LOCUS       HW857224                  21 bp    RNA     linear   PAT 24-JUN-2015
DEFINITION  JP 2015051004-A/21952: Novel siRNA's and Use Thereof.
VERSION     HW857224.1
KEYWORDS    JP 2015051004-A/21952.
SOURCE      synthetic construct
  ORGANISM  synthetic construct
            other sequences; artificial sequences.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 21)
  AUTHORS   Kalinski,H., Skaliter,R., Idelson,G.H., Mett,I. and Feinstein,E.
  TITLE     Novel siRNA's and Use Thereof
  JOURNAL   Patent: JP 2015051004-A 21952 19-MAR-2015;
            Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc
COMMENT     OS   artificial
            PN   JP 2015051004-A/21952
            PD   19-MAR-2015
            PF   01-OCT-2014 JP 2014203377
            PR   25-OCT-2006 US 60/854503           ,15-MAY-2007 US 60/930493
            PA   Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc
            PI   hagar kalinski,rami skaliter,gregory hirsh idelson,igor mett,
            PI   elena feinstein
            PT   "Novel siRNA's and Use Thereof"
            PS   N22000
            CC   RNA Oligomer
            FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..21
                     /mol_type="unassigned RNA"
                     /organism="synthetic construct"
BASE COUNT           10 a            2 c            5 g            4 t
        1 gacaagagat ttaagaatcg a