LOCUS       HV878541                  21 bp    RNA     linear   PAT 15-NOV-2012
DEFINITION  JP 2010507387-A/21952: Novel siRNAs and Methods of Use Thereof.
VERSION     HV878541.1
KEYWORDS    JP 2010507387-A/21952.
SOURCE      synthetic construct
  ORGANISM  synthetic construct
            other sequences; artificial sequences.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 21)
  AUTHORS   Kalinski,H., Idelson,G.H., Feinstein,E., Mett,I. and Skaliter,R.
  TITLE     Novel siRNAs and Methods of Use Thereof
  JOURNAL   Patent: JP 2010507387-A 21952 11-MAR-2010;
            Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc
COMMENT     OS   artificial
            PN   JP 2010507387-A/21952
            PD   11-MAR-2010
            PF   24-OCT-2007 JP 2009534052
            PR   15-MAY-2007 US    60/930493,25-OCT-2006 US    60/854503
            PA   Quark Pharmaceuticals Inc
            PI   hagar kalinski,gregory hirsh idelson,elena feinstein,igor mett,
            PI   rami skaliter
            PT   "Novel siRNAs and Methods of Use Thereof"
            PS   N22000
            CC   RNA Oligomer
            FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..21
                     /mol_type="unassigned RNA"
                     /organism="synthetic construct"
BASE COUNT           10 a            2 c            5 g            4 t
        1 gacaagagat ttaagaatcg a