaggtggacg
   453121 atgacctctt ggtggtttcg gatggtcatg aaaataatat agaaatttgg atcctggatt
   453181 cagcctgctc tcaccaccac acactgtatc aatcttgatt ctctacatac accacaatcg
   453241 atgaggggag tgtgacactt ggagacgact atccttacaa gatggggcca ttagaataag
   453301 gatgttagat gggatggtgc tattggggat gtctgatcag gataccacca ccatgagacc
   453361 ttttcgatac tactcgcgtt gcactggatc atgtgtagat atcgtaagag aagagaaaga
   453421 aatacaatat aagaaaaaaa taatcaagta tgtggatcag cccaagactc atctccatgg
   453481 ggcatgcaaa gcttcactat gagaaaggaa caagtacaag aggagatcct cacactctca
   453541 atccttatac acaatctctc tcaactagaa actactctta caaagctctc actagaatcc
   453601 aaagagatca tatctgacaa cctgcccgaa gcccctactt ctgctctcta tcggtgcctc
   453661 ctccagggtc tgctgtcgaa ctcgctcttt cagctgctgt tggtgtctct cacattctgc
   453721 caaatacaca ccactctctg ttccacctat aaattttaaa gacctgagat tgcatcaaaa
   453781 tcggagtcct aagaggttta agtctcctaa tgggactcaa aacctcgctt ggccattcga
   453841 tcaatgtccc cgttcactgt gatcaagctt ggaagctcca gccgtcgttc gatcgtgcaa
   453901 ttagtgtagc tcaacacccc aaacctcatc ggtccaccca atagtgccgt ggaccgtgag
   453961 aaccgttaga gaaaccatgc tggtccacca tggactgcgc gaaacccttg gaaaacggtc
   454021 gtccggtcca cagcacctcc catgcactgc ccagtccacg catggggcat agaccgcgtg
   454081 aagactgctc acgggccgct cgcttgcgcg tctactgggc cgcctcctgc cgcacgtgtg
   454141 tgtgcacttg tgcgctggcc acgtgcttgc aggcctaggc cccctgtggg tcctgtacgc
   454201 catggagtcc accctctggt gttcttttgc acgcaatttc tctatctgga ctccatttgg
   454261 gctgttcttg ggcttgttgg actccattca tcatcctgaa cctcattttg ggcttattat
   454321 ggatcgaatc tctggatatt tttttcaaca atctccatct cgactcgata tttggcctct
   454381 acaataactc tgagagctca tatctcactt tcatgtcctg ggacaaacgt ctgctgctca
   454441 tggatgggca aacatgggag tcgagccaga ccgctcgatc ccatctccgt catggaccgt
   454501 ccactttgac ctgagacctg ctcgggatag tctcctgcgg caatagaaat ctcattttgt
   454561 gatgtcgctt gtcatccttc caagtctttc gtctcgtgcc tgatcctctt gctcttggcg
   454621 ctccacctcg cactgggctc tctgtcaaga ggtaatgtcc tccatactgc ttttccttca
   454681 tcacgacctt attgccatgc aaaatcttca ggattctttc atcagctttt cacctgtagc
   454741 tgcttgaatc caatttgctg agaaaaatta gatttctctt aaaactgggt atgtatcgga
   454801 tctcacccaa ttttctcact gctccatcat gtgtctccat gctgaccgtt ccgatgtctt
   454861 tgatcgtaca gttcgatcta tccgacaagc aaatagtgcc ctcactgttc ttcagagact
   454921 caaatagctt ctttctgcaa caaacatgat gggaacaagt agagtctaaa attcactact
   454981 ggaaagtagt tacctcattt gagaccataa gcgcaacaac gatctcagtg tcactacaaa
   455041 ctgccgtcat aatagccatc gtccgatctt tgagttgagg acaatctctg acacgatgct
   455101 ccaactcgtc acatcggtag tatctgatct tcttatagtc catcatcctg gatctggacc
   455161 gtccacgtcg cgatcctctg tcgcttcgtc ttccaccacc acatccttca gtcactgcca
   455221 gagctgagtc accgtctgaa ctcgaagtcc gattctctgt ttgagaacct cattctgaaa
   455281 tagtgcagaa gtcacctctt ctatcttgat ggtgctcttt cctactagaa gagcagtcac
   455341 caaggattca aaagaggaag tgatgatagt aagaccaatg ctttggtctt ctcaactttc
   455401 ttaccaacgt tggagaggtc gggaggatct tctggaagtt gcttagatgc tcctgcacgc
   455461 tctgtctctc gatcatccat agctagtaga actgcctcca gaggaagaga gtattggtga
   455521 gaaatttcat tatggacaac tcttcgagct ttgaccatat cgccgtcgag gaagtctcat
   455581 caagcatatg aatcaccaca tcatccgcta agtacaagcg gattgcactc actgccggca
   455641 tctgaggccg tttccaaacc gtcatctcca tggcagtcgg cgtcttctcg cacaagagag
   455701 catcgatcaa cccctactgg atgagcacat catctttgac tgtcagaggg agaaattact
   455761 ttttccatca aactggctga tctccacctt gattgagctt gtcttctcca tcttcttcaa
   455821 tctcaatcaa caccgtcacg atctggacaa cctcatgtgc tagtaccatc tgagttctga
   455881 taccaattgt tggggatgtc tggccaggac accaccatca taggatcttt tcgataccat
   455941 tcgcattgca ctcgattatg tgtagatacc gtaagagaag agaaagaaat gtaagataag
   456001 aaaaaataac taagtacgtg gatcagttca agacttatct ccatgaggta tgcaaagctt
   456061 cactatgaga aaagaataag tacaagagga gatccttaca ctctcaactc ttatacacaa
   456121 tctctctcaa ctagaaatca tccttataaa gctctcacta gaactcaaag agatcctacc
   456181 taacagtctg cctgaagttt ctatttccgc tctctgtcga tgtctcctcc aagatctgct
   456241 atcgaactcg ctctctcggc tgttgctggc gtctctcagg ttctgctgaa cacacaccac
   456301 tctctgttcc acccacaggt tttaaagacc tgagatcgca tcaaaattgg agtcctaaaa
   456361 ggtttaagtc tcctaacagg actcaaaatg tcgcctggcc gtctgatcaa catccccctt
   456421 cactatgatt aagcctagaa gctccagcca ccatccgatc atgcaatcag tgcagatcaa
   456481 cgtcctaaac ctcgtcggtc catgcaatag tgccttggac tgtgagaaac gtcagaaaaa
   456541 tcgtgctggt ccatcgtgga ccatgcaaaa cccttgggaa acggtcgctc ggtccataat
   456601 acctcccatg cactgcccga tccacacatg gggcgtggac cgcttgaaga ttgctcatga
   456661 gctacgtgct cgcgcgttcc gtgttccgcc tcctgccctg tgcgtgtgca ttcacatgct
   456721 gggccgtgca cctgcaggcc tggccccctt gtgggccccg tatgccatcc gtacgccgtg
   456781 tagtccatcc tcggtgttct ttcatgcata atttctccgt ttggactccg tttgagctgt
   456841 tcttgggctc gttagactcc gttcgttgtc ctggattttg ttctgggctt attgtggatt
   456901 gaatcttggg gcatttttct taataggtgt gaatccttac caatgtaaag tacgtctcga
   456961 agctgaaaaa gaatctagtg acactggact atctagagta gaatggctac aactttatta
   457021 gtcatgtcgg gagtggagtt ctgaacattt ttaagggagc catggttgtg atgagaggaa
   457081 ggaggttgga gaacaaccta tacaggatgg agggtctata gtgactggag gatctgagat
   457141 agtagctgca gtacaggatc agcaagaagc atattggttg tggcattttc gcttgggcca
   457201 tataggagat ctaggtatga aggtattgag caaaagtggg acgatcctag atctggatgg
   457261 ctgtgtttca gagatttgtg agccatgcca gatgagcaaa taacacagga taaaatttgc
   457321 cattagcaca gcccgcagtg aaggtcccct ggagctagtg cacactgatg tgtggggatc
   457381 aatcccagtt ttggtgaggt atgggtcgaa atacttcttg atcctgatag acgacttctc
   457441 aagaagggta tgggaatatt ttttgaggaa aaagttaaat gtcttctcaa aatttaaaat
   457501 ctggaaagct gaagtggaga aggaacgggg ttgcagtgtg aagtgtttgc ggtcagacaa
   457561 tggcggagaa tttaccagca atgagttcat agatttttgt gaggaatgcg acatcaaaag
   457621 gcacttctca gtaaggagag ctcctcagca aaatggagtg ggccgagagg atgaaccgaa
   457681 ccctcatgga gaaggcaagg tgcatgagac tgtaagcagg gcttctcaag tcattttgga
   457741 tggacatagt cgatgcaact tgctatttag tgaatcggtc acctcacacc aagttagatg
   457801 gcggaattcc agaggagata tggtatggaa agaaggtgga gctgagctat ctcaggatgt
   457861 ttgggtgcac ggcttatgtg cactggatgc tggtgagcgg agcaagttga atgccagatc
   457921 acgaaagatg gtgttcataa gatattcgct tggagttaag ggctaccgac tatgggatct
   457981 cttgaaaaag aaggccacca tcagtagggt tgtggtcttc gatgaaaatt caatcctcaa
   458041 gaggtaaggc ggcatggagg aatagcaagc acagctggag gtccaacagg ccaaagttgg
   458101 acagctgaca tcatattctg ttttgccttt tgcaggtgca ctggaaagac ttgatattca
   458161 ggtggagtac cctccagagg tgcctccacg tgtggaaggg gttgagacac atcatagagg
   458221 ctgagagatt caaagggaca aggaggaacc tagtacagac attggggttg cactacacaa
   458281 gcctaagcaa aacgtgaggc aatcggagag atgtgacttc gaggaatcaa tgtcttatgc
   458341 attggtgaca gcgaatgggg atcctcatac ctatgaggag gtggtagaaa gtcaagacag
   458401 agatgggtgg gtccaagcaa tgatagaaga aatgcaatcc ctccagaaga actagacttg
   458461 acggttggta cagctgctga gtggaaagaa acccataaga tgcaagtggg tttaccaacg
   458521 caaggaaggg ccttaagagc agtaaagagt cagattcaaa gcaaggttgg tggccaaggg
   458581 gtattctcag aaggagggca tcaattacaa tgaggtattc tcttctgttg ttagacatac
   458641 ttcaattcgg atgctattaa gtatggtagc agtccaggat ttagaattgg agcaaatgga
   458701 tgttaagaca gccttcatgg gaatttagag gagaagatct acatggagta gccaaaagga
   458761 ttcagaaaat caggattaga aggaaaggtc tgcctgctac agaagtcatt ctacggattg
   458821 aagcagtcat aaaggcagtg gtataagcat ttcgacacat atgtgaggag cattggtatg
   458881 accagatgtg agtatgatcc ttgtgtctat gttaaaatac ttgaggatga gtctagattg
   458941 tatctactat tgtatgtgga tgatatgttg atagcatgca agagtagaag tgtagtgcag
   459001 gatttgaagg caaccttgtc tcgagagttc gagatgaaag atttaggtct tgcaagaaag
   459061 atcctaggca tggaaatcct cagagaccga acaaggagag tgctgcattt atcttaagag
   459121 gattatattc gaaagatttt ggagagattt ggcatgaagg atgcaaaacc gacagcatta
   459181 ctgttagcca gtcatatcag cctttcgaag tctgtcgccc taggccaaga tggaggctaa
   459241 agagttggag aggataccat atgcttctgg tgtgagaagc cttatgtatg cgatggtgta
   459301 ttgtaggtcg gatcttgccc atacagtgag tcagatcagc atgttcatgg cagaccctgg
   459361 caaggagcac tggagagcac tgaaggatat ctttaggtat ttagtgggca cagttggagt
   459421 cagcatttgc tatgggcagc aagatgatgt tgagggatgc tccaatatgt tcaagaaggc
   459481 tcaggatcag atgattgggt ttgtggatgt ggattttgaa ggagatgtag acatcaggca
   459541 ttctacgaca ggatttgtgt tctgcttgaa tggggatcca gtttcttgga gatcttgctt
   459601 acatcccatc acagcattat ctacaactga aatggagtac attggcatta cagaggcagc
   459661 aaaggaagca ttgtggctga agggattggc gttggagatg ggtttgcata gggagctgtc
   459721 aggatgcatt atgatagtca gagtgcactg atgttggtcc agaattttgt ctatcatgca
   459781 aggatcaaac atattgatat caaatactat cggatcagag agctagtgga agaaggcgag
   459841 gtggagctgg tcaaagttca tacgaaggag aatccagctg atgcacttac gaagactctt
   459901 ccgagggata gctttcatag gtgcgtggtg ctgatggggc tgatggatag atttgatttt
   459961 acatcaattt tggggcatca aagtggagtt gtaggcttag gtgtggtgct cctaagcttt
   460021 tgatggtcaa caaaaagatc aaagtttgaa gtccatgaag cactcatgaa ggttctaggg
   460081 ctagtttgga ccctaaggtg gaggcagaca gccttcacgg ttttgaggcc caggagtcat
   460141 gggctttgag gggctaattc atttttggat taggtttggg tttaaggagg atgaaagcat
   460201 gcaagtcatg ggtgtacatg gacttgggtg agttcaatca tgtgggttag ccatgggagt
   460261 tgtttgggtt tggtcttggg ttagaccaat ttgtactcat acatatatgg gttcgatttt
   460321 ttctgttcct ctcatctctc tccccttgca tgccgcccaa gaggagcagc aaaccctagc
   460381 tgccacctcc taaaaatcct agcttccatc aagccctagt gtcaagacct tgggtgcctc
   460441 caatccttgc cgccctgcct atttttgctt ccacctcttg ccgccccatc ttttggtggt
   460501 ttgaggtttg tttccaggtc tccacgctaa gaagaagaga tccaacagga gaaaaattgg
   460561 gattgtgata ttttctgtta ttctcgaata ccacaacttt gtaactatat tggtagctta
   460621 ctttctaatg gtatctttgt tagtttcttt atagaaggga aatagttaaa atcattaatg
   460681 agaccaaata tgtcataaaa cttagcacga agagagtgat cttcaacctg aaagtgtgac
   460741 agtaggacaa ccatgatcct ttgatgatag aggaaagaat ctattgattg atgtgagaga
   460801 tcattttagt tgattggtgg ttgtcataat tttgattaag atgcatttgg ttatctatat
   460861 attcaaagaa cttttgtgag aataacatat ttagatggaa ggcactatgt tttaaaaatg
   460921 tgggttatac accaatgtgg tgaatttaca gaacatgaat ctttattttg aaccaaaatg
   460981 atggaaatcc accaaactcg ttaagctgta cgagaaatag caggttggtg tttcagagag
   461041 tgggacttgc tgctaaaaac aaagtacacc ctaatgctcc ccaaacccat ggaaaacatc
   461101 ccagctaaat aaaaaggaac agctcacatg ccttcaaccc aaagactgaa agctaggatg
   461161 taagctaaaa aagaaaacac tcaaagatca agtttacttg tcttcatgtt ttgaatcatc
   461221 tcgatgctac atgtcatcca cttctcccct gcgaagggtg gtctatattg tggtttaaaa
   461281 agataaaagt ggcacaagat tggtagggga ggagaaaatg atggattgat gattggcaac
   461341 taaattgata catcatcttt atttgctttc ttgggatctc taccatcaag ggatttgtat
   461401 gatctgtttg tttttctgta gggatgtaaa tgcactgagc ttgattgagt gtgggtctcg
   461461 gtctctaatc aattttgaga cagatcaagc ttgatttgct acaacatttt tgagcttaat
   461521 tcaaggttaa tgatgtagga caacttaagg ggatgacctc cttatgcgta gatgggccta
   461581 aggggtgggt gaaattggca aatagtaatt tgttgccttg ctgcatatca cagaaaatgg
   461641 agcagaactg aaaaatctag tagattgaag ggaacaagga agttttctag gttactccta
   461701 aggtatatat attgttttgt gttaaaaaga gcttttttag ggttttaggc aaggttttaa
   461761 atcccgtggg acggaagtgt cttagtatct ttatggaatg ggacgtccta ctgtcccaac
   461821 ccctcccgac agctgtccca atcatgcatc ccgatagata tcttcctttt ttctcccttc
   461881 ttctttcgtt tctttctttt tttttctttt ctttcttctt ttctttcttc ttttctttct
   461941 ttttcttcta ttttcctttc gtttctcttt ttgtttcatt ttcttatccc tttctttttt
   462001 tcctttttct tattctttct ctttcctttc tttttctttt tctttctttt cacttttttc
   462061 tctttatctt tctttctgtc ttcctctttc ttcttctccc cccgcataga tggattttga
   462121 agtcccgacc ccgtcccgat ctcgttttct cacagaaatg ggatgggaca taaaactttg
   462181 attttagggt caaagtggaa gacttgatat tgacctataa tctaattcta gggtatggct
   462241 tagattgtaa cagacgagag acaagtggat gaagaaaggt aggaagacaa agggaaaaag
   462301 agaagagaag agagagagag agagagggtg gggcaagaag gcactaaaga ggagagagag
   462361 gagagaaaca acttttttct cacaatacaa ctaaagattt cccttatcat acatatatat
   462421 agcctacctt aagttaaaga tcaaacaacc aataaaaaaa aaagaaaagg taactcagag
   462481 accaagttac ttgtgtgcca ggtaacttga tagccaagtg gctcaaaagg actaactagg
   462541 tggccgagta acttaacata tacattactt aatagccatg actcgaataa aatattaaac
   462601 aaatacgcac ctaattggat gagggcttga atcatcatgg taaaattgtg cctcatgatc
   462661 ctagcctttg acttcaccac ttaatttcaa attgagctga acatgagctt aattggttag
   462721 ccagacaatc ttaaatcagg ctatagaggc agctgaagca cagatcatgg tagaaaccag
   462781 caacagtggt gttggcctga tcttggagga gtacaattta gagtagagag ggggagggtc
   462841 gagaggatag atcaaagaga agaaaagggg agataaggag cttggtggag ctagtagtgg
   462901 ttgtggaagc caatggagtt gctgattggt gcttgtggga ggttagggtt ttagaggggg
   462961 gagggagaga gagagagaga ggagatcaag tggaagaaag gggaggtcgt ggaagccaat
   463021 gatgtcacta ccagccggag acggctgcaa cattagtggc cttgtcatgg aagaagagag
   463081 aagtacaggc cttttagagt catgcaagaa ggaagtcagt gtggtgtggc cttgggcgaa
   463141 acaagaaagc acagagagga ggttgagcca acttagtgag ccaaaatcaa atcatgttac
   463201 cattagacct aagatctgac tattcattgt caatgtatgt ttataatata atatataata
   463261 tgatttgagc ttgtctagcc aagcttgatc aagctgggtt gctttctggc tcgactcaat
   463321 taattttgtg cctagatccg ttgttcaagc tatgctcctt tagttttgaa ttgagcatgt
   463381 accacgctta agccaagctg agataagcca agctcaagta gcttagttca ttgaacgacg
   463441 ttgtctgcct gtatgtctat ctgtctatct atctatctat ctgtttgtct ggtctgtcaa
   463501 ttagctagtc tatctatttg tccacctacc tacttgcctg cctgaatcga gattgagtag
   463561 ttaggttcat ttgacagccc tgtttgtttt gcttgccggc cgtttgtttg tctgctgcat
   463621 ctggagagag ctgcagtatg cagtaaaatg ttaaattttt ggcaaaagat ttaattattc
   463681 aaaactaatg atagatcatc caaattgaaa atcgcttaag ccaagctgag catgagccaa
   463741 gctcaagtag attagttctt tcgacaacct tatctgtatt tttgtttatc tatttgtcta
   463801 tctatttgtt tgtatggtgg ttgattggcc tgctcacctg cctgcatgcc tgcctgaatg
   463861 gggcttgagc aggtaggttc atttgacaac cttgcttgtc tagcttgcta gctatctgtt
   463921 tctttgtctg cctgcctttg gagagagaga gagagttgga ctacatagta aaatgttgaa
   463981 tgtttggcaa aagatttaac tattcaaaac taatgattga ccatccaaat tgaaatgtac
   464041 tatgcatcaa attggtgcaa aaatgaacag ttttaatagc atgatatgtt ttgttctaat
   464101 ttaaccattg aaacctatga attcaaatct aaccatgttt taagatgtgt agatgatcaa
   464161 tgatgtggat cttcaatcta tttgccctac tatgtattta gcatactaca atttatgtta
   464221 ttcatttttg tgctattttg atgtgtaggc aagagatctt aaaagcatat aatttttggt
   464281 tcacacccat tccatcattg tttttggaat ttttaagtct tttgtcaaag acttaatgtt
   464341 taacatatag tttgactcat agaaaagcaa aacataaaaa gaagaaaaaa aacattgcat
   464401 aatatttgaa atggacaaaa atgccttttt attgctcctg aaacatctaa accagcttcg
   464461 gaatatcatc accctatttc ttgaagagag aatgaattca ggtgcttgct tgtggcaaac
   464521 gtggcctcta ggcagctagg tgcttgccga ggtgtcaaaa ttggtacttt ggtagctgtc
   464581 cattctaaag ctcaaggaag tttcaagtgt tggggaagct gtactacctg ggaggctgcc
   464641 tttgataatc ttagagatat caagaaaaat caaagtaatc gttgtcagtg gctgtgtttg
   464701 taaatatcaa aaaaaaaaaa acatcacctc cttaattgta gtgccatcac catcctaatt
   464761 actacatgta tttggaaaaa aacatcaatc cacccttgct ttgtgtttct tactattcaa
   464821 ataaaataca tcatattttt atcaattatg cttgacattt ataggcctta aggactgtga
   464881 agaaggtaca attgcaaacc atggctttat tgggacattt ttagtctgct tgttggttac
   464941 caaatgccct tactctatct catgatggtg tcaactaaac taccaagata cgcacaacag
   465001 agtgatgaat atcgtcgatt atcagtctaa ttgtggccta aattctgatt gcttttctgt
   465061 aaacctaaac tcatcacaat tgtgcttttg ttgctaaggt tttagagtag taaatttgta
   465121 tttgtatttg tatgcgtttt tgggggtcat caaaacaatg gcatattcat gagtcattat
   465181 agatgatact caagaatcga aaatagtttc atatatttta gtttttcaag gtcaagctgt
   465241 ttaacaaaga ctaggaaatt atgattcaat tgatgtatct tcatggatct ttgactgtct
   465301 gttgatatgt ttttggatca ttctctacta atgtgtgcaa aaagtgttgg ctcaatgcaa
   465361 aactgtacgg tatagagagg tgctaactat tgaactacat atttgtagta ttcttataac
   465421 ctaggtaggt tttgcacaaa gaattaagca ttctaggtat tcaaacaata ttttataaga
   465481 tggaaattat agctgttaag taaatctccc tagttaagta aatgatatcc cttatatcta
   465541 aagattctaa acaagttaag aaaatgctgt ttatatcttt aagtggtaca aattatatca
   465601 aaaatatttc acagtcatga tccatgcagc catgatcata taaaaactca ttatcaagtg
   465661 tgacaggaat tagatctaaa gaaaacataa aatatcagta aatatttttt ttaacataat
   465721 acaataaagg aaatggttaa gatagaaaag aaaggaaaga tcttaggtcc atttcaaaaa
   465781 caaggcttgc caatcaatta ttggaaccct ctaagtttat tttcttcctt taaatagatt
   465841 tcataagaat gaagaaggca attttgtcta atggaagcat ttaaaaggat ttgtttcctg
   465901 ggtttgtatg ataaaaagga tcagtgcata agttttgaat gaatccaaaa tggtattgat
   465961 gctggaatat agttgagttc ttttatggtt atttcctata ttcaaaaagt gaggaatgtc
   466021 atagaacata tatttgatga attcagcatg ttgtttgagt ttttggtggg actaagagaa
   466081 gttgctgaga ggggtattta gagagcatgt gaaggggatt ttgcccacct atgatgtctc
   466141 acaacttggc aaatctccta atctttacat gtggaaattg gccaatcggt gctaagaata
   466201 agaatgttct tagtcattcc tattgttgcg ttgataaagt tgttaactct gatgggtttg
   466261 ttaatttaca tgctgtcata tcttcatttt ggagaggatt agaaggtgag gggggtggca
   466321 aggcccacac tagatgtttg ttttggagaa gggatgctta tgttcgctag aatggattct
   466381 tagaaacaag ggacaagatt gcaagaaaag ttactaactt atagggacca tgaccctctc
   466441 accctgaggg gtcctcttag tgctcccttt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtaaacataa
   466501 aacatgtaaa ttttttctaa aattttatgt attaagttat tgatctccaa atcaaggtgg
   466561 gctatactag tatcgggatc catatcgctt gcccgatagt acagtaccat gtcgtgctat
   466621 tccgttccag ctgtaccaac aaaaggaatg ttggcaaggg agggggaaag ggacaaggag
   466681 agagaggaga nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   466741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn gagagagaga
   466801 gagagggctc caaagtcgtt atctcctctg caaggcatag gggttctccc ctatttcgaa
   466861 acgaaacaag agtggggaga cctttttttt tttctttttc tttttttttg caaactccta
   466921 agtttgctga cttcacttaa gaatttgcaa aaaacatcta gggctccatc ctcattttgt
   466981 ttctaaacaa aacgatcccc tgtggcctaa ggaggagatg aggcctttca agcccctctc
   467041 tctctctccc cctccctccc tcagcctctc cctctccctc tctctccatc tctcactctc
   467101 tctcttttcc tctctcacct tctccctctc cccctccaac gctggggttt tataaatcga
   467161 gaggtggaat catgccggtt tgcccttggt acagttatgt acgctttgaa ctaggtggtt
   467221 tggggcggta caacgatctt tgctccaaat catatttgtt tatgtattca atatctctct
   467281 ttctctcccc ccccccccct ctctctgtct ctttatgttc ataatccatt ttgcatacaa
   467341 gcttcatttt tctaaaggaa atcaaggtgt atttttcttg acttctcttt tccttccctc
   467401 tctctctctc tctctctctc tacactttaa catgtattca tggcgtgcat tatcttgttg
   467461 actgtttagt ctttgttact aaccatgatt aggaagcttt actttatgtt ttctgaatca
   467521 cctatgaaca ttcacttcca tagatttcac tcgagggcta gatcctcagc taatgcatga
   467581 ttatctaatt atcttgcaca actttaccca ggattggctg tcccttgttt tactaagttt
   467641 tctacgcaaa aggaggcccc attgtttttc attgcttatg attgtgacat cttagtctgt
   467701 gtccatcact ctttcctcat tttctgaatt cagcaaagtt tgatttgcac agatgcacat
   467761 tgacattcta gcatctgcta gactaatgtt tgtggattga ttggagctgt atttagtcat
   467821 cacaagttaa gcttaagcaa ataatatgcg aactaaagag tctacgagcc ccataaaggc
   467881 acaaattttg gtgtgtgacc agcaacttca gtaatagatt acactagttg atgtaattca
   467941 aaaatgtatg gagttaaaga tatctggata attaggtcaa tcatggccat tgtaaaaata
   468001 ctcggattct ttgaagagaa aaaagctcaa agtgatatat tttactctat aattttgaca
   468061 ttatagtgtt gtaaaaataa tcagattctt taatttgtcc actctctctt attatgatca
   468121 tgtttcggct ctttgtgagt cttttttttg cctacttgtc ctcttggttc taatccacta
   468181 actctttaac tttccccaac cctagctttt tttttgcctg aactatcttc agttggttgt
   468241 caccttggca caatgttttt ggttgttggc ttgccagtat tgttaagcct cggtccatac
   468301 catgcatttg ctttgatgac tctattaaaa ctttactccc ccaccatctt tgctatgctt
   468361 tatccacagc tagacctctt cttgtgcttt aagccctcta acaaagttcc actttccaca
   468421 ctatccacct tccttcacct taatctcact tgcccctttt ctctcaccct tcttatacca
   468481 tatccaagtc tacaagaaga caaggcatgg aaataacaca tcatgtaaaa aatcccatcc
   468541 tccttacaac aagaagcggg caaaactgac ataccgtcgt ccataatcat cttaaagacc
   468601 tgaaacttca cctactagat gaattcctaa gagaaattca agtctgtaat attcaagaga
   468661 tctcaatatt agtccatggc ataagaaaaa ggcttctaag actctccctt atattcttta
   468721 gcattatatg tatgtataat ttctagaact attgttgttt cttataagtc ttcatttggc
   468781 ttctaagctc ctttggatat tttacattat catcacttcg tcatcatgtc tgcattccta
   468841 gagagttgtc attagttatt ttgaatattt aatgaagtcg agatgtggaa tgtgtaaaca
   468901 tcgattactt taaaatcaac aagttaatat gatgtaagca agatattcta ttaatgaact
   468961 tcctacccta atcctagcac tccactaatt acaactaaag aagacattaa acttgctgaa
   469021 ctcacagaac agtcaaagtt agggttctct atgtggcccc ttgtgaagag atatctaggc
   469081 tgattgaagt accacatttt ggcatctccc tggcatgata catagttaca tactattgca
   469141 gttctgtgcc aatgatttgc atggagtggc actataagat gccaagtatt agtattcagc
   469201 tagtattgtg ttagttcaac ttgcgggtaa ggtagtgcta tggtacatgt tgtgctatac
   469261 tgagtgacac ttaaattgat tatctagatg acccaacaga actgtcgact ctaaggacac
   469321 tcaacaagaa tgagaataag gcaccttaaa actattatag tcgaatagga ttttgaaaca
   469381 ttccaaattc ttttgatgat cagaattgca ctcaactttt tagatagaaa tttgcaagtc
   469441 attgactctt tgatagagaa acaaatgtag aaagagaatg ggattattag gtagactttc
   469501 tacatgaaga aggcatggta tgtcgagaac ctcaatatga aagaactgca cattctgaaa
   469561 tcctaaagaa gagtccaaac ccttccaagg tggtccaaat tcagtgcaaa ttccaatagc
   469621 tgtcaatttc cttcctcaaa cctaatagga ataatgattg tgaatctggc ctaattgact
   469681 ccctaacttt tcctcatgct ttatttcagt ttagaaagac tttaacctca ttattctata
   469741 agtacaatta ttaaactgat atgatatttt tatatggaaa aagaggataa gaagttaaga
   469801 acaatcataa aacagaggaa agaaagagag gaagaaaaac aagaagttga ttggcttcta
   469861 gaaatttttg cagatgagga caatcataaa acattttaag ttttcttggt tgtttctgtt
   469921 ggatatcatc agatgaattg gataatttcg atgccatgct ttgtttagca gtaggactat
   469981 gcttaagatg cattctcagt tctaaggttt actagtatag tctttgtaaa tgattacttc
   470041 actatgagtg ctcatgccgg gtagtgacac attctcaata tacctagaag tatatcagat
   470101 tttaatgtaa ctgtttccca tttttataat tgagaggaat tcgataagca aagtactcat
   470161 gcatataaga atggaacagg gcagtttgag catgctattt cttacaaaaa acttttctgg
   470221 ctgcatatta tgcatcaagt taaattgtct gaacatttat ctgaaagctt gtccatttga
   470281 tgaggttaag ggaaaaatat cttccactca ttcgtatgtt ggtccattag gtaccacatc
   470341 tcttatttan nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   470401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnt ggtggaggat
   470461 gaaaatagat ggttaaagca ggaatctcat tgcttggcag ggtaggaatt tataaatttg
   470521 cattgaatta tcacgaatgg gccttttcag cactctgcta gtgaatgttg ctcttagatt
   470581 ctggactcct aactaaatgg tcctcagtga tctggaagtc atccttggat tggcattcga
   470641 taggatcata tgatctagat ccataatatg gacaatggaa tcccttggat aataagattt
   470701 aacttcaata atattttttc ccatatatgg agggttcaac ttttgtgatt ttcctataga
   470761 ttgtagaatt acttgttttt cactactaag ccttgagcat ataagattag caagccaatg
   470821 tcagggaatt tagcttttag aaactgaagg aaaggatttt ttggagtttg tggaaacaag
   470881 acttgtgttt gcattcttgc agctaatggt taaaccttac tttttttttc acaaacaaat
   470941 tccacctgaa aggtaagtga attgagatca ctggagtggt agtatataat agatatcttc
   471001 agtagttgga gatgatgttt gcctcatcgc aatactatat atgggtttat gatagtagaa
   471061 gctaggcttc ttatatttat gtttgatggc ttcttcttct tgatttatct gctttacact
   471121 tgcctcattt ttcaatattt ttatttcttt tataatataa aatacctcaa aataatattt
   471181 atttttttaa gatctgtgat ttaatcaatg agctgaaaca atctaacccc tactatttat
   471241 gaggcaaacc agatccagat gatgcttcct atggaaacaa cctattaggt tgatgaaaaa
   471301 attctcttct gcactgtttc acccttagta gctgcaatct tatatctagg agtaatgcat
   471361 ttgatttgga ttgcttttag aatttcaaac ttgtacccgc ttcccaagtg ctttcgtatt
   471421 gtaagagttt ctaaaatatc cacttccttg cggatctttt accacactca tccttgattc
   471481 tggtaactaa ggtttggcta agatttggtt aacatgtctg tatggcaatt agaggtggca
   471541 attttcaaca cgacatgcaa acacgacacg caacacgata tgaaattttt gtattaatat
   471601 aggtttgtgt tgaaatcatg tcgatccttc tatgacatgg agaatttcat gtcatgttgc
   471661 atgttaacct gtgaatccgt ttatgacatg tttaacctat atatgaaaaa atatgtaatt
   471721 ttgtaatttt tttaaaagtc aatggttatt tttatctttt tattagaaat tctaaaataa
   471781 aactaaacaa acatatcagc tcccatacac agccaccaaa ctcaactctc tctttctctc
   471841 tctctctctc tctctctcat tttaaaaata tgtattttat ataaaatagg ttattcgtgt
   471901 taaacgtgtt gtgtaaacct gttaacccga cacgacatgt ttaataatcg tgttagacag
   471961 gtaacatgtt taatgaacag attcgtgtat atgttgggga accctgacac gtttattaat
   472021 cgtatcgtgt tcatgttgaa atcatgtcgg cacgattatg acacgcgaat acgaattgcc
   472081 acccccaatg gcaatgcttg acatgccagt ttagtgtgaa agtagtagga catgcttgtc
   472141 atctctaaat aggaatgcag ataggtagct aaatcttcca taaatagaag tgatagaagg
   472201 aaaaccatcc aattgatgaa atatagctaa gctttgtttt gaattctcaa tggagccaac
   472261 caaattttca taataatcta atgattgagg tgatagtagt gatgccttga tgtagtgaca
   472321 tcaaagccac tgtttatcca cttgaagatc tttagtgtat gaaataaact tatgttgtgg
   472381 ttactttttc atttttattt ttgcttattt tgtacctcta atgttgccgc aaaaaatatt
   472441 cttgtagaaa accagctgat cattttgatt gttgacagat attcctgcat atatatatga
   472501 tgatagatat atgattgtaa gccagcttat atagatctat tatcccatgt catgttgtct
   472561 gaattttcat tatgtttgtg gagtaccatt gattcttata tgaaactatg taggagtacc
   472621 attgattctt atataaaact atgttcaaat atttagcaat tctctgataa gatggcaata
   472681 atcttcttat ggtttgtgca tttatttcat gcttaaagct tttgtcattt attgtggcta
   472741 ttgcaagtct tgatgatctt gtttttattg aaatagtatg tcaatggaat ttgatggtta
   472801 ctttattgtg agctggttgt cataagttcg agcatggaaa tagtctcttt gcggatgggg
   472861 ataaggttgc atgtatccaa cccttccaaa agccctggtg gtgagaatct cgtgcattgg
   472921 gactagacct atttattagc caggccaaga taggcttcgg ctaggctttg tcccaaggtg
   472981 aacacaattt atttaagtct tggcctagcc caacccagct ttcaagcctt ccttttggtc
   473041 caagcctact ccttgaactt tggacgaggt catatctttt attattatta ttattttaaa
   473101 aaattttaaa aatattttaa taaaatgcta aatatgaata attaaatagt atcaacctac
   473161 aacatctcta tttttctgta agttcacata tcaacagcaa tcatcagtga actctataaa
   473221 tacatcaaaa gtagaaaatt aaattgtcac ttaagtctac aaattcatca aacatataca
   473281 agcaacacaa tgaaatagaa aaactcaggc tggccgagct cgagctggac ttcaatccac
   473341 aagcctgagc tcagcttgtt tattgaatgg acatattttt taggcccagc ctgggctata
   473401 acctttggcc caagcttgcc caaaagactt tggtttcgag taggccggac agcccattgt
   473461 gaacagatct aattgggaca ccatttttaa tatgccggtc ggtgcccccc actccaacct
   473521 ctccaaaata gaaacatggg acaatgaaat cacacccttt ttatctcttg atatttgctg
   473581 gttttctttc acgtatttag ttcgtgggtt ccaccaagtc actcacttaa agagattaca
   473641 gacaaaggtg cttttctagt ttggctttac gtgccccacc ctgggacatc ccttcataaa
   473701 atggatagcc cacaccatgc tttgttatgt tttgcttggt gatgtgttat aattttgggt
   473761 aaaaagataa atttcccttt atttatgagt ttaacaaggt cttttttttt ttttttgtta
   473821 attggaattg ttgatttttt tagacctgag ataatatgcc atctttctgc acattatatg
   473881 cttcatagat ttatttgtga caccttttct gttcaacagg gaagtgggga ttccatagct
   473941 gggagaaagg cacctctgat gttcagcgac gccatatcca tgtactaaaa ttcaagtctg
   474001 ttccatcagg actgccattt gaaaccagat aaaacctgac ttgtgttatt tccttttcta
   474061 ttttatcctt gtgcatctaa tgctcgagct attcaaataa gaaaaactgt ttgtctacaa
   474121 gcatgaccct aagagacggt acaaagatca tggcactgga tgctttgtgt ccctctttgc
   474181 caacccggct tcttaattat tttcgcttgg tgctgccggc catccatatg gagccatgta
   474241 aatgatggtt ctgacaaatg atttcgacct taagtcatat tatgttgatg actttagagg
   474301 gaggtaaatg atctctggat gtttctctgc atgcagttaa cctgaactct ttgcatttct
   474361 cccagccgta ttgccatcta aaagttggtt atacagtctg taagctttgt gatcagcgga
   474421 tggggccttg gaccaggcaa gaaagtctcc aactctggca atgtggacct attctgtggt
   474481 ccattccttc tgggtctcgt ttccttggcc caaagtgggt gtagtcacat gaaaggaata
   474541 tttttacaag aaatagtctt ctctgacctt aagaagtttc catggggtct gctggaaatg
   474601 acttcaagac ttggtttgat tgaaggcatc aaaacatgac ttattgataa gtatgacagt
   474661 ctgcggttga cattagggtt cacaatgagt tgaagggcat tccacaactg gtgatggatt
   474721 ttgatatttc cgtcgaatgc cttaaatcat caatctacga ctatctgttg ccggttgatt
   474781 ttttcttgaa gtattcttga acacttctca aatcaattca taatgggcta cgtagagcac
   474841 cttctggacc accagaccac caattacgta aatgtatggg gagcttttct cgtagaaaga
   474901 tttttcatag tgaaagacac gtccgtatga attgtcaagc tagcaatttc cctttggcct
   474961 ctcgcgtggc aactaccaaa gcaacttgag tagcacggta ggaacatccc cttgaccaat
   475021 ctgaattctt tccctgccca tgcaagattg ctagctccaa atggaatttt ggtactacaa
   475081 agtggtacag tggcactaga gtattgccat tctatgaaaa atatggtgac agatcttctt
   475141 tttcaaacag gtctctaaat ttcttgatat cttacagaaa tacaaaagga accttagtga
   475201 ggttcatgtt ctatcctttc tatgatggtc gaataattta ttagcaatca tatttttcct
   475261 catatgatat gtctatctag ctgaaccttg ttattttctt tggaaatttt tcaattgcta
   475321 tgaaagaaaa aactaaatta tttagaatat ttatttggtt tggtttcggt tggttatgtc
   475381 atgatcatcc ctagagtacc taaccatcaa ggtttttgtg gtgaccaatt tgaacaaact
   475441 cgataacaat tttcttttca gtcgttctcg ggtgctagcc agctgatatt gatcaagttg
   475501 gccgaccagc ttgtatggaa ctgaatcaat aggcccaatc aaggctggac cacctaaact
   475561 cacttgttca ctaaagagac gtgatcaaac ctggctgaac aaaatgaaga agagcacgtc
   475621 tacttcatcc ttctgacgat tggcaacaag acaaaggata gtacggagga cagttttgtg
   475681 aatcagggga ggaatgatgg ccttgtatgt gggatgagag gaaaattccc tttcaaagcc
   475741 ttcaacctct actttcaaat ggacccaacc ccgataataa tgatgggggg aggggggtgg
   475801 tgttattatt ctctgcatgc actcgagagg gtggtgggga ctcttttgat ggtatataat
   475861 gtgaccatcc tcctctcccg ccggccaccc ccctatggtg cctgcaccac ctccgtactc
   475921 tcatcgcccc acccgtgacc cctctctctc agacccacgt cccgtgcctt gggtagcgca
   475981 attgatggat cttttgatca gttcgccgga tgcaattata cgtgggggtg ggggaggatc
   476041 actttgttac gtgttcatgg tgctgttgct acttgctttt ggacttccat tttcatgcaa
   476101 aggtggacga aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatgcaaagg tggaccaagg ggtaagctca
   476161 ccgcaacccg gggaggtgac cggaatacgg gcttcatctg atcagctacg atgtggtcta
   476221 taaaatagcc attcgcagcc aatgcattat acgtgcatgc agcgaacgtg gatggggatg
   476281 agtttggatt tttgcaagca atgtaaaggt catggaattg attaaaacgg ctggtgcttg
   476341 ttagaaagaa tgatgttttt tttttttttt tttttctctt tttcttttta gggtagaata
   476401 gcaagaaaaa tgatgcttta gaaatcagtt tacgtgacta tctaaatcat gtaaatattg
   476461 atgaagtaat ttgttgatct tatttctggc tgtagaatat tattttcttt ggctcatcat
   476521 gatgaaatga tggttgcatg ggttgtgcca ggttagaagt tacgtttttg catttcatga
   476581 aatataaaac ttgttttgat agcagcattt tggaacccaa agaacatggg cagtaaatgt
   476641 ctaatcgtct agggatgaca tttcccggcc cagtgatcat ccatggaact ggttcacgtg
   476701 ggagacgaat tggttgtttg aactttaaat accgcacatg tttctttccc tcgcttcctg
   476761 caaaatctta caccaatcat ttcgaccgaa gtacaaccta ttgttttgaa caaaacatcg
   476821 ggggcaccat taacatcact tttatttttt atttattttt taaaaataaa attataaaaa
   476881 ttaagaaaaa aatatctatt ggtattttta tatattttta tatatttttt aaaattattt
   476941 tttatttaaa aaaaattaaa ataagatatt attgattttt gctattttta aaaataaaaa
   477001 atttcatatc ttaattacaa ccattattga taacacctcc ggtaacacta gcattgctat
   477061 tgttgtcgtc gttgctgcca tctctgcaac cacaatagca actattatta tcgctgttat
   477121 catttccacc attattttgt tgcttcttct tacgatcgtc acctctacca tcatcattat
   477181 tatcacaatt atagccatta tgttcatcat caccatcatt atcaccaccg tcatcaccac
   477241 catcattatt tcactatcgc cactgataat actaccccag ccactagcac aattgctata
   477301 acgggcaccc ctcaccctca ctatcatttc tacactatat ttttagctct cctattgcta
   477361 ttgccaccac catcatcact gtggccttaa tatctctacc accaccatca tggaccggac
   477421 tatcacatca ttttaatttt ttttaaaact agttaactat gctaaataat ttatattttt
   477481 aaaactaaaa aataaaataa ttttttttta aaaatagaaa aaaaatattg tcaaaaggca
   477541 cttgcctttt gtcccgtcag ctactttttt agtagtgaga aaattaacaa cactaacttg
   477601 ttatatgagc tataaaatat tacggtgaca tcccttaaaa tttgatcctt ttacacttaa
   477661 accctaaaaa aaaaagattt caaactgccc ccaaaacttt ataaatatag gaaagaaccg
   477721 tagccattag tctttgtcag actatattat gatgtaaagg tcatctgaga ggttaaattt
   477781 tataaaataa cataattttt ttttcagaat tttttagttt tgatacgaaa tgaagtagag
   477841 aaaaagaaga gttacatgac atacatgtaa ccatcatctt atttttttct tgaccgtgct
   477901 ctctattccc catctattat agacaagtgg taaagaagat gggggaaagg agcatagatc
   477961 ggattaaaaa aaagaggaac catacaaaag gtaaaaagga gcacatagat cgaaggaaga
   478021 gagaaaaacc tgaaccataa tggcttcgac tagtagcagt cacgtctcca cccaatgttc
   478081 cagccaaaac tccatagtgt attgtgactg tgggttaagg gcatccctga aagcctcata
   478141 gactgactaa tcctggctaa agattctttt gctgctctat ttttgaggta ataggtctcc
   478201 tcatttcttt ttgatttttg gtcacccata gcctactcat ttctttaagt tcttaatata
   478261 cgaaggaaga agagaatgtg tgttttttta atggtatgat ccctcattgt taccacgtac
   478321 aagagatctt atggacaaac taatgtaaaa aaataagagc ctaggggcta agatttatgt
   478381 caacagaggg cgaaagaagt gtttggtatg gcatctgttt gctttatgga tatttgctgg
   478441 tgcactattg gcactgaagt agagtgttgg gaataaagat gtgaaacagt tcaatccata
   478501 gatatagcta tcaggagagg gtgaaactat aatattttga aacttttagg gcctcagtat
   478561 tctttagcat aactttcgga ggcttaatgt atgcagtgaa aatttttggg atctttatat
   478621 aactagtttt tattaagaaa tgaatatgta tatttactgt ttagtgcctt aaatgtcctg
   478681 atgtgtcctt taatatccta atatgtttca acaataccat aatagtgaat aatttatcta
   478741 tgcaataaga aaaacataca cattcataaa tatcatttct ttctacagtc catacaatca
   478801 cttgtatata tccatacaca ttcgtacaat tatcatttct atctatagtc tgtacaaata
   478861 tctatacaca accatacaca ttaagatact gaacaactgc tagcaatcta tacagtcacc
   478921 tatacatatt catacatatt cacatgatca tcatttctat ctagggtcca tacaatcatt
   478981 tgtatgcatc catacacatt cgtacagtca tcatttctat cggtagtcta tacaaacatc
   479041 catacacatt aaggcattga acaacaacta ccaacaatcc atataatcat ctgtacatat
   479101 tcatacacat ttacacgatt atcatttctg ctcaattatt gaacaaaata aaactgtata
   479161 ttattccata tgctcagagc aacgtcaaaa agctcagtac atgtgttatt atataaataa
   479221 caaaaaacta tgtatcggcc atgtatctct ctagacaatg aatgtataca tgtatgtgca
   479281 cttaaacatc tccaaaatca aataacattg cataacaaag aaagtaggat aaaatatgat
   479341 gttaaggtct ctaaggggat tgttgagttg gagctggtgt tgttggtggg actggtggga
   479401 ctactgctac tgttgatgtt gctgatgctg atgctaacgt tgttgctgct ggtgttgggg
   479461 ctgatgctgt tgctccttgt ttagtccttg ttgccatctg aaaatacaaa cgaaatatat
   479521 caactttgta tgaatttggt aaggactttt atgagataat ttttttttga tatttttcat
   479581 tatctttctt gaacttctct tttttcttga tgtaccatca aatagagtac tcttttattt
   479641 aggtatagat acccccttct tagaatcttc ttttatagga ggtttgttct tctctagacc
   479701 tttacaggtc ctagcattat gctctcattg catgcagttg ttgtacctaa gactatcttc
   479761 aatttttctt atcttgtaag ggtccgacac ttcatcctcc tctcttcttc ttaacttttt
   479821 tggcctacca agagatctct tattcaaagg tgcatctagt ggcttataag aaaaggactt
   479881 ccataactgc atatcgggta taaaattgat aaccggctca tatgctctct tgaagatctc
   479941 tttagtatac taatgatcta catattgctt aattttttct taaaaaacat gatcattgcc
   480001 gatgtatgac agtatggtat cccaaacaac tcaaactttc tgcacttaca agtttttttc
   480061 tcaagattaa taatataagt acaatcataa tggtcgatta cttcaaagct gctacctcca
   480121 ccctatatga tatgatacta catggcctgc agctttgcta actcaacttt tttttgagtc
   480181 ttaggataga tagggccact atacttcaat gcagcctatc tctttatctg aaatatttgt
   480241 atcagaagct ttctaatggt ctccagacaa gtgataattg gctcgtctct aacttccatg
   480301 atgtaattgt taaataattt atatatatta ttcagtatta tattacacca atctactact
   480361 ttctgaacca aggttagcta aggccttcat cttcagcatg aattcagatt atgtagaagt
   480421 ccgagctgct cttaaagttt ttttctttga acaactttct aaaattgata tacaaatatc
   480481 tcacacagaa tctatgatca gcatttggta ttatgcagtt gaatgtctcc actaactctt
   480541 atcaaaataa gataaagatt agtatatatt tatgaaatat tagaaagctt aacaagagta
   480601 ggctaagtat taataccttc catctatcca aaatgaatgt tcgatctcct tctttctcta
   480661 ttcctatatc ttctaagagg ttagttagaa actgtatcca gccttcttca ttcttggcct
   480721 caacaatagt ccatgcaata aaaacaatgt catcattttc atctctttca atagctgata
   480781 gaagttgtcc tctcctagct tctttcaagt ggcacccatc caagccaata atgggtctat
   480841 atctattaag aaagtccctc ttacaagtat gaaagcaaac atataatttt tgaaacattg
   480901 gctgttatcc ttccctaggc aatgaactga tgagcatggg aatactaggg ttagtcctct
   480961 taatgacatc acaatactct cctagttttt catattgttc tcaatgcaat ccgtgaacta
   481021 aaagtacctt cttctatgcc ttatagacta agctctagag atctgtacct taacatccct
   481081 cttcatcctt gaaacaaatc ttttaatgct ctatttggta tcattcctaa tatcttcaat
   481141 gtaagcgtca gataaccatc tagagtagtt tataagatga ttatcaaaat gtctcttaca
   481201 tttttgtgtc ggttgaaact ttctaatttg ataagtgaat atcctctata atcttaaaaa
   481261 ctagtctttc atcataatat ctttcaaaaa aaattattgt cttaatcagc atcaaataat
   481321 tcagatcatt atgcttttac tatgcatact cattcaaatc catcaatata cttgtgtcaa
   481381 atatagattt ttaagttatt ataatcaata taagttatca tctcaatatt tttaatatct
   481441 atcaacctac actcatctta tgtctaatcc tatgtgtcat aatctatcca cttatactct
   481501 gatactattt taattattac acattcgatc caagatcatg agccaagaat tgcggcaact
   481561 accacatact catagcgaac tctccccata agcattcaag gcattacttc atgatatcat
   481621 aaaaaatagt agaataaata attaataaat taacattcaa actaaattta aataactaaa
   481681 tcaactgcct tataaaataa tattgcatgg tcttgcatca atttcaatac atcctaatct
   481741 aaaataaaaa tatcaaattt tgtttctaat ttgctctccc ataataaatt cctaagtcaa
   481801 gctaatgatc taaatctata aaaataataa aatattatgt aatgagctaa atagtttagt
   481861 aagcaataaa aattttggct caataaattc agcaataata atatgttgaa aatatgtata
   481921 tgacatgcat caattccaat tatacagtat taatcaacat aagatccatg caaattcaat
   481981 catttcaaaa tttatttttg ttcatcaatt gatttctctc aaaatatcat attcatctca
   482041 atgatcatga actcaatcaa agtgccattg tataaccctc aatgacagga tatcaaaata
   482101 tcagtgcaca accctcactg atagggtatc aaaataccat cacacaagta tcactaatag
   482161 gatattgaaa taccaatata caactatcac tgataagata tcaaaatatt agcacacaat
   482221 ccctactgat agagtatcaa aatactgaca tgcaatccct actaataggg tatcgaaata
   482281 ccatcacata acctccatta gcaggatatc aaaaatagag tcttgctgtg agtcaaagtc
   482341 tggctcaaat caaaatatct ttctctaaaa tatatttcat attctgagtc aaaaggttca
   482401 taaaccatgc aatatcaaaa taaatcagac aatccatact aaattcaata tattcgacca
   482461 taaattattt aatatattga aaaaagatat attcaataat tcaaaatatt atatatcaaa
   482521 atcataaatt atgaataatt taaaaaaata tttataattt attaataaat ttaataaata
   482581 tacaacatta cttacctcat acatacttca acaaatctaa ataaatttta attttttaaa
   482641 atctttaatt catcgatgat attgcagtat cttactacta aattcttcat gtcaagataa
   482701 gtatgatcct atatacaatc atgtccaata attagaaaga attatagata attaagaaaa
   482761 ataggattga tgagtagttg catcaacgat ctagatcgat ctggtcattt aactttattt
   482821 gatcaagatt ggactaggat ataggtggtt taaaatctct ctattagatc aacttgaatt
   482881 taaagcaaca ggactcagaa ttcttcattg gattcataga tcaagtagag agagaatgcc
   482941 agaagagaga tagaaattaa catagtgcaa taagccaaat cagacaatac taccgacatc
   483001 ccgattgatt tgatcgaagt gattttatca aatcatgatg aaactagttt acagataact
   483061 taataaaaat cacagatgat caaatctaat ggtactcatc tagccaagct ggatgttggc
   483121 atactatcca ctgaccatga attaagactc ttttcatttg aattagttca gaatcattga
   483181 aaagaaagat ctttactaga tcaatattag aaaaaaaaat ctatgaagag agagaaataa
   483241 tctagagaga gaaaatatta tagagagaga aactacagag aaagttgaac tttctatgga
   483301 gaaaaagtat tggaaacaag tgaagagcga acagaaagag aggaaagaga gagataatct
   483361 ttctctcctt ttgttttttt ttcttttctt tttacttttc ttttcttttt cttttatttt
   483421 tctcctttct tctttcattt tggtgaatag gggattcttg aatccccttc tttcctgagc
   483481 taggggaatc tttgcattgg gaagacaatg gctaaggatg tggcacacaa cggcacaacc
   483541 aggagtctat tgtttgacaa tcgatagaaa caaactacac caaaaaaatc aagagaaaaa
   483601 taggaaaaaa atcagggact tgatctttcc aagaaaatct ggtgataatc gatggcaatc
   483661 aatgctctat gggctaagaa ggatgggaag aagattatct aaaggtttag gatcttttac
   483721 gcttctttca gtgacattta ggttgaaatc tgataggcac aatgatgact tttgagaaga
   483781 aaacttagac attttttctt tcatctctag taggaagaaa ggggaagcct ttttcctttt
   483841 aaatagaggt ggaggggagg agtctagctc ctcccctgct tcaatttcga ttaaaaaatt
   483901 agaaggaaga agtctctcga ttgaaatctt cttcatcttt ctatttttca tattttttta
   483961 gctgctttaa aaatcatgca aagtgctttg ggcttttttt tgtggttggg ttaataggct
   484021 atgtatcaaa atagtggtat acaattttct atgataggat atcaaaatat cagccagcac
   484081 ataatctcca ctagtagaat atccaagtag caacatacaa ccctcattgg caaaatatcg
   484141 aaatactagc atacaatcct cgttagcaag atatcaaagt atattagcat acaacctcca
   484201 cttgtaggat atcgaaatac cagcatacaa tacctactag taggatattg aaacaccaac
   484261 acaaaatccc tactggtatg gtattgagga caaagtttgg ctacgagtaa aaatctatct
   484321 caaatcaaaa tatttttctt aaaaatatat ttcatattct gaatcgaaag gttcataaac
   484381 catgcgacat caaaatcaat cagataatat atatcaaatt caatacattc gatcataaat
   484441 catttaacat ataggaaaaa tggtatattc gataattcaa aatataatgc atcaaattcg
   484501 ttaatcatga ataattaaat ataaaaaata ttttataatc cattgataaa tctagctaga
   484561 aaaagtgcag cattactggt ctcacacata ttctaatgaa tccaaattaa ttttaaagat
   484621 ttcttttcaa aatcttcagt tcatagatta tatcgcagta tctcactgtt gaaatctttt
   484681 tattgagaaa actacaacac tatgtataat cgagtccatc agttagaaag attatatgga
   484741 taattaagaa aaatatgatt aatggatcgt cgcacccaat aatctagatc tgtccgacca
   484801 tctaacttta tttgatcaag atcggactaa gatatagatg ctttgaaata tatctactag
   484861 gttaacttag atttaaagta ataagactca gaatcttcat tggtttcata gatcaaatgg
   484921 agagagattg ttagagaaga gaaaaattaa taagatggaa taagacgaat cagaaaatac
   484981 tgcctggcaa cctgattgat ttgatcaaaa taattttatc aaatcataat tgaactagta
   485041 tatagatgat tcaataacaa tcatggatga taaaatccat tggtatccga tttgaccaaa
   485101 atgaatgctg acatgctatc cgacgtcttt gaatcaggat tcttttcatt aagatcaaat
   485161 cagaatcatt gaaaagaaag atttttactg gatcaatttt aaaaaatgaa atccataaag
   485221 agagagagag agagagagaa acaatctaga gagagtaaat attatagaga gaaattacga
   485281 aaaaaaataa aactttttag agagagaaag tagtagaagc aagtgaaaag gagaaaggaa
   485341 agagggaaga gagagaaaat ctctctccct ctcttctttt tttcttttct tttttctcct
   485401 ttttccttct ttgcttttct tttctctttt tctttctttt cttttctttt tctcccatct
   485461 tccttcattt gggtgaacaa gggattcttg aatcccctta tgccccaagc taggggaatc
   485521 tttccaccaa gaagataatg gttgggcaca aggtggcgca actaatagtc cacagtctga
   485581 caatcaacaa caacaaatga caccagtaaa atcaagaaaa tcgaaagaaa aataggaaaa
   485641 atatcagagg ctcggtcttt caaagaaaat ctgatgataa ctagcgacaa tcaatgcttt
   485701 atgggctaaa aaggatggaa aaaagattat ctaaagattt gggggctttt accctttttt
   485761 cggtgatgtt taggttgaaa tttagcgaac acaatgccat ctttcgggaa gaaaaactct
   485821 agcaatttct ccttgatttt cagtggaaag aaaagggaag acttcttctc tttaaataga
   485881 ggtggagagg aggagtccag ctcctcccca gctttgattt ctaatgaaaa atcgaaagaa
   485941 aggagactcc taattagagt cttcttcatc tctttatttt tttatttttt aagtacttta
   486001 aaaatcatgt gaagtgcttt gggcccaata tttttttttt gatggttggg ttaatggatg
   486061 gggtagcaca atacattttc tatatttatc cttcaagtac cacctctcat ttgttacctt
   486121 attaccatag tattatgtct cctattaaac ttttgtggat ggtgttaata gttaaatatt
   486181 tgaaatataa aatgattgta ttacctttct cacatccata ccctagaaaa atattcaacc
   486241 ttcggtacct attataaaga gtcatatttt tctataagtt ttgtttctga aaatattgat
   486301 ataaaagaat aatagggtca tttatattta aatgatggtt tattaatttc attagttaaa
   486361 aaaaaaatta atagaaagag caatgctaga ataggacaaa tagatgtata agcaaatagt
   486421 gattatcagc tttctaaaaa gtgattttaa aaatatataa tggatccata tttgcaagaa
   486481 agaatattta gaaaatttaa aatgagaaga gaaacaaaag taaaagactt gcttaactaa
   486541 aatggctcct tacaactaca cccatgcgat cttcattagc atcacttgaa gcccatcagt
   486601 taaattgact ttagatcggt ctatgggcta agttcgaaag attttagatt aagtttgggc
   486661 ttaaatatag aatctattta tttttttagc taggtttgaa tatattatta gcttgatccg
   486721 ggcccgatct aagcataagc ctgaacaaca aggctcgaca cagagctcga gtaagacttt
   486781 agcttttctt ggccctaggc tttcattggt tagtcagcct ctagctcaca aaacccactg
   486841 aaccactctc ccctctcctc cccactctca tcttcaagct taagcctttg atcctcttta
   486901 cagctccatc cctcaacccc tctcccttgt cattctcccc tcttcgaaac cctattgccg
   486961 ttgggaccgg tgacacatgc tcatgaagca aggtgccaag gaagaagaag aggaaggagc
   487021 agggtatcag tctaacaaga gaaggaagct tgatcaggtc gagccaagct caggcccctc
   487081 ttcctcatca ttctccctct cttccttatc tctctctttt ggttagtgag cttgtaaaac
   487141 gaactaggtt cgattgttac cttgcttaaa ataattggta tgtaagattt tatttagtga
   487201 gttcataaaa cctactagat tttgattgtg atcctgagta aaataatcac actagaatca
   487261 tgaggattat agtaaaattt ttaagaacaa atcttagaga gtgaacatag gtgctggatt
   487321 tgacaccgaa ccattataat ttttttaaat ttataattat atttttttta ttattttgct
   487381 ttgcatctct tagcttaact ttgcatttgc ttattgtata tacttcactt ttacaattac
   487441 actcaaatta gagaacataa ttactttaat ttttttttaa atccaattca ttcccctctt
   487501 agattgctgg atttggacaa caccatatta aatccatgta aaggactaaa tatgcaaaat
   487561 acttggtagg ggttatttgt taaatggcag tcaacataaa agatagagtg caatattttc
   487621 ctataaagtt ttgtttatat cctatctcaa tgatccagct agtggagcaa atgctatgta
   487681 tattaggttt gatggaaata aagcaattaa aagtcacaaa atctttgcaa gattggaaaa
   487741 agtttggctg agtgtgaaaa tgtaagctag aaaggtgaga cccaatcata atatggatag
   487801 gcaggccctc ctccctagca atgatattgg caatcaacac ggggaaaaga gagaaagaga
   487861 gagggggaga gcaagagtag gaggtggaga ggaagaagaa atagagggag aagaccatca
   487921 aggcattcct cccttctctt tctcatctct ctctctttcc tattagatgt atgcctagaa
   487981 gccaaccggc tgacacatgt atttattcta tagaacataa gtttttactt aatttttttg
   488041 atattaataa aattagatgt ttaattttat tcatgttgcg tatgtatcca tgaatcatct
   488101 aatggattaa taaaatagta acatgtattc ttaaaagtta aaaatttaag atatatgtta
   488161 ttgatgatta atttttaaat actttcaatt aatggattat catgaagatg gtgattgatc
   488221 tgatgagatt ggtatatagg tcgcttccct tttagagtag acgaatttca agtctatagt
   488281 atgaggacac tggagcgaga gtgtagatgg ttattagtga ataaagatat cgagcatgat
   488341 cgatatgaga agttacttag atatctactc actcgtcagt gatttactca atattgtagt
   488401 agtgtgttca gtcctttgat ctatagtgtc ttggttattc ataataagat ttctatagtt
   488461 tgactataca taaacttgat ccctaaccat atgggttctt gcgatgcatg ttggctataa
   488521 taggttcatt gtaagaatat gatgtgtatt tttagaaaat ctattatctt tagtagataa
   488581 gagagttggt ccatatgatt tatgagtttg agtttagaag accttggtca ggatagtgtg
   488641 aatagtaaaa aaaagttttt catcattttt acatcaggaa ctcgagttaa ataaatttaa
   488701 catatgatag atgatgagat ttgatgagta atttcataac ctccatttag ttgagactca
   488761 tgatagaagg actatatcac atgttaattg tatctagaag tttattcaat ttcatttgct
   488821 ggattgccac tatatgctgc tagatgtcac tggtacatta tgggatccat aaaaattatc
   488881 ttgatggttg aaaattttta ttgggatgag ttagaatcat tctaacccat taaaaagagt
   488941 ttcgataata ttgttgataa agatcaccat atatctcact actagataga atataatcta
   489001 cggggtcata catgtaaaag attatattac cgataaagat cacaatacat ctcactacca
   489061 gatagaatat aacacatctc actaccagat agaatataac ttatggggtc atacacataa
   489121 aaggttgtga ctgattagat ggttggatta tgattttttg aatcattgta ggattcgatg
   489181 atcaatatgt tgataaattg gactaattta taattgttat aaattaatag tcctaaaatg
   489241 taaaagttgc aagagagaac ttactaatag ttagtaagtt ttagaaggac ttgaaatatt
   489301 atttaatttg atatgatcga attaaataat tagggctaaa tttaagtcaa attaaattag
   489361 aattttattt gattggatga tttaaatttg agtcaaaggt tgatatgtca aaggtttgat
   489421 atgtcaaaga gttgatgcca ttaaatccca aagcacttgg actcctaata aattttgatc
   489481 aatcaaaggt tgatccgtca aagtatttga catctagaag gacttctcat gccctatata
   489541 agatctagca cacaagaaag tatgcatccc ttgagaaatc taacataaaa gtatctcaca
   489601 ccttctttga attcccaatg ccttacgctt taagagttgg acgccaagga gtttcacgtc
   489661 ctaagttatt ccacatgaag aaacccctca caccttaata aggatcacac tcaagaatac
   489721 ctagcgtgaa aatgtttgat gtccaagggt gggcgtcaaa gaaaaggagt ttcttgcact
   489781 aaggggttgc agcatgcaat ctctcaaaaa agagaaatct ttgagaaaaa ttttcagcaa
   489841 taaggaataa aagaaaagaa atctatcatc attagaggga tctctgcaag agggctagca
   489901 ctttggtgag atcaaagatc attgatcaaa tcacaatctt gtgtggatac ttatagaggc
   489961 cagatgcttg tgcagcttca aaatgactat aaaaatatcc acgatcatca gattatgatg
   490021 aagatctatc tacacaaaga tgatgatttt gatctcactt ttttttgtta atcttaatca
   490081 taaaactgtg agagatctga atttttcatg ttgcttcgag acgacatctc acgtgcttaa
   490141 tcaaaaagtt attattattg ttattttttc actacatatc ttaatctttt tctaatagtg
   490201 gtatcaaagt catcctcata tattttaaga tcaaacttat agatttgagt attctagatc
   490261 gttcttatca ttttgcatga tttttttttt gtgatgatcg atcacaagca aataggatca
   490321 tgaattgaat gattaataga ttaatgttaa atgattaatt taatactaaa atctattatt
   490381 tattattttt catatatgag atacatgtgg tgatgatcat ggattgcgac ccttttactt
   490441 ttatctttgt attgtatcat gtgtacgaat cctataatct taaattgttt aatttttttg
   490501 ggtgcatgca tgcatcaaca aatttatata atttagagac ttgcaagtct cgttggatca
   490561 aagttaaagg gctgtaatta atcgttatgt atttctattg gattgtatta tgtatggttg
   490621 catgccaatg gttgattggt tgcacgccta tagcacacaa ccagcatgaa ttgagtcgag
   490681 caattggttg aggttagatc aaggtgttga tcacaaatag atcaaaaact tgcttagaat
   490741 cgaatcaagg agttaaagat gatcaaatcg gttgacatgt gtgtacttgt acttttgatc
   490801 ttaagatctc aattctggct cagtggctca agcccaaatt cttttcttag atccatgatc
   490861 attatcgatt cttatttatg tttagcaaat tttattttca ttagatgtaa ataattaaaa
   490921 aaattaagat ctaaatttta atctccttat aaatattaag tcgagcgatc ttccgtcatt
   490981 atagatgtgt gggcatttta atggtgttga taagctcggt tggttccatg gtctgttgca
   491041 ctgggaaggc acaactattt tattagcatg agatactgca aaaaaaagat agagttggat
   491101 caataattgt taggtgaggg acctaacgat agttttactt ctatatttga atggtggatc
   491161 tagacttaac taagaaataa gaccaataac tgtcagatga tgtctccata acttagaaac
   491221 ctaagatcac tgtgactttt ttgagaaaga ttagataaga gttgtccact tattggtttg
   491281 catatcgtca ataactgtta gatgaggtgg ggcattcaat cggtaggacc acagtaccca
   491341 cttgaaacat tagtcatgaa tgattttgtt tctatatccg aggagtataa aagactctaa
   491401 aaaatagtgg gaggtatgtt ttttttaaaa tagatcctaa aacaaatttt tgaaaaataa
   491461 gtataaagat ttaatttgaa tctttgttct ctgcagaata aaatatccac ttctaattct
   491521 cttgctcgca ttcttgaaat ctactgacta accagaatta attatgagga ctgacttaag
   491581 aacttaaaaa tagttttaag ttttaaaaag ctaatttatg ttctggacca agatctcccc
   491641 acattaccaa accatccaat gactgaccaa aagatagcat aggataaatg gatggatgac
   491701 tataacaaag ttaggtgcta tattctgaca tcgatgtcaa atgaacttca atatcaagat
   491761 gaggatatga agactgctaa ggctatattg actcatctca agaaattgta tggtgagcag
   491821 agccgatcaa catactatga aatatccaag aggctcttta aagctaagat gtgcgaacga
   491881 cagtctattc ataatcatta tttgacaatg atcaaagttt tataggagct tgagaagctc
   491941 agaatgacaa tgcataaaga attgcaagtt gatttattcc tataatttcc tcctaattca
   492001 tatggatagt ttatagaata ccatataaat tagattaact gcaccaaagc ggaattgtta
   492061 aatatgttgg tcactgttga aggagccttg aaggattcaa ggagtatggt tcccaatgtg
   492121 gagtgagctt ccttttccaa atgaaaatct aattaaaaaa gaaagaagcc tataaagaag
   492181 caaaagagca agagcaagcc taagaggaaa gctcctaaga aaaaggtcac tgacaaggaa
   492241 aaatattttt attacaatgt tgatggccat tgaaaaaaaa attatcccat atacctagag
   492301 tccttgaaga acaaaaagga gcacaccttt ggaaggtatg tcagacctat ttataattga
   492361 aactaatctt tcgattttct ctacttctaa ttgggttata gattatagtt ctagttctca
   492421 tttatgtact tcaatatagg gtctaaaaaa aagtagagag ttgagggaag gtaaagtgat
   492481 cttatggatt ggcaatgagg caagagtcat tgctgttgct atggacacct attctttata
   492541 actatcgttg agtcgtagtt tattacttaa aaattattat tatgtaccta ctgcgagcag
   492601 aaatttgatt tttatttttt tattaacata tgaagattat ctttttaatt ttaataaaga
   492661 ttattatttt atttatttta gaaataaatt agttatacgt gactttataa ttgacagtct
   492721 ctatcacttg catgtgaatg tatttatgaa tatttttgag tagacagtga gtgttgtgag
   492781 atctaagaga tttaaagatg agataaatct aaagtatatg tggtacctta gacttgatca
   492841 tgttggagaa gaaaagatta ataaattgaa gaaagatggg cttcttggct cactaaatat
   492901 agagtcatat ctgatttatg aatcctattt tcaaagaaag aagatcaaac tactctttgt
   492961 aggataaaga gagaggatca ctgagatatt tgctctagta cacactgatg tgtgcggtcc
   493021 atttgatatg taggtcaaag atggttatct ttacttcatt atctttatcg atgactattc
   493081 atagtatgga tatatatatc ttatgagaca taaatatgaa gcttttgaaa agtttaaaaa
   493141 attcagatat gaagtagaga agtaaattaa aaatcttcta aagtttcttc aatcagattg
   493201 aggagatgaa tatattagtg gacagtttct gagttatctc aagaaaaatg acatagtctc
   493261 gcaatggact cctccaaaaa tatctcaact caatggagta ttagagtgga gaaatcgaac
   493321 tgtattgaat atgattcaat ccatgatgag gttcactgat cttttcttat ttttttagag
   493381 atatactttg cttattttaa cttatctatt gaataggatt ttctctaaat ctattcctat
   493441 catgccatat gagatatagc atgataagaa aataaatctt gatcatctaa ggatttgaga
   493501 atatttgacc catgttgagt gaccatagat agataagtta gaggttaggt ccaaaagggc
   493561 tcatttcatt aggtatccta aagagtattt gggatactac ttttactttt caaagaatca
   493621 caatatagtt gtgagccaat atgctatctt cttaaaaaaa tagtttatcc aagatggagg
   493681 tagtgaaaaa aaaattgagt ttgaagaaag agtctctaaa gaataatgag tcatagaacc
   493741 catagaacgt attcaagttg agctagtaca tgcacaacct tcaccttgta gatcatgtag
   493801 aatttttcat cctcctaaaa gatacttagg tattttaatg aaagatgtag aagaaataat
   493861 tctcatggga gataggaaat atggagatga tttcaaaacc tataatgagg tgatgtcaga
   493921 tatcaacttt gagaagtggt tgaaagtcat gaagtcagaa attgactcga tgcattccaa
   493981 ctaagtttgg accttagtag atccaccaaa agctatagta tttattgaat gcaaatagat
   494041 ctacaaaaga aagatagatt tggatagaaa gatatagacc tataaggtaa ggctcatggt
   494101 aaaagactat agtcaataca aagacattga ctattagaag attttttcgc cttggttatg
   494161 ctaaattcca tccggacact gcttgcaatt gtagcatacc atgattataa aatatgacag
   494221 atagatatga aaactatttt tttaaaagaa tatcttgaga aagatatcta tatggagtag
   494281 tctttgaatt tcacttccaa taacaaaagt cataaagtat gcaagctgca aagatctata
   494341 tatggactga agcaagcatt tcaaaattag aatactcatt ttaatattgt gatcaaatca
   494401 tttgatttca tcaagaatga ggaggaccca tatgtctata ggaaggttag taggagtgta
   494461 aaactatgtc ctagaaataa tacatatatc aacctaattg gtttctagaa catacatcta
   494521 acaatctctc acttgcacta aagccaatca gtcatatact taagcctcat cttcttaaga
   494581 tgggctttag tcttttgcta gctaagtagc ttagtcaatg ggtctaccat attatttgta
   494641 gagtctactc tctgtacatt gatatacttc ttctcgagat agttacatat aatataaaat
   494701 catgactcta tatgcttaga cttttgacga gatctgaact ccttagctag ggctatgata
   494761 acgttattat cgcgataggg tattatggca tttgatgata ttacatctaa ttttgcaaca
   494821 aactacttaa actagaaggc ttcttttaca gccttagaag cagcgatgta ttcaacttct
   494881 attatggagt ttgcaatgat tgattgtttg gaactctttc agttcattga acctctattg
   494941 cacaaaaaca cacatcctaa catagatttt ctatcattaa tatcagataa agtcagaatc
   495001 tatgaatctt tataccctca attcttcttc aaaaatcaag aacatatctt tagtccttct
   495061 caaatacttt agaatttctt cacagctgtc tagtgctctt cacctagatt tgactaatat
   495121 ctacttgtga cgcttgtagc aaggactata ttatgttgca tgcacagtat aacatatatg
   495181 aagcttccta taaccaaagc ataaaggatc ttgcttatgc actaaatctc tttagatgta
   495241 ttggggcata tcttcttaga tagcgaatcc tatgtctaag agatagaagt tttttcttgg
   495301 agtttttcat gctgaacctc ttcagcacct cctctatgta catcttttgt gaaggaccta
   495361 acatcctctt agatctatct ttatagatct ttatccccag aatataggat gtttctccaa
   495421 aatttttctt agagaattct ttagataacc acatcttaat caaaatcagt atgggaacat
   495481 catttccaat caggaggatg tcatccatgt ataatttgag aaatattaat aaagttagat
   495541 ttttaatttt atttatatta tatgtgtcca ttaatcatcc aatagattaa taagatgatg
   495601 acacatattt tcaagagttg aaaatttgag atatgcatca ctgatgatta atttctaaat
   495661 gctccttacc aatggatcat aatggagata gtgattgatc caatgagatt ggtcataggt
   495721 tgcttccctt ttaggatagt cgagtctcga gtctatagca tgagaatact gaagtgaaag
   495781 tacagatggt tgttagtaaa caaggatact gagcatgatc gatatgagaa gtcacttgga
   495841 tgtttactca ctctttagtg acctacttga tgttgcagta gtatgactag tcctttaaca
   495901 tacggtgcct cagttattca taatggagtt attgtagttt gattgtacat acacttgatc
   495961 cctaatcata tagatcctcg cggtgcatgt tggctatagt aaattcatta tagaaatagg
   496021 atgtacgtct atatggaatc tatcatcctt agtagataag tgagttgatc ctatgtgatt
   496081 tataagacta atttcagaag atcttgacca ggatagtgtc aatagtggaa aaaaattttt
   496141 catcattttc acatcaggaa cttgagttaa ataattataa catacgatag atgatgggat
   496201 ttgatgaata atttcataac ctacatctag tcaggactca ctatagaaag actgtatcat
   496261 acgctaatta cacctagaga ttcactcaat ttcattctct agattgccac tatatgctgc
   496321 taggtatcat tggtagatta taggatccac aagaattatc ttaatggtcg ataattttta
   496381 ttgagatgag ttagaattat tctgatttat taaaaagagt ttcaataata ttattgataa
   496441 agatcattat atatcttatt atcaaacaga atagaatcta tgatgtcaca catataagag
   496501 attgtgctaa tcagatagtt ggattgtgat tttttgagtc accgtaggac ccgatggttg
   496561 ataaattgga ttaatttata attgttacaa attaatgatc ttaaaatgca aaagttgtaa
   496621 gagagaacct actaacagtt agtgagtttt aggaggactt attagcaatt attgcaatat
   496681 tatttaattt aatttgatcg aattaaataa ttaagattta gtttgagtca aattaaattg
   496741 agatttaatt taattgaact tgatttaaat ttgagtcaaa agttgacatg tcaaagattt
   496801 gatgcgtcaa agagttgatg ccatcaaatc ccaaagcact tagattccta acaaactttg
   496861 atcaatcaaa gattgatccg tcaaagtatt tgacacccag aagggcttct cacaccctat
   496921 tatgagatct agcatgcaag agagtttgcg cctcttgaga aatctaatgt gagtgtatct
   496981 cacacgtcct ttgaattccc aacacctcat gctctaagag ttggatgcca aagagtttca
   497041 caccccaagt ggttccacat gaagaaaccc ctcacgcctt aatagggatc atgctcaaga
   497101 atacctagca tgaaaaggtt tcatgctcaa gggtggacac aaaaaaaaag gagtttctca
   497161 cataaagaga ttgtggtgtg caatctctcg aaaaagagaa aaactgaaat ccttgagaag
   497221 aattttcagc aacaaagaat aagagaaaaa aatttaccat cataagaggg atctttgcaa
   497281 gaaagttagc atcccagtga gatcagagat tattgatcag atcaaaatct tgtgtgaata
   497341 tctgtagagg ccggacgctt gtgtggcttc aaaaagatca cgatgacatc catgatcatc
   497401 agattgagat gaaaatctat ccatataaag gtgatgattt taatctcatt ttttttatat
   497461 gtcttaatct taaaactatg aaggatcgag atttttcata ttgttttgag atgagatttt
   497521 gcatgcttaa tcgaaaagtt attattacta ttttttgact gcgcatctta atcttttcct
   497581 aacatccccc ccaccccctc atttccctat gacaaaggct accatggcct ctgtgttgac
   497641 tcttgtcaag accatcttat attcctctat gttgatcttg gtcaaaatca ccctctctct
   497701 ttctctctct ctcttctttg agtagttggc accaaggttg aatgagcccg cctctctctt
   497761 ctctctctaa tttttctctt tctctctaca tctcttcctc gtttgctcat gatataggct
   497821 acaacagcct ctgtgtttcc atattaccgt gtccctttat gttgattcca tcaagaccac
   497881 ctcgtgtccc tctctctttc ctctctaagt agttgccacc aaggttgata tctcacaccc
   497941 tctacctctc ccctccctct ctctctctct ctcacccata cacacaagta aggaatctct
   498001 cttaagtaaa gacaagctac aggagggttg aaaagaattg ataaatgata gagggttgga
   498061 atggaatagc cgaaattgag gatagcaaaa aagacatcaa tttgaaggaa tttgaagagg
   498121 aaggtggaat tttggttatt tgaaatagta ggctaatgat gttggttgat tagtgagtca
   498181 aagaaccatt ttgaaatgct ttaaaatctt gaatgggtac tttgaaaatt ttgaaagatg
   498241 agagggtatg tgggaatcac ctaaacttga ggacgtgaat ctgtaatttt ctctagataa
   498301 aagtatgcag aatatcttcc aaagtgccta tacatctatt ggtaaaagga tcaacatcat
   498361 tgctaaagga ggcaaaaacc accttagatg atttaaaagg aacctcgata aaaataacta
   498421 cacctactcg taactgttgt gcactttttc cagatcgtgg aaactcaaga acactagcaa
   498481 acttcatatg aaggaggcgg cgtcagggtt ttgcttgaga agagaatgcc tcccttcttt
   498541 ctaaccatta gaggtggtgg ctagggtttg ctcccctctt atgaaggcgt gcaactagag
   498601 agaaaagaga aatgagggtt ttgggagaaa aagattcaat tcattccata atgttacagg
   498661 ttacatatat ataacctata caatggatca aaatccaaat atgaaaactc tctggactaa
   498721 tgcaaatata ctcatccaaa ttcatgtaca cccatggtct gatcatgcac tcacccctcg
   498781 agttagtctc cttaagatcc atcaaatcag gtcttaagat cctagaatca aaatctgatc
   498841 tcagaccaaa tagaaatccc gcatatttgt tttcgtgact cgagttggct tggtcagagc
   498901 tcgagtcaac taggttgcca taccaccaac gtgccatgaa atgctacttt ttgtttaaac
   498961 tttgagctag ctctctcagg ggtccgagtc ggctcgagca gatccaagct tactctttca
   499021 ggatccaagt cgactcctct gctggctgaa gtcctttgct tggttcctta ctccatctta
   499081 tatctcagat atctagaacc ccgatcaagc tcctcgaagt cctcaccaac ctaaaccttg
   499141 agcccgtgga agctatgctc cgccaccacc ctaggaccac ttctgtccta tagaacctgg
   499201 agtcaattat accgactcta cctgtagtca cttccaaggc tataggagca ccataaaatt
   499261 cctacaatct ccaccttggt gtccccaaaa ccttagcgat ctccactctt caccgaactc
   499321 tgatcctttg cacgatctgc ccaataagga gtgaagccaa ctatgtagat ctcctcgcta
   499381 ccgcagtata tcttagcctt aaagctatcc ggaagactgc caccgcctct cttatggcta
   499441 aagctctcgt cctatgtctg gacacttctc ctatagattc tgtcatcaac gactataccc
   499501 accactgatc tagcagttgt tatcgctgtt gcctcgacaa ctccaccaat cacaccacca
   499561 actactccac ctatgactcc caaccgtcgt agctccagtg actcttctaa ttgctgctct
   499621 agtgactcta gtcatcgctg gcccaacggc tctgaccgcc gctactcttg cgacatgctc
   499681 caccgtagca tcgaaaaatc ttgaagtgac tgcagctcca ctctcctgcc tcggacccac
   499741 ctatggtccg tgctagtaga agtctcctca taagtctcca aattctctcc atatcctgtc
   499801 gctgtcgtag catctatccc cgatgtatat gtctctaggc cctctcctga tgcccgctca
   499861 ccactgtctg agcgcctgag agactccacc tccttctgta cctcctcacc tcgagctcgt
   499921 gccatggcca tggttttcat cattattcat gaagaaatct ctcttcggtg ctcctccttc
   499981 tccacatgtg gatgcatcta ccctcggtgc ttcacctcct tatgatccga taaccctgca
   500041 ataggcagtt tcgataaaca taccatcaac tgtccaatct gcactgactg aacctcctac
   500101 tgatcctcca tgactgaagc aataacctcg accttcctgg acataacaga tccctccatc
   500161 tggtatagat gactcctcaa cctcctccct ctcatcacaa tcctactatc tttggagaca
   500221 tttggcaccc ctgaattgct cctaaaaatg agctcttctc ctctaagtat ccaagtgata
   500281 ctacgctcct cctgagatcc gagatatgat gcacatctgt caaggtccgt accctcccat
   500341 catacatcct cagtctgatg gaattcaatc ctgctatacc ataagaactc ctatctccta
   500401 gtatcacttg ctacccctca cctacctgta tataagaagc aaactatgct cggtatagtg
   500461 ataagagcta gcagagtcca aaacccatcg atctatctcc tccctatgtc cagccgataa
   500521 tattagaagg ttatctgata tatcgctctc agccactgca ttggatgact ccggtctgga
   500581 accttttccc tttcctttct tcctctaagg acaatctctc ttcatatgcc ctagctacct
   500641 gcacatgtag cacctaacct ccctgatatt ctttggggaa ttctacctct ccactgcctt
   500701 atgtctatcc ttctccctcc aagacctttc atcggctacc atggcatctt ggagaagctc
   500761 catactaccc ctcaccatcc gctccctcta ctcgtttgtt cgaagaaccg gtactatctt
   500821 ctcgtagact agtgtctcct tttcatacaa tagagttatt actagttgat cgaaactttc
   500881 ggatagcgag tacagcaata tcagaaactt atcctctttc atagccacat ccaaattgag
   500941 tagatccgta ctcaactgat cgaaccgcta aatataaccc aatacatctc caccttcttc
   501001 catccgaagg ctgtagagtt atttcttcag cataagtttg ttgcacatat ttctttctat
   501061 gtacaaggag tgcaatcttg atcataaatc tttgtgtctt cttttctaac acgccatata
   501121 gcactgagtc catcaaacac cacttgatca gtgaataggc cctcttttcc aaagaacttt
   501181 aagcttgatc tgtcatcccc tctgactttt cctccaaagc tagatccagt ttctgctgaa
   501241 ccaacagatc ttccaccttt atcctccaca tcaagaaatt tttttttaca tcaaacttct
   501301 caaaatcaat cttcagccca ctgctcatga tgtctcaaca ccaaaatcac aaacaacata
   501361 gatttgattg agaaaaaaat attattgata ggcaacttca aatcctgaca tctcctccct
   501421 tctccacact caactttgct ctgataccaa ttgttgtgca ccttttttag gtcgtgaaat
   501481 ttgagaatac caacaaaatt catacgaaag aggcggcacc agagttttgc ttgagaagta
   501541 aatgcctcca ttctttccaa cctttggagg tggcggctcg ggtttggccc cctcctatga
   501601 aggcgtgcaa ccaaagggaa aagagaaaca agggttttag gagaaaaaga ttcgattctt
   501661 ttcacaatat tataggttac atgtatatag cctatacaat gggtcaaaat ctaaatatga
   501721 aaaaaaattt tggactaatc caaatgcact cacccaaact catgtacatc catagtctaa
   501781 tcatgcactc actccttgag ttagtccctt taagacccat caaatcaaat cttaagactt
   501841 taggatcaaa atccaatctc aaacccaaat aaaaatccca tacatttatt ttcgtgactc
   501901 aagccggctc ggtcaaagct cgagtcagct ttgctgctat gccaccagcg tgttatgaaa
   501961 tgttgctttc agtttgaagt tcgagccagc tcttttaggg gtctgattca acttgagctg
   502021 atccgagctg actcatctag gatctgagtc aaatcctctg ctagcagatg tcctttgctt
   502081 ggttctttgc tccattttgc atctcagata tctagagtct cgaccaagct cctcaaaatc
   502141 ctcatcagtt cgaatctcga gcctgtggaa gctgtgctat acctccatcc taagaccact
   502201 cccatcctag tgaacctaga atctatcgca ccgactccat ctgtagtcat ctccaaggct
   502261 atgggggccg aaattgagga tagcaaaaaa gacatcaatt cgaaggagtt tgaagaggaa
   502321 gatggcattt tggttatttg aaatagtagg ctaatgatgt tggttgatca gcgagtcgaa
   502381 gaaccatttt gaaatgcttt gaaaacttga atgggtactt tgaaaatttt gaaagatgag
   502441 aggatatgtg ggaatcacct aaacttgagg gcatgaatct gtaatttttt ctagataaaa
   502501 gtatgagaaa tatcttccaa agtacctata cgtctattgg taaaaggatc aacatgattg
   502561 ctaaaagagg caagaaccac cttagatgat ttgagaggaa cctcgataaa aataactaca
   502621 cctacttgta acatctaatc tttagcacaa agtggacacc ttattcaaag gagaagcaat
   502681 gatttcataa acctcactaa actttgctga agcttgcatg gaaggtccca acacaatcta
   502741 tcaaacaatt tccaaaatgg gcaaggaagt gaatttgaaa tcaattctaa ggggaagatg
   502801 ttagtgagat aagaagtact ctatttccta tcatttgcga tcaagtcagc aataagaaga
   502861 tcctctgaac agatagcaga attaaagtaa atgcaagttt attaagatga atgctagata
   502921 gccaaagatg attaagaacc aatattagtt catcatttcc aataacccat agaaaagttc
   502981 cattaagaac ttgagatcat ggatgcctct ccatactaat gagaattgat gaagacaatt
   503041 gtaatgctcc catgtgccat gaaagttgta ctttggagat acaaatgcca cttaaaagtt
   503101 atcaaagctt nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   503161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn caagcttgag
   503221 tatggctcga ttgatattca agtcgagtca aatcgatttc gagttttatc tattgttcat
   503281 tgagtcgagc ttgagcttgg atattaaggc ttgatcaatc ttgaaccgag tttcaaacct
   503341 aagtatttta agtcaagccg agcttgagtt ttaagctatt cgactcgatt cggctcaatc
   503401 gcacccttag tgcctactta catgggaaga gtgagtgaga tgtatccact atatgaagaa
   503461 acaaaaaaaa aatgcaagct tcaccttatg tgttctccaa taataatcca agaaccttaa
   503521 tggtgaaatc ccacccttcc cttgattaaa aaagaaagcc ccacataaca tattccaaaa
   503581 gatcttttct atactataaa tgaagaagac aaaaaataaa gagaataaaa ctcatgacca
   503641 aaccttaaag cattgtattc cttgaagatc gatccagtca tggccatcga aacaccttat
   503701 gctgtgaaat ttcttttttg taccatatgc aaaagaaagc cctgcaaagc tgccactctt
   503761 aacactatct atataataat agtaaaataa tacatgggta ttagaggtaa tattctgtat
   503821 tgacatataa gattgtagga taatctctca taataccacg tgttaatttt ttaaaatttt
   503881 tttatatttt tttcaccatc caccatgttt ccactctacc tgtagtgccc ttctttcttc
   503941 atccctctca taagaagaga aggaagttgt ctctgccatc ccctctctcc ccatcatcac
   504001 gtcggccttt ccctccattt tcgtcagtgc taccctaacc accgttgcag ctgttgacag
   504061 agttggcact ccatctgaac ctatcggcac catttttgga tagatctagc tccgaaacca
   504121 aaaccaacgt tgcctcaaga cgtaaagtag aagtccagca gtagttatgc caccctcctc
   504181 ctcactgcca cttgatggca aacaatgcgg tgcattggat cgatagtaga ggatgctggt
   504241 gatgtttgat cgaatggtgg tgaagagccc caattgcttg aggagtgtgg agtcagggcc
   504301 aaggaagaat ggcggtagaa aagtggccct ggtgaatcct tatctccatc gtcaagaggc
   504361 aaagaaaagg ggaaagggga ggagatgcta gcgatgtgac gatgggtgtg gcttccaaaa
   504421 ttatggcacc aatggtgtgg ttaatttcaa atttggattt gtttgatctg atgggatgcg
   504481 attcctcttc agaatggttt tgagacagcg ttgaattcct tcaaattgga acctttcctt
   504541 ctcttcctcg gccttccttc atggatccca ccaccacaag caatcctcat cagagttcga
   504601 tatgggcaat gccgaagaga agctcaaaga gtacaccatc atcaaagaag gaaaggtcga
   504661 gatcctcttg catttcaaca acagagtctt ctataacaaa accaaggtgc cagtttctca
   504721 tccctcacct ttttcctaat ttttttataa tggttttcta gctgctctac tattgtttgg
   504781 ggtttttctt tggttggtgt tggtaaagat tggtcttttt tgcttgactt caccatattg
   504841 ttaaaaaaaa ttatttcttt ttttttttat agaatgttcc tttttcattg atattattgt
   504901 gaatctatgg ttagatgttg aactaattct attattcata gcttagaaaa ttatgtcttt
   504961 tggaattttc ttatttgata actattgaaa taatcttatc agtattttct ccaatagtga
   505021 gctctatgtc aaatgtgaaa taaatgaaag caaattagtt tttacactta tttaatttag
   505081 gtggacatca atcaagattt tgggaacaat agtattccgc tccctcccct ttttgtctct
   505141 tttggaataa tgctcaacaa agcatggggt gagtctctcc ttctttgatg atcagagaag
   505201 acaaatttgg acgatagctt gaattttgtg ttggatattt atcatgtgtt gtccctcagt
   505261 ttttccttta ttttttccat tctcaaccct ttcaatcgga tgggaggctt gggtttaaat
   505321 tgcattctgt gcctcacata ggttatacac tagaaataat agtaaaatga taaatgggta
   505381 ttagggttga aattctgtgg acacgtagga ttatagaata atttctcaat atgccatgtg
   505441 tcacatttga caatctccat gatgtttttt ttcccaagct ttccttcgtg tttctttttc
   505501 tcccaagctt cccttcattt tcattgattt ccaagcttct gttcgtgttt ttttcctccc
   505561 aagcttccct tcattttcat tgatttttgc taggagcctt cacgtggcta aaagctccaa
   505621 gtggccgtgg ggcatgcggg tcgctggtgg accgccaccc gacaggccga tgctgccgcc
   505681 ttatggaccc tccttgctaa cgagtccatt cattggtgga gctcctggag ggccatgaat
   505741 acaagtctag tctacatgga accactacct gattaggata cggtgagaag gtcttccctt
   505801 caatggtgga gactctctcc gacggtggga ggtcaggaaa aatgcaatct ttggtggtgg
   505861 caatggcatt ccaatggagg atcaggtggc gttggaggtc taggttctgg aattgagggc
   505921 caaagattgg gaggtaaggg agagagaggc atttgtggcc gaccataagg agaggaagag
   505981 tgacgaccga agcaccgaaa ttgctcgaat ctcttgccct aaccccaata accaaaatcc
   506041 gatggcatat gattcgcatc cattctcgat gatggcaatg cagtatcctt accaccaggt
   506101 gtagtatctg ccgatctcga atgggctcaa atttttcttt atgatgcctt gctgggctct
   506161 aatggtttca ctagtagcta tcgatgggcc aacccatgct gaggtgaatg tgcttaggca
   506221 ggtcgctcac tggatcttgc tggtttcagt gccagttgtg agtgctgatg gtggcatcac
   506281 tggtgctcac tatttggaca tgaaaggtgg gaatggaact agggttaatg gagccccttc
   506341 cactaaaaga aaaaagacta ttaatgatgg ctaattgcca tcgctaataa atatcccgac
   506401 cacagtggtt catcagcatc tttcaacata tgataaaaat tatcactatc agtttctgaa
   506461 ttgtcctcca tattttaatc aaattttgga ccaaccacat ccataaccat acctactatt
   506521 ctgtctgtat tccaatccta ttgaggactt ctaaccctta caattatctc ccacatctct
   506581 tcatgtaggt atcaatgctt gtagtttggc attaatctgc ttctatataa atggataatt
   506641 attgtatccc tatcaagtat ttctctattg atacatctct tacaaggaca acaagtccat
   506701 ccttaaacta agagtgtagc attctcaaaa gcataatcac aaaagtactt gacaccctcc
   506761 ttatatacag cagaaatcat cctgtcgact actcaatggt ctatccaact acgatccatg
   506821 gtaccctagc taaagattct gcatatacaa atataagata aaatacttac caaatatttt
   506881 atcatttaaa atggctcaca taataaatgc atcctattat caactaatag gtatagaagg
   506941 tctcatttta tttaaaaatt atattaattc tataggtcaa ttacagtaat caaacgatac
   507001 gtaatagggg tctaaaaaaa ttttgacaat attttttttt agttcttccc acacgattga
   507061 agatgtgtga agagaactaa agaaaaatac tattcaaatt ctttttcgaa tccttaacat
   507121 acaatttgat tactataatt atctatagaa ttaattataa tttttaaact attcaaacta
   507181 gacagtcaat tgatcaatat acataattct ccgatccata taaaaatata taaatatatg
   507241 gatgccatag aataggtaca ttaatcaaaa gatggatcta tcattatacg taatgccata
   507301 cttttaaaat ttttaaaata ctaggtttct aagtaaagga tatcattgca aatggagata
   507361 gttgggatat gcgtattgca catgcagaat tggagcatgc cagataacta ggcccataca
   507421 agcacaccgg tatggtatcc aggcaaatct catcttggag atttcaaagt atcaagtgag
   507481 attgcaaata ggattgaaaa tgggtcaggg tgggctaagc caaacccctc cttgagtccg
   507541 atctgaaatt atttttcgga gttcggaccg gacctaaggc ttagatttta attactgagc
   507601 tactccgatt gccatcggag tagatgagca tgctagaatc gatctgacgg tggtctgatc
   507661 tcgaacctct atcgtcaaag gtagtagggc tactttcatc ggagagcttc ccaaagtagt
   507721 tttacctctt aagaataata ttaattcaaa taatattatt aataatatta ttaataatat
   507781 tatttaaatt aataatatta ttaatttaaa tattattaat atttaaattt ataatattta
   507841 tattcaaata ttattaattt aaaattaatc agataaatat aattttaaat attaaaaatt
   507901 taaaaagatg agaatggatt gtggcgatgg tgatggagct gtcatcgtca ttgttgctaa
   507961 aaatcacttg gtggctctag cggtggtgtg ggtccatcgg tgggtcgata gcatggcgct
   508021 ttgacggcta ggccttcgaa gaggggaggg gtggggcgag aagggggagg cgaccgtggg
   508081 ttcgatccga taaggggagg ggtaggggga gaaggagaag gtggtggggg gcttgatccg
   508141 acaaggagag gggcagtttg atgaaaaaag aggcagcaag aggcccgatc tgacaagagg
   508201 agggtgattc gataaaggga gggctcgaaa acacacgatc caatgagggg atgccagatc
   508261 ggaggtgagg acggcaatat aagggctgga ggaggaggtc gggggctcca acgatgcagc
   508321 aagggagaaa ggagattgga ggcgaggggg aagagggaag gcaaagggtg atccgacaag
   508381 gggagggctc gaaaacatac gatctgacaa gaggatgtca gatcgaaggt ggggacagtg
   508441 gcgcagaggt tgaggggagg aggtcagggg ctccgattgc acaacgaggg agaaggggga
   508501 ccgaaggtgg gggaaaaggg gtgtttttag ggcacaatat tagcgatggc tagctttcat
   508561 cactaaagcc atcgctaata catattttta aaatttaaat ttatagtgac ggctttacct
   508621 tcgctaataa ttatttaagc tatcactaat aatttgctga tcttttagcg atagaaaatt
   508681 tttttgtcat aacatttggt cggtaaaact tagtattagc gacagcgcat tcgtcatctc
   508741 taaaaaccat cactaatact tcattttatt gtagtgtttg tcgactaatt cttctaagag
   508801 ctactcatca atggtttccg atcacaagag tggttcactt ctaggtatat atcgtttacc
   508861 tttttctagt ttgaattttt gttgtatttt ttaacatgaa tttcttttga tctatataat
   508921 ataagatttt tttgccataa tttaaaatta tcattaaata atagtatgac ataatataat
   508981 tgataatata tgatgatata atatatatta tcaataaaat ataaaatata taatatcgat
   509041 atcaatatca atatattaag gaaatgttga tatatcaaat ttcttttact ggactaaaag
   509101 atatttttgt ccacaaattt taacctaaat cagcactttg ggtgatcttt gatatccgat
   509161 cttgaggata gaggtcccat cactaggtta gagatgattg gaagagtagg gataatttgg
   509221 gatgactatc atatagaata tctgatgcaa ccaatgatct caccacctcc atctacatca
   509281 tttttgatct taggattatt atctcagacc aaactagcac ttaaaccttg cattgcaggg
   509341 gtttaattat tattattttt tattgattat tttggatggg tttatgaatt tatgatgtct
   509401 tcatttccta attactttca attatgtaat gattgttcaa atggttggtt gatttagtat
   509461 ggcagtattc tatggatatg gggagcaaag ctttcatact tatagaatgt attctataaa
   509521 cctatcttat agcattcttg atttttggat ttattaacat taatagcaaa aaaaatatta
   509581 ttattatcaa ttaaactccc acaatgcgag attaagtgct acactataaa aaattaagat
   509641 attaacaatg gtcattagtg acggtgtttt agctgtcgct aataaattgt attagtgacg
   509701 gcgttactga catcatcaat tccatcgtta atattttttt aatcgatgga tattagcgat
   509761 ggtatttttg ccatctctga taaaaatttt taccgacaat aaatcatgat caaaaataag
   509821 tcgttgctaa aaaaaattat ttattaaact tattagcgat ggcagaaaat atattagaga
   509881 cgacacttac catcgctatt aatcattagc gatagcacta ttagcaataa aattaaccat
   509941 cataaaaaat aattatttat taaacttatt agcagtggtg aaaagagtat tagtgacaaa
   510001 ataggccgtt gctaacaatc attagcgatg gcactaatta gcaacggtac tattagagac
   510061 aaaaattatc attgcaaaaa ataaaaaaat ttatttatta aatttattag tgataatgaa
   510121 taattatctt tactattcat tatctaaata attatcgtta gaatatcatt ataaaagact
   510181 accttaatct gatagcctta gctatgtcga tcaataaaat ttgattgcaa caatcacgaa
   510241 tgactgcatg atgatctgat agatagagat cattgacaaa tcaaaaattt ataatgatga
   510301 tcttatttat agcacactat caaaatttta cttcaaccga tcatcattac atgatcaatt
   510361 gagcatggaa tgattttgaa cgttaaataa aaaataaatg atcaaaaggt caaactgtat
   510421 ccaattaagg taatttttta gataaatatt ttttattact tttttaatca attatatggt
   510481 gataatcata aaatctaaac tatgcatata tgaaccatct atattaagca aatcttacaa
   510541 aagtataggt ataattattt aaggactttg agaatgagaa tcaagagaca cagttttaga
   510601 tcgttcatat acgtgcgatt taaattttat gatcaccatt ggaccaatga tcaaaatagt
   510661 agaaaagatc atttatttaa aaaattatct tataatcata tgctatttga aattttaatc
   510721 actcatattt tatttaacgg tccacatcat ctcatactaa attgattatg ataatgatgt
   510781 ctgattgaag taaaattttg atagtgtgct ataaatatca ccaaaatcat cattgtaagt
   510841 ttttagatct atcgataatc tctatctatc agattgttat gtgatcgttc ataattatca
   510901 aaatcaaatt ttaatgatcg acatacctag ggctaccaaa tcgatgcgat cttttttcac
   510961 gatactctaa tgataattat ttagataata aataataaat ataaatttta aattctaaaa
   511021 ttaataattt ttaaaatatt aataattttt taaaatactt aagttattag cgatggcttt
   511081 tagcgatagc atttctaccg tctctaataa tcattattag cgataaaaga tcactagtag
   511141 caatggttat aattataatt aaattaatta aaatttaaaa ttttaataaa tttaaaattt
   511201 aaaaaaaaaa ttataattat agttaaatta attaattatc gatggttatt aacgacggat
   511261 gtatttgcca tcactaataa ttttgaaaat tttatttaaa aaattatgaa aaatattttt
   511321 ttcttaataa aagtattagc aatggctatc tatttttagc gatggatttt gccattgcta
   511381 ataaatttat caatgacatt agcaatggcg acttgccatc gctaatactc caccacgttt
   511441 atccaaatgc aacgggaaaa aaaaattctc ttgcatgctc ctcatctctc tcctctttcc
   511501 tcctcttgct ggcatccaaa cccccctcaa cccctcttgc tagcacccaa accccccctt
   511561 ccctcatcct ctcctctcaa cgatgcccaa acaccttgtc catccccgcc caagcacccc
   511621 atccctccat gcctatggtc gccccgaccc caccacccta aggtcactgg cctgaccctg
   511681 cggccccaag cccatgtccc tccatgccca tgaccgcccc gaccctgctg gcccaaccct
   511741 acagactcga gcctgcgtcc ccccataccc gcggccgccc caaccccgtc ggtcccgaca
   511801 tcgccggcca aaccccacgg cctcgagccc gcattcctcc atgcccgcgg cctctccgac
   511861 cctgcaaacc caagtctgca tctctccatg cccacggcca ccccgatcct gccgacctcg
   511921 atgctgccga cctaaccccg cggcccctgc cctacgcccc cagcctacga tcccaccttg
   511981 tcaatcggac ccctcagccc taacctgcac cgccttcccg cagcgcaatg cccatgccat
   512041 tatcactgtg gccgcatctc caagccgacg tcccatccct agccatcctc tcgcctctca
   512101 gtcccagcgt gcctatccgt cttttgttgt gagtattagc aacagcatta atgacggcta
   512161 atgccatcac taaaagttat tttttattta tgttaattaa gtttaattat gtaataaaaa
   512221 ttaattaatt aaatattaac tcattacaaa aaataaagac tttagaaata ttttaaaaat
   512281 attttaaaat atatgtaaac cattcccata agcttctagg aacattattt gtccattagc
   512341 tatacaaagt gattgaaaat gttatttata tattttgggc acgaccgttt gcagtaaaat
   512401 catttcgtaa tagcttatac catttctaaa taggcttttg aaatattatg ctaaattgtt
   512461 tcctatgcga gcttcagtcg cattatttat ccatccctat ggctcttttg aaatattttt
   512521 caaatatttt tttagatttc tcacaatgtt aactaaatgt ctccattgat ttgatggtaa
   512581 tatattaaga acattctgca taattaatag agatattttt caaactattc ctgtagctct
   512641 ttaagaatat ttttcaaata tttctttaga gttataacaa tgttaattaa atatctccat
   512701 tgatttgatg gtaacatatt aagaatgttc tccataatta atagagacat tttttaaatt
   512761 atccttgtag ctctttaaga atatttttca aatattttct tagagttaca ataacattaa
   512821 ctaaacatct ccattgattt gatggtaatg gattaagaat atttttcata attataaaaa
   512881 tatttagcaa tatttttaaa aatctatagg aatgtttgta tccatttcaa tggcttttca
   512941 tggatatttt gtaaaacatt catgtattta gaaatctgtg tatcaatagt ttttaagatg
   513001 ttcctaaaat cttgtgtatc agttttgagt tttcaatcaa atacaaaaat ttctaaaatt
   513061 tttaacatta tatttcatac acacaaacat tcaatttttc aacaaataag gatgaaaaat
   513121 tattatattt caaatattgt aaaatactaa tttcaagaaa tctccaaaag ataaagctgt
   513181 caagtctata cccaaatcca ccaatagacc aaaatacatc cttaaaattc aaaagtactc
   513241 gaacaacatt atctcatatg cttagacata tatccaaata catagcaaaa aaattatagc
   513301 atttgaggtt gatgtatctc caaaatatct ttgtaccaaa agacctaagg ctacacaaag
   513361 ataacaatga aagatttatt agtttctcat tcaataactc atattgaaat tcatcaaaca
   513421 tatcatgtgc actttaatct catcaagtat tttgttaagc attttttata caagccaaaa
   513481 tatttattac ttgtgtttat tgttattcat caaactagaa tcaaaaaaac catcgcattg
   513541 gctcaaaatc gatgactcat acatagaaac cattttcgta tgttaggagg ctctgaaaaa
   513601 gaggggtttg atattgtgtc atatttaatg atataaataa aataaagata aaaaaatata
   513661 agaaataatt tttatatatt actattaatg gtaaaaactg acagactaga aaatggggtt
   513721 tctgattgag aattgaccat cacctaaaag aatagcaaac aataagcgac aattaaatta
   513781 gagacatgac atagatagtg tgtaactaaa tcatgttagc caaccaaatg ataaaaaaat
   513841 aaaaagaaac taatgcattc acttacctcc ataggatcac ctttatagtt actggatgct
   513901 tgtgttttgt catcgtcaac ttcatttgat tcatttgatg gaggattaac ccttccatac
   513961 aataggaagt gagccatcat ttctttcata tgttgtaacc tctctttcag gtgtgacatt
   514021 taagatagaa ccttcaatat attgatcaac agaacaagac aaacatccca tgctgcataa
   514081 cctaaatgaa tgtcaactct ctatgaaaat aagactagaa taagcaatag gccacctcaa
   514141 aagctaggaa actgatccaa gaatcatcca tacaaaatgt tgtaggaata taattagcaa
   514201 aaaggtctct aaaactagtg gcacactaca taatcttgga tctgattctg gatcacatca
   514261 aaagtaggaa cttttttgag cataagacca aaagacattg tacttatttt gcataatata
   514321 agcttgacat gagaactagt cggatgctgt tcatgtgcat ctgtgtctca tccaaaatga
   514381 aaaaccaaag aagaacaaga aaaattgaaa atccataaag aaaatgaaaa accatagccc
   514441 agtaccgatc catcaaaaat atataaaggc acatacacaa gatagagaag gcaaagcaga
   514501 gatttttgag ttagtacctc ttcaaagtca tggtattact gcatagaatt ttttttttta
   514561 tgggatccat ggatacgaga aggcacaaga cagaattttt agggtttttt ttgtggtaga
   514621 agggagaatg caaggacgcg cgtgagagag aagggtgggt acagggaaag gcacgctaga
   514681 gagaaaggag ggaatgattt tttttttctg tgggagaagg ggaacgtgag gagggacgtg
   514741 caaaggaagg gtacatggtg agtccttcac aagagagaga aaggaaggca tttttttatt
   514801 ttcgtgggag gaggggaatg caaggaggct atcacgggcc aagaagcttc cttaagggat
   514861 tttttttttt ttgggtaaat aggccaggga ggcactagga acctttttgg tttatagggg
   514921 aagcttttta atggaacgag gcactggcca tggaaataaa gagtatttat tatggaaaca
   514981 aagagggccg tggagaggcg cacgagagat tgtaaatttt ttttaaaaaa aaaattattg
   515041 attggatcag cgggatcaaa ataagacgag gaggaaaaaa ttaaattcat aaattttgaa
   515101 agaattttag gagcaaaaaa aattagacaa gatatatgaa aatattttta ttaaaatatt
   515161 tctagattgg tatatagaaa tatttctaat ttgtttcttt ttatatttaa gagtggtttt
   515221 atgataatat ttttataagt atttattgga atgaaaaaaa atatgcctaa aaattattta
   515281 ataggaatgg ttacagacga ctccatttac ttttattaga catgatttta ctaacactac
   515341 tagtagaaca ttcctaatcc ctttatcttt tatagtgact taattaatta gttagatatt
   515401 taattaatta attaattagt taattaatta gaagtatgag acttgggtct tagcatgcag
   515461 agtgcttgga ccgagaaaag gtgcttggca acattgcaaa tatggagctg ggacgtgctt
   515521 tgtgcgctcg agtctcgggt cccagctggt gtccaagaca tccaattttt ggaccgtagt
   515581 tggatggatc ttcgagtaat cgacaaaata atttctgcaa tgccttattt tttaatgaca
   515641 gatctgagcc ttcttctttt tctctttcct ttgtttactt tattattctt tgatttaagt
   515701 actatttttt aggtttttat tttatttttt aatttataaa agttttactc ttagtttttg
   515761 ggctaggctc aggtaagggt ggggggctcg gagagacagt tgagggctca gggaggctat
   515821 gatgactgct tatgcgagat gcatctaaag agtttaaaga gagatcaatg gaggtgatgt
   515881 atttctgttt ttattgttat agttgcagga taagcttgga tggtctgtta catcacagac
   515941 aattacttgc agccacctca tggttaaagg tgtggaggaa cttgcaatgc cttatttttt
   516001 aatgacagat ctgagccttc ttcttttttt ctttttctta tttacttttt tattctctaa
   516061 tttgagtact atttttatat ttttatttta tattttaaaa aaaaaattac tcctaatttt
   516121 tgagctaggc tcgggttggg atgaggagcc caggaaggcg gtcggagact cagggaagct
   516181 atgatgactg tctgtgcgag atgtgcttaa agagtctaga gagagatcga tggaggtgat
   516241 acatttttat tcttgttgtt gtagttgtag ggcaagcttg aatggtctgt tacatcgcag
   516301 acaaccgctt acagccactt catagttaaa gatgcagagg aacttgcaat gccttatttt
   516361 ttaatggtag atctgagcct tcttcttttc ctctttctct tgtttacttt attgttctct
   516421 aatttaagta ctatttttag atttttattt tatttttgaa aaaaaattta ctcttaattt
   516481 ttgaactggg ctcgggtagg ggtggggggc tcgggaagac tatgctgact gcctgcataa
   516541 gatgcaccta aagagtctag agagagatcg atagagatga tacatttatg ttcttattgt
   516601 tgtagttgga agttaagctt gaatggtcta ttatatcgta gataactgct tgcagccacc
   516661 tcatggttaa agatgcagaa aaacttccaa tgtcttattt ttcaatggca gatctgagcc
   516721 ttcttctttt tctctttctc ttatttactt tattgttctc tgatttaagt actattttag
   516781 atttttattt tattttttaa aaaaaaattt actcttagct ttcaggctag gctcgagtag
   516841 gggtggaggc tcagagagat ggtcaggggc tcggagaggc tatgatgact gcctatgcga
   516901 gatgtgccta aagagtctag agagagatca atggaggtta tgcatttcta ttcttgttgt
   516961 tgtagttgca ggacaagctt agatggtctg ctacatcgca gacaaccact tgcagccacc
   517021 tcatggttaa aggtgcagag gaacttgcaa tgccttaatt ttcaatgata gatctaagcc
   517081 ttcttctttt ccttgtttac tttattgttc tctgatttaa gtataatttt taagttttag
   517141 acttgaggaa gaagggatgg gtacaacggg gtcaaaattc aatccaacca tccaatggat
   517201 gggtcggaaa tatctatagc ttcgtatcat caaatagaat gtataggaat aatccgttag
   517261 acaatcgaag tagtatatta aaatatatct ttttgtgctg gtttaggctt gaggcgtatc
   517321 aattataata gtttttcagt tttaattaac ttagttatag accattggat tatgggccaa
   517381 caaaatatgt tattttaaat cttacattgc cacccataat tatataatta aatcttgcat
   517441 tgctacccat atataacctc tttaatgttg ttcttgatct gcggcagacc tatccctaga
   517501 cccaccaacc gatgtcaatc ctccatcaga gagatcagat gttatataag attgttagtt
   517561 tgcatctgta atgtatcaat agaaaaataa ttctcatcta acagtatatg ataatgtgtt
   517621 ggtcaacttt tatgaatgtg aaacaaaatt aaagtatccc tattcattct cagatatcat
   517681 ctttctaaat ttggtgaaaa agctattctt gcttatgcta gtttttgatt tcttgaattt
   517741 tgaaggtcat actgtccgat actaatgttc ctaaggaagg agaatataaa atcatgacat
   517801 ttatatagct tcaatgcaac cttcttggtt acaacccaaa tttgcatcat tacttatatg
   517861 gtctggaatg agaatctaag acactacagg tcttctggat ttaattttga aagctgaagg
   517921 gaaagaaaca tgtttctttg aaaaaacaca atggatagcc agagttgcat ctaaaaattt
   517981 tttataacaa tttaataaag atcagacctt tacctgatat gtagggcaat ttgaatcaag
   518041 tctaaaaatc ctgaatccaa agcctcgtgt aggtctgaat ccataaatct tctactttgc
   518101 atgcacatca aatttcgtag aaaagcaaga tgaagtctca gattgaagca ccttcgtaag
   518161 gcaccaaggg aggggagaga ggctcttggt gtgatatctc acaccagcaa gatgggacac
   518221 ccaagaagct ccataccaag gagaagatgg gacaccaaag gggagatgca cgctaaggat
   518281 gtgtgatgcc ctctcttcct tcacacctct tctctatctc tttttcacct tagcacacaa
   518341 tccaattgtt atgctttgat agttagaggt ccttcctata tatagataaa tttttatgac
   518401 ccataagatt aggattccta attcaaacag actttgaatt aatctatgac ttatcaaaag
   518461 agtcctaagg gaaaaaggat tggcacctaa ctaagcgccc tcatgcaccc atgcctatag
   518521 ccaagtgtgg ggtggcaaca accaataccc caccacctct tggtaggcca tgaggagaga
   518581 gtctcccaat aaaactgaac tctaaggatc taattcaaat atgggtcaat tcgaatctaa
   518641 ttcgaacctg attcgaatca ttttcgaata gactgtcaat tctaaactat ttaggattta
   518701 gaatcaagtc taacttgaat ttatgaactc aattaagtct aattaaatta gatctaatct
   518761 aaaattaact agtacttaaa tccaatctct catagactcc ttggattaaa gattaaatct
   518821 tgttcatctc tagaattgaa cctgaatctc atgtctagtg ctcgctagat atagtttatt
   518881 gtttaatctc gtatgatcca taacttaatt tttaattaag ttaatctatt tattcaatca
   518941 aatcatatac ttctaaattg aacatataga cttaggtcaa ttctttacta cttcacttga
   519001 cttttgtgca tgactccata aatttgaaca ctaagtcggt agcataagaa tcattttttg
   519061 tactaatcga agttaccatc tagcaataat tttttatatc cagataggtc gaattatcgt
   519121 aagacaatat ttaagaacct atgcatatag ttaccgcata attcatcctt ttaatcctga
   519181 gtgctctagg atgttctaag gttaaactgt caaccctgaa aaatcatcta tattatattc
   519241 cagtctttca aatccatcac atgaattatc ctgatcaaaa ttttactaaa ttaaaataca
   519301 gtgatgcatc agcttctata atctggagga atcaattcca tcttgatcca tatacagatt
   519361 ttgcaagtac ttgactgtac ctaatagcct tttatcactg tattaaaaat atagataatt
   519421 cagcaccaaa gcacagtgag ttgcttataa gttactatgg tgatctcaga tttgagagac
   519481 acatgtccat atacttcgcg agctactctt aaccgcagag tgcttagcag gtgagttact
   519541 tgttcagtga tgatgtactc ttacatttca cttgtatgcc ataccagtat ctctacactc
   519601 ttcgattaag aggacaacca atccatatgg cacacaacaa tcttcacttg ataaacatca
   519661 tcgtccttta atgatgtatc atttgatcat aaatatttta aaaaactata tgataaatcc
   519721 ttctttatcg gttacttcat agttctaaag attttatcat gacacaggag ttctagcaag
   519781 gaagatgtaa ctttatgatg aaagatgtca aaataacttt tattcaatga ttaataattt
   519841 atatacatat tacaaatgag cataattgtc tatatgattg actttaagac atattttcta
   519901 acaactttca cttaaactaa agccaatcag ggtagtattt tatacccatc ttccacttac
   519961 gattatcgaa ctctttgatc ctgagagctt tagtgaaagt atcggctata ttctcctttt
   520021 tatcgatctt ctgaagcttg acgtcatctc aatctatgat ttttcatata aaatgatagc
   520081 ggcacagaac gtgcttagta cgctggtgtg actttaattc ttttgcttga gctatgactc
   520141 cattgctatc ataatacagc agaacagggc catcaacaaa gagtgtaaac tccaagctcg
   520201 gtaatgaact ttcgcaacca caccacctct tttacagcat cggatgcaac aatgtattct
   520261 atttcgcata cagaatcaac cacagtatat tgcttgaaac tctttcaata aattacttct
   520321 ccatttaaga taaatacata gccctacaca cttctattgt cattatggtc tgactagaaa
   520381 ttgaaatcaa tatatctcac aagtttcaag tcaatatccc cataaataag tcattggtcc
   520441 ttagtatttt tcaaatactt aaggattatc ttcacaacct tccaatcatt tttacctgaa
   520501 tcaaactgat atctacttac tatccctagt aaatatgtca tatctagtct catacatatt
   520561 atgatgtaca taatagatcc cactactgaa gcatatgaga ttctactcac atgctctctc
   520621 tcctgaggga ttgtcagaca atccttctta gagagagtaa tttcatggcc tatcggaaga
   520681 tagccttttt taaaattctc catattgaac catttcaata tagtatcaat gtatgtggat
   520741 tgggacaatc caagcaacct tctagatcta tctctatgga tcttcattcc taggatgtag
   520801 gatgcttctt ccaaatcctt catggagaac tgtgatgaga gccatagctt tacactctac
   520861 aaaactgaga tgtcatttcc tattaacagt atgtcatcta catacagtac aaaaaagatg
   520921 actacagaat cattagccca tttgtagatg caaggctctt ctctgttcct aatgaagcta
   520981 tatattttga tcaccttatc aaaatacata ttccaactcc tagatacctg cttcagtcta
   521041 tagatagacc tatttagttt gcacacctta aattcatctg tggatgtgaa cccttcagat
   521101 tatatcatat atatctcttc ttccagctct ctatttagaa aaatagtttt gacatctatt
   521161 tgtcagatct cataatctaa gtatgctact attgcaagca taatccatat agacttgagt
   521221 attaccacaa gtgaaaatat ctcatcatag tcaataccat aatgctaatg ataattcttg
   521281 gcaactagac gaactttata ggtctttatc ttttcatcca ctcctctttt ttttttgaaa
   521341 attcacttgc accctatggg ttttatccct tctagtggat caactagtat ccatacatca
   521401 ttgatcgcta tggactccat cttgaatttc atagcctcta gctactttta ggagtcgggc
   521461 ttttgcataa cttccatata gatgatcgga tccttagcgt tctcatctag tttgatagga
   521521 tcaccatttc ggaccaagaa atcgtagtat cgtccagttg atgcggtact ctatcagatc
   521581 tccttaaggt gtttctacaa actttggatt cgattctcca atcaaatcta attctatgag
   521641 tgtcagttct tctaccttat gaacttcatc aagttcaatt ttattgacat tagtttcttc
   521701 tccaaggaac tcctttttca aaaaatctgt cttgttgctg acgaacacct tttattcttc
   521761 agcgaggtag aagtagtatc ctttaatttt ttttgggtac tttatgaata agcatttatc
   521821 agattttgat ccaagcttaa ccatctttaa atgcttgata taagctagac acctccaacc
   521881 ccgaaggtgt gggagcacca gcttacgtcc tgtctatatc tcatatggac ttttatcgac
   521941 agacttgctc ggaaccttat tcagaatata gcatgtagtt ttaagagcat atctcgataa
   522001 ggagattgac agattaacaa atcccatcat ggatcaaatc atatctaaca gtgttcgatt
   522061 tctcctttca aacatctcat tatattgtgg tgtttcagga gaggttcatt gagacagaat
   522121 cgcattcttc tctagatatg ccaaaaaatc actggtaagg tattcacctc tcgatcggat
   522181 cgaagaattt tagtactcat ttcagtctat ttttctactt cactatagaa tcatttgaat
   522241 atttcaaatg attcagattt gtgctgcata aggtagacgt acccatacct tgataggttg
   522301 tctataaatg taatgaagta atagtatcct cctcaagtgc ttatgtttat tagtctacat
   522361 acatcactat atattagacc caaaacatca ctggttcatt catctttttc ttaaaaggtg
   522421 atttgatcat cttaccaagt agacaggatt cacaagtcag taatgattca caatcatcaa
   522481 tttcaaggat accttccttg attaacctgt ctatcctgtt cttattcaca taacctagcc
   522541 tataatgtca aagataggaa tcactgacat tatttatcct aagatatttg ttcgatgtgt
   522601 atattatacc aacaagctgt gataatatat acatgctatg ttttaattgt ccatatagta
   522661 tcattcacaa tgatatcaca aaaatcatct tttattaaaa aattgaaatc aaatttgatc
   522721 aaaaagccaa cagagatgac attcattaaa aaaaaagata ataatgatac ttatttaaca
   522781 tgacactatt agactcaaaa ataagctgca tagtttctaa agctagaact ggaataagac
   522841 ttccatctcc aacgttcagg agccgctcgt cttttctaaa tttcttactg acctgcaatc
   522901 tctataatga attataaata ttaatcagac tttcagtatc caatatccag atagtagtat
   522961 cacaaataaa gaaattataa aaagttatca tataagtatc ttgcaaagca accgcttgct
   523021 tgtttctctt gttcttaggc ctattcaggt caagagaagc tatataagct ggataatttc
   523081 tttttcaatg atccagcttc ttacaaaaga agtattttat ctggctctgg tcaactttca
   523141 actttttact ctactctggc ttaggatcat cggtgcattt tttctgcacc ttcctctttc
   523201 ctctcttaga ggatcaacga cttgtagatg aacctcccac tacatgcact gactcctttt
   523261 ggagctaatg gtccttctcg aatgtctgca gcaatcctag caaaccatag tagttcacta
   523321 caggcttgat cattctataa tgactcaaga aggataggta ggattttggt agcgaattga
   523381 aaatagcatc cttacctaac tgatcatgta acgaaaagtc aagtttgctt aagcactcaa
   523441 tttgcttgat catatataat acatgatcag tgactgacac cccctctcgc atatgggtat
   523501 tgaacactgc gcagaagatt ttatatctct ccacatcctc tggggtgtcg aaggactcat
   523561 ttaacatttg aattatgttc tctagctgcg catccttaaa cttatggctc agttcatcat
   523621 tcatggctgt cctcatgatg caatgcatcg tcgtgcggtc actgagccac ttcaagtgtc
   523681 tctcatagca ctgggtgtat tggcagcaag ttcttcaggt ggtgaatttg taatcacata
   523741 caggatcctc tcatactcta ggatgatctt caacttctga taccagctat cgaagttgag
   523801 ttcgataagc ttgtcattgt ttaacagcaa ttagagcgat agtattggcc ataactgaaa
   523861 agaaaaaata taaatctatt agtatataaa ttattttaat tttaaagata tgaactttta
   523921 tctaaagatt ctcttactat tttatacgaa ttgatagcct ctatctctaa ttcatagaat
   523981 tacattaatt ttttagcaga tactagaatc tatataaact gcattcggat ccgagtgtga
   524041 cttggccaac cctagtacat ccataggtag attcataact aattatttct ctaaacaact
   524101 tctagcaact agattttacc ctacgcatct cttcagcaag cgtatggctc ctccactaaa
   524161 aattctgatt agatctaacc attaacatga ctacacaaag tgcatccaac aaacgaatat
   524221 ccagactcga gtatggctca accaatctaa gcattaatct gaagggcaca acaagatggt
   524281 catatgatga atgataattt caatacccaa tagacaccaa gcgtgtggtg cctccaatat
   524341 ctatttaaaa tattgaattt attatcacgc accttaataa aagattatga ataagttatc
   524401 tctataacta tatcatttta aagacttaat aatttagaaa atttgatttt attgattgag
   524461 aataagagaa aaaattgacc tgtaagtcat aaattctctc actgacttca ccaagtcatg
   524521 taaaaaatta ggcacaagct attctaaaaa tatctgaatc agttatactg atttatctta
   524581 atggcatggg tcaactcaaa tcgactagtg atctaatcaa aatataatct accatattga
   524641 ccaggtaagt gagattagta ggagggatat accattaact caccgtagat gccatctagg
   524701 tgagtagctc ccaattaata accacttgat taaaactgtc aaacttattt tagacaccaa
   524761 ccgattaatt agtttccatt taatccatca aaaaattcga gctcaaccat tgagccatga
   524821 tcatggtcta tttagtaagt tcaaaaatat gaacttgatc aagcttcaac tattgagatt
   524881 gatctagaaa aattctgacc taatctaatt taactcttga ttagatttaa ccaatttctc
   524941 aattcagtcc atatttgttt ctaaccctag gtctaaccta atagaaagat ctgatttatg
   525001 ctaacccgtt gcccatcgaa ttatgtggta tcttagtaat cttcaattct caaatctaga
   525061 tcattaaact taatttcaaa ttaagtatgt aaaatatgta tttcaatttg tagaactatt
   525121 ctatcaggat ttcaagtgaa gcatactata tatttcatat cataaaaata aatttttata
   525181 tcaatgttta ataattaaac atgcattagt gtgatctaaa cttcatacat atatcatata
   525241 tatcatgact acttttagat cactatcgat tacatctaat gtaacatacc ttttagattt
   525301 taaaataatt ttatatatca aaatttattt tattataatg agtcataaat tactttagat
   525361 ctaatttaaa tttatttttg atcaaaataa ttcataaaaa tcaatttgat cttcttcttc
   525421 atgaaatcgg atcacaatga caatcctaca catcataaga aaatccatcg aatgggcaag
   525481 aaaggaagat taattccttc tatctcttat gagtggatgg tctgatgatc tcatcaatcc
   525541 gagtactggg ttactaagat ctaaaatctt attttaaata agattacatc aacatgcaat
   525601 ttgacaaaat attttatgtc atgaatatga ttttgatctc atcaaccatg ttcttcatat
   525661 aatctaatta gatttgatgt atcatataca tcatattaga tctaaaatat atcttatact
   525721 gattataaaa tattaaattt aaatttaaaa tcttataaaa aaattattta aatgcatata
   525781 taaacatata aagattaatt ttttgattag atctgttttg atgttgtgta aaattttttt
   525841 agaaatcata tatgaaaatc tatcaaaata gattcaattc aaatctgaaa taagtctaac
   525901 tttataatca aaataataac attaaaattt tattaaaata aatttaaaat aaattttaaa
   525961 ataattatta ttccaacaaa atttagcaat aaaaaaaaat tggttataac aacttataac
   526021 aaaccataac caactattga ataggttctt ataatctaat agaaattaga tcataaattt
   526081 tatttaaata gatctaaatt agatttaata tctaacataa aattttactt atatataata
   526141 tataaataaa taaattaatt aattatgtat ctatgtatca aagcctagct ctgataccaa
   526201 ttgaagggaa agaaacctat ttctttggaa aaacatgacg gatagctaga gttgcatcta
   526261 aaaattttct ataataactt aataaagatc agatctttac ctgatgcata ggataatttg
   526321 aatcaagtcc aaaaatcttg aatccaaagc ctcacatagg tctgaatcca caatctttct
   526381 actttgcatg tacgtcaaac ttcgtaggaa agtgagatga agcctcagat tgaagtatct
   526441 tcataaggca ccaagggagg ggagagaggc tcttggtgtg atgcctcaca ccagcaagat
   526501 ggaatgccca agaagctcca cgtcaaggag aagatgggat tccaaagggg agatgcacgc
   526561 ttaggatggg tgatgccctc tcttccttca tgcctcctct ccatctcttt ttcaccttag
   526621 cacacaatct aattgttata ctttgatagt tagaggtcct ctctatttat aaataatttt
   526681 tcataatgca taagactaag atacttaatt caaataggct ttgaattaat ccatgattta
   526741 tcaaaggagt cctaaaggag aaaggattgg cacctaacta agcaccctca tgcacccacg
   526801 tctgcaccca aatatggggc aacaacaact agcaccccac cacctcttgg tcaactatga
   526861 ggagagagag ttttagtaaa aatagactct aaggatctaa tccaaatata gatcaattga
   526921 aatctaattc aaatttgatt cgaaccaatt tcgaatagac tgtcaatccc aaactattta
   526981 agatttagaa tcaagtctaa cttgaattta tgaatccaat taagtctaat taaatcagat
   527041 ttaatctaaa attaattaat acttaaattt aatctcttat atactccttg gatcaaagat
   527101 caaatcttgt tcatcctcaa aattgaacct gaacctcatg cctagtgcta gctagacata
   527161 gtcaactatt taatcccata tgatacttaa cttaattttt aatcaagtta atctatatat
   527221 tcaattaagt catgtacttc taaattgaat atatagactt aaatcaattc ttttctatat
   527281 cacttgacat ttgtgcgtga ctccataagt tcgaacacta agttggtagt ttagaaacta
   527341 ttttctgtac taatcaaagt tattatatag caatgattct cgatatctgg atagatcgaa
   527401 taatcgtaaa gtaatattca agaacatatg catatggtta tcgcataatt catccctttg
   527461 accctgagta ctctaggatg ttctaggatt aaactgtcaa ccctgaagga tcatccatat
   527521 tgtattccca tctttcaaat ccatcatata gattatcctg gccaagattt tattaaatta
   527581 aaatacagtg atgcatcact tcctataacc cagaggggtc aattctatct tgatccacac
   527641 acagacttta caagtacttg actgtaccca gtagccttcc gtcactacat tagaaataca
   527701 aatagtccga caccaaagta caatgagtta cttataagtc actatagtga tctcagattt
   527761 gtgagacact tatacctatc cattttgtga gctgctcttg acagtagagc actcagtagg
   527821 tgagtcactt gttcaatgat gatgtactcc tatatctcat ctgtatgcta taccagtgtc
   527881 tccacactct tcggttaaga ggataaccaa ctcatatggc acacaataat tttcactcaa
   527941 taaatatcat catcctttaa taacatatct tttgatcaca aacatgttta acaactatac
   528001 aataaatcct cctttatcga tgacttcata gttctaagga cttcatcaca acacgagttc
   528061 tggcaaggaa gatgtaactt tatgatgaaa gatgctaaaa taatttttat tcaatgatta
   528121 ataattcata aatatattat aaaatgagta caatcatcta tacgattggc tttaggacat
   528181 attttctaat aaaagccact ataatctgag ccttcagttg atgcaagcag ccatggtaat
   528241 atttatctta aaattttatt ttgtatgcta acatttactt atgaatcatg cttaattatc
   528301 tagtttatat tatttgtcat ggtaataggt tctataattg aaaagaaaag aggttggaga
   528361 aaaggtaaag gagttaaacc taaacatgat acaaagttcg aaatttttga caaaagataa
   528421 ttatttaaaa tttattttaa atggttagta aaattttata atttttttat ttgatatgaa
   528481 tctattatta tttttactta agactatata tttgataatt ttgttactaa caatacatac
   528541 ttactttaat tatgccatga ttaattataa ttttaggata attataccag cagcatacca
   528601 tgagattagc agtctttttc actagaatat caatgggctt tagactactt ttagtctatg
   528661 ctcaggaaaa agatttggcc ataggattcg atcacaactt cgaccctcta gtggctcgat
   528721 actcttcgac atcctcatag gcctcgacat cccaaacttt aagcgatgtg cttgtggagg
   528781 agatcatgca gaggcttttg agccagcaac ctcaaaattt ttgagatgct gtccgcgata
   528841 cgatcatgga gattctctga gatctgtagc tgcatgacca gctagattcg ttattccaat
   528901 catcatatca ggtaattcta ttagtaaact cttttactta ttttaagttt tcatgtttag
   528961 aagcttcata tatttaggtt tgagtcagaa aagaagatct aaagactaaa aattcaatct
   529021 aaccatcgaa ttaataggtc gagggtgttt atagtttcgt attattgaat aaaatatata
   529081 aaaataattt gtttgagaat caaaagaatg tatcgaaaga tacacctcca tatcgaaagg
   529141 taagccttca tatcaaaatt tattaataat attttatttt ttttatttta aaatactgaa
   529201 acatccgact ctcatccacc aactactgga gaggagcagg acgatgagga gaaggatgat
   529261 gaggaagatc aggattgatt ttcttttatt ttcatgtatt gtattttctt tgatacagct
   529321 tataaaatta cataatttat atttttaata taatataatt agttttttat ttgtgattgc
   529381 catattatct ttgaatttta attatgatgg gtgttaagaa ccataattga ttgtgattaa
   529441 ttaaaaatat attttaaaaa atattattat aattttaaaa aaaaaataaa attaactatt
   529501 actgacgata ttagtgacgg ctcactataa gaaaattaaa tattagcaac agtattagtg
   529561 atgaaaaaaa ttttatcact aataatatat tttagctacc aaaaaattga tcaaaaatat
   529621 taccatcact aatactatta gcgacggtag tttaattatt agcgactgta aaaatcatca
   529681 tcaaaagtat ttaatttttt tattttttta taatatttaa atgtaaagta attattagtg
   529741 atggtgaatt aggattatta gcgacaaaaa tcttgacatc gctaataatt ttttttttaa
   529801 aaaaattgaa taataattta aaaaaataat ttctttgaaa atattattaa taatagaaat
   529861 atttttttat cattaataat ctaaaaaatt atttgagttt aatttgaatc taatttgaaa
   529921 tcgattcgaa tctaattcga gcccgattca aatctaattc aaaattttat taaatctaat
   529981 ttaattaggc tttgaatcta aatcttattt aaattataaa attaaattag tctcaaacta
   530041 aatcaaaatt agttaaatta aatctaattt aaattaatta agataaaata attttcaatt
   530101 tggattcaat ccgaatccaa ttcaaaatct tatcaatcct aatctaatta gactttgaat
   530161 caaatttcta cttgaattgt aaatccaatt atcttcaaat taagtcaagc ctcattaaat
   530221 ttaatctaat tcaaatcaat taggagaaaa tagttttcat tttgggttta attcaaatcg
   530281 atttgaattc gattcaaatc taattcgaaa tcctgtcaaa tctaattcaa ttagactttg
   530341 aatctaagtc ctaattagat tataaaattt aattattctc aaattaaatc aagcctaaat
   530401 aaattttatt ttatttaaat caattagaag aaaataattt tcaatttgga ttcaattcaa
   530461 attcaattcg aattcgattc gaatccaatt caaaattcta tcaaacctaa ttcaattaga
   530521 ttttgaatct aagttctatt tagattataa aatttaatta gccttaaatt aagtcaagcc
   530581 taacaaaatt aaatttgatt taagttaatt agaacttgat ccatgattca atttaaatcc
   530641 aattcgaacc caattcgaat ccaattcgaa atcctatcaa acatagttca attagacttt
   530701 gaatcatagt tctacttgga ttataaaatt taattagtct taaattaagt caaatcaaat
   530761 taaattaaat cagatttaag tcaattaaga cttgattcat gattcaattt gaatctaatt
   530821 cgaatccgat tcgaatccaa ttcaaaatct tgtcaaactt aattcaatta aactttaaat
   530881 ttaagtttta cttggattat aagaattagc ctcaaattaa gtcaatctaa attaaattaa
   530941 atctgattta attaattaag atttgatcta tgatttaatt tgaatccaat tcaaattcga
   531001 ttcgaatcta attcaaaatc ttgtcaaatc taattcaatt tggctttgaa tctaaatcct
   531061 acttagatta taaaatttaa ttaatctcaa attaagtcaa atataattaa gttaaatcta
   531121 atttaaatca attaatattt gatccatgat tcaattcgaa tctaatttaa atctgattcg
   531181 aatccaactc aaaatcctat aaaacctaat tcaattaggc tttgaattca agtcctactt
   531241 aaaatattaa aatccaatta gcctcaaatt aggtcaaatc taattaaatt taatttaatt
   531301 taaaataatt aacacttgat ccataaatta attaagtcta aaaatttaat aaaactcaat
   531361 aataattttt aaccacccaa aaaatgacca aggagaaaaa aaatttaata ttaaaattta
   531421 atattaaaaa attaataata ttagcaatga cattattgat ggaataattt accatcgtta
   531481 ataattttaa aaaatattat tttagaaatt ttgaaaaaaa tagtattaac aatagcaaat
   531541 ggatattgct gacggaaact gtcgtcgcta acatcttggc acgtaaaatg gagttttacc
   531601 gatcgtatta ctgacgacca ttgatgtcgg taatagttcg actgaaaaac accccaagtc
   531661 catcagaagg aaaaaaaaat ttcacgccca ttctcctcct ttccatgaat cgtctctcat
   531721 tctcctcctt cccggctttt tcccacctcg ccggcacctt ctcctgaccg acaatgatcc
   531781 ccctccctgg catgtccttc ccgacattcc ccactcccca cgcatcctcc ttcccagagt
   531841 ctcgacccca ccagtgcctc ctacgccaca gcatcgagcc caccgccctg gccctgcctc
   531901 acctgtggtt gccctgaccc catcgatgcc tcctacaccg tggcctcaag ccagccattc
   531961 tggccccgcc tcgcctatgg ccgccctgac cccaccgatg cctcctatgt catgaccttg
   532021 agcccaccat ccctgcctca cctcgcctgc ggtcacctcg atcccgtcgg tgccttctac
   532081 atcatcactt cgagctagcc accctaaccc cgtctcgctt gcagccacct ccaacccgtc
   532141 ggtgcctcct acaccgtggc cctgagcccg tcgccccggc cccacctcac ccgcagccgc
   532201 ctcgattcca ttggtgcctc ctatgccgcg gccctgagcc aaccacccca accccgcctt
   532261 gcgcacgact gccccgaacc catcggtcag accctgcggc ccctgcccca tcgccttcct
   532321 atggtcccat ccccactagc ctgaccatac ggcccctacc ctactgcctc tagcctgcgg
   532381 ccccgacctt gcagttccta ccccgcggtc ccatctccgc accaatgtgc ctactattat
   532441 gagtattagc aacggcaagg gccgcatcaa ttagatgcac gggacttgaa gttatgttgt
   532501 ggcatttttt tcttcttctc atatgatgtc ttaaagctga tggatgccaa tggattttga
   532561 ttgctatatt cttatggtta ccttcttatt ttctctgata atgatccaaa ctaaatgaat
   532621 attgaaagga ccggcctctt tttcttcttt ctatatgata tcttaaagct gatgggtgtt
   532681 gatagatttt ggttgctata tttttatggt tgtcttctta ttttttctga tgatgatcta
   532741 aactaaatgg atattgaagg gactagtctc tttttcttct ttctatatga tgtcttaaag
   532801 ctgatgggtg ctgatggatt ttggttgcta tattcttatg gttgtcttct tattttttct
   532861 gatgatgatc tcaactaaat agatattgaa gggatgggtc tctttttctt ctacccatat
   532921 gatgtcttaa agctgatggg tgtcgatgga ttttgctcgc tatattctta tggttgcctt
   532981 cttatttttt ctgatgatga ttcaaactta attagtagat attgaagaaa atggctctac
   533041 agattgctat ggattttttt ttttgttcct atatgatgtt taaaatctga tggatgtcga
   533101 tagattttgc ttgccacttc gaggacaaca gaagatttta tgcaatgaga attgatcttt
   533161 tcttctgcat attcgaagtt cgacatcttt ttttctatct ttgggagatc attagcccta
   533221 gaatagcaac ttactagtac actatggatt gaaagttgcc ttcccttaaa catccctcat
   533281 aaacagtaat tttcttggaa tcctacaagt ctaggaagcc aaggactggg gctccacttg
   533341 cctaaacatc tatttatttt tactagatca atttgatgtc tctagtaatg ttgttcttaa
   533401 tttgtggcag atgatgcacc acaatagacc tatcgctaga ctcgccaatc aatgtcgatc
   533461 cttcatcaga gagattagat attatgtaag attgttatta gcatctgtaa taaatcagta
   533521 gaaaaatgat tctcatctag tagtacatga taatgtgttg gtctacatgg ctataaagat
   533581 agaagtcaaa ctctgtcgaa tgacaaatac ttgtgacaag ttgtctttca ttgaagaaga
   533641 attacttctt acagaaacta ggatgctcga aagagaacta gaatcgtaca tcatcaatat
   533701 ctaagcaaaa gtatcctatt gatatagtca ggtatctttt tttttattta tattttttac
   533761 taatattgct tattttttta gttataaatt atgcacgtta cttttatgaa tatgatacaa
   533821 agttaagata tcatgatata cagttaaata aatatgatat atagttattt tattctggta
   533881 cataattaat acaatatgat acatagttat ttttattttt agagattata gatcatgtct
   533941 tctcaagatc ggagccatca cagtcgagga gggagcactg gaggagagag ctctcatgca
   534001 gctagcttac atgattttat ggcacatatg tcatgtggta aactctaata ctttaattat
   534061 tctgagccag caacttcaga gcctcctgga tgccatccac gatacgatca tggagcttct
   534121 tgaggactta cagctgcacg accgactgag ttcatcatcc caacgatcac atcaagtaat
   534181 tatattacta aattttttta tttattttaa ttttttatat ttagaagctt catatattta
   534241 ggtttgagtt tgaaaaagag atctaagtgc taaaaattca atctaactat ctaatcgata
   534301 gatcagaggt gtctatagct ccgtatcatc aaatgaaatg tgtaagaaca atctgttcga
   534361 gaatcgaaga agtatatcaa aagatacacc tctgtatcaa aaaaatatac cttcatatcg
   534421 aaacttacta atattatttt attattttta ttacaagata ctgagatatc agactctcat
   534481 ctatcagcgg ctagagagga gtaagaggag gaggcagatg acgacgagga ttaaatctga
   534541 tttttttttg atgtattata tttttttgat actacttgta aaaaagatta tataatttat
   534601 atttttaata taatataatt agtttttaat ttttaattat catattatct ttgaatttta
   534661 attataacag gtattaagaa ccataattta ttatgattaa ttaaaataaa ttttaaaaaa
   534721 tattattact atttttttta aaaaaattaa ttattagcaa tgaaaaatat catcgctaat
   534781 acttattaat gatggcatta gcaatgataa tgttgtcgct aatatttttt ttaaaaattt
   534841 atttaattta aaaattaaaa aaatagagat ggtattagcg acgataaata ccatcgctaa
   534901 tattttttaa aaatttaatt taaaaattca aaaataatta gtaatgaaat ttttctatcg
   534961 ctaaaatcat cgctaatagt cttattagcg atagttaaga tttctgttgc taataaagat
   535021 atttagtgat tagatttttt ttaaattggt tgttacaata gaattagcga cggtgagatt
   535081 attaacaaca acatatagac tattagtgat ggcaactagc tgtcactaat aatctaaatt
   535141 tttatagtga ctttagccat cactaacaat aaaatattat tatgaatttt ttaaaaaaat
   535201 aaatattatt gacagcatta acgatggcta cttattagtg acgacattag cgataataaa
   535261 gttgtcgcta atttttttta aaatttttaa atttttattt aaaaataaaa aaataaatag
   535321 tgatagaatt tagtcatcgt taataccgtc actaatactt attattagcg atggttagga
   535381 agcccatcgc taataaggat aattaacgac taaaattttt tgaccattaa ttagcaatgg
   535441 gatgccgtcg ctaatagtat tagtgacggc aaaatgacta ttagcgatgg tagttagcca
   535501 ttgctaataa tcaaatttct tgtaatgcta gtttatatgt gtatgcacaa aatcctaggc
   535561 taattaaaag cttagtagaa ttctaacaac atatatatat atatatatat annnnnnnnn
   535621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   535681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn ngtatgattt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt
   535741 atgtgtgtat gtatgtatat acatgtatgt atgtatgtat atatgtatgt atgtatgtat
   535801 gtatgtatat atatatatat atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatatgt atgtatgtat
   535861 gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtgt
   535921 gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt ttatatatat gtatgtatat
   535981 atatatgtat atatatgtat gtatgtatat atatatgtat atatatgtgt atatatatat
   536041 atatatatgt atgtatgtga cgtgagccat cctttgttga ccaagtcaaa cataccaaca
   536101 gaagtggatt tctgtgagat gtaagatctc aaaagaaggc gcaatgcttg ttgctacaag
   536161 actccggagg agagacaatg aagtcagtct ttaactgagc tggagtgccg aagaggatcg
   536221 agtcgataaa gaatatgaat gaatctgtaa aagaagttca gaatcgatga ggtatcctct
   536281 agtttaggat cctccgatgt ttaagtcagt cagggtctta agaatagata atgaaaatag
   536341 aaaaaatgaa aggtaaggag agagatttta agtgaaagaa gtgagagctt ttgattccat
   536401 tcagtggagg aaaagaattc agtagagtct cggctccttg agttatagct ttttatttac
   536461 ctcctgaaga gtaccctagc cccctttata taggggagct tatttagttg ttaagccatg
   536521 gagtaagttt gttggacggt tagtaaccac ttgatttaga agatctattt gttatgtcgt
   536581 tagtttgtta taatagaatg accaactatt aggagatcat ggactgctca tcccacatgg
   536641 agagtagttg taatatagtt gaaaaatagc tataatatag ctagaagata actgatttga
   536701 agtcttactg attgagtagg agatcggcta aaattgatgt cctactaata taaactgagc
   536761 aggtcggctg tgggtcgctt atcacgagtg atcaaagata aaagaattct aactcaactt
   536821 attacgtaga ataggatgag ataggtgtca aatccataag gaccaatagg ctgagttatg
   536881 ctcaacttag aaaagtaatg attgcagtga caaagatttc aggattttaa taaaataaca
   536941 agttgataaa gataagttgg gggaaatcag atagaagaag gtgcctcaga tattcgaatc
   537001 cgtcctttag catagatcta tattttagtt aaaagcaatt gaaatcacta caaattataa
   537061 gctgtagtga taataaaaag atgaatctat gatcttgttc tcaacatagc ttatctcact
   537121 gagcacgaat cgtatcctta gatcataatt catctctacg tagtcgtaag ctattcgaaa
   537181 ttaagcatca taaaatcatg aatactacta cttaaatgca tagaaaagaa tcctagaaat
   537241 cctttatgct tgcaaaatat tccattatat tcaaaagaaa gatgccttac aagtataagt
   537301 agttgattgc ataaggaaaa atatacaata agatgcataa aaatataaat ctggctaaag
   537361 aacttcatct actcccctga agatgggatc tctagccaca catggtgttg ctcttactca
   537421 tcgtcgcctt tcttggatgg gcatggaaaa gcttgcatac ccctgggttg aggctttgga
   537481 ggctttttta tagatattag gagacatgag gattaatttg tttagcgatg tgggactatg
   537541 gatgggagca aggatggagg catgatgtgg gggatggttg atatggaaag caaggacaca
   537601 ctgcttagga gggaaagggg gcgtgggatg gtgcggaaga atttgtgctg catgctaaag
   537661 tgtgggcgtg aagggaagag ggcactaggg tttataggtg gctgaactcc tttcacacat
   537721 gggcctttgg gtgcttgggg gcgcctaggg ctgatgcttg ggccttttgg atcttttgat
   537781 gcagcccaaa accttttagt tgatcttttt ggtcttgaac ccaattcaga cttaatatat
   537841 taatgattga gtctttaagg gcgcatgagt tgtgggctgc cttattatcc aagaaagcgc
   537901 atgcatgagg cttcaagatt gtgacttcat ccatttttaa tagcgtaatt ggttctctag
   537961 atgtgttacc caaattttaa aaaaaaataa aaagtattaa attttaaata ataaagatta
   538021 aatatctaag attttagtac ttcttatgtc atatttaata cattaatcag ctatcatagt
   538081 accaagttgg taattaaccg atctgattta gtatagtgct aatgaaagat atttgacttg
   538141 cagattaata tatatgagac tcatgtcttc tgatgctgtc atatgtcaga ggtcgacttt
   538201 ctgatgacgt cgattttttg atgatgtcgg ctttctaatg aggtcggcca tatgatgagg
   538261 ccgacctact aatgaggtcg gccttctaat gagctcgacc ttctgaagat cttaatgata
   538321 tccacaacta aggctcacat caatattctt gtcgacttga gaactcatga gtataagtct
   538381 tgaggacatc agttgaggtg gtatgacctc acaacacttg ccgcccactt ttgagtttga
   538441 agaagtcact ttggacaaaa gaaatagttt atgaaaaaag tttccagctt gtctgaggtg
   538501 gcgaatctgt gcctttaggt tcttcaagtg aaccgctacg tctcttcagt taagttttca
   538561 gtatagatta ttgatgtgta ttcatcaatg acttcttcta ccttggatcc tatcgagaat
   538621 ttttagatga ccgtagatcg tgtcaaggtc agcttcctcc acctcagatt ttgccagggc
   538681 tagcttcaga tctcgtagat gatttttagg cgacccagga tcttgtcaag gttggttttc
   538741 tttatcttgg atcatgtcga ggtaatctcg aatcttgtag aagatttttg gatgacctta
   538801 gatattgtca aggttggcct tcttcatctc ggatcttgtc gaggcaacct catgtcttat
   538861 agagattttt tgggtgacct ggatcttgtc aaggattttt ggacaacctc ggatcttgtc
   538921 aaggttggtg ctcttcacct cggatattgt tgaagatttt ttttaaatat atatatattg
   538981 atctatccga cctcacatag tctcatctgg gtttaactat cctatgtagg acttaaataa
   539041 ttatatttat aatgaatatt atctgacctt ggttggatca attatgaagc cgatgtggct
   539101 taatataata agtaaacttt agaacattaa aaattatgat atgactttaa gaattagatc
   539161 aattaattaa aagtaaactg atcttaataa attgaatgca ataaaggttt aagaaataca
   539221 tttatccgat gatatcatgg gtagattgag tctcctatgc atcagaagtt ccatcttgag
   539281 atgtttcatc tccttccttt caaaggcatg tcattttaga attcaagtca gaatttgagt
   539341 ctcttcaaat agatatgtta gatatttatg aggtccaatc tggagatcag atgtctcaca
   539401 ttgagttgtc ctggtttggt tgaaattttt atagcctgag ttcggctttt tccgacctta
   539461 tttggataaa tttagtcttt tcttatcttc atttaatcga tttttcactg atctcatttg
   539521 ggcatttatg gcagtcaagt ggtcagatag cttggatagt tgggttaact tcactttcac
   539581 atatgtgagg tattgtccat tttggctcat gaccatcttt ggatttcagt ggatctgaga
   539641 cactagtggg cctcgatcat ttgtagcctt atgattttgt cctttaaaaa gcatctcatg
   539701 tgagagagaa ggtttcaatt tatataagct atactctttc ttgactcaca accgatgtag
   539761 aaataaagat gacgtcctca atattgaaaa atgatgctcc aacttgattg tagagatctg
   539821 atctcatttg gataagacat taaagaaaac tttattgaag actcattatt agtgcactgc
   539881 ctttttaggg aagaactttc atcgaccctc catctctatc aaggtctgag attatgttga
   539941 taacccagca tgaggagtgc tatcttttca ggaaagaact ttcatctacc ccttgatctc
   540001 cactaaggtc taagattttg ttgataaccc aagcaatagg agcttggact tgttgaacta
   540061 aaagattaac ttgttgcaga tctaccacaa ccgaaggtag gactacttct agcatgccta
   540121 ttggagaaga tggcgaaagc atagaattat tttgtgctct ctaatttatc attttctata
   540181 aaattttttg ggtaagtgtc attttttctc tagtacaatt tgttgctgta aagctccaga
   540241 ggagagatga cgaagtcgat cttgaactga gctagagcac cgaagagggt caagtcgatg
   540301 aagactacga aagaacctat aaaagaagtc ctaaaaccaa tgagatacct ttcgatactt
   540361 aagtcagtcg gaactttaag aacagatagt ggtaatagag aaaatgaaag gcaaggagag
   540421 aggttttgaa taaaaagagt gagagctttt ggttccattt agtgggggaa aagaattcag
   540481 tagagtctca gctttttgag ttatgacttc tcatttacct cttggagagt atcctgccac
   540541 cctttatata ggacagatta cttagctatt aagccatgga gggagtttat taggtggtta
   540601 gtaactgctt aatttagagg atctatttgt taggtcgtta gtttattata atagaatagc
   540661 caactatagg aagatcacga attgctcaac catgtggaga gcagttgtaa tatagttgaa
   540721 agatagctga aaaataaccg acttgaagcc ttactgactg agtaagggat cgtctaaaac
   540781 tgatgtctcg taaatataaa ctaagtaggt cggttgtcat aacactaagt cagtaattaa
   540841 ctgatctggt ttggtataat gctgataaaa gatatttgac ttgcagatcg atataaggct
   540901 gatgtcttct gatgctgcta catatcagag atcgactttc tgatgagtta gatcttctga
   540961 tggtcttgat gatatctaca gtcaaggttc acattagcat tcttgtcgat ctgagaactt
   541021 ctgagtatga gtctcgagga cgtacatcag ctaagatggt atgaccccac aacaatcctc
   541081 aacaggaaac tactgcaagc ataactaaca ataatggata gttacgtacc atccagagtc
   541141 ctccaacaac taattcttat atatggtcca cataaatgtt gtgtgcaaca cacgatttaa
   541201 gttacggctc cgagagcggt gttggtggcc atgaatccga tgcaactgtt cttttctaaa
   541261 gccaacgaga gggcgcggtt cgcggtaacc ttctacagct gtggcttctt caaggaaaaa
   541321 catgcagggc ttcttggggt gggtctcact ggatggaagt ataactgttc atagcccaat
   541381 aatcgtagac ctaaagtgat agagccaaaa gaggtgagaa gtcacgtcat ttgtgtatag
   541441 cttcctaatg tagggtgtaa tgcgtggagt gtctgtgtcc tgatggtaac ttcctatatg
   541501 gtagctgttt aatttgtttg taacgttgtg ttttcttaag aacaatggtg gaagtgccac
   541561 cttcttcccg acaggacgac atgagtccgg ttggttttgt ttgtacatct aatatcatat
   541621 atatatgtag tttgtttgaa actctgcagc ttggcaggaa tttcatgtac tggaacatcc
   541681 attttgatgg gctcttatcg ttgaactatt cttttcctat tcctttcttt tattccgcca
   541741 ttctttggcc ggaatcttac cccaatctgt gagtttcacc agtctcttgc acattgaaaa
   541801 ctagcgtggt ttcgatgaag catggttgcc agcaagcttc tgcaggctgt aatattttca
   541861 tacacattga tttcgacttt ccagtgatct tggattgaaa gacaagatct tttggagatc
   541921 taaaatggat agtttatggt ccttggttaa atatctatat tttcttgatt gaaaaataat
   541981 caagagattt ggttgtcaga tattgatgat atgctttatt aaaatttttt agtttacacg
   542041 agacctttag ccaaatacag ggtctggatt aaaagttttc ttggattggt actcggaggc
   542101 tatttatagt acttcacagg tatttttaaa aaaagataat gagattgttt tgagattgtg
   542161 atggaaatcc ttaatagatt caagaagtag tctggcattc ttggacaata ttctaaaatg
   542221 atttgctaac tcagccgtct ataactgaga aaaaaattca tcaaatcaat ctgccacaaa
   542281 tcaaaaagat ttgattgatt tgcttctcta gcttttcaga ttgattatta tgaaagccta
   542341 catccaggct tagaaattca tgcaggtgac taccctggaa ggatccttaa tagcaagaaa
   542401 atctgtggct cctcttctgc atgttctgtg cttcattagg tgattcattt tgcttgagag
   542461 ccaccacttc cctgttttct taagattaac tttgacggct gcatccagaa tacaagtgct
   542521 tatagtggtt caggttttat catcagcact ccacgggttt ttttatagct acaagcagcg
   542581 tcaagatctt tgatattatg gttttgatga cagatttgca ggtagtatgg gaagatttga
   542641 cttatgctac aaaaatttta aaagccctgc acattatttt ggagagggat tttttgatgg
   542701 ttattagatg gttatctgct tcatcatctc tagaggttag ttcccaccct ttagtattgg
   542761 tttgctggca aatggttgct actttttatt ctttcaaagt gacagatatt tataaagaag
   542821 ccagcagtat ggcagattgg gttgtagctt ttgtagccaa tcatacgaag gatactttat
   542881 ggagctctac atccctggtc ctatctaact tttgaatatt ttgcacattg actctcgtag
   542941 atgtattcat acaaagattg tgcaacatat atcgagtcga atccataaat tttcatgaaa
   543001 tctgaataca tattcagcaa aattagcagt tgtgtatccg gatcaaatac aaaattgtaa
   543061 gaataattgt gttcaaattg gataaaatcc tgagttttat acgaattgca attgtgtatc
   543121 tgaatctgag catatatgaa ttgctacaaa agtctgtcat cgaactggat atgaaaatgg
   543181 atctcattag ccaatgtagt tgcatttgat gcctatggac gtagctcttt aacttcttca
   543241 ttgtttataa caaacaataa tcactcaaaa agactattcc aatgtcaacc ttgatggcta
   543301 cttttttgtt cttctttttc cagtgaaaaa cttttaatat gcgacaaaaa ggtaactttt
   543361 tagaaccaaa atctaaacga cacaccagtt tcttgttatt tctcaatacg gccgattgga
   543421 aagaaagagt tgcatattag ttcttcattt cttttttggt taagaatttt gcattgtggt
   543481 ttaccaaaac aagaattttg ttttatggta gtgctattta catgagatat agattcttta
   543541 aacagcaaga cataactccg aactcactct agtaatcaca tccatacagc atctctgctt
   543601 tttcttatgt ttgaacaaaa gatgatcaag ccccatcaac ctgaaacatt aactaggttt
   543661 ggaggatttg cgttcatcac aggattgctc tatttgtgtg gaaaattgta taaaactggc
   543721 tcccatgtag aagtattctg cattagtgtg ggcctcatat cccaagtcat tataatttat
   543781 ttatgcattg ggatatttgt gcacaaatga acacaattgg aggagatatg tgtgcatttg
   543841 gattttttgg aaccaaaaca atagccatcc acaatagcct ctttggtgga tttcaatcac
   543901 caattagcac taaaattgtt cttgaaattg aatttgagca tacaaccagc aacacttatg
   543961 actctgaata gctcttttct cccttataag ccgctgtgtg catggactct gcagtcatat
   544021 ggccatgcct cttatttctt cctgacccaa gcatgaccac cacatgaatt ggaacatgta
   544081 ttacataaat atggtggatg agtgcaatat acgtagttta attcaagggc aagaggcatc
   544141 tagtagacga tctgattcaa atcattttat ttatgcatcc ctcttcattc tctcttattt
   544201 atttataagc gtgccaaaat caaaaggcga attcaccaag acacacgagt acctcacagt
   544261 atatgttagg atttgacgac tcaagattca gcccacattg agcctatagc gaggttcgca
   544321 aaaaaaaatg aaatccaacg agaccaagat catcccaaac ggagctcgga tggaggagat
   544381 acgagctttt gaagtcggta tgagatccga agtgacggag gatcactggc gggccggtgg
   544441 agcgacggcg gcgtgcggcc caagcggggc caacgtgcgg gacgcgcgac ccaggcacgc
   544501 ggtccaggag agcgcgcagc ccagcccatg catgggccca tgcgcgcggg ccggcccagg
   544561 cccaggcgcc ttgcctgggc ctataccccg atccaccgtg gatcgggcga tccacggctg
   544621 agcttatgaa ccgtgtgggc gtttctcacg tattttacgt ggtccatgat actattccat
   544681 ggatcggagt acgatcggac agtgtgggtg actcccgatc ttgatccaac ggcctgggac
   544741 ttgattgggt tgattaagga gtcctaaacc taatctaagt catatttaag cctataaaag
   544801 gccaggaaca gtgaattgtg tggtgtgtgg tcttctagtt ttgccgcaaa ccgccgtacg
   544861 gagccataca gaatccgaga gaagagagag agacagagtg ctgagagaga aggagcagga
   544921 ggctcctgga cagcggatgc cagacacttc aggggttcag agggtcttcc aagagagaga
   544981 gcttttgtga gaaaaacttc tagtgagaga gaaattaggt gtacgagggt tgaagacgag
   545041 atctcttttt gtaaaatttc tttttcatag tgaagtttgc atgccccgtg gaggcgagcc
   545101 cttttgtggc tgatccacgt attttgatta ttttttattt tatttcttct ttcttcctgc
   545161 tgcatcgcgt agtactgaaa aggtcttgaa aggtagtgtc ctagccagac atccacctaa
   545221 caagtggtat tagagccagg ttggtacaag gacgcagatt gcagcggtgg tgagcaagac
   545281 taaagatgga gaagacaaga acaatcaata tggagatcaa caagtttgat ggtaagagca
   545341 atttcttctt gtggcaggca agggtgaaag acgtgctcat ccaacagggg ttgatcgatg
   545401 ctctcttgtg caatgagaag ccgaccacca tggaggtgcg aaattgaaaa cggctataga
   545461 tgcaggcagt gagcaccatc cgcatgtacc tggcggatga ggtggtgatc catgtgctga
   545521 gcgagacttc cccgatggtg ctgtggtcga agctcgagga gttgtacatg atgatatctc
   545581 tcaccaacac tcttttcctc tgaaagcagt tttaccaact gcggatgact gagggacaga
   545641 gcgtgcagga gtatctcaac cacttccaga agatcctcac tgacctcctc aacgttgatg
   545701 agaatattga ggagaagacc agagcgctgg ttttgctagc gttgcttcca ccttcgtaca
   545761 agtccttgat gactgctctt ctagtgggga agagcactat caagatggac gaggtcaccg
   545821 cggcgatact ccaaaatgag gttcttagga gggagaaccc agcttcgagc tcaagtggcg
   545881 gtagctcaac tttggtggct tttggagaag cagaaggcag tagatggagc gacaggagat
   545941 cgcaatgagg gcggtccaag tccaggaggg acttgagcaa aatcgggtgt tatcggtgtg
   546001 aggagttggg acatctaacc agagattgcc ctcaactcaa aaatcggacg gtggctactg
   546061 tagcgacggc cggcagcgat tcagatggag atgttctgga gatatctgac gaggtatcta
   546121 cttcttccca gcagtgaata ttagattctg tatgccccta tcatatatgt tgcagagaag
   546181 aacagtttgt cttcctggag aacggtgagg gcactgtata tctgtcggat ggatcgagct
   546241 gtgcgatcag aggcattggg acggtcagct agaggacaca tgatggtgca gtgaggagat
   546301 tgggggaagt ccgatacata cccaatttca ggcaaaatct tatctcactt agcagactgg
   546361 attcgagagg ctacaggatg gtagctggtg gaggaatcct gagggtgcta cgcagcaata
   546421 ggattgtgct ggaggggaag aaggggagcg gaggacatta ttacctgaca ggaagtccag
   546481 tgcgaggtgg agcttcggga gccaggcgga gttcagggtg aggtggagct ccagaaggcg
   546541 gatcgagcat gagacagaag acttgggagg acgagaggcg acgtcgcaag gtgagattcc
   546601 tattgtcgca tgacgatgtc ccgagcaggt ctcaggttag gaggagcaca gcatacgaca
   546661 gagatgggat cgagcagcct ggctcgactc ctatgtttgc ccatccatga tcagcagacg
   546721 attgccccag ggaatggggg tgaggagatc cagaagcttt tggagtttgg aggaggccga
   546781 atatcgagtc gagatagaga ttgttaggat ttgacgcctt aagattcagc ccacattgag
   546841 cccacagcga ggttcgtggc gaaaaacaaa gtccaacgag accaagatca tcccaaacga
   546901 agctcggatg gaggagatac gagcttttga agtcggcaca agatccgaga tggtggagga
   546961 ccaccgacgg ctggcgatgg gccgacggag cggtggcggc acggccgcag gcggtagcac
   547021 gcggcccagg cggggccaac gtgcgggacg tgcgaccnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   547081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   547141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnncac gggcgcggcc caggcccgcg tgcgtgggcc ggcccaggcc
   547201 cagatgcctt gcctgggcct gtaccccgtt ccaccataga ttggacgatc cacggctagg
   547261 cctatggacc gcgtgggcat ttttcactcg ttttacgaga tccacggtac tatttcatgg
   547321 accagagcgc gatcggatgg cgtgggtgac tcccgatctt gatccaacag cctgagactt
   547381 gatttgggtt gattaaggag tcctaaacct aatttaagtc atgtttaagc ctataaaagg
   547441 tcaggaacag tgaattgtgt ggtgtgtggt cttctgattt tgtcgcaaac caccgtatgt
   547501 aatccgagag aagagagagg tggaagtgct gagagagaag gagcaggagg ctcctggaca
   547561 gcagacgccg ggcacttcag gagttcaaga ggcctttcaa gagagagagc ttttgtgagg
   547621 aaaatttcta gtgagagaga aattgggtgt atgaggattg aggataaaat cttctcttgt
   547681 aaaatttctt tttcatagtg aagtttgcat gtcccgtgaa gatgaaccct tttataactg
   547741 attcatctat tttgattatt ttttatttta tttcttcttt tttcctactg cattgcatga
   547801 taccgaaaag attctgagag atgatgttct ggtcagacat ccacccaaca atatatataa
   547861 aataacaaca acagcaacaa taaaatgata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata
   547921 taatattttt tttttaaaaa aaaagtgggg tccaacggta gctggccctg gttgccatac
   547981 aggtacggcc agttcggacc acatgccgca tccgaatcca aggaccccag tcctcaccct
   548041 caagccccac atagctgcca cgtaagcgat tgtacccact tactactatc cgccgaaata
   548101 tcataccttc cttttttttc tttcgcataa tagtaattaa taaatgcgct tttagtccga
   548161 ttcgctgagg agagaaaccg ggcaaccgac gacccccacc acccagtggt gctccccgtg
   548221 gcggcatccg gcgaaaccaa ggctagggct tgggtggtga ctcacacgtg tcggtggctt
   548281 cgcgtcttcc cccgcacccg aagccgccaa actgtacgcc aaaagagagg gttcttctct
   548341 ttcctccccc gttcccaccg ctaaaatcga agcagagatg gcgatgagaa attaaaaact
   548401 aaaaaaggga aaaagagaaa agggaaaaaa ctagctaaag caaagcaaag cgagggaagg
   548461 gagggagggg aggatgaagg aaagagatta aagaaagaaa gcaagcgcga aagaagaata
   548521 gttcgagaga cgcttctggt ggttcccttc gcttctctct tttcgctggg acgacgagtt
   548581 cggagacgag agagatcgga atccccacgc cactaccagc tcaatgaatt cggttttttt
   548641 tggggtattt ttcagcaatc aatcagttgc tttctttctg cctttttttt tttcctggat
   548701 ttttagcttt tttccggaac tctgttcgtc agataaagga tttctagggt tttggaatgc
   548761 atggagtgtt tcactgtttt gctaattttc ttttcgggtt ttgaattttg tgagaagcga
   548821 ttaatgctag ggttttctaa gcgaattcag aatattagat atagagcgtc caagagaggt
   548881 gtttgagacc ttattggagc ggctagtgct tattgtactg aaccttccaa gaattttctg
   548941 ctgtagtgat tttctcccct tcttctgggc agtgaggtgt attttgtgaa ctctaatgtt
   549001 gcttttcctg cctcacattg gaaaaaagcg gaacttttgc tccatgaatg ctaatgaggg
   549061 ttctttaatc ataaatcatt tgttcaaatc gctagtattt taactgtaaa ttaatttagg
   549121 tgtctataaa ctagctatta ctgttatatt aatggaaaaa aaccgctgtt gtttttagtt
   549181 aatgctttag ttctgatgag aaatgaattt aagaaatgtt gggaacagtt tcttagcatg
   549241 tgatcaagct tcttcatctt tacatactca atcttgtgtt ataagtttga aaataggttt
   549301 ctatgtggtc cgtctacctc gcaccttgag gtgttgggca tagttcatga attccttttg
   549361 gtcattcttt tttcgtcttc tcgatgttct tgatttatgt gcatggcaag ttatgagact
   549421 taccaaatgg ggccttaagc ttgtcaagag catcgtgcat ctagcatcac tgtgatataa
   549481 cgtcaaccat gaaaattaat aagcacagaa ccctttgtat cacatcaaat tagaaacaac
   549541 ttattcttta tgtgatgttg cttgttattc aatacttttt tcgaattcca atttcactaa
   549601 ttgtacctcc ccagactagt gaagctttat aaccactaat ccaattagat tgccacatct
   549661 acctgtcttc catagtatat gacttcttct ctctgttcat cctaactttg gttttctatg
   549721 cttataagct tttcatattt caataaggaa aacagattat ttctggaaaa ctgctgtcat
   549781 caaagactgc aatctttaca atatatttca tgctagaact agctttcaat cttgtctctt
   549841 cttggtgcct taaacaattg gcttttaact tgtatgatgt gtctaccagg tgtaatttcc
   549901 agattgcgtt cctccagctc tcacctgttt tcctatgaaa atgagagcac atgggaccat
   549961 acaaaaagct caaaaagtga agcatgtgca aggggaggga ccaaattggg tgctcattgc
   550021 aggtggtgca ttgcttagca cactgtcaat caggcttgga tgcaagctga agcagatgtt
   550081 tgagactaag cagtctaaga attccaataa tgcgaaaggt attatcatct tcattgaata
   550141 aaccaacttt cagtagcatg accttatctc ctgatgaact gtttagattg ttatctactc
   550201 agagaatgga aaaaatgtag ccaaaaggag gcctggagct tgccagttac attcaaaatt
   550261 gtattgctat actcaggatg aggatggatg ttaccactgc ctctcaggtg tgctgccttg
   550321 aacttagtat tatgtgtatc taaattagct acccaaaaca agacctgcga tcctatgcat
   550381 ttagatggca tgtattggct caatttccag aagctgtctt ccaagcatat ttgtaaggtg
   550441 accagtacat atttgttata tttttttatg tataaagcaa acacttaatt tttgagcatg
   550501 tctggatgtg atctgtagtt gctttacatc tgtttaaggt acatgaggat gtttgaaggt
   550561 aaaaaaatac atgcacgtac tttcaaaacc agtagatttt tggtatcaag cctgggttat
   550621 tcgcataaga gactagttgg gatgcatgcg taagagcaca tgtactttca gtcaattata
   550681 atatcattac atagaaacta ttttggtatt ttagtttcct gtatatgata atagttggta
   550741 gttgaagata catctaacag aattaaaata gattaatgga atgaatggaa tggggggttt
   550801 cttcaggttg ttgcaatatg cctttggcat gtaatgaaca gaataataaa caaccatggt
   550861 tgtggggcat agaatattga gcaacaaggt gccctacttc ctacacataa tttgaatgaa
   550921 atattgatca gaatgttgac ttggtattgt ggtaaaagaa tagaatttta atgtatatgt
   550981 cagtgtgggc attggacttg cacttcttca ggataactag tgtgaactag taatccaagt
   551041 gtgctgcccc aagcttgatt catgcacggg cttatcttga agtgttcctt cctttaatca
   551101 tcctttggtt cctccaacca tggggtttcc actcaattca ttactttttg tttatcaaga
   551161 gtctataatt gtaagaaaac tttaattgtg actggttgac atttgattct ttagtttgta
   551221 ctgtgccttg aagatgaatc caattcactc catctttaaa tgtgtgtgtg gatatatgta
   551281 aaccttatcc ctctttgtgc taactctaca ggggagcaac gaccttgttg cagtacatct
   551341 tgttggttgt tgttggttgt taatgtgcat ttcagaatag aatctctgag cttaatatga
   551401 tgtctagaat tcctgttgca tttaggatgt ttcattttag aaaatattat actatttatg
   551461 caggtcccct atgaagttgt gcgatgctaa tgaaaagcaa tatatttgat atgcaaattg
   551521 aaagtctaga tcaatgcatg cactatgtaa caaacttatt gctaagtgac ttgtatgata
   551581 attgatgctt ttatactttt attaagattt ggaaacaaaa tatagaattc ttcattccca
   551641 taattttgtt cagtagattt tccaattctt ataactaaat taaagatgac agagaacagg
   551701 tgaatttgca ttacatgtgg agattgcatt gtgactattg atcaattgat catttatgct
   551761 agaggcttaa aagttcaggt cattttgatt atttagtttt cttcaagagt tcattgagat
   551821 aagccattat ttaacgtgca ggtgactcct acagcaaaaa aaatgttgat atatctgtcc
   551881 taattgagat cattcttgca tgtaattaca tcaatcatgt aacctttttc aatgagcatg
   551941 gaataccatg tgcaattggc tttttcaaaa ttctttctgg gaatggacat ttgctgtgcc
   552001 ttgtagtagc tctgtttttg ctggtcttgt ttaacattgc cacatataaa atttgaagtc
   552061 aacaaccaat aagtgttttt gcttatattt ttatcatgtg ttcatttaat tgtttttgca
   552121 tttctactct tgaattgctt tcttgcatgt cattttggtc aaatctggat actgaagtgt
   552181 ctgttttagt ctataccaag atgttcgcta tgcaatttca gtttttggta tactaggatg
   552241 agtgtagaaa ggaaaagccc tggggagagg agggtggggg attgctggtt aaagatggcc
   552301 ttcagtgaag gaccacttcc tccagaaact atctgttctt tctattaagc atttttatgt
   552361 cattaccatt gattttgagt acatgccatg taacaccaca tatagattga gttcttatgc
   552421 cttctttctc aatgcccgtt aaattgaaat cttttgatgg tataactctt atgcttatgg
   552481 gactaattca ttctgctctt cagctgcctg tgcatttgag atgagcagat ctcctatatc
   552541 aaaactattg tcttattctt ttgttcagaa cagtgtgttt ctgtttcata gtgtgagctt
   552601 aaactgcggt tcatatggta gatgtccata cacatcaact tgtcatattt gtttttgcaa
   552661 tgggtctctt tcttgcctaa gtttgccttg gctatgagca agtcattagt ccataattgg
   552721 ctgaagttag gctggcagct agtattactc agccttccat ggagccttct caactctgac
   552781 ttgtgcttta aagtcaacct catatttggt aggataaaaa agggttgggt gaagaacatg
   552841 ataacaatga agtctaaagt ttgattgcat gatagtgcac tgctgtttat ttccttgttc
   552901 ttccatattg gtttgattac gttctcatat ttgttaacgt ctcctggtct tcaaaatcat
   552961 atcagatatg ctcatcaatg tatacattta gagtatgtct tctttttcca aattcaaact
   553021 agctgacctg ggtaccaaga gctgtaaaca atgtagtact aaaagcaacg agcttgagtt
   553081 tcagaacaag cttggtatga tggtgatttt ggtttttagg tgtcagcttt cgatgatggt
   553141 tatctggcaa ggactggtaa tatggttgag atgaaaatag tccttttttc tcaggcatat
   553201 gttcttggtt taatgagttc ttttcgtttt tctgagtccc agaagttttt ggttttctgg
   553261 tgctttcatt attaggaaaa aacctatatg gtttggcagt tctgctatag ttgaactgat
   553321 aattttcttt tttctcaaga attgacattt accagttacc ttgtactctt cattgtttcc
   553381 acaatttttc caatatggga agatggaatt gtagccagta atatgatccc cacaatctgg
   553441 catatattgt gaatagagta aaaaatagtt tattttgctc ttgtggtctt ggtatgatat
   553501 tgcaacttcg attcttcgat tcttcaatag ttggcccaaa agggcaaaaa gaaacttgaa
   553561 tagaagtgga aaaaactctc tgacttgcac cagtttaatt ctgttgttca aatgctaata
   553621 tgatgacagg gacctcggat ggtgcagtgg atgttaagca accacctgct ggcccatggt
   553681 caaaagatgc agatgtttcc ctttcattag taaaggtccc tgaagcaaat tcaaataacg
   553741 atagcagtgg ggtgatgtgg gcatcttcac ctgatcaccc agagctgcct cggaggccat
   553801 tccaccactc aaacagttca gactctccct gcatctcaga atccggatca gatatctaca
   553861 gcaaacgaga ggtgatacaa aagctacgtt tgcagcttaa gagacgggat gaaatgataa
   553921 tggagatgca ggcccagatc atggacctac agaattctgt tggcatccaa atgacccact
   553981 cagccaagtt gcagtcgcag cttgattctg caaacgggga cttgtttgac acagaaagag
   554041 agatccagcg gctaagaaag gccattgctg atcattgtgt tgcagatgca ggctttctgg
   554101 aaaaacctgt ggccaccaga acttggcggc cggaagccat caatggccag gttaatggat
   554161 atgttgacag cacggatgat gtagagttgc actgtgttgg tggggaaaag gtaagagatg
   554221 atagtgagag ggttgagatg ctcaagagga aagttggaga actaaaagaa gtgattgaag
   554281 gaaaggactt tctgcttcag agctataagg agcagaaggt ggaactatgt tcaaagataa
   554341 aggagttgca gctgagacta gaatctcagg tacctaatat cttgtaagac agtattgtga
   554401 tggttctgat ttttgttcag gccttggccc tctaatctga gggctgtttg cttcttttta
   554461 tttgcgctgc aaattttcat gtttgtatag tttctggcat gtctgcgtgg cacatgcttg
   554521 tctaatattt ttgcataaaa gaaacccgag tctgaaaaga acagattagg tgagagctaa
   554581 cttgtgaggc catttacatg catgattact tcaagcaatt tggaagggtt ttggcagctg
   554641 agaattgaag ccagataaag atctacaatc gagtcctgat gaaggggaga agtccaaatt
   554701 aatcaaaact gtagtcacca gctaaccgat ccttgttggt tctttgcatc tttgctaatg
   554761 catggtagat tgctagttcc tactgcaatg caagtgtgaa acagctagct tttgatttct
   554821 accaaaaaaa aaacagctaa gttttgatgt cttcatttaa agggctaatt ttgatgtctt
   554881 gaatctgtgt aacagcttct gcagacaatc atcctgttat tatttaattg atgttgcgtt
   554941 tcaaatatgg tcacggacct atttcgctga gctatttaaa ttttctttga tggtaccttg
   555001 tctgtgtgtt cctttgcgaa ttccacagct accggatggg gttttttttt tattttttag
   555061 cagcataaat tataaagttc tccttaagct ttgtgtttat tacatttaca ttcattagtt
   555121 tgagatatct atacatgtat ccagttaaat tcataatgtt agtacaaccg tttacaatat
   555181 ataaaaattt gaaattatcc attccgtgtc ccatgcacac ccatcacccc cctcctccga
   555241 tctcggagat gtatgccagc agcacggcaa agctcattgt ggcggcgttg ctccagtgct
   555301 ttcttgaaag gtggtcgtgc tagatgatgt agtctgcgga ctaccaccca tggttctgac
   555361 attataaaat atcatattgg gtaggtttca tattgtatca tattttttta atatcaattc
   555421 taaaagataa atttaaaagt taaatatttt ttttattgac ggagttatta atttcatgat
   555481 taaaatattt ttttcttctt catttttaat gcatagtgat atatattata ttacaatata
   555541 ttatatatta aatatataat caaatgatac atattataag cttttttgat acatatctag
   555601 taatgatcta atacatatat atggctaaat tgatatataa tttactgaac ttagtattca
   555661 ctaatacata gtagatgatt agttgatata catctagcaa aatatttatc caacatctca
   555721 atacacatct atagataaag tgatatataa ttttttaaat atagtattca ttaacacaca
   555781 gcatatgagc aaatgatata tactagatgg cttattgata tatactgtaa tttttttgat
   555841 acatacccag caacaatcca atacacatct agagttcctt tctcctcttc caaatccctc
   555901 ttttttctaa gatttttgta ttaaaggttc ataaaaacta tgtatcgttt gtctagatat
   555961 atggaatgtc gaatgaatat tttgcgagat gtgtatcaac tgactatata ctatatacca
   556021 atgcatagaa gttcggtaaa ctatgtatcg atttttctat aggtgtgtat tatattgtta
   556081 ttgagtgtgt atctaaaaag cttataatat atattaataa gtcgtctagt gtgtattatt
   556141 tgttcatata ctgtatattg atgaatgtta tattttaaaa attatatgtc gctttaccta
   556201 aaggtatgta ttggaatgtt ggatgaattt tttattaggt atgtatcaac tagtcatata
   556261 ttttatactg ctgaaattaa gttcgatgaa ctatgtatca attacctata ggtgtgtatt
   556321 gaattattgc tacataggtg tgtattgaat tattgctaca tgtgtattca aaaaagctta
   556381 tagtatgtag cacttagcta tatatttaat gtatattatg tgattatata gtatgtatcg
   556441 ttatatactg aaaatgagga aggaagagaa tgccttgatc atgagattaa taattctatt
   556501 agcagaaaaa aaaattactt attttttaaa attaatgtta aaagaaacat agcaaactat
   556561 gatgaccatt ccaaatgaca ctttatagtg cccgccccat atagtttttg ttcgtccatc
   556621 atgaactcca ctgtcaacga tctggacatt caaccgccac tatgtattgt cctacttatg
   556681 ccaatgtata atgttggagc tagggatggc aatgggtagg atttgggtcg gatattatac
   556741 cacccatctc caaacttgaa cttaatatct tatactcaaa tcctacccga tacccaattg
   556801 gataagaaaa gagatatctg tccccatacc caacggattc gaagatacct atgggtaacc
   556861 catttttcca tatccaatct atacctgctc catacttatt ccatacccaa aaaaaataaa
   556921 caatcaaaat aattttatgc atattatcaa tcaaaataaa attaccaatt caacatagga
   556981 cataatttat aagtctaaat ttataaaaat caaatatata aataaaatta caattcaaca
   557041 tagaacatat aaataatcaa aataatttta tgcatattat caaattacca aaatagaatt
   557101 ataaacatat atattcaggt atggatttag atattaccca tattcaggtt cggagtgggt
   557161 tcgagttcag atttggatag aaaacagtgt tatcaatact ttattcatac tcgtactata
   557221 attttcagat tttatccaaa tccgatcaaa tcttattttt tgaatttgat cggatttaag
   557281 taagatgtag atccatcgag tcggattgat tttatcattt ctagttggag ccaatggact
   557341 ggcaaaatat ttgaaagata tttcggcaaa aacaaagatg attatgatgc gttccaataa
   557401 gaaatgatcg agatagcctc agcaatgctg cgagtatcga ggggctagca agggaccccg
   557461 agggcactgg gtgggcggcc atgcttgacc cctaggtgat ccacgagtgg ccagcccttg
   557521 aactaggcaa ttggatagat ccatcgagtc ggatcgattt tatcatttct agttggagcc
   557581 aatggactga caaaatattt gaaagatatt tcggcaaaaa caaagatgat tatgatgcgt
   557641 tccaataaaa aatgatcgag atagctcagc aacgctgcga gtatcgaggg gctagcaagg
   557701 gaccccgagg gcactgggtg ggcggccatg cttgacccct gggtgattca cgagtggcca
   557761 gcccttgaac taggcaattg gattggactc cacaagtgct tctgagttgc cacagcgctt
   557821 aggcatgagg gctgcattga ggtccccatc aaagtcctcg gccctcaatg attctctctc
   557881 tgcctccctg tccgtgggat acgtcctttc ttgatgaacc ttttgtattc cattgtactt
   557941 ggagggtcga atccatgcaa cgcaaatcga gtctttttcc taaataatat ataaaaaaaa
   558001 attatttatc taaataatat aaattttaat ttatttacga atctaatgca aaagggataa
   558061 aacaccattc aaacttattt acgaatctaa tgcaaaagag ataaaacgtc attttgaatg
   558121 acattttatc caagccacgt cacccataat tttcacgtag acgtcatcca aaaaaaaaaa
   558181 atagaaaacg tcattcaaaa tgatgttttc taatttttcc cctaaaaaaa aataaaaaaa
   558241 taaaaaaaaa ttataatttt aaatttataa ataaataaaa attttaattt tgaatgaaat
   558301 ttaaaatata aaaatttaaa attttcaatt caaataaaaa aataatttta gataattttt
   558361 ttcttttcaa attaattttt ttaaaaaaat atctaaacaa aaattaaaaa aattaaaaat
   558421 atcatagaaa aagaaaaaag gagaaagaaa tgtgaaagaa aaaaaaatta taaatttaaa
   558481 tttaaaaaaa taaaaaattt taaatttaat ttaaaaacat catttcaaat tctttctcca
   558541 tttcaaatta attttttttt taaaaaaaaa tatttaaaaa aataaaaatt taaaaaaata
   558601 aaaagtgcca ttaaaaaata aaaaatttaa aaaaatcaga aaaaaataag aattataatt
   558661 tgaaatttaa aagaaataaa aattttaaaa ttaattaaaa taaaaaatat catttcaaat
   558721 tactttccca atttcaaatt aatttattta aaaaatattc caaacaaata aaaaaatagc
   558781 ctaaaaaaat tcataaaaat aaaaaaattg aaaaaattga aaaattatat aattataaat
   558841 ttgaattaaa aaaaataaat ttttaatttg aattaaattt tgataaaaaa ataaatgtca
   558901 taaaaaagtg aaaaaaagag gaaaaatgtg aaaaaaataa atttctaaat taaaatttaa
   558961 aaaaataaga attttaactt taatttaaat aaaaaatatc atttcaaatt acattatcta
   559021 tttcaaatta ttttttaaaa aaattatctg aagaaaagaa aaaatattgt aaaaaaataa
   559081 aaaataccat aaaaaagaaa aaaggaaaaa atagaattga aaaaaataag aattgtaatt
   559141 ctaattgaaa aacaaaattt taaattttaa attttaaaaa ataaaaattg taattataat
   559201 tgaaataaaa aatatcattt taaataacta aaaaaatgga aaagaatggg aaaaaaataa
   559261 aatatataat tttaaattta gaaataaata aaaattttaa ttttgaatga aatttaaaat
   559321 ataaaaattt gaaattttaa ttaaaataaa aagataattt taaattattt ttttttcaaa
   559381 ttaatttttt tttaaaatat ataaataaaa atcttaaaaa attaaaaata tcatagaaaa
   559441 agaaaaaaaa gagaaggaaa tgcgaaaaaa ataaaaatta taaatttgaa tttaaaaaaa
   559501 tgaaaatttt aattaaaaat taaaaattaa aaaaaagaat tttaacttta attcaaatta
   559561 aaaatatcat ttcaaattat tttgtctctt tcaaattttt tttgaaaaaa atatctgaaa
   559621 aaaaattgat gtaaaaaaat aaaaaatact ataaaaaaag aaaaaggaaa aaaatagaat
   559681 tgaaaaaaat aggaattgta attctaattc aaaaataaaa tttataattt tgaattttaa
   559741 gaaataaaaa atttgaaaga aataaaattt ttaattttaa ttaaaataaa aaatataatt
   559801 caaataagaa acatcatttc aaattacttt ctctatttta aattaattat ttttttttct
   559861 cataccacac cgtacgtacc tattcgtatc tgtatcagat cgagatgtac cagtacgatt
   559921 caattcatct cataattaaa ttattcgata tattattatt atttatgtta taatttttat
   559981 agtccttgta gcataacttt ttctctccta atgttctgag acacattcga gtatgtgtat
   560041 ccatatgcac aaagcataat attcgatcat ttgaaattaa ataatataaa ataaaattaa
   560101 tatttaatat tattaaatag aataaaaata ttaaacatat aaaaaatagt acaataaaaa
   560161 tataaaaaat attaagtaca aatataataa agactaagtc ccacaaggac gtcgcggtgc
   560221 ctgtggtcgc ttggaccttc tcaggaaggt cctcgccggc tgctcttgct gtgatggctc
   560281 ctcccctata tcagtagagg agatctactg atcatgctgc tcaggaataa ctgatgctgt
   560341 cggatcatct acggactgag agacctgttc aaccctctca tctggataca cggatggacc
   560401 tgaaaagaaa gtatcatact catgtggcca actgataccc gatgatatca tctgggggat
   560461 gtaggaagaa gaacgcgctg ccatctatgg atcaaaatgc ggtggcatct atgcagcatc
   560521 taatgatgac atctgcggaa tatgcggtga tggcatatgt gaaacatatg ataacgatgt
   560581 atatctcata tatgatgctg ggactgctcc ataccaaggc gcacagctat atgggtcaac
   560641 accaatcgcc accaatattt tgaaacttgt tctctccatc tcccacagta tccaaatccg
   560701 ttcgtcccca tcagtcgtag ataaagcacg acgagcgtcc aacacaaaat ccgacataga
   560761 atcagtctac aaaataaaaa taaaacagtc agtatactgt aaaatataaa ataaaaatat
   560821 aacacaaata atataaagta attttcgtaa tcttaccaaa aaatgcacag tagaactctc
   560881 gccctcgtat ccgggaactg cataccgagg ctgtccaatg actcgcaccg taatgctaaa
   560941 aaatcaagtc atgtagtcat cggtatatga acggcctctc aaaataggat caccatgaac
   561001 aatgtgatct cgacgtgcat cccaaatatc gatgtactct acatgtctga tatgccagtc
   561061 aatacgagct ctccctcgtc gatcaatacg atgaagtccc tgactggtat caaactgctc
   561121 tgggatgtcc tgaatttgac caaattgccg taggacacga tcagaaagat gcaactctac
   561181 cacatcaaaa taaataagtg gtaccctagc agtccatatg tggtgtccaa ctgtccacat
   561241 ctgcggcagt atagccaata tctcatctgt atatggctcc cacaaaaatt gatagagtta
   561301 aaataaaaaa aattagtaag ctaaaatttt aatagattat gaatactgta aaatgatatt
   561361 tgtaaaaaat tcaaaattta cccgtctata tgtatcaact aatgtatccg actggtacct
   561421 ataaacccgt atcactctca tcgatacgtg atgaacgttg aatgcaacgt tccatctgtt
   561481 tcacaatcta ctcatattaa ataaatttta tcaaatttaa aacagtaagt ttgaaataaa
   561541 aaaaataata tttcgatacc tatatttcaa tggtccgtct agtctgaatg gaacattagg
   561601 atcctgctgc tctgatggca tctcgagcaa ctgtcgtcgt aatggactga tagtcggctt
   561661 acactcccat acccaaatct gcaaatttca aaaaaatcat acatgatata cctaatgtaa
   561721 aatataatta aatattaaaa ataaaaattt ttaattcaca tacctgtaat aatacaagat
   561781 aaccaccaat ctcgttctga tcagtataag aaccccgaca catagctctg tataggcaag
   561841 ctagtactgc actgccccaa ttgagtcgat gagtgaagtt taaatctttt aataatggca
   561901 aaaacatcaa ctgcatctta tttgatgaag tatcgggtaa caggatacca cctaacaatc
   561961 gtagcacctg acccctaaca tactgctgca ccatcttctc tggtgcatca tccgcaatat
   562021 gaaaatatca ataacgatca tccaaacact caatcctgag tcatgaatga tcgaaaaaat
   562081 atgcgtcgag ctcaaaccct agcaatcgca agcacaaagc ctaccactcc ggaatggtaa
   562141 gcgtgggatc aactccgata actggatcgc catcaattgg tagtccagta aggatgctga
   562201 catcctgtaa agtgatggtc gcctcatcaa atggaagata aaatgtgtgt ctctggatgc
   562261 catctctcaa gcaaaacagt aataagacca acgtccatct gtatacgacc aatcagatat
   562321 actccataaa atctcagata tcgtaaataa tctaacactc tatgtgggat gtcctctgtc
   562381 ctccaaaagt cagcatcgaa tcgtcggaga cgaaggtgtt tgggctcctg caataaaata
   562441 taataattag ataatgtata tgacttttaa aataaaaatt agataattag ataatgtata
   562501 cgctaatgaa tctaaaataa cgatattatc accggtgtat taaaaaataa gacacaatat
   562561 attttaaaca caatattgtc acacaataca acttaaacat aaaattcagt tcatctcagg
   562621 atattaaaca tgtatattca aatacaatct cacagaaata cataaaataa tgacgaaaat
   562681 aagtcttcag agcccttaat ttcttccact gcttgaaatt gaagtatgtt gaagtatcct
   562741 aggacagtga cgacggtcat gaccctgttc cctacaaatg ccacaatggt tcttacttct
   562801 tatttgccta tcatccatct catttcgtaa tcttgttgac tttggtctac ctttctgctt
   562861 gggtctcaaa cgatgatgat caggaatata tttgaacata cgtgtatgca tccaataatc
   562921 ttcatgtagt aatggattaa agtcaccgct ccaagcattc atatatgctg taattgtata
   562981 tgcatcatcc acaaaatcac taaaatatac agtaatttct tgatacacag ctaaaacatg
   563041 taaacatgga tatttgtaca tgctccactt ttcataagaa tattttcttt cagctaaagt
   563101 aacagtatga aaattttctc cacctcataa ccctgcgctt gctctcctcg taagtacttc
   563161 atatatacct ctttgaaggt tgaatgctgt tactcggtgc tagttagctt taacttgatc
   563221 ttcagcaatc ttaattataa catgaggagt aaaaagatta tttggattct cctctacata
   563281 tctcaaagct tgggcatgcc tcgtattgaa gtatttcaca agacgataaa atatcatttg
   563341 aacacaagct gtaattggca catttctagc tcctcgtaaa atactgttaa aaatctctga
   563401 caaatttata gttaagacac catagcgcag gccatcatca tgtgccaaca tccacttctc
   563461 cttttctatc tcggacaacc agctccaagc ctcttcattc actgttctga tcctacccat
   563521 gataaagttg aacttgcgaa cttgatgagc gcttcctgct tgccatactg ctcttttcag
   563581 ttgcacattt ttaaaatgag tgttgaaatt actgcagata tatcttaaac agtatcggtg
   563641 atagacacgt ggtggactcc atccaataga ctcatctgtg atggcattta atatacctgg
   563701 atgcctgtca gaaattaagc atatttcatt tctatcttta acgatatgtg ttctgagctg
   563761 gaaaaaaaat caattccaac ttgcagtcat ctcctcatcc acaattacat atgctaatgg
   563821 aaatatccca ttctctgcat caattcctat tgcaattaat atcttacctt taaacttttc
   563881 atacaagtgc gtgccatcaa tgctgattac aggacggcag tgcgtaaaat cctggataga
   563941 tggtttgaaa gctcagaaaa tataatttaa aactcggata ttggaattca cagtttgaaa
   564001 aaaattctat gaacaactgt accgggattt gtatgttgaa gtgcaaccat ataataggat
   564061 aatttagcat aagacggctc ttattctcca taaatatcaa ccaatgcctt ctgctttcca
   564121 caccatgctt tcctgtatga cactgtatat tgaaattgat cattaacggt tgccacaata
   564181 gcttcaactt taacatcggg atctttctca acaatatgtc ggactaatgt gctaatcatc
   564241 tttccactga catgtttgtg gtctcgactc aatcccataa acaaacaagt gtgaggatcc
   564301 tcatattttg tgatttgaaa atatccatat tttttcaaca atgcagcacg aagcctccat
   564361 ttacaatttt gaacattatc tgatgatgcg tatcgtacgg accataattt cgaatgtgac
   564421 cgatgcttca taatgtgata aagatcaaca gctctcctta cataatcttt actctcaaat
   564481 attagacctt taaaaaattc agtcatcgag gagtcccaaa actgattgtc agagttcaat
   564541 cttcgaccag cactaacaca accaccatca tctaaattta tatcgttaaa atattatgaa
   564601 ggttcgtgca aacgaggttg aggttcttct acattaatat tagcctgaac atcttcatca
   564661 tcattctcat cttcaccatc atcatcatta ctgctactgt cctcatccat ccagcagtct
   564721 tcatctccac ttttatctga ctcaaagcct agactatcag aatttattcc accgactacc
   564781 cagccatcgt tccctatatg agtgtcgtct cccacactta ccactacttc tagcaaagga
   564841 gaagtcacca tagcagaaga cacaggagaa gtcactatag gactctgaat aattggacaa
   564901 ctaggaccga cagtagtgga atgttgttct gccaaaatga cctcaacact atcagtttgc
   564961 accataggag ttacgaaagg tgaggaaggc ccaatattat tgtccgcttg agttaaaagc
   565021 cgactatggt atccaaagct tggtacatct ttcttttcaa tatataattc taaaaatcga
   565081 tattctgaat atttcaaagg aaaggtcagc atttcttcga catcttcatc atcatcaatt
   565141 ggaactaaga tatatttgct ctgtattaac tgtcccgaca gattaggaga tttttatttc
   565201 aattttattt catatttttc tttatctaca agaatactgc tgtataaatg atccaataat
   565261 tcttgacgtg ataatgatga agatactcta atcatccgat ttgcagggtg actgtactgc
   565321 acaccagttt catcattttg tatcatacca tcataatata atagtacacg aactcgagta
   565381 ctgaccattt tctcagagaa acctacgata aaatcaaaat caaaatattt agtattatta
   565441 attattttat catttcaaaa gatttatgca tcatatcatc aacaaatagg tacagataga
   565501 tcctatccca ttcgagaatt atattaattc tatagattaa ttacattaat caaacgatac
   565561 gcaaaaagga ccgaaagaaa ttttgacagc atttcttctt agttctcccc acacgactca
   565621 aaatgtgtga ggagaactaa agaaaaatac tatccgatat ttctctcgaa cccttcacat
   565681 atcattcgaa taatataatt atctatagaa ttaaatgtaa ttcccaaact atccaaactg
   565741 gacaatcaat tgatcaatat atatatttta cggtatccgt ataaaaatat atatttaaat
   565801 atatatttta tacggatatc gtagaatatt ctatattgat caattgacgg gtctacattt
   565861 tcatgaaatg taatatattt taaaattttt aaattacgat cgaatcgaat tttaaaatac
   565921 atctgaatct aatgagataa aaataaaaat aaaaataaaa aataatgaga taaaaaaaaa
   565981 gattgaaata gatggcccac cgtgggggcc atcgtgaggc cgccgccagg ggccgtcgcg
   566041 aagccaccgt cgagggccat cgcggagcgg ccacggggcc cgatggggcc cgccgccatc
   566101 ccggcccatc acgtgggacc tgtcgtatcc caccgccggg cccgctgccg gagaagggga
   566161 aggtcggggc ccaccacagg gggccgccgc cgtgccccga tggggcccac cgccccggnn
   566221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   566281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnag gggagaggag gggccgtcgg
   566341 ggcccgccgt cggggcgcat gggccgccac cggccgtctg tcaccggcgg ccaaggaaaa
   566401 agagggagca gagagaggaa gagggagagg agggggccca ccgtcggggc ccccgggccg
   566461 gccgtcgggg tgcgcggccc gccgctggcc ctctgacgcc ggtggccaag gaaaaagagg
   566521 gagagagaga gagaggaaga gagagagagg aagagggaaa ggaggggccg gccaagggaa
   566581 ggggaccgct ggggccgttg cgggggccca ccgtcggggc gcgtgggccg ccaccaaccg
   566641 tctgtcaccg atggccaagg aaaaaagagg gagagagaga gaggaagaga gagagaggaa
   566701 gagggagagg agggggctgg ggcccgccgt cggggcgcac ggcccgctgc cggccctctg
   566761 acgccggcgg ccaacgaaaa aagagggaga gagagagagg aagagggaga gagaggaggc
   566821 agctcatcgc tgccgggagc tcgccgccgt accgtcgtgc cgtcggagag gcgccgaaga
   566881 agggagaagg gagaagagag aagggagaag ggagaagagg gagaagaggg agaagggaga
   566941 gaagaagggg gagaagggag aaaacaccat tccctttgac gttttttctt ttttttctct
   567001 tttccttttt tttgattttt tttgattttt ttcttaattt ctttaattat ttttttatga
   567061 ttttttaata aataaaatta attaaaaatg gagatagtaa tttgaatgat aatttttaat
   567121 ttgaattaaa gttaattttt ttaatttata attataatta ctattttatt accatttttt
   567181 cttcttttat tcacttcttt tatgacattt tttttagaat tcaatttaaa atttttataa
   567241 ttttaaatta taattttaat tttctttcat ttttatcttt ttggcattct attacgtatt
   567301 tttttattta tttaaaatat tttttaaata attaaattta aattaattta gttatttaaa
   567361 atgatatttt ttatttcaat tataactaaa atttttattt cttaaaattg aaaattataa
   567421 tttttatttt tgaattcgaa ttataattcc tatttttttc aattctattc ttttcctttt
   567481 ttttaatgat attttttact tttttacaat attttttttc ttttcttcag atattttttt
   567541 aaaaaattaa tttgaaatga agaaagtaat ttgaaatgat attttttatt tgaattaaag
   567601 ttacaattct tatttttttt aaattttaaa tttacaaatt tctttttttt cacatttttt
   567661 ctcttttttt cactttttta tggcatttat ttttctttta tcaaaattga attcaaatta
   567721 aaaatttatt ttttttaatt taaaattata attatataat tattctattt tttatttttt
   567781 ctatttttat gaaatttttt taggctattt ttttattggt ttggaatatt ttttaaataa
   567841 attaatttga aatggagaaa gtaatttgaa atgatatttt ttattttaat taaatttaaa
   567901 aattttattt attttaaatt ttaaattata atttttattt ttttaatctt tttaaatttt
   567961 tgacttttta atgccacttt ttgttttttt aattttttat ttttttgaat attttttttt
   568021 aaaattaatt tgaaatgggg aaagaatttg aaatgatgtt tttgaattaa atttaaattt
   568081 tttatttttt ttaaattcaa aattataatt tttatttttt tcatatttct ttctcatttt
   568141 ttctttttct atgatatttt taatttttta aatttttaag atttttgttt agatattttt
   568201 ttaaaaatat taatttgaaa agaaaaaata atttaaaatt atttttttat ttgaattaaa
   568261 aattcaaatt tttatatttt aaattttatt caaaattaaa atttttttta tttataaatt
   568321 taaaattata aattttattt ttttctcatt ttttttattt tttttcattt ttttgggaga
   568381 aaaattagaa aataccattt aaaatagtgt tttctatttt ttttttttgg acgacttcta
   568441 tgtgaaaatt atgggtgacg tagcttagat aaaatattat tcaaaatgat gttttatctt
   568501 tttttttttt ttttacatta gattcataat taaattaaaa tttaaattat ttagataaat
   568561 aatttttttt ttatattatt taggaaaaag actcaacgca gatcgcccaa acatgcagcc
   568621 agatcccaca ttcactgggc cctgcaatca tgtgcaatta ttgttaggta gctattgatt
   568681 gcaaaatctg tcagttatgc taatctattg tactttggcg tggcacgtgg atatctggat
   568741 tccctcgagg gtgcgcaaag aaaacggtgt cgtggctggt attgtaacgc agaaataaaa
   568801 atattattaa ttttatattg attatgagtt aaaaaaattt aatttaaata gaaaaagatc
   568861 atcttttttt atatgagata tattttgatg agcaaaacta tgaagttcat aagattcata
   568921 agccattgac cgtaataatg atgcgtcaga tagaagacca cctcttcagc tatggggctc
   568981 ctcccatcca tacatcgatt ctttcttaac tagaaggact atattgtaac atagaagaga
   569041 ggacatcgtt aatcctacat taatatgagt taaagagact ctgatttata taagaaggga
   569101 tcattcatca ttagtcctat attaattatg agttaaagaa gattctgatt tatataagaa
   569161 gtaatcatct ttttcacata agatactttt taaaggatgg ccacaatagt tggcatagtg
   569221 gttggaggtg tcaatatcct gaaggtattg gagaaccgga tccatgatga agcacgttgg
   569281 cctggcaatt atagatataa tagccgtagt ccaagttgag gatgaagagg ccatcatgag
   569341 gccatcagac atgatggccg atgcatgcac tctttgtcat tgtcgtacgc tggccgcttc
   569401 ttccatgaca catacaccat catcggtagc tggatttccc catcgcaaaa gtcgatcatc
   569461 tctcttctgg cagccaaaat agcggattat ccgaaggtgc ttcaccatca cctacaacaa
   569521 atagttagat ccaataaact ctcaagattt ggaaagagat catgatggca atgatggaat
   569581 gtttatgcca tagcaatatt ttacctataa gatcctggca tgatcttctt agaatgcttg
   569641 ggtaggggtg gcaacgtcaa gtatagattg aatcggccaa tatctatatc catctcacaa
   569701 ttaaaaatct cacaaactat atccattcta tagccatctt aaatcagatt ggatatatat
   569761 aaataatata aaattattat aattttgaaa gagagatata tattaagatt atatcgagtt
   569821 agatttgaga tagtgcatat cattatcggt atctaatcag aattcacttt gaatattttt
   569881 ttaaaaaatt ataacctctt tgagtgctag aggaccagga gttacatatc ctgtaggttg
   569941 gctaaaattg ccatgctgat gcttggggcc ggaaatctag tgtctcgtcc gccgtccgtg
   570001 tcgctttctg gaccttgatc ggctcgagcg ggtcgccact gttcttcctc gtgcgcttca
   570061 acatctccat tttctcccag gcattgaatg ccttggacca cctccggatg gaatccggca
   570121 ggctgttgat cctcaccttg aattcagtgc acaccctctt caccttcctc cgatctttta
   570181 caaagtcttg ctgcctcttg ttcttggtca actcaccctt accttggcta ggtgtcatgc
   570241 tttcggcaga aggaatataa gacgtcggca aagctggcag ccttggccat ggcctcaaag
   570301 gtgaggagag ccgctccatc atctgatatg tcgcatccca acttctccac cggattggtc
   570361 catgaccaga atggataaca tggtcactta atgttatttt ttcggatgtg gcattaggta
   570421 taatgatttg attaatattc tgttaaatta tgggctaaaa gtttatggag gtaaccatat
   570481 atttttcaaa ctatgaaata taaatataat ttagctttaa tctcaagaag atttttataa
   570541 tttattttat ttttttacgg ctgagtaaga aacaagaggg acaataagaa agaacaaaag
   570601 cctccagcaa ccacccccac aagatgacat ataaaactcg atgatgattg ctagaaaaca
   570661 gctgaatttc tggcttagtt ttcagactgt ataaaggtag gtacggttga caaggtttct
   570721 ttctttcata agctagtggg agtagtagtg ttcaacaggc aaaacgttca ttcgtagtta
   570781 cattccgtgg cccctttctt ccccttgcac tgacccgtta ctgggggaag ccatcttccg
   570841 atcttttaca cctgacacgt ttatacccct tctctgtttc tcccaggtga cgtctgatat
   570901 gtcaccagtt tctgccaggt gacgtgccaa tttttatgct tctgatctac gaggcattta
   570961 tatttcaagg acatgacaaa tcagttccag aggagtagtg caaaaacatc ctggtaccaa
   571021 catacctgct tgtccagcat catacacttg aaagctgaag aacagatgac cagaacattg
   571081 tgcaaaacaa tgccatttaa ttcaattacc caccttggtc tttgtttctc catttgttga
   571141 tccatactgg cacgctgcaa tgtgtctaag ctcatgttac agcaagattt aaagtcaaat
   571201 gctttcagtt aaagtacctt gagcttaaaa tcaagtgaaa gaaaaggttt atgatacaag
   571261 catactggct ttgcatagat aattttctgc tccatgccgg tgcattttta tgcattggga
   571321 tacatcatac acctacatag gtttacgaca ggcaatgatg gcaaacttaa ttagcttctt
   571381 gttgtagcct tcgatcatga gaggcatcgc aagcgctcct ctaatggtct tccatcctag
   571441 caacccacag caatgaggcc acatcagtcg caagatgagg acaaatgcca gattatcggt
   571501 tatctcaata gagtcaggag attaccgctt cgtaacagtg atgtgaaacc ctgccatgtc
   571561 aaggcagatc ggataactgc aggccaaaat ggtgccacat tctctgacca atcagctgtc
   571621 tttatatcct gtcggagcaa cagaagaaag agttatagta actctggaaa ttttcgagct
   571681 tgtaagtatg catactgtgc ttttatatac ttgtttaacc caattcaatc caggtggatt
   571741 gagcctgcat gtaatcaaat aggatgacat gaatagctga ttcagttgat atgtgccaca
   571801 gatgttcaat aatattaaag ctgatacatc caaagccttt cttcagaaga attaaattgc
   571861 ctagttataa atgttgttta gtgattcatt ataatcaaaa aagtatattg ctcttatgtg
   571921 atgtaatgca ttttacctca agtgataagg attgagctat tttcacataa tcactggctg
   571981 agcaccaggc tggcaggtaa tatgcactgc aaatcttgct caagagattc aattcattgg
   572041 gctgcaatga ctcttcagag ggtgaaagat ccctgtggca ccaagtaact atgataatgg
   572101 tggctcctgg tgctgcaacg cgtgccaatt cacctacaaa ctgagaaaaa agcaagatca
   572161 cattagataa tgacacccaa gcaaaatcac aatttttcta ctttatggtg agatagttac
   572221 tatggaaatg ctctcacagg actgtgcact gatttaaatt ttaaattatg gttctattgc
   572281 attggaaggt ccaccatatg tgagcttatc tccacacctc atgatctcca tcaggacggc
   572341 tcctagtctg aatgaagaac aagaaaggga aagatacctg attattacaa agtcacatcc
   572401 gaatcacctg ttcttttcat tttgggcagc tccaatgaaa atttcaagaa caggctgcaa
   572461 tcagaggcta gcaaacccac tagatctcaa gggcaagtgc tatatctaac attgtggttc
   572521 tccaatcagt ttgattggca acatgaaaag cactggcacg agatggaatg tctggttgtg
   572581 caacttagtt actcatctca aagggatttt agagacaaag ctcgattgac caggattctc
   572641 tccccttaca agttcaacct tttggacata catttacttt tgaggaactt tagacataca
   572701 tttataaaca cagtatttga aacaagcaaa aaatgagact acagagaact agatcacatg
   572761 acagtcttct catacatgca ccaactaaaa ccaggcacct tttgctcatg caaacacata
   572821 gcattacctt tgttttgtct ggcatgtgtt caccgctttc cattgaccaa actaggtcaa
   572881 actgcccatc tggaaaaggt tgcttcagag catctgcaac ttggaaggac acctgctcat
   572941 acccattttc ctcattaaaa gtgaaatctg aagggggaaa tggaaaaaca aactccagtt
   573001 ttgaatataa cataagaatt aaatcataat agtttggaat ataacacaag aattaaatca
   573061 taattgttct ctaagataac aagctcaggt ggaaatgctg tgccaaaaca actaaaagaa
   573121 agaaatgaga ggctatatgt gtacctggtc ttcgagcccc tccgcagtgg caagagcatg
   573181 tgccctttta acctggacag ggctcaaggt gatgccttca catttagcgc catacttctt
   573241 tgccagatat cttgaactgc ctccaatccc acacccaaca tcaactattc tcttgggctt
   573301 cttcagagga tcatctgcat gcatagaacc cacagaataa ctaaatcatg ccaaaatgtt
   573361 cggatagcat tttgaagaat aaaatttcag ctaagactgc ttttatcata acacttgatc
   573421 aatgtgttgc tcgtttatag ttattttcat tccgaaacag caccttatta aggacattgc
   573481 atgaagaata tatggtgaac ataggtgtgt taaggatgct aatgagggaa tcccattcaa
   573541 agaataactg agttaaaacc taaataaatg agataattga tagggaagat actgtaagga
   573601 ggaacaacat gtggaactta aggaaaggaa tgagctggtg atcaacagat tccaatttct
   573661 caacttcaac taccatgatc acatttaact tgtcaattaa caaactgaag ggcatcagct
   573721 accatgtttt gggctatgtt gcacctattt accacagcaa cctttaggag ggagaaaaaa
   573781 gtgcacattt catagaagag tcaaattgaa agagaacctt ccgctattct gtgtgaagtg
   573841 aattgaggaa acaggaacac acccttcaga tgaaaagaag gtagcagatg ggggacaact
   573901 tggaggatga tcttggagat cccattaaag aagacaacat aaatggccag atcctgaaga
   573961 ctaaaaagct ttacacttga tgtcagtgtg cttaacagta ttctccaaac agatattagt
   574021 gtacttcagt atagctacac agaatgtaca agacatcaag aggcaaaaga agcatgtgaa
   574081 attagtggtt ttcagctcct gccaccaaat tagtttgact atttcaagtg atcaaggata
   574141 aatagggctc aggggcaatg catatgtctc ttcatggatc aaaaagtaca gagctcaaag
   574201 ggactcaaat gtaggccttt agtgggaaag tttttaattg caatcctata taaatgaccc
   574261 attcaattct ttattcatca gatctcagca tggcataagt cccatcttca tttctgttca
   574321 attcactaag ccaggagata cagttgggta ctcaactgag ccaaaaatat ataatgatca
   574381 attatgaaag agatcagaaa ctacctacat aagagtatat tagagaataa tgtgaagtaa
   574441 ataactttaa ctgataaaca tggcagttcc attgtatttg aaggtaaacc tatacagaca
   574501 aacacacaag gattttgaga caacaaaatt gcaagtccaa tatgatgcag gtagaccatg
   574561 ttatatgttg gtgtgcattg acttggaagc atatccgaag acacttaaaa caggaattta
   574621 agaagaggct caattatatc ctgtataata taccagcttc tcttttacca attgtgaaat
   574681 tttttgctca atcctagtga ccactaaacc gagttagcca taatatgcgt ggagatgtaa
   574741 ggcacattgg gagctccatg aatgcattag catgggaaat aagaaatttt gacagtcctg
   574801 atagacacaa tatgttcaga gagtaaccaa atataagcca gtacaaacaa gaagtccctg
   574861 ccaatggaca tcacaggtat gataacaaac acatgaatgc atatcaactt caccgtgctt
   574921 ggttttgaac aagtgatgtg accctacttt tacgtataca cagaaccatc aaaggataga
   574981 tgaacaagaa cccgtagaaa gatatatatt ccatctgaat cttatacatg ataaattgca
   575041 agagtttagt aatttgcttg tacattttac aatctgtcac ctccctcaaa ccaacaaagg
   575101 gttcataacc aagttcacca ataagtattg agaacaagaa gggaaacaat ttcgttccct
   575161 tgaaatgtac aatatgaaat ttaaagccat gatatggaca aattaaggac actgacattg
   575221 cttggtaagc taagatgtat gaaagtaggc aaataaaaac ctacataaca cgtgatcatg
   575281 taaccacaca aacaataaaa acgtatttct ggatgcttct tgtttgtaga aaacaaaagg
   575341 aaaatgtata attgtccaac agtagcagtg cttaaacatg caaacaagaa tattttaatg
   575401 aatcatatgg ccaggagctc aatttttgaa actagacacg caacagagat caagcgtagc
   575461 caatcttatt ctaaaaacat atatagcatg tgatcatata accacaaaaa caacaaaaat
   575521 gtatttctgg atgcttcttg ttggtagaaa acaaaaggaa aatgtgtaat tgtccaataa
   575581 tagcagtgca taaacataca aacaagaata ttttaacgaa tcatatcatc agaaacttaa
   575641 ttttggatgg tagacacgca acagcgatcg agtggagctc ccatgtgctc caccattgtc
   575701 tgggcggaga cattgacacc atcgacaaaa tgacatataa atttagtcgc acaaaacttg
   575761 ttctttttca accactacta ccatagtaga tacactaacc tgtgccccgt tcgattttaa
   575821 ttgcccacga ggacagacag tcattcaggt tccccatctt ttaatcatag cctctgacac
   575881 aggaatccag gcacccccga tctcctttta atttttattt tcaggttatc agaatcacct
   575941 ttcatcataa aacagcaatt aatctatgct aagttttcat taacgttaat atcccaaaat
   576001 aacagatact aacgagaaca ataaagtgga ttcgttcggg aataaaaaat attggttgct
   576061 cttaaatctt tgatcgctga atgattatgt tttccaagct gccatgagga tatatcatta
   576121 tattctaatg aacagtgaag atgtcaaaca atggtcatca ttcaaaagtt ccatgcacac
   576181 atcatataaa atagacagga ggcatcaaaa actatttcta tattcaaaag cctcatattt
   576241 taatccttca tcaatccatt accattaaaa aaagtggcca gaataaagag cgtctccttc
   576301 cctctctcac ctatattccc aaatttactt ttttttctac gaaggtacca aaacagaatc
   576361 tgatctaaat gacgagatac atacttctct acgcttttct atttcagaag caaatacgtt
   576421 aggaaacata attttcctaa caagggccga tacttcatac gtcgtatcgc tggggtgccc
   576481 gataccgata ctaaccgata tatcagccgg cagtgaaagc ggggagaaag tgatagacct
   576541 gtgattccgg cgaaggcgag ggcttcttgc accatccgga cctgagcggg gcggtggtcg
   576601 gagaaggaga ccgacgcatc cttgtcgtag aagccgtggt gcatgtggtc cccccacagc
   576661 ttctcccaca tctccgacga ctcgtcgtag agctcggcga tccccttctt gagctcctcc
   576721 tgccctcgct ccgccacctt cgccgcccgc cgccgggccg ccggcgccga tgcatacccc
   576781 accggctcgt acatgccgac gaacggcgag tgctcagacc gcagcaccgc atccatctca
   576841 gaatcgaata gagatgaaga caagaaggga aagagtgtcg ggatttagat atatagaagc
   576901 gctgcagtgg ggtgtcatgc aaagagagtt ggggtggtga ccggtagcga gtaacaaagt
   576961 aatggtattt actttaggag gaatccaagt cgtatctttg tcgtgaaagc tcgattgatg
   577021 tcgaccattg gattatccat tttgttttga gatttgtgta tcgggataat aacggattgg
   577081 atgctgatga aatttggacc cgacgctcca acttcatcat cgttattttt ttattttttt
   577141 ggcgtccgat ctcagagggc gagcacaggg agagagaaaa ggagggatca agcgtgggtt
   577201 gcgtgcttga tgtttggcgt acaaagaata ctgatcatta caaaggaagg tgggatcatg
   577261 agtaagtata actccaacca acagtggacc agtccacaaa ggggcacacg caaatttgaa
   577321 aaaaaaaaac aagaaagaag agacaggagg gaagagagcg atacaggtct attcaataat
   577381 ttcacccgat actcttagta ggggcccgcg ggtggttaag gcacccctac cctcttaaca
   577441 ttattgaaca gcaaaatgat tatcaaggac tcgttcgatt cacagaaaat aaaagaaaaa
   577501 gagataactt ttaaaaagta aaaaaaaaac atcttatttg attggagttt taaaaaaaaa
   577561 aaattttttt tttctatgcg aaaaaatttt ctacaattca ttaaaagtaa aaatctacaa
   577621 gagaaataaa ttttataatt ttttataaaa taaaaattga agttacattt tttttcaaaa
   577681 atattttttt aaaatttatg attaaaattt tataaaatat caataaataa tttggatgaa
   577741 atagtaaata gtaatattat attaatatta tcttactatt tatataaata taatataata
   577801 tttatattaa tataatatta aaatatatca atattatatt aatataatta ttgtgattta
   577861 atattatatt ataatataat aatattataa tatattaaaa taaatatagt attaatattt
   577921 atataaaatt tataagcaaa aaaaatatga tcttacctac gaaagatacg atgaaaattc
   577981 tatacagttt ttttgaaaaa aaatatccaa ctaaacataa tacatcattt ttttttatga
   578041 tcaattaaat atattaaaat tttattttta ataaattata ttataaaaag ttattttttt
   578101 atatatttct tttttatata aattaaacaa gtagttgatg tgcgcttgac aggaccatat
   578161 atgctaacag acatccataa atcacgtaaa gccccgctct gtatgcgtac aaaatccaaa
   578221 ccgctagcac gaggttcaga tgtttggacg cgtgtagggg acagcacata cctatcagtg
   578281 aattaaatgt tttgtattcc ggcagaaaaa tgcgttaaat gttggatagc gatgattagt
   578341 attgtaattt tggttggctt aaaataatat tttaaaatag ctaaaaaaat tattatgatt
   578401 tgacgtcttg agatttgatc catattgagc ccacagcgag atccgcgata aaaaacgaag
   578461 tccaacgaga tcaagatcac ccctaacgga atttggacga aaaagataca tgtgagataa
   578521 gtcagtacgg agtttgaagc ggtggagaac cgccgacggc tggcggctag cggtggcgcg
   578581 gccgcgtgcg gcccaggcgc agtagcatgt gggtcgggca cccagcacgc gacctaagcc
   578641 cgagcgtgtg gggtgcggcc caggcccaca tacgggccgg tccaggccca ggcacccgct
   578701 aggagcctgt tttcctggtc cacggccgga tgcatggatc ggatgggcat ttttcatgag
   578761 ttttgcacga tctatggtac tattctgtag atcgatcgtg attggatggc tctgggaggc
   578821 ttacagtgtt gatccgacgg ttcggagctt gttttgacct tgattaggac tcctaaacct
   578881 aatataaccc tgttttaact ctttaaaagg gctgtgaacg tgaacaagag gatctgtgtg
   578941 gtgggttttt gttcgtgaag acctgtggct tgttttgtat ggcgcgcagt ccgaaaaccc
   579001 agggaacagt gaacccgtgg agagagaagt agcacatcac tgagagaaga aagagcagag
   579061 agacttttgg acagcgatcg cttcaggggt tcaaggggtc ttcctagaga gagtactttt
   579121 gtgagggaga acttcctgtg agggagaaat tgggtgtacg aggattaagg atgagatctc
   579181 ctcttgtaaa atttcttttc tcatagtgaa atttgcatgc cccgtggaga cgagctcttt
   579241 tttggctgat ccacgtattt tgattgtttt ctgttttatt tcttcttttt tcatgctgca
   579301 tcatacagta ccgaaaaaat cttggaaggt ggtgtgctgg ccagtcatcc acccaacaag
   579361 tagtatcaga gtaaggcagt acaaggatgc agattgcagc ggtggtgaac aagactgaag
   579421 atggagaaga tatgatcaat caagatggag atcaacaagt ttgatggaaa aaataatttc
   579481 tccttgtggc aagcaagggt gaaggacatg ctcatctaac aagggttgat tgatgttctc
   579541 ttgtaaagga gaagccgatc atcatgaatg tgcgggattg aaaatgtcta cagatgcaga
   579601 tggtgagtac catccgtatg tacctagcgg ataaggtggt gatctatatg cttagcgaga
   579661 cttctccgac agtgctgtgg tcgaagctcg aggagttgta tatggcgaag tctctcacca
   579721 atactctttt tctctggagg tagttctatc agctgcggat gactgaggga cagagcatgc
   579781 aggagtatct cagccatttt cagaagatcc tcactaacct cctcagtgtt ggtgagaatg
   579841 ttgaggagaa gatcaaggcg ttggttttgc taacgtcgct tccaccttcg tacgaatcct
   579901 tgatgactgc tcttctagtg aaaaaaagca ccatcaagat ggacgaagtc accgcagcga
   579961 tactccaaaa caagattctc aagagggaga acccgacttc gagctcaagt ggcggtagct
   580021 cagctttggt ggcttctaga gaagcatgag gcagtagacg gagtgataga agatcgcaac
   580081 gaggacggtc taagtctagg agggacttga gtaagatcag gtgttatcgg tgtgatgagt
   580141 tgggacatct agctagagaa tgctcttaat taaaaaatcg aacgatggtt gctatggcga
   580201 tggccagtag cgattcagag agaaatgtcc tggagatatc tgacgaggta tctacttctt
   580261 cctagcagtg gatattagat tctgcataca cccatcatgt atattacaga gaggagtagt
   580321 ttgattcact gaagaatagt gagggcactg tttatttatc ggatagatca tgctgtgtga
   580381 tcagaggcat caggatggtc agctggagga cacatgatgg tgcagtgagg agattggggg
   580441 aggtccgata catatccgat ttcaggcaga atcttatttc actgagcaga ctggattcga
   580501 gaagctatag gacgatagct ggtggagaaa tcctaaaagt gttacgcagc gataggattg
   580561 ttctagagga gaaaaaaagg aggagaggac attattatct gacgggagcc cagtgtgagg
   580621 tggagcttca agagccaagt agagcccaga acgaggtgga gctctaggtg gaggtggatc
   580681 gaatacgaga taggagaatc gggagaatga gaagtgacgt cgcaaggtga gattcctatt
   580741 accgcaagat gatgccccga gcaggtctca agtcaggagg agcacagcat acgacggaga
   580801 tgggatcgag cgtcctagct caccttctat gtttgtccat ccatgatcaa cagatgattg
   580861 ccccagggta tgggggcgag gagatctaga agctctcgga gttaggagga ggccgaatat
   580921 cgaatcgaga tggagattgt taggatttga cgccttgaga tttaatccac attgatccca
   580981 cagcgaggtc cgcgatgaaa aatgaagtcc aacaagatca agatcatctc aaacgaagtt
   581041 cggacaaaga agatacacgc gagagaagtc ggcatggagt ttgaagcagt ggaggaccgc
   581101 cggcgtccga cggtgggctg gcggagcggc gacggtgcgg cagcgcgtgg gtcgggcatg
   581161 cagggcatgg cccagtgtgc ggggtgcggc ccaagcccaa gcgcatggcg cgggcgcggc
   581221 ccaggcccac gcacgggccg gcccaggcat ccgctgggag cctgtttttt tgatccacca
   581281 tgggtcggat ggtctacggt cgggcatgtg gaccacgtga gcgtttccca tgcatttcgc
   581341 acggtccacg gcactattcc atggaccgat cgtgatcgga tggttctgga agacttgcgg
   581401 tgttgatccg acggtccggg gcttgttttg agcttgatta ggactcctaa acataatcta
   581461 accctgtttt aaccctttaa aagagctgtg aacgtgaaca acaggaggat gtgtggtggg
   581521 tttttggtcg tgaagatctg tggctggttt tgtgcagcgt gcagtccgaa gacccaggga
   581581 acagtaaacc cgcagagaga gaagcagtgc gtcactgaga gaaggagtaa ggaggcttct
   581641 ggacagcgga cagcgatcgt ttcagaggtt caggaggtct tcctagagag agagcttttg
   581701 tgagagagaa ctttctgtga ggaagaaatt agatgtacga ggattgaggg tgagatctcc
   581761 tcttgtaaaa tttcttttct aatagtgaag tttgcatgtc ctgtggaggc gagctttttt
   581821 tggctgatct atatattttg attatttttt attttatttc ttctttcttc ctgctgcatc
   581881 gcgtagtacc aaaaagatct tgaaaagtgg tgtcctgacc agacatccac ccaacaaaaa
   581941 tttatatcta gaaaatacga agattttttt tttttgcatc attaaaaata gatatttgct
   582001 tcagtatatt ttgaaccgaa gcaaacctgt taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta ccaatcacta
   582061 actggctggt gtactcgagc ctcataatct caagtttgag caaagaagca acaaaaaaag
   582121 tgagggagtt caattatgga tttctccctg agcctttcta gtgaaccacc agctctactt
   582181 ggataacagc agtacaagat attcttacca tgtgactggg aattgcagga aggcatcttc
   582241 cagcttttgc tgttgtggga tgagaaagtt aaaaagaaaa agggctgagt tgtttaccca
   582301 aaaacaacaa aaaaggatga gtcttgcgtg tcttcgaaga gagatcacaa tgagacagaa
   582361 tattgatgag aaaaagaagt tcaaatgaca cagtacggct ctcttataac attcaagttt
   582421 gctgcattct ttaaaatata ttgtcaataa tgccacacaa ttgaaatgct ccatgatggc
   582481 caaaaaattt ttaaaaaata gtgaaatgat ttagaaactt agggatattg ctcgaaaaag
   582541 tcacttagcc caatgctgat gttagttttt ggttgtccat ttatccatag tctctgcagt
   582601 atcagctcaa taggatcatt aataaagaaa tgtaatatac aaggatgtca tattgggttg
   582661 ttgagtactg gacaacgaaa ccactagaga ttgtttgtaa tggaggcagg gactttctat
   582721 aaaaatttaa tttctataac aatacctctg ggatcttatg tactaaacat tctaatcttt
   582781 atccatccat ctctaaaaag acaacgcagt ttattaaatg gtttcaatcc agatgcaggt
   582841 aagacatgac gtcagatacc aactgtaaaa gatagtgaag acatgcagtt caagctccat
   582901 gaataaaata agttattagc tggttatgtc tttctcaata gcaagctagg atggaaaagt
   582961 agatgataca aatcttttaa gtgaaggaca aaagatgaag gtgaaacgca gtcgatttaa
   583021 aacctagtgg attatatcta tttatatcca aatagacacc atgatagcat gtcttattaa
   583081 agttaccatg acatggcttc ttgtgcaata atctcaagtt tagcaagcca catgtgctaa
   583141 atgccactgg acagcctatc acacgtgcta aagtccataa cctcatcaag attacatgcc
   583201 tcttgcaaca tcatcatctt cattgtaaca atacctaacc atcccgtatt tttttttgtc
   583261 atgcaagtag aagacaagtt gggcaagaaa agcaatggaa cataagtttg acccccaaaa
   583321 aaatgcatcg tgactcgttc aaatttctaa cacaagttct gcagagaaaa ctacttgttc
   583381 ttgactgcaa aaatgcatca gctactaatt cccttaccct ttgcaaatgt tcacttgcat
   583441 caagccgata gtattagggt aaatgcattt ttttataagc tgtcattaga tagattataa
   583501 tatttaaata aaactggaaa gaggagtaga tgtgtcggtc tcctttaaga tataaataaa
   583561 taaaatagag aaagaaagag accaacggat gtttacggtt gtttttcgaa aatttttttt
   583621 taaaagatat ctctatcaga tagatttttc tctaagagat ggttcgctat gataaagaca
   583681 acttttggta tttgacttcg gtttaaactg aaaagtcaga agataaagag acgtatttat
   583741 aattgaaaag ttatgtatct acagatcaaa aatcacatat ttacggatta aagatcacgt
   583801 attaaaaagt cacgtattca ggaaaagatg ctttcgcatc tattcggact ctataaatat
   583861 aaagtcctgt gaccagaaac agcaatcaat taatcctctc tctttccttt taaaatcttt
   583921 attctttttc ctaacttcga aacagtttcc tagagaggtc tagggtattc ttcagaatta
   583981 ctatctacaa attctataag acttttttgt atcctgagag tatatttgcc ttaaatccat
   584041 tagcaaactc tttcgagtag agacaaataa cactctaaag attgcaatta tatgtccaaa
   584101 agccttaata ttttctccaa aattattacc tatacaccca ctttcccaac agtcattagc
   584161 ttagcaattg ttccaacagt acttcactgt cccgtttatt catatttcta attctatatt
   584221 ttcaacaaat ttaatagcag ttatttgaat cgctttgtat ctaccatagt tcatttcata
   584281 tccttaaaaa attgaatcct accatctttc caatccaatt tctcaaacag atagtacgta
   584341 aatcattgat gatctctaaa cttcattagt gattaatgga gataaataag aaggactgag
   584401 gcaaggaaga atagaacaga tacataccac atccaccatt agggaaaaca ctttgccgag
   584461 aaaatcaccc atgatggtgt cattactatg accaatatgt aaagaaatag aaacaaaact
   584521 aaacaaaatc ataccatatc aaaaggaact gcaaaagata aatgattact ctaatacctt
   584581 taaaaagaac gatgacaggc ttgaaaagaa agatgtccaa atgaaccaaa ccaagatgac
   584641 actaattcct tttaaactgt ttcaatccat tacttaccct tattcgtgat ctcacagtcc
   584701 tctttgacag tttgttgtct caaatctcaa cattgaatat ctagcatcct ttctcacatt
   584761 aaatacttat agggttacat atatcagatc aagacaacct taagttccat tgtcctcatg
   584821 ctaattggca caaattattg tagatcctgc gaggtgtact agataaaatt ttcactaaag
   584881 tgcacatatg ttcaatggaa tgggaactgt gaaggatcca acttgagtct gtcgttacaa
   584941 ctattcctgt acattagcat caaatagttg gattcacaca gcaatttaga aaaggtagat
   585001 atagcgctac acaaagcttg attgaagtcc aaacaagctc ctgacttgga gacacaagag
   585061 acacttgaca ataatagtca tatcggcaag attcattcta gttacaatac atggcaaaca
   585121 attgaaaagt agaagaaaag ccctactagc atgttattat tgttcagctg tatcttaaaa
   585181 cttactgata ctcaaataag tctaaggtgt taattgacca ggtcagaccc aggcccaaat
   585241 atagtccagg ctctaaagct cgtcacaagc ttgcnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   585301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   585361 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnaaaggg cagatcaatg gcaacatacc tccaagtcct tacgaggaga
   585421 ctcaatccta agatactccc gctactttgg aaggtcttag tgagaggatg acctcgagta
   585481 gaaggtctag gagatcgagt agaagctcga gttgtatgaa gaaggggatt ggaagcatga
   585541 tgaccccctc ggctttagtg cttgccggcc tttctttcga agaatactgg aggaaccaat
   585601 tctattttga tttaggatgc caccgatgga aactctctat gagccctcag atctgttaga
   585661 ctaccttgag ggctatcggg cccttatgat gcttcaagag gcctcagcta tcctcctcta
   585721 ccttactttt ctagccacgc ttaggaagtc aggacaagca tggtactcca attgccaatc
   585781 aaagatcatc caccccttcg agcaattcga taggtaattc atcgcatagt tcgacaacaa
   585841 ctatcctata ctgatgaact ctgacatttt cttctccatc cagcagaaga agagagagtc
   585901 actacaccac tatgtgggcc acttcaatgt ggctacattg gaagtccaca accacaataa
   585961 gaaggttgca atgttggctt tgaagagggg gcttcgaagc aaccaccttc tcttctctct
   586021 caacaaaagc ttttcaaaag actatgctga cctctgtatt gatgcttgaa agtctgcaca
   586081 ggtcaaggaa gtagtagcca tccattgata atctgagaaa aataaaaaag aaggaaataa
   586141 aaagcactta tgggaggagc actgaggacc ctagagtgag gtcgaatcct ttcgccagcc
   586201 taagaacccg aggccaaaaa gctcacctcg tcggtttgag acctacacct ttcctgtctg
   586261 cacctcgatc ctagatcctt ataatgatct agggagaaaa atatcttcat cagctagagt
   586321 cgatggaagc cccactgaca aggtagaact agaataagca atgttgattc caccatgaca
   586381 tcagctatga tatcgaagag tgttgccagt taaaagatga gatcaaagtc ctaatttgaa
   586441 ggggttacct cgagaactat ccctaaaaaa gtgaattgga tgactgagca gccactttag
   586501 caccaatccg aaaaggacga ctacaatcat ctgacagcta gaatcatcaa tatgatcttg
   586561 gggttcattg aggatagaag gtagagagtc cagccaagaa tctatcaccg aagaggaagc
   586621 aaatgggcaa tataatttct ttttttgatg agaaaattta gagagttcaa atgcctcttg
   586681 atgatgctat catcgtttcc atgatgatag caaattatga tgtaaaaaaa aaaaaattat
   586741 taataatgga agcttggctg atgttttatt ttatgatatt ttttaaagaa tgaaactatc
   586801 agctaactga ctgagaagag tcaatactcc cctcgtcggg ttctcaaagg actccatcct
   586861 ggttgaggga gaaatagacc tacctatcat gatgggacaa gagcctcaga agactatcat
   586921 gtagctaaca ttcttggtga tccgacttcc atctatttac attgccatta tcgaccagct
   586981 tgggctccat atgctctaag caatagtgtc cacttaccat ctcttggtgt agttcctgat
   587041 aaggaacagg atcgacaaga tttgaggaga tcatatgcta gcccgcctgt gctttatggc
   587101 ttcagtaaaa ggaaagaagc ccatagagtc tctattgatc gagaacctag actaccaaga
   587161 agagcttaag gaggccagag gtgaaccagt tgagcagcta tatccatacc actctgaaag
   587221 gaggatccaa ccaagaagat ccagattggg acaatattgc cagccgactt atgggcctac
   587281 ttgctatagt ttttatagat gaatgccgac atcttcattt ggtaagcatc tgacatgcca
   587341 aatattcccc ctgaaattat tgttcatagg ttaaacattg actttgggca tcatccaatc
   587401 tgatagatga agagaagctt cacctggatc gacagcgaat gataaagaag gaggtggata
   587461 aactcctagc agcaggcttt atccaaaaag ctcaatacta ttaagaaaat tctgactgca
   587521 cctatcagaa acttctggat cttctacgtg tacctaaaga gatctatgat ggatccggac
   587581 tctctaaagg caacgaacat caatccatta tctggatctg tgatcgggca cctccctcct
   587641 agggcttgag ggaggcatcc ccctttctct agggtttcct caaggaacct gtggtggcaa
   587701 cactagagaa aggaagaaga gagattgaga gagaaaagat ctatattcct ttcatttcta
   587761 gaaatcttaa tataacctat gtatatatat acatagccaa taggcctgat caaaaatttt
   587821 tttagctgga tccatacatg aagcacccat cgagcccatg tacacctata tctcatatgc
   587881 tctcatcctt tgaacttaat ttctgtctaa atcctgagtt agccccctta agacctatca
   587941 aatcaggcct taagatctta aaatcgaaac tcgatcccaa atccaaatag aaaatctgtg
   588001 cagctctatt cacgatactg agtcaactca atctcagact gagtcgatta acttaggatt
   588061 tagttaactc agactagcac tgagtcgact aacatatgta tcgtaccata gatttttaaa
   588121 attctgtctt ctattttttt aagacttagt cgatctagac tgagactgga tcgatccacc
   588181 tgtgacttag ttaatccaat ctcagtctga gtcgactgat atcttgaatc tacttttttc
   588241 tctgcagctt cagccctgac tctgatttct tactccatct tgtatctcca gatatctgaa
   588301 gctccaatca aattcctcga agtcctcatc gcctgaatct agagcccgtg gagagctatg
   588361 caccatatcc atcctaggac cacttctatc ctaatcctag gaccacacct gtcctaatct
   588421 cccaaagcca acaccttgac tcctccagtg gcctctcaag gcttgggagc accacaccaa
   588481 ctcctataaa tatcttgatt agttgatgaa tatggtgatg gtaaataagg ctaacaataa
   588541 gtagagaata tgcattgact atatcgatct caataaaatt tatccaaaag ataatttttt
   588601 attaccacca attgactagc tcatggacgc catctcggga tacaagcttc taaatttcat
   588661 gaatgccttc tctaagtata actagatcta gatggagatc aaggatgagg aaaagatggc
   588721 attcattacc aacaaagttt tatattgtta taaagtaata tcatttggat tgaaaaatgt
   588781 aagtacaata tatcagcaac ttatcaacaa ggtattcaaa attcagatcg ggcataatat
   588841 cgagatgtac atgaatgata tgctggtaaa gagaactgga gcaaatcagt acatagttga
   588901 tctagggagg ccttcgaaga actaaagcac cactatatga ggctcaatcc cataaagtgc
   588961 acctttagag tcaacttagg taaattctta gggttcatca tgatgcagtg tgggattgag
   589021 atgaactcag agaagatcca agcggtcctc aaaatgaagc actcaacctc caaaagggac
   589081 attcaacacc ttatggggag aatagctgac ctcagctggt tcgtgttgaa gtcaactgaa
   589141 aggtgtcaac tcttctttaa agttttgcat tgagctaagg actttgagtg aatggaggag
   589201 ttctgagcta cattcaagga cctcaagaac tacctcagat catcaccact tctgtccaaa
   589261 ccaaacacag atgaaattct atagctatgt ttagatatct caccttttga agtaagttca
   589321 gtgctgatcc aagaggaaag aaaggtccaa aagctgattt gctatgtgag caagatgttg
   589381 catgatgcta agaccaaata ctatagatca tagaagacta tcctcactct tgttatctcg
   589441 atacaatgac tctgatctta ctttcaggct cattcgatgg tggttttgac tgaccagcca
   589501 ctaaaagcta tcctgtagag gcttggcacc ttgagatgaa tggtgaaatg acaatcgagc
   589561 tctggaagtt taatgtcgaa tgttagccct gacttgttag aaaagctcaa tttatggtag
   589621 actttaacat tgagaatacc attcccaagg atgaaataat cctagagcca tatgaggaaa
   589681 aggtcaatgg gcaccagtgg atctcacata tcgatggagc ctctaattct caagacaatg
   589741 gatctagact cattcttatc agcttagatg ggggtgggac caaatatgca ctatggtttg
   589801 gtttcaatgc ttctaataat gtagctgagt atgagactct gattgtcgac ctcaacattg
   589861 ccaaagaact tggggtggag tgatccagca tcttcaccga ctcttgattg atcgccgacc
   589921 atattcagga gtatgaagct tgagagcaaa caatgatcat atatctacaa agaatcaaga
   589981 agctgtcatc agctttctaa aaattctaag tcaacatata ttgaggacca aaaatgttcg
   590041 gatggatatg ctatcccaac tagcaacctc aaaggggcac caaccttaga aggttcttct
   590101 tgagcatcta ggaaggccta gcactaaaga attatccgaa gtcatgcagg tcgactatga
   590161 tctgagctgg atagatccac tcatgaattt tctcgccaat ggcatcctcc ttttagattc
   590221 tatgagagct caaaagatca aatggcaggc ctcccagtac gtcctctaga aggaagctat
   590281 ctaaatggtc atactccctc tgctcaaatg ccttcggccc tccaaagttg accatgctct
   590341 ttcgggggta catgaagaaa tttgcaagaa tcacctaagg gtagatcatt ggcttacaaa
   590401 gtactctgat aggatactat tggtcaactc tatgataaga tgccgtcgag cctattagaa
   590461 ggtgtgatca atatcaaagg tacatgaaca ttcaacattg gtctttaacc aacctcacac
   590521 caacctctgc accctggtca tttgcccatt ggggatcaac atcctcagtc tttttccaca
   590581 ggcaatcaga caaaggaagt tcctcatcat caccatcgac tactttatga agtggattga
   590641 aaataagacc ttggcttaga tcatcgagta gaaggctcag gactttatct taaagtcaat
   590701 aattttttga ttcagacttc cacatgccat tatcacaaac aacagacggt aatttgacaa
   590761 ctcaaagttc atggagtttc actcggagct ctacaatgac tataggctca cgaacaccta
   590821 caatccaata gagaagctga ggtaactaac caaattattt tgtagaatct gaagacaagg
   590881 ctaagccaaa tcaaaggact ctgggtagag gagttttact gcattctttg ggcctatcaa
   590941 accatatctc agattttgat cgaaaaatat ccttcaacct tgcctttttt ttagcaccaa
   591001 ggcaatcatc ccgatcgaga tcaaccttcc attgacctaa gtggagaact acaatgaaca
   591061 aggcaatttc ggttagctat gagcgaacct caacctacta gagaagataa gggaatgagt
   591121 ttgaatcaga atggttcata tcaatagcgg atggctcggt accataatgc cagagtcaag
   591181 ctgatggtct ttcgattagg tgatctcata cttcggcaag ctaagatgtg caagcttacc
   591241 atataggaca agctatcccc caattaggaa gatccacatc gaatcttgaa ggtcatctga
   591301 ccaagagcct gtaggctaga aaagctcgat ggcaagacca tccctctaat ttaaaatgct
   591361 gagaacctaa ggatgtttca tcagtaagct tgcgagcttg tattattgaa atatcaataa
   591421 aatatatatt gttcttctca attatctttc atgaaaattc ttcaagtaca gaaaattaga
   591481 tcgaaccaaa ctagagacac cctggcctca gttgggacct ttaggagaga aaaactagat
   591541 atgcatctac cattaggaga cactcgagct ttaacttgga tctctactaa gtcggtgtgc
   591601 cgacacctca acaatatctc gtttctgact aagaccttca aaaatatact cgactgataa
   591661 ttgatactag agacatttga gctccaactt ggacctctac taagttggtg taccaacacc
   591721 ttggagatat cccaactctg actgggattt tcaaaaatat gcttgattaa taatcagcac
   591781 tagagacatc tggactctag cttggacctc cactaagtcg gcataccaac acctcgaaga
   591841 tattccaact ctgattagga tctccaatct taagaatcga cgaccacctc agatccaatc
   591901 ttagatccaa gtaatgccca aaggcaatac atgattatgc aatggcccta gcttcagcta
   591961 ggagatcgat ctttgaaaaa tctaacaagg agtactttgg caacaagctc caaagagcta
   592021 agtctatctc aaccataatg acaacctatt cctgagggct aatttggatc tcaactctgc
   592081 accgaacacg tctaccacag tgaccagccc ttgagggtta attcgaacct cgacttcatc
   592141 ccaaacccaa gttcaccttg atgactagcc ttgaaaagct aaacttgact tcggttccct
   592201 ttcagaccaa atttcactct ggctacatgt ctagaatttg tttatgatct caaagactta
   592261 agaatttcaa gcaacaacaa aatatagaga ataagattca tttcattaaa aagatttgtg
   592321 ttacatctac ttcggctaca agttcgggat acaaaaagaa agcaaaaaat aaaaaattga
   592381 agagctacaa cctcaacttt agactcaagg actgcttcga gaagatcctc aactattggg
   592441 tcctactctc atccagagtt ttgtcaccca agaaactatg atttctacat gtgtaggggt
   592501 gctcggtgcc atcttgtgcc actataccag cttagcatta gggtttacaa ttgatgatct
   592561 attggaacat caattatggc atcaggctta gcattggcat ggtgtttgca attgaaccga
   592621 tgtttgctcc acgaccttgg ccttgtcttt tggattcatc ttcaatagtc ctaccgaggt
   592681 aagggcaaca tctatcctac tatcctctgc ctcatctacc ctggatgcca tcaagggagt
   592741 ggcaccagca ttcatgtcat cctcctctac ctcaccttca ctctcctcga ggtttagatg
   592801 atccacatcg actccagaga agagttgggc cgtctgcacc ttgtagaggt caaagcccat
   592861 ggtgaaagtg gatatggagc ctttgatgat ctctatctac tccataatct ggagcttggc
   592921 ctcgataata attgataatt gctcctcagc tgccttctcc ttgcttaccg caagcttcat
   592981 cttgaccatc ctctgagctg cttcagctac cgccagctcc ttctccagct cgatggcctt
   593041 cctctactga agattggcca ctgccttctt gaaggtgact tttccctcaa ggatccccat
   593101 ctcattatgg gcctcctaaa tctcagacaa ggctcgagaa gtcctcatct tggcatctag
   593161 ggctcgaccc tcgatggctc gaaccttgcc ctccaactct cacctctaat tatagaaatt
   593221 tagaattcct ttgttgagca cagcaaagtc atagaaaagc tacagaaagg aaaaagataa
   593281 aatgtcaaag ccgtagggct ccaagaagac taaactaaaa aaaggataga aaggaaagaa
   593341 gaagaaagaa gacttactca tagactagtc cgttggtggg agaatcatct atatcctgga
   593401 tgacttaagc atccataagt ttggagtcaa atctttggac cacctttatt agagtaggga
   593461 gttcgtcctt ggtcttaaat gaggagggcc caaccccagt cctcactgtg aacgagccta
   593521 gggtgaatgg aaatgatgtg gctctagatg ttagagccgg cactgaaaga ggagaagggc
   593581 cacagcatgt tactagacta tgagcccaac ccatctttag agagttcaat ggagccaacc
   593641 tcagtgacac tgtggggata cctctagctc atcatcgacc tttagtggct tattgctaga
   593701 ggatcttagg gtcggtgttg actggggtgg aagaatagcc acccactact tcttctttga
   593761 cattgaagcc tcaccaccag aagagcctag cctcttcttt aaagtggatc ttaatgactc
   593821 caaggtcaat ctcatcactg caataataaa taaaagtcag cattcagcca tatatgaaat
   593881 caaagtcaaa acaaaaagct catgtctgag agattgacca tatcccaagt attgattgag
   593941 ctgatatcgg tatcatatag agcctgctcg gacaaaagct acttcaactg aggaatatcc
   594001 atataccata atttatggag atgctcttta tcctcaagaa gcagctcaac atacttgttc
   594061 caggaggtcc atggttgcct ccgcatccaa ttgaagtctc atgacaagtc acaagaaata
   594121 aaaaagaaat gacttttcga gtatggatag aggaagacaa cctcttgatg aagtagtggc
   594181 cccacaagga gtgaagcacc attagtcctt gcttgggggt gcctcttcaa ggtgaagaat
   594241 gctcaagaca acaagcacct cgactcaatc ttgatcaaaa tactatgaac aataaaagct
   594301 acaattatcc aagcaccatt ccgattgatt tgtgcagtga tgagtcgata aaaatcaaag
   594361 cgattagaaa tgaaaggatg aaagaaaaac tagagtctag attggaggaa ctccttataa
   594421 attattaggt gctgagcatc agtcatccgg ccatcctgac caggcagctg cagccagaac
   594481 tgatcgaaga attgatactg agctcggatc ctttttaggt cggattcaat aaaggtggac
   594541 ctctccgttt cccatccatg ctcaagaaca cccaagccag aagatctaga ccaagctgga
   594601 gagttcgaga tggcagcggt ctggggtttc acctcaaacc ctatctgaag agagatcgat
   594661 cgagagccct ggttgaccaa aagattttga ccctaagtct cactgccatc agattccata
   594721 tgaatcaaag acaagatgaa aataggaaga aaatataaag aaaaatgata aaccaagatg
   594781 agaaaataga tcaagtagaa gaccttaaag agaaatccta atagctatag gagaagacta
   594841 agaggataca aaaaaaaaaa aaaagatggt gagagaggcc cactggatga tcgacagtgg
   594901 cctcgaagat aatcactgga aactctatag gtagcggatg tcgatggaga agcctcccaa
   594961 tggctatgaa agtaaagtgg ctggtgaaag aatagtgaaa gttgaaacaa aggtgaagag
   595021 aaacatcagt acttatagcc acaccaacaa ccttgatcaa cccgatgatt taatgcaccc
   595081 atatgagatg cagacacatg tcaatctctg attggcatag taatccatag tgattatgaa
   595141 aatcatgcat cctaccatgt atcagctcca ggtatgacat gccagcaact gagggatctt
   595201 tggaatcgaa tattttaaat gattctagtg ctccacctca attcctatac ttcgataatt
   595261 acatcatttc gccagaagca tcacattgga agctggagcc tagaatattt tgtatattaa
   595321 aagcggcaca agtccaaaca acaatctgaa gtcgacctca gatatatctg acaatcaaaa
   595381 atggctcccc caacaaatta tttctatcat ccgaagtcct caagccactt caaacttagg
   595441 agtgtagggc aagtgttggg gtaaaatcat tcgcgtgagt cagttttcgc caattggagc
   595501 actttagctt gagaccgagg tgacttgaac tacatcatag atccaaccca aggaaaaata
   595561 gcatgagttt gcagcctcag aaactagcca acctcatcat caaatgaaca ctgatttgat
   595621 agatacaaat ctagctcatc gagaattgat tcacacattg gataatgcca tgcaaaggat
   595681 aatgatctca tatgcattca actagtctca aactcaaatt gatgttgcac ttcggtggca
   595741 tgccaatgtc aatccaccag ctatctcaat ggtagggtta ggttatcaaa atctcacaat
   595801 gattttcaga atatggacaa ctggcaccca taactaacaa ctatgattta caggttaggg
   595861 aatggatttt ctatcctaac agtataccta attaaggcct aacaatctat aacaataggg
   595921 cctaacggcc tatcgaattt aggcataacg acttatagct ccatctttgt ataaagggtt
   595981 actgagggat actaaaataa gttaataaag tacatccata aagagtagtg cccactcatt
   596041 ttttctcttt tccatttttt ttttttttgt tctcaagttt cgactaactt aaccatcaga
   596101 ggatcctcca tcatagcatc tctgatatgt gtgaactttc atgcaggttt ttcaaagaga
   596161 aagtgcccct ccatcaagcc tgaatttcat gttggtgggt gactcatgtc aatatggaga
   596221 tttgcagcaa taggggctat ttccaacaac aaatttaaga aattcttcgt gcaccgctag
   596281 cgatgtagaa aatccgatgt ggagcatact gctttatatg attggtccgc atagctatca
   596341 ttttctaaca tataattaat atctgtagtt caactttttt gtttaaaaaa tttatatgac
   596401 gaaaatatct ttactttttg aaaaaattat gacatcctat aatatattat gactccctac
   596461 acacagaatg ttataatata gctcaaaaaa ttataacatc tcatggtata ttatgacatc
   596521 ctacgtcaaa ttatgacttt ctgcatgtaa aatgtcataa tatgactcat gatgtcataa
   596581 tatggtccaa gatattataa tataaaaaga gtatttttgt ctaacgattt tacaatacat
   596641 atttaatact tgcagtttca tttttattta aaaattttaa atgacaaaaa tatctttatt
   596701 ttttgaaaaa aaatatgaca ttatgcatca aaattatgat tttctgtaca taggatgtca
   596761 taattttttt caaagaaaat ggatattttt atcatttaaa atttttaaat aaaaaaataa
   596821 aactacagat attaaatgca tgttaaaaag tgatgactat ataaattaat cacataaaat
   596881 tatgcacttt atgtcaaatt ttttacacca ttcgtgatgc acaaagaatt tcactaacat
   596941 atttctacca tccatttatt gtttagcaag gtcaccctaa aaggcctacc aaaaaagatc
   597001 acactattag tattaccatt accaactatg aaaactaaat tactaagcaa caatctagtg
   597061 gtaaaattac ttatcacttg aacaggaaac aacagtctgg tggtaaaact acttgttact
   597121 tataggccgt tgggaatact ttaaattcat taaatcaata cctccaaatt tggatggcag
   597181 agaagattcc tcactgtatt cacataatta ttatttacta tcttttatta tctttcataa
   597241 ctgaaataag aaaaataaat ttccaactta aaaatagaat gattttaatt ctttaagcat
   597301 taagccattg agtacaatta ctccaattta tgattcccct atccatcttt agagccagac
   597361 tgccactctc tctcagcacc ggagctatgt tttccctgtc cggcggtaca tcataacatg
   597421 agtaacggat accacatttt atttccagaa acatcatcag gaccgtcgga tgaaaagaaa
   597481 tgcagtggtc taaagtgttc cggaggcaca gaatagagag accaccacga cgggaactca
   597541 ccgctactgt ggagggacgg aacacgacaa gagcctctgg gctgtctacg tcgcacgtgt
   597601 caacgaggca cctggcacgt gcatccttcc gcctcgtcag cggggttgtc cccactttag
   597661 atccccaacc cctccccgca aaaggaggag agcgagagcg agcgaacgag cgaaagagag
   597721 agaaagagaa aagctttgta ctgccagcct tacgaactcg ggctctggtg gtcggagaat
   597781 ccatggggga ggtatcaaaa tcacttcttt cggtttcttt tctattttct ctgggttttt
   597841 gtctctgatt ttggagaaaa gattggattt ttggcaggag gagaagaagc cggaggaggg
   597901 aaagaaggag gcggcggcgg cgaaggggga gaagaaagcg gcgccagagg aggcgaagat
   597961 ggaggaggaa aagcagaaga aggaggaagg gaaggaaaag aaggacggcg aaggggtgaa
   598021 gaaggaaggg gaggaggcgc cgccgcctcc gccgccggtg gaagtggtga tgaaggtcca
   598081 catgcactgc gagggctgcg cgaggaaggt gcgaaggtcc ctcagtggct tcgaaggtat
   598141 cgatatcgat cacatatttc tcttgctctt aatcttcttt tgatatcaat aacgacggga
   598201 ttttttttat tttgtttgtt gttttgttga gaaggggtgg aggcggtgac ggtggattac
   598261 cggattcaca gggtagtggt gaagggacag aaggctgcgg aggacccgat gaaggtggtg
   598321 gagagagtcc agaggaagag ccataggagg gtggagctca tcagtcccat tccaccaccg
   598381 aagccagaga aggaagaaga gaaggaggag aaaccaaagg ttgaggagaa gaaagaagag
   598441 gtaagaagaa tgagaagcca ctcttctatt cctgtctctc tctctctata tatatatata
   598501 tctaagctgc tctgttttcc tctgttctca cgtttttttg gtgttctata gccccaggtg
   598561 atcgtggtac agcttaaggt ccacatgcat tgcgaggcct gcgccaaaga gaccaaaaaa
   598621 aggattctaa ggatgaaagg tttacctctt ttcccctcct ttttctatat gtaaaaaaac
   598681 atcgcatttt tgagagtttt atggaatttc aactccacaa agttgaaact tttcttggag
   598741 atttcgatgc agaactgtcc gaaatctaga tctgtgggat agaattgcct ggaattcttg
   598801 ttctaaattt gacattttga tgccgaactt ggttttctgg tttaaagttc gttctttttt
   598861 ctgcactaaa aacaggggtg caggcagtgg agccggacct gaagagctcg acagtgacgg
   598921 tgacgggcgt gttcgaccca gcgcgattgg cggcgtacat ccacaagcgg acgaggaagc
   598981 acgccgtagt gttaaagcag gagccggcgg agaggaagcc cgaggcggcg ccggtgaagg
   599041 ccgacagcgc ggcggaggcc aaggacgaga agaaggccga cgccggcgag aaaagggatc
   599101 aggaggagga cggcgatggc gagaagaaag aggacaagaa gaaggccgct gaaggagacg
   599161 gcgaagaggt caagaaggag gctggaggcg gagacggcga ggagaaggat accggaaaaa
   599221 agaaggacag cggcgcggtg acggaggctg ccgttgtcgc cgtcgtcgcc accgccgccg
   599281 tggacggcgg cgcgggtaaa atgaggagga acgaattcta ctattactat ccgagatacc
   599341 ctgtggagta tgcgtatcca ccgcagatct tcagtgatga gaatcccaat gcatgcattg
   599401 tcatgtgaag aaatagtgct taaggacggt atctttggga tatcttgtag cgtcccctca
   599461 aaccaatcaa tatttgggag gaggtgaccc tgtttttatt ttgttaatgt catggaggtg
   599521 ccgtttaaca tcactatctt ttttcctccc gagtttcaga tactcagaaa taaaaattct
   599581 acctctagtt tttaatttat aaatataaat atattttata aagttagtta tattaaaaaa
   599641 tataaatacg atgatgagat gatagtagcc atggttgaag atagtgatgg cgctgagata
   599701 agtgacagtg acggtggtaa agaatcagta atgtattagg cagaggcatg gtggtggtgg
   599761 tgtgatggag gcggtggcag cggttataat ggcagaaatg tcggctatat ggtcagctat
   599821 atggttgaag cgcaaacgat ggcaatagtg gtatagctga agtggcaatg gttgtgatga
   599881 gaatatgggc catatgataa aagtgatgat attgtataaa aaaaaaaatg atgataatgg
   599941 atgatggtag tgtagcaata gtggtgatga tgttggtaat atgatagagc tgataaagat
   600001 ggcagctatg tatagttaaa attaggacga ccgtaatgtt ggtgggggtg gcaatcgaga
   600061 taatcattgc aatagtgata aagatgatga agataacaag agagatgatg tcagtatttt
   600121 tttttttgga tacatcgaaa ataaaaaaaa atatttttat tttttaaata ataaaaatat
   600181 ttttgaaata aaaattaaaa ataataacat caataacaac atcaaacaca tttttgcctt
   600241 catttttata ttttgttcaa aaaaaataaa aaacaaaaaa tagaatcaat gcatgctttt
   600301 tttttttttt ccatggatgc cgatgtataa tttgttccct ttatgcaggc atatatgtcc
   600361 atcctaaaat gtatagaaat atcggtgtgt ctttttctag ttgtcaaatt ctatgtgcat
   600421 tgtgaggata tacagaggca tgtgttgagt cccatattag atatgtatta aataaatttt
   600481 tagtatttaa agtcaagaaa tttaaataat aattttttat tagtattttt ggtgaggttt
   600541 tggattatga caaatggtat agactcagtt catggttcat atgaactaaa ggccactcta
   600601 gtatgggctc actaggttga ctataagtcg atcgtgataa gtgtgattat atatgaatag
   600661 atttagatct ttagcctagt aataatatca agatttaaat atgagaaata tatgagaact
   600721 catgtagaat gtgtttaatc ctacatcaat tataaagtga agtaaatttt aagtatttat
   600781 acaaaactaa agaatctaaa taataatatt tgactaatct ttttgaataa aaccttaagt
   600841 tgtgatacat tggtttgctc aaatatcatg gatttatgct gccaccaatg ggaatggcaa
   600901 catagggtga ccggcatgat tagaactgta ggtttaaata tttatatcac ccttaacact
   600961 cttattaata tgtgcttttt atctcaaaac cacatactta tcatccttct accgacgtag
   601021 ctaatgtggt gatggatcgt ttttcagttc atatggattt tacttatctt ctttcatagc
   601081 aagttttatt tgttgtactc taacagcaag aatttggttt tgtacagctt aattgaagta
   601141 gtttcttaaa aagatattga aattgcggga atttgtgatg ttgagtttgc tctaactggt
   601201 attcattcgt aacatcagta ttaaaaaata gtttacatga ttaaaattga gctgcggcga
   601261 aaaaaagaga aattatagca aagtaaaaat aaaagttgtt ataatcggag ctgccaggcc
   601321 aattatggtt gatacttcat tttttcattg caggaagtca tgtcttgtac tgctgtttgt
   601381 tggtagcatg aattatgttg ttagatggta gattaatata ataagtgcat tagttttgcc
   601441 attggaatta agtgatgtgg ctatcacttt ttcacttatt gaaccactga tcttggtttg
   601501 gagagatggc tacgatctat tgagtaattc ggctgcacaa tgctgattta tttaataatt
   601561 tttaaaaaaa tttaaaaaaa aattacctat caagggagct atgatgagac agtagcagat
   601621 ttatttgaat tgacatccgc cgataaagca tattgataga ttgatataag actccatgac
   601681 attggactgg caattatatc acattcaaat ggaaaatcat ttctaattga aaataattaa
   601741 aattatttac agttattata aaataataaa atatataata aaaagtgaga gacacaatga
   601801 gagaatagga gagaaagaga aagaaaaaat atttttatac tttaatcatc cttctcattt
   601861 cattccaatc ccttttatag atttttaatc taaattacaa agaaaaataa tatttctcat
   601921 tcatttacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattattca tttacaaaaa aaataatatt tctcatttga
   601981 aggaaataat atttctcatt ctaattttta aaggctcatc catatgagct ccaatgacca
   602041 tttataacac atttcaattt ctaaggggtt atccttatga gcttcaatga ccatttataa
   602101 cactccccct tggatgacct attcacgaag aacgtgcctc ataaaaacct tgctgagaaa
   602161 aatcctatgg aaaaaaaaat agccaaagaa aaagtgtaca acattttcat gaattgtttt
   602221 ggatatacgc ctcgtgtaaa tcttatctga aaaacccaat aggacaaaac caaggtgaag
   602281 aaaaaagagt acagtactcc ccttgaaaat ctactttata atcaacttag gtctttaagc
   602341 catcgcatcc caattttata aattaatttc ttaaatatcc tagttggaag tgtcctagtg
   602401 attaagttag ctaaattttt accagagcaa atttgttgca cattaatatc atcctttcta
   602461 aagcttatga gtatagaaga attttggtaa aatatattta gttctatctc ttttaataaa
   602521 tcctccttta acttgtgcaa tacatgcagc attatcttca tatattatcg atagggtatt
   602581 tcttatagaa gataatccac atgattctcg aatgtgttga atcatggttc tcaaccaaac
   602641 atgcacattc aagacttgtc ttatggagcg taagaatctt tgaatggtta gatgaagttg
   602701 caactattat ctattttata gattttcatg agatggcaca gtcaccatga gtaaaaatat
   602761 atccaatcta tgacttatca ttatgaggat ctgataaata accagcatca gcatatctta
   602821 ataattgacg ctcagaatta tatgtgtaaa gtaaacccat gtcaacaata ccttgtaaat
   602881 agtatatgat atacttaata ccattccaat atatccgagt actagcaaaa ctaatcttgc
   602941 taacaaattt actgcaaagg taatatcaag cccgatataa ttaacaagat acataagtgc
   603001 cccagttgta cttagatatg gtacttcagg acccagaagt tcttcttcct attcttcggg
   603061 tcagaaagga ttatttttta aatcaaatga tctcacaatc ataagagaag taagtgggtg
   603121 agctttatcc atgtaaaagt actttagaac cttttcaata tatgctaatt gatgtatgaa
   603181 aatttcactt gatatatatt ctatttgaag gccaagacaa tattttgtct tacccaagtc
   603241 tttcatttca aatttttttt tcaaataagt tacagccttc tgaacttctt caggcgttcc
   603301 aatgatattc taatcatata cgtacacagt aatgatagca aactcagtat taaattttta
   603361 ataaaaatac atgggtatat tgaattatta gagtatctca tttttaataa atattcactg
   603421 agtctattgt accatattct atcagattgt ttcaatctgt acaaggatcg ttgtaaattg
   603481 actgagtaca tgttgcgata atttaaatat tttactccag atattttaaa tctttcagaa
   603541 attttaatgt atatatcgca atctaacgat ccatataagt aagctgtgac tacatccata
   603601 agacgcatat caagcctttc ttttgcagct aaacttatca gaaatctaaa agttatggca
   603661 tccatcatag gagcatatgt ctcatcaaat tcaatttcag atctttgcga gaagtcttgt
   603721 gcaactaatc gtgctttata tctcataatt tcgtttaatt catttcgctt tcttgtgaac
   603781 acccatttat aaccaactgg cttaacatcc tttgaagttt gaactatagg ttcaaatact
   603841 ttatgtttgt aaagagaatt taattcggct taaattgctt cttttcattt tatccaatca
   603901 tcccattgtt ggtattcatt aatgcttttt ggcttgtgat catcacaagc aatattagat
   603961 gctattgcat aagcaaacac attatcaaca ataatttgct ttcgatccca tatttcatct
   604021 tttgatgcat aactaattga aatctcatta ttttcttgca cttggactgc ttcaggagtc
   604081 tcaattgaaa tttcttgatt tctaacaatt tggttatcca tagaagctat atcatcaata
   604141 gtttatcata tttcagaagt ttcatttccc tcatgtacca ctttatttga attttttttt
   604201 tttagaattt tatcttttgc accaagtggt cttccacact ttaaacatgg cacaagttgt
   604261 tctgtagcca tagggatcaa ttgtcctact gggacttcta tctgagacga agtattttca
   604321 gctgaaatat gagattcgca aatccttctt gtatgtgtaa atatatcaaa taaattattt
   604381 actatacttt gcaaatgaag aattttttga acttctagtt cccattgatt tgttcttgaa
   604441 tcaagaaatg ataagtttgg tacattccat gataactttc gttgtgcttc tggcaccctt
   604501 ttatcttccc ctcatgatag aaacactatt ttattaaatt gacaatctgc aaatcgagca
   604561 gtaaatacat cacctatcag aggtttaaga tatctaatga tagatggact gtcgaaacca
   604621 acataaactc caaatttacg ttgaggtcca cacagcacaa ccaaaaattt ataaatgtga
   604681 aatgtttggt tgttaaccaa ctataaattg tagtggagaa tatttgtggt aagcagttgg
   604741 cctaattcga atcaatgatg cagcatgtaa aatagtatgc ccccaaacag atataggcaa
   604801 cttacttttc atcaataatg gtcaagtaat aagctgcaac cttttaataa atgattcagc
   604861 tagaccattt tgagtgtgca catgagcaac aggatactca acattaattt taactgacat
   604921 gcaaaagtca tcaaaaattt ttgaagtaaa ctcaactgca ttatctaatc ggatagattt
   604981 tataaaaaat caaagaatta tactcgtaac catattatca aacaagcaat ttagcaaata
   605041 tactatttcg tatgaacaac aatgaaatat aagaccacct tgtggaagca tcaattagga
   605101 ccataaaata tttaaatggt ccataagggg gatgaattgg accacatatg tctccttgaa
   605161 tcctttccag gaatgtagga gattcaattg ctaattttgt gaatgaaggt ttatgtatca
   605221 atttttcaag tgaacatgca gaacaaagat aatcactagt tagaagaatc ttttggttct
   605281 ttaatggatg tccatttaag ttttctataa ttttgtgcat catctttgat ccaggatgac
   605341 caagtcgttc atgccagaga ataaatattt cttccttagt aaacttctga ttcaatatta
   605401 tatttgtttt aattgcacaa acagtcatgt aatacaatcc agacaaaaga acagaaaatt
   605461 tttctaactc aagttttcta tttgaatcat aagtaatgat gtacaaaaat tctttaccat
   605521 gttcaatttt tgtctcaatt tgatacccat tctgatggat atccttaaag ttcagtaaat
   605581 ttcttctaga ttatgctaag taaagagctt ctctgatttc taattttgta ccacctgaca
   605641 gtattatagt tgctcttcca gagccttcaa ttatattaga agtatcaaaa attatgctta
   605701 cattttcatt tgtaaaggtt aattgtgaaa aatatttttg atcccgaagt atggagtgat
   605761 ttgtagtact atcagctatg caaaattctt ctgtatttat tttcagattt aatctagaaa
   605821 acaaataagg tattaatttt ataaaatagt ttatttatta acttcaaaat ataagtacat
   605881 aaataaaata attttattga aataaaaaaa atataataaa aattattctt taactatttc
   605941 tccataaatg atcatgtgat caatttttcc tttagaatag gcaaaaaaat cagagacatc
   606001 aaaaggaagc acatttggat tgccatcatc atcattaaac aaatctgcaa agtttgtctc
   606061 aggcttcttt tccttctctt tcatgaaagc ttgatataga tttgccacat gctttggcat
   606121 actgttgggg aatccccacc gaccgactta cggtcgaagg ggccgactgg ccgaccgacc
   606181 gactggccga ctccgacggt cgaccgaccg actggccgac cccgacggac gactccgact
   606241 ggccgaccga ccgactggcc gactccgacg gccgaccgac cgactggccg accccgacgg
   606301 acgactccga ctggccgacc ccgacggacg actccgacgg ccgaccgacc aactggccga
   606361 ccccgaccga ctgaccgacc gaccgactgg ccgaccctga ccgactggtc gaccgaccag
   606421 gaagtctgat ggccgactca ctcgccgacc aacggagggc cccgacccca ctcagctggc
   606481 caccgaccta gggtcggtcg actcctccga tcgccgtaca gccgctagag cttgtcagtc
   606541 ctgacagccg catgcggtgc ggttacctag gggcattgtc ccgccgagag cgtggtcaac
   606601 cctggtgatt agacggccac acggcgacat gacattttca cggcgactct gacagtctac
   606661 agtgagttga cagttcctca cttgtccgcg ccattaatga cggcgccata ccgtgctcca
   606721 ctatataaac cggggaaggc aacagtgcaa gggatcgatc cgcccgtccc cccccacata
   606781 cgcaggctcg ctcctccccc tcactctctc tttctcagag ctctctgtct gcatttcact
   606841 gttgcccagt cacctctctg acttgaccgt cggagggtcc ccgccggagc cacctccggt
   606901 cagtgtggac ttcctttttt gcaggcgctc gttcccggcg accaggcgac gaggggattg
   606961 gccgcaacag attggcgcgc caggaagggg aaacagcatg acaaagacaa gagctcaaca
   607021 atcgagagtc actgggtcgg cgaggcgctc ttcccgccgg gaagaggcct ctccgccccc
   607081 accggcggtg gagcctagct ctccgcgccc tgcagtgacc acggaggccc agattgcggc
   607141 catcgtacgg cagatgaccg tactgaccga cgtagtcaaa agcctccagc aacaaccggc
   607201 ggcccgacct atgccttcca ggagcagccg ccgacggccg tgccgacccc tgtcgcctcc
   607261 atgcgagcgc tcccaacagc gctcccacgg agaggaggag ggacgaccac ggcgcgacga
   607321 ccgacggtcc cagcggccct ctccttcccc gttggaacgg gcaaggaagg agaagcggcc
   607381 gcgcacaccg tcggcctctc tctcagaatc tttcggaggc tccacccctg gggtctccca
   607441 gcatcgacga gcggacgact acgagcgacg gttcgaggaa atcgaccgcc gactcgccca
   607501 actgcagatg gacggtcaga ggtcttcgaa cgacgtcgac ttccagaccg cccaacctct
   607561 ctcccgactg gtcctcgacg agccgattcc cagtcggttc aagatgccgc acgtggagcc
   607621 atacgacggc tccaccgacc caatcgacca tctggaaagc tacaaagctc tcatgacgat
   607681 tcaaggggca accgacgctc tcctttgcat cggcttcccc gccacactcc gcaaggctgc
   607741 cagggcctgg tactccagcc tccgatcggg aagtatccac tccttcggac agctcgagca
   607801 ctcgttcgtg gcccatttca gcaccagccg aaagccgccg cgaacgtcgg acagcctttt
   607861 ctccctcaag cagggggaaa acgagacgct ccgacacttc gtggcgtgat tcaatgcggc
   607921 cacgctcgag gtccgggacc tcaacgaaga catggcaatc tcagccatga agcgggggct
   607981 gagggcatcc cgattcacct actccctgga caaaaccctc ccccgaacat acgccgaact
   608041 gctggagcac gcatataagt atatgcgcgc ggatgaaggg gcatccgacc gacgtttggc
   608101 cgaacccaga ggcccgaagg agaagcggag gaaaggtcgg gaacccgccg aaccaagcag
   608161 gctcccgacc gatagtcggg tctcgccacc ccgacgaatc caaaagtcac cctgacgatg
   608221 gagtccgaga ctgacgcatc gcaggtatga ctcctacacc cctctccccg ctcctcgtgc
   608281 gcagatcctg atagagatcg aaggagcgga gaatctacga cggcctcggc ctctgaaggc
   608341 aaaaggctcc gaccaacacg gctgatcatc gatcgccgaa tcaacggctc gatcatcaat
   608401 cgccgaaccg acggtctcgg cctctgaagg caaaaggctc cgaccgacat ggccgatcgt
   608461 cgatcgccga atcaacggct cgatcaccga tcgccgaacc gatggcctcg gcctctgaag
   608521 gtaaaaggct ccgaccgaca cggccgatcg tcgatcgccg aatcaatggc tcgatcatcg
   608581 atcgccgaac cgacggcctc gacctctgaa ggcaaaaggc tccgaccgac acggccgatc
   608641 gtcgatcgcc gaatcaacgg ctcgatcacc gatcgccgaa ccgacggcct cggcctctga
   608701 aggcaaaagg ctccgaccaa cacggtcgat cgtcgatcgt cgaatcaacg gctcgatcac
   608761 cgatcgccga accgacggtc tcagcctctg aaggcaaaag gctccgacca acacggctga
   608821 tcatcgatct ccgaatcaat ggctcgatca tcgatcgtcg aaatcgacgg cctcggcctc
   608881 tgaaggcaaa aggctccgac cgagacagcc gatcgtcgat cgtcgaatca acggctcgat
   608941 caccgatcgt cgaaccgacg gcctcggcct ctgaaggcaa aaggctccga ccgacacggc
   609001 cgatcgtcga tcgccgaatc aacggctcga tcaccgatcg ccgaaccgac ggcctcggcc
   609061 tctgaaggca aaaggctccg accaacacgg tcgatcgtcg atcgtcgaat caacggctcg
   609121 atcaccgatc gctgaaccga cggcctcggc ctctgaaggc aaagggcttc gactaatgcg
   609181 gctggctaac ttgccgactt agcttcgact aagaaaggca aaatgccaag acgactgcag
   609241 tcgcattcgc gacataccga tctggtcacg accgatcgaa ggatattcgg cttgccaccg
   609301 tttatcatac atcccgacgc atacatccga ccaagggctg gacaatggat attcgacttg
   609361 ccatcgtcat cctatccgaa tacgtcggat gctactcgac tatcagattc tgcagaatga
   609421 tcgtgtcgac gagcaacgtt cggaggttgc ccgacctccg acccgatgtg catgctcgac
   609481 ctacagtcgg gacgaccgat attggatcgt tcgttgatgt gatcgccaga gtcggggcag
   609541 gaaaagacgg aacaccactc ctttcgtccg aagccgtcgc ccacgtgttc acgcgagcca
   609601 acatgacatc gggctcagga gtggaggggg gcaactgttg gggaatcccc accgaccgac
   609661 ttacggtcga aggggccgac tggccgacca accgactggc cgactccgac ggccgaccga
   609721 ccgactggcc gaccccgacg gacgactccg actggccgac cgaccgactg gccgactccg
   609781 acggccgacc gaccgaccga ctggccgact ccgacggccg accgaccgac tggccgaccc
   609841 cgacggacga ctccgactgg ccgaccccga cggatgactc cgacggtcga ccgaccaact
   609901 ggccgacccc gaccgactga ccgaccgacc gactggccga ccccgaccga ctggtcgacc
   609961 gaccaggaag tctgatggcc gactcactcg ccgaccaacg gagggccccg accccactca
   610021 gctggccacc aacctagggt cggtcgactc ctccgatcgc cgtacagccg ctagagcttg
   610081 tcagtcctga cagccgcatg cggcgcggtt acctagcggc attgtcccgc cgagagagtg
   610141 gtcaaccctg gtgattagac ggccacacgg cgatatgacg ttttcacggc gactctgaca
   610201 gtctacagtg agttgcagtt cctcacttgt ccgcgctatt aatgacggcg ccataccgtg
   610261 ctccactata taaatcgggg aaggcaacag tgcaagggat cgatccgccc gtcccccccc
   610321 acatacgcag gctcgctcct ccccctcact ctctctttct cagagctctc tgtctgcatt
   610381 tcattgttgc ccagtcacct ctctgacttg accgtcggag ggtccctgcc ggagccacct
   610441 ccggtcagtg tggacttcct tttttgcagg cgctcgttcc cggcgaccag gcgacgaggg
   610501 gattggccgc aacacatacc ataagtacat gaccagtgat ccttcatttc acatctacgg
   610561 caaatatttt ctcccaacta tatatttttc tcttgatcaa agtttgtact cattttttga
   610621 attctgccac ttcgagtagc ttgccccagt atttttgaaa ccatcatggc cacgatcacg
   610681 actacgacca cgaccatgcc cataatctcg tccatgccca tgcttattat tttgagatga
   610741 catagcattc acttcagaaa atggtgtaga gctagtcagg caagactcgt gattctttaa
   610801 taataattta ttattctgct ccactatcag aaggcatgaa atcagttcaa aatatctttt
   610861 aaatctacat tttcgatacg gctactgcag gagcatattt gatgcatgaa aggtagagaa
   610921 tattttttcc aatatatcct catctattac attgtcctaa cacagtttta actatgagct
   610981 gattcggaat agagtaaaat tatattcaga cacagtttta aaatcttata acctcaggtg
   611041 catctaatca tattgtcttt ggaagaatga ccatcttttg gtggtcatat ctttccttca
   611101 gattatttca taatactagt ggacctttca cagtaagata ttcaatcttt aaaccttcat
   611161 taatatgatg ccaaaaaaaa attaaagatt tcgcacgatc tgcagcgatg cgatattttc
   611221 tttttgaatc atggttccaa gatttatggc attaagatgc atttcgacat ccagaatcca
   611281 agataggtaa ttcttgctcg taatatcaaa aacaatgaat tacaaattta ccagatttga
   611341 tatatttaaa ctaaaaatta taaaataaat aaatatcaat agcttatatc ttttatagat
   611401 ctattctaca atcgaatcac ctgtgaaggc ttctgaaagt aattctcaag attcccttaa
   611461 tatagaggtt gagcaggggg attagcccaa tagattgtga gcatttaata ttttcaaaag
   611521 gaatacaatt aaaacttaaa atataccttc aagaataaac caaagtagat ttaaacttga
   611581 gacctccttt tacttggaga tgccttgcac cacttagatt ggaaagcttt tcgtgctgat
   611641 aatgtgttgt aaaacaataa aatatataat gaaaggagag agatacaatg agagaataag
   611701 agaaagaaaa agaagaaatc ttttcacatg gtaaccatcc ttctcatttc attccaattc
   611761 cttttataga tttttaattc aaattacaaa gaaaaataat atttctcatt catttacaaa
   611821 aaaaaataat attttttatt tatttataag gagaataata ttttttattt gaagaaaata
   611881 atatttcaca tttcaatttt taagagttca tccatatgag ttttaaggac catttataat
   611941 atattccaat ttctaatgga caatccatat gagcttaaac gatcatttat aacagcagca
   612001 tatatttagt ggctatgttt tttttttttt ttggtaaaat agtggctatg tctttactag
   612061 taatatatgc aatttctaag caggcaatga cgacggatat caatatctca ccctaaatac
   612121 ctccattcat ttctactctt gttttctcta aaaggtagca gctcctgtct catatctttg
   612181 ccaataattt tgaacttttt agtgactgat taaaataaaa tataccactt gacatataat
   612241 tccctattga gctcatcatc aaactgattg ataaagaaat agaagattaa ttgcatctta
   612301 attgcttcat cgattccctt caacaaacgt gtgaaacttt tttgaaacat ctacaataaa
   612361 atagcatcga catcttctgc ggtgcatatt ttaccatata aaagattata tatttccgaa
   612421 tagccatcat gtcatcaatt acaaagacgg atggctacct cttgtttctt gcatgcattg
   612481 tgtttggtat cgagcatggc ggtttaggtt cttgagatga gcaatggtag gggtctgaac
   612541 gcaccgcggt gtgcaaattt gagtattttc aaagagagag aattttgtaa gaccagtttt
   612601 tactccaaat gtaaataact attataaata aatcctgtaa attgagggtt ttgggaacga
   612661 aatggttttt ttttttttcc tttttttttc tttttttctt ttgaggtgtc atgtctctga
   612721 agagggcagg gtacgtttat tttgtctttt tgtgagggga aaaaaatcca gcagcaggtg
   612781 agagacgtcg tcaatggcta gcatcatgtg ggaggagtcg ccaacggctt gctcagggtt
   612841 gcgacatcca aaatcccgtc gttttccctt cacgtaaatt cggcgttgct cccttgtctc
   612901 tttccactct cctcatttac gtccctcctg atcaacaaaa aaaaaatatt gattacaatg
   612961 atgatatcaa attaaatcta tgataaatta ataaaaaatt ttatatttta ttaattatca
   613021 tatattttac caatttttat agattaactt cattcatact atttcctatg tatttcatcc
   613081 attttagatt gtatattaat ttgttataag gatgacatgg tatcatcatt gtaacgaaaa
   613141 tttacttctg tttgacccgt tctatatata cccatcctac gtaccacgta ttctatggga
   613201 tcccaaactg agtctaaaac cggcagtttt tgtgggtgaa gggataatcc aaactgagtc
   613261 cggtccctga gttcgcggcc taaagagaac aggtttaaca ggaggggttc atcctatgca
   613321 ttttcccttc atcctatgca acctaaagga aacaggttta acaggagtga gttcgtccaa
   613381 ttttacatta taatttgttt aattattagt tgataaaaat gatttgatat ttttggttta
   613441 tatattttta tgcagttatg tatatatagg aatgaactat atatgctgct cttgcgaaga
   613501 gagaatattt agtacttctg acttcaaaat cgaaatgagg gatccaattg aaatcatacc
   613561 atatatcatg atccatatta caaaaattat ttagaaatca aaaatattat atttttatgg
   613621 tccataattt ttgtcgtcac gcttctactc atcaaaaatg attctgggtt taataataaa
   613681 attttggatg tttggctacg attttatttc tttctttctc attctctggt tatggtttct
   613741 ttgttggtgc tctgttgatg gtcttgttat gttcttaggc tgcaggagaa ggaagaagag
   613801 agattgccta ctttcagtaa ccgcaggagg agaagggaga agaataatat tccttttttt
   613861 ttcttttttt tgaatctttt tctttctttc ttgaacgtga ccgcaggaga tgggcagatg
   613921 catggaaaac cgaggcccaa atatataatc aaaatattac aaaagtatta ctaaatattt
   613981 aattttatat ataaacaaag ataagtaaaa aatattacct tatgtcacct gcaaaatagt
   614041 tttaattatg taaaaatctt gataatctct tccacattaa aggttgaagg ataaataaag
   614101 ggttaaagaa taaataaata attattttat ttctaaaaat ttattacttt caataaaaaa
   614161 ttaatatata tattaattat atgatttttt ttaattggtg gactcgtaat gtgtgtaaga
   614221 ttaaaatatt tgaagggcca ccatatatat taatatatag gtaataagta tttaaaattt
   614281 tttagggaga tagtggctcc ggccctctag tttttcttac gctccaccac tgctgatcag
   614341 ccattttggg tgccttatag gacaaaaaag ataactaaaa agatccgttc ttttgtggat
   614401 aaatatcttt gataagttga tcaatttttt attgatcaac ttatctatgt tctcatattt
   614461 ttcaaaatag ataagttact ctcctatgga taataggatg gctaaatcat tttttcatca
   614521 gttagtaaag taggtattta attttatttt taaaaatatt tcattcttat tttcaatatc
   614581 tccatcattc aatgtccaat aactcaacat tctacttttt ttttcaaatc taaaaaggtg
   614641 taaaagatat tataaaaaaa atgaataaat tttagtaact tatttagaaa aatagtaata
   614701 caaaagaata tggataataa attttaaagt catattttta tatataaaaa atatgaataa
   614761 ttttttttat ttaaatatta tctgaaaaat atttatctag aaatatataa aattttagat
   614821 aaatttttta tttaaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa aaaaggagaa ggagaaggag gaggaggagg
   614881 aagagaagct aaagcaagtt tatcccttgg taactgagat acactgacag tagctgctga
   614941 gaccatttgg gtggatatgg gatttagagg tgcccatgcg gattaaattc ttctgatgga
   615001 aggtctattg aatagggtac cttggaaaca attcttactt cggcgaggca ttgtccaaat
   615061 ggctcaaagc tgttgtgatt tgtgtgccga gtcaatggag gatattaatc atgtgttatt
   615121 tcaatgtccc tttgctgtac tgctggcaac tcttcaaaca aatgctggtc attgagaatg
   615181 tatcatcttc cttttccttt tttttttttt ttttgataaa agaggggcga agctatatta
   615241 agttaagagt aatgagtacc gtacaaaact ggaccatata acccaaaatg aatatacaat
   615301 tgcagtgtat accaaaccgc tgcaaaccaa aatgctaccc aaacccaaca acaatgtaaa
   615361 atgggataca tagcagttaa aaatagtaca tgagaaggtg aaatgcaaaa ccaggaacaa
   615421 gcatgaataa tttgtattga agcccttgta acatgagact tggatgatgc aaagtatggg
   615481 aagctttgga cggtggactg aaaatgtaat aacccattca aaaaaattta aaaaaaaaaa
   615541 ttgctgcacg tgctccacac gtgaaaggag gaaggaggac tcccgattgg agtcttcctc
   615601 ctccgtattt tcatttggaa aagggactcc tggggttcgt cggagttcga caaaagccct
   615661 aggaactaac ctataaaagg gccccaaatc cttctcttaa gcattgcctc tccatctctg
   615721 tttttccgct ggcgaggctc atagattctc tcaatttttt agaatgggct cggaggaacc
   615781 atcattgatt caccattgtt cttattgtcg gagttaaggt aagagatctc tactccaaat
   615841 ccatcatctc cccatccctt agccatcgtc aatgatcaga atatgactgg caaatcatcg
   615901 gatttttttt cgaagcccaa atcctctgtt cttcttctct cttcttccat caaaccgacc
   615961 actattgtcg gatgtgggct atgctctgac agccgaggtt gccgtcgttg gggtctaccg
   616021 gtgtgaggtg ggggggtcca cccacacgag gggtcatggc catcgagggc caccaccatg
   616081 ggaagggggc tggggtggtc tctttccctg tttcaatgaa gaagaagaga ggaggagaga
   616141 gatagcctct cttccctctc tttattttat ttattttatt ctctctaatt aggttaagaa
   616201 aaatattaaa aataaatttt tagaagattt ggagtagacc cttagcgaat gattaaatta
   616261 aataatttat attttattat taatattgag attggtctat agaaaagcaa tctttcagac
   616321 gagatctttg cacaggtttc ttagcacctg attcgtacat cgaagtgtgg atcatattag
   616381 gagattaatt tatcttcaat aaagataagg gtcctttaac acgatgacct acatattttt
   616441 gagaattaaa tttatatgat tgatatgtat ttttatattt attggtatga gcattacgtg
   616501 ttgttgattt gataattggt gcttaatgat tgttgagtga gaaaaatatg atttaacata
   616561 attgatgaga tggacagtat ttagattagc caatcatgca aaaaacatgg tatatatgcc
   616621 aaatcaatct cggaatgggg tgcggcttgg tctaccatgg gttggagtat gactataatt
   616681 aatctaatgc cataaatcag attatgattt taataatttg gatggggcat gggtggtgtt
   616741 tggattgttt ggccatgcaa gaaacatggt gtgtgtgatg gacagcctcg ggttggggtg
   616801 cagtgttgtg tttgactgac tataggttag agcatgattg aaattagtcc aataccgaaa
   616861 agacaaatat aaagaatggg aaagagaagc atgtggatag tcagtcatgt gtaaaacatg
   616921 gcatatcagc cacggactgg gatgtttggc ctgccaggga ctagagcatg gttgttacta
   616981 gttcaatatc gacatcaaat caagatgatg aatcatatct aattgaagga tatctgagct
   617041 agctggcaca tgtaaaacat ggtattgtaa tgtcagccac gggctgagat atagttgcca
   617101 tccatgggta gaaacatggt ggcctaccat gggctggagc atgagcaggt ctagtccagt
   617161 gccaaaataa taatattgat cggatcgtaa ttgagttaat catttcataa taagtaatct
   617221 cattgaatta ttaactagga ttgttgatta tgatatatga tatgtttaat agaattacac
   617281 atggtggtat tattcaactg tcatattgat gatgatgaat tttgttactt tcctatcagt
   617341 catgtatatt tgttaaaaga tatttcatat tcatgctggt atgagtataa agaattctta
   617401 ctggactgtt aaactcacat tctttttttt taaacttgca ggatgcatag tatcgatcag
   617461 gttgggcatg gagtttcgaa taatggagtc tttagttagt tagttagtta attttctgat
   617521 accaaataaa tatttcaatt ttatgaacat tgttcaataa agatagattt attgatttaa
   617581 taaatatgat tgaaacttta taatgctttt ggtgttcttg tggatttgtt tattatttag
   617641 gccttgcata ttctttagag cttatcctaa ggagtgtgcg gccatcacat atccgatcta
   617701 agtaccagat ttgaggtgtg acagagtggt atcagagctt gggtttaaga taactagaga
   617761 ctgtgacata agcgataaca aaactttgga tatgatcaat agagtgtgat aaaatgatat
   617821 cagagctgaa gattatgatc tctagggatt atgactcaag gagtattgag cataaggtta
   617881 tgatcactaa agatgtaata gaataatatc tgagtttagg ttatgatcat ataagattgt
   617941 gattcaaaag gtatttgagt ataaggttat gattagtagg aattgtggta gagatgaatc
   618001 atagagtttg gatggataat ttgttggtga acgtagatga ttttatgcat gtattttaaa
   618061 ttttttttga ataaattaca gtgaaagata attagattaa tcaaattaat ctaacataca
   618121 tatgatctaa ttatcaaatc aacttattct agaatctatg acatgatatg ttgcatataa
   618181 aatctaaaat aattacataa taaaatctgc atgcatgaat ataagtagta gatcacatct
   618241 acttctaatt tgagtttaaa actcgatatc taagcatgga tcaatgaaca tcgttacaga
   618301 aagacatggt aaagatgatc tttgctggtt ggtcatagcc gcacatgcgt tcggtctcta
   618361 cgagaaatcc actcgaagct tcgatctgat cgattttctt agaagtacta gctcatgcga
   618421 agatcttctt cttgactgat ctggatttct tcttcaaatc tctgaaatct ttctagagat
   618481 tgaagatgaa cttttgaaga agatgaagag gtagaagaaa gatggagaag aaactatttt
   618541 ctctcttatt tttctctctt cccaaaccct tgttccaaat cctagggttt tttgatcttg
   618601 tgctcaccca agagaagaga actcttctct ccctttttca caccataaac tcatgcccaa
   618661 gaccccaagc atgaagagca ctcctcttct atcttacacg tacaaaagag atgtcaattc
   618721 cttttttatt aggcgtgtaa tagggttggg tgaagagtct taaggatctt agactcttca
   618781 agatatgtca cccttccaca aattccacac cccaaaagaa aaaagggatg ccctttcttt
   618841 tatttttcca catgaaatca aatcctaatc tgatttccca tgataaaaat cctcctcaaa
   618901 gtgtcataca cataaggaga aaaaataagt tggcgtgtgg agtaatttgg ataagaccag
   618961 attctcttga tgagaaatat tttgaaatcc aatttcaaaa tctttctttt atcagaacca
   619021 aatcaaattg ggatgtgaga aagggaggaa aaagacctct ttggcatgaa aaaatctcac
   619081 acaaaaacct cttaagcatg gagaaagttg gccacagagt gggaggtgca tggggaggaa
   619141 gagtccaatc ctatatgcac tctaggtttc tttgtttaaa tccaaaccaa atcacatctg
   619201 atttagccca aataaaatat ataaaattca atctaattag gttcataaat ttttaatcaa
   619261 attttaatca aattaaaaat tgattgaacc aaagtcttga tcaaatcagg gataattctt
   619321 ccttagcgat taggtcatct cataacctaa tcgggtcaaa cctaattgaa tctaattcaa
   619381 ttagatttta tttaatcttt tttactcaat ctaattgagc taatcagcaa tctaattatt
   619441 aattattttt ttattaattt attaacactt gatgaataaa tttattacaa tttttgcata
   619501 aaattaatca tcaatcaaat tgatgattaa gctcttgagc aattctcaat cgctgatcag
   619561 ccacatgatc agtcagaaat tttttttgag tgtgacccta tagattcgaa cctaagctgg
   619621 aagtacagaa ataaattttt gaaccaatca atgtaacatc tagcaatggt gacccgacgt
   619681 ccggataggt cgaatgatga tgaagcaaca ttcaagaacc tattggcgta tgcttactgt
   619741 ataattcatc cctttgatcc taatgttcga ggacgattta gaatttaact atcaattcta
   619801 gataggtcat ccacattgta tttcaatctt tcaaatccat cacatgaatt atctaggccc
   619861 aaattttgta aaattaaaat acattgatac attaactcct actaattcga aggggtcaat
   619921 ctcatcttga ctcacgtacc aacttgataa gtacttgact gcacccagaa atctttcgtt
   619981 actaaattag aaactcagtt agtccgtcag caaagtatag tgagttgctt acagatcacc
   620041 gtagtgctct taggttggaa ggacacttat atctatatcc ttcgcgagct atccttgata
   620101 gcagagtact ccgcaattgg tcacgtttag tgatgataca ctcttacatc tcacctgcat
   620161 gccataccag tgtctccata tcatttagtt acaaggacaa ccaatgcata tggcacacaa
   620221 tgacctacac tttgatatcg ctatcatcct agtaataaca tatcatttga tcgcgaacca
   620281 atttaaagac tatacgataa atcctccttt atcgatcaaa gtagtcctaa aaactttatc
   620341 ataatatagg agttcgttag aagataaaat cttatgataa aaaaaattaa ataattttta
   620401 ttattgatca attcatatat atttataatt agcacaatca tcaaatgatt gattttaatt
   620461 agaacatatt tttcaataac tcccacttgg actaaagcca atcaatatag tatcatatac
   620521 ccatcttcga tttattatct cagaactcct agatatcgag gctttagtaa atggtgtcac
   620581 gccccaaatc cgggacataa catggccatg ctaccaaggg atggacccac gataacacga
   620641 agccaaaatt catcttctta aatataataa caggtgtatc acaaataaat ataataataa
   620701 agtttaattt aaatatttaa ttaaatcaaa actgattcag agcatctaaa tccaaagatg
   620761 aaataatcca agtcttaaaa ttcataatga ctacaatcca taaacataaa ctgaattcct
   620821 agtgcaaaat tttcaagctt gctttgctga tccccaagcc tggattctct ttccatcagt
   620881 cttagcctta tttctctata catgaaaaag aaaacaaaaa gaatatgagc tacaccagct
   620941 cagcaagtag acttccgctt ccttaccgga tcaagcataa gttttctatg ataatgcatc
   621001 atttagcaaa taacaattat tataaaaata aatatttcat agagcatata ataaaacaag
   621061 ttataagctc atcatgcatg tataaatcat gtatatttca taattataaa tcgtaaatca
   621121 ttttcatcat gtattcatgt catgtttcaa aacattgctc acagacgttc gtgctaaggt
   621181 cactattata cccgtgacaa ggccatgttt cttaatcgat agagttctta attcatgtgc
   621241 caactttata tccgctgaca gagccatgtt tcatgtggat gctagcttcg gatgtcgacc
   621301 ttcccgaagg gattcattca tagccatctg agagcctttg aaatcatttt atctttttct
   621361 taaagcatac atatacatag atgggaaaac cataaaattc atacttcata atcatgctat
   621421 tttcataaga catattcgtg aaatcaatgc acataataaa atatgctttt tcatatcaca
   621481 tataccgatc cttattttat gaaaaattat gattttatca atagcaattc tttacataaa
   621541 agcatgatca tttaaaaata aataagaagc ataaaatcca cttacctcga tcgtcctgga
   621601 ccttttaatc tttcttaaaa aaatcggaca gtcctattta aaatattaaa tcatcaataa
   621661 attttatttc atatatttaa aaaaattata taatataaag aaatgatcga tttgatgatc
   621721 agtccaataa atctctccct tcggctttaa accgatttaa ggtcataggt ccctaggagt
   621781 ggagaagata gcctaatagg ggattcatag gacttcttgg agagagaaat ttttttttag
   621841 agagagaaag tagagagaga atgaatccaa ttccagagag agaaagactt tagagaggga
   621901 tgagagaaac ttccttttat gtgtattatt atttttatta ttattattat tatataaata
   621961 tatatatata ttattttttt cttttctttt tcttcttttc ttttctattt ttattattat
   622021 ttatttatta tttattattt attattattt atttatttat ttnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   622081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   622141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nntttttttt gatctagcat gcagcttatg tccatcaata
   622201 tttttcacat aagctggaca gcctcaaatc ttaagatgct taagattgga tcttttttct
   622261 tctccttttc ttttcttttt ctttttcccc cgtggccttc tttggccgga acaggggacc
   622321 tagaggtccc tgttccttaa accggccatt cacggccgca ccttgcccga cggtggccgg
   622381 cggcaaggga cgactttctc cgaatttgga agggccatat ccgacgatcg gtggtgaccg
   622441 tcggtattgg aaaatcagag aaaagaaccg gcgagaacag ggagttttct tttccaacaa
   622501 aatccgacga cacccgtcgc cggcaatcgt gcccacaggc acggaaaaga agggagagaa
   622561 gagaggaaga ggaaggaggc cttaccacag cctccgatga cccccaccgg cgtgaaatca
   622621 cggtgagcac aggtcgaggt gccgcagctt caatcgagaa aatcagagaa aaactccggc
   622681 gatcgtcgat gactgatgga tttactctta gaggagagga ggggggttct tatagagctc
   622741 atcctagggt cttttaatgg ccctaggact ctgattcttg atcggaatcg gagaagagga
   622801 agactccgat cgggagtctt ccttcttgtt tctatttttt ttttgtttac tgggcttagt
   622861 gggccgggtt atcacattct acccccctta aaaaaaattc gtcctcaaaa tttaacatac
   622921 cttcatttac aaataagtat ggatatctcg tcttcatatc gtcttcaagc tcccaagtgg
   622981 cctctctctc ttcatgatta ctccaatgaa tctttacgta cgaaatgata cgccgtctta
   623041 gaacttgctc ttttcgatca ataattcgga agaaaaattt ttcataggtt agatcttcat
   623101 gaacttgcaa tggctcatac tttatcacac tgtttggatc aggtacaaac tttctcagta
   623161 gtgaaacatg aaagacattg tgcactttgg ataaatctgg tggtaaggct agttcgcaag
   623221 caacatctcc tactcaattt aaaatttcaa aaggtccaat atatcgcgga ctcaacttgc
   623281 catgtctccc aaatctcatg acacccttag taggtgatac ttttagaaaa acatgatcac
   623341 cgacctgaaa ttttaattct cttctttttc tatctgtcca actcttctgt ctatcctgtg
   623401 ctgccttgag tcttctcttg attagataaa ttttatctct agcatcttga actaactcag
   623461 gacctattaa tttcttttca cctacttcat cccaatacag aggggatcta cactttcttc
   623521 catatagggc ttcatagggt gccatccgga tactagaatg aaaactgttg ttatatgcaa
   623581 attcaatcaa tgccacatga ttatcccaat gccctccaaa gtcaaaagca caagctctta
   623641 acatatcctc aagagtttga attgtccttt cagattggcc atcgatctga ggatgggttt
   623701 aattaaatat ttgaattaaa ctttattatt acatttattt gtaatacacc tgttattata
   623761 tttaagaaga taaattttgg cttcgtgtta tcgtgggtcc atcccttggt agcatagcca
   623821 tgttatgtcc cggatttggg gcgtgatatt ttatggtatc agagcatcta aatccaaaga
   623881 tgaaataatt caagtcttaa aattcataat gactacaatc cataaacata aactgaattt
   623941 ctagtacaaa attttcaagc ttgctttgct gatccccaag cctggattcc ctttccatca
   624001 gtcctagcct tatttctctg tacatgaaaa agaaaacaaa aagaatatga gctacaccag
   624061 ctcagtaagt agacttccgc ttccttaccg aatcaagcat aagttttcta tgataatgca
   624121 tcatttagca aataacaatt attataaaaa taaatatttc ataaagcata taataaaata
   624181 aattataagc tcatcatgca tgcataaatc atgtatattt cacaattata aatcgtaaat
   624241 cattttcatt atgtattcat gtcatgtttc aaaatattgc tcacaggcat tcgtgctaag
   624301 gtcactatta tacccgtgac aaggccatgt ttcttaatcg acagagtact taattcatgt
   624361 gccaacttta tacccgctgg cagggtcatg tttcgtatgg atgctagctc cggatgtcga
   624421 cctttccgaa gggattcatt catagccatc tgagagcctt tgaaatcatt ttatcttttt
   624481 cttaaagcat acatatacat agatggaaaa accatgaaat tcatgcttca taatcatgct
   624541 attttcataa gacatattcg tgaaatcaat gcacataata aaatatactt tttcatatca
   624601 catatgccga tctttatttt atgaaaaatt atgattttat caatagcaat tctttacata
   624661 aaagcatgat catttaaaaa taaataagga gcataaaatt cacttacctc gatcatcctg
   624721 gaccttttaa tcttccttaa aagaatcaga cagtcctatt taaaatatta aatcatcaat
   624781 aaattttatt ttatatattt aataaaatta cataatataa agaaatgatc gatttgatga
   624841 tcagtccaat aaatctctcc cttcggctct aaaccgattt aaggtcatag gtccctagga
   624901 gtggagaaga tagcctaata ggagattcat aggacttctt agagagagaa aaaaaaattt
   624961 tttagagaga gaaagtagag agagaataaa tccaatttta gagagagaaa gactttagag
   625021 agggatgaga gaaactttct tttatgtgta ttattattat tatttttatt attattatta
   625081 tataaatata tatttttttt tcttttcttt ttattctttt cttttctttt tattattatt
   625141 attattatta ttattatatg attatatatt tttcttttct tttctttttc ttcttttttt
   625201 tttctttttt tttccttttc tttttttttt ttttcttttt ccttttcctt ttctttttct
   625261 ttttcttttc ttttttcttc tccttttctt ttctttttct ttttcccccg tggccttctt
   625321 cgaccggaac aggggaccta gaggtcccca ttccttaaat cggctgttca cggtcgcacc
   625381 ttgcccagcg gtggccggca gcaagggacg acttcctccg aatttggaag ggccatagcc
   625441 ggcgatcggt ggtgaccgtc agtgtcagaa aatcagagaa aagaaccgat gagaacaggg
   625501 ggttttcttt tccaataaaa ttcggtgaca cccgtcgccg gcaatcgtgc ccacaggcat
   625561 gggaaagaag ggagagaaga gaggaagagg aaggaggcct taccacagcc tccgatgacc
   625621 cccatcggtg taaaatcacg gtgagcccag gtcgaggtgc cgcggcttca atcgagaaaa
   625681 tcgaagaaaa actctggtga tcgtgggtga ttgatggatc tactcttaga ggagaggagg
   625741 ggggttctta tagagctcgt cctagagtct tttaatggcc ctaggactcc gattcttgat
   625801 cggaatcggg gaagaggaag actccgatcg ggagtcttcc tccctgtttc tgtttttttt
   625861 ttgtttactg ggcttagtgg gccgggttat cacaaatgga ttgatcaaat tttttttttt
   625921 gtcgatcttc taaagattga cattgtttta acaaattttt cgaataaggt agtagtgatg
   625981 cagaatactt gataagctag tgggactttg acttcttgac atgagctatg gctccgatgt
   626041 tgtacaatac agtaggacca tcatcggaag atgtcatttt tagcttgcca gtgaatctgt
   626101 acaatcacat agcttcctta caagcatcga atgctgcaat gcattctgcc ttgcaaattg
   626161 aattggctat attgctctgt ttaaaacttt tccaacagat tactctatta tttaggataa
   626221 ggatgtattt tgatatattc ttgctattat tatgtccaac tgaaaactgg agtcatactc
   626281 tataaatttt aagtcaaatt cttcataacc gaatcaccag tccttagtat ttctcaaata
   626341 tttaaggatg accttccagt gattctcatc tagatcttgc aggtatccac tcactactct
   626401 agtgagtata ccatatccgg tctcatatat agtgacatga tagaataaat tttactcata
   626461 aatactctat gtatgctgaa ctgaaaaaac tcaagtagca tcttagatct atctctatag
   626521 atcttcatcc ctaggatgag aaatactttt ccaaagtcct ttatggagaa ctatgatgat
   626581 agtgaaacct tgattcccta taatataaga aatatcattt cagattaaga aaattttatt
   626641 tatatacaaa ataaaaaata cactcataga actattaacc cattcgtatt cacagagttt
   626701 atcttcattc tcaatgaagt catgtatttt aatcatttat caaaatacac gttccaactc
   626761 taaaatattt agcattatca taggaaaaaa ttatctcgtt atggtcaata tcataatgtt
   626821 gacaatattc ttaggcaacc agatggatat tttaagtctc caccttctgt ctgtgctctc
   626881 taatcctatt aaagatccac ttacatccta tggattttac cctttcgagt ggatcaacga
   626941 atgtccatac accattgacc attatggatt tcatttcgaa ctctatggct ccaagccatt
   627001 aatcagagtc ggacctctac atggcatctg tgtaggtgat caaaatcttg ttctcatcga
   627061 gtcaatagga tcacatcccg aaactgaaaa ccgaagtatc tatccgatgg atgtagtact
   627121 ctaccggatc ttcttaatgg tgcctctaca acgggtttca agtttgatct aatcaaatcc
   627181 aattctatag gtttactaga ttgtgtgggt tcttctatct gttgaacttt ataagttcta
   627241 tattaaaggt accagttcct tcactaaggt actctttttc tgaaaagaat gccgaacgac
   627301 tcttattctt tagcatgata gaagttatat cccctagatt ctttgggatt atcctacaaa
   627361 ataatacata taagatcggg atccaagcta attagtctgc aaatacttga tataaaataa
   627421 atactctcaa actctaagat aagaaagtat caacttacgt ctagtctata tctcatatgg
   627481 agtctctgtg actgattaat tcgaaatcca gttcagaaca taacaagcag tctcaagagc
   627541 ataaccctaa aagaagactg acaaatttat aaactccatc atggatcgaa ctatgtctaa
   627601 caaagtcgat accaataaga gagaatccta ttctcttttt agatatatca aaaactcatc
   627661 aaaaatgcat tctcctcttt ggattgaccg aagagtttca atactctttc cagtttattt
   627721 ttctatctta ttaaaaaatt atttaaatat tttaaataat ttaaatttat gacaaatatg
   627781 ttcgtagatc caatacatca gtatgtatca gattcagaac atcattggct cgtttatctt
   627841 ttctagcaaa aggtgattcg gtcatcttat taaagagata ggattgacag attgataatg
   627901 attcacaatc attgacttca aaaattatat cctgttgatc ctattcttat ttatatgatc
   627961 aagtctaaat taccaaaggt aggcttccat gacattatct actctaagga gtttgtttgt
   628021 tatgtacagt acactaacag gctatgtaaa tatcatttct tagttatcca catgattttg
   628081 acatcattta taatgatatt acataaatca ttagataata atgacaatca ctaagacgat
   628141 attattagaa ttgaaaatag gctcgatgat tcctaaaatc aggattggaa taaactttca
   628201 tctccaacat tcagaaacct cttgctgttt ttaaactttc tactaacttg aagtcattgc
   628261 aataatttgt atggactttc aatattcaat acagagatag tagtatcata gacagagaaa
   628321 tcataaggtg ttatcatata agtaccttgt ccagcaaccc ttgctgattt ttcttccttt
   628381 atctgttcgg atcaaaggac tctaccagac ttgattaatc ttagactctt tgtcagttcg
   628441 agcttcttag cccaagcatg actctttagc atcttctttt tctttctcag aagattgttg
   628501 ccctactaaa gacatatctt cagaggtaca aaagaactcc ttcaacattt gaaagatttc
   628561 ctcctactga atatcatcaa atttacaact aaattcatgt tctttactac tcttaaaaaa
   628621 taccacacgg tgatattatc atttggtcac ttttaataag tgcctttgat atcatcatat
   628681 gtgttagatg tgggaacatc aggtgctaga tccataatca tatttaggat ccattcgtgc
   628741 tctaaaacta tttacaactt tcgatgtcat ctatcgaagt tggatcctat aaataagtca
   628801 ctgtcaaaca gtgaatggag caacagatat ctagccataa ctgaaagaaa aatacaagac
   628861 ctcaatattt atgaattgat taagcctaaa gatttaaact ttagtctaaa ggttctccca
   628921 ctattttata cgaattggta gcctctacct ctaattcgag aaattacttt aattctttag
   628981 caggtactag aatccacaca gactgtatac aggcccgagg atggctcgat caatccatat
   629041 gcacttatgg gtaggttctc aaccaattat ttctccaaat aatttttagt agttaattta
   629101 gtctcaaatt ttatttcagt aggcgatgga cctccactga aagtttcaat taggtcaaac
   629161 cattaacatg aacctactca gtgattctaa ctaatgaacg atcagactcg aggatggctc
   629221 gatcaaccca accatcatca gatagtacaa tggagccatc atataatgaa tgataattcc
   629281 atcattcaga aagaatacca gacgaatagc gcctgcaatg tttattagaa ataatggatc
   629341 cattaccatt cttctcaatg ggaggctatg atccagttat ccctataact agctcatttt
   629401 atggatctaa taatttaaaa aatttaatta atttagaaaa aagaaaagaa gagatcaatc
   629461 aatagaccat aattttttta ctaacttcac caagtcactt aatcggatta gggtcatgct
   629521 gatcgaactg gtacctagat cagttacact aatcaacttt aatggtatgg ataaactcga
   629581 atcacttggt gatctaataa agatattttt catcaaatta gtcaggtaag tgagatcgat
   629641 gggagagtct gctaagcttg ccttagacac catcaaaata gtcaggtaag ccgctttcaa
   629701 ttaaaaatca tcgatcgaaa tgccaaactt accttctaca ccaattgatt aactagtttc
   629761 tatttgatca gcctaatgat tcgagttcaa ccactgagcc ataatcaagg tctatttagt
   629821 ctaataaaag acatggactt gaccatctac aactattgta ttggttctaa agaaactctg
   629881 atttaatcta atttaatatt tgattagatt taatcaattt ctctatataa ttcattaact
   629941 ctttgattct aatcttaggt ataacccaat taagaggacc tgatttgagc taacccatgc
   630001 ctccatattt tatgcgaatg atattagatc tttaattcat aattctagat ctaatcgatt
   630061 cttcacttaa ttctcaatta agtttagcat caacatgagt ttatatttag gtttgaaata
   630121 attttaattt tttattttgt aaataattta caataaatat tatgcaaaga ttttctattc
   630181 tgaaatcaga tcaactcaat taatattgag ccagctacac aaggggactg gatcaactca
   630241 gttcaaaact agatcagctc agtaattgtg tgagcacatt tcagatctga aaaatcttgt
   630301 ataatctcaa aataaaatca atcataaata tctttttaga tcatatctaa acttgttatg
   630361 attcaaaatt ttattttttc atgattaaaa taattttaat catatagatt agatatttta
   630421 tttttcatat aattttgtat catatacaat aaaccaaggg tttcaagatc taagatttaa
   630481 aaaaaaaata agttcctcct ttcacattct tcttcatgga atttaatcat atggcacctc
   630541 tacacgtcat aagagcacac catcgaatag gaagagaggg cctttaaatc cttcttgctt
   630601 ctatgatcgg atggcctggt gatcaactca atccaagtac ttgctaatca gatcatctaa
   630661 tctaatcaca tatcatatat gcttgaattt agatctaatt taaattacat cagatccgat
   630721 cacaatatta aatcacatct aaatcaaatc ataaatatta catgcaatac ataaaattag
   630781 attttattat cgatcagcac aaactaggat aatcttttca ctataaggga taaaccctat
   630841 agtaggatga cattatatca atttgtgcga tctaccatta attaaattta gatcaaaaat
   630901 atcatatatt agatctaaat aaaaataaat tttagattta atatgcactt ataatatgtt
   630961 ataacgaacc taggctctga taccactatt ggtgaacgta agtgatttca tgcatatatt
   631021 ttgaaatttt tttgaataaa ttatagtgaa agataattag attaatctaa ttaatctaat
   631081 atatatatga tctaatcatc aaatcaacct actctaagat ctatgacatg atatgttgca
   631141 tataaaatct aaaataatca catgataaaa tctgcatgca tagatgtaag cagtagatca
   631201 catctacttc taatatgagt tcaaaactcg atacttaagc acagatcgat gaacatcact
   631261 actgagagat atggtaagga tgatacttgc tggttactca tcaccgcaca tgtgttcggc
   631321 ctctacgaga agtccactcg aagcttcgat ctgatcgatc ttctcaggag tgctagctcg
   631381 cgcgaagacc ttcttcttgg ttgatcgaat tctttcttca aatctctgaa atcttttcag
   631441 aggttgaaga tgaatttttg aaggagataa agaggtgaaa gaaagatgaa gaagaaacta
   631501 ttttctctct tatttttctc tcttcccaac ccttgttcca aaccctaggg ttttttgatc
   631561 ttgcactcgc ccaagagaaa agaactattc tctccctttt ccatgccata aactcatgcc
   631621 caagatccca aacatgaaga gcactcctct tctatcttac acgcataaaa gagatcccaa
   631681 ttcccttttt attaggcatg taatagggtt gggtaaagag tcctaaggat cttgaactct
   631741 tcaagatata ttgtccttcc acaaattcca tgccccaaaa gaaacaaggg acgtcccttc
   631801 ttttattttt tcacatgaaa tcagatctaa tctgattttc catgataaaa attctcctca
   631861 aagtgttgca cacataagga gaaaaaataa gttggcatgt ggagtgattt ggataagaat
   631921 agattctctt aataaaaaat attttgaaat ccaattttaa aatttctctt ttatcaaaac
   631981 caaatcatat ttggatgtga gaaagggagg gagaagacct ctttggcatg aaaaaatctc
   632041 atgcaaaaat ctcttgagca tgaaaaaatt tggcgtcaaa gtgggaggtg catggggagg
   632101 aagagtccaa tcctatatgg actctaggtt ttcttatttg aatccaaatc aaatcacatc
   632161 tgatttagct caaataaaat atataaaatt caatctaatt agattcataa attttaatca
   632221 aatcttaatc aaattaaaaa ttgattaaat caaagtcctg atcaaatcag ggataattct
   632281 ttcttagcaa ttaggtcatc tcataaccta atcgggtcaa acctaattga atctaattca
   632341 attagatttt atttaatcct ctttgctcaa tcaaattaag ctaatcagta atctaattaa
   632401 taattaatcc tctattaatt tactaatact tggtgaataa atttattaca acttttgcat
   632461 aaggttaatc atcaatcgaa ttgacgatta agcccttgaa tgattctcaa tcattgatca
   632521 gccacatgat cagtcagaaa cttcttttga gtatgactcc ataggttcaa atctaagctg
   632581 atagcacaga aataaatttt tgaaccaatc gatgtaacca tctagcaatg atgatccgac
   632641 gtccggatag gtcgaatgat ggtaaagcaa tattcaagaa cctattggcg tatggttact
   632701 gtataattta tctctttaat cctaatactt gaggatgatc taagatttaa ctatcaatct
   632761 tagataagtc atccatatta tatttcaatc tttcaaatcc atcacatgga ttatctggat
   632821 ccaaattttg ctaaattaaa atacattgat acattaactt ttactaattc agaggggtta
   632881 atcccatctt gactcatgca ccaacttgac aagtacttga ctgtactcaa aaatctttcg
   632941 ttactgaatt agaaactcag ttagtccagc accaaagtat agtgagttgc ttgcaagtca
   633001 ctatagtgat ctcaagtcaa agagatactg atactcatat ccttcatgag ctattcttga
   633061 cagtagagtg ctctatagtt ggtcacgttc catgatgata tactcctata tatcacttgc
   633121 atgccatact agtatctcca cactatttga ttacgaggat aaccaatgca tatagcacac
   633181 aacgacctac acttgatatc gctatcatcc tgataatagc atatcgtttg atcacaaatt
   633241 aatttaagaa ctatgtgata aatcctcctt tatcgatcaa agtagtccta aggacttcat
   633301 cacaatatag gagttcatta gaagatgtaa tcttgcgatc aaaaagatta aataactttt
   633361 attattgatc aattcatata catttataat tagcacaatc gtcaaatgat tgattttagg
   633421 acatattttc aacataattt atttctcaaa ttataatttg aggaatcgac aatctatgat
   633481 tttattggtt taaaagaaat tatttagcaa atctaaaaaa attgatggat atagatcaga
   633541 gtgtgcagtg aaagcgtggt ggtttaaatc attttaattc gatcgaaaaa ttggttctaa
   633601 cttgaagggt gttaagataa aggattgaaa ttttgagtaa agaggattat ttaagagctc
   633661 taagataaga taagagtctg tgcccttaag gtttcgagtt tacaacatac taatttcgag
   633721 gatgaaatta tttttaggga gagagaatat aataacccat ccaaaaaaaa attactacac
   633781 gtgctccgca cgtgaacgga ggaaggagga ctcctgattg gagtcttcct tctctacatt
   633841 tttatttggg aaagggactc ctagggctca ccgatgtcta acaaaaaccc taggaactaa
   633901 cctataaaag ggccccaaat cctcctctta agcattgcct ccccatcttt gattttccac
   633961 tggcgaagcc tataacttct ctcgattttg tggagtgggc tcggaggaac cattgttgat
   634021 tcactattgt tctcattgtc ggagtcaaga taagaggtct ctactctaac tccatcttcc
   634081 ccatgtccct tagccatcgt tggtgatcaa aatatgaccg acaagttatt ggattttctt
   634141 ttgaagccca aaccccctgt tcttcttctc tcttcttcca tccaatcaac cactattgtc
   634201 tgatgtgggc tatgctccaa cgatcaaggt tgccatcatc gaggtctgtt ggtgtggggt
   634261 gggggggtcc acccccgcga ggggtcacga tcatcgaggg ccaccatcat gggaaggggg
   634321 tcgacgtggt ctcttttcct gtttcaatga agaagaagaa gaggagagag agagcctctc
   634381 ttccctctct ttattttatt tattttattt tattttattc tctctaatta ggttgagaaa
   634441 aatattaaaa ataaattttt aaaggatttg gagtagacct ctagcgaatc atagaggatt
   634501 aaattaaata atttatattt tattattaat attaggattg gtctataaga gagtaatctt
   634561 tcagataaga gatctttgca taggttttta gcacctgatt tgtaaattga agtgtggatc
   634621 gatattagga gattaattta tcttcaatag aggtaagcgt tctttaacac gatcacctac
   634681 atatttataa gaattaaatt tatatgattg atatatattt ttatatctat cggtgtgagc
   634741 attacatatt gttgatttga tatagtttga atcatgatta attggtgctt aatgattgtt
   634801 gagtaaggaa aacatgattt aacataattg attgaataga caatatctag gttagccagt
   634861 catgcaagaa acatatatgc tagatcagtc tcagaatggg tacggcttgg cctaccatgg
   634921 gctggaacat gactgtaact aatctaacat cgtaaatcag attatgattt taataatatg
   634981 gatggggtat gggcggtatt tggattgttt ggccatgcaa gaaacgtggt gtgtgtgtgt
   635041 gtgtgtgctg ggcagtcttg gtttggggcg cagcgttgta tttggccgac cacagactag
   635101 aacatggttg aaattagtcc aataccggaa aaacaatata aagtatgaga aaggaaagca
   635161 tgtggatagt cagccatgtg tgaaacatgg cgtatcagcc acaagctagg atgtttggcc
   635221 tgtcatgggc tggagcatgg ttgtgactag tccaatgggc tggagcatgg ttgtgactaa
   635281 tccaataccg acatcaaatc aagctgatga atcatgtcta attgaagggt atctgggtta
   635341 gtcggcacgt gtgaaatatg gtattgctat gtcagctacg ggctgagata tggttctggc
   635401 cataagggga aacatgatgg cctaccatgg attggagtgt gagcgggtct aatccagtgt
   635461 cgaaatatta atgttgatta gatcataatt gagttaatca ttttatgata aataatctca
   635521 ttgagttatt aatcaggatt gttgattatg atatatgatg tgtttaatag aattacacat
   635581 gatgatatta ttcaactgtc atattgatga tgataaattt tattactttc ttattagtta
   635641 tgtatatttg ttaaaagata ttttatattc atactggtgt aagtatggag aattcttatt
   635701 gggctattaa gctcacaccc ttttttcttc agacttgcag gatacatagt atcgatcggg
   635761 ttaggcatgg agttttgaac aatagagtct ttagttagtt agttagttag ttaattttct
   635821 gatagcaagc aaatgtttca atgttgtgaa tattgttcaa taaagatgaa tttattgatt
   635881 taataaatat gattggcact ttataatatt ttcggtgttc ttgtggattt gtttattatt
   635941 aaggtcttgt atatttttta aaacttatct taaggagtgt gcggtcatca cgtatccgat
   636001 ccaagtattg gattcggggc gtgacagaaa atctggaata cagcacaaca attgacatcc
   636061 tgagctggaa gatgatatgt accatcttct ttgccgagta tgctggatag tttatctgct
   636121 gcttgggtag aggaggtgtc aatcaatgat ggccactttg acttggttgt tatggatggc
   636181 ccggaatgaa atttagggag tgtttagttg ggaggagtgg gggtctgaaa tcgaaatcgg
   636241 aatgggcgac tttcattccc accatttggt tgggaggagt cctatttcga ttttgattct
   636301 gattccggag tgaaatggga atggctcaat ctatatagaa ctcaatccct actcttcttt
   636361 atggattcaa attttcattt caatttcgat ttcgattccg attccgatca tgaaccaaat
   636421 gcttcgaaga atttggctat tccaattcca agccattctg attctcattt tcattctgat
   636481 ttcggttgcg aaccaaacac cccgttagag aatcgaacaa tccctattac acgtggtaaa
   636541 aagagtagtc acttatctta ttctaaatac aggtacaggg agctgtaata ccttcaaagt
   636601 tccgttgagg cactggggag gcttcaagct gcttcataag tgtagcactt caaacaatac
   636661 atcctcttgg ctacccccct cctctggaac ggtgaaggtt aattttgatg ccgcagtcaa
   636721 cggggatagg gctgctgctg gagttgtcat tcgggacagt attgataagc ttattcgagc
   636781 cactggtcat ccattgttag ctgcatctgt tatattatgc tgaactctat gttgcttgga
   636841 tggggattcg tgttgctgtt cttggcttgc aagctttgga gatatggcta gaggaagatg
   636901 caatgattgt gctacaaaac attaatgact caacactgga taataacctg aataacccac
   636961 tgatccagga tgaaggctgg cagtcggaag tttatattgt cacatatctg ctgggaagcc
   637021 aataaagcag tggattttat ggcacaatgg ctttgtaggg gggttattat tggaagcttg
   637081 gtgacgctat tcataatatt ctttgttcaa ttttgtaggc tgacacggct ggggtgcatc
   637141 acaaatatca gaagggttgt ctggctgggg gaatattgga acagcatagc ccacactgca
   637201 caacccatag gatataatcc taccagctgc tgtcctacag tttttgggat tggctgttga
   637261 attttgctgt ttctgctttt gttcctaaca actgtaatgt taatggggtt tctgttgaaa
   637321 tttgcttctg ttcaaccttt ggttaaataa ttgtatgggg tttctgttgc tgtctggggg
   637381 tactattatc tatggggttg gatatgtact gaagtatttg tatttgtttc tcagtaatgt
   637441 aagctacagc gcttcactgt tatcaaaaaa aaactacaac ccaccgcatt cacatggtaa
   637501 ccatagcaat agagtgtggt tgattttttt ttttttttgt catttcctgt atgaaacatt
   637561 gaaactctag ccctccataa ttagatcata cagaatttag actcatcagt aaaactgaga
   637621 aagaaatcct ctttcgcaaa ttggaaaaat caggattaat tgaccccaga tcaactatgg
   637681 acatgatgtc tgttagaaaa aggacattga taagattcat atatataaat aaaaaagtcc
   637741 atggaaaatc aaagatttca ctgatgttga ttgtcctagt tcaacttcgg gtatatatga
   637801 tactaaaatc cagcaagatc aggaaaatcg atgcagctgt tcataagatg aaaacccata
   637861 agattaaatt gcggagaatg atagaaaaga tatagagcaa aaaaaataat acaatgttag
   637921 tctagtttga aagatgacta ctttttttct tttggatgga aaaaagatga tgaattagaa
   637981 aagatagaaa tacagaacaa aacttttgat agactttagt tcatgaattg tgaagccatc
   638041 cttaaccttt gtgcttctat gagttctttg ccacctgtga actatctagt ttcctaatga
   638101 aatttagagg gtcgatatgc caatgccata ccatatggaa ctgatgaagg attccaatat
   638161 gttcataggt caaggaaatt ggcctatact ggttagagca tgactctgag gctaaaatag
   638221 ataagaaaac taccatggaa tatagcttgt gccgatacat tgaagcaaaa cattaccata
   638281 aattgagata gatgataagt acttaacttc gtgaattatg ttgactgatt attgtacttt
   638341 aatttttata aaattatttt ttatttgata attttcatcg cttctggtgc aaatataatt
   638401 tacgtaaatt cctattaatg tttcacctgc tagcatttgt tggtgattta aaaaccgata
   638461 agttattttt gcaatattat tttgtaaata ctttgctcat tagtcattaa atattctttt
   638521 gtaaatactt tgttcattct agaaaaatat ttttagctat taaattttta atattttata
   638581 ttgatgtcag attttaaaat attttgctag tcatgaaatt ggcaaatgag tagaacatat
   638641 tccatatttc aaaggaacaa agttcaaaaa caacaaaaga caaagataaa gctattaatg
   638701 atagtttagg atagtaaaag ctatgccatt tttgttaagc actacaagga acttgtaacg
   638761 gctgggcaca aacctggaac catttcacaa aagattgatg gaatttgttg gtgaaaaggt
   638821 ttaatgagga ggccaagaaa aactatgata ggatgcagta cttgaaaaat cattcggata
   638881 atatgaagga atggcaaaat tggaacactt taaagggaaa aaaaaaatca gattaggttg
   638941 ggatcatgca aagcaaattg taagtgctct agatgaatgg tgggaagaca aattaagata
   639001 tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc tatatatgta tatatatgtg tgtgtgttat ttgatttata
   639061 tatttagcta taatatttat actaatgaat atttttaata tcatgcaaag aaatctagag
   639121 tgggcaaaat acagagacaa aggactacaa cattgttttg atttggatga tttatgcatg
   639181 gatatagtag ccactaggag gtgagcttgg gctccaagct ttggagcccc acttaagata
   639241 caagaaaatc ttataagtag gcagagataa tgacaggcac agggatacat taaaattaga
   639301 gaccatgact tcttactacc ataagggtac ctcaccaatg gtctcaactc gtaagagagc
   639361 agaggaggca aaatgattag ttccaaagaa tagcaaacag ttatcaacaa gacaattgat
   639421 cggctacttg atattgtgga gagtcatagc atggccacct caattggaga tgatccttct
   639481 agttgcagca tttcaacaat ggcaaacttg cttggcacac acttggtagt taagcatggg
   639541 agtgatctcc ttttgctagg aacttgagcc tcatgaatat tgacagatgt ttattgcgtc
   639601 agctaatcca actttatagc ttgcttggct tacaacattt tatgataaag agaacaacca
   639661 tccatctgcc ggcccgacct cttagtttta gatttctcta ctttcttagc tttataatgc
   639721 agacttgacc atttaagact ttgttggaac tgttattgga ataagcttat tttatgtaac
   639781 gcatgatgaa tattgtattc tcatcactta ttattgggtg agtctttaaa gtattgtttt
   639841 atgcttggat gatttgagca tctttatctt cttgtaaata attcttataa ttttacaaaa
   639901 tatcaatgtg gtggttaatg atattctggt aggtatatga ttattttcat attttttcat
   639961 gtaatttaat aattatagta ctgcaatttt atatttatgt tctttaagac atgttgttaa
   640021 ttgataatga tttgggctta ttttttacta atgacagcga atatggatgg gcatgaatgg
   640081 agttgattat ttttaacaaa agaataatat tgaaaagaag aataatgaaa gtaatattga
   640141 gcttgatgca cttgtagttg caattataga agcatgtgtt gattattttt ttaaatatac
   640201 ttataaagag tcctatagag attcttcata tgttggtcat gatggttata gatattttgc
   640261 acagactcgg taatagatac tattagcaat tttgaatgga gacacatgtg tttcaaaatc
   640321 tttgcagtct atttagagac aagaatagtt tgacaagtgc catagaaatg agcattaaag
   640381 aaatgatggc tatttattta attaatcttg ggctatggag ttcataatag atttgttcaa
   640441 gaacaatttt tacattttgg ggagactatt agtagacaat tttatagagt tgtttaagca
   640501 tcggaggaat ttgaatttga tatgatgagg cctccaccat attataatga tatcatccct
   640561 gaatatactc aacaaagacc acaatttaga catatttcaa aataaggact caacatgata
   640621 tcttgttctt ctatacttga gttatacttt tttttttata ttcattagca tctctacata
   640681 caatataata tctaggactt tattggtatc tttgatagga cacatgttca tgtagtggtt
   640741 cctatggata aacaaatccc atatgtagag aggaaatctt attgtataca gaatattatg
   640801 gcaatatgtg ggtttgatgt gttttatatt tatttgagct tggtgggagg gtactgctca
   640861 agatatacat atattcatgg aatctttgcc ggaccaaact taaattttcc gcatccccga
   640921 gatggtgagt gtaacaaata aattctatta caaactttat tattagaatg aataattctt
   640981 ctatttgaca taatattatg ttgttgcttt gatagttaaa tattatattg ttgatgtaga
   641041 atattcgtac acgaaagcat acttgatacc ttataaagga gaaaagtcac atgtttctca
   641101 atcttgatgt gataatcaac caatatgggg tccaaatgag atatttttca accaagctca
   641161 tgcatctcca aaaaattata gagcgtgtat ttggagttta gaaaaatgga tgggctatac
   641221 ttagctggat gcctacatat aagctgtatg atcaaacaag aatttatgtt gctagtatga
   641281 caatctataa ctatattagg aagcatgtaa agcatgataa gtagtttgat aagatagata
   641341 atgatgataa ctatatgcca tttgtagtgg gtgttcttaa ctatgagtat actatgcaag
   641401 agcccatacc aaattaatat tgtggcacaa gatgatagct tcatgtctca agaatgcgat
   641461 agaatatgtg atgtgttaat ggatagatag atatatatca atgaatgtga gtgtaacctt
   641521 cttttgatca aacatgctta acaattattt gtttgatttt attttatttt tcagattagc
   641581 tatatgcaaa aaaatcatgt tataagattt ttattaaatt tatttgcatc atggtattca
   641641 tttatcttat acttaaataa ttttagaatc attttaggca tttatctatt tggtcatttt
   641701 gtcattcaaa atcagctttt ggggtttgcc aaccaaaaac gtagtagacc acttttgcga
   641761 cttcagaata gctttgggat cttgatagcc aaatagtttt cgagcaaaat actactttat
   641821 tttgaaacaa gttttgatct taaaatgcag cagtttttac caaaaaaatt tttttggcca
   641881 aaagcgacaa catccccaaa cagagcctat aaagcattta acttaaagat ttaccttatt
   641941 gattttgatc tatatatatt gcaatagatt gaaagcatta gattttgata tttaaggcat
   642001 agtaaaatat aaactcatat tcattttaaa cattcattct tttgttcaca taatacatga
   642061 gtgcttaaag accatcaaaa tacatgattc ttaatttcta ggaacttcta acgatacaga
   642121 ttatgatcaa tgttataaat ctttgacttg aaatctcatt attgatcttg agttggaaag
   642181 gagtagatac tttctcccct tgagaggagt gcaatctata tcataagcat aatctttgca
   642241 agtctttagc aagtgttgat cttacttgct ctacacatca tggttgtggc caagaaacaa
   642301 tctctggagg ttcagcttgc tgtatatgga ctttgttttt tagcgatcta ttcccttgaa
   642361 atattcactg taattagatt tatccttgca tctttacctt ttaaaatgaa gatatatcaa
   642421 aaacaaggtg cagtgctgac atctcaaaag taagttcttc cctttgttaa tttggaggaa
   642481 aacctaaaaa tacagtatat ttgtttcagg tcatgtgtag tcttgctcgg aggaattact
   642541 ggatcttgtt aatctattta atttgtaagg gcctctattg ctccaatgct ttatcttgca
   642601 ttcatgtaaa attttcaata ttggtatcat gatgtcgaca catttagcta aaagcatgat
   642661 ttgcaaatta tttacacccc tagtttaaaa taaattgtat aacatgatga ttatggttct
   642721 taaaaatttt aaagagctgt tgataatatt ccatgatgaa gattatactt tgatttactt
   642781 gcatgagaaa aaaatttaaa aatatggata aagtagggat tactcaactt aagcatgatg
   642841 caagattttt gtgcatcaaa agtatcatat tggttgattt tgcttgatga aaatgtataa
   642901 aatgagttgt caaatccttt tttgaatgtt tatggatatt caaagtttta tgttcatgac
   642961 caagaaacca atcttaaatt gattaatggt tattctctag tctaattatg atctgctctt
   643021 agctagttgg ggctagtgtt ggcacagaaa ttagtttcgt tcatgtataa ctactgatgt
   643081 tgaccaccga caaatatgtg atcaaagcta gttgttttag gccttggtaa tggggcaaat
   643141 catgtatcca aaagttaagt cttttttggt tcttgtcatg atattaattg tgattatatt
   643201 catgaagact aagagagagt aaaattataa atattttaaa aatttcataa aatggttttt
   643261 ttaaaggaag caataaatct agttttatac tagtattttg aaaggtgatc tttaagttgt
   643321 taatcatcta tatgccattt gtgaaactct ttcccgaaat ttgcaaattc actttctttt
   643381 actgtcaaca atgatatgtg tatttattcg aacatctctt tatacaatac atgcgtaatc
   643441 taactagagg gtatggtggt aattaattta tcgggttgtt agttcactgt tcattttcct
   643501 gtccttttat tagatgatga gtagcatgga agcaatgtgc tagagttact aggatctact
   643561 catggttacc atatttgaaa ttttaataat aacttgatca aaatttacgt attatctgct
   643621 agctagtacc ttgaagacag ttttaatgaa tttttcttgg gtgtttgact tatataattc
   643681 ttaaatcatt aatatttaaa ttaatagaaa ggggtgcaga gatgctttaa attatattac
   643741 tacttgttta tctattcttg gaattaaaaa ttttctagaa ggcgttgcat atcttgtagg
   643801 gccaaatctt gtcggatgtg tgaccattta tcatgtgttt agttcgtgtc ggtggattgg
   643861 ggcatgatag cttgccacat agtttaaatg tattttctat ggcacacctt cagaactttt
   643921 aaatcaattt gtcccctctt ctaatgaaac aaccggatat gcttagttgt aagcctattt
   643981 gtacttgaag gaattaatta gctccaatct tttactgaca atcattagtt tgttcatata
   644041 ttttccattg ttgaggtttt gtttgtgtta agtttgaatc ctggtgcaac atgttgttaa
   644101 aacgtttaat tctcaaggct gcttctctta ataaattatt cctgctttac gttgtctgca
   644161 ggtttgagcc tataatttag atgcaaccgt taatgaaaac aaccatgact tttgttcttc
   644221 attaactgcc atacgtgtca aatatatgat tctctgagtt ttcaggatag ataacatcat
   644281 ttgtacgcgt tttaaatctt tgtagatctt cttccaacac cgtgtgacac ttgttgtggt
   644341 tgtggttgtg gttattgctg tcggagagct ttctcatcag catggacaaa tgccgcgatt
   644401 caagttctca tcctggtgtt ggttagttac taagaataga acactggaca gccaagttca
   644461 tttttaggtt taggtttata tgctttgatt aaggtggtat ttgattgcaa ccggcattga
   644521 aatgagaatc agaagagatt agaatcagaa tcggaatcga aattggaatg gtcaagtctt
   644581 tcgaagcgtt tgattcttga tcggaatcga aatcgaaatt agaatgaaaa tttgaatttt
   644641 taagagagag taggaattga attttaggta gattaggtca tttcatcctg gaatcgaaat
   644701 gggaatgtga ctcctccaaa ctaaatggtt ggaatagaaa tcactaattc ccattccgat
   644761 ttcagatccc aacactctcc aaccaaatac cctctaatta tatttatgaa cattacaagt
   644821 catgccatgg cttcaaattg tgcgattctc aaagatgaag atttctatta cttactcagc
   644881 gacgcctatc aaataattga gccaactaaa accacaagtg tgctttatca attccatctt
   644941 tcttccttat cgaggattct tgagtgttta cctctaaaaa tgaggtaaca cataatgcat
   645001 taaagcaaca tgctcaagct gtcactagtt attccttttc ttatcttgtg ttctttttgt
   645061 tttctcaatg tttttttcct ttccagccat gcatgctgat tgccatgtta tttctattat
   645121 ttttttattg aagtcaatga attatacaat ttctcggtta tgcttttaat acatcatgga
   645181 agtatgcatg ctcatggagc cttgctctat gtaggggtgg caatttgtgt tggcagatcg
   645241 taaatggatc aactcgttta caacaggatc catataactt aaatacgaat ataacatgat
   645301 tattaaatgg gttgagattt acaattcata tatggactac ttattaaatg ggtcatccgt
   645361 gtaacccaat tattaaatag atcgtattgg gtggacacga acacgatatg tttacgacac
   645421 gatcaacaaa attgatataa aaatctttta aaaaaattaa taaatctgat ttttttttgg
   645481 aggttcagct aaactataaa agattatcag tatgtataaa ttaaagcaag ctacatgaat
   645541 catacaaaca cctagccaca aaccataata aggctgatgc aacaaaccca ttataaatac
   645601 atttaaaaac ttgcatcaat catcaatcaa aatctatttc aatataagag taactaaatt
   645661 atactaatac aaacgtatct ttacttaaat tccataaatc aacaaagttt aaacacaaaa
   645721 taacaaccaa tagtttgtgg tgagaagaga aggcagggag aggagtttgt gtttgtggtg
   645781 atgtgggggt ggggggttgt aggtttgtgt gtgtttgttt tggttttttt tttttttatt
   645841 agattagaat ggttaggtat tgttaggatt tagattgtta taggcttgat agaaataatt
   645901 ttttttaata aatttataaa aatattaaat ggattatagg ggtctatttc ggatttgcaa
   645961 gtcaattcac aaatggcata gattttgtgg atcataatca tatcaatcca tttttgaccc
   646021 aaacccacat aagctcaatt cagaattgga ttttttcatg tcgtgttcgt atcgaattta
   646081 catgtcgtat taaaaattac cacccctagt tctacgtgcc tttaatggcc aatatgccac
   646141 tggcattcta ggaggtggca gctatttcac ttttaagact catcacttgc gccatttcac
   646201 agacatgtgg ttaacacttt aagatatata taactaaaaa ataatttccc tagacaaatg
   646261 ctgacaatga ttgtaatacc ccaacccgaa gggaccaggc ttggaacttg ggttcacttt
   646321 tgactggttc aaatgggcct cttgggccat ttgcgtgcat ggcatgtgat gagggaggaa
   646381 gactaccgat tggaatcttc ctcttccttg attccaatgg agaagagttc caggacttga
   646441 tgaaagctct cgatccataa attcccctac cctctttcct ctaagcatca tgcacaaacc
   646501 tccaatcaat caatagtaga tagcattgag ttctttggat ctttgttgat agttctaagc
   646561 aaatcactgg caataccttg ccgaagtcaa ggtaatgttc tctaaccttt ctgctcctct
   646621 tgtcctaaag tgtggttttt agtaggatta gcatcagatc attgtcggag tccatcaaaa
   646681 ccgcattccc ctcctttgtt ttttatttgt cccacactgt tggccattga tcgtggcttg
   646741 aatttttgag ggccattgca gacactgcaa ccattgacac cggggttgcc agctgtggat
   646801 gtggccggcc cagagaactc ttctacttct attctttttc atgaacaaaa agaaaacaag
   646861 aaagagaaag gagaaaagaa aaaaaattga atattcccaa ttcttttctc ttttctctat
   646921 cttcttcact cattttctct ttaaatatct atggatcata gaggattcgg atatctagac
   646981 aatcttagat caattggttg tccctaggag ggtccttggc ctttagtatt atggctatct
   647041 attgtaactt tccatcatct ataatcatct gcaactttta tgttcggacc tgattatgta
   647101 gaggagtaac tatctatgca aaaaggcatt gagcaaaata tcttgtcccc aagtccatag
   647161 attaaggagt agatcaatat tcgtggtgct tgagtctgag agtgatagaa gtaaagatcc
   647221 ctttacatga tcacttatat atatgtgtat ttcttttttg tattatgtat aatggttttt
   647281 gattttatgg cacatatttc tcatttgtcg aattattgct gatatgaata tataaacata
   647341 tgattttttt attatacaca tgtatcacat attgattgct aggaataaga catcaattgt
   647401 tttgaataat ttgatgattg tgtaaagaga atttggacta gccatgatat cgattgctag
   647461 tcatggactg gatcgtgatg atttagattg tcaattatgg gccaaatcat gacaatctga
   647521 ttttataggc caaagaatag atattttgat ttgctactat ggattaaagt gctaatatct
   647581 ttgtttgcca ccatgggttg aactacgaat attttggttt cccaattatg agctgacgca
   647641 tgaccatagt tagtctaaaa ttgaaaataa ttattcatag atctgaatcc tattaataag
   647701 acatgaatga ttagtcatat gaaattgttg ataatattat gatagatttg tgatgatata
   647761 caaggtatgt tatatgcata tatggcgatt tgatatatac tggatgcttg gtataagatt
   647821 tgatgattta tattttcaat cctatactat ttactgacta tttttaaatt atatattggt
   647881 gttagtatgt agagactctt attgagctat aaagctcaca ccatccttcc cttattccat
   647941 ttaaagttgc tagacacaat cttcaatggg tggcatggat ttcaagagtt ggagctatta
   648001 ggtagttaat ttctccgata ctagatgaac atttgaattt tgtaaacttt atattggata
   648061 atgctggatt tatttagtta gatcaatatg gtttgaattt ttaggatcaa tatgattatt
   648121 ctagtactat tggagacttt attcacatta aaggccttgc atgatcctta ggacaacatt
   648181 ctagaattca tacggtcgtg tcacatgacc gattcgaatg atgggtttct cctctcctaa
   648241 cataaatttc atccttgaaa ttaatatatc tcaaagccca aacttaaaga tacataatcc
   648301 ttatcttatc ctaaagatca taaatacttc actgagaaag gaaatctaaa tcctttatca
   648361 taacacccta caaattagag ctaatatttt tcactgaatt caaattgact ttaactacca
   648421 caatttcgtt gtgcactttg attcaaactc accaaaatta tgtggattcg ctaaataatt
   648481 tttgaatcaa taagagccaa aatttgtcaa aaaccacaca ttataattag agatataaat
   648541 tgtccatcaa aatctaaatc ctatgaatca cttctaccac aatccttagt gacgttatga
   648601 tccgatcaga gagaagaaag acttcctttt atccactcaa ttcggatctc acaaagagaa
   648661 aggtagaaga agagaagaat ttttcgaaaa taaggatcaa gtctttttta ttttttattt
   648721 ttttaataga ttaaaaataa gatacatagc ctctatttac aataatgaga tttgtcctta
   648781 cataaattgg gttagattcc tcttctagtt ctattgagat tcttttacct aaatagatgt
   648841 ttctagtaaa aataatctag aaaaagttta aattcttcag gagatagatc tcgacttcca
   648901 cataaacttt gtcttctatc gctccattag attcttctct tagaagctat gcttggtcaa
   648961 agttttatct aaaagaaaaa attttagatt gagtgacctt tttgggaccc agatgaggga
   649021 atctcatctt gatcgctcgg gcactgcccc ttaacaggat ggcgtcacat catatatttc
   649081 aaaaaaacta tctaatttct aaaaaggata atcgaaactg gatgttgtat gaccaagcta
   649141 tggattttca aagtttggct tgtgaattag cttcccgata tagtgggtct tacttctaga
   649201 tcctgttcag tcctatctat aatggccaaa atggtctaca tcgagtttca ggatccttct
   649261 agaataggac ttcccctgtt taggagattt agcttctatt aaattagaac tacaggtaga
   649321 aaaatgcttg cttccccatc ttgtggttga accatctggc tttgctcaaa gatggtttct
   649381 tacacaggtc ttccttgctc tcaggttatg gtgaactact tggtctactc ccacaattca
   649441 actttgtagt agggatgctt cttgctgtcc tttctcactg tcgataatgt ctatggcgac
   649501 tcctcttcga tctcgatctc atttgatcgg cttgtggaac cacaaaatga aagcttggct
   649561 gatcatgagt agtattagct tctcggacca tcatcatgag cttgctacaa gtattaacaa
   649621 aaagcttcat ctaggtagta gttgtaagat ctacgttttc ttatggcttg gaagcgttga
   649681 ttatgaattc ttttttatcc ttgacgagat gaaatttcct ctatcgcttg tagaagactg
   649741 catctcgatc ccaaagatac gagctcccaa tgacaacctg gcaaacatcc aaaggaccct
   649801 taaggtacac tacttggtga tcttcaattc aacatcattt tgagtccaac taagggtaag
   649861 gacatggatg aggcttggtt tgcaacccta acttctgaac tagattttca aagataaggt
   649921 tcttctggct tccaagatct agaatagcct caatgatgct ctgctttatc tggatcttca
   649981 agtggaagag ttcctcctgc acctttaaat tggtcttagt tgttgtctca gattttttcg
   650041 ccatgaagct caatttggag tttacttgtt caaatatgga tagctcctca atctccacaa
   650101 cattgagggc tgccttctct tccttctttt ccttcttgga atcatcatcc tttagcttcc
   650161 ttcttctctt gaggtgtaac tcaaggtgaa gcttccaaca ttgttccttc gtatgtctat
   650221 gaaggttata gtgattataa tagttttttt gaatcatgtt gatgtgcttt ttacacttct
   650281 tgtctttctt acaatgattc ttctcctcaa ttaccatggc ctctacacta gcttcattga
   650341 tgttgtcaat tttgaagagc ttcagcttgt tttgaatact ctcgtggaga cctccaatat
   650401 acctcatgaa aactgcatga tcgttgatgg atattctaag agagatcgct tgtttgtaga
   650461 actcgatgat atagcatgga tagattgatc atacttttac cacatgtact gccactcaat
   650521 ccatcaatcc ttcttgtgat caattggata agattacttc tcgattaggc cctataattt
   650581 gctccacatc aaattagaaa catcattttt ctcatgtaca ccacctgagg acatggctag
   650641 aaagcttgag atgggcaaaa gctatttttt ggatattaaa atatctatag ataataaagt
   650701 aggtctctaa ctggtctagc taattatcta gcttttctac atcaacagtc ccatcataca
   650761 tggagatatc aattcaagct tcaactttaa atcgttgaaa agagagaatt ttcatttagg
   650821 ttgttcattc tccttgctgg atggagaatt atcatcttca aacatcagag aaagtttcgc
   650881 aacaagagtt gttggcactt gtgcttgtgt tgaagacact accaatttaa aaatgatctt
   650941 agtgagttgg ataatcttct cctttagttg tgtgagacgt ttcttcatct catcacccat
   651001 tgagaaggaa ctagcatgca caaaaacccc ctacagatat agaggatcga tgctctgata
   651061 ctaacttgat ccaatcagag aataggaaga ctttcttcaa cttgctcaac ttggatttca
   651121 caaagagaaa gataaaataa gagaaaaatt ttttgaaagt agggatcaag ttattttctt
   651181 tctcttttat tttttattga ttaaaaatga ggcacatagc ctctatttat aataatgagg
   651241 tccatactta tataaatttg gattggattc ctcttctagt tctaatgaga ctctattacc
   651301 taaaatagat ttatctaata gaaataatct aaaaaaaatt aaaactcttt aggagataga
   651361 ccttgatttc tacatcagct ctgtctttta tcgctttgtc ggattcttct tggattggaa
   651421 gctatgcttg gttaagatct tatccaaaaa aaatttttag attgatcggc ttgatcaaga
   651481 tctagatgaa gaaatttcat tttgatcgct agatgtgtca tccttttaat aggagggcat
   651541 catatcatag atctaaaaat gttgtccaat tttatcttaa aaagatcatc aaaattggat
   651601 gtcatatgat caagctatgg cctctgaaag tttggcttac aaattggctt ctcaaagtgg
   651661 tgaatcttac tcctaaattc tgtccaattc tatctatagt agccaaagta gttcacattg
   651721 agtttgagga tcctcctaga tcatcttaac cttaagtgtt gatataattt ctatcacaat
   651781 tcctagtgat cataactgtt gatctaagaa ttgattttga taatgccaca atatttaagt
   651841 atatttgata ctaatgtaaa ctcgagacca tgcttgtgga agaagttttt gatgctcata
   651901 ggttgcataa acaataaaga agaagcctca aaaactagtc aagaagttac tcaatatgct
   651961 caacaaagga taaaggataa gagtcgatct taatatgctt gagcctgctc tggtatactc
   652021 aaattgaaaa ttacatagtt caagaatcga tcccaaaaaa tcatgagttg actccactaa
   652081 gtgagtcaac cccattagaa caagagccaa ctctagaatg gtctaggatg tcagatagag
   652141 agcagtagaa atagatgccc taagcataag ccgacttcag aaattatgag ttgactccac
   652201 tagattagtc aatcccatta gaataagagt cgacttcgga atggtctcaa gatgctagat
   652261 aaagagtagc aaaaaaagat atcttgaaca tgaggtgact ttagaaatca tgaattgact
   652321 ctggtagaca agtcaatctc actaaaactg agtcaactct ggaatggtct cagggcatag
   652381 atagagaaca gtgaaaattg agcacaactc aagccaattc cagaaaaatc atgagccaac
   652441 ttcactgtaa ttcaagtcga ccctagtaaa agttgaatcg accccgaatt aactacattc
   652501 aaaagatgga gagccatata gagatactgt atattatgag tcaacccttg aagagccgag
   652561 ttgactcttg aagaagccaa gataactctt gaagactaag agtcagctcc tctactttct
   652621 gacagtataa tggctaattt ttcaaaaaaa aattctaaca actaaaaaat gggtataaaa
   652681 gatttgtttg agctatccaa tggctgtctc acctccttaa gtcaattttg gacatattta
   652741 actattggat tcaattggaa agatatatct ttttgatttt tgaaaaagaa agcaataata
   652801 gagtgaaaga tgaaaagatc acttaagaga gcattcaagt ctatcttcca actaaattga
   652861 attgaagaga gctggaatgc attgattgag tgatctatag ctaaagcatc tttttcaagc
   652921 atttaatcaa atttttctca aacattcaag gacgaagtca ttgcattcaa gagacatcca
   652981 ttgacttcct tgagctataa agagttttta tttctcggac tttaaattgt tacttattat
   653041 actcttgagt ttgtaacaag tttcttggat atagaaactt gaaagattta tgctagtcca
   653101 agcccataat tagatgattg ttttttatta agttaagaag gcttggctag aaagatttcg
   653161 gttggtgaat ttgtgcaaaa ccaacgggct tgcttgtgat catacactac aagaaaaagg
   653221 gtcatttgcg agggattttt taagaaaaaa aggaaaaaat ccattgaaat tttgtttccg
   653281 atggaaataa gatcatcaaa aaaaccctaa aaagaaattt ttgagggatt tttttgaggg
   653341 aatttatttt tcaagggatt ttctgacaaa atttttttct tgaaaacttc caacagagag
   653401 ggaatctttt cgaaaaaatt tcgagggaat ctttccaagg gatttttcaa gggttttttc
   653461 gaaagaatct ttttaaggat ttttcgagga aaattttctg agagattttt tgagggaatc
   653521 agaatttttt gagaaaaatt tttcaagaga tttttcaaga aaaatttttc gagagatttt
   653581 ttggaggaac ctttctgaga gatttttcga aagaatcttt ctgtagtttt gaggaattgt
   653641 tcaaattttc aaatgacttt tctatatttc tgaggaaatt atcccttgct aaataacttt
   653701 ttgagaaaat aatccctcac aaaatgactt ttcgagaaaa aataatctca caaaatatat
   653761 ttctaaggaa tatattttac tgcaatattt aaatccaacc attgaaaaga atctgaaata
   653821 tccttttttt ttatatacct aatcatatac aaataatcca tataacaaca aattcatatt
   653881 cataaatata gcatattaat cctaatagaa aattataata atcacaaata tcatctctca
   653941 tatatccaag tccataaata aaaaaagttc cacaaatatc atcatcctca tcatatccat
   654001 aatcaaaaaa atatatccac aagtattatc atcctcatca tatccaagtc cataataaaa
   654061 aaaaatgaca agcattatca tcccaatcgt agcaaaaaaa aatcataaat gaccatcctc
   654121 cgaatcatca tcatcctatg aaagacttgt tgctatgatt cgacaccatc ctccccaatc
   654181 aagctctaac ttgattgcat ctcttgccac ttccatgtaa aattagtcag caacaaatat
   654241 tggataaaat gagtaaacat acaaatagta aaaatatatg aattaaaata gaattttttg
   654301 aatatttaca tatgttgttt ctgccctctt gttcacccac tgattgccat cctttttctt
   654361 ttgatgagta tgtctgaaaa gctcatccaa tataggtacc cgattcaact tctgcatctg
   654421 aattttacaa cacaaacaac attagcaact ttaaaaataa aattatatca ttaacaatat
   654481 aaagtagata ttagaagaag aagacgaaaa aaagtatatg gaagcactga tcaattcatt
   654541 attcatttac agtccaacaa acagaactcc aacagagaca agcaagctgt atgtcattag
   654601 ccaaattatg aataggactc ccaatccaaa gaaatcatga aactttgttc atatatagag
   654661 aatatcaaat gcgatcaagg agaaatatct gaatcctctt taacgatgca acttcttcaa
   654721 ctgtttcctg attgagctca ttcttgccat ttgaatgcat tagaatttat gggcttattg
   654781 aaatgcaatg tgctttctgc aaatgtgaag ttgtagatta gatttctcct gccaatctaa
   654841 gttctgcatc tgaaatttca gcaacataga cagcatacat ggaccacatt atcctagtta
   654901 tcattagcaa agccacttca cttttatcca taatgagtaa caactattaa atatcacctt
   654961 gttgattaca aacatcttct ggctagtcat ggttattatg ttctgtatcc actattcatg
   655021 cttacacagc caattcctgg atctgtccat atagttatcc caccaaaata tcaagcctat
   655081 ttaacatgga caggttagga tgcattgttg acctcaggag aattccaagc aattctacag
   655141 aaataccttc taaatcttta gatcatttaa ctacactcct gatagttatt gaaaataaat
   655201 aactaaattg gaaagcgtga tacataatga aaagagatca ggaatctatg gcaaagtgga
   655261 gtttatagct tccctaccat ggacggttac taatgcacca taaaaactaa gagttgggtg
   655321 atgtagtgac accagacatc agacaatatg gacgtgatat cacactagca ggtacatgta
   655381 tcaatccagc ttcagaactt ccaaagcttt ctcgtttgtt tgggctcatt gaagcaaagg
   655441 aacatcatgt acctaaaaag catacatttt tgctctcctt tttatacgca tctaaatttt
   655501 gcaaacaatt accacatata caatcaagat gtcccagtgt aaataaagaa atacatgagt
   655561 aacaaactgc tgctaaacga atccaagaaa ccttttaaat tagattagtc agggcgttta
   655621 aaatttgaac aagccatatc ctgaacataa tttttcaagc aacctttgat atttaagaca
   655681 aatggtaaaa tggcattatg atattgcttt ccaagagcca gaaacttcca attacataat
   655741 tggttaaata ggcaatgatt aaaagactag attatcaaga aaattatcat cgcagagtat
   655801 ataagcttac aaattcaatc tgacaactta ttacataaaa cttctttttc ttttcttttg
   655861 ggtgggtgtg acaatcagat gcagtgagac taatgtgtct aagcaaatgc tgtgcctaag
   655921 aaactagaag atgataacag aatcgatgga catatcacaa agtaagctta gcaaagatga
   655981 gagagcaaaa ttgacattta taaaaataag cttgttatgg acatatcacg tacgctttca
   656041 tcccataaat tagaaggtag tccaattata tacacaaggt tccgttgtct gctaagatgc
   656101 ttcctagctt cagttgatgc tttattcttt gccttttgag atttttgttt cttctcagca
   656161 ttaatctcag ccaccaccct gtccagaagg aaaatatcat agtaattctc attacaatca
   656221 caaaaacatt cacatcttaa aaacaatttc attgtgaaag ggaaggatat gcatctaatg
   656281 caatatgcat ggtcagaatt acaagataac caaaatacgc tgcagaaagc cggatattta
   656341 gaatataata caacaaagag atcccaaaaa aataattttt tctataaaaa aaaacactga
   656401 tgctcattta ttaaacaacc atagattata ggaagaaaaa aaggctgata aatagataaa
   656461 gaaaagtttg ttaataccag ctttaagcta ccagaacact gaaaatcgga catgaacaca
   656521 aacatctaat gatgaccctt tttgccttct caattttgct cagcttctcc cacaatctaa
   656581 ctctccttgg taagagttca atctttccta atgataaaaa acgcatgcat ctccttgaaa
   656641 cttctcctat gaaaagaatt ataaaaaccc tatcagatat caaacaaggg gtttgattta
   656701 actattttgt tggagtttct tgcataaaaa aaaaaaaaat cgaacggatc aaaccccaga
   656761 aattcattat agactcgatt ttaggcccat aatcatactt atctgattca caaattcata
   656821 acaaaaaaca taaaagaaag acagaaatat gcacggactg atgctaacat agacactcaa
   656881 agatcatgcg aacctaaaaa ttttacattt aaatattcct gagagacaac acagattaga
   656941 taataaagat ttgagtgaag ctattatttt gtcctataaa tagcccaagg agcaaaatag
   657001 caaatgttat gtcaagaaaa aataaactga acagatatct ttgactttta aattatatgt
   657061 aaagatcttt gcaaaacgag accagggcat ccatcagtct ccgatcacag cttttcttga
   657121 acaatattag ccatcggatt tacctaaaaa agagggggga atggagagaa gggggaaatc
   657181 agtgctaaca gtgatcagtc tctccggcaa ctgcatgcag aaggcacatt tgaacttctc
   657241 atcgaagaga tcgagcacgt cgtcgtcctc tccttcggct ttcttcttgt tttccttctc
   657301 ctcctcatcg acggcctgcg ccgcgccgcc gcctcacctt ctcctcctcg gtcagcgatg
   657361 tatcggcctc gatggcccgg atggaggcga tcagatcgcc ggaggcgccg gacaaggcgc
   657421 cggcgggggc ggggaccgag gtagtggccg acggggagca gtcggggcac tcccaatcgg
   657481 cgacggaggc cagggcctcc tgccgtcggc cgaggcaggg ggcgtgccat agggtggcgc
   657541 aggtccggca gagcatcaac tccgcctcca gcggcgtcgc cttgcagacc atgcagacgc
   657601 cgtcgccgtc gcaggggaga tcgcaggccg ggtccatcgg ataaggcgat ggagagtgat
   657661 cgagcgagcg aggaagagag ggagagacaa tgaaatctcg ggcttgcggt tttggtggga
   657721 aaatggccga ggaggggggg tgggtgggtt tggaagaagg gagaaagaaa gcgggcgggg
   657781 tttcgaaaaa attggagggg gtttcgaatt tcctcaccgc gatagtcgaa ggttcgcttt
   657841 gctatacgcc gatctggtgc aagacttcca ggggctaaat ggaaaatgag cacaccattt
   657901 ctcgaatagc aaaataccct tggattgaga aaaaaatttt tcctttttcc aatttttttc
   657961 tttttcctga ccatttgaaa atcttagaag gttctggagt caagttagtg atttcggtag
   658021 tatttggcag ccatgttggt atttctgaaa taaaaatact aatttcatag aatacctact
   658081 caccatctct atttcaattt tgtgtttgat tgaaaattta cggagcccat cgaaattata
   658141 cattgttatt ccctaaacta caataagata aaattatttc tcgccatttt tttagaataa
   658201 gctattccac agtgaaacat ggaatagctt aaaccagatg gaatggaata aggtgcaatt
   658261 aatgcatcat tgaccgaaat tgtaaaatct gtgggcccca ctaccatttc atagtatgtt
   658321 tgggagaata agatggaata agtccttatt ccatcttatt cccaacaacc aaatgctacc
   658381 tcagggatta gtgttgactt tcttgtattt gatacaaatg atagttttga taagggttag
   658441 catatgaatt agtattaatc actacggaat ggagaagggt caacttgatt gttatttctt
   658501 atgagagaat gttttggtga ttatgatgtg aagttcatgt agcaatcata gtaattggtt
   658561 catttacttg atctaatgtc aatgccggcc caatccagta gcatgataca tattctctcg
   658621 atctgaccat caaacgcatg tgacgaaccc gagtcaacca tgatgttggc tcgatctcaa
   658681 cccgatccaa ctctctctag atctaattgt accctagtca agctcgatgt cagtctgatc
   658741 gtacctttaa accaatgcag gaacgtaagc ctaggtcaac ccaatcatag cctagcatca
   658801 atgatacata tacaattgta agaactatga tttggagcta gtaccatagt atgtaccctc
   658861 tcgagctgac atcatgatac cgataaactt gatctaatgt caatatcagc ctgttaaaca
   658921 tatgtcaatg atctaatgga gacatgacgg ctcaataaac atatgtcaat gatctaatgt
   658981 caatatcgac tcaatccagt agcatgatac gtaccctctc gagccgacac catgataacg
   659041 ataaacttga tctaatgtca atgttggccc attaaacata tgtcaatgat ctaatagaga
   659101 catggtggct cgataaacat atattaataa tctaatgtca atgtcggctc gatccagtag
   659161 catgatacat accctctcaa tccaatcatc aaaccaatgt gatgaaccca agtcaaccat
   659221 gatgttggtt cgatctcaac tcgatcctac cctctctagg cttgattgta ccctagtcaa
   659281 actcaatgcc agtctgatcc tacccttaac caatgcaaga acctaagcct aggtcaaccc
   659341 aatcacacct taacatcaat gatatatata cacactacaa caaaagaaga tattagcgac
   659401 caaaaaaatt tatcgctaat aacagatttt catcgctaat agttattagc gacgaaattt
   659461 ttatcgtaaa tatttaatca caaataatca tatcgttgat aattttttac gatgaaaaaa
   659521 aattttgttg caaataatag atattaccga tgaaaaattt tcatcgttaa aaaaattatt
   659581 tttttgaaca ccatttacaa tgaaaaattt tagtcataaa aaaaagataa tttgcgataa
   659641 aaaattacat cgctaataaa aaataattat ttcgatgaat tttattcatc gctattaatt
   659701 taaataaaaa tttttataaa aataaaattt aaaaaaaata ttagcaacat aaatttttta
   659761 tcgcaaatat cataattttt gacgtaaagt tttatcacta ataaataata aattaataac
   659821 gatgaatata ttttcattgc tatcaattta attaaaaatt tttataaaaa ttaaattttt
   659881 aaaaaaaatt tagtgacata aatttttggt tgcaaatata tttatttatg atgaaaatat
   659941 tttaatcact attaatttta ttaaaaatat ttataaaaat taaatttaaa aaatatgaga
   660001 taatttatga taaaaaatta cgtcgctaat aaaaaaataa ttatttcgat gaattttatt
   660061 cattgctatt aatttaatta aaaattttta taaaaattaa atttaaaaaa aatattagca
   660121 atgtaaattt tttatcacaa ataccataat ttttgacgta aatttttatc actaataaat
   660181 aataaattaa taatgatgaa tatatattca ttattattaa tttaattaaa aatttttata
   660241 aaaattaaat ttaaaaaaaa attagcgaca taaatttttg gttgcaaata tatttattta
   660301 agataaaaat attttcatca ctattaattt aattaaaaat ttttataaaa attaaattta
   660361 aaaaaatatg agtgacataa atttttcatc ataaatataa ttatttataa taaaaatatt
   660421 ttcatcatta ttaatttaat aaaaaaattt atgaaaatta aatttaaaaa atattagtga
   660481 tgtaaattat acatcgtaaa tattataatt tttgatgtaa attttatcaa taataaattt
   660541 tttattattt atgatgaaaa tattttcatc actattaatt taatataaaa ttttaatatt
   660601 tttaaattta ttaaaaattt attcacgatc aacttttcat cgctaatata ttttttgacg
   660661 atcaatattt tatcaaaaat aatttcatca ctaataattt acacatattt ttttaaaaaa
   660721 tagtttataa atatataaat ttaatttata tttataatat tttttataaa ttaaaaataa
   660781 aaaataaaaa taaaaaaatt tatataataa atttatagat aaattttatc attttattat
   660841 attaaattaa aattacaaga gatctaaaat aaaaataaaa agctacacaa ataggccgtt
   660901 aagtgtcggt acctacagaa gcgaaacgga ctgaggaagg agagcactcg gatgagctcg
   660961 gatcagtttg ttgctacttc atcagctgca tcatctgctc tatttgtgct atccgttcta
   661021 tcatctggat ctggagccgt tgatactcat cgacgcatgc agtcaactca tcagctcgct
   661081 actcaacctg cctctgcacc tccaccagtc gagcattgca ggtagcatgg atgtcagtcc
   661141 tggacaagcg tgaggatgag ggagcagtga tttcatgtcc tagacctcta acataacagg
   661201 atctcgtacc aagtatctga tcatagatct catcatctgt ggatgcggtc aagccctcag
   661261 ggataggctg agatctgatg tctaccatac ggttttgaaa attaaaatta tagttatttt
   661321 aattttatat taaaaatcaa actatgaatg aaaaaaaata atttaaaaaa cttacaaaag
   661381 gcttctggct ccctgtcgtc cactccccta atcgtcgttg gtgggtccgc tggtagatat
   661441 cgatcctacc aaaaaactca ccacacttag catctctcta taatttgaga ataattaata
   661501 aaaaattttt taaatagtta gagagttaaa atatactaat taaaaattac ttatgttgct
   661561 cctagattga ttttgatgat tacaaagcag attgaaggga tacaaatatt tttatttgaa
   661621 aaagtcttta tgctcttcag gggcaaaatc ataattttac taaaatcttg atttgatagt
   661681 atcatttggt agaacaaatg atttgtaatc tattggtgaa aattttatta tttttggact
   661741 tatatttttg aagttatgaa tgtttgaagt gcatgagtcg actcatgagt caactcatgg
   661801 cacaatgagc tgcttggcac gctaaaattt cccttggcac gctggttttt tggcttggca
   661861 cgacctgtga gtcgactcat gagcgaccca caaggcatga gtcgactcat gagtcgactt
   661921 ctgctgtttt gggccaaaat atccagaaac ccaaatctct gatttttgca acagaggtcg
   661981 actcatgagt cgacccctga agcatgagtc gactcatgag tcgaccccta cgacgggaat
   662041 tatccacaac ggctagtttt ttgcccgttt tagttgcctt taatgctcac tttaaatgct
   662101 ctaacggctc tttttctgcc taaaatattt ttccttgttt cttaaagcta taaaaggttt
   662161 caaaaggtaa aaaaaataaa aaagggatct acaatataca cgagagatac aagagatcta
   662221 caatatacac aagagacata caagagattt tgaaagggaa aagcaagagc gttcaaaagg
   662281 gcattcaaga gcattcaaag agagaatttt tcaagccaac ttttcaacct tgatcaagag
   662341 ctctttcaaa gccttcaaga agccttcaat caaagctcac ctattcctca agcgttcatt
   662401 caactcttca tccaccttga gaaaatccaa aaggggcttc ttcatttgag taaagtatat
   662461 ttaatgttat attcgctcat ttaaggagct attcttgtac ttatttgtgc tctaaactgt
   662521 cttactcttt gtgagtaatt gttcttgttt ttggagggtt ttcaaaataa gaaaaggttg
   662581 atccgaacct gaaatcggag tatattgggt tggcttgtac ccgagaaaca agtggactag
   662641 cttgggatag ctagtgtcgg agtttctgac atttgtattc gggttgaata caagtatagt
   662701 ggattggaat tcccaagtag gagcttgggg agtggatgta ggtgcaaggt tggcaccgaa
   662761 ccactataaa tccttgtgtt tgtggtgtgc tttattgttt ctctttattt ctttattata
   662821 tccttgcatt cttgcagtag gtaattaatc ttgaactaaa gtctttttcc tcattcatca
   662881 agcttttaac aaatactttt cataagtaat tagttaagct taaatttttt agaaacccaa
   662941 ttcacccccc ctcttgggtt gcatagctgg acaacaagtg gtatcagagc tcggtgctct
   663001 agcccttctt tgatctaaca atcaaagagc caaagatcta tggcaaccca tgtcggtact
   663061 tctctagccg aggggcaatc taccaaccga cctccacttt tcaatgggtc taattacacc
   663121 tattggaaag ctcggatgaa gatattcata caagcactcg actatgatat gtggagtatc
   663181 atagtgaacg gtcctcacac acccaccaag attatagatg gtgaggagtc aaccaaactc
   663241 gagaaagaat gggatgaggt tgataagaaa ttggcacaat taaatgctaa agctatgaat
   663301 gttctttatt gtgcacttga tgcaaatgaa ttcgcatttc tacttgtgca tctgctaaag
   663361 aaatatggga taggttagaa gtaacccatg agggaacaaa tcaagtaaaa gagtctaaaa
   663421 taaacatgct tgtgcataaa tatgaattgt ttaaaatgga gcatgatgag tccataactg
   663481 ctatgtttac tcgttttact gatataatta atggtttgaa gagtcttggc aaatcttata
   663541 ctaacagtga gcttgtaagg aagattctca ggtcattgcc aagaacttgg gaagccaagg
   663601 tgactgccat ccaagaagca aaggacttga acactctacc tctagaagag cttcttggat
   663661 ccttgatgac tcatgaactt agcatgaagc aacatcaaga ggatgaagtc aaaaagaaaa
   663721 gaaccattgc cttcaaatcc acagcttcgc ctgatgatga aacggatgac actgaagatg
   663781 aagaatagga tgaagagatg gcactcatca cccggagatt taagaagttt ctaagaaaaa
   663841 gaaaacaggg gatgagaaag aagtcattca caaaagggga acaaagcaaa gagaaagaga
   663901 aagatcaacc ccttatatgc tacgagtgca agaagccggg acatttcaaa ttcgaatgtc
   663961 cacaactgaa gaaaggtccc aaaaagttca aaaagaaagc aatgatggtg atttggagtg
   664021 cgagtgatga ctcaagctcc gatgaggaaa cctcaacaga acaagccaac ctgtgcctta
   664081 tggcacacga aaatgaggta acttctgaat ctcctagtga atttactttt gaagaattgc
   664141 atgaagcatt ctatgattta attgatgaat taaagaaact agggatgaaa aacaaagaac
   664201 tgaaattaga aaattagtcc ttagtgaaac aagctgaaaa cctttcaatt gaaaaatcca
   664261 ccttgattca agaaaatcaa agctttaaga atgaaattaa caagctgaaa cctatagtag
   664321 ataagttcac cttaagctca aacaaactaa atatgattct tgataatcaa aaagctgtat
   664381 atgataaggc tggacttggc tataacccct tgaagaaata aaaatttctg aagaatattt
   664441 atgtaaatta ttcaagtaac aagtctacaa atattacttg tttcaaatgt ggtagaatag
   664501 gacataaatc atacacatgc cttattaaca aatctgcaaa cacaactata aagaaaatat
   664561 gggttccaaa aagaaccatt ttgactaacc taaaaggacc caagaaagct tgggtaccta
   664621 agacagaaac ttgacttttg cttgcaggtg tgtctagcat cccaaggagg aaacagaaaa
   664681 tggtatcttg acagtggatg ctcgagacac atgactggtg atgaatcaca attcatcatg
   664741 cttgatgcta aggatggagg gatggtcacc tttggagata atggcaaagg aaagatcatc
   664801 gggataggta acattagtat cattccctcc aaatacattg aaaatatttt gttagttaaa
   664861 ggtttaaagc ataacttact tagcattagt caattttgtg atagagggta taaagttatt
   664921 tttgaatcat ctgtttgcat tgtgactagt cctattaacg atggcattaa atttatagga
   664981 cataggcatg gcaatgttta tatggtagat ttgaatgatt tagccaaatt agacatgcaa
   665041 tgcctagtat ccttgaatgc taaagttaat gagactagtt ggctgtggca tcgtagactt
   665101 gcacatatta gcatgcattc tctttcaaaa ttaattaaga aagaattagt tcttggtttg
   665161 ccaaaactga attttgaaaa ggatagaatt tgtgatgcat gccaattagg taaacaaact
   665221 agagtttcat ttaaatccaa aaatattgtt tcaacttcta gacctttaga gctcttgcat
   665281 atggacttat ttggaccatc tagaaccact agtctaggag gaaaatgata tggttttgta
   665341 attatagatg attactctcg ttttacttga gttttctttt tggcacacaa agatgaaact
   665401 tttcatattt tcactaaatt tcaccgaaaa gtcactaatg aaaaagggtt ttcaattcaa
   665461 aatattagaa gtgatcatgg aactgaattt gaaaatcaag actttaaaaa tttttgtgat
   665521 gaaaatgaaa ttggccataa cttctctgct cctaggacac cccaacagaa tgggatagtt
   665581 gaaagaaaaa atagaacctt agaagaaatg gcccgtacca tgctttgtga aagcaacctt
   665641 ccaagatatt tttgggcgga agcaattaac acagcatgtt acattttaaa tcgtgcttta
   665701 attagataat ttttaaagaa aaccccctat gaactttgga aaggaagaaa accaaatatt
   665761 gcatattttc atgtttttgg ttgccgatgt tttgtattaa ataatggcaa agaaagactt
   665821 ggtaaatttg atgcaaaatc agatgaaaca atctttctag gttactcctc cactagtaaa
   665881 gcatttagag ttttcaacaa aagaacttta gtagttgagg agtccataca tgttgttttt
   665941 gatgaatcta acgatcttcc ttcaaggaag aatgagggtg ttgatgatgc agatccagta
   666001 atagaaggta tgaaggagat cactctgaaa gattcagcaa ctccagaatg acaaacaaga
   666061 tgagagaggt gaagaaattc aagaacaacc tcaaggtaca aatgacctac ccaaggaatg
   666121 gaggtatgtt cacaaccacc ctaaggagtt aattattggt gatcctatgc atggggtaaa
   666181 aacccgttct tcacttagag atgtagttaa tcattgtgct tttgtatctc atcttgaacc
   666241 taaaactttt gaagaagctg aaaatgatca taattggatt aatgcaatgc aagaggaact
   666301 taatcaattt gaaagaaata atgtttggac cttagtatca agacctaaaa attattcaat
   666361 aattggcaca aaatgggtct ttagaaataa attagatgag catggtaatg taattagaaa
   666421 taaagcaaga ctggttgcta agggatataa tcaagaagaa gaaattgatt ttggtgaaat
   666481 ctttgcacct gttgctagat tagaagctat tagacttcta cttgcatatg cttgctttat
   666541 gaaattcaaa ttatttcaaa tggatgttaa aagtgcattt ttaaatggat atattgctga
   666601 agaagtatat gtagaacaac cccctggatt tgaaaatcat gcttttccta atcatgtctt
   666661 tagattaaat aaagctttat atggattaaa acaagcacct agagcatggt atgataggct
   666721 aagcaaattt ctactaaata atagtttttc aagaggtaat gtagatacaa ccctctttat
   666781 taaaagaaat caaaatgata tgctagttat acaaatttat gttgatgaca taatttttgg
   666841 gtctactaat gaatcccttt gtcaagactt tgctaagttt atgcaggggg agttcgagat
   666901 gagcatgatg ggagaactca ccttcttcct cagactccaa atcaaacaat caaaagaggg
   666961 aatctccatc acccaaagca agtacaccaa ggaactactc aaaagatttg gaatggagaa
   667021 ctgcaaacca attggcacac caatgagtcc ctcatgtaag cttgacaagg atgatgaagg
   667081 taaatgtgta gacttaaaat actatagagg tatgattggc tcattattat atttaactgc
   667141 aagtaggcct gatatcatgt ttagtgtttg tttatgtgct agatatcaat ctaatcctaa
   667201 agaatctcat ttgaatgctg ttaaaagaat ccttagatac ttaaatggta ctcaaactct
   667261 agggttatgg tactctaagg actcacaaat tgatttatta ggatattcag atgctgattt
   667321 tgttggatgt aaattagata gaaaaagcac aagtgaaact tgccaatttc ttggagttaa
   667381 cctaatctca tggtttagca agaaacaaaa ttcggtgaca ctgtctacgg ctgaggccga
   667441 atacattgca gtcggaagtt gttgtgctca aatcttgtgg attaagcaac aactcgaaga
   667501 ctttgaaatc aaacttaatg aaacaccaat aagatgtgat aacacaagtg ccataaatct
   667561 atctaaaaat ccaattcaac actcaagatc caaacatatt gaaataagac atcattttat
   667621 aagagaacat gttcaaaaca aaaatataat tcttgaatat gtttgcactg aaaatcaatt
   667681 agctgatatc tttacaaagg cccttagtga ggatagattc tgtgaaatta ggagaaatct
   667741 aggaattcta gatccatatg cctaaatttt tctcaatttt caagaattga tgtcaaaaat
   667801 tcttagagct caattttcaa catctatcct gatcccaaaa gctcaagttt atcattttaa
   667861 aaacttatct ttgagcaaaa ctccttctcc caaaatttca aatttttctg gaatttattc
   667921 atattttttc tgaatttctg aacttcatga gtcgaccccc atgagtcgac tcaatggcaa
   667981 acttgttatt tcctcaaact tcccacgggc tcattgtttt tatatgggat cttgttcgtg
   668041 agccgactca tcctttcatc ttcctccttc caaaagccga cttccccatt tccttttgct
   668101 tcaaatccaa ggatctagct cgaggcactt ctccctcctc ctctccacca aaaatcgcca
   668161 ccttggaaag ggatttttgt gctttctccc attgtttggc acggttggag cgtgccctag
   668221 cactccaccg ttcttcccaa atccacctct tttctccacc aaaattcctc ttcactctct
   668281 tgtgatccct cctccactca ttcacttgtt cctccaagtc tccttgtcta ctactgtagt
   668341 gaatatggct ccgaagnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   668401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnggta
   668461 ttagatactg tgccgagtgg ctttaggaca agtgggagtt gttgggaaat gtgtcccaaa
   668521 aagccaatcg tcaagctgtt gacggttgag caaccaagta ttgtaattga tttgttaata
   668581 aataaaatat atttggcatt ttcatcataa gctttcatct tctaatgaac tccgttgtta
   668641 tgatgaagtc cttaggacta tttaagttcg ataaagagag gatttatcga ttagtcctta
   668701 aaactgttca cgatcaaatg ataggctgtt aataaggacg acagcttcta tcgagcatag
   668761 gtcgctgtag gccatatggg ttggttgtcc tcttaaccaa ggagtgtgga gacactggta
   668821 tggcatacag gtgagatgta agggtacatc atcatggaac gtgaccaact ccagagcatt
   668881 ctgctgtcga gaatgtctcc actccaagag ttggagaaga atgagtcgct gtattttaat
   668941 ttagcaaaac cttggctagg gtaatccatc agatggattt gatattttga aatacaatgt
   669001 ggacaacctg atcagagttg acagttgagc tctggggtgt cctatgatca ttttggtcaa
   669061 ggggatgaat tatatgaaaa ctatatccgt atgggttcta aggatgttgt tctacacatt
   669121 cgacctannn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   669181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnttc atgatccgat
   669241 cggatggttg atcaacgatt aagaatcatt atagggttaa ataatcaata cgattgacat
   669301 ttaacccagt gcaagtgttg caggaggatc gattagcaat ttgattgcta attggcttaa
   669361 tttgattaag ccaatgggct gagattaagt ctaattaaat atgatttaat tagatttggt
   669421 ttgggcttga ttggatcaag tccaattggt ttattggata agccaagtgc aaggaaagac
   669481 tagtcctagt tcaactagga cttgggtcaa tctaatttct aatttgatta gaaaattaaa
   669541 tcagatttaa atctaattta aatctgatta aattaggttc ttaattaggt taagacctat
   669601 tttaattggg ttgatctaat tttgatttga tttggtttgg gaaaccaaat taaaacaagt
   669661 tatgagacag aatcctagta ggactaggat tccaccttgc gccacataaa ccttctccac
   669721 accctctctc ttattcaacg ccaatctcca cttattttgt gtgacaaaag ccctctccca
   669781 gatctccccc acgttcacaa aaggtctcct ctcttctttc ttacatggaa ggtgatttgg
   669841 atcaaatcta aaaggaataa gtttggattt cgaattctat gagatagagt tttagaaatc
   669901 caaaactctt tcaattttgc accgaattta tccaaatttt ttttggaatt ttcgtggctt
   669961 ttagggttta cattttacac ccttttttgg taatccatgc atgaaaatat ggaggaggtg
   670021 ctcaagagtt gggcatccct taacttgcca tgtttggata agccttgact aggtgtttga
   670081 cctcgacaag gactctatca tatctctcta tataagatga gtttctttat taaattttaa
   670141 ggagagatag atatttgaga gacctttctt ccatccaaaa atcagagaga aatacctttg
   670201 ggtcgtggag atataaaaga tgcaaatttg ggtgtctaga gagaaaaacg tgaagaagaa
   670261 gagggtcttc ttctagggtt tttattttca tatctttcct ccttccatct tgagttttct
   670321 gagagcgtct cagatctaaa actcctcctt atactttgca tctttagaag agtccaaatc
   670381 aagaagaagg aggcacctga tcaaccatca aagaaggatc agcgcagtac tagcatactg
   670441 tgctgatttc ctgaagcagg acttctgatc gagattcgtg ggctcgtgta gatgactcct
   670501 agaagccgaa tgtgtgtgcg gcttgcaaca tcatccttaa gcccagatca gcgaggttag
   670561 agcatctaac ttgcaaggta atagatctga tctattattt aatacataca ttagatgtag
   670621 ctagtataga aacatgttga tatgatcaac atgtagttca tactatattt atatatattt
   670681 taatttttga tttaatgctc tgtaataatc atgtaatagg atcttagatc tagagatttt
   670741 ctgatcttag aaaataaatt ttgatttatt ttagtcttcc gctgtatgat cttgaaaaag
   670801 tttcaagatc taaccctgaa accctagatc tggttcctac aattggtatc agagcctagg
   670861 ttctttatta catgattatt tatacatgct tagattattt tttagattag atctaattta
   670921 taatctgatt attaaatctg aaattaaaat tttaggtcaa tcacaaactg caaggttgtc
   670981 ctgctgtaag gtttacccct tacagtgcaa aggttgtcct agtttgtgta gatctatctt
   671041 taatcataaa tttgttagat atgatctaga ttaaatttat gatttattag atttaaaaga
   671101 tgtttaaatc taaaataaaa tctctttgtt tataattttt atgcaaaaaa attatttaaa
   671161 gttgaaattg tttcaattac atgaacctgt ttagattaga tctaaagtag tttcatgttt
   671221 atttcacttg catcttgatt atgaatcaaa catgcaatat gattggtaga atcatattgt
   671281 aaaattgttt tacaaatatg aaaatgattt tttgaaaagc cgaacccaac cctcagccca
   671341 aaacttaatt aagaattaag aagttgtttg attaggttct aggattgtga attgaagaac
   671401 ctaagacaca aatcataaca cattgggtta atgggttagt ggtaattagg tccattaatt
   671461 gggttagacc tatggttaga ttaaagatgg acttaattag agaattgact aaatctaatc
   671521 aattgttgtc ttagattagg tcaaggattc tctagatcaa ttacaatagt tgtagttggt
   671581 caagtccata tctttaacga gaaccaaatg gacttgattc ttggctaagc ggtctagcac
   671641 gaactgttag gttgatctaa tcgaaactaa ttaaaccagt tggtgtctaa ggtaaaccag
   671701 accggtggtt tttaattggg agcccgctta cctggccatt catgatggtg tctaaggcaa
   671761 gttttggcag accctcccac tgatcgaact tacctggcct cttggtgaaa ttatgttttg
   671821 atcggatcac ttgactattc gagctgaccc atgtcagcta ggtaaatcag tgtgactgat
   671881 ttaggtgctc ctagaccagc cctggtctcc cttaagctga cttggtgaag ccagtgggag
   671941 gatcatgata agctggttca tctgacctca tcctctatat tatttaaatc ctctaaaatt
   672001 attaggtcct taaaatgata aagttatgga gataactgag tcatagcctc ccattaaggt
   672061 gtttgataat gagtccatga acccaataat cattgcagac ccaaaggcct ggtgcttgtt
   672121 gactaatgga attatcactc atcatatgac gacttggaag tatctctcta atggtggtta
   672181 ggtgagccaa ccaaagttgg gcttaatcat tcgttggtta gatacaccaa gtatgatcat
   672241 gttaatggtt ggacctaacc ggatccttac agtggaggcc aaagcctact gattaagttt
   672301 ctggggcaaa attaaaatta ctagaaattg tttagagaaa taattggtta tgaacctacc
   672361 cttagatgta catgggttgg ccaaccaaag ttgggcttgt gtgcagtcta agtggattct
   672421 agtacccgct aaggaattag ggtaatttct cgaattgaag gtagaggcta ccaattcgaa
   672481 taaaatagtg ggagaaacct tttgattaaa gtccaaatct ttaggtttaa tgaatcaatt
   672541 actaattagg ttatggttct cctttgtgca aatatggcca cttctctatc actccgatca
   672601 ttgttggaca atgataagtt ggtgggatcc aacttcgata gctggtatcg aaagttgaag
   672661 atagtcctgg agcatgaacg gatcctatat gtgatattag atcctgcacc tgaggaggca
   672721 gctgtcaatg catgtggaac agtcagagac acttaccaga agtggctcag tgatcggacc
   672781 acgatgtgct gtatcatgct agctgctatc atgagcgacg agttcagtcg cagattcgag
   672841 acggctcagc caaaggacat gcttcaagtg ttgaaggata cctttggcac atccgatgac
   672901 gtggagaggc acaagactag ttgtgccatc ttcaacgcca aaatacgaga tggagtctct
   672961 gtcactgatc atgtattgta catgatcgag ctgatggaac gattgagcaa gctcggcttt
   673021 cccttgcatg agcagcttgg gaaagatgca atactgaact cgttgcccaa gtcttatctc
   673081 ccattcctca ctcattatag aatgacaaag cctgaagaga actaccacgg gttactgggg
   673141 ttgcttcaga actttgagaa ggatcaccaa ctcctcaagg agtcggtgaa ctcagtggga
   673201 ggttcgtctt ctggttcttg accttttaag aaaaggaaga agaataagaa gaagaaagtg
   673261 aagaagatgc aagttcaagc tgggacatca gtgcagagcc agaccaaaaa gatcaagcct
   673321 gataagagtc tattctactg gcaagcaccc tagattagat agtgtgtcag atatctactt
   673381 atggcactgt aggctaggtc atataaacaa gaacagaata aacaggtaga ctcaagaggg
   673441 aatcctcgaa gtcagtgatt gtgaatcact tccaatctgt gagtcctgtt ttcttggtaa
   673501 aatgaccaag tcacttttta ctgaaaaagg tgagagagct actgagctct tgagcctagt
   673561 acatactgat gtatgtgggc ccatgagcac cagtgctaga ggtggatatt tctacttcat
   673621 aactttcacg gatgacctat cctgatatgg atatgtctat ctgatgaaac ataagtcgga
   673681 ttcatttgaa atgttcaaac gattctgaag tgaagtagaa aaataaactg ggaagagtat
   673741 taaaactctt cgatctgatc gaggaggaga atacctttct agtgagtttc tcacatatct
   673801 aggagagaat gggattctct ctcaatggac tcctccagga acaccacagc ataatggtgt
   673861 gtctgaaagg aggaatcgga ctctgttaga catggtccga tccatgatgg gttttgctag
   673921 cttgtcgata tccttctggg gatatgcact cgaatcggcc tgttatctat taaatagggt
   673981 tccaagtaag tctgtaatta agactccata tgagatatgg acgggacgta agccagcact
   674041 ttcacacctt agggtctggg ggtgcccggc ctatgtcaaa cgattagtca cagacaaact
   674101 tggacctagg tctgacaaat gctcattcat agggtacccc aaagagacaa aaagatattt
   674161 tttctaccat gctgatgaac aaaaggtgtt cgtcagcctt aaggcaatct ttttagaaaa
   674221 ggagttcctt ggtgaaggaa ccgttgcctc taaggttgaa cttgatgaag ttcaacaggt
   674281 agaaggaccg acaccaatag ctgaacctga gtcggatatg attagatcag atccggagcc
   674341 caatatacct gcaccattaa ggcgatccgg tagagtaccg cgtcagccgg acagatacta
   674401 cggtttcttg gtccgggatg gtgatcccat cgaacttgat gagaataatg aggatccgat
   674461 cacctatatg gatgctatgc agagacctga ttccgagaaa tggcttgaag ccatgaaatc
   674521 cgaaatggag tccatgaagg tcaacgatgt atggacattg gttgacccac ctgaaggggt
   674581 taaacccatt gggtgtaaat gggtcttcaa aaggaagagg ggcgcagacg aaaaggtgga
   674641 gacctataaa gcccgtctgg ttgccaagga gtatcgtcaa cgttatggta ttgactatga
   674701 cgagatgttt tcccctgtgg caatgctcaa atctattcgg ataatgcttg caatagctgc
   674761 ccatctggat tatgagatct ggcagatgga tgtaaagaca gcttttctga atggagagct
   674821 gactgaagag gtgtatatga tacaacctga agggtttaca tccacagatg agtccaaggt
   674881 gtgcaagctt cagagatcca tttatggatt gaagcaagct tctcggagtt ggaacatgca
   674941 ttttgataag gtgatcaaaa cgtatggctt cattaagaat ggagaagagc cctgcatcta
   675001 taaatgggca aatggtccag ttgtggtatt ccttgtctta tacgtggatg acattctctt
   675061 aatcgagaat gacatctccg cactacaggg aataaaagaa tggttgttgt tggtgcaaaa
   675121 attcgcttgc gccggagaag ctggagtcgg ggaagtcgcg gtcgccgccg ggacctgcaa
   675181 gggaagtcta aaccggaggt ggggttgctc cgacaagacc ctccgacgct caagtcagtt
   675241 ctctgcctca acaagaatgg agtactcgaa tgaagaattt agcagagttt tgagataaga
   675301 aatgagctta gagaataacg tatctgggtc ccccttttta taggcagagg aggtaatgga
   675361 ttgatggcga cgtttgtaac cgtctggtag gtgggccgcc cacagtcagg gagaatttat
   675421 tgcgaaggat agtggagcag aatcgtggct atcaccgtag ctcgccacat ggaatcagtt
   675481 gtgaggagtg gagcagcgtc cgttatcgtg acttgccagc ggatgagaga atcacccggt
   675541 atccatcgca ggaggtggag caggatcgtg gccgttattg tggcctgcca gggggtagtg
   675601 gagctgtgca gaatctgcca taggaagtgg agcagagctg cgacggttac tgcggcctgt
   675661 caaggagtga tggagctgca aggaatccat cgcaggaagt ggagcaggat cgtggccgtt
   675721 aaaacagcct gtcagggagt gcagatccat cggttgaaac tcaaaagtgg tcggagctga
   675781 tgatggagtt cggctcccat aggagtccgg gcggagtctt cctgcaatca aagttaaagg
   675841 cgaagtcttg ctcctgtagg agtccggacg gggcttacca gcagttgatg atgaggatgg
   675901 agcccggctc ccgtaggagt ccgggtggag tcaacttgag gtcggagttg tcggcagagt
   675961 ctggctcccg taggagtccg gacgaagtct gtctgcagcc gttggagtcg aggatgaagc
   676021 ccggctcccg taggagtccg ggcggagtct tcctgcaatc aaagttaaag gcgaagtccg
   676081 gctcccgtag gagtccggac ggggcttacc cgcagttgat gttgaggatg gagcccgact
   676141 cccataggag tccaggcgga gtcaacttga ggtcggagtt gtcggcggag tccggctccc
   676201 gtaggagtct ggacgaagtc tgtctgcagc cgttggagtc aaggacgaag cccgactccc
   676261 gtaaaagtcc gggcggagtc ttcctgcaat caaagttaaa ggcaaagtct ggctcccgta
   676321 ggagtccgga cggggcttac cagcagttga tgttgaggat ggagcccggc tcccgtagga
   676381 gtccgggtgg agtcaacttg aggtcggagt tgtcgatgga gtccggctcc cgtaggagtt
   676441 cggacgaagt ctgtctgcag ccgttggagt cgaggatgaa gcccggctcc cgtaggagtc
   676501 caggcagagt cttcctgcaa tcaaagttaa aggcgaagtc cggctcccgt aagagtccag
   676561 acggggctta ccagcagctg atgttgagga cggagcccgg ctcccgtagg agttcgggcg
   676621 aagtcaactt gaggtcagag ttgtcagcgg agtccggctc ccgtaggagt ctggatgaag
   676681 tctgtctaca gccgttggag tcgaggacga agcccggctc ccgtaggagt ccgggcgaag
   676741 tcttcctgca atcaaagtta aaggcgaagt ccggctcccg taggagtccg gacggggctt
   676801 accagcagtt gatgttgagg acggagcccg gctcccgtag gagtccgggc ggagtcaact
   676861 tgaggtcgga gttgtcggcg gagtctggct cccgtaggag tccgaacgaa gtccggacgc
   676921 agtctgtctg tagccgtcgg agttgaggac gaagcccgac tcccgtagga gtccgggcag
   676981 agtttccctg caattaaagt caaaggagag gtccggctcc cgtaggagtc cggacagggg
   677041 cttactagcg gttggagtta aggacgaagc ccggctcccg taggagtccg ggcggagtct
   677101 acttgcggtt gaacttgttg gcggagtctg gctctcgtag gagtccggtt ggagtctgct
   677161 tgtagctgtt tctactgagg acggagcccg gctcccgtag gagtccgggc ggagtctgct
   677221 cgctgttgaa attatcgatg atggagcccg gctcccgtag gagtccgggc ggagttgtca
   677281 tgtagtcgat tccgctgagg acttcgactg tgggtatttt atacccaaca ccagtccccc
   677341 tactttcgag tttgaatttc aaacgaagga agtacagaga gagagatggg cacagccgaa
   677401 gccgtccctt cgaatcttgc gcactgccgc ctccagatat ttcggcatta aatgtgcgcg
   677461 tgccggagtc ttttcgaatt ggagcggtat gaggggatgc tttgaaattc ccgtaggaca
   677521 ctggcctagg tacggcgtaa ttataatcct gccaaccgtc agccgctttt agccgcctgc
   677581 cagggggagt gggacacgtg tcggatgcgg actggcctgg ggggattcgc gatcattatg
   677641 gcaccggatc ccaaggtcta tttaaaccag tcctcccacc tttaggcatc ctactccgtt
   677701 cctgagttct taccagcgtt tgccttctct tcgagagccc tgtttcagtg ggcttctcga
   677761 gtcgtaggcg tctcctattt tcgtccctca ggtccctcag agcgatatag gttagttcca
   677821 gcaccgccaa ccttcttctc accacctagg gacttctttt ctgtcattat ctttttgcat
   677881 ccctccgagt tagcttcctg tgacctctca tccccccttc tgcccgcctt cttagggtcc
   677941 tttagagccc cccttcgaaa ctactcgaaa tgtcttctgg ctcttctgct ccctgcagtt
   678001 ccgggagttc ttctgcctca aacccccagg tccccgtctc tgcagacgaa ccagcgtctg
   678061 gggctaggct ctgcccggtt tttgcgtcgg gcgccattcc gtgttccctg acctcggagg
   678121 agctccttct gataagggtt tagtacggag ttcctccgga gtacggcctg gagctgcctg
   678181 gcccttctga tcgggccagc actcctcctc ccggtcgctt ttgtttgtac caggaagcat
   678241 tccgtgccag actctggctt ccgcttcctt cctttgtcgt tgccctcttc cgtttcttgg
   678301 acatctcctt ggcttccgtg gccccgaatt cttttaggtt tttgatagga tttctctccc
   678361 tctgccacgt agtcgaggtc cagccatctc tctccttgtt taggcacttc tataccttca
   678421 agcgccatcc ttcggtgaag gactggtggt acttctcccc ccagttcggc aagaaggggt
   678481 tgctgaaagg taccccttct tcgatccata attggaaggg gaaatacctc ttcatccact
   678541 acccgaccct gaaactgggc ctgccccctt ggggctctct gagggattct gtccgtcggg
   678601 ctcccagcct gggggaggac gaccttcagg ccgcccagaa gcttctagct tattccgctc
   678661 cttcccttcc caatcttctg agggagtagt ttcttttcaa catcggcctg agtccccagg
   678721 atccagcgag tattcatctt ttaccttatc ttctcttttc atgcctccct tctcttcttc
   678781 tttttacctc ctcttccttc tctctctctt tcccctctgt ttctttcttt ctctcttctt
   678841 tcttttcttc tttttttttt ttttttttga ctgattggtt tgcttctttt tcttctttcc
   678901 ttttctctct ctctttttct tctctctttt tttttttttc tttaggaatg gacgccgaag
   678961 tagtgcggat gctcgccagg ggcatgaggg tccacaagag aaagggtgct atgacctcca
   679021 gatcgcgaag agggccaggg cggaggagac gagcttagcg gcacccgtcc aggcggcccc
   679081 ggccatcgac attccctcag atgccgagcc aacagctccc cgggcctcct cgaggagtcc
   679141 gccgattggg gcccccgccc cgggggttcg ccccacggag gcacccaccg cggggaaaag
   679201 gaggaaatct gtggcccgta gggcgagtag ccgccgaaat gctgcggatg agtccctctg
   679261 ctccgaggag gggtcagaga atcccttcaa tgatagggac tttatcaggc ggctgattga
   679321 tggctgcatt ctgcctgacg tcgtggagag gatcgaccgc gtcgatcctg agcagcgggc
   679381 ttgggattct ttggggtcct tccttgaggt gagcgactct tcatttacat ggctattcgg
   679441 cctttgtact gattctctag ctgtctttgc agattgggca ccagctcctc gcctatatcg
   679501 aggcgatgag ccgcacgagg agggacatcc tccaggtgga ggaacgctgt caggcggagg
   679561 ttgctcgcct ccaagcaaag acggccgaag taaccgccct ccaggaggcc ctggaaaggg
   679621 agtagaaagc ccgggaggag gagaggcaga tcttggagga atcagtgagg aaggcggagg
   679681 ccgaggtcgc ccacttggtc gagcaaactc cggtcctggt ctcggaggcc agagcccttg
   679741 cggtggagga attcaaggcc tccgcggaga tgagggacct gaatgtccag ttcggccagg
   679801 aagcgttcat taaggggttc gagctctgcc aagagaaggt ggccagaaaa ttcccagagc
   679861 tcgacctcag cttcctaggc gaggagtctg aggacgaggc cggcccctcg tcagccgcca
   679921 ctgctgtcgc agcccccgtg tcgagttctc caccccccgc ccctgaggtc tgagacctcc
   679981 gatcttgtac cttcactttg ttgcgatttt tcttttccat ttgtctttaa aaatcattca
   680041 atcaataaag ttgaattttt tgttgcggac ggcttctctt tccccctccc tacttctctc
   680101 tgctcttttt tcctgcaata agtcatcctt tgacgctttt accttccgat ggcagtgtcc
   680161 tgcagaagca ctccccctgc ccttgggggt cccgctgaaa tcgatgatcc agcggttgaa
   680221 aaaggaggtc cttcacctga cgaagaagtt aaagaagagg gaagccgagc tccgcaaatc
   680281 gagagaaggt cactctgaag ccgccgctga ggccgcccac tttcggagtc tccatgtgaa
   680341 ggggatcatg gagtatagcc ggaggaaggt gaacttcgca aaagagctcg aggaatgcaa
   680401 gaagagctcc agcgaccaga tttggaccca ggccgccagg atcagcgccc tcaaggtgga
   680461 actgtcagct gcgaagggga agatcggcca gctggaagga aatttgtccc ggctcttagc
   680521 ccaggtcgac gatgatcaga ggtggtcgca gaaggtctct gaccttcagc agtagattca
   680581 ggacaccgag gtgagccacg acgtgcaacg ggccagctga cgcaggcagg tggaagaata
   680641 caaagggaga ttcaggacgg cagccgatga ggtcgtccgt cttcagagac agctggccag
   680701 cagggcacag cttacttccg cccaagattc taaagagctc caagccctaa gaggcaccgt
   680761 tgagaggatt tctgtctccc tcggggaaaa gacagccgag ctgcaataag tgaagatcca
   680821 actggcactc gagcggcggg ccatcgcgga cgcggaggcg gagtccgaag ttttgaggaa
   680881 gaggcgtcgg gaggcggagg ctgagagcca gcaatttcat cgggcgcttc aggacgcgct
   680941 gcgaaagagg gaagagcgag aagaagaaat agagaatctg aggcagtcct ggttgaggga
   681001 cggaatagat aactctaggt cggaaggagc agggcctcct tagagctctt tttgtctttc
   681061 ttgtcatgta gttacttcct ttttgtcatt ttgcccttct ttccttggcc ttcctggctt
   681121 tgtagtgtgt ataccgaaaa tggaataaaa agagcatttt gtgttatctc gtccgcgcgt
   681181 tgcactaata ttgctgtctg ctgaaccttt cttgtcattt gacttgtctg atgtagacat
   681241 cgttgggagg gggctttttc ctttcatctg atcttgttag gcggccgggt ttcgccacca
   681301 ttaacccttg ctgcagaagt cgtggatgga gcccgactcc cgtaggagtc tgggtgaagt
   681361 cttccttggc gtcgtggatg gaacccggct cccgtaggag tccgggtgaa gtcttccttg
   681421 gcgttgtgga cggaacccga ctcccgtagg agtccgggtg aagtcttcct tggcattgtg
   681481 gatggaaccc ggctcccgta ggagtctggg tgaagtcttc cttggcgttg tggatggaac
   681541 ccagctcccg taggagtccg ggtgaagtct tccttggcgt tgtagacgga acccggctcc
   681601 cataggagtc tgggtgaagt cttccttggc attgtggatg gagcccggct cccataggag
   681661 tccgggtgaa gtcttccttg gcattgtgga tggaacccgg ctcccgtagg agtccaggtg
   681721 aagtcttcct tggcgttgtg gacggagccc ggctcccgta ggagtctgag tgaagtcttc
   681781 cttggcgtcg tagatggaac ccggctcccg taggagtctg ggtgaagtct tccttgacgt
   681841 cgtggatgga acccggctcc cgtaggagtc cgggtgaagt cttccttggc gtcgtggacg
   681901 gaacccagct cccgtaggag tccgggtgaa gtcttccttg gcgtcgtgga cgaaacccgg
   681961 ctcccgtagg agtccgggtg aagtcttcct tggcgttgtg gatggaaccc ggctcccgta
   682021 ggagtccggg tgaagtcttc cttagcgtca tggacggaat ccggctcccg taggagtccg
   682081 ggtgaagtct tccttggtgt cgtggacgga acccggctcc tgtaggagtc cgggccttcc
   682141 cctttacttg agccagggcg aggttctcct ctcgttcccg gcttggctgt gggggcgcgt
   682201 tagggcgttg taaggcctct ccccccatcc ggtctaaaag aatcgggcct tcgactttgc
   682261 tcatgtcagg acgaggttct cctcctgtta ctgacatggc tgtgggggca cattagggcg
   682321 ttgtaaggcc tctccttcca tccggtctaa aagaatcggg cctttgactt tgctcatgtc
   682381 aggacgaggt tctcctcctg ttcctgacat ggctgtgggg gcacattagg gcgttgcaag
   682441 gcctctcccc ccatccggtc taaaagaacc gggcctttga ctttgctcat gtcaggacga
   682501 ggttctcctc ctgttcctga catggctgtg ggggcacatt agggcgttgc aaggcctctt
   682561 tccccatccg gtctaaaaga actgggcctt tgactttgtt tatgtcaggg cgaggttctc
   682621 ctcctgtttc tgacataact ctgttttaag tgttcggtgg ggtcatatcc agtcataata
   682681 aatccacgcc aggtgggaag agcacgttaa gtagaaagaa aatttgattc aaggcgaaat
   682741 cataagtgat acatttacag gtttttcgag ctccacgatc gcgggtggcc cactcctcct
   682801 tgaggccctc cggtgatgga tcgatggtcc cgatgggagg ccggtccccg ggttgctcct
   682861 cccttctcga cggttcaggc tgtggaaggg ctcttggccg gtctcctcta ccctcaggcc
   682921 tgcggcggat gaatctgtca agtcgacctt gctgaatgag ctcctcgatc tcgtcctaga
   682981 gctggatgca ttcctctgtg tcgtggccgt ggtcgcggtg gtagaggcag aacttgttgg
   683041 ggttgcgctt tccggggtgt gtgcgcatcc tctccggcct agggagttgc tccctgacct
   683101 ccattaatac ctgggccttc gaggcattaa ggggggcgta gttgcagaat ctccctggtg
   683161 gggaaccccg ccgaaccccg cggtctgggc ttctctgcct gcgcgcccgt ggtggagtat
   683221 gggcgtgctt atacccagga ggggatcgag aacgcggtcg ggcttccttt ggccttttct
   683281 caactgcggg cttactcgaa tctcccgctt gccgctccct tgccgtctct tcatccttca
   683341 ttttgaaggc ttcttccgct caggcgtatc cctcagctcg agccagcaaa tcagcaaaat
   683401 ccctgggata tttcttctcc agggagaaca aaagatcatt cttctgaagg ccgcctttca
   683461 gggcggccat ggcaactgat tggtccaagt ttcggacctc caacgccgcg atgttgaagc
   683521 ggttgatgta ggcccatatg gactcccctt ccctctgctt gatgttgatg agggactctg
   683581 aacccttccg ggggtgccgg ctgctgacaa aatgggccac aaattggtgg ctcatttgat
   683641 cgaaggagaa gatggtaccc gatttcaaag ccgaatacca gttcctcact gctcccttca
   683701 aagtagatgg gaaagcccgg cataagatgg catcaagagc accgtgaagc agcatcatcg
   683761 tccggaaggc ctccagatga tcaatcaggt ccgaagtccc gtcgtagctt tcgaactggg
   683821 gaagcttgaa gtttggcggg atcggttcct gcatgatcgt ttgggagaag ggagggtcag
   683881 tacaaatgtc ctcaccataa gcggggggcg catggcggag ttcttcaatc cgccggttca
   683941 tctcctagag cctccggtct aggaaatcct ctcgacttcg agtctcgagg gtcctctggc
   684001 agaacggggg cagggatctt ccaggggtgg agttgtggtc cgattgaggg ctctctaccc
   684061 tcgggtttgt tttcccagga aggacggggc ggctggtcca ggtggcccgc cctgccgtcg
   684121 ggttttggca ttctggagac acccttttcg ggtgcgctga cgcctgcggc tgctgctgct
   684181 gcattgtttg cacagcttcg atgaggcctc tgacctgctg tgccagcaag tcaaactgct
   684241 ccgcaccgac cgccgccgct ggaggaggag gaggaggagg ttgagaaata ggaggggagg
   684301 ctggagcctg agatctggcc gcggaggccg tggaccgtcg tgtggacgcc ttgcgtggag
   684361 gcatcgagtg tggacccagc gggagaaaat aaggagtggg tgtcggagga gacgatcgga
   684421 ggtggctccg ttgaacgctc ctttaagaac aagggtaccg cgaaggttca agcccttcct
   684481 ctagcgccaa tcctgttggt gcaaaaatcc gcttgcgccg gagaagctgg agtcgagaaa
   684541 gtcgcggtcg ccgtcgggac ctgcaaggga agtctaaact ggaggtgggg ttgctccggc
   684601 aagaccctcc gacgctcaag tcagttctct acctcaacaa gaatggagcg ctcgaacgga
   684661 gaatttagca gagttttgag ataagaaatg agcttagaga ataacgtatc tgggtccccc
   684721 tttttatagg cggaggaggt aacggattga tggcgacgtt tgtaaccgtc tggtagtggg
   684781 ccgcccatag tcagagagaa tttattgcga agggtagtgg agcagaatcg tggctatcac
   684841 cgtagctcgc cacgtggaat cagttgcgag gagtggagca gcatccattg tcgtgacttg
   684901 ccagcggatg agagaatcgc ccggtatcca tcgcaggaga tggagcagga tcttggccgt
   684961 tattgtggcc tgccaggggg tagtggagct atgcggaatc cgccataaga agtggagcag
   685021 agctacgacg gttactacga cctgtcaggg agtgatggag ctgcacggaa tccaccgcag
   685081 gaagtggagc aggatcgtgg ccgttaaaat agcctgtcag agtgtgaaaa tccatcggct
   685141 gaaactcaga agtggtcgga gctgatgacg gagttcggct cctgtaggag tccgggcaga
   685201 gtcttcctgc aatcaaagtt aaaggcgaag tccggctccc gtaggagtcc ggacggggct
   685261 taccagcagt tgatgttgag gacggagccc ggctcccgta ggagtccggg cggagtcaac
   685321 ttgaggtcgg agttatcggc agagtccggc tcccgtagga gtccggacga agtctgtctg
   685381 cagccgttgg agtcgaggac gaagcccggc tcccgtagga gtccgggcgg agtcttcctg
   685441 caatcaaagt taaaggcgaa gtccggctcc cgtaggagtc cggacggggc ttacccgcag
   685501 ttgatgttga ggatggagcc cggctcccgt aggagtccgg gcggagtcaa cttgaggtcg
   685561 gagttgtcgg tggagtccgg ctcctgtagg agtccagacg aagtctgtct gcagccgttg
   685621 gagtcgagga cgaagctcgg ctcccgtagg agtccgggcg gagtcttcct gcaatcaaag
   685681 ttaaaggcga agtccgactc ccgtaggagt ccggacgggg cttaccagca gttgatgttg
   685741 aggacggagc ccggctcccg taggagtcca ggcggagtca acttgaggtc ggagttgtcg
   685801 gcggagtccg gctcccatag gagtccggac gaagtctgtc tgcagccgtt ggagtcgagg
   685861 acgaagcccg gctcccgtag gagtccgggc ggagtcttcc tgcaatcaaa gttaaaggtg
   685921 aagtccggct cccgtaggag tccggatggg gcttaccagc agttgatgtt gaggacggag
   685981 cctggctccc gtaggagtcc gggcggagtc aacttgaggt cggagttgtc ggtggagtcc
   686041 ggctcccgta ggagtccgga cgaagtctgt ctgcagccat tggagtcaag gatgaagccc
   686101 ggctcccgta ggagtccggg cggagtcttc ctgcaatcaa agttaaaggc gaagtccggc
   686161 tcccgtagga gtccggacgg ggcttaccag cagttgatgt tgaggacgga gcccagctcc
   686221 cgtaggagtc cgggcggagt caacttgagg tcggagttgt cggcggagtc tggctcccgt
   686281 aggatttcgg acgaagtccg gatgcagtct gtctgtagcc gtcggagttg aggatgaagc
   686341 ccggctcccg taggagtccg gatggagttt ccctgcaact aaagtcaaag gagaggtccg
   686401 gctcccgtag gagtccggac aggggcttac cagcggttgg agttgaggac ggagcctggc
   686461 tcccgtagga gtctaggcgg agtctacttg cggttgaact tgttggcgga gtccggctcc
   686521 cgcaggagtc caggtggagt ctgcttgtag ctgtttctgc tgaggacgga gcccggctcc
   686581 cgtaggagtc cgggcggagt ctgctcgctg ttgaaattgt cggtgatgga gcctgactcc
   686641 cgtaagagtc cggacggagt tgtcatgtag tcgattccgc tgaggacttc ggctgtggtt
   686701 attttatacc caacagttgt catcacagtt ctccatgaag gacttgggtg aagcatccta
   686761 catcctagga atgaagatct atagggatag atctaaaagg atgcttgggt tatcccagtc
   686821 catgtacata gacactgtgc tgaagaggtt cagcatggag aattccaaga agggctatct
   686881 actgataggc catggaattt ctctctctaa gaaggattgt ccgacaactc ctgaagagag
   686941 agagcgtatg agtagagtcc catatgcttc agccatggga tctatcatat acgccatgac
   687001 atgtacaaga ctagatgtgg catactcact aggagtagtg agtagatacc aatctgatcc
   687061 tggagaaaat cactggaaag tggttaaagc catccttaag tatttgagaa atactaagga
   687121 ccaatggttg gtttatggcg agtcagatct gaaacttgtg gggttcacag actccagctt
   687181 ccaatctgac aatgatgaca gcaggagcgt gtcgggatat atctttactc tgaatggtgg
   687241 agccatctgc tggaagagtt tcaagcagca tactgtgaca gactctgttt gtgaagcgga
   687301 gtacatcgca gcatcggatg ccgcgaagga agctgtggct gaggaaattc atcaacgagc
   687361 tcggagtagc accctccctt gatggtctgg tcctgctcta ctgcgacagc actggtgcca
   687421 tagctcaggc gaaggaaccc aaagcacatc agtggatgaa gcacatctta caccgcttcc
   687481 acctggtccg ggagatcgtg gatcgaggtg acgtcgacct tcagaagatc gatggaaagg
   687541 agaacctagc cgaccccttc actaaagccc tggcgataaa ggagttcgac aaccacaagt
   687601 cgaagatggg tattagatac tgtgtcgagt ggctttagga caaatgggag ttgttgggaa
   687661 atgtgtccca aaaagccaat catcaagctg ttgacggttg agcaaccaag tattataatt
   687721 gatttgttaa taaaaaaaat atatttggca tcttcatcat aagctttcat cttctaatga
   687781 actccgttgt tatgatgaag tccttaggac tatttaagtt cggtaaagag aggatttatc
   687841 gattagtcct taaaactgtt cacgaccaaa tgataagctg ttaataagga tgacagcttc
   687901 tatcaagcat aggtcgctgt aggccatatg ggttggttgt cctcttaacc aaggagtgtg
   687961 gagacactgg tatggcatac aggtgagatg taagggtaca tcatcattga acgtgaccaa
   688021 ctccagagta ttctgctgtc gagaatgtct ctgatgggat ataggtataa gtgtccctta
   688081 gacttgagat cgcctcagtg acttgcaagc aactcactgt actttgatac tggactaact
   688141 gaatttctaa ttcagagatg gaaggcttct gggcacagtc aaatacttgc gaagtcagag
   688201 tgtgatcgag atgggattga ccactccaag agttggagaa gaatgagtcg ctgtatttca
   688261 atttagcaaa accttggcca gggtaatcca tcagatggat ttgatatttt gaaatacaat
   688321 gtggacaacc tgatcagagt tgacagttga actctgggtt gtcctatgat cattttggtc
   688381 aaggggatga attatatgaa aactatatcc gcatgggttc taaggatgtt gttctacaca
   688441 ttcgacctat ccggtcgtcg ggtaccattg ctagatggtc acttcgattg gtacaggaat
   688501 ttatttctat gctaccggct taggtttgga cctatgaggt cacacatatt agagttcatg
   688561 atccgatcgg atggttgatc aacgattaag aatcgttcta gggttaaatg atcaatacga
   688621 ttgacattta acccagtgca agtgttgcag gaggatcgat tagcaattcg attgctaatt
   688681 gacttaattt gatgggctga gattaagtct aattaaatat gatttaatta gatttagttt
   688741 aggcttgatt ggatcaagtc caattggttt attggataag ccaagtgcaa gaaaaaacta
   688801 gtcctagttc aactaggact tgggtcaatc taatttctaa tttgattaga aaattaaatc
   688861 agatttaaat ctaatttaat ctgattaaat tatattccta attgggttaa aacctatttt
   688921 aattaggttg atctaatttt ggtttgattt agtttggaaa accaaattaa aacaagtcat
   688981 aagatagaat cctagtaaga ctaggattcc accttgcgcc acataagcct tccccacgcc
   689041 ctctctctta ttcaacacca atctccactt attttgtgtg acaaaatccc tctccaaggt
   689101 ctctcctatg ttcacaaaag gtttcctctc ttctttctta catggaaggt ggtttggatc
   689161 aaatcaaaaa ggaataagtt tggatttcga attctatgag atagagtttt agaaatccaa
   689221 aactctttca attttgcacc gaatttatcc aaattttttt tggaaatttt tatggctttt
   689281 agggtatata ttgtgcaccc tttgctagta atgcatgcat gaatatatgg aggaggcgct
   689341 caagagttgg gcgtccctta acttgccatg tttggataag ccttgactag gtatttgacc
   689401 tagacaagga ctctatcata tctctctgta taaaatgagt ttctttatga attttttgaa
   689461 gaagacatag atttgagagt cgtttatgcc atccaaaaat cagagagaaa gacctttgag
   689521 tcgtggagat ataaaagatg caagttaggg tgtctagaga gaaaaatgtg aagaagaaga
   689581 gggtcttctt ctagggtttt ttgtttcata tctttcctcc ctccatcttg agttttctga
   689641 gagcatctca gatttgaaac tccttctttt actttccatc tttgaaaaag tccaaatcaa
   689701 gaagaaggag gcacctgatc aaccatcaaa gaaggatcag tgcagtacta gcatactatg
   689761 ctgatttcct gaagcaggac ttctgatcga gattcatggg ctcgtgtgga cgactcctag
   689821 aggccggacg cgtgtgtggc ttgcaacatc atccttaagc ccggatcagt gagattagag
   689881 catctaactt gcaaggtaat agatctgatc tattgtttaa tacatacatt agatgtggta
   689941 tagaaacatg ttgatatgat caacatgtag ttcatgctat atttatatat tttaattttt
   690001 gatttaatgc tatgtaataa tcatgtaata ggatcttaga tcttgggatt ctctagtttt
   690061 agaaaataaa ttttgattta ttttagtctt ccgctgtatg atcttgaaaa agtttcaaga
   690121 tctaatcctg aaaccctaga tctggttcct acactaacct gcacatcaaa tggcccacac
   690181 acattagtgt gtaccagggt aattaactca gtggtcctat ctccatatcc tataaaggat
   690241 aacttgacca ttttttctcg aaggcaagat tcacatgcag gatatgactc tgaattaaga
   690301 gagccaaaga tcccatcctt ctccagtctg tttatcctgt cctctccaat atgggctagt
   690361 ctatggtgcc acaagtattt cttgttaatt tcatctctgg gtctcttttg acctacggca
   690421 ctcactattt gctcgtttca gttcatattc gtatcaacat tcaagtgata aagactgtta
   690481 attaaaagac ctcgtgcaac taatttattt tataaataaa taaaataaaa gtctttattg
   690541 aaactaattt caaaaccttc ctgtgctatc atagatatgg aaataaaatt ctgactagct
   690601 ataggaacat aataacagtc tttcaaatct aatctaaaac tagacagtaa ttgaagagaa
   690661 taagtaccaa cagtctctgc agcaactttt actccattgc cgacccaaag aattatgtta
   690721 ccttttctca acctcctact ttctattaga tcctacattg aagtatatat atgagcactc
   690781 gagctagtgt ctaatatcta actagaagta aaaaaaaatc ataagattag attcaattac
   690841 gagcatacct tctgaaggtt tattatcctt tttgatcttt aggctctcta ggtagagtgg
   690901 atagttcctc ctccagtggc tttcagcatc acagtggaaa tactttctct tcacttcggc
   690961 cttcttagga acttccttct ttggcttgtt ctctttcttc tgcttcttag cgattttagt
   691021 ctttttcttc ctaatagact ttctcttgga agaaatccac tctatagcga gaacagtgcc
   691081 ccttgaactc ttcaaggttc cctccatagt gactaacacg ttaaccagtt cgggtatagt
   691141 gcagtcaaat ttgttcatat aaaaatttat aataaattga ctatatgaac ttgtaaagga
   691201 ttgaaggatc aaatccatcg gtaattcttt ttgcatatcc agtctgagct tctcaagctt
   691261 ctctatgtcc ttgatcacta tcaacagtac taatagacag actgcccttc gcgtatcttc
   691321 aagttgaaga gtcttttgga cacctcgaag tgcgcagttc gactttgctc accatacaac
   691381 tcttgcaggt gagtgatcat agccccgata gtaggcatat gctcatgctg gctttgtaac
   691441 ttatttgaca ttgatgccgg cacatggcat ttgacccaac tgtcttcatc cgttcacttt
   691501 tcataagcag tcctttgctc agcagtagga tggtttggta gcactatggg tttctgatca
   691561 agtacatgac ctagtttttt tgaagtcagg ataatcctga gatttttgag ccagtctttg
   691621 taattagtac cagtcaaatg attagtttca aggatgtggg ctagagggtt tgaggttgac
   691681 attgtttaac tgtgagagta gagattcaag ttagactttt atacttgatg ttgtatttcc
   691741 ttctagagat tttaagatgc aaacaatgac tcccactaat tttttggatc cctccactcc
   691801 tcgaaaagaa aataaaaacc ataatgtgac aaaaaattct tagtggatgc tgcggtccca
   691861 ccgatgccat aaacctcacc taacagttat tgataatatg tataccaatg cgtaagcaac
   691921 tctttgccca gatgcttatc taactatatt acagcgattt agtctctaag tcatatgggc
   691981 tcacctaaca gttattgccc atacttctta gttaagtctg atccaccgtt cacaagcagg
   692041 tgctaggccg tcattggatc cctcacctaa cagttattga acccaaccct atccttatcc
   692101 tggagcaact cttttttaat agagtggttg cgtgttctcg atgcaactaa accactgtga
   692161 tcagtcgaga acaatcaacg ctggtagcac gcccgtacat ctacaatggt tgaagatcta
   692221 tgaatttaat atttatgggg aggtttagat ttagatctta tctaatcaat catcatatga
   692281 ccgatctaat tggtatgggc taaatcaaac cgctaaacaa cctgattcaa gacccaatct
   692341 ttcaaattgg cctggtaagt agagatcagt gggggtccct cgttgctttc cttagacatc
   692401 aataaattag ccagataagc gaacagaatc aattaaataa tcacgtctca attacttatc
   692461 ttagacacca ataggtcaat tggtccaaat aggttagctc aagcgaatca gactcaaacc
   692521 atcgagccaa attagatcct taggttaatc aattctacat atgggactca atcaatttga
   692581 tcaataataa ttgcaaatca tataatttaa ttgatctaat cctaatcaat acttgactta
   692641 gtttgatcaa ttacttagtc aaattagacc catatgaatc aaatcaaaaa ttttagatga
   692701 aattctatta catgatctaa ttttttgatt ttttcataat cagaaccctc atgcacaaac
   692761 ataaatttca tattctaaaa tcaaatttta gatctaaatt ttttgtatga aataagtttt
   692821 aaatcataaa aataattttt aaatttaaca tacaaatata tatcatatat atgcatgtaa
   692881 aatttagatc taaataaaat ttagatctac aacatgatat catatatctc atatactaat
   692941 aatcatggat catattaaaa gcaatcttat ggcctaaaca tgtaattata tatcttatat
   693001 atgaatgatg aatcaggtca tataaaattt tagatttatg catgcatcta tatatcatgt
   693061 gaacatgaac taaaaaccat tctagatcaa aattcagatc tatacatgct atcatatatc
   693121 aactatatat tctaaaatca aatctaaaat taaattttag atttaaggat tcatctatat
   693181 atctcatgta tcaagaaaaa atcatatttt gaaatctttt tcaaaatata taagataatt
   693241 tcagcaatat gaaacctgtg gctctgatac cattgtagga attcgaggtt tggaatatgc
   693301 atgtgtgttt caaaatttta ttttttaaat atcatagtag aatataagat taaaatactt
   693361 ttaatctgaa tcatgtatgt ataaaaatat aaaactacaa agatccagtt catatgctga
   693421 aattgacata tgctgaaatt caaattatga tcaaaccata tacttgtttc gtaatctttt
   693481 tcttcaaatc tagatctgga agagaagaga ttttctttta gccacacatg tttggtctct
   693541 agggtatcca tttgggatca atctggaaca accctcttca agttgaattt ttttttctaa
   693601 aaaaatttag cctgctgaat ctgaacgaag cctggatcat gatcaactct tgatctcttt
   693661 tcttaatctt tttcttctct tcttctcttt cctttttctc ttgctttgtg ctgctactag
   693721 cagataaaaa ccagcaaata aaagagaccc aacagccttg ggcatggaac aagatgggat
   693781 gcccaaagat gaaggacgtt ggacatccaa gggagaagag aaaaggagga gaagagagag
   693841 catgggaggt ctcctttgtg gcatgtgggg tgctggttgg atgctctagg gatcttaggg
   693901 gaggtccctt taaataggca tgagaattga atcctattca atctcataac acaaatccta
   693961 cttgcattag gtttcctaat aacttaagtt attcaactta cattaagaat cctattaggt
   694021 gccaactctt ggagcccttg cacccattat ttctcaccct cttttgcatc caagggacac
   694081 cccatatgag atctataagc cctctaatca tgggacatgc ccgacttgat ccaatcaagg
   694141 tggcacccca taataactat caaagaatat taattagaga cttgcaccct aatttaattg
   694201 atctaaaata ttagacaccc aataattaga gtttaatgaa tcttattcat ttaagttatt
   694261 agtagataat taagtttgaa taatcttatc aaataaaaaa tttaaacgaa aagagaaatt
   694321 gggtccaact atgtgctagt aaggttatct tgaatccaat cagatttttc taaacccaat
   694381 tgacacttca caagttaaat tgctaatttc agacctaatt tctttatttt gtgatcctat
   694441 aggttcaatt ctatctggta gtaagatata caatgatctc tatcaaagta tcatggaaac
   694501 tcttttcaat ggatttgaat aattccactc taactcatta aggattgtcg atctagaaca
   694561 accctagtga gctctcataa tccaccaatg acacctagca gtatgtagtg gcaatctagt
   694621 agaaccgaaa tgaatctcta ggtgtagtta atgtgtgatt taatcctttt atcgtgacta
   694681 gatggtaggt catggataaa tcatcaaacc tcaatatcag tcatatgata gatttgatta
   694741 gctcaagtcc agttgtgact tctatgaaaa ctcttttcta tcaatcacac tactgtggtc
   694801 acacattctc ggacttagcc tctcaaatct cataagacta ctcctttcta ccaagatcga
   694861 tagatctcat cttgatgcac accctactcc tacagtggac caactgttac caatatccac
   694921 tacaagagct catggagatc tatgtttatg tgtcaatcaa acttcagtag ccacactgca
   694981 agcagcagtg ccatctcaag tcaaaaaatt aatcacacaa ctacagcatc gagataatca
   695041 ctaacgatcg aatagaaatc taagtgatct ctcgtatgat catgctcagt actagttatt
   695101 ctctaataac tatccgcact cgtcatttag tatctctaca ctgtagacta gagatctatt
   695161 tatcctgaag aaagtgatct atacatcaat ctatctagat caatcaccat tctcatgatg
   695221 atcctatgat cgggagcatt taagaattaa atgcatgtct ctaattctca aaaccttaag
   695281 aatatgtatc aaaaattaat tctattgatg attcaaagat acattacact tgaataaaaa
   695341 ataaacttat ccttttattg atcaaattaa tatattaagt ataaaattat gtcctaaatt
   695401 tattataatg tgtcagtcat attagcttct agaacataca tctaacaaag tctttattga
   695461 aactaatttc aaaacctttt tgtgctagca cagacatgaa aaataaattt caactagcta
   695521 caagagcaaa ataacaattc tttaaatcta atataaaatc agacagtaat caaagaggat
   695581 aagtaccaat agcttctaca gtaacttttg ctccattatc gatccgaagg atcatgtcac
   695641 tttctctcaa ccttctactt tctattagac cctgcattga gatacatata tgagcacttg
   695701 aattagagtc taatacccaa ctaaaagtaa aagaaactgt aaggttagat tcaattatga
   695761 gcataccttc tgaaggttta tcaccctttt tggtctttag gctctccaga taaagtggac
   695821 agttcctcct ccagtggcct tcagcatcat agtagaaaca ctttctcttt gcttcgacct
   695881 tcttaagaat atctttcttt ggcttgctct ctttcttcta cttcttagca aattttatct
   695941 tcttcttccc aatagacttt ctctggaaag aagtccactc catagtgaga atagtgcccc
   696001 ttgaactctt caagatttct tccatagtga tcaacatgtt aaccagtttg ggtatagtgc
   696061 aatcgagctt gtttacataa aaatttataa taaattgatt atataaactc ataagggact
   696121 gaaagatcaa atccatctgt aatttttttg catctcaagc ctgagctttc caagctcttc
   696181 aatgtccttg atcactgtca tataatgctc atggactatc tgcccttcac gcatcttcaa
   696241 gttgaagtgt ctgttagata cttcaaagta tacaatatgg ctctactcac tatacaactc
   696301 ttgcagatga gttatcatag ccctggtagt gggtatatac tcatactggc tttgcaactc
   696361 atttgacata gatgctagca catagcactt gccccgacta tcttcatcca tctacttttc
   696421 aaaaatagct ctttgctcag cagtaggata atttggtaaa actatgggtt cctggtcgag
   696481 tatatgactt aatttttctg aggtcaagaa aatcttgaga tttctaagcc aatctttgta
   696541 attagtttcg atcaaacgat tgatttcaag gatgcaggct agagagtttg aggcgacatt
   696601 gtttaactgt gagagtagag attcaagtta gacttttata ctttaatatt atacttttag
   696661 ggactttaag atacaaataa tgactcccat taattttttg gatccctcta ctcttcgggt
   696721 ggaaaataaa aaccctaatg tgattgaagg attccttatg gatgctatgg tcccaccgat
   696781 gccatgcacc tcacctaata gttattgata atatgcacac tgatgcattg acaactctac
   696841 ctagatactt ctctaagtat gttgcagcga cttggtctct aagtcatgtg ggctcaccta
   696901 acagttattg acaacactcc ttattaagcc caacccaccg ttcacaagca ggtgcaagac
   696961 cgtcattggg tcccttacct aatagttatt gggcccaatt ccatccttat cctggagcaa
   697021 ttctttgcta atagagtggt tgcatatttt tggtgtaact aaaccactat aatcagtcaa
   697081 gaacaatcaa cactagtagc acacccgcac atctacaatg gtggaagatc tatggactta
   697141 atatttgtgg agagatttag gtttagatct catctaatca gtcatcatat gactgatcta
   697201 attggcatgg gctaaaccaa aatgccaagt aaccttattc aagatctaat ttttcaaatt
   697261 gatcaggtaa gtgaagattg gtgggggtcc cccccgttgc tttccttaga caccaataaa
   697321 ttgattaggt caactaacag aaccaattaa ataaccacat cttaattact tatcttagac
   697381 accaataggt caattggtcc aaataggtta actcaagtga atcgaactca aaccatcgag
   697441 ccaaattagg tccttaggtt aatcgattct acatatggga ttcaatcgat ttgatcaaca
   697501 ataattgctt gatcatataa cttaattgat caaactctaa tcaacacttg actcaatttg
   697561 atcaattaat cgaattagac ccataagatt caaatcaaaa atcttagatg caatcctatt
   697621 acatgaccta atttttgatt ttttcataac caaaactttc atgcacaaac tcaaatttta
   697681 gatttcaaaa ctaaatttta gatttaaatt aattacatga aagataagtt ttaaattatg
   697741 aaaccaattt ttagatttaa aatacaaaca tatatctcat atatgtatgt aaaattcaga
   697801 tctaaataaa attcagatca acacatgata tcatatatct catatactaa ttatgaatta
   697861 tattgaaaat aattttatga cctaaacatg taatcacata tttcatatat gaatcatgaa
   697921 ttaggtcaaa taaaatttta agtttatgca tgcatctaca tatcatgtga agatgaacta
   697981 gaaactgttt tagatcaaaa ttcagatcta tgcatgctta gacatatcaa ctatatgttc
   698041 taaaatcaaa atcaaaataa aatttagatt taaaatattc atctatacat cttatatatc
   698101 aagaaaaagt tagattttga aactcctttc aaaatatgta tgtcaatttt atgcatatga
   698161 tactcatggc tctgatacca ctattgaaat tttcatgttg agacatgcgt gtatatttta
   698221 aaattttatt ttttaaatat catgatgaaa tagtagacta aaatattttt aatctttatt
   698281 atgcatgtat aaaatataaa ccacaaggat ctacttcata tgctgaaatt gtacaaatgc
   698341 taaaatttaa tatgtgatcg aatcacatac ctgtttcata attttttttt tcaaatttga
   698401 atctgaaaga gaaaaaaatt tttcttaacc atgcaagtac tcaatctcta taagtatcta
   698461 cttgagatca gtctgaaata gcccttttca agttgatttt ttttctccaa aaaaaatcag
   698521 cctacgaatc tgaatgaagc ctggattgcg atcaactctt tgatcctttc cttgatcttc
   698581 tttttctctt cttctcttac cttttctcct gctaccagaa aaaaaaaata gcacacaagg
   698641 gatgcccaaa gcccatatgg gtgtgatgat taaggacacc caaaggaggt ggggcattga
   698701 agcaccaagg gaaaagagag ggagagagga agagagggca tggggcactc ctaaggggca
   698761 tgggggctat tggttgtgat gcctagggac cttaggagag atctctttaa atagataaaa
   698821 ggtttgaatc ctattcaaaa tcaaacaagc tcttaataca agtcctactt gcattaggtt
   698881 tcttaataac ttaagttatt taactttctt tgggaaacct attaggcacc aactcttgga
   698941 gccctctcac ccactaaatc ataccccaaa atgcacccat gggatgcccc aataaggatc
   699001 catatgccct ctaaagatgg aatacactca acttgatcaa atcaagtggc gccccaactt
   699061 aacaatcaag gaaataaatt aaagacttgc acctttaatt catttgatcc aaaaccttag
   699121 acactgaata attagagtcc aataaatcta atttatttaa gttattaata aaaaattaag
   699181 tttgaattat cttatcaaat aaaaaattaa aatataaaga taaaattggg tccaatcata
   699241 tgctagcaag gttaccttga acccaatcaa atttctgtaa acccaattga cacttcataa
   699301 gtccaattgc ttattccaga tctaatccct ttgttgtgtg atgccatagg ttcaattcta
   699361 tctgatagtg agatatataa taatctctat taaagtatca ttgaaactct tttcaatggg
   699421 tcagaataat ttcactctaa ctcatcaaag attgtcaatc ctgaacaatc ttagtgagct
   699481 ctcacaatct atcagtgaca cctagcagta tatagtggaa acctaataga actgatgtca
   699541 cacccccgac ccgagattgt gaaccaaggg tcatggcaac cgccgcatac ttatagaata
   699601 cttttcccat aagcatgcaa ggcatctcat catgatatct tcacaaatag ttaaataaat
   699661 ttttttttat tcaataatca aaccttggtt caaataacaa atcaaaacta agtgttcaaa
   699721 agaaagtaac tgtctgacaa agtcaatact aaaaacaaaa ctaaaggtct tgaatcaatt
   699781 ctgagataaa tcctaaatca atgagttaac tccatctcta atcgctctcc caaccaaaat
   699841 cccgcatcat gctaattttc tggatctgta agaaaaacat aaaacttatc atgagctaat
   699901 atagcccagt aagcagtgta tacctttaac tgaataatca gacaaataat actatgcata
   699961 acaaatcaat atataatttc atgaaatcat attcatactg tcaatcatat ataaaagtca
   700021 attcatcata atttccaatt atgcttttct tcttaaattc atcaatttct taaattcttc
   700081 ttaccaacca tgactatgac catattatcc ctgtggcagg gtcataatac cgcgtatctg
   700141 cttgcggtgg gctgcgaatc atctggcagc caagtccttt ggaaccgctg gtctaactgg
   700201 cggttttgtc gctggtctat ctggcgacat gtcgctggtc tcactggcga cataaatcct
   700261 caggacagtc aattgccaac gtatatgccc ccattggcgg ggtcctcaac atagtcaggt
   700321 tgtcaatttc atattgtctt ccaatttata tattattttc aagaataata aaattaattg
   700381 atattcgagt caaatcaatt ataatattct ttgagatcat atatcatcat aataattgct
   700441 ccacaaataa cttcaatcat aaataatttt ttacaattaa ctttcatcat aaataatttt
   700501 caataattat ttcaataaat aattacaatc gcaagcatgt ataaatttat ttaattcata
   700561 atttaccaga taaattcagt aaaagtaaac actacttacc tcaaaagaaa gtccaaacta
   700621 agattctaga gatctcgaaa atctttttca gaacttgata cgtcaaatat catattttaa
   700681 atcaaaattt catcgaattt aaaaataact aaattattaa aatctaatat ccccattagg
   700741 atcaattcat cgacagtatc ctgattttcg aattaaccca tggtcatcct aattttattt
   700801 ttatttttat tgctaatttt atttttaaaa ttaattccat aaatcctaaa aatctagaga
   700861 gagagagagt ttctctctct ctgccccttc tctttctttt cttttttttc tttttttttc
   700921 ttttcctttt cttcttcttt ttttttcttt ttcttttcct ttcttttcct tttctttctt
   700981 tttctttttt ttttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcccgtgccg gaacagagga
   701041 ctcttggtcc tcaggccttg aacggccgtt caggccgcgg ttgccatggc ggaggccggc
   701101 ggccgacggg gccatctcct ctggtcacgg aggaaacatg gccggcgatc aaatccgatc
   701161 gccggcgctg gagattcacg aaaaataagc ccaaaaacag gggtctttcc cgacccaaaa
   701221 atcagcgacg ttcatcgctg gccaccgcgc acaacgcacg ggggaaagag gaaggaagag
   701281 gggaaaaaga gaagaactta cctcggcctc ttgggacttc gtcggcgggc aatcacgatg
   701341 gaattcacaa cggtgtccgc ggctcttctt cgggaaaaac ggagagaaag agagagggag
   701401 gaggccgatc ttcggtctca agggggaggg gtctacttat agaggaccct aggactccga
   701461 ggggtcctag gagtcccaat tccacccgaa tttcgtcgga gaaggagact cccatcggga
   701521 gtcttcttcc caattttgaa ttcctctatt tttttttttt ttcattttgg gctttgatct
   701581 actgggctga aatgggtttt gggctataac attcttcacc cctaaaaaga aatttcatcc
   701641 tcgaaatttt tcatacctgt agtctcgaag agctggggat atttttgctt catttcttcc
   701701 tctagctccc aagtagcttc tctttctgaa tgtcgactcc actgtacctt gacataagga
   701761 atgttgcgac gtctcagcac ctgttcttta cggtctacga tccgtattgg gtattcttca
   701821 tatgttagat ccttcttggc ttgtactggt tcaagttcca cgatgtgact tggatctagt
   701881 aaatatttct ttaacataga aacatgaaaa acattatgta ctcctgcaag tgaagggggt
   701941 aaggcaagtc gataagccac ctcaccaatt ctttccaaaa tctcaaacgg acccacatat
   702001 ttaggattca atttgccacg aatgccaaat cttgagattc cttttgaagg agatactttg
   702061 agaaacacat ggtcaccgac ttgaaattct aatttccatc tcctgttgtc tgcatagctt
   702121 ttctgtctgc tttgtgctgc ccgaagttga tctttaatta attgaatctt ctcaactgct
   702181 tgttgaacaa gttcgagacc caatattctt cgctcaccga catcatccca gtgaatcggt
   702241 gatcgacatc ttctaccata taaagcttcg taagatgcca taccaatgct agcttgataa
   702301 ctgttattat aagcgaactc aatcaaaggt agatgctcat cccatgaact cttcatatcc
   702361 aaaatacaag ttctcaacat atcttctaag atctgaatag ttctttctga ctgaccatca
   702421 gtttgtggat gaaaggctgt actgaagttc aattttgttc ctaatgcctt gtgtaagctc
   702481 ttccagaact gtgatacaaa tctagtgtct cgatccgata cgatggtcac tggaattcca
   702541 tgtagtctta taatttcttt catatataac tttgctagtc tttccaaagt aaatccaact
   702601 ctaattggta gaaactgtta aaactttgtc aatcggtcca caatcaccca ggctgcatca
   702661 tttttactgg gagtcttcgg tagtccagtt acaaaatcca tagtgatatg ttcccacttc
   702721 caaactggaa tatcaagagg ttgaagtagt cccgcaggtc tctgatgttc agctttaact
   702781 tgttgacaca ccaaacattg agccacgaat tgagcgatct ctctcttcat attattccac
   702841 cagtacattt cttttaagtc tctatacatc ttggtgcctc ccggatgaac tgtataaccg
   702901 gtctggtgtg cttcctgaag tatttcatgc ttgagtgctg aatcattggg tacgcaaatc
   702961 ctatttttga accttaacga accgttttca tgtatcttga attcagattg aacaccagct
   703021 tccactgaat ttcttatttt tattagttgt ggatcattat tctgggcaac tgaaattctt
   703081 tcaatgagtg ttggctgaac cttcatgttg gctaaccgta ctgttgagtc atattttcgg
   703141 atgtctaatt ctaattttct tatatccttt aacaattgac tttggtgtat gattaaaatc
   703201 gccaaatttc ccacagattt cctactaagg gcatcagcaa caacattagc ttttcccgga
   703261 tgataatgga ttgttaaatc ataatccttt aatagttcta accaccttct ctgtctcatg
   703321 tttaattctt tctgtgtaaa gatgtacttc aaactcttat gatctgtaaa tactttacac
   703381 tgtgcaccgt ataagtgatg tctccaaatt tttagggcaa aaatcactgc agctaattct
   703441 aaatcatgtg tcagataatt ctgttcatat ggtttcaatt gtcttgaggc ataggctact
   703501 accttaccat gttgcatcaa tacacatccg agtccctttt tagatgcatc actataaatt
   703561 gtgaaacctt catctcctgt tggtatagta aggatagggg ctgacactaa tcgttgtttt
   703621 aattcttgaa aactctgatc acaatcttca gaccactcga atttaacccc tttttgagta
   703681 agacgagtca aaggtgcagc tatgctggaa aatccttcta caaatcgtct ataataccct
   703741 gccattccca gaaaacttcg aatctcagaa atatttgtag gtctgttcca ctgcatcaca
   703801 gcttccactt ttgctggatc cacagaaatt ccatccttag atacgatgtg tcctaaaaag
   703861 gctattttgt ccaaccaaaa ttcacacttc ttaaatttgg cataaagttt ttctttcctc
   703921 aatatttgta gcacacaccg taaatgttct tcatgctcca atttacttct agaatatatc
   703981 aagatatcat caataaatat gacaacaaat ttatcaagat aagatctgaa tattctgttc
   704041 attaaatcca taaaggatgc tggagcattg gttaacccaa aaggcatcac taaaaattca
   704101 taatgtccat aacgagttct aaatgccatc tttggtatgt cctctgtttt aatttttaac
   704161 tgatgatacc ctgaacgaag atcaatttta gaaaagactt gtgcaccttg cagctaatca
   704221 aacaaatcat caattcgagg tagaggatac ttatttctga tagtattttt attcaactct
   704281 ctatagtcga tacagagtct catactacca tctttcttct tcacaaataa gactggagct
   704341 ccccaaggag atacactagg ccttataaaa cctttatcca ataaatcttg taattgatct
   704401 tttaactcct ttaattctat aggggccatt ctgtaaggag ctttagaaat cggattggta
   704461 ttaggtgcca actcaatagt aaattcaagt tctctatctg ggggtagtcc gactaaatca
   704521 tcaatgaata catccgaaaa tttatttacg ataggaatat cctgtaactt caattcatca
   704581 tgttctttat tctttattga tactaggtaa cccctacatg cctttcttat catctgtcca
   704641 gcttgttcag gtgaaataat acatggaggg gtggttcctg tacttccatc aaaactaaaa
   704701 gttaattctc ccggtatgtg aaagttcact ctctttccat gacaatccac agaggcatga
   704761 taggtagcca gccaatccat tcctagaatg acatcaaaat catgcatatc cagaaccacc
   704821 aaatctactg gtaattctct ttctcctatc ttaatactac aggacttgca cacactttcg
   704881 gtactcaaaa taccacctac tggtgtctca acatataatt tggtttccat gggttcacaa
   704941 cctatatcat gctgtctaat aaaagtagtg gatataaagg agtatgtagt accagaatca
   705001 aacaaaacta aagcatgaat accagataca ggaatggcac ctgtcaccac agcattggag
   705061 gcctgagcat cctgttgtgt gagagcatag attcttcctt gagtttttgg cctttgacct
   705121 ccatcctttg cttgtgttga tctattttcg tccatctggg ggcaatctgc aatcttgtgt
   705181 cctttctatc cacatctaaa acacgaaccg gtattccatg ggcaattaga agtctcatac
   705241 tctcttcggc cgcatctcga acatctagct gcctcattct cacgattctt atcagttgct
   705301 ggcttctttg ctggaacctt attgttctga tttcgtcctt gagttccact aaatctattt
   705361 ctcttcttct gattccgttc acgctccgca tgagcttcat tagcttctct ctcaattatt
   705421 agagctttgt tcacaactga ggtataggta gttagctcat agggtacaac ctgtctcctg
   705481 atttctgtct tcagtcccat tttaaatttg tgtactctgt cttgctcaat ctcaactagt
   705541 ctcggaacaa atttggctaa ctccgtgaat ttggcttcat attctgcaac ggatctgtta
   705601 ccctgtctca ggtgaatgaa ctcctgttct ttctgtattc tgacacttca ggggaaatac
   705661 ttgtcaaaga atttatctca aaatctctcc caagtgagtg gtatcccatc gtgctcatat
   705721 ttttgttcca gtatacgcca ccagttgtat gcctcgcctt gtaacagata tgctgtatag
   705781 cggatcttct cttcatcttg gcattcttgc acggcgaagg ccttctccat ttccataatc
   705841 cagttatctg cttcttgtgg ctcgatggtc cctttgaagg ctggaggagc tagcttctta
   705901 aattcgatga tattgtttct ctgcatcgga tgttctccat gtccaggtgc cggtggaaaa
   705961 tgctgatgtg gctgtgcatg ttgttgttga agtaactgtt gttgtgtttg aactacttcg
   706021 atcagagttt gcattagttg agtcatgttc ggcttctgtg ctgtcggagt atttctggta
   706081 ggatcatgga ttccctcctg ctgagttgta ccgctgttta attggggagt attatcgcca
   706141 agtggattta atgtccctcc taccgttcct tgagtattcc tcgctcgtcg tggaggcata
   706201 ttgacctatg ttagatttga gataataact tatccttaat aaggttatga cttgtgacaa
   706261 gtcaaatcat aattatcata acttaacctt tcaatttcct aatgtctacc catcactcac
   706321 tttattctac atgtctctat ctatctactt atgctctgat accatattaa ttgtcacgcc
   706381 cccgacccga gattgtgaat cgagggtcat ggcaaccgcc gcatacttat aaaatacttt
   706441 tcccataagc atgcaaggca tctcatcatg atatcttcac aaatagttaa ataatttttt
   706501 ctttattcaa taatcaaacc ttggttcaaa taacaaatca aaactaagtg ttcaaaagaa
   706561 agtaactgtc tgacaaagtc aatactaaaa acaaaactaa aggtcttgaa tcaattctga
   706621 gataaatcct aaatcaatga gttaactcca tctctaatcg ctctcccaac caaaatcccg
   706681 catcatgcta attttctgaa tctgtaagaa aaacataaaa cttatcatga gttaatatag
   706741 cccagtaagc agtgtatacc tttaactgaa taatcaggca aataatacta tgcataacaa
   706801 atcaatatgt aatttcatga aatcatattc acactatcaa tcatatataa aagtcaattc
   706861 atcataattt ctaattatgc ttttcttctt aaattcatca atttcttaaa ttcttcttac
   706921 caaccatgac tatgaccata ttatccctgt ggcagggtca taataccgcg tatctgcttg
   706981 cggtgggctg cgaatcatct ggcagccaag tcctttggaa ccgctggtct aactgacggt
   707041 tttgtcgctg gtctatctgg cgacatgtcg ctggtctcac tggcgacata aatcctcagg
   707101 acagtcaatt gccaacatat atgcccccat tcgcagggtc ctcaacacag tcaggttgtc
   707161 aattttatat tgtcttccaa tttatatatt attttcaaga ataataaaat taattgatat
   707221 tcgagtcaaa tcaattataa cattctttga gatcatatat catcataata attgctccac
   707281 aaataacttc aatcataaat aattttctac aattaacttt catcataaat aattttcaac
   707341 aattatttca ataaataatt acaatcgcaa gcatgcataa atttatttaa ttcataattt
   707401 accagataaa ttcagtaaaa gtaaacacta cttacctcaa aagaaagtcc aaactaagat
   707461 tctagggatc tcaaaaatcc ttctcagaac ctgatacgtc aaatatcata ttttaaatca
   707521 aaatttcatc gaatttaaaa ataactaaat tattaaaatc taatatcccc actaggatca
   707581 attcgtcgac agcatctcga ttttcgaatt aacccatggt catcctagtt ttttttattt
   707641 ttattgctaa ttttttttta attaattcca taaatcctaa aatctagaga gagagagttt
   707701 ctctctctcc gccccttctc tttctttctt tttttctttt tcttttcctt ttcttctctt
   707761 tttttttttt tcttttcctt tcttttcctt ttcttctttt tctttttttt tttcttcttc
   707821 ttcttcttcc cgcgctggaa cagaggactc ttggtcctca ggccttgaac gaccgttcgg
   707881 gccgcggctg ccacgacgga ggccggcggc cgacggggcc atctcctccg atcacggagg
   707941 aaacatggcc ggtgatcaaa ttcgatcgcc ggtgtcggag attcacagaa aataagccca
   708001 aaaacagggg tctttcccga cccaaaaatc ggcgacgttc atcgccggcc accgcgcaca
   708061 acgcacgggg gaaagaggaa ggaagagggg aaaaagagaa gaacttacct cggcctcttg
   708121 ggacttcgtc ggcgggcaat cacgacggaa ttcacaacgg tgtccgcggc tcttcttcaa
   708181 gaaaaatgga gagaaagaga gagggaggag gccgatcttc ggtctcaagg gggaggggtc
   708241 tacttataga ggaccctagg actccgaggg gtcctaggag tcccgattcc acccggattt
   708301 catcggagaa ggagactccc atcgggagtc tacttcccga ttttgaattc ctctattttt
   708361 ttttttttcg ttttgagctt tgatctactg ggctgaaatg agttttgggc tataacaact
   708421 gaaagaacct caaggtgtag ttaacttatg attcagtcct tctatcgtga gtaccaattg
   708481 gatggcaggt cacggataaa tcgtcaaacc tcaacatcag tcatatgata gattcaatca
   708541 actcaagtcc aattatgatt cttataaaaa aaattttcat caatcgtact actatggtca
   708601 cagactctca gatttagcct cttaaatctc ataggactac tcttctctat caaggtcgat
   708661 agatctcatc ttgatgcgta tctgactcct ataatggacc aactattgag ttttagtggt
   708721 gcagcagaag ggtaggtgtt taaaattttt cattcgaaac atccgatgca tcgaaaatcc
   708781 taatacccaa aaatctttga ctataataat caaagaataa taaattaaac atggataaaa
   708841 aaaataccta taatgctaat ctcaattttc ataagacatc caagtgtcca ccctccaata
   708901 gtgatccaca caaaaattaa accaaagaca gtgcatcttc ttctccttgc ttcaagagtt
   708961 ctagccccta gaactcgact agcctcatac tggtcaaatt tcttcgagaa cctgactcca
   709021 ccctctcaga aactcctctg aacttttgat tctccttctt taggatcctc acaatcctta
   709081 ttaggaccag ataaggcttt atcttaaaac tcaaagcctt atcctaaaac taagataggt
   709141 tgtaagaaag aaaggagagc aatggagaca aaattgaaaa ctcgatctga atgcctcgga
   709201 cacccagcat ctaggccttt ttatagccac tagagggaaa ccaaaaggga gggatatgcc
   709261 tcatctaaaa ggtatatttg atctgattat cagagataag agttccttca agcaaaagga
   709321 ctcttattaa tgataagtcg atctgcaccc tcatctgcac gcacgaccag agaagggata
   709381 tttttgcatc tcttctcaaa ttaaaaaaat tcacaaaaat tcatgtagat aggagactca
   709441 tttttaattc caaaaaatct aaaatagtaa taaaattctc atagaaggat gctatcctca
   709501 tacctcttca tgtgagtact gatcaccatg cacatgagga agtttctagc atttgtttgg
   709561 ccttctgata agtctgaaaa aattccaaaa aaatcaccta aaatatctta tcaaatgcaa
   709621 aacattatca taaaaaattg ttctaatttg aaagcctttg attaggagaa tgacacttta
   709681 aaatatgaag agatgtgatg cttttgtgcg tgtgtgagag agacccttct catttccaat
   709741 ttttctccac cccaaaaatt ccaaaaaaaa tccatctcat actttgagat gtgcaccaaa
   709801 gaatggaggg taatatgggc taccacacat atcttaatcc tattctagaa ggacttgtcc
   709861 ttctgcccac gccaacacat gcatgcaaaa tctattttgc accaagagtc cttcacaatt
   709921 tggactcttc ataattggca ttaacatggg atgtgatacc ataatttagg atgcatctag
   709981 atcacatgat ttgatccaaa tatccaccaa attgggctag ctaattagca agggacgaga
   710041 ccaaattgat ctccaaagga gcaagaattt ttacatgtac tagcatgctt accggaaccc
   710101 ggattgaatc taaaatttca atctaaaatt ggaaagttac cgtgcaattc aatccttcga
   710161 tcatccctgc actttgaata tgttcataag tatggaatca tgctaaactc aaatacatat
   710221 tcatatcaat ttttaattaa ccaatgatga ctctaatgaa gaagcattag aaactctttc
   710281 taatctcttt cctgcttttc gtcaaaagat tttttttgag tcatctagga ttgagaatac
   710341 acaggatgcg atctcctctt actaggagtg atcgattcta cgttgaccta ctcacaaccc
   710401 catacacact ctatcatatc caaaatatcc tgtacatatc ttaatgtcat gcctgggtat
   710461 gaaccaaaat ataggttcaa gtgcacaaga ttccatgata gtctcaggtc taaggatcat
   710521 ttacacaact ctcacttaga gaatcatttt tgacatgcaa gtaaagcttt cataagatgt
   710581 tctcttttat cgagtcaatt cagtagattc atttttcaaa tgagcatcta catctttgta
   710641 tttgtgtctc atatataaat agctagtgag atctaccacc ctctccattg agcatacgtt
   710701 ggatgtgcca atctatccgg aatattgatc tccaacttaa tgctcctacg actagaaata
   710761 tttaagatta agattttaag attttagatc tcacgagcat gacccattca tgtcttctaa
   710821 aactattatc ctaatctttg gggttcatca taatcttaga caataagata tagttaaaat
   710881 gatgaatcaa tacctcaaat aataaatgtc attacatgag ttgaaaaatc ataaagaaaa
   710941 attttatcgc aatacacttt caattgactt acagggcatt cttctttcaa tcttccattt
   711001 gcactaaagt caatcacctt tgtatcttat acaatcaaga tggtgatcat atagctgcta
   711061 tggtatgacc ttagtgaatg ggtctgctat attattcttt gtatctactc attccaggac
   711121 aacatcttgt ctctaacgag atggaagcac ctgaggatgt gcttggattt ttgatgagac
   711181 ctagatttct tagatttaat aacaacccca gtgttatcat aatagagtga caccaatcct
   711241 tcaacctcag aaatgatccc taattccatg atgaatttct tcatccagat aacttcctaa
   711301 atagcttcac tagcagtgat gtactctacc tcagtaactg agtcagctac tgtctactgc
   711361 ttaaaactct tccaactcat tgccccatca tttaggatcc taaatacgta tcctgatatt
   711421 gacttgctat catctgaatc agattgaaaa ctagaatctg tatatccctc tagtttcaac
   711481 tttaatcttc ctccatatat gagaaaaata tttttagtcc ttcttaggta cttcagaata
   711541 tttttcataa cttttcaatg atattttttt ggattagctt gaaatctact agttacaccc
   711601 aaagcataag ctacatcaag tctggtacat agcatggcat acataattga tcccacagtc
   711661 gaagtataag agatttcatt catcctcttc ctcttctctg gtgtcttagg atatattttc
   711721 ttagagagac atataccata acttacaggt aggtaacctc tcttacttgc ctccatatta
   711781 gacctcttta atatgagatc tatgtaccat gactgggata agcctaacat cctgttagat
   711841 ctatctctat agatctttat atccaatata taggatggtt cacccaaatc tttcatgaaa
   711901 aatttattcg atagtcaaat catgatcgat tacatcatta ggatatcatt ctcaatgagc
   711961 agtatgtcat tgacatacag aaccaagaag acaacaacac tcccacttgt cttcttatac
   712021 acacacggtt tatccttatt tttgataaag ccaaactctt tgactgtcat atcaaatcag
   712081 atgttccaac tcttcgaagc ctgcttcaat ccatagatgg atctcttaag cttgcatact
   712141 taatttgccc tctcacttaa gataaatctc tctgactgag tcatatagat ctctttctca
   712201 agattaccat tcaggaaagt agttttgaca aaatctagat gaacttgagc atagccacta
   712261 gtgagaagat tttatcatag tcaatttctt atctttatct gaaatccttc gccaccaacc
   712321 tagctttata ggtttctttt tggccatcta ctctgatctt ctttttgaag acccacttgc
   712381 atcctattag aatcacaccc tcatgtgcat caaccaaggt ctacacttgg ttggcataca
   712441 tcgagtctat ctcagatttc atcactttca accatctgtc tgagtctcta ctcatgacag
   712501 cttccaaata ggtcagtaga tcatcatcct gaatgatgtt gattatatta tcattctcaa
   712561 tgataaaacc atatctcaaa ggtgcttaac gcactctatc tgaccttcga agaggaggtg
   712621 tgtattatgg atgcacctca tccttggata cttctgattg aagatcttct tgtggttcaa
   712681 ccacagatat ttctgaattg atttataaat tctaaacttc cataagttca atattcctcc
   712741 tactgtcttc ttcttggatg aatttatttt tcaaaaaaat ggcatgccta ctaacaaata
   712801 ccttttgttc agtagggtgg tagaggtagt atccattagt tttcttaaga taccctacaa
   712861 acctacactt atatgatcta gcactaagct tatatctaaa aatatttttg atataagcaa
   712921 gacagcccca aattttaaga tatttaagaa taggcttcct tctcttccat atctcatatg
   712981 gtatgcttac aaaagacttt aaaggcatcc tgtttaaaat atatgtggca gtctccacgg
   713041 catatctcca aaaaaatatt gggagaccag taaagcacat tatggaccgt attatatcca
   713101 tcaaagtatg attcctcctt tctgctatac tatttaattg gggtgtataa gaaggggtcc
   713161 actcagagag aatactttta agatgatcaa aaaattcatt ggatcagatt gaaaaatctt
   713221 gatacttttt tcagtttgtt tcttgatcat acattgatac tctttgaact tatcgaaaac
   713281 ttcaaattta tgtttcataa gatacacata tccaaatctt gataaatcat ctgtaaaggt
   713341 gataaaatag aagtatcctt ctctggtttg agttgtcatt gatccatata catctgtatg
   713401 tactagggct aaacaactca tttgtccttt tttcatgtct agaaaataga gtcttagtca
   713461 tcttatccat gagacaagat tcataagttt tcaatgattt atcatcatat gggtcaaaga
   713521 attttttttt ttgtatcact tgtttatcct tgactcacta atatgaccaa gacagtaatg
   713581 tcaaagatat gtgatattca catcttctct tttttttttc atatttcttt caatatgaaa
   713641 aatattttca ttcactgtaa gaattaaaag attgttatca atacaactcc tgtcataaaa
   713701 tttattagaa aagaaaatag agcatccatt tcctattagc cttatttcat aactttgttt
   713761 taataacaaa ggtatagaca taatattttt aatgaccttt ggcatgtaat aataatcttt
   713821 caattctaaa attttactcg aaagtaaatc aagcatacag gttcccacag cctctgcgct
   713881 aatggacttt ttacttatgc cataaagctt gagattacct ctttttagac ctttgatatt
   713941 ctatagtcac tgtaatgaat tataaatata ccacctatag gtgatatcta atacccaagt
   714001 atcagagttt gagctgctca atgaaaatag gtttgcatca tatactcacc ttttggtgct
   714061 gcacttgcac cttatttcaa tcttgcaagt ttattcttgc aattatactc tcaatatcca
   714121 aatttatcac aaaatgaata gttgatatcc atatggatat cttttgcctt ctcattatta
   714181 ctgaccatct caagatcagg aatatccaga atattagagt tcttctctga tatgaaccta
   714241 atttataagt tcctcgacca atgtacatag tttgaatcag tcaacatagt ttcatgcagt
   714301 aaaaataaag aagtcataat atagacttaa atctatataa ataaagaata atagtataag
   714361 cagactactc atgtttgaca tacataacta gatgagatct tttataacta gttatgtctc
   714421 tcactatttt atcagatacc atagccctct tctatggtaa acgagaaatc ctaaaatgat
   714481 ttcttagtgg ggttgtgatc ctaatctctc aatgaagcct tgtggatatc acaacaaatc
   714541 tcaataagtt taaaaataga aaaatctatc caattacatc tcatgcaact ctcaacataa
   714601 ttcttgcctc taaaaatact catagccttg tggatattac aacaaactat agtaatttta
   714661 attaagtcaa atctttcatt ttcatacagc catatctaaa aaaatattgc ccttatggat
   714721 atcacagcaa agtagcatat ccaaaatatg ccgtaaagca tctaatatgc atcaagacaa
   714781 atccacatca atctccatag caagctttgt ggatatcaca ataaacctac tataattttt
   714841 gacaagatat tgactaggca tgaaggaagg catatgtagt gtttaaaata ctgagctacc
   714901 ttcatttaag atttaaacta atctaattgg tcagaaaagt gttaagattg gtgggggtcc
   714961 ctccattgct tttcttagac accaataaaa aattgatcag gcaaacaacg aaaccaatta
   715021 aataaccacc gcacttgaaa cactccttag acatcaaaag attaatcgat tcaagaaata
   715081 ggtcagctgc tggttcataa cactatgatt tattatgatt tttatgagag ctttaatagt
   715141 ctcaagcaca tccttattca atcaattact atgatgtatt attatagttg tatcttaata
   715201 atcataataa ctaattatgg catctattca tatctccaag atatgaaatc ataatcatac
   715261 aatataatta taattaagca tctcaagtat atcacatatg catgaagttc taatagcatg
   715321 catgaacaca gaaaactctt ttcatggttc ttcttcttag gacatcatag tggcacccct
   715381 acataccata agagtaccct atggaatagg aagagagggt ctctgaattc tacttactct
   715441 tatgacagaa tgacctagta atgaatctta attagagtac taagctacta agaaagattc
   715501 tatacataca tcatgtattt tatatttaaa acatatctct aagatatgct agggtttgga
   715561 tgttcaaccg gattcaaccc ttgacccaac ttgaaccaaa ccaaaaaccc atgcttgatc
   715621 acaatcaaga taatatttta atctttgatt gtatagatca aggtaggctc taataccact
   715681 gaattttagt ggcgtagtag aaggactagg tgtttaaatt ttttcatttg aaacattcaa
   715741 tgcaccgaaa accctaatgc tcagaaacct ttgactataa taatccaagt ataataaatt
   715801 aaatttggat aagaaaaata cctgtaatgc taatcctaac tttcgataaa ggtatccaag
   715861 tgttcaccct ctaatggtga tccacacgaa aattgaacca aagacagcac accttcttct
   715921 ccttgcttca agaacctgac tccaccatct caaaacctcc tctaaacttt tgattctcct
   715981 tctttaggac cctcataatt tttattagga ccagataaag ctttgtctta aatctcaaag
   716041 ccttgtcctg aaactaagat agtttgtaag aaagaaagga gagcagtgga gacaaaattg
   716101 aaaactcgat ctgaatgcct cggacaccta gtgctcagac ctttttataa ccaccagaga
   716161 gacaccaaaa gagagggaca caccttatcc aagaggtata tttgatctga ttatcacaaa
   716221 taagagtttc ttcaagcaga aggactctta tcaatgatac atcgatctgc accctcatct
   716281 gcatgtgtga ccagagaagg aatattttgc atcccttctc aaataaaaaa aatctccaaa
   716341 aatctatgtg gataggagac tcatttctaa ttccaaaaaa tctaaaatgg tgataaaatt
   716401 ctcacagaag gatgctattc ttgcacctct tcatgcgagt gctgatcacc acgcacatgc
   716461 gcatgtgagg aagcttccag catccgtttg gccatctgat aagtctgaga aaattccaaa
   716521 aaaatcacca aaaatatcat atcaaatgtg taacattatt acataaaatt gttttaattt
   716581 gaaagtattt gattaggaga aggactctcc aaaatgcaga gagatgcgat gcttctacat
   716641 gcatgcgagg gagacccttc tcatttccat tttttctcca ccccaaaaat tctagaaaaa
   716701 atccatctca tactttgaga tgtgcaccaa aagatggagg gtgatatggg ctaccacaca
   716761 tttcttaatc ccatgctaga aggactcatc cttctaccca caccaacaca tatatgcaaa
   716821 acctgttttg catgaagagt ccttcacaat ttggactcct cataattgga gttaacatgg
   716881 gatgtggtcc ctcaatttag gctacttcta ggtggcatga cttgacctaa atacccacca
   716941 aattagacta gctaattagc aagggatgag accaaattga tctccaaagg agcaagagtt
   717001 ttcacatgtg ctagcatact taccagaacc ctgattgaat ccaaaatttc aatcaatatt
   717061 tttcaaaaag gtccttggcc aatctccata tgtgtgtgac ccattgggtt tcacatctag
   717121 ctaatagtag gtttaggtac aaattgatca aatttgatta aattctaatc taatcgatta
   717181 agttccaatc gagctaaccc tagctcaaca attagaatcc tttctaattg acgatcgaat
   717241 taaactcttt aatttaatta aaaatatata aattaaaatt gatatctagc aatgtatcat
   717301 gactattcag aagatataaa atttgataaa aatatcaaat atatccttca gtggtaagtt
   717361 accatgtaat tcaatccttc gatcattcct gcaccctaaa tatgttcatg ggtatggaat
   717421 catgtcaaac tcaaatacat attcatatcg attctcaatt aaataatgat gactctaatg
   717481 aagaagtatt agaaactctt tctaatctcc ttcctgcttt tgatcaaaag atttttttcg
   717541 agtcatctag gattgagaat acacaagatg tgatctcctc ttactaagag tgatcgattc
   717601 catattgacc tactcacaac ctctatacac actccaccat atccagaaca ccccgtacat
   717661 gtcttaatgc tatacctaaa tatgaaccaa catatacgtt catgtgcata agatttcatg
   717721 gtggtctcag gtctaaggat cacttgcaca actcccactt agagaaccat ctttgacatg
   717781 caagtaagac ttccataaga tgttctcttt cattgagtca atttagtgaa ctcatttttt
   717841 aaatgagcat ccatatcctt gtattagtat cccatacaca agtagctagt aggatctgcc
   717901 accctctcta ttgagcatac ataggatgta ccggtctatc cgaaatattg atctccgact
   717961 caatgctcct acgagtagga atgtttaaga ttaagattta gaattttagg tctccccagc
   718021 atgacccatt catgtctcct aaaattattg ctctaatcta atcataatct tagacataat
   718081 aagatgcagc taaaatgatg aatcaatgtc tcaaataata aatatcatta catgagttga
   718141 aaaattataa aaaataattt cattgcaaca cacttgcgat tgacttataa ggcactcttc
   718201 tttcaccaac tatcgccaac atctactata aggatttatt gagacctata tttatatgtc
   718261 agtcaaactc tagcagcctc actgcgagca gtagtaccat ttcagatcaa agaatcattc
   718321 acacaactac agtatcgaga caatcactaa cgattgaata aaaattcaag tgatctctca
   718381 tatggtcaca ctcagtatta gttgttctct aacaactacc cacactcatc atctattgtc
   718441 tctacattgt agactagaga ctcatctatc ccgaaagaag cgatctatgc atcgatctat
   718501 ctggattgat caccatcctc atgatgattc tatgatcaag agcatttagg aattaaatat
   718561 atatctctaa tttttaatac tttgagaata tatatcaaaa gttaattcta tagatgattg
   718621 aagaacacat catacttgaa tgaaaaataa atttattctt ttattgatca aatcaatata
   718681 ttaagtataa aatcgtgtcc aagatttatt acaatatgtc agccatattg gcttctagga
   718741 catacatcta acaatatgct ctatctccta agtggatatc agatattcct tcttggagaa
   718801 agaaatttct tggtctatca gtagataatc ttttttggat ttcttcatgc tgaactattt
   718861 tagcatggta tcgatgtacg taaattggga caactcaagc aaccttctac atctatctct
   718921 atagatcttc atccttagga tgtaaaatgc ttcttccaaa tccttcatgg agaattatga
   718981 tgataaccat aactttatac tttgcaaagc tggaatgtca ttttctatta atagtatatc
   719041 attcacatac agtacaaaaa agatgactgc ataatcgtta gtctacttgt agatgcaagg
   719101 ctcttcttca ttcctaatga agttatatgt ttttgatcat cttatcaaaa tgcatattcc
   719161 aactcttaga tacttgcttc aatccataaa tggaccgatt tagcttgcat actttagatt
   719221 catctgagga tgtgaacctt tcaggctgta tcatatacat ctcttcttct agctccctat
   719281 taaggaaagt agttttgaca tctatttgtc agatctcaaa atctaagtgt gttgctatgg
   719341 caagcatgat ccggatggac ttgagcatta tcacaagaaa aaatatctca tcatagttaa
   719401 taccataatg ctgatggtat cccctgataa ttagacggac tttataggtc tccaccttcc
   719461 tgtttgctcc ttttttcctc ttgaaaattt atttacaccc tatgggttta atccctttgg
   719521 gtggatcaac cagtgtccat acactattga tctccatgga ctccatctta gattttatgg
   719581 catcaagcta tttctgagag tcaggccttt gtatattatt catgtaggtg atcagatcct
   719641 catcattctc atctagttcg acaggattac catctcagat caagaaacca tagtatatgt
   719701 acagttgaca tggtactcta ctggatctct ttaacgacgc ctctacaggc tctagatttg
   719761 attctccaat caaatctgat tctgtatgta tcggtatttc taccttacga acttcactaa
   719821 gttcgatttt agtggcatta gtttcttctt caaaattttt tttttctaaa aagactatcc
   719881 tgttgctaaa gaataccttt tgttctttaa tgaggtagaa gaagtaccct ttagtttctt
   719941 taggataccc tatgaacaag tatttatcgg atctagatcc aagcttatct atctttaaat
   720001 gctttatata agccagacat cctaaaatct taaggtgtga gagcactggc ttacatcctg
   720061 actatatctc atatggtgtt ttatttacaa acttatcaga atcttattaa gtatgtagca
   720121 ggtagtttta agagcatatc cccaaaatga gattgacaga gtcgcaaagt ccatcatgga
   720181 tcgaaccata tctaacagtg ttcgattcct tatttttgac accccattat attatggtat
   720241 ttcaggaggg atccattatg agagaatctc attctcttct agatatgtca gaaaatcatg
   720301 ggtgaggtat tcacctcctt ggtctgaccg aagagtttta ataatctttt caatttattt
   720361 ttctacttca ctacgaaatc atttgaatat ttcaaatgat tcagatttat gcttcataag
   720421 atagacgtac catactttga tagatcgtca gtaaatataa tgaaataata atatcctcct
   720481 ctagcaccta tgttcatagg tctgcataca ttattatata atagatctag aacatcactt
   720541 gtgcactcat cttttttctt aaaaggtgat ttggtcatct tactaagtag acaggattca
   720601 caggtcagta atgattcaca atcattaatt ttaaggacac cctccttgat taacctgttt
   720661 atcctgttct tgttcacatg acctagctac aataccaaag gtaatattat ctatcctagg
   720721 catttgttcg atgtgtatat tataccaata ggctgtgact gtaagtatat accatgtttt
   720781 aattatcctt gtatgatttt agtatccttc ataatgatat cataaaaatc atcctttatt
   720841 aaaaatttaa aatcaaattt ggccaagggc ctaaagaaat gacattcatc agaaaggaag
   720901 aacaataatg actctcatct aacatgacac tactagactc gaaaataagc tatatagttt
   720961 ctaaagctag aactggaaca aggcttccat ctctaacatt caggaatcac tcatcttctt
   721021 taaactttct actgacttgc agtccctaca atgaattata agtattaatc agactttcga
   721081 tatcatatat agagaaatta caatgagtta tcttataagt actttgtgaa gtaactgatt
   721141 acttatttct cttgttcttt ggcctgtttc ggtcagaaaa agcaatatat gcagaacagt
   721201 tcctcttcca ataatctagc ttcttacaga agaagtattc tacttggctc ttatcgactt
   721261 ttgacttttt accctccttt ggctttgggt cgatggtacg actcttttac acttttttct
   721321 tcctttcttt cttagaggaa cgatgaccta caaacgatcc tcccataaca tgcaccgact
   721381 ctttctgaag ttgatggtcc ttctcaaata tttgcagcaa tactaacaaa ctatggtagt
   721441 tcattgtaag cttagtcatt ctataatgac tcaagaagga taggtaggac ttcggtagcg
   721501 agtttcggat agcatccttg tccaactatt catataacaa aaagtcaagt ttgcttaagc
   721561 attcaatctg ctcgatcata tataatacat gatctgtgat tgacgctcct cacgtatggg
   721621 cattaaacac agtgcaggag gttttgtatc tcctagcatc cttaggagta tcgaaagact
   721681 cattcaataa ttgaatcatc tccttgggtt atgcatcctc aaacttacgg ataagttcat
   721741 cattcatagc tgccctcatg atgcaatgta ctgtagtgcg atcattgagc cacttcatat
   721801 aagtatctct cgcagcatgg ggtgcgttgg tagcaggttc ttcgggtgca ggatccgtaa
   721861 gcacatacgg gatcctttgg tgctccaaga taatcttaag ctttcgatac tagctatcaa
   721921 aatttaatct gataagctta ttgctatgca atagcaatcg aagtgataat atgttgacca
   721981 tagctgaaaa gaaaatcaaa aatctatcag tatataaatt atttaaatcc taaagacatg
   722041 gactttagtc taaaggtcct cctactattt tatacaaatt gatagtttct atctctaatt
   722101 tgaagaatta cattaatctc ttagtaggta ctagaatcca cacagactgt attcagattt
   722161 gaatatggct caaccaatcc taatgcatcc atggataggt tcttaatcaa ttatttcacc
   722221 aaacactttc tagcaattaa attttgcccc aggcatctct tcagcaggtg gtggagcctc
   722281 cattgaaaat tatgattaga tccaatcatt aacatgacaa catcaagtac atccaacaaa
   722341 cgaatgtcca gacttgagtg caacaaagtg gtcatatgat gaatgataat ttcaataccc
   722401 aattgacatc aggtgtgtgg caccttcaat gcctatttag aatattagat gcattatcac
   722461 gtaccttaat gggaggctat aaacaagtta tccccataac tatatcattt taaagattga
   722521 ttaatttaga agatttaatt aatgatatga gaataagaga agagattgat ctgtgagtca
   722581 taaatcctcc cactgacttt accaagtcat gcaaaggact tcatacaagc tgtctagaga
   722641 cacctaaatc agtcatactg atttatcata atagcatggg tcagcacgaa ttaattagtg
   722701 acctaatcaa aatatgatct actgaattgg ccagctaagt gagatcgatg ggagggtcta
   722761 ccttgacttg ccttagacac catcaaaatg gttagataag cagactttca attaaaaatc
   722821 actgatcgaa ttgccttgca atattgtcaa acttatctta gacacaaatt gatagattag
   722881 tttcaattta atcaatcaaa agactcaaac taaaccttcg aaccatgatc atggtccaat
   722941 tgctatagtc aaaaatatgg actttctcaa gctataacta ttgaggttga tttcgagaaa
   723001 ttctgatcta atctaattca acatttgatt agatataatc tatttctcta attcatctat
   723061 atttgtttct aatcctggtc taaccctatt aggtgatctg atttgtgcta acctattgcc
   723121 catcaattta tgaggtatct taagatcttc aattcttaaa tctagatcat ttttaaaaaa
   723181 aaattaattt caaattaagt atgtaaaata tatattttaa tttgtaaaac tattctacta
   723241 agattttata tgaagcatac catatgtttc aaatcaaaaa actaatttta aaatactatg
   723301 tttaataatt aaatatatat taatttaata tatacatcat atgtatcatg gaaatttaga
   723361 tttctacatc atatgcaatc atacaattca gatcataaaa tctaattttt atatatgaat
   723421 ttattttatt aaaattataa ttaatcataa attattttag atctaatcta aatatattca
   723481 tgataaaaat aattttaaaa ttttttttac tatttttcat catgagactt gatcataatg
   723541 gcacctctac acgtcataag agcaccccat caaataggaa gaaaagatct ttaaacccta
   723601 ctggctctta tgatcggaca actttgtgat cctctcaatt taagtactgg gctactaaga
   723661 tctaaaatct aatttcaaaa atcaattaca tcaccatgta aattatcaaa caaactaggt
   723721 atgcacatga atatggatca tatcacacat gttatacatc taatcctatt agatcattgc
   723781 atcagataca ttattttaga tctgaaacta aatttatata atatataaaa taattaattt
   723841 agatctaaaa taatatagaa atctattcca aacatatgta tgattgcatt gaaaaattct
   723901 gattagagat gtgatcaaac atgtatcgat attatgctga aattagatct gaaactttat
   723961 caaataaatt cagagctgag cctgattcca actttaattc tttaattaaa ttatatcata
   724021 aaaaatctat caaaaaagat ttaaatccat acataattat gtattaaatc agcacaaaaa
   724081 tctgcataga aaattctgct aaaatagatt ttcaacagtc cgaattcagg ggctgatttt
   724141 gatttgatac tctaatcaaa actatatgca atcataacat acagggctag ctctgatacc
   724201 aattaaagaa aaaattcatc cgatcgcatc gaataccaag aagatagaat agattagtaa
   724261 ttaaaatttt tataatactt ataaattttt atcttaattc atattgaaaa ataatcaagg
   724321 ttgaagaagc tcctcgatca atatacttca tgagatccgg atgcacggat cttctacttt
   724381 gcatgcacgc caaatactgt aggagagagg gatgaactct tttttcagag agaaaggaga
   724441 ggaatacttg agttctgatc ttaaatcttt agaacagccc acatgccatc acaaagggag
   724501 ggaggatgcc aagaggatag agatgcctag tcctaggtga tgcccaggag aaaggggatg
   724561 cccacaccca gagatctcca cgtcaagctt ttgattgatt tatttcttcc ttctccacac
   724621 ccctccttat ataggcaaga ggtcctagat caaaccaaac tcctttgggt gctagaaaaa
   724681 agactcttca tatttgaatc aaaaccaaac ttcctaaaac acaagaaatc ctaatgcgag
   724741 taggagatgt gtctcctttc attatggtgc acacccaagg ggagggggtt gtttccagcc
   724801 cctttctaac catcttgact ggttcataag gagagacaat gtctgagaaa agtggctaaa
   724861 tacatcaaat cagatttggt tcagatttag atcaattcca atccaattcg aatctgattt
   724921 gaagtaattt tgaaaagact gttgattcca atctaagtag gatttttatc taagtccaac
   724981 ttgataaatt aacctaatca agtcttaata aaattaaata taattagatt agatctgaac
   725041 taaagtaatt aagatccaat ctattctttc ataatcgctt ggattattga ttcgatttaa
   725101 ttcattccca aaattaaatc cgcacctcat gcgtagtgct aactgaacat agtcaatatt
   725161 taattccgta tgacctacaa cttaattctc aattaagtta atctacatgt tcaatcaaga
   725221 ctcatacttt taaattaaat atataaatat tcaatcaatt cttttctata ttatttgatt
   725281 tttgtgtgtg actccatagg ttcaaacact aagccgatag cataggaact ccttattcta
   725341 atcaaagtga tcatctagca atgatacccg acgtccagat agatcaaata tttgcaaagc
   725401 aatattcaag aatatcgata tatgattacc acataattta tccctttgat cctaatactc
   725461 aaggtgacct agggtttaac tgtcaatcct aaaatagtca tccatatcat atttcaatct
   725521 tttaaaacca tcacatggat tatcctgacc aagattttac taaattaaaa tatagtgatg
   725581 cattaacttc tataattcag aggggtcatc tcatcttgat ctatacacaa actttataag
   725641 tacttgatta tacccagtag ccatccgtca ctgtattaga aatgcaggta gcctaatatc
   725701 taaatatagt gagctgcttg caagtcacta tgatgatatc aagtttgaga gagacttatg
   725761 cccatacatt ttatgaattg ctcttgacag caaagcaatc agcaagtgag tcacttgttc
   725821 agtgattata tactcctaca tctcacctgt atgccatacc agtgtctcca cactccttga
   725881 ttatgacgac aaccaaccta tatggcacac aatgatctat gctcgataaa catcatcatc
   725941 ctattaataa catatcactt ggtcgtaaat atatttaaga actattcgat aaatccttct
   726001 ttatcgatca taatatagtt ttaaagactt catcacaata taagagttct aataatgaag
   726061 atattcacct tgtgatggaa aagtcaaaat aatttttatt cattgatcaa taatttatat
   726121 acaaaatcta attatttata acaatcaatt agcttaagga cctaattttc aatagtttga
   726181 ctgtacataa atataatctc cttgatggaa agcgtggtgg gtgatatgca tgcattttta
   726241 aaattttgca gtggagcata tgtagattaa gcaatttaat ctataatgca tgcttagatc
   726301 aaatctaaat caccatatag gatctatgac acaaactaat atgtatgtat gtacatctga
   726361 aatctaaaat cagcatatac tgaacatatc taagtgtaat tagatcatat ctaattcata
   726421 tttagattac atctaaaaat taatttagat caaaatctca tacctgagtg tgggtagcag
   726481 atcactgcat ccaaaatcca tgatagatga ttcttcatga tgcttggcag ccacacacac
   726541 atccggcctc tatgggtatc cacacgaaat cctcatgctg atcgatctct ccaaaagtgc
   726601 tagctcacga agacaccatc cattggctaa tttgagagaa acatgatgga attgaagaat
   726661 aaggagaccc tctccttttc ttcctagatc catgtatcta atttctacaa tagagatcaa
   726721 gagaatcctt tcttctcaat tttctatgta taagagagaa cctttttctc tttctttcac
   726781 gtccttgaga agaacttttc ttctctaatt ttttatgata aaaattaaat ctaatctaat
   726841 ttttcataat gaaaatcaca taaaaacttg agatccaaaa aaatccaaaa gaagaatcca
   726901 agagaagaac cgttcttctc tcttattctc cctttttctt cttgatcaag aactcaagaa
   726961 agcaccaaac gtccaatcag attttttagt atttcttttc taaattctca tgttaaaaat
   727021 taaatttaat ctaattttta tttttaaaaa aaataaaaaa aatttagaaa aaaaaaactc
   727081 ctttctcttc aaggctacac gcaaggaaag aagatccatc ttctttcttg atctaagacc
   727141 tctagaagcc tcaaaaccaa atcaaatttt ttttggtatt ttttctataa atccatatgt
   727201 taaaaattag atctaatcta atttttattt aaaaaataaa aaaaaaaatc tgaaagaaga
   727261 actccttctt cttcaaggct gcacgaaaga aagaagaccc ttcttctttc ttgatctttc
   727321 tctccttgag aagaattttt cttctttaat tttctattgt ataaccatca gaaagatttt
   727381 ttttaatatc taaaaattag caaaaaaaat taaaaaatat atcaaaaaaa aaggagaaat
   727441 aggatcttgg cgtgtaggat gttgaggcat ccaactcttg gacgccccct ctctttttta
   727501 ggcgacatgg agaagggaga tggggagcct tctttttcat gaaaggaaga gaggagagga
   727561 ggcggtgctt catgatgggg cataaggttt ctttgcaatg tcaagagatg tggcgtggag
   727621 gatttaatta tcacatgggg tgacttggtt tgggtttagt cctatttcaa ataggattca
   727681 agatcttgat caaattctaa ctaattcttg gatccaatcc taactaactt agaaattaga
   727741 tataagaaac taactaattg gatcctagcc caattattag gcttcaattg aatcacaatt
   727801 agttagatga aaaatcccat tgatctagag attgagatct taatggttct agggaagcta
   727861 tttgataata gggcttaatc caatcaagcc tattatcaaa tgacatttga tcaaatcaaa
   727921 tcctattatc taataagatt tgatccaatc aaaatatata taaaataatt tcatattcat
   727981 gcatccttga gatcaattcg aataagtcct gttattcaat agggctgcat ccaattaatc
   728041 taaatccaat ctaattgaat ctaattcaat tagatctaat ccaaactcca ttgctcaatc
   728101 aaattgagct aattaataat catattatta tctaattatt tttttaattt actaaccatt
   728161 agtaaataat ttattgcaac ctctgcataa gattaatcat caatcaaata gataattaaa
   728221 cctttcaaca attcataatt attgatcagc catttgatta gacaagtact tctatatgtg
   728281 tgaccccata gatttgaacc taagccggta gcacaagaac aattcttata ctaatcgatg
   728341 taaccatcta gcaatgggat ccgatgttcg gataggccaa atgtatgcct agcaatactt
   728401 tagaacccat gtggatatag ttactgtata attcatctct ttgatacttg atgcttaagg
   728461 atgactaagg ataaactgtt aatccagaaa gagtggtcca cattgtctct caatctcaaa
   728521 aatcatgtga ctcttcacta gaactacttt tgccaaagtt ttactgaatt gaaacacaat
   728581 gatgcatcat ctctaatttt acttggagtg gtcaatccca tcttgactcg cactcagact
   728641 tcacaagtac ttgactatac ctaaaaacct tccatcactg aattaaaaat ttggatagtc
   728701 cagcatcaaa gcacagtaag ttgcttgtaa gtcaccgaga cagctttagg tctgagggac
   728761 acgtataccc atatcccatc agagcaatcc ttgacagtag agtgctctga aagtggtcat
   728821 gctcagtgaa atatactctt acatatcatt cgtatgccat acccgtgtca ccacatgtct
   728881 tggttaagag gacaaccaac taatatggta tacaataacc tacacttgat acgattattg
   728941 tccttgtaac aattgtatca tttggacgcg agcaagattt aaaaatcaca tgataaatct
   729001 tccattatta ttttgaaagt agttttaagg acttaatcat aacatataag ttctatttta
   729061 gaagatatat tccttatgat gaatctgcta gataatattt atcattctat aattcatata
   729121 cttatatgga gcacaatcat ctacaaccta tatgattgac tttaggataa atttttcaac
   729181 aactcccact tggactaaag ccaatcagat cggtatcaaa tatccaactt ctattttaga
   729241 tcatcaaact cattagattc gattgcttta gtcaacgggt cagtcaaatt ctcctttcag
   729301 tcgatcttcc taaggtcaat tttatttcaa tcttatcgaa caagttgatt gcaatgcaaa
   729361 aagtatttgg ttcatagatt gaacatcaat tcttcagctt gagctatggc tctagtactg
   729421 ctgtcaatat agaatgattg gaccatcaat ggagggtgcc acttcatgct cgctgatgaa
   729481 tttttataac caaacaactt ctttaccagc atcaaatact gtaaaaaact ccatatcaca
   729541 aataaaattg gctactaact attgcatgga acctttccag catgtcgctc atctttttag
   729601 gataaaaata caatctgaca caactttatc attcccatct gactaaaaac tgaaatcgat
   729661 atttcacaga ttttaaatca gattctctat aaatgagcca ttggtcctta atatttcata
   729721 aatatttaag gatggttctc ataaccttcc aaatctttat ggagaacaga gatgacaacc
   729781 aagcttttat tctctataat atagggatgt cattctcgat taagagaatt tcatccaatt
   729841 agcataaaga atggttttac agaactatta gcacatttgt atatacaaaa ttttgcttca
   729901 ttcttaatga aaccatatat tcaaaatata tattttaact gagaagcttg attcaatatg
   729961 aatggacttg aggattgtca taagaaaatc atctcgtcat agtcaatact ataactttga
   730021 tgaaatcatt tggcaatcag atagaattaa taggtcttta cctttccatc tgcactactt
   730081 atccatctaa aatccactca caccttatgg gtcttaccct ttcaggtgaa ccaacggatg
   730141 tccatacatt attgatcttt atggacttta ttttaaattt aatggttcca agccagttct
   730201 caatgttaga tctttgtatt gcatccgtat gggagatcaa atctccatct cgaatctaga
   730261 aaccaaagta tctgttcggc tgatacggta ctttactgta tctattccag gatgccttta
   730321 catcaaattt caaatttgat ctaatcaatt ttgattctgt tggtttgtgt cagagttggt
   730381 tctcctactt atcaagcttt attaagcttg ctcttaaagg catcagttcc ttcaccaaga
   730441 aatatccttt ccaaaagaaa taccttaaga ttcatgaaca tctcatgttc attaagaggt
   730501 aaaaaaaata tccttaaata aaatttatca gaaaaagatc caagctaatc gattagtaaa
   730561 tatttcatac aaattcgaca ctgtaaactc tgaggtaaga gagtatcaaa ttacccaagt
   730621 ccatatctga tatggagttt tgtgatcaat ttgttcgaaa cattctcgag tacatatcaa
   730681 gtagtctcta aaacatgact tcagtcagac cagcaaacct catagtagac cgaaccatat
   730741 ctaacaagat tcaattctcc tttttggaca tctttttaaa taatgatgtc tcaggagagg
   730801 tctattaaga gagaatctaa ttttctcgaa gacatgtcaa aacttactgt aaaggtattc
   730861 acttcatcaa tcaaattgat aaattctaat actctttgta gttcattttc ctacctcatt
   730921 atagaatcat ttgaatattt caattgattt ggatttatgc ttcataagca agatacaccc
   730981 atacaaagat aggtcatcag agattttaat atagtacacc ctcttctggc attaatgttt
   731041 ataagtgtaa gtacatcaat atgtaccata acttagaaca tcactggctt atttatcctt
   731101 ttcaataaaa gatgaataag taactatacc aaaaatagac ttcaatgaca ttgtctaatc
   731161 taggatgcta atcagatatg tactttacac taacaggcta tgataatgag tttatgtcat
   731221 ttttaattat ctactcatta ttgtaggatc attcacaatg atattacaat aatcatactt
   731281 attgacacca tcaaaaagat tggacaatag tggcaatcac taaaaatgat attttcaggg
   731341 ttgaaaacaa gttatatgat tcctaatgtt aagactaaaa tagacttcta tgtcttacat
   731401 ttaggagttt cttgccattt tttcaaacct tctactatcc tgaagtattt ttcaactatt
   731461 tgcaaacatg acttgcacta tcggtatcct atacccagat agtagtatta ccaaccgaga
   731521 aacttcaaag acttatcaca taatatcttg atcagcaatt atttgctgat ttctctttta
   731581 agcctgtttg agttagcctg agacttcttg attattttgc tcaaaaacta tattcaactt
   731641 tcgatactgg ctattgaagt taggtttgat aatattgtca ctatctacaa tgaacagagc
   731701 aataattttt tagccatttc tgaaaagaga ataattgact tttagtatat gaattatttt
   731761 aagcctaaag atttagactt tagtctaaag gttctcccac tattttatat gaattggtag
   731821 cctctacctt caatctaaag aattacttta attttttagc aggtactaga ttccacacag
   731881 actgcattca gacccgagtg tggctcggcc aattatccta ttgcatctat gagtaggttc
   731941 acaatgaatt atttcttcaa ataattttta ctaatcagat tttaccccag gcatcccttc
   732001 agtaggcgtg tggtgcttcc actgaaaatc ctagttagat ccaaccatta acatgataat
   732061 atcaagtaca tccaacaaaa catatgtcca gatccgagtg tggctcgacc aacctgagca
   732121 ttggtctgaa gatacaacaa gatgatcata taatgaatga taattccaat acgtaataga
   732181 caccaagcgt gtggcatctc caatgcctat ttgggatatt ggactcatta tcacgcacct
   732241 taatgagagg ctatgatcta gttatcccca taaccagctc attttataga cctaataatt
   732301 taaaaaattt gattaatata tcttagagga catcagtcga cctacaagtc ataatcctct
   732361 cattgacttc accaagtcat gagaagaatt agtgactagt agttccaacc agcatgtcat
   732421 agatcttctc actgacttta ccaagtcatg agaaagatta gagacaagtc agtctaaggt
   732481 acctaaatca gtcatactga ttaaccttaa caatatggat caactcaagt catctagtga
   732541 tctaatcagc ctaatgactt gagctcaacc tttgagcctg aatcaaggtc tatttggttt
   732601 gaataaagat atggactcga tcaactataa ctattatttt tgatctagag tatctttgat
   732661 ctaatctaaa tcaactattg gttagattgg atcaactact ctttttagtc cattaagtct
   732721 ttgattttaa cattaggttt aacccaatta aaggacctga tttgagctat cctacgtccc
   732781 atattttatg caatgtcatt agatctttaa ttacaattct agatttaaaa tatatttctt
   732841 aattctcaat taagtatagc atcaacatgg gttaagatta tgaaatattt ttttatgtaa
   732901 accttttaca ttaaatcata aaatctttta gatcaaatct aaatttttat gatttttaat
   732961 caaaataatt ttgattaatc aagatcagat gtaactagtt tcttcgcaac ttgtatcaca
   733021 tacaacaaca cctaagattt caagatctaa gattttgcaa gaaaataagt tttctctttt
   733081 cgctttcttc ttcatgagac ctcatagtgg cacccctaca tgctatgaag agcaccccat
   733141 tgaatgaaaa gagagggtca tgtaacccta cttgctccta tgatcggatg gcctggtgat
   733201 tatccaattc gagtactttg ctactcagaa catctaatct tattcacata tcataaatgc
   733261 aaaaatttag atcaaatcta aattttatta gatctaattt tatattagat cgtatctaaa
   733321 atcagatcat aacatatctc atatattgtt aaatcgagat ttcaactcta catgcatata
   733381 tgttcatgtc ataacgaacc tgtgctctga tactatttga taggatgcat ggtgggtgat
   733441 gtgcatgtat ttttaaaatt ttagaatgaa acatatgtat attaatcaat ttaatctata
   733501 atgcatgttt agatcaaatc taaatcacca tataggatct ataacatgaa ctaatataca
   733561 tgtatgtaca tctgaaatct aaaatcagca tatactgaac atatctaagt gtaattagat
   733621 catatctaat tcatatttag attacatcta taaattaatt tagatcaaaa tctcatacct
   733681 gagtgtggat agcagatcac cacatccaaa atccatagta gatgattctt catgatgctt
   733741 ggtagccgca cacacatccg gcctccatgg atatccacac aaagtcctta tgctgatcga
   733801 tctctccgaa agtgctagct catgaagaca acatccattg gctgatttga gaagaatatg
   733861 atgaaattaa agaataagga gaccctctcc tttttttcct ggatctaagc atctgatctc
   733921 tacaatagaa atcaagagaa gaatcctttc ttctcaattt ctcatatgta agagagaatc
   733981 gtttcctctt tctttcacac ccttgagaaa tttttttttc tctaattttc tatgataaaa
   734041 attagatcta atctgatttt tcatattaaa gattatataa aattttgaga tccaaaaaaa
   734101 ctcaaaagaa aaatccaaga gaagaaccat tcttttctct tcttctccct ttttcttctt
   734161 gatcaagaac tcaagaaagc tccaaacacc caaccagatt tttttgctat ttcttctcta
   734221 aatttttata ttaaaaatta aatctaatct aatttttatt taaaaaaata aaaaaaaaat
   734281 tagaagaaga actccttctt cttcaaggtt gtgcgaaaaa aagaagaccc atcttttttc
   734341 tttatcaaag acttcaagaa gcctcaaaat caaattagat tttttttcta aatctatatg
   734401 ttaaaaatta gatctaatct aatttttatc taaaaaaaat aaaaaaaaaa tctggaagaa
   734461 gaactctttc ttcaaggctg catgcaagaa agaagaccct ttttctttct tgatctttct
   734521 ctccttggga agaacttttt ttctccaatt ttttgctcta taaccaacag aaaagccttt
   734581 ttttaatatc taaaaattag taaaaaaaat taaaaaatat accaaaagaa gaggagaagc
   734641 aggatcttgg cgtataggat gttggggcat ccaactctta gacaccccct ccttgttttt
   734701 aggcgacatg gagaagggag atggggcacc tcctttttca tggaaggaag agagatgagg
   734761 gggtgctggt tcatgatggg gcatggggtt tctttgcaac atcaagagat gtggcgtgga
   734821 ggatttaatt atcacatggg gtgacttggt ttgggtttag tcctacccca aataagattc
   734881 aagatcttga ttaaattcta actaattctt ggacctaatc ctaactaact tagaaattag
   734941 ttataacaaa ttaactaatt gggtcctagc ccaattatta ggctccaatt gaatcataat
   735001 tagttagatg aaaaatccca ttgatctagg gattgagatc ttgatggttc cagagaagct
   735061 atttgataat agggcttgat tcaatcagac ctattatcaa atgatatttg atcaaatcaa
   735121 agcttattat ccaataggat ttgatccaat caaaatatat ataaaataat ttcatattca
   735181 tgcatccttg agatcaattg gaataaaccc tgttattcaa taggactgca tccaattaat
   735241 ccaaattcaa tctaattgaa tccaattcaa ttagatctaa tccaaactct attattcaat
   735301 caaattgagt caattaataa tcatattata aattaattat tcttttaatt tactaaccat
   735361 tagtaaataa tttattacaa tatttgcata agattaatca tcaatcaaat taataattaa
   735421 accttttaac aattcataat tattgatcag ccatttgatt agataggtac ttctatgtgt
   735481 atgaccctat agattcgaac ctaagccggt agtacaagaa taatttttgt actaattgat
   735541 ataactatct agcaatgaga tccgacatcc agataggtcg aatatatgcc tagcaacact
   735601 ctagaaccct tgtggatata gttactgtat aattcatccc tttgatactt gatactcaag
   735661 gacgactaag gataaactat caacccagaa agagtagtcc acattgtgtc tcaaccttaa
   735721 aaattttgtg actcttcact aggactactt tggccaaaat tttgctgaat taaaacacaa
   735781 tgatgcatca tcttcaattt tacttggagc ggtcaatcct atcttgactc atacttagac
   735841 ttcacaagta cttgactata cccagaaacc tttcatcacc aaattaaaaa tttggatagt
   735901 ccggcaccaa agcacagtga gttgcttgta agtcaccaag acagcttcaa atccgaagaa
   735961 cacataccca tatcccatca aagcaatcct tgacaacata gtattccaaa agtggtcacg
   736021 ctcagtaaaa tatacttcta catatcatcc gtatgccata cccatgtcac cacacatctt
   736081 gattaagagg ataatcaact aatatggtat agaataacct ctacttgata taattattgt
   736141 tcttgtaaca attgtatcat ttgatcatac gcagaattta agaatcatat gataaatctt
   736201 cttttatcat tttgaaagta gttctaagga cttcatcata acatatgagt tctattttag
   736261 aagataaatt ctttatgatg aatctaccaa ataatattta ttattctata attcaatact
   736321 tatatggagc acaatcatct ataacaaaga tgattggctt taggatatat ttcccaacac
   736381 ttctagccat atgggtcttt gtagtgtatg ttgactgtag ttggtttgct gtaggagtag
   736441 aagtgtactt ataggagatc tatcggcctt agtagttgag gagtagtcct atgtgatcta
   736501 agagactgag tttataaatc tgtgaccaca atagcatgat tatgaaaagg agttttcatt
   736561 ggaatcatga ttagactcga gttaattaag tctggcatat gacggatgct taagatttgt
   736621 cgaggttcta tgatctgcat cctgttggga ctctcaatag aagaacttga tcacatgata
   736681 acacacctag gggttcatct ttctattctg ttggattacc actacatact atgaagcatc
   736741 actggtggat tataaaaact tattagaatt atttttggat caacaatcat tgttggagtg
   736801 agttagaatt gttccagtcc atcaaaagaa atttcgatga tactgtgatc gagatctagg
   736861 tatgtcttac cactagacag aatagaattt aagggaccac caacaaaaag agcatgactt
   736921 gatcaatagc ttggatcata attaaattat caattagatt gatggtttga attaagaaac
   736981 ttctaatttg taagagttac atatttagta actactaatt attagcatga gagacttaat
   737041 tgtaagtgtt gcaatataat tgggcttgat taaattatag atcaaatatt aattaattta
   737101 aatcaaattt gatttaattt aatttaattt aatttaattt aatttaagac taattaattg
   737161 ggtttaataa tctaagtagg acttggattt caatcttgat tagattaggt ttgacagtct
   737221 tttcaaattt gattcgaatc agactcgaat tggattcaaa ttgaacccaa cttgaatcca
   737281 attaaaaaag gttgcctaat ccctctttcc taggcttctc tctcttatat ggccaatgaa
   737341 gaagtggtgg gggcatgaga aaccatgcta attcttcttg tgcgcatgaa agaataagga
   737401 ggcgctcctc ttgggtgttg gctcatctgg ataaggtttt atcctaacta aaattctaat
   737461 ttaaatttga attaagtgtg gatcagatcc ttatcaaatg gggcatgggg gttttgagtt
   737521 ttttgtgaca aaacaaatta aaagaggtcg tgagaaaggg tgtgcaatag gttatcttgt
   737581 gggagttttc ttccttgcca catccctttc ttaatgccac ccctctcttc attttcttcc
   737641 atctccacac cctagttctc cttagatcag atctagagag agattagaga gagagaaaga
   737701 gaagaaaagg tgtttctctt ctcttcttga catcctattt agatcccgac agatcagcat
   737761 gaagggttca tgctgcagcc ctcttcttcg agatctagaa gaagagtcaa gatccaagct
   737821 aaggagcaag gcctgcaagg tgctagcact tcgatagcct cagtgctttg atcagaccat
   737881 ctctgtgtgg ataccagcag agatcggatg cttgcatgat tttgatagaa atcctaggca
   737941 tccgtcggat tcgatctgag taagaagaaa agatagcgat taagataatc atttttttta
   738001 ttttagattt atttataaaa tttatttttg catgttaatt aattttttgg tgatttagat
   738061 tagatttgca tgcttttata tgaaaatagt tttcatatct gcttccacta ggttaaagta
   738121 accaacaaaa tttttacata cttagtcgtc tgaaatctaa cactgtgagc agccgaggca
   738181 ccacagatca agaaatcact cacatcacta tagcatcgag aagatcactg atgagtaagt
   738241 attcatgtga tctctcatat ggtcatactc agtattgatg ttatctaacg accacccgca
   738301 tgttcgctca atgtctctat accgtagact tgagactcgt ctatcctgaa gaaagtgatc
   738361 cgtgagtcga tctaaccaga tcagtcacca tcctcataat aatccatcga tcaaaaatag
   738421 tttagaaatt aattatatat gtctcaaatt ttaaattttt tagaatatat atctttaaat
   738481 tattaatttc ttggatgatt ttcaagcaca taacacaaga atggatagaa attatctatt
   738541 ttattaataa ttcaataatt taagtataaa aatatatctt aaaattatta taatatgtta
   738601 gccatattgg tttctagggc atacatctaa tagaatgatg ttgaaaaagt tttgaaattt
   738661 tcttctgctg tatattgaaa aatttttaaa atctctgcat acaaaccaga ttactatgtg
   738721 atagcatttt ctagcagtgc tatcaaatct accttattat tgtaagattg ggattagatt
   738781 ttagatctaa aaattatttt taaatctaaa atcatgaatg attatgaaaa agagatggag
   738841 ttcaagatct gaaaatctat ttttcgatct gaatatttga atgattaaaa ttcatgtgat
   738901 ggatttcata atctgaaaaa ctatttttac atctaaaatt tacattgttg tatgttcatg
   738961 cattgttttc aagatttaaa aattaattta agatctgaaa atctaatttc ttatattcat
   739021 gcatccataa atttggtatc taatttctat ataatgtgaa ttctgttaga tctgaattta
   739081 tctttattat ttattatgaa agagtattat cctacaagcc aatcacatgg atgttgtgat
   739141 gagactattc tatatttttt ttcctactca tgtgtatgac attgggtatt ttatatttat
   739201 gaggcattgg tttcatcatt tgttgtatca tattttagct atgattatga caaaccccat
   739261 agatagaata atagttttag gaccatgatg agatcatgcc agtgagacat aaaatcttga
   739321 tagctccagt ctaaaatatt tttactcata ggatcatcga gtcaaggatc aataatgtca
   739381 gcaaaactgg cacatcttat gtatgatcga cgaagagggt gattgatctc acaatcattt
   739441 atatggtgac actaatacaa ggatgtaggt gctcattaga gaatgagttc actaaactga
   739501 tccacagaaa gaatatctga tggagtctta tcagcatgtc aaaagatggt tctctagtgg
   739561 aagtagtaca aatgatcttt agacttaaga tcactatggt accttgagta tatggatcca
   739621 tgctttggtt catactctag catgactctt tgagatatgt gtagaatatt ttgggtgtgg
   739681 tgaagtgtat atgaaggttg tgagtggtca acaaggaatc aatcactctt tgtaagagga
   739741 gagaatatct tatgtgattt catggatgat gactcagtga gtctctagtc agaacaggga
   739801 tgaacattag aaagaatttc tattggttca tcaattaagt catcatcatc atattgagat
   739861 acatatagat agatatttgg gcttgacatg attctatgcc tatgacctat ttggaatgtt
   739921 gtatgatcga agaattgaat tatatgataa ctcaccataa aaagataatt ttagtattct
   739981 accaaattta acatcttctg gatagtcatg acacgttgct agatgtcaat tttgacctat
   740041 gactcctagt gaattaaact agtttaattc agcaattaga aagggttcta attaattaat
   740101 acatttgggt tcaatgtatc ttagacataa ttgaattagg tgcacttgaa tctggaccta
   740161 ctactggcta gatgtggaat ccaatggatc acatacaaaa aaaaaatagt ctagcacttt
   740221 tgattaggtc ttattgaacc taattgaatt ggatttggtt gaaatcctaa atgggtatga
   740281 gtcatgcatg ctagcatatg tctaaaccct aatccctaat atatttggat tcatgtttga
   740341 cattgggctt tgattggtca aagaccaaat tcaattggac tctttattgg gttttgaatg
   740401 gttcaagtcc tatcttagat tgagtccaag gctccttgat atgtgagcat ccaagagttg
   740461 gatgcatgaa ccacttcttc ttttcatgat gggagatctc ttgtcgcctc ttgggttttc
   740521 atgtgaaatt ccaagcgcca aattgtatgg cacgcctttt ttgaagaatc cttcttaagg
   740581 aaggaattct tcatgccttc catgggattt catgccttcc taagagtttt catgtggatt
   740641 gggtattaag taaaagtgtt tcacgtgtcc aaagtaatcc gcacctccta atggttaaga
   740701 gtccttcttt aagaaggaag tgcggcactc accatttatt ccggagtgac tccatgcctt
   740761 ttactttttc acacgtgaag ggtttatgtg attgtatgtg gcatcatatc tcctgggatt
   740821 tagatggaaa ggagaagtcc atttggtgaa ggacttctct catgcaccct ttggtagttt
   740881 agcatccaaa ttgttggata ccagaaagga atttcatgcc aaagggagaa ttccatcaag
   740941 aggaggtttc ctccatcctt catgcacatt tgctccacat gaagagggtc ttcacaccca
   741001 taaaatctgt gcctaagcag aggagttttc tgagagaagg actcctcctt cctacacacc
   741061 aaaacaaatt tcaagtttct atttttgatg cccaagagtt gggtggttgt ggggagatag
   741121 gatcctgtca tggctccctg ttgagtcatg attttggtct atatagaagg gactgaatgg
   741181 ctatgggatt gggtgcatcc aattgatcta acaatttgat ccaaagtgct ggatcaaagt
   741241 gatcataaat cagatccaaa gggttggatc taagagatca tatattagat ctaaaagatg
   741301 gttcctaatg tccaaatatt ggacagcaaa tagtccaatt gttggacagc aaatggttca
   741361 attgttggac agtaagaggg cttagagatg aaagattttc atatccaaaa gagggaacaa
   741421 aggagtgtaa aaacaccaag tgttggtgat gcaaagaaag gagctgctac tgattttctt
   741481 gggaagaaat tcagtaaatc tagattgggg agagttctag accaagaccc tatagatcac
   741541 catcagaggg cgcatgcttg agtgcctcga ggatactgat aactggatta tttagatcta
   741601 ttggtttgat ataatatttt taatctctca cttatatgct ttatgttctt gtttgattga
   741661 atgcatcaag gtgattttgg attttggggt ttggatcaca tgttttccag agttgttaca
   741721 tgttaaaaat tttaaaattt aattttacta tgcattcgaa tcctaacaat gatatcaaag
   741781 tcatccttga ttgattcaat caaacaatat gttattgttg cgatatggat tagatcatat
   741841 ttatgacctg ctaaacatta gatttttgaa tgatgtttaa ttataggttt gttgcatcct
   741901 ttgataaaaa taaaaattat ttgttcatga ctaaaattct gatatgaaat tgttggaaaa
   741961 tgtgtctcaa agttaatcat cagtctgtgt tgcccagcta tgcaacccaa gaggaggggt
   742021 aaattgggtt tctaaaaaat tctatgctta acttatgact tatgaaaaat gtttgacaat
   742081 agctaaataa atagggagag taaagctaat tcaaggctaa tggctaaaag caagaatgca
   742141 agagaataat gaagagttaa agaagagcaa ttaggcacac cacaaacaaa aaaatttata
   742201 gtggttcggt gccaatcctt gcacctacat ccactcccta agctcctact tgggaatttc
   742261 aatccactaa tcttgtattc aacccgaata caaatgtcgg aaactccgac tctagctatc
   742321 ccaagctagt ccacttattt tttgggtaca agccaaccct atacattccg attcaaggtt
   742381 cggatcaacc ttcccttgtt ttggaaccct tccaaaacaa aaataataac tcaaacaaag
   742441 tataacaatg aatagcacaa gtacaaagaa agctccttta atgagcgtat gagactttaa
   742501 atacacttta ctcaagaaga agaagaccct ttttgatttc ctcaaagtag ttagagactt
   742561 gaatgtgcac ttaaggagtt ggtgagcttg gattaaaggc ttcttgaatg ctttgagtga
   742621 gctttcgctt agggctgaaa agtttgcttg aaatcccttt ttcaaaatct ctcttcttga
   742681 ttctacttca tgattcccac ctttttgtcc cttttatagc ttcaagaaat agtagaaaat
   742741 attctgggct gaaatagagc gttagaccat attaaataag cattaaaagc acttaaaacg
   742801 ggttaaaaac tagccgttgc ggaacaatcc cgtcacaggg gtcgactcat gggtcgactc
   742861 atgcctgggg gtcgacctct gtggaaaaat agcagaaaac aagattctgt aatttttggc
   742921 ctaaaaacag caggggtcga ctcatagggt cgactcatgc tgcggggtcg actcacagga
   742981 tttgccaaca aaaaatctgc gtgccaatca gcttattgtg ccatgagttg actcatggat
   743041 cgactcatat ttttcaaaca tgaatatctt tcaaaataca agtccaaaaa taataaaatt
   743101 ttcatcaatg gatcacaaat cttttgttct atcactttat gctttcaaat cagggttcga
   743161 taaaattatg attttgcccc tgaaaagcaa taagtctttt tcaagcgaaa atcattagta
   743221 ccccttcaaa tactttgtaa tcatcaaaat caatccaagg agcaacaatc ttctcctttt
   743281 tgatgatgac aaaacacttg aacaaaagca tatatatgaa ataatgagca tgaatttcaa
   743341 aggaatgaaa tgcattatag gtagtttgaa gataaatagg aaacttacta ccaacttgaa
   743401 aattacttat aagtgcattt gcttgaaaat aagattgatt cttttggcat gttatacatg
   743461 tgcccatttg cttgtgttgc tcatttgcat aaacaatttg cctattgctt aataaattaa
   743521 aaatttgctc atttgattat gtgattttgg tatcaaagca aaatttattt ttgttatttg
   743581 agcaaagcag aatttgccta agaattttga aaattgctca tttaaaaata tctcatttgc
   743641 tcatttgctt gaaaatttgc tcattctcat ttgattactt aattttggta ccagagcatg
   743701 tctaagaatt aattttaaag tttgctcatt tttgctcatt tgcttttgct taacaattta
   743761 ctcattttgc ttttaattct tttattaatc ttgcttgctc atttttgctc atttgctttt
   743821 gcttaacaat ttactcattt tgcttttaat tcttttatta atcttgcttt tgatccttta
   743881 atttctcccc ctttttgaca tcatcaacaa aaattgttta tctctttttg tttcttttga
   743941 tggaaataat tttactaatg ttacttcttg agcttcttgt tctaatcatt aattttacta
   744001 acattaatgt ttactccccc tgaatacagc aatcataaaa aaatatacca ttgagtatca
   744061 tagatatgaa atagcaattc atagtatttt aggcacacac ttaattgaaa ggaactcaat
   744121 ttaaagaaca tacattaaaa gtcaaagagt agatatataa tcaaaaagtg actgatacca
   744181 tagttgttcc aatacatata ccaaaatata aaagtcaatt agtcaacatc attacatgtc
   744241 ccaaaagata gatcctagaa agagacaaaa gacagaacta actacaagga tctagtagag
   744301 ctcatgactg gatggatcag aatcagatgt atcgaagatg gggtggggag atgaaggatc
   744361 acgaccaaga actcgtcctc taccccatct gcctctgcca tgagtggagg tgctggcacg
   744421 agtaggtggg cgagatgatc ctgaaggctg agaagcaata gactgaactg caagagagag
   744481 cctgatggtg tctagaaggt tcagagctct tgaaacagac tatagcagtg cagtgaactg
   744541 ggttgatgca tgctcactag agcctctgat ctctctcctc aggaaatcaa atccactctc
   744601 caatactcct ctaagtctgg ctgcctccat agataggtct gagacctcag tagtgcactc
   744661 ctgtggctgt ggatgggcca gagctaacac atgcccctga aagtcaagta ccctcccagt
   744721 cagtctcaaa atataaccct caagctgctg aatccgaact gactgatctg agatcatctg
   744781 aaatacagtg gagatgtggg ggatcaaagt ctgatcaaat gcatctaatg atgtggatcc
   744841 ctgtgcaaaa gctgaagtgc tccactgtcg agaaagcaag gaagccacac gctgtgagat
   744901 catctcaatc tggtcatcag ccaatctgat ctctgaggga aatgctctac tgtctggctg
   744961 ctggactggg gtgtgcctcc tagtggactt tgaagggcca gcctctggat ctgaaacaaa
   745021 ctgaatgtct ggagatgctg ccctgatgtc atggagaggt gatgaaggac cttcttcctc
   745081 agctctttcc tcagctctat cctcaactct atcctcaact ctctcttttg cacccttaat
   745141 ccaaccacca tcagtcctag tgaatcccat gcggtgcaaa gtgtgttggt tgatggtgtc
   745201 agagtgagag agcctagctg atgcctcccc ctcaaaacta acttcaaacc tcctgaatac
   745261 caaggtgagg gccataccaa aaggcagatg tgccttggat ctattcaggg tttccctcat
   745321 ggcttctatc attaatgcag ggaggtttag gggggtttgg gtaatcacat gaaacataat
   745381 acagatgtct cggcttgaaa gaaggtcatg tctaccactt cttaggaaga aaagctttgt
   745441 taccaattga tgtggaattc tcatttcaat ggacaggatc ttggcttcta gtttatttag
   745501 gcttcccgag taggttcctc ctaaaatcac attgattcct tcttccttca ctgggagttc
   745561 catgtttgag tatccctcat agggcaaatg aagaatctct cccaaaataa caggatctaa
   745621 acagatatca atacccttaa cagtggatgt tactgttcca ttgccatagc ataaatttag
   745681 ataaaactct ctaaccagat ccacatatgt aacttcttta agtgaacagt aaaattccca
   745741 accttggttt ttgatctttg aaccaatgaa gaacccctct ttttcaaaaa atctgaagtc
   745801 aatatttttc ctgggttcta cttttctgac agatagagaa attttactag ggcttagtgg
   745861 aaactgagaa gaacttggag cagatgccga agcaggaatg gaagcagaag aggtctgaga
   745921 agcttgtctt ttcctgcgca cgccctcttc caactcacgg atcgatttcc ttctttgagg
   745981 gagtttcatt tttggagcca ttctcaccac cagaacaagc aaggagactt ggaagatcaa
   746041 atgtgtgagg agatagaggg ttattagggg atggaaaggg atttttggag gagagaaacc
   746101 ccgatttgga ggagaatggt ggaagctagg gcacgctcta accgctccaa tcacgggaga
   746161 aaaatgggaa tagcgccttt cccaaggggc gatttgaggt ggagaggtga tgggagaagg
   746221 atcttgggct tagatcttgg atttggagag aaagaagaag aggactatgg gttttggagg
   746281 gaggaagacg aagatggaga gggtcagctc atgaatgagg tttttaatca aaaagagatg
   746341 aacccgtggg atgttggccg aaaattgcaa gtatgccatt gggtcgaccc tagggggtcg
   746401 actcatgatt cacaaaattt cagaaaaatt atgaataaat tttgaaaaaa ctcagaactc
   746461 tgggagaaga atttttgctc tatgtaaagt tgtgagaatg ataatcttaa gcttttaggt
   746521 ccaagagaaa tgatggaaat tgagttcaaa gaatttttga cattgattcc ttggaattag
   746581 agagatattt aagcagatgg atcaagaatt tctagctctc tcctaatttc acagaatcta
   746641 tcttcactta gggcctttgt aaaaatatcg gctaattatt tttcagtaca aatatagtca
   746701 aaaattatat ctttgttttg aacatgttct cttataaaat gatgtctgat ttcaatatgt
   746761 ttagacctag aatactgaat tggattttta gtaagattta tggcactagt gttatcacat
   746821 cttatgggtg tttcattaag tttgatacca aaatcttcga gttgttgctt aatccacaag
   746881 atttgagtac aacaacttcc gactgcaatg tattcggcct cagccgtaga cagtactacc
   746941 gaatcttgtt tcttgctaaa ccaggagatt agattaactc tgaaaaattg gcaagttcca
   747001 ctagtacttt ttctatctaa tctacatcca gcaaagtcag catctgaata tcctattaaa
   747061 tcaattaatg agtccttaga gtaccataat cctagagttt gagtaccatt taaatatcta
   747121 aggattcttt taacagcatt caagtgagat tctttaggat tagattgaaa tctagcacac
   747181 agacaaacac taaacatgat atcaggtcta cttgcagtta aatataatag agagccaatc
   747241 atacctctat aatattttaa gtctacactt ttaccttctt catccttgtc aagcttacat
   747301 gaagggctca tgggtgtgcc aattgctttg gagttctcca ttctaaattt tttgagtaat
   747361 ttccttgtgt acttgctttg ggtgatggag attccttcct tgatttgttt gatttggagt
   747421 ccgaggaaga atgtaagttc tcccatcatg ctcatctcga actcccccta catgagctta
   747481 gcaaagtctt gacaaagaga ttcattagta gacccaaaaa taatatcatc aacatatatt
   747541 tgtataatta acatatcatt ttgatttttt ttaatgaaaa gggttgtgtc tacattacct
   747601 cttgaaaaac cattatttag taaaaatttg cttagcctat cataccaagc cctaggtgct
   747661 tgtttcaaac catatagagc tttatttaat ttaaaaacat gattaggaaa agtatgattt
   747721 tcaaaacctg ggggttgttc tacatagact tcttcagcaa tatatccatt caaaaatata
   747781 cttttgacat ccatttaaaa taatttaaat tttataaagc aagcatatgc aagtaaaaat
   747841 ctaatggcct ctaatctagc aacaggtgca aaggtctcat caaaatcaat ttcttcttct
   747901 tgattataat ctttagcaac cgatcttgct ttatttctta ttatatttcc atgttcatct
   747961 aatttgttcc taaagactca ttttgtgcca attattgaat aatttttagg tcttgatact
   748021 aaagtccata tattatttct ttcaaattga ttaagttcct cttgcattgc attaatccaa
   748081 ttataatcat tttcagcttc ttcaatagtt tttagttcaa gatgagagac aaaagcacaa
   748141 tgattaaata catctttaag taaagaacga gttcttaccc catgcatagg atcaccaata
   748201 attagctcct tagggtgatt gtgaacatac ctccattctt tgggtaggtc atttgtacct
   748261 tgaggttgtt cttgatattc ttcaccttcc tcatcctgtt gaattgtgga gtctttcaga
   748321 gtgatctccc tcattccttc tataagagga tctgcatcat caacaccttc attcttcttt
   748381 gaaagaagat cgttagattc atcaaagaca acatatattg actcctctac tactaaggtt
   748441 cttttgttaa aaactctaaa agctttacta gtggaggagt aaccaagaaa aattgcttca
   748501 tctgattttg catcaaattt tttaagtctt tctttaccat tatttaatac aaaatatcgg
   748561 caaccaaaaa catgaaaata agcaatatta ggttttcttc ctttccaaag ctcataaggg
   748621 gttcttttta aaatttgtct aatcaaagca cgatttaaga tgtaacatgc tgtgttaatt
   748681 acttccaccc aaaaatatct tagaaggttg ctttcacata gcatggtacg ggccatttct
   748741 tctaaggttc tattttttct ttctactacc ccattttgtt ggggtgtctt aggtgcagag
   748801 aaattatggc caattctttt ttcatcataa aatttttcaa agtattgatt ttcaaattca
   748861 gttccatgat cactttgaat attttgaatt gaaaatcctt tctcattagt gacttttcgg
   748921 taaaatttag tgaaaacttg aaaagtttca tctttgtgtg ccaaaaagaa aactcaagta
   748981 aaatgagagt aatcatctat aattataaaa ccatatcatt tttctcctag actagtagtt
   749041 ctagtaggtc caaataagtc catgtgcaaa agctctaaag gtctagaggt tgaaacaata
   749101 tttttggatt taaatgaaac tcttgtttgt ttacctagtt ggcatgcatc acaaatttta
   749161 tccttttcaa aatttaattt tagcaaatca agaaccaatt ctttcttaat taattttgaa
   749221 agtgaatgca tgctaatatg tgcaagccta cgatgccaaa gccaactagt ctcattaatt
   749281 ttggcattca aggatactag gcattgcatg tttattttgg atagatcatt caaatctacc
   749341 atataaacat taccatgtct atgtccaata aatttaatgc cttcattaat tggactagtt
   749401 acaatgcaaa cagaagattc aaaaataact ttatatcctt tatcacacaa ttgactaata
   749461 ctaagtgttg cccagctata caacccaaga gggggggtga attgggtttc taaaaatttt
   749521 aagttcaact aattacttat gaaaggtatt tgttaaaagc ttgatgaatg agaagaaaga
   749581 ctttaaatca agattaattt actaaagcaa gaatacaagg atataataaa gaaataaaga
   749641 gaaacaataa agcacaccat aaacacaagg atttatagtg gttcggtgcc aaccttgcac
   749701 ctacatccac tnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn naagcttata
   749821 tctatgatag cctccatagg cttaagtatg gaatagtttt catgagctta tgcttgggat
   749881 agccgccaca ggcttacatg tggaaatgtg attagatata gattagggca tgttcttggt
   749941 taatccaaaa ttggatagga aaagatttgc aaaacctaga attgtgataa gaggaatgga
   750001 taataagata catgaaacta atgctaaata aagaaattca cttattggca taccataata
   750061 tatttctttt gacaagatgg atgtttgata tatgtttata caggtgtttg agttattctg
   750121 gatatttagt atgagatttc atactttata tttctattct ggtaatgttt ttgctttttt
   750181 ctaattatat tattacattg gtggggatgt gtggagattt ttattggatt gtaaagttca
   750241 caacactttc tcttttcttt tttagagtta taggatgctt atacttggct gaggttggga
   750301 tcacatttaa aagaatgaat agaagagcat cactgatatc ggctggatga ttgaaattta
   750361 taattatata aattttgtta tttgttatga gagtagatca ttattatcta tggatatata
   750421 ttgagtttgt aacagatttt gagaccttac atgattgctg tgacattgct ctaggttcgt
   750481 atggccatgt cgctagccga cctatatgtt ggattcagga catgacaaat tgcatccttc
   750541 aacatcacca tagagagatc aaaaaattgt gatagctctg caacaataaa gcaaatgcat
   750601 cttctccatg gagtcacttg gtattagccc ttcaattggc accaatccca ccatttatcc
   750661 tacaagccct ttgtcgtttt aaaactataa tggtttggta cttttgttga gagaagaaag
   750721 ggcccattat gggggttaaa gtcttttttt gtcaccttct agggtttggg tgccaaatgg
   750781 gtagtatcaa atagtgaatt catgtgcaga ggcattggag ggttaggcaa aagggcaatg
   750841 catgatccct agggttatgg aggacttatt tggtttgtag gaagagaagg gatggagtgt
   750901 ggaaaaataa aacaaactct tttaatttgt tggaattttt atagaaaaat gattggaaag
   750961 tgaaattcta gaataaattt ctcatatttc atcagaaatt aaggaaaatt catactagat
   751021 acagattttt ttgctttccc acgagctgag aatttagttt ttttcttaaa aaaaagccct
   751081 tagagccatc aaataatgaa tagaatggag taagatcttt atcatacccg gaattcaata
   751141 tctggattgg acatgtgatg gccgcatact ccttagagca aaacctaaag aatatgcaag
   751201 gccttaaaat ttattacacc atctcaatat ccataaataa taatgatcta attttataac
   751261 aataaaattt acacaattac aagtttaatt tcttaaacca tctaatcaga tattagtgat
   751321 attctattta ttcatttatt catctatgaa tccaaaccat agccagtcat gagcatcctg
   751381 taactctaaa aagataagag aaatggagag ggatgagctt cacagtgcag taagatctct
   751441 gcatatccat atcaatataa taatataatt taaaaataat aataagtaat aaagtataaa
   751501 atcttatacc aaattttcaa aataatctca aatatttgta tgaacatgta tcaaatattt
   751561 gtcttgtcaa aagatgtgtg ttttaatatg tcaacaagcg aacattttat tcagcattag
   751621 tttcttatct tgttttctat gtctcttatc ataattctag attattaatc tttttctttc
   751681 tgactttgga ctaagatcat gcctcaatct ctgtctgatc aaatttttat gcgtaagtcc
   751741 gtggagactg tctcaggcat aaggtcttag caggctatcc taggtataag tccgtgaaga
   751801 ctgtctcaga cataagctct tgacggatta tcccaaacat aagcttttga tgagctatcc
   751861 caagcataag ctcctgactg gctaccatat gatgagacta gtccaagcca catctttttc
   751921 atctatttat ttcatattga tttcatcaaa tcaatttcaa tttttataat gcaatcaaat
   751981 aagtatatta tatccatata atcatatcat caatcactga tatatatata tatatatagt
   752041 caacacataa tgtattcata ttgaaaaatc atacaaaaaa taagataaat ccgtcaacat
   752101 gaatccaatg gtataaaacc aatgatacaa attcaataga acaaatagtt tatataatgg
   752161 tgatgatgta tagggattct tacctctatt gtcaaccaaa tctagttact gtgtctatca
   752221 atccatgcct agtatgacga atcaatcact atgattccag catgtccttg atcaatcatc
   752281 agcataagaa ataataaatt attattagct tcctattttc aaagctctaa ttcctgattt
   752341 actcttaatc ccaaatttct tgacgctatc taagatatta ctaattaata aataaatagg
   752401 tagaaattta tcttgattta gagattagag catatgtaaa tcctcctact cactatctct
   752461 ttgttcaatt agtaaatctc atacataatg gaaaccaata actaaaaaaa ttataaaata
   752521 atagaattat agtggaaaga ttaggagaga gaaaggactt gaccatccga aaaagtgata
   752581 tttagcagtc caaatagatc ggatcatgtt gactcgacta cttgatcaaa attccaataa
   752641 gttcaaacct acaaaatcta aggtagagat caatacaagg gacgatcact gcgatttttg
   752701 tctaggatcc tctatcgagg ttcactaggg tccaatacca atcttgtgat tcttccttca
   752761 cccaaccctc tctcatcatg tagagagagg aaggaaagag agagagagaa taggaaaagc
   752821 tagggaagag agaaagaaag aagagagggt ggagaagaga gaggagagag aaagctctct
   752881 tcttgtactt ccccaaaata tagtagccca actctttctt ccctcccctt ttcatccagc
   752941 catggctgtg agatttaggg ctagcggcga atgacagcac ttgatgctga tcagaagagg
   753001 accttgatag cagccacagt ggtcggtggc cagcaaaaca aggagaaagg ctcgcaactg
   753061 gctcgaagca aggaaagccc tattcttatc taaaactgat gattcactgg ctcaactcta
   753121 gtgatggcga tcacaaaaat taggaagaga aagagaagaa agggagagaa ttttttctta
   753181 gtccagcgat gcaaaggagg agaaaatctc aagatctttc caatgaaaat cctagtgaaa
   753241 acatgaagaa tactggaaaa atttttacag attttagtgg agactgttag gagtaagaga
   753301 ggcatgcatc ctttttatag ttgaaaacct cgggttttaa tccagtttag aagccctagc
   753361 ctcccctttc tccagtcgga attagagaag tggaagactc ccatcaggag tcttcatttc
   753421 ccctgcctca cgtgcaagca catgaggttt gaattttttt tcaagctttg agattcgtac
   753481 aggggaaagt tctgggtgat tgaagatggg gtcgtgataa tcttttcttt tattaagggt
   753541 atactaggta ttttatatat ttttttctag aaaagtatat gctcaaccaa atctaagcca
   753601 ctttgtaata taccaaacag attaaaacta catttctaga catcatattt tcaggaatcg
   753661 actttctaaa aaaaatattt tagtgagaga attctttctg cgcgtcaaac aacccatcat
   753721 tatatcctgc ccctaaccaa caaaaaataa ctcatataat ttttttctct ttttgattgg
   753781 atggatgggt tacgttgatc tcaagtaaac atgtccaaca aaatcaaaaa ataaatatca
   753841 tgaagggcat attggagtgg ccgccaaaaa ttaactcatt ttatattcac ttatgcaaac
   753901 cgataatact ccttttgctt tcatttttct ttaaaatgga aattagtaat tttctcctct
   753961 aattttttgg ttaaatattt atatttatat tttcccttcc aagactagca tcacaaaaag
   754021 gtacctaacc aatttggttt gcctatttga agaaattctc gtagattaag ttagccatct
   754081 tagctccaat ctagctatga attggacttg ttccttgtca tgtttcacac ttagtataat
   754141 ctttaatcct acccaattag ctagtattgt ggttctcttt ggttcatgtt ttgaattgaa
   754201 gggcttggtt cgatcactaa aacttatctc taaattcatc gtcaagacat gcttaaataa
   754261 gatgaataat agtagtccaa tcatcagcca tctatacagc atggatggtg gatgtttgaa
   754321 ctagatacaa aatcaatgag caaggttttc atgggttgga catgtatctt tcgcatgaaa
   754381 gaaggattca tcttactttg cacaaattca ccattggatc atgcaaaata acttctttga
   754441 gatctaaatt gaaaatgatc tcaaagtgct tgaaaaaatc tcgactattt tatataaata
   754501 gggatggcaa catatcgtat atggactgga tcagctaata tctttattcg ttttgtaatt
   754561 aaaaatttca taaccatacg agccctgttc tcactcggat cagatcaagt agagatgaag
   754621 attgggtcaa gtcggatgga taagagggat cagattaggt tagataagga actcatcata
   754681 taaatattat aaaataatta taattttgaa agaaaaattt agattaatac tatattagat
   754741 tggattcaaa gaagagtata ccttaaactg tacccgattt gaattcattt tggatatatt
   754801 ttttctagaa cccatattca ctctagattc taactagaat agataaaacc catccatttg
   754861 gatcgaatcg gatcggattg gattggattg gatgtccaat ggatcgacta aaattgctat
   754921 tatctcttat ataaaaaaca attctccaaa gtggtaccta atagccaact cggtaatcta
   754981 accaatggca tgatgtggca ctagatgaat atggctagca ccaatgagca gaaagaattg
   755041 ccttctacca caccagacat acaactattt ggatgatata gtggcattct gaaccatttc
   755101 tcctataaac tatctccacc gtgggaaaca cattttacaa gataactcta atccaagcaa
   755161 aggtccttct gcatggacgc acaacaccca tacccaattc gagagtattt ttggagtcca
   755221 tgttcctctc tctctctccc ttcaatcatt tttctctcct cttttctcct ctcccaaagg
   755281 agagggagta taaatgctcc aaaagagttc ttggggtatt aatctcttag actattatgc
   755341 aatcaccagc aatttgtatc tcccagcctc ctcaaagcat ctaacagtcc aaaccatcct
   755401 cccatgacag ctatggaacc attttttttt ttttttttga acccatgcat gtatgaccct
   755461 tttatgaaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatcatt tggggcgggc accagatttt cccttttttt
   755521 ttcctttaca atgtttcctt tttcgtctat tttaaagaga aaatccattc ctactaacag
   755581 agtctatcag tctcataatt taataaaaaa aaaatacaca cattaagaag tcctatcata
   755641 ttcttactat tttaattttc ctagtttgtt tttcttttgg cacactattt tattcttcct
   755701 attttatttt tcctattttg tttctctttt ggcgcatgat ctttttttta gaaaacatat
   755761 gggattagta agagaaatgt ttgattttta ggtttcctct ttgagatgag tgcaagaaga
   755821 aatgtgaaaa caaaaggatt tttgaatttc ctctttaaga tgagtgcaag aggaaatatg
   755881 ccaaaactga ctttggccac gtatgatatt tttcttaaaa tagagttgtt gaggtgtaac
   755941 gagatttcta tatcccattt cttctacaaa tctatttagc accgacgagc aaaggaacaa
   756001 aaattaatgg caaaagttta gcttgacagc ctcttatcgg cccaaaagaa caaaacactt
   756061 tgaagattaa ataacgaaaa atatttgacc aaaaaaagaa aatatggaaa gtaaacgccg
   756121 gtgtcaagtt tcactatcaa tagacggtca gtagccaaga tatgtgtaac aatagaatat
   756181 taactatgta aacaccacca aacggtcaaa gtggcaattc aaaaggacaa aatctatcaa
   756241 aatctatcgg taaagcatta aaaaaactta atatgtaaac aaacaacaag aaaacgctag
   756301 ctactgcctc caaacttaat ccctatatgg ttctttgttc ccgtcttaca catttctcga
   756361 ttcaattcct cacgtttatg gaaggctgca gcaaacttgg tagcgtatat tttcagtaat
   756421 ggattattag gtaactcttc atgtaatgct aaggaaagag gaagaccact cggacaggga
   756481 ttcctcactc tttcgatcat ggccgttcat aattgatgcg agagatgatt aaatgggacc
   756541 gatggaaacg tatggtttgg ggtttagggt gcgatggagt gaatccaggt gccacaagga
   756601 gtaagaattg tagagctaga gatctttata agatggggtt gggaccgatc gggagcaatg
   756661 cacacaattt caggtgaagc aattcacgtg gagagattac gacaagagtg gtatggctca
   756721 gaataatttg tttatttttc ataacttgtg gaaatttaat tcttggcatt atgattgatt
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