LOCUS       CP047070             6264350 bp    DNA     circular BCT 26-DEC-2019
DEFINITION  Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain Environ_2 chromosome.
VERSION     CP047070.1
DBLINK      BioProject: PRJNA595961
            BioSample: SAMN13577968
SOURCE      Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  ORGANISM  Pseudomonas aeruginosa
            Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Pseudomonadales;
            Pseudomonadaceae; Pseudomonas.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 6264350)
  AUTHORS   Csorgo,B.
  TITLE     A minimal CRISPR-Cas3 system for genome engineering
  JOURNAL   Unpublished
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 6264350)
  AUTHORS   Csorgo,B.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (17-DEC-2019) Microbiology and Immunology, UCSF, 600 16th
            Street, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA
COMMENT     ##Genome-Assembly-Data-START##
            Assembly Method           :: Geneious Read Mapper v. 2019.1.3
            Genome Representation     :: Full
            Expected Final Version    :: Yes
            Reference-guided Assembly :: NC_002516
            Genome Coverage           :: 157x
            Sequencing Technology     :: Illumina MiSeq
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..6264350
                     /organism="Pseudomonas aeruginosa"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /note="derived from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1"
     assembly_gap    42962..43165
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    43741..43917
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    45978..46026
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    51432..51500
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    51893..53688
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    55217..55254
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    68809..69393
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    119589..120054
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    120675..122242
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    161538..161584
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    227883..227934
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    230622..237082
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    295970..296070
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    499856..501195
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    654490..654732
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    749037..749649
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    753842..755805
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    759550..760567
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    785580..788280
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    892305..892365
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1062558..1064644
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1065907..1067936
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1068817..1068852
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1174876..1175138
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1175640..1176562
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1176655..1182054
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1182736..1182836
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1183615..1184074
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1184681..1186965
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1245351..1247693
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1339587..1339635
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1478991..1480126
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1481128..1489418
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1496553..1497628
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1498027..1516117
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1985364..1986503
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2087055..2088347
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2116811..2118300
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2119878..2122284
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2277508..2279259
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2279538..2279713
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2311194..2318002
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2404303..2407004
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2407672..2408820
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2409701..2410138
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2439142..2451339
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2556788..2558172
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2558494..2558523
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2623336..2624050
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2662927..2662944
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2663429..2663440
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2698572..2699912
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2707309..2707412
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2749678..2749688
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2756342..2757175
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2759129..2763730
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2764068..2765403
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2765458..2767246
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2767424..2767526
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2767590..2767633
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2769456..2769486
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2770465..2770537
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2770943..2777542
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2779324..2779527
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2780423..2780690
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3043499..3044805
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3087647..3087666
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3088092..3089031
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3089182..3089230
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3089381..3099071
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3150647..3152229
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3171630..3173285
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3526731..3527003
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3527154..3527221
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3527372..3527649
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3527910..3535338
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3535600..3547244
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3683760..3684111
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3841881..3843269
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3874395..3874451
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3899919..3899986
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3901999..3906981
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3914160..3930525
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4008941..4009085
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4294268..4296883
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4326841..4329401
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4329543..4333052
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4473550..4474782
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4502820..4502832
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4693346..4713906
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4714133..4714616
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4720287..4732326
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4789002..4789093
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5069132..5069239
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5382523..5383751
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5725206..5725643
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5988189..5988307
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
BASE COUNT      1011850 a      2036253 c      2002222 g       995279 t
        1 tttaaagaga ccggcgattc tagtgaaatc gaacgggcag gtcaatttcc aaccagcgat
       61 gacgtaatag atagatacaa ggaagtcatt tttcttttaa aggatagaaa cggttaatgc
      121 tcttgggacg gcgcttttct gtgcataact cgatgaagcc cagcaattgc gtgtttctcc
      181 ggcaggcaaa aggttgtcga gaaccggtgt cgaggctgtt tccttcctga gcgaagcctg
      241 gggatgaacg agatggttat ccacagcggt tttttccaca cggctgtgcg cagggatgta
      301 cccccttcaa agcaagggtt atccacaaag tccaggacga ccgtccgtcg gcctgcctgc
      361 ttttattaag gtcttgattt gcttggggcc tcagcgcatc ggcatgtgga taagtccggc
      421 ccgtccggct acaataggcg cttatttcgt tgtgccgcct ttccaatctt tgggggatat
      481 ccgtgtccgt ggaactttgg cagcagtgcg tggatcttct ccgcgatgag ctgccgtccc
      541 aacaattcaa cacctggatc cgtcccttgc aggtcgaagc cgaaggcgac gaattgcgtg
      601 tgtatgcacc caaccgtttc gtcctcgatt gggtgaacga gaaatacctc ggtcggcttc
      661 tggaactgct cggtgaacgc ggcgagggtc agttgcccgc cctttcctta ttaataggca
      721 gcaagcgtag ccgtacgccg cgcgccgcca tcgtcccatc gcagacccac gtggctcccc
      781 cgcctccggt tgctccgccg ccggcgccag tgcagccggt atcggccgcg cccgtggtgg
      841 tgccacgtga agagctgccg ccagtgacga cggctcccag cgtgtcgagc gacccctacg
      901 agccggaaga gcccagcatc gatccgctgg ccgccgccat gccggccgga gcagcgcctg
      961 cggtacgcac cgagcgcaac gtccaggtcg aaggcgcgct gaagcacacc agctatctca
     1021 accgtacctt caccttcgag aacttcgtcg agggcaagtc caaccagttg gcccgcgccg
     1081 ccgcctggca ggtggcggac aacctcaagc acggctacaa cccgctgttc ctctacggtg
     1141 gcgtcggcct gggcaagacc cacctgatgc atgcggtggg caaccacctg ctgaagaaga
     1201 acccgaacgc caaggtggtc tacctgcatt cggaacgttt cgtcgcggac atggtgaagg
     1261 ccttgcagct caacgccatc aacgaattca agcgcttcta ccgctcggtg gacgcactgt
     1321 tgatcgacga catccagttc ttcgcccgta aggagcgctc ccaggaggag ttcttccaca
     1381 ccttcaacgc ccttctcgaa ggcggccagc aggtgatcct caccagcgac cgctatccga
     1441 aggaaatcga aggcctggaa gagcggctga agtcccgctt cggctggggc ctgacggtgg
     1501 ccgtcgagcc gccggaactg gaaacccggg tggcgatcct gatgaagaag gccgagcagg
     1561 cgaagatcga gctgccgcac gatgcggcct tcttcatcgc ccagcgcatc cgttccaacg
     1621 tgcgtgaact ggaaggtgcg ctgaagcggg tgatcgccca ctcgcacttc atgggccggc
     1681 cgatcaccat cgagctgatt cgcgagtcgc tgaaggacct gttggccctt caggacaagc
     1741 tggtcagcat cgacaacatc cagcgcaccg tcgccgagta ctacaagatc aagatatccg
     1801 atctgttgtc caagcggcgt tcgcgctcgg tggcgcgccc gcgccaggtg gccatggcgc
     1861 tctccaagga gctgaccaac cacagcctgc cggagatcgg cgtggccttc ggcggtcggg
     1921 atcacaccac ggtgttgcac gcctgtcgta agatcgctca acttagggaa tccgacgcgg
     1981 atatccgcga ggactacaag aacctgctgc gtaccctgac aacctgacgc agcccacgag
     2041 gcaagggact agaccatgca tttcaccatt caacgcgaag ccctgttgaa accgctgcaa
     2101 ctggtcgccg gcgtcgtgga acgccgccag acattgccgg ttctctccaa cgtcctgctg
     2161 gtggtcgaag gccagcaact gtcgctgacc ggcaccgacc tcgaagtcga gctggttggt
     2221 cgcgtggtac tggaagatgc cgccgaaccc ggcgagatca ccgtaccggc gcgcaagctg
     2281 atggacatct gcaagagcct gccgaacgac gtgctgatcg acatccgtgt cgaagagcag
     2341 aaacttctgg tgaaggccgg gcgtagccgc ttcaccctgt ccaccctgcc ggccaacgat
     2401 ttccccaccg tagaggaagg tcccggctcg ctgaacttca gcattgccca gagcaagctg
     2461 cgtcgcctga tcgaccgcac cagcttcgcc atggcccagc aggacgtgcg ttactacctc
     2521 aacggcatgc tgctggaagt gaacggcggc accctgcgct ccgtcgccac cgacggtcac
     2581 cgactggcca tgtgctcgct ggatgcgcag atcccgtcgc aggaccgcca ccaggtgatc
     2641 gtgccgcgca aaggcatcct cgaactggct cgtctgctca ccgagcagga cggcgaagtc
     2701 ggcatcgtcc tgggccagca ccatatccgt gccaccactg gcgaattcac cttcacttcg
     2761 aagctggtgg acggcaagtt cccggactac gagcgtgtac tgccgcgcgg tggcgacaag
     2821 ctggtggtcg gtgaccgcca gcaactgcgc gaagccttca gccgcaccgc gatcctctcc
     2881 aacgagaagt accgcggcat tcgcctgcag ctttccaacg gtttgctgaa aatccaggcg
     2941 aacaacccgg agcaggaaga ggccgaggaa gaagtgcagg tcgagtacaa cggcggcaac
     3001 ctggagatcg gcttcaacgt cagttacctg ctcgacgtgc tgggtgtgat cggtaccgag
     3061 caggtccgct tcatcctttc cgattccaac agcagcgccc tggtccacga ggccgacaat
     3121 gacgattctg cctatgtcgt catgccgatg cgcctctaat cacactgaat gtccctgacc
     3181 cgcgtttcgg tcaccgcggt gcgcaacctg cacccggtga ccctctcccc ctctccccgc
     3241 atcaacatcc tctacggcga taatggcagc ggcaagacca gcgtgctcga agccatccac
     3301 ctgctaggcc tggcgcgttc attccgcagt gcgcgcttgc agccggtgat ccagtatgag
     3361 gaagcggcct gcaccgtatt cggccaggtg atgttggcca acggcattgc cagcaacctg
     3421 gggatttccc gtgagcgcca gggcgagttc accattcgca tcgatgggca gaacgcccga
     3481 agtgcggctc aattagcgga aactcttcca ctgcaactga tcaacccgga cagctttcgg
     3541 ttgctcgagg gagcgccgaa gatccgccga cagttcctcg attggggagt gttccacgtg
     3601 gaacctcggt ttctgcccgt ctggcagcgc ctgcagaagg cgctgcgcca gcggaactcc
     3661 tggctccggc atggtaaact ggatcccgcg tcgcaagcgg cctgggaccg ggaattgagc
     3721 ctggccagcg atgagatcga tgcctaccgc agaagctata tccaggcgtt gaaaccggta
     3781 ttcgaggaaa ccctcgccga attggtttca ctggatgacc tgacccttag ctactaccga
     3841 ggctgggaca aggaccggga cctcctggag gtcctggctt ccagcctgtt acgcgaccag
     3901 cagatgggcc acacccaggc gggaccgcag cgtgcggatc ttcgcatacg gttggcaggt
     3961 cataacgccg cggagattct ctcgcgcggt cagcagaagc tggtggtatg cgccctgcgc
     4021 atcgcccaag gccatctgat caatcgcgcc aagcgcggac agtgcgtcta cctggtggac
     4081 gacctgccct cggaactgga tgagcagcat cgaatggctc tttgccgctt gcttgaagat
     4141 ttgggttgcc aggtattcat cacctgcgtg gacccgcaac tattgaaaga cggctggcgc
     4201 acggatacgc cggtatccat gttccacgtg gaacatggaa aagtctctca gaccacgacc
     4261 atcgggagtg aagcatgagc gagaacaaca cgtacgactc ttccagcatc aaggtgctga
     4321 aggggctgga tgccgtacgc aagcgccccg gcatgtacat cggcgacacc gacgatggca
     4381 ccggtctgca ccacatggtg ttcgaggtgg tggataactc catcgacgaa gcgctggccg
     4441 gttactgcag cgaaatcagc atcaccatcc atacggatga gtcgatcact gtccgcgaca
     4501 atggacgcgg tattccggtg gatatccaca aggaagaagg ggtttctgcg gcggaagtga
     4561 tcatgaccgt cctccacgcc ggcggcaagt tcgacgacaa cacctacaag gtgtccggcg
     4621 gcttgcacgg tgtgggcgtc tcggtggtga acgcgctgtc ccatgaacta cgcctgacca
     4681 tccgtcgcca caacaaggtc tgggaacagg tctaccacca cggcgttccg cagttcccac
     4741 tgcgcgaagt gggcgagacc gatggctccg gtaccgaagt tcacttcaag ccgtccccgg
     4801 agaccttcag caacatccac ttcagttggg acatcctggc caagcgcatc cgcgagctgt
     4861 ccttcctcaa ctccggcgtc ggcatcctgc tgcgcgacga gcgtaccggc aaggaggagc
     4921 tgttcaagta cgaaggcggt ctgaaggcct tcgtcgagta cctgaacacc aacaagaccg
     4981 cggtgaacga ggtattccac ttcaacgtcc agcgtgaaga ggacggcgtg ggtgtggaag
     5041 tcgccttgca gtggaacgac agcttcaacg agaacctgct ctgcttcacc aacaacatcc
     5101 cgcagcgtga tggcggcacc cacctggccg gtttccgttc ggcgctgacg cgtaacctga
     5161 acaactacat cgaggccgaa ggcctggcga agaaattcaa gatcgccacc accggcgacg
     5221 atgcccgcga aggcctcacc gcgatcatct cggtgaaggt accggacccg aagttcagct
     5281 cgcagaccaa ggacaagctg gtctcctccg aggtgaagac tgcggtggaa caggagatgg
     5341 gcaagtactt cgccgacttc ctgctggaga atcccaacga agccaaggcc gtggtcggca
     5401 agatgatcga cgccgcccgt gcccgcgagg ccgcgcgcaa ggcgcgcgag atgacccgcc
     5461 gcaagggcgc gctggacatc gccggcctgc ccggcaaact ggccgattgc caggaaaagg
     5521 acccggcgct ctccgaactg tacatcgtgg agggtgactc cgcgggcggt tccgccaagc
     5581 agggccgcaa tcgccggacc caggcgatcc tgccgctcaa gggcaagatc ctcaacgtcg
     5641 aaaaggcgcg cttcgacaag atgctctcct cccaggaggt cggtacgctg atcaccgccc
     5701 tgggctgtgg catcggccgc gaggaataca acatcgacaa gctgcgctac cacaacatca
     5761 tcatcatgac cgatgctgac gtcgacggtt cgcacatccg caccctgctg ttgaccttct
     5821 tcttccgcca gatgcccgag ctgatcgagc gtggctacat ctacatcgcc cagcccccgt
     5881 tgtacaaggt caagcgcggc aagcaggagc agtacatcaa ggacgaccag gccatggaag
     5941 agtacatgac ccagtcggcc ctggaagacg ccagcctgca tgtcaacgag cacgctccgg
     6001 gcctgtccgg ggcggcgctg gagaaactgg tcaacgagta tcgcggggtg atcgccaccc
     6061 tcaagcgcct gtcgcgcctg tacccccagg agctgaccga gcacttcatc tacctgccta
     6121 ccgtgtcggt ggacgacctg gctaacgagt cggccatgca gggctggttg gagaagttcc
     6181 aggcgcgcct gaccgccgcc gagaagtccg gcctgaccta caaggccagc ctgcgcgaag
     6241 accgcgagcg ccacctgtgg ctgcccgagg tggaactggt ggcccacggc ctgtccagct
     6301 acgtcacctt caaccgtgac ttcttcgcca gcaatgacta ccgctcggtg tcgctgctcg
     6361 gcgaccagct gaacagcctg ctggaagacg gcgcctacgt gcagaagggt gagcgcaagc
     6421 gcccgatcag cgccttcaag gacggcctgg actggctgat ggccgaaggt accaagcgcc
     6481 acagcatcca gcgatacaag gggctgggcg agatgaaccc tgagcagctg tgggaaacca
     6541 ccatggatcc gaacgtccgg cgcatgctca aggtgaccat cgaggatgcc atcgccgccg
     6601 accagatctt caacaccctg atgggcgatg ccgtggagcc gcgccgcgac ttcatcgaaa
     6661 gcaacgcgct ggcggtgtcg aacctggacg tgtgacaggt cggcagaccg accctcatgg
     6721 aaaccccggc ctggcgccgg ggttttcttt ttgctccagg tagcctggat acgggcgcca
     6781 ggggtgcctt gccaaggtgt ggccgagccc cggttactcg ccggcattgg caccctggac
     6841 ccgggcctcc tggcggcgtg gcaccgcttc tgtgggcagc ggtcgccggt cggttcggtc
     6901 gatcgttgcc agccggcctt gctttgcgcc tcgcgtgaaa acaagaagcc ccgctatggc
     6961 ggggcttctt ttatcgaatc ggcgcacagt acgccttgca gggggctttg cggcccttca
     7021 cgagaccacc gacggctccg gatggctgac ccgctgctgg atggggctga tctcggccat
     7081 ggtctcgctg acccaggctt cggcgcgctg gtttagctcg gcgatggcgc gcgggccttc
     7141 gccttcggcg tgcatggccg ggccgatcac cacctggatg gtgcccgggt acttggccca
     7201 gccggccttg ggccaatact gcccggcgtt gtgggcgatc ggcagtaccg gtagcccggc
     7261 gttgaccgcc agggcggtgc cgccgcggga gaacttgccc atctgcccca ccggaatacg
     7321 cgtgccttcc gggaagatca gcacccaggc gcctttcttc aggcactcgt cgccctgctt
     7381 ggccagttgc ttgagggcca gcttgggctg gctgcggtcg atggcgatgg gcttgagcag
     7441 ggccagggcc cagccgaaga acggcacgta gagcagctcg cgcttgagta cctggctgag
     7501 tggctcgaag aagccggaga ggaagaaggt ttcccaggtg ctctggtgct tggagaggat
     7561 cacgcagggc ttttccggga tgttctccag cccacgcacc tcgtagcgga tgccggcgac
     7621 cacgcgggtc agccagatcg cgaagcggca ccagttctgt accacgaagc ggtagcgggc
     7681 gcggaacggc aggatcggcg cgatgaagaa gctgagggtg ccccagacga acgcgctggc
     7741 ggacagcagc aggtaaaaga ggacggttct gatggcctgc actgtcgaca tgtattctga
     7801 ccttactgaa gtaatgcgct ggcgactgcc gccagatcgt cgaatatcag ggtgccctct
     7861 ggcaagggct tgcccagcgt acgtacacct tttccggtct ttaccaacac cggctgacaa
     7921 tcgacggccc gcgccgcctc caggtcaccg atgctgtcgc cgacgaacca gatacccgac
     7981 agatcgaccc cgtagtgctt gccgatctgc cgcagcatac ccggcttcgg cttgcggcag
     8041 tcgcaaccgt cgtccggtcc atgcggacaa tagacgatga ggccgacctc gccgccctgc
     8101 tccgcgacca gttcgcgcaa gcgcgcatgc atggcctcga gcaccgccag gtcgtaatag
     8161 ccacgggcga tgccggactg gttggtagcc accgcgacgg tccagccggc cttgctcagg
     8221 cgggcgatgg cctcgatcga gctggggatg gggatccact cgtcgagggt cttgatgtaa
     8281 tcgtcggagt cgaggttgat gactccatcg cggtcgagaa tcagcaggga acgggacatc
     8341 gatgcgcagt tggccatgaa cggaaaggat cgattctacc tcagccagcc ggagcatcgc
     8401 ggatggatcg acgagccccc tacgctggac aatctgtact agattcaata atggcaatgg
     8461 aatggcaatc ccaggccagg gagtcatttg gcacgcagca gtgggtgtct cggagtacgt
     8521 gcgaacccct tggcgggtgg atcaccggag taacgcagta agcgcctatc gcatgccagc
     8581 acggccgacc ggccgtgttt ccaccacagg tggagcgggc atgacgacgg gggagttccg
     8641 gggcgtctgc ccgttcccaa ggacggtaac cgtgaaacgc ctgaaaaaga cactgcacct
     8701 ttcaagcttg tccctcgttt ccctggctct ttcttccgcc gccctggcgg ccgctccggt
     8761 catgctcgac cagggcaagg aatggaccga aagccaccgc caggacttct acagccgcga
     8821 ccagggctcg caggtgatgc ccctgccctg gctcaaggcg ttgcgacagc cggatggaac
     8881 gcctttcctc gccgacagcc tggcccgcta cggctatttg cccaatccca aggcgcccgc
     8941 ggaaggcctg ccggtgggct tcaccgtagc cggcacgggc gcccggcaga tggtcggcat
     9001 gacctgttcg gcttgccata cccggcagat cgaggtgaag ggcactgcct atcggataga
     9061 cggcggtccg gcgatcgtcg acttccaggc attcctcgcc gacctcgatc gggccgtggg
     9121 atcgctgacc agcgatgacg ccgccttcga cgccttcgcc aagcagatcc tcggggccaa
     9181 tccgcctccc ggtgcgcgcg acgccctgct cgcggcggtg aaggaatggt acgagcccta
     9241 tcacacgctg atcgagcgcg cgctgcccaa ggacacctgg ggaccggcgc ggctggacgc
     9301 ggtatcgatg atcttcaacc gccttaccgg gctggatatc ggcaccgcgc cgccctatct
     9361 gattcccgac aacatcaagg cggcggatgc gccggtgcgc tacccgttcc tgtggaacgc
     9421 ggcgcggcag aacaagaccc agtggcccgg gttcgccgcc aacggcaacg acctgctcgg
     9481 cctggcgcgc aatgtcggcg aggtctacgg ggtgttcgcc accttccacc cgcagaagag
     9541 caagttccac ctgctgggca tggactacct gaagatcaac tcggccaact tccacggtct
     9601 gggcaagctg gaagacctga tcaagaagat cggcccgccg aagtggccct gggcggtgga
     9661 caagcacctg gccaggaaag gcgcgctgat cttcgcccgc aagaccgacg aaggtggctg
     9721 cgtggagtgc cacggcatcc ggatcaagga cctggtgctt tgggacactc cgctgaggga
     9781 cgtcggcagc gacagccgcc agcacgccat cctcgatggc caggtgcaga ccggcgtgat
     9841 ggagggcgcg cggatgccgt tcggccagcc gctgaaggcg accgacggag ccttcgatgt
     9901 actcgccgta gcggtggccg gttcgatcct gcagcacttc gtgccgatcc tcggtgagaa
     9961 gcacgatgcc aaggcggcgg tggtcaagcc ggaaagcgtg atgaccgacg aaacccggca
    10021 actgctgacc gccttccaga agccggtgcg tacccaggcc gacccctacc cctacgaatc
    10081 gcgggtcctg caggggatct gggcagcggc gccgtacctg cacaacggct cggtgccgac
    10141 cctggaagag ttgctgaagc cggccgcgga gcgggtggaa tccttcccgg tgggctcggc
    10201 ctacgacgtg gacaaggtcg gcctcgccgc ccagcagacc caattcggca gctatgtgct
    10261 gaagaccacc ggctgcgagc agcgtgattc cggcaacagc cgctgcggcc atgagtacgg
    10321 caccagcctg tcggccgagg agaagcgcgc gctgctggag tatctgaagg tcctgtagtg
    10381 aaaaaggccc ggtgtcgcga ggacgccggg ccttttcttc gaggcgggac tggctcagcc
    10441 gagcagcgag atgtccgcca ccccgaggaa cgacccgcgc agcttggcca gcagcgcata
    10501 gcggttggcg cgcaccgccg cgtcgtcgac attgaccatc acatcggcga agaacgtatc
    10561 caccggctcg cgcaaggccg ccaggcgggc cagcgcggcg cgatagtcgc gtgccgctgc
    10621 cagcggcgcg acttcgcttt cggcgttcgc cacggcgctg cccagggcct tctcggcggc
    10681 ttccaccagc aggctggaat ccacgttcgg cggaacctcg tcctcggact tggcgagaat
    10741 attcgacacc cgtttgttcg ccgcggccag ggcctcggct tcaggcaact ggcggaaggc
    10801 ctggacggcc tgtacgcgct ggtcgaagtc cagcggcgag cttggcttga gcgcgcgcac
    10861 cgactggtac acggccacgt ccacgccttc gtcctcgtag cgcgcgcgca ggcggtcgaa
    10921 cacgaagtcc agcacctgct cggccaggcc ggcggccttg accttgtcgc cgtattgctc
    10981 gacggcggcg ttgaccgcgg ctaccaggtc caggtcgagc tgcttctcga tgaggatgcg
    11041 cagcacgccc agcgcagcgc ggcgcagcgc gtaggggtcc ttgctgccgg tgggaagcat
    11101 gccgatgccg aagataccga ccagggtatc gagcttgtcg gccaccgcca cggcggcgcc
    11161 ggtcagggtc gagggtagct cggcgccggc gccgcgcggc atgtactgct cgttgagggc
    11221 cagggcgacg tcttccgctt cgccgccgtg ggtggcgtag tagtagccgg cgatgccctg
    11281 catttcgggg aactcgccga ccatctcggt cgccaggtca cacttggaca ggatgccggc
    11341 gcgcgcggcg ttctgcgcat tgccgcctat acgttcggcg atgtaggcgg ccaggccgga
    11401 tacgcgctgg gccttctcga acacggtgcc gagctgggcc tggaacacta cgttgcgcag
    11461 gcgctcattg aagctttcga gcggctgctt cttgtcctgc ttgaagaaga actcggcgtc
    11521 ggtgaggcgc gggcgaacca ccttctcgtt accgctgacg atgttctccg gcgccttgct
    11581 ctcgacgttg gcgacggtga tgaagcgagg cagcagcttg ccgttggcgt ccagcaggca
    11641 gaagtatttc tggttgtcct gcatggtggt gatcagggct tcctgcggga cctcgaggaa
    11701 gcgctcctcg aaggagcaga ccagcggcac cggccactcg accagtgcag tcacttcgtc
    11761 gagcaggctc ggcggcacga tggcgctgcc ctgttgctcg gcggccagtt cggccacgcg
    11821 cttggcgatc agctcgcggc gctcggcgaa atcggccagc acatgagcgc cgcgcaggtc
    11881 ttccagatac gctgccgggc tggaaatacg cacattgtcc ggattgtgga agcggtggcc
    11941 acgggattcg cgcccggctt tctgggcgag gatctcgcac tcgaccacat cgtcgccgaa
    12001 cagcatcacc agccattggg tcggacgcac gaactcctcg cggcgagctg cccagcgcat
    12061 ccgcttggga atcggcagtt cgttcaacga ggcctcgacg atgcccggca gcaggccggc
    12121 ggccggttgg ccggcgatgg tctggctgaa gcgcagcttc ggaccgctct tgtcgatctg
    12181 ctgcagatcc acgccgcact tcttggcgaa gcccagggcg gcctgggtcg ggttaccgct
    12241 ggcgtcgaag gcggcctgta gcggcggacc gtctaggttg acggtacggt cgggctgctg
    12301 cacggcgagt tgctcgacca gcacggcgag acgacgcggc gccgcataga aacgcgcagc
    12361 ggcatagctc agaccggcag ccttgaggcc cttctcgata ccgctgagga aggcttcgcc
    12421 gaggctgttg agggcttttg gcggcagctc ttcggtgccc agttcgacca ggaaatcctt
    12481 ggcgctcatc attcggcctc cttcagcttg gccagtactt cgtcacgcaa ttcgggggtg
    12541 gccatgggga agccgaggcg cgcgcgggcc tgcaggtagc tctgcgccac ggcgcgggcc
    12601 agggtacgca cgcgaaggat gtagcgctgg cgctcggtga ccgagatggc gcgccgcgca
    12661 tccagcaggt tgaaggtatg cgaagccttg aggaccatct cgtaggtcgg caacggcagc
    12721 tccagcgcga tcaggcggtt ggcttcgctt tcgtagaagt cgaacagttc gaacagcttc
    12781 ggcacgttgg cgtgctcgaa gttgaaagtg gattgctcca cctcgttctg gtggaacacg
    12841 tcgccatagg tgaccttgcc gaacgggccg tcggtccaga ccaggtcgta gaccgagtcc
    12901 acgccctgca ggtacatggc caggcgctcc aggccgtagg tgatctcgcc ggtgaccgga
    12961 tagcactcga tgccgccgac ctgctggaag taggtgaact gggtgacttc catgccgttc
    13021 agccagattt cccaacccag gccccaggcg ccgagggtcg gcgactccca gttgtcctcg
    13081 acgaagcgga tgtcgtggac cagcgggtcg atgccgatgg ctttcagcga gccgaggtac
    13141 agctcctgga agttctccgg gttcggcttc aggaccacct gaaactggta gtagtgctgc
    13201 aggcggttgg ggttctcgcc gtagcgaccg tcggtggggc ggcggctcgg ctggacgtag
    13261 gcggcgttcc aggtctccgg gccgatggcg cggaggaagg tggcggtgtg gaaggtgccg
    13321 gcgcccactt ccatgtcgta gggctgcagc accacgcagc cctgctctgc ccagtagttc
    13381 tgcagggcga gaatcaggtc ttggaaggtg cgcacggcgg gcgtagtctg gctcacgaaa
    13441 ttcacctgtg ctgaggcttc gatacaaaac gcggaagtat acccgattcc tgcgccgcct
    13501 cgcccgtccc cccgatccct ggaaaaccac ggaaagcctt atgccacgct gcttctggtg
    13561 caacgacgat cccctctaca tggcctacca cgatgaggag tggggtgtgc cgcagcgcga
    13621 tcccgacacg ctgttcgaac ttctgctgct ggagggcttc caggccgggt tgtcctggat
    13681 caccgtgctg aagaagcgcg agcgctaccg cgaggtgctg ttcggcttcg acgtgcagcg
    13741 ggtggcacag atgagcgacg cggagatcga cgaactgatg ctcgaccccg gcatcattcg
    13801 caatcgggcc aagctcaacg ctgcgcggca gaacgcccag gcctggctgg agctggacga
    13861 cccggctggg ttcctctggt ccttcgtcgg cggccagccg aagatcaacc atttcgccgg
    13921 tcgcgccgag gtgccggcga ttaccccgga agccgaggcc atgagcaagg cgctgcgcaa
    13981 ggccggcttc aacttcgtcg ggccgaccat ctgctacgcc ttcatgcagg ccagcggcat
    14041 ggtcatggac catacccagg actgcgaccg ttacgcccaa ctcgtcggct agccgggcgc
    14101 tccctgacgg atgcgttcgg atgttccacg tggaacatcg gcgcgcagca tagctggtcg
    14161 ccccgcttcc ttggctgccg ccctcgcctt cttcctggcg tacaatgcgc gttcgagtcg
    14221 agcgaggagt gtttcgtgga gaaattcaaa ggtgccctgg tggtgggggc cctacgcctg
    14281 ttcgcgttat tgccctggcg tgccgtgcaa ggcgtcgggg ccggcatagg ctggctgatg
    14341 tggaaattgc cgaatcgatc ccgcgaggta gtgcggatca acctgtccaa gtgcttcccc
    14401 gagttgtctg aaaccgaact ggaaaagctg gtcggacaaa gcctaatgga tattggccgg
    14461 accctcaccg aaagtgcctg cgcctggatc tggccgcctg aaaagtcgct gagatacatc
    14521 cgcgaggtcg aaggcatgga ggtgctggag gaagcgctgg cttccggcga tggcctggtc
    14581 ggcattacca gtcacctggg aaactgggaa gtactcaacc acttctattg ctcctacgcc
    14641 aagccgatca tcttctatcg tccgcccaag ctgaaggcag tcgacgaatt gctgaagaag
    14701 caacgcgtgc aattgggcaa ccgcgtcgca ccttccactc cggagggtat cctcagcgtc
    14761 atcaaggaag tgaagaaagg cggttgcgta ggaattcccg ccgaccccga gcccgcgcgt
    14821 accgctgggc tcttcgtgcc ctacctgggc accactgcat tgatcagcaa gttcgtcccg
    14881 cagttgcttt cacgcggcaa ggcgcgtgga gtgttcttcc atgcggtgcg cctgcccgat
    14941 ggtagcggtt acaaggtgat cctcgaagcg gctccggcgg acatgtacga caaggacctg
    15001 gaagtgtctg tagcagccat gagccgcgag ttggcgaagt atgtacgagc ctatcccagc
    15061 cagtacatgt ggagcatgaa acgcttcaag aaccgcccgg atggcgagaa aaaatggtac
    15121 tgaggaaagg gcgtcggaag acgccttttt catatccggg tactatgctc agctctgccg
    15181 cctcctccgc aggtcccgag ggactcgatg gataatcaac gacaataccc acgaaccccg
    15241 ctcaagtgcc gaatccgtat cagtcacccg ctatttggcg agctgatggc gcagacacgc
    15301 gacctgtccg acaccggggt ctatgtcaaa cacccggagc tgacccagct cccaacaggc
    15361 agtgtcgtta ctggccaggt acaggacttg ccgatcgacg cgccgatcct gcagatggaa
    15421 gtcgtgcgag tcgatgcgga aggcgtcggc ctgcgctttc tcagcgaagc ctgaacggtg
    15481 gtgttccacg tggaacccca ggcatgagcc actgatcaca gagtgggcga aaccgctgcc
    15541 ggttatcggc tagaatgcgc gccgctcggc atggtgccgg gcatgggttc cctcacccca
    15601 tcgcgcaaaa aggacagcac atgtcagcct cttctccggc ggcctggcgc ggcaccctgg
    15661 ccggcctgat cgccttccac atcttcatca tcatcgccag caactacctg gtgcagttgc
    15721 cgatcaccct gtttggctgg cacaccacct ggggcgcctt cagctttccg ttcatcttcc
    15781 tggctaccga cctcaccgtg cgcctgctgg gcaagggccc tgcccggctg gtcatcgccc
    15841 gggtcatgat cccggcgttg atcgcctcct acgtagtctc ggtgttattc caggaagcgg
    15901 cgttccgtgg tttctccgcg ctgctcgagt tcaacacctt cgtcgcccgg atctccctgg
    15961 caagcttcct cgcctatgtg ctcggacaga tcctcgatat ccaggtattc gaccgcctcc
    16021 gtcgttcccg gcactggtgg accgcgccag tcgcctcgac catcctcggc aacctgctgg
    16081 acaccttcac ctttttcttc gtggcgttct ggcgcagcga caatccgttc atggcgcagc
    16141 actgggtgga aatcgccacg gtggactacg gagtgaagct gagcatcagc cttctgctgt
    16201 tcgtgccgct ctacggcatg ctactcaacg gcatcctgaa gatgctgccg gggcggccgc
    16261 agagcaacgc ttgaggctta tcgaggcaat ctggaggaag ggcgcaacgg ccgtgaccgt
    16321 tgcgcccttc ttcattcagg aggtggtagc ccggtgcgct gccgtgagca gcgtcagggc
    16381 atcgccgccg agcgtgacca ggatgtgcgc cacgcgctga atgggaacgc cctgccctgt
    16441 ccgcacttcg atcctttcca aggcatggag gaggccgagg agagccctga ggcgctcctg
    16501 tacggattcg agcatctcat tggcggaggc gttccggtga acgtagagaa tcgcttgctc
    16561 gtatgggtat tcgacatagg acgggactga acgctcttgc ttcgacatgt tggctccgga
    16621 aaagtagttg aagtcaggtg tcgcgttcgg gctttgaccg aagcgatgag tcgaagctag
    16681 agggccggca gcggtcgctc aatggggttt tgggcgttcg ggatgcaggc tacatcgttg
    16741 acagaagttg cctacgaatg tgtggaacag gtctttgtaa aagtgtcgtc ggggcgtgct
    16801 cgaaccgttc tgccagcgct cgatgagcac gcccgacccg tctgccggaa ctccggccgg
    16861 cggatggcga gaacgcgctg cgcaagcctt ggccggacgc tcaggttctc gccctgtcga
    16921 gcttgcgcag gaacaccgtc atttcctttt cggcctgctt gtcgccatgc gtcgcggcag
    16981 ttgccaggcc ctgctcccag gcctgccggg cgcccgcgag atcgccggca gcctggcgcg
    17041 ccttgcccag cagcttccag ccggcggaat acttcgggtc ctgctctacg cagcgctgga
    17101 ggtgttccgc cgcgcgttcg gcgtcgcccg cgtccaggta gcccttgccc aggccgaagc
    17161 gcagcagcgc attgtccacg cctttggcca gcatcttttc cagaccttcg atcatcatcc
    17221 tgccctcttc caacgatgtc ggccattgtg cccggctccg gccaggcttt gcacggaaca
    17281 gggggattcg gcccttgcga aggaggcacg cggccccttg gtgttcgtag gccgaagccc
    17341 tatcgccgtt cgcgataggg cgtgcctcag aagaacgtca ggccggcctg gaacagtcgc
    17401 tcgacgtctc ggatgtattt cttgtcgacc aggaacagca gcacgtggtc gccgctctcg
    17461 atgcgggtgt cgccatgggc gatcagcact tcctcgtcgc gcaccagcgc gccgatagtg
    17521 gtgcccggcg gcagcttgat ctcgttgatc gagcgaccga tcaccttgct cgacttggcg
    17581 tcgccatggg ctaccacttc gatcgcttcg gctgcgccgc ggcgcagcga gtgtacgctc
    17641 tcgatgtcgc cgcggcgaac gtgggccagc agggtgccga tggtcgccag ttgcgggctg
    17701 atggcgatgt cgatctcgcc gccttgcacc aggtcgacat aggccgggtt gttgatcagg
    17761 gtcatcacct tgctcgcgcc gagccgcttg gccagcagcg aggacatgat gttggcctcg
    17821 tcgtcgttgg tcagggcgag gaacacgtcg gtctcgccga tgttttcctc cagcagcagg
    17881 tcgcggtcgg aagcgctgcc gttgagcacg atggtgctgt ccagggtatc cgagaggtgc
    17941 cggcagcgca gcgggctgcg ctcgatgatc tttacctggt agcggctctc gatggcctcg
    18001 gccaggcgct cgccgacatt gccgccgccg gcgatgatga tccgcttgta gctgtcgtcg
    18061 agcctgcgca tctcgcccat taccgcgcgg atatgggcct tggcggcgat gaagaagact
    18121 tcgtcgtcgg cctcgatcac cgtgtcgccc tggggaatga tcggccggtt gcggcggtag
    18181 atcgcggcga cgcgggtatc cacgttcggc atgtgctcgc gcagctggcg cagctcctgc
    18241 cctaccagag ggccgccgta gtaggccttg atcccgacca actgcgcctt gccctcggcg
    18301 aagtcgatga cttgcagcgc gccggggtgt tcgatcaggc gtttgatgta gttggtgacc
    18361 acctgctccg ggctgatcag cacgtccacc gggatcgcct cgttgtcgaa cagcccggta
    18421 cgggtcaggt aggccggctc gcggacgcgg gcgatcttgg tcggggtgtt gaacagggtg
    18481 taggcgacct ggcaggcgac catgttggtc tcgtcgctat tggtcaccgc caccagcatg
    18541 tcggcgtcgt cggcgccggc ctggcgcagc accgtgggga acgaggcctt gccttgcacg
    18601 gtgcggatgt cgaggcggtc gccgaggtcg cgcaggcggt cgccgtcggt gtcgaccacg
    18661 gtgatgtcgt tggcttcgct ggccaggtgc tcggccagtg tgccgccgac ctggccggca
    18721 ccgaggatga tgattttcat ggcaggaaac ggctcgtcag gtttcgatca acgggcggat
    18781 atcttgatca gcttggcata gtagaagcca tcgtggccct ccacctgcgg cagcaactgg
    18841 cggccgtggg gctgtttcat gccccagggg ccgggaaggt ccagttcgcg ggcgccgggc
    18901 gtgcgggcga ggaaggcggc gatgctgtcg ctgttttccg ccggcatcac cgaacaggtg
    18961 gcgtagagca gtacgccacc gacttccagg gtaggccaca gcgcgtcgag caattcaccc
    19021 tgcaggtgcg ccagggcggc gatgtcttcc ggcttgcgcg ccagcttgat gtccgggtgg
    19081 cggcggatca ccccggtggc cgagcacggc gcgtcgagga ggatgcgctg gaacggcttg
    19141 ccgtcccacc actccccggt ggccctggcg tcggcggcga ccaggctggc ttgcaggccg
    19201 agccgctgga ggttttcccg gacccttacc aggcggctct cctcgaggtc gacggcgacc
    19261 acttcggcca gttccggctg ggtttccagc aggtggcagg tcttgccgcc aggcgcacag
    19321 caggcgtcga ggacacgctg gccgggcgcg ctttcgagca gctcggcggc cagttgcgcg
    19381 gcttcgtcct ggacgctgac gcggccctcc gcgaagcccg gtagttcgcg cacgtcgcgc
    19441 ggcgcggcga gctggatgcc gtcgcggctg tagtcgcagg cgcgggcctc gattccggct
    19501 tcggcgagtt cggccaggta ggcatcgcgc tcgccgtggc gccgattgac ccgcaaggtc
    19561 atcggcgggt gtgcgttgtt cgctgcgcag agcgcgtcga gctgctccgg ccaggcctgc
    19621 ttgagcgctt tcagcagcca gcgcggatgt cccaggcgcg ctgagggatc gcggtcgacc
    19681 tcggccagca gcgtctcgcc ttcgcgctgc gcgcggcgca gcacggcgtt gagcacgccc
    19741 ttggcccagc ccttcttcag cttgtcggcg cagccgacgg tctcgccgat cgcggcgtgc
    19801 ggcggaatcc gcgtgtagag caactggtag aggccgatca gcagcagggc gtggatatcg
    19861 gtgtcggcgg ccttgaacgg cttctgcaac aggcgcgcgg ccagggcctg caggcgcggt
    19921 tgccagcgcg ccgcgccgaa ggccagctcc tgggtcaggc cgcgatcgcg cggggcgacc
    19981 ttgtccagtt gcggcggcaa cgcgccagac agcgaggcgc gtccggcgag caccgcggcc
    20041 agcgcctggc aggcggcgag acgcgggttc attggccgag cacctggccg gcggcgaatt
    20101 gctcgcggcg gctgttgtag aggtcggcga aggccagtgg cttgccgccc ggcacttgca
    20161 ggcgggtcag gcgcagggcg ccttcgccgc aggcgaccag caggccgtcg cgactggcct
    20221 cgaggatggt tccgggcgcc ccgctgccct gccccaggct ggcgccgagg actttcagcg
    20281 gagcatcggc gaggctggtg tggcagaccg gccagggggt gaaggcgcgg acctggcgct
    20341 ccagttcgac ggccggacgg ctccagtcga ggcgtgcctc gtccttgttc agcttgtgcg
    20401 cgtaggtggc cagggcgtcg tcctggatct cgccatgcag ggtgccggcg gccaggccgg
    20461 cgatggcttc gaccaccgct ttcgggccga gcgcggcgag ccggtcgtgc aggctgccgc
    20521 cggtgtccgc ggcggaaatc ggcgtgctca ccttgagcag catcgggccg gtgtcgagcc
    20581 ctgcttccat ctgcatcacg gtgacgccgc tctccgcgtc gccggcttcc accgcgcgct
    20641 ggatcggcgc ggcgccgcgc cagcgcggca gcagcgaggc gtggctgttg atgcagccca
    20701 ggcgcgggat atcgagtacc gcctggggca ggatcaggcc ataggcgacc accaccatca
    20761 ggtccgcgcg cagggccgcc agctccgcct gggcctcggc attacgcagg ctctgcggct
    20821 gcatgaccgg caggccatgc tccagggcca ggttcttcac cgcgctgggc atcagtttct
    20881 gcccgcggcc ggccggccgg tcaggctggg tgtagacggc gacgatccga tgtggggtgt
    20941 cgagcagggc cttgagatgc tcggcggcga attccggggt tccggcgaag acgatgcgca
    21001 atgcttggct catgcggggc tcgctaaaag aaaaaggctt gccggggcaa gcctttgggg
    21061 gatggggtca cgcctgctgt cgatgctgct tttccagctt cttgcggatg cggtcgcgct
    21121 tgagggtgga caggtagtcg acgaacagct tgccgttgag gtggtcgcat tcgtgctgga
    21181 tgcataccgc cagcaggcct tcggcgactt cctcgaaggg gttgccatcg cggtcgaggg
    21241 ccttgatccg gaccttctgc ggtcggtcca cgttctcgta gaagccgggt accgacaggc
    21301 agccttcctg gtactggtcc atatcctcgg tcagcggttc gaactcgggg ttgatgaata
    21361 ccctcggctc ggacttgtct tcgctgaggt ccatgaccac gatgcgcttg tgcacgttca
    21421 cctgggtcgc ggcgaggccg atgcccgggg cttcgtacat ggtttcgaac atgtcgtcga
    21481 tcagctggcg caccgcgtcg tcgaccacct ccaccggttt ggcgatggtc cgcaggcgcg
    21541 gatcggggaa ttcgagaatg ttcaggatgg ccatatgcgt ttgtgatgca cttgtggaat
    21601 cgattgaaaa tccgctgcta agatggcgcg cagcttgaaa acggcttcag accgcgattc
    21661 tcgcgggctt cgggcgtttc gcgtatgtcg acatgataaa gggattcact gcatgaggaa
    21721 atcactagtc gcccttctgc tccttgccgc gagcggtctg gcgcaggccc aggtcgacct
    21781 cagggaaggg catccggacc gctacacggt ggtcaggggc gataccctgt gggacatctc
    21841 ggggaaattc ctccgccagc catggaagtg gccggaactc tggcacgcca acccgcagat
    21901 ccagaatccc cacctgatct accccggcga cacactcagc ctggtctacg tcgatggcca
    21961 gccgcgcctg gtgctgaacc gtggcgaatc gcgcgggacc atcaagctgt cgccgaagat
    22021 ccgcagcacg ccgatcgccg aggccatccc gaccatcccg ctggacaaga tcaacagctt
    22081 cctgctggcc aaccgcatcg tcgatgacga gaagaccttc accagtgcgc cgtacatcgt
    22141 cgccggcaac gccgagcgga tcgtcagcgg caccggcgac cgcatctatg cccgcggcaa
    22201 gttcgccgac ggccagccgg cctatggcat cttccgccag ggcaaggtct acatcgatcc
    22261 gaagaccaag gaagtcctcg gcatcaacgc cgacgacatc ggcggcggcg aggtggtggc
    22321 caccgaaggc gacgtcgcga ccctggcgct gacccgcacc acccaggaag tgcgcctggg
    22381 cgaccgcctg ttccccaccg aggagcgtgc ggtgaattcc accttcatgc ccggcgagcc
    22441 gagccgcgag gtgaagggcg aaatcatcga cgtaccgcgc ggcgtgaccc agatcggcca
    22501 gttcgacgtg gtcaccctga accgtggcca gcgcgacggg ctggccgagg gcaacgtgct
    22561 ggcgatctac aaggtcggcg agacggtgcg cgaccgcgtt accggtgagt cggtgaagat
    22621 tcccgacgaa cgcgccggcc tgctgatggt gttccgtacc tacaagaagc tgagctacgc
    22681 cctggttctg atggccagca ggccgctctc ggtaaccgac agggtgcaga atccctgact
    22741 cgaaaccccc gcctcggcgg gggtttcgcg tttctggggg aaggaaattt catacgacgg
    22801 tttccaggat ggaagccgga cccttcccct cttcctgtca gcgatggacc tgcctgctat
    22861 ggatgagtcg cgatgaagaa ccattctcca gccgaactgg aagcacggct gcgcctgcat
    22921 ggcctgcccg aactgggacc catgcgcttc ctgcgcttga tcgaggcctt cggttcggcc
    22981 tcttccgcgc ttgccgcgcc agccggcgcc tggcgcaccc tgggagtgcc tgccgaggcc
    23041 gccgccgcgc ggcgcagccc ggcggtgcgg gaagcggcgg gtgaagccct gcgctggctg
    23101 gaaggtccgc gcaggcacct gctgatgtgg gacgacccgg gatacccggc actgctcgcc
    23161 gaagtcgccg atgccccgcc gctgctgtac gtcgaaggcg ctccggagac tctggaacgg
    23221 ccgcaactgg cgatggtcgg cagccgccgc gccagccccg ccgggctggg caccgcccgg
    23281 agctttgcgc gcagcctggc gcagggcggc ttcgccatca ccagcgggct ggccctgggc
    23341 atcgatggcg ccgcccacga gggcgcgctg gaggctggcg gcgcgaccgt ggcagtcctc
    23401 ggcaccggcc tgcgcaggct ctatccgcgg cgccacgagg cgctggcgcg gcgcatcgtc
    23461 gagggtggcg gcgcgctggt ttcggagctg ccgctggaca gcccgccgct gccggcaaac
    23521 tttccccggc gcaaccgcat catcagcgga ctctcgctgg gtgtgctggt ggtcgaggca
    23581 agtcccgcca gcggctcgct gatcaccgcg cggctggcgg cggaacaggg gcgcgaggtg
    23641 tacgccattc cgggttccat ccaccatccc ggcgcacgtg gctgccacca actgattcgc
    23701 gatggcgcgc tgctggtgga aagcgtcggg cacgtgctcg aagcactgcg cggctgggcg
    23761 caggcggagc cagcggaagc gccggcgcag cccctgcccc accctttgct ggcgctgctg
    23821 cgcgccgcgc cctacaccag cgaaggcctg gccgccgcca gcggcatgac gctgcccgat
    23881 gtgctggcga cgctctgcga actggaactc gacggccggg tcgcctgcga ggccggcacc
    23941 tgggtgcatc gctccggctg aaaccgtaca cttcgcgcac cctgtccgct ggagtgagtc
    24001 gatgatcagc agctttcgtg cgcaatgcgc cgcccgggtc gtccgcgagg gcggcgtgat
    24061 cgcctatccc accgaggcgg tatgggggct cggctgcgac ccgtggaacg aggatgcggt
    24121 gtatcgcctg ctggcgctga aggcgcggcc ggtggaaaag ggcctgatcg tggtggcggc
    24181 gaatatccac cagctcgact tccttctcga agacctgccg gacgtctggc tggaccgcct
    24241 ggccggtacc tggccggggc cgaacacctg gctggtgccg caccaggagc gcctgccgga
    24301 gtgggtcacc ggcgtccacg acagcgtcgc cgtgcgggtc accgaccatc ccctggtaca
    24361 ggaactgtgc catctcaccg gtccgctgat ctccacctcg gccaatccgg ccgggcgccc
    24421 ggcggcgcgc acgcggctgc gggtggagca atacttccac gacgagctgg acgctatcct
    24481 cggcggcgcc cttggcgggc gccgcaaccc cagcctgatc cgcgacctgg tgaccggaca
    24541 ggtcatccgc ccggcctgag tacgcgcttc agggcaacag tacggtcgag ccggtggttc
    24601 gccgtgcggc cagttcggta tgcgccctgg ctgcttcggc cagggcgaag cgctggttga
    24661 tctcgatgcg gatgtcgccg cgctcgatca ggccgaacag ctcgtcggcc atcgcctgga
    24721 gtttttccgg ggtatcggcg tagctgccca gggtcggccg ggtcacgtac agcgaaccct
    24781 tctgcgagag gatgcccagg ttgaccccgg tcaccggccc cgaggcgttg ccgaagctga
    24841 ccagcaagcc gcgcggcgcc acgcagtcca gcgaggtttc ccaggtatcc ttgcccaccg
    24901 agtcgtagac caccgggcac ttcttcccgt cggtcagttc gagcacccgc cgcgccacgt
    24961 tctcatggct atagtcgatg gtctcccagg caccgtgctg cctggccagg cgcgcctttt
    25021 ccggcgagct gacggtgccg atcagctgca ctccaagggc cttggcccat tggcaggcga
    25081 acaggcccac gccgcccgcg gcggcatgga agagaatggt ttcgccgccc cgcagttcgt
    25141 aggtctggcg cagcaggtat tgggtggtga gccccttgag catcaccgcg gcggcctgtt
    25201 cgaagtcgat gccgtcgggc aggtggacca gcttctcctc cgccagcaca tgcagttcgc
    25261 tgtaggcgcc cagcgggccg gtggcgtagg cgacgcggtc gccgaccttg aaacgggtca
    25321 cttcgctgcc caccgcctcg acctcgccgg caccttcgct acccagtccc gagggtaagc
    25381 cgggggccgg atagaggccg ctgcggtagt aggtgtcgat gaagttcagg ccaatggcgc
    25441 gattgcgcac gcggacttcc cgggggcccg gctcggcggg ttggtagtcg cggtattcga
    25501 ggacttcggg gccgccgtag gcagcgaact ggatgcgctt ggccatgctg gaactcctgc
    25561 ttcgtcaggg tttcggacgg tcgcgccggg tgggcgaccc tgggtaaagg ccttcatcca
    25621 agccttcccc ttgacggccg tcaagcgccg gctacccatc cagggtggta tgcttgcgcc
    25681 ctcgtttcgt cgccagcccg cgccccgcgc ggcctccccg ctccaaggtg aactccgtga
    25741 ccgaccgtat cgccgctgtc aaaacctacc tgctcgacct gcaagaccgc atctgcgccg
    25801 ccctcgaggc ggaggacggc aaggcccgct tcgccgagga cgcctgggag cgtccggccg
    25861 gtggcggcgg acggacgcgg gtaatcggcg acggcgcatt gatcgagaag ggcggggtga
    25921 atttttccca cgtcttcggc gatagcctgc cgccctcggc cagcgcccat cggccggaac
    25981 tggccgggcg cggtttccag gcgctcggcg tgtcgctggt gatccatccg gaaaaccccc
    26041 acgtgccgac gtcccatgcc aacgtgcgtt tcttctgcgc cgagaaggaa ggcgaggagc
    26101 cggtctggtg gttcggcggc ggcttcgatc tgacccccta ctacgcccac gaggaagact
    26161 gcgtgcattg gcaccgggtc gctcgcgacg cctgcgcgcc gttcggcgcg gacgtctacc
    26221 cgcgctacaa ggaatggtgc gaccgctact tccacctcaa gcaccgcaac gagccgcgcg
    26281 gcatcggcgg cctgttcttc gacgacctca accagtggga cttcgacacc tgcttcgcct
    26341 tcatccgcgc catcggcgat gcctatatcg acgcctacct gccgatcgtc cagcgccgca
    26401 agcacacgcc gttcgatgaa cggcagcgag agttccaggc ctatcgtcgc ggtcgctatg
    26461 tggagttcaa cctggtcttc gatcgtggca ccctgttcgg cctgcagtcc ggcggccgta
    26521 ccgaatcgat cctgatgtcg ttgccgccgc aggtgcgctg gggctatgac tggaaacccg
    26581 agccgggcag cgaggaagcg cgcctgaccg agtatttcct cgccgaccgc gattggctcg
    26641 ccggccagcc ctgacccgcc cgcaggggac gagtccgctc gtcccgtccc actccggcaa
    26701 aggaacgacc catggaccgc tattgcgtat tcggcaaccc catcggccac agcaagtcgc
    26761 cgctgatcca ccgcctgttc gccgagcaga ccggcgaggc gctggtctat gacgcgcaac
    26821 tggcgccgct ggacgatttc cccgggttcg cccggcgctt cttcgagcag ggcaagggcg
    26881 ccaatgtcac cgtgccgttc aaggaagagg cctatcgtct ggtggacgag ttgagcgagc
    26941 gggccacccg ggccggggcg gtgaacaccc tgatccgcct cgccgacggt cgcctgcgcg
    27001 gcgacaacac cgacggcgcc ggcctgctgc gggacctgac ggcgaacgcc ggggtcgagc
    27061 tgcgcggcaa gcgggttctc ctgctcggcg ccggcggtgc ggtgcgtggg gtgctcgaac
    27121 ccttcctcgg cgagtgcccg gcggagttgc tgatcgccaa ccgcacggcg cggaaggccg
    27181 tggacctggc cgagcggttc gccgacctcg gcgcggtgca cggctgcggt ttcgccgagg
    27241 tcgaagggcc tttcgacctg atcgtcaacg gcacctcggc cagtcttgcc ggcgacgtgc
    27301 cgccgctggc gcagagcgtg atcgagcccg gccgtaccgt ctgctacgac atgatgtatg
    27361 ccaaggaacc gactgccttc aaccgctggg ccgccgaacg cggtgcggcg cgtaccctgg
    27421 atggcctggg catgctggtg gagcaggccg ccgaggcatt cttcctctgg cgcggcgtgc
    27481 gtcctgcctc ggcgccagtg ttggagacgc tgcgccgaca gttggcaact gtctgagttg
    27541 tcaggcggca tttgagacgt acgtctcaaa ttggcttcca tctgacatgt aggaatcaca
    27601 aaaccgggtt aagacttcag gcttcactca ctctcgagcg ctgccgatga aaaccttcgc
    27661 ccgcctggcc gccggtctct gcatctgcgc catcgccagc caggccaacg cctggtcgca
    27721 accgacccac aagaacatcg tcaaggatgc cctggccttc atgaactcct cctacgccac
    27781 cgaggagatg cgccaggcct accggttcta cgtgagcgcc gccggcagcg aggcgcaggc
    27841 cggggagatc ctcggccagg cggccttcga cgtggacgac ttcaaggaca cccgtctcgg
    27901 tggctggtgg gtcggctacg aacacgcgcc gctgtggggc gcggcttcgg gcatcgtcaa
    27961 ctacacctcg tactggcact tcctcaacct ggcccgggac ggcgactccc atggcaaccc
    28021 ccacggcggc tacgactacc gctaccacaa ggtcgacggc ggcatcgccg acgtcgactg
    28081 gtacgccatg gtctatctct acaaccgcga gctgaagcgc gaggacttcg acaccaccga
    28141 ggcgcactac cgccagggca cccgctcgga ctggcaggag cactacggcg acttccagac
    28201 cgccgccttc cagccgatcg ataacctcgc cacctactgg ttcgagcagt tccgcgccgc
    28261 gccttcgctg cagaccatcg gctatgccct gcatgccacc ggcgacgtgg cccagccgca
    28321 ccatgtgtgg atcacctcgg ccaacggcca ttccagctgg gaaggctggg tcgacgacca
    28381 ctacgccagc gagaagctca acgacccggc ggcggtggcc aacctggtgg ggcgctacga
    28441 cccgagcaag agcatccgcg acctgctcac ccagaccggc caggtcgcct acgcgcgccc
    28501 cgagccgctc tacgacacca gctacgagac gcgcctgcgg gtggcgaagg agctgattcc
    28561 cgagtccatc gccctgaccg tcaccgtact gaccaagggc gccaacagct tcgatgcacc
    28621 gactgctctc tgatcgcgcc cggggctggc gtcgcgcact gtgcgggatc gtcctcgggc
    28681 tgctggcgtg gagcgcccat ggcgtccccg ccaaggcgcc gcaggatctg cggatcgacg
    28741 gcgaggtgct gccggggaga agcatcgact tgctcgagca ggccctgtcg cgggtcaagt
    28801 tcaacaccga cccgcagcag ttgcgccgtg gcctggtgga aaaccgcctg ctggcgcgcg
    28861 cggtggaaga ccagctcacc gcgcagagcc gcgccgatct cgacgccagc gtggagatcg
    28921 aggccggcaa cctgctcgaa caggtatacg gcaggcgcta ccgcgaggac ctcgggccat
    28981 acctgcgcca gccccgggcc ctgagcgcgg agcgtttgcg cgaggtgctg gcgccgagga
    29041 gccgcggcct ggtggaaaac agcctgctgc tggacgagac gcagcgccgc gaggcggccg
    29101 gggtcgagct gatcggctgg cagtttcccg gccagccggc acaggtcctc gacctgctat
    29161 cgctgtacga aggcgacaac gtccagggcc aggtggaatt gcaacagggc aacctcgctt
    29221 acctggcgcg ccaggtccag acccgcatcc gccgcgacta cctctggtac cgcctggccc
    29281 gggacggctt cggcccggca gagcggcagg gcgtgaggac cctggtgcgg gacaagctgg
    29341 tgcgccatcg ctatctgcac cagatcggcc tctacagtga tttccaccat gagtccgatg
    29401 cgctgcggga actcgccggc aaggtcagcg acaaggacgc cgaggcctac tatcggcgca
    29461 acctggagcg ttaccgcaac gtcgcgcagg tgcaggcggc gcatatccgc ctggccgacc
    29521 aggcgagcgc ggacaaggtc tacgccgagt tgcgcggcgg cctggccttc gacgaggcgg
    29581 tacgccgcta ttccctggcc gacgacaggg accgcgaccc gcccggcgac ctaggcctga
    29641 tacggcccca ggacggccgg ctcgacctgc tgcgcaagac tgcgctgatc cagaaggccg
    29701 atacggtttc ccagccgatg cgcatcgacg gcgcgttcga gatcgtccgg gtgcgtagcc
    29761 gcgaggatcg ccagttgccc ctcgacgacc gcagcgtgcg cttcgaggtg aaccaggcgg
    29821 tggcgcgcga gcaactggca gcgcagttcg agacgcgcct gcgcaacctg ctggccggcg
    29881 ccagggtgga aggcctgtga agcgctggct cggcgttgcc ctcggctgca gcgggctggc
    29941 gatcgccctg gcctgcgccg gcgtgttgct ggcgcctgcc gatatggccg cttcctcgtc
    30001 ttctccgtcg ccagccagga cggttgcggc actgcccgcg gtcgacggcc gtccgccgcc
    30061 gctggcgccg gtgcgatcgc aagcggcagc accggggtac gaggcggagc cgccggtggc
    30121 ggaactggat cgcgagcagg cgatccagtt catgcagatg ctgcgcgacg agggcgaccc
    30181 gcgcagcccg ccgctcggcg gcctgcaacc acgccagggc gcgacggcgc aggagctggc
    30241 cgatccgaag cagtaccagg ccttcgagga acgacagacc cgcgaactgg tacaggccta
    30301 caccagcggc gtacagcaga taccggaaat ccgcgcgcgg atcgaggcgg ccgaacaggg
    30361 tggcgagcgc agcgccgagg aaatcgacga ggctcgcgcc gcccttggac agttggagat
    30421 gatgcgcgac aagctgcagc gggaatcgcc gcaactgctg cccggcgaca gcgcaccgac
    30481 atcgccggcg gcgccctgag cgtcaacctt cgtagtgcag gcggcagcct tcgtcggcct
    30541 gccggcccag cgcttcgcgg acctgcgggc gggcgtggcg caataccagg cggcggccct
    30601 cagcgtgcag gcggcgggct tcctgctgca acagcactgc gccggcgaag tcgatgaagt
    30661 tcacctggcg ggcgtccagc accagccgtg gcctgtcgca ttggcgcatg aggcgttgca
    30721 ggtagtcgca ggcgccgaag aagatcgagc cttcgatgcg tagcacttct tcctcgtcgt
    30781 tgtgctggcg cagtacgcgt ggtgtcgagg tgcgccgcag gtagaagacc agcgacgcca
    30841 gcactcccgc gtagatggcg ttctgcagcg gcaacagcag cgtggccagg gcggttaggc
    30901 cggccaccag gcattcggcg cggccgctgc ggtagagcgc gcggagcgct gggcggtcga
    30961 tcaggcccca ggcgatcagc aggatgcctg cggccatcgc cggcgacggc acatgctcga
    31021 tcaggcgcgc accgagcacg gccagcagtg ccacccagag cgccgaaaac gcacccgcca
    31081 gcggggagcg cgcaccggct tccagattca gcccagagcg ggtgaaggag cccgccgaca
    31141 ggctcgccga cagccaaggc ccgagcaggt tcgacaggcc ctgggcgcgg acctcctggt
    31201 tggcatcgaa cgcgtctccc tggcgcgcgg ccagggcgcg ggcgatcgac aggctggtga
    31261 ccagcccgag catgccgcag gccaccgccg caggtagcag gtcgaggatc gatcgggaat
    31321 cgaagaccag cggattccag cccggcagtg cgctcgataa ggcctgcaca tgggctaccg
    31381 aggcgaaggt cccgggtagc gcccagacca gcgtggcacc gcccagcaag ccaagcagca
    31441 gggccggcca gcgcggtcgc aggcgcctga ccagcaggct gagcgcgaag ctgaagccgc
    31501 ccaccagcag cgatgggcca tcgaactcgg cgaaccgcgc cagcagccgc cagccgtttc
    31561 ccggcgctgc gccctccccg ctcgcggcca ggccgagaag atagggcagt tggccgagga
    31621 cgatcagcag cgccgcgcca agggtgaagc cgagcatcac cgaatgcgag acgaaattga
    31681 ccagcgaccc gacgcgcagg acgccgagca gccactggaa ggcgccggcg agaaaggtca
    31741 gcagcagcac ggcctggacg tattgcgggc tgcccagcgg cgccagcggg gccaccgaac
    31801 tgaacagcag caccgagatc gccgcggtgg gaccgctcac caggtagcgc gacgagcccc
    31861 acaggcaggc gatcgccact ggcagcatcg ccgcgtacag gccgtactcc gctggcaggc
    31921 cggcgatcag cgcataggcc atcgattgcg gcagtgccag gattgcgcca ttcaggccga
    31981 cccaggcctc gcgcccgagc atgccccggt gcagccccgg tagccaggcg aggaacggca
    32041 gcaggcgcgt ccacatggcg ctatggctgg ccgcgaaccg cggccagggc gtcgccgccg
    32101 tcgcggctgg tcaccccttg cagccaggcc tcgagcacct gcgggttggc cttgagccag
    32161 gcgcgggtcg ccgaggccgg agtcgccgtg ccttccagcg cgtcgctcat caggcggttc
    32221 tccatatcca ggtcgaagcg caggttggcc agcagccgcg ccgggttcgg gcactgcgcg
    32281 gcgtagccct tgcgtgccag ggtgtagacc tggccgcggt cgccgaagta ctgctcgccg
    32341 ccttccaggt agcgcaggtc atggcggatg ttcatcgggt gcggcgtcca gccgaggaac
    32401 accagccagc gctggcgctt ctcggcccgg ccgagttcgg cgagcatcgc ctgctcgctg
    32461 gactccacca gcttccagtc gccgaggccg aactggttgg cgtcgatcat cttctggatc
    32521 gactgattgg ccggcgcgcc ggagccgatc ccgtacagct tgcggttgaa gcgttgccct
    32581 tgcgcggcga ggtcctcgaa gcggtgtacg ccggcgtccc agacgtagcg cggcaccgcc
    32641 agggtgaagc gggtgccgtc gaggttgcga ccgaggcgtt cgacctggcc gctggcgacg
    32701 aacttgtcgt gatagtcctg gtgcgcgggc atccagccgc cgaggaaggc gtccacctgg
    32761 ccgtcgcgca ggccgccata gatgatcggc accgacaggg tatcgatctt cacctggtag
    32821 ccgaggcttt ccaggagaaa cgcggcggtg gcgttggtca ccgcgatatc gctccagcct
    32881 ggatcggcca gcctgacgcg ggcacaggcg gggtcttcgg cgtatagcga ggcgctgccc
    32941 aggaacaggg tggcggccag caggcaggtg ggaagccggt tcatggaagt gccctcgtgc
    33001 tcagggttgc gggaagcgcg cgcggcgctc gagatcgtcc aggtcgatat ggttgcgcat
    33061 gtactgctgg cttgcatcga cccacggctg gtggtcccag ctggccagcc gtcctcgcgc
    33121 cagcgcggcg gccaccaggc gtcggcggcg ctggctgtcg agtacggcgc gggtgatcgc
    33181 ggggatgtcc cagcgtcgcc gggcctcgtc gaggaacgcc tcgaacgttc cgcgatgggc
    33241 cggactggcg gcgaggttct cgcgttcctg cggatcgttg cgcaggtcgt agagcaggca
    33301 ggggtcctgc tcggagtaga tgaatttgta gtcgccgcgg cggatcatca tcagcgggct
    33361 gagggtgccc tcggcggtgt attcgccgat cacctcgtca tgcccgctgc cgtcgcgcag
    33421 gtgcggcagc agcgagcggc cttccagcgg caggcgtgga tcgacctggc cgccggccag
    33481 ttccaccagg gtcggcagca ggtccacggt ggataccgaa gcgccgatgc ggcgcggcgc
    33541 gaagcgcgcc ggcgcatgga ccagcagcgg cacgcgcgcg gccatctcga accagtgcat
    33601 cttgtaccag aggccgcgct cgccgagcat gtcgccatgg tcgccggaga acaccacgat
    33661 ggtgtcgtcg gccagcccgc attcctccag ggtcgccagc agcgcaccga tctgcgcgtc
    33721 gacgtagctg caggcgccga agtaggcacg ccgggcggcg cggatgcgct cctcgggcaa
    33781 cggcttgtcc cacaggtcga tgaccttcag caggcgttgc gaatgagggt cctgctcctc
    33841 ctgggcgaag cgctggcgcg gcagcgggat gtcctcgtcg cggtagagat tccagtagct
    33901 cgccgggatg ctgtaggggt cgtgcggatg ggtcatcgac acggtcaggc agaatggctg
    33961 gccggcgtgc tggcgaacat ggtcgtagag gtactggcgg gccttgaaca ccacctcctc
    34021 gtcgaagtcc agctggttgg tgcgcacgca gggaccggcc tgcaaaaccg aggacatgtt
    34081 gtggtaccag ctcgggcgca cctccggctc gtcccagttc accgcccagc catagtccgc
    34141 cggatagatg tcgctggtca ggcgttcctc gtagccgtgc aactggtcgg gaccgcagaa
    34201 gtgcatcttg cccgacagcg ccgtgcgata gccgaggttg cgcaggtagt gggcgtaggt
    34261 gggggtatcg gcggcgaagt cggcggcgtt gtcccaggcg ccgatgcggg taggcaagcg
    34321 accgctgacc agggtgaagc gcgacggcgc gcagagcggg ctgttgcagt acgccgagtc
    34381 gaacaccacg gcccgttcgg cgaggctcga gaggtgaggc atgcgcagca ccgagcgcgg
    34441 atcgtgaagc ggcagcagcg gcgcggccat ctggtcggcc atgatgaaca ggatgttcgg
    34501 cgaggtcttc atcgggcggc ttatcccatg cgattgggtt atgcgatagt gctgcgtcga
    34561 tcatcagtgc atcgaaatcc ctggtaaacc gcatggggct ggatgcgttg gataagcctg
    34621 gcttatggga gaacgcctca tgccgctgtc cctcgacctg ctccgggtat tcgagtccgc
    34681 cgcccgccag ctcagcttca ccgctgccgc cgaggaactg gggaccaccc agcctgcggt
    34741 cagccagcag atcaaacgcc tggagaaaga gctggcgacc cctctgttcc agcgccttca
    34801 tcgaggcatc gtgctcaccg acgccggcca gctcctgctc cgccacgtgg ccgccggcct
    34861 cgagacgatc gatgccggca tcgccgcgct gggcgcgcgc cagcgccacg aggtgctcca
    34921 ggtggccacc gactacgcct tcgctgccta ctggctgatg ccgcgccttc cgcgcttcca
    34981 ccaggcccat ccgcacctgg acgtgagcct ggtgaccagc gagcgcggcc tggccggcca
    35041 gcgcggcgat atcgacgtgg cgatcctgtt cggcgacggt cgttccaagc acggcgaagc
    35101 gcaccggctg tttcgcgagg aggtgttccc ggtctgtagc ccgcggctgg tcgagggatt
    35161 gcagttgccg ctggccaagg cgcacctggc gcgcctgccg atgctgcatc tgaagccggc
    35221 gcagcacgcc cgctggttcg actggccggc gttgttcgaa gcgttggcca tcgatcggca
    35281 gccgattccg gcggtgctca gcttcgacaa ctacaccttg ctgatccagg cggccatcgc
    35341 cggccagggc gtggccatcg gctggcgcca cctggtcgac ggcctgctcg aacaggggct
    35401 gctttgccgg cccattggcg agagctgcct gtcgcgatac gggtactatg cggtattgcc
    35461 ggagcgcaag cggcgccagc ggctggtcga cggtttcgtc gactggctac aggccgagtt
    35521 gcaggccggc ggcgcttgaa gaggtgacga tgaacgagta ttccaccccc cgcatccagg
    35581 gcttccatgc tcacgtctat ttcgatgcgc agagcatcga gcgagcccgc gccctttgcg
    35641 aagaggcggc gcggcgcttt ccgctgaaga tggggcgggt ccatgagcgg ccggtagggc
    35701 cgcatccgga ctggagctgc cagctggcgt tcgctcccga ggtgttcggc gagctggtgc
    35761 cctggctggc catccatcgg caggacctgg tggtgttcat ccacccggtc accggcaacg
    35821 atctgctcga ccatcgcgac cgagccatct ggatgggagc cattcgcccg ctggacctgt
    35881 cgatcctgga cgaaggcccg caacgctatg acttcgccgt gccttgaggc gcggtcatcg
    35941 tcatccagtc gtgcagttcg cattgcagct cgcccagtgc cgtcaccagg tcgtcgacgg
    36001 catcggcgag cttgcgcacg gagctttcgc cgcaggcgat ctccagttgg tggcaggcgc
    36061 gttccacggc gtgggcgtgg atcagcgagg ccatgcccgc caggcggtgc gccagctcgt
    36121 tgagttcctg ggtctgctcg cgctcctggg cgcgccgcag cttgcgggtg tcttcgttgt
    36181 tgctggtcat cagctgcgcg acgagcaggc ggctgatctc cggttggttg gcgcggtcgc
    36241 ccagggcggc ggtcaggtcg aacgttcgca tgggatcctc agatcagctc gtggcggcgg
    36301 gcgaaatcga tcaggccggc cagggaatgg gcgttgagtt tcagcatgat gcgtgacttg
    36361 taggtgctca cggttttctc gctgaggaac agctgctggg cgatggcctt gttggtgttg
    36421 ccgttggcca ggtactgcag cacggtcatc tcgcggtcgg aaaggctttc cagcatgcgg
    36481 gcctcgttgt cgcggctctg ctggttgatg ctgcgcaacg ccccggtggg gaagtggatg
    36541 tagccggcca gcacggcctt ggcggcgagc agcagctcgg agaggttttc ccttttgctg
    36601 acgaagccca tggcgccggc ctgcaggcag cgcggggcga actgcgccgg attctgccgg
    36661 gtcaggacca ggaccttggt gtccagcttc agggacttca ggcgggctat cacttcgaga
    36721 ccgtcgatct tggggatgcc gatgtccagg atggccaggt cgggagactt cttgcgggct
    36781 acctgcaggg cttcggcacc gttgtcggcc tcgccgacga tggtgaaacc gtcgcgctcg
    36841 aacagcaagc gcacggccag gcggatagcg ggatgatcat cgacgatcag caccttactc
    36901 atgcgaacct tctttgaatg cgttggctat ttgggtgagg cgctattcaa ggcttcggca
    36961 gagtcggcgg acaataagac gtttctgaaa gtgaccgtga atttttcctc acggttctgg
    37021 cagcgtgcaa cgcaaggcca ggcgcagcgg gttgcctgcg cctggcgaat gccgctgtca
    37081 gggtctgtca gcgtgcgttg cgcacgcctt cggccagctc gccgcacagg gcgaggacat
    37141 ccttgaccgc ctgggcattg tcgcgggcct tggcgatccg gtcgatcagc gccgagccga
    37201 ccaccacgcc gtcggccaac cgcgcgaccg cggcggcgtg ttcggcgctg cggatgccga
    37261 agccgatacc gatcggcagg tcggtatgcc ggcgcaggcg cgccactgct tcctcgacgt
    37321 gctccagggt cgccgcgttg gcgccggtga cgccggccac cgacacgtag tagacgaacc
    37381 cggaactgcc ttcgagcacc gtcggcaggc gctggtcgcc ggtggtcggg gtggtcaggc
    37441 ggatgaagtc gaggccggcg gcctgggccg ggtcgcagag gtcttcgttg tgctccggcg
    37501 gcaggtcgac cacgatcagg ccgtccaccc ccacctcctt cgcctcggca atgaagcgtt
    37561 cgacgccgta gtggtggatc gggttgaagt agcccatcag caccaggggc gtctcactgt
    37621 cgccgctgcg gaattcgcgg accatctgca acgtcctggc cagggtctgg ccgccttcga
    37681 gggcgcggat gttggccaac tggatggccg ggccgtccgc catcggatcg gtgaacggca
    37741 tgcccagttc gatcacgtcg gctccggccg ccggcaggcc tttgaggatt tccagggaag
    37801 acgcgtagtc cgggtcgccg gcggtgacga aggtcaccag ggcggcgcgg ttttcctgct
    37861 tgagctgggc gaagcgggtc tgcaggcggc tcatgctttc gactcctgtt gcatgtggtg
    37921 catgacggtc tgcatgtcct tgtcgccgcg accggacagg ttcaccacca tgatgtgctc
    37981 cttgggcagg ctgggcgcac gcttgaagac ctcggccagg gcatgggagc tttccagcgc
    38041 cgggatgatg ccttcgaggc ggcagcaggt gtggaaggcc tccagggctt cgtcgtcggt
    38101 gatcgaggtg tactcgacgc ggccggtgtc gtgcagccag gcgtgttccg ggccgatgcc
    38161 gggatagtcg aggccggcgg agatggagtg tgcgtcgatg atctggccat ccgcgtcctg
    38221 cagcaggaag gtgcggttgc cgtgcagcac gccgggaacc ccgccgttca ggctggccgc
    38281 gtgcttgccg gtgtcgatgc cgtggccggc ggcttccacg ccgacgatct gcaccccggc
    38341 gtcgtcgagg aacgggtgga acaggcccat ggcgttggag ccgccgccga tgcaggcgac
    38401 cagcgaatcg ggcaggcgcc cttccttctc ggccagttgc tcgcgggttt ccttgccgat
    38461 caccgcctgg aagtcacgga ccatcgccgg gtacggatgc gggccggcga ccgtgccgat
    38521 caggtagaag gtactgtcga cgttggtcac ccaatcgcgc agcgcctcgt tcatggcgtc
    38581 cttcagggta ccggtgccgg cggtcaccgg gatcacctcg gcgcccagca gcttcatgcg
    38641 gaagacgttg gcctgctgcc ggtcgatgtc ggtggtgccc atgtagatca cgcactgcag
    38701 gccgaagcgc gcggcgacgg tggcggtggc cacgccgtgc atgccggcgc cggtctcggc
    38761 gatgatgcgt ttcttgccca tgcgccgggc caggaggatc tggccgatgc agttgttgat
    38821 cttgtgcgcg ccggtatggt tcagctcctc gcgcttgagg tagatcttcg ccccgccgca
    38881 gtgctcggtc aggcgctcgg cgaagtacag cgggctcggc cggccgacgt agtcgcgctg
    38941 gaagtaggcc agttcctcct ggaacgccgg gtcgtccttg gccttctcgt actcgcgggc
    39001 gaggtcgagg atcagcggca tcagggtctc ggcgacgtac tggccgccga agcggccgaa
    39061 caggcccttg gcgtcggggc cgttgcgata ggaagtcatg gagggctcca ggaaatgacg
    39121 tatgggcaga atctaatccc cccgccgggt aaaagaaacc gataagattg cgcaaacctg
    39181 tcagaaaaac tcacgaatag ccatgagccg cgacctgccc tccctgaatg ccctgcgcgc
    39241 tttcgaagcc gctgcccggt tgcacagcat cagcctggcg gccgaggaac tgcacgttac
    39301 ccatggcgcc gtgagccggc aggtgcggtt gctcgaggac gatctagggg tggccctgtt
    39361 cggcaaggat gggcgcggcg taaaactcac cgattccggc gttcgcctgc gtgacgcctg
    39421 cggcgatgcg ttcgagcgac tgcgtggcgt ctgtgccgag ctgcgccggc agaccgccga
    39481 ggccccgttc gtcctcggcg tacccggcag cctgctggcg cgctggttca tcccgcggct
    39541 ggaccggctc aaccgtgccc tccccgacct gcgcctgcaa ctgtccacca gcgagggcga
    39601 gttcgatccg cgtcgtcccg gcctggacgc catgctctgg ttcgccgagc cgccctggcc
    39661 ggcggacatg caggtcttcg aactggcgcc cgagcgcatg ggcccggtgg tcagcccgcg
    39721 cctggcgcag gaaaccggcc tggcccaggc gcccgccgcg cggctgttgc aggagccgct
    39781 gctgcatacc gcctcgcgac cccaggcctg gccggcctgg gccgcgagcc aggggctggc
    39841 ggcggaggcg ctgcgctatg gccaggggtt cgagcatctc tactacctgc tggaagcggc
    39901 ggtggcgggc ctcggcgttg ccatcgcccc ggaggcgctg gtccgcgacg atctcgccgc
    39961 gggccgcctg gcggcgccct ggggcttcat cgagaccgat gcgcgcctgg ccctgtgggt
    40021 accggcgcgc ctgcacgatc cgcgtgccgg gcgcctggcg caatggttgc gggagcagtt
    40081 ggcaggctga gcgctggcga tttgctgcac ttttccggct cggctagtgt ccattgaaca
    40141 gaggcgcccg tcgggcgcga agaaccaggc atcgtccggg gagagagttc atgtccaatc
    40201 accacaccta caagaagatc gaactggtcg gctcgtccaa gaccagcatc gaggacgcca
    40261 tcaacaacgc cctcgccgaa gcggcgaaga gcattcagca tctggaatgg ttcgaggtgg
    40321 tggatacccg cgggcacatc gagaacggcg ccgtcggcca ttaccaggtg accctgaaag
    40381 tagggttccg tatcgccaat agctgatggc accctggaaa cctgtccacg atcgcctgcg
    40441 ccctggaaag gccgccgtgt ctttccgctt cgccggatca tgcacaggct atgagggcgg
    40501 cgtgcctcca tgggcggcgc gctcgtctca accttgccgc atttggcaag cctgacccgt
    40561 tcgggtcttc atccatgcaa cgagggaatg tgttcatgaa gaagttgatg ttggcagtcg
    40621 gcctgtttgc cgtggcgggc agcgcattcg ccgccaagcc ctgtgaggaa ctgaaagccg
    40681 agatcgatgc gaagatcaag gccaacggcg ttcctgccta caccctggaa atcgtcgaca
    40741 agggcagcgt caccgacaag aaggtagtcg gcacctgcga cggcggcacc aaggaaatcg
    40801 tctaccagcg cggctgatgc agcgcctgcg acgagcagta tccggggccg gctttcccat
    40861 gggagccggc cctttctttt tgccgcgatg agtaccctgc caacgatggg tcttgttgca
    40921 gctcgtcgag aaagcgtgcc atctaacgga ttaatcccaa agtctgtgtt aggtttttcg
    40981 gcacgcccag atggccttgt gccttacttc cggattgtcc gactcatgga agacggattt
    41041 cggaatattc ctgcttaccc gctgtagccg ctgggccaac atcgcgcctt tctgtatttc
    41101 aaggaatgaa atcgtggctc tccatcgcct ggcctttatc ttcctgtgcc tgccgctcat
    41161 ggccagcgcc gcccccttca cctcccccgg cgaccgcgac ctgatccgcg accgccagca
    41221 gcgcctgctg gacgaacagc gcaagcgcct ggaggaactc cagcaactgc ccggcaaggg
    41281 agcgcccgcc gctgcggatg cctccggcga cgacgagcgc tgcttcgaga tccgccgcat
    41341 cgagctggaa ggcgccgggc acctcggcga aagcgcgcgt cgccaactgc tggcgcccta
    41401 ccaggggcgc tgcctgggcg tcggccagct caatgcgctg ctcaaggccg tcaccgacca
    41461 ttacctggat cgcggctacg tcaccacccg tgcctacctg ccacagcagg acctggcctc
    41521 cgggaccctg cgcatcatcg tcgtcgaagg ccgcctggag ggcctggaca gctccgcgct
    41581 ggccagcccg cgcgaactga cgatgagctt tccgggcagg accggcgagc tgctcgacct
    41641 gcgcgagctg gagcaactgg tcgaccagtt gagccgcctg ccgtcgcgcc aggcgcaact
    41701 ggagctggtg cccggcagcg aggtcggcgg cagccgggtg cgtctcaagg gcgagcgcga
    41761 caagccctgg cgggtctccg ccacgcgcaa caacgacggc gacgtcagca ccggcgagca
    41821 gcagatgggc ctgggcctgg actgggacag cccgctgggc ctggccgacc agctcaacct
    41881 gcgcgccaac cgcgacgcgg tgaccgaccg ctggcgccat tccgacagcc agagcctgtt
    41941 ctacagcctg ccctggggct ggtggacctt cacctacggc tacagccaga gcgactaccg
    42001 cacgcgcaac gaggccagcg gcttcccctt caagctcgat ggcgacagcc gcagccacca
    42061 gttccgcgcc gaacgcgtgc tgcaccgcga cggtgtgagc aagaccgcca tgagcctggg
    42121 gctcagccac cagcgcacca acaactatgt cgaagacacc cgcctggaag accagagcac
    42181 gcggatcacc gagacccagc tcggcttcaa ccacggccgg cggatcggca gcggcttcgt
    42241 caacctcgac ctcggctggc agcagggcat cggcgccctt ggcgcgcagg gtcgcggcca
    42301 cccgcaggcg ggcgatccgc atgcgcgcta cgacaagtac agcctgaccc tcagctacct
    42361 gcagccgttc cagctatggg gcgagcgctt cagcttcgac agcctggcca ccgggcaaag
    42421 gagcgaggac gtgctgttca gcccgcagcg catcagcctc ggcggcaaca gctcggtgcg
    42481 cggcttcaag gaccagaccc tgaccggcga cagcggcggc tactggcgca accagttgcg
    42541 ctggcggcgc gcggtggaat gggcgccgct gcggccctgg ctgcaggaat acggcgtggc
    42601 cttcgcctac gacgtcggcg tgatccgcca cgaccgctac aacgacggcg ccagcgggcg
    42661 catgagcggc aacgccatcg aactggatgc ccgcggccgc tatttcgccg ccagcgtcgg
    42721 cttcgcccgc tcgctggagc ggcccagcgc catcgagcgg cgcgagcacc cgatctattt
    42781 ccgggtcgac gcgttcttct gaagacgcgg cgacctcctg aacgctttag gaaagcgcct
    42841 acctgcatcg aggccctttc cttggaaaac cttgcttaac ctcgccgggc ccctacccgc
    42901 caaggagtaa cgatatggac atccgcagcc cgctgaacca gtgcatcgcc ctgtccctgg
    42961 cnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnncggca agacccaggg tacccagctc ggcgggatca
    43201 tcctcggcaa cccccctcaa gggccaggcg gcgcaggtga tcctcaacca ggtcaccggc
    43261 ggcaaccgca gcaccctggc cggctacacc gaggtggccg ggcagtcggc gcgggtgatc
    43321 gtcgccaacc cgcacggcat cacctgccag ggctgcggct tcatcaacac gccgcgcgcg
    43381 accctcacca ccggcaagcc gatcatggac ggccagcgcc tggagcgctt ccaggtggac
    43441 ggcggcgaca tcgtcgtcga aggcgccgaa ctgaacgtcg gcaacctcga acagttcgac
    43501 ctgatcaccc gcagcgccaa gctcaacgcc aagctctacg cgaagaacct caacattgtc
    43561 accggccgca acgacgtcca ggccgacagc ctgcaggcca cgccgcgcgc cgccgatggc
    43621 agcgagaagc cacagctggc gatcgacagc tcggcgctgg gcgggatgta cgccggggcg
    43681 atccgcctgg tcggcaccga gcagggcgtg ggggtgaggc tggccggcga catggccgcc
    43741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnncgc
    43921 gaacgcatcg cgctggaggc ggcgcatatc gacaacgccg gggtgatcga agccggcgtc
    43981 gagccagacg agcggcgcaa cgcgcgcggc gacctcgagc tgcgcagcgg caccctgcgc
    44041 aacgccggca gcctggtggc cagccgcgcg ctggaagcga aggcgagcca ggcgctggac
    44101 aaccagggcg gcagcctgaa gggggcgacc gtccgggtcg acgccgggca cctggacaac
    44161 cgtggcggca agctgctcgc cgagggcgaa ctgcgggtcg aggcgagcag cctggacaac
    44221 cgccaggacg gcctgttgca gagccgtgac cgcgccgtgg tcaagacccg tggcgatctc
    44281 gacaaccgtg gcggccaggt gatcggcctg aacgacctgg aggtcggcgc ggcgacgctc
    44341 gacaacggcc agcaaggcct gctcggcagc cagcagtcca cccgcgtcag cgcccaggcg
    44401 ctggtcaacc ggggggacgg cgaagtctcc ggcaagcgcg tcgaggcccg cgtcggcagc
    44461 ctcgacaatc gcggcggcaa gctgatcggc gacgacctgc tggtggtcgc cagcggtgcc
    44521 atcgacaacc gcctcggctt gttctccgcg gccaaccgcc tcgacctgcg ggcgcgcagc
    44581 ctggacaaca gcggcaaggg cacgctgagc agccggggcg gcctggaggt cagcctcggc
    44641 ggcctgctgg acaaccgcga tgaaggcaac ctgctcagcc agggcgcgca gcgcgtgacg
    44701 gtggggcaac tggacaaccg cgccggcggc ctgctgtcga gccgcagcga gttgaacgtc
    44761 cacggcgcca gcctggacaa ccgtggcggc gtgctggtgg ccgacgctgg cctgagcgcc
    44821 acgggaggcg ccttcgacaa ccgcgacggc ggcagcgcca gcggcaaggc tggcgtgcgc
    44881 gtggaggtcg ccagcctgcg caacgaccag ggtggcaagc tgctcagcga tggccgcctg
    44941 gacctcgcag cgaacgccgt cggcaacgcc ggagggcgta tcgccgccaa gggcgacctg
    45001 caggcgacgc ttggcagcct ggcccagcaa ggtggcgaac tggtcagcga aaagaccctg
    45061 aaggtcgcgg ccgacacgct cgacaacagc cagtccgggc tgatcgccgc gaatggcggc
    45121 atcgctatcg aggcgcggca ggtcgacaac cgcgccggcg agatttccag cacctcgaag
    45181 gtcgccgtga acgcccgcga gcaactggac aaccgcggcg gcaaggtcat cggcgacagc
    45241 ggcctgcgcc tcaccgtgca gcgcctgctg aaccaggcca agggggtgct ggccgggcgc
    45301 gacggcctga gcctggacgg cggcgaactg ttcaacggcg acggcgggcg gctcgacagc
    45361 cagaacagcc tgagcgtgag cctcggcggc gtgctggaca accagggcgg cgcgctggtc
    45421 agcgaaggca gcctgacggc gcgcgccgcg cgcctggaca accgtggcgg gaccttctcc
    45481 agcgccggtg cgctggcgct gaccagccag gccgcgctgg acaaccaggg cggcaggctg
    45541 ctcagcgatg ccggcgtgac gctgcagggc gccagcctcg acaacagccg ttccggcgtg
    45601 atcagcgcca agggagcggt ggatatccgc accggcgtac tggacaacag ccgcaacggc
    45661 ggcatcggca gcaacgccgg catcaccctg gtggccgccc ggctggacaa cggccagcag
    45721 ggccgggtca gcgccaaggg cctgctcgac gccaacctga aaggcctcga ccagcgcgga
    45781 ggcggcgtcc tggtcagcga aaccggcgtc accctcgacc tcaatggcgg cacgctggtc
    45841 aaccgcgacg gcggcctgat cgccacgccc ggcgcgctgc tgctgcgcca gctcggcgcg
    45901 gtggacaacg gcgccggcgg ggaaatctcc agcgaccgcg ctttcaccct cgccgccgcc
    45961 agcctggaca accgcggnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    46021 nnnnnnctgg acaacagcct gggcggggtg atctccggcg ccgccggcct ggacatcgcg
    46081 gccgctcgcc tggacaacag cgccaagggc accctggcca gccgcgccgg catcgacctg
    46141 cgcgtcgacg gcgcgctgga caaccacgcc gaaggcaccg tctccggcgc ccgcctgacg
    46201 ctcgccagcg cctcgctgga caacagcggc aagggcctgc tctccggcaa cgccggcctg
    46261 agcgtcgtca ctggcgcgct ggacaacgcc gagggtggcc agttgatcag ccagggcgtg
    46321 ctggacgtca gcagcgccga cctcgacaac cgtggcggcg ccctcagtgg caagcagtcg
    46381 ctgcgcctga gcgccgccaa cctggacaac cgtggcggcc tgctcaccag cgacggcgaa
    46441 ctggaactga cggcagggcg cgtcgattcc gccgacggcg gcgaaatctc cgcccggggc
    46501 gacctgcgcc tgacggtcga gcgcctggtg caacgccagg gccggctggt cggcgagcgc
    46561 ggcgtcagtc tcgacctgcg gggcggcgac ctggacaacc agggcggcct gatcagtgcc
    46621 cgcggcccgc tgagcatcga gcggctgaac gtcctcgaca accgccaggg cggcgagatt
    46681 tccagccagc agggcttcga gctgctggcc aggcgcatcg acaacggcca gcaggggcgc
    46741 atcatcagcg ccgggaaact gcgcctggac gccgacgcgc tgggcaacgc cggcgccggc
    46801 ctgctctccg gatggcaggg cctgacggtg acaggcggga gcctggacaa cagcgccggc
    46861 ggcacccttt cgagcaagga cggcgagctg gccatcagcc tcggcggcgc gctggacaac
    46921 cacggccagg gcgcgctggt cagcaagggc gcgcaacaga tcgacgccgc cagcctggat
    46981 aacgcccagg gcatcgtctc cggcgaaagc gacgtgaccc tgagcatcgc cgggaagctg
    47041 gacaacggcc agggcggcct ggtctcggcg cagcgcgcgc tgagcttcga gcgcgacgat
    47101 acgctgctga acaacgccgg cggccggatc aacggcggca gcctgctgct caagggcgcc
    47161 agcctggata acagcgacgg ccagttgatc agccagggcc ggctcgacgc catcctcggc
    47221 ggcgccctgg tcaacaccgg cgcggcgcgc ctggccagcg gcggcgacct gctgctgcgc
    47281 agcgccagcg tcgacaaccg cggcggcaag ctggtcagcc aggggctgct ggagatcagc
    47341 gccggcagcc tcgacaacag cgcctccggc accctcgcca gccaggccga catgagcctg
    47401 cgcctggtcg gcggcgccct gcgcaaccag caggacggcc tgatcttcag ccaggccggc
    47461 gccctcgagg tgcaggccgg cagcctggac aaccgccagg gcacgctcca ggcccagggt
    47521 gacaaccggc tgcgtatcgg cggcgcgctg gacaaccagg gcggccgcct ggacagccgg
    47581 gccggcaacc tcgacctgca gagcggcagc ctcgacaacg gcgccggcgg cgtgctcaac
    47641 agcgccaagg gttggctgaa gctggtcacc gggctgttcg acaacagcgc cggcgttacc
    47701 caggcgcagt cgctggagat tcgcgccggg caaggcgtac gcaaccagca gggccatctc
    47761 tcggcgctgg gcggcgacaa ccgcatcgtc accgccgact tcgacaacca gggcggcggc
    47821 ctctacgcca gcggcctgct cagcctcgac ggccagcgct tcctcaacca gggcgcggcg
    47881 gcgggccagg gcggcaaggt cggcgccggg cgcatcgact tcagcctggc cggcgcgctg
    47941 gccaaccgct tcggccagtt ggaaagcgaa agcgagctgc acctgcgcgc cgccgcgatc
    48001 gacaacagcg gcggcagcct gcgcgccctt ggccgcagcg gcagcacgcg gctggtcgct
    48061 ggcgacctga acaacgccta cggcgtgctg gaaagcgcca accaggacct cgacctgcaa
    48121 ctgggcagcc tggccaacgc cggcgggcgc atcctccaca ccggcaacgg caccttcggc
    48181 ctggattccg ggcaggtgat ccgcgccggc ggcgaactga ccaccaatgg cctgctggac
    48241 atccgcgcca gcgaatggac caacagcagc gtgctgcaag ccggacgcct gaacctggac
    48301 atcggcacct tccgccagac ggccgagggc aagctgctgg cggtgcagtc cttcactggc
    48361 cgcggcggcg actggagcaa cgacggcctg ctggccagcg acggcagctt gcgcctcgac
    48421 ctgagcggcg gctaccgtgg caacggccgc gccaccagcc tcggcgactt cgccctgaac
    48481 gccgccagcc tcgacctcgg caacgccgcc agcctcgccg gcggcgccaa tgtcacgctc
    48541 ggcgccggca acctgctggt caaccgtggg cggatcaccg ccgccggcga cctcgtggcc
    48601 agcgccgcga gcctgaacaa ctacggcacc ctgggcggcg gcggcaacct gcgattgaac
    48661 gcgcccgccc tgctcaacga gcgcgggttg ctgttcagtg gcgccgacat gaccctgcgc
    48721 gccggcgaca tcaccaacct ctacggggat gtgtacagcc tcggcaggct ggatatcgcc
    48781 cgcgacgatg ccggcaaccg tgccgccagc ctgcgcaacc tttccggggt gatcgagagc
    48841 ggcaaggact tcagcctgcg tgccagcctg atcgagaacc gtcgcgccgt gctggaaagc
    48901 aagtcgggcc tgtacaccgc gaagatggag cagaccgcct gcatcgaagg cgtcaacgcg
    48961 ggcgactgca gcggcaagcg caacgccatc tggaccatca cccagcgcga caagaccgag
    49021 gtcaccgcca gcagcgccat ggggcaactg ctggccggag gcgacttcgc catcgacggc
    49081 ggcaccctga acaacctttc cagcctgatc ggcagcggcg gcaacctcac cgccaacctc
    49141 gaagtcctcg acaaccaggg cctggaaacc ggcgagctgg aaaccatccg cgtgctgcgt
    49201 accgctcgcg gcggcgatat cggcggcatc gaccagaagt cgcgcaactt caccaacctc
    49261 tactggtacc agagcgccaa tttcgacccg gcgcgcgcgg gcgagattcc cgccgcgctc
    49321 aacgcgatcc tcagcgactg gtccttcgag tacgaattcc cgagcaaggg accgaccccg
    49381 atcagcagtg gcgaccagtc ctacgcagcg gtgatccagg ccgccggcga cgtcacggtc
    49441 aatgccagca cgcgcatcga caacggcgtc acccgccccg gctacacctt cgtcggcagc
    49501 ggccgccagg tgggcgacag cgcggtgggc ggcagcgggg tttcggtggt cgtgccgctg
    49561 acctcgcaac tgccgcccga cctggcgcgg cgccaggtca acccggttac cctgcccggc
    49621 ttcagcctgc cccagggcga caacggcctg tttcgcctca gctcgcgctt cgccgaggac
    49681 ggcaacggca gcgccgcgct cggtgccggc gccgacctca cccagggcgg cagcggcgtc
    49741 tcggtcggcc agcagggcgc cggcaacgtc gccggtacct ggcagggcca gggcgtgcga
    49801 gtcgacggcc tggctggcgc ggccaacgtc cagggtcagg gcggcagcac gctcggcggt
    49861 agcctgccgg gcgtcgcccg ggtccagggc gtgcccggca acgccacgcc gagcgctagc
    49921 cacaagtacc tgatcgagac caacccggcg ctcaccgagc tgaagcagtt cctcaactcg
    49981 gactacctgc tcagcggcct gggcatgaac ccggacgata gcaagaagcg cctcggcgac
    50041 ggtctctacg agcagcggct gatccgcgac gcggtggtgg cgcgcaccgg ccagcgctac
    50101 atcgacgggc tgagcagcga cgaggcactg ttccgctacc tgatggacaa cgccatcgct
    50161 tacaaggaca agctccagct gcaactgggc gtgggtttga gcgcggagca gatggcggcg
    50221 ctgacccacg acatcgtgtg gttggaagag gtcgaggtga acggcgagaa ggtcctcgcg
    50281 ccggtggtct acctggccca ggcggagggt cggctggcac ccaacggtgc gctgatccag
    50341 ggccgcgacg tgaagctggt gagcggcggc gacctgcata acgtcggcac cctgcgcgcg
    50401 cggaacgacc tcagcgcgac agccgacaac ctcgacaaca gcggcctgat cgaggccggc
    50461 aagcgcctcg acctgctcgc cggcgactcg atccgcaacc gccagggcgg ggtcatcgcc
    50521 gggcgcgacg tgagcctcac cgcgctgacc ggcgacgtga tcaacgaacg cagcgtgacc
    50581 cgctacgaca gcgcgctcga cggccgcacc tgggaacgca gcttcgccga cagcgccgcg
    50641 cgggtggagg cggcgaacag cctgaacgtc caggccggac gcgacatcgc caacctcggc
    50701 ggggtgctgc agagccgcgg cgacctcagc ctcgacgccg gacgcgacgt caccgtcgcc
    50761 gccgtcgagg accgccaggg ccagacccgc tggaacacgt cgcggctaca gagcgtgacc
    50821 cagctcggcg ccgaagtcag tgccgggcgg gacctgaacg tcagcgccgg gcgcgacctc
    50881 agcgcagtgg ccagcgccct cgaagcgcgc cgcgacatcg ccctctccgc cgggcgcgac
    50941 gtgaccctgg cggcggcggc gaacgaggag catgcctaca gcaagaccag gaaggtcacc
    51001 taccaggaag acaaggtcgc ccagcaaggc acccgcgtgg atgccggcgg cgacctggcg
    51061 atcaatgccg gacaggacct gcgcctgatc gcgagccagg ccagcgccgg cgacgaggcc
    51121 tacctggtgg ccggcgacaa gctggaactg ctggccgcca acgacagcaa ctactacctg
    51181 tacgacaaga agaagaaagg cgacttcggc cgcaaggaaa cccggcgcga cgaagtcacc
    51241 gacgtcaagg cggtgggcag ccagatcagc agcggcggcg acctcaccct gctcagcggt
    51301 ggtgaccaga cctaccaggg cgcgaagctg gaatcgggca acgacctggc catcgtcagc
    51361 ggcggcgcgg tgaccttcga ggcggtaaag gacctgcacc aggaaagcca cgagaagagc
    51421 aagggcgacc tnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    51481 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn ggggaatctg gcgatcaagg ccgtggaagg gctgaagatc
    51541 gacctcaagc atatcgacca gaagaccgtg agccagacca tcgacgcgat ggtgcaggcg
    51601 gatccgcaac tggcgtggct gaaggaggcc gagcagcgcg gggatgtgga ctggcgcatg
    51661 gtgcaggagg tgcacgatag ctggaagtac agcaactcgg ggttgggggc tgcgccgtca
    51721 ctggccattg ccatcgttgc agctgcttac ctcggcccgg tgtatggcgc aatggccagc
    51781 aacctcgcca ttggcaccat caacaatggc ggtgaccttg gcaaggggct gcaacaggcc
    51841 accagcgctg acagtctgaa agggtacgcc atcgcagcgg ccacggctta tcnnnnnnnn
    51901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    51961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    53641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnac cggctttcca
    53701 tccgagccta tttcttactt acatagccct ttcgttatat tcaattttat gctcgtgcgg
    53761 agccgccctt ccatccgaac cacatcctaa gcttccgtgg gctctttgct gaccacagtc
    53821 ttctcttgaa acaacattga aaggggaaag atttactttc tctactctaa tcttctgagc
    53881 aaaggctcca gtgcagatgc cgtaaaggaa cttcgtgatg ccttggtaag ggcgcatggt
    53941 ttaacgagtt attttctttg agtagttcgg cgtgggcgcc gtcgccgaaa ttagagtaga
    54001 gaaaataaat ctgccccttt attckggacc agcatagagg ggacagattt attttcccta
    54061 ctctaatttt ctaagcaggg aggctccagt gcagacgccg taaggaggct ccgcgatgcc
    54121 taggcaaggg cgagtggttt taccgaatta tccgcttcac gtggtccagc ggggacacaa
    54181 tcggcaagtg gtattcgccg aggacgagga ctaccagcgt tacctctccg atctacggga
    54241 cctcaaggat gcctttggta tcaaggtcta cgcattttgc ctgatgacca accatgtcca
    54301 tctgctcttg gcgcctggtg attcgctgtc tggcttggcg caactgatga aaacgctggc
    54361 ggcgcgcacg acacgatatc ggaatcgctt ggagggccgt tccggaacgt tgtgggaaag
    54421 tcgctataaa tcgagtgtcg tacagagcga tgcctacctg ctggcgtgtt gccggtacat
    54481 cgaactgaac cctgttcggg cgcggatggt ggacgatgtg gcggcctatc cctggtcaag
    54541 ttatgggctg cgggcggatt ggttgaagga gccaaactgg ttggatatgg attcctgctt
    54601 cattgagcta ggtcagacgg ccgaagagag atatcggcga tacgtaacgt tcatgaaaga
    54661 ggcgataccg gccgaggaat tgaggctgat tcgcgaggcg gttcagcgtg gacaactgac
    54721 gggcaatcaa cggttcgtgg acgagatcga gcgggtagcc ggggtgagaa tagagcggcg
    54781 tgggcaaggg cggccgagat tagagcaggg aaaataaatc tgtccccttt tttnnngaga
    54841 gatatcggcg atacgtaacg ttcatgaaag aggcgatacc ggccgaggaa ttgaggctga
    54901 ttcgcgaggc ggttcagcgt ggacaactga cgggcaatca acggttcgtg gacgagatcg
    54961 agcgggtagc cggggtgaga atagagcggc gtgggcaagg gcggccgaga ttagagcagg
    55021 gaaaataaat ctgtcccctt ttttcttttt ttcttagtcc ccttttttct tacattacca
    55081 gacggacggg ctgctagttg gggtggggat ggtaaattta ttgggtttag aggcgtgcaa
    55141 aaatgaaggt aaatttgatt tttgaaaaag ttggagatgt taatagtgat tatccatatc
    55201 tttgtgtata taaggannnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnntccaaa
    55261 ggagcatcta tatcgaatga aagggacaga tttattttct ctactctaaa ttttctgagc
    55321 atggaggctc cagcgcagat gccgtaaagg aacttcgcga tgcctagcga attatttgct
    55381 ttgagcgttt cagagtgggc gcagtcgccg aaattagagt agtaaaaata aatctgtccc
    55441 cttttttaca agggagtgct ataacggggc agagtttcaa gactggacaa gcgtttgacg
    55501 ttggtagggt gagtgacttc gatattgcct tggcaggccc tgagttgttg cagcgtgcac
    55561 agccgctagg aataggtttg agaagcggcg gtactcgtac tggtcctctg agcggaagag
    55621 atttgcaagc acttggatta aaagatctag ctagaaagct aagtgcacaa gcagggcgtg
    55681 aagttaactt tatgatttat gattctgcgg caacggctgc aagccgcgct ccgagcttgg
    55741 tacttccaaa atgattgcat atgacttgta cggaacgaaa aatctcagcc ttttgctggc
    55801 aagagagcat atagagaaaa tttttggagt gcctcttgat gaaagaaata gttcttatca
    55861 aggaggggat tactacatgt ttggtagtaa tgattcggag aattttattc tgaaagccaa
    55921 tcttgaccct cttgatgatg aaccagtaga gttaaatttt cctgactacc ctattttgct
    55981 ctatataaac gccacgacac gttcatctgc tatagaaggg gtaatcaaga agggtgcatg
    56041 ctttaagctg ctcaggcatg aaatgttcta ggaatgaaag aacaaagggg acagatttga
    56101 atggcactta cttaaccctt ttcggatgac cstscagcgc agacgccgta aggaggctcc
    56161 gcgatgccta ggcaagggcg agtggtttac cgaattatcc gcttcacatg gtccagcggg
    56221 gacacagtcg ccaagtggta ttcgccgagg acgaggacta ccaacgctac ctctccgatc
    56281 ctcaaaacct cgaggatgcc ttcgataaca agctccatgc attttgccga ataaccaccc
    56341 atatccatct gctcctggcg gcttgccgac cctcctttct actgccccgt cgcacagcgc
    56401 cccaatgtac tagtacaccg gaaaccgccg tctcccgttg aacgggcggg ccccggcccc
    56461 ctaccattcg cagcacaccg acccgcgcaa agggagcggg atgccgcgta ggcaggccgc
    56521 catggaagga gaagcaaata tgccggtact ggctctgaga ctcaccgccc tggcggccct
    56581 tgcgatcagc gtgtcggggt gcgtcatgga ggcctatggc agtcgcgcgc gtagcgatgc
    56641 gcagtcctgg atcggcttgc cgatccagga cgtgatcaag cgcttcggcg agccggaacg
    56701 tgtgacgggg gatgccgcca ggcagaagta cgtgtggaag gagtacgaga actatagcca
    56761 cgactacgac tacacctact acgagcaggg ccatggcaat acgcccaaca gctcggtcct
    56821 gaaccagaag accggcacgg ccaaccagag cggctattac acctgcatct acgagttctt
    56881 tgccgacgcc tcgggcaggg tggtcgatgc gaccgcgcgg ggtgagtgcc gctagttcca
    56941 ggcgctcttc acgccgcaaa ggttgattgg ctcagccagc caccgccttg tctccgacgt
    57001 cgcagagacg cctcagtcca gcgcggaggc gtcccctccc ctcgctccgc cgtgatcgcc
    57061 aggccgccct gcctcacccg ggtcctggtc cggtcctcga aacccggccg ttgcagccag
    57121 tagccgcgca ggttgatgcg gggcgccagg cggttgccgt cgcgttcgtc cagcggtgct
    57181 ccggggtttc cccggcgcct cacaacagga tcagcagcgc tcctaccagc agccccgcca
    57241 ggctgaaggg cagcgtttgc agggccagcc gcttgccgcc caccagcacg accaggccgg
    57301 ccttgaccag gctgttgctc agggcggcaa gggcgatgcc gcggctggcc acgcctggat
    57361 cgagttcgcc ctgcgccgcg cgggccaggg acagggtgat cgcgtcgacg tcggcgaggc
    57421 cggagagcaa cgcgaccgca tagatgccgg cgtcgccgaa cagccgccgg ccgacctcca
    57481 ccaacagcag gatcgcgctc agcaaggcgg cgaaacgcat ggccgggagc agttcgaagg
    57541 ggttgcgcag gcctggctcg tcgggcgcct cctggctggc gcggccgccg cgcagggcgt
    57601 ggaacagcgt gccgccaagg tagacgaggg tggtggcggc gaatggcagg gccagctcct
    57661 tcagcaaggc cgggtggatc gcgccgatct cgacaaggat gcgcgggaac atcagcgccg
    57721 aggtcgccag cagggcgcac gccaacaggg cgtcgggcat gcgctcgcgc aggcgcgcca
    57781 gggtcagggt catcaccgtg gaggacacca ggccgccgag caccgcggtc agcaacaggc
    57841 ccttgcgcga gccgatcagg cggatggcca ggtaggcgga gaaaccgagg gcggcgatca
    57901 gcaccaccat ccaccaggtc aggtagggat tgaagaacgc ccagggacca tagccctggt
    57961 tgggcagcac cggcagcagg accacggaaa tgaacagcag cttgagggtg cccgatagct
    58021 cctcggcggt caggcgcttc agcagggcgt ggagcttgtc cttgaggctc agcagcaggg
    58081 tcagcacgat gccgccggcg gcagccagca ggcgctgttc ggtgagggcg aggctgccga
    58141 ggaggaaggt catcagcagg gcgatctcgg tggtcatgcc ctggtcgccg ccacgcctga
    58201 catcgctcac gtagccggcc acggccagcg ccgcgagggc cagcagcaag gctacccaga
    58261 ctgcgctgcc cagttcgccc gcgagcaggg tggcgaagcc gccgagcagg ccggccaggc
    58321 tgaaggtgcg gattccggcg atctgccgcg catcttcgtg gtcgcgctcc tgccagccgc
    58381 gctcggcgcc gatcaggagg ccgatggcca gggccgtgca caggctcaac aacagatcca
    58441 gggaaagcgt catgctcgat tccattcgcc gggagagagg atggcgacgt gcctgtgcgc
    58501 accatagcag cagacgaccc cgaggcgccc gcacggcggt gcgccgtcca ccaagagccc
    58561 gtcgctgccg ccgatatcca tcgggttctc cgccccggtg taggcgcacg ggagctggcg
    58621 tagggaaagt ccgctgtttt tcggccgctg acggttctct ttccgcgtgc tccgacggcc
    58681 gccaacagta aaaaaaccac ggccaatcct gataggcgga ggggcgcctc gttcctagac
    58741 tggcggggaa acatcaggag acgtcaatca tcatgcatat tcaatcatct cagcagaacc
    58801 cgtctttcgt ggctgagttg agccaggccg tggccgggcg cctgggacag gtcgaggccc
    58861 gccaggtggc cactccccgg gaggcgcaac aactggccca gcgccaggaa gcaccgaagg
    58921 gcgagggcct gctctcccgc ctgggggccg ccctcgcgcg tcccttcgtg gcgatcatcg
    58981 agtggctggg caaactgctg gggagccgtg cccacgcctc cacccaggcg ccgctctccc
    59041 gtcaggacgc gccgcctgcc gccagtctct cggccgccga gatcaagcag atgatgctgc
    59101 aaaaggcact gcccctgacc ttgggcggac ttggcaaggc gagcgagctg gcgactttga
    59161 cagcggagag gctggcgaag gatcacacgc gcctggccag cggcgacggc gccctgcgct
    59221 cgctggccac cgccctggtc gggattcgcg atggcagccg gatcgaggct tcccgtaccc
    59281 aggctgcccg cctgctcgaa cagagcgttg gggggatcgc gctgcaacag tgggggaccg
    59341 cgggcggtgc cgccagccag catgtactca gcgcaagccc ggagcaactg cgcgaaatcg
    59401 ccgtccaact gcatgcggta atggacaagg tcgccctgtt gcgccacgcg gtagagagcg
    59461 aggtaaaggg cgagcctgtc gacaaggcgc tggcggatgg cctggtggag cacttcgggc
    59521 tggaggcgga gcagtacctc ggcgaacacc cggacgggcc gtacagcgat gccgaggtga
    59581 tggcgctcgg tctttatacc aacggcgagt accagcacct gaatcgttcc ctgcgtcagg
    59641 gacgggagct ggatgtgggc caggcgttga tcgaccgggg catgtctgcc gcgttcgaaa
    59701 agagcggacc ggctgaacag gtcgtgaaga ccttccgcgg cacccagggc agggatgcct
    59761 tcgaggcggt gaaagagggc caggtcggcc acgacgccgg ctatctctcc acctcccggg
    59821 accccagcgt tgccaggagc ttcgcgggcc agggcacgat aaccaccctg ttcggcagat
    59881 ccgggatcga tgtcagcgag atatcgatcg agggcgatga gcaggagatc ctctacgaca
    59941 aggggaccga catgcgcgtg cttctcagcg ccaaggatgg gcagggtgtg acccgtcggg
    60001 tgctcgaaga ggccacgctg ggggaacgga gcggccacgg cgagggactg ctcgatgccc
    60061 tggacctggc aaccgggacg gatcgttcag gcaagcccca ggaacaggac ctgcgcctgg
    60121 gaatgcgcgg cctcgacctg gcctgaccgg tcgacggcag agacggacac tcccaagggg
    60181 tgtccgtttt catttgcgcc gtacagcgtc gggcgcaatg ggcggcaagg aggcctgcct
    60241 ggctgccacc ggttggtggc ggacaccggt gcccggcgtc ccacctcgat cctgcgaacg
    60301 agacgcagtc agaattctcc gagtatgctt cctgcataac gaaacgatcg gaataactgt
    60361 ggtaactttg ccgcccaccg agatggccta ttgatggctc atacggttcg tgcatcgctt
    60421 cccgcacgat tgtttcggat ttccaaggcc ggccgggagc gccggttgat cgacgcattc
    60481 gtatttcaag gaaagaaatc gtggccaccc catttcgccc ctcgccttgg cgcgccgccg
    60541 tgccgcctgg ccttcctcga ttttcactac gccctctttt ccgcacacgg gtcggctaga
    60601 agccgctccg cgtcgatagc gtttttttcc aggagaaccc catgagtcac agcgccaaga
    60661 aagcactact gccgctcctc gccgtcgcca ccctggccgg cctggcgggc tgcgccaccg
    60721 agacctccac cgcgttgccg gtacagcagg tcgagagcgt caaccgaccc tacagcggcg
    60781 tgcgttcgcc gattgcggta ggcaagttcg acaaccgctc cagctacatg cgcgggatct
    60841 tttccgatgg cgtcgaccgc ctcggcggcc aggccaagac cattctcatc acccacctgc
    60901 agcagaccaa tcgcttcaac gtgctggacc gcgacaacat gagcgagatc cagcaggaag
    60961 cggcgatcaa gggccaggcc cagcgcctga agggtgccga ctacgtggtg accggcgatg
    61021 tcaccgagtt cggccgcaag gaagtcggcg accgccagct gttcggcatc cttggccgcg
    61081 gcaagtcgca gatcgcctac gccaaggtgg cgctgaacat cgtcaacatc tctacctcgg
    61141 aggtcgtcta ttcgacccag ggcgctggcg agtacgccct gtccaaccgc gaggtgatcg
    61201 gcttcggcgg caccgccagc tacgactcga ccctcaacgg caaggttctc gacctggcca
    61261 tgcgcgaggc ggtgaacaag ttggtcaacg cggtcgatag cggcgcctgg aagccacaga
    61321 accaataatc caccagaaac cagggaatca cggcacacat gagcaagacg atcacatgga
    61381 cggcggcgct gctggggagc atggcgctgg ccgggtgcag cggaccgaag acgctgtacc
    61441 agtgggaggg ctaccaggcc caggtccacg aatacttcaa gggtgaatcc aaggaggccc
    61501 aggcgcaggc gctggaagcc gacctcgaga agatccgggc gaagaacggc gcggtgccgc
    61561 cgggctacca cgcccagctg gggctgctct attccagcat cggcaaggac gaccagatgg
    61621 tccgcgagtt cgagaccgag aaggcgctgt ttcccgagtc ggcgacctac atggacttcc
    61681 tcctgaacaa cgcccgtgga ggtgcccgtt gaaactcgcc cgactgtccg gcctggtggc
    61741 cggtttcacc ctgctggccc tgctcggcgg ctgcgcgccg accaagagcg tcgactactc
    61801 ggcgttcaag caggccaagc cgcgctcgat cctggtcctg ccgccgctga acgagtcgcc
    61861 cgacgtgaag gcgacctaca gcatgctctc gcaggtcacc ttcccgctgg ccgaggccgg
    61921 ctactacgtg gtgccggtgg cgctggccga cgagaccttc cgccagaacg gcctgaccag
    61981 cgccggcgac gtgcaccagg tgtccccggc caagctgcgc gagatctatg gcgccgacgc
    62041 ggcgctgtac gtcacggtga gcgactacgg cacgcgctac atggtgatca gcagcgcgac
    62101 catcgtcacc gccagcgcca agctggtcga cctgcgatcc ggcaccaccc tgtggaccgg
    62161 ctcggcgacc gcctccagcg aggaaggcaa cggcggcaac aacggcggcc tggtgggcat
    62221 gctgatcacc gcggcggtca agcagatcat caacagttcg gtggaggacg ccggttatcc
    62281 gatcgccggg atgaccagcg cgcgcctgct ctcggccggc cagccgggcg gactgttgta
    62341 cggcccgcgc tcgccgaggt acggcagcga ctgagccgtg cgccggggct acggggacgt
    62401 ctccgtggcc tcggcgcaag ccgccgggag gggcttggcc gctgcgttgc gcttggccat
    62461 gtactggcgg atcaggtcgt cgagcaacgc ccggatggcg cgccgctcgt ccagccgcag
    62521 gcggccgatg gcctcgaact gcaggcgcag gtcttccggt agcgcctgcc gctcgctgcg
    62581 ctcgcagacc agccagtcga ggggcaccgc gaaacgtccg gcgatggttt gcagcaccac
    62641 cagcgacggg tgcccgccct tggtttcgaa gtgccgcaac tggctcacgg tgacgcccag
    62701 tcgctcggcc atctgccgtt gggtcagggc gttctgctgg cgtaggcgta ggagattctg
    62761 cgcgaagctc atggaaaact ctccaagtca ggggaaatcc ttgccaccgc cccggtgatg
    62821 cgggcgatgg cggttgtctc catcatcggc gttcgcactc ttcgactctg ccctaccgtt
    62881 ccggcgcggg cctgggaaag ctccgggtcg tgagtccgag gtttccccgc gtgccgcctt
    62941 tttcgattca gtagaggctg aagcgacggg ctaccgtccc gttggcctgc gtcggcggca
    63001 gtttggctcc gcggcgaagc gataggacgc gagggccttg cgcctggcga ggactagtcc
    63061 gcttgcgccc cctgcgccag ggcgttgccg acgcccacca gcagcgcccg ggtctgcgcc
    63121 acgatggcgc tgcggtaggc ctcgtagcgg gcgtcgctga tggcgttgtc gttgcgcgcg
    63181 ccgccgccgc tcgccggtac gccggtgtag tagttgttca tcaccgggac atggatgtgc
    63241 ccggcgggaa tctccaggcg gaacgcgtcg cgcagcaccg tgttgcggta ggcgctctcg
    63301 ttggacaggt agtcgccgcc accgccgttg cgcgcgcaga tccgtcggtt cggcgggagc
    63361 accagggagg gatcgggcat ggcgttcatc accccgttgg tcggcacgtt ttcggtgcgc
    63421 gggttggcgc aatcagggaa gaagtcgtag ttggtgtgcc aggtgacctc gaagccttcc
    63481 gcggcctggc tggtagcgcc cggcggccgc tcgatgccgc gccaggtatc ggcggcgagc
    63541 aactggcgga ccggcagcga ggccttggag aactgtgccg gcaggttctg ccgccagcgg
    63601 ctggcgctgt cgtagccgag ccagcggcgc ggcgggttga tattgcagcc ggagccccgc
    63661 agggaaatcg gcgcggtgcc gggattggtc acgctgccca ggggaagcac gtagttgggc
    63721 aaagcgctgt cggcggggca gtagacgatg ccgtcgttgc cggcggagga gccgtggaag
    63781 cggccgttcc aggcctccag ccagaactgg ttggcgccgc cctggctgat ggtgatggag
    63841 gcgtcgaccc ggcgcgggcc ggggcggaac caggggccca gggtgtcttc ctgcatgccg
    63901 cggttgaacg ggtcgtagct gaccggcaac aggtaggcct cgatacgcag caggctgccg
    63961 tcggccagcc tgaactcgcg gccgtccagc gcaagggcgg tggcgcccga ggggttgccg
    64021 ttgcgcaggc cggtgttcgc cgtcccggga gtgcccaggg tgaagacgtc gaagccgctg
    64081 atgatcatcc gccggtagcg cgagccgtcg gcggcgtagc ggcgcggcag gtcgatgtcc
    64141 agctgtccgc gcgaggcgcg ttcgaagcgc cattgcagcg cctgggcctg ggccttgccg
    64201 aggtggaagg atggcgccca ctggcgcagg gtgcgggtca tgtagaggcg cgtccagtag
    64261 agcatgcggt catcgctggc cggcagcgcg ccggcgggaa tggcgcggcg cccctgggcc
    64321 cggtcgacgg cggcgcgcca cagcgcgcgg ccctcttcgg tgaccagctt cagtgccttg
    64381 gcgtagctgc tgaccggggt gcggccgtcg gcggcgcaca ggcgcttggc gaaggccggt
    64441 tcgaagccgt cgaagccggc gcccttgacg atgcgctcgg ccagcggcgt ctggtcatgg
    64501 gtgacgacgt tggcgccgct gaacggcagc ggcgtgtcga gccggcgctc ctcgtaggac
    64561 aacgctgcct cgcggttcca ggagcaggcg acgctgggcg gcttgcgggc gccggcgagg
    64621 tcgccgttgg cggcccagcc ggcgccgggc agcagggctg ccgagacggc cagggcgaag
    64681 agggagtatc ggcttgcgtg acgggcgtag cgcatcgggt ggactcctgt tcttgttcgg
    64741 ttcatgggtc gatcggtgcg gcgggcggag cgcgggcgag cggcgcccgc cggcggcggg
    64801 ggccgggacc gacgcaaggt gcgtcgcggg ttgctgcggt ggcggacggg agggcggtgc
    64861 tagggggcgc gtgtcgccgg tagacggagg cgcgcggagg gagggttgcg ggacgacgcg
    64921 gaggcgtctg ggaaagtcag gtcctttgcc atggatgcac cgatcgttgt tcttgctgtt
    64981 gtggggcgtc ggtgggtgca cggccggact tcgcacccgt gcggcattct tggaggcgcc
    65041 ggcgcggtgc gtccaacgaa tttatgtggc cgccggggat aggaaaagtt gatggcgaac
    65101 cggtgccgaa gccccctgcc ccggtacttt cgctggcgct gcggcaatcc accgcactgg
    65161 cgcgttcgct cgggctggtc tttgctctcc ggggtccggc ggctcgccgg cgagtcttgc
    65221 ggtgcgccgc gagcggacgg gcgttcggtc cttctgcagg caaatgccct tgttttcgga
    65281 gaaggacacg gatcgttgat cgctgtttcg accaaggagg tcagatgaaa aggaagatgc
    65341 tggcggcttc gctgctgctg tggatgttct cgctgacggc gcaggcggac tgcgcggtgc
    65401 tcgggccggg ggaagatccc tgcgcgggcc cggtgctggg accgaccgtc tgcgagtgcc
    65461 cgtgatgacc gactgtaccc tcgaccaggg acagggagcg ttcgattacc aaccaggagg
    65521 ttgcaaatga agaaagtact gttggctgtg ttcctgctct gtggcttctc tcttaccgcc
    65581 caggccgcgt gcccggtttt cggcccgtcc gaggacccgt gcagcgggcc ggtgttcggt
    65641 ccgtcgacct gcgaatgccc ttgaggtagg tcgtctggcg ggcccggtgc agcgggcccg
    65701 cttccggatg gatcgctcgc tcgaagttgc cttctttaat tctcccttcc ccgcgccgcc
    65761 ctacttttcc cgctcgtcca tcgtcgcctc gaacgttgcc atgaaatcag cgtcgatgga
    65821 caactcttat attcaatagt tgtacgatct gagtttgttg tagtcatttg cttagttggc
    65881 tatccatatg attgacctaa agcaattata agtttaattg gattagcttt ctaagtcttt
    65941 ggaaagagcc gtgaacgacc ctgtaatatc tggttgtaga gccgtgtaat gatgtttcag
    66001 gatatttcat taattttgta gattattgtt tttcctttgt ttttttaaaa acagctacca
    66061 gatttagata gatattaatt aactcggcca cgttttttcc tgttctatca ttggccttcc
    66121 ttgggcgcag gcctgccgaa actgattatc ttcaggtcct cgaaaagttc atacatcgac
    66181 cgccttgggc gaagcattcg tacgccggaa atctgtccgg ccgcacggat gttttcagca
    66241 tgttctctgg atgagtttcc cgataaacat caattagagg agtttcccta tgtgcggtct
    66301 cgcgggttgg gtggattaca cgcgcaagct cgacgacgaa tttccggcga tcttcgccat
    66361 gaccgatacg ctcgccttgc gcgggccgga tgccgagggc atctggaagc accgcaacgc
    66421 cctgctgggt caccggcggc tggcggtcat cgacctcagc ggcggcgtgc agccgatgtc
    66481 ctatcgcttt cccaccggcc aggaggtcac cctcgtctac accggcgagg tgtacaacca
    66541 cgatgccctg cgcgagcggt tgcgccgggc cggacatgag ttccgcaccc gcagcgatac
    66601 cgaggtggtt ctgcacgcct atctgcaatg gggcgagcgt tgttgcgagt acctgaccgg
    66661 gatgttcgcc ttcgccgtct tcgatggccg cgacggccac ctgctgctgg tgcgcgaccg
    66721 cctgggcatc aagccgctgt attacgcgcg gcaccgcgag ggactgctgt tcggctcgga
    66781 gatcaagtcc atcctggcgc atccggaatt cgccgccagg ctcgacgcgg tcggcctggt
    66841 cgacctcctg acgctgtccc ggggcacttc gcagacgccg ttccgcgagg tccaggaact
    66901 gctgcccggc cacctgctgt cctggcgtcc caattcccag gcgaagttgc gccgctattg
    66961 ggaggtacgc cgccaggagc atgccgacga cctgcagagc accgtgcagc gcacccgcga
    67021 actggtcacc cgcgccctgg gggcgcaatt gcacgccgac gttccggtgt gttcgctgct
    67081 atcgggtggg ctcgattcga ccgccctgac cggcatcgcc cagcgcatcg cgaaggcgga
    67141 gcacggcggc gacatcaatt cgttctcggt ggacttcgtc ggccaggccg agcagttccg
    67201 cagcgacgac ctgcgtcccg accaggacca gccgttcgcc ctgctggccg cgcagtacat
    67261 cggcagccgt catcgcaccg tgctcatcga caatgccgaa ctggtctgcg aacgagcgcg
    67321 cgaagaggta ttccgggcca aggacgtacc ttccaccttc ggcgacatgg atacctcgct
    67381 gcacctgatg ttcggcgaga tccgccggca ttccacggtg gccatctccg gtgaaggcgc
    67441 cgatgagctg ttcggtggct acggctggtt ccgcgatccg caggcggtgg ctgcggcgcg
    67501 cttcccctgg gcctccaggg tgcgcctgcc ggccggcttc atcgacgccg gtttcaaccg
    67561 ccgctgcgat ctcctccagt accagcaggc cagctacgac gatgggctgc gccaggtcga
    67621 acacctggcc ggcgacagcc cggaggagcg gcggatgcgc gagttcagcc acctgcatct
    67681 gaagcgctgg atggtgctgc tgctcgaacg caaggatcgc ctgagcatgt gcaacggcct
    67741 ggaggtgcgg gtgccctaca ccgaccatga gctggtggag tacgtctaca acgtgccctg
    67801 gtcgatcaag agccgggacg gcgaggagaa gtggctgctc aagcgggcct gcgccgacta
    67861 tgtcccggaa gccgtgctca agcgccgcaa gagcccttat ccgacttctg ccaacctcgg
    67921 ctacgagcgt ttcctgcgcg ggagcgtgcg gcgcctgctg gaggacgcgg cgaacccggt
    67981 gttcggcatc gtttcgcgag agttcctggc cgccgaactg gagcatccgg aggggtactt
    68041 caacacccag gtgagccgcc acaacctgga gaccgcactg gcgctggaag gctggctcag
    68101 gttgtacggg ctctccgcct gagcgtgacg cggggcgtgg cgggttcggg ctgctgtccg
    68161 gcccgccggc gtcttcaggc gtcgggcatt tcgccgcgtt cgccgagccc caccggcatg
    68221 ccttccacgc cggcatggaa cagcagggct tccaccggtt cggccccggc tatcaggcga
    68281 tggatgatgt tcatcaggca acccgccgcc tcgccttcca gcacccgcgt gctctgggct
    68341 ccgtcgcggg tctccaggcg cagttcgccc ttgagcacgt aaagcgcgct gggcatcgga
    68401 tggacctgcc agtccaggcg ttcgtgggcg gccaggctca ggcgctgcac ggtgagctgc
    68461 ggctggccaa ggggatagcc gaggtagagc gagccgttcc aggcgcagcc gctgcgcagc
    68521 agggtttcgc ggtgcggact ggttgcggcc gggaggtcgc ggctgggtgg gaacacatgc
    68581 acgtggctgg ggcgaaggtc catcgggcgt cctgcgcttg tcggtgtttt tcctcagtca
    68641 agccggcttt caccgcctgc tccactgccg cttctgctag gcggcagcgg gccatcaagg
    68701 aggcggttgg ttcatcgcag gcggcggctt tctcctttta gcctcggcgc atcggcggat
    68761 aacgctgcgc gttatgcgcc ctacgacttc ccgatgagag gcgatgccnn nnnnnnnnnn
    68821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    68881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    68941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    69001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    69061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    69121 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    69181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    69241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    69301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    69361 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnctgctag gcggcagcgg gccatcaagg
    69421 aggcggttgg ttcatcgcag gcggcggctt tctcctttta gcctcggcgc atcggcggat
    69481 aacgctgcgc gttatgcgcc ctacgacttc ccgatgagag gcgatgcctt ctcaagcctc
    69541 gcggatgaac cgcacgggta cccgctcggt cagccagacg ccgttctccg cctggtggaa
    69601 taggtgcccg gccagatgca tgtcgcgcgc gtcgatttcc agcagaaccg ggctgccgta
    69661 gcggcggccg acttccaggg cggtggcgcg gcgggcggag agatggacgt ggtggcggct
    69721 gccgggaacc aggccgcgct cgcggatgga gtcgaggaag cggctggcgg tgccgtggta
    69781 gagcactgcg ggcgggaccg cgggggcgta ggcgatggcc accgcggcat gcgagtggcc
    69841 ttgcacggcg cggatgcgct ggccatcggc ggagagggcg aagcgcttct tgtcgttgtt
    69901 ctcgaccacc gcgccgagca gcatgcggtc gagggcgcgg ccgtcccgcg ccgcgccggc
    69961 gatcagggcg tcgatgtcgg cccagccttc gccgtccagc gtcaggccga tggcctcggg
    70021 ctggtggcga aggacatagc tgaggaactt gctggtgtcg tcgagggttt tccgatccat
    70081 tccatggtcc ttgtgcgtgc catcccggcg cgggaacctc aggcgccgcc gaggaagtcc
    70141 atcttgccca gttcgacgcc gttgtggcgg aggatggcgt aggcggtggt gacgtggaag
    70201 aagaagttgg gcagggcgaa gccgaagagg aagtcgcggc cgttgaagct gatctcctgg
    70261 ccgcgcacct tgagggtcac gttgcgctct tcggcgccgt ccagttgttc ctcgcggatg
    70321 ccctcgagga actcgacggt gcgagcgatg cgtgcctgga gttcgtcgaa ggtggtttcc
    70381 gtatccgcgt agctcggcac ttccagcccg gccagccgcg cgccggcgcc cttggcggcg
    70441 tcgctggcga tctgcacctg gcgcgccagg gggaacatgt ccggcgccag ccgggcgtcg
    70501 atgaagatgc gcggatcgat gttcttcgct tcggcgtggg cggcggcttt cttcaggatc
    70561 gccgagaggt tgccgagggt gcgcaggaag gtcgggatcg aagcctggta gatcgacagg
    70621 gacatggacg tgctccagac aggggataaa ggtgcgtcga aggcggcgcg tccagcagtc
    70681 tacccggctt tcacgccagc gccagggggc ccgcctcgtc ccagtgcgga tcggccgcca
    70741 tccgttcgac caggaagtcc agcagcgccc gcagcgccgg cggcatctgc cggcgcgagg
    70801 cgtacaccgc gtggatgccg agcacctgcg gcgaccactc cggcagcagc gccaccaggc
    70861 gtccgctacg gatcagcggg gctgccgagt acagcggctg ctggctgatc ccggcaccgg
    70921 cggcggcggc ctccagcagc acggtggatt cgttggcgct gagactgcca cccaccggca
    70981 cgctggtcgg ctcgccgtcg cgctcgaact gccagagact gcggccgaag taggagtagg
    71041 tcaggcagtt gtgcagcgcc aggtcctccg ggcgccgcgg ggtgccgtgg cggcgcaggt
    71101 agtccggcgc ggcgcagatc accgagcggc attcgccgag gcggcgggcg atcaggttgg
    71161 ggtcgagctg gttggcgatg cgcagggcca ggtcgatgcg ctcctccacc aggttgacca
    71221 cctggctgtt gacctgcagg tcgatggcgg tgcccgggta gcgctcgacg aaggcggcgg
    71281 cggcacgggt cagccaggcc tgggcgaagg acaggctgct ggtgatgcgc agagtgccgc
    71341 gcgggctgtc gcggcgggtc tggccggtgg cctgcatggc gtcggccacg gcgagcatct
    71401 cgcggcactg cggcaacagc tccgcgccgg cgtcggtcag gctcaggcgg cgggtgctgc
    71461 ggtgcagcag gcgtgcgccg acccactcct ccaactcggc gaggtagcgc gagaccatcg
    71521 cccgggacat gtccagacgc tcggcggcgg cggtctggct gccgctgtcg atgacttcga
    71581 cgaagacgcg agtggcggtc aggcggtcca tgattcgctc gatctatgca acaaagctgt
    71641 gattattgcg gggctttttg cgcgctttca agcaactaac atggcaagcc tctgatccca
    71701 ctgcctggag aaccgctcat gtcgcgccat ggattgcttc gttccctgtt cgccgccgcc
    71761 gccctgctgg gtgccgccgg cgtcttcgcc gccagcgccg aaccgctgcg gctggaggtc
    71821 tacaaccccg gcgagaaggc gatcttcgcc gtgtcctcgg aactgctggt gggccagcgc
    71881 gaggcgatgc tgatcgacgc gcagttctcc cgcgccgacg ccgagcaact ggtcaagcgt
    71941 atccaggcca gcggcaagac cctcagcact atctacatca gccacggcga cccggacttc
    72001 tacttcggcc tcgacgtgct gaaggccgcc ttccccgagg cgaagatcct cgcgacggcg
    72061 cagaccgtcg cacacatcca ggcgaccaag gacgccaagc tggcctactg ggggccgatc
    72121 ctcaaggaca acgcgccgac gtcgctggtg gtgccggagc cgctgaaggg cgaccagttg
    72181 aagctggaag gccatgccct gaaggtggtc gacctgaagg ggccgagccc ggaccgcacg
    72241 gtgctgtgga ttccgtcgct gaagacggtg gtcggtggcg tgctggtgga atccggttcg
    72301 cacgtctgga ccgccgatac ccagacccag gcctcgcgcc aggcctgggt ggcgatgctc
    72361 gaccggatcg aggcgctgca accgcggcgc gtggtgcccg gccatttcac cggcgaggag
    72421 ccgaagggcc tggacggcgt gcgcttcacc cgtgactacc tgaaggccct ggaagccgaa
    72481 ctgcccaagg ccagggattc cgccgcgctg gtcgaggcga tgaagcgccg ctacccgaac
    72541 ctgccgggcg aggaaggcct ggagctgagc gccaaggtgc tcaagggcga gatgcagtgg
    72601 ccctgagccg cgcccgccga tagccgctga tcgaggcgtc ccctgcgggg cgtctcgtgg
    72661 agaccgagat gaacgacctc accctgcatt acctctacga tccgctctgc ggctggtgct
    72721 acggcgcctc gccgctgctc gccgccgcct gcgaggtgac gggtctggac gtacgcctgc
    72781 atggcggcgg catgatgacc gatgccaacc gccagccggt cggcgccggc ctgcgccact
    72841 acgtgatgcc ccatgacctg cggatcgccc aactgaccgg ccagccgttc ggcaaggact
    72901 acttcgacgg cctgctgcgc gacaccagcg cggtattcga ctcggccccg ccgaccgccg
    72961 ccgtgcttgc cgccgaagcg ctcgacggcc tcggcgcggc gatgctggcg cggatccagc
    73021 gtgcccacta cgtcgagggc cggcgtatcg ccgagcgtcc ggtgttgctc gagctgggtg
    73081 ccgaactggg gcttggcgag ggcttcgccg aggcgttcga cgcctgctcc ggcgagccgc
    73141 tgcgcgcgca cttcgccgac agtcggcggc tgatgaaccg tctcggcgcc gctggcttcc
    73201 cgaccttcgc cctggagcgc gacggccgcc tgcaggtgct cgacaccggg cgctacctcg
    73261 gccagccgga cgactggcgg gctctcctcg aaacgcagct gcgccttgcc ggcggcagcg
    73321 atgccgtggg cggggccgcg gcgccgctct gccgcatcga cggttgcgcc tgaatcccgc
    73381 cgccgcgcag gcggactgaa cttgtccggc tgcgtcgtcc tcccatgtag acatgcccgc
    73441 tcgccgacgc gagcggatgt ccatccacag ctccggagga gtcgacatga agaagacggc
    73501 atcggcggtc tggcaaggcg gcctgaaaga cggcaagggc accctttcca ctgaaagcgg
    73561 cgcgctcaag gacaacccct atggcttcaa tacccgcttc gagggcgcac cgggaaccaa
    73621 cccggaagag ctgatcggcg cggcccacgc cggctgcttc agcatggccc tgtcgatgat
    73681 gctcggcgag gccggcctga ccgccgaacg tatcgagacc cgcgccgagg tcaccctcga
    73741 caagcagtcc gacggtttcg ccatcactgc cgtgcacctg gtgctcaggg cgcgcgtgcc
    73801 gggggcggac gcgcagacct tcgagcagat cgccaacaag gccaaggccg gttgcccggt
    73861 atccaaggtg ctcaacgcga agatcagcct ggacgccagc ctcgacggct gagcggaacg
    73921 cttccccagc ccggcgaact ggccctggcc tgccgcagtc gaatgcggca ggatgcgctg
    73981 cgcagcactc ggctgccagg catcgacgag gagtgacggg tcatgaaaac catcgggctg
    74041 gggattgcca ccttgctgtt cagcgccacg gcgctggccg cgccgaagcc gtgcgaggaa
    74101 ctcaaggcgg agatcgagac caagatccag tcggccgggg tgacctccta caccctggag
    74161 atcgtgcgca acgacgaagt cagcgacccg aacatggtgg tcggcagttg cgagaacggc
    74221 accaagaaga tcatctacca gaagaacgac gactgagccg ctgcgtttca gtacggcggg
    74281 cagcggctgg tctggaagtt cgaacgggcg accacctcgc cacgctcgtc gctcagtagc
    74341 gccagcgccc tgcgcaattg cgggcgcacc tccaggcgat agcgccggcc cgcctcgaag
    74401 ccgtcataga ccacctgctg gtagcagttg atctgcaccg gctcgccgaa gccgccgccc
    74461 ccgccgccgg aaccgccata gagttcgtac tggaagcgca cctccagcac atggcgtccc
    74521 ggagtgacct ggaagtagcg cccgtcgctc aaccgctcgc cgtccaggcg ctcggccagc
    74581 agggtgttgg ccggcgcgct gcgcagctcg acccaggcca tctgcgggtc cggctgcggc
    74641 agcggtccgg cgcagccggc gaggagcagc agcgcgagcg ggacgagacg ggtgagtgga
    74701 cgcatggggc gggctccgga gggtgttcag ctcctagcat agcgccctcg ccttgcgccg
    74761 ttcagacctt cgcgcagcgc ccctcgcggc cgcgcgccag ttccctgttg tcctggtcgt
    74821 agagcttcgc ccagggacgg aagccgatgt gcccggcctc caggcggtag cgctggccgg
    74881 cgctgaagtc cttgaacttg aggttgagct ggcaatcgcg ccagagcggg ctgtccacgg
    74941 ggccgatgtt ggtcgggtcg acggtgaact ggtagcgcac cgtgagttcg cgggtgccgg
    75001 gatcgacctc gaagtagcgc gtgcggtccc agctcttgtc gtcgacttcc acggcggcga
    75061 gatcggcgtc gggctgggta tcgaggtcga cccaggcgcg gttcgggtcg ggggtgggca
    75121 tcagcagtga gcagccgctc aggacgagca ggccaccggc aagcagcagc gtacgcatag
    75181 aagactccga agctccttta acccggccgc catccgtcgc gccttggaaa aacgccttgc
    75241 gttcctccgc ctcgccggat cgcggaccgg tgctggtagg gcggcgggcg gtccgcgtgc
    75301 tgtgctatgt tccgcccatg ccacgccgcc ttcgccatcc gcttgctgac cttcgactgc
    75361 cccgttgggt tccctgcctg gcgctgttgg cgctgagcgg ttgctcgacc gtctcctact
    75421 acgggcaact ggccagcggc cagttcgccc tgctgcgcgc ccgcgagccg gccgccgcgg
    75481 tgatcgccga cccgcagcgc gacgcgcgct tgcgcgaacg cctggcgaag gcggaaaagg
    75541 cccggcaatt cgccagcgaa cgcctcggcc tgccggacaa ccgcagctat cgcctgtacg
    75601 ccgatatcgg ccggccctac gtggtatgga acgtgttcgc caccccggag ctgtcgctgc
    75661 agccggtcac ccattgcttc cccatcgccg gctgcgtggc ctaccgcggc tactacagcg
    75721 aggccgccgc gcgcgccgag gcggcgcgcc agcgggcgct cggcgacgac gtctacgtcg
    75781 gcggggtgca ggcctactcg accctcggct ggttcgacga tccgatcctc agcagcatgc
    75841 tgcgctggga cgacgaacgg ctggcgacct tgatcttcca cgaactggcg caccagaagt
    75901 tctacctgcg cgacgacacc gccttcaacg aatccttcgc caccttcgtc gaacaggaag
    75961 gtacccgcca gtggcgcgag tatcgtggac tgccgccggc ggacggccgc gaggagaagc
    76021 gccgcgagca gttcaccgcg ctggtcctgg ccagtcgtgc gcgcctcgaa gcactttatg
    76081 ccgggccgtt ggacgatgcc gccaagcgtg ccggcaaggc tgccgaattc cagcgcctgc
    76141 gccgcgagta cgcggcgctg agccagcgcg aatggggtgg cgagtcgccg ttcaaggcct
    76201 ggatcgacgc gccgttcaac aatgccaagc tgcttccctt cggcctctac gaccaatggg
    76261 tggcggcgtt cgccgtgctg ttccgccagg gcggcggcaa ctggccggcg ttctatgcgc
    76321 gggtccgttc ccttggccag ctccccctgg cggagcgcca ggcggcgttg cagcggctgg
    76381 ccgccgcagc gccctgacgc ttgctcaggc ggcgagctgg tcggcgtagc accagcgcgt
    76441 ggccagccgg ccgatcggcc agagcagcgc caacaggccg acgccgagca gcgccaccag
    76501 cagcgtatag ccgatgccag cgggcgccag gccgaggatc atcagcagcg ccagcccccc
    76561 gccgaccgcc agcagcgcga cgctccagag cagcatggcg accaccgcga gcagcagcgc
    76621 gcggccggcg gcgaagcgtt gcaggcgcgc cggcaggcgc gtgcagacgg cgccgaagag
    76681 cagcgccgcg ggcaacgcca cgccgctcag gtacaggccg tatagccaag gctcgtcgta
    76741 gcgcagcagg gcgtagggaa ggaactgcat cagcttgaaa cacagcgtgg cgaaacacag
    76801 cgcggcgccc agggcgacct gccaggcagc gacgcgggct tcttcccctt cggccaggcg
    76861 cggcgagttc acccggctgc cgagcagcac cagccccaac ggcagcaggc tgcccaggag
    76921 caggtagacc cagctcatcg cttcgttgaa cgccatcagc cagacgccgt agctggattg
    76981 cgccgtcacc cactggtaga acggcagcgt cagcggtgcc aggccgatcc cggcgagcat
    77041 gccgcagacc aggttgagca gaccgtagcc gatcagcagc agcgccagcg ggcggaactc
    77101 gacgagctgc cgcttctcgc ggtaggcatg cagcaccagc aggttggccg ccgcgtagaa
    77161 caccaggccg gtgaaccagt gcggcgccat cagttgcagg tgctcggaga aacgctggcg
    77221 gatctcgccg atgtcgttgt accactggat gcccaggctt acggcgaagg acaggcaggt
    77281 gaccagcgcc agcaccgcga tgaacgcata gggctgggtg gtggcgggca cctctctggc
    77341 cggcggctgc accggggcgg tgggggtggc gaagggattg tcggtcatgt caggcgtcct
    77401 tgtctgaaac ggagcatggg tcagtgggat tccaacacct gccgcagggc ggcgaggtcg
    77461 gcgcagtaat gggtcggctg gtgcgcgcgc agttcgtctt cgctgccgaa gccgtagccg
    77521 acgccgatgc aggcgacacc gttgcggctg gcgccgagca ggtcgtgcat gcggtcgccg
    77581 atcatcaggc aatgctccgc tgccaggcct tcgctgtcga gcagatggcg gatcagttcg
    77641 tccttgtgcg tgcgcgtgcc gtccagctcg ctgccgtaga tcgccttgaa gtgacggtcg
    77701 aaggcgaagt ggcgggcgat ctcgcgggcg aacacgccgg gcttgctggt cgcgacgtag
    77761 agcgtgtggc cgcgtccgac cagggcttcg agcagctcgg gaatgccgtc gaacacgcgg
    77821 ttctcgtaga gaccggtgac cctgaagcgc tcgcggtagt ggttcaccgc ctcccaggcg
    77881 cgcgcttcgt cgaagccgta ggtctgcatg aagcactgca acagcggggg gccgatgaag
    77941 tgttccaggc gcgccaggtc cggctcgtcg atgcccaggc gggcgagggc gaactgcacc
    78001 gagcgggtga tgccctcgcg tgggtcggtg agggtgccgt cgagatcgaa gaggatgttc
    78061 gggtagcgca gcgcggcgtc acgcatggta gtcctcggcg atgtgcaggt ccttgagctt
    78121 cacgtagttg ccggcggtgt aggcgaagaa gccgcgctcc ttgtcgctca gcggacgggc
    78181 cttcttcgcc gggctgccga cgtagaggaa gccgctctcc agcaccttgc ccggcggcac
    78241 caggctgccg gcgccgagga tcacttggtc ctcgatcacc gcgccgtcca tgacgatcga
    78301 gcccatcccc accagcaccc ggttgccgat gctgcaaccg tgcagcagga ccttgtgccc
    78361 gacggtcact tcgtcgccga tgctcagcgg aaaaccgtcc gggttgaagg ggccggcgtg
    78421 ggtgatgtgc agcacgctgc cgtcctggat gctgctgcgc tggccgatgc ggatgcggtg
    78481 catgtcgccg cggatcacca ccagcggcca gaccgagctg tcggcgccga tctcgatgtc
    78541 gccgacgagc acggccgagg gatcgacgaa gacccgctcg ccgagcagtg gcgttttgcc
    78601 ctggtaggaa cgaatggtca cgatagtttt cctcaggctg cggatgccgc cgattgtatt
    78661 taagatggtc gggtatttcc ttagccaagg ttgccaacgt gagcgcgaat ccccttctgc
    78721 aggcctacga cctgccgcct ttctcctcca ttcgcccgga acacgtgaag ccggccatcg
    78781 agcggatcct cgccgataac cgcgccgcca tcgcccgcct gctggaaacc cagcgcgagc
    78841 agccgacctg gaagggcctg gtgctggcga tggacgaact caacgaccgt ctgggcgccg
    78901 cctggagtcc ggtcagccac ctcaacgcgg tgtgcaacag cgccgagctg cgcgaggcct
    78961 atgaggcctg tctgccggag ctgtcggcct actccaccga gctggggcag aaccgcgccc
    79021 tgttcgaggc ctacgaggcg ctggcgaaga gccccgaggc ggccggcttc gacgtggccc
    79081 agaaaaccat cctcgaacac gccctgcgcg acttccgcct gtccggcatc gacttgccgg
    79141 cggacaagca gaagcgctat gccgaggtgc agtcgcgcct gtccgagctg ggtagccgtt
    79201 tctccaacca gctgctcgac gccacccagg cctggaccaa gcatgtcacc gacgaagccg
    79261 cgctggccgg cctgaccgat tcggccaagg cccagatgaa gcaggccgcc gaggccaagg
    79321 gtctggacgg ctggctgatc agcctggagt tccccagcta ctacgcagtg atgacctatg
    79381 ccgatgaccg cgccctgcgc gaagaggtat acgccgccta ctgcacccgc gcctccgacc
    79441 agggcccgaa cgccgggcag aacgacaacg gtccggtgat ggaagagatc ctcgacctgc
    79501 gccaggagct ggccggcctg ctcggcttcg ccaactacgc cgagctgtcg ctggcgacca
    79561 agatggccga gtccagcgac caggtgctca gcttcctccg cgacctggcg gtgcgcagca
    79621 agccgttcgc cgcccgcgac ctggagcagc tgcgcgccta cgccgccgag cagggctgca
    79681 ccgaattgca gagctgggac gccggctact acgccgagaa actccgcgag gcgcgctaca
    79741 gcgtgtccca ggaggcgctg cgtgcctact tcccggtgga caaggtgctt tccggcctgt
    79801 tcgccatcgt cgagcgcctc tacggcatcc agatccgcga actgcacgat ttcgaacgct
    79861 ggcacgccga cgtacgcctg ttcgagatcc tcgagaacgg cgagcacgtc ggccgcttct
    79921 acttcgacct ctatgcccgc gccaacaagc gcggcggtgc ctggatggac ggcgcccgcg
    79981 accgccggcg cgacgcccag ggccggctga tcgacccggt ggcctacctg gtgtgcaact
    80041 tcaccccggc ggtgaacggc aagccggcgc tgctgaccca cgacgaggtc actaccctgt
    80101 tccacgagtt cggccatggc ctgcaccacc tgctgacccg cgtcgagcat gccgccgcct
    80161 ccgggatcaa cggggtggcc tgggacgccg tcgagctgcc cagccagttc atggagaact
    80221 ggtgctggga accggaaggc ctggcgctga tctccgccca ctacgagacc ggcgaggcgc
    80281 tgccgcagga cctgctggag aagatgctgg cggcgaagaa cttccagtcc gggatgatga
    80341 tggtccgcca gctggagttc tccctcttcg acttcgagct gcacgccacc cacggcgacg
    80401 gccgcagtgt gctgcaggtg ctcgagggca tccgcgacga agtggcggtg atgcgtccgc
    80461 cggcgtacaa ccgcttcgcc aacagcttcg cgcacatctt cgccggcggc tacgcggccg
    80521 gttactacag ctacaagtgg gccgaggtgc tgtccgccga tgccttctcg cgtttcgagg
    80581 aagaaggcgt gttcaacccc gataccgggc gtgccttccg cgaggcgatc ctggcccgcg
    80641 gcggctcccg cgagccgatg ctgttgttcg tcgatttccg cggtcgcgag ccgtccatcg
    80701 acgccctgct gcgtcactcc gggctggtcg gggaggccgc atgagcccgg cgatcaccag
    80761 gaagcgcttc atcgccgggg cggtctgccc ggcgtgcagc gaacaggaca agatccagat
    80821 gtgggaagag gacggcgtgc cgcaccgcga atgcgtggcc tgcggctacg ccgacacgct
    80881 caacgcccag ggccagtcga tcccgaagga gctgggtacg cgggtcaacc agaacgcgcc
    80941 gaagccggcc aacccgaagg tgcagtcggt gcagttcttc cccaatccca agctgaagaa
    81001 gaagcccgac gcctgaccgc tcgccgccga ccggcggcga tggctgtggg tcggggcccg
    81061 gtgcgatact gtatgcatat acagtatttc gccgggttcc cctcatgagc gctcccctgc
    81121 ccccgcgcgg tcgcggtacc gccagcaacc ccctcaaccg cttcgccccg acccacagcg
    81181 aggccttcga cgatggctgg gagcaggacg tgccgccgat ccagctcacc gaggtgcgcg
    81241 aggagatcgc ccgcacggtg atctcccgca atcagtcgcc ggacctccct ttcgatcgtt
    81301 cgatcaatcc ctaccgtggt tgcgagcatg gctgcatcta ctgctatgcg cggcccagcc
    81361 atgcctattg ggacctctcg ccggggatcg atttcgagac ccggctgatc gccaagagca
    81421 acgtcgccag cgcgctggag caggaactga gcaagcccgg ctatcgctgc gcgccgatca
    81481 acctgggcgc caataccgac ccctaccagc cgctggagcg cgaacgccgc ctgacccgcc
    81541 aggtgctgga ggtgctgctg cgcttccgtc acccgctgac catcgtcacc aagggctcgc
    81601 tgatccttcg cgacctcgac ctgctgcgcg aactggcgga gcagaacctg gtggcggtga
    81661 tgatcagcct gaccaccctc gacgacgagc tcaagcgtat tctcgaaccg cgcgcggcgg
    81721 cgccctcggc gcgactgcgg gcgatccgca cgctcagcgg caacggcatc ccggtgggcg
    81781 tgctctgctc gccgatgatc ccgatggtca acgacatgga gctggagcgc ctgctccagg
    81841 cggcgcggga cgccggcgcg cgcagcgccg cgtacatgct cctgcgcctg ccgcgcgaag
    81901 tcggcccgct gttcgaggaa tggctggcgg cgcactaccc gcaacgcgcc gagcatgtga
    81961 tgagcctggt ccgccaatgc cgtggcggcg aggtctacga cagccgcttc ggccaccgct
    82021 ttcgtggcca gggaccgttc gccgacctgc tggcgcagcg tttcgcggtg gcgatgaagc
    82081 gcctcgggct ggaccgccgc gagggcttcg ggctggattg cagccggttc gccgtgccgg
    82141 gggcgcagat ggcgttgttc tagcgttttc cccgcggtgc agcatttcgt atagggcgga
    82201 gtagcggcgg agcgtgccgg tggcgatatc cgccctgcgg gaagaaccgc tgccgccggg
    82261 aagccggaaa cgtcggaagc agccgtcccg gcgaacgctc gaccttcagg ccggtcgggt
    82321 cagcgcgcca gccccctcaa cgaaacggcg acccgaaggt cgccgtcgcg ttcgtgccgg
    82381 taacgaggcc gatcaggcct tggcgcagct cggcggcgcc cagtcgccca tgtccgggct
    82441 gttgcagacc tcccggatca tgccctggcc ctgggaggcc accttgttgc cttcgctttg
    82501 cgcgtcctgg gccttgcgga tggtctgctc ggtggcgacc gcttccttcg gcaccttggg
    82561 attgctgccg gtcttgggct tgttaccgcc tttcgtagtg ctggcgcggt tctcggcctc
    82621 ggcgaccttg gtcacctcgg cgcgcggtac gccgacctgc tgcaggtctt tctcgtaggc
    82681 ctgggtgtag ttgctgatgt tctcgccggc acggccgttg gcggcgacca gcaaggcgtt
    82741 ggtctcctgc aggccgctga cgatctcggc caggcgcttg cgcccttcgg cttcgttgat
    82801 cgacttgttc ttgcgaccgt cgagcagagc cttgaactgg ctctggtagc agctttgcgc
    82861 cgacttggcg taggccacgc tacggttgat ctcgacggtg ctgcggtcga cgtcggtacc
    82921 gtaggagccg atgcgcgcgc ggtcatcgct gatctgcttc tgcttctcca tgtagtagcc
    82981 cgccgcgccg ccggccaggg cgccgcctgc ggcagcgagg gcggcattgc ggccgcggtt
    83041 ctcgtcgctg gccaggccgc cggccaggcc gcccaggagg ccgccggtaa tggcgccggt
    83101 gatggccgaa ttgcgcactg cgttatcggt gctgcgcagg tgcgacaccg gctcgtagca
    83161 ggacgggtag tattccgcgc gggtggtctg ggcgaccgag ccgacgccgc tgctggcgca
    83221 gccgctgagc agcacgccgc tggcggtcaa caggcagagc gcgtagcgcg ccgaggtgat
    83281 caaacggttt tcgctgggtt ggctcattgc atctcactcc tggtttgatg aaccgcccgg
    83341 ctgccgagag gggccggacg gaactccttc aacgcccgct ggacgcgagc aattccttca
    83401 ataccgcctc cggctcggcc cggtgctgct ggcgataatc tccgacgtgt ttgacgaaca
    83461 gggtcgcgcg cttgaccagg ctcttgccca gaaccgggtt gcgattgagt tcttcctgga
    83521 tgcgctggaa ctgcgcctgg atcaccgcgt cggtgtaacg ggtgccggtg gcgaggttgt
    83581 cgatgtagat ggccaatgcg ccatcgaggg cgctgcgccc gttggcgatg gcgccggcat
    83641 agagctgggc ggtcgcctga tccctggctg ccacggcttt ctccctgtcc ttcttgaggt
    83701 tggtcaggcg tatgttgtag ttgttgatcg tctcggcgac cagtgccgcc gactgtatca
    83761 ggtttccggc ggcctcttcg cgctgccgag cgatcaacga aacgttacgc ttgagttcct
    83821 cgtttatctg ggccaactgc gcctgcatct gcgggtcgcg ggtggcggca atgattccgt
    83881 ccaattgctt ggtgggatct tgagcgtcat cgatggcatc ggtcaatgcc gctagtcggc
    83941 cttccttctg ccattgggcg aacagctcgg gatagcgcga gcgcggcgcg gacagcgcgc
    84001 cgatggcgac acggaaaccg gtggtctcgt tgcgctgttc gctgccgtcg gcggcgaaca
    84061 gcgggtattc gcggcgcatc ccggtgaata gagtcatctc gccttcgaga tagttcccgc
    84121 ccttcaccac gaaaccgcca tatgtgccct gccggcgacc ggcgtggacc agttggaagg
    84181 actcctggac catctccgcg gcattgccga tcacgtcgaa caggcccagc gggttcggcc
    84241 gcttcatccc taccggcaac agtcgcgcgg cctgcccggt gccgccggcg acctggttgt
    84301 acaccgccca gtcgcccagc gggccttcct ggtcgctgcc ctcgaccttg cgcgggaaca
    84361 gccggccttc cagttcctgg cggcttaccg cctggccgcc gcgcgcggcg aactcccact
    84421 cgacctcggt gggcaggcgg acgaagccga tgccgccgtc ctcgggattc ttgccgcggc
    84481 cgctgaccgg cagcagttcc gggtggttct tcagcagcca ggcgctgtac accgcgccga
    84541 agcgttcggc gtcgaagcgc gagaggttga ccttgggcag ccgcgcggcc atcccgtccg
    84601 gcacgtcgca ggccggcgcc tcgccctggc cggagagcgc ggccgcctgg ctcatcaccg
    84661 cggcgtactg gcgggcggtc acctcgtact tgccgatgaa gtacagcatc ggcttcagcg
    84721 gggtgccggc ggcaggcttc ggcaggctgg cggagagctt ctgctgccag gccggtgcca
    84781 ggtcggcgag gctgaactgg ccgttcacgt agtcgcgccg gtagccggag atgaacgact
    84841 gctggtagcc cgcctcgcct tcgttgaagg cgtagccgag gttgacctcg cgatcgtcga
    84901 gggcgccttc ggcgagtacg tagacatgcc ggaagaccat ctcgccgcca cacggcagcg
    84961 gcagggcgac gtcgtcggcc agcggcttgg gattgtccgg cgagtcgcct tcggcccagg
    85021 ccggcgcggc aaatgccagg caggcgccga gggcgagcgg aagaatggct ttctcaaaca
    85081 tcgcgtaatc cctctgcggc ttcgatccgc gccgcgcgcc agccgccgct ggcggcggcc
    85141 aggacgctgc acagcagcgt ggcgagcagc gccgtcaggt agtggctggg cagcaggcgg
    85201 cagacgaact cgccgctctg gttgtcgaac aggtggttca gcgcgccggc cgtggcggcg
    85261 tacagcagcc cggcgaggaa caggccgaag acggcgctga acagcgccag gagcatgacg
    85321 aagccgacca gcgcggcggt cgggaagccc agcagacgca gcaccgccag ggcgcggcgc
    85381 ttgcgttcga cggcggccag gctgctggcg gcgatggcgg cgaaggcacc gccgatggcc
    85441 agcgcggcga cgatccagaa caccaggccg aggttgcggc tgaggctgcg cacctgggcg
    85501 atggcctcgg cctgggtggc gacttccacg ccactcgcga cgaagtgccg gcgcagccct
    85561 tccaccgcat cgaggtctcg ggcgtacagg cggaagcccg ggtagatgcg tgcgcgcggg
    85621 gtctcgccgg ccttccccgg ccagccgtag gcggccaccg cgcgaccgtc gcgatagtcc
    85681 tcggcggctt ccagcagggc cagcggggcg aacagcgcgt cgcgggcgaa acgctcctgc
    85741 ggcagcaccg cgagcacttc cagctccagg cgctggctct gtgcctggcc atccatgcgc
    85801 cggccgatgc gcgcgacgat gcgctcgcca ggctgggcgc cgagtttttc cgcggcgccg
    85861 tggctgagca ccacgcgggt cggccggtcg ggttgcggca ggccggccag cagcgggtcg
    85921 ccagcggcgc tgggaatcat ctcgacgctc agggcggtct cgccgccgcc gctgaggtcg
    85981 gcggtggcgg cgatctgccg ggtgcgcggc acggcgaagg cgacgtccgc gcgtgcggcc
    86041 agggcggcga tgtcctcggc acggtagcgg gcgccgccga ccggaatgat ctcgcgcaca
    86101 gaaggcgcgc gctccagccg ctcggtgagg gtgctgacca ggccgtactt gaggccgaac
    86161 agcaccagca gcggggtgat caccgccgcc agggcgaaga tcgcgcagag cgacaggcgc
    86221 gcctcgccgc gatagtcggc ccaggccagc gagagcagca ggccggcgcg catcagccaa
    86281 cttcctcgag gcaggcgccg acgctgtcgt cggcctcgcg ttgccagcgg atggccagga
    86341 cttccaggcc ggctgcgcga gccaggcgct cgtcgtgggt ggcgaccacg gtgcaggcgc
    86401 cgcgctcgcg ggcctgctcc accagcaggc gcatcacccg ttcggcgttc agcgggtcga
    86461 gcgccgcggt cggctcgtcg gccagcaaca ggcgcggcgc atgcgccagg gcgcgagcga
    86521 tggcgacccg ctggcgctgg ccgaccgaca gcgccgccgg tttcttgtcc agctggtcgc
    86581 cgatttccag ccgctcggcc agcgcctgta cgcgctcggc ggatggggcg ccgagcaacg
    86641 cgcagggcag tccgatgttg cgccgcacat cgaggaactc gagcaacccg ccgctttgca
    86701 gcacgtagcc gcagtgctgc cggcgcagcg ccgccaagcg gtcctggcgg ccgtcgcgcc
    86761 agagcgcggc gatgtcctgc ggacgttctc cggcgaggaa ttcgaagcgc ccgcccgggt
    86821 ccggcgccag ggccagcgcc agcaggtcga gcagggtgct cttgccgcag ccgctggggc
    86881 cgacgatggc cagctggcga cccgcgcgca attccagcgc cggcacccgc aggcggtagc
    86941 gctggcgacc ggcgccgtgg ctgcgggcga cctcgtgcag gcgcaggatc atggcagcgt
    87001 cgacagcggc acgcggtaca gcgcgtcgcc ggcgtcggcg tcgccgaacc ggacccagtt
    87061 ggcgacgtcg ttgtggaagg tttcgtagag gcggatcttc gactccagtt cgtcgatgaa
    87121 gtcctgctgt tcggcgacgc tcagcgacag ccagaggtcc tgggtcatgt tcagcgactt
    87181 gctgcggtac ggcaggcctt ccaggtattc gccgagtacg ccgctctgcg ccaggttgct
    87241 gcccttcacc agttgcgccg ggtcgcggct catgtaggcg ctggcgctgg cgatttcctg
    87301 gaagaagtcc ttgggcgagg tctgggtgcg cttggccgcg tcgacgatca gtttcagcga
    87361 ctgttgcagt tcgttgagtt gcagcttgct cagcagcacg cagacctgga acgccggcag
    87421 cgccgggttg gtcaggtcac ggtcggcggt ccaggcggtg acgacctgcg gcgcgcgcac
    87481 cgggtcgcgg cgaccgagga attccatctg catggcgtag ccgatggccg ccgacttgct
    87541 cgccacgctt ggcgcggcgt cgaagcgcgg agcctgcggc ttgcggttgc cggcgtcgtg
    87601 gaccaggtcg gcgaacaccg tgccgatctc cttcaccgtg ttgccgaagg cgttcacctc
    87661 gccgccggcc accgggatgt agaggtcggc gatcttcggg ttggcgtcgg cggtgaggct
    87721 gcggtactgc tgctcggcgt agccgtggtt gttcttcccg gccggggtgc gcaggtgcag
    87781 ggcatagatc ttcacgccct tgcgcagcgc cgcctggcgg acctcggcct cgttcatctg
    87841 ggtgcgcccg agcgggtcgt tcttgcgcag cgcgccggcg tcggtgacca gcagcaccac
    87901 gcgcccggcg tagggcgacc agtccatttc gtcgaccgcc tgcatgatcc cggcgaaggc
    87961 gtcttcgttg aacgagtggc tggagacgtc ggtggcgcgc acctggctgc tcaactcggc
    88021 gaagcgctgc gcgtcgttgc ccggttgcag cggcaccagg gtcttgctga cgtattccag
    88081 gccgggggtc ttgtcggtgt tgttgcggaa accgaccagg ccgaagctga ccttgtccag
    88141 gtcgccgcgc tcgccgatct gccgctgcag gccgtcgatc acctcgcgca cgcggtcgat
    88201 gtagggctgc atcgacaccg aggtgtccac caccaggacg atgccggtgc ggaaggtgtc
    88261 gctcgccgcg ccgctggcgc cgccctgccc ggcctggccc ggcgcctggg gtgccgcggc
    88321 gctgccgccg gggtcgatcg aggcgacctc cagcaactgc gccggctggc cgtcggcgtc
    88381 gaagctttcc ttcgagtcga agatcggcag caggtagaac tggtcctggg ggatcgcccg
    88441 gtcgttgggc tcgaccgcga ccacctgcgg atcgcccttg tgatccaccg cctgggtcag
    88501 ggtgtcgcgc gctgcgcggg tatcgccgag caggcgctcg acctgctcgg cgctgttgag
    88561 gaacatcacc ggcgcgcggc cggagcgttc ggtgaacttc agcaccaggc tctgcttcca
    88621 gtcgctcacc gcgctggccg gcagccagcc gtcgccctcg ccgttgctgg aggcgccgac
    88681 gcgcagccag gggctgccgc cgacctgctt gcgggcgtac acgtagagca ccgagaaggc
    88741 cggcaccgcg ccggcccggg gcgggccgcc agcctcggcg gagatggccg cgccgggttt
    88801 ggtcaggacg cgctggaaca gggtcttctt gcctggcatc agcagcggac gctcgccgcc
    88861 gtcctgttcg gcatcggcca ccggggtctg ctgctgcggc ttgtccgccg gcgtctgtcc
    88921 cagcggcgct ggatcggcag cgctcggcgc gtcgcccgag cccagcagcc accaggcgcc
    88981 gccgccgatc gccaggagca cggcggccgc ggcggcggcg atcagcggcg tgcggctccc
    89041 gccggcacgc ggcttcgccg gtggcagcgg aggcggcggg ggcgatggcg gtttcgccgc
    89101 ttgcgatggc ggaggcgggg gcggcgtggc gccgccggcg ctgggcgtga ccggcggcaa
    89161 ctggatcgat accggttgca ggccgccgag gtcggcgggc ggcatgggcg cgggttcggc
    89221 cggcggcggg ttgctcgctc gcggcgagcc ctgcggcgtc gccagcggac ggatctgggt
    89281 ggcttccagg gcgctcggcg ccaggcggtc gagggcggcg atcagcgcgc cggcggttgg
    89341 gaagcgctcg gccgggtcct tggccagcaa ctggcgcagg atgtcctggt agcggccctg
    89401 ttcgatcggc agttccggca gcggctcggt gaggtgggcc agggcggtgg agagcgaatc
    89461 cttgccgttg tagggcagct tgccggtgag gatctcgtag agcaccacgc ccagcgcgta
    89521 gaggtcggcg cggccgtcga tctcctgccc gcgggcctgc tccgggctca tgtagctggg
    89581 ggtgccgacg gcgaagccga cctgggtgaa ctgggtattg tcctcgatcg acttggcgat
    89641 gccgaagtcc gagagcaccg cggtgccgtc ggcgcggaac aggatattgg ccggcttcac
    89701 gtctcgatgc accaggccct gggagtgcgc gtagccgagc gcggcggcca cctgccgtac
    89761 gtagaccagg cccagctcgg gatcgaggcc ctgctggatg cgctccttga gcgtgccgtt
    89821 gggcaggtat tccatggcca tgtagtagca actgccgacg ttgccgatgt cgtggatggt
    89881 caccgtgttc gggtgcgaca gccgcgccag ggtccgacct tcgcgcagga agcgttcggc
    89941 gaagctcggg tcggcggcca gcgccgcggc catcaccttc agcgccacct tgcgctgcag
    90001 cgagcgctgg gtggccaggt agaccgtggc catggcgcct tcgcccagct cgcgttcgat
    90061 gtcgaatccc ggaagttcta tgtccatgtc cgtctcagaa ggccctgacc accagggccg
    90121 tgatgttgtc cggggcgccg cgggtcaggc ccaggtggac caggctgcgg accaccgcat
    90181 agggatcgct gtggctgagc acgtcgcgca gttcgctgtc gtcggcggtc ttgttgaggc
    90241 cgtcgctgca gagcaggaag ctgtcgccgg gcagcacgtg cagcgcggct tccgacagtt
    90301 ccagttgctc gtgcacgccg accgcgcggg tgaccacgtt ggcgcgcgga tggtggcgcg
    90361 cctcttcctc gctgatcaat gcgttgtcga gcagctcctg gacgtagctg tggtcccgcg
    90421 agatggcttc cagcacgccg ccgcgcaggc ggtacaggcg gctgtcgccg gcccacaggc
    90481 agctcgcctg gttgccgcgc gcggcgagca gtaccagggt gctgcccatc acgctgacgc
    90541 cacgcaggcc ggcctcctgg cgaacccgct cgttgacctg ggcgaggccg gtgcgcaacg
    90601 cgccgacata ggccggtagc gaggaggccg ccgggatgcg ccgcagggta tcgacgatca
    90661 ggctgctgac gaagtcgccg gcggcgtggc cgcccatgcc gtcggcgacc acccagagtc
    90721 ccgcctcggg ggcgtcgaga ctggcgtctt cgttgacctt gcggaccatg ccgacgtggc
    90781 tgtagctggc cgacctgtag tagctgactg agttgggcac catcagttgt ccttaaccgg
    90841 gtatgccggg aaagagcggg atcacctcgc cctctccggt gaggaatcgt ccgaacgccg
    90901 gcgccggcgg caggccctgg tagcgcatca ggccggcgga gatccgtgcc gagccgcgtc
    90961 cccaccagtg gctggcgccg tcgcaggcgt gctgggccag cgcggcgagg cgctgcgccg
    91021 gggtcaccgc ttcgctgcgc agcaggttgc cgctgatcag cgattgttcg atgcgcggtc
    91081 cgcagggcgg tgccgggagc tgcgccaccg cctgctcgaa ggcctcgacc tcggcctccg
    91141 gttcgagggt ggagagcagc aggctctcga cctgttcgaa ccagccgtcg tcgccgccga
    91201 ccagcccgcc gaggtcggcg ttcgccggta gcaggcaggc gacggtcagc gggaaatagc
    91261 gaccgacccg gtcgatgctc ggcatcacca ctccggtcac cgcttcgccg ccgagcaggc
    91321 cgggggcgat ggcgaagcgc cacagcgggc tggtcaggta ggcgtcgagc caggccgcgc
    91381 cgagctcgtc ctggctggcg cgcatgccgc tggccagcca ggcgtcccag ggttcgacga
    91441 aggtgttcgg caggccgcgg ctgacgaaat cgccgcggcc ggccagcttg ccgtagaaac
    91501 cgacgctgtt caaaggcgct ccgggaggct gaagccggac acgacccggc tcttgaaggg
    91561 gttgaaggcg ctgctggcgc gcagctcgca ggcgatgctg gagccgtcga tgcgcagccg
    91621 cagggtgaag cggtccggcg agttgccgcg ttccaggtcc gactggtcga gcaggcggaa
    91681 ccaggcccag gggccttcca gggtcaggcc ggaacggccg ctgctgggcg gcggcgtcac
    91741 cgtcaggcgg accacgccga ggccgttggc gctcggccac tgcatcgcca ccgggcgggc
    91801 ggggccgtgg tcgtaggtca gctgctggcc gtcgaggtcg aggatgaact ggctgatcgc
    91861 cgcgtccatg gtcaccggct tgagttcgaa gcgcaccgcc ggctgcatgc cgccggagcg
    91921 gaagaaggcg tcgcggatcg ccgctgcgcg ctggaaggtg tgcagcacgc cggggttgat
    91981 gccgagcttc tgcgccgcgc cgggctgcca gcgccaggtg ctggcggagg tgtcgacgta
    92041 gggttgcagg tactggcgga agtagctgtc catcaccccg ccggcaccga agaagtggcc
    92101 gaagtcctcc agggtggcgt cgcgcgaact gccggcggcg atcgggtagc gcccggccag
    92161 ggactgccgg tagacgctga ccacgtcgct gatccaggcc gcgttgagct ggttgcgcac
    92221 gctgcccatc atgctgctgg tggtggagtt gaccacgttc ttcaccaggc cctggaccac
    92281 cggcggctgg cgctcggcac tgagggccac gcgcgaggcg gcggcggcca cctggttctt
    92341 ggcgtcgccg agcagcgagt cgccgctggc tccggccatg gcgctgacct gtacgtagag
    92401 cgcgttcatg tcctccagca ggctgtcgat cggcgccggc tcgttgccgc cctcgccctt
    92461 gctgaccagg ctgttgagtt cggcgaagtg ggcgctgatc gggtcgctgt cgacctgccg
    92521 cggctgttcg cgggcgccct cttcctcctg gccgaccagc gagccgaggc gctgcttgag
    92581 cttgtccacg gtgccgtcgg cggccttctt cacttgcgcg gcgaccagcc ggtcgccctt
    92641 ctgcaggtcg gtctcgcggg ccaccgcctc gagcagcttg cggaacggcg aggtcggtcc
    92701 ggagagaatg cgcagcacgt cggcggcctg ggtgacattg gtgatcggca ccacggtgag
    92761 gtcggcgagc aggtcgtccc actgccgcag gtagtcctgg aaatacaggc gacgcacgtc
    92821 gagggccagg ttggcggcgt cgccggcatc gttcaggtcg cgcccgagca cccactgttc
    92881 ctcggcgatg gtgccggcct ggctgaggct ggcggtgagg aacacctcgc gatagccgcg
    92941 gtaggtgaag aagccgctga gcgggtcggt gagcggcttg ccgctcttgc gcgcgaacac
    93001 cagcggcgcg tcgcggccgg cggcgtcgct gatgcggaag tcgggcacgt ccttgggcag
    93061 cctctgccgc ttgacccggt cgtagacccg ctgcgccacc ggcagttgct gcaactggcg
    93121 gcgcaggtcc tcgaccaggt cctggtccag gcgcgccgac ggcggccgtc gttcgagcaa
    93181 cgcgtcgagg tgcgcgtgca gcgcctggcg ctgttccggc gagaggtcgc gcggcaggtt
    93241 gcgttcccag tcgaggctga tccaggcctt gatgaagtcg gcgtcgtaat ggtccgggct
    93301 gccgagcatc aggtaggcct tcaggccctc gtagaggaaa tcgctgctgc cgccggagcg
    93361 caactgttcc tcgatgcggg tcaccaggcg cggggcgaac accgcgatca gcagcttgcg
    93421 gtagacgctg gcggactcct cgccgagcat gtcgccctgg tacagcccgt agccttcggc
    93481 ccagctcggc gcgtcgccgg cgagattctg caccgcgttg agctgtggca gtacggccag
    93541 gacgtcgcgc tgggccgggc tcagcgactc gatgccgcgc gccagcgggt cgacgcgctg
    93601 gtcgaccgcg gcgatgtagc tctggttggc gcggtagctg gcgatccata ccgccgtcac
    93661 cgccagcacc accagcgcgg tggcgctcag cgcgccgatg gtcagccact tgcggcggcg
    93721 ctcgaccttc gggttggtgc cgaccaggcc gcgttcgccg aacgccactt cgcggaacag
    93781 ccgctcgatg aagtagctgc gcccggttcc ggtctgccgc gccaggtgct ggcggtcgag
    93841 gttcatcgac tgcgccatgc tgccgatcag gcggtcgatc ggactgcctt cctgggttcc
    93901 gctggtgaag tacaggccgc gcaacagcgg gcgttcctcg taggggttgg gcttgaacac
    93961 gccgttgagg aactcgccga ggcattcgcg cagggcggcg aattgctgcg ggaagccgta
    94021 gaccaggtcg cgccgcgccg ggtcgcgctc ctgctgcagg cgttccacca ggcgcgcggt
    94081 gagacgctgt tcgagcaggg cgaattcgct gtcgaacacc gccagcgggc cttccgcgct
    94141 cttgccgtcg tcgagggcga aggtcatccc ccagacctgc gcgcgttcct cgcggttcag
    94201 gctgtcgaag aactccatga agcccggcac caggtcgaac ttggtcagca tcacgtagat
    94261 cgggaagcgc accccgagct gctggtacag ctcctggatg cgtgcgcgga tcgcctgggc
    94321 atgggcggcg cgctcggcgt cgctgcccag cagcaggtcg gaaaggctga tggcgatgaa
    94381 cgcgccatcg atggggcggc gcttgcgctg ggtcttgagc aggtcgagga agcccagcca
    94441 ggcggccttg tccacctggg cgtggctgtc ctgggtggta tagcggccgg cggtgtccag
    94501 cagcaccgct tcgtcggtga accaccagtc gcagttgcgt gtgccgccga ccccgcggat
    94561 cgccccggcg cccatctgcg cggcgagcgg gaagtcgagg ccggaattca tcagcgcggt
    94621 ggtcttgccc gaaccgggcg ggccgatgat cacgtaccag ggcaactcgt acaggttgcg
    94681 ccgctcgctg ccgcccaact tggcccgctt gagcagggcc agggcctcgt ccatgcgttg
    94741 cttgagggtc gccagctctt cggcggtggc gacgctggcg gcgtccggcg cgctgacctc
    94801 ggcgagactc tgcatgacct tcgccgcgtt gcgccgggcc tgcacgatgc gcagcacgcg
    94861 gaagccgatc cagaccagga acagcaggac gatcagcacc cagcggctgg tcgccgaggc
    94921 caacggttcg tagttgccca ggcgcagcag cgggccgagg aaccagatga tcaggctcag
    94981 ggcgagcagg ccgagcaccg gcaccaccca gcgcgcgaag aagttgagga agcctttcat
    95041 tgcgcgccct ccgcgaatac ggtgatttcc acccggcggt tgcgtgcgcg gccttcggcg
    95101 ctggcattgg tcgccaccgg ctcggtgtcg ctgcgccctt cggcggtgaa gcggccggcg
    95161 tcgccggtgg tcgcgccgag caggtcggcg acctcctggg cgcgggcctg ggacagtttc
    95221 cagttggacg ggtagcgcag cgtggcgatc ggccggttgt cgctatggcc ggtgaccagc
    95281 acctggccct tgaccttgcg cagggcgtcg gcgatgcgca gcagcagcgg ctggaactcg
    95341 tcgcgcacgc tggcgctggc gctggcgaac agctcgtcgc cgcggatggt caccaccgag
    95401 cggtcgacgg cgtcctccac cgccacccgc tgggccttga tgtcgtcggc gaggaagcgc
    95461 gccaggcgtg gccgctcgat cacccgcggc tgcaccgccg ggcggtcgat ggcctgcacc
    95521 gggatctcgc cgatggcgtg gatgcgcttg aacaccggct cggcgtcggc ggccagcttc
    95581 atccgcaggc cgaacagcaa ggccagcagc aaggccaggc cgatggcgat accgacccac
    95641 ggcggcaggt attgcgaaag gcggtcgcgc atcacgctga ggccgcgcca gtgcggcgac
    95701 agttcgtgct cgtactcgcc gcgggtgctg cggatcaccg ccgcggtgcg ctcgcgcagc
    95761 gcctccagtt ggctgcggcc gtcgtgcatg acccggtagc ggccttcgaa gccgaggctg
    95821 gtgcacaggt acagcagctc cagcaggtgc aggcgctggt gcgggttctg caggcagtgt
    95881 tcgagcaact ggaagacctt ctcgccgccc caggcctcgt tgtgcagggt gatcagcagg
    95941 ctctgcttgc cccagtcgct ggtgctgccc cacggcgtgc tgagcaccgc ttcgtcgagg
    96001 gcggtgcaga gcacgtagcg cgccagcatc acttcgtccg gcgccacgcc ggcctggcgt
    96061 gccttctcct cgaactggcg caggtagccg agcagttgcg cgcgcaggct ggccggcgcc
    96121 ggatgggcga tggtgttgcg caggcgggtg agcatcgcca gcagtgggcc ggcggcctgc
    96181 tccagcgggt tgaggccgtc gccgcggccg ctcagcggcg ccaggctggc catcggcggc
    96241 ggcgtgtagg gatcgccgcc gcgggggccg ccggccggtt ccggggcgcg gccgccggga
    96301 cgcggcatga tcatggtgcg gtcgtcgggc gggcttccgt tgccgccgcc ggccggggtg
    96361 ccgaagggat cgtcgatggg aggcatcgtt gcttatcctc gaatggccca gaaggccagg
    96421 ttcagcccgg ggaactggcc ggcgatgtgg aaggcgaagc cgccggagtg cgtcagctgc
    96481 ttccaatgcg cgctgccgcg gtccagttcg aaataggtgg agccggcgtg gtaggggatc
    96541 tgccgcggcg ccaccggcat cggcagcagg ccgatacccg gcagttgcag gttgaccagg
    96601 tcgcggatgt gctccaccga gccgaccttg gcctgctgcg ggaagtgccc gcgcaggctc
    96661 tcgccgggga cgtcggcgcg caccaccagg acgaagctgg cgttgtcgat caggctgcgg
    96721 tcgctgagca tcgcgacgtg cacgccgtag gccttctcga cgatcgggat ggcgatcgcc
    96781 ttggcgtcga tcaccgtcgc cagcgcctgg cgcagggcga gcatcaccgg ggcgaagctg
    96841 gcggccaggt cgtcgtggtt gtacaccggg tactcctcgg gacgccgctg gctggcggtg
    96901 aaggtacaga actcgccggc cagggccacc agttcgcggt acagctcctg cgggtgcagc
    96961 gggcgcacgc gggacaggtg accggtgagg gcctcggcgc ggttgaccag ttgcagcagc
    97021 aggaagtcgg cgatttccga ggcgcccccg gcgctggatg ccaccacccg cccggcgagg
    97081 gcttcgccgc gctggtggag caggcccagc agctccttgg cgaaggacgc caggggcggc
    97141 gcggcggcaa tgtcgagtac cggcggcagg tagtcctcgt ccaggctcag ggcctggtcc
    97201 gcgcgcttct cgcggacccg cgcgacgccc accgcggcgt attcgccgag gccgtcgcgc
    97261 tcggtcagca ggcggaacgc ctggctgccc agggccaccg gggcgcggct ctcgaaggcg
    97321 gcattgtcgt cgcgcacttc ctgcacctgg ctgacgtagc gggcgccgcc gagggcctcg
    97381 ccctcctcta ccgtgtcgcg ggtgccgacc cgcttcagcg gcaggccgag gtagacgatg
    97441 ccatcgcgca ggctttcctc gacattcagc ggcgccggcg ccggatcgtc ggcggggatg
    97501 ttgaacggcg taccatccgg cagcacgccg cgggcgctga cgatggccag cttgccctgg
    97561 gtcagcaggg catcgtccag cttcagctcg gaaaagcccc agccgcccgc caggagcgag
    97621 cggcagcggc catccaccag ggtttccagg tagcggtcgt gctgctggaa atgttgtggc
    97681 cgcaggaaca tgccttcgga ccacaccacg cggttattcc aggacatagg gactccgaag
    97741 gttcagggcg cgggacgcgc gacgatgccg atggcctgcg cgccgagcgt gatgtcgaga
    97801 tggctggtgc gttgccccgg cacggcgagg acctggcgcc aggtggcgcg gtcgaggtcg
    97861 cggtaggcgg cgacgaaacc gagctggcgg gtctgctcgt cgagcgtgcg ttcgatgcgc
    97921 cgttcctcgc ccggacgcag gaggaactcg tcctgctcca ccaggtcgcc accgagggtc
    97981 gactgggcgt tgtcggtgag ggcgaagtag tcggcgcggc cgaacgcggt gtctttcttc
    98041 agctcgtaca gccgcaggcg cagcggcgcc gcctggccgg cggcggacgg gttgaggttc
    98101 ggtgcggcgt ggagccagat caccacccgg gtcggcgggg tttccggcgg gctggacgaa
    98161 caggcggcga gcagcagccc gaacagcgcg acgatcagtt tctgcatggt gtcgtcctca
    98221 ttgacgttgt ttctcctggt gttcgttggc gtcaggaacg ccgtagtcga gcgctgtgtt
    98281 cctcgtaggc gcggctgaat tcgcggccga aaagctcctg gaagtcgtcc tccgcctcgc
    98341 gcaggatctt cgcgtacagc tcggtgaaac tgtcccagtt ctgtgcctgg cgggcccccg
    98401 gcagcaggcc ggaaagcccg gccggcttgc cgaagcgggc ttccagcgcg gccggttcga
    98461 agcgcgccag caggtggcgg atggcggcct gcacgccggc catcaccgcc agctggtgcg
    98521 ccttgaggtc ttcgaagctg tcggccaccg cgcgatccgg cgccatgaac gcctggttgt
    98581 cgcggcgcag caggagcagc atggcctcgt cgacgttcgg cgcgaacttc agcgggttgt
    98641 tctgcaccgg ctggatcatg gtctgcgcca tgcggaactc gcccttcagg ctggcccgcg
    98701 cgcgcagcac gtccaccagt ccttccacca ggccgcgata gctgcggccg atggcttcca
    98761 tctgcgcttc ggcgccggcc gggtcgacct tcaactgggt catgccggcg ccgcgcagga
    98821 acgcttgcag caggtcgccg ccggccgacg cggcggcgct tgccggcggc gtcggcgccg
    98881 ccacgctcgc tggctgtggc tgtggctgtg gctgtggctg tggctgtggc tgtggctgtg
    98941 gctgtggctg tggctgttgg gtgatccctg ggtcggcgaa gggcatcgcc agcggcgtcg
    99001 gttcggccgt cggcagcggc tgggcgacgg gcgtggcgct tggcgcgggc gtgttgccga
    99061 gcagttcggc gaacgggtcc cagtcggccg gaatcagcgg tgcgccgcca gcgggcggtg
    99121 gcgccggggc ggtcgcgggg ggcggcggga tcaccggttc cggcgggcgg aagtcgtgct
    99181 gttcggccgg tacatggtcc ggacgcggcg ccgcgccggg cggcggcggg gtgaggaagt
    99241 cgaacaggtc gggcttggtg tccagcggcg agccgccctg gaaatgcgcc gtcaccgcgg
    99301 ggtgcggggt gggcgccggt tcggcgaagg caggcgccga tccggcggcc tgccggctca
    99361 tcagggcgtc gaagctggtg aacggatcgg tctgcggatt gccgctgccg ggcagggcga
    99421 tgtcatggcc gagctggacg aggatgtcgt attcgccgag gcggacggtc tcgccgtcct
    99481 gcagcggctc gctgttgccg cggcgcaggc ggtgcccggc attgaccagc agcacgccgt
    99541 tggtgctggt gtcggtgagg tagtacaccc cgtcgcgatt gaggatggtg cagtggcggc
    99601 tggagaccag gcgctccggg tccggcagga cccagtcgtt gtccgggccc cgaccgatgg
    99661 tcagctgtcc ctggtccagt accttttccg aacactgacc gggggtcagc ttgtggtagc
    99721 tggtgatggt caatcgcagc ggcattgcta ctccttgcat tgccagcgcc cggctcttcc
    99781 aggcgctcac ccccgtgccc gagggatttc ggttcgcatc caggctggcc cgacggcttt
    99841 ccggcgtttc gtcgcctcgg gaagacacat cgggtggtac cggattataa aagactaatc
    99901 ctacgtcttt taaagatttg tccgatctgc ggtgtcatgc aactagtggc gttgtgcctt
    99961 ccttgacaag ccttgcggca tgccacaaga attttgccaa cctttcgagt catccgatat
   100021 tcatcaatgg ctcctacaag atccgacgga gtggatctta caagcgaagg tgagggccgc
   100081 gcagcggctc cgatgatagg gagatcgtca ccgtgctgga tgtacccgtt ttgctggccg
   100141 ccgtatcccc ggactcgccc tgtggcgacg atctggagta cgacgccgcg ttcctcgaac
   100201 tcgaacgcat cgcccagggc caacccgagc gccagatggg cgatgccgtg ctgcccgccg
   100261 aaccgccgga gtggccgcgc gtacgcgcgc tggccagcga actgttcggc cgtagcaagg
   100321 acctgcgggt agccaacctg ctgctgcaga gcaacgtcgc cctcgacggc ctggacgggc
   100381 tcgccgacgg cctgctgctg gtccgcgagc tgctcggcca gtactgggac ggcgtctatc
   100441 cgttgctcga cgccgatgac gacaacgacc ccaccttccg tatcaacgcc ctcaccggcc
   100501 tggtcgccga accgctgctg caactggtct gggcgatccc gctggtgcgc tcgcgggcgt
   100561 tcggcccggt caacctgcgc gccgcgctga acgccgccgg gctgcaacgc ttcgccagcg
   100621 agaccctgag tcccgagcag atcgccggcg ccttcgccga tgccgacgcc gatgcgctgg
   100681 ccgccacccg gcgcgccctg gatggcgccc aggaacatgc cctggccatc gagagcggcg
   100741 tcgccgaacg ggtcggctcg gcccagggac tcgacctcgg tccccttcgt caactgctgc
   100801 gccaggccct ccaggtgttc gacctgtacg gcccgcaggg cgccggcgag cccttggcgc
   100861 cgggcgccga agcggccacc gacgagcagg ggggcgccgc gcctgtcgca gccgtcgccg
   100921 cgccggcacc gcgtgccagc ggcgagatcg ccaaccgcga agacgtcctg cgccagctcg
   100981 atcgcctgct cgagtattac gttcgccacg agccgtcgag tccggtgccg gtgctgctca
   101041 agcgcgccaa gacactggtg acggccgact tcgccgaaat cgtgaggaat ctcatccctg
   101101 atgggatttc ccagttcgaa accctgcgag gcccggaaag cgagtaacgc ctagcggccg
   101161 tccgggccaa cgctgcaagc cgccggggcg attccgacgg cgctaacaac cgccgtcgcg
   101221 cgagggagaa acaagatggg aagcactacc agcagtcaga agttcatcgc caggaaccgg
   101281 gcgccacgcg tgcagatcga gtacgacgtg gagctgtacg gtgccgagaa gaaggtccag
   101341 ttgcccttcg tcatgggcgt catggccgac ctcgccggca agcccgccga accccaggcg
   101401 gcggtcgccg accgcaagtt cctggagatc gacgtggaca acttcgatgc ccggctgaag
   101461 gcgatgaagc cgcgggtggc cttcaacgta ccgaacgtgc tgaccggcga aggcaacctg
   101521 agcctggaca tcaccttcga gagcatggac gacttcagcc ccgccgcggt ggcgcgcaag
   101581 gtcgattcgc tgaacaagct gctcgaggcg cgtacccagc tggccaacct gctgacctac
   101641 atggacggca agaccggcgc cgaggaaatg atcatgaagg cgatcaagga cccggccctg
   101701 cttcaggccc tggccagcgc gccgaagccc aaagacgacg agccgcaggc gtaagaggat
   101761 tccagcatgg ccgaattgag caccgagaac ctggcccagg gccagaccac caccgagcag
   101821 accagtgagt tcgccagcct gctgctgcag gagttcaagc ccaagaccga gcgcgcccgc
   101881 gaagcggtgg agaccgccgt gcggaccctc gccgagcatg ccctggagca gaccagcctg
   101941 atctccaacg acgcgatcaa gtcgatcgag tcgatcatcg cggcgatcga cgccaagctc
   102001 accgcgcagg tcaacctgat catgcaccac gccgacttcc agcaactgga aagcgcctgg
   102061 cgcggcctgc actacctggt caacaacacc gagaccgacg agcaactgaa gatccgcgtg
   102121 ctgaacatct ccaagccgga gctgcacaag accctgaaga aattcaaggg caccacctgg
   102181 gaccagagcc cgatcttcaa gaagctctac gaagaggaat acggccagtt cggcggcgag
   102241 ccctatggct gcctggtcgg cgactactac ttcgaccagt cgccgccgga cgtcgagctg
   102301 ctcggcgaga tggcgaagat ctccgccgcc atgcacgcgc cgttcatttc cgccgcctcg
   102361 ccgacggtga tgggcatggg ttcctggcag gaactgtcca acccgcgcga cctgaccaag
   102421 atcttcacca ccccggaata cgccggctgg cgttcgctgc gcgagtccga ggactcccgc
   102481 tacatcggcc tgaccatgcc gcgcttcctg gcgcgcctgc cctacggggc gaagaccgat
   102541 ccggtggaag agttcgcctt cgaggaagaa accgacggcg ccgacagcag caagtacgcc
   102601 tgggccaact cggcctacgc gatggcggtc aacatcaacc gctccttcaa gctctacggc
   102661 tggtgctcgc ggatccgcgg cgtcgagtcc ggcggcgagg tgcagggcct gccggcgcac
   102721 accttcccca ccgacgacgg cggcgtggac atgaagtgcc cgaccgagat cgccatttcc
   102781 gaccgccgcg aggcggagct ggcgaagaac ggcttcatgc cgctgctgca caagaagaac
   102841 accgacttcg ccgccttcat cggcgcgcag tcgctgcaga aacccgccga gtacgacgat
   102901 ccggacgcca ccgccaacgc caacctggcg gcgcgcctgc cctacctgtt cgccacctgc
   102961 cgcttcgccc attacctgaa gtgcatcgtt cgcgacaaga tcggttcctt caaggagaag
   103021 gacgagatgc agcgctggct gcaggactgg atcctcaact acgtcgacgg cgacccggcc
   103081 cactccaccg agaccaccaa ggcccagcac ccgctggcgg cggccgaagt ggtggtggag
   103141 gaagtcgaag gcaatccggg ttactacaac tcgaagttct tccttcgccc gcactaccag
   103201 ctcgagggac tgacggtatc gctacgcctg gtatccaagc tgccttcggc caaagaggcc
   103261 tgaggcattc aacgacagcg cctgccatgg tggcgggcgc ttgcatagcg tagtggcgcg
   103321 agccacacgg gaggaaagat ggctgttgat atgttcatca agatcggcga cgtcaagggt
   103381 gagtccaagg acaagactca cgccgaggaa atcgacgtgc tggcatggag ctggggcatg
   103441 tcccagtccg ggtcgatgca catgggcggt ggcggcggcg ccggcaaggt caacgtgcag
   103501 gacctgtcgt tcaccaagta catcgacaag tccacgccca acctgatgat ggcctgctcc
   103561 agcggcaagc actatccgca ggcgaagctg accatccgca aggccggcgg cgagaaccag
   103621 gtcgagtacc taatcatcac cctgaaggaa gtcctggtgt cctcggtgag caccggcggc
   103681 agcggtggcg aggatcgcct gaccgagaac gtgaccctga acttcgccca ggtccaggtc
   103741 gactaccagc cgcagaaggc ggatggcgcg aaggacggcg gtccggtcaa gtacggctgg
   103801 aacatccgcc agaacgtgca ggcctgatga gccggctgcc ggtcatggcg tggccaggcc
   103861 atgccgtggc cggtgcgagc gcccgccatg ccgggtgccg aaggcgcgcg cggcgcgccg
   103921 cggacctcgt ccgcccgacc tcctgccgga ggtactgaat tccaccgggt cgtccgtcgc
   103981 gtccgccggg cgccatggcc gacccttcat tcgcatccgg gcgcctgggc tcccggctac
   104041 agggaagtat cgcgatgatc gccgaagaac tgttgcgcgc cgggcgcctg gacgatgcct
   104101 tgaaagcctt gcaggaacag gtgcgcagcc agccgtcgaa cgctaccctg cggatcttcc
   104161 tgttccagct gctggccgtg atgggccagt gggcgcgggc gcagaaccag ctcaaggtgg
   104221 tcggcgaact ggatgcctcg gcgctgccga tggtacagac ctactccacc gccatcgact
   104281 gcgaggcgct gcgccgcgag gtgttcgccg ggcgcctgac gccggtgatc ctcggccagc
   104341 cggcggaatg gatcgcgccg ctgttgcagg ccctgagcct ggacgccgaa ggccatggcg
   104401 aggccgccca ggccctgcgc gagcaggcct tcgacgccgc gccggcggtg cccgggcgga
   104461 tcggcgaagc gccgttcgcc tggctggcgg atgccgacac gcgcctcggc ccggtgctcg
   104521 aggtaatcgt caacggtcgc tatgcctggt tgccgatgag caacctgcgc agcctcaagg
   104581 tcgaggcgcc gagcgacctg cgcgacctgg tctggctgcc ggccgaactg accctggcca
   104641 acggtggcgc caccgtcgcg ctgctgccgg cgcgctacgc ggaaaccgtc gagcacggcg
   104701 acgacgccgc gcgcctgggg cgcaagaccg aatggctgga cagcggcctg ccggtcggcc
   104761 agcggctgtt cgtcaccgat gccggcgaga ccgcgctgtt cgacctgcgt gaactggact
   104821 tcgagccgac ggacgcctga catggccgaa ctgaccctcc aggagcgcct gcagccgtcg
   104881 ctgctcgacc gcctcaccga cgacgagccg ggcaacctca aggaagccgc ggagcgccgg
   104941 gtgctgaccc tgaaccagct gaaggcctcg gtgctgcgcg acctggcgtg gctgttcaac
   105001 accacttcgc tgttcgacca cggccccgcc gcacggatgc cggccggcaa ctcggtgctc
   105061 aactacgggc tgccggcgct ggccgggcac accgcgtcga gcgtcgacgt gcatgccatc
   105121 gaggctctgc tcaccgagac catcgccacc ttcgagccgc gcatcatccg ttcttcgttg
   105181 cgggtgcgcg cgcaactgct gcccggcgag atggaccaca acgccctgag cttcgagatc
   105241 gagggcgacc tctgggccga accggcgccg ctgcgcctgc tgctgaccac caacctggac
   105301 ctggagaccg gccacgtgcg cgtcgcccag ggcgagcgga ggcgtacatg aacccgcgcc
   105361 tgctcgagta ctacaaccag gaattgcaac acatccgcga aagcgccgcg gagttcgccg
   105421 aggaattccc gaagatcgcc gggcgcctgt cgctgtccgg cttcgagtgc gccgacccct
   105481 acgtcgagcg cctgctggaa ggcttcgcct atctcaccgc gcgggtccag ctgaagctcg
   105541 acgcggagta cccgaccttc acccacaacc tgttggaaat cgcctacccg cactacctgg
   105601 cgccgacccc gtcgatgacc gtggtgcagt tgcgcccgga ccccaacgaa ggcgccctga
   105661 gcagcggctt cagcgtcgag cgcggggcct ccctgcgcgg ccagctcggc cccgatgacc
   105721 agaccgcctg cgaataccgc accgcccacc cggtgaccct gtggccgctg gaagtggccc
   105781 aggccgacta cttcggcaat cccgccgcgg tgctcggccg cctcgccgcc agcgagccgc
   105841 gggccaaggc cggcctgcgc atccgcctgc gcagcggcgc cggcatcccg ttcgacagcc
   105901 tgtcgctgga cgccctgccg ctctacctgc acggcgccga cgaacaaccc taccgcctct
   105961 acgaacaatt gctcggcaac gcctgcgcgg tgttcgtccg cgccccggac aatgcctggg
   106021 tcgaacgcct gccgacgagc agcctgcgtg cgcgcggctt cgacgacgag gacgcgctgc
   106081 tgccggtggt gccgcgggcg ttccagggct accgcctgct gcaggaatac ttcgccctgc
   106141 cggcgcgctt cctgttcgtc gagttctccg gcctgaaccg cgccctgcgt cgatgccacg
   106201 gcgaggagct ggaactggtc gtgctgttcg gcaagcacga ccagcgcctg gagggcacgg
   106261 tggacgcgga gcaactggtg ccgttctgca ccccggcgat caacctgttc ccgcgccgct
   106321 gcgaccgcat ccacctgtcc gaccgggtca acgagcatca cgtgatcgtc gaccgcaccc
   106381 gtccgctgga tttcgaggtg cattcgctgc aacaggtgag cggccacggc agcggtccgg
   106441 agcaaccctt ccaaccgttc tacgcggtgc gcgacccggc gcgctacggc cgcgagcagg
   106501 cctacttcag cgtgcgccgc gaaccgcgcg tgctgtccag caagcagcgg cgcaagggcc
   106561 cgcgctcgac ctacgtcggc agcgagacct tcgtcgccct ggtcgacgcc aaccaggcgc
   106621 cctatcgcca cgacctgcgc cagctcggca tcgccgcgct gtgcaccaac cgcgacctgc
   106681 cgctgttcat gccgatcggc gcgcacaaga gcgacttcac cctggaggac agcgcgccgg
   106741 tcatgcaggt gcgctgcctc gccggaccga gccggccgcg cgccagccgt gcccacgatg
   106801 ccagcgcctg gcggctgatc agccagctgt cgctgaacta cctgtcgctg gccgagcgcg
   106861 gccagggcgc cgccgccctg cgcgagctgc tgcggctcta cggcgacagc ggcgatccgg
   106921 cgctgcaatt gcagatcgag ggcctgcgcg aggtcagcag caagccttgc acgcggcgcc
   106981 tgccgatgcc cgggccgatc gtcttcggcc gtggcctgga gatcaccctg gacttcgacg
   107041 agaacgcgtt ccgcggcacc ggggtgttcc ttctcggcgc tgtgttcgag cgcttcctgg
   107101 cacgctacgt gtcgatcaac agctttaccg agacggtgct gcgcaccggc gaacggggcg
   107161 aggtgatgag atggcaggcg aagccgggca gccgtccgaa cctctgaacc tgctcgccgg
   107221 gatggcggcg gcgccctggg actatgactt cttccaggcg ctgcggcgca tcgagtgcga
   107281 gtcgccgcaa ctgccgcgcc tcggtcattc ggtgcggctg gcggacgacc cgctgcgtct
   107341 cgggcagaag cccgactgca ccttcgcgcc ctcgaccctg gcctcggtga gccaggccgg
   107401 caccgctgcg gtgccgcgcc tggaccagtt cttcttcggc ctcaccggcc ccaacgggcc
   107461 gctgccgctg cacctcaccg aatacgcccg ggaacgccag cgcaacgtca acgacgcgac
   107521 cttcaagcgc ttcatggacg tcttccacca ccgcctgctg accctgttct accgggcctg
   107581 ggccgaggcg cggccggaga tcagccacga ccggatcgac gacgactact ggtcggcgcg
   107641 cctcgccgcg ctctccgggc gcggcatgcc gagcctgcgg gggcgcgagc cgctggcgga
   107701 taccgcacgc tactactaca ccggccacct cgccgcgcag acccgctacc cggacggcct
   107761 gcgggtgatc ctcgcggagt atttcgaggt cccggtggcg gtcgaggaat acgtcggcca
   107821 atggctggag ctgcccgagc gcagccgcct cggcgtcgac tcgacgagcc tgggcatgga
   107881 cgtctgcctg ggcacccacg tctgggaccg ccagcacaag ttccgcctgc gcctggggcc
   107941 gctggacctc gatcaatacc agcgcttcct gcccgacggc gaccacttcg tcgagctggc
   108001 cgcctgggtc gccgaatacc tgggcgagga gctggactgg gacgtcaacc tggtcctgca
   108061 acgccacgaa gtacccccgc tgggcctgca gggcggcggg cggctcggtt tcaacacctg
   108121 gctgggcgat cccggccagg acgccaggga tctactgctg gcccgccagt acgccactgc
   108181 gcggccgcac gagcacaagg agaaggaaca tgagtgagat cagtcgcgtt gcgctgttcg
   108241 gcaagctgaa cagcctggcc tacaaggcca tcgaggccgc cacggtattc tgcaagctgc
   108301 gcggcaatcc ctatgtcgag ctggtgcact ggttccacca gatcctccag ttgccggact
   108361 ccgacctgca ccagatcgtc cgccagtccg ggatcgaccc ggcgcgcctg gccaaggacc
   108421 tgaccgaggc cctcgaccgc ctgccgcgcg gctcgacctc gatcaccgac ctgtcctccc
   108481 atgtcgagga agcggtggag cgcggctggg tctacggcag cctgatgttc ggcgagagcc
   108541 aggtgcgcac cggctacctg gtgatcggca tcctcaagac gccgagcctg cgccatgccc
   108601 tcaccgggct gtcggcggaa ttcgccaagc tcaaggtcga ggcgctcacc gagcgcttcg
   108661 acgagtacgt cggcgcctcg ccggagaacg gcctgtcggc cagcgacggc ttcaacgccg
   108721 gcgccgcccc gggcgaggcc agcggcgccc tggcgccgag cgcgatgggc aagcaggagg
   108781 cgctcaagcg ctttaccgtg gacctcaccg agcaggcccg tagcggcaag ctcgacccca
   108841 tcgtcgggcg tgacgaggag atccgccagt tggtggacat cctcatgcgc cgccggcaga
   108901 acaacccgat cctcaccggc gaggccggcg tcggcaagac cgcggtggtg gaaggcttcg
   108961 ccctgcgcat cgtcgccggc gacgtcccgc cggcgctgaa ggacgtcgaa ctgcgcgccc
   109021 tcgacgtcgg cctgctgcag gccggggcga gcatgaaggg cgagttcgag cagcgcctgc
   109081 gccaggtgat cgaagacgtg cagagttccg agaagccgat catcctgttc atcgacgaag
   109141 cccacaccct ggtcggcgcc ggtggcgcgg ccggaaccgg cgacgccgcc aacctgctca
   109201 agccggccct ggcgcgcggc accctgcgca ccgtggcggc gaccacctgg gccgagtaca
   109261 agaagcacat cgagaaggac ccggcgctga cccggcgttt ccaggtggtg caggtggacg
   109321 agccgtccga gcacaaggcc atcctgatga tgcgcggtgt cgcgtcgacc atggagaagc
   109381 accaccaggt gcagatcctc gacgaggcgc tggaggcggc ggtccggctg tcgcaccgct
   109441 acatcccggc gcgccagctg ccggacaagt cggtgagcct gctggatacc gcctgcgcgc
   109501 gcaccgccat cagcctgcac gcggtgccgg ccgaggtcga cgatagccgc cggcgcatcg
   109561 aggcgctgga aaccgagctg gcgatcatcc gccgcgagag cgccatcggc gtcgccaccg
   109621 ccgaacgcca gcgcaacgcc gagaccctgc tggccgagga gcgcgagcgc ctggccgccc
   109681 tggagcagcg ctgggccgag gaaaaacgcc tggtcgacga actgctggag acccgcgccc
   109741 gtctgcgtgc cgccgccgaa gcggtggacg ccggcggcgt gccgctgggc gaaggcgagg
   109801 cgcgtctcga cgaggaacag cgccaggcgc tgcatgcgcg gctggcggag ctgcaggcgc
   109861 aactgagcgc gttgcagggc gaagagccgc tgatcctgcc gaccgtggac taccaggcgg
   109921 tggcctcggt ggtcgccgac tggaccggca tcccggtcgg ccgcatggcg cgcaacgaga
   109981 tcgagaccgt gctcaacctc gaccggcacc tgaagaagcg catcatcggc caggaccacg
   110041 cgctggagat gatcgccaag cgcatccaga cttcccgcgc cggcctcgac aacccgagca
   110101 agccgatcgg cgtgttcatg ctcgccggca cctccggggt gggcaagacc gagaccgcgc
   110161 tggccttggc cgaggccatg tacggcggcg agcagaatgt catcaccatc aacatgagcg
   110221 agttccagga agcccacacc gtctccaccc tcaagggcgc cccgcccggc tacatcggct
   110281 acggcgaggg tggcgtgctg accgaggcgg tgcgtcgcaa gccctacagc gtggtgctgc
   110341 tggatgaagt ggagaaggcc cacccggatg tccacgagat cttcttccag gtcttcgaca
   110401 agggcgtgat ggaggacggc gaaggccggg tgatcgactt caagaacacc ctgatcctgc
   110461 tcaccaccaa cgccggcacc gagatgatcg ccagcctctg cgccgatccg gaactgatgc
   110521 ccgagccgga agccatcgcc aagtcgctgc gcgaaccgct gctgaagatc ttcccgccgg
   110581 cgctgctcgg ccgcctggtg accatcccct actacccgct cagcgacgac atgctcaagg
   110641 ccatttcgcg cctgcaactg gggcggatca agaagcgcgt ggaggcgacc cacaaggtgc
   110701 cgttcgagtt cgacgagggc gtcgtcgagc tgatcgtctc gcgctgcacc gagaccgaga
   110761 gcggcggccg gatgatcgac gcgatcctca ccaacacgct gttgccggac atgagccgcg
   110821 agttcctcac ccgcatgctc gaaggcaagc cgttggccgg ggtacgtatc agtagccgcg
   110881 acaaccagtt ccactacgac ttcgccgagg ccgagtgaca accggcgaca cgcagagcag
   110941 tagaaggaac cgtcgatggg attgatgcaa ctgacccgcc tggtccaggt ggattgcccg
   111001 ctggggccgg acgtgctgct gttgcagcgc atggagggac gcgaggaact gggacggctg
   111061 ttcgcctacg agctgcacct ggtatcggaa aatcccaacc tgccgctgga gcagttgctc
   111121 ggcaagccga tgagcctgtc gctggagctg cccggcggca gccggcgctt ctttcacggc
   111181 atcgtcgcgc gctgtagcca ggtggccggg cacggccagt tcgccggcta ccaggccacc
   111241 ctgcggccct ggccgtggct gctgacgcgc acctcggact gccgcatctt ccagaaccag
   111301 agcgtgccgg agatcatcaa gcaggtgttc cgcgacctcg gcttttccga tttcgaggat
   111361 gccctcacgc gcccctaccg cgagtgggaa tactgcgtgc agtaccgcga gaccagcttc
   111421 gacttcatca gccggctgat ggaacaggaa ggcatctact actggttccg ccatgagcag
   111481 aagcgccaca tcctggtgct ctccgacgcc tacggcgcgc atcgcagccc gggtggctac
   111541 gccagcgtgc cgtactaccc gccgaccctc ggccatcgcg agcgcgacca cttcttcgac
   111601 tggcagatgg cacgcgaggt ccagcccggt tcgctgaccc tcaacgacta cgacttccag
   111661 cgccccggcg cgcgcctgga ggtgcgttcg aacatcgccc ggccgcacgc ggcggccgac
   111721 tacccgctgt acgactatcc cggcgaatac gtgcagagcc aggacggcga gcagtacgcg
   111781 cgcaaccgca tcgaggcgat ccaggcgcag cacgagcgcg tgcgcctgcg cggcgtggtg
   111841 cgcgggatcg gcgccgggca cctgttccgc ctgagcggct atccgcgcga tgaccagaac
   111901 cgcgagtacc tggtggtcgg cgccgaatac cgggtggtcc aggaactcta cgaaaccggc
   111961 agcggcggcg ccggctcgca gttcgagagc gagctggact gcatcgacgc cagccagtcg
   112021 ttccgtctcc tgccgcagac tccggtaccg gtggtgcggg gtccgcagac cgcggtggtg
   112081 gtcggaccca agggcgagga gatctggacc gaccagtacg gccgggtcaa ggtgcacttc
   112141 cactgggatc gccacgacca gtcgaacgag aacagctcct gctggattcg cgtgtcccag
   112201 gcctgggccg ggaagagctg gggttcgatg cagatcccgc ggatcggcca ggaagtgatc
   112261 gtcagcttcc tcgaaggcga cccggaccgg ccgatcatca ccgggcgggt ctacaacgcc
   112321 gagcagacgg tgccctacga gctgccggcg aacgccaccc agagcgggat gaagagccgt
   112381 tcgagcaagg gcggcacgcc ggccaacttc aacgagatcc gcatggagga caagaagggc
   112441 gccgagcagt tatacatcca cgccgagcgc aaccaggaca acctggtcga gaacgatgcc
   112501 tcgctgtcgg tcggccacga ccgcaacaag agcatcggcc acgacgagct ggcgcgcatc
   112561 ggcaacaacc gcacccgcgc ggtgaagctc aacgacaccc tgttggtggg cggggcgaag
   112621 agcgacagcg tcaccggcac ctacctgatc gaggccggcg cgcagatccg cctggtctgc
   112681 ggcaagagcg tggtggagtt caacgccgac ggcaccatca atatctccgg cagcgccttc
   112741 aacctctacg ccagcggcaa cggcaacatc gacaccggcg gccgcctcga cctcaattcc
   112801 ggcggcgcca gcgaggtcga cgccaagggc aagggcgtgc agggcaccat cgacggccag
   112861 gtacaggcga tgtttccgcc gccggcgaag ggctgaggcg gcggcatcct ggctgcccgc
   112921 ccttgggcag gacgccgcgg gagccttgac gattcgcgca tgtcctcgcc aggcagaagc
   112981 ggcggtcgct caagaccgat ggtgttgcgc tcagggcaga tcgactttca ggccgcggcc
   113041 agtgcgtata ccgacgtagt aggcgtcctt gagggccctg gagagttccg ggtcggtttc
   113101 gtcgaattcc ttcacggcga tgctgccgag ggtcaaccgg tgcagtgcgg aacgatccag
   113161 gctgcggtcg agcaggacgg acctgatgta ctgcaattgc ttttccgcgg acagcaggac
   113221 ctcgtatccc ggatagcggg ccagccggtc gacgaccagc gccagagcgc ggtcgatgta
   113281 ttcgatgggt gtcatgatcc ctcccgggga agcagaccga aggagccttt ctcgttggag
   113341 aacagttgtt gcgcgccgcc tttggcggga tatgactgtc cctttaccga ccagaagtca
   113401 tcggtcggcg cagcggtgct gcgcaggacc tcgaccttct gggtcgtcct gtaggagttg
   113461 aggaccttgg gttcgatggt gttcgccgcc cggttggtgc ccatggggtt gattcccagc
   113521 tccgtgggct gcacgcgcgg gctgagtgta taccagttgc cctgcggcgc tccgggggac
   113581 tggtactgcc acaggttctt gccgggcgcg agggtttcca cacggaccgg atggttgaag
   113641 tccaggccgt tcatgtacga ctcggcatcg gcaggatcga tgtccttcga cttgaagaac
   113701 ttggcggcgg tttcacgatt cccgcggtag ttgatgtcgt ggtcgaggtt gccggaacga
   113761 ccgaacttgt tgttcaggta ggcgcgtcgt tgcgcggttt cggaggtcac cgctgccgga
   113821 cgacgaccgg cgagtttcgg cccgaagccc agcaatgcca tccccgccac gccctggaac
   113881 aggtcgcggt agccgggacc gaggcggtcg ccgaggtcgc cgagcagggc catgccgccc
   113941 atcatcagcc cgccgatggc gacgaagccg gccagcgccg cgaccccggc catcgccgcc
   114001 agcagcaggc cgccggcaag ggccgccagg cccagcgcct cgaggccggt gtgcagccat
   114061 tcctccaggt cgaggacgaa ggccacccgc tcggtggggc cgccgatgaa ggtgtcctgg
   114121 ctgccggtct tgatgtgcgc gccgcagacc atcttgctct gcaggcgcgc cgccggcttg
   114181 ccgttgatgt acacggtggc gctgccttcg gcgatcagca ccgggaacgg ccacagcgga
   114241 tggttcagcg gcaggccgct gcaggtggcg gagacgtcgt cgccggcgcg catcgcgttg
   114301 cgactgttca cgtagacgtt gaagctgccg cgtatgagca ccccggtggt cggctcgggt
   114361 agctcgaaga tggtggtcag gcccttgacg atctggaaca tcgacagccc gccggcggcg
   114421 atcgaaccgg ccaggatcac cgcggccagg ccgccggtgg cggcggtggc ggcgaccacg
   114481 gcggcgccga tcagggctcc ggccacggct ccggcgacca tcgcggcgac accgaaaccg
   114541 tgggctatct catcgcccag tcgggcggcg gcttgcgcat ccatgcgtcg gtactcgggt
   114601 cagctagggg tcgggcgcgg gaccagggtc tgcatcgcct gcttccaggc cggctcgtgg
   114661 tgcggcaggt cagccggggt ggtggtcagg gtggtgatca gcaccgccgg gcggcgctcg
   114721 atgaatacct ggcgcagcat caggtcgcgg ccctcgcgct gccactggta gtcgaggagc
   114781 acggcggcgt ggccgtgaat gttgatgtcc cagcgcttgt gcagcttgaa gccgggcaat
   114841 tgcttctcgg cattctccag ttggcgggcg acatagtcgg cgaacggcgc gtcgccctgg
   114901 ctggcgtcgc ggctgatgac gaaactggct tcgcgggcgg ggccgctggc ggggagcttg
   114961 aagatgttga tgctctggtc ctgccaggca tcgggaatct cgagatcggc ttcgtggagg
   115021 cgatagagcg tcactgtgtt aaccccttcc ctaggattct gagtgagtca ttgctggaca
   115081 aaagctttac ggaatgttgc tcgcgaatca aggctttcct ggcccgaagc ggcctttcgt
   115141 gatggccttc tgcctgttcg ccgtcggtcg gggcgctcgt cggaatctgt gtcgcgcatc
   115201 tcccctttcc accgcatccg cgcctatgct gcttgggtgg cgccgctcca acggtgccag
   115261 tgatggacgt ggatcaagga tgatttcatg gcacttgcgc aacagacccg cctggtccgg
   115321 gtcgacagtc cgctcggcgc ggaggtcctg caattgcagc gaatggaggg tcgcgaagag
   115381 ctcggccggc cgttcgccta cgagctggaa ctgatctcgg aaaaccccga cctgccactc
   115441 gacgggctgc tgggcaagcc ggccagcctg gcgctggaac tgcacgacgg cagccggcgg
   115501 catttccacg gcatcgtcgc cgcttgcagc cagggatccg gcaacggcca gttcgccagc
   115561 taccaggtca ccctgcgccc ctggctgtgg ctgctgacgc gcacctccga ctgccgcatc
   115621 ttccagaacc agaaggtccc ggacatcatc aagcaggtgt tccgcgacct cggcttctcc
   115681 gacttcgagg acgccctgag ccgctcctac cgcgagtggg aatactgcgt gcagtaccgc
   115741 gagaccagtt tcgacttcgt cagccggctg atggagcagg aaggcatcta ctactggttc
   115801 cgccacgagc agagccgcca cattctggtg ctctccgacg cctacggcgc gcaccagagc
   115861 ccgccgaact acgccagcgt gccctactac ccgccgaccc tggaacagcg cgagcgcgac
   115921 catttctacg actggcacat ggcgcgcgag gtgcagtccg gctcgctgag cctcaacgac
   115981 tacgacttcc agcgtcccgg cgcgcgcctg gaggtgcgtt cgaacatcgc ccgctcgcac
   116041 gcggcggccg actacccgct gtacgactac cccggcgaat acgtgcagag ccaggacggc
   116101 gagcagtacg cgcggacccg catcgaagcc ttgcaggcgc gctacgaacg ggtgcgcctg
   116161 cgcggccgcg cccgcggcct gggttcgggc cacctgttca agctcagcgg ctacccgcgc
   116221 gaggaccaga accgcgagta cctggtggtc ggcgccgagt accgggtggt ccaggaactc
   116281 tacgagaccg gcggcggcgg ggtcggcgcg cagttcgaga gcgagctgga ctgcatcgat
   116341 gccggccagg cctaccgccc cttgccgacc actccgctgc cgatcgtccg tggcccgcag
   116401 actgcggtgg tggtcgggcc cargggcgag gagatctgga ccgaccagta cggccgggtc
   116461 aaggtgcact tccactggga tcgccacgac cagtcgaacg agaacagctc ctgctggatt
   116521 cgcgtgtccc aggcctgggc cgggaagagc tggggttcga tgcagatccc gcggatcggc
   116581 caggaagtga tcgtcagctt cctcgaaggc gacccggacc ggccgatcat caccgggcgg
   116641 gtctacaacg ccgagcagac ggtgccctac gagctgccgg cgaacgccac ccagagcggc
   116701 accaagagcc gttcgagcaa gggcggcacg ccggccaact tcaacgagat ccgcatggag
   116761 gacaagaagg gcgccgagca gttgttcatc catgccgaga agaaccagga catcgaggtc
   116821 gagaacgacg agacccactg ggtcggccac gaccggacca agaccatcga ccacgacgag
   116881 accgtgcacg tgaagcacga tcgcaccgag accgtggaca acaacgagac cataaccatc
   116941 ggcgtcgacc gcaccgagaa ggtcggcaac aacgagaaga tcagtatcgg cgcgaaccgc
   117001 accgaggacg tcggcagcaa cgagaccatc agcatcggcg ttgaccgcac cgagaaggtc
   117061 ggcagcaacg agaagatcag catcggtgcc aatcgaaccg aggacgtcgg caacgacgag
   117121 accatcagca tcggcgcgaa ccgtagcgag tcggtgggca acaacgagac gatcagcatc
   117181 ggcgccgacc gcagcgagtc ggtgggcgcc aacgagacca tcgacatagg cggcaaccag
   117241 agcaccagca tcggcaagaa cgagtcgcgc agcgtcggcc agggccgcga tacctcggtg
   117301 ggcaaggacg atagcctgga cgtgggcaag agcttcacgc tcaacgccgg cgactcgatc
   117361 accctggtca ccggtgccgc cagcatccgc atgaagaagg acggcagcat cgtcatcagc
   117421 ggcaagaaca tcaccatcga cggatccggg gcgatcaacg tcaaggccga caagaacgtg
   117481 gtggtgaagg gacgcaagat cctccagaac tgaagcggcg cagagccagg gagtcagcgc
   117541 atgagtgtcg agatccatct acccggggcc acgacggccc ttcccgcgcg cctggacggc
   117601 gtggtcatcg gcgtcctcct cgacgtgccg gacgccgccg ctccggtggt cgcctatccc
   117661 ggttgcccga gcgagcacgg cctggcggcg gccaccacca cccagctcag tcgcgccgac
   117721 atcggcgccc aggtagcgct gatgttcgtc gccggcgatc cgcgccagcc gctgctgatc
   117781 ggccgcatcc agcgcctgcc gcaggaagcg ctggcgcaac tggacggcga gcgcctggag
   117841 ttcagtgccg aacgcgagat cgtcctgcgt tgtggcaagg ccagcatcac cctgacccgc
   117901 gccggcaagg tgatcatccg tggcgcctat ctttccagcc gctccaccgg ggtcaaccgg
   117961 atcaagggcg gttcggtgca gatcaactga gcgcggcggg cccgacatgg aactgttgaa
   118021 cgccaccccg ctggccgccg cctacaacca ggggctcgac gccgaaggcc gggagtcgct
   118081 ggtggtgatc gccaagggca gtttcgacct gccgctggac ggtcgcgagg cgcgcctgct
   118141 ggacgagcag caggcgctgc tgatggtcga tgaattctat ggcgagccgg ggttttccgc
   118201 gccgcgccgg gagtgcgagt tcgttccctt caagccgttc tgcgatgtgc tggtgctggg
   118261 cagcgcccag gcgcccggcg ggcggccggt acagcagttg accgcgggca tccgcgtcgg
   118321 ccgggtgagc aaggcgctga cggtgcatgg gccgcgccag tgggaaccgg gattgctcgg
   118381 tgccggcgcg ggcgtcgcgc agccgttcca gagccaggac atttcctacg ccagtgcctt
   118441 cggcggcagc catgcctcgc cggacaaccc cggtttcatg gattgctaca tggccaatcc
   118501 ggccggatgt ggctggtttc cgcgcagcgc cgacaccgcc gagatcgtcg gcacgccgat
   118561 gccggccacg gaaaagctcg gcgagccggt ggacagcccc cacggccgct tcacgccgat
   118621 ggcgctcggc ccgctcggtc gccactggca ggcccgggtc ggctttgccg gccgctacga
   118681 cgacgcctgg ctggccgagc gcttcccgtt cctgcccgcc gacttcgacg agcgttactt
   118741 ccagtccgcg ccggccgacc agtggaccga ccatctgcgc ggcggcgagg aggtcctgct
   118801 gctcaacctc accggcgagg agcgcgcggc cttccgcgtg ccgcgcaggg aggtcccggt
   118861 gaccttcttc ctgaaaaagg gtggccacga aaccgcgcag gcacggatcg ataccctgct
   118921 ggtggactgc gacgcccgtc gcgtggaagt cacctggcgc attcgccggc cgttgaagcg
   118981 caacctgttc gagatcgccc aggtgctggt cggcagcaag tccgccgcct ggtggcgcgc
   119041 ccgcgagctg ggcaaggact actacccctc gcttgccgcg ttggcacgca gccgccaggc
   119101 cgaggaggac gaggcatgag ccaggccctg agcatcgtcg cctccggcat ggtcagcgcg
   119161 gtcggtctca gcgcgccggc cagctgcgcg gcgatccgct gcgccctgga caacttccag
   119221 gaaacccgtt tcatcgacca gggcggcgaa tggttggtcg gcgctccggt gatgctgccc
   119281 gagccgtcct ccggctacgc gcaattggtg gggatggctg ccatggccat cgccgaatgt
   119341 gtggccgggt tgcccgccga ggacattcgc gaaatgccgt tgctgcttgg cgttgccgaa
   119401 gtcgaccggc ccggacgact ggcggggttg gagcagcctt tgctacaggc catcgaagag
   119461 cgcctgggtt accgcttcca tgaacgttcc tgcgtcatcc cgcgcggtcg ggtgagcgcc
   119521 gcggtggcgc tcctcaacgc gcgcaagctc atcgaacagg ggtgttcgaa ggtgctgatc
   119581 gccggagtnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   119641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   119701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   119761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   119821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   119881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   119941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   120001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnngggtat
   120061 gcacacggcc cgcaggtact ctgtcattcg ggcaacgatg ctggcgaacg ggccgcggtg
   120121 gtgcttggct accagcgagt gagggcgaac tagatggcca acgaggtcta tgccaacggc
   120181 cgcgagctct cctgcaagtc ggcctcgggg aaatcgatag cgtcgttccc cgacgtctgc
   120241 ttcacgccgc ctcaggcacc accgacgccg ttgggcgtgc cggtccccta ccctaatacc
   120301 ggcatgtcga aggacaccac ccgaggtagc cggaccgtaa ggatcacccg caaggaagtg
   120361 atgctcaaga acaagagcca cttcaagaag agctacggcg acgaggctgg gcgtgcgccg
   120421 aagaaaggca tcatcaccag taccaatacc ggcaaggtct atttcacttc atggtcgatg
   120481 gacgtgaaga tcgaaggcct gaacgtcgtc cgccatctcg acctgaccac ccacaaccac
   120541 aacccctctc ccggcaatac cgcgacctgg ccgcacacct cgaagatgaa ggcggccttc
   120601 aagccgggcg gcaagtgtgc cggcatggag cacctgcgcc tgcagcccta cagcaaggcg
   120661 tgccctagca cggcnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   120721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   120781 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   120841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   120901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   120961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   121981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   122041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   122101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   122161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   122221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nngagaactg atcgacgatg aatgtcgccg ctgtcatcga
   122281 ccagcacgtc gaggaggccg gctttctggc ggggctgcgc gaccatgccg tgcgtgctcc
   122341 ccactacgac ctggcgcacc tgctggatct cgacaatcgg attgaggcgc atctggatgc
   122401 gttgcagata ggtggactga ggagcctgga cctggtgctg aaggcgctgg acacaaacgc
   122461 cgagggagag gttttcgtcg ctgcgatact ggtgtttcgt ggcacgaacg gtacagccct
   122521 ggcccagttg tgcgagcacc tacggcgttt tcccgagggc gcgcgattct tcgccgcagc
   122581 cctcggctgg ctcgactggg gccaggcgcg gccctgggtg gagcgcctgc tggcctcgcc
   122641 cgagccgctg ttccgcgcca ttggcctggc cgcctgcggc atgcaccggc atgacccggg
   122701 gccggcgctg ctgtccgccc ttggccacgc cgacccggcg gtgctggcgc gcgccgcgcg
   122761 caccgccggc gagctgcgtc ggcgcgacct gatggcgaat atccgcgcct accgcgccca
   122821 cgacgacccg agcctgcgct tctgggccaa ctgggccacc gcgcagatgg gcgacgagga
   122881 ggcgttgggg ccattgcgtg cgttcgccgg gcagcccggc ccgttccagc tgccggcgac
   122941 catggtgctg ctcgcctggc agccgcgcga caccagcatg gcctggattc gccaactgat
   123001 gcaggcggcg gacacgcggc ggatcggcat ccaggccacc ggcctgttcg gcgatccggt
   123061 ggcggtgccc tggctgatcc agcagatgcg cgacgagagt ctggcgcggg tcgccggcga
   123121 ggccttcagc ctgatcaccg gcgccgacct ggcgctgctc gacctggagc tggaggcctt
   123181 gcccgactac gaccctggcc ccaacgacga tcccgacgac gacaacgtcg ccctcgacga
   123241 cgacgagaac cttagctggc cggaggcgga gcgagtctcc gcctggtggc gtgaccacgg
   123301 cgcgcgtttc gtcgccgggc gcgcctacct gctcggcgaa ccgctgggcg aggcgcgctg
   123361 ccgccaggtc ctgcgcgacg gccagcaacg ccagcggatg gctgcggcgt gcctgctggc
   123421 gcgcttcgtg ccgaacctgc cgctgttccc caccggtgcg ccggtgcgcc gccaactgga
   123481 cctgttctga tagctggctg gcaccgggcg gccaggtcat ggccgctggc gcggtgcgcc
   123541 gggttttccc attcgacgaa tttccctgca cgtagccaac cggttgactg aaacctttca
   123601 ccacttatgc ggggcgaatg gaaatgccac tcgtttgcca tgatagcctg tcgacatcct
   123661 ctggaaatat cgtgaaaaaa gctggcaacg tgcgagatag agggattttt taatttatgg
   123721 ttaagcttcg ggcattagcg ttgagcacca gaagtgaccg atcggtcacg taggtcgctc
   123781 tgcgtttgtt gtgccttttt cctatgggga aagcgtcggc agacgtggga aaattcaatc
   123841 gatccactca tcgaggttcc gaaccatgcc agaccgtatg cggggcgtta agtccgattc
   123901 tccagagcag gaaagcgctg acgatgcatt gaaaaggatt gtcgatggat tccagcattt
   123961 ccgccgggag gtctttcccg agcagcaggc gctgttcaag aagctcgcca atagccagcg
   124021 gccgcgggcg atgttcatca cctgcgcgga ttcgcgcatc gttcccgagc tgatcaccca
   124081 gagttccccc ggcgacctgt tcgtcacccg caacgtcggc aacgtggtgc cgccctacgg
   124141 gcagatgaac ggtggcgtct ccaccgccat cgaatacgct gtgctggcgc tgggcgtgca
   124201 ccacatcatc gtctgcggcc actccgactg cggggcgatg cgcgccgtgc tcgacccgca
   124261 gaccctggaa cgcatgccga cggtcaaggc ctggctgcgg cacgccgagg tggcacgcac
   124321 ggtggtggcg gacaactgcg actgcggcgc cagccacgac accctcgggg tgctcaccga
   124381 agagaacgtg gtggcccagc tcgatcacct gcgcacccac ccctcggtgg cctcgcgcct
   124441 ggccagcggg caactgttca tccacggctg ggtgtacgac atcgagagtg cgcagatccg
   124501 cgcctacgac gccaagcagg gtcgcttcct gcccctcgac ggcgagcatc cggtgccgat
   124561 ggccacgccc gcgccgcgct acctgaactc gtgatagcgg cggccgtgcg ggccgccgga
   124621 taacaacagc gttttcgcgt cacctttcgc cgttcctgcc atggacgacc tctgggaagc
   124681 cccgttccgg ggctgaacgg gtcgctatta caagaaaaaa cacactgcgc acacacaacc
   124741 ggcgccgggc ctggtcctgg cgtcgctccc tcgtcgtgga aaaaattcgc aggagaactg
   124801 tgccatgcat gtttcaaagg tgtttccgtc cctccgggac acgttgccgc gggacctgat
   124861 ggcctccgtg gtggtgttcc tcgtcgccct gccgctgtgc atgggcatcg ccatcgcctc
   124921 cgggatgccg ccggccaagg gcctgctcac cggcatcgtc ggtggcctgg tggtcggctt
   124981 cctggccggc tcgccgctac aggtcagcgg cccggcggcc ggcctcgcgg tgctggtctt
   125041 cgaactggtg cgtacctacg gggtggccat gctcgggccg atcctgctgc tcgccggcgc
   125101 catccagctg ctcgccgggc ggctgcgcct gggctgctgg ttccgggtca cctcgccggc
   125161 ggtggtatac gggatgctcg ccggcatcgg catcctcatc gtcctttcgc aattgcacgt
   125221 gatgctcgac ctggcgccca aggcgtccgg cctcgacaac ctgctggcat tcccccaggc
   125281 ggcgttcgcc gcgctcggtt cgctgggcat ggacagcggc ctcgacgcgg cgctgctcgg
   125341 gctgggcacc atcgcggtga tgtggggctg ggacaagctg cgtccgcaac gcctgcgctt
   125401 cctacccggc gcgctgctcg gcgtgagcct ggcgaccctg gccagcctct ggctggcgct
   125461 ggacgtgcgg cgggtcgagg taccggccaa cctcggcgag gccatcgact ggctacgccc
   125521 ggccgacctg ctggccctgg ccgatccctc cctgctgctg gcggcggggg tggtggcctt
   125581 catcgccagt gcggagaccc tgctctcggc ggcggcggtg gatcgcctgc acgacggccc
   125641 gcgctcggac atggatcgcg agttgtccgc ccagggtgtc ggcaacatgc tctgcggcct
   125701 gctcggcgcg ctgccgatga ccggggtgat cgtacgcagc tcggccaacg tcaatgccgg
   125761 tgcgcgaacc cgcgcctcgg cgatcttcca cggcctctgg ttgctcgcct tcgtcctcct
   125821 gctcggcagc ctgctgcggc agattccggt ggcgagcctg gccggggtgc tggtctatac
   125881 cggggtcaag ctggtcgatt tcaaggccct cggcaacctc tctcgctacg gccggatgcc
   125941 gatgctggtg tacgcggcca ccgccctggc gatcgtcttc accgacctgc tgaccggcgt
   126001 gctggtgggc ttcgccctga ccctgctgaa gctggtgctg aaggcggcgc ggctgaagat
   126061 cgccctgcgc tacaccggcg agcatgaagc cgagctgcgc ctgagcggcg ccgcgacttt
   126121 cctcaaggtg ccggcgctgt cgcgggtgct cgacgaggtc aagccgggga ccaccctgca
   126181 cgtaccgatg gataacctca gctatgtcga ccatgcctgc atggagctgc tcgaggattg
   126241 ggggcggatg gcaccggtgc agggctcgcg cctggtgatc gaaccgcgcg ccttgaagcg
   126301 tcgcctggaa gggcgcctgc gcggcagcgt cgggttgggc ggcgcgcgca atggcggggc
   126361 ggtcagccca ggctgagttc caccccgagc tgcttcgaca ggcacggcca ctgctgccag
   126421 gcggcgacca cccgcgggtt cttcaggttc tcgcggtagg cgcgggccga gtcggcgtcg
   126481 aaggtggtgg cgtcgagcat gttctccacc gcatggtgga cggcttcgtc cagccggttg
   126541 gcgaagggct cgccgatcaa ctggtgggcc accaggttgg ctacggtggt gtccagtggg
   126601 atcagtgcct ggccgaagtg ggcgatgtag cggtcgttca cttcttccac caggcggtgc
   126661 gccaggtagg cttcgtcgag cagggcgtcg aggccgtcgt ggccggcgag caacgccggc
   126721 ggggtgagga agaactgctc ggcgaccttc agcaccggct tgatccgttc ctcgatgccg
   126781 gcttcgcggg ccacgctgtt ggcggcgtcg agcaggtccg gtacctgttc gacgtaggcg
   126841 tggacgaagc gggtgagtat gtcttccgtg ttctcgcctt gcggctggat ggtgcgatgc
   126901 aggcggggca ggcggctggc tatcagatca gccaggtaac cgtggcgggc ttcgctgagg
   126961 tgcgcctgct ggatgagttc acggagggca gcggtgttca tggggtctcc catacaacgg
   127021 ggatggtgaa gaagaggaga aacatagccg gcggcgcgcg ccggctaaga cgcgattgtc
   127081 ataatcgctt cgtggttatg cgaggatgat atatcaggcg gccaccattc gcctgcaaag
   127141 ccacgccgct cgcggctttt agagaagaat cggcactttc cagcgacgtt tttacgctgc
   127201 gttgttatgt cgcagccgct gtctatactc ccactcgaat gctgaacctg atgaacccgg
   127261 cctgccttgc tgtgtgccga ggtgcgacgg tcaaagttcg ttgtcttggc ggtccacccc
   127321 ttggccgttg gcgtctgccg gcgggataaa aacaacgata aggggaaccc gaatgctgcg
   127381 acatccacga gtctggatgg gcttcctttt gctctcggcg atcagccagg cgaatgccgc
   127441 ctggacggtc aacatggccc cgggtgctac cgaggtgagc cggtccgtct tcgacctgca
   127501 catgaccatc ttctggatct gcgtggtgat cggcgtgctg gtcttcggcg cgatgttctg
   127561 gtcgatgatc gtccaccgcc gctccaccgg ccagcagccg gcgcacttcc acgagagcac
   127621 cacggtggaa atcctctgga cggtggtgcc gttcgtgatc ctggtggtga tggcggtgcc
   127681 cgccacccgc accctgatcc acatctacga cacttccgag ccggagctgg acgtgcaggt
   127741 caccggctac cagtggaagt ggcagtacaa gtacctgggc caggacgtcg agtacttcag
   127801 caacctggcc accccgcagg accagatcca caaccggcag gcgaaggacg agcattacct
   127861 gctggaggtg gacgagccgc tggtgctgcc ggtgggcacc aaggtgcgct tcctgatcac
   127921 ctccagcgac gtgatccatt cctggtgggt gccggccttc gcggtcaagc gcgacgccat
   127981 ccccggcttc gtcaacgagg cctggaccaa ggtcgacgag cccggcatct atcgcggcca
   128041 gtgcgccgag ctgtgcggca aggaccacgg cttcatgccg atcgtggtcg acgtcaagcc
   128101 caaggccgag ttcgaccagt ggctggccaa gcgcaaggaa gaggcggcga aggtcaagga
   128161 actgaccagc aaggagtgga ccaaggaaga gttggttgcg cgcggcgaca aggtctacca
   128221 caccatctgc gccgcctgcc accaggccga aggccagggc atgccgccga tgttcccggc
   128281 gctgaagggt tcgaagatcg tcaccgggcc caaggagcac cacctggaag tggtcttcaa
   128341 cggcgtgccc ggcaccgcca tggcggcctt cggcaagcag ctcaacgagg tcgacctggc
   128401 cgcggtgatc acctacgagc gcaacgcctg gggcaacgac gatggcgaca tggtcacccc
   128461 gaaagacgtc gtcgcctaca agcagaaaca acaataggag accgccatga gtgctgtgat
   128521 cgatacgccc gaccaccatg ccggcgacca ccaccacgga ccggccaagg gcctgatgcg
   128581 ctgggtgctg acgaccaacc acaaggacat cggcaccctc tacctgtggt tcagcttcat
   128641 gatgttcctg ctcggcggct cgatggccat ggtgatccgc gccgagctgt tccagcccgg
   128701 cctgcagatc gtcgagccgg cgttcttcaa ccagatgacc accatgcacg gcctgatcat
   128761 ggtcttcggc gcggtgatgc cggccttcgt cggcctggcc aactggatga tcccgctgat
   128821 gatcggcgcg ccggacatgg ccctgccgcg gatgaacaac ttcagcttct ggctgctgcc
   128881 ggcggccttc ggcctgctgg tcagcaccct gttcatgccc ggcggcggcc ccaacttcgg
   128941 ctggaccttc tatgcgccgc tgtcgaccac cttcgccccg cacagcgtga ccttcttcat
   129001 cttcgccatc cacctggccg ggatcagctc gatcatgggc gcgatcaacg tgatcgccac
   129061 catcctcaac ctgcgcgccc caggcatgac cctgatgaag atgccgctgt tcgtctggac
   129121 ctggctgatc accgcgttcc tgctgatcgc ggtgatgcct gtgctggccg gcgtggtgac
   129181 catgatgttg atggacatcc acttcggcac cagcttcttc agcgccgccg gcggcggcga
   129241 cccggtgctg ttccagcacg tgttctggtt cttcggccac cccgaggtgt acatcatgat
   129301 cctgcccgcc ttcggtgcgg tcagtgcgat catcccgacc ttcgcgcgca agccgctgtt
   129361 cggctacacc tcgatggtct acgccaccgc cagcatcgcc ttcctctcct tcgtggtctg
   129421 ggcgcaccac atgttcgtgg tcggcatccc ggtcaccggc gagctgttct tcatgtacgc
   129481 caccatgctg atcgcggtgc ccaccggggt gaaggtgttc aactgggtga ccaccatgtg
   129541 ggagggttcg ctgaccttcg agacgccgat gctgttcgcc gtggccttcg tcatcctgtt
   129601 caccatcggc ggcttctccg gactgatgct ggcgattgcc ccggcagact tccagtacca
   129661 cgacacctac ttcgtggtcg cccacttcca ctacgtgctg gtgcccggcg cgatcttcgg
   129721 catcttcgcc tcggcttact actggctgcc gaagtggacc ggccacatgt acgacgagac
   129781 cctcggcaag ctgcacttct ggatgagctt catcggcatg aacctggcgt tcttcccgat
   129841 gcacttcgtc ggcctcgccg gcatgccgcg acggatcccc gactacaacc tgcagttcgc
   129901 cgacttcaac atggtctcgt cgatcggcgc cttcatgttc ggcaccaccc agctgctgtt
   129961 cctgttcatc gtcatcaagt gcatccgcgg cggcaagccg gcccctgcca agccctggga
   130021 cggcgccgag ggcctggagt ggagcattcc ctcgccggcg ccctaccaca ccttcagcac
   130081 cccgcccgag gtcaagtgag gagcgcgtca tgagcgatgc caaggtcgat acccgccgcc
   130141 tggtcggccg cctgctgctg gtgaccgtgc tgatgttcgc cttcggcttc gccctggtgc
   130201 cgctctatga cgtgatgtgc cgcgccctgg ggatcaacgg caagaccgcc ggcagcgcct
   130261 acagcggcga acagcaggtg gatgtcgggc gcgaggtgaa ggtgcagttc atgacctcga
   130321 acaatatcga catggtctgg gagttccgct ccgccggcga ccagttggtg gtgcatcccg
   130381 gcgcggtgaa ccagatggtg ttctacgcgc gcaacccgag cgacaagccg atgactgcgc
   130441 aggccatccc gagcatcgcc ccggccgagg ccgccgccta cttccacaag accgaatgct
   130501 tctgtttcac ccagcaggtg ctgcaacccg gcgagagcat cgagatgccg gtgcgcttca
   130561 tcgtcgaccg cgatctgccc aaggatgtgc ggcacgtgac gctggcctac accctcttcg
   130621 atatcactgc gcggaagccg cccgtaccgg ttgcgggacg ataaggagaa caacatggca
   130681 agccacgaac actattacgt ccccgcccag agcaagtggc cgatcatcgc cagcatcggc
   130741 ctgctggtga cggtgttcgg cctgggtacc tggttcaacg acctcaccgc cggccacaag
   130801 gagtcccatg gcccgtggat cttcttcgtc ggcgggctga tcatcgccta catgctgttc
   130861 ggctggttcg gcaacgtcat ccgcgagagc cgcgccggac tctacagcgc gcagatggac
   130921 cgctcgttcc gctggggcat gagctggttc atcttctccg aggtgatgtt cttcgccgcc
   130981 ttcttcggcg cgctgttcta cgtccgccac ttcgccggtc cctggctcgg cggcgagggt
   131041 gccaagggcg tggcgcacat gctctggccg aacttccagt acagctggcc gctgctgcag
   131101 accccggacc cgaagctgtt cccgccgccg agcgcggtga tcgagccgtg gaagctgccg
   131161 ctgatcaaca ccatcctgct ggtcacctcc agcttcaccg tgaccttcgc ccaccacgcc
   131221 ctgaagaaga acaagcgcgg cccgctcaag gcctggctgg cgctgaccgt gctgctgggg
   131281 atcgccttcc tgatcctgca ggccgaggag tacgtgcacg cctacaacga gctgggcctg
   131341 accctcggcg ccggcatcta cggctcgacc ttcttcatgc tcaccggctt ccatggcgcc
   131401 cacgtgaccc tcggcgcgct gatcctcggc atcatgctga tccgcatcct gcgcggtcac
   131461 ttcgatgccg agcaccactt cggcttcgag gccgccagtt ggtactggca cttcgtcgac
   131521 gtggtctgga tcggcctgtt catcttcgtc tacgtgatct gaccgccacc gggggaatca
   131581 gaaatgccag ggcgcgtggc tgttcagctc gccgctgtag aagccccagg cgaccagcgc
   131641 cagggtcgcc gcggcgagca ccacgcggac ggtcagcgaa ttgaccacgc gggaaccatg
   131701 gccctggtcc ttgaccagga agaacaggcc gctgaacagg ctcaccaggg tagccagcag
   131761 tagcaggacg atcgccactt tcaacatggt gggactccgg cgatgggggg attcatgcag
   131821 tatagccagc gcctcgggga ggccggacgc aatgacagac gcagcatgcg tggcgcgttc
   131881 cgccccggcc tgctgccgac cctggtggtc ctcggcctgc tgccggtgct gctctggctg
   131941 ggcacctggc agttgcagcg ggccgacgag aagcgcgccc tgctggccag ctacgaggcc
   132001 cggcgcggcg ccgagccggt gtcgcccggg cagctagagg gactgcgcga cccggcgtac
   132061 gtccgcgtgc gcctgcacgg ccgcttcgac cagcggcata cgctgctgct ggataaccgg
   132121 ctgcgcaacg gacaggccgg ggtcgaggtg ctgcaaccct tctacgacca ggccagcggc
   132181 ctttggctgc tggtcaaccg cggctgggtc gcatggactg accgacgctc gccgccgacg
   132241 ctggaaaccc ccgaccgcgt cctcctgctc gacgcctgga cctacctgcc gccacccggc
   132301 ggcctgcacc tggccgacgc gccggccggc ggctggccgc gcctggtgac ccagctcgac
   132361 atcccggcgc tgtggcaggc cttcggtcgc gccgggctgc cctgggaaat ccgcctggag
   132421 ccgggcgacg ccagcttcga caccgattgg cccctggtct cgatgccgcc ggagcggcac
   132481 accggctacg ccgtgcagtg gttcgccctg gcgacggccc tgctcgccct ctacctctac
   132541 ctcggtgtgc gccgcgcacg ggagaaaaac catgagtctc gcgattccga tgcctgaacg
   132601 tccgcgccgc gcccgtggcc gcctgcaact gctggcgatc atcggcctgg tggtggggcc
   132661 gatgctgctc gccagcgcca tgtacaaatg gaatttctgg gttccgcagg ggcgcagcta
   132721 cagcggcgcg ctgatcggca acggccagac ccccgccgac ctcggcgtgc agggacgcag
   132781 ccagggcgag cagtggcaac tgctggtgac cgcgccgggt acttgcggcg aggactgcca
   132841 gcaactggtc tacctggccc gccaggtcaa catcgccctc ggccgcgaag cctcgcgcgc
   132901 cggccacgcc ctggccgcca gtggcgagct gccggcggac ttcgccaacc tggtgaggca
   132961 ggactacccg cgcctgcagc gctacggcct ggacccggcc ctgtacgaca aggccggcgg
   133021 cggcgagcgg ccgctgctgt gggtggtcga cccgcacggc aacctggtgc tgcgctacga
   133081 cgccaaggcc aacggcaaga agctgctgaa ggacgtgcaa ctgctgctca agctctcgca
   133141 tatcggttga tcggcgtggc cggcgcggtt cccggcccga tgaggacaga acgacaagaa
   133201 aaaggggccc gcgaatgaca ggcgcaaccc gcaaacccgg tttcaccgtc gccgtgctgg
   133261 cgaccctgct ggccgccgtg gtggtcctgc tcggcgccta tacccggctg acccacgccg
   133321 gcctcggctg tccggactgg ccaggctgct acggcttcgt ccacgtgccg ctgagcgagg
   133381 cgcaactggc ccacgccgaa ctgcacttcc ccgacgcccc ggtggaggca cagaagggct
   133441 ggaacgagat gatccaccgc tatttcgccg gcgccctcgg cctgctcatc cttggcctgg
   133501 cgttgcatgc gctggtccgc cgcgggcgcg acggccaacc gctgaagctg ccgctgctgc
   133561 tgctcgcggt ggtgatcgcg caggccgcct tcggcatgtg gacggtgacc ctcaagctct
   133621 ggccgcaggt ggtcaccgcc catctgctcg gcggcttcac caccctggcg ctgctctttc
   133681 tcctcgccct gcgcctctcc ggacgcttcg cggcgcggcg ctacccggcg gcgacccgcg
   133741 gactggcggg gctggccctg ctcctggtga tcggccagat cgccctcggc ggctgggtca
   133801 gcagcaacta tgcggcggtg gcctgcatcg acctgcccac ctgccatggc gagtggtggc
   133861 cgcggatgga cttcgccaac ggcttccacc tgacccagca catcggcccc aactacctcg
   133921 gcggccagct cgacagcgac gcgcgcacgg cgatccacat gacccaccgg atcggcgcgc
   133981 tgtgtgtgac cctggtcctc ctgctgctcg cctggcgcct gcagcgcagc ggcctggtct
   134041 ggccgaccgc gctgatgctg ctcggcctgt cgctgcagat cggcctgggc atcagcaacg
   134101 tgctgctgca cctgccgctg ccggtggcgg tggcgcacaa cggcggtggc gccctgctgc
   134161 tgctcagcct ggtgttggtc aactatcgcc tgcgcgcgcc ggccagcgtc cgcgcgccgg
   134221 caccgtcgcc gcagcgcgtg cgccgcacgc tgccgccggc gcaaggttct cggctgaagg
   134281 ccgcctgaca gacagaagga tggaggtaag gatatggcca ccgtcatcga tcgccacagc
   134341 cagccgacct ggcgcgactt cctcgaactg accaagccca aggtcgtggt gctgatgctg
   134401 atcacctcgc tgatcggcat gctgctcgcc accaaggcgc cgctggatgg cttcgtgccc
   134461 tggcaggtgc tgatcttcgg caacctcggc atcggccttt gtgccggcgc ggcggcggcg
   134521 gtcaaccatg tggtggaccg gcgcatcgac tcgatcatgg cgcggaccca caagcggccg
   134581 ctggccgagg gccgggtgtc gccgagcatg gcgctgggct tcgcgctgct cctggcgctg
   134641 gccgggatgg ccgtgctgct ggccttcacc aacccgctga cggcctggct gaccctcgcc
   134701 tcgctgctcg gctacgcggc gctctacacc ggcttcctga agcgcgccac gccgcagaac
   134761 atcgtcatcg gcgggctcgc cggggcggcg ccgccgctgc tcggctgggt cgccatcacc
   134821 ggccacctga gcgccgagcc gctgttgctg gtactgatca tcttcgcctg gaccccaccg
   134881 cacttctggg cgctatgcat ccaccgcaag gacgaatacg ccaaggccga catcccgatg
   134941 ctgccggtga cccacggcga gcgctacacc aagctgcaca tcctgctcta taccctggtg
   135001 ctgttcgcgg tgagcctgat gccgttcgtc atccacatga gtgggctggt ctacctgctc
   135061 tgcgccctgg ccctgggcgc gcgcttcctc gactgggcct gggcgctcta ctgtgacagc
   135121 cggccacatg cggcgataaa gaccttcaag tactctatcg tctacctgtt cctgctgttc
   135181 atggcgctgc tggtggacca ctatctgccg ctgaagctgc ttctctgatc ccactctaga
   135241 gccttgccca cccatgactc gagtcaacaa gaccgtcctc gtcctcgtcg ccctggtcgc
   135301 cctggtcctc ggcctcaccg tgcacaaggt gctcaccgcc cagcgccagg ccgatcccac
   135361 cgtgctgctc gacgccggca tcgtgatcct gccgcagacg cgcaaggtgc cggcgctgga
   135421 gttcaccaac caggacggcc aggcggtcag cactgccagt ctcaagggtc gctggcacct
   135481 gctgttcttc ggctacacct tctgccccga tgtctgcccg accaccctcg cccagctccg
   135541 cgaattgcag ggcaagctgc cgcaggaggt gcgcgacgac ctgcaggtgg tattcgtcag
   135601 cgtcgatccg aaccgcgaca cgccgcagca gatcaagcaa tacctgggct acttcaacgc
   135661 cggcttccag gggctcaccg gcactccgga gaacatccag aagctggcca acgccatgag
   135721 catcccctac atccccgccg acaccagcaa gcccaactac accgtcgacc acagcggcaa
   135781 cctggtgatc atcggcccgg acggcgagca gcacggcttc atccgcgcgc cgctgaacaa
   135841 cgccaagctg gaagcccaac tgcccggcgt gctcaagccg caggtctgat tccctttcct
   135901 tcctccaccg tccgcggcgt tccgggcctc aggcccggcg catgccgatg tgcgggatgt
   135961 cgtcttccag gtagacctcg gtgaccgcga cgaagccata gcggccgtag taggcctgca
   136021 ggtgggcctg ggccgagagg tacaccgggg tatccagcca gaggcgctcc gccgcctgca
   136081 gcgcgcgttc catcaactga tgaccaagcc cctggccgcg cgcggccgag gaactgacca
   136141 cccggccgat caccacctgg ccctcgtggc gaaccgggtc cagcaggcgc aggtaggcga
   136201 gcaactggcc gtcgcgccag gccatcaggt gatgggtatc gccgaccagg tcgaggccgt
   136261 cgacttcctg gtaggggcat ttctgttcca ccacgaagac ctcggtgcgc aattgcagca
   136321 gcgcgtagag ttccttcagg gtgaggtcgg cgtggtgctt gcaggtccag tcgagcgaca
   136381 tggtcgggat tccgggacag gggacaggaa cgcggttatg ccatgggcgg cgggccgctg
   136441 gaaaggcgtg gccggtcggt ttcgtttcag aacccacgcg gctatccttt gccgaacggc
   136501 tggaggtgtc tcatgcgttg ggaagaactg agcgaacaac cctgttcgct ggcgcgggtg
   136561 ctggcgatcg tcggcgatcg ctggaccctg ctggtattgc gcgactgctt tctcggcgtg
   136621 cgccgtttcg acgacttcga gcgcagcctc ggcgtgaccc gtcacgtcct cgccgaccgc
   136681 ctcaagcgcc ttgtcgaagc ggagatactg gccaaggtgc cctaccagga aaggccgctg
   136741 cgcgaggaat accggcttac cgagaaaggg atggaactgt acccggccat cctttccctg
   136801 gtgaactggg gcgaccgcca cctcgccggc gtcgaggggc cgccactcga gcatgtgcac
   136861 aagcattgcg gccaacacat gcatggcgtg ctggtctgtt ccgaatgcgg tgagccgctg
   136921 cacgcgcggg acgtgacggt acgcgagggg ctgttctgga aggggcgcct gctgcggcgc
   136981 ggctgagcgt tccaggcctg gctgccgacg cgaatcggcg gataaacgcc gatggcgtta
   137041 cggcaggaag gacgctgtcg taccaggctc cgccgaccgg tcccctctct tcagggagag
   137101 gacgtgccgg gcaggccggg acaggcagag taattggtgc gcggatatca ctcgagccct
   137161 tggcagttga caagttcctt ttaagaacta actatcgtct ctattgggtt ctaaaaaaga
   137221 actaacaaga gaggcctctg caatgaccca gcgcaaagcg gttctggtaa tgggcgccgg
   137281 cgacgccacc ggtggcgcca tcgcccggcg gttcgcccgc gagggctacg tggcgtgcgt
   137341 cgcccggcgc aacgcggaga agctggagcc gctggtgcag gccatccgcg accaaggcgg
   137401 cgaggctctg gcctgcggct gcgacgcacg ccaggagcag caggtgatcg acctcttcgc
   137461 ccgcatcgag ggtgaggtcg gtgcgctgga ggcggtgatc ttcaacgtcg gcgccaacgt
   137521 ctggttcccg atcaccgaaa ccaccgaacg ggtctatcgc aaggtctggg agatggccgc
   137581 cttcggcggc ttcctcaccg gccgcgaggc ggcgcgggtg atgctgccgc ggcagcgcgg
   137641 aacgatcatc ttcactggcg ccaccgcctc gttgcgcggc cgcgcgcatt tcgccgcgtt
   137701 ctccggcgcc aagttcgccc tgcgtgccct ggcccaaagc atggcgcgcg agctggggcc
   137761 gaagggcatc cacgtcgccc acccgatcat cgacggcgcc atcgacaccg acttcatccg
   137821 cgaaaccctg cccgagctgt acaagcgcaa ggagcaggac ggcatcctcg atcccgagca
   137881 catcgccgag acctactggc agatccactg ccagccgcgc gactgctggg tgcacgaact
   137941 ggacctgcgc ccctggatgg aaaccttctg atccccgcca cggaaagagc cacgcatgag
   138001 caagcaaatc gagttcttct tcgacttcgg cagtcccacc acctacctcg cctggaccca
   138061 actgccgcgc atcgccgccg cccatggcgc gagcatcgcc tggcggccga tgctgctggg
   138121 cggcgtgttc aaggccaccg gcaaccattc gccgatcgag gtgccggcca aggggcgcta
   138181 caccctccac gacctggcgc gctatgcgaa acgctacggc gtgccgctgg ccttcaaccc
   138241 ggccttcccg atcaacaccc tgacgctgat gcgcggcgcc cagggctatc tcggcggcga
   138301 agggttccag ccctacctga aagcggtgtt cgaagcgttg tgggtacgac agcagaacct
   138361 cggcaagccc gaggtggtcg cccaggtgct ggcggaggct gggttcgatc cggatgagtt
   138421 cctccgcctg gttggcgacg agcaggtcaa ggaggggctc aaggcgacca ccgaagaggc
   138481 ggtgcggcgc ggcgtcttcg gcgcgcccag cttcttcgtc ggcgaccagt tgttcttcgg
   138541 ccaggatcgc ctcgatttcg tcgccgaggc cctcgccggc tgacctccct tccccgcggc
   138601 gagccgctct ggcccgccgc cttgcgccat ccgagcgccc tcctcccggc tgcggcccgc
   138661 gcgtgccgtg gttcctggcc attcgtcgcg cccgccgata gcggcttgtc aggctgactt
   138721 ctttgcgtat aggctgaact ggtcagaccg gtaataccac aataaaaatg cgttcatcgc
   138781 ccgcctccgc gaggcccgat ggaagcgccg aatggagact cctgcgatgt tcatcaagcg
   138841 ctgttcccgc tcgatattcc tgcaagtcgt gattggcctg gtgataggcg tgatctgcgg
   138901 ggtcggcatt cccgacctgg ccgtgcagat gaagccgctg ggcgatggct tcatcaagct
   138961 gatcaagatg ctcatcgcac tgatcgtctt ctgcgtggtg gtcaacggca tctccggcgc
   139021 cggcgacctg aagaaggtcg gccgcatcgg cctgaagtcg gtgatctact tcgaaatcct
   139081 caccaccatc gctctggtcc tcggcctggt ggtcgcctac agcctgggcc tgggcagcgg
   139141 cgccaacatc catctcaacg aattgcccgc cggcgacgtc gccctgtata ccgggcgcac
   139201 ccaggagatc cacggccccg tggcattcct catgggcctg atcccgacct ctgtgttcag
   139261 cgccttcgcc gagaacgaca tcctccaggt cctgctgttc tccgtgctgt tcggcagcgc
   139321 cctgaacctg gtcggcgagc aggccagcgg cgtggcccgc ctgatcaacg aattcagcca
   139381 catcgtgttc cgcatcatgg gcatgatcgt gcgcctggca ccgctcggcg tgttcggcgc
   139441 ggtggccttc accaccgccc gctacggcgt cgactcgctc agccacctgg gcgcgctggt
   139501 gctggtgttc tacgccacct gcctggtctt cgtcatggcg gtgctcggca gcgtcctgcg
   139561 tctctccggg gtgcgcatgc tgccgttcct gcgctacttc cgcgaagagc tgctgatcgt
   139621 gatgggcacc gcctcctccg acgcggtgct gccgcaggtg atgcgcaagc tcgagcacat
   139681 gggcatccgc agctccacgg taggcctggt gattcccacc ggctactcgt tcaacctcga
   139741 cggattctcg atctacctga ccctggcggt ggtgttcatc gcccacgtca ccggcacgcc
   139801 gctggcgatg accgacctga tcaccatcct gctggtttcg ctggtcacct ccaagggcgc
   139861 ccacggcatt cccggctcgg ccctggtgat cctcgccgcc accctcaccg cggtgccggc
   139921 gatcccggtg gccggcctgg tgctggtgct ttcggtggac tggttcatgg gcatcggccg
   139981 cgcgctgacc aacctgatcg gcaactgcgt ggccaccgtg accatcgccc gctgggaaaa
   140041 cgacatcgat atgtcgcgcg cgcaggccat actcgacggg cgcctggagg cgccggccaa
   140101 ggccgacggc gagccgctca agcgcagcgc ggtggccggg gaaggcaagc tgcatggctg
   140161 acgcgccgag gcgcgttgca cgtccgattg gcaagtaaag ggaggcgaca tgttttcttc
   140221 gtccaagctg gtcaacgcgg ttgcccagcg cctgctcgac accatcgagc agggtcgctg
   140281 ggtcgccggc cagatgttgc ccggccagcg cgagctggct gaacagatgg aaatcagccg
   140341 gccgagcctg cgcgaggcga tcatggtcct ggagaccctg ggcgtggtcc gttcgctgcc
   140401 gggcaagggc gtgatggtcc tcgaacgcag cgaaccgctg cgcgaggtcg cggcgcccgg
   140461 cgaggcgacc atggaagacg tcctgcaact gcgctatgcg ctggagccgt tcatcgtcgg
   140521 catcgtcgcg cagagcgccg gggcggcgga gatcagcgaa ctgcggctgt tgctgctgga
   140581 cctgcgcgaa gcggtcgagg atggcgaccc gcaggctctg gttgaggcct acacggcctt
   140641 ccaccggcgc ctggtgaagc tcacctcgaa cccgatcttc ctcagcgttt ccgaacagat
   140701 cggcagcgcc ctggaacgca gcgacaacct ggtgcgccgc cagccggaat acgccgagga
   140761 gatcctccag gaacacgacg ccatcctccg tgcgatccgc cagcacgaca gcgagcgggc
   140821 gagccaggcg atgcgccagc acatcctcaa cgaaggcgcg cgcctgaaca tcgacctgcg
   140881 cttgccgcag gtctgatcgc ccgcgccagg gttccaaccc gggaccgtcg cggcgcccgg
   140941 acggctttcg tccgccgcct gcgaaggccc acaagcacga ctcgacaggt gtgaacatgg
   141001 tcggattcga agcacgtacc cagcagggcg ccgcgctgcg ccccaccagc catttcgtct
   141061 acgaaagcat ctacacggca atcctggaaa agcgcctggc gccggccgcc aagctgagca
   141121 aggaaaccct cgggcagatc ttccgggtca gcaacggcac catccagcgt gccctcaccc
   141181 gtctcgccga ggacggcgcg gtggtgatgc cgccgaagga ggtcgccagc gtcgcccgcc
   141241 cggacgagcg ccaggcgcgg caggtgctgg acgcgcgcct gctggtggaa agcgaagtgg
   141301 tgcggcaact gcccgcgggg ctggatcccg ccgcccttgc cgagctacgg gcgctggtcg
   141361 acgaggagca ggcttgcctc gcggcccgcg acagcgccgg gctgatccgt ctcgccgggc
   141421 gcttccacct gcgcctggcc gaactgaccg agaatccctt gctgcagggt ttcgtccgtg
   141481 gcctggtggc acgcgcctcg ctggacatcg cgctgaacaa gggggcggtc tataccgccg
   141541 aggcctgcgc cgcgcagcgc gccctgctcg atgccctgga ggacggcgac agcgcggcgg
   141601 cggctgcgct gatggacgct tacctgcgag gcctgttcgc ccgcatgcgc ttcctgcctc
   141661 cacccaccac cgacctgcgc gaggcattcg gcatgaaggc ccctcgcggg gaaaagcgcc
   141721 ggagggcctg acctccccgg ccgccgccta ccagatctgg caggcggtgg tggctggtgg
   141781 ccagcctata gtgaagcggg tcagggatgg cgccgtgctg gtcgaagtag ccaagggtcc
   141841 gttgtgagcg cccggtcctg tccgtgacgt cctacaggaa gctgtgaacg catggttaac
   141901 ggagatcgac atggcatacg cagaatggat cgcagtgaag gtcgtggtat ccaaatccat
   141961 cggcacggtg ggcatccgca acgccacctt gcaatggggc aagttctacc gctacaccaa
   142021 caaggacgac gagatttcca ccgaggaagt cagcagcatg aacgtgcagg ccggcagccc
   142081 gcaatggatc gcctcctgcg gacgggagaa cgcttcgtcc ggcacccagg gcagcttcga
   142141 ctgctacgac ggcaacacca agatgggcac cttcagctgg gatgacccgt ggaaatccgg
   142201 cgccaccaac acctggagct tcacaccggc atcggcggac tatgctggca tcaccagcgg
   142261 cggcaacgct acgggcacgg acatcggcga ggtcaccctg accctcggcc gcttctcctg
   142321 acggtacctg gagctggccg gcagtccgtc ggtcagctcc agcgctcatc cccgtccgtg
   142381 gcgaacgctc gccgcagcgc ctcgatggcg accttcacct tggccggctg ggcctcgcgc
   142441 cgtggcgtca ccgcatagat gccgagcccg ggaatcctcc actccggcaa tagctgttgc
   142501 aggcgcccgt cgttcagcgc gtcgcgcacc tccggcagcg gctggtagga cacgccgagt
   142561 ccgtcgaggg tgaactgacg caccgcgagc atcccgttgg cggccacccg tggctccagg
   142621 cgcagtttgc agacttcccc gcccggcccg ctgagcgtca ggtggttgag gtggttcgag
   142681 gtgttcaggg aaatccagtc gacctcggtc aactgctccg gacggttgat gggcgcccgt
   142741 tggcgcaaat aggccggcgc cgcgcagagc acgctgctcc aatcgccgag gtggcgcgcc
   142801 accaggctgg agtcggcgag attgccgacg cgtatcgcca ggtcgatgcg ctcggcgacc
   142861 agatcgatgc gctcgtcctg gaagaacagc tgcaggcgca actggcggtg gttctccagc
   142921 aacggtttca gcgcctgggt gatcagcgtg ccggagaacc ccaccggcgc cgccaggcgc
   142981 aactcaccca ccggcgcatc gcgccattcg ccaagccgcc gctcggcttc ctcggcgatc
   143041 gccagcatct gcgcgcaact gcgatagaac gcctcgccgg cctcggtcag ggtcagccgg
   143101 cgggtggtgc gatgcagcaa agtgacctgg gcgcggctct ccagcttgcg gatctgctgg
   143161 ctgactgccg aaggggtcat gcccaggctc tgggccgcgg ctgccatcga gcccttgtcc
   143221 accacagtgg cgaagatcgc catgcctttc agcgaatcca tgccggttcc tccttgcggg
   143281 agactgcgcc tggggaaaaa tcaccggaaa aagcgcgaga aagcatgccc agcgggcgag
   143341 gtcgtcgagt tacggaaaaa tacggacgcg tatgggagcg aagcatgagt cagccaaaga
   143401 actaatcagg tcgcagtggt cgcaagttgg tcgccctcat tggcccggtc gaaaaatgtc
   143461 cattttttgt gagttatgga tgttttgtcc gaagtaagct actcagtaca agtcaaggga
   143521 aatattcatt ttgaaacatc ttgtaaccgt gtgaccactt tcagggggta atttcgaccc
   143581 tatcgatgcg caaaatctgg atttccttgc ctttaacccg aaacggggcg ctgaacggcc
   143641 agcgctccag ggtcagggtg cgtacgcctg gcacctcgct gggccgccct gccccctggt
   143701 tggctacctg ctgcagcggt ttcacctgct cgacgatgtc ctgaacggct ttcagagctt
   143761 tttccgggcc gatcagcacg acgtaatggt cgtagatggc gtccaggtcg gcggccgcct
   143821 tgcgggtcca cttcaggctc attgcagccc ccagcgcttc tcgatctcgg tgtgttccag
   143881 caggcgaccg gcattggcat cggccaagcc ttcatcgatg gcagcgacct gccactgctg
   143941 cctttccagg tactgcgcga gcgcctgccg caggtggtag gggcggtcgc ggtgggtggc
   144001 gcgggccagt tcgtcgaggg ccgcgaccag ggcgtcatcg gcgcggaacg agactacggt
   144061 gctcattttc tgatcaactt cgttttcgat gtatacggtg tttacagtga aaacgaatgt
   144121 atacgaaagc tttcgggcga gcaatcgccc ggctgtttcg tccgtcgaaa aaacctttat
   144181 cgatcagtgg gttgaatgag gagcccgccc cgagcggggc gggcggaagg acggcgtggg
   144241 attaccaggc ctggttgaag tggaagccct gcctgggcga gaagcgggtg ttgacgagct
   144301 tgtagccttc ctcgccgcgt ggcttgacca gcgagacctg gccgacctgc ggttgggtga
   144361 tctgttgcag ggtggtcagg ctggcctgct tgagcacctc ggggttcttc gcccagtcct
   144421 tcacttcgcg tggcttgacc tcgacggtga ccaaccagcc cttttccacg gccgggccgt
   144481 agtcgtcggg cttggcgggg tccaccgaac ggacgctgac gtcgaagccg ctgctgtagc
   144541 agaaggcctt cgactcgggc ttgtagtcct cgcggccggc gggcgtgagg tcgtaggaat
   144601 cgccgtcgcg gcgcagcagg ccgacgccga ccagcgcgtc gtagaccgcg gcgttgcctt
   144661 tcgccgggcc ggggccggag aagctgtcgg agagcgtcac cgggaaggtc ttgaacaggg
   144721 tggagctggc gcaggcgggt ttgtcgaagc cgcgctcggc gagcaggcgg gcgatctcct
   144781 cgctggacgg agcggagtcc gagcaggcgg cgaggaacag tgggagggcg gcgacgaggc
   144841 cgcgcagaac gcgtgtaggc atgggcatgt cctttgtcca ttggcgcagc cggatcggct
   144901 gcgcggcgaa ttctagcggc tgtggcacca tgggcgcaca ttcgacccaa ggaggagaac
   144961 ccatgcgcct gcctgcgaac ctcggccgcc tgctgccggc cctgtgcctg ggcgtcctgt
   145021 tgagcgcctg cagcaccttc ggccagcgcg atccgttgcg tatcgacctg gtcggcctgg
   145081 aacccctgcc ggggcaaggc atggagatgc gcttcatggt caagctgcgg gtacagaacc
   145141 ccaacgacga gccgatcgaa tacaacggca tcgccctcga cctcgacgtc aacggccagc
   145201 ccctggccag cggcgtcagc gaccagaccg gcgaggtgcc gcgcttcggc gagcgggtgg
   145261 tgagcgtgcc gctgaccgtc tccgcctttt ccgccttccg ccaggcctgg ggcctgagca
   145321 acaacgctcc gacccagggc atgccctacg tggtgaaggg caagctcgcc ggaggcctgt
   145381 tcggcaccgt gcgcttcagc gaaaagggca ccctcgactt ctccgggccg gccgtcggcg
   145441 cgccgaagac caaggggctc tgaggcggtt cggcagggga gcgagaaacc ctatataatc
   145501 tgcggttttc gtccccctgc tgaagagaga atgccgtgag cacgctgccg ccctgtcccc
   145561 aatgcaactc cgaatacacc tacgaggatg gtgcgctgct ggtctgcccg gagtgcgccc
   145621 atgaatggtc gccgaacgag gccgctacgg cgtccgatga tggcaaggtg atcaaggatt
   145681 cggtgggcaa cgttctccag gacggcgata ccatcaccgt gatcaaggac ctgaaagtga
   145741 aaggctcctc gctggtggtg aaggtcggca ccaaggtgaa gaacatccgc ctggtggacg
   145801 gcgaccacga catcgattgc aagatcgacg gcattggcgc gatgaagctg aaatcggaat
   145861 tcgtcaggaa ggtctgagac gaccttgcct gaagaagccc ggccattggc cgggcttttc
   145921 tttggagggc tgtctgggtt attcccccgg tggtggactc agacccgcgc cgtcttcccg
   145981 gcgtagtcct cgccgaggcg cggcttgcgt cgcgcgttga gcagcccgag gcagacggtg
   146041 aagatcgtca gcagagcggt ggcgaacacc tcgtgacggt gctccggcat gatcagcatg
   146101 atgctcagcg cggcgacgat gaacaggatc accgcccagg tcagccaggg atatagccac
   146161 atgcggaact cgatgggctg gccgctggcc tgcaattgct tgcgcatgcg caactgggcc
   146221 acggcgatca ccaggtacac cagtagcgcc acggcgccgg agctggcgag gaggaaggtg
   146281 aagaccttct ccggtgcgaa gtagttgacg atggtggtga ggaagcccac cgcggtgctg
   146341 gccagcaccg ccgggcgtgg tacgtgggcg gtgttggtca gcttgagcac gctcggggcg
   146401 tcgccgcgct tggccaggga gaagaccatc cgcgacgagg tgtagatcgc cgagttcagg
   146461 caactggcca cggcgaccag taccaccagg tcgacgatca gcttggcgtg cgggatgtcc
   146521 agcagctcca gggcgcgctg gtaggagccg acctggatca gcagcgggtc gttccacggc
   146581 acgatggaga tcacgatgaa gatcgacacc aggtagaaca ggccgatccg ccagatcacc
   146641 gagttggtgg cgcgggtgat ctgcttcgcc gggtccttgg actcggcggc ggcgatggtg
   146701 acgatctcgg tgcccatgaa gctgaacatg gtcgtcagca gggcgccgag caccgcgccg
   146761 tagccgttcg gcacgaagcc gccgtggctc gccatcaggc tggacaggcc gctgacctca
   146821 cgctccggca ggccgccgac gatggccacc gcgccgagca cgatgaaggc gatgatggcg
   146881 atcaccttga gcagcgcgaa ccagaactcg aactcgccgt agcgggccac gctgaagagg
   146941 ttggtgacgg tgagcaggaa ggtcaccgcg agggcgaaga tccaggtgtc gatggccggg
   147001 aaccaggcgt tgaggatggc cgcggcggcg atcgcttcga gtgggatcac cagcacccag
   147061 aaccaccagt agagccagcc gatggtgaaa ccggcccagc ggccgatgga gcggtcggcg
   147121 taggtggaga aggaaccggt atcgggggag gcgaccgcca tttcgccgag catgcgcatg
   147181 accagcacca ccagggtgcc ggcgatcagg taggcgagca gggcggccgg gccggcggcg
   147241 gcgatggcat ggccggagcc gacgaacagg ccggcgccga tcaccccggc gatcgacagc
   147301 atggtgacgt ggcgttgttt caggccgggc gcgagcgagg cgttgcgctt gttcggcagt
   147361 tgtgaagcca gtacgacttt ggacatcgtt gagacccttt aattgttctt gggcaaggtc
   147421 tgggccgcct tgtgggcgac gccatgggtg cggccgtggg tgaggtttca cggcggtgga
   147481 acgttgcgga ctcctgattg cggaaaaaga aaaaaggcat ggtcgttacc gaccatgcct
   147541 gtcgtcgtca gccttcagag gctggggaag gcgaattgcg aggcctcgtg gctggcccgc
   147601 tgcggccagc gctgggtgat ggccttgcgc cgggtgtaga agcgcacgcc gtccgggccg
   147661 taggcgtgga ggtcgccgaa cagcgagcgc ttccagccgc cgaagctgtg gtaggccacc
   147721 ggcaccggca gcgggacgtt gacgccgacc atgccgacct cgatctcgtc gcagaacagg
   147781 cgtgcggcct cgccgtcgcg ggtgaagatg caggtgccgt tgccgtattc gtggtcgttg
   147841 atcaactgca tggcctcttc caggctgttg acgcgaacca cgcacagcac cgggccgaag
   147901 atctcttcct tgtagatggt catttccggg gtcacccggt cgaacaggct gccgccgagg
   147961 aagaagccgt tctcgtggcc ggcgacctgg tagccgcggc cgtccaccac cagctccgcg
   148021 ccctgggcca cgccgctgtc gatgtagccg gtgaccttgg cctgcgcggc ggcagtgacc
   148081 agcgggccca tgtcgaggcc gcaggaagtg ccggcgccga tcttcagcgc cttgatctgc
   148141 ggaaccagct tggcgatcag cgcgtcggcc acctggtcgc cgacgcatac cgccaccgag
   148201 atcgccatgc agcgctcgcc gcaggagccg taggcggcac ccatcagcgc gctgacggcg
   148261 ttgtcgaggt cggcgtcggg catcagcacc gcatggttct tcgcgccgcc cagggcctgc
   148321 acgcgcttgc cgcgcttggt gccctcggca tagatgtatt cggcgatggg ggtcgagccg
   148381 acgaagctga tggccttcac ttccggcgcc tggagcaggc cgtccacggc ttccttgtcg
   148441 ccgtgcacca cgttcagcac gcccttcggc aggccggctt cgtggaacag ctcggcgatc
   148501 agcagggtgg agctggggtc gcgctcggag ggcttgagga tgaaggtgtt gccgcaggcg
   148561 atggccagcg ggtacatcca cagcggcacc atcgccggga agttgaacgg ggtgatcccg
   148621 gcgaccacgc cgatcggctg gaagtcgctc caggcgtcga tgttcgggcc gacgttgcgg
   148681 ctgtactcgc ccttgaggat ttccggggcg gcgcaggcgt actcgacgtt ctcgatgccg
   148741 cgcttgagtt cgccggcggc gtcttccagg gtcttgccgt gctcttcgct gatcagcttg
   148801 gaaatccgcg cctcgttctg ctccagcagt tgcttgaagc ggtacagcac ctgtgcgcgc
   148861 ttggccggcg gggtgttgcg ccaggccggg aaggcggccc tggcggcatc gatggctttc
   148921 tgcagggtct tgccgtcggc cagcgggacc ttgtggatgg cttcgccggt ggaggggttg
   148981 aagacgtcgg cgctgcggcc gttgtcggcg accatttcgc cgttgatcag gtggtggagg
   149041 gtgcccatct tgtcttgttc tctcttcgct aggggtgacg aaagggccgt ggccctttcc
   149101 ctttacccgc tccctgggga gcgggtgcgg attacttgat ctcggtctcg acgaagacca
   149161 cttcgtgtgc gctggcgttg atcacgttgt gctcgacgcc ggccttgcgg aagtaggcct
   149221 gtccggcgac cagcggcgcg tggcggtcgc cctcgggggt ttccagcagc agcgtgccgt
   149281 cggtcagcgg taccaccaca tagtcgtggc cgtggcggtg gcgcccggtt tccgcgccgg
   149341 gggcgaagcg ccattcggtc acgatcacct cggcgttgtc cacctgcacg gtgggtacgg
   149401 cttgcgggcg gccgctcatc aggcgatgcc gttgagcgct tcgccgaccg cgtcgaacag
   149461 gcggtccagc tcttccggcc tggcgttgaa ggtcgggccg aattgcaggg tatcgccgcc
   149521 gaagcgcacg tagaaaccct gttgccagag cttcatgccg gcctcgaacg gacgcacggt
   149581 cggatcgccg tcgcgcgggg cgatctggat cgcgccggcc aggccgcagt tgcggatgtc
   149641 gatgacgttc ttcgcgcctt gcaggccgtg caggaccttc tcgaagtgcg gcgccagttc
   149701 ggcggactgc tgcaccaggt tgtccctggc caggatgtcc agcgcggcga ggccggcggc
   149761 gcaggcaacc gggtgcgcgg agtaggtgta gccgtggctg aactccaccg cgtgctcggg
   149821 cagcgcctgg ttcatgaagg tgtcgtagat ctcgctgctg gcgatcaccg cgcccatcgg
   149881 cacggcgccg ttggtgacct gcttggcgac gttcatcagg tccggggtga cgccgaagta
   149941 ctcggcgccg ctgtaggtgc ccaggcggcc gaaggcggtg atcacctcgt cgaagatcag
   150001 caggatgttg tgctggtcgc agatctcgcg caggcgctgc aggtagccga ccggcggtac
   150061 cagtacgccg gcggagccgg acatcggctc gacgatcacc gcggcgatgt tcgaggcgtc
   150121 gtgcagttcg atcagcttga gcagttcgtt ggccagctcg acgccgccgg tctgggccat
   150181 cccgcgggtg aacgccatgc ccggttgcag ggtgtgcggc aggtggtcga cgtccatcaa
   150241 ctggccgaac atcttgcggt tgccgccgat cccgccgagg ctggtgccgg cgacgttgac
   150301 cccgtggtag ccgcgggcgc ggccgatcag cttggtcttc tgcggctggc ctttcaggcg
   150361 ccagtaggcg cgggccatct tgaccgaggt gtcggcgcac tcggagccgg aaccggtgaa
   150421 gaacacgtgg ttcagttcgc ctggcagcaa cccggcgatc ttctcggcca actggaagga
   150481 cagcggatgg ccgtactgga agcccggcga gtagtcgagg gtgccgagct ggcgagccac
   150541 cgcctcctgg atttccttgc gcgagtggcc ggcgccgcag gtccacaggc cggacaggct
   150601 gtcgtagacc ttgcggccct tgtcgtcggt cagccagctg ccttcggcgg cgacgatgat
   150661 ccgcgggtcc ttctggaagt tgcggttggc ggagaagggc atccagtggg cgcgcaggtt
   150721 gagttcgctg gaaaccggcg gggccacgtt gagcggctgg ttcatcgttc gatcctcggg
   150781 ctttcttgtt ggaaggttcc gcgcacgcgg cggcggagcg ttggggtcaa gcttggccct
   150841 gacgaaaggt tagataaagc ttattcttct cacgtttagt ttcgactggg taaaacaata
   150901 atggccaaat cccgcaaccc gtcgctcggc caggtcagcg atttcgatat ccgcctgctg
   150961 cgcatcttca agaccatcgt cgagtgcggc agtttctccg ccgccgagag cactctcggc
   151021 ctcagccgct cggcgatcag cctgcacatg ggcgacctgg agaagcgcct gggcatgcgc
   151081 ctgtgccagc gcggccgcgc cggcttcgcc ctgaccgacg agggccgcga ggtctatcgc
   151141 gcgacccaga ccctgctggc ggcgctggag gggttccgcg ccgaggtcaa cgacctgcac
   151201 cagcacctgc gcggcgaact caacatcggc atcatcaaca acctggtgac cctgccgcag
   151261 atgcgcatca cccacgccct cagcgcgctc aaggggcagg gaccgcaggt gcggatcaac
   151321 atcggcatga ccacccccaa cgagatcgaa ctgggcgtgc tcgacggcca cctgcatgtc
   151381 ggcgtggtgc cgttgatcag tccgctgtcg ggactcgagt acctgccgct gtatgacgag
   151441 cacgcgcagc tctattgcag ccgcggccac gcactgttcg aacgcgccga cggcgatatc
   151501 gcggtggacg aggtgctcgc cgcggacgcc gtggcgccca gctaccgcct gcccgccgaa
   151561 gcccaggcgc gccaccagga gctgaacaac agcgccagcg cctcggaccg tgagggcatg
   151621 gcattcctga tcctgaccgg caacttcatc ggctacctgc cgtcgcacta cgctgccgac
   151681 tgggtcgccg ccgggatgct gcggcccctg ctgccggagc gtttccacta tgccatcgcg
   151741 ctgaccatcg tgacccgcaa gggacgccgg ccgaacctgg tgctggagcg cttcctggag
   151801 gcggtggcgg tgtcgtgagg gcgcggatgg agtaacgcga gcttcggccg cccgccgaac
   151861 ggcgtctttt ctctacggcg cgaggaggtg gcatgcagcg acgggccgag ccaacgcggg
   151921 aaagagactc tcaccccttc acatggcgcc gctcccccat cacccaggtc tccgccaccg
   151981 cgcggtcgtc gcccagggtg ttcagcacga acagggtatc ggccaggccg cgcgcatgct
   152041 ccatgcgctg ggcgatcatc ggcgtggcgg ccaggtcgag ggcgacgaag tcggcttcgc
   152101 ggccgggcag gaagttaccg accaggccgt ccaggtcgag cgccctggcg ccgccgaggg
   152161 tggccaggta gagcgcctgg aacggatcga ggctggtgcc gcgcaattgc tggatcttgt
   152221 aggcgtcggc gaggttggcc agcagcgaca ggctggtgcc gccgccgacg tcgctgccga
   152281 tgccgacgcg gatgccgtat tgctgggcgc ggccaaggtc gaacaggccg gagccgatga
   152341 acaggttgga actgggacag tgcgccagcg ccgcgttctt gtgcgccagg cagcggcatt
   152401 cgcgttcgga gagatggatg ccatgggcga acacgctgcg ttcgccgacc aggccggcgc
   152461 gatgatagac gtccaggtag tcctgcgcct ggggaaacag ctcgccgacc caggcgactt
   152521 ccttgaggtt ctccgaaaga tgggtgtgca ggtagacgcc gggatactcg tccagcaggc
   152581 gcgccgccgc ggccagttgc tcgggcgagg aggtcggcgc gaagcgcggg gtgaccgcgt
   152641 attgcaggcg cccgttgccg tgccagcgct cgatcagcgc gcggctctcg gcgtagccac
   152701 tggccgcggt atcgcacagc gccggcggcg cgttgcggtc catcagcacc ttgccggcga
   152761 tcatccgtag gcggcgcttc tgcgcggcct ggaagaatgc ctcggcggat accgcatgga
   152821 ccgtgccgaa caccagcgcg gtagtggtgc cgtggcgcag cagttcgtcg aggaacagct
   152881 cggcctgggc ggcggcgtag ccggcatcgg caaagcgctg ctcggcggga aaggtgtggg
   152941 tttccagcca gtccagcagt tgggtgccgt aggaggcgat cactccgagt tgcgggtaat
   153001 gcacatggca atcgacgaag ccgggcagca gcaggcgctg cggatgctcc tccagcggca
   153061 ggtcggcggg cagttgcggc agcaggtagg ttgcgtgatc gagcgcgcgc acgtggccgt
   153121 gttcgatcca cagcaggccg tcctcgaaat actcccaggc cttgtcgccg agtttcgccg
   153181 ggtcgccgag gaaatgcagg atccgcccgc gatgagccga actgctcatc gcgctcccgc
   153241 cgtggtcgga gtgcaggata agtgggggga cgaagttgcc agcaggtact gcatcgttca
   153301 tctcctctgc tgccggaatg gcgctttcgc ctctttagtc cgggaaatcg acggaaatat
   153361 cccgtctttg gcgcgtgatc tcgcttccgc cattatgcac tgtgcgcatg ctgtggataa
   153421 gtctgtgtgt agcgcgtgtg cggaaagatt gcacgagcca ttgcgggatg tgcccatctg
   153481 gcttccggca ggcgatccgc ggaaagcgtt ccggcacctt gaatccgcct tgcgaaatgc
   153541 ccggtcggca actggcgctt ctgtgggttt gtctgtggaa aagctgttcg cattccccgt
   153601 tgaaaaaatg ccttcggcgg tcgggggaaa ggcattggac ggagccgcag gatttctccc
   153661 ggttggcgaa agagccaggg aaaaggtgct gtggaatgcg ccacgacggt gcatcgcgaa
   153721 actgtggaca gcggatccac ccatggcgcc gccgagcatg cttccgtcga tcgccgcgga
   153781 ctttcctgga aagccggaaa acccagtatt catgggcatc atggcgtcta aaggggaagt
   153841 cctggagaca ttttcacggg tattcccgtt ccgcgggttt cctgtggaaa agctgttggc
   153901 aaactgtgcc ggaagcgggc cgccggggct gccccaggga ttcggccgac ccgtggcttg
   153961 gccgggagag atcgtcctgc cgtgctcctc cgaacggctg tcgatatctt gtggataaag
   154021 ctgttggcaa agtgttggag aaaatgcctt gccaggtcgc gcccatggcc tgccgggttg
   154081 gctgttttct gtccatcgcc aatgttgcga aaatcgccgg gacgatcggc gcgggaggct
   154141 tcccaaggtc ccggatgggc tcccgacacg ctgtggataa ctctgtgagc aaggtggtga
   154201 tgactgcttt gcgacaaatg ctcacgtggg tgcgccgcag ggttgcccgc aaatgtgccg
   154261 cggcgtccca ggcgtgcccc ggcttggtgc cgctcggcgc gggagcctgg cccgtggctc
   154321 ccggtgcaag ccgcgttcca gggctttcct gacctcctgg ccaggtattt gcaccggccg
   154381 ccgcatcgtc gagcaaccga tcgggtccgc catgtccgca ccttcctcct tcgcgccgcc
   154441 gcgcctcgaa ctgcgcggga tcagcaagcg ttatccgggt tgcctggcca acgaccgcat
   154501 cgacctgtgc atcgacgccg gcgagatcca cgccctgctc ggtgagaacg gcgccggcaa
   154561 gagcacgctg atgaagatca tctacggcgt gacccgtccc gatgccggcg agatccgctg
   154621 gcagggcgag ccggtgcagg tacgcgaccc ggctcgcgcc cgggcgctgg ggatcggcat
   154681 ggtgttccag catttctccc tgttcgagac gctcagcgtg gcggagaaca tcgcgctcgc
   154741 cctcggcgcc gaggcgggca gcccgcgccg gttggaggcg cgtattcgcg aggtgtcgca
   154801 gcgctacggc atgccgctgg agcctcgccg gctggtccat gggctgtcca tcggcgagcg
   154861 ccagcgggtg gagatcgtgc gctgcctgat gcaggacatc cgcctgctga tcctcgacga
   154921 gccgacctcg gtgctgaccc cgcgcgaggc cgaggatctc ttcgtcaccc tgcgccgtct
   154981 tgcggaggag ggctgcagtg tcctcttcat cagccacaag ctggccgagg tccgtgcgct
   155041 ctgccagcgc gccacggtgc tgcgcggcgg acgggtggcc ggacagtgcg tgccggcgca
   155101 atgttccgat ctcgagctgg cgcggctgat ggtgggcgac gccgagggcc tggcggcgga
   155161 gtatccgaag gctaccggcg gcgcgccttt cctccaggtg cgcgacctgc actggcgcaa
   155221 cccggacccc ttcggcgtgt ccttcaccgg cctcgatctg gaggtgcgca gcggcgagat
   155281 cctcggtatc gccggggtcg ccggcaacgg ccaggacgag ttgctcgctc tgctcagcgg
   155341 cgaagtgcgc ctgccgcgcg cccaggccga gcgcatccgc ctcggcggct gcgccggcgc
   155401 gcacctggcg ccggatgcgc ggcgccgcgc cggccaggcc ttcgtgcccg ccgagcggct
   155461 ggggcacggc gcggtgccgg agatgagcct ggcggacaat gcgctgctca ccgccttcca
   155521 gcagggtctg gtgaagcgcg ggttggtccg gcggcgcaag gtgctggcgc tggccgagga
   155581 gatcatccgc cgtttcgccg tgaagacccc gggtgccggg gcgccggcac gcagcctttc
   155641 cggcggcaac ctgcagaagt tcattctcgg ccgcgagatc ctccaggccc cgcgcctgct
   155701 ggtggcggcg catcccacct ggggcgtgga cgtcggcgcg gcggcgctga tccaccgcgc
   155761 gctgatcgcc ttgcgcgatg ccggtacggc gatcctggtg gtctccgagg acctcgacga
   155821 gctgttcctg ctcagcgacc gcatcgccgc gctgtgttcg ggtcggctgt gcccggcggt
   155881 cgccaccgcg agcgcttcgc cgcagcaggt cggcggctgg atggccggtc aattcgaggc
   155941 gccggcggcg gtcgccggcg ccgttgccca agggagcctg tgatgctgtt gtccctggaa
   156001 ccgcgcggcc ggcagtcgcg ctggatgctg ctggcctctc cgctgctggc ggggttgctg
   156061 accctggtct gcggcgcgct gctgttcgcc tgtctcggcc acgatccctg gcagaccctg
   156121 cataccgtgc tggtacagcc gctcagcgac ctctatgggc tcggcgagct gctggtcaag
   156181 gccatgccga tcctgctctg tgccctcggc ctggcactgg cctaccaggc gcgcgtgtgg
   156241 aacatcggcg cggagggcca gttgctggtc ggcgccctgg ccggcagcgc ggtggcgatc
   156301 cagttgctcg actggcagag ccgctgggcg ctggcctggg tgctgctcgc cggcaccgct
   156361 gccggggcgc tctgggccgg gttcgccgcc tggctgcgaa cgcgcttcaa cgccaacgag
   156421 atcctgacca ccatcatgct caactacatc gcgctgaacc tgctgctgta cggcgtgcac
   156481 gggccgttga aggacccgga tggcttcaac ttcccgcagt cggcgctgtt cggcgaggcc
   156541 agccgcctgc cggcgctgtt cgaggacagc cgggtgcacc ttggcgcatt gttcggcctg
   156601 ctggcgctgg cggcggtctg ggtgctggcg cagcgcagct tcctcggttt ccaggtccgc
   156661 gtgctcggcc tcgaccgccg cgccgccggt ttcgtcggtt tccgcgagaa gcgcctggtc
   156721 tggttcgtgc tgctgttctc cggcgcgctg gcaggcctgg ccggcgtctg cgaggtcgcc
   156781 gggccgatcg gccaactggt gccgcaggtc tcgccgggct acggctatgc ggcgatcacc
   156841 gtggccttcc ttggccgtct caatccgttc ggcatcctct gcgccagcct gctgatggcg
   156901 ttgctctacc tcggcggcga ggccgcgcag atgagcctca acctgccgtt ggcgctgacc
   156961 gggctgttcc aggggatgat gctgttcttc ctcctcgcct gtgacgtgct gatcctctac
   157021 cgcccacgtt tgcacggacg ctggcgcaag cgcccggcgc tgcgcgacgc cctggcctga
   157081 ccgaaccgcc gaggaaccac gatggatatc gatctgctcg acaacctgct gttcgccatg
   157141 gtccgcaccg gtactccgct gctgctggtg gccctgggcg aactggtctg cgagagaagc
   157201 ggggtgctca acctgggcca ggaggggatg atgctgttcg gcgcggtgat cggcttcatg
   157261 gtcgccttct ccagcggcag cctgtggctc ggcgtgctcc tcgcggtgct cgccggcatg
   157321 ctgctggcgg cgctgttcgc cggggtcgcc ctgtacctga acgccaacca ggtggcctgc
   157381 ggcctggcgc tgaccatctt cggcgtcggc ctttcgtcgt tcgtcggcgc cgcctgggtc
   157441 ggcaagccgc tgcaagggtt cgccccgctg gcgctgccgg tgctgggcga gttgccgctg
   157501 ctcgggcgca tgctgttcgc ccaggacgcg ctggtctacc tgagcctggc gctgttcgcc
   157561 gcggtcgcct ggatgctcct gcgcagccgc gccgggctgg ttctccaggc ggtcggcgag
   157621 aaccctgacg cggccagcgc gatgggcctg ccggtgctgc gcgtgcgcac cctggcggtg
   157681 ctcttcggcg gcgccatggc cggcctggcc ggtgcctacc tgtcgctggc ctacacgccg
   157741 atgtgggcgg agaacatgac cgccggacgc ggctggatcg ccctggcgct ggtggtcttc
   157801 gccagttggc gggtgttccg cgtgctgctc ggtgcctggt tgttcggcct ggccagcatc
   157861 ctgcacctgg tggcccaggg gatcgggctg tcgattccgg ccaacctgct ggcgatgctg
   157921 ccctatgcgg cgaccatcct ggtgctggtc ctgctctccc gcgatgccct gcgcacccgg
   157981 ctgtatgccc cggtttccct gggccagccg tggaaggccg ggcactgacg agggcaggtt
   158041 cttcgattag ttgttttaac tatttatata ttcttcgata gatttagata atttcactga
   158101 tggcctaaat caatggggca tttttgccga accccgttaa gattctccca gtcgatttga
   158161 aacaccccat tcaactgaga gaggaacgac tgatgtccct gatcaacact caagtccaac
   158221 cgttcaaggt caacgctttc cacaacggca agttcatcga ggtgaccgag gaatccctga
   158281 agggcaagtg gtcggtcctg atcttcatgc cggctgcctt caccttcaac tgcccgaccg
   158341 agatcgaaga cgccgccaac aactacggcg agttccagaa agccggtgcc gaggtctaca
   158401 tcgtgaccac cgacacccac ttctcgcaca aggtctggca cgaaacctcc ccggcagtcg
   158461 gcaaggccca gttcccgctg atcggcgacc cgacccacca gctgaccaac gccttcggcg
   158521 tgcacatccc ggaagaaggc ctggccctgc gcggtacctt cgtgatcaac ccggaaggcg
   158581 tgatcaagac cgtcgagatc cactccaacg agatcgcccg tgacgtcggc gagaccgtgc
   158641 gcaagctgaa ggccgcccag tacaccgccg cccacccggg cgaagtctgc ccggccaagt
   158701 ggaaggaagg cgagaagacc ctcgctccgt ccctggacct ggtcggcaag atctaagacc
   158761 gcgccggcgg cattcgccgc cagcctctcc ggcggacgat ccctcgcgga tcgtccgccc
   158821 ttcacccagc caacgcgccg tgcagggcgg atgtcccatc cgccggggat acgtttgccc
   158881 gaatttcgag gagctgaacc atgttggacg ccaatcttaa aacccagttg aaggcctacc
   158941 tggaaaaggt cagccagccg ttcgagatcg tcgcgtccct cgatgacagc gacaaatccc
   159001 gcgagttgct gggcctgctg caagacatcg tcggcctgac cgacaagatc accctgaaga
   159061 ccgacggcag cgatgcgcgc aaaccgtcgt tctcgctgaa ccgccccggt gcggacatcg
   159121 gcctgcgctt cgccggtatc cccatgggcc acgaattcac ctcgctggtg ctggccctgc
   159181 tgcaggtagg cggccacccc tccaagctcg acgcggacgt gatcgagcag gtcaagggca
   159241 tcgagggcac cttcgagttc gaaacctact tctcgctgtc ctgccagaac tgcccggacg
   159301 tggtccaggc gctgaacctg atggccgtgc tcaacccgaa catccgtcac gtcgccatcg
   159361 acggcgcgct gttccaggat gaggtcgagg cgcgccagat catgtcggtg ccgagcatct
   159421 acctcaacgg cgaagtcttc ggccagggcc gcatgggcgt ggaagagatc ctcgccaaga
   159481 tcgacaccgg cgccgccgcc cgcgacgccg agaagctgac cgcccgcgac gccttcgacg
   159541 tgctggtggt cggcggtggc ccggccggag ccgcggcggc gatctacgcc gcgcgcaagg
   159601 gcattcgcac cggcgtcgcc gccgagcgct tcggcggcca ggtgctggac accatggcca
   159661 tcgagaactt catctcggtg caggagaccg aagggccgaa gctggcgcgg gcgctggaag
   159721 agcacgtgcg tcactacgag gtcgacatca tgaacctgca gcgcgccagc aagctggttc
   159781 cggcgaagaa caccggcgag ttgcacgagg tgcagttcga gagcggcggc agcctcaagg
   159841 ccaagaccct gatcctcgcc accggcgctc gctggcgcga aatgggcgtg cccggcgagc
   159901 aggagtacaa ggccaagggt gtgtgcttct gcccgcactg cgacggcccg ctgttcaagg
   159961 gcaagcgcgt ggcggtgatc ggcggcggca actctggcgt cgaggcggcc atcgacctgg
   160021 ccggcatcgt cgcccacgtg accctgctgg aattcgacag caagttgcgc gccgacgccg
   160081 tgctgcaacg caagctctac agcctgccga acgtcgaggt gatcaccagt gccctgacca
   160141 gcgaagtgaa gggcgacggc cagaaggtca ccggcctggt gtacaaggac cgcaactccg
   160201 aggagttcaa gtcgatcgag ctggaaggta tcttcgtgca gatcggcctg ctgcccaaca
   160261 ccgagtggct caagggcagc gtcgagctgt cgccgcgcgg cgagatcatc gtcgacgccc
   160321 gtggcgagac ctcgctgccc ggcatcttcg ccgccggcga cgtgaccacg gtgccgtaca
   160381 agcagatcgt gatcgccgtg ggcgagggcg ccaaggcttc gctgagcgcc ttcgaccacc
   160441 tgatccggac ctccgcgccg gagtgacccg gccagcgacc gtcgaaccag ggacgcccgg
   160501 agcgcgaaag cgccccgggc gttttcgttg gcgcgaccgc ccgcctcagg ccgggatatc
   160561 caggttcgcg tggcccggcg cggcggccgc ctcggcgtag accttctcgt cctcctcgat
   160621 cacccgcgag gccggcccca ccagcaacgg gtccggctca tgggcgatgc gccggtcctt
   160681 gtccgggtag tccagcgagt gcaggaagtg gcggatgcag ttgagtcgtg cgcgcttctt
   160741 gtcgtcggac ttgatgaccg tccacggcgc gtcggcggtg tcggtatgga agaacatcgc
   160801 ctgcttggcg gcggtgtagt cgtcccactt gtccagagac ttgatgtcga tgggcgacag
   160861 cttccagtgc ttgagcggat cgtcgcggcg cgagatgaag cgccgcagtt gttcctcgcg
   160921 gctcaccgag aaccagtact tgaacagcag gatgccgctg ttggtgagca tgcgctccag
   160981 ctccggcgcc tggcgcatga actccaggta ttgcagcggc gaacagaagc ccatgacccg
   161041 ctcgacgccg gcgcggttgt accaggagcg gtcgaagaag accatctcgc cggcggtggg
   161101 cagatgttgg atgtagcgct ggaaatacca ctggccctgc tcctgggagg acggtttctc
   161161 caaggctacg atccgcgcgc cgcgcgggtt caggtgttcc atgaagcgct tgatggtgcc
   161221 gcccttgccg gcggcgtcgc ggccttcgaa caggaccacc acgcgctggc cggtctcctt
   161281 cacccagctc tgcaccttga gcagttcgat ctgcaggtcg tgcttggcct tctcgtactc
   161341 gttgcggcgc atccgcgtgt gatagggata gttcgccggc aggctcgccg aggtgctgtc
   161401 ctcgctgctg ccgtggggcg cactggcgac ctgcagggcc accggcttct ggctgattgc
   161461 ctggatctcc tcgcgggcct tctgcgccgg gctggccact cgcgggcggc gggtcgccgg
   161521 cttgcgcggg gcgcggcnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   161581 nnnnggggag gggggactga cagtgggttc ttcgctcatg cgggactcct tccgttctac
   161641 gttttcagct atgcagtccc ccactctatg cccctgccgg gaggcgtccg ttgaccccca
   161701 tcaaaccgcg cccggccgcc accaggagga aagccttaca cctctccaga aatcccttgt
   161761 aggatatcgc cacgcgcgtg gcgtcccgtc gtcgccccgc ggacctggat cagcagacag
   161821 ggtgaacact gagctggctc tcatcaaccg agggccggca gcgtttgcgc cggcccgccg
   161881 atccgacgaa ggtccgcaca tgtcccgcac ctggattcgc aatcccctcg ccatcttcac
   161941 cgccaacggt ctcgacgccg ccggcggcct ggtcgtcgaa gacggccgca tcgtcgagct
   162001 gctcggcgct ggccagcagc ccgcacaacc ttgcgccagc cagttcgacg ccagccggca
   162061 cgtggtgttg ccggggctgg tcaacaccca tcaccacttc taccagaccc tcacccgcgc
   162121 ctgggcgccg gtggtcaacc agccgctgtt cccctggctg aagaccctct acccggtctg
   162181 ggcgcggctg accccggaga aactcgcact ggccaccaag gtggcgctgg ccgagctgct
   162241 gttgtccggc tgtaccactg ccgccgacca ccactacctg tttcccggcg gcctcgaaca
   162301 ggccatcgac gtgcaggccg gggtggtcga ggaactgggc atgcgcgcca tgctcacccg
   162361 cggctcgatg agcctcggcg agaaggacgg cggcttgccg ccgcagcaga cggtgcagga
   162421 agccgagacc atcctcgccg acagcgagcg actgatcgcc cgctaccacc agcgcggaga
   162481 tggtgcccgg gtgcagatcg ccctggcgcc ctgctcgccg ttctcggtga ctccggagat
   162541 catgcgcgcc agcgccgaac tggcggcgcg ccacgacgta cgcctgcaca cccacctggc
   162601 ggagaccctc gacgaggaag acttctgcct gcagcgcttc ggcctgcgca ccgtggacta
   162661 cctggatagc gtcggctggc tcggcccgcg cacctggctg gcccacggca tccacttcaa
   162721 cgccgaggag atccgccggc tcggcgaggc gggcaccggt atctgccatt gcccgagttc
   162781 gaacatgcgc ctggcctcgg gcatctgccc gaccgtggag ctggaggcgg ccggcgcgcc
   162841 gatcggcctg ggagtcgatg gctcggcttc caacgacgcc tcgaacatga tcctcgaggc
   162901 gcgccaggcc ctgtacctgc aacgcctgcg ctacggcgcc gagcggatca ccccggaact
   162961 cgccctgggc tgggcaaccc gtggctcggc acgcctgctc gggcgcagcg acatcggcga
   163021 gctggccccc ggcaagcagg ccgacctggc cttgttcaag ctcgacgagc tgcgcttctc
   163081 gggtagccac gacccgctct cggcgctgct gctgtgcgct gccgaccgcg ccgaccgggt
   163141 aatggtcggc ggcgtctggc gagtggtcga cggtgccgtg gagggcctcg acctggccgc
   163201 cctgatcgcc cgccaccgcg ctgcggcgag tgccctgatc gccggttgat gcgggttccg
   163261 gtaggggaag cgccgtgctt cctctgtcgg ttcgcatagg tcggcgcgtg gcccgcaact
   163321 ggctagactg tggcattccc caccaggagc cgccccatgt cacgcgccgc ccgcccatgc
   163381 aatcgctttt gcagccttct gctaggactc gccctgctga tgcccgccag ccttcctctg
   163441 tccgctgccg aaacggtggc gccgccatcg ccgcggacgc tgatcatcga caccgatccg
   163501 ggcgccgacg atgtgatcgc cctgctgttc gccatggcct cgccgaagga gctgaagatc
   163561 caggcgctga ccaccgtcgc cggcaacgtg ccgctggaaa agaccgcgcg taacgcccgg
   163621 ctggcccgcg agtggggcaa gcgcccggat atcccggtct acgccggcgc cccgcggccg
   163681 ctgctgcgca cgccgatcta cgccgccgac gtacacggca gcgaaggcat caccggcgtc
   163741 gaggtgcatg agccgaagca gccgctggcc gaaggcaacg cggtggacta cctgatccgt
   163801 accctgcgcg cggcgccgga gaagagcgtg accctggcca tgctcggccc ggagaccaac
   163861 ctcgcgctgg ccctgaccca ggccccggac atcgtcaagg gcatccgcga gatcgtgatc
   163921 atgggcggcg cccacttcaa cggcggcaac atcaccccgg ccgccgaatt caatatcttc
   163981 gccgaccccc acgcggcgga aatcgtgctc aagagcgggg cgccgatcac catgctgccg
   164041 ctcgacgtga cccacaagat cctcaccagc cccgagcgca tcgccaagct gcgcaacctc
   164101 ggcaaccgag ccggcaagac cgtcgccgac atcctcgacg cctacgtcca gtacgacatc
   164161 aagtactacg gcctgaaggg aggcccggtg cacgacgcca cggtggtcgc ctacctgctc
   164221 aagccctcgc tgttcaaggg caagcggatc aacgtgcagg tcgacagccg cgagggcatc
   164281 accttcggcc agaccgtggc cgactggtac ggcggcctaa agcagccggc caacgtcgag
   164341 tggatcaacg agggcgatgc ccaggggttc ttcgacctgc tcaccgagcg tatcgcccgc
   164401 ctgccctgag tctctcgccg tacggccggc gccgggtcag ccgtggcgcc ggctggcgag
   164461 ttggcgcagg gcctgctcgg cgtcgccgac gacgatcctg ccgggcaccg acagcatcag
   164521 gttgagcggc aggccgaact cttccagggt catgccgtcg cggtcgcggg tcggatcctc
   164581 gccgatcagc tccggggcgt gccggcggat tcgctcggcg tagctgccgg cgtcgtcgac
   164641 gtagccatag accggcttgc cgagggcggt ggcatagccg acctcgaagg cggtgccgct
   164701 gtccggctcg gcgccgcgga agaagttcag gttggccagc accgcgtcgg cgcgttcgat
   164761 caggccgatg ttggcgcggt agatccaggc cgcctgttcg cgcggctcgg cgagctgttt
   164821 cggcagcgcg ttgtccagcg ggtagaggcc ctcgaaaccg tagcgtgcgc acagtgcctt
   164881 gagtgcttcg ccgtgggcga cggcgtcggc gcggaacaca tcgggaccgg ccagatagag
   164941 tttccgcggc ctggccgcgg cgcgtacacc cggcaggctg ccgagcaggg cgccggcggg
   165001 cagcagcagg gctgccaggc gcaggaaggt acgacggctg ctggaaccct tggatcggtt
   165061 catcggatgc ctcttgcagg ccggcctccc ggatggggcc gttgttgtcc aggattatgg
   165121 ccggcaagcg acgggccggg cggcggctat ctgccagcag ctaggcgacg gcyttcyscc
   165181 rgcggcaggc gacggccttc ccgcgatgtc aggcgcgctc gagttcctcg gcgaggcgtc
   165241 gcagggcctc gcgcgggccg ccggcgacca gccgcgaagg caccgccagc atcaggttca
   165301 atggcaggcc gaaaccctcc agttgccaac cgtcgcggtc ctcgccgggg tgctcgccga
   165361 gccattccgg ggccagccgg gcgaggcgct cggtgtaggc gccggcatcg ctgaggtagg
   165421 catataccgg cttgcccagg gccagggcgt aacccacttc gaaggcggtg ccgctgtccg
   165481 gctcgctgcc gcggaacggt tcgaggttgg ccagcacgca gtcggcgcgc tcgatcaggc
   165541 cgacattggc gcggtagatc caggcggcct gtgcggctgg ctcgcggatg tcggcgggca
   165601 gggcgtggtc gagcgggtag aggccgacga agccgaactc ggcgcagagc gccttgaggg
   165661 tttcgccatg ggcttcggcg tcggggcgga agacgtccgg cccggccagg tagatcgcgg
   165721 tcatcgcgtg cgtgccttgt tacggaaagc cagcgcccat ggtagcgcca tcgtggcggc
   165781 gccggcatgc accaagcgat ggcgcgctgc accgtcctgc agccgcgccg gcatgacgcg
   165841 gcgcgcagaa gcgcgagctt gagcggagtt gtccgggtgg tcaggtaatt gcatcggcgg
   165901 gcgggctgaa cgcgaagcca cgcccgatgg ccaaccctgc actcaccgga gcacgcccat
   165961 ccatgaaaca ccgtcgcacg caatcccgca tgtccgtcct gcgccgcctt gccgccgtcc
   166021 tcggcctcgg cgcctgcgct ctcgccgccg aggccgccga accactgaag atcggcttcg
   166081 tctatgtcgg cccggtcggc gaccacggct ggacctacca gcacgaactg ggccgccgcg
   166141 aactggtgga gcacttcggc gacaaggtga agaccagctt cgtcgagaac gtcgccgagg
   166201 gcgccgacgc cgagcgggtc atccgcaacc tggcgaaaga cggctacggc ctggtcttca
   166261 ccacctcctt cggctacatg aaccctaccg ccaaggtggc ccggcagttt cccaaggtga
   166321 ccttcgagca cgccaccggc tacaagcgcg acaggaacct cggcacctac ctgtcgcgct
   166381 cctacgaggg acgctacgtc ggcggcttcc tcgcggcgaa gatgacccgc agccacaaga
   166441 tcggctacat cgcctcgttt ccgattcccg aggtgatccg cgacatcaat gcgatccagc
   166501 tggcgctgga caaatacgac ccgcaggccg aactcaaggt gatgtgggtg agcacctggt
   166561 tcgatccggg caaggaggcc gacgcggcca acgcgctgat cgaccagggc gtcgacgtgg
   166621 tgttccagca caccgatagc ccggcgccga tccaggccgc cgagcgtcgc ggggtgtacg
   166681 ccgtgggcta cgcctcggac atgcagcact tcggtccgaa gaccgtgctc acctcgatcg
   166741 tcaacgactg gggcccgcac tatatccgct cggcccaggc ggtgatggac ggcacctgga
   166801 aatccgagga cttctggggc ggcctggccg agagtacggt ggtcctgccg ctgaaccagg
   166861 aggtgctgcc ggcgccggtg cgggaagagg cgggcaggct gatcgagtcg atccgcagcg
   166921 gagccttcca ccccttcacc gggccgatcc gcgaccagtc cggcaaggag cgtttcgccg
   166981 ccggcgtcag cgcgaccaat gccgacctgg cgtcgatgaa ctattacgtg gaaggcatca
   167041 aggccgacct gccgaagtga gccctggcct tgtatggaaa aagtcgccga gcgcaggcac
   167101 tttccgtaca gggcccatcg aggagagcgc gattggaccg tctacccatc atcgacatcg
   167161 ccccgctcta cggcgccgac tgtggcgcct ggaacgacgt ggcgcggcgg atcgaccagg
   167221 cctgccgcga gtggggcttc ttctacatcg ccggacaccc gttgccggcc gcgcgcttcg
   167281 aagccctgct ggcggcggcg cgggagttct tcgcgctgcc cgtcgaagag aagctgaaga
   167341 tcgatatcac ccgtagccgc aaccatcgcg gctatggcgc gatcgccacc gagcagctcg
   167401 acccggcgtt gcccagcgac ttcaaggaga ccttcgacat ggccctgcac ctgccggcgg
   167461 agcatcccga cgtgcgcgcc ggcaaatcct tctacgggcc caaccgacac cccgacctgc
   167521 ccggctggga ggccctgctg gaaggacact atgccgacat gctggcgctg gcccgtaccg
   167581 tgctgcgcgc cctggccatc gccctgggga tcgaggagga cttcttcgat cgccgcttcg
   167641 agcagccggt cagcgtgttc cgcctgatcc actatccgcc ggcctcggcc cggcagagcg
   167701 ccgaccagcc cggcgccggc gcgcacaccg actacggctg cgtgaccctg ctctaccagg
   167761 acgccgccgg tggcctgcaa gtgcagaacc gccagggcga atggatcgac gcgccgccta
   167821 tcgacggcac cttcgtggtc aacatcggcg acatgatggc gcgctggagc aacgaccgtt
   167881 accgctcgac cccgcaccgg gtgatcagcc cgcgcggggt gcaccgctac tccatgccgt
   167941 tcttcgccga accgcacatg gacaccgaga tccgctgcct gccgggctgc ttcgacgcgg
   168001 acaacccgcc gaagtatccg ccgaccacct gtggcgattg gctgacctcg cgcttcgcgc
   168061 agacctatgc ctatcggcgc ggcgaaacgg cctgagccgc ccgtcgcgcg cgggagcggc
   168121 tcgtgggttt gccgcgggcc tgactcccgg gacaggttaa acttgccggc caagaccagc
   168181 ctgatcgaga acccacccca tgtacgaatg gctcaacgcc ttgcccaagg ccgaactgca
   168241 cctgcacctg gaaggtaccc tggagccgga gctgctgttc gccctcgccg agcgcaaccg
   168301 catcgccctg ccctggaacg acgtcgagac cctgcgcaag gcctacgcct tcaacaacct
   168361 gcaggaattc ctcgacctct actacgccgg cgccgacgtg ctgcgcaccg agcaggactt
   168421 ctacgacctg acctgggcct acctgcagaa gtgcaaggcg cagaacgtcg tccacgtcga
   168481 gccgttcttc gacccgcaga cccacaccga tcgcggcatt cccttcgagg tggtgctcgc
   168541 cggcatccgc gccgcgctac gggacggcga gaagctgctg ggcatccgcc atgggctgat
   168601 cctcagcttc ctccgccacc tcagcgagga acaggcgcag aaaaccctcg accaggcgct
   168661 gccgttccgc gacgccttca tcgccgtcgg cctcgacagc tcggaagtag ggcatccgcc
   168721 gagcaagttc cagcgggtct tcgaccgggc ccgcagcgaa ggcttcctca ccgtcgccca
   168781 tgccggcgag gaggggccgc ccgagtacat atgggaagcc ctcgacctgc tcaaggtcga
   168841 gcgcatcgac cacggcgtac gcgccttcga ggacgagcgg ctgatgcggc ggctgatcga
   168901 cgaacagatc ccgctgaccg tctgcccgct gtccaacacc aagctctgcg tgttcgacga
   168961 catgagccag cacaccatcc tcgacatgct cgaacgcggc gtgaaggtga cggtgaactc
   169021 cgatgacccg gcctacttcg gcggctatgt caccgagaac ttccatgcct tgcagcagag
   169081 cctgggaatg accgaggagc aggccaggcg cctggcgcag aacagcctgg atgcgcgcct
   169141 ggtgaagtga ggggcggcgt gccgggtagc ccggcgcgcg acccgcaagg cgtttcgtcg
   169201 tcgccggctt ctcggtattg atgataagca ttatcatttg cgggcctgct cagcattccc
   169261 atggcgccgc cccggcgccg gctttcgtgc agccgtcctc accgatgccc gaccgcgacc
   169321 tacctcccgg cccgcgcccg gatgccttgc cggcagacgg cgaggcggcg cgccgcgcgg
   169381 atctcctcaa ggccttcctg gcccagcgcc agcgcatgga aagcctggtc agccgctggg
   169441 tcggctgccg ggcgaccgcc gccgacctgg tccaggagct gttcctgcgc ttctggcggc
   169501 gcccggccgc cccggtggag gagcttggca gctacctcct gcgcagcgcg cgcaacctgg
   169561 ccatcgacca cttgcgtggc gaaggatcgc ggcaacggca actggacgat tggctgccgg
   169621 agcagcgcca gggcgagccg gtcggtcccg agcaggcgct cgaggccggc gaccagtggc
   169681 gccgggtcga ggccgccttg cgcggcctgc ccgagcgcac ccggcggatt ttcctgctca
   169741 atcgcatcca cggccgcacc tacgcggaga tcgcccaggc catgcagctt tcccaaagcg
   169801 ccgtggaaaa acatatgatg cgcgccctcg acgcctgcaa ggcgagcctg gccggcccgg
   169861 ccggcgagca ggcaaggagc gcccagccat gacccgaccc gatagcgacg ccgcgcccta
   169921 cgagcccgtc ctcgagcaga ccgcccaggc ctggctggtg cgcctgcgcg gtacgccgga
   169981 tgcggcgacc cggcgggcct tcgaggactg gctggcgcag cggccggcgc atgccgaggc
   170041 ctatgcccgc gccgaggcgc tctggcgcct gacggaaata ccggcgagcc gcctggccat
   170101 cgaagaggct gatgccctgg aagcctacct gcggccgcgc cgagcgtcgc gcaacccgcg
   170161 gcgctgggcc tacccgctgg ccagcgtcgc ctgcctgctg gcgatgctct ggctgggcgg
   170221 ctggtggcag cccggcgact ggctgcagga ctggcgtgcc gactatgtcg ccgcgccggg
   170281 acaggtcgcc gaatggaagc tggccgatgg ctcctacctg agcctggacg ccggcagcgc
   170341 ggtgcgcgtg cgtatcgacg gcggccagcg gcgggtcgaa ctgctgcgcg gcgccgccgc
   170401 gttgcgggtg aagcgcgaca cgctgccatt cgtggtcgag gccggcgaag gccgggcgcg
   170461 ggtactgggc accgagttcg aggtccgtcg cggcgccggg gcgacccgcg tcaccgtgct
   170521 gcaagggcgg gtcgcggtga gcgccggcac cggtgcgggc gccgccgagg aagtgctggg
   170581 cgccggccag caggtcggct tcgccgacgg caggctgggc cggcccgtgg ccatcgacgc
   170641 cgccgccgcg ctggcctggc gccagggctg gctgagcttc taccggcggc cgctggcgga
   170701 agtgctcgac gaactcgctc gctactaccc cggacgcatt ctcctgctcg acgacgcgct
   170761 cggccgccag ccggtcagcg gcagcttccg cagcgacgat cccgaagccg cgctgaagtc
   170821 gctgcaggcg gtgctcggct atcgccagca gatcctgttc ggacgcctgg tggtgattcg
   170881 ctgacggcgg ccccgctccg tttggccgca ggaatctttc ccggcgaaga atttttttgc
   170941 gctggggggt gaggtaaatc cggcgccgct tcgtgtagtg ctcatgaccg cgattgattc
   171001 gcattagaaa agcgaccgac acgagcaacc catgaccccc ttcccgcgct tcgccctgcg
   171061 tactctcccc gccctgttcc tcagcctcgg ctgtctcgcc gccaccgcgc aggccgccga
   171121 ggcggttcgc taccgcttca gccaggctgc cgcgccgctg gcccaggcgc tcaacgcgtt
   171181 cagccgggcc agcgggcaga cgctgctcta caccgccgag ctgccgccgc aggcgaccgc
   171241 cccggcattg cacggttcgc tggacgcgga ggaggcgctg caacgcctgc tgcagggcag
   171301 cggcctgcgc gcgcggcgga tcgacgagcg caccctgacc ctggaaccga tccccgccag
   171361 cggcgcgctc gacctcgatg ccacgacggt ctccgccgcc gccccggcgc agggctaccg
   171421 gccggcggcc aacgcctcga tcagccgcgg cgatgcgccg ctactggata tcccccaggc
   171481 gatcagcgtg gtcccggcac aggcgctgca ggaccagcgc ccgcgcaacc ttgacgacgc
   171541 gctgggcaac atcagcggca tcacccaggc caacaccctt ggcggtaccc aggacgcggt
   171601 gatgaagcgc ggcttcggcg acaaccgcga cggctcgatc atgcgtgacg gcatgccctc
   171661 ggtgcagggc cgcaatttca ccgccaccgc cgaccacgtc gaggtgctga aggggcctgc
   171721 atccctgctc tatggcatcc aggacccggg cggggtggtc aacgtggtga gcaagaagcc
   171781 gcaactgcaa caagccaacg ccctgaccct gcgtggctcg gcctacgccc acgggcgcaa
   171841 cggcagcggc ggccagctcg actccaccgg cccgctgggc gacagcggac tggcctaccg
   171901 gatgatcctc gatcatgagg acgaggatta ctggcgcgac ttcggcaaga gccgcgagac
   171961 gctggtggcg ccctcgctgg cctggtacgg cgaggacacg acggtcaacc tgagctacga
   172021 gcaccgcgag ttcaccacgc cgttcgaccg tggcacggcc atcgatccgc gtaccaaccg
   172081 cccgctggac atcccgcgca gccggcgcct ggacgagccc ttcaacatca ccgagggccg
   172141 ttccgagctg acccgcctgg atctcgaacg gcagctcgac gacacctgga aggcccactt
   172201 cggctacggc tacagtcgcg agacctacga cgacaaccag gcccgggtga tggccgtgaa
   172261 tgccgacggc accctgaccc ggcgcatgga cggcacccac ggcgcggtca gcagcgacag
   172321 cttcgccacc ctcggcctga gcggaacgct gcaactggcc gggatgcaac atgacctgca
   172381 attcggcatg gaccacgaga agcgcaagat cttccgcgcc gacctgctgc gcgacagcaa
   172441 gaccagccgc ttcgactacc tcgacccggt ctatggccag gtggtgccgt cgacccgggt
   172501 ggtcgccggc gacagcgacc agaccgacaa gctgcgcagc gactcgctgt acttccagga
   172561 ctcgatccac ctggacgaac gctggatcct ggtcggcggc gcgcgctacc agatctacga
   172621 ccagctcgcc gggcgcggcc ggccgttcaa cgccaacacc gatatcaacg ggcagaaatg
   172681 ggtgccgcgc ggcggcctgg tctaccgcct gagcgacgag gtttcgctgt acggcagcta
   172741 cacgcgctcg ttcaagccga actcgaccat cgccccgctg agcaccggcg agaccatcga
   172801 ttcggcgatc ctgccggagg aggcgacctc ctgggagctg ggcgccaagc tggatgtgcc
   172861 ggggcgtctc agcggcaccc tggcgctgtt cgacattcgc aagaagaacg tgctggtcaa
   172921 cgaactcgac ggtgctggca acagcagcgt gcgcgccgcc ggccgggtcc gctcgcgcgg
   172981 cctggagctg gacctcaccg gccagctcag cgaacgctgg agcctgatcg gcagctacgc
   173041 ctggctcgcc gcggaagtca ccgaggaccc gaccctggag ggcaagcgcc tgcagaacgt
   173101 ggcgcgcaac accgcgtcgc tgtcggcggt ctacgaactc ggccagctct tcggcggcga
   173161 ccgcctgcgc ctgggcggcg gcgcgcgcta cgtcggcaag cgcccgggcg acccggccaa
   173221 ttccttcgac ctgccgtcct acaccgtggc cgatgccttt gccagctacg acacccgctt
   173281 cggcggacac ggcgtgaagt tccagctcaa cgtgaagaac ctgttcgacc gcacctacta
   173341 cccgtccagt gccaatcgac tgtacgtggc gatgggcgag ccccggcagt tccaggtgtc
   173401 gacgacggtg gagttctgag tcggcgctcg ctccaggtgg ggttccccgg cgtcctcctg
   173461 gacgtggagg cccccctgaa gggcgaaggg tcggcgcgat gctgcccgac catgctccat
   173521 ccggttcctt cttcccccag ggaagggatt gcccggcgcg tgagtcgttc cgccatccag
   173581 tgccttctcc ctttggggaa aggaaggcgg agaaccgcct ggcacgacct cgccgcacgc
   173641 cacacctcgt tcccaacccg cccgttgggt accatgcccg caccactcgc cgccacggcc
   173701 gccccatgaa cctcgacaac cgcatcaagt tccgccacct cgcctgcttc ctcgaagtcg
   173761 cccgccagcg cagcttcgcc aaggcggcgg atgccgtggc ggtgtcgcag ccggcgatct
   173821 ccaagaccct caaggaactg gaggaaatcc tcggcgcgcg cctgttcgaa cggagcaagg
   173881 ccggcgccga gctgaccgag gcgggcgtga ccttcctgcg ctatgccggc ccctgcgtgc
   173941 aggccctgcg cgacggggtg aacaccctgc gcggccacga ggcgcaggtc gagacggtgc
   174001 gggtcggcgt gctgtcgacg gtggagagcc tggtggtgcc cgaggtgatc cggcgcctgc
   174061 accggcgcca cggtgcgctg gtggtcagcg tcgccaccgg acccagcgcc tacctgctgg
   174121 cgcaactgaa ggtcggcgag ctggacctgg tggtcgggcg gatgaccgat agcccggaca
   174181 tccagggcct gaccttcgag cacctgtaca gcgagtcgat gatgctggtg gtgcgtcccg
   174241 gccacccctt gctcgcctcg cccctcggcg acctgcagcg gctggccgaa ttcccactgg
   174301 tgctgccgct ggccggcacc accatccgcc gccacgccga cagcctgttc gtgcaatggg
   174361 gcatcgcgct cgccggacag cgcctggaaa ccctctcgcc gaccctcagc cgcagctatg
   174421 tgttgcgcag cgaggcgatc tgggtggcgc cgcgcgatgc cgtgcgcctg gacgtcggca
   174481 acggcgagct ggccgagctg gacctgggta tccgcgaacc gggcggttcg gtcgggctgt
   174541 gccacaacgc ggccttgccg ttgccgctgg gggcgcaatg gttcagcgcg gtgttgcgcg
   174601 aggtggccgc cgagttgcac tgataaagca taaccaaatg gttatgtatg gggccggata
   174661 attcactgtc cccgtcccgc ctcctgcgca agacttcgtt ttccatgcct gaatccacaa
   174721 gcctggcgac cgataacgcg aataacagga gcccgacatg cacgacgccg aaagccgtcg
   174781 tttcgtcatc cgtgaccgaa actggcaccc caaagccttg acccccgact acaagacctc
   174841 cgtgccgcgc tcgccgagcc aggcgctggt gagcatcccg caatcgctct cggaaaccag
   174901 cgggccggac ttctcccacc tcaggctcgg ccgccacgac aacgacctgc tgctcaactt
   174961 cgaccacggc ggcctgcccc agggcgagcg catcatcatg ttcggccggg tcttcgacca
   175021 gtacggcaag ccggtcccgc acaccctggt ggagatgtgg caggccaacg ccggcgggcg
   175081 ctaccggcac aagaacgacc gctacctggc gccgctcgac ccgaacttcg gcggcgtcgg
   175141 ccggaccctc accgacagcg agggccacta ttacttccgc accatcaagc ccgggcccta
   175201 tccctggcgc aacggcccca acgactggcg cccggcgcac atccacgtgt ctgtcagcgg
   175261 cccggcgatc gccgcgcggc tggtcaccca gatgtacttc gagggcgacc cgctgatccc
   175321 caagtgcccg atcatccgca cccttgccga cccggaggcg gcgcagagcc tgatcggccg
   175381 gctcgacatg agcatggcca acccgatgga ttgcctggcc taccgcttcg acatcgtcct
   175441 gcgcgggcag cgcaagacct tcttcgagaa cgcctgagga gccgaccatg agccacgaac
   175501 tgctgcggga aaccccttcc cagaccgccg gtccctatgt ccacatcggc ctggcgctgg
   175561 ccgccgccgg caacccgacc cgtgacctgg agatctggaa ccgcatggcc cgcgaagacg
   175621 cgccgggcca gcacatcctc ctgctcggcc acgtctacga cggcaacggc cacctggtgc
   175681 gcgactcgtt cctggagttc tggcaggccg acagcgaagg ccgctaccag gagcgctacg
   175741 atccggagcg accgttcaac agcttcggcc gcaccgccac caccttcgat gccggcgagt
   175801 ggaccctgca cacggtcaag ccgggggtgg tgcgtaacgc ccagggcgtg ccgatggcgc
   175861 cgcacatcaa cgtctcgctg ttcgcccgcg gcatcaacat ccacttgcag acccggctgt
   175921 acttcgatga cgaggccgag gccaacgccg cctgtccggt gctcaacctg atcgagcagg
   175981 cgccgcgtcg cgacaccctg ctcgcgcggc gctgcgaagt ggacggacag ctcgcctacc
   176041 gtttcgacat ccgcatccag ggcgacaacg agacggtgtt ctttgacttc taggcgcatc
   176101 gatcgcgcgg gaaggaaggg cgcccttgcc ggagcggcaa gggcgtaccc agaacccgcc
   176161 gatgggtacc tgacattact cccggagggc gatgggtagc cccgacagta ctacagtcgg
   176221 aggcgctccg gtcaattgcg atgatcgaac gagtgtccga taatcggcga gcctttccgt
   176281 gacccgagcc cgaacgtcca tgagcgaact cccggaacac cccgccaccc tggcgccgcc
   176341 gaccgtcctt tcgccggcca agcgcatcga ggccttcacc ggcgatccca acttcatgac
   176401 ctcgctggcc cgtggcctgg cggtgatcca tgcgttccag gagcgcaagc ggcacctgac
   176461 catcgcccag atcagccacc gcaccgagat accccgcgcc gccgtgcgtc gctgcctgca
   176521 cacgctgatg cagcttggct acgccaccac cgacgggcgc acctactcgc tgttgccgaa
   176581 gatgctcacc ctcggccacg cctacctgtc gtcgacgccg ctggcgatca ctgcgcagcc
   176641 gatcctcgac cgcctcagcg aacagctcca cgaagcctgt tcgatggcca ccctggaggg
   176701 cgacgacgtg ctctacatcg cccgttcggc cactccccag cggctgattt cggtggacct
   176761 caacgtcggc agccggctgc ccgcctattg cacctcgatg ggccgcatcc tcctcgccgc
   176821 gctggacgac gacgcgctgc acgcctactt cggcggagtg gagatgcagg ccaagaccag
   176881 ccgtaccctg tatacccccg agaccctgct gccgtgcctg gtggagattc gtcgccaggg
   176941 ctggtgcatc gtcgaccagg agctggaagt cggcctgcgc tcgctggcgg tgccggtacg
   177001 cgactccgcc ggccatgtgc tcgccgcgct gaacgtcggc acccatgccg ggcgggtctc
   177061 ccgcgccgaa ctggaaagcc gtttcctgcc gttgctgctg gaggccagcc gcgagctgag
   177121 cgcgcgcctg ttcacctgac gccggaggcg atcccctcca caagtttgga aaaggaaccc
   177181 ccgcttccat ctgatagtcg caatccttgg ggacgcggct agaatccctg ccaattctgg
   177241 gagtttccgg ccggatcggc cggtatctgt atggatcgcg aaggggaagg catgtcagac
   177301 gccagaggcg cttttcattc caaaggtcgc tggtcgcgga tggcgctgcc cgccatcctg
   177361 tgcgccggcc tgcttgtcgg ttgcggcgcc gagccgcccg ccgaggaaca cgtccgtgtg
   177421 ctggcgcaga cggtgaagat ggccgagttc gcctcggcca cctcgatcac cggcgacatc
   177481 caggcacggg tacaggccga ccagtcgttc cgtgtcggcg gcaagatcgt cgagcgcctg
   177541 gtcgatgtcg gcgaccacgt cgcggctggc caggtgttgg cgcggctcga cccgcaggac
   177601 cagcgcagca acgtggagaa cgcccaggcg gcggtcgccg cgcagcaggc gcagtcgaag
   177661 ctcgccgacc tcaactacca gcggcagaag gcgctgctgc ccaagggcta caccagccag
   177721 agcgagtacg accaggcgct ggcctcggtg cgcagcgcgc agagttcgct gaaggccgcc
   177781 caggcgcagt tggccaacgc ccgcgacctg ctttcctata ccgagctgcg tgcctccgac
   177841 gccggggtca tcaccgcccg ccaggccgag gtcggccagg tggtgcaggc caccgtgccg
   177901 atcttcaccc tggcccgcga cggcgagcgc gacgcggtgt tcaacgtcta cgagtcgttg
   177961 ttcagccacg atgtcgacgg ccagcggatc accgtcagcc tgctcggcaa gccggaagtc
   178021 accgccagcg gcaaggtccg cgagatcacc ccgacggtgg acgagcgcag cggtacgctg
   178081 aaggtcaagg tcggcctcga ctcggtgccg gcggaaatga gcctcggcag cgtggtcaac
   178141 gccagcgtcg ccgcgccggc cgagcacagc gtggtgctgc cctggtcggc gctgtccaag
   178201 gtcggcgagc agccggcggt ctggttgctc gaccagcaag gcaaggcgcg tctgcaaccg
   178261 gtgcgggtgg cacgctacgc cagcgagaag gtggtcatcg acggtggcct ggaggcgggc
   178321 cagacggtgg tcacggtggg cggccaactg ctccatccgg gccaggtggt cgaggtggcc
   178381 cagccgccgc agccgaccca gagcaccgcc agccgcgacg ccgtgggcgg aggccagcca
   178441 tgaagccgtt ttccctcgcc ggcctgttcg gcttcgtcct gctcctctcc ggctgcggcg
   178501 acgagccgcc gccggcaccg ccgcggccgg tgctgacggt gaccgtgaag accctgaaga
   178561 acgacgacct cggtcgcttc gccgggagca tccaggcgcg ctacgagagc gtgctcggct
   178621 tccgcaccaa cggacggatc gcctcgcgcc tgttcgacgt cggtgacttc gtcggcaagg
   178681 gcgcgctgct ggcgaccctc gaccccaccg accagcagaa ccagttgcgc gccagccagg
   178741 gcgatctggc cagcgccgag gcacagttga tcgacgccca ggccaatgcc cggcgccagg
   178801 aagaactgtt cgcccgcagc gtcaccgccc aggcgcgcct ggacgatgcg cggacccgcc
   178861 tgaagaccag ccaggccagc ttcgaccagg ccaaagcggc ggtgcagcag gccagggacc
   178921 agctttccta cacgcgcctg gtgaccgatt tcgacggcgt catcaccacc tggcacgccg
   178981 aggccgggca agtggtcagc gccggccagg cggtggtcac cctggcccgg cccgaagtgc
   179041 gcgaggcagt cttcgacctg cccaccgagg tcgccgagag cctgccggcc gacgcgcgct
   179101 tcctggtcag cgcccagctc gacccgcagg ccaggaccac cggcagcatc cgcgagctgg
   179161 gtccgcaggc cgacgcctcg acccgcaccc gtcgcgtgcg cctgagcctg gcgcagacgc
   179221 cggaggcgtt tcgcctcggt tcgaccatcc aggtccagct gagcagcgcc ggtagcgtgc
   179281 gcagcgtgct gccggccagc gtgctgctgg agcgcgacgg caagacccag gtctgggtcg
   179341 tcgatgggaa acagtccagc gtggccctgc gcgaggtaca ggtgctcagc cgcgacgaac
   179401 gccaggtggt gatcggacag ggcctggccg acggcgaccg ggtggtccgc gccggagtca
   179461 acagcctcaa gcccggccag aagatcaaac tcgacgagga tgcgcgatga agggcggttt
   179521 caacctgtcg gactgggccc tgcgccacca gtccctggtc tggtacctga tggcggtatc
   179581 gctggtgatg ggcgtgttct cctacctcaa cctggggcgc gaggaggatc cctcgttcgc
   179641 catcaagacc atggtcatcc agacccgctg gccgggcgcc acggtggacg acaccctgga
   179701 gcaggtcacc gaccgcatcg agaagaagct cgaggagctg gactcgctgg attacgtgaa
   179761 gagctacacg cgacccggcg aatcgacggt cttcgtctac ctcaaggaca ccaccaaggc
   179821 cggcgacatc ccggatatct ggtaccaggt gcgcaagaag atatccgaca tccagggcga
   179881 attcccccaa ggcatccagg gaccgggttt caacgacgag ttcggcgacg tgttcggcag
   179941 cgtctacgcc ttcaccgccg atggcctgga cttccgccag ctgcgcgact acgtggagaa
   180001 ggtgcgcctg gacatccgct cggtgaaaga cctgggcaag gtgcagatga tcggtgcgca
   180061 gaacgaggtc atctacctca acttctctac ccgcaagctg gccgccctcg gtctcgacca
   180121 gcgccaggtc gtgcagagcc tgcaggcgca gaacgcggtg accccgtcgg gcgtggtcga
   180181 ggccggcccc gagcgcatct cggtgcgcac ctccggcaac ttccgttcgg aaaaggacct
   180241 gcaggcggtc aacctgcggg tcaacgatcg tttctaccgg ctgtccgacc tggccagcat
   180301 cagccgcgat ttcgtcgacc cgccgacctc gctgttccgc tacaagggcg agccggccat
   180361 cggcctggcg gtggcgatga aggagggcgg caatatcctc gagttcggcg aggcgctcaa
   180421 tgcgcgcatg caggagatca ccggcgaact gccggttggt gtcggcgtgc accaggtgtc
   180481 gaaccaggcc caggtggtga agaaggcggt cggcggtttc acccgggcgc tgttcgaggc
   180541 ggtggtgatc gtcctcatcg tcagcttcgt cagcctcggc ctgcgcgccg ggctggtggt
   180601 ggcctgctcg atcccgctgg tgctggcgat ggtcttcgtg ttcatggaat acaccgacat
   180661 caccatgcag cgggtttccc tcggcgcgct gatcatcgcc ctcggcctgc tggtggacga
   180721 tgccatgatc accgtggaga tgatgatcac gcgcctcgaa ctgggcgact cgctgcacga
   180781 ctcggcgacc tacgcctaca cctcgacggc cttcccgatg ctcaccggga ccctggtgac
   180841 ggtggccggc ttcgtgccca tcgggctcaa cgccagctcc gccggcgagt acaccttcac
   180901 cctgttcgca gtgatcgccg tggcgctgct gctgtcatgg atcgtcgcgg tgctgttcgc
   180961 cccggtgatc gccgtgcaca tcctgccgaa gactctcaag cacaagtcgg agcagaagaa
   181021 gggccgcatc gccgagcgtt tcgacagcct gctgcacctg gcgatgcgcc ggcgctggac
   181081 gaccatcttc ctcaccgcgc tgctgttcgg cgtgtcgctg ttcctgatga agttcgtcca
   181141 gcaccagttc ttcccgtctt ccgaccgtcc ggaactgctg gtcgacctca acctgccgca
   181201 gaacagcagc atccacgaga ccagggcggt gatggaccgc ctggaagcga cgctgaagga
   181261 cgacgaggac atcgaccact ggagcgccta cgtcggcgaa ggcgcgatcc gcttctacct
   181321 gccgctggac cagcagttgc agaacaactt ctatggccag ctggtgatcg tcaccaagga
   181381 cctggaggcc cgcgagcgcg tcgccgcacg cctgcgcgat cgcttgcgca aggactacgt
   181441 cggcatcagc acctacgtgc agccgctgga gatggggccg ccggtgggac ggccgatcca
   181501 gtaccgggtc agcggaccgc agatcgacaa ggtccgcgag tacgccatgg gcctggccgg
   181561 cgtgctcgac ggcaacccga acatcggcga tatcgtctac gactggaacg agcccgggaa
   181621 gatgctcaag atcgacatcg cccaggacaa ggcgcgccag ctcgggcttt cctccgagga
   181681 cgtggcgcag atcatgaaca gcgtggtgac cggcagcgcg gtgacccagg tgcgcgacga
   181741 catctacctg gtgaacgtca tcggccgcgc cgaggatagc gagcgcggct cgctggagac
   181801 cctggagagc ctgcagatcg tcacgcccag cggcacctcg atcccgctca aggcgttcgc
   181861 caaggtcagc tacgagctgg agcagccgct ggtgtggcgc cgcgaccgca agccgacgat
   181921 cacggtgaag gcgtcgctgc gcggcgagat ccagcccacc gacctggtcg cccggctggc
   181981 gccggaggtc aagcgcttcg ccgacggcct gccggcgaac taccggatcg aagtgggcgg
   182041 cacggtggag gagagcggca aggccgaggg cccgatcgcc aaggtggtgc cgctgatgct
   182101 gttcctcatg gcgaccttcc tgatgatcca gttgcagagc gtgcagaagc tgttcctggt
   182161 ggccagcgtc gcgccgctgg ggctgatcgg ggtggtcgcg gcgttgctgc cgaccggcac
   182221 gccgatgggc ttcgtggcga tcctcgggat tctcgcgctg atcggcatca tcatccgcaa
   182281 ctcggtgatc ctggtgaccc agatcgatgc cttcgagaaa gacggcaaga cgccctggga
   182341 agccgtgctg gaagccaccc accaccgcac ccggccgatc ctgctgacgg cggcggcggc
   182401 cagcctgggg atgatcccca tcgcccgcga agtgttctgg gggccgatgg cctatgcgat
   182461 gatcggcggc atcgtcgccg ccacgctgct cacgctgatc ttcctgccgg cgctgtacgt
   182521 cgcctggtac cggattccgg aaccgggacg ctgagcgcgg cgtaagggga agggggcgcc
   182581 gccgtagcag agtctgtgcg gggggaagga gagcggacgg cgggtgggcc atccgccccg
   182641 acgccgggca gggtatgccc ggcgttgcta cggcgacggc ggccagtata ggcagcccgg
   182701 cgccagggaa aatccgacca atttacgaat ctgttttgca accgaggtaa tagtggacac
   182761 attgcaaggc atgcgcgtgt tcgccagggt ggtggacagc ggcagcttca cttccgccgc
   182821 ccaggccctg gacctgtcca ccgcgcaggt atcgcggctg atctccgacc tggaggcgca
   182881 cctgcagacg cgcctgctgc accgcaccac ccggcgcctg gccctgaccg aggccggcga
   182941 gcgctacctg gagcggtgcc gcgggatcct cgaggacatc gaggtcgccg aggccgaagc
   183001 cgccggcgcg cacatccgcc cctgcggccg cttgcgcgtg cagtcgctga tgggcatggg
   183061 ccagcatcac ctggtgccga tgatcgcccg ctacggcgca ctgttccccg acgtggtgat
   183121 cgagctgacc ctgtcccagc gcaacccgga catgctcgag gaaggccagg acgtgctgat
   183181 caccggcgag cgccagttgc ccgactcgga gttcgtcgcc cagcgcctgg gcagcatcca
   183241 cagcgtgctc tgcgccagtc ccggctacct gcagcagcgc ggcgtgccac gctcggtgga
   183301 cgacctggag cgccacgtct gcctgcgcct gcaggacccg gcctacccgg agggctggat
   183361 cttcgccgac gagcagggcg agcgcaccgt cagcccgcag aacaccttca tggtcaatgt
   183421 cgccgaggtc atggcccagg cggccaaggc cgacctcggc atcgccctgc tgcccagcta
   183481 cgtggcggcc gcggcgctgc gcaacggcga gctgctacga gtgttgcccg gccatgccat
   183541 gcaccagcgg accatctatg cgctgtatcc ctcgcggcgt tacctggacg cgaagatccg
   183601 cacctgggtc gatctgttgc aacaggaact tccccaggca ttcgcccgcg acgaaactac
   183661 catgcaaagt tcaagttact gggcacagtg aaggattgtt gttattgagg taatactctc
   183721 tcgtctgttt ggctattttt ccgagcatgg cggttaacta atatggcgcc tgtcccaagt
   183781 gaacagggtg tcatcggaga cccgccatga atcgccagat ccttgctgcc gccatactca
   183841 gtttgttttc cctcgcattt tcccaggccg gtttcgccga agagtcctcg ctgatgacca
   183901 accgcatggt cgacgccaac cagcaggcca tcgagcacca gcaggaactt tccgcctccg
   183961 ccgcgcaggc cggggcccgc agcgactcct gatctagcgc atggcgccag ccgcgccatg
   184021 gcttcccccg ggtactcggg aagcgtgagc ctgggtaccc tgtccttgcg ccgcatatga
   184081 tatgcggcgt tttttttgcc ttcctgaccg ttcggacaat tcttgcagaa tatgtaaaag
   184141 actttcgttg gatatcgggt ttttccgata gtggcaaaaa aatataatcg cgccagctca
   184201 atggataatt gtcgctggct gtcgacgata ttcgttctgt cttcatcgat ctcgccatgc
   184261 aagagcggga cgtggaaagc ctaaagcctg atgagtcgaa gagactttca atagaagagt
   184321 ccgactgcgt tccagccggt ttccagtgtc cggaaataca ctggcaagac ttcccgacgc
   184381 cgaactttga ttgctcctat tcgacgtctt ctcaaggccg ctgataccag cggccttttt
   184441 tttcgggttg cgcccggctg ggcgccccat gggagcgatc gcccgcgcga cgccagcaga
   184501 agcgtcgccg ggaacgacac cacaacacgc tttccggcct tgccggattt caccacgctg
   184561 taagaaggag caaccgcaat gaggaatctg ttcgccttga cgccgatggc gctggcgctg
   184621 tgcaccgcgt ccgccgcctg ggccgatgag ggggaagcca aagaaggctt catcgaaggc
   184681 tccagcctcc aattgctgac ccgcaactac tacttcaacc atgaccgccg gcacgcttcc
   184741 gggcacgaca gcaaggaatg ggcgcaaggc ttcatcgcca cctttcagtc cggctacacg
   184801 cccggcgtgg tcggcttcgg cgtcgacgcc tacggcatgc tcgggctgaa gctcgacggc
   184861 ggcggcggta ccggcggcac cagcatcctg ccgatcaccg cgccgagcaa ggaaggctac
   184921 gaatccggca aggcgcccga tgagttctcc agtggcgggg cggcgctgaa gatccgcgcc
   184981 ttcgacaccg agctgaagct gggcgaccag ttcctcagca acccggtggt cgccggcggc
   185041 gagtcgcgca tgctgccgca gaccttccgc ggtgtgagcc tgaccaacaa cagtttcgag
   185101 gacctgaccc tcacggctgg ccaggtcagt ttcaccaagt actacaacca gagtggccac
   185161 cgtcgcctcg gctcgtacta cggcgaactg ccgggcgacc gcgacagcca tcatctcagc
   185221 tggctgggcg gcacctgggg cggcatcgag ggcttcacca gcagcctgta cgccgccgaa
   185281 ctgcagaacg tctggaagca gtactacggc gacgtcgact acacctacga gatcgacgac
   185341 aactggtcgc tgaaccccgg cgcgcactac tacaagaccg tcgacagcgg cgactcgttg
   185401 ctcggccgga tcgacaacaa cacctacagc ctgcatttcg cggtcggcta caggcagcac
   185461 accgtcaccg cggtgctgca gaaggtcaac ggcaacacgc cgttcgacta catcaaccag
   185521 ggcgacagca tcttcctcga caactcgcag cagtattccg acttcaacgg tcccaacgag
   185581 aagtcctgga agctgcaata cgactacgac ttcgtcgccc tcggcctacc cggcctgagc
   185641 gcctcggcct cgtactcgcg cggcaagctg gacctgaccc gggtcgatcc ggacagcccc
   185701 ggctacggcg gctggtacag cgccgacggc aagaacgcca agcactggga acgcgacctc
   185761 gacctgcagt acgtggtcca gggcggtccg gccaaggacc tctcgctgcg cctgcgctgg
   185821 gccacccacc gcggcaccgg cggctacagc gcggtggaca acgacatcga cgaataccgg
   185881 gtgatcgtcg actatcccat cgacgtgctc tgagccccgc gcgctgggcc cttcgccggg
   185941 ctcagcgctg gcggaacagt tcgccgggag tgaagccgaa gagtcccttg aaggcggcga
   186001 tgtaggccga ggtcgagtcg tagccgctgt ccagggcggc gccggtgacg ctgtcgccgg
   186061 cttccagcgc gttgagcgag gcgagcaggc gctggcgttg gcgccagagc cggtagttca
   186121 tcccggtctc gcgctggaac aggcgcgaca gggtcttttc cgaggtgccc aggcgctgcg
   186181 cccagtcgcc catggtcagg ctctgggtcg gttcgtcgat cagtgcctgg cacagccgca
   186241 gcaggcgcgg ctcgcgcggc atcggcaggg agaaggcgac ctccggcagc agccgcaact
   186301 ggtccagcag cacctgcacc agccgcgatt cggcgctgtc gccctccggg tagtccaccg
   186361 gcaactcgca gaaactcttg atcagctcgc gcgccagcgg cgtcacctcc agcacccggc
   186421 aacgcgtcgg cgcccaggcg caggcgtcgc cacggatgta caggctgcgc atctcggcgc
   186481 gggtggaggt gaccacctcg tgttccagtt gcgccggaat ccagatcgcc cgctgcggcg
   186541 gggcgaagaa gctgccctcg gcggtatgca cgccgagcac gccgctgatg gcgtaggaaa
   186601 gctgcaccca ggcgtgccgg tggcgcgagg tccaggagcc ggcgcgcagg ctttcggcgc
   186661 gcgcgtagac cggccgtggc aggcgggcga gggtgggaat cgggcggtgc agttccgcag
   186721 gctgtccgtt catcgtcatg acttggcgtc gtgtcgctag tcggcagagt ctggcagggc
   186781 taacctgccg cctcaagttt cccggagccc acgccgatgc tcgacttctc cgcccacgcg
   186841 cttccctacg cctcgcaacg ttcgccggtc catgcccgcc gcggcatggt cgccacctcg
   186901 cagccgcagg cggcgcaggt cgggttggag atattgcgcc gtggcggcaa cgccatcgac
   186961 gcggcgatcg ccaccgccgc cgcgctgacg gtggtcgagc cgaccggctg cgggatcggc
   187021 ggcgacgcct tcgccctggt ctggacccgc ggccgcctgc acggcctgga cgccagcggg
   187081 cgcgcgccgg gcctgctcga tcgcgagcgg gtgcgcgccg ccggccacga gcggatgccg
   187141 ctgtacggct ggacgccggt caccgtgccg ggctgtccgg cggcctgggc cgaactgtcg
   187201 cggcgcttcg gcaaattgcc gttcgaacaa ctgctgcggc cggcgatcga gctggcccgc
   187261 gatggcttcc cggtctcgcc ggtgatcgcc cgcctgtggc aaagcggcct ggacaagttc
   187321 cgcgcggcgt tgccgcagcg gcccgagctg cgggcctggt tcgacgagtt cctcatcgac
   187381 ggccgggcgc cgcgcgccgg cgaggtgttc cgccagccgg gccaggccga caccctggac
   187441 gagctggcgc gcagccagtg cgaaagcttc tatcgcggcg agctggccag ggccatcgtc
   187501 ggccacgccg agcgcagcgg cggctacctg cgcgcggagg acctggccgg ctaccaggcg
   187561 aagtgggtcg aaccgatctc actgaactac cgtggctatg acgtctggga gattccgccg
   187621 agcggccagg gcctgatcgc cctgatgacc ctgaacatcc tcaagggctt cgaattcggc
   187681 gagcgcgact gcgcgcggac ctggcatcgc caactggagg cgatgaagct ggcgtacgtc
   187741 gacgggctgc actacatcag ccagccgcag tcgatgcggg tctcggtcga ggaactgctg
   187801 cacgaggact acgccgccag ccgccgtgcg ctgatcggcg agcgcgcgct cgatcccagc
   187861 cccggccagc cgaggccggg cggcacggtg tacctggcct gtggcgacga ggagggcaac
   187921 ctggtctcgt tcatccagag caactaccac ggcttcggct ccggcgtggt ggtgcccggc
   187981 accggcatcg ccttgcagaa ccgcggcgcc gagttcagcc tcgatccgga ccacgtgaat
   188041 tgcctggagc cgggcaagca gaccttccac accatcattc ccggtttcct cagcaaggac
   188101 ggcgtgccgc tcggcccgtt cggcgtgatg ggcgcctata tgcagccgca gggccacgtg
   188161 cagatggtga tgaacctggt ggacttcggc ctcaaccccc aggctgccct cgacgcgccg
   188221 cgctggcagt ggctgggcgg gctgcgtgtc ggcatcgaac atgccgcgcc gcgcgcgctg
   188281 gcggcggagc tggcgcagcg tgggcaccag gtggagatcg cctacgactc gaccagctac
   188341 gggcgcggcc agatcgtcct gcgcgacccg gccagcggcg tgctctgtgg cggcaccgag
   188401 ccgcgcaccg attcgcagat cgcggtgtgg tgaggggacc catgtgggtg aggcggggag
   188461 acctgtccgg cggataatgc ccaaggcgta tccaccctgc ggatggcgaa gcaagaagac
   188521 ccggcaggca taggctgcca ggcgacccgt actcgagcgc gctccgctac gcaacatcga
   188581 gagcgccttc tggatgtcat gccaccggag tctcccaggc cctggcgaat ttacgtccgg
   188641 gcgtcctgaa acccgacgaa aaaccccatt cggggatgaa ttccgcccgc cgtctctggc
   188701 atcatccgcg ccgcttctcg cccgaacgcc ggggcggtaa tgtgtagaaa gaccacgcac
   188761 tgttttgtgt acaaaagtct gctgattctt tttgtcacaa atcgtttttg tgtatccagt
   188821 tttcttcgcg ctgccaaccc aaagtcgagc acgcccctcc cgaccacgca ccagtgcaag
   188881 gcaaaaactg tcctttgggt caggtttttg ccgtcgtaga gaggttggag gcatttcgcc
   188941 gcctttgtcc aaaacactga aaaaacaggc gttcccttcg ccgcaggaaa cccggcgaag
   189001 cgcccgcgcc gtcttggctt cgttcttgct atccatggcg aggcctgacc gctcggacag
   189061 gttcgcccac tagaagaaaa gctattcact ccaggagcgt ttcaatgagc cgcacactcg
   189121 ccaccgtgat gctagccggg gggctactgg ccgcaggcca ggctgtcgcc gaagaccatg
   189181 acatgacgcc gacccacgag accgactcgg ggccgctgct ctggcacaac gagagcctga
   189241 cctacctcta cggcaagaac ttcaagatca acccgccgat ccagcagacc ttcaccctgg
   189301 aacatgccag cggctggacc tggggcgacc tgttcatctt cttcgaccag atcaactaca
   189361 acggcaagga agacgccagc aacggcaaga acacctacta cggcgagatc actccgcgcc
   189421 tgagcttcgg caagctcacc ggagcggacc tctccttcgg cccggtgaag gacgtgctgc
   189481 tggccggcac ctacgagttc ggcgaaggcg acaccgaggc ctacctgctc ggcccgggct
   189541 tcgacctggc gatccccggc ttcgactact tccagctcaa cttctactac cgcaagcccg
   189601 acggcaaccg cgtgcgcgcc ggcgcctggc agatcacccc ggtgtggtcc tacaccattc
   189661 cggtgggcaa ctccgacatc ctcatcgacg gctacatgga ctgggtgatc aacaacaaga
   189721 gcgccagcac cagccgccgc aaccagagcg actatcacgc caacctgcac ttcaacccac
   189781 aggtcaagta cgacctgggc aaggccctcg gctacgagcc taagcacctg tacgtgggcc
   189841 tggagtacga ctactggtcc gacaagtacg gtgtgaagga ctcgcagtac ttcaccaccg
   189901 accagaacac cgcaagcttc ctggtcaagt accacttctg agtccgtcgc gcggggctgc
   189961 cggccgggcc ccgccagcgc gccccgtcat tgcgcgccgt gcatcggcac ggtgcgcgac
   190021 ggtcgccttc ttcgtccttg cgtttgcctc ccgttgtccg ctcgacccac gccgggcgcg
   190081 ccttgcagcc tgagcggcag gaataagctg atcacctgga cagctttttg cagaagccgt
   190141 gcatcctcct cgccgcccga ggagcgccac cctgagacgg ccccgatgca cagcgaagac
   190201 caacgcccca acgacctaat ctacggcctc gacgaccggc cgcgcccgct tcccgccttc
   190261 cttgccgcgc tacagcacgt gctggccagc ttcgtcggca tcgtcactcc gccgctggtg
   190321 atcggctcgc tgctcggcct cggcgagcac ctgccgtacc tgatcagcat ggcgctgatg
   190381 gtttccggcg ccggcaccct gatccaggcg cgccggccgt tcggcatcgg cgccgggatg
   190441 atctgcctgc aaggcaccag cttcgccttc ctcggcgccg tgctggccgc cgggatgctg
   190501 gtgaagcagc gcggcggcgg tcccgaggag atcctcgcga tgatcttcgg cgtgtgcttc
   190561 ttcggcgcct tcgtgcagat cgtcctcagt cgtttcctcg gccatcttcg ccgggtgatc
   190621 acgccgctgg tcaccggcat cgtcatcacc ctgatcggcg tcagcctgat caaggtcggc
   190681 atcaccgacc tcggcggcgg agccggggcc acggacttcg gcgcaccggc caatctcgcg
   190741 ctgggcgcgc tggtgctgct gagcatcgtc ctgctgaacc gctcgcgcct gccctggctg
   190801 cgcctggccg ccatcgtcat cggcctggcg ctgggtaccc tggcggcctg ggcgaccggc
   190861 ctgttcgttc cgcgggcgtt gcccgagctg ccgctggtca gcctgccgca gccgttccgc
   190921 ttcggcttcg ccttcgactg gatggccttc ctgccggtgg cgctgatcta cctgatcagc
   190981 agcatcgaga cggtcggcga tctgaccgcc aactgcatgc tctcgcggca gcccctggag
   191041 ggaccggcgt acctgcagcg gttgcgcggc ggggtgctcg gcgacggcgt cagttgcctg
   191101 ctggcagcca ccttcagcgc cttcccgaac accaccttcg cgcagaacaa cggggtgatc
   191161 cagctcaccg gggtggccag ccggcacgtc gggatctata tcggcggcgt gttgctggcg
   191221 ctcggcctgt tcccctgggt cggcgcgatc ctccagcaga tccccaagcc ggtgctcggt
   191281 ggcgccaccc tggtgatgtt cggcagcgtc gccgccgccg gcatccgcat tctcggccag
   191341 accccgatgg accgccgcag cgtgctgatc atcgccgcct cgttcggcgt cggcctcggc
   191401 gtggccgcgc agccgaccct gctcgaccag atgccggcgg tggtgaagac cctgttcgac
   191461 tcggcgatca ccagcggcgg catcaccgcc atcctgctca acctgctgct gcccgaggag
   191521 cgcgttgccg aagcggcgca ggccagcgcg aagggcggcg ccctggcgcg ctggcgcaag
   191581 ccgctgggtt gatacgggcg tttgcaaatt tttccgcgcc tggcttgtgt cccgcggccg
   191641 ggctggggta tcaacgcggg gatcacgccg atggaaacct gcgcatgacc ctgacagtgc
   191701 ccgcccacga cccggccgcc cgcgacaagc cggccgggcg catccgccag aagaacgagg
   191761 aggcgatcct cgccgcggcc gaggaggagt tcgcccgcca cggcttcaag ggcaccagca
   191821 tgaacaccat cgcgcagaac gtcggcctgc ccaaggccaa cctgcactac tacttcggca
   191881 acaagctggg cctctacacg gcggtgctga gcaacatcct cgaactctgg gacagtacct
   191941 tcaacaccct cggcgtcgac gacgatccgg ccgaggcgct ggcccgctac atccgcgcca
   192001 agatggagtt ctcccgccgc tacccgctgg cctcgcggat cttcgccatg gagatcatca
   192061 gcggcggcga gtgcctcacc gcgcatttca accaggacta ccgcagctgg ttccgcggcc
   192121 gcgccgcggt attcgaggcc tggatcgccg ccggccggat ggacccggtg gatcccgtgc
   192181 acctgatctt cctgctctgg ggcagcaccc agcactacgc cgacttcgcc agccagatcg
   192241 gcctggtcac cggccgcaag cgcatgtcca ggcaggactt cgccgccgcc gccgacaacc
   192301 tggtgcggat catcctcaag ggctgcggac tgaccccgcc ggcggcctga acgcgatgcc
   192361 gagcaccctg caaggcctcg ccgaataccg cgaggaaatc cgcaagagcc gcttccacac
   192421 catcgccgcg ccggtggccg acgaggacga ggcgcaggcg ttcatcgccg cccaccgcga
   192481 cgcttccgcc ggacacaact gctgggcctg gaagtgcggc gcgcagtacc gcttcagcga
   192541 cgacggcgaa cccggcggca gcgccgggcg gccgatcctg gcggccatcg agggacagga
   192601 catggactgc gtggcggtgc tggtcagccg ctggttcggt ggcatcaagc tcggcaccgg
   192661 cggcctcgcc cgcgcctatg gcggcggcgc ggccaagtgc ctgcagcagg cgccgcgcag
   192721 cgagctggtc gagcgctgtc gggtgcgctt cgcctgtgcc ttcgccgacc acgcgctgct
   192781 caaggcgcgc agcctggcgc tgggcgccag cgtggcggcc gaagactacg gcgccgacgg
   192841 cgtcgtcctg accctggagt tgccggtggc gcgcttcgag gcgcttcagg cgctgctggt
   192901 ggacctcagc cgaggccagg tgcggctgca gcggctggac gcctgaggag gctcagcgcg
   192961 ctggagccgg gcgggaaggg gcaggaagcg gcgggagcgc ggcgaacacg catttgtcgc
   193021 ggccgctgcg cttggcgtcg agcagtgcgg cgtcggcgcg attgacggtc tgcgaatagg
   193081 tttcgccgat gcggtgttcg gtaacgccga cgctggcggt gacgctcagc gcctcggtgc
   193141 cgacgcgtac cgccagggtc cgtacgctgt cgcgcacccg ctcgagtacc gggccggcgt
   193201 cctgcaggcg ggtctgtggc agcagcagga ggaattcctc gccgccccag cggccgcaga
   193261 ggtcgtattc gcgtagctcg gactccatgg cccgggcgat ttccaccagc acccggtcac
   193321 cgctgtcgtg gccccaggta tcgttgacct gcttgaagaa gtccacatcg agcattgcca
   193381 gcacgtagct ctggccgtgg cgctgggagc gttcgttctc ctccctgagg cgctccagca
   193441 gcatgcgtcg gttgggcagg ccggtcagcg ggtcgcggat cgaggcttcc ttcagcgcca
   193501 ggttgaggtc gcgcatcatc tgctggtagc ggtcggagat ccgcgccacc ttttccaggc
   193561 gccgcagctg cttgtggtag cgctcggaca gcgacaggtt ctgctcccgc gccatcgact
   193621 ggaatccgtc ggagatccgg gcgatgcgct ccagccgcac cagttgctcc agcgattgct
   193681 ggcgcaggcg ggccagcgcc tggtgcagcg gatgcccgtg gaactgcgga tcggccagca
   193741 ggccgtcgat ccaggcgtcc agttcgcgtt cgcggctcat cgtcggctac tcgtcgtggg
   193801 cctggatggc gaaggggaag ctgcagtcct cgcggaactc ctcggccagc tcggcgaccc
   193861 gttcgttgcg ccggtcgtag tgccagcgca ggctgaccgg gcgaccgccc tggtgggcct
   193921 cttcgagcag gtcgaggatg tccatcatgg ccttgatcga actggtgttc aggtacagca
   193981 ggcgcaggtc cagttccagc ggccgctgcc cggcggcgag gaagcgctcg acccagtcga
   194041 tcacctggcc gaacagttca taggagtttt ccgggtagga atcgccttgc atggacaggc
   194101 gtccggcctg ccagtcgccc tggatggcgg gcgtggactg ggtgccgggt atgtgcaggt
   194161 cactcatgat ggtgttcttc ctaaaacacg gggtcagatc acggcgcgca ggctgaagaa
   194221 ggcgcgcccg tcgggctgtt ccttcagcga tgcggccagt ggttcgctgg acttgcgggc
   194281 gatgtccagc aggccgagac cggctccgct ggcgcagccg ctgtcgcgcg ggcggcgtag
   194341 ctgctccttg taggcggcct tgagggcggc cttgtcgagg ttggcgatgg cctggatgct
   194401 gcgcaccagg ctctggccgt cgtcgcgttc caccaggttg ccggcggaca ccacgtagtg
   194461 gccgtcctcg ttgcgggcga tggctaccgt ggccgccgcc tcgtgttcgc cgtagccctt
   194521 gagattggcg tagtggcgga tgttctgggt catctcgatg tacaccgcga agacgtccat
   194581 cgcttcgctc ggcttggcct gttcggcgtg caggtagttg cgcagcgcgt ggcctatctc
   194641 ctcgatcagg ctgcgcgaga tcggtccgtt gaagcagagc aggatgcgtt ggcgggtgta
   194701 gctttcacgc atggccagca ggtctagcgt ttccatgggt gcccctagtc gaatcggaag
   194761 gacaggatgg tgatgtcgtc gcgttgcggg tgctcgccct ggtactcggc gagcgtcgcc
   194821 acgaaggcct cggcctgctc ggggagcggc tgccgcgcgt ggtcgcggag catgtcggcg
   194881 aagcgccggc tgccgaagcc gaagccgtgt tcgccgccgg cctggtcgag gaaaccgtcg
   194941 gtgctcaggt agaaggtcca gcccggcgcc agcggtacct cgatgttgcg gtagtcgcca
   195001 cggcgcttgt cgccgatcgc ccggcgcgcg cccttgagtt cctggacctc ctcgccgtcg
   195061 ctggcgtaca gcgagatctt cgccccggcg aaggccagct ggcggcgccg gcggtcgacc
   195121 cagaccagcc cggcatccat gttggtggcc agcgcctggg ggatctgctc ctggctgagc
   195181 atgctgcgca tcgcctggtc ggtctcgccg aggatcgccg ccgggtcgcg gctgcccacc
   195241 gcctcgatgg cgtggtcgat ggcggcgcgg gcgagcatgg tcatcagcgc gccgggcacg
   195301 ccgtgaccgg cgcagtcgac cacgccgatc aggtagccgt cggcctgctc gcggtacacg
   195361 tagaagtcgc cgccgaccac gtcgcgcggt ttccacagga tgaagtgatg ctcgccgagg
   195421 gtggcgctga gctggcggtc ggggaggatc gcgcgctgga tcaggctggc atagtcgagg
   195481 ctgtcgccga tcttcttctg cgcggcggcc atctcgcggt tggcttcctc cagcgcctgg
   195541 gtgcgctcct ggaccttgtc ttccagctcg gcggtgtgcc ggcggacctg gtcggccatg
   195601 ctggcgaagg ccttcgacag cgagccgatc tcgtcctggc gcgccagcgg cagcggcgtg
   195661 tcgtagcgcc cggcggcgat cgccttggcc gagcgcttga ggctgcgcag ggggcgcaac
   195721 agcaggcgct cgacggcata ggcgaagccc agcagcaggg ccaccagcaa cagcaggaac
   195781 gtgcccgcca gcggccaaag ccagcggttg tcgaggacct gggcggcgtg caggtcgacg
   195841 gcggtgagca cgtaccagcg cagttgggga atgtaggcca cggcgaagag ttgcttgcgg
   195901 ccgtcgaggc cggcccacag gcagtgcacc gagccggcct tggcgcgggc caggcgcatg
   195961 gcctcgcgca gggcgtcgcg ctgttccggc tggtcgagca ggtcgaacac ccggtggcgt
   196021 tcgctggcgc cgccggcggc ggagctgtag gcgatcaggc ggcggtccgg gtgggcctgg
   196081 atggcgccgt cgtcgccgac gatcatcggc gtcacgcccg gctcgcgggc gatgatgaag
   196141 tcgtcgagga agccgctcag gtccaggccg ctgccggcca ggccgatggg ccggccctgg
   196201 tcgcggatca ccaggttgaa ccagaccttg gtcaggttca gcttgctgtc gacattgacg
   196261 ttgatgttgt aggcggcgct gttgcgcagg gtattgaagt accaggcgtc ttccaggtcg
   196321 ccggcctcca gggtgtagcg cggccgttcg ctgtagggtt ggcggccgtc gttgaagtag
   196381 tagtggtggg agccgctggc gatgatgaag taggcgtggt cgcggaagtc gccgcggtag
   196441 ccctcggcct cgcggaagaa cagcgcgcgg cgcgccgggt cgtcttcctt cagcagccag
   196501 tcgcgggtca ccaccgattc ggcgaaacgg cgcgacaacg ccagttcgcg ggagaccggg
   196561 gcgaggatct tctgccggtg cagcagggtg aagttcttcg cgtaggccag gccgaagtgc
   196621 gtacggatgt cgtccatcgc gcgccagccc agcagcaccg ccgggaccag tgccagggca
   196681 caggccagca acagcgccac caccgatttg ccgcgcaacc cccagttcgc cgccatggct
   196741 atccctatca gtttctcgcc cggcccgcgg ccgaaatcat ggatcgaaag cgtgtgtcga
   196801 acttttggcg aaagggccaa ttgtgcagat gtgcattatt tcaggcaacg taatttggtt
   196861 ttatttcgcc attaatttga cgtcacaatg atggcgagca ggcaaaggcc cgtggttcgg
   196921 gcctgtcgtc ggcggggtct cggcggggga ggttgcgggg gggcggcgaa aaagcgcagc
   196981 gggccggcca gaatcccgct cagaggcggt tgccgctgcc gcgccgggcg gcttgctgga
   197041 gcagcgcggc ggcgatccgt tcgagcggca gcacgtcttc cgcggcgccc agttccaccg
   197101 cttcgcgggg catgccgtag accacgcagg tagcctcgtc ctgggccagg gtgtagccgc
   197161 cggcctggcg gatcgccagg agcccgcgcg cgccgtcctt gcccatgccg gtgagcaggc
   197221 cggcgagcag gttgcgcccg gcgcagcgag ccagcgactc gaacatcacg tccactgccg
   197281 ggcggtggcc gttgacctgc gcctggcggt tcaaacgcac cacgtagttg gcgccggagc
   197341 gctgcacctc catgtggtgg tcgcccggcg cgaccagggc gtggccgggc agtatgcggt
   197401 cgccgtcgcg cgcttcgctg acgctgagcc gggtcaggcg atccaggcgc tcggcgaagc
   197461 tgcgggtgaa gccgggaggc atgtgctggg tgatgaccac cccgggactg tgcgccggca
   197521 ggccgagcag cacttccttg agcgcctcgg tgccgccggt ggaggcgccg agggcgatga
   197581 tcttctcggt gctgagcagc ggcgccgcgc tttccggcgg cgccggcgcg tccgccgcac
   197641 ggcggcgcag gcgggcgcgg gcgacggtct tgagcttggc gcggatttcc tcggcatagg
   197701 cctgcatgcc ttcggcgatg cccagccggg gcttggcgat gaagtccacc gcgcccagtt
   197761 ccagcgcgcg cagggtggct tcggaaccgc gctcggtgag cgaggagatc atcagcaccg
   197821 gggtcggccg cgccttcatc agcttgtcga ggaaggtcag gccgtccatt cgcggcattt
   197881 ccacgtcgag gctgatcacg tccggcgcgt gctgcttgat caggtcgcgg gcgacgaagg
   197941 cgtccggcgc gcagccgacc aggcgcagct ccgggtcggc ctggatgatc tccttgagca
   198001 ggctgcggat cagggcggaa tcgtcgacga ccaggacact gatgggcatg gcgggctctc
   198061 ccggagagtc agaacaggtc gatggggccg ccgtccgcgt tgcggtcgat acggcggcgg
   198121 tagtcgcgtt cacgctgcag cacggtgtcg ttcttcagct ccaccaggga cttcaccagg
   198181 acccggccat tgcgcgggaa gaagtagatc ttgcgcggga aggcctccag cacgtcgctg
   198241 gcgagcagcg ggatacgctc ggtggccagg tagtcgaggg tgaactcgac gttgcgctgg
   198301 ccgatggcgg cgctgatctg gcgcagtacc gagccgccgc cgaagacctt ggcctgcagg
   198361 cgctcgcggc tggcgccgag ggccagcatg cggttgatca gcagttccat ggcgtggctg
   198421 ccgtagcgcg ccgacggcga ggccgggtcg ccgccgaggc cgcgctcggg gagcatgaag
   198481 tggttcatcc cggcgatgcc gttgagcggg tcgcgcaggc acaccgagac gcaggagccg
   198541 agcacggtga cgatcaccag gtcttcgccg ctggcgaagt attcgccggg caacagcttc
   198601 accgcatcgc aggcgaagta cggatcgtag tagcggttca gcggcgcgcc ttcccgggcc
   198661 tggagattca tcgcgatcag gccgggctgt agacggtctg gccgacggag cgcaccaggt
   198721 ggctggcgtg gacgaagttc tccgaatgcc cggcgaagaa caggccctcc ggccgcagca
   198781 gggccaccat gcgttccagc aggcgggtct gggtcggctt gtcgaagtag atcatcacgt
   198841 tgcggcagaa gatcgcgtcg agttccccgg cgatcgacca gtctgcctcc agcaggttga
   198901 tctggcggaa ctccaccagt tgccgcagtt cctccaccac ccgcgccttg ccggcgttgg
   198961 gcccggtgcc gcggaggaag aagcgtttct tcagcggcgc cggcatctgc tccaggcgct
   199021 ccagcggata gacgccctgg cgggcgcagt cgagcacccc ggtatcgatg tccgaggcga
   199081 cgatcttcac cggcggatcg aagctgccca gcgcctccac cagggtgatg gcgatcgaat
   199141 agggttcctc gccggtactc gccgccgccg accagatgcg cagcgggcga tgccgctgca
   199201 actggcggcg ggcgaggtcg gcgagcaggg ggaagtggtg gcgttcgcgg aagaatgcgg
   199261 tgaggttggt ggtcagcgcg ttgacgaaca actgctgctc gcccggctcg cggtcgaggt
   199321 gggtgaaata ttcggcgaag ctgccgagcc gcagcaggcg caggcgccgc gagaggcggc
   199381 tatagaccag ttgcgccttg ctctcggcca ggctgatgcc ggtcagccgg tagagccgct
   199441 cgcgtacttg ctggaagtcc tcgcgggtgt agtggaactc ctggttgccg aacaccggcg
   199501 aaggcgtgga ggtgggcatt ggcgtcgggt ttccctggtc gaccctaagg gcttgccgcc
   199561 ctccgcctgg cggaggcgcg gcgtggtctc agaactcttc ccagccgtct tccttgcgcg
   199621 ccttgctggc ccgcgccatg ccgctgcggg ccagcggcgc cggcgcgctg gggcgtggcg
   199681 cggacggccg cgcgctggcg agctggacca cgctcggcgg agtgtccagc ctgaacaccg
   199741 ccaccgactg gttgagcagg cccgcctgct cctgcatggc ctcggccgcg gccgcggctt
   199801 cctccaccag cgcggcgttc tgctgggtca tgtcgtccat ctgcgagacc gcgctgttca
   199861 cctcttcgat gccggtgctc tgctcggcgg aggcggcggc gatctccgac atgatgtcgg
   199921 tgacccggcg gatcgccacc acgatgtcgc tcatggtctg tccggcctgg gccaccaggg
   199981 tgttgccgtt ctccaccttg tccaccgagt cggagatcag cgtcttgatc tctttggccg
   200041 cggcggcgga acgctgggcg agggtgcgca cttccccggc gaccaccgcg aagccgcggc
   200101 cctgctcgcc ggcgcgggct gcctcgaccg cggcgttgag ggcgaggatg ttggtctgga
   200161 aggcgatgcc gtcgatcacc ccgatgatgt cggcgatctt gcgcgccgac tcgttgatcg
   200221 aggacatggt gctgaccacc ttctgcacca cggtgccgcc ctgggtcgcc acttccgagg
   200281 cattggccgc cagcgagttg gcctggcggg cattctcggc gttgagcttc accgtgctgg
   200341 tcagttcttc catgctcgag gcggtttcct ccaggctcga cgcctgctgc tcggtgcgcg
   200401 ccgacagttc ggcgttgccg ctggcgatct cgctggcggc ggtgttgatg gtgtcggcgg
   200461 cctcgcgaat ctgcccgagc atccgcgaca ggctttgtgc ggtgtcgttg gagaaatcct
   200521 tgagctggcc gaaggtgccc tggtagtcgg cctcgatgcg ctgggtgagg tcgccctggg
   200581 ccagcgcccc gagcatccgc gagacgtcgc gcaagccgcg gtcggcggta tccaccaggc
   200641 tgttcaggtc cttcgccagc ctgaggaaga agccttcctt gccggcctcc tcgacgcgct
   200701 tgctgaagtc gccggccgcc gccgcctgca ccagttgcga gacttcctgc tcggcgcggt
   200761 gttcctcggt gcggtcggtc cattgcacgg cggagccgag gcgttcgttg gcgtcgttga
   200821 acactggcac cacgtcgagg gagaagcgcc ggccgccgag gttgagctcg gccttgtgca
   200881 cgccggtgag gttggccagc aggtgccgct ggtgcgccgg attcttgtgg aacacgtcga
   200941 tgttggcgcc catcaggcgg ccggcgtcga agttcggcag ttgcttgcgg atatccgctt
   201001 cggcgcgacc gagcatctcg ctgacggtgc ggttcatgta gatgatgttg agatcgttgt
   201061 cggcgatcat cacgttggcc gagacgttgt ccagcgcgct cttgatccgc gcgttgtagg
   201121 ccgccgtggc cagttgcgcc gaggtcgcct cggcggcccc gcgcaggcgt tcgcgaacgc
   201181 cgtcgatggc ttcggtgatc tgcgccttct tgcccggcag gcggtccatc agcggctcga
   201241 agttgccctg gccgtaggcg gtgaccacgc tgaccacctt catcttcacc gcgatgtgcg
   201301 cggccaccag ttcgttgacg cccttggcga tgcgcgccgc gcgaccttcc aggcgttcgg
   201361 cgggaatcgt ctggtcgatc cagccggctt cgtgctggcg gctcatctcc gccagccccg
   201421 cctccaggct ttccacctgc tggagttcgg cgcgttgttc gcgcagttgc cgctgcagcg
   201481 cccgcaggct gtcgtagaga cgctcgtagc cgggcgccgg ggcctcgccg acggcggtgt
   201541 cgagctggcc gtcggcgaac gactggagga gcgtggcgat ccggtcggcg cgttgctgcg
   201601 ccaccgcatg tgcattgaac agacccattt cgatatcccc tgcctatccc tcgttggcgc
   201661 cgctcaggcc gcggcttcgt cgaccagcgc catttcgcgg ctggtcatca gtctctcgat
   201721 gtccaccagg atcaacatgc gctcgcccgc ggtggccagg ccgagcaggt attcggtgtc
   201781 gaagctggcg ccgaactccg gcggcggcct gatcgcgtcg ccgcccagtg cgatcacgtc
   201841 ggataccgag tccaccacca cgccgacgat gcgccggccg atgttgagga tgatcaccac
   201901 ggtgaacggg tcgtaggtga cctcggcgag gtggaacttg atgcgcaggt cgacgatcgg
   201961 cacgatcgcc ccgcgcaggt tgatcacgcc cttgatgaag ggcggcgcgt tggcgatcgc
   202021 ggtgacctgg tcgtagccgc ggatctcctg cacgcggagg atgtcgatgg cgtactcctc
   202081 gcggcccagg gtgaaggtca ggtattcctg cgccgggccg ttcgcctggc ttgcctcagg
   202141 gccgttcatc ggcggtgtcc tcccgcgccg ccaggcgtgg cagcgcatcg acgtcgagaa
   202201 tcagggcgac gctgccgtcg cccatgatgg tggcgccggc gataccctcc acacggcgaa
   202261 aattctgttc caggctcttg atcaccacct gctgctggcc gaccagttcg tccacctgca
   202321 gggcgaagct gcgcccctcg gactcgagga tcaccacgat gccctgctcc ggcgccggcg
   202381 cttcgccgcc gatgcgcaac agctcgtgca ggctgaacag cggcaggtac tcgccgcgta
   202441 cgcggatcat cgcgttgtct tcgccgccga ggccgcgcac gtcgtcgctg cgcgcctgca
   202501 gcgactcgac gatgtaggtc agcggaatca cgtagttgac cgcttcgacg gcgacgatca
   202561 ggccgtcgag gatcgccagg gtcagcggca ggcggatgcc gatgcgagtg cccatgccgg
   202621 gcgccgagtc gatgtcgatg cgcccgccca tggcaccgat gttgcgcttc accacgtcca
   202681 tgccgacgcc gcgtccggac agctcggtga ccgcctcggc ggtggagaag ccgggcatga
   202741 acaccagttg ccagacctcg gcgtcgctca tcccgtcatg caccggcagg ttgcgctcgc
   202801 gggccttggc gaggatacgc ggacgcgaca ggccgcgacc gtcgtcggaa acctccacca
   202861 ccacgctgcc gccctggtgg ctggcggcga gcttcaccgt gccgctcgcc ggcttgccgg
   202921 cggcgaggcg ttcggcgggc gtttcgatgc cgtggtcgat gctgttgcgg acgatgtggg
   202981 tgagcggatc gctgagtttc tcgatcacgc tcttgtccag ttcggtgtgc tcgccgtgca
   203041 ggtgcagctc gacctgcttg cccaggcgcg tggcggtgtc gcgcaccagc ctggggaagc
   203101 ggctgaagat gaagttgatc ggcagcatgc ggatcgacat caccgactcc tgcaggtcgc
   203161 gggtgttgtg ttcgagctgg gccagggcgt gctgcaggcg ctcgtggcgg ctcgggtcga
   203221 gctgctcgcc gagctggccg agcatggcct gggtgatcac cagttcgccg accaggttga
   203281 tcaggctgtc gatcttttcc acgctgaccc ggatcgagcc ggactcgccg tcgccacgca
   203341 ctggcgcgac tgcgcccctg gccgtcgcgg cgacggcttg cgcgggcgca ctgggcgcgg
   203401 cggggctgcc gggggcgccg tcgaacaggc cgaaggcgcg ttcctccgcc ggtggggaac
   203461 ccggtgcctc atcgaagagg ccgaacgctt cgctcgcggc cggtgcgccg ggcgcctcgt
   203521 cgaagagccc gaacgcttcc ggcgcggccg ctcgttccgg agcgcccggg ccttcgtcga
   203581 agaagccgaa ggcatcgtcg tccgcggttt ccctggcggg cgcgtcgtcg aacaggccga
   203641 agccttcctc cgccgcttcc tgctccggca cccgcagcca gccgcgcagc cgctcgaccg
   203701 tctccagcaa cggcaccccg gggtcgggac tgccgctgcg atgggcgtcg agcaggcgct
   203761 gcaacacgtc gcgggcttcg aggaaggaac tgatcatgtc cggccgcagg tgcatctggc
   203821 cgcagcggat gcggtcgagc agggtctcca gttcgtgggt gacggcggtg atgtcgtcga
   203881 aaccgaacat tccgctggaa cccttgatcg aatgcgcggc gcggaagatg ccgtgcagcg
   203941 tctcgctgtc cggccggtcc aggtcgagac cgatcaggag gagttcgagg gtggccaggt
   204001 gttcctcggt ttcctcgaag aacacctgga gaaactggct catatcctgg ggcatgggac
   204061 ctcccccgcg ggggaacggg aatcagggca ggaccttgcg cgtcacttcg agcagtttcg
   204121 gcgggtcgaa cggcttcacc agccagccgg tggcgccggc gctacgcccc tgctgcttca
   204181 tcgcgtcgct cgattcggtg gtcagcatga ggatcggcac gctgcggtag ccggccaggt
   204241 tacgcaggct gcggatcagc gacaggccgt ccatgttcgg catgttctgg tcggtgaaca
   204301 ccaggctgta gctcttgctc tgggccttgc cgaggccttc cttgccgtcc gcggcctcgt
   204361 ccacctcgta gccggcggac ttcagggtga agctcagcat ctggcggata gacgccgagt
   204421 cgtcgacgat cagaatcggt ttgcccatgg tcttgcgtcc tcacggtgtc cctaccgcag
   204481 cgccaagctc ggcggcgaag gtggtgtgtg ccaggtggct gtgacggagg gctctgatgg
   204541 ccctttgcta gttccagtaa agacaatgtc cggtggattt caattattgg cgccggtttc
   204601 tcgtcggata gttatccggt tagacggatt ggctatcgat acccctcaga acaattccac
   204661 ttcgcccacg ttgacgctgt tctggctcac cgggctgggc aagggccggc gcagttcctc
   204721 gacctcccgc gcgacccgtt cgggccattc ctggcgcggc cgcgcctcca gcgcgccgag
   204781 gccgagggcg aaggcgccaa gacgcgcatg gtgcttgcgc atctggccga gcaactggct
   204841 gcccatgtcc tggaattgca gggcggtgac cgccgcgtcg acgccctggc cgacttccag
   204901 cgagagccgg tccagttcgt ggatgacctt cagggtgtgc cggttcatgg cctccaggtc
   204961 atcgagcatg ccctggatct tgtgcttgga atcgagggcg aaggacatgt ccttgtcggc
   205021 cagttgcgag atcgcgctct cggcgtcctg gatctcgtgg tggaccacgt cgacgtgctt
   205081 gcggatggcg gcggaaaact ccgtggagcg ggtcgacagc gcgcgcactt catcggcgac
   205141 cacggcgaag ccgcggccgc tctcgccggc tcgggcggcc tcgatggcag cgttgagggc
   205201 gagcaggttg gtctgcttgg cgatggcgtc catgtcctgg gtcgactgca ggatctcggt
   205261 gatcttcagc cgcacctggt ccatgcgttc caccagttgc tgcgaggtcc ggctggtttc
   205321 cagggtagcc tcgacgaaca ggctgagggt ctgctgggtg gtcctgacga agtcctggaa
   205381 gttgatgcct tcgtcgacct ggccgcgccc gtcgtagcgc tcgatcagcg aatgggacag
   205441 gccgcgctgg gtatcgatgc gttcggcgag gccgtggaag ctgtcgctga gctggcggat
   205501 cgccgaatgc agcagttcgt cgatctgccg ggcgtgaccg tccagttgcg cggtttcgtc
   205561 ggcgagcgcc cgttgcgccg cgctccaggc cggcgaagcg gcatccgcct gcgggttggc
   205621 attcgctacc gcttgccgag gggcgcgcag gaggaggacg agcatggcca ggctggcgaa
   205681 ccaaccgagc gccaggacca gccagacgcc gaggccgacg gcatgcagcc cggcgcacaa
   205741 cgcccagggt agggaaagca ggcccagctt cagcagcagg ggccgggatg gtaacgaaac
   205801 accgagggac tcgcgcatgc tgcactccat gtgccggatc ggagcagggt ttccaggcgg
   205861 tccctcggga ccgtgcggaa gacgccttcc aagctcgtcg gcggcgtttt ctaaaactag
   205921 agtcccaatc ggtaatgtca aactgccgtt tttccggcga ggccggtgcc agggcctttt
   205981 cccgtttgcc gaggcgacgg atggctggcg ctagccggtt gggaaggcgg agaagcgccg
   206041 ggccaggtcc tggcggcgga agtagtcgac gacgaagtcg acgaagaccc gggtcttggc
   206101 cggtagcagc ttattcgccg cgtagtagag gctggtgttg ccggcgtcga cgtaccagtc
   206161 cggcaggacc cgcaccaggg cgccggactc caggtaggca taggcgtgct gcatgcatac
   206221 cagggtgatg cccaggccca tggcggcgac ctcgcaggtg gcttccgggt cgctcatggt
   206281 catgcgttcg cgcagctcga tcggcgcctc ctcgccgttg cgccggcgca gcggccagga
   206341 gcgcacgcgg ccggtctgcg gcgagcggat gcggatcccg tcgaagccgc ccaggtcgcc
   206401 tggatggcgg attggcggct tgtcgcggag gtaggcgggc gaggcgagga ggatcaggtg
   206461 gcccggcgtc aggttgcgcg ccaccacccc gggcggcagt tcgaaaccac cgccgatggc
   206521 ggcgtcgaag ccttcgccga tgaggtcgac ctggcgattg tcgaaatgcc agtcgggcac
   206581 gatgtcggga tagcgttcga ggaactcgcc gagcagcggc aggatgtagt cgcggccgaa
   206641 ggccagcccc atgctgacct tcaacgtgcc gctgggttgg ttgccgacgc tggagacgtt
   206701 ggcgagagcg gtctggatgc cctccaggct gccgccgacc tcttgcagga aacgctcccc
   206761 ggcttcggtc agggtcaggc gccgggtgct gcgctggaac aggcgcacgc cgaggttgct
   206821 ttccaggcgg gcgacgttct tgcccacccc ggccggcgtc aggcccaggc gcctggcggc
   206881 ctcggcgaag ctaccggcct cggcgctgcg gacgaagcac tggatgttgc tgagggtttc
   206941 catgggaaag ggcccgcata aaccattggt atcggctgaa tatagcgatt acccgctacc
   207001 aggtctgcaa tggacgacgg aaactcgggg cctgtctatc cactccgatg gagatttcca
   207061 tgtccgtatc ctctgcatcc ctcgccggca aagtcgcctt cgtccagggc ggttcccgcg
   207121 gcatcggcgc cgccatcgtt cgtcggctgg ccgccgaagg cgccagcgtc gccttcacct
   207181 acgtcagctc ggcggacaag tcccgggccc tggcggccga actcgaaggc gccggagcca
   207241 gcatcctggc cctgcatgcc gatagcgccg acgcggcggc gctcgtcgcc gccgtcgacg
   207301 aagcggcggc tcgcttcgga cgcatcgaca tcctggtcaa caatgccgcc gtcctcgccc
   207361 tcggttcggt ggaagagctg ccgctggccg acttcgagcg gaccttggcg atcaacgtgc
   207421 gcagcgtctt cgtcgccacc caggcggcgg tcaagcacat gggcgacggc gggcgggtga
   207481 tcagcatcgg cagcaccaat gccgaacgca tgccgttcgc cggcggcgcc acctacgcga
   207541 tgagcaagtc ggcgctggtc ggcctgacca agggcctggc ccgcgacctc ggcccgcgcg
   207601 ggatcacggt gaacaacgtg cagccgggtc cggtggatac cgacatgaac ccggacgacg
   207661 gcgacttcgc cgaggccctc aagggcctga tggcgctgcc gcgctacgcc cgcagcgagg
   207721 aaatcgccag cttcgtcgcc tacctggccg ggccggaagc ggcctacatc accggggcca
   207781 gcctgaccat cgatggcggt ttctcggcct gacccgggtc gcctcgttcc acccggcgaa
   207841 gtagcccctc tccccgacct tctggccaga cgttccctcc tgaagggaga gggcgagggg
   207901 agaggttccg cttatcgcac caggaaaggc gaagccccct ctacgacacc ggtctcgctg
   207961 acgtatcgct tccaatgctc gatcagctcc gccagcttgc ccggctggct gtcagcgagg
   208021 tcgtggatct cgcccgggtc gcgggccagg tcgtagagct gccaggtggc cgggcccacc
   208081 ggggccggca ggtacaccgc cttccagtcg ccctggcgga tcgcacgcat gccgaacagc
   208141 tcccagccgg tcacggtgtt ctcgtcgtgg gccgcctcgg tctcgccgga aagccaaccc
   208201 agccaagacc tgccgcgcgg ctcggcgatc tcgcggccgc gccagcgctt gcctgggtgg
   208261 cggacaccgg cgaggtcgag gatggtcggg gtgacgtcca tcaccgtggc gaaggcatgg
   208321 ctgatcgcac cctgccggct tagccgcggg tagcgcacca gcgctggcac gcgaatcccg
   208381 ccctgggtgg tgaatgcctt gtacaggcgc gatggtgcgg tggccgcctg ggcccagcgc
   208441 gggccatacc agacgtagga attggcgcgg ccgatgtttt ccaggctgtt gtcgtagtgc
   208501 cggtcgagaa agcccagcag gtccgggccg aatttcggga acgcctccag cagggcgcct
   208561 tcggcgccgt tgtcggacat gaacaggacg aaggtgttgt ccagctcgcc ctgccggcgc
   208621 aggtagtcca cgaccctgcc gatgttccag tccatgcgct cgaccatcgc cgcatagacc
   208681 tccatcgccc gcgccgattt agcccgttcc tcgtcctcca gggcctccca ctcgcgggtc
   208741 agggcgagca ccggatgggc ttcgacgtcc gcttccacca ggcccagctc cttgagccgg
   208801 gccaggcgtt cctggcgcag cgcttctgga ccggcgtcgt agcgaccgcg gtacttctcg
   208861 acgatctccc gcggcgcttg cagcggccag tgcggcgcgg agaacggcag gtaggcgaag
   208921 aacggccggc tctggtcgcg ctccttgagg tattgcagca gcttgtcgcc gaaggcgtcg
   208981 gaggaataga agccctccgg cagcgtgtcg aggtagcgct cgtcttccac gtagagcgct
   209041 ggcgtaccct tgaggatgcg cggagtgctt tcgtcgtagg gcggctcgaa accatagtgg
   209101 ttggcggcgc ccggcagcag cgagaaggaa cgctcgaaac cgcgtgcatg gggcgtctgt
   209161 tccggcttca ggccgaggtg ccacttgccg gccatgaggg tctggtagcc ggcctcgcgg
   209221 agcagctccg gcagcgccac cacgcgctcg ttgagatgcc cttcgtaacc cggcttgcct
   209281 tccagttccg gggtcagcgc ctcggccatg gtgccgatcc cggcgatgtg gtggtcggtg
   209341 ccggtgagca gcatcgagcg ggtcggcgag caggtcgagg cggtgtggaa gtcggtcagg
   209401 cgcaggccgg cgatggccag ggcgtcgagg ttcggcgtgg cgatctcgcc gccgaaggcg
   209461 ccgatatcgg agaagcccag gtcgtcggcg acgatcacca ggaagttggg gcgtttgctc
   209521 atgcgcgggt ctcgtctgga tgggaggaga aggtggggcc ctcgcccccg cccttcccgc
   209581 agggggaaag ggccagggca aggggctttt cagcaagcga ggaattcgaa gggcaggttt
   209641 tccacccgtc gcggcggcgg cgcgacgtac tcgccgtcgg cggtcagttc gtgcagcagc
   209701 gcttcgcgct ggcgcaggaa gtcgaagcca ccgcgctcgc gcggatgcgc caggcccacc
   209761 tcgaccaccc gcctgatccg ccccggacgc ggctccatca ccaccacccg gtcggccagg
   209821 tagagcgcct cctcgacgtc gtgggtgacc agcagggtgg tgatacgggt gcgccggcgg
   209881 atcgccagca actcttcctg caactgctgg cgggtcagtg cgtcgagggc gctgaacggc
   209941 tcgtcgagca gcagcaggcg cgggctggcc accaggccac gggcgatcgc cacgcgctgg
   210001 gccatgccgc cggacaactg gtgcgggtag gcacgctcga agccgtgcag gccgaccagg
   210061 cggatgtatt cgtcgatccg cgccgccttg tcggtttcgc caagggcttc gttgaccagg
   210121 ccgagggcga cgttctgctg caccgtcagc caggggaaca ggcggtgctc ctggaacacg
   210181 atgccgcgtt cgccgccgat gccggcgatt ggccggccgt cgacgcggat ctcgccgtcg
   210241 tagtcgcggt ccaggccgat cagcaggcgc agcagggtcg acttgccgca gccactggcg
   210301 ccgacgatgg cgatgaactc gccctcgccg atctccaggt cgaactgctg gatcgcttcc
   210361 agtcgccggc cgtccacggc gaagtgcttg cgcacctggc ggaagctgac cagcggggtg
   210421 cccgtggcgg gcgcggtgaa tgcgttcatg cgtgtctcca gcgcgtggcg cgcgcttcga
   210481 tgcgttggcc gagggcattg agcagggcgc cggtgaggcc gaccaggagc atgccggcgc
   210541 cgatcaggtc catgcggaac aattgctggg cgccgatcat caggctgccg atgccgccgt
   210601 cggagggcat gaagtactcg gcgccgatgg ttcccagcca ggcgtagatc agcgccaggc
   210661 gcaggccggc gaacaccgac ggggcggcac ccggcaggac cagccggagc agccgtcgcc
   210721 agggacccag gcgcagcacc cgggccgcct cgccgaggct cggcggcagg ctggcgatgc
   210781 cgcgctgggt ggccagcagc agcgggaaga aggcggcgat tgcgacgaac gtcagcttgg
   210841 ccggttcgcc caggccgaac caggcggtga gcagcggtac ccaggcgaag atcgccacct
   210901 gccgcagtgc cgcgaaagtg gggccgaaga agcgttccgc cgggcgccac aggccgagca
   210961 gcaggccgcc gaggaaaccc aggccgccgc ccagcaggag cccgccgagc gtgcgcttca
   211021 ggctgtcgaa cagggcgcct gggaggctgc cgtcgagcgc tccgctccag gtcgcccgcg
   211081 ccacttccag agggctggcg aggatcgccg gatcgaccca ttcggcgctg ctcgccgact
   211141 gccacaggag cagcagcgcc agcggcggca gccacacctg caggcgctgc cagccgcgtc
   211201 ccggcgggcg ccggcggaat tcgccggtgg cggcttgcgg ccagtgcagc aggcggcggt
   211261 cgagccactg gatggcgcgg tccatgccca ccccgaccag gccgatgatg aggatgcaga
   211321 cgaacacgat gtcgagcatg aacagttgcc ggccctgcac catcaggtag ccgataccct
   211381 cgctggaagc cagcaactcg accgccagca gcgaggtcca gccctgcgcc agggccaggc
   211441 gcagcccggt gaggaaggcc ggcagcgccg ccggcaggat cagccgccag accagcaggc
   211501 gtggcggcag gcgcagtact gcggcggctt cgcgcagctt gggctgggcg tcgcgcacgc
   211561 cgaccagggt atggatggtc accggcacca cgaccgcttt caccagcacc accagcttga
   211621 gcagttcgcc gatgccgaag aacagcatga acagcgggat ccaggccagc gtggggattt
   211681 gcgcgagggc gctgaaggtg gggaagacca ggcgctcggc acgcggactg aagcccagcc
   211741 aggcgcctag cgcggcgccg ctggcgaccc cggcgagcag gccccaggcc aggcgccgca
   211801 ggctgatcgc caattcgctc cagagttcgc cggcgagcaa ctcgcgggcg ctctgccaga
   211861 ccagctcggg agttggtagc acctgggccg acatccagtg gcgatggctg gcgacccacc
   211921 acagcagcgc cagcccgagc ggcagcaacc agggcagcag gccgtccccc aggcgccggg
   211981 cgaaagccgc ggagggcggc ggcgccaggc gcggcagggg ccggctccag gcgggcgaaa
   212041 gggttttatc gatattcttc atgggaatat aaatcgccgc atcaatgcat tttttcgcta
   212101 agaagggtca tttaaagaaa ggcgccaggc agcggcaaat gcatttggag aatattttcc
   212161 atgctctggc tgcatatgac gcggagaggc ccgtgcggcc tgtcatactg cttatggtta
   212221 taaaaaaatg aatttttatt atttattttc gaggcgccgc tgtgcatagc tagccgctca
   212281 cccgctcccg gcgggaatcc ctctcttccc gttccaagga gccgccccat gaaagcgctt
   212341 acgtcttccc tgctcggtct gttcgccgtg cctgtcctcg ccggcctgct cggtgcctac
   212401 gtgccgctgg cgagcgccgc tccgccgaag gagatccgca tcgcggtgcc ggacgtcagc
   212461 gccggcagct cgcactcggg tggcggcgtg gtcgacgtgc tctacacccg gcagttgctg
   212521 gagaaggagt tcgccaacga cggcatcgcg gtgaaatgga gcttcttcaa gggcgccggt
   212581 ccggtggtca acgaagcgtt cgccaatggc caggtggact tcgcctacct cggcgacctg
   212641 gcggcgatca tcggcaagtc cggaggcctg gacagccgtc tgctggccgc taccgcgcga
   212701 ggggtcaacc actatctcgg cgtgcagccg gggtccggga tcaagaccct ggaggatctc
   212761 aagggcaagc gcgtaggcat ctttcgtggc accgccagcc agttgtcgtt cgacaatgcc
   212821 ctggccagcg tcggtctcag cgagaaggac ctgaaggtga tcaacctcga cttcagcgcc
   212881 gccctgtccg ccctcgcagc caggcagatc gatgccacct ggggcctggc cgggctgttc
   212941 gccctgcgcg accgcgggct cgcggaaatt ccgctgagca cccgcgacct ggacggcgcc
   213001 ggcaccctgc aggcgctgct ggtcggctcc ggggccttcg tcgatgccca tccggacatc
   213061 accgagcggc tgctcaaggt gcagttgcag gcccaggact ggctggcccg cgaggagaac
   213121 cgcgacgcct acatcgaact ggtgtcgaag caggccagct acccggtggt gatcctgcag
   213181 agcgagtacc gtggccgcaa gctgggcgac gccctgtcgc cgcgcctgga cgccgatttc
   213241 cttggccggc tggatgcttc gatccaggcg gccaagcgtt tcggcctgat ccgtcgcgaa
   213301 ttcagcgccg agcagtgggc cgcgccggaa ctgctggagg cggccggcaa gctggcgaag
   213361 gccaaggcca aggccgtggc gcaggcggcg gagtgacgcc gagccgggga cggccgaggc
   213421 ggcgccgttt cgtagcaatt tgtaatatgt ttcgaaattc ttgcaccgac ccaaccaatg
   213481 actggatcga gcgaagtatc cagccgttgg tcggggattc tgcgtatatc gcgtcatgaa
   213541 agtttcacgc gggtaatccg caggttattc ctcgatcatt tcgttcgtta atcgccccat
   213601 atattcagat acaaaatcgg cactgccaat tcttccagtt ttcccttccg acaattctcc
   213661 cgaccctccc cggaaacaac tccaagtatc tcgcggcgaa ccgccgcgtc ccgcatctag
   213721 cctgcccatc actacgacag cgcggcgcca gcgccgggcc tcgccctgcg cgtcggcggc
   213781 attcctgatt ttctttcgga ggagagcggt catatgaatc tcgatagcaa attgttcgac
   213841 gcgacactcg atctcgaacg cgtgaaagtt tcggtgagaa cgctggtgaa gttatcccgc
   213901 caggaacaat cggcgatcat ccggaccctc aacgagtttg gtttcctgct gttgcgcagc
   213961 gaacagggcg aagacaggca ggaacttctc gcgctcaagg agttgttcgg ccgcgccgcc
   214021 ccccacccgc gcgccgacgc cgacggcatc gtgccgatca gcaatgcgcg gtatgtcagc
   214081 ggctacctcg gctccacgcc gctggagcac aagctgcaca ccgacggcgc tttcctcgac
   214141 accccggagc aattgtgcag cctgcaatgc gtgcgcaacg cccgggaggg cggggagact
   214201 ctgctggcca gcgccggact ggccttcgag cgcctgcgcc ggcgcatgcc gaccaagcat
   214261 ctcggcctgc tgcgcggcga cgccctgacc atcgtgcgca agcaccagag cagcacccag
   214321 ccggtgttcc gcctgaacgg cgaggcgctg ggcatcaagt tccggcagaa cgacggggcg
   214381 gccgaggtgg tcgagcaccc tgtggcggtg gaggccttcg ccgaactggt ggcggcgctc
   214441 gaggatccgg cctgccaact gcggatcaag ctcgagccgg gggaaatcct ggtgctcgac
   214501 aacaccgcgg tgttgcacgg gcgcactgcc ttctgcgcca acgaactgcg cgagatgcgc
   214561 cggctcaact tcgacggcca cggccgcctg cgagcggagc tggaactggg cttcaaggtg
   214621 gggttgtgat cgcacagttc gtcgcggtgg tgctgccgat cctgatctgc accggcatcg
   214681 gtttcgcctg gagccgttcc gccgggccgg tggatacccg cgcgctggtg ttcctggtgg
   214741 ccaacgtcgg ctttccctgc ctgctgctgt cgtcgctgga ccgccccggc ctgtccattg
   214801 gcatggtggc cggggtgttc ctcgccaccg cgctggcggt gctggcgttc gccctgctgg
   214861 gcctggtctc cctgcgcctg ctgcggatgc cggtgcggcg ctacctgccg tcgatcatgc
   214921 tgccgaactc cgggaacatg ggcatcccca tcgcctacct ggccttcggc gaggaggcgc
   214981 tggtgtatgc ggtggcgttc tccaccctga tccaggtggg tcacgcgacg ctcggcgtct
   215041 ggttcgcttc gggcgatatc accccggcga gcatcctgcg caacccgatg atctatgccc
   215101 tggccgtggc gctgggcctg atcgccctgg gctggagcct gccgccgccg ttgcgcgatg
   215161 tgacccgcct gctgggcggg attaccgtgc cgctgatgct ggtgatgctc ggcctgtcgc
   215221 tggccggtct gcgcctgcac gagacctggc ggccgttgct gctgtctctg gtgcgggtct
   215281 ggggcggttt cgcggtcggc tatgggatcg ctgccggcct gggcatggag gcggtggcgg
   215341 cgggcacctt cgccatccag tgcgggatgc cgaccgcggt gctcacctac ctgttggcca
   215401 agcgttacga cggcccggtg aacgaagtgg caggcatggt gctgatcacc acgctgctgg
   215461 tgctgctctc cacgcctttg ttcatccagt tgctgccgcg cgcgtgagga cgatccgggc
   215521 cgcctcgcgg ggcggcccgg ggtgtcacca gatcgagcgg gagtaatcga cgaccagccg
   215581 ggtttcgtcg atgtcgccgt cgagatagct cgcgttgccc cggtgccagg cctgcgaggc
   215641 gcgcagcgcg aggccggcga gggggcccgc cttgatccgg taggcgaagc cgaggtcgct
   215701 ttcccggtgc cgcccgtcac gcccgtagag tccggcgtag atgctctcgg cggcgctgct
   215761 ggcgctggcc ccggcacggc cgcgggcatg cagcgcgtgc aggctgagcc caggcaggcc
   215821 gagcgcgccg aggtccaggt catagcgtaa ttgccaggaa cgctcgcccg gtccgttgaa
   215881 gtcggagtag cccaccgagt tggccagtac catggacgcg ctggagcgcc cgtcgccgaa
   215941 ggccatgtag tcgaacggct gctcgccgtg gacacgctgg taggccaggg tgatgcgctg
   216001 cggcccctgt tcgtagccca gggccaggga gctggccagg gtgtcgatgc ggccgaagcg
   216061 gctctggccg ctgtcgcggg tgcggtaggc gtcgaggtcg acccgcagcg cgcgctcccc
   216121 gcccagcggc tggcgatggc tggcgccgaa ataggcctgc tgccagatgt cgtcgaagcg
   216181 cgaggcgtag agcgacagtt gcagccgctc cgtggcctgc cattgaccgc cgaggaagcc
   216241 gaccgcgtcg aggcgcaccg gataggcgcc gaggcgtccg tagacggtgc tgatgtcgcc
   216301 gcggaccttg gattcgccgg ggccggaggc ggcggtgaag cgcccgccct cgagcagcag
   216361 cccgtcgaac gagcggtcct ccagcagcag gccgtaggcc atgccggaca gcgtgcggtt
   216421 gctgctggcg gcgaacaccg gcgcgctggt ggtggtctgg ccgtacttca ggcgggtttc
   216481 gccgtggcgt agcctgaggg cgccgccgac cttgccgtag cgatggtcgg gatggccgtc
   216541 ggcgccgacc ggcaggttgc cggtgccggt gcggccgccg ccgctgtcca gttgcaggcc
   216601 gagcatggca tgggcgtcga ggccgaagcc gaggctgccc ggcgtgtagc cggaggcgaa
   216661 ctggaggcgc aggccctggg tggtttcctc gcggtagccg ttgcgctcgc tcctgggctt
   216721 gaagcggttg cgcccggcgt tgttcgggct gtcgcggtag tcgcggttga agtagtaggt
   216781 gcgggcgagg aactgcagtt cgctgtcctc gacgaagccc ccatccccgg ccgtcgcggc
   216841 cgccccttcg gaaagcgtgc cggcgaccag gccggcgaat acagcgcgtc tgagattttg
   216901 catttattgt tttctcccac ctgagtgcca ggtgggcgca gtctcggaag tcgctccgca
   216961 ggccgcttgt gtttccctgc ctcggctttt gccggggcct gccattggca ggggcaggca
   217021 tgtgcaacgg caggccgggt caagcatttc ggaagtcacc gacggagagt gtggcgtcgg
   217081 ccgtcatccg caacggccgt gggtgggagc ctaggctccc gatgcaacct cgcctcaggg
   217141 aatacgcttc atgaacaaca agaccctatg cccttcgctc ttgctttgcc tttcgctgct
   217201 cgcaccgctg tcttgtctcg gggagaccgc cgccgcgccc tatccgctgg cccacccacc
   217261 gcgcctggcc gactaccttc cgccgccgcc ggcggcggac tcggctgcgg ccgtcgccga
   217321 tctcggcgcg gtgctggagg cgcaacgcct gcgcacgccc gaacaggtac gccgggtacg
   217381 cgcccacgac cagtgggagg acaacgtctt ccccttcgcc ggcgacctgc tgggcgcctc
   217441 gttcgacaag gaacgcctgc cgctgacccg gagtttcttc aaccgcgccc aggaaaacct
   217501 ggtcgaggtg ctgatgccgg cgaagaagca cttcgcccgc ccgcgtccct acgaagtgac
   217561 accgaaggtg aagccggtgc tgccgccgcc ggagggggag tcctatccca gcggccacac
   217621 catggacagc tacttcaagg cctcgctgct gagcatgctg gtgccggagc atcacgatgc
   217681 gttcttcgcc cgcgccgagg agcatgcgca gagccgggtg ctggccggcg tgcacttccc
   217741 cagcgacctg gaaggcgggc agaccgccgc cgcggcgctg gtggcgagcc tgctggccga
   217801 tccggcggtg gccgccgact ttgccgcggt gcgcgaggag ctgcgcggcg cgctggggtt
   217861 gccgaaactc cagtagagga agggaaaccg cgcggcggct caggccgccg cgtgttgcgc
   217921 ctggtccagt tccaccagcg tctcgatcat cgccttggcc gctgccgaaa gccggtagcc
   217981 gctgcggctg atgatgccgc agcgggcgct gaggctatcc aggttctgcg gcaggttgcg
   218041 ccactgtagc ggttgcagtt cgccgcgctg caggtagggg cgcagggtct cgtcgctggc
   218101 gatgccgatg gcgtcggtct ggcggacgat gcggatcagc gcgtgcatgt tctcgcagcg
   218161 gatgttggcg gcgaagtcga tcttgccgct gaggttcgcc agcagcttgc ggatgcccgg
   218221 gggaatcagg gtcgaggcca gcgggtagtt gaacaggtcg ttggtggaca ggctgtcctt
   218281 gcccagcagc ggatgttgcg gacggcagaa gaactggccg cggcgcgggg tcagcgggcg
   218341 cgtctggaag ttcgggtcgg cctcgaagtc gcggatgtcg gcgacgaaga attcgatctc
   218401 ttcgcggagc agggcgcggc tgagcttttc ccagttgtcc acgtccaggc tgatctgcac
   218461 ccgcgggtgg cggttgatga agtcggccac cgcgtccggc accagttgct gggccggcgc
   218521 cggcccgctg ccgaagcgca gctcgccggc atccagcttg ttcaactggg cgatctcgtg
   218581 gatcaggttg gccgacccct gcaccaggct cagcgcgtgt tgcagcacca cctggccttc
   218641 cggcgtcggg cgcaggtcct tgctgccacg gtccaccaac tgacagccaa gctcctgctc
   218701 caggccctgg atgctgcggc tgaaggccgg ctgggtgatg cccatggcgt ccgccgcgcg
   218761 gacgaaactg cggtgttcgg cgagggcgat gaagtaacgc agttggcgca gatccatgat
   218821 gctttaccgg cattggaaat attggacaaa ggcatttgcc gttcgggatg tgctggtttt
   218881 aaatgcaagc tcttattccg tcaacaaaga acaaattaga aaaatatgcg atttagtaat
   218941 aagcatagat agaccccagg agctgaacat ggtccaccgt gcctttgccg ccccacctcc
   219001 gccgttccga atgcccttcc gcgtcgccgg cggctgtcgc ccctgacagt cgcccggggc
   219061 tgagccgtcc gccggccccc ttcgaacctt tcgccagatc gctgccttgc gcggcatggc
   219121 cgcctgctgc ctgcgtccgg ctgcgccgga accgaggaca ttcacgatga agcaccacta
   219181 ccgcctgccg ctccgccgaa cgccgcccgg cggctccgac tacgccctgg ccctgctgct
   219241 cgccctcggc ggtgcgttgc cggccagtgc cgccgatgct cccgcgcccg ccgaggaagc
   219301 gccgccgctg gccagcagcg tcccggacaa ggccgatacg gccctgggca aggtcactgt
   219361 caccgcgcgt cgccgcgagg aggattcgca gaaggtaccg acgccgatca ccgtgctcgg
   219421 cggcgagact ctcgagaccc agcgcatctc ccgggtgcag gacctgcagc aggtgctgcc
   219481 cagcgtcaat gtcgcctaca tccatgcgcg gcagtcgagc gtcgccgtgc gcggcatcgg
   219541 caacaacccc gccagcgacg gcctggaagg cagcgccggg atctacctcg acaacgtcta
   219601 cctgggacgt ccgggaatgg ccgtgttcga cctgctggac atcgagcaac tggagctgct
   219661 gcgcggtccg cagggcaccc tgttcggcaa gaacaccacc gccggggtgc tgaacatcag
   219721 cacccgcgcg ccgaccttca ctgccgagcg taccgtcgag gtctccggcg ggcaggatgg
   219781 ctacttccag ggccgcggca cggtttccgg gccgctcggc gaaaccctcg ccggacgcct
   219841 ctcggcctat cgcacccgcg acgacggcta catcaagaac atccacgacg acaactatct
   219901 caacggcggc gagcgccagg gcgcgcgcgg gcaattgctg ttcgagccga acgaggactt
   219961 cagcctgcgc tggatcgccg actacaacga ggaggattcg agcaacggca gcatggtggt
   220021 ctacggcgcc gccgagcgtt tctggcagcg cgccgcgctg gtcggcgctt cgccgttgcg
   220081 cgatccgcag cgcaggaagg tcaacatcaa cggccgccag cacgtcagcg tgcaccaggg
   220141 cggcagctcg ctggaggcca actggaacct cgccggcggc taccgcctga cctccatcag
   220201 cgcttaccgc tactggcact tcaccccggc caacgacgag caactgaacg tctcggcgat
   220261 caacgacacc ggggtggaag tgcacgaccg gcagttctcc caggagatcc gcctggcctc
   220321 gcccaccggc ggtgccttcg actacgtggt gggcgcctac gcgttcaggc agaacctcgg
   220381 caacaagacc ttcacctcct acggaccgtt ggccgacctg tacctgctcg gcgccaatct
   220441 cggcgcgctg aacgacacct actcgaaggc caacggcaag atcgagaccg acagcttcgc
   220501 gctgttcgcc cagggcacct ggcacctcac cgaacgcctg gacttcaccg ccggcctgcg
   220561 cggtacctac gaggagaaga acgccaaggt cgagcgcttc gctccgctgg gcggcgcggc
   220621 ggtcggcggg gtcggcgcgg cggtgcgcaa cggccagctc ggcgcctacg attccggcga
   220681 tctcagccag tacaacttcg ccccttcggc gttgctcagc ctcagctacc agttcagcga
   220741 cgacctgctc ggctacgcca gcctgtccca cggcgagaag tccggcgggg tcaacctggc
   220801 ggtgggcagc gcaccgagcg ccggcgccga ttcgctgctg gtcggaccgg agcgcgccaa
   220861 cgacgccgag ctgggcctga agagcacgct cttcgaccgg cgcctgctgc tcaacgccaa
   220921 cctgttctgg accggcatcc acggctacca ggccaccacc ctgtaccagg cgccgggctc
   220981 gacccagttg gtgcaggtgc tggccaacgc cggcagcgtg cgctcgcgtg gtctggagtt
   221041 cgaggccacc gcgctgccgt tgcgcggcct gaccctgaac ttcaacggct cctataacga
   221101 cgtcacctac ctgtcgttca aggatgcccc gtgccctgcg gaagtcagca cccggcccgg
   221161 cgcgccgagc agttgcgacc tcaccgggca gcgcgtggtc ggcgcctcga aatggatcgc
   221221 caatctcaat ggcgaatacc agtggcgcct cgacgaccgc ttccaaccct acgtcagcgc
   221281 cagctacgcc taccgctccg ccgccgaggg cacgctggac aactccgacc tttcgaagat
   221341 cgacggctac gccctggtga acctcgccgc cggtctgcgc agcgatctcg gcgacggcca
   221401 actggacacc tcggtatggc tgaagaacgc cttcgacaag gactactacc tgagcgcctt
   221461 cgccagcatc aacggctcct acaccgcatc ggtggggcag ccgcgcacgc tcggcgtatc
   221521 gctgcgctac gacttctgag ccttcaccca cgcagtaccc cacgcatgag gaacatgaca
   221581 tgagcaatgc agcacaagcc ctcgccacgc cggtacggct cgacatccgg ccggtcgccg
   221641 gacggatcgg cgcggagatt cgcggcgtga ccctgtccgg cgaactggac gccgccaccg
   221701 tcgaggcgat ccaggccgcc ctggtacgcc acaaggtgat cttcttccgg gaccagagcc
   221761 atctcgacga ccagacccag gaggccttcg cccacttgct cggcgaaccg gtcgcccacc
   221821 ccaccgtgcc gtcccgcgaa ggcacccgct tcctcctcga gctggatggc gccgaaggcc
   221881 gccgggccaa ctcctggcat accgacgtga ccttcgtcga ggcctacccg aaggcctcga
   221941 tcctgcgcag cgtggtggcc ccggagtccg gcggcgacac cgtctgggcc aacacggcga
   222001 gcgcctacgc cgacctgccg gcggagctgc gcgagctggc cgaccggctc tgggcggtgc
   222061 acagcaacga gtacgactac gccggggtca agcccagcgc ctcggtggag cagttggaga
   222121 actaccgcaa ggtgttcacc tcgaccgtct acgagaccga gcacccggtg gtccgcgtgc
   222181 atccgcaaag cggcgagcgg acgctgctcc tcggccactt cgtgaaacgc ctgaagggtc
   222241 tttcgcagca tgactcggcg catctcttcg cggtgctgca ggggcacgtc acgcgcctgg
   222301 agaacaccgt gcgctggcgc tggcaggccg gcgacgtggc gatctgggac aaccgcgcga
   222361 cccagcacta cgcgatcgac gactacggcg accagccgcg cgtggtgcgc cgggtgaccc
   222421 tcggcggcga cgtgccggta ggcatcgacg ggcaacgcag ccggacgatc cggaaggcat
   222481 gacggacccg gccctctcct cgccggggag ggcgaccaca ggaagaacga acccgcgagg
   222541 accccttaca tgagccaatc cgccaccgcc cggcaacccg aacccgaggt cgccgaggca
   222601 ttccgcatca cccccctgga ggcgccgctg ggcgccgaag tccgtggcct cgacgcgcgc
   222661 cggccgctgg cgccggagca ggtcctggcg ctcaagcagg cgctgcgcga gcaccacatc
   222721 ctggtgttcc gccagcagca cctcgacgat gagcagtact tgcgcttcgc caccctgttc
   222781 ggctcggtgt tccagccgcc ggcggacatc ccggtgctgt cctcgggtgg cgacggcaag
   222841 gtgccggaca tcgtcaaggt ggccaacacc ggcgacggcg aactgggcaa cttcgccctg
   222901 ccggcacaca tcgaccacca atggacgccg gtgccgtcct ccggctcgtt cctctacgca
   222961 ctggaggtgc cgtccagtgg cggcgagacg cgcttcacca acctggcgcg cgcctacgag
   223021 agcctcgacg aggcgacccg gcgcgagatc gatggcctgc gcctgatcaa ctacaacccc
   223081 ttcatccgcc tgcgcgaggg cggctacggc ggcggtttcg ccacctaccg cacgccggac
   223141 atcgaaccga tccagggcag cgagcacccg ctggtacgca cccacccgga aagcggccgg
   223201 cgcgtactgt tcctcagcgc ccacaccgag gtggagattc ccggctacga ccccgcgcgg
   223261 ggccaggcgc tgatcggtcg cctgcgcgaa catctggcgc gcccggaact gagctacagc
   223321 cacgcctggt cggtgggcga catcgtctgg tgggacaacc aggccgtgct gcatgcgcgc
   223381 aacgccttcc cggccagcga gcggcggcgc ctgaagcgca tcagcctggc gggcagccgt
   223441 ccgttctgag ccggcatccc ccagcgtgcg ccggctcctc cgttgccgac cggcgtaggt
   223501 cgctgcgcgc cgctctggcg agccccttcc gttccggcga atagctagca gaactgcgac
   223561 atgctgtcgc agttctgcca tttctccgcg tctatcctgc ccatagggca attcgccttt
   223621 ggtctaacga gctggcctgc agcgcccatg gaaaggcgat cctgactttg tagtcaaagt
   223681 tttgctttgc tactttggcc aggcatcagg gattgctgat acagcgtatt aaaaacatta
   223741 attaccccgc cattccgcgg cgctggcagg atattttccc gtcgaaaccg tagcggcttg
   223801 acctgatagc cggtcattca cggcagggat gtcatattct cgcgcgggct tccccggata
   223861 ggctgcacgc cagtcaggac gcgcccggcg gtgatgggcg ggaattgttg gtcggtttat
   223921 gacttgtagt ttctctgtcg tatgccttca gaacttgttg aaggcttttc ggctcgattg
   223981 cacaatgccg cgccaaggtt cgttcgcgaa tcgcggtatg tgagctagac ctccgcagcc
   224041 ggtgcgccat ccgcagtgcc ccggactact cgacaatcac gcaggagatt cgtgagtgca
   224101 gatcggtgtc cccctcgaga cccatgccgg tgagacgcgg gtttccgcca ccccggaaac
   224161 cgtcaagaag ctgatcggcc aaggccacca ggtgatcgtc cagagcggcg ccggcgtcaa
   224221 cgccagccag ccggacagtg cctatgaagc cgccggcgcg acgatcggca gcgccgccga
   224281 ggccttcggc gccgacctgg tgctgaaggt ggtcgcgccc agcgccgccg agctggccca
   224341 gatgaaaagc ggtgccgtgc tggtcggcat gctcaacccc ttcgacaacg agaacatcgc
   224401 ccgcatggcc gagcgcggca tcaccgcctt cgccctcgag gccgcgccgc gtacctcgcg
   224461 ggcgcagagc ctggacgtgc tctcctcgca ggccaacatc gccggctaca aggcggtgat
   224521 gctcgccgcc aaccactacc cgcgcttcat gccgatgctg atgaccgccg ccggcaccgt
   224581 gaaggccgcc cgcgtgctga tcctcggcgc cggcgtcgcc ggcctgcagg cgatcgccac
   224641 ggccaagcgc ctgggtgcgg tgatcgaggc ttccgacgtg cgtccggcgg tgaaggagca
   224701 gatcgagtcg ctcggcgcca agttcgtcga cgtgccctac gagaccgacg aagagcgcga
   224761 gtgcgccgaa ggcgtcggcg gctacgcgcg gccgatgccg gcctcgtgga tggagcgcca
   224821 ggccaaggcc gtgcacgagc gcgccaagca gtcggacatc gtcatcacta ccgcgctgat
   224881 ccccggccgc aaggcgccga cgctgctgca cgaggcgacc gtggcggaga tgaagccggg
   224941 ctcggtggtc atcgacctgg ccgccgccca gggcggcaac tgcccgctga ccgaggccga
   225001 ccaggtcgtg gtccggcacg gcgtgaccat cgtcggccac agcaacctgg ccgcgctggt
   225061 accggcggac gcctcggcgc tatacgcgcg caacatcctc gacttcctca agctcaccct
   225121 gaacgccgaa ggcttcagcg tgaacctcga ggacgacatc gtcgccgcct gcctgatgtg
   225181 ccgcgacggc caggcggtgc gcaagaacgg ctgagccgct gcgtcgggaa gcttcgataa
   225241 cgataaatgc gcacgcctcg cgcctgcgcc ctgaagaccg gtgaaaacga tggatatcat
   225301 ttctgacggg atctacaacc tgatcatctt cgtgctggcc gtgtacgtcg gctaccacgt
   225361 ggtatggaac gtcacccctg ccttgcacac cccgctgatg gcggtgacca acgcgatttc
   225421 cgcgatcgtc atcgtcggcg ccatgctcgc cgccgccctg accgcgaccc cgctgggcaa
   225481 ggccatgggc accctcgccg tggccctggc cgcagtcaat gtgttcggtg gcttcctggt
   225541 cacccggcgc atgctggaaa tgttcaagaa gaaagcgccg aaggcggggg gccactgatg
   225601 agcatgaacc tggtcaccct cctgtacctc atcgcctcgg tctgcttcat ccaggccctg
   225661 aaaggcctgt cgcacccgac cacctcgcgc cgcggcaacc tcttcggcat ggtcggcatg
   225721 gccatcgccg tggccaccac cgtcggcctg gtgttcaagc tgggcgcgga gatcgccacc
   225781 accggcgtcg gctacatcgt cgtcggcctg ctggtcggcg gcaccgccgg ctcgatcatg
   225841 gccaagcgcg tcgagatgac caagatgccc gagctggtcg ccttcatgca cagcatgatc
   225901 ggcctggccg cggtgttcat cgccatcgcc gcggtggtcg agccgcagtc gctggggatc
   225961 gtcgcgcacc tgggcgacac cattcccacc ggcaaccgcc tggagctgtt cctcggcgcg
   226021 gccatcggcg ccatcacctt ctccggttcg gtgatcgcct tcggcaagct ctccggcaag
   226081 tacaagttcc gcctgttcca gggcaccccg gtgcagttct ccgggcagca cctgctgaac
   226141 ctggtgctcg gcctggcaac cctcggcctg ggcctggtgt tcatgttcac cggcaacctc
   226201 accgccttcg ccgtgatgct ggcgctggcc ttcgtcctcg gcgtgctgat catcatcccc
   226261 atcggcggcg ccgacatgcc ggtggtggtg tcgatgctca actcctattc cggctgggcc
   226321 gcggcgggta tcggcttctc gctgaacaac tcgatgctga tcatcgccgg ctcgctggtc
   226381 ggctcttcgg gcgcgatcct ctcctacatc atgtgcaagg cgatgaaccg ctcgttcttc
   226441 aacgtcatcc tcggcggctt cggcgccgaa gccgacgccg gcggcccggc gggctccaag
   226501 gagcagcgtc cggtgaagtc cggttcggcc gacgatgcct cgttcctgct gaccaacgcc
   226561 gacagcgtga tcatcgtccc cggctacggc ctggcggtgg cccgtgccca gcacgcgctg
   226621 atggaactgg cggagaagct gacccatcgc ggggtcaccg tgaagttcgc catccacccg
   226681 gtcgccgggc gcatgccggg gcacatgaac gtgctgctgg ccgaggccga ggtgccctac
   226741 gagcaggtgt tcgagatgga ggacatcaac tccgagttcg gccagaccga cgtggtcctg
   226801 gtgctcggtg ccaacgacgt ggtcaacccg gcggcgaaga acgatccgaa gtcgcccatc
   226861 gccggcatgc cgatcctcga ggcctacaag gccaagaccg tgatcgtcaa caagcgctcc
   226921 atggccagcg gctacgccgg cctggacaac gagctgttct acctggacaa gaccatgatg
   226981 gtgttcggcg acgccaagaa agtcatcgaa gacatggtca aggcggtgga gtgattcccc
   227041 gctgagtcca ccagaacccc ggcccaggcc ggggtttttc gttttcgcgg gttgtccgcg
   227101 cagcgttctc cgccgcttcc aacggcgaaa acaccagcct ttcaggaata tttttcatgc
   227161 ccgcaaggca tgggtttttc gtcggatcgc tgtagcccgc caaccacgcg gcctgtggcg
   227221 ataggggcaa aaccaatagc tccagaagtt atttccataa caaaaataat tacttcaggc
   227281 gctaagcctc cttgccaatc atgcaactcc ctgcgccgct aggactccag cacggacctg
   227341 agcggccatc gagttcgtca gtgcaaggag cttttcatgg caacacccca gcccgtcgat
   227401 gcccgcacgc agccctggcg cgagacgccc ggcggcgacc tggtggcgct cggtcggccg
   227461 gttcgccagg cgttgcacct ggttcgccac aacccggcac agggtcgggt gctcagccag
   227521 cgcgagacga tcctgctggt cctgttcgcc ctgaccctgc acggagcggt gatccattgg
   227581 ctgagccagc agagaacccc ggcgctgccc gaggtgccgc cacaggtgcc gccgatgacc
   227641 atcgagttca ccgccccggc gccgccggtg gtggaaccgc cgccgcccga gccgttgccg
   227701 ccggtggtcg aggaaccgcc accaccggtg gtcgacgaga acgcggtgaa gccgccgccg
   227761 ccgaagccgg tgcccaagcc gaaacccaag cccaagccgc aaccccggcc caagccggcg
   227821 ccgaaggccg tcgagccggc tccgcccgcg ccgccgcaac ccgccgcgcc acccgccccg
   227881 ccnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnntacctg
   227941 cacaacccgg cgccggaata ccccgccctg gccatgcgcc gcggctggga gggcaccgtg
   228001 ctgttgcggg tgcatgtcct cgccagcggc agcccgagcg agatccaggt gcagaagtcg
   228061 agcggacgcg aagccctcga ccaggccgcg gtgaaagcgg tcaagcgctg gtccttcgtt
   228121 cccgccaagc gcggcgacaa ggccgaggac ggctgggtca gcgtaccgat cgatttcaag
   228181 ttgaactgaa tctgcagcgt cacgaggagc atccgtcatg agtctgttaa ccaccccgct
   228241 cgaatccgtc gaaggcgccg tcatctggct gctggtcggc ttttccgtgg tcacctgggg
   228301 cctggccctg gtcaagggcg tgcagttcgc ccggcagaag cgccaggacc gccagttcca
   228361 gaagcagttc tggagcgcca ccagcctcga ctccgccggc gagcaggcgc aggacaagca
   228421 gggcgccggc gcccgcgtgg cccaggccgg cttcgccgcg atccaggtgc aggacaacgg
   228481 ccagcccgac ctggcccagt cgatcaacca ccaggaccgt ctcgaacgcg ccctgcgcca
   228541 gcagatccag cgcgagcggc gttccctgga gtcgggcctg gcggtgctcg cctcgatcgg
   228601 ctcgacctcg cccttcatcg gtctgttcgg caccgtctgg ggcatcatgg aggcgctcaa
   228661 ggggatcagc gcggccggct cggcgagcct ggagaccgtg gccgggccga tcggcagcgc
   228721 gctgatcgcc accggcgtgg gaatcgccgt cgcggtgccg gcggtgctgg tctacaacta
   228781 cttcctgcgg cgcctgaagc tgaccgccgc cgacctcgac gacttcgccc acgacttcta
   228841 cagcctggcg cagaagagcg cgttccgcgt catcgtccat cccaccgccg cgcgccaggc
   228901 cggcaacccc tcgcgcaacg tgaaggaggc gtcctgacat ggccttctcg acccaggaca
   228961 gcgacgaagt cctttccgaa atcaacgtca ccccgctggt cgacgtgatg ctggtgctgc
   229021 tggtggtgtt catcgtcacc gcgccgctgc tgaccaactc gatcccgatc aacctgccga
   229081 agaccgaatc ggtggccccg ccggagcaga aggatcccct ggtggtgagc atcgatggcg
   229141 ccggcaagct gttcgtcaac aaggacgaga tccagccgga gctgctggag agcaacctgg
   229201 ccgcggccaa ggcgaaggac gccgaggtcc gcgtgcagtt gcaggccgac gaaggggtga
   229261 actacggcca ggtggcgaag gccatggctt ccatcgagcg cgccgggatc accaggctgg
   229321 cggtgatcac cgcacgctga agcgaatcca cgccgtccgg cgcaggccgg gcgggcaacg
   229381 gtttcgaccg ctccgatccg ggcaggggag agcggtcttt tttttattcc ggatggacgc
   229441 tcctcgggcg tatccgccga ggccgggctc gcgaatgcgt cgcgcaccct gtccggcgct
   229501 cgcacgtccc acgcctgggc gctcaggcct ggcgtgccgg cgcctcctgc tccttggcgt
   229561 cctccgttcc ttcgacttcc cattcaccgg cccagtcctc gccgaacagt tcgctgggat
   229621 gctgggtgcg gctggcgccg ttgccgcagc ccatagattc cgccgagcaa tagcggtcgc
   229681 aaccccagca gatgcgctcc ggatggctgg gatggagagg aaatttcttg gccatgatcc
   229741 tgtcccgata cctgatgcct gcgctcaggt ataccgccga tggcttgcgc cgcccaggcg
   229801 ttgccgcgga aaagtggctt cggcttgcgc tggatcaact cgattggcat atatgtatta
   229861 atagaatatt aaaattgctt tttattcctt agagaaaaaa ggctgcgccc ttacacttcc
   229921 ctggtgatga atttttctgg agggttctcc atgcacagcg aacgcgtccg ttatgtgttg
   229981 gtgcccggtt ggtacggctc ggaagacgcc cattggcaaa gtcactggca gcgcgcgctg
   230041 cccaatgcct cacgggtcga gcaacaggac tggatcaccc cgctgcgcgc cgactggatc
   230101 gccgagctgg acgccgagat ccgccgccag cccgggccgg tggtgctgat cgcgcacagc
   230161 ctgggttgtg tgacagtggc gctgtgggcg gcccaggccg agcgccgggt gcgcgaccag
   230221 gtacgcggcg ccctgctggt ggcgccggcc gacgtcgagc gcgagagctg cgccgaggcg
   230281 ctgcgcaact tcgcgccgat cagccgcgag ccgttgccgt tccccagcgt gctggtgggt
   230341 tccgacaacg accaggcctg cagcccgcag cgcgccatgc acctggcccg cgcctggggc
   230401 gcggagacgg tgatcctgcc cgaggccggg cacatcaacg tgaagtccgg ccacggcgcc
   230461 tgggaggccg gctaccgtca cctgttccgc ttgcagtacc tgatcgacag ccaggctcgt
   230521 cgccgcgcct gatcctccag atcgttaacc ttggcgtaac ggttcgtcgc ccggcttgat
   230581 tgaacaggcc tggcggcctg cctaacgtgg ctcctcacga cnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231121 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231361 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231421 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231481 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231541 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231601 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231661 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231781 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234121 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234361 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234421 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234481 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234541 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234601 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234661 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234781 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   234961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   235981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   236941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   237001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   237061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nntgcagtac ctgatcgaca gccaggctcg tcgccgcgcc
   237121 tgatcctcca gatcgttaac cttggcgtaa cggttcgtcg cccggcttga ttgaacaggc
   237181 ctggcggcct gcctaacgtg gctcctcacg acagcgtgaa acctggagcc gacatgacga
   237241 caccgatctc tcccccgccg cagtggtcgc ggcgccgcca ggaaaagcag cggcgcctcg
   237301 agcgcgtgcg cggcctggct gacggcgcgg tgctgccgcg cgaacgcctg gtcgccgcgc
   237361 tggaggcgct gatcgcgccg ggcgatcggg tggtgctgga aggcaacaac cagaagcagg
   237421 cggatttcct ctcccgttcg ctggcgcggg tcgatcccgg caagctgcac gacctgcaca
   237481 tgatcatgcc cagcgtcggc cgcccggagc atctcgacct gttcgaactg ggcatcgcgc
   237541 gcaagctcga cttctccttc tccggcccgc agagtttgcg catcggccag ttgctcgaag
   237601 acggcctgct ggagatcggc gcgatccaca cctacatcga gctgtacgcg cggctggtgg
   237661 tcgacctgat ccccaacgtg gcgctggtcg ccggtttcgt cgccgaccgc gaaggcaacg
   237721 tgtacaccgg gccgagcacg gaagacaccc cggcgctggt ggagcccacc gcgttcagcg
   237781 acggcatcgt catcgtccag gtcaaccgta tcgtcgacga cccgcgcgac ctgccgcgag
   237841 tggatatccc ggcgtcctgg gtggacttcg tggtcgaggc cgaccagccg ttctacatcg
   237901 agccgctgtt cacccgcgac ccgcgccaca tcaagccggt ccacgtgctg atggcgatga
   237961 tggcgatccg cggcatctac cagcggcaca acgtgcagtc gctgaaccac ggcatcggct
   238021 tcaacaccgc ggccatcgag ctgatcctgc cgacctacgg cgagtccctc ggcctgaagg
   238081 gcaagatctg ccgacactgg accctcaacc cgcacccgac ccttatcccc gccatcgaga
   238141 gcggctgggt cgagagcgtg cactgcttcg gcaccgagct gggcatggag ggctacatcg
   238201 cccagcgtcc cgacgtgttc ttcaccggtc gcgacggctc gctgcgttcc aatcggatgt
   238261 tctgccaact ggcaggacaa tacgccgtcg acctgttcat cggcgctacc ctccaggtcg
   238321 acggcgacgg ccattcctcc accgtcaccc gcggacgcct ggccggtttc ggcggcgccc
   238381 cgaacatggg ccacgacccg cgcggccggc gccactcgac gccggcctgg ctggacatgc
   238441 ggggcgaacc cgaggccttg ctggagcgcg gcaggaagct ggtggtgcag atggtcgaga
   238501 ccttccagga cggcggcaag ccgaccttcg tcgagcgcct cgacgcgctg gaggtggcgc
   238561 gcgagaccgg catgccgctg gcgccggtga tgatctatgg cgacgacgtc acccatgtgc
   238621 tcaccgagga aggcatcgcc tacctgtaca aggcgcgctc gctggaggag cgccaggcga
   238681 tgatcgcggc ggtggcgggg atcagtccga tcggcctgcg ccacgatccg cgcgagaccc
   238741 tgcggatgcg ccgcgaaggg ctgatcgcgc tgcccgagga cctcggcatc cgccgcaccg
   238801 acgcctcgcg cgagctgctg gcggcgaaga gcatcgccga gctggtcgag tggtccggcg
   238861 ggctgtacca gccgccggcg cgtttcagga gctggtgatg aacgccatcg cgaacctcgc
   238921 ggcgacgccg tgtgccgacc tcggcgaatg cctggccgac ctggcggtgg acgccctcat
   238981 cgacgaagcc gaactgtcgc ccaagccggc cctggtggac cgccgcggca atggcgcgca
   239041 tgccgacctg cacctgggcc tgatgcaggc ctcggcgctg agcctgtggc cgtgtttcaa
   239101 ggaaatggcc ggcgccgcac agcggcatgg gcgcatcgat gcgcgcctgc gcggcgtcct
   239161 tggccaactg gggcgcgacg gcgaggcggc gatgctgcgt accaccgaag gcgtgaacac
   239221 ccatcgcgga gcgatctggg cgctcggcct gctggtcgcg gccgccgctc tcgaaccgcg
   239281 ccgcacgcag gccggcgaag tggccgcgcg cgcaggacgc atcgccctgc tcgacgatcc
   239341 ggcggccgcc atcggcgaca gccacggcga gcgcgtccgt cggcgctacg gcgtcggcgg
   239401 cgcccgcgag gaggcgcgtc tcggcttccc ccgcgcagtg cgccacggcc tgccgcagct
   239461 atggcgcagc cgcgaaggcg gcgctggcga gcagaacgcc aggctcgatg cgctgctggc
   239521 gatcatgagc gtcctcgacg atacctgcgt gctgcaccgc gccggccgcg tcggcctcgc
   239581 cgcgatgcag gatggcgccc gcgcggtgct cgccgccggc ggcagcgcca gtctcgccgg
   239641 gcgtcgccgc ctgtgcgagc tggaccgccg cctgctggcg ctgaacgctt cgcccggcgg
   239701 cgccgccgac ctgctggccg cctgtctttt cctcgatcgc ctgcccgccg tgtccggtgg
   239761 gtgggctggg agtctctgag atggaaaccc tgaccttcga atttcccgcc ggcgctccgg
   239821 cgcgcggtcg cgccctggcc ggctgtgtcg gctccggcga cctggaggtg ctgctcgagc
   239881 cggccgccgg aggcgcgctg agcatccagg tggtgacctc ggtaaacggc agcggcccgc
   239941 gctggcaaca actcttcgcg cgggtcttcg cggcgtccac ggcgccggcc gcgtcgatcc
   240001 gcatccacga tttcggcgcc actcccgggg tggtccgcct gcgcctggag caggcactgg
   240061 aggaggctgg ccatgactga cgccgcccgc ctgctggcgc tgcgcagctt caccgaactg
   240121 ggagcgcgcc aacgcgcccg ggccctgctt gacgcgggca gcttccgcga gttgctcgat
   240181 cccttcgccg gcgtgcagtc gccctggctg gaacgacagg gcatcgtgcc ccaggccgac
   240241 gatggggtag tggtcgcccg tggcctcctc gacggccagc cggcggtgct tgccgccatc
   240301 gaaggtgctt tccagggcgg cagccttggc gaagtcagcg gagcgaagat tgccggcgcg
   240361 ctggagctgg ccgccgagga caatcgcaac ggcgttccga cccgggccct gctgttgctg
   240421 gaaaccggtg gcgtgcgcct gcaggaagcc aacctcggac tggcggcgat cgccgagatc
   240481 caggcggcca tcgtcgatct gcagcgctac cagccggtgg tggcggtgat cgccggaccg
   240541 gtcggctgct tcggcggcat gtccatcgcc gccgggctgt gcagctacgt gctggtgacc
   240601 cgcgaggcgc gcctcggctt gaacggtccg caggtgatcg aacaggaggc cggcatcgct
   240661 gaatacgact cgcgcgaccg gccgttcatc tggagcctca ccggcggcga gcagcgcttc
   240721 gccagcggtc tcgccgacgc ctacctggcc gacgacctcg atgaggtacg cacctcggta
   240781 ctcgcgtatt tcgccaaggg cctgccggca cggccgcgct gccgccgcgc cgaggattac
   240841 ctgcggcggc tgggcgacct cgataccgcc gagcaaccgg atgccgccgg cgtgcgccgg
   240901 ctgtaccagg ggctgggcca aggagatgca acatgagcca accgttcgct tcccgtggcc
   240961 tggcctggtt ccaggcgctg gccggtagcc tcgcgccgcg tcccggcgat cctgcttcgt
   241021 tgcgcgtcgc cgatgccgag ctggacggct acccggtgcg tttcctggcc gtcgtgcccg
   241081 atcccgacaa tccgttcccg cgcgctcgcc agggcgaggt cgggctgctc gagggctggg
   241141 gcctggccgc cgccgtcgac gaggcgctgg aggccgaccg cgaggcgcca cgcaagcgcg
   241201 cgctgctggc catcgtcgac gtgccgagcc aggcctacgg ccgccgcgag gaggccctgg
   241261 gtatccacca ggcgctggcc ggggcggtgg atgcctacgc ccgcgcccga ctcgccgggc
   241321 atccgctgat cggcctgctg gtgggcaagg cgatgtccgg cgcgttcctc gcccacggct
   241381 accaggccaa ccgcctgatc gccttgcacg atccgggggt gatggtccac gccatgggca
   241441 aggccgccgc cgcgcggatc accctgcgca gcgtcgagga actggaggcg ttggcggcga
   241501 aggtgccgcc gatggcctac gacatcgaca gctacgcgtc gctcggcctg ctctggagga
   241561 cccttccggt ggagaccgtc gaggtgccgt cgacggcgga cctggtgcgg gtccgcacct
   241621 gcctgggcga ggccctggcc gatatcctcg gcggcccgcg cgacctcggc ggccgcctcg
   241681 gcgcggccaa ccgcgaggcg tcggcgcggg tgcgccggct gctgcgcgag cagtggtgaa
   241741 ttcaggagcg agccgtggtc atcgcgaaca gctcacagcg gggctccagc cggcgacggc
   241801 tcgctcctga tccgatgcgt cgcagggcag ggccggaacc ccatgacttg ctcctgggca
   241861 tggcgccggc gcatttgccg gagaatgctc cggcctgggt ctgcgcggca ctgaaggccg
   241921 gctggccggt ggtggtgcgc cgtgcgccgg cagatcctgc gcgggtggcc atcggcgtgc
   241981 gcggcctggc gcgggagcag cgctgggccg gctggatgcc gttggcggca atcacccggc
   242041 gcttgcgccc ggaagcgctg ggccagcgcg agccggcgat gctgcgcgat ctgccggcct
   242101 ggcgtgcctt gcgcgacctg cgtgcgccgc tgaacgcgct gggactggcc tggggcgtga
   242161 ccggcggcgc cggtttcgag ctggccagcg gggtcgccgt gctgcatccg gacagcgacc
   242221 tcgacctgct gctgcgcacc ccgcgcccgt tcccgcgcga tgacgcgctg cgcctgctgc
   242281 agtgcttcga gcagtgtccc tgccggatcg acctgcaact gcagaccccg gcgggcggcg
   242341 tggccctgcg cgaatgggcc gagggtcggc cccgggtgct ggcgaaaggc agcgaggcgc
   242401 cgctgttgct ggaagacccc tggcggatcg cggaggtcga ggcatgagcg tgctgttcgc
   242461 ctatcccggc cagggcgccc aacgtcccgg catgctcgcg gccttgcccg acgaaccgcc
   242521 ggtgcgcgcc tgcctggagc aggcggcgga ctgtctcggc caggcgccgg ccgaactgga
   242581 gagcgccgag gccttgcgcg gcacccgcgc ggtgcagttg tgcctgctga tcgccggggt
   242641 cgccgccagc cgcctgctgg agacgcgcgg gcatcggccg gggctggtcg ccgggctgtc
   242701 catcggcgcc tatccggcgg cggtggtagc cggcgcgctg gacttcgacg acgcgctgcg
   242761 tctggtggcg ctgcgtggcg aactgatgca ggccgcctgg cccgagggct acgggatgag
   242821 cgccatcctc ggtctcgaac aggcgcaact ggaagcgctg atcctggcgg tgcggcgcga
   242881 gcacccgccg ctctacctgg ccaacgtcaa cgccgagcgg caactggtgg tggccggcag
   242941 cgaagcggct ctggccgccc tcgccgaacg cgcccgtgcc gccggcgcca gcgcggcgaa
   243001 gcgcctggcg gtgagcgtac cgtcgcactg tgcgctgctc gacgaaccgg ccgcgcgcct
   243061 ggccgaagcc ttcgccggca tccgcctgca tcggccgcgc gtgccctacc tgagcagcag
   243121 ccgggcgcgc ctggtcgccg aaccggccgc gctggccgac gatctcgccg gcaacatggc
   243181 gcgccgcgtc gagtggctgg cgacattgcg cagcgcctac gagcgcggtg cccgcctgca
   243241 tctcgagctg ccgccgggac gggtcctcag cggtctggcg cggcctctgt tcggctgcgc
   243301 cacgccggcc ttcgaaggct cccgggcgga taccctggac gcgctgttgc gcgaggagga
   243361 aaagagaacc cgataagcgt tcgttcgagg cataaaaaca acaacatcga tccgcaaccg
   243421 aggacaacaa taatgattat ctacggtgtc gcactgctgt ctctgtgtac cctcgccggg
   243481 ctgttcatcg gcgagatcct tggcgtgctg ctcggcgtgc cggccaacgt cggtggcgtc
   243541 ggcatcgcca tgctgctgct gatcttcgtc ggcagctacc tgggcaagcg tggcctgctc
   243601 tcggcgaaga ccgagcaggg cgtggagttc tggagcgcgg tctacattcc catcgtggtc
   243661 gccatggccg cccagcagaa tgtcctcggc gcgctgagcg gcgggccggc cgctatcctc
   243721 gccggcatcg ccgcggtcgc cgtggccttc gccctggtcc cgctgctcga ccgcttcggc
   243781 cggaagaaag ccgaaggcgc cccgccattg aaaccgcgca ccagcgtgca ggggtgagcg
   243841 ccatgttcga gtccctgaac aaagtcatca atggctacgg cctgatcagc ggcttcgcca
   243901 tcatcggcgt gaccatggcg gtgtcctact ggttgtcggc gcgcctcacc cgcgggcgcc
   243961 tgcacggctc ggcgatcgcg atcttcctcg gcctggtgct gtcctacgtc ggcggcgtcg
   244021 ccaccggcgg gcagaaagga ttggtggacg tgcccctgat gtccggtatc ggcctgctgg
   244081 gtggcgccat gctgcgcgac ttcgccatcg tcgccacggc cttcggggtg aatgtcgagg
   244141 aactgcgtcg ggcaggggtt tccggggtgg tgtcgctgtt cctcggggtc ggttcgtcgt
   244201 tcgtcgccgg ggtcgcggtg gccatggcgt tcggctacac cgatgcggtc agcctgacca
   244261 ccatcggcgc cggcgcggtc acctacatcg tcggaccggt gaccggcgcc gccctggggg
   244321 ccagttccga ggtgatggcg ctgagcatcg ccgccgggtt ggtgaaggcg atcctggtga
   244381 tggtcctgac gcctttcgtc gcgccctaca tcggcctgaa caatccacgt acggcggtga
   244441 tcttcggtgg tctcatgggc acctccagcg gtgtcgccgg cggccttgcc gccaccgacc
   244501 cgaagctggt gccctacggt tgcctgaccg cggcgttcta caccgccatc ggttgcctgc
   244561 tgggtccgtc gctgctgtat ttcagcgtgc gcggcctggt tgggtgagcg ggctggtccg
   244621 ggccccctct ccctgaaggg cgagggttgg ggagaggtca gcgggccagc ggcaatgtgg
   244681 acttccgtcc gctatcccgc cgcctcctgc tccaggcgca ggctgtacat ccggcactcc
   244741 gcgagcaacg ccagcaggtt cgggtcgcgc tccttggcct tgaggaacac cacgccgatg
   244801 tgctgctgca ggcgatagcg cggttgcagc gggatcagcc gcacgcggtt ctcgtagacc
   244861 gcctcgatgc gtttgggcag cagcgcatgg ccgacccccg agctgaccat gctgaggagg
   244921 gtgaagatgt cgttcacctg catcgcgatc tgcggttcga agccggcctg ctggaacacc
   244981 cgggtgccgt cctgatgggt ggcgaagccc tgggtgagcg tgacgaaggg cgtgtcgcgc
   245041 agggtgctga gatcgatctc ggcgagcctg gcgtagggcg agtccaccgg cacggcgagg
   245101 aaaatgtcat cggagaacag cggcaggtgc tcgcagtcgg gatcgctgac gctgtcgttg
   245161 agcgacacca ggatggcgtc cagctccatg ttcttcagct ggtagaacag gtcgacgttg
   245221 gagccgagga tcaggtcgat attcagcgcg ctgcgtcgca gcttgaggcc catgatcagt
   245281 tgcggcacgg tcttcaccgt cagcgaatag agcgcgccga gcttgaagcg ctcggcggag
   245341 aagccggccg cctcgcgggt caggcgcacc gtgtcgagta cctcctggac cagcttctgc
   245401 gcgcgctcct cgagcacgta ggcgctttcc agcggggtca ggttgcgtcc ctcgtgcttg
   245461 aacagcgggc agcgcagggc gctttccagc gagtggatgg cgcggtgcac gctgacgttg
   245521 ctggtgccca gttccgccgc cgcgcgcgcc aggttgccgg tgcgcatgaa ggcgaggaag
   245581 gtttccagct tcttgagggt gatttcttcg tcgatcagca tccgcgttcc cctggccggt
   245641 ggcgtcgggg gattgtgcct gaggcggcgc gggaggggta aaaagggccg tcatgtccta
   245701 gcgcgtggcg gagcatgacg gcctggaaac gccttgggga aggcggagtt gcactgaccg
   245761 gatggaatcc cgcttcggca gcctgagccg ccgataggct aacggaactc agcggatgga
   245821 gcggatggtc tgccggaccg gggtggtccg gagcgccggc caccctagca acggaggctt
   245881 tttgccacag tcatcggatt cgtctttgtc agaaagaaag ttcctcttgg aatgtcggaa
   245941 agctgagggt cagtgccggc gctcggcaag cttgcccagt tgctcccggc agtagtcgac
   246001 gaacaatcgt gccggcttgg tcagttgcgc gcgtttcagc caggcggcgg cgagcccgga
   246061 ggtggacacc ggctcggcga ggtcgaccat gaccaccttc ttgccgtcgt aggtgcattc
   246121 cgaatgcggg cgggtgacca gcagggagaa gccgaagccc tggccgacca tgccgcgcac
   246181 catctcgatg gacggcgagc tgaaggcgat gttcggcgtc aggccgagtt cctcgaacag
   246241 gctgacgaaa taggtgcggc tgggctgcac gtcgagcagg atcatcggtt ccaggcacag
   246301 gtcgcgcagc gacacctgcg cctgcccggc gaagcggtgc ccttcgggga gcagcgcgtg
   246361 gggtcgttgc ggcggcatca gcggctcggt ctcgatggtc gagtcgaggt cgtgctcgta
   246421 gaggaaggcc aggtcgaagc gcccggaggt gaggccttgc accagttcct gctgctcgcc
   246481 gtcgcgtatg cggatctcca cccccggata ggcctggcga aagccggcga tcaggcccgg
   246541 caggtagagc ggggcgaccg tctcgaagca gccgatgtcg atctgcccgg cgatcacgtc
   246601 gttgtcggcc agggcgttct gctcgaactc gtgggccatc cgcagcagtt cctgggcctt
   246661 gcggtagaag cgcgcgccgg cgggggtcag cgacacgccc tgggcgtggt ggcggatgaa
   246721 cagctgcacg ccgaagcttt cctccagacc cttcaccgct gtggagatcg acggctgggc
   246781 gatgtacagc ttgcgcgagg cctcggccac gctgccgcat tccacggtgg tcacgaaata
   246841 cttgagttgc cgcaaggtat aggacgccac tgcaagacct catcggcgca tcatcctccc
   246901 cgggccgggc gtgcgcgcct cgattgttgt gtccgccgcg ctgcaagcaa gttgcaggcc
   246961 gctgccgagc gtcgcggcgc tggccgcgac gacgattgcc cgcctgcacg ataacccagc
   247021 acgacgcact ttgccggggc acgcctggcc agctttttct tatgtcccga ggacattttt
   247081 aataattttc cttcgccgcg gcttgcgcga ccatccttcc ccatcgaccc catggacagc
   247141 ggtccgcctc ccggcggtcc gggccatgcg tgcagaacca cgaccggcgc agaccggcga
   247201 gataacaagg agaaggtggg gtgttcgaac tcagcgattg gcaacggcgc gccgcgacac
   247261 agcgcttcat cgaccaggcc ctgatcggcg gccgccagcg tccagccgcc agcggcgcta
   247321 ccttcgacgc catcgatccg gcgagcaatc gcctgctggc gcgggtcgcg gcctgcgatg
   247381 cggccgacgt cgacgcggca gtggccgccg cccgccgcgc cttcgacgaa ggcccctggg
   247441 cgcgtctcgc cccggtcgag cgcaagcgcg tgctgctgcg cctggccgag ctgatgctgg
   247501 cccatcgcga agagctggcg ctgctcgact cgctgaacat gggcaagccg gtgatggacg
   247561 cctggaacat cgatgtaccc ggcgccgccc acgtcttcgc ctggtatgcg gaaagcctcg
   247621 acaagctcta cgaccaggtc gcgccgaccg cccagcagac cctggccacc attacccgcg
   247681 tgccgctggg ggtgatcggc gcggtggtgc cgtggaactt cccgctcgac atggccgcct
   247741 ggaagctcgc cccggccctg gccgccggca actcggtggt gctcaagccg gccgagcagt
   247801 cgccgttctc cgccctgcgc ctggccgagc tggccctgga ggcgggggtg ccggaaggcg
   247861 tgctgaacgt ggtgccgggc ctcggcgagc aggccggcaa ggccctcggc ttgcacccgg
   247921 atgtggacgc actggtgttc accggctcca ccgaggtcgg caagtacttc atgcagtatt
   247981 ccgcgcaatc caacctcaag caggtctggc tggagtgcgg cggcaagagt ccgaacctgg
   248041 tgttcgccga ttgccgcgat cttgacctgg cggcggaaaa ggccgccttc ggcattttct
   248101 tcaaccaggg cgaggtctgt tcggcgaact cgcgcttgct ggtggagcgt tcgatccacg
   248161 acgagttcgt cgagcgcctg ctggccaagg cccgcgactg gcagccgggc gatccgctgg
   248221 acccggccag ccgcgccggc gccatcgtcg accgccggca gaccgccggg atccttgccg
   248281 ccatcgagcg ggcgcaaggc gagggcgcga ccctgctcgg cggtggccgc cagttgacga
   248341 tcaacggttc ggacaacttc atcgaaccga ccctgttcgg cggagtacgc ccggacatgc
   248401 agctggcccg cgaggaaatc ttcggtccgg tgctggcgat cagcgccttc gactccgagg
   248461 acgaggccat acgcctggcc aacgacagcc gctacggcct cgccgcctcg ctgtggagcg
   248521 acgacctgca ccgtgcgcac cgggtggcgc ggcgcttgaa tgccggaacg gtgtcggtga
   248581 ataccgtgga cgcgctggac gtcgcggtgc ctttcggcgg cggcaagcag tccggcttcg
   248641 gtcgcgacct gtcgctgcat tccttcgaca agtacaccca gttgaagacg acctggttcc
   248701 agttgcgcta aagacgcgac ggacgcgaca cgactcgatg ccgataacga caacaagagg
   248761 acgatcgaat gaacgacacg ccgaacgtgc gtgagccggc cctgcgccgc gtgctcgggc
   248821 tgggaccgct gctggcggtg gccatcggcc tggtggtttc ccagggcgtg atggtactga
   248881 tgctgcaagg cgccgggacg gccggcctgg gcttcatcgt gccgctggga gtggcctacc
   248941 tgctggcgct gagctacgcc ttttcctttt ccgagctggc cctgatgatt ccccgcgccg
   249001 gtagcctgag cagctacacc gaggtggcca tcgggcattt cccggcgatc ctggcgacct
   249061 tttccggcta cgtggtggtg gcgatgttcg ccctctcggc ggaactgctg ctgctcgacc
   249121 tgatcatcgg caaggtctac cccggcgcgc tgccgccgat gctggtggcc tacggcgtgc
   249181 tcggtctgtt caccctgctc aacctgctcg gcatcgacat cttcgcgcgc ctgcagagcg
   249241 cgctggcgct gctgatgatg atcgtcctgc tggtgctcgg cctgggtgcg gtgagcagcg
   249301 accacgcttc cgcgcagacc gccctggcga gcggctggaa cccgctcggg gtaagcgccc
   249361 tggcgctcac cgcgatggcc gtgtggggct tcgtcggcgc cgagttcgtc tgcccgctgg
   249421 tggaggagac gcggcgtccg gagcgcaaca tcccgcgttc gatgatcctc ggcctgagca
   249481 tcatcttcct gaccatcgcc ctctactgct tcggtgcgct gctgtgcatc ccgcaggcgg
   249541 aactggccgg cgacccgctg ccacacttcc tcttcgccaa ccgcgtgttc ggcgagtacg
   249601 gccagctgtt cctggtgatc gccgcgatca ccgccacctg cagcaccctc aactcgtcgc
   249661 tggcggcgat cccgcggatg ctctacggga tggcgcagaa cggccaggcc ttcccgcaat
   249721 tcaagcagct cagccggcgg gcgcgcacgc cctgggtggc ggtgctgttc gtcgccgcga
   249781 tcaccggcct gccgatcctg atcctcggcc aggacccgga ctcgatcaac ctgctgctgc
   249841 tcgccgccgc gctggcctgg ctgctggcct acatcatcgc ccacgtcgac gtgctggccc
   249901 tgcgccgtcg ctatccgcac atcgcccgtc cgttccgcac gccgttctac ccgctgccgc
   249961 aactgttcgg catcgccggg atgatctacg cggtggtcca cgtctcgccg accccggaaa
   250021 tgaccggacg gatcttcgcc agcgccggcg tggtgctcgg cgtggtctcg ctggtggcgg
   250081 tggtgtggat caagggcgtg atgcgcaagc ccctcttcgt acccgaaccg ctcgagacgg
   250141 ccggtgagac tgcccagggc aagtccgtcg ccctcgatcc cctgcaatcc ccttcggcct
   250201 gacgcgccaa gggaacaagg agaacacaga cgatgaccgc tcagctcaac ccgcagcgcg
   250261 acacccgcga ctaccagcaa ctggacgccg cgcaccacat ccacgccttc ctcgaccaga
   250321 aggcgctgaa ccgcgaaggc ccgcgggtga tggtccgcgg cgatggcctg cagctctggg
   250381 acaacgacgg caagcgctac ctggacggca tgtccggcct ctggtgcacc aacctcggct
   250441 acggccgcca ggacctcgcc gccgccgcca gccgccagct ggaacaactg ccgtactaca
   250501 acatgttctt ccacaccacc cacccggcgg tggtggagct ttccgagatg ctcttcagcc
   250561 tgctgccgga ccactacagc cacgcgatct acaccaactc cggctccgag gccaacgagg
   250621 tgctgatccg taccgtgcgg cgctactggc agatcctcgg caagccgcag aagaagatca
   250681 tgatcggccg ctggaacggc taccacggct cgaccctggg cagcaccgcg ctcggcggga
   250741 tgaagttcat gcacgagatg ggcggcatgc tgccggactt cgcccacatc gacgaaccct
   250801 actggtacgc caacggcggc gagctgagcc cggccgagtt cggtcgccgc gcggcgctgc
   250861 aactggagga gaagatcctc gaactgggcg cggagaacgt cgccgccttc gtcgccgagc
   250921 ccttccaggg cgccggcggc atgatcttcc cgccgcaaag ctattggccg gagatccagc
   250981 gcatctgccg gcagtacgac gtgctgctgt gcgccgacga agtgatcggc ggcttcggcc
   251041 gcaccggcga atggttcgcc cacgaacact tcggcttcca gccggacacc ctgtccatcg
   251101 ccaagggcct gacgtccggc tacatcccca tgggcggcct ggtactcggc aagcgcatcg
   251161 ccgaggtgct ggtggagcag ggcggggtgt tcgcccacgg cctgacctat tccggccacc
   251221 cggtggcggc ggcggtggcc atcgccaacc tcaaggcgct gcgcgacgag ggcgtggtca
   251281 cgcgggtcag ggaggagacc ggcccctacc tgcaacgctg cctgcgcgag gtcttcggcg
   251341 accatccgct ggtcggcgag gtccagggcg ccggcttcgt cgccgcgctg cagttcgctg
   251401 aggacaaggc gacccgcaag cgcttcgcca acgagaacga tctggcctgg cgctgccgca
   251461 ccatcggctt cgaggagggc gtgatcatcc gctccaccct cggccgcatg atcatggccc
   251521 cggcgctggt ggccgggcgt gccgagatcg acgaactgat cgacaagacc cgtatcgcgg
   251581 tggatcgcac cgcgcgcgag atcggcgtgc tctgacgcgc cccggcggcc cggcctcggc
   251641 cgggtcgcct gcgacacgga gcgtcccccc ataacgacga tgcggcgcct ggcgaccgcg
   251701 cgcggaaccg tttcggcctc tggccggcaa ctgcctcagc aacatcacaa caatgccaat
   251761 cggctgtggg agtgttccat gttcaagtcc ttgcaccagt acgcacacgt gttttcccgg
   251821 ttgtccctgt tcggcctggc gttcgccgcg gcggcccagg cgcagagcca gagcctgacg
   251881 gtgatctcct tcggcggcgc gaccaaggcc gcccaggaac aggcctattt caagcccttc
   251941 gagcgaagcg gcggcgggca ggtggtcgcc ggcgaataca acggcgaaat ggccaaggtg
   252001 aaggccatgg tcgacgtcgg caaggtcagc tgggacgtgg tcgaggtgga gagccccgaa
   252061 ctgctccgcg gctgcgacga ggggctgttc gaacgcctcg acccggcgcg tttcggcgac
   252121 cccgcgcagt tcgtccccgg cactttcagc gagtgcgggg tggccaccta cgtctggtcg
   252181 atggtgatgg cctacgactc gacgaagctg gccagggcgc cgcagtcctg ggcggatttc
   252241 tggaacgtcc gcgagttccc cggcaagcgt ggcctgcgca agggcgccaa gtacaccctg
   252301 gaagtggcgt tgctggccga cggggtgaag gcggaggacc tctacaaggt actcgccacc
   252361 ccggaggggg tcagccgcgc cttcgccaag ctcgaccagc tcaaaccgaa catccagtgg
   252421 tgggaggccg gcgcccagcc gccgcaatgg ctggcggccg gcgacgtggt gatgagcgcg
   252481 gcctacaacg ggcgcatcgc cgctgcgcag aaggaggggg tgaaactggc catcgtctgg
   252541 cccggcagtc tctacgatcc ggagtactgg gcggtggtga agggcacgcc gaacaaggcg
   252601 ctggcggaga aattcatcgc cttcgccagc cagccgcaga cgcagaaggt gttctccgag
   252661 cagatcccct acgggccggt acacaagggc accctggcgt tgctgccgaa gacggtgcag
   252721 gaggcgctgc cgaccgcgcc ggccaacctc gaaggcgcgc gggcggtgga tgccgagttc
   252781 tgggtggacc acggcgagga gctggaacag cgtttcaatg cctgggcggc gcgctgagcg
   252841 cgctgcgcgt cggcaaaaaa aaacgacggg ccccaagtcg tccgggcccg tcgggtcaaa
   252901 gcgctgacgg ggtgatcagc gcagctcttc caacaacccc tgcagatacc gacagccctc
   252961 ggtatccagc gcctgcaccg gaaggcgcgg cgcccccacc tccaggccgg agaggcccag
   253021 gccggccttg atggtggtcg gcaggccccg gcggaggatg aagtcgagca gcggcaactg
   253081 ccggtagaac agcgcgcggg ccttctccag gtcgccgtcg agcaccgcct ggtagagctg
   253141 gccgttgagc gtcgggatca ggttcggcgc ggcgctgcac cagcctttcg cgccggccac
   253201 gaaggcctcc agcgccagcg ggttgcagcc gttgtagaag ggcacccggc cttcgccgag
   253261 caggcgcagc ttgtgcatgc gctggatgtc gccggtgctc tccttgacca tggtcacgtt
   253321 gtccacttcg cggacgatgc gcaggatcag ttccaccgac atgtcgatgc cgctggtgcc
   253381 cgggttgttg tagagcatca ccggcacgcc gatggcttcg cccaccgcgc ggtagtgctg
   253441 gaacacttcc gcctcgttga gcttccagta ggagatcggc aggaccatca ccgcctcggc
   253501 gccgagggat tcggcgaact gcgcgcggcg cacggtcttg gcggtggtca ggtcggagac
   253561 gctgacgatg gtcggcacgc gatgggcgac ggtcttcagg gtgaagtcga ccacctcgtc
   253621 ccattccggg tcgctcaggt aggcgccttc gccggtgctg ccgagcgggg cgatggcgtg
   253681 cacgccgccg tcgatcaggc gctcgatgga gcggccgagg gccggcaggt cgagaccgcc
   253741 gtcggcggcg aagggggtga tggtgtagcc gatgatgccg tggatggatg cggacattgg
   253801 atgtacccgt gacattgagt gggaaatgcc aggacggacc tggtgggaaa ggtcgttcag
   253861 ttcaggcagt cgctgttgcg cggcaggcag cgccgggcgt agtagttgaa tgcggcgccg
   253921 tggcgcttcg gggtggagat ccagtcgtgg gcctcgcgcg ccagggccgg cgggatcggc
   253981 ttgatctccc cggcggccat cgccagcaac tgcatcttcg ccgcgcgctc gagcagcacc
   254041 gcgatcacgc aggcctcctc gatgctcgca ccggtggcca gcaggccgtg atgggagagc
   254101 aggatggcgc gcttgtcgcc gagggcggcg gagatgatct cgccttcctc gttgcctact
   254161 ggcacgcccg gccagtcctt gaggaaggcg cagtcttcgt atagcgggca aaggtccatg
   254221 tgcgagacct gcagcggtac ttccagggtc gacagcgcgg cgatgtgcag cgggtgggtg
   254281 tggatgatgc agttgacgtc cgggcgggcg cgatagaccc agctgtggaa gcgattggcc
   254341 ggattcgcca tgccgtgccc gtggaggacg ttgaggtctt cgtcgaccag cagcaggttg
   254401 ccggcgctga tctcgtcgaa gcccaggccc agttgctggg tgtagtaggt ccccgcctcc
   254461 gggccgcgcg aggtgatctg cccggcgagc ccggagtcgt ggccggcctc gaagagaatc
   254521 cggcaggtca gggccagctt ttgccggtca gtccacgtat tatcgccgag gctgcttttc
   254581 atctgcttca gcgcgtgctg gatcagttga tccttgggta attccagtgt cgtagccatg
   254641 cgaggttcct ttgacggagc gagtcggggg aaacgccagg cagttgcgcg ccacgcaacg
   254701 acccggctgt aaatgacacg gatcaagtta tatgacacaa agtgtcatta gcaagagaaa
   254761 agtttcatcg ccatcgggag aaggctgtcc tcaatgtcca tgcgcttgaa attgctgaga
   254821 aaaaaactcg gggtcacgct ggagaccctg gccgacaaga ccggcctgac caagagctac
   254881 ctgtccaagg tcgagcgcgg gctgaacacg ccgtccattg ccgccgcgct gaagctggcg
   254941 aaggcgttga acgtgcaggt ggaggagctg ttctccgagg aaagcgacgg tgtcgacggc
   255001 tacagcatcg ttcgtcgcga ccagcgcaag tcgctgtcca gcggcgacga cggcccggcc
   255061 tacgcctccc tcgcgcagca gatcggcgcc cgcgcgctgt tgccgttcat cgtccacccc
   255121 ccccgcgatt tcagtcactc gacgttcaag gagcacctcg gcgaagagtt catcttcgtc
   255181 catgagggcc aggtcgaggt cgacttcatg aaccagcgga tcatcctcga gcgcggcgac
   255241 gccctgcatt tcaacgcaca gaagccgcac cgcatccgct ccctggggga gacccaggcg
   255301 gaattgctgg tggtgatcca cagcgacgaa tgaggcggcg gcttcggtcg atcggatgct
   255361 tgctaacgtt ctgttcgatt atcgaactgt taatcgatta tcggattgtg agccctcgga
   255421 ccccggcgta aggttctcgt cacgtgccgt ccaggcagcg cacaacaaga cgagacccga
   255481 ccgatggctg aaatcctctc cctgcgcgaa gcggtgcgac gcttcgtcca cgatggcgac
   255541 agcgtcgccc tcgaaggctt cactcacctg atcccgacgg ccgccggcca cgagctgatc
   255601 cgccagggca ggaaagacct gacgctgatc cgcatgactc ccgacctggt ctacgacctg
   255661 ctgatcggtg caggctgcgc gaagaagctg gtgttctcct ggggcggcaa ccccggtgtc
   255721 ggttcgctgc accgcctgcg cgacgcggtg gagaagggct ggccgcaacc gctggagatc
   255781 gaggaacaca gccacgccga cctcgccaac gcctatgtcg ccggcgcctc cgggctgccc
   255841 ttcgcggtgc tgcgcgccta cgccggctcc gacctgccga aggtcaaccc gctgatccgc
   255901 agcgtcacct gcccgttcac cggcgaagtg ctggcggcgg tgccctcggt gcgtccggac
   255961 gtcagcgtga tccacgcgca gaaggccgac cgcaagggca acgtgctgct ctggggcatc
   256021 ctcggcgtgc agaaggaagc ggccctggcg gcgaagcgct gcatcgtcac cgtcgaggag
   256081 atcgtcgacg aactggacgc cccgatgaac gcctgcgtcc tgccgagctg ggcgctcagc
   256141 gccgtgtgcc tggtgcccgg cggcgcgcat ccgtcctatg cccacggcta ctacgagcgc
   256201 gacaaccgct tctaccagga ctgggacccg atcgcccgcg accgcgaaag cttcaccgcg
   256261 tggatcgacg aatacatccg ggggaccgag gatttcggcg ccttccaggc caagctcgcg
   256321 gagggcaagc gatgagcagc tacagcacca acgagatgat gaccgtggcc gccgcccgcc
   256381 gcctgcacaa cggcgcggtg tgcttcgtcg gcatcggcct gccgtcgaag gccgccaacc
   256441 tggcgcgcct gacttcctcg ccggacgtcg tgctgatcta cgagtccggg ccgatcggcg
   256501 ccaagcccag cgtcctgccg ctgtccatcg gcgacggcga gttggccgag accgccgata
   256561 ccgtggtccc caccggcgag atcttccgct actggctgca gggcggacgg atcgacgtcg
   256621 gcttcctcgg cgcggcccag gtcgaccgct tcggcaacat caacaccacc gtgatcggcg
   256681 actaccgcca gcccaaggtg cgcctgccgg gagccggcgg cgcgccggaa atcgccggca
   256741 gcgccaagga agtgctgatc atcctcaagc agtcgcaccg caccttcgtc gacaagctgg
   256801 ccttcgtcac ctcggtcggc catggcgagg gcggcgactc gcgccagcgc ctgggcctgc
   256861 cgggcaaggg gccggtggcg atcatcaccg acctgtgcat catggagccg gaagccggca
   256921 gcaacgagtt cgtggtcact tcgctgcatc cgggcgtgac ccgcgagcag gtggtcgagg
   256981 ccaccggctg ggcgatccgc ttcgccgagc gggtcgacga gacgcccgcg ccgagcgagg
   257041 tcgaactcgc cgcgctgcgc gacctcgagg cgcgcaccgc ggccgcccat ggacagaagg
   257101 ggagcgacga atgagccgcg aggtattcat ctgcgatgcc gtgcgcacgc cgatcggccg
   257161 tttcggcggc agtctttccg cggtgcgcgc cgacgacctc gcggcggtgc cgctgaaggc
   257221 cctggtcgag cgcaacccgg gggtcgactg gtcggcgttg gacgaggtgt tcctcggctg
   257281 cgccaaccag gccggcgagg acaaccgtaa cgtggcgcgc atggcgctgc tgctggccgg
   257341 tttgccggag agcgtgcccg gcgtcaccct caaccgcctc tgcgcctcgg ggatggacgc
   257401 catcggcacg gcgttccgcg ccatcgcctg cggcgagatg gagctggcca tcgccggcgg
   257461 cgtcgagtcg atgtcgcgcg cgccgtacgt gatgggcaag gccgatagcg ccttcgggcg
   257521 cggccagaag atcgaggaca ccaccatcgg ctggcgcttc gtcaatccgc tgatgaagga
   257581 gcagtacggc atcgacccga tgccgcagac cgccgacaac gtcgccgacg actatcgcgt
   257641 gtcgcgtgcc gaccaggatg ccttcgccct gcgcagccag cagcgcgccg gcagggcgca
   257701 ggaggccggt ttcttcgccg aggaaatcgt cccggtgacg attcgcgggc gcaagggcga
   257761 caccctggtc gagcacgacg agcatccgcg tcccgacacc accctggagg cgctggcccg
   257821 gctcaagccg gtcaacgggc cggagaagac cgtcaccgcc ggcaacgcgt ccggggtcaa
   257881 cgacggcgcc gccgcgctgg tcctggcctc cgccgaggca gtggagaagc acggcctgac
   257941 tccgcgcgcg cgggtgctgg gcatggccag cgccggcgtc gccccacgga tcatgggcat
   258001 cggcccggtg ccggcggtgc gcaagctgct gcggcgcctg gacctggcga tcgacgcctt
   258061 cgacgtgatc gaactcaacg aagccttcgc cagccagggc ctggcctgcc tgcgcgaact
   258121 gggcgtggcc gacgacagtg agaaggtcaa cccgaacggc ggtgccatcg ccctcggcca
   258181 cccgctgggg atgagcggtg cgcggctggt cctcaccgcg ctccatcaac ttgagaagag
   258241 cggcggccgg cgcggcctgg cgaccatgtg cgtaggcgtc ggccaaggcc tggcgctggc
   258301 catcgagcgg gtctgactgg cacaaccggg tcgcccgccc ggtatcaaga gcgcgcgtcg
   258361 cgcggcgctg cccatgtttc ggcggcggcg cggcgcgtgt gcagcggaac aggacgctcc
   258421 gtcgcacggt caggatgaaa cggaccctgt cgagagaaca acagcatgac tgcccctgtt
   258481 caccagtaca gcaacgaaga acgccgcaag cgcatcttcg ccatcgtcgg cgcctcctcc
   258541 ggcaacctcg tggaatggtt cgacttctac gtctacgcct tctgcgcgat ctacttcgca
   258601 ccggccttct tcccctccga caaccccacg gtgcagttgc tgaacaccgc cggggtcttc
   258661 gccgccggct tcctcatgcg ccccatcggc ggctggatgt tcggccgcat cgccgacaag
   258721 cacgggcgca agaccgccat gctgatctcg gtggtgatga tgtgcgccgg ctccctggcg
   258781 atcgcctgca tgcccaccta cgccagcatc ggcaccctgg cgccggcgct gctgttgctg
   258841 gcgcggatgt tccagggcct gtcggtgggc ggcgagtacg gcaccagcgc gacctacatg
   258901 agcgaggtgg cgctcaaggg ccagcgcggc ttcttcgcct cgttccagta cgtcaccctg
   258961 atcggcggac agttgctggc ggtgctggtg gtggtgatcc tgcagcagtt gctgagcgaa
   259021 gacgaactgc gcgcctgggg ctggcggatt cccttcgtga tcggcgcgat caccgcggtg
   259081 atcgccctct ggctgcggcg ctcgctgaac gagaccgctt cgaagtcgac cctggagcgc
   259141 aaggaatccg gcaccttcgc cgagctgttc aagcacaagc gggccttctt cactgtgctc
   259201 ggcttcaccg ccggcggctc gctgatcttc tacaccttca ccacctacat gcagaagtac
   259261 ctggtcaaca ccgccgggat gagcgccaag accgccagcg cggtgatgac cttcgccctg
   259321 ctggcgtaca tgctgatgca accgctgttc ggcatgcttt ccgatcgcat cgggcgcaag
   259381 acctcgatgc tctggttcgg caccctgggc acgctctgca ccctgccgat cctgctcgcg
   259441 ctgaagaccg tgagcagtcc ctacatggcc ttcttcctga tcatcctggc gctggccatc
   259501 gtcagcctgt acacctccat cagcggcctg atcaaggccg agatgttccc gccggaggtg
   259561 cgcgccctcg gcgtcggagt gtcctacgcg gtgggcaacg cgatcttcgg cggctcggcc
   259621 gagtacgtcg ccctggggct gaagtcggta gggatggaga acgtcttcta ctggtatgtt
   259681 tcagccatgt gcctgctggc gctgctggtc tgcgtgagcc tgccggacct gcgcaaggtc
   259741 agctacctga acgacgagcc ctgacgggcc gggaaaagga aaaccgatga gcgacgtacc
   259801 cgccaaccag ttgttcgatg cctatttcac ggcggcgccg atgcgcgcgg tgttctccga
   259861 ccgcggccgc ctgcaaggca tgctcgactt cgaggccgcc ctggcccgcg ccgaggcgcg
   259921 caccggggtg gttcccgcga cggcggtggc gccgatcgag gcggcctgcc gcgccgaact
   259981 gtacgacccg ctggcgctgg ccgaggcggt cgccactgcc ggcaactcgg cgatcccgct
   260041 ggtcaaggcg ctgggccgcc aggtggcggc tggcgacgcc gaggccgagc gctacgtgca
   260101 tctcggcgcc accagccagg acgccatgga cagcggcctg gtgctgcaac tgcgccgtgc
   260161 gctggccttg ctcgagcagg atctgcaacg tcttgccgag gtcctggcgg accaggccga
   260221 acggcatgcc gacacgccgc tggccgggcg cacctggttg cagcacgcca ccccggtgac
   260281 cctgggcatg aagctcgccg gcctgctcgg tgccttgacc cggcaccgcc agcgcctgcg
   260341 cgagttgcgc ccgcgcctgc tggtgctgca attcggcggc gcctcgggga cgctcgccgc
   260401 gctcggcgaa caggccctgc cggtggccgc ggcgctggcc gaggagctgg gcctggcttt
   260461 gcccgaacaa ccctggcaca cccagcgcga ccgcctggtg gaattcgcca gcgtgctcgg
   260521 cctggtggcc ggtagcctcg gcaagttcgg tcgcgatgtc agcctgctga tgcagaccga
   260581 ggccggcgag gtcttcgagc cggccggcgc cgggcgcggc ggttcctcga ccatgccgca
   260641 caagcgcaac ccggtgagca gcgcggtgct gatcgccgcc gccacccgtg cgccggggct
   260701 ggtctcgacc ctgttcgcgg cgatgccgca ggaacacgag cgcagcctcg gtctctggca
   260761 cgccgagtgg gaaaccctgc cggaactctg ttgcctggtt gccggcgcgc tgcaacaggc
   260821 gatcggcctg ctcgaaggcc tggaggtgga cgcccagcgg atgcgccgca accttggcct
   260881 gacccacggc ctggtgctcg ccgaggcggt gagcatcgcc ctggcccgcc gtatcggccg
   260941 cgaagccgcg caccatctgg tggaacagtg ctgccgccgc gccgtcgagc agcgccgcga
   261001 gttgcgcgcg gtgctcggcg aagaggcgcg ggtgagcgcc gagttgtccg gcgacgaact
   261061 ggaccgcctg ctcgatcccg cccattacct cggccaggcc cgcgcctggg tcgagcgcgc
   261121 gctcgccgaa caccatgccc tgggcttcga accccatccc gcctgactgg agatcccttc
   261181 gtgccaaccg tacgcctcgc cgacggcgac ctgaactact ccctggaagg accggccggc
   261241 gcgccggtcc tgctgttgtc aaactcgctg ggcaccgacc tgggcatgtg ggacacgcag
   261301 atccccgcac tcaccgccca tttccgcgtg ctgcgctacg acacccgcgg ccacggcgcc
   261361 tcgctggtca cccccggacc gtacgccatc ggccagctcg gcgccgacgt gcttgccctg
   261421 ctcgatgccc tcgagctgcc gcgcgtgcat ttctgcgggc tgtccatggg cggcctgatc
   261481 ggccagtggc tgggcatcca cgccggcgag cggctcggcc ggctggtgct gtgcaacacc
   261541 gcggcgaaga ttgccagcga cgaggtctgg aacacccgca tcgataccgt cctgaaaggc
   261601 ggcgagcagg ccatgcgtga cctgcgcgac gcctcggtgg cgcgctggtt caccgcgggc
   261661 ttcgccgagc gcgaaccggc gcaggtcgag cacatcgtcg cgatgctcgc ggccacctcg
   261721 ccgcagggct acgcggccaa ctgcgctgcg gtacgcgacg ccgatttccg cgagcagctc
   261781 gggctggtcc aggcgccgac gctgatcgtc gccggcagcc acgatgccgt gaccactccg
   261841 gacaacgccc gcttcatgca ggcgcgcatc gccgacgcgc agttggtcga gttcgccgcc
   261901 gcgcacctgt ccaacgtcga agcgggcgac gccttcagcc gccgcctggt cgatttcctg
   261961 ctgtccgcct gaggagccgc cgatggacga gaaacaacgc tacgaagccg gcatgcaagt
   262021 gcgccgcgcg gtgctcggcg acgcccatgt cgagcgcagc ctggccaacc tgacgccgtt
   262081 caacgaagag ttccaggaga tgatcacccg ccacgcctgg ggcgacatct ggacccgtcc
   262141 ggggctgccg cgacacaccc gcagcctggt caccatcgcc atgctgatcg gcatgaaccg
   262201 caacgaggaa ctcaagctgc atctgcgcgc ggcgaagaac aacggggtga gccgcgacga
   262261 gatcaaggaa gtgatcatgc agagcgccat ctactgcggt attcccgcgg ccaacgcgac
   262321 cttccacctg gccgaatcgg tgtgggacga gcttggcgtg gagtcgcagc aggcgtcccg
   262381 gtaggtcgcc ggcggcgcta gcggtagggc gaatggcgtc gcaggcgtta tccgccgata
   262441 ccccgagggc caacggcggt tatccgtcct gcgcgtgggc cggcgaggcg gcgcttcccc
   262501 ttgccattcg ccggcgtttc ccggaaggtc gacagctccg tcatcccttc ggtccgccat
   262561 gagccgcaag ctgcatatcc acgcgcccgc gatccactac ttcgacatgg ttcgccgctg
   262621 ccattcgatc cgcgaagccg cgcggcgcct gaacgtcgcc tcgtcggcgg tgaaccggca
   262681 gatcctcaag ctggaggacg agatcggcgc gccgctgttc gaccgcctgc ccggcggcct
   262741 gcgcctgacc ggagccgggg agatcttcgc gcgccacgtc accgtggtcc tgcaggacat
   262801 ggagcgcgtg cgttccgaac tggacgcgct gcaaggcctg cgcaccggcc atgtggagat
   262861 cgccaccatc gaagcggtga ccagcgacct gctgccctgc gtgctcaagg cgatgcgcga
   262921 acgctacccg gacatcaccg tcggcgtcac cctgctcggt tcccaggcga tacccgaggc
   262981 ggtgagcagt ggcgcggtcg acctcggcct ggccttcgcc ctgccgcgca gcgccgacct
   263041 gcaacaggtc agcgtcggcc atttccgcct cggtgccatc gtctccccgc agcacccgtt
   263101 ggcgcgacac caggccatcg ccttcgccga ttgcgtcgaa catggcctga tcatggccaa
   263161 gagcgagctg tccatccatc acctgctggc gccgctccag cgccgtttgc gcgaaccgcg
   263221 ccgggcggtg ctggagagca gctccctgga gctgtcgcga caactggcgc ggcgcgggct
   263281 cggcgtcgcc ttccagaccc gcctggggat cgaggccgac atcgcccagg gcgagctgcg
   263341 tttcctgccg ctgaaagaca atggcggcat ccacagcgac ctcggcctct acgtgcgcac
   263401 cggccgttac ctgccggtgg cggtggacgc cctggcccgg cagatcgccg aggaagtgcg
   263461 cctgcgcgag cgcgaggaag cgcgcctgaa cgaggcctga gcggcgctcg cgccgatgcc
   263521 agacggcttg cccgagcttg cccgtccgct gatgccgttt cggcatcggc atgttcgata
   263581 ttctgttctt tggtcagcgc ggcgaagtgc cgatactgcc ccgcgacccc ggcgcgaaaa
   263641 cgggggctga gtcgccacaa gaacaacaag caaccagcag gacacacagc atgaagaaga
   263701 tgatgcaggg cgccgccgcc ctgatcgcgc tcatcggcgc cggggagagc atggcgctgg
   263761 aatggatgag caacagcgtc ggtttccgtt acggccagca attcaccaac ccgaacaacc
   263821 cggacaagtt cgccaagcgc atctacagct tcacccacgc cgacggctat cgctacggca
   263881 gcaatttctt caatctcgat gtgttccttt ccgacaaccg cgacccgcgc aagggcaccg
   263941 accatggtgg cagcgaagtc tatgcggtct accgccacca gctctacgct tcgcgggtgt
   264001 tcgaccggcc gctgggcacc ggcctggtca aggactacgc cttcaccctg ggcttcgacg
   264061 ccagccgcaa caacaacctg gcttcggcca agaagcgcgc cctggtgttc ggcccgaccc
   264121 tcaagttcaa cggtcccggc gtgctcgacc tgagcctgct ctactaccgc gagaagaacc
   264181 acttcggcgt gcccggcgcg cgccatcccg accacacctt cgacaccacc tacatgctca
   264241 acctgacctg gatgcggccg ttcaaggtcg gcaaccatgc ggcgaagttc cagggcttcg
   264301 tcaactacgt gggagagaag ggcgaggact acaacgacaa ggacaccgcg gcggaaaccc
   264361 tggtccgcac cgccctgatg gtcgccgccc tgccaggcga caagcgccag ccgaacctgt
   264421 ggctcggcgt cggctacgag tattggcaca acaagttcgg cgtcgacggt ggcaccggca
   264481 gccgcacctc gacgccgacg ttgaatatgg aattcacctt ctgaagcgaa gcgccgtcgc
   264541 cctacgcgat gccgccaacc ctggggtggg gcggataacg ccaccggcgt tatccgccga
   264601 tacaccgaag cccgacggcg gataaccgca agcggttatt cgccctacgc gatgccgacc
   264661 cctggggtag ggcgaataac gccaccggcg ttatccgccg atacaccgaa gcccggcggc
   264721 ggataaccgc aagcggttat gcgccctacg cgatgcccac ccttggggta gggcgaataa
   264781 cgccaccggc gttatccgcc gatacaccga agcccgacgg cggataaccg caagcggtta
   264841 ttcgccctac gcgatgccta cccttggagt agggcgaata acgccatcgg cgttatccgc
   264901 cgatacaccg aagcccggcg gcggataacc gcaagcggtt atgcgtccta cgcgatgggg
   264961 cagtttcacc ccgcatccgc gtgactgacc aaccccttca gcagcaccgc ggcggtggcc
   265021 agtgcagccg gcagcaccag ggcggtcagc acctgttcga agttccagcc caggcccagc
   265081 agggtggcgc cgatccaggc gccgaggatg gcgccgaagc ggccgatacc gagcatccag
   265141 gagacccccg tggcccgccc ctgggtcgga tagaagcgcg ccgccagcga cggcatcgcc
   265201 gactgcgcgc cgttgatgca catgccggcc agcagcacca gggtcgccag cagggtgacc
   265261 tggccgaggc tctggccgac gcaccaggcg aacacccccg ccagcaggta gaacaggccg
   265321 atcaccttgt gcgggttgaa gcgatccatc gcccagccca ccgctacggc gctgagcacc
   265381 ccgccgaact ggaacagcgc gccgatgaac gccgcctgct ccaggctcgc gccgctatcg
   265441 cgcatcaggg tcggcagcca gctggtgagc aggtagacga tcaccaggcc catgaagtag
   265501 gtcagccaga gcagcagggt gccggcgctg taggtaccgg aaaagatcac cgcgaacacg
   265561 ttgcgggcct gcaccgtctg ctgctcgggg acgtggaaac tccgtgccag cgccacctgc
   265621 gccggggcga tgggggccag cacctggcgt acccgctcgc tgccgcggtt gcgcaccacc
   265681 aggtagcgcg ccgattccgg caggcggaac agcaggacta ccgccaggac cagcggtagc
   265741 aggccgccga gcagcagcag gctgtgccag ccgaacagcg ggatcagctt cgccgagacg
   265801 aatccgccgc aggccatgcc caggttgaag ccacagaaca tgctggtcac cagcagcgac
   265861 ttgaggcgct cgggggtgta ttcggaaagc agggtggtgg cgttgggcat cgccgcgccg
   265921 aggccgaggc cggtgaggaa gcgcagcgcc agcagttgct cgacgttggt gctgtaggcc
   265981 gaggccaggc tgaacaggcc gaagaggaag accgccgcga ccaataccag cttgcgtccg
   266041 tagcggtcgg ccagcggtcc ggagccgagg gcgccgaaga ccatgccgat cagcgcggcg
   266101 ctcatcaccg gcccgaggct ggcgcggtcg atgccccagt cctgggtcag cgccggagcg
   266161 atgaagccca tcgcggcggt gtcgaggcca tcgaggaaga cgatcaggaa gcacagcagg
   266221 acgatccgcc attggtacgg cgaaagcggc tgggcattga tgaaggcttg cacgtcgagt
   266281 cgttcgacgg cgggcaggct ggggctgttc atgggacggg ttccgcggcg agagtgaggg
   266341 cgtgggacga gggtcggacg cgtggctcag gtgcaggcgg cggaaggcaa ggcgtgctgc
   266401 ggcatgtcgg gattcccctg ttgtttttgt agcggaggcg ctcggcctgc cggggtgcag
   266461 acacattacg gagggccatg gggagtggca atccgataat cgtttatcgg ttcgctgatc
   266521 gaacgaaacc ctgtgaaatc tcgaccttcg ccaggctgtg aaaatccgga accagattct
   266581 agaatcctgc ctttcctcga ctcaggaacg cccctccatg gccggtagcc tcatcgaacg
   266641 cgccctcggc ttgctcgaac tcctcgccag cgatgcccgt ggcctgcccc tgcaacaact
   266701 ggcggaccgc ctggatatcc ccaagagcgc cgcgcaccgc atgctcgccg agctgatccg
   266761 gctcggctac gtgcgccagg acgacgacac cagccgctac cgcctcagca cccgcctggc
   266821 cgcgctgggc ttccgcttcc tcgcttccag cggggtggtc gacctggtcc agccggtgct
   266881 cgacgggctc gcccgggaga ccggcgaact ggtgcgcctg ggggtgatcg aaggcgatcg
   266941 ccagacctgg atcgccaagt cccagggcgc cacctccggg ctacgctacg accccgacat
   267001 ggggcgcgag gcgccgctgt tctacaccgc atccgggcac gcctggctgg ccagcctgag
   267061 cgacaaggcg gcgctggcgc tggtggagcg ccagggcgta ggggcggcgc gggacttcgg
   267121 tcccaacgcg ccgcgctcca ggagcgagct gctgcgctac ctgaagcgcg cccgcgagca
   267181 cggctatgcc tggcagatcg aatgctcggc gccgggcatg gcggcgatgg ccgcactggt
   267241 gcgccacccc gaggacggac gggctctcgg cgtgctcagc gtggccgggc cgagcgcacg
   267301 cttcggcgag gcgcgcatgc acgaactggc gcccctgctc ctggccgcgg cgcaggacct
   267361 gtcccacgcc agccaggcgt ccgagctgtt ccgctgagcc atccggcccg gccccagtcc
   267421 tttcccgaca tcagcgttcg aatagcgaac gctttcttgc ctgtcacgag cccgcatgcg
   267481 gcgggccttt ccgcacttcc atggatgccc cggcggtagt gccgtctcga accgctcttg
   267541 cgcggggcca gccattcgtt caaataatct ccctcgctaa atctggaacg acgttctgga
   267601 atcttgaagc gaacaagaaa acaacgattg gggaccgcct tggacgcacc gcttcgcatc
   267661 gccctcatcg gcgccggcaa tatgggccgc cagcattacc accgcttgca gcgaatcgcc
   267721 ggcgcgcgcc tgtgtgcggt ggccgatccg cagggccagg cgttcgccgc ggacgccggc
   267781 gtgccctggt tcggcgatca tcggaggttg ctggaagaag cccggccgca agcggcgatc
   267841 gtcgccaatc cgaacaacct gcatgtcgcc accgccctcg actgcctcgc cgccggggtg
   267901 ccgctgctgc tggaaaaacc ggtcggcgtg cagctcgacg aagtgagcga gctggtggcc
   267961 gtcgcccggc gatctggcgt tccgctgctg gtcggtcacc atcgtcggca caatccgctg
   268021 gtcgtgcggg cgcgccaatt gatcgccgag ggcgcgctcg gtcggttgct gtcggtcacc
   268081 gcgctctggc agttgaagaa gcccgacagt tatttcgagg tggcctggcg tcgcgagccc
   268141 ggcgcgggaa tgttgctgac caacctgatc catgacctcg acctgctccg ccacctgtgc
   268201 ggggaagtgc gggaggtgca ggcgctggcc ggcaacgcta tccgtggcct gcccaacgaa
   268261 gacaacatcg cgctgctcct gcgcttcgcc aatggcgccc tgggcagcct gaccggttgc
   268321 gacgctgcgg cggcgccctg gagctgggag ctggcagccg gggagaaccc ggtctatccg
   268381 cgccaggccg agcaaccctg ctacctgctg gccggcaccg agggtgccct gagccttccc
   268441 cagctccgcc gctggcgcta cgccgaggcc cggcagggct ggcacgaccc gctggcggcc
   268501 agcgtggagg ccgtggcgac aggcgatccc ctgcaacgcc agctagagca cttcgtccgg
   268561 gtcgcgcggg gcgaggaagc gccattgatg gatgccaccg acgccgctcg caccctggcg
   268621 ctggtcgagg cggttcgcga ggccgcgcgc agtggccggg cctgcgcgcc ggccagtttc
   268681 tgaaccgctg acgatgaggt agtgcatgga atcgaggatt ctttccctgg cggcgctcac
   268741 cgtgctcgag ctgtcgcccc cggacatggt cgaggctgcc gcccgcgccg gctacagtca
   268801 tgtcggcctg cgcctggtgc cggccaccgt ggaagagcac cactatccgc tgctggccga
   268861 tgccggcctg cgtcggcgga ccctggcgcg gctgcgcgac agcggagtgc gcacgctgga
   268921 cgtggagatc ctgcgcctgc gtccggacac ccgcgtcggc gagttcgccg cggtgctgga
   268981 ggtcggcgcc gagttcggcg cgcgctatgt gctggtggcc ggcaacgatg acgacgaacg
   269041 gcgcagcgcg gacaatttcg ccgcgttgtg cgacctggcg cggccgctcg gcctcgaccc
   269101 gcacctggag ttcatgccct ggaccgggat ccgcgacctg cggcaggccg cgcgggtggt
   269161 cgaggcggcg gcgcgggata acgccggcct gttgctggac gccttccatt tcgaccgctc
   269221 ggccagcagc ctggaagacc tgcgggcgat cccgcctgcg cgcctgggct acgcgcaact
   269281 ctgcgatgtc gtcgggccgc gtccgacgtc gatggacgaa atccttcgcc aggcccgcga
   269341 ggaacggcgc ttccctggcg atggcgggct cgatctgctg gcgctgctgc gcgccttgcc
   269401 ggagaacctg ccgctgagcc tggaggtgcc cgcgctggat ctgctcgcgc gcggcgtgga
   269461 tggcgcggag cgggcgcggc tggcgatcga gcggacccgg gcgctgctcg cccgcctgta
   269521 gcgccaccgc gcaggcaggt tgcccgtttg cataatggaa cggggttcta tagtttccaa
   269581 acgttgaagc cgatcgtttc tttcctcgat ggcgggtacc gtcagaataa atagcctgct
   269641 atcgatttgc cctggtgccc ggaccctccg atgaacgcat ccacctcccc gctgcccgcc
   269701 agcgaccaga ccctgcgcgg catcctgctg atctgtgccg cggtgttcct gttcgccagc
   269761 cacgacgggt tgtccaagtt cctttccggt ttctacccga tcgtcatggt ggtctgggcc
   269821 cgctacctgg tgcacaccct gttgatggtc gccgtgttcg tgccgcgcaa cggcctcgcg
   269881 gtgatccgca gccgccgtcc gctcatgcag ttggcgcggg cgctgtgcct gatcggcacc
   269941 agcctgttct tcaccaccgg cctgcgctac ctgcccttgg ccgaggcgac cgcggtgaac
   270001 ttcctggcac cgctgctggt gaccgcgtta tccgtgccgc tgctgaagga gaaggtcagc
   270061 ctcggccaat ggctggcggt gctcaccggc ttcatcggcg tgctcttcat cgtgcgtccc
   270121 ggtggcgcgc tgttcacccc ggcggcgttg ttcccgctcg gctcggcgct gtgcttcggg
   270181 ctctaccaac tgctcacgcg gatgctcgcc aacagcgaca gcccgaccac cagcaacttc
   270241 ctcgccggca tcttcaacac gctcatcatg agcctgctgg tgccgttctt ctggcagact
   270301 ccaagtcttc tccacggcct gatgatgatc gccctgggcg gttgcggcat gggcggccac
   270361 ctgctgctga cccaggcctt ccgccatgcg ccgccggcga ccctggcgcc gttcagctat
   270421 ggccagatca tcttcgccgg cctgctcggc ctgctggtgt tcggccacgt gccggatgcc
   270481 tgggcgctgc tcggcatcct cgtcatctgc gccagcggcc tggtggtcgc ctggcgccgt
   270541 ggccgctgaa cgcaacgggg tcggcgcgta ggcttcacaa caggctcagc ggatagctga
   270601 cgatcagccg gttctcgtcg aagcgggtat tgctgcccca gtcgcggcgc tggctggagt
   270661 tgcgccagcg gacgttgaga cgcttgaagg cgccgctctg cagcgtgtag cccagctcgc
   270721 tctcgcgtcc ccattcgctg ccgtcgtcgg tgactccggc caggcgcaca tggtcgccat
   270781 gcaggtagcg ggtcatgaag gtcaggccgg gtaggccgag gccaacgaag tcgaagtcgt
   270841 agcgcagttg ccaggagcgc tcgccgggat tgtcgtagct ggcgttgtag ctgtcgttgg
   270901 ccagggttcc gccgctggtg ccgttgaccc gcatccagcc gtcgtcgcca ctgaccttct
   270961 gcaggccgag atagagggta tgcagcccgt agcgcgcgga gaacagcgcg gaaacggtgc
   271021 ggttatcgag cttgccggcg cgcgcgctgc cagcgtcgcg gccacggaat ccgccgaggt
   271081 tggcgcccag cagccagtcg ccgagcggct ggctgtgttg cagttgcagg tactgttggc
   271141 ggtagatgtc cttcagctcg gcgttccaca ggccgagcag gctgcgttcg ccattgaagc
   271201 gatattcgcc gccggcgaaa tcgaagcggt cggaagtggc ggctggccgg ccgaacaacg
   271261 acatgtcctg catgcttgcg tcgttgcgcg ggctgttgcc gcggaactgg ccggcgtaga
   271321 gggtcaggcc ggcgatctcg ttggcgctga gctggccgcc gcggaaggtc tgcggcagcg
   271381 agcggccatc gtcggagcgg aggatcggca gcaccggcat ccattcgccg atcttcagtt
   271441 cgctgttcga gacgcgcagc ttgccggcca ccgccaggcg tccgaagtcg tcggccgggc
   271501 ggccgtcgtc gtggatcggc agcagttggg tgccggccgt tcccttgccg ccatccagct
   271561 tcaggctgta gagaccaagg acatcgaggc cgaagccgac gctgccctgg gtgaagccgg
   271621 agcgggcgtc gaggatgaag ctctgcgtcc actcctcggc cttgccctgg ctggcatcgc
   271681 cgacgaagtt gcggtgcagg tggaaattgc gcgcggtgag gctggccttg gcgtcttcga
   271741 ggaaaccttg cccggcgtgg acgtgcccgg catggactgg caggccggcg cccaggcaga
   271801 gggaagcgca gagcgcgcgg acgtggctcg ggtgcgacat gggtgtgtcc cttcgttctt
   271861 gttctctagg cagggaggtg cccggcgagc gccgggcgct tggactcagg cttcgatccg
   271921 gcgcggagcc atgaagtaca gccaggtcag ggcgatgaag tacatcgccg ggatcatggt
   271981 gaagagcacc gcgtagttgt tgttcgtcgc ggtcagtacg ccgccgacga tctgggtcat
   272041 gaacatcccg cccagcgccg cgcacatgcc gccgaagccg aacaccgtgc tcatcaggtg
   272101 cttgggcgtg tagtccatca ccaggctcca gatgttcgcc gtccacgcct ggtgcgcgcc
   272161 gaccgccagg gcgatggcca gcacggcgat ccacaggccg ctggcgttgg cggcgaacac
   272221 cacgccgacg atggtgcagg cgaacagcag catcgacagc aggcgcgcgc ggatcgccgg
   272281 catgccgcgg ccgatcagcc aggacgaaag gatgccgccg ccgacgctgc cgaagtcggc
   272341 ggtcaaccag atcaggatca gcgggatgcc catctgcgtc acgctgatgc ccaggccgta
   272401 ctgctggttg aggaacggcg gcagccagta gaggtagaac cagaacaccg gcgcggtgat
   272461 cgagtaggcc agggcgaagg cccaggtgcc gcggcggcgg agaatctgcg agaagggcac
   272521 gcgggtggcg ggcggctcct cctgctgctg gatgtattcc agctcgctct gcttcacccg
   272581 cggatgctcc tcggggttgt agtagttgcg ccaccagaac accagccaga ccaggcccag
   272641 cgccgacatg cagaggaacg ccgcctgcca gccccagacg ccgaggatca gcggcaacag
   272701 ggccggggtg accatcgcgc cgacattggt gccggcgttg aagatgccgg tggccaccgc
   272761 ccgttccccg gcggggaacc acaggcgggt ggtcttcacg caggccgggt agttggccgc
   272821 ctcggtcagg ccgaggatga agcgacagac catgaagccc gccgccgagg tcgccaggcc
   272881 gtgggcgccg gtggccaggc tccagagcaa cacggcgagg aagaacgcgc gcttgacccc
   272941 gaccttgtcg atgaagcggc cctggaggat gaagccgatg gcgtagccga cctggaacca
   273001 gaagttgatg ttggcgtagt ccatcgccgt ccagctcatc ttctcggcca ggatcggctg
   273061 catcacgccg agggcggcgc gatcgatgta gttcagggtg gtggcgaaga acaccagggc
   273121 gagcatgccc cagcgcgtcc ggccgacggc gaaggcgttg cggatcctgc cgccgcggga
   273181 ttcccgcggg gcgtcggcgg cgagcagtcg agagctggaa gagtggatca ttgacggggc
   273241 catcctttcg gcggccggtg cctgggcgcc cggcctggat ttgtcgttct gggttgcacg
   273301 cgggcgggcc aggggccgcg ccggtgtcag cgggccaggg gcggtcgggc cggacgagcg
   273361 gccagcggac gggatggagg gcggacggag aggtcggcga tggacatgag cgggtacccg
   273421 attcttgaaa ttgttatgtc gcgtgggttg cgcaggtgcc cggaaagaag cgcggagcgc
   273481 ttccggcaga tcgggacggc ctgcacgggt ggcagcgatg gtgcgcgatt ggtcgaaaaa
   273541 gcgtcaattc gataatcgtg cttccgttcg atattcgaac ggaatactaa ccagttcgta
   273601 cattttgcgt tgcccgtcag ttggcgcaaa ccaataatcg gcttgccggg cgagcggtct
   273661 cagcgacccg aagtggcttc ccggcgcatc ccgcgcgggc tatccgcgcc tccgccgttc
   273721 cgccgccggc cctcgcgcgg cgccaggcgc cgtagggcgc attgaggagt cgaagcatgc
   273781 agcgttcgat cgccaccgta tccctgagcg gcaccctgcc ggaaaagctc gaggccatcg
   273841 ccgccgccgg tttcgacggg gtggaaatct tcgagaacga cctgcttcat tacgacggca
   273901 gcccgcgcga cgtacgccgg ctgtgtgccg acctggacct ggagatcctg ctattccagc
   273961 cgttccgcga cttcgagggc tgccgccggg aacgcctgga gcgaaacctg gagcgcgccg
   274021 aacgcaagtt cgacctgatg caggaactcg gcaccgacct ggtgctggtg tgcagcaacg
   274081 tcgctgccga tgccctcggc gaaccggcgc tgctggccga tgacctccgg cagctggccg
   274141 agcgcgccgc cgtccgcggc ctgcgcatcg gctacgaggc gctggcctgg gggcgccagg
   274201 tgaacacctg ggagcaggcc tgggacctgg tgcggcgggc cgaccaggcg aacctcgggc
   274261 tgatcctcga cagcttccac accctctcgc tggacggcga tccctgcggc atcgccgatc
   274321 ttccggggga aaagatcttc ttcgtgcaga tggccgacgc gcccttgctg gcaatggacg
   274381 tgctggaatg gagccggcac ttccgctgct tcccgggtca gggcggcttc gacctggcag
   274441 gcttcctcgc gccggtcgtc gcgtccggct atcgcggtcc gctgtcgctg gaggtcttca
   274501 acgacggctt ccgcgccgcg ccgacccgcg ccaacgccgt cgacggcctg cgctcgctgc
   274561 tctacctcga ggagaagacc cgcgagcacc tgcaacgcca gacgccgcac gtggcggtgg
   274621 acgagctgtt cgcgccgccg ccggcgagcc tctgcgacgg catcgagttc ctcgagttcg
   274681 ccgtcgacga gacgctcggc gcgcgccttg gccagtggtt gcagcgactg ggcttcgcca
   274741 gggccggcga gcaccgttcg aagaatgtca gcctgttgcg ccagggcgac atcaacctgg
   274801 tactgaacgc cgagccctat tccttcgccc acggtttctt cgaggcccac ggaccgtcct
   274861 tgtgcgccac cgcgctgcgc gtgcgtgacg ccggccaggc gctggagcgc gctcgtgcgt
   274921 acggaggcca gccgtaccgc ggactgctcg gccccaacga gcgggaaatc ccggcggtgc
   274981 gcgccctcga cggcagcctg ctgtatctgg tcgagcggca caccgagggc cgcagcatct
   275041 acgacagcga cttcgtgacg aacgacgccg acacctccgg cctcggcctg cggcgcgtcg
   275101 accacgtggc cctggcgctg cccgccgaag gcctggacag ctgggtgctg ttctacaaga
   275161 gcctgttcga cttcggcgcc gatgacgagg tggtgctgcc cgacccctat ggcctggtca
   275221 ccagccgtgc cgtgcgtagc ccctgcggca gcgtgcgcct gccgctgaac atttccgagg
   275281 accgcaacac cgccatcgcc cgttcgctgt ccagctatcg cggttccggc gtgcaccaca
   275341 tcgccttcga ttgcgccgac atcttcgccg ccgtggccca ggccaaggag gccggggtcg
   275401 cactgctgga aatcccgctg aactattacg acgacctcgc cgcgcgcttc gacttcgacg
   275461 acgagttcct cagcgaactg gcctactaca acgtcctcta cgaccgcgac gcccagggcg
   275521 gcgagctgtt ccatgtgttc accgagccgt tcgaggagcg cttcttcttc gagatcctcc
   275581 agcgccgcca cggctacgcc ggctacggcg cggccaacgt gccggtgcgc ctggcggcga
   275641 tggcgcaagc gcggcggggt gtgcgccggg ccaagctgtg agaattgtcg gggctccggc
   275701 aggtgctctt cctacagccg ggcgggcccc gcataatcgg ccgcaattcc cgccggccac
   275761 gagtgagtca ccgatgtcca agcctgatcc cgccgtcgtg gaggaatccg ctccgcgcgg
   275821 caagggacgc aagaacaatc ccgagaagac ccgccaggac atcctccgcg ccgccatcga
   275881 cgagttcgtc gcccagggcc tctcgggtgc gcgggtggac gccatcgccg agcgcacgca
   275941 tacctcgaag cggatgatct attactactt cggcagcaag gagcagctct accaggccgt
   276001 gctggagaag ctctacagcg acatccgcgg tatcgagggc accctgcggc tgggcgcgct
   276061 gccgccggcc aaggcgatgg agaagctggt ggagttcagc ttcgactacc acgaccggca
   276121 cgtggatttc gtgcgcatca tcagcatcga gaacatccac aagggcgagc acatcgccag
   276181 cagcgagctg gtgcagagcg tcaacagctc gatcgtccaa agcatcgccg agattctccg
   276241 tcgcggcgaa gcggaagggg tgttccgcgc cgggctggag gcgctcgacg tgcacatgct
   276301 gatcagttcg ttctgcttct accgggtgtc caatcgctac accgtgtcgc ggatcttccg
   276361 caccgacctg cacgacgccg aggttcgcca gcggcatcgg cggatgatcg gcgaggcggt
   276421 attgcgctac atccgtgcct gactccggtc ccctctcccc ttggcgggag aggggcgcca
   276481 ttcagtcgcc caggctggcg aagtgcgcct gcatgcgcgc ggcgtcagcc tctactccgc
   276541 tgaacagttc gaatgccttc accgcctgga acaccgccat ggtgccgccg tccagtgtgc
   276601 ggcagccgag ggcgcgggcc tggcgcagca gctcggtttc cagcggaaag tagatcacct
   276661 cggcgaccca caggtcggcg cgcaacagtt ccgccggcac cggcatgccg ggcagcttgg
   276721 ccatgcccac cggggtggtg ttgaccaatc cctgggcgtc gcccagggcg ccggccaggt
   276781 cgctgccggc gagcgctcgt ggcgcgccga agtgctggtt gaggttgtcc gcgagggcct
   276841 gggcccgcgc cgggtcgacg tcgaacaggg ccagccgctc gacgccctcg gcgagcagcg
   276901 catgggccac tgccgagccg gcgccgcccg cgcccatctg caccacgcgc tggcgcggcg
   276961 cgtcggccag gccgcgccga aagccctcgg cgaagcccag gcagtcggtg ttgtggccga
   277021 tgcgccggcc atcgcgcagc accacggtgt tcaccgcgcc gatgccgcgt gcctcggcgg
   277081 agaggtcgtc gagcaggggg atgatcgcct gcttgcaggg gaaggtgacg ttcagcccgg
   277141 tgaagccgag gtcgctggcg gcggcgagca ggaactccag gtcgtccgcc gacttgccca
   277201 gcgggtcgag atcgatcagc cggtacagat agcggatgcc ctgggcgtcg ccctcgcgct
   277261 cgtgcagggc aggggtccgc gacgcctgga tgccggcacc gatcaggccg gcgagaaccg
   277321 atcgcggcgc gctcatgcgg ccgcctcgaa acgctcggcg aaatgttcca gggccaggcg
   277381 gtagccgagg ctgccgaatc cgcagatcac tcccagcgcc accggcgaga cgtaggagtg
   277441 gtggcggaac gcttcgcgct ggtggacgtt ggacaggtgc acttcgacca ccggcagttc
   277501 caccgcggcc agggcgtcgc gcagcgccac cgaggtgtgg gtccaggcgg cggggttgat
   277561 gacgatgccg gcgacacggc cgcgggcctg gtggatccag tcgagcagtt ggccttcctg
   277621 gttggtctgg cggaagtcca cggcgaagcc gcgcgtctcg gcgaaggccg cgcattcgtc
   277681 ggcgatttcg cccagggtcc gccggccgta ggtctgtggc tcgcgggtgc cgagcagatt
   277741 caggttgggg ccgttcagga ccagtaccgt gcgcgtcatg gcgcagcctc cacagcaatg
   277801 atgtcatcga tgccgggaaa atgtaccgaa cggttacttt tgtaaaccgg acgccgtcgc
   277861 cgacgggacg aaagcgttcg attatcggcg tccgctcact cgcctgccgt cggttgcgtc
   277921 gcgccgcggc cgcgcagggt catgtcgggc agtgccgagg ccaccgccag gccgagcagc
   277981 gccaccgccg cgttgaccag gaagagcacc ttgaaggcat ccgcgaggac atgctggagg
   278041 atcacccggg ccggcccgct ggcggcgtcc aggctgctca gcagggcgct ctcggaaaag
   278101 ccctggtcga gcccgccgcc gatccgcagg tgcttgagca gggccagcag gatcgccgac
   278161 atcagcgcca ccccgaccgc cccgccgagg gagcggaaca acgtcgcgtt gctggtggcg
   278221 acgccgatgt ggcgttgctc cacggcgttc tgcgcggcca ccaggctggt cgggaactgg
   278281 gtaccgatgg cgatcccggt gagcagcatg cacagcccgg acagccagtg gtcgccgacc
   278341 gggaccaggg ccaggccggc gatgccgcag ggcaacagga cggcgccgag caggatcagc
   278401 ggcttgtagc gtcccaggct ggcggtcagc cgcccgcagc agtacgcgcc cagcggcagg
   278461 cccatgacca gcggcagcag atgcagcgcg gcgctgtcgg cgccggcgcc ggtaacgctc
   278521 tggtagcgca gcggtaccag cacggtcagc gagatggcct ggaagctggc gaagaacgca
   278581 accagccaac tgagggtggc ggcgcggacg gcgaacagtt gcatcggcac cagcggttcg
   278641 cggaagcgcc gctcctgggc gacgaacagc agcagggcga gcgccgccag ggcgaacagg
   278701 ccgagcagcg cagggtcgct ccaggctgcg ccctggccga tctgggtgat ggccaggagc
   278761 agcgcggtga ggcccaccac catcagcacg atgcccaggt agtcgatcac cggttgccgg
   278821 cgcggcaccg gcaggccgac cagggttcgc cgcgagatgg ccagcgcgag aaggccgatc
   278881 ggcaggttga tccagaatac ccagcgccac gacaggtact cggtgagcag gccgccgagc
   278941 accgggccgg cgacgctggc gatggcgtac atgctgctga agtaaccctg gtagcggccg
   279001 cgctcgcgcg gcgggacgat gtcgccgatg atcgcctggc tcaccgccat cagcccgccc
   279061 gcgccgatcc cctgcagcac tcgcgccagc accagttggc ccatgctctg cgcgagcccg
   279121 caaagcagcg aggcggcggt gaacacgacg atggcgaaga gcatcagacg gcggcggccg
   279181 tagaggtcgc cgagcttgcc gtagatcggc atcgatacgg tcatcgccac catgtaggcc
   279241 gagatcaccc aggccagcag gtcgaggtcg gcgaagtcgg ccgagatcgc cggcagggag
   279301 acggcgacga tggtctggtc gagggcgctg aggaagatcg acagcatcag gccggcgagg
   279361 acggtacgga cggcgggcgg gttctgggcg agatcggaca agacggcacc tggggcggac
   279421 ggaacgcgaa ggcagcgggc atcatactgc gcctggggta ggacaggtgc cgcggagaat
   279481 cgatccgtgg gccgtctttc gtcgatattc gcctgcgcca acgttgcgtc ccgccttggg
   279541 aaaggtgccc cggcgttgcg ccggggtggc gcggcctact cgatttcctc gtagggcagg
   279601 ccgacatagt tctcggcgat ggtcgccagg cccgcctcgg agcccaggta gtactccagt
   279661 tcggtctgct ggatgcgctg gctgaacgcg tcggtgtcgg ggaagcgatg cagcaccgaa
   279721 gtcatccacc aggagaagcg ttcggccttc cagatccgcc gcaggcagat tgccgagtag
   279781 cgttccagca gttcgccgcg cccttcgcgg taggccttca gcagcagccg gtagagcgtg
   279841 ctgacgtcgc tggccgccag gttcagtccc ttggcgccgg tgggcggcac gatgtgcgcg
   279901 gcgtcgccgg cgaggaacag ccggccatgc tgcatcggct cgaccacgaa gctgcgcagc
   279961 ggcgcgatgc tcttctccag cgaaggtccg gtcaccagtt tctccgccac ctcggacggg
   280021 agtcgcgcct tcagttccgt ccagaagcgc tcgtcggacc agtcctcgac cttctccgac
   280081 aatggcacct gcacgtagta gcggctgcgg gtggccgaac gctggctgca cagggcgaag
   280141 ccgcgcggat ggttggcgta gatcagttcg tggctgaccg gcggggtgtc ggcgagcagg
   280201 ccgagccagc cgaacggata gacccgctcg aagaccttca gccgctccgc cgggatcgat
   280261 tgccgcgaga tgccgtggaa gccatcgcag ccggcgatgt agtcgcaatc caggcgcagc
   280321 cgttcgccgt cgcgttcgaa ggtcacgtag gggcgctcac cttgcaggtc gtgcaggcgc
   280381 acctcggcgg cctggtagac ggtagtggcg ccgcaggctt cgcgggcctc catgaggtcg
   280441 cgggtgacct cggtctggcc gtagaccatc accgtcttgc cgccgctcag gcgcttcagg
   280501 tcgatgcgtc ggcgctgccc ggcgaaggcg atctccacgc cttcgtggac cagcccgtcg
   280561 cgcgccatgc gccggtcgac gccggcctcg cgcagcaggt cgaccatacc ctgttccagc
   280621 acgccggcgc ggatgcggcc gagcacgtag tccggggtct ggcgttcgag gatcacgttg
   280681 tcgatgccgg ccttgtgcag caactggccg agcaggaggc cggacggacc ggcgccgatg
   280741 atggcgactt gagtcttcat tgcggatagc cctctcgctg ttatggctgg ccggcggcgc
   280801 atgcgccggc gctgatcttg tctggaggtg gctgtatttt tgtttgccgt ggagtgctat
   280861 agaaggcaaa ttgccgatct atttctggac ttttataaag tctgttcggc aatcggccat
   280921 ttcgctcgga gggctcgatg acggattcca tccgcgacgt cccggtgttc aagctctacg
   280981 gcgctcccct cgaatggccg accccggacc tgctgcactg cgagtcgatc cccgcccgca
   281041 gtcgtctgca cgactgggag atcaagccgc accggcacgc cgatctcgct cagttgctct
   281101 acgtgcgcaa gggctgggcg cagctccagg tcgagggcga gccgactcgc gtcgagcagc
   281161 cttccatcca gttcgtaccg ccgttgtgca tccatggctt ccagttctcc gagcgcatcg
   281221 acggctacgt gctgacgctc gccgcaccgt tgctggcccg cttgcaggcg cacctcggcg
   281281 cgcagcgcca ggcgctggag gcgccggggt tgtacccggt gggcgcggac cggcgctata
   281341 tcgacacgct gttcgacgcc atagacggcg agtacgccgg cgctgcgccg gcgcgcgagc
   281401 tgttgttgca gtcgctgatc ggcgtgctgg cggtatggct ggggcggcag gtgatggtcc
   281461 ggcgggcgga ggcacggccg ggtcgtggtc aggaatacct atcggccttt tcgcaactgg
   281521 tcgagcggca tttccgcgag cacctgggaa tcgacgagta cgcgcgtcgc ctgggcatct
   281581 ccccggcaca cctgaacagc gtggcgcgcc gcctcagcgg gcagaccgca ctgggcatcg
   281641 tgcaccagcg cctgctgctg gaggccaagc gcgacctggt ctacacggcg atgacggtga
   281701 acgagatcgc cgaccgcctc ggcttcagcg agccggccta cttcacccgt ttcttcaagc
   281761 gcctgagcgg cgtctcgccg agcgctttcc gcaagggcga ctagtgttcg cggcgcaact
   281821 ggacgatctc cagcgcgcgt ccctcgtcat cacgcgggcg tcggccgctc tcgacgaagc
   281881 cgcagcgcgc gtagaacccc agcgcctcgc ggttggcggc gtagacctcg acttccagcg
   281941 cgcccttcag ggttgccgcg tgctctacca gttgccggcc tatcccgcgc ccgtgggccg
   282001 ccggagcgac gaaaaggccg ccgatgaagg catcgagcag gccgatgaag cccagcggcg
   282061 tatcgccgtc cagcgccagc caggtttccg aggcatccag ataatgatcg cgaaccagtg
   282121 ccttctgctt ctgcaactcg gcttcgccga ggaaaccgtg gccgacgcgc gaggcctcca
   282181 gccagatggc cagggtggca tcgcggtcgg cgggaatgta gcggcggatt ttcagcggag
   282241 aggacatggc ggcagctcgc aacgggaaca gccgcggatt atcgcgtgag ccggcgggaa
   282301 aagggtaggt ccggcatgta cgcttcagtc gccgcggatg tactgttcca gttgctggat
   282361 cagctcggcc tgctcggcga tcgccgcctt gaccaggtcg ccgatggaca gcaggccgag
   282421 caactggccg tcttccacga ccggcaggtg gcgcaggtgg cgatcggtca tcaggttcat
   282481 gcaggtgtcg acgctctgct tcgagtccac gctgaccacc ggcgcgctca tgatcgcgct
   282541 gatcggcgta ccgatggacg aacggccctt gaggaccatc ttgcgcgcat agtcgcgctc
   282601 gctgaccacc cctaccacct cgccatggtt caccaccagc agcgcgccga tgttcttttc
   282661 cgccatcagg cgcagggcgt cgagcaccat ctcgtccgct ccgatggtgt acacctgctg
   282721 gttctgcttg gcgttcaaca gttgtgccac ggttttcatg cgcgcccctc cggagccgtt
   282781 ctcacgtcca gcaagaatcg tagacggcga gcggatcggc aagcggggaa aacggcatcg
   282841 aaccgattga aaaacgtcat cgccggcttc cccgacgaag gtagggcctg gcgacgggcc
   282901 tcttgctccg gttgtccggc gacctaatgc agtatccgct cgaatccttc cggacgttgg
   282961 ccggtgacgt agcaatggcg atgccggtcg aggctgagcg gatgtccggc gtcgttcagc
   283021 acttcggcga tgccttccag gtgcttgttc actttcacct ggtattcctg ctcggttagc
   283081 ggcacgaccc agagcaggtc gaccggatgg gcggacaggt cgaaaccgtc gaacagggcg
   283141 gcatcttcgc ccagcggggt cggcaggaga aggaagtgac gcagcaggct gtgctcgtag
   283201 agcgggaaac cgaatgccac gctgtgtccg tggccgaggg ccaggcgttc gtggaacggc
   283261 aggccggcga gccactgcag gtggcgcagg tcctccccgc cgaggacgtc aaggtagcag
   283321 atcagctcgc tggaccagcg cgcgctgccc atatagggcg cgaagtgcat ccgtgcctgg
   283381 ctcatccccg cggtgatcac cacgtggtgc gggcgccggc tgctttccag gcggtagccg
   283441 aacaccgcca tttccggtgc cgtcacgcag tgcctccaga agtcacggca gtccaggacg
   283501 atgctcggcg cacagccgaa atggtcgtcg tatttctcgc gcagccgggc gatgtagtcg
   283561 ttcatcttca gtcctcggag tggggcgggt agggccggac atgggcaggc gccgggggcg
   283621 cgtccgttgc catgcgaggg caatccagtc atggccgatc ctggttgccg ttgggtgacc
   283681 aatggaatgc gaacggcgac tgccgagaaa tcggctcgtt ccgagagagg cgagaggctt
   283741 tccttcttgg tgcgtaggaa agcgctgagg gcagctgagg gtatctgtcg ggaacggaaa
   283801 aaagcccgtc gggaacgggc gaagagggaa gcttaccagg gcagcgggaa gtggccttcc
   283861 gcgcgcaggt agtcaggatc gggggtgaat gggtcgatct tctgccgctc gctgcaaccc
   283921 tggcgttcgc agtcccgcag gcgctgcaac ggcgagcggt cgtcgcgctg gatgcggatg
   283981 cctgtgacag gcgcgccttc ggaaaggctg tagctgcggc cgctctcgca accgggcagg
   284041 gtcaggcaaa ggcagaggag cagggtggtg tgcgggtgtc gtggcattgc aggtcgaatg
   284101 ggcttgcgaa ggccgcccat gctatcaatc ggccagcaaa tagggggccg gatggacagt
   284161 ccatgaccgg gatgagagtt gcttcgcaaa cccggagatg ccctcgaaag gctattgcgt
   284221 cacgcgggaa agcccgtcga aggcccgcag caacttgccc aggacgaggg tcagcgcctc
   284281 ttcttccggg ccggcgccga gacccgccag cagcctttcg tcgagccctg cgacctgtgc
   284341 cagggcctgc tcgaacaccg cctgtgccgc ggggctgcgg cgcaccagca cggcgcgccc
   284401 gtcgtccgga tccggcaggc ggctgaccca gccgcgccgc accagccgtt cgatggtccg
   284461 gcccagcgca gtgcggtcgg tctgtgagtg ctcgatgagc acgctcatcg gcacgtcacc
   284521 gtcgaaggcg tggatgatcc gcaacgcacg ccattcatgc agccccagtt cgagaggggc
   284581 aagcagggcg gtgagttgcc gttcgcgctg gcggacgatc tccgtcatca ggtacagcgg
   284641 gccttggggc agccccagtg cgttcgtctc ggtcattggc ctggtcacct tcctcgatcc
   284701 tctttcgcca gggcggggat tgtagcgctc aggcgtcgcc gaatccgtag tcgctccagc
   284761 gttcttcgac tcgcctgcgc agcgccgtcg gataggcgtg gcggaacgac gccgtagcgg
   284821 cacgcatttg cccggcgaac tgttccgggt acaggcagtt gatcaccagc cgaccgccgc
   284881 tgcctcgtgc cttgtcctcg gcatcgaggt agggaaccat cgggaagtca cggatctgcg
   284941 ggaaggcgaa atggtcgtgc agcggatgcg cgcgggtcgc cagcgcccat accacctggt
   285001 cgatctcggt gacgtcgatg tcgttgccga ccaggatcag cttcggcacc aggtgtccgg
   285061 catgcgagcc gaagacggtc tcggcgaccc gtgcggcgaa ggccgcggcg tcggtgccca
   285121 gggccgccag gcgctgcacg tcgatcgaca gcacggccca gcaggtcgcc gcctcgtagg
   285181 agcaccagac catgtccacc ggcagtccgg cgttctgcgc cacgtccagc agttgcgcgg
   285241 aaatcatggt gccccagatg gtgtggtttt cctccggtgg cgtgccggcg acgcagatcg
   285301 gcaggaccgg ctggtcgcgg aagctcagcg catggacgtg gaacagcggc tgcggcttgc
   285361 cgatggggaa ggaatagccg tggtattcgc ccatcgggcc ttccagcgcg gtttcgtcga
   285421 ggctgatctc gccctccagg acgatctcgg cattggccgg aacccacagg ccgttggtct
   285481 gcgtgcgcac cacctccacc ggctcgccga ccagggcgcc tacgtagccg gcttcgctga
   285541 ccccctccgg caacggcatg ccggccgccg cgagtgccgc cggcggtgcg ccgagggcca
   285601 tcgcccaggg cgtcggcttg cccaggcggc gccattgctc gcggatgatg ccgatgtgct
   285661 gggtgggaat ggtcggaccc gccagggtgt tgcggtccac cagcatcagc cggcccaccg
   285721 accaactgtc ccaactgccg tccggcgtct gtaccacgtg gaaaccgtag gtgccgaaat
   285781 agcgcccgcc gtcctgctca tggagcaagg gaaccgggaa gcgggtcagg tccacctgct
   285841 cgccgagcca gacgttttcc tgcaccggcc cgcgctccag ccggcgcggc gcgatcggtt
   285901 ccgcgcgcat cgcggcgcgc agcgtggcca cgatgtcccg cggcccgctg tgttccggca
   285961 ggccgaaatg cagcgccagg cgcgaatggg cgcgggccct gtcggcgcgc aggccggccg
   286021 gcgcgcccag tacccgcgcg ccgggcaggc tgtcgcggat gttgtgaaac agcggggcgg
   286081 gtgcgcggcg ttcgtagacc cggcgggtga tggcgccgat ctccaggttg gcgtcgacct
   286141 cggtgtgcac gtccaccagg tcgccctggc gacgcaggtg gtcgacgaag tggcggaaat
   286201 ccagggcgct gcggttcatc ggctcgccac tccatataag tgcgtgtgca cgcatcctat
   286261 tgaggggttc caggcgaggt caagaagtgc tgcgctccgt ttcgggggtc gtggcacgcg
   286321 gcaaaccccg cagtggccgc tcaacgcacc atatagtcca tctgccatgg ccgcggaatc
   286381 accagtgcca gcaacgcgag aagagccgcc agcgctgcgc tcgccgccat cgccgcgagg
   286441 cccagttgct gttccagtag ggcgccgagc accgcgccga cgcacatgcc gctccagggc
   286501 accagttgca cccgccagcc gttgcgccgc tcgcccagca gccagcggcc gaggccgcgg
   286561 ccgaagcggg agagggcgcc ggtgacgtag gtcaggccga tgggcaggcc gttgacctgc
   286621 tcgaccacgg cgttgagcat gcccatggcg aggatcgcgg cgaccagcgc cggcacgttc
   286681 cagtcgaatg gccagaccgc cgacaacgcc agcagcatcg cgcagcagac caggatcggc
   286741 gccgcccggc gcccgctgaa gcgcgccagt atcactccca gcgcgttgcc gacgacgaaa
   286801 ctggccaggg cgacgctcag ccgcaccagc ccgccgaagt cgccctcgcc cagcgatacc
   286861 gccaggcgcg tggtgttgcc gctcatgaag gaaacgaagt cgccggtggc gaggaaaccg
   286921 atggcgtcgg tcatgcctgc cagtaccgac agcccggcca ccaggccgag cccgacacgc
   286981 ccgcgcgtcc gccgcaaacg aaggcgccgc gcgctgctac ccaccatgct gtctggaagc
   287041 atccggagaa accacccgca ggaagagaag gtccgcccca gtgcggactc ccgatcttaa
   287101 ggctctcccc agggaaaagg ccaggggcga ggcggagcgt ctggggccga agatcctggt
   287161 caatcggcaa tgacagtgcg gggcggggcc tcagatatcg aataccggta cctggtttcc
   287221 acccagtacc tcgatcttgt cggtccggta gaccaccatc gccttgctgc aggtcaccgt
   287281 ggaacgaccc tctttgctgg cattgagata caccgtgccc ttgccggcgt agaccgctct
   287341 cgcgttggcg gcgatgcgca gctcgagggc cgccgcttct ccgtcctcgt ccccggcgaa
   287401 gtcgcacccg tagagggcga tggccagttc cttgccgaac agttcgagaa gggtcgcacc
   287461 aaaggcctgg ggctcgacga actgcttgcc ctggacacgc cgggccatga cgtccgcggt
   287521 gctctcgccg tgggggttgc ccagccagag ttggccagcc gtgccgtggg tggcgatgag
   287581 gatcgtatcg atgaagtact gttcgccgct ctccgcggca accttgccta gatcccgaac
   287641 caactgggcg tagttggtat ctgccttgat cgcgaaggcc ggcttgtaga gcttgttccg
   287701 cgcataggcg acgaccgcct ccgcgaaggc gctgccggag tcgcctctcc ggatctcctg
   287761 ctggaagtcg tggtagatga ccaggaccgc ccctttcctg accgggccgc tgagccctcc
   287821 cttgacgatg tcgagggcga aacggaaatt ggcgctgagc acctgggacg catgggtagg
   287881 aaaggtatcc gtatcggtca gcagttctac ttcggtaccg accagcacct cctttcgttc
   287941 gtcgccctcc gcccagggcg tgtcgtccac atccgttccg tagatccttg cgtccaggtc
   288001 gatctcgacg agcgtactca ctgtgaaggg caccagaagc tcttccgggc cgagtcgatt
   288061 cttgaccacg gcgcccttgc cttgcttggc gattttcgtg actacgccat gccatgagcg
   288121 catcctgttg ctcctgtggg agtcctggta ggaacggcat ccgagcatgc agaactatag
   288181 acgtgaaacg gccagccccg aggaactatc cgccgatcga cccttcatct ggccccggcc
   288241 ttgagtgcca ttcccggccg gacaggatcg gttgctctgg tctcgcggcg agggacaggc
   288301 gctgctcggc ggagcgggtg gcggtgaggc aggtcttgtc tagtcctgaa ataggtttac
   288361 acctgctcag gtaggccgat aggcctcaaa acgcccgatg caccgcatcg ggcgttttgt
   288421 ttttcagggc catgtgaggc cgctctgtgt tgtagatctg cacggcttca gcaaccatct
   288481 tccttgcctg ctccagattt tcagggctac tcagcagcag ctctgttttg aggatcccgt
   288541 agatgcgctc agctagcgcg ttctggtagc agtcatatcc gtcagtcatc gagcactgga
   288601 cgccatgccg tgcatgcagt gactgataca gcgccgagca atattgaata ccgcgatccg
   288661 agtggtggac cagtgactgg cgacgctgcc gtttgcgtag ggcctgccta aaggcttgtg
   288721 caactgactt ggcatgcagg ctttcatgca catggtggcc aacaattttt ctggaatacg
   288781 catccgttac caggcttagg tacagcgggc cgctactggc tggtaggtaa gtaatgtccg
   288841 ccgcccaaac gtgctccggt cctgacggga caacctggtt cgggcctgac tggagtaggt
   288901 tcggatggcg gtagaagcgg tgaaagcttt gtgttgtctt gtgatacgcc cgcttgggca
   288961 acaccagcaa acggcgctct cccaggacct gaaatagtcg gtctcggcca atttggagcc
   289021 gcctatcagg ctggcaatgc agcagatagt gcagctttcg tgtgcctagt cgtggctgac
   289081 gtatccggat ttgttgaaca aattcgacaa cccgatctgc ctggcgtgct ttgctatcag
   289141 cagctcgatt gcgcttttag taagcctgtc ggctcatgcc aagaaactga caagccctgg
   289201 caatgctcag tcctgcgact tgaccttgcg agaggacttg ccggatcgct tttttacgac
   289261 cgatacaccg taatcatttt tcaggacatc gacgacggtc tcgaagaact gagccttctg
   289321 gctcatcaac tcaagctgct gctcaagctc tttgatccgc tgctctggag tgagcgtttt
   289381 ggggtcagac atcgcgcaac tcctctcggc ccgaatcgac gcccttggct ccaatcctgc
   289441 cgaccatgct tgcgcaacca taccagaacc gtcgaccggc cctggatgcc ataccgcacc
   289501 tgggcctgct tgtaggtcac cggtccttgt catctgacga aaactccatc tggcgcggga
   289561 caccatcgac ctacaaatcg tcctgccagt cggtgctggg tttgaggctg ctcaggaact
   289621 cttccagggc atagtcttcg ccgggcggca accgggtcgt gagccgactg gcgggcgcca
   289681 ccgggtcggc cgatggcggc ggaccgtcgc cgctggcggt ctgcggcagc aggtcgacgc
   289741 cgaacgggtc gtgagcgggc ttcttcccag gcgtcggcga gctgatgccg atcagggtcg
   289801 cctggtcctt gcgccgcaac ggcatcacca tgctgctgtc gccgttgagg tagctggcca
   289861 tggtcgccag ggcgatgcca acgaagggcg aggccgcgcc ggtgtcgccc aggcgctggg
   289921 tcaggtcgta gctttcccgc gagtccagca agtccagcga actctgcgcg gcgcccagcg
   289981 ccggggtgag ttcggccagc ggcgtggcgt tcaaaccgcc gtcgtagaac agccgggcgg
   290041 gcgccggcct gagcccggca ctggccgtct tccaggcagc ggccagttgt gcggtgagag
   290101 cttcgcgctt gagccgttcg ccggtatccg ggcgggtcag cggcacactc accggccgat
   290161 gcagcctggc cagcaccggc aacgcatccc actgctccag agcccgctcg gtccagggct
   290221 ggggaatgaa cggcgtgggg cggaactcca ccggcggctt gcgccagccc cagccacgga
   290281 actcggggtc gatccggttt tcgttgacct tggtgtaggg ggcgaactgg cgtagccagt
   290341 cgacccgctc ggggcggccg acgatcaggg cgaccattgc atccgtaagc gttccaggta
   290401 tccgagggcc tgacacagcg cctagtgact tgaatgttac atctctactg gaaagcgccc
   290461 ccgccatact gatgccttca ttcgcataca ccaacactgc tggcaagtca gggttgcgtt
   290521 cgaataaact gaacaacgcc tccagtactc cttcaggcgt atcgttacag ataatgccat
   290581 cctgcaaatt ggcaatccga tgccaatgca gtccagccgg aacacggaga tcattgactt
   290641 ttactgacag gctttcccgc gtctcctccg gagtgaagcg taggttagga gtgctcggat
   290701 cccaaccacg caccaccgtc accgtcggta tcggccattt ctccaggaag tttttcagcc
   290761 ctagttccaa ggcgtccgct tggcgctttt catacgccat atccttgtca tccgcagacg
   290821 tcggatactt cttcgggtcc atcggcagga tgctgccgac atgcaacgcc tcggcctgtg
   290881 cggcattctg ctcctgcaag gccttccaca cttgcccctg gcgaaacaca tccaggctca
   290941 tgcctatgct gagcacgtcc agggtttcca ggcgcggcga agttgtcggt gggtgataag
   291001 catcagcgga catggtggcc tccttggccg gggcgtaggc ggtaacggac gtggccggac
   291061 tggcaaagca gcgcatcgag gatagcggcg actcggccgc ctgccccaca gggcagttca
   291121 aaaggacgcc aacgagagag aaagctgaga gcatcaagcg cattagattg tccccccaaa
   291181 gcgcaccgcc tgctcgtggt aacgatctag gatggtttgt gtcccgacta gggaaggcag
   291241 tctatttcct actaccacag ggaactcgcc actcttgcgg taagctacgg tggcgtctat
   291301 taactggctg tttttagatt cttccgcacg gtacaaagca cgcacctctt catccggcag
   291361 atcaacagac gcatcacctt gactaaatat tcctttgtcc gaagccttcc aatccaaccg
   291421 ccaatccgcc acccgacaca gatactgata gaaaaccaca tcatccacgc tgtccccggc
   291481 cccgatggcc aggtcatagg ccagtacccg ccggttatgc tccgggttgt tgggtatggc
   291541 cgagtggaac gacaagggct ccagatggcc ctccgccgtc tgcaggcgca gccgggcctc
   291601 gtagggagtt tccgcgcggg tgaccagaac catgccggtg cccagttcac gagcggaaaa
   291661 cacatgggtc tgctgggcca attccttgcc ttcgttcaac gccctctcca cgctgcgcgc
   291721 gtcgcgtccg tagcggtacg ccagcgcggc gtccacctgt tgcgcgacgg cgtgcccgct
   291781 gtccttttcc ttccagccgc cgttgcttac gccgatggcg gcgtcgatcg gatcgagggt
   291841 atcgcgcacc tgatagacgc cgctggcgga gttctctccc ggcgccgtga cggctccgtc
   291901 gaaatcgaat cgcgcttccg tcggcaacgg cagacgcggc gcggtcagca gcacgctgtc
   291961 gccctggtcg aagttcgccc ggccgaatct gtccttgccg cccagcccgg tgtcttccca
   292021 ggtcttctcg ccggccagca gaagaggata gacatgggga ggggcgtgcc cgccgatctt
   292081 ttccttctcg ccattgcgct tgcgtacggt gaagatgcgc tggtgaaaac cctgcggcag
   292141 cccggtcctt cccgggagcc ccttgacctg ctcagcaatg ccgcgccagc cgataccctg
   292201 gacgttggca agtcccaccg tctggtcctg gggcgtgaaa tacaggtaga cactgccgcg
   292261 attgtcgcgc tcatcgaagc tgagccgttc cccgtcgatg gtcgtctggc agccctggcc
   292321 acccacccag ccggggccgc ctatcgcgcc gtagccttgg cagttgcgca acgcgacgct
   292381 gctcagcgcg gggaccggat ggcgtcggcc gcagatgaac tcgaggatac ctttgagcgt
   292441 ggccagccgc gcctctctgg tctgctggct gctccagccc tggagcttct cgttgagggg
   292501 ttcgaacagg ccgtagggtg agttgagcat gatcaccccg tccgccggcg ccacgccgtc
   292561 atccttgagg aaggcatgtg ccagcagggt caacagggtg ccctggctgt gcccgacgac
   292621 attgatggtg tcgtcggggt aacgcttgcg gatgatcttg atcaacatgg ccaggcgcat
   292681 ggccgcaagg accatgtact tgcgccctgc cgccgaaaac agcggatggg tcatggtgcc
   292741 gccgaaccag tccagcgaga tgaaaccgaa cagcttgccg ttgaaaccct ggccccacat
   292801 gtccggcagg ttggtggtgg cattgacgaa ctgcccgcct tccttggtgc cggacttgtc
   292861 cagccggttg ccgttgcggt ccagccattc gccgtgggcc gcggtcttgt tgatgtattg
   292921 ctcttcctcg cggaagcccc agtagaaagg tacgactacg ctgcgtacgg cggccccgcc
   292981 ggcgccactg gcgaacttgc gccggtagta gacgacgtcg gggttctctg ccttgccttc
   293041 gtcgtccgcc ggcaggctgt agcccgccgg cgtcaggtag ccgggattgg cctgcccgcc
   293101 gggcaaggtc ggcggcatgt ccaggcgttc gttgagcccc tggcagagcc ctcgctcgat
   293161 ccgttcgtag caacccgcga gatcgttgac gccatgcacc acgatggtca cgcaaggctt
   293221 gggcggaggc ggcaccagct gcacgtcgcc gcccttgggc aaggtgatgg actgggcaga
   293281 gacgatcgtc ctcgaccgaa ccctatcgtt catggcttct ctccttgccg ctcctcggcg
   293341 ttgcgtcgtg ccaggcaggt cgcttcgtcg agcagcatcc agttgccagg ttcgccgacc
   293401 aggcagaatt cgacggcaat gctggaaacc gtttgccggt gccgacggct acgctcgttg
   293461 aaatgaatga atgcgttgta gctcccatct ggctgcaagc gctccggccg gcgcaggagc
   293521 acgctggagc cgggatagtc gccgaagacc tcgatctccc cggcacgcca cccgggcggg
   293581 agctcgatcc gccacagcgt ttcctggcaa tggctgccga cccgccgaca taccgaaaca
   293641 cgggtgatct cgacgtcgtt ggtttccgcc agcaaggggc gtagatccag tgtcacgcgc
   293701 ccggagccgg cgtgcaccgg gatctgcggt ggcagtttgg aaacggccag ggcctgggcg
   293761 cttcccaggc cgaacaggca ggcaatgagc aaggtcttgc atttcattgg tcagtatccc
   293821 gttgggaagt ttttcagtac gccagcgaac ctgctgttcg cagaggcttc cccgaactcg
   293881 ttcttctcga ggaaataatc tcgaacgatg tctccctgct gttcgatgtt gtagtccttc
   293941 aacgtctttc ccggctccaa ccggtaggcg tactggtcgc ctaggagaaa ctgcctggct
   294001 tgctggtagg cccccaccag aaggacgttg acgccatgct ggtgctgcca gacatgggtc
   294061 atttcgtgaa tgaacagacc ctggcgctgc aggctctcca ggctccagtc cgccacgccg
   294121 cgcaactcct cgccgaagta gatgtggccg ttcggcgcca tcacgtagtc cttgccctgc
   294181 caggggacat agtcctcgtc gcgcaggcgg accgtggaat agtcgatgga atcgccgaat
   294241 acgcctttcg ccaggctgat ttccccttcg ctgagagcac gtccggcctc ggcgtcgggg
   294301 ccactcagga gcttgccgac tgcaaccgcc gcgccaaccg ccgctgctat cccggcaact
   294361 gcggaggcgg gcgatttcgt gtgtttcata tcgaccttgg cgatgttcat cgcatccttc
   294421 tgcagcagct gggtagcgcc ttcggcgtcg gtgacgccct cgatgacctc gccgttggcc
   294481 atggtgatgg tatagggcac gttgggcatg gccgtctgcc cgtccagttg cttgaggacg
   294541 aaccgccgct gcgtctcgcc cacctcgaac tgcggcagct cggcttccag gctggccgcg
   294601 ccgacatgac tgtgcttcgc cgccttgacc acgaagttgc cgggcatgcc cagctcgatg
   294661 ttgccgccct tgagggtcag gtaggcgccg ccgcacatca gggtgatgtg ctccttcgcg
   294721 gtgaccagca cgtgctgctg gctggcgctg acctccacgc tctgctcggc ttccaggcgg
   294781 atgtcgttct tctgcgcgtg cagcagcatc ggcccctggt gggtgatctg gcgcagctcg
   294841 ccgccctggg cgaacaggcc gatgtcgctg ccggcgttga tcaccacctt ctgcccggcg
   294901 gtcacctgct ggttctgccg ggccacgctg tcgacgtgct cgccggcggc cagggtcagg
   294961 ctcgccggcg tcgccgcggc gatccctgcc ggaccgctca aggcgatcgc cggcttgcct
   295021 ccgttgctct tgccggactc gtcgttggca ccgtggccga ggtcgcgcac ggcttcctgg
   295081 agggtttgct gcggcgccgc gtcgtgcccc acgccctggt gctccccggc gtagtcgccc
   295141 agctcgcggg ccagctccag cgccgcctcc agcacctgca ccacgacgcc tcggtcgaga
   295201 tggccggcgc cggccctgag ctgctcctcg gtgctcagca gcagcccctt ggccgcacgc
   295261 accgcgccat gttcgtcggt gcgcagttcg aagccctcgc cgcgcggctt gccgccttcg
   295321 ggccgaggat gggtcaggta gcccaggtgc agcgcgctgg caccgtggtc gctcatcagc
   295381 gccgcactga tctgcgccgt ggtgtcgtcg atgcgcagct cgttggcccg gctgcccttg
   295441 tactccttgc tcttgatggt gctgaggatc ttgtggtcgg gcagcgcgta gggcggtcgg
   295501 ttggtcgccc ggtaggtacg cccggtgacg atcggctggt cgcagtcgcc gtccaggtaa
   295561 tcgacgatca cctcctggcc aatccgcggg atcgccatgt gcccccagtc ggcacctgcc
   295621 cagttctgcg cgacccgtat ccagcaggta ctgaattcat cgtgacgtcc ctcgcgatcc
   295681 caggggaact ggactttcac ccgtccccac tcgtcgcaat ggatctcttc ccctgccggg
   295741 ccgactaccg tcgcgatctg cggaccatcg atacgcggcc gaggcagcgg tgcgggacgc
   295801 cattcgacgt cctcgggtac cagttcggcg cgcaggtcgt agctcacccc cagaggggcg
   295861 tcggcggact cttcctcttg gccggcatac tgggtgccgc gatggaccac ccgcaccggc
   295921 cgccaccagg cgttgaagtc ggcacgcgga tgaccttcca gggcaaaggn nnnnnnnnnn
   295981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   296041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn ccgctccgct tgtagcgacc ggggtagtcg
   296101 tagcgctcgt aggacgagtc ctgatgctcg agcgcctcgc cagcgagatg atgctcctgg
   296161 tcgtaggtcg ggcgcttgaa gctgtagtcc cgctgggtct gtcgagccgt acgaacattt
   296221 tcgctgtagc ggaaagaatg aagcaccggc tgcgggttgt cgccctccgg ctgggcgctg
   296281 aacagcaccg ggccgccggc gatacgctcc tggacgtaga gccggtcgct gcagaccagg
   296341 gtgtggcggt gttcgtcgaa gcggaagtag tagaccaggc cttcctcgaa ggccagccgg
   296401 tcgtgcaggt agtgatcgct gtcgccggcc tgcacgcagt attcgcgcgg caggtgctca
   296461 tggtagatgc gctgttcgta gtcgagcacc cggtgttcct tgagcagcgc ctggagaatc
   296521 tccggaacac tcttctcctg gaagatccgc cagttgcagc acagctccag gcgcgccaac
   296581 tgtggttcca gcagcagttc gtagcgggtc cggcgaaaac ccgagctgcc ttgggtgaag
   296641 tggctgacga tgccatggac gtagcgggcc ggacggccgt cctgccagag ggtgaaggtg
   296701 cccggctggt cgagtacctg cttgaaatcg atggcgttct tgtcgctggc cagcttcagg
   296761 ctcaggcgga aaggctcgca gagcgcttct tccagttcga actcgacgac atcgaacgca
   296821 aggttccctt cgccaacgac gaaggtgaat ttcaggtctc tttgacgcat ggatcgttcc
   296881 ctgttccggg tgggcagttc ctttccaatc cattggagga gcaagccacg ttactcttgc
   296941 tcagccgctg ccgaaagtct tggctcggtg tctatttcgc gaagtagcgg acattttcgg
   297001 ctcgacggag aaccggccgt acaggtgtac gaccggtgtg cctgtcaact caccctgcga
   297061 ccggcgagcg ccagtcgtcg gagccggagg tgccggagac ttcgtgggtc caggtgatct
   297121 tgcggtaggt gaagtgcacg tcttccaggt gggtgaagtg ggcgttgccc gggtcctggc
   297181 agttgtgcat gtagtccttg atgtcgacga tgatcgcgtc ttccaggacg gtggtgtagt
   297241 agtgctcctg ggtgccggcg gcggaggtgc ggtaccactg gatctcgacc ttggtcaggc
   297301 gctcgccgga ggtcagggcg gccagcagca gcggcgaggc cttgtcgaag accttggtga
   297361 tgaccacagg cttgtgcacg cgctggccgg tcggctggcc ggactgcggg tcacgcggga
   297421 tgatcacttc gtggttgaag ccctggacca tcacctggtc ctcgtggcct tcctgatagg
   297481 tgttgccgac cgagtcctcg gtgaaggcgc cggcggtgaa caggccctgc ttggtgccgg
   297541 tgatggacat ataggcgggg gttgccatgg atacgttcct tgtcgttgaa agtgcccagg
   297601 cgatatgccg gggacatcgg tgctagacaa gaaccgtgcc actagtcttg aaactctttt
   297661 ccatcaaggc gttattgggg gaagccaaaa attcgctggc gattctcatg ggaagaacac
   297721 tgaaaattgc gcaacttttt gcgcaccgct tgcaaaaagt tgcgcactct ctcggagccc
   297781 tttgggtatt tgctccctag cgttctatcc acagctttat ccaccaaaaa gttgcacaat
   297841 ggcttttgga ttgtgaggct gaatggtcgg agtattttct gcccctatcc aaacaacgct
   297901 tcagcacggg tagtctgatt gtccaaacgt tcaccaagcc cagccggtac aagctcacct
   297961 ttccaccgta tgcgtgacct ctccctcagc cggtattccc ccaatggggg cgaaccgccg
   298021 ttcaaatgcg ggcggccggc ttgaagtcgg atagtctgac ctcaaaaccg gcaaatcgcc
   298081 ggttttggat ctcctgcatt gcaggcaaag gctcgctgcg ttcaagcgca aatacgggaa
   298141 tatcccgcat ttgaaaaccc ggcttgaaaa gtacgcaaaa cgtccttttg actgcggacg
   298201 aaattcgtcg tcagtcggtg ttttgtgcgt ccgaatttcg gacgcacaaa atcccccaga
   298261 ttcggggtat tacgagagtc tcgtaaaact ctcactccag ccaccggctg aagccgccac
   298321 tacaaaatat tcgtagtgaa catgccctga tttttcagga gatgatcgcg cgaccgtggc
   298381 cgcaattttg tggagatggc gaccccgctg agttacggcc tcgggcatta acgttggagc
   298441 aacgttggct aacggtggac taacgttgat cgcgttaccg ggaagggggc gcatttcaag
   298501 tgcgcccctt ggcgcgacca gcgatggctc cgaactgagc catgggctaa cgcggcgcta
   298561 tctcacaacc accaatgggg gaagtgagga gaatcccacc ttgcctgacc aatcgccagg
   298621 ggatcgaact taccgggagc gacgcaggcc acccggttgc cctgctggaa ctgacgacag
   298681 acatttgagc tggccggcat aaaaaagccc cgcctgagcg attcaggacg gggctttcct
   298741 ttaggcttac tgcacccacc atgcacccat gagaggtggc ttgtggctaa tgacttttgg
   298801 taagtgcttg atttgtatgg cgcatccggc gggattcgaa cccacgaccc ctgccttcgg
   298861 agggcagtac tctatccagc tgagctacgg atgcagcgcc gcggctcgcg cggcaggccg
   298921 caatcatacg catctcgtcg gcgggagtcc attccatgtg cgtacgttcg tgatttcgaa
   298981 cgaaaacgac cgtccgtcga ggatgtgctc agaaaagcag cagaattttc cgactttcgt
   299041 tgattttatc gaacggggta ttgccctttg tcagtggtgg ccctaggatt cgtttgagat
   299101 ttcaaacgcc cccaaagcca caacaacagg agaccgggga attggcatca gttcagccgg
   299161 ccgcgtgccc ctggaatgac ctctttctga cctgcccgtc gctcgtccgg cctttcgcgc
   299221 tgccgggccg ccgtggtgcc ggcgtggcgt ttcgtccgcg ttccctttcc cgcacgagcc
   299281 tttcgtatcc tccccgacgc ctgtcggcgg tcgcgttcgt ccgcgtccgc ccgttgcgca
   299341 cggtggccgg ccggtaacgg cgacgccgct ggcacagggc gcaggaaatg gaacaccggg
   299401 gcgctggccc tttcgaataa ccagcaggca acactttccg gttacaaccg aaccagacaa
   299461 ccaggcacgc ggggtagtcg aggtagaccc gctgctcacg gcattcctcg aaggagacag
   299521 gtcatgcaac tcaaagatgc caagctgttc cgtcaacaag cctacgtcga tggcgcctgg
   299581 gtggatgccg acaacggcca gaccatcaag gtgaacaacc cggccaccgg cgagatcatc
   299641 ggcagcgtgc cgaagatggg cgccgccgag acccgccgcg ccatcgaggc tgccgacaag
   299701 gccctgccgg cctggcgtgc gctgaccgcc aaggagcgcg ccaacaagct gcgccgctgg
   299761 ttcgacctga tgatcgagaa ccaggacgac ctggcccgcc tgatgaccat cgagcagggc
   299821 aagccgctgg ccgaggccaa gggcgagatc gcctacgccg cctccttcct cgaatggttc
   299881 ggcgaagaag ccaagcgcat ctacggcgac accattcccg gccaccagcc ggacaagcgc
   299941 atcatcgtga tcaagcagcc aatcggcgtg accgcggcca tcacgccgtg gaacttcccc
   300001 tcggcgatga tcacccgcaa ggcgggcccg gccctggccg ccggctgcac catggtgctc
   300061 aagcctgctt cgcagacccc gtattccgcg ctggccctgg ccgaactggc agagcgcgcc
   300121 ggcattccga agggcgtgtt cagcgtggtc accggtagcg ccggcgaagt cggcggcgag
   300181 ctgaccagca acccgatcgt gcgcaagctg accttcaccg gttccaccga aatcggccgc
   300241 caactgatgg ccgagtgcgc ccaggacatc aagaaggtgt ccctggagct gggcggcaac
   300301 gcgccgttca tcgtgttcga cgacgccgac ctggacgccg ccgtcgaggg cgcgctgatt
   300361 tccaagtacc gcaataacgg ccagacctgc gtctgcgcca accgcctgta cgtgcaggac
   300421 ggcgtgtacg acgccttcgt cgacaagctg aaggccgccg tggccaagct gaacatcggc
   300481 aacggcctgg aagccggcgt gaccaccggt ccgctgatcg acgccaaggc cgtggccaag
   300541 gtcgaggaac acatcgccga cgcggtctcc aagggcgcca aggtggtttc cggcggcaag
   300601 ccgcacgccc tcggcggcac cttcttcgag ccgaccatcc tggtcgacgt gccgaagaac
   300661 gccctggtgt ccaaggacga gaccttcggc ccgctggcgc cggtgttccg cttcaaggac
   300721 gaggccgagg tcatcgccat gtccaacgac accgagttcg gcctggcgtc ctacttctac
   300781 gcccgcgacc tggcccgcgt gttccgcgtc gccgagcaac tggagtacgg catggtcggc
   300841 atcaacaccg gcctgatctc caacgaagtg gcgccgttcg gcggcatcaa ggcctcgggc
   300901 ctgggccgcg aaggttccaa gtacgggatc gaggactacc tcgagatcaa gtacctctgc
   300961 ctgggcggta tctgagcccg gcgaggaacg catccggagg ggccggacgg caggcaagag
   301021 ctgcgccgtc cggtgtcgac gttgccggtg gtggcaccgg acgaaccggg agacgcggtc
   301081 gccgatcgcg aagcggctcc gagccctggc gggcctgcaa gtcccgaggc agtcgatcat
   301141 cgcatgctgc cttggggagc ttccttcccg ccttcatcct ttgacccggc cgacccgatg
   301201 agcggccact gaggaagcca tgagcaagac caacgaatcc ctgctgaagc gtcgccaggc
   301261 cgcggtaccc cgcggcgtgg gtcagatcca cccggtcgtc gccgagcgcg ccgagaactc
   301321 caccgtctgg gacgtggaag gccgcgagta catcgacttc gccggcggca tcgccgtgct
   301381 gaacaccggc cacctgcatc cgaaggtgat cgccgcggtc caggagcaac tgggcaagct
   301441 gtcccacacc tgcttccagg tgctggccta cgaaccctac atcgagctgg ccgaggaaat
   301501 cgccaagcgc gtgccgggcg acttcccgaa gaagaccctg ctggtcacct ccggctccga
   301561 agccgtggag aacgccgtca agatcgcccg cgccgccacc ggccgcgctg gcgtgatcgc
   301621 cttcaccggc gcgtaccacg gccgcaccat gatgaccctg ggcctgaccg gcaaggtggt
   301681 cccgtactcc gccggcatgg gcctgatgcc gggcggcatc ttccgcgccc tggcgccctg
   301741 cgagctgcac ggcgtgagcg aggacgactc catcgccagc atcgagcgca tcttcaagaa
   301801 cgatgcccag ccccaggaca tcgccgcgat catcatcgag ccggtgcagg gcgagggtgg
   301861 cttctacgtc aactccaagt ccttcatgca gcgcctgcgc gccctgtgcg accagcacgg
   301921 catcctgctg atcgccgacg aagtgcagac cggcgccggc cgtaccggca ccttcttcgc
   301981 taccgagcaa ctgggcatcg ttcctgacct gaccaccttc gccaagtcgg tcggcggcgg
   302041 cttcccgatc tccggcgtgg ccggcaaggc cgagatcatg gacgccatcg cgcccggcgg
   302101 cctgggcggc acctatgccg gcagcccgat cgcctgcgcc gcggcactgg ccgtgctgaa
   302161 ggtgttcgag gaagagaagc tgctggaacg ttcgcaagcc gtcggcgagc gcctcaaggc
   302221 cggcctgcgc gagatccagg ccaagcacaa ggtgatcggc gacgttcgtg gcctgggttc
   302281 gatggtggcc atcgagctgt tcgagggcgg cgatacccac aagccggccg ccgagctggt
   302341 cagcaagatc gtcgtccgtg cgcgcgagaa gggcctgatc ctgctctcct gcggcaccta
   302401 ctacaacgtc atccgcttcc tcatgcccgt caccatcccc gacgcgcaac tggagaaggg
   302461 cctggccatc ctggccgagt gcttcgacga actcgcttaa gcttcaccgg caaagcgata
   302521 cccccgaggc ccgcgcgtcc gcgcgggcct ttctttcaga ggcttcacgg aaacggaagc
   302581 ctcttttttc tgccagggtt ttccgcgaaa cgcccgacga acagttttcg cctgttaccc
   302641 ttgggcgcct ggcgcatacg aatcctcccg cattcctccg gtcgttccgt tcgtggcgat
   302701 taggacaggt cctagaggcg caccgtgttc gtccgtcata cccttgtgtg cccgcgggcc
   302761 gtgtcgtgcc cgcctgtcat gcctggtgcg tcccgctcgg ttcgccaggt tcgaagagga
   302821 acgccatgag tgccgcgaaa aaggcccccg tcatcctgat tgccgacccg gacccctgga
   302881 gtcgcgactt gcttggccaa ctggtcctcg gcgtgcgttg cgatgcccgg ctggtcctct
   302941 gcggcgatgg cggagaagcg ctggcgcatt gccggcgccg gcgcttcgcg ttgatcctgg
   303001 ccgagctgaa cctgccgcag gtggatggct tcgagctgct gcgcgaagcg cgcctgcgcc
   303061 gctcggtcgc cgagcagccg ttcatcctga tcagcgaccg cgccgaccag gccagcgtgc
   303121 gcgccgccgt ggcactggcg ccgaccgcct acctggtgaa gccgttccag gccgagaacc
   303181 tgatgcaacg cctgcgaggg ttgttgctga agggcgacga agtggtcgcc tgtccgctgc
   303241 cggagcggga cgcgggcgag aacctggagg ctttcctcga acgcgcgcgc gactccgcgg
   303301 agggggcgcc gttgctggcc gacgtgcgtg ccgccagcga tcgttgcctg agcgccgagg
   303361 agcatccgct gcgcgtgctg gaggatgagt tcggccgcga tccgcagatc accgctggcc
   303421 tgatcgccgc cgccaacagc gccgcccggc acgtcggtcc ggcctgccag accctgggcc
   303481 aggccctgcg gcggctggga ctcgggcaca gcctgaacct ggtgctcggt ttcagcctgc
   303541 agcgggccat ccagctcggc gagccgctac tggccgagcg cgccatgcac ttctgggatc
   303601 tttcgcaacg ttgcgcggac atcgcttggg aactggccga cgccctcggc gcggacgtcg
   303661 agcgctgcta taccgcaggg ctgctgcatc gcctgggcga cctggcgctg ctgcggacat
   303721 tgcaggattg gtgcgatggc ggcggcgcgc tggacgaggc gcgcctcgac gagctgctgg
   303781 ggcgtttcgg cgccagcttc ggctcggccc tgcgggcgcg ttggcggctg ccgctggagc
   303841 tgcgccggct gatcgctgcg gcgtaccagt tcggtggcgt gctttcccgc gaagagctga
   303901 tcctcagcct ggcgacccag gccgccagcc tgcccgagga cgacgcggag caactggccg
   303961 agagcaaggc tgcccgcatg ctcgggctgg acggcgaacg actggcgaaa ctgctgcagc
   304021 cctgagccgt cctcgccggg cctttgtccc atagggcgga taacgcggcg cgtcatgcgc
   304081 cgctgggcat gggcgcggtt gcaatcgagc ctcttgccgg ggagatcggc tcctacgcac
   304141 gccgccgagt tgccggccgt ggatgggcgg gagcgagcct agcgccgcag ctcggcgcgc
   304201 aacaggtcca gcgccgggtc gatgtcgtcc cgttcgatgc agccgaagcc gaagaggaag
   304261 ccggcctgtg ccggggtttc cgcgtagaag ggcggcaggg tgccgacctc caggccttgc
   304321 tggcgcaaat gacgggcgat gcgcagcaca tccagcggtt cgcgacagcg cgccgcgagg
   304381 tggatcccgg ccaccgccgg cagcgcttcg agccaggggc tcaggtcgcc gtgcaggcgt
   304441 tccagcaggc gtccgcgacg ctgggcgtat tcgcgttgca ggcggcgcgt atggcgggcg
   304501 aagtcgccgc gctggatgaa cagcgcgagg gcgcgttgct gcaaggtctc gctgtgccgg
   304561 tcgaccagct tgcgcgccgc cagcaccgct tcgcgcaggc ttgccggcgg cagcaggtag
   304621 ccgaggcgca gctcggggaa gagggtcttg gaaaaggtcc cgaggtaggc cacctggccg
   304681 ttccggtcga ggctgcgcag cgactccagc gaacgcccgt cgaagcggta ctcgctgtcg
   304741 tagtcgtcct cgatgatcag cgcccggtgg cgctgcgccc agtccagcaa ctgcaggcgc
   304801 cgctccaggc tcatcggcat gcccagcggg aactggtgcg acggggtgac gtagaccagc
   304861 ttggcgttgt ccggcagcag gtcgacgcgc agcccctcgg cgtccaccgg cactccgcgc
   304921 acctcggcgc cggtggccag caggctggcg cgggccggcg gataaccggg ttcctcgacc
   304981 accgccaggt cgccggggtc gagcatcacc cgggccagca ggtcgagtcc ctgctgggcg
   305041 ccctgggtga ccatcagggc gttccagtcg cactgcacgg cgcggttgat cgccaggtag
   305101 cgggagatcg ccaggcgcag ctcggggtcg ccttcggttt ccttgtagaa cgccggcgag
   305161 cgctgttgca ggcgtagcgc ctggagcacg caggtacgcc aggtatcgaa gggaaagcgg
   305221 cgcttgtcgg tcgtgccgcc ggcgaagctg tagcggagcg gtgctcgctg gtccatcaga
   305281 ccggactgcg gttcgatgcg tgcccagcgc gcggccggcc gcaacggacc gtcggcgcgc
   305341 tgcggcggcg cttccccggc gggcccgcgg gcgacgaagg tgccgctgcc gacccggcct
   305401 tcgaggaagc cctcgctggc gaggcgctcg taggcttcgc tgacggtctt gcgcgacact
   305461 tccaggcgtt cggcgaggta gcgcgtggct ggcaggcgat cgccggtggc caggcgacca
   305521 tggaggatcg cgtcgcgcag ctggcgatag agctggccga ccaggtcgtg gcggccgtcg
   305581 aggatcagtt gcagttccat ggcgaaattg gctacctggt atttctggta attggctctt
   305641 cgtggaagcc aaaggcaggc ttagtgttac cccatgccgc gccgctttcc actctcgcgg
   305701 ctgccaatca gccaaggaga ttcgccatga ccatccgcct cgaatgggcc aaagcctccc
   305761 ccgacgccta tgccgccatg ctcggcctgg aaaaggccct ggccaaggcc ggcctggagc
   305821 gcccgttgat cgaactggtc tacctgcgca cttcgcagat caacggttgc gcctactgcg
   305881 tgaacatgca tgccaacgac gcgcgcaagg ccggcgagac cgagcagcgt ctgcaagcgc
   305941 tctgcgtctg gcaggaaacc ccctacttca ccccgcgcga gcgcgccgcc ctggcctgga
   306001 ccgagcaact cgcccgcctc agccaggggg cgttgccgca cggcctgctc gacgaactgc
   306061 gcgagcactt cgacgacaag gagatcgccg aactgaccct ggcggtctcg gccatcaacg
   306121 cctggaaccg cttcggcgtc ggcatgggca tgcaaccgga atgaggtgga cggcgatgaa
   306181 ggccaatcga tcgatcgcct gcctgctgct cgccgcgctg ccgacgctgg ccagcgccca
   306241 tgctgcggag aaggtggaaa ccctgcacga ccaggccctg gccgagtttc ccggccatcg
   306301 tgggttgatg ctgacggtgt cgttcaagcc cggccaggtc tccgcgcccc atgtgcatcc
   306361 cggctcggtg ttcgtctacg tgctcgaagg caccgtgcag acgcaactgg aaggcggccc
   306421 ggtggagacc tacacggtgg gccagagctg gtacgagccg gcgaacgtgc cgcacctgct
   306481 ggcacgcaat cccgatccga tgaagccggc caagttgctg gtctgggagt tgctcaagga
   306541 gggcgacccg atcctcaagc cactggagcg cggcgcccac tgaggcgtcg ctcgttcgcc
   306601 cggaggagcg tccgtcatga gcgccagcca ggtcatccgt attcgcgcgc gcaatggtca
   306661 gtcggaacgg cttggcctgc gcctgcaaca actggtcgaa ccggggctgg aggcgccggg
   306721 ttgcctggag taccaggtgc gcagggacgc cctcgagccg gatctctggc tggtgtgcag
   306781 ccagtggcgg gaagcgcagc agatgttcga ctacctggcc ggcggcatcc agcaggtatt
   306841 cgccgaagtg ctctggcgct ccctggcggc gagcctcgaa gtgcaggatg acgcaggcta
   306901 gagcaaaccc agctcggcgc agacgatcag tacctgctcg cgcagccaga ggttcgccgg
   306961 gtcctggtcg gcggcgcggc tccatgacag gtgcagggcg aacggcggca gcccgggcgg
   307021 tgcgaggcag gcgtgatggc ggccatcgtc gagcagtgca tggatacgcc gtggcagcat
   307081 cagcacgaag tcgctgcccg acagcagttg tagggcggcg acgtagctgt tggcgcgcgc
   307141 ggcgacctcg cggctgcggc cctggcgtcg cagccacgtg tccaccaggt tggcgttgct
   307201 ggcgtcgagc ggggtcggga agacgaagcg gcgcctgcag aactcgtcca gttccaggcg
   307261 ctcgtggcgc ggctgggcac gatcctgtac gcagagcagc tcgtcgctga acagggcgag
   307321 cgcctgtagc tccggtgccg gtcggtggta ctcgggaccg aagtcgaaga ccaggtcgac
   307381 ctggccgtcg agcaatgctt cggtgggcag ttcgggaccc aggcggcgga tgtccaggcc
   307441 gatcctcggg ccgttggcgg cgagccgtcg caggagtgcc ggaaggatca gcagctcgac
   307501 gtattccggc gcgcagaggg taaaggtccg cggctcgcca cgcgggtcga agctaccctg
   307561 ggcggcgtga caggcgttga tgcgggcgag catttcctcc acgtggggca gcatggcgcg
   307621 actcttgtgg gtcggctgca tgccgccgcg ggtggcgatg aacagctcgt cgtcgaaggc
   307681 ctggcgcagt ttcttcaggc agtagctgac cgtcgacgga ctgaggttca ggtgttcggc
   307741 gacctcgacg aggttctgtc gttggtggac ctgtaggaag accagcaggt cctgcatgtc
   307801 gaccttgcgc aggccgttgg cgatcagcat cggggcgtcc tgacggcgtc gggagcgcca
   307861 tcagaacccg tccctttcct cagcgcaagc tttcggcgcc gacgccttgc ggctgtcgct
   307921 cgacgaacag tgccgcatag cgccgcgggt cgaagcgcag gcccagcccc agcagcagcg
   307981 ccgccaccgt ggccagcccg agccaggcgc cggtgaagct gccgaggctg tcgcgcagca
   308041 gcccggcgat ccatggcgag accccggcga ttaggtagcc ggcgccttgt accagggcag
   308101 ccagttgacc ggcgcgttgc ggcgcgtcga agtggtcgag gcagacgatc aagcccatgg
   308161 ggaacagccc gccgatgccc agtcccagac acagcgccca gagcagcggc aggctggccg
   308221 gcgcccaggc gaggccgagg aagccggcca gcatcagcgc cgttagcccg accagcaccg
   308281 ggcggcgatc ccgcgagcgg ctggccaggg ccggcgcgag caacccggag agcacctcca
   308341 tggccgtcag gaaaccgagc agcagcccgg attcctgggc gctccagccc tgctccaggt
   308401 aatagggcgc gagccaggcc agcacgcagg tgtagcaggc cgtgccgagg ccgaagaaca
   308461 ggaccagcag ccaggtccgc ggatagcgca ggaggctcct gcccggctgc gcgtcgggca
   308521 ggcgcaggcg ggtgccgggt tgcagccacc aggccagcag cgcgagcgcg gcgagcgccg
   308581 cccaggcacc gaggccgagc cgccagccgg cgtgctccgc cagggtcggc gcggcgctgg
   308641 cggacagcgc cgcgccagcc atgatggcgg tgacgtagag ccccatgcag agcggcgtgc
   308701 gcgcgccgaa acgggccttg atcagggccg gcatcagcgc ctggatcagg gcgatgccga
   308761 gaccggcgag catggcgctg ccgagcaggt cgggcaggcc tcggctgccc aggcgcaggg
   308821 cgctggcggc gccgatcagc agcagggcga gggccaccga acgccactcg ccgacgcggc
   308881 gggcgatgcc caggccgaag aacatgccga ggccgagggt cagcaccggc agggcggtca
   308941 gcagcgagac gtcgccgaag ctgagcgcga tctcgccgcg catggcgttc agcagtgggc
   309001 cgacggcggc catggagggc cgcaggttga ggccgaccag gacgatggcg gccatcagcc
   309061 agagggtgcg gccgggtggg ttggcagtgg gcatggcgat ctcctttcgg gagcaccatt
   309121 gcgcctgcgc cagggcgtgg cggcaaatca aaatccgcag ggcggattcg aaaaaatgcg
   309181 ctggccaggg agtcggggcg gacgctggcg caacgttgcg agtcgcgagg ttatccgccc
   309241 cgtgcggcgc gtggcctcac tccgcactca agcgcatcag gctttcgctc agggcccgcg
   309301 cgtggcggtc gacgatgatc ggcgcccagg gcctgccgga agcgctgacc agcgcgctgc
   309361 tcttgctgtt caggtcgcgc agggcctggc tcaggtactc ccagcggttt tccagtttct
   309421 tcagtcccgc cgggttggcg ctttgcgcca ccagcagggc gatgcgccgg tcgatcagcg
   309481 ggaccagcac gctctcgtcc tggccgagat agtcccgggg ctgctcgcgg gcagtctcca
   309541 gcccgcccag gtaggcgcgc gccaggtatt gcagggacag gtactcgacc cgcaccggca
   309601 actgccagag cggcaggggc tggcctggcg ggggcggcgg cacctggcgt tccaccaggt
   309661 tgaggaagtc acgcagggcg cggctcagtt gctgcgggta gcgccagggc aggtcctctt
   309721 cgcgggggcc gtaggccgcg ccttcacgga tgcgcgccac cagcgtcttt tcgccttgcc
   309781 gcaggagcac cccctcgggg gcggcggcga gcgcccgatc gaggctggcg aggtccttct
   309841 ccagttgcgc cgcgtgctgt tcctggaaac cctcgccgcg cagcaacaac aggctgccca
   309901 ccgcgcgaca ggcctggacc tgcagttgtt gcagggcgcg ttgctggtcg tcgagggcag
   309961 cgcgcgccgg cagcgccagc agcaggcagt aaagacagag gacagcggga agcgcgggac
   310021 ggagcatggg gagatcctgt tgttgtcgtt atggatatcc gcaccgaggg caggtgccct
   310081 gcacacggta gccggccatg gcgcgcctgc aagcgttcga aagtgtgatt cgcgctcagc
   310141 cgtgggtggc cgcgcgcagg ccggcgaggt cgagaatctc gatgccgccg tagctgagct
   310201 ggaggatgcc ctgggcttcg aggtccttga ggatctggtt ggtggtctgc cgcgacagcg
   310261 acagcatcaa tgccaactgc tcctgcggca ggtgcaggac ctgccggctg cggctgttgt
   310321 cgtagccctc ggcgagcatc agcaggcgcc gcgccaggcg ttgtgcggcc ggcagcaggg
   310381 ccatctcttc cagggcgatg aatgccaggc gcagcttgtg gctcatcagc agggccacgt
   310441 cgcgccagta gtgcggctcg cggcgaagca gttcgagcag cgccgcctgc ggtacctgga
   310501 gtagctgggt gtggccttcg gcgtaggcat cgtgggtgcg cgcctggccg tcgaacaggg
   310561 cgatctcgcc gaaccagtgc ggcgcttcca ccaggatcag cagcgcctcc ttgccgttct
   310621 cgctgaccgc gctgatacgg atcgcgccct cgaccacgca gtacagtccg cagggcgcgt
   310681 cgccgcgggc gaacaggcgc tggcccggcg gcaactggcg cggttgggcg agtgccagca
   310741 ggtgcgtctg caaggcctcc ggcaaaccct ggaaccagcg gccggcctgg agttgcgaac
   310801 ggtagtcggt acgctcgttc atgtttgtcg tctagctgac agagtggaaa accggggcgg
   310861 cgcgatgatg cgagaaccct ggcgtgagac cacaacaatg aaaaccctag tcgatcacct
   310921 tgcgcaatac gccgcctacc accgcgaccg gcgcaacatc ttcagccatt tcatcggcat
   310981 tccgatgatc gtcctctcca tcgccgtgtt gctggcgcgg ccggcgctgg ggttcggcct
   311041 gtctccggcg ctgctgctgg cgctcgccgc ggcgctgttc tacctgcgcc tggacctgcg
   311101 cttcggcgtg gccatgacgg cgctgctggc gctgacggtg tggggcgctg cgcaattggc
   311161 ggcggggact accgctgcct ggctgggctg gggcgtcggc ctgttcgtgg tcggctggat
   311221 catccagttc gtcggtcatt actacgaagg gcgcaagccg gccttcgtcg acgatctcag
   311281 cgggttgatc gtcggtccgc tcttcgtgct ggcggaactg gcctttctgc tggggctgcg
   311341 cggcgacgtg cagcgcgagg tcgaggagcg cgccggcccg acctgcattc gcgagcacaa
   311401 gcgggcggcg tgagaaggtc tcccgcgagc gcgggagacc ggggtgggag cgttacttgc
   311461 gatccgcggc gatgcgctgg cggatgtgat cggcgcgggc ctgggagccc gggtgcgaat
   311521 cgaacatgct gctgtcgccg ccgcccagct tggccagctt ctcgaaggcg gtgaccaggc
   311581 cctgggtgtt cactccgcgc ttcttcagta gctcgtagga gaaatcgtcg gcgtcggatt
   311641 cctgggactg ggagaactgc gcgttgacca gcgattcggt gagttcgccc agctgggagc
   311701 cggacagggc ggccagcgcg ccgctcttcg aggcgccggc ggcgccgcgc accgcggcgg
   311761 ccgcgtaggc ggtctgggcg gccttgcggg tgtggccgag ggcgacgtgg cccatctcgt
   311821 ggccgagcac gccttcgatc tcgttgtcgc tcatcagctc catcagcccg ctgtagacgc
   311881 ggatgcagcc gttggccatg gcccaggcgt tgacctcctc ggtgaggtag accttgtagt
   311941 tcaccggcac gccgtcgatc tggtcgccca gggccttggc gatcttgtcc aggcgctggc
   312001 cgtacttgct gttggccggg gcgatgcggt tttgctggtc ggactcggcg caggcctggt
   312061 cggcgacctg gcggacctcg gcgtcgctca gggttgcagc cttcaccgcc atcatgccgt
   312121 gctgcatgag gtccccctgg ggcaggttct ggcagccggc cagggtggcg caggcgaggg
   312181 ccagggcgga aagggaaaga cgggtcttca tcgtgtgctc cttgcgatag gtggcgttcc
   312241 gtgccggacg ggcgtgttcc gcccggtgcc gcgcgcccgg tgggggtcgc gcggcggcgg
   312301 atgatagcga cttgtgccgt tcgtcggaag tcccgcgaag gccgcaggcc cgccctggcg
   312361 ggagcgcaat gcgtccctgg cgtcagtgga aaccgcgcca ggcgaggtcg gcgccgagca
   312421 gcaggagacc gacgaagaag cagcgcctga acagcgtcgc gctgatccgc tggcgcagcc
   312481 actggccgag gagcatcccg cccagcgccg ggaccagggt cagcagcgag gcgccgagca
   312541 tctgcggttc gagcaggtcg ccgtgcacgc cgagagtgac cgccagggcc agggtcgagg
   312601 cgctgaacga caggccgagg gcctggacca gttcgtcgcg ctgcaatcct agggctccca
   312661 ggtagggcac cgcgggaatc acgaaaatcc cggtgaccgc ggtcagcgcg ccggtcgcca
   312721 gcccgaccag cgggccggcc cagggctcgt ggcgtgccgg caggtgcagc gggatcgcgg
   312781 ccaggccgag cagcgcgtag gccgccaggg ccaggccgag cacgccggtg gcctgccttg
   312841 gtgcgtcgcc gccgagccat gcgccgacca gcagggtgcc cacgatcacc ccgagcagca
   312901 ggccggccag gcgcttcatc aagccgagga agcgcgggcc gcaggcgagc tgccagaggt
   312961 tggtcaccat cgacggcacg atcagcagcg ccgccgcctg catcggcggc atggccaggc
   313021 cgagcaggcc caccgagacc gtcggcaggc ccaggccgac cacgcccttg acgaagcccg
   313081 cgagaaggaa ggtgagggcg atcagtggga tcagggcgtg gaggtcgacg gacatgcggg
   313141 ttcttccttg tctcgggctg gcgcgaacgg gcgatggcgg ccagtatctc tcgtcgtcga
   313201 caggcaatgt ttcatccgga ggtgaagcat gcaattcaat cccggcttca gttcgctggc
   313261 ggcgctgctc gccgatcccg gccgcgcgca gatgatctgg gcactgatgg atggcagcgc
   313321 ccgcccggcc agcgagctgg cgctgctggc gggcgtctcg ccgtcctccg ccagcggcca
   313381 cctgggacgg ctggtcgagg gcggcgtgct gagcctggag gcgcgcgggc gcaatcgctt
   313441 ctatcgcctg gccgggccgg aagtgggaca ggcggtggaa gcgctggcca gcgcctccct
   313501 ggccctgcag ccgcagcggc gcagcctgcc gccgagccac ggcacgccgt cggcgttgcg
   313561 cgaggcgcgg acctgctacg accacctggc cggcgaactc gcggtcggtg tgttcgcacg
   313621 gatgctggat gccggctgga tcgagcagga gggcaggacg ctgcgcctga gcgcgaccgg
   313681 cgaggccggg ctggccaggt tgggaatcga cctggcggag gtccgccgcc gccgtcggca
   313741 gttcgcctgc gcctgccccg actggagcga acgcaagccg cacctcggcg gcgcgctggg
   313801 ggcggcgttg ctggaggcct gtctgcgcca gggctggttg cggccgcagg acggctcgcg
   313861 ggcgttgcag gtgtcgtcga agggccgcgc gggactgcgc ggcctggcgg agcgcacggc
   313921 gggctgaacc cgccgcggga tcagagattg gccaccggct ggaaggcctt cggcttgaag
   313981 tagagggtct cgccgcgggc caggccggcc aggctgtcgt ggtccttcac cacttcggct
   314041 tcgatcagtt cgtcctggcc gtcgaccttc agcgttaccc gggtgatcgc ccccagcgga
   314101 cggatgtcgc ggacctcggc ggcgcggtgc tcggccaccg cggaacgcga cagcgacact
   314161 tcgtgggggc ggaacagcag gtgctggtcg ttgcccagtt gcaggcggtt ggagtcgccg
   314221 aggaagtggt agacgaaatc gctggccggg ttctcgtaga cctcgccggg cgagccgatc
   314281 tgctcgatca cgcccttgtt catcaccacg atgcggtcgg ccacttccat cgcttcttcc
   314341 tggtcgtggg tgacgaacac cgaggtcagg ttgatctcct cgtgcaggcg cgccagccag
   314401 cggcgcagct ccttgcgtac cttggcgtcg agggcgccga agggttcgtc gaggagcagg
   314461 atcttcggct ccaccgctag cgcgcgggcc agggcgatac gctgccgctg gccgccggag
   314521 agttgctcgg gatagcggtc ggcgagccag tcgagctgca ccatgttgag cagctcgtgg
   314581 accttggcct tgatcgcgga ctcgcccggc cgctcgccct tgggcttcat gcgcaggccg
   314641 aaggcgacgt tgtcgaacac cgtcatgtgg cggaacagcg cgtagtgctg gaagacgaag
   314701 ccgacgttgc ggtcgcgcac gtcgtgctgc gagacgtcct cgccatggaa cacgatgttg
   314761 ccggcgtccg gggtttccag cccggcgatg atccgcagca gggtggtctt gccgcacccg
   314821 gaggggccga gcagggccac cagctcgccg ctctggatat ccaggttgat gttgtccagg
   314881 gccttgaagg cgttgaagtt cttgctgacg ttacggattt cgatgctcat ggttcattcc
   314941 tcgtcagcat tgcttttcag tcgggacatg cgggattcgc tccactgctt gagcagaagg
   315001 atgaccagcg ccatcagcag caacaggctg gcgacgctga aggcggcgac atggttgtat
   315061 tcgttgtaga ggatctcgac gtgcagcggc agggtgttgg tgacaccgcg gatatgcccg
   315121 gaaaccaccg acaccgcgcc gaactcgccc atcgcccgcg cggtgcagag caccacgccg
   315181 tagatcaggc cccacttgat gttcggcagg gtcacgtgcc agaacatctg ccagccgttg
   315241 gcgccgagca ggcgggcggc ttcctcctcc tgggtgccct gctcctgcat cagcgggatc
   315301 agttcgcggg cgacgaaggg cacggtgacg aagagggtcg ccaggacgat gccgggcacc
   315361 gcgaagacga tctggatgtc gtggtcgctc agccattcgc cgaagtagcc ctgggcgccg
   315421 aacaacagca cgtagatcag gccggcgatc accggcgaga ccgagaacgg caggtcgatc
   315481 agggtcacca ggatgctctt gccgcgaaac tcgaacttgc tcacgcacca ggcggcggcg
   315541 acaccgaaca gcaggttgag cggcaccgag atggccaccg cgatcagggt cagcttcagc
   315601 gcggccagcg cgtcgggttc gaggatcgcc tcgaagaagg tgccgaaacc ctgcttcagc
   315661 gcctcgctca ggaccacgta gagcggcagc aggaggaaca gggcgaagac cagccaggcc
   315721 aggacgatca gggccaggcg gccgccggcg ttgccgcggc gggaggcgct ggcggtggca
   315781 gcggaaatgc ttgcactgga catggcgccc tccttacggg gtttcgatgc gacgctgcag
   315841 caggttgatc agcagcagca ggatgaagga caccaccagc atcagcacgc cgatggcggt
   315901 ggcgccggtg tagtcgtact ggtccagctt gaccatgatc agcagcggca ggatctcggt
   315961 cttcatcggc atgttgccgg cgatgaagat caccgagccg tattcgccga cgccccgggc
   316021 gaaggccagg gcgaaaccgg tcagccaggc cggcagcagc gccggcacga ggatatggcg
   316081 gaacacctgc agcggcctgg cgccgaggca ggcggcggct tcctcgactt ccttgggaat
   316141 gtcggcgagc accggctgca ccgtgcggac cacgaacggc agggtcacga aagtcagcgc
   316201 cagggtgatc cccagggggg tataggcgat cttgaagccg aggtcgctgg cgaactggcc
   316261 gaccaggccg gccggcgcat agagcgcggt gagggcgata ccggcgacgg cggtgggtag
   316321 ggcgaagggc aggtcgatca tggcatcgat gatcttccgt ccggggaatt cgtagcgcac
   316381 caggacccag gccagcagcg tgccgatcaa gccgttgagc acggcggcgg cgagcgcggt
   316441 gccgaagctc agcttgagcg cggcgagcac ccgcggcgcg ctgatgatgg cccagaattg
   316501 ctcccagctg agctgggtgg tcttgaggaa catggccccc agcgggatca ggaccagcag
   316561 gctgaggtac accagggtgt atcccagggt cagcccgaag ccgggtatga ccggggaaat
   316621 gcgtcgtgac atgttctgtc cttactctgc gttggaacgc ttggtggctc tcccggtgcc
   316681 ggttccttcc ggcagtgggc ccggtacggg accgggcctg ctagccccct cgcccgtccg
   316741 ggagagggtc tgggagaggg gccgtggttc gggcgacggg tctgccgtcg cgatcattgc
   316801 gcctggtaga tctggtcgaa gatgcccccg tcgttgaaga acttcggctg ggccgtcttc
   316861 cagccgccga aatcggagtc gacggtgacc aggttcagtt tcgggaactg cgtggcgaac
   316921 tcggcggcga ccttctggtt gcgcggccgg tagaagttct gcgcggcgat gcgctggcct
   316981 tcctcgctgt acaggtattg caggtaggcc tcggcgacct tgcgggtgcc tttcttctcg
   317041 accaccttgt cgaccaccgc gaccggcggt tcggcaagga tggagatgga gggtacgacg
   317101 atctcgaagt tttccccgcc ctgttccttc ttcgccagga acgcctcgtt ctcccaggcc
   317161 agcagcacgt cgccgatctg gttgttgacg aaggtgatgg tcgagccgcg ggcaccggtg
   317221 tcgagtaccg gtacgtgctt gtacagcgcc tgcacgtagt ccttggcctt ctcgtcgcta
   317281 ccgtactgct tcttcgccca ggcccaggcg gcgaggaagt tccagcgcgc gccgccggag
   317341 gtcttcgggt tcggcgtgat gacttccacg ccttccttgg tcaggtcgcc ccagtccttg
   317401 attcccttgg ggttgccctt gcgcaccagg aacacgatgg tcgaggtgta gggggtgctg
   317461 ttgtccggca ggcgtgcctg ccagtcggcc ggcagcagct tgccgagctt gtgcagttcg
   317521 tcgatgtcgc cggccagggc cagggtcacc acgtcggcct tgagcccatc gatcaccgcg
   317581 cgggcctgct tgccggagcc gccgtgggac tgctggacgg tcaggtcctc gccgccctgg
   317641 gccttccagt gcttgatgaa ggccgcgttg taggcctggt acagctcgcg ggtcgggtcg
   317701 taggaaacgt tcagcagttg cgtggctgcg gcagccgggc cggagaccag ggcgctggcg
   317761 agtgcggcca gggcgaaacg acgaagggac atgtgcagct cctaggtgtg tgctgtttcg
   317821 attgttctaa tggggtgttg gcggaacgac gggaacacgg ggcgtcaggc gcgcattcgc
   317881 ggccgacagc tgcagtaccg gtgcggatgg ggtatcgaac ggatgttcat ggcgagacgc
   317941 ctccggtggt ccagtcgggt cgtgtgcttc aggcctgctt gacggccggt tgctgcagac
   318001 ggaatttttc cttgcgctcg atctgcacca cctggccgtt gtgcacggtg atctcgacgg
   318061 cgccgaagcg caggccgcgc agggcactct ggatttcacg caggatggtg gcttcgtcct
   318121 ggccatccag gcttctgagg gttgcgctca tgggtctctg ctcctgtggc tcgaggtgcc
   318181 gcgttgctcg acgaagtgga ggcggcgtga ggcgcatagt aagcagtggg caatattctt
   318241 aaaaatattg tttaagaatc tttataggta aagtggttat aagacggcga agcggcccgg
   318301 cttcaccgcc aggctcagtc ttccggcagc gccacgggcg gcaggtcgaa gcgcagcgct
   318361 tccgccggtt gcggccgtcc gtaccagtag ccttggccga agtcgcagcc atgttcgcgc
   318421 aggaacagcg cctggtcctg atgctcgatg ccctcggcaa ccacccgcag ccccatgctt
   318481 tgcgccaggg caacgatcgc ccgggcgatc gcggcgtcgt ccaccgcgcc gggcaggccg
   318541 gcgacgaagc cctggtcgat cttcagcttg tgcaccggca gccgcttgag gcgcatcagc
   318601 gaggaatagc cggtgccgaa gtcgtcgatg gccaggttca cgccgaggat acgcaggcgg
   318661 cagagcaggt tgagggactg ctcgaagtcc tccatcaccg cgctttcggt gacttccagc
   318721 tccaggtagc ggggctccag cccggactct tccagggcat tggcgatcct ttcctccagg
   318781 ccgccgcggt tgaacagccg gctggagacg ttgaccgcga cgaactccag ctcgacgccg
   318841 cgctgttgcc actcgcgcat ctgccggcag gcacgcttga gcacccagtt gtccagcgcg
   318901 gcgatcagcc cgcattcctc cgccaccggg acgaactcgc ctggcggcac caggccgcgc
   318961 tcgggatgct gccagcgcac cagcgactcg acgccgacga tccgcccgct ggccaggtcg
   319021 tgcaccggct ggtagtggac gcgcagttcg tcgtgatcca gcgcatggcg cagggccgat
   319081 tccacctgga catgggcgcg ggcccgggcg gtcagcacgc gggtgtagaa ggcgtaggcg
   319141 ttacgcccgc tgtccttggc ctggaacagc gcggcgtcgg cgtgttgcat caggtggtcg
   319201 acgtcgctgg cgtcttccgg gtagaggctg acaccgaggc ttgcgctgat atagatcggc
   319261 tggcagtgga tgtcgaacgg cgcgttgaaa ccgtcgagga tgcgctgcga gagtcgcgcg
   319321 acggcttccg ggtcgtcgtt ctcgacgagg atggcgaatt cgtcgccgcc cagtcgcgac
   319381 agcaggcagc gctcgtcgag ctggtgttgc aggcgcttgc tgacctcctt gaggagcatg
   319441 tcgccagttg tatggccgag gctgtcgttg atgtgcttga agtggtcgag gtcgatcagc
   319501 agcagggccc cggccaccgt ccggtccttg ccgttctcca gcgcctgctc gatgcgctcg
   319561 cgcagcagca cgcggttggg caggccggtc agcgagtcgt ggtgggcgag gaagtccagc
   319621 tcgttctccg agcgcttgat gctgctcagg tcggagaaca ccccgacgta gtgggtcagc
   319681 tggccctggt cgttgcgcac cacgcggatg tgcagccact gcgggtagat ctcgccgctc
   319741 ttgcgccggt tccagatttc tccgctccag acgtcctgct cgcgcagggc cagccacagg
   319801 cgctggtaga acgcctggtc ctggcggccg gagcggagga tcgccggggt cttgccgagc
   319861 acgtcttcgg agcggtagcc ggtgatgcgc tcgaaggaag ggttgacgtg cacgatcatc
   319921 gcctgggcat cggtgaccag aacgccctcg cgggtgctgt cgaataccgc cgcggcctgg
   319981 cgcaggtggt cttccttgag ccgctgcagg gtgatgtcgc gggccacgcc agtgtagtgc
   320041 agcggcttgc ccagggcgtc gcggaggacc cggccgcgcg agtggatcca gcggtagtcg
   320101 ccgtccttgt ggcgcaggcg gtagatgtgg tcgagattgt cggtcaggcc ctgcaggtgg
   320161 ttgcggtggg cctccagcac ggtggcgtac tcttcggggt gcaggcgctt cttccaggtc
   320221 tcgatggggt cgccgagttc ctccggagcg aggccgatca gcgcggcgta gcccggcgag
   320281 acgaacatcc ggtcggtcac caggtcccag tcccagagtc cgtcgcgcac cgcttccagg
   320341 gcgcggttca ggcgctgctc gctgccgtgc agttcgtcgt aggcctgggc cttgcggcgg
   320401 aactggcgta ccaggtagag gtacaggagc aggccggttg cggcgaagaa gaacagccgc
   320461 ttggcggtca tccagaacac cagttggtcg tggtcctgga cctggttttg taacaaatga
   320521 tcgctcagga acgcccaggc gatggcgatt gcgagataag ccaggctcag gcgaagggca
   320581 ctcaggcggg ggctcatggg attttcagtg ggcaattatt ggccgggcag tataaatgat
   320641 ggccatccgg ccctgttcat atctaaaaga acggatggta atccccagcc gcttggtgat
   320701 aatgccccca ggttttgtca gacaaggccc tcatcactcc caagtccccc cgaggttcag
   320761 taccgcctat gtggttcaac ggttttctcg acctgtcgcc gtggcaactg gtggcagtta
   320821 ccctggtgct gacgcatatc accatcgtca gcgtgaccgt ctacctgcat cgctattccg
   320881 cccaccgtgc actcgacctg caccccgcgc tgcagcactt cttccgtttc tggttgtggt
   320941 tgaccacagg gatgaacacg cgcgaatgga ccgcgatcca ccgtaagcac catgccaagt
   321001 gcgagaccgt cgaggatccg cacagcccgg tgcacaaggg cctgttcacc gttctgcgcg
   321061 caggcgcgga gctgtacaag gccgaggcga agaaccagga caccctgcgc atctacggca
   321121 agaactgccc ggacgactgg atcgagcgca atctctactc gcgcttcccg atcggcggcg
   321181 tggtgctgat ggcgctcatc gacctggccc tgttcggcgc ccttggcctg accgtctggg
   321241 ccgtgcagat ggtatggatt ccgttctggg ccgccggcgt ggtcaacggc ctcggccacg
   321301 cggtcggcta tcgcaacttc gaatgccgcg acgccgccac caacctggtg ccctggggca
   321361 tcctcatcgg cggcgaagag ctgcacaaca accaccacac ctacccgaac tcggccaagc
   321421 tgtcggtgaa gaagtgggaa ttcgacctgg gctgggcctg gatcaagctg ttcagcttcc
   321481 tgcgcctggc cagggtcgcc cgggtcgcgc cgatcgccca tcgggtcgag ggcaagcaca
   321541 gcctggacat ggacaccgcc atggcgatcc tcaacaaccg cttccagatc atggcgcagt
   321601 accgcaagct ggtgatcgcg ccgctggtca agcaggaagt ggccaaggcc gacgagtcgg
   321661 tgcgccacct gttccgccgc gccaagcgcc tgctgtcgcg cgagaccagc ctgctgcagg
   321721 accgccacca cgtgcgcatc gactcgatgc tcgcccacag ccaggcgctg aaggtgatct
   321781 acgagaagcg cctggcgttg cagcagatct gggccaagac cagcgccaac ggccacgaca
   321841 tgctggcggc gatcaaggac tgggtgcatg aggcggaagc cagcggtatc cagtcgctga
   321901 aggagttcgc cgcgcaactg aagacctact cgctgcgtcc cgcctgacgc ctggcgcgcc
   321961 ctcgcgggtg cgtcagccgc ctctgcaacg cgccggctcc tgccggcgcg ttgcgtttcg
   322021 gcgtcgccag tgcgacgccc cgccgatact tctcttcctc cgcaagtcga cttgcccgat
   322081 ccgggattca gcccgggcgg cgcccggcct atcttcggcg tgcccaggcg ccacgccggg
   322141 cgtcacgcag aacaacaaga aaaggagcgc gggcgatgtt gctggattac ctgatcatgc
   322201 tggtctacgc cctggccatg ctgggcctgg gctggtacgg aatgcgcaag gcgaagagcc
   322261 agagcgattt cctcgtcgcc ggacgccgcc tcggccccgg cctctacctg ggaaccatgg
   322321 ccgcggtggt gctcggcggc gcgtcgacca ttggtacggt caagctcggc taccagttcg
   322381 gcctgtccgg cttgtggctg gtgttcatgc tcggcctggg gatcatcgtc ctcagcctgg
   322441 tgttctcgcg gcagatcgcg cgcctgcggg tgttcaccgt gacccaggtg ctggagcagc
   322501 gctaccaggc ctcctcgcgc ctgatcggcg gggtggtcat ggtcgcctac gacctgatgg
   322561 tggcggtcac cgcgaccatc gccatcggct cggtcaccga ggtggtattc ggcatcccgc
   322621 ggatcccggc gatcctctgc ggtggcggga tcgtcatcgt ctattcggtg atcggcggca
   322681 tgtggtccct tacgctgacc gacatcatcc agttcgtgat caagaccgtc ggtatcttcc
   322741 tggtcttgct gccgttgtcg atcgacggcg ccggtggcct ggcgcgcatg caggaggtgc
   322801 tgccggcggg cttcttcgac ctcggccaca tcggcctgga taccatcctc acctacttcc
   322861 tcctgtactt cttcggcgcg ctgatcggcc aggacatctg gcagcgggtg ttcaccgcgc
   322921 gcagcgagac ggtggtgcgc tacgccgggc ttggcgccgg cgtctactgc atgctctacg
   322981 gcgccgcctg cgcgctgatc ggcgcggcgg cgcgggtcct cctgccggac ctggcggtgc
   323041 cggagaacgc ctacgccgag atcacccgcg aggtactggc gccgggcctg cgcggcctgg
   323101 tggtggcggc cgcgctgtcg gcgatcatgt ccaccgccag cgggtgcctg ttggcggcgg
   323161 ccaccgtgct gcaggaagac atctacgcgc gcttcctccg ccccggtacc accagcgaca
   323221 tccgtctgag ccgttgcatc accctgctga tgggcgtggc gatgctggtc ctggcgtgcc
   323281 tggtcaacga tgtcatcgcg gccctgagca tcgcctacaa cctgctggtc ggcggcctgc
   323341 tggtgccgat cgtcggcgcg ctgctgtggc gccgggccag tccgcagggg gcgatcgcca
   323401 gcatcgtcgc cggttgcctg gcggtgatcg cctgcatggc ccgcgacggc ctgctcgcca
   323461 actcgccaat cgtctacggc ctgctggcca gcctggcgac cttcgtcgcg gtcagcctgg
   323521 ctacccgtcc tgccgccagc ctgcgagccc agccggaatg aacccaccgc gccgggcggc
   323581 gcccggcgct ttcttcccgc cacacggaga cgccccatgt cgaacgacca tccgcagccc
   323641 ctcgacgccg ccgagattcc acgcttcgcc ggcatcccga ccttcatgcg cctgccggcg
   323701 ttcaccgacc cggcggcgct gcaggtcggc ctgatcggcg tgccctggga tggcggcacc
   323761 accaaccgcg ccggtgcccg ccatggcccg cgcgaggtgc gcaacctgtc cagcctgatg
   323821 cgcaaggtac atcacgtcag ccgcatcgcg ccctacgacc tggtgcgggt cggcgacctc
   323881 ggtgatgcgc cggtgaatcc catcgacctg ctcgattcgc tgcgccgcat cgaaggcttc
   323941 tatcgccagg tccatgccgc cggtaccctg ccgctgtcgg tcggtggcga ccacctggtg
   324001 accctgccga tctttcgcgc cctgggtcgc gagcggccgc tgggcatggt gcatttcgat
   324061 gcgcattccg ataccaacga ccgctacttc ggcgacaacc cctacaccca cggcacgcca
   324121 ttccgccggg ccatcgagga aggtctgctc gacccgctgc gcacggtgca gatcggcatt
   324181 cgcggctcgg tgtattcgcc ggacgacgac gctttcgccc gcgagtgcgg catccgcgtg
   324241 atccacatgg aagagttcgt cgaactgggc gtcgaggcga ccctggccga agcccggcgg
   324301 gtggtgggcg acgggccgac ctatgtgagt ttcgacgtcg acgtgctcga cccggccttc
   324361 gcgcctggca ccggcacccc ggagatcggc ggcatgacca gcctccaggc ccagcaactg
   324421 gtccgcggcc tgcgcgggct ggacctggtc ggcgccgacg tggtggaagt ctcgccgccg
   324481 ttcgatgtcg gcggcgccac ggcgctggtg ggggcgacca tgatgttcga actgctctgc
   324541 ctgcttgccg agtcggccgc gcgaagcgcc tgacggcgtt ccgccggcct ggctttggcg
   324601 ctataacgaa ggcggaccga acgccatggg ggcgggaatg ctgggcaacc tcaacgacat
   324661 cgacctgcgc atgctgcgca ccttctgcgc catcgtcgag gccggcggct tcactgccgc
   324721 ccaggcgcgc ctgaacacca gcctgtcgcg cctgagcgtg ctggtgcgcg acttggaggt
   324781 gcgcctgggc tattccctgt gccggcgcgg caacggcggt ttccagttga ccgaggaggg
   324841 gcaggagctc tacgacgccg cgctcggcct gttcagcgac atcgcccgtt tccgcgagca
   324901 ggtccgcggc ctcggcgggc gcgatcgcga ggcgttgcac ctgggctgcg tcgatggcgt
   324961 catcggccag cattgcctgc cgttgccgct ggccatccgg ctgtttcgcc agcgcgcccc
   325021 ggaggtgctg ctcaagctgc acacgcggcg tcccgacgaa ctcgagcacg cggtgctgga
   325081 agagcgcctg caactggcgg tgggggcctt tcaccaccgg ttgtccgggc tctactacca
   325141 acccctgttc cgcgaggagc agaacctcta ttgcggcagc gcgcacccct tcttcgcccg
   325201 ggcggacgac gagccgacac tggacgagat ctgcgccgcc gactatgtcg gccgcggcta
   325261 catggcggaa aaccatcgcc cgcacgacct gcgcttcaac caggggaccg acgcctacac
   325321 catggaggcc atcgctaccc tggtcttcag cggcacctac atcggctacc tgccgacgca
   325381 ctatgccgcc acctgggtcg ccgaagggcg catgcgggcg atccggccac ggcaactggc
   325441 ctacgactcg gaattccatt gcattacccg tcagggacac gaagaacgac cgaccctgac
   325501 cctgttcctg cgctcgctgt tcgaggcgca gaaacaactg ggcgtgcagg ctccggcgaa
   325561 tacgaacggc atcgcttggc aattgtgatc gagcgcactg gctggagcct ttccctgccg
   325621 ttcggcgggc atttctgtat cgccgcgacc cctgcgctaa gttggcggtc gaacccgttc
   325681 cgcgagcaga gcgacgatcc atggacgacc taaccggcat tcccgaagac ccgcaggagg
   325741 ccgcgctggc cttgctgcac agccgtgccg aagtggcccg gctgaaggag cgcgagcaac
   325801 tcttcagcgc cttgctggcc agcgtcaact cggtgctctg ggcctacgac tggcagaacc
   325861 ggcggatggt ctacgtcagc cccgcctacg agaaaatctt cggccgttcc gcggcgctgc
   325921 tgctggcgga ctacgaggaa tggcgcaaca gcatctaccc ggacgacctc gactacgccg
   325981 acagcagcct gctgcaggtg ctcgaacgtg gcgccgtgga acaacgcgaa taccgcatcg
   326041 tgcgtggcga cggcgaggtc cgctggctca acgacaagtg cttcgtcagc cgccagggcg
   326101 aggcgggact gccgctgatg gtggtgggca tcgccgagga catcaccgac aagaagcaca
   326161 tggagagcga gctgcaacgg ctggccacca ccgacgtgct gacccagagc agcaaccgtc
   326221 gctatttctt cgacagtgcc gaggcggcct tcaaggagtg tcgccgcgag gggataccgt
   326281 tggcgttcct gctgctggac gtcgatgatt tcaagaagat caacgaccgc ttcggccacc
   326341 aggtcggcga ccaggtcctc cagcgtatcg cccagagcgg cagtgccgcg ctgcgccgtg
   326401 gcgacctgtt cgggcggatc ggcggcgagg agttcgccgt gctgctgccc ggctgcgacg
   326461 agcagaccgc gcgacagatc ggcgaacgcc tgcagcgcga ggtgcaacgc ctgcgcttcc
   326521 aggagggcga gcacagcttc gggatcaccg tcagccaggg cctgacggtc ctccaggccg
   326581 atgacgaggg gctcggcgcc ctctacagcc gggccgacgc cgcgatgtac tcggccaagc
   326641 gccagggcaa ggactgcatc gtcgtgggct gaccgctggg caaacgtttc cgttttgtcg
   326701 acggcgccac ggaatacctc tttggggagg cgaccggcag gtcgcggctg cggtacaata
   326761 ttccttaaag ctattaaata tgaataatta attcttttta ggtttattgc ggatatttta
   326821 ctgtttatta cccacgcgct ataaagcgcg ggaaataacg atttctgaaa cgtggcggta
   326881 actcgccaga aaggaagctg taataggcgg ttttctgccg acacccttcg gcccgtcagc
   326941 cgggagaagg gcaggaagcc cgagaggacg cgaaggcgga gcccgatgga aagattggct
   327001 tacaaattgc cttcactggc ggtgggtcga gacacccgcc gcacaataac aagacacgag
   327061 tacgcccatg cacacgcttc cgttcgctgc ctccctgcct gcttgcctgc cccgtcgttc
   327121 catcgtcgcg ggttgcgccg tttcctgatc catcgaatgc cgagtttcgc gcgcgccatc
   327181 ttccgggatg gtacggcgct cagtgtttca acgaccggtc gggcccacgc gttccacttc
   327241 ccccgaccgg aagacaatta gcaataccaa tggggaaaag accaatgaag agtcgcaaga
   327301 tcaacaagtc acgactggcc ctggccatca ctgccggtac cctcggtgcc ctggcgcaac
   327361 aggcggtcgc cgccggtttc atcgaggaca gcaaggcatc gctgaccctg cgcaacttct
   327421 acatcaatac cgacaaccgc aatggcaccg cctcgccgag caagcaggaa gagtggggcc
   327481 agggcttcat cctgaattac cagtcgggct tcacccaggg caccgtcggc ttcggcgtcg
   327541 acgcgctggg cctgctcggc gtgcgcctgg acggcggcgg ccgtgccggc aagagcggcc
   327601 tggaccgcca gccgggcacc gtgttcccgc tggaaagcaa cggcgagccg gtgcacgact
   327661 tcgccagcct gggcctgacc gccaaggcca aggtgtccaa caccgagttc cgctacggca
   327721 ccctgcagcc gaagctgccg gtggtcacct acaacgacgg ccgcctgctg ccggtcacct
   327781 tcgagggcgg ccaggtcacc tcgaccgacc tcaaggactt caccctggtt gccggccaac
   327841 tggagcactc caagggccgt aactccaccg acaaccgcag cctgagcatc gccggcgcca
   327901 acggcagcag cgccagttcg cgcgacagca acaagttcta ctacgcgggt ggcgactaca
   327961 aggtcaacaa ggacctgacc ctgcagtact actacggcaa cctggacgac ttctacaagc
   328021 agcacttcct cggcctgatc cacaactggc agattggccc gggcgtcctg aagaccgacc
   328081 tgcgcgcctt cgacagcagc tccgacggca agaacggcag ccgttccggc cgtgccgacg
   328141 gctacgtcag cagcggctac tacggcagcg gcgtgaccaa gggcgaagtc gacaaccgcg
   328201 ccttcagcgg cctcttcacc tataccgtca gcggccacag catcggcgcc ggctaccaga
   328261 tcctcaacgg cgacagtgac ttcccgttcc tgaaccgtgg cgatggcgaa ggttctaccg
   328321 cgtacctgat caccgacgtg cagatcggca agttccagcg tgccggcgag cgcacctggc
   328381 aggtccgcta cggctacgac ttcgccaccg tcggcgtgcc gggcctgacc ttcaacacca
   328441 tttacctgag cggcgacaag atcaagaccg cccgcggcga ccagagcgag tgggaacgcg
   328501 atatctccct ggcctacgtg atcccggacg gcaccttcaa gggcctgggc ttcacctgga
   328561 agaacgcctc cttccgcagc ggcctgccgg ctgccggttc gagcaacaac cagcgcgacc
   328621 aggacgagaa ccgcctgatc gtcagctaca ccctgccgct gctgtaagct ccggccggac
   328681 aggaaaaagc ccgcggcctc caggaggacg cgggcttttt tcattcacgg cgccactcgg
   328741 cgtgccgggc cggccagggc gaacagcgcc gcggctggcc atccgccctg cgggatgccc
   328801 gtcaggcctt gcgcggcgcc ggttgctgct gggtgatgca atggatgttg ccgccgccga
   328861 ggaggatctc gcgccccggg accatcacca cctcgtgctc ggggaacacg cgctggagta
   328921 tcgccctggc ctcggcgtcc ttgggatcgt cgaagctcgg cgcgacgatg ccgccgttga
   328981 cgatcaggaa gttcacgtag gaaccggcca ggcgaatgga gggatcgcgc ggctggctgc
   329041 cctcgacgat atccacgccg tcgcactctt cctgggtcgc gtacagcggg ccggggatcg
   329101 gcatcttgtg caccaccagc ttgcgtccct tggcgtcgcg gctttcttcc agcacgcgga
   329161 gggcggcctg gcagcgcagg tagttcgggt catcctggtc gtcggtccag gccagcagca
   329221 cctcgccggg acgcacgtag cagcagaagt tgtcgacgtg gccgtcggtc tcgtcgttgt
   329281 agaggccgtt cggcagccag atgatgctct ccaccgcaag gtagtcgcgc agggtccgct
   329341 cgatctccgc ctggctcagg tgcgggttgc ggttgtggtt gagcaggcat tcctcggtgg
   329401 tgatcagcgt gccttcgccg tcgacgtgga tcgagccgcc ctcgaggacg aagtcgtcgg
   329461 tgcggtagcg ggcgcgccgt tcgatctcga ggatcttgcg tgccacctgg tcgtcgcgct
   329521 gccaggggaa gtacaggccg ccttcgaagc cgccccaggc gttgaagccc cagtcgacgc
   329581 cgcgtacatc gcccttgtcg tcgatgacga aggtcgggcc ggtgtcgcgg acccaggcat
   329641 cgtcgctgct gatttccacg acgcggatgt tgccgtcgtc gaggcgtgcg cgcgcgttct
   329701 cgtactgccc ggcgctggcg cagacggtga ccggctcgaa gcgcgcgatg gccttggcca
   329761 ccgcggcgaa ggccgcctgg gccggcttgc cgccgttgcg ccagttgtcc gggcgttccg
   329821 gccagaccat ccaggtctgc tcgtggggtt cccattcggc gggcatgcgg aagccgtcgg
   329881 cgcgtggggt gctggtcgga ttgctcatcg ctgctcctga aatcgttgct atgcgcggcg
   329941 gacgccggcg cggaatgcgc ggggcgtccc cgcgcggatc gtttcccgag gcctcaggac
   330001 tccagcgagc cgtccagggt cttcagcgga ccgtagaggt tcggccggcg gtcgcggaac
   330061 acgccccagg cgctgcgggt gcgctccagc gcatcgaggt cgaaggtgtg gacaaggata
   330121 ccttcctcgg tgcggttcag ctcctcgact ttctcgccga acgggtcggc gatgaacgaa
   330181 gaaccataga aggtgatgtc gtagccatcc tgctcctcgc ggccgatgcg gttggaagcc
   330241 accagcggca tcaggttggc tccggcatgg ccttgctgca cgcgctgcca gtgatcgcgc
   330301 gagctgatgc tggcgtcgtg cggttcgcta ccgatggcgg tcgggtagaa caggagttcc
   330361 gcgccgagca aggccatgct gcgcgccgat tcggggaacc actggtccca gcagataccg
   330421 acgccgatcc gtgcgtagcg ggtctgccag accttgaagc cggtgtcgcc cggattgaag
   330481 tagtacttct cgtggtagcc cgggccgtcc gggatgtggc tcttgcggta gaccccgagg
   330541 ttgccgccat cggcgtcgat gaccgcgatg ctgttgaagc gggcgcgccc ggcgcgttcg
   330601 aagaagctga tcggcaatac cacctgcaac tcccgggcga gggcctggaa gtgggcgatg
   330661 gcggcgttct cctcgaccgt ggtggccagc tgcaggtagt ccgggttcgg cttctggcag
   330721 aagtaggggg tctcgaacag ttcctggatc aggatgatct gcgcacccct ggcggcggcc
   330781 tggcgcacca gtttctcggc gcgggcgatg ttcgccggac gatcccagga gcaggccatc
   330841 tgggtggcgg cgacggtgac gttgcgggtc atggagcacc tcgtgtgctg gctcggatgg
   330901 ctgccgggct tggcggcggc cggttgtggg tcgggcgggc gggaacgggg tgtcgcgccc
   330961 gatcgagtga taggcggatt tatatccgat aaaaatcggg ctgtgaagcg gtttaagaga
   331021 gtgttatgga ttttctatcg atttaaatcg gatataaatc cggataatgg ttcgctacgc
   331081 ttttccagga tcggcggcag gtagagcccc aggtaggcgt cgaacacccg catgccttct
   331141 tccgccaggc gtgcgtcgat gatcccgtga cgctggaccg acaatgcgta gacgcgatcg
   331201 cctagctcca tggccaggct gaagatctcg atatcggtcg gcagcggtgg cagcaggaaa
   331261 tgccgctcga acagggcgcg catggcctgg ccgagttgca cgtcatgctg gcgatcggcc
   331321 tgggtgactt cggccaggcc gtggctggcg agaatcagtt ggcgggccgc cgcgtcgcgg
   331381 gcgtagaccg ccagcatgcg ctcctcgacg atccgcgaca ggtcgcgcca gcagcgcagg
   331441 cctgcatggt ccaccggctg ttcgaggcac gcgcggaagg cggcgtggac ctcgccggtc
   331501 agcccctgga gcagggccgg cacgctgggg aagaagtggt agaccgacga tggtggcatt
   331561 tccgcgcgtt cggccacgct atagatggtc aggccgccga tgccttcgtc ggcgagcagg
   331621 ccgcgggcgg cgtcgaggat cgcggcgatc cgggcctggc tgctggcgcg gggcttgcgg
   331681 gtggacgagg tgggctgcat ggcgggtctc cgggcgtgag cggctattgg acgccagctc
   331741 acgcgaccgg ggcaagccgc tcagtggctg gcgccgcgga aggccttcca gatctcgtcg
   331801 accaccggcc ggagtttttc cggcggcgtt tccagggcga acaggcggcg gctggtgtcg
   331861 cggtccggat acaggcccgg ttgctggcgc agggcgggat cgaggaagcc ggcggcgtcg
   331921 gcgttgccgc tggggtagag ggtggcggcg gtgatctgtg cggcgatctt cggttgcatc
   331981 aggtagtcga tgaaacggtg cgcctcgcgt ggatgctggg cgccggccgg gatcaccagg
   332041 ttgtcgatga acagcaccga gccttcctgc ggtacctcga aacttaccgg ctggcccgcc
   332101 ttggccgcgc gcagggcgtc gccgacccag gccatggcca ggcagaggcg accgccttcg
   332161 aggtcggcga tgtagcgctc gctgtcgacg tagcgcaggt tcggtcgcag tccgtgcagc
   332221 gcctcggcgg cgcggcgtac ctggctcggc gcagtacgac cgaggttgcg gccctggtag
   332281 ttgaggagga tcgccagggt ttcgtccggc gcgtccagca ggctgatgcc gcagcttttc
   332341 aggcgctggc tctggctggc gtcgaacagc aggctccagc tgttgggcag cggcccgcca
   332401 taggcggctt cggcctgcgg ggtattgatg gccaggccta cggcacccca tagatagggg
   332461 acggcgtggc gattgtcagg atcgaccgcg gccagtttgc tcagcaattg acggtcgaga
   332521 tggctgcggt tgggcagctg ggtgaagtcc agcggccgca gcaggttgtc cttcagcagg
   332581 gccggcaggg tgtcgtggga ggggacggcg acgtcgatcg cctcgccact gcgcagcgcc
   332641 ttgtccagtt cctcggcggt ggcgaaggtg tggtactcga cgcggatgcc ggtgtccttc
   332701 tggaaggact cgagcacctg tgggtcgatg tagtcgttcc agttgtagac gcgcagggtc
   332761 tcctcggcct gggccagcca gggtgcgagg gcgaggaaca gcagggcgga aaggcggggc
   332821 atggaatctt ctcgctggac ggaacggagc ggacgatggt gccggagcca ggcggcagag
   332881 gcattgatgc aggccagcat cgagtctggc gggaggcgtg gcggcaggct gtgccgtggc
   332941 gcacatttcc cggttccgag aaaaggaccg gggcggtttc ccagacacag acgcccccgc
   333001 gttgagtgtc tgcgaaaccg ccccggattt cgctgcgtac ggcgccggcc caggaccggc
   333061 gcgccgatac cgctacctca gacggtatgc aggtaccagt tgtactcgag gtcggagatc
   333121 gagtgctcga actcctccag ctcgctttcc ttgcaggcga cgaagatgtc gatgtacttc
   333181 gggtcgatgt acttcgccat gatctcgctt tcgtccagct cgcgcagggc gtcgcgcagg
   333241 ttgttcggca ggctcggctc catctgctcg taggagttgc cttcgatcgg cgcgcccggc
   333301 tcgaccttgt tggtcagccc gtgatgaacg cctgccagca ccgctgccag tagcaggtag
   333361 gggttggcgt cggcaccggc cacccgatgt tccaggcgta ccgcgtccgg gctgccggtg
   333421 ggcacgcgca gggccacggt gcggttgtcc aggccccagc tcggcgcgtt cggcacgtag
   333481 aactgcgaac cgaagcggcg gtaggagttg acgttcgggc agaggaaggc catggaggcc
   333541 ggcagggtct cgagcacacc gccgatcgca tggcgcaatg cggcgttctg ctcgggatcc
   333601 tcgctggtga agatgttgtt gccatgcttg tcgagcagcg agatatgcac gtgcagtccg
   333661 ttcccggcct ggcccggata gggcttggcc atgaaggtgg tgtccatctc gtggtcgtag
   333721 gcgatgttct tgaccaggcg cttgagcagc accgcgtggt cgcaggcctt gagggcgtcg
   333781 ttgacgtggt tgaggttgac ctcgaactgc gccggtgcgg attcggcgac gatggcgtcg
   333841 gccgggatgc cctgggcgcg ggcgccgtcg atgatgtcct ggaggcactc gacgtattcg
   333901 tcgaggtcgt cgatggagta cacctgcacc gactgcggac gtttgccgga gatcggcgag
   333961 cgcggcggtt gcggccggcc gttcacgttc tcctggtcga tcaggtagaa ctccagctcg
   334021 aaggcggcga cgatggtcag ttccatctcg gtgaacctgg ccaccacctg gcgcaggact
   334081 tcgcgggggt cggcgaagaa cggctcgcct tccagttcgt gcatggtcat cagcagttgc
   334141 gcggtcgggc gcttctgcca gggttccatg gagagggtgc cggggatcgg gtagcagatc
   334201 cggtcggcgt cgccgatgtc gagacccagg ccggtactct ctacggtgga gccggtgata
   334261 tcgagggcga acagggaagc gggaaggttg ataccttttt cgaagacttt gttcagactg
   334321 ttgcgttcga tccgcttgcc gcgaaccacg ccattcatgt ctgcaataag gaggtcgacg
   334381 aactggacct cgggatgttc cttgaggaac tcgctcggtt cagtgagctg aacggcacgc
   334441 tggggtaccg acatgatgca acaccttttt tgttaaaaat ttcaatcatg cggggggtag
   334501 gctatgagtc aatccgaaag cctgtgggat gtcaatagcc gccaaaaacg ccctcttgtg
   334561 gggcgttgag gccgttttca gggcattttc gccggacgaa aagccgaaaa aaacctcgcg
   334621 tcgaagggtg ttcaggagtg cgtgttcaat tttttacagg cctattgtgt aaaaaaatga
   334681 acaacgctaa gctcggccaa accccataac atctacaaac aacgggtgtc tcatgtctcg
   334741 cctgccgtta atcggcgtca ccgcctgcac caagcagatc ggtcttcatc cctaccacat
   334801 tgccggcgac aaatatctgc gtgccgtcgt caacggcgct ggcggtctcc cgctgatcat
   334861 tcctgcgctg ggcgagtcga tcgaccaggc agccctgctg gacagcgtcg acggcttgct
   334921 cttcactggc tcgccgtcga acgtcgagcc ccgtcattat agtggaccgg cgagcgagcc
   334981 cggcaccctc cacgactccg accgcgacgc caccacgttg ccgctggtcc gcgccgccat
   335041 cgacgccggc attccggtcc tcggcatctg ccgcggtttc caggaaatga acgtggcttt
   335101 cggcggcagc ctgcaccaga aggtgcacga ggtcggaacc ttcatggacc accgcgagcc
   335161 ggccgaccag ccgctcgagg ttcagtacgc gccgcgccat gccatgcatg tgcagccggg
   335221 cggagtgctc gccggtatcg gcttgccgag cgagttccag gtcaattcca tccatggcca
   335281 gggcgttgat cgtctggcgc cgggccttcg agtagaagca ctggcgcctg acgggttggt
   335341 cgaagccatc tccgtagaag gtgcaaaagc cttcgctctt ggtgtgcaat ggcacccgga
   335401 gtggcaggtt ctgacgaacc ccaactatct cgctatcttc caggctttcg gtaaggcctg
   335461 cagcaagagg gcggggcaac gttgagtccg gctgttgggg ccggactctc aaccctgagg
   335521 tctttatgac taccaagtta gaccagctga ccagctggct gaaggaacgc aagatcaccg
   335581 aagtggaatg cctgatttcc gatctgacag gcatcgcccg cggcaagatc tcgccgacca
   335641 acaaattcat cgcggaaaag ggcatgcgcc tgccggagag cgttctgctg cagaccgtca
   335701 ccggcgacta cgtggaagac gacatttact acgacctgct cgacccggcc gacatcgata
   335761 tggtctgccg cccggacgag aatgccgtgt tcctcgtccc ctgggccatc gagcccaccg
   335821 cgatggtgat ccacgacacc ttcgacaagc tcggcaatcc catcgagctg tcgccgcgca
   335881 acatcctcaa gcgcgtgttg aagatgtatg ccgacaaggg ctggcggccg atcgtggcgc
   335941 cagagatgga gttctacctg accaagcgca gcgacgaccc cgactatccg ttgcaggccc
   336001 cggtgggccg ctccggacgc caggaaaccg ggcgtcagtc gttctccatc gacgccgcca
   336061 acgagttcga cccgctgttc gaggacatgt acgactggtg cgaggcccag ggccttgacc
   336121 tggatacgct gatccacgag gaaggcaccg cgcagatgga gatcaacttc cgtcatggcg
   336181 acgccctcga cctggccgac cagatcctgg tgttcaagcg caccatgcgc gaggccgcgc
   336241 tcaagcacaa cgtcgccgcg accttcatgg ccaagccgat gaccggcgag ccgggcagcg
   336301 cgatgcacct gcaccagagc atcgtcgacg tgaagaccgg caagaacatc ttctccaatg
   336361 ccgacggcac catgagcgag ctgttcctgc accatatcgg cggcctgcag aagttcatcc
   336421 cggaagtgct gccgctgttc gcgcccaacg tgaactcgtt ccgccgcttc ctgcccgata
   336481 cctcggcgcc ggtgaacgtc gagtggggcg aagagaaccg taccgtcggc ctgcgcgtgc
   336541 cggactccag cccggagaac cgccgggtcg agaaccgtct cgccggcgcc gacgccaacc
   336601 cttacctggc gctggctgcc agcctgctgt gcggctacat cggcatggtc gaaggcatca
   336661 agccgagcgc ccaggtcaaa ggtcgcggct atgaacgccg caacctgcgc ctgccgctga
   336721 cgatcgaagc ggcgctggag cgcatggaga actgcaagcc cctcgagcag tatctcggca
   336781 gcaagttcat cagcggctac gtcgcggtga agcgtgcgga gcacgagaat ttcaagcggg
   336841 taatcagctc ctgggagcgg gaattcctcc tgctttccgt ttgatcctga ccgggggcgg
   336901 ccggcgtggt ccgccgctcc cggacagtct tgaatagaag aggtgtgaca tgaacagcca
   336961 aatcaccaac gccaagaccc gtgagtggca ggcgttgagc cgcgaccacc atctgccgcc
   337021 gttcaccgac tacaagcagt tgaacgagaa gggcgcgcgg atcatcacca aggccgaagg
   337081 cgtctatatc tgggacagcg agggcaacaa gatcctcgat gcgatggccg gcctctggtg
   337141 cgtcaacgtc ggctacggcc gcgaggagct ggtccaggcc gccacccggc agatgcgcga
   337201 gttgccgttc tacaacctgt tcttccagac cgcccacccg ccggtggtcg agctggccaa
   337261 ggcgatcgcc gacgtcgctc cggaaggcat gaaccacgtg ttcttctccg gctccggctc
   337321 cgaggccaac gacaccgtgc tgcgtatggt ccgccactat tgggcgacca agggccagcc
   337381 gcagaagaaa gtggtgatcg gccgctggaa cggctaccac ggctccaccg tcgccggcgt
   337441 cagcctgggc ggcatgaagg cgttgcatga gcagggtgat ttccccatcc cgggcatcgt
   337501 ccacatcgcc cagccctact ggtacggcga gggcggcgac atgtcgccgg acgagttcgg
   337561 cgtctgggcc gccgagcagc tggagaagaa gattctcgaa gtgggcgagg aaaacgtcgc
   337621 cgccttcatc gccgagccga tccagggcgc cggcggcgtg atcgtcccgc cggacaccta
   337681 ctggccgaag atccgcgaga tcctcgccaa gtacgacatc ctgttcatcg ccgacgaagt
   337741 gatctgtggc ttcggccgta ccggcgagtg gttcggcagc cagtactacg gcaacgcccc
   337801 ggacctgatg ccgatcgcca agggcctcac ctccggctac atccccatgg gcggggtggt
   337861 ggtgcgcgac gagatcgtcg aagtgctcaa ccagggcggc gagttctacc acggcttcac
   337921 ctattccggt cacccggtgg cggccgccgt ggccctggag aacatccgca tcctgcgcga
   337981 agagaagatc atcgagaagg tgaaggcgga aacggcaccg tatttgcaga aacgctggca
   338041 ggagctggcc gaccacccgt tggtgggcga agcgcgcggg gtcggcatgg tcgccgccct
   338101 ggagctggtc aagaacaaga agacccgcga gcgtttcacc gacaagggcg tcgggatgct
   338161 gtgccgggaa cattgtttcc gcaacggttt gatcatgcgc gcggtgggcg acactatgat
   338221 tatctcgccg ccgctggtga tcgatccgtc gcagatcgat gagttgatca ccctggcgcg
   338281 caagtgcctc gatcagaccg ccgccgccgt cctggcttga gtccctgagc ggacttttgc
   338341 cagactgcgc cagtgcgttg gccaggctca ccgggtggtg acgcgatcgg ttgcgccacc
   338401 gcccggatac ttcaacaaaa atggagctac cccgcatgat gaaacgtttc ggtaagaccc
   338461 tgctcgccct gaccttggcg ggctctgtgg ccggtatggc gcaggctgcg gacaacaagg
   338521 tgctgcacgt gtacaactgg tccgactaca tcgcgccgga caccctggag aagttcacca
   338581 aggaaactgg gatcaaggtc gtctacgacg tctacgacag caacgaagtg ctggaagcca
   338641 agttgctggc gggcaagtcc gggtacgacg tggtggtgcc gtccaactcc ttcctcgcca
   338701 agcagatcaa ggccggggtc taccagaagc tcgacaaatc caagctgccg aactggaaga
   338761 acctgaacaa ggacctgatg cacaccctgg aagtcagcga cccgggcaac gagcatgcga
   338821 ttccctacat gtggggcacc atcggcatcg gctacaaccc ggacaaggtc aaggcggcct
   338881 tcggcgacaa cgcgccggtg gattcctggg acctggtatt caagccggag aacatccaga
   338941 agcttaagca gtgcggcgtc agcttcctcg actcgccgac cgagatcctc ccggcggccc
   339001 tgcattatct cggctacaag ccggacaccg acaatcccaa ggaactcaag gcggccgaag
   339061 agctgttcct gaagatccgt ccctacgtca cctacttcca ctcgtcgaag tacatttccg
   339121 acctggccaa cggcaacatc tgcgtcgcca tcggctactc cggcgacatc taccaggcca
   339181 agtcccgcgc cgaagaggcg aagaacaagg tcaccgtcaa gtacaacatt cccaaggaag
   339241 gcgccggcag cttcttcgac atggtcgcca ttccgaagga cgccgagaac accgagggcg
   339301 ccctggcctt cgtcaacttc ctgatgaagc cggaaatcat ggccgagatc accgacgtgg
   339361 ttcagttccc caacggcaac gcggcggcca ccccgctggt gtccgaggcg atccgcaacg
   339421 acccgggcat ctacccgagc gaagaggtca tgaagaagct gtataccttc cccgacctgc
   339481 cggccaagac ccagcgggcg atgacccgca gctggaccaa gatcaagtcc ggcaagtgat
   339541 ccgcgaggag cccggcggcg cctgacgccg ccggcgctcc ggcacgagag aaccggaacg
   339601 cggccgggtt tcctccggcc acgctcccct gcgaagaggt tcgactcttt tgcccgttcg
   339661 tccagacgct tcctcctggg ggcccgacga ccggacgcag tatcgacgac gaagacgctg
   339721 ccatgggcgc tgcgccaatc tgccgcgccg gggccggtcg tgtcgctcgc accggggccg
   339781 agggcccgga aaacctgaaa ccaacacgcc ggtagggaac ccagctcact catgtttccc
   339841 ggcggaatcg tcgggttgtc atgaaacccg agtgatctgg gcttacatcg gcacttgaag
   339901 aacacgggtc gaacaggcag ggtgctgccg tgaaaaggcc cggaacagga gtcggacatg
   339961 caacattcca ttggcaagac actgctggta gccgctctgg ctacggcgat cgcgggcccc
   340021 gtgcaggcgg agaagaagag cctgcacatc tataactgga ccgattacat cgctcccacc
   340081 accctcaagg acttcaccaa ggagagcggg atcgacgtca gctacgacgt cttcgactcc
   340141 aacgagaccc tcgagggcaa gctggtctcc ggccactccg gctatgacat cgtggtgccg
   340201 tcgaacaact tcctcggcaa gcagatccag gccggtgcct tccagaagct ggacaagagc
   340261 aagctgccga actggaagaa cctcgatccg gcgctgctca agcaactgga ggtcagcgac
   340321 ccgggcaacc agtacgcggt tccctacctg tggggcacca acggcatcgg ttacaacgtg
   340381 gccaaggtca aggaagtcct cggcgaccag ccgatcgact cctgggccat cctcttcgag
   340441 ccggagaaca tgaagaagct cgccaagtgc ggtgtggcct tcatggacag cggcgacgag
   340501 atgctgcccg ccgccctcaa ctatctgggg ctggacccca acacccacga cccgaaggac
   340561 tacaagaagg ccgaggaagt cctgaccaag gttcgcccct acgtcagcta cttccactcc
   340621 tccaagtaca tctccgacct ggccaacggc aacatctgcg tcgccttcgg ctattccggg
   340681 gacgtcttcc aggccgctgc ccgcgccgaa gaggccggca agggcatcga catccagtac
   340741 gtgattccca aggaaggcgc caacctgtgg ttcgacctga tggcgattcc cgccgatgcc
   340801 aaggccgccg ataacgccta cgcgttcatc gactacctgc tgcgtccgga ggtgatcgcc
   340861 aaggtcagcg actacgtcgg ctacgccaac gcgataccgg gggcccgccc gctgatggac
   340921 aagagcgtca gcgacagcga ggaggtgtat ccgccgcagg ccgtgctcga caagctctac
   340981 gtttccgccg tgttgccggc caaggtgctg cgcctgcaga cccgtacctg gacccggatc
   341041 aagaccggca aataagttca aattccgccc ggtagcgtga ccgggctcaa cgacttggga
   341101 gttgtggtaa tggcgatagc ctccggtgcc tacaagaaag ccctagaggg caaccagcag
   341161 ccgaaagagg tgctggtaaa gatcgaccgg gtaaccaagc agttcgacga gacgctggcg
   341221 gtggacaccg tgtccctgac catcaacaag ggcgagatct tcgccctgct cggcggctcc
   341281 ggttcgggta aatccaccct gttgcgcatg ctcgccggtt tcgagcggcc caccgagggg
   341341 cggatcttcc tcgatggcca ggacatcacc gacctgccgc cctacgagcg gccgatcaat
   341401 atgatgttcc agtcctatgc gctgttcccg cacatgagcg tggcgcagaa catcgccttc
   341461 ggcctcaagc aggacggcct gcccaaggcc gagatcgacg agcgcgtggc cgagatgctc
   341521 aagctggtgc acatgaccca gtacgccaag cgcaagccgc accagctctc cggcggccag
   341581 cgccagcggg tggccctggc ccgttcgctg gccaagcggc cgaagctgct gctgctcgac
   341641 gagccgatgg gcgcgctgga caagaagctg cgctcgcaga tgcaactgga actggtggag
   341701 atcatcgagc gcgtcggcgt gacctgcgtg atggtgaccc acgaccagga agaggccatg
   341761 accatggccc agcgcatcgc catcatgcac ctgggctgca tcgagcagat cggcagcccg
   341821 atggacatct acgagacccc ggcgagccgc ctggtctgcg agttcatcgg caacgtcaac
   341881 ctgttcgacg gcgtgctggt ggaggacgtg caggaccatg cggtgatcgc ctgcccgcag
   341941 ctggagaacc cgatctacat cggccacggc atcagcaccc gcgccgagga caagcgcatc
   342001 acctacgcgc tgcggccgga gaaagtgatg atcagcgcgc agaagccgga caacctggaa
   342061 cacgccgggc acaactgggc ccagggcacc gtctacgaca tcgcctacct tggcggccac
   342121 tcggtgtact acatcaagct ggcctccggg atgatcgtcc aggccttcat ggccaacgcc
   342181 gagcgccacg tcgcccggcc gacctgggac cagtcggtgt acatcagctg gtacgacgac
   342241 agcggcgtgg tactgcagtc atgaaattcg ccaacagcct gaaaaagcgc atgcccaccg
   342301 ggcggcatgc ggtcatcggg gtgccgttcc tgtggctctt cctgttcttc ctgctgccct
   342361 tcgccatcgt gctgaagatc agcctggcgg aagcggacgt ggccatcccg ccctacaccg
   342421 agatcttcgc ctacgcggac cagcagttgc aggtgctcct caacctcggc aactacctga
   342481 tgctgaccga tgacccgctc tacatcgatg cctacctcgg ctcgctgaag atggccttca
   342541 tcagtaccct gatctgcctg ctggtgggct acccgatggc ctacgccatc gcccgctcca
   342601 gccagtcctc gcagaccgtc ctgctgctgc tgatcatgat gccgacctgg acggcgatcc
   342661 tgatccgggt ctatgcctgg atgggcatcc tttccaacaa cggcctgctc aacagcgtac
   342721 tgatggggct ggggctcatc agcgagccgc tgaccatcct caataccaac atcgcggtgt
   342781 acatcggcat cgtctattcc tacctgccgt tcatgatcct gccgctctac gccaacctgg
   342841 tgaagcacga cccgagcctg ctggaggccg cttccgacct gggcgcgcgt aacttcacca
   342901 gcttctggaa gatcaccgtg ccgctgtcga agaacggcat catcgccggc tgcatgctgg
   342961 tgttcatccc ggcggtgggc gagttcgtca tcccggaact gctcggcggc cccgagaccc
   343021 tgatgatcgg caaggtgctc tggcaggagt tcttcaacaa ccgcgactgg ccggtggcgt
   343081 ccgccctggc ggtggtgatg ctggcgatcc tgatcatccc gatcatcctg ttcaacaaga
   343141 accaggccaa agaactggag ggcaaggtat gagccagcac agcgtatccc gctccgtatc
   343201 ccgttcaaca ggctctccat ccagaagcgt ggccaaagaa ctggagggca aggtatgaag
   343261 cgctggaatt tctccaacgt catgctgatc gtcggcctgc tcttcatcta cctgccgatg
   343321 ctgatcctgg tgatctattc gttcaacgcc tccaagctgg tgacggtgtg gggcggctgg
   343381 tcggtgaagt ggtacgtcgg cctgctggac aacacccaac tggtcagctc ggtcggacgc
   343441 tccctggaga tcgccttcta tacggcgttc tcctcggtgc tcctcggcac cctggcggcc
   343501 ttcgtcctca cccgcatccc gcgcttccgc ggtcgtacgc tgttcggcgg catggtcacc
   343561 gcgccgctgg tgatgccgga agtgatcacc ggcctgtcgc tgctgctgtt gttcgtggcc
   343621 atggcgcaac tgatcggctg gccgcaggaa cggggtatcg tgaccatctg gatcgcccac
   343681 accagcttct gctcgtccta cgtggcggtg gtggtgtcgg cgcgcctgcg tgaactcgac
   343741 ctgtcgatcg aggaagcggc gatggacctg ggcgccaagc cctggaaggt gttcctgctg
   343801 atcaccatcc cgatgatcgc gccctcgctg gcggcgggcg gcatgatgtc cttcgccctg
   343861 tcgctggacg acctggtact ggccagcttc gtctccggac ccggctcgac caccttgccg
   343921 atggaagtgt tctcggcggt acgcctgggc gtgaagccgg agatcaacgc ggtggccagc
   343981 ctgatcctgc tgagcgtttc gctgttcacc ttcttcgcct ggtacttcac ccgccaggcc
   344041 gaggagcggc gtcgccgggc gatccagcag gcgatggaag agaccgcgac cgactggcag
   344101 aaaggctcgc cgaccccggc ctgagtcctc cgccgaaaag aaaaggccac ctgcgggtgg
   344161 cctttttcat tggcgcgtcg gtggcgggaa atgcctggct acgctccgta gggcgacgcc
   344221 cgaggcgtta tccgccgata gcccgttgta tccggcggac aaccaccatg cggctactcg
   344281 cccgacccca cgccggccgg ctcagcgctt cggctccagc accagcacgc ccttgctgtt
   344341 cgccttcacc tcgttttcct cgtagtgctg cggcaggtag tggccctcga tgtaggcctc
   344401 ggcctggtcg tcgtagtggc cgtcgaaggg cacgccgctc tgcccgaccg ggttgatgcc
   344461 gaggctgtgg gtcgggtcgg cgaagtccac caggcgccgg gtcgatggac cgtaggtgac
   344521 cgcccagggg gccgggccga tcttcgccga cagattgttc ggtacctcgt gggtgccggg
   344581 ggcggcgaac ggaccgacgt tgagaaggcg cttgagcagc gcctgctggc ccagggcgtg
   344641 ctcgtgggtc agggtatgcg ccttgcccca cagccagccg gacgggtcgt tgccgagggt
   344701 gctgcgcaga tgcgcgaggg aggcgttcca ggcggccctg acgatatccg cgcgggtttc
   344761 ccggcgttct gtgcggcggt cgtcccacca gggcgagtcg gcgtcggcag ccagccgagg
   344821 cagcgcgctg tcgatggcgc gggtggcgat caggctgtcg aagaaggcat cgcccagttc
   344881 gtcgtgcaag gcgccctcgg caatctggaa cagcaactgg ttgaacagcg tggcggcggt
   344941 cgagtcgacc gggtagtcgc cgttccaggc cgccagttgc tcgaccaggc gcttgccttc
   345001 ggcgtcgtcg accacctcgc gcaggaccgg cagcaagggt gcgagcaggc gtggcgcgta
   345061 gccggtgcga ttgccgagtt gcagcgcgcg gctgttgtcc aggttccatt tggtgccgcg
   345121 gtcggccagt tgggtatcca gccactggcc gcggtccgcc aggttgtagt agccgggaat
   345181 cggccggcca ttggccggga ccggctggaa gttggcggag acgatatagc cgcgcgccgg
   345241 gttttcctcc tgtgggttgt cggcgaacgg atagaagccg gacttgtccg cctcgccctt
   345301 gctgccgtcg aggatgaagc tcgggttcac cccctccggc cgcttcggca gggccgccga
   345361 ggcccaccag ccgatatcgc cggcggcgtt ggcccagacc aggttgagtc ccggcgaatg
   345421 gatcttcgag gccgccgcgc gggccttggc cagggtatcg gcgcgattca gctggtagaa
   345481 ggcgtcgagc accgggttct cggtctcgag gaaagcccac cacatggcga tcggggtctt
   345541 gccggagctg gcgccgagcg cgtcgttgac gatcggaccg tggggcgagc ggcgcagggt
   345601 gagcttcacc ggcgcagcgc ccttgaccgc gatttcctgc tcctcgctct gcaggtcgac
   345661 ccattcgccc tggtaccaga cctggttggg gttgtccggg ttgaccttct cggcgaccag
   345721 gtcgaggtcg tcgttctgga acatcgtcag gctccagccg aacgcacggt tgtggcccag
   345781 cgaggcgaag gggttgagcg cctggtggtg gccatagagt tcgaagccgg gcgcgctcag
   345841 ctgggcctcg taccataccg ccggcgcggc gaagcggata tgcgggtcgc cggccagcag
   345901 gggcttgccg ctggcggtgc ggctgccggc gacgacccag gcgttgctgc cctcgaactg
   345961 cggcaggccg gcgtcctcca gggcctgctg gctgagacgg gcgagggcgc cgaggtcctt
   346021 ccagtcgccg gcgcccagtg cgccggaggg cgtcagcacg ccctgcggat gccagtcgag
   346081 atcgaagatg cgcaggtagt cgctgcccag ttcgtcgcgg atgtaggtca gcaccggctc
   346141 ggtgcggaag gcggcggcga agctgtaggc catgtagccg gcgatgctca gggtatcttc
   346201 gggggtgaag ggacgcctgg gtatgcccag cagatcgaat tcgagcggcg ccgggttgtt
   346261 ctcctggaac tggttgaccc cgtccaggta ggcctccagc actttccagg gctgcgactg
   346321 cttgtcctgg cgggcgctgt attcggcggc gtggtcgcgg atgcgcaggg tgcggaacag
   346381 acggtcggta tccaccagct tgggtccgag cacttcggcc agctcgccgc gcgccaggcg
   346441 ccgcagcatt tccatctgga acaggcggtc ctgggcgtgc acgtagccga gggcgcggta
   346501 gaggtcggtc tggttctgcg catacaggtg cggaaccccg cgctcgtcgt agcgcacgtc
   346561 gaccggcgcc tgcaggtggg ccagggcgag cgagccgttg cggagcggct gcttggcatg
   346621 gaggtaccag gcgccgccgg cagccgcggc ggcgaccgcc acggcgatca cggtcagggt
   346681 gcgtttcatc gatcctttct ccttgttgta gtgccgagca ttctgcggat gccgccggcc
   346741 cgcggcattg accgaatgct cggaccctgg aagtctttgg tcaatcgcga ggagccgcca
   346801 tgcaggacga cccgtctacc agccccctga cccattccgc cacgttgcgg cgtctgttgt
   346861 atgaagccct ggacgccctc gggctcgacc ccacccgcgt ctaccgcagc gtctaccggc
   346921 gtatcccgct gccgccgccg accctgggcg gccgcctggt gcatgacaac gccccgttgt
   346981 tctggaccga gctggcggcg gtgaccggcg atgccgacat cggcctgcac ctgggcgagg
   347041 caatgaagcc gcgcctgctc gatgtggtcg gctacctgct gctgtccgcg cgcgacctgg
   347101 aggaggcgct gcgcagcttc gtgcgtttcc agcacattct ctccggcggt ttcgccgcgc
   347161 gcctcgaggt cgaaggggaa acggcaaggc tgatcctcga catcaactac ctgggctatg
   347221 cctcgctgcg ccagcagatc gaatgcctga tgctgctgtt cctcaagctg ctggcgctga
   347281 tcagcgacga cgagttcgtc gccgagtgca tcgaattccg ccaccgagcc ccgccgcggc
   347341 tgggcgaaca ccgccggttg ttcggcaggc tgccgctgtt ctcgcggccg cacgatgccc
   347401 tggtgttttc cgccgccttg ctgcggcgtc cttcgcgcaa cgccaatccg gacatgcatg
   347461 acgtgctgac ccgccacgcg gaagaacagt cccgcgaact cagcgagaac cgcttgctca
   347521 atcgcgtgcg ctacctgatc gagctgcgcc tcggggaggg ctatggcttg cgccagtgcg
   347581 cggcggagct gggccttggc agcggtgcct tgcagcgtgc gctggccgct gggggagcga
   347641 gtttccggca ggttcgcgat gaggttcgcc ggcagcgggc gagcgagatg ctgttggccg
   347701 gtcgcgccat ccgcgaggtg gccaaggctt gcgggttcgc cgagctgtcg ccgttctacc
   347761 gggcctttcg ccgctggcac gccgcgcccc cggagcaata cagggcgcgg ctggcgaagc
   347821 gggaagaggg ttactcgacc agcggtacct gacggccgat ctccagggtg gcgatggcgt
   347881 cgagctggat ctcgatctgc aggaagcgca tggcgcgctt gggcgagacg ttcttggcga
   347941 tgcgcttgac gtacttgtcg cgcagttcca gacggtcctc ctggaggtcg tcgacacgct
   348001 cgatcagctt gctcgcctgg tcgtcgctga cgttgccgct gttgtaggcc tgggcgtagt
   348061 cgagcaggag cttgagggtt tccttgctga gcttgtccga ctcggtgcgg taggtgttgt
   348121 agatcggcca gaacttctcg ccttcctggt cggtgaggtt catgttggcc tcgacgatgc
   348181 gcttgcgctt gtagtcgacg tcggccaggt cgttctggat ctgcgcctgg tgctccttca
   348241 tcagttcctt gctgctgggc tgagggtcgt tctgggcggc catcagcggc aggctgacga
   348301 gggcgagcag ggcgagggtg ggacgtaggg acatgcagcg actccttggt tcggcaacgg
   348361 cccctcgtgg gccgacccgg gcagtgtagc cgctacgcct tccggcgccc cctccggaag
   348421 gcccggtgtt gagccaggtc agcctttttc cggggtccag gggcagtagc aacccacggc
   348481 gagggtatgg gtggcatcca ccggacgtcc ctgcagcagc gcttcgagga tcggttcgat
   348541 gaagctgttg ctggaggtgc ataccgcgcc ctcgctatag gggccgaagt aggccaggcg
   348601 gccgtcgcgg tcccagatcg ccacggccgg gctggccggc aactgctcgg aaccgggcag
   348661 accggcgagg gggcgcaggg cggccaggtt gtccggcagg cggccctggc tgccaggctt
   348721 ctgcaggaca tggaactcca cgcccttgcc ggcgaagcgt tcgatcagct cgccgaggtg
   348781 ctgctggttg ccgacgttgc aggggcaggc cgggtcccag aaatgcacca ggcggatcgc
   348841 ccccggcccg gccagctcgg ccggcaggcg caggctgtcg ccggagaaca gggtggtctg
   348901 ctcgctgaac gggcggatgt agcggatctc gaaccaccag taggcggcga gcaggccgcc
   348961 ggcccagagc aggccgacca ggctgacgag gagcgtcttg cggcggggag tcatggcatt
   349021 cacacggaaa acgggtgcca agcttgccat gtgttcgcgc gcagctgaat atccctgggt
   349081 ttcgcccgtg gcccggccac gaatcgattg cagcccggaa ccgccgatgt cagaagcctt
   349141 caaccccgat tacctgcgcc agcacctgcg acccttggcc gcggccgagg cggacgccgc
   349201 cgtcctcgcc taccaggcct actacggcct ggacctgcgc tcccgccatc cgcgcctgca
   349261 agcgcggctc ggcagcatgg cggtcgacgg gcgccgcctg gcggtgcagg cctggctgct
   349321 gccggaagcg cgcggcagcc tgttgctgat gcatggctat tacgaccaca tgggactgta
   349381 tcggcacgtg gtcgactggg cgctgggcat gggcttctcg gtgctcgcct gcgacctgcc
   349441 ggggcatggc ctgtccgaag gcgagcgggc cagcatccgc gacttcgccg aataccaggc
   349501 ggtgttcaag ggcctgctgg gccaggctgc cgaactcgac ctggcggcgc cctggcacct
   349561 ctgcggacaa agcaccgggg gggcgatcct gctggactac ctgctgcacg gcggcgaacg
   349621 tcccgagctg ggcgagacga ttctcctggc gccgctggtg cgcccgcgcg cctggggctg
   349681 gtcgaagctc agctaccgcc tgctgagccc cttcgtcgac tcgatcccgc ggcgcttctc
   349741 ggagaactcc agcgatccgc agttcctcga cttcctccgc gagcacgatc cgttgcagcc
   349801 acgcaccctg ccgaccgcct gggtcggcgc gctgacccgc tgggtgccgc gcatcgagcg
   349861 ggcacctcgg cgtgccctga gccccctggt ggtgcagggc gagtccgacg agacggtgga
   349921 ctggcgccat ggcctgaagg tgctgcggga gaaattcgac gagccgcgga tactgttgct
   349981 ggaagaggcg cgccatcacc tggcgaacga aagcgagggg ctgcggcggc gctatttcga
   350041 tttcctgagc gacgcgctgg gggcctgagt tccaggcccc gcggcgatca gggggcgacc
   350101 gcctggtcca ccgccaggcc ggctttcagc gcggccaggg ccgcctggta gtagctgcgg
   350161 ccggccggcg actcggcgaa gttcacgtac tgggtgagtt ccgcatcgga gagatcgcgg
   350221 tagacataca gcagggtgtt ctccaggtcc gcgccgatct gctgcaccag gcgctggcgc
   350281 tggccttcca gcaactggcc ggtctgtccg ccgccaagca ggccggggag gcccggaagc
   350341 atctggctga ggctgtcggc ggcgaccccg gccagggcca ggctgacttc cgcgccggcc
   350401 tctcgggccg gaaggacctg ggccaggcgc ttcaccaggg cccggcgtgg ctcgctggcg
   350461 gtctgccgcg gcaggccgtt gctgtgctgg agcaactggt cgcggcgggt ggcgagcacc
   350521 tcggcggcga ccaccttgcg ccccagcggc gactcgaaga aattcagcgg gctggcgctg
   350581 tccggcaggt tctcgcgcag gccgttgagg gcgcgctggt cgacttcggc cggggcgaag
   350641 cggcgattgc tgttgtccac cagggtctgg tagagcgcgg gcggcagctt gtcctggtag
   350701 cgcttctgcg ccgcgtccag ggcatcgctg aaatgcgcgc gctggtcggg ccagccagcg
   350761 gcctggtaca ggcgttgata agggtcggcc agggcgggca gaccaaccag cagtaaagcg
   350821 aaggcgagca aagcgcgcat tgatactcct ttggcggcga aagcctcgtc gttcgggtgg
   350881 taccgtccat ggggcgctat tgtcgacatg cggcggaccg cttgtcgaga caccggggcg
   350941 gcacgctaca atggacaatg cacatcaacg tcaatcatcc cctcctgcat cgcatcgtcg
   351001 atgaactggt cgaccagggc tggtcgcacc agagcatctt catgcctgag cgtctgacca
   351061 ccagattggc cgaagagtgc cgcacccgtg cggtcgcggg cgacctgacc ccggcgggga
   351121 tcggccgcgg cgacggccag gtgatccgcg aaggcatccg cggcgacctc acgcaatggc
   351181 tggagcccgg agaatccgag gcctgcgacg aatacctgag ggtgatggac agcttgcgcc
   351241 aggcgctcaa cgcctcgctg ttcctcggcc tcgaggattt cgagtgccac ttcgcgctgt
   351301 acccgccggg cgcctattac cagaagcatg tcgatcgttt ccgcgacgac gacgcacgca
   351361 ccgtctccgc ggttctctac ctcaacgatg cctggttgcc cgagcatggc ggcgcgctgc
   351421 gcctgcacct gccgcagcgg caggtggaca tccagccgac gggcggtagc ctggtggtgt
   351481 tcatgtccgc cggcaccgag cacgaagtcc tgcccgccag ccgcgaccgg ctgtcgctga
   351541 ccggctggtt ccgccggcgc aacgaatccc tcctgcaact ctcctgaacc ctcggcggcg
   351601 tcgccgcctc agtgacccca gaccttgatc gtgccgcgca ggtcggtgat gtcgcgcagt
   351661 tcgatgcggc cgatcgagtt gtcgccgatg tacaggtcgc tggccacccg caggcggatg
   351721 cgctgcgccg gcaggccgct ggcgatcaac tggtcgttga tggtggcgag gtccggcagg
   351781 ctgatcgcca gttgctgccc gccgccgctg ccggtggtca cgtccagtgc cagggtcggc
   351841 tgctcgacgc cgaagatcgg caagctcagg ccgagctggg cggcgcccag ggggatgttg
   351901 ccgccgcgcc cgtccgggca gtcgccggcc ttcacgcagc cgttgtcgat caccaggttg
   351961 cgcagcgaga ggctgccgcc gtcgtccacc caggcgaccc tggccgcgcc ggcgcgcagg
   352021 tccaggcgca ggctgatgcc ggcctggccg gtgacctggc tgagactgtc gttgtccagg
   352081 gcctccatgg ccgcctggct ggcagcgctg gcgagcaacg cgggggccag gaaaaacggt
   352141 agaagcgagc gggtcgggag catgacgggc gggtccttcg cggttgcgcg ggaagccagt
   352201 ctgctcgggg cggcggaggt tcgccatggg ccgcccgcag ttctatccta aggatcggca
   352261 agaaatagcc ctggtccccg ccatacgggc gctggagcgc taccgcgagg cctaactccg
   352321 gttgggtcga gggcgggttt ccccggtgct tcccggctac cgttaccggg cgtgaccatc
   352381 ggcgagcggc gggctactct gtgtgcctgt caaaggggtg gagcatccat gcagaaggtt
   352441 ctggtcagcc gttgcctgct gggccacctg gtgcgctacg acggtggcag ccatggcccg
   352501 ttcgacctgc tctcgcgctg gcatgcgcag gggcggatcg tcgccctttg cccggaggtc
   352561 gccggaggcc tgccgacgcc ccgcccgcca gcggagatcc ccggcggcca gggcggcgaa
   352621 gtgctggacc ggctgaaccg ggtcttcacc gtcgacggcg aggatgtcag cgaagcattc
   352681 ctgctgggtg cggaggcggc agtggagctg gtccgccgcc atgacatccg gatggccgtg
   352741 ctcaaggcgc gcagtccttc ctgcggcaac ctggagaact acgacgggcg cttcaacggc
   352801 aaccgggtcg ccggcgaggg cgttaccgcc gccgccctca agcgcatggg cgtgctggta
   352861 ttcaacgagg atgaactgga ccgcgccgcg gtctgcctgg ccggcctcga cgccggcggc
   352921 tgaactcagc gccgcagcgg cgcggtcagg cggttctcca gggctttctg cacacgctcg
   352981 aagagtgccg aaagcagcca gtagatcccg gcggcggcga gatagagcgg cagcggctgg
   353041 aaggtctcgg cgatgacctc cttggtcgcc agcatcagtt cggtcacggt gatcacggag
   353101 atcagcgagg tgtccttgat caggctgatc aggctgttcg acaggctcgg caccgccagg
   353161 cgcagggcct gcggggtgat gatgttccac agggtctggc cccaggtcag gccgaccgag
   353221 agcccggctt cccattgtcc cttgtcgatg ccgaggatcg ccccgcgcat ggactccgag
   353281 agataggccg cgacattcag ggtcagcgcc aggatgcccg cggtgaccgg ggtgaactcg
   353341 atgcctacgc tcggcagccc gtagtacagg acgaagatct gcaccagcag tggcgtcccg
   353401 cggaaggcgc tgacgtagac cgcggcgatc tgcgagacca ccggcacctt ggtcacccgg
   353461 accaccgcga cgctgaagcc gaggatcagg cccaggacca tcgataccgc ggcgaacagc
   353521 acggtataca tcgcgccctg gagcaggaag ggccaggcca tcccgagcag ctcgaccagg
   353581 ttggcgagcc attcgagcaa tttctgcagc gaattcattc aacactccat cgacaaacac
   353641 gacggccgcg tctctcgggc gcggccgctt cccccgttcg ggcgggaact cacttcggcg
   353701 gctggctgac gtccaggccg aaccactttt ccgagagctt ggcgaagcgg ccgtcggcct
   353761 tgatcttctc cagcgccgcg ttcagcgcct cgccgaactt cggattgttc ttccggtagg
   353821 gaatcgccat gttcgccacc ggtcccaccg ccgcgccggg cttgaccggc agcttggcct
   353881 cgcggatggc gaaggggatc agcaggcggt cgttgagcgc cgcgtcgatg cgtttgctgg
   353941 ccaggtcctg caggtattcc ggggcgcccg gataggtgcg cacgttgacg ccggccaccg
   354001 acttcgccag gtcggcgtag ttggtgccct ggccgacgcc gagcttgagg cccttgaggt
   354061 cttccagcga cttgaactgg cgggtttcgt cggcgcgcac gatcaactgg gcgctggaga
   354121 tggtgtatgg ctcgctgaag tcgaagacct tgcgccgctg ctcgttcacc gagacctggt
   354181 tcagcgcgat gtcgtacttg ccgctctgca ggccggcgag gatgccgctc cattcggtgg
   354241 tgacgaattc aggcttgacc gccagttcgg cggccagcag ttcgcccagt tcggtctcga
   354301 agccggtgag cttgccaccc tgcttgaagt tgaacggcgg ataggtgccc tccagggcga
   354361 tgcgcagggc accgcgctgg tggacgtcgt cgagcagctc ggcatgggcc agcggagcgg
   354421 ccagggatac cagcatcagc aggcggggca gaaatcgcat gtagtactcc tcgggtggga
   354481 atgaacgtcg gtcgggccta tgctgttcgt tcagcttagc cgggcccgcg tcctggacaa
   354541 tcgcgaacct actgggttgc atgcggtctt tccaggggtt gcgggcattg acccggatta
   354601 tgtgcgcgag cgccgctcta acacgggctt cgcagtggaa atcgctgtgc cagcgatgcc
   354661 tttccctgat tcggaaggca cgaagagtgc cggggaaatt ccgtccagtg gtgtttcccg
   354721 ggtgctaacg gaagtgaaaa caggagactc ccatgagagt gacattgcct tgcctcggtc
   354781 tagccgccct gatgttcggc gcatccgcca gcctgatggc tgccgacctg ccccggacga
   354841 aggcgcccga aggggcgaaa gtgtatttca tcacgccggc cgatggtgca accgtcgaca
   354901 agaccttcac cgtgaaattc ggcctgaaag gcatgggcgt ggcgccggcc ggcgtcgaca
   354961 tgccggatac cggccaccat cacctgttgg tggacctgaa ggagcagccg gcgatgaacc
   355021 tgccgctgcc gatgaccgac aacatccgcc acttcggcaa gggccagacc gaaaccgaga
   355081 tcaccctgcc gccgggcaag cacaccctgc aactgctggt gggcgacaag aaccacgtgc
   355141 cgctggagcc gaccgtggag tcggagaaga tcaccgttac cgtcaagtga cggaaacgaa
   355201 aaaaggaggc cgctgggcct cctttttcct ttccgccgga cgctgcctta gaacagcacg
   355261 cggctacgga tggtaccgtt gacctgctgg agtttctcca gggccaggtc cgagtactcg
   355321 gcatcgacgt cgatcactac gtagccgacc ttctcgttgg tttgcaggta ctggccggaa
   355381 acgttgatgc cgttgtcggc gaagaccttg ttgatctcgc tcatcacgcc ggggatgttg
   355441 gcgtggatgt gcagcaggcg gtgcttgccc gggtgcgacg gcagggcgac ttcggggaag
   355501 ttgaccgagg acaccgaggt gccgttgtcg ctgtacttga ccagcttctc cgccacttcc
   355561 aggccgatgt tggcctgtgc ctcggcggtg gagccgccga tgtgcggggt caggatcacc
   355621 cggtccaggc cacgcagcgg gctggcgaat tcctcgtcgt tggatttcgg ctcgaccggg
   355681 aacacgtcga tggcggcgcc gatcaggtgc tcgtccttga tcgcggcggc caggtggtcc
   355741 agctcgacca ctgtgccgcg cgcggcgttg atcaggatgc cgcccttctt catcgcgcgg
   355801 atttccttct cgccgatcat ccactgggtg gagggcagtt cgggaacgtg cagcgagacg
   355861 atgtcggaca tgcccagcag ctcgtgcagg ctgccgatct gcaccgcgtt gcccagcggc
   355921 agcttggtca cggtgtcgta gaagaacacc tgcatgccca gggcctcggc gagtaccgag
   355981 agctgggtgc cgatcgagcc gtagccgacg atgccgagct tcttgccacg gatctcgaag
   356041 gaattcgccg cgctcttgat ccagccgccg cgatggcagg aggcgttctt ttccgggatg
   356101 ccgcgcagca gcaggatcgc ctcggccagt accagctcag ccacagagcg ggtgttcgag
   356161 tagggcgcgt tgaacacggc gataccgcgt tcgcgggcgg cgttgaggtc gacctggttg
   356221 gtgccgatgc agaagcagcc gaccgcgatc agtttcttcg cgcagtcgaa gacctcttcg
   356281 gtcagctggg tgcgggagcg aatgccgatg aagtgcgcat cggcgatcct ttccttcagc
   356341 tcgtcgccgg aaagcgcggt cttgaggtac tcgatgttgg tgtagccggc ggccttcagc
   356401 gtgtccacgg cgttctggtg gacaccttcg agaagaagga acttgatctt gctcttgtcg
   356461 agagaggtct tgctcatctg cgtaaacctg ttgtcccgga ggaagtggct ggaaagcgaa
   356521 ctgcgcgaag cgggtccggc cggcgctggc cggcacccgc aactcggcgc ccagaggcac
   356581 taagcgcggg gggcgtatgc tagcatgttc tcccttttcc ttgcccggtt gcgacctgag
   356641 ttgttctcag gacgaccatg aatcatttga gagttcccga atgacccgcg aagccctgat
   356701 cgaatcgctc aagcccctgg tcgagcctgg caagctgctc gacgacgccg cctccctgga
   356761 cgcctacggc aaggactgga ccaagcattt cgcccctgcg ccgctggcca tcgtgttccc
   356821 caagagcgtc gagcaggtcc aggcgatcgt ccgctgggcc aaccagcaca aggtcggtct
   356881 ggtcccgtcg ggcggtcgta ccgggctctc cgccgcggcc gtggcggcca acggcgaagt
   356941 cgtggtggcc ttcgactaca tgaaccggat actcgacttc aatgccttcg accgcaccgt
   357001 agtctgccag ccgggcgtgg ttaccaagca actgcagacc ttcgccgagg aaaacggcct
   357061 gtactacccg gttgacttcg cttcttccgg ttccagccag atcggcggca atatcggcac
   357121 caatgccggc gggatcaagg tcattcgcta cggcatgacc cgtaactggg tggccgggat
   357181 gaaggtcgtc accggcaagg gcgacctgct cgagctgaac aaggacctga tcaagaacgc
   357241 caccggctac gacatgcgcc agctgttcat cggcgccgaa ggcaccctgg gcttcgtggt
   357301 cgaggcgacc atgcgcctgg agcgcacgcc gaagaacctc accgctatgg tcctcggcac
   357361 gcccgacttc gactcgatca tgccggtgct gcatgccttc cagagcaagc tcgacctgac
   357421 cgccttcgag ttcttctccg acaaggccct ggccaaggtc ctggcccgtg gcgacgtacc
   357481 gcgggcgttc gaaaccgact gcccgttcta cgccctgctg gagttcgagg cgaccaccga
   357541 ggaagtcgcc aacgaggcgc tggccacctt cgagcactgc gtcgagcagg gctgggtgct
   357601 ggacggggtg atgagccaga gcgagcagca gttgcagaac ctgtggaagc tgcgcgagta
   357661 catctccgag accatctccc actggacgcc gtacaagaac gacatctcgg tcacggtttc
   357721 ccgggtgccc gccttcctca aggacatcga cgccatcgtc gaggccaact acccggactt
   357781 cgaggtggtg tggttcggcc acatcggcga cggcaacctg cacctgaaca tcctcaagcc
   357841 ggaaaacctc ggcaaggacg agttcttcgc caagtgcgcg accgtcaaca agtgggtgtt
   357901 cgagaccgtc gagaagtaca acggctcgat ttccgccgag catggcgtgg gcatgaccaa
   357961 gcgcgactac ttgacctaca cccgctcgga aaccgaaatt gcctatatga aggcactgaa
   358021 ggcggtgttc gaccccaacg ggatcatgaa tcccggcaag atcttcgccg agtagcaggt
   358081 gtcgcaacgc agagggccgg tcatccggcc cttctcgtct gtggcgggcg ccacggatgc
   358141 ctttccaccc gttcaggagt cggtaaatga gttaccagca tcaatatatc gacggcaccc
   358201 cgatccactt ccccctgggc aagctggtct gcgtcgggcg caactacgcc gaacacgcca
   358261 aggaactgaa caacccggtt cccaccgagc cgctgctgtt catcaagccc ggctcctgcg
   358321 tggtgccggt gagcggcggg ctgagcctgc cgcaggagcg cggctcggta cactacgagg
   358381 cggaaatcgc cgtgctgatc ggcaagccgc tgtcgcgcaa gccgaaccgc gaggaggtcc
   358441 tcgacgcgat ctccggctat gcgccggcgc tggacctgac cttgcgcgag gtccaggcga
   358501 aactgaagga aaagggcctg ccctgggagc tggcaaagag cttcgatggc gccggcgtgc
   358561 tgtcgccgtt cgtgaacgcc gaccagtttc ccgacccgac cgacatcggc atccgcctga
   358621 ccatcaacgg cgaggtgcgc caggacggca acagccgcga catgctcaat ccgatcgtgc
   358681 cgctgatcca gcacatcgcc gggcatttct cgctacaggc cggcgatgtg gtgctgaccg
   358741 gcacgccgtc cggggtcggg ccgctgaaca gcggcgacga gttgctgctc gaattgccgg
   358801 gcgccagccg tttcgagacc cgcgtgctct gaaccgctgc ggccgccggg tgcggccggc
   358861 ctccctagcg ccggcagcgg aaacgactgt cggtcggctg gccgacgctt cgattgacag
   358921 gccgggggca atgccctttc atggcgacgc ccaagaaaac acctggccaa acagtcgagc
   358981 ctcgcccatg tcccttgcct ccaagcttcc ccgtttccgc tggctgctgc cggcgttcgt
   359041 cgtgctcgtc ggcgtggtgc tgaccatcgt catgcattgg gacgatcgcg ccggcctttg
   359101 gtggaaggaa agccaggcca gccagcagca gcgcgacgaa agcatctggc tgccgggcta
   359161 tcgggtggtg atcgacgcca agccgttgcg gggcctggag gaggaagaaa cctcggacct
   359221 ggcctacaac ccggcaacca ggaccctgtt caccgttacc ggcaagcggc cgctgctggt
   359281 ggagctgtcg ctcaccggcg acgtgctgcg caccatcccg ctgctcggcc tgagcaatcc
   359341 cgaaggcgtg gcggtgctgg agaacggcaa cgtcgcggtg accgacgagc gccgcaatac
   359401 cctgaccatc ttccatgtcg acccgcagac cgccgagctg agcaccaaga gcctggccga
   359461 attcccgctg ggcaatattg gcaagaagaa caagggcttc gagggcatcg cctgggatcc
   359521 gcgccagcag cgtctgttgc tgagcaagga gcgcgatccg atgaccctgt tcagctggaa
   359581 gagcgacggc gggccgagcc tgagcggggc gatgaccgcg ctaccgagcg acgacctgta
   359641 catgcgcaac gtctcggccc tcagcgtcga cccgcgtacc ggccataccc tggtgctgtc
   359701 ggccgaatcg catctgctgc tggagctgga cgagaagggc gagccggtca gcttcatcag
   359761 cctgctcggc ggcttcaacg gcctggacag caagatcccg cgcgccgaag gggtggccat
   359821 cgacgacgag ggcaccatct acatggtcag cgagccgaac ctgttctacg tgttccgcaa
   359881 gaagagcggc gagcgcctgg ccaccagcga cgccgattaa gcctggtttc agcaaggctt
   359941 cgtagcctgg acccatcgaa accaactacg aggcgttacc catgaaactt cgtcacctgc
   360001 ccctcatcgc tgccatcggc ctgttctcca ccgtcaccct ggccgccggc tataccggcc
   360061 cgggcgctac cccgaccacc accacggtga aggccgcgct ggaagccgcc gacgacaccc
   360121 cggtggtcct ccagggcacc atcgtcaagc gcatcaaggg cgacatctac gagttccgcg
   360181 atgccaccgg cagcatgaag gtggagatcg acgacgaaga cttcccgccg atggaaatca
   360241 acgacaagac ccgggtcaag ctgaccggcg aagtcgaccg cgacctggtc ggccgcgaga
   360301 tcgacgtcga gttcgtcgaa gtgatcaagt aaggccctga atcgaaacgg cccgcctccc
   360361 ggaagagagg cgggccgttt cgcgttccga ccgggtgaag ttgcgggcgg gcttaccggt
   360421 gaaccccttc gaaaccctgt agcacgttca ctgcgttgat cccgatttcc tccaccgcgt
   360481 agcctccctc catcacgaac agcgtggcca ggccgagctt gccgatggct tcgcccatgc
   360541 gcaggtagtc ggggctgtcc aggcggaact gggaaatcgg gtcctccttg aaggtatcca
   360601 cccccaggga aacgatcagg gcgtccgccg cataggcctg gatctgccgg atcgccgcct
   360661 gcagcgcctg gctccaggtc gcccagtcgc tgccggccgc cagtgggtag ttgaagttgt
   360721 agccggtgcc gacgccgttg cccttctcgt cggcgtagcc gaggaaatag gggtattcga
   360781 agcgcggatc gccgtggatc gaggtgaaca gcacatcggc gcggtcgtag aagatgtcct
   360841 gggtgccgtt gccatggtgg tagtcgacgt cgaggatcgc cacccgcccg gcgccccggt
   360901 cgaggaaggc ctgggcggcg atggcggcat tgttgaagaa gcaatagccg cccatgtagt
   360961 cggccgcggc gtggtggccc ggcgggcgac agagcgaaaa taccgagcgc gcgccgttgg
   361021 cgagttcgga ctggccgctg agggcgacgt tggccgaact ggtgatcgcc tgccaggtcc
   361081 cggcggtgat cggcgcgccg gcgtcgaagg agtagtagcc gaggcgaccg tcgatgttgt
   361141 ccggctccgt ctgccgcagg cgccgggtcg gccaggcgat cggcagcatg tcgtggctgc
   361201 ggccggtggc cagccagtcc tgccaggcgt tctgcaggaa acgcacgaaa ccctcgctgt
   361261 gcacccggcg gatcggttcc aggccgaagt cgcgcggtgc gcggacttcg ccgaggccga
   361321 cggccttcac gcggtcgagg accatgtcgg cgcggctggg tttttcgaag cagggggtga
   361381 actggccgcc gatcagttcg tgccggccgt ggtgcaggcg atggtcgtcg ctgtagatgg
   361441 tcagcatgtc gggctcccgg gctcagttct gttcggagaa ggtcacggtc ggcgccttgc
   361501 ggcggaaacc gccggtatgc aacgccaggt aggcgaggcc ggcggcgaac caggtcaggc
   361561 cgatcaccag ggtcagcgcc gagaggctgg tccacagcca cagggtcagg cccaggccga
   361621 tggccggcac cagcccgtag cgcagcaggt cgcgcggggc gcggcggccg tcgagcagca
   361681 ggtagctgcg gatcaccgcc aggttcaccg cggagaacgc caccagcgcg ccgaagctga
   361741 tcatcgaggc cagggtggtg aggtcgatga ccaccgccag cagggaaatc accgagacca
   361801 ccaggatcgc gatcactggc gtcttgaagc gctccgagag gctgccgaac acgcgccgcg
   361861 gcaggatgcc gtcgcggccc atgctgtaga ggatgcgcga caccgaggcc tgcgaggcca
   361921 gcgccgagcc ggcggcgccg gcgacgtagg cggcggtgaa gaagctggcg aggaacttgc
   361981 cgccggccgc cagcatcact tcgttggccg ccgactcggc gtcctggaat acgctgccgg
   362041 ggaacaccag ttggctgaag accgccagca cggtgaacag caggccggcg ccgaccgtgg
   362101 tgatgacgat ggcgcgcggg atgtcgcgtt gcgggtcgcg ggtttcctcg gccagggtcg
   362161 agaccgcgtc gaagccgagg aacgacaggc acagcaccgc cgcgccggcc atcaacgggg
   362221 cgaagcccgg ctggctgccg tcgccgacga agggcaggct caggtccagc gaggggatgc
   362281 cggccaggtg cttgaccgcc atggcgacga acaccacggc gaagacgaac tgggcgccga
   362341 cgatcacgtt gctcatgccg gccaccgagc tgatgccgat cacgttgagc acggtgacca
   362401 ggccgatcgc cgcgagcaag aagacccagg ccggcaccat cgggaaggcg atgttgagga
   362461 acaggccgat gagcaggtag ttgatcatcg gcaggaacag gtagtcgagc agcagcgacc
   362521 agccggcgag gaagccgacg caggggccga agctgaggct ggtataggaa taggccgagc
   362581 cggcgatggg atatttcttc accatgaagc tgtaggaaaa ggcggtgaag agcatcgccg
   362641 ccagggtgat caggtaggcg ctggcggtac gaccgccggt gatctcggtg actaccccgt
   362701 aggtggtgaa catggtcagc ggaaccatgt agaccagccc gaagaagacc agggcgggaa
   362761 gcccgaggat gcgccgcagg ccggtgccct gggcgctgtg gacgtactcg gggcgcttgc
   362821 cgccgatgag gatgccgttg ttgcgttcgc tggccatgtt ccgctcctcg cgaaatgccg
   362881 tatcgatccc gcaggcggcc gcttgggcgg acctttcctg cgccgggtga atggacgggc
   362941 tagtggaaaa ccgctggggt ttccgccggg tcggtggaaa tggcagtgac gagagggcgc
   363001 gcggcgtgtg cgggcacggg cgttggggcg tcgatagtgt tcatggcgtt ctcaggaagc
   363061 gttcttgttg gatttctagc tcgcggtcgc gaggttccct tgggctctgc cggcgccgtt
   363121 tccgcggctc cgggcgaccc ctcgaggagg gcgcggttcg actctagcaa tccggtttcg
   363181 ccggggagaa ccctgtagac ggtcaaaaag ggatcgagat ggccaagctg gctggccggc
   363241 cagcgctggc gcgagctggc cgccagcgcc gcgtcgatca tttcttaagc ttggtccaga
   363301 ccttgctgcg caacgccagg gctttcggcg agcagagctt gaacggcttc aggcggtcga
   363361 gcttgtcctg cggggtgttg atcgccgggt cgtcgaacag tgctttctcc atgagtttct
   363421 ccgagccgac gatggcgttg ttgtacttgg cgaagttgga ggcggcggcg atgttctccg
   363481 ggcgcatcat ccagtcgatg aagacgtggg cttccttgac gttgctggcg tcgcgcggaa
   363541 tcgcgaagtt gtcgatgaac agccggatgc cttccttcgg atagatgtat tcgaggctgg
   363601 cgcgttgggc gtgggcgcgg tggaaggcgc cgttccactg ctggtgcatg gcgacctcgc
   363661 cggcggccat gcgctcgatg gtgccgtcgc tgttgtacat ggccagcgcc ggcttttgcc
   363721 tgagcagcag gtcgaggacc ttctgcgctt ccctggcgtc ctcggtgcat tcgtcgatgc
   363781 cgaggtagta ggtggcggga atgaacagtt cctcgatgga gttcagagcc accaccttgc
   363841 ctttcagctc ggctggtggt tcgaagaacg gcttccagct ttcttccagc ctgccgcccg
   363901 gcaccttcgc cgtatcgtag ctgtagccgg tggtgcccca gagataggga atgctgtagt
   363961 cgtggccggg atcgaagcca agggtccgga agttttcctt cagattgccc aggctcggca
   364021 actggctctt gtcgagcttt tgcagcagcc cctccttgac gaatatttct atgaaactgt
   364081 ccgacggcac caccacgtcg taggcgccgc caccggcctt gagcttggcc agcagcgtct
   364141 cgttgctgtc gtaggcgtcg agggtggcct tgatcccggt gtccttctcg aacttcttca
   364201 gcaactccgg cgggtagtag tccgaccagt tggcgaagtg cagggtgcct tcggcgcgag
   364261 cctggccgcc cagggctaga ccggcggcga agagcagggt gagcggtgtg cggtaggtca
   364321 tgatggactc ctggcgatct tctgtttttt cttcgtggag gcaggttctc agcggcggcg
   364381 ttggccgagg tagtacgaca gggcgacgaa ggcgatggaa atcatgagga tgatcgagga
   364441 aatcgcattg atcttcgggg atatgcccat gcggatggaa ctgaagatgt acaccggcag
   364501 ggtggttgcg ccggcgccgg cgacgaaata ggtgatgacg aaatcgtcca tcgagatgat
   364561 gaacgcgagc atcgccccgg acagcacgcc gggcatcagc agcggcaggg tgattttcca
   364621 gaaggccttc cacggcgagg cgtagaggtc ggcggcggcc tccgccaggc gcgggtccag
   364681 gccctccagg cgggcgcgga tcggcaggta ggcgaagggg atgcagaaca cgatgtgggc
   364741 gatgaggatg gtgaacaacg acagcttcag gccgatgaag gagaagaaca tcagggtcgc
   364801 caccgcggtg acgatctccg gcaccagcag cggcaggccg agaacgccgt tcatcagggt
   364861 ctgcccgcgg aaggcgcgac cgcgcatgcc cagcgcggcg agggtggcca ggacggtcga
   364921 ggccagggtg gcgagggtgg cgacgagcag cgagttcttc gccgcgcgga ggatttccgg
   364981 atcgttggcc accaccgcat accatttcag gctgaagctc tcccagagcg tcgccgactg
   365041 gccgctgttg aagctgagca ctaccagcac caggatcggg atgtagagga aggcgaagaa
   365101 cagccaggcg gcctggcgca cgccgctgaa ggtccagagt ggattgcggc cgttcatggc
   365161 tggcctccgc cggcgttggc ccggaagcgc aggttgtaga tcagcatcgc cagcaggacg
   365221 aaggccagca gggcgaacga aagggcggcg ccgaacggcc agttgtgcgc ggtaccgaat
   365281 tgcagctgga tcaggttgcc gatcatcagc gccttaccgc cgccgagcaa ttccggaatg
   365341 atgtagctgc ccagggccgg gatgaatacc aggatgcagc cggcgactat ccccggcatc
   365401 gccagcggca cgatcacccg gcgcagcgct ttccagcggt tggcgccgag gtcgaatgcc
   365461 gcctccacca ggcgccagtc catcttttcc aggctgctgt agatcggcag caccatgaac
   365521 ggcaggtagg tataaaggag gccgatgatc accgcgttgt cggtatagag cagccccagc
   365581 ccggtgtcgg tcaggccgat gccttgcagg ccggcgtcca ccagcccgcc gttgcgcagc
   365641 agcaggatcc aggcgtagac ccgcaccagc aggttggtcc agaacggcac ggtgaccagg
   365701 aacagcagca ggttgcgccg gcgttccggc tgcaacgcca ggtacagcgc ggtggggaag
   365761 ccgagcgcca ggcagccgag ggtggtcagc agcgacagcc agaacgagcg ctggaagatg
   365821 cccaggtagt cggcgttgaa caccaggctg tcgtccaggt cgcgttccca gaggaaattg
   365881 aggtaggcct ccaggctgtg ctggccccat ttcactccgc cgtagtcgcc ggattgctgg
   365941 atcgacacgg cgaacatgat gcccagcggg atcaccagga acagcaccag catcagcatc
   366001 gccgggctgc tcagcagcag gcgccgacgc agctgccggc gttcggccga ctgttgcgcg
   366061 gtaggtcggc cggcggtgct cattcggcga gcacccggat ggcggcggcg ggaatccgca
   366121 cccgcacctt cgcccccgga ctgtgcgggc agcgtgcgcc gtcgcggttc tgctggcgca
   366181 cgcggaagcc cggctgtccg gccacgttca ggtggtagac ggtatcggtg ccgacataga
   366241 cgatgttttc cagcacgcct tccaactggc cgtcggcggc cagttcggtg cgctccgggc
   366301 ggatcgccaa ggtcacagcg ccgctgcccg gggtcgtcgc ggccagccgc tggccgtccg
   366361 ccaggcgcac gccgtcggcg tcggcctggc cctcgaggaa gttggtttcg ccgatgaagt
   366421 cggcgaccgc ccggttcagc ggcgcctcgt agatgtcgct gggcgtgccg acctgcaaca
   366481 ccttgccctt gctcatcacc gcgatgcggt cggacatggt cagcgcttcc tcctggtcgt
   366541 gggtcacgaa gatgaaggtg atcccggtct cgtgctgcag gcgcttcagc tcgatctgca
   366601 tttccttgcg cagcttcagg tccagcgccg acagcgactc gtcgagcagc agcaccttgg
   366661 gccggctggc cagcgcgcgg gccagggcga tgcgttgctg ctggccaccg gacaactggt
   366721 cggcgcggcg cttgccgacc tccggcagct tcaccaggtc gagcatgcgg ctcacggtgg
   366781 cgtcgatctc gctgcgcggg cggccctgca tctccaggcc gaagccgatg ttgtcggcga
   366841 cgctcatgtg cgggaacagc gcataactct ggaacaccgt gttgaccggg cggcggaacg
   366901 gcggcaggcc ttccatgtgt tcgccataga ggcggatgct gccggaactg ggctgttcga
   366961 agccggcgat gaggcggagg agggtggtct tgccgcagcc ggaagggccg aggagggtga
   367021 agaattcgtt ggcgtggata tccagggaca catcgtcaag ggccttcagg ccttggccgg
   367081 gggtaccgaa ttccatgcag atccgctcga tggctatcgc gctggtcatg ctgaattcca
   367141 tgcagtcaag cagttgttat tgttgaggtt ttgcggtttc tggggcccgc ttcacctgct
   367201 gcggttcgat aatgaccggg gcgccgcggg cgcagaacga tagatgcggc caataaggga
   367261 tcgaacaggc caatctggtg gcgctggaag aagactgcgg atgctctctt gtcgtctctt
   367321 tcggacagga aactcggacc tgtccgagtc gcccgggcgg ctggctgact ttaagcttgg
   367381 cttcagcctg gagccgtagc ttgcgtagga aaggtcgggc gcagcccgtt tccatacagc
   367441 gtacaggctc tatgctatga ctatccacgc ccaaactccc gagccgtttt ccatgtcccg
   367501 agctttcacg cctcgccgtc tgctgctggc cgtcctgctg gtcgcgctgt ccgcgctggt
   367561 ccttctcggc cagagcttcc gggtcttcga ccgggcctgg ttcgccgtcc aggagtggcg
   367621 tcacgccgat gcctggaaag agcgctcgat atggctgccg gactaccgcg tgcggatcga
   367681 ggcgcagccc atcgaggggt tgaacgacga cgtttccgcg ctgaccttcg atcccgaccg
   367741 gcgcaccctg ttcaccgtga ccaaccagcc ggcgcagatc atcgagctgt ccttgcaggg
   367801 caaggtactg cggaccatcc cgctgaccgg cttcggcgac gccgaggcca tcgagtacat
   367861 cagccgcggc gtctacgtga tcaccgacga gcgccagcaa cgcctggtca aggtgcgcct
   367921 ggaggacgac acgcgcttca tcgacgctgc cgatgcccag cagctttcgc tgggtatcgg
   367981 cctcaacggc aacaagggtt tcgaagggct agcttacgac gccgagggca agcgcctgtt
   368041 cgtcgccaag gagcgtgacc cggtgcgcat ctacgagatc cacggtttcc cccacaccca
   368101 ggcggacaaa ccgttcgccg tgcacgtggt ggacgacccc gggcgcgaca agcgcctgtt
   368161 cgtccgcgac ctgtccagcc tgcagttcga cgagggcacc gggcacctgc tggcgttgtc
   368221 cgacgagtcg cgtctggtag tcgagctgga caccgacggc gagccggtca gcaccctgtc
   368281 gctgctgcgc ggcatgcacg gcctgaagcg cagcgtgccg caggccgagg gcgtggcgat
   368341 ggacgaccgt ggcgtgctct acctggtcag cgagccgaac ctgttctacg tgttcagcaa
   368401 ggacgagccg gcgcagccct gacgcggcct acggggacgg caggagcgtc ccctggcccg
   368461 ctcagaactg ccagttcacc ccgagcgaat agcccgcctg gttgccttcg ctgtgggcga
   368521 agcggctgtt ggcttcggcg aagaccccga gctgctcggt gatcgccagt tgcgcgccaa
   368581 gctgggcgcg gccgaaatcc ttgtccacgc cgcccatgtc ggcgacccgg acacgcccgt
   368641 cgccgcggct ggtcaggtcc atgtcgtcca ggcgtccgtc cgccagctcg cggacccagc
   368701 gcaggctggc gtagggttgc aggcgcattc tcgcgcccag cgccagctcg ccgcgcaggc
   368761 gccagccgag actcgcctcc agcgagtcgt agtcctgctt ctcgtagccg agtgcggtac
   368821 gcagggcctc gtcctcgcgg aagtcgtcga tgcggtagtg catgtagtcg aggccggcca
   368881 gcggcccgct ccgcagttcg ccgaagctga agtcatagcc gccttccagc cgggcgcccc
   368941 aggaccaggc cgaggtgtcg cccgacagac gctggtcgag cagcaccggc ccgccggcgg
   369001 cctggaggta gaccgaacgc ttgctgtcgt agcgggtatg cccgaggttc agctcgccgg
   369061 ccagccattc cggaccgccg tcgttgtaca ggccgaacag gccgagctgc caggtgtcgc
   369121 cctcgatgcg cccaccatgg tccagcttgt cgcggctgcg ctggaaggcc aggctgccgc
   369181 cgagggtcag ggcctcgctg tagcggtagt cgccgagcag atgcacgccg gcgcgcctgg
   369241 actccggatt gccaggcatg tcgaaaccgc tgtccggcga gacctcgccc tccgcgccca
   369301 cctcgctgtc gaagctgcct accggccggt tgctgccgag cagggtcagc cagcggcggt
   369361 cgtgcaggcg ggtcagtgcc tgatgctggc gctgcaactg gtcttccatc tgccgcgcca
   369421 gggcgccgcc ggaggcggtg gaggccagca ggtcggcgtt ggtcagctcc agcaccaggc
   369481 gcgtcagcag gcgggaaaag tcgcgcatgc gttgctcgat gcgctcctgg ccgagggcgt
   369541 tggtcagtac ttccttgttg tcctcggccg ggtcgtgcca ggttgagccg ccgggaatcg
   369601 ccgggttgtc ggtctgctcg tagccgtcca ggtcgcccag ttcccagttg gtcgcctcga
   369661 tgaacaacac cgggatgtcc atcccgttga agctttcgcc gtcgctgcag cagccggtac
   369721 ccgccgggta ttcggcgttc aggccggggt tggtgaacaa cgggatgtcc agctcgcggg
   369781 cgatgcgcag gatctgttcg cggtaggcgc cgagggccgg gctggacacg ctgttggagc
   369841 cggcatgggc gtacatcttg tcgccggtga ccaggctgtc gaggttgatc attcccagca
   369901 ggttggcgcg ctggctggcg tcgagggact cgacgtaggc acgcgaaccg cgcaggcctt
   369961 cctcctcggc gccgaaaccg accacctcga ggccgttctc cagagcgatg ccgccgaggt
   370021 tgcgggcgat ctcggtgagc accgccgcgc ccgaggcgtt atcgtccagg ccctgcaggg
   370081 tcgggcgacc gtagtaggtg tcgtagtgcg cgccgagtac caggaacttc ccgctgctac
   370141 cgggcgccga ggcgatgacg ttctgcgaac tgcggttgcc ggcccaggtg aagtcctggc
   370201 gactggtctg gtagccgaag cccaggcgcg actgcatcag ttcgctggcg ccggcgaagc
   370261 tggcggtgcc gcgatagcgg cccgggtagt cggtgatcag gcgctccagg gtctccccgg
   370321 cgtattcccc gtattggtag gcgttggcgc ccaacgacag cgcggcacat cccaggccta
   370381 cagcgacagc taatggtttg aacacggcac tttcctctgt gtcggtacga tggtgcatcg
   370441 aatgatgctc gcgccgcgga aagcaggatg cggaccgttt catgtcccgg tggcacgaag
   370501 tgacgcctgg tcgacctgcg gtgtcgccag gttgtaagaa gcgtcgctcc tggcgatggg
   370561 cgggaagctt cgtgctggac gtagtgttac cggcgatggc cggtactggg gcgtgacttc
   370621 ccgtttcggg gcttggtaac cgcgagcggt cgatgaatgg ctgtcctgag gcccgcagcc
   370681 gccgccggtg tcgacggcgg ccagggctgg gtcagctttc gtcgctgaga ccggcttccg
   370741 gcgctgcgcg cttcaccgac tgcacgccgg cttcggcgtt ggcctggctg gcatagagct
   370801 ggctctggcc gacgacctgg ccattggtgg ccttgagtac gaagtggaac ttgccgttgc
   370861 tggccggctt gacctcgaag gcaccgtcgc gctgggagtt cttgcgcacc gactcgatgc
   370921 cgccgagcgc cgagtccttg gccttgtaca gttcgctggt gagaatgatc tcgccgttgg
   370981 cggcatgcag gttgaagtgg aactggccgt ctttcgcttt cttcagatgg aatttggctg
   371041 ccatgtctag ctccttgttc acagggtgag gcggatcgca acggaccagc cgtctgctga
   371101 gacacagcgt agccgctttt gttgcagtgt cgccccgctc cggtcatcgg cctggggcga
   371161 gcgggctcag gccttgaggg tcttgacgcc gtcggcggtg ccgagcagca gcaagtcggc
   371221 cgggcgggcg gcgaacaagc cgttggtgac cacgccgacg atggcgttga tcttctcttc
   371281 cagttccacc gggctgtcga tgcgcaggtt gtgcacgtcg aggatgatat tgccgttgtc
   371341 ggtcagcacg ccttcgcggt agaccggatc gccgccgagc ttcaccagtt ggcgggcgac
   371401 gtggctgcga gccatcggga tgacctccac cggcagcggg aactggccga ggatgggcac
   371461 cagcttgctg gcatcggcga tgcagatgaa ggtcttggcc accgcggcga cgatcttctc
   371521 gcgggtcagc gcggcaccgc cgcccttgat cagctccagg cgctcgttgc tttcgtcggc
   371581 gccgtcgacg tagaactcca gctcgctgac cgtgttcagc tcgtagaccg ggatgccatg
   371641 ctccttcagg cgcttggcgg tggcctccga actggctact gcgccgtcga actcggcctt
   371701 gtggcgggcc agggcatcga tgaagaagtt ggcggtggag cctgtgccga cgccaacgat
   371761 gctcttgctg tcgaggtgcg gaagaatgtg gtcgacggcg gcctgtgcca ctgcctgctt
   371821 gagctgatcc tggttcatcc cgggtgcctg tctggttgcc tggccggccg tcccggcggc
   371881 gcaggcggag ggtgcgcgcg gccggggcgg cccggcgggt ttccggcacg tcctgtgccg
   371941 ctgcgatacg aagggacgaa ttatagcggc ctggcgtcct ccggtcttgc cccggatgac
   372001 cggcagtcgc ggtgttttcc tgcggcgcgc cggtagtccg cccggcgggc ctggagtaga
   372061 ctccgggttt ccgtgaagtc cgccgaaccg cctccgatgc tcgaacaata cgccaagaag
   372121 atcctcacct cgcgcgtcta cgacgtcgcg gtggaaacgc ccctgcaacc cgcccgccag
   372181 ttgtccgaac gcctcggcaa ccaggtcctg ctcaagcgcg aggacctgca gccggtgttt
   372241 tccttcaaga tccgcggcgc ctacaacaag gtcgcgcagc tcaccgagga ggagaaggcc
   372301 cgcggggtga tcgccgcctc ggccggcaat cacgcccagg gcctggccct ggcggccaag
   372361 cggcagggga tcagggcggt catcgtgatg cccaagacca cccccgagat caaggtccag
   372421 gcggtgcgcg cccacggcgc caaggcggtg ctgcacggcg acgccttccc cgaggcgctg
   372481 gcccacgcgc tgaagctggt cgacgagaag ggctacacct tcgtccatcc ctacgacgat
   372541 ccggacacca tcgccggcca gggcaccgtg gccatggaga ttctccgcca gcagcccggc
   372601 cgcctcgatg cgatcttcgt cccggtgggc ggtggcggac tggtcgccgg catcgccgcc
   372661 tacgtcaagt acctgcgtcc ggagatcaag gtgatcggcg tcgagccgga cgagtcgaac
   372721 tgcctgcagg cggccatggc cgccggcgag cgggtggtgc tgggccaggt cgggctgttc
   372781 gccgacggcg tggcggtggc gcagatcggc cagcacacct tcgacatctg caaggaccac
   372841 gtcgacgaag tgatcaccgt cagcaccgac gagatctgtg cggcgatcaa ggacatctac
   372901 gacgacaccc gctcgatcac cgagccggcc ggcgcgctgg cggtggccgg gatcaagaag
   372961 tacgtcgagc gcgagcgcgc cgaggggcag accctggtgg cgatcgactc cggcgccaac
   373021 gtcaacttcg atcgcctgcg gcatgtcgcc gaacgcgccg aactgggcga gcgccgcgaa
   373081 gcgatcatcg cggtgaccat tcccgagcgg ccgggcagct tcaaggcctt ctgcgaggcg
   373141 gtcggcaagc gccagatcac cgagttcaac tatcgctacc acagcggcag cgaggcgcac
   373201 atcttcgtcg gcgtgcagac ccacccggag aacgacccgc gcgaggcgct ggtggcctat
   373261 ctgcgcgaga agggcttccc ggtcctcgac ctgaccgaca acgaactggc caagctgcac
   373321 atccgccaca tggttggcgg ccatgcggtg aaagtcagcg acgagatggt gttccgcttc
   373381 gaattccccg agcggcccgg cgcgctgttc aacttcctca ccaagctcgg cgggcgctgg
   373441 aacatctcga tgttccacta ccgcaaccat ggcgcggccg acggccgggt ggtggccggg
   373501 ttgcaggtgc cggaagacga gcgccacctg atcccgcaga ccctggaggc gatcggctat
   373561 ccgtactggg acgagaccgc caacccggcc taccagctgt tcctcggctg acccgcggcg
   373621 gctcgccgac acgggctgct aagcttcacg ggcaggtgat ctccttcctc gggaactgag
   373681 cccgcccccg gcccctcaaa cgggccggga acacggacaa ggatgcgctg atggaacatt
   373741 ttctccagat caagattctc cacggagtcg ccaccgtgct gctgttcggc ggcctgctcg
   373801 gcctggcgtt ctacgcctgg cgcagctggc ggacgggcga cgcggcgcgg gtcgcgcgcg
   373861 gtttcaagcg ggtccgcctg atcggctggc cgctgctggg gctcagcctg ctggccctgc
   373921 cggtcagcgg ctggtggctg gtgcacctgg ccggctggcc gttgggccag agctggctgc
   373981 tgttcggcgc ctgcctctat ctgctcggct gcatcttctg gctggtcctc gccggccgcc
   374041 tggcgcgggt ccagcaccag gccggcgccg ccgagacggc gggggccgcg ctgggcgagc
   374101 agaccctgcg cgagatcaag gtgggcctgg tcatggccct gctcggtgcg gccagcttca
   374161 tcgcggtggc ggtactgatg gtcagcaagc cgctctgaaa cgccaacgaa atggacttca
   374221 ccggccttcg ccggttctgt aggaacgcat gcgtattctg ctggtaggcg cgggaggttt
   374281 cgtcgggcgg cacctgctcc cggcgctgct cgccgccgga cacgaactgc tcctcaccgc
   374341 gcgccgcccg ccggtcgatg cgcctgccgg cgtacgctgg ctggcgctcg acctggagcg
   374401 gcttgcggaa aggccggaca gcttcgcctg gcccgccggg gtcgacttgc tgatcaatgc
   374461 cgccggcacc atgagcctcg acgaggcgag catggctcgc gtccaggaca gcggcgcgcg
   374521 aacactcttc gacctcgctg cagcccatgg ggcgaaggtc ctgcagattt ccgcgctggg
   374581 cgccggtgcg cacccggacg tggccttcct cgccagcaag gcggcggccg accgccacct
   374641 gctggaactg ggcatcccgg cgctggtgct gcgcccgtcc ctgctgctgg ggccgggcgg
   374701 cgccagcagc gcctggctgg aacgcctgtc gccgctaccg ctgattccct tgctggacaa
   374761 tcgcgcgcgc ctgcaaccgc tgcatgtcga ggacctggtc ggcgcggtgc tggccttgct
   374821 gcgctgctgg ccggagcggg cgcaggtgat tccgctggtg ggtccgcagg cgctgaccca
   374881 gggcgagctg ctggacgagc tgcgccgcgc ccagggttgg ccgcgcggcc gctatgcggt
   374941 gccgcccgcg gcgcttctcg atgcgttggg cgggcttggc cggcgtgctg gctggcggac
   375001 actgagtcca tcgatgctga agctggtgcg ccacgacaac ctggccgacc cggcactcct
   375061 cgatgcggcc tgcggctatc gttgcgcgcc gctggccagt cgcctgctcg gctggccgca
   375121 ggcggcacgc agcctggcgg cgctgatgcg gccgctgatg ctggcggccc tggtgctgat
   375181 ctggctgggt accctggtcg cctgcctggg gccgggttac ggttggggcc tgcggatcct
   375241 cggcgaggcc ggcatccacg gctggccggc gagcctggcg gtgatcgccg gggccctgct
   375301 cgacggtgcg ctcggcgtcg gcctgctgct ccgccgctgg cgccggcgcg cgctgctggc
   375361 gcagttctgg ctgatgcttg gctacagcct ggcgatcagc ctgatcctgc cgcattactg
   375421 gtacgacccc tacatggcgg tcggcaagaa catcgtgctg atggtggcca cgctctggct
   375481 gctgggcgac gaacctcgag ccagggaggc ccgtggatga acctttacct actgctgaag
   375541 accctgcata tcctttcctc gaccattctt ttcggcaccg gcctggggtc ggcctactac
   375601 gccctgcgtg cctggcgcag cgggcagttg ccggtaatcg cagtgacctt ccgccacctg
   375661 gtcaccgccg actggctgtt catcgccacc accgcggtgt tccagccgct cagcggcctg
   375721 gccatggtgc atgtcgccgg ctggtcgctg gcccagggct ggttgctgtg gagcctgggc
   375781 ctctacgtgt tcgccgggct ctgctggcta ccggtggtgt ggttgcagat ccgcgtacgc
   375841 gacatggccg aggcggcctt gcgcgaggcg cggcccatcg aaccgctggc gtaccactac
   375901 atgaacgcct ggttcatcct cggctggccg gccttcatcg ccttcatggt catcttctac
   375961 ctgatggtca acaagccggt ctgagagtcc cctcggcgca accagagcaa cgccaggacc
   376021 aggaacgcca gggagccgcc ccagtacaac caggcgaagc cgccgggccg ctccagcagg
   376081 aggaaggcca gggccgggcc cagcgcggca ccgaggtcct ggacgatgga gtagcgggtc
   376141 atgaagccga ccacgtcgcc ggcgcgggcg acgtcggcgg cgagggcgtc ggtcagggtg
   376201 gtgagggcgg tggcgaccag catcaccagc agggcgatgg ccagccaggc gagaatgggc
   376261 agcctgctgg aaagcaggcc gaagcccatt gcgccgacca gtagcgcagc cacgtagaag
   376321 cgccgacgcc cgcgcgggcc atccgaccag gcaccgaagc gcccggccag ccagggctcc
   376381 caggaccagc gcagagcctg gatgatcccg gagaggccgg cggcgctgag cgccaggccg
   376441 agcaggctga cctcggtgcc gaagctgcgg gcgatcagcg cgctcagggt ggcggcgagt
   376501 acgccctgga tcaggagcgc ggtggcgaag ccgctgagga tcaccaggcc gcgcggcggc
   376561 gggcgcctgg cgacgctggt ggctgccgtt gcggcggagg tccgcgcatg tccggctgga
   376621 ttctccggca ggtcgaaacc cttcgccagc agcggcaggc cgagcagtgc caggaacgcg
   376681 aaggacagcg ccagcgccgg caggccgagg accggcacca gcagcccgcc gagcagcatg
   376741 ccgaccaggc tgcccaggcg gtagaggcca ttgtacaggc ccatggcgcg gccgcgctgg
   376801 tggtcggcgg cgcagtagac caccgccgag agtccgccga tgcggaagaa cgaccagccg
   376861 atcccccaca gtccgcgcag cagcacccag gccaggaaac cgctggccag gccgtagccg
   376921 gcggtgctca gcacgccgat gacgaccgcc aggagcaggc cgatcttcag tgccaggtgc
   376981 ttgtacaggc ggccgatcag cggattgaag ggcaggcgga tcaggcggtt gatcgacagc
   377041 agcacgccga cctgccagag cgcctccagg ccgacctcgt gccagtagat cggcaaggcg
   377101 atataaagca tcgaatcgcc ggccaggcat agcgcggtga ccagggcgac gatcacgacc
   377161 ggccgcagcg agccgggagc gggggctgtg tggggcatcc tgggtccgcc gtggcgccgc
   377221 ccgtcggacg gcgcgcttgt cagtgggtca acgcagggaa atgatcggcc agccgcgttt
   377281 ttccgcctcg gcgcgcaggc gcggatcggg gtcgacggcc accggccggc tgaccttttc
   377341 cagcagcggc aggtcgttca gcgagtcgct gtagaagctg gcgccttcca ggtccaggcc
   377401 gttctcgtcg agccagcgtt gcaggcgcac caccttgccg ccctggaagc agggcacgtc
   377461 gaaggtctgc ccggtgtagc ggccgtcgcg catctcgcac tcggtggcga tcagggtctc
   377521 caccccgagc cgttcggcga tcgggccggt gacgaagcgg ttggtggcgg tgatgatcac
   377581 cagccggtcg ccggcggcgc ggtgctcggc gagcagcgcc tcgcccttgg ccagcacgat
   377641 cggctcgatc acttcctgca tgaactggcg gtgccaggtt tccagctggg ccatctcggt
   377701 gcgaccgagg atcgcctggg tgaaagcctg gtaggcaagg acgtcgagct tgccggcgac
   377761 gtagtcggca tagaaggcgt cgttgcgcgc ctggtattcg gcggcgtcga ccaggccgcg
   377821 ctggcacagc cattcgcccc agctatggtc gctgtcgccg gcgagcaggg tgttatcgag
   377881 atcgaaaagg gccagacgca cggggtgact ccatcggttg gcgggtggcg gaagggccgc
   377941 gagagccttt tgcgaaggct cccaccgggc cttgggaaag cccctagcct accggctttt
   378001 gccggccctg tatcctcccc gcacgagtcg caaagccgcg cgttgccgct atcacaagct
   378061 ttatggaaca atgcgggcac atgcgatttc gaggatgtcc cagcgtgatc gattccgatg
   378121 gttttcgccc gaatgtcggc atcattctcg ccaacgaggc ggggcaggtg ctgtgggcgc
   378181 ggcgtatcaa tcaggaagcc tggcagttcc cgcagggagg catcaatgat cgcgaaacgc
   378241 cggaagaggc gctgtatcgc gaattgaacg aagaagtcgg gctggaggcc ggggacgtgc
   378301 gcatcctggc ctgtacccgc ggctggctgc gctaccgttt gccgcagcgc ctggtgcgga
   378361 cccacagcca gccgctgtgc atcggccaga agcagaaatg gttcctgctg cggctgatgt
   378421 ccgacgaggc gcgcgtgcgc atggatatca ccagcaagcc cgagttcgac ggctggcgct
   378481 gggtgagtta ctggtacccc ctgggacagg tggtgacctt caagcgcgag gtctaccgcc
   378541 gcgccctgaa ggaactggcc ccgcgccttc tggcgcggga ctgaacacgg agacaaggcc
   378601 ccgagcatgc tcaacacgct gcgcaagatc gtccaggaag tgaactccgc caaggatctg
   378661 aaggcggcgc tgggcatcat cgtgcagcgg gtcaaggaag ccatgggtac ccaggtctgc
   378721 tcggtgtacc tgctcgacac cgagacccag cgtttcgtcc tgatggccac cgaaggcctc
   378781 aacaagcgtt ccatcggcaa ggtcagcatg gctcccagcg aaggcctggt cggcctggtc
   378841 ggcacccgcg aggagccgct caacctggag aacgccgccg cccacccgcg ctaccgctat
   378901 ttcgccgaga ccggcgagga gcgctacgcg tcgttccttg gcgcgccgat catccaccat
   378961 cggcgggtga tgggggtgct ggtggtgcag cagaaggagc gccgccagtt cgacgaaggc
   379021 gaggaagcct tcctcgtcac catgagcgcc cagctcgccg gggtcatcgc gcatgccgag
   379081 gcgaccggtt cgatccgcgg cctgggcaag ctcggcaagg gcatccagga agccaagttc
   379141 gtcggcgtgc ccggcgcccc cggggtcggg gtgggcaagg cggtggtggt gttgccgccg
   379201 gccgacctgg aagtggtgcc ggacaagcag gtcgacgaca tcgacgccga gatcgccctg
   379261 ttcaagcagg ccctggaggg cgttcgcgcc gacatgcgcg cgctgtcgag caagctcgcc
   379321 agccagctgc gcaaggaaga acgcgcgctg ttcgacgtct acctgatgat gctcgacgat
   379381 gcctccatcg gcaacgaggt caagcgcatc atccgtaccg gccagtgggc ccagggcgcc
   379441 ctgcgccagg tggtgatgga gcacgtgcag cgcttcgagc tgatggacga cgcctatctc
   379501 cgcgagcgcg cctccgacgt caaggacata ggtcgccgcc tgctcgccta cctccaggaa
   379561 gaacgcaagc agaacctgac ctacccggaa cagaccatca tcgtcagcga ggagctgtcg
   379621 ccggcgatgc tcggcgaggt gccggaaggg cgcctggtcg gcctggtctc ggtgctcggc
   379681 tcgggcaact cgcacgtggc gatcctcgcc cgtgccatgg gcatccccac ggtgatgggg
   379741 gcggtcgacc tgccgtactc caaggtcgac ggtatcgacc tgatcgtcga tggctaccac
   379801 ggcgaggtct acaccaaccc ctccgccgag ctggtgcgcc agtacagcga cgtggtcgcc
   379861 gaggagcgcg agctgagcaa gggcctggcg gccctgcgcg agctgccctg cgagaccctc
   379921 gacggccacc gcatgccgct ctgggtcaac accggcctgc tcgccgatgt cgcccgcgcc
   379981 caggagcgtg gcgccgaggg cgtgggcctg taccgcaccg aagtgccgtt catgatcaac
   380041 gaccgcttcc ccagcgagaa ggaacagttg gcgatctacc gcgagcagct cagtgccttc
   380101 cacccgctgc cggtgaccat gcgcaccctg gatatcggcg gcgacaaggc gctgtcctac
   380161 ttcccgatca aggaagacaa cccgttcctc ggctggcgcg gcatccgcgt caccctcgac
   380221 cacccggaga tcttcctggt ccagacccgc gccatgctca aggccagcga aggactggac
   380281 aacctgcgca tcctgctgcc gatgatctcc ggcacccacg agctggaaga ggccctgcac
   380341 ctgatccacc gcgcctgggg cgaggtgcgc gacgagggcg tggacatcgc catgccgccc
   380401 atcggcatga tggtcgagat tcccgccgcc gtgtaccaga cccgcgagct ggcccgccag
   380461 gtcgacttcc tttcggtcgg ttcgaacgac ctgacccagt acctgctggc ggtcgaccgc
   380521 aacaatccgc gggtcgccga cctctacgac tacctgcatc cggctgtgct gcatgcgttg
   380581 aagaaggtgg tcgacgatgc ccacctggaa ggcaagccgg tgagcatctg cggcgagatg
   380641 gccggcgatc ccgcggctgc cgtgctgctg atggcgatgg gcttcgacag cctgtcgatg
   380701 aacgccacca acctgcccaa ggtgaagtgg ctgctgcgcc agatcaccct ggacaaggcc
   380761 cgggacctgc tcggccagtt gctcaccttc gacaacccgc aggtcatcca cagctcgctg
   380821 cacctggcgt tgcgcaacct cggcctgggt cgcgtgatca acccggcggc taccgtccag
   380881 ccctgatttc ccgcgcgccg gacgcttcgt cgtgcggcgc ttacgctttc cccgcaagcg
   380941 tatagactgc ctgccattcg gtagaggcca ctggccagtc gaacgtgcga gggattgccg
   381001 caaaatggac gaacgggcgt cgaagccgcc aggtcttctt ccgctgtcac gcgaagacct
   381061 tgagaaaacc ctgcgatatg ccctggagat cgtcagcgac gggatctggg actggaacat
   381121 cgcgaccaac caggtcagcc gcagcgccgg ctggtacctg atgctcggct atccgccgca
   381181 tagcctgccg gagagcgtgg agacctggaa gaacatcatc catcccgagg actatccgcg
   381241 ggtgatggcc agcttccagg cctacctcga cggcgaaagc ccggaatact gcgaggaata
   381301 ccgctgccgc acctacagcg gggattacct gtggatcagc gatcgcgggc gtttcgtcga
   381361 gttcgacgag cgcggcgagc cgcggcggat gatcggtgcg caccacgaga tccatcagcg
   381421 caagctggtc gagctggagt tgcagcagcg caacgaggaa ctgttcgact ggaacctgcg
   381481 tctcgaggaa ctggtggccg agcgcaccga ggcgctgcac cgggtcaacc aggcgctggc
   381541 ctcgaagatg gccgaggccc agcgcctgag cgaaatcgat ccgctcaccg agctgtacaa
   381601 ccgacgcaag ttcgagcagt gcctgcacca tgaatggatg cgccggcagc gccatggacg
   381661 cgccacggca ctggtgatga tcgatgtcga tcacttcaag cggatcaacg acctgttcgg
   381721 ccactccacc ggtgatcgcg tgctggtcgc cttcggccgc ctggttgcca gcgagctgcg
   381781 cgaggtcgac gtgctggcgc gctggggtgg cgaggagttc atcctgctgc tcccggaaac
   381841 cggcctggag gccgcggcgg ccttggccga acgcctgcgc cagcgggttc gctcgcagtc
   381901 cttcgagatg ggcgagcggt tgaccgccag ctttggcgtc ggcgtgctga atgatggcga
   381961 gaccctcgac ctgctgctgt gccgggtgga cgacgccctc tatcgggcca agcagcgtcg
   382021 cgattgcgtg gcctgttgct gaaggtcagc ctggcggcag caccaggctg acctcgccga
   382081 gccgggcgcc ggacggcccg aagctgcgct cgatcatctc ccgcgtgccg tcggcgtgta
   382141 cccgtacgac gctgctggcg cgagtgccgt agctcgggct ggcgatgaac acgctggaga
   382201 gcaggcgttc cgtggccaga cccacgccgg tatccggcaa ctggccgtcg gcggccggcg
   382261 ctgcgtcggc cagcagctcc agcagggcct gcggatgcgg ctcggcaagc cgctcggcga
   382321 gggcggcgcg agccttgagc agcttcggcc agggcgtatc gagggccgcg ttggacagcc
   382381 cgtagatccc cgccggcagc aggcgcggtg gccctacgcg ggggttgtag tgccagagct
   382441 gatggcgatc gccaatgagc aggttgaagc cggaatagtc cgcggcgcgc ccggcgacct
   382501 gcgccaggta gtcggccggg ttgccgccgc cgcgcaggaa gtccgccacc agttcgccac
   382561 gggagcgctt gccgagagcc tgcgacggat cgcggacgtt ggtcagggcg gcgaaacggc
   382621 cggccgggcc gagccccagc caggtgccgc cggcctccag gtcgcgtccg gcgaataccc
   382681 cctcggcgtc ctcccaggcc gccagcggca ggctcgggcg ggcatagaat tcgtcacggt
   382741 tggcggcgac cagcagcggc agggcgtgcc ccggttgcca ggcgaagacg atcaggcaca
   382801 tgcgcgatcc ttgggatggg ctggccgtca ggctaaaggc atccgccatc gccgttcaag
   382861 cacgacgcct gccgcacggc gcgcaattcc gttaccatgc cggctttcca acgggggcgt
   382921 gcatggagtt tctcctctat atcgtgctgg gcgcctgtgc cggcgtgctg gccggactgt
   382981 tcggcgtcgg cggcggcctg atcatcgtcc cggcgctggt cttcagcttc accgcgcacg
   383041 gtttcggcgg cgacgtcctg acccagatgg cggtcggcac ctccctggcg accatcgtct
   383101 tcacttcgat caattccatt ctcgaacacc atcggcgcgg cgcggtgcgc tggccggtgt
   383161 tcgcctggat gaccctcggc atcctcatcg gcagtgccct cggcgcgctg accgcggcgc
   383221 agatcaaggg gccgctgttg cagaagataa tcggggtgtt cgccatcctg gtcgctttgc
   383281 agatggttct cgacctcaag cccaagggta gccgcgaggt gcccggcaag ggcggcctga
   383341 ccctggccgg cgcggtgatc ggctgggcct cggcgatctt cggcatcggc ggcggttcgc
   383401 tgaccgtgcc tttcctcagt tggcgcagcg tgccgatgca gcaggcggtg gcgacttcct
   383461 cggcctgcgg ccttcctatc gccatttccg gcgctctgtc gttcatcgcg gtcggctggc
   383521 acaacccgca gttgccggag tggagcctgg gctacgtcta tctgccggcg ttggtcggca
   383581 tcgccgccac cagtatgctg ttcgcccgct tcggcgcgcg cctggcgcat cgtttgtcgc
   383641 cgcgcgtact caagcgactg ttcgccctgc tgctgttcag cgtgggcata agtttcctga
   383701 cccccgatct cgcttttctg tcgtaggagt tatcgatgct gacgtatccc cagatcgatc
   383761 cggttgcgct ggccatcggc ccgctgaaga tccactggta cgggctgatg tacctgatcg
   383821 ggatcggcgg cgcctggctg ctggcgtcgc gccggatgaa gcgcttcgac ccgacctgga
   383881 ccaaggagcg cctttccgac ctggtcttct gggtcgcctg cggcgtgatc ctcggtggcc
   383941 gcctgggcta cgtgctgttc tacaacctgg acgagtacat cgccaacccg acgctgatct
   384001 tcgaggtctg gaaaggcggc atgtccttcc atggcggcct gctcggcgtg atgctggcgg
   384061 tctggtggtt cggcaagcgc catggcaaga gcttcttcca gctgatggac ttcatcgccc
   384121 cgctggtgcc catcggcctg ggcgccgggc gcatcggcaa cttcatcaac tcggaactgt
   384181 ggggcaaggt cagcgatgtg ccctgggcca tggtcttccc caacggcggc ccgctgccgc
   384241 ggcatccctc gcagctgtac cagttcgccc tggaaggcgt ggcgctgttc gtcatcctct
   384301 ggctgttcac ccgcaagcca cggccgaccg cctcggtctc cggcctgttc gtgctgtgct
   384361 acgggatctt ccgcttcgtt gtcgaattcg tccgcgtgcc ggatgcccag ctcggctacc
   384421 tcgcctgggg ttggctgacc atgggccagg tgctctgcgt accgatggtg ctggccggca
   384481 ttgccctgat ggtctgggcc taccgccgcg acgcggcgca gccgaaggcg gcctgagccg
   384541 cttttcgtgc ccggggcgga taacgtcgca ggcgtcatcc gctccgggca gccggctttc
   384601 cgctccaggg cgtgcatggc ttgcgccggt cgcgccgaac tggcgatgca ggctccgtcg
   384661 ccgtagactt ggccatcctt ctgtcatccc tcggtgggag ccgccacgtc ggcgccgcac
   384721 cgatatcgat ccgagcctcc gatgaaacag tacctcgacc tgatgcgcca cgtgcgcgag
   384781 cacggcacct tcaagagcga ccgcaccggc accggcacct atagcgtgtt cggccaccag
   384841 atgcgcttcg acctggccgc gggcttcccc ctggtgacca ccaagaagtg ccacctcaag
   384901 tcgatcgtcc acgagctgct gtggttcctc aagggctcca ccaatatcgc ctacctcaag
   384961 gagcacggcg tctcgatctg ggacgaatgg gccgacgaga acggcgacct cggcccggtg
   385021 tatggctacc agtggcgctc ctggccggcg ccggacggcc gccacatcga ccagatcgcc
   385081 aacctgatgg cgatgctgaa gaagaatccg gactcgcgcc ggctgatcgt ctccgcctgg
   385141 aacccggcgc tgatcgacga gatggccctg ccgccctgcc acgcgctgtt ccagttctac
   385201 gtcgccgacg gcaagctcag ttgccagctc taccaacgtt cggcggacat cttcctcggc
   385261 gtacccttca atatcgccag ctatgccctg ctgaccctga tggtggcgca ggtcgccggc
   385321 ctgcagccgg gcgagttcat ctggaccggc ggcgattgcc acctgtacgc caaccacctg
   385381 gagcaggccg acctgcagct gacccgcgag ccgctgccgt tgccgagcat gaagctgaat
   385441 cccgaggtga aggatctgtt cgactttcgc ttcgaggact tcgagctggt cggctacgag
   385501 gcccatccgc acatcaaggc accggtcgcg gtctgaccct tcggcggagc cgtcggctcc
   385561 gctcaaccga acaggcgacg gtaccaggga agcgcgcgcc agtcccgcaa agcccgctcc
   385621 gcatcttctg cgcgttgcag cgcctgttcc agggcctgct ccagcggagc gaccggatgg
   385681 ctcatggcat ggccatggca gagctggaag tcgtccagca ggttcggcgg tagcgcgaag
   385741 gcgccttcca ggcgtgcctg ttcctccgcc aggtaatagc cgttgaggcc gtcgaagtgg
   385801 acgaaacggt agcccgcggc gagcagcggc gctttccact cggggtcgtg gtcgaatgga
   385861 gtttccgcga ggatcagcca cgggcgccag cggttcaggt cgaggccgcg gagcaccgcg
   385921 ccttccagcc cttcgacgtc gatcttgagg aagtggatcg gcccttcgac atgggccgcg
   385981 cagatcgcgt ccagggtgct gaccttcact tcgcgcgggg tggccgtgca gccctcggcc
   386041 tggcgctggc gggctagctc ggggtccagg gtggagagac ccgaggcggc catctcgtag
   386101 agcgtggcgc ggccttcgcg ctcgccaatg gcgaggttca ggttgaggtc ttccggccgt
   386161 tcccgctcca gctcgcggtg caggtggggc agcggttcga tgttgatgcc gcgccagccg
   386221 cgctcgtaga acgccagggt gaccgagtcg atccgcgggt ggttggcgcc gacgtcgatg
   386281 tagaaccccc tggggaagag tttcagggcc cgccagagtc ggacgtcttc caggttctgc
   386341 gcgtaggaaa cgaagggcat gggcctacct cttgggcgat cgtcgcccag tctgtcattc
   386401 cccgcgcccg ctctccagca attcggccag cgcgtcgatc tgttcctggc ggtcgctgcc
   386461 gcccacccgc ctgccgttca gcgacgacca ctccggatgc gcgcgcgcct tgcgcagcgc
   386521 ttccggcagc ttgccttcgc gccactgctt gtcctccggg gtttccaggc ggatcgcctc
   386581 gaccgccgcg tggccgcgcg tttgcagggc tgccaggagc tgccgttggc gcagcgcgag
   386641 caagcgcagc acggcgtcgt tgacggtcag ctcgcgggcg cccttgagct tgccgagcag
   386701 gcgcgagcca tagtggccga cggtctgcca ggcgccgccg gcgagggcac cgagggcggc
   386761 ggcggcgcca agggtgacgc cgcccaccag caggtcgatg ccggcgccgg ccgcggcacc
   386821 ggccgcaacc ccgccgccga ggcggatacc gagttggcgc agggtctccg gattgaacag
   386881 atcgtcgccc cagcggccgt cgagcagcgg caggtcggcg gcgcgggcgt cgtccctggc
   386941 gaaggcgtag agccgcagca acgcttccac gcaggcctgc tcgcgcttgc gcacctgctg
   387001 gtgcaggtcg cgggtggctt cctgcacggc gctttcgccg ccgggcacca ggcgccggca
   387061 ggcggcgacg tcgaccagca attcggcgat cagccgttgc ccggcgcgca ggcgcgcggc
   387121 ggcctgggtc tcatggtcgg cgatcagccg gtcgagttgc ggccgggcgc gctccagcag
   387181 cagcgccagg ctctcgtaga ggcgccgctc gccgtccagc ggcggcgcca cgctgtcgaa
   387241 acgcaccagg gcgtgcaggc ccaggcgagc gagggcggcg cgccactcct cctcgcgatg
   387301 ctgcgggctg gcgacgaagt tcagcaccgg cagcagcggc cggccgcagc cggcgagcac
   387361 cgccagttcg tcgcgatact tggccagcac cggttcgcgg gcgtcgatca cgtagagccc
   387421 ggcgtcggag gcgagcaact ggcggaccac cttggcttcc tgttcgaaac gcccgcgcgc
   387481 ttcgttgctg tccagcaacc gcgccatgcg ttccgggcca tcgagacgct cgccggggcg
   387541 ctccagggcg tccaggtagt cgagcagggc gatggcgtct tccaggccgg gcgtgtcgta
   387601 gagttccagc agcgcttcgc cgtccaccga cagcctggcg ccctcgacgt ggcgggtggt
   387661 gctggggcga tgggagactt cgccgaatcc acggtcgcga gtcagggtgc gcagcagcga
   387721 ggtcttgccg gtattggtgt ggccgaccac ggccaggatc agcggctcag tcatggccgg
   387781 tctccagcca ggccagcggc gaggtctcgc cgtgcggcag ttgcaggcgt tccagggcgg
   387841 cgtgccagtc acccaggcgg tcgctgtcga gcgcttcgcc gggcggagcc tggagcagcc
   387901 agatgcgggt gctggcggcg cagcgggcga gttcgccgag cagtgccagg gtgccgcggt
   387961 ccggcgagcg acgcgggtcg caggcgatgg ccaggcgcgc cggcgggtag cgggtcagtt
   388021 gttcgagcag gcgacggcgc tgctggccgt cgtcgaggat gccggcgtcg gcgacgcctt
   388081 cggcgagctt cggcggccag ggccggcgat cgtccagctc caccgccacc agcaccgctc
   388141 cggcggcttc ctggccggac tggccgccct gcggctccgg cagccagtcc ggtgccgcgt
   388201 cgctgacgcc gaggcgttcg ctggccggca tcaagcgttc gcgcagcagg ctgtagcctg
   388261 ggtcgtcgag gtccaggtcg aggtgggcca ggccgcgttt ccagcgccac aggcagagca
   388321 gaccgagcag cgcgcgcggc aggaccccat agaccagcag tacgcctacc agccagccgg
   388381 cccaggcgtg ccgtgcggct tcgctggcca gggcggcgtc gccgctggcg cggatcagct
   388441 cggcgtccgg caacgggaag ccaagcaacg ccggcagggc gccgagcgcc tgggtaaggg
   388501 cgatgaaggt atcgctgccg agaatggtgg tttcccagac gaaaccgtag cggcgggtcg
   388561 ccagcaggcc gaggagcatg gccagcgcgg tcagcaggcc gagcagccag agcccgtgga
   388621 ccagcgcgcc gaggccccag cgcgccagcc ggcgccggcc gagcaggacc aatagcgccg
   388681 gcgccaggtg cgcggcgcgg gcatcgcgcg ccagcttgcc gctgagccac agccagagcc
   388741 ggccgagcgc gcccgcggcc tcgccgccgg cgagcaggcc gagggcccag ccgagcaggg
   388801 tcagcaggtg caggccgagt aggctggcca gcgcccagaa cacgttgacc gggcgctggc
   388861 catcgccgag cgcggcgaag gccagtccgg cgccgctggc cagggccagc accagcagca
   388921 gggccagcgc cagccgcgaa ccctggcgcc aggtccgctg ggcgtcgagc aggccctcgc
   388981 ggcggcccag ccagtgggcg cgggtgagaa tacggcgcgg cagggaaccg ccctgggcca
   389041 gcgcctggcg aaccgcctcg ctgtcttcca gcggaccggc ctgctcctcg cgcaggcgaa
   389101 cggcctcggt cagccagagg gcgtcgaggc cgggatgcgt cgtgtgactc aagtcacctc
   389161 ctgtgtcgat ttccctgccg agcgtgaatc gtgcccggcc aacggcgtct gatcagcgcc
   389221 aaacatagca aaaagcgccc cggcggctca tgctggcttg ccagccggct ggcggcgggg
   389281 tgtgggattt tgactggcgc cgtggcgaaa gcgttcggcg ccggtagcga gaggaacact
   389341 gagatgaagg tagtacgccg ataccccctg gcgctgttgc tggggatggc gggcgcgctg
   389401 gccgacgagt tgcccgatgg ctccttgctg caacgctatg gcgtgcaggc cgaccagttg
   389461 ccgaccctgg cggcggatcc gccgtcgcgc aaggaggaga aggaaacgcc gtcgcgcttc
   389521 cgggtggagc cggagcagcc cttggtgacc tttggcgtca aggaccacaa gggcatggaa
   389581 cccactggta acccgtcgat cgacgccatg cacgagcgcg atcggcggat ctgccggaac
   389641 atcaggcggc aggcactgga gaaaggcaag gcacagccct tcgacggcta catcgagtgt
   389701 ccatgaggcc ggcgcccgcg tacgagcgcc ggtcgggctg cgtcagcgct gctcgcgcag
   389761 gcgcacggcg acgtccggct ggtcgctgaa caggccgtcg atgccggcgt cgaggtaggc
   389821 cctgatctcg ccggccaggt cgccgcgcga ctgcgggttg ccgtcggcgc tgcggaactc
   389881 cgccggaagg aagctgtttt ccgcgcggaa ggtgtaggga tgcaccttca gcccggcggc
   389941 gtgggcgtcg ccgacgaagc gggtcggctg gccgaggttg ccgttggcat cgcggggaat
   390001 cacgtagctc ttgtccggac cgaccccgta ggcgtagcgc gccacctggc gcaggccctt
   390061 ggcggtggcc atctcggcgt aggtcaggct gccgccgctg gcttgctggt cgtagggctg
   390121 gccgctgccg tagagctgga ccaggcggat gccggtgagg cgcttgagtt ccttcaggtt
   390181 gttcacctcg aaggactgga tgaataccgg tgcacgcgga ccgaggtagc cgttgcggtg
   390241 cagggtcttc accagcgggc gttccatggc caggccgagg cgctggaagt gggtgccgtg
   390301 cttgatctcg gggtacaggc cgatggtgcg ctgctggctg atctgcaggc ttttcaccag
   390361 gtcgatgatc tcctgcaggg tggggatctc gaaggtgccg tccaggcgcg cattgcccgg
   390421 gcggatcgtg gggatgcgct cgatggcgcg cagggtcttc agttcggcga gggtgaagtc
   390481 ttcgctgaac cagccggtga gttccactcc gtcgactttc tgcgtgcgct tgcggtcggc
   390541 gaattccggg tgctgggcga catcggtggt caggcccagc tcgttgtcgt ggcgggcgac
   390601 cagcttgccg tcgcgggtca tcaccaggtc cggctcgacg tagtcggcgc ccatcatcac
   390661 cgccagggcg taggcgccca gggtgtgttc cggtacgtaa ccgctggcgc cacggtgggc
   390721 gatgaccagc ggcgagcgtt cgtggccggc cgggtggcga gcggaggcct ggccctgggc
   390781 ccagtcgatg gcgcgttgta cgttgccggt gtcggcgtgg gcggcgctgg ccaggccagc
   390841 ggcgagcatc aggcaggcgg cgccgaggtg gcggcgcagg aaggctggtt gcatgacggg
   390901 tcctcgtcgg cggttcggga gtgttccagt ccagcagatt gacgcagcca ggtgatactt
   390961 ctttgcccgt ttcgcgacat tcccgtgaca atcgccgcca gcgtgacgac gtcggcgttt
   391021 tcccggccaa tccaacgaaa ggggcggacg gccggggcag ggtatagggt gacggcgctc
   391081 gcataacaat aagaggatcg gtgatggctt ccgcgcaacc tgcctccgcg tttccctgcc
   391141 tgtcgttgca actggcctgc ctgttgctgg gcgcctggct ggccttcgat gcccacggcg
   391201 gcggccaggc cgtggcgccg ccggcccgtg tcgaagcgcg tgtgccgacg gccgctaccg
   391261 atgactgggg acgccagccg gacagcctga tgagcgccgt gccgccgcgc acgctggagg
   391321 cgagcgtcgg cgcccgcggc tcgggatcgg cgagttcgcg actgtggatc gccgataccg
   391381 acttccgcct gcacgacgac atcggtttct tcatccagcg catgctgatc cgcatggagc
   391441 cgactcgtcc cggcgcgccc ttgtcgctcg acgatccgac ggcgatggtg gcgcggatcc
   391501 aggccggcga gatattcgtc agcgacgcca ccctggcgac cctgctcaac caggacctcg
   391561 ccgcgtcccg cgcggccgtg cgcaacctca gtatgaacac ccgcaaggac ggccaggaag
   391621 tgcgtggcga gttgttgcgc aaggggcgct ggcggccgct gcggatgctc accgagatcg
   391681 agctgagcgg tccgctggag gtgaccctgg taccccggcg gatcttcgtc gacggggtcg
   391741 aggtcacttc gtcgctggcg gcggcctcga tcgagatgtc cgaggtgctg aagctgaaga
   391801 cccggcacat ggaactggtc ggcaaccgca tccgcgtcga cctcgacggt ttgttcccgc
   391861 cgccgcgcct ggacttccgc gtcagtcgcc tggccctggc cgacggcggc atgcaactcg
   391921 ccctcggcga ctccctggcc gacctgcaat ggccggcatt acgggcgccg gacagctaca
   391981 tgttcatcga gggcggcgat atcaagatgg cgcgcaccgt gctggtcaag gcctatgccc
   392041 tgttcaccag cctcagccca gggcagccgc tgctgttcaa tctctacgac taccggcggc
   392101 aactgcagaa cggcgtgatc cgcctgcgcg aggacggcat ggtgcagatc gccgtgtcgc
   392161 cggtgaaggc gccggcgccg ctggaggcac ggctgtgagc cggcgtccgt ggggcgtact
   392221 gcttggctgt tgcctgttgg cggccagcgc ggcccaggcc gaaagcgcca tcgaccggca
   392281 gcagcgcgaa ctggccctgc tgcgcgaggg ctggtaccgg caggtccccc cggcgccggt
   392341 gccgctgccc atgcgtacgg ccgggccggc ggattccggc caggatggtg tcggcatact
   392401 gctgcgcaac gtggacatgt acctgcgcgg caacatcggt ttccacgtgc ccgagctgaa
   392461 gggctggctg gtgccgaacc gggccggcca gccggtggac ttcgaccgtc cgcaggacat
   392521 gcatttccag gtgatggagg gcgaggtgct gctcagcccg cggcaactgg ccaacctgtt
   392581 caacgagcac atcctcgcct acgacgggac catgttgaag gacttccgca tgagcagtgc
   392641 ggcgggacgc ctggaggtgg aggggcgggt gcgtccgctc ggcgtagggc cctggctgcc
   392701 gctgcggctg ggcggcggcg tggaggtgga cgcggccagc ggcgcgctgg tctatcggcc
   392761 cgaccagttg agggtggtcg gtctgccgct gtacggggcg atgagcctgg tcggcctgcc
   392821 gatgtcggcg ctggtcagcc tcgatcggcc gggggcgagc ctggtgggca gcgccatgcg
   392881 cctggactac cgcaaggtct tcccgctgct gggcatcgac ggccacgtac aggaggcctg
   392941 gctcgacgac caggggctgc acctgcgttt ctcccaggcg cccggccagc cgtcgccggt
   393001 gttcagcccg ccggccgcgg cgggcccatc cttcctctgg ctacagtccg gcgacctgaa
   393061 gatcttcgaa atcctcatca cctacgccca ggtgctgctg aagaccgaga ccccggacca
   393121 ggtgctgacc ttcaacctgc aggactaccg caaggtgctg gcgaccggca ccacccaggt
   393181 caacgaggat ggcaccttct tcatgcaggt gccgccgtat gccaatccct tgtaggccgg
   393241 cccgcacagt tggcctggag tccgccggcg cgagtgttta tcctcgcgcc tttgtccttc
   393301 cacgatgagg taaccccatg gcacgaccgc tggcgatgat cgccgccctt ggcgagaacc
   393361 gcgcgatcgg catcgacaac cgcctgccct ggcgcctgcc ggccgacctc aagcatttca
   393421 aggcgatgac cctcggcaag ccggtgatca tggggcgcaa gacctgggac tcgctgggtc
   393481 ggccgctgcc gggccggcta aacctggtgg tcagccgcca ggccggcctg gcactggagg
   393541 gtgcggaagt gttcgccagc ctggacgccg cgctggcgcg cgccgaggcg tgggcgcagg
   393601 cggaggacgc cgacgaactg atgctgatcg gcggcgccca gctctatgcc gaggccttgc
   393661 cgcgcgccgc gcgtctctac ctgacccggg ttggcctggc gccggagggc gacgcctttt
   393721 tccccgagat cgatggtgcg gcctggcgcc tggcgtcgag catcgaacac gccgcggctg
   393781 acgatgcgcc tgcctacgcc ttcgaggtat gggagcgccg ctgacggttc caggcggggt
   393841 cagagggtga tcagctccgc ctcgatcttc ttccccgcca cttccagcac gccgatcccg
   393901 atcggcaagc tgaagcgccg cggcccggcg ctgcccgggt tgaggtagag cacgccgtcg
   393961 cgctcttcct tcagcggctt gtgcgaatgt ccggcgacca ccacgtcgat gccttcggcg
   394021 gccgggtcga ggtcgagtcg cttgaggtcg tgcagcacat agagggtcag ccggccgatc
   394081 ttcagcagca ggcgctcggg gatgtccgcc gcccagtcct gggtgtcgtt gttgccgcgc
   394141 accaccgaga gcggcgccag gcgttccagc tcggcgagga tttccggctt gccgatgtcg
   394201 ccggcatgga tcaactggtc gcagccgcgc aaccgttcca gcgcctcggg ccggagcagg
   394261 ccatgggtgt cggcgatcag gccgatgcgc aacgggcggc gggactgggg catgggcgcg
   394321 ggtccgggtt gcgggacgga agagggtggc cgacgggcat ggccatgccg tcgatcatac
   394381 ccaaccattg gccgggtacg aaaacccttc ggcgaaaacc gcgacgccac ccggaggtgg
   394441 cgccgcgcct atcagtgtcc ggccttctgg accgggcttt ccggcaggaa ccagttcagc
   394501 agcagggcgc agatgccgcc ggtggcgacc ccggactcca gcacgttgcg cagcgccgcg
   394561 ggcatgtgcg cgaggaactc cggcacctgc gaaacgccca ggccgagggc cagggatacg
   394621 gcgatgatca gcagggcacg gcggtccagc tggatgccgg cgaggatgtt gatgcccgaa
   394681 gcggccaccg cgccgaacat caccatcgcc gcgccgccca gtaccggttc cggcaccgcc
   394741 tggatgaccc cggcgacgct cgggaacagg ccgagcagga ccagcatggc ggcgatccag
   394801 aggccgacgt agcggctggc cacgccggtg agctggatca ccccgttgtt ctgggcgaac
   394861 actgagctgg ggaaggtatt gaagataccg gcgaggaacg agttggcgcc gttgaccagc
   394921 acgccgccct tgatccgctg catccacagc gggccttcca ccggttgctt agacaccttg
   394981 ctggtggcgg tgacgtcgcc gatggcttcc agggaggtga ccaggtagat caccagcatc
   395041 gggatgaaca gcggccagga gaagtccagg ccgaagtgca gcggggtcgg tacctggaac
   395101 agctcggcct ggtgcatgcc ggtgaagtcc aggcgaccga ggtagccggc cagcgcgtag
   395161 ccgacggcca gggcgatgac gatggcgcaa ctgcgcatcc ataccaccgg gatgcggttg
   395221 agcaccacga tgatgcccag caccacaccg gacagcagca ggttctcgcc gttggcgaag
   395281 gtgccgttgg acatcgccga gaagccgccg cccatgctga tcaggccgac cttgatcagg
   395341 gtcaggccga tcatcagcac gacgatgccg gtcaccagcg gggtgatcag ccgcttgacg
   395401 aacggcagta tgcgcgagat gcccatctcg acgaaggagc cggcgatgac cacgccgaag
   395461 atcgccgcca tcacgctttc caccggcgtg ccctgcttga ccatcagcgc cccgccggcg
   395521 atcagcgggc cgacgaagtt gaagctggtg ccctggacga tcaacagtcc ggcgccgaac
   395581 gggccgaagc gcttgcactg gacgaaggtg gcgatgccgg agatcaccag cgacatcgac
   395641 acgatcagat tggtgtcgcg cggcgatacg cccagcgcct ggcagatcag caggccaggg
   395701 gtaacgatcg gcacgatgat cgccagcagg tgctggaggg cggcgagcag ggcgatggga
   395761 gcgctgggtc ggtcgtccag gccatagacc aggtcgttgc gggcgctggc gtccgacggg
   395821 ctttgcaggg aactcatggt ggcggtccgg ggaaaaagag cgcgatttta ctgggcgaac
   395881 gcggtctcgc ccaggcctgg ctgcgtcgca tgtcggcgga taacgccggt ggcgtatgcg
   395941 ccctgcggtt ggagcgtggg tgagcggtag ggcgaatgac cgcttgcggt tatccgccat
   396001 tcggcgcgcg tacgcgtgaa tgaaaaagcc cggcgcggga ccgggctttt ttcgtcgctg
   396061 gacgattcag ccgtccagca gcgccttgtt gcgtaccgcg cccttgtcgg cgctggtggc
   396121 gagcagggcg taggccttga gcgcggtgct gacgcggcgg gcacgcggcg cggccggctt
   396181 ccagcccttc ttgtcctgtt cggcgcggcg tgcggcgagt tcttcgtcgc tgaccagcag
   396241 gttgatcgag cgattgggaa tgtcgatcag caccttgtcg ccgtcctgca ccaggccgat
   396301 ggcgccgccg gcggcggctt ccggggaggc gtgaccgatg gacaggcccg aggtgccgcc
   396361 ggagaagcgt ccgtcggtga gcagggcgca ctgcttgccc aggcccttgg acttcaggta
   396421 gctggtcgga tagagcattt cctgcatgcc cggcccgccc ttcggtcctt cgtagcggat
   396481 gatcacgatg tcgccggcct tcacctcgtc gccgaggatg cctttcaccg cggcgtcctg
   396541 gctttcgaag atcttcgcgc tgccttcgaa cacgtggatc gactcgtcga ccccggcggt
   396601 cttcaccacg cagccgtcga gagcgatgtt gccgtagagc acggccagcc cgccttcctt
   396661 ggaataggca tgctcgacgc tgcggatgca gccctcggcg cggtcgtcgt ccaggctcgg
   396721 ccagcgggtg ttctggctga acgcggtctg ggtcgggatg cccgccggac cggccttgaa
   396781 gaaggtgtgc acggcttcgt cgcgggtctg ggtgatgtcc cactgggcga tggcgtcggc
   396841 catgctcggg ctgtgcacgg tggggacgtc ggtgtgcagc aggccaccgc gggccagttc
   396901 gccgaggatg gagaagatgc cgccggcgcg atgcacgtct tccatgtggt acttctggat
   396961 gttcggcgcc accttgcaca gttgcggcac cttgcgcgac aggcggtcga tgtcgcgcag
   397021 gtcgaacggc acctcggcct cctgggcggc ggccagcagg tgcaggatgg tattggtcga
   397081 gccgcccatg gcgatgtcca gggtcatggc gttctcgaag gccttgaagt tggcgatgtt
   397141 gcgcggcagc acgctgtcgt cgccttcgcc gtagtagcgc tggcagagtt ccacggccag
   397201 gcgcccggcg cgcaggaaca gttgctcgcg gtcggcgtgg gtggccaggg tcgagccgtt
   397261 gcccggcagc gacaggccga gcgcctcggt caggcagttc atcgagttgg cggtgaacat
   397321 gccggagcag gagccgcagg tcgggcaggc gctgcgctcg tactcggcga ccttctcgtc
   397381 ggagcaggag tcgtcggcgg ccaccaccat ggcatcgacc aggtccaggc cgtggctggc
   397441 cagcttggtc ttgccggcct ccatcggccc gccggagacg aacactaccg ggatgttcag
   397501 gcgcagcgcg gccatcagca tgccgggggt gatcttgtcg cagttggaga tgcagacgat
   397561 ggcgtcggcg cagtgggcgt tgaccatgta ttccacggag tcggcgatga tctcccggct
   397621 cggcagcgaa tagagcatgc cgtcgtggcc catggcgatg ccgtcgtcga cggcgatggt
   397681 gttgaattcc ttggccacgc cgccggcctt ctcgatctcg cgggcgacca gttggccgag
   397741 gtccttcagg tgcacgtggc cgggcacgaa ctgggtgaag gagttggcga tggcgatgat
   397801 cggcttcttg aagtcttcgt ccttcatccc ggtggcgcgc cagagggcgc gggcgccggc
   397861 catgttgcgg ccgtgggtgg aggttttcga gcggtaatcg ggcatgacga tttcctgcgg
   397921 ctaatcaggt tcgggttatg actgtatcgt gagcgtcgaa ggaaccggat gcaaacgggg
   397981 aatagccgag tgtacggagt tggccggggt ctgaatgggg tcaccattgg cgacggcctg
   398041 ggctcactgc ccgccggggg atgattggcg aggaatgccc ggattctaag cccagagcgg
   398101 gcgaatgggg aaggctggcg gtcggcggag cggcgcgtcg cgacccggct ggcgtcttgc
   398161 gccgcccgtc gcgccatgag cggcggtggc cgtagggcgg atgaacgcag gcgctcatcc
   398221 gccgggacgg gctcagccgt tgggcagcag ccggcaggtc aggctcttga tgtagcgggt
   398281 ttccgcgatc gccaggtgca ccggatggtc ggggccctgg ccgccgcgct cgagcagctg
   398341 gatgttgcgg tcgagatggc gggcgctgcc gatcaggatg ttctgcaggt cgtcctcggg
   398401 caggtgcatc gagcaggagg cgctgaccag gatgccgtcc ttgctcagca ggcgcatggc
   398461 ctgttcgttg agacggcggt aggcggcctc gccgttcttc aggtccttct tgcgcttgat
   398521 gaaggccggc gggtcggcga tcactacgtc gaagcgttcg tcggcggcct tcagctcgcg
   398581 cagggcctcg aacacgtcgc cctcgacgca ggcgaccttc tccgccacgc cgttcagcgc
   398641 cgcgttgcgc tcgacgccgt cgagggcgaa ggcggacgcg tccacgcaca tcacttcgct
   398701 ggcgccgaag gcggcggcct ggatgcccca gccaccgata tagctgaaca ggtcgaggac
   398761 ccgcttgccc tgcacgtagg gcgccaggcg cgcgcggttc atgcggtggt cgtagaacca
   398821 gccggtcttc tgcccggcca gcaccggcgc ctcgaacttc acgccgttct cttccagggc
   398881 gacccactcc ggcacttcgc cgtaggcatt ggccacgtag cgctccaggc cctcggcgtc
   398941 gcgcgcgctg gagtcgttct tccagagcac ggcggcgggc ttgagcacct gcagcagggc
   399001 ggcgagcacc tcgtccttgc gcagttccat ggctgcggac gccagttgca ccaccagcac
   399061 gtcgccaaag cgatcgacca ccaggccggg cagcaggtcg gaatcgccgt agaccagccg
   399121 gtagaacggc ttgtcgaaaa gccgctcgcg caggctgagg gcgatgttga tgcgatgaac
   399181 cagcagcgat ttgtcgagaa cgtgcttggt atcacgggaa atgaggcggc cgcagatgag
   399241 attgttcggg ctcagcgcga cgatgcccag cggcttgccg ttggccattt ccagcaccgc
   399301 ctggtcgccg gcggcgaagg cattcagcgg cgtcgcggcg acatccacct cgttgctgta
   399361 gacccacagg tggccggcgc gcaggcggcg ctcggcgttg gctttgagac gcaagctggg
   399421 cagggtcatg ggaaaggctc cggcaaaaga gcgcgattat agcgcagcga cgggattcgc
   399481 cgctgcgcga acgcgggccg ttcagccggc gaggatttcg atgaatcgac ggttgaaggc
   399541 cgggatgtct tcgggtttgc ggctgctcac cagcttgccg tccactgcta cctcctggtc
   399601 cacccagtgg ccgccggcgt tgttgatgtc gtccttgagc gacggccaac tggtcagggt
   399661 acgaccctgc accaggccgg cggagatcag cagccaggcg ccgtggcaga tcaccgccac
   399721 cggcttgctc gcctgttcgg cgcggatcgc cagttcctgg gccttggcca ggctgcggat
   399781 ctggtcggaa ttgatcaccc cgccgggcag cagcagggcg tcgtagtcgt ccaggctggc
   399841 gtcttcgaag gtgccgtcga cgcggaaggc ctcggctggc tggtgatggt tccagccgcg
   399901 cacctcgccg gccttgtcgg aaagaatcct taccgtggcg ccggcgtctt ccagggcttt
   399961 tttcggaccg gtcagttcga cctgttcgaa accgtcggtc accagggcgg cgacgacctt
   400021 gccgtgcagg gattgggtca tggcatgtct cccgatatca gaaggggtat tcattccgac
   400081 cctggcggct gcgggaaaag ttccatgtcc gttgcctggc gccgcttttc cggcagaagc
   400141 ccgccccatg gcggggttct ccgggtaaac tgcgcgcacc gtcaactttc gcctccgtcc
   400201 tcatggtcca agaactcacc gccgagcaga tccgccaggc cctgcaaggc atcagcgtgc
   400261 cgccgcaacc ccagatcatg gtcgacctgc agatggagca ggtcatgccc aatccggacc
   400321 tgaagaacat tgccaggctg atcagccagg acccgggcct ttccggggct ctcctgaaac
   400381 tggtgaactc gccgttcttc ggcctggcca atcgcatcac ttcgatccag cgcgcggtga
   400441 acctgctggg cagtcgttcg gtgatcaacc tgatcaacgc ccagtcgatc aagggtgaga
   400501 tgagcgacga caccatcgtc accctcaacc gcttctggga caccgcccag gacgtggcca
   400561 tgagctgcct gagcctggcc aagcggatcg gctacgaatc ggtggacgaa gcctacgctc
   400621 tcggcctgtt ccacaattgc ggcatcccgc tgatgctcaa gcgcttcccg cactacatgg
   400681 cggtgctgga agaggcctac gccgccgcca gcgacgaacg ccgggtggtg gacaccgaga
   400741 accgcgtgct gaacaccaac catgcggtgg tcggctacta caccgcgcgc tcctggcgcc
   400801 tgccggagca cgtctgcgag gcgatcgcca accaccacaa cgcgttgtcg atcttcggcg
   400861 acgaatcggc ccgcgatacc caactgaaga acctgctggc gatcctgaag atggccgagc
   400921 acatctgcgg ttcgcaccgg gtcctcggca accagccgga agaccacgaa tggaacagca
   400981 tcggcgcgct ggtgctggac tacgtcgggc tcaccgacta cgacttcgag aacctcaagg
   401041 gctcgatcct cgagctgggc gtcggccagg gcagctactg actggccgcg ccgcggcgct
   401101 tcctgctaag gtgccgcggt caaccggatt gctgccgcca tgcccgaact acccgaagtc
   401161 gaaaccaccc gccggggcat cgccccctac ctcgaaggcc agcgcgtcga gcgcgtgatc
   401221 gtgcgcgagc ggcgcctgcg ctggccgatc cccgaagacc tggacgtgcg cctgtccgga
   401281 caacgcatcg tcagcgtcga gcgccgcgcc aagtacctgc tgctgggcgc cgaggccggt
   401341 acgctgatca gccacctggg catgtccggc agcctgaggc tggtggagag cggcaccccg
   401401 gccagtcgcc acgagcacgt cgacatcgag ctggcctcgg gcatggccct gcgctacacc
   401461 gatccgcggc gcttcggcgc catgctctgg agcctggcgc cactggaaca cgagttgctg
   401521 cgcaacctcg gcccggaacc gctgaccgac gctttcgccg gccagcgtct gttcgagctg
   401581 tcgcgcgggc ggagcatggc ggtcaagccg ttcatcatgg acaacgcggt ggtggtcggg
   401641 gtcggcaaca tctacgccag cgaagcgctg ttcgccgccg gcatcgatcc gcgcaagccc
   401701 gccgggagca tctccaaggc gcgctacctg cgcctggcgg aggagatcaa gcggatcctg
   401761 gcgatcgcca tcgagcgcgg cggcaccacc ctgcgcgatt tcgtcggcgg cgacggccag
   401821 cccggttact tccagcagga attgttcgtc tatggccgtg gcggggagtt ctgcaaggtc
   401881 tgcggcagca ccctgcgcga gatccgccta ggccagcgcg ccagcgtgta ctgcccgcgc
   401941 tgccaacgct gaagcgccgc gccgcgcata ctctaccgcc acaagaaggg ccgccacggt
   402001 gagcggcctg ccataagaaa ggtgcacgat gtccggcaat tacctgcctc gcaacaccct
   402061 ggtcgagtcg ctcggccatg ccatgctgaa actctccggc tggaagatcg agggccaatt
   402121 gcccgcgctc gacaagttcg tggtgatcgg cgcccaccac acctcgaact gggacttcgt
   402181 ggccttcctc gccgccaagt tcgtcctgcg cctgaacgcc cgctggttcg gcaagcacac
   402241 cctgttcaac ggcccgctgg gcggcctgat gcggcgctgg ggcggtatcc cgatccagcg
   402301 ccacctgaag ctgaataccg tggaccaggc gatccaggcc ttccgcgagc accgcgagtt
   402361 catgctgatc atcgctccgg aaggcacgcg caagaaggtc gaccgctggc gcatgggctt
   402421 ctaccacatc gcccgtggcg ccggcgtacc ggtggtaccg gcggcgctgg actacgaaaa
   402481 ccggcggatc gtcatcggcg aacccttctg gccgaccggc aacgaggacg ccgacctgtg
   402541 cagcctgatc ggcttctacc ggccgttcat cccgaaaaag ccgcactacg cattcctcgg
   402601 cgattgaagg cggtcacgct ggcactaccc gcagcgctgt tatagttagg cgatatctgc
   402661 ccaaccaaaa accagaaagg accgcctcca tgaacctgtt tcgcaccacc gcgctcgtgc
   402721 tggcgctgac caccgggctc tcgtccatgc ccgcgctggc ggatgccgtg caggaaaacg
   402781 ccagcggcga cccgatgtac accgtcgaag cgccccccgc gtacgccatg atcggcgatc
   402841 tgctcatcgc ccgtcccttc ctgatcgccg ccacggccgt cggggcggtg gccttcgtgg
   402901 tcagcctgcc gttcaccgcg gccagcggca gcgtcggcaa ggccggccag gcgctggtgg
   402961 tcgatccggg caaggaagcc ttcgtccgtt gcctgggctg caccaccagc ggctataacc
   403021 acgacgaaag ctgagtttcc aacggaatga aaaaaagccg gtcatcgacc ggctttttgt
   403081 tttctcgatg cattgcaggg ggcacggaga ttgggctaag tcttttcttc cgccacggca
   403141 ggcggcagct atagcgccgc atcggccgat gacagatgtt ccgcacggac cgttcgcggc
   403201 acttgatcgg actctccgat ggtgacagtg tcctgctgac cagcaaggtc acaaggtcga
   403261 ccaggggtgg ccgaccgact caaccaagat aaggatttcg cgtatgttca gtcagtgggt
   403321 gttcctgtcc gtccttgctc ttgccgtacc ctcgttcgcc tgggcggagg atgcggtgtc
   403381 cgacctcgcc agggagcagt ccaaggccga gcagggcgac aagcgcggcg atgaactgtt
   403441 cgccgaattc acccgcctcc gccaggccgc cgagacgggg gagccgcagg ctctgttcga
   403501 tttcggcgcc tacttctacc agcaacagaa ctacgccagc gcgcgcgaat ggtggggcaa
   403561 ggcggccgct gcggggatgg tccgcgcgca gatccaactg gccatgctct atcgcgatgg
   403621 tgacggcggg ccacaggaca agaccgaggc ggcacgctgg ttccggaagg ccgcggagca
   403681 gggggatgcc gccgcccaga atgaaatggg cgttctctac tggagaggcg aaggggtcga
   403741 ccaggaccgg gtgaaggccg ggacctggtt cgaacgcgcg gcggccagcg gtagcgaaga
   403801 cgccgaaacc aatctgggat ggttctacct ggacgactcg caaggcgtct attccgccac
   403861 ttcagacgag gaagccgccc tgctggaccg ttatgccggc agccgggaaa aggccttcca
   403921 gtggttctgc aaggctgcga cccagggaga tgcccgtgcc cagttcaagg tgggcgaggc
   403981 ctactggaac ggttccggtg ccgggatgaa caagctgcaa gcgcggctct ggctggaaaa
   404041 ggccgcacag cagcaggatg cggatgccat cgcctggttg gagagcgccg cgaacgcagc
   404101 ctggtacacc cgcctggaaa actggattca cgctgcgctg gatggagagc tgtccggcgt
   404161 cgccgactgc tccggtgccg ccgatcgccg gcactccggc cgaggcatgg agggcgcccc
   404221 gtctgacccg gaggcggtgg aagccagtgc ggaggatgcg cagcaggcgg ttgaagcggc
   404281 gagccagtga ggcacgccgc ctggattgcc agccggactc gtcggcgaaa tccctacgcg
   404341 gcgcctatct gggtgagatc gtcgaacatt ttttgagcgc tgtctctcgt ttgttcagtg
   404401 cggccgaggc tgcgcttgcg cctccaggga cagagacgag tagccgatcc cgcgcgggtc
   404461 gctggcggcg tcgacgcggc cgctgcgctt gtcccagtag agcacctgct ggttgccgta
   404521 gctgcgctcc aggcgtttga gctgatagcc gcgccggcgc agttcggcgg cctcggcatc
   404581 gctgaaggcg cgcggttcgt actcgacgac gtccggcttg tactggtggt ggtagcgcgg
   404641 cgcggcgacc cattggccga ccgggcgacc gtcgaagtac tgcagcatgg agatcagaac
   404701 catgctcggg atgcggctgc cgccaggggt gccgaaggcg gcgaagtcgg tcgggctttc
   404761 caggaagctc ggactcatgc tcgacagcgg gcgcttgccg gccgccaccg cgttcgcctg
   404821 gctgccggcc aggccgtagc tgttggcgcc ctgggtgtcg gcggcgaaat cgtccatctc
   404881 gttgttcagc accacgccgg taccgggaac ggtgaaggcg gcgccgaacg gcaggttcac
   404941 cgagagggtg gcggccaccg cgttgccctg ggcatcgatc accgcgaagt gggtggtgtg
   405001 gtcgccttcg cgccaggccg gcgcctccgg cagcgccgag ctgggcgtgg cgcggcgcgg
   405061 gtcgatgccg gcggcaaggc gcttcaggta gtccggcgcc agcaaactgg gcagcgggtt
   405121 ggcgacgaag tccgggtcgc cgagcaggcc tcgatcgcgg taggcacggc gcaggacctc
   405181 cagcacgtaa tgggcacgct gtaccggctc ggccttctgc cacggcagct gttccagcat
   405241 ctgcaggctc tgcgccaggg cgacgccgcc ggccgagggc ggcggtgcgc tgatcagttc
   405301 gcggccgttg gccagcttca cctccagcgg gcggcgttcg atcacccggt agtcgcgcaa
   405361 gtcggccgcg ctccagatgc cgccgccggc gcggaccccg gtgagcagct tgtccgctgt
   405421 ctcgccttcg tagaaaccga tccgcccgta gcgcccgagg cgttccaggg tacgtgccaa
   405481 ctgcggttgg cggagcaggt tccattcgtc ggggattccg cccttgtcga ggaagatccg
   405541 cgcggtttcc gggtccttgc gcatcgcttc caggcgcatg gcggcgcggt cacggtagat
   405601 ccggtcgacg gatacgccat ccaccgccag gcggatcgcc ggcaccagat tgtcggccag
   405661 gggcttgcgt ccgtagcggc tgctcaattc gaccagcgcc gccggcaggc cggggatcgc
   405721 cgccgccagc gggccgtcga cggacagcct ggggtcgacc ttgccattgc gccggtacat
   405781 gtcggcgtag gcggccttcg gcgcgcgctc gcgggcgtcg aggaagcgat aggtcggctg
   405841 cgcaccggcc tggcgcagaa ggaagaatcc accgccgccg agtcccgagc cgtaaggctc
   405901 ggctaccgcc agggcagcgg cgatggccgc cgcagcgtcg aaggcgttgc cgccattggc
   405961 cagggtttcc aggccggcga cggtcgcggc cggatgtggc gtggcgacgg cggcctgctg
   406021 cggtgcgtgg gcgttgccgc gaaagctgtc ggcatgcgcc gcgaggctga gcagggacag
   406081 gccgcaggcg gcgaccaggg tacggacggg caggttcagg aaggacatgg cggctcactg
   406141 ttcagcggcg ttcgcgggac ggggccgcga acgcctcaga ctggattgcc aaggatagcc
   406201 aaaagcgcgt cggacggggc gcgaaccgtc cctgaaggac aggcgccggc ggggatcagg
   406261 ccttgccggt gatcttccgg tatttctcca tcaactggtc cttgctctcg acattggcgt
   406321 cgtcaagggg aatgcagtcc accggacaga cctgctggca ctgcggctcg tcgtagtggc
   406381 cgacgcactc ggtgcagaga ttgggatcga tcacatagat ttcttcgcct tgcgagatcg
   406441 cgccgttcgg gcattcgggt tcgcagacgt cgcaattgat gcaatcgtca gtgattttca
   406501 gggacatcta acaactccaa ccgcgacgga cagccacggc atcggtaacg ggaatagcgg
   406561 aattgtgccg catcggcgcc cgcagtgcac gcgggacgcc gacgggaggc cggcggagag
   406621 acgcggatca gcgcttgaaa cgttccgcca gggcgtctgc cacggccgga tgcacgaact
   406681 tgctgatatc cccgccgaga gcggcgattt cccggaccag cgtcgaggaa atgaaagagt
   406741 acttctccga cggggtgagg aacatgcttt ccacgtcggg ggcgagctgg cggttcatgt
   406801 tggccagctg gaactcgtac tcgaagtcgg aaaccgcgcg caggccgcgg aggaagacat
   406861 tcgccttctg ctccttgacg aagtgcgcca gcagggtgga gaagcccacc acctcgacgt
   406921 tcggcaggtg cttggtgacc tcctgggcca gcgccacccg ctgttccagg ctgaacaggg
   406981 ggttcttctt ggggctggcg gcgaccgcga tgatcacatg gtcgaaaagc cgtgaagcac
   407041 gttcgatcag atcgccgtga cccttggtga tgggatcgaa ggtgcctggg tacagcactc
   407101 ggttcatcgc tacgtcctgg cagggtttcg tgagggaatc ggatggtagc gcagggatgc
   407161 ccgtgcggcc aagacgcacg ggccatcggc ctttagccca taggtctgat ggcgccgggc
   407221 cgactgccgc ggcgcgcggc cggcccggcg gcggcggttc aggccctggc caggcgttcg
   407281 gccagcgcgc tggccagttg cgcggtaaga ccgtagaccg agagctgcgg gttggcgccg
   407341 atgctggtgg ggaacagcga gccgtcgtgg atcgacaggt tccgcaggtg gtgatggcgg
   407401 ccgaggctgt cggccaccgc cacggccggg tcttcgccca tggcgcagcc gcccatgacg
   407461 tgggcgctgc ccaggcgcgt gcggtagatc tccaggcgca ggccgtcgat gatcccgcgc
   407521 gcctcctgca ggttcttcgc gctacgcgcg tcgctgtgca ccggccgcac ttcccgggcg
   407581 ccggcggcga actggatctc cgccatggta tggaaggcac ggcggatacc gtcccaggtg
   407641 tagtcggtca tccggtagtc gagcactggg gtgtcgtcgc cgcgcaggcc gaccgagccc
   407701 tccgcgctgt ccgggtggaa gccgtcgcgg agcagggcga gcatcatgtt ggtatgcggt
   407761 agctgttcca tgcgcagggc gttgtcgctg ccgaagccgc cgagcagcac cgaggccagc
   407821 gacggttgca gcggcggcac ctccagtttg taggacatgc gtccggtgac accgtcgtcc
   407881 cattggaaat ggtcggagta gatcgactgc ggtgcgccgt agaaggggtt gatcacccgg
   407941 tcgaacagcc ccgcgctgaa attcaccgtg tgcaggaagg tgcgcttgcc gacccgctgg
   408001 ctcggatcag gcgccttcga gcggagaaga atcgccgggg tgttgatgcc gccgccggag
   408061 agcacgtagt gcctggcccg gaccctgatc cggcggccgt tgggcgccac gcagcgctca
   408121 tccatgccca ggcattcgag gcccgtcacc ttgtcgccgt ccagcagcag ccggttggcg
   408181 cgcgccaggt agagcagctc gccacccttg tcgagggtcg ccgggatggt ggtgaccagc
   408241 atcgactgct tggcgttgac cgggcagccc atgccgcagt agccgaggtt ccagcaaccg
   408301 aggacgttgc gcgggatgac cttccagtga tagccgagct tctcgcagcc caggcggatc
   408361 acgtcgttgt tggcattcgg cggcagcgcc cagggcgcca cgtgcaggcg ctgctccatt
   408421 ttctcgaacc agggcgccat gtcctccgcg ctgtggccct tgaccccgta gacctgggcc
   408481 cagtgctgca gggtcggttc cggggtgcgg aagctgctgg tccagttgat cagggtggtg
   408541 ccgcccacgg cgcggccctg gaggatggtg atggcgccgt ccttgctcat ccggccgatg
   408601 ccttcctggt acagctcggg gtaggcgtcg gcctcctgca tcttgaaatc gctgctggtc
   408661 ttcagcgggc cttcttccac cagcagcacc ttcaggccgg cggcgctgag gatttccgcg
   408721 gtggtgccgc cgccggcgcc ggtgccgacc acgaccacgt cggcctccag ctccaggtcg
   408781 tcgtccaggc gcgagccgtt gtaggttttc cagccgcggg cgaggccctc ggcgaacaga
   408841 tcgggtacag gcatgaatgc actctcaggc taggcggctt cgggctcttc gtattgttcc
   408901 gggggcggct caagcgatct tcggcggtcc ggggtagcca caatgggccc acgcctcggg
   408961 gcgggcgtac caggccatca tcgccagttg catcagcgaa ctgtggccca tccgcaacag
   409021 gccgatgaag ctgttttccc agcgcgaaag gaatgcccgc acgtcgtcgc cgctggcgtt
   409081 ctcccaactg ccccagatac cggtgagcgg gccacgggtg agcggcaggg cgagcacgtc
   409141 gaagagttgc tgggtgagct tgaacatctc cggggagagc cgcgccaggt tgtggtcgag
   409201 gctctggatc gcgccctcca cggctttcgg catctgctcg gcggaaaccg cgccgagcag
   409261 catcaccggc agcagcgcac ggaggaacgg caggtcggat tcgcggacct tttccaggcc
   409321 gctcgccggt ttctccgccg aacagccggt gaggctggcg gtgacgcccg cggtggcgag
   409381 gaaggcgccg ccgatcaggc cgactttcat caggctgcgt cgggacaggc cggcgctttc
   409441 aagggtggtg tcgctcattg ttgttatgtc acctgcagcg taggaatgag ggggcgccgc
   409501 acgcgccccg gttcagcgca cgaacagctt gtagacgagc ttctggatcg acttgccgta
   409561 gggggggtag atcattcgcg cggcgttgaa gcgcggcttg ctgaacacgc ccttggcctt
   409621 gctgaaggtg aggaagcctt cgtggccatg gtagtggccc atgccggagg gaccgacgcc
   409681 accgaacggg atgtcgtcct gggcgacatg cagcagggtg tcgttcagac acacaccgcc
   409741 tgagtgggtc tcgtgcagca cgcgctgctg ctgcgccttg tcgtagccga agtagtacag
   409801 ggccagcggt cgcgggcgct ggttgacgta ggccagggcg tcttccaggc gctcgtaggg
   409861 gatcaccggc agcagcgggc cgaagatttc ctcctgcatc actttcatgt cgtcgctgac
   409921 gttcagcagc agcgtctgcg gcaggcgccg ttgctggcct tcggcgaaca gcgggacgag
   409981 ggtcgcgccc ttctcgcggg cgtcgtcgag atagccccgg aggcggccga gctggcgctc
   410041 gttgatgatc gcggtgtagt cggggttgtc cgaaagacgc gggaagaagc cctggaccac
   410101 ctccttgtac tgactgacga attcctcgac gcgccggctc ggtaccagca cgtagtcggg
   410161 cgcgacgcag gtctgcccgg cgttgaggct cttgccgaag gcgatccgct cggcggcgtc
   410221 cttcatcggc acgctgtcgg agacgatcgc cggcgacttg ccgcccagct ccagggtgac
   410281 cggggtcagg ttctcggcgg cggcgcgcat cacgtgcttg ccgacgctgg tggcgccggt
   410341 gaacagcagg tggtcgaacg gcagcttgga aaaggccacg ccgacgtcta cctcgcctag
   410401 caccacggcg acctggtcct cggggaagat ccgcgccagc aggtccttga gcaggcgccc
   410461 ggtggccggg gtcgactcgc tcatcttgat catcacccgg ttgccggcgg cgagggcccc
   410521 ggtcagcggg ccgatggaga ggaacagcgg atagttccaa ggcacgatca ccccgaccac
   410581 gcccagcggc tggtacacca cctgggccga ggccggctgg aattgcaggc cgaccgcgcg
   410641 gcgcgcgggc ttcatccact tcttcacgcg cttggcggcg tagtggatgc cgtgcaggct
   410701 gggcatgatc tcggcgagca gggtctcgtc ggcggagcgc gcgctgaagt cccggtcgat
   410761 ggcctcgatc agtgcctgct gttccttgaa cagcaggtcg cgcagggcct tcagccactg
   410821 cacgcgctgc gtggcgtcgg gcatcggctg cgccaggtag gcggcgcgct ggcgggcgaa
   410881 gagggcttcg agctggttga tttcctgctg gctctgctgc aggtaggcga tatcggcgac
   410941 catgggctgg ctcctcggcg aagcgtgggc ggctgcgtgg ccgcgcgtct gtcgttatgg
   411001 cggacctggt tcggtccgat gaatttcgct gcgtcgctgg atttctagag taaatactct
   411061 aaagtgtcaa acagcatgcc tgccagcccg gcgcttgcgt acccaacgaa aggcgggccg
   411121 gtcgccggcc gccaccccgg gggctgaccc gggcggccgg ctttgtgtac cttctacgct
   411181 gtcacggcgg ggcgcgcccc gcactgttac ccgaacgagc ccgtcgtccc catggcacca
   411241 cgcatcaaga cccgcgatcg catcgcccag gccagcctgg aactgttcaa cgcccagggc
   411301 gagcgcagcg tcaccaccaa ccatatcgcc acccacctgg gtatatcgcc tgggaacctc
   411361 tactaccact acccgaacaa gcaggcgatc atcgccgagc tgttcgccga gtacgaaagc
   411421 cacgtcgaga gcttcctgcg cctgcccgaa gggcggggtc tgacggtgga cgacaagacc
   411481 ttctacctgg aagcgctact ggccgcgatg tggcgctacc gcttcctcca ccgcgacctc
   411541 gagcacctgc tggaaagcga cccggagctg gcggcgcgct accgcgcctt cgcccagcgt
   411601 tgcctggtca acgccaaggc gatctaccgg ggcttcaccg aggccggcat cctgcggatg
   411661 aacgagaccc agctggaggc cctgaccctc aacgcctgga tcatcctcac ctcctgggtg
   411721 cgcttcctct gcaccaccct cgatctcgac ggcgacctca gcgaggcgca actgcgtcgc
   411781 ggcatctacc aggtgctggc gctggagagc gggcacatcg aggcgcaggc ccaggatgcg
   411841 gtggacggga tttccgagcg gctctacgtg ccgctctgat cgcgcagggt tttctccagc
   411901 acctgctgga tgtggatgcc gtggcggcgg aagaaggctt cggtaccgag ggtggcgtcg
   411961 gtgaacaggt aggcgccgcg gtgatcctcg gcgaagcgcc gcagcagggc tgcgccgacg
   412021 ccgctgctct gtgcgccggg cagcacggcg atttccgcca gccagacgcg aatcggtgtt
   412081 tcttcctcgg cgcgcagcag gccgaccagg cggccgtcgc gttcggccag cagggaatac
   412141 ccggaatgct ggtacagcgt gcgtagctcg gcaggcggca tgcgccggtc ccagccgacc
   412201 gccgcgtgga tcgccaggat cgcctcgcag tcggcgtcgt cgagcatcgg gttgtgccgc
   412261 agcgtcagtt ccattcgccc ccctttttcc ttcagcctgt tcctattctg ccgcccgtcg
   412321 ccggacgccg gccagctcag tgctgccgca ggcgggcctc cagccagtcg gggatgcgtc
   412381 gttccaggta gtaggtgggc tggcgcggag agccgtcgac gaagccgacg tgaccgccgc
   412441 gggcgtgcag ctccagctcg gtgcagggtg ccagttcgct gcgatcgggc aggctgcggg
   412501 cgaacacgaa ggggtcgtct ctggaatgga tgatcaggct cggcgtgcgg atgtccggca
   412561 ggtagtagcg gctggacgcg cgccgatagt aatccctggc gtcggcgaag ccgtgcagcg
   412621 gcgcggtgac ccggccgtcg aagtcccaga aggtgcgcat gccctccagc ggaccgaggc
   412681 gttgcagggc ggccaggcct tccgcctggc cctgctcgcc gaacagccgc tgcttgtcct
   412741 gcacgtaggc cagcatggcc ttcatgaagt gcgcctggta gacccgggaa aagcccaggc
   412801 cgatgcggtc ggcgcactcg tccaggcgga acggcaccga caccgcgacg ccgccgagca
   412861 gcgggcagtc cccagcggtt tcgcccaggt acttgagcag cacgttgccg cccagcgaat
   412921 agccgaccgc gtacagcggc gcttgcgggc gcctggcgcg caggtgcgcg accacctcgg
   412981 cgaggtcgtc gctgaccccg gaatggtagc cgcgcggcag gcggttcggc tcccccgagc
   413041 aaccgcgcca gttcagcgcc acgctggccc agccgcgctc cagcagggcg cgctgcagac
   413101 cgaggatgta gtgcgacgag gatgacccgg tgaggccgtg cagcgccagc accagcgggg
   413161 tctcggcatc gtgcgggccg gcccagtcga ggtcgatgaa gtcgccatcg gccagccaca
   413221 ggcgttcgcg ctgccgttcc agggtcggcc cgcggcggaa gaacgggctc cacagggtct
   413281 gcaggtgcgg attgggcagc caccaggcgg gctggaaggt cggggacgcg gtcatgcgca
   413341 ggtcatgggc ggtggtggtg tggccaccag cttaccagcc gaactcgtcg gcgaggtcct
   413401 ccgcccgctg gcgcgaaccg aggatcggtt gcagttcgtc gacgagctgc tgccgatagc
   413461 ggggcgcgac gctgcagtcg tccagcagga tgtcctcgcc ggcgccgctc cagacctcgc
   413521 cgaagcaggc caggctggcc gccatctgcc acaggtcgtc gaagcacggc gccgggtccc
   413581 agcccctgcc gccatgcagg tcgaagagta tgcgcccgct gccggtctcg aggatgaacg
   413641 ggtcggcgcc ctggtcggcc accaccagcc agtcgtcctg ccagcccgac aggcgctcgc
   413701 cgctgatgcc gtgccagcga tagccggcct ggcgctgcca gaggcgggcc agggacggca
   413761 ggaaaaatgg gttgccggca ctctccaggg cgcagtcgag tgggccgacc tcgcggtaga
   413821 aacgctccag ctcggcgggc agggcgatat cgccctgcca gtcggcggcg ggttgcgccg
   413881 cgcaaggctc gccaagcgcc agcaggcgtt ggcgaatgct cgcggaagcc gggctcatcc
   413941 tcaggctccc cgctgccaga gcgcgtaatg tacgttgccg gctttctttt cccggtgcag
   414001 ccgccagttt ccgggcaggc cgagggacga ggggacgctc tcgctctcgg tatagatcca
   414061 ggcgtcgggg ttcagccagc cgcgggtttc gagcaggcgg caggcgtcct gcagcaggtt
   414121 ctgatggaac ggcgggtcga ggaacaccag gtcgaaggcg ctcggagcct ggtttcccag
   414181 gtagcgcacg gcatcgccga ggaccagttg ggcggtgccg cacttgagcg cgtcgaggtg
   414241 gttgcgcagg gccgccaccg cttcgccgtt ggtatccagg gccagccctt cgcgggcgcc
   414301 gcgcgacaac gcctcgagga acagcgcgcc gctgccggcg aagggatcga gcacccgtgc
   414361 gccttcgaca tagggtgcca gccagttgaa cagggtctcg cggacccggt ccggggtcgg
   414421 tcgcaggccg ggcccgtcgg gaaagacgaa acgccggctg cgccattcgc caccgatgat
   414481 ccgcagctgt ccctggccgc cgtggcggcc gggggctttc gcagtaggtt tgctcattaa
   414541 tgctccggaa cgccgctggg ttgctgggcc ggcttggcgg tgggtggcgg caggggtttc
   414601 tgcggcacgc tcgggccggc gctgacgatg acgaaggcgt cggcgtccag gtgcttggcc
   414661 atggcgctcc tgacctgttc gacgctgagt ccctcgacct gcttgaggaa gctttccagg
   414721 tagtccagcg gcaggccgta gaaaccgatg gcgccgagct ggccgacgat gtcggcgttg
   414781 ctcgcggtgg acagcgggaa gctgccggcc agttcgcgct tggcgtcgtc cagttccttc
   414841 tgggtcgggc cgttggccag gtagtcgcgg acgatgtcct ggaccagctt cagcgccccc
   414901 tcgctgagtt cggcgcgggt ctggaagttg atcatgaacg gaccgcgtgc ctgcatggcg
   414961 gtgaagccgg aatagatgcc gtaggtcagg ccgcgctttt ctcgcacctg gtccatcagg
   415021 cgggtgccga agccgccgcc gccgaggatc tggttgccca ggtagagcgc cgcgtagtcg
   415081 ggatcctggc ggtcgatgcc aagctgggcg agcatcaggt gggtctgctc ggaggggaag
   415141 tcgatgtgcg tcaggccggg cttgggcgtt tccggctgga cggtcttggc cagcgccggg
   415201 ccctggggca gcgccttgga gacttccgcg gcgatcgctt cggcctcctg ccgcgagagg
   415261 tcgccgacca gcgcgatgac cacgttgccg gcggcgtagg ccttcttgtg gaacgcctgc
   415321 aattgttcgc ggctgatcgt tggaacggac ttttcgtcgc cgtcgctgga gtgcgcgtag
   415381 ggatgctcgc catagaggcg cttgaacagc tccaggccgg ccagcttgcc ggggttctgc
   415441 ttctggtact cgaaaccggc caggacctgg ttcttgatgc gtgccagagc gtcctcgggg
   415501 aaggtcggct ggccgaccac ctgttcgaac agcttcagcg cctgggtccg cttgtcggca
   415561 tcggacaggc tgcgcaggcc ggccaccgcc atgtcgcggt aggagccgtt gctgaacgag
   415621 gcgccgaggt cctcgaagcc ggcggcgatg gcagtggtgt ccttgcccgg cacgccttcg
   415681 ttgagcatgg cgttggtcag catcgacagg ccgggggtgc cggcgtcctg gctgctgccg
   415741 gcggcgaagg tcaggcgcag gtcgaacatc ggcagttcat gggcttcgac gaacagcacc
   415801 ttggcacctt cggcggtctt ccattcctgg atgtccagct tgcgatggac cggcgcctgc
   415861 ttggcgacgt ccttcagcga ctgcaactgg ttttcctcga ccgccgcggc atgggccgcc
   415921 gccggggtct gggggggacg cgcgacgaaa taggccagcg cggccagcaa cgcgatgacg
   415981 atcaggccga gcaggccata acgcagccct gtgcgctcac tcatgacggg cctccttttc
   416041 ctcggccttc acaggcagca cttgcgccag ggtcaggcgc gacggggtga aataggtgcg
   416101 ggcggctttc tggatatcgt ccggagtcac tgccttgagg gcctccaggt cctggtcgat
   416161 cagcttccag gacaggccga cgctttccag ctggccgatg ctgctggcct gggcggcgat
   416221 ggagtccttc tcgtagacca tcccggcgat catctgcgcg cgcacgcgct cgatctccgc
   416281 ggcgctgggc gggttctgct tgaggtcatc gagctgcttc cacagaccgg cctcgacctg
   416341 ctcgagggtc ttgcccttct gcacgttcgg cgtggccgag aggacgaaca ggctgtcgcc
   416401 gcggttgaac gcgtcatagt aggtggaggc gccggcgacc agctcctcgc cgcgctccag
   416461 gcgcgaggcc aggcgggcgc tgtagccgcc atcgagcagc gcgccgatca ggcgcagggc
   416521 gttgacttcg cgagggttct cgctgctgcc caggctgggc acgttgaagc ccatgatcag
   416581 gttcggcagc tgggtgcgta cgtacagctt gagccggcgc tcgccgggct cggccagttc
   416641 cagcggcttg cgcgccggcg gcagctggcg ccaggggatc tcgccgaagt agcgcttggc
   416701 gagggtcttg acctcgtcgg cggtgacgtc gccgaccact accagggtgg cgttgttcgg
   416761 cgcgtaccag gattcgtacc agtggcgcag gtcgtcgatg gtcatgcgct gcaggtcggc
   416821 catccagccg atggtcgggg tgtggtagcc gctggccggg taggcggcgg ccttgaagcg
   416881 ctcgaaggcg agggcgttgg gattgtcgtc ggtgcgcagg cggcgctcct ccttgatcac
   416941 ctcgatctcg ctcttgaact ggtcggccgg caggctcagg tgggccatgc ggtcggcttc
   417001 catctccagc gctaccggca ggcggtcgcg ggccaggacc tggtaatagg cggtgtagtc
   417061 gtcggtggtg aaggcgttct cttccgcacc caggtcgcgc agcacccgcg aggcttcgcc
   417121 cgggccgagc ttgcggctgc ccttgaacat catgtgttcg agggcgtggg acaggccggt
   417181 gagcccgggt gtctcgtagc tggagccgat cctgtaccag agctgggaaa ccaccaccgg
   417241 ggcgcggtgg tcttcacgca ctatgacctt caggccgttg tcgaggctga actcgtgggt
   417301 gggctgggtt tccgccgcct gggcgaaaag cgggagacaa aggctggcta ggagcaggcc
   417361 gacgcggcgg cgagctgggg ttttcatggt gatctggacc tttcgtgccg ccaccggggt
   417421 ctcaggtcac tgcggggcag gacccttagc cccgtcgggc gaggagatgc taggataccc
   417481 atccgttttc cgggcggcca cgtcccgtgc cgctcccttg agatacaagc attcatgttt
   417541 ggttccaacg acgacaagaa ggccccgcag ggcggggaaa agaaaggtct gttcggctgg
   417601 tggcggaaaa agccgcaagc cggcgagcag cctgccgatc agcctgccga tcagcctgtc
   417661 gagccggtct ccgagacagc ggccgccgag cagcgcgcgc ctgccgatga cgtggcgcaa
   417721 tccctgacag aacagccagg tcggcagcag ccctccgctg ccgagccggc cgagccggcg
   417781 ccggttgccg aagcaccgct cgccagtgac gagccagcgt cggccgagga gcattcgccc
   417841 cggcccgagg cgcccgtcgc gcaacccgag cctatcctgg ctgccgagcc cgagcccgag
   417901 cccgagcccg agcccgttgc gccgctggcc gccgctccgg cagtcagcga gccggcgacc
   417961 aggccgggct tcttcgcccg cctccggcag gggctgtcca agaccagcgc cagcattggc
   418021 gaaggcatgg ccagcctgtt cctcggtcgc aaggaaatcg acgacgacct gctcgacgac
   418081 atcgagacgc gcctgctgac cgccgacgtc ggcgtcgagg ccaccaccct gatcgtgcag
   418141 aacctgacca agcgcgtggc gcgcaaggag ctggccgaca gcggcgcgct gtacaaggcg
   418201 ctgcaggaag agctggccag cctgctgcgc ccggtggagc agccgttgca ggtcgacgtc
   418261 gcgcgcgagc cctatgtgat cctggtggtc ggggtgaacg gcgtgggcaa gaccaccacc
   418321 atcggcaagc tggcgaagaa gctgcaactc gagggcaaga aggtcatgct ggccgccggc
   418381 gacaccttcc gcgccgccgc cgtggagcag ttgcaggtct ggggcgagcg caaccgcatc
   418441 ccggtgatcg cccagcacac cggcgccgac tccgcctcgg tgatcttcga cgcggtgcag
   418501 gccgccaagg cccgcggcat cgacgtgctg atcgccgata ccgccggacg cctgcatacc
   418561 aaggacaacc tgatggagga gctgaagaag gtgcgccggg tgatcggcaa gctggacgag
   418621 acggcgcccc atgaggtcct gctggtgctc gacgccggca ccgggcagaa cgccatcaac
   418681 caggccaagc agttcaacct cgcggtggag ctgaccggcc tggccctgac caaactggac
   418741 ggcaccgcca agggcggggt gatcttcgcc ctggccaagc agttcggcct gccgatccgc
   418801 tatatcggtg tcggcgaggg gatcgacgat ctccgtacct tcgaggccga cgccttcgtc
   418861 caggcactct tcgcagagcg ggagaacgca tgatccgctt cgagcaggtc ggcaaacgct
   418921 atcccaacgg ccacgtaggc ctgcacgagg tgtccttccg cgtgcaccgt ggcgagatcc
   418981 tcttcgtcac cggccactcc ggcgccggca agagcaccct gctgcgcctc atcctggcga
   419041 tggagcgacc gaccagcggc aagctgttgc tcggcggcca ggacctgggg cgcatcacta
   419101 ccgcgcagat ccctttcctg cgccggcaga tcggcgtggt gttccagaac caccaactgc
   419161 tcaccgatcg tacggtggcg gacaacatcg ccctgccgct gcagatcctc ggcatgccca
   419221 agccggagat cgccaagcgc gtggcctcgg ccctggagcg ggtgaacctg aaggaaaagg
   419281 gcgaggcgtt gccttccgac ctttccaccg gccagcagca gcgggtcggc attgcccgcg
   419341 ccatcgtcca ccagccggcc ctgctgctgg cggacgaacc caccggcaac ctcgacccgc
   419401 gactcgcctc ggaaatcatg ggcgtgttcg aggatatcaa tcgcctgggc accaccgtac
   419461 tgatcgccag ccacgacctg gccctgatcg cccgtatgcg ccatcgcatg ctgaccctgc
   419521 agcgtggccg gatcatcgct gaccgtgagg atgaggcctg atgagcgcca acgatcttcc
   419581 ccgtggcccc gaagagggcg caccggaacg caagacccgc gagaaaccga gccaggagca
   419641 gaccgactgg agcggctcgt tcagcgccta cctggaaagc catcgcgcca gcctggtgga
   419701 cagcctgcgc cggttgttcg gccacccgtt cggcagcttc ttcacctgcc tggtgatggg
   419761 tatcaccctg agcctgccga tgggcctctc gctgctgctg aacaatgtcg aacggctcgg
   419821 cggctcctgg cagcgcgccg cgcagatctc cctgttcctc gacctgaaga ccagcgaaaa
   419881 ccagggccag gacctgcgcg agcagatcga acgcctgccg gacgtgatcg aggcccaact
   419941 gatcagccgc gagcaggcgc tcagcgaatt gcaggaacag tccggcctgg gcgaagcgct
   420001 caaggagctg ccggagaacc cgctgccgcc ggtgatctcg gtcacgccca agcagatcga
   420061 ccgggccggc ctggaggcac tgcgccagca gctcgcggag ctgcctcatg tgcagcaggc
   420121 gcagctcgac ctggtatggg tcgagcgcct gagcgcgatc ctcaagctcg gcgaacgctt
   420181 cgtcttcggc ctgaccatcc tgctggtgct gaccctcttg ctggtggtgg gcaacaccat
   420241 ccgcctgcac atcgaaaatc gccgtaacga aatcgaggtg atcaagctgg tcggcgggac
   420301 ggacggttac gtgcgccggc cattcctgta catgggcgcg ttgtacggcc tgggcgcggg
   420361 catcctgtcc tgggcgctgc tggcctattc gctgaactgg ctgaacggtt cggtggtcaa
   420421 cctttcaggg ctgtacggca gcgacttcgg cctgcagggc gtgccgctgg acgacggcct
   420481 gtcgctcacc gtcggcgcgg tgctgcttgg ctgggtcggc gcctggctgg ccgtggcccg
   420541 ccacctgcgc gagctggcgc cgcgctgagg acaggcggat cacgaccggc cagcgggtcg
   420601 ctgtaaagga acttatacac ccgcttgcag tcagatatcc gagtgctaca ctgcgcgagt
   420661 ttcgtgaatc ggaggattcg catgaccact tctttgcaac ctgtacatgc cttggttcca
   420721 ggcgcaaacc tggaggccta cgtgcactcg gtgaacagca ttccgctgtt gtcgccggaa
   420781 caggagcgtg aactggccga acgcctcttc tatcagcaag acctggaagc ggcgcggcag
   420841 atggtgttgg cgcacctgcg cttcgttgtt catatcgcca agagttattc ggggtacggc
   420901 ctggcccagg ccgacctgat ccaggaaggc aacgtcggcc tgatgaaggc cgtgaagcgt
   420961 ttcaacccgg aaatgggcgt tcgcctggtg tccttcgccg tgcactggat caaggcggag
   421021 atccacgagt tcatcctgcg caactggcgg atcgtcaagg tcgccaccac caaggcgcag
   421081 cgcaagctgt tcttcaacct gcgcagccag aagaagcgcc tggcctggtt gaacaacgag
   421141 gaagtccatc gcgtcgccga gagcctgggg gtcgagcccc gcgaagtgcg cgagatggaa
   421201 agccgcctga ccggccagga catggcgttc gacccagccg ccgacgcgga cgacgagagc
   421261 gcctaccagt cgccggcgca ttacctcgaa gaccaccgct acgacccggc gcgccagtta
   421321 gaagacgccg actggagcga cagctccagc gccaacctgc acgaggcgct ggaaggcctc
   421381 gacgagcgca gccgcgacat tctccagcag cgctggctgt ccgaggagaa ggccacgctg
   421441 cacgacctgg cggaaaagta caacgtttcc gccgagcgta tccggcagtt ggaaaagaac
   421501 gccatgagca agctgaaagg gcggattctc gcctgatcgc cgcgcctcgc gaaaaccgca
   421561 ccccgcaagg gtgcggtttt tttctgcccg gaggaatccc atgccgcgca atacccgctg
   421621 gctgttctac ctgtcgctgg cggtcctgac cttcgtcgtc ggcgcctggc tggtccgtac
   421681 gccggaaccg gcgcggccgt tgccgtggct ggccgactgg caggagcagg tgctggcgcc
   421741 gttggcggac aacgccctga ccctgcgcca gctgcacgac gcggtggatg gcgagttgtg
   421801 ggtggacccg cgcctggatg gcgtgcgcct ggccttccgt ggccgcctgc tgggcgacgg
   421861 cggcccctgg caggtggaag gcgagctggg cctgagcgcc gaggagcaac tgagcctgca
   421921 gcgggcatct gcgttgcagc ctggcagcgc gccgcagcca ttgagcgccg gattggaagg
   421981 acagttgggc gacaagccga tcgtggcgct gagcatgatt cccgaaggca gggtcggtgc
   422041 cgagcggctg ctggccagtc tcggccagcc gcgcctgcgc ctgcaactgg cccagggcga
   422101 ggcctgggtc tatccgcaac tgggcctgac cgcgcacctg ccggacgacg acttgcgact
   422161 gatgctcgcg gtgccgcgcc aggccctgga aaaaccgccg cgttgagctt tcagcgctcc
   422221 aggcgcagca ggtagtcgtc gccgcccaac tgccacatct gctggcgaat ccaggccgcg
   422281 cgctggcgta cgtaggggcc cggcctggcc gcgctccatt tcagcgggct gggcagcacc
   422341 gcggcgagct ggctggcctg ggtgcggctc aggcgctcgg cgtcgaggcc gaagtgatag
   422401 cgtgccgcag cctgcgcgcc gaagacgccc gggccccatt cggcgctgtt caggtagacc
   422461 tcgagaatcc gttgcttggt ccagagcgtc tcgatcagca gggtgaacca ggcctccagg
   422521 cccttgcgca gccaactgcg cccggaccag aggaagacgt tcttcgccac ctgctggctg
   422581 agcgtactgg cgccgcggat actgccgccg cgctcgttgt gcgcgagggc ctgctggatg
   422641 gccggcaggt cgaagccgtg gtgctcggcg aagtgctggt cctcgccggc gatcaccgcg
   422701 accttcaggc tgtccggcaa ctgttcccag gagcgccagt cgcgctgcag gtcgatgggc
   422761 tggccgtcga cccaggagcc gaccttgcgt tcgaccatga ccatggtccc cggtggcggc
   422821 acccagcgca ggaccgcgac cagcacgacg ctggcggcca tgaaccagag caggtacttg
   422881 aacaggcggc ggaacaggga tcgcaacatg cgcggcttgg cttggaagaa gggggcggcc
   422941 attatagcgg gctggatgct atcaccggag tcttgtccat gcttcgtccc ttcctgttgt
   423001 tggcggcatt tttcggtttc accggcgtgg ccctcggggc gttcgccgcc cacggcctga
   423061 agaagcagct gagcgccgag tacctggcgg tattccagac cggcgtgcac taccagttga
   423121 tccatgccct ggcgctgttc ggcgtggcgc tgctcgccac ccgcctggac ggccgcctgg
   423181 tgagcgcggc gggtggcctg ttcacgctgg gcatcctgct gttctccggc agcctctacc
   423241 tgctgaccct aagtggcatc ggcaagctcg gcatcgtcac cccgttcggc ggcgtctcct
   423301 tcctcgccgg ctggctgtgc ctggggctgg ccgcctggcg cctgggcaac gcctgagacc
   423361 ggttgcctca cgcggcgcac ttgtcgacaa ggcgccttgg tcatcggggt ggatcgggct
   423421 agaatgccgc tccctttcac tttcgtgacc gtccagccat gcagattcaa ctgaacggcg
   423481 agcccttcga gctgcccgac gcgcagagcg tcgcggacct gctggcccgc ctggagcttg
   423541 gcggccgccg cgtggccgtc gagctgaacc tggatatcgt gccgcgcagc cagcacgcca
   423601 gcaccgcgct caaggatggc gaccgcgtgg agatcgtcca cgccatcggc ggcggctagg
   423661 cctggccccc gaacccttcc atcggccccg caagcctttc catccaggag tcatccgatg
   423721 agccaagcat ccagtaccga tacccccttc gtcatcgccg gccgtaccta tggctcgcgc
   423781 ctgctggtgg ggaccggcaa gtacaaggac ctcgacgaga cccgccgggc catcgaggcc
   423841 tccggagcgg agatcgtcac ggtggcggtg cggcgcacca acatcgggca gaatcccgac
   423901 gagccgaacc tgctggatgt gatcccgccg gatcgctaca ccatcctgcc gaacaccgcc
   423961 ggctgctatg acgcggtcga ggccgtgcgc acctgccgcc tggcccgcga gctgctggac
   424021 gggcacaacc tggtcaagct ggaagtcctc gccgaccaga agaccctgtt ccccaacgtc
   424081 gtcgagaccc tcaaggccgc cgagcaactg gtgaaggacg gcttcgacgt gatggtgtac
   424141 accagcgacg acccgatcat cgcccgccaa ctggccgaga tcggctgcat cgcggtgatg
   424201 ccgctggccg gcctgatcgg ctccggcctg ggcatctgca acccctacaa cctgcgcatc
   424261 atcctcgagg aagccaaggt cccggtgctg gtagacgccg gcgtgggcac cgcttccgat
   424321 gcagcgatcg ccatggagct gggttgcgag gcggtgctga tgaacaccgc catcgcccat
   424381 gccaaggacc cggtgatgat ggccgaggcc atgaagcacg cgatcgtcgc cggtcgtctc
   424441 gcctacctgg ccggacgcat gccgcgcaag ctgtatgcca gcgcctcgtc gccgctggac
   424501 ggcctgatcg actgataccg actacctggg gcgggctgtc cgccggatgc gggaagcgtc
   424561 cggcaggcag cccgcccttc tgtctctagc aaggttttct tttccatgag cgataccccg
   424621 caatccccgg cccaggactc cctggcggaa cacgacgaag cacggccgat gcgcaccgtg
   424681 aagagcttcg tgatgcgcgc cgggcgcatg accgaaggcc agcagcgtgg cctcgacctg
   424741 ggctggccga agttcggcct ggaactgagc gatgaggtcc aggacttcga cgcgatcttc
   424801 ggtcgccagg cgccgcggac tttcgagatc ggcttcggca tgggccattc caccctggaa
   424861 atggccgccg ctgcgcctga catcgacttc atcggcgtcg aggtgcacaa gccgggcgtc
   424921 ggcgcgctgc tcaacggcct gctgacccag ggcctgggca acgtgcgggt gtatagctgc
   424981 gacgcgctgg aagtgctgcg ccactgcgtg gccgacgcca gcctcgatcg gctgctgctg
   425041 ttcttccccg atccctggca caagaagcgc caccacaagc ggcggatcgt ccagccggaa
   425101 ttcgccgaac tggtgcggcg caagctgaag gtcggcggcg tgctgcacat ggccaccgac
   425161 tgggagccct atgccgagca catgctggac gtcatgagcg cggcgccggg ctaccgcaac
   425221 caggccgaag acggccgctt cgtgccgcgc ccgcaagagc gtccggtgac caagttcgag
   425281 cggcgcgggg agcgcctggg acatggcgtc tgggacctca agttcgagcg cgtcgactga
   425341 tccaccgcac cagcgacgta cccctggcgc cgaaccggcg ccgggactcc aagcagaccg
   425401 ggaacacccg gcggacctca ccttcaagct gcacgtttcc cggcttcggc cggatccaat
   425461 aataagagcg gcacggctcg gccggctgca aaggagactg ctgtgttgaa gaaactgggc
   425521 atcctgttgc tcggggccgg ttgcgcctgg gcggcgcagg ccaaggtaga cgaagtccag
   425581 gccgcacgcc tggaccagga cctgaccccg ctgggagcgg agcgggccgg caacgccgat
   425641 ggcagcatcc cgccctggac cggcggcatc acccaggcgc cggccggcta ccggcccggc
   425701 atgcatcacc tcgacccgtt cgccgccgat cgtccgcgcc tggtcctcga cagccgcaac
   425761 atggccgcct accaggcgct gctgacgccg ggcacccagg ccttgctgca ggccaacccg
   425821 gactaccacc tgcgggtctt ccccacccgc cgcagcgcat ccctgccgca gcgcctgtac
   425881 gacgctaccc gcgccaacgc cagccgcgcc gagctgatcg ccgacggcaa cggcgtgcag
   425941 ggcgctgccg ccggcgtgcc cttccccctg ccgcagagcg gccaggaagc gatctggaac
   426001 cacatcatgc gctaccgcgg cgagcaactg cacctgcaga ccaaccaggc ggcggtgctg
   426061 gccaacggca gctacaacct gctcaagctc gaccgctacc tgtacttcgt ctatggccgc
   426121 gaggggatga tcccggagaa cctcgacaac acgttgttct actacaagta caaggtggtc
   426181 gcgccggcgc gcctggccgg ttcggcgctg gtggtgcagg aaaccctcga ccaggtgctg
   426241 tcgatccgca aggcctggcg cttcaaccgt ggcgagcggc gcgtgcggcg cttgccgacc
   426301 ctggcctacg acagcctgca gccggatacc aacggcatgg ccacggcgga caccgtggat
   426361 gtctacaacg gtgcaccgga ccactacgag tgggcgttgc tcggcaagcg cgagatgctg
   426421 gtgccttaca acagctacgc ggtgcaccag aagggcctcg cctatggcga catcctcaag
   426481 agccgcttca tcaatcccga cctgctgcgc tacgagctgc atcgcgtctg ggtggtcgag
   426541 gcgaccctgc gcaagggctt cagccatccc tacgccaagc gccgcttcta cctcgacgaa
   426601 gacagctggc agatcctcgc cgccgacatc tacgacaagg atggcgtgct gacccgggcc
   426661 caggaggtcc atccgatcaa ctactacgat gtgccgctgg tctccagcac cctggaagcg
   426721 atctacgact tcaagggcgg ccgctacttc gtcgatgggc tggacaacaa cgagccgatg
   426781 tacgacttcg gcgtgcaggt cgggccgcgc gacttcaccc cgcaggcgct gcgccgggag
   426841 gggaactgag gcggacggcc ctcagacgat cagctcggcg ccgcgtagcg tgccgtcgtc
   426901 gtccaggcgc gccggcgccg ggctgatctg caggtacttg atgctgtccc gcggaatcag
   426961 cagcaggtcg ccgtcgacct cgacgctgag atagggcgtg tccagttgct gacggatgct
   427021 gcgggcaacc tcggccgggt cgtcctgctg gcgcgggaag cgcagcgaca ggcgctggcc
   427081 gtcggtgaaa tgcaggtaga ggtgcttgat cggtttcatg cgggctcccg gaggccatga
   427141 cgctcttggg gacggcgctg gccgccggga gaccgggggc tcagctgcga tcggcgatca
   427201 tgccgatcac gaagaacact agcaggagca cgggcgccag ggtgtagttg ttgaagtagc
   427261 cgaggccctt ggccagccag ggggtgacga agaccatcgc caggccgtag ccgaccgcgc
   427321 agatcaacac gaacagcagg gtgcggaaga cgaagttgag gctgccgatg cgctgctgta
   427381 cccaggcgtt gatcgccggg ccgaacagca ccagcagggt ggccatgatg gccagggaaa
   427441 tgtccgacag gtggctgcgg ctccagcgcg acagggtggc gatcaggtcc agcgcgtaat
   427501 ccatcgaggg ttccttgtaa cgaatcggcg tgtcggtcgg cggagtttac ctgcctgccg
   427561 gcacggatgg gcgtgcatcc gtcgtcacgg caggaaatgt tgcagcaggt cgttgaggaa
   427621 cagctggccg cgttcgctgg ggcgcaggcg ctgcgggtcg tcggcgagca gcccggcgtc
   427681 gcgcgcggcg gcgcaggcat cggcgatcgc cgccagtggc tggccggtgc gctgtgggta
   427741 gagcgcggcg gggacgccgt cgaccaggcg cagcacgttc atcatgaact cgaatggcag
   427801 gtcggccgct tccagcgggc gctcgccggc ctggaaggcc ttttgcgggt tgaggtagtc
   427861 cttcggcagg cgggtcttcc aggtccgcac gatgcgtccg tccggcgcgc tcagcttggc
   427921 gtgggcgccg gcgccgatgc cgaggaagtc gccgaagctc cagtagttca ggttgtgccg
   427981 ggcgtgcagg ccgtcgcggg cgtaggcgga ggtctcgtac tggcggtagc cgtgctcgtc
   428041 gagcagggcc tggccggctt cctggatgtc ccagaggatg tcgtcctcgg gcagctccgg
   428101 cggctggctc cagaacaccg tgttcggctc catggtcagt tggtaccagg agaggtgcgt
   428161 gggggccagg gcgagggcct ggcgcaggtc ggccagggcg tcgtcgaggc tctgcccggg
   428221 caggccgtgc atcaggtcga ggttgaagtt gtcgaagccg gcctggcgcg ccatgtcggc
   428281 ggcgcgcact gcctcggcgc cgtcgtggat gcgccccagg gcctgcagct tgtcggcctg
   428341 gaagctctgc acgccgatgg acaggcgatt gatgccgagg cgccggtagt cggcgaactt
   428401 gacctgttcg aaggtgccgg gattggcttc cagggtgatc tcgatgccgt cggcgaagcc
   428461 gaccctgcgc tcgacgcctt ccagtagccg gcccagggcc ttggccgaga acaggctggg
   428521 cgtgccgccg ccgaagaaga tcgaacccag gcgccggccg tggacatggc gcaggtcttg
   428581 ctccaggtcg gcgagcaggg cgtcgacata ggcctcttcg ggcagctccg ggccagcggc
   428641 gtgggagttg aagtcgcaat acgggcactt gcgcacgcac cacgggatgt gcacgtacag
   428701 ggccaggggc gggagctgga acggggtggc ttgggtcacg gcggggcggg gtggaggcgg
   428761 tttcggggcg ctatcgtggc atgagttcgg ccaacctcca aggcggccgg acgaaacgcc
   428821 gtgccgacgc cgcccggggg cggcgccggc ggttgcggct cagagaccca ggcgctgctt
   428881 gagcagggcc atggcgcggg ctcggtggct gaggcggttc ttctcctcgg gcgccagctc
   428941 ggcgctggag cagtcgcgtt ccggcaccca gaacagcggg tcgtagccga agccgtgggc
   429001 gccgcgggct tcgcggagga tgcggccttc ccagatgccc tcgcagagga tcggcagcgg
   429061 gtcgtcggcg tggcgcacca gcgccagcac gctgacgaac tgtgcgccgc gctcggcgtc
   429121 cgggacatcc ttcatggcct ccagcagctt ggcgttgttc gccgcgtcgc cccggccgtc
   429181 ggcatagcgc gccgagtaga tgcccggcgc gccgccgagg aagtccaccg ccagcccgga
   429241 gtcgtcggcc agcgccggca ggccggagag gcgtgcggcg ttgcgtgcct tgaggatggc
   429301 gttctcgacg aaggaaagac cggtttcctc cggttccacc tggctgaact cgccgatcga
   429361 gcgcaccttc acgctggcgc cgagcatggc ctggagttcc ttgagtttgc cggcattgtg
   429421 gctggccagc accagctgtt cgagcttgat cattcgtccg ggaagatttc cttgttgaaa
   429481 ctgaaggttt gcgcaggttc gcccttggcc tcgaccttga tggtgaagac cagggtctcg
   429541 cgctggctga tcgggaattg cgccaggttg tagatggcgc cttcctcgct gactcggcgg
   429601 aactccaggg ggatgacctt gccggtcagg tccttggccg agccggtcac gctggcctct
   429661 accggcttgc ctttctccat cggcaccacg ttgatcacgc cctgcgcctt gctgcgtacc
   429721 aggccgaccg cgctggccac gttgggctgg aggaagctgg agttgaacac gttgtagtgg
   429781 acgtccaggt cgccgaagcg ctgcacctgc tcggcgagga ccggcaggct caggcagagg
   429841 ccgaggacga aagcggtgaa gcggcgcatg atggtttctc ctgaaaggtg gcatggacgt
   429901 tgtccatggt ctgctgccgg cggccttggc cggcttcggc agcgctctcc cgaggacgag
   429961 cggaggggcg cccggccctg gcccgcagcc tggcgcgttc ctagacggcg aggttgcggg
   430021 tctgcactcc gggtccggtg acccggtaga ttccaatctc acccaataga ttaggccaca
   430081 gccggctggc ccagccatgc cggtggtcac ggtctacggc caggcggtcg agcacgcgca
   430141 tgcgcaactg gcggcacagg cgctcgaagt cctggaaggt gcagaaatgg atgttcggcg
   430201 tgttgtacca ggtatacggc aggaactcgg agaccggcat ccggccgttg cgcgccaggt
   430261 accagcggca gcgccagtgg ccgaagttgg ggaaagtgat gatgcaggtc ttgccgaccc
   430321 gcagcatctc ttcgaggatc ttgtccggat agtgcacggc ctgtagcgcc tgggtcatca
   430381 ccaccacgtc gaagctgtcg ctggcgaagt tgcccaggcc cttgtcgagg tcctgctcga
   430441 tcacgttcac cccgttttcg atgcaacggg cgatgttgtc gggatcgatc tccagaccgt
   430501 agccgctgac ctgcttgtgg tcgcgcagcc aggccaggag ttcgccgtcg ccgcagccga
   430561 ggtcgaggac gcggctgccg gcgggaatcc attcctggat gatttcgaga tcggcgcgca
   430621 tcggatcctc acacgctgat gcggttcatg taaccgctga aggcttgcag gtaccggggg
   430681 atcggcatga ggaaggcgtc gtggccttgc ggggcgtcga tctccaggta gctgacgttc
   430741 tttttcgccg cgatcagggc gtcgacgatt tcccgcgagc gggccggcga gaaacgccag
   430801 tcggtggtga aggacatcag gcagaagtcc gcctcgacgc cctccagggt gcgcaccagg
   430861 tcgtcgccgt gggcggcggc ggggtcgaaa tagtccagcg ccttggtcat cagcaggtag
   430921 gtattggcgt cgaagcgggt ggagaactcc tcgccctggt agcgcaggta actctcgacc
   430981 tggaactcga cgctgtgcag gtcgtagttg agcttctcgg tcttcagtac gcggccgaac
   431041 ttggcgccca tggcgtcgtc ggacaggtag gtgatatggc cgaccatccg cgccagcttg
   431101 aggccgcgct tgggaatcac gccctgttcc tggaagtagc cgccgaggaa ctcagggtcg
   431161 gaaagaatcg cctgccgggc gacttcgttg aaggcgatgt tctgcgccga cagcttcggc
   431221 gcgctggcga tgcacaggca gtgacggacg cgttcggggt agctgatggt ccattgcagc
   431281 gcctgcatgc cgccgaggct gccgccgacc accgcggccc actggcggat gccgaggcgg
   431341 tctgccaggc gcgcctggct atgcacccag tcttccaccg tgaccatcgg gaagtccgcg
   431401 ccgtagacct tgccggtcgc cggattgatg ctggcggggc cgctggaacc gttgcaaccg
   431461 ccgaggttgt tgagggcgac gacgaagaac ttgcgggtgt cgatcggctt gcccggaccg
   431521 atgcagctgt cccaccagcc cggcttgcgc tcgtcgacgc tgtggtagcc ggcggcgtgg
   431581 tggtggccgg agagggcgtg gcagatcagc accgcgttgc tctgcgtggc attcagctcg
   431641 ccgtaggttt cgatcaccag gtcgtactcg gccagggact tgccgctggt cagctcgagc
   431701 ggttcgttga agtgcagcgt ctggggggag accagaccga cggagtcgtc ggggaagact
   431761 gtgggcatcg accctgctct cgaacaaagg agggcgccag tctaaagagc gtcgccccca
   431821 gcggcaagcg cgctggcgcg cgccgtggga gcggggtcag gcgcgctgcg agccgggcag
   431881 gttgaccacc ttggcctggc gctgcagggg cgaggggcgg cgcaactggc ggaggatgtc
   431941 gccggcttcg cgcaactgtt cctgcaattc cccggcgaac ccggcgaagg cctggctgcg
   432001 ctggcgtacc tgctgggtct cctgggccag gcccttgagg cggagcatgt ggctttcgag
   432061 caactgtttg ttttccaggg tgtgctgcat cagcggcatc agtgcgtcgt tggcccagcg
   432121 ctcggtttcc tcgcgcaggc gctggtgcag gccgaccacc tcctgcacca gggtggcgaa
   432181 gaagcgccgg gtcagcaggc gttgctcggt aagcacggtc ttcagctgca ggcggaactg
   432241 gtcgcccttc ttcttcagtt gcaacagttc gcgctggtag cgctggaccc gtagctgcgg
   432301 cgcgtcgagg gcgtagagcg ggttctcctc gttgtgccgg cggtagatgg cggcgaccat
   432361 gcggttggcc atgccggcct cgtgctcgag gttgtcgagg tcgtgctcca ccgcgcggaa
   432421 gaacgccagg atcgcctggt tgatgccgac cgtggtcagg ctgccgttga ggttgcgccg
   432481 caccttctgc aggtgctgtt ccatgcgttc gctgcggatc gtctcgcgca gcgtcgcgcc
   432541 ctggtgctgc agcaggcgct ggttggtctt caggttgagc aggcggcggt ggtggcggcc
   432601 gtggtcgtcc ttggtcttcg cggtcagttc gaacagcagt tggccgctgt cgcgctgctt
   432661 gtcgtcgagc agcgcgcgct gttcctcgac cttctccagg cgcaggcgca gcagatgctg
   432721 gctgttgtgc agcaggccaa ggacctggcc gagcacggcg ttctccagca gcgcttcctt
   432781 ctgcgcgacg atgcgctcgc agagcagcgc ttccagccga tccaggcgac tgcgttcgag
   432841 cagcgccggt tcgccgcgga ccttggccag cagcgcctgc ttcgccgaca gcggcagcac
   432901 gtcgccgcgc tgcaggccga gctggcgggc cgtgccgtcc tggatcaggc ggatggcgtt
   432961 ctgtacgaag cgctcgccgg aaaggtcgtc ccagagcacg tcgatcttgt tcagcacggc
   433021 gaacaggctg ctgtggccgt cctcgcgcag tggctggatg tacttctgcc agatttccat
   433081 gtccgaggcg gtgacaccgg cgtcggcgga cagcaggaac aggatcgcct gggcgttggg
   433141 cagcatcgac agggtcagct ccggctcgct gccgagggcg ttcaggccgg gtgtgtcgag
   433201 gatccgcagg ccctggcgca gcagcgggtg gtcgaagttg accagggcgt ggcgccaggc
   433261 cgggacgcgc acctggtcgg gctcgtcggc ggcttccagg gcatccgggt ggaagccgag
   433321 ctggatcgcc tgttccaccg gcagcgcctt ggtcttggcg acctgggcga aggcctgggc
   433381 catgccctcc gggtcgccgg tgtccagcgg aatgttcacc cagtggcgcg gcacgcgctt
   433441 gaactgggcg acgctggcgt cggccaggcg cgtctcgatc ggcagcaggc ggatgtagct
   433501 gcgctcggcg cgcggatcgt ggaacagctc ggtggggcac atggtggtgc gcccggcgtg
   433561 ggacggcagc atgcgctggc cgtagccggc gaagaacagg ctgttgatca gctcggtctt
   433621 gccacgcgag aactcgccga cgaaggccag ggtgatgtgg tccgcgcgta gttggcgcag
   433681 ggcgcgttcg agcttggcct cgaccgccgg gctgttcagc cggctgcgct ccagccagcc
   433741 gcgatagcgg gtgatttccc gcatcagctc gcgcttccag gcgacgtagg cgtcgatttg
   433801 atggctgagt ctttccatgc tcatccaggg gctccagggc gcgggaccgg cgggggaagg
   433861 atggcgtgga ttatgcgggg gagcggggga gcgtcaattg gcctgcttca cattcctgca
   433921 cgtaaggtcg gtcaagcggg tcgagcggcg atccccagtt ccttcggcaa tcgggtcgga
   433981 cggcggatgc gcacccgttt ctgccggttc agctcgccgc tttcgagact caccaggctc
   434041 ttggccacgc cgaaggcctt gccgaggaag gccagcagat gggcgttggc cttgccctcc
   434101 accggcggtg cggtgaggcg gatcttcagg cgctcgccgt gcagcccggc gaactcgtcg
   434161 cggctcgcct tgggctgcag gtggcaatcg aggagcaggt cctcgccgtc ccagcggtag
   434221 aagctcagag gaaaatgctc aactgctggg gcatgccggt catggccgcc aggttgttga
   434281 tcaccagcat gtcgatcagc ttcagcgcga ggaacgcgaa gatcggcgag agatccagtc
   434341 cgccgaggtt cggcaggagc ttgcggaacg gcatcagcag cggttcgcag atctggttca
   434401 ccagttgcgc gccggggttg tagctgcccg gggcgaccca ggaaaggatc acgctgatga
   434461 tcagggcgaa gaagaacacc ttcaggaaca gcgaggtgac ggcgatgatc gaccagatca
   434521 gcagttgcat gatgaagccg ccgacgccgt agcccatcag catcaggatc aggatcatca
   434581 gcaccagttg gatcaggatc gccagcacca gcgaggccag gtcgatccca ccgaagccgg
   434641 ggatgatccg ccgcagcggg ttcagcagcg gcttggtggc gcgcacgatg aactggctga
   434701 gggggttgta gaagtccgcg cggaccagct gcaggatgaa gcgcagcagc acgatcagca
   434761 agtagaggct gccgagggtc tggaggatat agatagcagc ggtgttgagg ccgatcatcg
   434821 actactcctt attggccaag ctgttcggcc agctcggcgg agcgctggct ggcggcgttc
   434881 agggcctgct ccaccagtgc ttcgaagccg ttggcctgga aggatttgat cgccgcctcg
   434941 gtggtgccgt tgggcgaagt cacccggcgc cgcagttcgg ccggctcgac ctcgctggac
   435001 agcgccatct gcgccgcacc gagggcggtc tgcagggtca ggcgcgaggc tgtctcgcgg
   435061 gacaggccga gcttctcgcc ggcgtcggtc atggcctgca tcagcaggaa gaaatacgcc
   435121 gggccgctac ccgacactgc ggtcaccgcg tcgatctgcg cttcgtcgtc cagccacagg
   435181 gcgatgccca ccgcggacag caactgcccg gcctgctcgc gttgcgcggc gctgacctgc
   435241 gcgttggcgt acagcccgct ggcgccctgg cgcagcagcg ccggggtgtt gggcatgcag
   435301 cggaccaccg ggcgcggctg gccgagccag gcttcgaggc tggcgcaggg gatgccggcg
   435361 gcgatggaga cgatcagttg ctccggcttc agcgccggcg ccaaggcctg gcacacgact
   435421 ttcatggcct gcggcttgac cgacaggacc acgacgtcgg cgtcggccac ggcctcggcg
   435481 ttggactcga ccacgtcgat ggcgaactcg ccggcgatct tcgcgcgttg ctcggcgccc
   435541 gggtcgctgg cgcggatctg cgccgccggc acgccttggg cgcgcaggcc gccgatcagg
   435601 ctggcggcca tgttgccggc gccgatgaac gctatgcggg gtgtgctcat aggggattcc
   435661 ttcaagaagc cggcgcgccg tagtcgcggg cgccgaacag ggcggtaccg atgcggaccc
   435721 aggtcgcacc ttcgccgatg gctgcctcga ggtcgtcgct catgcccatg gacagggtgt
   435781 ccaggccaag gttcaggtcc agcagcagtt cgcgcaggcg ggcgaacgcg gcgtgttgcg
   435841 cggcgcgttc ggcggtgggt tcggggatgg ccatcaggcc acgcaatcgg aggttgggca
   435901 gttgcttcac ggcctcggcc agggccggca ggtcctcggg ggcgcagccg gacttgctgg
   435961 cttcgccgct gacgttgacc tgcaggcaga cattcagggg cggcagcccg gccgggcgtt
   436021 gctccgacag gcgctgcgcg atcttcaacc ggtccaccga gtgcacccac tggaaatgct
   436081 cggcgatggg ccgcgtcttg ttcgactgga tggggccgat gaagtgccag ttcaagggca
   436141 ggtcggccag ttcggcctgc ttgccgaggg cctcctgcag gtagttttcg ccgaagtcgc
   436201 gaaggccggc ggcgtgcgcc tcgcgcaccg cggcggcggg cttggtcttg ctcacggcga
   436261 gcaggccgac cgtggccgga tcgcgccccg cagcttgcgc tgcctcacgg atgcgcgcgg
   436321 caacctttgc aatattctct gctatcgtgg acattacctg cgccctatgg aagtgcggtc
   436381 ggcgtcggct cgacgccctc gaaaccgccg gcctcgatgg ccatcttcct gttccagtgt
   436441 cgaggttccg cgtctggcgc aggacaccac gcgtgtcctg gaagcaccct ggctcatccg
   436501 gtgttttcct tgtccgagac ggcggctttg gcggcattct acctgcttgc ttgtaattgg
   436561 ggagtcccat ggatattacc gagctgctcg ccttcagtgc caaacagggc gcttcggacc
   436621 tgcacctctc cgccggcctg ccacccatga tccgggtgga tggcgatgta cgccggatca
   436681 acctgccacc gctggaacac aagcaggtgc atgcgctgat ctacgacatc atgaacgaca
   436741 agcagcgcaa ggacttcgag gaattcctcg agaccgactt ctccttcgag gtgccgggcg
   436801 tcgcgcgttt ccgggtcaac gccttcaacc agaaccgtgg cgccggcgcg gtattccgga
   436861 ccattccctc caaggtactg accatggagg agcttggcat gggagaagtg ttcaaacgtg
   436921 tttcagacgt cccgcgcggg ttggtactgg tcaccgggcc gaccggttcg ggcaagtcca
   436981 ccaccctggc ggcgatgctc gactacctga acaacaccaa gtaccaccac atcctcacca
   437041 tcgaggaccc gatcgaattc gtccacgaat cgaagaagtg cctggtcaac cagcgcgagg
   437101 tgcatcgcga caccctcggc ttcagcgaag cgctgcgctc ggcgctgcgg gaggacccgg
   437161 acatcatcct ggtcggcgag atgcgcgacc tggaaaccat ccgcctggcc ctgaccgcgg
   437221 cggagaccgg ccacctggta ttcggcaccc tgcacaccac ctcggcggcg aagaccatcg
   437281 accgggtggt cgacgtgttc ccggccgagg aaaaggccat ggttcgctcg atgctctccg
   437341 agtcgctgca atcggtgatc tcgcagaccc tgatcaagaa gatcggcggc ggccgggtgg
   437401 cggcccacga gatcatgatc ggcaccccgg cgatccgcaa cctgatccgc gaggacaagg
   437461 tcgcgcagat gtattcggcg atccagaccg gcggctcgct gggcatgcag accctcgaca
   437521 tgtgcctcaa gggcctggtc gccaagggcc tgatcagccg cgagaacgcc cgcgagaagg
   437581 cgaagatccc ggaaaacttc tgatcctggc gccgttccgc cgcgcttcgc ccgaatcccg
   437641 gaactgcgtc taggattcaa gagcgggaga gcggtaccgt aggcgcattc ctacctatcc
   437701 ttgccggcga gcgcgtccag cgcccgctcg cccgcatccg gctcgccgtc gcggcgcgcc
   437761 cctgagtgag cgagaacatc atggaattcg aaaagctgct gcgcctgatg gtggaaaagg
   437821 gcggctccga cctgttcatc accgccggcg taccgccgtc gatgaaggtc aacggccggg
   437881 tgatgccggt gaccaagacg ccgctgtcgc cggagcagac ccgcgagacc gtgctaggcg
   437941 tgatgaacga gcagcagcgc cgcgatttcg ccgagaacca tgagtgcaac ttcgccatca
   438001 gcgcccgcgg catcggccgc ttccgggtca gtgccttcta ccagcgcaac ctggtgggca
   438061 tggtattgcg ccggatcgag accaacatcc cgaccctgga agagctgaag ctcccggaaa
   438121 tcctcaagaa gctggcgctg accaagcgcg gcctggtgat cttcgtcggc gccaccggca
   438181 ccggcaagtc cacctcgctg gcggcgatga tcggctaccg caacaagaac tccaccgggc
   438241 acatcatctc catcgaggac ccgatcgagt atatccacca gcaccagggc tgcatcgtca
   438301 cccagcgcga ggtggggctg gacaccgact ccttcgaggt ggcgctgaag aacaccctgc
   438361 gccaggcgcc ggacgtgatc atgatcggcg aggtgcgctc gcgggagacc atggaccatg
   438421 ccgtggcctt cgccgagacc ggccacctgt gcctggcgac cctgcacgcg aacaacgcca
   438481 accaggcgct ggagcggatc atccacttct tcccggccga ccgtcatggc caggtgtgga
   438541 tggacctgtc gctgaacctc aaggccatcg tcgcccagca actggtgccg acccccgacg
   438601 gcaaggggcg gcgggcggtg atcgaggtgc tgctgaacac cccgctggcc gccgacctga
   438661 tccgcaaggg cgaggtgcac gagctgaagc cgctgatgaa gcgctccacc gagcagggca
   438721 tgcagacctt cgaccaggcg ctgtaccagc tctacaccca gggcgagatc acctacgagg
   438781 acgccctggc ccacgccgac tcggccaacg acctgcgcct gatgatcaag ctcggttcgg
   438841 aaagcgacgc cgaccacctg tcgagcctga cccagggcct gagcctggag atcaccgacg
   438901 acgaccctgc cggccggcgc ttccgctgaa ccgtcttcag taggccagcg gctcctcggc
   438961 ctgggcgcag gccgaggttt ccagttgcag ggtgctgtgt tcgatctcgt agcggtcgtg
   439021 cagcagcgcc ttcaccgttc ccagcagcgc ctcggcatcg accagggccg ggtcgtacac
   439081 cagatggcta gtcaggctga tcttgccgct ggtgatcgac cacacatgca ggtcgtgcag
   439141 cccggtcacg ccgggaatcc ccagcagcgc ttcgcgcagc tcggccaact ggatttcctt
   439201 cggcacccct tcgagcaaca catgcaggct ctcgcgcagc agtatccagg tgcgcggcag
   439261 gacccagaaa ccgatcagca ccgccaccag cgagtcgacc caggcccagc cggtgaaacg
   439321 gatcacgatc gcggcgacga tcacccctag cgagccgagc atgtcgctcc agacctccag
   439381 gtaggcgccc ttgacgttca ggctgttgcc ctgggccggc gccagcaggc gcatgctggc
   439441 caggttcacc agcagaccga gtacggcgat caccagcatg cccacggact ggatctccgc
   439501 cggctggttg agccgctcgt aggccgcgta gaggatatag aaggccacgc cgaacaggag
   439561 gaaggcgttg aacgccgcgg cgaggatctc gaagcggtgg tagccgtagg tcaggcgatc
   439621 gttggtcggg cgcctggcga tgttgatcgc ggccagggcg atggccaggg ccacggcgtc
   439681 ggtgagcatg tgcgcggcat cggagatcag cgccaggctg ccggtgagga tgccgccgac
   439741 gacctcggcg acgaggaagc ttccggtcag cagcaacgcc catttcaggc gggtcgagtt
   439801 ggtctgggcg aagctgtgct cgtgtccggc gctcatggcg gctcctgtgg ggcggtggcg
   439861 gcagcaccag cctacaggat aggcaattgc aaaactgtca tgcgccgggc cgctctggcg
   439921 cggcgtccgc cgctccgcta acctgcggct caggcgcggc cgcagccgcg cacggaacga
   439981 ggggggacgc atgactcaac agcacgacac ccatagcaag gccatcggct acctgctgtg
   440041 gatcttcggt ttcaccggtt cgcaccgctt ctattacggc aagccgatca ccgggacgat
   440101 ctggttcttc accttcggcc tgttcttcat cggctggatc atcgacctgt tcctcatccc
   440161 gtcgatggac cgcgaggccg accggcgctt ccagggcggc aacctggact acaacgtggc
   440221 ctggatcctg ctgaccttcc tcggtgtgct cggcgtgcac aggatgtaca tgggcaagtg
   440281 gatcaccggg atcatctacc tgttcaccgg cggcctgttc ttcctcggcg tgctctacga
   440341 cttctggacc ctcaacggac aggtgtccga gcgcaacggg ccgcagcgca tctgatgctc
   440401 gtcgccaggt gcgagaagcc cgccatccgg cgggcttttt catgggtggc gccacggtcg
   440461 gcagggaatt cctccggcgg gacttaagga accaaaggtt ctaacgttct acctgtaggt
   440521 tattggcgcc cgcgcgcgcc agcccctatg gtctgcaagc cccagaacgg ataggtgcaa
   440581 tggctcacga ggccgcgcac cgtatcgctc cgtgcggaaa caccgaaagg agaaaagatg
   440641 acttccgact cacgtcccgc cgtgctcgac ctgatcggca acaccccgct ggttcgcgtg
   440701 acgcgcttcg ataccggccc ctgcaccctg tacctcaagc tcgaatcgca gaaccccggc
   440761 ggctccatca aggatcgcat cggtgtcgcc atgatcgagg ccgccgagcg tgacggccgc
   440821 ctgcggcccg gtggcaccat cgtcgaggcc accgccggca acaccggtct tggcctggcc
   440881 ctggtcggcc gcgccaaggg ctaccgggtg gtgctggtgg tgccggacaa gatgtccacc
   440941 gagaaggtcc tgcacctgcg cgccatgggc gccgaggtgc acatcacccg ctcggacgtc
   441001 ggcaagggcc atccggagta ctaccaggac gttgccgcgc gcctggcgca ggatattccc
   441061 ggcgccttct tcgccgacca gttcaacaac ccggccaacc cgctggccca cgagtgcggc
   441121 accggcccgg agctctgggc gcagaccggc cacgatctcg atgccatcgt cgtcggcgtc
   441181 ggctcctccg gtaccctgac cggccttacc cggttcttcc agaaggtcca gccggagctg
   441241 gagatggtgc tcgccgatcc cgagggctcg atcatggccg agtactcccg ctccggcacc
   441301 ctgggtacgc cgggttcctg ggcggtggag ggcatcggcg aggacttcgt accggccatc
   441361 gccgacctct ccagcgtgcg ccatgcctat tccatcagcg acgaggaaag cttcgccatg
   441421 gcccgcgaac tgttgcgcgt cgagggcatt cccggcggct cctccaccgg caccctgctg
   441481 gccgcggcgc tgcgcttctg tcgcgagcag aaggagccga agcgggtggt cagcttcgtc
   441541 tgcgacaccg gcacccgcta cctgtcgaag atctacaacg accagtggat gaccgaccag
   441601 ggcctgctgc aacgcaagca ctacggcgac ctgcgcgaca tcatcgcgcg gcgcttcgag
   441661 gagggccggg tgatcagcgt cggtccggac gacaccctgc tcaccgcctt ccagcgcatg
   441721 cgcctggccg acgtttcgca attgccggtg ctggacgatg gaaaactggt cggtgtgatc
   441781 gacgagtcgg atatcctgct cggtgtccac gccgacgcgc cacgcttccg cgatgcggta
   441841 agcagcgcga tgaacgccgc gccggagacc ctcgcgcccg gcgccagcct ggcccagttg
   441901 caggcggtcc tggaccgcgg cctggtggcg atcgttgccg atgccagcgg cttccacggc
   441961 ctgatcaccc gtttcgacct gttgaaccat ttgcggagaa agctcgcatg agccagcacg
   442021 accagcatcc cgacgccccg gcccaggcct ttgcgacccg ggtcatccac gccgggcagg
   442081 cccccgatcc ctcgaccggc gcgatcatgc cgccgatcta cgccaactcc acctatatcc
   442141 aggaaagccc cggggtacac aaggggctcg actacggccg ctcgcacaac ccgacccgct
   442201 gggccctgga gcgctgcgtg gccgacctcg agggcggcgc ccaggccttc gccttcgcct
   442261 ccggcctggc ggcgatctcc tcggtgctgg agctgctcga cgccggttcc cacatcgttt
   442321 ccggcaatga cctctacggc ggtaccttcc gcctgttcga gcgggtccgc cggcgcagcg
   442381 ccgggcatcg cttcagcttc gtcgacccga ccgacctgca ggccttcgag gccgcgctga
   442441 ccccggaaac ccgcatggtc tgggtggaaa ccccgagcaa cccgctgctg cgcctcaccg
   442501 acctgcgcgc catcgcccag ctctgccgcg cccgcggcat catcagcgtg gccgacaaca
   442561 ccttcgccag cccctacatc cagcgccccc tggaactggg cttcgacgtg gtggtgcact
   442621 ccaccaccaa gtacctgaac ggccattccg acgtgatcgg cggcatcgcc atcgtcggcg
   442681 acaacccgga cctgcgcgag cgcctgggct tcctgcagaa ctcggtgggc gccatctccg
   442741 ggccgttcga cgccttcctc accctgcgcg gggtgaagac cctggcgctg cgcatggagc
   442801 gccattgcag taacgccctg gccctggccc agtggctgga gcgccagccg caggtggcgc
   442861 gggtctacta ccccggcctg gcttcgcacc cgcagcatga gctggcgaaa cggcagatgc
   442921 gtggcttcgg cgggatgatc tccctcgacc tgcgttgcga cctggccggc gcccggcgct
   442981 tcctggagaa cgtgcggatc ttctccctgg cggagagcct gggcggggtg gaaagcctga
   443041 tcgagcatcc ggcgatcatg acccacgcca gcatcccggc ggaaacccgc gccgacctgg
   443101 gcatcggtga ctcgctgatc cgcctgtcgg tgggcgtcga ggcgctggag gacctgcagg
   443161 ccgacctggc gcaggcgctg gcgaagatct gaggctccgc agggagcggc gccgaccggc
   443221 gcggctgccg gccatcgggt gttcccggcg agcatgcctc ggtggataac gctccgcgtt
   443281 attcgccctg ccgttgaggc gggttggtgg cagaggctgg gatagggcgc ccaccccggc
   443341 aacggatacg cccccggaat cgcgaacgcg aagatgaaaa agcccgccgg atggcgggct
   443401 ttttcgtggt ggcagggatc agccctcgtg ggtcaggtgt ccgtccacca gggtgtagcg
   443461 cactcgtccc ggcaggcagt gaccgacgaa cgggctgttc tgccccttcg agtaccagct
   443521 ctcaccggcc agggtcgaac cctgcgggtc gaacagcacc aggtcggcgg cctggcccac
   443581 cgccaggcgc ccggcaggca ggcgtagtgc ctgggccggg ccgtgggaga ggcgggcgag
   443641 cagggtcggc aggtcgagca ggccgtcctg caccagcgtc atcgccagcg gcagcagcag
   443701 ctcggcgccg ctgatgcccg gctcggtggc ggcgaacggc gcgttcttgg cgtccgcctc
   443761 gtggggttgg tggtggctgg cgatggcttg taccacgccg ttcttcaccg cctcgcgcag
   443821 ggcttcgcgg tcggccctgg tgcgcagcgg cggttgcacg tggtagaggc tggagaagcc
   443881 caccagcgct tcgtcggtga ggatcaactg gtacagcgcc acgtcgcagg tcaccggcag
   443941 gccacgggcc tgggcctggg cgacgagttc gatgccgcgg gcgctggtca actggctgaa
   444001 gtgcgcgcgc acgccgctct gttccaccag cagcaggttg cgggccaggg ccacggtctc
   444061 ggcggtttcc gggatccccg cgaggccgag aaagctggcg gtcgggcctt cgtgggcgag
   444121 gccgccttcg gcgagatcgg tgtcctgcga ggtgaagatc accgtcaggt cgaaggtcgc
   444181 cgcgtactcc agggcgcgcc gcaggatgcg gttgctggcg aagccatgca ggccattggt
   444241 gaaggccacg caaccggtgt cgcgcagggc caccagttcc gacagttgct cgccgccgaa
   444301 gccgcgggtc agcgcgccga tggggtagac cttggcgttg ccggcctcgc gggcgcggtc
   444361 gaggatcagc tcggccaccg ccggggtgtc cagcaccggc cgggtgtagg gcgggcagca
   444421 caggctggtg gtgccgccgg ccgcggcggc gcgggtctcg ctttcgacgt tgcccttgcg
   444481 tccgtagccc ggctcgcgca gggcgacgct gaggtcgacc agtcccggcg cggccaccag
   444541 gccggcgccg tcgagggtct tctgggcgct gaagccggcc ggcgcggcgc cgatggcgac
   444601 gatcttgcca gcctcgatgt ggaggtcgcc gacctggtcc aggccactgg ccgggtcgat
   444661 gacgcgggcg cctcggatac tgatggtcat tcggcgtcct cctgttccag ctggcgttgg
   444721 gtgttctggc cgctcatggc catggacagc accgccatgc ggatggcgat gccgtaggtg
   444781 acctggttga ggatcaccga ctgggccccg tcggccaccg ccgactcgat ctccacgcca
   444841 cggttgatcg ggccagggtg catgacgatg gcatccggct tggccagctt caggcgcttc
   444901 tcggtcaggc cgtagagctt gaagaactcg ccctcgctgg gtagcaggcc accctgcatg
   444961 cgctcgcgtt gcaggcgcag catgatcacc acgtcgacgt ccttcaggcc ttcgtcggcg
   445021 ttggtgaaca cgcgcacgcc gtactgctct tccaggccga tcggcaagag ggtgcgcggg
   445081 gcgatcacgc ggatgtccgg gcaacccagg gtcttgagcg ccagcatgtt cgaacgggct
   445141 actcgcgaat gcaggatatc gccgacgatc gccaccgata gctgctcgaa gttccctttg
   445201 tgtcggcgga tggtcagcat gtcgagcatc ccctgggtgg ggtgcgcgtg gcggccgtcg
   445261 ccgccgttga tcaccgccac gttggggctg acgtgctcgg cgatgaagtg cgccgcgccc
   445321 gagtcgctgt ggcgcaccac gaacatgtcg gcggccatcg cctccaggtt gcgcagggtg
   445381 tcggtgagcg tctcgccctt gctggtggaa gaggtggata cgttcaggct gatcacgtcg
   445441 gctgacagcc gctgggcggc cagctcgaag gtggtgcggg tgcgcgtgga gttctcgaag
   445501 aacacgttgc agacggtctt gccgcgcagc agcgggacct ttttcaccgc gcgggcgccg
   445561 acctccagga aggaatcggc ggtatcgagg atttcggtga gcagctcgcg gggcaatccg
   445621 tcgagcgaga tgaagtggcg cagctggccc tggtcgttga gctgcagcgg gcgcttggcg
   445681 tctgtcggca tggggcaggc cctagtgaag aggatcagga agcggaggaa aggaccttgc
   445741 gctcgagggc gagcggtgcg ggaccgacca attttacccg ttcatcgcga cccagggaca
   445801 gggtctggcc gaccacgtcg gggcggatag gcaactcccg ggcgttcagg tcgagcaggc
   445861 agaccagggt cacgctggcc ggacggccgt agtcgaacag ttcgttgagt gcggcgcgga
   445921 tggtacggcc gctcatcagc acgtcgtcca ccagcaccag gtgctggccg tcgatctcga
   445981 acggcagcgc cgacgggcgg acctgcggat gcaggccgtt ctgggtgaag tcgtcgcggt
   446041 agaaggagac gtcgagggtg cccagcggct cttggttgcc cagttccctc agcagcgcct
   446101 cggcgaccca gatgccgccg gtatggatgc cgacgaagcg cggccgctcg atgccgcgct
   446161 cggcgagatg ggcgcgcagg tcgctggcca tgcgcggcag gagttcggcg ggattgggta
   446221 ggctcatggt ggctcctcgc tgacatcgat gggatggccg ccgggagagc ccgctgtagg
   446281 gaggcgcccg cggtggcgaa agcataatgg caaacggcgg cgtgccggct gccatgggtc
   446341 aatccgggtg ttcggccagc cagccttcca gcagcagggc ggcggccagg gcgtccaccg
   446401 gtcgctcgcg gtagccgtcg cgctggccct gggccaggcg ctcgcccttg gcggcgtagg
   446461 tcgtgaggcg ttcgtcgtgg gtaaagaccg gcaggttgaa acggccgttg aggcggcggc
   446521 cgaacttttc cgcgcgctcg ctcatctcgc ttgggctgcc gtccatgttc agcggcaggc
   446581 cgacgacgat ggcgtccggc tgccattcct tgatcagcgc ttccacccgg ttccagtccg
   446641 gcacgccgtt ctgcgccttc aatacgcaca gctcgcgggc ctggccggtc accgcctggc
   446701 cgacggcgac gccgatctgc cgggtgccgt agtcgaagcc cagcagcagg cgcagcggct
   446761 tgtcgctggc catcaggcgt gaccggcctg ggcggtgagc aggctgaggt tgacgcccag
   446821 gcgcgcggcg gcggcgctga ggcgctcctc gggcggcagg tcgaagagga tcgccgggtc
   446881 cgccgggcag gtcagccagg cgttgtcgct cagttcggcc tccagctggc cggcttccca
   446941 gccggcatag ccaaggctga tcaggctctt ttccgggccg gtgccggcgg cgatggcgaa
   447001 cagcacgtcc tgcgaggtgg acatcgccag ctcgcccagt tccagggtcg actggtagct
   447061 caggccgctg gggtggagga cgaagccacg gtcggtctgc accgggccgc cgttgtagat
   447121 gtcgatgtgc tggcagcgcg ccggcggcag ggcgtccggc ttgagctgtt cgaggacttc
   447181 cgccaggttg aggccgctgg gacggttgat caccaggccc atggcgccct gctcgttgtg
   447241 ttcgaccagg taggtcacgg tctgggcgaa attggggtcg gccatgtgcg gcatggcgat
   447301 caggaaatga tgcttgaggt aggttgggct gctctgtttc atggccgcta gtgtcctgct
   447361 tcggacgcga gaaagccagc cttgccggcg ctacttgctg gacagccggt cgccgcgttc
   447421 gaagcgccag gtacggatga tctccagccg gtcgatgtcg gccaggtcgc cgctgaacgg
   447481 cgcatagggc gcggccaggc ggacgatgcg ctgggcggcc tggtcgagga tcggctcgcc
   447541 ggaagactcc agcacctgca cctcgtagat ggtgccgtcg cggttgatcg acaccagcag
   447601 tcgcaggctg ccgtagagct tctgccggcg ggcctcgtcg gggtagttga ggttgccgat
   447661 gcgttcgatc ttcttgcgcc agtcttcctt gtaccaggcg cccttgtcgc gcatggtcga
   447721 ggcggcgctc aggcggtgga tgcgcgggcg cttggcgtag gcctgctgct ccttggccag
   447781 gtcggcctcg aggctggcga tttccgccga cagctgggtt gagtcgaaat gcggcgccgg
   447841 cttggcgacc tgctcggcct tctgtgcctg ggtcttgctc ggtgccttct gctggcgctg
   447901 gcgggtggtg gtcaccgcgg ccttgggcgc ctcttcgctc ctggcctgct tcggcgtagc
   447961 cggcggcgcg actttcttca cctggttgtc ctggaacggc gcgacctcgg tggtcttcgg
   448021 cgcggccttg tgctccaggg taccgctgcc ctgctggttc atctgcgcga ggtagtcggc
   448081 cttctccggc gtcttgtcgc tcttgaaggt ggccagggtg atttccaggg tcttgctgat
   448141 ctggctcggc gcgggcatgg agaagcccac cccgaggatg aaggcgacgt gcaggatggc
   448201 tgcgatgaac agggtgaagc ccaaacggtc cgccgggcgg acgccggcag cggcggaggg
   448261 ggacttgagg acggcggcgt tcattgcgga tcgtggtggc tggcgtgggg cgaagtctgc
   448321 cgatgggggg cggaaaagtc tatgacgcac tccgcgcctt ggacacgcgg tcgctcgccg
   448381 tggcgcatcg gccgggccga gacgggcgga ccgaggcccg cccgcgcaat tcagcgggca
   448441 gccagctggg cggcgatggc gtccatcagc ttgtcgccga ttcgggtgtc gaaggcctgg
   448501 tcgatctcgc ggatgcaggt cgggctggtg acgttgattt ccgtcagata atcgccgatc
   448561 acgtcgaggc cgacgaacag caggccgcgc tcgcgcaggt gcgggccgac ctcggcggcg
   448621 atccagcggt cgcgctcgct cagcggctgg gccacgccgc ggccgccggc ggcgaggttg
   448681 ccgcgagtct cgccctgggc ggggatgcgc gccaggcagt agggcaccgg ttcgccgtcg
   448741 atcatcagga tgcgcttgtc gccgtccttg atttccggca gatagcgctg tgccatgatc
   448801 tgctggctgc catgctgggt gagggtctcg aggatcaccg agaggttcgg gtcgccttcg
   448861 cggtgacgaa atatcgacga accgcccatt ccgtccaggg gtttgagaat gatgtcacga
   448921 tgctcggcgg caaactcgcg cagaatatcg gatcgccggc tgaccatcgt cggcggagtg
   448981 cactgggtga actgcgtggc gaagaacttc tcgttgcagt cgcgcaggct ctgcggccgg
   449041 ttcaccacca gggcgccggc acgctcggcc tgttccagca ggtaggtcga atagacgaat
   449101 tcgttatcga agggcgggtc cttgcgcatc aggatcacgt ccagttcgtg cagcggttgg
   449161 tcgctttccg cttccagttc gaaccagcgg gaggcatcgt tgaagacctt cagcgggcgc
   449221 atgcgtccac gcgcgacgcc ggccttctgg tagaggtcct gctgttccat gtagaacagc
   449281 gaccagccgc gggcctgggc agccagcagc atggcgagcg agctgtcctt cttgaagttg
   449341 atgcgcgcga tggggtccat gacgatcccg aggcgtacgc tcatgggaat tcctccgaaa
   449401 gggggtgggt tgtccggtcg cggcggggag gccgcgtggc aagcgggttt gacgctcagg
   449461 ttggcgcccc gtttgcgctt ggtcaaggaa aaagccggcc tgttccgggc attatggata
   449521 gagttgcgtc gagtgtgcta aaaaggcccg cgattgggtc gcagcccgtc ggtgacaggg
   449581 cgttagcgca ctgaagaaaa cacagaagaa tgattcaccg agtcgatata gggcgaacat
   449641 ggaacagcaa tccgacggtt tgaaagtgat ggtgatcgac gattcgaaaa cgattcgtcg
   449701 caccgccgaa acactgctga aaaaggtcgg ttgcgacgtg atcacggcaa tcgacggctt
   449761 cgatgccctg gcgaagatcg ccgataccca tccgaacatc attttcgtcg acatcatgat
   449821 gccgcgcctg gatggctatc agacctgcgc cctgatcaag aacaacagcg cgttcaagtc
   449881 cactccggtg atcatgctgt cctccaagga cggcctgttc gacaaggcca aggggcgcat
   449941 cgtcggctcc gaccagtacc tcaccaagcc gttcagcaag gaagagctgc tgggcgcgat
   450001 caaggcacac gtacccagct tcaccccggt ggacgccgtt tcctgatatc cggccgcatg
   450061 gccgttgatg cttatttcgt gatggggatc ccatggctcg tattttgatt gttgatgact
   450121 ctccgaccga gatgtacaag ctgaccgcca tgctggaaaa gcatggtcac caggtactca
   450181 aggccgagaa cggcggcgac ggcgtcgccc tggcccgcca ggaaaagccc gacgtggtcc
   450241 tgatggacat cgtcatgccc ggcctcaacg gcttccaggc gacccgtcaa ttgaccaagg
   450301 acgccgagac cagcgccatc ccggtgatca tcgtcaccac caaggaccag gagaccgaca
   450361 aggtctgggg caagcgccag ggcgctcgcg actacctgac caagccggtg gacgaagaga
   450421 ccctgctgaa aaccatcaat gcggtgctgg cgggctgagc ccgtcgcagc gcatcgctca
   450481 ccctgacccc ggaaagacca ggccccgcat gtcggacgtt cagaccccct tccagctcct
   450541 cgtcgacatc gatcagcgct gccgacgcct ggccgccggc ctgccggccc agcaggaggc
   450601 ggtgcagagc tggagcggga tcggcttccg catgggcggg cggttcttcg tcgcccccat
   450661 gggggaggtc ggcgaagtcc tgcacgaacc gcgctacacc cagctgccgg gcgtgaagac
   450721 ctgggtcaag ggggtggcca acgtacgtgg ccgcctgctg ccgatcatgg acctctgcgg
   450781 tttcctcggc accgaactgt cgcccttgcg caagcagcgg cgggtgctgg tggtggagca
   450841 cctggacgtg ttcgccggcc tcatcgtcga tgaggtgttc ggcatgcagc acttcccggt
   450901 ggacaccttc agcgaacagc tgccgccact agaagcggca ctgcaaccct tcattcatgg
   450961 cgtcttccat cgagagcagc cgtggctggt gttcagcccg catgcgctgg cgcaacacca
   451021 gggcttcctc gacgtcgccg tataaacagc ttcaccggtt gggccggtct gccggcccgt
   451081 gtcgtgacat ggaaatcgta atcgtggtcg gtccgggcgg gggccaaata tgaagaaaat
   451141 caacgcaggc aatcttttcg cgggcatgcg cagcagctcg gtgatcgcgg ggctgttcat
   451201 cgtcctcatc gtctcgatcg tgttgctgtt cgccaacttt gcctacctca acacccagtc
   451261 gaaccatgac aagcagtaca tcggccatgc cggcgaactg cgcgtcctgt cgcagcggat
   451321 cgcgaagaac gccaccgaag cggcggcggg caagggcgag gcgttcaagc tcctgaagga
   451381 tgcgcgcaac gacttcgaga aacgctggaa catcctggtc aacggcgacg agagcacatc
   451441 cctgccgccc agccccgaag cggtgaagcc gcagatggac gtggtgcagc aggactggga
   451501 tggcctgcgc aagaacgccg actccatcct cgccagcgaa cagaccgtac tgtccctgca
   451561 ccaggtggcc tcgaccctcg ccgaaaccat cccgcagctg caggtggaat acgaagaggt
   451621 ggtcgacatc ctgctggaga acggtgcccc ggccgaccag gtcgcggtcg cccagcgcca
   451681 gtcgctgctc gccgaacgta tcctcggctc ggtgaacaag gtgctggccg gcgacgagaa
   451741 ctcggtgcag gccgccgaca gcttcggccg cgacgccagc ctgttcggcc gcgtactgaa
   451801 gggcatgcag gaaggcaacg cggcgatgag catctccaag gtgaccaacg ccgaggcggt
   451861 ggatcgcctg aacgagatcg ccgaactctt cgagttcgtc tccggttcgg tggacgagat
   451921 cctcgagacc tcgcccgacc tgttccaggt ccgggaagcg gcgaacaaca tcttcagcgt
   451981 ttcgcagacc ctgctggaca aggcctcgca actggccgac ggcttcgaga acctggccgg
   452041 cgggcgcagc atcaacctgt tcgccggtta cgccctcggc gccctggccc tggcctcgat
   452101 catcctgatc ggcctggtga tggtgcgcga gaccaaccgc cggctggccg agaccgccga
   452161 gaagaacgac cgcaaccagg ccgcgatcct gcgtctgctc gacgagatcg ccgacctcgc
   452221 ggacggcgac ctgaccgtgg ccgcgaccgt gaccgaggac ttcaccggcg ccatcgccga
   452281 ctcgatcaac tactccatcg accagctccg cgaactggtg gagaccatca accagaccgc
   452341 cgtgcaggtg gccgcagcgg cccaggaaac ccagtccacc gcgatgcacc tggccgaagc
   452401 ctccgagcac caggcgcagg aaatcgccgg cgcctcggcg gcgatcaacg aaatggcggt
   452461 gtcgatcgac caggtatcgg cgaacgcctc ggaatcctcg gcggtagcgg aacgttcggt
   452521 agccatcgcc aacaagggca acgaggtggt gcacaacacc atcaccggca tggacaacat
   452581 ccgcgagcag atccaggaca cctcgaagcg aatcaagcgc ctcggcgaat cgtcccagga
   452641 gatcggcgac atcgtcagcc tgatcaacga catcgccgac cagaccaaca tcctcgccct
   452701 gaacgccgcg atccaggcgt cgatggccgg ggacgcgggc cgcggcttcg ccgtggtagc
   452761 ggacgaggta cagcgactgg cggaacgttc ctcggcggcg accaagcaga tcgaggcgct
   452821 ggtgaagacc atccagaccg acaccaacga agcggtgatc tcgatggagc agaccacctc
   452881 cgaggtggtc cgcggcgcgc gcctggccca ggacgccggt gtggccctgg aggagatcga
   452941 gaaggtatcc aagaccctcg cggcgctgat ccagaacatc tccaacgccg cccgtcagca
   453001 ggcatcgtcg gccggccaca tttccaacac catgaacgtc attcaggaga tcacctcgca
   453061 gacctccgcc ggtaccactg ccaccgcacg gagcatcggc aacctggcga agatggcgag
   453121 cgagatgcgc aactcggtat ccggcttcaa actgccggag ggcgtggagc aggcctgagc
   453181 ataggcgcgg cggccgcctg gcgggcgccg cgtcgacacc ttggacgagg ggcacggcat
   453241 gcaggcgaac ggcgtctggt cactgcagcc gctggccgat atgtcggcag cggagttccg
   453301 cgactggcag gtcctgttgg agaaccgcac cggcgtggtg ctcaacgagc aacgccggac
   453361 gttcctgcag gccagcctga ccgcgcgcat gcgtgaactg ggcatcggcg actaccacag
   453421 ctactaccgc caggtgaccg acggtccgcg tggcgcagtg gagtgggcga ccctgctgga
   453481 ccgcctgacc gtccaggaaa cccgtttctt ccgtcatccc ccgtctttcg agctgctcga
   453541 gcgctacctg ggcgagcgcc tgcgccgcga aggcatgccg cggccctggg ccctgtggag
   453601 cgtcggctgc tccagcggcg aggaacccta ctcgctggcg atgtgcgccg cgcaggtgtt
   453661 gcgcgggcag gaacgggaag attttttcgg cgtcaccgga acggatatca gccttcacgc
   453721 cctgcagcgg gcgcggcagg cgaactatcc ggcccgcaag ttggagcaac tggaggccgg
   453781 gctggtcgaa cgctattgcg aacgccaggc cgacggcagc ttcagcgtga aaacgatact
   453841 gaccgagcgc gtctgctgcg cccggctgaa tgtgctggac ctggcgaagg cgccctggtc
   453901 cggcatggac gtgatttttt gtcagaacct gctgatctac ttccgtcgct ggcgacggcg
   453961 cgagatcctc aaccggttgg ccgaacggct ggcgccggga ggcttgctgg tgatcggggt
   454021 cggcgaagtg gtcgactgga gccatccgga gctcgagccg gtcgccgacg agcgggtcct
   454081 ggcctttacc cgtaaggggt actcaggcac atgaatggag tggctatggg tgaccggcac
   454141 gactacgtcg ctctggagtg ggtgaaaggc gagatcgccg aaaccctgaa acaggcgcgc
   454201 caggcgctgg aagcgttcgt cgagaacccg caggacccga cccgcatgcg gttctgcctg
   454261 acctacgtgc accaggtgca gggcaccctg cagatggtcg agttctacgg cgcggccctg
   454321 ctcgccgagg aaatggagca gttggtccag gccttgctgg acggtcgcgt gccgaaccag
   454381 ggcgaggccc tggaagtgct gatgcaggcg atcctgcaac tgccggtcta cctcgaccgg
   454441 atccagaccg cccggcgcga cctgccgatg gtggtcctgc cgctgctcaa cgacctgcgc
   454501 gccgcgcgcg gcgagaagct gctctcggaa accagcctgt tcgcgcccga cctgtcgcag
   454561 cgccagccgc aactggacgg cgaggccatc gcgcaactgc gcaccgacga actcggcggc
   454621 ttgctgcgca agctgcgcca gacccagcag atggccctgg tcggcctgct gcgcaaccag
   454681 gacgtggcca ctagcctcgg ctacctggcg cgtgtctatg cgcgcctgga gggcctgtgc
   454741 cgcgaggcac cgctggggcc gctgtggagc atcgcttccg gcctggtcga gggcctggcc
   454801 aacggtagcg tggtcaacag cgcctcggtg cgcaccctgc tgcgccagct cgaccgcgaa
   454861 ctcaagcgcc tggtcgagca gggcgccgac ggcctgaacc aggccgcgcc ggacgagctg
   454921 gtgaagaacc tgctgttcta cgtggccaag gcgccttcgc agtcgccgcg gatccgcgct
   454981 ctgaaggaac agtaccgcct cgacgaggcg ctgcccgacc acgagacggt ggacgccgag
   455041 cgcgcccgcc tcgccggacc cgaccgcgac gcgatgcgtt cggtggtcgg tgccttgtgc
   455101 gaggaactgg tgcggatcaa ggacagcctc gacctgttcg tgcgcagcga ccgtggccac
   455161 ccctcggaac tggacgccct cctggcgccg ctcaagcaga tcgccgatac cctggcggta
   455221 ctcggcttcg gccaaccgcg caaggtcatc ctcgaccagt tggacgtcat ccacgccctg
   455281 gcccagggcc gccgcgagcc gagcgacgcg atcctgatgg acgtcgccgg cgcgttgctc
   455341 tacgtcgagg ccaccctggc cggcatggcc ggtcccggcg acgagcgcaa cagcgaggaa
   455401 agccgcctgc ccaccaccga tgtggcgcag atccaccagt tggtgatcaa ggaagcgcgc
   455461 aacggtctgg agcaggccaa ggacgcgatc atcgagttca tcgcctcgca gtggaaccac
   455521 gagcacctgg cccgcgtgcc ggagctgctg acccaggtcc gcggcggcct ggcgatgatc
   455581 ccgctggagc gcgccgcgac cctgctggaa acctgcaacc gctatatcca ggaacagctg
   455641 ctggcgcgca aggcggtgcc ggactggcag agcctggata ccctggccga tgccatcacc
   455701 agcgtcgagt attacctgga gcgcctgagc gaggaccatg ccagccagag cgacctgatc
   455761 ctcgacgtcg ccgaggacag cctggcgaac ctcggctata cgctgaaacc gaattcgtcg
   455821 gccccggccg agcctggcct gtccgggccc gctgccatcg agtccccgac tgccgagccg
   455881 gagaggccgg aggcggtcgt cgaggtcgcc gagacagcgg agcaaccgcc cgccgacacg
   455941 gctcctgccg aggccgcgag ggaagatgcc ccgcagttgg ccagcgacga caactggacc
   456001 cttggcgaag tcgcgcccga cgccggcgag ccgtccctcg acctggccct ggacctgccg
   456061 ctggacgatt ccgccgaagt gccgccggcg ttgccggagg tggtcgagga gagcggccag
   456121 ccgcagtcga ccccggcgcc tgcccgcagc ctggacgatt tcagcctcga cgagatcgat
   456181 ctctccggcc tcgacctgcc cgccgatgcg gccccggcct ccgggccggc ggccctggcg
   456241 gactggtcgc tgccggagca gtgggggctc ggcgatgacc tggcgcagcc ggcgcaggcc
   456301 ggcgagacgt tggatctgag cctggaggag ccggcgctgt ccttcgacgc gccgctggaa
   456361 agcctcgagc cgttgccggc gctggagcct ttcgacggct ccgctgaaca ggagctggtt
   456421 ctcgatgcgc tcgatccgct gccgctggat gtagccttgc cggaggcgga gggcgaggtg
   456481 tccgcctggg agggctcgag cctggaggaa ctggatcttt ccgacctcga tctccccgag
   456541 gtgcaattgc ccgaggctga ggccgaggcg ccgcctgccg ccgaggcgct cgccagcgaa
   456601 gcgccggccc tgtctctggc cgaggtgatg gctgcgccgg tgcagccgat caacccgccg
   456661 gcgcagaacg ttccggtcag cctgctgcca ccgccggccg acgaggaacc ggtggacgag
   456721 gaactgcgcg aggtcttcat cgaggaggcc ggcgaggtcc tggagaccat cggccgctac
   456781 ctgccggcct ggaaagccga ccacgacgac cgcgaagcgc tgaccgaggt acgccgtgcc
   456841 ttccataccc tcaagggtag cggacggatg gtccgtgccc tggtgatcgg cgaactggcc
   456901 tggtcgatag agaacctgtt caaccgcgtg ctcgatcgca gcatcgccgc cagcgagccg
   456961 gtgcagcgag tggtggacca ggtcgtggcc ctgttgccgg agctggtcga ggagttcgcc
   457021 gccaatgccc agcgccagcg cgacgatgtc gacctgctgg cggccaccgc gcatgccctg
   457081 gccaagggcg agccgctgcc ggaaccgccg gcgccggacg acggcggagt accgccggaa
   457141 gccggggcgg agcagccgtc gagcctggac aacggcgtcc aggcgccgcc attggccgac
   457201 gcgccgcagg ccgctgccga ggcgcagagc gacgtcgaac tgctcgatcc gcaactgctg
   457261 gagatcttca ccaacgaggc ggaaacccat ctcgaggccc tggtcggctt cctcgccgac
   457321 tgcgcccgcg aactgccgca gccggtcacc gatgccttgc agcgtgccct gcataccctc
   457381 aagggcagcg cacacatggc cggcatcctg ccgatcgcgg agatcgccac gccgctggaa
   457441 aaactggtca aggaatacaa gtccaacctg ctcgccttcg acctgcgcga agcggagttg
   457501 ctgcacgacg ccgagcaact gttccgcatc ggcctggagc aggtcggcgc gcaacggcca
   457561 ttgaacccga tccccggcag cgacgcgttg ctggagcgta tcgaggcact gcatcaggaa
   457621 cgcatcgcct cgctcgaggc cgagcgctac agcgatgccg gcgagcgccg cgatccgttg
   457681 ctgatcgagg cgttcctcgt cgaaggcatg gacatcctgc tggacgccga ggacctgctc
   457741 gagcgctggc acgagcatcc gcaggagcgc caggaactga gtgcgctgcg cgaggagctc
   457801 agcactctgg accggggcgc ccggcatgcc gagctgccac aggtggaaga actctgccag
   457861 gccttgctgg cgctctacga tgccgtcgag gaaggccgcc tggcggtcag cccggcgttc
   457921 ttcgaggaag cccgccaggc ccacgaggcg ctgatcggga tgatggacca ggtcgccgcc
   457981 ggcctgcagg tcacgccgcg tccggagcgg gtcgcggccc tgcaggagct gttggaagcg
   458041 cccgccgccg aggccgttcc gttcatcgac ccggagagcc tcggcgccga cgatttcccc
   458101 ccggaagacg aagaaccggc cctccccgag gcggtcttcg aagaggccgg gacgcctgcc
   458161 gaggagaccg taccggcagc gcctgcaccg gctcccggcc gcgagctgga cgaggaaatg
   458221 gtgtcgatct tcctcgaaga ggcggtggac atcctcgaaa gcgccggcca ggcactggcc
   458281 caatggcagg ccgagccggg cgcgctgtct tcgctcagcg ccctgcagcg cgacctgcac
   458341 accctcaagg gcggcgcacg gatggccgag atcgccgaga tcggcgacct ggcccacgag
   458401 ctggaggccc tctatgaagg actggtcgac cgccgttacc agcactcccc gcaactggcc
   458461 ggattgctgc aagcctgtca cgaccggctg gccgaacagc tcgaccagtt gagcgccggc
   458521 cagcccctgg ccgacccgca cgaccttatc caggcgatcc gccggttccg ccagggcccg
   458581 ctggccgagg ccgcgacacc gggcgaggcg gaaagccccg tcgaggaact cgttgcaccg
   458641 gccgtcgagg asscmgccgc ccgctgcgga ggcgttcgaa gagcgcgatc cggaactggt
   458701 ggagatcttc ctcgaggaag gcttcgatat cctcgacagc gctgccgccg cgttgcagcg
   458761 ctggatcgac gacgtcgaca acaccatcga actggaagcc ttgcagcgcg acctgcatac
   458821 cctcaagggc ggtgcgcgga tggccgagat cggcgagatc ggcgacctcg cccatgagct
   458881 tgaattcctc tacgaaggcc tctgcggcgg acgcctgcgc gccagcccgg ccttgttcgg
   458941 cctgctgcag cgctgccacg acgagctggc cgagatgctc gaggcggtgc gtggccatcg
   459001 cacgctgccc gacgggcagg cgctgatcgc ggagatcagg cgcctgcgca gcgatcccga
   459061 cgagcaactg agcgtaccca ccagcgtcag cctcaagccg ctggcggcga agggcgcggc
   459121 ggccgacgag agcgagatcc tcgacatctt cctcgaggaa gccgacgacc tgctggagaa
   459181 cctcgaactg gcgctcggcc gctgggacgg cggcaacggc gacgcccagc cgctggacga
   459241 cctgctgcgg atcctgcaca ccctcaaggg cggcgcgcgc ctggccgggc agaccgagct
   459301 gggcaacctg gcccacgacc tcgagcagca tctcaccgat gcgcagcaac agggcgcgcc
   459361 gtggccggac agcctgctgc tggatgcgca gtcggggctg gaaggcctgc agcggcaggt
   459421 cgacctgttg cgcgagcggc tggccgagga cgacgaggcc ggtgaacggc ccgatcccgc
   459481 ccaggcgctg gtccaggccg acgataccga ccgcgcggtg gcctccgcgc tggccgagct
   459541 gacccgcctg gccccggcgg ccggcgcgat catggcggcc gaggcggcgc ctccggctgc
   459601 cccggccacc accctgccgt tcgtgcgcaa ggcccaggag gcggcccagg aggccgcttc
   459661 ccggcgtgcc ccgcaggaac tggtgaaggt gccggcggaa ctgctggaga acctggtcaa
   459721 cctggcgggc gagacctcga tcttccgcgg ccgggtcgag cagcaggtga gcgacgtcgg
   459781 cttcaccctc ggcgagatgg agtccaccat cgagcgggtg cgcgaccagt tgcgccgcct
   459841 cgacaccgag actcaggcgc agatcctctc gcgtcaccag gccgatgccg aacgcgccgg
   459901 ctacgaagaa ttcgacccgc tggaaatgga ccgctattcg cagttgcagc agctctcgcg
   459961 cgcactcttc gaatcggcct ccgaccttct cgacctgaag gaaaccctgg cggcgaagaa
   460021 ccgcgacgcg gagaccctgc tgctgcaaca ggcgcgggtc aacaccgaac tccaggaagg
   460081 cctgatgcgc acccgcatgg tgccgttcga tcggctggta ccgcgtttgc ggcggatcgt
   460141 ccggcaggtg gccggcgaac tcggcaagca ggtcgagttt gtggtcggca acgccgacgg
   460201 cgagatggat cgtaccgtcc tcgaacgcat cgtcgcgccg ctggagcaca tgctgcgcaa
   460261 cgccgtggac cacggcatcg agtccggcga gacacgccgc gcggcgggca agccggagca
   460321 cggtacgatc cgcctgaaca tcggccgcga gggcggcgac atcctcctca ccctctccga
   460381 cgacggcgcc ggcatccgcc tcgacgcggt acggcgcaag gccatcgagc gtggcctgat
   460441 gagcgccgac agcgacctca gcgatcatga agtgctgcag ttcgtgctcg agtccggctt
   460501 ctccaccgcc gaaaaggtca cccagatatc cgggcgcggc gtcggactcg acgtggccaa
   460561 ctccgaggtt aagcagctcg gcggctcggt gagcatccag accgagccgg gccagggcac
   460621 ccgcttcaac gtgcggctgc cgttcaccgt gtcggtgaac cgggcgctga tggtgctatc
   460681 cggcgaggat ctctacgcgg tgccgctgaa caccatcgag ggcatcgtgc gggtttcgcc
   460741 ctacgaactg gaggcgctct atgaccagcg cggcgaggcg gggctggata cgcccagctt
   460801 cgaatacgcc gggcagtcct acgaactgaa gtacctcggc gagctgctga acaacggcca
   460861 ggaacccaag ctggtcggcc agtcgctgcc cttgccggtg atcctggtgc gctcctcgga
   460921 gcatgcggtg gcggtgcagg tcgactcgct ggccggttcc cgcgagatcg tggtgaagag
   460981 cctcggtccg cagttcgccg gggtcgccgg gatttccggg gcgaccctgc tcggcgatgg
   461041 ccgggtggtg gtgatcctcg acctgctggc gaccatccgc tcccggcacg cgctgctcgg
   461101 ccaggaaaac cgtcgcgaac gcctggcgct gcgccaggaa atggcggcga gcgaaagcga
   461161 gcagcagcgg ccgccgctgg tcatggtggt ggacgactcg gtcaccgtgc gcaaggtcac
   461221 cacccgcctg ctggagcgca acggcatgaa cgtgctgacc gcgaaggacg gcgtggacgc
   461281 catcgcccag ctccaggagc accgtccgga catcctcctg ctggacatcg agatgccgcg
   461341 catggacggt ttcgaggtcg ccaccctggt gcgccacgac gagcgcctgg gcaacctgcc
   461401 gatcatcatg atcacctcgc ggaccggcga gaaacaccgc gagcgcgcgc tgggcatcgg
   461461 cgtcaaccag tacctcggca agccttacca ggaaaccgag ctgctcgaag ccatccagtc
   461521 cctggtcggc cagcatgagt gagcgcgcca cgccacgggt cgcggtgatc gccgacacct
   461581 cgttgcagcg ccacgtgttg caacaggcgc tgctcggcca tggttacgag gtggtgctca
   461641 acgccgaccc ggccagggtc gacgacgccg cgctggagtg cgcgcccgac ctgtggctgg
   461701 tggacctgac ccagcaggac gactcgccgc tgctggacag cctgctggag caggaccgtg
   461761 cgccggtgct gttcggcgag ggccacgcgc cggagcggca taccgaacat tacccgcgct
   461821 gggaacggcg gctgatcggc aagctgaagc gcttgatcgg cgaccccagc gatggcgttg
   461881 gcgacagcct cggcgcattg ctcgacgagg agcgtccgcc gcgcctggag attcccggcg
   461941 acctcgcggc gatgccgctg caggccggcg aagcggcccg cgaggtgtgg ctgctggcgg
   462001 cctcgctcgg cggcccggcg gcggtgaagg catttctcga cgccttgcct ggcggcctgc
   462061 cgatcggctt cctctatgcc cagcacatcg atgccagctt cgagcagaac ctgccgcagg
   462121 cagtcggccg gcacagccag tggcatgtga agaacgtccg cgacggcgaa gcgctgcgtt
   462181 gcggcgaggt catggtggtg ccggtgctgc acgagctcgg tttccaccac gacgggcgac
   462241 tgaaatgcag ccagcgtccc tggccggaac cctacacccc gtccatcgac cagatgatgc
   462301 tcaacctggc ccagcagttc gggcccgact gcggggtgat cgttttcagc ggcatgggta
   462361 gcgacggcag cgccgctgcc gcctacgtgc ggcgccaggg tggcgaggta tggacccagc
   462421 gcgccgacag ttgcgtctgt tcgagcatgc cggacagctt gcgcgaagcc ggttacagca
   462481 gtttcaatgc cagcccccgc gaactggccg aggcattggt caagcatctg gccgcacgct
   462541 gcgcgccgac aggagtcgaa acatgaacca ggccgtgatc gagcaggatg gcatgagccg
   462601 gaacacccca gccaacccga ccccggacag cctcaccggg ctgctcctgc cgctgagcga
   462661 ccgcaccctg ctgttgccca acgtcgccgt ggccgaactg atcgcctatc gcaacccgca
   462721 ggtcgccgcc ggcctgccgc agtggtacct gggccaggtg gcctggcgcg acctgcgcct
   462781 gccgctgctg tccttcgagg cggcctccag cggcgaacag cagccggtac tcggcagcag
   462841 cgcgcgggtg gtggtcatca acgccctcgg cggacgaccc catgtgaagt tcctcgccct
   462901 gctggtgcag ggcattccgc gctcggtgcg gctggacgcc aatctcgcga gcaccgccgc
   462961 gccgctggcg gcgctggaac tggcggcggt ggacatcggc ggcgaaaccg cacggattcc
   463021 ggacctggcc gggctcgaag agaagctcgc cgacgccggc ctgatctgag ccgtccatgg
   463081 ccggcctgca gcacgcgcgg atcggcgcct ccctcgaggt cgccagcgcc agcctggccg
   463141 ggcaccgctt cgagaagcac agccacgacg agttcgtcat cagcgccaac ctctgcggat
   463201 tggaagatgt ctggctggat ggccgtacct tccaggccga cagcggcgac ctgaccctct
   463261 acaacccggg gcagatccag ggcggcggcg tccgcgacgg ccagccctgg cgcttcgcca
   463321 gcctctatct gcctgccgcc gaactggcga gcagcctgga tctttcctcc gtcgagttcg
   463381 accgcccgct gctgcgcagt ccggcgctgg gccgcgagtt ggccgccagc atcgaagcct
   463441 tgctggccag cgaccgtttc gcccgcgaac ggggcgagga gcgcctgctg gatttccttg
   463501 gccgcctgct ggcggcgagc ggcacccgcc tgccgcagag ggccgatcct gggcgcccgg
   463561 ctgtcgcccg cctgcaggcg ctgctcgccg agcgcctggc cgaaccgccg gacctggatg
   463621 agatggcgga gcaggtgggc ctgtcgaaat accacctgct gcgggcgttc aagaaggcca
   463681 ccgggctcag cccgcgccag tggagcatgc aactgcgcac ccgccgcgcc ctcggcctgt
   463741 tgcgccgtgg cctggcggtg ggcgaggtgg cccacgccct gggcttcgcc gaccagagcc
   463801 acctgacccg ttacttcacc agcgcctacg gcatttcgcc gggccgctac cagcgcgccg
   463861 tgcgcggctg aactgcgcaa tccggttcaa gtcggcggag ccgccggccg ggataatccg
   463921 acgtcccacc acggagtcgt cgttccatgc tcgccatctt cctcgccgcc ttgctgttcg
   463981 gtttcgcctt caatgtttcc cctggcgcgg tgttcagcga aacgctgcgc cgcggtttga
   464041 ccggcggctt ccgcccggcg ttgctggtgc aactggggtc gctgatcggc gatgccgtct
   464101 gggccctgct cgggctcacc gggctggcgc tgctgctggg ctacgaacag gtgcggattc
   464161 ccctgaccct ggcctgtgcc gcctacctgg cctggctcgg cgtgcaaggc ttgcgcgacg
   464221 cctggagtcc gccgctggcg gcggaggatg ccggcgagca ggggcgcaac gccttcggcg
   464281 ccggcgcggc gatctccctg tccaatccga agaacgtggt ctactggggt gccctcggca
   464341 gcgccctggc ggggatcgtc gacggcacgc cgaaccaggc gcagtcgctg gtgttcttcg
   464401 ccggtttcat gctctcgtcg ctgatctggt gcttttgctg cgcggcgctg gtggactggc
   464461 tgcggcgcaa cacctcgctg ttctggcacc gcgtcagcta cgccggttgc ggcgtgctcc
   464521 tgctcggcct ggcgggactg gcgctgcgcg ggctgtagac gcgcctcagg ccggcgccag
   464581 gcgccgccgc agcaggcgtt ggcgcaggct ttcgaacgtg ccgaggtcga catgccgggc
   464641 atggtcgccg acgacgatcc ggccgtcggg cagctccgcc cagtgctgta gtccgccctc
   464701 caggtccagt tcgccgtagc ggatgcgcag cgcccggccg gattcgaggt gccagagctg
   464761 ggcgaggtcc cgcgagcgat gcggttccag ccacggcgcc aggagcagcc agcctccgtc
   464821 cagggcctgg agcttcaggt aggggccttc ggccaggccg tccagcgagt ggctgcggat
   464881 ctcgccgctg tcgagccggc cttcgcagag cgtttcacgc tccagccaga cgatggtccc
   464941 gggcgccgcc gaggtcggtt gcgccggatc ggcgggcaga tccttgccga cggggaacgg
   465001 caggggctgg atgcgtgcct cgcgccattc gaagaactgc ccgcgggaga gcaggcagac
   465061 gcgctggtcc ggagtggtga agaccgccgg cggattctcg atggagcgcc gcgcttgcgg
   465121 cacgtcgaag agcaaccgcg gttcgtcgtt gccctgggcg aagcccggat agaggaagaa
   465181 caggccgcgg tcggccagga gcaggtcgtc cccggccagg ccgatggcaa gttccggggt
   465241 gcggcgttgg cgcaacgact gcgccggcgg cagcggcaag ggcggtagtt cgggcgtcaa
   465301 cgaggcgagg tcgcgggagc gatgcagcca ggcgtagggg cttcccgaac gggtcatcct
   465361 gacccaggcg tgcaggccgt ccgccgaact ggcccggcag agcaacgcgc cctgggtttc
   465421 ctccgcgcca tcgggcaggc gttgcagcct gggccattgg cgcaggtcca gcaggtcgcg
   465481 gctgtcctcg cccggcaggc gggcgatggc caggccgggc gccaggtgct cggcgtgttc
   465541 gaggcagatg taggccgaag ccggcgccag gccggccggc gcggcggcgg ggagggccgc
   465601 ccgggcgccc tcgggggcgt tttcctggcg cagcgtgcgg gcgttgtggc cctgcgctgc
   465661 gagtgcatcg aggaggcgct ggctgtgggg ggcgccgacc acgtacaggt tcaggctgtc
   465721 gtcttcgtcc aggcgttcca ccaacgccag tccgagggat tccagctcct ggccgagggc
   465781 tggcaggaaa tcctcgggaa ggtcgtcgcg caggcgctcc agcagcgtct ccagtgcggc
   465841 ggaggccaac tgcgggaagc gtccggcata gtctcggcgg agtacgccga gcacgtcggg
   465901 caggcggatc ttccaatcga aggtaacggg cgtgtccatg cgtgcgatcc gttgcgaagt
   465961 gggttgcgca acggtattca ctggctgtcg ccgttgtaaa gcggcgggag ggatatcagg
   466021 cgaagtcgcc ccagagttgc tgggccaccg ccaacgctac caccggcgcg gtctcggtgc
   466081 gcagcactcg cgggccgagg cgcgcggagt ggaaaccggc cgcctgagcc tgctccacct
   466141 cggcatcgct caggccgcct tcgggaccca ccaggaaggc caggcgcgac ggcggcgcat
   466201 ggctggccag gggggcggcc acagggtgca ggaccagcct gaggtcatcg tcccgcccgc
   466261 gcagccagtc ctccagggcc agaggcggat ggatcagcgg caggctcgaa cggccgcact
   466321 gctcgcaggc gctgatcgcc acctggcgcc agtgctgcag gcgcttgtcg gcgcgctcgt
   466381 ccttcaggcg cacttcgcaa cgctcgctga cgatcggggt gatttccgcc acccccagct
   466441 cggtggcctt ctggatcgcc cagtccatcc gctcgccgcg cgacaggcct tgccccaggt
   466501 ggatacgcag gggcgagtcg ggctggccgg cgaactgctc gcggagttcg acgcggacat
   466561 tcttcttgcc gacctcgacc agctcgccga ggtattcccg gccgctgccg tcgaacagtt
   466621 gcacggcgtc gcccgtggcg tgccgcagca cgcggccgat gtagtgggcc tgggcctcgg
   466681 gcaggtcgtg ctggccgagg gagagaggct ggtcgacgaa gaagcgggac aggcgcatgg
   466741 cgattcgagg gtagtggcga caggcgcgca gtttactgcc tgccgcgggg cgctggaacc
   466801 ggccccctcg gaacgaaggg gcggcgacgt tcagcccgga tcgcggtggt ccgggtggaa
   466861 gtcgctgacc gccacgctga ccgcgtcgcg ggtggcgatg tcgatgcctt cgctggccac
   466921 ctcggcgagg aagtcgatct gctccggggt aatcacgtag ggcggcagga aatacaccac
   466981 gctgcccagc gggcgcagca gcgcgccgcg ctccaggcca tgctggaaga ccttcaggcc
   467041 gcggcgctcc tgccaggggt agggcgtcct ggatgccttg tcctggacca tttcgatggc
   467101 caggaccatc ccggtctggc gcacctcggc gacatgcggg tggtcggcca ggtgcgcggt
   467161 ggccctggcc atgtgggtgg acagcgcgcg gttggcctcg atcaccttgt cttcctcgaa
   467221 gatgtccagg gttgccaggg cggcggcgca ggccagcggg ttgccggtat aggtgtgcga
   467281 gtggaggaag gcgcgcaggg tctggtagtc gtcgtagaag ccccggtaga cggtctcgct
   467341 ggtcagcacc gcggacatcg gcaggtagcc accggtgagg gctttggaca gacagaggaa
   467401 atccggggcg atgccggcct gctcgcaggc gaacatcgtc ccggtgcggc cgaagcccac
   467461 cgcgatctcg tcgtggatca ggtgcacgcc atagcggtcg caggcttcgc gcagcagctt
   467521 gaggtagacc gggtggtaca tgcgcatgcc gccggcgccc tggatcagcg gttcgacgat
   467581 gaccgcggcg atctcgtcgt gcccttcggc cagggtgcgc tccatgtggg cgaacatgtt
   467641 ccgcgaatgt tcttcccagc acatgccgtc cggacgcagg aagcagtccg ggctgggcac
   467701 cttgatggtg tcgagcagca gcgacttgta ggtttcggtg aacagcgcca cgtcgcccac
   467761 cgacatcgcc gcgatggttt cgccgtggta gctgttggtc agggtgacga agcgcttctt
   467821 gcgcggcctg ccgctattga gccagaagtg gtagctcatc ttcagcgcga cctcgatgcc
   467881 cgccgagccg ctgtcggcgt agaacacccg gtcgagcccc ggcggggtga tcttcaccag
   467941 tcgctccgac agctcgatca ccggctggtg gctgaatccg gcgaggatca cgtgctccaa
   468001 ctggtcgacc tggtccttga tgcgctggtt gatgcgcggg ttggcgtgac cgaacacatt
   468061 gacccaccag gaactgaccg cgtcgatgta gcgcttgcct tcgaaatcct ccagccagac
   468121 gccttcgccg cggcggatcg ggatcaccgg caggcgttcg tggtctttca tctgggtaca
   468181 gggatgccag agtacgttca ggtcgcgctg catccagtcg gcgttaaggc ccatgggctg
   468241 tctcctcgga tcgatcggca aagcctatgc aatgggggtg agatgaacaa cccggcgggt
   468301 tgggacacat ccgacagcag ccgccgacgg actcctatgg tggcccaaac ggctctggcg
   468361 tatgctgcgc gccgttgcgt ctttgctttt ttcctgggga gtccggtatg tcgttaaggt
   468421 ggctgcgcgc cgcggcgttt ctcatgttgg gggtgttcag cgcggtggcg ctgggcaagg
   468481 ataaacagcc tacggcgatc gtcgtcggcg cgggcctggc aggcctgagc gcggcctacg
   468541 aattgcagaa ggacggctgg caggtcacgg tgctcgaagc gcggccgcag gtgggcgggc
   468601 gttccggcct ggccaccagc gaatgggtcg gcaaccagaa ggtccagccc acgctcaatg
   468661 cctacctgga caccttcaag ctgaagccgg tgccggcgcc ggacttcgtc cgcaccccca
   468721 gctacctgat cgacggcctg tactacagca gcagcgatct cgcgctcaag cagccgaacg
   468781 tcgccgccga cctcaagcgc ttcgagtcga ccctggacga tctctcggca tcgatctccg
   468841 acccgctcaa ccctgcctcg agcaataccc tgttcgccct cgaccagatg aacgccgcgc
   468901 gctggctgga caagctgaac ctgtcgccga ccgcgcgcct gctggtcaac cagcgtatcc
   468961 gttcgcgcta cgacgaaccg tcgcgcctgt cgctgctcta cctcgcccag cagggccgcg
   469021 cctaccgtgg cgtcgacgac cgcgacctgc gcgcggcgcg cctgcccggc ggcagccagg
   469081 tgctggcgga agccttcgtc aagcagatca agacgatcaa gaccaaatcc aaggtgtcga
   469141 gcatcgtcca ggccaaggac ggcgtcgccg tcaaggccgg cagcgagacc tacaaggccg
   469201 actacgtggt tctcgccgtg ccgctgaagg cgctcggcca gatccagatg accccgtccc
   469261 tgagcggtac ccagatgtcc gcgctgaagg gcaccaacta tggctggcgc gaccagatcc
   469321 tgctgaagtt caagcgtccg gtgtgggacg acaagtcgcg cctctccggc gagatcttca
   469381 gcgaccaggg cctgggcatg atctgggtcg agccggcgct gaaaggcggc gccaacgtgc
   469441 tgatcaacct gtccggcgac aacgcccgcg tgctgcaggc tttcggcgac cggcagatgg
   469501 tcgatcaggt gctgatccgc atgaacaagt tctatccgaa gatgcgcggt gccttcgccg
   469561 gctacgaaat tcgtcgctac agcgccgatc cgggtaccgg tggttcctac ctggcctacg
   469621 gtccgggcca ggtgacgcgt ttctggcgga tctgggaaca gccgctgtcg cgggtcgcct
   469681 tcgccggcga gcacaccgat gcgctgtacc ccggcaccat cgagggcgcg ctgcgtagcg
   469741 gcaagcgcgc ggccagccag gtgcgcgacc tgtatgccgg caagacgccg gtgatcgagg
   469801 gcgcgccgat ggtggcgaag gccgagaagg tggccgcacc gacgaccggc ggcgagaaga
   469861 agaacccgtt tgcctggttc acccgcctgt tcgattgatc cccttcgccg gcgccggaag
   469921 ctccggcgcc ttgcgcttcc cggttcgcag cgcaatccgg ggttttttct tagcctgcga
   469981 acctatcttg tgaatcgatg tttcaaagca gaattttctg ctttaactcg atggatttgc
   470041 cgctagtctt gaggcttcgc ttttcaagga agtttttcat gcagtggcgc aatacctcat
   470101 cccgttacgg cgtattcagc ctgttcctgc actggggcag cgcgctggtg gtcttcggcc
   470161 tgttcggcct gggcctgtgg atgcgcgaac tgagctatta cgacccctgg taccaccccg
   470221 cgccggccct gcataaaagc atcggcatcc tgctggccat tgccctgctg gtgcggatcg
   470281 tctggcgttt cgtcagcccg ccgccgccgg cgccggccaa ccacggtccg ctcacgcggg
   470341 tagcgagcaa gcttggccac ctcgcgctgt acgggctgct gctggcggtg atcgtcgcgg
   470401 gctacctgat ttccaccgcc gacggcgaac cgatcagcgt gttcggctgg ttctccgtgc
   470461 cggcaaccct cagcgggctg cccgaccagg cagacgtcgc gggtgaaatc catctctacc
   470521 tggcctgggc gctggtggtc ttcgccgtcc tccatgccct ggccgccctc aagcatcact
   470581 tcgtcgaccg cgacccgacc ctaaagcgca tgctcggtcg ctcgtcgaat gatcaacaac
   470641 cacgttaagg agaatgtcca tgctgaagaa gacccttgcc gcgctggcgc tcggctccgc
   470701 actgttcacc gccggccagg taatggccgc ggactacaag atcgacaagg aaggccagca
   470761 cgccttcatc gagttccgca tcaagcacct gggctatagc tggctgtacg gccgcttcaa
   470821 cgacttcgac ggcagcttca ccttcgacga gaagaacccg tcggccgaca aggtcaaggt
   470881 gaccatcaac accaacagcg tggacaccaa ccatgccgag cgtgacaagc acctgcgcag
   470941 cggtgatttc ctcaacgtca gcaagaaccc gaccgctacc ttcgaatcca ccgaagtgaa
   471001 ggccaacggc gacagcgccg acatcaccgg caacctgacc ctgaacggcg tgaccaagcc
   471061 ggtcaccatc aaggccaagc tgatcggcca gggcgacgac ccgtggggcg gctaccgtgc
   471121 cggcttcgaa ggcagcgcca ccctgaagct gaaagacttc ggcatcaaga tggacctcgg
   471181 cccggcatcc caggaagtcg agctgctgct ctccgtcgaa ggcattcgcc agtaagcgga
   471241 tacctgaaac gaaaaacgcc ggcgatcgcc ggcgtttttc attgtgcttc gaaaagaatg
   471301 ttcttaaata tcctcaagcg gttgcgcggc caggcactgg tcgaggagat gcaccagggt
   471361 ggcctgttcc accggggtga gcggggcaaa caactcgtca tgcacgcgtg acatgatggc
   471421 ctccgcatgc tggtggatgg ccagcccctc gtcggtgagg aagagctgga agctgcgctg
   471481 gtcgctgggg ttgcgctcgc ggcggaccag gtttcttccc tccagctcgc ggatcttccg
   471541 ggtgatcagt gccttgtcgc ggcacatctg gcgtcccagg tcctgcaggt tcagcccgcg
   471601 ttgttcgtcg ataagcttca atacatggac gtcgggcggg gtcaggtcga gtcgctggca
   471661 atcgagctcg ctctggatgc gcgtccgcac atgctggaag accgccatca gcgcgggcat
   471721 caggtcggga ttcacggggt agttcattgg tttggccgag taaacctaat gtaaatgtgg
   471781 ttgatccagt caactatttt gcttatttta gttgacctta tcaaccttgt ttcaggttct
   471841 gaatatgggc catggcgccg ggtggataac cggccatcga gctaaaacgt ttcaggtgtt
   471901 ttcacgcgag gctttcggac gtttacaaac acctatgaat gtaagtattt tgcctgcctt
   471961 cttcgagccg gtgcagcgcc ttcacgctgc atcggccgct ttcgctcatg aggacaacgc
   472021 tatgcaacga acgccagcca tgcgtgtact ggttccggcc ctgctggtcg cgatttcggc
   472081 cctttccggg tgcggaaaaa gcgaggcgcc gccgccggcg caaacgccgg aggtcgggat
   472141 cgtgaccctg gaagcgcaga cggtgaccct gaataccgag ctgccgggcc ggaccaatgc
   472201 gttccgcatc gccgaggtgc gtccccaggt gaacggcatc atcctcaagc gcctgttcaa
   472261 ggaaggcagc gacgtcaagg ccgggcagca gctctaccag atcgaccccg ccacctacga
   472321 ggccgactac cagagcgccc aggccaacct ggcttcgacc caggagcagg cccagcgcta
   472381 caagctgctg gtcgccgacc aggccgtgag caagcagcag tacgccgacg ccaatgccgc
   472441 ctacctgcag tccaaggcgg cggtggagca ggcgcggatc aacctgcgct acaccaaggt
   472501 gctgtcgccg atctccggcc gcatcggccg ttccgcggtg accgaaggcg ccctggtgac
   472561 caacggccag gccaacgcga tggccaccgt gcaacagctc gacccgatct acgtcgacgt
   472621 cacccagccg tccaccgccc tgctgcgcct gcgccgcgaa ctggccagcg gccagttgga
   472681 gcgcgccggc gacaacgcgg cgaaggtctc cctgaagctg gaggacggta gccaataccc
   472741 gctggaaggt cgcctcgaat tctccgaggt ttccgtcgac gaaggcaccg gctcggtcac
   472801 catccgcgcc gtgttcccca acccgaacaa cgagctgctg cccggcatgt tcgttcacgc
   472861 gcagttgcag gaaggcgtca agcagaaggc catcctcgct ccgcagcaag gcgtgacccg
   472921 cgacctcaag ggccaggcta ccgcgctggt ggtgaacgcg cagaacaagg tcgagctgcg
   472981 ggtgatcaag gccgaccggg tgatcggcga caagtggctg gttaccgaag gcctgaacgc
   473041 cggcgacaag atcattaccg aaggcctgca gttcgtgcag ccgggtgtcg aggtgaagac
   473101 cgtgccggcg aagaatgtcg cgtccgcgca gaaggccgac gccgctccgg cgaaaaccga
   473161 cagcaagggc tgatcaaggg gattcgtaat gtcgaagttt ttcattgata ggcccatttt
   473221 cgcgtgggtg atcgccttgg tgatcatgct cgcgggcggc ctgtcgatcc tcagtctgcc
   473281 ggtcaaccag tacccggcca tcgccccgcc ggccatcgcc gtgcaggtga gctacccggg
   473341 cgcctcggcc gagacggtgc aggacaccgt ggtccaggtg atcgagcagc agatgaacgg
   473401 gatcgacaat ctgcgctaca tctcctcgga gagtaactcc gacggcagca tgaccatcac
   473461 cgtgaccttc gaacagggca ccgaccccga catcgcccag gtccaggtgc agaacaagct
   473521 gcaactggcc accccgctac tgccgcagga agtgcagcgc caggggatcc gggtgaccaa
   473581 ggcggtgaag aacttcctca tggtggtcgg tgtggtttcc accgacggca gcatgaccaa
   473641 ggaagacctg tcgaactaca tcgtttccaa catccaggac ccgctctcgc ggaccaaggg
   473701 cgtcggtgac ttccaggtgt tcggctcgca gtactcgatg cgcatctggc tcgacccggc
   473761 caagctgaac agctaccagc tgacccccgg cgacgtgagc agcgcgatcc aggcgcagaa
   473821 cgtgcagatt tcctccggcc agctcggcgg cttgccggcg gtcaagggcc agcagctcaa
   473881 cgccaccatc atcggcaaga cccgcctgca gaccgcggag caattcgaga acatcctgct
   473941 caaggtcaat cccgacggtt cccaggtgcg cctgaaggac gtcgccgatg taggcctggg
   474001 cggccaggac tacagcatca acgcgcagtt caacggcagc ccggcgtccg gtatcgcgat
   474061 caagctggcc accggcgcca acgcgctgga taccgccaag gcgatccgcc agaccatcgc
   474121 caacctggaa ccgttcatgc cgcagggcat gaaggtggtc tacccgtacg acaccacccc
   474181 ggtggtctcg gcctcgatcc atgaggtagt gaagaccctc ggcgaggcga tcctcctcgt
   474241 gttcctggtg atgtacctgt tcctgcagaa cttccgcgcc acgctgatcc cgaccatcgc
   474301 cgtaccggtg gtgctgctgg ggaccttcgg cgtgctcgcc gcgttcggct tctcgatcaa
   474361 caccctgacc atgttcggca tggtgctggc catcggcttg ctggtggacg acgccatcgt
   474421 ggtggtggag aacgtcgagc gggtgatggc cgaggaaggc ctgtcgccaa gggaggcggc
   474481 gcgcaagtcc atgggccaga tccagggcgc gctggtcggt atcgccatgg tgctctcggc
   474541 ggtattcctg ccgatggcgt tcttcggcgg ctccaccggg gtgatctacc ggcagttctc
   474601 catcaccatc gtgtcggcca tggccctctc ggtgatcgtg gcgctgatcc tcaccccggc
   474661 gctctgcgcg accatgctca agccgatcga gaaaggcgac catggcgagc acaagggcgg
   474721 cttcttcggc tggttcaacc ggatgttcct ttccaccacc cacggctacg agcggggcgt
   474781 ggcgtcgatc ctcaagcatc gcgcgccgta cctgctgatc tacgtggtga tcgtggccgg
   474841 gatgatctgg atgttcaccc gcattcccac cgcgttcctc cccgacgagg accagggcgt
   474901 actgttcgcc caggtacaga ccccgccggg ctccagtgcc gagcgtaccc aggtggtggt
   474961 ggactcgatg cgcgaatacc tgctggagaa ggaaagctct tcggtcagct cggtgttcac
   475021 cgtgaccggc ttcaacttcg ccggccgcgg ccagagttcg ggcatggcgt tcatcatgct
   475081 caagccctgg gaagagcgtc ccggtggcga gaacagcgtg ttcgaactgg ccaagcgcgc
   475141 gcagatgcac ttcttcagct tcaaggacgc gatggtgttc gccttcgcgc cgccgtcggt
   475201 actggaactg ggtaacgcca ccggcttcga cctgttcctc caggaccagg cgggtgtcgg
   475261 ccacgaagtc ctgctccagg cgcgcaacaa gttcctcatg ctagccgcgc agaacccggc
   475321 gctgcaacgc gtgcgcccca acggcatgag cgacgaaccg cagtacaagc tggagatcga
   475381 cgacgagaag gccagcgccc tcggcgtgtc ccttgccgac atcaacagca ccgtgtccat
   475441 agcctggggt tccagctacg tcaacgactt catcgaccgt ggccgggtca agcgggtcta
   475501 cctgcagggc aggccggacg cgcggatgaa cccggacgac ctgagcaagt ggtacgtgcg
   475561 caacgacaag ggcgagatgg tgccgttcaa cgccttcgcc accggcaagt gggaatacgg
   475621 ttcgccgaag ctggagcgct acaatggcgt gccggcgatg gagatcctcg gcgagccggc
   475681 gcccggcctg agttccggtg acgccatggc ggcggtcgag gagatcgtca agcaattgcc
   475741 gaaaggcgtt ggctactcct ggaccggcct gtcctacgag gagcgcttgt ccggctcgca
   475801 ggcgccggcg ctgtatgcgc tgtcgctgct ggtggtgttc ctctgcctgg cggccctgta
   475861 cgaaagctgg tcgattccgt tctcggtgat gctggtggtg ccgttgggcg tgatcggcgc
   475921 gctgctggcg acgtccatgc gcggcctgtc caacgacgtg ttcttccagg tgggcctgtt
   475981 gacgaccatc ggcctgtcgg cgaagaacgc cattctcatc gtggagttcg ccaaggagct
   476041 gcacgagcag ggcaagggca tcgtcgaggc ggccatcgaa gcctgccgca tgcgtctgcg
   476101 gccgatcgtg atgacctccc tggcgttcat cctcggcgtg gtcccgctgg cgatctccac
   476161 cggcgccggc tcgggcagcc agcatgcgat cggtaccggc gtgatcggcg gcatggtcac
   476221 tgcgaccgtc ctggcgatct tctgggtacc gctgttctac gtggcggtca gcacgctgtt
   476281 caaggacgag gcgtccaagc agcaagcgtc cgtcgaaaag gggcaatgat atgaaacggt
   476341 ccttcctttc cctggcggta gccgctgtcg ttctgtccgg ctgctcgctg atccccgact
   476401 accagcgccc cgaggcgccg gtagccgcgg cctacccgca agggcaggcc tacgggcaga
   476461 acaccggcgc ggcggccgtt ccggccgccg acatcggctg gcgcgagttc ttccgcgacc
   476521 cgcagttgca gcaactgatc ggcgtggcgc tggaaaacaa ccgcgacctg cgggtcgccg
   476581 cgctgaacgt cgaggccttc cgggcgcagt accgcatcca gcgggccgac ctgttcccgc
   476641 ggatcggcgt ggacggtagc ggcacccgcc agcgtttgcc gggcgacctg tcgaccaccg
   476701 gcagtccggc gatttccagc cagtacgggg tgaccctggg cactaccgcc tgggaactcg
   476761 atctcttcgg ccgcctgcgc agcctgcgcg accaggccct ggagcagtac ctggcgaccg
   476821 aacaggcgca gcgcagcgcg cagaccaccc tggtggccag cgtggcgacc gcctacctga
   476881 cgctgaaggc cgaccaggcg cagttgcagc tgaccaagga caccctgggc acctaccaga
   476941 agagtttcga cctgacccag cgcagctacg acgtcggcgt cgcctccgcg ctcgacctgc
   477001 gccaggcgca gaccgccgtg gaaggcgccc gcgcgaccct ggcgcagtac acccgcctgg
   477061 tagcccagga ccagaatgcg ctggtcctgc tgctgggctc cgggatcccg gcgaacctgc
   477121 cgcaaggcct gggcctggac cagaccctgc tgaccgaagt gccggcgggt ctgccgtcgg
   477181 acctgctgca acggcgcccg gacatcctcg aggccgagca ccagctcatg gctgccaacg
   477241 ccagcatcgg cgccgcgcgc gcggcgttct tcccgagcat cagcctgacc gccaacgccg
   477301 gcaccatgag ccgccaactg tccggcctgt tcgacgccgg ttcgggttcc tggttgttcc
   477361 agccgtcgat caacctgccg atcttcaccg ccggcagcct gcgtgccagc ctggactacg
   477421 cgaagatcca gaaggacatc aacgtcgcgc agtacgagaa ggcgatccag acggcgttcc
   477481 aggaagtcgc cgacggcctg gccgcgcgcg gtaccttcac cgagcagttg caggcgcagc
   477541 gcgatctggt caaggccagc gacgagtact accagctcgc cgacaagcgc tatcgcacgg
   477601 gggtggacaa ctacctgacc ctgctcgacg cgcaacgctc gctgttcacc gcgcagcagc
   477661 aactgatcac cgaccgcctc aatcagctga ccagtgaggt caacctgtac aaggccctcg
   477721 gcggcggctg gaaccagcag accgtgaccc agcagcagac cgcgaagaag gaagatcccc
   477781 aggcttgatc gccttccgcg ccatgcaaga acgccgaccc tagggtcggc gtttttttat
   477841 cctcgcggaa gtcggcgggt ccgcgtcacg gacccgctcg gccttagcgg ttgcgggtca
   477901 gcagtgcggg gcgctcgccc ttgcgccgcg gttccagctc gtcgagctgc tcggcggtgg
   477961 ggaagcgatc catgcgcacc aggtcgcgct tgttgatcac caccggctgg cggctcggct
   478021 gcttgccggt gccatactcg gacggctcgc gcagcggcgc gtcgctcatc cgcgaggcat
   478081 tctcgcgacc ctggccgcgc ggcttgccgg cgcgcggttt cttcgccttg ccctggccgg
   478141 caccctgacc gcgagcgccg ccttgagcgg cgccctggct cttgccgcga gcttggccct
   478201 ggccttggcc acgaccctgc tggccggtgc cgccctgggg tttctgctgg ccaccgcggc
   478261 gtccgcgtcc cttgttttcc tggccctggt aggggctgac gtagtcggcg cggttgccga
   478321 aattgtcgaa gtcgtcgtcg aggaactctt ccggatcgcg attaccgtcg acttccggcg
   478381 gccgattggg cttggccgga cgcgcttcgc ggctctgccg cggctgctgc gcttggccgg
   478441 cctcgcggtt ttccttgttc ttgccaccgc gacggcggcg ctttccagcc ggcttctcgg
   478501 taccgtcctg ggccgcagcg acattgctgt cggggttgct cgcctgggcg tctttcggct
   478561 tgcgctcgcg gctgctgcgc cgttccttgt cgcggcgcgg ctgcttctgc ggcgcttcgc
   478621 ggggctccgg ctgggccacc tcgggcagca cggcctcggg gtcgaaaccc tgggcatcgc
   478681 catcgggaat acgctgtctg gtcatcttct cgatggcctt gagcagcttc tcttcgtccg
   478741 gcgccaccag cgagatcgcc tcgccgctgc gtccggctcg gccggtacgg ccgatgcggt
   478801 ggacgtagtc ttcctcgacg ttgggcagct cgtagttgac cacatggggc aactggtcga
   478861 tatccaggcc gcgggcggcg atgtcggtcg ccaccaggat gcgcacgtcg ttggccttga
   478921 agtcggccag cgccttggtc cgcgcgttct ggctcttgtt gccatggatc gcggcggccg
   478981 gcaggccgtg cttggtcagg tactcggcga gacggttggc gccgtgcttg gtacgggtga
   479041 agaccagcac ctgttcccag gcgccgacgg ttaccaggtg cgccagcagg gcgcgcttct
   479101 gcggcgccgg caggcggaac acgcgttgct cgatgcgctc gaccgtggtg ttcggcggcg
   479161 ttacctcgat gcgttccggg ttgtgcagga gcttgttggc gaggtcgacg atgtctttcg
   479221 agaaggttgc cgagaacagc aggttctggc gcttgggcgg cagcttggcg agaaccttct
   479281 tcacatcgtg gatgaagccc atgtcgagca tgcggtcggc ttcgtcgagg acgaggattt
   479341 ccacgtggga caggtcgacc ttgttctgcc cggccaggtc gagcaggcgg ccggggcagg
   479401 cgacgagtac gtcgacgccc ttggccaggg cctggatctg cgggttcatg ccaaccccac
   479461 cgaagatgca ggtgctgttc agcggcaggt cgcgggcgta gaccttgaag ctgtcatgca
   479521 cctgggcggc cagctcacgg gtcggggtca gtaccagcac gcgcgcctgg cgcgggccgt
   479581 ggcggtgttc gcggtcggga tgaccggcgg ggaacaggcg ctccagtacc ggcagggcga
   479641 aaccaccggt cttgccggtg ccggtctgtg ccgcaaccat caggtcgcga ccttgcaaca
   479701 cggcgggaat cgcccgctgt tgcacgggag tgggctggct gtagcccgca gcctccacag
   479761 cgcgggcaag cgcctcggag agtccgaggg aagaaaagga catgcgggtt ttcctatatg
   479821 ggccggggcg aggccggctg ctgtgaaatc accaagttct gcgaactcct gtctaccttc
   479881 gggccctgtc ggccagggcg gaaggtctgg ccgcggcgct gcgtatgcgc tcggtggccg
   479941 gtgtcgaacg ggtgccctcg cgggcatggc cgcgcacctg gtcgggggcg ctggccggtt
   480001 cgctcccggc cctgggtggg ggggccgggg gcagcgtcaa cggagggctg cggtcagagc
   480061 aggtcacgct ggcgcaaatg ctggcggatc tcgttggccc gggagccaag gaggttgcgc
   480121 agcaagctgt gattcagcca atcctcgatt tgttccgcaa tcggttcctg cggatagcgt
   480181 tcgatggcat tggtcgcggc tttctcccac cagacggggc cgcaggcccg gtcgaactcg
   480241 ttactgtatt cgtggcaacc gtagagcagt tcgatactga actggcgcat cggagccggc
   480301 aacggcaggg ttcccagctt gtacagcaga cgcttggcac gcggtgggcg tggcagtcga
   480361 tcggtcacct tgagggtgtc gtcgagggct gcagcgctga gaagggagga accgtgcttg
   480421 cacaaccagg cctggatctt cgcgcggaac agctgtttcc ggctccagta atggtggatc
   480481 aggtcggtac aacccaccag ctccagccgc ttgtgggcgg cgacggccag gacgaattcc
   480541 tcaagagtat aggcaccgtt ggcaattgga tagagttcat ccattaattc caacgaacgg
   480601 tcgagtattt tcgcctcttc ccgaggcagg ccgatgacgc cggagttgag ctggtgcatc
   480661 tcgtcgtcgg cccagccgcg ctcgaacagg tagggcgaga ggtcgcggta gagcgggaag
   480721 ttacggtgtt cgccatagcg cgcgccgatc gcgttgcaca gcaggctgcc gggctggatg
   480781 cggtcgaaca ggcgcagggg cgaactgtgg aagaaggtat cggtgtcgat cagcaatgcc
   480841 tggtcggcgt cttccagggc gtcgcgcagg gccacgtgct tggcgcggaa gtgatagccg
   480901 tgcggttggc accaggcgac caactcctcg gccgtcactt cgcggacctg caccggcagg
   480961 ccggcgtagg gactggggtc gtcggtatag accctgaccg tcaggccatg cgccgccccg
   481021 tcgcggaggt gggcgaaggc gctggcgatg ctgaacaggg cttcctggtg gtaggtctgt
   481081 cgcccgtaga ccaggtagat cagatgcttg cgtgagttgg ccatgtctgt cgtggatcgc
   481141 gtgagaggca tccctgccgg tatacgctgc cgggccgaac cgcgtgggcg gtatcagcgt
   481201 ggcagctgga gattcttcca gatcgccagg ctcggatcgg cctggttcaa agtatagaaa
   481261 tgcagtcccg gtgcgccgcc ctccagcagg cgttcgcaca tctcgctgat gacctgctcg
   481321 ccgaaggcct ggatgctgcg gctgtcgtcg ccgtaggctt ccagttgctt gcggatccag
   481381 cgcggcagtt cggcgccgca ggcgtcggag aagcgcgcca gcttggagta gttggtgatc
   481441 ggcatgatgc cggggaccac cgggatgtcc acgccgagct tggcgacccg ctcgacgaag
   481501 tagaaatagg catcggcgtt gaagaagtac tgggtgatgg cgctgctggc gccggccttc
   481561 accttgcgca cgaagttcgc caggtcatcc tcgaagctgc gcgcctgggg gtggacctcc
   481621 ggataggcgg cgacctcgat gtggaagtgg tcgccggtct cggtgcggat gaagtccacc
   481681 agttcgttgg cgtagcgcag ttcgccgctg gccatgccca tgcccgacgg caggtcgccg
   481741 cgcagggcga cgatgcggcg gatgccggcc tcgcggtagc ggccgagcag ttcgcgcaac
   481801 tcggctttcg agtcgccgac acaggacagg tgcggcgcgg tcggcacctt cacctcgccg
   481861 tccagttgca gcacggtact caacgtgcgg tcgcgggtgg atccgccggc gccgtaggtg
   481921 caggagaaga agtcgggctt gtagcccgcc aggttgcggg cggtggccaa cagcttttca
   481981 tggccggcct cggtcttcgc cgggaagaac tcgaagctga aacggcgttc gctctgactc
   482041 atgatcggtt ccttggacgc gaccacggcc gcgcctcttc ttgttgattc cgactagcgc
   482101 cgggtacttc agtagtactg gcggtagtgc tcgatttttt cccgcaggcg tcgggccgtc
   482161 gcggcgtggg catggccgag gcgagcgagg atcagctgcg actcctggtg gtagttcgcg
   482221 atcttgtcct ggttccaggt ctgcggcggt ggctgcaggt tggtgatgcg gtcgcacagt
   482281 ttgaccaggg cgtactgcgc cgggccctcg gcaagcgcct ggagatagtc gtcgagggaa
   482341 cgcttggggc cgtcgccgac gcgcttgctc agggcctgca cgccggcaca gacgaactcg
   482401 ccgaactgtt gccgcagctc ctcgggtgag gtcgccgtgt cttccagggt gtcgtgcaga
   482461 accgcgatct gcagggtttc cccgagccgt tcgatggcac cgtcgcgatc ggcggccagc
   482521 agcgcgttgg cgaccatgcc caggtgcacc agataaggca gcggcgagcc gctgagggtc
   482581 tggttgcggt gggcgcgggc ggcgaacagc caggcctggt tgtagcgatc ggcgaggtgc
   482641 gtggacatcg tgggagcgct catgcgaacg gggcaggcgc atggcgcctg ccccgtggtc
   482701 cgcttagtag cgataggtgt ccggcttgaa cgggccttcc acgctcacgc cgatgtactc
   482761 ggcctgtttc ggggtcagtt gggtgaccac gccgccgaag cccttgacca tctccagggc
   482821 cacttcctcg tcgagcttct tcggcagcac ttcgacgctc aggcgcttgg ccttctcggc
   482881 ggccggcagg tcggcgtact tctgctcgaa caggtggatc tgcgccaaca cctggttggc
   482941 gaaggaaccg tccatgatcc ggctcggatg gccggtggcg ttgcccaggt tgaccaggcg
   483001 gccctcagcg agaaggatca ggtagtcgtc gttgtgcgcg tcgaaaccgt ccttgccggt
   483061 gcggtggatc ttgtgcacct gcggcttgac ctcttcccag gcccagttct tgcgcatgaa
   483121 ggcggtgtcg atctcgttgt cgaagtggcc gatgttgcag accaccgcgc gcttcttcag
   483181 cgccttgagc atgttggcgt cgcagacgtt gacgttgccg gtggtggtga cgatcaggtc
   483241 gatcttgccc agcagcgcgg cgtcgatgct ggcctcggtg ccgtcgttga tgccgttctt
   483301 gtacggcgag acgacttcga agccgtccat gcaggcctgc atggcgcaga tcgggtcgac
   483361 ttccgcgacc ttgacgatca tgccttcctg gcgcagcgac tgcgaggagc ccttgcccac
   483421 gtcgccgtag ccgatcacca gggcctgctt gcccgacagc aggtggtcgg tgccgcgctt
   483481 gatggcgtcg ttgaggctat ggcggcagcc gtacttgttg tcgttcttgc tcttggtcac
   483541 cgagtcgttg acgttgatcg ccgggacttt cagggtgccg ttcttgagca tgtcgagcag
   483601 gcggtggacc ccggtggtgg tctcttcggt gatgccgtgg atgcgctcga gcatctgcgg
   483661 gtatttcttg tgcaggatct cggtcaggtc accgccgtcg tccagcacca tgttggcgtc
   483721 ccacggctgg ccgtccttga ggatggtctg ctcgatgcac cattcgtact cttcctcggt
   483781 ctcgcccttc caggcgaaca ccgggatgcc ggcggcggcg atggcggcgg cggcctggtc
   483841 ctgggtggag aagatgttgc agctcgacca gcggacttcg gcgcccagcg cgaccagggt
   483901 ctcgatcagc acgccggtct ggatggtcat gtggatgcaa ccgaggatct tcgcgccttt
   483961 cagcggctgc tggccggcat acttgcggcg caggcccatc agtgcgggca tttccgattc
   484021 ggcgatgatc agctcgcggc ggccccaggc ggccagggtg atgtcggcga ccttgtagtc
   484081 ggtgaaaccg gcgggcgtca tgacagcgct catgcgtaac tctccattcg ttgtctgcga
   484141 atgggcgccg ttggtgcgtt gacagaccgg cgagaccggc ctgagagcgc gctccgttcg
   484201 agcctgacag gcctaggcct gctgcagcgc ccctcgaacg gaaggcggga gcgacccgaa
   484261 gggccgcctg agcgggcgat tatagcggcg ccacatgaaa ctcccaagtc acccctgata
   484321 cgccgctcgt cgccgtgcgt cgcgtcctcg ggctgcggcg atgcaccgca gcgcagaagc
   484381 gcggggaatt tgcgggtcag gatgctagag tgcgcggtca tgagaatcgc tcccatctcc
   484441 cgctcgccgc tgctgcagtg gctgagcttc gccctctgtg cctgcgtgct ggtcaacgcg
   484501 ctggcttgcg gcgtcctgca cctgcaggcg ctgggagtgg gcagcgacaa ggggcagaag
   484561 gccagcgtcg ggctgttctg cgtcgccggt gccagccaat ggctatccct ggatcccgac
   484621 gacgggtccg ccggcgatcc tgcaccggtc aatccccagt tgccgatgag ctgcccgatg
   484681 tgcagcgccc tggtgctgtt cgtcgcgctc ggggtgatct ggtcctggcg cttgcaacgg
   484741 cgacgccagg cacgtttccg cccgcccgcc acgcgcgagc cggtgccgcc ccggtacgtc
   484801 tggccgccgg ccaacccgcg cgcttccccc gcctgatcct gaacgcccgc cgcgccgggc
   484861 atttgcatcc gtcgcccgtc ctgcctcgtc cgcgcagcgc tcgccgctgt ccatccgggc
   484921 gaggcgggcg tgcccaccat gccttgcttc aggatcgctc gatgaaaaag cactccacgg
   484981 cccgccgcgt cctcgcgctg ggtctcaacc tcaccctggc cggcgttccg gccttgctct
   485041 gggccgatga ggaacccacc gaactgcccg ccctcaccgt cagcgccggc gccggcgggg
   485101 aaaccccgcc ggccctcgat ctcgacgaca gcgccggcgg cggctcgcgc ctgggcctga
   485161 gcctgcgcga gactcccggc tcggtaagcg tggccaaccg tgccagcttc gagcggcgcg
   485221 gcctgcgcag cacccaggac atcgccaaca gcctgcccgg cgtgaacgcc tcggcgccgc
   485281 ccggcttcgg cggcttcgtc acctaccgcg gcttcagctc gaaccaggtc aaccagttgt
   485341 tcaacggcat tccggtgcaa tacagcagcg ccatgcgtcc gctggacgac tggatcgtcg
   485401 accgcgtcga gctggtcggc ggtccgtcct ccttcctcaa cggcgccggt gccgtcggcg
   485461 gctcgctgga ctacatcagc aagctcgccg accgctacgg cgatttcatg gaaggccggg
   485521 tgcgctacgg cagctacgac gattcggaag tcgccttcgg cttcaaccag gccctgggca
   485581 tcggccccga gccgaagcac ttcgtgcgcc tggacgtcag ccgcagcggc ggcaacggct
   485641 acgtcgaccg caattcgcgc gaatcgtgga acgtcgcttt ctccctgctc agcgacctga
   485701 ccccggacct ttcccacacc ctggccctgg agtaccagga cgagcaggaa gacagcccct
   485761 actggggcac accggtgctc aatccctacg ccggcgagct gaagatcgac aagagccgtc
   485821 gccgcgagaa ctacaacgtc gccgatggcc gctacgaaca gcgcgtgcgc tggctgcgct
   485881 cgatcctcga ataccgggtc agcgacagca cgcgctggcg caacaccttc taccactacg
   485941 acgccgagcg cgattaccgc aacctcgaga cctaccgcta caacgccgac aacagcgggg
   486001 tggtgcgctc caacgcattc ctccagcgcc acgaccagca gctcaacggc aaccgcttcg
   486061 agctacagca cagccagccg ctgttcggac tggccagcga ctgggcgctg ggcttcgact
   486121 acagcatcaa caagcagacg cgcttcccga gtaccgcctc cgggccgttc ggtacggtcg
   486181 atccggccag tttcgagccg ggccacttct acgacctgcc gggcatgcgt cccggccacc
   486241 ggaaggaccg cagcaacgag gtgcgcacca gcgcgttgtt cgccgagaac cgcctgggcc
   486301 tgaccgacga gctgtcgctg gtcaccgggc tgcgctacga ccacctcgac ctcgacgtgc
   486361 gcaaccatcg ggtacccgac aaggacaatc ccgcacactt cgaacggcgc tgggacgtgg
   486421 tcaccgggcg cgccgggctg gtctaccagt tcaccccgca cgccaacgtc tacctgcaat
   486481 acagtaccgc cgccgacccg ccgggcgggg tgctgaccag cgccagcttc ggccaggtcc
   486541 gcgactacga cctgtccacc ggcgaccagt gggagctggg cagcaagttc gatttcctcg
   486601 acggtcgcgg cagtgccacc ctggccgcct accgcatcgt ccgccgggac ttctcggtgg
   486661 ccgacccgaa caaccccaac ctcagcgtgc cggtgggcca gcagacctcc aggggcatcg
   486721 aggccgccgc ctccctgcgg atcaccccga agctgctggc cgagggcaat ttcgcctggg
   486781 tcgacgcgca gtacgacgag ttcaccgaga acgtcggcgg cgtcgccgtc tcgcgtaagg
   486841 gcaagacgcc gccgaacgtg ccggagcggg tcggcaacct gtggctgacc tacgacttcg
   486901 acccggcctg gcagggcggg gtggacgcgc gctacgtgtc ctcggtgtac gccaacaacg
   486961 ccaacacctg gcacgtgccg tcctacacgg tctacgggac tttcctcagc taccggctgg
   487021 acgagcgcac gcggatcacc gggcgcgtgc gcaacctcac cgacgaggtc tacgcgcgct
   487081 tcgtgcagag cacgccgctg tactacgtcg gcgacccgcg caccttcgag ctgagcgtgc
   487141 agacgcgctt ctgaggagtc gtcgatgaaa cgctacctgt acctgtggca ccgctggctg
   487201 ggcatcggct gctgcctgct gatggtgctc tggttcgtct ccggcatggt catgctgtat
   487261 gtcggctatc ccaagctgac tccgctggaa cgcctggccc acctgcccga gctggacggc
   487321 tgcgaggcct gcgtaccgct gcggacggcc ctcgccggcg gcgatggaaa gaccccgcgg
   487381 agcatccggc tggccagcgt aggaggcctg ccgacctacc tgctggacga tgccgacgga
   487441 cgcacgcgtg cgctggcggc gcgcgacggc cgaccgctgg cggtggacgc ggacagggtg
   487501 ctggcttcgg cccgtgcttt cagcggcgaa gtaccgatgc agttgcaagg gcggttcgag
   487561 gaagacgcct ggacccatac ccgcaacctc gatccgcacc ggccgctatg gcgggtgcag
   487621 accgcggacg agcagggccg gctgctctac ctgtcctcgc agaccggcga ggtggtacgc
   487681 gacgccagcc gccgggagcg tgcctggaac tggctcggcg cctggttgca ctggctctat
   487741 ccgctgcgcg gcggctggtt cgacgggcag tgggcgaacc tggtgatcgg cctgtcgctg
   487801 ctggcgaccc tggtgaccgt cctcggcatc ctcgtcggcc tgctccgctg gcgcttccgc
   487861 aagccctacc gcagcggctc gcgctcgccc tatgcgggcg gtttccagcg ctggcaccac
   487921 ctcgccggcc tgctcttcgg cgcgctggtg ctgagctgga tcttcagcgg gctgatgtcg
   487981 atgaatccgt ggaacctgtt cggccgcggc acgccgctcg acctcgcggc ctaccagggc
   488041 ggtagctggg accgggcgct gcccgccgga ctggaggcgg acgctgtcct gcggcgcttg
   488101 cgtgccgccg ggttgcgggt gcgcgagctg gagtggcggg cgctcgacgg cgagccctat
   488161 gcgctcgggc gcagcgccag cggcaacagc ctgctgctga cggcggatgg cgaaatcctc
   488221 cgcgagctac ccgcggatcg cctgctggcg gcggctcgcg cgctgctgcc gggcgtgccg
   488281 atgcaggccg aacggttgga acgctacgac ttctattact acccgcgcga agaacacagc
   488341 atgatgggct acctggagcg gcgcctgccg gtctggcgcc tgcgtttcga cgatccccgg
   488401 catacctggg tgcacctgga tccctacagc ggcgcggtgg ttggcgtgct cgacgacggt
   488461 cggcgcggca gccgctggct gttttccctg ttgcatagct gggactggct gccgctgctg
   488521 acccggcgtc cgctgtggga cctgtggatg ctcggtttca gcctcggcgg cctggtggtc
   488581 tgcgccagcg gctgctggat cggctggcgt cgcctgcgcg gccgccgtcc gaagcgtcgc
   488641 tgagaggggc tacctggcaa gactgggcgt cgccgcacgc ccggatttgc tggtagcctt
   488701 ggttgaattc gcagtaatgg atcgcacatg ggcacacaca agatcgagat ccgccgccgc
   488761 aacgtcgaga agattctcct ggccgccgaa aaagtcttcg ccgaaaaagg ctacgccggc
   488821 acctccatgg gcaacatcgc cgaagaagcc gaactgccgc gctccaacct gcactactac
   488881 ttcagcacca aggacgagct gtaccgcgac gtcctcctcg gcctgctcga ggtctggaag
   488941 caggacgccc tctgcttcga gatgttcgat gacccaaggg tggtattgac cagctatatc
   489001 cgcgcgaaga tgaaccattc gcgcacccgc ccgcatggct ccaaggtctg ggccaacgaa
   489061 atcatgcatg gcgcgccgct gctcggcgcc accctcgacg acagcctcta cgaatgggcc
   489121 aagatgaagg aggcgaagat ccgccagtgg gtcgaggaaa agcgcatcct gtcgatcgaa
   489181 ccgagcagcc tgctctacat gatctgggcc tccacccagc actacgccga cttcggctac
   489241 caggtcgagg tgctcaacgg ccaccagccg ctcagcgaca tgcagttcga aagggcggtg
   489301 cagacggtga ccagcgtagt cctgcgcgga atcggattgg agccctgagc agcggagcct
   489361 tcgctagaag gctctggcga aggctcagct ggcgcgggtg aagtccaccg cttcagcctg
   489421 ttcgaggaac accgtggtct gcgccgggac cgtctcggcg agcagccgtc cgccgcggat
   489481 cgagtagcgc accgggacct gccggcgcac cgcgtcgaag ccgtcgcggg ccggcagcac
   489541 cagcaggttg gccggatggc cgacctcgat gccgtattcc cgcaggccga gggtgcgggc
   489601 gctgttgcgg gtgatcaggt cgaggccgcc gtcgatctcg tcgtagccca tcatctgcgt
   489661 cacgtgcagg cccatgtgca gcacctgcag catgttcgcg gtgcccagcg ggtaccaggg
   489721 gtcgaacacg tcgtcgtggc cgaagcaggt gttgatcccg gcgccgagca gttccttgac
   489781 ccgggtgatg ccgcggcgct tcgggtagtc gtcgaagcga ccctgcaggt ggatgttcac
   489841 cagcgggttg gcgacgaagt tgattcccga cagtttcagc aggcggaaca gccgcgaggt
   489901 gtaggcgccg ttgtaggagt gcatcgccgt ggtgtggctg gcggtgaccc gtgcgccgag
   489961 gccgtcgcga tgggcgagca tggccagggt ctcgaggaag cgcgactgct cgtcgtcgat
   490021 ctcgtcgcaa tgcacgtcca ccggcaggtc gtagcgcttg gccaggtcga tggccttgtg
   490081 cagcgactcg acgcccagct cgcgggtgaa ttcgaaatgc gggatcgccc ccaccacgtc
   490141 ggcgcccagg cgcagcgact cctccagcag ttccaggccg ttggggtagg agagaatgcc
   490201 ctcctgaggg aaggcgacga tctgcaggtc gacccagggc gccacttcgc cgcgcacctc
   490261 gagcatggcc ttgagcgcgg tgagggtcgg gtcggagacg tcgacgtggc tgcgcacgtg
   490321 ctgcacgccg ttggcgatct gccatttcag ggtctgccag gcgcgctgct tgacgtcctc
   490381 gtggctgagc agggccttgc gctgggccca gcgctcgatg ccttcgaaca gcgtgccgga
   490441 gcggttccac tccggctggc cggcggtctg ggtggtgtcg agatggatgt gcggctcgat
   490501 gaacggcggc acggcaagac cgccggcgcc gtccaggcgc tcgccggcgt cgtcggcggc
   490561 ctgttccatc ggcaccaggg cggcgatacg gccatcggcg acgcgcagtt gccagagacc
   490621 ttcgcggccg cgcaggcgca ggttgtcaat cagcatggag gacctcttct ggtttgttcg
   490681 ggctgcggct cagcagggga ttgagcagca ggtaggcgat ggcggcgccg agcaccgcgt
   490741 tgaccggcac tatccccggc agccagtggc cggcggcggt gccgcaggcg acggcgagga
   490801 tcgccgccca gttgatcgcc tggatgtccg cgcaggggtg ctggcggtag cgccggcggc
   490861 gactcaggta gtcggcgatg atcaccccgc cgatgggcgg gatggcggcg gagaggaagg
   490921 tcagccagcc gacgaagtgg ttgtacagcc agagcgcggc gagggtgccg agggcgccgt
   490981 tgagcatcgc caggaagcgg ctggagaggc cggtgatgtt ggcgaagccg aggccggagg
   491041 catacagcgc gttgtcgttg gtggtccaga tgttcaggcc gaggaccagg atcgccggga
   491101 tcagcaggcc ctgggcgatc atcacgtcgg agatgtccga cttgcccacc gccgccgcgc
   491161 cggccgcgcc gaagatgaac atcagcgagt tgccgaggaa gaacgccacc aggcacacca
   491221 ccacggcggt acgcgcgctg cggccgaagc ggacgaagtc ggcggtgagg gtgccggcgc
   491281 tgacgaacga gccgaccacc agggcgatcg cggtcgagag gctcagcggc gcgctcggcg
   491341 tcacctgctg cagcgccgcc aggccgccgg cgtcgcgcac cgcgagccat accgagtagc
   491401 tgccgagaac gacgatcgcc gggaccgcga tggccgacag cagggtcaga ccggcgatgc
   491461 cgaagaacac cgtgagggtc ataagcgctc cggaaaccag gatcagcagg ttgacgtcga
   491521 ggccggtggc cttggccacc gggatggcga acatcgctac gccgacgccg aaccagccga
   491581 cctgggtgcc gccgagcaac gccgagggca gccaggagcc cttgctgccg aacgagtaat
   491641 gcgccagcag gtgggtggaa aggccggtgc gcgcgccgat gaagccgagg atcgcggtgt
   491701 acaggccgag catcaggttg cccagcagca cggcgaggaa gaagtcgtcg tagctcaggc
   491761 cggtgccgag ggtgccgccg gtccacatgc tggcggaaaa gaaggtcagg ccgagcatca
   491821 ccacgctcag ggccagcgcg ctcttgcgcg ctgccagcgg gaccggttgc tggctgtagt
   491881 tgctgtctgc ggacatgcgc gagtctccgt ggggcgccgg ccgtccggga gcgtcggccg
   491941 ggccgcggcg aatggtagtc gaaggcgggt cgatccgaca gacgccgttg cgcgtcgtcg
   492001 gaccgcagcg gcacgcagga agcgtgccgg cgcgcggcag ggcggcgtcc gccggggatg
   492061 cgggcgccgc cctgcgttca ggaggcttcg cggtaggggt tgcgcggatc ctgggtccag
   492121 ttgagatagg gcttgccggt gtcctgcggc accatttcga tgcagttctc caccggacag
   492181 gtgatctggc acaggttgca gcccacgcac tcggcgtcga tcacttcgta gcggtgcgta
   492241 ccgtcggccc ggggcaggct ggcgatggcc tggtgcgagg tgtcctcgca ggcgatatgg
   492301 cagcggccgc aaccgatgca ggcgtcctgg tcgatgcggg cgatcacctg gtagttgatg
   492361 tccaggtact tccagtcggt ggtattgccc accgcgccgc cgctgaaatc ggacagccgc
   492421 tggtagccat ggctgtccat ccagcgcgcg agaccgtcct gcatgtcctc gacgatacgg
   492481 aagccgtgca gcatcgccgc cgtgcatacc tgcaccgcgc cgcagccgag cgcgacgaat
   492541 tccgctgcgt cgcgccaact gccgataccg ccgatgccac agatcggcag gccgcgggtc
   492601 tgcgggtcgc gggcgatctc ggcgaccatg ttcagggcga tcggcttcac cgccgagccg
   492661 cagtagccgc cgtgggtgct ctgggtgccg accacgggca gggcgaccat gcgctccagg
   492721 tcgacgctgg tgatcgagtt gatggtgttg atcagcgaca ccgcgtcggc gccgccgcga
   492781 tgggcggcgc gcgccgactg gcggatgtcg gtgatgttgg gggtgagctt gacgatcacc
   492841 ggcagcgagc agtgggcctt gcaccagcgg gtgaccatct ccacgtactc cggtacctgg
   492901 cccaccgccg cgcccatgcc gcgctcgggc atgccgtggg ggcaaccgaa gttcagctcg
   492961 ataccgtcgg cgccggtggc ttccaccagc ggcaggatgt atttccacga ctcctcgacg
   493021 cagggcacca tcagcgacac gatcagcgcg cggtctggcc agtccttctt cacctgggcg
   493081 atctcgcgca ggttgatctc cagcgagcgg tcggtgatca gctcgatgtt gttgatccca
   493141 tgcacctggc ggttcggtcc gaagtgcgcg gaataacgcg acgacacgtt gaccgccgcg
   493201 gggtcttcgc cgagggtctt ccagaccacc ccgccccagc ccgcctggta ggcgcggacc
   493261 acgttgtagg ccttgtcggt gggcggcgcg gaggccagcc agaaggggtt gggcgacttg
   493321 atgccggcga attcgataga caggtcggcc atcacgcagc ctccacgttg agcatgagtt
   493381 gggcgtggat cgcttccgcc gccagtttgc cgtgctgcac cgcctgcacg gtgaggtcct
   493441 cgccgagcgc cacgcagtcg ccgccggcgt agatgccggg gatgctggtg cgcatctgtc
   493501 cgtcgacctg gatgcgctcg ccgtcgcgcc gcagttgcgc tgccagcgga tcgcccaggc
   493561 tggcgccttc gaaggcctgg ccgatggcct tgaagatggc gtcggcggcc agttcgaagt
   493621 gctcgccggt gtcgcccagg cgaccgttct ccaggcgcgt gcgggcgaag cgcatgccgc
   493681 gcacccggcc gtgctcgtca agcagtaccc gttccggtcg ggcccaggtc agcaggcgca
   493741 cctggctggc cttggcgatc tcctgctcgt ggccggtggc gcccatttcc tcgaagccac
   493801 ggcggtagac caggttgacg tcgcgggcgc cgagccggct catctgcacc gccatgtcga
   493861 tggcggtgtt gccggcgccg atgacgatgc aacggtcggc gacgggcagg tcgagcaggt
   493921 cgtcgctctg ccgcagctcg cggatgtagt cggtggcggc gagcaggccg ggggcgtcct
   493981 cgtcttccag gccgaggcgc ttgctggcgg ccaggccgat gccgaggaac accgcgtcgt
   494041 actcgtcgtg cagggcgccg agcgccaggt tgtcgccgag acgctggccg tggcgcagtt
   494101 cgataccgcc gatctgcagg aggaattcca cttcgcgccg ggcgaagtcg tccaccagct
   494161 tgtagcgggc gatgccgtac tcgttgaggc cgccggcctt ggcgcgggcc tcgaagagca
   494221 ccacgtcgtg gccgtgcatg gccaggcggt gggcgcagga cagcccggcc ggcccggcgc
   494281 cgaccacggc gatgcgcttg ccggtggccg gcgagcgctt gaacggatgt tcgccgaagc
   494341 cggcgtggtc gagggcgtag cgttgcaact ggccgatcag caccggtgcg cattcctggg
   494401 cgttgttgcg tacgcaggcc cgctggcaga ggatttccgt ggggcagacg cgggcgcagc
   494461 tgccgccgag gatgttcgcc gagaggatct tctgcgccgc gccctggaca ttctcctggg
   494521 cgatgctgcg gatgaacccg gggatgtcga tctcggtcgg gcaggcgttg acgcagggcg
   494581 cgtcgtagca gtacaggcag cgggcgcttt ccagggcggc ctggcgggcg ttgagcggcg
   494641 gcgcgaggtc ggcgaagcgc tcggcgagcg tgtccgcgcc ggcgtccgga cgggggaggt
   494701 ggttcaggga atcgatcacg gttgtagcct ctcttctggt ttcttctcgg ggcagtcaac
   494761 ggcaatacgg caccgtccgg cctctacggg ccggtccggt attgcgggaa ggatcagcgc
   494821 tcgacggcga ccgggcgctg gcgttcggcg cggcggccga gcacttcgta caccgacggg
   494881 taggccgggc gctccacgta gcgtccggcg ccgggttcgg cgcgcaggtc gcctgcggcc
   494941 cagagcagct tgccctggct gatggtgtgg ctgggtatgc cgcgcacggt gcgaccttcg
   495001 aagatgttga aatcgacccg ctggtgatgg gtggcggccg agagggtgcg gctgccctgc
   495061 gggtcccaga gcaccaggtc ggcatccgcg ccgacgcgga tcgcgccctt gcgcgggaac
   495121 aggttgaaga tcttcgcggt gttggtggag gtcagcgcga cgaactcgtg catcgacagg
   495181 cgcccgctgt tgaccccggc gtcccacagc agcgccatgc ggtcctcgat gccggccgtg
   495241 ccattgggaa tcttgctgaa gtcgtcgcgg cccatggcct tctgctcggc gcagaagcag
   495301 cagtggtcgg tggcggtggt atgcaggttg ccggactgca ggccgcgcca cagcgcttcc
   495361 tggtgttcga cgggacggaa cggcgggctc atcacgtagc cggccgcggt ggcccagtcc
   495421 gggtggcggt agacgctgtc gtcgagcagc aggtgcccgg ccagcacctc gccgtagacc
   495481 ggctggccct tggcgcgggc ataggcgatc tcgtccagcg cctcgcggct ggaaatatgc
   495541 accaggtaca gcggcgtacc cagcgtctcg gcgatgcgga tggcgcggct ggcggcctcg
   495601 ccctcgactt gcggcggacg cgacagcgga tgcgcctcgg ggccggtgag gccctgggcg
   495661 aggagtttct gctgcaggtg gaagaccagt tcgccgttct ccgcgtgcac cgtcggcacc
   495721 gcgcccagct ccaggcagcg ctcgaagctg gccaccaggg tatcgtcggc ggccatgatg
   495781 gcgttcttgt aggccatgaa gtgcttgaag ctgttcaccc cgtgctgtgc caccagctcg
   495841 cccatttccc gggcgacctc gtcgctccac caggtgatgg cgacgtggaa gccgtagtcc
   495901 gcagcggatt tctgcgccca gccgcgccag gtgtggaagg cctccagcag cgactgtcgc
   495961 gggttgggga tgacgaagtc gatgatcgag gtggtccctc cggccagccc ggccgcggtg
   496021 ccgctgaaga agtcctcgct ggccaccgtg cccatgaagg gcaactgcat gtgggtatgg
   496081 gggtcgatgc cgcccggcat caggtactgg ccaccgccgt cgaggacgtc gcagccggag
   496141 ggggtttcga ggttctcgcc gatggcctgg atgaggccgt tggcacagag cacgtcggct
   496201 cgataactct cttcgtgagt aaccacggtg gcgccacgga tcaacaggga catgccgtct
   496261 ttcctcgcag gctgaccggt cgttgccggt tcttgaaatt gttttttcgc catgcgccga
   496321 ggacttttgt aatcctgtca gcgctgacag gattcgaatc tagatgctga tcatcgattg
   496381 agcaagatta ttttcaaatg gttgtttgag tttgtaactt attgatttta aataattaaa
   496441 aataaatatc accaaaatgg tgagggttct caccattttg acgcgcttga caagaattca
   496501 aaaaggtcga gatttcccat gcaaaatcag ccgcttgaaa gccgtgttcg aacggttgtg
   496561 gggagatgaa aaaagttcgc ctgcactcct ttggttcctg accggggcga caggctcgcg
   496621 catttccccc ggtgacacgc cggactgccc gtcggcgtgt caccgacgtt gtcgatgaag
   496681 tgtttcagat cagtcggtta cctccagtag accggcctgc ccagtgacgt cgcggggttt
   496741 tcggcacgct tattgagtgc cgcccgccac ggcattgtcc ggaccggagg tgcagtactg
   496801 gtggtgcggt actccggcca tcgcattagc ccgatgagcg aataactaaa agaattctgg
   496861 agaggcccat gcaacagagc agatcggaag tgaccgagcg cgacggcttg gtcgagctgt
   496921 ccgccggcag cgacgtactc gacagccccc gctacaacca cgacatcgcc ccgacccggg
   496981 tggaacagcg tacctggaac aggtggcaca tcaccgcgct gtggatcggc atgtccattt
   497041 gcgtgcccac ctacaccctc ggcggcgtcc tcaccgccta cttcggcctc agcgtcggcg
   497101 aagcgctgct ggcgatcctg ctggccaacc tggtggtgct gatcccgctg accctcaatg
   497161 ccttcgccgg cacccgctac ggcattccct tcccggtgct gctgcgcgct tcgttcggca
   497221 tcatcggctc caacgtgcca tgcctgatcc gcgccgtggt cgcgtgcggc tggttcggca
   497281 tccagacgct gttcggcggg ctggcgatcc atctcttcct cggttcgatc tttcccgcct
   497341 ggaaggccct cggcggcacc ggcgaggtga tcggtttcct cctgttctgg gggctgaacc
   497401 tgtgggtggt gctgcgcggc gcggagtcga tcaaatggct ggagacactc tcggcaccgc
   497461 tgctggtgct ggtcggcctc ggcctgctgg tgtgggcgct gccgcacata tcggtcagtg
   497521 aactgctggc gcagccgccg aagcggccgg aaggcgccag cgtcaccggc tacttcatgg
   497581 ccgggctgac ggcgatggtc ggcttctggg ccacgctgtc gctgaacatc cccgacttca
   497641 gccgctatgc gcgtagccag aaggaccaga tactcgggca gatcttcggc ctgccgctga
   497701 ccatgttcct gttcgccgcc ctcggcgtgg tgatgaccgc cgcctcggcc tcgctggtgg
   497761 gcgagacggt ttccgacccg gtcagcctga tcgggcacat ccccagcccc ggctgggtgg
   497821 cggtggcgat ggcgctgatc atcgtcgcca ccctctcgac caacaccgcg gcgaacatcg
   497881 tctcgccgac caacgacttc cagaacatcg caccgaaact catcggccgc acccgcgccg
   497941 tctggctcac cggtttcatc ggcctggcgc tgatggccca cgagttgctg aagaagctcg
   498001 gctggatcgt ttccgacctc agcctggaaa gcgtctactc caactggctg ctcggctact
   498061 ccagcctgct cgggccgatc gcggggatca tggtggtgga ctacttcctg gtgcgcaggc
   498121 aacgcctcga ccttgccgga ctctaccgcg acgacgtcta cccggcctgg aactggcccg
   498181 gcttcgccgc cttcgcggtg ccggtggcgc tgaccgtcat ggccctcggc aaccgccaat
   498241 tccattggtt ctacgactac ggctggttca ccggctcgct gctcggcggc gcgctctact
   498301 acggcctctg cggccgccgt gcgcggagcc cggcggcatt ggccaaaccg ctgccctgat
   498361 gggcatacag gcggccggcg agccgccgac acctactcca agcctgagga gacgacaatg
   498421 agcactgccc ggaacgtcct gcaatccacc cagcgacaca tcgatggcca gcgcctctgg
   498481 caatcgctga tggatctcgc ccgcctcggc gccaccgcca agggtggggt ctgccgcctg
   498541 gccctgagcg atctcgaccg ccaggcccgc gatctcttcg tgcaatggtg cgaagcggcc
   498601 ggctgcacgg tcagcgtcga tcgggtcggc aacatcttcg cccgtcgtcc cgggcgtaac
   498661 ccggacttgc ccccggtgat gaccggtagc cacatcgaca cccagcccac cggtggcaag
   498721 ttcgacggct gcttcggggt gatggccggc ctcgaggtga tccgcaccct caacgacctc
   498781 ggggtggaaa ccgaggcgcc gctggaggtg gtggtgtgga ccaacgagga aggctcgcgc
   498841 ttcgcgccct gcatgatggg ctcgggcgta ttcgccggga agttcaccct ggaggagacc
   498901 ctggccaagc gcgatgccga cggtgtcagc gtaggcgagg cgctggacgc catcggctac
   498961 gcgggagcgc gcgattgtct cggacatccg gtgggcgcct atttcgaggc gcacatcgaa
   499021 caggggccga tcctcgagga cgaggagaag accatcggcg tggtgctcgg cgcgctcggg
   499081 cagaaatggt tcgacctgtc cctgcgcggc gtcgaggcac acgccgggcc aacgccgatg
   499141 cacctgcgca aggacgccct ggtcggtgcc gcggcggtgg tcgaggcggt caatcgcgcg
   499201 gccctcggcc atcagccgca tgcttgcggc acggtcggct gcctgcacgc ctatcccggt
   499261 tcgcgcaacg tgatacccgg cgaagtgaag atgaccctgg acttccgcca tctgcaaccg
   499321 gagcgcctgg actcgatgat cgccgaagtc cgccaggtga tcgccgctac ctgcgagaag
   499381 catggcttgc aatacgagct ggtgccgacc gccgatttcc cgccgctgta cttcgaccag
   499441 ggatgcgtcg gcgcggtgcg cgaggcggcg caggcgctgg gcatgccgca gatggacatc
   499501 gtcagcggcg ccggccacga cgcgatcttc ctcgccgaac tcggtccggc ggggatgatc
   499561 ttcgtgccct gcgagaacgg catcagccac aacgagatcg agaacgccag ccccgacgac
   499621 ctggccgccg gctgcgcggt gctgttgcgg gccatgctca aggcctccga ggcgatcgcc
   499681 ggcggccgcc tggcggcctg agtggcgctt ccatcgaggc gccggcattg accgccttct
   499741 acacggggtc ggtagggcga ataacgccag gggcgttatc cgccgatgcg cggctgggcg
   499801 gcggataacc gcgttgcggt tatgcgccct acgtggtgct gcgcggggta cggtgnnnnn
   499861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   499921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   499981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   500941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   501001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   501061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   501121 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   501181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnggcat tgaccgcctt ctacacgggg tcggtagggc gaataacgcc
   501241 aggggcgtta tccgccgatg cgcggctggg cggcggataa ccgcgttgcg gttatgcgcc
   501301 ctacgtggtg ctgcgcgggg tacggtgggg cgttgtccgc cgatgcgtcg ctggggcggc
   501361 gcgcggggct cagatcacct tgccgtcgcg cagcctttcc agcgcggtcg cgtccaggcc
   501421 gaggagcgtc tcgaggacct cgtcggtgtg ctggccgagg gtgggcggtg ggttgcggta
   501481 ttccaccggc gtctcggaca ggcggatcgg gctggctacc tgcggcaccg tcccggccag
   501541 cgggtgcggt agctccacgc gcaggccgcg ggcctgcacc tgcgggtcgg cgaacacctg
   501601 cgccaggtcg ttgatcggcc cgcagggcac gccggcgcgc tccagggaaa gaatccactc
   501661 ggcggtggtg tgcagcaccg tggcctggcg gatcagcggg atcagcacct cgcggttggc
   501721 cacccgcgcc ttgttggtgg cgaagcgcgg gtcgtcggcc cattccgggt ggtctgccag
   501781 ctcggcgaac ttgcggaact ggctgtcgtt gccgactgtg aggatcatgt cgccgtcggc
   501841 ggtggggaag tcctggtacg gcacgatgtt cgggtgtgcg ttgcccaggc gccgcggcgg
   501901 cacgccggtg gtcaggtagt tgagggtctg gttggccagg caggcgacct gcacgtcgag
   501961 cagggccatg tcgatgtgct ggccgatgcc gctgacgtcg cggtgggcga gggcggcgag
   502021 caccgcggtg gaggagtaca gcccggtgag gatatcggtc agcgccacgc cgaccttcac
   502081 cggaccggcg ccttcctcgt tgtcggcgcg cccggtgagg ctcatcaggc cgcccaggcc
   502141 ctggatcatg aagtcatagc cggcgcgctt ggcatagggg ccggactggc cgaagccggt
   502201 gatcgaacag tagatcagct tcgggttgac ctgcttcagc gattcatagt cgaggccata
   502261 ggccttgagc ccgccgacct tgaagttctc cagcaggatg tcggccttgg ccgccagttc
   502321 gcgaacgatg cgctggcctt ccggctgggt gaagtccacc gtcaccgact tcttgttgcg
   502381 gttggccgac aggtagtagg ccgcctcgct ggtgtcgttg ccttcggcat ccttgaggaa
   502441 cggcgggccc caggcgcggg tgtcgtcgcc gctgccgggg cgctcgatct tgatcacctc
   502501 ggcgccgagg tcggcgagga tctgcccggc ccaggggccg gccaggacac gggacaggtc
   502561 gagtacgcgg atatgggaaa gggcgccggg catgacggtt ctcgctgctg ggggctggaa
   502621 acggaaatgg ccgggaagac gggttccttg cccgtctccc cggcggccgg tgcgctaccg
   502681 tgaaaaagcg cgccggggtg ttgctcggtg gctcagaaga atgcctggat gccggtctgc
   502741 gcgcggccga ggatcagcgc gtggacatcg tgggtgccct cgtaggtgtt caccacttcc
   502801 aggttgacca ggtggcgggc gatgccgaat tcgtcggaga tgccgttgcc gcccagcatg
   502861 tcgcgggcca ggcgggcgat gtcgagggcc ttgccgcagc tgttgcgctt catgatcgag
   502921 gtgatttcca ccgccgcggt gccttcgtcc ttcatccgcc ccaggcgcag gcagccttgc
   502981 agggccaggg tgatctcggt ctgcatgtcg gccagcttct tctggatcag ttggttggcg
   503041 gccagcgggc ggccgaactg ctggcggtcg agcacgtact ggcgggcggt gtgccagcag
   503101 aattcggcgg cgcccagggc gccccaggag atcccgtagc gcgccgagtt caggcaggtg
   503161 aacggaccgc gcaggccgcg cacttcgggg aaggcgttct cttccggaac gaacacgttg
   503221 tccatcacga tctcgccggt gatcgaggca cgcaggccga ccttgccatg gatcgccggg
   503281 gcgctcaggc cttcccagcc cttctcgagg acgaagccgc ggatctgccc ttcgtcatcc
   503341 ttggcccaga ccacgaagac gtcggcgatc gggctgttgg tgatccacat cttgctgccg
   503401 ctcaggcgat agccgccgtc gaccttcttc gcccgggtga ccatcgagcc cgggtcggaa
   503461 ccgtggttcg gctcggtcag gccgaagcag ccgatgtatt cgccgctggc cagcttgggc
   503521 aggtacttct gccgggtggc ttcgttgccg aattcatgga tcggcaccat caccagcgag
   503581 gactgcacgc tcatcatcga gcgatagccg gagtcgacgc gctcgacttc gcgagcgatc
   503641 aggccatagc agacgtagtt gaggccgctg ccgccgtagg cttcgggaat ggtcgcgccg
   503701 agcaggccgg tctcgcccat ctcgcggaag atcttcgggt cggtctgttc gtggcggaag
   503761 gcttcgagca cgcgcggggc cagcttgtcc tgggcgaact gctgggcgct gtcgcgaacc
   503821 atgcgctctt cttcggtgag ctgctggtcc agcagcaggg gatcttccca gttgaagcta
   503881 gctttggtgg ccatgcgtac atcctcgtca agcggtagcg gaggctggcg tgggccagcc
   503941 ggaatggaag catcctaaga gcctagcgaa tggggcggca aacgaggaat tcgcacgcac
   504001 ttgtgctatt ttctcactcc gagaaaatga gtctcgtatt tcatgccctt gaagaggcgc
   504061 gaggaatcgt gacctgggcg tcatagatgc gaaaccggca ctccggagtc ctccatgcga
   504121 cgcaagatcc cttccaccgc cgcgctggtc agcttcgaat ccgccgcgcg ccacgagagc
   504181 ttcaccaagg cggcggagga gttgtccctg acccagagcg cgatctgccg gcagatcgcc
   504241 acgctcgagg agttcctcgg tgtcgagctg ttccgtcgct cgcggcgcgg ggtcaagctc
   504301 accgaggccg ggctgtccta tagccggcgg gtggcggtac gcctcgacgc ggtggagcgc
   504361 gacaccctgg cggtgatggg gcaccagggc ggcggcgcga tcgaactggc ggtggtgccg
   504421 accttcggca cccaatggct gttgccgcgg ctcaagcgtt tccagcggct gcacccggag
   504481 gtcacggtca acctgaccaa ccgcacccgc ccgttcctct tcgccgacac cgagttcgac
   504541 gccgcgctgt acttcggcga cgccgactgg tcgggtaccg tctcgcattt cctgatgcgc
   504601 gagaatccgg tgccggtgtg cagcccggag ctgctgggcg ggcgtcgaac gctgagcgcc
   504661 gagcaggtcg ccgggctgcc gctgatgcag cagagcaccc ggccctacgc ttggcgccag
   504721 tggtttcact cccagggact gaacgtcgcc cacgacatga gcgggccgcg ctacgagctg
   504781 ttctccatgc ttgcccaggc ggccatgcac ggcatgggcg tggccctcat accgcccttc
   504841 ctgatccagg acgagctggc cgacggaagg cttatcgtgc ccatgcaaca tgcctatttg
   504901 agcgagaatg cgtattacct gatcattccc gagcgcaggg tcgaatcggc gatgctcaat
   504961 gccttccgcg actggctggt ggaagaggcc aggcagtacc gcgaggccaa cgggctgggc
   505021 tgaacgcgca ggaacatcgg gtggcgcagg caggacgcgc cgcccccggg accgggccga
   505081 tccgccgggt cccgcggagc cgcggcggcg ataccgccgg gcatcctcca cgacggccag
   505141 gatggcggcc gtggggcacc acaccaggag ttcacatgaa tttccacacc cgcaagtggg
   505201 tcaagccaga agatctcaac cccaacggca ccctgttcgg cggcagcctg ctgcgctgga
   505261 tcgacgaaga agcggcgatc tacgcgatca tccagctggg caaccagcgc gtggtcacca
   505321 agtacatttc cgagatcaac ttcgtcagct cggcgcgcca gggcgacatc atcgagctgg
   505381 gcatcaccgc caccgacttc ggtcgtacct cgctgaccat gacctgccac gtgcgcaaca
   505441 agatcacccg caagagcatc ctcaccatcg acaagatggt cttcgtcaac ctcggcccgg
   505501 acggcctgcc ggcgccccac ggcaagaccg agatcaccta catcaaggac cagttcaagg
   505561 aagacgaagt cctgccctga tcggcgcgac gagcggccgg cacccgtgcc ggccgccgtg
   505621 tttcagaaca gccgggtgag cagccagtag agcgaggccg agagcaggat cgccgccggc
   505681 agcgtcagca cccaggccat cagcaggttg cggatggtct tccactgtag tcccgaaccg
   505741 ttcgccgcca tggtcccggc caccccggaa gacagtacat gggtggtgga taccggcaag
   505801 ccatacaggt ccgccgcgcc aatggtcagc atcgccacgg tttccgccga ggcgccctgg
   505861 gcgtaggtca ggtgggtctt gccgatcttc tcgccgaccg tcaccacgat gcgtttccag
   505921 ccgaccatgg tgcccaggcc gagggcgatg gccacggcga tcttcaccca tagcgggatg
   505981 aacttggtgg cgtcgtcgat cttccgcttg aacgcctgca acttgccgcg ggtgtcggcg
   506041 tcgaagcggc cgacgtcgtc cttgtccatc aggcggatcg cctcggaggt caggtacatg
   506101 tcgttgcgca cgttgcccat ggcttgcgcc ggtacccgcg agaacgcgcc atagcctttc
   506161 acttcctggc cgatcgagcc ggtcagggcg gccagcgccg ggatcagctc aggcgatgcc
   506221 tgcttgctgc gcacgtagtc ggagagtacc tggcgcggat cggccggcgc cggttgcggc
   506281 gcgctcttca ccagcgcttg ctgggtgacc tcggcgacgg cggcgaactg cactgcctgg
   506341 tccgccggca tggtgcggtt cagggcgtag gccatcggca gggtgccgac caggatcagc
   506401 atgatcaggc ccatgccttt ctgtccgtcg ttggagccgt gggcgaagga caccccggta
   506461 caggtcagga tcagcaggcc gcggatccac cagggcggcg gcgccttgcc cttcggcgcc
   506521 ttgtacagcg cgcggttctt caccagcagg cgcagcgcca ggagcaacag ggcggcgcag
   506581 gcgaagccga tcagcggcga gagcagcagg gaatagccga ccttggttgc ctggccccag
   506641 tccaccccgc tggtgccgtc gcgcccgtgc atcagcgcgt tggccacgcc gacgccgatg
   506701 atcgagccga tcagggtgtg cgaggacgac gccggcaggc ccagccacca ggtcccgagg
   506761 ttccacagga tggcggcgat cagcagggcg aagaccatgg cgaagccggc cgaggaaccg
   506821 acctgcagga tcagttccac cggcagcagg gcgatgatgc cgaaggccac cgcgccgctg
   506881 gagagcaata cgccgagaaa gttgaagcaa cccgaccaga ccaccgcgaa gtgcggcggc
   506941 agcgagtggg tgtagatcac cgtggccacc gcgttggcgg tgtcgtggaa gccgttgacg
   507001 aactcgaagc cgagggcgat cagcagggcc acgccgagca gcaggaaggg cgtccaggtg
   507061 gtgatcgcgg aaccgacgtc atcgacgtcc tgcatcaggc cgtaggcgct gaacagcagt
   507121 ccggtggcga gcacggcgaa gaatacgaag gcggtgaggc ggccgggacg ctgctcgaga
   507181 tggggcttgt gcgcgttgcc ggcggcactg gcgacggcgt cggcgggaag gacatcggag
   507241 gtcatggtgc gggtccgcgc tggggatgac cggcacatga tgggcaggcg attgtgacaa
   507301 gttatgtctt tcgcataccg gcttcgtctg gcgaagaaag gacaagggcc gcgggaggcc
   507361 gccggaagcc ggatggggtc gggcgccagg cggcctgccc gctgcggccg cgaagattaa
   507421 tgaattcctg tggcgagtgc catcatttcg tcgctaaaaa gttggcatgt tgagggattt
   507481 gccgatccgg acacgcgcgg ggaaggcgag agccactgga ctagactgag aagtgcgcgg
   507541 cggggccggt cgcttgccgg cccggtgcgc gggacgagcg ccttcgtccc ggggtggccc
   507601 ggccgggcgg tcggggaggt cgatatgcgg atgccgtgcc ggctcgcgct ggcgctgttg
   507661 ctgtgcttcg ccggcccggc ctgtctcgcg gcctccggac cggtacgggt gctctcggtg
   507721 gatggtgcga tcggcccggc cagcgccgat tacctggtgc gtggcatcga gcgtgccgcc
   507781 gaggacggcg cgcaactggt ggtgctggaa ctggacacgc ccggcggcct ggacgcatcg
   507841 atgcggcgca tcgtcaaggc gatcctcgcc agccaggtgc cggtcgccgg tttcgtcgcg
   507901 cccagcgggg cgcgggcggc gagcgccggc acctacatcc tgtatgcctg ccatatcgcg
   507961 gcgatggcgc cgggcaccaa cctcggcgcc gccaccccgg tgcgcctggg gacgccggac
   508021 aagcccgcag agaagccccc ggcgcgggac gccgaaccca tggtgcgcaa gcaggtcaac
   508081 gacgccgccg cctatatccg tggcctcgcg cagttgcgcg ggcgcaacgt cgaatgggcc
   508141 gagcgcgcgg tgcgcgaggc ggtcagcctg gcggcgcacg aggcggcggc gcagaaggtg
   508201 atcgacctgc aggcccgcga cctgcccgac ctgctgcgcc agctcgacgg ccgcagcctg
   508261 cgcgtcggcg agcgcgcgct gaccctggct accgccggcg ccacggtcga gcgccaggca
   508321 ccggactggc gcgcgcggtt gctggcggtg ctcaccgatc ccagcgtggc gctgatcctg
   508381 atgatgatcg gcatctacgg gctgatcttc gaactggcca atcccggcat ggcgctgccc
   508441 ggcgtgctcg gcggcatctg cctgctgctc ggcctgtacg ccctgcagat gctgccggtc
   508501 aactacgccg ggctggcgct gatcgcgctg ggcctggcgt tcatggtggg cgaggcgttc
   508561 gtcgccagct tcggcgtgct cggcatcggt ggaatcgtct cgttcgtggt cggcgcgctg
   508621 atcctgatcg ataccgaggt gcccggctac ggcattccgc ccggcctggt ggtggccctg
   508681 gcgttgctca gcgccgcgct gatcgtcggt ctgctgggca tggccctgcg tactcgccgg
   508741 caagcggtgg taagtggcac cgccggattg gtcggcagcc tggcgacggt ggcggcggtg
   508801 gattccgaac aaccctgcgc aggctgggtg cagctccagg gcgagcgctg gcgggtgctc
   508861 gccgcgcggc cgctggcggt gggccagccg gtctgggtgc tggcgcgcaa gggcctgctc
   508921 ctggaagtcg cgctggccga tgaaggaggt ggatgatggg tatttcctat ggtttggcga
   508981 tgttgctggt gttcctcgcg ctgctgctgt tcagcgcgct gcgcatcctc cgcgagtacg
   509041 agcgcggcgt ggtgttccag ctcgggcggt tctggaaggt caaggggccg gggctggtgc
   509101 tggtgatccc ggcgatccag cagatggtgc gcatcgacct gcgcaccatc gtcctcgacg
   509161 tgccgccgca ggatgtgatt tcccgcgaca acgtttcggt gaaggtcaac gcggtggtgt
   509221 acttccgcgt gctcgatccg cagaaggcga tcatccaggt ggagaactac ctggccgcca
   509281 ccagccagtt ggcccagacc accctgcgcg cggtgctggg caagcacgag ctggacgaga
   509341 tgctcgccga gcgcgagcgc ctgaacctgg atatccagca agtgctcgat gcgcagaccg
   509401 acgcctgggg catcaaggtg gcgaatgtgg aaatcaagca cgtcgatctc aacgaatcga
   509461 tggttcgcgc catcgcccgg caggccgagg cggagcgtga gcgcagggcc aaggtgatcc
   509521 atgccgaggg cgagctgcaa gcctcggaga aactcatgca ggcggcgcag atgctcggcc
   509581 ggcagagtgg cgccatgcag ttgcgctaca tgcagaccct cggcgcgatc gccggcgaca
   509641 agagttcgac catcgtcttc ccgatgccga tcgaactctt cggcggcaag tacgcaggtg
   509701 ccgcgccgcg gaacgaaaag gccgccggag aggaagagga gaggtgaacg cgtgcggttt
   509761 gtgatggaaa tatcatcgag ccgcgacacg gggacatgcg tgcccggggt cgggatggct
   509821 atgctgtggc gatccactcc cgggacgctc cttcatgctg cgatgcgcac tcctgctgct
   509881 gacattgctc ctcccttgcg cgctgcctgc cgccaacctg cgcctggtcg gcgactcctg
   509941 gccgcctttc gtcgattcgc gcctgcctgg caacggcctg gcggtggaac tggtgaccac
   510001 cgcgctcaag cgcgccggct tcgactcgag tttccagcag gtaccctggt cgcgtgccct
   510061 gtacggcgtg cgcagcggcg actacgacat cgccctgagc gcctggtacg agcccgcccg
   510121 cagcctctac gggcagtttt cccgcgccta cctgagcaac cgcatccgcc tgctgcaacg
   510181 caaggggcgg ggtatcgagt tttcccgcct gagcgacctg cgtccctacc gcatcgcggt
   510241 cgtgcgcgac tatgcctacg cgcccgaatt cgaccgtgac agccgtctgc agaaggtcaa
   510301 cgtgaccagc ttcgccaacg ccgcgcggat gctcgaggcg gggcgggtcg acctggcggt
   510361 ggaggacgag ctggcgctgg gggtcgcctt caagggcgaa ctggccgatt tgcgcgacaa
   510421 gctggaggta ctgcccatcc cgcttggcga gaacggcctg cacctgctgg tgagcctgag
   510481 gaatccccgg catgacgaga tcgtcgacgg cttcgacctg gccatccgcg gcatgcgcga
   510541 cgacggcagc taccagcgcc tgctggaacg ctacggcgcg cgctagggct ggcctggcag
   510601 tggctgcgcg ccggccagtt ccttcttcag caagtgcgcg gccagggtgc gcagcggggc
   510661 gagctggcgg cagatgtgtg ccagttgggt ctgtaccagg cgatggctgt cgtccatgtc
   510721 ctcgggcatc tgctccagtt ccttggccag cgcttcctcc tcttcgctgt agatggcgac
   510781 cgggcgtttc tgttccaggc tcgcggcgat ttcctcgagg ctggcggaga gccgctcggc
   510841 ggcgcgctcc aggaggccgt cgctggcgtc ctcgggcagg ctttcgcggt gcgcgccgag
   510901 accggataga tagctgagca gggtgtgcga gaggaccagg aagcggaagc cgatctcggc
   510961 gtccttcctg aaatggccgg gttccaggag catgttcgac agggtggtcg agagcgccgc
   511021 gtcggcgttg tgcgcgttgc gccgggcggt gcggtagtcg aggtcgtcgc gcttgccggt
   511081 ggcgtactgc tgcatgatct gccgcaggta acggctgttg caggcgaggg tgttggcgag
   511141 catgcggttg agccggcggc cctgccagtc gggcagcacc aggaacaccg cgaggccggc
   511201 gatcaggctg cccagcaagg tatcgaacag gcggggcagg atcagcccgt agccatcgcc
   511261 gacctggttg aagcagaaca gcaccagcag ggtgatcgcc gccgtcgcca gggtatagcg
   511321 actgctgcgg gtggcgaaga aggcgacccc ggcggcgacc gcgaacagcg actgcaccag
   511381 cgggctgggg aacaggtcga tcagcgccca gccgaccacc aggccgacca ccgtaccgag
   511441 gatccgctgc accaggcgca ggcgggtcgc gccatagttg ggctggcaga cgaacaccgt
   511501 ggtgagcagt atccagtagc cctgggtcgg atggatccag tgcagcacgc cgtagccggc
   511561 ggtcagcgcc agggccatgc gcaggccgtg gcggaacagc agcgaggtcg gggtgagctg
   511621 ctggcgcagg cgctcgaagg cgtccttcag gctgcgcggc gagcggtcga gcagggcgct
   511681 gtcctgttcg tcggcgatgg cgtccgggtt gctcgccccg gccagcttgc ggtccagcgt
   511741 ggtgaggttg gcggccaggg cgccgagcga gcgcagcagg cccttccagg ccgggttgct
   511801 ctgctggcgc aggtgttcga gcgaggcctg gaggtcttcc agggccagct cgcggtcggc
   511861 gtagtcgaac ggctggcgca ggcggatagc ccgcgccagg gcctggcagg ccttgccctg
   511921 ctggttgagc aggcgctggc agcggaacag cacgtcgctg tggaagaacg cctcggccag
   511981 ccggttgtac gggtagtgcg aggaactggc gcgctcgtgg acgtcctggg cgatgaaata
   512041 gagcttcagg tagcggctca ccttggggcc cggccgacca tggccgaggc ggttgagaat
   512101 ggtctccttg gcctggttca gcgccaccac caccttgccg ttctgccgtg ccagggcgag
   512161 gcgctggccc tccacgtcga gctggcgcaa cggttcgaac aggctcgact tgatcctcag
   512221 gtattcgccc agctcgaaat acaggcggga aagactctgc tgcaccggct ggttggagaa
   512281 cagcgcgttc cacagcaccg agagcagccc gtaccaggcc gccccggcca ccagcagcag
   512341 cggttcgtgc cagacatcgg cgacctcgcc gccgcgctgg tccacgccga tcatggtgta
   512401 gatcgagagg atcagggtcg ccgaggcgat tgccgcatag cgctcgccga gggcgccgag
   512461 gaggatcatg ccgaacgccg acagcgccat cccggaaacg aacagccagg gataggggaa
   512521 cagcaactcg acggcgaagg cggcgacgct gaagcacagc agggtcacca gcagcgcttg
   512581 caggcggccg agccagttgt cgtcggtctc cgccagggcg ctggcgatga tcccgaggaa
   512641 cagcgggatc agcagctcga tgcggtcctg ccaccagcac agcagcaggg cgccggccag
   512701 ggcgatgaac acccgcaggc tgtaggcgaa cttgtcgagg gcccagaggc ggcggagcgt
   512761 gtgtgtcaac gaagagggcg gcatgggggc ggagtgctat ccgatggtcc gtggttcagc
   512821 ctatgtggcc tgtccggcta attcaatcgg ccgatttcgc gcgactggaa gtccgctgcc
   512881 cgccgcagtc gcaggaagcg ctgccgtggg caactcggtc gagccgggca tctggcggat
   512941 gcaggcttcg tgcctgcgaa cgctaagacg tcgtcgccgc gccgaacgtt acccggcggc
   513001 gatatcgcgc gccggagcgg gcccggcgag cgaagcggcg gcgcgctaaa gcaggcggac
   513061 cttgaacgag cgacccttga tcttgccttc gctcaggcgc ttgagggcct ggtgggcgag
   513121 gccgcgctcg atggcgacga aggcctggaa gtcgaagatg gcgatcttgc ccaccgcgct
   513181 gccgggcagc ccggcgtcgc cggtgagggc accgagcagg tcgccggggc gcaccttgtc
   513241 cttgcgtccg ccggcgatgc acagggtgct catcggcggc agcaatggtt ccgggctggc
   513301 cttcaactgg ccgagggcgt accaggccag cggctgcttc tgcaggtcct cgatggcctg
   513361 cgcgcggctg gcctcggccg gcgccaccag cgacagggcc aggcctttct cgccggcgcg
   513421 accgctgcgt ccgatgcgat ggatgtggac ctccgggtca cgcgccagct cgacgttgat
   513481 caccgtttcc agggcggcga tgtccagccc gcgggcggcc acgtcggtgg ccaccagtac
   513541 gttgcaactg cggttggcga acaccgtcag gacctggtcg cgctcgcgct gctccaggtc
   513601 gccgtgcagg gccagggcgg aaatccgctg cgccttcagt gcgtcggcca gctcctggca
   513661 ctgctggcgg gtctggcaga aggccacgct ggactgtggc cggaaatgct ggagcaggcg
   513721 taccacggcg tccatgcgct gtttcggatc gatctcgaag aaacgttgct cgatctggct
   513781 gtcggcgtgc agcgactcga ccctcacctg tcgcggatcg cgcatgaagg tcttcgccag
   513841 cttctcgatg ccgtccgggt aggtggcgga gaacagcagg gtctgccggc gctcggggag
   513901 ctggccgatg atctcggcga tgctgtcgta gaagcccatg tcgagcatcc ggtcggcttc
   513961 gtcgaggacc agggtattga gcccgtcgag gaccagggtg cccttgcgca ggtgctcttg
   514021 gatgcgcccc ggggtgccga ccaccacgtg cgcgccgtgc tccagcgaag ccacctgcgg
   514081 gccgtagggg acgccgccgc agagggtcag gaccttgatg ttgtcggcgg cgcgggccag
   514141 ccggcggatc tccttggcga cctggtcggc cagttcgcgg gtcgggcaca gcaccagcgc
   514201 ctggcagccg aagtagcgcg ggttcagcgg gctgagcagg gcgaggccga aggccgcggt
   514261 cttgccgctg ccggtcttgg cctgggcgat caggtcgtgt ccctggagga tcagcggcag
   514321 gctctgcgcc tggatcggcg tcatctcccg gtaaccgagg gagtcgagat tggccaggag
   514381 gtccgcggaa agcggcagcg aggagaaagc ggtggaggtc acggggcagg gctcggcagg
   514441 cgatacgagc ggctagtcta gcagcctgcg gcggcttgcc gcgtgcgatc gccgccggag
   514501 cagcagcgac aggcaatgta tctttggcca gtaccgttcg tccgaaaaac gaaaaaagcg
   514561 cgtttctgta tttttataca ggttcgcttt cctcagtttt ttgtcgtaga gtgctgacac
   514621 tgtgtttgca tgggtcgccg tcgatcgtga cctgatgcgg tcggaaattc cagcccgtcc
   514681 tgctcgactc cttgtaactc cttgcaactc agttaccggc tacgatttcg tggctaaatc
   514741 aatacccata gttccaagga gaacttgcaa tgtcccgtca gaacggcacc gttaagtggt
   514801 tcaacgaaac caaaggctac ggcttcatta ccccggaaag cggcccggac gttttcgttc
   514861 acttccgtgc catcgaaggt aacggcttca agaccctggc cgaaggccag aaggtcagct
   514921 tcgaagtcgt acaaggccag aaaggcatgc aggccgagcg cgttcaggtg atcaactaag
   514981 atccctgggc cccagcccga agaacccgga tggaagcatc cgggtttttt attgcccgga
   515041 gaaaaccgtc acactgtctt cgcctgccgt tcaccctgtc ttgacgagtt cccgcccaga
   515101 gtggcccggt cccgttcgga gtcgtttcga tgaagcctgt gcaatcccgt cgtctggcct
   515161 tcgccgcgct gttgtcgctg tcgttctctt ccgcgtcctg ccatgccgcc accgagcact
   515221 ggggctggat cgagcagtcc tggctgatgc ccgagcgcat gcaggccaag gccaagctgg
   515281 ataccggcgc gctgacctcg tcgctggacg cgaggaatat ccatcgctac aggaaggacg
   515341 gcgagcgctg ggtgcgcttc gatgtcgtgc tgcccaccgc cgacagcaag gcgccggtca
   515401 gcgtgacctt cgagcgcaag gtgctgcggc tgatcaaggt acgcggcgcc ggcggcagcg
   515461 acagccgtcc ggtggtggcg atggacatct gcctgggcgc caagctgctg cgcgagcagt
   515521 tctccctgcg cgaccgcggc aacatgaact atccggtgct gctcggtcgc cgcacgctcg
   515581 aacacctcgg cgcggtcgac gtgtcccgaa cctttacccg caaacctacc tgcagcgcgc
   515641 tcgccgctca gtagaagaac cagcgcagca gtccagcgcc cagcgccacc cagaacagca
   515701 cgatcagcgc agccatccac aggttgcgcg ggtgcgtctc gacctcgcga gcccgcgcgc
   515761 ggcactcggc gagcagcgtg ggtggggtga ggcggatcgc cagccagatc cccagcggca
   515821 ccagcaacag gtcgtcgagg tagccgagca gcggtatgaa gtccgggatc aggtcgatcg
   515881 gactcagcgc ataggccacc accagcagag ccaccagtcg ggccagccag ggcatgtgcg
   515941 gatggcggct gcacagccag agggcgatga cctcggtctt cagctcgcga gcccagcgct
   516001 tgagcgtagc gatccaggcc atcctagagg tccgggtcct tttccggatc gacccggcgc
   516061 gggctggtgc gaccgtcctc gctgccgagc tggaagaaga tcgccgcggc cagcatcgac
   516121 atcaggccga cgctgacata ggtggcgtgg aaggcgccga gtacggtgtc ctgccccgta
   516181 tccaggtcgg tctggaaacc gcccagcaac gccgccgcgc aagccacgcc gaggctgatc
   516241 gacaactgca cgaccaccga catcaggctg ttgccgctgc tggcgttgct gtcctgcagg
   516301 tcgatcaggg tgagggtgtt catcgccgtg aattgcaggg agttcaccgc gccgagcagg
   516361 ctcaggtgca gcagcagcca gacgtagggg gtgtcctggt cgaccaggcc gaagccggcg
   516421 atcaggcagc cgaggatcag ggtgttgccg accagcagct tgcgatagcc gaagaagtcc
   516481 agcagtggct tggccatcgg cttggcgacc atcgcgaaca gcgccagcgg gatcatggtc
   516541 atgcccgcgg tggagggcgg gtagcccagt cccacctgca gcaacagcgg ggtgaggaag
   516601 ggcagggcgc cgctgcccag gcgggcgaac aggttgccga ggatgccgac ggcgaaggtc
   516661 cgcgccttga acaggctcgg tgggaacagc ggcttgtcga tgcgtagcgc gcgcagccag
   516721 taggcggtga gcaggaccag tccgccgatc agcagcagga ccacgcgcag gtgcgacagg
   516781 tgcagctcgc cgagtccttc cagggcgatg gagatcagca ccatggagcc gccgaagagc
   516841 aggaagccga tgctgtcgaa acggctcggc accgggctgc gcaggtccgg catcagcttc
   516901 atcgccacca ggcagccgag caggccgacc ggcaggttga tcaggaagat ccagtgccag
   516961 gaggcgtact ccaccagcca gccgcccagc gtcggtcccg ccagcgggcc gagcaggccg
   517021 ggaatggtga cgaagctgag cacccgcacc aggtcctggc gcgggtagac gcgcaggatc
   517081 accagccgtc ccaccggcat catcagcgcg ccgccgacgc cctgtacgat gcgcgccccg
   517141 accagcagtt cgaggctcgg cgacagcgcg caaagcaacg agccgaggct gaacagcagt
   517201 accgcgccga ggaacacccg gcgcgtgccg aaacggtcgg cgatccaccc cgaggccggt
   517261 atcagcaggg ccaccgtgag caggtaggcg atcaccaccg cctgcatgcg cagcgggttt
   517321 tcgttcagcg aactggccat gctcggcagc gcggtgttga ggatggtgcc gtcgagggct
   517381 tgcatgaaga aggcgacggc aaccagccag ggcagttggc gggcgatgcg gggggtgagc
   517441 tggaacggct cgctcatgga cgggctccct cgggcggaca gggcccaagc atagagaagt
   517501 tctcgccgcg atgggacggc cggcgaccgg atcggggcga acagcgggca ttgcggcgga
   517561 agtcgcggcc agagaggtcg cctttcattg tcctgggtca agccgaagcg ctggcgctcg
   517621 ccggctgctg tgctagtact caagagtcac cccgtcagtg gctgcggatg cgacgtcggc
   517681 gcttcgtcat cgcacggaca tgtcccgcgt tgcatgctcg acggcgcgtg cttcaccgcc
   517741 ttgtcgcgat gttctccacg cagcgctcgg cgaccccggt cgccgctgcc gtcgccgaag
   517801 cccaccttcc gtggaaacag gagtcctccc atggcccagg aactttgcgc tatctgccac
   517861 gaacgtcccg ccgtcgcccg cgtcagcctg gtacagaacg gccagcgccg cgaactcgcc
   517921 ctctgcgaac tgcattaccg ccagttgatg cgccagcagc gtatgcgctc gccgctggag
   517981 tcgctgttcg gcggcggcag cccgttcgac gagatcttct ccggcttcgg cgagcagagc
   518041 ccggtcaccc cggtgcgcgc ccgcgagccg gaggcggtgg acatcgccga gtacttcagc
   518101 aagcagacca ccgagtacct gcaacgcgcc gcgcaggtcg ccgccgaatt cggcaagcgc
   518161 gaagtggaca ccgagcacct gctctacgcc ctggccgacg ccgacgtggt gcaggcggtg
   518221 ctcaagcagt tcggcctgtc gccggccgag ctcaagcagt acatcgaggc caacgccgtg
   518281 cgcggcgcca gcaagggcga ggcgagcgag gacatgacca tctcgccgcg ggtgaagagc
   518341 gccttgcagc atgccttcgc cctgtcccgc gaactcggcc acagctatgt cggccccgag
   518401 cacctgttgc tcggcctggc ggcggtgccg gacagcttcg ccgggacgct cctgaagaag
   518461 tacggcctga ccgagcaggc gctacggcag aaagcggtca aggtggtcgg caagggcgcc
   518521 gaggacggcc gcgtggacgg cccgagcaac actccgcaac tggacaagtt cagccgcgac
   518581 ctgacccggc tggcccgcga aggcaagctc gatccggtga tcggccgctc gaaggaagtc
   518641 gagaccacca tcgaggttct cgcccggcgc aagaagaaca acccggtgct gatcggcgag
   518701 cccggcgtcg gcaagaccgc catcgtcgaa ggcctggccc agcgcatggt ccagggcgag
   518761 gtgccggagg tgctgcgcga caagcgcctg gtcgaactga acatcaacgc catggtcgcc
   518821 ggcgccaagt accgcggtga gttcgaggaa cgcctcaagc aggtgatgga cgaactgcag
   518881 gcggcgcaga gcgagatcat cctgttcatc gacgaggtgc acaccatcgt cggtgccggc
   518941 cagggcggcg gcgaaggcgg gctggacgtg gccaacgtgc tgaagccggc gatggcgcgc
   519001 ggcgagatga acctgatcgg cgccaccacc ctcaacgagt accagaagta catcgagaag
   519061 gacgccgcgc tggagcggcg cttccagccg gtgttcgtcc ccgagccgac ggtggagcag
   519121 accatctcca tcctccgtgg cctgcgcgac aagctcgaag gccaccacaa ggtgaccatc
   519181 cgcgacgagg ccttcgtcgc cgccgccgag ctgtccgatc gctacatcgg caaccgcttc
   519241 ctgccggaca aggccatcga cctgatcgac caggccgccg cccgcgtgcg catcgccagc
   519301 acctcgcggc cggccgagat ccaggaactg gaggccgagc tggcgcagct caagcgcgag
   519361 caggactacg ccgccagccg caagtggtac gacgaggcga aggtcttcga gaaacgcatc
   519421 caggaacgca aggaacacct cgagcagatc accgagcgct ggcagcagac ccaggggtcg
   519481 aagaccgagg aggtgcgggt cgaggacatc gccgagatca tctccaggct caccggcatc
   519541 ccggtcaccg aactgaccgc cgaggagcgc gagaagctcc tgcagatgga agagcgcctg
   519601 caccagcggg tgatcggcca gcaggaagcg atcaccgcgg tcagcgacgc cgtgcgcctg
   519661 gcccgcgccg ggctgcgcca gggcagccgg ccgatcgcca ccttcctgtt cctcggcccg
   519721 accggggtgg gcaagaccga gctggccaag gccctggccg aggtggtgtt cggcgacgaa
   519781 gacgcgatga tccgcatcga catgagcgaa tacatggagc gccacgcggt gtcccggctg
   519841 atcggtgcgc cgccgggcta cgtcggctac gacgagggcg gccagctcac cgagcgggtg
   519901 cgccggcggc cttacagcgt gatcctgctc gacgagatcg agaaggccca cgccgacgtc
   519961 aacaacatcc tcctgcaggt gttcgacgac ggccgcctga ccgacggcaa ggggcgcgtg
   520021 gtggacttca ccaataccat catcatcgcc accagcaacc taggctccga gctgatcatg
   520081 aagaacgccc aggccggcga gttcgcccag ccgccggaga agctcaagcg cgaactgatg
   520141 actaccctgc gcggacattt ccgcccggaa ttcctcaacc gcctcgacga ggtgatcgtc
   520201 ttcgagtcgc tgagcaaggc gcagatcgag gacatcgtgc gcctgcaact ggagcgggtg
   520261 aagcgcgccg cgcacgctca ggacatctac ctgcacatcg acgacagcct ggtcggccac
   520321 ctcgccgaag aggcctacca gccggagttc ggcgcccgcg agctgaagcg gcagatccgc
   520381 cagcaactgg agacgcgcct ggccacggcg atgctcaagg gcgaggtgaa agagggcgag
   520441 acggtcacct tcttctacga cgccaaggac ggcgtcggct accgcaaggg cgccgcgccg
   520501 aagccggcgg cacgcaagaa atccggcgcc ggcgagacgc ccaagggccg cgcgacggcg
   520561 gcgaggaagc cggcggcgaa gaaaggcgcc gccgccaagg gcaaggccga caagccgaag
   520621 gccaagtgac ccgaccaagg ttggggaaca aggcaccggc cggtcggtcg aaatctcacc
   520681 ccggcctgcg aatgcggccg gggcgttcga tatctcatga ggaattgccg atgcgcgtca
   520741 ccacccacgc taccctggcc gcggccctgc tgctcagcgc cgcctccgcg ttcgccttca
   520801 atctcgggga tgccgccaag gcggtcgccg gggcatccca gggcgactcc gcccaggtag
   520861 ccaccacccc gcagaccagc ggtctgctcg gcgcactcac cggccagctc ggggtcagcc
   520921 aggagcaggc ggtcggcggt accggcgccc tgctcggcct ggccaagaac cagttggccg
   520981 gcaacgatta ttcgcaactg gttaagacca tccccggcct cgacaagctg gccggcaaca
   521041 acgccctggc cggtctcggc gggctcggca acgtgctcgg caagagcggc ggcgacagca
   521101 agggcctcgg ctcgctgctc ggcaatgcgg acagcatggg cgacgtgaac aaggccttcg
   521161 gcaccctggg catggatagc gggatgaccg agaagttcgc ccaggtgctg gtcgactact
   521221 tcggcaagca gggcgccaac agcgagctgc tgggcagcct gagcaatctc tggggagtga
   521281 gcaaggcggg cggctcgtcg ctgctctgat ctgccgccag cggatcggcg gataaccgcg
   521341 ctgcggttat tcgccctacg aagtgggtgc ggcgcccgga tattcgttgc ccgcaccgca
   521401 ccggtagggc gaataacgcc cccggcgtta tccgccgccg ctccgtggaa acggcggata
   521461 accgcgttgc ggttattcgc cctacgaggt gggtgcgacc cccgggtatt cgttgcctgc
   521521 accggtaggg cgaataacgc cccggcgtta tccgccgctg cgccgtggaa acggcggata
   521581 accgcgttgc ggttattcgc cctacgagat gggtgtgctt cggccggtac ttcagcgcag
   521641 ttgccgcaag cgggcgatgc gttcgtcctt ttcttcccac atgcgcgaga cccattcctg
   521701 cacgtactgg cggaacaccg ggtcgttctc gtagtcgccc tgccacaggg cgggatcgat
   521761 cgggcgggtc tggatgtcga cgatcacctt cggcacccgt ccgcagagca ggtcccagaa
   521821 tcccggcacc ttgtcgctcg ggtagaccac ggtgacgtcg agcagggcgt ccagttgctc
   521881 gcccagcgcg gcgaggacga aggccacccc gccggccttg ggcttgagca ggtggcgata
   521941 gggcgactgt tgccgggcct tcttctgctc gctgaaacgc gtgccttcca ggtagttcac
   522001 cacggtcacc gggatgcgct tgaacttctc gcaggcggcc ttggtgatct ccaggtcctt
   522061 gcccttgagt tccgggtgct tctccaggaa ggccttggaa tagcgcttca tgaacggata
   522121 ctccagcgcc caccaggcca ggccgaggaa gggcacccag atcagctcct tcttgaggaa
   522181 gaacttgaag tacggggtgc gccggttgaa cacctggatc aaggcgggga tgtcgaccca
   522241 ggactggtgg ttgctcacca ccaggtacga ggtgtcctgg cgcaggtcgc cggcgccgcg
   522301 cacgtcccag accgtcggcg tgcaggtggc gaagatccac ttgtcgatct ccgcccaggt
   522361 ctcggcgatc cacatcacgc ccctggagca gaggtctttc aggcgctggc cggggagcac
   522421 cagcttgagc agtgcgatca gcatcatcgg gccgatcagg atcagcgtgt tgagaagcag
   522481 cagaaggctg ctggtcaggc cggtcaacag ttcccgcatg gttggtttcc ctgtcctggg
   522541 tgtgggtcga cgcggcccat catacgcatc cgcgccgcgc cgcccaagcc gccggcgtgg
   522601 cgaacgaaac cacgccgtgc tagtcctatg tggacctcgt atcacttcag gagatgcccg
   522661 cgtgaagcgt gcccttgcct tgctctcgct gttcgccctg ccggtcctcg ccgccgaacc
   522721 caacctctac ggccgctacg aatgggtctc cctgccggag ctggaccgca ccctgcaggc
   522781 gaagatggac accggcgcct acacctcctc gctgtcggcc aaggacatcg agttgttcca
   522841 gcgcgacggc gaggagtggg tgcgcttccg gctggccacc aaggaggccg acggctcggt
   522901 gttcgagcac aagctggcgc gcatcggcaa gatcaagaac cgcgccgaca accgcaacgg
   522961 cgaggacgag gatgaggacc gcctgagcga acgcccggtg atcgacctgc aggtctgcct
   523021 gggcggagcg atgaagacca tcgaggtcaa cctcaccgac cgcagcgcct tcaactatcc
   523081 gttcctgatg ggcaccaagg gcttgcgcaa attccacgtc gcggtcgatc cctccgagcg
   523141 cttcgtcgcc gacaagccca cctgcaagta agcgtcctac gccaccggcg gcgcgattga
   523201 cgcgcgcgcc ggcttgcggc accgttccgg cattcccgtc agccgccgtc acgccatgcc
   523261 gcatatcctg atcgtcgaag atgaagccgc gattgccgac accctgctct acgccctgca
   523321 ggccgaaggc ttcgccacca cctgggtgac cctcgccggc gaggcgctgg cgttgcagga
   523381 gcgccagccg gcggatctgc tgatccttga cgtcggtctg ccggacatca gcggtttcga
   523441 ggcctgcaag cgcctgcggc ggttctccga ggtgccggtg atcttcctca ccgcgcgcga
   523501 tgccgagatc gaccgcgtgg tcggcctgga gatcggcgcc gacgactacg tggtcaagcc
   523561 gttcagcccg cgcgaggtgg cggctcgggt caaggccatc ctcaagcgca tggcgccgcg
   523621 cccggcggcg ctggaagggg ccgcgccgag cgggccgttc caggtcgacg aggagcgcgt
   523681 gcggatccac taccgcgaca ccccgctcaa cctcacccgc cacgagttcc gcctgctgca
   523741 gacgctgctc gggcagcccg agcgggtatt cagccgcgag cagttgctcg acgccctcgg
   523801 cgtcgccagc gaggccggct acgagcgcaa catcgacagc cacatcaaga gcctgcgcgc
   523861 caagctgcgc caggtgaacg aacgcggcga agcgatccag acccatcgcg gcctgggcta
   523921 cagctacagc ccggaccacg cctgatgccg ctcggcgttc ggatcttcct ggtctacttc
   523981 ctgttcgtcg gtctcaccgg ctacttcgtg ctgagcacgg tgatggacga agtgcgcccc
   524041 ggcgtgcgcc agtccaccga ggaaaccctg gtggacaccg ccaacctgct cgccgagatc
   524101 ctccgccagg acgtgaagaa cggcaccctg gcgcagagcg acctgccgga gatgctcgag
   524161 gactacggca agcgggtgcc gcaggcggat atctggggct tgcgcaagga ggcggtgaac
   524221 caccgcatct acgtcaccga cgccagcggc aaggtgctgc tggactccgc cggggtggcc
   524281 gtcggccagg actattcgcg ctggaacgac gtctacctga ccctccgtgg ccagtacggc
   524341 gcgcgctcca gccgcgaaga cccggacgac ccggattcct cggtgatgta cgtggcggcg
   524401 ccgatcaagg atgccgggaa gatcatcggg gtggtttcgg tggccaagcc gaacagcagc
   524461 ctgcaaccct acatcgaccg ctcgcagcgg cgcctggcct ggctcggtgc cgggctgatc
   524521 gccctcggcc tgctggtcgg cggcctgctc tcctggtggc tcagcggcgc gctgcggcgc
   524581 ctcacccagt acgcacaggc ggtcagcgag gggcgccgcg ccgagctgcc gcgctatcgc
   524641 ggcggcgaga tggcgcaact ggccgacgcg gtggaacgca tgcgcacgca actggaaggc
   524701 aaggactacg tcgagcgcta cgtgcatacc ctgacccacg aactgaagag cccattggcg
   524761 gcgatccgtg gcgccgccga gttgctcgac ggcgagatgc cggccgagca gcgggcgcgc
   524821 ttcgtcggca acatcgccgg cgagagcgag cgcctgcaac aactgatcga gcgcctgctg
   524881 agcctggccc aggtggagca gcggcaaggc ctggaggagg tcggcaaggt cgacctgcgg
   524941 gagatcgccg cgtccctgct ggaaggccag gcggcgcgta tccagcgcca gcgattgcgg
   525001 gtggagaacc gcctggaagg tccctgcgag gttcgcggcg agcagttcct gctgcgccag
   525061 gcgctggcca acctgctcga caacgccctc gacttcaccc cgcccggcgg catccttcgc
   525121 ctgctcgccg aggtcgacgg cgagggtatc gccttgcgcc tgttcaacca ggggccggcg
   525181 attcccgact acgccctggc gcgcctcacc gaacgcttct actcgctgcc gcgcccggcc
   525241 agcgggcgca agagcaccgg gctgggactg aacttcgtcg ccgaggtggc gcaactgcat
   525301 ggcggccggt tgcaggtcgg caaccgcgac gacggcgtcg aggcgctgct ctggctgccg
   525361 cgcggctgag gcgcctccac ggaaactcca tcgactctcc acacggcgac ccgaagcccg
   525421 ccatcgcggc gccgcagact ttccgccatc accccgacgg agagtccccc catgaaccgc
   525481 acgctggcct acaagctcgg cgccatcgcc ctactcatcc tgctattgct gattcccctg
   525541 ttgatgatcg acggcctgat ccgcgatcgc caggaggttc gtgacggcgt gctgcaggat
   525601 atcgcccgca gctccagcta cagccagcgc ctcaccggcc cgctgctggt ggtgccgtac
   525661 cgcaggacgg tgcgcgagtg ggtcaccgag gagaagaccg agaagcgcgt gttgcaggag
   525721 cgcgagcagc gcggcgagct gtacttcctg cccgaccgct tcgccctcga cgggcagatg
   525781 cgcaccgagc tgcgctaccg cggcatctac caggcgcgcc tgtaccacgt cgacaacaag
   525841 gttgccggct acttccaggt gcctgcgcac tatggcatcg aagaagacct ggaggactac
   525901 cagttcgaaa cgccgttcct ggcgatgggc atcagcgaca tccgcggcat cgagaatgcc
   525961 ctgcgcctgt ccctcaacgg tgccagcgtc gacttcgagc cgggtagccg ggtcggcctg
   526021 ctcggcagcg gtgtgcacgc accgctgcaa ggcgtcgacg ggcgccaggc gcagcgcctg
   526081 gagtacgcct tcgacctgtc gttgctcggc agcgagcggc tggacatcgt gccggtgggc
   526141 cgcgacagcc aggtcatcct gaaggccgac tggccgcacc cgagcttcgg cggcgagttc
   526201 ctgcccagcg agcgggagat caccgcccag ggcttcaccg cgcgctggca gaccagcttc
   526261 ttcgccacca acatggaaga ggcgctgcgc agttgcgtgg aggagcagcg ttgcgacggc
   526321 ttccaggcgc gcgccttcgg cgtcggcctg gtcgatccgg tggaccagta cctgaaggcc
   526381 gaccgcgcga tcaagtacgc gctgctgttc atcaccctga ccttcgccgg cttcttcctc
   526441 ttcgaggtgc tcaagcgcct ggcggtacac ccggtccagt acgcgctggt cggcctggcg
   526501 ctggcgttct tctacctgct gctgctgtcg ctggccgagc acgtcggctt cgagctggcc
   526561 tacctggtct ccgccggagc ctgcgtcggc ctgatcggct tctacctgtg cttcgtcctg
   526621 cgcagcgtgg cccgagggct gggcttcagc gtcggcctgg cagggctgta cggcctgctc
   526681 tacggcttgc tgagcgctga ggactacgcc ttgctgatgg gctcgctgct gctgttcgcg
   526741 gtgcttgccg cggtgatggt gctgacccgc cgcctggact ggtacggggt cggccgcaag
   526801 gacttcccgg cggtacccgc cagggcctga cgacgaaggc ggcggcgccg gccgccgccg
   526861 atttccaagg aggaaaagca tgcgcctgtt cttcgagttc accctctgtg ccgccctcgg
   526921 cctgctggtc agcggcgtga tcctgatctt tctgctgttc ttcggcaagt tcggcctgat
   526981 cgagtactgg atcgccagcg gcaagcccct ggcccacgcc atgttggtac tgatgccgga
   527041 cggattctgg gaaggcctca gcggcatcga gggcgccgcc ggcaatccgc acgtgcgctc
   527101 cttcctggag ctttgcatgg ggctcggaca gagcgcgctg ttgctgggcc tgctgctgtt
   527161 ccgcctggtg tgctggaaat gaacggctat gtcggcctgc gcgacgaccg tcgcgacggc
   527221 gagcgcctgg cggcgcggat cggcctgctg ttccccggcc cctcggcggc ctggctgcaa
   527281 cgcgccgagc gcctgcggcg gcagcaggcg tcggcgggcc tcggggtcag acgcgggtgg
   527341 cctgcatcga cgggcgctgg ctgacttcgg cgaaccaggc ggcgagtcgc gggtagcggc
   527401 cgcgccagtc ccactccggc tggcgcaggt cgagatagcc cagggcgcag gcgacgccga
   527461 tggcggcgat gtcgaagcgc gcctgcagtt cggcgatgca gtcgccctcc agccacgcca
   527521 gggaccgccc gatcttttcc cgctgtgctt cgagccaggt gtcccagcgc ttctcctcgg
   527581 ggcggacgaa ggtttcgtag cgggacagca ccgcggcgtc gaggacggcg tccgccagcg
   527641 aggcgatggt caggcgtcgc cagcgggcgc tgccttcgcg ggggatcagc ggttcgccga
   527701 cgtgctgctg gtcgaagtag tcgcagatca cccggctgtc gtgcagcacc tggccgtccg
   527761 gcaggcgcag ggcgggaatc ttgccggccg ggttgctggc gttgagctgc cggatgggcg
   527821 cgaccggcgt cggcgtgact tcctcgagcg ccacgcgctc gcgttggccg gtttcgtgga
   527881 gcaggaccag gaccttgcgc acgaagggcg aggcggcggc gtagaacagc gtatgggtag
   527941 cgctcatgcg ggctccttgg aaggatcagt cgcggacgac gcgcagacga tcggcggcag
   528001 gctcggcgct ccaggtttct ccggggcgac cgccgagcag ggcgttgccg ggcgccggcc
   528061 ggtcgctggg caggacgcgg aatgtcgcct gctcactgtc gaaacgcaag agcgccccgc
   528121 tggcggcgtc gtgcagccag acacggtcca tggcgtcgac ccgcaggctg tccgggcggg
   528181 cctggctgtc cggcagcggc cagctctgcc acgaggcatc gctgggatcg tagcggtaca
   528241 gccgggcgcc accgctgtcg ctggcccaga gcctgccgat ggagtcggcg ccgatcccgc
   528301 gcaaggcctt cgtgccttca ggcgcgggca accgctcggc gctgccgtcg agcggatcga
   528361 catgcaccag cgcgtcgtcc tgcgcgtacc agacctcgcc gtccggggtg acgcagatgc
   528421 cgttcgccgc cttgccctgg ggcgagggcc agacctccac caggcgcctg gctgggtcga
   528481 ggcgaccgtg gaagccgcgg ctgccggtga accagaggcg cccgtcgtcg tcgaataccg
   528541 cggactcgag cccggccggc gcggccttgg ccggtagcgg gaaacgttcg ctgcccaggc
   528601 gctcgccgcc gatgcgaagg atggcgttga ggccgctgtc gagcacccag gcgttgccgc
   528661 tctcgtcgct gacgatggct cgcggccgcg cgccttcgcc gagcggcacc tgcacgctct
   528721 cgccactggt cgggtcgagg cgccccagcg aatgcccgcc gtccgcgccg taccagaccg
   528781 caccctgtgc actgggcgcg accgcgtagg gcgcggagcc cttgtccagc gggtagtact
   528841 gttcgccggc cagggcggcg ccggtcgacg acagggccag gaacaggccc agcagcgggt
   528901 agggcaggtg acgcatacgg ttctcccgga acgacgagcg gaacgtggaa aggctctgtc
   528961 ttgctattct ggcagcgcat tgagcatagg aggaactgcg aatggccaca gtggaaatac
   529021 tcggggcgga atgccgcgcg gggggcgcgg tgaacgacga tgcgctgggc tgcacggcgc
   529081 aggccgcctg ggtgatcgac ggtgccacca gcatcggtcg cagcgtgctg ggcgtggaaa
   529141 gcgacgcgcg ctggctggcc caggcggtgg accggcacct gcggttgctg ctggaagtcg
   529201 agcccgagca atccagcgag accctgctgc ggcgcctgct caacgatatc cagggcgact
   529261 tccgcgccca gagcggccgc gactggcacg acctcgaaga catgccggcg gcctgcctga
   529321 gcctgctgcg gattcgcggc ggagaaatcg aactgctcaa catcggcgac agccggatcc
   529381 tcgtcgaagg cgccgacggc caggtacgca gcttcggcga ttcggcccta cacgaactgg
   529441 atcggcaatc cctggcgcat ttctgccgga tgcgcgagga acatccgcag tgggatcacg
   529501 ccgaactgtt caaggccagc cgcccgcgcg tgcggcagaa ccgcctgctg atgaacaagc
   529561 ccgagggcta ctgggcgctg gacatcagcg accgctggct cggccaggtg cagcgcgaga
   529621 ccttgccgct cgccgcgttg cgttccttcg tgctgatgac cgacggcttc gaccggctgg
   529681 tcgagccttt ccgccgctat accgacgaac agttgctgcg acgcctcgag gacgtcggag
   529741 tgagcgccat gctcgacgag ttgcgcgaga tcgaacaggg cgacgaccag gccctggctt
   529801 tcccgcgttt caagatccac gacgacgcca gcgcgctgtg gggtcggatc gcggggtgaa
   529861 cgatgatctc cggcgcccgg aatgcaggtc ctccccattg cgccggctgc cgatatcccg
   529921 gccctctccc tcaggcggga ggagggcatc cggtgcccgg aaggtacgtt ctgcggtagg
   529981 gcgaataacc gcgaagcggt tatccgccgt tacgcacctg tgacgcgtcg ctcaccactt
   530041 gtagctgacg ctgcccacca cgctgcgctg gtcgccgtag tagcagtagt agccgtcgca
   530101 ggacgccagg tagtccttgt tgaacagatt gttggcattg accgccacgc tgacgccttt
   530161 caggctgccg ttcaattggc ccaggtcgta gcgcacggcg gcgtcgtaca aggtgtacga
   530221 gccggcgtag ccgtcgtagg tgttggcctg gtcgccgtag gtcgagccta cgtagcgggc
   530281 gccggcaccc acgctgaaac cgttcagcgt accctcgtgc caggtgtagt cggcccatag
   530341 cgaggcctgg ttgcgcggcg cctgttgcag gcggttgcct gcgtactggc cttttttcac
   530401 ttcggtgtcg gtgtagctat aggcgccgat catcttcagg ttgtcggtga cgttgctggt
   530461 ggcttccagc tctatcccgg agaccttcac ttcgcccgtc tgcgaagtga ccggcgtgcc
   530521 gcctatgttc tgcgacacgc tgacgttctc ctggcgcagg tcatagaccg cggcggtgaa
   530581 cagcgagtcg gagcccaccg gctggtactt cacaccgatt tcccattgct tgccttcggt
   530641 cggcttcagc gaactggtgc tgttcatatc ggcgccagtg gtgggctgga acgactccgc
   530701 ataggagatg tagggcgcca cgccattgtc gaagatgtag ctgagcgccg cgttgccgct
   530761 gaacttcttg tcgcggctgg tattggtggc gtcgcccttg ttgtagaagg tggccccggt
   530821 gtgcacccaa tcctcgcgac cgccgagggt caggcgccaa ttgtcgaggg cgatctggtc
   530881 ctggacgtag aggccggtct ggtaggtctt ctgcttgtag tcgtagaagg ccgtcgaacg
   530941 atccggtttg acgatcggct ggccgtagat cgggttgttg acgttgctcg gcggcgcgct
   531001 gccaaagatc gatgtgtatt gattgtcggt gcggttgtga tccaggccta gcagcagggt
   531061 gtggcgcagg gcgcctgttt cgaagtcggc ctggaagttg ttatctacta cgaactgact
   531121 gacgtcttca tccaccgagg tggtgctgcg ttccagtgtg ccgtcggcat gagctgtgcc
   531181 cgctgtaacc gcctggaacg acaggtcgtt gcgcaggtag cgcaggttct ggcggaactg
   531241 ccagacatcg ttgatccgcc gctcgaaggc gtagcccagc cagtagtagg tgcggtcgta
   531301 gtattcccag tccggatcgc cgaggttctt gtgatgggaa accttgccga acggcgcgtc
   531361 gtacttggtt ccgcgtagcg gcaggaactg gctggtgatg ccggtatcgt cgcggttgaa
   531421 ctggccgagg aaggtcagcc tggtgtcgtc gtcgatgttc caggtcaggc tcggggcgat
   531481 gttgtagcgc ttgtcgtcga tatggtcgac ctgggtgttg ctgtcgcgca ccacgccgga
   531541 gacgcgatag agaaagcgtc cctcgtcgtc gagcgggccg gtgctgtcga agctgacctg
   531601 cttgtggttg tagttgccga cctcggcctt cacctcgtga ctggcgacgt tctgcggacg
   531661 caggctgacc atgtcgagca tgccgcccgg cggggtctgg ccgtagaccg aggaggccgg
   531721 gccgcgcaac agggcgacac gctccaggtt ccaggtttcc agtttcgggt tgttgtagac
   531781 gccgaccgcc atcggcaggc cgtcgaggaa ctgggtcggc ttgaagccgc gcaccttcaa
   531841 ccagtcggag cgggtgtcgc tgccgaagct gctggcgacg acgccgggca tgtagcgcac
   531901 cgcgtcgtcg aggttgtgca cggcgcggtc ggtcatctgc tggcgggtcg ccaccgagat
   531961 cgaacgcggg gtctcgagga tcggcgtatc ggtcttggtg ccggtcatgc tgcgcttggc
   532021 cacgtagccg ctggtcggcc ccagtgggtc ttcctcggcg ccgctgaccg tcatcgcctg
   532081 cagcgacagg gtgtcttccg gcaccttgcg caggctgtag gtgccgccgg cattttccac
   532141 cagttccagg ccgctgccct tgagcgcttc gcgcaatgcg ccgggcgcgt cgaagcgacc
   532201 ttgcacggcg tgggcgctgc gtccttcggc gagcgccgga tccagggtga ggaccaggcc
   532261 ggcctgggcc gcgatgcggt tcagggtgcc tgccagcggc ccggcggcga tgcggtagtc
   532321 gcgcacgctg gcctgttcgg ccggggcggc gtggaggaac ggtgcgggaa cggcgagggc
   532381 gatggctagg gcgagcaggc cgggacggaa cgtcgggcga ggcatgtgcg gggctcctgg
   532441 atggaaacga gtctcaatgc ctccttgccg gacgagtcgg aaaaagtgat agggccggcg
   532501 ggaaaaattt ttcgccggcc cgttcggttc agcgtggcac cacttcgaac caccaggcgt
   532561 tgtgcctcac gctgcgcacc ggcaggctcg gctccaaagc ctgaagggcg aggcgggtgt
   532621 ccttcagcgg gaaactgccg gtgacgcgca ggtcggcgat gctcgggtcg acctgcagca
   532681 gcgccggcga atagcgcccc agttccgcca ccaggtcggc cagccgggcg ttctccacca
   532741 ccagcatgcc ttgtgcccag gcgccggcca gggccggggc cgcttcgctg gcctgcaggc
   532801 cttgcggcag gatcagcacc tgctggcctt ccttgatcac acgctcttcg ctgagcgttt
   532861 ccgcgcgcgc ggccaccgcc gactgcaaca cggtgaggcg cgtgccgggt tcctcgcggc
   532921 gcaccaggaa gcgcgtgccg agggcgcgca tgtcgccatc ggcgctgctg accacgaagg
   532981 ggcgcgggtc gccatgggcg gtttccacca ggatctcgcc ggccagtagc acgacctggc
   533041 ggcgttcgcc gtcgaagcgg acgtcgatgg cgctgcggct gttcaggcgc acatgagtgg
   533101 catccgggag ggtcagctcg cgctgctcgc cggtggcgct gtaggcatcg gccagcaggt
   533161 agcggaccgg gacgtagcgg ttggccacgc cgagcccgac gcctagcgcc agcactagcc
   533221 ccagggcgct gccgccgagc cggcgcaggc ggcgcttgaa gcgtgcgttg ccggacagca
   533281 gggcgttgcg tgccggcccg ttggcggctc tcgccaggtg ccggtcgagg ccgccgagct
   533341 gttcccaggc gcgttcgtgt tcgggatgcg ccgcgtacca gcggtggaag gcgcggtgat
   533401 cgtcgggatg ggcttcgccg gagtcgagca gcaattgcca ggcgatggct tcgtcgagca
   533461 cccgcgcgcg taccggcgaa tgacgatcgt cggcgctcac cggggctctc cgtagagggc
   533521 gatgtagcac tggcgcagac ccagggccag gtattggcgc acgcgcggca ccgagactcc
   533581 gagacgctcg gcgatctccg cgtggggcat gccgtccagg cggctataga gaaacgcgct
   533641 acgcgccttc agcgacagcg tgccaagcag gcgatcgatc tcgcggaggt cctcgagaat
   533701 caggtactgc tcttcggccg aaggctgctc cgcttccgga accagcgcca gttcggcgag
   533761 ataggcctgt tcaagggcgg cgcggcggaa gtggtcgatc atcagaccgc gcgccacctt
   533821 cgccaggaac gcgcgcggtt cgcgcaggcc gggcagctcc gggcggccga ggaggcgaac
   533881 gaaggtgtcc tggctgaggt cttcggcgcg ctggcggcag ccgaggttgc ggttcagcca
   533941 ggcaagcagc cagccgcggt ggtcccggta caggctaccc acgaattcgc tgttgctgac
   534001 gtcacccgcc gacacgaccg ctccccatcc cgaaacggga ttgaatggaa aaacgagaat
   534061 tattcgcaaa tgatcgcaaa gtgcgactat ccctgcaatt ggcgtccgtc gggaagccac
   534121 ttgagtcgtc ccgctggttt gccggaggat cggtgttccc ataacaagaa caggagtctc
   534181 gccgtggccg aacctttgct gatcatcggt tcctatctgt ccccctatgt gcgcaaggtg
   534241 ctggtgctgc tggaactgaa aggcatcgcc taccgcatcg accccatcgt gccgttcttc
   534301 ggcgacgagg ccttcgagcg cctcagtccg ttgcgccaga taccggtgct ggtggacggt
   534361 gacttcgtcc tcaacgattc cagcgtgatc tgccagtacc tggaggagcg ctacccgcag
   534421 ccgagcctgt atcccgccga catcggccag cgcgcccagg cccgctggct ggaggagtac
   534481 gccgattcgc ggctgggcca ggtgatcatc tggcagttgt tccaccagtt ggtgatcaac
   534541 cgcggcatct ggcagcgcga acccgaccag gcgatcctgc aacgcaccta cgacgaagac
   534601 ctgccgtcga tctgcaatta cctggaaggg cggatcccgc cgagcggctg gctgtgcggc
   534661 gagctgtcca tcgccgatgt cgccgtcgcc tgcctgttcc gcaatgccca gttggcgcgc
   534721 taccaggtcg acggcgagcg ctggccgcgc ctggcgcgcc tgttggctga cgctttcgcc
   534781 ttgccggcct tccagcatct ggcgcgtttc gagaaggcca ccgcgcagac cccggtcgcc
   534841 gaacagcgcc aggcgctgcg cgaggccggc gcgccgctca gcgcgaccag ccacgcccgc
   534901 gagcggccgg tgcgcggtcc gatgagccgc tgagagggag tgcgggcggc gcccagggcg
   534961 ccgtcctgat gaagcgccat tcagcgcctc gataagacct tcgcggcgct ggtggatcca
   535021 gcgtccgggc atattttata tagaccagtc tatataaaac ggaggccgca ccgtgatgaa
   535081 cgtccccgaa gggttccagc cgctgttccg cagcagtccg ttgctcgacc tgctcggtcc
   535141 tttcttctgc cggcaggacg cccagcgcca gttggtggtg gcgctgcgca tcgacgaaaa
   535201 gcactgcaac cacggtggca ccgcccacgg cggcctgctc tcgaccctgg ccgacgttgg
   535261 cctcggctac gccatggcgt tctcccgcga accgccgcag ccgatggtca ccgtcggcct
   535321 gcgcctggac ttctgcgggg tcgcgcgggt cggcgactgg ctggaggtgc atacccgggt
   535381 cgacaagctc ggccagcgca tggccttcgc ctcggcccgg ctgcacagcg gcgagcgcct
   535441 ggtggccagc gccagcggcg tgtttcatct gccctgaggc tcgggcatgc ttgcccggtc
   535501 gtctgccgtg agttggggag tcaggtttgc cgaagaagtc caatgccgcc gaacggatcg
   535561 tccatgccac cgcctcgctg ctggccagcc gcgggtattt cggcaccggg ctgagcgaca
   535621 tcatcgctcg cgccgaggcg ccgaaaggct cgctctatca ctatttcccc gagggcaagc
   535681 cgcagatcgc cagcgccgcg atcggcttcg tcgccgacga ggtggcgtcc ttcctcgacc
   535741 gcgccgggac ccaggccccc catgcgcgca acgtcctccg ccagttcacc gcgaccctgc
   535801 gtggctggct ggagcattcg cgtttcgaag aggcctgccc ggtgctttcc accagcctga
   535861 gcatcgacgc cgagctggcc ccggtgcacg ctgaatgccg ccgggcgctc cgcgcctggc
   535921 acgccagcat cgagcgtgcg ttgcgcgccg acggactggc ggaaaagctc gccgcctcgc
   535981 gtgcctggct gatcctcgcg gcgctggagg gggcggtcgc ggtggcccgc gtcgagcggt
   536041 cgttccaggc gctggatgcg atcgaggaag aattgcaggc gctactgccg gcctaggcgg
   536101 gtgtcgcgcc caggccggcc aggtatccgt cagtgctgca cgctgtccac cgcgatcgct
   536161 tcgccggaaa cttcgtggta ggccgtgcgg cgcttggcca gggcgtagtg gatcaggccg
   536221 gccaggccgg cgccgaagaa ccaggagaac ggcgatagct cggcgaatgc cggcaacaat
   536281 gccagcaggg tggagatgat cgccgccggg acgaacgcgg cgatggcccg cgggttcacc
   536341 cctcgcgcgt agtgataggc gccggcgcgg ctttcggtgt acagctccgg caggttcacc
   536401 cggcctttcc gcaccaggta gtagtcgacc atgatgatcc cgtacagcgg gccgagcagc
   536461 gcgccgaggc cgccgaggaa gtagaggatc accccggggc tgttgtacag gtgccagggc
   536521 aggatcagca ccgcgatggt cgcgctgatc agcccggcgc ggcggaagtt cagcaggttc
   536581 ggcgccaggt tggtgagtac gtaggccggg gcgacgaagt tggccatgat gttcaccgcc
   536641 acggtgacga tcagcagcgc caggctggcc agcaccagga agagggtgtc ggggatcgcg
   536701 gcgacgatgt cggtggggct ctggatgagc tggccgtcga tcctgaactg ggcgccggcg
   536761 aggaccaccg cgaacaggcc gaacagcagg atgttcaccg gcagccccca gaagttgccg
   536821 acgctgatgg tgcggcggtc cgggcagccg cgggcgaagt cgcagaagtt caggatcatg
   536881 gtgccgtaca gggtcaccca gaacgccgcg ccgccgaaga tcttcaacca catctgcgaa
   536941 ccgctcatgg gttcgccgct ggaccaggcg atggaggcgc cggcgcgcag gtacatccag
   537001 gcggcgaggg cggcgacggt gagcaggatc accggtccgg cgaaggattc gtagcgacgc
   537061 accatctcca tgccgtaggc gaagatcagc agttgcacgc accagatggc gacgaaggtc
   537121 gcccagccca ggctcgacag gccgaggatg gcgtcctggt cgtaggctgc gagccccggc
   537181 cagatcgccg tcagcagcac gcgcaggacg atggaggcga gataggtctg gatgccgaac
   537241 cagacgatgg cgatcaccgc gcggatcagc gcggggagtt gcgcgccgtg gatgccgaag
   537301 gcgatgcggc acatcaccgg gtagggcagc ccggtcttct ggcccatgta gccggacagg
   537361 ttcatcagcc cgtagaccat cagcgcgccc agggccagcg cggcgaggat ctgcgcgccg
   537421 ctcatgccga gggcgaagag gccgatggcg aaggagtagt tggcgatatt gtgcacgtcg
   537481 ttggtccaca gcgcgaacag gctgtagcgt ccccagcggc gcccttcggc cttggtcggg
   537541 gcgagatcgg cgctgtacag gcgcgggctc agcggcggca gttcggggcc ggcgtgatgg
   537601 ctggcgcggg gcaggcaatc gagactggcg ggagtgccca ggtccaggcg cgccgccgag
   537661 aactccgctg cgcgcagccc ggcgcgtggc aggcagtcga gactggccgg agtgcccagg
   537721 tcgagcagtg aggcggagaa ctcggcgctc cgctgaccgg cgcgcggcag gctgtcgagg
   537781 ctttccaggg tgccgaggtc gagcagcgag ggagaaaact cgcggggcga ggcgggcggc
   537841 ttcggggtgc tggacatggc ggtctcctcc ggcagtcgga agaactcggc gcgaggtcgg
   537901 gttcgtctgt tgtttttgta tacaagaatt tcgaagattt aagccagtta tgtgccaacc
   537961 gatcctcgac cgaattttcc gcgctctgcg gaaaccggcc tttcggcggc aagcccctga
   538021 aaccgcttgg gaaaaagctg tcgcttcgat caggtaagaa tttcgaaccg attcataggc
   538081 ttatgcggac ggacgaggga gaggggaaaa aagcgggacg ccaggaggcc gcattgggaa
   538141 aattgtgcac aataattgtg cccagtgtta ccgccgcgcc cgtcgacggt gcgcggcgcg
   538201 aagctcagcc cgtccgggaa atatccaggc ccttcaactg cccgatcatc cacgcatggg
   538261 cgtcacgccc gacatgctgg acgtggctgt agagccgcag cacgtagggc ggaatgtcga
   538321 acggcgcggg atacagggcg aggccggcgg cttccgccag ggcccgtgcg gcatgtcgcg
   538381 gagcggtgag caggaaatcg gtggagcctg ccaggaacag cgccgccagc accgtcggca
   538441 gttgcaccgc cacttcgcga cgcaggccgg agcgggccag cagccggtcg atcaccccgc
   538501 tgtcctcgtt ccacggcgtc accaccgcat gccgttcggc caggtagccc tccagcgtcg
   538561 gcgccccggc gaggcgcggg tggtcgcgcc gcgctaccac cacgtagcgg tcggcgaacc
   538621 agtcatgggc ctggatgcct tcgggcaggc gctcgtgttc ctcgtcgtag ccgagggcga
   538681 aatcgatccg cccgctggcc agggcctcca ccgacagctt gcgttccgca ttgaccaggc
   538741 gcaggcgcac tccgggcgcg ctgtgctgca ggcggttcat cagcggcgga agcagggcga
   538801 aggcggtgta gtcggtggcg gcgaagacga aggtgcgctg gctctgtccc ggtacgaacg
   538861 gccgccactc ttccagcccc tcgccgaggg cgcgcagagc ggcggccacc gcagcggcca
   538921 ggtgctcggc acgctgggtc ggctgcatgc ggttgccctg gcgcaggaac agctcgtcgt
   538981 ccagcccctg gcgcaggcgc cccagcgcat ggctgaaggc cgaggcgctg atcgccagtt
   539041 cgctggctgc ggtgccgacg ttgcggtggc gatacagggc gtcgaagaca agcaggaggt
   539101 tgagatcgag gcggcgcagc aggggatgca tgttattcag ttgccgatga gaagaatgca
   539161 cttcatgcat cttagcagtc gcactaggat ggccggatcc cccaccggaa ggttgcccat
   539221 gactctcgaa atccgtcccg ccgtaccggc cgacgccgaa cagatccttg ccttcatcat
   539281 cgaactggcc gactacgagc gcgcccgcca cgaggtggtc accgatgtcg aaggcatccg
   539341 ccgcagcctg ttcgccgaag gctcgccgac ccgcgcgctg atgtgcctga gcgagggccg
   539401 gccgatcggc tatgcggtgt atttctacag ctactcgacc tggctggggc gcaacggcat
   539461 ctacctcgaa gacctctacg tcaccccgga ataccgtggc gtcggcgccg gtcgccggct
   539521 gctccgcgag ttggcccgcg aggccgtggc caacgactgc ggacgcctgg agtggagcgt
   539581 gctggactgg aaccagccgg ccatcgactt ctactgctcc atcggcgcgc tgccgcagga
   539641 cgagtgggtg cgctatcgcc tggatggcga ggcgttgcgc aagatggcgg agtagctggc
   539701 ggcaagccga cgttgatgct gggggagtgt gtgggggtag ggcgaatagc gcctggcgat
   539761 atccgccagt ttctcaccga ggacgcctgg cgcctgccga gtcatcgcca ccggtatcca
   539821 tgccgctctc ccgtagcgct gtagcgttgt cccgcaggaa cgcccacagg cgttccgcta
   539881 ccgggccctg cgcgcgatcg cgccggcgcg ccgccaccac ctcttcgctg cgtcctggca
   539941 gatgcggccc ggccagtgcg agcaggcggc cgtcggccag ttcctcgtct accaggaagt
   540001 ccggcaggtg cccccagccg aggccctgga ggatcacctc tttcttcgtt cgctggtccg
   540061 gcacgctgca ctgtcgcgcg ccggcgagca tgaaatagtc cgtcggcgga gaatggcggg
   540121 cgctgtcgcg catcacgcac tgggcgaagg ggcgcagttg ttccgggcgc accggtcgcg
   540181 gcggaggatc gccgagcagg cccggcgcga tgaccgggac cagcccgacc ctgcacaggt
   540241 cgagccattc caggcgtggg tcggacttgt ccacgcgatg caggatcagg tcggcctcgc
   540301 cgtccagcag gcgctccagc gggccgctga cggtttcgaa cagcaattgc aggcgggtct
   540361 gcggctggct gccgaagaac cctgcgagca gcgccagggc cgggcgcggc gggcagaggt
   540421 cgcccagtac cactcgcagc tcgctttcct cgccctgggc caggtgcgcg gcgtggtcac
   540481 gcagcccttc cagttcgtag agcagggcct gggcacgctg gtggaaggag cgaccggcgg
   540541 cggtcaggcc gacccggtag ccgccccgtt ccagcagcac caggccgagc tggcgctcca
   540601 gccgggcaac ggcggcgaac accgccggat gggagcggtg caggcgctgt gcggcggcct
   540661 ggaagccgcc ggcgtcgacc accgcgtcga agcattggag gtcgtggagg gtgaagtcgt
   540721 gcatgtcagc ttccctgaca gagtcgttcc attctttgta gtttttccca ggggccgtcg
   540781 caactagcct ggcgtgcatg gcaatcaccc tgaccccgga ggctcccatg ggcaacctgt
   540841 cttttctcgc taccagcgat ggcgccagcc tcgcctatcg cctggacggt gcggcggaga
   540901 aaccgctgct ggcgctctcc aactccatcg gtaccaccct gcacatgtgg gatgcgcaac
   540961 tcccggcact gacccggcac ttccgcgtcc tgcgctacga cgcccgcggc catggcgcct
   541021 ccagcgtgcc gccggggccc tacaccctgg cccggctggg cgaggacgta ctggagctgc
   541081 tcgacgcgct ggaggtacgg cgcgcgcatt tcctcggcct gtccctgggc gggatcgtcg
   541141 gccagtggct ggcgctgcat gcgccgcagc ggatcgagcg gctggtgctg gccaacacct
   541201 cggcctggct cggcccggcg gcgcagtggg acgagcgcat cgccgcggtg ctgcaggccg
   541261 aggatatgag cgagaccgcc gcgggtttcc tcggcaactg gtttccgccg gcgctgctgg
   541321 agcgcgccga gcctgtcgtc gagcgcttcc gggcgatgct catggccacc aaccggcacg
   541381 gcctggccgg ctccttcgcg gcggtgcgcg ataccgacct gcgcgcgcaa ctggcgcgga
   541441 tcgagcggcc gaccctggtg atcgcagggg cgtacgacac ggtcaccgcc gccagccacg
   541501 gcgagctgat cgccgcgtcg attgccgggg ccaggctggt tacgctgccg gcggtgcatc
   541561 tgtcgaacgt cgagttcccg caggcgttcg aaggcgcggt gctgagcttt ctcggcgcag
   541621 actgattacg ctatcgtcgc gccttttccc tcggcgcagg agccgacatg aacgagccgg
   541681 gcagtttcat ctggacgtgg tacgggcagg atgagcatcg atgggtcctg ctcagcgcag
   541741 aggcgttcct ggcgctcgat ttcctggccc ttgacggtgc catgcagaga gagaccatcg
   541801 gcagttgccc gggctgctct acctggtcgg agaaggtcgt gccgttgcac gagtggctcg
   541861 aaggctgtcc gggtcaccag gccgggagtt ttcgcgatgc cttgaggcgt gtctgggcgc
   541921 tgtgcaacga gctgcccgag gaagcgctgg gctgcttcga cttcgacatc tatgcccacc
   541981 ccggatggca ggcggtacgt cgagaggccc gggaggcgct gcggcagaac ggttgggaca
   542041 gcatccgtag ccacgccgag gagctgcgcg acgactgttg ggagcgtgtg catggctacc
   542101 cgaagaaatg aaaaagccgc ccctcggggc ggcttttcgt tgcgctgcgg cgaacggcct
   542161 acagcccgtt cttcgccttg aactcacggc ggcggcgatg caggaccggc tcggtatagc
   542221 cgttcggctg ccgggtgcct tccaccacca gctccagggc ggcctggaac gcgacgttgt
   542281 cgtcgaagtt cggcgccatc ggccggtagg acgggtcgct ggcgttctgc cggtcgacca
   542341 ccacggccat gcgcttgagg ctctcgacca cctgctcctg gctgatcacg ccgtgacgca
   542401 gccagttggc cagcagttgg ctggagatgc gcagggtggc gcggtcttcc atcagaccga
   542461 cgtcgttgat gtccggcacc ttggagcagc cgacgccctg gtcgatccag cggacgacat
   542521 agccgaggat gccctgggcg ttgttgtcca cctcgttctt gatctcttcc gcggtccagt
   542581 tggtgttcgg cgccagcgga atggtcagga tgtcgtccag cgaggccggg gtgcgcttgg
   542641 ccagctcggc ctggcgggcg aacacgtcga ccttgtggta atgcagggcg tgcagggtcg
   542701 cggcggtcgg cgacgggacc caggcggtgt tggcgccggc cagcggatgg ccgatcttct
   542761 gctcgagcat ggcggccatc aggtcgggca tggcccacat gcccttgccg atctgcgcct
   542821 tgccttgcag gccggtggcc aggccgacgt cgacgttgtt gttctcgtag gcgccgatcc
   542881 acttctccga cttcatggcg cccttgcgca ccacggcgcc ggcttccatg gaggtgtgga
   542941 tctcgtcgcc ggtgcggtcg aggaagccgg tgttgatgaa caccacgcga tccttggccg
   543001 ccttgatgca ggccttcagg ttcacggtgg tgcggcgctc ctcgtccatg atgccgacct
   543061 tcagggtgtt gcgcggcagg ccgaggacgt cctcgacgcg gccgaacagc tcgttggtga
   543121 aggcggcttc ttccggaccg tgcatcttcg gcttgacgat atacacgctg ccggtgcggc
   543181 tgttcttgcg gctggtgttg ccgttcaggt catgaatggc gatcaggctg gtgaacagac
   543241 cgtcctggat gccttccggc acttcgttgc cgtccttgtc gaggatcgca tcgttggtca
   543301 tcaggtggcc gacgttgcgc acgaacagca gcgagcggcc gtgcagggtc agttcggaac
   543361 cgtcggccct ggtgtagacg cggtccgggt tcatggtgcg ggtgaaggtg ctgccgccct
   543421 tgctgacttc ctcggccagg tcgcctttca tcaggcccag ccagttgcgg tagatcacta
   543481 ccttgtcgtc ggcgtcgacc gcggcgaccg agtcctcgca gtccatgatg gtggtgaggg
   543541 cggcttccat cagcacgtcc ttcacgcctg cggcatcggt ctggccgacc gggctgctcg
   543601 ggtcgatctg gatttcgaag tgcaggccgt tgtgcttgag cagtaccgct tgcggcttgg
   543661 cggcgtcgcc ctggaaggca aggaactggc cagcattctt caggccggtt tcgctgccgt
   543721 tcttcagcgc gacgaccagc gcgccgttct tcacgctgta ggaagtggcg tcgacatggg
   543781 agccggactc cagcggcgcg gcctcgtcga ggaaggcgcg agcgaaggcg atgaccttgt
   543841 cgccgcgaac cttgttgtag cccttgcctt tctcggcgcc gccttcttcg ctgatcacgt
   543901 cggtgccgta gagtgcgtcg tacagcgagc cccagcgggc gttggaggcg ttgagggcga
   543961 agcgcgcatt catcaccggc accaccagct gcgggccggc catgcgggcg atctcgtcgt
   544021 cgacgttctg ggtgccggcc tggaagtctt ccgcctcggg cagcaggtag ccgatttcct
   544081 cgaggaaggc cttgtaggca gctgcgtcgt gggcctggcc ggcgcgagcc tggtgccagc
   544141 cgtcgatctt ggcctggagt tcgtcgcgct tggcgagcag ggctttattc ttcggcgcca
   544201 ggtcgttgat cacggcctcc gcaccggtcc agaacgtgtc ggcagagacg ccggttccgg
   544261 ggatggcttc gttgttcacg aagtcgaaca ggactttggc gacctgcagg ccaccgactt
   544321 gaacgcgttc agtcattgtt tgcctcactc tgctctagac cagctctgga cccgggccgc
   544381 acggccttgt agtccgagcc gcggcatact acatgatgcc gcgggaaaaa tcagtggtta
   544441 cgcgtcgcgt tacgactgga tgacgcttca cggtcacgtt ggccaggctc aatgttcgca
   544501 aaaaaactgt actttgttcc agataaatct aaaaacagta cacgatttat cgcgagccca
   544561 actgcggcgc ggcgtcgcag gatgtttcac tgcgctgcga gcgccttgcc tatactccgg
   544621 aatcgcccca ggagcctcgc catgcccgtc catgccgcat ccctcgccga tctcgccgac
   544681 ctggttccgc tgttttccgc ctacctcgac ttctacgaag tgccggcgcc ggaagagcag
   544741 gttcgcgcat tcctcgccga gcgcctgcgc cagggcgatt cgaccctgtt cctggccagg
   544801 gatgccgagg cgcgggcgct gggcttcgtc caactctatc cgctgttcgc ctccctggcg
   544861 ctacgacctt cgtggctgct cagcgatctc tacgtccgcc cggaggcgcg tcgccggggt
   544921 gtcggcgagg ccctgatgaa ccaggcccgg ggtttcgccg aaagcatggg cgcctgcggc
   544981 ctgcaactgg agacggcgaa gaccaaccac gccgggcagt cgctctacga gcgcctcggc
   545041 tatgtccgtg acgaacagtt ctacacttac tggctgcagc tctgaactcc cattcgtccc
   545101 agcaggaggc aagctcatgg atcacctggt cctgaccgtg atcgccaccg accatcccgg
   545161 cctggtcgag cgcatcgccc aatgcatcgc ctcccacggc ggcaactggc tggaaagccg
   545221 catgtcgcgg atggccgggc agttcgccgg gatactgcgg gtggccgtgc cggcggaagg
   545281 ctacgacgaa ctggtggaag ggctacaggg cctgtccagc cacggtatcc gcgtgctcct
   545341 ggcggaaagc gggatcgagc cggtatgcaa ctggaagcct atccacctcg acctggtggg
   545401 caacgaccgc cccggtatcg tgcgcgacat cacccggctg ctggccgagc acggggtgaa
   545461 cctggagagc ctgtccaccg aagtgcgccc ggcgccgatg agcagcgaac cgctgttcca
   545521 tgccgatgcg ctgctggcgg tgccgctgac cctgtcgctg gacaccctgc gcgagcgact
   545581 ggaagacctg gccgacgacc tgatggtgga gttggtgctg gacgcgtcct gaagttgttc
   545641 aggaaagccg gggacgggcc tgtggaaaag ccttgggtga aaccctgaag cccaggcgcc
   545701 gcgaggcttg gaggtcgtag cgcgtttttt gaccagctgc gttgcggtta ttcccaaacc
   545761 aggtggacca gcctgtgggt attctgtgtg gataagcttg caggcctcta tccataggcg
   545821 atacaagggt ttgatcgttt tctgagcagc ctctcttgcg cttttgcttg tggattaacc
   545881 ttcgccgcta tcgttgcccc tgtgcacaaa tgacgtggag cagtctgtgg gtaagccggg
   545941 gaaaaatcca tgcaggcctt tatccatcgg taatccaggt gtccgtacgt tttttgatcg
   546001 atggcttttc cggttcatcc acagttgctc acaaaagcct tgggcagctt tgtggataag
   546061 ccttgtgtat atcgttgtaa cccttggtaa gcctggcatg cagcggtatg ctcaaagact
   546121 gatcaggcgc tttgcagggc ctcttccgac gagttatcca cgtgcctgcg gagaggagaa
   546181 ggcaggtcta tgcacaaagt gcgtgcatga tcctgtggaa aagcctgggg tggatcgctg
   546241 agcgtcagta ttggcggggg ataggaagga gtgcgtgttt tttcgccagg cttgcggagt
   546301 tccgcaagcc tggggataac gtcagcccgg ctggggaagg cggcgcaggc tgcgccaggc
   546361 gtcgaagctg tagacggcca gggcgagcca gatgaaagcg aaggcggtca ggcggctgga
   546421 gtccagatgc tcgccgaaca gcaggatcgc ctgtagcagg accagcgtcg gcgccaggta
   546481 ttgcaggaag cccagggtgg cgtagggcag gtgccttgcc gcagcgttga agcagaccag
   546541 cggaaccagc gtcaccgggc ccgcggcgac cacccacagg gcttccgggg tgctccagaa
   546601 agccgtttcg ctggtcggcc cgtcggcgaa caacagcaac cagaccagcg ccagcggcag
   546661 cagcagccag gtttccacca ccagtccggg cagcgcggcg accggcgcct ttttgcggat
   546721 caggccgtag aagccgaagg tcagggccag caccagcgac acccagggca ggctgccgag
   546781 ttgccagacc tgctgcgcca cgcccagcga agccagggcc actgccagcc attgcagggg
   546841 acgcaggcgt tccttgagca gcaacatgcc gagcatcacg ttgatcagcg gattgatgta
   546901 gtagcccagg ctggcttcca gcatgtggcc gttgttcacc gcccagacat aggtcatcca
   546961 gttgctggcg atcagcagtc cgctggcggc cagcacgacg aagcgctgcg gattctggcg
   547021 cagctcgcgc caccagcccg ggtgcttcca gaacagcagc aggacggcgc cgaacagggc
   547081 cgaccagacc gcgcgctgga cgatgatttc caccgcggga atgcgttcga gcagtttgaa
   547141 gtagagcggg aacagtcccc agatcacata agccgtcagg ccgaggacat agccccgacg
   547201 gaggttggcg gtcgccatgg agaatccttg aaacgtcagg caggtaagaa tggccgtgca
   547261 cggtatgcac gcgcggatga cctgtgaatt ctagtagggg ggtggcgagc ttgtctgcgc
   547321 acagttcccg cggaaaagca ccggcacact tgccgttccc tcgcctgtcc cgcggcggga
   547381 cggatagcgc cgtccgcagg aggctcagaa cagtcgcagc ggttcctcgt ccagcgccgc
   547441 cagttgttcg cgcagcacca gcacctgctc gccccagtaa cgttcgctgc cgaaccaggg
   547501 gaagctcggc gggaacgccg ggtcgtccca gcgccgcgcg agccaggcgc tgtagtgcat
   547561 caggcggagg ctgcgcaggc cttcgagcag cggtagctgg cgcgggtcga agtcgtggaa
   547621 ctcgttgtag ccgtcgacca gttcggcaat ctgcgccagg cgttcgtggc gctcgccggc
   547681 gagcatcatc cacaggtcct ggagagccgg gcccatgcgg cagtcgtcga gatcgaccat
   547741 gtggtagacc tcgtcgcggc acagcaggtt gcccggatgg cagtcgccgt gcaggcggat
   547801 cggctggtag ggcacctcgg cgaacagggc gtcgaggcgt ttcagcaggt cgcgggcgac
   547861 cgactcgtag gccggcagca ggctcctggg gatgaaattg ccttccagca gggtggccag
   547921 cgaggcgtgg ccgaagttat ccacagcgag cgcctcgcgg tgctcgaacg gccgcgtggc
   547981 gccgaccgcg tgcaggcggc cgagcaactg gccgaggcgg tagagctggt cgagattgcc
   548041 cggctcgggc gcgcgcccgc cgcgccgcgg gaacagggcg aagcggaagc cggagaatgc
   548101 gaacaggctt tcgccgtcgc gcgacagcgg cgccaccacc ggcacctcgc attccgccag
   548161 ctcggcggag aaggcgtgct cctcgcggat cgccgcgtcg ctccagcggt ccggtcggta
   548221 gaacttggcg atcagcggct cgccgtcctc gatgccgacc tggtacacgc ggttttcgta
   548281 gctgttgagc gccagcaccc gtgcgtcgct gagatagccg aggctttcca cggcatccag
   548341 gacgaggtcg ggggtcagtt ggtcgaaggg atgggacatg acggggcatc caaggctcga
   548401 aagaccccta gtgtacgcaa gccggtgcgg gccggcaggt tcacagcggc gtgccgagca
   548461 ggacctgggc tggatcgaag gaggcgatca ccttctggcc cttcttcagc cccaggctgg
   548521 ccaggcgttc gccggacagc agcgcgcaga gggtaagacc gctgcccagg gcgatgcgca
   548581 cctcgctggg accggccttg gccgcgagga tttcctccag ggtgccgtgc aactggttcg
   548641 gctggtcctc gcgcggttcc agcccgacgt ccagccagcc ggccttgatc agcgccagta
   548701 ccgggcggcc gcgaccgagt tcgagttgct cggtgctggc gcgggtgatc agcgcctcga
   548761 tgcgttgctg gcctggcagc tcgatggcga tgcggtcgtg gaagccttcg ccatggatcg
   548821 acaggacccg cccgtgcaat tggttgcgtg cgctggtgcg gagcatcagg cggccgatca
   548881 ggttgaggtc ctcggcgtct tccgcggcct gcaacacctg cgcttgcaag gcttccaggc
   548941 gccggtagag agccagcagg cgttcgccct cggcggtcag ccgggcgccg ccgccgccct
   549001 tgccgccgac gctacgctcg accagcggac gctcggccag gttgttcagt tcgtcgatgg
   549061 cgtcccaggc gcccttgtag ctgatgccca cggccttcgc cgcacgggtg atggagccca
   549121 gttcggcgat ctgcgcgagc agggcgatgc gttgcgggcg acgggtgacg tgctgggcga
   549181 gagtggagag tgcggacatg gaggcttcgc tatgagcgga cgtatacggc gaaggctcca
   549241 acagccatgg gcaaaacgca agggcgtcac tcggcggcct ggtagagacc gtagccggcg
   549301 gcggcgccgg ccaggtccca ggcgaggtcc ttccagctcc agccgctgcc ggcggaacgg
   549361 ctgtcgtaga actccttgcc gacgccgaag gcgagcgaga agctcaggcc gaagcgtgcc
   549421 tggcgagcgc cgcgcaggcc gcggtcgtga gccatctgca tgcccgccgc ggcaagggcc
   549481 gcggaactgg cgaaatgcag ggctttgtct tcgcccagcc agtcgtcttc ggcgaaatgg
   549541 ctgcaaccgt cgagcaacag gcaggccgcg accagcagtg cgcgcatgga tcctctcccg
   549601 tatcggttgc gcggcagttt agcccagctc agccgggctt cggcgtgcgc gccaggcagt
   549661 agacgtcgac ccgcgcggcg cccgcccggc gcaacaggcg ggaaaggcgc tcggcggtgg
   549721 ccccggtggt gagcacgtcg tccaccagtg ccaggtgcag cccgcgaaca tcgctggcgg
   549781 gcgccagggc gaaggcgtgg cgcaggttgc gccgccgcac cgtcgcgtcc agtccctgct
   549841 gggccggagt atccagcact cgccgcaggc tgtgcggatc gcagcgcagg tccagctcgc
   549901 cagccagtcg ctcggcgagc tgttgcgcct ggttgaagcc gcgacgacgt tcgcgccgtg
   549961 gcgccagcgg gaccggcagc aggcgtgccg ggcgcggcag gccttcggcg tagcgttgcc
   550021 gcaggtgttc cgccagcaac tcgccgagca gccgccccag cggccaggcc gcccggtgct
   550081 tgaagcggtt gatcaggctg tcgagcggaa aggcgtagcg ccagggcgcg atcgcctgtt
   550141 cataggccgg cgggcggcgc aggcactcgc cgcacacctg gccgtccagc ggcaggggca
   550201 gggcgcagcg ccggcactgc tggcgcgacc agggcaggtc ggcggcacag gcgcggcaca
   550261 gtgggcgggg cggctggtcg ctgcgggcgg cgcagagcag gcaggccggc ggcggcaaaa
   550321 gccagcgagt gagaggacga agcgggaacg acatggcggg acttcctggc ggatgtcgca
   550381 ccatgcaacc gcaggcgcgc gccgccgacc agccgttgcc agcgggttcg gaactcgcct
   550441 gtggataacc gaaaccttcc ttcgctcctt gcggaaacgg ccgacgcgtg gatcagtgga
   550501 tgagccagct catgacgatc aggccgagca ccgtccagat caccccgccg actatcgagc
   550561 ggcgcatgaa ggcgcgtata ccgctgtaga gcagcaacag gccgagcacc aggaagacga
   550621 agctgaacag cgatgcgtcc atgccgatgg ccctggccag gccgtggagg aagtcgtcca
   550681 tggcgtccca gatgccgccc agcaggccgg agagcaggtc caccacgaag cggatcgccc
   550741 tgcccagcat ctcgcccagt ccgtcgaaaa agccttctgt acccatgagt gtcctgtcct
   550801 gagtgttccc agcgttggat cagagattag ccgccgggtt cagcgccggc tgctgctttg
   550861 ctgcggagcg aggaacgact ggcggaagta ttcgcggaac gcgcgcatcc cggcgctcgc
   550921 ttcggtgtcg cggcgccagg ccaggccgac gctcatcgac ggcaccgggt cgaccagcga
   550981 tagcgtctcg atgcgtttgc cttccagcga ccagggccgg tacaccaggt cggagaggat
   551041 ggccacgccg gagccgttgg cgaccatgct gcgcaccgct tccaccgaac tggtatggag
   551101 gatcacctgc ggccggtggc cgctctgttg ccagtagcgc agcgcgctct gcccggcctc
   551161 gtcgacggtg agcatgatgt agggctcgcc ggccacgtcg gcaaggccca ggtcggcctt
   551221 ctcgcccagc ggatggcggc tgggcagcca caaccgtcgc tcggagttga acagggtttc
   551281 ggcggcgatc ccgggctcgg tgagattgcc ggtgagcagc acggcgatgt cgtagcgacc
   551341 gtcgaggagg ccgcgctcga tgctggcgcg ctcgtcctcg aacagttgca gctccagttc
   551401 cgggtaccac tgcgccaggc gttgcaggtg gtgggggagg aaatagccca tcacggtata
   551461 gctggcggcg accttcaggg tgccttcgac ccgggtgtcc ggttgcgggc tgttgagcgc
   551521 gtcgtcgacg ctgcgctgga tcgaataggc gtggttgagg aagtgccggc cgctgtcggt
   551581 caggttcatg ccctgcgccg tgcgggtgaa cagggcgacg ccgagcatgc tttccagttc
   551641 ctggatcgcg ctggtcaccg ccgactgcga gatgttcagg tggatggcgg cctgggatat
   551701 ctggccgaac tcggcggtgg cgatgaagta gcgaacctgg cggagggtca gggccatggg
   551761 gagcatccgg aggaggtatc tgtttttcag aaaccagtct atcgaataat aaatctaccc
   551821 aatacctttc ccggctttta ccgtggctcc atccaacaac aagacagatg aggcctgcgg
   551881 gcaatgactg aagtcgacct caattccgac atgggcgaag gcttcggccc atggaccatc
   551941 ggcgatggcg tggacgcggc gatcatgccg ctgatcagca gcgccaacat cgccaccggt
   552001 ttccatgccg gcgacccgag cagcatgcgc cgcaccgtgg agatggccgc cgagcatggc
   552061 gtggccatcg gcgcccatcc gggcttccgc gacctggtcg gcttcgggcg tcggcacatc
   552121 gccgcgccgg ccatcgagct ggtcaacgac atgctctacc agcttggcgc actgcgcgaa
   552181 ttcgcccggc tgcagggcct gtcgctgcaa cacgtcaagc cccacggcgc gctctacatg
   552241 cacctggcgc gggacgaggt cgccgcgcgc ctgttcgtcg agaccctgca acgcctggaa
   552301 ccggaactgc tgctctattg catgcccggt tcggccacct ggcgcatcgg ccgggaactg
   552361 ggccagccgc tggtgcgcga gttctacgcc gaccgcgact acgaccgcag cggctccatc
   552421 gtcttcaccc ggcgggtcgc cgccctcgat ccgcagcagg tcgccgacaa ggtcctgcgc
   552481 gcctgccgcg agggcaaggt gcgcaccgtc gagggcgagg acctcgacat cgccttcgac
   552541 tcggtgtgca tccacagcga tacccccggt gccctggagc tggtcgccag cacccgtgcg
   552601 cgcctggagg gcgccggcat ccgcatcaag gcgccgcgtt gagcgccgct cgcctcggcg
   552661 agcctcgcga caagcttttc tgccatttcc tacaacgttc gaataatgag gattcgtcat
   552721 ggccgaacat aacgtgcagt cccccttgcc cggcaccttc tatcgcaagg ccagccccga
   552781 cgcgccgccc tacgcggagg tcgggcaggc ggtcgaggcc ggcagcgtga tcgggctgat
   552841 agaggtgatg aagcagtttt ccgaagtgca ggccgggcag gccggcatac tccaggcgtt
   552901 ccacgtggaa gatggcgagg ccatcgagcc gggccaggtg ctggcggtga tcgccagcgc
   552961 tacctgagga ggatgccatg cacaagcgac tgaacaagct gctggtggcc aatcgcggcg
   553021 agatcgccgt gcgcatcatc cgcgccgcgc aggcactggg cattcccacg gtagcggtgt
   553081 gcagcgaggc ggatcgcgat tcgctggccg cgcggctggc cgatgaggta cgcctgatcg
   553141 gccctgcgcg ggccgaccgg agctacctgg atatcgaggc gattctcatg gcggcgcggg
   553201 aaaccggtgc cgactcgatc catcccggct acggtttcct ctccgagaac cccgccttcg
   553261 ccgaagcggt gcaggcggcc ggcctggtct tcgtcggtcc ggatgcgcag accatccgcc
   553321 gcatgggcga caaggccgag gcgcggcgta ccgcgatgtc cgccggggtg ccggtggtgc
   553381 cgggctcgcc cggcgagctg gacgacctcg acgcggcgct ggcttgcgcc gaagaggtcg
   553441 gctatccgct gctggtcaag gcctccgccg gcggcggcgg gcgtggcatc cgtatcgccc
   553501 acgacgccga cgaactgcgt cgggaattcc ccatcgccca gcgcgaggcg caggccgcct
   553561 tcggttcgcc ggcggtgtac ctggagcgct tcatccgcca ggcacggcac atcgaagtgc
   553621 agatcctcgg cgatggcgag cgcgcggtgc atctgttcga acgcgaatgc tcgctgcagc
   553681 ggcggcgcca gaaggtcttc gaggaggcac cttcggcggc gctggacggc gcgcagcgcc
   553741 aggccctctg cgagagcgcg gtgcgcctgg cgcagagtct cggctatcgt ggcgcgggca
   553801 ccctggaata cctgttcgac gcgcacagcg gcgagttctt cttcatcgag atgaacaccc
   553861 gtatccaggt cgagcatccg gtcagcgaga tggtcaccgg catcgacctg gtccaggcca
   553921 tgctgcgcat cgccgccggc gaggcgctgc cctggcgcca ggaggacatt cgcctgaacg
   553981 gcgcggcgct ggagatgcgg atcaacgccg aagacccggc gcgcaatttc ttccccagcc
   554041 ccggcaccgt ggagcgcctg gaatggccgc agggcgaggg cgtgcgagtg gacagccacc
   554101 tgtatcccgg ctaccgggtg ccgccgtatt acgattcgtt gctggccaag ctgatcgtcc
   554161 atggtcgcga ccgcgacgaa gcgttcgccc gcgcgcgcca ggcgctggag cgcaccgtgc
   554221 tggccggcat ggccactacc ctgccgctac atcgctggct gctcgccgat gcgcgggtac
   554281 aggccgcgca gttcgatacc gctaccctgg aaacctggct cgccgagcgg accgccgccg
   554341 cgcaggaggt ttgagatgca tgccaacatc cgctacagct tcggcggcga cgagcacctg
   554401 ttcgccgagg tcgccgagtc catgtcgctg gaagccttct tccgcggcat ggcgatcacc
   554461 cgcgccatcg agacactgca attgcccggg gtgctcgacg tatgcctggc caacgcctcg
   554521 ttccaggtcc gcttcgaccc cgaccggctg gccccgcagg cgctgctgga gacggtgcgc
   554581 ggcctggagg tcgaggcggt cgccgcgcgc agcatcgaga cgcgtatcgt cgaagtgccg
   554641 gtgttgtaca acgatccctg gacccacgag accctgatgc gcttccgcga ccggcaccag
   554701 gacccggact ccaccgacct cgagtacgct gcgcggatca acggctacgc cgacgtgcag
   554761 gcgttcatcc aggcgcacag cggcacgccg tggttcgtct cgatggtcgg tttcgtcgcc
   554821 ggcctgccgt tcatgtacca gatggtcgag cgcgagcggc agttgcaggt gcccaagtac
   554881 ctgcgtccgc gcatcgacac gccgaagctg accctcggcc acggcggttg cttcggctgc
   554941 atctattcgg tgcgcggtgc cggcggctat cagatgttcg gcgtgactcc ggcgccgatc
   555001 ttcgatcccc gccagggcct gccctatctc gaggaatcga tggtgttctt ccgcgctggc
   555061 gacatcgtcc agttccgccc catcgagcgg accgaatacg agcgcatggc ggccgaagtc
   555121 gaagcgggca cattcgacct gcgcatccgc ccggtgagtt tcgatctcga cgcgttcctc
   555181 gccgatccgc gaggctgcac gcaacatctg caggaggtgc tgtatgtcga ttaaggtgct
   555241 caagcccggc ctcgctacct cggtgcagga cgccggccgc gaaggccact atcacctggg
   555301 catcccgccg tccggcgcgc tcgaccagta tgccctgcgc gctgccaacc tgctggtggg
   555361 caacgcaccg accgccgccg tgctggagtg cgcgctgctg ggtccgcagc tggagttcca
   555421 gcgcgacgcc ctggtggccg tgtgcggggc gcgcatgacg cctcgcctgg agggcgcgga
   555481 gatgccgctg gatacttcct tccgggttcg cgccggccag gtcctggggt tcgatttcat
   555541 ccgtgccggc gcccgtggct atctcgccat cgacggcggc atcgcggtac ccgaggtgct
   555601 gggcagccgt tcgacctacg gtctggggac gatcggtggc ttgcagggac gacggctggc
   555661 agagggcgac ctgctgcccc tggggcctgc ctcgccctct gccgtggagg gcttggcgct
   555721 gccgcgttcg ttgcaggtgg aggtcggcgg cgaggtgagc ttgcgggtgg ttcccggact
   555781 ctacgtccat cgcctgaccc ccgacgcggt cgagcgtttc ttcgccgaga cctggtccgt
   555841 cggctcggag gcggaccgca ccggctaccg cttcaagggc ggcacggcgc tccggttcga
   555901 gccgcgcgaa cagccattcg gcgcaggctc ggacccgtcc aacatcgtcg acgcctgcta
   555961 tcccataggc tcgatccagg taccgggcgg gctcgaaccc atcgtcctgc atcgtgatgc
   556021 ggtgtccggt gggggatatg ccacgctggg cacggtgatc agccccgacc tgaaccggct
   556081 ggcgcagatg caaccgaacc agaaggcgcg tttcgtcccc gtcagcctgg aggaaggtct
   556141 cgaggcgcgt cgccgttaca actggcaagt gcaacgactc cagcacttct tcctgcgctg
   556201 agtcgtcgat accgggccgc ttcggtctgc gaagcggccc cgggcggtca cttgtagtag
   556261 acctctatcg cggcggtggc gttgaagggg cctggcgttg gagtgcccgt catccacctc
   556321 acctgggcga ggaagtttct tatgaccacc aattggttct ggctattggg caccagtacg
   556381 aactccttgc cgatatcgat gatgctgcgg tcttcctgct tgagaagtcg gattcccacg
   556441 gacttgttgt tgttatccaa aagagtgtcc gaaccccaca gggaggtgct gccggagggg
   556501 aggaacatcg cgttcaggcc ataggcgctg ctgcagttct tattggcggt gacgctgaac
   556561 ggaagttcct tgaggatctg gtcccggctg gcgaaatagg cctgcaggct ttggaagtcg
   556621 acggtttttg gagaaaggct gattgtggac gcgcaggcga cgtagcgaag gttattcaag
   556681 ccgtggaggg tcatgcggaa gttgtacccc cctatgttat tgatagcgct ctcgccatcg
   556741 aactggaaaa tcgggtaggc gtttacccct gtgataggac cttccttacc ggtactggga
   556801 cctgcccgct tggagagaaa gaagttgaag ttgacggtca tcttcttcgc cctgccttcg
   556861 caacctcgtc ccgtccagca accatcgaag tgcatgccga tctcctttcg gcacttgtcg
   556921 agtgtcgagc agcgcaggtc ttcgccgttc aggttgatgc ccacctccag gtccgaaccc
   556981 agcgcgccct gaccggttgg actcaggtag aaatagacct gctctggccc ccagtcgcga
   557041 tcctggaagc aagtgatcga tatggagtag ttcggagacc gccagagtac ggtgtccttg
   557101 gggaggaccg atggaacagc gatgctcgta tcgatgtaga cataatcttc ggtttgcttg
   557161 ttgtccgatt tccagcacat caaggcgaag cttttctgcg acaggacgag cagcattgcg
   557221 acaagcatgt aacggatgaa ggcattcatg gggttcttct gcaggttgtt aatcgattct
   557281 tgtttttgca gagcatgccg cgcctgttgc aggtgcggcc tagcggtcac ttgtaataga
   557341 cctctatcgc ggcggtggcg ttgaacgggc ctagaatggg tctgctcgtc atccacctca
   557401 gttgggcgag aaagttcttc gtcaccgtcg tctgggttgg ggtgtaggga atgaactcga
   557461 actccttacc gatactgatg acgctgcgat cctcattgag gagcctgatg cccactgttg
   557521 gattgtcctt ggccagcaac gtatccgtgc tcgacagggt ggtattgctg gcgggaatga
   557581 acatagcgtt caggccatag gcgctgttgc agctcttatt ggcggtgatg ctgaagggaa
   557641 gttctttgat gaccagattc tgtgcggcaa attgcgattg cagtatctgg tagttgaggg
   557701 tttttggaga aatgcttagc gtggaggtgc aggcgacgta gcggaggttg ttcatgccaa
   557761 gggcatacat acgtaggttc cggcccccca ggttgttgat gcctcccact ccatcgaact
   557821 ggaacagtgc gtaggagttt acgcccgtga tgggaccttc cttgccggga gtgggggcgg
   557881 cgagtttgga gaggaagatc tggaaacgga cctgcttggt ctgagccatg ccttcgcatc
   557941 ccccccgtcc tcctgtccag caaccatcga aatgcatgcc tatcttctgc cggcagccgg
   558001 ggagcgagga acaacggagg tcctcgccgt tcaggttgat gcccacctcc aggtccgagc
   558061 ccaatgcgcc ctggccgtcc ggactgagat agaaatagac gtcctcaggt ccggtgtttt
   558121 cgcgctcctg gtaacacctg acggagaaat cgtaggttgg agagcgccag agcacggtgt
   558181 ccttgggcag agccgaaggc acggcgatgc tcgtgtcgat gttgacatag tcgatcgttg
   558241 ccttgttgtc cgctctttcg caggtcagcg cataaccttt ctgcgccaac gcaaccagca
   558301 ttcccacaag tagtgttcgg gtaattgcat tcatggtgta ttccgggcct catgggtgtt
   558361 tggcgttggt ctctacgcct gatttcaatg cgccgtgata agggtggagg ttccctccgt
   558421 cgctgacgat cgcgtaacgc actttgtcgg gatggcaggc ggcgatgtcg aactggtgat
   558481 tggagaaggg cgccagcatc aggtgttcga tggcttcgcc gcagctccgc tccgatgcgt
   558541 cgaggaactc caactggctg aaggtgatgt ggtagggcga aggattgtgt gccttcggat
   558601 tgccgctggt gccgagcgtc cacgtcacgc cctcgttcgc ctgctcgacg gtggcttcca
   558661 ggggcggccg atagaacagc ttgaagcgat ggcgtagggc gatctgcagg gtctcgggag
   558721 tactgggcgc gtgcggcacg tccagcacgc tcaacagcag gtaggtctcg cggtcggtgg
   558781 gcaggccctg gccctggtag agcacctcca ccttggcccg ctggccggcg cccaggcgga
   558841 gcagcggcct ggacacggcg aagggcagcg cctgcccctt gccgtcggta ccccaatcca
   558901 gggagatttc cgccagggcc ggctccttgc cctcgttgac cagcgtgatc ggcaggcgct
   558961 tgcctttcat cacgaaacgg ttctggccgt cgaacgagag atcggcatgg gcggacatgc
   559021 acagccaggc gaatatcgat gcaagaacca tccgaagcca acttcggacc tggaagaggc
   559081 gctttccatt catattcctg aatgtgcccg aatgaaaccc gtatcgtgtt ttggaaagtg
   559141 gttggtcgga agggtcgaat atatttttcg ttatacttcc gctgcgcttt gaatggctat
   559201 atttagggtg gttggttgcg ttcatggttc aagtctggat aacttgtttt cgttgcgcac
   559261 cgctagggtg gcaagagatt caatgtttct ccatgttaga aacctgccag ggaatatata
   559321 aataagatat ttcctatttc ttgtaggaaa tatcctaagc attacttgta gttttccgag
   559381 gtagttgcgc cgtttcttct agggagccga atgccacata gagaacgagg ccgattggag
   559441 cagtcgatga ctactggctt ctacatgaat gatcaaatat tgatcagatg tagtcctgtg
   559501 tcctgggttg ggttgacagc gtcatacagc cacttatgat gcccttgagc ctgacccccg
   559561 gcgtgccggg gctccccgac aaaaggcgcc atacaagcgt cgaaggaatc ttccccatga
   559621 gtgcaaccgc ttccgtcgcc acccgtcacg actggtccct cgccgaagtc cgtgccctgt
   559681 tcgagcaacc gttcaacgac ctgctgttcc aggcgcagac ggtgcatcgc gcgcacttcg
   559741 acccgaaccg cgtgcaggtc tcgacgctgc tgtcgatcaa gaccggcgcc tgtcccgagg
   559801 actgcaagta ctgcccgcag tccggccact acaacaccgg cctggacaag gagaagctga
   559861 tggaggtgca gaaggtcctc gaggcggcgg ccgaggccaa ggccatcggt tcgacccgct
   559921 tctgcatggg cgctgcctgg aagcacccgt cggccaagga catgccctac gtcctggaga
   559981 tggtcaaggg cgtgaagaag ctcggcctgg agacctgcat gaccctcggt cgcctgaccc
   560041 aggaacagac ccaggcgctg gcggacgccg gcctcgacta ctacaaccac aacctggata
   560101 cctcgccgga gttctacggc aacatcatca ccacccgcac ctacagcgag cgcctgcaga
   560161 ccctggccta cgtgcgcgag gcggggatga agatctgctc cggcggcatc ctcggcatgg
   560221 gcgagtcggt ggacgaccgc gccggcctgc tgatccaact ggcgaacctg ccggagcacc
   560281 cggagtcggt gccgatcaac atgctggtga aggtcaaggg cacgcccctg gcggaagaga
   560341 aggacgtcga tcccttcgac ttcatccgca ccctggcggt ggcccggatc atgatgccga
   560401 agtcccacgt gcgcctgtcc gccggccgcg agcagatgaa cgagcagatg caggcgctgg
   560461 ccttcatggc cggggccaac tcgatcttct acggcgaaaa gctgctgacc acgaagaacc
   560521 cgcaggccga aaaggacatg cagttgttcg cccgtctcgg catcaagccg gaagagcgcg
   560581 aagagcacgc cgacgaagtg caccaggccg ccatcgagca ggcgttggtg gaacaacgcg
   560641 aatcgaagct gttctataac gccgcttccg cctgaccata ctggaaggga gggtgccgcc
   560701 gtcccttcgt tgcagccgct gatgtcggcc ctgcgtggac gggtgcgcct gcgtccgtcc
   560761 agcaacacga gcgacctgcc atgtccttcg atctcgcttc ccgcctcgcc agccggcgcg
   560821 cggaagacct ctaccgccag cggccgctgc tggagtcggc ccagggcccg gacgtcgtgg
   560881 tcgacggcca gccgctgctg gccttctgtt ccaacgacta cctcggcctg gccaaccatc
   560941 ccgaggtgat cgccgcgctg cgcgccggcg ccgagcgctg gggcgtgggc ggtggcgcct
   561001 cgcacctggt ggtcggccac agcggcccgc accacgaact ggagctggcc ctcgccgaat
   561061 tcaccgggcg gccgcgcgcg ctgctgttct ccaccggcta catggccaat ctcggcgcgg
   561121 tgaccgcgct ggtcggcaag ggcgacacgg tgctggagga ccgcctcaac cacgcttcgc
   561181 tgctggatgc cggattgctc tccggcgcgc gtttctcgcg ctacctgcac aacgacccgg
   561241 caagcctcgc cgcgcgcctg gacaaggccg agggcaatac cctggtggtc accgacgggg
   561301 tcttcagcat ggacggcaat ctcgccgacc tgccggccct ggccgccgtc gcgcaggccc
   561361 gcggcgcctg gctgatggtc gacgacgcgc atggcttcgg cccgctgggc gccagcggcg
   561421 gcgggatcgt cgaacacttc ggcctcggcc aggagcaggt gccggtgctg atcggcaccc
   561481 tcggcaaggg tttcggtacc gccggcgcct tcgtagcggg cagcgaggaa ctgatcgaga
   561541 ccctgatcca gtacgcccgg ccctacatct acaccaccag ccagccgcca gcggtggcct
   561601 gcgccaccct gaagagcctg gagctgctgc gccgcgaaag ctggcggcgg caacacctgg
   561661 cggcgctgat cgcccgtttc cgccatggcg ccgaggcgct tggcctgacc ctgatggaca
   561721 gcttcacgcc gatccagccg atcctggtcg gcggcagccg ccaggccgtg gccctggccg
   561781 gcatgcttcg agcccgtggc atcatggtcg gcgcgatccg cccgccaacc gtgccggcca
   561841 acagcgcgcg gctgcgcgtc acgctgtccg ccgcgcacag cgaagcgcag gtcgaccgct
   561901 tgctcgaagc cctcggcgaa agctggcgac agctgtcgtc tagccttctg gcagagatcg
   561961 aagccgagga gggagacgat gcgtgaccac ctgatcctgt tgccgggctg gggcctgggt
   562021 agcgcaccgc tggaaccgct gcgcgacgcg ctgcacgagc gcgagccgca cctgaacgtg
   562081 ttgatcgagc cgctgccgtc gctggacgac gccgccgact ggctcgacga actcgacgat
   562141 aacctgccgc gcgatagctg gctggccggc tggtcgctgg gaggcatgct cgccggcgaa
   562201 ctggcggcgc gccgcggcga cgattgccgg ggactgctga ccctggccag caatccgtgc
   562261 ttccgcgtgc gcgaggactg gccgaacgcg atgccggcgg aaaccttcga ggacttcttc
   562321 gaggctttcc tgctcgaacc gcacctgacc cgcaagcgtt tcaccctgct ggtcagccag
   562381 ggtgcgcgcg accctcggac cctggcgcgg caactgcagg tggcgctgcc gcaactggag
   562441 cgcgaggcgc tggtcgccgg cctgcagttg ctcggccaac tggatacccg ggccgccctg
   562501 gaaaacttcc gcgggccgca attgcacctg ttcgccgaag ccgatgcgct ggtgccgctg
   562561 gccgccgccg aggccctgct cgagtggctg ccggacgtcg aggtctcgac cctggcggcc
   562621 agtcacggcc tgccgctgga atgtccggac gaggtggccg gcgcaatcct gagattcctt
   562681 cgcgagggtg acgatgcctg acgattcctc gccgctgctg gcgccccatg gcgttgccgc
   562741 gctgcccgac aagcgccagg tcgccgcgtc gttttcccgc gcggcggcca gctacgacgc
   562801 ggtggccgaa ctccagcgcg gcgtcggtga gagcctgctg tcggcattgc cggaaggctt
   562861 ctcgccgcgc cgctgggtcg atctcggctg cggcaccggt tatttcagcc gggccctgga
   562921 acgacgcttc ggtgcggccg agggcctggc cgtggatatc gccgaaggca tgctgctgca
   562981 tgcccgcgcg cgcggcggcg ccagccattt cattggcggc gacgccgaga ggctgccgtt
   563041 gcgcgacggc agttgcgacc tgctgttctc cagcctggcc atccagtggt gcgccgacct
   563101 cccggcggtc ctggccgagg cgcggcgggt cctgcggccg ggcggcgtgc tggcgttcag
   563161 cagcctgtgc gtcggtaccc tgggcgagtt gcgcgacagt tggcgggtgg tggacggctt
   563221 cgtccacgtc aatcgcttcc gcgccttcgc cgactacctg caacacgcgg ccggcagcgg
   563281 cctgctgccg ctgaccctgc gccacgagga ccggctcctg catttccctg acctgcgcag
   563341 cctgacccac gaactcaagg cgttgggcgc gcacaacctc aaccccgggc ggcccgacgg
   563401 cctgaccggg cgccagcgca tccgcgcgct ggtcgccgcc tacgagcgtt tccgccagcc
   563461 cgaggggctg cccgctacct accgcgtcgt cttcggcgtg ctgcgcaagg attcctgaac
   563521 catgccggcg ttcttcgtca ccggtaccga caccgagatc ggcaagacca ccatcgccgc
   563581 cggcctgctc cacgcggccc ggagtgccgg cctgagcacc gccgcggcga agccggtggc
   563641 ttccggctgc gagcctacgg cgcaaggcct gcgcaatggc gacgcgttgg tgttgctcgg
   563701 ccagtgctcg ctggcgctgg cctacgagca ggtcaacccg ctggccttcg caccggccat
   563761 cgccccgcac ctggcggcgc gcgaggctgg cgtcgaactg agcgccgcac gcttgcacga
   563821 ggcggtgcgc gaggtgctgg cgctacaggc cgacttcacc ctggtggagg gcgccggcgg
   563881 atggcgcgtg ccgttgctgg gccgcgagaa cctgtccgac ctggcgcgcc tgctggcgct
   563941 gccggtggtg ctggtggtcg gcgtgcgcct gggctgtatc aaccatgcgc tgctcagcgc
   564001 cgaggcgatc ctgggcgacg gcctggcgct ggtcggctgg gtggccaacg tcgtcgaccc
   564061 ggctacctcg cgcctggaag agaacctggc gaccctcgcc gaacgcctgc cggcgccctg
   564121 cctgggtcgg gtaccgcgcc tggaggaagc cactcccgcg gccgtggccg cgcatctcga
   564181 cctgcggccc ctgggtatcg ggctataaac agcgggccgt ccataaccaa cgggcggtac
   564241 ccagcgccgg ccaagtctgc ttgaatagaa gccacttgct atcgcagtgg cgcgtgcgcg
   564301 tccccaggag tagagggtgg aaatttccgg caacgctttc gtcagtggtc tcaacgcggt
   564361 gcagtcgggc agcgcccgcg tcgcccaggc cggcagcgag atcgcccgca acaccgtgga
   564421 ggcccgttcg ccccaggccg agcagatggt cgaactgacc cgcggcaagc tcgaggcgca
   564481 gagcggcgcc cgggtcatcg aggtagccga cgagaccctc ggtaccctga tcgataccca
   564541 cgcctgactt cctggcggcc ggcagcggcc gccccgatcc ttccttttcc gactgtcacc
   564601 cggcggcccc tgaagcctgc cgggcgcttc gccatgggct ttactgagag agacgaaagt
   564661 gctttggaag gacgtggttg ccagtgattt cgggcatgac cgagcggtcg gttcggatgc
   564721 ttgacaaggg attggcgtaa acgtatgttt caaacgcctg tttgagagtc gggacgcatg
   564781 agtgcgtccg gcaaggcgac cgggagcgat cccgcactgc gaccgcagac tctggacatc
   564841 cgtccggtcg ccgattaacc agaacccttc gtagaggttg actgctatgc ctgattacaa
   564901 ggcccccttg cgtgatatcc gtttcgttcg cgacgagctg ctgggctacg aagcgcacta
   564961 ccagagcctg ccgggcgccg aagacgcgac tcccgacatg gtcaacgcca tcctcgagga
   565021 aggtgcgaag ttctgcgaac aggtgatcgc tccgctgaac cgcgttggcg acctggaagg
   565081 ctgcacctgg agcgccgacg gcgtgaagac cccgaccggc ttcaaggagg cctaccagca
   565141 gttcgtcgaa ggcggctggc cgagcctggc ccatgacgtc gagcacggcg gccagggtct
   565201 gccggaatcc ctcggcctgg ccatcagcga gatggtcggc caggccaact ggtcctgggg
   565261 catgtacccg ggcctgtccc acggcgccat gaacaccctg catgcccacg gcaccgccga
   565321 gcagcaggca acctacctga ccaagctggt ctccggcgag tggaccggca ccatgtgcct
   565381 gaccgagccg cactgcggca ccgacctggg catgctgcgc accaaggccg agccgcaggc
   565441 cgacggtagc tacaaggtca ccggcaccaa gatcttcatc tccgccggcg agcacgacat
   565501 ggccgacaac atcgtccata tcgtcctggc ccgcctgccc gacgccccgc agggcaccaa
   565561 gggcatctcg ctgttcatcg tgccgaagtt cctgcccaac gccgaaggca acgccggcga
   565621 gcgcaacgcg gtttcctgcg gttccatcga gcacaagatg ggcatccacg gcaacgccac
   565681 ctgcgtgatg aacttcgacg ccgccaccgg cttcctgatc ggcccgccga acaagggcct
   565741 gaactgcatg ttcaccttca tgaacaccgc tcgcctgggt accgcgctgc aaggcctggc
   565801 ccatgccgaa gtcggtttcc agggcggcat cgcctatgct cgcgagcgtc tgcagatgcg
   565861 ctcgctgacc ggtccgaagg cgcccgagaa gcccgccgac ccgatcatcg tgcatcctga
   565921 cgtgcgccgc atgctgctga ccatgaaggc cttcgccgaa ggcaaccgcg cgatgctgta
   565981 tttcgccgcc aagcaggtcg acatcgtcca gcgcagccag gacgaagagc agaagaaagc
   566041 cgccgactcg atgctggcct tcctcacgcc gatcgccaag gcgttcatga ccgaagtcgg
   566101 cttcgagtcc gccaaccacg gcgtgcagat cttcggcggc cacggtttca tcgccgagca
   566161 cggcatggag cagaacgtcc gcgacagccg catctcgatg ctgtacgaag gcactaccgg
   566221 cgttcaggcc ctcgacctgc tgggtcgcaa ggtgctgatg acccagggcg aggcgctgaa
   566281 gggcttcacc aagatcgtgc acaagttctg ccaggccaac gaagccaacg aagccgtcaa
   566341 ggaattcgtc gctccgctgg cacagctgaa caaggagtgg ggcgacctga ccatgaaggt
   566401 cggcatggcc gccatgaagg atcgcgagga agtcggcgcc gcttcggtgg actacctgat
   566461 gtactccggc tacgcctgcc tggcctactt ctgggccgac atggcgcgcc tggccgccga
   566521 gaagctggcc gccggcaccg gcgaggaagc cttctacaag gccaagctgc agaccgcgcg
   566581 cttctacttc cagcgcatcc tgccgcgtac ccgcgcccac gtcgccgcca tgctgtccgg
   566641 cgccaacaac ctgatggaga tggccgagga agatttcgcc ctcggttact gatggcacgg
   566701 gccgctggcg gcccgttccc caggtgagaa agagcccgcc cttcggcggg ctttttcatg
   566761 cctgtgatcc gctgcatcct ggccttccga cctcggggtt atggcgttgc attcagcgtc
   566821 cgcagcgtga ttgtaggcgc ccgcccggcg cagtagcttc gagggattcg cgcctgtggg
   566881 gcgcccctgc cgaggagaac agagatgccg gaatacaagg ctccgctgcg cgacatgcgc
   566941 ttcctgatcg atgaggtatt cgacttccat gggcgctacc aggcgctcgg cgccagcgac
   567001 gcgaccccgg acatggtggc ggcgatcctc gatgaagggt cgaaattctg cgaacaggtt
   567061 ctggcgccgc tgaaccgctc cggcgacgaa gagggctgcc acttcgacaa cggcgtggtg
   567121 accacgccca agggtttcaa ggaagcctat gcacagtacg tcgagggtgg ctggaacggt
   567181 gtcgccagcg atcccgcgta cggcggccag ggcctgccgc actcgctggg tctgctgctc
   567241 agcgagatga tcggcgccag caatgtctcc tggggcatgt acccgggcct gacccgcggc
   567301 gccatgtcgg cgatccacgc ccacggcagc caggcgcaga aggacctcta cctggcgcgg
   567361 atgaccgccg gcacctggac cggcaccatg tgcctgaccg agccgcactg cggcaccgac
   567421 ctgggcatca tcaagacccg cgcggtgccg aacgccgacg gcagccatgc gatcagcggg
   567481 acgaagatct tcatctccgc cggcgagcac gacctgagcg agaacatcgt ccacctggtg
   567541 ctggccaagc ttcccgatgc gccggccggg accaagggta tctcgctgtt catcgtgccg
   567601 aagttcctac ccgacgccga aggtaacgtg ggcgcgcgca atgcggtctc ctgtggctcc
   567661 atcgagcaca agatggggat caaggcctcg gccacctgtg tgatgaactt cgacggcgcc
   567721 accggctacc tgatcggcga gccgaacaag ggcctgcact gcatgttcac catgatgaac
   567781 cacgcccgcc tgggcaccgg catgcagggc ctgtgccttg gcgagaccag ttaccagggc
   567841 gccgtgcgct acgcccggga gcgcttgcag atgcgctcgc tgaccgggcc gaaggcgccg
   567901 gacaagccgg ccgacccgat catcgtgcac cccgacgtgc ggcgcatgct gctgaccatg
   567961 aaggcgttca acgaaggcaa ccgcgcgctg gcctacttca ccgcccagtt gctcgacacc
   568021 gagcacctgt cgcaggacgc cgccgagcgc gagcgggccg ccgacctgct ggccttcctg
   568081 acgccgatct gcaaggcctt catgaccgag accgggcagg aggtgaccaa cctcggcatg
   568141 caggtctacg gcggccacgg ctacatccgc gagtggggca tggagcagtt ggtccgcgat
   568201 tgccgcatcg cacagatcta cgaaggcacc aacggcatcc aggccctcga cctgctcggc
   568261 cgcaaggtac tgggcagcca gggcaagctg ttgcgcggtt tcaccaaact ggtccaccag
   568321 ttgtgccagg cccaggccga gcatccgcaa ctgaagggac aggtcgcgca actggcggcg
   568381 ctgaacgcgc agtggggcga actgacccag caggtgggcc tggcggcgat gaagaatgcc
   568441 gacgaagtgg gcgccgcctc ggtggactac ctgatgttct ccggctacgt gaccctggcc
   568501 tatttctggt tgcgcatcgc cctggtggcg cgcgagaagc tggatgccgg cagcggcgag
   568561 gccgcgttct acgaagccaa gctggccacc gccgacttct acttcagtcg cctgctgccg
   568621 cgcaccgcgg cgcacgccgc ggcgatccag gccggcgcgg cgggcctgat gagcctgtcg
   568681 gcggagcagt tttcgctcta gcggctgccg gggcaggggc gcggcgcttc ttcccccggt
   568741 ttctcccgca cccgccgggc ccgtcggact cccggcgaac tcgctcgagc ccgcgaaaag
   568801 cgggctttct catgcctgtc gcatagaaga ccgatataga ctttgcggtc acgacgtgac
   568861 gctacaagtc cgaaatgttg gtggtgtaga ctcggccgcg gcacgccttt cgtgcctcca
   568921 ttttgttgcc gctggccccc ggccggcgat cggtacgatc gaggattccc cacatggctg
   568981 attacaaagc tccgctgcgc gacatgcgct tcgtcctcaa tgaggtgttc gaggtctccc
   569041 ggctctgggc gcaactgccg gcgctggccg aagtggtcga cgccgagacc gccgcggcga
   569101 tcctcgaaga ggccggcaag gtcaccgccg gtaccatcgc cccgctgaac cgtccgggcg
   569161 acgaggaagg ctgccagtgg aacgctggcg cggtgagcac cccggccggc ttccccgagg
   569221 cctaccggac ctacgccgaa ggcggctggg tcggcgtcgg cggtgatccg acctacggcg
   569281 gcatgggtat gcccaaggtg atctcggcgc aggtcgagga actggtcaac tcggccaacc
   569341 tgtcgttcgg cctgtatccg atgctgaccg ccggcgcctg cctggcgctc aatgcccatg
   569401 ccagcgacga actgaaggac aagtacctgc cgaacatgta cgccggtatc tgggccggtt
   569461 ccatgtgcct gaccgagccg catgccggca ccgacctggg catcatccgc accagggccg
   569521 agccgcaggc cgacggctcc tacaagatca gcgggaccaa gatcttcatc accggcggcg
   569581 agcatgacct gaccgagaac atcatccacc tggtgctggc caagctgccc gacgccccgg
   569641 ccgggccgaa gggcatctcg ctgttcctgg taccgaaggt gctggtcaac gccgacggtt
   569701 cgctgggcga gaagaacagc ctgggttgcg gctccatcga gcacaagatg gggatcaagg
   569761 cctcggccac ctgcgtgatg aacttcgacg gcgctaccgg ttggctggtg ggcgaggtca
   569821 acaagggcct ggcggcgatg ttcaccatga tgaactacga gcgccttggc gtcggcatcc
   569881 agggcctggc cactggcgag cgctcctacc agagcgccat cgaatatgcc cgcgagcgta
   569941 tccagagccg cgcgccgacc ggcccggtgg ccaaggacaa ggccgccgac ccgatcatcg
   570001 tgcaccccga cgtgcgtcgc atgctgctca ccatgaaggc gctgaacgaa ggcggccgcg
   570061 ccttctccag ctacgtcgcg atgcagctgg acaccgccaa gtacagcgaa gacgcggtca
   570121 cccgcaagcg cgcggaagag ctggtggcgc tgctgacccc ggtggccaag gcattcctca
   570181 ccgacatggg gctggaaacc accatccatg gccagcagat cttcggtggc cacggcttca
   570241 tccgcgaatg gggccaggag caactggtgc gcgactgtcg catcacgcag atctacgaag
   570301 gcaccaatgg catccaggcg ctcgacctgg tggggcgcaa ggtgatcggc agcggcggcg
   570361 ccttctcccg tcacttcacc gacgagatca aggccttcgt cgcttccgcc gacgaggccc
   570421 tgggcgagtt cagcaagccg ctggcggccg ccgtggagaa cctggaagag ctgaccgcct
   570481 ggctgctcga ccgcgccaag ggcaatccca acgagatcgg cgcggcgtcg gtcgaatacc
   570541 tgcatgtgtt cggctacacc gcctatgcct acatgtgggc attgatggcg cgcaccgcgc
   570601 tggccaagca gggcgaggac gacttctacg ccagcaagct gggtaccgcg cgcttctact
   570661 tcgcccgcct gctgccgcgc atccattccc tgagcgcctc cgtgcgcgcc ggcagcgagt
   570721 cgctgtacct gctggacgcc gagcagttct gaggcctggc gcctgagacg gaaagccccg
   570781 cgatgcgggg cttttttctg ggcgccgggg gctcggcgcg cgggacgggt ggggggatat
   570841 ccgcttgcgg ctatccgcca ttcccagggt tttctcgggg ccgtgatggg acagggtgat
   570901 cggcggataa cgccgttggc gttatgcgcc ctacggctcc tcgcgcagga cgggcggtag
   570961 ggcgaataac cgcttgcggt tatccgccat tcccgtggtt tttctcgcgc cgtgagggga
   571021 cagggttgtc gcggtccgtc gcggaggata cggggatatc cgttgatggc gtctcgaccg
   571081 cctcagtgcg aggttccctc cgcatagccg atcttgttgc cgacgttgta cttgcccgac
   571141 ggcttgttca tcggcagtcg cttcacttcc tccaggctgt gcgcgtcgta gaccaccagc
   571201 gcgccgtcgc ggtcccagac gctgagcagg gcgtagcggc cgtcgcgggt gaactcgacg
   571261 tggccggcca ccttgcccgg gctggggcgc aggcgatggg cgatttccag ggtctgcttg
   571321 tcgatcagca ggatctcgtc gtgtttcttg ccaaggaagg tatcggtcca ggcgtagggc
   571381 gagtcggcat ggctacgcat gaagaagccg gggccgtcgg tggcgatttc cttcaacggc
   571441 ttccagtttt gcaggtcgat caccgagatc accccgcggc tgatgttcgg cgtagcgaac
   571501 acccagcgcc cgtcgcgctt ccagtagatg cccgagccga ggtgcggcat gcccgacagc
   571561 gggatcgagg cgacccgcgc gccgctgtcc agctcgatca cctcgccgcc cctggcctgc
   571621 cgcgagctgc ccagcaggta gcggtagtcg gggctgaagg agaagtcgtc gaggtagtcg
   571681 gccaccgcca accgtttcgg cgcgaccggc ttgccgttgg catagggcag ctcccacagc
   571741 tcgtggacgt ccttcagggc gaccacgaag ctgtgtcgcg gcggtgccgt gtataccgcg
   571801 ctgacccgcg aggcctggcc ctgggcgtcg gccgccggga tgacctgcac cagggacagg
   571861 tcgcgggcgt ccagcagcac caggttgccg ggcaggtagt tgcccaccag gacccagcgc
   571921 ccgtcgtcgc tgaccgccag gttgcgcgtg ttgaggccgg cgcggacctc ggcgaccacc
   571981 ttcaggttgt acaggtcgta gagggttacc cagccgtcgc gcgaggcgaa gtacaccagg
   572041 cgcccgtccg gggagaactt cggacctccg tgcagggcgt agcgcgaggg gaagcgggcg
   572101 atgggctcga agcgatcgcc gtcgaggatg gtcacgtggt ggtcgccgga ctccaccacc
   572161 acgaacaggt tcagcgggtc ggcctcgaag cggggcctgg acggcagggt ggcgagggga
   572221 tgcggctgaa cctggctggc ccggatgtcc tcggcggtcc actgcggttc gcgcggcggc
   572281 gcctggtaga gataggcgac cagggcgtcc gccgcggcgt cgtccaattg accggcaaag
   572341 ccggccatct gggttgccgg gcgaccgtgc aggatcacct cgcgggcctg cgccggcttc
   572401 agccgcgaaa ggctttccgg gagcagggtc gggccgctgc cgccgagccg tccggcgccg
   572461 tggcaggcct ggcagtgctg gcggtagagc gcttcccccg gcgcttcgcc ggcctgtgcg
   572521 agggcgccga ggagcaggcc gagggcgagg ccgatcaggc gcatgcgacg gcctcgcggc
   572581 tgaccggcga gccggcgccc aggtatgacg gatgcgccat cgcgcgctcg gcgaagagcg
   572641 cgaccacctg gccgacgacg atcagcgtcg gcggcttcaa ctggtagcgt cgcgccagcg
   572701 ccggcagctc ggcaagggcg ccgcgggtca cctgctggcc cgcctgggtg ccctggctga
   572761 ccagcgccgc cggggtgtcg ctggcgaggc cgtgctcgac caggcgcgcg gcgatctcgg
   572821 cgaggttgcc caggcccatg tagaacacca gggtctgctt gccacgcgcc aggccggccc
   572881 agtcgaggtc gaggcggccg tcgttctgca ggtggccggt gacgaaggtg caggactggg
   572941 cgaggtcgcg gtgggtcagc gggatgccgg cgtaggtact gcaaccggag gcggcggtga
   573001 cgccggggac cacctggcag tcgacgccgg cttcgagcag gcgctccagc tcctcggcgc
   573061 cgcgaccgaa gatgaacggg tcgccgcctt tcaggcggac cacccggcgt tgctgccggg
   573121 ccaggcgcac cagcagctcg ttgatttctt cctgcggcag gctgtggtgg ccgcagcgct
   573181 tgccgacgta gatgcgctgg cagctttccg gcagaagggc gatcagctcg cgggcgacca
   573241 ggcggtcgta gaccaccacc tcggcctgtt gcagcagggc ccaggcgcgc agggtgagca
   573301 ggcccggatc gccggggccg gcgccgacca gggcgacgct gccagcaggg aaatcgacat
   573361 cgaggaggga cggcggaatc acggtagtgt tcatgaggct ttccttagac ggcgtgcagc
   573421 gcgatgcgct cgaggccgat ttcctgatcg ctgaggtagc agccggggtc ttcgccccag
   573481 agttctccgc cggcccaggc gcgggtgcgg gtgttgccgt tgcagatgtc cagccagcgg
   573541 cattggctgc agcgcccgac caccggtcgc gggcgctggc gcagttgcag gagcagcggg
   573601 tcggggcgct cgaaccagaa gtcggcgaag cgctgatggc ggatgttgcc gacgctgtgg
   573661 tgccaccagt agctgtccgg atgcacctcg ccggtgttgt cgatgttggc gatgccctcg
   573721 cccgaggcgt tgccgcccca gtccagcagc agctcgcaga gacgcgccag ttgctgcggg
   573781 cggcggcgct tgagccagtc gaggagaagg atcgcgtcgg cgtcgttgtt gccggtgacg
   573841 aagtcgctgt cgcgcccctg ccggatgtcc tcgtcggccc gttcgaagag cagcgcgagg
   573901 gcctcgcggg tgcgccggtg gtgggcgtcg agggcgcggc tgcggcggcc gcggccactg
   573961 tagttgaggt gcgagaggta gaacttctgc acgtcgagtt cgcgcatcag gtcgagcagt
   574021 gccggtagtt gcgcggcgtt ctcctcggtc agggtggtgc gcatgccgac gcggatatcc
   574081 gcctcgcggc acaggcgcat ggccgccagc gcggcgtcga agctgccctg cttctggcgg
   574141 aagcggtcgt gggtctcgcg caggccgtcg aggctgatgc cgacgtagtc gaagcgggcc
   574201 tcggcgacgc gctggatgtt gccttcgtcg atcagcgtac cgttgctcga cagcgccacg
   574261 aacatcccgg cctggcgcgc atgggcggcg atctcgaaga ggtccgggtg catcagcggc
   574321 tcgccgccgg agaggatcag cacgcgcact ccggcggcgc gcaggtcgtc gatgccgcga
   574381 aggatttccg cggtctccag ctcgccacgg aagtcgctgt cggcggaggt ggagtaacag
   574441 tgcttgcagg tcaggttgca gcgccgcagc aggttccaga tcaccaccgg ggcgcgcctg
   574501 ccgccggcgc ggcgcggcgc cggcgcgtcc tcggcgaggc tgcgcaggta atggctgatc
   574561 ctcagcatgg acgttcctcc ttctgcgcca ggcgcaggcc ggtcttcttc aggatgcggc
   574621 tgctcaccag catctcgtcg gcgcgacagt cctcgccgag cagcaggcgg atctgctggc
   574681 ggtagccttc gatctccgct tcgctgcggc cgtggaccat ggcgaacagg ttgtagcgcc
   574741 actgcggcag atggcgcggg cgccggtagc aatggctgac gaaggactgc ccgccgacca
   574801 gccggccgag gcgttcgatg cgttcgtcgg cgacgtccca gacggtcatg ccgttgtgcc
   574861 ggtagccaag gcgatagtgg ttgggcaccg cggcgatgcg ccggatcacc ccggcgtcgc
   574921 gcaggcgctt cagcagcgcc agggtctccg cttcgctcag ccgcagttgc gcggcgatcc
   574981 acgcccaagg gtcggcgacc agcggcaggc cggcctgggt cagctcgatc aggcggcggg
   575041 cgagcagggc gtcagagggg gaaatgcagg ccgacatggt aggtcgcctc cttgggcagg
   575101 tcgagtaccg ccagcccgct ctcgcgctcc agccgtgcga gggtctcggc gacctccgcc
   575161 gggctgtcgc aggcgaccac cagccacatg ttcagggcgt gctcgcgacg gtagttgtgg
   575221 gcgacctgcg gccagccggc gagcagcgcg gcgatctctt cgaaacgcgc ctccggcacg
   575281 ctcatggcgg ccagggtgaa ggcaccgccg aggggctcga tatcgaacag cggaccgaag
   575341 cgggtcaggg tgccgtcgtc gagcaggtcg tccaggcggc gcaggatgtc ttcctcgcgg
   575401 caatccagct cggcggcgag cagcgcgtag ggatgcggct ccagcggcag gccgtgttgc
   575461 aggcggttca gcaggcgccg gtcgaactca tccatggcgg cgctccaggt cggccggcgg
   575521 cgcggtgtag cggccgccgc actgcttgta ggcgcgcagg ctgaacagcc agcggtgcgg
   575581 tgtctggcgc agggcgtggc gctccagcag ggcctcgatc tggcgttcca cttcgccgcg
   575641 ctcgcggccg tggatcatgc aaaacaggtt gtatggccac atcggcaggc gacgcgggcg
   575701 gcggtaacag agcgagacga tcgtttcgtg ggcgagggcg cggccgacgg cgtcgacctc
   575761 cgcgtcggcg acgtccagca ccagcatggc gttggcggta tagcccaggg cgcggtggtg
   575821 gaggatcact ccgaagcggc ggaacaggcc gtcttcgtcc cagcggcgga cctgttccag
   575881 cacttcgtct tcgccggcgc cgatgcgttc ggcgagcacc cggtagggcc ggctggccag
   575941 cggcaggccc tgttccagca ggtagcgcag gtgttgccgc tgcggcgcgg cgaggggttc
   576001 gacggggttc atcggctggc ctccagggga aacgcgaggt cgatgcagta ggcttcctgc
   576061 atcggcaggt cgaggggttg caggccggtg tcggcggcga tctccgccag tacccggtcg
   576121 agttgcgcgc ggtcgccggc ggtgagcacg aaccacaggt tgtagcggtg ttcgcgctgg
   576181 tagttgtggt tgacctcggc gtactggctg atgcgctcgg cgacccgttg cagacgctcc
   576241 tcgggcaccg ccagggcagc cagggtgctg gccccggcgc gttggtggcg gagcaccggg
   576301 ccgacccgcg acaacgcgcc gtcggcttcc aggcgacgca gccgttcgag cacctcggct
   576361 tcgctgcaac ccagggtctc ggccatccgc cgatagggtt ccgcgcagat cggcaggcct
   576421 ttctggtagc gggcgaggag gcggcgggag aggtcgtcca tggtgcctcc tagagtccga
   576481 tgtgctgggc gcggtggctg aagaagatgc cgctcgggct gcgggccgga aggctgccga
   576541 tgcgcttcag gcggtacggg tcccagacct gcaactggtc ggcgtcgcgc accgagatcc
   576601 agacctggtc gccgcgcccg ctgaattcca tgtgcagtac gccggggcca gggcgcaggg
   576661 tttcgatcac ttcgtgggtc tcgctgtcga tgacctgcac cttgtcgttg tccgggtagg
   576721 cgaagttgac ccagatctgc cggtcgtccg gtcgagtcat gacgaacacc ggctggccgg
   576781 cgacgtcgat ggcgtcggtc tgcttccagt cgcgcgcgtc gagcaccagc acctggtgat
   576841 ggccgaccgc cgggacgaag gcctggtcgc tggcgatggt ccagccctcc aggtgcggca
   576901 tcttgtacac cggcagcttg cgttggccgc ggccgtagtc gccgagtacg cgcctgacgc
   576961 cgcgctccgg gtgccagagg tcgagctggg ccatgccgtc ctcgccgaac agcccggcca
   577021 tgtagtagcg cccgtcgggg ctgatgaggg cgtcgtaggg ttgcttgccg atatcgcgga
   577081 agcgggtcag gtgcggcgtg tcgccctggc tgaagtcggc gatccagatc tcgccgctgt
   577141 cgaacaggct gaacacgaag cgctgcccgg gcgcgtcgac caggccgacc acccgggagt
   577201 tcctgtcctg gccggggagg cgggtggcgg gaatctcggc gaccagctcc agggtgcggc
   577261 tgtcgaacac cttgaccccg cccggctcgt agttggatac cgcgaccagc cgaccgtcct
   577321 ggctgatcgc tccgccgatg ctgttgccgc cctggatcag gcgcttgtcg atgcgctggg
   577381 ccagcaggtc gagcttggtc aggccgccgt cgcgaccgaa tacgtaggcg tagcgctggt
   577441 cgcgggagaa caccagggag gcgtgggaca ggtcgccgag gccttcgacc cgcgccagcg
   577501 aggtcttcgc cgtgccgtcg aggatctgca cgctgccgtc ggcgcgttcg atcagcacgc
   577561 cgaggtcgcc gctgccgcgc aagggcggct gctggctaca gccggcgagc agggcgagga
   577621 aaagcggcgc gaggggacgc aggttcatgg ggcgatctct ccttcgatca ggcggtccac
   577681 cagccagccg gcgtcgtctt cgctgagcag gccggcccag gggggcatcg gggtttgcgg
   577741 acggcccatg agcacggtgg cgaccagcga ttcgcgcggc ttgccgcgca gggcctcggg
   577801 ggtcagcgcc gggccgaggc cgccggtcag gcgcaggccg tggcaggagc cgcagtcctg
   577861 caacagcagg tgacgcaact gggcctggcg acgggcatcg ggatgctcgt cggccaggcc
   577921 cggaagagga caggcgaacg tcagcgcgag ggccagccac aaggcgtggc tggcggcgcg
   577981 ccggaagtcc ggaggggcgt tcatttctgc gacaggaccc acttcgccag ggtctgcgcc
   578041 tcgtcgtcgc tgaccgcgtt cggcggcatc gggatcgggc cccagacgcc ctggctgccg
   578101 ttcttgatcc gctgcgcgag ttccgcttcg gcgccggcct ggccggcgaa cttggcggcg
   578161 acgtccttgt aggccgggcc gaccatcttg gtgtcgatgg catggcaggc cacgcagccc
   578221 ttgttcttga acagcacttc ggggtcttcg gcccaggcgc cctgggcgag cagggtgccg
   578281 gtggcgagca gcgaaagcag tgcgtacggt ttcatcacgg ttcctcgtag gggggagcgt
   578341 gcggggcgtg ccccgcacgc gggtctcagt acacgtcgtg ctgggtgttg tagacgttga
   578401 acttaccggt cggggtgatc agccgcgggt ccttgaccac ggccttgagc ttcagggtct
   578461 tgtcgtccac caccaccagc gcggagctgt cgttcttgcc gttccacacc gagaaccaga
   578521 cttcatcgcc gcgcttgttg tactcgggct gcaccacccg cttggcgcct tcgccgagat
   578581 cggcccattc ggcgatcggc agcacctggt acttggcgtc gaggttcttc aggtcgaaca
   578641 ccgcgacgct ctggctgatc ctggcgtcgg ggttgaaggt ggtgtcgacg tagaggtgcg
   578701 aggacttcgg atgggtcttg atgaacagcg agccgccgcc ctggccctgt agttcggcga
   578761 ctttcttcca ggcgtactgc ggatggttct tcggatcggt gccgatcagc gagatgctgc
   578821 cgtcgcccag gtggctggtg ctccacaccg ggccgtactt gggatgcacg aagttggcgc
   578881 cacgccccgg gtgcggggtc ttgccgacgt cgaccagggc cgacaggcga cggtccttgg
   578941 agtcgatcac ggcaaccttg ttggagttgt tggcggcggt catgaagtag cggtggctgc
   579001 tgtcccagcc gccgtcgtgg aggaacggcg ccgcaccgat gctggtgacg gtgaggttgt
   579061 cgatatcctt gtagttgacc agcaggacct tgccggtctc cttcacgttg acgatgaact
   579121 cggggtgctc gtgggaggcg atgatcgccg ccacgcgcgg ttccgggtgg taggtctggg
   579181 tgtctacggt catgccgcgg gtggagacga tctgcttcgg ctccagggtc tcgccgtcca
   579241 tgatcgcgaa ctgcggcggc cagtaggcgc cggcgatggt gtagcggtcc tcgtagccct
   579301 tgaacttgga gctttccacc gagcgcgcct cgatgccgat cttgatctcg gcgaccttgg
   579361 tcggctcctt ggcccacagg tcgatcatgt cgatccgcgc gtcgcggccg atcaccagca
   579421 ggtagcggcc ggaagcggac atccgcgaga tatgcacggc atagccggta tcgatgacct
   579481 tgacgatctt cttgctgtcg ccgtcgacca gggcgatctg cccggcgtcg cgcagggtca
   579541 ccgagaacag gttgggcagg tcgaggtcgt tgagctgttt cttcggccgg tcctccggct
   579601 tcaccagcac cttccacgat tcgcgcatct ccggcatgcc ccactccggc ggttgcggcg
   579661 gggtgtgctg gatgtacttg gccatcaggg tgatctgttc cttgctcagc tcgccggagc
   579721 tgccccagtt cggcatgccc agcggggtgc cgtaggtgat cagcgcttcc aggtattgct
   579781 ggccgcgttg ctgggtgatg tccggggtca gcggcttgcc ggtggcgccc ttgcgcagga
   579841 cgccgtggca accggcgcag cgttggaagt agatctgctt ggcctcgttg aactcgcttt
   579901 cactcatgtc gggggcaccg ttggtgcgca ccacgtgagc gggatcgacg gcggaagcgg
   579961 caccctggta ttgctcggcg gctttcatgt cgtccttggc gtgagcggtg gccaggccca
   580021 gcagcgtcag cgaggcgagc aaggtgccca ccagtggctt gccaaatggc atggtctatc
   580081 tcctcaggag ccctgcgagg cgctccctta gcagtgtttt gggggtggct gcgtcgggaa
   580141 ctcccgggaa ttcatggcgc gaaaggatca tagaaagcag ggtctttacc cttgcttgac
   580201 cggaatcaag attgcgttgc tttgcgcttg tggcaccttc caactgtgaa tagcgtgcgg
   580261 tcctaatccc tagcgcagga gtaggacatg cgggacgcga cacccttcta cgaggccacc
   580321 ggccatgaga tcgaagtctt cgagcgcgcc tggcggcacg gcctgccggt attgctcaag
   580381 ggccccaccg gttgcggcaa gacccgcttc gtccagtaca tggcgcggcg cctggaactg
   580441 ccgctgtaca gcgtcgcctg ccacgacgac ctgggcgccg ccgacctgct cggccgccat
   580501 ctgatcggcg ccgacggcac ctggtggcag gacggcccgc tgacccgcgc ggtgcgcgaa
   580561 ggcggtatct gctacctgga cgaagtggtg gaggcgcgcc aggacaccac ggtcgccatc
   580621 cacccgctgg ccgacgaccg ccgcgagctg tacctggagc gcaccggcga gacgttgcag
   580681 gcgccgcctt cgttcatgct ggtggtgtcc tacaaccccg gctaccagaa cctgctcaag
   580741 ggcctgaagc ccagcacccg gcagcgtttc gtcgcgttgc gcttcgacta cccggcggcg
   580801 cagcaggagg cacgcatcct ggtcggcgag agcggttgtg ccgagaccct ggcgcagcgc
   580861 ctggtgcagt tgggccaggc gctgcggcgg ctggagcagc acgacctgga ggaagtcgcc
   580921 tcgacccgcc tgctgatctt cgccgcgcgc ctcatcggcg acggcatgga cccgcgcgag
   580981 gcgtgccggg tggcgctggc cgaaccgctc tcggacgacc cggcgacggt ggcggcgctg
   581041 atggacatcg tcgatctcca tgtcgcctga taccgtcgag cggcgcctgc ccggcgacct
   581101 ggcgatgtgg ttcttcatcc tcgccgaact cagcgtgttc agcctgctgc tgctggcgtt
   581161 cgccggcgcc caggcctggc agccggagct gttccgtgcc ggccgggagc aactggatag
   581221 ccgctggggc ctgttgctga ccgtggccct gctcagctcc ggctggctcg ccgcgctggc
   581281 ggtgcatgcg gtgcgccgcg gacggccgcg ccaggcgagc ggctggttgc tggcggcgct
   581341 gctgctggcg ctggtctacg tcggcctgaa gctgcacgag tacgggcggc tcgccgatct
   581401 cggcctggac atcgagcacg acactttctt caccctctac tggtgcctga ccggcttcca
   581461 tttcctccac gtcctgctcg gcctgctgat cctcggctgg ctggcgcagg cctgctggcg
   581521 ccggtgttat acgccgcagg cttgctcggg actggagtcg ggagtgctct actggcacat
   581581 ggtcgacctg gtctgggtgc tgctgttccc gctggtctac gtcctgcaat gaggtgccga
   581641 tgcgaaccct gaccctctgc tggctggcgt tgctggcgct ggccgtggcc ggtgtgctgc
   581701 tgggcggcgc cggcgactct ccctggctgt tggcggcggt gctggcctgc gcggtggcca
   581761 agggctggct gatcggcgag cgcttcatgg agctggccca tgccccggcg ctatggcgcc
   581821 gcctgctgct ggcctggccg ctgctgatgg ccctggcggt gggcgctgcg ctgtacctgg
   581881 cgcggatgaa taactgagta aatcgttcgg gaatcttgat tgccatcaag cgggttcgcc
   581941 gccgccgctt cctagaatcg ccgcaccacc cattccagga ggccgcatgt ccgagacctt
   582001 taccaaaggc atggccagga acatctattt cggcgggagt gtgttcttca tcctgctgtt
   582061 cctggccctg acctaccaca ccgagaagac cctgcccgag cgcaccaacg aggccgcgat
   582121 gagcgccgcg gtggtgcgcg gcaagctggt ctgggaacag aacaactgcg tcggctgcca
   582181 caccctgctc ggcgagggcg cctacttcgc gccggagctg ggcaacgtgg tcggacgccg
   582241 tggcggcgag gagggcttca acaccttcct ccaggcctgg atgaagatcc agccgctgaa
   582301 cgtgccgggc cgccgcgcca tgccgcagtt ccatctcagc gagggccagg tcgacgacct
   582361 ggccgagttc ctcaagtgga gctcgaagat cgataccaac caatggccgc cgaacaagga
   582421 gggttgatga tgtcgcccaa tggctccctg aaattcgcct cgcaggcggt cgccaaaccc
   582481 tacttcgtgt tcgccctgat cctcttcgtc gggcagatcc tgttcggcct gatcatgggc
   582541 ctgcagtacg tggtcggcga cttcctgttc ccggcgatcc ccttcaacgt cgcgcgcatg
   582601 gtgcacacca acctgctgat cgtctggctg ctgttcggct tcatgggcgc tgcctactac
   582661 ctggtgccgg aggagagcga ctgcgagctg tacagcccga agctggcctg gatcctgttc
   582721 tgggtattcg ccgccgccgg cgtgctgacc atcctcggct acctgctggt gccctacgcc
   582781 ggcctggcca ggctcaccgg caacgaactg tggccgacca tgggccgcga gttcctcgaa
   582841 cagccgacca tcagcaaggc gggcatcgtg atcgtcgccc tgggcttcct gttcaacgtc
   582901 ggcatgaccg tgctgcgcgg gcgcaagacc gccatcagca tggtcctgat gaccggcctg
   582961 atcggcctcg ccctgctgtt cctgttctcc ttctacaacc cggaaaacct cacccgcgac
   583021 aagttctact ggtggtgggt ggtgcacctg tgggtggaag gcgtgtggga actgatcatg
   583081 ggtgcgatcc tcgccttcgt gctggtgaag atcaccgggg tcgaccgcga ggtgatcgag
   583141 aagtggctct acgtgatcat cgccatggcg ctgatcagcg gcatcatcgg caccggccac
   583201 cactacttct ggatcggcgt gcccggctac tggctgtggc tcggctcggt attctcggcg
   583261 ctggagccgc tgccgttctt cgccatggtg ctgttcgcct tcaacaccat caaccgccgc
   583321 cgccgcgact atccgaaccg cgcggtcgca ctgtgggcca tgggcaccac ggtgatggcc
   583381 ttcctcggcg cgggagtgtg gggcttcatg cataccctgg cgccggtgaa ctactacacc
   583441 cacggcaccc agctcaccgc cgcccacggc cacatggcct tctatggcgc ctacgcgatg
   583501 atcgtgatga ccatcatctc ctacgccatg ccgcgcctgc gcgggatcgg cgaggcgatg
   583561 gacaaccgct cgcaggtcct ggagatgtgg ggcttctggc tgatgaccgt ggcgatggtg
   583621 ttcattaccc tgttcctctc cgcggccggg gtgctgcagg tctggctgca acggatgccg
   583681 gcggacggcg cggcgatgac cttcatggcc acccaggacc aactggcgat cttctactgg
   583741 ctgcgcgaag gcgccggggt ggtgttcctc atcggcctgg tcgcctacct gctgagcttc
   583801 cggcgcggca aggcggccgc ctgagatggc cttcgccgtc gagctggagg aatgggtcgg
   583861 cgcccactgg caccgcttca tcacccgcca tgccagcggc gagttcgagg cggcgcgggt
   583921 gaccctggag agcatgcggc gtccgctcgg catgctcttc cgggcgctcg gcggcgcacc
   583981 gggggtagcc ctcgaggcga ccccggcgcg ccgcctgctg ctacgccgca cctggttgca
   584041 gcgggtcgcc gggacctgcg agcaggcccc ggtgtcctgg ttcaacggcg acagcctgcg
   584101 cctgccggaa tccctcgcgg tctatccgca ggccgagctg aaccgcgaac tgtatcgctg
   584161 gctggcgctg ctggcggcca gcgccgggcc gctgcggcac tgggcccagg acaaccagcg
   584221 ctgggcgcgg cagttgctcg atgcctatcc ggcgctgcgc ccgcgctacg cccggctggt
   584281 cgccgcgcat ctgcgccagc gcccgtcgct ggacgattgc ccggcggcag acgccgaact
   584341 ggaaatcgcc ctgcgccgcg cgctggccga gccgggcagc gtcgagcgct tcccgcgagt
   584401 cgagcgggcg ccctggccgg tgccgctgtg gctgtatccc ggcgagcgct ggacgccttc
   584461 cgccagcgcg gaggacggcg aggaagcggc cgccggcgcc ggcaagcgcc aggtcgcccg
   584521 cagcggagcg cgcaagcgcg ccgagcgcgt cgaggagcgc gacagcgagc gcaacctgct
   584581 gctgttccgc ctggaaagcc tgctcagttg gtcggagcac ctggccctgg accgctgtag
   584641 cgacgacgag gacgacccgg acggcgcgcg cgtcgccgaa gacctcgact acctgtcgct
   584701 gtcgcgccag cgcacgcaga agggcggcgg cctgcgcctg gatctcgacc tgccggccgc
   584761 cgactacgat gacctgccgc tcggccccgg gctgaagctg cccgagtggg actatcggca
   584821 gcagcgcctg ctgagcgacc acgtgctgct gcaaccgatg cggccgcgcg gcgcgaccag
   584881 cgccagcctg ccggcgcacc tggagaagac cgcgctgcat ctgcgccgcc agttcgcctg
   584941 cctgcgcgac ggcccccaac gcctgcgcca gcagccgcaa ggcgacgaga tcgacctcga
   585001 tgcctggctc gacttccagg tcgagcggcg gcgcggcggt tccacccagc caggcctgtt
   585061 cctcgaacag cggccgcgcc ggcgcgacct cgcctgcctg ttgctggcgg acctgtcgat
   585121 gtccaccgaa gcctacctcg acgaccagcg gcgagtgatc gacagcatcg tcgacagcct
   585181 gctgctgttc ggcgaggcgt tgcaggcact gggcgacccc ttcgcgctgt acgggttttc
   585241 ctcggtgcgc cggcagcagg tgcgctggca ggtgctgaag gacttcgacg aaggctacgg
   585301 cggcgaggtc cgcggtcgcg tgctggcgct ctcgccgggc tactacacgc ggatgggcgc
   585361 ggcgatccgc cgggccagcc aggtgctcgg cgggcagccg cagaagcgtc gcctgctgtt
   585421 gctgttgagc gacggcaagc ccaacgacct ggaccgctac gagggccgct acggcatcga
   585481 ggacacccgc caggcggtga tcgaggcgcg cagccaggga ctggtgccgt tctgcatcac
   585541 catcgacaag gaggcggcgg actacctgcc ctacctgttc ggcgccgacg gcttcgcgct
   585601 ggtcgagcgc gccgggcagt tgcccgagcg cctgctccag ctctatcggc gcctgcgccg
   585661 ctgagatgcc tcagggagca tcgcgcggca accagagcat catgcccagg cagaacagcg
   585721 ccagcccgac gcagaaccag gcgaagcgcc gctgccggcg accctggagc tggcgctggg
   585781 aagcgctggg cagcggcatg ccgcactgtt cgcaggcgct ttccgcgcct tcggtttcat
   585841 ggaggcaata caggcattgg cgcatgggcg ttctcgcggg ctcgaccccg ccagcttgcc
   585901 ggcggacggg ccgtggcgcg cttgaccgcg atcaagcggc ggcgctgttc actcgaagca
   585961 ctccaggcgt tcgcggtcga ggatgctgat ttcgcggccg tcgaggcgga tgatgccctc
   586021 gtcgccgagg cggtgcatga ttcgcgagaa ggtttccggc tggatcgaca ggtgaccggc
   586081 caccagttgc ttggccaccg ggatttccac ccggcagttc tcccccggcg cgtgggcggc
   586141 gagggtcagc aggtagcgca ccacgcggtg ggtggcgttc ttcagggaaa gcgtctcgat
   586201 ctcgtcgatg cgctggtgca ggcgggtgct gagcttggcc agcagggcca gggccaacgg
   586261 ggtgttgtcc tgcaactggc gcaggtaggc cttgttggag aaacggaaca gctggctggg
   586321 caccacggcc tgggcggtgg ccacgtagtt cggggtgtcc atgaacatca tcgcctcggc
   586381 gaaggtgttg cgttcgttgg tcacttcgag aatcttctcc tggccttccg gggtcagccg
   586441 gtagatcttc acgcagccgg aaatcaggta gtaaaaggcg tgcgccggct cgccctggcg
   586501 gaacacgtag gcgcccttgt cgaggttgac caggtcgctg ctggcgagca gttcctggag
   586561 ctggacggga gaaagcggtt cgaacaggtg gtggctttgc agcaactgct ggtggacgcg
   586621 ctggaattcc atgctgggaa ggctcgcgat gatgagggga ctggccactg tagcgggccc
   586681 ggcgcagatc atcttgacgc acggcaagct cccggcggct gggtgttgcc gtcggtccgg
   586741 cgagcggaac tattacagcg tgtaagccaa ggcttacaaa cggcggtggt tttggctgct
   586801 ttctccccct cgcggagatg cgtaatcttc aaaccgtcag gacattgcgc aggaagcgcc
   586861 aaagacaata cggaaactca gggaatccac catggatggt ggcgtagcac ggatgtcagg
   586921 atagaggtct gcaaaacccc gcccaaaagg cggggttttt tattgcccga ggaaaaccgc
   586981 gtcgctcaga ccacgccttc cagcagcgag cgcagcagct cgacgctggc gtgctggcgt
   587041 tgcgcgtcgc ggtagaccag gccgaccttc agcgggatgc gcggttcgct gagcggtttc
   587101 cacagcagcc gctggttcga gtgcatctgc cgtgccttgc ccggtagaac ggtggcgaag
   587161 cgggtctgcg gcaggctgtc gagaatcccg ctcatgtggt tcagttccgc ctgcacccgc
   587221 ggccgccggc cgatcgcggc gagttgctcc tgccagatct ggcgcgcgcg gaactcttcg
   587281 ccgagcagca gcatcggcaa ctccgcggcc tgggccaggg acacctttct gaactccttc
   587341 aacgggtgtt cctcggggat caccagctgc aattcgtcct cgtacagctc gacgctgtgc
   587401 aggcccggct ggcgcggcgg caggaaaccg atgccgatgt ccaggttgcc ggtgagcagg
   587461 cgccgctcaa tgtcgattcc cgacagttcg tagatctgca cccgcaggtg cggctgcgcg
   587521 gcatgcaggc gttcgaccat gtacggcacc aggctggcgt tgaccgtctg cagcacgccg
   587581 atcgccaggc tgcgcggggt ctgcccgcgg aatacgcgca tcgcctcgcg ggccctttcc
   587641 aatccctcca gcagcggtac cgcatggttg tacagggtgt gggcggcgac ggtcggcagc
   587701 aggcgcttgc cgctgcgctg gaacagcgag acgtcgaggt tctgctccaa ctggcggatc
   587761 tgctgcgaga gggccggttg cgacagggcc aggcgttcgg cggcgcggcc gacgtggcct
   587821 tcctcgtaga gcgcgacgaa atagcggagt tggcgaaaat ccataagctg ttcttatcga
   587881 tgaaactgga aaatcgaaat ggagtgggtc ccgcgtgagg cactagtcta gctgcattgg
   587941 cggtacatcg ggtggtcgcg gagcaatgga gcagatagtc gtaaacggtg ttttcatagg
   588001 taaagtcgaa gaaacctggg gcggattggt cagcgcgatc gacaagctgc cggtcgagca
   588061 ggagttctgg ctgggccacg atggcctgcc cggcgacgaa caggccgaca tccgccacca
   588121 cggcggcctc gagcgcgctc ttcatcacta tcccgccgag cactaccgct actggcgcaa
   588181 gcgccacccg ctgaaccgct ggcaactgcc ggcgttcggc gagaacatct cgacctacgg
   588241 catcaccgaa gccgaggtct gcatcggcga ccagttccat tggggcgatg ctctgctgga
   588301 agtcagccag ccgcgttcgc cctgctatcg ccagggccag cgctggaatc ttcccgagct
   588361 gcccgacgaa ttgcagagcg gcggccgctg cggctggttc tatcgggtcc tgcgcagcgg
   588421 catggtgact cccggggacg agctgaagct ggtccagcgg cattaccctg aactgaccgt
   588481 cgcccgcctg ttgcagtggt atttcggcga tcccctggag cctctcgggt tgcgccagat
   588541 gatggcctgc gacgcgctat cccagcgttg gcgcaagaca gcggcgaaac gcctgtccag
   588601 cggcgtggtg gaagactggg ggccgcgcct gcgcggaccg tcggattacc gggagcatgc
   588661 ctcttgagcg actacctgat caccctgagc cagtccggcc ggctgttggc cagcatgacg
   588721 gtgagcgccg cgcgctttgc cgaggtgcgc gagctgatgc gccagcgctt ccccgccggc
   588781 gacggcttcg aactgcgcat cgaaacgcgc cgggaaagcc gccggctgct ggaacagggg
   588841 ccgcagggcg tgcgcttgct ggcggtggag tacatgaccg aggaactgaa agatggctga
   588901 tgcgctggat agcctgcgcc tgatgcgcac ccaggaacgg cccgaacagg tgttcgtccg
   588961 tggccagggc tcgtggctgt gggacagcga cggacgcgcc ttcctcgact tcacccaggg
   589021 cctggcggtg aactgccttg gccacagtcc cagcgtgctg gtccaggccc tggcccggca
   589081 ggcgcgggag ctggtcagcg ccggcccctg cctgctcaac cggccggtgc tggcattggc
   589141 gcagcgcctg tgcctggcga ccggcagcga ccaggcctac ttcctcacca gcggcgccga
   589201 ggccaacgaa gcggccatcg ccctggcgcg caagtggggc cgcctgcatc gcggcggcgc
   589261 gcaacggatc gtcagcactg tcaacagcat ccatggacgc accccgggca ccctgacggc
   589321 ttgtggcaag ccggcgcagc atggcctgga gggatttgcc agggtgccgt tcaacgacct
   589381 cgacgccatg gccgcggcca tcgacgaaga gacggtggcg gtgatgctgg agccggtgca
   589441 gggcgatgcc ggggtgatcc cggcgaccct cgactacctg cgtggcatcg agcggctgtg
   589501 ccggcagcgc ggcgtcctgt tgatcctcga cgaggtgcag accggcatcg gccgctgcgg
   589561 cgcgctgctg gcggaggaac tgtacggggt acgcgccgac atcgttaccc tcggcaaggg
   589621 cctcggcgcc ggggtgccgc tgtcggcgct gctggcgcgt ggcaacgcct gctgcttcga
   589681 accgggcgac cagcttggca cccaccacgg caacgcgttg atgaccgctg ccgggctggc
   589741 ggtactgaat accgtgctgg agccgggttt cctggagcag gtgcgcgagc agggcactca
   589801 cctgcgcgat ggcctggccc gtgtcgcgcg tcgctatggg catggtccgc tgcgcggcca
   589861 gggactgttc tgggggctgc cgctgatcgg ccagcgcgcg ccggcggtgg ttcgcgcggc
   589921 gttcggcgaa ggcctgctga tcaacgcgcc gcagccgcat tgcctgcgtt tttccccggc
   589981 gttgacggtg agccgggcca acgtcgacga aatgctgcgg cgactggagc gggccctggc
   590041 ccgggtcgcc aaccgacacg aggaggtggc ctgatgcgcg ccctggtatt gcaacacgtt
   590101 cccttcgaag gcagcgcgcg gatcggcgac tggatcggcc gccactgcga gcacgagcac
   590161 gtctgctacc tctacgccga cgcccacctg cctgcgctgg acagcttcga cctgctggtg
   590221 gtgatgggcg ggccgatgag cgtccacgac gaagcgcaat atccctggct ggtggcggag
   590281 aagcgtttga tccgcgcggc gctggatgcc ggcaagaagg tcctcggcat ctgcctcggc
   590341 gcgcagctgc tggcccaggc gctgggggct gcggtacgcc cgggacgcca ggcggagatc
   590401 ggctggtggc cgctgcacag gtacagccag gcgctgggct cgccgctggg cgagcgcctg
   590461 ccggaacggc tgatggcgtt ccactggcac ggcgagacct tcgacctgcc ggccggcagc
   590521 gtgccgctct atggttcggc tgcctgcgca aaccagggct tcatctggaa cgagcaggct
   590581 atcggcctgc aatgtcacct ggaaagcacc gcggagagca tcgaggcgct gctcgatgcc
   590641 tgcccgcagg acctgcaacg ggaaggggcg gtgcagagcg ccgggaggat ccgccagggt
   590701 gtcgcgcatt gccgcgaggt ggcgccggtg ctgttcctgt tgctcgatta cctggcgcat
   590761 cggccggcgg agatcgcacg ccgggcctga tcgccagaaa gattcctctg tcctcgcatg
   590821 cgcctccgga cgtcgttttg gtcctgtggg gcgctttttt tattctaggc tgcgtgcttt
   590881 cccaaccagg gctccagtag tgccaggtcg cgacgcaggc tttcggcgaa caggtgcagg
   590941 cgggtggggt tgtccagctc gccgggctgg atgccgacga aggtgaaggt ttcgtcgtgc
   591001 tctcgggcgg cgacattgat actgacggtg ccgtcgtagt gcatccggca ctggcagtcg
   591061 tagccttcca gcgcctggtt caggctgcgc tggatctcgc cgagatcggg gtgcttgttc
   591121 ttgctcatcg cgtcgctcat gcaaggggat ggggctttct tctcgtgcag ggcgagtcgg
   591181 gtggatgcgt cgacgacctc gggaccgagg ggcggcgtag cctcccggcc ggcgcggcgt
   591241 ctgggcttcc cgcccggaca ttgcttcctg tatcgccagg gtaggggtgc ctccgctatc
   591301 gtttcgcgat gcaaatgcac tagcaccgct agtgcaatcg tcacgcgtgc gcggtcaggg
   591361 cgggcgggca tccttgctgc ccccggaaaa tcgctccatc caagaggaac agcatgaacg
   591421 accaggtact gcgtacccag accgaccgcc gccagttgca gcagatcatc gccggcctta
   591481 ccgaaggggt gatcctgatc gagccggacc agcgcatcct ctgggccaac gaggcggccc
   591541 tggcgatgca cggcgtcgat tcgctggaag gcctgggcgc cgataccggc gagtatcgcg
   591601 aacgctttcg cctgcgctac cgcaacaatc atccgctgca ggaggggcag tacccggccg
   591661 agcgcctggt ggctggcgag tgcttcagcg acgtggtggt ggaagtgttt cccgccgccg
   591721 acgaggacac ccgctgggtg caccgcgtgc gcgggttggt gctgaccacc cccgaggaca
   591781 agcccgactg cctggtgctg atcctccacg acgccaccga gtgggccagc gccgagcagc
   591841 gcttcgagaa gaccttcaat gccaacccgg cgccggcggt gatctgccgg ctcagcgact
   591901 accgctacgt gaaggtcaat gtcggtttcc tggaaatgac cggctatgcc cgcgaccagg
   591961 tgatcggccg ttcggtgtac gagctggacg tactcgacca ggccgagcgc cgcgaactgg
   592021 cggtggagcg cctgggcgcc ggcgagacca tcccgcagat ggaggcgagc ctgcgggtgg
   592081 cggagggcgg acgcaagtgc gtggtggtcg ccgggcagcc gatagaggtc ggcgaggagg
   592141 cctgcatgct cttcactttc accgatctcg aaccgcggaa gaaggccgag gaggccctgc
   592201 gcaagagcga ggagcgcttc gccaaggcct tccgcatggc accggtgccg agcctggtgc
   592261 tgtacggcga cgacctgcag gcgctggaca tcaaccaggc cttcagcgaa accttcggct
   592321 accaggccga ggaactgctc ggcgagtcca ccgtcgcctg cgggctgtgg caggacggcg
   592381 gcgccgagcg cctgggcgag ctgctggcgc agagcggcag cgtgcgcaac gtccagctgc
   592441 gcctgcagca caaggatcgc aacggcctgg actgcctggt ctcggccgag gcggtgagcc
   592501 tcaacgagca ggactgcgtg ctggtggcct tgctggacat cagcgaccgg cggcgcaccg
   592561 aaatggagct ggtgcacgcc atcgagacgg tgatgcagga cgcttcctgg ttcagccgca
   592621 ccctgatcga aaagctcgcc aacgtgcgcc gcgccaacgc gccgggcacc ggcgccgaac
   592681 tggccgacct gaccgcgcgc gagcgcgagg tgttcgacct catctgccag ggcctggcgg
   592741 acaaggagat cgccaaggaa ctgggcctgg cgccgaacac cgtgcgcaac cacgtggcga
   592801 ccatctacgc caagctcgat gtccacagcc gtggcgaggc catcgtctgg gcacgcgaac
   592861 gcggattcgc gccggagccg cgcaacggca acgggcgcaa ataaacgaag agggtacgaa
   592921 tgcaccaggg cggctggtgc attcgtacct gtcgcccgct cccgtcggcg ccgacactgg
   592981 cgcagcacgc ccggcatgcc cccgcccgtg gtcgtgcacc ttttctccgc ggcgcgagcc
   593041 gcgctgtccg cacgtctgtt cccctcgcca gtttcgctct ggcggggggc ttcccgcctc
   593101 ctttcgaata tttgcccctc tgcctctgct ggtgcgcgac ggcatcctgc cggccgtttg
   593161 cgaatgctcg ggactggtgt cgtgaaatta tattggttat ttttcatgaa aaataaccaa
   593221 tataatttca cgggggtcgc gatgttcctg caatccaacg agcatgtcgg cacttactac
   593281 gccgccgtca atcccgaact gatccagccg cgccaggccc tggagggtga cctcgactgc
   593341 gaggtgctgg tggtcggcgc cggtttcagc ggcttgcaca cggcgctgcg gctggtcgaa
   593401 ggcggacgcc aggtatgcgt catcgaagcc agccggatcg cctgggcggc ctccgggcgc
   593461 aacggtgggc aggcgctgcc cggctggtcc agcgacctgc cgccgctgga ggccgacctc
   593521 ggctacgaag gcgcacgccg tctctgggac ggcatgctct gggcggccgg cgagatgcgc
   593581 gagttgccgc agcgacatgg cttcgactgc gactaccggg tcggccacct atggacggcg
   593641 atcctgccgc gccgggtcgg cctgctctac gactggcagg ccgaggccaa ccgtcgctgg
   593701 ggctacgagg ggctacgctt cgtggcgaag gacgagttgc ccgaatggat cgccagcgag
   593761 cgctaccttg ccggtctcta cgatccccac gccgcacacc tgaatccgct caagctggcg
   593821 ttcggcctgg ccgccgccat cgagcgcgcc ggcgggcgta tccacgagcg gacccgggcc
   593881 ctgaactatc gcgaggaggg cgacggctac cgggtccgta ccgagcacgg cgagatccgc
   593941 tgcgcggcgc tggtgctggc ctgcaacgcc tacatcgacg ggctggacag cgagctgtcg
   594001 caacggatgc tgccggtggg cacctatcag gtcgccactg agccgctcgg cgaggaacgg
   594061 gcgaagtcgt tgctgccgcg caactgctgc gtgaccgaca accagttcgt cctcgactac
   594121 ttccgcctga ccccggacca ccgcctgctg ttcggcggcg gctgcaccta cctgggcggc
   594181 atgcccagcg acatccgcgc cgccacccgg ccctatctcg aaagggtgtt cccgcagttg
   594241 cgcggggtgg cgctggagta cgcctggggc gggcatatcg actgcagcat gcggcgtacc
   594301 ccggacatcg gccggcaggg caaccgctac tggctgcaag gctactccgg ccacggcgtg
   594361 ctgccgagtc tggcggcggc cagggcggtc agcgacgcgc tgctcggcga cgacgagacc
   594421 ctggcgctct accagcgcct gcgcaatccg aagtttcccg gcggccagcg cttcgccgcg
   594481 ccgctggaag ccctgggcaa agcgtattac cgtttgcgcg acctgttctg agagggcccg
   594541 gagccgagat gagcgaagta gccgacgacc tggcggagat cgccagcctg gtgcgcgaat
   594601 tgcgcaagcg caagggcatc accctgcagg cactggccga cggcattcgc cgttcggtgg
   594661 gcttcgtctc ccaggtcgag cgcggccttt cgcggccggc ggtggacgac ctggtcgcca
   594721 tcagccaggt gctcggggtg ccggcgacct acttcttctg ctcgccgaag atccaggcct
   594781 cgccctgggt gacccgcccg ggcgagcgtc ggaccctggc ctacgctcgt ggcgccagcg
   594841 acaacctggt atcgccgcgt ctcggcggcg ccttcttcat gctcgaaacc tgccttgaag
   594901 cgggtgccga cagcggcgag cgcgacctgc tggacagctc ggagcagggc ggctacgtgc
   594961 tcgaaggcga gctgaccctg tggctggagg acgaggagct gcgcctgcag gccggcgacg
   595021 gtttccagat tcccagccat atgcgcagcc gctacgccaa ccgcagccag gcgccggtca
   595081 gggtgctctg ggtatacgcc tgacgaggcg agttaccctg tcgtttgccg gataacgccg
   595141 gggaaaggct ggcgtcgccc gttgcgcgaa gacttccggc ataaaagccs gaggcacagg
   595201 cctcgggctt ttcgtcacca gcgtccggag gcgccgccgc cgccgctgga gccgccgcca
   595261 ccgcggaaga tgctgccacc gccgctgccg cctcccccac cgccgccgcg actattgagg
   595321 atggcgctga ggatggccat cagcacttcg ccgggaagca ggaacagggc gtagatgaac
   595381 agggtcgggg ccagtacgcc gagactgtcg tccgccgcgc ggtcgacgtt ctgccacagg
   595441 cccatgctca acagccaggc caggccggcg accgccgcgc tgcaaagcag gaagcggccg
   595501 atgctgcgcc gccgcatcca ctgcaacggc agcaggcgtc cgagcagggc cacggcgagc
   595561 aggaccgcca catagacacc gaggtagacc gggttgcccc agagctgtcc gctcaggccg
   595621 ctcttcttct tcggctccgg cggggcgctg tcatacacct caccctcgtc gaccggtgcc
   595681 ggcagggccc gcggcggcgt ggcctcggga accgccggca aggcgtcgac gggagcgctg
   595741 gcggtagcgc tgtccgggtt cttctcggca tcgatcagtt gcaccaggct gtccacgccg
   595801 gcctggatgc cgccatagaa gttgccctgg cggaactgcg gcgtgatctg ctcgctgatg
   595861 atccgtccgg cctggacgtc ggtgatggcc ccttccaggc cgtagccgac ctcgatgcgc
   595921 agggtgcggt cgttcttcgc caccagcagc aggacgccgt cgtcgacctt cttctggccc
   595981 agcttccatt tctcgaaggt acgcaccgcg tactcctcga tggaatcgtc gccggtggtc
   596041 gggaccagca gcaccgcgag ctgcgcgccg ctcttggctt ccagggcggc gagctgttgc
   596101 tccaggtgct ggcgctggtc gccggaaagg gtcgcggtga ggtcggtgac ccgcgccgtc
   596161 aacgcgggta tcggtggcac atcggcccag gcgaccaggc tggcgagcag cagcccggcg
   596221 cccagtagca gccggcgcat ggcttactgc gccggttgcg ggttgccgaa atcgactttc
   596281 ggcgcggtgg agatggccgc ttcgttttcc acgctgaagt tcgccttggg cttatagccg
   596341 aacagcttgg cggtgatcac gccggggaac tggcgcagca gcacgttgta ttcctgtacc
   596401 gacttgacgt agcggccgcg agcgacggcg atgcggttct cggtgccttc cagttgggtc
   596461 agcaggtcct tgaacaggcc atcggccttc agttgcgggt agttctcggt gactaccagc
   596521 aggcgcgaaa gcgccgagct cagttcgccc tgggccttct ggaagcgctg cacggcctgc
   596581 tcgtcgtcca gttggtcggc gttcagttgc acgctgccga ccttggcccg ggcctcggtg
   596641 acctgggtca ggaccgacgc ctcatgggag gcatagccct tcaccgtgct gaccaggttg
   596701 ggtaccaggt cggcgcgccg ctggtactgg ttgagcactt ccgaccaggc ggctttcacc
   596761 tgttcgtcgc cggcctgcat ggcgttgtag ccgcagccgc tgagcagcag ggcgaggacg
   596821 ggaaggaggg catttctgag gaatcgaggc atggtggtac tcatccgggt tgagaaagct
   596881 cgattgtaga ccagccaatg gccagcacgt tccttgtgcc ggcacggata tcggctctgt
   596941 caggcggtgc ggcggccgaa cgccagcttg gccgccagga ccagcaggca gaacacgaac
   597001 agcgccagcg accagaccgc catggactgg ccgagcaggg tccagaccac ttcgccgcac
   597061 agcccctcgg gctggaagac ctgcggcagc cagctatcca gcggtatcca ttcggggaag
   597121 cccatgaaca tcttgcaact gcccatgccc tgggcagcca gtttctcttc cgcgaccagc
   597181 gaccaggcgt ggtagatccc gcccaggctg gcggcgagca tgcccagcgc ggcgatgccg
   597241 ccggcgatcc gcgaacgcgg ggcgaggctg ccgacgatcc cggcgagcac caggccgagc
   597301 acgtccaggc gaatgaagat gcacagcgag cagggcgcga agccgcgcac gtgctggagg
   597361 tagaggacga aagcgaggat cagcaggccg ccgatggcga ccgcgggcca gaacaagcga
   597421 ttgtcgaggg gcttgaggag agcgctcaag gcagggattc ctgtgtcgtt gataagggag
   597481 gccgggccgg cactgtgcgg cgctggccga tggtagtcca tcaggattgt ccgaagatta
   597541 agccgtttga cgtaacgatg tctgctgcat gtttctccgc tttcgtagga gctttcaggg
   597601 aaaaacgccg caacgaggcg agcatttgga gcctccgccg ggatagacta tcctggtcta
   597661 taccaataag gcccgtcatg ctagccacca gcctggtgct atgcgccgcc gttctccacg
   597721 ccacctggaa caccctggtc aagttcagca gcgaccgctt gctggtggtc gcctgcatgg
   597781 acgtggtcgg cgtgctctgc gccatcctgc tgttgccctt cgtcagcctg ccgccggccg
   597841 aagtctggcc ctggctgctc ggcgccaccg tcctgcaact gctctaccgg gtactgttga
   597901 tcgaggccta caaggtcggc gacctgggcc tggtctatcc gctgatgcgc gggctgtcgc
   597961 cgctggtggt gctgggcctg accctggcgt tcggcggcga gcagctcagc ggccggcaga
   598021 tcctcggcat cctgttgatc cccttcggca tgctttgcct gctctggggc ggcggcggtt
   598081 cgcggctgcc ctggcggacc ctgccggtgg tgctgctgat cggcctgtgc atcggcggct
   598141 acacctggag cgacggcaac gccttgaagc gctggccgtt ggcgcttgac tacctggtct
   598201 ggctgacgct gctttccggc ctgccgttcc cgctgatcgc cgttggcgcg cgaacccgcg
   598261 ccttcgcccg cttctgggcg ctggagtgga agctcggcct ggcggtcggg gtctgcgtgc
   598321 tggccagcta cggcctggtg ctgtgggcca tgcagctggg gtcgatcgcc gaagcggcag
   598381 cgttgcgcga gaccagcgtg ctgctggcgg tgctgttcgg catgcgcttc ctcaacgagc
   598441 cgttcggact gccgcgcctg ctggcgtgcg gcctggtgct ggccggaatg ctgctgatga
   598501 agctctgaag gggctgtgcc tttacagaac gagcggcgcc agcttgagtt gcagttccac
   598561 aactacaagg aactgccatg accatcgctt tctggtgcgt gctgatcgcg atcttcctgc
   598621 cttacgtctg tacctccatc gccaagttcg gcggggaggg ctacggcggt cgggccaacg
   598681 ccgacccgcg ggcgttcctc ggttcgctcg aaggctttcg ccggcgtgcc aacaacgccc
   598741 agttgaacgc tttcgaagtg accccggcgt tcgccgcggc ggtgatcatc gcccatctgg
   598801 tcggcaacgc ttcgcaggcg accctggata gcctggccat tgcctggatc accagtcgcc
   598861 tgctctacgt catctgctac ctcgccgact gggggccgtt gcgctcgctg gtctggttcg
   598921 tcggcatgct gctcatcgcc gcgttcttcg tggtttccgc ctgagcagcc cgctgcggcc
   598981 tatggccgca gtgcgggcgc gcggctctgg atcaatcggc ggtggcggcg gataatccgc
   599041 cgcttccgtg atcgaccctg aaaaaagagc cttgccatga agctgaagtc cctgctcgtc
   599101 gtgctgctgg ccggcgtcgc cctgagcggc tgtcaccgta tggatcccaa ttcgcccgag
   599161 gccaagcgcc aggcgatctt caaggaaatg ctacggacca gcgaggacat gggcgggatg
   599221 ctccgcggac gcctgccctt cgacgcggag aagttccgtg ccggatcggc gaagttgcac
   599281 caactggccg accagccctg gcagtacttc cccagtccca aggccggcga ggagggcgag
   599341 gacacccgcg ccaaggacga ggtctggcag cgccagcagg agttcaaggc cgccacccag
   599401 gtcttcatcg acgcgatgaa ccgtctccag gacaacaccc gccaggccac gccgaccccg
   599461 gatggcgtgc gcaaggactt cgccgcggtg gaagacgcct gcgaagcctg ccacaagaaa
   599521 ttccgcgcgc tctgaggccg gaccgggcgt tatacgccgt gcctggaagg cgcgaggggt
   599581 agggcgaatg agcgctggcg ctcatccgcc gttgcggcag cgctgggcgg cacctggtgt
   599641 cccgctgcgg cgcggatggc ggataacacc atgggcgtca tacgccttgc gtgggaggcg
   599701 cgaggcgtag ggcggtacct ggtgtcctac tgcgcctggg cctgttccag gcctttcttg
   599761 gcctcttcca gttcggcgcg ggcctcggcc agcttggcct tgcgtttctc gatcttctcc
   599821 ggatcgccct tgcccatggc cttgcgcaaa tccttctcgc gttcgctgac ctcgcgctcg
   599881 ctgtcgatca ccttctgctt gttctccctc agcaggccgg cttcggtgca gtgttccttg
   599941 acctcggaga gggccttttc caagccggcc acctggcctt cgttggcgaa cgagcgggcc
   600001 gtttccagct tcgcctcgat ggcggcctgc ttggcggcgc aaccgctgag tggggcgcct
   600061 ttggcggcgc ccggctgggc ggcagagagc ggcagggcga cggcgagcag cagcccggcc
   600121 agcggcagtg aaggacgaat ggacatcggt tggctccttg atcgaacggc cggtgcggtt
   600181 gccggacgac ggctcggccg agcgtcctgg caggcggatg aggcaggcgg cagccggcgt
   600241 gacaaaggcg caagtgtgcc agcaaacggc acggttgtgg ttgtccggga gcaaagtacg
   600301 ccgccccggg gtctctggag aagggccatg gttcgggcat tccggcacaa cccggcctaa
   600361 cgttgtccga agacaccgag aacgggagaa ccgcgatgcg tacgctgatc cgcctggttc
   600421 gcacgcttat cctgctgctg gtcctggcgc tgctcgccgg cgcctggtgg tggttgcagg
   600481 acgaggccct gcgccccccc gcgctggccg gccacagcga ggactcgagt ctgaaggtcg
   600541 cgggcctgcg ccggcattac ctgctctacg tgccgccggg cgtgtccgag ggagcgccgt
   600601 tgctggtggt gctgcacggc tcacggggcg acggcgcgca gatgcgccgc atcagcggct
   600661 acggcttcga ccggctggcg gcgcaagaag gtttcctggt ggcctacccg gacggcttcg
   600721 agggccactg gaacgattgc cgcaaggccg ccagctattc ggcgcggctg cgtgacgtcg
   600781 atgacgtggc tttcctccgc gcgctggtgg cgcggctggc ccaggaatac cgcgtcgatt
   600841 cgcagcgggt atatgtcgcc ggctactcca atggcggcca gatggctttc cgcctggccg
   600901 ccgaagcgcc ggggttgccg gcggcgatcg cagcggtggc ggcgagcctg ccgaccacgg
   600961 ggaacgatgc ctgtcggccg gtcgagcggc cgaccgcggc gttgctgatc aacggcacgc
   601021 gcgatccgat caatccctat ctcggcggca aggtcagcct gttcggcttc ggcgaccggg
   601081 gcgcggtacg ctcgaccctg gactcggcac gctggtgggc cggcctgaac ggcatcgcag
   601141 cgccgccgga cgtggcgccg ctgacccgtc ccggcccggt ctggaccgag cgacagcgct
   601201 ggcaggaaga cggccatccg ccggtggagc tgctcagcgt gcatggcggc ggccacgtgc
   601261 tggcgcagcc ggactatcgc ttcccgcgga ttctcggcaa gagcgacccg gaactggacg
   601321 cgccagtgga aatctggcgc ttcttcagcc agttgccgcg ctgaggctca gacctcgaag
   601381 acgaattccg gacggaaccc gcctctctcg tggggatagc cgcccggatt ggccagcacc
   601441 cgtgcccggc cgatgcggta gtcgagggcg tcgtggacgt gaccgtgcag ccagtagtcg
   601501 gcctgcgcca ccagttcgtc gaggttggaa gcgaaggctg gcgacagtgg gttgccgacg
   601561 aactgcggcg ggatcgacag cgcactgggc gcgtggtggc tgaccaccag cgtcgggccg
   601621 tcgtggggcc gcgccagatg ttcggcgagc cagtcgcgcg aggcctggtg cagggcgatg
   601681 ctctgctcgg gggtgaagtc gccaccgaac cagtcgatgc agctgaagtc cggcatcgat
   601741 tgtagggcca gctcatgggc gggtgcatag ccgtccgcgc catagagctg gaagtcggtc
   601801 cacagggtgg cgccgaggaa gcgcgccggg ccgatccgcg cttcgtcgtt ttccaggaag
   601861 tggatctcca gcgcccgggc gatattgcgc atcgcctggg tcaggtcggt catttccgag
   601921 gagtagaact catggttgcc ggcgacgtag acgatctcgc tgtcggcgaa ggtctcgcgg
   601981 gcccagtgca ggccttccag gtggctgtgg atatcgccgg ccagcaccac cacgtcggcc
   602041 tcgacctctg gcagttggcg tcgcccgtcg aaatgttcgt ggtggaggtc ggacagcagg
   602101 cggatcttca tggcacggct cggcggtagg cgcggcggac cagcatagct ccgcccaccc
   602161 cggggttgaa ggccgacaac gattgacgca ggtcatggct gtgcgggaaa acctcgctgg
   602221 cctcgctaat tcccccatga agttaaggga caattaagac tggacgcgca gggttcattc
   602281 cagcgattcg cgcgttctgt ctgggagtgg tgccaatgaa actgttatgg ggagttctcg
   602341 ccgccgcgct ggcggcctgg ggcctgacgc tggccgtcga tccgccggcg agcctggaca
   602401 tctgggtggc gcgcaagcag gcgatcctgc ttaccggggt agcgtccttc gccctgatgt
   602461 cgttgatcat gctgctggcg gtgcgtccgg tctggctgga gaagccgctg gacgggctcg
   602521 accgcatgta ccgcctgcac aagtgggcgg gcatcctggc catcgtcctc ggcctgttgc
   602581 actacctgct ggagttggcc ggcccctggc tggcgggtat cgtcggcaaa ccggtgaaag
   602641 gcccgcgggt ggaaaccttc ctcgatgtct tccgtggctc ggccaaggag ttgggtgaat
   602701 ggtcggcgtg gattctcggc gggatgctgc tggtcactct ctggcagcgc ttcccgtatc
   602761 acctctggcg ttatgtgcac aaggcgttgg ccctggtcta cctggtactg gccttccatt
   602821 ccgtggtgct cgccccggcc agctactgga gccagccggc cggttggctg gtggcggcct
   602881 gcgcactgct cggttcggcc tgcgcactgt tgtctctgag cgggcggatc ggtcgcacgc
   602941 gtcgccatgc gggcgtggtc accgccgtcg agcggcacgg cgaaagcctg ctcgaggtga
   603001 cctgccggct gcagggcgac tggtcgcaca gggccgggca gttcgccttt ctcacctgcg
   603061 accgcctgga gggtgcccat ccgttcacca tcgccagcgc cgaccgcggc tgcggcgagg
   603121 tgcgcttcag catcaaggcg ttgggcgact acacccggcg cctgcaggac aacctggagg
   603181 tcggcgccag ggtcgaggtg gaggggccat acggctgctt cgacttccgc cgtggcctgg
   603241 ccgggcggca ggtctgggtc gccgccggga tcggcgtgac gccgttcatc gcctggctgg
   603301 agtcgctgca ggccgcgccg gaaagcgcgc catcggtgga gctgcactat tgcgtgcgca
   603361 attcccagga agcgctgttc gccgggcgct tgcgcgagct ttgcgaacac ctgcccagcg
   603421 tgaccctgca catccgctat agcgacgagc agggcaagcc gcaggcggcg caactgggcg
   603481 tgctgaagag cgccgaagga cgctggccga gcgtctggtt ctgcggtccg caggggctgg
   603541 ccgacagcct gcgccgcgat ctgcgccggc agggcatgcc gctgcggctg ttccaccagg
   603601 aagccttccg catgcgctga gcctgccgga aacgaaaagc cccgccgaag cggggctttt
   603661 tcatcgcgcg gtcgctcaga ggccggcggc gtcgcgcagg agagcggcct tgtcggtctt
   603721 ctcccaggtg aacgcggtga aggtatcgcc gtccacggtc agttcgaacg gatgacgacc
   603781 gaagtggccg taggccgcgg tcggctggta catcgggtgg agtaggtcga gcatcttggt
   603841 gatcgcgtac gggcgcaggt cgaagtgctc gcggaccagt tgcacgatct tctcgtcgct
   603901 gaccttgccg gtaccgaagg tgttgatcga gatcgaggtc ggctgggcca cgccgatggc
   603961 ataggaaacc tggatctcgc aacgctcggc gaggccggcg gcgacgatgt tcttcgccac
   604021 gtagcggccg gcgtaggcgg cggagcggtc gaccttggac gggtccttgc cggagaacgc
   604081 gccgccgccg tggcgggcca tgccgccgta ggagtcgacg atgatcttgc gtccggtcag
   604141 gccgcagtcg ccgaccgggc cgccgatcac gaagttgccg gtcgggttga tgtggaactg
   604201 ggtgtccttg tgcagcagct cggccggcag cacctgcttg atgatcagct ccatcacgcc
   604261 gtcgcgcagg tcgttatagg agacttccgg gttgtgctgg gtggacagca ccaccgcatc
   604321 gatgccgacc accttgccgc cttcgtagcg gcaggtcacc tgggacttgg cgtccgggcg
   604381 cagccatggc agcaggccgg acttgcgcgc ctcggcctgg cgctcgacca ggcggtggga
   604441 gaagcagatc ggcgccggca tcagcacgtc ggtctcgtta ctggcgtagc cgaacatcag
   604501 gccctggtcg ccggcgccct ggtcttccgg cttggcccgg tcgacgccct ggttgatgtc
   604561 caccgactgc ttgccgatga tgttcagcac gccgcaggtg gcaccatcga agccgacgtc
   604621 ggagctgtcg tagccgatgt cgatgatgac cttgcgcacc agctcttcca ggtcgaccca
   604681 ggcggaggtg gtgacttcac cggcgatgat cgccacgccg gtcttgacca gggtttcgca
   604741 tgccacgcga gcgtacttgt ccttggcgat gatggcgtcc agcaccgcgt cggagatctg
   604801 gtccgcgatc ttgtccggat ggccttcgga cacggactcg gaggtgaaaa cggaatattc
   604861 gctcatcaat cggttcctac attaccggtg ggtgaggcgg ctttcggatg catccctggc
   604921 gaagtgccgg acctggatct ggaagccatt gcgtaaacca atgtaaagac tctcgccggg
   604981 cgtgagccct gcggcgtcgg cccactgggc caggtcctcc tgttcgaaac ccaaccagag
   605041 gtcgccgcag gcctccctgg cccagccctg gttgtgccgg cacaagtccg tcaccagcag
   605101 gctgccgccc ggatggacca ggcgggccaa ctgtttcagc gcctccgccg gcgcggcgaa
   605161 gtggtgcagg accatgttca gcaccacgca atcggccggt tcggcggcgt cctgcagggc
   605221 atcggccaat tccaggcgga cgttgcccaa tccttcttcc ttgcagcgct ggcgcgccag
   605281 ttccagcatc gccgcgctgt tgtccagcgc cgtgacctgg cggaaacgcc tggcgagttc
   605341 cggcaggaat ccgccgtccc ccgggccgac ctccagcgcc gtggcgccgg gggcgaaggc
   605401 cagtgcgtcg agcaaggcca acacgctctc acggtattgc ggcagtcctg cgatcaggtc
   605461 ctgctgggcc tggaacttgt ccgccgcgcg ggcgaagaag tcctggctga ccgccgcgcg
   605521 ctgggcgtgc acggcatcga tccgcgcccg cacgtcgtcg ggtagcgccc gttcgtccac
   605581 ttcctccagc agcgccgcgt gcagcgcgcc gccggtgcgt tcggccaggg gcagcgaacg
   605641 tcggtagaag atcgcgttgc cctcgcggcg cgtcgccacc agcccggcct gggccagcac
   605701 cttgaggtgg tggctcatgc ccgactggcc gatggcgaag atctgcgcca gctccagcac
   605761 gccgaacgaa tcgttggcca gggcgcgcaa cacattcagt cgcagcgagt cgccagccgc
   605821 cttgcacagc gcggcgagcg ggtcgtagtc gtctggtcgt atcgaaggca cgcgaaggct
   605881 catggaggcg cagtctagta ccgggtccga accccggcaa tgcctgtatc aaaaattttt
   605941 gatattgatg acgggtggcc gtcgcgcaat tgcaatccgg ctgcgccagg cttctggcaa
   606001 aaccggtcgg cagcgacata ctgtccccct gccgatctgt cattgcccct tgggccttcg
   606061 gtgggcgaaa atggcgccct ttttttcact cctggtcttc cgaccagcaa cccccgtagg
   606121 agaattgcga tgcccagccg tcgtgagcga gccaatgcca tccgtgcact gagcatggat
   606181 gccgtgcaga aagccaacag cggccacccg ggcgccccga tgggcatggc cgatatcgcc
   606241 gaggtcctct ggcgcgacta catgcagcac aacccgagca acccgcagtg ggccaaccgc
   606301 gaccgcttcg tgctgtccaa cggccacggc tcgatgctga tctactccct gctgcacctc
   606361 accgggtacg acctcggcat cgaggacctg aagaacttcc gccagctcaa ctcgcgcacc
   606421 ccgggccacc cggagtacgg ctacaccgcc ggcgtcgaga ccaccaccgg tccgctcggc
   606481 cagggcatcg ccaatgcggt gggcatggcg ctggcggaga aggtcctggc cgcccagttc
   606541 aaccgcgacg gccacgcggt ggtcgaccac tacacctacg ccttcctcgg cgacggctgc
   606601 atgatggaag gcatttccca tgaggtcgcc tcgctggccg gcaccctgcg cctgaacaag
   606661 ctgatcgcct tctacgacga caacggcatt tccatcgacg gcgaggtcca cggctggttc
   606721 accgacgaca ccccgaagcg cttcgaggcc tatggctggc aagtgatccg caacgtcgac
   606781 gggcatgacg ccgacgagat caagaccgcc atcgataccg cgcgcaagag cgaccagccg
   606841 accctgatct gctgcaagac cgtgatcggt ttcggctcgc cgaacaagca gggcaaggaa
   606901 gagtgccacg gcgcgccgct gggcgccgac gagatcgccg cgacccgcgc cgcgctgggc
   606961 tgggagcacg ctccgttcga gatcccggcg cagatctacg ccgagtggga cgccaaggaa
   607021 tccggcgccg cccaggaagc cgagtggaac aagcgtttcg ccgcctacca ggctgcccat
   607081 ccggaactgg ccgccgaatt gctgcgccgc ctgaagggcg agctgccggc cgacttcgcc
   607141 gagaaggccg cggcctacgt cgccgatgtt gccaacaagg gtgagaccat cgccagccgc
   607201 aaggccagcc agaacgcgct gaacgccttc ggcccgctgc tgccggagct gctcggcggt
   607261 tccgccgacc tggccggctc caacctgacc ttgtggaagg gctgcaaggg cgtcagcgcc
   607321 gacgacgccg ccggcaacta cgtgttctac ggcgtgcgcg aattcggcat gagcgcgatc
   607381 atgaatggcg tcgccctgca cggcggtttc attccctacg gtgcgacctt cctgatcttc
   607441 atggaatacg cgcgcaacgc cgtgcgcatg tccgcactga tgaagcagcg cgtgctctac
   607501 gtgttcaccc acgactccat cggcctcggc gaggacggcc cgacccacca gccgatcgaa
   607561 caactggcca gcctgcgcct gaccccgaac ctggacacct ggcgcccggc cgacgcggtc
   607621 gagtcggcgg tggcctggaa gcatgccatc gagcgcgccg acggtccgtc cgcgctgatc
   607681 ttctcccgcc agaacctgcc gcaccaggcg cgcgacgtcg cccaggtggc cgacatcgcc
   607741 cgcggcggct acgtgctgaa ggactgcgaa ggcgagccgg aactgatcct gatcgccacc
   607801 ggttcggaag tcggcctggc cgtgcaggcc tacgacaagc tcagcgagca gggccgcaag
   607861 gtccgtgtgg tatcgatgcc atgcaccagc gtctacgagc agcaggacga gtcctacaag
   607921 cagtccgtgc tgccggtgga agtcggcgcg cgcatcgcca tcgaggccgc ccatgccgac
   607981 tactggtaca agtacgtcgg tctcgacggg cgcatcatcg gcatgaccag cttcggcgag
   608041 tcggcgccgg ccccggcgct gttcgagcac ttcggcttca ccctggacaa cgtcctggcg
   608101 gtggccgagg agctgctgga agactgatgc acacgctcta ctggcgggac ctcgaaagcc
   608161 ccgccaatgg cgaatggctg ggcctcgcgg tccaggtgga gggcgcccat cgggcgccct
   608221 ctttccttca tctgcaatcc ggcggccagg cccgcattcg cctgatgcgt ggcgatcagc
   608281 cgctgctctg ggccacccag ttgccgtacc acgatggcat ctggctggtg aagagcctgg
   608341 tcgcggcgag cccggcgcag gccagcgtgc cgcccatcga ctcgccgacc ctggaagcgt
   608401 tgcgcggcct gcgcggcgag gcccgctaca aggcctggag ccgctatttc gtcgagaccc
   608461 tgcgtaccag cccgggcagt tgcctggagg ccgggcgctg gttgctgcgc ctgtcgctcg
   608521 ccgagcaggt gcccgcctgg cagccaccgc agagccacga tccgcgcgaa cgggtgctgg
   608581 aacgctggcg ctaccgcagc gtcgggcgcg acgcactgtt gccggactgg cgcttctaca
   608641 gcctggagaa ggtcctcgac gacgactggg tgcagtggct cgactggtgg gggcgcgaca
   608701 acgacgccct gatcgccctg cgccgggtcg aggatgacga ggggcgggtc aagtggtggc
   608761 gcaagaaggc ccgcgaaggc gagctgccgc cggtgctggc gctgcgcctg aactgcctgg
   608821 atgcctgcgt gatcctcgat ggccactgcc ggctgcgcgc cggcctgctg gagaacgtcg
   608881 cgccggagat cctggtgctc tgtgcctacg acgagcagcc gatgccggtg gatacggcgc
   608941 agcgcgaacg ggtgctgcaa tcgctggcgc agcgggtcga cgcgccggtg cgccgtggac
   609001 gccggccgct ggatagcgaa cagctcaacc aggtgctgct gcgcctgttc gacgaccgtc
   609061 cctggccgcg agtgctgacc cgtgcccgcg cggtgctgaa ggaagaacag tggtgcgcgg
   609121 aagtgcgcga ctggctggcc gcccgcgagc gtctggacgc gctggagccg atcatccgtc
   609181 gcgtcgagta gcgcgccagc gccgcagcca ttccaggcct gccgaggtgt cgccgcgcgg
   609241 acggtactcg cagccgatcc agccctggta gccgagccgg tcgagtagct cgaacaggta
   609301 ggggtagttc acttcgttgt cgtcatccgg ctcgtggcgg tcgggtaccc cggcgatctg
   609361 gacgtggccg atattgccga tgtcgcgacg cagggtggtg gccaggtcgc cctcgacgat
   609421 ctggcagtgg tagcagtcga actgtacctg caggttgtcc gcgccgacct cgcggcagat
   609481 ggcctgggcg tcgtcctggc gggtgaggaa gaagcccggc atgtcgcggt tgttgatcgg
   609541 ctctatgagc accgtcagcc cggcgccggc ggcttcgcgg gcggcatggg cgaggttgtc
   609601 gaggtaggtc tcgcggtggc ggatgcggtc ggcgccggcc ggcagcagtc cggccatgac
   609661 atggatgtgg cggttgccga ggccttgggc atagtcgatg gcctgggcga tggcgcggcg
   609721 gaattcggcc tcgcgccccg gcaggctggc caggccgcgc tcgcccttgt cccagtcgcc
   609781 gggtgcggca ttgaacagca cctggcgcag gccgtggtcg tccagccggg ccttcagttc
   609841 ggccgcaggg taggcatagg ggaacaggta ctccacgccc tcgaagccgt ccgccgcggc
   609901 ggcggcgaag cgttcgagga agtcgtggcg ggggtagagc atgctgaggt tggcggcgaa
   609961 gcggggcatc tggcgctcct ggcggtcggt ggatgcgggc gagccttgca caacggaacg
   610021 cggtcgcgcc agccaggtgt cgcatgaatc gtttcagcgc ctgcacgcga gccgttgccg
   610081 cggcgcacgc cgcgccgcgc gggtcgcgga cggttcccag gcgggcccat cccccgcata
   610141 attggcgcct ttcactggcc ccttgccgga gctatccctg ccgatgtcca ccccgccttt
   610201 tcgcgtcgcg ctcaatggct atggccgtat cggccgctgc gtcctgcgcg cgctgcacga
   610261 gcgcccggag caactgggct tcgagatcgt cgcgctgaac gacctggccg accaggccag
   610321 cgtcgagtac ctgacccgct tcgactccac ccatggccgc tttcccggcg aagtgaaggt
   610381 cgacggcgac tgcctgcaca tcaacggcga ttgcgtgaag gtgctgcgca gcccgactcc
   610441 ggaggccatc gactggcagg cgctgcgggt cgacctggtg ctggagtgct ccggccagta
   610501 caccaaccgc gcccaggccg agcgtttcct ccgcgccggc gcgccgcggg tgctgttctc
   610561 gcagccgatg gcgagcgagg cggacatcga cgccaccatc gtctatgggg tcaaccagca
   610621 ggacctcagc ggccgcgaaa cgctggtctc caacgcctcc tgcacgacca attgcggggt
   610681 gccgctgctc aagctgctga acgaggcgat cggcctggaa tacgtgtcga tcaccaccat
   610741 ccactcggcg atgaacgacc agccggtgat cgacgcctac caccatgagg acctgcgccg
   610801 tacccgttcg gcgttccagt cggtgattcc ggtgtccacc ggtctggcgc gcggcatcga
   610861 acgcctgttg ccggaacttg ccgggcgcat ccaggccaaa gccatacgcg tgcccacggt
   610921 gaacgtctcg gcgctggaca tcaccctgca gacttcccgc gacacctccg ccgccgagat
   610981 caaccgggtg cttagcgagg ctgccgaaag cggcccgctg cgcggactgc tggcttatac
   611041 cgagctgccg cacgccagtt gcgatttcaa ccacgacccc cattcggcca tcgtcgatgg
   611101 cagccagacc cgcgtttccg ggcctcgcct ggtcaacttg ctggcctggt tcgacaacga
   611161 atggggattc gccaaccgta tgctcgacgt cgccggacac tacctgcgcg ccgccgtgcc
   611221 tgatcaacaa gtacccaagg actgattgtc atgaccgtgt tgaagatgac tgacctcgac
   611281 ctcaaaggta agcgcgtgct gatccgcgag gacctcaacg tgcccgtgaa ggacggccag
   611341 gtgcagagcg acgcacggat caaggccgcc ctgccgaccc tcaagctggc cctggagaag
   611401 ggcgcggcgg tgatggtctg ctcgcacctg ggccgtccga ccgagggcga gttctccgcc
   611461 gagaacagcc tgaagccggt ggccgagtac ctgtccaagg ccctgggccg cgaagtgccg
   611521 ctgctggccg actacctcga cggcgtcgag gtcaaggcgg gcgacctggt gctgttcgag
   611581 aacgtgcgct tcaacaaggg cgagaagaag aacgctgacg agctggcgca gaagtacgcc
   611641 gcgctgtgcg acgtgttcgt gatggatgcc ttcggtaccg cccaccgcgc cgaggggtcg
   611701 acccacggcg tggccaggtt cgccaaggtc gccgccgccg gcccgctgct ggccgccgaa
   611761 ctggacgcgc tgggcaaggc gctgggcaac ccggcgcggc cgatggcggc gatcgtcgcc
   611821 ggctccaagg tttccaccaa gctcgacgtg ctgaacagcc tggccggcat ctgcgaccag
   611881 ctgatcgtcg gcggcggcat cgccaacacc ttcctcgccg cggccggaca caaggtcggc
   611941 aagtcgctgt acgaggccga cctggtcgag accgccaagg ccatcgccgc caaggtcaag
   612001 gtgccgctgc cggtggacgt ggtggtggcc aaggaattcg ccgagagcgc cgtggcgacc
   612061 gtcaaggcca tcgccgaggt cgccgacgac gacatgatcc tcgacatcgg cccgcagacc
   612121 gccgcgcagt tcgccgagct gctgaagacc tcgaagacca tcctgtggaa cggtccggtc
   612181 ggggtgttcg agttcgacca gttcggcgag ggcacccgta ccctggccaa tgccatcgcc
   612241 gatagcgcgg cgttctccat cgccggcggc ggcgataccc tggcggcgat cgacaagtac
   612301 ggcatcgccg agcggatctc ctatatttcc accggtggcg gcgcgttcct cgagttcgtc
   612361 gagggcaagg tcctgccggc cgtggaaatc ctggagcagc gcgccaaggg ctgacgcaga
   612421 cggggcaaac cattcgccgt cctcgggggt cacacctttg aggacgacga aaaaaggagg
   612481 tgccccatgc gttccgtaac cttgccactc ctgatgttct gcctgggcct ggccgcctgt
   612541 agcggcgatg gcggtcgacg cccgagcacc tgcgaggtga tcagtccgcc ggacgtgatg
   612601 gtgccgaccg agcagaaccg ccagcgggtc gagcagcaga gcagcggcga tccgaccgcc
   612661 ggacaaaagc cggtggaatg cccgtagtgc ttttctgcca gtttctacgg aaagggctgg
   612721 ggattcgcca gcgtacgcag tagcattgcg cctttcctgt gacaggcaag gccagccggc
   612781 cgccgcgcgg gccgcttgcg gcccggcgag gtgcggcgga gcgttccgca cggatggagg
   612841 atggacatga actactcgcg tatcgccctg ttcggcggct tcgccgccgc ggcgctgctg
   612901 gccggctgct ccgcttcctc cggcaagccg ggcggcaagg actggacccg ctggacctgc
   612961 gacagcaagg cggtgatcga atggcgctat atcgacggca gcaagaacat cgtcgacctg
   613021 cgcctgaagg acgaggacga cgtggtccac cacttggagc aggaacctgc ggccgtcggc
   613081 gctttctata gcgacggacg cctgggcttc cacctggaga acgacgaagg cctggtgtac
   613141 tgggtcgaaa ccgacgacct catcggtcgc ggttgcaagg cgcgctgagt cgcgccggca
   613201 ggggcgcggc gccgcgaccg ctcctcgcaa ggaacttgaa ccgggcctgc ccctgcggca
   613261 ggcttctgaa tcactgaacg accccgcgat tgggagatac gagaaccatg gcactcatca
   613321 gcatgcgcca gatgctggat cacgccgccg aattcggcta cggcgtgccg gccttcaacg
   613381 tcaacaacct cgagcagatg cgcgccatca tggaagcggc cgacaagacc gattcgcccg
   613441 tgatcgtcca ggcttccgcc ggtgctcgca aatacgccgg cgcgcccttc ctgcgccacc
   613501 tgatcctcgc cgcgatcgaa gaattcccgc acatcccggt ggtcatgcac caggatcacg
   613561 gcaccagtcc cgacgtctgc cagcgttcca tccagctggg cttcagctcg gtgatgatgg
   613621 acggctccct gcgtgaagac ggcaagaccc ctgccgacta cgactacaac gtccgcgtga
   613681 cccagcagac cgtggcgttc gcccatgcct gcggcgtgtc cgtggaaggc gagctgggct
   613741 gcctgggttc cctggaaacc ggcatggccg gcgaggaaga cggcgtcggc gcggaaggcg
   613801 tgctggacca cagccagttg ctgaccgatc cggaagaagc cgccgacttc gtgaagaaga
   613861 ccaaggtcga cgccctggcc atcgccatcg gcaccagcca cggcgcctac aagttcacca
   613921 agccgccgac cggggacacc ctgtcgatcc agcgcatcaa ggaaatccac gcgcgcatcc
   613981 cggacaccca cctggtgatg cacggctctt cctcggtacc gcaggactgg ctggcgatca
   614041 tcaacgagta cggcggcgag atcaaagaga cctacggcgt gccggtcgag gaaatcgtcg
   614101 agggcatcaa gtacggcgtg cgcaaggtga acatcgacac cgacctgcgc ctggcttcca
   614161 ccggtgccat ccgccgcttc ctggcgcaga acccgagcga gttcgacccg cgcaaatact
   614221 tctccaagac cgtcgaggcc atgcgcgaca tctgcatcgc tcgctacgaa gccttcggca
   614281 ccgccggcaa cgcttccaag atcaagccga tctccctgga aggcatgttc cagcgctacg
   614341 ctcgcggcga gctggatccg aaggtcaact aagcgccttc gttcgaacgg gagccccgct
   614401 ggtcggggct cttgcacatc cgccccgggg aaatccgatg cgccgctggc tcctgaccct
   614461 gccgttcctg ctgctggccg gttgcgctgg cctgcacgcg ccgtcccgcg acgtcgagga
   614521 ggccgcgtcg ccgagcgtag cgcgcgatcc cgccgacccg caggattgcc tggcgcgcag
   614581 cgactgcacg accaagactt cgcgcacctt gctgttcgtc ttcgactatg cagaggccgg
   614641 cggcgaactg gtggtgcgcg acggccgcca actggaaacc ccgccggcgc cgcaacgctc
   614701 cacctggccg gcgttgcgca tccagctggc cgagccggtc aacggtcgct tcgagttcga
   614761 gagcccctgc ctgcgcaaga gcggcaaggg ttgccgctac agccaggcta tgctgctgaa
   614821 ggtctaccgc agctacctgg tcggcaagcc ttgctcgctg ctcagtcctc gcgcagtgaa
   614881 acgctgcgtc gacccggcgg cgaccgccgc gcggcgctga gtcagggctg caggtcgaac
   614941 agcgccttgc cgtccatgtc gaacggcgcc gagaaatgct cgtggatcac cttccagccg
   615001 tcgccgtgct tgcggtagcc ggcgctgacc cgcatccacg aggagtgcgg ctggccgtcc
   615061 gggccagtgc cgccgcagtg gcagaggtag tgggcgaagg cgacctgcgg gtcggcatgg
   615121 atctgcagtt cggcgatatc gaaggtcatc ggtcctttgc acatctcggt gcaggcctgc
   615181 cagtgcttct ggtaggcgtc gcgccccttg aattgcaatt gcaggatggc gtcgaaggcg
   615241 acgatgtcct ccgcgtagta cgagacgatg cgcggaacat cgctggcgcg gacggcggct
   615301 cgccagtctt cgatcaattg gcggatggcg ctgacttcgc tgctcatggc tgactcctgg
   615361 ttgtggcggg ggacgccggc gtgtgccggg atgcttttac cctggtcgtc gggtgggcct
   615421 tcggatcgac aatagcctct tccccgagag gtccacgaag cccctgacca atggctgcga
   615481 gccacgctgc gcaaggcttt gaaccgttcg tctggaattc ggaggaaaac cgctgtgcta
   615541 tacctcgggc tttccctgcc gcccaggagg tccctcatgt cgtccgtaca cagcgccgcc
   615601 cagcaaggtt tcagcgccga ggcccagcgt tacgcccagg gccggcccga gtacccggaa
   615661 gcgctctccg actggctgcg cgatgccctt ggcctgcgtc cgcagaccgt cgcggtggac
   615721 ctcggcgccg gcaccggcaa gttcacccgc ctgctggccc gtaccggcgc gcgggtggtc
   615781 gcggtggaac cggtggatgc gatgcgcgcc cagcttgccg aagccttgcc gcaggtccag
   615841 gcgctggccg gtagcgccca gtcgattccg ctggccaacg gcttcgccga cgccctggtg
   615901 tgcgcacagg ccttccattg gttcgccacc gtggaggcgc tggaggaaat gcgccgcgtg
   615961 ctgacggcgg aaggcaggct ggggctggtg tggaacgtgc gtgacgagtc gctggattgg
   616021 gtcgccgaga tcacccgcat catcaccccc tacgaaggcg atgcgccgcg tttctacaag
   616081 ggcgactggc gtcggccgtt cgagcgcgcg cccttcggac cgctgcgact ttccaccttc
   616141 gcctacgagc atgtcggccc gccggagcag gtgatcgtct cgcgcttcct ttcggtgagc
   616201 ttcatcgccg ccttgccgga gacggaaaag aacgccgtgg cggcgcaatt gcgcgagctg
   616261 gtcgccagcc atccggcgct caaggggagg gagcaggtag cgctgcccta tcgcaccgag
   616321 gcctatctgg ccgaggcgcg ctaggcgtac tgccccgccg cataacccga ggcccaggcc
   616381 cactggaagt tgaagccgcc gaggtggccg ctgacgtcca gtacttcgcc gacgaaatac
   616441 agccccggcg agcgctgcga ctccatggtc ttcgacgaca cttcgtcggt gctcaccccg
   616501 cccagggtca cttccgcggt gcggtagccc tcggtgcccg agggcgtgac ccgccaggcc
   616561 gaaagctgcc cggcgatacc cgccagttcg gccggggtgt actgcctcat cggcttggag
   616621 acgaaccagc ggtcggccag cagtccggcg agcttcttgg tgaatagctc ggcgagcaaa
   616681 gtcttcagct cgctgttggg acgctcgcgc tgttgctgcg ccagccattc gttggcgtcg
   616741 tggtccggca gcaggtcgat ttccagggta tcgcccggtt gccagtagga ggaaatctgc
   616801 aacatcgccg ggccgctgag gccgcgatgg gtgaacagca ggttctcgcg gaacgcctgg
   616861 ccgttgcagc tcacccggca atccacggag gtgccggaaa gctcggcgca cagctccttc
   616921 agctggtcgg tgatggtgaa cggcaccagc ccggcgcggg tcggcagcac ctcgtggccg
   616981 aactggcgcg ccacctggta gccgaaaccg ctggcgccga gggtcgggat cgacaggccg
   617041 ccgctggcga tcaccagcga ctcgcagcgc atctcgccgg cgctggtacg caggcggtag
   617101 ccgtcgtcgt cgcgggcgat ctcttcgatc gaggtgtcca gcaggatttc cgctccggcc
   617161 tcggcgcatt cgcgcagcag catctcgagg atgtcgctgg acttgttgtc gcagaacagc
   617221 tggccgagtt tcttctcgtg gtacggcacc tggtgcttgg ccaccaggcc gataaagtcc
   617281 cactgggtgt agcgggccag cgccgacttg cagaagtgcg ggttgcgcga aaggaagttg
   617341 gccggctcgg tgtacaggtt ggtgaaattg cagcgcccgc cgccggacat gaggatcttc
   617401 ttgccggcct tgttggcgtg gtcgagtacc cgcacgcggc gcccgcgccc ggccgccgtc
   617461 atcgcacaca tcagcccggc cgccccggcg ccaacgatca gcacatctgt acttgccact
   617521 gtcccactcc gctcatcgga aacggcgcgc atattacccg aagcggcggt cggccgccgg
   617581 agctcccgac gcggtacact gggcgttttc cgcgaaccgc cggacccgtg catgatcccc
   617641 ctcaagtacc tccaggccta tcccgcatcg ctgcaggacc aggtccgcca gctgatcgcc
   617701 gagaaccgcc tgggcgagta cctcgagcgc cgctacccgg ggcgtcacga tgtgcagagt
   617761 gacaaggcgc tgtacgccta caccatgaac ctcaagcagg aacacctgcg caacgcgccg
   617821 ggcctggaca aggtgctcta cgacaacaag ctcgacgtgg tccagcgtgc cctcggcctg
   617881 cacaccgcga tctcgcgggt gcagggcggc aagctcaagg cgaagaagga aatccgcgtg
   617941 gcttccctgt tcaaggacgc cgccccggag ttcctgcgga tgatcgtcgt ccacgaactc
   618001 gcccacctga aggaaagcga gcacaacaag gcgttctacc agctctgcca gtacatgctg
   618061 ccggactatc accagctgga gttcgacctg cgggtgtacc tgacctggaa gagtctctag
   618121 cggctgttac aaggatgaat tctcgatggg aagcgcttcg caacgttcgg tgcaggatct
   618181 ttatgaggac gtgggagatc actaccggat ctttatccgg gcgccattct ttcaattgct
   618241 gaaacacagg gactactggg ttcccctgct gtatttcttc ttcgtgttga tcacgatgtt
   618301 ctgggacttg tattgccact ccggacagta cctctacgaa gccaggagtc tgctcccttt
   618361 ctatctgttc ccgtttctga tcgctgcgct acggataggc gatatcgtcg tcgatacgcg
   618421 ctgtcgcaat gtggagaacc tgggaggctt cgagcgctcc gccgagagca gtcgctacgt
   618481 ccagctttcc ctctacgaac ggcaatggtt ccggctgcgg taccgggcct atggcggtaa
   618541 cctccgctgc ctggcgggcg atctggtgga gaactggcgc ctctggaagg aggtgaattc
   618601 gaaggccgcg aaggatatcg acggcgcagt gatgctgcga ttctttctgc ctccccggga
   618661 ccttgctcgt ctggtcacgc tgttggctgc gctcattgcg gtcatcgcca ctctcatcat
   618721 taccctgggg gctgacaggc agggctattt cgagtttgtc gacaacctgc ccgcctatct
   618781 gaaactgtat tggggcgtcg ttttcatcat tgccttcagc ggtccataca tgatcttcct
   618841 ggggatgcag gcgcgcctgg tactgcgcgc aatgatcgac gcattgtcca tttcccaacc
   618901 aagcgacaag ctgttctatc aattcatcca gcggctcatc tgggcggacg gagtgaaacc
   618961 ggcgaacccc agtgccaaca gcagggtgct acgggcggtc gactccatgg tcgacttctt
   619021 ctacgaggag tggagaagcg ccatcggcaa gcttgtgctg tggctcgttg ccctgcttgt
   619081 gctgcttctt tgcacgcttt tgcattgcct gctccgagtc ttttcctcgg cgagaacgtt
   619141 gggagaggcg ctgatgcgga ttctcttggc tgttctgggg ggcgtttgct ggatagtcgc
   619201 ggcgatccag cgcttgaatc ttgccgtgcc cttccactgg accttcttcg tgctgacggg
   619261 aacgggagcc ttgttcgcaa ccctctgcgg gcagccctga ctcagactgt ccggcgcagg
   619321 cgcgccacgg tctccggcag ttcgcgcatg tgctcgacga tggcgatggc gcccagctcg
   619381 cgcagtacct cggcgtgccc ggcgggaatg tgcccggcgc cgacgaagcc gatcacccgc
   619441 atccccgcgg cgagggcggc gcgggtgccg gtgctgctgt cttccaccac caggcaacgc
   619501 tcgggggcga cgccgagcag gctggcggcg tgcaggtaga cgtcgggtgc gggcttgggc
   619561 agggcgacca tatcggcgct ggccaggcgt tcgccgatca gttcgctgag cccggcgcgc
   619621 gccagcgagc gctccaggct gtggcggcgg ctgttggagg ccaccgcgac aggcaggtcc
   619681 agggccagca gcgcctcgcg tgcgccggga atgggttgga cctgggcgac catctcctcg
   619741 ctgcgctggc gcacctcgcg gttgaagctg tcggggatgc gcaggccgaa gtgcttctcg
   619801 acgcgatcga ggatgtcgcg gctggtcagg ccgaaggtgc cttccagcag gcgctgcagc
   619861 tcctccagcg gcgcgtaggc gctgagcgcc tcgtacatca cgcgctcggc aatgacctcg
   619921 ctgtcgacca ggacgccgtc gcagtcggaa atcagtgcgt cgatggggtg gggcatgggc
   619981 tacctcgctg cgggcgttgg cgcagggcgc cggagtggga gcgaggcatt ctaaccccgg
   620041 tcaggggcgg gaagggaaac agggagaggg agaacgccgg gccgtgcggc ccggcgggaa
   620101 ggaatcaggc gatgcccttc gggttctggc cgtactggtt ctggccggcg tcgctgtcct
   620161 tggccagcag gtagatcagg tacaggccga cgatcgggat cagcgcgatc agcatccacc
   620221 agccgctctt gttgatgtcg tgcagacgcc gggcggtgac gcccagggcc ggcagcagca
   620281 cggcgagcga gtagagattg gcgatcggca ggagcttttc actgatcagg ccgagcacga
   620341 cgctcagcgc aacggagatg atgatgttca ccagggtgaa catccagtat tccttgcgac
   620401 gggcacgccc gttgaagtcg aagtagtgtt ccttcacgca tttcagaaac cattccatgt
   620461 ttgcctcctg ggcgtactgg taaagcggga gagtgggtgc cgcgacaagt acccccgcgc
   620521 ctccttgccg ggaaagcaca gtgtagccgt actgtcagtg aattcgtaca ggatgttgcg
   620581 aaaatcattc acattgcata gcagcggatc gccgaaatgt gcgccggtag cgctttcagc
   620641 gagcggagtc ggcctggcgg cggaaacggc ccggcgatac gccgaaggcc tggcggaaat
   620701 tgcgggaaaa cgccgcctcc gactggtagc cggtctcggc ggcgatatcc agcaggctct
   620761 tctgcgtttg tcgcagcagg ccgcgagcct tctccatgcg gatgcgggtc agcaggttcc
   620821 acggcgaggt tccgccgagg gcggagaagg cgcggacgaa actggcccgc gacatcgccg
   620881 cctgctgggc aagctgttcc agggtccagg catgctccgg gcgttccagc atggcccgca
   620941 gggctcgtcc caggcgggcg tcgcccagca ggccgaacag gccgtcgccc agcggttggc
   621001 ggtccaggta ggcgcgcagg gccagggcga acagcgcggt ggccagcgcg tcgatgatcg
   621061 agcgggcgcc gctgcgggtg ctctcggctt cctcgcgcat caacccgatc agcgcgcgca
   621121 ggggctgctg ggtcgactcg tccatatgca ccagcaggcg ctcggggagc gcgccgaaca
   621181 ggctggcacc ggcgtgatag cggtagctgc cgcaaagcat gtcgagggcc tcgccagggc
   621241 cgttcaactg gtacagcggg atgctgccgc ggtgctctac ggtgggttcg cagggttgcg
   621301 ccgggctgtc gctgcgcagg aggtgcgggg tgccgcgtgg caacagaatc aggtcgccgg
   621361 gatgcaggtc gaggcgaccg ccatcgagga attcgcaata gcaggtgccg gccatgacga
   621421 tatggaaggt cgcctcgccg ggcaccgctt gcgggtgctc cagcgcccag ctgccctgta
   621481 gctggcagcg ctggtcgagg cggccctgca ggttggcgag ctggatgagc cggtcgagtg
   621541 ggtccatggg atgagccgat caggtcgaaa gtagagacgc atgggcaggc ggcgcggtcc
   621601 agactggtcg agactggtaa cccgacgcgc cactcccggc gcgaaagcaa cggagaatat
   621661 caccatgctg aacaactgga ccgagttcgt ccccgccgtg aaaaaagcct tcggtgccct
   621721 gggcaagcaa cacccgaaga tgctcgccgc ctatggcgcg ctggaggaag ccagcgccga
   621781 gggcgccctg gatgccaaga cccgcgaact gatctccatc gccgtggcca ttaccacccg
   621841 ttgcgacggt tgcatcggcg tgcacaccga ggccgcgctg aaggccggcg ccagcgaggc
   621901 ggaaatcgcc cagaccctgg ctaccgccat ctccctgaat gccggcgccg cctatgtcta
   621961 ttcgctgcgc gcgctggaag cctacgacca gttcaaaaag tgaggccgta caggcgctgc
   622021 aggtagaaca gcaaccccag ccaggccacc agggccagcc agcccagccc cagcaggccc
   622081 ttgcgcagca gcgtcgaggg cctgccgtgg agcaggtcga ccaggctcag cacgccgccg
   622141 agcagcagca ggccgagcag cgcctgggtg tactgggcga aactcggcga caacgcctcg
   622201 tcgccgtggg cggcatagtt gtacaggttc caggcgcaga tcagcgtcgc cggcagcagc
   622261 gccagcagcg cgccgagcca gcgcccgcgg acatgcagga ggaagcccgc gagcaggccg
   622321 accagcccgg tacccagcgg tagcagcgcc aggccctggc tgaggtagac caggtcgacg
   622381 ccgtcggcga gcgccatcgg ggtgacgaaa cggtagctgc cgctggcgca gagcagcacc
   622441 gaaagcagca acagggcgta gcccggcagg tacggccaga aggcgggacg cgggggcagg
   622501 tcggacatgg atgttccttg cgggttgtcc gctcgcatga gcgtaggctc aagcgtaccg
   622561 ctgcgcgtga caggcggcga gtaccgttgc ggttgaaccc tccgcgaatg gcgggagtca
   622621 gtcatagggt gacgcgaaaa aacgccggct cacgcgccgg acaccgtatc gaccctggac
   622681 caaggagttc cgttcatgga cctgatccgc atcctcatcg ccatcctcct gccgccgctg
   622741 ggcgtgttcc tgcaagtcgg cttcggcggc gccttctggc tgaacatcct gctcaccctg
   622801 ctcggctaca tcccgggcat cgtccacgcg gtgtacatca tcgccaagcg ttgaggcccc
   622861 tgctcaggcg tagttccatg gttccttcac ggtgaagtcc cgccacgggt cttcgccgtg
   622921 gaaggggccg acatagagca cctcgccgcc ccggacgatc cattccatac cgtgttcgcg
   622981 gtcccattcg cagttcagcg acaggtggat caccgcttcg tcgccctgtt ccgggtcggg
   623041 cacgatcagc tcgcccggtt cgatccgttc cagcaccccg cgcgccggcg cgacttcctc
   623101 cgcagactcg cccagccgct ccaggcgcgc ggcgcggtag cgcaggctgg cggcacaaag
   623161 ccgctcgacc acggcgtcat ccagttcgtc gagggctcgg gcgcagcgcc aggcgtaggc
   623221 gtcgtcggcc tcgttctcga tgaacaggct gatgtagcgc cggtacaggc gacaatacac
   623281 ttcgcccatg ttcgcatcgt ccaggttgcg gatcagttcc atgcgtggtc tccttgttca
   623341 gcagcgttcg gtgagggcga tgccacggcc gtcgccgaag ccatcgtgta cgtgcagcca
   623401 cagcgggatc ggccaggccc agccgccggc cttccaccag cactcggcga accaggcttg
   623461 cagcgtatcg gcgagcaggt cgacgccgcc gaagccgtcg gcgaaatagg cttcgtcgaa
   623521 atccggggca tgtcccaggc cgagcgccag gtccagcgcc ttgccgggaa acaggcgcgg
   623581 gtcgctggcg tccacccggt tgttggcgcc attcaggtac aaccacgctt ccgctgcgtc
   623641 gcgtccgtcc tcgccgagga acagttggat ctcgccgtcg cgtagtcctt cctccagggg
   623701 ttgccggagc agctcgcgca ggcgctggat cacgctcggt gcggcgcatt gcaggtcgcg
   623761 gcggtagcgc tcgcggaatt gttcggggct gaggccgaaa ggaatcatgg gcgtttctcc
   623821 gtcattcggg caggcagggc ccggcttcca gccaggcctc caggctgggt gccaggggtt
   623881 cgaagcagtc cggcgtcatc gcgccatggt cgaccaggaa cagcgcctgc cggtgatcgt
   623941 ccagggccat caccacggcg cggccgctgc tgtcgtcgcc tatggccagg tagccggggc
   624001 agtagagaga ggtttcgaag gcccggttgc gttccagcaa ctcgtcggcg gcgtagagca
   624061 gcaggcccgg ctcgacgagg cggccgccgt gctgctccag agcggcgacg aaggcagccg
   624121 gcagcggtcg tccgagccag gcctctaggg catccaattc aggcttcatc gggctcgtcc
   624181 agggcgaaca atgcatggtg gcgggcatgg gccagcaggc gttcgcccag cgcgtcggcc
   624241 agggcgtaga agcgcgtgtc cagcgcatcc agggccgctt cgcagtcgcg gtcgggttca
   624301 tcggcccagg tcggcatgcg caactggcgt tcggcctggg agactggcac cggaccgtcg
   624361 ccgaacagca gggcggcggc tcgctccagc agggccaggg cgtcctccgc ctccaattcg
   624421 cgaagacccg cgcgcgccgc ctggtactgg tcgccgcagg agttgccgaa gtactggtcg
   624481 aagccgccgc tgtgcacttc gccgctgagc acgctcactg cgtagtagct ccgttcggcc
   624541 ggcgacagcc cggcgaatcc ctcgcggcca tcgtagacgc gattcaccag cgcgctccag
   624601 tacagcgcct gcggactcgc caagtagcgc cgtcgctccg tgtggaaacg cttgccatcc
   624661 tcgatgttct gccggtagcc gcccttgcag ggaatgcaca gtccgtcgtt cctcgccgct
   624721 gtggtcggga gaatgagatg gccgcaggcg cggcagggaa ggcggtcggt catgagcggt
   624781 ccttgctggt ggaaggggct cattattgcg caggatcgtt cagcttgaac gacagtttgg
   624841 cttgccagcc tggcacggca ttgcccgctg gcatgaccga ccctctatcc cttcggggag
   624901 aggggcatga ggaccggcgc ggagcgagaa gcattacccc gcgccagccc cctcagctac
   624961 gactcacgga aacggccacg ccggcgaccc ctggctcatg tccagaagct tcaccgtgct
   625021 gtattcgttg gtccggttgt tggcatagaa gaacgccggc tgctcggcga aaccgtaggc
   625081 cgccacctgc gcctgggccg ctgccgaggt acggatgccc catagcgcga aggttggccg
   625141 ctggtcgcgc tgggtcagcc aggacaggcc gagcaacagg ttgtcgttgc cgtccgtgct
   625201 gctggcatcg ccgctgtttc ccgggcgctg ggcgtaggtg ccgtagccga gagcggcctt
   625261 gttggcgtcc cagtcggact tgtccacctg gcgctggtgc aggtagagca gggtccagat
   625321 atcccaaccc tgcagcggat cgttcttcag gtcggcccag tagtgcaccc actgggtata
   625381 gaaggccatc cgctcgccgt tcagcgcgta ggtgcccggg tcttcccaca ggcgcttgta
   625441 tacgcctgcc agcggatcgg cttcggcgcg tccggcgacg atcaggttgt aggcgttgcg
   625501 gtagttgacc cgcgtatcgt cgaggttctg cccgaactcg cggagcacgc gccagtcctt
   625561 gtgcaacggg aatatctggt tggagatttc gcccgagcgc ccgccgtaga tcttcagtcg
   625621 attcacttgc aggttgtggc ccagctcatg gctttcgccc cagccacgcg ggttcaggcc
   625681 ccaggtctgg tcgtaggggt tgccgctgca accgccgccg cactgggcgt actggtcgac
   625741 gttgatgtgc tgggtgccgg gcagcttgtg cagggtctcg ctgtcgcagt cccagccgcg
   625801 caccgcgcat tcctgctgga ttgccggagt cttcgcctgg ttgggaatgg cgaagccggc
   625861 cagggtgtag gcgtcgtcga tgaacacctc gttcaactca cggatgaagc gctggacgtc
   625921 gccgccatag tccttgtcga tcgagccacg gaccttctcc accttggcgt ggacctccac
   625981 cgagccgctg cggatctcca gccagtcggc cttgtcggcg tccagcgcct ggatgaagtc
   626041 ggcaatcgcc tggctgctgt cctcgcccgg ctggatgtcg aggaacggct ggctggccgc
   626101 gccggttacc ttgacggtta ccgtctgtcc cggcgtggcg ccgctgtaga ccagttgcaa
   626161 caggccgccg tagggcgata ccagcgccac cgactggttt gcctggagct tgatgtccgg
   626221 gctcttgagg aagcgcgggc ggtcatactg gcgggtattc cacagccgcg tcgagccgat
   626281 gcgctgggtg ttcaggccga ccgccaggct ggcctggcca gcgtcttcga tgcgaatgct
   626341 caggcgcttg cccggcgccg ccatgcggcc gatggcggtg aagccctggg ccgacggcaa
   626401 ggtgagggtc agggtttcct ccgagcccga taccggcatc gactgttggc gctggccggc
   626461 gtagctgccc agttccttct gcgccgcgcc ggcctcgcgc acgtagccga cgatggcgtc
   626521 ggcgacgaag gtttcctgga agcgcgccgt gtcggcggcc ttgtccatcg ggtagcggat
   626581 gttctgccgc accgcgtcgg cccacagcag ccagagccgc agcgaggtgg tgccgggcag
   626641 ggcgaagagg ttctgcgcct tctggttgta ggcgtcgagg gcgcctttca gtacatcgac
   626701 gcgcttgctg aagtcgctca gtcccggcac gtcgtcgcag gtggtgcgac cgacgtagga
   626761 ggtgcatttc gaccagtcgt agtccgtgcg ccagctaccg tcgacgatct gctgcaccag
   626821 cgccgggtcc tggccatagg cgccgcccag ctcgaccgaa cgcgtccggg tgcggctgga
   626881 tggcaccctg tccttgtccc agtagttgcc gccgtagggg ccttcctgca ggcccaggcc
   626941 ggtgaggatc tgctggccgg tgctgctctg gttccagcca ttggtgtgca cgaagaggat
   627001 cggcagcccg gcctgtagcc gtgcgcgcac cgtggcgctc aggctagcgg cgctggcgcc
   627061 gttgcccagt accagcaatt tgctggtgct ggcgcaactg gcgtcggtca gcgcgttgca
   627121 ggcggcgtcc gccggttgca ggccggcgct cttcaggccg ttgagggcgg cggtcttgtc
   627181 caccccgacc acgctgactt tgaagtcctt cgcagtggcc gcgcccgggt cgccgttcac
   627241 cagccactgc accgcccgct tcagcagcgg cgcgtgggcg gcattggccc cgctcaactg
   627301 ggtgagcacg ttggtgccat aggccagccc gcggccgccg gcctccaggc tcaggctggc
   627361 gagcacgcgg cccttgtcgc cgatgaggaa gggcagggta ttgtccgggt tggccggcag
   627421 gacccacatg ctggcggcgc caggatcata ggcttggctg aggttctggt agagaccgtc
   627481 gagcaactgg gtgcgggtct ggcggatgcg ctcgacctgc tgctgcaggc gcagggcgac
   627541 caggtggctg tcggtcagtt gcgaggaatc cccgctgacc agtgccgcat cgaggatttc
   627601 ttcctgggtg gccgcctggg cggacagcgc gccagccagg cagaaaccgg ccagcaacgc
   627661 tcggtggcga gggatgggtg agcgactcat gttctctcct tgcagtgagg gaaatgcagt
   627721 ggtggacagg ctcacaactg gcgctatcgg cccgtggagg gcggcatatt gttatgggtg
   627781 cgccgggtat cgcgtcgaac agggaatggg cctcggacaa tgccggaaat acgcatgggc
   627841 gatccgctgc atcgaacgag tcaaggcgag aggagcatgt tgggaaaggc ggaaaaacta
   627901 tctgttctgg ttgtttttga actgcgtctg attattttgt ttttattttt accgattgtt
   627961 cgaagcgctc tggaataggc gttccagcgt ttcctgtgac gaaacgatcc agactttggt
   628021 tagggtcttg gaaaataccg aggatgtatt tccagagctg tcgatggagt tggaagttgc
   628081 agtttcatga aggtttaggt acttcgaagt taccgcgttg gcgatggaat cgatatcgtc
   628141 cggtagtgcc ttcggaagtg cctgataagt gccttcccac gctcaggcgg cgaacagagc
   628201 cgccacgtcc atctgattcc gctccgccag cgccagttcg ccttcgccga aacttgcgct
   628261 gctgccgcct acaccctgcg attgatcgcg cagtgggtgg cgattgacac cgaagcctgt
   628321 gacctgcagc acggctctcc ggtgcaacgg tagagaccta tcggcaggtg ctggaaacct
   628381 gccgtttcca gcacgaagat gccgtagggt gagagaaata cgtggtcgat ctgtgtcgtg
   628441 ccgtccggcg tgttcagggt gacgttgtgc aggcggcggt aggtgtgcct gtccagttgc
   628501 caatgggcga acaggcgcac cagcagttca ccgatctgcc ccttggccca aggcgatttg
   628561 agcaggccga tcagcagggc tgccgggata aaccaggtca gcatgcccca gacctgggcg
   628621 actatcgggc tgtaatccac tttcttcctt gagccgagct gcttaatgga gaggcgacca
   628681 ttgtcctatg gcgcgatgac gcatcaagga ctgatgagcc cggtgcaggc gctcagcgtg
   628741 ctatctggta acgggtgcta cgccctctgc cgggcagtcg ctcgatgcag cccttttcca
   628801 gcaggtcgct caggtggcgg gtcgctgtgg ctttggaaac cttggccaca gcttggtatt
   628861 gcgccgcact gatgccctcc tcgaaccccc tttcgccgcc atcgagcagg cggttaagca
   628921 ctttgatctg ctccgccgat agcgtttggc tgcgatgtgc ctgccagaag cgcgccttga
   628981 ccagcacgcg gtcgatacga gcaagagcct gctccaggct gttgagcaac gtcgcgagaa
   629041 accattgcag ccagttggtg atatccagcg tgcttttctg acttgcttcg agaatgcggt
   629101 agtaaccggc gcggtcgtcg aggatgctcg cagacatggc gtagaagcga atggcttgct
   629161 gctcaccctg agccaatgcc agatcggtga tagcgcgggt gaggcgaccg ttgccgtcgt
   629221 cgaaggggtg cagggtaacg aaccagaaat gggcgatgcc ggcgcgcaga aagggatcga
   629281 ggctggcatc gcggcggctg ctctcgaacc aggcgagaaa gtccgccagt tgcgcttcca
   629341 gccccgcgcg gggaggggct tcgaaatgga ctgtcgggcg gtcgatgcga ccggaaacca
   629401 cctgcatggg ctcttcgcca cgcagtgcac cgatgtgtag cggtcgagtc agcagttgct
   629461 catcagtggg gaatagccaa cggtgccagg tgaatagtcg ctgttcgtcc agcggctctt
   629521 gctgtgcgtg ggtggcatcg agcagcagtt ccgccaggcc ttcggagcga gaggtggttc
   629581 gaccttcttc gtgcaatccc agtcgccgtg ccagtgatga gcgcaccgaa ccgacattca
   629641 gttgctctcc ctcaatggct gaagaggtga cgatgttctg cagcatggca tccaggctgc
   629701 tctgcacttc ggtgtcactc cccacggcac cgagcattcc taacaaacga ccctgagcct
   629761 ggctacagga gcgcagcagt ggtgcaagcg cttcggcttg ccagttgaac tgcggccagt
   629821 cgggctgctg ccagatccag agtgggtcgt tcataaggga tattcatgag ccgattagag
   629881 agcctattcg gctcattttg tgagccgata atggcaacta ttcggctcac tgtctaattc
   629941 tcaagctggg ttgatagctt gatgagcatg cctgttcagg gtgactgagt cagctaaagc
   630001 gcctgtttca gcacgtcaaa aaccttgtgg acagaggtcg gccgtacccc ttgggcatcg
   630061 ataaaatttg atgcagggac atgtagctct cgggctacaa aatgggggca ggtcacatgc
   630121 gctcggagcc gcagtgctgg atgtacacgc cgcgtaccat ctcgtcttcg gtgcggcgtg
   630181 cccagtcttc ggcgtcgcgc ttggtgcgga aggttttttc gttggtcggc caatccgttt
   630241 tgcggcccac gggaaggggg gacgactgtt gccatcagat aaggactcca aaggcaaact
   630301 ggctaaccag tactgtacca actttgtacc ttttggccat ggagtcgttt atgaggccac
   630361 taccctagaa agcgcaaagc cgcgcagtgc gcggctttga aggtggtggg cccacacgga
   630421 ctcgaaccgt ggaccaaagg attatgagtc ctctgctcta accgactgag ctataggccc
   630481 ccagaaggtc ggcggattat accggcgctt ctcggggagc gccaatcggc tggcgcggtt
   630541 tgaggaattt gctggcgaac agctcggcgg gcagcggcgg gctgaggacg aagccctgga
   630601 tctgctcgca gccttcgtgg gtgaggaagc tctgctgacc ttcggtttcc acgccttcgg
   630661 cgatcaccgt gagctgcatg ctgcggccga gggcgatgat ggcgcgggtg atggcggcat
   630721 cgtggggatc gtcggggagg ccgcggatga acgacttgtc gatcttcagg atgtccagcg
   630781 gcaggcgctt gaggtagctg agcgaggagt agccggtgcc gaagtcgtcg atcgccagct
   630841 gtacgccgag acgcttgagg ccgtggagga cggcgagggc ctcctcggtc tggttcatga
   630901 tgaagctctc ggtgatttcc agttgcagcc gcgacggttc cagcccggac tgctccagca
   630961 gttgctcgag gcgttcgatc agttgcggct ggccgagctg ggcgccggcg aggttgaccg
   631021 atagcgggcc gaacggcgcg tgcagctttt gccattcgcc catctgctgg caggcgtgtt
   631081 ccagcaccca gtcgccgagg ggcaggatca ggccgcaatc ctcggcgagg gggatgaagc
   631141 gctccgggga aatttccccg aacagcggat ggtaccagcg caccagtgcc tcggcgccga
   631201 ccagcaagcc gctctccagg ctcagcttgg gttggtagta gagctgcaac tcgtcgcgct
   631261 cgagggcgcg gcgcagttcg gtttccagcg ccatgcgctc ggtggccagg taggtcagtt
   631321 cgcgggtgta gtactcgatg cggctgcggc cccgcgactt ggcgcggtac atggcggcgt
   631381 cggcgttctt caccagggtc ggggcgtcgt cgccgtcctt ggggaacagg gcgatgccga
   631441 cgctggcgct gacgaagaat tcatgaccgt cggcctggaa cggcgcggtg aaggcattca
   631501 gcagcttgcg cgcgacgtgc tcggcgtcgc tttcctggtg caggccgggg agcaggatga
   631561 tgaattcgtc gccccccagg cgggccacgg tatcgacgtc gcgcaactgg tcgcgcaggc
   631621 gttcggcgat ggccttgagc agcaggtcgc cgatgggatg gccgaggctg tcgttgatgt
   631681 gcttgaagcg gtccaggtcg atgaacagca cggcgccggg acgactctct tcgcgggcct
   631741 cgtcgagggc gtgattgagc cggctctcga acagcaggcg attgggcagg ccggtgagcg
   631801 gatcgtggtg ggcctggtag tcgagccggg cctgggcgta cttgagggtg gagatatcgg
   631861 cgaagacgcc gacgaagtgg gtgatctcgc cctgcggatt gtgtaccgcg ctgatggtca
   631921 gccattcggg gtacagctcg ccggtcttgc gtcggttcca gatctcgccc tgccagtgcc
   631981 cgtcgcgctc cagctggttc cacatggcga ggtagaagct ggagtcgtgt tgtccggagg
   632041 agagcaggct gggcgagcgt cccagcgcct cctgctcgct gtagccggtg atctcgctga
   632101 aggcgcggtt gaccgcggtg atgcgttggc gggtatcggt gatcatcacg ccttcggcgg
   632161 tgctttcgaa gacggtggcg gcctgctgca gcttctcctg catgagctgg cgctcggtga
   632221 tatcgcgggc gatggtcagc acgcagtcct cgccatcgat gctgatccgg tgggcggaca
   632281 tctcgcactg gcggatgcca ccgttgcggt cccgtacagg ggcggtgaag ccctgggtca
   632341 gggtgtggtg gcgtaccagc gagatcaggc gcttgcggtc ctcggtgtcg acccacaggc
   632401 cgagttcgag cgtggagcgg gagatgacct cgtcgcggcg gtagccggtg agacgggtga
   632461 agccatcgtt cacgtcgatc agcgtgccgt cttcgaggcg gctgatcagc agaccgtcgg
   632521 ggtaggcatg gaaggcgttg gcgaacttct cctcggagat ccgcagcagt tcctgggtct
   632581 ccaccaggtg ggtgatgtcg cggatcacta ccaccagcgc cggggtctgg tcgagggcca
   632641 cgtgctgggc gctgagcagc gcgctgaagg tactgccatt gcggcgccgc aggggcacct
   632701 cgaggttggt caggttgccg tggccgagct tttccaggac ctgcgggccc aggccgggga
   632761 gtgcccagat gcccagctcg gtggcggtct tgccgatggc gtcgtcggcg gcgatgccga
   632821 tctgctgctc gaaggtgctg ttcaccgcga ggaagcggcc gtcggcaccg ttggccagta
   632881 ccaccatgtc cgggcagtgg tggaacaccg aagcgaactt ctgttcggac aggcgcatgg
   632941 cctgctcggt gagcttggcc tcggtgatgt cgatcatcag accgcgcagg agcaggtccc
   633001 ggccttgcgt gatcggggtg accagatcgc gaatccagac cactcggccg tcggcggcga
   633061 gcatccggta gtcgaagctg tggtcgcgtc cggcctggct ttcgctcatg cagtagtgga
   633121 tggcgtactc ggcgtccatg gggtgcaggg tccgctgcca gaagcccggc tgcagccatt
   633181 cgccgagggg atagccgagc aggcgttcgg cgtggggcga gacgtaggtg aagcggttct
   633241 cctcgaggcg catttcccag gcgatggcat tcaggctttc caccagtccc cggtagtgct
   633301 gttcgctgtc gcgcagttcg cgctccaatt gccgccggcg attcacctcg cggcgcaggc
   633361 ggcggttcat ggccagcagt atggcgaccg agaccaggat cagcaggacg atgggaagac
   633421 cgtaggtcgc catctcgcgc caggccggac gtcggtcgag caggccgccg acccaggggg
   633481 cctggagtcg ctcgatctcc tcggcgctga ggtcggcgag gaccttgtcg acgatcccgg
   633541 cgaggatcgg ttgtccgcgc ggcacggcca tcgccagttg gtagcggtat ggcgtctcgc
   633601 cgctgatctc caggccgttg agcttgagct ggcggaggtt ccatacgctg gaggcgaagt
   633661 cgccgacgaa ggcgtcggcc tggccggtgg ccagcgcctg cagggctgcc gctaccgaag
   633721 gcagcggcag cagggtgagg tcgggatgct gggcgatcag cagttcgtga ggagcatagt
   633781 ggtcgaccac cgcgaccttg agcccgtaga gctcgtcgat gcgcttcggc atcgggccgt
   633841 tcttgcgtgc caggatgatg atcgggaagt ccaggtaggg ccgggtgaag ctcaggtact
   633901 cctggcgctc cggggtagcc atgatgccgg gcagcaggtc cagccgaccg tccttggcct
   633961 gctccaggac ctgcgtccag gtcttcggtt cgacaggcgt caggctgacg cccaggcgtt
   634021 cctgcagcag gctgacgtag ccggcggcga gtccctggta gcggccctgt tcgtcgcgga
   634081 actcgaatgg cggccaggag gtgtccacgc ccaggcggat gctcgggtgc tcggccagcc
   634141 aggcccgttc ctcgggcgtg agcgtgaggg cgccggccag ccccggccag cagcaggcca
   634201 gacacaggag aagcacggcc tgcagacgct gcatgaggcg gtctcgcggt ggacgggaat
   634261 ataagcggaa gtgtagacgc cgggcggcgg ggcaagcggc aaagaaaaac ccccggtttt
   634321 tcaggccggg ggttcgttcg tcactcgtcg aggaaggagc gcaggtgctc gcttcgcgac
   634381 ggatggcgca gcttgcgcag cgccttggct tcgatctggc ggatccgctc gcgggtcaca
   634441 tcgaactgct tgccgacttc ctcgagggtg tggtcggtgt tcatgtcgat gccgaagcgc
   634501 atgcgcagca ccttggcttc ccgggcagtg aggccggcga ggacttcgcg ggtggattcc
   634561 ttgaggctct cgctggtcgc catctcgatc ggcgactgca tggtggagtc ctcgatgaaa
   634621 tcgcccaggt gcgaatcttc gtcgtcaccg atcggggttt ccatggagat cggctctttg
   634681 gcgatcttca gtaccttgcg gatcttgtcc tcaggcatgt ccatgcgctc gccaagctct
   634741 tccggggtgg gctcgcgacc catttcctgg agcatctggc gggagatgcg gttgagcttg
   634801 ttgatcgtct cgatcatgtg caccgggatg cggatggtgc gtgcctggtc ggcgatcgaa
   634861 cgggtgatcg cctggcgaat ccaccaggtg gcgtaggtgg agaacttgta gccgcgacgg
   634921 tattcgaact tgtccaccgc cttcatcagg ccgatgttgc cttcctggat caggtcgagg
   634981 aattgcaggc cgcggttggt gtacttcttg gcgatggaaa tcaccaggcg caggttggcc
   635041 tcgaccattt ccttcttcgc ccggcgagcc ttggcttcgc cgatcgacat cgcgcggttg
   635101 atttccttga tctcggcgac ggtcagctcg acctcgcttt ccagggccgc cagcttctgc
   635161 tggttgcgca ggatgtcgtc gcgcaggcgc tcgatggcct cggcgtactt cggcttgctc
   635221 ttcaggacgc tgtcgaccca cttctcgtcg gtctcgtggt tcgggaacag gcgcaggaag
   635281 tcggcacgcg gcatgcgcgc gtcacgcacg cagagctgca tgatggcgcg ttcctgggcg
   635341 cgcacgcctt ccagggcgga gcgcacgcgg gcgaccaggg cgtcgaactg cttggggacc
   635401 agcttgatcg gcatgaacag ctcggccagg ccggtgagtt cggcggtggc ctgcttgctg
   635461 ccgcgaccgt gcttcttcag ggccttcttg gccttgtcga gctgctcgga gaccgcggtg
   635521 aaacgcaggc gggcttcttc cggatccgga ccgccgtcgc cttcgtcgtc gctgtcgctg
   635581 ctgtcgtcgc tttcttcttc ctcgtcgtcc ttctctttcg agtcggcgga atcgtccttc
   635641 aggttgaccg gctccacctc ttcggcgggc aggctgccgt catcgggatc gatatagccg
   635701 ctgaggacgt cggagaggcg accgccttcg gcgacgatgc gattgtagtc ggccaggatg
   635761 ctgtccaccg tgcccgggaa ctgggcgatg gcgctcatca cttcgcggat gccttcctcg
   635821 atgcgcttgg cgatttcgat ctcgccttcg cgggtcagca gttccacggt acccatttca
   635881 cgcatgtaca tgcgcaccgg gtcggtggtg cgaccgatgt cgctttccac cgcggccagg
   635941 gccgctgcgg cttcttccgc tgcggcttcg tcggtatccg cctcggccag caacagggca
   636001 tccgcatccg gggctgtctc gaatacgttg atccccatgt cgttgatcat gcggatgatg
   636061 tcttccacct gttccggatc ggaaatatcc tccggcaggt ggtcgttgac ctccgcgtaa
   636121 gtcaggtatc cctgctcacg gcctcgggcg atcaactctt tcagacgaga ttgctgttgc
   636181 gcttttccgg acataacacc ctatccactg aaggtcttgg cgggcaaaaa ataagcagag
   636241 gattatacct gatgcctggg ctgaggcgcc agttcagctc tgggaaggcg atgaagcggc
   636301 aacactgtag tgctctctga gcaaggcttt ctcttcatcg gtcagttcac tgtagctctt
   636361 ctgcatgacg ctgcgtaaac gctcctcccg ctcgccgaaa cgctggctct cggagagttt
   636421 agtaatggtg tcgaagaact gcttttcaag gttctcctgg acgatcagcc actccttctc
   636481 gcccagggcc tgcagcaggc ggccctgggg cgtgccgtgc cagcgcgcga tgagttgcat
   636541 cgagctctgc cgcgggttct tctgcagggc ttccagcagg gacaccagca actgggcgta
   636601 ggtatcctgc tccctggcga gggtgcccgc atcgtcgacc ttcaaggcca actgcggatg
   636661 atgcagcaag gtgcgcaggg cgttgagggt ggtggactcc acgctgaccg gcgttcgttg
   636721 cggagtcttg aagtcgccgc ggccgccttt gtcccacttc ttcttgccat cccacttctt
   636781 gccgtcccag ggcttcttgt ccttgttcca gctcttgcgc ggttgcgcct cgccatagcc
   636841 tggcgcagcg tcgaacggcg catgggaggg ctcgttctcg tagtaggcgc tggcggcgaa
   636901 atagtcgtcg ccgtccaagg cgccgctcgc tccgtgatcc atggacgacg gtggcgggct
   636961 gtggtgcgcc agttgtccga tgttttcgcc ggacaggccg gtgatttccg acagacgttg
   637021 ccgcatcagc aggcgcaggt tgttcccggg aatcttctcc agcagcggcg cggcgagggt
   637081 cgccaggtgg gccttgcctt ccagggtggc ggggtcggcc tcgagcatca gttgctggaa
   637141 gaagtactcc gccagcggct gggcctgctg ggtgatgcgt gcgcggaagg catcctcgcc
   637201 ctcggcgcgt accaggctgt ccgggtcctc gccctcgggg aggaacagga agcgcacgcg
   637261 cttgccgtcc tgcaggttcg gcagcaccga ctccagggcg cgccaggccg ccttgcgccc
   637321 ggcctggtcg ccgtcgaaac agaacaggat gctcggtacc aggcggaaca ggcgcttgat
   637381 gtgttcctcg ctggtcgccg tgccgagggt cgccaccgcg ttgcggatgc cttgctgggc
   637441 cagggcgatg acatccatgt agccctcgac caccatgatc tcgtcgaggt cgcgattctt
   637501 ctgccgggcc tcgtagagtc cgtagagttc ctggcccttg tggaagaccg gagtctccgg
   637561 ggagttcagg tacttcggct tgtcgtcgcc gagcacccgg ccgccgaagg cgatgatccg
   637621 cccgcggctg tcgcggatcg ggaacatcac gcgatcgcgg aagcggtcgt agcgcttgcc
   637681 ggtgtcgctg ttctccacca gcaggccggc gtcgagcatg gccttgagtt gcaggttgtc
   637741 gccacccagg tgcttgagca ggttgtccca accgggcggg gcgaaaccga ggccgaagtc
   637801 gcgggcgatc tcgccggtca ggccgcggcc cttcaggtag ttcaccgcgg ccttgcgcgc
   637861 cgggtggctt ttcagcgcct gcttgtagaa ctcggcggcg gcgctgagca gcgggtagag
   637921 cggcgagtcg gtcggctggc gcggcgtgtg cccgcgtccg ccgcgttcct cgcgcggcac
   637981 gtccatgccg gcgcgcttgg ccagttcctc gaccgcctgg gggaactcca gctggtcgtg
   638041 gtccatgacg aagccgagcg cgttgccgcc ggcgccgcag ccgaagcagt agtagaactg
   638101 cttgtccggg ctgacggtga acgagggagt cttttccttg tggaacgggc agcaggcgct
   638161 gtagttcttg ccggttttct tcagttggat gcgtgaactc accacctcga cgatgtcggt
   638221 gcggttcagc aggtcatcga tgaagctttg cggtatcagg ccggccatgg tgttctcgaa
   638281 aacgacggcg cgtgggcgca gagcggcagc atagcaatta tcgccgggcc gatcaggccg
   638341 gcgcggtgtt tcaggaggag aggcgcgcct tcaggcgctg gctgacctgt gccatgtcga
   638401 cgcgaccctg gacctgcggt cgcagcaggt tcatcgcctt gcccatgtcc tgcggaccct
   638461 gggcgccgct gtcgacgatg ctgcgctcga tcagggcgtc gatctcatgg tcgtccaggg
   638521 gcttgggcat gaagtcctgg agcacgagga tctcggcagc ctcgacctcg gcgaggtcct
   638581 ggcggccggc gtcgctgaac tggcgctggg cgtcgcggcg ctgcttgatc atccggtcga
   638641 ggatcagcag ggctcgggcg tcatccacct cgatgcgttc gtcgacttcg acgcgcttga
   638701 tgtccgcgag ggccaggcgc aacgtggtca gccgcggctt gtcctgggcg cgcatggcga
   638761 ccttgacggc gtcgaggagg cgggatttga tttcgctcat ggcggaaagc cgaaagcccg
   638821 gccggggccg ggctgaggca cgatcactga cgcgtgggcg tcgagtggat cagtacaggc
   638881 gctcgcgacg gcgctgttcg cgctgtactt tcttcgcgtg gcgcttcact gcggcagcgg
   638941 ccttgcgctt gcgctcggca gtgggcttct cgtagaactc gcggctgcga acttcagcca
   639001 gtacacctgc tttttcgcag gagcgcttga aacgacgcag ggctacgtcg aagggttcgt
   639061 tctcttttac tttgacggct ggcatccagg tcgtaccttc actgattacc gggggttgaa
   639121 cgtactccgg caaggtggcg cggatacgtc ggttttcaag ggttgcggat attaacggtt
   639181 cggccggagg aatgcaaagc ctccgatcga aaaacactgg tctggcgcaa agccgccgat
   639241 tatcatgcgc ggcttcgtat ttgccaagct ctaaggctca agcccatgcg cgtgctggga
   639301 ctggaaacgt cctgcgacga aaccggcgtc gccctttacg acagcgaacg cggcctgctg
   639361 gccgacgcgc tgttcagtca gatcgacctc catcgcgtct acggcggcgt cgtgcccgag
   639421 ctggcctcgc gcgaccacgt caagcgcatg ctgccgctga tccgccaggt gctcgacgag
   639481 tccggctgca cgccggcgga tatcgacgcg atcgcctata ccgccggccc cggcctggtc
   639541 ggcgccctgc tggtgggggc ttcctgtgcc caggcgatgg ccttcgcctg gggcgtgccg
   639601 gcggtcggcg tgcaccacat ggaagggcac ctgctggcgc cgatgctgga agagcagcca
   639661 ccgcggttcc cgttcgtcgc cttgctggtt tccggcggtc acacccagtt ggtgcgggtg
   639721 gacggcatcg gtcgctacca gttgcttggc gaatcggtgg acgacgccgc cggcgaagcc
   639781 ttcgacaaga ccgccaagct gatcggcctg ggctatcccg gcggtccgga aatcgcccgc
   639841 ctggcggagc tcggcactcc tggccgcttc gtgttcccgc ggccgatgac cgatcgcccc
   639901 ggcctggact tcagcttcag cgggctcaag acctttaccc tgaacacctg gcagcgttgc
   639961 gtcgaggccg gcgacgacag cgagcagacc cgctgcgaca tcgccctggc gttccagatc
   640021 gcggtggtcg agaccctgct gatcaagtgc cgtcgcgcct tgaagcagac cggcctgaag
   640081 aacctggtga tcgccggcgg cgtcagcgcc aaccaggcgc tgcgcagcgg cctggaaaag
   640141 atgctcggcg aaatgaaggg gcaggtgttc tacgcccgcc cgcgcttctg caccgacaat
   640201 ggcgcgatga tcgcctacgc cggctgccag cgcctgctcg ccggccagca tgacggcccg
   640261 gcgatcagcg tccagccgcg ctggccgatg gagtcgctgc cggcggtctg agtggccgcc
   640321 aggtcgcagt caggcaggtg tcgatgacgc agctgggcca gactgcatga agttttttcc
   640381 ttttatggat tagaaatgcc gttcgcggcc ggcgaacaga tcgcgtaagt tggcgcggtg
   640441 ccgccagacg atcaggccgg tcagcacggt catcggcagc agcgctccgg gctgctgcca
   640501 ggccagcaac ggcagggtca gcggggtggc caccagcgag gcgagcgagc tggtgcgcga
   640561 cagcttgaag gtcagcagcc aggccgccgc ggccagcagt acggccggcg gatagaggcc
   640621 gaggagcatg cccgcggcgg tggcgacacc cttgccgccg cggaagttga agtacagcgg
   640681 gtacaggtgg ccgatcacgg cggcgatgcc gacccaggcc tcctccatca cgccgagccc
   640741 cagccagcgg gcgaccagca ccggcagcag gcctttgccg acgtcgccga gcagggtcag
   640801 gatggcgagt ttcttcccgg cgacgcgcag catgttggtc gcgccggggt tgccggaacc
   640861 gctggcgcgc gggtcctggg tgccgaacca gcggctgagc aggacggcga aggagaggga
   640921 accgagcagg taggcgagga tcgccagtag ccagaccatg gattccaccg aggacgagga
   640981 tgtcctcgat tctaacgggg cggcgcacgc ttgtcgtggc atcccttgga gcgggtagcg
   641041 aagtggacag agtttttatc gaaggcttgg aggtcgatac cgtcatcggc gtgtacgact
   641101 gggagcgcgg catccgtcag tgcctgcgcc tggacctgac cctgggctgg gacaaccgtc
   641161 cggccgccgc gggcgacaat ctcgccctgg cgctggacta tgccgcgttg tccgagcggg
   641221 tgcaggagtt cgcccgggaa tcgcatttcc agttggtgga aaccttcgcc gagcgcctcg
   641281 ccgaggtact gatgggcgag cgcggcattc cctggctgcg catccgcgtg accaagcccg
   641341 gcgcggtgcc ggcggcccgt ggcgttggcg tggagatcga acgcggatgt cgctgatccc
   641401 ggtctacctc ggcctcggca gcaatgtcga gcgtgagcgc catctgcatg ccggcctcga
   641461 tgcgctggcc gctttccttc atgacctgcg ttgttcgccg gtattcgaga gcgagccggt
   641521 gggtatcaag agcgggccgt tcttcaacct ggtggtgtct gcccgcaccg atctgccgct
   641581 ggccgaactg agcctgcgac tcaagcacat cgaggccgac aatggccgct atgcgccaga
   641641 gcgcaagggg ctgccgctgg atatcgacgt gctgttctac ggcgacctgg tgggcgattt
   641701 cgatggcctg gtgctgccgc gcgccgaagt gctgaagaac gctttcgtgc tctggccctt
   641761 gtccgagctg gcgccgaacc tggagcatcc ggtcgcccgc cagccgctgg gcgatctctg
   641821 gcgcgagacg aggatccagc agaagctctg gccggcgcca ttcgaatggc gtggccaggc
   641881 gttgactccc gaagcgctgc ttcaggcctt tccgcgttct tccttgtagg ccttgagtgc
   641941 ggcgaggcgc gcacgcttca gcgcctcgcc cagttccgcg cccttcaagc ccttttccac
   642001 cagcggcttc acgctgactg cccgcgctgc ctgcgccgcg ccgagcaggt aggcggcctg
   642061 cggatagtcc cgctgttcca ggccgaggcg gccgcgtgcg tccatctcgc tggcggcgac
   642121 gaactcctcg aaacgctgcg ggcggcgata cacgtcgaag ctctgcaaca gctccagcag
   642181 tgtattcggg cgcagctcca gcgcccgatg ggcgtgggtg tggtactcgc ccaccaggcg
   642241 cgccagttcc tggcagtcgc gcggcaccct gaagcgctgg ttcaccgcat cgatcaacgg
   642301 cacgccgcga gcctcgtggg cgatatggcg gggccagtcc gcttcgctgg tgagtccctt
   642361 gcccaggtcg tgcagcaggc aggcccagcg tacgctgagc ggctgccggt ggcgggcgca
   642421 ttgctgcaat accgacagga catggacgcc ggtatcgatt tccggatggt gggccgccgg
   642481 ctgcggtacg ccgaatagcg cctcgacttc cgggatcagt tcggccaggg cgccgcagtc
   642541 gtgcaggacc tggatgaaga cctcggggtt gggttccatc agggctcggg aaatttcctt
   642601 ccaactgcgc tccggggtca gcgcctgcaa ctcgccggat tccgccagtt ggcgcatcag
   642661 ggcgagggtt tcggcggcga cccggaagcc caggccggcg tagcgggcgg cgaagcgcgc
   642721 tacgcgcagg acccgcaggg gatcctcggc gaacgccggg gaaacgtggc gcagcaggcg
   642781 cgcctcgagg tcggcctggc cgccgtaggg gtctattacc cggccctgtt cgtcctcggc
   642841 catggcgttg atggtcaggt cacggcgagt caggtcttcc tccagggtca cctcggggct
   642901 ggcatggaag gtgaagccgc cgtagccgcg cccgctcttt cgctcggtgc gcgccagggc
   642961 gtattcctcg ccgctctgcg gatgaaggaa gaccgggaag tcggcgccca ccgggcggta
   643021 gccgcgggcg agcatctcgt cgctgctggc accgaccacc acccagtcga tatcggtgac
   643081 cggacggccg agaaggcgat cgcgcacggc gccgccgacc ttgtaaatct gcatgggaat
   643141 cctccgcgtg ataggcggaa gtctacccca gggtgtccta gcgggcgcgt ggaagctgcc
   643201 ggagcagggc gccgaccgcc agttcgagct gttccggatt ggccctggcg gggctgaggc
   643261 cggtgcttac cataccttcc cagagaacgc gctcctccag gtcgaccagg cgcacgcgca
   643321 atgtcccggt ttcgtcgcgc aggcggtgga tcgccagata gggccccatg ccggaggtgg
   643381 gtggaaggtc ggggcggaat tccagcggtg cgtcgcgtag cgccagccag tagtagacgc
   643441 ggaattgcgg ggtagcgctc tcgtggtagc cgtgggccgc cagtccctgg cgcagctctg
   643501 cgtttatcag cggatagcgg ttgcggtagg gcagggcgtc gaccgcctgt tccggcggca
   643561 tcaactggaa accttgcagg ccgggcagtc cggcgttggc cggatgggtc acccgggcgc
   643621 tgggaatgtg gctggcgcag gtggccagga cgaggcagag caggacgatg gcgaacaggc
   643681 gcatggcggc tcccgtggac ggccggcttc ttgttctgct gtgggcggcc cgaccgtgcc
   643741 ggcatgctgg ccggcggtcg gggcggacgt caaccgatca aatgggcggg atgatcaggt
   643801 ccaggcgcgg gtagccttcc tcgccctcgc tggcgccctt gggcggcatg tggtgggtct
   643861 gcacgagctg gtcgccctgc agggtctcca ggtggatatc gaagccccac aagcgatgca
   643921 ggtgcttgag cacgtcggcg gtggagtcgc tcagcggctg gcggtcgaac tgctggtggc
   643981 gcagggtcag cgagcggtcg ccgcgacggt cgacgttcca gatctggatg ttcggctcgc
   644041 ggttgccgag gttgtactgc gccgccaggg tctcgcggat ggtgcggtag ccggcttcgt
   644101 cgtggatcgc cgcgaccagc aggtcgtcct tctggtcgtc gtcgagaatg ctgaacagct
   644161 tcaggtcgcg aatcaccttg ggcgagagga actgcaggat gaagctttcg tccttgaagc
   644221 tcttcatggc gaacttcagc gtggccagcc agtcgctgcc ggcgatatcc gggaaccagc
   644281 ggcggtcctc gtcggtaggt tcctcgcaga tgcggcggat gtcgcggtac atggcgaagc
   644341 ccagggcgta ggggttgatg ccgctgtagt aggggctgtc gaaggacggc tggtagacca
   644401 cgctggtgtg gtattgcagg aactccatca tgaagccgtc gttgaccagg ccttcgtcgt
   644461 agaggtcgtt gagcagcgtg tagtgccaga aggtcgccca gccttcgttc atcacctggg
   644521 tctggcgttg cgggtagaaa tactgggcga tcttgcgcac gatgcggatc acctcgcgct
   644581 gccagggctc cagcagcggc gcgttcttct cgatgaagta gaggatgttc tcctgcggct
   644641 cgctcggata gcgcgccatg gattgttcct tgtccttgcc gccgacgcgc gggatggtcc
   644701 gccagaggtc gttgacctgg cgctggatca gttcctcgcg ctccttctgc cgctgccgct
   644761 cctcttccgc ggaaatcggg tagggacgct tgtagcggtc gacaccgtag ttcatcaggg
   644821 cgtggcagga gtcgagcagg tcttccaccg cgtcgatccc gtagcgctcc tcgcactgca
   644881 tgatgtactg cttggcgaac accaggtaat cgatgatcga actggcatcg gtccaggtgc
   644941 ggaacaggta gttgcccttg aagaaactgt tgtgcccgta gcaggcgtgg gcgatcacca
   645001 gcgcctgcat gcactgggtg ttttcctcca tcaggtaggc gatgcagggg tcggagttga
   645061 tcacgatctc gtaggccagg cccatctggc cacgcttgta gttcttttcc gtactgagga
   645121 agtgcttgcc gtaggaccag tggttatagc cgatcggcat gcccaccgag gcgtaggcgt
   645181 ccatcatctg ctcggcggtg atcacctcga tctggttcgg ataggtatcc agggcatagc
   645241 gctcggcgat cctgctgatt tcccggtcgt actgctggat cagctcgaag gtccattccg
   645301 agccggtggc gatgggctgg cgcttgctca tgcgacgagc ctcctctgga acagctcgcg
   645361 gaacaccggg tagatgtccg atgccgagac gatctgctgc tgggcgaagc tgtcttcgaa
   645421 ggcttcgcgc acgcgctcgt actcgaacca cagggcctgg tgttcgcgcg gggtgatctc
   645481 gacgtaggtg tagtactgga cgaacggcat gatctgcttg aggaggatgt cccggcacac
   645541 cggcgagtcg tcgttccagt tgtcgccgtc cgaggcctgg gcggcgtaga tgttccactc
   645601 atgggtcgga taacgctcgg ccatgatctc ctgcatcatc ttcagcgcgc tggagacgat
   645661 ggtgccgccg gtctcgcggg agtagaagaa ctcctcctcg tcgacctcgc gggcgctggt
   645721 gtggtggcgg atgaacacca cttcgatctt ctcgtagttc cgcttgagga acaggtagag
   645781 caggatgaag aagcgcttgg cgatgtcctt ggtcgcctgg gtcatcgagc cggagacgtc
   645841 catcaggcag aacatcaccg ccttggaggt ggggttgggc tgcttgacca gcagattgta
   645901 cttgagatcg aaggtatcga ggaacggcac ccggtcgatg cgcgcgcgga gcttggcgat
   645961 ttccagctcg agttcctgga tatcgccgag gttgtccggc tcttcgcgct tgatccgctc
   646021 cagttccttc agcgccgcgc gcagcttggc ccggctgccg ccggacagcg cgatgcgccg
   646081 cgcatgggcc gagcgcaggg tgcggacgat gttgatgcgc gacgggttgc cgtcgttgct
   646141 gatgccggcg cggacggtct tgaaggtgtc ggtgccggtg atgtggcgct tgaccaggtt
   646201 gggcagctcc aggtcctcga acatgaagtc gaggaattcc tcctgggtga tctggaagac
   646261 gaagtcgtcc atgccttcgc cgctgttgct ggccttgccg ccgccgcggc cgcccccgcc
   646321 gccggatgga cgggcgatgt gctcgccggc ggtgaattcc ttgttgccgg ggtggacgac
   646381 ggtctgccgc ccgccacggc catggtgcag caccggttcg tcgatatcgc gcccgggaat
   646441 gctgatctgc tcgccgtgct ccatgtcggt aatggaacgc cggctgacgg cctcctcgac
   646501 ggccttcttg atgtgttcac ggtagcgcct caggaagcgc tggcggttca ccgtgctctt
   646561 gttcttgccg ttcagacgcc ggtcgatgac gtagctcatg aatgctcctc agggcctgtg
   646621 gcgccccgcc ggagcggagg cgccgaggtc cgaatgcgac ggcgaccggt acggtcgcag
   646681 cgaccgtacc gatggcagac tactgcgact tgcgaacccg caggtaccat tccgacagca
   646741 ggcggacctg cttctcggtg tagccgcgct cgaccatgcg tttgacgaag tcgttgtgct
   646801 tctgctggtc ctccttgctg gccttggcgt tgaagctgat gaccggaagc aggtcctcgg
   646861 tgttggagaa catcttcttc tcgatcacta cgcgcagctt ctcgtaggac agccagctcg
   646921 ggttcttgcc gttgttgccg gcgcgggcgc gcagcacgaa gttgacgatc tcgttgcgga
   646981 agtccttcgg gttgctgatg cccgcgggtt tctcgatctt ctccagttcc tcgttgaggg
   647041 cggcgcggtt gaggatctcg ccggtttccg ggtcgcggta ttcctggtcc tggatccaga
   647101 agtcggcgta cagcacatag cggtcgaaga tgttctgacc gtattcgctg taggactcca
   647161 ggtaggcggt ctggatttct ttgccgatga actcgacgta gcgcggcgcc aggtattcct
   647221 tgatgaagcg caggtagcgc tcgcgggttt ccggctggaa ctgttcctgc tcgatctgct
   647281 gttcgaggac gtagagcagg tgtaccgggt tggccgctac ctcgtgcggg tcgaagttga
   647341 ataccttgga gaggatcttg aaggcgaagc gggtggaaag cccggccatg ccttcgtcga
   647401 ccccggccga gtcgcggtat tcctggatcg acttggcctt gggatcggta tctttcaggt
   647461 tttcgccgtc atatacccgc atcttcgagt agatattcga gttttccggc tctttcagcc
   647521 tcgacagcac ggagaactgc gagagcatct tcagggtgtc cggcgcgcag tgggcatgcg
   647581 ccagcgagct gttgaccagc aacttgtcgt agatcttgat ctcgtccgcc acgcgcaggc
   647641 agtacggcac cttgacgatg tagatgcggt cgatgaaggc ctcgttgttc ttgttgttgc
   647701 ggaaactgtg ccattccgat tcgttggagt gagccaggat gatgccgctg tagggcaggg
   647761 cgccgagacc ttcggtgctg ttgtagttgc cttcctgggt cgcggtcagc agcgggtgca
   647821 ggaccttgat cggggccttg aacatctcga cgaattccat caggccctgg ttggcccggc
   647881 agagggcgcc cgaatagctg taggcgtccg cgtcgttctg cgggtattcc tccagcttgc
   647941 ggatgtcgac cttgccgacc agcgcggata tatcctggtt gttctcgtcg ccgggttcgg
   648001 tcttggcgat ggcgatctgg ttgaggatcg aggggtacag cttgaccacg cggaactggc
   648061 tgatgtcgcc gccgaactcg ttgaggcgct tggttgccca gggcgacatg atcgagcgca
   648121 ggtagcgcct cgggatgccg tagtcctcct cgaggatggc gccgtcttcg tcggggttga
   648181 acaagcccag cggcgactcg aagaccggtg agcccttgat cgcgtagaag ggcaccttct
   648241 ccatcagttg cttgagtttt tccgccaggg aggatttacc gccgccgacc gggccgagca
   648301 ggtaaaggat ctgcttcttc tcctccaggc cctgggccgc gtggcggaag aacgcgacga
   648361 tctggtcgat gcattcctcc atgccgtgga agtcggcgaa cgccgggtag cggcgaatca
   648421 ccttgttgga gaagatccgc gacagcctgg agtccaccga ggtgtccagc aattccggct
   648481 cgccgatcgc catcagcagg cgctcggcgg cagaggcata ggctgtcttg tcttgcttgc
   648541 agaggtcgag atattcctgg agggaatatt cctcttggcg ggtcgcttcg aagcgttcct
   648601 ggaagtgact gaaaatgctc atgacgtctc ctcgctcgat gcagtgagcc ggcgcgggat
   648661 cggtcgtgcg ggtgcggggg ggccgccagc caggccggcg agaatccccc agactccgtc
   648721 gctgcacggt gcttcccttt ccgccagcgc tcctaacggt cacagccgat ggcccggaag
   648781 ccggtgtgcc ggctctcccc tgttttggat ggcctgagga aaagaatagt tcgttctgga
   648841 cggagtaaag gaagaaaggc gagagaagtt acagtttttt tggcggggta gcggcgcggc
   648901 ctactccgct tcgccgctgc tggtatccgc gggatagacg ctgcgccata gctcgaagcc
   648961 gccgtcgagg ctgtagacgt cgctgaagcc ctgctggatg aaataggcgg cggcgctctg
   649021 gctggagtta ccgtggtagc agaccaccac cagcggagcg tcgaggtcgg cggcggcgat
   649081 gaagtccgcc accgagtggt tgtcgatgtg ccgcgagccg ctgatgtggc cgacagcgaa
   649141 gctctgcggg tcgcggatgt cgaccacctg ggcgccgttt tcgcggagct ggcgggcctg
   649201 ttcgggggcg atgcgctgga aggtgtcgct catgtcgggg tacctgtgta cagggcgtcc
   649261 accggacgcc ggggattcat gcgggcgtgg cggcgggtct ggccggcgcg cgctgttcgg
   649321 cgcaatcgca gctcaggcgt tcgccgctgt cgacgttcag cagggtcatc cgcgcgcccc
   649381 agacgcagcc ggtgtccagg gcgaacaggc cgggctcgtc gcagtggcct tcgagggccg
   649441 cccagtggcc gaagatgatc ttctcaccgc gggtcttgcg cgaagggaag ctgaaccagg
   649501 gggcgtagcc gggcggcgcg gtgtcgaggc cttccttgct cttcaggtcg agcttgccat
   649561 cttcggtgca gaaacgcata cgggtgaagt agttggtgat caccctcagg cggtcgatgc
   649621 catgcagctt cttgtcccac ttggccggct cgttgccgta catgccgtcg aggaacagcg
   649681 gcaggcgctg gtcgtcgcgc aatgcttgct ccacctcggc tgcgcgcagg cgggcttttt
   649741 ccaggctcca ctgcgggggg atgccggcat gcaccagggc gaccttgcgt tgttcgtcgt
   649801 agtgcagcag cggcaggcga cgcagccagt cgagcagtgg ctcgcggtcc ggcgcctcga
   649861 ggatttcccg cagcgtgtcg gacttcttca ggcgctcgga cttgtgcgcc accgccagca
   649921 ggtgcaggtc gtggttgccc aggacgctga ccaccgactc gcgcatggca tagaggaagc
   649981 gcagcgtctc cagggactgc gggccgcggt tgaccaggtc gccgaccagc cacaggcggt
   650041 ccttggtcgg gtcgaaggcg acgcgctcca gcaggcattt caggggatcc aggcaaccct
   650101 gcaggtcgcc taccgcgtag accgccatca gtgcagcgct cccggtacgg ccaggcgaaa
   650161 caccgggatc gcggcgtcga aggcgattcc gtcgctgccg agcatctgat agctgccgcg
   650221 catgctgccg acccgggtcg ccagcaccgt gccgctggtg taggtgtgtt gcgcgccggg
   650281 ggcgatcagc ggttgctcgc cgaccacgcc ggcgccgcga acttcctggg tacggccgtc
   650341 gccgtcggtg atgatccagt ggcgcgacag cagttgggcc ggaacctcgc cctgattctc
   650401 gatggtcacc gtgtaggcga aggcgaaacg gttctgctcc ggggcggact gttccggaag
   650461 gtagcgggtg tcgaccctga cgttgacctg gtgctgggta tcgctcatac ggcttgcctg
   650521 attcctgacg agtgtctcac cagactaacg attgcctggc agctcggcca gccggttggc
   650581 caggcggacg aatgcggcca ggtcgagttg ttcgggacga agggtcggat cgacctctgc
   650641 ggcctcgatg tcctcgacgc tcaggagagg cttgagggtg ttgcgcaggg tcttgcggcg
   650701 ctggttgaag gcctcgcgga ccacccgttc gagcagtttc gggtcgcgtg ccggatgggg
   650761 cggctcggcg aagggggtga gacggacgat ggccgagtcg accttgggcg gcgggttgaa
   650821 cgcgccgggg ccgacgttga acaggtgctc cacccgacag tgatactgga ccatgatcga
   650881 gagccggccc cagtctccgc cgcccggcgt ggccgccagg cgctcgacca cttccttctg
   650941 cagcatgaag tgcatgtcct cgatcaccgg cgcgtgctcc agcagatgga agatcagtgg
   651001 cgtggagatg ttgtagggca ggttgccgac cactcgcagc ttctcgccgc tctccaccag
   651061 cgaggtgaaa tcgaacttga gggcgtcgcc ctggtgcagg ctgaagcgcg actcgaggcc
   651121 gaatttcagc ttcaacaggg ggatcaggtc ctggtcgagc tcgatcacgt ccaggcgtgc
   651181 gccgctgccc agcagtccct cggtcagggc gccctggccc gggccgatct ccagcaggcg
   651241 ctgaccctcg cgggcatgga tggcacggag gatgcggtga atcaccccgg catcgtgcag
   651301 gaagttctgg ccgaagcgct tgcgcgcgcg gtgttggtaa agctcggaca ttggaaacgg
   651361 ttccaggctg cgggccccag gccaaggcgg gaggcgcgga tgcgaaaggg cgccatttta
   651421 acagcgaagc gtcgggccgg cagggctaaa cgatggccga ccgccgtcag cagcggctgg
   651481 ccgccatctg gtaggcggtt tccagggcga cctgcaggct gccgctatcg atgcggccgc
   651541 ttccggccag gtcgagcgcg gtaccgtggt cgacagaggt gcggatgatc ggcaggccga
   651601 gggtcacgtt cacggcggca ccgaagccct tgtacttgag cacggggaga ccctggtcgt
   651661 ggtacatcgc cagcaccgcg tcgcaatgct ccagatgctt gggagtgaac agggtgtcgg
   651721 ccggcagcgg gccgaccagg tcgaggcctt cgccacgcag gcgctcgagg cagggttcga
   651781 tcacctcgat ctcttcccgg cccaggtgac cgccttcgcc ggcgtgcggg ttgagtccgc
   651841 agaccaggat gcgcggatgg gcgatgccga acttgtcgcg caggtcggcg tggaggatgc
   651901 gcgcgacccg ggacaggcgc tcgtcgctaa tggcgtcggc gacctcgcgc agcggcagat
   651961 gggtggtcgc cagggccacg cgcaggccgc gagtggccag catcatcacc acctgggcgg
   652021 tgtgggtgag gtcggcgagg aattcggtat ggccggaaaa ggggatgccg gcttcgttga
   652081 tcacgccctt gtgcaccggt gcggtgatca tcccggcgaa gtgcccgtcg aggcagccct
   652141 ggccggcgcg ggtcagggtt tccaggacgt aggcggcgtt ggctcggtcc aattgcccgg
   652201 gccggaccgg ggcggccagg ggcgtatccc atacgtacag ttggccggct ttggccggtc
   652261 gctctggcca ggcggccggg gaaacgtcct taaggtcgat cgccaggccc agttggccgg
   652321 cgcgctcttg caggagcgtg cggctggcga tggcgatcag ggggtggggc tgggcggagc
   652381 gggcgagcag caggcacaga tcgggtccga tacctgccgg ctcgccggga gtgagcgcga
   652441 agcgcaggct cactgcttga tttccacgta ggcctcgtcg cggatctgcc gcagccaggc
   652501 ttgcagttcc tcgtcatact tgcggttgcg cagtacgctt accgcctgct gctcgcggaa
   652561 cttctcgctg ctgtcggtgg cgcgacggcc gaggacctgc aggatgtgcc agccgaactg
   652621 cgagcggaac ggcttggaca gctcgccctg cggggtatcg ttcatcacct ggcggaactc
   652681 gggcaccagg gcttccggat cgatccagtt caggtcgccg ccgttgaggg cggaacccgg
   652741 atcttcggag aagctcttcg ccagttcgcc gaagtcttcc ccggactgga tgcgctcgta
   652801 cagcttctgc gccagcttct cggtctccgc ttcgctgcgg atttcgctgg gcttgagcag
   652861 gatatggcgg acatgcactt cgtcacggac catcttgctg ccgccgcgct tctcttccag
   652921 cttgaggatg atgaagccgc cgggggtgcg gacaggctcg gtgacgtcgc cgacggccag
   652981 ggagccgatc atgctgtcga acggctgcgg caactgggcg gccttgcgcc agccgatctc
   653041 gccgccttcc agggcgttgt cgccggccga gcgggaaatc gccagttggc cgaagtcggc
   653101 gccctgcttg agctgctggt aaagctcctg ggcctgcttt gcggcggcct ggatcacgtc
   653161 cgaggacgcg gcttccggca ccgggatcag gatattggcc aggcggtact cttcggaaag
   653221 ctggatcttg cccatgtccg aggcgaggaa gttcttcacc tcctgctcgc tgacctggat
   653281 gcgctcggcg acccggcgct gacgcacacg gctgatcacc atctcgcgac ggacctgctc
   653341 gcgggcgtcg gcgtaggaca ggccgtcgcg ggtgagggcg gcctggaact gctccaggct
   653401 catgccgttg cgctgggcga tggtgcccat cgcctggttc agctcctcgt cggagatacg
   653461 gatgccggag cggtcgccga tctgctgctg gatgttctcg atgatcaggc gttccagcac
   653521 ctgctgggtc agcacgtgct cgggcggcag cggcgcgccg cgcttgagca gcgtctggtg
   653581 cacttcacgc aggcgctggt cgagctggct ctgcatgatc acatcgttgt cgacgatggc
   653641 gacgacccgg tccagtggta ccacttcggc atgcgcgaag gagcaaagga gtgctgcgcc
   653701 caatgcaagg gggcgcagcc ggttacatag cttgatcttc acgttgacga taaccttgga
   653761 tgcctttgtc gaggaacatt tcagccttgt tgcccacgat gccgccgagg cccttcagga
   653821 cgatctgcag gaagatgccg cggtcggctt tttcattttg gttgaggaag gcatcgtcat
   653881 ccacgtccag ccagtaacgg ttgatcagac gcagcttcca gcagcagctg tcgtattcga
   653941 agccaccgaa ggcctcgagt gtgcggttct tgttgtagtc gtactgccag cgggcgagta
   654001 cggaccactg cggtaccagc ggccagatga ccgagaagtc gtgctgtttg atgatgtcgt
   654061 cctcgcggcc gtacatgaac cgtcccgtgg agctgttgaa gcggcgagca tcttcgcggt
   654121 agcgatagcc agcattgacc accttgtttg gattgtcttc tggctgatag tggaacatgg
   654181 cgctgccaga ttctgtacga ctggtgttgg gattccagtt gaagtcggag ctgaccctcc
   654241 agtcgcgatt gaagcgatat tgccccatca gtgcatatgg cgaacgccag ctatcggtat
   654301 ccggatcctt cagatcagga ttggtcacgc gcagacgatc caaatctttt tcggtcaggc
   654361 cgggcagttg tacacgacga tcacggaaat agtaaatctg gccagcgctc aagctggcgc
   654421 gctcgaatcc gttggattcg atgaagcggg tagtcacgcc gagcgacaat tggttggcgt
   654481 ctccgatacn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   654541 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   654601 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   654661 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   654721 nnnnnnnnnn nnatgcagta agggtttgct tgccctggct gtccagatcc agatcgtact
   654781 tcgtatagag gaacttcagg gtcggggtca gatagcccca actctgggtc atcggcagac
   654841 tcatgcctgg ctcaagatgg atacggtcac cggtggagcg cgcaagcccc ttcagatatg
   654901 cgtcggggcg tcgcccccaa acgctaccgt cgtcgttcag gtagacattg tcatccaaat
   654961 cccggtcgaa acgtacgaac tcagtactgt agttgagctt caccccgcct ggctcgtagg
   655021 gaatgaatcc attgaaagtg atttgcggca agcgttcgta gggtgtcacg tctgtagtcg
   655081 ttgccaactg gtacgcttga gcgttcagct ggccggtgaa ggtatcaccg cgataggtca
   655141 gcgtgccccg ctggttgaga taggtcgtgc tacccacgcc caggtcggaa tccagatcct
   655201 ggaagtaata gggatcgctg atccgcgtgt agtcgacctc ggccagccag cgcgaatcga
   655261 ggccggtggt gttcttgagg ccgtacagcc agcggtcctt gctgtagtcc gggaagttct
   655321 cgcggtgatc gtccttgtcg ttcaggtagg cggcgttgac ggtgccttcg ctgctgtggg
   655381 tcaggtagcg gaactcgcct tccagcatca tgccgcgctt ggccatgtag cgcgggtaca
   655441 acgtggcgtc gtagttcggc gccaggttga agtagtacgg ggtgaccagg gtgaagccgg
   655501 tgtcgctggt gctgctgaag ctcggcggca ggaagccgga ctggcggcgg tcgtcgatcg
   655561 ggaaatagat gtacggggtg tagaacaccg ggaaatcttt gacccggagg gtcgcgttgg
   655621 tcgcggtgcc gaagccggta gccgggttca gcttgacgtt gttgcccttc agagtccagg
   655681 cgttgctgct cggttcgcag cgggtgtagg tgccatcctt gagcatgatg atggcgttct
   655741 cgctgcgctt ggcgtagagc gcgctgccgc gggcatgggc cttgtggatc acgtactcgg
   655801 cgttgtcgac ctgggcctcg ccgttgtcca actggacctg ggcgtggtca ccgaccacca
   655861 gcatgccctt gtcgcgcagc ttgacgttgc cgaccagttc gccgcggttt tccaactgat
   655921 gcaggttggc ctcgtcgcct tccacctgca tgctgccctg gcgcaggacc acgtcaccgg
   655981 cgagggtggc gatctgtttt tcctgctcgt agcgcgaagc cttggcggat acgtaggtcg
   656041 ggctctcgtc gctgggcgcg ccgtcatcca tgcccggacg caccggctcg atgtaggagc
   656101 cgccgcaata ggggccgatt tccgccaact gggcggcggt cagtttttcc cgaggaatcc
   656161 agtcgaggtg cgagtagtcc gcactgcggg acttcagcgc gcgaccgccg gactcggtga
   656221 ccaggcgctg ggtcggctct gcctcgacgg tttcgcctcc gctgccggat acactggtgc
   656281 ccgccgcggc ggtgctgacc gaggtcgcgg tatgcgccgg gcgcggtggc aggttggcat
   656341 tggcgttctg cagcggggag caatcccagc cgccggtggc cgataccttg cagtcgaact
   656401 gatcggcggc ctgtacagtc aatgctgcga ccggctgcag agccagcagg ctgccggtga
   656461 ccagcagggg aaactttctt cgaaacacga gggatttcac tgccatcttg ttaatccggg
   656521 cttcctgcgc gccatcggcc cggtgggccg cacgcctctc gatgggctga aaaagatgct
   656581 ggataataaa gcatgacctg cgcaacggct agggccgtgg agaaccccgt aaatgtctga
   656641 tgatgcccgt ttccagcagc tgaatcgctg gttggactct tgtttgcccg agttgttcgt
   656701 tgccgaaggt tggggggaag tgccccccgc cgaactgatc ccggccagta gcgacgccag
   656761 cttccgtcgt tatttccgct ggcagggagg ggaccgcagc ctggtggtga tggacgcgcc
   656821 gccgccccag gaagactgcc gaccgttcgt caaggtcgcc ggactgctcg ccggagccgg
   656881 cgtgcatgtg ccgaggattc tcgcccagga cctggagaac ggtttcctgc tgctcagtga
   656941 cctgggccgg cagacctacc tcgacgtgct tcatcccggg aatgccgacg agctgttcga
   657001 accggccctg gatgcgctga tcgccttcca gaaggtcgat gtcgccggtg tcctgcctgc
   657061 ctacgacgaa gcggtgctgc gccgcgagct gcagctgttc cccgactggt acctggcccg
   657121 ccacctcggc gtggagctgg agggcgagac gctggcccgc tggaaacgga tctgcgacct
   657181 gctggtacgc agcgcgctgg agcaaccgcg ggtgttcgtc catcgcgact atatgccgcg
   657241 caatctgatg ctcagcgagc ccaacccggg cgtcctcgac ttccaggacg ccctgcacgg
   657301 cccggtcacc tacgatgtca cctgcctgta caaggacgcc ttcgtcagtt ggccggagcc
   657361 gcgcgtgcat gccgcgctga accgttactg gaagaaggcg acctgggccg gcatcccgct
   657421 gccgccaagc ttcgaggact tcctccgtgc cagcgacctg atgggcgtgc agcgccacct
   657481 gaaggtgatt ggcatcttcg cccgtatctg tcaccgcgac ggcaagccgc gctacctggg
   657541 tgacgtgccg cgcttcttcc gttatctgga aaccgccgtg gcgcgccgtc ccgagctggc
   657601 cgaactgggc gagctgctgg cctcgctgcc gcagggagcc gaggcatgaa ggcgatgatc
   657661 ctcgccgccg ggcgtggcga gcgcatgcgg ccgaccaccc tgcacacgcc caagccgctg
   657721 atcgaagccg ccggcgtgcc attgatcgag cgtcagttgc tggcgctgcg ccaggccgga
   657781 gtcgacgact gggtgatcaa ccatgcctgg cttggcgagc agatcgaggc ctatctcggc
   657841 gacggttcgc gcctgggcgg gcggatcgtc tattccccgg agggtgaacc gctggaaacc
   657901 ggtggcggaa tcttccgcgc cctgccgttg ctcggcgagc agccgttcct gttgctcaac
   657961 ggcgatgtct ggagcgactt cgactactct cggctgcatc ttgccgacgg cgacctggcg
   658021 catctggtgc tggtcgacaa cccggcgcac catcccgccg gcgatttcca cctggatgcc
   658081 ggcggacggg tgggcgagac ccgcgaagcg ggcggcaacc tgacctacag cgggatcgcc
   658141 gtactgcatc ccgcgctgtt cgagggctgc cagccgggcg ccttcaagct ggcgccgcta
   658201 ttgcgcaagg ccatcgccgc ggggcgggtc agcggcgaac accatcgtgg gcagtgggtc
   658261 gacgtcggta cccacgagcg cctggcggaa gtcgagcgat tgctggcgga gcacgcctga
   658321 gatgctctgg cccgctacgc tgatcggagc cggagccggc tgggccctgg ccagcatccc
   658381 cggcgccctg ctcggcggcc tgctggggca actgctggac cgcaggttgc gcctggagtc
   658441 ctggcgcggc ctgctggcgc gcttgcgcgg gcgggcggtg aacgatgagg acgacctgct
   658501 gttccagttg ctcggctatc tggccaagag cggcgggcgg gtggaggaga tgcatatccg
   658561 ccaggcgcgc gaggagatgg cgttgcgcaa gctcgatagg cgagcccagc ggcgtgccat
   658621 cgcgtccttc ggcaagggca aggccggcat cgcccatctg caggcggagg tcgcgcgtct
   658681 gaagggcgaa cgtgcggagg cagtattgct cgcctgctgg cggatggcct gggctggcgg
   658741 cgtgctcagc cagtcggcgc gacaactggt gttgcaatgg gggcgctggc tgggttggtc
   658801 ggcggagcga acggaacgct tgtcggcgcg ggtcatgccg aagcggacgc gcgctgtcgc
   658861 ccgggatagc taccgtgagg ccctgctgct gctcggcgtg gaggccggaa gcgagccggc
   658921 gctgatcaaa cgcgcctatc gcaagctgat cagccagcac catccggaca aactggcggg
   658981 agccggcgcc agcgtcgagc gcgtgcgtgc ggctaccgag aaaacccgtg aattgcaggc
   659041 ggcctacgcc ctggtccgag agcgtgaggg gttccgctga tcactccgca ggtttctgcg
   659101 catcggcctg caggtgaagg ctgagccagc cgcggattcg tcggtacagt tgctcctgct
   659161 ccgccttggg gtcggccggt agcgcctgca tcgcgatttg tacgtaggcc gggtgtttct
   659221 gccgcttgcc ggcctgcatg cgcagcctgg ccgcctcgcg gtcggcgcgg gcgtcgcggt
   659281 aatagaagtc gccggtcgcc agtttcagct tcggcaccat atcttccagc gccgggcgaa
   659341 aatcgcgcgg tacctccgcg gcaaccagca gcaggttgtg gatttccgca ggctccttct
   659401 ccgccaggta gcgtgccgcc caataggcgc ccgtgccatg accgagcagg acgacgcttt
   659461 tcggttcgtg ctgcagggcc aggtcgatgc tcgcctgcag gcgcgccatg acccgttcgg
   659521 cgtgcgcctt gcgctgctcg accggatcga tggctggggg aggggcctgg tcctcgctct
   659581 gcgccggttc gccgctgccg gcttcggcgg tgctttccgg cgccggcgcg ttgccgcttt
   659641 ctcctttcac gtcaggcttg cttgcgctgt ccgcggcgct ggcgtccttg tcggcgctgg
   659701 cgctggcagc ggattccgca gggcgggtaa ccggcgcggt gctctgcggg tcgggcaggg
   659761 ccaggctcag ggtctgccag ccggcatccg gcagtttgcg ccttagcggg ccgatggctt
   659821 gcggccagtc cggactttcg ccatcaccgg gaaccaggat cactacacct tcggcctcgg
   659881 cggtgttggc tggcaaccag agggtgagga agctttcgtc gccggccttg aggatctgct
   659941 ggccgtcctc cggcaactgg cgctccagcc ccttggcctc gtcctggctg cgctcgctga
   660001 ccgccgggcg ttccacgggg gccggcggct ggtccttggc ggcctcctct tcggcatgaa
   660061 cgaaagccgg cggcaggaaa gcggcggcca atagcagcgg cagcagggcg gagggcttcg
   660121 gcagtagaga gaaggccggc attggaaatt cccgatagac aatccagaag gcagcctaaa
   660181 cccagagcac ttctttgtca ggccgagcct tcgcatggtt cgccggtcgc gctcgcggta
   660241 aggtatgccc gcttttcctt ccgttgcggt gtattccgtg gagtgtcgcc ggcatgttgc
   660301 gtcgttgctg tctgctcttc ttctgtctgc tgttgagcct gcccgtgcga gcggaggagt
   660361 cggtcgcctt gccgctgacg gcggagctac ggacctggct ggcggagcat cgggaattgc
   660421 gcgtcggggt ggtcaccgaa gcgccctatg cccagtacga ccgccgcctg caacagtatt
   660481 ccggggccaa cgtggagctg atgggctggc tggccacggc aatgcaggtg accttgcggt
   660541 ggcagggcta tcccgaccag gcggcgctcg acgatgccct gcgcgctggg cgcgtggata
   660601 tcgctcccgg cctcagccag accccagccg ggctgcgctt gtggctgttc tccgatccct
   660661 acctgcgggt ttcccggctg gtggtgggga agcgcgatgg cagcggcagc gtcgaattgg
   660721 agcaactgga gcgcgatacc cgggttgccg tgcgggccgg cagttcggta gccgactacc
   660781 tcagcagcac ctatagcggc ctgcaatggg gggcggccga ttccgaacgc gaggtgctgc
   660841 gcgccgtgct cgccggacag gcacgctacg cggtgatcga cgaagcgcaa ctcagccgcc
   660901 tgactcgcga gccggagttc gccgagctag cggtggttgg cgacatcggc tacccgcaac
   660961 tgctacgggt ggcgacccgt cgcgactggc cggaactggc gatggtggtc gaccaggcgt
   661021 tgcgctcgct gccgcgcaag tccctggacc agttgcacga gcgctggttg caacccaagt
   661081 atccgcgcct cggcgagtcg ccggggttct ggcagaacct gtcgatcctc ctcggcctgc
   661141 tgctggccgg cgcgctggcg gcggtgttcc tccagcggcg ccagcagcat gcgctggaag
   661201 cccggctgta cggcgcccgc cgcgacctgg agctgcgcca ggcggccgag gaggcgctgc
   661261 gcctgaccca gttctccatc gacaacagca ccctgggcat cctctgggtc aactgggaca
   661321 gccgcgtacg ctacgccaac cgcgccgccg aacagatgct cggccatgcc gacggccaac
   661381 tcgtggaccg tccgctggcc gacttcgagc ccggcctgga catggaccgc tggttgaatc
   661441 tttggcgtcg tgcgcgcaat agcgaggagg gcccgctcag cttcgagacc cgctgcctgc
   661501 gcgccgacgg cagttggctg ccggccgacg tctcgcttag cttcctgcgc ttcggcacgt
   661561 ccgagtatct ggtggtgttc ctcagcgacg tcaccgagcg ccgccgtgcc cgcgaggcat
   661621 tgcaggaaag cgaggcgcgg atgaagggca tcgcctccaa cgtgccgggc atggtcttcc
   661681 gcctggagcg cccgcgggcc ggcgcgtttt ccgacttcgc ctatatcagc gagggcagcg
   661741 aggcgctggt cggctacagc gctcgcgaac tgatcgagag cggccgcggc attcgtggcc
   661801 tggtccatcc cgacgaccgc gagcgctact ggtcgagcca gatggctgcc ctcgacgaga
   661861 atcgcgactg gcattggcag ggccgcatcc tcacccgcca gggcgaattg cgctgggccg
   661921 acatcaaggc ttcggcgcgc tgtttcgagg atggtcgcgc ggtctgggac ggggtggtct
   661981 gggacatcac cgcgaacaag cagatcgaac tcgaactcgg cgagtcgcgc gcccagctcc
   662041 gcgagctgtc ggcgcacctg gagtcggtgc gggaggagga gaaggcgcgt atcgcccgcg
   662101 aggtccatga tgagctgggc caggtgctga cggtgctgaa gctggaaacc tcgatgtgcg
   662161 agctggccta tgccgatgcc caggagggcc tgcgcgaacg cctgggcaac atgaaaaagc
   662221 tgatcgccca gttgttccag ctggtgcgcg acgtggctac cgcactgcgc ccgccgatcc
   662281 tcgacgccgg aatcggctcg gcggtggagt ggcaggcgcg gcgcttcgag gcgcgcacgc
   662341 aaattccctg cctggtggag gtgccggaga actcgccgca gttggtcgac gccaaggcta
   662401 tcggcctgtt ccgcatcctc caggaggcgt tgaccaatgt catgcggcat gccgaggcgc
   662461 atactgtgca actgcgtctg ctgcgcgagg gcgacgagct gtgcctgagc gtcagcgacg
   662521 acggtcgcgg gttcgatgtt gccacggtgg ggcgtggcag ttccttcggc ctggtcggca
   662581 tgcgcgagcg ggtgctgatg atgggcggta cgctggacat cgacagtgcc cccggcgagg
   662641 gcaccacgct cagcgtgagg attccgctgg gcgtcgcggg cccgtgacaa gaacaaccgc
   662701 cggcaaggcg gaacagcgtg aggcagcaaa gagtggtgat ccgagtcctg gtcgctgaag
   662761 accacacgat cgtcagggaa ggcatcaagc aactgattgg catggccaag gacctgcagg
   662821 tggtcggcga ggccaccaat ggcgagcagt tgctggaaac cctgcgcgga acgccttgcg
   662881 aggtggtcct gctggatatc tccatgcccg gcgtcaatgg cctcgaggcg attccgcgga
   662941 ttcgcgcgct gaacgagccg ccggcgatcc tggtgttgtc gatgcacgac gaggcgcaga
   663001 tggccgcccg cgccctgaag ataggtgctg ccggctatgc caccaaggac agcgatccgg
   663061 cattgctgct caccgcgatc cgcagggtcg ccggcggcgg acgctacatc gacccggacc
   663121 ttgccgatcg gatggtcttc gaggtcggcc tgaccgattc gcgtccgccc catgcgctgc
   663181 tttccgagcg cgagttctcg gtgttcgagc ggctggtgca gggcgccaac gtcaacgaga
   663241 tcgcccagca actggcggtc agcaacaaga ccatcagtac ccacaaggca cgcctgatgc
   663301 agaagctcaa cgcgcattcg gtagccgacc tggtgcgcta cgcgatggag caccgcctgc
   663361 tctgacaggg gcgttcgccc aggttttgct cgcggcttgt gcgccaggtc cggttttcgc
   663421 gatctgctgt ctacctggct tccgcgcggc agggaatgat gcttgccggc caacacgata
   663481 aggagaagaa acgatgttgc cagccatgag gacgggcctg ttgtgcgccc ttctcggagt
   663541 taccgcgccc gcctgggcgg aatacgtgac cgtgatttcc ttcggcggcg ccaacaagga
   663601 agcccaggaa accgcgttct acaaaccctt caagagcgcc accggcaatc gcgtggtgca
   663661 tggctcctac aatggcgacc tggccaagct caagcgcatg gtggagatca gccacgtctc
   663721 ctgggacgtg gtggaagtcg aggcgccgga gctggcgcgc ggttgcgagg aaggtctgtt
   663781 cgagaagctg gacatggcga aggtcggcga tcccgcggat ttcgttcccg gcgcggtgca
   663841 gccctgcgga gtcggcatct tcgtctggac cacgctgctt gcctacaacc ccggcaaggt
   663901 tgcgggcagc ccgcagggct gggcggattt ctgggacgtg aagaagtttc ccggcaagcg
   663961 cggcctgcgc tggggcgcca agtacagcct ggagttcgcc ctgatggccg atggcgtggc
   664021 gccgaaggac gtctaccaga cgctggcgac gcccgccggc gtcgagcggg cattccgcaa
   664081 gctcgacgag ctgaagccct atatccattg gtggaagtcc gggcaggacc ctgtgcgcga
   664141 cctggccgat ggcacggtgg tgatgagttc ggcctacaac gggcggatcg ccgcggcgca
   664201 ggccgagaag cagcgcctgg caatggtctg gagcggcggc gtctacgatt tcgacttctg
   664261 ggcgctgccg gtcggggttt ggaagaagca gttggccgag gagttcatcc gtttcgccag
   664321 ccagccggag cagcagaagg ctttcgccga gaacatcgcc tacggcccgg ccaaccgcaa
   664381 ggcggtaggc ctgctcgatc cgcaagtggc tgccaacctg ccgaccgcgc cgcagaacat
   664441 gcagaacgcg gtgggtatga acgtggcctt ctgggcggag cacggcgagg ccctggagca
   664501 gcgtttccag aactgggcca agcgctgagg aggccgttgc gcgccagccg gagagcgctg
   664561 gcgcgcaaac ctttgctctt ctcgaaagcc ccttcccaga gcggttcggc ccattccggg
   664621 atgcatcttt tttgtagggc gattcctaca aagagctttc ctttcccctg atagaaaact
   664681 ctcttgccgg ccgatttgcg tcctgcgccg ggttctctag gctgttcgca cagcatccat
   664741 aaaacgaaca aaggtgcggt tatggccgag actcaaggcg gcgatgtgct ggtcagcttc
   664801 cgtggcgtgc agaagagcta cgacggcgag accctcatcg tgaaggatct caacctggac
   664861 attcgcaagg gcgaattcct caccctgctc ggcccctccg ggtccggcaa gaccaccagc
   664921 ctgatgatgc tggccggttt cgaaaccccc accgccggcg aaatcctcct ggccggtcgc
   664981 tcgatcaaca atgtccctcc gcacaagcgc gacatcggca tggtgttcca gaactatgcg
   665041 ctgttcccgc acatgaccgt ggccgagaac ctggcctttc ccctcagcgt ccgcggcatg
   665101 agcaagaccg acgtgaagga aagggtcaag cgcgcgttgt cgatggtcca gctcgacgcc
   665161 ttcgccgggc gttatccggc gcagctttcc ggtggccagc agcagcgcgt ggcgctggcc
   665221 cgcgcgctgg tcttcgagcc gcaactggtg ctgatggacg agcccctggg agcgctggac
   665281 aagcaacttc gcgagcacat gcagatggaa atcaagcatc tgcaccagcg cctcggtgtc
   665341 accgtggtct acgtcaccca cgaccagggc gaggcgctga ccatgtccga ccgggtggcg
   665401 gtgttccacc agggcgaaat ccagcagatc gagccgccgc gcaatctcta cgagcagccg
   665461 cgcaacacct tcgtggccaa cttcatcggt gagaacaacc gtctatccgg gcagcttctc
   665521 agttgcgacg gcgagcgctg cgtggtcgga ctgccgcgcg gcgagaaggt cgaggcgctg
   665581 gcggtcaacg tcggccagcc gggcgagccg gtaaccttgt cgatccgccc cgagcgggtg
   665641 cgcctgaacg gtgccagcga gtcttgcgtc aaccgtttct ccggccgcgt ggccgagttc
   665701 gtctacctgg gcgaccacgt gcgtgtgcgc ctggaggttt gcggccgcga cgacttcttc
   665761 gtcaagcagc cgatcgccga gctggacccg acgctgagcg tcggtgatgt ggttccgctg
   665821 ggctggcagg tcgagcatgt gagggcgctc gaccctctgc cggcggcgtg agcgccggca
   665881 gtcccgaacc gtaccgaagc aaccctgcac tgtggagaga acaataatgt cgaaatccct
   665941 gaaagcggcc agcctgaagt tcgccaccct ggcggccggc ctggcctgcg cggcccaggc
   666001 catggcggtg gacctgaccg tggtgtcctt cggcggggcc aacaagagcg cccagatcaa
   666061 ggcgttctac gagccctacc agaaagccac cggcaacagg atcgtcgccg gcgaatacaa
   666121 cggcgagatg gccaaggtca aggccatggt cgataccaac agcgtgtcct gggacctggt
   666181 ggaagtggag tcgccggagc tgtcgcgcgg ctgcgacgaa ggcctgttcg aggaactcga
   666241 cccggcgcag ttcggcaaga ccgaggactt cgtgcccggc gccatccaac cgtgcggcgt
   666301 gggtttcttc gtctggtcca cggtgctcgc ctacaacgcc gacaagctga aaagcgcgcc
   666361 gaccagttgg gcggacttct gggacatcaa gaaattcccc ggcaagcgcg gcctgcgcaa
   666421 gggcgccaag tacaccctcg aattcgccct gatggccgat ggcgtggcgc cgaaggacgt
   666481 ctacggcgtg ctcgccacca aggaaggcca ggatcgtgcc ttcaagaagc tcgacgagat
   666541 caagtcgagc atccagtggt gggaggcggg cgcccagccg ccgcagtacc tggcttccgg
   666601 cgatgtggtg atgagttctg cctacaacgg tcggatcgcc gcggtgcaga aggaaagcaa
   666661 cctgaaggtg gtatggaacg gcggcatcta cgatttcgac gcctgggcca tcccgaaggg
   666721 ggcgaagaaa cgggaagaga ccctgaagtt catcgccttc tcggtgcagc cccagcagca
   666781 gaagacttac tcggaaaaca tcgcctacgg tccggccaac aagcaggcgg tgccgctgct
   666841 ggacaaggcc ctgctgaagg acatgccgac cactccggaa aacatccaga accaggtggc
   666901 aatggacgtg accttctggg ccgactacgg cgaacaactg gaacagcgct tcaacgcctg
   666961 ggcggccagg taatcctcgc ctgaccctcc agtgagggcc ggaggggccg ccgcgcggcg
   667021 gctcctccta ccgttccaca ctttccaggg tcgttcccga cggcccgctt tttttccgga
   667081 gttcgctatg gccacagctg tgcccatatc ccaggccacc ggcagcaccc tcaagcaacg
   667141 cctggcgcgc gccgagcgga tgaaccgcct gaagtcccag gcgctgatcc tgcccctgct
   667201 ggccttcctg gtcctgacct tcctggtgcc gatcgccgcg ctgctctaca agagcgtgtc
   667261 caacccggaa gtggttcgct cgttgccgct gacggtagag gccatctccg cctgggacgg
   667321 caagtcgctg ccggccgacg ccgtctacaa ggcgctcagc caggatctcg ccgaggctcg
   667381 tcgcaaccag accatcggcg atctctccaa gcgcctgaac atggagctgg ccggttatcg
   667441 cagcctgatg gcgaagaccg cgcgcaagct gccgttcaag gaggagcccg cttcctacaa
   667501 ggacgccatg gagcagctcg acgagcgctg gggcgacccc gcctactggc aggtgatccg
   667561 ccgcaacgcc agcagctata cgccctatta cctgctcgca gccctcgacc accggatcga
   667621 cgatctcggc gaagtggcgc gcgccacccc ggaccaggcc atctacctgg acatcttcgc
   667681 ccgcaccttc tggatgggcg cggtgatcac cgtcatctgc ctgctgctgg cctacccgct
   667741 ggcctacctg ctggccaacc tgccgacgcg caagagcaac ctgctgatga tcctggtcct
   667801 gctgccgttc tggacctcga tcctggtgcg tgtcgccgcc tggatcgtcc tgctgcaatc
   667861 gggtggcctg atcaacggcg cgctgctcaa gctcggcctg atcgaccagc cgctgcaact
   667921 ggtgttcaac cgcaccggcg tatacatcgc gatggtgcac atcatgctgc cgttcatgat
   667981 cctgccgatc tacagcgtga tgaagggcat ttcgccgagc tacatgcgcg ccgcgatttc
   668041 cctcggctgc cacccgttcg ccagcttctg gcgggtgtat ttcccacaga ccgtcgcggg
   668101 cgtcggcgcc ggttgcctgc tggtgttcat cctgtccatc ggctactaca tcaccccggc
   668161 gctgctgggc agcccgaacg accagatggt cagctacttc gtcgccttct ataccaacag
   668221 caccatcaac tggggcatgg ccaccgccct cggcggcctg ctcctgctcg ccaccctggt
   668281 gctctacgtc gtctacagct ggctggtggg cgccagccgc ctgcgcctgg gatagagggc
   668341 cttccgagaa ggccaaccga ttcccctctg ccttcggaaa aaaggttgcc cggagggcgg
   668401 ggagaggggg atccgcacga aacacattgg agagcgagtc atgctgagtc cctacatgtc
   668461 cccggtcgag cgcctgtggt tctactccct gcgcatcctc tgcggcctgg tactgctgtt
   668521 cctggtactg ccggtgctgg tcatcgtgcc gctgtcgttc aactccggca ccttcctggt
   668581 ctacccgctg caagggttct ccctgcgctg gtacgccgac ttcttccagt ccgccgagtg
   668641 gatgcgctcg ttgaccaaca gcatgatcgt cgctccggcg gcgaccctgc tggcaatggt
   668701 cttcggcact ctggccgcga tcggcctgac ccgcggcgag ttccgcggca aggcactggt
   668761 gatgagcctg atgatttcgc cgatggtggt gccggtggtg atcatcggcg tggccagcta
   668821 cctgttcttc gctccgctgg ggctcggcaa cagctacctg tcgctgatcg tggtgcatgc
   668881 ggtgctcggc gtgccgttcg tgatcatcac cgtctccgcg accctgcagg ggttcaacta
   668941 caacctggtg cgcgccgccg ccagcctcgg cgcgccgccg ctgaccacct tcttccgggt
   669001 gaccctgccg ctgatcgctc cgggagtgat ttccggcgcg ctgttcgcct tcgccacctc
   669061 gttcgacgaa gtggtagtga ccctcttcct cgccggtccc gagcaggcca ccctgccgcg
   669121 gcagatgttc agcggcattc gcgagaacct gagccccacc attgccgccg cggcgacctt
   669181 gctgatcggt ttctccgtac tgctgttgct gaccctggaa tggctgcgcg ggcgcagcga
   669241 gaagatgcgt accgcacaac ccggcggctg aggcgcaggg cgcgcccggc ttggtccggg
   669301 cgtcggctgc tgcggcgaaa agtcgtcatt ttcaccgcca aaaaccgata acggctacaa
   669361 tgcgcgcctt ccgtgatccc ctttgaggtg cgccatgcaa cccttcgcca tcgctccgtc
   669421 gatcctttcc gccgatttcg cccgcctggg cgaggacgtg gacaaggtgc tcgccgccgg
   669481 tgccgacatc gttcacttcg acgtgatgga caaccactac gtgccgaacc tgaccatcgg
   669541 cccgatggtc tgctcggcgc tgcgcaagta cggcgtgagc gcgccgatcg acgtgcacct
   669601 gatggtgtcc ccggtggatc gcatcatcgg cgacttcatc gaagctggcg ccacctacat
   669661 caccttccat ccggaagctt cccagcacat cgaccgttcc ctgcaactga tccgcgacgg
   669721 cggttgcaag gcgggcctgg tgttcaaccc ggccactccg ctggaggtgc tgaagtacgt
   669781 gatggacaag gtcgacatgg tcctgctgat gagcgtcaac cccggcttcg gcgggcagaa
   669841 attcatcccc ggtaccctcg acaagttgcg cgaggcacgc gccctgatcg atgcctccgg
   669901 tcgcgagatc cgcctggaga tcgatggcgg cgtcaacgtc aagaacatcc gtgagatcgc
   669961 cgcggcgggc gccgatacct tcgtcgccgg ctcggccatc ttcaacgccc cggactacgc
   670021 cgaggtcatc cgcgccatgc atgccgaact ggcccaggcg caccagtaat gagcgctgcg
   670081 gagccgttct tcgccacgcg cctgccgcgt ctggtgatgt tcgacctgga tggcacgctg
   670141 gtcgattccg ttcccgacct caccgccgcg gtcgacagca tgctcgccag cttcgggcgg
   670201 ccgccggcgg gcatcgagaa ggtccgccag tggatcggta acggcgcacg cgtcctggtg
   670261 cgtcgcgccc tggccggaag catcgagcac gacggcatcg gtgaggagga aaccgaagcc
   670321 gcgctggcgt tgttcatgga ggcctatgcc gacagtcatg cgctcaccga ggtctacccc
   670381 ggcgtcgtcg acaccctcaa gtggctcaag cgcaacggcg tggaaatggc gctgatcacc
   670441 aacaagccgg agcgcttcgt cgctccgctg ctggatgaga tgaagctggg tcgctatttt
   670501 cgctggatca tcggcggcga caccctgccg cagcagaagc ccgacccggc ggcgctgctg
   670561 ttcgtgatga agatggctgg catcgagccc gaagatgcgt tgttcgtcgg tgactcgcgc
   670621 aacgacgtgc tcgccgccaa agctgccggc gtgcgctgcg cggcgctgac ctatggctac
   670681 aaccacggcc ggccgatcgc cgaggaagcg cccaccctgg tcatcgacaa cctgcgcgac
   670741 ctgctgcctt gcgccgacca ggccgctgag atagtgttgc cggacgactc cctttccccc
   670801 tccgaccagc gagatcaagc cgtggcggtc agcaaactct ggatgaaggt catcaaggcc
   670861 ctggcgcgtt ggcgctggcg cgcctgacat catcctccgc cggatagccg gcgcgcgttt
   670921 gcaccctgtt gaccgttctc tcctccgatg aggctgatca tgaatcgcga agaattcctg
   670981 cggctggccg ccgatggcta caaccgcatc ccgctgtcct tcgagaccct tgccgacttc
   671041 gacacgccgc tgtcgatcta cctgaagctg gccgacgcgc cgaactccta cctgctggag
   671101 tcggtgcagg gcggcgagaa atgggggcgc tattcgatca tcggcctgcc gtgccgcacg
   671161 gtgctgcggg tctacgacca tcaagtgcgg atcagcatcg atggcatgga aaccgagcgc
   671221 ttcgattgcg ccgacccgct ggctttcgtc gaggagttca aggcgcgcta ccaggtgccc
   671281 accgtgcccg gcttgccacg tttcgatggc ggcctggtcg gctacttcgg ttacgactgc
   671341 gtgcgctacg tggaaaaacg cctggccacc tgtccgaacc cggacccgct gggcaacccg
   671401 gatatcctgt tgatggtgtc cgatgccgta gtggtattcg acaacctggc cgggaagatc
   671461 cacgccatcg tcctcgccga tccctccgag gaaaatgcct acgagcgcgg ccaggcacgt
   671521 ctggaggagc tgctggagcg tctacgccag ccgatcaccc cgcgtcgcgg cctcgacctc
   671581 gaggcggccc agggtcgtga gccggcgttt cgtgccagct tcacccgcga ggactatgaa
   671641 aacgcggtag gaaggatcaa ggactacatc ctggccggcg actgcatgca ggtggtgccg
   671701 tcgcagcgca tgtccatcga attcaaggcg gcgtccatcg acctgtaccg cgcgctgcgc
   671761 tgtttcaatc cgacgcccta catgtacttc ttcaacttcg gcgacttcca tgtcgtgggc
   671821 agctcgccgg aggtgctggt acgggtcgag gatggcctgg tgacggtgcg cccgatcgcc
   671881 ggtacccgtc cgcgcgggat caacgaagag gccgacctgg cactggagca ggatctgctg
   671941 tcggacgcca aggagatcgc cgagcacctg atgctgatcg acctggggcg caacgacgtg
   672001 gggcgggtgt ccgatatcgg cgcggtgaag gtcaccgaaa aaatggtgat cgaacgttac
   672061 tccaacgtca tgcacatcgt gtccaacgtc accgggcaat tgcgcgaggg gctcagcgcg
   672121 atggacgcgc tgcgggcgat cctgccggcg ggcactctat ccggcgcgcc gaagatccgc
   672181 gccatggaga tcatcgacga gctggagccg gtcaagcgtg gagtctacgg cggcgcggtc
   672241 ggctacctgg catggaacgg caacatggac accgccattg ccatccgcac cgcggtgatc
   672301 aagaacggtg aactccacgt gcaggccggc ggcggtatcg ttgccgactc ggtgcccgcg
   672361 ctggagtggg aagaaaccat caacaagcgc cgggcgatgt tccgcgccgt ggcgctggcc
   672421 gagcagagcg tcgaataaga cggcgcgagg cggaagaaaa gaaggcggat ggcgtttgcg
   672481 tcatccgcct tttttgtgcc cggctggacc cacgcattgg cttcgcccta cgcggcaccg
   672541 ctttcgtagg gcgaatatcg cggtgcgata tccgccgggc ggagcatggt gtcgctcccc
   672601 gcgatgtagg caacggnnnn nnnnngtgcc cggctggacc cacgcattgg cttcgcccta
   672661 cgcggcaccg ctttcgtagg gcgaatatcg cggtgcgata tccgccgggc ggagcatggt
   672721 gtcgctcccc gcgatgtagg caacggcggg ccgctcaggg ggcgatgctg tccgcgcctg
   672781 gcggtgctcg acgggcgcct ccggcttggt tcgcgcgctg gtcgacgtag gcggcgaggt
   672841 gatcgagggc cacgaactgc atggccttgt ggctatcgtc gagggtcgtc accggcaggg
   672901 cgatccgccc gcatgccagg gccttgctga agttttcctt gttcaggttg cgaaaccagc
   672961 gttcgcgaac ctgctccagc ggcaccagga cgtcgccgaa gatgcggtag accaattcca
   673021 cggtttcctg gcgtggaatc ggagtgctag gggcgatgga tggctgcatg gtattccctc
   673081 ctgcggctac acgtcgttga agggaatata gctcaggttg tttttttatt caatagctga
   673141 agttgtagag cgggcgagcg ccaggcgctc accgcaccag ggacgggccg cgccggtggc
   673201 gtacggtgga ccaccagaag acccaaccga tcatgctgat ctggcggctg cgcatgtcct
   673261 ccggcgagta ctcctcgtcc ggatattcct cgcggttgaa gctgcgcagg cgaatgccgc
   673321 cgccgggcag gcgatagacg aacttcaccc gcagcatgcc gtcatgttcg agggcgtaga
   673381 tctcgccatc ggtgatatgg gtggtggcgg tgtccacgcc gatggtggag ccatccatga
   673441 tcagcggttc catgctgttg ccggtgagtt gggcgcagat cgccgccgac ggatcgacgc
   673501 ccgaggcacg cagcgtggca taggaaaaac gcagcttgcg cccctctatc tcgcgtaccg
   673561 cagtgcgtcc ggcgccggcg gacatctcca cttccttgta cagcggcagt tccacttcgt
   673621 cttcgtccag cggtgtgtcg ctgtcccacg gatgcagcgg ttcgagcacc aatgggctgc
   673681 catcggccac ggacacggca ctgcgcgcgg ctggagcgcc ttcgccggtc tgcagccaga
   673741 ccggcgagac gcccagggcc gccgcgatct cgatcagctt gcgggtgctc tgggccttgc
   673801 ccgaggtcag cttgtgaatg gtgttctgcg aaacccctgc cgcttcggcg agggtttcct
   673861 gcttcaggtt gcgcatcgcc atggcctgct tgaggcgagc ggcgaagctg tcgggcggga
   673921 tctgggtgct cttgtccatg ttcggcaatc tacagaccga tggattctct gtaaagagcc
   673981 taggtgttga cgataaatag ctttggttgt aatttctctt ccgtcagaaa gcggaagggg
   674041 tgagctccac aacttcccac ccgcctttca gagatttcac atgggtgcag ggacgcaccc
   674101 ggttgtcggt gaccgacgat gcaggtgccg actgcttggg tgccggggct atgggaaagc
   674161 gctccggcac ctggagggcc ggagcgccgt ccatgcagac gctccgtccc gctcattcat
   674221 tctgtcgccg acctgcttca ggtacggcgg cgtcgtacag ggagtcattg ccatgtcgcg
   674281 agatacgcac tcgccatttc cgcgcagagg aacgcaggtc gccgaaccgg cgccgcgcat
   674341 ctgtcatgtt ccatccattc ggccgtcggg cgtcgggcac gccagggagg ctttccatgg
   674401 ctgaccttgc cgatcacgcc aacgaactgg tcctggctcg cctcgacggc ctcctggcgg
   674461 cgcgcccggc gctggccatc cgcgagtccg cggaagactg cgaggactgc ggcgagccca
   674521 ttccccaggc gcgccgccgg gcggcaccgg gttgcagtcg ctgcatcgac tgccaggacc
   674581 gccacgagcg ccgttgaacc gacctcatgc cgagccctcg cgggcagtga aaggagacac
   674641 gaccgtgatc aaagccatcg atgaaatgct caagctctgg gccgaggaaa tgcacgcgcc
   674701 aggcagcaac ggaggcggct acgccggcgg caacctgatc gccatgctga tcgccagcaa
   674761 gggcgaggtg gtccgcggcc accgtggtag ccgggtgatc ctcgaccgtg tggcggaggt
   674821 cgatcgcctg gtgaatcgcc tacccgagga actgaagaac gtggtggtgg agcactatct
   674881 caatcgcgac agcttccccg agcagaagta ccgccactgc ggttgcagcc gcaacacctt
   674941 ctatctgcgc ctgcatgtgg cgcaccaggg tatccaggac ggcctgctgc ggcgggtggc
   675001 ctgagttcct ggaccggata ccgtatcccc cctggaattt tccaaccggc cttcgggccg
   675061 gttttttatg cctgtcgccc atggaggcgg tgagtcccat gcacagcagc ggaccctgca
   675121 cggtagaggc ggattcgggc tggcgtagcc atccttttcg tcagtcgatg ccgggctttc
   675181 cacatcggaa gtgggtatgc gcttgcccgg atgcctggcg aaggttccca gggcggtata
   675241 tcaccctcat atcgtggtgc gtctccctcc tattgcagtg gattgtcgag aaggcattgc
   675301 cgggctggga atcgggcggt aaaaagtagg cattcttgta aaggtgcgtc cccagggagg
   675361 cactcgtgaa gcaccggaac ccggccctgg cgccgggttt tttattgccc gggaaaacgt
   675421 tcgtgcggac gtgcccggcg ctgcctgcca aggagggacc catgggcaac gaaccgcaga
   675481 cactgacgga aatgccgctc tgggtactga tcctgctcgc cgcgctgggc ggcgtcagcg
   675541 gcgagatgtg gcgtgccgac aaggccggtc tcggcggctg ggccttgttg cggcgcctgg
   675601 cgctgcgctc cggcgcgtcg atcgtctgcg gcgtggcggt gatgctgctg gcgttggctt
   675661 gcggcgccgc gctgctgttc gccgcggcgc tgggcagcct gaccgccgcg gccggcgcgg
   675721 agatcgccgt cggtctctac gaacgctggg ccgcccggcg cctaggggtt tgcgagctgc
   675781 ccgaggaaca gtcggacgac cgtggcccgc attgaaactg atcgaaggag tcaaccatgc
   675841 ctgaacaggc tgttacgctc gaggctctgt acgcggccat cgagcaggta ctgcgtgagc
   675901 gtctgccgga ggcgcagttg atcggcttct ggccaggcgt gccggaaaat accccggcgg
   675961 tttccctgga aatagccgag ctgctgcccg agcgcgatcc cggtaccggc gagagcgccc
   676021 tgctgtgccg cctgcaggcg cggataatgg tgccgcctgg tgccgatcgc caggcggtat
   676081 ccattgcttg cggaatcgtt cggacattgc gcgagcagac ctggaacctg tctctgcagc
   676141 cggcgcgctt cgtacgctcg gccgtcgacg gcagtcgcga ggagctgaag agcctgcgtg
   676201 tctggctggt cgagtggacg cagtcgctgc gtctcggaga cccggagtgg gcctgggagg
   676261 accagccgcc gggcagcctg atgctgggct tcgacccgca gaccggcccc ggccatgagc
   676321 cggactactt cgctccggag gcgttggcat gagctatgtc agtgcggagc atgaccgcat
   676381 gctcgccgcg atgatcctgc cctgcgtggt ggtcgccgtg gacctggcag cggcgcgggt
   676441 acgggtgcgc tccggcgact ggaccagcgg ctggctgcgc tggcactccc tggcagccgg
   676501 caaggttcgc cactggcgtg cgccgagcat aggcgaacag gggatactgc tcagcccgtc
   676561 gggcggagtg tcaatgggca cctttattcc cggtctgtac ggcgatgcgg gcacggcgcc
   676621 ggacaacagc gccagcagtg agacctggcg tttcgacgac ggcgcctcgt tgagttacga
   676681 ctgggctgcg catcgctacc gcgtcgagct gcccagcggc accgtggaag tgagggtcgg
   676741 cgccagcgag gtgcgggtca gcgacggggc ggtcagtctc aaggcgccga agatcagcct
   676801 ggaaggaccg gtggagatcg ccgggacact gacggtcagc ggagacatcc tcggcggcgg
   676861 ctcgatcatc gacaccgccg gcaacagcaa ccaccacacc cattgaacat acgacggggc
   676921 tgccgaaggg cggtccgtcg aacattcaac cggcccgcgc gagcgggcct tttcgtttgc
   676981 ggagttcgcc atgggcaaca ctcacagcca ttcggagcca ggcgcggcct gtctctgccg
   677041 gagcgggagg gcagggcgat gatcgggatg gatcgccgta gcgggctacc cctgtccggc
   677101 ctggctcatc ttaaacagtc cgtcgaggac atcctgacca ccccgttggg cagcaggcgc
   677161 atgcgccccg agtacggcag caagctgcgg cggatggtcg acatgccggt gagcgaaggc
   677221 tggaaaagcg ccgtgcaggc cgaggtagcc cgttccctgg ggcgctggga accgcgcatc
   677281 gcattgtctg ccgtgcgagt cgtcgcggtc gtcgatggcc gcgtggatct gctcctgagc
   677341 ggcgtgttcg agggcgagaa catcaatatg gaggtctcgg cgtgatcatc gatctttccc
   677401 agttgccgga gccagaggtt atcgaaaacc tcgatttcga gacgatttac caagagctgt
   677461 tgggcgactt ccgcgaagcc atggctggcg aatggacagc ggaggtggag tccgatccgg
   677521 ttctcaaact tctgcaactg gcggcctatc gagaactgct gctgcgggcg cggatcaacg
   677581 atgcggcgcg ggcggtgatg ctggcatacg ccagcggtgc cgatctcgac cagatcggtg
   677641 ccggcttcaa tgtgcagcgt ttgctgatca ggcccgctca gcccgaggcg gtaccgccgg
   677701 tggaggcgca gtacgagagc gacaagtcgc tgcgcaatcg catccagctc gcgttcgagc
   677761 agctatccgt cgcaggaccg cggaacgcct atatagccca tgcgctgggc gcggatggaa
   677821 gggtggcgga tgcctctgcg accagtccgg cgccctgcga agtgctgatc agtgtgctcg
   677881 gggtggaagg caacgggcag gcaccggaaa cggtgttgca ggcagtgcgc ctggcgctga
   677941 acgcggagga cgtgcgtcct gtcgcggatc gggtaacggt gcgctcggca ggaatcgttc
   678001 cctatcaggt caaggcgcag ctctacctgt ttcccggccc cgaggccgag ctgatccgtg
   678061 ccgccgccga ggcttcgctg cgcgactaca tttccgccca gcgccgcctg ggccgcgaca
   678121 tccggcgttc ggccctgttc gccaccctgc atgtcgaagg cgtgcagcgc gtcgaactgc
   678181 aggagcctgc ggccgacgtg gtcctggatg aaacccaggc ggcctattgc acggggtacg
   678241 cgatcacctt gggaggcgtc gatgagtagc cgcctgctgc cgccaaacag gagttctctg
   678301 gaacgctctc tgggtgatgt attgcctgcc gagctgccgg tgccgcttcg tgagcttaac
   678361 gatccggcac gctgtgaggc ggccttgctg ccctacctgg cctggacgcg ctcggtggac
   678421 cgctgggacc cggactggag cgacgaggcc aagcgcaatg cggtagcgac gtccttcgtc
   678481 ctgcaccagc gcaaaggcac gctgaccgcg ttgcgccaag tggtcgagcc gatcggtgcg
   678541 ctgagcgagg tcaccgaatg gtggcagcga agcccgcttg gcgtgccggg gaccttcgag
   678601 atcaccgtgg acgtcagcga ccgtggcatc gacgaaggca ccgtactgga gctggagcgc
   678661 ttgctcgatg acgtccgccc ggtgagcaga cacctgaccc ggctggacct gcgcattacc
   678721 ccggtaatcc ggtcccgtca cggactggcc gtgaccgacg gcgacaccct ggaaatcttc
   678781 ccctggaaac agtgacatga cgaccaatac tccgaaatac ggtggcctgc tcaccgacat
   678841 aggtgccgct gcgctggctg cggccagtgc agcaggcaag aaatggcagc cgactcatat
   678901 gctgatcggc gatgccggcg gtgcgccggg cgacacgccg gatccattgc cttctgcggc
   678961 gcagaagagc ctgatcaacc aacgccatcg ggctcagctg aatcggctgt tcgtttccga
   679021 caagaacgcc aataccttgg ttgccgaggt ggtgctgcca gttgaggtag gtggcttctg
   679081 gatccgcgag atcggcctgc aggatgccga cggcaagttc gtcgcggtat ccaactgccc
   679141 gcccagctac aaggctgcaa tggaaagtgg cagtgcgcgg acccagacca ttcgggtgaa
   679201 catcgcgctc tccggcctgg agaatgtcca gctgctgatc gacaacggca tcatctacgc
   679261 cactcaggac tgggtgaagg aaaaggtcgc tgccgatttc aagggccgca agatcctggc
   679321 tggcaatggc ctggtcggtg ggggggatct ttctgccgac cgcagcattg gcctggcgcc
   679381 ttccggcgtg acggcgggca gctatcgctc ggtcacggtg aacgccaacg gggtggtcac
   679441 ccagggcagc aatccgacca ccctggccgg ctatgcgatc ggagatgcct ataccaaggc
   679501 cgataccgac ggaaaactgg cgcagaaagc gaacaaggcc accaccctgg ccggctatgg
   679561 catcaccgat gcgctgcgag tcgatggcaa cgccgtgtca tccagcaggc tggccgcacc
   679621 gcgcagcctg gcagccagtg gcgatgcctc ctggtcggtg accttcgacg gcagtgccaa
   679681 tgtttctgcg ccgctgagtc tttccgctac cggtgtggcg gcgggcagct atccgaaggt
   679741 gaccgtggat acgaagggaa gggtgactgc tggaatggcg ctggcggcga cggacattcc
   679801 cgggctggat gcttcgaagt tggtcagcgg ggtgctggcc gagcagcgtt tgccggtatt
   679861 cgcgcgcggg ttggctactg ctgtctcgaa cagtagcgat ccgaacaccg cgaccgtgcc
   679921 gttgatgctg accaatcatg cgaacggacc tgttgccgga cgatacttct acatccagtc
   679981 gatgttctat ccggatcaga acggcaatgc ttcgcagatt gcaacgagct acaacgctac
   680041 atccgagatg tatgtacggg tgtcctacgc tgccaaccct agcatccggg agtggttgcc
   680101 ctggcagcgc tgcgacattg gaggttcctt caccaaagag gccgatggtg aactgcctgg
   680161 aggcgtcaac ctggattcga tggtgacctc ggggtggtgg agccaaagtt ttactgccca
   680221 agctgccagt ggagccaact accctatagc tcgggccggc ttgcttcatg tgtacgccgc
   680281 gagtagcaat ttcatctatc agacgtatca agcctacgac ggtgagagtt tctatttccg
   680341 gtgccggtat tcaaatacct ggcttccctg gcgtcgtatg tggcatggcg gagacttcaa
   680401 ccccagtgac tatctgttga agtcggggtt ctattggaat gcgctaccgg gaaaacctgc
   680461 cacttttcca ccatctgcac ataaccatga cgtcggacag cttacttcgg gcatcctccc
   680521 cctggcacgt ggcggcgtcg gttcgaatac ggcagcggga gcacgtagca ctatcggagc
   680581 aggggttcct gcgactgctt cccttggggc gagcggatgg tggcgggaca atgacactgg
   680641 cctcattagg caakggggac aggtcacttg ccccgccgat gccgatgctt cgattacgtt
   680701 cccgattcct ttccctacgc tatgcctcgg cggatatgcg aatcagacga gtgctttcca
   680761 gccgggaacg gatgccagta caggtttccg tggagcgact accactaccg cggtgattcg
   680821 caatggctac tttgctcagg cggttctttc atgggaggca tttggacgat gaagggtgaa
   680881 tattatttct cgccaagcca ggtggcattc tatccggcct ccttgcgaga ggtttatgaa
   680941 cacgcaggct gctggccagt cgatggcgag tgggtcagcg cagagctaca tgaacaactg
   681001 atgaacgaac aggcggcagg ccgagcaatc agttccgacg tgaatgggaa cccagtagcg
   681061 atcgagcgcc ctccgctttc ccgtcagcaa cgtagcaccc atgagcggag atggcgggat
   681121 agtcagctgt tggcgaccga cggcctagtt gttcgccatc gagatcaatt ggaaaccgga
   681181 aaggaaacga ccttactccc tgtccaatac catgaactca tgtcgtacag agccagctta
   681241 cgggattggc cggaagagcc tttatttccc gacagtggcg gacgtccgtc cgtaccagat
   681301 tggctcagac gttatgtcac cccctgaacc ccgcctcgtg cggggttttt cattaatgga
   681361 gatctaccta tgagtttctt ccacggcgtt acggtaacca acgtcgatat cggtgcgcgc
   681421 accatcgcgc tgccggccag ctccgtcatc ggcctctgcg atgtgttcac gccgggggcg
   681481 caggcaagcg ccaagcccaa cgttccggtg ctgctcacca gcaagaagga cgccgccgcg
   681541 gcgttcggca tcggctcgtc tatctacctg gcctgcgagg ccatctataa ccgtgcccag
   681601 gccgtgatcg tggcggtggg cgtggaaacc gcggagactc ccgaggccca ggccagcgcc
   681661 gtcataggtg gtatcagtgc cgccggcgag cgcaccgggc tgcaggcttt gctcgacggc
   681721 aagagtcgct tcaatgccca gccgcgtcta ctagttgcgc cgggtcattc ggcccagcaa
   681781 gcggtggcca ccgccatgga cgggctggcc gagaaactgc gggccatcgc cattctcgat
   681841 ggtcccaata gcaccgacga ggcggccgtc gcctacgcca agaacttcgg cagcaagcgc
   681901 ctgttcatgg tcgacccggg cgtgcaggtt tgggacagcg tcaccaatgc cgcgcgcaac
   681961 gccccggctt cggcctacgc cgccggcctg ttcgcctgga ccgacgccga gtacggcttc
   682021 tggtcctcgc cgtcgaacaa ggagatcaag ggcgtcaccg gcaccagccg tccggtggag
   682081 ttcctcgacg gcgatgagac ctgtcgcgcc aacctgctca acaacgccaa tatcgcgacg
   682141 atcattcgcg acgatggcta tcgcctgtgg ggcaaccgca ccttgtccag cgacagcaag
   682201 tgggctttcg tcacccgtgt tcggaccatg gacctggtaa tggatgcgat cctcgccggg
   682261 cacaagtggg cggtggaccg cggcatcacc aagacctacg tgaaggatgt caccgagggc
   682321 ctgcgcgcct tcatgcgcga tctgaagaac cagggagcgg tgatcaactt cgaggtctat
   682381 gccgacccgg acctgaacag cgccagccag ctggcccagg gcaaggtgta ctggaacatc
   682441 cgcttcaccg atgtgccgcc tgccgagaac cccaatttcc gtgtcgaggt gaccgatcag
   682501 tggctcaccg aagttctgga tgtcgcctaa ggagcgcccg tgatgattcc gcaaaccctg
   682561 accaatacca acctgttcat cgacggcgtg agcttcgccg gtgacgtgcc atccctgacc
   682621 ctgcccaagc tggctgtgaa gaccgagcaa taccgtgccg gcggcatgga tgcgccggta
   682681 tccatcgaca tgggcctgga ggcgatggaa gccaagttct ccaccaacgg tgcccgccga
   682741 gaagcgctga atttcttcgg cctggccgac cagagcgctt tcaatggcgt gttccgtggc
   682801 tccttcaagg gccagaaggg cgccagcgtg ccagtggtgg ctaccctgcg cggcctgctc
   682861 aaggaggtcg acccgggcga ctggaaagcc ggcgagaaag ccgagttcaa gtacgccgtt
   682921 gcggtcagct actacaagct ggaagtcgat ggccgcgagg tctacgagat cgatccggtc
   682981 aacggtgtcc gcgcgatcaa cggtgtcgac cagttggccg gcatgcgcaa cgacctcggc
   683041 ctgtaagagg agctccggac atgacccaag agaatcgact gccgggctgg ctgacgctgg
   683101 atgccgacgc cgccctcgtt cgtctctcgc gtccggcaca gtgcaacggg gtcagcgtcg
   683161 acacgctgac cctgcgtgca cccaccgtgc gtgatatccg cctggccggc aaggtggccg
   683221 gcgacgatgc cgaggagcgc gaactgcaac tgttcgcctc gctggcgcag gtcagccgcc
   683281 aggacctgga ggggctgaag ctgagcgact accagcggct gcaaggcgcc tactttcgcc
   683341 tggtgcaaga cgacacggac gacaccttcg cgtatgcgtc aactggcgag gcgcctggcc
   683401 attgagctgg gcttccaggc cagcgaactg gagcgcatga ccctgggcga cctgctctgg
   683461 tggctcgccg agggcgagga gtgagcgacg gcgccgtccg ccaggcgagc ggcgcccgcg
   683521 ctacttcagt aggtccgcgg aggcggacat cgataacaga cgagacgaac cgtcatgagt
   683581 aaagacatgg acctggtggt ctccatcggc ggcatcgccg acccctcctt gggcaaggca
   683641 ttcgagaccg tcaaggcacg gctcgacagt ctccaggaac gttcccgcca ggcttccagc
   683701 ctgagggatg tgctgggaga cgccatacgc ctggagcgag agctcgccga tatgcgcaag
   683761 gtcggggacc gcggcgttgc tgagcatgcc cggcagcttg gcgaacgcca ggagcaactg
   683821 aagcgactcg gcatcgaggc cagggccgcg ggcgatgcct acgctcgact gggcgagatg
   683881 cagcgtggcc tggatatgca ggtccgcggc ctgcaacggc tggagcaggc cagccaggca
   683941 atgccattgg ctagcgcatt ttccggactg gtcgtggaag ccagcaagac ggctgccggt
   684001 tatcaagcgc ggttgcgcga cctggcgatc cgcaacggcc tggacgtcgg ccgggagcca
   684061 gccttggcat ccctgatcca ggacagcgcc aaccagagcg gcctgggacg cacggcgacg
   684121 ctggacatgc tggagcactt gaacgccacc ggcatggggt tcgccgccgc gcaaatgaat
   684181 ctgggactgg cgggccgctt cggctttggc caagggattg cttcagccga ggttgcgggg
   684241 ctggttcgag cgttgcaact ggcccagggt tcggactcgc cagagcaatt gtccgcctcc
   684301 ctcgaccgtc tggtcgtcct gggtaaaggc agagtcggca gtgaggccct ggcgcgtcgc
   684361 ctgcctgcct tgttgtcagc gctgggcaat gcgggagagg ccacggccgg cgatgtcggt
   684421 gcactgggtg ccttgctgga gattcaggca aagaacacca cgccagacaa agcggacgtg
   684481 cggatgaagg cctggctgga gttcgtcggc agcggcagct tgaaacgcgc ttatggccag
   684541 gactacgacc gggacctgga agcgctgcgc aaggacggag cgagtctgct ggaggccaac
   684601 ctggagctgg ctgcgcgcta tcgggataag ggcggcaagc tcagcgccgg cgtggcgtcg
   684661 ccggcgcttg aagcctatcg agcgtcgcgc ggcgagttcc agggcttgct cgaatcccag
   684721 cagtcttccg taggctcttc ggagcgcgat gcgcagcgtc gcaaggggat gtcccaggag
   684781 ctgtggaagg cttccagcga cagttgggag agggcgcaga ccgctttggg cagcgccctg
   684841 aatccatatc tggacaacct ggccaagggg agcgcggtac tcggcgagtc gactgcggag
   684901 ctgctcgaag cctatccgcg gacgacggcc ggtcttaccg ccgccgcagg tgcggtgtta
   684961 tccgggtatc tcgcctacaa gggagggcgc ggcgctatcg acgtgctgcg tggcggtcgg
   685021 ctcggtcggc gagggaccgc tgccgtcggc gacctgatcg aacggggtgc aggccgggta
   685081 tcgggtggta gcgaaataca gcgcgtgttc gttaccaact ggccggtgcc gggaggcgac
   685141 tctacgctgg agtccgcgag gaggccggca caacgaaagc gcggtcaaac accacgcagg
   685201 aagagaggca agggcggtgg ggtgaaggcc cgctcccttc catcccttgg cttctcggct
   685261 ggaggaggct tgggggcgat ggcaggaaag ctgccgcgcc tgtcgcgttt gcccatacgc
   685321 aacgcgccgc tgcaagtggc ctcgtcgttg atcgatgttg ctgaggtcta ctccagcgac
   685381 ctgtcggaga gcgaaaagac catcgcctat ggcgaggccg gtggctccct ggctggttcc
   685441 ctggctggcg ccgctctggg agcgagcatc ggctcggtgg tgccggtggt cggtacgctg
   685501 atcggtggat tggttggcgg cgctatcggc gcctggggcg gtagcgaact gggggggcgt
   685561 ctgggacgca gtctggctgg cgatccgccg gcggactcgg acaacaagcc ggcggtgccc
   685621 gcaccacagg ccgagcccgt cgcggctgcg cccaactgga ccttcgcgcc gcagatcaac
   685681 ctgacggtgc aaggcaacgt acacgagccg cagcgcctgg ccgacgagtt gctgccctac
   685741 ctgcgacgca tgcttgtcga cttcgccgac gagcggcagc ggcgcagcct ctacgacccg
   685801 gcgatggtct aaggagtccc catggcatat ctggaacaat tgcaggccgg cctgaggtac
   685861 ctgggtcgcg ccggcgagtc cggacgcaag agtctggaca aggtggtcgc tccggtgaac
   685921 ggtgcgatca gcgagatccg cggcgcagcc tcggagctgg agaacctgcc cggcgtatcg
   685981 ccggaaatgg ctgcccggct gcagcgtgcc atgcgcggca tcggccaggc gcagggcaag
   686041 gtgaaccgcg tggtctccac ctatgaccgg gcgagccggg cgttgcttgg tatcgacgaa
   686101 cgcctggatg cgctgaaggt gcaggtgaac agtgccgcgc aggcggtcgg caaggtcgct
   686161 ggcgacatca gtccgacgct ggcgggggtg ctgccgtcgt ggctgctggc accctcggcg
   686221 acgccctcga gcgaggccgt agcgcccttg ccgcacctgc tggtactgca gccgctgacc
   686281 gccaatgccc aaccgttcta cttcaacctg aatactgccg ccttcgacgc cctgcagcgc
   686341 aacagtgcct acaactggag cgggcagatg cgcctgggcc ggcggccggc gctgcagagc
   686401 gtcggcatgg gcgaggagag catcctgctc aagggtgcgg tattcccgct gcgtcgacag
   686461 gtaggcaacc aggaaaaggt tgtcggtctg gagcagctcg aagcgctgcg ccggttggcg
   686521 gagcggcgtg agccgctgat cctgagcagc ggctacggcg aggtgcagat gggcctctgg
   686581 tgtctggtgc ggatcagcga gaaccagagc gccctgctgg gcaacggcgc tccccgcaaa
   686641 caaaccttcg acctggagtt caagcgctat ggcgacgacc tgccgaaccg ctgacggcga
   686701 catgctggac agcctctgct accacgtcta tggccatctg ttgggctgcg tcgaggcgac
   686761 cctcgacgcc aatcccgggc tggccgatga gcagcagcca ttccgcgccg gcttgctgat
   686821 cagtttccct gacatgccgg tggtcaatgt cgaacaggtg cgcctgtggg attgatcgac
   686881 cgctcaaccg caaccccgcc ttggcggggt ttttcttttc tggagagatc aggtgcaacc
   686941 gagtttccgt atcgttgccg acggcaccga cgtcacccag cggctgaatg accgcctgct
   687001 caagctgacc ttgctggaca agccgggcat ggagtccgac agcctgacct tgaggctcga
   687061 cgatcgcgat ggacaggtgg ccttacccag gcgcggtgcg gtgctggagg ttcatctcgg
   687121 ctatgccggc gagccactga tgcgcatggg gcgctttacc gtggacaccc tgcagtgggc
   687181 tggtccgccg gactgcctga ccgtcactgc caaggccggc gacatgcgcg gcagtggcaa
   687241 gacgatacgc agcggcggtt gggagggcac taccctggct caggtctgcc gcgatgttgg
   687301 cgcacgcaac ggctggcgcg tggagtgtcc gttgcaggtg gcgatcgccc gggtcgacca
   687361 ggtcaatgag tccgactacc acttcgtcac ccgtctggcg cgccagtacg actgcaccgc
   687421 caagctggcc gagggcatgc tcatggtgct gccgcgacag agcgggcaga gcgccacggg
   687481 gcgtcggatc gaacctttgg tgttgggccg tgctgacgtc ggtagcttcg acgttaccgt
   687541 cgacgaccgc agcctgatga gagcggtgaa gacccgctac caattgcccg gcagcggcga
   687601 ggtcaagagc gtcgagttga agaacccgaa ggcaccggct acggctatgg gcgagcatgt
   687661 cgaccggcat ctctatgcca gccgtggaga ggccgagcag gcggcgaagg ctcgcctggc
   687721 gagcttcagc cgctccagcg ccagtgtgcg cctggaactg ccagggcgtg gcgacctgtt
   687781 cgccgagcgc agcctgctgc tccaaggctt caaggcggga atcgacggcg agttcctgat
   687841 cgactcggtg gagcacacct acagctccag cggatggacc actgtcgtgc aatgcaacgg
   687901 cggccgaggc ggcaaggggt gacgcctgaa acccatcgga gtgcaggagg atcgatgaaa
   687961 ctgaccgagc agcaattgct gcgcattttt cccaacgccc gcctcgtcgc gggcgttttc
   688021 gttgcggcgt tgcaacgggc catggacgag agggagatcg acacaccggc gcggcgtgcc
   688081 gcgtttctcg cccaggtcgg ccacgaaagc agccagttga cccggctggt ggagaacctc
   688141 aattacagcg cccaaggctt ggcggcgacc tggccgagcc gctatctcgg ccccgacggg
   688201 cagcccaacg cgttggcctt gcggctggcg cgcaatccgc aggcgattgc cgacaacacc
   688261 tacgccacgc gcaacggcaa tggcgacgaa gcgtccggcg atggctggcg cttccgtggg
   688321 cgtggcttgc tacagatcac cgggcgtgcc aactaccggt tggtcggcga ggccctcggc
   688381 gagccgctgg aagccgagcc ctggcgcctg gagcagcccg tgccggcggc ccgcagcgcc
   688441 gcctggtggt gggccggtca cgggctcaac gagctggccg accgcggcga gttcgctgcc
   688501 atcacccgcc gcatcaacgg cggcctgaat ggccaggcgg agcgcctggc gttgtggcag
   688561 cgggccaggg tggtgctgtc atgagccggc tcgctctgct cctgccggcc gtgttgctgg
   688621 tcctgctggc cggcgccttg ctcggcggcg gcctggttgc ccgccactat cgtccgcaac
   688681 tggaggaggc cctgggccaa ctcactgcca gccgtgtcgc cagcggccag ctcgaggctt
   688741 tgctcgatga gcagcagcga gcgctggcgg cggtacgggc gagcgccgag aggcgcgcga
   688801 aggacgccga gcaggcactc ggcgaggcca gggcgcaggc cgcggagcag tatgccgcgg
   688861 ccgtgcgtct gctccaggaa cccgacattg gcgcggactg ccaggcggca ggtgcggcga
   688921 tcgaccggga gctgggacta tgactcgtct cctgctgggg ctttgtctgc ttttcgcggg
   688981 ctgcgcagcc tcgccgacga cacctcgccc cgtgcgcgtc gaggttcccc tggcagtgcc
   689041 ttgccgtgta cctgacgtgc gcccgccgag ctgggccagc gccacgttgc aggctggcga
   689101 ttcgctgcag gccaaggttc gcgcattgct cgccgagcgc cgccagcggc agggctacga
   689161 actcgaattg caggcggcgt tgcgtgcctg ccgctgagac actgggcgca tatggacgtc
   689221 gatggacgtg tgtccggcgc atattgccgt gtattgattc cgcagcgttg tcgagccagg
   689281 aatcggccgg tacaacgtag tcatgcttgt acaggtgtgt ccccccaggg atgccacctg
   689341 caacctcaga gcccggcccg tgtgccgggc tttttcgttt gcatccgaca acggctcggg
   689401 acgtggaggc tcctcgccga ccgcgtaccg cgccacggcc gaccgtcctg gggacggggc
   689461 cagacgaccc gcctggtgcg ggtcttttca tgtgcataaa ggagagtttt ccatgtccat
   689521 cctgactcaa ggtacccaga tctacgccct ggttccgccg gtatccggta ccggtgccgc
   689581 taccgtcctg gagatcgaag gcgtgacctc gttcaacccg ggcggcaatc cggccgacca
   689641 gatcgaagac ccgtgcctga gcgacacttc gcgcaagtac aagaaaggcc tgcgcacccc
   689701 tggccaggcg accctcggca tcaacgccga tccacgcctg gccagtcacg ttcggttgtt
   689761 ccagctgtcc gagaaagatg gcgagacgag cgtcaagtgg gccatcggct ggtccgacgg
   689821 aatcgacgta aagccgaccg tcagcaccga aggcgacgat ttcgtgttgc cgccggcgcg
   689881 cacctggttc accttcgaag gctacgtcag cgacttcccc ttcgatttcg ccagcaacac
   689941 gctggtcgct acccaggcca ccatccagcg ttccggcgcc ggcaagtgga cgccgaagtc
   690001 ggcttgagga gcgcgtagat gaatctcaac gaacttcgtg cggcgggcgg tttcatcgag
   690061 tcggcgctgg tgcgcaagga gattagctgg acccgcgttc ccgccggcag gaagaaggcg
   690121 gtcagcgaca ccttccaggt gttcgtccga cgcaacagtt ttggcgcggt ggagcgcctg
   690181 ttctccgccg aaggcgacca gcagagccgc aacgcgcgct acctcgccga atgcattcgc
   690241 ctgggcgaga cgggagagga aagcctgacc tacgaacagg cctacgacct cgacccggcg
   690301 ctgggcttcc tgctgctgca ggcggtcggt gaggtcaacc gggtcgagga cgcggaaaaa
   690361 aactgacccc cgccgacgag gtttggcacg agctggtgct gaacggcgtc ggcgggtcga
   690421 ccattgccga ggccaaggag cggctcagct acgccgagta ccgcgcctgg gtcgcctacc
   690481 tgaacaagcg cggctcgctc catccgggac accggctgga gcttgcgctg gctcggatcg
   690541 ctgcgttgct cgggcatgcg ctgggagcgg acgccgatcc cgacgcgttc cgtccgcata
   690601 tggctctcca gcccctttcg ctgcatcagg cgatggatca atgggcatga caggccaccc
   690661 cgctgcggcg gggtcttttt ctggaagaca tgaatcatgg ccacgaatac cgacggcagc
   690721 ctgacgctcg acctggtcct tcgcagcgaa gggtacaggg ccgggatgga caaggttggc
   690781 aggatcaacg atcagaaaat gcgtgccatg gaggcgcgcg cggaaaaagc tggcaaggct
   690841 atcggcaaaa gcctggacag ttcggcactg attgccagca gcgtgctgga ccaggcgctg
   690901 gacatgctgg gcaggaccag tcgccaggcg ggtcaggcca agaagcctgt gcagagcgcc
   690961 caggacaagg tactggccga gtggaagtcc cggcagaagg aactgggcga agcctggaag
   691021 agctatcgcg aaccactcca ggatctgtcc aagctcaacg aagcattact gaagaactct
   691081 tccgacaagc tcgacaaggc gctgctcaat ctcagcgaga ccggcaagct gtcgcttgcc
   691141 aacgtgggca aggccgccta cgccgatgcc gcgcgcctcg cctcgcggca gatgacgctg
   691201 atgctgctgg acgggctgtt tggctgggtc gccagcgtcg gtaccgagaa gcccaaggtc
   691261 gacgacaagg cgggcaaggg acaggcgaag gccggcgacg acgagaagga acagccgtcg
   691321 ctccagtcgc aggtcttcaa gcagtggctg ttgcagatga acagtgtctg gggcgcctac
   691381 cgcgcgccgc tgcaggatat ctccgggatg accgacgagc tgttcaggaa tgcgtcggag
   691441 aagctcgaga agtcgctgtt caatttcgcc actaccggaa agctgtcctt gagcaacttc
   691501 gccaagacgg tgatcgacga tgtcgcccgg atcgccgcgc ggcagctttc aatgctcgcc
   691561 ctggacggat tgttcggctg gatgaatggc aaggccggca tcaccgaggc gcaactggcc
   691621 agccagaagc cctatacctc gctactggaa aaggcccgag cagatgcggg acaagcggct
   691681 gcgggcgctc ccgcggccca gggtgccgcg ccaatgccgg cagcggcgat ggatgtcggc
   691741 gcgatggtgg ccactgcttc cgggcagacc ggggacggtt ccaaggtatc ggctggaggg
   691801 gcttcggcga gcgctggcaa gccggtgggc agttgggtcg aacagatgga cgcctcctgg
   691861 gcgagcctgc gcgaccaggc gcaggacgtc tcgggaatga tggacatgct gtttaccaac
   691921 gctttcacca atatggagaa cgccctgttc acctttgcca ccacgggcaa gctgtcgttc
   691981 aaggatttcg ccgactcggt gatccaggat atggcgcgga tcgccgcgcg gcaggcgacg
   692041 ctgcagatca tcggcggcat cgtcggtgcg gtcagcgggt tcttcggtag cggcgcaacg
   692101 gcgggctcgc ggatttccga ctataccggc tcggacatgg ccaattgggt cagcaagcaa
   692161 cgcgccggag gcatgcctgg gttcgccagg ggcggtgcct tcaacgatgg catccagagc
   692221 gcgccggcgc tgttcagcat ggccggcggt cgtccggcgc tgatcggcga gcgtgggccg
   692281 gaagccatca tgccgctgag tcgcggttcc gatggcgtgc tcggcgtgcg cgcgctcggc
   692341 ggcggcgagg ggggcaacgt cttcaatttc tccaccagcg tcagcctggg cggcggccgc
   692401 gagggcgcgg cgacggccag cggcgacgac ggtacgggac agcagctggc gggaatgatc
   692461 aacgatgccg cgcgcaacgt ggtggcgcag gagctgcgcc ccggcggcct ggtatggagg
   692521 atggtgaatg gctgatctgg aacgctttac ctgggacatc tcgatcgatt ccgccggcca
   692581 ggcgaaccaa ctggtacgtc aggtgcagta cggcggcggc tacagccagg cgctcggcga
   692641 cgggctgaac aacctcagcg agacctggca ggtttcgcgt accggcgatc tcgcgctgat
   692701 cggcccgatc cgcgatttcc tcaagcgcca cggcggctac cgctcgttcc tctggacctt
   692761 gcccactggc gaaccggtac gggtgcgcgc ccagggctgg caattgcggc cgcgcggcaa
   692821 cggcgtgttc accctgaaca ccaccttcca gcaagtcttc aatccgtgag gtaagcatga
   692881 ccatcacagc cgatgaccag gccctcgagc ctggtgcgct ggtgcgcctg ttcgacctgg
   692941 attgcaccgg gttcggcggc gagatgctgc gcttccacgg ccacctgcag caggggccga
   693001 tccactggca gggcaacgcc taccaagctt ggccactgga ggcgcgcggc ttcgagcagc
   693061 gcggtgacgg ccgggccagt tcgccgaccc ttagcgtggg caacatcgac ggcagcatca
   693121 gcgcgctctg cctgttcttc gatggcctgg taggcgcgcg cctgatcgtg cgcgagacct
   693181 atgcgcacta cctggatgcg gccaacttcg ccgaaggcaa cccgcaggcc gacccctccc
   693241 aggagcgcct gaacatctgg ttcctcgagc agaagaccgc cgagaacagc gtccaggtga
   693301 cctgggagct gtccgctccg ccggacttcc agggccagca gatcccggcg cgccagatca
   693361 cctcgctgtg ccactggtgc atcaccaacg agtaccgcgg gcaggactgc aactacaccg
   693421 gcacggcgat gttcgatgcc gacggcaatc cggtggacga tccggcgctg gaccgctgcg
   693481 gcggccgggt cagcgattgc aagctgcgct tcggcgcgga caacccgctg tcccacggcg
   693541 gcttcgccgg cgccggcctg gtcaggatgt gagcatggaa ctgagtcgca gcctgcagcg
   693601 ggctatcgcc gcacacgccg cccgcgagca tccgcgcgaa tgctgcgggc tgatcgttcg
   693661 cggtgtgcgt caacgccgct acgtggcctg tcgcaacgca gccggatcgc ccagcgagca
   693721 cttcgtgatc gatcaccagg actggtgcgc tgccgaggat cagggcgagg tcctggccat
   693781 cgtccacagc cacccggacg ttccggccac gccgagcatg gccgatcggg tcagttgcga
   693841 actgcatggt ctgccctggg tgatcctgtc ctggccggaa ggcgatgtcg cgcatctagc
   693901 gccggagggc tatcgggcgc cgctgctcgg ccgcgagttc gctcacggcg tgctcgactg
   693961 ctggagcctc tgtcgcgact ggtaccgccg cgaggcaggt ttggagcttc cggactatcc
   694021 gcgccgcgac ggttggtggg aaaccggcga gagcctctac gagcagcact atgcggcggc
   694081 tggattccgg ccggtgccgc tggccggaat ccgccgcggc gacatgctgg tgatgcaggt
   694141 cgggagggcg ctgcacccga accacgcggg catctacctg ggcaatgact ggcgtctgga
   694201 cagcgagccg gtccaggcgc tctgcggcga cggaccgttc ctgctgcacc acctgtacgg
   694261 acggctgtcg acccgagacg tgttcggcgg accctggatc gaacgcacgc gcctggtctt
   694321 gcggcacacg cggatgccgc agtgaacgat atattcaagc gagccgtcgg aatcggctct
   694381 ttacgagagg aacaggtcca tgaatgacac cctgagtcag ggcctcacca ccatccgtct
   694441 gtacggggtt ctgggcaagc gcttcggccg catgcacggc cggttgttgg aaagcggcac
   694501 ggtacgcgag gcgatgagcg ccctgaagca caccatggag ggattcgaga cgttcatgcg
   694561 cgaggcggaa tcgaaagggc tgaccttcgc cgtgttccgt gggcgtacca acctgtccgg
   694621 cgagcaactg gacatgcgcg gacgcgagga tatccgcatc gtgccgttgg tgatcgggag
   694681 caagcaggcg gggcttttcc agacgattct gggggctgcc ttgattgtcg tgggtggatt
   694741 cacgacgttc ttctccggtg gaaccagttc gttcctggta accgttggag tcagcatgtt
   694801 ggcgggcggc gtcatgcaga tgctcagtcc ccaacccaag ggcctgaagg gccgcgaggc
   694861 ccccgagaac gcccccagct atgccttcgg cggcccggtc aacaccatcg cccagggcca
   694921 tccggtcggc gtgctctacg gcaagcgccg catcggcggc gcggtgatca gcgccggcat
   694981 ctatgccgag gaccggctgt agccggcaac gccgtaacag gcccgccatg cgcgggcgtt
   695041 tttttgcctg aaggaacgtc atgaacaaga ccatcacggg ccacaagggt ggcagcaaga
   695101 agccgcgcca gccggtggag atgccggact cggtgcgctc gatcgcgcgg gcgaagattc
   695161 tcctggcact gggcgaaggc gagttcgacg gtggcgtcga cggccgttcg atctacctgg
   695221 acgatacgcc gctgctggcg gcggacggct cggtgaactt ccccggagtg acctgggagt
   695281 tccgtccggg ctcggtggac caggaacaca ttgccggtgt gcccgccgtg gaaaacgaac
   695341 tggcggtcgg cgtcgaactc aagagtgacg cgccctgggt ccgcgcggtg aacaacaccc
   695401 agctctcggc ggtgcgcctg cgcctgtcct ggcctgccat ccagcgccag caggaaaacg
   695461 gtgacgtggt cggctaccgc atcgactacg cgatcgacat cgccgtcgac ggcggtgcct
   695521 ggcaggaagc gctgaaggct tcgctggacg acaagtccac cagccgctac gagcgctccc
   695581 accgtgtcga cctgccggag gcgcggagcg gctggcaggt gcgcgtgcgc cgcctgacgc
   695641 cgaaccagaa caacaaccgc atcgccgaca ccatgcgggt cgaggcgatc accgaggtga
   695701 tcgacgccaa gctgcgctat ccgaacaccg cgctgctgtt cgtcgagttc gatgccagcc
   695761 agttccagag cattccgcag atatcggtgg aagcgcgcgg ccggcgggtg cgggtgccga
   695821 gcaactacga tccgcagacc cgtagctaca gcggcacctg ggacggctcg ttcaagtcgg
   695881 cctggaccag caacccggcc tggcactggt acgacatcgt gttgcacaag cgcttcggcc
   695941 tcggtcggcg gatcgacgcg agcatggtcg acaagtggtc gctgtaccgc atcgcccagt
   696001 actgcgacca gtcggtgccc gacggcaagg gcggccagga gccgcgcttc agctgcaacc
   696061 tgtacctgca gagtcgcgcc gaagcctgga ccgtgctgcg cgacctggca gcgatcttcc
   696121 gcggcatgtc ctactggtcc ggcgcggaaa tggtggcggt atccgacatg ccggaggacg
   696181 aggcctacac cttctcaccg tcgaacaccg tgcgtggcga cgacggcagc cacttcaact
   696241 acagcagcag ccgccagcgc gatcgccaca ccctggccct ggtcaactac gacaatccgg
   696301 gcaacggtta ccagagccaa ccggtagcgg tgaacaatga ccgcgcgcag cgccgctacg
   696361 gcatcagcca gttggagatc accgcgatcg gttgcacctc cgagggcgag gcgcagcggc
   696421 gtggccagtg ggcgctgctg accgaggagc tggagcagga cgcggtgacc ttccgcaccg
   696481 gcatggatgg ccgtgggctg gcgccgggga agatcatcgc cgtagccgac ccggtcaagt
   696541 ccggcaagca gatcggcgga cgcctgagcg cggtggatgg ccgcgcgctg accctcgacc
   696601 gcgacgtcga ggcccgaccc ggcgatcgcc tgctggtcaa cctgccgaac ggcaaggccg
   696661 aggcgcgcag cgtccagtcg gtggtcggcc gcgtgctgag cgtgaccgcc tcctattcgg
   696721 agacgcctcg gccccagggg cagtgggcgc tgcagagcaa cagcctgacc acccagcgct
   696781 tccgcatcat gagcatcacc cggccggagg acaacctttt cgagatcacc gcgctgcaac
   696841 acaacgcgag caagttcgac gccatcgaca acggtgcgcg catcgagctg ccgccggtca
   696901 ccagcattcc gccgggcgtg caggcgccgc cgcagaacgt gcggatcaag gctttcacca
   696961 aggtcgacca ggggttggcg gtgaccagcc tgtcggcctc ctgggatgcc gcgccgaacg
   697021 cggtggccta cgaggccgaa tggcgcaagg actcgggcaa ctgggtgcgg gtgccgcgaa
   697081 cctcggcgct cggtttcgac gtgccgggca tctatgccgg tcgctacctg gtgcgggtac
   697141 gcgccttgaa cgtgatggag gtcggttcgg tctacgccag cagtgtggag accgctcttg
   697201 agggcaagac cacgccgccg ccggcgctgg cctacctgcg ctgcgtggcc ggcccctggc
   697261 gcatcggcct ggagtggggg ttcccggcca gcggcgcggc ggacaccgcc tacaccgaga
   697321 tccagcagtc cgccacgccc ggcggcagcg aggagaccgc acgggcgctg ggcctgttcg
   697381 cctacccagg caatacccac ctggtatcgc cgataccggc cggcgaacgg ctggcgttcc
   697441 gcggtcgctt gatcgaccgt agcggcaacg tcggcgcctg gtcgaactgg gtcaccggca
   697501 ccagctccag cgacgccagc gaatacaacc agttgatcac ccaggagtac gtcgagtcgg
   697561 cgctgggcca gcagttcttc tccgatatcg agcggatgca ggtggatatc gggggcttgc
   697621 agaagcaggt cggcgacctc gccgacgttc tgctgtacga cccggccaag gtctacgcga
   697681 agaacgacat ggtgcgacag gggcagcggt tgtaccaggc actgaaggct gtgccggcga
   697741 agacggcgcc gccgaacgcg gcctactggt ccgatatcgg ccagtcgctg gaaaccgcca
   697801 acgggctggc gcagcaggtg gcgagccata ccgctgaaat cagcgaactc gacggcagcc
   697861 ttaccgccca ggcatcgcgc cttggcgtac tgcaggcggc gacccgtgac gacgcggatg
   697921 acggcaatgg cgccatggcc gatgccctgc gcggctggaa gaccgttgcc cgggcagccc
   697981 aggaggaaac cgtacgggcc accgaaaacg aggcccaggc cactcgcacg acgctactgg
   698041 aggcgcgcac cgccgatgcc gaagggcgta tcgccacggt ggaacgggtc gcgaccagcg
   698101 atcgccaggc caccgcgcaa cgtctggacc agctctcggc ctcgatcggt ggcaccgcag
   698161 ccagcctgca gagcgaacag accgcccgcg ccaacgccga cagcgccctc gcacagcgga
   698221 tcgacaccgt gcaggcgcgt accgacacca acagcgcggc gatccagacc acctcccagg
   698281 ctgtcacctc gctggatggc aacgtcaagg cgatgtacag cgtgaagctc caggcgcatg
   698341 ccaacggaca aaagtatgcg gcggggtggc agctggggtt cgacagtggg accagtgtgt
   698401 cgaccatggc gtttcaggcg gatcggttta tctggttcga cagctccagc gggacggcgg
   698461 tagcgccggt ttccattgtt aatggacaga tgtttatcaa gaacgccctg attcaggacg
   698521 gagcgataga taacgcgaaa attggaaatg tcattcagtc aaatgcaatg tccaataacg
   698581 gtatgccgat atggaggctg gataaagcgg gtacttatac agtacgagac agtgcaggcc
   698641 aggtcagagt tgagatgggg cttttacagt catgagtatc tatggattac gtatctatcg
   698701 agagaatggg accgccgctg tagatataac tgacagggcg ttgcgggttg tatattccag
   698761 gcgggttgat gcagtttcga aaggagaagc tgccacgccc ggctttggcc cgaacaatgc
   698821 ttccgtctac gtgattggtg atgagcacaa taagcgtccg gtctgggcgc gaatgggtga
   698881 tggcgttgtt caatggggct acgaggattg gtggccatca ctattccata cttctggaac
   698941 cttatatgtg gtggccaagg tatgagtgag tatggggtct tggtaaggaa tggcttgggg
   699001 cagactgtaa tagatggaga gtttcataac ctttctcttc tgttggaaag aaatattgaa
   699061 gtcgagacaa gtcagtggtt ctcactggat tttccatatg cggtcacatc agctgcacct
   699121 cctgttctag cagttcaagc ttggaagaat aaaattcttt acttcgactc agtacagtat
   699181 cgaggtgggc caggaaactg gacaggcgcc actctgagtt tttcagggta tggaacacat
   699241 acatccggct ccgtaagaat tagagtttat gcctacgcat tgcctttgct gaaaggatat
   699301 ggacttcgtg ttcgaaactc ggcgggaagt gtcgttttcg attctctaag acttcccttg
   699361 gtttttagtg cggaactggg cggggcgcca gaagattggg ttagggtatc tggggaaccg
   699421 attataggag ctggccgcat agacatatat cgcccagcga catggggtca gcctgccgat
   699481 agctacattg cagtaggcat ggcgcttgac gtggaatttg gcagagtggc ggtatctggt
   699541 ggtacggcta atgcaattat ttatatacgc tggggtttca ctgaggatgg agtgccaagg
   699601 cttatgcagc atgcatatac cgggcttcca agttcttatc ctggaattcc agctgctgtt
   699661 tattatgcta tgccttcaat tccgataata aaggcttgag ttgatttttg ggagataatg
   699721 ctatggcttg gcattcgaaa ggttcggttt ccgtcacgct gaattccgaa gcggtgttag
   699781 gaaacgctac tgattttatc gccaatgtgc gaaccggcga tgcgttccgt ggccctgacg
   699841 gccggtggta cgaaatcacc aatgtgacca gtgcaacggt tatttctatc aagcccaatt
   699901 atcagggtgc gaccgctagc ggccaagttt atgcggttgt cccaatacat ggttattcaa
   699961 aaaacttggc agaccaattc cgcgacatca acaaccagtg gggggccacc ctggcgggga
   700021 tcaaaccctg ggcggtgtcc tcgacgggcc agcaggcgca ggccgacatg ggagtctcgg
   700081 ctgttggtcg ggccctgaac aatgcctcga cgccggccaa cgccttgagt tacctggggg
   700141 gcgtcgcgcc tagtcagatg ggctgggctg gcaacgcgat gaatacggcg gacctcgatt
   700201 cgctgactat ctcggggcta tatgctcatg gcacggcggt gccttcgccg gtgaacaatg
   700261 cccagggcta tgtcttgcat atgcaacacg gcaacccgga cttcgccgtc cagcagtggt
   700321 accagttgaa ttccgccact ggccagtaca tgcggatcaa ggtcggtggc aactggtcgc
   700381 gttgggtatt gcagtacagc cagttcaacc ttgtcggatt ggcgagcttc gatgcatcga
   700441 acaatccgtc cggcaccatc atccagcgcg gcgggactgt tggttccaac gagtatgtgc
   700501 gctacgccga cggaacccag atctgctggg gcaacaccac taccaatgtg ggagccacca
   700561 tggcctacca gccgggtggt acgttgtcgt tctatatcac tcccgttgcc tattcgtggg
   700621 ggttccctgt ctcgttctcc cggcctccgt ctgtcatggt caacccgatg agggcagcgg
   700681 gaaacaacgc ttcccgtccc tggggttcga cgatgtcggt caccgaaacg ctgttttcct
   700741 ggtacggcta cgacaccgcc agcgtggcca gcgggatggc cgccagctat gtcgctatgg
   700801 ggaggtggaa ttgatgaagc tgttgttgaa acctttgttg cagcagggca ttacgcctga
   700861 cagggaacgt ctcagcgatg tccaggtgcg agggtcggtg tttatcctgg atggcgtcga
   700921 atacgatttc ggaagaatgc agcccggcgg gtacctgcct ccggaggcat accatggtac
   700981 gccattcatt gatattcgct tcgtggacgg cgaccgcctg tacctgcact acatccacca
   701041 ggtgacctct gaagtgatga tgcagtttcc cagggaggtc gagtcaattc cggtcgacca
   701101 ggatggaaaa gtcgaggtag cgttcagcta tgaacatcca atgggataag tacgtcagcc
   701161 ctgcaaaggc cgcggcagat gtgcgcgatc aggccttggc cagcgtgcag gccaagcgcc
   701221 ttctggccta tcgggaagaa agcgatccgc tcaagaccga agccgagttc gatgcgatca
   701281 aggccggtgc cgagccggac tatggcgcct ggatcaccaa ggtggaagag atcaagtcac
   701341 gatacccgat gcctgaatag ccgaactcca ggctcgcctg ggcgccagcc ctgtggtccc
   701401 gaactaaccc taccaagccc gccgactgcg ggtttttcat tatctggaga acgtcatgcc
   701461 ttggtattcc acaggcacgg tttccgtcgt ccttaattcg gacacggtga ccggcagcgg
   701521 caccgccttc agcgccaatg cgcgcgccgg cgatgccttc agagggccgg atggccgctg
   701581 gtacgagatc ggcaacgttg ccagcgccac tgtgctgacc atcaagcccg catatcaagg
   701641 agctaccgcc aacggccagg catattcgat caccccggtg caggggtact cgaagacact
   701701 ggcggatcag ttccgtgacc tcagcaatca atggggttcc ctcctggcgg cagtgaagcc
   701761 ttgggcgata gcgtctaccg gttcgcaggc gcaggctgac atggggatca ccgaagttgg
   701821 ccgtgctatc aatggagcct ctaccgtagg caatgcattg gggttcttgg gaggtgtttc
   701881 caagacccaa gcacccatgg ccctggatat ggacacggtg aacgaaagcg gatggttctc
   701941 gataaccccc aatacttaca acgtgcctct tggaaacaac aatatcagcg gtgtgaacgg
   702001 ccatgtcgct ctgtcgatgg tattcgacgc cagtacccgc tatcagctgt tctttgtgag
   702061 aaataccaac ctcccggagg tttggtacag gagctgtacc aatggaacct ggaaggagtg
   702121 ggtcaggttt tatacgacag acaatatcgt ggggagcgta acgaggcgac ttgtcacagg
   702181 taagcccacc ggggccgtga tggagagcgg gacaacttcc aatggctggt acgttcgctt
   702241 tgcggatggt acccagatgg cagcggcaag atccgaaccg ggcctttcgt ttggagctaa
   702301 cgtgatacag ctaccagctg ccttcgttac gggcttcaat accggggtga cctgcaattg
   702361 gatcccctcc agcggatggc ctgccactgc tgggcagggg gttcgtgggg cctatctcaa
   702421 cggtagcagc tctgtttctt tcgcgacggc gcaggcactg ggggctaacg acaccattac
   702481 ggtgatggct gtggggaggt ggtactgatg cgtatcgaac tcagtccggt tgtagtcctg
   702541 cccgaggact cgactgatat ggatgtcatg gtttccggag attcgatagc cgtctcgggt
   702601 gtcatgtacg acttctcgca gttaccggag gggggatatc tgcccgcctc tgccatccat
   702661 gaggggcctt tttccgggcg ggttaccagg gcaggcggag agatatgcct gacattggtg
   702721 tttcccatcc gggggagcta cagcgaagct gccaaattcc ctgtccccat ccatatcgtt
   702781 gaagacggaa ccgtggagtt gcccaagtga tcgattggaa catgatgaaa acaccagatc
   702841 aggtttccag agagcgggtt cagcaagaat atgatgctgt ggtggccaga cgtgccgagg
   702901 cctaccgttt ggaaagcgat ccgatcaaaa cggaagtgga gttcgattcg atccgtgcag
   702961 gtgtggagac ggattacagc gcctggcttg ccaaggtcga agagatcaag gctagatatc
   703021 cgctcccgcg catctgacct ggctgatgga cgcaagcctg cctcgtgtag gcttcgccat
   703081 tttagatcgc tgctgtctgg cctctgcctg gtaaacaatt tccgcttctt aagcctcttt
   703141 cttccgacat cccgctgttg cacccatcct ccccactggg ctatgttccc caacatggct
   703201 ccgtgagacc gctatcgtga tccacctcag cagcatcatc acctccctca tcaaggcatt
   703261 cgcccgttgg cgctggcgcg cctgacttct ttttcgccgg cctggccggt cacgtctccc
   703321 tgcgtccccc gttttccaca ggcataatgc cgacgttcca ctctcccttc ctccgcgtgc
   703381 gcgccgggaa acgggtgtgg cgaaagccgg gtgatgcgat tcgcataaga atgaaatcaa
   703441 gaggttacag ccagcatgct gctgatgatc gataactacg actccttcac ctacaacctg
   703501 gtgcagtact tcggcgagct caagaccgag gtcaaggtgg tgcgcaacga cgaactgagc
   703561 gtggaacaga tcgaggccct ggcgcccgag cgcatcgtcc tttcccccgg tccctgcacc
   703621 cccaacgagg ccggcgtctc gctggccgtg atcgagcgct tcgccggcaa gctgccattg
   703681 ctcggtgtct gccttggcca ccagagcatc ggccaggcct tcggcggcga agtagtgcgg
   703741 gcgcggcagg tgatgcacgg caagaccagc ccgatccacc acaaggacct cggcgtgttc
   703801 gccggcctgg ccaatcccct gacggtgacg cgctaccact cgctggtggt gcagcgagag
   703861 agcctgccgg agtgcctgga gatcaccgcc tggacccaac atgccgacgg atcgctcgac
   703921 gagatcatgg gcgtacgcca caagaccctg aatgtcgagg gcgtgcagtt ccatcccgag
   703981 tccatcctca ccgagcaggg ccacgagctg ttggccaact tcctccgcca gcagggcggc
   704041 gtgcgtgggg agggcaactg agatggatat caagggagcc ctcaatcgca tcgtcaacca
   704101 gctcgacctg accaccgagg aaatgcaggc ggtcatgcgc cagatcatga ccgggcagtg
   704161 caccgatgcg cagatcggcg ccttcctgat gggcatgcgg atgaagagcg aaaccatcga
   704221 cgagatcgtc ggcgcggtgg cggtgatgcg cgaactggcc gacggcgtgc agttgcctac
   704281 gctgaagcat gtggtcgacg tggtcggcac cggcggcgat ggcgcgaaca tcttcaacgt
   704341 gtcctcggcg gcgtccttcg tggtcgccgc cgctggcggc aaggtcgcca aacacggtaa
   704401 ccgcgcggtc tccggcaaga gcggcagcgc cgacttgctg gaagccgccg gcatctacct
   704461 ggagctgacc tccgaacagg tggcgcgttg catcgacacc gtcggcgtcg ggttcatgtt
   704521 cgcccaggtc caccacaagg cgatgaagta cgccgccggt ccgcgccgcg agctgggctt
   704581 gcggactctg ttcaacatgc ttggcccact gaccaacccg gcgggagtca ggcaccaggt
   704641 ggtcggggtg ttcacccagg aactgtgcaa gccgctggct gaagtgctca agcgtctcgg
   704701 cagcgagcat gtgctggtgg tgcattcgcg cgacgggctg gacgagttca gtctggccgc
   704761 ggcgacccac attgccgagt tgaaggacgg cgaggtacgc gagtacgaag tgcgtcccga
   704821 ggacttcggg atcaagagcc agaccctgat ggggctggag gtcgacagtc cgcaggcctc
   704881 gctggaactg atccgcgacg ctttggggcg gcgcaagacc gaggctgggc agaaggccgc
   704941 cgagctgatc gtgatgaatg ccggcccggc actgtacgct gccgatctgg cgaccagcct
   705001 gcacgagggc attcaactgg cccacgatgc cctgcacacc gggctggcac gggagaagat
   705061 ggacgaactg gtggccttca ccgccgttta cagagaggag aacgcacagt gagtgtgccg
   705121 acggttctgc agaagatcct cgcccgcaag gccgaggagg tcgccgagcg ccgtgcgcgc
   705181 gtcaacctgg cagaggtcga gcggctggcg cgtagcgccg atgcgccgcg cggcttcgcc
   705241 aatgccctgc tggagcgggc caagcgcaag gagccggcag tgatcgccga gatcaagaag
   705301 gcatcgccga gcaagggcgt gctgcgcgaa cacttcgtcc cggcggagat cgcccgcagc
   705361 tacgaggcgg gtggcgcggc gtgcctgtcg gtgctcaccg acgtggactt cttccagggc
   705421 gccgatgcct atctgaagga agcgcgggcc gcctgtgcgc tgccggtgat ccgcaaggac
   705481 ttcatgatcg atccgtacca gatcgtcgag gcgcgggcga tcggtgccga ctgcatcctg
   705541 ctgatcgtct cggcgctgga cgacgtgctg atggccgaac tggcggcgac tgccaagtcg
   705601 gtcggtctcg acgtactggt cgaagtgcat gacggcaccg agctggaacg tgcactgaag
   705661 accctggaca cgccgttggt gggcatcaac aaccgcaacc tgcacacctt cgaggtgagc
   705721 ctggaaacca ccctcgacct gttgccggaa attccccgcg accgcctggt ggtcaccgag
   705781 agcggtattc tcaaccgggc cgacgtggag ctgatggaag tcagcgaggt ctactccttc
   705841 ctggttggcg aggcgttcat gcgggccgac gatcctggcc tcgagctgaa gcgcctgttc
   705901 ttccaggagc gtggcggtgt ggtgctgggc gccgatcctg actgatccgc gctgtcgaac
   705961 cccatgaaaa aggccggttg cgaccggcct ttttcatggg tgctgttcag cgggtgccga
   706021 agaccaccat ggtctttcct ttcacatgca ccaggccctg ctcctccagg ctcttcagca
   706081 cgcgtccgac catttcccgc gagcagccga cgatccggcc gatctcctgg cgggtgatct
   706141 tgatctgcat gccgtccggg tgggtcatgg cgtccggttg ctggcacagg tccagcaagg
   706201 tgcgggcgac gcgtccggtg acgtcgagga aggccaggtc gcccaccttg cgggtggtct
   706261 tgcgcaggcg gtcggccatc tggctgccga gggtgtagag gatctccgag tcctgctgcg
   706321 acagttcgcg gaacttcgca tagctgatct cggcgacttc gcattccacc ttggcgcgaa
   706381 cccaggcgct gcgttcctgt tcgctgcctt ccttttcgaa caatcccagc tcgccgaaga
   706441 aatcaccgct gttgaggtag ccgatgatca tttcgcggcc gtcgtcgtcc tcgatgagga
   706501 tggtgaccga acccttgatg atgaagaaca gcgtttcgca gcgatcgccg gcatagatga
   706561 tggtgctctt tgcggtgtag cggcggcggt gacagtgtgc gagcagcttg tctaggtgtt
   706621 tgagtttggg tgtgtgggta atagctacca tgcccgagtc ccgaaagaat aaagaatatg
   706681 cctgacgtac aaggcgatgt ttttttgagt tcttatggag agacctgcca gggcccggga
   706741 gctcagcgga gagctccccc caaccgggca gatcaggaag tgtgccagta aaccgcgtcc
   706801 agcttaacag acgggccatg aaggtcgatg tgattttgcg acgcagctat caggactgtg
   706861 atcccgtact gtccttgggc cctgtgctaa gctggcgccc tttgccggcg ggagtctgaa
   706921 cgatgaaagc gcgtatccag tgggcgggcg aggcgatgtt cctcggcgag tccggtagcg
   706981 gccacgtggt ggtcatggac ggtccgccgg accatggcgg acgcaacctc ggggtgcgcc
   707041 ctatggagat ggtcctgatc ggcctcggcg gctgcaccaa tttcgatgtg gtcagcatcc
   707101 tgaagaaggc gcgccagccg gtggagagct gcgaagcctt cctcgaggcc gaaagggccg
   707161 acgaggagcc caaggtgttc acgaagatcc acgtgcactt cgtggtcaag ggccgcggtc
   707221 tcaaggaggc tcaggtcaaa cgcgcggtgg agctgtcggc ggagaaatac tgctcggcgt
   707281 cgatcatgct cggtcgcggc ggggtggaga tcacccacga ctacgagatc gtcgaactcg
   707341 gctgagacga catccggtca tcataaaagg ggcgcaaact ctggcggagg cttgattggc
   707401 tctgcataat gcgccccttt tttcgtgccg cgcgattccg tcgggcggcc gttcagttcg
   707461 gaagattctt ccgctctgat agacgtttcc cgagccatcc cggtcgggtg accaatggcg
   707521 ccagccggcg cccgtgcaac tcaacaaacc acaatcgcca tcgcgaagag gtgttaaccg
   707581 tcctacgcag gtgcgtcgtt cgcatctgac gggcatgccc caaccctgcg gcagagccgc
   707641 aagcaaccga gagagttccc cacggtgaaa agcaaactca agctccacgg gttcaacaac
   707701 ctgacgaaga ccttgagctt caacatctac gacatctgct acgccgagac gcccgaagac
   707761 ctccaggcct acgtgcagta catcgacgaa gagtatgacg cggagcgtct gacgcagatt
   707821 cttaccgatg ttgtcgacat catcggcgcc aatatcctga acatcgcgcg tcaggactac
   707881 gacccccagg gcgccagcgt gaccatcctg atctccgagc agccggtcac tccgaccgac
   707941 agccagatcg aagagtcccc gggcccgctg ccggacacca tcctggcgca cctggacaag
   708001 agccacatca ccgtgcatac ctacccggaa atccatccgg tggacggcat cgcgaccttc
   708061 cgcgtggaca tcgatgtgtc cacctgcgga gtgatctccc cgctgaaggc cctgaactac
   708121 ctgatccacc agttcgactc ggacatcgtc acggtcgact atcgggtccg cggcttcacc
   708181 cgcgacatcg aggggcgcaa gcatttcatc gaccacgaga tcaactcgat ccagaactat
   708241 ctctccgacg acacgcgcga ggcctaccag atgaccgacg tgaacgtgta ccaggagaac
   708301 ctgttccaca ccaagatgct gctcaaggac ttcgaactgg agaactacct gttcggcgac
   708361 gctacccgga cgctctcgac ggaacagcgc gagcaggtca cggaacggct caagcacgaa
   708421 atgctggaga tcttctacgc gcgcaacatg ccgcgctgat cgcacacgag aaagaaaaag
   708481 cccgcttcga gcgggctttt tcatgcgtgc gattcagatg cggtaggtgc tcttggtcat
   708541 caccttcgcc agcaggctca tgcccagctt caccggtgcc gggaagcgca ggccgccggc
   708601 ggccagggcg ttgctcgaat gctgttcctc gtcgatacgc atctgctcga ggatggcacg
   708661 ggatttccga tcctcctggg gaatctgcgc caggtgttcg tccagatgct tgcacacctg
   708721 gtcttcggtg gcggcgacga agcccaggct gacccggtcg ctgaccagcc cggcggcggc
   708781 accgacgccg aaggacaggc cgtagaagat cggattgagc acgctgggac ggctgcctaa
   708841 ctggcggatg cgttgctcgc accaggccag gtggtcgatc tcctcctcgg cggcttcctc
   708901 catcgcctcg cggacctcgg gcagcttggc ggtcagcgac tggccctggt acagcgcctg
   708961 ggcgcagacc tcgccggtgt ggttgatgcg catcaggccg gcgatatggc gggggtcttt
   709021 ctcgctcagt tcgccatcgg gttccacgat ggccggcgac ggtcgcgccg gctggccgct
   709081 gaacggcagc agggtgcgca gggcggagtc ggcctgcagc aggaaacggt cgatgggcga
   709141 atagtggcgg tcggcggaca tggcgcacct ccggaaacga aagatcgcac cagtttaccg
   709201 gaagtgcgct gatagcagga tgttgcggac gggctgcgat gtcgcagcgc cagcagggat
   709261 tcaacccggc ggccagtgca tctggcgttg acccagcacg tgcatgtgga tgtggtgcac
   709321 ggtctgcccg ccaaggtcgt tgcagttcat caccacacgg aagccttcct cgcagccctg
   709381 ctcccgggcc aggcgctggg cggtgaagag gatatggcct gccagcggcc ggtcggcctc
   709441 ggtcaggtgc tcgagggtgg gaatgtgcct tttcgggatg accaggaagt gcaccggcgc
   709501 ctgcgggccg atatcgtgaa acgcgacaac ttcctcgtct tcgtagaact tgcgcgcggg
   709561 aacttccccc gccacgatct tgcagaacag acagtccatg ggcgattcct ccggcctcgg
   709621 gtgctttccc gagtgtagcg gtgcccgtcg cgaccgccca agcgtgaagg agccgcagtg
   709681 aagaacgaca tacacgacct cggcctggtc ctggattccc gggtcaagct gatcctgatc
   709741 gagtcctggg acgagccgaa ggtgatggaa accctcaccg gcctggcggt caggcgcggc
   709801 cttggcctgt atgcctggtc ggtgaccgag ggcgtgcagc gcctgggctt cggcggcgag
   709861 ccgctgggcg gggaggagag ccgcgacccg gtcgcggcgt tgcgcttgat caagcacgat
   709921 cagcaggcga atctctacgt gctctgcgac ctgcatcctt tccttggcga cagcccgacc
   709981 ctggtgcgcc tgctcaagga aatcgccatg gccgaaggca atcatcgacc gaccgtggtg
   710041 ctggtgtccc atgcgctgaa gctgccggcc gaggtgcagc gcttcgccgc gcggttctcg
   710101 ctgtccctgc ccagcgagga cgaactgctc ggcatcgtcc gcgaggaagc gacgcgctgg
   710161 agcgagcgca accgtggtgc ccgcgtgcgc accgacaacc ggaccctgca gcaggtggtg
   710221 aagaacctgc gcgggctcag ccatgccgag gcgcgactgc tggcgcgcaa cgtgatctgc
   710281 aacgatggag cgatcaccca ggaggacctg cccgagctga accgcaccaa gttccagcta
   710341 ctcgacctgg agggcgtgct gagcttcgag tacgacaccg cgcgcttcgc cgaggtcggc
   710401 gggcttgccg cgctcaagcg ctggctcggc gagcgtcagt cggcgttcct cgccggcacg
   710461 cctggcgacc agccgaaggg catgatgctg gtcggcgtac agggcgccgg caagagcctg
   710521 gcggccaagg cggtggccgg cctctggggc ttgccgttgc tgcgtctgga tttcgcctgt
   710581 ctctacaaca agtacttcgg cgaaaccgag cgcaacctgc gcgaggcgct gcgcctggcc
   710641 gaacagatgg cgccctgcgt gctgtggatg gatgaagtgg agaagggcat ttctggtggc
   710701 gaccaggaca acggcgtcag tcagcgcgtg ctgggtaccc tgctgacctg gatggccgag
   710761 cgcgaggcgc cggtcttcat ggtcgccacc gcgaacgcta tcgaccgcct gccgcccgaa
   710821 ctgatccgca agggacgctt cgacgaattg ttcttcgtcg acctgccgac gccggaggtt
   710881 cgcgccgaga tcttccgcat ccatctgcaa cgccgcgagc tggagccggc acagttcgac
   710941 ctccttctgc tggcggctgc cagcgagggt ttcagcgggg cggagatcga gcaggcggtg
   711001 gtggcggcac tgtacgccgg gcaggcgcga cagcaggcgg tggatcagga gctgttgctc
   711061 agggagctgt cgcgaacctc gccgctgtcg gtgctgatgg cggaaaagct cgccgcgctg
   711121 cggacctggg ccaaggggcg ggcggtgccg gcagattgag ccgacggcta acctcgttgc
   711181 cctgcgagga gaggccgatc aaccccgtgg gacggagggt accgccgagg cgttgacccg
   711241 cgcggcgagt cggcgcacca gccagcgtgg cgccaggcgt gggctcagcg ccagcaggcg
   711301 attgcgccaa ccggggacga tcagggcgcg gttcttgtcc agcccgcgca gggccagcag
   711361 cgcgacttcc tccggggtca tcatcagctt gctccggtcg agcctgccga gccgcatccc
   711421 ggcttcccgg aagaatgccg tgcgggttgg cccagggcac agcaccgaga ccttgacgcc
   711481 gcgctctttc agttcttccc gcaagccttc cgagaagtgc aggacgtagg ccttgctggc
   711541 gtagtagttg ctcatccagg cgccgggctg gaaggcggcc accgaggcga tattgagtat
   711601 ctggccaccg ccctgtgcca ccatgcgggc gccgagggag tggcaaaggc gggccagggc
   711661 caggatgttg agttcgatca gctcctgttc ccgcgcccat tcctggtcga tgaaggggcc
   711721 ggaggtaccg atcccggcat tgttaaccag caggtcgatc tgtcgttcgc cctgttccag
   711781 ttcgtgcaac aaccctgaca gttgcagcgg ctcggaaaga tcgcaggtgc ggaacagcac
   711841 ttccacgccg aaacgctgcg ccagctcata ggcgatgctc tccagcgcgt cgcgctggcg
   711901 cgccaccagg atcagggcgc gaccgcgccg ggccagggct tcggctaggg ccaggccgat
   711961 accgctggaa gcgccggtga tcagggcata acggggcatt cgagacttct ccgaaacgga
   712021 cggggaattg gaccccgccc gtcgcgaggg gttgcgtggc tactgttggt cgtcgtcttc
   712081 catggcctct gccgccgccg tggcggcttc atcggcttcg gccgccgctg cggcggcctg
   712141 ctcgtccgtg gtgtacgggt cggctggagc gctggcgccg ccgtcatagt tcgcgcgctc
   712201 caggtaaccc tggtaggacg gcagggcgat ggcggcgatg ataccgacta tcggcagcag
   712261 gatgatcaga ctggccagga ctttcacccc ggtgctgttc gccggcggcg gcggaccgta
   712321 gcggttggcg ccggtgctgc cgggcaggac cagcatcagg atgccgaaca cgctgccgac
   712381 gaaggggacg aagttgagca gccagagcca gcccgaccag ccgaggtcat gcaggcgctg
   712441 cacgccgatc atcacggcaa tgacgatgaa ggcgatcgag gccagggcgg tgacggccac
   712501 gccgacggtt tcgccgagca ggaagcccag gcccatgatg acgaggaaac agagcgtcat
   712561 cgccatcgac cagccgagat agcgcaggcg tccgatccgg ccgttggtgg tgaacacgtt
   712621 cagctcgccg aactcgggga gggcttcgcc gacctgggcg ctgggtggtg tgtagggaga
   712681 cgcgcccgcg cccgcggccg ccgcaggcgc ggcgttttcg ccgagctgcg cctggcgcgc
   712741 caggtacttc tcgatgatga tgccgcaagc cgaacattcc gctccgctgg gctgttcatg
   712801 gccgcatttc gggcaggtca tgggaggcag gtcttgcgct ggggtttcct ccgcgacctg
   712861 ggggttgtga tcgggcgttt ccaccaggct caggctggcc gccaggtcga cttccttgta
   712921 ggcattggcg ccggcctggc gcagggcggt caggtaacgc tccgcctcgg cctctggaag
   712981 ttcgcgtttc agcaccaccg ggcgaccgcc gaagagggcg tcgatcttgc ccggttcgct
   713041 cttgaacagg cgggcgagat tgtccttcac ggtttcgagc gatgcgtcgg gcatcagctc
   713101 gccggagaag acgatcttga agcgttggtc ggtcatgcag gcatccttgt cagctggggt
   713161 gagagaaatg cagccgacag cctaatcggc ggccttggcg cccacaagcg cgagatgaga
   713221 actcccgcac aagccagggc gccgtaaccc ggcggtttca gcgcggccag cggttggcca
   713281 ggctatccat gttccgcagg gcgtctcgat attcccggtc gaggcgggcg accaactcgt
   713341 cgacgccggg caagtcgtct atgttgcccg cgccctggcc ggcggaccac acggtcttcc
   713401 aggccttggc ctcgtcgttc accggcttga gtttctcgcc gtagttcatg tctgccttgt
   713461 cggtcaggcg cttcagatcg tagccggcgg cctccaggct ttgccgcatg aagctggccg
   713521 gtacgccgga caccgccggg gtgtgcacga tgtcggcggc gcgtgcctcc aggatcatct
   713581 gcttgtaggc gtcggaagca ttgctctcgc gggtggcgat gaagcgagtg ccgagatagg
   713641 ccaggtcggc gccgagcatc tgtgcggcga gaatctcgtg gccgtggttg atgcagccgg
   713701 ccaacagcag ggtcttgtcg aagaactggc ggatttccgc gaccagcgcg aaagggctcc
   713761 aggtcccggc gtgcccgccc gcgccggccg ccaccgcgat caggccgtcg accccggcct
   713821 cggcggcttt ttcggcgtgg cggcgggtgg tgacgtcgtg gaacaccagg ccgccgtagc
   713881 tatgcacagc gtctaccact tcgcgcactg cgccgaggct ggtgatgacg atcggtacgc
   713941 ggtgctcgac gcagatccgc aggtcggcct gcaaccgcgg attggtgttg tggacgatca
   714001 ggttcaccgc atagggcgcg ggattgtcca gcgcctgcag gccggccccg atttcctcca
   714061 gccatccctc gaagccgctg ctctcgcgct ggttgagcgc cgggaagctg ccgacgatgc
   714121 cgctgcggca gcaggccagc accaactgcg ggttggatac caggaacatc ggcgcggcca
   714181 ccatcggcag tcgcaggcgt tggtcgagca gggcgggcaa ggacatggac aggactcctg
   714241 ggtcagaaag gtttgagcac caccagtagg acgatcagca gcaggaacag tacaggcact
   714301 tcgttgaacc agcggtagaa cacatggctg cgccccggct cgccgcgggc gaagcgcttg
   714361 agcatggcgc cgcaggcgtg gtggtagccg atcagcagga ccaccagggt cagcttggcg
   714421 tgcagccagc cttggctcag ccagccgggg gtgagataga gcatccagag gccaaggacc
   714481 agggtggcga gcatcgaggg catcatgatc cctcggtaga gcttgcgctc catgacgcag
   714541 aagcgttccc ggctggtctg gtcctcgctc atggcgtggt agacgaacag gcgcggcagg
   714601 tagaacaggc cggcgaacca gcagaccacg gcgatgatat ggaaggcttt gagccacagg
   714661 tacatcagga catcctcttg atcacggtgc cccgatagta gagggatggc tggaacgcgt
   714721 caccctggcg gcttgccgct gtctgatttg ccggcagata tggccgcata acaggtagga
   714781 acattcggat agggcctcgc agcaatttct gcccgacaac cccgggggct agactgccga
   714841 ccgaagggcc gaaccggtcg caaagccgga cgcccagcgc tgttcatgcc ggcgctcggc
   714901 tcttatcatt ggcctctttt ggctagcttg cctcagcgcg cggagtgatg gacagatgat
   714961 caaggtcggc atcgttggcg gtacgggtta tacgggcgtg gaactgctgc gcctgctggc
   715021 gcagcatccg caggcccggg tggaagtgat cacttcgcgt tccgaggcgg gggtgaaggt
   715081 cgccgacatg tacccgaacc tgcgaggtca ttatgacgac ctgcagttca gcgtgccgga
   715141 cgcgcagcgc ctcggcgcct gcgacgtggt gttcttcgcc acgccgcacg gcgtggcgca
   715201 cgcgctggct ggcgaactgc tggacgcggg gacccgggtc atcgatctgt ccgctgactt
   715261 ccgcctggcg gacgccgagg agtgggcgcg ctggtacggc cagccgcatg gcgctccggc
   715321 gctgctcgac gaggctgtct acggcctgcc ggaagtgaac cgcgagaaga tccgccaggc
   715381 ccgcctgatc gccgtgccgg gttgctaccc gaccgcgacc caactgggcc tgatcccgct
   715441 gctggaggcc ggcctggccg acgcctcgcg gctgatcgcc gattgcaagt ccggggtcag
   715501 cggcgccggt cggggcgcca aggttggctc gctgttctgc gaggcgggcg aaagcatgat
   715561 ggcctacgcg gtcaaggggc atcggcatct cccggaaatc agccagggcc tgcgtcgggc
   715621 ctccggcggc gacgtcgggc tgacgttcgt accgcacctg acgccaatga tccgcggtat
   715681 ccatgcaacc ctctatgccc atgtcgcgga tcgctcggtc gacctccagg cgctgttcga
   715741 gaagcgctac gccgacgaac ccttcgtcga cgtgatgccg gccggcagcc atccggagac
   715801 ccgtagcgtg cgtggcgcca atgtctgccg aatcgccgtg catcgccccc agggcggcga
   715861 cctggtggtg gtgctgtcgg tgatcgacaa cctggtcaag ggcgcctcgg gtcaggcgct
   715921 ccagaacatg aacatcctgt tcgggctgga cgagcgcctg ggcctctcgc atgcggccct
   715981 gctcccctga tgtccggctg ggaactccag ttccgtgatc cacggcgggc ctggctggtc
   716041 cgcctcgggg tgggtgcgct gctgctggcg gttccgctgg cgtttctcgg cggtcgctgg
   716101 tcgaccgggg cggacgccgc tcgcagcgag gccgatgcgc aacgccagga aaccctgatc
   716161 ggcgagcaga aggccgagct ggagcgcctg cgtaccgaaa tcgaggtgtt gcgcagcgga
   716221 gaacgtctca gccagcaggc caccgaacag agccggcaga ccatcaagct gcttgaggac
   716281 caggtgttca agcagcaaca ggacatcgcg ttctacaagg gggtcgtcgc gccggccagc
   716341 aaggcggatg cgctggaaat ccgtgccttt gaggtgcagg gcacggacga cccgcagcgc
   716401 ttccgctata aggtgatgct cagccgcctg ggcagggacg accgcaagct ggatgggcgg
   716461 ctgaaagtcc gcatcagcgg caagctggcg cgcaaggacg ctacctacga cctcgaacag
   716521 ctctcgccgg aactgggcaa gacagggctg tcgatttccc tccggcattt ccagtcgatc
   716581 ccagaagggg ggcgtttcgc cgagctggag ctgccgaaga acttcatccc gaagctgatc
   716641 gacgtacgtg cggagctgaa tggccagtcc aaaccgctac agcgccgttt cgattggccg
   716701 aagcagtgag tgagcattat gtggagcaag aacaaaggcc gggccgacgt ccagcgtttc
   716761 accgggcaga ccagcctgat cgccagcggc gccgaactgg tcggtgacat gaacctcaag
   716821 ggcgcggtgc agatcgacgg caccgtccgc ggagcgttgc aggcgcacga agggctggtg
   716881 cgggtcagcg ccggcggtcg tgtcgacggc gaaatccggg ccccccatgt gatcatcgac
   716941 ggtcaggtgg atggcgacat ccatgccatc gaacgcctgg agctgggggc ccaggcccgg
   717001 gtgaagggca atcttcacta tgggctgatc gaaaccgcca tgggggccca gatcgagggc
   717061 cgcctgtgcc cgatgaccga ggccagtccg cgcccgctgg aactgcctgc cagcgtggaa
   717121 actgtggatt agttgaccat ttttctggga caagaggata atgggcgtaa tgttgtaacg
   717181 cacggcctca agccgggaga ttcggaaaca tgagcatcga gaccttcacc cctacgcccc
   717241 tgctctttac cccaggcgca gccaacaagg tgaagacgtt gattgacgaa gagggcaatc
   717301 ctcgcctgaa actgcgtgta ttcgtcaccg gcggcggttg ctcgggcttc cagtatggct
   717361 tcaccttcga cgaagatatc gccgatgacg ataccgtgat cgagcgcgat ggcgtgggcc
   717421 tggtggtgga cccgatgagc ttccagtacc tggcgggctc ggaagtcgac taccaggaag
   717481 gcctggaagg ttcgaggttc gtcatcaaga acccgaacgc tgccacgact tgcggttgcg
   717541 gacagtcgtt ctcgatctga cgtcgatggg gccgctacga aaacgccgcg catataagcg
   717601 cggcgttttc gtttcaggcg ggatacagcg cgcccagagt tctgggaccg agcgcaccgg
   717661 tcacatcagg gcagttgccg ggcaggcgct cgagaaaccg atgggctagc caggcgaatg
   717721 ccatgccctc catccaggca gggggaatgc cgtattcgtc ggtactggcg acccgagctt
   717781 tgggcatcag cagggccagg cgcttcatca gcgccgtatt gaaggcgccg ccgccgcata
   717841 ccagcacctc ttcgcagtcc ggctgggcgt ccagcagcga ttcgctgatg ctgcgcgcgc
   717901 tcagttccag cagggttgcc tggatatccg ctgccggcaa ggcagggtga cgagccaggt
   717961 gctcctgcag ccaggacagg ttgaagcgct cgcgcccggt gctcttgggg ccacgcgcgg
   718021 cgaagaactc atccgccagc aggcttgcca gcagtgcgtg gttcatctgg ccgctggcgg
   718081 cccacgcacc gtcccggtcg aaatgttcgc cgcgttggtg atgaatccag gcgtccatca
   718141 gcacgttgcc cgggccgcag tcgaagccgc gtaccggctt tccggggctg agcagcgaaa
   718201 cgttgctgaa gccaccgatg ttcaggaccg ccctggaggc gtcatcatcg ccaaacagcg
   718261 cctgatggaa ggccggtacc agcggggcgc cctggccgcc ggctgcgacg tcgcggcggc
   718321 ggaagtcggc gacgacatcg atgccggtca gctccgccag cagggcgggg ttgccgatct
   718381 gcaccgtgaa gtggcgagcg ggttcatgtc ggatggtttg accgtgactg ccgatggcac
   718441 ggacttcgtc ggggctcatc tgctgctgga gcagcagttc gcgcacgccc tgtgctgcaa
   718501 gggcgaccca gcgttgctcg acttcggcgg cgcgggcgat ttcatcggga ccggggacgc
   718561 acagggcgag gatgtcttcg cgcagcccgg ccggcatggg taggtaatgg gaagcgagca
   718621 aggtggtgcg atcaccttgc tcgatcagga cgatgtccat gccgtccagg ctggttccgg
   718681 acatcaaccc caggtagcgc ggcacgatca gcgctgcttg ttcagggcca ggagggtttt
   718741 cttctcctga tccatgcgcg cgatcatcgg ctgggtctgc gccatgaagc gcttgcgatc
   718801 tgcgccaccg agcgggtccg ccatgggcag cttggcgctc agcggatcga cgtgacggcc
   718861 attgatctgg aactcgtagt gcaggtgcgg gccggtggcc aggcccgtca tgcccacgta
   718921 accgatgatc tggccctgct tcacgctggt accggcgcgg atacccttgg cgaagcggct
   718981 catgtgtccg tagatggtcc gatagcgctg gccgtgctgg atcaccacgg cgttgccgta
   719041 gccccccttg cgtccggctt cgaggatctt gccgtctccg gtggccttga tcggtgtgcc
   719101 gatgggggca gcgtagtcga cgcccttgtg cgcgcggatc ttgttcagga tcgggtggcg
   719161 gcggcccagg gagaagcgcg agctgatgcg ggcgaaatcc accggcgtac ggatgaatgc
   719221 cttgcgcatg ctggagccgt cggcgcggta gtagctggta ttgccctgct tgttggtgta
   719281 acgcacggcg gtgtaggtct tgccgcggtt gacgaagcgg gcggcgagga tattgccggt
   719341 cgccacttgc ttgccgttga ccttgtgctg ttcgtagatc acgtcgaact cgtcgccctc
   719401 acgcagatcg agggcgaagt cgatgtcgta gccgaagatg ttcgacagcg acgtgaccag
   719461 gttatagggc aggccggcgt tacgaccggc aacgaacagc gagctggtga tgcggccatg
   719521 ggcataggcg gtatgcaggt ctatctgggc cttctcgcgt ttgaaggagt agcccttgtc
   719581 ggtcttgtcc aggccgatgg tctcgagttc gctctgcttg actcgcagcg cctgcagctc
   719641 tcctttgggg tcgagcttga gcttgacctc ctggccgacc ttcagatggg tgaagcgctt
   719701 ggcatccttg ctgctggtca gcatgtcgtg catggccgag gtggaaaggc ctgccttggt
   719761 gaatacggtc gacagcgtat cgccactggc gacggtgatg gtcttccact cgggatcgac
   719821 gggcttggtg tcggcatcgg ctacagatgt gcccggtttg tccgagtctt gctcggcggt
   719881 gttgtcgtcg gaggcgcctt ctacctgagc gaaaggcgtg ccttcgtcgc tggaattggt
   719941 gaccgattgc ggcaggaggt cgtctttctc ctgaaggagg cgatcggtgt tgctttcaag
   720001 ctccagattg agcgtggtcc tcttggcctc gacttcgctc gaggggaaca ccagtagtgc
   720061 caaactgagg agcgctgcaa caccgctggc ggccaacaag tggcttttcg ggtaatacgg
   720121 cggcgctttc tgatcggatt gcgtcatggc gtgattggtg tttttggatt gtgaataaat
   720181 aactgcctaa aatataacca aaatctcctt gaatcaagcc aaaagtcgcg tctggcctgg
   720241 ctccgtcccc ctgacggtcg gcaaaatttg tttttagtct gcgatcttgt atggttggtt
   720301 ccctttcgat tttggcaatt gggcagaacc tgtaaatgaa gtcggttgaa gagcagctgg
   720361 cgctgatcca gcgcggtgca gacgagatcc tggtagaggc ggaactggtg gccaagctga
   720421 agcgtggcca gcccttgcgg atcaaggccg gcttcgaccc gaccgctccc gatctgcatc
   720481 ttggccatac cgtgcttatt aataagctgc gccagttcca ggacctgggg catcaggtga
   720541 tcttcctcat cggcgacttc actgggatga ttggtgaccc cagtgggaaa agtgttaccc
   720601 gtcctcccct gacgcgcgag caggttctgg agaatgcgga gacgtacaag tcccaggtct
   720661 tcaagatcct cgacccggcc aagaccgaag tagccttcaa ttccacctgg atggaccaac
   720721 tgaccccggc tgacttcatt cgtcttgcct ctcagtacac cgttgcgcgg atgctggagc
   720781 gtgatgactt tagcaagcgc tatgccagca atcagcccat cgctatccat gagttcctct
   720841 atccgctggt ccagggctat gactccgtcg cgctgaaggc ggacgtcgag ttgggtggca
   720901 ccgaccagaa gttcaacctg ctgatggggc gcgagctgca gcgtgcctat ggccaggagg
   720961 cccaggtgat cctgaccatg ccgttgctgg aagggctgga tggcgtgaag aagatgtcca
   721021 agtcgctggg caactatatt ggtatccagg aagcgccggg tgtcatgtac agcaagctgg
   721081 tctccattcc tgacacgctg atgtggcgtt acttcgaact gctcagcttc cgttccctgg
   721141 atgagatcga tagcttccgc aaggacgtcg aggcgggcgc caacccgcgt gacatcaaga
   721201 tcaagctggc cgaggagatc gtcgcccgct tccatggcga ggaggcggcg gcgagcgcac
   721261 acaagtcggc cggcaatcgc ctgaaggagg gcgagctgcc ggaggacctg ccggagatcg
   721321 agctgtcgtc ccccgaggat atgcccgttg cctctgtcct taataaggcg gggttggtga
   721381 agaatgcggc tgcggctcgc gatctcctgg gtgccggcag cgtcaaggtg gatgggcagg
   721441 tcgtcgaccg caccttcatg ctggcgctgg gtgaaacccg tgtgttccag gcagggaaga
   721501 aggctttcgc gcgcatcacg ctgaaagctg aataattctt tcaaataagt gttgacgcca
   721561 gtttctatct ccctataatg cgcaccactc ccggcgacga cgaagagtaa atgcttgaaa
   721621 atcaaggatt tacggattct ctcccaggag tggtgaagcg ctccggcagg ttgtccgccg
   721681 cagcggttcg gtcccgaaag gggatcgaaa cgaagcttca tcgaggtgct tgacagcgaa
   721741 tttgaacgct gtagaatgcg cctcccgctg atcggaagat ggtttgaagg tcggcgcaag
   721801 cggttgagta gaaaagaaaa ttttcgaaaa taacgcttga cggaacgaga ggttgctgta
   721861 gaatgcgcgg cctcggttga gacgaaagcc ttgaccaact gctctttaac aagtcgaatc
   721921 aagcaattcg tgtgggtgct tgtgatgtaa gactggtgat cgcaagatta tcagcaacgc
   721981 aagtaacact cgtgaattcg agagttttat ctctttttaa gagaatgcga ttgctgagcc
   722041 aagtttaggg ttttctcaaa acccaagcag tattgaactg aagagtttga tcatggctca
   722101 gattgaacgc tggcggcagg cctaacacat gcaagtcgag cggatgaagg gagcttgctc
   722161 ctggattcag cggcggacgg gtgagtaatg cctaggaatc tgcctggtag tgggggataa
   722221 cgtccggaaa cgggcgctaa taccgcatac gtcctgaggg agaaagtggg ggatcttcgg
   722281 acctcacgct atcagatgag cctaggtcgg attagctagt tggtggggta aaggcctacc
   722341 aaggcgacga tccgtaactg gtctgagagg atgatcagtc acactggaac tgagacacgg
   722401 tccagactcc tacgggaggc agcagtgggg aatattggac aatgggcgaa agcctgatcc
   722461 agccatgccg cgtgtgtgaa gaaggtcttc ggattgtaaa gcactttaag ttgggaggaa
   722521 gggcagtaag ttaatacctt gctgttttga cgttaccaac agaataagca ccggctaact
   722581 tcgtgccagc agccgcggta atacgaaggg tgcaagcgtt aatcggaatt actgggcgta
   722641 aagcgcgcgt aggtggttca gcaagttgga tgtgaaatcc ccgggctcaa cctgggaact
   722701 gcatccaaaa ctactgagct agagtacggt agagggtggt ggaatttcct gtgtagcggt
   722761 gaaatgcgta gatataggaa ggaacaccag tggcgaaggc gaccacctgg actgatactg
   722821 acactgaggt gcgaaagcgt ggggagcaaa caggattaga taccctggta gtccacgccg
   722881 taaacgatgt cgactagccg ttgggatcct tgagatctta gtggcgcagc taacgcgata
   722941 agtcgaccgc ctggggagta cggccgcaag gttaaaactc aaatgaattg acgggggccc
   723001 gcacaagcgg tggagcatgt ggtttaattc gaagcaacgc gaagaacctt acctggcctt
   723061 gacatgctga gaactttcca gagatggatt ggtgccttcg ggaactcaga cacaggtgct
   723121 gcatggctgt cgtcagctcg tgtcgtgaga tgttgggtta agtcccgtaa cgagcgcaac
   723181 ccttgtcctt agttaccagc acctcgggtg ggcactctaa ggagactgcc ggtgacaaac
   723241 cggaggaagg tggggatgac gtcaagtcat catggccctt acggccaggg ctacacacgt
   723301 gctacaatgg tcggtacaaa gggttgccaa gccgcgaggt ggagctaatc ccataaaacc
   723361 gatcgtagtc cggatcgcag tctgcaactc gactgcgtga agtcggaatc gctagtaatc
   723421 gtgaatcaga atgtcacggt gaatacgttc ccgggccttg tacacaccgc ccgtcacacc
   723481 atgggagtgg gttgctccag aagtagctag tctaaccgca agggggacgg ttaccacgga
   723541 gtgattcatg actggggtga agtcgtaaca aggtagccgt aggggaacct gcggctggat
   723601 cacctcctta atcgaagatc ccggcttctt cataagctcc cacacgaatt gcttgattca
   723661 ctggttagac gattgggtct gtagctcagt tggttagagc gcacccctga taagggtgag
   723721 gtcggcagtt cgaatctgcc cagacccacc aattgttggt gtgctgcgtg atccgatacg
   723781 gggccatagc tcagctggga gagcgcctgc tttgcacgca ggaggtcagg agttcgatcc
   723841 tccttggctc caccatctaa aacaatcgtc gaaagctcag aaatgaatgt tcgtgaatga
   723901 acattgattt ctggtctttg caccagaact gttctttaaa aattcgggta tgtgatagaa
   723961 gtaagactga atgatctctt tcactggtga tcattcaagt caaggtaaaa tttgcgagtt
   724021 caagcgcgaa ttttcggcga atgtcgtctt cacagtataa ccagattgct tggggttata
   724081 tggtcaagtg aagaagcgca tacggtggat gccttggcag tcagaggcga tgaaagacgt
   724141 ggtagcctgc gaaaagcttc ggggagtcgg caaacagact ttgatccgga gatctctgaa
   724201 tgggggaacc cacctaggat aacctaggta tcttgtactg aatccatagg tgcaagaggc
   724261 gaaccagggg aactgaaaca tctaagtacc ctgaggaaaa gaaatcaacc gagattccct
   724321 tagtagtggc gagcgaacgg ggattagccc ttaagcttca ttgattttag cggaacgctc
   724381 tggaaagtgc ggccatagtg ggtgatagcc ccgtacgcga aaggatcttt gaagtgaaat
   724441 cgagtaggac ggagcacgag aaactttgtc tgaacatggg gggaccatcc tccaaggcta
   724501 aatactactg actgaccgat agtgaaccag taccgtgagg gaaaggcgaa aagaaccccg
   724561 gagaggggag tgaaatagaa cctgaaaccg tatgcgtaca agcagtggga gcctacttgt
   724621 taggtgactg cgtacctttt gtataatggg tcagcgactt atattcagtg gcaagcttaa
   724681 ccgtataggg taggcgtagc gaaagcgagt cttaataggg cgtttagtcg ctgggtatag
   724741 acccgaaacc gggcgatcta tccatgagca ggttgaaggt taggtaacac tgactggagg
   724801 accgaaccca ctcccgttga aaaggtaggg gatgacttgt ggatcggagt gaaaggctaa
   724861 tcaagctcgg agatagctgg ttctcctcga aagctattta ggtagcgcct catgtatcac
   724921 tctggggggt agagcactgt ttcggctagg gggtcatccc gacttaccaa accgatgcaa
   724981 actccgaata cccagaagtg ccgagcatgg gagacacacg gcgggtgcta acgtccgtcg
   725041 tgaaaaggga aacaacccag accgccagct aaggtcccaa agttgtggtt aagtggtaaa
   725101 cgatgtggga aggcttagac agctaggagg ttggcttaga agcagccacc ctttaaagaa
   725161 agcgtaatag ctcactagtc gagtcggcct gcgcggaaga tgtaacgggg ctcaaaccac
   725221 acaccgaagc tgcgggtgtc acgtaagtga cgcggtagag gagcgttctg taagcctgtg
   725281 aaggtgagtt gagaagcttg ctggaggtat cagaagtgcg aatgctgaca tgagtaacga
   725341 caatgggtgt gaaaaacacc cacgccgaaa gaccaagggt tcctgcgcaa cgttaatcga
   725401 cgcagggtta gtcggttcct aaggcgaggc tgaaaagcgt agtcgatggg aaacaggtta
   725461 atattcctgt acttctggtt actgcgatgg agggacggag aaggctaggc cagcttggcg
   725521 ttggttgtcc aagtttaagg tggtaggctg aaatcttagg taaatccggg gtttcaaggc
   725581 cgagagctga tgacgagtcg tcttttagat gacgaagtgg ttgatgccat gcttccaaga
   725641 aaagcttcta agcttcaggt aaccaggaac cgtaccccaa accgacacag gtggtcgggt
   725701 agagaatacc aaggcgcttg agagaactcg ggtgaaggaa ctaggcaaaa tggcaccgta
   725761 acttcgggag aaggtgcgcc ggctagggtg aaggatttac tccgtaagct ctggctggtc
   725821 gaagatacca ggccgctgcg actgtttatt aaaaacacag cactctgcaa acacgaaagt
   725881 ggacgtatag ggtgtgacgc ctgcccggtg ccggaaggtt aattgatggg gttagcgcaa
   725941 gcgaagctct tgatcgaagc cccggtaaac ggcggccgta actataacgg tcctaaggta
   726001 gcgaaattcc ttgtcgggta agttccgacc tgcacgaatg gcgtaacgat ggcggcgctg
   726061 tctccacccg agactcagtg aaattgaaat cgctgtgaag atgcagtgta tccgcggcta
   726121 gacggaaaga ccccgtgaac ctttactgta gctttgcact ggactttgag cctgcttgtg
   726181 taggataggt gggaggcttt gaagcgtgga cgccagttcg cgtggagcca tccttgaaat
   726241 accaccctgg catgcttgag gttctaactc tggtccgtga tccggatcga ggacagtgta
   726301 tggtgggcag tttgactggg gcggtctcct cctaaagagt aacggaggag tacgaaggtg
   726361 cgctcagacc ggtcggaaat cggtcgcaga gtataaaggc aaaagcgcgc ttgactgcga
   726421 gacagacacg tcgagcaggt acgaaagtag gtcttagtga tccggtggtt ctgtatggaa
   726481 gggccatcgc tcaacggata aaaggtactc cggggataac aggctgatac cgcccaagag
   726541 ttcatatcga cggcggtgtt tggcacctcg atgtcggctc atcacatcct ggggctgaag
   726601 ccggtcccaa gggtatggct gttcgccatt taaagtggta cgcgagctgg gtttagaacg
   726661 tcgtgagaca gttcggtccc tatctgccgt ggacgtttga gatttgagag gggctgctcc
   726721 tagtacgaga ggaccggagt ggacgaacct ctggtgttcc ggttgtcacg ccagtggcat
   726781 tgccgggtag ctatgttcgg aaaagataac cgctgaaagc atctaagcgg gaaacttgcc
   726841 tcaagatgag atctcactgg gaacttgatt cccctgaagg gccgtcgaag actacgacgt
   726901 tgataggctg ggtgtgtaag cgttgtgagg cgttgagcta accagtacta attgcccgtg
   726961 aggcttgacc atataacacc caaacaatct gacgattgtg tgttgtaagg tgaagtcgac
   727021 gaaccgaaag ttcgcatgaa ccgcaaaaca ccttgaaatc acatacctga atccggatag
   727081 acgtaagccc aagcgaacgg atatccaacc gaattgcttg acgatcatag agcgttggaa
   727141 ccacctgatc ccttcccgaa ctcagaagtg aaacgacgca tcgccgatgg tagtgtgggg
   727201 tctccccatg tgagagtagg tcatcgtcaa gctcctatcc caaaacccct ggtcagcgat
   727261 gaccaggggt tttgcttttg cgcgcggaaa aaggcgtgct tcctgttcac cttgccgaaa
   727321 ccctcctggc atgtcctctt tcgcgtctag cgtagcgaga gccgggcgga tccgcatggc
   727381 gctggcgttc ttgcgttcgc cgtacctatc ccgatccgcg agttagggcc tcgcttcgag
   727441 gagaaagacg aaaggtggct tccgatgaag ggaatcgctt gatttactgt atgaataaac
   727501 agtatcttga gcgctccccc cttcgtggcc atccctgttg gccatcccaa ggcagctcgt
   727561 ctctcgagct gcctttttct ttgtctcaat ggaaatcccg gctgcggacg tccaggccgg
   727621 tgagtagagg ggtcaggtca tgcaggcgcc ctgcgatgac gtggcgcacc tcgccggagg
   727681 actccaggat gccctccacc tgcagcagcc gggactcgag gaatggccgc ctctgccgtt
   727741 cggcgaggtc gtgccggacc accacgttga gcatgccgaa ctcgtcctcc agggtgatga
   727801 aggtgatgcc gctggcggtc tgtgggcgct gccggccgac caccaggccg gcgacccgta
   727861 tcggtcgtcc atgtcccagt ttcgccagtt cgcgggagtc gcggcagcgg cgggccttga
   727921 gctgtccacg caagagtttc agcggatgcg ggccgagggt ggtgccgagg agagcgtaat
   727981 cgctcagcag ttcctcgccg cgcgaaggca gcggcaggct gaccgtggtt tcttcgatga
   728041 cggtcccttc ggcgaacagt ggcaattgcg gctcgacgct ggcgacggcc cagcgcgcct
   728101 tgtgccggtg tccggcgaga ccgcgcaggg cgccggcatc ggccagcaac tccagggccc
   728161 gggcgtcgag cctggcgcgt cggccgagat cgtgcacgtc gaggaacggc tcggcctccc
   728221 ggacctgctc gatacgcctg gcatcctcct cgcgaaagcc tcggatcatc cgcaggccga
   728281 ggcgtatggc cggttgcgcc tggccgaacg gctccaggct gcaatcccaa ccgctgtggc
   728341 ggacatccac cgggcgtgtc tgcagggtgt ggcggcgggc gtcctggagc aactggtcgg
   728401 ggctgtagaa gcccatcggc caactgttga tcaaggcgca ggcgaaggcc gccggctcgt
   728461 gacgtttcag ccaactgctg gcgtaggtga gcagggcgaa gctggcggcg tgggattcag
   728521 ggaaaccgta gctgccgaag cctttgatct gctcgaagat gcgcgctgcg aagtcggcct
   728581 cgtagccctt ggcgagcatg ccccgggtca gccgctcgcg gtggtgttcc aggccgccat
   728641 gacgcttcca ggcggccatc gaacgacgca gttcgtccgc ctcgcccggc gtgtagtcgg
   728701 cggcgacgat cgccagttcc atgacctgtt cctggaacaa cgggacgccc agggtacgtt
   728761 cgaagacctt ctccagttcg gccgatggat aggccaccgg ctcttcaccg tttcgccggc
   728821 gcaggtaagg atgcaccatg tcgccctgga tcggccccgg ccggacgatg gcgacctgga
   728881 tcaccagatc gtagaacttc tgcgggcgca ggcgtggcag catggccatc tgtgcgcgcg
   728941 attcgatctg gaacacaccg atggtatcgg cgcggctgat catttcgtag gtggccgggt
   729001 cttcgctcgg gatactggcg atgctcaacc gcttgccgcc gcgcagcgcg tggatcaggt
   729061 cgaagctgcg gcgcagggcg ctgagcatgc ccagggcgag gacgtcgacc ttgagcaggc
   729121 cgaccgcgtc gagatcgtcc ttgtcccact ggatcaccgt gcgttcggcc atgctggcat
   729181 tctccaccgg gaccagggtg tccaatggct gctcggagat gacgaagccg ccggggtgct
   729241 gcgagaggtg gcgcggaaaa ccgatcaact cgtcggtcag ggccagcacc cggcgcagga
   729301 tcggactctg cggatcgagg ccggcctctt ccaggcgttc ggcgctgggg gcctggtcgc
   729361 tccagcggcc gcagcagttg gccaggacgt cgacctgctc gggcggcaga cccagggcct
   729421 tggctacgtc gcgcaccgcg ccggcgccgt ggtaggtgct gaccaccgcg gtcagcgccg
   729481 cgcgctggcg tccgtagcgt gtgaaaacgt actggatgac ctcctcgcgg cgctcgtgtt
   729541 cgaaatccac gtcgatgtcc ggtggttcgt tgcgctcgcg ggaaaggaag cgctcgaaca
   729601 gcaggttggt ccggtccggg tccaactcgg tgatgccgag ggcgaagcac actgccgagt
   729661 tggccgccga gccgcggccc tggcaaagga ttttccggcc ccgggcgaag gcgacgatgt
   729721 cctgcacggt gaggaaatag ctttcatagc ccagttcggc gatcagctcg agttctctct
   729781 cgatctgctt gcggaccttg gcgctcgcgc cgttcggcca gcgcctggcg atgccctgtt
   729841 cggtgagatg gcggagccat gacgccgggt cgtgtccggc cggtaccaat tcgcgtgggt
   729901 actggtattt cagctgttcc agatcgaacc ggcagcgttc ggcgatcttc agggtttccg
   729961 ccagcagggc ttgcgggtag atcccctgca gggcctccag ggtacgcagg tggcgttccc
   730021 cgttggggaa gagataggcg ccggcctcgc tgaccggcag atggttgcgg atcgctgtca
   730081 tgcagtcctg cagggctcgc ctgccgcggg cgtgcatgtg gacgtcgccg caggccacgg
   730141 gcggtagccg gagatgcgag gcgagcgcga gcagtttgtc caggcgggca tcgtcatcgg
   730201 cgccgcgatg caactcgacg cccagccaaa ggcgctgggg gaagcgttcg cggagccaag
   730261 cagcctgctc gtccccatgg tcgttcggca accagatcgc caacaggccg gcgagcggct
   730321 gttgcagatc ttcgcgcagc agccggtagt ggcccttgtc ggcttgtcgc cggccgcggg
   730381 tgatgaggcg acagaggttc tggtagccct ccaggtcctc cgccaggagg accagcttgg
   730441 gcccctgttc gaggcggatt tcgctgccga tgatcagttg tacctgatgc tcccgcgccg
   730501 cctgccaggc ccgcacgata ccggccaggc tgcattcgtc ggtgatcgcc agggcccgat
   730561 agcccaggcg tgctgcacgg gcgaagagtt ccgcggcgct ggaggcgccg cgctggaaac
   730621 tgaagttgga caggcaatgc agttcggcgt aggcgctcat gcgaaccagc catgcagcca
   730681 cagcggccct tcgctgccga cctcgcgata gacccaggca cgttgtccgc tgcgggtttc
   730741 caccaggtaa tagtcgcggc ggatgtcttc gccatcccac cagcccgact cgatccgctc
   730801 cgggccggcc agcacggtgg gcaaggcctc gccgaggggg cgtggctccg ccagcagcca
   730861 gccgggtcgg aggccgcagg ctgccggcga ttgcgccctg tcgcagctgt gcggccgcca
   730921 gcttcgctcc ggacggtgtt cggcgacggc gctcaggccc tgtaccgcct cgtcgcccag
   730981 ccgcgcgcgc aggcgttccc gcaactgttc ccagccgaga tactgctgtg ggcgctcgtc
   731041 gaacagttcg cggtgctgcg gcgtgaaagg aggcagctcg cgggcctcca ggcgcacggc
   731101 atgcacgggg gcgggcagtt gcagctgttc gagacggccg cgggtcagtt cgaagagcat
   731161 ggccgcctcg cgttcggcgc tgagcaggcc gaccgtgacc tggctgtcgg cgcgcccgtg
   731221 atgctccaga tgcagggtga agcgctgcac gccgctgtcg cgtccggcga gaaaggcggc
   731281 gagatcggcg ctcagccgtc gcagggggaa gagcagggcc tggtgcgatt ccacgtcgaa
   731341 attgagttcg atgcgcaggt cgaaggtgtc cggcggccgg tagtgctcca gcgccagtgg
   731401 gctgcggccg cagaggcggt cgatgtgcaa cagcagttcg gccgggaagc gacgggccag
   731461 ggcggcgcgc ggcaactcga ggacctggcg cagatggcgc agtcccatgc gtccgagggc
   731521 gacagccagc tcccgcgaga gtcccaggcg gtccagcgga agggcggaca actggcgttg
   731581 cagcgctatc tcgtcctcga tggccaggcc gtcgtggctg ttcgccagga ccctcgccgc
   731641 caccgggttc ggcgccaggc acaggcgatg gcggaagccc agcgccgtga gttccttgcg
   731701 caagcgggcc tcgaagcgtg gccaggggcc gaacagggca aggctggact gcacttccag
   731761 cagcagcgca cgcggatagt gcaggctgac ctgcgagctg aaaccgtagg cccaggcggc
   731821 gaggaaggcc tgccagcgct ccacggcggc gaggtcgtat tccgccgtgg cgaagtcccg
   731881 gctcagggcc tgggcggcga tcagcgattg accgggcctc aggccgagcg cgcgtgccgc
   731941 tgggttgacc gcctgcaact gccggcgctg cgctgggccg ccgagcagcg ccagcggtgc
   732001 gtcgggattg ctccgttgac gcagcgcgct gtccatggcc agttgcggca ggagaatgca
   732061 agcccagagc atggccgcct cattgccagg cgctggccgg cagggcggtc gccggcgcga
   732121 ggccgccccg gcacttgagg atgcgcaggc gtggggggcg ggtttcgatg cacaggcgta
   732181 gcgctgccgg cgaagggttg accgcttcgc gcagggggcg ataggcgaaa cccagggcct
   732241 gaccgctttc ggcggcgacc tggaggcggc gcagggcgcg gtcgttggcc tgttgcggcc
   732301 aacacagcac agcggcgcaa ctgcccgagc gcaggcactg ttcggcagcc cacaaggcgt
   732361 cgcgtccgct ggcctgcaag aggaccaggt ggcgcaggtc gaccgcggcg gccagccagg
   732421 cctgcggata gggtacgtag ggtgcgccga ccaggacgac gcgacgttgc gcctgggtca
   732481 ggcgagcgag ggtcggcatc agtagttgca gttcgccgac accgtcgcgg gcatggagga
   732541 tttcgctcag ggcatgctcc ggccaaccgc cgccgggcag cagtgcgtcc aggcgcgcat
   732601 gcccggtggg cagggaagcg ccggccggca cggcggactg gcctttccag atcctacgtg
   732661 cgtcgagcag cgcactcagc gctatgccat tgcctcgtcc ggcgacggct gcgggtgggg
   732721 tgatgtcggc tacggatgaa agggaggcca aggaaataac tcgaatactg tatgtaaata
   732781 cagtatttgc tgtagtcctt ttctggtcaa tggcagtcgg tcggcatcct ttcctgtgac
   732841 attgagattc aataacgaat ataattgaga atcgttattg atcctgggca cgctatgtcg
   732901 gcccagtgcg ttccgtccct cgaaaggaat tcccctatgg ataccctggc ccctgaatcc
   732961 actcggcaaa acctgcgttc gcaacgcctc aacctgctga ccaacgagcc gcaccagcgc
   733021 ctggagagcc tggtgaagag caaggaaccc ttcgccagcc gggacaattt cgcccgcttc
   733081 gtcgccgccc agtacctctt ccagcatgac ctggagccgc tttatcgcaa cgaagcgctg
   733141 gcccgcctgt tccccggcct ggcttcccgc gcccgcgacg acgccgctcg tgcagacctg
   733201 gcggacctcg gccatccggt gccggagggc gaccagagcg tgcgcgaggc cgacctgagc
   733261 ctggccgagg cactgggctg gctgttcgtt tccgaaggtt cgaagctggg cgctgcgttc
   733321 ctgttcaaga aagccgccgc gctcgaactc gacgagaact tcggcgcccg ccatctggcc
   733381 gagccggaag gcggccgcgc gcaaggctgg aagagcttcg tggcgatcct cgacggcatc
   733441 gagctgaacg aggaggaaga gcgcctggcc gccaagggcg ccagcgatgc cttcaatcgt
   733501 ttcggcgacc tgctggagcg taccttcgcc tgaggggcgt tccttgtcct ttgatcggcg
   733561 gccaacctcg ccgacgacga ttgccccggc ctggttgtcg gggttttctg tcttgcgccg
   733621 ccggccagga cgcggacctg cggaggccct tagcgaggcg gccgctgcgc ttccactgag
   733681 ttgccgaacg aggtgcccag gcgaatgcgc gtcgccgatt ggttgtacag gccgagctgg
   733741 tttggcggac gccggacgat ggcggcggaa tccagctcct gttcgcggcg ggccctggcc
   733801 gcgctgtcag gatcggccat ctgctggctc aggcattcat aggacaaagc ctggtagccg
   733861 ttgacctcgg tgttgatgca gttcgccggc ggcgtcggct cgtcggccag ggtggcgttc
   733921 atggccaggc ccaggatcag ggccggcaga acctgcgatg aacggtgcat ggcgattctc
   733981 ccgcgctggg atggtggttt cccgcttata cggcaatcgg tgaaaacatg tcaccgcagg
   734041 taccgtcaca ccacagtcac acagtgccat caggatgtcc ctcctgggtg atggccatct
   734101 ggcctgaacc gggtagttcg gactggaatc cgttgatgtc gatcctcggg gtggcaaggt
   734161 cgtgcgcagt gtcgttgctc ggtctcggca tgctgctgcc ggcgtccggt gccgtgccgg
   734221 gcgatggcgg caggccgccg ttgcgcctgg cggtgcacgc gttcgatatt cctccgcaga
   734281 gcctggcatc ggcgctggtg acctacagcg gggtgacggg aatggcggtt ctggtggatg
   734341 gcgagctggc ccgtggacgg cgctcggccc gcttgcaggg gcgcttcacc gccagcgacg
   734401 ccctgacccg actgctcggc ggaaccggcc tgatggcgcg ctacaccagc caggaagcgt
   734461 tcaccctgct gccggcgcag gccgtcagga acgctgcgcc gctgccggca gagatgccga
   734521 aggtcgagca gccgctggat cgccgctacg cgggagcggt ccaggcggcg ctggaagaac
   734581 agttgtgccg ctcgccgcgc actcgtccgg gtacctatcg cgcggtgctg caactctgga
   734641 tcggtcgctt cggcgaggtt cgccacagtc gcctgctcgg ttcgaccggc gacccgcagc
   734701 gggacagcgc cctggtggaa agcctgcgcg gcgtgcgggt gatgcaggcg acgcccgcta
   734761 cgctggccca gccgctgacc atcctgttgc tgccgaagac gacgggcaag gccatggaat
   734821 gcaagctgac ggagggagtg ggagggtcat gagcgattcg cggcaaagcg cgatggtgaa
   734881 gctgttcctc gcctcctacg acgacttcaa ggcgcgcctg aaacggcgcc tgggctccga
   734941 ggacctggcg tgcgacgtgc tgcacgaaac ctacctgaga gtcgaccggc tggatgatgc
   735001 cctggaggtc aagaagcccc aggcctacct gttccgtatt gccctgaaca ttgccgccga
   735061 ccgccgcgag ggcgacgccc gcctgctcac cggggaggag gtggcggagc tgttgcaggt
   735121 ggccgacgaa ggcctcgacc cggagcgcat cgtcggcggt cacgccgaga tccgtcgcct
   735181 gctggaggcg ctctgcgaac tgccggcgcg gcgtcggcag attctcatcg cctcgcgcct
   735241 ggaagagacg ccgcatgcgg aaatctcccg tcgcttcggc atttccaccc gcaccgtgga
   735301 gaaggaactc aaggccgccc tgtggttctg cgcggagcgc ctggaaagaa aagtcatcca
   735361 gaggttcggt cccggggccg gaaaaccgtc ataagcataa gcaggtggaa aaccgccgcc
   735421 atatccatcc catgagccat tccggtgtcc gtacagcaca gtcatgacag cctcagactc
   735481 cgccgccgat gaaaccggcg accttcgcca cgaagcgcac gcctgggtga tcagcctgac
   735541 ctccggacgc gtcacccagg gcgacgcgcg ggccttccgc cagtggtgtg cgcgcagccc
   735601 gcaacacctg cgagcgttcg tcgaggcgcg cgatctctgg caggcactcg gcagtgccgc
   735661 cgctctgccg ctggagtcgc cggccgtggc gcagatcgcg ccgaggcgtt tcggtcgtcg
   735721 ctggttcgtc ggcggtgcgc tggccgcctc ggtggcgttg ttcgtcttgc gcccgtcgct
   735781 gctcgaccat ggcctgggcg gcgccgacta cgtcacggcg gtcggcgagc agcgccaggt
   735841 gcaggtgagc ggcgagacgc ggatcgagat gaacacccgc acccgcctga acgtgcggcg
   735901 caatcaagag cagcaggaaa ccatcgaact gctcggcggc gaggccgaga tcatcgccag
   735961 ccacccgccg cagagcagcc tgcgggtgat ggccgggagc gcctggctga gcgccagccg
   736021 ggcccgcttc aatgtgcgca gcagcggtga cgtttgcgtg gtgacctgcc tggagggcag
   736081 cgtgcggctc gaacacctcg gccagcgcct ggacctccag gccggccagc agctgacctt
   736141 cgacgagcga cgcaacggtc cgccggtgcc tttcgacgtt gccgaggtga tggcctggcg
   736201 cgagcgcatg ctggtgttca acgacgtacc gttggccacg gtgatcgacg aaatcaaccg
   736261 ctaccgtccc ggcatgctcc tgctgctgga caaggccctt ggccgacgcc gggtccaggc
   736321 ccgtttcagc ctcgaccaac tggccgacgt ggcgaccctg atccgcgatg cctatggcat
   736381 cgaggtcacc cgcctgccgg gcggggtggt gctgctcggc tgagccaccg cttcattgca
   736441 gggccaccac ccgtcgatag cgctccacgc cgttgcgggt gacccgcgcc aggctgatct
   736501 ccagtccgct ggcgcggact ttgctgcgtg ccggcaggcg cgtccagccc tttcccggca
   736561 cccaggcacg gatctcgaac cgactcacgt cgtccagcac agccacccgc tctgccagcg
   736621 gcggcaacgg caggcggtcg ccgctgggcg aggcggcgcg gtagaggacc ttgccctgtc
   736681 gccaccagcg cacgcgctgc agcggcgcgc ctggctcggt actggcgcgg acgatgtcca
   736741 ggcgcaatgg gatctcgctc aggcgcttca gtgcgagtcc gggcggcagg ctgtcgccgg
   736801 cccggatcgg ctcgtcgccg ctgggcaggc cggactcctc ccggatggcg ctgtgcaggg
   736861 cgatgtcgcg ctccagttgg ttcagcgcgc gcagtagcgc ggcgccctgc tcggtgctgt
   736921 cctccaggtg cgcgctggcc cgggcgatgc tgtccaggcc gcgccaggcc atcaggctga
   736981 cgatggccat gagcatgatc gcgaccatca cctcgatcag ggtgaagccg gcttgccggc
   737041 gccgcgtcgt cgcgcgttca gcgtacccgg acatggccgt tcgcctcgcg cagcacggtg
   737101 acgctgtgtt ggccgtcgga gagcgttatc cgcaacggcg cgccgatcca ttcggcgtcc
   737161 agcaacaccg gtcgcggcgg gcgcacgctg acccgcagcg gcgcggcctg ccagtcgcgc
   737221 gcgcgcaatt cggtgtcggc ggcgaaggcg tcggtcttgc cgcgataggc ctgcgggctg
   737281 aagcgatagc ccttggcgct gggctgccag aggatcggcg taccgcgtac ccgcgcttcg
   737341 ccctgggcta tttccagcaa ccgcgccagg cgcgcggcat cctggcgcag caggcccgtc
   737401 gggtcggggc gggcgctcag gctgatggcc gccgtggcga tgccgacgat taccagcacc
   737461 accatcagtt cgatcagggt gaaaccgcct tgccggggtc gcctcaccgg atgccgctcc
   737521 gcgaagagag aggtttccag agtgcccgac gaagatgatc ggcgtgtgaa acataacgga
   737581 gagaattccg cgctaggctg gtgccggggc gccgttcgtg gcgcccgtcg cccatacgcc
   737641 aggagagccc gccatgccgg ccatgccccg tatcgatccg ccccgcctgg tccagttcgc
   737701 cgctgtgctg gcgatcctcg ccggcctgct gttctggggc tatctgttgc tggcgccgat
   737761 tcccggcgtg gtccaggccg aggtcgccga cgttccgccg cccagcggcg aggacgccgc
   737821 tcaacgctgg ttcgcgacgc cttccagtga ggtcgaggtg caactggcgg gattgatcag
   737881 cggtggtccc gcggcgatcg ccatcctctc ggtgaacggc gcgccggccc aggcctatcg
   737941 cgagggcgag gtcctggcac gtgcggcgaa ggtgcggcgg atagaggccg acgcggtact
   738001 catcgagcag aacggcgagg ttcgccgggt gcccatgcag cggctcgccg aaccgccgcc
   738061 gctggctacc ctcaagcgcg gttgagatca ccgggagcgg ctcagcaggg tgttcaggcg
   738121 cgccagcggc accgcctgtt cgcgctgcgt gcgcacacgg atttccaccc acagtagcgc
   738181 ggggtcgtcg gtggcctcga cgcgttgttc gcagtacaac cgcaggcggc cctgggagca
   738241 ttcgaaatcg ctgtttcccg gagccgcgcc gacgcccagg cgtagctcgg cgagccggct
   738301 ctccgctgcc agcagggcca gcgacttgtc gcgcaacaga ccattgccgt cggtcatcag
   738361 gcccaccgcg cggatcgccg cggccagggc gatggcgacg atggccagcg cgaccagcac
   738421 ttcgatcagg gtgaaaccgc gggaagacag gcgcgtggac atcgcggaaa ggtcgacgaa
   738481 aggggacttc caggctagcc gggaaatctg accgatccct gacaaaagct cgggagggcg
   738541 cccccgcgag ccatccccgg cgcctgccgg aaagcccggc tccagggcct tgcgggcgcc
   738601 tccggaagag cggcgcaccc gaggattttc aatatcgttg acatatcttc ctgaaacaat
   738661 ccgcggcgaa tcgaaccatg ccgaggagtg tcgagatgga tgtcgtgcag ttcagctcca
   738721 gcccgaaagg acatcgggga cagcggggct tcaccctgat cgagatcatg gtggtggtgg
   738781 tgatcctcgg catcctcgcc gcgatggtgg tgcccaaggt gctcgaccgt cccgatcagg
   738841 cccgcgccac cgcggcgcgc caggacatct ccgggctgat gcaggcgctc aagctctacc
   738901 gcctcgacca gggccgctat ccgagccagg cgcagggctt gaaggtgctc gcggagcgcc
   738961 ctgccgatgc ctcggcgagc aactggcgct cgtacctgga gcgcctgccc aacgatccct
   739021 ggggcaagcc ctaccagtac ctgaatcccg gcgtgaacgg tgagatcgac gtgttctccc
   739081 tcggcgccga cgggcagccg ggcggcgagg gcatcaacgc cgacatcggc tcctggcagc
   739141 tctgagcgcg ccatgaacgg tcatcgccag cgcggcatgg cgattatcag cgcgctgctg
   739201 atcgtcaccg tggtcgcggt catagccgcc ggcctgatcg cccgccagag cgcattcatc
   739261 cgcgccctgg aaagcgagca gctacgcatc caggccggct ggatgctgcg cggcggcctg
   739321 gaatggagcc gccagttgct gctcgaggac agccgccgcg acccgctgac ccgcctcgac
   739381 cagcgctggg cgcaaccgat gcgtggcttg cgtctgagca gcgccgaatt gccgttcaac
   739441 ggccaactgg aagacgagca gggcaagttc aacctgcgca acctgttggt cgaccaacgc
   739501 cccgatctcc aggagcgagc gaacttcgaa cgcctcgccg gtctgctcgg cgtgcgcccg
   739561 aaggagacgc ggctgatcgt cgagcgggta ctcgattcct atgcacggct gcccgccgaa
   739621 gcgccgccgg ccgagacgca acccgcaggt ttcgacagcg gccgcgagac ttcgccgggc
   739681 gccgtgttgc gtgcgcttcc ggcgcgcatg ccggcgctca ggcgtctcga cgacctggcg
   739741 cggctgggca ttccgccggc gaccctggaa cgcctgcgac cctacgtcac catcctgccc
   739801 gaaaccacct ggatcaacgg caacaccgcg cgcgccgaag tgctcgccgc ctgtgtcccc
   739861 ggcctcgggc tggaccaggc gcggcgggtg ctcggcgagc gcgaccgggg ccgctggttc
   739921 ctcaatcgcg gcgacttcgt caaccgcctg aacatgccgc aattgcaggc gcagtcggtg
   739981 aaggtcggga tcaccagcga ctggttcctg ctcaccgcct atgcccggcg cgaccggcaa
   740041 gaggtgcgcc tgcaagccct ggtgcagcgc aaggccggtg aaagcacggc ggtcaactgg
   740101 atgagggtgg gctcatgaag gccgcctggc gttgcctgct gccgccgctg agcgagttcg
   740161 ccgaggcggc gccgctgcat tgtttgcgcc tggatgcgcg cggcgcggtg caggaacgaa
   740221 tcgaggtctc gctcgcggaa ctggcgcggc ggcgccaggg gttgccggtg gcgctgttcc
   740281 tgcatccgcg cgattgccgc ctggtcagtc tcgaactgcc ggcgctgcct gcggcgaagc
   740341 ttgccgccgc ggtgaactgt gcggccgagg cgctggtcct cggcgatccg gcgcagctac
   740401 gcctggccca cggcccgcgc ggcgccgacg ggcgcctgac cttggggtgg ctggaggcgt
   740461 cggcgctggc ctcgctggag caggccgtac agcggctgcg gctcgacgtg cgggaggtgc
   740521 aggccgcgcc gttcctcctg ccgttgcgcg atgacgcttg ggtggccggc gagtgggacg
   740581 gccatctgct gttgcgccgc tcgctgagcg acgctgtggt ccatcccttg ccggagcagg
   740641 gcctcgctga ggtcccgcag gagttgcggc tgttctggct gggcgagcga ccggcgtggc
   740701 gctccgcagc cctggagcgg gccgaggcgc tggacgaagc gctgcgctgg agcgggcccg
   740761 ccagtccgtg gggattggcg ctgaaagcgc cggcgacgag cgccggcaac ggcacctgga
   740821 agatgcccct gttctgcgct gccctggcct tgctggtgtg ggtcgccggt ctgaacctgt
   740881 acgccgggca actggccgag cagggccagt ccttgcaacg gcagagcagt caacgcgtgc
   740941 agcaggcctt cccggaactg ccggtggtgc tcgatccgct gcgccaggct cgcgagcgac
   741001 gcgacgccta tctggccggc aaggccgatg gcgatgccgc accgggactg gccgcgctgc
   741061 tgcatggcgc cggcgaggcg atgccgttcc tcgccgggcg cctgcaacga ctggactacc
   741121 acgccggcga actggacctg gagctgctgc cgggaccgcc aggcggcgat gccgctgcct
   741181 ggcagggcga gttgggcaag cacgggttgc aggccgatgc ctccgacaag ggctggcagg
   741241 tgcgcgccat ggaagcgccg ccagcgccgg ccgctggcgc ggcagacagt ggcactgccg
   741301 aggcggctgc cgatgaagat gaagatgaat aagcgcctgg cgggcctgct gaatactccg
   741361 gcgcagcgct ggagtcccct gctgctgcga ttgcaggcct actggcggca actggcgccg
   741421 cgcgagcgca agattctcgc cggcggtggc ctggcgctat gcctggcgct gacctggcaa
   741481 gtgttcgtcg atccgccgct ggcgcggatc gagcattggc aagccgaact gccgcgcctg
   741541 cgtgcgcagg ctgcggcggt ggacggcgtg ttgcgtgagg tcgaggcgtt gcgcggtccg
   741601 accctgagcg gtacggcgga cgccgaggcg atccgtcgca gcctgcgcga tcagggactc
   741661 gacggtttcc aactggacgc cccgcaaccg ggccaatggc aactggactt cgccagcgtg
   741721 tccggcgagg ccttgctgcg ctggctggcg cgcagcccgg cagcgttgcg cctgagcgtc
   741781 agcgaggcgc aggtgacgcg tctcgatgct ccttccgagg agcgctccgg ctcttcgaac
   741841 gagccgtccg gcgggctggt gtccgcctcg atccatttgc agtcgacttc cgctcccaag
   741901 gattccccat gaggcaatca gctttccacc atgcccggcg tcgttggcct gtactgggcg
   741961 tggcgctggg cgcgctactg gtcgcggcgt gtagcgagac gccgaaggtc cccggcgtgc
   742021 ccccggccga cgaggaagtc ggtcggccgc tgagcagtgt ccgctccggt gcgccgttgc
   742081 gcagcgccga cgtccgcgag cggccccagg ccgagcaggc ccgccgcgcg ctgagtgccg
   742141 gacgcggcgt ggcgcgctcc ggtggcgtgg ctccggtctc agcgacagcg gccgaactcg
   742201 gcgagcagcc ggtcagcctg aatttcgtcg ataccgaggt ggaagcggtg gtgcgcgcgc
   742261 tgtcgcgcgc caccggccgg cagttcctgg tcgacccgcg ggtgaagggc aagctgaccc
   742321 tggtttccga aggcgaggtg ccggcgcgca ccgcctaccg catgctcacc agcgccctgc
   742381 gcatgcaggg cttcagcgtg gtcgacgtcg acggggtcag ccaggtggtg ccggaggccg
   742441 acgccaagct gctcggcggg ccggtctacg gcgccgaccg gccggcggcc aacggcatgg
   742501 tcacgcggac cttccgcctg cgctacgaga acgcggtgaa cctgatcccg gtactgcgcc
   742561 cgatcgtcgc gcagaacaac ccgatcaatg cctatccggg gaacaacacc gtggtggtca
   742621 ccgactacgc ggaaaacctc gaccgggtcg ccgggatcat cgccagcatc gacatcccca
   742681 gcgccagcga caccgacgtg gtgccgatcc agaacggcat cgcggtggac atcgccagca
   742741 ccgtctccga actgctcgac agccagggca gcggcggcgc cgagcagggc cagaagaccg
   742801 tggtgctcgc cgacccacgc tccaacagca tcgtgatccg ctcgccgagc cccgagcgca
   742861 cgcaattggc gcgcgacctg atcggcaagc tggacagcgt gcaaagcaat cccggcaacc
   742921 tccatgtggt ctacttgcgc aacgcccagg cgacccgcct ggcccaggcc ctgcgcgggc
   742981 tgatcaccgg cgacagcggc ggcgagggca acgagggcga ccagcagcgc gcgcgcctga
   743041 gcggcggcgg catgctcggt agcggcaaca gcggtactgg tagccagggc ttgggaacca
   743101 gcggcaatac cacgggcagc ggttccagcg ggttgggcgg cagcaaccgc agcggcggcg
   743161 cctatggtgc gatgggcagc ggccagggcg gcgccggacc cggtgcgatg ggcgaggaga
   743221 actcggcgtt ctccgccggc ggggtcaccg tacaggccga cgccaccacc aacaccctgc
   743281 tgatttccgc acccgagccg ttgtaccgca acctccgcga agtcatcgac ctgctcgacc
   743341 agcgccgcgc ccaggtggtg atcgaaagcc tgatcgtcga ggtcagcgaa gacgactcca
   743401 gcgagttcgg catccagtgg caggccggca acctcggcgg caacggcgtg ttcggcgggg
   743461 tcaacttcgg ccagtcggcg ctgaacacgg ccggcaagaa caccatcgac gtgttgccca
   743521 aggggctcaa catcggcctg gtggatggca ccgtggacat ccccgggatc ggcaagatcc
   743581 tcgacctcaa ggtgctcgcc cgggcgctga agagccgcgg cggcaccaac gtcctgtcga
   743641 ccccgaacct gctgaccctg gacaacgagt cggcgagcat catggtcggc cagaccatac
   743701 ccttcgtcag cggccagtac gtcaccgacg gcggcggtac cagcaacaac ccgttccaga
   743761 ccatccagcg cgaggacgtc ggcctgaagc tgaacatccg tccgcagatc tccgagggag
   743821 gaacggtcaa gctcgacgtc taccaggagg tcagcagcgt cgacgagcgc gccagcaccg
   743881 ccgccggggt ggtcaccaac aagcgcgcga tcgataccag catcctcctc gacgacggcc
   743941 agatcatggt cctcggcggc ctgttgcaag acaacgtgca ggacaacacc gacggtgttc
   744001 ccggactctc cagcctcccc ggcgtcggtt cgctgttccg ctaccagaag cgctcgcgga
   744061 ccaagaccaa cctgatggtc ttcctgcgtc cctacatcgt ccgcgacgcc gccgccggcc
   744121 gcagcatcac cctcaaccgc tacgacttca tccgccgcgc ccagcagcgc gtgcagccgc
   744181 gccaggactg gagcgtcggc gacatgcagg ctccggtgct gccgccggcg cagcagggca
   744241 ttccgcaggc cgcctacgac ttgcgcccga gcccgcggcc gctgcgcgcg gtaccgctgg
   744301 gcgaggcggc gccgctatga gcctgctgcc ctacgcctgg gccaaggcgc agcgcgcctt
   744361 gctgcggccg ggcgagcatg gcgcgaccct gctggtcagc ccgcgcacgc ccggctgggc
   744421 gatcagcgag gtgcgccagc ggcatgcgcc ggccagcctg gagagcgtcc gcgacgacga
   744481 gctcgacacc ctgctggcca gcgcctactc cgataccggc agcgccgcgg cggtggtcgg
   744541 cgcggcggag agcgaggtcg acctcgaccg cctgatggac gatatccccg aggttaccga
   744601 cctgctcgac acccaggatg gcgcgccagt gatccgcatg atcaacgcgc tgctgaccca
   744661 ggccgcgcgc gatgaggcca gcgacatcca catcgagccc ttcgagaccc attcggtggt
   744721 gcgctaccgc gtcgacggcg ccctgcgcga cgtggtcgcg ccgcgcaagg cgctgcacgc
   744781 ggcgctggtg tcgcggatca agatcatggc gcagctggat atcgctgaga aacgcctgcc
   744841 ccaggacggc cgcatcgcct tgcgggtagc cgggcggccg atcgacattc gcgtctccac
   744901 cgtgcccacc ggccacggcg aacgggtggt gatgcgcctg ctggacaagc aggccggacg
   744961 cctgaggctg gagaccctgg gcatggctcc cggcgtgctg gcgccgctgg acaacctgat
   745021 ccgccagccg cacggcatcg tgctggtcac cgggcccacc ggcagcggca agaccaccac
   745081 cctctacgcc gccctggcgc ggctcgacgc cagcaccagc aacatcctca ccgtcgagga
   745141 cccggtggag tacgacctgc cggggatcag ccagatccag gtcaacgcgc gcatcgacat
   745201 gaccttcgcc gtagccctgc gggcgatcct ccggcaggac ccggacatca tcatgatcgg
   745261 cgagatccgc gacctggaga ccgcgcagat cgccgtgcag gcctcgctca ccgggcacct
   745321 ggtgctggcc acgctgcaca ccaacgacgc ggtgtcggca gtgacgcggc tggtggacat
   745381 gggcgtcgag ccgttcctgc tcgcctcgtc gatgcttggc gtactcgccc agcgcctggt
   745441 gcggcgcctg tgcacgcatt gccgggtcga agaggacggc ggctggcgcg cggtcggctg
   745501 cccggcttgc aaccagaccg gctacagcgg gcgcaccggc atccacgaac tgttcgtgat
   745561 cgacgacgag atccgccgcc tggtccacca gggccgcgcc gagcaggatc tccgcgaagc
   745621 cgcccgcgcc gccggcatgc gcagcatgcg cgaggacggc gagcgctgga tcgccagcgg
   745681 ctccaccacc ctggaggaaa tcctccgcgt gacccgggac gcctgatgca gaccttccgt
   745741 tacgaagccg ccgacgccca gggccggatc gagaccggca ccctggaggc ggacagccag
   745801 cgtggcgccc tcggccaact gcgcgcccgc ggcctgaccc cgctggaggt ccgcgagcag
   745861 gctggcggcg ggaccgggca aggggcgggc gcgctgttcg ccccgcgcct gtccgacggc
   745921 gacctggcct gggccacccg ccagctggcc agcctgctgg ccgccagcct gccgctggag
   745981 gcggcgctga gcgccaccct cgaccaggcc gagcgcaagc acatcgccca gaccctgagc
   746041 gccgtgcgca gcgacgtgcg cggcggcatg cgcctggccg acgcccttgc cgcacggccg
   746101 cgggacttcc cggaaatcta ccgggcgctg gtggctgcgg gcgaggagtc cggcgacctg
   746161 gcccaggtga tggagcgcct ggccgactac atcgaggaac gcaacgccct gcgcggcaag
   746221 atcctcaccg cgttcatcta cccggcggtg gtcggcgtgg tctccatcgg catcgtcatt
   746281 ttcctcctcg gctacgtggt gccgcaggtg gtcagcgcct tctcccaggc gcgccaggac
   746341 ctgccggcgc tgacccgggc gatgctccag gccagcgact tcgtgcgcgc ctggggctgg
   746401 ctctgcgccg gcgccatcgg tagcgcttac tggggctggc gcttgtacct gcgcgacccg
   746461 caggcgcggc tcggctggca ccggcgagtg ctgcgcctgc ctctgctcgg tcgtttcgtg
   746521 ctcggggtga ataccgcgcg cttcgcctcc accctggcga tcctcggcag cgctggcgta
   746581 ccgctgctgc gcgcgctcga tgcggcgcgc cagacgttgg ccaacgactg cctcgcgcag
   746641 gcggtggagg aggccaccgc gcaggttcgc gaaggtgtct cgctggcctc ggcgctgcgc
   746701 acgcggcagg tgttcccgcc gatcctcacc cacctgatcg ccagcggcga gaagaccggt
   746761 gcgctgccgc cgatgctcga ccgcgcggcg cagaccctgt cgcgcgacat cgagcgccgc
   746821 gccatgggca tgaccgcgtt gctcgagccg ctgatgatcg tggtcatggg cggggtggtg
   746881 ctgaccatcg tgatggcggt gctgatgccg atcatcgaga tgaaccaact ggtccagtag
   746941 tccgtacctg aacaagccct tcccgtgctg ggcgattaac cgctcgcggc tatccgccgt
   747001 ggggatgggg cgtctcagca gtcttccgaa gagaggtatc ggcggataac gccgctggcg
   747061 taatccgccc tacgggaggg gcctgtgcaa gcaggccttc ctctcgctgt catcaacccg
   747121 tgtggcctct cgccagggct cgggtgcatg tttcagcgag gttgccccga gggagcgcca
   747181 tggccgtcgc gggccggccg ccgggaggcg ctcgcggaac ctcgcaggtc ccgcgaaaag
   747241 gcccggcgca gagcctgcga acacccgagg aaaggctgcg aaaacaattc gatgctcccg
   747301 agattttttc cccgatctgt caccggaact tgcgagtttt atccccagcg gccccttcga
   747361 ccggctaggg atgcaaagcc cggcaagcac ggcgccgcct catgcaagac gacttcctca
   747421 acgtaccaac accacgatga aaggagattc ttcatgttca agcgctctct gatcgctgcc
   747481 tcgctgagcg tggccgccct cgtatccgcc caagccatgg ccgtcaccgg cggtggcgct
   747541 tccctgccgg ccgagctgta caaaggctcc gccgacagca tcctgccggc caacttcagc
   747601 tatgccgtga ccggcagcgg caccggcaag aacgctttcc tgaccaacaa ctcctcgctg
   747661 ttcggcacca ccggtaccgt tcactatgcc ggtagcgact cggtcctgag cagctccgag
   747721 ctgtccacct acaacaccaa ctacaacaac acctatggtc cgctgatcca gatcccgtcg
   747781 gtagccactt cggtaactgt tccctacaag aagtccggca tcaccaacct gaacctgacc
   747841 agcgcccagc tctgtaatgt cttcgctggc actaccaaga cctggggcgc tctgctgggt
   747901 accagcgaca ctactccgat ccgcgtcatc tatcgcagca ccagcagcgg tactaccgaa
   747961 ctgtttaccc gccacttgaa ctcggcttgc tccgacaagt tcgccaccag ctcgaccttc
   748021 actagcgcac gtctgccggt caacggcgct ctgccgagca actgggttgg cgtcgctgaa
   748081 accgccgacg tgctgtcgaa cctcgatgct gtcgacggct ctatcggcta tgtcagcccc
   748141 gacgtagtga atgtcagtga caatgcccgc gtctcccgcg taaacaacaa cctgccgacg
   748201 gctgccaacg ttcagaccgc tctgggtagc gtagctccgc cggccactgc tgccgaccgt
   748261 gccaacccga gcaagtgggt gccggtattc gccaatccga ccgctggcta ctccatcgtt
   748321 ggctacacca acttcgtctt cggccagtgc tacaaagatg gcggcgtgtc ctccgacgtt
   748381 cgcactttcc tcaacaagca ctacggcggt actaccacca acgccgctgt cgctgcccat
   748441 ggctttgttc cgctgacttc ggcttggaag agcgccatca tcagtgcctt ctacactggc
   748501 accagcgaaa acctggccat cggcaacacc aacgtctgca acaccaaagg ccgcccgtaa
   748561 gcgcttcgcc taggcgaatc gatacgagga ccggcagccc tgtggctgcc ggtctttttt
   748621 cttgtgggga acccaggagg ttttcatgct caagccaatg cttggcgtcg ttgcactgac
   748681 gttcttcgcc agccaggcgg ccctggccgt gaccggtggt ggcgccacgc tgccggaagc
   748741 gctctacaaa ggttctcccg acagcattct gccggctact ttcagctata agggagtggg
   748801 gagcagtgcc ggcaagcggg ccttcctgac caatgacccg gtgctgttcg gcgcgaccgg
   748861 cagcgtgcac tacgccggaa gtgactcggt gctgcggaac gtcgagctgc tggactacct
   748921 cgtacgcttc aacgaagaat acggtccgct gatccagatt ccctcggtgg tcactccggt
   748981 ggtcgttccc tatcggaagg cgggaaccac cgcgctcaac ctgagcagcc tgcaatnnnn
   749041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   749641 nnnnnnnnnc ccatggcttc gtccccctgg ttgcgatctg gaagagcgcg gtcatgaaca
   749701 ccttcgtcag cggcaacggc gaaaacctga acatcaacaa tccaaacatc tgcaccaacc
   749761 gcggccgtcc ttagtttccc tgcccggcgg cgcttcacaa aggatcgccg tcgatctccg
   749821 ctccatgaac tttccatgac aagtcttcgg cccaccctcc gccaggccgt ctaccagtaa
   749881 cgggcgtcgt tgcgggcgcc cgaccgactt catgctcaag gaccccttcg ccatgccgtc
   749941 ccgttcgccg tcgtccgccc gttcctcccg cgcgctttgc gcgccgcgcc tgaagccgtt
   750001 ggcccaggcc atcgccctgc tgctggtcgc agggggcgcc caggccgccg ggcagccgtt
   750061 cagcgccgcc tggttcgccg ccaagggcgc ggcgcagggc ggcgctgccg gagcgccgcg
   750121 accgggagcg cagttgccgg gggcgccgcc gccgctggcg cagcagcagc gggtcaacca
   750181 gcagttgcag cgttcgatgg ccaacctgaa caacaccgtc gccgccattg ccgcccagca
   750241 ggccgcccag gccgccggac gccaggcggc gctgaacctt ccgcaggatg ttccggacgg
   750301 actcggcgag ggcggtctca aggtcgacgc ctcgctgccg ttcgagcagg cctggcagaa
   750361 cgccaaggga ccggtgcaga cccaggccgc cggcaagacc acggtgagca tcgagcagac
   750421 cgccgacaag gcggtgctca actgggagac cttcaatgtc ggccgcaaca cctccgtgga
   750481 cttccagcag cacgccgact gggctctgct caaccgggtc aacgacccca gcgcgcggcc
   750541 cagccagatc caggggcaga tcaaggccga cggcacggtg atgctggtca accgcaacgg
   750601 cgtggtgttt tccggcagca gccaggtgga cgtgcgcaac ctgacggtgg cggcggcgaa
   750661 catctcggac gaacagttcc gtcagcgcgg cctctactac gacaactccg gcagccgtcc
   750721 gaccttcacc gacgcggctg gtgccgtgcg cgtggagcag ggcgcacagt tgcgcacggc
   750781 agcgccgtcc ggctcgacca ggggcggcgg ctacgtcctg ctgctcggca gcgaggtgga
   750841 caacgccggc agcatcgtca cgccgaaggg gcagacggtc ctgtccgccg gcgacaactt
   750901 cgtcatccgc cgtggccagg gcaccgacgg caacctgacc tccaccaccc gcggcaacga
   750961 ggtgctgccg ggcttcgccg ccgacagcag tgccggccgg gtgcgcaaca gcggcctggt
   751021 gcaggccgcc accggcgata tcagcctcag cggccgcgag gtggagcagg ccggcgtatt
   751081 gctttccagc agttcggtgg acagccgcgg caccctgcac ctgaaggcca gcgagcggat
   751141 caccctggcc gaaggtgcca ccagcgccat cctggtggat agcagcggca gcgccgccct
   751201 cgacagccag cgcgaggcct tgctcaagcc gttgaacggc tccagtgccg ccgtcagtcg
   751261 gggcgacgac gaccgccgcg acctgtcgcg ggtggagatc gactccgccg gcagcgtcga
   751321 tttccgcgac ggctccatca ccctcgccag cggtggccag gtggcggtca acgctggcca
   751381 gcgcgcgctg ctgcgcgacg gcgcggtgat cgatgtctcc ggcgagcaag gcgtgcaggt
   751441 ggcgatggag accaacagca tcaaggtcaa cgtgcgcggc aacgagcagc gcgacgcctc
   751501 ggtcaaccgc gagggcggcg gtctgaacag ccaggacgtg tgggtcgacg tgcgtgacct
   751561 ggtacgggtg cctgccggca ccaacggcta tgccagcgac cgctggtaca ccgccggcgg
   751621 cctgctggag gtcggtggct acctgggcac ccagggccac tcggcgggcg agtggatggc
   751681 ccagggcggc atcgtcagtt tcaccggcaa cgacgtggtg acccaggccg gttcacagat
   751741 caacctgtcc ggcggaaccc tcgatgtgca gggcggctac atccgccaga cctggctgaa
   751801 gggctcggac ggacgcctct acgaactcgg ctcggcgccg ggtgacctgc tctacgacgg
   751861 catctaccgc ggctacgagg cacacagcga gcgctgggac cagacccgtt atttctacaa
   751921 tccgctgatc gcgccgaccc agcgctacga gaacggctac agcgttggcc gcgacgccgg
   751981 cagtctggtg atcggcagcg ccaatgcgcg gctcgacggc caggtggtcg gcgataccta
   752041 tcgcggcgag cggcagaccg aagcgccaca ggccggcctg gacggctaca accagtcgca
   752101 gaatgcggtg gcgcgcggcg cgcagctggt cgtcgggcgc tacaccccct actacgtgaa
   752161 gagcagcggc ctgctggagt acgctctcgg cgccgatgcc ggcagcctca agcaggtggt
   752221 catcggtgcc ggcgaggtgg cggccgagga gccgaccctg gacgctccgg tggccgccga
   752281 gcgccagggc cgcctgagcc tggacagcga actgctcaac ggcttccagc tgggcggcct
   752341 gaaggtggcg gctggcgaga gcatccgcgt cgacgccgcg ctgaccctgg ccaatggcgg
   752401 cgaggcgatc ctgttcgcca acgacgtggc gatcgacgcc gacatcaccg ctcatggcgg
   752461 cagcctgcag gccggcaacg tactggcgca gatttccccg aacgggacga tcgatggttt
   752521 cgtcgatgcc ggccgcgaag ccggcatctt gcgcgtgggc gatggtgtac gactggatgc
   752581 cagcggcttg tggagcaacc tgctgctggc gccggaggac aacgatacgt tggcctaccg
   752641 cgacggcgga cggatttccc tgcgcagcgg cggcgacctg agcctgggac agggcagtct
   752701 gctcgacgtg tcgtccgggg cggcgctgct ggccgacggc aaacgactgg gcggacgcgg
   752761 cggcgacatc gccttgcacg ccagtgccgg tccggcgctg gctggagacg gccaactgca
   752821 gttgggcggc acattgaatg gtctcggcac gagtggcgcc ggcacgctgt cgctgcagag
   752881 cggcaaggtg cggatcggcg gcgacgacct cggggatggc agcctgcaac tggccgaaga
   752941 tttcttccag cagggcttcg ccagctaccg ggtggtcggt cgctccggat tgacggtagc
   753001 cgaggatgcc caggtgcggg tcgcgcggcc ggtctaccgt ttcgccagcg gggccggcga
   753061 ggtcgcggct ggcgaggcgc cgcgagaggc gctggaggcc tggacgccgc cgctgtacct
   753121 ggaggatgcc gtggccggac gcttgatcca acgcgaaggg gcggacctgt acctgcaggc
   753181 aggcggcgac ggcaatatcc tcgggcaact cgatcccgcc agccagacgc tggagctggg
   753241 gcgcggttcg ctggtcgagg tcgatccggg gcgcgccatc gtcctgcgcg gtcccggaca
   753301 gatcaccttg gatggcactc tgaacgcttg gggcggacgc atcgacgtgc gccagcagca
   753361 gttcggccag atcgatgtcg ccgaaagctt ccagagcgcc caggcgcagg ctcacgcacg
   753421 ctccatctgg atcggcgaac aggccgtgct ggatgttgcg gggcgtgcta cgacggcgct
   753481 cgactggcgc ggacggactt atggagaggt gcagtccggc ggtagcatcg tcatcggcgg
   753541 tgagatcgac ccgaccaggg cgaccgcaac ctcggcggat gccttcgtca tcgttcgccc
   753601 cggcgcgcgc ctggaggcct ctggcagcca ggcgctgctg gatgtacccg gccagggaag
   753661 gacccaggtg gctggtgacg gtggacgcat tgccctcagt tcctatagcg gattgttcct
   753721 cgacggtgcg ttgcgcgctg cagctggcgg tcatggggcg gcgggcggca gcctggaatt
   753781 ggcgctggag tcgccgctgt atcgcgtcag cgagttgcag ggcgctggag tgctggcgtg
   753841 gnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   753901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   753961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   754981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   755761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnngtctg ccgccgaggt
   755821 gttgctgctc ggcaatgtcg aggtcgaggc gggcgccgcc atcgataccc gcgggcgtgg
   755881 agagggcgcc ttcgactcca gtgatggcta tgtctaccag tctggcgacc gtggtctgtt
   755941 ggcgctgtcc aacggctggc tgaatatcct cgcgccggcc gctggcaata ccgcccagat
   756001 cagcatcggc gaatgcgcgc tcagcgtttg cgcgccggtg gaactttatt cggaaggcac
   756061 cctgggcatc gccaccaacg gttcggtgca actcgacgac aacgttcgtt atggcacgcg
   756121 caatctaagc ctggcgctaa gcgcaatcaa tatcggctcc agccagtcgc tggccgacgc
   756181 ggccgctcgc ggcgtgttgc cgaacggcct ggcgctggac cagacggtgc tccagcgcct
   756241 gctgcgcggc gagcgcgggg cgggtattcc ggctctggaa aacctgatcc tcagtgcccg
   756301 cgatgcggtc aacatatacg gtagcgtcag cctcgacacc tacgacccgg ccaccggcaa
   756361 atccagcctg gccaacctgg tgctgggcac cccggccatc tacggccatg gcaccggcga
   756421 ggatgtcgcc agcattcgca ccgccagcct ggtctggagc ggctccagcc agccgggcgc
   756481 agcaccggtc gccggcggcg ccggtagcgg tagcggaacc ctgcgggtgg atgccgagcg
   756541 catcaccctg ggctacggcg cgaataccca gccggccggc gagaccgacg aggcacgcct
   756601 ggcgctgggc ttcgccgagg tgcaactgaa cgccagcgag ctgatcagcg ccaaccacaa
   756661 gggcagcttg cgggtctacc agcgcctgga cggctacgtc gccggcgaag gcctgcgcta
   756721 cagtggcggc gacctgcgcc tgagcacgcc gttgctgacc ggcgaggccg gctcgctgag
   756781 tcggatcagc agcggcggta gcctcagcct ggcggcgccg gcgggcgctg ccgcggtgac
   756841 cttcgacagc ggcaccgccg ggcttggtgc cgagttgtcc ctcagcgccc gcgagatccg
   756901 cctggatagc gcggtctcgc tacccagcgg caagctgagc ctgagcgccg aagacgacct
   756961 ggagctgggc gatggcgcgc gcatcgacct ggccggacgc aaggccagct tcaacgatgt
   757021 ggataaatac agctggggtg gcgacctgct gctgagcagt cgcgccggcg acatccgcca
   757081 ggccgccggt tcgctgatcg acctgtcggc gcgcaacaac cgcggcggta ccctgagcgc
   757141 cgtggcgttg gccgaggacg ccggggtggt ggacctgcag ggccgcatac tgggtggcgc
   757201 cagcggcgac tacgatgccg gtggcacccg cgtgccgttc ctcggtggcg agctggagat
   757261 ccgcgcccag cgcctgggcg acggcggcag cctgagcgag cagttcaccg ccttgaacca
   757321 gcgcctgaac cagggcgagg tcttcggcgc ccggcgcttc cagctcaagc aaggcgacct
   757381 gcagatcggc gacggcctga aggcgcatcg catcgaggtg tccctcgaca atggccagct
   757441 cggcgtgagc ggaacggtgg acgccagcgg cgcgcaggtc ggcgagatcc gcctggccgg
   757501 cggccgcggc ctgagcctgg gtggcaacgc gctgctggat gcgcatggaa gcctgctgcg
   757561 gcgcgacagc tacgggcaga tcatcgacag cccgaaccgg gcgatggtcg agctgagttc
   757621 cggcagcggc accttggtcc tggccggcgg cgcgcgcatc gacctgcgcc atggcaccgc
   757681 ggcgccagcg gaacaggttg atggcgtcgc ccgtggcacg ttggagttga acgcgccacg
   757741 cctgggcggg gtcagcgccg gcgacatcgc catcgatgcc agcggcgcgc tggatatccg
   757801 cggcgccggc agcatcgccc tgaacgcgat gcagcgttac gacgatgcgc cctggggcaa
   757861 cgatccggcg gccggcgggc ggtcctacca ggtgatcgac caggcttacc tcgatgcgcg
   757921 gcatgccgag agcagcgcgt tcatcgccgc ggcgctggcc aaccgcgagt tgctcgatgg
   757981 caagctggcc ggactgacca atgccaccta cgcggatgct ttccacctgc gtccaggggt
   758041 ggagatcgtc agtgcaacgg cggacggcga cctggtggtg cagggcgatc tcgatctgtc
   758101 cggctaccgc tacgccagcc tcaatccgaa cacgccgctg accgaggtct acggttccgg
   758161 cgaggtcggc gcgctggtgc tgcgcgccgg cggtgacctg aacctctacg gcagtatcaa
   758221 cgacggcttc gcgccgccgc cggactcgcc ggacgacaag ggctggatcc tcaccccggg
   758281 ggtgcagccg ttcggcggcg acctggtggt tcccggcccg ggcgtggtgc tcggcgacgg
   758341 taccgcgttc ctcggcggcc gcaccctcaa ctacgacctg ccgatcaagg gcaccaccct
   758401 ggccgccggc acccgtctgg ccaccgaggc ggtactcgaa cagccctata ccctggccgc
   758461 cggcagcgtg ctggtagcgg acatccacga tgccgccggc aacctgctgt acgccgcggg
   758521 cagcctgctg cgcgacgggg tgacgctgga ggtcggcagc cggctgggtg ccggtaccct
   758581 gctggcggca ccggccagcg tgcaggcgat gatctggccg gctggcgtac cgttgccgag
   758641 cgtcgaggct tccggcaata cactgctgct caatggcgaa ctggccctgg cacggggctc
   758701 gctgattcct tcgcagacca ccgtggtgct gagcggcgat gcgtcctcca tcgaactgcg
   758761 ccccagcgac ggaacacgcc aggggcgcaa ctgggcgctg gccgagatgt tgccggtcgg
   758821 cagccagtcc tggtctctgc gtctggtcgc cggtgccgat ctgtcggctg ccgacaaccg
   758881 tctggtgcgg ccggattcca cggcgagctt gaacctggcc gatgcgcatt atcaggtcag
   758941 gatcgaagaa gggacaggcg gcggcctggt ctggagcgat cgcatcggcg agatgggcat
   759001 ggggttggag ccgggaacgc cggtggatga agacaatgcc tggatttgct ccatcgatgc
   759061 cggctattgc gtatctacgc ccaaggccac atgggcaaaa gggaactggc tgggcatgcc
   759121 ggtaggggag gcgatcagcg atagcgactt cgaactctgg tgtagcggtt ttccagagtt
   759181 gtgcgtgatc aactcgacca ccaagctgga gccgcagaac cagttgttca gcgtactgcg
   759241 tacaggcacc ggcgacctcg acctggccag cgccggcaac ctgacgcaat ggtcgccgta
   759301 cggcgtctat accgccggta gccaggcggc tgaggtggct gcggagttcg accagcagcg
   759361 cggtcgcttc gatgggatgg tgctgggcaa tgccggcgca gactacgaag cgttggcgga
   759421 cagccagtac cgtgcctggt atccgcagca cggcggcaac ctggacattc gcgtgggtgg
   759481 cgatctggca ggggacatct gggccgatgg cccggattcg ctaagcgatt ccctggttcg
   759541 ctccagtgcn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   759601 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   759661 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   759721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   759781 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   759841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   759901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   759961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   760561 nnnnnnntct ctgaacggtg aactggagct gctggcagga gactcgctat atgccggagg
   760621 ctattcgata cagcgttcgg gggctgcgca gaccagcctg gcctctatcc agaagccggc
   760681 tttcgccggt tacgccgagg cgagtctggt caaccggata gccagtaacg gcagcccgga
   760741 cggcaatccg gcggaaggtt cggggctacc cctgttctac ttcggcgccg acagcgccgg
   760801 agtcttgggg cgtaatctgc aacctgcacg tttctacgcg ttgaacgggg atatcgttgg
   760861 cctcaacagc ggggcgctga ttcgtttcga cgatagcagc attgccggta gtcgggcctt
   760921 gcagacctgg tatgaaggtg ccgggtctgt ttggatgctc gccgggcgtg acatcgtcgc
   760981 ttctggtact ccgttgggac agactggaag cgccgggcca agcggtagca cgttcaccgg
   761041 caacctcttc gtccacgacg accccaacga cctctcgctg gtccaggccg gccgcgacat
   761101 cctctacggc aacttcaacg tcgccggccc cggtaccctg gagatcagcg ccgggcgcaa
   761161 cattctcatg gaggatcgcg cggcgatcac cagtctcggc gcggtggtgc cgggcgacag
   761221 ccggccgggt gccgatatcg tgctccaggc cggcgcggcg ggggccgact atcaggcctt
   761281 cctcgagcgc tacctggatc cggccaacct ggcgcaggcc ggcaccccgc tggccgagca
   761341 gccgggcaag gtggtcagga cctacgaaag cgagttggcc aagtggttga acgagcgctt
   761401 cggcttcgcc ggcgacgcgg aacaggccca ggcgttcttc gccggcctgc ccgccgagca
   761461 gcagcggatc ttcgcccgcc aggtgtactt cgccgaactc agggccggcg gccgcgagta
   761521 caacgaagtc ggcggggtac gccagggtag ctacctgcgc gggcgcaacg cgatcgccgc
   761581 gctgttcccc gagcgcgatc cggcgggcaa tccgatcagc tacgaaggcg atatcgtcat
   761641 gtatggcggt gccggcgtgc acaccgactt cggcggcgac atccagttgc tcagccccgg
   761701 cgggcgccag gtgttcggta tcgagggcga ggcgccgccg tccaccgcag gcatcgtcac
   761761 ccagggccag ggcaatatcc aggcctattc gcgggacagc atcctgctcg gccagagccg
   761821 catcatgacc accttcggcg gcagcatatt ggcctggtcg gcggaaggcg acatcaacgc
   761881 cggtcgcggt tcccagacca ccgtggtcta caccccgccg cggcgcatct acgacgcctg
   761941 gggcaacgtc agcctgtcgc cgcaggtgcc cagcaccggc gccggtatcg ccaccctcaa
   762001 cccgattccc gaagtggcac cgggcgacat cgacctgatc gccccgctcg gcaccatcga
   762061 tgccggcgag gcgggcatcc gggtttccgg caacgtcaac gtggcggcgc tgcaggtggt
   762121 caacgcggcg aacatccaga cccagggcca gtccagcggc attccgctgg tggcttcggt
   762181 gaataccggg gcgttgacct ccgccagcgc cgcggcgagt tccgcgaccc aggcggcgga
   762241 ggacgtcagt cgccagcagc aggccgccgc gcggcagcgc atgccgtcgg tgatcacggt
   762301 gcaggtgctc gggttcggca acgagcgcct ggagccttcg cgcgacggcg ccagtcgttc
   762361 gccgggctac aacccggaca gcgccgtgca ggtgctcggc gccggagccc tcggcgaaca
   762421 ggcgcgcagc caattgaccg atgaagagcg cggcaacctg atcctgtaag gcaccgccgc
   762481 ggaggcacga tacccgccag gccctcccca cggagggcct tttttttggc gaacttccga
   762541 ggcgctggtc gattctcggg tgaatgcccg ttcgtccccg ccggcggcgc gcgaacggcc
   762601 ggtcgcatga agttttcatg acaaaagttc ggtggtgcgg cggggtcgcc gtcaaacagg
   762661 tgtgaatgag gaaaacggaa ttcagtggtg aaaggcaggg acgggaacga aaggaatcgg
   762721 ccatttcccg attgcgctga ccggttgctg gaaatgagcg tgtcgttcga gcaagacgcg
   762781 ttccgctctg aaacaagaga acagtatccg ctaacggccg tggtcacacc ggtgaatacg
   762841 gcgaaggacg gtgagtattg atggaaagtt actcgaaagt cggtatgcag gaacttgacc
   762901 agcgcctatc gaagatcgtc gaagccgcac gcaagaaacc ggtatcggtt tatcgatatg
   762961 gggcgccatg ggtctggata gtgtcccagg aagattggca gggtgcgctc aaggacgtgt
   763021 ccagctatat accgccggga cattccctgg cgttgctgaa accgcaaata gaaagtctcc
   763081 ttggcgaaga ggctaaagtc ctctcggcgc tcgcccgcga acatggcatg cagttggccc
   763141 cggagccgct gatccatgcg ctgctgctgc aactgctgta cgcgattccc agcgagcagc
   763201 agttgtacga gcaattgaac tacaacctgc tgtatcgctg gttcgtcggc ctggaaatga
   763261 agcagaagat ctggagtttt ccggttttcg tcggcgatat aaccgtcctg ctgaacagcg
   763321 cggaggcggt aaggataata ggcaggatta tcggggaagt gatttccggg gatctcatgc
   763381 agatgccgga gttctccctg aacttcgcct tgttgcatac atggcaagcg cgccatggcg
   763441 gagcgcgacg gctgaatatc tagcgcgaaa gtgaaaatag aaaagaacga aatttcataa
   763501 gggcggggcg ctatttttaa caggttgttc atgcgtcatc gctagtttgt tgtctttcat
   763561 agaactgttc gatgaacgga cttgttgcat tagaacaata agtcccgatg gaacttcggg
   763621 ggaccgtgtg aagcgttcgc tgttcaattg tgcgcacccg tttcgccagc gctggtcgat
   763681 cggttgcctg gctgtcgcat tgtcgtgcgc ttcgctggcc gacgaggccc ctcccgccgc
   763741 ggcgggagcc gagccccagc gtctggtgga catcaacgag tacgtggtac gcggcaacac
   763801 cgtgctggac aaccgcgcca tcgaggcggc ggtgtatccc ttccttggac cgcagcgcag
   763861 cctgggcgac atcgaggggg cgcgcgatgc gctgcaggcc gcctaccagg agaagggcta
   763921 ccagtcggtc tacgtcgagc tgccggagca gcaggtgagc ggcggggtgg tctacctgca
   763981 ggtcaccgag accactgtcg gtcgcgttcg ggtggtcggc gccaagcact attcgccggt
   764041 ggagttgcgc gaggaagtgc cggccctgga ggagggcaag gtacccgact tcgcccaggt
   764101 tcagcgcgag ctggcgcagg tcaaccgcac ccccggccgc caggtgctgc cgatggtgcg
   764161 cgagggccag cggcccggca ccatggacgt cgacctgcag gtggaagaca agaatccctg
   764221 gcacgccagc atcggcctga acaacgacta cagcgccgac acccgtcact tgcgctcggt
   764281 ggtttcgctg ggctacgaca acctctggca actcggccac gccatctcgc tgacctattt
   764341 caccgcgccg caggaccagg acaacgccaa ggtctggtcc ggctcctaca ccgcgccgct
   764401 gagccagcgc tggagcgtgc agctgtccgg ctaccagtct gacagcgacg tggccacggt
   764461 gggcagcatg aatgtggtcg gccagggcca ttcctatggc gtcgcggcga tctacagcct
   764521 gccggtcacc ggcctctggt cgcactcgtt ctccttcggc gtcgacttca aggacttcga
   764581 ggaacagacc cggatcggcg gcaacaacga cagggtgccg atcaagtacg ccccgctgac
   764641 cctcggctac aacggcttcc gctacaccga acgttcccag ttggcccttg gcctgagcct
   764701 ggtggccggt accggcagtc tcctcggcta cggcgacgac gacgaggaat tcgaccgcaa
   764761 gcgttatcgc gccaagtccg gcttcggcgt gctcaagggc gatctcaacc acaccctgac
   764821 cttcggcggc gactggcagg tggcgaccaa ggcggccttc cagctcgcct ccgggccgct
   764881 gatttccaac gaacagttcg ccgccggcgg tgccaccagc gtgcgtggct acctggcggc
   764941 ggagaacacc gccgacgacg gctacctgct ctcccaggaa tggcgtacgc cgtccctcgg
   765001 acgcttcctc ggcaagcgcg ccggcggcta cgtcaacgac tggcgcttct acgtgttcgc
   765061 cgagggcgcg caactgcgcc tgcaggatgc gctgcccgag caggacgacg acttcagcct
   765121 ggccagcgtc ggcatcggca cccgcgcgca actcgccgac tggctgtccg gcagcctcga
   765181 ctgggccttc ccgctgctgg aagggacgaa caccgacaaa cacgactcgc gcctgcattt
   765241 cagcgtgcag gcgagcttct gacgctgacc ccggagtaat cccacatgta tcgcttattg
   765301 ctgacatcgc tgatctgcct gggcctgctg gccccggcca gcgccagtgc ctggtggcag
   765361 gacgactggc agtaccgcaa gcaggtctcg gtcgatacca ccccgcaagg tgcggcgatc
   765421 aacgacagtc tcggtcgcct gccgctgctg gtgcgcctgc ataccggcaa cttcaccttc
   765481 gacggggtca acgagaacgg ctcggacatc cgcttcgtcg ccgccgacga caagaccgta
   765541 ttgcgccacc aggtcgagag cttcgacccg ctgatgggca tggccctgat ctgggtcgac
   765601 gtgccgcggg tggagggtgg ccagcgccag gacatctgga tgtactacgg caacgccaag
   765661 gcgccggaga gcggcaacgg ccagtcggtg ttcgacccgg actacaccct ggtctatcac
   765721 ttcgacggtg cgccgggcac tccgccgcgg gattccactg cctacgccaa caatgcgcag
   765781 accgccgccg gcagtccggt ggagggcgtc atcggtcgct ccgcgcaact gctgggccag
   765841 ccgctgctgc tgccggccag cccatcgctg gcggtgagcg ccggtggcac cttcagcttc
   765901 agcggctggg tgcgtcccga ccaactggcc ggcgaacagg tcctgctgtc gcgccgcgaa
   765961 ggcggcaacg ccctgttggt cggcctggcc cagggcgcgc ccttcgtcga gctgaacggt
   766021 cagcgcgctg ccgccagcca ggccctggcg caggggcaat ggcagcacct ggcgctggtc
   766081 gccgacggta cccggctggc gctgtatctc ggcggtcgcg aagtcgccag cctggcggcg
   766141 gcgctgccgg cgttcagcgg cgcgatcgcc atcggcgcgg aaggccaggt cgcgcctgcg
   766201 gccgccaccg aggcggcaag cggggaaggt gaggcgagcg ccgcggcgcc gaccctgcaa
   766261 cccttccagg gcgccatcga cgagttgcgc ctgtcgaaga tcgcccgccc ggcggcgctg
   766321 ctcctcgccg atgccaccgc ccagggcgcc gagtcgcgcc tggtggccta cggggtcgac
   766381 gagaagcagt ccggcttcgg cttcggcaag ctcggcttcc tgctcaacgc agtgccgctg
   766441 gatgcctggg tgatcatcgc gatcctggcg ctgatgatgg tccagtcgtg ggtcatcatg
   766501 taccgcaaga accagaacgt cggccgcgtc agtcgtgcca acgggctgtt ccgcgagcgc
   766561 ttcgccgagg tcggcacgcg cctggaactg ctcgccgacg accgcgagct ggccgcccgc
   766621 ctgcaacact cctcgctgtg gcgcctgtac caggtggcag tgaaggagat ccgcacccgc
   766681 cgcgagcagg gcgccgacac ctcttccgtc tccgcggcca ccatcgaggc gatccgcgcc
   766741 tccatggacg gcgtgcgcac caaggagaac cagcagctcg gctcgcgcct gtcgagcctg
   766801 tccaacgcca tcgccggcgg cccctacatc ggcctgctcg gcaccgtgct ggggatcatg
   766861 gtggtgttcc tcggcaccgc catggccggc gacgtcaaca tcaatgccat cgccccgggc
   766921 atggccgccg ccctgctggc cacggccatg ggcctgttcg tcgcgatccc cgcgttgttc
   766981 ggctacaacc gcctggtcac gcggaacaag gaagtcagcg cggacatgcg ggtgttcgtc
   767041 gacgagttcg tcacccgcct cgccgaggtg catggcgaaa gccagctcag cgaagtggcc
   767101 catcgtcgca acggccagcc gttgccggcc tgaggagaac gccatggctt ccgtgaacag
   767161 cagccacgac gatgacgacg acggcgccgt cgacagcatc aacatcaccc cgctggtgga
   767221 cgtgctgatg gtggtgctgg tgatgttcat cctcaccgcc accgcccagg tcgccgggat
   767281 ccagatcaac ctgccgaagg ccagtgccac cgtggcgctg tcgcagccca agaccaaggc
   767341 gatctcggtg aacgacgccg gccaggtgtt cctcgacgcc tacccggtga ccctgcccga
   767401 gctggaggac cgcctgcgta cggagaaggc cctcaacccc gacttcccgg tagtggtccg
   767461 cggcgacgcc acggtgcagt accagaaggt catcgaggtc ctcgacctgc tgcgccgcct
   767521 ggagctgtcc caggtcggcc tggtcaccgg caaaccgacc tgaggcccgg gatgaacatg
   767581 tccgccgatc ccaagcacac ccccgagccg aaaaatgccg cgccgctgtc catcgacggc
   767641 cacccggcga acccgaccct gcgctacctc aagtggggcc tcggcgcgct gctgctcgcc
   767701 ggcctcgcct ggctggtctg ggagtgggcc aacgacatga gcggcgtgcg ccgcgaggcg
   767761 cccaaggtgc cggcgatcat cccgctgccg ccgccgccgc ctccgccgcc gccggaaaaa
   767821 ccgccggaac cggagcagcc ggtggaagag gaaaagatcg tcgagccgga accgcaaccc
   767881 gaactggagg aggtcaagcc gcaggaggaa gcgccgccgt cgccggccga cgacctggcc
   767941 gacccgatgc agatggatgg cgacgcccag tccggctccg acgctttcaa catcggcgcc
   768001 ggcaagggcg gcgggatggc cggttccggc ggcggtcgcg ccggcaacgc cagctatagc
   768061 cagtacctgg cctacgcctt ccagcgcctg ctgcgggaca acccggagct gcgcaacctg
   768121 gcgttccgcc tgcaggcgga gatctggctg agttcctcgg gggatatcac ccgggccgaa
   768181 ctgacccgct ccagcggcga ccccgagacc gaccagaagg tgctggccgc gctgcgcgcc
   768241 gccggccgcc tggaagaacg cccgccggct tcgctgaccc tgccggtgcg catcgccctg
   768301 cagggcaagc ggccgggatg agaagacgcc aacccagaac gatttccggc aggcgactgc
   768361 cttgaaggac cttaggagcc gtacacagat gaacgcgaaa gtgaaccgac tggcgctggg
   768421 gatgggcgtc atgctcgccg cgctggccgg ccaggcgcag gcccagccgc cggcgccctc
   768481 ggagaacgcc acgatcaacc tgatccgcct gctggtacag cagggcgtgt tgaagaagga
   768541 acaggccgat gcgctggtca ggcaggccga ggccgaggcg cagcaggccc agcaggcgcg
   768601 ccaggccgtg gcgcccgcgg cggccgttgc cgctgtcccc ggggaggtcc gcgtacccta
   768661 tatcccgcag gtggtgcgcg accagatccg cgacgaagtg aaggccgagg taatgaccca
   768721 ggccaaggcg gagaattggg cgcagcccaa cgccttcccg gactgggcct cgcgcatcag
   768781 cttcgacggc gacgtgcgct tgcgctacga gtcgcgctcc ttcggcaacg gcaacagcaa
   768841 ccagatcacc gacttcgccg aactcaacga cgacggtccc tatgacgtca acccgaatac
   768901 cagctcgggc ctgccgccgc tgctcaatac ccgcgaggac cgcgacagcc tgctgcgcct
   768961 gcgcgcgcgc ttcggcctca aggcggcgct gtcggaaagc tggagcgccg gcatccgcat
   769021 cggcaccggt tcggacaaca acccggtgtc gaccacccag accctcggcg gcggcttcgg
   769081 caagaaggac ctctggctcg accagggcta cctgacctgg aagcccagcg agcgcctgag
   769141 cctgaccggc gggcggatcg ccaatccgtt cctgtccacc gacctgctgt attccaacga
   769201 cctcaacttc gacggcgtgg cggcgatctt caaccagccg ctgagccgcg atgtcgcgct
   769261 gttcggcacg gtcggcgcgt tccccgtgga atacagctcg gacaccgcct cgtcgaacgg
   769321 cttcgacaag gaagacagcg acaacaagtg gctctacggc gcgcaactgg gcgccacctg
   769381 gaagatcaac ccgcagcaca gccttaccgg cgcgctggcc tactaccgct tcgacgatat
   769441 cgaagggcgg cgttccagcc cttgccggcc ctgggccgga gatccggagt gtgacaccga
   769501 cggcagccgt ccgaccttca tgcagaaggg caacacggtg ttcctcctgc gcgacatcgt
   769561 gcccaacccg gccgacccgg cgaacacgcc gaacccgcag tacgtcggcc tggcctcgga
   769621 gttcaatctg ctcgacctga acctcggctg ggatgccgag ctacccaacg acttcaagct
   769681 gcgggtggcc ggcaactacg tgcacaacct gggctacgac gagggcgaca tgcgcaagcg
   769741 cgccggcggt gtggcgcaga tcgccaacaa cctcggctcc gacggcgaca tcaagagcgg
   769801 ggcgaacgcc tggatgctcc agttcaccct gggcaacgcc ctggacatgc gcgacgccgg
   769861 cgactggcag gtcttcgccg cctacaagta catccagccg gatgccctgc cggacggttt
   769921 caacgattcc accttccacc ttggcgggac caacgccaag ggctacatcc tcggcgccag
   769981 ctatggcttc gacaagcgcg tctacggtac cgcgcgctgg ctcagctccg acgaggtcta
   770041 cggcgcaccg ttctccatcg acgtcctgca actcgaggtc aacacgcgct tctgagcgct
   770101 cctcgaggca gaccatgaag aggcagacca tgaacacgcg acctttctca ttaccgatct
   770161 gggcccaggc gctgctcgcc ggggccgcct tcgccgccta cgccagccag gcggcctacg
   770221 ccgacagcct ggaggaacgc ctgcgcgccc agttgcgcag caccacccag caactccagg
   770281 cgctgcagac cgaacaggcc caggccaccg cggcgaaagc cgcgctggaa agccagcgcg
   770341 atgcggcgct ggcccaggtc aagcaactga gcgccgagct ggcccgggcc aagggccagg
   770401 ccgagcagct ctcggcccag caacagggct tgcacgaccg ggcgcggcag atggtcgagg
   770461 cgagcaacga gcaactgggc aagtacaagc aggcctacga cgagttgctg gtcatggcgc
   770521 gagccaagga ggccgagcgg cagaagctcg acctggcgtt ccgcgagcac gaccagcagt
   770581 tgcagcagtg caccgcgaag aatcgggaga tgtatggcgt ggccaaggag atcctcggcg
   770641 cctacgagaa cgtcagcgtc gccgaggtga tgaagatccg ccaaccgttc gccagcggtg
   770701 cgcgggtgaa attcgaagag atggcgcaga agctcggcga cgacctctac aagacccagg
   770761 tcgagaaccg ccaggcggcg ctcgcccagt gaaatccgat agcaaaccag gaacccggac
   770821 atgaacgaca tcaccctgat cgaacacctt tccgtcgaca gcctgaccga ggccttgcag
   770881 gaggcaggct accgggtcaa ccgcagcgag cagaacggcg tcgtgcaact gctcagcgcc
   770941 agccagggaa tcggctacgc ggtgcgcttc ggcaatccgg cagcgacgcc ggcgagctac
   771001 ctcgacttca ccttcagctg cgccctgcgc gtgcagggcg agttgcccgc cgggctgacc
   771061 gagcgctgga atctcagccg gcgcttcggc cgcctgtcgc agcagggcga gttcctggtg
   771121 atggaaatgg acgtgatcgt cgccggcggc gtcagcccgg ccaacctgcg tagccatatc
   771181 gaactgtggg atcgcctgct gcaggagttc atcgcctatc tgcgcgacta cagccgcctg
   771241 gccgcggagc agcagggcat ggcgcaggat gccggtcaac ccgtcgatgg cgaggcctga
   771301 gccgatgcgg ccggcatttc gttgcggcgt cctggcgttc gcgcttgccg ttctcgccgg
   771361 ctgtggccag cgcgaggacg gcggcgcggg ccaggccccg gccgcgcttg ccaagccatc
   771421 tgccagcgcc gccgcggaac ccgcggtggc ccgcctcggc gccttgcagg tggcgccgga
   771481 cgaactgaag gcgctgctgg ccgaggtgcc ggcggaaacc cgcgcgcagt tgagcgagaa
   771541 ccgcgacgca ctggaacgct ggatgcgtgc gcggctcgcc gagaaggcgc tctacgaaca
   771601 ggccagcgcc caggactggc aacagcgtcc gcaggtgaag acgctgatcg atgcggcggc
   771661 gcggcagatc gtcctgcgta cctacctgga gtcggtgagc acggtgcccg aggactaccc
   771721 cagcgatgcc gaactgcagg ccgcctacca ggcgaacaag gcgcaactgg ctgtaccggc
   771781 gctgtaccgg gtcagccaga tcttcatcgc cgcctctgcg gccggcgggc ttgccgaagc
   771841 gcgcaagcgc gcccaggaac tctaccggca ggccgcggac ggcgacttcg ccgaactggc
   771901 gcgcaagcat tccgacgacc cgcagaccgc ccgcaacggc ggcgacatcg gtgggttgct
   771961 ggcgcaggcg caactgctgc cggcgatccg tccggcgctg gaacggctga aggtcggcgc
   772021 ggtgtccgag ccgatccagg gcgccaacgg tttccacctg gtcaagctga ctgagcgtcg
   772081 cgacgcccgc ctcgccaccc tcgacgaggt ccgtggtcgc ctgcgcgaaa gcctgcgcgc
   772141 gcaacgccag gagcagatag ccaaggccta cctggatggc ctggtgaaca acgctaccct
   772201 gagcatcgac ggcgcgttgc tcggcaagac cctggcggaa ctgcactgat ggacggcatc
   772261 ccggaggcca ggcgtgggcc gcgcgcgagc cgctggcggc acctgcgcag ctggctgttc
   772321 ggcgagcccg agcggttctg cgacgaacgc cagcggctct ggggcgccta tgccgcatgg
   772381 ctcggcgagc aggtccagca gcgcctggga gaagacgccg aaaccgcgcc gcggctgctg
   772441 gccttcctgg agtcgcggcg cgcggcgggg cagttgccga ataccgacat cgacctgcgg
   772501 gtctggctcg acgaacgcgg ctggatcgtc cgtctcgcct gcctgcgcag cgacgccgag
   772561 ccgatcgaga atgaactgcg gcgcgcgctg atggaccgtt cgttgcgcct gccgccgccg
   772621 gaacacatgc cgcagccgat cgaactgcgg attcgcctca tgcctggacg ctagcgagga
   772681 agcatggccc tatcggagtc cgccgggcag cgcccggcac tgctcaggcc cgcgcaggga
   772741 cgcgacgacc gtgcctattg gcacgagctg ttcggttctc tggaggtggt gcatttcttc
   772801 ctggtcaccg cccgttgcgg ctgtttcatg caggctgcgc gcagcctgga cgtcaagccg
   772861 acgctgctgc gcaagaccct ggcccggctc gaggagcgcc tcggcctgca tctgttcgtg
   772921 catgagggca acgccctctc gctgacccgc gagggccgca tcgtccaggc cgccgggcag
   772981 cgcctggtcg aggacagcca gagccacgcc gatcttcacc ggcaacagcc gctggtgcgc
   773041 ctggcggtgg ccgaaagcgt cctgcacgat gtgctcagtc gcgagctgtg gggctacctg
   773101 cgcaagaacg ccaacctgcg cgtagccctc gccgagttgc gcgagggctg gccggaaagc
   773161 gcagggccgg cggagatcgc catctggatc gccgatccgg ggcagccgca tccggcgatg
   773221 gaaggccact tcgccgcacc ggcgcgcatc gccgagctgg agtaccagcc gcacatcggc
   773281 aagcgctatt cgcgcgagcg cacgcggccg gccagcgagg acgagctgga cgactacctg
   773341 ctggcgcagc tccatggtca cgccgccagc gccgccctgg cgccctggaa ccggcgggtg
   773401 gcggctcgcc agtcgggagt gatcgaggtg cagagccacg acctgctgct acaggcgatc
   773461 ctctggggcg cctgcatcgg cctgctgccg cattacgccg gacgcctgga gcgcaacctg
   773521 gcggcgttgc cgcaggtctt cgacgagccg atgcggcggg aagtctggat gagcgtgcag
   773581 ccggaagcgg agaaccgcgt ggaggtgcgt gccttgctcg atctgatcga gcacgccttc
   773641 gacgaccggc gcgactggtt cggacgctga ccttgcgggc ttgacggcgg ccgccatagc
   773701 cgacaccgtt tcgccacgga acggctgacg gaaggtacgc gatgacggag cggcattggc
   773761 agggcgaggt ctggctggcg cgggaccacg cgctgttcgc cggggtcaac ggcgatactc
   773821 gcgagcacgc gcactatgcc caccagttgc tgctggcgga gacgccgctg cgggtgcgcg
   773881 tcgctggcca ggtactggag gcccggcgct tgctggtgcc ctcgctgcaa gcccattgcg
   773941 tcgaagcgtc gcagccgttg ctggcgctgt acgccgagcc gctggcgttc gacagcgacg
   774001 acctgcgtca gcttctcgag gacgctcccg gcgagcccga ggcgttgctg gggcggcttg
   774061 cgcggctgcc tcgtcgacgg ctcgaccgcc gcgtcgaaaa ggccctggcg gcgctcgacg
   774121 agcaactcgc ggcgcgggtc gaggcggaaa gactggcgcg cagcgccagt ctttcgctga
   774181 gccaactgga gcggctgttc gccgtccagg tcggcctgtc ggtgcgccgc ctggtgctct
   774241 ggcgccgcct gtacctggcc ttcgccctgg ccttgcaggg gcgcagcctg accgaggcgg
   774301 cccatcacgc cggcttcgcc gacgccgcgc acctgtcgcg cagcgtacgc agcctgctcg
   774361 gtatccgcgc cggcctgtcg ctgccgcacc tacgcctggc cggctgaacg ccccaatcct
   774421 tccggcggct gtgggacgtg cctgctgcgt ggcaggtcgc ggaatggcgc gagcaactgg
   774481 ccggcatagt cgcggggata gtcaggctgg tcgccgatgc ccatgtcggt gctgtccagg
   774541 cggtagtcgg gacgatggag ggcggtgccg agcaggcggt cccagacgct gaagaacagc
   774601 gcgaagttga cgtcgccggc gcgcccatag cggatgtggt gcaggcgatg cagcggtgcc
   774661 caggcgaaca catggcgtaa cccgccgatg cgcatgtcga cgttgctgtg ttgcagcagc
   774721 aactggatgc cgatggcgaa ggcgagcagc gcggcgaccg tctgcggcac gccgagcagc
   774781 aacagcggca gggtgccgcc gagcgcttcc aggcccaggt gcaggggatg cttcatcagc
   774841 ccgttgaaac cgtacaggcg ctgcacgcta tggtgcaccg cgtgcagccg ccaaagcagc
   774901 gccgaacggt ggctggcgta gtgcaccagg gtgatgccga gatcggccag gacgatcgcc
   774961 agcagcagtt gcagccacag cggccaggcc tgcggccata ccggccagaa gcccaggact
   775021 ccggccagca gtggcagggc gaggatgcca agtgcgttca ggctttcgtt gaccgacgcg
   775081 tgcaggacat cgcgcaggcg gtcggcgtgc ggccggttcc agcgtggctg gtagggcagt
   775141 cgtcgttcgg cgagaaagga caggccgagc gccccgagga acagggcgac cagccaggcg
   775201 tgggaagcct ggcgatagcc gacctgccag gtcgccaggc cgatgaagcc ggaccagaag
   775261 aggggcgcgt aggcgtagcg caggaagaac tgcatggtgg gacctccgga tgaatgaggt
   775321 ccccagcgtc gcccgcgaca ggccggcggc gcttgaacga accgcgcaag ttctcagtcg
   775381 cgcagcacca gcggcgcgcc ttccatgtcc ccgcgacccg gccaggtctc gcgggccagc
   775441 caggccccaa ccaggcagac caggttggcc agcagcaggt agcccagcgg cgacagcgga
   775501 ttgccggtga cgccgatcag ccaggtcacc acgatctgcg cggtgccgcc gaacgcggcg
   775561 acgccggtcg catagaccag ggaaaaaccg gtggagcgca gcgcccgggg gaagctttct
   775621 accagcagca cgatcagcgc cgcgccgctc atgccatgca gggccgagag cagggcgagg
   775681 acggcgagga agactgccgg ctcggggtga cgggtcattg cctgcagtgc cgggaacagc
   775741 accgcgagca gcgccaggcg cggcaggatc agcacggcgc ggcgcccgta gcggtcgcag
   775801 agcacgccgc cgagcaacgc cgagagcgcc agtgcggcgc cggcgaccag cgtcgagagc
   775861 atcgcgatgc ccgccggcag gtgtagctcg gtaagggcga aggtggtcat gtagttgagg
   775921 aagtactggg tgatggtgct tccggagagg atcagcaggc cgagcagcag ggcccgccga
   775981 tgattgccga acaactcgcc gagcaggttc cgggtgctgg cctggcggcc gcgtccggaa
   776041 aaggtctcgg ccaggttgag gcggatgtac aggccgatcg gcaggaccag caggccggcc
   776101 gcgaagggaa tccgccagcc ccattcctgc agttggcgtt cgtcgagcca gagggtgagc
   776161 aggtagccca tcagcccggc ggcgaccgcc gcgatgcctt gcgccacgac ctgccagcag
   776221 gcgtaggtgc cgcgcttgtg cggcggtgcc gcctcgagga tgtaggtggt cgccggcccg
   776281 gcctcgccgc cccaggccag gccttgcagc aggcgggtca gcaccagcag cagcggcgcg
   776341 gccgggccga tgctgtcgta gccggggagc accgcgatgc cgccggtgcc cagcgccatc
   776401 aggaacaggg taaggagcat cgccggcttg cgcccggcgc ggtcggcgta ggcgccgata
   776461 aggaccgcgc cgagggggcg gatgacgaag ccgacgccga acgcggtgac cgacaggagc
   776521 aggctgacga aggcgctgtc ggaggggaag aaagtccgtc cgatcatcac cgcgaaggtg
   776581 gcatagaccc cgaagtcgaa gaattccacg gcgttgccga ggaccacggc aaagacgctg
   776641 cggcggctgg ccggatcggc ggccgccggg ggacgggtgg gggagcgcat ggcgaaggcc
   776701 ctctcggagt gacgactgaa acactcaggc ctggagccga gcgacgagcg gctgccggct
   776761 tcagtcagcc ggcggccgtg gccagccgtg gatcggaccg cgccagcctt cgtaggtctt
   776821 gccgatgcgc aacagccagg tatcggcgaa gcgcggcgcg accagttgca ggccgatcgg
   776881 catgccggcg gccgtgaagc cgcagtttat cgagagcgcg ggctgttcgc ccatattcca
   776941 cggcacggtg aagacgatgt gctcgaatgg tcgctgcggg tcgttcagcg gcgaggccca
   777001 gtcggcgggg aaggcctcga cctggttggt cggcgtcagc agcaggtcga tctcgccgaa
   777061 cagccgggcg gcgcgccggc gcatctcgaa ggtctggttg aaaccgcgca ccgcatcgac
   777121 cccgctgacc cgtgcgccgc cctcggccca ggcgtggaca tagggcagca ccctggcccg
   777181 ccgcgtctcg tcgaggagca gcagttcgct ccacaggcgg gcgcgccaga agtcgttcag
   777241 gccgtcgagc aggctccggt ccatcagcgg ttcgacgatc ctgagctggg cgccgtgctc
   777301 ctcgaacagc cgcgccgcgg cctcgatcgc ggcgcggatt tccgcgtcgg gctgcaggcc
   777361 gcagccgggg tcgagttgca ggccgaccct caggccgcgc accgacagcg gctcggcgct
   777421 ccagtccagc acttccggcg gcaggctggt ggcgtcgcgg gcgtcgggct gcgcgaggta
   777481 gcgcatcagc agcaggcagt cgtccatgca gcgggtcatc ggaccggcgc agcgaccggt
   777541 gtagtaaggg tcgatgggga tccgcccgag gcttggcttg aagcccacca ggccgcacca
   777601 gcccgccggc agtcgcaccg agccgccgat gtcggtgccc aggtgcagcg gtccgtagcc
   777661 ggcggcggcc gccgctgccg cgcccgaact ggagccgccg gtattgttgg ccaggttcca
   777721 gggattgcgg gtgactccgt ggaagctgga gaggccggat gaaagcatgc cgaagtctgg
   777781 aaccgtagtc ttggccagga cgatcgcgcc ggcttcgcgc agccgagcgg ccggcggcgc
   777841 gtcgcagggc gcgggttgca gggcggtggc ggcgctgccc aatgggatag gttcgccagc
   777901 ggtggcgatc agctccttga tggttaccgg cagcccgtcc agcgggcctt tgggctgtcc
   777961 cttgcgccag cgctcggtgg ccgccgcggc ctgttcgcga acccgttgcg ggtcgaagcg
   778021 atacagcgcg ttgagatgcg gttcccagcg ctggatgtgg gccagcagat gctcgtagta
   778081 ctcgccaggc gagagttccc ggcgggcgaa cagtgccagc aggcgggttc ccgggaggtc
   778141 gtgcagcgcg gtcattcaag ctccctcgaa gaacggccgc gggcgtcaag cgaccggcct
   778201 acccgttgtc gggcggcgat tcgaaaccaa ggtgtatcgg ggaggtatag cccatgaccg
   778261 gcgaccttgg agtccgcggg gctcaggtgg tctcgtgatg gagaaggaag cgcttcaacc
   778321 ggcggaaggt ggtgcggttc cactgccgca gcggcagcga gcggagcagt tgccaggcat
   778381 gccgcttgtc cgcgaccacg gcgtatttca gggccttgtt gaccagctcc gtgcggccgc
   778441 gctcgtaggc tggatgcgac tggtagggcg cgatggtgcg caggtcggca tcgagcagca
   778501 ccttgtagcg ccgcgacagg ttgtcggggt ggcgccggta gcgggtgacc agcaccggca
   778561 gcttgtggat ctggtagccc tggctggcga tacgcagggt catctggaag tcctgcacct
   778621 tgatctcggg atcgtagaag ccggcggcgc gcagggcctc catgcggtac agggacaccg
   778681 gggcgccgca gacgtaggcg ttgccaagca ggtagtcgaa gtccagctgg cggatgcgat
   778741 tgccgttctg ccgcttggtt tcctggcctt cgctgtcgat gtagatcacc agggcgccga
   778801 cgcagccgac ttccgggtgc tggtcgaggt acgcggcgcg cacgctcaac gagtgcggca
   778861 gcatgatgtc gtccaggtcc ggcgtggcta cgtagtcgcc gcgggcgtgt tgcagaccga
   778921 agttcagcgc tgcgctgacg ccctggttct gctggcggta gagctggaaa ccgtggactt
   778981 tctgcaactg ctccagcatg gcgtagctgt tgtcggtgga accgtcgtcg acgatgatca
   779041 cttcgaaatt cgggtagtcc tgctcgtaga tgctgcgcag ggcttcttcc aggtactttt
   779101 ccgcgttgaa gcagggcgct acgacggata ccagcggggc gtccgtcgtg cctgagtgct
   779161 tgctggaagt ggcttcttca atcatgtgtc gttcttgtca ctcgtcttgc ccggtagccg
   779221 ttccaggggg ccgtcggtca tgaagtcctg cgatcgttcc ggcgatcggt gctcggcgcg
   779281 ggctgtcgga aacacagcgt ttcgctccgc cgctacggtc gctggagtgg ctctggcacg
   779341 catgcctgga tggccaggca tcgcgacagt ataccgtcgg aagcatagag ggtaggccat
   779401 cgggcccgag aaaaatcctc gacctccttc gtccaaccgt caggccgtgg catggcgctg
   779461 tttccagtgc cggtacaagg cggggatatc cccagtacac agcagtggca tggctgcctc
   779521 gatatcggcc agtggccagt cccaccaggc catttccagc aggttctgga tatcgccatc
   779581 ggaaaagcgc ttacgaatgg tccgggccgg gttaccgccg acgatggcat agggctcgat
   779641 atcgccggtc accagcgcgc ggctgccgat gatggctccg tggccgaccc gtacgccggg
   779701 catgaacatc gcctcggtac cgatccagac gtcatggccg atcagcgtgt cgccggctgg
   779761 ctgatagccg ttcacggcgc cggcgaagac aggctcttcg tgcatgaagt ggaaggggaa
   779821 ggtcgacgcc cattcggcgc ggtgtccctg gttgccggcc atgatgaagg cggcgccact
   779881 gccgatcgag cagaaactgc cgatgaccag cttgtccacg tcgtcgcggt ccggcatcag
   779941 gtagcgggcg cagtcgtcga aggaatgccc gtgatagtag ccggagtagt agctgtagcg
   780001 ccccacccgt atgttcgggt tgctgacctg ttccgagagc agcttgcccc tgaaggggct
   780061 ctcgaaatag ttgcccatga ccgtcgtccc tgtccgtcga aaccgccaag ggtagcgcct
   780121 ggtgggatag cgggccagcc tggcgtgacg gctggcagcc gcgtcggcgt tcagcaggcc
   780181 ggagtgctga acggccaggc ctggaaaggc tccgaatagt gcctgccgtg acggaaggcg
   780241 aaggggagtg cgttggcttg ttggtgcagt tcctcattgt cgacgttgag gcaaagcatc
   780301 tggatgtcct gtgccaccaa cagccggttc aggtactcga tgctcttgcg ctggcgcagg
   780361 ttacgcgtca gcgggccggg ggcaagcagg cgcgcgtcca ggcccaggta atcgcagagg
   780421 ccggcgtcga cctcggcgaa gcactggcga gcgtcggtat cgatgcgttg cgggtgcagc
   780481 gcgatgcgca cgccgctgtc gcgtagccgg gcgagggacg ccaggtactc cgccgaggcg
   780541 ggttcctgct cgtcgatggc cagcagcagg cagagttcga cctggtgctg ctgcaattgc
   780601 ctggccgagg ccaggatccg ctcgcagacc ccggcgttgc ccaggctgct ggcatgcagg
   780661 ggaatgaagt tcttgccgag cagttcgagg tcggtgttgt gccggtgcac gcacaggagg
   780721 cgtgccagca ggtgcttgac cgccgcctcg gcaagcagcg gcggtgcgcc ggaaaggaag
   780781 gccgacaggt cgacgcgctg gcgccgttcg cgcagggaga gcttgctgcc gaccaacgcg
   780841 ccgttcctcg catagatgcc atgggcgaag agctcgaatc cgtcgttcgc atcacggttg
   780901 ccgaggcaga gccatttcaa tggcgggggc gttctgtctg tcgcagtcat aagtgatggc
   780961 tctatgggca aatctcgcca aggcgctcgg gcatggagcc cgcacgcagg gttgaggggt
   781021 atctagcgga gacgacccta cctcccacga atcaaggtct ttcgtcggaa aacccagggg
   781081 gcaggtaggg gatcggctcg gcaatcggtc gccgagggta cttccggtgt cgccgccagg
   781141 cctggttggt ggcggctttt tctctggtct gtgcagtggt tccgctgtta ccgatttttc
   781201 cgagtgcgtt tgtgttgcgg catcgatcat tggcgtcagt cggcgccgat gctgtcgatg
   781261 aagccctgga tcagcggcga ggcttgctgt ttgcgccaga cgaaatggat atcgctggag
   781321 tccaggccgg ctaccggttc ggcatggaaa ccccgtcgcg cggagggcat gcgtgcaacg
   781381 aagctctccg gcacgcaggc gaagccgaga ccggcctcga tgcaggcgaa gaggctcggg
   781441 taggactcga tttccagggt tgcacgcggc tggataccgc tttccgccag ccagcggtcg
   781501 acctggcggc ggtagtggca agtgtggccg aacacataga gttcgaggct ggcgaggtcc
   781561 tcgggagtgg gtgccggcag gtcggcggga gtgacccgca acaggcgctc gcggaaggcc
   781621 aggcggctgg ccagcaacgg gtgttcgatg gggccgtcgg tgacgatcag gtccagctct
   781681 ccctccatca gcaggcgctc gagcagcagc gaatgctccg ggcggatgtg cagttcaacg
   781741 cccggcgact cgcggcggta gcgggccagg cgctggggca gatgattggc cagggccacg
   781801 tccagtgcgc cgacccgtag cgcgccgtgc gcctggtcgc cggcgaacag cgcagcggtc
   781861 tcgtcggcca gcgccagcag gcgcgtggcg tggcggtaca gcaggcggcc ctcgggggtg
   781921 accagcaggc gattcctttc gcgattgaac agggctacgc cgagttgtcc ttcgagttcg
   781981 cgcaagcggg tagtgatgtt cgacggcacg caatgcaact gttcggccgc ggctgcgatg
   782041 gtgccgcgtt cgaccaccgc gcagaagaat ccgagttggg agagtttcac ataattctct
   782101 ttaagtgagt gctttgctaa ttattgatta cttttaatga gtgaaaggcc accctagcat
   782161 ggacctcgcg atcgcttcca accccatttc acgaggaaag attccatgac ctaccacgta
   782221 ctggttcagt tcgacgttcc ctccgacaag cgcgaagcgt tcgccgcggc aggcctgttc
   782281 gatgccaatg gctcgttgca gaatgaaccg ggcaccctgc gcttcgaggt gatccgcgac
   782341 gagaacaacc gcaaccgctt ctacctcgac gaggtgtacg aagacgaggc ggcgttcctc
   782401 cagcattgcc gcaacgaaac catcgcgcgc ttctatgaac tgatcgacag ctatgccttc
   782461 ggtccgcttt tcctgttcaa gggctaccgc gtcgagggtt gattcccgct ccggcggctc
   782521 gccgccggat tccacggaga atttccatgc gaatcctgca cagcatgctc cgcgtggccg
   782581 atctcgaggc cgcgctggag ttctacaccc gcgccctgga catgcgcctg ctgcggcgcc
   782641 gggactatcc cgaaggccgc ttcaccctgg ccttcgtcgg ctaccaggac gagcgcgcgg
   782701 ccgctgccct ggagttgacc cacaactggg accgggacgg ctacacccag ggcgacggct
   782761 acggccacct ggccatcgag gtcgaggatg ccgccgtcac ctgcgcccgg gccagggcgc
   782821 tgggctatcg ggtcacccgc gaggccgggc tgatgcagca cggacgcagc gtgatcgcct
   782881 tcctcgaaga cccggacggc tacaaggtgg aactgatcca gaagggcacc cagttcgatt
   782941 gagcccgcga ccagggggcg acatagcggc tgctgtcgtt ccggctcagc cgctggcgtc
   783001 gaatgcggcg tggaaggcca ctattccttg cgccatgcgc ccgctgaagg actgtgcctg
   783061 gaagtattcg gcgggaactc cgggcaacgc caggccgctt tccacccgaa agccgaagcg
   783121 cgagtagtag gtcggttcgc ccagtaccac gcagccaccc gcgggcagca gtcgcagctc
   783181 ggtgagcagg cgccggacca actgcgaacc gagaccctgg cgctgtcgcc cgggcgccac
   783241 cgatagcggc gcgaggccgt accagtcgcc cgcttcgcca tcgatggtca ctggcgaggc
   783301 tgcgatatgg ccgatcacct ggccattcgc ttcggccacc agcgaaagcg tcagcgcgcc
   783361 agcacggcgc agggcatcga cgatgtactg ctcggtatgg ctgctgtgcg tttcgttgcg
   783421 gaacgcggct tcggtcaggt gggcgatggc gtcgatgtcg ccgggcgtct ccgcacggat
   783481 ggaaatattc atgcaagcac tcctcggaac ccccccttgt cccggcgggg gcaatggaaa
   783541 aggaaggggg tcagcgattg tccgcctgcg ggcgcacggc tttcagcccg gccatggata
   783601 tccggtaggg cctgccctgg cgggagtgga ccaggccctt gttcttcagc ctggagaaca
   783661 ccgccagggt gcagtcgagc agcaggtggc cgtcgcggtt gtagcactcg acgcgggtga
   783721 tcttgcc