LOCUS       HO634393                 680 bp    mRNA    linear   EST 19-JAN-2012
DEFINITION  penium_71836_c58376_c Penium margaritaceum EST library Penium
            margaritaceum cDNA 5', mRNA sequence.
VERSION     HO634393.1
DBLINK      BioSample: SAMN00169693
SOURCE      Penium margaritaceum
  ORGANISM  Penium margaritaceum
            Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Zygnemophyceae;
            Desmidiales; Peniaceae; Penium.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 680)
  AUTHORS   Timme,R.E., Bachvaroff,T.R. and Delwiche,C.F.
  TITLE     Broad phylogenomic sampling and the sister lineage of land plants
  JOURNAL   PLoS ONE 7 (1), e29696 (2012)
COMMENT     Contact: Delwiche CF
            Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
            University of Maryland - College Park
            2108 Bioscience Research Building, College Park, MD 20742, USA
            Tel: 301 405 8286
            ESTs cleaned with Lucy, seqclean, and repeatmasker.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..680
                     /organism="Penium margaritaceum"
                     /strain="SKD-2004, CL-18"
                     /clone_lib="SAMN00169693 Penium margaritaceum EST library"
                     /dev_stage="all except for sexual stages"
                     /note="Culture harvested from various time points during
                     the day and across the life cycle. No sexual stage was
                     seen for this strain."
BASE COUNT          144 a          176 c          184 g          176 t
        1 acgtcatgga tgtggatgct cactacggcg ggtttggcgc ggcccttgca gacaagccaa
       61 tgtggagcat gaatgtggtt cctaccacca gccccgacac actgcccatt gtctttgacc
      121 gtgggctgct gggcatctac cacgactggt gcgagtcgtt caacacgtac ccccgcacct
      181 acgacctcct gcatgtcgat cacttcctcg gccacgctgc taagagcaag aggtgcgacg
      241 tggcagacat catgctggaa tttgaccgca tcctccgccc tactggctat gtcatcatcc
      301 gtgagcatgc tgatcgtgct cctgttgtgg aaggcattgc caagggcctg cactgggacc
      361 tgaaaaagcg cttccaggag gagaatgagg ttctcctttc ctatcagaag accctctggc
      421 ggccacagta ggggcctagg gagttacttt tccaggtagg gtaggtggtc agtgctttcc
      481 cctccaatcc cacatgtgct gtgggtatga gctttcgata tttccttatt atatcataag
      541 gcaggactca gccctaaaat tctttcccac ttctcttgaa ctgaagatgt ggatttggat
      601 gtgggatgtt gtgtgctgtg ctgagagggg tcaaaactga cttttgacct gttcatatta
      661 gtgagggaaa gagcttaata