LOCUS       HIVHXB2CG               9719 bp    RNA     linear   VRL 21-OCT-2002
DEFINITION  Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HXB2), complete genome;
            HIV1/HTLV-III/LAV reference genome.
ACCESSION   K03455 M38432
VERSION     K03455.1
KEYWORDS    TAR protein; acquired immune deficiency syndrome; complete genome;
            env protein; gag protein; long terminal repeat (LTR); pol protein;
            polyprotein; proviral gene; reverse transcriptase; transactivator.
SOURCE      Human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1)
  ORGANISM  Human immunodeficiency virus 1
            Viruses; Ortervirales; Retroviridae; Orthoretrovirinae; Lentivirus.
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COMMENT     On Mar 25, 1997 this sequence version replaced gi:327742.
            [6]  sites; tat mRNA and other transcript boundaries. [7]  sites;
            tat mRNA.
            [8]  sites; mRNA splice sites.
            [9]  sites; 27K antigen cds.
            [5]  sites; gp160 and gp120 coding sequences.
            [1]  sites; regulatory sequences in the LTR.
            [(in) Weiss,R., Teich,N., Varmus,H. and Coffin,J. (Eds.);RNA Tumor
            Viruses, Secon]  review; bases 1 to 9718.
            [15]  sites; trans-activator function and TAR sequence. [19]
            sites; pol coding sequence.
            [22]  sites; 23K sor gene product.
            [23]  sites; pol NH2-terminal region.
            [20]  sites; sor 23K protein.
            [21]  sites; sor 23K protein.
            [24]  sites; Sp1 binding sites in the promoter region. [17]  sites;
            acceptor and donor splice sites for tat and 27K. [10]  sites;
            deletion mutants in the tat gene.
            [18]  sites; env gene conserved/varable regions; separate entries.
            [16]  sites; trs cds boundaries.
            [12]  sites; trs cds boundaries.
            [11]  sites; env gene conserved/variable regions; separate entries.
            [26]  sites; tar or transactivator target.
            [13]  sites; 3' orf mutations.
            [14]  sites; pol p34 terminus.
            [31]  sites; promoter, TAR, tat-III mutants.
            [32]  sites; envelope protein epitopes.
            [33]  sites; trs/art protein.
            [34]  sites; inducible enhancer element.
            [27]  revises [30].
            [29]  sites; long terminal repeat.
            [28]  sites; R orf.
            [35]  sites; sor.
            Sequence for [25] kindly provided in computer-readable form by
            L.Ratner, 19-AUG-1986.
            The HXB2 sequence is being used as a reference genome for all the
            HIV entries because it has been derived from a demonstrably
            infectious clone.  Hence not all of the 'sites' references above
            were concerned with this isolate.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..9719
                     /organism="Human immunodeficiency virus 1"
                     /mol_type="genomic RNA"
     repeat_region   1..634
                     /note="5' LTR"
     repeat_region   454..551
                     /note="R repeat 5' copy"
     mRNA            455..9635
                     /product="HXB2 genomic mRNA"
     prim_transcript 455..9635
                     /note="tat, trs, 27K subgenomic mRNA"
     intron          744..5777
                     /note="tat, trs, 27K mRNA intron 1"
     CDS             790..2292
                     /note="gag polyprotein"
     CDS             2358..5096
                     /note="pol polyprotein (NH2-terminus uncertain)"
     CDS             5041..5619
                     /note="sor 23K protein"
     CDS             5559..5795
                     /note="R (ORF) protein"
     CDS             join(5831..6045,8379..8424)
                     /note="tat protein"
     exon            5831..6045
                     /note="tat protein, first expressed exon"
     CDS             join(5970..6045,8379..8653)
                     /note="trs protein"
     exon            5970..6045
                     /note="trs protein, first expressed exon"
     intron          6046..8378
                     /note="tat, trs, 27K mRNA intron 2"
     CDS             6225..8795
                     /note="envelope polyprotein"
     exon            8379..8652
                     /note="trs protein"
     exon            8379..8424
                     /note="tat protein"
     CDS             8797..9168
                     /note="27K protein (premature termination)"
     repeat_region   9086..9719
                     /note="3' LTR"
     repeat_region   9540..9636
                     /note="R repeat 3' copy"
     regulatory      9612..9617
                     /note="HXB2 mRNA polyadenyation signal"
BASE COUNT         3411 a         1772 c         2373 g         2163 t
        1 tggaagggct aattcactcc caacgaagac aagatatcct tgatctgtgg atctaccaca
       61 cacaaggcta cttccctgat tagcagaact acacaccagg gccagggatc agatatccac
      121 tgacctttgg atggtgctac aagctagtac cagttgagcc agagaagtta gaagaagcca
      181 acaaaggaga gaacaccagc ttgttacacc ctgtgagcct gcatggaatg gatgacccgg
      241 agagagaagt gttagagtgg aggtttgaca gccgcctagc atttcatcac atggcccgag
      301 agctgcatcc ggagtacttc aagaactgct gacatcgagc ttgctacaag ggactttccg
      361 ctggggactt tccagggagg cgtggcctgg gcgggactgg ggagtggcga gccctcagat
      421 cctgcatata agcagctgct ttttgcctgt actgggtctc tctggttaga ccagatctga
      481 gcctgggagc tctctggcta actagggaac ccactgctta agcctcaata aagcttgcct
      541 tgagtgcttc aagtagtgtg tgcccgtctg ttgtgtgact ctggtaacta gagatccctc
      601 agaccctttt agtcagtgtg gaaaatctct agcagtggcg cccgaacagg gacctgaaag
      661 cgaaagggaa accagaggag ctctctcgac gcaggactcg gcttgctgaa gcgcgcacgg
      721 caagaggcga ggggcggcga ctggtgagta cgccaaaaat tttgactagc ggaggctaga
      781 aggagagaga tgggtgcgag agcgtcagta ttaagcgggg gagaattaga tcgatgggaa
      841 aaaattcggt taaggccagg gggaaagaaa aaatataaat taaaacatat agtatgggca
      901 agcagggagc tagaacgatt cgcagttaat cctggcctgt tagaaacatc agaaggctgt
      961 agacaaatac tgggacagct acaaccatcc cttcagacag gatcagaaga acttagatca
     1021 ttatataata cagtagcaac cctctattgt gtgcatcaaa ggatagagat aaaagacacc
     1081 aaggaagctt tagacaagat agaggaagag caaaacaaaa gtaagaaaaa agcacagcaa
     1141 gcagcagctg acacaggaca cagcaatcag gtcagccaaa attaccctat agtgcagaac
     1201 atccaggggc aaatggtaca tcaggccata tcacctagaa ctttaaatgc atgggtaaaa
     1261 gtagtagaag agaaggcttt cagcccagaa gtgataccca tgttttcagc attatcagaa
     1321 ggagccaccc cacaagattt aaacaccatg ctaaacacag tggggggaca tcaagcagcc
     1381 atgcaaatgt taaaagagac catcaatgag gaagctgcag aatgggatag agtgcatcca
     1441 gtgcatgcag ggcctattgc accaggccag atgagagaac caaggggaag tgacatagca
     1501 ggaactacta gtacccttca ggaacaaata ggatggatga caaataatcc acctatccca
     1561 gtaggagaaa tttataaaag atggataatc ctgggattaa ataaaatagt aagaatgtat
     1621 agccctacca gcattctgga cataagacaa ggaccaaagg aaccctttag agactatgta
     1681 gaccggttct ataaaactct aagagccgag caagcttcac aggaggtaaa aaattggatg
     1741 acagaaacct tgttggtcca aaatgcgaac ccagattgta agactatttt aaaagcattg
     1801 ggaccagcgg ctacactaga agaaatgatg acagcatgtc agggagtagg aggacccggc
     1861 cataaggcaa gagttttggc tgaagcaatg agccaagtaa caaattcagc taccataatg
     1921 atgcagagag gcaattttag gaaccaaaga aagattgtta agtgtttcaa ttgtggcaaa
     1981 gaagggcaca cagccagaaa ttgcagggcc cctaggaaaa agggctgttg gaaatgtgga
     2041 aaggaaggac accaaatgaa agattgtact gagagacagg ctaatttttt agggaagatc
     2101 tggccttcct acaagggaag gccagggaat tttcttcaga gcagaccaga gccaacagcc
     2161 ccaccagaag agagcttcag gtctggggta gagacaacaa ctccccctca gaagcaggag
     2221 ccgatagaca aggaactgta tcctttaact tccctcaggt cactctttgg caacgacccc
     2281 tcgtcacaat aaagataggg gggcaactaa aggaagctct attagataca ggagcagatg
     2341 atacagtatt agaagaaatg agtttgccag gaagatggaa accaaaaatg atagggggaa
     2401 ttggaggttt tatcaaagta agacagtatg atcagatact catagaaatc tgtggacata
     2461 aagctatagg tacagtatta gtaggaccta cacctgtcaa cataattgga agaaatctgt
     2521 tgactcagat tggttgcact ttaaattttc ccattagccc tattgagact gtaccagtaa
     2581 aattaaagcc aggaatggat ggcccaaaag ttaaacaatg gccattgaca gaagaaaaaa
     2641 taaaagcatt agtagaaatt tgtacagaga tggaaaagga agggaaaatt tcaaaaattg
     2701 ggcctgaaaa tccatacaat actccagtat ttgccataaa gaaaaaagac agtactaaat
     2761 ggagaaaatt agtagatttc agagaactta ataagagaac tcaagacttc tgggaagttc
     2821 aattaggaat accacatccc gcagggttaa aaaagaaaaa atcagtaaca gtactggatg
     2881 tgggtgatgc atatttttca gttcccttag atgaagactt caggaagtat actgcattta
     2941 ccatacctag tataaacaat gagacaccag ggattagata tcagtacaat gtgcttccac
     3001 agggatggaa aggatcacca gcaatattcc aaagtagcat gacaaaaatc ttagagcctt
     3061 ttagaaaaca aaatccagac atagttatct atcaatacat ggatgatttg tatgtaggat
     3121 ctgacttaga aatagggcag catagaacaa aaatagagga gctgagacaa catctgttga
     3181 ggtggggact taccacacca gacaaaaaac atcagaaaga acctccattc ctttggatgg
     3241 gttatgaact ccatcctgat aaatggacag tacagcctat agtgctgcca gaaaaagaca
     3301 gctggactgt caatgacata cagaagttag tggggaaatt gaattgggca agtcagattt
     3361 acccagggat taaagtaagg caattatgta aactccttag aggaaccaaa gcactaacag
     3421 aagtaatacc actaacagaa gaagcagagc tagaactggc agaaaacaga gagattctaa
     3481 aagaaccagt acatggagtg tattatgacc catcaaaaga cttaatagca gaaatacaga
     3541 agcaggggca aggccaatgg acatatcaaa tttatcaaga gccatttaaa aatctgaaaa
     3601 caggaaaata tgcaagaatg aggggtgccc acactaatga tgtaaaacaa ttaacagagg
     3661 cagtgcaaaa aataaccaca gaaagcatag taatatgggg aaagactcct aaatttaaac
     3721 tgcccataca aaaggaaaca tgggaaacat ggtggacaga gtattggcaa gccacctgga
     3781 ttcctgagtg ggagtttgtt aatacccctc ccttagtgaa attatggtac cagttagaga
     3841 aagaacccat agtaggagca gaaaccttct atgtagatgg ggcagctaac agggagacta
     3901 aattaggaaa agcaggatat gttactaata gaggaagaca aaaagttgtc accctaactg
     3961 acacaacaaa tcagaagact gagttacaag caatttatct agctttgcag gattcgggat
     4021 tagaagtaaa catagtaaca gactcacaat atgcattagg aatcattcaa gcacaaccag
     4081 atcaaagtga atcagagtta gtcaatcaaa taatagagca gttaataaaa aaggaaaagg
     4141 tctatctggc atgggtacca gcacacaaag gaattggagg aaatgaacaa gtagataaat
     4201 tagtcagtgc tggaatcagg aaagtactat ttttagatgg aatagataag gcccaagatg
     4261 aacatgagaa atatcacagt aattggagag caatggctag tgattttaac ctgccacctg
     4321 tagtagcaaa agaaatagta gccagctgtg ataaatgtca gctaaaagga gaagccatgc
     4381 atggacaagt agactgtagt ccaggaatat ggcaactaga ttgtacacat ttagaaggaa
     4441 aagttatcct ggtagcagtt catgtagcca gtggatatat agaagcagaa gttattccag
     4501 cagaaacagg gcaggaaaca gcatattttc ttttaaaatt agcaggaaga tggccagtaa
     4561 aaacaataca tactgacaat ggcagcaatt tcaccggtgc tacggttagg gccgcctgtt
     4621 ggtgggcggg aatcaagcag gaatttggaa ttccctacaa tccccaaagt caaggagtag
     4681 tagaatctat gaataaagaa ttaaagaaaa ttataggaca ggtaagagat caggctgaac
     4741 atcttaagac agcagtacaa atggcagtat tcatccacaa ttttaaaaga aaagggggga
     4801 ttggggggta cagtgcaggg gaaagaatag tagacataat agcaacagac atacaaacta
     4861 aagaattaca aaaacaaatt acaaaaattc aaaattttcg ggtttattac agggacagca
     4921 gaaatccact ttggaaagga ccagcaaagc tcctctggaa aggtgaaggg gcagtagtaa
     4981 tacaagataa tagtgacata aaagtagtgc caagaagaaa agcaaagatc attagggatt
     5041 atggaaaaca gatggcaggt gatgattgtg tggcaagtag acaggatgag gattagaaca
     5101 tggaaaagtt tagtaaaaca ccatatgtat gtttcaggga aagctagggg atggttttat
     5161 agacatcact atgaaagccc tcatccaaga ataagttcag aagtacacat cccactaggg
     5221 gatgctagat tggtaataac aacatattgg ggtctgcata caggagaaag agactggcat
     5281 ttgggtcagg gagtctccat agaatggagg aaaaagagat atagcacaca agtagaccct
     5341 gaactagcag accaactaat tcatctgtat tactttgact gtttttcaga ctctgctata
     5401 agaaaggcct tattaggaca catagttagc cctaggtgtg aatatcaagc aggacataac
     5461 aaggtaggat ctctacaata cttggcacta gcagcattaa taacaccaaa aaagataaag
     5521 ccacctttgc ctagtgttac gaaactgaca gaggatagat ggaacaagcc ccagaagacc
     5581 aagggccaca gagggagcca cacaatgaat ggacactaga gcttttagag gagcttaaga
     5641 atgaagctgt tagacatttt cctaggattt ggctccatgg cttagggcaa catatctatg
     5701 aaacttatgg ggatacttgg gcaggagtgg aagccataat aagaattctg caacaactgc
     5761 tgtttatcca ttttcagaat tgggtgtcga catagcagaa taggcgttac tcgacagagg
     5821 agagcaagaa atggagccag tagatcctag actagagccc tggaagcatc caggaagtca
     5881 gcctaaaact gcttgtacca attgctattg taaaaagtgt tgctttcatt gccaagtttg
     5941 tttcataaca aaagccttag gcatctccta tggcaggaag aagcggagac agcgacgaag
     6001 agctcatcag aacagtcaga ctcatcaagc ttctctatca aagcagtaag tagtacatgt
     6061 aacgcaacct ataccaatag tagcaatagt agcattagta gtagcaataa taatagcaat
     6121 agttgtgtgg tccatagtaa tcatagaata taggaaaata ttaagacaaa gaaaaataga
     6181 caggttaatt gatagactaa tagaaagagc agaagacagt ggcaatgaga gtgaaggaga
     6241 aatatcagca cttgtggaga tgggggtgga gatggggcac catgctcctt gggatgttga
     6301 tgatctgtag tgctacagaa aaattgtggg tcacagtcta ttatggggta cctgtgtgga
     6361 aggaagcaac caccactcta ttttgtgcat cagatgctaa agcatatgat acagaggtac
     6421 ataatgtttg ggccacacat gcctgtgtac ccacagaccc caacccacaa gaagtagtat
     6481 tggtaaatgt gacagaaaat tttaacatgt ggaaaaatga catggtagaa cagatgcatg
     6541 aggatataat cagtttatgg gatcaaagcc taaagccatg tgtaaaatta accccactct
     6601 gtgttagttt aaagtgcact gatttgaaga atgatactaa taccaatagt agtagcggga
     6661 gaatgataat ggagaaagga gagataaaaa actgctcttt caatatcagc acaagcataa
     6721 gaggtaaggt gcagaaagaa tatgcatttt tttataaact tgatataata ccaatagata
     6781 atgatactac cagctataag ttgacaagtt gtaacacctc agtcattaca caggcctgtc
     6841 caaaggtatc ctttgagcca attcccatac attattgtgc cccggctggt tttgcgattc
     6901 taaaatgtaa taataagacg ttcaatggaa caggaccatg tacaaatgtc agcacagtac
     6961 aatgtacaca tggaattagg ccagtagtat caactcaact gctgttaaat ggcagtctag
     7021 cagaagaaga ggtagtaatt agatctgtca atttcacgga caatgctaaa accataatag
     7081 tacagctgaa cacatctgta gaaattaatt gtacaagacc caacaacaat acaagaaaaa
     7141 gaatccgtat ccagagagga ccagggagag catttgttac aataggaaaa ataggaaata
     7201 tgagacaagc acattgtaac attagtagag caaaatggaa taacacttta aaacagatag
     7261 ctagcaaatt aagagaacaa tttggaaata ataaaacaat aatctttaag caatcctcag
     7321 gaggggaccc agaaattgta acgcacagtt ttaattgtgg aggggaattt ttctactgta
     7381 attcaacaca actgtttaat agtacttggt ttaatagtac ttggagtact gaagggtcaa
     7441 ataacactga aggaagtgac acaatcaccc tcccatgcag aataaaacaa attataaaca
     7501 tgtggcagaa agtaggaaaa gcaatgtatg cccctcccat cagtggacaa attagatgtt
     7561 catcaaatat tacagggctg ctattaacaa gagatggtgg taatagcaac aatgagtccg
     7621 agatcttcag acctggagga ggagatatga gggacaattg gagaagtgaa ttatataaat
     7681 ataaagtagt aaaaattgaa ccattaggag tagcacccac caaggcaaag agaagagtgg
     7741 tgcagagaga aaaaagagca gtgggaatag gagctttgtt ccttgggttc ttgggagcag
     7801 caggaagcac tatgggcgca gcctcaatga cgctgacggt acaggccaga caattattgt
     7861 ctggtatagt gcagcagcag aacaatttgc tgagggctat tgaggcgcaa cagcatctgt
     7921 tgcaactcac agtctggggc atcaagcagc tccaggcaag aatcctggct gtggaaagat
     7981 acctaaagga tcaacagctc ctggggattt ggggttgctc tggaaaactc atttgcacca
     8041 ctgctgtgcc ttggaatgct agttggagta ataaatctct ggaacagatt tggaatcaca
     8101 cgacctggat ggagtgggac agagaaatta acaattacac aagcttaata cactccttaa
     8161 ttgaagaatc gcaaaaccag caagaaaaga atgaacaaga attattggaa ttagataaat
     8221 gggcaagttt gtggaattgg tttaacataa caaattggct gtggtatata aaattattca
     8281 taatgatagt aggaggcttg gtaggtttaa gaatagtttt tgctgtactt tctatagtga
     8341 atagagttag gcagggatat tcaccattat cgtttcagac ccacctccca accccgaggg
     8401 gacccgacag gcccgaagga atagaagaag aaggtggaga gagagacaga gacagatcca
     8461 ttcgattagt gaacggatcc ttggcactta tctgggacga tctgcggagc ctgtgcctct
     8521 tcagctacca ccgcttgaga gacttactct tgattgtaac gaggattgtg gaacttctgg
     8581 gacgcagggg gtgggaagcc ctcaaatatt ggtggaatct cctacagtat tggagtcagg
     8641 aactaaagaa tagtgctgtt agcttgctca atgccacagc catagcagta gctgagggga
     8701 cagatagggt tatagaagta gtacaaggag cttgtagagc tattcgccac atacctagaa
     8761 gaataagaca gggcttggaa aggattttgc tataagatgg gtggcaagtg gtcaaaaagt
     8821 agtgtgattg gatggcctac tgtaagggaa agaatgagac gagctgagcc agcagcagat
     8881 agggtgggag cagcatctcg agacctggaa aaacatggag caatcacaag tagcaataca
     8941 gcagctacca atgctgcttg tgcctggcta gaagcacaag aggaggagga ggtgggtttt
     9001 ccagtcacac ctcaggtacc tttaagacca atgacttaca aggcagctgt agatcttagc
     9061 cactttttaa aagaaaaggg gggactggaa gggctaattc actcccaaag aagacaagat
     9121 atccttgatc tgtggatcta ccacacacaa ggctacttcc ctgattagca gaactacaca
     9181 ccagggccag gggtcagata tccactgacc tttggatggt gctacaagct agtaccagtt
     9241 gagccagata agatagaaga ggccaataaa ggagagaaca ccagcttgtt acaccctgtg
     9301 agcctgcatg ggatggatga cccggagaga gaagtgttag agtggaggtt tgacagccgc
     9361 ctagcatttc atcacgtggc ccgagagctg catccggagt acttcaagaa ctgctgacat
     9421 cgagcttgct acaagggact ttccgctggg gactttccag ggaggcgtgg cctgggcggg
     9481 actggggagt ggcgagccct cagatcctgc atataagcag ctgctttttg cctgtactgg
     9541 gtctctctgg ttagaccaga tctgagcctg ggagctctct ggctaactag ggaacccact
     9601 gcttaagcct caataaagct tgccttgagt gcttcaagta gtgtgtgccc gtctgttgtg
     9661 tgactctggt aactagagat ccctcagacc cttttagtca gtgtggaaaa tctctagca