LOCUS       HO529150                 481 bp    mRNA    linear   EST 19-JAN-2012
DEFINITION  nitella_74953_c59375_c Nitella hyalina EST library Nitella hyalina
            cDNA 5', mRNA sequence.
VERSION     HO529150.1
DBLINK      BioSample: SAMN00169692
SOURCE      Nitella hyalina
  ORGANISM  Nitella hyalina
            Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Charophyceae; Charales;
            Characeae; Nitella.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 481)
  AUTHORS   Timme,R.E., Bachvaroff,T.R. and Delwiche,C.F.
  TITLE     Broad phylogenomic sampling and the sister lineage of land plants
  JOURNAL   PLoS ONE 7 (1), e29696 (2012)
COMMENT     Contact: Delwiche CF
            Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
            University of Maryland - College Park
            2108 Bioscience Research Building, College Park, MD 20742, USA
            Tel: 301 405 8286
            ESTs cleaned with Lucy, seqclean, and repeatmasker.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..481
                     /organism="Nitella hyalina"
                     /clone_lib="SAMN00169692 Nitella hyalina EST library"
                     /dev_stage="all stages"
                     /note="Culture harvested from various time points during
                     the day and across the life cycle."
BASE COUNT          100 a          137 c          126 g          118 t
        1 tcatccttct tgaagtatgc gtcgttgtat cgcgacacat caacaccgct gatatcgatc
       61 gatgtcgacg tggcgatcac atagacctga ttgactcgtc tcaagggcac gccagttcag
      121 gcttgtacgg acctgtgacg agaagcaacc cagactcaag ttgcttgaga aaaacaacgc
      181 gcttcccctt gaatctgccg gccagaagaa tcaaaacttt gcctggggtg atgctcgctc
      241 tgagctttgc cggcttcttg gatgtagatc tcttgtgcat cggctttggc acatcgtctg
      301 cagggtaaaa ccgtggtgcc ttggtcttcg gaggctccgg aacggtgcct tggcatgcac
      361 tggcaacgct ccgccattct tcgccttgat tgcccacagc cctctcttgt ggtacataac
      421 agagcgggag aacttcccga ctccacgaac aagctgcggg ttccgcgagg tatgcgcctt
      481 c