LOCUS       CP047069             6129812 bp    DNA     circular BCT 26-DEC-2019
DEFINITION  Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain Environ_1 chromosome.
VERSION     CP047069.1
DBLINK      BioProject: PRJNA595961
            BioSample: SAMN13577967
SOURCE      Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  ORGANISM  Pseudomonas aeruginosa
            Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Pseudomonadales;
            Pseudomonadaceae; Pseudomonas.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 6129812)
  AUTHORS   Csorgo,B.
  TITLE     A minimal CRISPR-Cas3 system for genome engineering
  JOURNAL   Unpublished
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 6129812)
  AUTHORS   Csorgo,B.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (17-DEC-2019) Microbiology and Immunology, UCSF, 600 16th
            Street, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA
COMMENT     ##Genome-Assembly-Data-START##
            Assembly Method           :: Geneious Read Mapper v. 2019.1.3
            Genome Representation     :: Full
            Expected Final Version    :: Yes
            Reference-guided Assembly :: NC_002516
            Genome Coverage           :: 112x
            Sequencing Technology     :: Illumina MiSeq
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..6129812
                     /organism="Pseudomonas aeruginosa"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /note="derived from Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1"
     assembly_gap    42908..43176
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    52959..52986
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    66788..67400
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    226968..232420
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    232571..232677
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    232828..233408
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    292357..292373
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    496261..497622
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1316106..1316115
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1455465..1456548
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1464783..1465811
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1593988..1594000
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    1935516..1936653
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2037213..2038501
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2223557..2225303
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2225572..2225752
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2343462..2346174
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2346847..2348002
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2348870..2349297
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2402756..2402777
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2483663..2485014
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2485291..2485337
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2624677..2626010
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2684587..2687799
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2687995..2688083
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2691419..2697865
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2700484..2700614
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    2963761..2964993
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3048474..3048493
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3759067..3759115
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3784602..3784682
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3786693..3791657
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    3798794..3815140
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4349530..4350779
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4562601..4564403
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4564554..4564729
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4564880..4565900
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4566051..4566155
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4567663..4577479
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4577630..4578154
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4578305..4581496
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4581678..4582312
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4582487..4582513
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4588171..4588228
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4588379..4591449
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4591661..4592003
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4592154..4592308
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4592459..4594140
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4594271..4599742
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    4655154..4655186
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5134278..5134324
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5248428..5249660
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5853724..5853864
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
     assembly_gap    5909277..5909324
                     /gap_type="within scaffold"
BASE COUNT      1011608 a      2035852 c      2001752 g       994943 t
        1 tttaaagaga ccggcgattc tagtgaaatc gaacgggcag gtcaatttcc aaccagcgat
       61 gacgtaatag atagatacaa ggaagtcatt tttcttttaa aggatagaaa cggttaatgc
      121 tcttgggacg gcgcttttct gtgcataact cgatgaagcc cagcaattgc gtgtttctcc
      181 ggcaggcaaa aggttgtcga gaaccggtgt cgaggctgtt tccttcctga gcgaagcctg
      241 gggatgaacg agatggttat ccacagcggt tttttccaca cggctgtgcg cagggatgta
      301 cccccttcaa agcaagggtt atccacaaag tccaggacga ccgtccgtcg gcctgcctgc
      361 ttttattaag gtcttgattt gcttggggcc tcagcgcatc ggcatgtgga taagtccggc
      421 ccgtccggct acaataggcg cttatttcgt tgtgccgcct ttccaatctt tgggggatat
      481 ccgtgtccgt ggaactttgg cagcagtgcg tggatcttct ccgcgatgag ctgccgtccc
      541 aacaattcaa cacctggatc cgtcccttgc aggtcgaagc cgaaggcgac gaattgcgtg
      601 tgtatgcacc caaccgtttc gtcctcgatt gggtgaacga gaaatacctc ggtcggcttc
      661 tggaactgct cggtgaacgc ggcgagggtc agttgcccgc cctttcctta ttaataggca
      721 gcaagcgtag ccgtacgccg cgcgccgcca tcgtcccatc gcagacccac gtggctcccc
      781 cgcctccggt tgctccgccg ccggcgccag tgcagccggt atcggccgcg cccgtggtgg
      841 tgccacgtga agagctgccg ccagtgacga cggctcccag cgtgtcgagc gacccctacg
      901 agccggaaga gcccagcatc gatccgctgg ccgccgccat gccggccgga gcagcgcctg
      961 cggtacgcac cgagcgcaac gtccaggtcg aaggcgcgct gaagcacacc agctatctca
     1021 accgtacctt caccttcgag aacttcgtcg agggcaagtc caaccagttg gcccgcgccg
     1081 ccgcctggca ggtggcggac aacctcaagc acggctacaa cccgctgttc ctctacggtg
     1141 gcgtcggcct gggcaagacc cacctgatgc atgcggtggg caaccacctg ctgaagaaga
     1201 acccgaacgc caaggtggtc tacctgcatt cggaacgttt cgtcgcggac atggtgaagg
     1261 ccttgcagct caacgccatc aacgaattca agcgcttcta ccgctcggtg gacgcactgt
     1321 tgatcgacga catccagttc ttcgcccgta aggagcgctc ccaggaggag ttcttccaca
     1381 ccttcaacgc ccttctcgaa ggcggccagc aggtgatcct caccagcgac cgctatccga
     1441 aggaaatcga aggcctggaa gagcggctga agtcccgctt cggctggggc ctgacggtgg
     1501 ccgtcgagcc gccggaactg gaaacccggg tggcgatcct gatgaagaag gccgagcagg
     1561 cgaagatcga gctgccgcac gatgcggcct tcttcatcgc ccagcgcatc cgttccaacg
     1621 tgcgtgaact ggaaggtgcg ctgaagcggg tgatcgccca ctcgcacttc atgggccggc
     1681 cgatcaccat cgagctgatt cgcgagtcgc tgaaggacct gttggccctt caggacaagc
     1741 tggtcagcat cgacaacatc cagcgcaccg tcgccgagta ctacaagatc aagatatccg
     1801 atctgttgtc caagcggcgt tcgcgctcgg tggcgcgccc gcgccaggtg gccatggcgc
     1861 tctccaagga gctgaccaac cacagcctgc cggagatcgg cgtggccttc ggcggtcggg
     1921 atcacaccac ggtgttgcac gcctgtcgta agatcgctca acttagggaa tccgacgcgg
     1981 atatccgcga ggactacaag aacctgctgc gtaccctgac aacctgacgc agcccacgag
     2041 gcaagggact agaccatgca tttcaccatt caacgcgaag ccctgttgaa accgctgcaa
     2101 ctggtcgccg gcgtcgtgga acgccgccag acattgccgg ttctctccaa cgtcctgctg
     2161 gtggtcgaag gccagcaact gtcgctgacc ggcaccgacc tcgaagtcga gctggttggt
     2221 cgcgtggtac tggaagatgc cgccgaaccc ggcgagatca ccgtaccggc gcgcaagctg
     2281 atggacatct gcaagagcct gccgaacgac gtgctgatcg acatccgtgt cgaagagcag
     2341 aaacttctgg tgaaggccgg gcgtagccgc ttcaccctgt ccaccctgcc ggccaacgat
     2401 ttccccaccg tagaggaagg tcccggctcg ctgaacttca gcattgccca gagcaagctg
     2461 cgtcgcctga tcgaccgcac cagcttcgcc atggcccagc aggacgtgcg ttactacctc
     2521 aacggcatgc tgctggaagt gaacggcggc accctgcgct ccgtcgccac cgacggtcac
     2581 cgactggcca tgtgctcgct ggatgcgcag atcccgtcgc aggaccgcca ccaggtgatc
     2641 gtgccgcgca aaggcatcct cgaactggct cgtctgctca ccgagcagga cggcgaagtc
     2701 ggcatcgtcc tgggccagca ccatatccgt gccaccactg gcgaattcac cttcacttcg
     2761 aagctggtgg acggcaagtt cccggactac gagcgtgtac tgccgcgcgg tggcgacaag
     2821 ctggtggtcg gtgaccgcca gcaactgcgc gaagccttca gccgcaccgc gatcctctcc
     2881 aacgagaagt accgcggcat tcgcctgcag ctttccaacg gtttgctgaa aatccaggcg
     2941 aacaacccgg agcaggaaga ggccgaggaa gaagtgcagg tcgagtacaa cggcggcaac
     3001 ctggagatcg gcttcaacgt cagttacctg ctcgacgtgc tgggtgtgat cggtaccgag
     3061 caggtccgct tcatcctttc cgattccaac agcagcgccc tggtccacga ggccgacaat
     3121 gacgattctg cctatgtcgt catgccgatg cgcctctaat cacactgaat gtccctgacc
     3181 cgcgtttcgg tcaccgcggt gcgcaacctg cacccggtga ccctctcccc ctctccccgc
     3241 atcaacatcc tctacggcga taatggcagc ggcaagacca gcgtgctcga agccatccac
     3301 ctgctaggcc tggcgcgttc attccgcagt gcgcgcttgc agccggtgat ccagtatgag
     3361 gaagcggcct gcaccgtatt cggccaggtg atgttggcca acggcattgc cagcaacctg
     3421 gggatttccc gtgagcgcca gggcgagttc accattcgca tcgatgggca gaacgcccga
     3481 agtgcggctc aattagcgga aactcttcca ctgcaactga tcaacccgga cagctttcgg
     3541 ttgctcgagg gagcgccgaa gatccgccga cagttcctcg attggggagt gttccacgtg
     3601 gaacctcggt ttctgcccgt ctggcagcgc ctgcagaagg cgctgcgcca gcggaactcc
     3661 tggctccggc atggtaaact ggatcccgcg tcgcaagcgg cctgggaccg ggaattgagc
     3721 ctggccagcg atgagatcga tgcctaccgc agaagctata tccaggcgtt gaaaccggta
     3781 ttcgaggaaa ccctcgccga attggtttca ctggatgacc tgacccttag ctactaccga
     3841 ggctgggaca aggaccggga cctcctggag gtcctggctt ccagcctgtt acgcgaccag
     3901 cagatgggcc acacccaggc gggaccgcag cgtgcggatc ttcgcatacg gttggcaggt
     3961 cataacgccg cggagattct ctcgcgcggt cagcagaagc tggtggtatg cgccctgcgc
     4021 atcgcccaag gccatctgat caatcgcgcc aagcgcggac agtgcgtcta cctggtggac
     4081 gacctgccct cggaactgga tgagcagcat cgaatggctc tttgccgctt gcttgaagat
     4141 ttgggttgcc aggtattcat cacctgcgtg gacccgcaac tattgaaaga cggctggcgc
     4201 acggatacgc cggtatccat gttccacgtg gaacatggaa aagtctctca gaccacgacc
     4261 atcgggagtg aagcatgagc gagaacaaca cgtacgactc ttccagcatc aaggtgctga
     4321 aggggctgga tgccgtacgc aagcgccccg gcatgtacat cggcgacacc gacgatggca
     4381 ccggtctgca ccacatggtg ttcgaggtgg tggataactc catcgacgaa gcgctggccg
     4441 gttactgcag cgaaatcagc atcaccatcc atacggatga gtcgatcact gtccgcgaca
     4501 atggacgcgg tattccggtg gatatccaca aggaagaagg ggtttctgcg gcggaagtga
     4561 tcatgaccgt cctccacgcc ggcggcaagt tcgacgacaa cacctacaag gtgtccggcg
     4621 gcttgcacgg tgtgggcgtc tcggtggtga acgcgctgtc ccatgaacta cgcctgacca
     4681 tccgtcgcca caacaaggtc tgggaacagg tctaccacca cggcgttccg cagttcccac
     4741 tgcgcgaagt gggcgagacc gatggctccg gtaccgaagt tcacttcaag ccgtccccgg
     4801 agaccttcag caacatccac ttcagttggg acatcctggc caagcgcatc cgcgagctgt
     4861 ccttcctcaa ctccggcgtc ggcatcctgc tgcgcgacga gcgtaccggc aaggaggagc
     4921 tgttcaagta cgaaggcggt ctgaaggcct tcgtcgagta cctgaacacc aacaagaccg
     4981 cggtgaacga ggtattccac ttcaacgtcc agcgtgaaga ggacggcgtg ggtgtggaag
     5041 tcgccttgca gtggaacgac agcttcaacg agaacctgct ctgcttcacc aacaacatcc
     5101 cgcagcgtga tggcggcacc cacctggccg gtttccgttc ggcgctgacg cgtaacctga
     5161 acaactacat cgaggccgaa ggcctggcga agaaattcaa gatcgccacc accggcgacg
     5221 atgcccgcga aggcctcacc gcgatcatct cggtgaaggt accggacccg aagttcagct
     5281 cgcagaccaa ggacaagctg gtctcctccg aggtgaagac tgcggtggaa caggagatgg
     5341 gcaagtactt cgccgacttc ctgctggaga atcccaacga agccaaggcc gtggtcggca
     5401 agatgatcga cgccgcccgt gcccgcgagg ccgcgcgcaa ggcgcgcgag atgacccgcc
     5461 gcaagggcgc gctggacatc gccggcctgc ccggcaaact ggccgattgc caggaaaagg
     5521 acccggcgct ctccgaactg tacatcgtgg agggtgactc cgcgggcggt tccgccaagc
     5581 agggccgcaa tcgccggacc caggcgatcc tgccgctcaa gggcaagatc ctcaacgtcg
     5641 aaaaggcgcg cttcgacaag atgctctcct cccaggaggt cggtacgctg atcaccgccc
     5701 tgggctgtgg catcggccgc gaggaataca acatcgacaa gctgcgctac cacaacatca
     5761 tcatcatgac cgatgctgac gtcgacggtt cgcacatccg caccctgctg ttgaccttct
     5821 tcttccgcca gatgcccgag ctgatcgagc gtggctacat ctacatcgcc cagcccccgt
     5881 tgtacaaggt caagcgcggc aagcaggagc agtacatcaa ggacgaccag gccatggaag
     5941 agtacatgac ccagtcggcc ctggaagacg ccagcctgca tgtcaacgag cacgctccgg
     6001 gcctgtccgg ggcggcgctg gagaaactgg tcaacgagta tcgcggggtg atcgccaccc
     6061 tcaagcgcct gtcgcgcctg tacccccagg agctgaccga gcacttcatc tacctgccta
     6121 ccgtgtcggt ggacgacctg gctaacgagt cggccatgca gggctggttg gagaagttcc
     6181 aggcgcgcct gaccgccgcc gagaagtccg gcctgaccta caaggccagc ctgcgcgaag
     6241 accgcgagcg ccacctgtgg ctgcccgagg tggaactggt ggcccacggc ctgtccagct
     6301 acgtcacctt caaccgtgac ttcttcgcca gcaatgacta ccgctcggtg tcgctgctcg
     6361 gcgaccagct gaacagcctg ctggaagacg gcgcctacgt gcagaagggt gagcgcaagc
     6421 gcccgatcag cgccttcaag gacggcctgg actggctgat ggccgaaggt accaagcgcc
     6481 acagcatcca gcgatacaag gggctgggcg agatgaaccc tgagcagctg tgggaaacca
     6541 ccatggatcc gaacgtccgg cgcatgctca aggtgaccat cgaggatgcc atcgccgccg
     6601 accagatctt caacaccctg atgggcgatg ccgtggagcc gcgccgcgac ttcatcgaaa
     6661 gcaacgcgct ggcggtgtcg aacctggacg tgtgacaggt cggcagaccg accctcatgg
     6721 aaaccccggc ctggcgccgg ggttttcttt ttgctccagg tagcctggat acgggcgcca
     6781 ggggtgcctt gccaaggtgt ggccgagccc cggttactcg ccggcattgg caccctggac
     6841 ccgggcctcc tggcggcgtg gcaccgcttc tgtgggcagc ggtcgccggt cggttcggtc
     6901 gatcgttgcc agccggcctt gctttgcgcc tcgcgtgaaa acaagaagcc ccgctatggc
     6961 ggggcttctt ttatcgaatc ggcgcacagt acgccttgca gggggctttg cggcccttca
     7021 cgagaccacc gacggctccg gatggctgac ccgctgctgg atggggctga tctcggccat
     7081 ggtctcgctg acccaggctt cggcgcgctg gtttagctcg gcgatggcgc gcgggccttc
     7141 gccttcggcg tgcatggccg ggccgatcac cacctggatg gtgcccgggt acttggccca
     7201 gccggccttg ggccaatact gcccggcgtt gtgggcgatc ggcagtaccg gtagcccggc
     7261 gttgaccgcc agggcggtgc cgccgcggga gaacttgccc atctgcccca ccggaatacg
     7321 cgtgccttcc gggaagatca gcacccaggc gcctttcttc aggcactcgt cgccctgctt
     7381 ggccagttgc ttgagggcca gcttgggctg gctgcggtcg atggcgatgg gcttgagcag
     7441 ggccagggcc cagccgaaga acggcacgta gagcagctcg cgcttgagta cctggctgag
     7501 tggctcgaag aagccggaga ggaagaaggt ttcccaggtg ctctggtgct tggagaggat
     7561 cacgcagggc ttttccggga tgttctccag cccacgcacc tcgtagcgga tgccggcgac
     7621 cacgcgggtc agccagatcg cgaagcggca ccagttctgt accacgaagc ggtagcgggc
     7681 gcggaacggc aggatcggcg cgatgaagaa gctgagggtg ccccagacga acgcgctggc
     7741 ggacagcagc aggtaaaaga ggacggttct gatggcctgc actgtcgaca tgtattctga
     7801 ccttactgaa gtaatgcgct ggcgactgcc gccagatcgt cgaatatcag ggtgccctct
     7861 ggcaagggct tgcccagcgt acgtacacct tttccggtct ttaccaacac cggctgacaa
     7921 tcgacggccc gcgccgcctc caggtcaccg atgctgtcgc cgacgaacca gatacccgac
     7981 agatcgaccc cgtagtgctt gccgatctgc cgcagcatac ccggcttcgg cttgcggcag
     8041 tcgcaaccgt cgtccggtcc atgcggacaa tagacgatga ggccgacctc gccgccctgc
     8101 tccgcgacca gttcgcgcaa gcgcgcatgc atggcctcga gcaccgccag gtcgtaatag
     8161 ccacgggcga tgccggactg gttggtagcc accgcgacgg tccagccggc cttgctcagg
     8221 cgggcgatgg cctcgatcga gctggggatg gggatccact cgtcgagggt cttgatgtaa
     8281 tcgtcggagt cgaggttgat gactccatcg cggtcgagaa tcagcaggga acgggacatc
     8341 gatgcgcagt tggccatgaa cggaaaggat cgattctacc tcagccagcc ggagcatcgc
     8401 ggatggatcg acgagccccc tacgctggac aatctgtact agattcaata atggcaatgg
     8461 aatggcaatc ccaggccagg gagtcatttg gcacgcagca gtgggtgtct cggagtacgt
     8521 gcgaacccct tggcgggtgg atcaccggag taacgcagta agcgcctatc gcatgccagc
     8581 acggccgacc ggccgtgttt ccaccacagg tggagcgggc atgacgacgg gggagttccg
     8641 gggcgtctgc ccgttcccaa ggacggtaac cgtgaaacgc ctgaaaaaga cactgcacct
     8701 ttcaagcttg tccctcgttt ccctggctct ttcttccgcc gccctggcgg ccgctccggt
     8761 catgctcgac cagggcaagg aatggaccga aagccaccgc caggacttct acagccgcga
     8821 ccagggctcg caggtgatgc ccctgccctg gctcaaggcg ttgcgacagc cggatggaac
     8881 gcctttcctc gccgacagcc tggcccgcta cggctatttg cccaatccca aggcgcccgc
     8941 ggaaggcctg ccggtgggct tcaccgtagc cggcacgggc gcccggcaga tggtcggcat
     9001 gacctgttcg gcttgccata cccggcagat cgaggtgaag ggcactgcct atcggataga
     9061 cggcggtccg gcgatcgtcg acttccaggc attcctcgcc gacctcgatc gggccgtggg
     9121 atcgctgacc agcgatgacg ccgccttcga cgccttcgcc aagcagatcc tcggggccaa
     9181 tccgcctccc ggtgcgcgcg acgccctgct cgcggcggtg aaggaatggt acgagcccta
     9241 tcacacgctg atcgagcgcg cgctgcccaa ggacacctgg ggaccggcgc ggctggacgc
     9301 ggtatcgatg atcttcaacc gccttaccgg gctggatatc ggcaccgcgc cgccctatct
     9361 gattcccgac aacatcaagg cggcggatgc gccggtgcgc tacccgttcc tgtggaacgc
     9421 ggcgcggcag aacaagaccc agtggcccgg gttcgccgcc aacggcaacg acctgctcgg
     9481 cctggcgcgc aatgtcggcg aggtctacgg ggtgttcgcc accttccacc cgcagaagag
     9541 caagttccac ctgctgggca tggactacct gaagatcaac tcggccaact tccacggtct
     9601 gggcaagctg gaagacctga tcaagaagat cggcccgccg aagtggccct gggcggtgga
     9661 caagcacctg gccaggaaag gcgcgctgat cttcgcccgc aagaccgacg aaggtggctg
     9721 cgtggagtgc cacggcatcc ggatcaagga cctggtgctt tgggacactc cgctgaggga
     9781 cgtcggcagc gacagccgcc agcacgccat cctcgatggc caggtgcaga ccggcgtgat
     9841 ggagggcgcg cggatgccgt tcggccagcc gctgaaggcg accgacggag ccttcgatgt
     9901 actcgccgta gcggtggccg gttcgatcct gcagcacttc gtgccgatcc tcggtgagaa
     9961 gcacgatgcc aaggcggcgg tggtcaagcc ggaaagcgtg atgaccgacg aaacccggca
    10021 actgctgacc gccttccaga agccggtgcg tacccaggcc gacccctacc cctacgaatc
    10081 gcgggtcctg caggggatct gggcagcggc gccgtacctg cacaacggct cggtgccgac
    10141 cctggaagag ttgctgaagc cggccgcgga gcgggtggaa tccttcccgg tgggctcggc
    10201 ctacgacgtg gacaaggtcg gcctcgccgc ccagcagacc caattcggca gctatgtgct
    10261 gaagaccacc ggctgcgagc agcgtgattc cggcaacagc cgctgcggcc atgagtacgg
    10321 caccagcctg tcggccgagg agaagcgcgc gctgctggag tatctgaagg tcctgtagtg
    10381 aaaaaggccc ggtgtcgcga ggacgccggg ccttttcttc gaggcgggac tggctcagcc
    10441 gagcagcgag atgtccgcca ccccgaggaa cgacccgcgc agcttggcca gcagcgcata
    10501 gcggttggcg cgcaccgccg cgtcgtcgac attgaccatc acatcggcga agaacgtatc
    10561 caccggctcg cgcaaggccg ccaggcgggc cagcgcggcg cgatagtcgc gtgccgctgc
    10621 cagcggcgcg acttcgcttt cggcgttcgc cacggcgctg cccagggcct tctcggcggc
    10681 ttccaccagc aggctggaat ccacgttcgg cggaacctcg tcctcggact tggcgagaat
    10741 attcgacacc cgtttgttcg ccgcggccag ggcctcggct tcaggcaact ggcggaaggc
    10801 ctggacggcc tgtacgcgct ggtcgaagtc cagcggcgag cttggcttga gcgcgcgcac
    10861 cgactggtac acggccacgt ccacgccttc gtcctcgtag cgcgcgcgca ggcggtcgaa
    10921 cacgaagtcc agcacctgct cggccaggcc ggcggccttg accttgtcgc cgtattgctc
    10981 gacggcggcg ttgaccgcgg ctaccaggtc caggtcgagc tgcttctcga tgaggatgcg
    11041 cagcacgccc agcgcagcgc ggcgcagcgc gtaggggtcc ttgctgccgg tgggaagcat
    11101 gccgatgccg aagataccga ccagggtatc gagcttgtcg gccaccgcca cggcggcgcc
    11161 ggtcagggtc gagggtagct cggcgccggc gccgcgcggc atgtactgct cgttgagggc
    11221 cagggcgacg tcttccgctt cgccgccgtg ggtggcgtag tagtagccgg cgatgccctg
    11281 catttcgggg aactcgccga ccatctcggt cgccaggtca cacttggaca ggatgccggc
    11341 gcgcgcggcg ttctgcgcat tgccgcctat acgttcggcg atgtaggcgg ccaggccgga
    11401 tacgcgctgg gccttctcga acacggtgcc gagctgggcc tggaacacta cgttgcgcag
    11461 gcgctcattg aagctttcga gcggctgctt cttgtcctgc ttgaagaaga actcggcgtc
    11521 ggtgaggcgc gggcgaacca ccttctcgtt accgctgacg atgttctccg gcgccttgct
    11581 ctcgacgttg gcgacggtga tgaagcgagg cagcagcttg ccgttggcgt ccagcaggca
    11641 gaagtatttc tggttgtcct gcatggtggt gatcagggct tcctgcggga cctcgaggaa
    11701 gcgctcctcg aaggagcaga ccagcggcac cggccactcg accagtgcag tcacttcgtc
    11761 gagcaggctc ggcggcacga tggcgctgcc ctgttgctcg gcggccagtt cggccacgcg
    11821 cttggcgatc agctcgcggc gctcggcgaa atcggccagc acatgagcgc cgcgcaggtc
    11881 ttccagatac gctgccgggc tggaaatacg cacattgtcc ggattgtgga agcggtggcc
    11941 acgggattcg cgcccggctt tctgggcgag gatctcgcac tcgaccacat cgtcgccgaa
    12001 cagcatcacc agccattggg tcggacgcac gaactcctcg cggcgagctg cccagcgcat
    12061 ccgcttggga atcggcagtt cgttcaacga ggcctcgacg atgcccggca gcaggccggc
    12121 ggccggttgg ccggcgatgg tctggctgaa gcgcagcttc ggaccgctct tgtcgatctg
    12181 ctgcagatcc acgccgcact tcttggcgaa gcccagggcg gcctgggtcg ggttaccgct
    12241 ggcgtcgaag gcggcctgta gcggcggacc gtctaggttg acggtacggt cgggctgctg
    12301 cacggcgagt tgctcgacca gcacggcgag acgacgcggc gccgcataga aacgcgcagc
    12361 ggcatagctc agaccggcag ccttgaggcc cttctcgata ccgctgagga aggcttcgcc
    12421 gaggctgttg agggcttttg gcggcagctc ttcggtgccc agttcgacca ggaaatcctt
    12481 ggcgctcatc attcggcctc cttcagcttg gccagtactt cgtcacgcaa ttcgggggtg
    12541 gccatgggga agccgaggcg cgcgcgggcc tgcaggtagc tctgcgccac ggcgcgggcc
    12601 agggtacgca cgcgaaggat gtagcgctgg cgctcggtga ccgagatggc gcgccgcgca
    12661 tccagcaggt tgaaggtatg cgaagccttg aggaccatct cgtaggtcgg caacggcagc
    12721 tccagcgcga tcaggcggtt ggcttcgctt tcgtagaagt cgaacagttc gaacagcttc
    12781 ggcacgttgg cgtgctcgaa gttgaaagtg gattgctcca cctcgttctg gtggaacacg
    12841 tcgccatagg tgaccttgcc gaacgggccg tcggtccaga ccaggtcgta gaccgagtcc
    12901 acgccctgca ggtacatggc caggcgctcc aggccgtagg tgatctcgcc ggtgaccgga
    12961 tagcactcga tgccgccgac ctgctggaag taggtgaact gggtgacttc catgccgttc
    13021 agccagattt cccaacccag gccccaggcg ccgagggtcg gcgactccca gttgtcctcg
    13081 acgaagcgga tgtcgtggac cagcgggtcg atgccgatgg ctttcagcga gccgaggtac
    13141 agctcctgga agttctccgg gttcggcttc aggaccacct gaaactggta gtagtgctgc
    13201 aggcggttgg ggttctcgcc gtagcgaccg tcggtggggc ggcggctcgg ctggacgtag
    13261 gcggcgttcc aggtctccgg gccgatggcg cggaggaagg tggcggtgtg gaaggtgccg
    13321 gcgcccactt ccatgtcgta gggctgcagc accacgcagc cctgctctgc ccagtagttc
    13381 tgcagggcga gaatcaggtc ttggaaggtg cgcacggcgg gcgtagtctg gctcacgaaa
    13441 ttcacctgtg ctgaggcttc gatacaaaac gcggaagtat acccgattcc tgcgccgcct
    13501 cgcccgtccc cccgatccct ggaaaaccac ggaaagcctt atgccacgct gcttctggtg
    13561 caacgacgat cccctctaca tggcctacca cgatgaggag tggggtgtgc cgcagcgcga
    13621 tcccgacacg ctgttcgaac ttctgctgct ggagggcttc caggccgggt tgtcctggat
    13681 caccgtgctg aagaagcgcg agcgctaccg cgaggtgctg ttcggcttcg acgtgcagcg
    13741 ggtggcacag atgagcgacg cggagatcga cgaactgatg ctcgaccccg gcatcattcg
    13801 caatcgggcc aagctcaacg ctgcgcggca gaacgcccag gcctggctgg agctggacga
    13861 cccggctggg ttcctctggt ccttcgtcgg cggccagccg aagatcaacc atttcgccgg
    13921 tcgcgccgag gtgccggcga ttaccccgga agccgaggcc atgagcaagg cgctgcgcaa
    13981 ggccggcttc aacttcgtcg ggccgaccat ctgctacgcc ttcatgcagg ccagcggcat
    14041 ggtcatggac catacccagg actgcgaccg ttacgcccaa ctcgtcggct agccgggcgc
    14101 tccctgacgg atgcgttcgg atgttccacg tggaacatcg gcgcgcagca tagctggtcg
    14161 ccccgcttcc ttggctgccg ccctcgcctt cttcctggcg tacaatgcgc gttcgagtcg
    14221 agcgaggagt gtttcgtgga gaaattcaaa ggtgccctgg tggtgggggc cctacgcctg
    14281 ttcgcgttat tgccctggcg tgccgtgcaa ggcgtcgggg ccggcatagg ctggctgatg
    14341 tggaaattgc cgaatcgatc ccgcgaggta gtgcggatca acctgtccaa gtgcttcccc
    14401 gagttgtctg aaaccgaact ggaaaagctg gtcggacaaa gcctaatgga tattggccgg
    14461 accctcaccg aaagtgcctg cgcctggatc tggccgcctg aaaagtcgct gagatacatc
    14521 cgcgaggtcg aaggcatgga ggtgctggag gaagcgctgg cttccggcga tggcctggtc
    14581 ggcattacca gtcacctggg aaactgggaa gtactcaacc acttctattg ctcctacgcc
    14641 aagccgatca tcttctatcg tccgcccaag ctgaaggcag tcgacgaatt gctgaagaag
    14701 caacgcgtgc aattgggcaa ccgcgtcgca ccttccactc cggagggtat cctcagcgtc
    14761 atcaaggaag tgaagaaagg cggttgcgta ggaattcccg ccgaccccga gcccgcgcgt
    14821 accgctgggc tcttcgtgcc ctacctgggc accactgcat tgatcagcaa gttcgtcccg
    14881 cagttgcttt cacgcggcaa ggcgcgtgga gtgttcttcc atgcggtgcg cctgcccgat
    14941 ggtagcggtt acaaggtgat cctcgaagcg gctccggcgg acatgtacga caaggacctg
    15001 gaagtgtctg tagcagccat gagccgcgag ttggcgaagt atgtacgagc ctatcccagc
    15061 cagtacatgt ggagcatgaa acgcttcaag aaccgcccgg atggcgagaa aaaatggtac
    15121 tgaggaaagg gcgtcggaag acgccttttt catatccggg tactatgctc agctctgccg
    15181 cctcctccgc aggtcccgag ggactcgatg gataatcaac gacaataccc acgaaccccg
    15241 ctcaagtgcc gaatccgtat cagtcacccg ctatttggcg agctgatggc gcagacacgc
    15301 gacctgtccg acaccggggt ctatgtcaaa cacccggagc tgacccagct cccaacaggc
    15361 agtgtcgtta ctggccaggt acaggacttg ccgatcgacg cgccgatcct gcagatggaa
    15421 gtcgtgcgag tcgatgcgga aggcgtcggc ctgcgctttc tcagcgaagc ctgaacggtg
    15481 gtgttccacg tggaacccca ggcatgagcc actgatcaca gagtgggcga aaccgctgcc
    15541 ggttatcggc tagaatgcgc gccgctcggc atggtgccgg gcatgggttc cctcacccca
    15601 tcgcgcaaaa aggacagcac atgtcagcct cttctccggc ggcctggcgc ggcaccctgg
    15661 ccggcctgat cgccttccac atcttcatca tcatcgccag caactacctg gtgcagttgc
    15721 cgatcaccct gtttggctgg cacaccacct ggggcgcctt cagctttccg ttcatcttcc
    15781 tggctaccga cctcaccgtg cgcctgctgg gcaagggccc tgcccggctg gtcatcgccc
    15841 gggtcatgat cccggcgttg atcgcctcct acgtagtctc ggtgttattc caggaagcgg
    15901 cgttccgtgg tttctccgcg ctgctcgagt tcaacacctt cgtcgcccgg atctccctgg
    15961 caagcttcct cgcctatgtg ctcggacaga tcctcgatat ccaggtattc gaccgcctcc
    16021 gtcgttcccg gcactggtgg accgcgccag tcgcctcgac catcctcggc aacctgctgg
    16081 acaccttcac ctttttcttc gtggcgttct ggcgcagcga caatccgttc atggcgcagc
    16141 actgggtgga aatcgccacg gtggactacg gagtgaagct gagcatcagc cttctgctgt
    16201 tcgtgccgct ctacggcatg ctactcaacg gcatcctgaa gatgctgccg gggcggccgc
    16261 agagcaacgc ttgaggctta tcgaggcaat ctggaggaag ggcgcaacgg ccgtgaccgt
    16321 tgcgcccttc ttcattcagg aggtggtagc ccggtgcgct gccgtgagca gcgtcagggc
    16381 atcgccgccg agcgtgacca ggatgtgcgc cacgcgctga atgggaacgc cctgccctgt
    16441 ccgcacttcg atcctttcca aggcatggag gaggccgagg agagccctga ggcgctcctg
    16501 tacggattcg agcatctcat tggcggaggc gttccggtga acgtagagaa tcgcttgctc
    16561 gtatgggtat tcgacatagg acgggactga acgctcttgc ttcgacatgt tggctccgga
    16621 aaagtagttg aagtcaggtg tcgcgttcgg gctttgaccg aagcgatgag tcgaagctag
    16681 agggccggca gcggtcgctc aatggggttt tgggcgttcg ggatgcaggc tacatcgttg
    16741 acagaagttg cctacgaatg tgtggaacag gtctttgtaa aagtgtcgtc ggggcgtgct
    16801 cgaaccgttc tgccagcgct cgatgagcac gcccgacccg tctgccggaa ctccggccgg
    16861 cggatggcga gaacgcgctg cgcaagcctt ggccggacgc tcaggttctc gccctgtcga
    16921 gcttgcgcag gaacaccgtc atttcctttt cggcctgctt gtcgccatgc gtcgcggcag
    16981 ttgccaggcc ctgctcccag gcctgccggg cgcccgcgag atcgccggca gcctggcgcg
    17041 ccttgcccag cagcttccag ccggcggaat acttcgggtc ctgctctacg cagcgctgga
    17101 ggtgttccgc cgcgcgttcg gcgtcgcccg cgtccaggta gcccttgccc aggccgaagc
    17161 gcagcagcgc attgtccacg cctttggcca gcatcttttc cagaccttcg atcatcatcc
    17221 tgccctcttc caacgatgtc ggccattgtg cccggctccg gccaggcttt gcacggaaca
    17281 gggggattcg gcccttgcga aggaggcacg cggccccttg gtgttcgtag gccgaagccc
    17341 tatcgccgtt cgcgataggg cgtgcctcag aagaacgtca ggccggcctg gaacagtcgc
    17401 tcgacgtctc ggatgtattt cttgtcgacc aggaacagca gcacgtggtc gccgctctcg
    17461 atgcgggtgt cgccatgggc gatcagcact tcctcgtcgc gcaccagcgc gccgatagtg
    17521 gtgcccggcg gcagcttgat ctcgttgatc gagcgaccga tcaccttgct cgacttggcg
    17581 tcgccatggg ctaccacttc gatcgcttcg gctgcgccgc ggcgcagcga gtgtacgctc
    17641 tcgatgtcgc cgcggcgaac gtgggccagc agggtgccga tggtcgccag ttgcgggctg
    17701 atggcgatgt cgatctcgcc gccttgcacc aggtcgacat aggccgggtt gttgatcagg
    17761 gtcatcacct tgctcgcgcc gagccgcttg gccagcagcg aggacatgat gttggcctcg
    17821 tcgtcgttgg tcagggcgag gaacacgtcg gtctcgccga tgttttcctc cagcagcagg
    17881 tcgcggtcgg aagcgctgcc gttgagcacg atggtgctgt ccagggtatc cgagaggtgc
    17941 cggcagcgca gcgggctgcg ctcgatgatc tttacctggt agcggctctc gatggcctcg
    18001 gccaggcgct cgccgacatt gccgccgccg gcgatgatga tccgcttgta gctgtcgtcg
    18061 agcctgcgca tctcgcccat taccgcgcgg atatgggcct tggcggcgat gaagaagact
    18121 tcgtcgtcgg cctcgatcac cgtgtcgccc tggggaatga tcggccggtt gcggcggtag
    18181 atcgcggcga cgcgggtatc cacgttcggc atgtgctcgc gcagctggcg cagctcctgc
    18241 cctaccagag ggccgccgta gtaggccttg atcccgacca actgcgcctt gccctcggcg
    18301 aagtcgatga cttgcagcgc gccggggtgt tcgatcaggc gtttgatgta gttggtgacc
    18361 acctgctccg ggctgatcag cacgtccacc gggatcgcct cgttgtcgaa cagcccggta
    18421 cgggtcaggt aggccggctc gcggacgcgg gcgatcttgg tcggggtgtt gaacagggtg
    18481 taggcgacct ggcaggcgac catgttggtc tcgtcgctat tggtcaccgc caccagcatg
    18541 tcggcgtcgt cggcgccggc ctggcgcagc accgtgggga acgaggcctt gccttgcacg
    18601 gtgcggatgt cgaggcggtc gccgaggtcg cgcaggcggt cgccgtcggt gtcgaccacg
    18661 gtgatgtcgt tggcttcgct ggccaggtgc tcggccagtg tgccgccgac ctggccggca
    18721 ccgaggatga tgattttcat ggcaggaaac ggctcgtcag gtttcgatca acgggcggat
    18781 atcttgatca gcttggcata gtagaagcca tcgtggccct ccacctgcgg cagcaactgg
    18841 cggccgtggg gctgtttcat gccccagggg ccgggaaggt ccagttcgcg ggcgccgggc
    18901 gtgcgggcga ggaaggcggc gatgctgtcg ctgttttccg ccggcatcac cgaacaggtg
    18961 gcgtagagca gtacgccacc gacttccagg gtaggccaca gcgcgtcgag caattcaccc
    19021 tgcaggtgcg ccagggcggc gatgtcttcc ggcttgcgcg ccagcttgat gtccgggtgg
    19081 cggcggatca ccccggtggc cgagcacggc gcgtcgagga ggatgcgctg gaacggcttg
    19141 ccgtcccacc actccccggt ggccctggcg tcggcggcga ccaggctggc ttgcaggccg
    19201 agccgctgga ggttttcccg gacccttacc aggcggctct cctcgaggtc gacggcgacc
    19261 acttcggcca gttccggctg ggtttccagc aggtggcagg tcttgccgcc aggcgcacag
    19321 caggcgtcga ggacacgctg gccgggcgcg ctttcgagca gctcggcggc cagttgcgcg
    19381 gcttcgtcct ggacgctgac gcggccctcc gcgaagcccg gtagttcgcg cacgtcgcgc
    19441 ggcgcggcga gctggatgcc gtcgcggctg tagtcgcagg cgcgggcctc gattccggct
    19501 tcggcgagtt cggccaggta ggcatcgcgc tcgccgtggc gccgattgac ccgcaaggtc
    19561 atcggcgggk gtgcgttgtt cgctgcgcag agcgcgtcga gctgctccgg ccaggcctgc
    19621 ttgagcgctt tcagcagcca gcgcggatgt cccaggcgcg ctgagggatc gcggtcgacc
    19681 tcggccagca gcgtctcgcc ttcgcgctgc gcgcggcgca gcacggcgtt gagcacgccc
    19741 ttggcccagc ccttcttcag cttgtcggcg cagccgacgg tctcgccgat cgcggcgtgc
    19801 ggcggaatcc gcgtgtagag caactggtag aggccgatca gcagcagggc gtggatatcg
    19861 gtgtcggcgg ccttgaacgg cttctgcaac aggcgcgcgg ccagggcctg caggcgcggt
    19921 tgccagcgcg ccgcgccgaa ggccagctcc tgggtcaggc cgcgatcgcg cggggcgacc
    19981 ttgtccagtt gcggcggcaa cgcgccagac agcgaggcgc gtccggcgag caccgcggcc
    20041 agcgcctggc aggcggcgag acgcgggttc attggccgag cacctggccg gcggcgaatt
    20101 gctcgcggcg gctgttgtag aggtcggcga aggccagtgg cttgccgccc ggcacttgca
    20161 ggcgggtcag gcgcagggcg ccttcgccgc aggcgaccag caggccgtcg cgactggcct
    20221 cgaggatggt tccgggcgcc ccgctgccct gccccaggct ggcgccgagg actttcagcg
    20281 gagcatcggc gaggctggtg tggcagaccg gccagggggt gaaggcgcgg acctggcgct
    20341 ccagttcgac ggccggacgg ctccagtcga ggcgtgcctc gtccttgttc agcttgtgcg
    20401 cgtaggtggc cagggcgtcg tcctggatct cgccatgcag ggtgccggcg gccaggccgg
    20461 cgatggcttc gaccaccgct ttcgggccga gcgcggcgag ccggtcgtgc aggctgccgc
    20521 cggtgtccgc ggcggaaatc ggcgtgctca ccttgagcag catcgggccg gtgtcgagcc
    20581 ctgcttccat ctgcatcacg gtgacgccgc tctccgcgtc gccggcttcc accgcgcgct
    20641 ggatcggcgc ggcgccgcgc cagcgcggca gcagcgaggc gtggctgttg atgcagccca
    20701 ggcgcgggat atcgagtacc gcctggggca ggatcaggcc ataggcgacc accaccatca
    20761 ggtccgcgcg cagggccgcc agctccgcct gggcctcggc attacgcagg ctctgcggct
    20821 gcatgaccgg caggccatgc tccagggcca ggttcttcac cgcgctgggc atcagtttct
    20881 gcccgcggcc ggccggccgg tcaggctggg tgtagacggc gacgatccga tgtggggtgt
    20941 cgagcagggc cttgagatgc tcggcggcga attccggggt tccggcgaag acgatgcgca
    21001 atgcttggct catgcggggc tcgctaaaag aaaaaggctt gccggggcaa gcctttgggg
    21061 gatggggtca cgcctgctgt cgatgctgct tttccagctt cttgcggatg cggtcgcgct
    21121 tgagggtgga caggtagtcg acgaacagct tgccgttgag gtggtcgcat tcgtgctgga
    21181 tgcataccgc cagcaggcct tcggcgactt cctcgaaggg gttgccatcg cggtcgaggg
    21241 ccttgatccg gaccttctgc ggtcggtcca cgttctcgta gaagccgggt accgacaggc
    21301 agccttcctg gtactggtcc atatcctcgg tcagcggttc gaactcgggg ttgatgaata
    21361 ccctcggctc ggacttgtct tcgctgaggt ccatgaccac gatgcgcttg tgcacgttca
    21421 cctgggtcgc ggcgaggccg atgcccgggg cttcgtacat ggtttcgaac atgtcgtcga
    21481 tcagctggcg caccgcgtcg tcgaccacct ccaccggttt ggcgatggtc cgcaggcgcg
    21541 gatcggggaa ttcgagaatg ttcaggatgg ccatatgcgt ttgtgatgca cttgtggaat
    21601 cgattgaaaa tccgctgcta agatggcgcg cagcttgaaa acggcttcag accgcgattc
    21661 tcgcgggctt cgggcgtttc gcgtatgtcg acatgataaa gggattcact gcatgaggaa
    21721 atcactagtc gcccttctgc tccttgccgc gagcggtctg gcgcaggccc aggtcgacct
    21781 cagggaaggg catccggacc gctacacggt ggtcaggggc gataccctgt gggacatctc
    21841 ggggaaattc ctccgccagc catggaagtg gccggaactc tggcacgcca acccgcagat
    21901 ccagaatccc cacctgatct accccggcga cacactcagc ctggtctacg tcgatggcca
    21961 gccgcgcctg gtgctgaacc gtggcgaatc gcgcgggacc atcaagctgt cgccgaagat
    22021 ccgcagcacg ccgatcgccg aggccatccc gaccatcccg ctggacaaga tcaacagctt
    22081 cctgctggcc aaccgcatcg tcgatgacga gaagaccttc accagtgcgc cgtacatcgt
    22141 cgccggcaac gccgagcgga tcgtcagcgg caccggcgac cgcatctatg cccgcggcaa
    22201 gttcgccgac ggccagccgg cctatggcat cttccgccag ggcaaggtct acatcgatcc
    22261 gaagaccaag gaagtcctcg gcatcaacgc cgacgacatc ggcggcggcg aggtggtggc
    22321 caccgaaggc gacgtcgcga ccctggcgct gacccgcacc acccaggaag tgcgcctggg
    22381 cgaccgcctg ttccccaccg aggagcgtgc ggtgaattcc accttcatgc ccggcgagcc
    22441 gagccgcgag gtgaagggcg aaatcatcga cgtaccgcgc ggcgtgaccc agatcggcca
    22501 gttcgacgtg gtcaccctga accgtggcca gcgcgacggg ctggccgagg gcaacgtgct
    22561 ggcgatctac aaggtcggcg agacggtgcg cgaccgcgtt accggtgagt cggtgaagat
    22621 tcccgacgaa cgcgccggcc tgctgatggt gttccgtacc tacaagaagc tgagctacgc
    22681 cctggttctg atggccagca ggccgctctc ggtaaccgac agggtgcaga atccctgact
    22741 cgaaaccccc gcctcggcgg gggtttcgcg tttctggggg aaggaaattt catacgacgg
    22801 tttccaggat ggaagccgga cccttcccct cttcctgtca gcgatggacc tgcctgctat
    22861 ggatgagtcg cgatgaagaa ccattctcca gccgaactgg aagcacggct gcgcctgcat
    22921 ggcctgcccg aactgggacc catgcgcttc ctgcgcttga tcgaggcctt cggttcggcc
    22981 tcttccgcgc ttgccgcgcc agccggcgcc tggcgcaccc tgggagtgcc tgccgaggcc
    23041 gccgccgcgc ggcgcagccc ggcggtgcgg gaagcggcgg gtgaagccct gcgctggctg
    23101 gaaggtccgc gcaggcacct gctgatgtgg gacgacccgg gatacccggc actgctcgcc
    23161 gaagtcgccg atgccccgcc gctgctgtac gtcgaaggcg ctccggagac tctggaacgg
    23221 ccgcaactgg cgatggtcgg cagccgccgc gccagccccg ccgggctggg caccgcccgg
    23281 agctttgcgc gcagcctggc gcagggcggc ttcgccatca ccagcgggct ggccctgggc
    23341 atcgatggcg ccgcccacga gggcgcgctg gaggctggcg gcgcgaccgt ggcagtcctc
    23401 ggcaccggcc tgcgcaggct ctatccgcgg cgccacgagg cgctggcgcg gcgcatcgtc
    23461 gagggtggcg gcgcgctggt ttcggagctg ccgctggaca gcccgccgct gccggcaaac
    23521 tttccccggc gcaaccgcat catcagcgga ctctcgctgg gtgtgctggt ggtcgaggca
    23581 agtcccgcca gcggctcgct gatcaccgcg cggctggcgg cggaacaggg gcgcgaggtg
    23641 tacgccattc cgggttccat ccaccatccc ggcgcacgtg gctgccacca actgattcgc
    23701 gatggcgcgc tgctggtgga aagcgtcggg cacgtgctcg aagcactgcg cggctgggcg
    23761 caggcggagc cagcggaagc gccggcgcag cccctgcccc accctttgct ggcgctgctg
    23821 cgcgccgcgc cctacaccag cgaaggcctg gccgccgcca gcggcatgac gctgcccgat
    23881 gtgctggcga cgctctgcga actggaactc gacggccggg tcgcctgcga ggccggcacc
    23941 tgggtgcatc gctccggctg aaaccgtaca cttcgcgcac cctgtccgct ggagtgagtc
    24001 gatgatcagc agctttcgtg cgcaatgcgc cgcccgggtc gtccgcgagg gcggcgtgat
    24061 cgcctatccc accgaggcgg tatgggggct cggctgcgac ccgtggaacg aggatgcggt
    24121 gtatcgcctg ctggcgctga aggcgcggcc ggtggaaaag ggcctgatcg tggtggcggc
    24181 gaatatccac cagctcgact tccttctcga agacctgccg gacgtctggc tggaccgcct
    24241 ggccggtacc tggccggggc cgaacacctg gctggtgccg caccaggagc gcctgccgga
    24301 gtgggtcacc ggcgtccacg acagcgtcgc cgtgcgggtc accgaccatc ccctggtaca
    24361 ggaactgtgc catctcaccg gtccgctgat ctccacctcg gccaatccgg ccgggcgccc
    24421 ggcggcgcgc acgcggctgc gggtggagca atacttccac gacgagctgg acgctatcct
    24481 cggcggcgcc cttggcgggc gccgcaaccc cagcctgatc cgcgacctgg tgaccggaca
    24541 ggtcatccgc ccggcctgag tacgcgcttc agggcaacag tacggtcgag ccggtggttc
    24601 gccgtgcggc cagttcggta tgcgccctgg ctgcttcggc cagggcgaag cgctggttga
    24661 tctcgatgcg gatgtcgccg cgctcgatca ggccgaacag ctcgtcggcc atcgcctgga
    24721 gtttttccgg ggtatcggcg tagctgccca gggtcggccg ggtcacgtac agcgaaccct
    24781 tctgcgagag gatgcccagg ttgaccccgg tcaccggccc cgaggcgttg ccgaagctga
    24841 ccagcaagcc gcgcggcgcc acgcagtcca gcgaggtttc ccaggtatcc ttgcccaccg
    24901 agtcgtagac caccgggcac ttcttcccgt cggtcagttc gagcacccgc cgcgccacgt
    24961 tctcatggct atagtcgatg gtctcccagg caccgtgctg cctggccagg cgcgcctttt
    25021 ccggcgagct gacggtgccg atcagctgca ctccaagggc cttggcccat tggcaggcga
    25081 acaggcccac gccgcccgcg gcggcatgga agagaatggt ttcgccgccc cgcagttcgt
    25141 aggtctggcg cagcaggtat tgggtggtga gccccttgag catcaccgcg gcggcctgtt
    25201 cgaagtcgat gccgtcgggc aggtggacca gcttctcctc cgccagcaca tgcagttcgc
    25261 tgtaggcgcc cagcgggccg gtggcgtagg cgacgcggtc gccgaccttg aaacgggtca
    25321 cttcgctgcc caccgcctcg acctcgccgg caccttcgct acccagtccc gagggtaagc
    25381 cgggggccgg atagaggccg ctgcggtagt aggtgtcgat gaagttcagg ccaatggcgc
    25441 gattgcgcac gcggacttcc cgggggcccg gctcggcggg ttggtagtcg cggtattcga
    25501 ggacttcggg gccgccgtag gcagcgaact ggatgcgctt ggccatgctg gaactcctgc
    25561 ttcgtcaggg tttcggacgg tcgcgccggg tgggcgaccc tgggtaaagg ccttcatcca
    25621 agccttcccc ttgacggccg tcaagcgccg gctacccatc cagggtggta tgcttgcgcc
    25681 ctcgtttcgt cgccagcccg cgccccgcgc ggcctccccg ctccaaggtg aactccgtga
    25741 ccgaccgtat cgccgctgtc aaaacctacc tgctcgacct gcaagaccgc atctgcgccg
    25801 ccctcgaggc ggaggacggc aaggcccgct tcgccgagga cgcctgggag cgtccggccg
    25861 gtggcggcgg acggacgcgg gtaatcggcg acggcgcatt gatcgagaag ggcggggtga
    25921 atttttccca cgtcttcggc gatagcctgc cgccctcggc cagcgcccat cggccggaac
    25981 tggccgggcg cggtttccag gcgctcggcg tgtcgctggt gatccatccg gaaaaccccc
    26041 acgtgccgac gtcccatgcc aacgtgcgtt tcttctgcgc cgagaaggaa ggcgaggagc
    26101 cggtctggtg gttcggcggc ggcttcgatc tgacccccta ctacgcccac gaggaagact
    26161 gcgtgcattg gcaccgggtc gctcgcgacg cctgcgcgcc gttcggcgcg gacgtctacc
    26221 cgcgctacaa ggaatggtgc gaccgctact tccacctcaa gcaccgcaac gagccgcgcg
    26281 gcatcggcgg cctgttcttc gacgacctca accagtggga cttcgacacc tgcttcgcct
    26341 tcatccgcgc catcggcgat gcctatatcg acgcctacct gccgatcgtc cagcgccgca
    26401 agcacacgcc gttcgatgaa cggcagcgag agttccaggc ctatcgtcgc ggtcgctatg
    26461 tggagttcaa cctggtcttc gatcgtggca ccctgttcgg cctgcagtcc ggcggccgta
    26521 ccgaatcgat cctgatgtcg ttgccgccgc aggtgcgctg gggctatgac tggaaacccg
    26581 agccgggcag cgaggaagcg cgcctgaccg agtatttcct cgccgaccgc gattggctcg
    26641 ccggccagcc ctgacccgcc cgcaggggac gagtccgctc gtcccgtccc actccggcaa
    26701 aggaacgacc catggaccgc tattgcgtat tcggcaaccc catcggccac agcaagtcgc
    26761 cgctgatcca ccgcctgttc gccgagcaga ccggcgaggc gctggtctat gacgcgcaac
    26821 tggcgccgct ggacgatttc cccgggttcg cccggcgctt cttcgagcag ggcaagggcg
    26881 ccaatgtcac cgtgccgttc aaggaagagg cctatcgtct ggtggacgag ttgagcgagc
    26941 gggccacccg ggccggggcg gtgaacaccc tgatccgcct cgccgacggt cgcctgcgcg
    27001 gcgacaacac cgacggcgcc ggcctgctgc gggacctgac ggcgaacgcc ggggtcgagc
    27061 tgcgcggcaa gcgggttctc ctgctcggcg ccggcggtgc ggtgcgtggg gtgctcgaac
    27121 ccttcctcgg cgagtgcccg gcggagttgc tgatcgccaa ccgcacggcg cggaaggccg
    27181 tggacctggc cgagcggttc gccgacctcg gcgcggtgca cggctgcggt ttcgccgagg
    27241 tcgaagggcc tttcgacctg atcgtcaacg gcacctcggc cagtcttgcc ggcgacgtgc
    27301 cgccgctggc gcagagcgtg atcgagcccg gccgtaccgt ctgctacgac atgatgtatg
    27361 ccaaggaacc gactgccttc aaccgctggg ccgccgaacg cggtgcggcg cgtaccctgg
    27421 atggcctggg catgctggtg gagcaggccg ccgaggcatt cttcctctgg cgcggcgtgc
    27481 gtcctgcctc ggcgccagtg ttggagacgc tgcgccgaca gttggcaact gtctgagttg
    27541 tcaggcggca tttgagacgt acgtctcaaa ttggcttcca tctgacatgt aggaatcaca
    27601 aaaccgggtt aagacttcag gcttcactca ctctcgagcg ctgccgatga aaaccttcgc
    27661 ccgcctggcc gccggtctct gcatctgcgc catcgccagc caggccaacg cctggtcgca
    27721 accgacccac aagaacatcg tcaaggatgc cctggccttc atgaactcct cctacgccac
    27781 cgaggagatg cgccaggcct accggttcta cgtgagcgcc gccggcagcg aggcgcaggc
    27841 cggggagatc ctcggccagg cggccttcga cgtggacgac ttcaaggaca cccgtctcgg
    27901 tggctggtgg gtcggctacg aacacgcgcc gctgtggggc gcggcttcgg gcatcgtcaa
    27961 ctacacctcg tactggcact tcctcaacct ggcccgggac ggcgactccc atggcaaccc
    28021 ccacggcggc tacgactacc gctaccacaa ggtcgacggc ggcatcgccg acgtcgactg
    28081 gtacgccatg gtctatctct acaaccgcga gctgaagcgc gaggacttcg acaccaccga
    28141 ggcgcactac cgccagggca cccgctcgga ctggcaggag cactacggcg acttccagac
    28201 cgccgccttc cagccgatcg ataacctcgc cacctactgg ttcgagcagt tccgcgccgc
    28261 gccttcgctg cagaccatcg gctatgccct gcatgccacc ggcgacgtgg cccagccgca
    28321 ccatgtgtgg atcacctcgg ccaacggcca ttccagctgg gaaggctggg tcgacgacca
    28381 ctacgccagc gagaagctca acgacccggc ggcggtggcc aacctggtgg ggcgctacga
    28441 cccgagcaag agcatccgcg acctgctcac ccagaccggc caggtcgcct acgcgcgccc
    28501 cgagccgctc tacgacacca gctacgagac gcgcctgcgg gtggcgaagg agctgattcc
    28561 cgagtccatc gccctgaccg tcaccgtact gaccaagggc gccaacagct tcgatgcacc
    28621 gactgctctc tgatcgcgcc cggggctggc gtcgcgcact gtgcgggatc gtcctcgggc
    28681 tgctggcgtg gagcgcccat ggcgtccccg ccaaggcgcc gcaggatctg cggatcgacg
    28741 gcgaggtgct gccggggaga agcatcgact tgctcgagca ggccctgtcg cgggtcaagt
    28801 tcaacaccga cccgcagcag ttgcgccgtg gcctggtgga aaaccgcctg ctggcgcgcg
    28861 cggtggaaga ccagctcacc gcgcagagcc gcgccgatct cgacgccagc gtggagatcg
    28921 aggccggcaa cctgctcgaa caggtatacg gcaggcgcta ccgcgaggac ctcgggccat
    28981 acctgcgcca gccccgggcc ctgagcgcgg agcgtttgcg cgaggtgctg gcgccgagga
    29041 gccgcggcct ggtggaaaac agcctgctgc tggacgagac gcagcgccgc gaggcggccg
    29101 gggtcgagct gatcggctgg cagtttcccg gccagccggc acaggtcctc gacctgctat
    29161 cgctgtacga aggcgacaac gtccagggcc aggtggaatt gcaacagggc aacctcgctt
    29221 acctggcgcg ccaggtccag acccgcatcc gccgcgacta cctctggtac cgcctggccc
    29281 gggacggctt cggcccggca gagcggcagg gcgtgaggac cctggtgcgg gacaagctgg
    29341 tgcgccatcg ctatctgcac cagatcggcc tctacagtga tttccaccat gagtccgatg
    29401 cgctgcggga actcgccggc aaggtcagcg acaaggacgc cgaggcctac tatcggcgca
    29461 acctggagcg ttaccgcaac gtcgcgcagg tgcaggcggc gcatatccgc ctggccgacc
    29521 aggcgagcgc ggacaaggtc tacgccgagt tgcgcggcgg cctggccttc gacgaggcgg
    29581 tacgccgcta ttccctggcc gacgacaggg accgcgaccc gcccggcgac ctaggcctga
    29641 tacggcccca ggacggccgg ctcgacctgc tgcgcaagac tgcgctgatc cagaaggccg
    29701 atacggtttc ccagccgatg cgcatcgacg gcgcgttcga gatcgtccgg gtgcgtagcc
    29761 gcgaggatcg ccagttgccc ctcgacgacc gcagcgtgcg cttcgaggtg aaccaggcgg
    29821 tggcgcgcga gcaactggca gcgcagttcg agacgcgcct gcgcaacctg ctggccggcg
    29881 ccagggtgga aggcctgtga agcgctggct cggcgttgcc ctcggctgca gcgggctggc
    29941 gatcgccctg gcctgcgccg gcgtgttgct ggcgcctgcc gatatggccg cttcctcgtc
    30001 ttctccgtcg ccagccagga cggttgcggc actgcccgcg gtcgacggcc gtccgccgcc
    30061 gctggcgccg gtgcgatcgc aagcggcagc accggggtac gaggcggagc cgccggtggc
    30121 ggaactggat cgcgagcagg cgatccagtt catgcagatg ctgcgcgacg agggcgaccc
    30181 gcgcagcccg ccgctcggcg gcctgcaacc acgccagggc gcgacggcgc aggagctggc
    30241 cgatccgaag cagtaccagg ccttcgagga acgacagacc cgcgaactgg tacaggccta
    30301 caccagcggc gtacagcaga taccggaaat ccgcgcgcgg atcgaggcgg ccgaacaggg
    30361 tggcgagcgc agcgccgagg aaatcgacga ggctcgcgcc gcccttggac agttggagat
    30421 gatgcgcgac aagctgcagc gggaatcgcc gcaactgctg cccggcgaca gcgcaccgac
    30481 atcgccggcg gcgccctgag cgtcaacctt cgtagtgcag gcggcagcct tcgtcggcct
    30541 gccggcccag cgcttcgcgg acctgcgggc gggcgtggcg caataccagg cggcggccct
    30601 cagcgtgcag gcggcgggct tcctgctgca acagcactgc gccggcgaag tcgatgaagt
    30661 tcacctggcg ggcgtccagc accagccgtg gcctgtcgca ttggcgcatg aggcgttgca
    30721 ggtagtcgca ggcgccgaag aagatcgagc cttcgatgcg tagcacttct tcctcgtcgt
    30781 tgtgctggcg cagtacgcgt ggtgtcgagg tgcgccgcag gtagaagacc agcgacgcca
    30841 gcactcccgc gtagatggcg ttctgcagcg gcaacagcag cgtggccagg gcggttaggc
    30901 cggccaccag gcattcggcg cggccgctgc ggtagagcgc gcggagcgct gggcggtcga
    30961 tcaggcccca ggcgatcagc aggatgcctg cggccatcgc cggcgacggc acatgctcga
    31021 tcaggcgcgc accgagcacg gccagcagtg ccacccagag cgccgaaaac gcacccgcca
    31081 gcggggagcg cgcaccggct tccagattca gcccagagcg ggtgaaggag cccgccgaca
    31141 ggctcgccga cagccaaggc ccgagcaggt tcgacaggcc ctgggcgcgg acctcctggt
    31201 tggcatcgaa cgcgtctccc tggcgcgcgg ccagggcgcg ggcgatcgac aggctggtga
    31261 ccagcccgag catgccgcag gccaccgccg caggtagcag gtcgaggatc gatcgggaat
    31321 cgaagaccag cggattccag cccggcagtg cgctcgataa ggcctgcaca tgggctaccg
    31381 aggcgaaggt cccgggtagc gcccagacca gcgtggcacc gcccagcaag ccaagcagca
    31441 gggccggcca gcgcggtcgc aggcgcctga ccagcaggct gagcgcgaag ctgaagccgc
    31501 ccaccagcag cgatgggcca tcgaactcgg cgaaccgcgc cagcagccgc cagccgtttc
    31561 ccggcgctgc gccctccccg ctcgcggcca ggccgagaag atagggcagt tggccgagga
    31621 cgatcagcag cgccgcgcca agggtgaagc cgagcatcac cgaatgcgag acgaaattga
    31681 ccagcgaccc gacgcgcagg acgccgagca gccactggaa ggcgccggcg agaaaggtca
    31741 gcagcagcac ggcctggacg tattgcgggc tgcccagcgg cgccagcggg gccaccgaac
    31801 tgaacagcag caccgagatc gccgcggtgg gaccgctcac caggtagcgc gacgagcccc
    31861 acaggcaggc gatcgccact ggcagcatcg ccgcgtacag gccgtactcc gctggcaggc
    31921 cggcgatcag cgcataggcc atcgattgcg gcagtgccag gattgcgcca ttcaggccga
    31981 cccaggcctc gcgcccgagc atgccccggt gcagccccgg tagccaggcg aggaacggca
    32041 gcaggcgcgt ccacatggcg ctatggctgg ccgcgaaccg cggccagggc gtcgccgccg
    32101 tcgcggctgg tcaccccttg cagccaggcc tcgagcacct gcgggttggc cttgagccag
    32161 gcgcgggtcg ccgaggccgg agtcgccgtg ccttccagcg cgtcgctcat caggcggttc
    32221 tccatatcca ggtcgaagcg caggttggcc agcagccgcg ccgggttcgg gcactgcgcg
    32281 gcgtagccct tgcgtgccag ggtgtagacc tggccgcggt cgccgaagta ctgctcgccg
    32341 ccttccaggt agcgcaggtc atggcggatg ttcatcgggt gcggcgtcca gccgaggaac
    32401 accagccagc gctggcgctt ctcggcccgg ccgagttcgg cgagcatcgc ctgctcgctg
    32461 gactccacca gcttccagtc gccgaggccg aactggttgg cgtcgatcat cttctggatc
    32521 gactgattgg ccggcgcgcc ggagccgatc ccgtacagct tgcggttgaa gcgttgccct
    32581 tgcgcggcga ggtcctcgaa gcggtgtacg ccggcgtccc agacgtagcg cggcaccgcc
    32641 agggtgaagc gggtgccgtc gaggttgcga ccgaggcgtt cgacctggcc gctggcgacg
    32701 aacttgtcgt gatagtcctg gtgcgcgggc atccagccgc cgaggaaggc gtccacctgg
    32761 ccgtcgcgca ggccgccata gatgatcggc accgacaggg tatcgatctt cacctggtag
    32821 ccgaggcttt ccaggagaaa cgcggcggtg gcgttggtca ccgcgatatc gctccagcct
    32881 ggatcggcca gcctgacgcg ggcacaggcg gggtcttcgg cgtatagcga ggcgctgccc
    32941 aggaacaggg tggcggccag caggcaggtg ggaagccggt tcatggaagt gccctcgtgc
    33001 tcagggttgc gggaagcgcg cgcggcgctc gagatcgtcc aggtcgatat ggttgcgcat
    33061 gtactgctgg cttgcatcga cccacggctg gtggtcccag ctggccagcc gtcctcgcgc
    33121 cagcgcggcg gccaccaggc gtcggcggcg ctggctgtcg agtacggcgc gggtgatcgc
    33181 ggggatgtcc cagcgtcgcc gggcctcgtc gaggaacgcc tcgaacgttc cgcgatgggc
    33241 cggactggcg gcgaggttct cgcgttcctg cggatcgttg cgcaggtcgt agagcaggca
    33301 ggggtcctgc tcggagtaga tgaatttgta gtcgccgcgg cggatcatca tcagcgggct
    33361 gagggtgccc tcggcggtgt attcgccgat cacctcgtca tgcccgctgc cgtcgcgcag
    33421 gtgcggcagc agcgagcggc cttccagcgg caggcgtgga tcgacctggc cgccggccag
    33481 ttccaccagg gtcggcagca ggtccacggt ggataccgaa gcgccgatgc ggcgcggcgc
    33541 gaagcgcgcc ggcgcatgga ccagcagcgg cacgcgcgcg gccatctcga accagtgcat
    33601 cttgtaccag aggccgcgct cgccgagcat gtcgccatgg tcgccggaga acaccacgat
    33661 ggtgtcgtcg gccagcccgc attcctccag ggtcgccagc agcgcaccga tctgcgcgtc
    33721 gacgtagctg caggcgccga agtaggcacg ccgggcggcg cggatgcgct cctcgggcaa
    33781 cggcttgtcc cacaggtcga tgaccttcag caggcgttgc gaatgagggt cctgctcctc
    33841 ctgggcgaag cgctggcgcg gcagcgggat gtcctcgtcg cggtagagat tccagtagct
    33901 cgccgggatg ctgtaggggt cgtgcggatg ggtcatcgac acggtcaggc agaatggctg
    33961 gccggcgtgc tggcgaacat ggtcgtagag gtactggcgg gccttgaaca ccacctcctc
    34021 gtcgaagtcc agctggttgg tgcgcacgca gggaccggcc tgcaaaaccg aggacatgtt
    34081 gtggtaccag ctcgggcgca cctccggctc gtcccagttc accgcccagc catagtccgc
    34141 cggatagatg tcgctggtca ggcgttcctc gtagccgtgc aactggtcgg gaccgcagaa
    34201 gtgcatcttg cccgacagcg ccgtgcgata gccgaggttg cgcaggtagt gggcgtaggt
    34261 gggggtatcg gcggcgaagt cggcggcgtt gtcccaggcg ccgatgcggg taggcaagcg
    34321 accgctgacc agggtgaagc gcgacggcgc gcagagcggg ctgttgcagt acgccgagtc
    34381 gaacaccacg gcccgttcgg cgaggctcga gaggtgaggc atgcgcagca ccgagcgcgg
    34441 atcgtgaagc ggcagcagcg gcgcggccat ctggtcggcc atgatgaaca ggatgttcgg
    34501 cgaggtcttc atcgggcggc ttatcccatg cgattgggtt atgcgatagt gctgcgtcga
    34561 tcatcagtgc atcgaaatcc ctggtaaacc gcatggggct ggatgcgttg gataagcctg
    34621 gcttatggga gaacgcctca tgccgctgtc cctcgacctg ctccgggtat tcgagtccgc
    34681 cgcccgccag ctcagcttca ccgctgccgc cgaggaactg gggaccaccc agcctgcggt
    34741 cagccagcag atcaaacgcc tggagaaaga gctggcgacc cctctgttcc agcgccttca
    34801 tcgaggcatc gtgctcaccg acgccggcca gctcctgctc cgccacgtgg ccgccggcct
    34861 cgagacgatc gatgccggca tcgccgcgct gggcgcgcgc cagcgccacg aggtgctcca
    34921 ggtggccacc gactacgcct tcgctgccta ctggctgatg ccgcgccttc cgcgcttcca
    34981 ccaggcccat ccgcacctgg acgtgagcct ggtgaccagc gagcgcggcc tggccggcca
    35041 gcgcggcgat atcgacgtgg cgatcctgtt cggcgacggt cgttccaagc acggcgaagc
    35101 gcaccggctg tttcgcgagg aggtgttccc ggtctgtagc ccgcggctgg tcgagggatt
    35161 gcagttgccg ctggccaagg cgcacctggc gcgcctgccg atgctgcatc tgaagccggc
    35221 gcagcacgcc cgctggttcg actggccggc gttgttcgaa gcgttggcca tcgatcggca
    35281 gccgattccg gcggtgctca gcttcgacaa ctacaccttg ctgatccagg cggccatcgc
    35341 cggccagggc gtggccatcg gctggcgcca cctggtcgac ggcctgctcg aacaggggct
    35401 gctttgccgg cccattggcg agagctgcct gtcgcgatac gggtactatg cggtattgcc
    35461 ggagcgcaag cggcgccagc ggctggtcga cggtttcgtc gactggctac aggccgagtt
    35521 gcaggccggc ggcgcttgaa gaggtgacga tgaacgagta ttccaccccc cgcatccagg
    35581 gcttccatgc tcacgtctat ttcgatgcgc agagcatcga gcgagcccgc gccctttgcg
    35641 aagaggcggc gcggcgcttt ccgctgaaga tggggcgggt ccatgagcgg ccggtagggc
    35701 cgcatccgga ctggagctgc cagctggcgt tcgctcccga ggtgttcggc gagctggtgc
    35761 cctggctggc catccatcgg caggacctgg tggtgttcat ccacccggtc accggcaacg
    35821 atctgctcga ccatcgcgac cgagccatct ggatgggagc cattcgcccg ctggacctgt
    35881 cgatcctgga cgaaggcccg caacgctatg acttcgccgt gccttgaggc gcggtcatcg
    35941 tcatccagtc gtgcagttcg cattgcagct cgcccagtgc cgtcaccagg tcgtcgacgg
    36001 catcggcgag cttgcgcacg gagctttcgc cgcaggcgat ctccagttgg tggcaggcgc
    36061 gttccacggc gtgggcgtgg atcagcgagg ccatgcccgc caggcggtgc gccagctcgt
    36121 tgagttcctg ggtctgctcg cgctcctggg cgcgccgcag cttgcgggtg tcttcgttgt
    36181 tgctggtcat cagctgcgcg acgagcaggc ggctgatctc cggttggttg gcgcggtcgc
    36241 ccagggcggc ggtcaggtcg aacgttcgca tgggatcctc agatcagctc gtggcggcgg
    36301 gcgaaatcga tcaggccggc cagggaatgg gcgttgagtt tcagcatgat gcgtgacttg
    36361 taggtgctca cggttttctc gctgaggaac agctgctggg cgatggcctt gttggtgttg
    36421 ccgttggcca ggtactgcag cacggtcatc tcgcggtcgg aaaggctttc cagcatgcgg
    36481 gcctcgttgt cgcggctctg ctggttgatg ctgcgcaacg ccccggtggg gaagtggatg
    36541 tagccggcca gcacggcctt ggcggcgagc agcagctcgg agaggttttc ccttttgctg
    36601 acgaagccca tggcgccggc ctgcaggcag cgcggggcga actgcgccgg attctgccgg
    36661 gtcaggacca ggaccttggt gtccagcttc agggacttca ggcgggctat cacttcgaga
    36721 ccgtcgatct tggggatgcc gatgtccagg atggccaggt cgggagactt cttgcgggct
    36781 acctgcaggg cttcggcacc gttgtcggcc tcgccgacga tggtgaaacc gtcgcgctcg
    36841 aacagcaagc gcacggccag gcggatagcg ggatgatcat cgacgatcag caccttactc
    36901 atgcgaacct tctttgaatg cgttggctat ttgggtgagg cgctattcaa ggcttcggca
    36961 gagtcggcgg acaataagac gtttctgaaa gtgaccgtga atttttcctc acggttctgg
    37021 cagcgtgcaa cgcaaggcca ggcgcagcgg gttgcctgcg cctggcgaat gccgctgtca
    37081 gggtctgtca gcgtgcgttg cgcacgcctt cggccagctc gccgcacagg gcgaggacat
    37141 ccttgaccgc ctgggcattg tcgcgggcct tggcgatccg gtcgatcagc gccgagccga
    37201 ccaccacgcc gtcggccaac cgcgcgaccg cggcggcgtg ttcggcgctg cggatgccga
    37261 agccgatacc gatcggcagg tcggtatgcc ggcgcaggcg cgccactgct tcctcgacgt
    37321 gctccagggt cgccgcgttg gcgccggtga cgccggccac cgacacgtag tagacgaacc
    37381 cggaactgcc ttcgagcacc gtcggcaggc gctggtcgcc ggtggtcggg gtggtcaggc
    37441 ggatgaagtc gaggccggcg gcctgggccg ggtcgcagag gtcttcgttg tgctccggcg
    37501 gcaggtcgac cacgatcagg ccgtccaccc ccacctcctt cgcctcggca atgaagcgtt
    37561 cgacgccgta gtggtggatc gggttgaagt agcccatcag caccaggggc gtctcactgt
    37621 cgccgctgcg gaattcgcgg accatctgca acgtcctggc cagggtctgg ccgccttcga
    37681 gggcgcggat gttggccaac tggatggccg ggccgtccgc catcggatcg gtgaacggca
    37741 tgcccagttc gatcacgtcg gctccggccg ccggcaggcc tttgaggatt tccagggaag
    37801 acgcgtagtc cgggtcgccg gcggtgacga aggtcaccag ggcggcgcgg ttttcctgct
    37861 tgagctgggc gaagcgggtc tgcaggcggc tcatgctttc gactcctgtt gcatgtggtg
    37921 catgacggtc tgcatgtcct tgtcgccgcg accggacagg ttcaccacca tgatgtgctc
    37981 cttgggcagg ctgggcgcac gcttgaagac ctcggccagg gcatgggagc tttccagcgc
    38041 cgggatgatg ccttcgaggc ggcagcaggt gtggaaggcc tccagggctt cgtcgtcggt
    38101 gatcgaggtg tactcgacgc ggccggtgtc gtgcagccag gcgtgttccg ggccgatgcc
    38161 gggatagtcg aggccggcgg agatggagtg tgcgtcgatg atctggccat ccgcgtcctg
    38221 cagcaggaag gtgcggttgc cgtgcagcac gccgggaacc ccgccgttca ggctggccgc
    38281 gtgcttgccg gtgtcgatgc cgtggccggc ggcttccacg ccgacgatct gcaccccggc
    38341 gtcgtcgagg aacgggtgga acaggcccat ggcgttggag ccgccgccga tgcaggcgac
    38401 cagcgaatcg ggcaggcgcc cttccttctc ggccagttgc tcgcgggttt ccttgccgat
    38461 caccgcctgg aagtcacgga ccatcgccgg gtacggatgc gggccggcga ccgtgccgat
    38521 caggtagaag gtactgtcga cgttggtcac ccaatcgcgc agcgcctcgt tcatggcgtc
    38581 cttcagggta ccggtgccgg cggtcaccgg gatcacctcg gcgcccagca gcttcatgcg
    38641 gaagacgttg gcctgctgcc ggtcgatgtc ggtggtgccc atgtagatca cgcactgcag
    38701 gccgaagcgc gcggcgacgg tggcggtggc cacgccgtgc atgccggcgc cggtctcggc
    38761 gatgatgcgt ttcttgccca tgcgccgggc caggaggatc tggccgatgc agttgttgat
    38821 cttgtgcgcg ccggtatggt tcagctcctc gcgcttgagg tagatcttcg ccccgccgca
    38881 gtgctcggtc aggcgctcgg cgaagtacag cgggctcggc cggccgacgt agtcgcgctg
    38941 gaagtaggcc agttcctcct ggaacgccgg gtcgtccttg gccttctcgt actcgcgggc
    39001 gaggtcgagg atcagcggca tcagggtctc ggcgacgtac tggccgccga agcggccgaa
    39061 caggcccttg gcgtcggggc cgttgcgata ggaagtcatg gagggctcca ggaaatgacg
    39121 tatgggcaga atctaatccc cccgccgggt aaaagaaacc gataagattg cgcaaacctg
    39181 tcagaaaaac tcacgaatag ccatgagccg cgacctgccc tccctgaatg ccctgcgcgc
    39241 tttcgaagcc gctgcccggt tgcacagcat cagcctggcg gccgaggaac tgcacgttac
    39301 ccatggcgcc gtgagccggc aggtgcggtt gctcgaggac gatctagggg tggccctgtt
    39361 cggcaaggat gggcgcggcg taaaactcac cgattccggc gttcgcctgc gtgacgcctg
    39421 cggcgatgcg ttcgagcgac tgcgtggcgt ctgtgccgag ctgcgccggc agaccgccga
    39481 ggccccgttc gtcctcggcg tacccggcag cctgctggcg cgctggttca tcccgcggct
    39541 ggaccggctc aaccgtgccc tccccgacct gcgcctgcaa ctgtccacca gcgagggcga
    39601 gttcgatccg cgtcgtcccg gcctggacgc catgctctgg ttcgccgagc cgccctggcc
    39661 ggcggacatg caggtcttcg aactggcgcc cgagcgcatg ggcccggtgg tcagcccgcg
    39721 cctggcgcag gaaaccggcc tggcccaggc gcccgccgcg cggctgttgc aggagccgct
    39781 gctgcatacc gcctcgcgac cccaggcctg gccggcctgg gccgcgagcc aggggctggc
    39841 ggcggaggcg ctgcgctatg gccaggggtt cgagcatctc tactacctgc tggaagcggc
    39901 ggtggcgggc ctcggcgttg ccatcgcccc ggaggcgctg gtccgcgacg atctcgccgc
    39961 gggccgcctg gcggcgccct ggggcttcat cgagaccgat gcgcgcctgg ccctgtgggt
    40021 accggcgcgc ctgcacgatc cgcgtgccgg gcgcctggcg caatggttgc gggagcagtt
    40081 ggcaggctga gcgctggcga tttgctgcac ttttccggct cggctagtgt ccattgaaca
    40141 gaggcgcccg tcgggcgcga agaaccaggc atcgtccggg gagagagttc atgtccaatc
    40201 accacaccta caagaagatc gaactggtcg gctcgtccaa gaccagcatc gaggacgcca
    40261 tcaacaacgc cctcgccgaa gcggcgaaga gcattcagca tctggaatgg ttcgaggtgg
    40321 tggatacccg cgggcacatc gagaacggcg ccgtcggcca ttaccaggtg accctgaaag
    40381 tagggttccg tatcgccaat agctgatggc accctggaaa cctgtccacg atcgcctgcg
    40441 ccctggaaag gccgccgtgt ctttccgctt cgccggatca tgcacaggct atgagggcgg
    40501 cgtgcctcca tgggcggcgc gctcgtctca accttgccgc atttggcaag cctgacccgt
    40561 tcgggtcttc atccatgcaa cgagggaatg tgttcatgaa gaagttgatg ttggcagtcg
    40621 gcctgtttgc cgtggcgggc agcgcattcg ccgccaagcc ctgtgaggaa ctgaaagccg
    40681 agatcgatgc gaagatcaag gccaacggcg ttcctgccta caccctggaa atcgtcgaca
    40741 agggcagcgt caccgacaag aaggtagtcg gcacctgcga cggcggcacc aaggaaatcg
    40801 tctaccagcg cggctgatgc agcgcctgcg acgagcagta tccggggccg gctttcccat
    40861 gggagccggc cctttctttt tgccgcgatg agtaccctgc caacgatggg tcttgttgca
    40921 gctcgtcgag aaagcgtgcc atctaacgga ttaatcccaa agtctgtgtt aggtttttcg
    40981 gcacgcccag atggccttgt gccttacttc cggattgtcc gactcatgga agacggattt
    41041 cggaatattc ctgcttaccc gctgtagccg ctgggccaac atcgcgcctt tctgtatttc
    41101 aaggaatgaa atcgtggctc tccatcgcct ggcctttatc ttcctgtgcc tgccgctcat
    41161 ggccagcgcc gcccccttca cctcccccgg cgaccgcgac ctgatccgcg accgccagca
    41221 gcgcctgctg gacgaacagc gcaagcgcct ggaggaactc cagcaactgc ccggcagggg
    41281 agcgcccgcc gctgcggatg cctccggcga cgacgagcgc tgcttcgaga tccgccgcat
    41341 cgagctggaa ggcgccgggc acctcggcga aagcgcgcgt cgccaactgc tggcgcccta
    41401 ccaggggcgc tgcctgggcg tcggccagct caatgcgctg ctcaaggccg tcaccgacca
    41461 ttacctggat cgcggctacg tcaccacccg tgcctacctg ccacagcagg acctggcctc
    41521 cgggaccctg cgcatcatcg tcgtcgaagg ccgcctggag ggcctggaca gctccgcgct
    41581 ggccagcccg cgcgaactga cgatgagctt tccgggcagg accggcgagc tgctcgacct
    41641 gcgcgagctg gagcaactgg tcgaccagtt gagccgcctg ccgtcgcgcc aggcgcaact
    41701 ggagctggtg cccggcagcg aggtcggcgg cagccgggtg cgtctcaagg gcgagcgcga
    41761 caagccctgg cgggtctccg ccacgcgcaa caacgacggc gacgtcagca ccggcgagca
    41821 gcagatgggc ctgggcctgg actgggacag cccgctgggc ctggccgacc agctcaacct
    41881 gcgcgccaac cgcgacgcgg tgaccgaccg ctggcgccat tccgacagcc agagcctgtt
    41941 ctacagcctg ccctggggct ggtggacctt cacctacggc tacagccaga gcgactaccg
    42001 cacgcgcaac gaggccagcg gcttcccctt caagctcgat ggcgacagcc gcagccacca
    42061 gttccgcgcc gaacgcgtgc tgcaccgcga cggtgtgagc aagaccgcca tgagcctggg
    42121 gctcagccac cagcgcacca acaactatgt cgaagacacc cgcctggaag accagagcac
    42181 gcggatcacc gagacccagc tcggcttcaa ccacggccgg cggatcggca gcggcttcgt
    42241 caacctcgac ctcggctggc agcagggcat cggcgccctt ggcgcgcagg gtcgcggcca
    42301 cccgcaggcg ggcgatccgc atgcgcgcta cgacaagtac agcctgaccc tcagctacct
    42361 gcagccgttc cagctatggg gcgagcgctt cagcttcgac agcctggcca ccgggcaaag
    42421 gagcgaggac gtgctgttca gcccgcagcg catcagcctc ggcggcaaca gctcggtgcg
    42481 cggcttcaag gaccagaccc tgaccggcga cagcggcggc tactggcgca accagttgcg
    42541 ctggcggcgc gcggtggaat gggcgccgct gcggccctgg ctgcaggaat acggcgtggc
    42601 cttcgcctac gacgtcggcg tgatccgcca cgaccgctac aacgacggcg ccagcgggcg
    42661 catgagcggc aacgccatcg aactggatgc ccgcggccgc tatttcgccg ccagcgtcgg
    42721 cttcgcccgc tcgctggagc ggcccagcgc catcgagcgg cgcgagcacc cgatctattt
    42781 ccgggtcgac gcgttcttct gaagacgcgg cgacctcctg aacgctttag gaaagcgcct
    42841 acctgcatcg aggccctttc cttggaaaac cttgcttaac ctcgccgggc ccctacccgc
    42901 caaggagnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    42961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    43141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnaggg tacccagctc ggcgggatca
    43201 tcctcggcaa ccccaacctc aagggccagg cggcgcaggt gatcctcaac caggtcaccg
    43261 gcggcaaccg cagcaccctg gccggctaca ccgaggtggc cgggcagtcg gcgcgggtga
    43321 tcgtcgccaa cccgcacggc atcacctgcc agggctgcgg cttcatcaac acgccgcgcg
    43381 cgaccctcac caccggcaag ccgatcatgg acggccagcg cctggagcgc ttccaggtgg
    43441 acggcggcga catcgtcgtc gaaggcgccg aactgaacgt cggcaacctc gaacagttcg
    43501 acctgatcac ccgcagcgcc aagctcaacg ccaagctcta cgcgaagaac ctcaacattg
    43561 tcaccggccg caacgacgtc caggccgaca gcctgcaggc cacgccgcgc gccgccgatg
    43621 gcagcgagaa gccacagctg gcgatcgaca gctcggcgct gggcgggatg tacgccgggg
    43681 cgatccgcct ggtcggcacc gagcagggcg tgggggtgag gctggccggc gacatggccg
    43741 ccagcggcgg cgacatccgc atcgacgcca gcggcaagct gagcctggcc caggcctcca
    43801 gccagggcga cctgaagatc gcggcccagg ccgtggagct gaacggcaag acctacgccg
    43861 gcggcagcgc cgagattcgc agcgcggagg aactgctcaa ccggcagagc ctggcggcgc
    43921 gcgaacgcat cgcgctggag gcggcgcata tcgacaacgc cggggtgatc gaagccggcg
    43981 tcgagccaga cgagcggcgc aacgcgcgcg gcgacctcga gctgcgcagc ggcaccctgc
    44041 gcaacgccgg cagcctggtg gccagccgcg cgctggaagc gaaggcgagc caggcgctgg
    44101 acaaccaggg cggcagcctg aagggggcga ccgtccgggt cgacgccggg cacctggaca
    44161 accgtggcgg caagctgctc gccgagggcg aactgcgggt cgaggcgagc agcctggaca
    44221 accgccagga cggcctgttg cagagccgtg accgcgccgt ggtcaagacc cgtggcgatc
    44281 tcgacaaccg tggcggccag gtgatcggcc tgaacgacct ggaggtcggc gcggcgacgc
    44341 tcgacaacgg ccagcaaggc ctgctcggca gccagcagtc cacccgcgtc agcgcccagg
    44401 cgctggtcaa ccggggggac ggcgaagtct ccggcaagcg cgtcgaggcc cgcgtcggca
    44461 gcctcgacaa tcgcggcggc aagctgatcg gcgacgacct gctggtggtc gccagcggtg
    44521 ccatcgacaa ccgcctcggc ttgttctccg cggccaaccg cctcgacctg cgggcgcgca
    44581 gcctggacaa cagcggcaag ggcacgctga gcagccgggg cggcctggag gtcagcctcg
    44641 gcggcctgct ggacaaccgc gatgaaggca acctgctcag ccagggcgcg cagcgcgtga
    44701 cggtggggca actggacaac cgcgccggcg gcctgctgtc gagccgcagc gagttgaacg
    44761 tccacggcgc cagcctggac aaccgtggcg gcgtgctggt ggccgacgct ggcctgagcg
    44821 ccacgggagg cgccttcgac aaccgcgacg gcggcagcgc cagcggcaag gctggcgtgc
    44881 gcgtggaggt cgccagcctg cgcaacgacc agggtggcaa gctgctcagc gatggccgcc
    44941 tggacctcgc agcgaacgcc gtcggcaacg ccggagggcg tatcgccgcc aagggcgacc
    45001 tgcaggcgac gcttggcagc ctggcccagc aaggtggcga actggtcagc gaaaagaccc
    45061 tgaaggtcgc ggccgacacg ctcgacaaca gccagtccgg gctgatcgcc gcgaatggcg
    45121 gcatcgctat cgaggcgcgg caggtcgaca accgcgccgg cgagatttcc agcacctcga
    45181 aggtcgccgt gaacgcccgc gagcaactgg acaaccgcgg cggcaaggtc atcggcgaca
    45241 gcggcctgcg cctcaccgtg cagcgcctgc tgaaccaggc caagggggtg ctggccgggc
    45301 gcgacggcct gagcctggac ggcggcgaac tgttcaacgg cgacggcggg cggctcgaca
    45361 gccagaacag cctgagcgtg agcctcggcg gcgtgctgga caaccagggc ggcgcgctgg
    45421 tcagcgaagg cagcctgacg gcgcgcgccg cgcgcctgga caaccgtggc gggaccttct
    45481 ccagcgccgg tgcgctggcg ctgaccagcc aggccgcgct ggacaaccag ggcggcaggc
    45541 tgctcagcga tgccggcgtg acgctgcagg gcgccagcct cgacaacagc cgttccggcg
    45601 tgatcagcgc caagggagcg gtggatatcc gcaccggcgt actggacaac agccgcaacg
    45661 gcggcatcgg cagcaacgcc ggcatcaccc tggtggccgc ccggctggac aacggccagc
    45721 agggccgggt cagcgccaag ggcctgctcg acgccaacct gaaaggcctc gaccagcgcg
    45781 gaggcggcgt cctggtcagc gaaaccggcg tcaccctcga cctcaatggc ggcacgctgg
    45841 tcaaccgcga cggcggcctg atcgccacgc ccggcgcgct gctgctgcgc cagctcggcg
    45901 cggtggacaa cggcgccggc gggggaatct ccagcgaccg cgctttcacc ctcgccgccg
    45961 ccagcctgga caaccscggc gggggcccgc tcggcgccsm cagcctgacc ctgcgcatcg
    46021 cccaggccct ggacaacagc ctgggcgggg tgatctccgg cgccgccggc ctggacatcg
    46081 cggccgctcg cctggacaac agcgccaagg gcaccctggc cagccgcgcc ggcatcgacc
    46141 tgcgcgtcga cggcgcgctg gacaaccacg ccgaaggcac cgtctccggc gcccgcctga
    46201 cgctcgccag cgcctcgctg gacaacagcg gcaagggcct gctctccggc aacgccggcc
    46261 tgagcgtcgt cactggcgcg ctggacaacg ccgagggtgg ccagttgatc agccagggcg
    46321 tgctggacgt cagcagcgcc gacctcgaca accgtggcgg cgccctcagt ggcaagcagt
    46381 cgctgcgcct gagcgccgcc aacctggaca accgtggcgg cctgctcacc agcgacggcg
    46441 aactggaact gacggcaggg cgcgtcgatt ccgccgacgg cggcgaaatc tccgcccggg
    46501 gcgacctgcg cctgacggtc gagcgcctgg tgcaacgcca gggccggctg gtcggcgagc
    46561 gcggcgtcag tctcgacctg cggggcggcg acctggacaa ccagggcggc ctgatcagtg
    46621 cccgcggccc gctgagcatc gagcggctga acgtcctcga caaccgccag ggcggcgaga
    46681 tttccagcca gcagggcttc gagctgctgg ccaggcgcat cgacaacggc cagcaggggc
    46741 gcatcatcag cgccgggaaa ctgcgcctgg acgccgacgc gctgggcaac gccggcgccg
    46801 gcctgctctc cggatggcag ggcctgacgg tgacaggcgg gagcctggac aacagcgccg
    46861 gcggcaccct ttcgagcaag gacggcgagc tggccatcag cctcggcggc gcgctggaca
    46921 accacggcca gggcgcgctg gtcagcaagg gcgcgcaaca gatcgacgcc gccagcctgg
    46981 ataacgccca gggcatcgtc tccggcgaaa gcgacgtgac cctgagcatc gccgggaagc
    47041 tggacaacgg ccagggcggc ctggtctcgg cgcagcgcgc gctgagcttc gagcgcgacg
    47101 atacgctgct gaacaacgcc ggcggccgga tcaacggcgg cagcctgctg ctcaagggcg
    47161 ccagcctgga taacagcgac ggccagttga tcagccaggg ccggctcgac gccatcctcg
    47221 gcggcgccct ggtcaacacc ggcgcggcgc gcctggccag cggcggcgac ctgctgctgc
    47281 gcagcgccag cgtcgacaac cgcggcggca agctggtcag ccaggggctg ctggagatca
    47341 gcgccggcag cctcgacaac agcgcctccg gcaccctcgc cagccaggcc gacatgagcc
    47401 tgcgcctggt cggcggcgcc ctgcgcaacc agcaggacgg cctgatcttc agccaggccg
    47461 gcgccctcga ggtgcaggcc ggcagcctgg acaaccgcca gggcacgctc caggcccagg
    47521 gtgacaaccg gctgcgtatc ggcggcgcgc tggacaacca gggcggccgc ctggacagcc
    47581 gggccggcaa cctcgacctg cagagcggca gcctcgacaa cggcgccggc ggcgtgctca
    47641 acagcgccaa gggttggctg aagctggtca ccgggctgtt cgacaacagc gccggcgtta
    47701 cccaggcgca gtcgctggag attcgcgccg ggcaaggcgt acgcaaccag cagggccatc
    47761 tctcggcgct gggcggcgac aaccgcatcg tcaccgccga cttcgacaac cagggcggcg
    47821 gcctctacgc cagcggcctg ctcagcctcg acggccagcg cttcctcaac cagggcgcgg
    47881 cggcgggcca gggcggcaag gtcggcgccg ggcgcatcga cttcagcctg gccggcgcgc
    47941 tggccaaccg cttcggccag ttggaaagcg aaagcgagct gcacctgcgc gccgccgcga
    48001 tcgacaacag cggcggcagc ctgcgcgccc ttggccgcag cggcagcacg cggctggtcg
    48061 ctggcgacct gaacaacgcc tacggcgtgc tggaaagcgc caaccaggac ctcgacctgc
    48121 aactgggcag cctggccaac gccggcgggc gcatcctcca caccggcaac ggcaccttcg
    48181 gcctggattc cgggcaggtg atccgcgccg gcggcgaact gaccaccaat ggcctgctgg
    48241 acatccgcgc cagcgaatgg accaacagca gcgtgctgca agccggacgc ctgaacctgg
    48301 acatcggcac cttccgccag acggccgagg gcaagctgct ggcggtgcag tccttcactg
    48361 gccgcggcgg cgactggagc aacgacggcc tgctggccag cgacggcagc ttgcgcctcg
    48421 acctgagcgg cggctaccgt ggcaacggcc gcgccaccag cctcggcgac ttcgccctga
    48481 acgccgccag cctcgacctc ggcaacgccg ccagcctcgc cggcggcgcc aatgtcacgc
    48541 tcggcgccgg caacctgctg gtcaaccgtg ggcggatcac cgccgccggc gacctcgtgg
    48601 ccagcgccgc gagcctgaac aactacggca ccctgggcgg cggcggcaac ctgcgattga
    48661 acgcgcccgc cctgctcaac gagcgcgggt tgctgttcag tggcgccgac atgaccctgc
    48721 gcgccggcga catcaccaac ctctacgggg atgtgtacag cctcggcagg ctggatatcg
    48781 cccgcgacga tgccggcaac cgtgccgcca gcctgcgcaa cctttccggg gtgatcgaga
    48841 gcggcaagga cttcagcctg cgtgccagcc tgatcgagaa ccgtcgcgcc gtgctggaaa
    48901 gcaagtcggg cctgtacacc gcgaagatgg agcagaccgc ctgcatcgaa ggcgtcaacg
    48961 cgggcgactg cagcggcaag cgcaacgcca tctggaccat cacccagcgc gacaagaccg
    49021 aggtcaccgc cagcagcgcc atggggcaac tgctggccgg aggcgacttc gccatcgacg
    49081 gcggcaccct gaacaacctt tccagcctga tcggcagcgg cggcaacctc accgccaacc
    49141 tcgaagtcct cgacaaccag ggcctggaaa ccggcgagct ggaaaccatc cgcgtgctgc
    49201 gtaccgctcg cggcggcgat atcggcggca tcgaccagaa gtcgcgcaac ttcaccaacc
    49261 tctactggta ccagagcgcc aatttcgacc cggcgcgcgc gggcgagatt cccgccgcgc
    49321 tcaacgcgat cctcagcgac tggtccttcg agtacgaatt cccgagcaag ggaccgaccc
    49381 cgatcagcag tggcgaccag tcctacgcag cggtgatcca ggccgccggc gacgtcacgg
    49441 tcaatgccag cacgcgcatc gacaacggcg tcacccgccc cggctacacc ttcgtcggca
    49501 gcggccgcca ggtgggcgac agcgcggtgg gcggcagcgg ggtttcggtg gtcgtgccgc
    49561 tgacctcgca actgccgccc gacctggcgc ggcgccaggt caacccggtt accctgcccg
    49621 gcttcagcct gccccagggc gacaacggcc tgtttcgcct cagctcgcgc ttcgccgagg
    49681 acggcaacgg cagcgccgcg ctcggtgccg gcgccgacct cacccagggc ggcagcggcg
    49741 tctcggtcgg ccagcagggc gccggcaacg tcgccggtac ctggcagggc cagggcgtgc
    49801 gagtcgacgg cctggctggc gcggccaacg tccagggtca gggcggcagc acgctcggcg
    49861 gtagcctgcc gggcgtcgcc cgggtccagg gcgtgcccgg caacgccacg ccgagcgcta
    49921 gccacaagta cctgatcgag accaacccgg cgctcaccga gctgaagcag ttcctcaact
    49981 cggactacct gctcagcggc ctgggcatga acccggacga tagcaagaag cgcctcggcg
    50041 acggtctcta cgagcagcgg ctgatccgcg acgcggtggt ggcgcgcacc ggccagcgct
    50101 acatcgacgg gctgagcagc gacgaggcac tgttccgcta cctgatggac aacgccatcg
    50161 cttacaagga caagctccag ctgcaactgg gcgtgggttt gagcgcggag cagatggcgg
    50221 cgctgaccca cgacatcgtg tggttggaag aggtcgaggt gaacggcgag aaggtcctcg
    50281 cgccggtggt ctacctggcc caggcggagg gtcggctggc acccaacggt gcgctgatcc
    50341 agggccgcga cgtgaagctg gtgagcggcg gcgacctgca taacgtcggc accctgcgcg
    50401 cgcggaacga cctcagcgcg acagccgaca acctcgacaa cagcggcctg atcgaggccg
    50461 gcaagcgcct cgacctgctc gccggcgact cgatccgcaa ccgccagggc ggggtcatcg
    50521 ccgggcgcga cgtgagcctc accgcgctga ccggcgacgt gatcaacgaa cgcagcgtga
    50581 cccgctacga cagcgcgctc gacggccgca cctgggaacg cagcttcgcc gacagcgccg
    50641 cgcgggtgga ggcggcgaac agcctgaacg tccaggccgg acgcgacatc gccaacctcg
    50701 gcggggtgct gcagagccgc ggcgacctca gcctcgacgc cggacgcgac gtcaccgtcg
    50761 ccgccgtcga ggaccgccag ggccagaccc gctggaacac gtcgcggcta cagagcgtga
    50821 cccagctcgg cgccgaagtc agtgccgggc gggacctgaa cgtcagcgcc gggcgcgacc
    50881 tcagcgcagt ggccagcgcc ctcgaagcgc gccgcgacat cgccctctcc gccgggcgcg
    50941 acgtgaccct ggcggcggcg gcgaacgagg agcatgccta cagcaagacc aggaaggtca
    51001 cctaccagga agacaaggtc gcccagcaag gcacccgcgt ggatgccggc ggcgacctgg
    51061 cgatcaatgc cggacaggac ctgcgcctga tcgcgagcca ggccagcgcc ggcgacgagg
    51121 cctacctggt ggccggcgac aagctggaac tgctggccgc caacgacagc aactactacc
    51181 tgtacgacaa gaagaagaaa ggcgacttcg gccgcaagga aacccggcgc gacgaagtca
    51241 ccgacgtcaa ggcggtgggc agccagatca gcagcggcgg cgacctcacc ctgctcagcg
    51301 gtggtgacca gacctaccag ggcgcgaagc tggaatcggg caacgacctg gccatcgtca
    51361 gcggcggcgc ggtgaccttc gaggcggtaa aggacctgca ccaggaaagc cacgagaaga
    51421 gcaagggcga cctggcgtgg cagtcgtcga agggcaaggg ccagaccgac gaaaccgtgc
    51481 gccagagcca gatcgtggcc caggggaatc tggcgatcaa ggccgtggaa gggctgaaga
    51541 tcgacctcaa gcatatcgac cagaagaccg tgagccagac catcgacgcg atggtgcagg
    51601 cggatccgca actggcgtgg ctgaaggagg ccgagcagcg cggggatgtg gactggcgca
    51661 tggtgcagga ggtgcacgat agctggaagt acagcaactc ggggttgggg gctgcgccgt
    51721 cactggccat tgccatcgtt gcagctgctt acctcggccc ggtgtatggc gcaatggcca
    51781 gcaacctcgc cattggcacc atcaacaatg gcggtgacct tggcaagggg ctgcaacagg
    51841 ccaccagcgc tgacagtctg aaagggtacg ccatcgcagc ggccacggct tatctstata
    51901 taaaatatga tggtgtttat ccggagtcag atctgcttga gtatttgtca aaaagtgagc
    51961 taggtgtttt tagagttcca aaggagcatc tatatcgaat gaaagggaca gatttatttt
    52021 ctctactcta aattttctga gcatggaggc tccagcgcag atgccgtaaa ggaacttcgc
    52081 gatgcctagc gaattatttg ctttgagcgt ttcagagtgg gcgcagtcgc cgaaattaga
    52141 gtagtaaaaa taaatctgtc ccctttttta caagggacca gcataaaggg gacagattta
    52201 ttttccctac tctaattttc taagcaggga ggctccagtg cagacgccgt aaggaggctc
    52261 cgcgatgcct aggcaagggc gagtggtttt accgaattat ccgcttcacg tggtccagcg
    52321 gggacacaat cggcaagtgg tattcgccga ggacgaggac taccagcgtt acctctccga
    52381 tctacgggac ctcaaggatg cctttggtat caaggtctac gcattttgcc tgatgaccaa
    52441 ccatgtccat ctgctcttgg cgcctggtga ttcgctgtct ggcttggcgc aactgatgaa
    52501 aacgctggcg gcgcgcacga cacgatatcg gaatcgcttg gagggccgtt ccggaacgtt
    52561 gtgggaaagt cgctataaat cgagtgtcgt acagagcgat gcctacctgc tggcgtgttg
    52621 ccggtacatc gaactgaacc ctgttcgggc gcggatggtg gacgatgtgg cggcctatcc
    52681 ctggtcaagt tatgggctgc gggcggattg gttgaaggag ccaaactggt tggatatgga
    52741 ttcctgcttc attgagctag gtcagacggc cgaagagaga tatcggcgat acgtaacgtt
    52801 catgaaagag gcgataccgg ccgaggaatt gaggctgatt cgcgaggcgg ttcagcgtgg
    52861 acaactgacg ggcaatcaac ggttcgtgga cgagatcgag cgggtagccg gggtgagaat
    52921 agagcggcgt gggcaagggc ggccgagatt agagcaggnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    52981 nnnnnnagag atatcggcga tacgtaacgt tcatgaaaga ggcgataccg gccgaggaat
    53041 tgaggctgat tcgcgaggcg gttcagcgtg gacaactgac gggcaatcaa cggttcgtgg
    53101 acgagatcga gcgggtagcc ggggtgagaa tagagcggcg tgggcaaggg cggccgagat
    53161 tagagcaggg aaaataaatc tgtccccttt tttctttttt tcttagtccc cttttttctt
    53221 acattaccag acggacgggc tgctagttgg ggtggggatg gtaaatttat tgggtttaga
    53281 ggcgtgcaaa aatgaaggta aatttgattt ttgaaaaagt tggagatgtt aatagtgatt
    53341 atccatatct ttgtgtatat aaggtagcga attatttgct ttgagcgttt cagagtgggc
    53401 gcagtcgccg aaattagagt agtaaaaata aatctgtccc cttttttaca agggagtgct
    53461 ataacggggc agagtttcaa gactggacaa gcgtttgacg ttggtagggt gagtgacttc
    53521 gatattgcct tggcaggccc tgagttgttg cagcgtgcac agccgctagg aataggtttg
    53581 agaagcggcg gtactcgtac tggtcctctg agcggaagag atttgcaagc acttggatta
    53641 aaagatctag ctagaaagct aagtgcacaa gcagggcgtg aagttaactt tatgatttat
    53701 gattctgcgg caacggctgc aagccgcgct ccgagcttgg tacttccaaa atgattgcat
    53761 atgacttgta cggaacgaaa aatctcagcc ttttgctggc aagagagcat atagagaaaa
    53821 tttttggagt gcctcttgat gaaagaaata gttcttatca aggaggggat tactacatgt
    53881 ttggtagtaa tgattcggag aattttattc tgaaagccaa tcttgaccct cttgatgatg
    53941 aaccagtaga gttaaatttt cctgactacc ctattttgct ctatataaac gccacgacac
    54001 gttcatctgc tatagaaggg gtaatcaaga agggtgcatg ctttaagctg ctcaggcatg
    54061 aaatgttcta ggaatgaaag aacagagggg actgatttat tttccctact ctaattttct
    54121 aagcagggag gctccagcgc agacgccgta aggaggctcc gcgatgccta ggcaagggcg
    54181 agtggtttac cgaattatcc gcttcacatg gtccagcggg gacacagtcg ccaagtggta
    54241 ttcgccgagg acgaggacta ccaacgctac ctctccgatc ctcaaaacct cgaggatgcc
    54301 ttcgataaca agctccatgc attttgccga ataaccaccc atatccatct gctcctggcg
    54361 gcttgccgac cctcctttct actgccccgt cgcacagcgc cccaatgtac tagtacaccg
    54421 gaaaccgccg tctcccgttg aacgggcggg ccccggcccc ctaccattcg cagcacaccg
    54481 acccgcgcaa agggagcggg atgccgcgta ggcaggccgc catggaagga gaagcaaata
    54541 tgccggtact ggctctgaga ctcaccgccc tggcggccct tgcgatcagc gtgtcggggt
    54601 gcgtcatgga ggcctatggc agtcgcgcgc gtagcgatgc gcagtcctgg atcggcttgc
    54661 cgatccagga cgtgatcaag cgcttcggcg agccggaacg tgtgacgggg gatgccgcca
    54721 ggcagaagta cgtgtggaag gagtacgaga actatagcca cgactacgac tacacctact
    54781 acgagcaggg ccatggcaat acgcccaaca gctcggtcct gaaccagaag accggcacgg
    54841 ccaaccagag cggctattac acctgcatct acgagttctt tgccgacgcc tcgggcaggg
    54901 tggtcgatgc gaccgcgcgg ggtgagtgcc gctagttcca ggcgctcttc acgccgcaaa
    54961 ggttgattgg ctcagccagc caccgccttg tctccgacgt cgcagagacg cctcagtcca
    55021 gcgcggaggc gtcccctccc ctcgctccgc cgtgatcgcc aggccgccct gcctcacccg
    55081 ggtcctggtc cggtcctcga aacccggccg ttgcagccag tagccgcgca ggttgatgcg
    55141 gggcgccagg cggttgccgt cgcgttcgtc cagcggtgct ccggggtttc cccggcgcct
    55201 cacaacagga tcagcagcgc tcctaccagc agccccgcca ggctgaaggg cagcgtttgc
    55261 agggccagcc gcttgccgcc caccagcacg accaggccgg ccttgaccag gctgttgctc
    55321 agggcggcaa gggcgatgcc gcggctggcc acgcctggat cgagttcgcc ctgcgccgcg
    55381 cgggccaggg acagggtgat cgcgtcgacg tcggcgaggc cggagagcaa cgcgaccgca
    55441 tagatgccgg cgtcgccgaa cagccgccgg ccgacctcca ccaacagcag gatcgcgctc
    55501 agcaaggcgg cgaaacgcat ggccgggagc agttcgaagg ggttgcgcag gcctggctcg
    55561 tcgggcgcct cctggctggc gcggccgccg cgcagggcgt ggaacagcgt gccgccaagg
    55621 tagacgaggg tggtggcggc gaatggcagg gccagctcct tcagcaaggc cgggtggatc
    55681 gcgccgatct cgacaaggat gcgcgggaac atcagcgccg aggtcgccag cagggcgcac
    55741 gccaacaggg cgtcgggcat gcgctcgcgc aggcgcgcca gggtcagggt catcaccgtg
    55801 gaggacacca ggccgccgag caccgcggtc agcaacaggc ccttgcgcga gccgatcagg
    55861 cggatggcca ggtaggcgga gaaaccgagg gcggcgatca gcaccaccat ccaccaggtc
    55921 aggtagggat tgaagaacgc ccagggacca tagccctggt tgggcagcac cggcagcagg
    55981 accacggaaa tgaacagcag cttgagggtg cccgatagct cctcggcggt caggcgcttc
    56041 agcagggcgt ggagcttgtc cttgaggctc agcagcaggg tcagcacgat gccgccggcg
    56101 gcagccagca ggcgctgttc ggtgagggcg aggctgccga ggaggaaggt catcagcagg
    56161 gcgatctcgg tggtcatgcc ctggtcgccg ccacgcctga catcgctcac gtagccggcc
    56221 acggccagcg ccgcgagggc cagcagcaag gctacccaga ctgcgctgcc cagttcgccc
    56281 gcgagcaggg tggcgaagcc gccgagcagg ccggccaggc tgaaggtgcg gattccggcg
    56341 atctgccgcg catcttcgtg gtcgcgctcc tgccagccgc gctcggcgcc gatcaggagg
    56401 ccgatggcca gggccgtgca caggctcaac aacagatcca gggaaagcgt catgctcgat
    56461 tccattcgcc gggagagagg atggcgacgt gcctgtgcgc accatagcag cagacgaccc
    56521 cgaggcgccc gcacggcggt gcgccgtcca ccaagagccc gtcgctgccg ccgatatcca
    56581 tcgggttctc cgccccggtg taggcgcacg ggagctggcg tagggaaagt ccgctgtttt
    56641 tcggccgctg acggttctct ttccgcgtgc tccgacggcc gccaacagta aaaaaaccac
    56701 ggccaatcct gataggcgga ggggcgcctc gttcctagac tggcggggaa acatcaggag
    56761 acgtcaatca tcatgcatat tcaatcatct cagcagaacc cgtctttcgt ggctgagttg
    56821 agccaggccg tggccgggcg cctgggacag gtcgaggccc gccaggtggc cactccccgg
    56881 gaggcgcaac aactggccca gcgccaggaa gcaccgaagg gcgagggcct gctctcccgc
    56941 ctgggggccg ccctcgcgcg tcccttcgtg gcgatcatcg agtggctggg caaactgctg
    57001 gggagccgtg cccacgcctc cacccaggcg ccgctctccc gtcaggacgc gccgcctgcc
    57061 gccagtctct cggccgccga gatcaagcag atgatgctgc aaaaggcact gcccctgacc
    57121 ttgggcggac ttggcaaggc gagcgagctg gcgactttga cagcggagag gctggcgaag
    57181 gatcacacgc gcctggccag cggcgacggc gccctgcgct cgctggccac cgccctggtc
    57241 gggattcgcg atggcagccg gatcgaggct tcccgtaccc aggctgcccg cctgctcgaa
    57301 cagagcgttg gggggatcgc gctgcaacag tgggggaccg cgggcggtgc cgccagccag
    57361 catgtactca gcgcaagccc ggagcaactg cgcgaaatcg ccgtccaact gcatgcggta
    57421 atggacaagg tcgccctgtt gcgccacgcg gtagagagcg aggtaaaggg cgagcctgtc
    57481 gacaaggcgc tggcggatgg cctggtggag cacttcgggc tggaggcgga gcagtacctc
    57541 ggcgaacacc cggacgggcc gtacagcgat gccgaggtga tggcgctcgg tctttatacc
    57601 aacggcgagt accagcacct gaatcgttcc ctgcgtcagg gacgggagct ggatgtgggc
    57661 caggcgttga tcgaccgggg catgtctgcc gcgttcgaaa agagcggacc ggctgaacag
    57721 gtcgtgaaga ccttccgcgg cacccagggc agggatgcct tcgaggcggt gaaagagggc
    57781 caggtcggcc acgacgccgg ctatctctcc acctcccggg accccagcgt tgccaggagc
    57841 ttcgcgggcc agggcacgat aaccaccctg ttcggcagat ccgggatcga tgtcagcgag
    57901 atatcgatcg agggcgatga gcaggagatc ctctacgaca aggggaccga catgcgcgtg
    57961 cttctcagcg ccaaggatgg gcagggtgtg acccgtcggg tgctcgaaga ggccacgctg
    58021 ggggaacgga gcggccacgg cgagggactg ctcgatgccc tggacctggc aaccgggacg
    58081 gatcgttcag gcaagcccca ggaacaggac ctgcgcctgg gaatgcgcgg cctcgacctg
    58141 gcctgaccgg tcgacggcag agacggacac tcccaagggg tgtccgtttt catttgcgcc
    58201 gtacagcgtc gggcgcaatg ggcggcaagg aggcctgcct ggctgccacc ggttggtggc
    58261 ggacaccggt gcccggcgtc ccacctcgat cctgcgaacg agacgcagtc agaattctcc
    58321 gagtatgctt cctgcataac gaaacgatcg gaataactgt ggtaactttg ccgcccaccg
    58381 agatggccta ttgatggctc atacggttcg tgcatcgctt cccgcacgat tgtttcggat
    58441 ttccaaggcc ggccgggagc gccggttgat cgacgcattc gtatttcaag gaaagaaatc
    58501 gtggccaccc catttcgccc ctcgccttgg cgcgccgccg tgccgcctgg ccttcctcga
    58561 ttttcactac gccctctttt ccgcacacgg gtcggctaga agccgctccg cgtcgatagc
    58621 gtttttttcc aggagaaccc catgagtcac agcgccaaga aagcactact gccgctcctc
    58681 gccgtcgcca ccctggccgg cctggcgggc tgcgccaccg agacctccac cgcgttgccg
    58741 gtacagcagg tcgagagcgt caaccgaccc tacagcggcg tgcgttcgcc gattgcggta
    58801 ggcaagttcg acaaccgctc cagctacatg cgcgggatct tttccgatgg cgtcgaccgc
    58861 ctcggcggcc aggccaagac cattctcatc acccacctgc agcagaccaa tcgcttcaac
    58921 gtgctggacc gcgacaacat gagcgagatc cagcaggaag cggcgatcaa gggccaggcc
    58981 cagcgcctga agggtgccga ctacgtggtg accggcgatg tcaccgagtt cggccgcaag
    59041 gaagtcggcg accgccagct gttcggcatc cttggccgcg gcaagtcgca gatcgcctac
    59101 gccaaggtgg cgctgaacat cgtcaacatc tctacctcgg aggtcgtcta ttcgacccag
    59161 ggcgctggcg agtacgccct gtccaaccgc gaggtgatcg gcttcggcgg caccgccagc
    59221 tacgactcga ccctcaacgg caaggttctc gacctggcca tgcgcgaggc ggtgaacaag
    59281 ttggtcaacg cggtcgatag cggcgcctgg aagccacaga accaataatc caccagaaac
    59341 cagggaatca cggcacacat gagcaagacg atcacatgga cggcggcgct gctggggagc
    59401 atggcgctgg ccgggtgcag cggaccgaag acgctgtacc agtgggaggg ctaccaggcc
    59461 caggtccacg aatacttcaa gggtgaatcc aaggaggccc aggcgcaggc gctggaagcc
    59521 gacctcgaga agatccgggc gaagaacggc gcggtgccgc cgggctacca cgcccagctg
    59581 gggctgctct attccagcat cggcaaggac gaccagatgg tccgcgagtt cgagaccgag
    59641 aaggcgctgt ttcccgagtc ggcgacctac atggacttcc tcctgaacaa cgcccgtgga
    59701 ggtgcccgtt gaaactcgcc cgactgtccg gcctggtggc cggtttcacc ctgctggccc
    59761 tgctcggcgg ctgcgcgccg accaagagcg tcgactactc ggcgttcaag caggccaagc
    59821 cgcgctcgat cctggtcctg ccgccgctga acgagtcgcc cgacgtgaag gcgacctaca
    59881 gcatgctctc gcaggtcacc ttcccgctgg ccgaggccgg ctactacgtg gtgccggtgg
    59941 cgctggccga cgagaccttc cgccagaacg gcctgaccag cgccggcgac gtgcaccagg
    60001 tgtccccggc caagctgcgc gagatctatg gcgccgacgc ggcgctgtac gtcacggtga
    60061 gcgactacgg cacgcgctac atggtgatca gcagcgcgac catcgtcacc gccagcgcca
    60121 agctggtcga cctgcgatcc ggcaccaccc tgtggaccgg ctcggcgacc gcctccagcg
    60181 aggaaggcaa cggcggcaac aacggcggcc tggtgggcat gctgatcacc gcggcggtca
    60241 agcagatcat caacagttcg gtggaggacg ccggttatcc gatcgccggg atgaccagcg
    60301 cgcgcctgct ctcggccggc cagccgggcg gactgttgta cggcccgcgc tcgccgaggt
    60361 acggcagcga ctgagccgtg cgccggggct acggggacgt ctccgtggcc tcggcgcaag
    60421 ccgccgggag gggcttggcc gctgcgttgc gcttggccat gtactggcgg atcaggtcgt
    60481 cgagcaacgc ccggatggcg cgccgctcgt ccagccgcag gcggccgatg gcctcgaact
    60541 gcaggcgcag gtcttccggt agcgcctgcc gctcgctgcg ctcgcagacc agccagtcga
    60601 ggggcaccgc gaaacgtccg gcgatggttt gcagcaccac cagcgacggg tgcccgccct
    60661 tggtttcgaa gtgccgcaac tggctcacgg tgacgcccag tcgctcggcc atctgccgtt
    60721 gggtcagggc gttctgctgg cgtaggcgta ggagattctg cgcgaagctc atggaaaact
    60781 ctccaagtca ggggaaatcc ttgccaccgc cccggtgatg cgggcgatgg cggttgtctc
    60841 catcatcggc gttcgcactc ttcgactctg ccctaccgtt ccggcgcggg cctgggaaag
    60901 ctccgggtcg tgagtccgag gtttccccgc gtgccgcctt tttcgattca gtagaggctg
    60961 aagcgacggg ctaccgtccc gttggcctgc gtcggcggca gtttggctcc gcggcgaagc
    61021 gataggacgc gagggccttg cgcctggcga ggactagtcc gcttgcgccc cctgcgccag
    61081 ggcgttgccg acgcccacca gcagcgcccg ggtctgcgcc acgatggcgc tgcggtaggc
    61141 ctcgtagcgg gcgtcgctga tggcgttgtc gttgcgcgcg ccgccgccgc tcgccggtac
    61201 gccggtgtag tagttgttca tcaccgggac atggatgtgc ccggcgggaa tctccaggcg
    61261 gaacgcgtcg cgcagcaccg tgttgcggta ggcgctctcg ttggacaggt agtcgccgcc
    61321 accgccgttg cgcgcgcaga tccgtcggtt cggcgggagc accagggagg gatcgggcat
    61381 ggcgttcatc accccgttgg tcggcacgtt ttcggtgcgc gggttggcgc aatcagggaa
    61441 gaagtcgtag ttggtgtgcc aggtgacctc gaagccttcc gcggcctggc tggtagcgcc
    61501 cggcggccgc tcgatgccgc gccaggtatc ggcggcgagc aactggcgga ccggcagcga
    61561 ggccttggag aactgtgccg gcaggttctg ccgccagcgg ctggcgctgt cgtagccgag
    61621 ccagcggcgc ggcgggttga tattgcagcc ggagccccgc agggaaatcg gcgcggtgcc
    61681 gggattggtc acgctgccca ggggaagcac gtagttgggc aaagcgctgt cggcggggca
    61741 gtagacgatg ccgtcgttgc cggcggagga gccgtggaag cggccgttcc aggcctccag
    61801 ccagaactgg ttggcgccgc cctggctgat ggtgatggag gcgtcgaccc ggcgcgggcc
    61861 ggggcggaac caggggccca gggtgtcttc ctgcatgccg cggttgaacg ggtcgtagct
    61921 gaccggcaac aggtaggcct cgatacgcag caggctgccg tcggccagcc tgaactcgcg
    61981 gccgtccagc gcaagggcgg tggcgcccga ggggttgccg ttgcgcaggc cggtgttcgc
    62041 cgtcccggga gtgcccaggg tgaagacgtc gaagccgctg atgatcatcc gccggtagcg
    62101 cgagccgtcg gcggcgtagc ggcgcggcag gtcgatgtcc agctgtccgc gcgaggcgcg
    62161 ttcgaagcgc cattgcagcg cctgggcctg ggccttgccg aggtggaagg atggcgccca
    62221 ctggcgcagg gtgcgggtca tgtagaggcg cgtccagtag agcatgcggt catcgctggc
    62281 cggcagcgcg ccggcgggaa tggcgcggcg cccctgggcc cggtcgacgg cggcgcgcca
    62341 cagcgcgcgg ccctcttcgg tgaccagctt cagtgccttg gcgtagctgc tgaccggggt
    62401 gcggccgtcg gcggcgcaca ggcgcttggc gaaggccggt tcgaagccgt cgaagccggc
    62461 gcccttgacg atgcgctcgg ccagcggcgt ctggtcatgg gtgacgacgt tggcgccgct
    62521 gaacggcagc ggcgtgtcga gccggcgctc ctcgtaggac aacgctgcct cgcggttcca
    62581 ggagcaggcg acgctgggcg gcttgcgggc gccggcgagg tcgccgttgg cggcccagcc
    62641 ggcgccgggc agcagggctg ccgagacggc cagggcgaag agggagtatc ggcttgcgtg
    62701 acgggcgtag cgcatcgggt ggactcctgt tcttgttcgg ttcatgggtc gatcggtgcg
    62761 gcgggcggag cgcgggcggg cggcgcccgc cggcggcggg ggccgggacc gacgcaaggt
    62821 gcgtcgcggg ttgctgcggt ggcggacggg agggcggtgc tagggggcgc gtgtcgccgg
    62881 tagacggagg cgcgcggagg gagggttgcg ggacgacgcg gaggcgtctg ggaaagtcag
    62941 gtcctttgcc atggatgcac cgatcgttgt tcttgctgtt gtggggcgtc ggtgggtgca
    63001 cggccggact tcgcacccgt gcggcattct tggaggcgcc ggcgcggtgc gtccaacgaa
    63061 tttatgtggc cgccggggat aggaaaagtt gatggcgaac cggtgccgaa gccccctgcc
    63121 ccggtacttt cgctggcgct gcggcaatcc accgcactgg cgcgttcgct cgggctggtc
    63181 tttgctctcc ggggtccggc ggctcgccgg cgagtcttgc ggtgcgccgc gagcggacgg
    63241 gcgttcggtc cttctgcagg caaatgccct tgttttcgga gaaggacacg gatcgttgat
    63301 cgctgtttcg accaaggagg tcagatgaaa aggaagatgc tggcggcttc gctgctgctg
    63361 tggatgttct cgctgacggc gcaggcggac tgcgcggtgc tcgggccggg ggaagatccc
    63421 tgcgcgggcc cggtgctggg accgaccgtc tgcgagtgcc cgtgatgacc gactgtaccc
    63481 tcgaccaggg acagggagcg ttcgattacc aaccaggagg ttgcaaatga agaaagtact
    63541 gttggctgtg ttcctgctct gtggcttctc tcttaccgcc caggccgcgt gcccggtttt
    63601 cggcccgtcc gaggacccgt gcagcgggcc ggtgttcggt ccgtcgacct gcgaatgccc
    63661 ttgaggtagg tcgtctggcg ggcccggtgc agcgggcccg cttccggatg gatcgctcgc
    63721 tcgaagttgc cttctttaat tctcccttcc ccgcgccgcc ctacttttcc cgctcgtcca
    63781 tcgtcgcctc gaacgttgcc atgaaatcag cgtcgatgga caactcttat attcaatagt
    63841 tgtacgatct gagtttgttg tagtcatttg cttagttggc tatccatatg attgacctaa
    63901 agcaattata agtttaattg gattagcttt ctaagtcttt ggaaagagcc gtgaacgacc
    63961 ctgtaatatc tggttgtaga gccgtgtaat gatgtttcag gatatttcat taattttgta
    64021 gattattgtt tttcctttgt ttttttaaaa acagctacca gatttagata gatattaatt
    64081 aactcggcca cgttttttcc tgttctatca ttggccttcc ttgggcgcag gcctgccgaa
    64141 actgattatc ttcaggtcct cgaaaagttc atacatcgac cgccttgggc gaagcattcg
    64201 tacgccggaa atctgtccgg ccgcacggat gttttcagca tgttctctgg atgagtttcc
    64261 cgataaacat caattagagg agtttcccta tgtgcggtct cgcgggttgg gtggattaca
    64321 cgcgcaagct cgacgacgaa tttccggcga tcttcgccat gaccgatacg ctcgccttgc
    64381 gcgggccgga tgccgagggc atctggaagc accgcaacgc cctgctgggt caccggcggc
    64441 tggcggtcat cgacctcagc ggcggcgtgc agccgatgtc ctatcgcttt cccaccggcc
    64501 aggaggtcac cctcgtctac accggcgagg tgtacaacca cgatgccctg cgcgagcggt
    64561 tgcgccgggc cggacatgag ttccgcaccc gcagcgatac cgaggtggtt ctgcacgcct
    64621 atctgcaatg gggcgagcgt tgttgcgagt acctgaccgg gatgttcgcc ttcgccgtct
    64681 tcgatggccg cgacggccac ctgctgctgg tgcgcgaccg cctgggcatc aagccgctgt
    64741 attacgcgcg gcaccgcgag ggactgctgt tcggctcgga gatcaagtcc atcctggcgc
    64801 atccggaatt cgccgccagg ctcgacgcgg tcggcctggt cgacctcctg acgctgtccc
    64861 ggggcacttc gcagacgccg ttccgcgagg tccaggaact gctgcccggc cacctgctgt
    64921 cctggcgtcc caattcccag gcgaagttgc gccgctattg ggaggtacgc cgccaggagc
    64981 atgccgacga cctgcagagc accgtgcagc gcacccgcga actggtcacc cgcgccctgg
    65041 gggcgcaatt gcacgccgac gttccggtgt gttcgctgct atcgggtggg ctcgattcga
    65101 ccgccctgac cggcatcgcc cagcgcatcg cgaaggcgga gcacggcggc gacatcaatt
    65161 cgttctcggt ggacttcgtc ggccaggccg agcagttccg cagcgacgac ctgcgtcccg
    65221 accaggacca gccgttcgcc ctgctggccg cgcagtacat cggcagccgt catcgcaccg
    65281 tgctcatcga caatgccgaa ctggtctgcg aacgagcgcg cgaagaggta ttccgggcca
    65341 aggacgtacc ttccaccttc ggcgacatgg atacctcgct gcacctgatg ttcggcgaga
    65401 tccgccggca ttccacggtg gccatctccg gtgaaggcgc cgatgagctg ttcggtggct
    65461 acggctggtt ccgcgatccg caggcggtgg ctgcggcgcg cttcccctgg gcctccaggg
    65521 tgcgcctgcc ggccggcttc atcgacgccg gtttcaaccg ccgctgcgat ctcctccagt
    65581 accagcaggc cagctacgac gatgggctgc gccaggtcga acacctggcc ggcgacagcc
    65641 cggaggagcg gcggatgcgc gagttcagcc acctgcatct gaagcgctgg atggtgctgc
    65701 tgctcgaacg caaggatcgc ctgagcatgt gcaacggcct ggaggtgcgg gtgccctaca
    65761 ccgaccatga gctggtggag tacgtctaca acgtgccctg gtcgatcaag agccgggacg
    65821 gcgaggagaa gtggctgctc aagcgggcct gcgccgacta tgtcccggaa gccgtgctca
    65881 agcgccgcaa gagcccttat ccgacttctg ccaacctcgg ctacgagcgt ttcctgcgcg
    65941 ggagcgtgcg gcgcctgctg gaggacgcgg cgaacccggt gttcggcatc gtttcgcgag
    66001 agttcctggc cgccgaactg gagcatccgg aggggtactt caacacccag gtgagccgcc
    66061 acaacctgga gaccgcactg gcgctggaag gctggctcag gttgtacggg ctctccgcct
    66121 gagcgtgacg cggggcgtgg cgggttcggg ctgctgtccg gcccgccggc gtcttcaggc
    66181 gtcgggcatt tcgccgcgtt cgccgagccc caccggcatg ccttccacgc cggcatggaa
    66241 cagcagggct tccaccggtt cggccccggc tatcaggcga tggatgatgt tcatcaggca
    66301 acccgccgcc tcgccttcca gcacccgcgt gctctgggct ccgtcgcggg tctccaggcg
    66361 cagttcgccc ttgagcacgt aaagcgcgct gggcatcgga tggacctgcc agtccaggcg
    66421 ttcgtgggcg gccaggctca ggcgctgcac ggtgagctgc ggctggccaa ggggatagcc
    66481 gaggtagagc gagccgttcc aggcgcagcc gctgcgcagc agggtttcgc ggtgcggact
    66541 ggttgcggcc gggaggtcgc ggctgggtgg gaacacatgc acgtggctgg ggcgaaggtc
    66601 catcgggcgt cctgcgcttg tcggtgtttt tcctcagtca agccggcttt caccgcctgc
    66661 tccactgccg cttctgctag gcggcagcgg gccatcaagg aggcggttgg ttcatcgcag
    66721 gcggcggctt tctcctttta gcctcggcgc atcggcggat aacgctgcgc gttatgcgcc
    66781 ctacgacnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    66841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    66901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    66961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    67021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    67081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    67141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    67201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    67261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    67321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
    67381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn gcggcagcgg gccatcaagg aggcggttgg ttcatcgcag
    67441 gcggcggctt tctcctttta gcctcggcgc atcggcggat aacgctgcgc gttatgcgcc
    67501 ctacgacttc ccgatgagag gcgatgcctt ctcaagcctc gcggatgaac cgcacgggta
    67561 cccgctcggt cagccagacg ccgttctccg cctggtggaa taggtgcccg gccagatgca
    67621 tgtcgcgcgc gtcgatttcc agcagaaccg ggctgccgta gcggcggccg acttccaggg
    67681 cggtggcgcg gcgggcggag agatggacgt ggtggcggct gccgggaacc aggccgcgct
    67741 cgcggatgga gtcgaggaag cggctggcgg tgccgtggta gagcactgcg ggcgggaccg
    67801 cgggggcgta ggcgatggcc accgcggcat gcgagtggcc ttgcacggcg cggatgcgct
    67861 ggccatcggc ggagagggcg aagcgcttct tgtcgttgtt ctcgaccacc gcgccgagca
    67921 gcatgcggtc gagggcgcgg ccgtcccgcg ccgcgccggc gatcagggcg tcgatgtcgg
    67981 cccagccttc gccgtccagc gtcaggccga tggcctcggg ctggtggcga aggacatagc
    68041 tgaggaactt gctggtgtcg tcgagggttt tccgatccat tccatggtcc ttgtgcgtgc
    68101 catcccggcg cgggaacctc aggcgccgcc gaggaagtcc atcttgccca gttcgacgcc
    68161 gttgtggcgg aggatggcgt aggcggtggt gacgtggaag aagaagttgg gcagggcgaa
    68221 gccgaagagg aagtcgcggc cgttgaagct gatctcctgg ccgcgcacct tgagggtcac
    68281 gttgcgctct tcggcgccgt ccagttgttc ctcgcggatg ccctcgagga actcgacggt
    68341 gcgagcgatg cgtgcctgga gttcgtcgaa ggtggtttcc gtatccgcgt agctcggcac
    68401 ttccagcccg gccagccgcg cgccggcgcc cttggcggcg tcgctggcga tctgcacctg
    68461 gcgcgccagg gggaacatgt ccggcgccag ccgggcgtcg atgaagatgc gcggatcgat
    68521 gttcttcgct tcggcgtggg cggcggcttt cttcaggatc gccgagaggt tgccgagggt
    68581 gcgcaggaag gtcgggatcg aagcctggta gatcgacagg gacatggacg tgctccagac
    68641 aggggataaa ggtgcgtcga aggcggcgcg tccagcagtc tacccggctt tcacgccagc
    68701 gccagggggc ccgcctcgtc ccagtgcgga tcggccgcca tccgttcgac caggaagtcc
    68761 agcagcgccc gcagcgccgg cggcatctgc cggcgcgagg cgtacaccgc gtggatgccg
    68821 agcacctgcg gcgaccactc cggcagcagc gccaccaggc gtccgctacg gatcagcggg
    68881 gctgccgagt acagcggctg ctggctgatc ccggcaccgg cggcggcggc ctccagcagc
    68941 acggtggatt cgttggcgct gagactgcca cccaccggca cgctggtcgg ctcgccgtcg
    69001 cgctcgaact gccagagact gcggccgaag taggagtagg tcaggcagtt gtgcagcgcc
    69061 aggtcctccg ggcgccgcgg ggtgccgtgg cggcgcaggt agtccggcgc ggcgcagatc
    69121 accgagcggc attcgccgag gcggcgggcg atcaggttgg ggtcgagctg gttggcgatg
    69181 cgcagggcca ggtcgatgcg ctcctccacc aggttgacca cctggctgtt gacctgcagg
    69241 tcgatggcgg tgcccgggta gcgctcgacg aaggcggcgg cggcacgggt cagccaggcc
    69301 tgggcgaagg acaggctgct ggtgatgcgc agagtgccgc gcgggctgtc gcggcgggtc
    69361 tggccggtgg cctgcatggc gtcggccacg gcgagcatct cgcggcactg cggcaacagc
    69421 tccgcgccgg cgtcggtcag gctcaggcgg cgggtgctgc ggtgcagcag gcgtgcgccg
    69481 acccactcct ccaactcggc gaggtagcgc gagaccatcg cccgggacat gtccagacgc
    69541 tcggcggcgg cggtctggct gccgctgtcg atgacttcga cgaagacgcg agtggcggtc
    69601 aggcggtcca tgattcgctc gatctatgca acaaagctgt gattattgcg gggctttttg
    69661 cgcgctttca agcaactaac atggcaagcc tctgatccca ctgcctggag aaccgctcat
    69721 gtcgcgccat ggattgcttc gttccctgtt cgccgccgcc gccctgctgg gtgccgccgg
    69781 cgtcttcgcc gccagcgccg aaccgctgcg gctggaggtc tacaaccccg gcgagaaggc
    69841 gatcttcgcc gtgtcctcgg aactgctggt gggccagcgc gaggcgatgc tgatcgacgc
    69901 gcagttctcc cgcgccgacg ccgagcaact ggtcaagcgt atccaggcca gcggcaagac
    69961 cctcagcact atctacatca gccacggcga cccggacttc tacttcggcc tcgacgtgct
    70021 gaaggccgcc ttccccgagg cgaagatcct cgcgacggcg cagaccgtcg cacacatcca
    70081 ggcgaccaag gacgccaagc tggcctactg ggggccgatc ctcaaggaca acgcgccgac
    70141 gtcgctggtg gtgccggagc cgctgaaggg cgaccagttg aagctggaag gccatgccct
    70201 gaaggtggtc gacctgaagg ggccgagccc ggaccgcacg gtgctgtgga ttccgtcgct
    70261 gaagacggtg gtcggtggcg tgctggtgga atccggttcg cacgtctgga ccgccgatac
    70321 ccagacccag gcctcgcgcc aggcctgggt ggcgatgctc gaccggatcg aggcgctgca
    70381 accgcggcgc gtggtgcccg gccatttcac cggcgaggag ccgaagggcc tggacggcgt
    70441 gcgcttcacc cgtgactacc tgaaggccct ggaagccgaa ctgcccaagg ccagggattc
    70501 cgccgcgctg gtcgaggcga tgaagcgccg ctacccgaac ctgccgggcg aggaaggcct
    70561 ggagctgagc gccaaggtgc tcaagggcga gatgcagtgg ccctgagccg cgcccgccga
    70621 tagccgctga tcgaggcgtc ccctgcgggg cgtctcgtgg agaccgagat gaacgacctc
    70681 accctgcatt acctctacga tccgctctgc ggctggtgct acggcgcctc gccgctgctc
    70741 gccgccgcct gcgaggtgac gggtctggac gtacgcctgc atggcggcgg catgatgacc
    70801 gatgccaacc gccagccggt cggcgccggc ctgcgccact acgtgatgcc ccatgacctg
    70861 cggatcgccc aactgaccgg ccagccgttc ggcaaggact acttcgacgg cctgctgcgc
    70921 gacaccagcg cggtattcga ctcggccccg ccgaccgccg ccgtgcttgc cgccgaagcg
    70981 ctcgacggcc tcggcgcggc gatgctggcg cggatccagc gtgcccacta cgtcgagggc
    71041 cggcgtatcg ccgagcgtcc ggtgttgctc gagctgggtg ccgaactggg gcttggcgag
    71101 ggcttcgccg aggcgttcga cgcctgctcc ggcgagccgc tgcgcgcgca cttcgccgac
    71161 agtcggcggc tgatgaaccg tctcggcgcc gctggcttcc cgaccttcgc cctggagcgc
    71221 gacggccgcc tgcaggtgct cgacaccggg cgctacctcg gccagccgga cgactggcgg
    71281 gctctcctcg aaacgcagct gcgccttgcc ggcggcagcg atgccgtggg cggggccgcg
    71341 gcgccgctct gccgcatcga cggttgcgcc tgaatcccgc cgccgcgcag gcggactgaa
    71401 cttgtccggc tgcgtcgtcc tcccatgtag acatgcccgc tcgccgacgc gagcggatgt
    71461 ccatccacag ctccggagga gtcgacatga agaagacggc atcggcggtc tggcaaggcg
    71521 gcctgaaaga cggcaagggc accctttcca ctgaaagcgg cgcgctcaag gacaacccct
    71581 atggcttcaa tacccgcttc gagggcgcac cgggaaccaa cccggaagag ctgatcggcg
    71641 cggcccacgc cggctgcttc agcatggccc tgtcgatgat gctcggcgag gccggcctga
    71701 ccgccgaacg tatcgagacc cgcgccgagg tcaccctcga caagcagtcc gacggtttcg
    71761 ccatcactgc cgtgcacctg gtgctcaggg cgcgcgtgcc gggggcggac gcgcagacct
    71821 tcgagcagat cgccaacaag gccaaggccg gttgcccggt atccaaggtg ctcaacgcga
    71881 agatcagcct ggacgccagc ctcgacggct gagcggaacg cttccccagc ccggcgaact
    71941 ggccctggcc tgccgcagtc gaatgcggca ggatgcgctg cgcagcactc ggctgccagg
    72001 catcgacgag gagtgacggg tcatgaaaac catcgggctg gggattgcca ccttgctgtt
    72061 cagcgccacg gcgctggccg cgccgaagcc gtgcgaggaa ctcaaggcgg agatcgagac
    72121 caagatccag tcggccgggg tgacctccta caccctggag atcgtgcgca acgacgaagt
    72181 cagcgacccg aacatggtgg tcggcagttg cgagaacggc accaagaaga tcatctacca
    72241 gaagaacgac gactgagccg ctgcgtttca gtacggcggg cagcggctgg tctggaagtt
    72301 cgaacgggcg accacctcgc cacgctcgtc gctcagtagc gccagcgccc tgcgcaattg
    72361 cgggcgcacc tccaggcgat agcgccggcc cgcctcgaag ccgtcataga ccacctgctg
    72421 gtagcagttg atctgcaccg gctcgccgaa gccgccgccc ccgccgccgg aaccgccata
    72481 gagttcgtac tggaagcgca cctccagcac atggcgtccc ggagtgacct ggaagtagcg
    72541 cccgtcgctc aaccgctcgc cgtccaggcg ctcggccagc agggtgttgg ccggcgcgct
    72601 gcgcagctcg acccaggcca tctgcgggtc cggctgcggc agcggtccgg cgcagccggc
    72661 gaggagcagc agcgcgagcg ggacgagacg ggtgagtgga cgcatggggc gggctccgga
    72721 gggtgttcag ctcctagcat agcgccctcg ccttgcgccg ttcagacctt cgcgcagcgc
    72781 ccctcgcggc cgcgcgccag ttccctgttg tcctggtcgt agagcttcgc ccagggacgg
    72841 aagccgatgt gcccggcctc caggcggtag cgctggccgg cgctgaagtc cttgaacttg
    72901 aggttgagct ggcaatcgcg ccagagcggg ctgtccacgg ggccgatgtt ggtcgggtcg
    72961 acggtgaact ggtagcgcac cgtgagttcg cgggtgccgg gatcgacctc gaagtagcgc
    73021 gtgcggtccc agctcttgtc gtcgacttcc acggcggcga gatcggcgtc gggctgggta
    73081 tcgaggtcga cccaggcgcg gttcgggtcg ggggtgggca tcagcagtga gcagccgctc
    73141 aggacgagca ggccaccggc aagcagcagc gtacgcatag aagactccga agctccttta
    73201 acccggccgc catccgtcgc gccttggaaa aacgccttgc gttcctccgc ctcgccggat
    73261 cgcggaccgg tgctggtagg gcggcgggcg gtccgcgtgc tgtgctatgt tccgcccatg
    73321 ccacgccgcc ttcgccatcc gcttgctgac cttcgactgc cccgttgggt tccctgcctg
    73381 gcgctgttgg cgctgagcgg ttgctcgacc gtctcctact acgggcaact ggccagcggc
    73441 cagttcgccc tgctgcgcgc ccgcgagccg gccgccgcgg tgatcgccga cccgcagcgc
    73501 gacgcgcgct tgcgcgaacg cctggcgaag gcggaaaagg cccggcaatt cgccagcgaa
    73561 cgcctcggcc tgccggacaa ccgcagctat cgcctgtacg ccgatatcgg ccggccctac
    73621 gtggtatgga acgtgttcgc caccccggag ctgtcgctgc agccggtcac ccattgcttc
    73681 cccatcgccg gctgcgtggc ctaccgcggc tactacagcg aggccgccgc gcgcgccgag
    73741 gcggcgcgcc agcgggcgct cggcgacgac gtctacgtcg gcggggtgca ggcctactcg
    73801 accctcggct ggttcgacga tccgatcctc agcagcatgc tgcgctggga cgacgaacgg
    73861 ctggcgacct tgatcttcca cgaactggcg caccagaagt tctacctgcg cgacgacacc
    73921 gccttcaacg aatccttcgc caccttcgtc gaacaggaag gtacccgcca gtggcgcgag
    73981 tatcgtggac tgccgccggc ggacggccgc gaggagaagc gccgcgagca gttcaccgcg
    74041 ctggtcctgg ccagtcgtgc gcgcctcgaa gcactttatg ccgggccgtt ggacgatgcc
    74101 gccaagcgtg ccggcaaggc tgccgaattc cagcgcctgc gccgcgagta cgcggcgctg
    74161 agccagcgcg aatggggtgg cgagtcgccg ttcaaggcct ggatcgacgc gccgttcaac
    74221 aatgccaagc tgcttccctt cggcctctac gaccaatggg tggcggcgtt cgccgtgctg
    74281 ttccgccagg gcggcggcaa ctggccggcg ttctatgcgc gggtccgttc ccttggccag
    74341 ctccccctgg cggagcgcca ggcggcgttg cagcggctgg ccgccgcagc gccctgacgc
    74401 ttgctcaggc ggcgagctgg tcggcgtagc accagcgcgt ggccagccgg ccgatcggcc
    74461 agagcagcgc caacaggccg acgccgagca gcgccaccag cagcgtatag ccgatgccag
    74521 cgggcgccag gccgaggatc atcagcagcg ccagcccccc gccgaccgcc agcagcgcga
    74581 cgctccagag cagcatggcg accaccgcga gcagcagcgc gcggccggcg gcgaagcgtt
    74641 gcaggcgcgc cggcaggcgc gtgcagacgg cgccgaagag cagcgccgcg ggcaacgcca
    74701 cgccgctcag gtacaggccg tatagccaag gctcgtcgta gcgcagcagg gcgtagggaa
    74761 ggaactgcat cagcttgaaa cacagcgtgg cgaaacacag cgcggcgccc agggcgacct
    74821 gccaggcagc gacgcgggct tcttcccctt cggccaggcg cggcgagttc acccggctgc
    74881 cgagcagcac cagccccaac ggcagcaggc tgcccaggag caggtagacc cagctcatcg
    74941 cttcgttgaa cgccatcagc cagacgccgt agctggattg cgccgtcacc cactggtaga
    75001 acggcagcgt cagcggtgcc aggccgatcc cggcgagcat gccgcagacc aggttgagca
    75061 gaccgtagcc gatcagcagc agcgccagcg ggcggaactc gacgagctgc cgcttctcgc
    75121 ggtaggcatg cagcaccagc aggttggccg ccgcgtagaa caccaggccg gtgaaccagt
    75181 gcggcgccat cagttgcagg tgctcggaga aacgctggcg gatctcgccg atgtcgttgt
    75241 accactggat gcccaggctt acggcgaagg acaggcaggt gaccagcgcc agcaccgcga
    75301 tgaacgcata gggctgggtg gtggcgggca cctctctggc cggcggctgc accggggcgg
    75361 tgggggtggc gaagggattg tcggtcatgt caggcgtcct tgtctgaaac ggagcatggg
    75421 tcagtgggat tccaacacct gccgcagggc ggcgaggtcg gcgcagtaat gggtcggctg
    75481 gtgcgcgcgc agttcgtctt cgctgccgaa gccgtagccg acgccgatgc aggcgacacc
    75541 gttgcggctg gcgccgagca ggtcgtgcat gcggtcgccg atcatcaggc aatgctccgc
    75601 tgccaggcct tcgctgtcga gcagatggcg gatcagttcg tccttgtgcg tgcgcgtgcc
    75661 gtccagctcg ctgccgtaga tcgccttgaa gtgacggtcg aaggcgaagt ggcgggcgat
    75721 ctcgcgggcg aacacgccgg gcttgctggt cgcgacgtag agcgtgtggc cgcgtccgac
    75781 cagggcttcg agcagctcgg gaatgccgtc gaacacgcgg ttctcgtaga gaccggtgac
    75841 cctgaagcgc tcgcggtagt ggttcaccgc ctcccaggcg cgcgcttcgt cgaagccgta
    75901 ggtctgcatg aagcactgca acagcggggg gccgatgaag tgttccaggc gcgccaggtc
    75961 cggctcgtcg atgcccaggc gggcgagggc gaactgcacc gagcgggtga tgccctcgcg
    76021 tgggtcggtg agggtgccgt cgagatcgaa gaggatgttc gggtagcgca gcgcggcgtc
    76081 acgcatggta gtcctcggcg atgtgcaggt ccttgagctt cacgtagttg ccggcggtgt
    76141 aggcgaagaa gccgcgctcc ttgtcgctca gcggacgggc cttcttcgcc gggctgccga
    76201 cgtagaggaa gccgctctcc agcaccttgc ccggcggcac caggctgccg gcgccgagga
    76261 tcacttggtc ctcgatcacc gcgccgtcca tgacgatcga gcccatcccc accagcaccc
    76321 ggttgccgat gctgcaaccg tgcagcagga ccttgtgccc gacggtcact tcgtcgccga
    76381 tgctcagcgg aaaaccgtcc gggttgaagg ggccggcgtg ggtgatgtgc agcacgctgc
    76441 cgtcctggat gctgctgcgc tggccgatgc ggatgcggtg catgtcgccg cggatcacca
    76501 ccagcggcca gaccgagctg tcggcgccga tctcgatgtc gccgacgagc acggccgagg
    76561 gatcgacgaa gacccgctcg ccgagcagtg gcgttttgcc ctggtaggaa cgaatggtca
    76621 cgatagtttt cctcaggctg cggatgccgc cgattgtatt taagatggtc gggtatttcc
    76681 ttagccaagg ttgccaacgt gagcgcgaat ccccttctgc aggcctacga cctgccgcct
    76741 ttctcctcca ttcgcccgga acacgtgaag ccggccatcg agcggatcct cgccgataac
    76801 cgcgccgcca tcgcccgcct gctggaaacc cagcgcgagc agccgacctg gaagggcctg
    76861 gtgctggcga tggacgaact caacgaccgt ctgggcgccg cctggagtcc ggtcagccac
    76921 ctcaacgcgg tgtgcaacag cgccgagctg cgcgaggcct atgaggcctg tctgccggag
    76981 ctgtcggcct actccaccga gctggggcag aaccgcgccc tgttcgaggc ctacgaggcg
    77041 ctggcgaaga gccccgaggc ggccggcttc gacgtggccc agaaaaccat cctcgaacac
    77101 gccctgcgcg acttccgcct gtccggcatc gacttgccgg cggacaagca gaagcgctat
    77161 gccgaggtgc agtcgcgcct gtccgagctg ggtagccgtt tctccaacca gctgctcgac
    77221 gccacccagg cctggaccaa gcatgtcacc gacgaagccg cgctggccgg cctgaccgat
    77281 tcggccaagg cccagatgaa gcaggccgcc gaggccaagg gtctggacgg ctggctgatc
    77341 agcctggagt tccccagcta ctacgcagtg atgacctatg ccgatgaccg cgccctgcgc
    77401 gaagaggtat acgccgccta ctgcacccgc gcctccgacc agggcccgaa cgccgggcag
    77461 aacgacaacg gtccggtgat ggaagagatc ctcgacctgc gccaggagct ggccggcctg
    77521 ctcggcttcg ccaactacgc cgagctgtcg ctggcgacca agatggccga gtccagcgac
    77581 caggtgctca gcttcctccg cgacctggcg gtgcgcagca agccgttcgc cgcccgcgac
    77641 ctggagcagc tgcgcgccta cgccgccgag cagggctgca ccgaattgca gagctgggac
    77701 gccggctact acgccgagaa actccgcgag gcgcgctaca gcgtgtccca ggaggcgctg
    77761 cgtgcctact tcccggtgga caaggtgctt tccggcctgt tcgccatcgt cgagcgcctc
    77821 tacggcatcc agatccgcga actgcacgat ttcgaacgct ggcacgccga cgtacgcctg
    77881 ttcgagatcc tcgagaacgg cgagcacgtc ggccgcttct acttcgacct ctatgcccgc
    77941 gccaacaagc gcggcggtgc ctggatggac ggcgcccgcg accgccggcg cgacgcccag
    78001 ggccggctga tcgacccggt ggcctacctg gtgtgcaact tcaccccggc ggtgaacggc
    78061 aagccggcgc tgctgaccca cgacgaggtc actaccctgt tccacgagtt cggccatggc
    78121 ctgcaccacc tgctgacccg cgtcgagcat gccgccgcct ccgggatcaa cggggtggcc
    78181 tgggacgccg tcgagctgcc cagccagttc atggagaact ggtgctggga accggaaggc
    78241 ctggcgctga tctccgccca ctacgagacc ggcgaggcgc tgccgcagga cctgctggag
    78301 aagatgctgg cggcgaagaa cttccagtcc gggatgatga tggtccgcca gctggagttc
    78361 tccctcttcg acttcgagct gcacgccacc cacggcgacg gccgcagtgt gctgcaggtg
    78421 ctcgagggca tccgcgacga agtggcggtg atgcgtccgc cggcgtacaa ccgcttcgcc
    78481 aacagcttcg cgcacatctt cgccggcggc tacgcggccg gttactacag ctacaagtgg
    78541 gccgaggtgc tgtccgccga tgccttctcg cgtttcgagg aagaaggcgt gttcaacccc
    78601 gataccgggc gtgccttccg cgaggcgatc ctggcccgcg gcggctcccg cgagccgatg
    78661 ctgttgttcg tcgatttccg cggtcgcgag ccgtccatcg acgccctgct gcgtcactcc
    78721 gggctggtcg gggaggccgc atgagcccgg cgatcaccag gaagcgcttc atcgccgggg
    78781 cggtctgccc ggcgtgcagc gaacaggaca agatccagat gtgggaagag gacggcgtgc
    78841 cgcaccgcga atgcgtggcc tgcggctacg ccgacacgct caacgcccag ggccagtcga
    78901 tcccgaagga gctgggtacg cgggtcaacc agaacgcgcc gaagccggcc aacccgaagg
    78961 tgcagtcggt gcagttcttc cccaatccca agctgaagaa gaagcccgac gcctgaccgc
    79021 tcgccgccga ccggcggcga tggctgtggg tcggggcccg gtgcgatact gtatgcatat
    79081 acagtatttc gccgggttcc cctcatgagc gctcccctgc ccccgcgcgg tcgcggtacc
    79141 gccagcaacc ccctcaaccg cttcgccccg acccacagcg aggccttcga cgatggctgg
    79201 gagcaggacg tgccgccgat ccagctcacc gaggtgcgcg aggagatcgc ccgcacggtg
    79261 atctcccgca atcagtcgcc ggacctccct ttcgatcgtt cgatcaatcc ctaccgtggt
    79321 tgcgagcatg gctgcatcta ctgctatgcg cggcccagcc atgcctattg ggacctctcg
    79381 ccggggatcg atttcgagac ccggctgatc gccaagagca acgtcgccag cgcgctggag
    79441 caggaactga gcaagcccgg ctatcgctgc gcgccgatca acctgggcgc caataccgac
    79501 ccctaccagc cgctggagcg cgaacgccgc ctgacccgcc aggtgctgga ggtgctgctg
    79561 cgcttccgtc acccgctgac catcgtcacc aagggctcgc tgatccttcg cgacctcgac
    79621 ctgctgcgcg aactggcgga gcagaacctg gtggcggtga tgatcagcct gaccaccctc
    79681 gacgacgagc tcaagcgtat tctcgaaccg cgcgcggcgg cgccctcggc gcgactgcgg
    79741 gcgatccgca cgctcagcgg caacggcatc ccggtgggcg tgctctgctc gccgatgatc
    79801 ccgatggtca acgacatgga gctggagcgc ctgctccagg cggcgcggga cgccggcgcg
    79861 cgcagcgccg cgtacatgct cctgcgcctg ccgcgcgaag tcggcccgct gttcgaggaa
    79921 tggctggcgg cgcactaccc gcaacgcgcc gagcatgtga tgagcctggt ccgccaatgc
    79981 cgtggcggcg aggtctacga cagccgcttc ggccaccgct ttcgtggcca gggaccgttc
    80041 gccgacctgc tggcgcagcg tttcgcggtg gcgatgaagc gcctcgggct ggaccgccgc
    80101 gagggcttcg ggctggattg cagccggttc gccgtgccgg gggcgcagat ggcgttgttc
    80161 tagcgttttc cccgcggtgc agcatttcgt atagggcgga gtagcggcgg agcgtgccgg
    80221 tggcgatatc cgccctgcgg gaagaaccgc tgccgccggg aagccggaaa cgtcggaagc
    80281 agccgtcccg gcgaacgctc gaccttcagg ccggtcgggt cagcgcgcca gccccctcaa
    80341 cgaaacggcg acccgaaggt cgccgtcgcg ttcgtgccgg taacgaggcc gatcaggcct
    80401 tggcgcagct cggcggcgcc cagtcgccca tgtccgggct gttgcagacc tcccggatca
    80461 tgccctggcc ctgggaggcc accttgttgc cttcgctttg cgcgtcctgg gccttgcgga
    80521 tggtctgctc ggtggcgacc gcttccttcg gcaccttggg attgctgccg gtcttgggct
    80581 tgttaccgcc tttcgtagtg ctggcgcggt tctcggcctc ggcgaccttg gtcacctcgg
    80641 cgcgcggtac gccgacctgc tgcaggtctt tctcgtaggc ctgggtgtag ttgctgatgt
    80701 tctcgccggc acggccgttg gcggcgacca gcaaggcgtt ggtctcctgc aggccgctga
    80761 cgatctcggc caggcgcttg cgcccttcgg cttcgttgat cgacttgttc ttgcgaccgt
    80821 cgagcagagc cttgaactgg ctctggtagc agctttgcgc cgacttggcg taggccacgc
    80881 tacggttgat ctcgacggtg ctgcggtcga cgtcggtacc gtaggagccg atgcgcgcgc
    80941 ggtcatcgct gatctgcttc tgcttctcca tgtagtagcc cgccgcgccg ccggccaggg
    81001 cgccgcctgc ggcagcgagg gcggcattgc ggccgcggtt ctcgtcgctg gccaggccgc
    81061 cggccaggcc gcccaggagg ccgccggtaa tggcgccggt gatggccgaa ttgcgcactg
    81121 cgttatcggt gctgcgcagg tgcgacaccg gctcgtagca ggacgggtag tattccgcgc
    81181 gggtggtctg ggcgaccgag ccgacgccgc tgctggcgca gccgctgagc agcacgccgc
    81241 tggcggtcaa caggcagagc gcgtagcgcg ccgaggtgat caaacggttt tcgctgggtt
    81301 ggctcattgc atctcactcc tggtttgatg aaccgcccgg ctgccgagag gggccggacg
    81361 gaactccttc aacgcccgct ggacgcgagc aattccttca ataccgcctc cggctcggcc
    81421 cggtgctgct ggcgataatc tccgacgtgt ttgacgaaca gggtcgcgcg cttgaccagg
    81481 ctcttgccca gaaccgggtt gcgattgagt tcttcctgga tgcgctggaa ctgcgcctgg
    81541 atcaccgcgt cggtgtaacg ggtgccggtg gcgaggttgt cgatgtagat ggccaatgcg
    81601 ccatcgaggg cgctgcgccc gttggcgatg gcgccggcat agagctgggc ggtcgcctga
    81661 tccctggctg ccacggcttt ctccctgtcc ttcttgaggt tggtcaggcg tatgttgtag
    81721 ttgttgatcg tctcggcgac cagtgccgcc gactgtatca ggtttccggc ggcctcttcg
    81781 cgctgccgag cgatcaacga aacgttacgc ttgagttcct cgtttatctg ggccaactgc
    81841 gcctgcatct gcgggtcgcg ggtggcggca atgattccgt ccaattgctt ggtgggatct
    81901 tgagcgtcat cgatggcatc ggtcaatgcc gctagtcggc cttccttctg ccattgggcg
    81961 aacagctcgg gatagcgcga gcgcggcgcg gacagcgcgc cgatggcgac acggaaaccg
    82021 gtggtctcgt tgcgctgttc gctgccgtcg gcggcgaaca gcgggtattc gcggcgcatc
    82081 ccggtgaata gagtcatctc gccttcgaga tagttcccgc ccttcaccac gaaaccgcca
    82141 tatgtgccct gccggcgacc ggcgtggacc agttggaagg actcctggac catctccgcg
    82201 gcattgccga tcacgtcgaa caggcccagc gggttcggcc gcttcatccc taccggcaac
    82261 agtcgcgcgg cctgcccggt gccgccggcg acctggttgt acaccgccca gtcgcccagc
    82321 gggccttcct ggtcgctgcc ctcgaccttg cgcgggaaca gccggccttc cagttcctgg
    82381 cggcttaccg cctggccgcc gcgcgcggcg aactcccact cgacctcggt gggcaggcgg
    82441 acgaagccga tgccgccgtc ctcgggattc ttgccgcggc cgctgaccgg cagcagttcc
    82501 gggtggttct tcagcagcca ggcgctgtac accgcgccga agcgttcggc gtcgaagcgc
    82561 gagaggttga ccttgggcag ccgcgcggcc atcccgtccg gcacgtcgca ggccggcgcc
    82621 tcgccctggc cggagagcgc ggccgcctgg ctcatcaccg cggcgtactg gcgggcggtc
    82681 acctcgtact tgccgatgaa gtacagcatc ggcttcagcg gggtgccggc ggcaggcttc
    82741 ggcaggctgg cggagagctt ctgctgccag gccggtgcca ggtcggcgag gctgaactgg
    82801 ccgttcacgt agtcgcgccg gtagccggag atgaacgact gctggtagcc cgcctcgcct
    82861 tcgttgaagg cgtagccgag gttgacctcg cgatcgtcga gggcgccttc ggcgagtacg
    82921 tagacatgcc ggaagaccat ctcgccgcca cacggcagcg gcagggcgac gtcgtcggcc
    82981 agcggcttgg gattgtccgg cgagtcgcct tcggcccagg ccggcgcggc aaatgccagg
    83041 caggcgccga gggcgagcgg aagaatggct ttctcaaaca tcgcgtaatc cctctgcggc
    83101 ttcgatccgc gccgcgcgcc agccgccgct ggcggcggcc aggacgctgc acagcagcgt
    83161 ggcgagcagc gccgtcaggt agtggctggg cagcaggcgg cagacgaact cgccgctctg
    83221 gttgtcgaac aggtggttca gcgcgccggc cgtggcggcg tacagcagcc cggcgaggaa
    83281 caggccgaag acggcgctga acagcgccag gagcatgacg aagccgacca gcgcggcggt
    83341 cgggaagccc agcagacgca gcaccgccag ggcgcggcgc ttgcgttcga cggcggccag
    83401 gctgctggcg gcgatggcgg cgaaggcacc gccgatggcc agcgcggcga cgatccagaa
    83461 caccaggccg aggttgcggc tgaggctgcg cacctgggcg atggcctcgg cctgggtggc
    83521 gacttccacg ccactcgcga cgaagtgccg gcgcagccct tccaccgcat cgaggtctcg
    83581 ggcgtacagg cggaagcccg ggtagatgcg tgcgcgcggg gtctcgccgg ccttccccgg
    83641 ccagccgtag gcggccaccg cgcgaccgtc gcgatagtcc tcggcggctt ccagcagggc
    83701 cagcggggcg aacagcgcgt cgcgggcgaa acgctcctgc ggcagcaccg cgagcacttc
    83761 cagctccagg cgctggctct gtgcctggcc atccatgcgc cggccgatgc gcgcgacgat
    83821 gcgctcgcca ggctgggcgc cgagtttttc cgcggcgccg tggctgagca ccacgcgggt
    83881 cggccggtcg ggttgcggca ggccggccag cagcgggtcg ccagcggcgc tgggaatcat
    83941 ctcgacgctc agggcggtct cgccgccgcc gctgaggtcg gcggtggcgg cgatctgccg
    84001 ggtgcgcggc acggcgaagg cgacgtccgc gcgtgcggcc agggcggcga tgtcctcggc
    84061 acggtagcgg gcgccgccga ccggaatgat ctcgcgcaca gaaggcgcgc gctccagccg
    84121 ctcggtgagg gtgctgacca ggccgtactt gaggccgaac agcaccagca gcggggtgat
    84181 caccgccgcc agggcgaaga tcgcgcagag cgacaggcgc gcctcgccgc gatagtcggc
    84241 ccaggccagc gagagcagca ggccggcgcg catcagccaa cttcctcgag gcaggcgccg
    84301 acgctgtcgt cggcctcgcg ttgccagcgg atggccagga cttccaggcc ggctgcgcga
    84361 gccaggcgct cgtcgtgggt ggcgaccacg gtgcaggcgc cgcgctcgcg ggcctgctcc
    84421 accagcaggc gcatcacccg ttcggcgttc agcgggtcga gcgccgcggt cggctcgtcg
    84481 gccagcaaca ggcgcggcgc atgcgccagg gcgcgagcga tggcgacccg ctggcgctgg
    84541 ccgaccgaca gcgccgccgg tttcttgtcc agctggtcgc cgatttccag ccgctcggcc
    84601 agcgcctgta cgcgctcggc ggatggggcg ccgagcaacg cgcagggcag tccgatgttg
    84661 cgccgcacat cgaggaactc gagcaacccg ccgctttgca gcacgtagcc gcagtgctgc
    84721 cggcgcagcg ccgccaagcg gtcctggcgg ccgtcgcgcc agagcgcggc gatgtcctgc
    84781 ggacgttctc cggcgaggaa ttcgaagcgc ccgcccgggt ccggcgccag ggccagcgcc
    84841 agcaggtcga gcagggtgct cttgccgcag ccgctggggc cgacgatggc cagctggcga
    84901 cccgcgcgca attccagcgc cggcacccgc aggcggtagc gctggcgacc ggcgccgtgg
    84961 ctgcgggcga cctcgtgcag gcgcaggatc atggcagcgt cgacagcggc acgcggtaca
    85021 gcgcgtcgcc ggcgtcggcg tcgccgaacc ggacccagtt ggcgacgtcg ttgtggaagg
    85081 tttcgtagag gcggatcttc gactccagtt cgtcgatgaa gtcctgctgt tcggcgacgc
    85141 tcagcgacag ccagaggtcc tgggtcatgt tcagcgactt gctgcggtac ggcaggcctt
    85201 ccaggtattc gccgagtacg ccgctctgcg ccaggttgct gcccttcacc agttgcgccg
    85261 ggtcgcggct catgtaggcg ctggcgctgg cgatttcctg gaagaagtcc ttgggcgagg
    85321 tctgggtgcg cttggccgcg tcgacgatca gtttcagcga ctgttgcagt tcgttgagtt
    85381 gcagcttgct cagcagcacg cagacctgga acgccggcag cgccgggttg gtcaggtcac
    85441 ggtcggcggt ccaggcggtg acgacctgcg gcgcgcgcac cgggtcgcgg cgaccgagga
    85501 attccatctg catggcgtag ccgatggccg ccgacttgct cgccacgctt ggcgcggcgt
    85561 cgaagcgcgg agcctgcggc ttgcggttgc cggcgtcgtg gaccaggtcg gcgaacaccg
    85621 tgccgatctc cttcaccgtg ttgccgaagg cgttcacctc gccgccggcc accgggatgt
    85681 agaggtcggc gatcttcggg ttggcgtcgg cggtgaggct gcggtactgc tgctcggcgt
    85741 agccgtggtt gttcttcccg gccggggtgc gcaggtgcag ggcatagatc ttcacgccct
    85801 tgcgcagcgc cgcctggcgg acctcggcct cgttcatctg ggtgcgcccg agcgggtcgt
    85861 tcttgcgcag cgcgccggcg tcggtgacca gcagcaccac gcgcccggcg tagggcgacc
    85921 agtccatttc gtcgaccgcc tgcatgatcc cggcgaaggc gtcttcgttg aacgagtggc
    85981 tggagacgtc ggtggcgcgc acctggctgc tcaactcggc gaagcgctgc gcgtcgttgc
    86041 ccggttgcag cggcaccagg gtcttgctga cgtattccag gccgggggtc ttgtcggtgt
    86101 tgttgcggaa accgaccagg ccgaagctga ccttgtccag gtcgccgcgc tcgccgatct
    86161 gccgctgcag gccgtcgatc acctcgcgca cgcggtcgat gtagggctgc atcgacaccg
    86221 aggtgtccac caccaggacg atgccggtgc ggaaggtgtc gctcgccgcg ccgctggcgc
    86281 cgccctgccc ggcctggccc ggcgcctggg gtgccgcggc gctgccgccg gggtcgatcg
    86341 aggcgacctc cagcaactgc gccggctggc cgtcggcgtc gaagctttcc ttcgagtcga
    86401 agatcggcag caggtagaac tggtcctggg ggatcgcccg gtcgttgggc tcgaccgcga
    86461 ccacctgcgg atcgcccttg tgatccaccg cctgggtcag ggtgtcgcgc gctgcgcggg
    86521 tatcgccgag caggcgctcg acctgctcgg cgctgttgag gaacatcacc ggcgcgcggc
    86581 cggagcgttc ggtgaacttc agcaccaggc tctgcttcca gtcgctcacc gcgctggccg
    86641 gcagccagcc gtcgccctcg ccgttgctgg aggcgccgac gcgcagccag gggctgccgc
    86701 cgacctgctt gcgggcgtac acgtagagca ccgagaaggc cggcaccgcg ccggcccggg
    86761 gcgggccgcc agcctcggcg gagatggccg cgccgggttt ggtcaggacg cgctggaaca
    86821 gggtcttctt gcctggcatc agcagcggac gctcgccgcc gtcctgttcg gcatcggcca
    86881 ccggggtctg ctgctgcggc ttgtccgccg gcgtctgtcc cagcggcgct ggatcggcag
    86941 cgctcggcgc gtcgcccgag ccsrgcmgcc wcsaggcgcc gccgccgrtc gccaggagcr
    87001 cggsggccgc ggcggcggcg atcagcggcg tgcggctccc gccggcacgc ggcttcgccg
    87061 gtggcagcgg aggcggcggg ggcgatggcg gtttcgccgc ttgcgatggc ggaggcgggg
    87121 gcggcgtggc gccgccggcg ctgggcgtga ccggcggcaa ctggatcgat accggttgca
    87181 ggccgccgag gtcggcgggc ggcatgggcg cgggttcggc cggcggcggg ttgctcgctc
    87241 gcggcgagcc ctgcggcgtc gccagcggac ggatctgggt ggcttccagg gcgctcggcg
    87301 ccaggcggtc gagggcggcg atcagcgcgc cggcggttgg gaagcgctcg gccgggtcct
    87361 tggccagcaa ctggcgcagg atgtcctggt agcggccctg ttcgatcggc agttccggca
    87421 gcggctcggt gaggtgggcc agggcggtgg agagcgaatc cttgccgttg tagggcagct
    87481 tgccggtgag gatctcgtag agcaccacgc ccagcgcgta gaggtcggcg cggccgtcga
    87541 tctcctgccc gcgggcctgc tccgggctca tgtagctggg ggtgccgacg gcgaagccga
    87601 cctgggtgaa ctgggtattg tcctcgatcg acttggcgat gccgaagtcc gagagcaccg
    87661 cggtgccgtc ggcgcggaac aggatattgg ccggcttcac gtctcgatgc accaggccct
    87721 gggagtgcgc gtagccgagc gcggcggcca cctgccgtac gtagaccagg cccagctcgg
    87781 gatcgaggcc ctgctggatg cgctccttga gcgtgccgtt gggcaggtat tccatggcca
    87841 tgtagtagca actgccgacg ttgccgatgt cgtggatggt caccgtgttc gggtgcgaca
    87901 gccgcgccag ggtccgacct tcgcgcagga agcgttcggc gaagctcggg tcggcggcca
    87961 gcgccgcggc catcaccttc agcgccacct tgcgctgcag cgagcgctgg gtggccaggt
    88021 agaccgtggc catggcgcct tcgcccagct cgcgttcgat gtcgaatccc ggaagttcta
    88081 tgtccatgtc cgtctcagaa ggccctgacc accagggccg tgatgttgtc cggggcgccg
    88141 cgggtcaggc ccaggtggac caggctgcgg accaccgcat agggatcgct gtggctgagc
    88201 acgtcgcgca gttcgctgtc gtcggcggtc ttgttgaggc cgtcgctgca gagcaggaag
    88261 ctgtcgccgg gcagcacgtg cagcgcggct tccgacagtt ccagttgctc gtgcacgccg
    88321 accgcgcggg tgaccacgtt ggcgcgcgga tggtggcgcg cctcttcctc gctgatcaat
    88381 gcgttgtcga gcagctcctg gacgtagctg tggtcccgcg agatggcttc cagcacgccg
    88441 ccgcgcaggc ggtacaggcg gctgtcgccg gcccacaggc agctcgcctg gttgccgcgc
    88501 gcggcgagca gtaccagggt gctgcccatc acgctgacgc cacgcaggcc ggcctcctgg
    88561 cgaacccgct cgttgacctg ggcgaggccg gtgcgcaacg cgccgacata ggccggtagc
    88621 gaggaggccg ccgggatgcg ccgcagggta tcgacgatca ggctgctgac gaagtcgccg
    88681 gcggcgtggc cgcccatgcc gtcggcgacc acccagagtc ccgcctcggg ggcgtcgaga
    88741 ctggcgtctt cgttgacctt gcggaccatg ccgacgtggc tgtagctggc cgacctgtag
    88801 tagctgactg agttgggcac catcagttgt ccttaaccgg gtatgccggg aaagagcggg
    88861 atcacctcgc cctctccggt gaggaatcgt ccgaacgccg gcgccggcgg caggccctgg
    88921 tagcgcatca ggccggcgga gatccgtgcc gagccgcgtc cccaccagtg gctggcgccg
    88981 tcgcaggcgt gctgggccag cgcggcgagg cgctgcgccg gggtcaccgc ttcgctgcgc
    89041 agcaggttgc cgctgatcag cgattgttcg atgcgcggtc cgcagggcgg tgccgggagc
    89101 tgcgccaccg cctgctcgaa ggcctcgacc tcggcctccg gttcgagggt ggagagcagc
    89161 aggctctcga cctgttcgaa ccagccgtcg tcgccgccga ccagcccgcc gaggtcggcg
    89221 ttcgccggta gcaggcaggc gacggtcagc gggaaatagc gaccgacccg gtcgatgctc
    89281 ggcatcacca ctccggtcac cgcttcgccg ccgagcaggc cgggggcgat ggcgaagcgc
    89341 cacagcgggc tggtcaggta ggcgtcgagc caggccgcgc cgagctcgtc ctggctggcg
    89401 cgcatgccgc tggccagcca ggcgtcccag ggttcgacga aggtgttcgg caggccgcgg
    89461 ctgacgaaat cgccgcggcc ggccagcttg ccgtagaaac cgacgctgtt caaaggcgct
    89521 ccgggaggct gaagccggac acgacccggc tcttgaaggg gttgaaggcg ctgctggcgc
    89581 gcagctcgca ggcgatgctg gagccgtcga tgcgcagccg cagggtgaag cggtccggcg
    89641 agttgccgcg ttccaggtcc gactggtcga gcaggcggaa ccaggcccag gggccttcca
    89701 gggtcaggcc ggaacggccg ctgctgggcg gcggcgtcac cgtcaggcgg accacgccga
    89761 ggccgttggc gctcggccac tgcatcgcca ccgggcgggc ggggccgtgg tcgtaggtca
    89821 gctgctggcc gtcgaggtcg aggatgaact ggctgatcgc cgcgtccatg gtcaccggct
    89881 tgagttcgaa gcgcaccgcc ggctgcatgc cgccggagcg gaagaaggcg tcgcggatcg
    89941 ccgctgcgcg ctggaaggtg tgcagcacgc cggggttgat gccgagcttc tgcgccgcgc
    90001 cgggctgcca gcgccaggtg ctggcggagg tgtcgacgta gggttgcagg tactggcgga
    90061 agtagctgtc catcaccccg ccggcaccga agaagtggcc gaagtcctcc agggtggcgt
    90121 cgcgcgaact gccggcggcg atcgggtagc gcccggccag ggactgccgg tagacgctga
    90181 ccacgtcgct gatccaggcc gcgttgagct ggttgcgcac gctgcccatc atgctgctgg
    90241 tggtggagtt gaccacgttc ttcaccaggc cctggaccac cggcggctgg cgctcggcac
    90301 tgagggccac gcgcgaggcg gcggcggcca cctggttctt ggcgtcgccg agcagcgagt
    90361 cgccgctggc tccggccatg gcgctgacct gtacgtagag cgcgttcatg tcctccagca
    90421 ggctgtcgat cggcgccggc tcgttgccgc cctcgccctt gctgaccagg ctgttgagtt
    90481 cggcgaagtg ggcgctgatc gggtcgctgt cgacctgccg cggctgttcg cgggcgccct
    90541 cttcctcctg gccgaccagc gagccgaggc gctgcttgag cttgtccacg gtgccgtcgg
    90601 cggccttctt cacttgcgcg gcgaccagcc ggtcgccctt ctgcaggtcg gtctcgcggg
    90661 ccaccgcctc gagcagcttg cggaacggcg aggtcggtcc ggagagaatg cgcagcacgt
    90721 cggcggcctg ggtgacattg gtgatcggca ccacggtgag gtcggcgagc aggtcgtccc
    90781 actgccgcag gtagtcctgg aaatacaggc gacgcacgtc gagggccagg ttggcggcgt
    90841 cgccggcatc gttcaggtcg cgcccgagca cccactgttc ctcggcgatg gtgccggcct
    90901 ggctgaggct ggcggtgagg aacacctcgc gatagccgcg gtaggtgaag aagccgctga
    90961 gcgggtcggt gagcggcttg ccgctcttgc gcgcgaacac cagcggcgcg tcgcggccgg
    91021 cggcgtcgct gatgcggaag tcgggcacgt ccttgggcag cctctgccgc ttgacccggt
    91081 cgtagacccg ctgcgccacc ggcagttgct gcaactggcg gcgcaggtcc tcgaccaggt
    91141 cctggtccag gcgcgccgac ggcggccgtc gttcgagcaa cgcgtcgagg tgcgcgtgca
    91201 gcgcctggcg ctgttccggc gagaggtcgc gcggcaggtt gcgttcccag tcgaggctga
    91261 tccaggcctt gatgaagtcg gcgtcgtaat ggtccgggct gccgagcatc aggtaggcct
    91321 tcaggccctc gtagaggaaa tcgctgctgc cgccggagcg caactgttcc tcgatgcggg
    91381 tcaccaggcg cggggcgaac accgcgatca gcagcttgcg gtagacgctg gcggactcct
    91441 cgccgagcat gtcgccctgg tacagcccgt agccttcggc ccagctcggc gcgtcgccgg
    91501 cgagattctg caccgcgttg agctgtggca gtacggccag gacgtcgcgc tgggccgggc
    91561 tcagcgactc gatgccgcgc gccagcgggt cgacgcgctg gtcgaccgcg gcgatgtagc
    91621 tctggttggc gcggtagctg gcgatccata ccgccgtcac cgccagcacc accagcgcgg
    91681 tggcgctcag cgcgccgatg gtcagccact tgcggcggcg ctcgaccttc gggttggtgc
    91741 cgaccaggcc gcgttcgccg aacgccactt cgcggaacag ccgctcgatg aagtagctgc
    91801 gcccggttcc ggtctgccgc gccaggtgct ggcggtcgag gttcatcgac tgcgccatgc
    91861 tgccgatcag gcggtcgatc ggactgcctt cctgggttcc gctggtgaag tacaggccgc
    91921 gcaacagcgg gcgttcctcg taggggttgg gcttgaacac gccgttgagg aactcgccga
    91981 ggcattcgcg cagggcggcg aattgctgcg ggaagccgta gaccaggtcg cgccgcgccg
    92041 ggtcgcgctc ctgctgcagg cgttccacca ggcgcgcggt gagacgctgt tcgagcaggg
    92101 cgaattcgct gtcgaacacc gccagcgggc cttccgcgct cttgccgtcg tcgagggcga
    92161 aggtcatccc ccagacctgc gcgcgttcct cgcggttcag gctgtcgaag aactccatga
    92221 agcccggcac caggtcgaac ttggtcagca tcacgtagat cgggaagcgc accccgagct
    92281 gctggtacag ctcctggatg cgtgcgcgga tcgcctgggc atgggcggcg cgctcggcgt
    92341 cgctgcccag cagcaggtcg gaaaggctga tggcgatgaa cgcgccatcg atggggcggc
    92401 gcttgcgctg ggtcttgagc aggtcgagga agcccagcca ggcggccttg tccacctggg
    92461 cgtggctgtc ctgggtggta tagcggccgg cggtgtccag cagcaccgct tcgtcggtga
    92521 accaccagtc gcagttgcgt gtgccgccga ccccgcggat cgccccggcg cccatctgcg
    92581 cggcgagcgg gaagtcgagg ccggaattca tcagcgcggt ggtcttgccc gaaccgggcg
    92641 ggccgatgat cacgtaccag ggcaactcgt acaggttgcg ccgctcgctg ccgcccaact
    92701 tggcccgctt gagcagggcc agggcctcgt ccatgcgttg cttgagggtc gccagctctt
    92761 cggcggtggc gacgctggcg gcgtccggcg cgctgacctc ggcgagactc tgcatgacct
    92821 tcgccgcgtt gcgccgggcc tgcacgatgc gcagcacgcg gaagccgatc cagaccagga
    92881 acagcaggac gatcagcacc cagcggctgg tcgccgaggc caacggttcg tagttgccca
    92941 ggcgcagcag cgggccgagg aaccagatga tcaggctcag ggcgagcagg ccgagcaccg
    93001 gcaccaccca gcgcgcgaag aagttgagga agcctttcat tgcgcgccct ccgcgaatac
    93061 ggtgatttcc acccggcggt tgcgtgcgcg gccttcggcg ctggcattgg tcgccaccgg
    93121 ctcggtgtcg ctgcgccctt cggcggtgaa gcggccggcg tcgccggtgg tcgcgccgag
    93181 caggtcggcg acctcctggg cgcgggcctg ggacagtttc cagttggacg ggtagcgcag
    93241 cgtggcgatc ggccggttgt cgctatggcc ggtgaccagc acctggccct tgaccttgcg
    93301 cagggcgtcg gcgatgcgca gcagcagcgg ctggaactcg tcgcgcacgc tggcgctggc
    93361 gctggcgaac agctcgtcgc cgcggatggt caccaccgag cggtcgacgg cgtcctccac
    93421 cgccacccgc tgggccttga tgtcgtcggc gaggaagcgc gccaggcgtg gccgctcgat
    93481 cacccgcggc tgcaccgccg ggcggtcgat ggcctgcacc gggatctcgc cgatggcgtg
    93541 gatgcgcttg aacaccggct cggcgtcggc ggccagcttc atccgcaggc cgaacagcaa
    93601 ggccagcagc aaggccaggc cgatggcgat accgacccac ggcggcaggt attgcgaaag
    93661 gcggtcgcgc atcacgctga ggccgcgcca gtgcggcgac agttcgtgct cgtactcgcc
    93721 gcgggtgctg cggatcaccg ccgcggtgcg ctcgcgcagc gcctccagtt ggctgcggcc
    93781 gtcgtgcatg acccggtagc ggccttcgaa gccgaggctg gtgcacaggt acagcagctc
    93841 cagcaggtgc aggcgctggt gcgggttctg caggcagtgt tcgagcaact ggaagacctt
    93901 ctcgccgccc caggcctcgt tgtgcagggt gatcagcagg ctctgcttgc cccagtcgct
    93961 ggtgctgccc cacggcgtgc tgagcaccgc ttcgtcgagg gcggtgcaga gcacgtagcg
    94021 cgccagcatc acttcgtccg gcgccacgcc ggcctggcgt gccttctcct cgaactggcg
    94081 caggtagccg agcagttgcg cgcgcaggct ggccggcgcc ggatgggcga tggtgttgcg
    94141 caggcgggtg agcatcgcca gcagtgggcc ggcggcctgc tccagcgggt tgaggccgtc
    94201 gccgcggccg ctcagcggcg ccaggctggc catcggcggc ggcgtgtagg gatcgccgcc
    94261 gcgggggccg ccggccggtt ccggggcgcg gccgccggga cgcggcatga tcatggtgcg
    94321 gtcgtcgggc gggcttccgt tgccgccgcc ggccggggtg ccgaagggat cgtcgatggg
    94381 aggcatcgtt gcttatcctc gaatggccca gaaggccagg ttcagcccgg ggaactggcc
    94441 ggcgatgtgg aaggcgaagc cgccggagtg cgtcagctgc ttccaatgcg cgctgccgcg
    94501 gtccagttcg aaataggtgg agccggcgtg gtaggggatc tgccgcggcg ccaccggcat
    94561 cggcagcagg ccgatacccg gcagttgcag gttgaccagg tcgcggatgt gctccaccga
    94621 gccgaccttg gcctgctgcg ggaagtgccc gcgcaggctc tcgccgggga cgtcggcgcg
    94681 caccaccagg acgaagctgg cgttgtcgat caggctgcgg tcgctgagca tcgcgacgtg
    94741 cacgccgtag gccttctcga cgatcgggat ggcgatcgcc ttggcgtcga tcaccgtcgc
    94801 cagcgcctgg cgcagggcga gcatcaccgg ggcgaagctg gcggccaggt cgtcgtggtt
    94861 gtacaccggg tactcctcgg gacgccgctg gctggcggtg aaggtacaga actcgccggc
    94921 cagggccacc agttcgcggt acagctcctg cgggtgcagc gggcgcacgc gggacaggtg
    94981 accggtgagg gcctcggcgc ggttgaccag ttgcagcagc aggaagtcgg cgatttccga
    95041 ggcgcccccg gcgctggatg ccaccacccg cccggcgagg gcttcgccgc gctggtggag
    95101 caggcccagc agctccttgg cgaaggacgc caggggcggc gcggcggcaa tgtcgagtac
    95161 cggcggcagg tagtcctcgt ccaggctcag ggcctggtcc gcgcgcttct cgcggacccg
    95221 cgcgacgccc accgcggcgt attcgccgag gccgtcgcgc tcggtcagca ggcggaacgc
    95281 ctggctgccc agggccaccg gggcgcggct ctcgaaggcg gcattgtcgt cgcgcacttc
    95341 ctgcacctgg ctgacgtagc gggcgccgcc gagggcctcg ccctcctcta ccgtgtcgcg
    95401 ggtgccgacc cgcttcagcg gcaggccgag gtagacgatg ccatcgcgca ggctttcctc
    95461 gacattcagc ggcgccggcg ccggatcgtc ggcggggatg ttgaacggcg taccatccgg
    95521 cagcacgccg cgggcgctga cgatggccag cttgccctgg gtcagcaggg catcgtccag
    95581 cttcagctcg gaaaagcccc agccgcccgc caggagcgag cggcagcggc catccaccag
    95641 ggtttccagg tagcggtcgt gctgctggaa atgttgtggc cgcaggaaca tgccttcgga
    95701 ccacaccacg cggttattcc aggacatagg gactccgaag gttcagggcg cgggacgcgc
    95761 gacgatgccg atggcctgcg cgccgagcgt gatgtcgaga tggctggtgc gttgccccgg
    95821 cacggcgagg acctggcgcc aggtggcgcg gtcgaggtcg cggtaggcgg cgacgaaacc
    95881 gagctggcgg gtctgctcgt cgagcgtgcg ttcgatgcgc cgttcctcgc ccggacgcag
    95941 gaggaactcg tcctgctcca ccaggtcgcc accgagggtc gactgggcgt tgtcggtgag
    96001 ggcgaagtag tcggcgcggc cgaacgcggt gtctttcttc agctcgtaca gccgcaggcg
    96061 cagcggcgcc gcctggccgg cggcggacgg gttgaggttc ggtgcggcgt ggagccagat
    96121 caccacccgg gtcggcgggg tttccggcgg gctggacgaa caggcggcga gcagcagccc
    96181 gaacagcgcg acgatcagtt tctgcatggt gtcgtcctca ttgacgttgt ttctcctggt
    96241 gttcgttggc gtcaggaacg ccgtagtcga gcgctgtgtt cctcgtaggc gcggctgaat
    96301 tcgcggccga aaagctcctg gaagtcgtcc tccgcctcgc gcaggatctt cgcgtacagc
    96361 tcggtgaaac tgtcccagtt ctgtgcctgg cgggcccccg gcagcaggcc ggaaagcccg
    96421 gccggcttgc cgaagcgggc ttccagcgcg gccggttcga agcgcgccag caggtggcgg
    96481 atggcggcct gcacgccggc catcaccgcc agctggtgcg ccttgaggtc ttcgaagctg
    96541 tcggccaccg cgcgatccgg cgccatgaac gcctggttgt cgcggcgcag caggagcagc
    96601 atggcctcgt cgacgttcgg cgcgaacttc agcgggttgt tctgcaccgg ctggatcatg
    96661 gtctgcgcca tgcggaactc gcccttcagg ctggcccgcg cgcgcagcac gtccaccagt
    96721 ccttccacca ggccgcgata gctgcggccg atggcttcca tctgcgcttc ggcgccggcc
    96781 gggtcgacct tcaactgggt catgccggcg ccgcgcagga acgcttgcag caggtcgccg
    96841 ccggccgacg cggcggcgct tgccggcggc gtcggcgccg ccacgctcgc tggctgtggc
    96901 tgtggctgtg gctgtggctg tggctgtggc tgtggctgtg gctgtggctg tggctgttgg
    96961 gtgatccctg ggtcggcgaa gggcatcgcc agcggcgtcg gttcggccgt cggcagcggc
    97021 tgggcgacgg gcgtggcgct tggcgcgggc gtgttgccga gcagttcggc gaacgggtcc
    97081 cagtcggccg gaatcagcgg tgcgccgcca gcgggcggtg gcgccggggc ggtcgcgggg
    97141 ggcggcggga tcaccggttc cggcgggcgg aagtcgtgct gttcggccgg tacatggtcc
    97201 ggacgcggcg ccgcgccggg cggcggcggg gtgaggaagt cgaacaggtc gggcttggtg
    97261 tccagcggcg agccgccctg gaaatgcgcc gtcaccgcgg ggtgcggggt gggcgccggt
    97321 tcggcgaagg caggcgccga tccggcggcc tgccggctca tcagggcgtc gaagctggtg
    97381 aacggatcgg tctgcggatt gccgctgccg ggcagggcga tgtcatggcc gagctggacg
    97441 aggatgtcgt attcgccgag gcggacggtc tcgccgtcct gcagcggctc gctgttgccg
    97501 cggcgcaggc ggtgcccggc attgaccagc agcacgccgt tggtgctggt gtcggtgagg
    97561 tagtacaccc cgtcgcgatt gaggatggtg cagtggcggc tggagaccag gcgctccggg
    97621 tccggcagga cccagtcgtt gtccgggccc cgaccgatgg tcagctgtcc ctggtccagt
    97681 accttttccg aacactgacc gggggtcagc ttgtggtagc tggtgatggt caatcgcagc
    97741 ggcattgcta ctccttgcat tgccagcgcc cggctcttcc aggcgctcac ccccgtgccc
    97801 gagggatttc ggttcgcatc caggctggcc cgacggcttt ccggcgtttc gtcgcctcgg
    97861 gaagacacat cgggtggtac cggattataa aagactaatc ctacgtcttt taaagatttg
    97921 tccgatctgc ggtgtcatgc aactagtggc gttgtgcctt ccttgacaag ccttgcggca
    97981 tgccacaaga attttgccaa cctttcgagt catccgatat tcatcaatgg ctcctacaag
    98041 atccgacgga gtggatctta caagcgaagg tgagggccgc gcagcggctc cgatgatagg
    98101 gagatcgtca ccgtgctgga tgtacccgtt ttgctggccg ccgtatcccc ggactcgccc
    98161 tgtggcgacg atctggagta cgacgccgcg ttcctcgaac tcgaacgcat cgcccagggc
    98221 caacccgagc gccagatggg cgatgccgtg ctgcccgccg aaccgccgga gtggccgcgc
    98281 gtacgcgcgc tggccagcga actgttcggc cgtagcaagg acctgcgggt agccaacctg
    98341 ctgctgcaga gcaacgtcgc cctcgacggc ctggacgggc tcgccgacgg cctgctgctg
    98401 gtccgcgagc tgctcggcca gtactgggac ggcgtctatc cgttgctcga cgccgatgac
    98461 gacaacgacc ccaccttccg tatcaacgcc ctcaccggcc tggtcgccga accgctgctg
    98521 caactggtct gggcgatccc gctggtgcgc tcgcgggcgt tcggcccggt caacctgcgc
    98581 gccgcgctga acgccgccgg gctgcaacgc ttcgccagcg agaccctgag tcccgagcag
    98641 atcgccggcg ccttcgccga tgccgacgcc gatgcgctgg ccgccacccg gcgcgccctg
    98701 gatggcgccc aggaacatgc cctggccatc gagagcggcg tcgccgaacg ggtcggctcg
    98761 gcccagggac tcgacctcgg tccccttcgt caactgctgc gccaggccct ccaggtgttc
    98821 gacctgtacg gcccgcaggg cgccggcgag cccttggcgc cgggcgccga agcggccacc
    98881 gacgagcagg ggggcgccgc gcctgtcgca gccgtcgccg cgccggcacc gcgtgccagc
    98941 ggcgagatcg ccaaccgcga agacgtcctg cgccagctcg atcgcctgct cgagtattac
    99001 gttcgccacg agccgtcgag tccggtgccg gtgctgctca agcgcgccaa gacactggtg
    99061 acggccgact tcgccgaaat cgtgaggaat ctcatccctg atgggatttc ccagttcgaa
    99121 accctgcgag gcccggaaag cgagtaacgc ctagcggccg tccgggccaa cgctgcaagc
    99181 cgccggggcg attccgacgg cgctaacaac cgccgtcgcg cgagggagaa acaagatggg
    99241 aagcactacc agcagtcaga agttcatcgc caggaaccgg gcgccacgcg tgcagatcga
    99301 gtacgacgtg gagctgtacg gtgccgagaa gaaggtccag ttgcccttcg tcatgggcgt
    99361 catggccgac ctcgccggca agcccgccga accccaggcg gcggtcgccg accgcaagtt
    99421 cctggagatc gacgtggaca acttcgatgc ccggctgaag gcgatgaagc cgcgggtggc
    99481 cttcaacgta ccgaacgtgc tgaccggcga aggcaacctg agcctggaca tcaccttcga
    99541 gagcatggac gacttcagcc ccgccgcggt ggcgcgcaag gtcgattcgc tgaacaagct
    99601 gctcgaggcg cgtacccagc tggccaacct gctgacctac atggacggca agaccggcgc
    99661 cgaggaaatg atcatgaagg cgatcaagga cccggccctg cttcaggccc tggccagcgc
    99721 gccgaagccc aaagacgacg agccgcaggc gtaagaggat tccagcatgg ccgaattgag
    99781 caccgagaac ctggcccagg gccagaccac caccgagcag accagtgagt tcgccagcct
    99841 gctgctgcag gagttcaagc ccaagaccga gcgcgcccgc gaagcggtgg agaccgccgt
    99901 gcggaccctc gccgagcatg ccctggagca gaccagcctg atctccaacg acgcgatcaa
    99961 gtcgatcgag tcgatcatcg cggcgatcga cgccaagctc accgcgcagg tcaacctgat
   100021 catgcaccac gccgacttcc agcaactgga aagcgcctgg cgcggcctgc actacctggt
   100081 caacaacacc gagaccgacg agcaactgaa gatccgcgtg ctgaacatct ccaagccgga
   100141 gctgcacaag accctgaaga aattcaaggg caccacctgg gaccagagcc cgatcttcaa
   100201 gaagctctac gaagaggaat acggccagtt cggcggcgag ccctatggct gcctggtcgg
   100261 cgactactac ttcgaccagt cgccgccgga cgtcgagctg ctcggcgaga tggcgaagat
   100321 ctccgccgcc atgcacgcgc cgttcatttc cgccgcctcg ccgacggtga tgggcatggg
   100381 ttcctggcag gaactgtcca acccgcgcga cctgaccaag atcttcacca ccccggaata
   100441 cgccggctgg cgttcgctgc gcgagtccga ggactcccgc tacatcggcc tgaccatgcc
   100501 gcgcttcctg gcgcgcctgc cctacggggc gaagaccgat ccggtggaag agttcgcctt
   100561 cgaggaagaa accgacggcg ccgacagcag caagtacgcc tgggccaact cggcctacgc
   100621 gatggcggtc aacatcaacc gctccttcaa gctctacggc tggtgctcgc ggatccgcgg
   100681 cgtcgagtcc ggcggcgagg tgcagggcct gccggcgcac accttcccca ccgacgacgg
   100741 cggcgtggac atgaagtgcc cgaccgagat cgccatttcc gaccgccgcg aggcggagct
   100801 ggcgaagaac ggcttcatgc cgctgctgca caagaagaac accgacttcg ccgccttcat
   100861 cggcgcgcag tcgctgcaga aacccgccga gtacgacgat ccggacgcca ccgccaacgc
   100921 caacctggcg gcgcgcctgc cctacctgtt cgccacctgc cgcttcgccc attacctgaa
   100981 gtgcatcgtt cgcgacaaga tcggttcctt caaggagaag gacgagatgc agcgctggct
   101041 gcaggactgg atcctcaact acgtcgacgg cgacccggcc cactccaccg agaccaccaa
   101101 ggcccagcac ccgctggcgg cggccgaagt ggtggtggag gaagtcgaag gcaatccggg
   101161 ttactacaac tcgaagttct tccttcgccc gcactaccag ctcgagggac tgacggtatc
   101221 gctacgcctg gtatccaagc tgccttcggc caaagaggcc tgaggcattc aacgacagcg
   101281 cctgccatgg tggcgggcgc ttgcatagcg tagtggcgcg agccacacgg gaggaaagat
   101341 ggctgttgat atgttcatca agatcggcga cgtcaagggt gagtccaagg acaagactca
   101401 cgccgaggaa atcgacgtgc tggcatggag ctggggcatg tcccagtccg ggtcgatgca
   101461 catgggcggt ggcggcggcg ccggcaaggt caacgtgcag gacctgtcgt tcaccaagta
   101521 catcgacaag tccacgccca acctgatgat ggcctgctcc agcggcaagc actatccgca
   101581 ggcgaagctg accatccgca aggccggcgg cgagaaccag gtcgagtacc taatcatcac
   101641 cctgaaggaa gtcctggtgt cctcggtgag caccggcggc agcggtggcg aggatcgcct
   101701 gaccgagaac gtgaccctga acttcgccca ggtccaggtc gactaccagc cgcagaaggc
   101761 ggatggcgcg aaggacggcg gtccggtcaa gtacggctgg aacatccgcc agaacgtgca
   101821 ggcctgatga gccggctgcc ggtcatggcg tggccaggcc atgccgtggc cggtgcgagc
   101881 gcccgccatg ccgggtgccg aaggcgcgcg cggcgcgccg cggacctcgt ccgcccgacc
   101941 tcctgccgga ggtactgaat tccaccgggt cgtccgtcgc gtccgccggg cgccatggcc
   102001 gacccttcat tcgcatccgg gcgcctgggc tcccggctac agggaagtat cgcgatgatc
   102061 gccgaagaac tgttgcgcgc cgggcgcctg gacgatgcct tgaaagcctt gcaggaacag
   102121 gtgcgcagcc agccgtcgaa cgctaccctg cggatcttcc tgttccagct gctggccgtg
   102181 atgggccagt gggcgcgggc gcagaaccag ctcaaggtgg tcggcgaact ggatgcctcg
   102241 gcgctgccga tggtacagac ctactccacc gccatcgact gcgaggcgct gcgccgcgag
   102301 gtgttcgccg ggcgcctgac gccggtgatc ctcggccagc cggcggaatg gatcgcgccg
   102361 ctgttgcagg ccctgagcct ggacgccgaa ggccatggcg aggccgccca ggccctgcgc
   102421 gagcaggcct tcgacgccgc gccggcggtg cccgggcgga tcggcgaagc gccgttcgcc
   102481 tggctggcgg atgccgacac gcgcctcggc ccggtgctcg aggtaatcgt caacggtcgc
   102541 tatgcctggt tgccgatgag caacctgcgc agcctcaagg tcgaggcgcc gagcgacctg
   102601 cgcgacctgg tctggctgcc ggccgaactg accctggcca acggtggcgc caccgtcgcg
   102661 ctgctgccgg cgcgctacgc ggaaaccgtc gagcacggcg acgacgccgc gcgcctgggg
   102721 cgcaagaccg aatggctgga cagcggcctg ccggtcggcc agcggctgtt cgtcaccgat
   102781 gccggcgaga ccgcgctgtt cgacctgcgt gaactggact tcgagccgac ggacgcctga
   102841 catggccgaa ctgaccctcc aggagcgcct gcagccgtcg ctgctcgacc gcctcaccga
   102901 cgacgagccg ggcaacctca aggaagccgc ggagcgccgg gtgctgaccc tgaaccagct
   102961 gaaggcctcg gtgctgcgcg acctggcgtg gctgttcaac accacttcgc tgttcgacca
   103021 cggccccgcc gcacggatgc cggccggcaa ctcggtgctc aactacgggc tgccggcgct
   103081 ggccgggcac accgcgtcga gcgtcgacgt gcatgccatc gaggctctgc tcaccgagac
   103141 catcgccacc ttcgagccgc gcatcatccg ttcttcgttg cgggtgcgcg cgcaactgct
   103201 gcccggcgag atggaccaca acgccctgag cttcgagatc gagggcgacc tctgggccga
   103261 accggcgccg ctgcgcctgc tgctgaccac caacctggac ctggagaccg gccacgtgcg
   103321 cgtcgcccag ggcgagcgga ggcgtacatg aacccgcgcc tgctcgagta ctacaaccag
   103381 gaattgcaac acatccgcga aagcgccgcg gagttcgccg aggaattccc gaagatcgcc
   103441 gggcgcctgt cgctgtccgg cttcgagtgc gccgacccct acgtcgagcg cctgctggaa
   103501 ggcttcgcct atctcaccgc gcgggtccag ctgaagctcg acgcggagta cccgaccttc
   103561 acccacaacc tgttggaaat cgcctacccg cactacctgg cgccgacccc gtcgatgacc
   103621 gtggtgcagt tgcgcccgga ccccaacgaa ggcgccctga gcagcggctt cagcgtcgag
   103681 cgcggggcct ccctgcgcgg ccagctcggc cccgatgacc agaccgcctg cgaataccgc
   103741 accgcccacc cggtgaccct gtggccgctg gaagtggccc aggccgacta cttcggcaat
   103801 cccgccgcgg tgctcggccg cctcgccgcc agcgagccgc gggccaaggc cggcctgcgc
   103861 atccgcctgc gcagcggcgc cggcatcccg ttcgacagcc tgtcgctgga cgccctgccg
   103921 ctctacctgc acggcgccga cgaacaaccc taccgcctct acgaacaatt gctcggcaac
   103981 gcctgcgcgg tgttcgtccg cgccccggac aatgcctggg tcgaacgcct gccgacgagc
   104041 agcctgcgtg cgcgcggctt cgacgacgag gacgcgctgc tgccggtggt gccgcgggcg
   104101 ttccagggct accgcctgct gcaggaatac ttcgccctgc cggcgcgctt cctgttcgtc
   104161 gagttctccg gcctgaaccg cgccctgcgt cgatgccacg gcgaggagct ggaactggtc
   104221 gtgctgttcg gcaagcacga ccagcgcctg gagggcacgg tggacgcgga gcaactggtg
   104281 ccgttctgca ccccggcgat caacctgttc ccgcgccgct gcgaccgcat ccacctgtcc
   104341 gaccgggtca acgagcatca cgtgatcgtc gaccgcaccc gtccgctgga tttcgaggtg
   104401 cattcgctgc aacaggtgag cggccacggc agcggtccgg agcaaccctt ccaaccgttc
   104461 tacgcggtgc gcgacccggc gcgctacggc cgcgagcagg cctacttcag cgtgcgccgc
   104521 gaaccgcgcg tgctgtccag caagcagcgg cgcaagggcc cgcgctcgac ctacgtcggc
   104581 agcgagacct tcgtcgccct ggtcgacgcc aaccaggcgc cctatcgcca cgacctgcgc
   104641 cagctcggca tcgccgcgct gtgcaccaac cgcgacctgc cgctgttcat gccgatcggc
   104701 gcgcacaaga gcgacttcac cctggaggac agcgcgccgg tcatgcaggt gcgctgcctc
   104761 gccggaccga gccggccgcg cgccagccgt gcccacgatg ccagcgcctg gcggctgatc
   104821 agccagctgt cgctgaacta cctgtcgctg gccgagcgcg gccagggcgc cgccgccctg
   104881 cgcgagctgc tgcggctcta cggcgacagc ggcgatccgg cgctgcaatt gcagatcgag
   104941 ggcctgcgcg aggtcagcag caagccttgc acgcggcgcc tgccgatgcc cgggccgatc
   105001 gtcttcggcc gtggcctgga gatcaccctg gacttcgacg agaacgcgtt ccgcggcacc
   105061 ggggtgttcc ttctcggcgc tgtgttcgag cgcttcctgg cacgctacgt gtcgatcaac
   105121 agctttaccg agacggtgct gcgcaccggc gaacggggcg aggtgatgag atggcaggcg
   105181 aagccgggca gccgtccgaa cctctgaacc tgctcgccgg gatggcggcg gcgccctggg
   105241 actatgactt cttccaggcg ctgcggcgca tcgagtgcga gtcgccgcaa ctgccgcgcc
   105301 tcggtcattc ggtgcggctg gcggacgacc cgctgcgtct cgggcagaag cccgactgca
   105361 ccttcgcgcc ctcgaccctg gcctcggtga gccaggccgg caccgctgcg gtgccgcgcc
   105421 tggaccagtt cttcttcggc ctcaccggcc ccaacgggcc gctgccgctg cacctcaccg
   105481 aatacgcccg ggaacgccag cgcaacgtca acgacgcgac cttcaagcgc ttcatggacg
   105541 tcttccacca ccgcctgctg accctgttct accgggcctg ggccgaggcg cggccggaga
   105601 tcagccacga ccggatcgac gacgactact ggtcggcgcg cctcgccgcg ctctccgggc
   105661 gcggcatgcc gagcctgcgg gggcgcgagc cgctggcgga taccgcacgc tactactaca
   105721 ccggccacct cgccgcgcag acccgctacc cggacggcct gcgggtgatc ctcgcggagt
   105781 atttcgaggt cccggtggcg gtcgaggaat acgtcggcca atggctggag ctgcccgagc
   105841 gcagccgcct cggcgtcgac tcgacgagcc tgggcatgga cgtctgcctg ggcacccacg
   105901 tctgggaccg ccagcacaag ttccgcctgc gcctggggcc gctggacctc gatcaatacc
   105961 agcgcttcct gcccgacggc gaccacttcg tcgagctggc cgcctgggtc gccgaatacc
   106021 tgggcgagga gctggactgg gacgtcaacc tggtcctgca acgccacgaa gtacccccgc
   106081 tgggcctgca gggcggcggg cggctcggtt tcaacacctg gctgggcgat cccggccagg
   106141 acgccaggga tctactgctg gcccgccagt acgccactgc gcggccgcac gagcacaagg
   106201 agaaggaaca tgagtgagat cagtcgcgtt gcgctgttcg gcaagctgaa cagcctggcc
   106261 tacaaggcca tcgaggccgc cacggtattc tgcaagctgc gcggcaatcc ctatgtcgag
   106321 ctggtgcact ggttccacca gatcctccag ttgccggact ccgacctgca ccagatcgtc
   106381 cgccagtccg ggatcgaccc ggcgcgcctg gccaaggacc tgaccgaggc cctcgaccgc
   106441 ctgccgcgcg gctcgacctc gatcaccgac ctgtcctccc atgtcgagga agcggtggag
   106501 cgcggctggg tctacggcag cctgatgttc ggcgagagcc aggtgcgcac cggctacctg
   106561 gtgatcggca tcctcaagac gccgagcctg cgccatgccc tcaccgggct gtcggcggaa
   106621 ttcgccaagc tcaaggtcga ggcgctcacc gagcgcttcg acgagtacgt cggcgcctcg
   106681 ccggagaacg gcctgtcggc cagcgacggc ttcaacgccg gcgccgcccc gggcgaggcc
   106741 agcggcgccc tggcgccgag cgcgatgggc aagcaggagg cgctcaagcg ctttaccgtg
   106801 gacctcaccg agcaggcccg tagcggcaag ctcgacccca tcgtcgggcg tgacgaggag
   106861 atccgccagt tggtggacat cctcatgcgc cgccggcaga acaacccgat cctcaccggc
   106921 gaggccggcg tcggcaagac cgcggtggtg gaaggcttcg ccctgcgcat cgtcgccggc
   106981 gacgtcccgc cggcgctgaa ggacgtcgaa ctgcgcgccc tcgacgtcgg cctgctgcag
   107041 gccggggcga gcatgaaggg cgagttcgag cagcgcctgc gccaggtgat cgaagacgtg
   107101 cagagttccg agaagccgat catcctgttc atcgacgaag cccacaccct ggtcggcgcc
   107161 ggtggcgcgg ccggaaccgg cgacgccgcc aacctgctca agccggccct ggcgcgcggc
   107221 accctgcgca ccgtggcggc gaccacctgg gccgagtaca agaagcacat cgagaaggac
   107281 ccggcgctga cccggcgttt ccaggtggtg caggtggacg agccgtccga gcacaaggcc
   107341 atcctgatga tgcgcggtgt cgcgtcgacc atggagaagc accaccaggt gcagatcctc
   107401 gacgaggcgc tggaggcggc ggtccggctg tcgcaccgct acatcccggc gcgccagctg
   107461 ccggacaagt cggtgagcct gctggatacc gcctgcgcgc gcaccgccat cagcctgcac
   107521 gcggtgccgg ccgaggtcga cgatagccgc cggcgcatcg aggcgctgga aaccgagctg
   107581 gcgatcatcc gccgcgagag cgccatcggc gtcgccaccg ccgaacgcca gcgcaacgcc
   107641 gagaccctgc tggccgagga gcgcgagcgc ctggccgccc tggagcagcg ctgggccgag
   107701 gaaaaacgcc tggtcgacga actgctggag acccgcgccc gtctgcgtgc cgccgccgaa
   107761 gcggtggacg ccggcggcgt gccgctgggc gaaggcgagg cgcgtctcga cgaggaacag
   107821 cgccaggcgc tgcatgcgcg gctggcggag ctgcaggcgc aactgagcgc gttgcagggc
   107881 gaagagccgc tgatcctgcc gaccgtggac taccaggcgg tggcctcggt ggtcgccgac
   107941 tggaccggca tcccggtcgg ccgcatggcg cgcaacgaga tcgagaccgt gctcaacctc
   108001 gaccggcacc tgaagaagcg catcatcggc caggaccacg cgctggagat gatcgccaag
   108061 cgcatccaga cttcccgcgc cggcctcgac aacccgagca agccgatcgg cgtgttcatg
   108121 ctcgccggca cctccggggt gggcaagacc gagaccgcgc tggccttggc cgaggccatg
   108181 tacggcggcg agcagaatgt catcaccatc aacatgagcg agttccagga agcccacacc
   108241 gtctccaccc tcaagggcgc cccgcccggc tacatcggct acggcgaggg tggcgtgctg
   108301 accgaggcgg tgcgtcgcaa gccctacagc gtggtgctgc tggatgaagt ggagaaggcc
   108361 cacccggatg tccacgagat cttcttccag gtcttcgaca agggcgtgat ggaggacggc
   108421 gaaggccggg tgatcgactt caagaacacc ctgatcctgc tcaccaccaa cgccggcacc
   108481 gagatgatcg ccagcctctg cgccgatccg gaactgatgc ccgagccgga agccatcgcc
   108541 aagtcgctgc gcgaaccgct gctgaagatc ttcccgccgg cgctgctcgg ccgcctggtg
   108601 accatcccct actacccgct cagcgacgac atgctcaagg ccatttcgcg cctgcaactg
   108661 gggcggatca agaagcgcgt ggaggcgacc cacaaggtgc cgttcgagtt cgacgagggc
   108721 gtcgtcgagc tgatcgtctc gcgctgcacc gagaccgaga gcggcggccg gatgatcgac
   108781 gcgatcctca ccaacacgct gttgccggac atgagccgcg agttcctcac ccgcatgctc
   108841 gaaggcaagc cgttggccgg ggtacgtatc agtagccgcg acaaccagtt ccactacgac
   108901 ttcgccgagg ccgagtgaca accggcgaca cgcagagcag tagaaggaac cgtcgatggg
   108961 attgatgcaa ctgacccgcc tggtccaggt ggattgcccg ctggggccgg acgtgctgct
   109021 gttgcagcgc atggagggac gcgaggaact gggacggctg ttcgcctacg agctgcacct
   109081 ggtatcggaa aatcccaacc tgccgctgga gcagttgctc ggcaagccga tgagcctgtc
   109141 gctggagctg cccggcggca gccggcgctt ctttcacggc atcgtcgcgc gctgtagcca
   109201 ggtggccggg cacggccagt tcgccggcta ccaggccacc ctgcggccct ggccgtggct
   109261 gctgacgcgc acctcggact gccgcatctt ccagaaccag agcgtgccgg agatcatcaa
   109321 gcaggtgttc cgcgacctcg gcttttccga tttcgaggat gccctcacgc gcccctaccg
   109381 cgagtgggaa tactgcgtgc agtaccgcga gaccagcttc gacttcatca gccggctgat
   109441 ggaacaggaa ggcatctact actggttccg ccatgagcag aagcgccaca tcctggtgct
   109501 ctccgacgcc tacggcgcgc atcgcagccc gggtggctac gccagcgtgc cgtactaccc
   109561 gccgaccctc ggccatcgcg agcgcgacca cttcttcgac tggcagatgg cacgcgaggt
   109621 ccagcccggt tcgctgaccc tcaacgacta cgacttccag cgccccggcg cgcgcctgga
   109681 ggtgcgttcg aacatcgccc ggccgcacgc ggcggccgac tacccgctgt acgactatcc
   109741 cggcgaatac gtgcagagcc aggacggcga gcagtacgcg cgcaaccgca tcgaggcgat
   109801 ccaggcgcag cacgagcgcg tgcgcctgcg cggcgtggtg cgcgggatcg gcgccgggca
   109861 cctgttccgc ctgagcggct atccgcgcga tgaccagaac cgcgagtacc tggtggtcgg
   109921 cgccgaatac cgggtggtcc aggaactcta cgaaaccggc agcggcggcg ccggctcgca
   109981 gttcgagagc gagctggact gcatcgacgc cagccagtcg ttccgtctcc tgccgcagac
   110041 tccggtaccg gtggtgcggg gtccgcagac cgcggtggtg gtcggaccca agggcgagga
   110101 gatctggacc gaccagtacg gccgggtcaa ggtgcacttc cactgggatc gccacgacca
   110161 gtcgaacgag aacagctcct gctggattcg cgtgtcccag gcctgggccg ggaagagctg
   110221 gggttcgatg cagatcccgc ggatcggcca ggaagtgatc gtcagcttcc tcgaaggcga
   110281 cccggaccgg ccgatcatca ccgggcgggt ctacaacgcc gagcagacgg tgccctacga
   110341 gctgccggcg aacgccaccc agagcgggat gaagagccgt tcgagcaagg gcggcacgcc
   110401 ggccaacttc aacgagatcc gcatggagga caagaagggc gccgagcagt tatacatcca
   110461 cgccgagcgc aaccaggaca acctggtcga gaacgatgcc tcgctgtcgg tcggccacga
   110521 ccgcaacaag agcatcggcc acgacgagct ggcgcgcatc ggcaacaacc gcacccgcgc
   110581 ggtgaagctc aacgacaccc tgttggtggg cggggcgaag agcgacagcg tcaccggcac
   110641 ctacctgatc gaggccggcg cgcagatccg cctggtctgc ggcaagagcg tggtggagtt
   110701 caacgccgac ggcaccatca atatctccgg cagcgccttc aacctctacg ccagcggcaa
   110761 cggcaacatc gacaccggcg gccgcctcga cctcaattcc ggcggcgcca gcgaggtcga
   110821 cgccaagggc aagggcgtgc agggcaccat cgacggccag gtacaggcga tgtttccgcc
   110881 gccggcgaag ggctgaggcg gcggcatcct ggctgcccgc ccttgggcag gacgccgcgg
   110941 gagccttgac gattcgcgca tgtcctcgcc aggcagaagc ggcggtcgct caagaccgat
   111001 ggtgttgcgc tcagggcaga tcgactttca ggccgcggcc agtgcgtata ccgacgtagt
   111061 aggcgtcctt gagggccctg gagagttccg ggtcggtttc gtcgaattcc ttcacggcga
   111121 tgctgccgag ggtcaaccgg tgcagtgcgg aacgatccag gctgcggtcg agcaggacgg
   111181 acctgatgta ctgcaattgc ttttccgcgg acagcaggac ctcgtatccc ggatagcggg
   111241 ccagccggtc gacgaccagc gccagagcgc ggtcgatgta ttcgatgggt gtcatgatcc
   111301 ctcccgggga agcagaccga aggagccttt ctcgttggag aacagttgtt gcgcgccgcc
   111361 tttggcggga tatgactgtc cctttaccga ccagaagtca tcggtcggcg cagcggtgct
   111421 gcgcaggacc tcgaccttct gggtcgtcct gtaggagttg aggaccttgg gttcgatggt
   111481 gttcgccgcc cggttggtgc ccatggggtt gattcccagc tccgtgggct gcacgcgcgg
   111541 gctgagtgta taccagttgc cctgcggcgc tccgggggac tggtactgcc acaggttctt
   111601 gccgggcgcg agggtttcca cacggaccgg atggttgaag tccaggccgt tcatgtacga
   111661 ctcggcatcg gcaggatcga tgtccttcga cttgaagaac ttggcggcgg tttcacgatt
   111721 cccgcggtag ttgatgtcgt ggtcgaggtt gccggaacga ccgaacttgt tgttcaggta
   111781 ggcgcgtcgt tgcgcggttt cggaggtcac cgctgccgga cgacgaccgg cgagtttcgg
   111841 cccgaagccc agcaatgcca tccccgccac gccctggaac aggtcgcggt agccgggacc
   111901 gaggcggtcg ccgaggtcgc cgagcagggc catgccgccc atcatcagcc cgccgatggc
   111961 gacgaagccg gccagcgccg cgaccccggc catcgccgcc agcagcaggc cgccggcaag
   112021 ggccgccagg cccagcgcct cgaggccggt gtgcagccat tcctccaggt cgaggacgaa
   112081 ggccacccgc tcggtggggc cgccgatgaa ggtgtcctgg ctgccggtct tgatgtgcgc
   112141 gccgcagacc atcttgctct gcaggcgcgc cgccggcttg ccgttgatgt acacggtggc
   112201 gctgccttcg gcgatcagca ccgggaacgg ccacagcgga tggttcagcg gcaggccgct
   112261 gcaggtggcg gagacgtcgt cgccggcgcg catcgcgttg cgactgttca cgtagacgtt
   112321 gaagctgccg cgtatgagca ccccggtggt cggctcgggt agctcgaaga tggtggtcag
   112381 gcccttgacg atctggaaca tcgacagccc gccggcggcg atcgaaccgg ccaggatcac
   112441 cgcggccagg ccgccggtgg cggcggtggc ggcgaccacg gcggcgccga tcagggctcc
   112501 ggccacggct ccggcgacca tcgcggcgac accgaaaccg tgggctatct catcgcccag
   112561 tcgggcggcg gcttgcgcat ccatgcgtcg gtactcgggt cagctagggg tcgggcgcgg
   112621 gaccagggtc tgcatcgcct gcttccaggc cggctcgtgg tgcggcaggt cagccggggt
   112681 ggtggtcagg gtggtgatca gcaccgccgg gcggcgctcg atgaatacct ggcgcagcat
   112741 caggtcgcgg ccctcgcgct gccactggta gtcgaggagc acggcggcgt ggccgtgaat
   112801 gttgatgtcc cagcgcttgt gcagcttgaa gccgggcaat tgcttctcgg cattctccag
   112861 ttggcgggcg acatagtcgg cgaacggcgc gtcgccctgg ctggcgtcgc ggctgatgac
   112921 gaaactggct tcgcgggcgg ggccgctggc ggggagcttg aagatgttga tgctctggtc
   112981 ctgccaggca tcgggaatct cgagatcggc ttcgtggagg cgatagagcg tcactgtgtt
   113041 aaccccttcc ctaggattct gagtgagtca ttgctggaca aaagctttac ggaatgttgc
   113101 tcgcgaatca aggctttcct ggcccgaagc ggcctttcgt gatggccttc tgcctgttcg
   113161 ccgtcggtcg gggcgctcgt cggaatctgt gtcgcgcatc tcccctttcc accgcatccg
   113221 cgcctatgct gcttgggtgg cgccgctcca acggtgccag tgatggacgt ggatcaagga
   113281 tgatttcatg gcacttgcgc aacagacccg cctggtccgg gtcgacagtc cgctcggcgc
   113341 ggaggtcctg caattgcagc gaatggaggg tcgcgaagag ctcggccggc cgttcgccta
   113401 cgagctggaa ctgatctcgg aaaaccccga cctgccactc gacgggctgc tgggcaagcc
   113461 ggccagcctg gcgctggaac tgcacgacgg cagccggcgg catttccacg gcatcgtcgc
   113521 cgcttgcagc cagggatccg gcaacggcca gttcgccagc taccaggtca ccctgcgccc
   113581 ctggctgtgg ctgctgacgc gcacctccga ctgccgcatc ttccagaacc agaaggtccc
   113641 ggacatcatc aagcaggtgt tccgcgacct cggcttctcc gacttcgagg acgccctgag
   113701 ccgctcctac cgcgagtggg aatactgcgt gcagtaccgc gagaccagtt tcgacttcgt
   113761 cagccggctg atggagcagg aaggcatcta ctactggttc cgccacgagc agagccgcca
   113821 cattctggtg ctctccgacg cctacggcgc gcaccagagc ccgccgaact acgccagcgt
   113881 gccctactac ccgccgaccc tggaacagcg cgagcgcgac catttctacg actggcacat
   113941 ggcgcgcgag gtgcagtccg gctcgctgag cctcaacgac tacgacttcc agcgtcccgg
   114001 cgcgcgcctg gaggtgcgtt cgaacatcgc ccgctcgcac gcggcggccg actacccgct
   114061 gtacgactac cccggcgaat acgtgcagag ccaggacggc gagcagtacg cgcggacccg
   114121 catcgaagcc ttgcaggcgc gctacgaacg ggtgcgcctg cgcggccgcg cccgcggcct
   114181 gggttcgggc cacctgttca agctcagcgg ctacccgcgc gaggaccaga accgcgagta
   114241 cctggtggtc ggcgccgagt accgggtggt ccaggaactc tacgagaccg gcggcggcgg
   114301 ggtcggcgcg cagttcgaga gcgagctgga ctgcatcgat gccggccagg cctaccgccc
   114361 cttgccgacc actccgctgc cgatcgtccg tggcccgcag actgcggtgg tggtcgggcc
   114421 caagggcgag gagatctgga ccgaccagta cggccgggtc aaggtgcatt tccactggga
   114481 ccgccacgac cagtccaacg agaacagctc ctgctggatg cgcgtctccc aggcctgggc
   114541 ggggaagaac tggggctcga tccagatccc gcggatcggc caggaagtga tcgtcagctt
   114601 cctcgaaggc gacccggacc ggccgatcat caccgggcgt gtctacaacg ccgagcagac
   114661 ggtgccctac gagctgccgg cgaacgctac ccagagcggc accaagagcc gttcgagcaa
   114721 gggcggcacg ccggccaact tcaacgagat ccgcatggag gacaagaagg gcgccgagca
   114781 gttgttcatc catgccgaga agaaccagga catcgaggtc gagaacgacg agacccactg
   114841 ggtcggccac gaccggacca agaccatcga ccacgacgag accgtgcacg tgaagcacga
   114901 tcgcaccgag accgtggaca acaacgagac cataaccatc ggcgtcgacc gcaccgagaa
   114961 ggtcggcaac aacgagaaga tcagtatcgg cgcgaaccgc accgaggacg tcggcagcaa
   115021 cgagaccatc agcatcggcg ttgaccgcac cgagaaggtc ggcagcaacg agaagatcag
   115081 catcggtgcc aatcgaaccg aggacgtcgg caacgacgag accatcagca tcggcgcgaa
   115141 ccgtagcgag tcggtgggca acaacgagac gatcagcatc ggcgccgacc gcagcgagtc
   115201 ggtgggcgcc aacgagacca tcgacatagg cggcaaccag agcaccagca tcggcaagaa
   115261 cgagtcgcgc agcgtcggcc agggccgcga tacctcggtg ggcaaggacg atagcctgga
   115321 cgtgggcaag agcttcacgc tcaacgccgg cgactcgatc accctggtca ccggtgccgc
   115381 cagcatccgc atgaagaagg acggcagcat cgtcatcagc ggcaagaaca tcaccatcga
   115441 cggatccggg gcgatcaacg tcaaggccga caagaacgtg gtggtgaagg gacgcaagat
   115501 cctccagaac tgaagcggcg cagagccagg gagtcagcgc atgagtgtcg agatccatct
   115561 acccggggcc acgacggccc ttcccgcgcg cctggacggc gtggtcatcg gcgtcctcct
   115621 cgacgtgccg gacgccgccg ctccggtggt cgcctatccc ggttgcccga gcgagcacgg
   115681 cctggcggcg gccaccacca cccagctcag tcgcgccgac atcggcgccc aggtagcgct
   115741 gatgttcgtc gccggcgatc cgcgccagcc gctgctgatc ggccgcatcc agcgcctgcc
   115801 gcaggaagcg ctggcgcaac tggacggcga gcgcctggag ttcagtgccg aacgcgagat
   115861 cgtcctgcgt tgtggcaagg ccagcatcac cctgacccgc gccggcaagg tgatcatccg
   115921 tggcgcctat ctttccagcc gctccaccgg ggtcaaccgg atcaagggcg gttcggtgca
   115981 gatcaactga gcgcggcggg cccgacatgg aactgttgaa cgccaccccg ctggccgccg
   116041 cctacaacca ggggctcgac gccgaaggcc gggagtcgct ggtggtgatc gccaagggca
   116101 gtttcgacct gccgctggac ggtcgcgagg cgcgcctgct ggacgagcag caggcgctgc
   116161 tgatggtcga tgaattctat ggcgagccgg ggttttccgc gccgcgccgg gagtgcgagt
   116221 tcgttccctt caagccgttc tgcgatgtgc tggtgctggg cagcgcccag gcgcccggcg
   116281 ggcggccggt acagcagttg accgcgggca tccgcgtcgg ccgggtgagc aaggcgctga
   116341 cggtgcatgg gccgcgccag tgggaaccgg gattgctcgg tgccggcgcg ggcgtcgcgc
   116401 agccgttcca gagccaggac atttcctacg ccagtgcctt cggcggcagc catgcctcgc
   116461 cggacaaccc cggtttcatg gattgctaca tggccaatcc ggccggatgt ggctggtttc
   116521 cgcgcagcgc cgacaccgcc gagatcgtcg gcacgccgat gccggccacg gaaaagctcg
   116581 gcgagccggt ggacagcccc cacggccgct tcacgccgat ggcgctcggc ccgctcggtc
   116641 gccactggca ggcccgggtc ggctttgccg gccgctacga cgacgcctgg ctggccgagc
   116701 gcttcccgtt cctgcccgcc gacttcgacg agcgttactt ccagtccgcg ccggccgacc
   116761 agtggaccga ccatctgcgc ggcggcgagg aggtcctgct gctcaacctc accggcgagg
   116821 agcgcgcggc cttccgcgtg ccgcgcaggg aggtcccggt gaccttcttc ctgaaaaagg
   116881 gtggccacga aaccgcgcag gcacggatcg ataccctgct ggtggactgc gacgcccgtc
   116941 gcgtggaagt cacctggcgc attcgccggc cgttgaagcg caacctgttc gagatcgccc
   117001 aggtgctggt cggcagcaag tccgccgcct ggtggcgcgc ccgcgagctg ggcaaggact
   117061 actacccctc gcttgccgcg ttggcacgca gccgccaggc cgaggaggac gaggcatgag
   117121 ccaggccctg agcatcgtcg cctccggcat ggtcagcgcg gtcggtctca gcgcgccggc
   117181 cagctgcgcg gcgatccgct gcgccctgga caacttccag gaaacccgtt tcatcgacca
   117241 gggcggcgaa tggttggtcg gcgctccggt gatgctgccc gagccgtcct ccggctacgc
   117301 gcaattggtg gggatggctg ccatggccat cgccgaatgt gtggccgggt tgcccgccga
   117361 ggacattcgc gaaatgccgt tgctgcttgg cgttgccgaa gtcgaccggc ccggacgact
   117421 ggcggggttg gagcagcctt tgctacaggc catcgaagag cgcctgggtt accgcttcca
   117481 tgaacgttcc tgcgtcatcc cgcgcggtcg ggtgagcgcc gcggtggcgc tcctcaacgc
   117541 gcgcaagctc atcgaacagg ggtgttcgaa ggtgctgatc gccggagtcg attcctacct
   117601 gaccgcggcg acgctggcgg cctaccagga acgcgaccgg ctgctgggca gccactgcca
   117661 ggatggcttc atccccggcg aaggcgcggc ggcggtactg gtgacggccg cgtgcgccag
   117721 cgaggaaccg caattgctgt gcctggggct ggggttcggg gtggagaagg ctaccgtcga
   117781 aagcgagggc ctgccgctgc gggcggacgg cctcacccag gcggtgaaag cggcgttcgc
   117841 ggactgcggg ttcggttacg aacttgtcga ctatcgcctg gcagacctcc ccggcgagca
   117901 gtattacttc aaggaggccg cgctggcctt gagtcgaacc ctgcgggtgc gcaaggagcg
   117961 cgtcgaactc tggagccctg cggattgcat cggcgagtgc ggagcgatga caggccccgc
   118021 gctgctgtgc atcgcccttg ccgcctcacg caaggggtat gcacacggcc cgcaggtact
   118081 ctgtcattcg ggcaacgatg ctggcgaacg ggccgcggtg gtgcttggct accagcgagt
   118141 gagggcgaac tagatggcca acgaggtcta tgccaacggc cgcgagctct cctgcaagtc
   118201 ggcctcgggg aaatcgatag cgtcgttccc cgacgtctgc ttcacgccgc ctcaggcacc
   118261 accgacgccg ttgggcgtgc cggtccccta ccctaatacc ggcatgtcga aggacaccac
   118321 ccgaggtagc cggaccgtaa ggatcacccg caaggaagtg atgctcaaga acaagagcca
   118381 cttcaagaag agctacggcg acgaggctgg gcgtgcgccg aagaaaggca tcatcaccag
   118441 taccaatacc ggcaaggtct atttcacttc atggtcgatg gacgtgaaga tcgaaggcct
   118501 gaacgtcgtc cgccatctcg acctgaccac ccacaaccac aacccctctc ccggcaatac
   118561 cgcgacctgg ccgcacacct cgaagatgaa ggcggccttc aagccgggcg gcaagtgtgc
   118621 cggcatggag cwcsygcgsc tgcrgsccca cngccgtgcg tgctccccac tacgacctgg
   118681 cgcacctgct ggatctcgac aatcggattg aggcgcatct ggatgcgttg cagataggtg
   118741 gactgaggag cctggacctg gtgctgaagg cgctggacac aaacgccgag ggagaggttt
   118801 tcgtcgctgc gatactggtg tttcgtggca cgaacggtac agccctggcc cagttgtgcg
   118861 agcacctacg gcgttttccc gagggcgcgc gattcttcgc cgcagccctc ggctggctcg
   118921 actggggcca ggcgcggccc tgggtggagc gcctgctggc ctcgcccgag ccgctgttcc
   118981 gcgccattgg cctggccgcc tgcggcatgc accggcatga cccggggccg gcgctgctgt
   119041 ccgcccttgg ccacgccgac ccggcggtgc tggcgcgcgc cgcgcgcacc gccggcgagc
   119101 tgcgtcggcg cgacctgatg gcgaatatcc gcgcctaccg cgcccacgac gacccgagcc
   119161 tgcgcttctg ggccaactgg gccaccgcgc agatgggcga cgaggaggcg ttggggccat
   119221 tgcgtgcgtt cgccgggcag cccggcccgt tccagctgcc ggcgaccatg gtgctgctcg
   119281 cctggcagcc gcgcgacacc agcatggcct ggattcgcca actgatgcag gcggcggaca
   119341 cgcggcggat cggcatccag gccaccggcc tgttcggcga tccggtggcg gtgccctggc
   119401 tgatccagca gatgcgcgac gagagtctgg cgcgggtcgc cggcgaggcc ttcagcctga
   119461 tcaccggcgc cgacctggcg ctgctcgacc tggagctgga ggccttgccc gactacgacc
   119521 ctggccccaa cgacgatccc gacgacgaca acgtcgccct cgacgacgac gagaacctta
   119581 gctggccgga ggcggagcga gtctccgcct ggtggcgtga ccacggcgcg cgtttcgtcg
   119641 ccgggcgcgc ctacctgctc ggcgaaccgc tgggcgaggc gcgctgccgc caggtcctgc
   119701 gcgacggcca gcaacgccag cggatggctg cggcgtgcct gctggcgcgc ttcgtgccga
   119761 acctgccgct gttccccacc ggtgcgccgg tgcgccgcca actggacctg ttctgatagc
   119821 tggctggcac cgggcggcca ggtcatggcc gctggcgcgg tgcgccgggt tttcccattc
   119881 gacgaatttc cctgcacgta gccaaccggt tgactgaaac ctttcaccac ttatgcgggg
   119941 cgaatggaaa tgccactcgt ttgccatgat agcctgtcga catcctctgg aaatatcgtg
   120001 aaaaaagctg gcaacgtgcg agatagaggg attttttaat ttatggttaa gcttcgggca
   120061 ttagcgttga gcaccagaag tgaccgatcg gtcacgtagg tcgctctgcg tttgttgtgc
   120121 ctttttccta tggggaaagc gtcggcagac gtgggaaaat tcaatcgatc cactcatcga
   120181 ggttccgaac catgccagac cgtatgcggg gcgttaagtc cgattctcca gagcaggaaa
   120241 gcgctgacga tgcattgaaa aggattgtcg atggattcca gcatttccgc cgggaggtct
   120301 ttcccgagca gcaggcgctg ttcaagaagc tcgccaatag ccagcggccg cgggcgatgt
   120361 tcatcacctg cgcggattcg cgcatcgttc ccgagctgat cacccagagt tcccccggcg
   120421 acctgttcgt cacccgcaac gtcggcaacg tggtgccgcc ctacgggcag atgaacggtg
   120481 gcgtctccac cgccatcgaa tacgctgtgc tggcgctggg cgtgcaccac atcatcgtct
   120541 gcggccactc cgactgcggg gcgatgcgcg ccgtgctcga cccgcagacc ctggaacgca
   120601 tgccgacggt caaggcctgg ctgcggcacg ccgaggtggc acgcacggtg gtggcggaca
   120661 actgcgactg cggcgccagc cacgacaccc tcggggtgct caccgaagag aacgtggtgg
   120721 cccagctcga tcacctgcgc acccacccct cggtggcctc gcgcctggcc agcgggcaac
   120781 tgttcatcca cggctgggtg tacgacatcg agagtgcgca gatccgcgcc tacgacgcca
   120841 agcagggtcg cttcctgccc ctcgacggcg agcatccggt gccgatggcc acgcccgcgc
   120901 cgcgctacct gaactcgtga tagcggcggc cgtgcgggcc gccggataac aacagcgttt
   120961 tcgcgtcacc tttcgccgtt cctgccatgg acgacctctg ggaagccccg ttccggggct
   121021 gaacgggtcg ctattacaag aaaaaacaca ctgcgcacac acaaccggcg ccgggcctgg
   121081 tcctggcgtc gctccctcgt cgtggaaaaa attcgcagga gaactgtgcc atgcatgttt
   121141 caaaggtgtt tccgtccctc cgggacacgt tgccgcggga cctgatggcc tccgtggtgg
   121201 tgttcctcgt cgccctgccg ctgtgcatgg gcatcgccat cgcctccggg atgccgccgg
   121261 ccaagggcct gctcaccggc atcgtcggtg gcctggtggt cggcttcctg gccggctcgc
   121321 cgctacaggt cagcggcccg gcggccggcc tcgcggtgct ggtcttcgaa ctggtgcgta
   121381 cctacggggt ggccatgctc gggccgatcc tgctgctcgc cggcgccatc cagctgctcg
   121441 ccgggcggct gcgcctgggc tgctggttcc gggtcacctc gccggcggtg gtatacggga
   121501 tgctcgccgg catcggcatc ctcatcgtcc tttcgcaatt gcacgtgatg ctcgacctgg
   121561 cgcccaaggc gtccggcctc gacaacctgc tggcattccc ccaggcggcg ttcgccgcgc
   121621 tcggttcgct gggcatggac agcggcctcg acgcggcgct gctcgggctg ggcaccatcg
   121681 cggtgatgtg gggctgggac aagctgcgtc cgcaacgcct gcgcttccta cccggcgcgc
   121741 tgctcggcgt gagcctggcg accctggcca gcctctggct ggcgctggac gtgcggcggg
   121801 tcgaggtacc ggccaacctc ggcgaggcca tcgactggct acgcccggcc gacctgctgg
   121861 ccctggccga tccctccctg ctgctggcgg cgggggtggt ggccttcatc gccagtgcgg
   121921 agaccctgct ctcggcggcg gcggtggatc gcctgcacga cggcccgcgc tcggacatgg
   121981 atcgcgagtt gtccgcccag ggtgtcggca acatgctctg cggcctgctc ggcgcgctgc
   122041 cgatgaccgg ggtgatcgta cgcagctcgg ccaacgtcaa tgccggtgcg cgaacccgcg
   122101 cctcggcgat cttccacggc ctctggttgc tcgccttcgt cctcctgctc ggcagcctgc
   122161 tgcggcagat tccggtggcg agcctggccg gggtgctggt ctataccggg gtcaagctgg
   122221 tcgatttcaa ggccctcggc aacctctctc gctacggccg gatgccgatg ctggtgtacg
   122281 cggccaccgc cctggcgatc gtcttcaccg acctgctgac cggcgtgctg gtgggcttcg
   122341 ccctgaccct gctgaagctg gtgctgaagg cggcgcggct gaagatcgcc ctgcgctaca
   122401 ccggcgagca tgaagccgag ctgcgcctga gcggcgccgc gactttcctc aaggtgccgg
   122461 cgctgtcgcg ggtgctcgac gaggtcaagc cggggaccac cctgcacgta ccgatggata
   122521 acctcagcta tgtcgaccat gcctgcatgg agctgctcga ggattggggg cggatggcac
   122581 cggtgcaggg ctcgcgcctg gtgatcgaac cgcgcgcctt gaagcgtcgc ctggaagggc
   122641 gcctgcgcgg cagcgtcggg ttgggcggcg cgcgcaatgg cggggcggtc agcccaggct
   122701 gagttccacc ccgagctgct tcgacaggca cggccactgc tgccaggcgg cgaccacccg
   122761 cgggttcttc aggttctcgc ggtaggcgcg ggccgagtcg gcgtcgaagg tggtggcgtc
   122821 gagcatgttc tccaccgcat ggtggacggc ttcgtccagc cggttggcga agggctcgcc
   122881 gatcaactgg tgggccacca ggttggctac ggtggtgtcc agtgggatca gtgcctggcc
   122941 gaagtgggcg atgtagcggt cgttcacttc ttccaccagg cggtgcgcca ggtaggcttc
   123001 gtcgagcagg gcgtcgaggc cgtcgtggcc ggcgagcaac gccggcgggg tgaggaagaa
   123061 ctgctcggcg accttcagca ccggcttgat ccgttcctcg atgccggctt cgcgggccac
   123121 gctgttggcg gcgtcgagca ggtccggtac ctgttcgacg taggcgtgga cgaagcgggt
   123181 gagtatgtct tccgtgttct cgccttgcgg ctggatggtg cgatgcaggc ggggcaggcg
   123241 gctggctatc agatcagcca ggtaaccgtg gcgggcttcg ctgaggtgcg cctgctggat
   123301 gagttcacgg agggcagcgg tgttcatggg gtctcccata caacggggat ggtgaagaag
   123361 aggagaaaca tagccggcgg cgcgcgccgg ctaagacgcg attgtcataa tcgcttcgtg
   123421 gttatgcgag gatgatatat caggcggcca ccattcgcct gcaaagccac gccgctcgcg
   123481 gcttttagag aagaatcggc actttccagc gacgttttta cgctgcgttg ttatgtcgca
   123541 gccgctgtct atactcccac tcgaatgctg aacctgatga acccggcctg ccttgctgtg
   123601 tgccgaggtg cgacggtcaa agttcgttgt cttggcggtc caccccttgg ccgttggcgt
   123661 ctgccggcgg gataaaaaca acgataaggg gaacccgaat gctgcgacat ccacgagtct
   123721 ggatgggctt ccttttgctc tcggcgatca gccaggcgaa tgccgcctgg acggtcaaca
   123781 tggccccggg tgctaccgag gtgagccggt ccgtcttcga cctgcacatg accatcttct
   123841 ggatctgcgt ggtgatcggc gtgctggtct tcggcgcgat gttctggtcg atgatcgtcc
   123901 accgccgctc caccggccag cagccggcgc acttccacga gagcaccacg gtggaaatcc
   123961 tctggacggt ggtgccgttc gtgatcctgg tggtgatggc ggtgcccgcc acccgcaccc
   124021 tgatccacat ctacgacact tccgagccgg agctggacgt gcaggtcacc ggctaccagt
   124081 ggaagtggca gtacaagtac ctgggccagg acgtcgagta cttcagcaac ctggccaccc
   124141 cgcaggacca gatccacaac cggcaggcga aggacgagca ttacctgctg gaggtggacg
   124201 agccgctggt gctgccggtg ggcaccaagg tgcgcttcct gatcacctcc agcgacgtga
   124261 tccattcctg gtgggtgccg gccttcgcgg tcaagcgcga cgccatcccc ggcttcgtca
   124321 acgaggcctg gaccaaggtc gacgagcccg gcatctatcg cggccagtgc gccgagctgt
   124381 gcggcaagga ccacggcttc atgccgatcg tggtcgacgt caagcccaag gccgagttcg
   124441 accagtggct ggccaagcgc aaggaagagg cggcgaaggt caaggaactg accagcaagg
   124501 agtggaccaa ggaagagttg gttgcgcgcg gcgacaaggt ctaccacacc atctgcgccg
   124561 cctgccacca ggccgaaggc cagggcatgc cgccgatgtt cccggcgctg aagggttcga
   124621 agatcgtcac cgggcccaag gagcaccacc tggaagtggt cttcaacggc gtgcccggca
   124681 ccgccatggc ggccttcggc aagcagctca acgaggtcga cctggccgcg gtgatcacct
   124741 acgagcgcaa cgcctggggc aacgacgatg gcgacatggt caccccgaaa gacgtcgtcg
   124801 cctacaagca gaaacaacaa taggagaccg ccatgagtgc tgtgatcgat acgcccgacc
   124861 accatgccgg cgaccaccac cacggaccgg ccaagggcct gatgcgctgg gtgctgacga
   124921 ccaaccacaa ggacatcggc accctctacc tgtggttcag cttcatgatg ttcctgctcg
   124981 gcggctcgat ggccatggtg atccgcgccg agctgttcca gcccggcctg cagatcgtcg
   125041 agccggcgtt cttcaaccag atgaccacca tgcacggcct gatcatggtc ttcggcgcgg
   125101 tgatgccggc cttcgtcggc ctggccaact ggatgatccc gctgatgatc ggcgcgccgg
   125161 acatggccct gccgcggatg aacaacttca gcttctggct gctgccggcg gccttcggcc
   125221 tgctggtcag caccctgttc atgcccggcg gcggccccaa cttcggctgg accttctatg
   125281 cgccgctgtc gaccaccttc gccccgcaca gcgtgacctt cttcatcttc gccatccacc
   125341 tggccgggat cagctcgatc atgggcgcga tcaacgtgat cgccaccatc ctcaacctgc
   125401 gcgccccagg catgaccctg atgaagatgc cgctgttcgt ctggacctgg ctgatcaccg
   125461 cgttcctgct gatcgcggtg atgcctgtgc tggccggcgt ggtgaccatg atgttgatgg
   125521 acatccactt cggcaccagc ttcttcagcg ccgccggcgg cggcgacccg gtgctgttcc
   125581 agcacgtgtt ctggttcttc ggccaccccg aggtgtacat catgatcctg cccgccttcg
   125641 gtgcggtcag tgcgatcatc ccgaccttcg cgcgcaagcc gctgttcggc tacacctcga
   125701 tggtctacgc caccgccagc atcgccttcc tctccttcgt ggtctgggcg caccacatgt
   125761 tcgtggtcgg catcccggtc accggcgagc tgttcttcat gtacgccacc atgctgatcg
   125821 cggtgcccac cggggtgaag gtgttcaact gggtgaccac catgtgggag ggttcgctga
   125881 ccttcgagac gccgatgctg ttcgccgtgg ccttcgtcat cctgttcacc atcggcggct
   125941 tctccggact gatgctggcg attgccccgg cagacttcca gtaccacgac acctacttcg
   126001 tggtcgccca cttccactac gtgctggtgc ccggcgcgat cttcggcatc ttcgcctcgg
   126061 cttactactg gctgccgaag tggaccggcc acatgtacga cgagaccctc ggcaagctgc
   126121 acttctggat gagcttcatc ggcatgaacc tggcgttctt cccgatgcac ttcgtcggcc
   126181 tcgccggcat gccgcgacgg atccccgact acaacctgca gttcgccgac ttcaacatgg
   126241 tctcgtcgat cggcgccttc atgttcggca ccacccagct gctgttcctg ttcatcgtca
   126301 tcaagtgcat ccgcggcggc aagccggccc ctgccaagcc ctgggacggc gccgagggcc
   126361 tggagtggag cattccctcg ccggcgccct accacacctt cagcaccccg cccgaggtca
   126421 agtgaggagc gcgtcatgag cgatgccaag gtcgataccc gccgcctggt cggccgcctg
   126481 ctgctggtga ccgtgctgat gttcgccttc ggcttcgccc tggtgccgct ctatgacgtg
   126541 atgtgccgcg ccctggggat caacggcaag accgccggca gcgcctacag cggcgaacag
   126601 caggtggatg tcgggcgcga ggtgaaggtg cagttcatga cctcgaacaa tatcgacatg
   126661 gtctgggagt tccgctccgc cggcgaccag ttggtggtgc atcccggcgc ggtgaaccag
   126721 atggtgttct acgcgcgcaa cccgagcgac aagccgatga ctgcgcaggc catcccgagc
   126781 atcgccccgg ccgaggccgc cgcctacttc cacaagaccg aatgcttctg tttcacccag
   126841 caggtgctgc aacccggcga gagcatcgag atgccggtgc gcttcatcgt cgaccgcgat
   126901 ctgcccaagg atgtgcggca cgtgacgctg gcctacaccc tcttcgatat cactgcgcgg
   126961 aagccgcccg taccggttgc gggacgataa ggagaacaac atggcaagcc acgaacacta
   127021 ttacgtcccc gcccagagca agtggccgat catcgccagc atcggcctgc tggtgacggt
   127081 gttcggcctg ggtacctggt tcaacgacct caccgccggc cacaaggagt cccatggccc
   127141 gtggatcttc ttcgtcggcg ggctgatcat cgcctacatg ctgttcggct ggttcggcaa
   127201 cgtcatccgc gagagccgcg ccggactcta cagcgcgcag atggaccgct cgttccgctg
   127261 gggcatgagc tggttcatct tctccgaggt gatgttcttc gccgccttct tcggcgcgct
   127321 gttctacgtc cgccacttcg ccggtccctg gctcggcggc gagggtgcca agggcgtggc
   127381 gcacatgctc tggccgaact tccagtacag ctggccgctg ctgcagaccc cggacccgaa
   127441 gctgttcccg ccgccgagcg cggtgatcga gccgtggaag ctgccgctga tcaacaccat
   127501 cctgctggtc acctccagct tcaccgtgac cttcgcccac cacgccctga agaagaacaa
   127561 gcgcggcccg ctcaaggcct ggctggcgct gaccgtgctg ctggggatcg ccttcctgat
   127621 cctgcaggcc gaggagtacg tgcacgccta caacgagctg ggcctgaccc tcggcgccgg
   127681 catctacggc tcgaccttct tcatgctcac cggcttccat ggcgcccacg tgaccctcgg
   127741 cgcgctgatc ctcggcatca tgctgatccg catcctgcgc ggtcacttcg atgccgagca
   127801 ccacttcggc ttcgaggccg ccagttggta ctggcacttc gtcgacgtgg tctggatcgg
   127861 cctgttcatc ttcgtctacg tgatctgacc gccaccgggg gaatcagaaa tgccagggcg
   127921 cgtggctgtt cagctcgccg ctgtagaagc cccaggcgac cagcgccagg gtcgccgcgg
   127981 cgagcaccac gcggacggtc agcgaattga ccacgcggga accatggccc tggtccttga
   128041 ccaggaagaa caggccgctg aacaggctca ccagggtagc cagcagtagc aggacgatcg
   128101 ccactttcaa catggtggga ctccggcgat ggggggattc atgcagtata gccagcgcct
   128161 cggggaggcc ggacgcaatg acagacgcag catgcgtggc gcgttccgcc ccggcctgct
   128221 gccgaccctg gtggtcctcg gcctgctgcc ggtgctgctc tggctgggca cctggcagtt
   128281 gcagcgggcc gacgagaagc gcgccctgct ggccagctac gaggcccggc gcggcgccga
   128341 gccggtgtcg cccgggcagc tagagggact gcgcgacccg gcgtacgtcc gcgtgcgcct
   128401 gcacggccgc ttcgaccagc ggcatacgct gctgctggat aaccggctgc gcaacggaca
   128461 ggccggggtc gaggtgctgc aacccttcta cgaccaggcc agcggccttt ggctgctggt
   128521 caaccgcggc tgggtcgcat ggactgaccg acgctcgccg ccgacgctgg aaacccccga
   128581 ccgcgtcctc ctgctcgacg cctggaccta cctgccgcca cccggcggcc tgcacctggc
   128641 cgacgcgccg gccggcggct ggccgcgcct ggtgacccag ctcgacatcc cggcgctgtg
   128701 gcaggccttc ggtcgcgccg ggctgccctg ggaaatccgc ctggagccgg gcgacgccag
   128761 cttcgacacc gattggcccc tggtctcgat gccgccggag cggcacaccg gctacgccgt
   128821 gcagtggttc gccctggcga cggccctgct cgccctctac ctctacctcg gtgtgcgccg
   128881 cgcacgggag aaaaaccatg agtctcgcga ttccgatgcc tgaacgtccg cgccgcgccc
   128941 gtggccgcct gcaactgctg gcgatcatcg gcctggtggt ggggccgatg ctgctcgcca
   129001 gcgccatgta caaatggaat ttctgggttc cgcaggggcg cagctacagc ggcgcgctga
   129061 tcggcaacgg ccagaccccc gccgacctcg gcgtgcaggg acgcagccag ggcgagcagt
   129121 ggcaactgct ggtgaccgcg ccgggtactt gcggcgagga ctgccagcaa ctggtctacc
   129181 tggcccgcca ggtcaacatc gccctcggcc gcgaagcctc gcgcgccggc cacgccctgg
   129241 ccgccagtgg cgagctgccg gcggacttcg ccaacctggt gaggcaggac tacccgcgcc
   129301 tgcagcgcta cggcctggac ccggccctgt acgacaaggc cggcggcggc gagcggccgc
   129361 tgctgtgggt ggtcgacccg cacggcaacc tggtgctgcg ctacgacgcc aaggccaacg
   129421 gcaagaagct gctgaaggac gtgcaactgc tgctcaagct ctcgcatatc ggttgatcgg
   129481 cgtggccggc gcggttcccg gcccgatgag gacagaacga caagaaaaag gggcccgcga
   129541 atgacaggcg caacccgcaa acccggtttc accgtcgccg tgctggcgac cctgctggcc
   129601 gccgtggtgg tcctgctcgg cgcctatacc cggctgaccc acgccggcct cggctgtccg
   129661 gactggccag gctgctacgg cttcgtccac gtgccgctga gcgaggcgca actggcccac
   129721 gccgaactgc acttccccga cgccccggtg gaggcacaga agggctggaa cgagatgatc
   129781 caccgctatt tcgccggcgc cctcggcctg ctcatccttg gcctggcgtt gcatgcgctg
   129841 gtccgccgcg ggcgcgacgg ccaaccgctg aagctgccgc tgctgctgct cgcggtggtg
   129901 atcgcgcagg ccgccttcgg catgtggacg gtgaccctca agctctggcc gcaggtggtc
   129961 accgcccatc tgctcggcgg cttcaccacc ctggcgctgc tctttctcct cgccctgcgc
   130021 ctctccggac gcttcgcggc gcggcgctac ccggcggcga cccgcggact ggcggggctg
   130081 gccctgctcc tggtgatcgg ccagatcgcc ctcggcggct gggtcagcag caactatgcg
   130141 gcggtggcct gcatcgacct gcccacctgc catggcgagt ggtggccgcg gatggacttc
   130201 gccaacggct tccacctgac ccagcacatc ggccccaact acctcggcgg ccagctcgac
   130261 agcgacgcgc gcacggcgat ccacatgacc caccggatcg gcgcgctgtg tgtgaccctg
   130321 gtcctcctgc tgctcgcctg gcgcctgcag cgcagcggcc tggtctggcc gaccgcgctg
   130381 atgctgctcg gcctgtcgct gcagatcggc ctgggcatca gcaacgtgct gctgcacctg
   130441 ccgctgccgg tggcggtggc gcacaacggc ggtggcgccc tgctgctgct cagcctggtg
   130501 ttggtcaact atcgcctgcg cgcgccggcc agcgtccgcg cgccggcacc gtcgccgcag
   130561 cgcgtgcgcc gcacgctgcc gccggcgcaa ggttctcggc tgaaggccgc ctgacagaca
   130621 gaaggatgga ggtaaggata tggccaccgt catcgatcgc cacagccagc cgacctggcg
   130681 cgacttcctc gaactgacca agcccaaggt cgtggtgctg atgctgatca cctcgctgat
   130741 cggcatgctg ctcgccacca aggcgccgct ggatggcttc gtgccctggc aggtgctgat
   130801 cttcggcaac ctcggcatcg gcctttgtgc cggcgcggcg gcggcggtca accatgtggt
   130861 ggaccggcgc atcgactcga tcatggcgcg gacccacaag cggccgctgg ccgagggccg
   130921 ggtgtcgccg agcatggcgc tgggcttcgc gctgctcctg gcgctggccg ggatggccgt
   130981 gctgctggcc ttcaccaacc cgctgacggc ctggctgacc ctcgcctcgc tgctcggcta
   131041 cgcggcgctc tacaccggct tcctgaagcg cgccacgccg cagaacatcg tcatcggcgg
   131101 gctcgccggg gcggcgccgc cgctgctcgg ctgggtcgcc atcaccggcc acctgagcgc
   131161 cgagccgctg ttgctggtac tgatcatctt cgcctggacc ccaccgcact tctgggcgct
   131221 atgcatccac cgcaaggacg aatacgccaa ggccgacatc ccgatgctgc cggtgaccca
   131281 cggcgagcgc tacaccaagc tgcacatcct gctctatacc ctggtgctgt tcgcggtgag
   131341 cctgatgccg ttcgtcatcc acatgagtgg gctggtctac ctgctctgcg ccctggccct
   131401 gggcgcgcgc ttcctcgact gggcctgggc gctctactgt gacagccggc cacatgcggc
   131461 gataaagacc ttcaagtact ctatcgtcta cctgttcctg ctgttcatgg cgctgctggt
   131521 ggaccactat ctgccgctga agctgcttct ctgatcccac tctagagcct tgcccaccca
   131581 tgactcgagt caacaagacc gtcctcgtcc tcgtcgccct ggtcgccctg gtcctcggcc
   131641 tcaccgtgca caaggtgctc accgcccagc gccaggccga tcccaccgtg ctgctcgacg
   131701 ccggcatcgt gatcctgccg cagacgcgca aggtgccggc gctggagttc accaaccagg
   131761 acggccaggc ggtcagcact gccagtctca agggtcgctg gcacctgctg ttcttcggct
   131821 acaccttctg ccccgatgtc tgcccgacca ccctcgccca gctccgcgaa ttgcagggca
   131881 agctgccgca ggaggtgcgc gacgacctgc aggtggtatt cgtcagcgtc gatccgaacc
   131941 gcgacacgcc gcagcagatc aagcaatacc tgggctactt caacgccggc ttccaggggc
   132001 tcaccggcac tccggagaac atccagaagc tggccaacgc catgagcatc ccctacatcc
   132061 ccgccgacac cagcaagccc aactacaccg tcgaccacag cggcaacctg gtgatcatcg
   132121 gcccggacgg cgagcagcac ggcttcatcc gcgcgccgct gaacaacgcc aagctggaag
   132181 cccaactgcc cggcgtgctc aagccgcagg tctgattccc tttccttcct ccaccgtccg
   132241 cggcgttccg ggcctcaggc ccggcgcatg ccgatgtgcg ggatgtcgtc ttccaggtag
   132301 acctcggtga ccgcgacgaa gccatagcgg ccgtagtagg cctgcaggtg ggcctgggcc
   132361 gagaggtaca ccggggtatc cagccagagg cgctccgccg cctgcagcgc gcgttccatc
   132421 aactgatgac caagcccctg gccgcgcgcg gccgaggaac tgaccacccg gccgatcacc
   132481 acctggccct cgtggcgaac cgggtccagc aggcgcaggt aggcgagcaa ctggccgtcg
   132541 cgccaggcca tcaggtgatg ggtatcgccg accaggtcga ggccgtcgac ttcctggtag
   132601 gggcatttct gttccaccac gaagacctcg gtgcgcaatt gcagcagcgc gtagagttcc
   132661 ttcagggtga ggtcggcgtg gtgcttgcag gtccagtcga gcgacatggt cgggattccg
   132721 ggacagggga caggaacgcg gttatgccat gggcggcggg ccgctggaaa ggcgtggccg
   132781 gtcggtttcg tttcagaacc cacgcggcta tcctttgccg aacggctgga ggtgtctcat
   132841 gcgttgggaa gaactgagcg aacaaccctg ttcgctggcg cgggtgctgg cgatcgtcgg
   132901 cgatcgctgg accctgctgg tattgcgcga ctgctttctc ggcgtgcgcc gtttcgacga
   132961 cttcgagcgc agcctcggcg tgacccgtca cgtcctcgcc gaccgcctca agcgccttgt
   133021 cgaagcggag atactggcca aggtgcccta ccaggaaagg ccgctgcgcg aggaataccg
   133081 gcttaccgag aaagggatgg aactgtaccc ggccatcctt tccctggtga actggggcga
   133141 ccgccacctc gccggcgtcg aggggccgcc actcgagcat gtgcacaagc attgcggcca
   133201 acacatgcat ggcgtgctgg tctgttccga atgcggtgag ccgctgcacg cgcgggacgt
   133261 gacggtacgc gaggggctgt tctggaaggg gcgcctgctg cggcgcggct gagcgttcca
   133321 ggcctggctg ccgacgcgaa tcggcggata aacgccgatg gcgttacggc aggaaggacg
   133381 ctgtcgtacc aggctccgcc gaccggtccc ctctcttcag ggagaggacg tgccgggcag
   133441 gccgggacag gcagagtaat tggtgcgcgg atatcactcg agcccttggc agttgacaag
   133501 ttccttttaa gaactaacta tcgtctctat tgggttctaa aaaagaacta acaagagagg
   133561 cctctgcaat gacccagcgc aaagcggttc tggtaatggg cgccggcgac gccaccggtg
   133621 gcgccatcgc ccggcggttc gcccgcgagg gctacgtggc gtgcgtcgcc cggcgcaacg
   133681 cggagaagct ggagccgctg gtgcaggcca tccgcgacca aggcggcgag gctctggcct
   133741 gcggctgcga cgcacgccag gagcagcagg tgatcgacct cttcgcccgc atcgagggtg
   133801 aggtcggtgc gctggaggcg gtgatcttca acgtcggcgc caacgtctgg ttcccgatca
   133861 ccgaaaccac cgaacgggtc tatcgcaagg tctgggagat ggccgccttc ggcggcttcc
   133921 tcaccggccg cgaggcggcg cgggtgatgc tgccgcggca gcgcggaacg atcatcttca
   133981 ctggcgccac cgcctcgttg cgcggccgcg cgcatttcgc cgcgttctcc ggcgccaagt
   134041 tcgccctgcg tgccctggcc caaagcatgg cgcgcgagct ggggccgaag ggcatccacg
   134101 tcgcccaccc gatcatcgac ggcgccatcg acaccgactt catccgcgaa accctgcccg
   134161 agctgtacaa gcgcaaggag caggacggca tcctcgatcc cgagcacatc gccgagacct
   134221 actggcagat ccactgccag ccgcgcgact gctgggtgca cgaactggac ctgcgcccct
   134281 ggatggaaac cttctgatcc ccgccacgga aagagccacg catgagcaag caaatcgagt
   134341 tcttcttcga cttcggcagt cccaccacct acctcgcctg gacccaactg ccgcgcatcg
   134401 ccgccgccca tggcgcgagc atcgcctggc ggccgatgct gctgggcggc gtgttcaagg
   134461 ccaccggcaa ccattcgccg atcgaggtgc cggccaaggg gcgctacacc ctccacgacc
   134521 tggcgcgcta tgcgaaacgc tacggcgtgc cgctggcctt caacccggcc ttcccgatca
   134581 acaccctgac gctgatgcgc ggcgcccagg gctatctcgg cggcgaaggg ttccagccct
   134641 acctgaaagc ggtgttcgaa gcgttgtggg tacgacagca gaacctcggc aagcccgagg
   134701 tggtcgccca ggtgctggcg gaggctgggt tcgatccgga tgagttcctc cgcctggttg
   134761 gcgacgagca ggtcaaggag gggctcaagg cgaccaccga agaggcggtg cggcgcggcg
   134821 tcttcggcgc gcccagcttc ttcgtcggcg accagttgtt cttcggccag gatcgcctcg
   134881 atttcgtcgc cgaggccctc gccggctgac ctcccttccc cgcggcgagc cgctctggcc
   134941 cgccgccttg cgccatccga gcgccctcct cccggctgcg gcccgcgcgt gccgtggttc
   135001 ctggccattc gtcgcgcccg ccgatagcgg cttgtcaggc tgacttcttt gcgtataggc
   135061 tgaactggtc agaccggtaa taccacaata aaaatgcgtt catcgcccgc ctccgcgagg
   135121 cccgatggaa gcgccgaatg gagactcctg cgatgttcat caagcgctgt tcccgctcga
   135181 tattcctgca agtcgtgatt ggcctggtga taggcgtgat ctgcggggtc ggcattcccg
   135241 acctggccgt gcagatgaag ccgctgggcg atggcttcat caagctgatc aagatgctca
   135301 tcgcactgat cgtcttctgc gtggtggtca acggcatctc cggcgccggc gacctgaaga
   135361 aggtcggccg catcggcctg aagtcggtga tctacttcga aatcctcacc accatcgctc
   135421 tggtcctcgg cctggtggtc gcctacagcc tgggcctggg cagcggcgcc aacatccatc
   135481 tcaacgaatt gcccgccggc gacgtcgccc tgtataccgg gcgcacccag gagatccacg
   135541 gccccgtggc attcctcatg ggcctgatcc cgacctctgt gttcagcgcc ttcgccgaga
   135601 acgacatcct ccaggtcctg ctgttctccg tgctgttcgg cagcgccctg aacctggtcg
   135661 gcgagcaggc cagcggcgtg gcccgcctga tcaacgaatt cagccacatc gtgttccgca
   135721 tcatgggcat gatcgtgcgc ctggcaccgc tcggcgtgtt cggcgcggtg gccttcacca
   135781 ccgcccgcta cggcgtcgac tcgctcagcc acctgggcgc gctggtgctg gtgttctacg
   135841 ccacctgcct ggtcttcgtc atggcggtgc tcggcagcgt cctgcgtctc tccggggtgc
   135901 gcatgctgcc gttcctgcgc tacttccgcg aagagctgct gatcgtgatg ggcaccgcct
   135961 cctccgacgc ggtgctgccg caggtgatgc gcaagctcga gcacatgggc atccgcagct
   136021 ccacggtagg cctggtgatt cccaccggct actcgttcaa cctcgacgga ttctcgatct
   136081 acctgaccct ggcggtggtg ttcatcgccc acgtcaccgg cacgccgctg gcgatgaccg
   136141 acctgatcac catcctgctg gtttcgctgg tcacctccaa gggcgcccac ggcattcccg
   136201 gctcggccct ggtgatcctc gccgccaccc tcaccgcggt gccggcgatc ccggtggccg
   136261 gcctggtgct ggtgctttcg gtggactggt tcatgggcat cggccgcgcg ctgaccaacc
   136321 tgatcggcaa ctgcgtggcc accgtgacca tcgcccgctg ggaaaacgac atcgatatgt
   136381 cgcgcgcgca ggccatactc gacgggcgcc tggaggcgcc ggccaaggcc gacggcgagc
   136441 cgctcaagcg cagcgcggtg gccggggaag gcaagctgca tggctgacgc gccgaggcgc
   136501 gttgcacgtc cgattggcaa gtaaagggag gcgacatgtt ttcttcgtcc aagctggtca
   136561 acgcggttgc ccagcgcctg ctcgacacca tcgagcaggg tcgctgggtc gccggccaga
   136621 tgttgcccgg ccagcgcgag ctggctgaac agatggaaat cagccggccg agcctgcgcg
   136681 aggcgatcat ggtcctggag accctgggcg tggtccgttc gctgccgggc aagggcgtga
   136741 tggtcctcga acgcagcgaa ccgctgcgcg aggtcgcggc gcccggcgag gcgaccatgg
   136801 aagacgtcct gcaactgcgc tatgcgctgg agccgttcat cgtcggcatc gtcgcgcaga
   136861 gcgccggggc ggcggagatc agcgaactgc ggctgttgct gctggacctg cgcgaagcgg
   136921 tcgaggatgg cgacccgcag gctctggttg aggcctacac ggccttccac cggcgcctgg
   136981 tgaagctcac ctcgaacccg atcttcctca gcgtttccga acagatcggc agcgccctgg
   137041 aacgcagcga caacctggtg cgccgccagc cggaatacgc cgaggagatc ctccaggaac
   137101 acgacgccat cctccgtgcg atccgccagc acgacagcga gcgggcgagc caggcgatgc
   137161 gccagcacat cctcaacgaa ggcgcgcgcc tgaacatcga cctgcgcttg ccgcaggtct
   137221 gatcgcccgc gccagggttc caacccggga ccgtcgcggc gcccggacgg ctttcgtccg
   137281 ccgcctgcga aggcccacaa gcacgactcg acaggtgtga acatggtcgg attcgaagca
   137341 cgtacccagc agggcgccgc gctgcgcccc accagccatt tcgtctacga aagcatctac
   137401 acggcaatcc tggaaaagcg cctggcgccg gccgccaagc tgagcaagga aaccctcggg
   137461 cagatcttcc gggtcagcaa cggcaccatc cagcgtgccc tcacccgtct cgccgaggac
   137521 ggcgcggtgg tgatgccgcc gaaggaggtc gccagcgtcg cccgcccgga cgagcgccag
   137581 gcgcggcagg tgctggacgc gcgcctgctg gtggaaagcg aagtggtgcg gcaactgccc
   137641 gcggggctgg atcccgccgc ccttgccgag ctacgggcgc tggtcgacga ggagcaggct
   137701 tgcctcgcgg cccgcgacag cgccgggctg atccgtctcg ccgggcgctt ccacctgcgc
   137761 ctggccgaac tgaccgagaa tcccttgctg cagggtttcg tccgtggcct ggtggcacgc
   137821 gcctcgctgg acatcgcgct gaacaagggg gcggtctata ccgccgaggc ctgcgccgcg
   137881 cagcgcgccc tgctcgatgc cctggaggac ggcgacagcg cggcggcggc tgcgctgatg
   137941 gacgcttacc tgcgaggcct gttcgcccgc atgcgcttcc tgcctccacc caccaccgac
   138001 ctgcgcgagg cattcggcat gaaggcccct cgcggggaaa agcgccggag ggcctgacct
   138061 ccccggccgc cgcctaccag atctggcagg cggtggtggc tggtggccag cctatagtga
   138121 agcgggtcag ggatggcgcc gtgctggtcg aagtagccaa gggtccgttg tgagcgcccg
   138181 gtcctgtccg tgacgtccta caggaagctg tgaacgcatg gttaacggag atcgacatgg
   138241 catacgcaga atggatcgca gtgaaggtcg tggtatccaa atccatcggc acggtgggca
   138301 tccgcaacgc caccttgcaa tggggcaagt tctaccgcta caccaacaag gacgacgaga
   138361 tttccaccga ggaagtcagc agcatgaacg tgcaggccgg cagcccgcaa tggatcgcct
   138421 cctgcggacg ggagaacgct tcgtccggca cccagggcag cttcgactgc tacgacggca
   138481 acaccaagat gggcaccttc agctgggatg acccgtggaa atccggcgcc accaacacct
   138541 ggagcttcac accggcatcg gcggactatg ctggcatcac cagcggcggc aacgctacgg
   138601 gcacggacat cggcgaggtc accctgaccc tcggccgctt ctcctgacgg tacctggagc
   138661 tggccggcag tccgtcggtc agctccagcg ctcatccccg tccgtggcga acgctcgccg
   138721 cagcgcctcg atggcgacct tcaccttggc cggctgggcc tcgcgccgtg gcgtcaccgc
   138781 atagatgccg agcccgggaa tcctccactc cggcaatagc tgttgcaggc gcccgtcgtt
   138841 cagcgcgtcg cgcacctccg gcagcggctg gtaggacacg ccgagtccgt cgagggtgaa
   138901 ctgacgcacc gcgagcatcc cgttggcggc cacccgtggc tccaggcgca gtttgcagac
   138961 ttccccgccc ggcccgctga gcgtcaggtg gttgaggtgg ttcgaggtgt tcagggaaat
   139021 ccagtcgacc tcggtcaact gctccggacg gttgatgggc gcccgttggc gcaaataggc
   139081 cggcgccgcg cagagcacgc tgctccaatc gccgaggtgg cgcgccacca ggctggagtc
   139141 ggcgagattg ccgacgcgta tcgccaggtc gatgcgctcg gcgaccagat cgatgcgctc
   139201 gtcctggaag aacagctgca ggcgcaactg gcggtggttc tccagcaacg gtttcagcgc
   139261 ctgggtgatc agcgtgccgg agaaccccac cggcgccgcc aggcgcaact cacccaccgg
   139321 cgcatcgcgc cattcgccaa gccgccgctc ggcttcctcg gcgatcgcca gcatctgcgc
   139381 gcaactgcga tagaacgcct cgccggcctc ggtcagggtc agccggcggg tggtgcgatg
   139441 cagcaaagtg acctgggcgc ggctctccag cttgcggatc tgctggctga ctgccgaagg
   139501 ggtcatgccc aggctctggg ccgcggctgc catcgagccc ttgtccacca cagtggcgaa
   139561 gatcgccatg cctttcagcg aatccatgcc ggttcctcct tgcgggagac tgcgcctggg
   139621 gaaaaatcac cggaaaaagc gcgagaaagc atgcccagcg ggcgaggtcg tcgagttacg
   139681 gaaaaatacg gacgcgtatg ggagcgaagc atgagtcagc caaagaacta atcaggtcgc
   139741 agtggtcgca agttggtcgc cctcattggc ccggtcgaaa aatgtccatt ttttgtgagt
   139801 tatggatgtt ttgtccgaag taagctactc agtacaagtc aagggaaata ttcattttga
   139861 aacatcttgt aaccgtgtga ccactttcag ggggtaattt cgaccctatc gatgcgcaaa
   139921 atctggattt ccttgccttt aacccgaaac ggggcgctga acggccagcg ctccagggtc
   139981 agggtgcgta cgcctggcac ctcgctgggc cgccctgccc cctggttggc tacctgctgc
   140041 agcggtttca cctgctcgac gatgtcctga acggctttca gagctttttc cgggccgatc
   140101 agcacgacgt aatggtcgta gatggcgtcc aggtcggcgg ccgccttgcg ggtccacttc
   140161 aggctcattg cagcccccag cgcttctcga tctcggtgtg ttccagcagg cgaccggcat
   140221 tggcatcggc caagccttca tcgatggcag cgacctgcca ctgctgcctt tccaggtact
   140281 gcgcgagcgc ctgccgcagg tggtaggggc ggtcgcggtg ggtggcgcgg gccagttcgt
   140341 cgagggccgc gaccagggcg tcatcggcgc ggaacgagac tacggtgctc attttctgat
   140401 caacttcgtt ttcgatgtat acggtgttta cagtgaaaac gaatgtatac gaaagctttc
   140461 gggcgagcaa tcgcccggct gtttcgtccg tcgaaaaaac ctttatcgat cagtgggttg
   140521 aatgaggagc ccgccccgag cggggcgggc ggaaggacgg cgtgggatta ccaggcctgg
   140581 ttgaagtgga agccctgcct gggcgagaag cgggtgttga cgagcttgta gccttcctcg
   140641 ccgcgtggct tgaccagcga gacctggccg acctgcggtt gggtgatctg ttgcagggtg
   140701 gtcaggctgg cctgcttgag cacctcgggg ttcttcgccc agtccttcac ttcgcgtggc
   140761 ttgacctcga cggtgaccaa ccagcccttt tccacggccg ggccgtagtc gtcgggcttg
   140821 gcggggtcca ccgaacggac gctgacgtcg aagccgctgc tgtagcagaa ggccttcgac
   140881 tcgggcttgt agtcctcgcg gccggcgggc gtgaggtcgt aggaatcgcc gtcgcggcgc
   140941 agcaggccga cgccgaccag cgcgtcgtag accgcggcgt tgcctttcgc cgggccgggg
   141001 ccggagaagc tgtcggagag cgtcaccggg aaggtcttga acagggtgga gctggcgcag
   141061 gcgggtttgt cgaagccgcg ctcggcgagc aggcgggcga tctcctcgct ggacggagcg
   141121 gagtccgagc aggcggcgag gaacagtggg agggcggcga cgaggccgcg cagaacgcgt
   141181 gtaggcatgg gcatgtcctt tgtccattgg cgcagccgga tcggctgcgc ggcgaattct
   141241 agcggctgtg gcaccatggg cgcacattcg acccaaggag gagaacccat gcgcctgcct
   141301 gcgaacctcg gccgcctgct gccggccctg tgcctgggcg tcctgttgag cgcctgcagc
   141361 accttcggcc agcgcgatcc gttgcgtatc gacctggtcg gcctggaacc cctgccgggg
   141421 caaggcatgg agatgcgctt catggtcaag ctgcgggtac agaaccccaa cgacgagccg
   141481 atcgaataca acggcatcgc cctcgacctc gacgtcaacg gccagcccct ggccagcggc
   141541 gtcagcgacc agaccggcga ggtgccgcgc ttcggcgagc gggtggtgag cgtgccgctg
   141601 accgtctccg ccttttccgc cttccgccag gcctggggcc tgagcaacaa cgctccgacc
   141661 cagggcatgc cctacgtggt gaagggcaag ctcgccggag gcctgttcgg caccgtgcgc
   141721 ttcagcgaaa agggcaccct cgacttctcc gggccggccg tcggcgcgcc gaagaccaag
   141781 gggctctgag gcggttcggc aggggagcga gaaaccctat ataatctgcg gttttcgtcc
   141841 ccctgctgaa gagagaatgc cgtgagcacg ctgccgccct gtccccaatg caactccgaa
   141901 tacacctacg aggatggtgc gctgctggtc tgcccggagt gcgcccatga atggtcgccg
   141961 aacgaggccg ctacggcgtc cgatgatggc aaggtgatca aggattcggt gggcaacgtt
   142021 ctccaggacg gcgataccat caccgtgatc aaggacctga aagtgaaagg ctcctcgctg
   142081 gtggtgaagg tcggcaccaa ggtgaagaac atccgcctgg tggacggcga ccacgacatc
   142141 gattgcaaga tcgacggcat tggcgcgatg aagctgaaat cggaattcgt caggaaggtc
   142201 tgagacgacc ttgcctgaag aagcccggcc attggccggg cttttctttg gagggctgtc
   142261 tgggttattc ccccggtggt ggactcagac ccgcgccgtc ttcccggcgt agtcctcgcc
   142321 gaggcgcggc ttgcgtcgcg cgttgagcag cccgaggcag acggtgaaga tcgtcagcag
   142381 agcggtggcg aacacctcgt gacggtgctc cggcatgatc agcatgatgc tcagcgcggc
   142441 gacgatgaac aggatcaccg cccaggtcag ccagggatat agccacatgc ggaactcgat
   142501 gggctggccg ctggcctgca attgcttgcg catgcgcaac tgggccacgg cgatcaccag
   142561 gtacaccagt agcgccacgg cgccggagct ggcgaggagg aaggtgaaga ccttctccgg
   142621 tgcgaagtag ttgacgatgg tggtgaggaa gcccaccgcg gtgctggcca gcaccgccgg
   142681 gcgtggtacg tgggcggtgt tggtcagctt gagcacgctc ggggcgtcgc cgcgcttggc
   142741 cagggagaag accatccgcg acgaggtgta gatcgccgag ttcaggcaac tggccacggc
   142801 gaccagtacc accaggtcga cgatcagctt ggcgtgcggg atgtccagca gctccagggc
   142861 gcgctggtag gagccgacct ggatcagcag cgggtcgttc cacggcacga tggagatcac
   142921 gatgaagatc gacaccaggt agaacaggcc gatccgccag atcaccgagt tggtggcgcg
   142981 ggtgatctgc ttcgccgggt ccttggactc ggcggcggcg atggtgacga tctcggtgcc
   143041 catgaagctg aacatggtcg tcagcagggc gccgagcacc gcgccgtagc cgttcggcac
   143101 gaagccgccg tggctcgcca tcaggctgga caggccgctg acctcacgct ccggcaggcc
   143161 gccgacgatg gccaccgcgc cgagcacgat gaaggcgatg atggcgatca ccttgagcag
   143221 cgcgaaccag aactcgaact cgccgtagcg ggccacgctg aagaggttgg tgacggtgag
   143281 caggaaggtc accgcgaggg cgaagatcca ggtgtcgatg gccgggaacc aggcgttgag
   143341 gatggccgcg gcggcgatcg cttcgagtgg gatcaccagc acccagaacc accagtagag
   143401 ccagccgatg gtgaaaccgg cccagcggcc gatggagcgg tcggcgtagg tggagaagga
   143461 accggtatcg ggggaggcga ccgccatttc gccgagcatg cgcatgacca gcaccaccag
   143521 ggtgccggcg atcaggtagg cgagcagggc ggccgggccg gcggcggcga tggcatggcc
   143581 ggagccgacg aacaggccgg cgccgatcac cccggcgatc gacagcatgg tgacgtggcg
   143641 ttgtttcagg ccgggcgcga gcgaggcgtt gcgcttgttc ggcagttgtg aagccagtac
   143701 gactttggac atcgttgaga ccctttaatt gttcttgggc aaggtctggg ccgccttgtg
   143761 ggcgacgcca tgggtgcggc cgtgggtgag gtttcacggc ggtggaacgt tgcggactcc
   143821 tgattgcgga aaaagaaaaa aggcatggtc gttaccgacc atgcctgtcg tcgtcagcct
   143881 tcagaggctg gggaaggcga attgcgaggc ctcgtggctg gcccgctgcg gccagcgctg
   143941 ggtgatggcc ttgcgccggg tgtagaagcg cacgccgtcc gggccgtagg cgtggaggtc
   144001 gccgaacagc gagcgcttcc agccgccgaa gctgtggtag gccaccggca ccggcagcgg
   144061 gacgttgacg ccgaccatgc cgacctcgat ctcgtcgcag aacaggcgtg cggcctcgcc
   144121 gtcgcgggtg aagatgcagg tgccgttgcc gtattcgtgg tcgttgatca actgcatggc
   144181 ctcttccagg ctgttgacgc gaaccacgca cagcaccggg ccgaagatct cttccttgta
   144241 gatggtcatt tccggggtca cccggtcgaa caggctgccg ccgaggaaga agccgttctc
   144301 gtggccggcg acctggtagc cgcggccgtc caccaccagc tccgcgccct gggccacgcc
   144361 gctgtcgatg tagccggtga ccttggcctg cgcggcggca gtgaccagcg ggcccatgtc
   144421 gaggccgcag gaagtgccgg cgccgatctt cagcgccttg atctgcggaa ccagcttggc
   144481 gatcagcgcg tcggccacct ggtcgccgac gcataccgcc accgagatcg ccatgcagcg
   144541 ctcgccgcag gagccgtagg cggcacccat cagcgcgctg acggcgttgt cgaggtcggc
   144601 gtcgggcatc agcaccgcat ggttcttcgc gccgcccagg gcctgcacgc gcttgccgcg
   144661 cttggtgccc tcggcataga tgtattcggc gatgggggtc gagccgacga agctgatggc
   144721 cttcacttcc ggcgcctgga gcaggccgtc cacggcttcc ttgtcgccgt gcaccacgtt
   144781 cagcacgccc ttcggcaggc cggcttcgtg gaacagctcg gcgatcagca gggtggagct
   144841 ggggtcgcgc tcggagggct tgaggatgaa ggtgttgccg caggcgatgg ccagcgggta
   144901 catccacagc ggcaccatcg ccgggaagtt gaacggggtg atcccggcga ccacgccgat
   144961 cggctggaag tcgctccagg cgtcgatgtt cgggccgacg ttgcggctgt actcgccctt
   145021 gaggatttcc ggggcggcgc aggcgtactc gacgttctcg atgccgcgct tgagttcgcc
   145081 ggcggcgtct tccagggtct tgccgtgctc ttcgctgatc agcttggaaa tccgcgcctc
   145141 gttctgctcc agcagttgct tgaagcggta cagcacctgt gcgcgcttgg ccggcggggt
   145201 gttgcgccag gccgggaagg cggccctggc ggcatcgatg gctttctgca gggtcttgcc
   145261 gtcggccagc gggaccttgt ggatggcttc gccggtggag gggttgaaga cgtcggcgct
   145321 gcggccgttg tcggcgacca tttcgccgtt gatcaggtgg tggagggtgc ccatcttgtc
   145381 ttgttctctc ttcgctaggg gtgacgaaag ggccgtggcc ctttcccttt acccgctccc
   145441 tggggagcgg gtgcggatta cttgatctcg gtctcgacga agaccacttc gtgtgcgctg
   145501 gcgttgatca cgttgtgctc gacgccggcc ttgcggaagt aggcctgtcc ggcgaccagc
   145561 ggcgcgtggc ggtcgccctc gggggtttcc agcagcagcg tgccgtcggt cagcggtacc
   145621 accacatagt cgtggccgtg gcggtggcgc ccggtttccg cgccgggggc gaagcgccat
   145681 tcggtcacga tcacctcggc gttgtccacc tgcacggtgg gtacggcttg cgggcggccg
   145741 ctcatcaggc gatgccgttg agcgcttcgc cgaccgcgtc gaacaggcgg tccagctctt
   145801 ccggcctggc gttgaaggtc gggccgaatt gcagggtatc gccgccgaag cgcacgtaga
   145861 aaccctgttg ccagagcttc atgccggcct cgaacggacg cacggtcgga tcgccgtcgc
   145921 gcggggcgat ctggatcgcg ccggccaggc cgcagttgcg gatgtcgatg acgttcttcg
   145981 cgccttgcag gccgtgcagg accttctcga agtgcggcgc cagttcggcg gactgctgca
   146041 ccaggttgtc cctggccagg atgtccagcg cggcgaggcc ggcggcgcag gcaaccgggt
   146101 gcgcggagta ggtgtagccg tggctgaact ccaccgcgtg ctcgggcagc gcctggttca
   146161 tgaaggtgtc gtagatctcg ctgctggcga tcaccgcgcc catcggcacg gcgccgttgg
   146221 tgacctgctt ggcgacgttc atcaggtccg gggtgacgcc gaagtactcg gcgccgctgt
   146281 aggtgcccag gcggccgaag gcggtgatca cctcgtcgaa gatcagcagg atgttgtgct
   146341 ggtcgcagat ctcgcgcagg cgctgcaggt agccgaccgg cggtaccagt acgccggcgg
   146401 agccggacat cggctcgacg atcaccgcgg cgatgttcga ggcgtcgtgc agttcgatca
   146461 gcttgagcag ttcgttggcc agctcgacgc cgccggtctg ggccatcccg cgggtgaacg
   146521 ccatgcccgg ttgcagggtg tgcggcaggt ggtcgacgtc catcaactgg ccgaacatct
   146581 tgcggttgcc gccgatcccg ccgaggctgg tgccggcgac gttgaccccg tggtagccgc
   146641 gggcgcggcc gatcagcttg gtcttctgcg gctggccttt caggcgccag taggcgcggg
   146701 ccatcttgac cgaggtgtcg gcgcactcgg agccggaacc ggtgaagaac acgtggttca
   146761 gttcgcctgg cagcaacccg gcgatcttct cggccaactg gaaggacagc ggatggccgt
   146821 actggaagcc cggcgagtag tcgagggtgc cgagctggcg agccaccgcc tcctggattt
   146881 ccttgcgcga gtggccggcg ccgcaggtcc acaggccgga caggctgtcg tagaccttgc
   146941 ggcccttgtc gtcggtcagc cagctgcctt cggcggcgac gatgatccgc gggtccttct
   147001 ggaagttgcg gttggcggag aagggcatcc agtgggcgcg caggttgagt tcgctggaaa
   147061 ccggcggggc cacgttgagc ggctggttca tcgttcgatc ctcgggcttt cttgttggaa
   147121 ggttccgcgc acgcggcggc ggagcgttgg ggtcaagctt ggccctgacg aaaggttaga
   147181 taaagcttat tcttctcacg tttagtttcg actgggtaaa acaataatgg ccaaatcccg
   147241 caacccgtcg ctcggccagg tcagcgattt cgatatccgc ctgctgcgca tcttcaagac
   147301 catcgtcgag tgcggcagtt tctccgccgc cgagagcact ctcggcctca gccgctcggc
   147361 gatcagcctg cacatgggcg acctggagaa gcgcctgggc atgcgcctgt gccagcgcgg
   147421 ccgcgccggc ttcgccctga ccgacgaggg ccgcgaggtc tatcgcgcga cccagaccct
   147481 gctggcggcg ctggaggggt tccgcgccga ggtcaacgac ctgcaccagc acctgcgcgg
   147541 cgaactcaac atcggcatca tcaacaacct ggtgaccctg ccgcagatgc gcatcaccca
   147601 cgccctcagc gcgctcaagg ggcagggacc gcaggtgcgg atcaacatcg gcatgaccac
   147661 ccccaacgag atcgaactgg gcgtgctcga cggccacctg catgtcggcg tggtgccgtt
   147721 gatcagtccg ctgtcgggac tcgagtacct gccgctgtat gacgagcacg cgcagctcta
   147781 ttgcagccgc ggccacgcac tgttcgaacg cgccgacggc gatatcgcgg tggacgaggt
   147841 gctcgccgcg gacgccgtgg cgcccagcta ccgcctgccc gccgaagccc aggcgcgcca
   147901 ccaggagctg aacaacagcg ccagcgcctc ggaccgtgag ggcatggcat tcctgatcct
   147961 gaccggcaac ttcatcggct acctgccgtc gcactacgct gccgactggg tcgccgccgg
   148021 gatgctgcgg cccctgctgc cggagcgttt ccactatgcc atcgcgctga ccatcgtgac
   148081 ccgcaaggga cgccggccga acctggtgct ggagcgcttc ctggaggcgg tggcggtgtc
   148141 gtgagggcgc ggatggagta acgcgagctt cggccgcccg ccgaacggcg tcttttctct
   148201 acggcgcgag gaggtggcat gcagcgacgg gccgagccaa cgcgggaaag agactctcac
   148261 cccttcacat ggcgccgctc ccccatcacc caggtctccg ccaccgcgcg gtcgtcgccc
   148321 agggtgttca gcacgaacag ggtatcggcc aggccgcgcg catgctccat gcgctgggcg
   148381 atcatcggcg tggcggccag gtcgagggcg acgaagtcgg cttcgcggcc gggcaggaag
   148441 ttaccgacca ggccgtccag gtcgagcgcc ctggcgccgc cgagggtggc caggtagagc
   148501 gcctggaacg gatcgaggct ggtgccgcgc aattgctgga tcttgtaggc gtcggcgagg
   148561 ttggccagca gcgacaggct ggtgccgccg ccgacgtcgc tgccgatgcc gacgcggatg
   148621 ccgtattgct gggcgcggcc aaggtcgaac aggccggagc cgatgaacag gttggaactg
   148681 ggacagtgcg ccagcgccgc gttcttgtgc gccaggcagc ggcattcgcg ttcggagaga
   148741 tggatgccat gggcgaacac gctgcgttcg ccgaccaggc cggcgcgatg atagacgtcc
   148801 aggtagtcct gcgcctgggg aaacagctcg ccgacccagg cgacttcctt gaggttctcc
   148861 gaaagatggg tgtgcaggta gacgccggga tactcgtcca gcaggcgcgc cgccgcggcc
   148921 agttgctcgg gcgaggaggt cggcgcgaag cgcggggtga ccgcgtattg caggcgcccg
   148981 ttgccgtgcc agcgctcgat cagcgcgcgg ctctcggcgt agccactggc cgcggtatcg
   149041 cacagcgccg gcggcgcgtt gcggtccatc agcaccttgc cggcgatcat ccgtaggcgg
   149101 cgcttctgcg cggcctggaa gaatgcctcg gcggataccg catggaccgt gccgaacacc
   149161 agcgcggtag tggtgccgtg gcgcagcagt tcgtcgagga acagctcggc ctgggcggcg
   149221 gcgtagccgg catcggcaaa gcgctgctcg gcgggaaagg tgtgggtttc cagccagtcc
   149281 agcagttggg tgccgtagga ggcgatcact ccgagttgcg ggtaatgcac atggcaatcg
   149341 acgaagccgg gcagcagcag gcgctgcgga tgctcctcca gcggcaggtc ggcgggcagt
   149401 tgcggcagca ggtaggttgc gtgatcgagc gcgcgcacgt ggccgtgttc gatccacagc
   149461 aggccgtcct cgaaatactc ccaggccttg tcgccgagtt tcgccgggtc gccgaggaaa
   149521 tgcaggatcc gcccgcgatg agccgaactg ctcatcgcgc tcccgccgtg gtcggagtgc
   149581 aggataagtg gggggacgaa gttgccagca ggtactgcat cgttcatctc ctctgctgcc
   149641 ggaatggcgc tttcgcctct ttagtccggg aaatcgacgg aaatatcccg tctttggcgc
   149701 gtgatctcgc ttccgccatt atgcactgtg cgcatgctgt ggataagtct gtgtgtagcg
   149761 cgtgtgcgga aagattgcac gagccattgc gggatgtgcc catctggctt ccggcaggcg
   149821 atccgcggaa agcgttccgg caccttgaat ccgccttgcg aaatgcccgg tcggcaactg
   149881 gcgcttctgt gggtttgtct gtggaaaagc tgttcgcatt ccccgttgaa aaaatgcctt
   149941 cggcggtcgg gggaaaggca ttggacggag ccgcaggatt tctcccggtt ggcgaaagag
   150001 ccagggaaaa ggtgctgtgg aatgcgccac gacggtgcat cgcgaaactg tggacagcgg
   150061 atccacccat ggcgccgccg agcatgcttc cgtcgatcgc cgcggacttt cctggaaagc
   150121 cggaaaaccc agtattcatg ggcatcatgg cgtctaaagg ggaagtcctg gagacatttt
   150181 cacgggtatt cccgttccgc gggtttcctg tggaaaagct gttggcaaac tgtgccggaa
   150241 gcgggccgcc ggggctgccc cagggattcg gccgacccgt ggcttggccg ggagagatcg
   150301 tcctgccgtg ctcctccgaa cggctgtcga tatcttgtgg ataaagctgt tggcaaagtg
   150361 ttggagaaaa tgccttgcca ggtcgcgccc atggcctgcc gggttggctg ttttctgtcc
   150421 atcgccaatg ttgcgaaaat cgccgggacg atcggcgcgg gaggcttccc aaggtcccgg
   150481 atgggctccc gacacgctgt ggataactct gtgagcaagg tggtgatgac tgctttgcga
   150541 caaatgctca cgtgggtgcg ccgcagggtt gcccgcaaat gtgccgcggc gtcccaggcg
   150601 tgccccggct tggtgccgct cggcgcggga gcctggcccg tggctcccgg tgcaagccgc
   150661 gttccagggc tttcctgacc tcctggccag gtatttgcac cggccgccgc atcgtcgagc
   150721 aaccgatcgg gtccgccatg tccgcacctt cctccttcgc gccgccgcgc ctcgaactgc
   150781 gcgggatcag caagcgttat ccgggttgcc tggccaacga ccgcatcgac ctgtgcatcg
   150841 acgccggcga gatccacgcc ctgctcggtg agaacggcgc cggcaagagc acgctgatga
   150901 agatcatcta cggcgtgacc cgtcccgatg ccggcgagat ccgctggcag ggcgagccgg
   150961 tgcaggtacg cgacccggct cgcgcccggg cgctggggat cggcatggtg ttccagcatt
   151021 tctccctgtt cgagacgctc agcgtggcgg agaacatcgc gctcgccctc ggcgccgagg
   151081 cgggcagccc gcgccggttg gaggcgcgta ttcgcgaggt gtcgcagcgc tacggcatgc
   151141 cgctggagcc tcgccggctg gtccatgggc tgtccatcgg cgagcgccag cgggtggaga
   151201 tcgtgcgctg cctgatgcag gacatccgcc tgctgatcct cgacgagccg acctcggtgc
   151261 tgaccccgcg cgaggccgag gatctcttcg tcaccctgcg ccgtcttgcg gaggagggct
   151321 gcagtgtcct cttcatcagc cacaagctgg ccgaggtccg tgcgctctgc cagcgcgcca
   151381 cggtgctgcg cggcggacgg gtggccggac agtgcgtgcc ggcgcaatgt tccgatctcg
   151441 agctggcgcg gctgatggtg ggcgacgccg agggcctggc ggcggagtat ccgaaggcta
   151501 ccggcggcgc gcctttcctc caggtgcgcg acctgcactg gcgcaacccg gaccccttcg
   151561 gcgtgtcctt caccggcctc gatctggagg tgcgcagcgg cgagatcctc ggtatcgccg
   151621 gggtcgccgg caacggccag gacgagttgc tcgctctgct cagcggcgaa gtgcgcctgc
   151681 cgcgcgccca ggccgagcgc atccgcctcg gcggctgcgc cggcgcgcac ctggcgccgg
   151741 atgcgcggcg ccgcgccggc caggccttcg tgcccgccga gcggctgggg cacggcgcgg
   151801 tgccggagat gagcctggcg gacaatgcgc tgctcaccgc cttccagcag ggtctggtga
   151861 agcgcgggtt ggtccggcgg cgcaaggtgc tggcgctggc cgaggagatc atccgccgtt
   151921 tcgccgtgaa gaccccgggt gccggggcgc cggcacgcag cctttccggc ggcaacctgc
   151981 agaagttcat tctcggccgc gagatcctcc aggccccgcg cctgctggtg gcggcgcatc
   152041 ccacctgggg cgtggacgtc ggcgcggcgg cgctgatcca ccgcgcgctg atcgccttgc
   152101 gcgatgccgg tacggcgatc ctggtggtct ccgaggacct cgacgagctg ttcctgctca
   152161 gcgaccgcat cgccgcgctg tgttcgggtc ggctgtgccc ggcggtcgcc accgcgagcg
   152221 cttcgccgca gcaggtcggc ggctggatgg ccggtcaatt cgaggcgccg gcggcggtcg
   152281 ccggcgccgt tgcccaaggg agcctgtgat gctgttgtcc ctggaaccgc gcggccggca
   152341 gtcgcgctgg atgctgctgg cctctccgct gctggcgggg ttgctgaccc tggtctgcgg
   152401 cgcgctgctg ttcgcctgtc tcggccacga tccctggcag accctgcata ccgtgctggt
   152461 acagccgctc agcgacctct atgggctcgg cgagctgctg gtcaaggcca tgccgatcct
   152521 gctctgtgcc ctcggcctgg cactggccta ccaggcgcgc gtgtggaaca tcggcgcgga
   152581 gggccagttg ctggtcggcg ccctggccgg cagcgcggtg gcgatccagt tgctcgactg
   152641 gcagagccgc tgggcgctgg cctgggtgct gctcgccggc accgctgccg gggcgctctg
   152701 ggccgggttc gccgcctggc tgcgaacgcg cttcaacgcc aacgagatcc tgaccaccat
   152761 catgctcaac tacatcgcgc tgaacctgct gctgtacggc gtgcacgggc cgttgaagga
   152821 cccggatggc ttcaacttcc cgcagtcggc gctgttcggc gaggccagcc gcctgccggc
   152881 gctgttcgag gacagccggg tgcaccttgg cgcattgttc ggcctgctgg cgctggcggc
   152941 ggtctgggtg ctggcgcagc gcagcttcct cggtttccag gtccgcgtgc tcggcctcga
   153001 ccgccgcgcc gccggtttcg tcggtttccg cgagaagcgc ctggtctggt tcgtgctgct
   153061 gttctccggc gcgctggcag gcctggccgg cgtctgcgag gtcgccgggc cgatcggcca
   153121 actggtgccg caggtctcgc cgggctacgg ctatgcggcg atcaccgtgg ccttccttgg
   153181 ccgtctcaat ccgttcggca tcctctgcgc cagcctgctg atggcgttgc tctacctcgg
   153241 cggcgaggcc gcgcagatga gcctcaacct gccgttggcg ctgaccgggc tgttccaggg
   153301 gatgatgctg ttcttcctcc tcgcctgtga cgtgctgatc ctctaccgcc cacgtttgca
   153361 cggacgctgg cgcaagcgcc cggcgctgcg cgacgccctg gcctgaccga accgccgagg
   153421 aaccacgatg gatatcgatc tgctcgacaa cctgctgttc gccatggtcc gcaccggtac
   153481 tccgctgctg ctggtggccc tgggcgaact ggtctgcgag agaagcgggg tgctcaacct
   153541 gggccaggag gggatgatgc tgttcggcgc ggtgatcggc ttcatggtcg ccttctccag
   153601 cggcagcctg tggctcggcg tgctcctcgc ggtgctcgcc ggcatgctgc tggcggcgct
   153661 gttcgccggg gtcgccctgt acctgaacgc caaccaggtg gcctgcggcc tggcgctgac
   153721 catcttcggc gtcggccttt cgtcgttcgt cggcgccgcc tgggtcggca agccgctgca
   153781 agggttcgcc ccgctggcgc tgccggtgct gggcgagttg ccgctgctcg ggcgcatgct
   153841 gttcgcccag gacgcgctgg tctacctgag cctggcgctg ttcgccgcgg tcgcctggat
   153901 gctcctgcgc agccgcgccg ggctggttct ccaggcggtc ggcgagaacc ctgacgcggc
   153961 cagcgcgatg ggcctgccgg tgctgcgcgt gcgcaccctg gcggtgctct tcggcggcgc
   154021 catggccggc ctggccggtg cctacctgtc gctggcctac acgccgatgt gggcggagaa
   154081 catgaccgcc ggacgcggct ggatcgccct ggcgctggtg gtcttcgcca gttggcgggt
   154141 gttccgcgtg ctgctcggtg cctggttgtt cggcctggcc agcatcctgc acctggtggc
   154201 ccaggggatc gggctgtcga ttccggccaa cctgctggcg atgctgccct atgcggcgac
   154261 catcctggtg ctggtcctgc tctcccgcga tgccctgcgc acccggctgt atgccccggt
   154321 ttccctgggc cagccgtgga aggccgggca ctgacgaggg caggttcttc gattagttgt
   154381 tttaactatt tatatattct tcgatagatt tagataattt cactgatggc ctaaatcaat
   154441 ggggcatttt tgccgaaccc cgttaagatt ctcccagtcg atttgaaaca ccccattcaa
   154501 ctgagagagg aacgactgat gtccctgatc aacactcaag tccaaccgtt caaggtcaac
   154561 gctttccaca acggcaagtt catcgaggtg accgaggaat ccctgaaggg caagtggtcg
   154621 gtcctgatct tcatgccggc tgccttcacc ttcaactgcc cgaccgagat cgaagacgcc
   154681 gccaacaact acggcgagtt ccagaaagcc ggtgccgagg tctacatcgt gaccaccgac
   154741 acccacttct cgcacaaggt ctggcacgaa acctccccgg cagtcggcaa ggcccagttc
   154801 ccgctgatcg gcgacccgac ccaccagctg accaacgcct tcggcgtgca catcccggaa
   154861 gaaggcctgg ccctgcgcgg taccttcgtg atcaacccgg aaggcgtgat caagaccgtc
   154921 gagatccact ccaacgagat cgcccgtgac gtcggcgaga ccgtgcgcaa gctgaaggcc
   154981 gcccagtaca ccgccgccca cccgggcgaa gtctgcccgg ccaagtggaa ggaaggcgag
   155041 aagaccctcg ctccgtccct ggacctggtc ggcaagatct aagaccgcgc cggcggcatt
   155101 cgccgccagc ctctccggcg gacgatccct cgcggatcgt ccgcccttca cccagccaac
   155161 gcgccgtgca gggcggatgt cccatccgcc ggggatacgt ttgcccgaat ttcgaggagc
   155221 tgaaccatgt tggacgccaa tcttaaaacc cagttgaagg cctacctgga aaaggtcagc
   155281 cagccgttcg agatcgtcgc gtccctcgat gacagcgaca aatcccgcga gttgctgggc
   155341 ctgctgcaag acatcgtcgg cctgaccgac aagatcaccc tgaagaccga cggcagcgat
   155401 gcgcgcaaac cgtcgttctc gctgaaccgc cccggtgcgg acatcggcct gcgcttcgcc
   155461 ggtatcccca tgggccacga attcacctcg ctggtgctgg ccctgctgca ggtaggcggc
   155521 cacccctcca agctcgacgc ggacgtgatc gagcaggtca agggcatcga gggcaccttc
   155581 gagttcgaaa cctacttctc gctgtcctgc cagaactgcc cggacgtggt ccaggcgctg
   155641 aacctgatgg ccgtgctcaa cccgaacatc cgtcacgtcg ccatcgacgg cgcgctgttc
   155701 caggatgagg tcgaggcgcg ccagatcatg tcggtgccga gcatctacct caacggcgaa
   155761 gtcttcggcc agggccgcat gggcgtggaa gagatcctcg ccaagatcga caccggcgcc
   155821 gccgcccgcg acgccgagaa gctgaccgcc cgcgacgcct tcgacgtgct ggtggtcggc
   155881 ggtggcccgg ccggagccgc ggcggcgatc tacgccgcgc gcaagggcat tcgcaccggc
   155941 gtcgccgccg agcgcttcgg cggccaggtg ctggacacca tggccatcga gaacttcatc
   156001 tcggtgcagg agaccgaagg gccgaagctg gcgcgggcgc tggaagagca cgtgcgtcac
   156061 tacgaggtcg acatcatgaa cctgcagcgc gccagcaagc tggttccggc gaagaacacc
   156121 ggcgagttgc acgaggtgca gttcgagagc ggcggcagcc tcaaggccaa gaccctgatc
   156181 ctcgccaccg gcgctcgctg gcgcgaaatg ggcgtgcccg gcgagcagga gtacaaggcc
   156241 aagggtgtgt gcttctgccc gcactgcgac ggcccgctgt tcaagggcaa gcgcgtggcg
   156301 gtgatcggcg gcggcaactc tggcgtcgag gcggccatcg acctggccgg catcgtcgcc
   156361 cacgtgaccc tgctggaatt cgacagcaag ttgcgcgccg acgccgtgct gcaacgcaag
   156421 ctctacagcc tgccgaacgt cgaggtgatc accagtgccc tgaccagcga agtgaagggc
   156481 gacggccaga aggtcaccgg cctggtgtac aaggaccgca actccgagga gttcaagtcg
   156541 atcgagctgg aaggtatctt cgtgcagatc ggcctgctgc ccaacaccga gtggctcaag
   156601 ggcagcgtcg agctgtcgcc gcgcggcgag atcatcgtcg acgcccgtgg cgagacctcg
   156661 ctgcccggca tcttcgccgc cggcgacgtg accacggtgc cgtacaagca gatcgtgatc
   156721 gccgtgggcg agggcgccaa ggcttcgctg agcgccttcg accacctgat ccggacctcc
   156781 gcgccggagt gacccggcca gcgaccgtcg aaccagggac gcccggagcg cgaaagcgcc
   156841 ccgggcgttt tcgttggcgc gaccgcccgc ctcaggccgg gatatccagg ttcgcgtggc
   156901 ccggcgcggc ggccgcctcg gcgtagacct tctcgtcctc ctcgatcacc cgcgaggccg
   156961 gccccaccag caacgggtcc ggctcatggg cgatgcgccg gtccttgtcc gggtagtcca
   157021 gcgagtgcag gaagtggcgg atgcagttga gtcgtgcgcg cttcttgtcg tcggacttga
   157081 tgaccgtcca cggcgcgtcg gcggtgtcgg tatggaagaa catcgcctgc ttggcggcgg
   157141 tgtagtcgtc ccacttgtcc agagacttga tgtcgatggg cgacagcttc cagtgcttga
   157201 gcggatcgtc gcggcgcgag atgaagcgcc gcagttgttc ctcgcggctc accgagaacc
   157261 agtacttgaa cagcaggatg ccgctgttgg tgagcatgcg ctccagctcc ggcgcctggc
   157321 gcatgaactc caggtattgc agcggcgaac agaagcccat gacccgctcg acgccggcgc
   157381 ggttgtacca ggagcggtcg aagaagacca tctcgccggc ggtgggcaga tgttggatgt
   157441 agcgctggaa ataccactgg ccctgctcct gggaggacgg tttctccaag gctacgatcc
   157501 gcgcgccgcg cgggttcagg tgttccatga agcgcttgat ggtgccgccc ttgccggcgg
   157561 cgtcgcggcc ttcgaacagg accaccacgc gctggccggt ctccttcacc cagctctgca
   157621 ccttgagcag ttcgatctgc aggtcgtgct tggccttctc gtactcgttg cggcgcatcc
   157681 gcgtgtgata gggatagttc gccggcaggc tcgccgaggt gctgtcctcg ctgctgccgt
   157741 ggggcgcact ggcgacctgc agggccaccg gcttctggct gattgcctgg atctcctcgc
   157801 gggccttctg cgccgggctg gccactcgcg ggcggcgggt cgccggcttg cgcggggcgc
   157861 ggcgggcggc tggccgggcc ggcttggccg gcygcgcggc gggttgctcg ggggaggggg
   157921 gactgacagt gggttcttcg ctcatgcggg actccttccg ttctacgttt tcagctatgc
   157981 agtcccccac tctatgcccc tgccgggagg cgtccgttga cccccatcaa accgcgcccg
   158041 gccgccacca ggaggaaagc cttacacctc tccagaaatc ccttgtagga tatcgccacg
   158101 cgcgtggcgt cccgtcgtcg ccccgcggac ctggatcagc agacagggtg aacactgagc
   158161 tggctctcat caaccgaggg ccggcagcgt ttgcgccggc ccgccgatcc gacgaaggtc
   158221 cgcacatgtc ccgcacctgg attcgcaatc ccctcgccat cttcaccgcc aacggtctcg
   158281 acgccgccgg cggcctggtc gtcgaagacg gccgcatcgt cgagctgctc ggcgctggcc
   158341 agcagcccgc acaaccttgc gccagccagt tcgacgccag ccggcacgtg gtgttgccgg
   158401 ggctggtcaa cacccatcac cacttctacc agaccctcac ccgcgcctgg gcgccggtgg
   158461 tcaaccagcc gctgttcccc tggctgaaga ccctctaccc ggtctgggcg cggctgaccc
   158521 cggagaaact cgcactggcc accaaggtgg cgctggccga gctgctgttg tccggctgta
   158581 ccactgccgc cgaccaccac tacctgtttc ccggcggcct cgaacaggcc atcgacgtgc
   158641 aggccggggt ggtcgaggaa ctgggcatgc gcgccatgct cacccgcggc tcgatgagcc
   158701 tcggcgagaa ggacggcggc ttgccgccgc agcagacggt gcaggaagcc gagaccatcc
   158761 tcgccgacag cgagcgactg atcgcccgct accaccagcg cggagatggt gcccgggtgc
   158821 agatcgccct ggcgccctgc tcgccgttct cggtgactcc ggagatcatg cgcgccagcg
   158881 ccgaactggc ggcgcgccac gacgtacgcc tgcacaccca cctggcggag accctcgacg
   158941 aggaagactt ctgcctgcag cgcttcggcc tgcgcaccgt ggactacctg gatagcgtcg
   159001 gctggctcgg cccgcgcacc tggctggccc acggcatcca cttcaacgcc gaggagatcc
   159061 gccggctcgg cgaggcgggc accggtatct gccattgccc gagttcgaac atgcgcctgg
   159121 cctcgggcat ctgcccgacc gtggagctgg aggcggccgg cgcgccgatc ggcctgggag
   159181 tcgatggctc ggcttccaac gacgcctcga acatgatcct cgaggcgcgc caggccctgt
   159241 acctgcaacg cctgcgctac ggcgccgagc ggatcacccc ggaactcgcc ctgggctggg
   159301 caacccgtgg ctcggcacgc ctgctcgggc gcagcgacat cggcgagctg gcccccggca
   159361 agcaggccga cctggccttg ttcaagctcg acgagctgcg cttctcgggt agccacgacc
   159421 cgctctcggc gctgctgctg tgcgctgccg accgcgccga ccgggtaatg gtcggcggcg
   159481 tctggcgagt ggtcgacggt gccgtggagg gcctcgacct ggccgccctg atcgcccgcc
   159541 accgcgctgc ggcgagtgcc ctgatcgccg gttgatgcgg gttccggtag gggaagcgcc
   159601 gtgcttcctc tgtcggttcg cataggtcgg cgcgtggccc gcaactggct agactgtggc
   159661 attccccacc aggagccgcc ccatgtcacg cgccgcccgc ccatgcaatc gcttttgcag
   159721 ccttctgcta ggactcgccc tgctgatgcc cgccagcctt cctctgtccg ctgccgaaac
   159781 ggtggcgccg ccatcgccgc ggacgctgat catcgacacc gatccgggcg ccgacgatgt
   159841 gatcgccctg ctgttcgcca tggcctcgcc gaaggagctg aagatccagg cgctgaccac
   159901 cgtcgccggc aacgtgccgc tggaaaagac cgcgcgtaac gcccggctgg cccgcgagtg
   159961 gggcaagcgc ccggatatcc cggtctacgc cggcgccccg cggccgctgc tgcgcacgcc
   160021 gatctacgcc gccgacgtac acggcagcga aggcatcacc ggcgtcgagg tgcatgagcc
   160081 gaagcagccg ctggccgaag gcaacgcggt ggactacctg atccgtaccc tgcgcgcggc
   160141 gccggagaag agcgtgaccc tggccatgct cggcccggag accaacctcg cgctggccct
   160201 gacccaggcc ccggacatcg tcaagggcat ccgcgagatc gtgatcatgg gcggcgccca
   160261 cttcaacggc ggcaacatca ccccggccgc cgaattcaat atcttcgccg acccccacgc
   160321 ggcggaaatc gtgctcaaga gcggggcgcc gatcaccatg ctgccgctcg acgtgaccca
   160381 caagatcctc accagccccg agcgcatcgc caagctgcgc aacctcggca accgagccgg
   160441 caagaccgtc gccgacatcc tcgacgccta cgtccagtac gacatcaagt actacggcct
   160501 gaagggaggc ccggtgcacg acgccacggt ggtcgcctac ctgctcaagc cctcgctgtt
   160561 caagggcaag cggatcaacg tgcaggtcga cagccgcgag ggcatcacct tcggccagac
   160621 cgtggccgac tggtacggcg gcctaaagca gccggccaac gtcgagtgga tcaacgaggg
   160681 cgatgcccag gggttcttcg acctgctcac cgagcgtatc gcccgcctgc cctgagtctc
   160741 tcgccgtacg gccggcgccg ggtcagccgt ggcgccggct ggcgagttgg cgcagggcct
   160801 gctcggcgtc gccgacgacg atcctgccgg gcaccgacag catcaggttg agcggcaggc
   160861 cgaactcttc cagggtcatg ccgtcgcggt cgcgggtcgg atcctcgccg atcagctccg
   160921 gggcgtgccg gcggattcgc tcggcgtagc tgccggcgtc gtcgacgtag ccatagaccg
   160981 gcttgccgag ggcggtggca tagccgacct cgaaggcggt gccgctgtcc ggctcggcgc
   161041 cgcggaagaa gttcaggttg gccagcaccg cgtcggcgcg ttcgatcagg ccgatgttgg
   161101 cgcggtagat ccaggccgcc tgttcgcgcg gctcggcgag ctgtttcggc agcgcgttgt
   161161 ccagcgggta gaggccctcg aaaccgtagc gtgcgcacag tgccttgagt gcttcgccgt
   161221 gggcgacggc gtcggcgcgg aacacatcgg gaccggccag atagagtttc cgcggcctgg
   161281 ccgcggcgcg tacacccggc aggctgccga gcagggcgcc ggcgggcagc agcagggctg
   161341 ccaggcgcag gaaggtacga cggctgctgg aacccttgga tcggttcatc ggatgcctct
   161401 tgcaggccgg cctcccggat ggggccgttg ttgtccagga ttatggccgg caagcgacgg
   161461 gccgggcggc ggctatctgc cagcagctag gcgacggcct tcccgcgatg tcaggcgcgc
   161521 tcgagttcct cggcgaggcg tcgcagggcc tcgcgcgggc cgccggcgac cagccgcgaa
   161581 ggcaccgcca gcatcaggtt caatggcagg ccgaaaccct ccagttgcca accgtcgcgg
   161641 tcctcgccgg ggtgctcgcc gagccattcc ggggccagcc gggcgaggcg ctcggtgtag
   161701 gcgccggcat cgctgaggta ggcatatacc ggcttgccca gggccagggc gtaacccact
   161761 tcgaaggcgg tgccgctgtc cggctcgctg ccgcggaacg gttcgaggtt ggccagcacg
   161821 cagtcggcgc gctcgatcag gccgacattg gcgcggtaga tccaggcggc ctgtgcggct
   161881 ggctcgcgga tgtcggcggg cagggcgtgg tcgagcgggt agaggccgac gaagccgaac
   161941 tcggcgcaga gcgccttgag ggtttcgcca tgggcttcgg cgtcggggcg gaagacgtcc
   162001 ggcccggcca ggtagatcgc ggtcatcgcg tgcgtgcctt gttacggaaa gccagcgccc
   162061 atggtagcgc catcgtggcg gcgccggcat gcaccaagcg atggcgcgct gcaccgtcct
   162121 gcagccgcgc cggcatgacg cggcgcgcag aagcgcgagc ttgagcggag ttgtccgggt
   162181 ggtcaggtaa ttgcatcggc gggcgggctg aacgcgaagc cacgcccgat ggccaaccct
   162241 gcactcaccg gagcacgccc atccatgaaa caccgtcgca cgcaatcccg catgtccgtc
   162301 ctgcgccgcc ttgccgccgt cctcggcctc ggcgcctgcg ctctcgccgc cgaggccgcc
   162361 gaaccactga agatcggctt cgtctatgtc ggcccggtcg gcgaccacgg ctggacctac
   162421 cagcacgaac tgggccgccg cgaactggtg gagcacttcg gcgacaaggt gaagaccagc
   162481 ttcgtcgaga acgtcgccga gggcgccgac gccgagcggg tcatccgcaa cctggcgaaa
   162541 gacggctacg gcctggtctt caccacctcc ttcggctaca tgaaccctac cgccaaggtg
   162601 gcccggcagt ttcccaaggt gaccttcgag cacgccaccg gctacaagcg cgacaggaac
   162661 ctcggcacct acctgtcgcg ctcctacgag ggacgctacg tcggcggctt cctcgcggcg
   162721 aagatgaccc gcagccacaa gatcggctac atcgcctcgt ttccgattcc cgaggtgatc
   162781 cgcgacatca atgcgatcca gctggcgctg gacaaatacg acccgcaggc cgaactcaag
   162841 gtgatgtggg tgagcacctg gttcgatccg ggcaaggagg ccgacgcggc caacgcgctg
   162901 atcgaccagg gcgtcgacgt ggtgttccag cacaccgata gcccggcgcc gatccaggcc
   162961 gccgagcgtc gcggggtgta cgccgtgggc tacgcctcgg acatgcagca cttcggtccg
   163021 aagaccgtgc tcacctcgat cgtcaacgac tggggcccgc actatatccg ctcggcccag
   163081 gcggtgatgg acggcacctg gaaatccgag gacttctggg gcggcctggc cgagagtacg
   163141 gtggtcctgc cgctgaacca ggaggtgctg ccggcgccgg tgcgggaaga ggcgggcagg
   163201 ctgatcgagt cgatccgcag cggagccttc caccccttca ccgggccgat ccgcgaccag
   163261 tccggcaagg agcgtttcgc cgccggcgtc agcgcgacca atgccgacct ggcgtcgatg
   163321 aactattacg tggaaggcat caaggccgac ctgccgaagt gagccctggc cttgtatgga
   163381 aaaagtcgcc gagcgcaggc actttccgta cagggcccat cgaggagagc gcgattggac
   163441 cgtctaccca tcatcgacat cgccccgctc tacggcgccg actgtggcgc ctggaacgac
   163501 gtggcgcggc ggatcgacca ggcctgccgc gagtggggct tcttctacat cgccggacac
   163561 ccgttgccgg ccgcgcgctt cgaagccctg ctggcggcgg cgcgggagtt cttcgcgctg
   163621 cccgtcgaag agaagctgaa gatcgatatc acccgtagcc gcaaccatcg cggctatggc
   163681 gcgatcgcca ccgagcagct cgacccggcg ttgcccagcg acttcaagga gaccttcgac
   163741 atggccctgc acctgccggc ggagcatccc gacgtgcgcg ccggcaaatc cttctacggg
   163801 cccaaccgac accccgacct gcccggctgg gaggccctgc tggaaggaca ctatgccgac
   163861 atgctggcgc tggcccgtac cgtgctgcgc gccctggcca tcgccctggg gatcgaggag
   163921 gacttcttcg atcgccgctt cgagcagccg gtcagcgtgt tccgcctgat ccactatccg
   163981 ccggcctcgg cccggcagag cgccgaccag cccggcgccg gcgcgcacac cgactacggc
   164041 tgcgtgaccc tgctctacca ggacgccgcc ggtggcctgc aagtgcagaa ccgccagggc
   164101 gaatggatcg acgcgccgcc tatcgacggc accttcgtgg tcaacatcgg cgacatgatg
   164161 gcgcgctgga gcaacgaccg ttaccgctcg accccgcacc gggtgatcag cccgcgcggg
   164221 gtgcaccgct actccatgcc gttcttcgcc gaaccgcaca tggacaccga gatccgctgc
   164281 ctgccgggct gcttcgacgc ggacaacccg ccgaagtatc cgccgaccac ctgtggcgat
   164341 tggctgacct cgcgcttcgc gcagacctat gcctatcggc gcggcgaaac ggcctgagcc
   164401 gcccgtcgcg cgcgggagcg gctcgtgggt ttgccgcggg cctgactccc gggacaggtt
   164461 aaacttgccg gccaagacca gcctgatcga gaacccaccc catgtacgaa tggctcaacg
   164521 ccttgcccaa ggccgaactg cacctgcacc tggaaggtac cctggagccg gagctgctgt
   164581 tcgccctcgc cgagcgcaac cgcatcgccc tgccctggaa cgacgtcgag accctgcgca
   164641 aggcctacgc cttcaacaac ctgcaggaat tcctcgacct ctactacgcc ggcgccgacg
   164701 tgctgcgcac cgagcaggac ttctacgacc tgacctgggc ctacctgcag aagtgcaagg
   164761 cgcagaacgt cgtccacgtc gagccgttct tcgacccgca gacccacacc gatcgcggca
   164821 ttcccttcga ggtggtgctc gccggcatcc gcgccgcgct acgggacggc gagaagctgc
   164881 tgggcatccg ccatgggctg atcctcagct tcctccgcca cctcagcgag gaacaggcgc
   164941 agaaaaccct cgaccaggcg ctgccgttcc gcgacgcctt catcgccgtc ggcctcgaca
   165001 gctcggaagt agggcatccg ccgagcaagt tccagcgggt cttcgaccgg gcccgcagcg
   165061 aaggcttcct caccgtcgcc catgccggcg aggaggggcc gcccgagtac atatgggaag
   165121 ccctcgacct gctcaaggtc gagcgcatcg accacggcgt acgcgccttc gaggacgagc
   165181 ggctgatgcg gcggctgatc gacgaacaga tcccgctgac cgtctgcccg ctgtccaaca
   165241 ccaagctctg cgtgttcgac gacatgagcc agcacaccat cctcgacatg ctcgaacgcg
   165301 gcgtgaaggt gacggtgaac tccgatgacc cggcctactt cggcggctat gtcaccgaga
   165361 acttccatgc cttgcagcag agcctgggaa tgaccgagga gcaggccagg cgcctggcgc
   165421 agaacagcct ggatgcgcgc ctggtgaagt gaggggcggc gtgccgggta gcccggcgcg
   165481 cgacccgcaa ggcgtttcgt cgtcgccggc ttctcggtat tgatgataag cattatcatt
   165541 tgcgggcctg ctcagcattc ccatggcgcc gccccggcgc cggctttcgt gcagccgtcc
   165601 tcaccgatgc ccgaccgcga cctacctccc ggcccgcgcc cggatgcctt gccggcagac
   165661 ggcgaggcgg cgcgccgcgc ggatctcctc aaggccttcc tggcccagcg ccagcgcatg
   165721 gaaagcctgg tcagccgctg ggtcggctgc cgggcgaccg ccgccgacct ggtccaggag
   165781 ctgttcctgc gcttctggcg gcgcccggcc gccccggtgg aggagcttgg cagctacctc
   165841 ctgcgcagcg cgcgcaacct ggccatcgac cacttgcgtg gcgaaggatc gcggcaacgg
   165901 caactggacg attggctgcc ggagcagcgc cagggcgagc cggtcggtcc cgagcaggcg
   165961 ctcgaggccg gcgaccagtg gcgccgggtc gaggccgcct tgcgcggcct gcccgagcgc
   166021 acccggcgga ttttcctgct caatcgcatc cacggccgca cctacgcgga gatcgcccag
   166081 gccatgcagc tttcccaaag cgccgtggaa aaacatatga tgcgcgccct cgacgcctgc
   166141 aaggcgagcc tggccggccc ggccggcgag caggcaagga gcgcccagcc atgacccgac
   166201 ccgatagcga cgccgcgccc tacgagcccg tcctcgagca gaccgcccag gcctggctgg
   166261 tgcgcctgcg cggtacgccg gatgcggcga cccggcgggc cttcgaggac tggctggcgc
   166321 agcggccggc gcatgccgag gcctatgccc gcgccgaggc gctctggcgc ctgacggaaa
   166381 taccggcgag ccgcctggcc atcgaagagg ctgatgccct ggaagcctac ctgcggccgc
   166441 gccgagcgtc gcgcaacccg cggcgctggg cctacccgct ggccagcgtc gcctgcctgc
   166501 tggcgatgct ctggctgggc ggctggtggc agcccggcga ctggctgcag gactggcgtg
   166561 ccgactatgt cgccgcgccg ggacaggtcg ccgaatggaa gctggccgat ggctcctacc
   166621 tgagcctgga cgccggcagc gcggtgcgcg tgcgtatcga cggcggccag cggcgggtcg
   166681 aactgctgcg cggcgccgcc gcgttgcggg tgaagcgcga cacgctgcca ttcgtggtcg
   166741 aggccggcga aggccgggcg cgggtactgg gcaccgagtt cgaggtccgt cgcggcgccg
   166801 gggcgacccg cgtcaccgtg ctgcaagggc gggtcgcggt gagcgccggc accggtgcgg
   166861 gcgccgccga ggaagtgctg ggcgccggcc agcaggtcgg cttcgccgac ggcaggctgg
   166921 gccggcccgt ggccatcgac gccgccgccg cgctggcctg gcgccagggc tggctgagct
   166981 tctaccggcg gccgctggcg gaagtgctcg acgaactcgc tcgctactac cccggacgca
   167041 ttctcctgct cgacgacgcg ctcggccgcc agccggtcag cggcagcttc cgcagcgacg
   167101 atcccgaagc cgcgctgaag tcgctgcagg cggtgctcgg ctatcgccag cagatcctgt
   167161 tcggacgcct ggtggtgatt cgctgacggc ggccccgctc cgtttggccg caggaatctt
   167221 tcccggcgaa gaattttttt gcgctggggg gtgaggtaaa tccggcgccg cttcgtgtag
   167281 tgctcatgac cgcgattgat tcgcattaga aaagcgaccg acacgagcaa cccatgaccc
   167341 ccttcccgcg cttcgccctg cgtactctcc ccgccctgtt cctcagcctc ggctgtctcg
   167401 ccgccaccgc gcaggccgcc gaggcggttc gctaccgctt cagccaggct gccgcgccgc
   167461 tggcccaggc gctcaacgcg ttcagccggg ccagcgggca gacgctgctc tacaccgccg
   167521 agctgccgcc gcaggcgacc gccccggcat tgcacggttc gctggacgcg gaggaggcgc
   167581 tgcaacgcct gctgcagggc agcggcctgc gcgcgcggcg gatcgacgag cgcaccctga
   167641 ccctggaacc gatccccgcc agcggcgcgc tcgacctcga tgccacgacg gtctccgccg
   167701 ccgccccggc gcagggctac cggccggcgg ccaacgcctc gatcagccgc ggcgatgcgc
   167761 cgctactgga tatcccccag gcgatcagcg tggtcccggc acaggcgctg caggaccagc
   167821 gcccgcgcaa ccttgacgac gcgctgggca acatcagcgg catcacccag gccaacaccc
   167881 ttggcggtac ccaggacgcg gtgatgaagc gcggcttcgg cgacaaccgc gacggctcga
   167941 tcatgcgtga cggcatgccc tcggtgcagg gccgcaattt caccgccacc gccgaccacg
   168001 tcgaggtgct gaaggggcct gcatccctgc tctatggcat ccaggacccg ggcggggtgg
   168061 tcaacgtggt gagcaagaag ccgcaactgc aacaagccaa cgccctgacc ctgcgtggct
   168121 cggcctacgc ccacgggcgc aacggcagcg gcggccagct cgactccacc ggcccgctgg
   168181 gcgacagcgg actggcctac cggatgatcc tcgatcatga ggacgaggat tactggcgcg
   168241 acttcggcaa gagccgcgag acgctggtgg cgccctcgct ggcctggtac ggcgaggaca
   168301 cgacggtcaa cctgagctac gagcaccgcg agttcaccac gccgttcgac cgtggcacgg
   168361 ccatcgatcc gcgtaccaac cgcccgctgg acatcccgcg cagccggcgc ctggacgagc
   168421 ccttcaacat caccgagggc cgttccgagc tgacccgcct ggatctcgaa cggcagctcg
   168481 acgacacctg gaaggcccac ttcggctacg gctacagtcg cgagacctac gacgacaacc
   168541 aggcccgggt gatggccgtg aatgccgacg gcaccctgac ccggcgcatg gacggcaccc
   168601 acggcgcggt cagcagcgac agcttcgcca ccctcggcct gagcggaacg ctgcaactgg
   168661 ccgggatgca acatgacctg caattcggca tggaccacga gaagcgcaag atcttccgcg
   168721 ccgacctgct gcgcgacagc aagaccagcc gcttcgacta cctcgacccg gtctatggcc
   168781 aggtggtgcc gtcgacccgg gtggtcgccg gcgacagcga ccagaccgac aagctgcgca
   168841 gcgactcgct gtacttccag gactcgatcc acctggacga acgctggatc ctggtcggcg
   168901 gcgcgcgcta ccagatctac gaccagctcg ccgggcgcgg ccggccgttc aacgccaaca
   168961 ccgatatcaa cgggcagaaa tgggtgccgc gcggcggcct ggtctaccgc ctgagcgacg
   169021 aggtttcgct gtacggcagc tacacgcgct cgttcaagcc gaactcgacc atcgccccgc
   169081 tgagcaccgg cgagaccatc gattcggcga tcctgccgga ggaggcgacc tcctgggagc
   169141 tgggcgccaa gctggatgtg ccggggcgtc tcagcggcac cctggcgctg ttcgacattc
   169201 gcaagaagaa cgtgctggtc aacgaactcg acggtgctgg caacagcagc gtgcgcgccg
   169261 ccggccgggt ccgctcgcgc ggcctggagc tggacctcac cggccagctc agcgaacgct
   169321 ggagcctgat cggcagctac gcctggctcg ccgcggaagt caccgaggac ccgaccctgg
   169381 agggcaagcg cctgcagaac gtggcgcgca acaccgcgtc gctgtcggcg gtctacgaac
   169441 tcggccagct cttcggcggc gaccgcctgc gcctgggcgg cggcgcgcgc tacgtcggca
   169501 agcgcccggg cgacccggcc aattccttcg acctgccgtc ctacaccgtg gccgatgcct
   169561 ttgccagcta cgacacccgc ttcggcggac acggcgtgaa gttccagctc aacgtgaaga
   169621 acctgttcga ccgcacctac tacccgtcca gtgccaatcg actgtacgtg gcgatgggcg
   169681 agccccggca gttccaggtg tcgacgacgg tggagttctg agtcggcgct cgctccaggt
   169741 ggggttcccc ggcgtcctcc tggacgtgga ggcccccctg aagggcgaag ggtcggcgcg
   169801 atgctgcccg accatgctcc atccggttcc ttcttccccc agggaaggga ttgcccggcg
   169861 cgtgagtcgt tccgccatcc agtgccttct ccctttgggg aaaggaaggc ggagaaccgc
   169921 ctggcacgac ctcgccgcac gccacacctc gttcccaacc cgcccgttgg gtaccatgcc
   169981 cgcaccactc gccgccacgg ccgccccatg aacctcgaca accgcatcaa gttccgccac
   170041 ctcgcctgct tcctcgaagt cgcccgccag cgcagcttcg ccaaggcggc ggatgccgtg
   170101 gcggtgtcgc agccggcgat ctccaagacc ctcaaggaac tggaggaaat cctcggcgcg
   170161 cgcctgttcg aacggagcaa ggccggcgcc gagctgaccg aggcgggcgt gaccttcctg
   170221 cgctatgccg gcccctgcgt gcaggccctg cgcgacgggg tgaacaccct gcgcggccac
   170281 gaggcgcagg tcgagacggt gcgggtcggc gtgctgtcga cggtggagag cctggtggtg
   170341 cccgaggtga tccggcgcct gcaccggcgc cacggtgcgc tggtggtcag cgtcgccacc
   170401 ggacccagcg cctacctgct ggcgcaactg aaggtcggcg agctggacct ggtggtcggg
   170461 cggatgaccg atagcccgga catccagggc ctgaccttcg agcacctgta cagcgagtcg
   170521 atgatgctgg tggtgcgtcc cggccacccc ttgctcgcct cgcccctcgg cgacctgcag
   170581 cggctggccg aattcccact ggtgctgccg ctggccggca ccaccatccg ccgccacgcc
   170641 gacagcctgt tcgtgcaatg gggcatcgcg ctcgccggac agcgcctgga aaccctctcg
   170701 ccgaccctca gccgcagcta tgtgttgcgc agcgaggcga tctgggtggc gccgcgcgat
   170761 gccgtgcgcc tggacgtcgg caacggcgag ctggccgagc tggacctggg tatccgcgaa
   170821 ccgggcggtt cggtcgggct gtgccacaac gcggccttgc cgttgccgct gggggcgcaa
   170881 tggttcagcg cggtgttgcg cgaggtggcc gccgagttgc actgataaag cataaccaaa
   170941 tggttatgta tggggccgga taattcactg tccccgtccc gcctcctgcg caagacttcg
   171001 ttttccatgc ctgaatccac aagcctggcg accgataacg cgaataacag gagcccgaca
   171061 tgcacgacgc cgaaagccgt cgtttcgtca tccgtgaccg aaactggcac cccaaagcct
   171121 tgacccccga ctacaagacc tccgtgccgc gctcgccgag ccaggcgctg gtgagcatcc
   171181 cgcaatcgct ctcggaaacc agcgggccgg acttctccca cctcaggctc ggccgccacg
   171241 acaacgacct gctgctcaac ttcgaccacg gcggcctgcc ccagggcgag cgcatcatca
   171301 tgttcggccg ggtcttcgac cagtacggca agccggtccc gcacaccctg gtggagatgt
   171361 ggcaggccaa cgccggcggg cgctaccggc acaagaacga ccgctacctg gcgccgctcg
   171421 acccgaactt cggcggcgtc ggccggaccc tcaccgacag cgagggccac tattacttcc
   171481 gcaccatcaa gcccgggccc tatccctggc gcaacggccc caacgactgg cgcccggcgc
   171541 acatccacgt gtctgtcagc ggcccggcga tcgccgcgcg gctggtcacc cagatgtact
   171601 tcgagggcga cccgctgatc cccaagtgcc cgatcatccg cacccttgcc gacccggagg
   171661 cggcgcagag cctgatcggc cggctcgaca tgagcatggc caacccgatg gattgcctgg
   171721 cctaccgctt cgacatcgtc ctgcgcgggc agcgcaagac cttcttcgag aacgcctgag
   171781 gagccgacca tgagccacga actgctgcgg gaaacccctt cccagaccgc cggtccctat
   171841 gtccacatcg gcctggcgct ggccgccgcc ggcaacccga cccgtgacct ggagatctgg
   171901 aaccgcatgg cccgcgaaga cgcgccgggc cagcacatcc tcctgctcgg ccacgtctac
   171961 gacggcaacg gccacctggt gcgcgactcg ttcctggagt tctggcaggc cgacagcgaa
   172021 ggccgctacc aggagcgcta cgatccggag cgaccgttca acagcttcgg ccgcaccgcc
   172081 accaccttcg atgccggcga gtggaccctg cacacggtca agccgggggt ggtgcgtaac
   172141 gcccagggcg tgccgatggc gccgcacatc aacgtctcgc tgttcgcccg cggcatcaac
   172201 atccacttgc agacccggct gtacttcgat gacgaggccg aggccaacgc cgcctgtccg
   172261 gtgctcaacc tgatcgagca ggcgccgcgt cgcgacaccc tgctcgcgcg gcgctgcgaa
   172321 gtggacggac agctcgccta ccgtttcgac atccgcatcc agggcgacaa cgagacggtg
   172381 ttctttgact tctaggcgca tcgatcgcgc gggaaggaag ggcgcccttg ccggagcggc
   172441 aagggcgtac ccagaacccg ccgatgggta cctgacatta ctcccggagg gcgatgggta
   172501 gccccgacag tactacagtc ggaggcgctc cggtcaattg cgatgatcga acgagtgtcc
   172561 gataatcggc gagcctttcc gtgacccgag cccgaacgtc catgagcgaa ctcccggaac
   172621 accccgccac cctggcgccg ccgaccgtcc tttcgccggc caagcgcatc gaggccttca
   172681 ccggcgatcc caacttcatg acctcgctgg cccgtggcct ggcggtgatc catgcgttcc
   172741 aggagcgcaa gcggcacctg accatcgccc agatcagcca ccgcaccgag ataccccgcg
   172801 ccgccgtgcg tcgctgcctg cacacgctga tgcagcttgg ctacgccacc accgacgggc
   172861 gcacctactc gctgttgccg aagatgctca ccctcggcca cgcctacctg tcgtcgacgc
   172921 cgctggcgat cactgcgcag ccgatcctcg accgcctcag cgaacagctc cacgaagcct
   172981 gttcgatggc caccctggag ggcgacgacg tgctctacat cgcccgttcg gccactcccc
   173041 agcggctgat ttcggtggac ctcaacgtcg gcagccggct gcccgcctat tgcacctcga
   173101 tgggccgcat cctcctcgcc gcgctggacg acgacgcgct gcacgcctac ttcggcggag
   173161 tggagatgca ggccaagacc agccgtaccc tgtatacccc cgagaccctg ctgccgtgcc
   173221 tggtggagat tcgtcgccag ggctggtgca tcgtcgacca ggagctggaa gtcggcctgc
   173281 gctcgctggc ggtgccggta cgcgactccg ccggccatgt gctcgccgcg ctgaacgtcg
   173341 gcacccatgc cgggcgggtc tcccgcgccg aactggaaag ccgtttcctg ccgttgctgc
   173401 tggaggccag ccgcgagctg agcgcgcgcc tgttcacctg acgccggagg cgatcccctc
   173461 cacaagtttg gaaaaggaac ccccgcttcc atctgatagt cgcaatcctt ggggacgcgg
   173521 ctagaatccc tgccaattct gggagtttcc ggccggatcg gccggtatct gtatggatcg
   173581 cgaaggggaa ggcatgtcag acgccagagg cgcttttcat tccaaaggtc gctggtcgcg
   173641 gatggcgctg cccgccatcc tgtgcgccgg cctgcttgtc ggttgcggcg ccgagccgcc
   173701 cgccgaggaa cacgtccgtg tgctggcgca gacggtgaag atggccgagt tcgcctcggc
   173761 cacctcgatc accggcgaca tccaggcacg ggtacaggcc gaccagtcgt tccgtgtcgg
   173821 cggcaagatc gtcgagcgcc tggtcgatgt cggcgaccac gtcgcggctg gccaggtgtt
   173881 ggcgcggctc gacccgcagg accagcgcag caacgtggag aacgcccagg cggcggtcgc
   173941 cgcgcagcag gcgcagtcga agctcgccga cctcaactac cagcggcaga aggcgctgct
   174001 gcccaagggc tacaccagcc agagcgagta cgaccaggcg ctggcctcgg tgcgcagcgc
   174061 gcagagttcg ctgaaggccg cccaggcgca gttggccaac gcccgcgacc tgctttccta
   174121 taccgagctg cgtgcctccg acgccggggt catcaccgcc cgccaggccg aggtcggcca
   174181 ggtggtgcag gccaccgtgc cgatcttcac cctggcccgc gacggcgagc gcgacgcggt
   174241 gttcaacgtc tacgagtcgt tgttcagcca cgatgtcgac ggccagcgga tcaccgtcag
   174301 cctgctcggc aagccggaag tcaccgccag cggcaaggtc cgcgagatca ccccgacggt
   174361 ggacgagcgc agcggtacgc tgaaggtcaa ggtcggcctc gactcggtgc cggcggaaat
   174421 gagcctcggc agcgtggtca acgccagcgt cgccgcgccg gccgagcaca gcgtggtgct
   174481 gccctggtcg gcgctgtcca aggtcggcga gcagccggcg gtctggttgc tcgaccagca
   174541 aggcaaggcg cgtctgcaac cggtgcgggt ggcacgctac gccagcgaga aggtggtcat
   174601 cgacggtggc ctggaggcgg gccagacggt ggtcacggtg ggcggccaac tgctccatcc
   174661 gggccaggtg gtcgaggtgg cccagccgcc gcagccgacc cagagcaccg ccagccgcga
   174721 cgccgtgggc ggaggccagc catgaagccg ttttccctcg ccggcctgtt cggcttcgtc
   174781 ctgctcctct ccggctgcgg cgacgagccg ccgccggcac cgccgcggcc ggtgctgacg
   174841 gtgaccgtga agaccctgaa gaacgacgac ctcggtcgct tcgccgggag catccaggcg
   174901 cgctacgaga gcgtgctcgg cttccgcacc aacggacgga tcgcctcgcg cctgttcgac
   174961 gtcggtgact tcgtcggcaa gggcgcgctg ctggcgaccc tcgaccccac cgaccagcag
   175021 aaccagttgc gcgccagcca gggcgatctg gccagcgccg aggcacagtt gatcgacgcc
   175081 caggccaatg cccggcgcca ggaagaactg ttcgcccgca gcgtcaccgc ccaggcgcgc
   175141 ctggacgatg cgcggacccg cctgaagacc agccaggcca gcttcgacca ggccaaagcg
   175201 gcggtgcagc aggccaggga ccagctttcc tacacgcgcc tggtgaccga tttcgacggc
   175261 gtcatcacca cctggcacgc cgaggccggg caagtggtca gcgccggcca ggcggtggtc
   175321 accctggccc ggcccgaagt gcgcgaggca gtcttcgacc tgcccaccga ggtcgccgag
   175381 agcctgccgg ccgacgcgcg cttcctggtc agcgcccagc tcgacccgca ggccaggacc
   175441 accggcagca tccgcgagct gggtccgcag gccgacgcct cgacccgcac ccgtcgcgtg
   175501 cgcctgagcc tggcgcagac gccggaggcg tttcgcctcg gttcgaccat ccaggtccag
   175561 ctgagcagcg ccggtagcgt gcgcagcgtg ctgccggcca gcgtgctgct ggagcgcgac
   175621 ggcaagaccc aggtctgggt cgtcgatggg aaacagtcca gcgtggccct gcgcgaggta
   175681 caggtgctca gccgcgacga acgccaggtg gtgatcggac agggcctggc cgacggcgac
   175741 cgggtggtcc gcgccggagt caacagcctc aagcccggcc agaagatcaa actcgacgag
   175801 gatgcgcgat gaagggcggt ttcaacctgt cggactgggc cctgcgccac cagtccctgg
   175861 tctggtacct gatggcggta tcgctggtga tgggcgtgtt ctcctacctc aacctggggc
   175921 gcgaggagga tccctcgttc gccatcaaga ccatggtcat ccagacccgc tggccgggcg
   175981 ccacggtgga cgacaccctg gagcaggtca ccgaccgcat cgagaagaag ctcgaggagc
   176041 tggactcgct ggattacgtg aagagctaca cgcgacccgg cgaatcgacg gtcttcgtct
   176101 acctcaagga caccaccaag gccggcgaca tcccggatat ctggtaccag gtgcgcaaga
   176161 agatatccga catccagggc gaattccccc aaggcatcca gggaccgggt ttcaacgacg
   176221 agttcggcga cgtgttcggc agcgtctacg ccttcaccgc cgatggcctg gacttccgcc
   176281 agctgcgcga ctacgtggag aaggtgcgcc tggacatccg ctcggtgaaa gacctgggca
   176341 aggtgcagat gatcggtgcg cagaacgagg tcatctacct caacttctct acccgcaagc
   176401 tggccgccct cggtctcgac cagcgccagg tcgtgcagag cctgcaggcg cagaacgcgg
   176461 tgaccccgtc gggcgtggtc gaggccggcc ccgagcgcat ctcggtgcgc acctccggca
   176521 acttccgttc ggaaaaggac ctgcaggcgg tcaacctgcg ggtcaacgat cgtttctacc
   176581 ggctgtccga cctggccagc atcagccgcg atttcgtcga cccgccgacc tcgctgttcc
   176641 gctacaaggg cgagccggcc atcggcctgg cggtggcgat gaaggagggc ggcaatatcc
   176701 tcgagttcgg cgaggcgctc aatgcgcgca tgcaggagat caccggcgaa ctgccggttg
   176761 gtgtcggcgt gcaccaggtg tcgaaccagg cccaggtggt gaagaaggcg gtcggcggtt
   176821 tcacccgggc gctgttcgag gcggtggtga tcgtcctcat cgtcagcttc gtcagcctcg
   176881 gcctgcgcgc cgggctggtg gtggcctgct cgatcccgct ggtgctggcg atggtcttcg
   176941 tgttcatgga atacaccgac atcaccatgc agcgggtttc cctcggcgcg ctgatcatcg
   177001 ccctcggcct gctggtggac gatgccatga tcaccgtgga gatgatgatc acgcgcctcg
   177061 aactgggcga ctcgctgcac gactcggcga cctacgccta cacctcgacg gccttcccga
   177121 tgctcaccgg gaccctggtg acggtggccg gcttcgtgcc catcgggctc aacgccagct
   177181 ccgccggcga gtacaccttc accctgttcg cagtgatcgc cgtggcgctg ctgctgtcat
   177241 ggatcgtcgc ggtgctgttc gccccggtga tcgccgtgca catcctgccg aagactctca
   177301 agcacaagtc ggagcagaag aagggccgca tcgccgagcg tttcgacagc ctgctgcacc
   177361 tggcgatgcg ccggcgctgg acgaccatct tcctcaccgc gctgctgttc ggcgtgtcgc
   177421 tgttcctgat gaagttcgtc cagcaccagt tcttcccgtc ttccgaccgt ccggaactgc
   177481 tggtcgacct caacctgccg cagaacagca gcatccacga gaccagggcg gtgatggacc
   177541 gcctggaagc gacgctgaag gacgacgagg acatcgacca ctggagcgcc tacgtcggcg
   177601 aaggcgcgat ccgcttctac ctgccgctgg accagcagtt gcagaacaac ttctatggcc
   177661 agctggtgat cgtcaccaag gacctggagg cccgcgagcg cgtcgccgca cgcctgcgcg
   177721 atcgcttgcg caaggactac gtcggcatca gcacctacgt gcagccgctg gagatggggc
   177781 cgccggtggg acggccgatc cagtaccggg tcagcggacc gcagatcgac aaggtccgcg
   177841 agtacgccat gggcctggcc ggcgtgctcg acggcaaccc gaacatcggc gatatcgtct
   177901 acgactggaa cgagcccggg aagatgctca agatcgacat cgcccaggac aaggcgcgcc
   177961 agctcgggct ttcctccgag gacgtggcgc agatcatgaa cagcgtggtg accggcagcg
   178021 cggtgaccca ggtgcgcgac gacatctacc tggtgaacgt catcggccgc gccgaggata
   178081 gcgagcgcgg ctcgctggag accctggaga gcctgcagat cgtcacgccc agcggcacct
   178141 cgatcccgct caaggcgttc gccaaggtca gctacgagct ggagcagccg ctggtgtggc
   178201 gccgcgaccg caagccgacg atcacggtga aggcgtcgct gcgcggcgag atccagccca
   178261 ccgacctggt cgcccggctg gcgccggagg tcaagcgctt cgccgacggc ctgccggcga
   178321 actaccggat cgaagtgggc ggcacggtgg aggagagcgg caaggccgag ggcccgatcg
   178381 ccaaggtggt gccgctgatg ctgttcctca tggcgacctt cctgatgatc cagttgcaga
   178441 gcgtgcagaa gctgttcctg gtggccagcg tcgcgccgct ggggctgatc ggggtggtcg
   178501 cggcgttgct gccgaccggc acgccgatgg gcttcgtggc gatcctcggg attctcgcgc
   178561 tgatcggcat catcatccgc aactcggtga tcctggtgac ccagatcgat gccttcgaga
   178621 aagacggcaa gacgccctgg gaagccgtgc tggaagccac ccaccaccgc acccggccga
   178681 tcctgctgac ggcggcggcg gccagcctgg ggatgatccc catcgcccgc gaagtgttct
   178741 gggggccgat ggcctatgcg atgatcggcg gcatcgtcgc cgccacgctg ctcacgctga
   178801 tcttcctgcc ggcgctgtac gtcgcctggt accggattcc ggaaccggga cgctgagcgc
   178861 ggcgtaaggg gaagggggcg ccgccgtagc agagtctgtg cggggggaag gagagcggac
   178921 ggcgggtggg ccatccgccc cgacgccggg cagggtatgc ccggcgttgc tacggcgacg
   178981 gcggccagta taggcagccc ggcgccaggg aaaatccgac caatttacga atctgttttg
   179041 caaccgaggt aatagtggac acattgcaag gcatgcgcgt gttcgccagg gtggtggaca
   179101 gcggcagctt cacttccgcc gcccaggccc tggacctgtc caccgcgcag gtatcgcggc
   179161 tgatctccga cctggaggcg cacctgcaga cgcgcctgct gcaccgcacc acccggcgcc
   179221 tggccctgac cgaggccggc gagcgctacc tggagcggtg ccgcgggatc ctcgaggaca
   179281 tcgaggtcgc cgaggccgaa gccgccggcg cgcacatccg cccctgcggc cgcttgcgcg
   179341 tgcagtcgct gatgggcatg ggccagcatc acctggtgcc gatgatcgcc cgctacggcg
   179401 cactgttccc cgacgtggtg atcgagctga ccctgtccca gcgcaacccg gacatgctcg
   179461 aggaaggcca ggacgtgctg atcaccggcg agcgccagtt gcccgactcg gagttcgtcg
   179521 cccagcgcct gggcagcatc cacagcgtgc tctgcgccag tcccggctac ctgcagcagc
   179581 gcggcgtgcc acgctcggtg gacgacctgg agcgccacgt ctgcctgcgc ctgcaggacc
   179641 cggcctaccc ggagggctgg atcttcgccg acgagcaggg cgagcgcacc gtcagcccgc
   179701 agaacacctt catggtcaat gtcgccgagg tcatggccca ggcggccaag gccgacctcg
   179761 gcatcgccct gctgcccagc tacgtggcgg ccgcggcgct gcgcaacggc gagctgctac
   179821 gagtgttgcc cggccatgcc atgcaccagc ggaccatcta tgcgctgtat ccctcgcggc
   179881 gttacctgga cgcgaagatc cgcacctggg tcgatctgtt gcaacaggaa cttccccagg
   179941 cattcgcccg cgacgaaact accatgcaaa gttcaagtta ctgggcacag tgaaggattg
   180001 ttgttattga ggtaatactc tctcgtctgt ttggctattt ttccgagcat ggcggttaac
   180061 taatatggcg cctgtcccaa gtgaacaggg tgtcatcgga gacccgccat gaatcgccag
   180121 atccttgctg ccgccatact cagtttgttt tccctcgcat tttcccaggc cggtttcgcc
   180181 gaagagtcct cgctgatgac caaccgcatg gtcgacgcca accagcaggc catcgagcac
   180241 cagcaggaac tttccgcctc cgccgcgcag gccggggccc gcagcgactc ctgatctagc
   180301 gcatggcgcc agccgcgcca tggcttcccc cgggtactcg ggaagcgtga gcctgggtac
   180361 cctgtccttg cgccgcatat gatatgcggc gttttttttg ccttcctgac cgttcggaca
   180421 attcttgcag aatatgtaaa agactttcgt tggatatcgg gtttttccga tagtggcaaa
   180481 aaaatataat cgcgccagct caatggataa ttgtcgctgg ctgtcgacga tattcgttct
   180541 gtcttcatcg atctcgccat gcaagagcgg gacgtggaaa gcctaaagcc tgatgagtcg
   180601 aagagacttt caatagaaga gtccgactgc gttccagccg gtttccagtg tccggaaata
   180661 cactggcaag acttcccgac gccgaacttt gattgctcct attcgacgtc ttctcaaggc
   180721 cgctgatacc agcggccttt tttttcgggt tgcgcccggc tgggcgcccc atgggagcga
   180781 tcgcccgcgc gacgccagca gaagcgtcgc cgggaacgac accacaacac gctttccggc
   180841 cttgccggat ttcaccacgc tgtaagaagg agcaaccgca atgaggaatc tgttcgcctt
   180901 gacgccgatg gcgctggcgc tgtgcaccgc gtccgccgcc tgggccgatg agggggaagc
   180961 caaagaaggc ttcatcgaag gctccagcct ccaattgctg acccgcaact actacttcaa
   181021 ccatgaccgc cggcacgctt ccgggcacga cagcaaggaa tgggcgcaag gcttcatcgc
   181081 cacctttcag tccggctaca cgcccggcgt ggtcggcttc ggcgtcgacg cctacggcat
   181141 gctcgggctg aagctcgacg gcggcggcgg taccggcggc accagcatcc tgccgatcac
   181201 cgcgccgagc aaggaaggct acgaatccgg caaggcgccc gatgagttct ccagtggcgg
   181261 ggcggcgctg aagatccgcg ccttcgacac cgagctgaag ctgggcgacc agttcctcag
   181321 caacccggtg gtcgccggcg gcgagtcgcg catgctgccg cagaccttcc gcggtgtgag
   181381 cctgaccaac aacagtttcg aggacctgac cctcacggct ggccaggtca gtttcaccaa
   181441 gtactacaac cagagtggcc accgtcgcct cggctcgtac tacggcgaac tgccgggcga
   181501 ccgcgacagc catcatctca gctggctggg cggcacctgg ggcggcatcg agggcttcac
   181561 cagcagcctg tacgccgccg aactgcagaa cgtctggaag cagtactacg gcgacgtcga
   181621 ctacacctac gagatcgacg acaactggtc gctgaacccc ggcgcgcact actacaagac
   181681 cgtcgacagc ggcgactcgt tgctcggccg gatcgacaac aacacctaca gcctgcattt
   181741 cgcggtcggc tacaggcagc acaccgtcac cgcggtgctg cagaaggtca acggcaacac
   181801 gccgttcgac tacatcaacc agggcgacag catcttcctc gacaactcgc agcagtattc
   181861 cgacttcaac ggtcccaacg agaagtcctg gaagctgcaa tacgactacg acttcgtcgc
   181921 cctcggccta cccggcctga gcgcctcggc ctcgtactcg cgcggcaagc tggacctgac
   181981 ccgggtcgat ccggacagcc ccggctacgg cggctggtac agcgccgacg gcaagaacgc
   182041 caagcactgg gaacgcgacc tcgacctgca gtacgtggtc cagggcggtc cggccaagga
   182101 cctctcgctg cgcctgcgct gggccaccca ccgcggcacc ggcggctaca gcgcggtgga
   182161 caacgacatc gacgaatacc gggtgatcgt cgactatccc atcgacgtgc tctgagcccc
   182221 gcgcgctggg cccttcgccg ggctcagcgc tggcggaaca gttcgccggg agtgaagccg
   182281 aagagtccct tgaaggcggc gatgtaggcc gaggtcgagt cgtagccgct gtccagggcg
   182341 gcgccggtga cgctgtcgcc ggcttccagc gcgttgagcg aggcgagcag gcgctggcgt
   182401 tggcgccaga gccggtagtt catcccggtc tcgcgctgga acaggcgcga cagggtcttt
   182461 tccgaggtgc ccaggcgctg cgcccagtcg cccatggtca ggctctgggt cggttcgtcg
   182521 atcagtgcct ggcacagccg cagcaggcgc ggctcgcgcg gcatcggcag ggagaaggcg
   182581 acctccggca gcagccgcaa ctggtccagc agcacctgca ccagccgcga ttcggcgctg
   182641 tcgccctccg ggtagtccac cggcaactcg cagaaactct tgatcagctc gcgcgccagc
   182701 ggcgtcacct ccagcacccg gcaacgcgtc ggcgcccagg cgcaggcgtc gccacggatg
   182761 tacaggctgc gcatctcggc gcgggtggag gtgaccacct cgtgttccag ttgcgccgga
   182821 atccagatcg cccgctgcgg cggggcgaag aagctgccct cggcggtatg cacgccgagc
   182881 acgccgctga tggcgtagga aagctgcacc caggcgtgcc ggtggcgcga ggtccaggag
   182941 ccggcgcgca ggctttcggc gcgcgcgtag accggccgtg gcaggcgggc gagggtggga
   183001 atcgggcggt gcagttccgc aggctgtccg ttcatcgtca tgacttggcg tcgtgtcgct
   183061 agtcggcaga gtctggcagg gctaacctgc cgcctcaagt ttcccggagc ccacgccgat
   183121 gctcgacttc tccgcccacg cgcttcccta cgcctcgcaa cgttcgccgg tccatgcccg
   183181 ccgcggcatg gtcgccacct cgcagccgca ggcggcgcag gtcgggttgg agatattgcg
   183241 ccgtggcggc aacgccatcg acgcggcgat cgccaccgcc gccgcgctga cggtggtcga
   183301 gccgaccggc tgcgggatcg gcggcgacgc cttcgccctg gtctggaccc gcggccgcct
   183361 gcacggcctg gacgccagcg ggcgcgcgcc gggcctgctc gatcgcgagc gggtgcgcgc
   183421 cgccggccac gagcggatgc cgctgtacgg ctggacgccg gtcaccgtgc cgggctgtcc
   183481 ggcggcctgg gccgaactgt cgcggcgctt cggcaaattg ccgttcgaac aactgctgcg
   183541 gccggcgatc gagctggccc gcgatggctt cccggtctcg ccggtgatcg cccgcctgtg
   183601 gcaaagcggc ctggacaagt tccgcgcggc gttgccgcag cggcccgagc tgcgggcctg
   183661 gttcgacgag ttcctcatcg acggccgggc gccgcgcgcc ggcgaggtgt tccgccagcc
   183721 gggccaggcc gacaccctgg acgagctggc gcgcagccag tgcgaaagct tctatcgcgg
   183781 cgagctggcc agggccatcg tcggccacgc cgagcgcagc ggcggctacc tgcgcgcgga
   183841 ggacctggcc ggctaccagg cgaagtgggt cgaaccgatc tcactgaact accgtggcta
   183901 tgacgtctgg gagattccgc cgagcggcca gggcctgatc gccctgatga ccctgaacat
   183961 cctcaagggc ttcgaattcg gcgagcgcga ctgcgcgcgg acctggcatc gccaactgga
   184021 ggcgatgaag ctggcgtacg tcgacgggct gcactacatc agccagccgc agtcgatgcg
   184081 ggtctcggtc gaggaactgc tgcacgagga ctacgccgcc agccgccgtg cgctgatcgg
   184141 cgagcgcgcg ctcgatccca gccccggcca gccgaggccg ggcggcacgg tgtacctggc
   184201 ctgtggcgac gaggagggca acctggtctc gttcatccag agcaactacc acggcttcgg
   184261 ctccggcgtg gtggtgcccg gcaccggcat cgccttgcag aaccgcggcg ccgagttcag
   184321 cctcgatccg gaccacgtga attgcctgga gccgggcaag cagaccttcc acaccatcat
   184381 tcccggtttc ctcagcaagg acggcgtgcc gctcggcccg ttcggcgtga tgggcgccta
   184441 tatgcagccg cagggccacg tgcagatggt gatgaacctg gtggacttcg gcctcaaccc
   184501 ccaggctgcc ctcgacgcgc cgcgctggca gtggctgggc gggctgcgtg tcggcatcga
   184561 acatgccgcg ccgcgcgcgc tggcggcgga gctggcgcag cgtgggcacc aggtggagat
   184621 cgcctacgac tcgaccagct acgggcgcgg ccagatcgtc ctgcgcgacc cggccagcgg
   184681 cgtgctctgt ggcggcaccg agccgcgcac cgattcgcag atcgcggtgt ggtgagggga
   184741 cccatgtggg tgaggcgggg agacctgtcc ggcggataat gcccaaggcg tatccaccct
   184801 gcggatggcg aagcaagaag acccggcagg cataggctgc caggcgaccc gtactcgagc
   184861 gcgctccgct acgcaacatc gagagcgcct tctggatgtc atgccaccgg agtctcccag
   184921 gccctggcga atttacgtcc gggcgtcctg aaacccgacg aaaaacccca ttcggggatg
   184981 aattccgccc gccgtctctg gcatcatccg cgccgcttct cgcccgaacg ccggggcggt
   185041 aatgtgtaga aagaccacgc actgttttgt gtacaaaagt ctgctgattc tttttgtcac
   185101 aaatcgtttt tgtgtatcca gttttcttcg cgctgccaac ccaaagtcga gcacgcccct
   185161 cccgaccacg caccagtgca aggcaaaaac tgtcctttgg gtcaggtttt tgccgtcgta
   185221 gagaggttgg aggcatttcg ccgcctttgt ccaaaacact gaaaaaacag gcgttccctt
   185281 cgccgcagga aacccggcga agcgcccgcg ccgtcttggc ttcgttcttg ctatccatgg
   185341 cgaggcctga ccgctcggac aggttcgccc actagaagaa aagctattca ctccaggagc
   185401 gtttcaatga gccgcacact cgccaccgtg atgctagccg gggggctact ggccgcaggc
   185461 caggctgtcg ccgaagacca tgacatgacg ccgacccacg agaccgactc ggggccgctg
   185521 ctctggcaca acgagagcct gacctacctc tacggcaaga acttcaagat caacccgccg
   185581 atccagcaga ccttcaccct ggaacatgcc agcggctgga cctggggcga cctgttcatc
   185641 ttcttcgacc agatcaacta caacggcaag gaagacgcca gcaacggcaa gaacacctac
   185701 tacggcgaga tcactccgcg cctgagcttc ggcaagctca ccggagcgga cctctccttc
   185761 ggcccggtga aggacgtgct gctggccggc acctacgagt tcggcgaagg cgacaccgag
   185821 gcctacctgc tcggcccggg cttcgacctg gcgatccccg gcttcgacta cttccagctc
   185881 aacttctact accgcaagcc cgacggcaac cgcgtgcgcg ccggcgcctg gcagatcacc
   185941 ccggtgtggt cctacaccat tccggtgggc aactccgaca tcctcatcga cggctacatg
   186001 gactgggtga tcaacaacaa gagcgccagc accagccgcc gcaaccagag cgactatcac
   186061 gccaacctgc acttcaaccc acaggtcaag tacgacctgg gcaaggccct cggctacgag
   186121 cctaagcacc tgtacgtggg cctggagtac gactactggt ccgacaagta cggtgtgaag
   186181 gactcgcagt acttcaccac cgaccagaac accgcaagct tcctggtcaa gtaccacttc
   186241 tgagtccgtc gcgcggggct gccggccggg ccccgccagc gcgccccgtc attgcgcgcc
   186301 gtgcatcggc acggtgcgcg acggtcgcct tcttcgtcct tgcgtttgcc tcccgttgtc
   186361 cgctcgaccc acgccgggcg cgccttgcag cctgagcggc aggaataagc tgatcacctg
   186421 gacagctttt tgcagaagcc gtgcatcctc ctcgccgccc gaggagcgcc accctgagac
   186481 ggccccgatg cacagcgaag accaacgccc caacgaccta atctacggcc tcgacgaccg
   186541 gccgcgcccg cttcccgcct tccttgccgc gctacagcac gtgctggcca gcttcgtcgg
   186601 catcgtcact ccgccgctgg tgatcggctc gctgctcggc ctcggcgagc acctgccgta
   186661 cctgatcagc atggcgctga tggtttccgg cgccggcacc ctgatccagg cgcgccggcc
   186721 gttcggcatc ggcgccggga tgatctgcct gcaaggcacc agcttcgcct tcctcggcgc
   186781 cgtgctggcc gccgggatgc tggtgaagca gcgcggcggc ggtcccgagg agatcctcgc
   186841 gatgatcttc ggcgtgtgct tcttcggcgc cttcgtgcag atcgtcctca gtcgtttcct
   186901 cggccatctt cgccgggtga tcacgccgct ggtcaccggc atcgtcatca ccctgatcgg
   186961 cgtcagcctg atcaaggtcg gcatcaccga cctcggcggc ggagccgggg ccacggactt
   187021 cggcgcaccg gccaatctcg cgctgggcgc gctggtgctg ctgagcatcg tcctgctgaa
   187081 ccgctcgcgc ctgccctggc tgcgcctggc cgccatcgtc atcggcctgg cgctgggtac
   187141 cctggcggcc tgggcgaccg gcctgttcgt tccgcgggcg ttgcccgagc tgccgctggt
   187201 cagcctgccg cagccgttcc gcttcggctt cgccttcgac tggatggcct tcctgccggt
   187261 ggcgctgatc tacctgatca gcagcatcga gacggtcggc gatctgaccg ccaactgcat
   187321 gctctcgcgg cagcccctgg agggaccggc gtacctgcag cggttgcgcg gcggggtgct
   187381 cggcgacggc gtcagttgcc tgctggcagc caccttcagc gccttcccga acaccacctt
   187441 cgcgcagaac aacggggtga tccagctcac cggggtggcc agccggcacg tcgggatcta
   187501 tatcggcggc gtgttgctgg cgctcggcct gttcccctgg gtcggcgcga tcctccagca
   187561 gatccccaag ccggtgctcg gtggcgccac cctggtgatg ttcggcagcg tcgccgccgc
   187621 cggcatccgc attctcggcc agaccccgat ggaccgccgc agcgtgctga tcatcgccgc
   187681 ctcgttcggc gtcggcctcg gcgtggccgc gcagccgacc ctgctcgacc agatgccggc
   187741 ggtggtgaag accctgttcg actcggcgat caccagcggc ggcatcaccg ccatcctgct
   187801 caacctgctg ctgcccgagg agcgcgttgc cgaagcggcg caggccagcg cgaagggcgg
   187861 cgccctggcg cgctggcgca agccgctggg ttgatacggg cgtttgcaaa tttttccgcg
   187921 cctggcttgt gtcccgcggc cgggctgggg tatcaacgcg gggatcacgc cgatggaaac
   187981 ctgcgcatga ccctgacagt gcccgcccac gacccggccg cccgcgacaa gccggccggg
   188041 cgcatccgcc agaagaacga ggaggcgatc ctcgccgcgg ccgaggagga gttcgcccgc
   188101 cacggcttca agggcaccag catgaacacc atcgcgcaga acgtcggcct gcccaaggcc
   188161 aacctgcact actacttcgg caacaagctg ggcctctaca cggcggtgct gagcaacatc
   188221 ctcgaactct gggacagtac cttcaacacc ctcggcgtcg acgacgatcc ggccgaggcg
   188281 ctggcccgct acatccgcgc caagatggag ttctcccgcc gctacccgct ggcctcgcgg
   188341 atcttcgcca tggagatcat cagcggcggc gagtgcctca ccgcgcattt caaccaggac
   188401 taccgcagct ggttccgcgg ccgcgccgcg gtattcgagg cctggatcgc cgccggccgg
   188461 atggacccgg tggatcccgt gcacctgatc ttcctgctct ggggcagcac ccagcactac
   188521 gccgacttcg ccagccagat cggcctggtc accggccgca agcgcatgtc caggcaggac
   188581 ttcgccgccg ccgccgacaa cctggtgcgg atcatcctca agggctgcgg actgaccccg
   188641 ccggcggcct gaacgcgatg ccgagcaccc tgcaaggcct cgccgaatac cgcgaggaaa
   188701 tccgcaagag ccgcttccac accatcgccg cgccggtggc cgacgaggac gaggcgcagg
   188761 cgttcatcgc cgcccaccgc gacgcttccg ccggacacaa ctgctgggcc tggaagtgcg
   188821 gcgcgcagta ccgcttcagc gacgacggcg aacccggcgg cagcgccggg cggccgatcc
   188881 tggcggccat cgagggacag gacatggact gcgtggcggt gctggtcagc cgctggttcg
   188941 gtggcatcaa gctcggcacc ggcggcctcg cccgcgccta tggcggcggc gcggccaagt
   189001 gcctgcagca ggcgccgcgc agcgagctgg tcgagcgctg tcgggtgcgc ttcgcctgtg
   189061 ccttcgccga ccacgcgctg ctcaaggcgc gcagcctggc gctgggcgcc agcgtggcgg
   189121 ccgaagacta cggcgccgac ggcgtcgtcc tgaccctgga gttgccggtg gcgcgcttcg
   189181 aggcgcttca ggcgctgctg gtggacctca gccgaggcca ggtgcggctg cagcggctgg
   189241 acgcctgagg aggctcagcg cgctggagcc gggcgggaag gggcaggaag cggcgggagc
   189301 gcggcgaaca cgcatttgtc gcggccgctg cgcttggcgt cgagcagtgc ggcgtcggcg
   189361 cgattgacgg tctgcgaata ggtttcgccg atgcggtgtt cggtaacgcc gacgctggcg
   189421 gtgacgctca gcgcctcggt gccgacgcgt accgccaggg tccgtacgct gtcgcgcacc
   189481 cgctcgagta ccgggccggc gtcctgcagg cgggtctgtg gcagcagcag gaggaattcc
   189541 tcgccgcccc agcggccgca gaggtcgtat tcgcgtagct cggactccat ggcccgggcg
   189601 atttccacca gcacccggtc accgctgtcg tggccccagg tatcgttgac ctgcttgaag
   189661 aagtccacat cgagcattgc cagcacgtag ctctggccgt ggcgctggga gcgttcgttc
   189721 tcctccctga ggcgctccag cagcatgcgt cggttgggca ggccggtcag cgggtcgcgg
   189781 atcgaggctt ccttcagcgc caggttgagg tcgcgcatca tctgctggta gcggtcggag
   189841 atccgcgcca ccttttccag gcgccgcagc tgcttgtggt agcgctcgga cagcgacagg
   189901 ttctgctccc gcgccatcga ctggaatccg tcggagatcc gggcgatgcg ctccagccgc
   189961 accagttgct ccagcgattg ctggcgcagg cgggccagcg cctggtgcag cggatgcccg
   190021 tggaactgcg gatcggccag caggccgtcg atccaggcgt ccagttcgcg ttcgcggctc
   190081 atcgtcggct actcgtcgtg ggcctggatg gcgaagggga agctgcagtc ctcgcggaac
   190141 tcctcggcca gctcggcgac ccgttcgttg cgccggtcgt agtgccagcg caggctgacc
   190201 gggcgaccgc cctggtgggc ctcttcgagc aggtcgagga tgtccatcat ggccttgatc
   190261 gaactggtgt tcaggtacag caggcgcagg tccagttcca gcggccgctg cccggcggcg
   190321 aggaagcgct cgacccagtc gatcacctgg ccgaacagtt cataggagtt ttccgggtag
   190381 gaatcgcctt gcatggacag gcgtccggcc tgccagtcgc cctggatggc gggcgtggac
   190441 tgggtgccgg gtatgtgcag gtcactcatg atggtgttct tcctaaaaca cggggtcaga
   190501 tcacggcgcg caggctgaag aaggcgcgcc cgtcgggctg ttccttcagc gatgcggcca
   190561 gtggttcgct ggacttgcgg gcgatgtcca gcaggccgag accggctccg ctggcgcagc
   190621 cgctgtcgcg cgggcggcgt agctgctcct tgtaggcggc cttgagggcg gccttgtcga
   190681 ggttggcgat ggcctggatg ctgcgcacca ggctctggcc gtcgtcgcgt tccaccaggt
   190741 tgccggcgga caccacgtag tggccgtcct cgttgcgggc gatggctacc gtggccgccg
   190801 cctcgtgttc gccgtagccc ttgagattgg cgtagtggcg gatgttctgg gtcatctcga
   190861 tgtacaccgc gaagacgtcc atcgcttcgc tcggcttggc ctgttcggcg tgcaggtagt
   190921 tgcgcagcgc gtggcctatc tcctcgatca ggctgcgcga gatcggtccg ttgaagcaga
   190981 gcaggatgcg ttggcgggtg tagctttcac gcatggccag caggtctagc gtttccatgg
   191041 gtgcccctag tcgaatcgga aggacaggat ggtgatgtcg tcgcgttgcg ggtgctcgcc
   191101 ctggtactcg gcgagcgtcg ccacgaaggc ctcggcctgc tcggggagcg gctgccgcgc
   191161 gtggtcgcgg agcatgtcgg cgaagcgccg gctgccgaag ccgaagccgt gttcgccgcc
   191221 ggcctggtcg aggaaaccgt cggtgctcag gtagaaggtc cagcccggcg ccagcggtac
   191281 ctcgatgttg cggtagtcgc cacggcgctt gtcgccgatc gcccggcgcg cgcccttgag
   191341 ttcctggacc tcctcgccgt cgctggcgta cagcgagatc ttcgccccgg cgaaggccag
   191401 ctggcggcgc cggcggtcga cccagaccag cccggcatcc atgttggtgg ccagcgcctg
   191461 ggggatctgc tcctggctga gcatgctgcg catcgcctgg tcggtctcgc cgaggatcgc
   191521 cgccgggtcg cggctgccca ccgcctcgat ggcgtggtcg atggcggcgc gggcgagcat
   191581 ggtcatcagc gcgccgggca cgccgtgacc ggcgcagtcg accacgccga tcaggtagcc
   191641 gtcggcctgc tcgcggtaca cgtagaagtc gccgccgacc acgtcgcgcg gtttccacag
   191701 gatgaagtga tgctcgccga gggtggcgct gagctggcgg tcggggagga tcgcgcgctg
   191761 gatcaggctg gcatagtcga ggctgtcgcc gatcttcttc tgcgcggcgg ccatctcgcg
   191821 gttggcttcc tccagcgcct gggtgcgctc ctggaccttg tcttccagct cggcggtgtg
   191881 ccggcggacc tggtcggcca tgctggcgaa ggccttcgac agcgagccga tctcgtcctg
   191941 gcgcgccagc ggcagcggcg tgtcgtagcg cccggcggcg atcgccttgg ccgagcgctt
   192001 gaggctgcgc agggggcgca acagcaggcg ctcgacggca taggcgaagc ccagcagcag
   192061 ggccaccagc aacagcagga acgtgcccgc cagcggccaa agccagcggt tgtcgaggac
   192121 ctgggcggcg tgcaggtcga cggcggtgag cacgtaccag cgcagttggg gaatgtaggc
   192181 cacggcgaag agttgcttgc ggccgtcgag gccggcccac aggcagtgca ccgagccggc
   192241 cttggcgcgg gccaggcgca tggcctcgcg cagggcgtcg cgctgttccg gctggtcgag
   192301 caggtcgaac acccggtggc gttcgctggc gccgccggcg gcggagctgt aggcgatcag
   192361 gcggcggtcc gggtgggcct ggatggcgcc gtcgtcgccg acgatcatcg gcgtcacgcc
   192421 cggctcgcgg gcgatgatga agtcgtcgag gaagccgctc aggtccaggc cgctgccggc
   192481 caggccgatg ggccggccct ggtcgcggat caccaggttg aaccagacct tggtcaggtt
   192541 cagcttgctg tcgacattga cgttgatgtt gtaggcggcg ctgttgcgca gggtattgaa
   192601 gtaccaggcg tcttccaggt cgccggcctc cagggtgtag cgcggccgtt cgctgtaggg
   192661 ttggcggccg tcgttgaagt agtagtggtg ggagccgctg gcgatgatga agtaggcgtg
   192721 gtcgcggaag tcgccgcggt agccctcggc ctcgcggaag aacagcgcgc ggcgcgccgg
   192781 gtcgtcttcc ttcagcagcc agtcgcgggt caccaccgat tcggcgaaac ggcgcgacaa
   192841 cgccagttcg cgggagaccg gggcgaggat cttctgccgg tgcagcaggg tgaagttctt
   192901 cgcgtaggcc aggccgaagt gcgtacggat gtcgtccatc gcgcgccagc ccagcagcac
   192961 cgccgggacc agtgccaggg cacaggccag caacagcgcc accaccgatt tgccgcgcaa
   193021 cccccagttc gccgccatgg ctatccctat cagtttctcg cccggcccgc ggccgaaatc
   193081 atggatcgaa agcgtgtgtc gaacttttgg cgaaagggcc aattgtgcag atgtgcatta
   193141 tttcaggcaa cgtaatttgg ttttatttcg ccattaattt gacgtcacaa tgatggcgag
   193201 caggcaaagg cccgtggttc gggcctgtcg tcggcggggt ctcggcgggg gaggttgcgg
   193261 gggggcggcg aaaaagcgca gcgggccggc cagaatcccg ctcagaggcg gttgccgctg
   193321 ccgcgccggg cggcttgctg gagcagcgcg gcggcgatcc gttcgagcgg cagcacgtct
   193381 tccgcggcgc ccagttccac cgcttcgcgg ggcatgccgt agaccacgca ggtagcctcg
   193441 tcctgggcca gggtgtagcc gccggcctgg cggatcgcca ggagcccgcg cgcgccgtcc
   193501 ttgcccatgc cggtgagcag gccggcgagc aggttgcgcc cggcgcagcg agccagcgac
   193561 tcgaacatca cgtccactgc cgggcggtgg ccgttgacct gcgcctggcg gttcaaacgc
   193621 accacgtagt tggcgccgga gcgctgcacc tccatgtggt ggtcgcccgg cgcgaccagg
   193681 gcgtggccgg gcagtatgcg gtcgccgtcg cgcgcttcgc tgacgctgag ccgggtcagg
   193741 cgatccaggc gctcggcgaa gctgcgggtg aagccgggag gcatgtgctg ggtgatgacc
   193801 accccgggac tgtgcgccgg caggccgagc agcacttcct tgagcgcctc ggtgccgccg
   193861 gtggaggcgc cgagggcgat gatcttctcg gtgctgagca gcggcgccgc gctttccggc
   193921 ggcgccggcg cgtccgccgc acggcggcgc aggcgggcgc gggcgacggt cttgagcttg
   193981 gcgcggattt cctcggcata ggcctgcatg ccttcggcga tgcccagccg gggcttggcg
   194041 atgaagtcca ccgcgcccag ttccagcgcg cgcagggtgg cttcggaacc gcgctcggtg
   194101 agcgaggaga tcatcagcac cggggtcggc cgcgccttca tcagcttgtc gaggaaggtc
   194161 aggccgtcca ttcgcggcat ttccacgtcg aggctgatca cgtccggcgc gtgctgcttg
   194221 atcaggtcgc gggcgacgaa ggcgtccggc gcgcagccga ccaggcgcag ctccgggtcg
   194281 gcctggatga tctccttgag caggctgcgg atcagggcgg aatcgtcgac gaccaggaca
   194341 ctgatgggca tggcgggctc tcccggagag tcagaacagg tcgatggggc cgccgtccgc
   194401 gttgcggtcg atacggcggc ggtagtcgcg ttcacgctgc agcacggtgt cgttcttcag
   194461 ctccaccagg gacttcacca ggacccggcc attgcgcggg aagaagtaga tcttgcgcgg
   194521 gaaggcctcc agcacgtcgc tggcgagcag cgggatacgc tcggtggcca ggtagtcgag
   194581 ggtgaactcg acgttgcgct ggccgatggc ggcgctgatc tggcgcagta ccgagccgcc
   194641 gccgaagacc ttggcctgca ggcgctcgcg gctggcgccg agggccagca tgcggttgat
   194701 cagcagttcc atggcgtggc tgccgtagcg cgccgacggc gaggccgggt cgccgccgag
   194761 gccgcgctcg gggagcatga agtggttcat cccggcgatg ccgttgagcg ggtcgcgcag
   194821 gcacaccgag acgcaggagc cgagcacggt gacgatcacc aggtcttcgc cgctggcgaa
   194881 gtattcgccg ggcaacagct tcaccgcatc gcaggcgaag tacggatcgt agtagcggtt
   194941 cagcggcgcg ccttcccggg cctggagatt catcgcgatc aggccgggct gtagacggtc
   195001 tggccgacgg agcgcaccag gtggctggcg tggacgaagt tctccgaatg cccggcgaag
   195061 aacaggccct ccggccgcag cagggccacc atgcgttcca gcaggcgggt ctgggtcggc
   195121 ttgtcgaagt agatcatcac gttgcggcag aagatcgcgt cgagttcccc ggcgatcgac
   195181 cagtctgcct ccagcaggtt gatctggcgg aactccacca gttgccgcag ttcctccacc
   195241 acccgcgcct tgccggcgtt gggcccggtg ccgcggagga agaagcgttt cttcagcggc
   195301 gccggcatct gctccaggcg ctccagcgga tagacgccct ggcgggcgca gtcgagcacc
   195361 ccggtatcga tgtccgaggc gacgatcttc accggcggat cgaagctgcc cagcgcctcc
   195421 accagggtga tggcgatcga atagggttcc tcgccggtac tcgccgccgc cgaccagatg
   195481 cgcagcgggc gatgccgctg caactggcgg cgggcgaggt cggcgagcag ggggaagtgg
   195541 tggcgttcgc ggaagaatgc ggtgaggttg gtggtcagcg cgttgacgaa caactgctgc
   195601 tcgcccggct cgcggtcgag gtgggtgaaa tattcggcga agctgccgag ccgcagcagg
   195661 cgcaggcgcc gcgagaggcg gctatagacc agttgcgcct tgctctcggc caggctgatg
   195721 ccggtcagcc ggtagagccg ctcgcgtact tgctggaagt cctcgcgggt gtagtggaac
   195781 tcctggttgc cgaacaccgg cgaaggcgtg gaggtgggca ttggcgtcgg gtttccctgg
   195841 tcgaccctaa gggcttgccg ccctccgcct ggcggaggcg cggcgtggtc tcagaactct
   195901 tcccagccgt cttccttgcg cgccttgctg gcccgcgcca tgccgctgcg ggccagcggc
   195961 gccggcgcgc tggggcgtgg cgcggacggc cgcgcgctgg cgagctggac cacgctcggc
   196021 ggagtgtcca gcctgaacac cgccaccgac tggttgagca ggcccgcctg ctcctgcatg
   196081 gcctcggccg cggccgcggc ttcctccacc agcgcggcgt tctgctgggt catgtcgtcc
   196141 atctgcgaga ccgcgctgtt cacctcttcg atgccggtgc tctgctcggc ggaggcggcg
   196201 gcgatctccg acatgatgtc ggtgacccgg cggatcgcca ccacgatgtc gctcatggtc
   196261 tgtccggcct gggccaccag ggtgttgccg ttctccacct tgtccaccga gtcggagatc
   196321 agcgtcttga tctctttggc cgcggcggcg gaacgctggg cgagggtgcg cacttccccg
   196381 gcgaccaccg cgaagccgcg gccctgctcg ccggcgcggg ctgcctcgac cgcggcgttg
   196441 agggcgagga tgttggtctg gaaggcgatg ccgtcgatca ccccgatgat gtcggcgatc
   196501 ttgcgcgccg actcgttgat cgaggacatg gtgctgacca ccttctgcac cacggtgccg
   196561 ccctgggtcg ccacttccga ggcattggcc gccagcgagt tggcctggcg ggcattctcg
   196621 gcgttgagct tcaccgtgct ggtcagttct tccatgctcg aggcggtttc ctccaggctc
   196681 gacgcctgct gctcggtgcg cgccgacagt tcggcgttgc cgctggcgat ctcgctggcg
   196741 gcggtgttga tggtgtcggc ggcctcgcga atctgcccga gcatccgcga caggctttgt
   196801 gcggtgtcgt tggagaaatc cttgagctgg ccgaaggtgc cctggtagtc ggcctcgatg
   196861 cgctgggtga ggtcgccctg ggccagcgcc ccgagcatcc gcgagacgtc gcgcaagccg
   196921 cggtcggcgg tatccaccag gctgttcagg tccttcgcca gcctgaggaa gaagccttcc
   196981 ttgccggcct cctcgacgcg cttgctgaag tcgccggccg ccgccgcctg caccagttgc
   197041 gagacttcct gctcggcgcg gtgttcctcg gtgcggtcgg tccattgcac ggcggagccg
   197101 aggcgttcgt tggcgtcgtt gaacactggc accacgtcga gggagaagcg ccggccgccg
   197161 aggttgagct cggccttgtg cacgccggtg aggttggcca gcaggtgccg ctggtgcgcc
   197221 ggattcttgt ggaacacgtc gatgttggcg cccatcaggc ggccggcgtc gaagttcggc
   197281 agttgcttgc ggatatccgc ttcggcgcga ccgagcatct cgctgacggt gcggttcatg
   197341 tagatgatgt tgagatcgtt gtcggcgatc atcacgttgg ccgagacgtt gtccagcgcg
   197401 ctcttgatcc gcgcgttgta ggccgccgtg gccagttgcg ccgaggtcgc ctcggcggcc
   197461 ccgcgcaggc gttcgcgaac gccgtcgatg gcttcggtga tctgcgcctt cttgcccggc
   197521 aggcggtcca tcagcggctc gaagttgccc tggccgtagg cggtgaccac gctgaccacc
   197581 ttcatcttca ccgcgatgtg cgcggccacc agttcgttga cgcccttggc gatgcgcgcc
   197641 gcgcgacctt ccaggcgttc ggcgggaatc gtctggtcga tccagccggc ttcgtgctgg
   197701 cggctcatct ccgccagccc cgcctccagg ctttccacct gctggagttc ggcgcgttgt
   197761 tcgcgcagtt gccgctgcag cgcccgcagg ctgtcgtaga gacgctcgta gccgggcgcc
   197821 ggggcctcgc cgacggcggt gtcgagctgg ccgtcggcga acgactggag gagcgtggcg
   197881 atccggtcgg cgcgttgctg cgccaccgca tgtgcattga acagacccat ttcgatatcc
   197941 cctgcctatc cctcgttggc gccgctcagg ccgcggcttc gtcgaccagc gccatttcgc
   198001 ggctggtcat cagtctctcg atgtccacca ggatcaacat gcgctcgccc gcggtggcca
   198061 ggccgagcag gtattcggtg tcgaagctgg cgccgaactc cggcggcggc ctgatcgcgt
   198121 cgccgcccag tgcgatcacg tcggataccg agtccaccac cacgccgacg atgcgccggc
   198181 cgatgttgag gatgatcacc acggtgaacg ggtcgtaggt gacctcggcg aggtggaact
   198241 tgatgcgcag gtcgacgatc ggcacgatcg ccccgcgcag gttgatcacg cccttgatga
   198301 agggcggcgc gttggcgatc gcggtgacct ggtcgtagcc gcggatctcc tgcacgcgga
   198361 ggatgtcgat ggcgtactcc tcgcggccca gggtgaaggt caggtattcc tgcgccgggc
   198421 cgttcgcctg gcttgcctca gggccgttca tcggcggtgt cctcccgcgc cgccaggcgt
   198481 ggcagcgcat cgacgtcgag aatcagggcg acgctgccgt cgcccatgat ggtggcgccg
   198541 gcgataccct ccacacggcg aaaattctgt tccaggctct tgatcaccac ctgctgctgg
   198601 ccgaccagtt cgtccacctg cagggcgaag ctgcgcccct cggactcgag gatcaccacg
   198661 atgccctgct ccggcgccgg cgcttcgccg ccgatgcgca acagctcgtg caggctgaac
   198721 agcggcaggt actcgccgcg tacgcggatc atcgcgttgt cttcgccgcc gaggccgcgc
   198781 acgtcgtcgc tgcgcgcctg cagcgactcg acgatgtagg tcagcggaat cacgtagttg
   198841 accgcttcga cggcgacgat caggccgtcg aggatcgcca gggtcagcgg caggcggatg
   198901 ccgatgcgag tgcccatgcc gggcgccgag tcgatgtcga tgcgcccgcc catggcaccg
   198961 atgttgcgct tcaccacgtc catgccgacg ccgcgtccgg acagctcggt gaccgcctcg
   199021 gcggtggaga agccgggcat gaacaccagt tgccagacct cggcgtcgct catcccgtca
   199081 tgcaccggca ggttgcgctc gcgggccttg gcgaggatac gcggacgcga caggccgcga
   199141 ccgtcgtcgg aaacctccac caccacgctg ccgccctggt ggctggcggc gagcttcacc
   199201 gtgccgctcg ccggcttgcc ggcggcgagg cgttcggcgg gcgtttcgat gccgtggtcg
   199261 atgctgttgc ggacgatgtg ggtgagcgga tcgctgagtt tctcgatcac gctcttgtcc
   199321 agttcggtgt gctcgccgtg caggtgcagc tcgacctgct tgcccaggcg cgtggcggtg
   199381 tcgcgcacca gcctggggaa gcggctgaag atgaagttga tcggcagcat gcggatcgac
   199441 atcaccgact cctgcaggtc gcgggtgttg tgttcgagct gggccagggc gtgctgcagg
   199501 cgctcgtggc ggctcgggtc gagctgctcg ccgagctggc cgagcatggc ctgggtgatc
   199561 accagttcgc cgaccaggtt gatcaggctg tcgatctttt ccacgctgac ccggatcgag
   199621 ccggactcgc cgtcgccacg cactggcgcg actgcgcccc tggccgtcgc ggcgacggct
   199681 tgcgcgggcg cactgggcgc ggcggggctg ccgggggcgc cgtcgaacag gccgaaggcg
   199741 cgttcctccg ccggtgggga acccggtgcc tcatcgaaga ggccgaacgc ttcgctcgcg
   199801 gccggtgcgc cgggcgcctc gtcgaagagc ccgaacgctt ccggcgcggc cgctcgttcc
   199861 ggagcgcccg ggccttcgtc gaagaagccg aaggcatcgt cgtccgcggt ttccctggcg
   199921 ggcgcgtcgt cgaacaggcc gaagccttcc tccgccgctt cctgctccgg cacccgcagc
   199981 cagccgcgca gccgctcgac cgtctccagc aacggcaccc cggggtcggg actgccgctg
   200041 cgatgggcgt cgagcaggcg ctgcaacacg tcgcgggctt cgaggaagga actgatcatg
   200101 tccggccgca ggtgcatctg gccgcagcgg atgcggtcga gcagggtctc cagttcgtgg
   200161 gtgacggcgg tgatgtcgtc gaaaccgaac attccgctgg aacccttgat cgaatgcgcg
   200221 gcgcggaaga tgccgtgcag cgtctcgctg tccggccggt ccaggtcgag accgatcagg
   200281 aggagttcga gggtggccag gtgttcctcg gtttcctcga agaacacctg gagaaactgg
   200341 ctcatatcct ggggcatggg acctcccccg cgggggaacg ggaatcaggg caggaccttg
   200401 cgcgtcactt cgagcagttt cggcgggtcg aacggcttca ccagccagcc ggtggcgccg
   200461 gcgctacgcc cctgctgctt catcgcgtcg ctcgattcgg tggtcagcat gaggatcggc
   200521 acgctgcggt agccggccag gttacgcagg ctgcggatca gcgacaggcc gtccatgttc
   200581 ggcatgttct ggtcggtgaa caccaggctg tagctcttgc tctgggcctt gccgaggcct
   200641 tccttgccgt ccgcggcctc gtccacctcg tagccggcgg acttcagggt gaagctcagc
   200701 atctggcgga tagacgccga gtcgtcgacg atcagaatcg gtttgcccat ggtcttgcgt
   200761 cctcacggtg tccctaccgc agcgccaagc tcggcggcga aggtggtgtg tgccaggtgg
   200821 ctgtgacgga gggctctgat ggccctttgc tagttccagt aaagacaatg tccggtggat
   200881 ttcaattatt ggcgccggtt tctcgtcgga tagttatccg gttagacgga ttggctatcg
   200941 atacccctca gaacaattcc acttcgccca cgttgacgct gttctggctc accgggctgg
   201001 gcaagggccg gcgcagttcc tcgacctccc gcgcgacccg ttcgggccat tcctggcgcg
   201061 gccgcgcctc cagcgcgccg aggccgaggg cgaaggcgcc aagacgcgca tggtgcttgc
   201121 gcatctggcc gagcaactgg ctgcccatgt cctggaattg cagggcggtg accgccgcgt
   201181 cgacgccctg gccgacttcc agcgagagcc ggtccagttc gtggatgacc ttcagggtgt
   201241 gccggttcat ggcctccagg tcatcgagca tgccctggat cttgtgcttg gaatcgaggg
   201301 cgaaggacat gtccttgtcg gccagttgcg agatcgcgct ctcggcgtcc tggatctcgt
   201361 ggtggaccac gtcgacgtgc ttgcggatgg cggcggaaaa ctccgtggag cgggtcgaca
   201421 gcgcgcgcac ttcatcggcg accacggcga agccgcggcc gctctcgccg gctcgggcgg
   201481 cctcgatggc agcgttgagg gcgagcaggt tggtctgctt ggcgatggcg tccatgtcct
   201541 gggtcgactg caggatctcg gtgatcttca gccgcacctg gtccatgcgt tccaccagtt
   201601 gctgcgaggt ccggctggtt tccagggtag cctcgacgaa caggctgagg gtctgctggg
   201661 tggtcctgac gaagtcctgg aagttgatgc cttcgtcgac ctggccgcgc ccgtcgtagc
   201721 gctcgatcag cgaatgggac aggccgcgct gggtatcgat gcgttcggcg aggccgtgga
   201781 agctgtcgct gagctggcgg atcgccgaat gcagcagttc gtcgatctgc cgggcgtgac
   201841 cgtccagttg cgcggtttcg tcggcgagcg cccgttgcgc cgcgctccag gccggcgaag
   201901 cggcatccgc ctgcgggttg gcattcgcta ccgcttgccg aggggcgcgc aggaggagga
   201961 cgagcatggc caggctggcg aaccaaccga gcgccaggac cagccagacg ccgaggccga
   202021 cggcatgcag cccggcgcac aacgcccagg gtagggaaag caggcccagc ttcagcagca
   202081 ggggccggga tggtaacgaa acaccgaggg actcgcgcat gctgcactcc atgtgccgga
   202141 tcggagcagg gtttccaggc ggtccctcgg gaccgtgcgg aagacgcctt ccaagctcgt
   202201 cggcggcgtt ttctaaaact agagtcccaa tcggtaatgt caaactgccg tttttccggc
   202261 gaggccggtg ccagggcctt ttcccgtttg ccgaggcgac ggatggctgg cgctagccgg
   202321 ttgggaaggc ggagaagcgc cgggccaggt cctggcggcg gaagtagtcg acgacgaagt
   202381 cgacgaagac ccgggtcttg gccggtagca gcttattcgc cgcgtagtag aggctggtgt
   202441 tgccggcgtc gacgtaccag tccggcagga cccgcaccag ggcgccggac tccaggtagg
   202501 cataggcgtg ctgcatgcat accagggtga tgcccaggcc catggcggcg acctcgcagg
   202561 tggcttccgg gtcgctcatg gtcatgcgtt cgcgcagctc gatcggcgcc tcctcgccgt
   202621 tgcgccggcg cagcggccag gagcgcacgc ggccggtctg cggcgagcgg atgcggatcc
   202681 cgtcgaagcc gcccaggtcg cctggatggc ggattggcgg cttgtcgcgg aggtaggcgg
   202741 gcgaggcgag gaggatcagg tggcccggcg tcaggttgcg cgccaccacc ccgggcggca
   202801 gttcgaaacc accgccgatg gcggcgtcga agccttcgcc gatgaggtcg acctggcgat
   202861 tgtcgaaatg ccagtcgggc acgatgtcgg gatagcgttc gaggaactcg ccgagcagcg
   202921 gcaggatgta gtcgcggccg aaggccagcc ccatgctgac cttcaacgtg ccgctgggtt
   202981 ggttgccgac gctggagacg ttggcgagag cggtctggat gccctccagg ctgccgccga
   203041 cctcttgcag gaaacgctcc ccggcttcgg tcagggtcag gcgccgggtg ctgcgctgga
   203101 acaggcgcac gccgaggttg ctttccaggc gggcgacgtt cttgcccacc ccggccggcg
   203161 tcaggcccag gcgcctggcg gcctcggcga agctaccggc ctcggcgctg cggacgaagc
   203221 actggatgtt gctgagggtt tccatgggaa agggcccgca taaaccattg gtatcggctg
   203281 aatatagcga ttacccgcta ccaggtctgc aatggacgac ggaaactcgg ggcctgtcta
   203341 tccactccga tggagatttc catgtccgta tcctctgcat ccctcgccgg caaagtcgcc
   203401 ttcgtccagg gcggttcccg cggcatcggc gccgccatcg ttcgtcggct ggccgccgaa
   203461 ggcgccagcg tcgccttcac ctacgtcagc tcggcggaca agtcccgggc cctggcggcc
   203521 gaactcgaag gcgccggagc cagcatcctg gccctgcatg ccgatagcgc cgacgcggcg
   203581 gcgctcgtcg ccgccgtcga cgaagcggcg gctcgcttcg gacgcatcga catcctggtc
   203641 aacaatgccg ccgtcctcgc cctcggttcg gtggaagagc tgccgctggc cgacttcgag
   203701 cggaccttgg cgatcaacgt gcgcagcgtc ttcgtcgcca cccaggcggc ggtcaagcac
   203761 atgggcgacg gcgggcgggt gatcagcatc ggcagcacca atgccgaacg catgccgttc
   203821 gccggcggcg ccacctacgc gatgagcaag tcggcgctgg tcggcctgac caagggcctg
   203881 gcccgcgacc tcggcccgcg cgggatcacg gtgaacaacg tgcagccggg tccggtggat
   203941 accgacatga acccggacga cggcgacttc gccgaggccc tcaagggcct gatggcgctg
   204001 ccgcgctacg cccgcagcga ggaaatcgcc agcttcgtcg cctacctggc cgggccggaa
   204061 gcggcctaca tcaccggggc cagcctgacc atcgatggcg gtttctcggc ctgacccggg
   204121 tcgcctcgtt ccacccggcg aagtagcccc tctccccgac cttctggcca gacgttccct
   204181 cctgaaggga gagggcgagg ggagaggttc cgcttatcgc accaggaaag gcgaagcccc
   204241 ctctacgaca ccggtctcgc tgacgtatcg cttccaatgc tcgatcagct ccgccagctt
   204301 gcccggctgg ctgtcagcga ggtcgtggat ctcgcccggg tcgcgggcca ggtcgtagag
   204361 ctgccaggtg gccgggccca ccggggccgg caggtacacc gccttccagt cgccctggcg
   204421 gatcgcacgc atgccgaaca gctcccagcc ggtcacggtg ttctcgtcgt gggccgcctc
   204481 ggtctcgccg gaaagccaac ccagccaaga cctgccgcgc ggctcggcga tctcgcggcc
   204541 gcgccagcgc ttgcctgggt ggcggacacc ggcgaggtcg aggatggtcg gggtgacgtc
   204601 catcaccgtg gcgaaggcat ggctgatcgc accctgccgg cttagccgcg ggtagcgcac
   204661 cagcgctggc acgcgaatcc cgccctgggt ggtgaatgcc ttgtacaggc gcgatggtgc
   204721 ggtggccgcc tgggcccagc gcgggccata ccagacgtag gaattggcgc ggccgatgtt
   204781 ttccaggctg ttgtcgtagt gccggtcgag aaagcccagc aggtccgggc cgaatttcgg
   204841 gaacgcctcc agcagggcgc cttcggcgcc gttgtcggac atgaacagga cgaaggtgtt
   204901 gtccagctcg ccctgccggc gcaggtagtc cacgaccctg ccgatgttcc agtccatgcg
   204961 ctcgaccatc gccgcataga cctccatcgc ccgcgccgat ttagcccgtt cctcgtcctc
   205021 cagggcctcc cactcgcggg tcagggcgag caccggatgg gcttcgacgt ccgcttccac
   205081 caggcccagc tccttgagcc gggccaggcg ttcctggcgc agcgcttctg gaccggcgtc
   205141 gtagcgaccg cggtacttct cgacgatctc ccgcggcgct tgcagcggcc agtgcggcgc
   205201 ggagaacggc aggtaggcga agaacggccg gctctggtcg cgctccttga ggtattgcag
   205261 cagcttgtcg ccgaaggcgt cggaggaata gaagccctcc ggcagcgtgt cgaggtagcg
   205321 ctcgtcttcc acgtagagcg ctggcgtacc cttgaggatg cgcggagtgc tttcgtcgta
   205381 gggcggctcg aaaccatagt ggttggcggc gcccggcagc agcgagaagg aacgctcgaa
   205441 accgcgtgca tggggcgtct gttccggctt caggccgagg tgccacttgc cggccatgag
   205501 ggtctggtag ccggcctcgc ggagcagctc cggcagcgcc accacgcgct cgttgagatg
   205561 cccttcgtaa cccggcttgc cttccagttc cggggtcagc gcctcggcca tggtgccgat
   205621 cccggcgatg tggtggtcgg tgccggtgag cagcatcgag cgggtcggcg agcaggtcga
   205681 ggcggtgtgg aagtcggtca ggcgcaggcc ggcgatggcc agggcgtcga ggttcggcgt
   205741 ggcgatctcg ccgccgaagg cgccgatatc ggagaagccc aggtcgtcgg cgacgatcac
   205801 caggaagttg gggcgtttgc tcatgcgcgg gtctcgtctg gatgggagga gaaggtgggg
   205861 ccctcgcccc cgcccttccc gcagggggaa agggccaggg caaggggctt ttcagcaagc
   205921 gaggaattcg aagggcaggt tttccacccg tcgcggcggc ggcgcgacgt actcgccgtc
   205981 ggcggtcagt tcgtgcagca gcgcttcgcg ctggcgcagg aagtcgaagc caccgcgctc
   206041 gcgcggatgc gccaggccca cctcgaccac ccgcctgatc cgccccggac gcggctccat
   206101 caccaccacc cggtcggcca ggtagagcgc ctcctcgacg tcgtgggtga ccagcagggt
   206161 ggtgatacgg gtgcgccggc ggatcgccag caactcttcc tgcaactgct ggcgggtcag
   206221 tgcgtcgagg gcgctgaacg gctcgtcgag cagcagcagg cgcgggctgg ccaccaggcc
   206281 acgggcgatc gccacgcgct gggccatgcc gccggacaac tggtgcgggt aggcacgctc
   206341 gaagccgtgc aggccgacca ggcggatgta ttcgtcgatc cgcgccgcct tgtcggtttc
   206401 gccaagggct tcgttgacca ggccgagggc gacgttctgc tgcaccgtca gccaggggaa
   206461 caggcggtgc tcctggaaca cgatgccgcg ttcgccgccg atgccggcga ttggccggcc
   206521 gtcgacgcgg atctcgccgt cgtagtcgcg gtccaggccg atcagcaggc gcagcagggt
   206581 cgacttgccg cagccactgg cgccgacgat ggcgatgaac tcgccctcgc cgatctccag
   206641 gtcgaactgc tggatcgctt ccagtcgccg gccgtccacg gcgaagtgct tgcgcacctg
   206701 gcggaagctg accagcgggg tgcccgtggc gggcgcggtg aatgcgttca tgcgtgtctc
   206761 cagcgcgtgg cgcgcgcttc gatgcgttgg ccgagggcat tgagcagggc gccggtgagg
   206821 ccgaccagga gcatgccggc gccgatcagg tccatgcgga acaattgctg ggcgccgatc
   206881 atcaggctgc cgatgccgcc gtcggagggc atgaagtact cggcgccgat ggttcccagc
   206941 caggcgtaga tcagcgccag gcgcaggccg gcgaacaccg acggggcggc acccggcagg
   207001 accagccgga gcagccgtcg ccagggaccc aggcgcagca cccgggccgc ctcgccgagg
   207061 ctcggcggca ggctggcgat gccgcgctgg gtggccagca gcagcgggaa gaaggcggcg
   207121 attgcgacga acgtcagctt ggccggttcg cccaggccga accaggcggt gagcagcggt
   207181 acccaggcga agatcgccac ctgccgcagt gccgcgaaag tggggccgaa gaagcgttcc
   207241 gccgggcgcc acaggccgag cagcaggccg ccgaggaaac ccaggccgcc gcccagcagg
   207301 agcccgccga gcgtgcgctt caggctgtcg aacagggcgc ctgggaggct gccgtcgagc
   207361 gctccgctcc aggtcgcccg cgccacttcc agagggctgg cgaggatcgc cggatcgacc
   207421 cattcggcgc tgctcgccga ctgccacagg agcagcagcg ccagcggcgg cagccacacc
   207481 tgcaggcgct gccagccgcg tcccggcggg cgccggcgga attcgccggt ggcggcttgc
   207541 ggccagtgca gcaggcggcg gtcgagccac tggatggcgc ggtccatgcc caccccgacc
   207601 aggccgatga tgaggatgca gacgaacacg atgtcgagca tgaacagttg ccggccctgc
   207661 accatcaggt agccgatacc ctcgctggaa gccagcaact cgaccgccag cagcgaggtc
   207721 cagccctgcg ccagggccag gcgcagcccg gtgaggaagg ccggcagcgc cgccggcagg
   207781 atcagccgcc agaccagcag gcgtggcggc aggcgcagta ctgcggcggc ttcgcgcagc
   207841 ttgggctggg cgtcgcgcac gccgaccagg gtatggatgg tcaccggcac cacgaccgct
   207901 ttcaccagca ccaccagctt gagcagttcg ccgatgccga agaacagcat gaacagcggg
   207961 atccaggcca gcgtggggat ttgcgcgagg gcgctgaagg tggggaagac caggcgctcg
   208021 gcacgcggac tgaagcccag ccaggcgcct agcgcggcgc cgctggcgac cccggcgagc
   208081 aggccccagg ccaggcgccg caggctgatc gccaattcgc tccagagttc gccggcgagc
   208141 aactcgcggg cgctctgcca gaccagctcg ggagttggta gcacctgggc cgacatccag
   208201 tggcgatggc tggcgaccca ccacagcagc gccagcccga gcggcagcaa ccagggcagc
   208261 aggccgtccc ccaggcgccg ggcgaaagcc gcggagggcg gcggcgccag gcgcggcagg
   208321 ggccggctcc aggcgggcga aagggtttta tcgatattct tcatgggaat ataaatcgcc
   208381 gcatcaatgc attttttcgc taagaagggt catttaaaga aaggcgccag gcagcggcaa
   208441 atgcatttgg agaatatttt ccatgctctg gctgcatatg acgcggagag gcccgtgcgg
   208501 cctgtcatac tgcttatggt tataaaaaaa tgaattttta ttatttattt tcgaggcgcc
   208561 gctgtgcata gctagccgct cacccgctcc cggcgggaat ccctctcttc ccgttccaag
   208621 gagccgcccc atgaaagcgc ttacgtcttc cctgctcggt ctgttcgccg tgcctgtcct
   208681 cgccggcctg ctcggtgcct acgtgccgct ggcgagcgcc gctccgccga aggagatccg
   208741 catcgcggtg ccggacgtca gcgccggcag ctcgcactcg ggtggcggcg tggtcgacgt
   208801 gctctacacc cggcagttgc tggagaagga gttcgccaac gacggcatcg cggtgaaatg
   208861 gagcttcttc aagggcgccg gtccggtggt caacgaagcg ttcgccaatg gccaggtgga
   208921 cttcgcctac ctcggcgacc tggcggcgat catcggcaag tccggaggcc tggacagccg
   208981 tctgctggcc gctaccgcgc gaggggtcaa ccactatctc ggcgtgcagc cggggtccgg
   209041 gatcaagacc ctggaggatc tcaagggcaa gcgcgtaggc atctttcgtg gcaccgccag
   209101 ccagttgtcg ttcgacaatg ccctggccag cgtcggtctc agcgagaagg acctgaaggt
   209161 gatcaacctc gacttcagcg ccgccctgtc cgccctcgca gccaggcaga tcgatgccac
   209221 ctggggcctg gccgggctgt tcgccctgcg cgaccgcggg ctcgcggaaa ttccgctgag
   209281 cacccgcgac ctggacggcg ccggcaccct gcaggcgctg ctggtcggct ccggggcctt
   209341 cgtcgatgcc catccggaca tcaccgagcg gctgctcaag gtgcagttgc aggcccagga
   209401 ctggctggcc cgcgaggaga accgcgacgc ctacatcgaa ctggtgtcga agcaggccag
   209461 ctacccggtg gtgatcctgc agagcgagta ccgtggccgc aagctgggcg acgccctgtc
   209521 gccgcgcctg gacgccgatt tccttggccg gctggatgct tcgatccagg cggccaagcg
   209581 tttcggcctg atccgtcgcg aattcagcgc cgagcagtgg gccgcgccgg aactgctgga
   209641 ggcggccggc aagctggcga aggccaaggc caaggccgtg gcgcaggcgg cggagtgacg
   209701 ccgagccggg gacggccgag gcggcgccgt ttcgtagcaa tttgtaatat gtttcgaaat
   209761 tcttgcaccg acccaaccaa tgactggatc gagcgaagta tccagccgtt ggtcggggat
   209821 tctgcgtata tcgcgtcatg aaagtttcac gcgggtaatc cgcaggttat tcctcgatca
   209881 tttcgttcgt taatcgcccc atatattcag atacaaaatc ggcactgcca attcttccag
   209941 ttttcccttc cgacaattct cccgaccctc cccggaaaca actccaagta tctcgcggcg
   210001 aaccgccgcg tcccgcatct agcctgccca tcactacgac agcgcggcgc cagcgccggg
   210061 cctcgccctg cgcgtcggcg gcattcctga ttttctttcg gaggagagcg gtcatatgaa
   210121 tctcgatagc aaattgttcg acgcgacact cgatctcgaa cgcgtgaaag tttcggtgag
   210181 aacgctggtg aagttatccc gccaggaaca atcggcgatc atccggaccc tcaacgagtt
   210241 tggtttcctg ctgttgcgca gcgaacaggg cgaagacagg caggaacttc tcgcgctcaa
   210301 ggagttgttc ggccgcgccg ccccccaccc gcgcgccgac gccgacggca tcgtgccgat
   210361 cagcaatgcg cggtatgtca gcggctacct cggctccacg ccgctggagc acaagctgca
   210421 caccgacggc gctttcctcg acaccccgga gcaattgtgc agcctgcaat gcgtgcgcaa
   210481 cgcccgggag ggcggggaga ctctgctggc cagcgccgga ctggccttcg agcgcctgcg
   210541 ccggcgcatg ccgaccaagc atctcggcct gctgcgcggc gacgccctga ccatcgtgcg
   210601 caagcaccag agcagcaccc agccggtgtt ccgcctgaac ggcgaggcgc tgggcatcaa
   210661 gttccggcag aacgacgggg cggccgaggt ggtcgagcac cctgtggcgg tggaggcctt
   210721 cgccgaactg gtggcggcgc tcgaggatcc ggcctgccaa ctgcggatca agctcgagcc
   210781 gggggaaatc ctggtgctcg acaacaccgc ggtgttgcac gggcgcactg ccttctgcgc
   210841 caacgaactg cgcgagatgc gccggctcaa cttcgacggc cacggccgcc tgcgagcgga
   210901 gctggaactg ggcttcaagg tggggttgtg atcgcacagt tcgtcgcggt ggtgctgccg
   210961 atcctgatct gcaccggcat cggtttcgcc tggagccgtt ccgccgggcc ggtggatacc
   211021 cgcgcgctgg tgttcctggt ggccaacgtc ggctttccct gcctgctgct gtcgtcgctg
   211081 gaccgccccg gcctgtccat tggcatggtg gccggggtgt tcctcgccac cgcgctggcg
   211141 gtgctggcgt tcgccctgct gggcctggtc tccctgcgcc tgctgcggat gccggtgcgg
   211201 cgctacctgc cgtcgatcat gctgccgaac tccgggaaca tgggcatccc catcgcctac
   211261 ctggccttcg gcgaggaggc gctggtgtat gcggtggcgt tctccaccct gatccaggtg
   211321 ggtcacgcga cgctcggcgt ctggttcgct tcgggcgata tcaccccggc gagcatcctg
   211381 cgcaacccga tgatctatgc cctggccgtg gcgctgggcc tgatcgccct gggctggagc
   211441 ctgccgccgc cgttgcgcga tgtgacccgc ctgctgggcg ggattaccgt gccgctgatg
   211501 ctggtgatgc tcggcctgtc gctggccggt ctgcgcctgc acgagacctg gcggccgttg
   211561 ctgctgtctc tggtgcgggt ctggggcggt ttcgcggtcg gctatgggat cgctgccggc
   211621 ctgggcatgg aggcggtggc ggcgggcacc ttcgccatcc agtgcgggat gccgaccgcg
   211681 gtgctcacct acctgttggc caagcgttac gacggcccgg tgaacgaagt ggcaggcatg
   211741 gtgctgatca ccacgctgct ggtgctgctc tccacgcctt tgttcatcca gttgctgccg
   211801 cgcgcgtgag gacgatccgg gccgcctcgc ggggcggccc ggggtgtcac cagatcgagc
   211861 gggagtaatc gacgaccagc cgggtttcgt cgatgtcgcc gtcgagatag ctcgcgttgc
   211921 cccggtgcca ggcctgcgag gcgcgcagcg cgaggccggc gagggggccc gccttgatcc
   211981 ggtaggcgaa gccgaggtcg ctttcccggt gccgcccgtc acgcccgtag agtccggcgt
   212041 agatgctctc ggcggcgctg ctggcgctgg ccccggcacg gccgcgggca tgcagcgcgt
   212101 gcaggctgag cccaggcagg ccgagcgcgc cgaggtccag gtcatagcgt aattgccagg
   212161 aacgctcgcc cggtccgttg aagtcggagt agcccaccga gttggccagt accatggacg
   212221 cgctggagcg cccgtcgccg aaggccatgt agtcgaacgg ctgctcgccg tggacacgct
   212281 ggtaggccag ggtgatgcgc tgcggcccct gttcgtagcc cagggccagg gagctggcca
   212341 gggtgtcgat gcggccgaag cggctctggc cgctgtcgcg ggtgcggtag gcgtcgaggt
   212401 cgacccgcag cgcgcgctcc ccgcccagcg gctggcgatg gctggcgccg aaataggcct
   212461 gctgccagat gtcgtcgaag cgcgaggcgt agagcgacag ttgcagccgc tccgtggcct
   212521 gccattgacc gccgaggaag ccgaccgcgt cgaggcgcac cggataggcg ccgaggcgtc
   212581 cgtagacggt gctgatgtcg ccgcggacct tggattcgcc ggggccggag gcggcggtga
   212641 agcgcccgcc ctcgagcagc agcccgtcga acgagcggtc ctccagcagc aggccgtagg
   212701 ccatgccgga cagcgtgcgg ttgctgctgg cggcgaacac cggcgcgctg gtggtggtct
   212761 ggccgtactt caggcgggtt tcgccgtggc gtagcctgag ggcgccgccg accttgccgt
   212821 agcgatggtc gggatggccg tcggcgccga ccggcaggtt gccggtgccg gtgcggccgc
   212881 cgccgctgtc cagttgcagg ccgagcatgg catgggcgtc gaggccgaag ccgaggctgc
   212941 ccggcgtgta gccggaggcg aactggaggc gcaggccctg ggtggtttcc tcgcggtagc
   213001 cgttgcgctc gctcctgggc ttgaagcggt tgcgcccggc gttgttcggg ctgtcgcggt
   213061 agtcgcggtt gaagtagtag gtgcgggcga ggaactgcag ttcgctgtcc tcgacgaagc
   213121 ccccatcccc ggccgtcgcg gccgcccctt cggaaagcgt gccggcgacc aggccggcga
   213181 atacagcgcg tctgagattt tgcatttatt gttttctccc acctgagtgc caggtgggcg
   213241 cagtctcgga agtcgctccg caggccgctt gtgtttccct gcctcggctt ttgccggggc
   213301 ctgccattgg caggggcagg catgtgcaac ggcaggccgg gtcaagcatt tcggaagtca
   213361 ccgacggaga gtgtggcgtc ggccgtcatc cgcaacggcc gtgggtggga gcctaggctc
   213421 ccgatgcaac ctcgcctcag ggaatacgct tcatgaacaa caagacccta tgcccttcgc
   213481 tcttgctttg cctttcgctg ctcgcaccgc tgtcttgtct cggggagacc gccgccgcgc
   213541 cctatccgct ggcccaccca ccgcgcctgg ccgactacct tccgccgccg ccggcggcgg
   213601 actcggctgc ggccgtcgcc gatctcggcg cggtgctgga ggcgcaacgc ctgcgcacgc
   213661 ccgaacaggt acgccgggta cgcgcccacg accagtggga ggacaacgtc ttccccttcg
   213721 ccggcgacct gctgggcgcc tcgttcgaca aggaacgcct gccgctgacc cggagtttct
   213781 tcaaccgcgc ccaggaaaac ctggtcgagg tgctgatgcc ggcgaagaag cacttcgccc
   213841 gcccgcgtcc ctacgaagtg acaccgaagg tgaagccggt gctgccgccg ccggaggggg
   213901 agtcctatcc cagcggccac accatggaca gctacttcaa ggcctcgctg ctgagcatgc
   213961 tggtgccgga gcatcacgat gcgttcttcg cccgcgccga ggagcatgcg cagagccggg
   214021 tgctggccgg cgtgcacttc cccagcgacc tggaaggcgg gcagaccgcc gccgcggcgc
   214081 tggtggcgag cctgctggcc gatccggcgg tggccgccga ctttgccgcg gtgcgcgagg
   214141 agctgcgcgg cgcgctgggg ttgccgaaac tccagtagag gaagggaaac cgcgcggcgg
   214201 ctcaggccgc cgcgtgttgc gcctggtcca gttccaccag cgtctcgatc atcgccttgg
   214261 ccgctgccga aagccggtag ccgctgcggc tgatgatgcc gcagcgggcg ctgaggctat
   214321 ccaggttctg cggcaggttg cgccactgta gcggttgcag ttcgccgcgc tgcaggtagg
   214381 ggcgcagggt ctcgtcgctg gcgatgccga tggcgtcggt ctggcggacg atgcggatca
   214441 gcgcgtgcat gttctcgcag cggatgttgg cggcgaagtc gatcttgccg ctgaggttcg
   214501 ccagcagctt gcggatgccc gggggaatca gggtcgaggc cagcgggtag ttgaacaggt
   214561 cgttggtgga caggctgtcc ttgcccagca gcggatgttg cggacggcag aagaactggc
   214621 cgcggcgcgg ggtcagcggg cgcgtctgga agttcgggtc ggcctcgaag tcgcggatgt
   214681 cggcgacgaa gaattcgatc tcttcgcgga gcagggcgcg gctgagcttt tcccagttgt
   214741 ccacgtccag gctgatctgc acccgcgggt ggcggttgat gaagtcggcc accgcgtccg
   214801 gcaccagttg ctgggccggc gccggcccgc tgccgaagcg cagctcgccg gcatccagct
   214861 tgttcaactg ggcgatctcg tggatcaggt tggccgaccc ctgcaccagg ctcagcgcgt
   214921 gttgcagcac cacctggcct tccggcgtcg ggcgcaggtc cttgctgcca cggtccacca
   214981 actgacagcc aagctcctgc tccaggccct ggatgctgcg gctgaaggcc ggctgggtga
   215041 tgcccatggc gtccgccgcg cggacgaaac tgcggtgttc ggcgagggcg atgaagtaac
   215101 gcagttggcg cagatccatg atgctttacc ggcattggaa atattggaca aaggcatttg
   215161 ccgttcggga tgtgctggtt ttaaatgcaa gctcttattc cgtcaacaaa gaacaaatta
   215221 gaaaaatatg cgatttagta ataagcatag atagacccca ggagctgaac atggtccacc
   215281 gtgcctttgc cgccccacct ccgccgttcc gaatgccctt ccgcgtcgcc ggcggctgtc
   215341 gcccctgaca gtcgcccggg gctgagccgt ccgccggccc ccttcgaacc tttcgccaga
   215401 tcgctgcctt gcgcggcatg gccgcctgct gcctgcgtcc ggctgcgccg gaaccgagga
   215461 cattcacgat gaagcaccac taccgcctgc cgctccgccg aacgccgccc ggcggctccg
   215521 actacgccct ggccctgctg ctcgccctcg gcggtgcgtt gccggccagt gccgccgatg
   215581 ctcccgcgcc cgccgaggaa gcgccgccgc tggccagcag cgtcccggac aaggccgata
   215641 cggccctggg caaggtcact gtcaccgcgc gtcgccgcga ggaggattcg cagaaggtac
   215701 cgacgccgat caccgtgctc ggcggcgaga ctctcgagac ccagcgcatc tcccgggtgc
   215761 aggacctgca gcaggtgctg cccagcgtca atgtcgccta catccatgcg cggcagtcga
   215821 gcgtcgccgt gcgcggcatc ggcaacaacc ccgccagcga cggcctggaa ggcagcgccg
   215881 ggatctacct cgacaacgtc tacctgggac gtccgggaat ggccgtgttc gacctgctgg
   215941 acatcgagca actggagctg ctgcgcggtc cgcagggcac cctgttcggc aagaacacca
   216001 ccgccggggt gctgaacatc agcacccgcg cgccgacctt cactgccgag cgtaccgtcg
   216061 aggtctccgg cgggcaggat ggctacttcc agggccgcgg cacggtttcc gggccgctcg
   216121 gcgaaaccct cgccggacgc ctctcggcct atcgcacccg cgacgacggc tacatcaaga
   216181 acatccacga cgacaactat ctcaacggcg gcgagcgcca gggcgcgcgc gggcaattgc
   216241 tgttcgagcc gaacgaggac ttcagcctgc gctggatcgc cgactacaac gaggaggatt
   216301 cgagcaacgg cagcatggtg gtctacggcg ccgccgagcg tttctggcag cgcgccgcgc
   216361 tggtcggcgc ttcgccgttg cgcgatccgc agcgcaggaa ggtcaacatc aacggccgcc
   216421 agcacgtcag cgtgcaccag ggcggcagct cgctggaggc caactggaac ctcgccggcg
   216481 gctaccgcct gacctccatc agcgcttacc gctactggca cttcaccccg gccaacgacg
   216541 agcaactgaa cgtctcggcg atcaacgaca ccggggtgga agtgcacgac cggcagttct
   216601 cccaggagat ccgcctggcc tcgcccaccg gcggtgcctt cgactacgtg gtgggcgcct
   216661 acgcgttcag gcagaacctc ggcaacaaga ccttcacctc ctacggaccg ttggccgacc
   216721 tgtacctgct cggcgccaat ctcggcgcgc tgaacgacac ctactcgaag gccaacggca
   216781 agatcgagac cgacagcttc gcgctgttcg cccagggcac ctggcacctc accgaacgcc
   216841 tggacttcac cgccggcctg cgcggtacct acgaggagaa gaacgccaag gtcgagcgct
   216901 tcgctccgct gggcggcgcg gcggtcggcg gggtcggcgc ggcggtgcgc aacggccagc
   216961 tcggcgccta cgattccggc gatctcagcc agtacaactt cgccccttcg gcgttgctca
   217021 gcctcagcta ccagttcagc gacgacctgc tcggctacgc cagcctgtcc cacggcgaga
   217081 agtccggcgg ggtcaacctg gcggtgggca gcgcaccgag cgccggcgcc gattcgctgc
   217141 tggtcggacc ggagcgcgcc aacgacgccg agctgggcct gaagagcacg ctcttcgacc
   217201 ggcgcctgct gctcaacgcc aacctgttct ggaccggcat ccacggctac caggccacca
   217261 ccctgtacca ggcgccgggc tcgacccagt tggtgcaggt gctggccaac gccggcagcg
   217321 tgcgctcgcg tggtctggag ttcgaggcca ccgcgctgcc gttgcgcggc ctgaccctga
   217381 acttcaacgg ctcctataac gacgtcacct acctgtcgtt caaggatgcc ccgtgccctg
   217441 cggaagtcag cacccggccc ggcgcgccga gcagttgcga cctcaccggg cagcgcgtgg
   217501 tcggcgcctc gaaatggatc gccaatctca atggcgaata ccagtggcgc ctcgacgacc
   217561 gcttccaacc ctacgtcagc gccagctacg cctaccgctc cgccgccgag ggcacgctgg
   217621 acaactccga cctttcgaag atcgacggct acgccctggt gaacctcgcc gccggtctgc
   217681 gcagcgatct cggcgacggc caactggaca cctcggtatg gctgaagaac gccttcgaca
   217741 aggactacta cctgagcgcc ttcgccagca tcaacggctc ctacaccgca tcggtggggc
   217801 agccgcgcac gctcggcgta tcgctgcgct acgacttctg agccttcacc cacgcagtac
   217861 cccacgcatg aggaacatga catgagcaat gcagcacaag ccctcgccac gccggtacgg
   217921 ctcgacatcc ggccggtcgc cggacggatc ggcgcggaga ttcgcggcgt gaccctgtcc
   217981 ggcgaactgg acgccgccac cgtcgaggcg atccaggccg ccctggtacg ccacaaggtg
   218041 atcttcttcc gggaccagag ccatctcgac gaccagaccc aggaggcctt cgcccacttg
   218101 ctcggcgaac cggtcgccca ccccaccgtg ccgtcccgcg aaggcacccg cttcctcctc
   218161 gagctggatg gcgccgaagg ccgccgggcc aactcctggc ataccgacgt gaccttcgtc
   218221 gaggcctacc cgaaggcctc gatcctgcgc agcgtggtgg ccccggagtc cggcggcgac
   218281 accgtctggg ccaacacggc gagcgcctac gccgacctgc cggcggagct gcgcgagctg
   218341 gccgaccggc tctgggcggt gcacagcaac gagtacgact acgccggggt caagcccagc
   218401 gcctcggtgg agcagttgga gaactaccgc aaggtgttca cctcgaccgt ctacgagacc
   218461 gagcacccgg tggtccgcgt gcatccgcaa agcggcgagc ggacgctgct cctcggccac
   218521 ttcgtgaaac gcctgaaggg tctttcgcag catgactcgg cgcatctctt cgcggtgctg
   218581 caggggcacg tcacgcgcct ggagaacacc gtgcgctggc gctggcaggc cggcgacgtg
   218641 gcgatctggg acaaccgcgc gacccagcac tacgcgatcg acgactacgg cgaccagccg
   218701 cgcgtggtgc gccgggtgac cctcggcggc gacgtgccgg taggcatcga cgggcaacgc
   218761 agccggacga tccggaaggc atgacggacc cggccctctc ctcgccgggg agggcgacca
   218821 caggaagaac gaacccgcga ggacccctta catgagccaa tccgccaccg cccggcaacc
   218881 cgaacccgag gtcgccgagg cattccgcat cacccccctg gaggcgccgc tgggcgccga
   218941 agtccgtggc ctcgacgcgc gccggccgct ggcgccggag caggtcctgg cgctcaagca
   219001 ggcgctgcgc gagcaccaca tcctggtgtt ccgccagcag cacctcgacg atgagcagta
   219061 cttgcgcttc gccaccctgt tcggctcggt gttccagccg ccggcggaca tcccggtgct
   219121 gtcctcgggt ggcgacggca aggtgccgga catcgtcaag gtggccaaca ccggcgacgg
   219181 cgaactgggc aacttcgccc tgccggcaca catcgaccac caatggacgc cggtgccgtc
   219241 ctccggctcg ttcctctacg cactggaggt gccgtccagt ggcggcgaga cgcgcttcac
   219301 caacctggcg cgcgcctacg agagcctcga cgaggcgacc cggcgcgaga tcgatggcct
   219361 gcgcctgatc aactacaacc ccttcatccg cctgcgcgag ggcggctacg gcggcggttt
   219421 cgccacctac cgcacgccgg acatcgaacc gatccagggc agcgagcacc cgctggtacg
   219481 cacccacccg gaaagcggcc ggcgcgtact gttcctcagc gcccacaccg aggtggagat
   219541 tcccggctac gaccccgcgc ggggccaggc gctgatcggt cgcctgcgcg aacatctggc
   219601 gcgcccggaa ctgagctaca gccacgcctg gtcggtgggc gacatcgtct ggtgggacaa
   219661 ccaggccgtg ctgcatgcgc gcaacgcctt cccggccagc gagcggcggc gcctgaagcg
   219721 catcagcctg gcgggcagcc gtccgttctg agccggcatc ccccagcgtg cgccggctcc
   219781 tccgttgccg accggcgtag gtcgctgcgc gccgctctgg cgagcccctt ccgttccggc
   219841 gaatagctag cagaactgcg acatgctgtc gcagttctgc catttctccg cgtctatcct
   219901 gcccataggg caattcgcct ttggtctaac gagctggcct gcagcgccca tggaaaggcg
   219961 atcctgactt tgtagtcaaa gttttgcttt gctactttgg ccaggcatca gggattgctg
   220021 atacagcgta ttaaaaacat taattacccc gccattccgc ggcgctggca ggatattttc
   220081 ccgtcgaaac cgtagcggct tgacctgata gccggtcatt cacggcaggg atgtcatatt
   220141 ctcgcgcggg cttccccgga taggctgcac gccagtcagg acgcgcccgg cggtgatggg
   220201 cgggaattgt tggtcggttt atgacttgta gtttctctgt cgtatgcctt cagaacttgt
   220261 tgaaggcttt tcggctcgat tgcacaatgc cgcgccaagg ttcgttcgcg aatcgcggta
   220321 tgtgagctag acctccgcag ccggtgcgcc atccgcagtg ccccggacta ctcgacaatc
   220381 acgcaggaga ttcgtgagtg cagatcggtg tccccctcga gacccatgcc ggtgagacgc
   220441 gggtttccgc caccccggaa accgtcaaga agctgatcgg ccaaggccac caggtgatcg
   220501 tccagagcgg cgccggcgtc aacgccagcc agccggacag tgcctatgaa gccgccggcg
   220561 cgacgatcgg cagcgccgcc gaggccttcg gcgccgacct ggtgctgaag gtggtcgcgc
   220621 ccagcgccgc cgagctggcc cagatgaaaa gcggtgccgt gctggtcggc atgctcaacc
   220681 ccttcgacaa cgagaacatc gcccgcatgg ccgagcgcgg catcaccgcc ttcgccctcg
   220741 aggccgcgcc gcgtacctcg cgggcgcaga gcctggacgt gctctcctcg caggccaaca
   220801 tcgccggcta caaggcggtg atgctcgccg ccaaccacta cccgcgcttc atgccgatgc
   220861 tgatgaccgc cgccggcacc gtgaaggccg cccgcgtgct gatcctcggc gccggcgtcg
   220921 ccggcctgca ggcgatcgcc acggccaagc gcctgggtgc ggtgatcgag gcttccgacg
   220981 tgcgtccggc ggtgaaggag cagatcgagt cgctcggcgc caagttcgtc gacgtgccct
   221041 acgagaccga cgaagagcgc gagtgcgccg aaggcgtcgg cggctacgcg cggccgatgc
   221101 cggcctcgtg gatggagcgc caggccaagg ccgtgcacga gcgcgccaag cagtcggaca
   221161 tcgtcatcac taccgcgctg atccccggcc gcaaggcgcc gacgctgctg cacgaggcga
   221221 ccgtggcgga gatgaagccg ggctcggtgg tcatcgacct ggccgccgcc cagggcggca
   221281 actgcccgct gaccgaggcc gaccaggtcg tggtccggca cggcgtgacc atcgtcggcc
   221341 acagcaacct ggccgcgctg gtaccggcgg acgcctcggc gctatacgcg cgcaacatcc
   221401 tcgacttcct caagctcacc ctgaacgccg aaggcttcag cgtgaacctc gaggacgaca
   221461 tcgtcgccgc ctgcctgatg tgccgcgacg gccaggcggt gcgcaagaac ggctgagccg
   221521 ctgcgtcggg aagcttcgat aacgataaat gcgcacgcct cgcgcctgcg ccctgaagac
   221581 cggtgaaaac gatggatatc atttctgacg ggatctacaa cctgatcatc ttcgtgctgg
   221641 ccgtgtacgt cggctaccac gtggtatgga acgtcacccc tgccttgcac accccgctga
   221701 tggcggtgac caacgcgatt tccgcgatcg tcatcgtcgg cgccatgctc gccgccgccc
   221761 tgaccgcgac cccgctgggc aaggccatgg gcaccctcgc cgtggccctg gccgcagtca
   221821 atgtgttcgg tggcttcctg gtcacccggc gcatgctgga aatgttcaag aagaaagcgc
   221881 cgaaggcggg gggccactga tgagcatgaa cctggtcacc ctcctgtacc tcatcgcctc
   221941 ggtctgcttc atccaggccc tgaaaggcct gtcgcacccg accacctcgc gccgcggcaa
   222001 cctcttcggc atggtcggca tggccatcgc cgtggccacc accgtcggcc tggtgttcaa
   222061 gctgggcgcg gagatcgcca ccaccggcgt cggctacatc gtcgtcggcc tgctggtcgg
   222121 cggcaccgcc ggctcgatca tggccaagcg cgtcgagatg accaagatgc ccgagctggt
   222181 cgccttcatg cacagcatga tcggcctggc cgcggtgttc atcgccatcg ccgcggtggt
   222241 cgagccgcag tcgctgggga tcgtcgcgca cctgggcgac accattccca ccggcaaccg
   222301 cctggagctg ttcctcggcg cggccatcgg cgccatcacc ttctccggtt cggtgatcgc
   222361 cttcggcaag ctctccggca agtacaagtt ccgcctgttc cagggcaccc cggtgcagtt
   222421 ctccgggcag cacctgctga acctggtgct cggcctggca accctcggcc tgggcctggt
   222481 gttcatgttc accggcaacc tcaccgcctt cgccgtgatg ctggcgctgg ccttcgtcct
   222541 cggcgtgctg atcatcatcc ccatcggcgg cgccgacatg ccggtggtgg tgtcgatgct
   222601 caactcctat tccggctggg ccgcggcggg tatcggcttc tcgctgaaca actcgatgct
   222661 gatcatcgcc ggctcgctgg tcggctcttc gggcgcgatc ctctcctaca tcatgtgcaa
   222721 ggcgatgaac cgctcgttct tcaacgtcat cctcggcggc ttcggcgccg aagccgacgc
   222781 cggcggcccg gcgggctcca aggagcagcg tccggtgaag tccggttcgg ccgacgatgc
   222841 ctcgttcctg ctgaccaacg ccgacagcgt gatcatcgtc cccggctacg gcctggcggt
   222901 ggcccgtgcc cagcacgcgc tgatggaact ggcggagaag ctgacccatc gcggggtcac
   222961 cgtgaagttc gccatccacc cggtcgccgg gcgcatgccg gggcacatga acgtgctgct
   223021 ggccgaggcc gaggtgccct acgagcaggt gttcgagatg gaggacatca actccgagtt
   223081 cggccagacc gacgtggtcc tggtgctcgg tgccaacgac gtggtcaacc cggcggcgaa
   223141 gaacgatccg aagtcgccca tcgccggcat gccgatcctc gaggcctaca aggccaagac
   223201 cgtgatcgtc aacaagcgct ccatggccag cggctacgcc ggcctggaca acgagctgtt
   223261 ctacctggac aagaccatga tggtgttcgg cgacgccaag aaagtcatcg aagacatggt
   223321 caaggcggtg gagtgattcc ccgctgagtc caccagaacc ccggcccagg ccggggtttt
   223381 tcgttttcgc gggttgtccg cgcagcgttc tccgccgctt ccaacggcga aaacaccagc
   223441 ctttcaggaa tatttttcat gcccgcaagg catgggtttt tcgtcggatc gctgtagccc
   223501 gccaaccacg cggcctgtgg cgataggggc aaaaccaata gctccagaag ttatttccat
   223561 aacaaaaata attacttcag gcgctaagcc tccttgccaa tcatgcaact ccctgcgccg
   223621 ctaggactcc agcacggacc tgagcggcca tcgagttcgt cagtgcaagg agcttttcat
   223681 ggcaacaccc cagcccgtcg atgcccgcac gcagccctgg cgcgagacgc ccggcggcga
   223741 cctggtggcg ctcggtcggc cggttcgcca ggcgttgcac ctggttcgcc acaacccggc
   223801 acagggtcgg gtgctcagcc agcgcgagac gatcctgctg gtcctgttcg ccctgaccct
   223861 gcacggagcg gtgatccatt ggctgagcca gcagagaacc ccggcgctgc ccgaggtgcc
   223921 gccacaggtg ccgccgatga ccatcgagtt caccgccccg gcgccgccgg tggtggaacc
   223981 gccgccgccc gagccgttgc cgccggtggt cgaggaaccg ccaccaccgg tggtcgacga
   224041 gaacgcggtg aagccgccgc cgccgaagcc ggtgcccaag ccgaaaccca agcccaagcc
   224101 gcaaccccgg cccaagccgg cgccgaaggc cgtcgagccg gctccgcccg cgccgccgca
   224161 acccgccgcg ccrcccsccc cgccgctctt tctggggttg cgcccccccc tccggccggg
   224221 cgcgcccccc cgccggccsc cgccccggcg ccgctgacgc cgccgtcggc gaacgccggc
   224281 tacctgcaca acccggcgcc ggaatacccc gccctggcca tgcgccgcgg ctgggagggc
   224341 accgtgctgt tgcgggtgca tgtcctcgcc agcggcagcc cgagcgagat ccaggtgcag
   224401 aagtcgagcg gacgcgaagc cctcgaccag gccgcggtga aagcggtcaa gcgctggtcc
   224461 ttcgttcccg ccaagcgcgg cgacaaggcc gaggacggct gggtcagcgt accgatcgat
   224521 ttcaagttga actgaatctg cagcgtcacg aggagcatcc gtcatgagtc tgttaaccac
   224581 cccgctcgaa tccgtcgaag gcgccgtcat ctggctgctg gtcggctttt ccgtggtcac
   224641 ctggggcctg gccctggtca agggcgtgca gttcgcccgg cagaagcgcc aggaccgcca
   224701 gttccagaag cagttctgga gcgccaccag cctcgactcc gccggcgagc aggcgcagga
   224761 caagcagggc gccggcgccc gcgtggccca ggccggcttc gccgcgatcc aggtgcagga
   224821 caacggccag cccgacctgg cccagtcgat caaccaccag gaccgtctcg aacgcgccct
   224881 gcgccagcag atccagcgcg agcggcgttc cctggagtcg ggcctggcgg tgctcgcctc
   224941 gatcggctcg acctcgccct tcatcggtct gttcggcacc gtctggggca tcatggaggc
   225001 gctcaagggg atcagcgcgg ccggctcggc gagcctggag accgtggccg ggccgatcgg
   225061 cagcgcgctg atcgccaccg gcgtgggaat cgccgtcgcg gtgccggcgg tgctggtcta
   225121 caactacttc ctgcggcgcc tgaagctgac cgccgccgac ctcgacgact tcgcccacga
   225181 cttctacagc ctggcgcaga agagcgcgtt ccgcgtcatc gtccatccca ccgccgcgcg
   225241 ccaggccggc aacccctcgc gcaacgtgaa ggaggcgtcc tgacatggcc ttctcgaccc
   225301 aggacagcga cgaagtcctt tccgaaatca acgtcacccc gctggtcgac gtgatgctgg
   225361 tgctgctggt ggtgttcatc gtcaccgcgc cgctgctgac caactcgatc ccgatcaacc
   225421 tgccgaagac cgaatcggtg gccccgccgg agcagaagga tcccctggtg gtgagcatcg
   225481 atggcgccgg caagctgttc gtcaacaagg acgagatcca gccggagctg ctggagagca
   225541 acctggccgc ggccaaggcg aaggacgccg aggtccgcgt gcagttgcag gccgacgaag
   225601 gggtgaacta cggccaggtg gcgaaggcca tggcttccat cgagcgcgcc gggatcacca
   225661 ggctggcggt gatcaccgca cgctgaagcg aatccacgcc gtccggcgca ggccgggcgg
   225721 gcaacggttt cgaccgctcc gatccgggca ggggagagcg gtcttttttt tattccggat
   225781 ggacgctcct cgggcgtatc cgccgaggcc gggctcgcga atgcgtcgcg caccctgtcc
   225841 ggcgctcgca cgtcccacgc ctgggcgctc aggcctggcg tgccggcgcc tcctgctcct
   225901 tggcgtcctc cgttccttcg acttcccatt caccggccca gtcctcgccg aacagttcgc
   225961 tgggatgctg ggtgcggctg gcgccgttgc cgcagcccat agattccgcc gagcaatagc
   226021 ggtcgcaacc ccagcagatg cgctccggat ggctgggatg gagaggaaat ttcttggcca
   226081 tgatcctgtc ccgatacctg atgcctgcgc tcaggtatac cgccgatggc ttgcgccgcc
   226141 caggcgttgc cgcggaaaag tggcttcggc ttgcgctgga tcaactcgat tggcatatat
   226201 gtattaatag aatattaaaa ttgcttttta ttccttagag aaaaaaggct gcgcccttac
   226261 acttccctgg tgatgaattt ttctggaggg ttctccatgc acagcgaacg cgtccgttat
   226321 gtgttggtgc ccggttggta cggctcggaa gacgcccatt ggcaaagtca ctggcagcgc
   226381 gcgctgccca atgcctcacg ggtcgagcaa caggactgga tcaccccgct gcgcgccgac
   226441 tggatcgccg agctggacgc cgagatccgc cgccagcccg ggccggtggt gctgatcgcg
   226501 cacagcctgg gttgtgtgac agtggcgctg tgggcggccc aggccgagcg ccgggtgcgc
   226561 gaccaggtac gcggcgccct gctggtggcg ccggccgacg tcgagcgcga gagctgcgcc
   226621 gaggcgctgc gcaacttcgc gccgatcagc cgcgagccgt tgccgttccc cagcgtgctg
   226681 gtgggttccg acaacgacca ggcctgcagc ccgcagcgcg ccatgcacct ggcccgcgcc
   226741 tggggcgcgg agacggtgat cctgcccgag gccgggcaca tcaacgtgaa gtccggccac
   226801 ggcgcctggg aggccggcta ccgtcacctg ttccgcttgc agtacctgat cgacagccag
   226861 gctcgtcgcc gcgcctgatc ctccagatcg ttaaccttgg cgtaacggtt cgtcgcccgg
   226921 cttgattgaa caggcctggc ggcctgccta acgtggctcc tcacgacnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   226981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   227941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228121 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228361 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228421 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228481 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228541 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228601 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228661 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228781 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   228961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   229981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230641 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230701 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230761 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230821 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230881 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   230941 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231001 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231061 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231121 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231181 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231241 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231301 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231361 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231421 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231481 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231541 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231601 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231661 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231721 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231781 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231841 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231901 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   231961 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232021 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232081 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232141 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232201 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn aggtggcgga agggtagcgc
   232441 cggcttgtgg tcgccgatgg ctggagcgga tgatgcggaa aaggggcggc tgtcgaaagc
   232501 tcaattttct tatataaggt gttaaaaaaa ttaacatcta gcgaggttcg caaggcccat
   232561 gtcgatcccc nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnngca
   232681 tgtccggctg ctggaagact ggctcggcgc gcgtctgttc gaacgtactt cgcgtggcgt
   232741 gctgttgacc ccggccgggc ggcagtacta cgccgcggtg tccaccgcgt tgcagcagat
   232801 cgccgaggcc ggcggccagc tcagtggnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   232981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   233401 nnnnnnnnca cctgttccgc ttgcagtacc tgatcgacag ccaggctcgt cgccgcgcct
   233461 gatcctccag atcgttaacc ttggcgtaac ggttcgtcgc ccggcttgat tgaacaggcc
   233521 tggcggcctg cctaacgtgg ctcctcacga cagcgtgaaa cctggagccg acatgacgac
   233581 accgatctct cccccgccgc agtggtcgcg gcgccgccag gaaaagcagc ggcgcctcga
   233641 gcgcgtgcgc ggcctggctg acggcgcggt gctgccgcgc gaacgcctgg tcgccgcgct
   233701 ggaggcgctg atcgcgccgg gcgatcgggt ggtgctggaa ggcaacaacc agaagcaggc
   233761 ggatttcctc tcccgttcgc tggcgcgggt cgatcccggc aagctgcacg acctgcacat
   233821 gatcatgccc agcgtcggcc gcccggagca tctcgacctg ttcgaactgg gcatcgcgcg
   233881 caagctcgac ttctccttct ccggcccgca gagtttgcgc atcggccagt tgctcgaaga
   233941 cggcctgctg gagatcggcg cgatccacac ctacatcgag ctgtacgcgc ggctggtggt
   234001 cgacctgatc cccaacgtgg cgctggtcgc cggtttcgtc gccgaccgcg aaggcaacgt
   234061 gtacaccggg ccgagcacgg aagacacccc ggcgctggtg gagcccaccg cgttcagcga
   234121 cggcatcgtc atcgtccagg tcaaccgtat cgtcgacgac ccgcgcgacc tgccgcgagt
   234181 ggatatcccg gcgtcctggg tggacttcgt ggtcgaggcc gaccagccgt tctacatcga
   234241 gccgctgttc acccgcgacc cgcgccacat caagccggtc cacgtgctga tggcgatgat
   234301 ggcgatccgc ggcatctacc agcggcacaa cgtgcagtcg ctgaaccacg gcatcggctt
   234361 caacaccgcg gccatcgagc tgatcctgcc gacctacggc gagtccctcg gcctgaaggg
   234421 caagatctgc cgacactgga ccctcaaccc gcacccgacc cttatccccg ccatcgagag
   234481 cggctgggtc gagagcgtgc actgcttcgg caccgagctg ggcatggagg gctacatcgc
   234541 ccagcgtccc gacgtgttct tcaccggtcg cgacggctcg ctgcgttcca atcggatgtt
   234601 ctgccaactg gcaggacaat acgccgtcga cctgttcatc ggcgctaccc tccaggtcga
   234661 cggcgacggc cattcctcca ccgtcacccg cggacgcctg gccggtttcg gcggcgcccc
   234721 gaacatgggc cacgacccgc gcggccggcg ccactcgacg ccggcctggc tggacatgcg
   234781 gggcgaaccc gaggccttgc tggagcgcgg caggaagctg gtggtgcaga tggtcgagac
   234841 cttccaggac ggcggcaagc cgaccttcgt cgagcgcctc gacgcgctgg aggtggcgcg
   234901 cgagaccggc atgccgctgg cgccggtgat gatctatggc gacgacgtca cccatgtgct
   234961 caccgaggaa ggcatcgcct acctgtacaa ggcgcgctcg ctggaggagc gccaggcgat
   235021 gatcgcggcg gtggcgggga tcagtccgat cggcctgcgc cacgatccgc gcgagaccct
   235081 gcggatgcgc cgcgaagggc tgatcgcgct gcccgaggac ctcggcatcc gccgcaccga
   235141 cgcctcgcgc gagctgctgg cggcgaagag catcgccgag ctggtcgagt ggtccggcgg
   235201 gctgtaccag ccgccggcgc gtttcaggag ctggtgatga acgccatcgc gaacctcgcg
   235261 gcgacgccgt gtgccgacct cggcgaatgc ctggccgacc tggcggtgga cgccctcatc
   235321 gacgaagccg aactgtcgcc caagccggcc ctggtggacc gccgcggcaa tggcgcgcat
   235381 gccgacctgc acctgggcct gatgcaggcc tcggcgctga gcctgtggcc gtgtttcaag
   235441 gaaatggccg gcgccgcaca gcggcatggg cgcatcgatg cgcgcctgcg cggcgtcctt
   235501 ggccaactgg ggcgcgacgg cgaggcggcg atgctgcgta ccaccgaagg cgtgaacacc
   235561 catcgcggag cgatctgggc gctcggcctg ctggtcgcgg ccgccgctct cgaaccgcgc
   235621 cgcacgcagg ccggcgaagt ggccgcgcgc gcaggacgca tcgccctgct cgacgatccg
   235681 gcggccgcca tcggcgacag ccacggcgag cgcgtccgtc ggcgctacgg cgtcggcggc
   235741 gcccgcgagg aggcgcgtct cggcttcccc cgcgcagtgc gccacggcct gccgcagcta
   235801 tggcgcagcc gcgaaggcgg cgctggcgag cagaacgcca ggctcgatgc gctgctggcg
   235861 atcatgagcg tcctcgacga tacctgcgtg ctgcaccgcg ccggccgcgt cggcctcgcc
   235921 gcgatgcagg atggcgcccg cgcggtgctc gccgccggcg gcagcgccag tctcgccggg
   235981 cgtcgccgcc tgtgcgagct ggaccgccgc ctgctggcgc tgaacgcttc gcccggcggc
   236041 gccgccgacc tgctggccgc ctgtcttttc ctcgatcgcc tgcccgccgt gtccggtggg
   236101 tgggctggga gtctctgaga tggaaaccct gaccttcgaa tttcccgccg gcgctccggc
   236161 gcgcggtcgc gccctggccg gctgtgtcgg ctccggcgac ctggaggtgc tgctcgagcc
   236221 ggccgccgga ggcgcgctga gcatccaggt ggtgacctcg gtaaacggca gcggcccgcg
   236281 ctggcaacaa ctcttcgcgc gggtcttcgc ggcgtccacg gcgccggccg cgtcgatccg
   236341 catccacgat ttcggcgcca ctcccggggt ggtccgcctg cgcctggagc aggcactgga
   236401 ggaggctggc catgactgac gccgcccgcc tgctggcgct gcgcagcttc accgaactgg
   236461 gagcgcgcca acgcgcccgg gccctgcttg acgcgggcag cttccgcgag ttgctcgatc
   236521 ccttcgccgg cgtgcagtcg ccctggctgg aacgacaggg catcgtgccc caggccgacg
   236581 atggggtagt ggtcgcccgt ggcctcctcg acggccagcc ggcggtgctt gccgccatcg
   236641 aaggtgcttt ccagggcggc agccttggcg aagtcagcgg agcgaagatt gccggcgcgc
   236701 tggagctggc cgccgaggac aatcgcaacg gcgttccgac ccgggccctg ctgttgctgg
   236761 aaaccggtgg cgtgcgcctg caggaagcca acctcggact ggcggcgatc gccgagatcc
   236821 aggcggccat cgtcgatctg cagcgctacc agccggtggt ggcggtgatc gccggaccgg
   236881 tcggctgctt cggcggcatg tccatcgccg ccgggctgtg cagctacgtg ctggtgaccc
   236941 gcgaggcgcg cctcggcttg aacggtccgc aggtgatcga acaggaggcc ggcatcgctg
   237001 aatacgactc gcgcgaccgg ccgttcatct ggagcctcac cggcggcgag cagcgcttcg
   237061 ccagcggtct cgccgacgcc tacctggccg acgacctcga tgaggtacgc acctcggtac
   237121 tcgcgtattt cgccaagggc ctgccggcac ggccgcgctg ccgccgcgcc gaggattacc
   237181 tgcggcggct gggcgacctc gataccgccg agcaaccgga tgccgccggc gtgcgccggc
   237241 tgtaccaggg gctgggccaa ggagatgcaa catgagccaa ccgttcgctt cccgtggcct
   237301 ggcctggttc caggcgctgg ccggtagcct cgcgccgcgt cccggcgatc ctgcttcgtt
   237361 gcgcgtcgcc gatgccgagc tggacggcta cccggtgcgt ttcctggccg tcgtgcccga
   237421 tcccgacaat ccgttcccgc gcgctcgcca gggcgaggtc gggctgctcg agggctgggg
   237481 cctggccgcc gccgtcgacg aggcgctgga ggccgaccgc gaggcgccac gcaagcgcgc
   237541 gctgctggcc atcgtcgacg tgccgagcca ggcctacggc cgccgcgagg aggccctggg
   237601 tatccaccag gcgctggccg gggcggtgga tgcctacgcc cgcgcccgac tcgccgggca
   237661 tccgctgatc ggcctgctgg tgggcaaggc gatgtccggc gcgttcctcg cccacggcta
   237721 ccaggccaac cgcctgatcg ccttgcacga tccgggggtg atggtccacg ccatgggcaa
   237781 ggccgccgcc gcgcggatca ccctgcgcag cgtcgaggaa ctggaggcgt tggcggcgaa
   237841 ggtgccgccg atggcctacg acatcgacag ctacgcgtcg ctcggcctgc tctggaggac
   237901 ccttccggtg gagaccgtcg aggtgccgtc gacggcggac ctggtgcggg tccgcacctg
   237961 cctgggcgag gccctggccg atatcctcgg cggcccgcgc gacctcggcg gccgcctcgg
   238021 cgcggccaac cgcgaggcgt cggcgcgggt gcgccggctg ctgcgcgagc agtggtgaat
   238081 tcaggagcga gccgtggtca tcgcgaacag ctcacagcgg ggctccagcc ggcgacggct
   238141 cgctcctgat ccgatgcgtc gcagggcagg gccggaaccc catgacttgc tcctgggcat
   238201 ggcgccggcg catttgccgg agaatgctcc ggcctgggtc tgcgcggcac tgaaggccgg
   238261 ctggccggtg gtggtgcgcc gtgcgccggc agatcctgcg cgggtggcca tcggcgtgcg
   238321 cggcctggcg cgggagcagc gctgggccgg ctggatgccg ttggcggcaa tcacccggcg
   238381 cttgcgcccg gaagcgctgg gccagcgcga gccggcgatg ctgcgcgatc tgccggcctg
   238441 gcgtgccttg cgcgacctgc gtgcgccgct gaacgcgctg ggactggcct ggggcgtgac
   238501 cggcggcgcc ggtttcgagc tggccagcgg ggtcgccgtg ctgcatccgg acagcgacct
   238561 cgacctgctg ctgcgcaccc cgcgcccgtt cccgcgcgat gacgcgctgc gcctgctgca
   238621 gtgcttcgag cagtgtccct gccggatcga cctgcaactg cagaccccgg cgggcggcgt
   238681 ggccctgcgc gaatgggccg agggtcggcc ccgggtgctg gcgaaaggca gcgaggcgcc
   238741 gctgttgctg gaagacccct ggcggatcgc ggaggtcgag gcatgagcgt gctgttcgcc
   238801 tatcccggcc agggcgccca acgtcccggc atgctcgcgg ccttgcccga cgaaccgccg
   238861 gtgcgcgcct gcctggagca ggcggcggac tgtctcggcc aggcgccggc cgaactggag
   238921 agcgccgagg ccttgcgcgg cacccgcgcg gtgcagttgt gcctgctgat cgccggggtc
   238981 gccgccagcc gcctgctgga gacgcgcggg catcggccgg ggctggtcgc cgggctgtcc
   239041 atcggcgcct atccggcggc ggtggtagcc ggcgcgctgg acttcgacga cgcgctgcgt
   239101 ctggtggcgc tgcgtggcga actgatgcag gccgcctggc ccgagggcta cgggatgagc
   239161 gccatcctcg gtctcgaaca ggcgcaactg gaagcgctga tcctggcggt gcggcgcgag
   239221 cacccgccgc tctacctggc caacgtcaac gccgagcggc aactggtggt ggccggcagc
   239281 gaagcggctc tggccgccct cgccgaacgc gcccgtgccg ccggcgccag cgcggcgaag
   239341 cgcctggcgg tgagcgtacc gtcgcactgt gcgctgctcg acgaaccggc cgcgcgcctg
   239401 gccgaagcct tcgccggcat ccgcctgcat cggccgcgcg tgccctacct gagcagcagc
   239461 cgggcgcgcc tggtcgccga accggccgcg ctggccgacg atctcgccgg caacatggcg
   239521 cgccgcgtcg agtggctggc gacattgcgc agcgcctacg agcgcggtgc ccgcctgcat
   239581 ctcgagctgc cgccgggacg ggtcctcagc ggtctggcgc ggcctctgtt cggctgcgcc
   239641 acgccggcct tcgaaggctc ccgggcggat accctggacg cgctgttgcg cgaggaggaa
   239701 aagagaaccc gataagcgtt cgttcgaggc ataaaaacaa caacatcgat ccgcaaccga
   239761 ggacaacaat aatgattatc tacggtgtcg cactgctgtc tctgtgtacc ctcgccgggc
   239821 tgttcatcgg cgagatcctt ggcgtgctgc tcggcgtgcc ggccaacgtc ggtggcgtcg
   239881 gcatcgccat gctgctgctg atcttcgtcg gcagctacct gggcaagcgt ggcctgctct
   239941 cggcgaagac cgagcagggc gtggagttct ggagcgcggt ctacattccc atcgtggtcg
   240001 ccatggccgc ccagcagaat gtcctcggcg cgctgagcgg cgggccggcc gctatcctcg
   240061 ccggcatcgc cgcggtcgcc gtggccttcg ccctggtccc gctgctcgac cgcttcggcc
   240121 ggaagaaagc cgaaggcgcc ccgccattga aaccgcgcac cagcgtgcag gggtgagcgc
   240181 catgttcgag tccctgaaca aagtcatcaa tggctacggc ctgatcagcg gcttcgccat
   240241 catcggcgtg accatggcgg tgtcctactg gttgtcggcg cgcctcaccc gcgggcgcct
   240301 gcacggctcg gcgatcgcga tcttcctcgg cctggtgctg tcctacgtcg gcggcgtcgc
   240361 caccggcggg cagaaaggat tggtggacgt gcccctgatg tccggtatcg gcctgctggg
   240421 tggcgccatg ctgcgcgact tcgccatcgt cgccacggcc ttcggggtga atgtcgagga
   240481 actgcgtcgg gcaggggttt ccggggtggt gtcgctgttc ctcggggtcg gttcgtcgtt
   240541 cgtcgccggg gtcgcggtgg ccatggcgtt cggctacacc gatgcggtca gcctgaccac
   240601 catcggcgcc ggcgcggtca cctacatcgt cggaccggtg accggcgccg ccctgggggc
   240661 cagttccgag gtgatggcgc tgagcatcgc cgccgggttg gtgaaggcga tcctggtgat
   240721 ggtcctgacg cctttcgtcg cgccctacat cggcctgaac aatccacgta cggcggtgat
   240781 cttcggtggt ctcatgggca cctccagcgg tgtcgccggc ggccttgccg ccaccgaccc
   240841 gaagctggtg ccctacggtt gcctgaccgc ggcgttctac accgccatcg gttgcctgct
   240901 gggtccgtcg ctgctgtatt tcagcgtgcg cggcctggtt gggtgagcgg gctggtccgg
   240961 gccccctctc cctgaagggc gagggttggg gagaggtcag cgggccagcg gcaatgtgga
   241021 cttccgtccg ctatcccgcc gcctcctgct ccaggcgcag gctgtacatc cggcactccg
   241081 cgagcaacgc cagcaggttc gggtcgcgct ccttggcctt gaggaacacc acgccgatgt
   241141 gctgctgcag gcgatagcgc ggttgcagcg ggatcagccg cacgcggttc tcgtagaccg
   241201 cctcgatgcg tttgggcagc agcgcatggc cgacccccga gctgaccatg ctgaggaggg
   241261 tgaagatgtc gttcacctgc atcgcgatct gcggttcgaa gccggcctgc tggaacaccc
   241321 gggtgccgtc ctgatgggtg gcgaagccct gggtgagcgt gacgaagggc gtgtcgcgca
   241381 gggtgctgag atcgatctcg gcgagcctgg cgtagggcga gtccaccggc acggcgagga
   241441 aaatgtcatc ggagaacagc ggcaggtgct cgcagtcggg atcgctgacg ctgtcgttga
   241501 gcgacaccag gatggcgtcc agctccatgt tcttcagctg gtagaacagg tcgacgttgg
   241561 agccgaggat caggtcgata ttcagcgcgc tgcgtcgcag cttgaggccc atgatcagtt
   241621 gcggcacggt cttcaccgtc agcgaataga gcgcgccgag cttgaagcgc tcggcggaga
   241681 agccggccgc ctcgcgggtc aggcgcaccg tgtcgagtac ctcctggacc agcttctgcg
   241741 cgcgctcctc gagcacgtag gcgctttcca gcggggtcag gttgcgtccc tcgtgcttga
   241801 acagcgggca gcgcagggcg ctttccagcg agtggatggc gcggtgcacg ctgacgttgc
   241861 tggtgcccag ttccgccgcc gcgcgcgcca ggttgccggt gcgcatgaag gcgaggaagg
   241921 tttccagctt cttgagggtg atttcttcgt cgatcagcat ccgcgttccc ctggccggtg
   241981 gcgtcggggg attgtgcctg aggcggcgcg ggaggggtaa aaagggccgt catgtcctag
   242041 cgcgtggcgg agcatgacgg cctggaaacg ccttggggaa ggcggagttg cactgaccgg
   242101 atggaatccc gcttcggcag cctgagccgc cgataggcta acggaactca gcggatggag
   242161 cggatggtgc ccttgctgcc ggtgacctgc cggaccgggg tggtccggag cgccggccac
   242221 cctagcaacg gaggcttttt gccacagtca tcggattcgt ctttgtcaga aagaaagttc
   242281 ctcttggaat gtcggaaagc tgagggtcag tgccggcgct cggcaagctt gcccagttgc
   242341 tcccggcagt agtcgacgaa caatcgtgcc ggcttggtca gttgcgcgcg tttcagccag
   242401 gcggcggcga gcccggaggt ggacaccggc tcggcgaggt cgaccatgac caccttcttg
   242461 ccgtcgtagg tgcattccga atgcgggcgg gtgaccagca gggagaagcc gaagccctgg
   242521 ccgaccatgc cgcgcaccat ctcgatggac ggcgagctga aggcgatgtt cggcgtcagg
   242581 ccgagttcct cgaacaggct gacgaaatag gtgcggctgg gctgcacgtc gagcaggatc
   242641 atcggttcca ggcacaggtc gcgcagcgac acctgcgcct gcccggcgaa gcggtgccct
   242701 tcggggagca gcgcgtgggg tcgttgcggc ggcatcagcg gctcggtctc gatggtcgag
   242761 tcgaggtcgt gctcgtagag gaaggccagg tcgaagcgcc cggaggtgag gccttgcacc
   242821 agttcctgct gctcgccgtc gcgtatgcgg atctccaccc ccggataggc ctggcgaaag
   242881 ccggcgatca ggcccggcag gtagagcggg gcgaccgtct cgaagcagcc gatgtcgatc
   242941 tgcccggcga tcacgtcgtt gtcggccagg gcgttctgct cgaactcgtg ggccatccgc
   243001 agcagttcct gggccttgcg gtagaagcgc gcgccggcgg gggtcagcga cacgccctgg
   243061 gcgtggtggc ggatgaacag ctgcacgccg aagctttcct ccagaccctt caccgctgtg
   243121 gagatcgacg gctgggcgat gtacagcttg cgcgaggcct cggccacgct gccgcattcc
   243181 acggtggtca cgaaatactt gagttgccgc aaggtatagg acgccactgc aagacctcat
   243241 cggcgcatca tcctccccgg gccgggcgtg cgcgcctcga ttgttgtgtc cgccgcgctg
   243301 caagcaagtt gcaggccgct gccgagcgtc gcggcgctgg ccgcgacgac gattgcccgc
   243361 ctgcacgata acccagcacg acgcactttg ccggggcacg cctggccagc tttttcttat
   243421 gtcccgagga catttttaat aattttcctt cgccgcggct tgcgcgacca tccttcccca
   243481 tcgaccccat ggacagcggt ccgcctcccg gcggtccggg ccatgcgtgc agaaccacga
   243541 ccggcgcaga ccggcgagat aacaaggaga aggtggggtg ttcgaactca gcgattggca
   243601 acggcgcgcc gcgacacagc gcttcatcga ccaggccctg atcggcggcc gccagcgtcc
   243661 agccgccagc ggcgctacct tcgacgccat cgatccggcg agcaatcgcc tgctggcgcg
   243721 ggtcgcggcc tgcgatgcgg ccgacgtcga cgcggcagtg gccgccgccc gccgcgcctt
   243781 cgacgaaggc ccctgggcgc gtctcgcccc ggtcgagcgc aagcgcgtgc tgctgcgcct
   243841 ggccgagctg atgctggccc atcgcgaaga gctggcgctg ctcgactcgc tgaacatggg
   243901 caagccggtg atggacgcct ggaacatcga tgtacccggc gccgcccacg tcttcgcctg
   243961 gtatgcggaa agcctcgaca agctctacga ccaggtcgcg ccgaccgccc agcagaccct
   244021 ggccaccatt acccgcgtgc cgctgggggt gatcggcgcg gtggtgccgt ggaacttccc
   244081 gctcgacatg gccgcctgga agctcgcccc ggccctggcc gccggcaact cggtggtgct
   244141 caagccggcc gagcagtcgc cgttctccgc cctgcgcctg gccgagctgg ccctggaggc
   244201 gggggtgccg gaaggcgtgc tgaacgtggt gccgggcctc ggcgagcagg ccggcaaggc
   244261 cctcggcttg cacccggatg tggacgcact ggtgttcacc ggctccaccg aggtcggcaa
   244321 gtacttcatg cagtattccg cgcaatccaa cctcaagcag gtctggctgg agtgcggcgg
   244381 caagagtccg aacctggtgt tcgccgattg ccgcgatctt gacctggcgg cggaaaaggc
   244441 cgccttcggc attttcttca accagggcga ggtctgttcg gcgaactcgc gcttgctggt
   244501 ggagcgttcg atccacgacg agttcgtcga gcgcctgctg gccaaggccc gcgactggca
   244561 gccgggcgat ccgctggacc cggccagccg cgccggcgcc atcgtcgacc gccggcagac
   244621 cgccgggatc cttgccgcca tcgagcgggc gcaaggcgag ggcgcgaccc tgctcggcgg
   244681 tggccgccag ttgacgatca acggttcgga caacttcatc gaaccgaccc tgttcggcgg
   244741 agtacgcccg gacatgcagc tggcccgcga ggaaatcttc ggtccggtgc tggcgatcag
   244801 cgccttcgac tccgaggacg aggccatacg cctggccaac gacagccgct acggcctcgc
   244861 cgcctcgctg tggagcgacg acctgcaccg tgcgcaccgg gtggcgcggc gcttgaatgc
   244921 cggaacggtg tcggtgaata ccgtggacgc gctggacgtc gcggtgcctt tcggcggcgg
   244981 caagcagtcc ggcttcggtc gcgacctgtc gctgcattcc ttcgacaagt acacccagtt
   245041 gaagacgacc tggttccagt tgcgctaaag acgcgacgga cgcgacacga ctcgatgccg
   245101 ataacgacaa caagaggacg atcgaatgaa cgacacgccg aacgtgcgtg agccggccct
   245161 gcgccgcgtg ctcgggctgg gaccgctgct ggcggtggcc atcggcctgg tggtttccca
   245221 gggcgtgatg gtactgatgc tgcaaggcgc cgggacggcc ggcctgggct tcatcgtgcc
   245281 gctgggagtg gcctacctgc tggcgctgag ctacgccttt tccttttccg agctggccct
   245341 gatgattccc cgcgccggta gcctgagcag ctacaccgag gtggccatcg ggcatttccc
   245401 ggcgatcctg gcgacctttt ccggctacgt ggtggtggcg atgttcgccc tctcggcgga
   245461 actgctgctg ctcgacctga tcatcggcaa ggtctacccc ggcgcgctgc cgccgatgct
   245521 ggtggcctac ggcgtgctcg gtctgttcac cctgctcaac ctgctcggca tcgacatctt
   245581 cgcgcgcctg cagagcgcgc tggcgctgct gatgatgatc gtcctgctgg tgctcggcct
   245641 gggtgcggtg agcagcgacc acgcttccgc gcagaccgcc ctggcgagcg gctggaaccc
   245701 gctcggggta agcgccctgg cgctcaccgc gatggccgtg tggggcttcg tcggcgccga
   245761 gttcgtctgc ccgctggtgg aggagacgcg gcgtccggag cgcaacatcc cgcgttcgat
   245821 gatcctcggc ctgagcatca tcttcctgac catcgccctc tactgcttcg gtgcgctgct
   245881 gtgcatcccg caggcggaac tggccggcga cccgctgcca cacttcctct tcgccaaccg
   245941 cgtgttcggc gagtacggcc agctgttcct ggtgatcgcc gcgatcaccg ccacctgcag
   246001 caccctcaac tcgtcgctgg cggcgatccc gcggatgctc tacgggatgg cgcagaacgg
   246061 ccaggccttc ccgcaattca agcagctcag ccggcgggcg cgcacgccct gggtggcggt
   246121 gctgttcgtc gccgcgatca ccggcctgcc gatcctgatc ctcggccagg acccggactc
   246181 gatcaacctg ctgctgctcg ccgccgcgct ggcctggctg ctggcctaca tcatcgccca
   246241 cgtcgacgtg ctggccctgc gccgtcgcta tccgcacatc gcccgtccgt tccgcacgcc
   246301 gttctacccg ctgccgcaac tgttcggcat cgccgggatg atctacgcgg tggtccacgt
   246361 ctcgccgacc ccggaaatga ccggacggat cttcgccagc gccggcgtgg tgctcggcgt
   246421 ggtctcgctg gtggcggtgg tgtggatcaa gggcgtgatg cgcaagcccc tcttcgtacc
   246481 cgaaccgctc gagacggccg gtgagactgc ccagggcaag tccgtcgccc tcgatcccct
   246541 gcaatcccct tcggcctgac gcgccaaggg aacaaggaga acacagacga tgaccgctca
   246601 gctcaacccg cagcgcgaca cccgcgacta ccagcaactg gacgccgcgc accacatcca
   246661 cgccttcctc gaccagaagg cgctgaaccg cgaaggcccg cgggtgatgg tccgcggcga
   246721 tggcctgcag ctctgggaca acgacggcaa gcgctacctg gacggcatgt ccggcctctg
   246781 gtgcaccaac ctcggctacg gccgccagga cctcgccgcc gccgccagcc gccagctgga
   246841 acaactgccg tactacaaca tgttcttcca caccacccac ccggcggtgg tggagctttc
   246901 cgagatgctc ttcagcctgc tgccggacca ctacagccac gcgatctaca ccaactccgg
   246961 ctccgaggcc aacgaggtgc tgatccgtac cgtgcggcgc tactggcaga tcctcggcaa
   247021 gccgcagaag aagatcatga tcggccgctg gaacggctac cacggctcga ccctgggcag
   247081 caccgcgctc ggcgggatga agttcatgca cgagatgggc ggcatgctgc cggacttcgc
   247141 ccacatcgac gaaccctact ggtacgccaa cggcggcgag ctgagcccgg ccgagttcgg
   247201 tcgccgcgcg gcgctgcaac tggaggagaa gatcctcgaa ctgggcgcgg agaacgtcgc
   247261 cgccttcgtc gccgagccct tccagggcgc cggcggcatg atcttcccgc cgcaaagcta
   247321 ttggccggag atccagcgca tctgccggca gtacgacgtg ctgctgtgcg ccgacgaagt
   247381 gatcggcggc ttcggccgca ccggcgaatg gttcgcccac gaacacttcg gcttccagcc
   247441 ggacaccctg tccatcgcca agggcctgac gtccggctac atccccatgg gcggcctggt
   247501 actcggcaag cgcatcgccg aggtgctggt ggagcagggc ggggtgttcg cccacggcct
   247561 gacctattcc ggccacccgg tggcggcggc ggtggccatc gccaacctca aggcgctgcg
   247621 cgacgagggc gtggtcacgc gggtcaggga ggagaccggc ccctacctgc aacgctgcct
   247681 gcgcgaggtc ttcggcgacc atccgctggt cggcgaggtc cagggcgccg gcttcgtcgc
   247741 cgcgctgcag ttcgctgagg acaaggcgac ccgcaagcgc ttcgccaacg agaacgatct
   247801 ggcctggcgc tgccgcacca tcggcttcga ggagggcgtg atcatccgct ccaccctcgg
   247861 ccgcatgatc atggccccgg cgctggtggc cgggcgtgcc gagatcgacg aactgatcga
   247921 caagacccgt atcgcggtgg atcgcaccgc gcgcgagatc ggcgtgctct gacgcgcccc
   247981 ggcggcccgg cctcggccgg gtcgcctgcg acacggagcg tccccccata acgacgatgc
   248041 ggcgcctggc gaccgcgcgc ggaaccgttt cggcctctgg ccggcaactg cctcagcaac
   248101 atcacaacaa tgccaatcgg ctgtgggagt gttccatgtt caagtccttg caccagtacg
   248161 cacacgtgtt ttcccggttg tccctgttcg gcctggcgtt cgccgcggcg gcccaggcgc
   248221 agagccagag cctgacggtg atctccttcg gcggcgcgac caaggccgcc caggaacagg
   248281 cctatttcaa gcccttcgag cgaagcggcg gcgggcaggt ggtcgccggc gaatacaacg
   248341 gcgaaatggc caaggtgaag gccatggtcg acgtcggcaa ggtcagctgg gacgtggtcg
   248401 aggtggagag ccccgaactg ctccgcggct gcgacgaggg gctgttcgaa cgcctcgacc
   248461 cggcgcgttt cggcgacccc gcgcagttcg tccccggcac tttcagcgag tgcggggtgg
   248521 ccacctacgt ctggtcgatg gtgatggcct acgactcgac gaagctggcc agggcgccgc
   248581 agtcctgggc ggatttctgg aacgtccgcg agttccccgg caagcgtggc ctgcgcaagg
   248641 gcgccaagta caccctggaa gtggcgttgc tggccgacgg ggtgaaggcg gaggacctct
   248701 acaaggtact cgccaccccg gagggggtca gccgcgcctt cgccaagctc gaccagctca
   248761 aaccgaacat ccagtggtgg gaggccggcg cccagccgcc gcaatggctg gcggccggcg
   248821 acgtggtgat gagcgcggcc tacaacgggc gcatcgccgc tgcgcagaag gagggggtga
   248881 aactggccat cgtctggccc ggcagtctct acgatccgga gtactgggcg gtggtgaagg
   248941 gcacgccgaa caaggcgctg gcggagaaat tcatcgcctt cgccagccag ccgcagacgc
   249001 agaaggtgtt ctccgagcag atcccctacg ggccggtaca caagggcacc ctggcgttgc
   249061 tgccgaagac ggtgcaggag gcgctgccga ccgcgccggc caacctcgaa ggcgcgcggg
   249121 cggtggatgc cgagttctgg gtggaccacg gcgaggagct ggaacagcgt ttcaatgcct
   249181 gggcggcgcg ctgagcgcgc tgcgcgtcgg caaaaaaaaa cgacgggccc caagtcgtcc
   249241 gggcccgtcg ggtcaaagcg ctgacggggt gatcagcgca gctcttccaa caacccctgc
   249301 agataccgac agccctcggt atccagcgcc tgcaccggaa ggcgcggcgc ccccacctcc
   249361 aggccggaga ggcccaggcc ggccttgatg gtggtcggca ggccccggcg gaggatgaag
   249421 tcgagcagcg gcaactgccg gtagaacagc gcgcgggcct tctccaggtc gccgtcgagc
   249481 accgcctggt agagctggcc gttgagcgtc gggatcaggt tcggcgcggc gctgcaccag
   249541 cctttcgcgc cggccacgaa ggcctccagc gccagcgggt tgcagccgtt gtagaagggc
   249601 acccggcctt cgccgagcag gcgcagcttg tgcatgcgct ggatgtcgcc ggtgctctcc
   249661 ttgaccatgg tcacgttgtc cacttcgcgg acgatgcgca ggatcagttc caccgacatg
   249721 tcgatgccgc tggtgcccgg gttgttgtag agcatcaccg gcacgccgat ggcttcgccc
   249781 accgcgcggt agtgctggaa cacttccgcc tcgttgagct tccagtagga gatcggcagg
   249841 accatcaccg cctcggcgcc gagggattcg gcgaactgcg cgcggcgcac ggtcttggcg
   249901 gtggtcaggt cggagacgct gacgatggtc ggcacgcgat gggcgacggt cttcagggtg
   249961 aagtcgacca cctcgtccca ttccgggtcg ctcaggtagg cgccttcgcc ggtgctgccg
   250021 agcggggcga tggcgtgcac gccgccgtcg atcaggcgct cgatggagcg gccgagggcc
   250081 ggcaggtcga gaccgccgtc ggcggcgaag ggggtgatgg tgtagccgat gatgccgtgg
   250141 atggatgcgg acattggatg tacccgtgac attgagtggg aaatgccagg acggacctgg
   250201 tgggaaaggt cgttcagttc aggcagtcgc tgttgcgcgg caggcagcgc cgggcgtagt
   250261 agttgaatgc ggcgccgtgg cgcttcgggg tggagatcca gtcgtgggcc tcgcgcgcca
   250321 gggccggcgg gatcggcttg atctccccgg cggccatcgc cagcaactgc atcttcgccg
   250381 cgcgctcgag cagcaccgcg atcacgcagg cctcctcgat gctcgcaccg gtggccagca
   250441 ggccgtgatg ggagagcagg atggcgcgct tgtcgccgag ggcggcggag atgatctcgc
   250501 cttcctcgtt gcctactggc acgcccggcc agtccttgag gaaggcgcag tcttcgtata
   250561 gcgggcaaag gtccatgtgc gagacctgca gcggtacttc cagggtcgac agcgcggcga
   250621 tgtgcagcgg gtgggtgtgg atgatgcagt tgacgtccgg gcgggcgcga tagacccagc
   250681 tgtggaagcg attggccgga ttcgccatgc cgtgcccgtg gaggacgttg aggtcttcgt
   250741 cgaccagcag caggttgccg gcgctgatct cgtcgaagcc caggcccagt tgctgggtgt
   250801 agtaggtccc cgcctccggg ccgcgcgagg tgatctgccc ggcgagcccg gagtcgtggc
   250861 cggcctcgaa gagaatccgg caggtcaggg ccagcttttg ccggtcagtc cacgtattat
   250921 cgccgaggct gcttttcatc tgcttcagcg cgtgctggat cagttgatcc ttgggtaatt
   250981 ccagtgtcgt agccatgcga ggttcctttg acggagcgag tcgggggaaa cgccaggcag
   251041 ttgcgcgcca cgcaacgacc cggctgtaaa tgacacggat caagttatat gacacaaagt
   251101 gtcattagca agagaaaagt ttcatcgcca tcgggagaag gctgtcctca atgtccatgc
   251161 gcttgaaatt gctgagaaaa aaactcgggg tcacgctgga gaccctggcc gacaagaccg
   251221 gcctgaccaa gagctacctg tccaaggtcg agcgcgggct gaacacgccg tccattgccg
   251281 ccgcgctgaa gctggcgaag gcgttgaacg tgcaggtgga ggagctgttc tccgaggaaa
   251341 gcgacggtgt cgacggctac agcatcgttc gtcgcgacca gcgcaagtcg ctgtccagcg
   251401 gcgacgacgg cccggcctac gcctccctcg cgcagcagat cggcgcccgc gcgctgttgc
   251461 cgttcatcgt ccaccccccc cgcgatttca gtcactcgac gttcaaggag cacctcggcg
   251521 aagagttcat cttcgtccat gagggccagg tcgaggtcga cttcatgaac cagcggatca
   251581 tcctcgagcg cggcgacgcc ctgcatttca acgcacagaa gccgcaccgc atccgctccc
   251641 tgggggagac ccaggcggaa ttgctggtgg tgatccacag cgacgaatga ggcggcggct
   251701 tcggtcgatc ggatgcttgc taacgttctg ttcgattatc gaactgttaa tcgattatcg
   251761 gattgtgagc cctcggaccc cggcgtaagg ttctcgtcac gtgccgtcca ggcagcgcac
   251821 aacaagacga gacccgaccg atggctgaaa tcctctccct gcgcgaagcg gtgcgacgct
   251881 tcgtccacga tggcgacagc gtcgccctcg aaggcttcac tcacctgatc ccgacggccg
   251941 ccggccacga gctgatccgc cagggcagga aagacctgac gctgatccgc atgactcccg
   252001 acctggtcta cgacctgctg atcggtgcag gctgcgcgaa gaagctggtg ttctcctggg
   252061 gcggcaaccc cggtgtcggt tcgctgcacc gcctgcgcga cgcggtggag aagggctggc
   252121 cgcaaccgct ggagatcgag gaacacagcc acgccgacct cgccaacgcc tatgtcgccg
   252181 gcgcctccgg gctgcccttc gcggtgctgc gcgcctacgc cggctccgac ctgccgaagg
   252241 tcaacccgct gatccgcagc gtcacctgcc cgttcaccgg cgaagtgctg gcggcggtgc
   252301 cctcggtgcg tccggacgtc agcgtgatcc acgcgcagaa ggccgaccgc aagggcaacg
   252361 tgctgctctg gggcatcctc ggcgtgcaga aggaagcggc cctggcggcg aagcgctgca
   252421 tcgtcaccgt cgaggagatc gtcgacgaac tggacgcccc gatgaacgcc tgcgtcctgc
   252481 cgagctgggc gctcagcgcc gtgtgcctgg tgcccggcgg cgcgcatccg tcctatgccc
   252541 acggctacta cgagcgcgac aaccgcttct accaggactg ggacccgatc gcccgcgacc
   252601 gcgaaagctt caccgcgtgg atcgacgaat acatccgggg gaccgaggat ttcggcgcct
   252661 tccaggccaa gctcgcggag ggcaagcgat gagcagctac agcaccaacg agatgatgac
   252721 cgtggccgcc gcccgccgcc tgcacaacgg cgcggtgtgc ttcgtcggca tcggcctgcc
   252781 gtcgaaggcc gccaacctgg cgcgcctgac ttcctcgccg gacgtcgtgc tgatctacga
   252841 gtccgggccg atcggcgcca agcccagcgt cctgccgctg tccatcggcg acggcgagtt
   252901 ggccgagacc gccgataccg tggtccccac cggcgagatc ttccgctact ggctgcaggg
   252961 cggacggatc gacgtcggct tcctcggcgc ggcccaggtc gaccgcttcg gcaacatcaa
   253021 caccaccgtg atcggcgact accgccagcc caaggtgcgc ctgccgggag ccggcggcgc
   253081 gccggaaatc gccggcagcg ccaaggaagt gctgatcatc ctcaagcagt cgcaccgcac
   253141 cttcgtcgac aagctggcct tcgtcacctc ggtcggccat ggcgagggcg gcgactcgcg
   253201 ccagcgcctg ggcctgccgg gcaaggggcc ggtggcgatc atcaccgacc tgtgcatcat
   253261 ggagccggaa gccggcagca acgagttcgt ggtcacttcg ctgcatccgg gcgtgacccg
   253321 cgagcaggtg gtcgaggcca ccggctgggc gatccgcttc gccgagcggg tcgacgagac
   253381 gcccgcgccg agcgaggtcg aactcgccgc gctgcgcgac ctcgaggcgc gcaccgcggc
   253441 cgcccatgga cagaagggga gcgacgaatg agccgcgagg tattcatctg cgatgccgtg
   253501 cgcacgccga tcggccgttt cggcggcagt ctttccgcgg tgcgcgccga cgacctcgcg
   253561 gcggtgccgc tgaaggccct ggtcgagcgc aacccggggg tcgactggtc ggcgttggac
   253621 gaggtgttcc tcggctgcgc caaccaggcc ggcgaggaca accgtaacgt ggcgcgcatg
   253681 gcgctgctgc tggccggttt gccggagagc gtgcccggcg tcaccctcaa ccgcctctgc
   253741 gcctcgggga tggacgccat cggcacggcg ttccgcgcca tcgcctgcgg cgagatggag
   253801 ctggccatcg ccggcggcgt cgagtcgatg tcgcgcgcgc cgtacgtgat gggcaaggcc
   253861 gatagcgcct tcgggcgcgg ccagaagatc gaggacacca ccatcggctg gcgcttcgtc
   253921 aatccgctga tgaaggagca gtacggcatc gacccgatgc cgcagaccgc cgacaacgtc
   253981 gccgacgact atcgcgtgtc gcgtgccgac caggatgcct tcgccctgcg cagccagcag
   254041 cgcgccggca gggcgcagga ggccggtttc ttcgccgagg aaatcgtccc ggtgacgatt
   254101 cgcgggcgca agggcgacac cctggtcgag cacgacgagc atccgcgtcc cgacaccacc
   254161 ctggaggcgc tggcccggct caagccggtc aacgggccgg agaagaccgt caccgccggc
   254221 aacgcgtccg gggtcaacga cggcgccgcc gcgctggtcc tggcctccgc cgaggcagtg
   254281 gagaagcacg gcctgactcc gcgcgcgcgg gtgctgggca tggccagcgc cggcgtcgcc
   254341 ccacggatca tgggcatcgg cccggtgccg gcggtgcgca agctgctgcg gcgcctggac
   254401 ctggcgatcg acgccttcga cgtgatcgaa ctcaacgaag ccttcgccag ccagggcctg
   254461 gcctgcctgc gcgaactggg cgtggccgac gacagtgaga aggtcaaccc gaacggcggt
   254521 gccatcgccc tcggccaccc gctggggatg agcggtgcgc ggctggtcct caccgcgctc
   254581 catcaacttg agaagagcgg cggccggcgc ggcctggcga ccatgtgcgt aggcgtcggc
   254641 caaggcctgg cgctggccat cgagcgggtc tgactggcac aaccgggtcg cccgcccggt
   254701 atcaagagcg cgcgtcgcgc ggcgctgccc atgtttcggc ggcggcgcgg cgcgtgtgca
   254761 gcggaacagg acgctccgtc gcacggtcag gatgaaacgg accctgtcga gagaacaaca
   254821 gcatgactgc ccctgttcac cagtacagca acgaagaacg ccgcaagcgc atcttcgcca
   254881 tcgtcggcgc ctcctccggc aacctcgtgg aatggttcga cttctacgtc tacgccttct
   254941 gcgcgatcta cttcgcaccg gccttcttcc cctccgacaa ccccacggtg cagttgctga
   255001 acaccgccgg ggtcttcgcc gccggcttcc tcatgcgccc catcggcggc tggatgttcg
   255061 gccgcatcgc cgacaagcac gggcgcaaga ccgccatgct gatctcggtg gtgatgatgt
   255121 gcgccggctc cctggcgatc gcctgcatgc ccacctacgc cagcatcggc accctggcgc
   255181 cggcgctgct gttgctggcg cggatgttcc agggcctgtc ggtgggcggc gagtacggca
   255241 ccagcgcgac ctacatgagc gaggtggcgc tcaagggcca gcgcggcttc ttcgcctcgt
   255301 tccagtacgt caccctgatc ggcggacagt tgctggcggt gctggtggtg gtgatcctgc
   255361 agcagttgct gagcgaagac gaactgcgcg cctggggctg gcggattccc ttcgtgatcg
   255421 gcgcgatcac cgcggtgatc gccctctggc tgcggcgctc gctgaacgag accgcttcga
   255481 agtcgaccct ggagcgcaag gaatccggca ccttcgccga gctgttcaag cacaagcggg
   255541 ccttcttcac tgtgctcggc ttcaccgccg gcggctcgct gatcttctac accttcacca
   255601 cctacatgca gaagtacctg gtcaacaccg ccgggatgag cgccaagacc gccagcgcgg
   255661 tgatgacctt cgccctgctg gcgtacatgc tgatgcaacc gctgttcggc atgctttccg
   255721 atcgcatcgg gcgcaagacc tcgatgctct ggttcggcac cctgggcacg ctctgcaccc
   255781 tgccgatcct gctcgcgctg aagaccgtga gcagtcccta catggccttc ttcctgatca
   255841 tcctggcgct ggccatcgtc agcctgtaca cctccatcag cggcctgatc aaggccgaga
   255901 tgttcccgcc ggaggtgcgc gccctcggcg tcggagtgtc ctacgcggtg ggcaacgcga
   255961 tcttcggcgg ctcggccgag tacgtcgccc tggggctgaa gtcggtaggg atggagaacg
   256021 tcttctactg gtatgtttca gccatgtgcc tgctggcgct gctggtctgc gtgagcctgc
   256081 cggacctgcg caaggtcagc tacctgaacg acgagccctg acgggccggg aaaaggaaaa
   256141 ccgatgagcg acgtacccgc caaccagttg ttcgatgcct atttcacggc ggcgccgatg
   256201 cgcgcggtgt tctccgaccg cggccgcctg caaggcatgc tcgacttcga ggccgccctg
   256261 gcccgcgccg aggcgcgcac cggggtggtt cccgcgacgg cggtggcgcc gatcgaggcg
   256321 gcctgccgcg ccgaactgta cgacccgctg gcgctggccg aggcggtcgc cactgccggc
   256381 aactcggcga tcccgctggt caaggcgctg ggccgccagg tggcggctgg cgacgccgag
   256441 gccgagcgct acgtgcatct cggcgccacc agccaggacg ccatggacag cggcctggtg
   256501 ctgcaactgc gccgtgcgct ggccttgctc gagcaggatc tgcaacgtct tgccgaggtc
   256561 ctggcggacc aggccgaacg gcatgccgac acgccgctgg ccgggcgcac ctggttgcag
   256621 cacgccaccc cggtgaccct gggcatgaag ctcgccggcc tgctcggtgc cttgacccgg
   256681 caccgccagc gcctgcgcga gttgcgcccg cgcctgctgg tgctgcaatt cggcggcgcc
   256741 tcggggacgc tcgccgcgct cggcgaacag gccctgccgg tggccgcggc gctggccgag
   256801 gagctgggcc tggctttgcc cgaacaaccc tggcacaccc agcgcgaccg cctggtggaa
   256861 ttcgccagcg tgctcggcct ggtggccggt agcctcggca agttcggtcg cgatgtcagc
   256921 ctgctgatgc agaccgaggc cggcgaggtc ttcgagccgg ccggcgccgg gcgcggcggt
   256981 tcctcgacca tgccgcacaa gcgcaacccg gtgagcagcg cggtgctgat cgccgccgcc
   257041 acccgtgcgc cggggctggt ctcgaccctg ttcgcggcga tgccgcagga acacgagcgc
   257101 agcctcggtc tctggcacgc cgagtgggaa accctgccgg aactctgttg cctggttgcc
   257161 ggcgcgctgc aacaggcgat cggcctgctc gaaggcctgg aggtggacgc ccagcggatg
   257221 cgccgcaacc ttggcctgac ccacggcctg gtgctcgccg aggcggtgag catcgccctg
   257281 gcccgccgta tcggccgcga agccgcgcac catctggtgg aacagtgctg ccgccgcgcc
   257341 gtcgagcagc gccgcgagtt gcgcgcggtg ctcggcgaag aggcgcgggt gagcgccgag
   257401 ttgtccggcg acgaactgga ccgcctgctc gatcccgccc attacctcgg ccaggcccgc
   257461 gcctgggtcg agcgcgcgct cgccgaacac catgccctgg gcttcgaacc ccatcccgcc
   257521 tgactggaga tcccttcgtg ccaaccgtac gcctcgccga cggcgacctg aactactccc
   257581 tggaaggacc ggccggcgcg ccggtcctgc tgttgtcaaa ctcgctgggc accgacctgg
   257641 gcatgtggga cacgcagatc cccgcactca ccgcccattt ccgcgtgctg cgctacgaca
   257701 cccgcggcca cggcgcctcg ctggtcaccc ccggaccgta cgccatcggc cagctcggcg
   257761 ccgacgtgct tgccctgctc gatgccctcg agctgccgcg cgtgcatttc tgcgggctgt
   257821 ccatgggcgg cctgatcggc cagtggctgg gcatccacgc cggcgagcgg ctcggccggc
   257881 tggtgctgtg caacaccgcg gcgaagattg ccagcgacga ggtctggaac acccgcatcg
   257941 ataccgtcct gaaaggcggc gagcaggcca tgcgtgacct gcgcgacgcc tcggtggcgc
   258001 gctggttcac cgcgggcttc gccgagcgcg aaccggcgca ggtcgagcac atcgtcgcga
   258061 tgctcgcggc cacctcgccg cagggctacg cggccaactg cgctgcggta cgcgacgccg
   258121 atttccgcga gcagctcggg ctggtccagg cgccgacgct gatcgtcgcc ggcagccacg
   258181 atgccgtgac cactccggac aacgcccgct tcatgcaggc gcgcatcgcc gacgcgcagt
   258241 tggtcgagtt cgccgccgcg cacctgtcca acgtcgaagc gggcgacgcc ttcagccgcc
   258301 gcctggtcga tttcctgctg tccgcctgag gagccgccga tggacgagaa acaacgctac
   258361 gaagccggca tgcaagtgcg ccgcgcggtg ctcggcgacg cccatgtcga gcgcagcctg
   258421 gccaacctga cgccgttcaa cgaagagttc caggagatga tcacccgcca cgcctggggc
   258481 gacatctgga cccgtccggg gctgccgcga cacacccgca gcctggtcac catcgccatg
   258541 ctgatcggca tgaaccgcaa cgaggaactc aagctgcatc tgcgcgcggc gaagaacaac
   258601 ggggtgagcc gcgacgagat caaggaagtg atcatgcaga gcgccatcta ctgcggtatt
   258661 cccgcggcca acgcgacctt ccacctggcc gaatcggtgt gggacgagct tggcgtggag
   258721 tcgcagcagg cgtcccggta ggtcgccggc ggcgctagcg gtagggcgaa tggcgtcgca
   258781 ggcgttatcc gccgataccc cgagggccaa cggcggttat ccgtcctgcg cgtgggccgg
   258841 cgaggcggcg cttccccttg ccattcgccg gcgtttcccg gaaggtcgac agctccgtca
   258901 tcccttcggt ccgccatgag ccgcaagctg catatccacg cgcccgcgat ccactacttc
   258961 gacatggttc gccgctgcca ttcgatccgc gaagccgcgc ggcgcctgaa cgtcgcctcg
   259021 tcggcggtga accggcagat cctcaagctg gaggacgaga tcggcgcgcc gctgttcgac
   259081 cgcctgcccg gcggcctgcg cctgaccgga gccggggaga tcttcgcgcg ccacgtcacc
   259141 gtggtcctgc aggacatgga gcgcgtgcgt tccgaactgg acgcgctgca aggcctgcgc
   259201 accggccatg tggagatcgc caccatcgaa gcggtgacca gcgacctgct gccctgcgtg
   259261 ctcaaggcga tgcgcgaacg ctacccggac atcaccgtcg gcgtcaccct gctcggttcc
   259321 caggcgatac ccgaggcggt gagcagtggc gcggtcgacc tcggcctggc cttcgccctg
   259381 ccgcgcagcg ccgacctgca acaggtcagc gtcggccatt tccgcctcgg tgccatcgtc
   259441 tccccgcagc acccgttggc gcgacaccag gccatcgcct tcgccgattg cgtcgaacat
   259501 ggcctgatca tggccaagag cgagctgtcc atccatcacc tgctggcgcc gctccagcgc
   259561 cgtttgcgcg aaccgcgccg ggcggtgctg gagagcagct ccctggagct gtcgcgacaa
   259621 ctggcgcggc gcgggctcgg cgtcgccttc cagacccgcc tggggatcga ggccgacatc
   259681 gcccagggcg agctgcgttt cctgccgctg aaagacaatg gcggcatcca cagcgacctc
   259741 ggcctctacg tgcgcaccgg ccgttacctg ccggtggcgg tggacgccct ggcccggcag
   259801 atcgccgagg aagtgcgcct gcgcgagcgc gaggaagcgc gcctgaacga ggcctgagcg
   259861 gcgctcgcgc cgatgccaga cggcttgccc gagcttgccc gtccgctgat gccgtttcgg
   259921 catcggcatg ttcgatattc tgttctttgg tcagcgcggc gaagtgccga tactgccccg
   259981 cgaccccggc gcgaaaacgg gggctgagtc gccacaagaa caacaagcaa ccagcaggac
   260041 acacagcatg aagaagatga tgcagggcgc cgccgccctg atcgcgctca tcggcgccgg
   260101 ggagagcatg gcgctggaat ggatgagcaa cagcgtcggt ttccgttacg gccagcaatt
   260161 caccaacccg aacaacccgg acaagttcgc caagcgcatc tacagcttca cccacgccga
   260221 cggctatcgc tacggcagca atttcttcaa tctcgatgtg ttcctttccg acaaccgcga
   260281 cccgcgcaag ggcaccgacc atggtggcag cgaagtctat gcggtctacc gccaccagct
   260341 ctacgcttcg cgggtgttcg accggccgct gggcaccggc ctggtcaagg actacgcctt
   260401 caccctgggc ttcgacgcca gccgcaacaa caacctggct tcggccaaga agcgcgccct
   260461 ggtgttcggc ccgaccctca agttcaacgg tcccggcgtg ctcgacctga gcctgctcta
   260521 ctaccgcgag aagaaccact tcggcgtgcc cggcgcgcgc catcccgacc acaccttcga
   260581 caccacctac atgctcaacc tgacctggat gcggccgttc aaggtcggca accatgcggc
   260641 gaagttccag ggcttcgtca actacgtggg agagaagggc gaggactaca acgacaagga
   260701 caccgcggcg gaaaccctgg tccgcaccgc cctgatggtc gccgccctgc caggcgacaa
   260761 gcgccagccg aacctgtggc tcggcgtcgg ctacgagtat tggcacaaca agttcggcgt
   260821 cgacggtggc accggcagcc gcacctcgac gccgacgttg aatatggaat tcaccttctg
   260881 aagcgaagcg ccgtcgccct acgcgatgcc gccaaccctg gggtggggcg gataacgcca
   260941 ccggcgttat ccgccgatac accgaagccc gacggcggat aaccgcaagc ggttattcgc
   261001 cctacgcgat gccgacccct ggggtagggc gaataacgcc accggcgtta tccgccgata
   261061 caccgaagcc cggcggcgga taaccgcaag cggttatgcg tcctacgcga tgcccaccct
   261121 tggggtaggg cgaataacgc caccggcgtt atccgccgat acaccgaagc ccgacggcgg
   261181 ataaccgcaa gcggttattc gccctacgcg atgcctaccc ttggagtagg gcgaataacg
   261241 ccatcggcgt tatccgccga tacaccgaag cccggcggcg gataaccgca agcggttatg
   261301 cgtcctacgc gatggggcag tttcaccccg catccgcgtg actgaccaac cccttcagca
   261361 gcaccgcggc ggtggccagt gcagccggca gcaccagggc ggtcagcacc tgttcgaagt
   261421 tccagcccag gcccagcagg gtggcgccga tccaggcgcc gaggatggcg ccgaagcggc
   261481 cgataccgag catccaggag acccccgtgg cccgcccctg ggtcggatag aagcgcgccg
   261541 ccagcgacgg catcgccgac tgcgcgccgt tgatgcacat gccggccagc agcaccaggg
   261601 tcgccagcag ggtgacctgg ccgaggctct ggccgacgca ccaggcgaac acccccgcca
   261661 gcaggtagaa caggccgatc accttgtgcg ggttgaagcg atccatcgcc cagcccaccg
   261721 ctacggcgct gagcaccccg ccgaactgga acagcgcgcc gatgaacgcc gcctgctcca
   261781 ggctcgcgcc gctatcgcgc atcagggtcg gcagccagct ggtgagcagg tagacgatca
   261841 ccaggcccat gaagtaggtc agccagagca gcagggtgcc ggcgctgtag gtaccggaaa
   261901 agatcaccgc gaacacgttg cgggcctgca ccgtctgctg ctcggggacg tggaaactcc
   261961 gtgccagcgc cacctgcgcc ggggcgatgg gggccagcac ctggcgtacc cgctcgctgc
   262021 cgcggttgcg caccaccagg tagcgcgccg attccggcag gcggaacagc aggactaccg
   262081 ccaggaccag cggtagcagg ccgccgagca gcagcaggct gtgccagccg aacagcggga
   262141 tcagcttcgc cgagacgaat ccgccgcagg ccatgcccag gttgaagcca cagaacatgc
   262201 tggtcaccag cagcgacttg aggcgctcgg gggtgtattc ggaaagcagg gtggtggcgt
   262261 tgggcatcgc cgcgccgagg ccgaggccgg tgaggaagcg cagcgccagc agttgctcga
   262321 cgttggtgct gtaggccgag gccaggctga acaggccgaa gaggaagacc gccgcgacca
   262381 ataccagctt gcgtccgtag cggtcggcca gcggtccgga gccgagggcg ccgaagacca
   262441 tgccgatcag cgcggcgctc atcaccggcc cgaggctggc gcggtcgatg ccccagtcct
   262501 gggtcagcgc cggagcgatg aagcccatcg cggcggtgtc gaggccatcg aggaagacga
   262561 tcaggaagca cagcaggacg atccgccatt ggtacggcga aagcggctgg gcattgatga
   262621 aggcttgcac gtcgagtcgt tcgacggcgg gcaggctggg gctgttcatg ggacgggttc
   262681 cgcggcgaga gtgagggcgt gggacgaggg tcggacgcgt ggctcaggtg caggcggcgg
   262741 aaggcaaggc gtgctgcggc atgtcgggat tcccctgttg tttttgtagc ggaggcgctc
   262801 ggcctgccgg ggtgcagaca cattacggag ggccatgggg agtggcaatc cgataatcgt
   262861 ttatcggttc gctgatcgaa cgaaaccctg tgaaatctcg accttcgcca ggctgtgaaa
   262921 atccggaacc agattctaga atcctgcctt tcctcgactc aggaacgccc ctccatggcc
   262981 ggtagcctca tcgaacgcgc cctcggcttg ctcgaactcc tcgccagcga tgcccgtggc
   263041 ctgcccctgc aacaactggc ggaccgcctg gatatcccca agagcgccgc gcaccgcatg
   263101 ctcgccgagc tgatccggct cggctacgtg cgccaggacg acgaccccag ccgctaccgc
   263161 ctcagcaccc gcctggccgc gctgggcttc cgcttcctcg cttccagcgg ggtggtcgac
   263221 ctggtccagc cggtgctcga cgggctcgcc cgggagaccg gcgaactggt gcgcctgggg
   263281 gtgatcgaag gcgatcgcca gacctggatc gccaagtccc agggcgccac ctccgggcta
   263341 cgctacgacc ccgacatggg gcgcgaggcg ccgctgttct acaccgcatc cgggcacgcc
   263401 tggctggcca gcctgagcga caaggcggcg ctggcgctgg tggagcgcca gggcgtaggg
   263461 gcggcgcggg acttcggtcc caacgcgccg cgctccagga gcgagctgct gcgctacctg
   263521 aagcgcgccc gcgagcacgg ctatgcctgg cagatcgaat gctcggcgcc gggcatggcg
   263581 gcgatggccg cactggtgcg ccaccccgag gacggacggg ctctcggcgt gctcagcgtg
   263641 gccgggccga gcgcacgctt cggcgaggcg cgcatgcacg aactggcgcc cctgctcctg
   263701 gccgcggcgc aggacctgtc ccacgccagc caggcgtccg agctgttccg ctgagccatc
   263761 cggcccggcc ccagtccttt cccgacatca gcgttcgaat agcgaacgct ttcttgcctg
   263821 tcacgagccc gcatgcggcg ggcctttccg cacttccatg gatgccccgg cggtagtgcc
   263881 gtctcgaacc gctcttgcgc ggggccagcc attcgttcaa ataatctccc tcgctaaatc
   263941 tggaacgacg ttctggaatc ttgaagcgaa caagaaaaca acgattgggg accgccttgg
   264001 acgcaccgct tcgcatcgcc ctcatcggcg ccggcaatat gggccgccag cattaccacc
   264061 gcttgcagcg aatcgccggc gcgcgcctgt gtgcggtggc cgatccgcag ggccaggcgt
   264121 tcgccgcgga cgccggcgtg ccctggttcg gcgatcatcg gaggttgctg gaagaagccc
   264181 ggccgcaagc ggcgatcgtc gccaatccga acaacctgca tgtcgccacc gccctcgact
   264241 gcctcgccgc cggggtgccg ctgctgctgg aaaaaccggt cggcgtgcag ctcgacgaag
   264301 tgagcgagct ggtggccgtc gcccggcgat ctggcgttcc gctgctggtc ggtcaccatc
   264361 gtcggcacaa tccgctggtc gtgcgggcgc gccaattgat cgccgagggc gcgctcggtc
   264421 ggttgctgtc ggtcaccgcg ctctggcagt tgaagaagcc cgacagttat ttcgaggtgg
   264481 cctggcgtcg cgagcccggc gcgggaatgt tgctgaccaa cctgatccat gacctcgacc
   264541 tgctccgcca cctgtgcggg gaagtgcggg aggtgcaggc gctggccggc aacgctatcc
   264601 gtggcctgcc caacgaagac aacatcgcgc tgctcctgcg cttcgccaat ggcgccctgg
   264661 gcagcctgac cggttgcgac gctgcggcgg cgccctggag ctgggagctg gcagccgggg
   264721 agaacccggt ctatccgcgc caggccgagc aaccctgcta cctgctggcc ggcaccgagg
   264781 gtgccctgag ccttccccag ctccgccgct ggcgctacgc cgaggcccgg cagggctggc
   264841 acgacccgct ggcggccagc gtggaggccg tggcgacagg cgatcccctg caacgccagc
   264901 tagagcactt cgtccgggtc gcgcggggcg aggaagcgcc attgatggat gccaccgacg
   264961 ccgctcgcac cctggcgctg gtcgaggcgg ttcgcgaggc cgcgcgcagt ggccgggcct
   265021 gcgcgccggc cagtttctga accgctgacg atgaggtagt gcatggaatc gaggattctt
   265081 tccctggcgg cgctcaccgt gctcgagctg tcgcccccgg acatggtcga ggctgccgcc
   265141 cgcgccggct acagtcatgt cggcctgcgc ctggtgccgg ccaccgtgga agagcaccac
   265201 tatccgctgc tggccgatgc cggcctgcgt cggcggaccc tggcgcggct gcgcgacagc
   265261 ggagtgcgca cgctggacgt ggagatcctg cgcctgcgtc cggacacccg cgtcggcgag
   265321 ttcgccgcgg tgctggaggt cggcgccgag ttcggcgcgc gctatgtgct ggtggccggc
   265381 aacgatgacg acgaacggcg cagcgcggac aatttcgccg cgttgtgcga cctggcgcgg
   265441 ccgctcggcc tcgacccgca cctggagttc atgccctgga ccgggatccg cgacctgcgg
   265501 caggccgcgc gggtggtcga ggcggcggcg cgggataacg ccggcctgtt gctggacgcc
   265561 ttccatttcg accgctcggc cagcagcctg gaagacctgc gggcgatccc gcctgcgcgc
   265621 ctgggctacg cgcaactctg cgatgtcgtc gggccgcgtc cgacgtcgat ggacgaaatc
   265681 cttcgccagg cccgcgagga acggcgcttc cctggcgatg gcgggctcga tctgctggcg
   265741 ctgctgcgcg ccttgccgga gaacctgccg ctgagcctgg aggtgcccgc gctggatctg
   265801 ctcgcgcgcg gcgtggatgg cgcggagcgg gcgcggctgg cgatcgagcg gacccgggcg
   265861 ctgctcgccc gcctgtagcg ccaccgcgca ggcaggttgc ccgtttgcat aatggaacgg
   265921 ggttctatag tttccaaacg ttgaagccga tcgtttcttt cctcgatggc gggtaccgtc
   265981 agaataaata gcctgctatc gatttgccct ggtgcccgga ccctccgatg aacgcatcca
   266041 cctccccgct gcccgccagc gaccagaccc tgcgcggcat cctgctgatc tgtgccgcgg
   266101 tgttcctgtt cgccagccac gacgggttgt ccaagttcct ttccggtttc tacccgatcg
   266161 tcatggtggt ctgggcccgc tacctggtgc acaccctgtt gatggtcgcc gtgttcgtgc
   266221 cgcgcaacgg cctcgcggtg atccgcagcc gccgtccgct catgcagttg gcgcgggcgc
   266281 tgtgcctgat cggcaccagc ctgttcttca ccaccggcct gcgctacctg cccttggccg
   266341 aggcgaccgc ggtgaacttc ctggcaccgc tgctggtgac cgcgttatcc gtgccgctgc
   266401 tgaaggagaa ggtcagcctc ggccaatggc tggcggtgct caccggcttc atcggcgtgc
   266461 tcttcatcgt gcgtcccggt ggcgcgctgt tcaccccggc ggcgttgttc ccgctcggct
   266521 cggcgctgtg cttcgggctc taccaactgc tcacgcggat gctcgccaac agcgacagcc
   266581 cgaccaccag caacttcctc gccggcatct tcaacacgct catcatgagc ctgctggtgc
   266641 cgttcttctg gcagactcca agtcttctcc acggcctgat gatgatcgcc ctgggcggtt
   266701 gcggcatggg cggccacctg ctgctgaccc aggccttccg ccatgcgccg ccggcgaccc
   266761 tggcgccgtt cagctatggc cagatcatct tcgccggcct gctcggcctg ctggtgttcg
   266821 gccacgtgcc ggatgcctgg gcgctgctcg gcatcctcgt catctgcgcc agcggcctgg
   266881 tggtcgcctg gcgccgtggc cgctgaacgc aacggggtcg gcgcgtaggc ttcacaacag
   266941 gctcagcgga tagctgacga tcagccggtt ctcgtcgaag cgggtattgc tgccccagtc
   267001 gcggcgctgg ctggagttgc gccagcggac gttgagacgc ttgaaggcgc cgctctgcag
   267061 cgtgtagccc agctcgctct cgcgtcccca ttcgctgccg tcgtcggtga ctccggccag
   267121 gcgcacatgg tcgccatgca ggtagcgggt catgaaggtc aggccgggta ggccgaggcc
   267181 aacgaagtcg aagtcgtagc gcagttgcca ggagcgctcg ccgggattgt cgtagctggc
   267241 gttgtagctg tcgttggcca gggttccgcc gctggtgccg ttgacccgca tccagccgtc
   267301 gtcgccactg accttctgca ggccgagata gagggtatgc agcccgtagc gcgcggagaa
   267361 cagcgcggaa acggtgcggt tatcgagctt gccggcgcgc gcgctgccag cgtcgcggcc
   267421 acggaatccg ccgaggttgg cgcccagcag ccagtcgccg agcggctggc tgtgttgcag
   267481 ttgcaggtac tgttggcggt agatgtcctt cagctcggcg ttccacaggc cgagcaggct
   267541 gcgttcgcca ttgaagcgat attcgccgcc ggcgaaatcg aagcggtcgg aagtggcggc
   267601 tggccggccg aacaacgaca tgtcctgcat gcttgcgtcg ttgcgcgggc tgttgccgcg
   267661 gaactggccg gcgtagaggg tcaggccggc gatctcgttg gcgctgagct ggccgccgcg
   267721 gaaggtctgc ggcagcgagc ggccatcgtc ggagcggagg atcggcagca ccggcatcca
   267781 ttcgccgatc ttcagttcgc tgttcgagac gcgcagcttg ccggccaccg ccaggcgtcc
   267841 gaagtcgtcg gccgggcggc cgtcgtcgtg gatcggcagc agttgggtgc cggccgttcc
   267901 cttgccgcca tccagcttca ggctgtagag accaaggaca tcgaggccga agccgacgct
   267961 gccctgggtg aagccggagc gggcgtcgag gatgaagctc tgcgtccact cctcggcctt
   268021 gccctggctg gcatcgccga cgaagttgcg gtgcaggtgg aaattgcgcg cggtgaggct
   268081 ggccttggcg tcttcgagga aaccttgccc ggcgtggacg tgcccggcat ggactggcag
   268141 gccggcgccc aggcagaggg aagcgcagag cgcgcggacg tggctcgggt gcgacatggg
   268201 tgtgtccctt cgttcttgtt ctctaggcag ggaggtgccc ggcgagcgcc gggcgcttgg
   268261 actcaggctt cgatccggcg cggagccatg aagtacagcc aggtcagggc gatgaagtac
   268321 atcgccggga tcatggtgaa gagcaccgcg tagttgttgt tcgtcgcggt cagtacgccg
   268381 ccgacgatct gggtcatgaa catcccgccc agcgccgcgc acatgccgcc gaagccgaac
   268441 accgtgctca tcaggtgctt gggcgtgtag tccatcacca ggctccagat gttcgccgtc
   268501 cacgcctggt gcgcgccgac cgccagggcg atggccagca cggcgatcca caggccgctg
   268561 gcgttggcgg cgaacaccac gccgacgatg gtgcaggcga acagcagcat cgacagcagg
   268621 cgcgcgcgga tcgccggcat gccgcggccg atcagccagg acgaaaggat gccgccgccg
   268681 acgctgccga agtcggcggt caaccagatc aggatcagcg ggatgcccat ctgcgtcacg
   268741 ctgatgccca ggccgtactg ctggttgagg aacggcggca gccagtagag gtagaaccag
   268801 aacaccggcg cggtgatcga gtaggccagg gcgaaggccc aggtgccgcg gcggcggaga
   268861 atctgcgaga agggcacgcg ggtggcgggc ggctcctcct gctgctggat gtattccagc
   268921 tcgctctgct tcacccgcgg atgctcctcg gggttgtagt agttgcgcca ccagaacacc
   268981 agccagacca ggcccagcgc cgacatgcag aggaacgccg cctgccagcc ccagacgccg
   269041 aggatcagcg gcaacagggc cggggtgacc atcgcgccga cattggtgcc ggcgttgaag
   269101 atgccggtgg ccaccgcccg ttccccggcg gggaaccaca ggcgggtggt cttcacgcag
   269161 gccgggtagt tggccgcctc ggtcaggccg aggatgaagc gacagaccat gaagcccgcc
   269221 gccgaggtcg ccaggccgtg ggcgccggtg gccaggctcc agagcaacac ggcgaggaag
   269281 aacgcgcgct tgaccccgac cttgtcgatg aagcggccct ggaggatgaa gccgatggcg
   269341 tagccgacct ggaaccagaa gttgatgttg gcgtagtcca tcgccgtcca gctcatcttc
   269401 tcggccagga tcggctgcat cacgccgagg gcggcgcgat cgatgtagtt cagggtggtg
   269461 gcgaagaaca ccagggcgag catgccccag cgcgtccggc cgacggcgaa ggcgttgcgg
   269521 atcctgccgc cgcgggattc ccgcggggcg tcggcggcga gcagtcgaga gctggaagag
   269581 tggatcattg acggggccat cctttcggcg gccggtgcct gggcgcccgg cctggatttg
   269641 tcgttctggg ttgcacgcgg gcgggccagg ggccgcgccg gtgtcagcgg gccaggggcg
   269701 gtcgggccgg acgagcggcc agcggacggg atggagggcg gacggagagg tcggcgatgg
   269761 acatgagcgg gtacccgatt cttgaaattg ttatgtcgcg tgggttgcgc aggtgcccgg
   269821 aaagaagcgc ggagcgcttc cggcagatcg ggacggcctg cacgggtggc agcgatggtg
   269881 cgcgattggt cgaaaaagcg tcaattcgat aatcgtgctt ccgttcgata ttcgaacgga
   269941 atactaacca gttcgtacat tttgcgttgc ccgtcagttg gcgcaaacca ataatcggct
   270001 tgccgggcga gcggtctcag cgacccgaag tggcttcccg gcgcatcccg cgcgggctat
   270061 ccgcgcctcc gccgttccgc cgccggccct cgcgcggcgc caggcgccgt agggcgcatt
   270121 gaggagtcga agcatgcagc gttcgatcgc caccgtatcc ctgagcggca ccctgccgga
   270181 aaagctcgag gccatcgccg ccgccggttt cgacggggtg gaaatcttcg agaacgacct
   270241 gcttcattac gacggcagcc cgcgcgacgt acgccggctg tgtgccgacc tggacctgga
   270301 gatcctgcta ttccagccgt tccgcgactt cgagggctgc cgccgggaac gcctggagcg
   270361 aaacctggag cgcgccgaac gcaagttcga cctgatgcag gaactcggca ccgacctggt
   270421 gctggtgtgc agcaacgtcg ctgccgatgc cctcggcgaa ccggcgctgc tggccgatga
   270481 cctccggcag ctggccgagc gcgccgccgt ccgcggcctg cgcatcggct acgaggcgct
   270541 ggcctggggg cgccaggtga acacctggga gcaggcctgg gacctggtgc ggcgggccga
   270601 ccaggcgaac ctcgggctga tcctcgacag cttccacacc ctctcgctgg acggcgatcc
   270661 ctgcggcatc gccgatcttc cgggggaaaa gatcttcttc gtgcagatgg ccgacgcgcc
   270721 cttgctggca atggacgtgc tggaatggag ccggcacttc cgctgcttcc cgggtcaggg
   270781 cggcttcgac ctggcaggct tcctcgcgcc ggtcgtcgcg tccggctatc gcggtccgct
   270841 gtcgctggag gtcttcaacg acggcttccg cgccgcgccg acccgcgcca acgccgtcga
   270901 cggcctgcgc tcgctgctct acctcgagga gaagacccgc gagcacctgc aacgccagac
   270961 gccgcacgtg gcggtggacg agctgttcgc gccgccgccg gcgagcctct gcgacggcat
   271021 cgagttcctc gagttcgccg tcgacgagac gctcggcgcg cgccttggcc agtggttgca
   271081 gcgactgggc ttcgccaggg ccggcgagca ccgttcgaag aatgtcagcc tgttgcgcca
   271141 gggcgacatc aacctggtac tgaacgccga gccctattcc ttcgcccacg gtttcttcga
   271201 ggcccacgga ccgtccttgt gcgccaccgc gctgcgcgtg cgtgacgccg gccaggcgct
   271261 ggagcgcgct cgtgcgtacg gaggccagcc gtaccgcgga ctgctcggcc ccaacgagcg
   271321 ggaaatcccg gcggtgcgcg ccctcgacgg cagcctgctg tatctggtcg agcggcacac
   271381 cgagggccgc agcatctacg acagcgactt cgtgacgaac gacgccgaca cctccggcct
   271441 cggcctgcgg cgcgtcgacc acgtggccct ggcgctgccc gccgaaggcc tggacagctg
   271501 ggtgctgttc tacaagagcc tgttcgactt cggcgccgat gacgaggtgg tgctgcccga
   271561 cccctatggc ctggtcacca gccgtgccgt gcgtagcccc tgcggcagcg tgcgcctgcc
   271621 gctgaacatt tccgaggacc gcaacaccgc catcgcccgt tcgctgtcca gctatcgcgg
   271681 ttccggcgtg caccacatcg ccttcgattg cgccgacatc ttcgccgccg tggcccaggc
   271741 caaggaggcc ggggtcgcac tgctggaaat cccgctgaac tattacgacg acctcgccgc
   271801 gcgcttcgac ttcgacgacg agttcctcag cgaactggcc tactacaacg tcctctacga
   271861 ccgcgacgcc cagggcggcg agctgttcca tgtgttcacc gagccgttcg aggagcgctt
   271921 cttcttcgag atcctccagc gccgccacgg ctacgccggc tacggcgcgg ccaacgtgcc
   271981 ggtgcgcctg gcggcgatgg cgcaagcgcg gcggggtgtg cgccgggcca agctgtgaga
   272041 attgtcgggg ctccggcagg tgctcttcct acagccgggc gggccccgca taatcggccg
   272101 caattcccgc cggccacgag tgagtcaccg atgtccaagc ctgatcccgc cgtcgtggag
   272161 gaatccgctc cgcgcggcaa gggacgcaag aacaatcccg agaagacccg ccaggacatc
   272221 ctccgcgccg ccatcgacga gttcgtcgcc cagggcctct cgggtgcgcg ggtggacgcc
   272281 atcgccgagc gcacgcatac ctcgaagcgg atgatctatt actacttcgg cagcaaggag
   272341 cagctctacc aggccgtgct ggagaagctc tacagcgaca tccgcggtat cgagggcacc
   272401 ctgcggctgg gcgcgctgcc gccggccaag gcgatggaga agctggtgga gttcagcttc
   272461 gactaccacg accggcacgt ggatttcgtg cgcatcatca gcatcgagaa catccacaag
   272521 ggcgagcaca tcgccagcag cgagctggtg cagagcgtca acagctcgat cgtccaaagc
   272581 atcgccgaga ttctccgtcg cggcgaagcg gaaggggtgt tccgcgccgg gctggaggcg
   272641 ctcgacgtgc acatgctgat cagttcgttc tgcttctacc gggtgtccaa tcgctacacc
   272701 gtgtcgcgga tcttccgcac cgacctgcac gacgccgagg ttcgccagcg gcatcggcgg
   272761 atgatcggcg aggcggtatt gcgctacatc cgtgcctgac tccggtcccc tctccccttg
   272821 gcgggagagg ggcgccattc agtcgcccag gctggcgaag tgcgcctgca tgcgcgcggc
   272881 gtcagcctct actccgctga acagttcgaa tgccttcacc gcctggaaca ccgccatggt
   272941 gccgccgtcc agtgtgcggc agccgagggc gcgggcctgg cgcagcagct cggtttccag
   273001 cggaaagtag atcacctcgg cgacccacag gtcggcgcgc aacagttccg ccggcaccgg
   273061 catgccgggc agcttggcca tgcccaccgg ggtggtgttg accaatccct gggcgtcgcc
   273121 cagggcgccg gccaggtcgc tgccggcgag cgctcgtggc gcgccgaagt gctggttgag
   273181 gttgtccgcg agggcctggg cccgcgccgg gtcgacgtcg aacagggcca gccgctcgac
   273241 gccctcggcg agcagcgcat gggccactgc cgagccggcg ccgcccgcgc ccatctgcac
   273301 cacgcgctgg cgcggcgcgt cggccaggcc gcgccgaaag ccctcggcga agcccaggca
   273361 gtcggtgttg tggccgatgc gccggccatc gcgcagcacc acggtgttca ccgcgccgat
   273421 gccgcgtgcc tcggcggaga ggtcgtcgag cagggggatg atcgcctgct tgcaggggaa
   273481 ggtgacgttc agcccggtga agccgaggtc gctggcggcg gcgagcagga actccaggtc
   273541 gtccgccgac ttgcccagcg ggtcgagatc gatcagccgg tacagatagc ggatgccctg
   273601 ggcgtcgccc tcgcgctcgt gcagggcagg ggtccgcgac gcctggatgc cggcaccgat
   273661 caggccggcg agaaccgatc gcggcgcgct catgcggccg cctcgaaacg ctcggcgaaa
   273721 tgttccaggg ccaggcggta gccgaggctg ccgaatccgc agatcactcc cagcgccacc
   273781 ggcgagacgt aggagtggtg gcggaacgct tcgcgctggt ggacgttgga caggtgcact
   273841 tcgaccaccg gcagttccac cgcggccagg gcgtcgcgca gcgccaccga ggtgtgggtc
   273901 caggcggcgg ggttgatgac gatgccggcg acacggccgc gggcctggtg gatccagtcg
   273961 agcagttggc cttcctggtt ggtctggcgg aagtccacgg cgaagccgcg cgtctcggcg
   274021 aaggccgcgc attcgtcggc gatttcgccc agggtccgcc ggccgtaggt ctgtggctcg
   274081 cgggtgccga gcagattcag gttggggccg ttcaggacca gtaccgtgcg cgtcatggcg
   274141 cagcctccac agcaatgatg tcatcgatgc cgggaaaatg taccgaacgg ttacttttgt
   274201 aaaccggacg ccgtcgccga cgggacgaaa gcgttcgatt atcggcgtcc gctcactcgc
   274261 ctgccgtcgg ttgcgtcgcg ccgcggccgc gcagggtcat gtcgggcagt gccgaggcca
   274321 ccgccaggcc gagcagcgcc accgccgcgt tgaccaggaa gagcaccttg aaggcatccg
   274381 cgaggacatg ctggaggatc acccgggccg gcccgctggc ggcgtccagg ctgctcagca
   274441 gggcgctctc ggaaaagccc tggtcgagcc cgccgccgat ccgcaggtgc ttgagcaggg
   274501 ccagcaggat cgccgacatc agcgccaccc cgaccgcccc gccgagggag cggaacaacg
   274561 tcgcgttgct ggtggcgacg ccgatgtggc gttgctccac ggcgttctgc gcggccacca
   274621 ggctggtcgg gaactgggta ccgatggcga tcccggtgag cagcatgcac agcccggaca
   274681 gccagtggtc gccgaccggg accagggcca ggccggcgat gccgcagggc aacaggacgg
   274741 cgccgagcag gatcagcggc ttgtagcgtc ccaggctggc ggtcagccgc ccgcagcagt
   274801 acgcgcccag cggcaggccc atgaccagcg gcagcagatg cagcgcggcg ctgtcggcgc
   274861 cggcgccggt aacgctctgg tagcgcagcg gtaccagcac ggtcagcgag atggcctgga
   274921 agctggcgaa gaacgcaacc agccaactga gggtggcggc gcggacggcg aacagttgca
   274981 tcggcaccag cggttcgcgg aagcgccgct cctgggcgac gaacagcagc agggcgagcg
   275041 ccgccagggc gaacaggccg agcagcgcag ggtcgctcca ggctgcgccc tggccgatct
   275101 gggtgatggc caggagcagc gcggtgaggc ccaccaccat cagcacgatg cccaggtagt
   275161 cgatcaccgg ttgccggcgc ggcaccggca ggccgaccag ggttcgccgc gagatggcca
   275221 gcgcgagaag gccgatcggc aggttgatcc agaataccca gcgccacgac aggtactcgg
   275281 tgagcaggcc gccgagcacc gggccggcga cgctggcgat ggcgtacatg ctgctgaagt
   275341 aaccctggta gcggccgcgc tcgcgcggcg ggacgatgtc gccgatgatc gcctggctca
   275401 ccgccatcag cccgcccgcg ccgatcccct gcagcactcg cgccagcacc agttggccca
   275461 tgctctgcgc gagcccgcaa agcagcgagg cggcggtgaa cacgacgatg gcgaagagca
   275521 tcagacggcg gcggccgtag aggtcgccga gcttgccgta gatcggcatc gatacggtca
   275581 tcgccaccat gtaggccgag atcacccagg ccagcaggtc gaggtcggcg aagtcggccg
   275641 agatcgccgg cagggagacg gcgacgatgg tctggtcgag ggcgctgagg aagatcgaca
   275701 gcatcaggcc ggcgaggacg gtacggacgg cgggcgggtt ctgggcgaga tcggacaaga
   275761 cggcacctgg ggcggacgga acgcgaaggc agcgggcatc atactgcgcc tggggtagga
   275821 caggtgccgc ggagaatcga tccgtgggcc gtctttcgtc gatattcgcc tgcgccaacg
   275881 ttgcgtcccg ccttgggaaa ggtgccccgg cgttgcgccg gggtggcgcg gcctactcga
   275941 tttcctcgta gggcaggccg acatagttct cggcgatggt cgccaggccc gcctcggagc
   276001 ccaggtagta ctccagttcg gtctgctgga tgcgctggct gaacgcgtcg gtgtcgggga
   276061 agcgatgcag caccgaagtc atccaccagg agaagcgttc ggccttccag atccgccgca
   276121 ggcagattgc cgagtagcgt tccagcagtt cgccgcgccc ttcgcggtag gccttcagca
   276181 gcagccggta gagcgtgctg acgtcgctgg ccgccaggtt cagtcccttg gcgccggtgg
   276241 gcggcacgat gtgcgcggcg tcgccggcga ggaacagccg gccatgctgc atcggctcga
   276301 ccacgaagct gcgcagcggc gcgatgctct tctccagcga aggtccggtc accagtttct
   276361 ccgccacctc ggacgggagt cgcgccttca gttccgtcca gaagcgctcg tcggaccagt
   276421 cctcgacctt ctccgacaat ggcacctgca cgtagtagcg gctgcgggtg gccgaacgct
   276481 ggctgcacag ggcgaagccg cgcggatggt tggcgtagat cagttcgtgg ctgaccggcg
   276541 gggtgtcggc gagcaggccg agccagccga acggatagac ccgctcgaag accttcagcc
   276601 gctccgccgg gatcgattgc cgcgagatgc cgtggaagcc atcgcagccg gcgatgtagt
   276661 cgcaatccag gcgcagccgt tcgccgtcgc gttcgaaggt cacgtagggg cgctcacctt
   276721 gcaggtcgtg caggcgcacc tcggcggcct ggtagacggt agtggcgccg caggcttcgc
   276781 gggcctccat gaggtcgcgg gtgacctcgg tctggccgta gaccatcacc gtcttgccgc
   276841 cgctcaggcg cttcaggtcg atgcgtcggc gctgcccggc gaaggcgatc tccacgcctt
   276901 cgtggaccag cccgtcgcgc gccatgcgcc ggtcgacgcc ggcctcgcgc agcaggtcga
   276961 ccataccctg ttccagcacg ccggcgcgga tgcggccgag cacgtagtcc ggggtctggc
   277021 gttcgaggat cacgttgtcg atgccggcct tgtgcagcaa ctggccgagc aggaggccgg
   277081 acggaccggc gccgatgatg gcgacttgag tcttcattgc ggatagccct ctcgctgtta
   277141 tggctggccg gcggcgcatg cgccggcgct gatcttgtct ggaggtggct gtatttttgt
   277201 ttgccgtgga gtgctataga aggcaaattg ccgatctatt tctggacttt tataaagtct
   277261 gttcggcaat cggccatttc gctcggaggg ctcgatgacg gattccatcc gcgacgtccc
   277321 ggtgttcaag ctctacggcg ctcccctcga atggccgacc ccggacctgc tgcactgcga
   277381 gtcgatcccc gcccgcagtc gtctgcacga ctgggagatc aagccgcacc ggcacgccga
   277441 tctcgctcag ttgctctacg tgcgcaaggg ctgggcgcag ctccaggtcg agggcgagcc
   277501 gactcgcgtc gagcagcctt ccatccagtt cgtaccgccg ttgtgcatcc atggcttcca
   277561 gttctccgag cgcatcgacg gctacgtgct gacgctcgcc gcaccgttgc tggcccgctt
   277621 gcaggcgcac ctcggcgcgc agcgccaggc gctggaggcg ccggggttgt acccggtggg
   277681 cgcggaccgg cgctatatcg acacgctgtt cgacgccata gacggcgagt acgccggcgc
   277741 tgcgccggcg cgcgagctgt tgttgcagtc gctgatcggc gtgctggcgg tatggctggg
   277801 gcggcaggtg atggtccggc gggcggaggc acggccgggt cgtggtcagg aatacctatc
   277861 ggccttttcg caactggtcg agcggcattt ccgcgagcac ctgggaatcg acgagtacgc
   277921 gcgtcgcctg ggcatctccc cggcacacct gaacagcgtg gcgcgccgcc tcagcgggca
   277981 gaccgcactg ggcatcgtgc accagcgcct gctgctggag gccaagcgcg acctggtcta
   278041 cacggcgatg acggtgaacg agatcgccga ccgcctcggc ttcagcgagc cggcctactt
   278101 cacccgtttc ttcaagcgcc tgagcggcgt ctcgccgagc gctttccgca agggcgacta
   278161 gtgttcgcgg cgcaactgga cgatctccag cgcgcgtccc tcgtcatcac gcgggcgtcg
   278221 gccgctctcg acgaagccgc agcgcgcgta gaaccccagc gcctcgcggt tggcggcgta
   278281 gacctcgact tccagcgcgc ccttcagggt tgccgcgtgc tctaccagtt gccggcctat
   278341 cccgcgcccg tgggccgccg gagcgacgaa aaggccgccg atgaaggcat cgagcaggcc
   278401 gatgaagccc agcggcgtat cgccgtccag cgccagccag gtttccgagg catccagata
   278461 atgatcgcga accagtgcct tctgcttctg caactcggct tcgccgagga aaccgtggcc
   278521 gacgcgcgag gcctccagcc agatggccag ggtggcatcg cggtcggcgg gaatgtagcg
   278581 gcggattttc agcggagagg acatggcggc agctcgcaac gggaacagcc gcggattatc
   278641 gcgtgagccg gcgggaaaag ggtaggtccg gcatgtacgc ttcagtcgcc gcggatgtac
   278701 tgttccagtt gctggatcag ctcggcctgc tcggcgatcg ccgccttgac caggtcgccg
   278761 atggacagca ggccgagcaa ctggccgtct tccacgaccg gcaggtggcg caggtggcga
   278821 tcggtcatca ggttcatgca ggtgtcgacg ctctgcttcg agtccacgct gaccaccggc
   278881 gcgctcatga tcgcgctgat cggcgtaccg atggacgaac ggcccttgag gaccatcttg
   278941 cgcgcatagt cgcgctcgct gaccacccct accacctcgc catggttcac caccagcagc
   279001 gcgccgatgt tcttttccgc catcaggcgc agggcgtcga gcaccatctc gtccgctccg
   279061 atggtgtaca cctgctggtt ctgcttggcg ttcaacagtt gtgccacggt tttcatgcgc
   279121 gcccctccgg agccgttctc acgtccagca agaatcgtag acggcgagcg gatcggcaag
   279181 cggggaaaac ggcatcgaac cgattgaaaa acgtcatcgc cggcttcccc gacgaaggta
   279241 gggcctggcg acgggcctct tgctccggtt gtccggcgac ctaatgcagt atccgctcga
   279301 atccttccgg acgttggccg gtgacgtagc aatggcgatg ccggtcgagg ctgagcggat
   279361 gtccggcgtc gttcagcact tcggcgatgc cttccaggtg cttgttcact ttcacctggt
   279421 attcctgctc ggttagcggc acgacccaga gcaggtcgac cggatgggcg gacaggtcga
   279481 aaccgtcgaa cagggcggca tcttcgccca gcggggtcgg caggagaagg aagtgacgca
   279541 gcaggctgtg ctcgtagagc gggaaaccga atgccacgct gtgtccgtgg ccgagggcca
   279601 ggcgttcgtg gaacggcagg ccggcgagcc actgcaggtg gcgcaggtcc tccccgccga
   279661 ggacgtcaag gtagcagatc agctcgctgg accagcgcgc gctgcccata tagggcgcga
   279721 agtgcatccg tgcctggctc atccccgcgg tgatcaccac gtggtgcggg cgccggctgc
   279781 tttccaggcg gtagccgaac accgccattt ccggtgccgt cacgcagtgc ctccagaagt
   279841 cacggcagtc caggacgatg ctcggcgcac agccgaaatg gtcgtcgtat ttctcgcgca
   279901 gccgggcgat gtagtcgttc atcttcagtc ctcggagtgg ggcgggtagg gccggacatg
   279961 ggcaggcgcc gggggcgcgt ccgttgccat gcgagggcaa tccagtcatg gccgatcctg
   280021 gttgccgttg ggtgaccaat ggaatgcgaa cggcgactgc cgagaaatcg gctcgttccg
   280081 agagaggcga gaggctttcc ttcttggtgc gtaggaaagc gctgagggca gctgagggta
   280141 tctgtcggga acggaaaaaa gcccgtcggg aacgggcgaa gagggaagct taccagggca
   280201 gcgggaagtg gccttccgcg cgcaggtagt caggatcggg ggtgaatggg tcgatcttct
   280261 gccgctcgct gcaaccctgg cgttcgcagt cccgcaggcg ctgcaacggc gagcggtcgt
   280321 cgcgctggat gcggatgcct gtgacaggcg cgccttcgga aaggctgtag ctgcggccgc
   280381 tctcgcaacc gggcagggtc aggcaaaggc agaggagcag ggtggtgtgc gggtgtcgtg
   280441 gcattgcagg tcgaatgggc ttgcgaaggc cgcccatgct atcaatcggc cagcaaatag
   280501 ggggccggat ggacagtcca tgaccgggat gagagttgct tcgcaaaccc ggagatgccc
   280561 tcgaaaggct attgcgtcac gcgggaaagc ccgtcgaagg cccgcagcaa cttgcccagg
   280621 acgagggtca gcgcctcttc ttccgggccg gcgccgagac ccgccagcag cctttcgtcg
   280681 agccctgcga cctgtgccag ggcctgctcg aacaccgcct gtgccgcggg gctgcggcgc
   280741 accagcacgg cgcgcccgtc gtccggatcc ggcaggcggc tgacccagcc gcgccgcacc
   280801 agccgttcga tggtccggcc cagcgcagtg cggtcggtct gtgagtgctc gatgagcacg
   280861 ctcatcggca cgtcaccgtc gaaggcgtgg atgatccgca acgcacgcca ttcatgcagc
   280921 cccagttcga gaggggcaag cagggcggtg agttgccgtt cgcgctggcg gacgatctcc
   280981 gtcatcaggt acagcgggcc ttggggcagc cccagtgcgt tcgtctcggt cattggcctg
   281041 gtcaccttcc tcgatcctct ttcgccaggg cggggattgt agcgctcagg cgtcgccgaa
   281101 tccgtagtcg ctccagcgtt cttcgactcg cctgcgcagc gccgtcggat aggcgtggcg
   281161 gaacgacgcc gtagcggcac gcatttgccc ggcgaactgt tccgggtaca ggcagttgat
   281221 caccagccga ccgccgctgc ctcgtgcctt gtcctcggca tcgaggtagg gaaccatcgg
   281281 gaagtcacgg atctgcggga aggcgaaatg gtcgtgcagc ggatgcgcgc gggtcgccag
   281341 cgcccatacc acctggtcga tctcggtgac gtcgatgtcg ttgccgacca ggatcagctt
   281401 cggcaccagg tgtccggcat gcgagccgaa gacggtctcg gcgacccgtg cggcgaaggc
   281461 cgcggcgtcg gtgcccaggg ccgccaggcg ctgcacgtcg atcgacagca cggcccagca
   281521 ggtcgccgcc tcgtaggagc accagaccat gtccaccggc agtccggcgt tctgcgccac
   281581 gtccagcagt tgcgcggaaa tcatggtgcc ccagatggtg tggttttcct ccggtggcgt
   281641 gccggcgacg cagatcggca ggaccggctg gtcgcggaag ctcagcgcat ggacgtggaa
   281701 cagcggctgc ggcttgccga tggggaagga atagccgtgg tattcgccca tcgggccttc
   281761 cagcgcggtt tcgtcgaggc tgatctcgcc ctccaggacg atctcggcat tggccggaac
   281821 ccacaggccg ttggtctgcg tgcgcaccac ctccaccggc tcgccgacca gggcgcctac
   281881 gtagccggct tcgctgaccc cctccggcaa cggcatgccg gccgccgcga gtgccgccgg
   281941 cggtgcgccg agggccatcg cccagggcgt cggcttgccc aggcggcgcc attgctcgcg
   282001 gatgatgccg atgtgctggg tgggaatggt cggacccgcc agggtgttgc ggtccaccag
   282061 catcagccgg cccaccgacc aactgtccca actgccgtcc ggcgtctgta ccacgtggaa
   282121 accgtaggtg ccgaaatagc gcccgccgtc ctgctcatgg agcaagggaa ccgggaagcg
   282181 ggtcaggtcc acctgctcgc cgagccagac gttttcctgc accggcccgc gctccagccg
   282241 gcgcggcgcg atcggttccg cgcgcatcgc ggcgcgcagc gtggccacga tgtcccgcgg
   282301 cccgctgtgt tccggcaggc cgaaatgcag cgccaggcgc gaatgggcgc gggccctgtc
   282361 ggcgcgcagg ccggccggcg cgcccagtac ccgcgcgccg ggcaggctgt cgcggatgtt
   282421 gtgaaacagc ggggcgggtg cgcggcgttc gtagacccgg cgggtgatgg cgccgatctc
   282481 caggttggcg tcgacctcgg tgtgcacgtc caccaggtcg ccctggcgac gcaggtggtc
   282541 gacgaagtgg cggaaatcca gggcgctgcg gttcatcggc tcgccactcc atataagtgc
   282601 gtgtgcacgc atcctattga ggggttccag gcgaggtcaa gaagtgctgc gctccgtttc
   282661 gggggtcgtg gcacgcggca aaccccgcag tggccgctca acgcaccata tagtccatct
   282721 gccatggccg cggaatcacc agtgccagca acgcgagaag agccgccagc gctgcgctcg
   282781 ccgccatcgc cgcgaggccc agttgctgtt ccagtagggc gccgagcacc gcgccgacgc
   282841 acatgccgct ccagggcacc agttgcaccc gccagccgtt gcgccgctcg cccagcagcc
   282901 agcggccgag gccgcggccg aagcgggaga gggcgccggt gacgtaggtc aggccgatgg
   282961 gcaggccgtt gacctgctcg accacggcgt tgagcatgcc catggcgagg atcgcggcga
   283021 ccagcgccgg cacgttccag tcgaatggcc agaccgccga caacgccagc agcatcgcgc
   283081 agcagaccag gatcggcgcc gcccggcgcc cgctgaagcg cgccagtatc actcccagcg
   283141 cgttgccgac gacgaaactg gccagggcga cgctcagccg caccagcccg ccgaagtcgc
   283201 cctcgcccag cgataccgcc aggcgcgtgg tgttgccgct catgaaggaa acgaagtcgc
   283261 cggtggcgag gaaaccgatg gcgtcggtca tgcctgccag taccgacagc ccggccacca
   283321 ggccgagccc gacacgcccg cgcgtccgcc gcaaacgaag gcgccgcgcg ctgctaccca
   283381 ccatgctgtc tggaagcatc cggagaaacc acccgcagga agagaaggtc cgccccagtg
   283441 cggactcccg atcttaaggc tctccccagg gaaaaggcca ggggcgaggc ggagcgtctg
   283501 gggccgaaga tcctggtcaa tcggcaatga cagtgcgggg cggggcctca gatatcgaat
   283561 accggtacct ggtttccacc cagtacctcg atcttgtcgg tccggtagac caccatcgcc
   283621 ttgctgcagg tcaccgtgga acgaccctct ttgctggcat tgagatacac cgtgcccttg
   283681 ccggcgtaga ccgctctcgc gttggcggcg atgcgcagct cgagggccgc cgcttctccg
   283741 tcctcgtccc cggcgaagtc gcacccgtag agggcgatgg ccagttcctt gccgaacagt
   283801 tcgagaaggg tcgcaccaaa ggcctggggc tcgacgaact gcttgccctg gacacgccgg
   283861 gccatgacgt ccgcggtgct ctcgccgtgg gggttgccca gccagagttg gccagccgtg
   283921 ccgtgggtgg cgatgaggat cgtatcgatg aagtactgtt cgccgctctc cgcggcaacc
   283981 ttgcctagat cccgaaccaa ctgggcgtag ttggtatctg ccttgatcgc gaaggccggc
   284041 ttgtagagct tgttccgcgc ataggcgacg accgcctccg cgaaggcgct gccggagtcg
   284101 cctctccgga tctcctgctg gaagtcgtgg tagatgacca ggaccgcccc tttcctgacc
   284161 gggccgctga gccctccctt gacgatgtcg agggcgaaac ggaaattggc gctgagcacc
   284221 tgggacgcat gggtaggaaa ggtatccgta tcggtcagca gttctacttc ggtaccgacc
   284281 agcacctcct ttcgttcgtc gccctccgcc cagggcgtgt cgtccacatc cgttccgtag
   284341 atccttgcgt ccaggtcgat ctcgacgagc gtactcactg tgaagggcac cagaagctct
   284401 tccgggccga gtcgattctt gaccacggcg cccttgcctt gcttggcgat tttcgtgact
   284461 acgccatgcc atgagcgcat cctgttgctc ctgtgggagt cctggtagga acggcatccg
   284521 agcatgcaga actatagacg tgaaacggcc agccccgagg aactatccgc cgatcgaccc
   284581 ttcatctggc cccggccttg agtgccattc ccggccggac aggatcggtt gctctggtct
   284641 cgcggcgagg gacaggcgct gctcggcgga gcgggtggcg gtgaggcagg tcttgtctag
   284701 tcctgaaata ggtttacacc tgctcaggta ggccgatagg cctcaaaacg cccgatgcac
   284761 cgcatcgggc gttttgtttt tcagggccat gtgaggccgc tctgtgttgt agatctgcac
   284821 ggcttcagca accatcttcc ttgcctgctc cagattttca gggctactca gcagcagctc
   284881 tgttttgagg atcccgtaga tgcgctcagc tagcgcgttc tggtagcagt catatccgtc
   284941 agtcatcgag cactggacgc catgccgtgc atgcagtgac tgatacagcg ccgagcaata
   285001 ttgaataccg cgatccgagt ggtggaccag tgactggcga cgctgccgtt tgcgtagggc
   285061 ctgcctaaag gcttgtgcaa ctgacttggc atgcaggctt tcatgcacat ggtggccaac
   285121 aatttttctg gaatacgcat ccgttaccag gcttaggtac agcgggccgc tactggctgg
   285181 taggtaagta atgtccgccg cccaaacgtg ctccggtcct gacgggacaa cctggttcgg
   285241 gcctgactgg agtaggttcg gatggcggta gaagcggtga aagctttgtg ttgtcttgtg
   285301 atacgcccgc ttgggcaaca ccagcaaacg gcgctctccc aggacctgaa atagtcggtc
   285361 tcggccaatt tggagccgcc tatcaggctg gcaatgcagc agatagtgca gctttcgtgt
   285421 gcctagtcgt ggctgacgta tccggatttg ttgaacaaat tcgacaaccc gatctgcctg
   285481 gcgtgctttg ctatcagcag ctcgattgcg cttttagtaa gcctgtcggc tcatgccaag
   285541 aaactgacaa gccctggcaa tgctcagtcc tgcgacttga ccttgcgaga ggacttgccg
   285601 gatcgctttt ttacgaccga tacaccgtaa tcatttttca ggacatcgac gacggtctcg
   285661 aagaactgag ccttctggct catcaactca agctgctgct caagctcttt gatccgctgc
   285721 tctggagtga gcgttttggg gtcagacatc gcgcaactcc tctcggcccg aatcgacgcc
   285781 cttggctcca atcctgccga ccatgcttgc gcaaccatac cagaaccgtc gaccggccct
   285841 ggatgccata ccgcacctgg gcctgcttgt aggtcaccgg tccttgtcat ctgacgaaaa
   285901 ctccatctgg cgcgggacac catcgaccta caaatcgtcc tgccagtcgg tgctgggttt
   285961 gaggctgctc aggaactctt ccagggcata gtcttcgccg ggcggcaacc gggtcgtgag
   286021 ccgactggcg ggcgccaccg ggtcggccga tggcggcgga ccgtcgccgc tggcggtctg
   286081 cggcagcagg tcgacgccga acgggtcgtg agcgggcttc ttcccaggcg tcggcgagct
   286141 gatgccgatc agggtcgcct ggtccttgcg ccgcaacggc atcaccatgc tgctgtcgcc
   286201 gttgaggtag ctggccatgg tcgccagggc gatgccaacg aagggcgagg ccgcgccggt
   286261 gtcgcccagg cgctgggtca ggtcgtagct ttcccgcgag tccagcaagt ccagcgaact
   286321 ctgcgcggcg cccagcgccg gggtgagttc ggccagcggc gtggcgttca aaccgccgtc
   286381 gtagaacagc cgggcgggcg ccggcctgag cccggcactg gccgtcttcc aggcagcggc
   286441 cagttgtgcg gtgagagctt cgcgcttgag ccgttcgccg gtatccgggc gggtcagcgg
   286501 cacactcacc ggccgatgca gcctggccag caccggcaac gcatcccact gctccagagc
   286561 ccgctcggtc cagggctggg gaatgaacgg cgtggggcgg aactccaccg gcggcttgcg
   286621 ccagccccag ccacggaact cggggtcgat ccggttttcg ttgaccttgg tgtagggggc
   286681 gaactggcgt agccagtcga cccgctcggg gcggccgacg atcagggcga ccattgcatc
   286741 cgtaagcgtt ccaggtatcc gagggcctga cacagcgcct agtgacttga atgttacatc
   286801 tctactggaa agcgcccccg ccatactgat gccttcattc gcatacacca acactgctgg
   286861 caagtcaggg ttgcgttcga ataaactgaa caacgcctcc agtactcctt caggcgtatc
   286921 gttacagata atgccatcct gcaaattggc aatccgatgc caatgcagtc cagccggaac
   286981 acggagatca ttgactttta ctgacaggct ttcccgcgtc tcctccggag tgaagcgtag
   287041 gttaggagtg ctcggatccc aaccacgcac caccgtcacc gtcggtatcg gccatttctc
   287101 caggaagttt ttcagcccta gttccaaggc gtccgcttgg cgcttttcat acgccatatc
   287161 cttgtcatcc gcagacgtcg gatacttctt cgggtccatc ggcaggatgc tgccgacatg
   287221 caacgcctcg gcctgtgcgg cattctgctc ctgcaaggcc ttccacactt gcccctggcg
   287281 aaacacatcc aggctcatgc ctatgctgag cacgtccagg gtttccaggc gcggcgaagt
   287341 tgtcggtggg tgataagcat cagcggacat ggtggcctcc ttggccgggg cgtaggcggt
   287401 aacggacgtg gccggactgg caaagcagcg catcgaggat agcggcgact cggccgcctg
   287461 ccccacaggg cagttcaaaa ggacgccaac gagagagaaa gctgagagca tcaagcgcat
   287521 tagattgtcc ccccaaagcg caccgcctgc tcgtggtaac gatctaggat ggtttgtgtc
   287581 ccgactaggg aaggcagtct atttcctact accacaggga actcgccact cttgcggtaa
   287641 gctacggtgg cgtctattaa ctggctgttt ttagattctt ccgcacggta caaagcacgc
   287701 acctcttcat ccggcagatc aacagacgca tcaccttgac taaatattcc tttgtccgaa
   287761 gccttccaat ccaaccgcca atccgccacc cgacacagat actgatagaa aaccacatca
   287821 tccacgctgt ccccggcccc gatggccagg tcataggcca gtacccgccg gttatgctcc
   287881 gggttgttgg gtatggccga gtggaacgac aagggctcca gatggccctc cgccgtctgc
   287941 aggcgcagcc gggcctcgta gggagtttcc gcgcgggtga ccagaaccat gccggtgccc
   288001 agttcacgag cggaaaacac atgggtctgc tgggccaatt ccttgccttc gttcaacgcc
   288061 ctctccacgc tgcgcgcgtc gcgtccgtag cggtacgcca gcgcggcgtc cacctgttgc
   288121 gcgacggcgt gcccgctgtc cttttccttc cagccgccgt tgcttacgcc gatggcggcg
   288181 tcgatcggat cgagggtatc gcgcacctga tagacgccgc tggcggagtt ctctcccggc
   288241 gccgtgacgg ctccgtcgaa atcgaatcgc gcttccgtcg gcaacggcag acgcggcgcg
   288301 gtcagcagca cgctgtcgcc ctggtcgaag ttcgcccggc cgaatctgtc cttgccgccc
   288361 agcccggtgt cttcccaggt cttctcgccg gccagcagaa gaggatagac atggggaggg
   288421 gcgtgcccgc cgatcttttc cttctcgcca ttgcgcttgc gtacggtgaa gatgcgctgg
   288481 tgaaaaccct gcggcagccc ggtccttccc gggagcccct tgacctgctc agcaatgccg
   288541 cgccagccga taccctggac gttggcaagt cccaccgtct ggtcctgggg cgtgaaatac
   288601 aggtagacac tgccgcgatt gtcgcgctca tcgaagctga gccgttcccc gtcgatggtc
   288661 gtctggcagc cctggccacc cacccagccg gggccgccta tcgcgccgta gccttggcag
   288721 ttgcgcaacg cgacgctgct cagcgcgggg accggatggc gtcggccgca gatgaactcg
   288781 aggatacctt tgagcgtggc cagccgcgcc tctctggtct gctggctgct ccagccctgg
   288841 agcttctcgt tgaggggttc gaacaggccg tagggtgagt tgagcatgat caccccgtcc
   288901 gccggcgcca cgccgtcatc cttgaggaag gcatgtgcca gcagggtcaa cagggtgccc
   288961 tggctgtgcc cgacgacatt gatggtgtcg tcggggtaac gcttgcggat gatcttgatc
   289021 aacatggcca ggcgcatggc cgcaaggacc atgtacttgc gccctgccgc cgaaaacagc
   289081 ggatgggtca tggtgccgcc gaaccagtcc agcgagatga aaccgaacag cttgccgttg
   289141 aaaccctggc cccacatgtc cggcaggttg gtggtggcat tgacgaactg cccgccttcc
   289201 ttggtgccgg acttgtccag ccggttgccg ttgcggtcca gccattcgcc gtgggccgcg
   289261 gtcttgttga tgtattgctc ttcctcgcgg aagccccagt agaaaggtac gactacgctg
   289321 cgtacggcgg ccccgccggc gccactggcg aacttgcgcc ggtagtagac gacgtcgggg
   289381 ttctctgcct tgccttcgtc gtccgccggc aggctgtagc ccgccggcgt caggtagccg
   289441 ggattggcct gcccgccggg caaggtcggc ggcatgtcca ggcgttcgtt gagcccctgg
   289501 cagagccctc gctcgatccg ttcgtagcaa cccgcgagat cgttgacgcc atgcaccacg
   289561 atggtcacgc aaggcttggg cggaggcggc accagctgca cgtcgccgcc cttgggcaag
   289621 gtgatggact gggcagagac gatcgtcctc gaccgaaccc tatcgttcat ggcttctctc
   289681 cttgccgctc ctcggcgttg cgtcgtgcca ggcaggtcgc ttcgtcgagc agcatccagt
   289741 tgccaggttc gccgaccagg cagaattcga cggcaatgct ggaaaccgtt tgccggtgcc
   289801 gacggctacg ctcgttgaaa tgaatgaatg cgttgtagct cccatctggc tgcaagcgct
   289861 ccggccggcg caggagcacg ctggagccgg gatagtcgcc gaagacctcg atctccccgg
   289921 cacgccaccc gggcgggagc tcgatccgcc acagcgtttc ctggcaatgg ctgccgaccc
   289981 gccgacatac cgaaacacgg gtgatctcga cgtcgttggt ttccgccagc aaggggcgta
   290041 gatccagtgt cacgcgcccg gagccggcgt gcaccgggat ctgcggtggc agtttggaaa
   290101 cggccagggc ctgggcgctt cccaggccga acaggcaggc aatgagcaag gtcttgcatt
   290161 tcattggtca gtatcccgtt gggaagtttt tcagtacgcc agcgaacctg ctgttcgcag
   290221 aggcttcccc gaactcgttc ttctcgagga aataatctcg aacgatgtct ccctgctgtt
   290281 cgatgttgta gtccttcaac gtctttcccg gctccaaccg gtaggcgtac tggtcgccta
   290341 ggagaaactg cctggcttgc tggtaggccc ccaccagaag gacgttgacg ccatgctggt
   290401 gctgccagac atgggtcatt tcgtgaatga acagaccctg gcgctgcagg ctctccaggc
   290461 tccagtccgc cacgccgcgc aactcctcgc cgaagtagat gtggccgttc ggcgccatca
   290521 cgtagtcctt gccctgccag gggacatagt cctcgtcgcg caggcggacc gtggaatagt
   290581 cgatggaatc gccgaatacg cctttcgcca ggctgatttc cccttcgctg agagcacgtc
   290641 cggcctcggc gtcggggcca ctcaggagct tgccgactgc aaccgccgcg ccaaccgccg
   290701 ctgctatccc ggcaactgcg gaggcgggcg atttcgtgtg tttcatatcg accttggcga
   290761 tgttcatcgc atccttctgc agcagctggg tagcgccttc ggcgtcggtg acgccctcga
   290821 tgacctcgcc gttggccatg gtgatggtat agggcacgtt gggcatggcc gtctgcccgt
   290881 ccagttgctt gaggacgaac cgccgctgcg tctcgcccac ctcgaactgc ggcagctcgg
   290941 cttccaggct ggccgcgccg acatgactgt gcttcgccgc cttgaccacg aagttgccgg
   291001 gcatgcccag ctcgatgttg ccgcccttga gggtcaggta ggcgccgccg cacatcaggg
   291061 tgatgtgctc cttcgcggtg accagcacgt gctgctggct ggcgctgacc tccacgctct
   291121 gctcggcttc caggcggatg tcgttcttct gcgcgtgcag cagcatcggc ccctggtggg
   291181 tgatctggcg cagctcgccg ccctgggcga acaggccgat gtcgctgccg gcgttgatca
   291241 ccaccttctg cccggcggtc acctgctggt tctgccgggc cacgctgtcg acgtgctcgc
   291301 cggcggccag ggtcaggctc gccggcgtcg ccgcggcgat ccctgccgga ccgctcaagg
   291361 cgatcgccgg cttgcctccg ttgctcttgc cggactcgtc gttggcaccg tggccgaggt
   291421 cgcgcacggc ttcctggagg gtttgctgcg gcgccgcgtc gtgccccacg ccctggtgct
   291481 ccccggcgta gtcgcccagc tcgcgggcca gctccagcgc cgcctccagc acctgcacca
   291541 cgacgcctcg gtcgagatgg ccggcgccgg ccctgagctg ctcctcggtg ctcagcagca
   291601 gccccttggc cgcacgcacc gcgccatgtt cgtcggtgcg cagttcgaag ccctcgccgc
   291661 gcggcttgcc gccttcgggc cgaggatggg tcaggtagcc caggtgcagc gcgctggcac
   291721 cgtggtcgct catcagcgcc gcactgatct gcgccgtggt gtcgtcgatg cgcagctcgt
   291781 tggcccggct gcccttgtac tccttgctct tgatggtgct gaggatcttg tggtcgggca
   291841 gcgcgtaggg cggccggttg gtcgcccggt aggtacgccc ggtgacgatc ggctggtcgc
   291901 agtcgccgtc caggtaatcg acgatcacct cctggccaat ccgcgggatc gccatgtgcc
   291961 cccagtcggc acctgcccag ttctgcgcga cccgtatcca gcaggtactg aattcatcgt
   292021 gacgtccctc gcgatcccag gggaactgga ctttcacccg tccccactcg tcgcaatgga
   292081 tctcttcccc tgccgggccg actaccgtcg cgatctgcgg accatcgata cgcggccgag
   292141 gcagcggtgc gggacgccat tcgacgtcct cgggtaccag ttcggcgcgc aggtcgtagc
   292201 tcacccccag aggggcgtcg gcggactctt cctcctggcc ggcatactgg gtgccgcgat
   292261 ggaccacccg caccggccgc caccaggcgt tgaagtcggc acgcggatga ccttccaggg
   292321 caaaggcgtg gcccgggatc agccgcgggt cgtcgcnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnngcaggcg
   292381 ggcgacagcc gggcgcccag gatcggccct ctgcggcagg cgggtgccgc tccgcttgta
   292441 gcgaccgggg tagtcgtarc gctcgtagga cgagtcctga tgctcgagcg cctcgccagc
   292501 gagatgatgc tcctggtcgt aggtcgggcg cttgaagctg tagtcccgct gggtctgtcg
   292561 agccgtacga acattttcgc tgtagcggaa agaatgaagc accggctgcg ggttgtcgcc
   292621 ctccggctgg gcgctgaaca gcaccgggcc gccggcgata cgctcctgga cgtagagccg
   292681 gtcgctgcag accagggtgt ggcggtgttc gtcgaagcgg aagtagtaga ccaggccttc
   292741 ctcgaaggcc agccggtcgt gcaggtagtg atcgctgtcg ccggcctgca cgcagtattc
   292801 gcgcggcagg tgctcatggt agatgcgctg ttcgtagtcg agcacccggt gttccttgag
   292861 cagcgcctgg agaatctccg gaacactctt ctcctggaag atccgccagt tgcagcacag
   292921 ctccaggcgc gccaactgtg gttccagcag cagttcgtag cgggtccggc gaaaacccga
   292981 gctgccttgg gtgaagtggc tgacgatgcc atggacgtag cgggccggac ggccgtcctg
   293041 ccagagggtg aaggtgcccg gctggtcgag tacctgcttg aaatcgatgg cgttcttgtc
   293101 gctggccagc ttcaggctca ggcggaaagg ctcgcagagc gcttcttcca gttcgaactc
   293161 gacgacatcg aacgcaaggt tcccttcgcc aacgacgaag gtgaatttca ggtctctttg
   293221 acgcatggat cgttccctgt tccgggtggg cagttccttt ccaatccatt ggaggagcaa
   293281 gccacgttac tcttgctcag ccgctgccga aagtcttggc tcggtgtcta tttcgcgaag
   293341 tagcggacat tttcggctcg acggagaacc ggccgtacag gtgtacgacc ggtgtgcctg
   293401 tcaactcacc ctgcgaccgg cgagcgccag tcgtcggagc cggaggtgcc agagacttcg
   293461 tgggtccagg tgatcttgcg gtaggtgaag tgcacgtctt ccaggtgggt gaagtgggcg
   293521 ttgcccgggt cctggcagtt atgcatgtag tccttgatgt cgacgatgat cgcgtcttcc
   293581 aggacggtgg tgtagtagtg ctcctgggtg ccggcggcgg aggtgcggta ccactggatc
   293641 tcgaccttgg tcaggcgctc gccggaggtc agggcggcca gcagcagcgg cgaggccttg
   293701 tcgaagacct tggtgatgac cacaggcttg tgcacgcgct ggccggtcgg ctggccggac
   293761 tgcgggtcac gcgggatgat cacttcgtgg ttgaagccct ggaccatcac ctggtcctcg
   293821 tggccttcct gataggtgtt gccgaccgag tcctcggtga aggcgccggc ggtgaacagg
   293881 ccctgcttgg tgccggtgat ggacatgtag gcgggggttg ccatggatac gttccttgtc
   293941 gttgaaagtg cccaggcgat atgccggggg catcggtgct agacaagaac cgtgccacta
   294001 gtcttgaaac tcttttccat caaggcgtta ttgggggaag ccaaaaattc gctggcgatt
   294061 ctcatgggaa gaacactgaa aattgcgcaa ctttttgcgc accgcttgca aaaagttgcg
   294121 cactctctcg gagccctttg ggtatttgct ccctagcgtt ctatccacag ctttatccac
   294181 caaaaagttg cacaatggct tttggattgt gaggctgaat ggtcggagta ttttctgccc
   294241 ctatccaaac aacgcttcag cacgggtagt ctgattgtcc aaacgttcac caagcccagc
   294301 cggtacaagc tcacctttcc accgtatgcg tgacctctcc ctcagccggt attcccccaa
   294361 tgggggcgaa ccgccgttca aatgcgggcg gccggcttga agtcggatag tctgacctca
   294421 aaaccggcaa atcgccggtt ttggatctcc tgcattgcag gcaaaggctc gctgcgttca
   294481 agcgcaaata cgggaatatc ccgcatttga aaacccggct tgaaaagtac gcaaaacgtc
   294541 cttttgactg cggacgaaat tcgtcgtcag tcggtgtttt gtgcgtccga atttcggacg
   294601 cacaaaatcc cccagattcg gggtattacg agagtctcgt aaaactctca ctccagccac
   294661 cggctgaagc cgccactaca aaatattcgt agtgaacatg ccctgatttt tcaggagatg
   294721 atcgcgcgac cgtggccgca attttgtgga gatggcgacc ccgctgagtt acggcctcgg
   294781 gcattaacgt tggagcaacg ttggctaacg gtggactaac gttgatcgcg ttaccgggaa
   294841 gggggcgcat ttcaagtgcg ccccttggcg cgaccagcga tggctccgaa ctgagccatg
   294901 ggctaacgcg gcgctatctc acaaccacca atgggggaag tgaggagaat cccaccttgc
   294961 ctgaccaatc gccaggggat cgaacttacc gggagcgacg caggccaccc ggttgccctg
   295021 ctggaactga cgacagacat ttgagctggc cggcataaaa aagccccgcc tgagcgattc
   295081 aggacggggc tttcctttag gcttactgca cccaccatgc acccatgaga ggtggcttgt
   295141 ggctaatgac ttttggtaag tgcttgattt gtatggcgca tccggcggga ttcgaaccca
   295201 cgacccctgc cttcggaggg cagtactcta tccagctgag ctacggatgc agcgccgcgg
   295261 ctcgcgcggc aggccgcaat catacgcatc tcgtcggcgg gagtccattc catgtgcgta
   295321 cgttcgtgat ttcgaacgaa aacgaccgtc cgtcgaggat gtgctcagaa aagcagcaga
   295381 attttccgac tttcgttgat tttatcgaac ggggtattgc cctttgtcag tggtggccct
   295441 aggattcgtt tgagatttca aacgccccca aagccacaac aacaggagac cggggaattg
   295501 gcatcagttc agccggccgc gtgcccctgg aatgacctct ttctgacctg cccgtcgctc
   295561 gtccggcctt tcgcgctgcc gggccgccgt ggtgccggcg tggcgtttcg tccgcgttcc
   295621 ctttcccgca cgagcctttc gtatcctccc cgacgcctgt cggcggtcgc gttcgtccgc
   295681 gtccgcccgt tgcgcacggt ggccggccgg taacggcgac gccgctggca cagggcgcag
   295741 gaaatggaac accggggcgc tggccctttc gaataaccag caggcaacac tttccggtta
   295801 caaccgaacc agacaaccag gcacgcgggg tagtcgaggt agacccgctg ctcacggcat
   295861 tcctcgaagg agacaggtca tgcaactcaa agatgccaag ctgttccgtc aacaagccta
   295921 cgtcgatggc gcctgggtgg atgccgacaa cggccagacc atcaaggtga acaacccggc
   295981 caccggcgag atcatcggca gcgtgccgaa gatgggcgcc gccgagaccc gccgcgccat
   296041 cgaggctgcc gacaaggccc tgccggcctg gcgtgcgctg accgccaagg agcgcgccaa
   296101 caagctgcgc cgctggttcg acctgatgat cgagaaccag gacgacctgg cccgcctgat
   296161 gaccatcgag cagggcaagc cgctggccga ggccaagggc gagatcgcct acgccgcctc
   296221 cttcctcgaa tggttcggcg aagaagccaa gcgcatctac ggcgacacca ttcccggcca
   296281 ccagccggac aagcgcatca tcgtgatcaa gcagccaatc ggcgtgaccg cggccatcac
   296341 gccgtggaac ttcccctcgg cgatgatcac ccgcaaggcg ggcccggccc tggccgccgg
   296401 ctgcaccatg gtgctcaagc ctgcttcgca gaccccgtat tccgcgctgg ccctggccga
   296461 actggcagag cgcgccggca ttccgaaggg cgtgttcagc gtggtcaccg gtagcgccgg
   296521 cgaagtcggc ggcgagctga ccagcaaccc gatcgtgcgc aagctgacct tcaccggttc
   296581 caccgaaatc ggccgccaac tgatggccga gtgcgcccag gacatcaaga aggtgtccct
   296641 ggagctgggc ggcaacgcgc cgttcatcgt gttcgacgac gccgacctgg acgccgccgt
   296701 cgagggcgcg ctgatttcca agtaccgcaa taacggccag acctgcgtct gcgccaaccg
   296761 cctgtacgtg caggacggcg tgtacgacgc cttcgtcgac aagctgaagg ccgccgtggc
   296821 caagctgaac atcggcaacg gcctggaagc cggcgtgacc accggtccgc tgatcgacgc
   296881 caaggccgtg gccaaggtcg aggaacacat cgccgacgcg gtctccaagg gcgccaaggt
   296941 ggtttccggc ggcaagccgc acgccctcgg cggcaccttc ttcgagccga ccatcctggt
   297001 cgacgtgccg aagaacgccc tggtgtccaa ggacgagacc ttcggcccgc tggcgccggt
   297061 gttccgcttc aaggacgagg ccgaggtcat cgccatgtcc aacgacaccg agttcggcct
   297121 ggcgtcctac ttctacgccc gcgacctggc ccgcgtgttc cgcgtcgccg agcaactgga
   297181 gtacggcatg gtcggcatca acaccggcct gatctccaac gaagtggcgc cgttcggcgg
   297241 catcaaggcc tcgggcctgg gccgcgaagg ttccaagtac gggatcgagg actacctcga
   297301 gatcaagtac ctctgcctgg gcggtatctg agcccggcga ggaacgcatc cggaggggcc
   297361 ggacggcagg caagagctgc gccgtccggt gtcgacgttg ccggtggtgg caccggacga
   297421 accgggagac gcggtcgccg atcgcgaagc ggctccgagc cctggcgggc ctgcaagtcc
   297481 cgaggcagtc gatcatcgca tgctgccttg gggagcttcc ttcccgcctt catcctttga
   297541 cccggccgac ccgatgagcg gccactgagg aagccatgag caagaccaac gaatccctgc
   297601 tgaagcgtcg ccaggccgcg gtaccccgcg gcgtgggtca gatccacccg gtcgtcgccg
   297661 agcgcgccga gaactccacc gtctgggacg tggaaggccg cgagtacatc gacttcgccg
   297721 gcggcatcgc cgtgctgaac accggccacc tgcatccgaa ggtgatcgcc gcggtccagg
   297781 agcaactggg caagctgtcc cacacctgct tccaggtgct ggcctacgaa ccctacatcg
   297841 agctggccga ggaaatcgcc aagcgcgtgc cgggcgactt cccgaagaag accctgctgg
   297901 tcacctccgg ctccgaagcc gtggagaacg ccgtcaagat cgcccgcgcc gccaccggcc
   297961 gcgctggcgt gatcgccttc accggcgcgt accacggccg caccatgatg accctgggcc
   298021 tgaccggcaa ggtggtcccg tactccgccg gcatgggcct gatgccgggc ggcatcttcc
   298081 gcgccctggc gccctgcgag ctgcacggcg tgagcgagga cgactccatc gccagcatcg
   298141 agcgcatctt caagaacgat gcccagcccc aggacatcgc cgcgatcatc atcgagccgg
   298201 tgcagggcga gggtggcttc tacgtcaact ccaagtcctt catgcagcgc ctgcgcgccc
   298261 tgtgcgacca gcacggcatc ctgctgatcg ccgacgaagt gcagaccggc gccggccgta
   298321 ccggcacctt cttcgctacc gagcaactgg gcatcgttcc tgacctgacc accttcgcca
   298381 agtcggtcgg cggcggcttc ccgatctccg gcgtggccgg caaggccgag atcatggacg
   298441 ccatcgcgcc cggcggcctg ggcggcacct atgccggcag cccgatcgcc tgcgccgcgg
   298501 cactggccgt gctgaaggtg ttcgaggaag agaagctgct ggaacgttcg caagccgtcg
   298561 gcgagcgcct caaggccggc ctgcgcgaga tccaggccaa gcacaaggtg atcggcgacg
   298621 ttcgtggcct gggttcgatg gtggccatcg agctgttcga gggcggcgat acccacaagc
   298681 cggccgccga gctggtcagc aagatcgtcg tccgtgcgcg cgagaagggc ctgatcctgc
   298741 tctcctgcgg cacctactac aacgtcatcc gcttcctcat gcccgtcacc atccccgacg
   298801 cgcaactgga gaagggcctg gccatcctgg ccgagtgctt cgacgaactc gcttaagctt
   298861 caccggcaaa gcgatacccc cgaggcccgc gcgtccgcgc gggcctttct ttcagaggct
   298921 tcacggaaac ggaagcctct tttttctgcc agggttttcc gcgaaacgcc cgacgaacag
   298981 ttttcgcctg ttacccttgg gcgcctggcg catacgaatc ctcccgcatt cctccggtcg
   299041 ttccgttcgt ggcgattagg acaggtccta gaggcgcacc gtgttcgtcc gtcataccct
   299101 tgtgtgcccg cgggccgtgt cgtgcccgcc tgtcatgcct ggtgcgtccc gctcggttcg
   299161 ccaggttcga agaggaacgc catgagtgcc gcgaaaaagg cccccgtcat cctgattgcc
   299221 gacccggacc cctggagtcg cgacttgctt ggccaactgg tcctcggcgt gcgttgcgat
   299281 gcccggctgg tcctctgcgg cgatggcgga gaagcgctgg cgcattgccg gcgccggcgc
   299341 ttcgcgttga tcctggccga gctgaacctg ccgcaggtgg atggcttcga gctgctgcgc
   299401 gaagcgcgcc tgcgccgctc ggtcgccgag cagccgttca tcctgatcag cgaccgcgcc
   299461 gaccaggcca gcgtgcgcgc cgccgtggca ctggcgccga ccgcctacct ggtgaagccg
   299521 ttccaggccg agaacctgat gcaacgcctg cgagggttgt tgctgaaggg cgacgaagtg
   299581 gtcgcctgtc cgctgccgga gcgggacgcg ggcgagaacc tggaggcttt cctcgaacgc
   299641 gcgcgcgact ccgcggaggg ggcgccgttg ctggccgacg tgcgtgccgc cagcgatcgt
   299701 tgcctgagcg ccgaggagca tccgctgcgc gtgctggagg atgagttcgg ccgcgatccg
   299761 cagatcaccg ctggcctgat cgccgccgcc aacagcgccg cccggcacgt cggtccggcc
   299821 tgccagaccc tgggccaggc cctgcggcgg ctgggactcg ggcacagcct gaacctggtg
   299881 ctcggtttca gcctgcagcg ggccatccag ctcggcgagc cgctactggc cgagcgcgcc
   299941 atgcacttct gggatctttc gcaacgttgc gcggacatcg cttgggaact ggccgacgcc
   300001 ctcggcgcgg acgtcgagcg ctgctatacc gcagggctgc tgcatcgcct gggcgacctg
   300061 gcgctgctgc ggacattgca ggattggtgc gatggcggcg gcgcgctgga cgaggcgcgc
   300121 ctcgacgagc tgctggggcg tttcggcgcc agcttcggct cggccctgcg ggcgcgttgg
   300181 cggctgccgc tggagctgcg ccggctgatc gctgcggcgt accagttcgg tggcgtgctt
   300241 tcccgcgaag agctgatcct cagcctggcg acccaggccg ccagcctgcc cgaggacgac
   300301 gcggagcaac tggccgagag caaggctgcc cgcatgctcg ggctggacgg cgaacgactg
   300361 gcgaaactgc tgcagccctg agccgtcctc gccgggcctt tgtcccatag ggcggataac
   300421 gcggcgcgtc atgcgccgct gggcatgggc gcggttgcaa tcgagcctct tgccggggag
   300481 atcggctcct acgcacgccg ccgagttgcc ggccgtggat gggcgggagc gagcctagcg
   300541 ccgcagctcg gcgcgcaaca ggtccagcgc cgggtcgatg tcgtcccgtt cgatgcagcc
   300601 gaagccgaag aggaagccgg cctgtgccgg ggtttccgcg tagaagggcg gcagggtgcc
   300661 gacctccagg ccttgctggc gcaaatgacg ggcgatgcgc agcacatcca gcggttcgcg
   300721 acagcgcgcc gcgaggtgga tcccggccac cgccggcagc gcttcgagcc aggggctcag
   300781 gtcgccgtgc aggcgttcca gcaggcgtcc gcgacgctgg gcgtattcgc gttgcaggcg
   300841 gcgcgtatgg cgggcgaagt cgccgcgctg gatgaacagc gcgagggcgc gttgctgcaa
   300901 ggtctcgctg tgccggtcga ccagcttgcg cgccgccagc accgcttcgc gcaggcttgc
   300961 cggcggcagc aggtagccga ggcgcagctc ggggaagagg gtcttggaaa aggtcccgag
   301021 gtaggccacc tggccgttcc ggtcgaggct gcgcagcgac tccagcgaac gcccgtcgaa
   301081 gcggtactcg ctgtcgtagt cgtcctcgat gatcagcgcc cggtggcgct gcgcccagtc
   301141 cagcaactgc aggcgccgct ccaggctcat cggcatgccc agcgggaact ggtgcgacgg
   301201 ggtgacgtag accagcttgg cgttgtccgg cagcaggtcg acgcgcagcc cctcggcgtc
   301261 caccggcact ccgcgcacct cggcgccggt ggccagcagg ctggcgcggg ccggcggata
   301321 accgggttcc tcgaccaccg ccaggtcgcc ggggtcgagc atcacccggg ccagcaggtc
   301381 gagtccctgc tgggcgccct gggtgaccat cagggcgttc cagtcgcact gcacggcgcg
   301441 gttgatcgcc aggtagcggg agatcgccag gcgcagctcg gggtcgcctt cggtttcctt
   301501 gtagaacgcc ggcgagcgct gttgcaggcg tagcgcctgg agcacgcagg tacgccaggt
   301561 atcgaaggga aagcggcgct tgtcggtcgt gccgccggcg aagctgtagc ggagcggtgc
   301621 tcgctggtcc atcagaccgg actgcggttc gatgcgtgcc cagcgcgcgg ccggccgcaa
   301681 cggaccgtcg gcgcgctgcg gcggcgcttc cccggcgggc ccgcgggcga cgaaggtgcc
   301741 gctgccgacc cggccttcga ggaagccctc gctggcgagg cgctcgtagg cttcgctgac
   301801 ggtcttgcgc gacacttcca ggcgttcggc gaggtagcgc gtggctggca ggcgatcgcc
   301861 ggtggccagg cgaccatgga ggatcgcgtc gcgcagctgg cgatagagct ggccgaccag
   301921 gtcgtggcgg ccgtcgagga tcagttgcag ttccatggcg aaattggcta cctggtattt
   301981 ctggtaattg gctcttcgtg gaagccaaag gcaggcttag tgttacccca tgccgcgccg
   302041 ctttccactc tcgcggctgc caatcagcca aggagattcg ccatgaccat ccgcctcgaa
   302101 tgggccaaag cctcccccga cgcctatgcc gccatgctcg gcctggaaaa ggccctggcc
   302161 aaggccggcc tggagcgccc gttgatcgaa ctggtctacc tgcgcacttc gcagatcaac
   302221 ggttgcgcct actgcgtgaa catgcatgcc aacgacgcgc gcaaggccgg cgagaccgag
   302281 cagcgtctgc aagcgctctg cgtctggcag gaaaccccct acttcacccc gcgcgagcgc
   302341 gccgccctgg cctggaccga gcaactcgcc cgcctcagcc agggggcgtt gccgcacggc
   302401 ctgctcgacg aactgcgcga gcacttcgac gacaaggaga tcgccgaact gaccctggcg
   302461 gtctcggcca tcaacgcctg gaaccgcttc ggcgtcggca tgggcatgca accggaatga
   302521 ggtggacggc gatgaaggcc aatcgatcga tcgcctgcct gctgctcgcc gcgctgccga
   302581 cgctggccag cgcccatgct gcggagaagg tggaaaccct gcacgaccag gccctggccg
   302641 agtttcccgg ccatcgtggg ttgatgctga cggtgtcgtt caagcccggc caggtctccg
   302701 cgccccatgt gcatcccggc tcggtgttcg tctacgtgct cgaaggcacc gtgcagacgc
   302761 aactggaagg cggcccggtg gagacctaca cggtgggcca gagctggtac gagccggcga
   302821 acgtgccgca cctgctggca cgcaatcccg atccgatgaa gccggccaag ttgctggtct
   302881 gggagttgct caaggagggc gacccgatcc tcaagccact ggagcgcggc gcccactgag
   302941 gcgtcgctcg ttcgcccgga ggagcgtccg tcatgagcgc cagccaggtc atccgtattc
   303001 gcgcgcgcaa tggtcagtcg gaacggcttg gcctgcgcct gcaacaactg gtcgaaccgg
   303061 ggctggaggc gccgggttgc ctggagtacc aggtgcgcag ggacgccctc gagccggatc
   303121 tctggctggt gtgcagccag tggcgggaag cgcagcagat gttcgactac ctggccggcg
   303181 gcatccagca ggtattcgcc gaagtgctct ggcgctccct ggcggcgagc ctcgaagtgc
   303241 aggatgacgc aggctagagc aaacccagct cggcgcagac gatcagtacc tgctcgcgca
   303301 gccagaggtt cgccgggtcc tggtcggcgg cgcggctcca tgacaggtgc agggcgaacg
   303361 gcggcagccc gggcggtgcg aggcaggcgt gatggcggcc atcgtcgagc agtgcatgga
   303421 tacgccgtgg cagcatcagc acgaagtcgc tgcccgacag cagttgtagg gcggcgacgt
   303481 agctgttggc gcgcgcggcg acctcgcggc tgcggccctg gcgtcgcagc cacgtgtcca
   303541 ccaggttggc gttgctggcg tcgagcgggg tcgggaagac gaagcggcgc ctgcagaact
   303601 cgtccagttc caggcgctcg tggcgcggct gggcacgatc ctgtacgcag agcagctcgt
   303661 cgctgaacag ggcgagcgcc tgtagctccg gtgccggtcg gtggtactcg ggaccgaagt
   303721 cgaagaccag gtcgacctgg ccgtcgagca atgcttcggt gggcagttcg ggacccaggc
   303781 ggcggatgtc caggccgatc ctcgggccgt tggcggcgag ccgtcgcagg agtgccggaa
   303841 ggatcagcag ctcgacgtat tccggcgcgc agagggtaaa ggtccgcggc tcgccacgcg
   303901 ggtcgaagct accctgggcg gcgtgacagg cgttgatgcg ggcgagcatt tcctccacgt
   303961 ggggcagcat ggcgcgactc ttgtgggtcg gctgcatgcc gccgcgggtg gcgatgaaca
   304021 gctcgtcgtc gaaggcctgg cgcagtttct tcaggcagta gctgaccgtc gacggactga
   304081 ggttcaggtg ttcggcgacc tcgacgaggt tctgtcgttg gtggacctgt aggaagacca
   304141 gcaggtcctg catgtcgacc ttgcgcaggc cgttggcgat cagcatcggg gcgtcctgac
   304201 ggcgtcggga gcgccatcag aacccgtccc tttcctcagc gcaagctttc ggcgccgacg
   304261 ccttgcggct gtcgctcgac gaacagtgcc gcatagcgcc gcgggtcgaa gcgcaggccc
   304321 agccccagca gcagcgccgc caccgtggcc agcccgagcc aggcgccggt gaagctgccg
   304381 aggctgtcgc gcagcagccc ggcgatccat ggcgagaccc cggcgattag gtagccggcg
   304441 ccttgtacca gggcagccag ttgaccggcg cgttgcggcg cgtcgaagtg gtcgaggcag
   304501 acgatcaagc ccatggggaa cagcccgccg atgcccagtc ccagacacag cgcccagagc
   304561 agcggcaggc tggccggcgc ccaggcgagg ccgaggaagc cggccagcat cagcgccgtt
   304621 agcccgacca gcaccgggcg gcgatcccgc gagcggctgg ccagggccgg cgcgagcaac
   304681 ccggagagca cctccatggc cgtcaggaaa ccgagcagca gcccggattc ctgggcgctc
   304741 cagccctgct ccaggtaata gggcgcgagc caggccagca cgcaggtgta gcaggccgtg
   304801 ccgaggccga agaacaggac cagcagccag gtccgcggat agcgcaggag gctcctgccc
   304861 ggctgcgcgt cgggcaggcg caggcgggtg ccgggttgca gccaccaggc cagcagcgcg
   304921 agcgcggcga gcgccgccca ggcaccgagg ccgagccgcc agccggcgtg ctccgccagg
   304981 gtcggcgcgg cgctggcgga cagcgccgcg ccagccatga tggcggtgac gtagagcccc
   305041 atgcagagcg gcgtgcgcgc gccgaaacgg gccttgatca gggccggcat cagcgcctgg
   305101 atcagggcga tgccgagacc ggcgagcatg gcgctgccga gcaggtcggg caggcctcgg
   305161 ctgcccaggc gcagggcgct ggcggcgccg atcagcagca gggcgagggc caccgaacgc
   305221 cactcgccga cgcggcgggc gatgcccagg ccgaagaaca tgccgaggcc gagggtcagc
   305281 accggcaggg cggtcagcag cgagacgtcg ccgaagctga gcgcgatctc gccgcgcatg
   305341 gcgttcagca gtgggccgac ggcggccatg gagggccgca ggttgaggcc gaccaggacg
   305401 atggcggcca tcagccagag ggtgcggccg ggtgggttgg cagtgggcat ggcgatctcc
   305461 tttcgggagc accattgcgc ctgcgccagg gcgtggcggc aaatcaaaat ccgcagggcg
   305521 gattcgaaaa aatgcgctgg ccagggagtc ggggcggacg ctggcgcaac gttgcgagtc
   305581 gcgaggttat ccgccccgtg cggcgcgtgg cctcactccg cactcaagcg catcaggctt
   305641 tcgctcaggg cccgcgcgtg gcggtcgacg atgatcggcg cccagggcct gccggaagcg
   305701 ctgaccagcg cgctgctctt gctgttcagg tcgcgcaggg cctggctcag gtactcccag
   305761 cggttttcca gtttcttcag tcccgccggg ttggcgcttt gcgccaccag cagggcgatg
   305821 cgccggtcga tcagcgggac cagcacgctc tcgtcctggc cgagatagtc ccggggctgc
   305881 tcgcgggcag tctccagccc gcccaggtag gcgcgcgcca ggtattgcag ggacaggtac
   305941 tcgacccgca ccggcaactg ccagagcggc aggggctggc ctggcggggg cggcggcacc
   306001 tggcgttcca ccaggttgag gaagtcacgc agggcgcggc tcagttgctg cgggtagcgc
   306061 cagggcaggt cctcttcgcg ggggccgtag gccgcgcctt cacggatgcg cgccaccagc
   306121 gtcttttcgc cttgccgcag gagcaccccc tcgggggcgg cggcgagcgc ccgatcgagg
   306181 ctggcgaggt ccttctccag ttgcgccgcg tgctgttcct ggaaaccctc gccgcgcagc
   306241 aacaacaggc tgcccaccgc gcgacaggcc tggacctgca gttgttgcag ggcgcgttgc
   306301 tggtcgtcga gggcagcgcg cgccggcagc gccagcagca ggcagtaaag acagaggaca
   306361 gcgggaagcg cgggacggag catggggaga tcctgttgtt gtcgttatgg atatccgcac
   306421 cgagggcagg tgccctgcac acggtagccg gccatggcgc gcctgcaagc gttcgaaagt
   306481 gtgattcgcg ctcagccgtg ggtggccgcg cgcaggccgg cgaggtcgag aatctcgatg
   306541 ccgccgtagc tgagctggag gatgccctgg gcttcgaggt ccttgaggat ctggttggtg
   306601 gtctgccgcg acagcgacag catcaatgcc aactgctcct gcggcaggtg caggacctgc
   306661 cggctgcggc tgttgtcgta gccctcggcg agcatcagca ggcgccgcgc caggcgttgt
   306721 gcggccggca gcagggccat ctcttccagg gcgatgaatg ccaggcgcag cttgtggctc
   306781 atcagcaggg ccacgtcgcg ccagtagtgc ggctcgcggc gaagcagttc gagcagcgcc
   306841 gcctgcggta cctggagtag ctgggtgtgg ccttcggcgt aggcatcgtg ggtgcgcgcc
   306901 tggccgtcga acagggcgat ctcgccgaac cagtgcggcg cttccaccag gatcagcagc
   306961 gcctccttgc cgttctcgct gaccgcgctg atacggatcg cgccctcgac cacgcagtac
   307021 agtccgcagg gcgcgtcgcc gcgggcgaac aggcgctggc ccggcggcaa ctggcgcggt
   307081 tgggcgagtg ccagcaggtg cgtctgcaag gcctccggca aaccctggaa ccagcggccg
   307141 gcctggagtt gcgaacggta gtcggtacgc tcgttcatgt ttgtcgtcta gctgacagag
   307201 tggaaaaccg gggcggcgcg atgatgcgag aaccctggcg tgagaccaca acaatgaaaa
   307261 ccctagtcga tcaccttgcg caatacgccg cctaccaccg cgaccggcgc aacatcttca
   307321 gccatttcat cggcattccg atgatcgtcc tctccatcgc cgtgttgctg gcgcggccgg
   307381 cgctggggtt cggcctgtct ccggcgctgc tgctggcgct cgccgcggcg ctgttctacc
   307441 tgcgcctgga cctgcgcttc ggcgtggcca tgacggcgct gctggcgctg acggtgtggg
   307501 gcgctgcgca attggcggcg gggactaccg ctgcctggct gggctggggc gtcggcctgt
   307561 tcgtggtcgg ctggatcatc cagttcgtcg gtcattacta cgaagggcgc aagccggcct
   307621 tcgtcgacga tctcagcggg ttgatcgtcg gtccgctctt cgtgctggcg gaactggcct
   307681 ttctgctggg gctgcgcggc gacgtgcagc gcgaggtcga ggagcgcgcc ggcccgacct
   307741 gcattcgcga gcacaagcgg gcggcgtgag aaggtctccc gcgagcgcgg gagaccgggg
   307801 tgggagcgtt acttgcgatc cgcggcgatg cgctggcgga tgtgatcggc gcgggcctgg
   307861 gagcccgggt gcgaatcgaa catgctgctg tcgccgccgc ccagcttggc cagcttctcg
   307921 aaggcggtga ccaggccctg ggtgttcact ccgcgcttct tcagtagctc gtaggagaaa
   307981 tcgtcggcgt cggattcctg ggactgggag aactgcgcgt tgaccagcga ttcggtgagt
   308041 tcgcccagct gggagccgga cagggcggcc agcgcgccgc tcttcgaggc gccggcggcg
   308101 ccgcgcaccg cggcggccgc gtaggcggtc tgggcggcct tgcgggtgtg gccgagggcg
   308161 acgtggccca tctcgtggcc gagcacgcct tcgatctcgt tgtcgctcat cagctccatc
   308221 agcccgctgt agacgcggat gcagccgttg gccatggccc aggcgttgac ctcctcggtg
   308281 aggtagacct tgtagttcac cggcacgccg tcgatctggt cgcccagggc cttggcgatc
   308341 ttgtccaggc gctggccgta cttgctgttg gccggggcga tgcggttttg ctggtcggac
   308401 tcggcgcagg cctggtcggc gacctggcgg acctcggcgt cgctcagggt tgcagccttc
   308461 accgccatca tgccgtgctg catgaggtcc ccctggggca ggttctggca gccggccagg
   308521 gtggcgcagg cgagggccag ggcggaaagg gaaagacggg tcttcatcgt gtgctccttg
   308581 cgataggtgg cgttccgtgc cggacgggcg tgttccgccc ggtgccgcgc gcccggtggg
   308641 ggtcgcgcgg cggcggatga tagcgacttg tgccgttcgt cggaagtccc gcgaaggccg
   308701 caggcccgcc ctggcgggag cgcaatgcgt ccctggcgtc agtggaaacc gcgccaggcg
   308761 aggtcggcgc cgagcagcag gagaccgacg aagaagcagc gcctgaacag cgtcgcgctg
   308821 atccgctggc gcagccactg gccgaggagc atcccgccca gcgccgggac cagggtcagc
   308881 agcgaggcgc cgagcatctg cggttcgagc aggtcgccgt gcacgccgag agtgaccgcc
   308941 agggccaggg tcgaggcgct gaacgacagg ccgagggcct ggaccagttc gtcgcgctgc
   309001 aatcctaggg ctcccaggta gggcaccgcg ggaatcacga aaatcccggt gaccgcggtc
   309061 agcgcgccgg tcgccagccc gaccagcggg ccggcccagg gctcgtggcg tgccggcagg
   309121 tgcagcggga tcgcggccag gccgagcagc gcgtaggccg ccagggccag gccgagcacg
   309181 ccggtggcct gccttggtgc gtcgccgccg agccatgcgc cgaccagcag ggtgcccacg
   309241 atcaccccga gcagcaggcc ggccaggcgc ttcatcaagc cgaggaagcg cgggccgcag
   309301 gcgagctgcc agaggttggt caccatcgac ggcacgatca gcagcgccgc cgcctgcatc
   309361 ggcggcatgg ccaggccgag caggcccacc gagaccgtcg gcaggcccag gccgaccacg
   309421 cccttgacga agcccgcgag aaggaaggtg agggcgatca gtgggatcag ggcgtggagg
   309481 tcgacggaca tgcgggttct tccttgtctc gggctggcgc gaacgggcga tggcggccag
   309541 tatctctcgt cgtcgacagg caatgtttca tccggaggtg aagcatgcaa ttcaatcccg
   309601 gcttcagttc gctggcggcg ctgctcgccg atcccggccg cgcgcagatg atctgggcac
   309661 tgatggatgg cagcgcccgc ccggccagcg agctggcgct gctggcgggc gtctcgccgt
   309721 cctccgccag cggccacctg ggacggctgg tcgagggcgg cgtgctgagc ctggaggcgc
   309781 gcgggcgcaa tcgcttctat cgcctggccg ggccggaagt gggacaggcg gtggaagcgc
   309841 tggccagcgc ctccctggcc ctgcagccgc agcggcgcag cctgccgccg agccacggca
   309901 cgccgtcggc gttgcgcgag gcgcggacct gctacgacca cctggccggc gaactcgcgg
   309961 tcggtgtgtt cgcacggatg ctggatgccg gctggatcga gcaggagggc aggacgctgc
   310021 gcctgagcgc gaccggcgag gccgggctgg ccaggttggg aatcgacctg gcggaggtcc
   310081 gccgccgccg tcggcagttc gcctgcgcct gccccgactg gagcgaacgc aagccgcacc
   310141 tcggcggcgc gctgggggcg gcgttgctgg aggcctgtct gcgccagggc tggttgcggc
   310201 cgcaggacgg ctcgcgggcg ttgcaggtgt cgtcgaaggg ccgcgcggga ctgcgcggcc
   310261 tggcggagcg cacggcgggc tgaacccgcc gcgggatcag agattggcca ccggctggaa
   310321 ggccttcggc ttgaagtaga gggtctcgcc gcgggccagg ccggccaggc tgtcgtggtc
   310381 cttcaccact tcggcttcga tcagttcgtc ctggccgtcg accttcagcg ttacccgggt
   310441 gatcgccccc agcggacgga tgtcgcggac ctcggcggcg cggtgctcgg ccaccgcgga
   310501 acgcgacagc gacacttcgt gggggcggaa cagcaggtgc tggtcgttgc ccagttgcag
   310561 gcggttggag tcgccgagga agtggtagac gaaatcgctg gccgggttct cgtagacctc
   310621 gccgggcgag ccgatctgct cgatcacgcc cttgttcatc accacgatgc ggtcggccac
   310681 ttccatcgct tcttcctggt cgtgggtgac gaacaccgag gtcaggttga tctcctcgtg
   310741 caggcgcgcc agccagcggc gcagctcctt gcgtaccttg gcgtcgaggg cgccgaaggg
   310801 ttcgtcgagg agcaggatct tcggctccac cgctagcgcg cgggccaggg cgatacgctg
   310861 ccgctggccg ccggagagtt gctcgggata gcggtcggcg agccagtcga gctgcaccat
   310921 gttgagcagc tcgtggacct tggccttgat cgcggactcg cccggccgct cgcccttggg
   310981 cttcatgcgc aggccgaagg cgacgttgtc gaacaccgtc atgtggcgga acagcgcgta
   311041 gtgctggaag acgaagccga cgttgcggtc gcgcacgtcg tgctgcgaga cgtcctcgcc
   311101 atggaacacg atgttgccgg cgtccggggt ttccagcccg gcgatgatcc gcagcagggt
   311161 ggtcttgccg cacccggagg ggccgagcag ggccaccagc tcgccgctct ggatatccag
   311221 gttgatgttg tccagggcct tgaaggcgtt gaagttcttg ctgacgttac ggatttcgat
   311281 gctcatggtt cattcctcgt cagcattgct tttcagtcgg gacatgcggg attcgctcca
   311341 ctgcttgagc agaaggatga ccagcgccat cagcagcaac aggctggcga cgctgaaggc
   311401 ggcgacatgg ttgtattcgt tgtagaggat ctcgacgtgc agcggcaggg tgttggtgac
   311461 accgcggata tgcccggaaa ccaccgacac cgcgccgaac tcgcccatcg cccgcgcggt
   311521 gcagagcacc acgccgtaga tcaggcccca cttgatgttc ggcagggtca cgtgccagaa
   311581 catctgccag ccgttggcgc cgagcaggcg ggcggcttcc tcctcctggg tgccctgctc
   311641 ctgcatcagc gggatcagtt cgcgggcgac gaagggcacg gtgacgaaga gggtcgccag
   311701 gacgatgccg ggcaccgcga agacgatctg gatgtcgtgg tcgctcagcc attcgccgaa
   311761 gtagccctgg gcgccgaaca acagcacgta gatcaggccg gcgatcaccg gcgagaccga
   311821 gaacggcagg tcgatcaggg tcaccaggat gctcttgccg cgaaactcga acttgctcac
   311881 gcaccaggcg gcggcgacac cgaacagcag gttgagcggc accgagatgg ccaccgcgat
   311941 cagggtcagc ttcagcgcgg ccagcgcgtc gggttcgagg atcgcctcga agaaggtgcc
   312001 gaaaccctgc ttcagcgcct cgctcaggac cacgtagagc ggcagcagga ggaacagggc
   312061 gaagaccagc caggccagga cgatcagggc caggcggccg ccggcgttgc cgcggcggga
   312121 ggcgctggcg gtggcagcgg aaatgcttgc actggacatg gcgccctcct tacggggttt
   312181 cgatgcgacg ctgcagcagg ttgatcagca gcagcaggat gaaggacacc accagcatca
   312241 gcacgccgat ggcggtggcg ccggtgtagt cgtactggtc cagcttgacc atgatcagca
   312301 gcggcaggat ctcggtcttc atcggcatgt tgccggcgat gaagatcacc gagccgtatt
   312361 cgccgacgcc ccgggcgaag gccagggcga aaccggtcag ccaggccggc agcagcgccg
   312421 gcacgaggat atggcggaac acctgcagcg gcctggcgcc gaggcaggcg gcggcttcct
   312481 cgacttcctt gggaatgtcg gcgagcaccg gctgcaccgt gcggaccacg aacggcaggg
   312541 tcacgaaagt cagcgccagg gtgatcccca ggggggtata ggcgatcttg aagccgaggt
   312601 cgctggcgaa ctggccgacc aggccggccg gcgcatagag cgcggtgagg gcgataccgg
   312661 cgacggcggt gggtagggcg aagggcaggt cgatcatggc atcgatgatc ttccgtccgg
   312721 ggaattcgta gcgcaccagg acccaggcca gcagcgtgcc gatcaagccg ttgagcacgg
   312781 cggcggcgag cgcggtgccg aagctcagct tgagcgcggc gagcacccgc ggcgcgctga
   312841 tgatggccca gaattgctcc cagctgagct gggtggtctt gaggaacatg gcccccagcg
   312901 ggatcaggac cagcaggctg aggtacacca gggtgtatcc cagggtcagc ccgaagccgg
   312961 gtatgaccgg ggaaatgcgt cgtgacatgt tctgtcctta ctctgcgttg gaacgcttgg
   313021 tggctctccc ggtgccggtt ccttccggca gtgggcccgg tacgggaccg ggcctgctag
   313081 ccccctcgcc cgtccgggag agggtctggg agaggggccg tggttcgggc gacgggtctg
   313141 ccgtcgcgat cattgcgcct ggtagatctg gtcgaagatg cccccgtcgt tgaagaactt
   313201 cggctgggcc gtcttccagc cgccgaaatc ggagtcgacg gtgaccaggt tcagtttcgg
   313261 gaactgcgtg gcgaactcgg cggcgacctt ctggttgcgc ggccggtaga agttctgcgc
   313321 ggcgatgcgc tggccttcct cgctgtacag gtattgcagg taggcctcgg cgaccttgcg
   313381 ggtgcctttc ttctcgacca ccttgtcgac caccgcgacc ggcggttcgg caaggatgga
   313441 gatggagggt acgacgatct cgaagttttc cccgccctgt tccttcttcg ccaggaacgc
   313501 ctcgttctcc caggccagca gcacgtcgcc gatctggttg ttgacgaagg tgatggtcga
   313561 gccgcgggca ccggtgtcga gtaccggtac gtgcttgtac agcgcctgca cgtagtcctt
   313621 ggccttctcg tcgctaccgt actgcttctt cgcccaggcc caggcggcga ggaagttcca
   313681 gcgcgcgccg ccggaggtct tcgggttcgg cgtgatgact tccacgcctt ccttggtcag
   313741 gtcgccccag tccttgattc ccttggggtt gcccttgcgc accaggaaca cgatggtcga
   313801 ggtgtagggg gtgctgttgt ccggcaggcg tgcctgccag tcggccggca gcagcttgcc
   313861 gagcttgtgc agttcgtcga tgtcgccggc cagggccagg gtcaccacgt cggccttgag
   313921 cccatcgatc accgcgcggg cctgcttgcc ggagccgccg tgggactgct ggacggtcag
   313981 gtcctcgccg ccctgggcct tccagtgctt gatgaaggcc gcgttgtagg cctggtacag
   314041 ctcgcgggtc gggtcgtagg aaacgttcag cagttgcgtg gctgcggcag ccgggccgga
   314101 gaccagggcg ctggcgagtg cggccagggc gaaacgacga agggacatgt gcagctccta
   314161 ggtgtgtgct gtttcgattg ttctaatggg gtgttggcgg aacgacggga acacggggcg
   314221 tcaggcgcgc attcgcggcc gacagctgca gtaccggtgc ggatggggta tcgaacggat
   314281 gttcatggcg agacgcctcc ggtggtccag tcgggtcgtg tgcttcaggc ctgcttgacg
   314341 gccggttgct gcagacggaa tttttccttg cgctcgatct gcaccacctg gccgttgtgc
   314401 acggtgatct cgacggcgcc gaagcgcagg ccgcgcaggg cactctggat ttcacgcagg
   314461 atggtggctt cgtcctggcc atccaggctt ctgagggttg cgctcatggg tctctgctcc
   314521 tgtggctcga ggtgccgcgt tgctcgacga agtggaggcg gcgtgaggcg catagtaagc
   314581 agtgggcaat attcttaaaa atattgttta agaatcttta taggtaaagt ggttataaga
   314641 cggcgaagcg gcccggcttc accgccaggc tcagtcttcc ggcagcgcca cgggcggcag
   314701 gtcgaagcgc agcgcttccg ccggttgcgg ccgtccgtac cagtagcctt ggccgaagtc
   314761 gcagccatgt tcgcgcagga acagcgcctg gtcctgatgc tcgatgccct cggcaaccac
   314821 ccgcagcccc atgctttgcg ccagggcaac gatcgcccgg gcgatcgcgg cgtcgtccac
   314881 cgcgccgggc aggccggcga cgaagccctg gtcgatcttc agcttgtgca ccggcagccg
   314941 cttgaggcgc atcagcgagg aatagccggt gccgaagtcg tcgatggcca ggttcacgcc
   315001 gaggatacgc aggcggcaga gcaggttgag ggactgctcg aagtcctcca tcaccgcgct
   315061 ttcggtgact tccagctcca ggtagcgggg ctccagcccg gactcttcca gggcattggc
   315121 gatcctttcc tccaggccgc cgcggttgaa cagccggctg gagacgttga ccgcgacgaa
   315181 ctccagctcg acgccgcgct gttgccactc gcgcatctgc cggcaggcac gcttgagcac
   315241 ccagttgtcc agcgcggcga tcagcccgca ttcctccgcc accgggacga actcgcctgg
   315301 cggcaccagg ccgcgctcgg gatgctgcca gcgcaccagc gactcgacgc cgacgatccg
   315361 cccgctggcc aggtcgtgca ccggctggta gtggacgcgc agttcgtcgt gatccagcgc
   315421 atggcgcagg gccgattcca cctggacatg ggcgcgggcc cgggcggtca gcacgcgggt
   315481 gtagaaggcg taggcgttac gcccgctgtc cttggcctgg aacagcgcgg cgtcggcgtg
   315541 ttgcatcagg tggtcgacgt cgctggcgtc ttccgggtag aggctgacac cgaggcttgc
   315601 gctgatatag atcggctggc agtggatgtc gaacggcgcg ttgaaaccgt cgaggatgcg
   315661 ctgcgagagt cgcgcgacgg cttccgggtc gtcgttctcg acgaggatgg cgaattcgtc
   315721 gccgcccagt cgcgacagca ggcagcgctc gtcgagctgg tgttgcaggc gcttgctgac
   315781 ctccttgagg agcatgtcgc cagttgtatg gccgaggctg tcgttgatgt gcttgaagtg
   315841 gtcgaggtcg atcagcagca gggccccggc caccgtccgg tccttgccgt tctccagcgc
   315901 ctgctcgatg cgctcgcgca gcagcacgcg gttgggcagg ccggtcagcg agtcgtggtg
   315961 ggcgaggaag tccagctcgt tctccgagcg cttgatgctg ctcaggtcgg agaacacccc
   316021 gacgtagtgg gtcagctggc cctggtcgtt gcgcaccacg cggatgtgca gccactgcgg
   316081 gtagatctcg ccgctcttgc gccggttcca gatttctccg ctccagacgt cctgctcgcg
   316141 cagggccagc cacaggcgct ggtagaacgc ctggtcctgg cggccggagc ggaggatcgc
   316201 cggggtcttg ccgagcacgt cttcggagcg gtagccggtg atgcgctcga aggaagggtt
   316261 gacgtgcacg atcatcgcct gggcatcggt gaccagaacg ccctcgcggg tgctgtcgaa
   316321 taccgccgcg gcctggcgca ggtggtcttc cttgagccgc tgcagggtga tgtcgcgggc
   316381 cacgccagtg tagtgcagcg gcttgcccag ggcgtcgcgg aggacccggc cgcgcgagtg
   316441 gatccagcgg tagtcgccgt ccttgtggcg caggcggtag atgtggtcga gattgtcggt
   316501 caggccctgc aggtggttgc ggtgggcctc cagcacggtg gcgtactctt cggggtgcag
   316561 gcgcttcttc caggtctcga tggggtcgcc gagttcctcc ggagcgaggc cgatcagcgc
   316621 ggcgtagccc ggcgagacga acatccggtc ggtcaccagg tcccagtccc agagtccgtc
   316681 gcgcaccgct tccagggcgc ggttcaggcg ctgctcgctg ccgtgcagtt cgtcgtaggc
   316741 ctgggccttg cggcggaact ggcgtaccag gtagaggtac aggagcaggc cggttgcggc
   316801 gaagaagaac agccgcttgg cggtcatcca gaacaccagt tggtcgtggt cctggacctg
   316861 gttttgtaac aaatgatcgc tcaggaacgc ccaggcgatg gcgattgcga gataagccag
   316921 gctcaggcga agggcactca ggcgggggct catgggattt tcagtgggca attattggcc
   316981 gggcagtata aatgatggcc atccggccct gttcatatct aaaagaacgg atggtaatcc
   317041 ccagccgctt ggtgataatg cccccaggtt ttgtcagaca aggccctcat cactcccaag
   317101 tccccccgag gttcagtacc gcctatgtgg ttcaacggtt ttctcgacct gtcgccgtgg
   317161 caactggtgg cagttaccct ggtgctgacg catatcacca tcgtcagcgt gaccgtctac
   317221 ctgcatcgct attccgccca ccgtgcactc gacctgcacc ccgcgctgca gcacttcttc
   317281 cgtttctggt tgtggttgac cacagggatg aacacscgcg aatggaccgc gatccaccgt
   317341 aagcaccatg ccaagtgcga gaccgtcgag gatccgcaca gcccggtgca caagggcctg
   317401 ttcaccgttc tgcgcgcagg cgcggagctg tacaaggccg aggcgaagaa ccaggacacc
   317461 ctgcgcatct acggcaagaa ctgcccggac gactggatcg agcgcaatct ctactcgcgc
   317521 ttcccgatcg gcggcgtggt gctgatggcg ctcatcgacc tggccctgtt cggcgccctt
   317581 ggcctgaccg tctgggccgt gcagatggta tggattccgt tctgggccgc cggcgtggtc
   317641 aacggcctcg gccacgcggt cggctatcgc aacttcgaat gccgcgacgc cgccaccaac
   317701 ctggtgccct ggggcatcct catcggcggc gaagagctgc acaacaacca ccacacctac
   317761 ccgaactcgg ccaagctgtc ggtgaagaag tgggaattcg acctgggctg ggcctggatc
   317821 aagctgttca gcttcctgcg cctggccagg gtcgcccggg tcgcgccgat cgcccatcgg
   317881 gtcgagggca agcacagcct ggacatggac accgccatgg cgatcctcaa caaccgcttc
   317941 cagatcatgg cgcagtaccg caagctggtg atcgcgccgc tggtcaagca ggaagtggcc
   318001 aaggccgacg agtcggtgcg ccacctgttc cgccgcgcca agcgcctgct gtcgcgcgag
   318061 accagcctgc tgcaggaccg ccaccacgtg cgcatcgact cgatgctcgc ccacagccag
   318121 gcgctgaagg tgatctacga gaagcgcctg gcgttgcagc agatctgggc caagaccagc
   318181 gccaacggcc acgacatgct ggcggcgatc aaggactggg tgcatgaggc ggaagccagc
   318241 ggtatccagt cgctgaagga gttcgccgcg caactgaaga cctactcgct gcgtcccgcc
   318301 tgacgcctgg cgcgccctcg cgggtgcgtc agccgcctct gcaacgcgcc ggctcctgcc
   318361 ggcgcgttgc gtttcggcgt cgccagtgcg acgccccgcc gatacttctc ttcctccgca
   318421 agtcgacttg cccgatccgg gattcagccc gggcggcgcc cggcctatct tcggcgtgcc
   318481 caggcgccac gccgggcgtc acgcagaaca acaagaaaag gagcgcgggc gatgttgctg
   318541 gattacctga tcatgctggt ctacgccctg gccatgctgg gcctgggctg gtacggaatg
   318601 cgcaaggcga agagccagag cgatttcctc gtcgccggac gccgcctcgg ccccggcctc
   318661 tacctgggaa ccatggccgc ggtggtgctc ggcggcgcgt cgaccattgg tacggtcaag
   318721 ctcggctacc agttcggcct gtccggcttg tggctggtgt tcatgctcgg cctggggatc
   318781 atcgtcctca gcctggtgtt ctcgcggcag atcgcgcgcc tgcgggtgtt caccgtgacc
   318841 caggtgctgg agcagcgcta ccaggcctcc tcgcgcctga tcggcggggt ggtcatggtc
   318901 gcctacgacc tgatggtggc ggtcaccgcg accatcgcca tcggctcggt caccgaggtg
   318961 gtattcggca tcccgcggat cccggcgatc ctctgcggtg gcgggatcgt catcgtctat
   319021 tcggtgatcg gcggcatgtg gtcccttacg ctgaccgaca tcatccagtt cgtgatcaag
   319081 accgtcggta tcttcctggt cttgctgccg ttgtcgatcg acggcgccgg tggcctggcg
   319141 cgcatgcagg aggtgctgcc ggcgggcttc ttcgacctcg gccacatcgg cctggatacc
   319201 atcctcacct acttcctcct gtacttcttc ggcgcgctga tcggccagga catctggcag
   319261 cgggtgttca ccgcgcgcag cgagacggtg gtgcgctacg ccgggcttgg cgccggcgtc
   319321 tactgcatgc tctacggcgc cgcctgcgcg ctgatcggcg cggcggcgcg ggtcctcctg
   319381 ccggacctgg cggtgccgga gaacgcctac gccgagatca cccgcgaggt actggcgccg
   319441 ggcctgcgcg gcctggtggt ggcggccgcg ctgtcggcga tcatgtccac cgccagcggg
   319501 tgcctgttgg cggcggccac cgtgctgcag gaagacatct acgcgcgctt cctccgcccc
   319561 ggtaccacca gcgacatccg tctgagccgt tgcatcaccc tgctgatggg cgtggcgatg
   319621 ctggtcctgg cgtgcctggt caacgatgtc atcgcggccc tgagcatcgc ctacaacctg
   319681 ctggtcggcg gcctgctggt gccgatcgtc ggcgcgctgc tgtggcgccg ggccagtccg
   319741 cagggggcga tcgccagcat cgtcgccggt tgcctggcgg tgatcgcctg catggcccgc
   319801 gacggcctgc tcgccaactc gccaatcgtc tacggcctgc tggccagcct ggcgaccttc
   319861 gtcgcggtca gcctggctac ccgtcctgcc gccagcctgc gagcccagcc ggaatgaacc
   319921 caccgcgccg ggcggcgccc ggcgctttct tcccgccaca cggagacgcc ccatgtcgaa
   319981 cgaccatccg cagcccctcg acgccgccga gattccacgc ttcgccggca tcccgacctt
   320041 catgcgcctg ccggcgttca ccgacccggc ggcgctgcag gtcggcctga tcggcgtgcc
   320101 ctgggatggc ggcaccacca accgcgccgg tgcccgccat ggcccgcgcg aggtgcgcaa
   320161 cctgtccagc ctgatgcgca aggtacatca cgtcagccgc atcgcgccct acgacctggt
   320221 gcgggtcggc gacctcggtg atgcgccggt gaatcccatc gacctgctcg attcgctgcg
   320281 ccgcatcgaa ggcttctatc gccaggtcca tgccgccggt accctgccgc tgtcggtcgg
   320341 tggcgaccac ctggtgaccc tgccgatctt tcgcgccctg ggtcgcgagc ggccgctggg
   320401 catggtgcat ttcgatgcgc attccgatac caacgaccgc tacttcggcg acaaccccta
   320461 cacccacggc acgccattcc gccgggccat cgaggaaggt ctgctcgacc cgctgcgcac
   320521 ggtgcagatc ggcattcgcg gctcggtgta ttcgccggac gacgacgctt tcgcccgcga
   320581 gtgcggcatc cgcgtgatcc acatggaaga gttcgtcgaa ctgggcgtcg aggcgaccct
   320641 ggccgaagcc cggcgggtgg tgggcgacgg gccgacctat gtgagtttcg acgtcgacgt
   320701 gctcgacccg gccttcgcgc ctggcaccgg caccccggag atcggcggca tgaccagcct
   320761 ccaggcccag caactggtcc gcggcctgcg cgggctggac ctggtcggcg ccgacgtggt
   320821 ggaagtctcg ccgccgttcg atgtcggcgg cgccacggcg ctggtggggg cgaccatgat
   320881 gttcgaactg ctctgcctgc ttgccgagtc ggccgcgcga agcgcctgac ggcgttccgc
   320941 cggcctggct ttggcgctat aacgaaggcg gaccgaacgc catgggggcg ggaatgctgg
   321001 gcaacctcaa cgacatcgac ctgcgcatgc tgcgcacctt ctgcgccatc gtcgaggccg
   321061 gcggcttcac tgccgcccag gcgcgcctga acaccagcct gtcgcgcctg agcgtgctgg
   321121 tgcgcgactt ggaggtgcgc ctgggctatt ccctgtgccg gcgcggcaac ggcggtttcc
   321181 agttgaccga ggaggggcag gagctctacg acgccgcgct cggcctgttc agcgacatcg
   321241 cccgtttccg cgagcaggtc cgcggcctcg gcgggcgcga tcgcgaggcg ttgcacctgg
   321301 gctgcgtcga tggcgtcatc ggccagcatt gcctgccgtt gccgctggcc atccggctgt
   321361 ttcgccagcg cgccccggag gtgctgctca agctgcacac gcggcgtccc gacgaactcg
   321421 agcacgcggt gctggaagag cgcctgcaac tggcggtggg ggcctttcac caccggttgt
   321481 ccgggctcta ctaccaaccc ctgttccgcg aggagcagaa cctctattgc ggcagcgcgc
   321541 accccttctt cgcccgggcg gacgacgagc cgacactgga cgagatctgc gccgccgact
   321601 atgtcggccg cggctacatg gcggaaaacc atcgcccgca cgacctgcgc ttcaaccagg
   321661 ggaccgacgc ctacaccatg gaggccatcg ctaccctggt cttcagcggc acctacatcg
   321721 gctacctgcc gacgcactat gccgccacct gggtcgccga agggcgcatg cgggcgatcc
   321781 ggccacggca actggcctac gactcggaat tccattgcat tacccgtcag ggacacgaag
   321841 aacgaccgac cctgaccctg ttcctgcgct cgctgttcga ggcgcagaaa caactgggcg
   321901 tgcaggctcc ggcgaatacg aacggcatcg cttggcaatt gtgatcgagc gcactggctg
   321961 gagcctttcc ctgccgttcg gcgggcattt ctgtatcgcc gcgacccctg cgctaagttg
   322021 gcggtcgaac ccgttccgcg agcagagcga cgatccatgg acgacctaac cggcattccc
   322081 gaagacccgc aggaggccgc gctggccttg ctgcacagcc gtgccgaagt ggcccggctg
   322141 aaggagcgcg agcaactctt cagcgccttg ctggccagcg tcaactcggt gctctgggcc
   322201 tacgactggc agaaccggcg gatggtctac gtcagccccg cctacgagaa aatcttcggc
   322261 cgttccgcgg cgctgctgct ggcggactac gaggaatggc gcaacagcat ctacccggac
   322321 gacctcgact acgccgacag cagcctgctg caggtgctcg aacgtggcgc cgtggaacaa
   322381 cgcgaatacc gcatcgtgcg tggcgacggc gaggtccgct ggctcaacga caagtgcttc
   322441 gtcagccgcc agggcgaggc gggactgccg ctgatggtgg tgggcatcgc cgaggacatc
   322501 accgacaaga agcacatgga gagcgagctg caacggctgg ccaccaccga cgtgctgacc
   322561 cagagcagca accgtcgcta tttcttcgac agtgccgagg cggccttcaa ggagtgtcgc
   322621 cgcgagggga taccgttggc gttcctgctg ctggacgtcg atgatttcaa gaagatcaac
   322681 gaccgcttcg gccaccaggt cggcgaccag gtcctccagc gtatcgccca gagcggcagt
   322741 gccgcgctgc gccgtggcga cctgttcggg cggatcggcg gcgaggagtt cgccgtgctg
   322801 ctgcccggct gcgacgagca gaccgcgcga cagatcggcg aacgcctgca gcgcgaggtg
   322861 caacgcctgc gcttccagga gggcgagcac agcttcggga tcaccgtcag ccagggcctg
   322921 acggtcctcc aggccgatga cgaggggctc ggcgccctct acagccgggc cgacgccgcg
   322981 atgtactcgg ccaagcgcca gggcaaggac tgcatcgtcg tgggctgacc gctgggcaaa
   323041 cgtttccgtt ttgtcgacgg cgccacggaa tacctctttg gggaggcgac cggcaggtcg
   323101 cggctgcggt acaatattcc ttaaagctat taaatatgaa taattaattc tttttaggtt
   323161 tattgcggat attttactgt ttattaccca cgcgctataa agcgcgggaa ataacgattt
   323221 ctgaaacgtg gcggtaactc gccagaaagg aagctgtaat aggcggtttt ctgccgacac
   323281 ccttcggccc gtcagccggg agaagggcag gaagcccgag aggacgcgaa ggcggagccc
   323341 gatggaaaga ttggcttaca aattgccttc actggcggtg ggtcgagaca cccgccgcac
   323401 aataacaaga cacgagtacg cccatgcaca cgcttccgtt cgctgcctcc ctgcctgctt
   323461 gcctgccccg tcgttccatc gtcgcgggtt gcgccgtttc ctgatccatc gaatgccgag
   323521 tttcgcgcgc gccatcttcc gggatggtac ggcgctcagt gtttcaacga ccggtcgggc
   323581 ccacgcgttc cacttccccc gaccggaaga caattagcaa taccaatggg gaaaagacca
   323641 atgaagagtc gcaagatcaa caagtcacga ctggccctgg ccatcactgc cggtaccctc
   323701 ggtgccctgg cgcaacaggc ggtcgccgcc ggtttcatcg aggacagcaa ggcatcgctg
   323761 accctgcgca acttctacat caataccgac aaccgcaatg gcaccgcctc gccgagcaag
   323821 caggaagagt ggggccaggg cttcatcctg aattaccagt cgggcttcac ccagggcacc
   323881 gtcggcttcg gcgtcgacgc gctgggcctg ctcggcgtgc gcctggacgg cggcggccgt
   323941 gccggcaaga gcggcctgga ccgccagccg ggcaccgtgt tcccgctgga aagcaacggc
   324001 gagccggtgc acgacttcgc cagcctgggc ctgaccgcca aggccaaggt gtccaacacc
   324061 gagttccgct acggcaccct gcagccgaag ctgccggtgg tcacctacaa cgacggccgc
   324121 ctgctgccgg tcaccttcga gggcggccag gtcacctcga ccgacctcaa ggacttcacc
   324181 ctggttgccg gccaactgga gcactccaag ggccgtaact ccaccgacaa ccgcagcctg
   324241 agcatcgccg gcgccaacgg cagcagcgcc agttcgcgcg acagcaacaa gttctactac
   324301 gcgggtggcg actacaaggt caacaaggac ctgaccctgc agtactacta cggcaacctg
   324361 gacgacttct acaagcagca cttcctcggc ctgatccaca actggcagat tggcccgggc
   324421 gtcctgaaga ccgacctgcg cgccttcgac agcagctccg acggcaagaa cggcagccgt
   324481 tccggccgtg ccgacggcta cgtcagcagc ggctactacg gcagcggcgt gaccaagggc
   324541 gaagtcgaca accgcgcctt cagcggcctc ttcacctata ccgtcagcgg ccacagcatc
   324601 ggcgccggct accagatcct caacggcgac agtgacttcc cgttcctgaa ccgtggcgat
   324661 ggcgaaggtt ctaccgcgta cctgatcacc gacgtgcaga tcggcaagtt ccagcgtgcc
   324721 ggcgagcgca cctggcaggt ccgctacggc tacgacttcg ccaccgtcgg cgtgccgggc
   324781 ctgaccttca acaccattta cctgagcggc gacaagatca agaccgcccg cggcgaccag
   324841 agcgagtggg aacgcgatat ctccctggcc tacgtgatcc cggacggcac cttcaagggc
   324901 ctgggcttca cctggaagaa cgcctccttc cgcagcggcc tgccggctgc cggttcgagc
   324961 aacaaccagc gcgaccagga cgagaaccgc ctgatcgtca gctacaccct gccgctgctg
   325021 taagctccgg ccggacagga aaaagcccgc ggcctccagg aggacgcggg cttttttcat
   325081 tcacggcgcc actcggcgtg ccgggccggc cagggcgaac agcgccgcgg ctggccatcc
   325141 gccctgcggg atgcccgtca ggccttgcgc ggcgccggtt gctgctgggt gatgcaatgg
   325201 atgttgccgc cgccgaggag gatctcgcgc cccgggacca tcaccacctc gtgctcgggg
   325261 aacacgcgct ggagtatcgc cctggcctcg gcgtccttgg gatcgtcgaa gctcggcgcg
   325321 acgatgccgc cgttgacgat caggaagttc acgtaggaac cggccaggcg aatggaggga
   325381 tcgcgcggct ggctgccctc gacgatatcc acgccgtcgc actcttcctg ggtcgcgtac
   325441 agcgggccgg ggatcggcat cttgtgcacc accagcttgc gtcccttggc gtcgcggctt
   325501 tcttccagca cgcggagggc ggcctggcag cgcaggtagt tcgggtcatc ctggtcgtcg
   325561 gtccaggcca gcagcacctc gccgggacgc acgtagcagc agaagttgtc gacgtggccg
   325621 tcggtctcgt cgttgtagag gccgttcggc agccagatga tgctctccac cgcaaggtag
   325681 tcgcgcaggg tccgctcgat ctccgcctgg ctcaggtgcg ggttgcggtt gtggttgagc
   325741 aggcattcct cggtggtgat cagcgtgcct tcgccgtcga cgtggatcga gccgccctcg
   325801 aggacgaagt cgtcggtgcg gtagcgggcg cgccgttcga tctcgaggat cttgcgtgcc
   325861 acctggtcgt cgcgctgcca ggggaagtac aggccgcctt cgaagccgcc ccaggcgttg
   325921 aagccccagt cgacgccgcg tacatcgccc ttgtcgtcga tgacgaaggt cgggccggtg
   325981 tcgcggaccc aggcatcgtc gctgctgatt tccacgacgc ggatgttgcc gtcgtcgagg
   326041 cgtgcgcgcg cgttctcgta ctgcccggcg ctggcgcaga cggtgaccgg ctcgaagcgc
   326101 gcgatggcct tggccaccgc ggcgaaggcc gcctgggccg gcttgccgcc gttgcgccag
   326161 ttgtccgggc gttccggcca gaccatccag gtctgctcgt ggggttccca ttcggcgggc
   326221 atgcggaagc cgtcggcgcg tggggtgctg gtcggattgc tcatcgctgc tcctgaaatc
   326281 gttgctatgc gcggcggacg ccggcgcgga atgcgcgggg cgtccccgcg cggatcgttt
   326341 cccgaggcct caggactcca gcgagccgtc cagggtcttc agcggaccgt agaggttcgg
   326401 ccggcggtcg cggaacacgc cccaggcgct gcgggtgcgc tccagcgcat cgaggtcgaa
   326461 ggtgtggaca aggatacctt cctcggtgcg gttcagctcc tcgactttct cgccgaacgg
   326521 gtcggcgatg aacgaagaac catagaaggt gatgtcgtag ccatcctgct cctcgcggcc
   326581 gatgcggttg gaagccacca gcggcatcag gttggctccg gcatggcctt gctgcacgcg
   326641 ctgccagtga tcgcgcgagc tgatgctggc gtcgtgcggt tcgctaccga tggcggtcgg
   326701 gtagaacagg agttccgcgc cgagcaaggc catgctgcgc gccgattcgg ggaaccactg
   326761 gtcccagcag ataccgacgc cgatccgtgc gtagcgggtc tgccagacct tgaagccggt
   326821 gtcgcccgga ttgaagtagt acttctcgtg gtagcccggg ccgtccggga tgtggctctt
   326881 gcggtagacc ccgaggttgc cgccatcggc gtcgatgacc gcgatgctgt tgaagcgggc
   326941 gcgcccggcg cgttcgaaga agctgatcgg caataccacc tgcaactccc gggcgagggc
   327001 ctggaagtgg gcgatggcgg cgttctcctc gaccgtggtg gccagctgca ggtagtccgg
   327061 gttcggcttc tggcagaagt agggggtctc gaacagttcc tggatcagga tgatctgcgc
   327121 acccctggcg gcggcctggc gcaccagttt ctcggcgcgg gcgatgttcg ccggacgatc
   327181 ccaggagcag gccatctggg tggcggcgac ggtgacgttg cgggtcatgg agcacctcgt
   327241 gtgctggctc ggatggctgc cgggcttggc ggcggccggt tgtgggtcgg gcgggcggga
   327301 acggggtgtc gcgcccgatc gagtgatagg cggatttata tccgataaaa atcgggctgt
   327361 gaagcggttt aagagagtgt tatggatttt ctatcgattt aaatcggata taaatccgga
   327421 taatggttcg ctacgctttt ccaggatcgg cggcaggtag agccccaggt aggcgtcgaa
   327481 cacccgcatg ccttcttccg ccaggcgtgc gtcgatgatc ccgtgacgct ggaccgacaa
   327541 tgcgtagacg cgatcgccta gctccatggc caggctgaag atctcgatat cggtcggcag
   327601 cggtggcagc aggaaatgcc gctcgaacag ggcgcgcatg gcctggccga gttgcacgtc
   327661 atgctggcga tcggcctggg tgacttcggc caggccgtgg ctggcgagaa tcagttggcg
   327721 ggccgccgcg tcgcgggcgt agaccgccag catgcgctcc tcgacgatcc gcgacaggtc
   327781 gcgccagcag cgcaggcctg catggtccac cggctgttcg aggcacgcgc ggaaggcggc
   327841 gtggacctcg ccggtcagcc cctggagcag ggccggcacg ctggggaaga agtggtagac
   327901 cgacgatggt ggcatttccg cgcgttcggc cacgctatag atggtcaggc cgccgatgcc
   327961 ttcgtcggcg agcaggccgc gggcggcgtc gaggatcgcg gcgatccggg cctggctgct
   328021 ggcgcggggc ttgcgggtgg acgaggtggg ctgcatggcg ggtctccggg cgtgagcggc
   328081 tattggacgc cagctcacgc gaccggggca agccgctcag tggctggcgc cgcggaaggc
   328141 cttccagatc tcgtcgacca ccggccggag tttttccggc ggcgtttcca gggcgaacag
   328201 gcggcggctg gtgtcgcggt ccggatacag gcccggttgc tggcgcaggg cgggatcgag
   328261 gaagccggcg gcgtcggcgt tgccgctggg gtagagggtg gcggcggtga tctgtgcggc
   328321 gatcttcggt tgcatcaggt agtcgatgaa acggtgcgcc tcgcgtggat gctgggcgcc
   328381 ggccgggatc accaggttgt cgatgaacag caccgagcct tcctgcggta cctcgaaact
   328441 taccggctgg cccgccttgg ccgcgcgcag ggcgtcgccg acccaggcca tggccaggca
   328501 gaggcgaccg ccttcgaggt cggcgatgta gcgctcgctg tcgacgtagc gcaggttcgg
   328561 tcgcagtccg tgcagcgcct cggcggcgcg gcgtacctgg ctcggcgcag tacgaccgag
   328621 gttgcggccc tggtagttga ggaggatcgc cagggtttcg tccggcgcgt ccagcaggct
   328681 gatgccgcag cttttcaggc gctggctctg gctggcgtcg aacagcaggc tccagctgtt
   328741 gggcagcggc ccgccatagg cggcttcggc ctgcggggta ttgatggcca ggcctacggc
   328801 accccataga taggggacgg cgtggcgatt gtcaggatcg accgcggcca gtttgctcag
   328861 caattgacgg tcgagatggc tgcggttggg cagctgggtg aagtccagcg gccgcagcag
   328921 gttgtccttc agcagggccg gcagggtgtc gtgggagggg acggcgacgt cgatcgcctc
   328981 gccactgcgc agcgccttgt ccagttcctc ggcggtggcg aaggtgtggt actcgacgcg
   329041 gatgccggtg tccttctgga aggactcgag cacctgtggg tcgatgtagt cgttccagtt
   329101 gtagacgcgc agggtctcct cggcctgggc cagccagggt gcgagggcga ggaacagcag
   329161 ggcggaaagg cggggcatgg aatcttctcg ctggacggaa cggagcggac gatggtgccg
   329221 gagccaggcg gcagaggcat tgatgcaggc cagcatcgag tctggcggga ggcgtggcgg
   329281 caggctgtgc cgtggcgcac atttcccggt tccgagaaaa ggaccggggc ggtttcccag
   329341 acacagacgc ccccgcgttg agtgtctgcg aaaccgcccc ggatttcgct gcgtacggcg
   329401 ccggcccagg accggcgcgc cgataccgct acctcagacg gtatgcaggt accagttgta
   329461 ctcgaggtcg gagatcgagt gctcgaactc ctccagctcg ctttccttgc aggcgacgaa
   329521 gatgtcgatg tacttcgggt cgatgtactt cgccatgatc tcgctttcgt ccagctcgcg
   329581 cagggcgtcg cgcaggttgt tcggcaggct cggctccatc tgctcgtagg agttgccttc
   329641 gatcggcgcg cccggctcga ccttgttggt cagcccgtga tgaacgcctg ccagcaccgc
   329701 tgccagtagc aggtaggggt tggcgtcggc accggccacc cgatgttcca ggcgtaccgc
   329761 gtccgggctg ccggtgggca cgcgcagggc cacggtgcgg ttgtccaggc cccagctcgg
   329821 cgcgttcggc acgtagaact gcgaaccgaa gcggcggtag gagttgacgt tcgggcagag
   329881 gaaggccatg gaggccggca gggtctcgag cacaccgccg atcgcatggc gcaatgcggc
   329941 gttctgctcg ggatcctcgc tggtgaagat gttgttgcca tgcttgtcga gcagcgagat
   330001 atgcacgtgc agtccgttcc cggcctggcc cggatagggc ttggccatga aggtggtgtc
   330061 catctcgtgg tcgtaggcga tgttcttgac caggcgcttg agcagcaccg cgtggtcgca
   330121 ggccttgagg gcgtcgttga cgtggttgag gttgacctcg aactgcgccg gtgcggattc
   330181 ggcgacgatg gcgtcggccg ggatgccctg ggcgcgggcg ccgtcgatga tgtcctggag
   330241 gcactcgacg tattcgtcga ggtcgtcgat ggagtacacc tgcaccgact gcggacgttt
   330301 gccggagatc ggcgagcgcg gcggttgcgg ccggccgttc acgttctcct ggtcgatcag
   330361 gtagaactcc agctcgaagg cggcgacgat ggtcagttcc atctcggtga acctggccac
   330421 cacctggcgc aggacttcgc gggggtcggc gaagaacggc tcgccttcca gttcgtgcat
   330481 ggtcatcagc agttgcgcgg tcgggcgctt ctgccagggt tccatggaga gggtgccggg
   330541 gatcgggtag cagatccggt cggcgtcgcc gatgtcgaga cccaggccgg tactctctac
   330601 ggtggagccg gtgatatcga gggcgaacag ggaagcggga aggttgatac ctttttcgaa
   330661 gactttgttc agactgttgc gttcgatccg cttgccgcga accacgccat tcatgtctgc
   330721 aataaggagg tcgacgaact ggacctcggg atgttccttg aggaactcgc tcggttcagt
   330781 gagctgaacg gcacgctggg gtaccgacat gatgcaacac cttttttgtt aaaaatttca
   330841 atcatgcggg gggtaggcta tgagtcaatc cgaaagcctg tgggatgtca atagccgcca
   330901 aaaacgccct cttgtggggc gttgaggccg ttttcagggc attttcgccg gacgaaaagc
   330961 cgaaaaaaac ctcgcgtcga agggtgttca ggagtgcgtg ttcaattttt tacaggccta
   331021 ttgtgtaaaa aaatgaacaa cgctaagctc ggccaaaccc cataacatct acaaacaacg
   331081 ggtgtctcat gtctcgcctg ccgttaatcg gcgtcaccgc ctgcaccaag cagatcggtc
   331141 ttcatcccta ccacattgcc ggcgacaaat atctgcgtgc cgtcgtcaac ggcgctggcg
   331201 gtctcccgct gatcattcct gcgctgggcg agtcgatcga ccaggcagcc ctgctggaca
   331261 gcgtcgacgg cttgctcttc actggctcgc cgtcgaacgt cgagccccgt cattatagtg
   331321 gaccggcgag cgagcccggc accctccacg actccgaccg cgacgccacc acgttgccgc
   331381 tggtccgcgc cgccatcgac gccggcattc cggtcctcgg catctgccgc ggtttccagg
   331441 aaatgaacgt ggctttcggc ggcagcctgc accagaaggt gcacgaggtc ggaaccttca
   331501 tggaccaccg cgagccggcc gaccagccgc tcgaggttca gtacgcgccg cgccatgcca
   331561 tgcatgtgca gccgggcgga gtgctcgccg gtatcggctt gccgagcgag ttccaggtca
   331621 attccatcca tggccagggc gttgatcgtc tggcgccggg ccttcgagta gaagcactgg
   331681 cgcctgacgg gttggtcgaa gccatctccg tagaaggtgc aaaagccttc gctcttggtg
   331741 tgcaatggca cccggagtgg caggttctga cgaaccccaa ctatctcgct atcttccagg
   331801 ctttcggtaa ggcctgcagc aagagggcgg ggcaacgttg agtccggctg ttggggccgg
   331861 actctcaacc ctgaggtctt tatgactacc aagttagacc agctgaccag ctggctgaag
   331921 gaacgcaaga tcaccgaagt ggaatgcctg atttccgatc tgacaggcat cgcccgcggc
   331981 aagatctcgc cgaccaacaa attcatcgcg gaaaagggca tgcgcctgcc ggagagcgtt
   332041 ctgctgcaga ccgtcaccgg cgactacgtg gaagacgaca tttactacga cctgctcgac
   332101 ccggccgaca tcgatatggt ctgccgcccg gacgagaatg ccgtgttcct cgtcccctgg
   332161 gccatcgagc ccaccgcgat ggtgatccac gacaccttcg acaagctcgg caatcccatc
   332221 gagctgtcgc cgcgcaacat cctcaagcgc gtgttgaaga tgtatgccga caagggctgg
   332281 cggccgatcg tggcgccaga gatggagttc tacctgacca agcgcagcga cgaccccgac
   332341 tatccgttgc aggccccggt gggccgctcc ggacgccagg aaaccgggcg tcagtcgttc
   332401 tccatcgacg ccgccaacga gttcgacccg ctgttcgagg acatgtacga ctggtgcgag
   332461 gcccagggcc ttgacctgga tacgctgatc cacgaggaag gcaccgcgca gatggagatc
   332521 aacttccgtc atggcgacgc cctcgacctg gccgaccaga tcctggtgtt caagcgcacc
   332581 atgcgcgagg ccgcgctcaa gcacaacgtc gccgcgacct tcatggccaa gccgatgacc
   332641 ggcgagccgg gcagcgcgat gcacctgcac cagagcatcg tcgacgtgaa gaccggcaag
   332701 aacatcttct ccaatgccga cggcaccatg agcgagctgt tcctgcacca tatcggcggc
   332761 ctgcagaagt tcatcccgga agtgctgccg ctgttcgcgc ccaacgtgaa ctcgttccgc
   332821 cgcttcctgc ccgatacctc ggcgccggtg aacgtcgagt ggggcgaaga gaaccgtacc
   332881 gtcggcctgc gcgtgccgga ctccagcccg gagaaccgcc gggtcgagaa ccgtctcgcc
   332941 ggcgccgacg ccaaccctta cctggcgctg gctgccagcc tgctgtgcgg ctacatcggc
   333001 atggtcgaag gcatcaagcc gagcgcccag gtcaaaggtc gcggctatga acgccgcaac
   333061 ctgcgcctgc cgctgacgat cgaagcggcg ctggagcgca tggagaactg caagcccctc
   333121 gagcagtatc tcggcagcaa gttcatcagc ggctacgtcg cggtgaagcg tgcggagcac
   333181 gagaatttca agcgggtaat cagctcctgg gagcgggaat tcctcctgct ttccgtttga
   333241 tcctgaccgg gggcggccgg cgtggtccgc cgctcccgga cagtcttgaa tagaagaggt
   333301 gtgacatgaa cagccaaatc accaacgcca agacccgtga gtggcaggcg ttgagccgcg
   333361 accaccatct gccgccgttc accgactaca agcagttgaa cgagaagggc gcgcggatca
   333421 tcaccaaggc cgaaggcgtc tatatctggg acagcgaggg caacaagatc ctcgatgcga
   333481 tggccggcct ctggtgcgtc aacgtcggct acggccgcga ggagctggtc caggccgcca
   333541 cccggcagat gcgcgagttg ccgttctaca acctgttctt ccagaccgcc cacccgccgg
   333601 tggtcgagct ggccaaggcg atcgccgacg tcgctccgga aggcatgaac cacgtgttct
   333661 tctccggctc cggctccgag gccaacgaca ccgtgctgcg tatggtccgc cactattggg
   333721 cgaccaaggg ccagccgcag aagaaagtgg tgatcggccg ctggaacggc taccacggct
   333781 ccaccgtcgc cggcgtcagc ctgggcggca tgaaggcgtt gcatgagcag ggtgatttcc
   333841 ccatcccggg catcgtccac atcgcccagc cctactggta cggcgagggc ggcgacatgt
   333901 cgccggacga gttcggcgtc tgggccgccg agcagctgga gaagaagatt ctcgaagtgg
   333961 gcgaggaaaa cgtcgccgcc ttcatcgccg agccgatcca gggcgccggc ggcgtgatcg
   334021 tcccgccgga cacctactgg ccgaagatcc gcgagatcct cgccaagtac gacatcctgt
   334081 tcatcgccga cgaagtgatc tgtggcttcg gccgtaccgg cgagtggttc ggcagccagt
   334141 actacggcaa cgccccggac ctgatgccga tcgccaaggg cctcacctcc ggctacatcc
   334201 ccatgggcgg ggtggtggtg cgcgacgaga tcgtcgaagt gctcaaccag ggcggcgagt
   334261 tctaccacgg cttcacctat tccggtcacc cggtggcggc cgccgtggcc ctggagaaca
   334321 tccgcatcct gcgcgaagag aagatcatcg agaaggtgaa ggcggaaacg gcaccgtatt
   334381 tgcagaaacg ctggcaggag ctggccgacc acccgttggt gggcgaagcg cgcggggtcg
   334441 gcatggtcgc cgccctggag ctggtcaaga acaagaagac ccgcgagcgt ttcaccgaca
   334501 agggcgtcgg gatgctgtgc cgggaacatt gtttccgcaa cggtttgatc atgcgcgcgg
   334561 tgggcgacac tatgattatc tcgccgccgc tggtgatcga tccgtcgcag atcgatgagt
   334621 tgatcaccct ggcgcgcaag tgcctcgatc agaccgccgc cgccgtcctg gcttgagtcc
   334681 ctgagcggac ttttgccaga ctgcgccagt gcgttggcca ggctcaccgg gtggtgacgc
   334741 gatcggttgc gccaccgccc ggatacttca acaaaaatgg agctaccccg catgatgaaa
   334801 cgtttcggta agaccctgct cgccctgacc ttggcgggct ctgtggccgg tatggcgcag
   334861 gctgcggaca acaaggtgct gcacgtgtac aactggtccg actacatcgc gccggacacc
   334921 ctggagaagt tcaccaagga aactgggatc aaggtcgtct acgacgtcta cgacagcaac
   334981 gaagtgctgg aagccaagtt gctggcgggc aagtccgggt acgacgtggt ggtgccgtcc
   335041 aactccttcc tcgccaagca gatcaaggcc ggggtctacc agaagctcga caaatccaag
   335101 ctgccgaact ggaagaacct gaacaaggac ctgatgcaca ccctggaagt cagcgacccg
   335161 ggcaacgagc atgcgattcc ctacatgtgg ggcaccatcg gcatcggcta caacccggac
   335221 aaggtcaagg cggccttcgg cgacaacgcg ccggtggatt cctgggacct ggtattcaag
   335281 ccggagaaca tccagaagct taagcagtgc ggcgtcagct tcctcgactc gccgaccgag
   335341 atcctcccgg cggccctgca ttatctcggc tacaagccgg acaccgacaa tcccaaggaa
   335401 ctcaaggcgg ccgaagagct gttcctgaag atccgtccct acgtcaccta cttccactcg
   335461 tcgaagtaca tttccgacct ggccaacggc aacatctgcg tcgccatcgg ctactccggc
   335521 gacatctacc aggccaagtc ccgcgccgaa gaggcgaaga acaaggtcac cgtcaagtac
   335581 aacattccca aggaaggcgc cggcagcttc ttcgacatgg tcgccattcc gaaggacgcc
   335641 gagaacaccg agggcgccct ggccttcgtc aacttcctga tgaagccgga aatcatggcc
   335701 gagatcaccg acgtggttca gttccccaac ggcaacgcgg cggccacccc gctggtgtcc
   335761 gaggcgatcc gcaacgaccc gggcatctac ccgagcgaag aggtcatgaa gaagctgtat
   335821 accttccccg acctgccggc caagacccag cgggcgatga cccgcagctg gaccaagatc
   335881 aagtccggca agtgatccgc gaggagcccg gcggcgcctg acgccgccgg cgctccggca
   335941 cgagagaacc ggaacgcggc cgggtttcct ccggccacgc tcccctgcga agaggttcga
   336001 ctcttttgcc cgttcgtcca gacgcttcct cctgggggcc cgacgaccgg acgcagtatc
   336061 gacgacgaag acgctgccat gggcgctgcg ccaatctgcc gcgccggggc cggtcgtgtc
   336121 gctcgcaccg gggccgaggg cccggaaaac ctgaaaccaa cacgccggta gggaacccag
   336181 ctcactcatg tttcccggcg gaatcgtcgg gttgtcatga aacccgagtg atctgggctt
   336241 acatcggcac ttgaagaaca cgggtcgaac aggcagggtg ctgccgtgaa aaggcccgga
   336301 acaggagtcg gacatgcaac attccattgg caagacactg ctggtagccg ctctggctac
   336361 ggcgatcgcg ggccccgtgc aggcggagaa gaagagcctg cacatctata actggaccga
   336421 ttacatcgct cccaccaccc tcaaggactt caccaaggag agcgggatcg acgtcagcta
   336481 cgacgtcttc gactccaacg agaccctcga gggcaagctg gtctccggcc actccggcta
   336541 tgacatcgtg gtgccgtcga acaacttcct cggcaagcag atccaggccg gtgccttcca
   336601 gaagctggac aagagcaagc tgccgaactg gaagaacctc gatccggcgc tgctcaagca
   336661 actggaggtc agcgacccgg gcaaccagta cgcggttccc tacctgtggg gcaccaacgg
   336721 catcggttac aacgtggcca aggtcaagga agtcctcggc gaccagccga tcgactcctg
   336781 ggccatcctc ttcgagccgg agaacatgaa gaagctcgcc aagtgcggtg tggccttcat
   336841 ggacagcggc gacgagatgc tgcccgccgc cctcaactat ctggggctgg accccaacac
   336901 ccacgacccg aaggactaca agaaggccga ggaagtcctg accaaggttc gcccctacgt
   336961 cagctacttc cactcctcca agtacatctc cgacctggcc aacggcaaca tctgcgtcgc
   337021 cttcggctat tccggggacg tcttccaggc cgctgcccgc gccgaagagg ccggcaaggg
   337081 catcgacatc cagtacgtga ttcccaagga aggcgccaac ctgtggttcg acctgatggc
   337141 gattcccgcc gatgccaagg ccgccgataa cgcctacgcg ttcatcgact acctgctgcg
   337201 tccggaggtg atcgccaagg tcagcgacta cgtcggctac gccaacgcga taccgggggc
   337261 ccgcccgctg atggacaaga gcgtcagcga cagcgaggag gtgtatccgc cgcaggccgt
   337321 gctcgacaag ctctacgttt ccgccgtgtt gccggccaag gtgctgcgcc tgcagacccg
   337381 tacctggacc cggatcaaga ccggcaaata agttcaaatt ccgcccggta gcgtgaccgg
   337441 gctcaacgac ttgggagttg tggtaatggc gatagcctcc ggtgcctaca agaaagccct
   337501 agagggcaac cagcagccga aagaggtgct ggtaaagatc gaccgggtaa ccaagcagtt
   337561 cgacgagacg ctggcggtgg acaccgtgtc cctgaccatc aacaagggcg agatcttcgc
   337621 cctgctcggc ggctccggtt cgggtaaatc caccctgttg cgcatgctcg ccggtttcga
   337681 gcggcccacc gaggggcgga tcttcctcga tggccaggac atcaccgacc tgccgcccta
   337741 cgagcggccg atcaatatga tgttccagtc ctatgcgctg ttcccgcaca tgagcgtggc
   337801 gcagaacatc gccttcggcc tcaagcagga cggcctgccc aaggccgaga tcgacgagcg
   337861 cgtggccgag atgctcaagc tggtgcacat gacccagtac gccaagcgca agccgcacca
   337921 gctctccggc ggccagcgcc agcgggtggc cctggcccgt tcgctggcca agcggccgaa
   337981 gctgctgctg ctcgacgagc cgatgggcgc gctggacaag aagctgcgct cgcagatgca
   338041 actggaactg gtggagatca tcgagcgcgt cggcgtgacc tgcgtgatgg tgacccacga
   338101 ccaggaagag gccatgacca tggcccagcg catcgccatc atgcacctgg gctgcatcga
   338161 gcagatcggc agcccgatgg acatctacga gaccccggcg agccgcctgg tctgcgagtt
   338221 catcggcaac gtcaacctgt tcgacggcgt gctggtggag gacgtgcagg accatgcggt
   338281 gatcgcctgc ccgcagctgg agaacccgat ctacatcggc cacggcatca gcacccgcgc
   338341 cgaggacaag cgcatcacct acgcgctgcg gccggagaaa gtgatgatca gcgcgcagaa
   338401 gccggacaac ctggaacacg ccgggcacaa ctgggcccag ggcaccgtct acgacatcgc
   338461 ctaccttggc ggccactcgg tgtactacat caagctggcc tccgggatga tcgtccaggc
   338521 cttcatggcc aacgccgagc gccacgtcgc ccggccgacc tgggaccagt cggtgtacat
   338581 cagctggtac gacgacagcg gcgtggtact gcagtcatga aattcgccaa cagcctgaaa
   338641 aagcgcatgc ccaccgggcg gcatgcggtc atcggggtgc cgttcctgtg gctcttcctg
   338701 ttcttcctgc tgcccttcgc catcgtgctg aagatcagcc tggcggaagc ggacgtggcc
   338761 atcccgccct acaccgagat cttcgcctac gcggaccagc agttgcaggt gctcctcaac
   338821 ctcggcaact acctgatgct gaccgatgac ccgctctaca tcgatgccta cctcggctcg
   338881 ctgaagatgg ccttcatcag taccctgatc tgcctgctgg tgggctaccc gatggcctac
   338941 gccatcgccc gctccagcca gtcctcgcag accgtcctgc tgctgctgat catgatgccg
   339001 acctggacgg cgatcctgat ccgggtctat gcctggatgg gcatcctttc caacaacggc
   339061 ctgctcaaca gcgtactgat ggggctgggg ctcatcagcg agccgctgac catcctcaat
   339121 accaacatcg cggtgtacat cggcatcgtc tattcctacc tgccgttcat gatcctgccg
   339181 ctctacgcca acctggtgaa gcacgacccg agcctgctgg aggccgcttc cgacctgggc
   339241 gcgcgtaact tcaccagctt ctggaagatc accgtgccgc tgtcgaagaa cggcatcatc
   339301 gccggctgca tgctggtgtt catcccggcg gtgggcgagt tcgtcatccc ggaactgctc
   339361 ggcggccccg agaccctgat gatcggcaag gtgctctggc aggagttctt caacaaccgc
   339421 gactggccgg tggcgtccgc cctggcggtg gtgatgctgg cgatcctgat catcccgatc
   339481 atcctgttca acaagaacca ggccaaagaa ctggagggca aggtatgagc cagcacagcg
   339541 tatcccgctc cgtatcccgt tcaacaggct ctccatccag aagcgtggcc aaagaactgg
   339601 agggcaaggt atgaagcgct ggaatttctc caacgtcatg ctgatcgtcg gcctgctctt
   339661 catctacctg ccgatgctga tcctggtgat ctattcgttc aacgcctcca agctggtgac
   339721 ggtgtggggc ggctggtcgg tgaagtggta cgtcggcctg ctggacaaca cccaactggt
   339781 cagctcggtc ggacgctccc tggagatcgc cttctatacg gcgttctcct cggtgctcct
   339841 cggcaccctg gcggccttcg tcctcacccg catcccgcgc ttccgcggtc gtacgctgtt
   339901 cggcggcatg gtcaccgcgc cgctggtgat gccggaagtg atcaccggcc tgtcgctgct
   339961 gctgttgttc gtggccatgg cgcaactgat cggctggccg caggaacggg gtatcgtgac
   340021 catctggatc gcccacacca gcttctgctc gtcctacgtg gcggtggtgg tgtcggcgcg
   340081 cctgcgtgaa ctcgacctgt cgatcgagga agcggcgatg gacctgggcg ccaagccctg
   340141 gaaggtgttc ctgctgatca ccatcccgat gatcgcgccc tcgctggcgg cgggcggcat
   340201 gatgtccttc gccctgtcgc tggacgacct ggtactggcc agcttcgtct ccggacccgg
   340261 ctcgaccacc ttgccgatgg aagtgttctc ggcggtacgc ctgggcgtga agccggagat
   340321 caacgcggtg gccagcctga tcctgctgag cgtttcgctg ttcaccttct tcgcctggta
   340381 cttcacccgc caggccgagg agcggcgtcg ccgggcgatc cagcaggcga tggaagagac
   340441 cgcgaccgac tggcagaaag gctcgccgac cccggcctga gtcctccgcc gaaaagaaaa
   340501 ggccacctgc gggtggcctt tttcattggc gcgtcggtgg cgggaaatgc ctggctacgc
   340561 tccgtagggc gacgcccgag gcgttatccg ccgatagccc gttgtatccg gcggacaacc
   340621 accatgcggc tactcgcccg accccacgcc ggccggctca gcgcttcggc tccagcacca
   340681 gcacgccctt gctgttcgcc ttcacctcgt tttcctcgta gtgctgcggc aggtagtggc
   340741 cctcgatgta ggcctcggcc tggtcgtcgt agtggccgtc gaagggcacg ccgctctgcc
   340801 cgaccgggtt gatgccgagg ctgtgggtcg ggtcggcgaa gtccaccagg cgccgggtcg
   340861 atggaccgta ggtgaccgcc cagggggccg ggccgatctt cgccgacaga ttgttcggta
   340921 cctcgtgggt gccgggggcg gcgaacggac cgacgttgag aaggcgcttg agcagcgcct
   340981 gctggcccag ggcgtgctcg tgggtcaggg tatgcgcctt gccccacagc cagccggacg
   341041 ggtcgttgcc gagggtgctg cgcagatgcg cgagggaggc gttccaggcg gccctgacga
   341101 tatccgcgcg ggtttcccgg cgttctgtgc ggcggtcgtc ccaccagggc gagtcggcgt
   341161 cggcagccag ccgaggcagc gcgctgtcga tggcgcgggt ggcgatcagg ctgtcgaaga
   341221 aggcatcgcc cagttcgtcg tgcaaggcgc cctcggcaat ctggaacagc aactggttga
   341281 acagcgtggc ggcggtcgag tcgaccgggt agtcgccgtt ccaggccgcc agttgctcga
   341341 ccaggcgctt gccttcggcg tcgtcgacca cctcgcgcag gaccggcagc aagggtgcga
   341401 gcaggcgtgg cgcgtagccg gtgcgattgc cgagttgcag cgcgcggctg ttgtccaggt
   341461 tccatttggt gccgcggtcg gccagttggg tatccagcca ctggccgcgg tccgccaggt
   341521 tgtagtagcc gggaatcggc cggccattgg ccgggaccgg ctggaagttg gcggagacga
   341581 tatagccgcg cgccgggttt tcctcctgtg ggttgtcggc gaacggatag aagccggact
   341641 tgtccgcctc gcccttgctg ccgtcgagga tgaagctcgg gttcaccccc tccggccgct
   341701 tcggcagggc cgccgaggcc caccagccga tatcgccggc ggcgttggcc cagaccaggt
   341761 tgagtcccgg cgaatggatc ttcgaggccg ccgcgcgggc cttggccagg gtatcggcgc
   341821 gattcagctg gtagaaggcg tcgagcaccg ggttctcggt ctcgaggaaa gcccaccaca
   341881 tggcgatcgg ggtcttgccg gagctggcgc cgagcgcgtc gttgacgatc ggaccgtggg
   341941 gcgagcggcg cagggtgagc ttcaccggcg cagcgccctt gaccgcgatt tcctgctcct
   342001 cgctctgcag gtcgacccat tcgccctggt accagacctg gttggggttg tccgggttga
   342061 ccttctcggc gaccaggtcg aggtcgtcgt tctggaacat cgtcaggctc cagccgaacg
   342121 cacggttgtg gcccagcgag gcgaaggggt tgagcgcctg gtggtggcca tagagttcga
   342181 agccgggcgc gctcagctgg gcctcgtacc ataccgccgg cgcggcgaag cggatatgcg
   342241 ggtcgccggc cagcaggggc ttgccgctgg cggtgcggct gccggcgacg acccaggcgt
   342301 tgctgccctc gaactgcggc aggccggcgt cctccagggc ctgctggctg agacgggcga
   342361 gggcgccgag gtccttccag tcgccggcgc ccagtgcgcc ggagggcgtc agcacgccct
   342421 gcggatgcca gtcgagatcg aagatgcgca ggtagtcgct gcccagttcg tcgcggatgt
   342481 aggtcagcac cggctcggtg cggaaggcgg cggcgaagct gtaggccatg tagccggcga
   342541 tgctcagggt atcttcgggg gtgaagggac gcctgggtat gcccagcaga tcgaattcga
   342601 gcggcgccgg gttgttctcc tggaactggt tgaccccgtc caggtaggcc tccagcactt
   342661 tccagggctg cgactgcttg tcctggcggg cgctgtattc ggcggcgtgg tcgcggatgc
   342721 gcagggtgcg gaacagacgg tcggtatcca ccagcttggg tccgagcact tcggccagct
   342781 cgccgcgcgc caggcgccgc agcatttcca tctggaacag gcggtcctgg gcgtgcacgt
   342841 agccgagggc gcggtagagg tcggtctggt tctgcgcata caggtgcgga accccgcgct
   342901 cgtcgtagcg cacgtcgacc ggcgcctgca ggtgggccag ggcgagcgag ccgttgcgga
   342961 gcggctgctt ggcatggagg taccaggcgc cgccggcagc cgcggcggcg accgccacgg
   343021 cgatcacggt cagggtgcgt ttcatcgatc ctttctcctt gttgtagtgc cgagcattct
   343081 gcggatgccg ccggcccgcg gcattgaccg aatgctcgga ccctggaagt ctttggtcaa
   343141 tcgcgaggag ccgccatgca ggacgacccg tctaccagcc ccctgaccca ttccgccacg
   343201 ttgcggcgtc tgttgtatga agccctggac gccctcgggc tcgaccccac ccgcgtctac
   343261 cgcagcgtct accggcgtat cccgctgccg ccgccgaccc tgggcggccg cctggtgcat
   343321 gacaacgccc cgttgttctg gaccgagctg gcggcggtga ccggcgatgc cgacatcggc
   343381 ctgcacctgg gcgaggcaat gaagccgcgc ctgctcgatg tggtcggcta cctgctgctg
   343441 tccgcgcgcg acctggagga ggcgctgcgc agcttcgtgc gtttccagca cattctctcc
   343501 ggcggtttcg ccgcgcgcct cgaggtcgaa ggggaaacgg caaggctgat cctcgacatc
   343561 aactacctgg gctatgcctc gctgcgccag cagatcgaat gcctgatgct gctgttcctc
   343621 aagctgctgg cgctgatcag cgacgacgag ttcgtcgccg agtgcatcga attccgccac
   343681 cgagccccgc cgcggctggg cgaacaccgc cggttgttcg gcaggctgcc gctgttctcg
   343741 cggccgcacg atgccctggt gttttccgcc gccttgctgc ggcgtccttc gcgcaacgcc
   343801 aatccggaca tgcatgacgt gctgacccgc cacgcggaag aacagtcccg cgaactcagc
   343861 gagaaccgct tgctcaatcg cgtgcgctac ctgatcgagc tgcgcctcgg ggagggctat
   343921 ggcttgcgcc agtgcgcggc ggagctgggc cttggcagcg gtgccttgca gcgtgcgctg
   343981 gccgctgggg gagcgagttt ccggcaggtt cgcgatgagg ttcgccggca gcgggcgagc
   344041 gagatgctgt tggccggtcg cgccatccgc gaggtggcca aggcttgcgg gttcgccgag
   344101 ctgtcgccgt tctaccgggc ctttcgccgc tggcacgccg cgcccccgga gcaatacagg
   344161 gcgcggctgg cgaagcggga agagggttac tcgaccagcg gtacctgacg gccgatctcc
   344221 agggtggcga tggcgtcgag ctggatctcg atctgcagga agcgcatggc gcgcttgggc
   344281 gagacgttct tggcgatgcg cttgacgtac ttgtcgcgca gttccagacg gtcctcctgg
   344341 aggtcgtcga cacgctcgat cagcttgctc gcctggtcgt cgctgacgtt gccgctgttg
   344401 taggcctggg cgtagtcgag caggagcttg agggtttcct tgctgagctt gtccgactcg
   344461 gtgcggtagg tgttgtagat cggccagaac ttctcgcctt cctggtcggt gaggttcatg
   344521 ttggcctcga cgatgcgctt gcgcttgtag tcgacgtcgg ccaggtcgtt ctggatctgc
   344581 gcctggtgct ccttcatcag ttccttgctg ctgggctgag ggtcgttctg ggcggccatc
   344641 agcggcaggc tgacgagggc gagcagggcg agggtgggac gtagggacat gcagcgactc
   344701 cttggttcgg caacggcccc tcgtgggccg acccgggcag tgtagccgct acgccttccg
   344761 gcgccccctc cggaaggccc ggtgttgagc caggtcagcc tttttccggg gtccaggggc
   344821 agtagcaacc cacggcgagg gtatgggtgg catccaccgg acgtccctgc agcagcgctt
   344881 cgaggatcgg ttcgatgaag ctgttgctgg aggtgcatac cgcgccctcg ctataggggc
   344941 cgaagtaggc caggcggccg tcgcggtccc agatcgccac ggccgggctg gccggcaact
   345001 gctcggaacc gggcagaccg gcgagggggc gcagggcggc caggttgtcc ggcaggcggc
   345061 cctggctgcc aggcttctgc aggacatgga actccacgcc cttgccggcg aagcgttcga
   345121 tcagctcgcc gaggtgctgc tggttgccga cgttgcaggg gcaggccggg tcccagaaat
   345181 gcaccaggcg gatcgccccc ggcccggcca gctcggccgg caggcgcagg ctgtcgccgg
   345241 agaacagggt ggtctgctcg ctgaacgggc ggatgtagcg gatctcgaac caccagtagg
   345301 cggcgagcag gccgccggcc cagagcaggc cgaccaggct gacgaggagc gtcttgcggc
   345361 ggggagtcat ggcattcaca cggaaaacgg gtgccaagct tgccatgtgt tcgcgcgcag
   345421 ctgaatatcc ctgggtttcg cccgtggccc ggccacgaat cgattgcagc ccggaaccgc
   345481 cgatgtcaga agccttcaac cccgattacc tgcgccagca cctgcgaccc ttggccgcgg
   345541 ccgaggcgga cgccgccgtc ctcgcctacc aggcctacta cggcctggac ctgcgctccc
   345601 gccatccgcg cctgcaagcg cggctcggca gcatggcggt cgacgggcgc cgcctggcgg
   345661 tgcaggcctg gctgctgccg gaagcgcgcg gcagcctgtt gctgatgcat ggctattacg
   345721 accacatggg actgtatcgg cacgtggtcg actgggcgct gggcatgggc ttctcggtgc
   345781 tcgcctgcga cctgccgggg catggcctgt ccgaaggcga gcgggccagc atccgcgact
   345841 tcgccgaata ccaggcggtg ttcaagggcc tgctgggcca ggctgccgaa ctcgacctgg
   345901 cggcgccctg gcacctctgc ggacaaagca ccgggggggc gatcctgctg gactacctgc
   345961 tgcacggcgg cgaacgtccc gagctgggcg agacgattct cctggcgccg ctggtgcgcc
   346021 cgcgcgcctg gggctggtcg aagctcagct accgcctgct gagccccttc gtcgactcga
   346081 tcccgcggcg cttctcggag aactccagcg atccgcagtt cctcgacttc ctccgcgagc
   346141 acgatccgtt gcagccacgc accctgccga ccgcctgggt cggcgcgctg acccgctggg
   346201 tgccgcgcat cgagcgggca cctcggcgtg ccctgagccc cctggtggtg cagggcgagt
   346261 ccgacgagac ggtggactgg cgccatggcc tgaaggtgct gcgggagaaa ttcgacgagc
   346321 cgcggatact gttgctggaa gaggcgcgcc atcacctggc gaacgaaagc gaggggctgc
   346381 ggcggcgcta tttcgatttc ctgagcgacg cgctgggggc ctgagttcca ggccccgcgg
   346441 cgatcagggg gcgaccgcct ggtccaccgc caggccggct ttcagcgcgg ccagggccgc
   346501 ctggtagtag ctgcggccgg ccggcgactc ggcgaagttc acgtactggg tgagttccgc
   346561 atcggagaga tcgcggtaga catacagcag ggtgttctcc aggtccgcgc cgatctgctg
   346621 caccaggcgc tggcgctggc cttccagcaa ctggccggtc tgtccgccgc caagcaggcc
   346681 ggggaggccc ggaagcatct ggctgaggct gtcggcggcg accccggcca gggccaggct
   346741 gacttccgcg ccggcctctc gggccggaag gacctgggcc aggcgcttca ccagggcccg
   346801 gcgtggctcg ctggcggtct gccgcggcag gccgttgctg tgctggagca actggtcgcg
   346861 gcgggtggcg agcacctcgg cggcgaccac cttgcgcccc agcggcgact cgaagaaatt
   346921 cagcgggctg gcgctgtccg gcaggttctc gcgcaggccg ttgagggcgc gctggtcgac
   346981 ttcggccggg gcgaagcggc gattgctgtt gtccaccagg gtctggtaga gcgcgggcgg
   347041 cagcttgtcc tggtagcgct tctgcgccgc gtccagggca tcgctgaaat gcgcgcgctg
   347101 gtcgggccag ccagcggcct ggtacaggcg ttgataaggg tcggccaggg cgggcagacc
   347161 aaccagcagt aaagcgaagg cgagcaaagc gcgcattgat actcctttgg cggcgaaagc
   347221 ctcgtcgttc gggtggtacc gtccatgggg cgctattgtc gacatgcggc ggaccgcttg
   347281 tcgagacacc ggggcggcac gctacaatgg acaatgcaca tcaacgtcaa tcatcccctc
   347341 ctgcatcgca tcgtcgatga actggtcgac cagggctggt cgcaccagag catcttcatg
   347401 cctgagcgtc tgaccaccag attggccgaa gagtgccgca cccgtgcggt cgcgggcgac
   347461 ctgaccccgg cggggatcgg ccgcggcgac ggccaggtga tccgcgaagg catccgcggc
   347521 gacctcacgc aatggctgga gcccggagaa tccgaggcct gcgacgaata cctgagggtg
   347581 atggacagct tgcgccaggc gctcaacgcc tcgctgttcc tcggcctcga ggatttcgag
   347641 tgccacttcg cgctgtaccc gccgggcgcc tattaccaga agcatgtcga tcgtttccgc
   347701 gacgacgacg cacgcaccgt ctccgcggtt ctctacctca acgatgcctg gttgcccgag
   347761 catggcggcg cgctgcgcct gcacctgccg cagcggcagg tggacatcca gccgacgggc
   347821 ggtagcctgg tggtgttcat gtccgccggc accgagcacg aagtcctgcc cgccagccgc
   347881 gaccggctgt cgctgaccgg ctggttccgc cggcgcaacg aatccctcct gcaactctcc
   347941 tgaaccctcg gcggcgtcgc cgcctcagtg accccagacc ttgatcgtgc cgcgcaggtc
   348001 ggtgatgtcg cgcagttcga tgcggccgat cgagttgtcg ccgatgtaca ggtcgctggc
   348061 cacccgcagg cggatgcgct gcgccggcag gccgctggcg atcaactggt cgttgatggt
   348121 ggcgaggtcc ggcaggctga tcgccagttg ctgcccgccg ccgctgccgg tggtcacgtc
   348181 cagtgccagg gtcggctgct cgacgccgaa gatcggcaag ctcaggccga gctgggcggc
   348241 gcccaggggg atgttgccgc cgcgcccgtc cgggcagtcg ccggccttca cgcagccgtt
   348301 gtcgatcacc aggttgcgca gcgagaggct gccgccgtcg tccacccagg cgaccctggc
   348361 cgcgccggcg cgcaggtcca ggcgcaggct gatgccggcc tggccggtga cctggctgag
   348421 actgtcgttg tccagggcct ccatggccgc ctggctggca gcgctggcga gcaacgcggg
   348481 ggccaggaaa aacggtagaa gcgagcgggt cgggagcatg acgggcgggt ccttcgcggt
   348541 tgcgcgggaa gccagtctgc tcggggcggc ggaggttcgc catgggccgc ccgcagttct
   348601 atcctaagga tcggcaagaa atagccctgg tccccgccat acgggcgctg gagcgctacc
   348661 gcgaggccta actccggttg ggtcgagggc gggtttcccc ggtgcttccc ggctaccgtt
   348721 accgggcgtg accatcggcg agcggcgggc tactctgtgt gcctgtcaaa ggggtggagc
   348781 atccatgcag aaggttctgg tcagccgttg cctgctgggc cacctggtgc gctacgacgg
   348841 tggcagccat ggcccgttcg acctgctctc gcgctggcat gcgcaggggc ggatcgtcgc
   348901 cctttgcccg gaggtcgccg gaggcctgcc gacgccccgc ccgccagcgg agatccccgg
   348961 cggccagggc ggcgaagtgc tggaccggct gaaccgggtc ttcaccgtcg acggcgagga
   349021 tgtcagcgaa gcattcctgc tgggtgcgga ggcggcagtg gagctggtcc gccgccatga
   349081 catccggatg gccgtgctca aggcgcgcag tccttcctgc ggcaacctgg agaactacga
   349141 cgggcgcttc aacggcaacc gggtcgccgg cgagggcgtt accgccgccg ccctcaagcg
   349201 catgggcgtg ctggtattca acgaggatga actggaccgc gccgcggtct gcctggccgg
   349261 cctcgacgcc ggcggctgaa ctcagcgccg cagcggcgcg gtcaggcggt tctccagggc
   349321 tttctgcaca cgctcgaaga gtgccgaaag cagccagtag atcccggcgg cggcgagata
   349381 gagcggcagc ggctggaagg tctcggcgat gacctccttg gtcgccagca tcagttcggt
   349441 cacggtgatc acggagatca gcgaggtgtc cttgatcagg ctgatcaggc tgttcgacag
   349501 gctcggcacc gccaggcgca gggcctgcgg ggtgatgatg ttccacaggg tctggcccca
   349561 ggtcaggccg accgagagcc cggcttccca ttgtcccttg tcgatgccga ggatcgcccc
   349621 gcgcatggac tccgagagat aggccgcgac attcagggtc agcgccagga tgcccgcggt
   349681 gaccggggtg aactcgatgc ctacgctcgg cagcccgtag tacaggacga agatctgcac
   349741 cagcagtggc gtcccgcgga aggcgctgac gtagaccgcg gcgatctgcg agaccaccgg
   349801 caccttggtc acccggacca ccgcgacgct gaagccgagg atcaggccca ggaccatcga
   349861 taccgcggcg aacagcacgg tatacatcgc gccctggagc aggaagggcc aggccatccc
   349921 gagcagctcg accaggttgg cgagccattc gagcaatttc tgcagcgaat tcattcaaca
   349981 ctccatcgac aaacacgacg gccgcgtctc tcgggcgcgg ccgcttcccc cgttcgggcg
   350041 ggaactcact tcggcggctg gctgacgtcc aggccgaacc acttttccga gagcttggcg
   350101 aagcggccgt cggccttgat cttctccagc gccgcgttca gcgcctcgcc gaacttcgga
   350161 ttgttcttcc ggtagggaat cgccatgttc gccaccggtc ccaccgccgc gccgggcttg
   350221 accggcagct tggcctcgcg gatggcgaag gggatcagca ggcggtcgtt gagcgccgcg
   350281 tcgatgcgtt tgctggccag gtcctgcagg tattccgggg cgcccggata ggtgcgcacg
   350341 ttgacgccgg ccaccgactt cgccaggtcg gcgtagttgg tgccctggcc gacgccgagc
   350401 ttgaggccct tgaggtcttc cagcgacttg aactggcggg tttcgtcggc gcgcacgatc
   350461 aactgggcgc tggagatggt gtatggctcg ctgaagtcga agaccttgcg ccgctgctcg
   350521 ttcaccgaga cctggttcag cgcgatgtcg tacttgccgc tctgcaggcc ggcgaggatg
   350581 ccgctccatt cggtggtgac gaattcaggc ttgaccgcca gttcggcggc cagcagttcg
   350641 cccagttcgg tctcgaagcc ggtgagcttg ccaccctgct tgaagttgaa cggcggatag
   350701 gtgccctcca gggcgatgcg cagggcaccg cgctggtgga cgtcgtcgag cagctcggca
   350761 tgggccagcg gagcggccag ggataccagc atcagcaggc ggggcagaaa tcgcatgtag
   350821 tactcctcgg gtgggaatga acgtcggtcg ggcctatgct gttcgttcag cttagccggg
   350881 cccgcgtcct ggacaatcgc gaacctactg ggttgcatgc ggtctttcca ggggttgcgg
   350941 gcattgaccc ggattatgtg cgcgagcgcc gctctaacac gggcttcgca gtggaaatcg
   351001 ctgtgccagc gatgcctttc cctgattcgg aaggcacgaa gagtgccggg gaaattccgt
   351061 ccagtggtgt ttcccgggtg ctaacggaag tgaaaacagg agactcccat gagagtgaca
   351121 ttgccttgcc tcggtctagc cgccctgatg ttcggcgcat ccgccagcct gatggctgcc
   351181 gacctgcccc ggacgaaggc gcccgaaggg gcgaaagtgt atttcatcac gccggccgat
   351241 ggtgcaaccg tcgacaagac cttcaccgtg aaattcggcc tgaaaggcat gggcgtggcg
   351301 ccggccggcg tcgacatgcc ggataccggc caccatcacc tgttggtgga cctgaaggag
   351361 cagccggcga tgaacctgcc gctgccgatg accgacaaca tccgccactt cggcaagggc
   351421 cagaccgaaa ccgagatcac cctgccgccg ggcaagcaca ccctgcaact gctggtgggc
   351481 gacaagaacc acgtgccgct ggagccgacc gtggagtcgg agaagatcac cgttaccgtc
   351541 aagtgacgga aacgaaaaaa ggaggccgct gggcctcctt tttcctttcc gccggacgct
   351601 gccttagaac agcacgcggc tacggatggt accgttgacc tgctggagtt tctccagggc
   351661 caggtccgag tactcggcat cgacgtcgat cactacgtag ccgaccttct cgttggtttg
   351721 caggtactgg ccggaaacgt tgatgccgtt gtcggcgaag accttgttga tctcgctcat
   351781 cacgccgggg atgttggcgt ggatgtgcag caggcggtgc ttgcccgggt gcgacggcag
   351841 ggcgacttcg gggaagttga ccgaggacac cgaggtgccg ttgtcgctgt acttgaccag
   351901 cttctccgcc acttccaggc cgatgttggc ctgtgcctcg gcggtggagc cgccgatgtg
   351961 cggggtcagg atcacccggt ccaggccacg cagcgggctg gcgaattcct cgtcgttgga
   352021 tttcggctcg accgggaaca cgtcgatggc ggcgccgatc aggtgctcgt ccttgatcgc
   352081 ggcggccagg tggtccagct cgaccactgt gccgcgcgcg gcgttgatca ggatgccgcc
   352141 cttcttcatc gcgcggattt ccttctcgcc gatcatccac tgggtggagg gcagttcggg
   352201 aacgtgcagc gagacgatgt cggacatgcc cagcagctcg tgcaggctgc cgatctgcac
   352261 cgcgttgccc agcggcagct tggtcacggt gtcgtagaag aacacctgca tgcccagggc
   352321 ctcggcgagt accgagagct gggtgccgat cgagccgtag ccgacgatgc cgagcttctt
   352381 gccacggatc tcgaaggaat tcgccgcgct cttgatccag ccgccgcgat ggcaggaggc
   352441 gttcttttcc gggatgccgc gcagcagcag gatcgcctcg gccagtacca gctcagccac
   352501 agagcgggtg ttcgagtagg gcgcgttgaa cacggcgata ccgcgttcgc gggcggcgtt
   352561 gaggtcgacc tggttggtgc cgatgcagaa gcagccgacc gcgatcagtt tcttcgcgca
   352621 gtcgaagacc tcttcggtca gctgggtgcg ggagcgaatg ccgatgaagt gcgcatcggc
   352681 gatcctttcc ttcagctcgt cgccggaaag cgcggtcttg aggtactcga tgttggtgta
   352741 gccggcggcc ttcagcgtgt ccacggcgtt ctggtggaca ccttcgagaa gaaggaactt
   352801 gatcttgctc ttgtcgagag aggtcttgct catctgcgta aacctgttgt cccggaggaa
   352861 gtggctggaa agcgaactgc gcgaagcggg tccggccggc gctggccggc acccgcaact
   352921 cggcgcccag aggcactaag cgcggggggc gtatgctagc atgttctccc ttttccttgc
   352981 ccggttgcga cctgagttgt tctcaggacg accatgaatc atttgagagt tcccgaatga
   353041 cccgcgaagc cctgatcgaa tcgctcaagc ccctggtcga gcctggcaag ctgctcgacg
   353101 acgccgcctc cctggacgcc tacggcaagg actggaccaa gcatttcgcc cctgcgccgc
   353161 tggccatcgt gttccccaag agcgtcgagc aggtccaggc gatcgtccgc tgggccaacc
   353221 agcacaaggt cggtctggtc ccgtcgggcg gtcgtaccgg gctctccgcc gcggccgtgg
   353281 cggccaacgg cgaagtcgtg gtggccttcg actacatgaa ccggatactc gacttcaatg
   353341 ccttcgaccg caccgtagtc tgccagccgg gcgtggttac caagcaactg cagaccttcg
   353401 ccgaggaaaa cggcctgtac tacccggttg acttcgcttc ttccggttcc agccagatcg
   353461 gcggcaatat cggcaccaat gccggcggga tcaaggtcat tcgctacggc atgacccgta
   353521 actgggtggc cgggatgaag gtcgtcaccg gcaagggcga cctgctcgag ctgaacaagg
   353581 acctgatcaa gaacgccacc ggctacgaca tgcgccagct gttcatcggc gccgaaggca
   353641 ccctgggctt cgtggtcgag gcgaccatgc gcctggagcg cacgccgaag aacctcaccg
   353701 ctatggtcct cggcacgccc gacttcgact cgatcatgcc ggtgctgcat gccttccaga
   353761 gcaagctcga cctgaccgcc ttcgagttct tctccgacaa ggccctggcc aaggtcctgg
   353821 cccgtggcga cgtaccgcgg gcgttcgaaa ccgactgccc gttctacgcc ctgctggagt
   353881 tcgaggcgac caccgaggaa gtcgccaacg aggcgctggc caccttcgag cactgcgtcg
   353941 agcagggctg ggtgctggac ggggtgatga gccagagcga gcagcagttg cagaacctgt
   354001 ggaagctgcg cgagtacatc tccgagacca tctcccactg gacgccgtac aagaacgaca
   354061 tctcggtcac ggtttcccgg gtgcccgcct tcctcaagga catcgacgcc atcgtcgagg
   354121 ccaactaccc ggacttcgag gtggtgtggt tcggccacat cggcgacggc aacctgcacc
   354181 tgaacatcct caagccggaa aacctcggca aggacgagtt cttcgccaag tgcgcgaccg
   354241 tcaacaagtg ggtgttcgag accgtcgaga agtacaacgg ctcgatttcc gccgagcatg
   354301 gcgtgggcat gaccaagcgc gactacttga cctacacccg ctcggaaacc gaaattgcct
   354361 atatgaaggc actgaaggcg gtgttcgacc ccaacgggat catgaatccc ggcaagatct
   354421 tcgccgagta gcaggtgtcg caacgcagag ggccggtcat ccggcccttc tcgtctgtgg
   354481 cgggcgccac ggatgccttt ccacccgttc aggagtcggt aaatgagtta ccagcatcaa
   354541 tatatcgacg gcaccccgat ccacttcccc ctgggcaagc tggtctgcgt cgggcgcaac
   354601 tacgccgaac acgccaagga actgaacaac ccggttccca ccgagccgct gctgttcatc
   354661 aagcccggct cctgcgtggt gccggtgagc ggcgggctga gcctgccgca ggagcgcggc
   354721 tcggtacact acgaggcgga aatcgccgtg ctgatcggca agccgctgtc gcgcaagccg
   354781 aaccgcgagg aggtcctcga cgcgatctcc ggctatgcgc cggcgctgga cctgaccttg
   354841 cgcgaggtcc aggcgaaact gaaggaaaag ggcctgccct gggagctggc aaagagcttc
   354901 gatggcgccg gcgtgctgtc gccgttcgtg aacgccgacc agtttcccga cccgaccgac
   354961 atcggcatcc gcctgaccat caacggcgag gtgcgccagg acggcaacag ccgcgacatg
   355021 ctcaatccga tcgtgccgct gatccagcac atcgccgggc atttctcgct acaggccggc
   355081 gatgtggtgc tgaccggcac gccgtccggg gtcgggccgc tgaacagcgg cgacgagttg
   355141 ctgctcgaat tgccgggcgc cagccgtttc gagacccgcg tgctctgaac cgctgcggcc
   355201 gccgggtgcg gccggcctcc ctagcgccgg cagcggaaac gactgtcggt cggctggccg
   355261 acgcttcgat tgacaggccg ggggcaatgc cctttcatgg cgacgcccaa gaaaacacct
   355321 ggccaaacag tcgagcctcg cccatgtccc ttgcctccaa gcttccccgt ttccgctggc
   355381 tgctgccggc gttcgtcgtg ctcgtcggcg tggtgctgac catcgtcatg cattgggacg
   355441 atcgcgccgg cctttggtgg aaggaaagcc aggccagcca gcagcagcgc gacgaaagca
   355501 tctggctgcc gggctatcgg gtggtgatcg acgccaagcc gttgcggggc ctggaggagg
   355561 aagaaacctc ggacctggcc tacaacccgg caaccaggac cctgttcacc gttaccggca
   355621 agcggccgct gctggtggag ctgtcgctca ccggcgacgt gctgcgcacc atcccgctgc
   355681 tcggcctgag caatcccgaa ggcgtggcgg tgctggagaa cggcaacgtc gcggtgaccg
   355741 acgagcgccg caataccctg accatcttcc atgtcgaccc gcagaccgcc gagctgagca
   355801 ccaagagcct ggccgaattc ccgctgggca atattggcaa gaagaacaag ggcttcgagg
   355861 gcatcgcctg ggatccgcgc cagcagcgtc tgttgctgag caaggagcgc gatccgatga
   355921 ccctgttcag ctggaagagc gacggcgggc cgagcctgag cggggcgatg accgcgctac
   355981 cgagcgacga cctgtacatg cgcaacgtct cggccctcag cgtcgacccg cgtaccggcc
   356041 ataccctggt gctgtcggcc gaatcgcatc tgctgctgga gctggacgag aagggcgagc
   356101 cggtcagctt catcagcctg ctcggcggct tcaacggcct ggacagcaag atcccgcgcg
   356161 ccgaaggggt ggccatcgac gacgagggca ccatctacat ggtcagcgag ccgaacctgt
   356221 tctacgtgtt ccgcaagaag agcggcgagc gcctggccac cagcgacgcc gattaagctt
   356281 cgcttaagcg ccgattaagc ctggtttcag caaggcttcg tagcctggac ccatcgaaac
   356341 caactacgag gcgttaccca tgaaacttcg tcacctgccc ctcatcgctg ccatcggcct
   356401 gttctccacc gtcaccctgg ccgccggcta taccggcccg ggcgctaccc cgaccaccac
   356461 cacggtgaag gccgcgctgg aagccgccga cgacaccccg gtggtcctcc agggcaccat
   356521 cgtcaagcgc atcaagggcg acatctacga gttccgcgat gccaccggca gcatgaaggt
   356581 ggagatcgac gacgaagact tcccgccgat ggaaatcaac gacaagaccc gggtcaagct
   356641 gaccggcgaa gtcgaccgcg acctggtcgg ccgcgagatc gacgtcgagt tcgtcgaagt
   356701 gatcaagtaa ggccctgaat cgaaacggcc cgcctcccgg aagagaggcg ggccgtttcg
   356761 cgttccgacc gggtgaagtt gcgggcgggc ttaccggtga accccttcga aaccctgtag
   356821 cacgttcact gcgttgatcc cgatttcctc caccgcgtag cctccctcca tcacgaacag
   356881 cgtggccagg ccgagcttgc cgatggcttc gcccatgcgc aggtagtcgg ggctgtccag
   356941 gcggaactgg gaaatcgggt cctccttgaa ggtatccacc cccagggaaa cgatcagggc
   357001 gtccgccgca taggcctgga tctgccggat cgccgcctgc agcgcctggc tccaggtcgc
   357061 ccagtcgctg ccggccgcca gtgggtagtt gaagttgtag ccggtgccga cgccgttgcc
   357121 cttctcgtcg gcgtagccga ggaaataggg gtattcgaag cgcggatcgc cgtggatcga
   357181 ggtgaacagc acatcggcgc ggtcgtagaa gatgtcctgg gtgccgttgc catggtggta
   357241 gtcgacgtcg aggatcgcca cccgcccggc gccccggtcg aggaaggcct gggcggcgat
   357301 ggcggcattg ttgaagaagc aatagccgcc catgtagtcg gccgcggcgt ggtggcccgg
   357361 cgggcgacag agcgaaaata ccgagcgcgc gccgttggcg agttcggact ggccgctgag
   357421 ggcgacgttg gccgaactgg tgatcgcctg ccaggtcccg gcggtgatcg gcgcgccggc
   357481 gtcgaaggag tagtagccga ggcgaccgtc gatgttgtcc ggctccgtct gccgcaggcg
   357541 ccgggtcggc caggcgatcg gcagcatgtc gtggctgcgg ccggtggcca gccagtcctg
   357601 ccaggcgttc tgcaggaaac gcacgaaacc ctcgctgtgc acccggcgga tcggttccag
   357661 gccgaagtcg cgcggtgcgc ggacttcgcc gaggccgacg gccttcacgc ggtcgaggac
   357721 catgtcggcg cggctgggtt tttcgaagca gggggtgaac tggccgccga tcagttcgtg
   357781 ccggccgtgg tgcaggcgat ggtcgtcgct gtagatggtc agcatgtcgg gctcccgggc
   357841 tcagttctgt tcggagaagg tcacggtcgg cgccttgcgg cggaaaccgc cggtatgcaa
   357901 cgccaggtag gcgaggccgg cggcgaacca ggtcaggccg atcaccaggg tcagcgccga
   357961 gaggctggtc cacagccaca gggtcaggcc caggccgatg gccggcacca gcccgtagcg
   358021 cagcaggtcg cgcggggcgc ggcggccgtc gagcagcagg tagctgcgga tcaccgccag
   358081 gttcaccgcg gagaacgcca ccagcgcgcc gaagctgatc atcgaggcca gggtggtgag
   358141 gtcgatgacc accgccagca gggaaatcac cgagaccacc aggatcgcga tcactggcgt
   358201 cttgaagcgc tccgagaggc tgccgaacac gcgccgcggc aggatgccgt cgcggcccat
   358261 gctgtagagg atgcgcgaca ccgaggcctg cgaggccagc gccgagccgg cggcgccggc
   358321 gacgtaggcg gcggtgaaga agctggcgag gaacttgccg ccggccgcca gcatcacttc
   358381 gttggccgcc gactcggcgt cctggaatac gctgccgggg aacaccagtt ggctgaagac
   358441 cgccagcacg gtgaacagca ggccggcgcc gaccgtggtg atgacgatgg cgcgcgggat
   358501 gtcgcgttgc gggtcgcggg tttcctcggc cagggtcgag accgcgtcga agccgaggaa
   358561 cgacaggcac agcaccgccg cgccggccat caacggggcg aagcccggct ggctgccgtc
   358621 gccgacgaag ggcaggctca ggtccagcga ggggatgccg gccaggtgct tgaccgccat
   358681 ggcgacgaac accacggcga agacgaactg ggcgccgacg atcacgttgc tcatgccggc
   358741 caccgagctg atgccgatca cgttgagcac ggtgaccagg ccgatcgccg cgagcaagaa
   358801 gacccaggcc ggcaccatcg ggaaggcgat gttgaggaac aggccgatga gcaggtagtt
   358861 gatcatcggc aggaacaggt agtcgagcag cagcgaccag ccggcgagga agccgacgca
   358921 ggggccgaag ctgaggctgg tataggaata ggccgagccg gcgatgggat atttcttcac
   358981 catgaagctg taggaaaagg cggtgaagag catcgccgcc agggtgatca ggtaggcgct
   359041 ggcggtacga ccgccggtga tctcggtgac taccccgtag gtggtgaaca tggtcagcgg
   359101 aaccatgtag accagcccga agaagaccag ggcgggaagc ccgaggatgc gccgcaggcc
   359161 ggtgccctgg gcgctgtgga cgtactcggg gcgcttgccg ccgatgagga tgccgttgtt
   359221 gcgttcgctg gccatgttcc gctcctcgcg aaatgccgta tcgatcccgc aggcggccgc
   359281 ttgggcggac ctttcctgcg ccgggtgaat ggacgggcta gtggaaaacc gctggggttt
   359341 ccgccgggtc ggtggaaatg gcagtgacga gagggcgcgc ggcgtgtgcg ggcacgggcg
   359401 ttggggcgtc gatagtgttc atggcgttct caggaagcgt tcttgttgga tttctagctc
   359461 gcggtcgcga ggttcccttg ggctctgccg gcgccgtttc cgcggctccg ggcgacccct
   359521 cgaggagggc gcggttcgac tctagcaatc cggtttcgcc ggggagaacc ctgtagacgg
   359581 tcaaaaaggg atcgagatgg ccaagctggc tggccggcca gcgctggcgc gagctggccg
   359641 ccagcgccgc gtcgatcatt tcttaagctt ggtccagacc ttgctgcgca acgccagggc
   359701 tttcggcgag cagagcttga acggcttcag gcggtcgagc ttgtcctgcg gggtgttgat
   359761 cgccgggtcg tcgaacagtg ctttctccat gagtttctcc gagccgacga tggcgttgtt
   359821 gtacttggcg aagttggagg cggcggcgat gttctccggg cgcatcatcc agtcgatgaa
   359881 gacgtgggct tccttgacgt tgctggcgtc gcgcggaatc gcgaagttgt cgatgaacag
   359941 ccggatgcct tccttcggat agatgtattc gaggctggcg cgttgggcgt gggcgcggtg
   360001 gaaggcgccg ttccactgct ggtgcatggc gacctcgccg gcggccatgc gctcgatggt
   360061 gccgtcgctg ttgtacatgg ccagcgccgg cttttgcctg agcagcaggt cgaggacctt
   360121 ctgcgcttcc ctggcgtcct cggtgcattc gtcgatgccg aggtagtagg tggcgggaat
   360181 gaacagttcc tcgatggagt tcagagccac caccttgcct ttcagctcgg ctggtggttc
   360241 gaagaacggc ttccagcttt cttccagcct gccgcccggc accttcgccg tatcgtagct
   360301 gtagccggtg gtgccccaga gatagggaat gctgtagtcg tggccgggat cgaagccaag
   360361 ggtccggaag ttttccttca gattgcccag gctcggcaac tggctcttgt cgagcttttg
   360421 cagcagcccc tccttgacga atatttctat gaaactgtcc gacggcacca ccacgtcgta
   360481 ggcgccgcca ccggccttga gcttggccag cagcgtctcg ttgctgtcgt aggcgtcgag
   360541 ggtggccttg atcccggtgt ccttctcgaa cttcttcagc aactccggcg ggtagtagtc
   360601 cgaccagttg gcgaagtgca gggtgccttc ggcgcgagcc tggccgccca gggctagacc
   360661 ggcggcgaag agcagggtga gcggtgtgcg gtaggtcatg atggactcct ggcgatcttc
   360721 tgttttttct tcgtggaggc aggttctcag cggcggcgtt ggccgaggta gtacgacagg
   360781 gcgacgaagg cgatggaaat catgaggatg atcgaggaaa tcgcattgat cttcggggat
   360841 atgcccatgc ggatggaact gaagatgtac accggcaggg tggttgcgcc ggcgccggcg
   360901 acgaaatagg tgatgacgaa atcgtccatc gagatgatga acgcgagcat cgccccggac
   360961 agcacgccgg gcatcagcag cggcagggtg attttccaga aggccttcca cggcgaggcg
   361021 tagaggtcgg cggcggcctc cgccaggcgc gggtccaggc cctccaggcg ggcgcggatc
   361081 ggcaggtagg cgaaggggat gcagaacacg atgtgggcga tgaggatggt gaacaacgac
   361141 agcttcaggc cgatgaagga gaagaacatc agggtcgcca ccgcggtgac gatctccggc
   361201 accagcagcg gcaggccgag aacgccgttc atcagggtct gcccgcggaa ggcgcgaccg
   361261 cgcatgccca gcgcggcgag ggtggccagg acggtcgagg ccagggtggc gagggtggcg
   361321 acgagcagcg agttcttcgc cgcgcggagg atttccggat cgttggccac caccgcatac
   361381 catttcaggc tgaagctctc ccagagcgtc gccgactggc cgctgttgaa gctgagcact
   361441 accagcacca ggatcgggat gtagaggaag gcgaagaaca gccaggcggc ctggcgcacg
   361501 ccgctgaagg tccagagtgg attgcggccg ttcatggctg gcctccgccg gcgttggccc
   361561 ggaagcgcag gttgtagatc agcatcgcca gcaggacgaa ggccagcagg gcgaacgaaa
   361621 gggcggcgcc gaacggccag ttgtgcgcgg taccgaattg cagctggatc aggttgccga
   361681 tcatcagcgc cttaccgccg ccgagcaatt ccggaatgat gtagctgccc agggccggga
   361741 tgaataccag gatgcagccg gcgactatcc ccggcatcgc cagcggcacg atcacccggc
   361801 gcagcgcttt ccagcggttg gcgccgaggt cgaatgccgc ctccaccagg cgccagtcca
   361861 tcttttccag gctgctgtag atcggcagca ccatgaacgg caggtaggta taaaggaggc
   361921 cgatgatcac cgcgttgtcg gtatagagca gccccagccc ggtgtcggtc aggccgatgc
   361981 cttgcaggcc ggcgtccacc agcccgccgt tgcgcagcag caggatccag gcgtagaccc
   362041 gcaccagcag gttggtccag aacggcacgg tgaccaggaa cagcagcagg ttgcgccggc
   362101 gttccggctg caacgccagg tacagcgcgg tggggaagcc gagcgccagg cagccgaggg
   362161 tggtcagcag cgacagccag aacgagcgct ggaagatgcc caggtagtcg gcgttgaaca
   362221 ccaggctgtc gtccaggtcg cgttcccaga ggaaattgag gtaggcctcc aggctgtgct
   362281 ggccccattt cactccgccg tagtcgccgg attgctggat cgacacggcg aacatgatgc
   362341 ccagcgggat caccaggaac agcaccagca tcagcatcgc cgggctgctc agcagcaggc
   362401 gccgacgcag ctgccggcgt tcggccgact gttgcgcggt aggtcggccg gcggtgctca
   362461 ttcggcgagc acccggatgg cggcggcggg aatccgcacc cgcaccttcg cccccggact
   362521 gtgcgggcag cgtgcgccgt cgcggttctg ctggcgcacg cggaagcccg gctgtccggc
   362581 cacgttcagg tggtagacgg tatcggtgcc gacatagacg atgttttcca gcacgccttc
   362641 caactggccg tcggcggcca gttcggtgcg ctccgggcgg atcgccaagg tcacagcgcc
   362701 gctgcccggg gtcgtcgcgg ccagccgctg gccgtccgcc aggcgcacgc cgtcggcgtc
   362761 ggcctggccc tcgaggaagt tggtttcgcc gatgaagtcg gcgaccgccc ggttcagcgg
   362821 cgcctcgtag atgtcgctgg gcgtgccgac ctgcaacacc ttgcccttgc tcatcaccgc
   362881 gatgcggtcg gacatggtca gcgcttcctc ctggtcgtgg gtcacgaaga tgaaggtgat
   362941 cccggtctcg tgctgcaggc gcttcagctc gatctgcatt tccttgcgca gcttcaggtc
   363001 cagcgccgac agcgactcgt cgagcagcag caccttgggc cggctggcca gcgcgcgggc
   363061 cagggcgatg cgttgctgct ggccaccgga caactggtcg gcgcggcgct tgccgacctc
   363121 cggcagcttc accaggtcga gcatgcggct cacggtggcg tcgatctcgc tgcgcgggcg
   363181 gccctgcatc tccaggccga agccgatgtt gtcggcgacg ctcatgtgcg ggaacagcgc
   363241 ataactctgg aacaccgtgt tgaccgggcg gcggaacggc ggcaggcctt ccatgtgttc
   363301 gccatagagg cggatgctgc cggaactggg ctgttcgaag ccggcgatga ggcggaggag
   363361 ggtggtcttg ccgcagccgg aagggccgag gagggtgaag aattcgttgg cgtggatatc
   363421 cagggacaca tcgtcaaggg ccttcaggcc ttggccgggg gtaccgaatt ccatgcagat
   363481 ccgctcgatg gctatcgcgc tggtcatgct gaattccatg cagtcaagca gttgttattg
   363541 ttgaggtttt gcggtttctg gggcccgctt cacctgctgc ggttcgataa tgaccggggc
   363601 gccgcgggcg cagaacgata gatgcggcca ataagggatc gaacaggcca atctggtggc
   363661 gctggaagaa gactgcggat gctctcttgt cgtctctttc ggacaggaaa ctcggacctg
   363721 tccgagtcgc ccgggcggct ggctgacttt aagcttggct tcagcctgga gccgtagctt
   363781 gcgtaggaaa ggtcgggcgc agcccgtttc catacagcgt acaggctcta tgctatgact
   363841 atccacgccc aaactcccga gccgttttcc atgtcccgag ctttcacgcc tcgccgtctg
   363901 ctgctggccg tcctgctggt cgcgctgtcc gcgctggtcc ttctcggcca gagcttccgg
   363961 gtcttcgacc gggcctggtt cgccgtccag gagtggcgtc acgccgatgc ctggaaagag
   364021 cgctcgatat ggctgccgga ctaccgcgtg cggatcgagg cgcagcccat cgaggggttg
   364081 aacgacgacg tttccgcgct gaccttcgat cccgaccggc gcaccctgtt caccgtgacc
   364141 aaccagccgg cgcagatcat cgagctgtcc ttgcagggca aggtactgcg gaccatcccg
   364201 ctgaccggct tcggcgacgc cgaggccatc gagtacatca gccgcggcgt ctacgtgatc
   364261 accgacgagc gccagcaacg cctggtcaag gtgcgcctgg aggacgacac gcgcttcatc
   364321 gacgctgccg atgcccagca gctttcgctg ggtatcggcc tcaacggcaa caagggtttc
   364381 gaagggctag cttacgacgc cgagggcaag cgcctgttcg tcgccaagga gcgtgacccg
   364441 gtgcgcatct acgagatcca cggtttcccc cacacccagg cggacaaacc gttcgccgtg
   364501 cacgtggtgg acgaccccgg gcgcgacaag cgcctgttcg tccgcgacct gtccagcctg
   364561 cagttcgacg agggcaccgg gcacctgctg gcgttgtccg acgagtcgcg tctggtagtc
   364621 gagctggaca ccgacggcga gccggtcagc accctgtcgc tgctgcgcgg catgcacggc
   364681 ctgaagcgca gcgtgccgca ggccgagggc gtggcgatgg acgaccgtgg cgtgctctac
   364741 ctggtcagcg agccgaacct gttctacgtg ttcagcaagg acgagccggc gcagccctga
   364801 cgcggcctac ggggacggca ggagcgtccc ctggcccgct cagaactgcc agttcacccc
   364861 gagcgaatag cccgcctggt tgccttcgct gtgggcgaag cggctgttgg cttcggcgaa
   364921 gaccccgagc tgctcggtga tcgccagttg cgcgccaagc tgggcgcggc cgaaatcctt
   364981 gtccacgccg cccatgtcgg cgacccggac acgcccgtcg ccgcggctgg tcaggtccat
   365041 gtcgtccagg cgtccgtccg ccagctcgcg gacccagcgc aggctggcgt agggttgcag
   365101 gcgcattctc gcgcccagcg ccagctcgcc gcgcaggcgc cagccgagac tcgcctccag
   365161 cgagtcgtag tcctgcttct cgtagccgag tgcggtacgc agggcctcgt cctcgcggaa
   365221 gtcgtcgatg cggtagtgca tgtagtcgag gccggccagc ggcccgctcc gcagttcgcc
   365281 gaagctgaag tcatagccgc cttccagccg ggcgccccag gaccaggccg aggtgtcgcc
   365341 cgacagacgc tggtcgagca gcaccggccc gccggcggcc tggaggtaga ccgaacgctt
   365401 gctgtcgtag cgggtatgcc cgaggttcag ctcgccggcc agccattccg gaccgccgtc
   365461 gttgtacagg ccgaacaggc cgagctgcca ggtgtcgccc tcgatgcgcc caccatggtc
   365521 cagcttgtcg cggctgcgct ggaaggccag gctgccgccg agggtcaggg cctcgctgta
   365581 gcggtagtcg ccgagcagat gcacgccggc gcgcctggac tccggattgc caggcatgtc
   365641 gaaaccgctg tccggcgaga cctcgccctc cgcgcccacc tcgctgtcga agctgcctac
   365701 cggccggttg ctgccgagca gggtcagcca gcggcggtcg tgcaggcggg tcagtgcctg
   365761 atgctggcgc tgcaactggt cttccatctg ccgcgccagg gcgccgccgg aggcggtgga
   365821 ggccagcagg tcggcgttgg tcagctccag caccaggcgc gtcagcaggc gggaaaagtc
   365881 gcgcatgcgt tgctcgatgc gctcctggcc gagggcgttg gtcagtactt ccttgttgtc
   365941 ctcggccggg tcgtgccagg ttgagccgcc gggaatcgcc gggttgtcgg tctgctcgta
   366001 gccgtccagg tcgcccagtt cccagttggt cgcctcgatg aacaacaccg ggatgtccat
   366061 cccgttgaag ctttcgccgt cgctgcagca gccggtaccc gccgggtatt cggcgttcag
   366121 gccggggttg gtgaacaacg ggatgtccag ctcgcgggcg atgcgcagga tctgttcgcg
   366181 gtaggcgccg agggccgggc tggacacgct gttggagccg gcatgggcgt acatcttgtc
   366241 gccggtgacc aggctgtcga ggttgatcat tcccagcagg ttggcgcgct ggctggcgtc
   366301 gagggactcg acgtaggcac gcgaaccgcg caggccttcc tcctcggcgc cgaaaccgac
   366361 cacctcgagg ccgttctcca gagcgatgcc gccgaggttg cgggcgatct cggtgagcac
   366421 cgccgcgccc gaggcgttat cgtccaggcc ctgcagggtc gggcgaccgt agtaggtgtc
   366481 gtagtgcgcg ccgagtacca ggaacttccc gctgctaccg ggcgccgagg cgatgacgtt
   366541 ctgcgaactg cggttgccgg cccaggtgaa gtcctggcga ctggtctggt agccgaagcc
   366601 caggcgcgac tgcatcagtt cgctggcgcc ggcgaagctg gcggtgccgc gatagcggcc
   366661 cgggtagtcg gtgatcaggc gctccagggt ctccccggcg tattccccgt attggtaggc
   366721 gttggcgccc aacgacagcg cggcacatcc caggcctaca gcgacagcta atggtttgaa
   366781 cacggcactt tcctctgtgt cggtacgatg gtgcatcgaa tgatgctcgc gccgcggaaa
   366841 gcaggatgcg gaccgtttca tgtcccggtg gcacgaagtg acgcctggtc gacctgcggt
   366901 gtcgccaggt tgtaagaagc gtcgctcctg gcgatgggcg ggaagcttcg tgctggacgt
   366961 agtgttaccg gcgatggccg gtactggggc gtgacttccc gtttcggggc ttggtaaccg
   367021 cgagcggtcg atttacagtc ctgaggcccg cagccgccgc cggtgtcgac ggcggccagg
   367081 gctgggtcag ctttcgtcgc tgagaccggc ttccggcgct gcgcgcttca ccgactgcac
   367141 gccggcttcg gcgttggcct ggctggcata gagctggctc tggccgacga cctggccatt
   367201 ggtggccttg agtacgaagt ggaacttgcc gttgctggcc ggcttgacct cgaaggcacc
   367261 gtcgcgctgg gagttcttgc gcaccgactc gatgccgccg agcgccgagt ccttggcctt
   367321 gtacagttcg ctggtgagaa tgatctcgcc gttggcggca tgcaggttga agtggaactg
   367381 gccgtctttc gctttcttca gatggaattt ggctgccatg tctagctcct tgttcacagg
   367441 gtgaggcgga tcgcaacgga ccagccgtct gctgagacac agcgtagccg cttttgttgc
   367501 agtgtcgccc cgctccggtc atcggcctgg ggcgagcggg ctcaggcctt gagggtcttg
   367561 acgccgtcgg cggtgccgag cagcagcaag tcggccgggc gggcggcgaa caagccgttg
   367621 gtgaccacgc cgacgatggc gttgatcttc tcttccagtt ccaccgggct gtcgatgcgc
   367681 aggttgtgca cgtcgaggat gatattgccg ttgtcggtca gcacgccttc gcggtagacc
   367741 ggatcgccgc cgagcttcac cagttggcgg gcgacgtggc tgcgagccat cgggatgacc
   367801 tccaccggca gcgggaactg gccgaggatg ggcaccagct tgctggcatc ggcgatgcag
   367861 atgaaggtct tggccaccgc ggcgacgatc ttctcgcggg tcagcgcggc accgccgccc
   367921 ttgatcagct ccaggcgctc gttgctttcg tcggcgccgt cgacgtagaa ctccagctcg
   367981 ctgaccgtgt tcagctcgta gaccgggatg ccatgctcct tcaggcgctt ggcggtggcc
   368041 tccgaactgg ctactgcgcc gtcgaactcg gccttgtggc gggccagggc atcgatgaag
   368101 aagttggcgg tggagcctgt gccgacgcca acgatgctct tgctgtcgag gtgcggaaga
   368161 atgtggtcga cggcggcctg tgccactgcc tgcttgagct gatcctggtt catcccgggt
   368221 gcctgtctgg ttgcctggcc ggccgtcccg gcggcgcagg cggagggtgc gcgcggccgg
   368281 ggcggcccgg cgggtttccg gcacgtcctg tgccgctgcg atacgaaggg acgaattata
   368341 gcggcctggc gtcctccggt cttgccccgg atgaccggca gtcgcggtgt tttcctgcgg
   368401 cgcgccggta gtccgcccgg cgggcctgga gtagactccg ggtttccgtg aagtccgccg
   368461 aaccgcctcc gatgctcgaa caatacgcca agaagatcct cacctcgcgc gtctacgacg
   368521 tcgcggtgga aacgcccctg caacccgccc gccagttgtc cgaacgcctc ggcaaccagg
   368581 tcctgctcaa gcgcgaggac ctgcagccgg tgttttcctt caagatccgc ggcgcctaca
   368641 acaaggtcgc gcagctcacc gaggaggaga aggcccgcgg ggtgatcgcc gcctcggccg
   368701 gcaatcacgc ccagggcctg gccctggcgg ccaagcggca ggggatcagg gcggtcatcg
   368761 tgatgcccaa gaccaccccc gagatcaagg tccaggcggt gcgcgcccac ggcgccaagg
   368821 cggtgctgca cggcgacgcc ttccccgagg cgctggccca cgcgctgaag ctggtcgacg
   368881 agaagggcta caccttcgtc catccctacg acgatccgga caccatcgcc ggccagggca
   368941 ccgtggccat ggagattctc cgccagcagc ccggccgcct cgatgcgatc ttcgtcccgg
   369001 tgggcggtgg cggactggtc gccggcatcg ccgcctacgt caagtacctg cgtccggaga
   369061 tcaaggtgat cggcgtcgag ccggacgagt cgaactgcct gcaggcggcc atggccgccg
   369121 gcgagcgggt ggtgctgggc caggtcgggc tgttcgccga cggcgtggcg gtggcgcaga
   369181 tcggccagca caccttcgac atctgcaagg accacgtcga cgaagtgatc accgtcagca
   369241 ccgacgagat ctgtgcggcg atcaaggaca tctacgacga cacccgctcg atcaccgagc
   369301 cggccggcgc gctggcggtg gccgggatca agaagtacgt cgagcgcgag cgcgccgagg
   369361 ggcagaccct ggtggcgatc gactccggcg ccaacgtcaa cttcgatcgc ctgcggcatg
   369421 tcgccgaacg cgccgaactg ggcgagcgcc gcgaagcgat catcgcggtg accattcccg
   369481 agcggccggg cagcttcaag gccttctgcg aggcggtcgg caagcgccag atcaccgagt
   369541 tcaactatcg ctaccacagc ggcagcgagg cgcacatctt cgtcggcgtg cagacccacc
   369601 cggagaacga cccgcgcgag gcgctggtgg cctatctgcg cgagaagggc ttcccggtcc
   369661 tcgacctgac cgacaacgaa ctggccaagc tgcacatccg ccacatggtt ggcggccatg
   369721 cggtgaaagt cagcgacgag atggtgttcc gcttcgaatt ccccgagcgg cccggcgcgc
   369781 tgttcaactt cctcaccaag ctcggcgggc gctggaacat ctcgatgttc cactaccgca
   369841 accatggcgc ggccgacggc cgggtggtgg ccgggttgca ggtgccggaa gacgagcgcc
   369901 acctgatccc gcagaccctg gaggcgatcg gctatccgta ctgggacgag accgccaacc
   369961 cggcctacca gctgttcctc ggctgacccg cggcggctcg ccgacacggg ctgctaagct
   370021 tcacgggcag gtgatctcct tcctcgggaa ctgagcccgc ccccggcccc tcaaacgggc
   370081 cgggaacacg gacaaggatg cgctgatgga acattttctc cagatcaaga ttctccacgg
   370141 agtcgccacc gtgctgctgt tcggcggcct gctcggcctg gcgttctacg cctggcgcag
   370201 ctggcggacg ggcgacgcgg cgcgggtcgc gcgcggtttc aagcgggtcc gcctgatcgg
   370261 ctggccgctg ctggggctca gcctgctggc cctgccggtc agcggctggt ggctggtgca
   370321 cctggccggc tggccgttgg gccagagctg gctgctgttc ggcgcctgcc tctatctgct
   370381 cggctgcatc ttctggctgg tcctcgccgg ccgcctggcg cgggtccagc accaggccgg
   370441 cgccgccgag acggcggggg ccgcgctggg cgagcagacc ctgcgcgaga tcaaggtggg
   370501 cctggtcatg gccctgctcg gtgcggccag cttcatcgcg gtggcggtac tgatggtcag
   370561 caagccgctc tgaaacgcca acgaaatgga cttcaccggc cttcgccggt tctgtaggaa
   370621 cgcatgcgta ttctgctggt aggcgcggga ggtttcgtcg ggcggcacct gctcccggcg
   370681 ctgctcgccg ccggacacga actgctcctc accgcgcgcc gcccgccggt cgatgcgcct
   370741 gccggcgtac gctggctggc gctcgacctg gagcggcttg cggaaaggcc ggacagcttc
   370801 gcctggcccg ccggggtcga cttgctgatc aatgccgccg gcaccatgag cctcgacgag
   370861 gcgagcatgg ctcgcgtcca ggacagcggc gcgcgaacac tcttcgacct cgctgcagcc
   370921 catggggcga aggtcctgca gatttccgcg ctgggcgccg gtgcgcaccc ggacgtggcc
   370981 ttcctcgcca gcaaggcggc ggccgaccgc cacctgctgg aactgggcat cccggcgctg
   371041 gtgctgcgcc cgtccctgct gctggggccg ggcggcgcca gcagcgcctg gctggaacgc
   371101 ctgtcgccgc taccgctgat tcccttgctg gacaatcgcg cgcgcctgca accgctgcat
   371161 gtcgaggacc tggtcggcgc ggtgctggcc ttgctgcgct gctggccgga gcgggcgcag
   371221 gtgattccgc tggtgggtcc gcaggcgctg acccagggcg agctgctgga cgagctgcgc
   371281 cgcgcccagg gttggccgcg cggccgctat gcggtgccgc ccgcggcgct tctcgatgcg
   371341 ttgggcgggc ttggccggcg tgctggctgg cggacactga gtccatcgat gctgaagctg
   371401 gtgcgccacg acaacctggc cgacccggca ctcctcgatg cggcctgcgg ctatcgttgc
   371461 gcgccgctgg ccagtcgcct gctcggctgg ccgcaggcgg cacgcagcct ggcggcgctg
   371521 atgcggccgc tgatgctggc ggccctggtg ctgatctggc tgggtaccct ggtcgcctgc
   371581 ctggggccgg gttacggttg gggcctgcgg atcctcggcg aggccggcat ccacggctgg
   371641 ccggcgagcc tggcggtgat cgccggggcc ctgctcgacg gtgcgctcgg cgtcggcctg
   371701 ctgctccgcc gctggcgccg gcgcgcgctg ctggcgcagt tctggctgat gcttggctac
   371761 agcctggcga tcagcctgat cctgccgcat tactggtacg acccctacat ggcggtcggc
   371821 aagaacatcg tgctgatggt ggccacgctc tggctgctgg gcgacgaacc tcgagccagg
   371881 gaggcccgtg gatgaacctt tacctactgc tgaagaccct gcatatcctt tcctcgacca
   371941 ttcttttcgg caccggcctg gggtcggcct actacgccct gcgtgcctgg cgcagcgggc
   372001 agttgccggt aatcgcagtg accttccgcc acctggtcac cgccgactgg ctgttcatcg
   372061 ccaccaccgc ggtgttccag ccgctcagcg gcctggccat ggtgcatgtc gccggctggt
   372121 cgctggccca gggctggttg ctgtggagcc tgggcctcta cgtgttcgcc gggctctgct
   372181 ggctaccggt ggtgtggttg cagatccgcg tacgcgacat ggccgaggcg gccttgcgcg
   372241 aggcgcggcc catcgaaccg ctggcgtacc actacatgaa cgcctggttc atcctcggct
   372301 ggccggcctt catcgccttc atggtcatct tctacctgat ggtcaacaag ccggtctgag
   372361 agtcccctcg gcgcaaccag agcaacgcca ggaccaggaa cgccagggag ccgccccagt
   372421 acaaccaggc gaagccgccg ggccgctcca gcaggaggaa ggccagggcc gggcccagcg
   372481 cggcaccgag gtcctggacg atggagtagc gggtcatgaa gccgaccacg tcgccggcgc
   372541 gggcgacgtc ggcggcgagg gcgtcggtca gggtggtgag ggcggtggcg accagcatca
   372601 ccagcagggc gatggccagc caggcgagaa tgggcagcct gctggaaagc aggccgaagc
   372661 ccattgcgcc gaccagtagc gcagccacgt agaagcgccg acgcccgcgc gggccatccg
   372721 accaggcacc gaagcgcccg gccagccagg gctcccagga ccagcgcaga gcctggatga
   372781 tcccggagag gccggcggcg ctgagcgcca ggccgagcag gctgacctcg gtgccgaagc
   372841 tgcgggcgat cagcgcgctc agggtggcgg cgagtacgcc ctggatcagg agcgcggtgg
   372901 cgaagccgct gaggatcacc aggccgcgcg gcggcgggcg cctggcgacg ctggtggctg
   372961 ccgttgcggc ggaggtccgc gcatgtccgg ctggattctc cggcaggtcg aaacccttcg
   373021 ccagcagcgg caggccgagc agtgccagga acgcgaagga cagcgccagc gccggcaggc
   373081 cgaggaccgg caccagcagc ccgccgagca gcatgccgac caggctgccc aggcggtaga
   373141 ggccattgta caggcccatg gcgcggccgc gctggtggtc ggcggcgcag tagaccaccg
   373201 ccgagagtcc gccgatgcgg aagaacgacc agccgatccc ccacagtccg cgcagcagca
   373261 cccaggccag gaaaccgctg gccaggccgt agccggcggt gctcagcacg ccgatgacga
   373321 ccgccaggag caggccgatc ttcagtgcca ggtgcttgta caggcggccg atcagcggat
   373381 tgaagggcag gcggatcagg cggttgatcg acagcagcac gccgacctgc cagagcgcct
   373441 ccaggccgac ctcgtgccag tagatcggca aggcgatata aagcatcgaa tcgccggcca
   373501 ggcatagcgc ggtgaccagg gcgacgatca cgaccggccg cagcgagccg ggagcggggg
   373561 ctgtgtgggg catcctgggt ccgccgtggc gccgcccgtc ggacggcgcg cttgtcagtg
   373621 ggtcaacgca gggaaatgat cggccagccg cgtttttccg cctcggcgcg caggcgcgga
   373681 tcggggtcga cggccaccgg ccggctgacc ttttccagca gcggcaggtc gttcagcgag
   373741 tcgctgtaga agctggcgcc ttccaggtcc aggccgttct cgtcgagcca gcgttgcagg
   373801 cgcaccacct tgccgccctg gaagcagggc acgtcgaagg tctgcccggt gtagcggccg
   373861 tcgcgcatct cgcactcggt ggcgatcagg gtctccaccc cgagccgttc ggcgatcggg
   373921 ccggtgacga agcggttggt ggcggtgatg atcaccagcc ggtcgccggc ggcgcggtgc
   373981 tcggcgagca gcgcctcgcc cttggccagc acgatcggct cgatcacttc ctgcatgaac
   374041 tggcggtgcc aggtttccag ctgggccatc tcggtgcgac cgaggatcgc ctgggtgaaa
   374101 gcctggtagg caaggacgtc gagcttgccg gcgacgtagt cggcatagaa ggcgtcgttg
   374161 cgcgcctggt attcggcggc gtcgaccagg ccgcgctggc acagccattc gccccagcta
   374221 tggtcgctgt cgccggcgag cagggtgtta tcgagatcga aaagggccag acgcacgggg
   374281 tgactccatc ggttggcggg tggcggaagg gccgcgagag ccttttgcga aggctcccac
   374341 cgggccttgg gaaagcccct agcctaccgg cttttgccgg ccctgtatcc tccccgcacg
   374401 agtcgcaaag ccgcgcgttg ccgctatcac aagctttatg gaacaatgcg ggcacatgcg
   374461 atttcgagga tgtcccagcg tgatcgattc cgatggtttt cgcccgaatg tcggcatcat
   374521 tctcgccaac gaggcggggc aggtgctgtg ggcgcggcgt atcaatcagg aagcctggca
   374581 gttcccgcag ggaggcatca atgatcgcga aacgccggaa gaggcgctgt atcgcgaatt
   374641 gaacgaagaa gtcgggctgg aggccgggga cgtgcgcatc ctggcctgta cccgcggctg
   374701 gctgcgctac cgtttgccgc agcgcctggt gcggacccac agccagccgc tgtgcatcgg
   374761 ccagaagcag aaatggttcc tgctgcggct gatgtccgac gaggcgcgcg tgcgcatgga
   374821 tatcaccagc aagcccgagt tcgacggctg gcgctgggtg agttactggt accccctggg
   374881 acaggtggtg accttcaagc gcgaggtcta ccgccgcgcc ctgaaggaac tggccccgcg
   374941 ccttctggcg cgggactgaa cacggagaca aggccccgag catgctcaac acgctgcgca
   375001 agatcgtcca ggaagtgaac tccgccaagg atctgaaggc ggcgctgggc atcatcgtgc
   375061 agcgggtcaa ggaagccatg ggtacccagg tctgctcggt gtacctgctc gacaccgaga
   375121 cccagcgttt cgtcctgatg gccaccgaag gcctcaacaa gcgttccatc ggcaaggtca
   375181 gcatggctcc cagcgaaggc ctggtcggcc tggtcggcac ccgcgaggag ccgctcaacc
   375241 tggagaacgc cgccgcccac ccgcgctacc gctatttcgc cgagaccggc gaggagcgct
   375301 acgcgtcgtt ccttggcgcg ccgatcatcc accatcggcg ggtgatgggg gtgctggtgg
   375361 tgcagcagaa ggagcgccgc cagttcgacg aaggcgagga agccttcctc gtcaccatga
   375421 gcgcccagct cgccggggtc atcgcgcatg ccgaggcgac cggttcgatc cgcggcctgg
   375481 gcaagctcgg caagggcatc caggaagcca agttcgtcgg cgtgcccggc gcccccgggg
   375541 tcggggtggg caaggcggtg gtggtgttgc cgccggccga cctggaagtg gtgccggaca
   375601 agcaggtcga cgacatcgac gccgagatcg ccctgttcaa gcaggccctg gagggcgttc
   375661 gcgccgacat gcgcgcgctg tcgagcaagc tcgccagcca gctgcgcaag gaagaacgcg
   375721 cgctgttcga cgtctacctg atgatgctcg acgatgcctc catcggcaac gaggtcaagc
   375781 gcatcatccg taccggccag tgggcccagg gcgccctgcg ccaggtggtg atggagcacg
   375841 tgcagcgctt cgagctgatg gacgacgcct atctccgcga gcgcgcctcc gacgtcaagg
   375901 acataggtcg ccgcctgctc gcctacctcc aggaagaacg caagcagaac ctgacctacc
   375961 cggaacagac catcatcgtc agcgaggagc tgtcgccggc gatgctcggc gaggtgccgg
   376021 aagggcgcct ggtcggcctg gtctcggtgc tcggctcggg caactcgcac gtggcgatcc
   376081 tcgcccgtgc catgggcatc cccacggtga tgggggcggt cgacctgccg tactccaagg
   376141 tcgacggtat cgacctgatc gtcgatggct accacggcga ggtctacacc aacccctccg
   376201 ccgagctggt gcgccagtac agcgacgtgg tcgccgagga gcgcgagctg agcaagggcc
   376261 tggcggccct gcgcgagctg ccctgcgaga ccctcgacgg ccaccgcatg ccgctctggg
   376321 tcaacaccgg cctgctcgcc gatgtcgccc gcgcccagga gcgtggcgcc gagggcgtgg
   376381 gcctgtaccg caccgaagtg ccgttcatga tcaacgaccg cttccccagc gagaaggaac
   376441 agttggcgat ctaccgcgag cagctcagtg ccttccaccc gctgccggtg accatgcgca
   376501 ccctggatat cggcggcgac aaggcgctgt cctacttccc gatcaaggaa gacaacccgt
   376561 tcctcggctg gcgcggcatc cgcgtcaccc tcgaccaccc ggagatcttc ctggtccaga
   376621 cccgcgccat gctcaaggcc agcgaaggac tggacaacct gcgcatcctg ctgccgatga
   376681 tctccggcac ccacgagctg gaagaggccc tgcacctgat ccaccgcgcc tggggcgagg
   376741 tgcgcgacga gggcgtggac atcgccatgc cgcccatcgg catgatggtc gagattcccg
   376801 ccgccgtgta ccagacccgc gagctggccc gccaggtcga cttcctttcg gtcggttcga
   376861 acgacctgac ccagtacctg ctggcggtcg accgcaacaa tccgcgggtc gccgacctct
   376921 acgactacct gcatccggct gtgctgcatg cgttgaagaa ggtggtcgac gatgcccacc
   376981 tggaaggcaa gccggtgagc atctgcggcg agatggccgg cgatcccgcg gctgccgtgc
   377041 tgctgatggc gatgggcttc gacagcctgt cgatgaacgc caccaacctg cccaaggtga
   377101 agtggctgct gcgccagatc accctggaca aggcccggga cctgctcggc cagttgctca
   377161 ccttcgacaa cccgcaggtc atccacagct cgctgcacct ggcgttgcgc aacctcggcc
   377221 tgggtcgcgt gatcaacccg gcggctaccg tccagccctg atttcccgcg cgccggacgc
   377281 ttcgtcgtgc ggcgcttacg ctttccccgc aagcgtatag actgcctgcc attcggtaga
   377341 ggccactggc cagtcgaacg tgcgagggat tgccgcaaaa tggacgaacg ggcgtcgaag
   377401 ccgccaggtc ttcttccgct gtcacgcgaa gaccttgaga aaaccctgcg atatgccctg
   377461 gagatcgtca gcgacgggat ctgggactgg aacatcgcga ccaaccaggt cagccgcagc
   377521 gccggctggt acctgatgct cggctatccg ccgcatagcc tgccggagag cgtggagacc
   377581 tggaagaaca tcatccatcc cgaggactat ccgcgggtga tggccagctt ccaggcctac
   377641 ctcgacggcg aaagcccgga atactgcgag gaataccgct gccgcaccta cagcggggat
   377701 tacctgtgga tcagcgatcg cgggcgtttc gtcgagttcg acgagcgcgg cgagccgcgg
   377761 cggatgatcg gtgcgcacca cgagatccat cagcgcaagc tggtcgagct ggagttgcag
   377821 cagcgcaacg aggaactgtt cgactggaac ctgcgtctcg aggaactggt ggccgagcgc
   377881 accgaggcgc tgcaccgggt caaccaggcg ctggcctcga agatggccga ggcccagcgc
   377941 ctgagcgaaa tcgatccgct caccgagctg tacaaccgac gcaagttcga gcagtgcctg
   378001 caccatgaat ggatgcgccg gcagcgccat ggacgcgcca cggcactggt gatgatcgat
   378061 gtcgatcact tcaagcggat caacgacctg ttcggccact ccaccggtga tcgcgtgctg
   378121 gtcgccttcg gccgcctggt tgccagcgag ctgcgcgagg tcgacgtgct ggcgcgctgg
   378181 ggtggcgagg agttcatcct gctgctcccg gaaaccggcc tggaggccgc ggcggccttg
   378241 gccgaacgcc tgcgccagcg ggttcgctcg cagtccttcg agatgggcga gcggttgacc
   378301 gccagctttg gcgtcggcgt gctgaatgat ggcgagaccc tcgacctgct gctgtgccgg
   378361 gtggacgacg ccctctatcg ggccaagcag cgtcgcgatt gcgtggcctg ttgctgaagg
   378421 tcagcctggc ggcagcacca ggctgacctc gccgagccgg gcgccggacg gcccgaagct
   378481 gcgctcgatc atctcccgcg tgccgtcggc gtgtacccgt acgacgctgc tggcgcgagt
   378541 gccgtagctc gggctggcga tgaacacgct ggagagcagg cgttccgtgg ccagacccac
   378601 gccggtatcc ggcaactggc cgtcggcggc cggcgctgcg tcggccagca gctccagcag
   378661 ggcctgcgga tgcggctcgg caagccgctc ggcgagggcg gcgcgagcct tgagcagctt
   378721 cggccagggc gtatcgaggg ccgcgttgga cagcccgtag atccccgccg gcagcaggcg
   378781 cggtggccct acgcgggggt tgtagtgcca gagctgatgg cgatcgccaa tgagcaggtt
   378841 gaagccggaa tagtccgcgg cgcgcccggc gacctgcgcc aggtagtcgg ccgggttgcc
   378901 gccgccgcgc aggaagtccg ccaccagttc gccacgggag cgcttgccga gagcctgcga
   378961 cggatcgcgg acgttggtca gggcggcgaa acggccggcc gggccgagcc ccagccaggt
   379021 gccgccggcc tccaggtcgc gtccggcgaa taccccctcg gcgtcctccc aggccgccag
   379081 cggcaggctc gggcgggcat agaattcgtc acggttggcg gcgaccagca gcggcagggc
   379141 gtgccccggt tgccaggcga agacgatcag gcacatgcgc gatccttggg atgggctggc
   379201 cgtcaggcta aaggcatccg ccatcgccgt tcaagcacga cgcctgccgc acggcgcgca
   379261 attccgttac catgccggct ttccaacggg ggcgtgcatg gagtttctcc tctatatcgt
   379321 gctgggcgcc tgtgccggcg tgctggccgg actgttcggc gtcggcggcg gcctgatcat
   379381 cgtcccggcg ctggtcttca gcttcaccgc gcacggtttc ggcggcgacg tcctgaccca
   379441 gatggcggtc ggcacctccc tggcgaccat cgtcttcact tcgatcaatt ccattctcga
   379501 acaccatcgg cgcggcgcgg tgcgctggcc ggtgttcgcc tggatgaccc tcggcatcct
   379561 catcggcagt gccctcggcg cgctgaccgc ggcgcagatc aaggggccgc tgttgcagaa
   379621 gataatcggg gtgttcgcca tcctggtcgc tttgcagatg gttctcgacc tcaagcccaa
   379681 gggtagccgc gaggtgcccg gcaagggcgg cctgaccctg gccggcgcgg tgatcggctg
   379741 ggcctcggcg atcttcggca tcggcggcgg ttcgctgacc gtgcctttcc tcagttggcg
   379801 cagcgtgccg atgcagcagg cggtggcgac ttcctcggcc tgcggccttc ctatcgccat
   379861 ttccggcgct ctgtcgttca tcgcggtcgg ctggcacaac ccgcagttgc cggagtggag
   379921 cctgggctac gtctatctgc cggcgttggt cggcatcgcc gccaccagta tgctgttcgc
   379981 ccgcttcggc gcgcgcctgg cgcatcgttt gtcgccgcgc gtactcaagc gactgttcgc
   380041 cctgctgctg ttcagcgtgg gcataagttt cctgaccccc gatctcgctt ttctgtcgta
   380101 ggagttatcg atgctgacgt atccccagat cgatccggtt gcgctggcca tcggcccgct
   380161 gaagatccac tggtacgggc tgatgtacct gatcgggatc ggcggcgcct ggctgctggc
   380221 gtcgcgccgg atgaagcgct tcgacccgac ctggaccaag gagcgccttt ccgacctggt
   380281 cttctgggtc gcctgcggcg tgatcctcgg tggccgcctg ggctacgtgc tgttctacaa
   380341 cctggacgag tacatcgcca acccgacgct gatcttcgag gtctggaaag gcggcatgtc
   380401 cttccatggc ggcctgctcg gcgtgatgct ggcggtctgg tggttcggca agcgccatgg
   380461 caagagcttc ttccagctga tggacttcat cgccccgctg gtgcccatcg gcctgggcgc
   380521 cgggcgcatc ggcaacttca tcaactcgga actgtggggc aaggtcagcg atgtgccctg
   380581 ggccatggtc ttccccaacg gcggcccgct gccgcggcat ccctcgcagc tgtaccagtt
   380641 cgccctggaa ggcgtggcgc tgttcgtcat cctctggctg ttcacccgca agccacggcc
   380701 gaccgcctcg gtctccggcc tgttcgtgct gtgctacggg atcttccgct tcgttgtcga
   380761 attcgtccgc gtgccggatg cccagctcgg ctacctcgcc tggggttggc tgaccatggg
   380821 ccaggtgctc tgcgtaccga tggtgctggc cggcattgcc ctgatggtct gggcctaccg
   380881 ccgcgacgcg gcgcagccga aggcggcctg agccgctttt cgtgcccggg gcggataacg
   380941 tcgcaggcgt catccgctcc gggcagccgg ctttccgctc cagggcgtgc atggcttgcg
   381001 ccggtcgcgc cgaactggcg atgcaggctc cgtcgccgta gacttggcca tccttctgtc
   381061 atccctcggt gggagccgcc acgtcggcgc cgcaccgata tcgatccgag cctccgatga
   381121 aacagtacct cgacctgatg cgccacgtgc gcgagcacgg caccttcaag agcgaccgca
   381181 ccggcaccgg cacctatagc gtgttcggcc accagatgcg cttcgacctg gccgcgggct
   381241 tccccctggt gaccaccaag aagtgccacc tcaagtcgat cgtccacgag ctgctgtggt
   381301 tcctcaaggg ctccaccaat atcgcctacc tcaaggagca cggcgtctcg atctgggacg
   381361 aatgggccga cgagaacggc gacctcggcc cggtgtatgg ctaccagtgg cgctcctggc
   381421 cggcgccgga cggccgccac atcgaccaga tcgccaacct gatggcgatg ctgaagaaga
   381481 atccggactc gcgccggctg atcgtctccg cctggaaccc ggcgctgatc gacgagatgg
   381541 ccctgccgcc ctgccacgcg ctgttccagt tctacgtcgc cgacggcaag ctcagttgcc
   381601 agctctacca acgttcggcg gacatcttcc tcggcgtacc cttcaatatc gccagctatg
   381661 ccctgctgac cctgatggtg gcgcaggtcg ccggcctgca gccgggcgag ttcatctgga
   381721 ccggcggcga ttgccacctg tacgccaacc acctggagca ggccgacctg cagctgaccc
   381781 gcgagccgct gccgttgccg agcatgaagc tgaatcccga ggtgaaggat ctgttcgact
   381841 ttcgcttcga ggacttcgag ctggtcggct acgaggccca tccgcacatc aaggcaccgg
   381901 tcgcggtctg acccttcggc ggagccgtcg gctccgctca accgaacagg cgacggtacc
   381961 agggaagcgc gcgccagtcc cgcaaagccc gctccgcatc ttctgcgcgt tgcagcgcct
   382021 gttccagggc ctgctccagc ggagcgaccg gatggctcat ggcatggcca tggcagagct
   382081 ggaagtcgtc cagcaggttc ggcggtagcg cgaaggcgcc ttccaggcgt gcctgttcct
   382141 ccgccaggta atagccgttg aggccgtcga agtggacgaa acggtagccc gcggcgagca
   382201 gcggcgcttt ccactcgggg tcgtggtcga atggagtttc cgcgaggatc agccacgggc
   382261 gccagcggtt caggtcgagg ccgcggagca ccgcgccttc cagcccttcg acgtcgatct
   382321 tgaggaagtg gatcggccct tcgacatggg ccgcgcagat cgcgtccagg gtgctgacct
   382381 tcacttcgcg cggggtggcc gtgcagccct cggcctggcg ctggcgggct agctcggggt
   382441 ccagggtgga gagacccgag gcggccatct cgtagagcgt ggcgcggcct tcgcgctcgc
   382501 caatggcgag gttcaggttg aggtcttccg gccgttcccg ctccagctcg cggtgcaggt
   382561 ggggcagcgg ttcgatgttg atgccgcgcc agccgcgctc gtagaacgcc agggtgaccg
   382621 agtcgatccg cgggtggttg gcgccgacgt cgatgtagaa ccccctgggg aagagtttca
   382681 gggcccgcca gagtcggacg tcttccaggt tctgcgcgta ggaaacgaag ggcatgggcc
   382741 tacctcttgg gcgatcgtcg cccagtctgt cattccccgc gcccgctctc cagcaattcg
   382801 gccagcgcgt cgatctgttc ctggcggtcg ctgccgccca cccgcctgcc gttcagcgac
   382861 gaccactccg gatgcgcgcg cgccttgcgc agcgcttccg gcagcttgcc ttcgcgccac
   382921 tgcttgtcct ccggggtttc caggcggatc gcctcgaccg ccgcgtggcc gcgcgtttgc
   382981 agggctgcca ggagctgccg ttggcgcagc gcgagcaagc gcagcacggc gtcgttgacg
   383041 gtcagctcgc gggcgccctt gagcttgccg agcaggcgcg agccatagtg gccgacggtc
   383101 tgccaggcgc cgccggcgag ggcaccgagg gcggcggcgg cgccaagggt gacgccgccc
   383161 accagcaggt cgatgccggc gccggccgcg gcaccggccg caaccccgcc gccgaggcgg
   383221 ataccgagtt ggcgcagggt ctccggattg aacagatcgt cgccccagcg gccgtcgagc
   383281 agcggcaggt cggcggcgcg ggcgtcgtcc ctggcgaagg cgtagagccg cagcaacgct
   383341 tccacgcagg cctgctcgcg cttgcgcacc tgctggtgca ggtcgcgggt ggcttcctgc
   383401 acggcgcttt cgccgccggg caccaggcgc cggcaggcgg cgacgtcgac cagcaattcg
   383461 gcgatcagcc gttgcccggc gcgcaggcgc gcggcggcct gggtctcatg gtcggcgatc
   383521 agccggtcga gttgcggccg ggcgcgctcc agcagcagcg ccaggctctc gtagaggcgc
   383581 cgctcgccgt ccagcggcgg cgccacgctg tcgaaacgca ccagggcgtg caggcccagg
   383641 cgagcgaggg cggcgcgcca ctcctcctcg cgatgctgcg ggctggcgac gaagttcagc
   383701 accggcagca gcggccggcc gcagccggcg agcaccgcca gttcgtcgcg atacttggcc
   383761 agcaccggtt cgcgggcgtc gatcacgtag agcccggcgt cggaggcgag caactggcgg
   383821 accaccttgg cttcctgttc gaaacgcccg cgcgcttcgt tgctgtccag caaccgcgcc
   383881 atgcgttccg ggccatcgag acgctcgccg gggcgctcca gggcgtccag gtagtcgagc
   383941 agggcgatgg cgtcttccag gccgggcgtg tcgtagagtt ccagcagcgc ttcgccgtcc
   384001 accgacagcc tggcgccctc gacgtggcgg gtggtgctgg ggcgatggga gacttcgccg
   384061 aatccacggt cgcgagtcag ggtgcgcagc agcgaggtct tgccggtatt ggtgtggccg
   384121 accacggcca ggatcagcgg ctcagtcatg gccggtctcc agccaggcca gcggcgaggt
   384181 ctcgccgtgc ggcagttgca ggcgttccag ggcggcgtgc cagtcaccca ggcggtcgct
   384241 gtcgagcgct tcgccgggcg gagcctggag cagccagatg cgggtgctgg cggcgcagcg
   384301 ggcgagttcg ccgagcagtg ccagggtgcc gcggtccggc gagcgacgcg ggtcgcaggc
   384361 gatggccagg cgcgccggcg ggtagcgggt cagttgttcg agcaggcgac ggcgctgctg
   384421 gccgtcgtcg aggatgccgg cgtcggcgac gccttcggcg agcttcggcg gccagggccg
   384481 gcgatcgtcc agctccaccg ccaccagcac cgctccggcg gcttcctggc cggactggcc
   384541 gccctgcggc tccggcagcc agtccggtgc cgcgtcgctg acgccgaggc gttcgctggc
   384601 cggcatcaag cgttcgcgca gcaggctgta gcctgggtcg tcgaggtcca ggtcgaggtg
   384661 ggccaggccg cgtttccagc gccacaggca gagcagaccg agcagcgcgc gcggcaggac
   384721 cccatagacc agcagtacgc ctaccagcca gccggcccag gcgtgccgtg cggcttcgct
   384781 ggccagggcg gcgtcgccgc tggcgcggat cagctcggcg tccggcaacg ggaagccaag
   384841 caacgccggc agggcgccga gcgcctgggt aagggcgatg aaggtatcgc tgccgagaat
   384901 ggtggtttcc cagacgaaac cgtagcggcg ggtcgccagc aggccgagga gcatggccag
   384961 cgcggtcagc aggccgagca gccagagccc gtggaccagc gcgccgaggc cccagcgcgc
   385021 cagccggcgc cggccgagca ggaccaatag cgccggcgcc aggtgcgcgg cgcgggcatc
   385081 gcgcgccagc ttgccgctga gccacagcca gagccggccg agcgcgcccg cggcctcgcc
   385141 gccggcgagc aggccgaggg cccagccgag cagggtcagc aggtgcaggc cgagtaggct
   385201 ggccagcgcc cagaacacgt tgaccgggcg ctggccatcg ccgagcgcgg cgaaggccag
   385261 tccggcgccg ctggccaggg ccagcaccag cagcagggcc agcgccagcc gcgaaccctg
   385321 gcgccaggtc cgctgggcgt cgagcaggcc ctcgcggcgg cccagccagt gggcgcgggt
   385381 gagaatacgg cgcggcaggg aaccgccctg ggccagcgcc tggcgaaccg cctcgctgtc
   385441 ttccagcgga ccggcctgct cctcgcgcag gcgaacggcc tcggtcagcc agagggcgtc
   385501 gaggccggga tgcgtcgtgt gactcaagtc acctcctgtg tcgatttccc tgccgagcgt
   385561 gaatcgtgcc cggccaacgg cgtctgatca gcgccaaaca tagcaaaaag cgccccggcg
   385621 gctcatgctg gcttgccagc cggctggcgg cggggtgtgg gattttgact ggcgccgtgg
   385681 cgaaagcgtt cggcgccggt agcgagagga acactgagat gaaggtagta cgccgatacc
   385741 ccctggcgct gttgctgggg atggcgggcg cgctggccga cgagttgccc gatggctcct
   385801 tgctgcaacg ctatggcgtg caggccgacc agttgccgac cctggcggcg gatccgccgt
   385861 cgcgcaagga ggagaaggaa acgccgtcgc gcttccgggt ggagccggag cagcccttgg
   385921 tgacctttgg cgtcaaggac cacaagggca tggaacccac tggtaacccg tcgatcgacg
   385981 ccatgcacga gcgcgatcgg cggatctgcc ggaacatcag gcggcaggca ctggagaaag
   386041 gcaaggcaca gcccttcgac ggctacatcg agtgtccatg aggccggcgc ccgcgtacga
   386101 gcgccggtcg ggctgcgtca gcgctgctcg cgcaggcgca cggcgacgtc cggctggtcg
   386161 ctgaacaggc cgtcgatgcc ggcgtcgagg taggccctga tctcgccggc caggtcgccg
   386221 cgcgactgcg ggttgccgtc ggcgctgcgg aactccgccg gaaggaagct gttttccgcg
   386281 cggaaggtgt agggatgcac cttcagcccg gcggcgtggg cgtcgccgac gaagcgggtc
   386341 ggctggccga ggttgccgtt ggcatcgcgg ggaatcacgt agctcttgtc cggaccgacc
   386401 ccgtaggcgt agcgcgccac ctggcgcagg cccttggcgg tggccatctc ggcgtaggtc
   386461 aggctgccgc cgctggcttg ctggtcgtag ggctggccgc tgccgtagag ctggaccagg
   386521 cggatgccgg tgaggcgctt gagttccttc aggttgttca cctcgaagga ctggatgaat
   386581 accggtgcac gcggaccgag gtagccgttg cggtgcaggg tcttcaccag cgggcgttcc
   386641 atggccaggc cgaggcgctg gaagtgggtg ccgtgcttga tctcggggta caggccgatg
   386701 gtgcgctgct ggctgatctg caggcttttc accaggtcga tgatctcctg cagggtgggg
   386761 atctcgaagg tgccgtccag gcgcgcattg cccgggcgga tcgtggggat gcgctcgatg
   386821 gcgcgcaggg tcttcagttc ggcgagggtg aagtcttcgc tgaaccagcc ggtgagttcc
   386881 actccgtcga ctttctgcgt gcgcttgcgg tcggcgaatt ccgggtgctg ggcgacatcg
   386941 gtggtcaggc ccagctcgtt gtcgtggcgg gcgaccagct tgccgtcgcg ggtcatcacc
   387001 aggtccggct cgacgtagtc ggcgcccatc atcaccgcca gggcgtaggc gcccagggtg
   387061 tgttccggta cgtaaccgct ggcgccacgg tgggcgatga ccagcggcga gcgttcgtgg
   387121 ccggccgggt ggcgagcgga ggcctggccc tgggcccagt cgatggcgcg ttgtacgttg
   387181 ccggtgtcgg cgtgggcggc gctggccagg ccagcggcga gcatcaggca ggcggcgccg
   387241 aggtggcggc gcaggaaggc tggttgcatg acgggtcctc gtcggcggtt cgggagtgtt
   387301 ccagtccagc agattgacgc agccaggtga tacttctttg cccgtttcgc gacattcccg
   387361 tgacaatcgc cgccagcgtg acgacgtcgg cgttttcccg gccaatccaa cgaaaggggc
   387421 ggacggccgg ggcagggtat agggtgacgg cgctcgcata acaataagag gatcggtgat
   387481 ggcttccgcg caacctgcct ccgcgtttcc ctgcctgtcg ttgcaactgg cctgcctgtt
   387541 gctgggcgcc tggctggcct tcgatgccca cggcggcggc caggccgtgg cgccgccggc
   387601 ccgtgtcgaa gcgcgtgtgc cgacggccgc taccgatgac tggggacgcc agccggacag
   387661 cctgatgagc gccgtgccgc cgcgcacgct ggaggcgagc gtcggcgccc gcggctcggg
   387721 atcggcgagt tcgcgactgt ggatcgccga taccgacttc cgcctgcacg acgacatcgg
   387781 tttcttcatc cagcgcatgc tgatccgcat ggagccgact cgtcccggcg cgcccttgtc
   387841 gctcgacgat ccgacggcga tggtggcgcg gatccaggcc ggcgagatat tcgtcagcga
   387901 cgccaccctg gcgaccctgc tcaaccagga cctcgccgcg tcccgcgcgg ccgtgcgcaa
   387961 cctcagtatg aacacccgca aggacggcca ggaagtgcgt ggcgagttgt tgcgcaaggg
   388021 gcgctggcgg ccgctgcgga tgctcaccga gatcgagctg agcggtccgc tggaggtgac
   388081 cctggtaccc cggcggatct tcgtcgacgg ggtcgaggtc acttcgtcgc tggcggcggc
   388141 ctcgatcgag atgtccgagg tgctgaagct gaagacccgg cacatggaac tggtcggcaa
   388201 ccgcatccgc gtcgacctcg acggtttgtt cccgccgccg cgcctggact tccgcgtcag
   388261 tcgcctggcc ctggccgacg gcggcatgca actcgccctc ggcgactccc tggccgacct
   388321 gcaatggccg gcattacggg cgccggacag ctacatgttc atcgagggcg gcgatatcaa
   388381 gatggcgcgc accgtgctgg tcaaggccta tgccctgttc accagcctca gcccagggca
   388441 gccgctgctg ttcaatctct acgactaccg gcggcaactg cagaacggcg tgatccgcct
   388501 gcgcgaggac ggcatggtgc agatcgccgt gtcgccggtg aaggcgccgg cgccgctgga
   388561 ggcacggctg tgagccggcg tccgtggggc gtactgcttg gctgttgcct gttggcggcc
   388621 agcgcggccc aggccgaaag cgccatcgac cggcagcagc gcgaactggc cctgctgcgc
   388681 gagggctggt accggcaggt ccccccggcg ccggtgccgc tgcccatgcg tacggccggg
   388741 ccggcggatt ccggccagga tggtgtcggc atactgctgc gcaacgtgga catgtacctg
   388801 cgcggcaaca tcggtttcca cgtgcccgag ctgaagggct ggctggtgcc gaaccgggcc
   388861 ggccagccgg tggacttcga ccgtccgcag gacatgcatt tccaggtgat ggagggcgag
   388921 gtgctgctca gcccgcggca actggccaac ctgttcaacg agcacatcct cgcctacgac
   388981 gggaccatgt tgaaggactt ccgcatgagc agtgcggcgg gacgcctgga ggtggagggg
   389041 cgggtgcgtc cgctcggcgt agggccctgg ctgccgctgc ggctgggcgg cggcgtggag
   389101 gtggacgcgg ccagcggcgc gctggtctat cggcccgacc agttgagggt ggtcggtctg
   389161 ccgctgtacg gggcgatgag cctggtcggc ctgccgatgt cggcgctggt cagcctcgat
   389221 cggccggggg cgagcctggt gggcagcgcc atgcgcctgg actaccgcaa ggtcttcccg
   389281 ctgctgggca tcgacggcca cgtacaggag gcctggctcg acgaccaggg gctgcacctg
   389341 cgtttctccc aggcgcccgg ccagccgtcg ccggtgttca gcccgccggc cgcggcgggc
   389401 ccatccttcc tctggctaca gtccggcgac ctgaagatct tcgaaatcct catcacctac
   389461 gcccaggtgc tgctgaagac cgagaccccg gaccaggtgc tgaccttcaa cctgcaggac
   389521 taccgcaagg tgctggcgac cggcaccacc caggtcaacg aggatggcac cttcttcatg
   389581 caggtgccgc cgtatgccaa tcccttgtag gccggcccgc acagttggcc tggagtccgc
   389641 cggcgcgagt gtttatcctc gcgcctttgt ccttccacga tgaggtaacc ccatggcacg
   389701 accgctggcg atgatcgccg cccttggcga gaaccgcgcg atcggcatcg acaaccgcct
   389761 gccctggcgc ctgccggccg acctcaagca tttcaaggcg atgaccctcg gcaagccggt
   389821 gatcatgggg cgcaagacct gggactcgct gggtcggccg ctgccgggcc ggctaaacct
   389881 ggtggtcagc cgccaggccg gcctggcact ggagggtgcg gaagtgttcg ccagcctgga
   389941 cgccgcgctg gcgcgcgccg aggcgtgggc gcaggcggag gacgccgacg aactgatgct
   390001 gatcggcggc gcccagctct atgccgaggc cttgccgcgc gccgcgcgtc tctacctgac
   390061 ccgggttggc ctggcgccgg agggcgacgc ctttttcccc gagatcgatg gtgcggcctg
   390121 gcgcctggcg tcgagcatcg aacacgccgc ggctgacgat gcgcctgcct acgccttcga
   390181 ggtatgggag cgccgctgac ggttccaggc ggggtcagag ggtgatcagc tccgcctcga
   390241 tcttcttccc cgccacttcc agcacgccga tcccgatcgg caagctgaag cgccgcggcc
   390301 cggcgctgcc cgggttgagg tagagcacgc cgtcgcgctc ttccttcagc ggcttgtgcg
   390361 aatgtccggc gaccaccacg tcgatgcctt cggcggccgg gtcgaggtcg agtcgcttga
   390421 ggtcgtgcag cacatagagg gtcagccggc cgatcttcag cagcaggcgc tcggggatgt
   390481 ccgccgccca gtcctgggtg tcgttgttgc cgcgcaccac cgagagcggc gccaggcgtt
   390541 ccagctcggc gaggatttcc ggcttgccga tgtcgccggc atggatcaac tggtcgcagc
   390601 cgcgcaaccg ttccagcgcc tcgggccgga gcaggccatg ggtgtcggcg atcaggccga
   390661 tgcgcaacgg gcggcgggac tggggcatgg gcgcgggtcc gggttgcggg acggaagagg
   390721 gtggccgacg ggcatggcca tgccgtcgat catacccaac cattggccgg gtacgaaaac
   390781 ccttcggcga aaaccgcgac gccacccgga ggtggcgccg cgcctatcag tgtccggcct
   390841 tctggaccgg gctttccggc aggaaccagt tcagcagcag ggcgcagatg ccgccggtgg
   390901 cgaccccgga ctccagcacg ttgcgcagcg ccgcgggcat gtgcgcgagg aactccggca
   390961 cctgcgaaac gcccaggccg agggccaggg atacggcgat gatcagcagg gcacggcggt
   391021 ccagctggat gccggcgagg atgttgatgc ccgaagcggc caccgcgccg aacatcacca
   391081 tcgccgcgcc gcccagtacc ggttccggca ccgcctggat gaccccggcg acgctcggga
   391141 acaggccgag caggaccagc atggcggcga tccagaggcc gacgtagcgg ctggccacgc
   391201 cggtgagctg gatcaccccg ttgttctggg cgaacactga gctggggaag gtattgaaga
   391261 taccggcgag gaacgagttg gcgccgttga ccagcacgcc gcccttgatc cgctgcatcc
   391321 acagcgggcc ttccaccggt tgcttagaca ccttgctggt ggcggtgacg tcgccgatgg
   391381 cttccaggga ggtgaccagg tagatcacca gcatcgggat gaacagcggc caggagaagt
   391441 ccaggccgaa gtgcagcggg gtcggtacct ggaacagctc ggcctggtgc atgccggtga
   391501 agtccaggcg accgaggtag ccggccagcg cgtagccgac ggccagggcg atgacgatgg
   391561 cgcaactgcg catccatacc accgggatgc ggttgagcac cacgatgatg cccagcacca
   391621 caccggacag cagcaggttc tcgccgttgg cgaaggtgcc gttggacatc gccgagaagc
   391681 cgccgcccat gctgatcagg ccgaccttga tcagggtcag gccgatcatc agcacgacga
   391741 tgccggtcac cagcggggtg atcagccgct tgacgaacgg cagtatgcgc gagatgccca
   391801 tctcgacgaa ggagccggcg atgaccacgc cgaagatcgc cgccatcacg ctttccaccg
   391861 gcgtgccctg cttgaccatc agcgccccgc cggcgatcag cgggccgacg aagttgaagc
   391921 tggtgccctg gacgatcaac agtccggcgc cgaacgggcc gaagcgcttg cactggacga
   391981 aggtggcgat gccggagatc accagcgaca tcgacacgat cagattggtg tcgcgcggcg
   392041 atacgcccag cgcctggcag atcagcaggc caggggtaac gatcggcacg atgatcgcca
   392101 gcaggtgctg gagggcggcg agcagggcga tgggagcgct gggtcggtcg tccaggccat
   392161 agaccaggtc gttgcgggcg ctggcgtccg acgggctttg cagggaactc atggtggcgg
   392221 tccggggaaa aagagcgcga ttttactggg cgaacgcggt ctcgcccagg cctggctgcg
   392281 tcgcatgtcg gcggataacg ccggtggcgt atgcgccctg cggttggagc gtgggtgagc
   392341 ggtagggcga atgaccgctt gcggttatcc gccattcggc gcgcgtacgc gtgaatgaaa
   392401 aagcccggcg cgggaccggg cttttttcgt cgctggacga ttcagccgtc cagcagcgcc
   392461 ttgttgcgta ccgcgccctt gtcggcgctg gtggcgagca gggcgtaggc cttgagcgcg
   392521 gtgctgacgc ggcgggcacg cggcgcggcc ggcttccagc ccttcttgtc ctgttcggcg
   392581 cggcgtgcgg cgagttcttc gtcgctgacc agcaggttga tcgagcgatt gggaatgtcg
   392641 atcagcacct tgtcgccgtc ctgcaccagg ccgatggcgc cgccggcggc ggcttccggg
   392701 gaggcgtgac cgatggacag gcccgaggtg ccgccggaga agcgtccgtc ggtgagcagg
   392761 gcgcactgct tgcccaggcc cttggacttc aggtagctgg tcggatagag catttcctgc
   392821 atgcccggcc cgcccttcgg tccttcgtag cggatgatca cgatgtcgcc ggccttcacc
   392881 tcgtcgccga ggatgccttt caccgcggcg tcctggcttt cgaagatctt cgcgctgcct
   392941 tcgaacacgt ggatcgactc gtcgaccccg gcggtcttca ccacgcagcc gtcgagagcg
   393001 atgttgccgt agagcacggc cagcccgcct tccttggaat aggcatgctc gacgctgcgg
   393061 atgcagccct cggcgcggtc gtcgtccagg ctcggccagc gggtgttctg gctgaacgcg
   393121 gtctgggtcg ggatgcccgc cggaccggcc ttgaagaagg tgtgcacggc ttcgtcgcgg
   393181 gtctgggtga tgtcccactg ggcgatggcg tcggccatgc tcgggctgtg cacggtgggg
   393241 acgtcggtgt gcagcaggcc accgcgggcc agttcgccga ggatggagaa gatgccgccg
   393301 gcgcgatgca cgtcttccat gtggtacttc tggatgttcg gcgccacctt gcacagttgc
   393361 ggcaccttgc gcgacaggcg gtcgatgtcg cgcaggtcga acggcacctc ggcctcctgg
   393421 gcggcggcca gcaggtgcag gatggtattg gtcgagccgc ccatggcgat gtccagggtc
   393481 atggcgttct cgaaggcctt gaagttggcg atgttgcgcg gcagcacgct gtcgtcgcct
   393541 tcgccgtagt agcgctggca gagttccacg gccaggcgcc cggcgcgcag gaacagttgc
   393601 tcgcggtcgg cgtgggtggc cagggtcgag ccgttgcccg gcagcgacag gccgagcgcc
   393661 tcggtcaggc agttcatcga gttggcggtg aacatgccgg agcaggagcc gcaggtcggg
   393721 caggcgctgc gctcgtactc ggcgaccttc tcgtcggagc aggagtcgtc ggcggccacc
   393781 accatggcat cgaccaggtc caggccgtgg ctggccagct tggtcttgcc ggcctccatc
   393841 ggcccgccgg agacgaacac taccgggatg ttcaggcgca gcgcggccat cagcatgccg
   393901 ggggtgatct tgtcgcagtt ggagatgcag acgatggcgt cggcgcagtg ggcgttgacc
   393961 atgtattcca cggagtcggc gatgatctcc cggctcggca gcgaatagag catgccgtcg
   394021 tggcccatgg cgatgccgtc gtcgacggcg atggtgttga attccttggc cacgccgccg
   394081 gccttctcga tctcgcgggc gaccagttgg ccgaggtcct tcaggtgcac gtggccgggc
   394141 acgaactggg tgaaggagtt ggcgatggcg atgatcggct tcttgaagtc ttcgtccttc
   394201 atcccggtgg cgcgccagag ggcgcgggcg ccggccatgt tgcggccgtg ggtggaggtt
   394261 ttcgagcggt aatcgggcat gacgatttcc tgcggctaat caggttcggg ttatgactgt
   394321 atcgtgagcg tcgaaggaac cggatgcaaa cggggaatag ccgagtgtac ggagttggcc
   394381 ggggtctgaa tggggtcacc attggcgacg gcctgggctc actgcccgcc gggggatgat
   394441 tggcgaggaa tgcccggatt ctaagcccag agcgggcgaa tggggaaggc tggcggtcgg
   394501 cggagcggcg cgtcgcgacc cggctggcgt cttgcgccgc ccgtcgcgcc atgagcggcg
   394561 gtggccgtag ggcggatgaa cgcaggcgct catccgccgg gacgggctca gccgttgggc
   394621 agcagccggc aggtcaggct cttgatgtag cgggtttccg cgatcgccag gtgcaccgga
   394681 tggtcggggc cctggccgcc gcgctcgagc agctggatgt tgcggtcgag atggcgggcg
   394741 ctgccgatca ggatgttctg caggtcgtcc tcgggcaggt gcatcgagca ggaggcgctg
   394801 accaggatgc cgtccttgct cagcaggcgc atggcctgtt cgttgagacg gcggtaggcg
   394861 gcctcgccgt tcttcaggtc cttcttgcgc ttgatgaagg ccggcgggtc ggcgatcact
   394921 acgtcgaagc gttcgtcggc ggccttcagc tcgcgcaggg cctcgaacac gtcgccctcg
   394981 acgcaggcga ccttctccgc cacgccgttc agcgccgcgt tgcgctcgac gccgtcgagg
   395041 gcgaaggcgg acgcgtccac gcacatcact tcgctggcgc cgaaggcggc ggcctggatg
   395101 ccccagccac cgatatagct gaacaggtcg aggacccgct tgccctgcac gtagggcgcc
   395161 aggcgcgcgc ggttcatgcg gtggtcgtag aaccagccgg tcttctgccc ggccagcacc
   395221 ggcgcctcga acttcacgcc gttctcttcc agggcgaccc actccggcac ttcgccgtag
   395281 gcattggcca cgtagcgctc caggccctcg gcgtcgcgcg cgctggagtc gttcttccag
   395341 agcacggcgg cgggcttgag cacctgcagc agggcggcga gcacctcgtc cttgcgcagt
   395401 tccatggctg cggacgccag ttgcaccacc agcacgtcgc caaagcgatc gaccaccagg
   395461 ccgggcagca ggtcggaatc gccgtagacc agccggtaga acggcttgtc gaaaagccgc
   395521 tcgcgcaggc tgagggcgat gttgatgcga tgaaccagca gcgatttgtc gagaacgtgc
   395581 ttggtatcac gggaaatgag gcggccgcag atgagattgt tcgggctcag cgcgacgatg
   395641 cccagcggct tgccgttggc catttccagc accgcctggt cgccggcggc gaaggcattc
   395701 agcggcgtcg cggcgacatc cacctcgttg ctgtagaccc acaggtggcc ggcgcgcagg
   395761 cggcgctcgg cgttggcttt gagacgcaag ctgggcaggg tcatgggaaa ggctccggca
   395821 aaagagcgcg attatagcgc agcgacggga ttcgccgctg cgcgaacgcg ggccgttcag
   395881 ccggcgagga tttcgatgaa tcgacggttg aaggccggga tgtcttcggg tttgcggctg
   395941 ctcaccagct tgccgtccac tgctacctcc tggtccaccc agtggccgcc ggcgttgttg
   396001 atgtcgtcct tgagcgacgg ccaactggtc agggtacgac cctgcaccag gccggcggag
   396061 atcagcagcc aggcgccgtg gcagatcacc gccaccggct tgctcgcctg ttcggcgcgg
   396121 atcgccagtt cctgggcctt ggccaggctg cggatctggt cggaattgat caccccgccg
   396181 ggcagcagca gggcgtcgta gtcgtccagg ctggcgtctt cgaaggtgcc gtcgacgcgg
   396241 aaggcctcgg ctggctggtg atggttccag ccgcgcacct cgccggcctt gtcggaaaga
   396301 atccttaccg tggcgccggc gtcttccagg gcttttttcg gaccggtcag ttcgacctgt
   396361 tcgaaaccgt cggtcaccag ggcggcgacg accttgccgt gcagggattg ggtcatggca
   396421 tgtctcccga tatcagaagg ggtattcatt ccgaccctgg cggctgcggg aaaagttcca
   396481 tgtccgttgc ctggcgccgc ttttccggca gaagcccgcc ccatggcggg gttctccggg
   396541 taaactgcgc gcaccgtcaa ctttcgcctc cgtcctcatg gtccaagaac tcaccgccga
   396601 gcagatccgc caggccctgc aaggcatcag cgtgccgccg caaccccaga tcatggtcga
   396661 cctgcagatg gagcaggtca tgcccaatcc ggacctgaag aacattgcca ggctgatcag
   396721 ccaggacccg ggcctttccg gggctctcct gaaactggtg aactcgccgt tcttcggcct
   396781 ggccaatcgc atcacttcga tccagcgcgc ggtgaacctg ctgggcagtc gttcggtgat
   396841 caacctgatc aacgcccagt cgatcaaggg tgagatgagc gacgacacca tcgtcaccct
   396901 caaccgcttc tgggacaccg cccaggacgt ggccatgagc tgcctgagcc tggccaagcg
   396961 gatcggctac gaatcggtgg acgaagccta cgctctcggc ctgttccaca attgcggcat
   397021 cccgctgatg ctcaagcgct tcccgcacta catggcggtg ctggaagagg cctacgccgc
   397081 cgccagcgac gaacgccggg tggtggacac cgagaaccgc gtgctgaaca ccaaccatgc
   397141 ggtggtcggc tactacaccg cgcgctcctg gcgcctgccg gagcacgtct gcgaggcgat
   397201 cgccaaccac cacaacgcgt tgtcgatctt cggcgacgaa tcggcccgcg atacccaact
   397261 gaagaacctg ctggcgatcc tgaagatggc cgagcacatc tgcggttcgc accgggtcct
   397321 cggcaaccag ccggaagacc acgaatggaa cagcatcggc gcgctggtgc tggactacgt
   397381 cgggctcacc gactacgact tcgagaacct caagggctcg atcctcgagc tgggcgtcgg
   397441 ccagggcagc tactgactgg ccgcgccgcg gcgcttcctg ctaaggtgcc gcggtcaacc
   397501 ggattgctgc cgccatgccc gaactacccg aagtcgaaac cacccgccgg ggcatcgccc
   397561 cctacctcga aggccagcgc gtcgagcgcg tgatcgtgcg cgagcggcgc ctgcgctggc
   397621 cgatccccga agacctggac gtgcgcctgt ccggacaacg catcgtcagc gtcgagcgcc
   397681 gcgccaagta cctgctgctg ggcgccgagg ccggtacgct gatcagccac ctgggcatgt
   397741 ccggcagcct gaggctggtg gagagcggca ccccggccag tcgccacgag cacgtcgaca
   397801 tcgagctggc ctcgggcatg gccctgcgct acaccgatcc gcggcgcttc ggcgccatgc
   397861 tctggagcct ggcgccactg gaacacgagt tgctgcgcaa cctcggcccg gaaccgctga
   397921 ccgacgcttt cgccggccag cgtctgttcg agctgtcgcg cgggcggagc atggcggtca
   397981 agccgttcat catggacaac gcggtggtgg tcggggtcgg caacatctac gccagcgaag
   398041 cgctgttcgc cgccggcatc gatccgcgca agcccgccgg gagcatctcc aaggcgcgct
   398101 acctgcgcct ggcggaggag atcaagcgga tcctggcgat cgccatcgag cgcggcggca
   398161 ccaccctgcg cgatttcgtc ggcggcgacg gccagcccgg ttacttccag caggaattgt
   398221 tcgtctatgg ccgtggcggg gagttctgca aggtctgcgg cagcaccctg cgcgagatcc
   398281 gcctaggcca gcgcgccagc gtgtactgcc cgcgctgcca acgctgaagc gccgcgccgc
   398341 gcatactcta ccgccacaag aagggccgcc acggtgagcg gcctgccata agaaaggtgc
   398401 acgatgtccg gcaattacct gcctcgcaac accctggtcg agtcgctcgg ccatgccatg
   398461 ctgaaactct ccggctggaa gatcgagggc caattgcccg cgctcgacaa gttcgtggtg
   398521 atcggcgccc accacacctc gaactgggac ttcgtggcct tcctcgccgc caagttcgtc
   398581 ctgcgcctga acgcccgctg gttcggcaag cacaccctgt tcaacggccc gctgggcggc
   398641 ctgatgcggc gctggggcgg tatcccgatc cagcgccacc tgaagctgaa taccgtggac
   398701 caggcgatcc aggccttccg cgagcaccgc gagttcatgc tgatcatcgc tccggaaggc
   398761 acgcgcaaga aggtcgaccg ctggcgcatg ggcttctacc acatcgcccg tggcgccggc
   398821 gtaccggtgg taccggcggc gctggactac gaaaaccggc ggatcgtcat cggcgaaccc
   398881 ttctggccga ccggcaacga ggacgccgac ctgtgcagcc tgatcggctt ctaccggccg
   398941 ttcatcccga aaaagccgca ctacgcattc ctcggcgatt gaaggcggtc acgctggcac
   399001 tacccgcagc gctgttatag ttaggcgata tctgcccaac caaaaaccag aaaggaccgc
   399061 ctccatgaac ctgtttcgca ccaccgcgct cgtgctggcg ctgaccaccg ggctctcgtc
   399121 catgcccgcg ctggcggatg ccgtgcagga aaacgccagc ggcgacccga tgtacaccgt
   399181 cgaagcgccc cccgcgtacg ccatgatcgg cgatctgctc atcgcccgtc ccttcctgat
   399241 cgccgccacg gccgtcgggg cggtggcctt cgtggtcagc ctgccgttca ccgcggccag
   399301 cggcagcgtc ggcaaggccg gccaggcgct ggtggtcgat ccgggcaagg aagccttcgt
   399361 ccgttgcctg ggctgcacca ccagcggcta taaccacgac gaaagctgag tttccaacgg
   399421 aatgaaaaaa agccggtcat cgaccggctt tttgttttct cgatgcattg cagggggcac
   399481 ggagattggg ctaagtcttt tcttccgcca cggcaggcgg cagctatagc gccgcatcgg
   399541 ccgatgacag atgttccgca cggaccgttc gcggcacttg atcggactct ccgatggtga
   399601 cagtgtcctg ctgaccagca aggtcacaag gtcgaccagg ggtggccgac cgactcaacc
   399661 aagataagga tttcgcgtat gttcagtcag tgggtgttcc tgtccgtcct tgctcttgcc
   399721 gtaccctcgt tcgcctgggc ggaggatgcg gtgtccgacc tcgccaggga gcagtccaag
   399781 gccgagcagg gcgacaagcg cggcgatgaa ctgttcgccg aattcacccg cctccgccag
   399841 gccgccgaga cgggggagcc gcaggctctg ttcgatttcg gcgcctactt ctaccagcaa
   399901 cagaactacg ccagcgcgcg cgaatggtgg ggcaaggcgg ccgctgcggg gatggtccgc
   399961 gcgcagatcc aactggccat gctctatcgc gatggtgacg gcgggccaca ggacaagacc
   400021 gaggcggcac gctggttccg gaaggccgcg gagcaggggg atgccgccgc ccagaatgaa
   400081 atgggcgttc tctactggag aggcgaaggg gtcgaccagg accgggtgaa ggccgggacc
   400141 tggttcgaac gcgcggcggc cagcggtagc gaagacgccg aaaccaatct gggatggttc
   400201 tacctggacg actcgcaagg cgtctattcc gccacttcag acgaggaagc cgccctgctg
   400261 gaccgttatg ccggcagccg ggaaaaggcc ttccagtggt tctgcaaggc tgcgacccag
   400321 ggagatgccc gtgcccagtt caaggtgggc gaggcctact ggaacggttc cggtgccggg
   400381 atgaacaagc tgcaagcgcg gctctggctg gaaaaggccg cacagcagca ggatgcggat
   400441 gccatcgcct ggttggagag cgccgcgaac gcagcctggt acacccgcct ggaaaactgg
   400501 attcacgctg cgctggatgg agagctgtcc ggcgtcgccg actgctccgg tgccgccgat
   400561 cgccggcact ccggccgagg catggagggc gccccgtctg acccggaggc ggtggaagcc
   400621 agtgcggagg atgcgcagca ggcggttgaa gcggcgagcc agtgaggcac gccgcctgga
   400681 ttgccagccg gactcgtcgg cgaaatccct acgcggcgcc tatctgggtg agatcgtcga
   400741 acattttttg agcgctgtct ctcgtttgtt cagtgcggcc gaggctgcgc ttgcgcctcc
   400801 agggacagag acgagtagcc gatcccgcgc gggtcgctgg cggcgtcgac gcggccgctg
   400861 cgcttgtccc agtagagcac ctgctggttg ccgtagctgc gctccaggcg tttgagctga
   400921 tagccgcgcc ggcgcagttc ggcggcctcg gcatcgctga aggcgcgcgg ttcgtactcg
   400981 acgacgtccg gcttgtactg gtggtggtag cgcggcgcgg cgacccattg gccgaccggg
   401041 cgaccgtcga agtactgcag catggagatc agaaccatgc tcgggatgcg gctgccgcca
   401101 ggggtgccga aggcggcgaa gtcggtcggg ctttccagga agctcggact catgctcgac
   401161 agcgggcgct tgccggccgc caccgcgttc gcctggctgc cggccaggcc gtagctgttg
   401221 gcgccctggg tgtcggcggc gaaatcgtcc atctcgttgt tcagcaccac gccggtaccg
   401281 ggaacggtga aggcggcgcc gaacggcagg ttcaccgaga gggtggcggc caccgcgttg
   401341 ccctgggcat cgatcaccgc gaagtgggtg gtgtggtcgc cttcgcgcca ggccggcgcc
   401401 tccggcagcg ccgagctggg cgtggcgcgg cgcgggtcga tgccggcggc aaggcgcttc
   401461 aggtagtccg gcgccagcaa actgggcagc gggttggcga cgaagtccgg gtcgccgagc
   401521 aggcctcgat cgcggtaggc acggcgcagg acctccagca cgtaatgggc acgctgtacc
   401581 ggctcggcct tctgccacgg cagctgttcc agcatctgca ggctctgcgc cagggcgacg
   401641 ccgccggccg agggcggcgg tgcgctgatc agttcgcggc cgttggccag cttcacctcc
   401701 agcgggcggc gttcgatcac ccggtagtcg cgcaagtcgg ccgcgctcca gatgccgccg
   401761 ccggcgcgga ccccggtgag cagcttgtcc gctgtctcgc cttcgtagaa accgatccgc
   401821 ccgtagcgcc cgaggcgttc cagggtacgt gccaactgcg gttggcggag caggttccat
   401881 tcgtcgggga ttccgccctt gtcgaggaag atccgcgcgg tttccgggtc cttgcgcatc
   401941 gcttccaggc gcatggcggc gcggtcacgg tagatccggt cgacggatac gccatccacc
   402001 gccaggcgga tcgccggcac cagattgtcg gccaggggct tgcgtccgta gcggctgctc
   402061 aattcgacca gcgccgccgg caggccgggg atcgccgccg ccagcgggcc gtcgacggac
   402121 agcctggggt cgaccttgcc attgcgccgg tacatgtcgg cgtaggcggc cttcggcgcg
   402181 cgctcgcggg cgtcgaggaa gcgataggtc ggctgcgcac cggcctggcg cagaaggaag
   402241 aatccaccgc cgccgagtcc cgagccgtaa ggctcggcta ccgccagggc agcggcgatg
   402301 gccgccgcag cgtcgaaggc gttgccgcca ttggccaggg tttccaggcc ggcgacggtc
   402361 gcggccggat gtggcgtggc gacggcggcc tgctgcggtg cgtgggcgtt gccgcgaaag
   402421 ctgtcggcat gcgccgcgag gctgagcagg gacaggccgc aggcggcgac cagggtacgg
   402481 acgggcaggt tcaggaagga catggcggct cactgttcag cggcgttcgc gggacggggc
   402541 cgcgaacgcc tcagactgga ttgccaagga tagccaaaag cgcgtcggac ggggcgcgaa
   402601 ccgtccctga aggacaggcg ccggcgggga tcaggccttg ccggtgatct tccggtattt
   402661 ctccatcaac tggtccttgc tctcgacatt ggcgtcgtca aggggaatgc agtccaccgg
   402721 acagacctgc tggcactgcg gctcgtcgta gtggccgacg cactcggtgc agagattggg
   402781 atcgatcaca tagatttctt cgccttgcga gatcgcgccg ttcgggcatt cgggttcgca
   402841 gacgtcgcaa ttgatgcaat cgtcagtgat tttcagggac atctaacaac tccaaccgcg
   402901 acggacagcc acggcatcgg taacgggaat agcggaattg tgccgcatcg gcgcccgcag
   402961 tgcacgcggg acgccgacgg gaggccggcg gagagacgcg gatcagcgct tgaaacgttc
   403021 cgccagggcg tctgccacgg ccggatgcac gaacttgctg atatccccgc cgagagcggc
   403081 gatttcccgg accagcgtcg aggaaatgaa agagtacttc tccgacgggg tgaggaacat
   403141 gctttccacg tcgggggcga gctggcggtt catgttggcc agctggaact cgtactcgaa
   403201 gtcggaaacc gcgcgcaggc cgcggaggaa gacattcgcc ttctgctcct tgacgaagtg
   403261 cgccagcagg gtggagaagc ccaccacctc gacgttcggc aggtgcttgg tgacctcctg
   403321 ggccagcgcc acccgctgtt ccaggctgaa cagggggttc ttcttggggc tggcggcgac
   403381 cgcgatgatc acatggtcga aaagccgtga agcacgttcg atcagatcgc cgtgaccctt
   403441 ggtgatggga tcgaaggtgc ctgggtacag cactcggttc atcgctacgt cctggcaggg
   403501 tttcgtgagg gaatcggatg gtagcgcagg gatgcccgtg cggccaagac gcacgggcca
   403561 tcggccttta gcccataggt ctgatggcgc cgggccgact gccgcggcgc gcggccggcc
   403621 cggcggcggc ggttcaggcc ctggccaggc gttcggccag cgcgctggcc agttgcgcgg
   403681 taagaccgta gaccgagagc tgcgggttgg cgccgatgct ggtggggaac agcgagccgt
   403741 cgtggatcga caggttccgc aggtggtgat ggcggccgag gctgtcggcc accgccacgg
   403801 ccgggtcttc gcccatggcg cagccgccca tgacgtgggc gctgcccagg cgcgtgcggt
   403861 agatctccag gcgcaggccg tcgatgatcc cgcgcgcctc ctgcaggttc ttcgcgctac
   403921 gcgcgtcgct gtgcaccggc cgcacttccc gggcgccggc ggcgaactgg atctccgcca
   403981 tggtatggaa ggcacggcgg ataccgtccc aggtgtagtc ggtcatccgg tagtcgagca
   404041 ctggggtgtc gtcgccgcgc aggccgaccg agccctccgc gctgtccggg tggaagccgt
   404101 cgcggagcag ggcgagcatc atgttggtat gcggtagctg ttccatgcgc agggcgttgt
   404161 cgctgccgaa gccgccgagc agcaccgagg ccagcgacgg ttgcagcggc ggcacctcca
   404221 gtttgtagga catgcgtccg gtgacaccgt cgtcccattg gaaatggtcg gagtagatcg
   404281 actgcggtgc gccgtagaag gggttgatca cccggtcgaa cagccccgcg ctgaaattca
   404341 ccgtgtgcag gaaggtgcgc ttgccgaccc gctggctcgg atcaggcgcc ttcgagcgga
   404401 gaagaatcgc cggggtgttg atgccgccgc cggagagcac gtagtgcctg gcccggaccc
   404461 tgatccggcg gccgttgggc gccacgcagc gctcatccat gcccaggcat tcgaggcccg
   404521 tcaccttgtc gccgtccagc agcagccggt tggcgcgcgc caggtagagc agctcgccac
   404581 ccttgtcgag ggtcgccggg atggtggtga ccagcatcga ctgcttggcg ttgaccgggc
   404641 agcccatgcc gcagtagccg aggttccagc aaccgaggac gttgcgcggg atgaccttcc
   404701 agtgatagcc gagcttctcg cagcccaggc ggatcacgtc gttgttggca ttcggcggca
   404761 gcgcccaggg cgccacgtgc aggcgctgct ccattttctc gaaccagggc gccatgtcct
   404821 ccgcgctgtg gcccttgacc ccgtagacct gggcccagtg ctgcagggtc ggttccgggg
   404881 tgcggaagct gctggtccag ttgatcaggg tggtgccgcc cacggcgcgg ccctggagga
   404941 tggtgatggc gccgtccttg ctcatccggc cgatgccttc ctggtacagc tcggggtagg
   405001 cgtcggcctc ctgcatcttg aaatcgctgc tggtcttcag cgggccttct tccaccagca
   405061 gcaccttcag gccggcggcg ctgaggattt ccgcggtggt gccgccgccg gcgccggtgc
   405121 cgaccacgac cacgtcggcc tccagctcca ggtcgtcgtc caggcgcgag ccgttgtagg
   405181 ttttccagcc gcgggcgagg ccctcggcga acagatcggg tacaggcatg aatgcactct
   405241 caggctaggc ggcttcgggc tcttcgtatt gttccggggg cggctcaagc gatcttcggc
   405301 ggtccggggt agccacaatg ggcccacgcc tcggggcggg cgtaccaggc catcatcgcc
   405361 agttgcatca gcgaactgtg gcccatccgc aacaggccga tgaagctgtt ttcccagcgc
   405421 gaaaggaatg cccgcacgtc gtcgccgctg gcgttctccc aactgcccca gataccggtg
   405481 agcgggccac gggtgagcgg cagggcgagc acgtcgaaga gttgctgggt gagcttgaac
   405541 atctccgggg agagccgcgc caggttgtgg tcgaggctct ggatcgcgcc ctccacggct
   405601 ttcggcatct gctcggcgga aaccgcgccg agcagcatca ccggcagcag cgcacggagg
   405661 aacggcaggt cggattcgcg gaccttttcc aggccgctcg ccggtttctc cgccgaacag
   405721 ccggtgaggc tggcggtgac gcccgcggtg gcgaggaagg cgccgccgat caggccgact
   405781 ttcatcaggc tgcgtcggga caggccggcg ctttcaaggg tggtgtcgct cattgttgtt
   405841 atgtcacctg cagcgtagga atgagggggc gccgcacgcg ccccggttca gcgcacgaac
   405901 agcttgtaga cgagcttctg gatcgacttg ccgtaggggg ggtagatcat tcgcgcggcg
   405961 ttgaagcgcg gcttgctgaa cacgcccttg gccttgctga aggtgaggaa gccttcgtgg
   406021 ccatggtagt ggcccatgcc ggagggaccg acgccaccga acgggatgtc gtcctgggcg
   406081 acatgcagca gggtgtcgtt cagacacaca ccgcctgagt gggtctcgtg cagcacgcgc
   406141 tgctgctgcg ccttgtcgta gccgaagtag tacagggcca gcggtcgcgg gcgctggttg
   406201 acgtaggcca gggcgtcttc caggcgctcg taggggatca ccggcagcag cgggccgaag
   406261 atttcctcct gcatcacttt catgtcgtcg ctgacgttca gcagcagcgt ctgcggcagg
   406321 cgccgttgct ggccttcggc gaacagcggg acgagggtcg cgcccttctc gcgggcgtcg
   406381 tcgagatagc cccggaggcg gccgagctgg cgctcgttga tgatcgcggt gtagtcgggg
   406441 ttgtccgaaa gacgcgggaa gaagccctgg accacctcct tgtactgact gacgaattcc
   406501 tcgacgcgcc ggctcggtac cagcacgtag tcgggcgcga cgcaggtctg cccggcgttg
   406561 aggctcttgc cgaaggcgat ccgctcggcg gcgtccttca tcggcacgct gtcggagacg
   406621 atcgccggcg acttgccgcc cagctccagg gtgaccgggg tcaggttctc ggcggcggcg
   406681 cgcatcacgt gcttgccgac gctggtggcg ccggtgaaca gcaggtggtc gaacggcagc
   406741 ttggaaaagg ccacgccgac gtctacctcg cctagcacca cggcgacctg gtcctcgggg
   406801 aagatccgcg ccagcaggtc cttgagcagg cgcccggtgg ccggggtcga ctcgctcatc
   406861 ttgatcatca cccggttgcc ggcggcgagg gccccggtca gcgggccgat ggagaggaac
   406921 agcggatagt tccaaggcac gatcaccccg accacgccca gcggctggta caccacctgg
   406981 gccgaggccg gctggaattg caggccgacc gcgcggcgcg cgggcttcat ccacttcttc
   407041 acgcgcttgg cggcgtagtg gatgccgtgc aggctgggca tgatctcggc gagcagggtc
   407101 tcgtcggcgg agcgcgcgct gaagtcccgg tcgatggcct cgatcagtgc ctgctgttcc
   407161 ttgaacagca ggtcgcgcag ggccttcagc cactgcacgc gctgcgtggc gtcgggcatc
   407221 ggctgcgcca ggtaggcggc gcgctggcgg gcgaagaggg cttcgagctg gttgatttcc
   407281 tgctggctct gctgcaggta ggcgatatcg gcgaccatgg gctggctcct cggcgaagcg
   407341 tgggcggctg cgtggccgcg cgtctgtcgt tatggcggac ctggttcggt ccgatgaatt
   407401 tcgctgcgtc gctggatttc tagagtaaat actctaaagt gtcaaacagc atgcctgcca
   407461 gcccggcgct tgcgtaccca acgaaaggcg ggccggtcgc cggccgccac cccgggggct
   407521 gacccgggcg gccggctttg tgtaccttct acgctgtcac ggcggggcgc gccccgcact
   407581 gttacccgaa cgagcccgtc gtccccatgg caccacgcat caagacccgc gatcgcatcg
   407641 cccaggccag cctggaactg ttcaacgccc agggcgagcg cagcgtcacc accaaccata
   407701 tcgccaccca cctgggtata tcgcctggga acctctacta ccactacccg aacaagcagg
   407761 cgatcatcgc cgagctgttc gccgagtacg aaagccacgt cgagagcttc ctgcgcctgc
   407821 ccgaagggcg gggtctgacg gtggacgaca agaccttcta cctggaagcg ctactggccg
   407881 cgatgtggcg ctaccgcttc ctccaccgcg acctcgagca cctgctggaa agcgacccgg
   407941 agctggcggc gcgctaccgc gccttcgccc agcgttgcct ggtcaacgcc aaggcgatct
   408001 accggggctt caccgaggcc ggcatcctgc ggatgaacga gacccagctg gaggccctga
   408061 ccctcaacgc ctggatcatc ctcacctcct gggtgcgctt cctctgcacc accctcgatc
   408121 tcgacggcga cctcagcgag gcgcaactgc gtcgcggcat ctaccaggtg ctggcgctgg
   408181 agagcgggca catcgaggcg caggcccagg atgcggtgga cgggatttcc gagcggctct
   408241 acgtgccgct ctgatcgcgc agggttttct ccagcacctg ctggatgtgg atgccgtggc
   408301 ggcggaagaa ggcttcggta ccgagggtgg cgtcggtgaa caggtaggcg ccgcggtgat
   408361 cctcggcgaa gcgccgcagc agggctgcgc cgacgccgct gctctgtgcg ccgggcagca
   408421 cggcgatttc cgccagccag acgcgaatcg gtgtttcttc ctcggcgcgc agcaggccga
   408481 ccaggcggcc gtcgcgttcg gccagcaggg aatacccgga atgctggtac agcgtgcgta
   408541 gctcggcagg cggcatgcgc cggtcccagc cgaccgccgc gtggatcgcc aggatcgcct
   408601 cgcagtcggc gtcgtcgagc atcgggttgt gccgcagcgt cagttccatt cgcccccctt
   408661 tttccttcag cctgttccta ttctgccgcc cgtcgccgga cgccggccag ctcagtgctg
   408721 ccgcaggcgg gcctccagcc agtcggggat gcgtcgttcc aggtagtagg tgggctggcg
   408781 cggagagccg tcgacgaagc cgacgtgacc gccgcgggcg tgcagctcca gctcggtgca
   408841 gggtgccagt tcgctgcgat cgggcaggct gcgggcgaac acgaaggggt cgtctctgga
   408901 atggatgatc aggctcggcg tgcggatgtc cggcaggtag tagcggctgg acgcgcgccg
   408961 atagtaatcc ctggcgtcgg cgaagccgtg cagcggcgcg gtgacccggc cgtcgaagtc
   409021 ccagaaggtg cgcatgccct ccagcggacc gaggcgttgc agggcggcca ggccttccgc
   409081 ctggccctgc tcgccgaaca gccgctgctt gtcctgcacg taggccagca tggccttcat
   409141 gaagtgcgcc tggtagaccc gggaaaagcc caggccgatg cggtcggcgc actcgtccag
   409201 gcggaacggc accgacaccg cgacgccgcc gagcagcggg cagtccccag cggtttcgcc
   409261 caggtacttg agcagcacgt tgccgcccag cgaatagccg accgcgtaca gcggcgcttg
   409321 cgggcgcctg gcgcgcaggt gcgcgaccac ctcggcgagg tcgtcgctga ccccggaatg
   409381 gtagccgcgc ggcaggcggt tcggctcccc cgagcaaccg cgccagttca gcgccacgct
   409441 ggcccagccg cgctccagca gggcgcgctg cagaccgagg atgtagtgcg acgaggatga
   409501 cccggtgagg ccgtgcagcg ccagcaccag cggggtctcg gcatcgtgcg ggccggccca
   409561 gtcgaggtcg atgaagtcgc catcggccag ccacaggcgt tcgcgctgcc gttccagggt
   409621 cggcccgcgg cggaagaacg ggctccacag ggtctgcagg tgcggattgg gcagccacca
   409681 ggcgggctgg aaggtcgggg acgcggtcat gcgcaggtca tgggcggtgg tggtgtggcc
   409741 accagcttac cagccgaact cgtcggcgag gtcctccgcc cgctggcgcg aaccgaggat
   409801 cggttgcagt tcgtcgacga gctgctgccg atagcggggc gcgacgctgc agtcgtccag
   409861 caggatgtcc tcgccggcgc cgctccagac ctcgccgaag caggccaggc tggccgccat
   409921 ctgccacagg tcgtcgaagc acggcgccgg gtcccagccc ctgccgccat gcaggtcgaa
   409981 gagtatgcgc ccgctgccgg tctcgaggat gaacgggtcg gcgccctggt cggccaccac
   410041 cagccagtcg tcctgccagc ccgacaggcg ctcgccgctg atgccgtgcc agcgatagcc
   410101 ggcctggcgc tgccagaggc gggccaggga cggcaggaaa aatgggttgc cggcactctc
   410161 cagggcgcag tcgagtgggc cgacctcgcg gtagaaacgc tccagctcgg cgggcagggc
   410221 gatatcgccc tgccagtcgg cggcgggttg cgccgcgcaa ggctcgccaa gcgccagcag
   410281 gcgttggcga atgctcgcgg aagccgggct catcctcagg ctccccgctg ccagagcgcg
   410341 taatgtacgt tgccggcttt cttttcccgg tgcagccgcc agtttccggg caggccgagg
   410401 gacgagggga cgctctcgct ctcggtatag atccaggcgt cggggttcag ccagccgcgg
   410461 gtttcgagca ggcggcaggc gtcctgcagc aggttctgat ggaacggcgg gtcgaggaac
   410521 accaggtcga aggcgctcgg agcctggttt cccaggtagc gcacggcatc gccgaggacc
   410581 agttgggcgg tgccgcactt gagcgcgtcg aggtggttgc gcagggccgc caccgcttcg
   410641 ccgttggtat ccagggccag cccttcgcgg gcgccgcgcg acaacgcctc gaggaacagc
   410701 gcgccgctgc cggcgaaggg atcgagcacc cgtgcgcctt cgacataggg tgccagccag
   410761 ttgaacaggg tctcgcggac ccggtccggg gtcggtcgca ggccgggccc gtcgggaaag
   410821 acgaaacgcc ggctgcgcca ttcgccaccg atgatccgca gctgtccctg gccgccgtgg
   410881 cggccggggg ctttcgcagt aggtttgctc attaatgctc cggaacgccg ctgggttgct
   410941 gggccggctt ggcggtgggt ggcggcaggg gtttctgcgg cacgctcggg ccggcgctga
   411001 cgatgacgaa ggcgtcggcg tccaggtgct tggccatggc gctcctgacc tgttcgacgc
   411061 tgagtccctc gacctgcttg aggaagcttt ccaggtagtc cagcggcagg ccgtagaaac
   411121 cgatggcgcc gagctggccg acgatgtcgg cgttgctcgc ggtggacagc gggaagctgc
   411181 cggccagttc gcgcttggcg tcgtccagtt ccttctgggt cgggccgttg gccaggtagt
   411241 cgcggacgat gtcctggacc agcttcagcg ccccctcgct gagttcggcg cgggtctgga
   411301 agttgatcat gaacggaccg cgtgcctgca tggcggtgaa gccggaatag atgccgtagg
   411361 tcaggccgcg cttttctcgc acctggtcca tcaggcgggt gccgaagccg ccgccgccga
   411421 ggatctggtt gcccaggtag agcgccgcgt agtcgggatc ctggcggtcg atgccaagct
   411481 gggcgagcat caggtgggtc tgctcggagg ggaagtcgat gtgcgtcagg ccgggcttgg
   411541 gcgtttccgg ctggacggtc ttggccagcg ccgggccctg gggcagcgcc ttggagactt
   411601 ccgcggcgat cgcttcggcc tcctgccgcg agaggtcgcc gaccagcgcg atgaccacgt
   411661 tgccggcggc gtaggccttc ttgtggaacg cctgcaattg ttcgcggctg atcgttggaa
   411721 cggacttttc gtcgccgtcg ctggagtgcg cgtagggatg ctcgccatag aggcgcttga
   411781 acagctccag gccggccagc ttgccggggt tctgcttctg gtactcgaaa ccggccagga
   411841 cctggttctt gatgcgtgcc agagcgtcct cggggaaggt cggctggccg accacctgtt
   411901 cgaacagctt cagcgcctgg gtccgcttgt cggcatcgga caggctgcgc aggccggcca
   411961 ccgccatgtc gcggtaggag ccgttgctga acgaggcgcc gaggtcctcg aagccggcgg
   412021 cgatggcagt ggtgtccttg cccggcacgc cttcgttgag catggcgttg gtcagcatcg
   412081 acaggccggg ggtgccggcg tcctggctgc tgccggcggc gaaggtcagg cgcaggtcga
   412141 acatcggcag ttcatgggct tcgacgaaca gcaccttggc accttcggcg gtcttccatt
   412201 cctggatgtc cagcttgcga tggaccggcg cctgcttggc gacgtccttc agcgactgca
   412261 actggttttc ctcgaccgcc gcggcatggg ccgccgccgg ggtctggggg ggacgcgcga
   412321 cgaaataggc cagcgcggcc agcaacgcga tgacgatcag gccgagcagg ccataacgca
   412381 gccctgtgcg ctcactcatg acgggcctcc ttttcctcgg ccttcacagg cagcacttgc
   412441 gccagggtca ggcgcgacgg ggtgaaatag gtgcgggcgg ctttctggat atcgtccgga
   412501 gtcactgcct tgagggcctc caggtcctgg tcgatcagct tccaggacag gccgacgctt
   412561 tccagctggc cgatgctgct ggcctgggcg gcgatggagt ccttctcgta gaccatcccg
   412621 gcgatcatct gcgcgcgcac gcgctcgatc tccgcggcgc tgggcgggtt ctgcttgagg
   412681 tcatcgagct gcttccacag accggcctcg acctgctcga gggtcttgcc cttctgcacg
   412741 ttcggcgtgg ccgagaggac gaacaggctg tcgccgcggt tgaacgcgtc atagtaggtg
   412801 gaggcgccgg cgaccagctc ctcgccgcgc tccaggcgcg aggccaggcg ggcgctgtag
   412861 ccgccatcga gcagcgcgcc gatcaggcgc agggcgttga cttcgcgagg gttctcgctg
   412921 ctgcccaggc tgggcacgtt gaagcccatg atcaggttcg gcagctgggt gcgtacgtac
   412981 agcttgagcc ggcgctcgcc gggctcggcc agttccagcg gcttgcgcgc cggcggcagc
   413041 tggcgccagg ggatctcgcc gaagtagcgc ttggcgaggg tcttgacctc gtcggcggtg
   413101 acgtcgccga ccactaccag ggtggcgttg ttcggcgcgt accaggattc gtaccagtgg
   413161 cgcaggtcgt cgatggtcat gcgctgcagg tcggccatcc agccgatggt cggggtgtgg
   413221 tagccgctgg ccgggtaggc ggcggccttg aagcgctcga aggcgagggc gttgggattg
   413281 tcgtcggtgc gcaggcggcg ctcctccttg atcacctcga tctcgctctt gaactggtcg
   413341 gccggcaggc tcaggtgggc catgcggtcg gcttccatct ccagcgctac cggcaggcgg
   413401 tcgcgggcca ggacctggta ataggcggtg tagtcgtcgg tggtgaaggc gttctcttcc
   413461 gcacccaggt cgcgcagcac ccgcgaggct tcgcccgggc cgagcttgcg gctgcccttg
   413521 aacatcatgt gttcgagggc gtgggacagg ccggtgagcc cgggtgtctc gtagctggag
   413581 ccgatcctgt accagagctg ggaaaccacc accggggcgc ggtggtcttc acgcactatg
   413641 accttcaggc cgttgtcgag gctgaactcg tgggtgggct gggtttccgc cgcctgggcg
   413701 aaaagcggga gacaaaggct ggctaggagc aggccgacgc ggcggcgagc tggggttttc
   413761 atggtgatct ggacctttcg tgccgccacc ggggtctcag gtcactgcgg ggcaggaccc
   413821 ttagccccgt cgggcgagga gatgctagga tacccatccg ttttccgggc ggccacgtcc
   413881 cgtgccgctc ccttgagata caagcattca tgtttggttc caacgacgac aagaaggccc
   413941 cgcagggcgg ggaaaagaaa ggtctgttcg gctggtggcg gaaaaagccg caagccggcg
   414001 agcagcctgc cgatcagcct gccgatcagc ctgtcgagcc ggtctccgag acagcggccg
   414061 ccgagcagcg cgcgcctgcc gatgacgtgg cgcaatccct gacagaacag ccgggtcggc
   414121 agcagccccc cgctgccgag ccggccgagc cggcgccggt tgccgaagca ccgctcgcca
   414181 gtgacgagcc agcgtcggcc gaggagcatt cgccccggcc cgaggcgccc gtcgcgcaac
   414241 ccgagcctat cctggctgcc gagcccgagc ccgagcccga gcccgagccc gttgcgccgc
   414301 tggccgccgc tccggcagtc agcgagccgg cgaccaggcc gggcttcttc gcccgcctcc
   414361 ggcaggggct gtccaagacc agcgccagca ttggcgaagg catggccagc ctgttcctcg
   414421 gtcgcaagga aatcgacgac gacctgctcg acgacatcga gacgcgcctg ctgaccgccg
   414481 acgtcggcgt cgaggccacc accctgatcg tgcagaacct gaccaagcgc gtggcgcgca
   414541 aggagctggc cgacagcggc gcgctgtaca aggcgctgca ggaagagctg gccagcctgc
   414601 tgcgcccggt ggagcagccg ttgcaggtcg acgtcgcgcg cgagccctat gtgatcctgg
   414661 tggtcggggt gaacggcgtg ggcaagacca ccaccatcgg caagctggcg aagaagctgc
   414721 aactcgaggg caagaaggtc atgctggccg ccggcgacac cttccgcgcc gccgccgtgg
   414781 agcagttgca ggtctggggc gagcgcaacc gcatcccggt gatcgcccag cacaccggcg
   414841 ccgactccgc ctcggtgatc ttcgacgcgg tgcaggccgc caaggcccgc ggcatcgacg
   414901 tgctgatcgc cgataccgcc ggacgcctgc ataccaagga caacctgatg gaggagctga
   414961 agaaggtgcg ccgggtgatc ggcaagctgg acgagacggc gccccatgag gtcctgctgg
   415021 tgctcgacgc cggcaccggg cagaacgcca tcaaccaggc caagcagttc aacctcgcgg
   415081 tggagctgac cggcctggcc ctgaccaaac tggacggcac cgccaagggc ggggtgatct
   415141 tcgccctggc caagcagttc ggcctgccga tccgctatat cggtgtcggc gaggggatcg
   415201 acgatctccg taccttcgag gccgacgcct tcgtccaggc actcttcgca gagcgggaga
   415261 acgcatgatc cgcttcgagc aggtcggcaa acgctatccc aacggccacg taggcctgca
   415321 cgaggtgtcc ttccgcgtgc accgtggcga gatcctcttc gtcaccggcc actccggcgc
   415381 cggcaagagc accctgctgc gcctcatcct ggcgatggag cgaccgacca gcggcaagct
   415441 gttgctcggc ggccaggacc tggggcgcat cactaccgcg cagatccctt tcctgcgccg
   415501 gcagatcggc gtggtgttcc agaaccacca actgctcacc gatcgtacgg tggcggacaa
   415561 catcgccctg ccgctgcaga tcctcggcat gcccaagccg gagatcgcca agcgcgtggc
   415621 ctcggccctg gagcgggtga acctgaagga aaagggcgag gcgttgcctt ccgacctttc
   415681 caccggccag cagcagcggg tcggcattgc ccgcgccatc gtccaccagc cggccctgct
   415741 gctggcggac gaacccaccg gcaacctcga cccgcgactc gcctcggaaa tcatgggcgt
   415801 gttcgaggat atcaatcgcc tgggcaccac cgtactgatc gccagccacg acctggccct
   415861 gatcgcccgt atgcgccatc gcatgctgac cctgcagcgt ggccggatca tcgctgaccg
   415921 tgaggatgag gcctgatgag cgccaacgat cttccccgtg gccccgaaga gggcgcaccg
   415981 gaacgcaaga cccgcgagaa accgagccag gagcagaccg actggagcgg ctcgttcagc
   416041 gcctacctgg aaagccatcg cgccagcctg gtggacagcc tgcgccggtt gttcggccac
   416101 ccgttcggca gcttcttcac ctgcctggtg atgggtatca ccctgagcct gccgatgggc
   416161 ctctcgctgc tgctgaacaa tgtcgaacgg ctcggcggct cctggcagcg cgccgcgcag
   416221 atctccctgt tcctcgacct gaagaccagc gaaaaccagg gccaggacct gcgcgagcag
   416281 atcgaacgcc tgccggacgt gatcgaggcc caactgatca gccgcgagca ggcgctcagc
   416341 gaattgcagg aacagtccgg cctgggcgaa gcgctcaagg agctgccgga gaacccgctg
   416401 ccgccggtga tctcggtcac gcccaagcag atcgaccggg ccggcctgga ggcactgcgc
   416461 cagcagctcg cggagctgcc tcatgtgcag caggcgcagc tcgacctggt atgggtcgag
   416521 cgcctgagcg cgatcctcaa gctcggcgaa cgcttcgtct tcggcctgac catcctgctg
   416581 gtgctgaccc tcttgctggt ggtgggcaac accatccgcc tgcacatcga aaatcgccgt
   416641 aacgaaatcg aggtgatcaa gctggtcggc gggacggacg gttacgtgcg ccggccattc
   416701 ctgtacatgg gcgcgttgta cggcctgggc gcgggcatcc tgtcctgggc gctgctggcc
   416761 tattcgctga actggctgaa cggttcggtg gtcaaccttt cagggctgta cggcagcgac
   416821 ttcggcctgc agggcgtgcc gctggacgac ggcctgtcgc tcaccgtcgg cgcggtgctg
   416881 cttggctggg tcggcgcctg gctggccgtg gcccgccacc tgcgcgagct ggcgccgcgc
   416941 tgaggacagg cggatcacga ccggccagcg ggtcgctgta aaggaactta tacacccgct
   417001 tgcagtcaga tatccgagtg ctacactgcg cgagtttcgt gaatcggagg attcgcatga
   417061 ccacttcttt gcaacctgta catgccttgg ttccaggcgc aaacctggag gcctacgtgc
   417121 actcggtgaa cagcattccg ctgttgtcgc cggaacagga gcgtgaactg gccgaacgcc
   417181 tcttctatca gcaagacctg gaagcggcgc ggcagatggt gttggcgcac ctgcgcttcg
   417241 ttgttcatat cgccaagagt tattcggggt acggcctggc ccaggccgac ctgatccagg
   417301 aaggcaacgt cggcctgatg aaggccgtga agcgtttcaa cccggaaatg ggcgttcgcc
   417361 tggtgtcctt cgccgtgcac tggatcaagg cggagatcca cgagttcatc ctgcgcaact
   417421 ggcggatcgt caaggtcgcc accaccaagg cgcagcgcaa gctgttcttc aacctgcgca
   417481 gccagaagaa gcgcctggcc tggttgaaca acgaggaagt ccatcgcgtc gccgagagcc
   417541 tgggggtcga gccccgcgaa gtgcgcgaga tggaaagccg cctgaccggc caggacatgg
   417601 cgttcgaccc agccgccgac gcggacgacg agagcgccta ccagtcgccg gcgcattacc
   417661 tcgaagacca ccgctacgac ccggcgcgcc agttagaaga cgccgactgg agcgacagct
   417721 ccagcgccaa cctgcacgag gcgctggaag gcctcgacga gcgcagccgc gacattctcc
   417781 agcagcgctg gctgtccgag gagaaggcca cgctgcacga cctggcggaa aagtacaacg
   417841 tttccgccga gcgtatccgg cagttggaaa agaacgccat gagcaagctg aaagggcgga
   417901 ttctcgcctg atcgccgcgc ctcgcgaaaa ccgcaccccg caagggtgcg gtttttttct
   417961 gcccggagga atcccatgcc gcgcaatacc cgctggctgt tctacctgtc gctggcggtc
   418021 ctgaccttcg tcgtcggcgc ctggctggtc cgtacgccgg aaccggcgcg gccgttgccg
   418081 tggctggccg actggcagga gcaggtgctg gcgccgttgg cggacaacgc cctgaccctg
   418141 cgccagctgc acgacgcggt ggatggcgag ttgtgggtgg acccgcgcct ggatggcgtg
   418201 cgcctggcct tccgtggccg cctgctgggc gacggcggcc cctggcaggt ggaaggcgag
   418261 ctgggcctga gcgccgagga gcaactgagc ctgcagcggg catctgcgtt gcagcctggc
   418321 agcgcgccgc agccattgag cgccggattg gaaggacagt tgggcgacaa gccgatcgtg
   418381 gcgctgagca tgattcccga aggcagggtc ggtgccgagc ggctgctggc cagtctcggc
   418441 cagccgcgcc tgcgcctgca actggcccag ggcgaggcct gggtctatcc gcaactgggc
   418501 ctgaccgcgc acctgccgga cgacgacttg cgactgatgc tcgcggtgcc gcgccaggcc
   418561 ctggaaaaac cgccgcgttg agctttcagc gctccaggcg cagcaggtag tcgtcgccgc
   418621 ccaactgcca catctgctgg cgaatccagg ccgcgcgctg gcgtacgtag gggcccggcc
   418681 tggccgcgct ccatttcagc gggctgggca gcaccgcggc gagctggctg gcctgggtgc
   418741 ggctcaggcg ctcggcgtcg aggccgaagt gatagcgtgc cgcagcctgc gcgccgaaga
   418801 cgcccgggcc ccattcggcg ctgttcaggt agacctcgag aatccgttgc ttggtccaga
   418861 gcgtctcgat cagcagggtg aaccaggcct ccaggccctt gcgcagccaa ctgcgcccgg
   418921 accagaggaa gacgttcttc gccacctgct ggctgagcgt actggcgccg cggatactgc
   418981 cgccgcgctc gttgtgcgcg agggcctgct ggatggccgg caggtcgaag ccgtggtgct
   419041 cggcgaagtg ctggtcctcg ccggcgatca ccgcgacctt caggctgtcc ggcaactgtt
   419101 cccaggagcg ccagtcgcgc tgcaggtcga tgggctggcc gtcgacccag gagccgacct
   419161 tgcgttcgac catgaccatg gtccccggtg gcggcaccca gcgcaggacc gcgaccagca
   419221 cgacgctggc ggccatgaac cagagcaggt acttgaacag gcggcggaac agggatcgca
   419281 acatgcgcgg cttggcttgg aagaaggggg cggccattat agcgggctgg atgctatcac
   419341 cggagtcttg tccatgcttc gtcccttcct gttgttggcg gcatttttcg gtttcaccgg
   419401 cgtggccctc ggggcgttcg ccgcccacgg cctgaagaag cagctgagcg ccgagtacct
   419461 ggcggtattc cagaccggcg tgcactacca gttgatccat gccctggcgc tgttcggcgt
   419521 ggcgctgctc gccacccgcc tggacggccg cctggtgagc gcggcgggtg gcctgttcac
   419581 gctgggcatc ctgctgttct ccggcagcct ctacctgctg accctaagtg gcatcggcaa
   419641 gctcggcatc gtcaccccgt tcggcggcgt ctccttcctc gccggctggc tgtgcctggg
   419701 gctggccgcc tggcgcctgg gcaacgcctg agaccggttg cctcacgcgg cgcacttgtc
   419761 gacaaggcgc cttggtcatc ggggtggatc gggctagaat gccgctccct ttcactttcg
   419821 tgaccgtcca gccatgcaga ttcaactgaa cggcgagccc ttcgagctgc ccgacgcgca
   419881 gagcgtcgcg gacctgctgg cccgcctgga gcttggcggc cgccgcgtgg ccgtcgagct
   419941 gaacctggat atcgtgccgc gcagccagca cgccagcacc gcgctcaagg atggcgaccg
   420001 cgtggagatc gtccacgcca tcggcggcgg ctaggcctgg cccccgaacc cttccatcgg
   420061 ccccgcaagc ctttccatcc aggagtcatc cgatgagcca agcatccagt accgataccc
   420121 ccttcgtcat cgccggccgt acctatggct cgcgcctgct ggtggggacc ggcaagtaca
   420181 aggacctcga cgagacccgc cgggccatcg aggcctccgg agcggagatc gtcacggtgg
   420241 cggtgcggcg caccaacatc gggcagaatc ccgacgagcc gaacctgctg gatgtgatcc
   420301 cgccggatcg ctacaccatc ctgccgaaca ccgccggctg ctatgacgcg gtcgaggccg
   420361 tgcgcacctg ccgcctggcc cgcgagctgc tggacgggca caacctggtc aagctggaag
   420421 tcctcgccga ccagaagacc ctgttcccca acgtcgtcga gaccctcaag gccgccgagc
   420481 aactggtgaa ggacggcttc gacgtgatgg tgtacaccag cgacgacccg atcatcgccc
   420541 gccaactggc cgagatcggc tgcatcgcgg tgatgccgct ggccggcctg atcggctccg
   420601 gcctgggcat ctgcaacccc tacaacctgc gcatcatcct cgaggaagcc aaggtcccgg
   420661 tgctggtaga cgccggcgtg ggcaccgctt ccgatgcagc gatcgccatg gagctgggtt
   420721 gcgaggcggt gctgatgaac accgccatcg cccatgccaa ggacccggtg atgatggccg
   420781 aggccatgaa gcacgcgatc gtcgccggtc gtctcgccta cctggccgga cgcatgccgc
   420841 gcaagctgta tgccagcgcc tcgtcgccgc tggacggcct gatcgactga taccgactac
   420901 ctggggcggg ctgtccgccg gatgcgggaa gcgtccggca ggcagcccgc ccttctgtct
   420961 ctagcaaggt tttcttttcc atgagcgata ccccgcaatc cccggcccag gactccctgg
   421021 cggaacacga cgaagcacgg ccgatgcgca ccgtgaagag cttcgtgatg cgcgccgggc
   421081 gcatgaccga aggccagcag cgtggcctcg acctgggctg gccgaagttc ggcctggaac
   421141 tgagcgatga ggtccaggac ttcgacgcga tcttcggtcg ccaggcgccg cggactttcg
   421201 agatcggctt cggcatgggc cattccaccc tggaaatggc cgccgctgcg cctgacatcg
   421261 acttcatcgg cgtcgaggtg cacaagccgg gcgtcggcgc gctgctcaac ggcctgctga
   421321 cccagggcct gggcaacgtg cgggtgtata gctgcgacgc gctggaagtg ctgcgccact
   421381 gcgtggccga cgccagcctc gatcggctgc tgctgttctt ccccgatccc tggcacaaga
   421441 agcgccacca caagcggcgg atcgtccagc cggaattcgc cgaactggtg cggcgcaagc
   421501 tgaaggtcgg cggcgtgctg cacatggcca ccgactggga gccctatgcc gagcacatgc
   421561 tggacgtcat gagcgcggcg ccgggctacc gcaaccaggc cgaagacggc cgcttcgtgc
   421621 cgcgcccgca agagcgtccg gtgaccaagt tcgagcggcg cggggagcgc ctgggacatg
   421681 gcgtctggga cctcaagttc gagcgcgtcg actgatccac cgcaccagcg acgtacccct
   421741 ggcgccgaac cggcgccggg actccaagca gaccgggaac acccggcgga cctcaccttc
   421801 aagctgcacg tttcccggct tcggccggat ccaataataa gagcggcacg gctcggccgg
   421861 ctgcaaagga gactgctgtg ttgaagaaac tgggcatcct gttgctcggg gccggttgcg
   421921 cctgggcggc gcaggccaag gtagacgaag tccaggccgc acgcctggac caggacctga
   421981 ccccgctggg agcggagcgg gccggcaacg ccgatggcag catcccgccc tggaccggcg
   422041 gcatcaccca ggcgccggcc ggctaccggc ccggcatgca tcacctcgac ccgttcgccg
   422101 ccgatcgtcc gcgcctggtc ctcgacagcc gcaacatggc cgcctaccag gcgctgctga
   422161 cgccgggcac ccaggccttg ctgcaggcca acccggacta ccacctgcgg gtcttcccca
   422221 cccgccgcag cgcatccctg ccgcagcgcc tgtacgacgc tacccgcgcc aacgccagcc
   422281 gcgccgagct gatcgccgac ggcaacggcg tgcagggcgc tgccgccggc gtgcccttcc
   422341 ccctgccgca gagcggccag gaagcgatct ggaaccacat catgcgctac cgcggcgagc
   422401 aactgcacct gcagaccaac caggcggcgg tgctggccaa cggcagctac aacctgctca
   422461 agctcgaccg ctacctgtac ttcgtctatg gccgcgaggg gatgatcccg gagaacctcg
   422521 acaacacgtt gttctactac aagtacaagg tggtcgcgcc ggcgcgcctg gccggttcgg
   422581 cgctggtggt gcaggaaacc ctcgaccagg tgctgtcgat ccgcaaggcc tggcgcttca
   422641 accgtggcga gcggcgcgtg cggcgcttgc cgaccctggc ctacgacagc ctgcagccgg
   422701 ataccaacgg catggccacg gcggacaccg tggatgtcta caacggtgca ccggaccact
   422761 acgagtgggc gttgctcggc aagcgcgaga tgctggtgcc ttacaacagc tacgcggtgc
   422821 accagaaggg cctcgcctat ggcgacatcc tcaagagccg cttcatcaat cccgacctgc
   422881 tgcgctacga gctgcatcgc gtctgggtgg tcgaggcgac cctgcgcaag ggcttcagcc
   422941 atccctacgc caagcgccgc ttctacctcg acgaagacag ctggcagatc ctcgccgccg
   423001 acatctacga caaggatggc gtgctgaccc gggcccagga ggtccatccg atcaactact
   423061 acgatgtgcc gctggtctcc agcaccctgg aagcgatcta cgacttcaag ggcggccgct
   423121 acttcgtcga tgggctggac aacaacgagc cgatgtacga cttcggcgtg caggtcgggc
   423181 cgcgcgactt caccccgcag gcgctgcgcc gggaggggaa ctgaggcgga cggccctcag
   423241 acgatcagct cggcgccgcg tagcgtgccg tcgtcgtcca ggcgcgccgg cgccgggctg
   423301 atctgcaggt acttgatgct gtcccgcgga atcagcagca ggtcgccgtc gacctcgacg
   423361 ctgagatagg gcgtgtccag ttgctgacgg atgctgcggg caacctcggc cgggtcgtcc
   423421 tgctggcgcg ggaagcgcag cgacaggcgc tggccgtcgg tgaaatgcag gtagaggtgc
   423481 ttgatcggtt tcatgcgggc tcccggaggc catgacgctc ttggggacgg cgctggccgc
   423541 cgggagaccg ggggctcagc tgcgatcggc gatcatgccg atcacgaaga acactagcag
   423601 gagcacgggc gccagggtgt agttgttgaa gtagccgagg cccttggcca gccagggggt
   423661 gacgaagacc atcgccaggc cgtagccgac cgcgcagatc aacacgaaca gcagggtgcg
   423721 gaagacgaag ttgaggctgc cgatgcgctg ctgtacccag gcgttgatcg ccgggccgaa
   423781 cagcaccagc agggtggcca tgatggccag ggaaatgtcc gacaggtggc tgcggctcca
   423841 gcgcgacagg gtggcgatca ggtccagcgc gtaatccatc gagggttcct tgtaacgaat
   423901 cggcgtgtcg gtcggcggag tttacctgcc tgccggcacg gatgggcgtg catccgtcgt
   423961 cacggcagga aatgttgcag caggtcgttg aggaacagct ggccgcgttc gctggggcgc
   424021 aggcgctgcg ggtcgtcggc gagcagcccg gcgtcgcgcg cggcggcgca ggcatcggcg
   424081 atcgccgcca gtggctggcc ggtgcgctgt gggtagagcg cggcggggac gccgtcgacc
   424141 aggcgcagca cgttcatcat gaactcgaat ggcaggtcgg ccgcttccag cgggcgctcg
   424201 ccggcctgga aggccttttg cgggttgagg tagtccttcg gcaggcgggt cttccaggtc
   424261 cgcacgatgc gtccgtccgg cgcgctcagc ttggcgtggg cgccggcgcc gatgccgagg
   424321 aagtcgccga agctccagta gttcaggttg tgccgggcgt gcaggccgtc gcgggcgtag
   424381 gcggaggtct cgtactggcg gtagccgtgc tcgtcgagca gggcctggcc ggcttcctgg
   424441 atgtcccaga ggatgtcgtc ctcgggcagc tccggcggct ggctccagaa caccgtgttc
   424501 ggctccatgg tcagttggta ccaggagagg tgcgtggggg ccagggcgag ggcctggcgc
   424561 aggtcggcca gggcgtcgtc gaggctctgc ccgggcaggc cgtgcatcag gtcgaggttg
   424621 aagttgtcga agccggcctg gcgcgccatg tcggcggcgc gcactgcctc ggcgccgtcg
   424681 tggatgcgcc ccagggcctg cagcttgtcg gcctggaagc tctgcacgcc gatggacagg
   424741 cgattgatgc cgaggcgccg gtagtcggcg aacttgacct gttcgaaggt gccgggattg
   424801 gcttccaggg tgatctcgat gccgtcggcg aagccgaccc tgcgctcgac gccttccagt
   424861 agccggccca gggccttggc cgagaacagg ctgggcgtgc cgccgccgaa gaagatcgaa
   424921 cccaggcgcc ggccgtggac atggcgcagg tcttgctcca ggtcggcgag cagggcgtcg
   424981 acataggcct cttcgggcag ctccgggcca gcggcgtggg agttgaagtc gcaatacggg
   425041 cacttgcgca cgcaccacgg gatgtgcacg tacagggcca ggggcgggag ctggaacggg
   425101 gtggcttggg tcacggcggg gcgggggggg ggcggtttcg gggcgctatc gtggcatgag
   425161 ttcggccaac ctccaaggcg gccggacgaa acgccgtgcc gacgccgccc gggggcggcg
   425221 ccggcggttg cggctcagag acccaggcgc tgcttgagca gggccatggc gcgggctcgg
   425281 tggctgaggc ggttcttctc ctcgggcgcc agctcggcgc tggagcagtc gcgttccggc
   425341 acccagaaca gcgggtcgta gccgaagccg tgggcgccgc gggcttcgcg gaggatgcgg
   425401 ccttcccaga tgccctcgca gaggatcggc agcgggtcgt cggcgtggcg caccagcgcc
   425461 agcacgctga cgaactgtgc gccgcgctcg gcgtccggga catccttcat ggcctccagc
   425521 agcttggcgt tgttcgccgc gtcgccccgg ccgtcggcat agcgcgccga gtagatgccc
   425581 ggcgcgccgc cgaggaagtc caccgccagc ccggagtcgt cggccagcgc cggcaggccg
   425641 gagaggcgtg cggcgttgcg tgccttgagg atggcgttct cgacgaagga aagaccggtt
   425701 tcctccggtt ccacctggct gaactcgccg atcgagcgca ccttcacgct ggcgccgagc
   425761 atggcctgga gttccttgag tttgccggca ttgtggctgg ccagcaccag ctgttcgagc
   425821 ttgatcattc gtccgggaag atttccttgt tgaaactgaa ggtttgcgca ggttcgccct
   425881 tggcctcgac cttgatggtg aagaccaggg tctcgcgctg gctgatcggg aattgcgcca
   425941 ggttgtagat ggcgccttcc tcgctgactc ggcggaactc cagggggatg accttgccgg
   426001 tcaggtcctt ggccgagccg gtcacgctgg cctctaccgg cttgcctttc tccatcggca
   426061 ccacgttgat cacgccctgc gccttgctgc gtaccaggcc gaccgcgctg gccacgttgg
   426121 gctggaggaa gctggagttg aacacgttgt agtggacgtc caggtcgccg aagcgctgca
   426181 cctgctcggc gaggaccggc aggctcaggc agaggccgag gacgaaagcg gtgaagcggc
   426241 gcatgatggt ttctcctgaa aggtggcatg gacgttgtcc atggtctgct gccggcggcc
   426301 ttggccggct tcggcagcgc tctcccgagg acgagcggag gggcgcccgg ccctggcccg
   426361 cagcctggcg cgttcctaga cggcgaggtt gcgggtctgc actccgggtc cggtgacccg
   426421 gtagattcca atctcaccca atagattagg ccacagccgg ctggcccagc catgccggtg
   426481 gtcacggtct acggccaggc ggtcgagcac gcgcatgcgc aactggcggc acaggcgctc
   426541 gaagtcctgg aaggtgcaga aatggatgtt cggcgtgttg taccaggtat acggcaggaa
   426601 ctcggagacc ggcatccggc cgttgcgcgc caggtaccag cggcagcgcc agtggccgaa
   426661 gttggggaaa gtgatgatgc aggtcttgcc gacccgcagc atctcttcga ggatcttgtc
   426721 cggatagtgc acggcctgta gcgcctgggt catcaccacc acgtcgaagc tgtcgctggc
   426781 gaagttgccc aggcccttgt cgaggtcctg ctcgatcacg ttcaccccgt tttcgatgca
   426841 acgggcgatg ttgtcgggat cgatctccag accgtagccg ctgacctgct tgtggtcgcg
   426901 cagccaggcc aggagttcgc cgtcgccgca gccgaggtcg aggacgcggc tgccggcggg
   426961 aatccattcc tggatgattt cgagatcggc gcgcatcgga tcctcacacg ctgatgcggt
   427021 tcatgtaacc gctgaaggct tgcaggtacc gggggatcgg catgaggaag gcgtcgtggc
   427081 cttgcggggc gtcgatctcc aggtagctga cgttcttttt cgccgcgatc agggcgtcga
   427141 cgatttcccg cgagcgggcc ggcgagaaac gccagtcggt ggtgaaggac atcaggcaga
   427201 agtccgcctc gacgccctcc agggtgcgca ccaggtcgtc gccgtgggcg gcggcggggt
   427261 cgaaatagtc cagcgccttg gtcatcagca ggtaggtatt ggcgtcgaag cgggtggaga
   427321 actcctcgcc ctggtagcgc aggtaactct cgacctggaa ctcgacgctg tgcaggtcgt
   427381 agttgagctt ctcggtcttc agtacgcggc cgaacttggc gcccatggcg tcgtcggaca
   427441 ggtaggtgat atggccgacc atccgcgcca gcttgaggcc gcgcttggga atcacgccct
   427501 gttcctggaa gtagccgccg aggaactcag ggtcggaaag aatcgcctgc cgggcgactt
   427561 cgttgaaggc gatgttctgc gccgacagct tcggcgcgct ggcgatgcac aggcagtgac
   427621 ggacgcgttc ggggtagctg atggtccatt gcagcgcctg catgccgccg aggctgccgc
   427681 cgaccaccgc ggcccactgg cggatgccga ggcggtctgc caggcgcgcc tggctatgca
   427741 cccagtcttc caccgtgacc atcgggaagt ccgcgccgta gaccttgccg gtcgccggat
   427801 tgatgctggc ggggccgctg gaaccgttgc aaccgccgag gttgttgagg gcgacgacga
   427861 agaacttgcg ggtgtcgatc ggcttgcccg gaccgatgca gctgtcccac cagcccggct
   427921 tgcgctcgtc gacgctgtgg tagccggcgg cgtggtggtg gccggagagg gcgtggcaga
   427981 tcagcaccgc gttgctctgc gtggcattca gctcgccgta ggtttcgatc accaggtcgt
   428041 actcggccag ggacttgccg ctggtcagct cgagcggttc gttgaagtgc agcgtctggg
   428101 gggagaccag accgacggag tcgtcgggga agactgtggg catcgaccct gctctcgaac
   428161 aaaggagggc gccagtctaa agagcgtcgc ccccagcggc aagcgcgctg gcgcgcgccg
   428221 tgggagcggg gtcaggcgcg ctgcgagccg ggcaggttga ccaccttggc ctggcgctgc
   428281 aggggcgagg ggcggcgcaa ctggcggagg atgtcgccgg cttcgcgcaa ctgttcctgc
   428341 aattccccgg cgaacccggc gaaggcctgg ctgcgctggc gtacctgctg ggtctcctgg
   428401 gccaggccct tgaggcggag catgtggctt tcgagcaact gtttgttttc cagggtgtgc
   428461 tgcatcagcg gcatcagtgc gtcgttggcc cagcgctcgg tttcctcgcg caggcgctgg
   428521 tgcaggccga ccacctcctg caccagggtg gcgaagaagc gccgggtcag caggcgttgc
   428581 tcggtaagca cggtcttcag ctgcaggcgg aactggtcgc ccttcttctt cagttgcaac
   428641 agttcgcgct ggtagcgctg gacccgtagc tgcggcgcgt cgagggcgta gagcgggttc
   428701 tcctcgttgt gccggcggta gatggcggcg accatgcggt tggccatgcc ggcctcgtgc
   428761 tcgaggttgt cgaggtcgtg ctccaccgcg cggaagaacg ccaggatcgc ctggttgatg
   428821 ccgaccgtgg tcaggctgcc gttgaggttg cgccgcacct tctgcaggtg ctgttccatg
   428881 cgttcgctgc ggatcgtctc gcgcagcgtc gcgccctggt gctgcagcag gcgctggttg
   428941 gtcttcaggt tgagcaggcg gcggtggtgg cggccgtggt cgtccttggt cttcgcggtc
   429001 agttcgaaca gcagttggcc gctgtcgcgc tgcttgtcgt cgagcagcgc gcgctgttcc
   429061 tcgaccttct ccaggcgcag gcgcagcaga tgctggctgt tgtgcagcag gccaaggacc
   429121 tggccgagca cggcgttctc cagcagcgct tccttctgcg cgacgatgcg ctcgcagagc
   429181 agcgcttcca gccgatccag gcgactgcgt tcgagcagcg ccggttcgcc gcggaccttg
   429241 gccagcagcg cctgcttcgc cgacagcggc agcacgtcgc cgcgctgcag gccgagctgg
   429301 cgggccgtgc cgtcctggat caggcggatg gcgttctgta cgaagcgctc gccggaaagg
   429361 tcgtcccaga gcacgtcgat cttgttcagc acggcgaaca ggctgctgtg gccgtcctcg
   429421 cgcagtggct ggatgtactt ctgccagatt tccatgtccg aggcggtgac accggcgtcg
   429481 gcggacagca ggaacaggat cgcctgggcg ttgggcagca tcgacagggt cagctccggc
   429541 tcgctgccga gggcgttcag gccgggtgtg tcgaggatcc gcaggccctg gcgcagcagc
   429601 gggtggtcga agttgaccag ggcgtggcgc caggccggga cgcgcacctg gtcgggctcg
   429661 tcggcggctt ccagggcatc cgggtggaag ccgagctgga tcgcctgttc caccggcagc
   429721 gccttggtct tggcgacctg ggcgaaggcc tgggccatgc cctccgggtc gccggtgtcc
   429781 agcggaatgt tcacccagtg gcgcggcacg cgcttgaact gggcgacgct ggcgtcggcc
   429841 aggcgcgtct cgatcggcag caggcggatg tagctgcgct cggcgcgcgg atcgtggaac
   429901 agctcggtgg ggcacatggt ggtgcgcccg gcgtgggacg gcagcatgcg ctggccgtag
   429961 ccggcgaaga acaggctgtt gatcagctcg gtcttgccac gcgagaactc gccgacgaag
   430021 gccagggtga tgtggtccgc gcgtagttgg cgcagggcgc gttcgagctt ggcctcgacc
   430081 gccgggctgt tcagccggct gcgctccagc cagccgcgat agcgggtgat ttcccgcatc
   430141 agctcgcgct tccaggcgac gtaggcgtcg atttgatggc tgagtctttc catgctcatc
   430201 caggggctcc agggcgcggg accggcgggg gaaggatggc gtggattatg cgggggagcg
   430261 ggggagcgtc aattggcctg cttcacattc ctgcacgtaa ggtcggtcaa gcgggtcgag
   430321 cggcgatccc cagttccttc ggcaatcggg tcggacggcg gatgcgcacc cgtttctgcc
   430381 ggttcagctc gccgctttcg agactcacca ggctcttggc cacgccgaag gccttgccga
   430441 ggaaggccag cagatgggcg ttggccttgc cctccaccgg cggtgcggtg aggcggatct
   430501 tcaggcgctc gccgtgcagc ccggcgaact cgtcgcggct cgccttgggc tgcaggtggc
   430561 aatcgaggag caggtcctcg ccgtcccagc ggtagaagct cagaggaaaa tgctcaactg
   430621 ctggggcatg ccggtcatgg ccgccaggtt gttgatcacc agcatgtcga tcagcttcag
   430681 cgcgaggaac gcgaagatcg gcgagagatc cagtccgccg aggttcggca ggagcttgcg
   430741 gaacggcatc agcagcggtt cgcagatctg gttcaccagt tgcgcgccgg ggttgtagct
   430801 gcccggggcg acccaggaaa ggatcacgct gatgatcagg gcgaagaaga acaccttcag
   430861 gaacagcgag gtgacggcga tgatcgacca gatcagcagt tgcatgatga agccgccgac
   430921 gccgtagccc atcagcatca ggatcaggat catcagcacc agttggatca ggatcgccag
   430981 caccagcgag gccaggtcga tcccaccgaa gccggggatg atccgccgca gcgggttcag
   431041 cagcggcttg gtggcgcgca cgatgaactg gctgaggggg ttgtagaagt ccgcgcggac
   431101 cagctgcagg atgaagcgca gcagcacgat cagcaagtag aggctgccga gggtctggag
   431161 gatatagata gcagcggtgt tgaggccgat catcgactac tccttattgg ccaagctgtt
   431221 cggccagctc ggcggagcgc tggctggcgg cgttcagggc ctgctccacc agtgcttcga
   431281 agccgttggc ctggaaggat ttgatcgccg cctcggtggt gccgttgggc gaagtcaccc
   431341 ggcgccgcag ttcggccggc tcgacctcgc tggacagcgc catctgcgcc gcaccgaggg
   431401 cggtctgcag ggtcaggcgc gaggctgtct cgcgggacag gccgagcttc tcgccggcgt
   431461 cggtcatggc ctgcatcagc aggaagaaat acgccgggcc gctacccgac actgcggtca
   431521 ccgcgtcgat ctgcgcttcg tcgtccagcc acagggcgat gcccaccgcg gacagcaact
   431581 gcccggcctg ctcgcgttgc gcggcgctga cctgcgcgtt ggcgtacagc ccgctggcgc
   431641 cctggcgcag cagcgccggg gtgttgggca tgcagcggac caccgggcgc ggctggccga
   431701 gccaggcttc gaggctggcg caggggatgc cggcggcgat ggagacgatc agttgctccg
   431761 gcttcagcgc cggcgccaag gcctggcaca cgactttcat ggcctgcggc ttgaccgaca
   431821 ggaccacgac gtcggcgtcg gccacggcct cggcgttgga ctcgaccacg tcgatggcga
   431881 actcgccggc gatcttcgcg cgttgctcgg cgcccgggtc gctggcgcgg atctgcgccg
   431941 ccggcacgcc ttgggcgcgc aggccgccga tcaggctggc ggccatgttg ccggcgccga
   432001 tgaacgctat gcggggtgtg ctcatagggg attccttcaa gaagccggcg cgccgtagtc
   432061 gcgggcgccg aacagggcgg taccgatgcg gacccaggtc gcaccttcgc cgatggctgc
   432121 ctcgaggtcg tcgctcatgc ccatggacag ggtgtccagg ccaaggttca ggtccagcag
   432181 cagttcgcgc aggcgggcgr acgcggcgtg ttgcgcggcg cgttcggcgg tgggttcggg
   432241 gatggccatc aggccacgca atcggaggtt gggcagttgc ttcacggcct cggccagggc
   432301 cggcaggtcc tcgggggcgc agccggactt gctggcttcg ccgctgacgt tgacctgcag
   432361 gcagacattc aggggcggca gcccggccgg gcgttgctcc gacaggcgct gcgcgatctt
   432421 caaccggtcc accgagtgca cccactggaa atgctcggcg atgggccgcg tcttgttcga
   432481 ctggatgggg ccgatgaagt gccagttcaa gggcaggtcg gccagttcgg cctgcttgcc
   432541 gagggcctcc tgcaggtagt tttcgccgaa gtcgcgaagg ccggcggcgt gcgcctcgcg
   432601 caccgcggcg gcgggcttgg tcttgctcac ggcgagcagg ccgaccgtgg ccggatcgcg
   432661 ccccgcagct tgcgctgcct cacggatgcg cgcggcaacc tttgcaatat tctctgctat
   432721 cgtggacatt acctgcgccc tatggaagtg cggtcggcgt cggctcgacg ccctcgaaac
   432781 cgccggcctc gatggccatc ttcctgttcc agtgtcgagg ttccgcgtct ggcgcaggac
   432841 accacgcgtg tcctggaagc accctggctc atccggtgtt ttccttgtcc gagacggcgg
   432901 ctttggcggc attctacctg cttgcttgta attggggagt cccatggata ttaccgagct
   432961 gctcgccttc agtgccaaac agggcgcttc ggacctgcac ctctccgccg gcctgccacc
   433021 catgatccgg gtggatggcg atgtacgccg gatcaacctg ccaccgctgg aacacaagca
   433081 ggtgcatgcg ctgatctacg acatcatgaa cgacaagcag cgcaaggact tcgaggaatt
   433141 cctcgagacc gacttctcct tcgaggtgcc gggcgtcgcg cgtttccggg tcaacgcctt
   433201 caaccagaac cgtggcgccg gcgcggtatt ccggaccatt ccctccaagg tactgaccat
   433261 ggaggagctt ggcatgggag aagtgttcaa acgtgtttca gacgtcccgc gcgggttggt
   433321 actggtcacc gggccgaccg gttcgggcaa gtccaccacc ctggcggcga tgctcgacta
   433381 cctgaacaac accaagtacc accacatcct caccatcgag gacccgatcg aattcgtcca
   433441 cgaatcgaag aagtgcctgg tcaaccagcg cgaggtgcat cgcgacaccc tcggcttcag
   433501 cgaagcgctg cgctcggcgc tgcgggagga cccggacatc atcctggtcg gcgagatgcg
   433561 cgacctggaa accatccgcc tggccctgac cgcggcggag accggccacc tggtattcgg
   433621 caccctgcac accacctcgg cggcgaagac catcgaccgg gtggtcgacg tgttcccggc
   433681 cgaggaaaag gccatggttc gctcgatgct ctccgagtcg ctgcaatcgg tgatctcgca
   433741 gaccctgatc aagaagatcg gcggcggccg ggtggcggcc cacgagatca tgatcggcac
   433801 cccggcgatc cgcaacctga tccgcgagga caaggtcgcg cagatgtatt cggcgatcca
   433861 gaccggcggc tcgctgggca tgcagaccct cgacatgtgc ctcaagggcc tggtcgccaa
   433921 gggcctgatc agccgcgaga acgcccgcga gaaggcgaag atcccggaaa acttctgatc
   433981 ctggcgccgt tccgccgcgc ttcgcccgaa tcccggaact gcgtctagga ttcaagagcg
   434041 ggagagcggt accgtaggcg cattcctacc tatccttgcc ggcgagcgcg tccagcgccc
   434101 gctcgcccgc atccggctcg ccgtcgcggc gcgcccctga gtgagcgaga acatcatgga
   434161 attcgaaaag ctgctgcgcc tgatggtgga aaagggcggc tccgacctgt tcatcaccgc
   434221 cggcgtaccg ccgtcgatga aggtcaacgg ccgggtgatg ccggtgacca agacgccgct
   434281 gtcgccggag cagacccgcg agaccgtgct aggcgtgatg aacgagcagc agcgccgcga
   434341 tttcgccgag aaccatgagt gcaacttcgc catcagcgcc cgcggcatcg gccgcttccg
   434401 ggtcagtgcc ttctaccagc gcaacctggt gggcatggta ttgcgccgga tcgagaccaa
   434461 catcccgacc ctggaagagc tgaagctccc ggaaatcctc aagaagctgg cgctgaccaa
   434521 gcgcggcctg gtgatcttcg tcggcgccac cggcaccggc aagtccacct cgctggcggc
   434581 gatgatcggc taccgcaaca agaactccac cgggcacatc atctccatcg aggacccgat
   434641 cgagtatatc caccagcacc agggctgcat cgtcacccag cgcgaggtgg ggctggacac
   434701 cgactccttc gaggtggcgc tgaagaacac cctgcgccag gcgccggacg tgatcatgat
   434761 cggcgaggtg cgctcgcggg agaccatgga ccatgccgtg gccttcgccg agaccggcca
   434821 cctgtgcctg gcgaccctgc acgcgaacaa cgccaaccag gcgctggagc ggatcatcca
   434881 cttcttcccg gccgaccgtc atggccaggt gtggatggac ctgtcgctga acctcaaggc
   434941 catcgtcgcc cagcaactgg tgccgacccc cgacggcaag gggcggcggg cggtgatcga
   435001 ggtgctgctg aacaccccgc tggccgccga cctgatccgc aagggcgagg tgcacgagct
   435061 gaagccgctg atgaagcgct ccaccgagca gggcatgcag accttcgacc aggcgctgta
   435121 ccagctctac acccagggcg agatcaccta cgaggacgcc ctggcccacg ccgactcggc
   435181 caacgacctg cgcctgatga tcaagctcgg ttcggaaagc gacgccgacc acctgtcgag
   435241 cctgacccag ggcctgagcc tggagatcac cgacgacgac cctgccggcc ggcgcttccg
   435301 ctgaaccgtc ttcagtaggc cagcggctcc tcggcctggg cgcaggccga ggtttccagt
   435361 tgcagggtgc tgtgttcgat ctcgtagcgg tcgtgcagca gcgccttcac cgttcccagc
   435421 agcgcctcgg catcgaccag ggccgggtcg tacaccagat ggctagtcag gctgatcttg
   435481 ccgctggtga tcgaccacac atgcaggtcg tgcagcccgg tcacgccggg aatccccagc
   435541 agcgcttcgc gcagctcggc caactggatt tccttcggca ccccttcgag caacacatgc
   435601 aggctctcgc gcagcagtat ccaggtgcgc ggcaggaccc agaaaccgat cagcaccgcc
   435661 accagcgagt cgacccaggc ccagccggtg aaacggatca cgatcgcggc gacgatcacc
   435721 cctagcgagc cgagcatgtc gctccagacc tccaggtagg cgcccttgac gttcaggctg
   435781 ttgccctggg ccggcgccag caggcgcatg ctggccaggt tcaccagcag accgagtacg
   435841 gcgatcacca gcatgcccac ggactggatc tccgccggct ggttgagccg ctcgtaggcc
   435901 gcgtagagga tatagaaggc cacgccgaac aggaggaagg cgttgaacgc cgcggcgagg
   435961 atctcgaagc ggtggtagcc gtaggtcagg cgatcgttgg tcgggcgcct ggcgatgttg
   436021 atcgcggcca gggcgatggc cagggccacg gcgtcggtga gcatgtgcgc ggcatcggag
   436081 atcagcgcca ggctgccggt gaggatgccg ccgacgacct cggcgacgag gaagcttccg
   436141 gtcagcagca acgcccattt caggcgggtc gagttggtct gggcgaagct gtgctcgtgt
   436201 ccggcgctca tggcggctcc tgtggggcgg tggcggcagc accagcctac aggataggca
   436261 attgcaaaac tgtcatgcgc cgggccgctc tggcgcggcg tccgccgctc cgctaacctg
   436321 cggctcaggc gcggccgcag ccgcgcacgg aacgaggggg gacgcatgac tcaacagcac
   436381 gacacccata gcaaggccat cggctacctg ctgtggatct tcggtttcac cggttcgcac
   436441 cgcttctatt acggcaagcc gatcaccggg acgatctggt tcttcacctt cggcctgttc
   436501 ttcatcggct ggatcatcga cctgttcctc atcccgtcga tggaccgcga ggccgaccgg
   436561 cgcttccagg gcggcaacct ggactacaac gtggcctgga tcctgctgac cttcctcggt
   436621 gtgctcggcg tgcacaggat gtacatgggc aagtggatca ccgggatcat ctacctgttc
   436681 accggcggcc tgttcttcct cggcgtgctc tacgacttct ggaccctcaa cggacaggtg
   436741 tccgagcgca acgggccgca gcgcatctga tgctcgtcgc caggtgcgag aagcccgcca
   436801 tccggcgggc tttttcatgg gtggcgccac ggtcggcagg gaattcctcc ggcgggactt
   436861 aaggaaccaa aggttctaac gttctacctg taggttattg gcgcccgcgc gcgccagccc
   436921 ctatggtctg caagccccag aacggatagg tgcaatggct cacgaggccg cgcaccgtat
   436981 cgctccgtgc ggaaacaccg aaaggagaaa agatgacttc cgactcacgt cccgccgtgc
   437041 tcgacctgat cggcaacacc ccgctggttc gcgtgacgcg cttcgatacc ggcccctgca
   437101 ccctgtacct caagctcgaa tcgcagaacc ccggcggctc catcaaggat cgcatcggtg
   437161 tcgccatgat cgaggccgcc gagcgtgacg gccgcctgcg gcccggtggc accatcgtcg
   437221 aggccaccgc cggcaacacc ggtcttggcc tggccctggt cggccgcgcc aagggctacc
   437281 gggtggtgct ggtggtgccg gacaagatgt ccaccgagaa ggtcctgcac ctgcgcgcca
   437341 tgggcgccga ggtgcacatc acccgctcgg acgtcggcaa gggccatccg gagtactacc
   437401 aggacgttgc cgcgcgcctg gcgcaggata ttcccggcgc cttcttcgcc gaccagttca
   437461 acaacccggc caacccgctg gcccacgagt gcggcaccgg cccggagctc tgggcgcaga
   437521 ccggccacga tctcgatgcc atcgtcgtcg gcgtcggctc ctccggtacc ctgaccggcc
   437581 ttacccggtt cttccagaag gtccagccgg agctggagat ggtgctcgcc gatcccgagg
   437641 gctcgatcat ggccgagtac tcccgctccg gcaccctggg tacgccgggt tcctgggcgg
   437701 tggagggcat cggcgaggac ttcgtaccgg ccatcgccga cctctccagc gtgcgccatg
   437761 cctattccat cagcgacgag gaaagcttcg ccatggcccg cgaactgttg cgcgtcgagg
   437821 gcattcccgg cggctcctcc accggcaccc tgctggccgc ggcgctgcgc ttctgtcgcg
   437881 agcagaagga gccgaagcgg gtggtcagct tcgtctgcga caccggcacc cgctacctgt
   437941 cgaagatcta caacgaccag tggatgaccg accagggcct gctgcaacgc aagcactacg
   438001 gcgacctgcg cgacatcatc gcgcggcgct tcgaggaggg ccgggtgatc agcgtcggtc
   438061 cggacgacac cctgctcacc gccttccagc gcatgcgcct ggccgacgtt tcgcaattgc
   438121 cggtgctgga cgatggaaaa ctggtcggtg tgatcgacga gtcggatatc ctgctcggtg
   438181 tccacgccga cgcgccacgc ttccgcgatg cggtaagcag cgcgatgaac gccgcgccgg
   438241 agaccctcgc gcccggcgcc agcctggccc agttgcaggc ggtcctggac cgcggcctgg
   438301 tggcgatcgt tgccgatgcc agcggcttcc acggcctgat cacccgtttc gacctgttga
   438361 accatttgcg gagaaagctc gcatgagcca gcacgaccag catcccgacg ccccggccca
   438421 ggcctttgcg acccgggtca tccacgccgg gcaggccccc gatccctcga ccggcgcgat
   438481 catgccgccg atctacgcca actccaccta tatccaggaa agccccgggg tacacaaggg
   438541 gctcgactac ggccgctcgc acaacccgac ccgctgggcc ctggagcgct gcgtggccga
   438601 cctcgagggc ggcgcccagg ccttcgcctt cgcctccggc ctggcggcga tctcctcggt
   438661 gctggagctg ctcgacgccg gttcccacat cgtttccggc aatgacctct acggcggtac
   438721 cttccgcctg ttcgagcggg tccgccggcg cagcgccggg catcgcttca gcttcgtcga
   438781 cccgaccgac ctgcaggcct tcgaggccgc gctgaccccg gaaacccgca tggtctgggt
   438841 ggaaaccccg agcaacccgc tgctgcgcct caccgacctg cgcgccatcg cccagctctg
   438901 ccgcgcccgc ggcatcatca gcgtggccga caacaccttc gccagcccct acatccagcg
   438961 ccccctggaa ctgggcttcg acgtggtggt gcactccacc accaagtacc tgaacggcca
   439021 ttccgacgtg atcggcggca tcgccatcgt cggcgacaac ccggacctgc gcgagcgcct
   439081 gggcttcctg cagaactcgg tgggcgccat ctccgggccg ttcgacgcct tcctcaccct
   439141 gcgcggggtg aagaccctgg cgctgcgcat ggagcgccat tgcagtaacg ccctggccct
   439201 ggcccagtgg ctggagcgcc agccgcaggt ggcgcgggtc tactaccccg gcctggcttc
   439261 gcacccgcag catgagctgg cgaaacggca gatgcgtggc ttcggcggga tgatctccct
   439321 cgacctgcgt tgcgacctgg ccggcgcccg gcgcttcctg gagaacgtgc ggatcttctc
   439381 cctggcggag agcctgggcg gggtggaaag cctgatcgag catccggcga tcatgaccca
   439441 cgccagcatc ccggcggaaa cccgcgccga cctgggcatc ggtgactcgc tgatccgcct
   439501 gtcggtgggc gtcgaggcgc tggaggacct gcaggccgac ctggcgcagg cgctggcgaa
   439561 gatctgaggc tccgcaggga gcggcgccga ccggcgcggc tgccggccat cgggtgttcc
   439621 cggcgagcat gcctcggtgg ataacgctcc gcgttattcg ccctgccgtt gaggcgggtt
   439681 ggtggcagag gctgggatag ggcgcccacc ccggcaacgg atacgccccc ggaatcgcga
   439741 acgcgaagat gaaaaagccc gccggatggc gggctttttc gtggtggcag ggatcagccc
   439801 tcgtgggtca ggtgtccgtc caccagggtg tagcgcactc gtcccggcag gcagtgaccg
   439861 acgaacgggc tgttctgccc cttcgagtac cagctctcac cggccagggt cgaaccctgc
   439921 gggtcgaaca gcaccaggtc ggcggcctgg cccaccgcca ggcgcccggc aggcaggcgt
   439981 agtgcctggg ccgggccgtg ggagaggcgg gcgagcaggg tcggcaggtc gagcaggccg
   440041 tcctgcacca gcgtcatcgc cagcggcagc agcagctcgg cgccgctgat gcccggctcg
   440101 gtggcggcga acggcgcgtt cttggcgtcc gcctcgtggg gttggtggtg gctggcgatg
   440161 gcttgtacca cgccgttctt caccgcctcg cgcagggctt cgcggtcggc cctggtgcgc
   440221 agcggcggtt gcacgtggta gaggctggag aagcccacca gcgcttcgtc ggtgaggatc
   440281 aactggtaca gcgccacgtc gcaggtcacc ggcaggccac gggcctgggc ctgggcgacg
   440341 agttcgatgc cgcgggcgct ggtcaactgg ctgaagtgcg cgcgcacgcc gctctgttcc
   440401 accagcagca ggttgcgggc cagggccacg gtctcggcgg tttccgggat ccccgcgagg
   440461 ccgagaaagc tggcggtcgg gccttcgtgg gcgaggccgc cttcggcgag atcggtgtcc
   440521 tgcgaggtga agatcaccgt caggtcgaag gtcgccgcgt actccagggc gcgccgcagg
   440581 atgcggttgc tggcgaagcc atgcaggcca ttggtgaagg ccacgcaacc ggtgtcgcgc
   440641 agggccacca gttccgacag ttgctcgccg ccgaagccgc gggtcagcgc gccgatgggg
   440701 tagaccttgg cgttgccggc ctcgcgggcg cggtcgagga tcagctcggc caccgccggg
   440761 gtgtccagca ccggccgggt gtagggcggg cagcacaggc tggtggtgcc gccggccgcg
   440821 gcggcgcggg tctcgctttc gacgttgccc ttgcgtccgt agcccggctc gcgcagggcg
   440881 acgctgaggt cgaccagtcc cggcgcggcc accaggccgg cgccgtcgag ggtcttctgg
   440941 gcgctgaagc cggccggcgc ggcgccgatg gcgacgatct tgccagcctc gatgtggagg
   441001 tcgccgacct ggtccaggcc actggccggg tcgatgacgc gggcgcctcg gatactgatg
   441061 gtcattcggc gtcctcctgt tccagctggc gttgggtgtt ctggccgctc atggccatgg
   441121 acagcaccgc catgcggatg gcgatgccgt aggtgacctg gttgaggatc accgactggg
   441181 ccccgtcggc caccgccgac tcgatctcca cgccacggtt gatcgggcca gggtgcatga
   441241 cgatggcatc cggcttggcc agcttcaggc gcttctcggt caggccgtag agcttgaaga
   441301 actcgccctc gctgggtagc aggccaccct gcatgcgctc gcgttgcagg cgcagcatga
   441361 tcaccacgtc gacgtccttc aggccttcgt cggcgttggt gaacacgcgc acgccgtact
   441421 gctcttccag gccgatcggc aagagggtgc gcggggcgat cacgcggatg tccgggcaac
   441481 ccagggtctt gagcgccagc atgttcgaac gggctactcg cgaatgcagg atatcgccga
   441541 cgatcgccac cgatagctgc tcgaagttcc ctttgtgtcg gcggatggtc agcatgtcga
   441601 gcatcccctg ggtggggtgc gcgtggcggc cgtcgccgcc gttgatcacc gccacgttgg
   441661 ggctgacgtg ctcggcgatg aagtgcgccg cgcccgagtc gctgtggcgc accacgaaca
   441721 tgtcggcggc catcgcctcc aggttgcgca gggtgtcggt gagcgtctcg cccttgctgg
   441781 tggaagaggt ggatacgttc aggctgatca cgtcggctga cagccgctgg gcggccagct
   441841 cgaaggtggt gcgggtgcgc gtggagttct cgaagaacac gttgcagacg gtcttgccgc
   441901 gcagcagcgg gacctttttc accgcgcggg cgccgacctc caggaaggaa tcggcggtat
   441961 cgaggatttc ggtgagcagc tcgcggggca atccgtcgag cgagatgaag tggcgcagct
   442021 ggccctggtc gttgagctgc agcgggcgct tggcgtctgt cggcatgggg caggccctag
   442081 tgaagaggat caggaagcgg aggaaaggac cttgcgctcg agggcgagcg gtgcgggacc
   442141 gaccaatttt acccgttcat cgcgacccag ggacagggtc tggccgacca cgtcggggcg
   442201 gataggcaac tcccgggcgt tcaggtcgag caggcagacc agggtcacgc tggccggacg
   442261 gccgtagtcg aacagttcgt tgagtgcggc gcggatggta cggccgctca tcagcacgtc
   442321 gtccaccagc accaggtgct ggccgtcgat ctcgaacggc agcgccgacg ggcggacctg
   442381 cggatgcagg ccgttctggg tgaagtcgtc gcggtagaag gagacgtcga gggtgcccag
   442441 cggctcttgg ttgcccagtt ccctcagcag cgcctcggcg acccagatgc cgccggtatg
   442501 gatgccgacg aagcgcggcc gctcgatgcc gcgctcggcg agatgggcgc gcaggtcgct
   442561 ggccatgcgc ggcaggagtt cggcgggatt gggtaggctc atggtggctc ctcgctgaca
   442621 tcgatgggat ggccgccggg agagcccgct gtagggaggc gcccgcggtg gcgaaagcat
   442681 aatggcaaac ggcggcgtgc cggctgccat gggtcaatcc gggtgttcgg ccagccagcc
   442741 ttccagcagc agggcggcgg ccagggcgtc caccggtcgc tcgcggtagc cgtcgcgctg
   442801 gccctgggcc aggcgctcgc ccttggcggc gtaggtcgtg aggcgttcgt cgtgggtaaa
   442861 gaccggcagg ttgaaacggc cgttgaggcg gcggccgaac ttttccgcgc gctcgctcat
   442921 ctcgcttggg ctgccgtcca tgttcagcgg caggccgacg acgatggcgt ccggctgcca
   442981 ttccttgatc agcgcttcca cccggttcca gtccggcacg ccgttctgcg ccttcaatac
   443041 gcacagctcg cgggcctggc cggtcaccgc ctggccgacg gcgacgccga tctgccgggt
   443101 gccgtagtcg aagcccagca gcaggcgcag cggcttgtcg ctggccatca ggcgtgaccg
   443161 gcctgggcgg tgagcaggct gaggttgacg cccaggcgcg cggcggcggc gctgaggcgc
   443221 tcctcgggcg gcaggtcgaa gaggatcgcc gggtccgccg ggcaggtcag ccaggcgttg
   443281 tcgctcagtt cggcctccag ctggccggct tcccagccgg catagccaag gctgatcagg
   443341 ctcttttccg ggccggtgcc ggcggcgatg gcgaacagca cgtcctgcga ggtggacatc
   443401 gccagctcgc ccagttccag ggtcgactgg tagctcaggc cgctggggtg gaggacgaag
   443461 ccacggtcgg tctgcaccgg gccgccgttg tagatgtcga tgtgctggca gcgcgccggc
   443521 ggcagggcgt ccggcttgag ctgttcgagg acttccgcca ggttgaggcc gctgggacgg
   443581 ttgatcacca ggcccatggc gccctgctcg ttgtgttcga ccaggtaggt cacggtctgg
   443641 gcgaaattgg ggtcggccat gtgcggcatg gcgatcagga aatgatgctt gaggtaggtt
   443701 gggctgctct gtttcatggc cgctagtgtc ctgcttcgga cgcgagaaag ccagccttgc
   443761 cggcgctact tgctggacag ccggtcgccg cgttcgaagc gccaggtacg gatgatctcc
   443821 agccggtcga tgtcggccag gtcgccgctg aacggcgcat agggcgcggc caggcggacg
   443881 atgcgctggg cggcctggtc gaggatcggc tcgccggaag actccagcac ctgcacctcg
   443941 tagatggtgc cgtcgcggtt gatcgacacc agcagtcgca ggctgccgta gagcttctgc
   444001 cggcgggcct cgtcggggta gttgaggttg ccgatgcgtt cgatcttctt gcgccagtct
   444061 tccttgtacc aggcgccctt gtcgcgcatg gtcgaggcgg cgctcaggcg gtggatgcgc
   444121 gggcgcttgg cgtaggcctg ctgctccttg gccaggtcgg cctcgaggct ggcgatttcc
   444181 gccgacagct gggttgagtc gaaatgcggc gccggcttgg cgacctgctc ggccttctgt
   444241 gcctgggtct tgctcggtgc cttctgctgg cgctggcggg tggtggtcac cgcggccttg
   444301 ggcgcctctt cgctcctggc ctgcttcggc gtagccggcg gcgcgacttt cttcacctgg
   444361 ttgtcctgga acggcgcgac ctcggtggtc ttcggcgcgg ccttgtgctc cagggtaccg
   444421 ctgccctgct ggttcatctg cgcgaggtag tcggccttct ccggcgtctt gtcgctcttg
   444481 aaggtggcca gggtgatttc cagggtcttg ctgatctggc tcggcgcggg catggagaag
   444541 cccaccccga ggatgaaggc gacgtgcagg atggctgcga tgaacagggt gaagcccaaa
   444601 cggtccgccg ggcggacgcc ggcagcggcg gagggggact tgaggacggc ggcgttcatt
   444661 gcggatcgtg gtggctggcg tggggcgaag tctgccgatg gggggcggaa aagtctatga
   444721 cgcactccgc gccttggaca cgcggtcgct cgccgtggcg catcggccgg gccgagacgg
   444781 gcggaccgag gcccgcccgc gcaattcagc gggcagccag ctgggcggcg atggcgtcca
   444841 tcagcttgtc gccgattcgg gtgtcgaagg cctggtcgat ctcgcggatg caggtcgggc
   444901 tggtgacgtt gatttccgtc agataatcgc cgatcacgtc gaggccgacg aacagcaggc
   444961 cgcgctcgcg caggtgcggg ccgacctcgg cggcgatcca gcggtcgcgc tcgctcagcg
   445021 gctgggccac gccgcggccg ccggcggcga ggttgccgcg agtctcgccc tgggcgggga
   445081 tgcgcgccag gcagtagggc accggttcgc cgtcgatcat caggatgcgc ttgtcgccgt
   445141 ccttgatttc cggcagatag cgctgtgcca tgatctgctg gctgccatgc tgggtgaggg
   445201 tctcgaggat caccgagagg ttcgggtcgc cttcgcggtg acgaaatatc gacgaaccgc
   445261 ccattccgtc caggggtttg agaatgatgt cacgatgctc ggcggcaaac tcgcgcagaa
   445321 tatcggatcg ccggctgacc atcgtcggcg gagtgcactg ggtgaactgc gtggcgaaga
   445381 acttctcgtt gcagtcgcgc aggctctgcg gccggttcac caccagggcg ccggcacgct
   445441 cggcctgttc cagcaggtag gtcgaataga cgaattcgtt atcgaagggc gggtccttgc
   445501 gcatcaggat cacgtccagt tcgtgcagcg gttggtcgct ttccgcttcc agttcgaacc
   445561 agcgggaggc atcgttgaag accttcagcg ggcgcatgcg tccacgcgcg acgccggcct
   445621 tctggtagag gtcctgctgt tccatgtaga acagcgacca gccgcgggcc tgggcagcca
   445681 gcagcatggc gagcgagctg tccttcttga agttgatgcg cgcgatgggg tccatgacga
   445741 tcccgaggcg tacgctcatg ggaattcctc cgaaaggggg tgggttgtcc ggtcgcggcg
   445801 gggaggccgc gtggcaagcg ggtttgacgc tcaggttggc gccccgtttg cgcttggtca
   445861 aggaaaaagc cggcctgttc cgggcattat ggatagagtt gcgtcgagtg tgctaaaaag
   445921 gcccgcgatt gggtcgcagc ccgtcggtga cagggcgtta gcgcactgaa gaaaacacag
   445981 aagaatgatt caccgagtcg atatagggcg aacatggaac agcaatccga cggtttgaaa
   446041 gtgatggtga tcgacgattc gaaaacgatt cgtcgcaccg ccgaaacact gctgaaaaag
   446101 gtcggttgcg acgtgatcac ggcaatcgac ggcttcgatg ccctggcgaa gatcgccgat
   446161 acccatccga acatcatttt cgtcgacatc atgatgccgc gcctggatgg ctatcagacc
   446221 tgcgccctga tcaagaacaa cagcgcgttc aagtccactc cggtgatcat gctgtcctcc
   446281 aaggacggcc tgttcgacaa ggccaagggg cgcatcgtcg gctccgacca gtacctcacc
   446341 aagccgttca gcaaggaaga gctgctgggc gcgatcaagg cacacgtacc cagcttcacc
   446401 ccggtggacg ccgtttcctg atatccggcc gcatggccgt tgatgcttat ttcgtgatgg
   446461 ggatcccatg gctcgtattt tgattgttga tgactctccg accgagatgt acaagctgac
   446521 cgccatgctg gaaaagcatg gtcaccaggt actcaaggcc gagaacggcg gcgacggcgt
   446581 cgccctggcc cgccaggaaa agcccgacgt ggtcctgatg gacatcgtca tgcccggcct
   446641 caacggcttc caggcgaccc gtcaattgac caaggacgcc gagaccagcg ccatcccggt
   446701 gatcatcgtc accaccaagg accaggagac cgacaaggtc tggggcaagc gccagggcgc
   446761 tcgcgactac ctgaccaagc cggtggacga agagaccctg ctgaaaacca tcaatgcggt
   446821 gctggcgggc tgagcccgtc gcagcgcatc gctcaccctg accccggaaa gaccaggccc
   446881 cgcatgtcgg acgttcagac ccccttccag ctcctcgtcg acatcgatca gcgctgccga
   446941 cgcctggccg ccggcctgcc ggcccagcag gaggcggtgc agagctggag cgggatcggc
   447001 ttccgcatgg gcgggcggtt cttcgtcgcc cccatggggg aggtcggcga agtcctgcac
   447061 gaaccgcgct acacccagct gccgggcgtg aagacctggg tcaagggggt ggccaacgta
   447121 cgtggccgcc tgctgccgat catggacctc tgcggtttcc tcggcaccga actgtcgccc
   447181 ttgcgcaagc agcggcgggt gctggtggtg gagcacctgg acgtgttcgc cggcctcatc
   447241 gtcgatgagg tgttcggcat gcagcacttc ccggtggaca ccttcagcga acagctgccg
   447301 ccactagaag cggcactgca acccttcatt catggcgtct tccatcgaga gcagccgtgg
   447361 ctggtgttca gcccgcatgc gctggcgcaa caccagggct tcctcgacgt cgccgtataa
   447421 acagcttcac cggttgggcc ggtctgccgg cccgtgtcgt gacatggaaa tcgtaatcgt
   447481 ggtcggtccg ggcgggggcc aaatatgaag aaaatcaacg caggcaatct tttcgcgggc
   447541 atgcgcagca gctcggtgat cgcggggctg ttcatcgtcc tcatcgtctc gatcgtgttg
   447601 ctgttcgcca actttgccta cctcaacacc cagtcgaacc atgacaagca gtacatcggc
   447661 catgccggcg aactgcgcgt cctgtcgcag cggatcgcga agaacgccac cgaagcggcg
   447721 gcgggcaagg gcgaggcgtt caagctcctg aaggatgcgc gcaacgactt cgagaaacgc
   447781 tggaacatcc tggtcaacgg cgacgagagc acatccctgc cgcccagccc cgaagcggtg
   447841 aagccgcaga tggacgtggt gcagcaggac tgggatggcc tgcgcaagaa cgccgactcc
   447901 atcctcgcca gcgaacagac cgtactgtcc ctgcaccagg tggcctcgac cctcgccgaa
   447961 accatcccgc agctgcaggt ggaatacgaa gaggtggtcg acatcctgct ggagaacggt
   448021 gccccggccg accaggtcgc ggtcgcccag cgccagtcgc tgctcgccga acgtatcctc
   448081 ggctcggtga acaaggtgct ggccggcgac gagaactcgg tgcaggccgc cgacagcttc
   448141 ggccgcgacg ccagcctgtt cggccgcgta ctgaagggca tgcaggaagg caacgcggcg
   448201 atgagcatct ccaaggtgac caacgccgag gcggtggatc gcctgaacga gatcgccgaa
   448261 ctcttcgagt tcgtctccgg ttcggtggac gagatcctcg agacctcgcc cgacctgttc
   448321 caggtccggg aagcggcgaa caacatcttc agcgtttcgc agaccctgct ggacaaggcc
   448381 tcgcaactgg ccgacggctt cgagaacctg gccggcgggc gcagcatcaa cctgttcgcc
   448441 ggttacgccc tcggcgccct ggccctggcc tcgatcatcc tgatcggcct ggtgatggtg
   448501 cgcgagacca accgccggct ggccgagacc gccgagaaga acgaccgcaa ccaggccgcg
   448561 atcctgcgtc tgctcgacga gatcgccgac ctcgcggacg gcgacctgac cgtggccgcg
   448621 accgtgaccg aggacttcac cggcgccatc gccgactcga tcaactactc catcgaccag
   448681 ctccgcgaac tggtggagac catcaaccag accgccgtgc aggtggccgc agcggcccag
   448741 gaaacccagt ccaccgcgat gcacctggcc gaagcctccg agcaccaggc gcaggaaatc
   448801 gccggcgcct cggcggcgat caacgaaatg gcggtgtcga tcgaccaggt atcggcgaac
   448861 gcctcggaat cctcggcggt agcggaacgt tcggtagcca tcgccaacaa gggcaacgag
   448921 gtggtgcaca acaccatcac cggcatggac aacatccgcg agcagatcca ggacacctcg
   448981 aagcgaatca agcgcctcgg cgaatcgtcc caggagatcg gcgacatcgt cagcctgatc
   449041 aacgacatcg ccgaccagac caacatcctc gccctgaacg ccgcgatcca ggcgtcgatg
   449101 gccggggacg cgggccgcgg cttcgccgtg gtagcggacg aggtacagcg actggcggaa
   449161 cgttcctcgg cggcgaccaa gcagatcgag gcgctggtga agaccatcca gaccgacacc
   449221 aacgaagcgg tgatctcgat ggagcagacc acctccgagg tggtccgcgg cgcgcgcctg
   449281 gcccaggacg ccggtgtggc cctggaggag atcgagaagg tatccaagac cctcgcggcg
   449341 ctgatccaga acatctccaa cgccgcccgt cagcaggcat cgtcggccgg ccacatttcc
   449401 aacaccatga acgtcattca ggagatcacc tcgcagacct ccgccggtac cactgccacc
   449461 gcacggagca tcggcaacct ggcgaagatg gcgagcgaga tgcgcaactc ggtatccggc
   449521 ttcaaactgc cggagggcgt ggagcaggcc tgagcatagg cgcggcggcc gcctggcggg
   449581 cgccgcgtcg acaccttgga cgaggggcac ggcatgcagg cgaacggcgt ctggtcactg
   449641 cagccgctgg ccgatatgtc ggcagcggag ttccgcgact ggcaggtcct gttggagaac
   449701 cgcaccggcg tggtgctcaa cgagcaacgc cggacgttcc tgcaggccag cctgaccgcg
   449761 cgcatgcgtg aactgggcat cggcgactac cacagctact accgccaggt gaccgacggt
   449821 ccgcgtggcg cagtggagtg ggcgaccctg ctggaccgcc tgaccgtcca ggaaacccgt
   449881 ttcttccgtc atcccccgtc tttcgagctg ctcgagcgct acctgggcga gcgcctgcgc
   449941 cgcgaaggca tgccgcggcc ctgggccctg tggagcgtcg gctgctccag cggcgaggaa
   450001 ccctactcgc tggcgatgtg cgccgcgcag gtgttgcgcg ggcaggaacg ggaagatttt
   450061 ttcggcgtca ccggaacgga tatcagcctt cacgccctgc agcgggcgcg gcaggcgaac
   450121 tatccggccc gcaagttgga gcaactggag gccgggctgg tcgaacgcta ttgcgaacgc
   450181 caggccgacg gcagcttcag cgtgaaaacg atactgaccg agcgcgtctg ctgcgcccgg
   450241 ctgaatgtgc tggacctggc gaaggcgccc tggtccggca tggacgtgat tttttgtcag
   450301 aacctgctga tctacttccg tcgctggcga cggcgcgaga tcctcaaccg gttggccgaa
   450361 cggctggcgc cgggaggctt gctggtgatc ggggtcggcg aagtggtcga ctggagccat
   450421 ccggagctcg agccggtcgc cgacgagcgg gtcctggcct ttacccgtaa ggggtactca
   450481 ggcacatgaa tggagtggct atgggtgacc ggcacgacta cgtcgctctg gagtgggtga
   450541 aaggcgagat cgccgaaacc ctgaaacagg cgcgccaggc gctggaagcg ttcgtcgaga
   450601 acccgcagga cccgacccgc atgcggttct gcctgaccta cgtgcaccag gtgcagggca
   450661 ccctgcagat ggtcgagttc tacggcgcgg ccctgctcgc cgaggaaatg gagcagttgg
   450721 tccaggcctt gctggacggt cgcgtgccga accagggcga ggccctggaa gtgctgatgc
   450781 aggcgatcct gcaactgccg gtctacctcg accggatcca gaccgcccgg cgcgacctgc
   450841 cgatggtggt cctgccgctg ctcaacgacc tgcgcgccgc gcgcggcgag aagctgctct
   450901 cggaaaccag cctgttcgcg cccgacctgt cgcagcgcca gccgcaactg gacggcgagg
   450961 ccatcgcgca actgcgcacc gacgaactcg gcggcttgct gcgcaagctg cgccagaccc
   451021 agcagatggc cctggtcggc ctgctgcgca accaggacgt ggccactagc ctcggctacc
   451081 tggcgcgtgt ctatgcgcgc ctggagggcc tgtgccgcga ggcaccgctg gggccgctgt
   451141 ggagcatcgc ttccggcctg gtcgagggcc tggccaacgg tagcgtggtc aacagcgcct
   451201 cggtgcgcac cctgctgcgc cagctcgacc gcgaactcaa gcgcctggtc gagcagggcg
   451261 ccgacggcct gaaccaggcc gcgccggacg agctggtgaa gaacctgctg ttctacgtgg
   451321 ccaaggcgcc ttcgcagtcg ccgcggatcc gcgctctgaa ggaacagtac cgcctcgacg
   451381 aggcgctgcc cgaccacgag acggtggacg ccgagcgcgc ccgcctcgcc ggacccgacc
   451441 gcgacgcgat gcgttcggtg gtcggtgcct tgtgcgagga actggtgcgg atcaaggaca
   451501 gcctcgacct gttcgtgcgc agcgaccgtg gccacccctc ggaactggac gccctcctgg
   451561 cgccgctcaa gcagatcgcc gataccctgg cggtactcgg cttcggccaa ccgcgcaagg
   451621 tcatcctcga ccagttggac gtcatccacg ccctggccca gggccgccgc gagccgagcg
   451681 acgcgatcct gatggacgtc gccggcgcgt tgctctacgt cgaggccacc ctggccggca
   451741 tggccggtcc cggcgacgag cgcaacagcg aggaaagccg cctgcccacc accgatgtgg
   451801 cgcagatcca ccagttggtg atcaaggaag cgcgcaacgg tctggagcag gccaaggacg
   451861 cgatcatcga gttcatcgcc tcgcagtgga accacgagca cctggcccgc gtgccggagc
   451921 tgctgaccca ggtccgcggc ggcctggcga tgatcccgct ggagcgcgcc gcgaccctgc
   451981 tggaaacctg caaccgctat atccaggaac agctgctggc gcgcaaggcg gtgccggact
   452041 ggcagagcct ggataccctg gccgatgcca tcaccagcgt cgagtattac ctggagcgcc
   452101 tgagcgagga ccatgccagc cagagcgacc tgatcctcga cgtcgccgag gacagcctgg
   452161 cgaacctcgg ctatacgctg aaaccgaatt cgtcggcccc ggccgagcct ggcctgtccg
   452221 ggcccgctgc catcgagtcc ccgactgccg agccggagag gccggaggcg gtcgtcgagg
   452281 tcgccgagac agcggagcaa ccgcccgccg acacggctcc tgccgaggcc gcgagggaag
   452341 atgccccgca gttggccagc gacgacaact ggacccttgg cgaagtcgcg cccgacgccg
   452401 gcgagccgtc cctcgacctg gccctggacc tgccgctgga cgattccgcc gaagtgccgc
   452461 cggcgttgcc ggaggtggtc gaggagagcg gccagccgca gtcgaccccg gcgcctgccc
   452521 gcagcctgga cgatttcagc ctcgacgaga tcgatctctc cggcctcgac ctgcccgccg
   452581 atgcggcccc ggcctccggg ccggcggccc tggcggactg gtcgctgccg gagcagtggg
   452641 ggctcggcga tgacctggcg cagccggcgc aggccggcga gacgttggat ctgagcctgg
   452701 aggagccggc gctgtccttc gacgcgccgc tggaaagcct cgagccgttg ccggcgctgg
   452761 agcctttcga cggctccgct gaacaggagc tggttctcga tgcgctcgat ccgctgccgc
   452821 tggatgtagc cttgccggag gcggagggcg aggtgtccgc ctgggagggc tcgagcctgg
   452881 aggaactgga tctttccgac ctcgatctcc ccgaggtgca attgcccgag gctgaggccg
   452941 aggcgccgcc tgccgccgag gcgctcgcca gcgaagcgcc ggccctgtct ctggccgagg
   453001 tgatggctgc gccggtgcag ccgatcaacc cgccggcgca gaacgttccg gtcagcctgc
   453061 tgccaccgcc ggccgacgag gaaccggtgg acgaggaact gcgcgaggtc ttcatcgagg
   453121 aggccggcga ggtcctggag accatcggcc gctacctgcc ggcctggaaa gccgaccacg
   453181 acgaccgcga agcgctgacc gaggtacgcc gtgccttcca taccctcaag ggtagcggac
   453241 ggatggtccg tgccctggtg atcggcgaac tggcctggtc gatagagaac ctgttcaacc
   453301 gcgtgctcga tcgcagcatc gccgccagcg agccggtgca gcgagtggtg gaccaggtcg
   453361 tggccctgtt gccggagctg gtcgaggagt tcgccgccaa tgcccagcgc cagcgcgacg
   453421 atgtcgacct gctggcggcc accgcgcatg ccctggccaa gggcgagccg ctgccggaac
   453481 cgccggcgcc ggacgacggc ggagtaccgc cggaagccgg ggcggagcag ccgtcgagcc
   453541 tggacaacgg cgtccaggcg ccgccattgg ccgacgcgcc gcaggccgct gccgaggcgc
   453601 agagcgacgt cgaactgctc gatccgcaac tgctggagat cttcaccaac gaggcggaaa
   453661 cccatctcga ggccctggtc ggcttcctcg ccgactgcgc ccgcgaactg ccgcagccgg
   453721 tcaccgatgc cttgcagcgt gccctgcata ccctcaaggg cagcgcacac atggccggca
   453781 tcctgccgat cgcggagatc gccacgccgc tggaaaaact ggtcaaggaa tacaagtcca
   453841 acctgctcgc cttcgacctg cgcgaagcgg agttgctgca cgacgccgag caactgttcc
   453901 gcatcggcct ggagcaggtc ggcgcgcaac ggccattgaa cccgatcccc ggcagcgacg
   453961 cgttgctgga gcgtatcgag gcactgcatc aggaacgcat cgcctcgctc gaggccgagc
   454021 gctacagcga tgccggcgag cgccgcgatc cgttgctgat cgaggcgttc ctcgtcgaag
   454081 gcatggacat cctgctggac gccgaggacc tgctcgagcg ctggcacgag catccgcagg
   454141 agcgccagga actgagtgcg ctgcgcgagg agctcagcac tctggaccgg ggcgcccggc
   454201 atgccgagct gccacaggtg gaagaactct gccaggcctt gctggcgctc tacgatgccg
   454261 tcgaggaagg ccgcctggcg gtcagcccgg cgttcttcga ggaagcccgc caggcccacg
   454321 aggcgctgat cgggatgatg gaccaggtcg ccgccggcct gcaggtcacg ccgcgtccgg
   454381 agcgggtcgc ggccctgcag gagctgttgg aagcgcccgc cgccgaggcc gttccgttca
   454441 tcgacccgga gagcctcggc gccgacgatt tccccccgga agacgaagaa ccggccctcc
   454501 ccgaggcggt cttcgaagag gccgggacgc ctgccgagga gaccgtaccg gcagcgcctg
   454561 caccggctcc cggccgcgag ctggacgagg aaatggtgtc gatcttcctc gaagaggcgg
   454621 tggacatcct cgaaagcgcc ggccaggcac tggcccaatg gcaggccgag ccgggcgcgc
   454681 tgtcttcgct cagcgccctg cagcgcgacc tgcacaccct caagggcggc gcacggatgg
   454741 ccgagatcgc cgagatcggc gacctggccc acgagctgga ggccctctat gaaggactgg
   454801 tcgaccgccg ttaccagcac tccccgcaac tggccggatt gctgcaagcc tgtcacgacc
   454861 ggctggccga acagctcgac cagttgagcg ccggccagcc cctggccgac ccgcacgacc
   454921 ttatccaggc gatccgccgg ttccgccagg gcccgctggc cgaggccgcg acaccgggcg
   454981 aggcggaaag ccccgtcgag gaactcgttg caccggccgt cgaggagccc gccgtgcctg
   455041 ccgcgacgca gccgcccgct gcggaggcgt tcgaagagcg cgatccggaa ctggtggaga
   455101 tcttcctcga ggaaggcttc gatatcctcg acagcgctgc cgccgcgttg cagcgctgga
   455161 tcgacgacgt cgacaacacc atcgaactgg aagccttgca gcgcgacctg cataccctca
   455221 agggcggtgc gcggatggcc gagatcggcg agatcggcga cctcgcccat gagcttgaat
   455281 tcctctacga aggcctctgc ggcggacgcc tgcgcgccag cccggccttg ttcggcctgc
   455341 tgcagcgctg ccacgacgag ctggccgaga tgctcgaggc ggtgcgtggc catcgcacgc
   455401 tgcccgacgg gcaggcgctg atcgcggaga tcaggcgcct gcgcagcgat cccgacgagc
   455461 aactgagcgt acccaccagc gtcagcctca agccgctggc ggcgaagggc gcggcggccg
   455521 acgagagcga gatcctcgac atcttcctcg aggaagccga cgacctgctg gagaacctcg
   455581 aactggcgct cggccgctgg gacggcggca acggcgacgc ccagccgctg gacgacctgc
   455641 tgcggatcct gcacaccctc aagggcggcg cgcgcctggc cgggcagacc gagctgggca
   455701 acctggccca cgacctcgag cagcatctca ccgatgcgca gcaacagggc gcgccgtggc
   455761 cggacagcct gctgctggat gcgcagtcgg ggctggaagg cctgcagcgg caggtcgacc
   455821 tgttgcgcga gcggctggcc gaggacgacg aggccggtga acggcccgat cccgcccagg
   455881 cgctggtcca ggccgacgat accgaccgcg cggtggcctc cgcgctggcc gagctgaccc
   455941 gcctggcccc ggcggccggc gcgatcatgg cggccgaggc ggcgcctccg gctgccccgg
   456001 ccaccaccct gccgttcgtg cgcaaggccc aggaggcggc ccaggaggcc gcttcccggc
   456061 gtgccccgca ggaactggtg aaggtgccgg cggaactgct ggagaacctg gtcaacctgg
   456121 cgggcgagac ctcgatcttc cgcggccggg tcgagcagca ggtgagcgac gtcggcttca
   456181 ccctcggcga gatggagtcc accatcgagc gggtgcgcga ccagttgcgc cgcctcgaca
   456241 ccgagactca ggcgcagatc ctctcgcgtc accaggccga tgccgaacgc gccggctacg
   456301 aagaattcga cccgctggaa atggaccgct attcgcagtt gcagcagctc tcgcgcgcac
   456361 tcttcgaatc ggcctccgac cttctcgacc tgaaggaaac cctggcggcg aagaaccgcg
   456421 acgcggagac cctgctgctg caacaggcgc gggtcaacac cgaactccag gaaggcctga
   456481 tgcgcacccg catggtgccg ttcgatcggc tggtaccgcg tttgcggcgg atcgtccggc
   456541 aggtggccgg cgaactcggc aagcaggtcg agtttgtggt cggcaacgcc gacggcgaga
   456601 tggatcgtac cgtcctcgaa cgcatcgtcg cgccgctgga gcacatgctg cgcaacgccg
   456661 tggaccacgg catcgagtcc ggcgagacac gccgcgcggc gggcaagccg gagcacggta
   456721 cgatccgcct gaacatcggc cgcgagggcg gcgacatcct cctcaccctc tccgacgacg
   456781 gcgccggcat ccgcctcgac gcggtacggc gcaaggccat cgagcgtggc ctgatgagcg
   456841 ccgacagcga cctcagcgat catgaagtgc tgcagttcgt gctcgagtcc ggcttctcca
   456901 ccgccgaaaa ggtcacccag atatccgggc gcggcgtcgg actcgacgtg gccaactccg
   456961 aggttaagca gctcggcggc tcggtgagca tccagaccga gccgggccag ggcacccgct
   457021 tcaacgtgcg gctgccgttc accgtgtcgg tgaaccgggc gctgatggtg ctatccggcg
   457081 aggatctcta cgcggtgccg ctgaacacca tcgagggcat cgtgcgggtt tcgccctacg
   457141 aactggaggc gctctatgac cagcgcggcg aggcggggct ggatacgccc agcttcgaat
   457201 acgccgggca gtcctacgaa ctgaagtacc tcggcgagct gctgaacaac ggccaggaac
   457261 ccaagctggt cggccagtcg ctgcccttgc cggtgatcct ggtgcgctcc tcggagcatg
   457321 cggtggcggt gcaggtcgac tcgctggccg gttcccgcga gatcgtggtg aagagcctcg
   457381 gtccgcagtt cgccggggtc gccgggattt ccggggcgac cctgctcggc gatggccggg
   457441 tggtggtgat cctcgacctg ctggcgacca tccgctcccg gcacgcgctg ctcggccagg
   457501 aaaaccgtcg cgaacgcctg gcgctgcgcc aggaaatggc ggcgagcgaa agcgagcagc
   457561 agcggccgcc gctggtcatg gtggtggacg actcggtcac cgtgcgcaag gtcaccaccc
   457621 gcctgctgga gcgcaacggc atgaacgtgc tgaccgcgaa ggacggcgtg gacgccatcg
   457681 cccagctcca ggagcaccgt ccggacatcc tcctgctgga catcgagatg ccgcgcatgg
   457741 acggtttcga ggtcgccacc ctggtgcgcc acgacgagcg cctgggcaac ctgccgatca
   457801 tcatgatcac ctcgcggacc ggcgagaaac accgcgagcg cgcgctgggc atcggcgtca
   457861 accagtacct cggcaagcct taccaggaaa ccgagctgct cgaagccatc cagtccctgg
   457921 tcggccagca tgagtgagcg cgccacgcca cgggtcgcgg tgatcgccga cacctcgttg
   457981 cagcgccacg tgttgcaaca ggcgctgctc ggccatggtt acgaggtggt gctcaacgcc
   458041 gacccggcca gggtcgacga cgccgcgctg gagtgcgcgc ccgacctgtg gctggtggac
   458101 ctgacccagc aggacgactc gccgctgctg gacagcctgc tggagcagga ccgtgcgccg
   458161 gtgctgttcg gcgagggcca cgcgccggag cggcataccg aacattaccc gcgctgggaa
   458221 cggcggctga tcggcaagct gaagcgcttg atcggcgacc ccagcgatgg cgttggcgac
   458281 agcctcggcg cattgctcga cgaggagcgt ccgccgcgcc tggagattcc cggcgacctc
   458341 gcggcgatgc cgctgcaggc cggcgaagcg gcccgcgagg tgtggctgct ggcggcctcg
   458401 ctcggcggcc cggcggcggt gaaggcattt ctcgacgcct tgcctggcgg cctgccgatc
   458461 ggcttcctct atgcccagca catcgatgcc agcttcgagc agaacctgcc gcaggcagtc
   458521 ggccggcaca gccagtggca tgtgaagaac gtccgcgacg gcgaagcgct gcgttgcggc
   458581 gaggtcatgg tggtgccggt gctgcacgag ctcggtttcc accacgacgg gcgactgaaa
   458641 tgcagccagc gtccctggcc ggaaccctac accccgtcca tcgaccagat gatgctcaac
   458701 ctggcccagc agttcgggcc cgactgcggg gtgatcgttt tcagcggcat gggtagcgac
   458761 ggcagcgccg ctgccgccta cgtgcggcgc cagggtggcg aggtatggac ccagcgcgcc
   458821 gacagttgcg tctgttcgag catgccggac agcttgcgcg aagccggtta cagcagtttc
   458881 aatgccagcc cccgcgaact ggccgaggca ttggtcaagc atctggccgc acgctgcgcg
   458941 ccgacaggag tcgaaacatg aaccaggccg tgatcgagca ggatggcatg agccggaaca
   459001 ccccagccaa cccgaccccg gacagcctca ccgggctgct cctgccgctg agcgaccgca
   459061 ccctgctgtt gcccaacgtc gccgtggccg aactgatcgc ctatcgcaac ccgcaggtcg
   459121 ccgccggcct gccgcagtgg tacctgggcc aggtggcctg gcgcgacctg cgcctgccgc
   459181 tgctgtcctt cgaggcggcc tccagcggcg aacagcagcc ggtactcggc agcagcgcgc
   459241 gggtggtggt catcaacgcc ctcggcggac gaccccatgt gaagttcctc gccctgctgg
   459301 tgcagggcat tccgcgctcg gtgcggctgg acgccaatct cgcgagcacc gccgcgccgc
   459361 tggcggcgct ggaactggcg gcggtggaca tcggcggcga aaccgcacgg attccggacc
   459421 tggccgggct cgaagagaag ctcgccgacg ccggcctgat ctgagccgtc catggccggc
   459481 ctgcagcacg cgcggatcgg cgcctccctc gaggtcgcca gcgccagcct ggccgggcac
   459541 cgcttcgaga agcacagcca cgacgagttc gtcatcagcg ccaacctctg cggattggaa
   459601 gatgtctggc tggatggccg taccttccag gccgacagcg gcgacctgac cctctacaac
   459661 ccggggcaga tccagggcgg cggcgtccgc gacggccagc cctggcgctt cgccagcctc
   459721 tatctgcctg ccgccgaact ggcgagcagc ctggatcttt cctccgtcga gttcgaccgc
   459781 ccgctgctgc gcagtccggc gctgggccgc gagttggccg ccagcatcga agccttgctg
   459841 gccagcgacc gtttcgcccg cgaacggggc gaggagcgcc tgctggattt ccttggccgc
   459901 ctgckggsgg cgggcggcac ccgcctgccg cagagggccg atcctgggcg cccggctgtc
   459961 gcccgcctgc aggcgctgct cgccgagcgc ctggccgaac cgccggacct ggatgagatg
   460021 gcggagcagg tgggcctgtc gaaataccac ctgctgcggg cgttcaagaa ggccaccggg
   460081 ctcagcccgc gccagtggag catgcaactg cgcacccgcc gcgccctcgg cctgttgcgc
   460141 cgtggcctgg cggtgggcga ggtggcccac gccctgggct tcgccgacca gagccacctg
   460201 acccgttact tcaccagcgc ctacggcatt tcgccgggcc gctaccagcg cgccgtgcgc
   460261 ggctgaactg cgcaatccgg ttcaagtcgg cggagccgcc ggccgggata atccgacgtc
   460321 ccaccacgga gtcgtcgttc catgctcgcc atcttcctcg ccgccttgct gttcggtttc
   460381 gccttcaatg tttcccctgg cgcggtgttc agcgaaacgc tgcgccgcgg tttgaccggc
   460441 ggcttccgcc cggcgttgct ggtgcaactg gggtcgctga tcggcgatgc cgtctgggcc
   460501 ctgctcgggc tcaccgggct ggcgctgctg ctgggctacg aacaggtgcg gattcccctg
   460561 accctggcct gtgccgccta cctggcctgg ctcggcgtgc aaggcttgcg cgacgcctgg
   460621 agtccgccgc tggcggcgga ggatgccggc gagcaggggc gcaacgcctt cggcgccggc
   460681 gcggcgatct ccctgtccaa tccgaagaac gtggtctact ggggtgccct cggcagcgcc
   460741 ctggcgggga tcgtcgacgg cacgccgaac caggcgcagt cgctggtgtt cttcgccggt
   460801 ttcatgctct cgtcgctgat ctggtgcttt tgctgcgcgg cgctggtgga ctggctgcgg
   460861 cgcaacacct cgctgttctg gcaccgcgtc agctacgccg gttgcggcgt gctcctgctc
   460921 ggcctggcgg gactggcgct gcgcgggctg tagacgcgcc tcaggccggc gccaggcgcc
   460981 gccgcagcag gcgttggcgc aggctttcga acgtgccgag gtcgacatgc cgggcatggt
   461041 cgccgacgac gatccggccg tcgggcagct ccgcccagtg ctgtagtccg ccctccaggt
   461101 ccagttcgcc gtagcggatg cgcagcgccc ggccggattc gaggtgccag agctgggcga
   461161 ggtcccgcga gcgatgcggt tccagccacg gcgccaggag cagccagcct ccgtccaggg
   461221 cctggagctt caggtagggg ccttcggcca ggccgtccag cgagtggctg cggatctcgc
   461281 cgctgtcgag ccggccttcg cagagcgttt cacgctccag ccagacgatg gtcccgggcg
   461341 ccgccgaggt cggttgcgcc ggatcggcgg gcagatcctt gccgacgggg aacggcaggg
   461401 gctggatgcg tgcctcgcgc cattcgaaga actgcccgcg ggagagcagg cagacgcgct
   461461 ggtccggagt ggtgaagacc gccggcggat tctcgatgga gcgccgcgct tgcggcacgt
   461521 cgaagagcaa ccgcggttcg tcgttgccct gggcgaagcc cggatagagg aagaacaggc
   461581 cgcggtcggc caggagcagg tcgtccccgg ccaggccgat ggcaagttcc ggggtgcggc
   461641 gttggcgcaa cgactgcgcc ggcggcagcg gcaagggcgg tagttcgggc gtcaacgagg
   461701 cgaggtcgcg ggagcgatgc agccaggcgt aggggcttcc cgaacgggtc atcctgaccc
   461761 aggcgtgcag gccgtccgcc gaactggccc ggcagagcaa cgcgccctgg gtttcctccg
   461821 cgccatcggg caggcgttgc agcctgggcc attggcgcag gtccagcagg tcgcggctgt
   461881 cctcgcccgg caggcgggcg atggccaggc cgggcgccag gtgctcggcg tgttcgaggc
   461941 agatgtaggc cgaagccggc gccaggccgg ccggcgcggc ggcggggagg gccgcccggg
   462001 cgccctcggg ggcgttttcc tggcgcagcg tgcgggcgtt gtggccctgc gctgcgagtg
   462061 catcgaggag gcgctggctg tggggggcgc cgaccacgta caggttcagg ctgtcgtctt
   462121 cgtccaggcg ttccaccaac gccagtccga gggattccag ctcctggccg agggctggca
   462181 ggaaatcctc gggaaggtcg tcgcgcaggc gctccagcag cgtctccagt gcggcggagg
   462241 ccaactgcgg gaagcgtccg gcatagtctc ggcggagtac gccgagcacg tcgggcaggc
   462301 ggatcttcca atcgaaggta acgggcgtgt ccatgcgtgc gatccgttgc gaagtgggtt
   462361 gcgcaacggt attcactggc tgtcgccgtt gtaaagcggc gggagggata tcaggcgaag
   462421 tcgccccaga gttgctgggc caccgccaac gctaccaccg gcgcggtctc ggtgcgcagc
   462481 actcgcgggc cgaggcgcgc ggagtggaaa ccggccgcct gagcctgctc cacctcggca
   462541 tcgctcaggc cgccttcggg acccaccagg aaggccaggc gcgacggcgg cgcatggctg
   462601 gccagggggg cggccacagg gtgcaggacc agcctgaggt catcgtcccg cccgcgcagc
   462661 cagtcctcca gggccagagg cggatggatc agcggcaggc tcgaacggcc gcactgctcg
   462721 caggcgctga tcgccacctg gcgccagtgc tgcaggcgct tgtcggcgcg ctcgtccttc
   462781 aggcgcactt cgcaacgctc gctgacgatc ggggtgattt ccgccacccc cagctcggtg
   462841 gccttctgga tcgcccagtc catccgctcg ccgcgcgaca ggccttgccc caggtggata
   462901 cgcaggggcg agtcgggctg gccggcgaac tgctcgcgga gttcgacgcg gacattcttc
   462961 ttgccgacct cgaccagctc gccgaggtat tcccggccgc tgccgtcgaa cagttgcacg
   463021 gcgtcgcccg tggcgtgccg cagcacgcgg ccgatgtagt gggcctgggc ctcgggcagg
   463081 tcgtgctggc cgagggagag aggctggtcg acgaagaagc gggacaggcg catggcgatt
   463141 cgagggtagt ggcgacaggc gcgcagttta ctgcctgccg cggggcgctg gaaccggccc
   463201 cctcggaacg aaggggcggc gacgttcagc ccggatcgcg gtggtccggg tggaagtcgc
   463261 tgaccgccac gctgaccgcg tcgcgggtgg cgatgtcgat gccttcgctg gccacctcgg
   463321 cgaggaagtc gatctgctcc ggggtaatca cgtagggcgg caggaaatac accacgctgc
   463381 ccagcgggcg cagcagcgcg ccgcgctcca ggccatgctg gaagaccttc aggccgcggc
   463441 gctcctgcca ggggtagggc gtcctggatg ccttgtcctg gaccatttcg atggccagga
   463501 ccatcccggt ctggcgcacc tcggcgacat gcgggtggtc ggccaggtgc gcggtggccc
   463561 tggccatgtg ggtggacagc gcgcggttgg cctcgatcac cttgtcttcc tcgaagatgt
   463621 ccagggttgc cagggcggcg gcgcaggcca gcgggttgcc ggtataggtg tgcgagtgga
   463681 ggaaggcgcg cagggtctgg tagtcgtcgt agaagccccg gtagacggtc tcgctggtca
   463741 gcaccgcgga catcggcagg tagccaccgg tgagggcttt ggacagacag aggaaatccg
   463801 gggcgatgcc ggcctgctcg caggcgaaca tcgtcccggt gcggccgaag cccaccgcga
   463861 tctcgtcgtg gatcaggtgc acgccatagc ggtcgcaggc ttcgcgcagc agcttgaggt
   463921 agaccgggtg gtacatgcgc atgccgccgg cgccctggat cagcggttcg acgatgaccg
   463981 cggcgatctc gtcgtgccct tcggccaggg tgcgctccat gtgggcgaac atgttccgcg
   464041 aatgttcttc ccagcacatg ccgtccggac gcaggaagca gtccgggctg ggcaccttga
   464101 tggtgtcgag cagcagcgac ttgtaggttt cggtgaacag cgccacgtcg cccaccgaca
   464161 tcgccgcgat ggtttcgccg tggtagctgt tggtcagggt gacgaagcgc ttcttgcgcg
   464221 gcctgccgct attgagccag aagtggtagc tcatcttcag cgcgacctcg atgcccgccg
   464281 agccgctgtc ggcgtagaac acccggtcga gccccggcgg ggtgatcttc accagtcgct
   464341 ccgacagctc gatcaccggc tggtggctga atccggcgag gatcacgtgc tccaactggt
   464401 cgacctggtc cttgatgcgc tggttgatgc gcgggttggc gtgaccgaac acattgaccc
   464461 accaggaact gaccgcgtcg atgtagcgct tgccttcgaa atcctccagc cagacgcctt
   464521 cgccgcggcg gatcgggatc accggcaggc gttcgtggtc tttcatctgg gtacagggat
   464581 gccagagtac gttcaggtcg cgctgcatcc agtcggcgtt aaggcccatg ggctgtctcc
   464641 tcggatcgat cggcaaagcc tatgcaatgg gggtgagatg aacaacccgg cgggttggga
   464701 cacatccgac agcagccgcc gacggactcc tatggtggcc caaacggctc tggcgtatgc
   464761 tgcgcgccgt tgcgtctttg cttttttcct ggggagtccg gtatgtcgtt aaggtggctg
   464821 cgcgccgcgg cgtttctcat gttgggggtg ttcagcgcgg tggcgctggg caaggataaa
   464881 cagcctacgg cgatcgtcgt cggcgcgggc ctggcaggcc tgagcgcggc ctacgaattg
   464941 cagaaggacg gctggcaggt cacggtgctc gaagcgcggc cgcaggtggg cgggcgttcc
   465001 ggcctggcca ccagcgaatg ggtcggcaac cagaaggtcc agcccacgct caatgcctac
   465061 ctggacacct tcaagctgaa gccggtgccg gcgccggact tcgtccgcac ccccagctac
   465121 ctgatcgacg gcctgtacta cagcagcagc gatctcgcgc tcaagcagcc gaacgtcgcc
   465181 gccgacctca agcgcttcga gtcgaccctg gacgatctct cggcatcgat ctccgacccg
   465241 ctcaaccctg cctcgagcaa taccctgttc gccctcgacc agatgaacgc cgcgcgctgg
   465301 ctggacaagc tgaacctgtc gccgaccgcg cgcctgctgg tcaaccagcg tatccgttcg
   465361 cgctacgacg aaccgtcgcg cctgtcgctg ctctacctcg cccagcaggg ccgcgcctac
   465421 cgtggcgtcg acgaccgcga cctgcgcgcg gcgcgcctgc ccggcggcag ccaggtgctg
   465481 gcggaagcct tcgtcaagca gatcaagacg atcaagacca aatccaaggt gtcgagcatc
   465541 gtccaggcca aggacggcgt cgccgtcaag gccggcagcg agacctacaa ggccgactac
   465601 gtggttctcg ccgtgccgct gaaggcgctc ggccagatcc agatgacccc gtccctgagc
   465661 ggtacccaga tgtccgcgct gaagggcacc aactatggct ggcgcgacca gatcctgctg
   465721 aagttcaagc gtccggtgtg ggacgacaag tcgcgcctct ccggcgagat cttcagcgac
   465781 cagggcctgg gcatgatctg ggtcgagccg gcgctgaaag gcggcgccaa cgtgctgatc
   465841 aacctgtccg gcgacaacgc ccgcgtgctg caggctttcg gcgaccggca gatggtcgat
   465901 caggtgctga tccgcatgaa caagttctat ccgaagatgc gcggtgcctt cgccggctac
   465961 gaaattcgtc gctacagcgc cgatccgggt accggtggtt cctacctggc ctacggtccg
   466021 ggccaggtga cgcgtttctg gcggatctgg gaacagccgc tgtcgcgggt cgccttcgcc
   466081 ggcgagcaca ccgatgcgct gtaccccggc accatcgagg gcgcgctgcg tagcggcaag
   466141 cgcgcggcca gccaggtgcg cgacctgtat gccggcaaga cgccggtgat cgagggcgcg
   466201 ccgatggtgg cgaaggccga gaaggtggcc gcaccgacga ccggcggcga gaagaagaac
   466261 ccgtttgcct ggttcacccg cctgttcgat tgatcccctt cgccggcgcc ggaagctccg
   466321 gcgccttgcg cttcccggtt cgcagcgcaa tccggggttt tttcttagcc tgcgaaccta
   466381 tcttgtgaat cgatgtttca aagcagaatt ttctgcttta actcgatgga tttgccgcta
   466441 gtcttgaggc ttcgcttttc aaggaagttt ttcatgcagt ggcgcaatac ctcatcccgt
   466501 tacggcgtat tcagcctgtt cctgcactgg ggcagcgcgc tggtggtctt cggcctgttc
   466561 ggcctgggcc tgtggatgcg cgaactgagc tattacgacc cctggtacca ccccgcgccg
   466621 gccctgcata aaagcatcgg catcctgctg gccattgccc tgctggtgcg gatcgtctgg
   466681 cgtttcgtca gcccgccgcc gccggcgccg gccaaccacg gtccgctcac gcgggtagcg
   466741 agcaagcttg gccacctcgc gctgtacggg ctgctgctgg cggtgatcgt cgcgggctac
   466801 ctgatttcca ccgccgacgg cgaaccgatc agcgtgttcg gctggttctc cgtgccggca
   466861 accctcagcg ggctgcccga ccaggcagac gtcgcgggtg aaatccatct ctacctggcc
   466921 tgggcgctgg tggtcttcgc cgtcctccat gccctggccg ccctcaagca tcacttcgtc
   466981 gaccgcgacc cgaccctaaa gcgcatgctc ggtcgctcgt cgaatgatca acaaccacgt
   467041 taaggagaat gtccatgctg aagaagaccc ttgccgcgct ggcgctcggc tccgcactgt
   467101 tcaccgccgg ccaggtaatg gccgcggact acaagatcga caaggaaggc cagcacgcct
   467161 tcatcgagtt ccgcatcaag cacctgggct atagctggct gtacggccgc ttcaacgact
   467221 tcgacggcag cttcaccttc gacgagaaga acccgtcggc cgacaaggtc aaggtgacca
   467281 tcaacaccaa cagcgtggac accaaccatg ccgagcgtga caagcacctg cgcagcggtg
   467341 atttcctcaa cgtcagcaag aacccgaccg ctaccttcga atccaccgaa gtgaaggcca
   467401 acggcgacag cgccgacatc accggcaacc tgaccctgaa cggcgtgacc aagccggtca
   467461 ccatcaaggc caagctgatc ggccagggcg acgacccgtg gggcggctac cgtgccggct
   467521 tcgaaggcag cgccaccctg aagctgaaag acttcggcat caagatggac ctcggcccgg
   467581 catcccagga agtcgagctg ctgctctccg tcgaaggcat tcgccagtaa gcggatacct
   467641 gaaacgaaaa acgccggcga tcgccggcgt ttttcattgt gcttcgaaaa gaatgttctt
   467701 aaatatcctc aagcggttgc gcggccaggc actggtcgag gagatgcacc agggtggcct
   467761 gttccaccgg ggtgagcggg gcaaacaact cgtcatgcac gcgtgacatg atggcctccg
   467821 catgctggtg gatggccagc ccctcgtcgg tgaggaagag ctggaagctg cgctggtcgc
   467881 tggggttgcg ctcgcggcgg accaggtttc ttccctccag ctcgcggatc ttccgggtga
   467941 tcagtgcctt gtcgcggcac atctggcgtc ccaggtcctg caggttcagc ccgcgttgtt
   468001 cgtcgataag cttcaataca tggacgtcgg gcggggtcag gtcgagtcgc tggcaatcga
   468061 gctcgctctg gatgcgcgtc cgcacatgct ggaagaccgc catcagcgcg ggcatcaggt
   468121 cgggattcac ggggtagttc attggtttgg ccgagtaaac ctaatgtaaa tgtggttgat
   468181 ccagtcaact attttgctta ttttagttga ccttatcaac cttgtttcag gttctgaata
   468241 tgggccatgg cgccgggtgg ataaccggcc atcgagctaa aacgtttcag gtgttttcac
   468301 gcgaggcttt cggacgttta caaacaccta tgaatgtaag tattttgcct gccttcttcg
   468361 agccggtgca gcgccttcac gctgcatcgg ccgctttcgc tcatgaggac aacgctatgc
   468421 aacgaacgcc agccatgcgt gtactggttc cggccctgct ggtcgcgatt tcggcccttt
   468481 ccgggtgcgg aaaaagcgag gcgccgccgc cggcgcaaac gccggaggtc gggatcgtga
   468541 ccctggaagc gcagacggtg accctgaata ccgagctgcc gggccggacc aatgcgttcc
   468601 gcatcgccga ggtgcgtccc caggtgaacg gcatcatcct caagcgcctg ttcaaggaag
   468661 gcagcgacgt caaggccggg cagcagctct accagatcga ccccgccacc tacgaggccg
   468721 actaccagag cgcccaggcc aacctggctt cgacccagga gcaggcccag cgctacaagc
   468781 tgctggtcgc cgaccaggcc gtgagcaagc agcagtacgc cgacgccaat gccgcctacc
   468841 tgcagtccaa ggcggcggtg gagcaggcgc ggatcaacct gcgctacacc aaggtgctgt
   468901 cgccgatctc cggccgcatc ggccgttccg cggtgaccga aggcgccctg gtgaccaacg
   468961 gccaggccaa cgcgatggcc accgtgcaac agctcgaccc gatctacgtc gacgtcaccc
   469021 agccgtccac cgccctgctg cgcctgcgcc gcgaactggc cagcggccag ttggagcgcg
   469081 ccggcgacaa cgcggcgaag gtctccctga agctggagga cggtagccaa tacccgctgg
   469141 aaggtcgcct cgaattctcc gaggtttccg tcgacgaagg caccggctcg gtcaccatcc
   469201 gcgccgtgtt ccccaacccg aacaacgagc tgctgcccgg catgttcgtt cacgcgcagt
   469261 tgcaggaagg cgtcaagcag aaggccatcc tcgctccgca gcaaggcgtg acccgcgacc
   469321 tcaagggcca ggctaccgcg ctggtggtga acgcgcagaa caaggtcgag ctgcgggtga
   469381 tcaaggccga ccgggtgatc ggcgacaagt ggctggttac cgaaggcctg aacgccggcg
   469441 acaagatcat taccgaaggc ctgcagttcg tgcagccggg tgtcgaggtg aagaccgtgc
   469501 cggcgaagaa tgtcgcgtcc gcgcagaagg ccgacgccgc tccggcgaaa accgacagca
   469561 agggctgatc aaggggattc gtaatgtcga agtttttcat tgataggccc attttcgcgt
   469621 gggtgatcgc cttggtgatc atgctcgcgg gcggcctgtc gatcctcagt ctgccggtca
   469681 accagtaccc ggccatcgcc ccgccggcca tcgccgtgca ggtgagctac ccgggcgcct
   469741 cggccgagac ggtgcaggac accgtggtcc aggtgatcga gcagcagatg aacgggatcg
   469801 acaatctgcg ctacatctcc tcggagagta actccgacgg cagcatgacc atcaccgtga
   469861 ccttcgaaca gggcaccgac cccgacatcg cccaggtcca ggtgcagaac aagctgcaac
   469921 tggccacccc gctactgccg caggaagtgc agcgccaggg gatccgggtg accaaggcgg
   469981 tgaagaactt cctcatggtg gtcggtgtgg tttccaccga cggcagcatg accaaggaag
   470041 acctgtcgaa ctacatcgtt tccaacatcc aggacccgct ctcgcggacc aagggcgtcg
   470101 gtgacttcca ggtgttcggc tcgcagtact cgatgcgcat ctggctcgac ccggccaagc
   470161 tgaacagcta ccagctgacc cccggcgacg tgagcagcgc gatccaggcg cagaacgtgc
   470221 agatttcctc cggccagctc ggcggcttgc cggcggtcaa gggccagcag ctcaacgcca
   470281 ccatcatcgg caagacccgc ctgcagaccg cggagcaatt cgagaacatc ctgctcaagg
   470341 tcaatcccga cggttcccag gtgcgcctga aggacgtcgc cgatgtaggc ctgggcggcc
   470401 aggactacag catcaacgcg cagttcaacg gcagcccggc gtccggtatc gcgatcaagc
   470461 tggccaccgg cgccaacgcg ctggataccg ccaaggcgat ccgccagacc atcgccaacc
   470521 tggaaccgtt catgccgcag ggcatgaagg tggtctaccc gtacgacacc accccggtgg
   470581 tctcggcctc gatccatgag gtagtgaaga ccctcggcga ggcgatcctc ctcgtgttcc
   470641 tggtgatgta cctgttcctg cagaacttcc gcgccacgct gatcccgacc atcgccgtac
   470701 cggtggtgct gctggggacc ttcggcgtgc tcgccgcgtt cggcttctcg atcaacaccc
   470761 tgaccatgtt cggcatggtg ctggccatcg gcttgctggt ggacgacgcc atcgtggtgg
   470821 tggagaacgt cgagcgggtg atggccgagg aaggcctgtc gccaagggag gcggcgcgca
   470881 agtccatggg ccagatccag ggcgcgctgg tcggtatcgc catggtgctc tcggcggtat
   470941 tcctgccgat ggcgttcttc ggcggctcca ccggggtgat ctaccggcag ttctccatca
   471001 ccatcgtgtc ggccatggcc ctctcggtga tcgtggcgct gatcctcacc ccggcgctct
   471061 gcgcgaccat gctcaagccg atcgagaaag gcgaccatgg cgagcacaag ggcggcttct
   471121 tcggctggtt caaccggatg ttcctttcca ccacccacgg ctacgagcgg ggcgtggcgt
   471181 cgatcctcaa gcatcgcgcg ccgtacctgc tgatctacgt ggtgatcgtg gccgggatga
   471241 tctggatgtt cacccgcatt cccaccgcgt tcctccccga cgaggaccag ggcgtactgt
   471301 tcgcccaggt acagaccccg ccgggctcca gtgccgagcg tacccaggtg gtggtggact
   471361 cgatgcgcga atacctgctg gagaaggaaa gctcttcggt cagctcggtg ttcaccgtga
   471421 ccggcttcaa cttcgccggc cgcggccaga gttcgggcat ggcgttcatc atgctcaagc
   471481 cctgggaaga gcgtcccggt ggcgagaaca gcgtgttcga actggccaag cgcgcgcaga
   471541 tgcacttctt cagcttcaag gacgcgatgg tgttcgcctt cgcgccgccg tcggtactgg
   471601 aactgggtaa cgccaccggc ttcgacctgt tcctccagga ccaggcgggt gtcggccacg
   471661 aagtcctgct ccaggcgcgc aacaagttcc tcatgctagc cgcgcagaac ccggcgctgc
   471721 aacgcgtgcg ccccaacggc atgagcgacg aaccgcagta caagctggag atcgacgacg
   471781 agaaggccag cgccctcggc gtgtcccttg ccgacatcaa cagcaccgtg tccatagcct
   471841 ggggttccag ctacgtcaac gacttcatcg accgtggccg ggtcaagcgg gtctacctgc
   471901 agggcaggcc ggacgcgcgg atgaacccgg acgacctgag caagtggtac gtgcgcaacg
   471961 acaagggcga gatggtgccg ttcaacgcct tcgccaccgg caagtgggaa tacggttcgc
   472021 cgaagctgga gcgctacaat ggcgtgccgg cgatggagat cctcggcgag ccggcgcccg
   472081 gcctgagttc cggtgacgcc atggcggcgg tcgaggagat cgtcaagcaa ttgccgaaag
   472141 gcgttggcta ctcctggacc ggcctgtcct acgaggagcg cttgtccggc tcgcaggcgc
   472201 cggcgctgta tgcgctgtcg ctgctggtgg tgttcctctg cctggcggcc ctgtacgaaa
   472261 gctggtcgat tccgttctcg gtgatgctgg tggtgccgtt gggcgtgatc ggcgcgctgc
   472321 tggcgacgtc catgcgcggc ctgtccaacg acgtgttctt ccaggtgggc ctgttgacga
   472381 ccatcggcct gtcggcgaag aacgccattc tcatcgtgga gttcgccaag gagctgcacg
   472441 agcagggcaa gggcatcgtc gaggcggcca tcgaagcctg ccgcatgcgt ctgcggccga
   472501 tcgtgatgac ctccctggcg ttcatcctcg gcgtggtccc gctggcgatc tccaccggcg
   472561 ccggctcggg cagccagcat gcgatcggta ccggcgtgat cggcggcatg gtcactgcga
   472621 ccgtcctggc gatcttctgg gtaccgctgt tctacgtggc ggtcagcacg ctgttcaagg
   472681 acgaggcgtc caagcagcaa gcgtccgtcg aaaaggggca atgatatgaa acggtccttc
   472741 ctttccctgg cggtagccgc tgtcgttctg tccggctgct cgctgatccc cgactaccag
   472801 cgccccgagg cgccggtagc cgcggcctac ccgcaagggc aggcctacgg gcagaacacc
   472861 ggcgcggcgg ccgttccggc cgccgacatc ggctggcgcg agttcttccg cgacccgcag
   472921 ttgcagcaac tgatcggcgt ggcgctggaa aacaaccgcg acctgcgggt cgccgcgctg
   472981 aacgtcgagg ccttccgggc gcagtaccgc atccagcggg ccgacctgtt cccgcggatc
   473041 ggcgtggacg gtagcggcac ccgccagcgt ttgccgggcg acctgtcgac caccggcagt
   473101 ccggcgattt ccagccagta cggggtgacc ctgggcacta ccgcctggga actcgatctc
   473161 ttcggccgcc tgcgcagcct gcgcgaccag gccctggagc agtacctggc gaccgaacag
   473221 gcgcagcgca gcgcgcagac caccctggtg gccagcgtgg cgaccgccta cctgacgctg
   473281 aaggccgacc aggcgcagtt gcagctgacc aaggacaccc tgggcaccta ccagaagagt
   473341 ttcgacctga cccagcgcag ctacgacgtc ggcgtcgcct ccgcgctcga cctgcgccag
   473401 gcgcagaccg ccgtggaagg cgcccgcgcg accctggcgc agtacacccg cctggtagcc
   473461 caggaccaga atgcgctggt cctgctgctg ggctccggga tcccggcgaa cctgccgcaa
   473521 ggcctgggcc tggaccagac cctgctgacc gaagtgccgg cgggtctgcc gtcggacctg
   473581 ctgcaacggc gcccggacat cctcgaggcc gagcaccagc tcatggctgc caacgccagc
   473641 atcggcgccg cgcgcgcggc gttcttcccg agcatcagcc tgaccgccaa cgccggcacc
   473701 atgagccgcc aactgtccgg cctgttcgac gccggttcgg gttcctggtt gttccagccg
   473761 tcgatcaacc tgccgatctt caccgccggc agcctgcgtg ccagcctgga ctacgcgaag
   473821 atccagaagg acatcaacgt cgcgcagtac gagaaggcga tccagacggc gttccaggaa
   473881 gtcgccgacg gcctggccgc gcgcggtacc ttcaccgagc agttgcaggc gcagcgcgat
   473941 ctggtcaagg ccagcgacga gtactaccag ctcgccgaca agcgctatcg cacgggggtg
   474001 gacaactacc tgaccctgct cgacgcgcaa cgctcgctgt tcaccgcgca gcagcaactg
   474061 atcaccgacc gcctcaatca gctgaccagt gaggtcaacc tgtacaaggc cctcggcggc
   474121 ggctggaacc agcagaccgt gacccagcag cagaccgcga agaaggaaga tccccaggct
   474181 tgatcgcctt ccgcgccatg caagaacgcc gaccctaggg tcggcgtttt tttatcctcg
   474241 cggaagtcgg cgggtccgcg tcacggaccc gctcggcctt agcggttgcg ggtcagcagt
   474301 gcggggcgct cgcccttgcg ccgcggttcc agctcgtcga gctgctcggc ggtggggaag
   474361 cgatccatgc gcaccaggtc gcgcttgttg atcaccaccg gctggcggct cggctgcttg
   474421 ccggtgccat actcggacgg ctcgcgcagc ggcgcgtcgc tcatccgcga ggcattctcg
   474481 cgaccctggc cgcgcggctt gccggcgcgc ggtttcttcg ccttgccctg gccggcaccc
   474541 tgaccgcgag cgccgccttg agcggcgccc tggctcttgc cgcgagcttg gccctggcct
   474601 tggccacgac cctgctggcc ggtgccgccc tggggtttct gctggccacc gcggcgtccg
   474661 cgtcccttgt tttcctggcc ctggtagggg ctgacgtagt cggcgcggtt gccgaaattg
   474721 tcgaagtcgt cgtcgaggaa ctcttccgga tcgcgattac cgtcgacttc cggcggccga
   474781 ttgggcttgg ccggacgcgc ttcgcggctc tgccgcggct gctgcgcttg gccggcctcg
   474841 cggttttcct tgttcttgcc accgcgacgg cggcgctttc cagccggctt ctcggtaccg
   474901 tcctgggccg cagcgacatt gctgtcgggg ttgctcgcct gggcgtcttt cggcttgcgc
   474961 tcgcggctgc tgcgccgttc cttgtcgcgg cgcggctgct tctgcggcgc ttcgcggggc
   475021 tccggctggg ccacctcggg cagcacggcc tcggggtcga aaccctgggc atcgccatcg
   475081 ggaatacgct gtctggtcat cttctcgatg gccttgagca gcttctcttc gtccggcgcc
   475141 accagcgaga tcgcctcgcc gctgcgtccg gctcggccgg tacggccgat gcggtggacg
   475201 tagtcttcct cgacgttggg cagctcgtag ttgaccacat ggggcaactg gtcgatatcc
   475261 aggccgcggg cggcgatgtc ggtcgccacc aggatgcgca cgtcgttggc cttgaagtcg
   475321 gccagcgcct tggtccgcgc gttctggctc ttgttgccat ggatcgcggc ggccggcagg
   475381 ccgtgcttgg tcaggtactc ggcgagacgg ttggcgccgt gcttggtacg ggtgaagacc
   475441 agcacctgtt cccaggcgcc gacggttacc aggtgcgcca gcagggcgcg cttctgcggc
   475501 gccggcaggc ggaacacgcg ttgctcgatg cgctcgaccg tggtgttcgg cggcgttacc
   475561 tcgatgcgtt ccgggttgtg caggagcttg ttggcgaggt cgacgatgtc tttcgagaag
   475621 gttgccgaga acagcaggtt ctggcgcttg ggcggcagct tggcgagaac cttcttcaca
   475681 tcgtggatga agcccatgtc gagcatgcgg tcggcttcgt cgaggacgag gatttccacg
   475741 tgggacaggt cgaccttgtt ctgcccggcc aggtcgagca ggcggccggg gcaggcgacg
   475801 agtacgtcga cgcccttggc cagggcctgg atctgcgggt tcatgccaac cccaccgaag
   475861 atgcaggtgc tgttcagcgg caggtcgcgg gcgtagacct tgaagctgtc atgcacctgg
   475921 gcggccagct cacgggtcgg ggtcagtacc agcacgcgcg cctggcgcgg gccgtggcgg
   475981 tgttcgcggt cgggatgacc ggcggggaac aggcgctcca gtaccggcag ggcgaaacca
   476041 ccggtcttgc cggtgccggt ctgtgccgca accatcaggt cgcgaccttg caacacggcg
   476101 ggaatcgccc gctgttgcac gggagtgggc tggctgtagc ccgcagcctc cacagcgcgg
   476161 gcaagcgcct cggagagtcc gagggaagaa aaggacatgc gggttttcct atatgggccg
   476221 gggcgaggcc ggctgctgtg aaatcaccaa gttctgcgaa ctcctgtcta ccttcgggcc
   476281 ctgtcggcca gggcggaagg tctggccgcg gcgctgcgta tgcgctcggt ggccggtgtc
   476341 gaacgggtgc cctcgcgggc atggccgcgc acctggtcgg gggcgctggc cggttcgctc
   476401 ccggccctgg gtgggggggc cgggggcagc gtcaacggag ggctgcggtc agagcaggtc
   476461 acgctggcgc aaatgctggc ggatctcgtt ggcccgggag ccaaggaggt tgcgcagcaa
   476521 gctgtgattc agccaatcct cgatttgttc cgcaatcggt tcctgcggat agcgttcgat
   476581 ggcattggtc gcggctttct cccaccagac ggggccgcag gcccggtcga actcgttact
   476641 gtattcgtgg caaccgtaga gcagttcgat actgaactgg cgcatcggag ccggcaacgg
   476701 cagggttccc agcttgtaca gcagacgctt ggcacgcggt gggcgtggca gtcgatcggt
   476761 caccttgagg gtgtcgtcga gggctgcagc gctgagaagg gaggaaccgt gcttgcacaa
   476821 ccaggcctgg atcttcgcgc ggaacagctg tttccggctc cagtaatggt ggatcaggtc
   476881 ggtacaaccc accagctcca gccgcttgtg ggcggcgacg gccaggacga attcctcaag
   476941 agtataggca ccgttggcaa ttggatagag ttcatccatt aattccaacg aacggtcgag
   477001 tattttcgcc tcttcccgag gcaggccgat gacgccggag ttgagctggt gcatctcgtc
   477061 gtcggcccag ccgcgctcga acaggtaggg cgagaggtcg cggtagagcg ggaagttacg
   477121 gtgttcgcca tagcgcgcgc cgatcgcgtt gcacagcagg ctgccgggct ggatgcggtc
   477181 gaacaggcgc aggggcgaac tgtggaagaa ggtatcggtg tcgatcagca atgcctggtc
   477241 ggcgtcttcc agggcgtcgc gcagggccac gtgcttggcg cggaagtgat agccgtgcgg
   477301 ttggcaccag gcgaccaact cctcggccgt cacttcgcgg acctgcaccg gcaggccggc
   477361 gtagggactg gggtcgtcgg tatagaccct gaccgtcagg ccatgcgccg ccccgtcgcg
   477421 gaggtgggcg aaggcgctgg cgatgctgaa cagggcttcc tggtggtagg tctgtcgccc
   477481 gtagaccagg tagatcagat gcttgcgtga gttggccatg tctgtcgtgg atcgcgtgag
   477541 aggcatccct gccggtatac gctgccgggc cgaaccgcgt gggcggtatc agcgtggcag
   477601 ctggagattc ttccagatcg ccaggctcgg atcggcctgg ttcaaagtat agaaatgcag
   477661 tcccggtgcg ccgccctcca gcaggcgttc gcacatctcg ctgatgacct gctcgccgaa
   477721 ggcctggatg ctgcggctgt cgtcgccgta ggcttccagt tgcttgcgga tccagcgcgg
   477781 cagttcggcg ccgcaggcgt cggagaagcg cgccagcttg gagtagttgg tgatcggcat
   477841 gatgccgggg accaccggga tgtccacgcc gagcttggcg acccgctcga cgaagtagaa
   477901 ataggcatcg gcgttgaaga agtactgggt gatggcgctg ctggcgccgg ccttcacctt
   477961 gcgcacgaag ttcgccaggt catcctcgaa gctgcgcgcc tgggggtgga cctccggata
   478021 ggcggcgacc tcgatgtgga agtggtcgcc ggtctcggtg cggatgaagt ccaccagttc
   478081 gttggcgtag cgcagttcgc cgctggccat gcccatgccc gacggcaggt cgccgcgcag
   478141 ggcgacgatg cggcggatgc cggcctcgcg gtagcggccg agcagttcgc gcaactcggc
   478201 tttcgagtcg ccgacacagg acaggtgcgg cgcggtcggc accttcacct cgccgtccag
   478261 ttgcagcacg gtactcaacg tgcggtcgcg ggtggatccg ccggcgccgt aggtgcagga
   478321 gaagaagtcg ggcttgtagc ccgccaggtt gcgggcggtg gccaacagct tttcatggcc
   478381 ggcctcggtc ttcgccggga agaactcgaa gctgaaacgg cgttcgctct gactcatgat
   478441 cggttccttg gacgcgacca cggccgcgcc tcttcttgtt gattccgact agcgccgggt
   478501 acttcagtag tactggcggt agtgctcgat tttttcccgc aggcgtcggg ccgtcgcggc
   478561 gtgggcatgg ccgaggcgag cgaggatcag ctgcgactcc tggtggtagt tcgcgatctt
   478621 gtcctggttc caggtctgcg gcggtggctg caggttggtg atgcggtcgc acagtttgac
   478681 cagggcgtac tgcgccgggc cctcggcaag cgcctggaga tagtcgtcga gggaacgctt
   478741 ggggccgtcg ccgacgcgct tgctcagggc ctgcacgccg gcacagacga actcgccgaa
   478801 ctgttgccgc agctcctcgg gtgaggtcgc cgtgtcttcc agggtgtcgt gcagaaccgc
   478861 gatctgcagg gtttccccga gccgttcgat ggcaccgtcg cgatcggcgg ccagcagcgc
   478921 gttggcgacc atgcccaggt gcaccagata aggcagcggc gagccgctga gggtctggtt
   478981 gcggtgggcg cgggcggcga acagccaggc ctggttgtag cgatcggcga ggtgcgtgga
   479041 catcgtggga gcgctcatgc gaacggggca ggcgcatggc gcctgccccg tggtccgctt
   479101 agtagcgata ggtgtccggc ttgaacgggc cttccacgct cacgccgatg tactcggcct
   479161 gtttcggggt cagttgggtg accacgccgc cgaagccctt gaccatctcc agggccactt
   479221 cctcgtcgag cttcttcggc agcacttcga cgctcaggcg cttggccttc tcggcggccg
   479281 gcaggtcggc gtacttctgc tcgaacaggt ggatctgcgc caacacctgg ttggcgaagg
   479341 aaccgtccat gatccggctc ggatggccgg tggcgttgcc caggttgacc aggcggccct
   479401 cagcgagaag gatcaggtag tcgtcgttgt gcgcgtcgaa accgtccttg ccggtgcggt
   479461 ggatcttgtg cacctgcggc ttgacctctt cccaggccca gttcttgcgc atgaaggcgg
   479521 tgtcgatctc gttgtcgaag tggccgatgt tgcagaccac cgcgcgcttc ttcagcgcct
   479581 tgagcatgtt ggcgtcgcag acgttgacgt tgccggtggt ggtgacgatc aggtcgatct
   479641 tgcccagcag cgcggcgtcg atgctggcct cggtgccgtc gttgatgccg ttcttgtacg
   479701 gcgagacgac ttcgaagccg tccatgcagg cctgcatggc gcagatcggg tcgacttccg
   479761 cgaccttgac gatcatgcct tcctggcgca gcgactgcga ggagcccttg cccacgtcgc
   479821 cgtagccgat caccagggcc tgcttgcccg acagcaggtg gtcggtgccg cgcttgatgg
   479881 cgtcgttgag gctatggcgg cagccgtact tgttgtcgtt cttgctcttg gtcaccgagt
   479941 cgttgacgtt gatcgccggg actttcaggg tgccgttctt gagcatgtcg agcaggcggt
   480001 ggaccccggt ggtggtctct tcggtgatgc cgtggatgcg ctcgagcatc tgcgggtatt
   480061 tcttgtgcag gatctcggtc aggtcaccgc cgtcgtccag caccatgttg gcgtcccacg
   480121 gctggccgtc cttgaggatg gtctgctcga tgcaccattc gtactcttcc tcggtctcgc
   480181 ccttccaggc gaacaccggg atgccggcgg cggcgatggc ggcggcggcc tggtcctggg
   480241 tggagaagat gttgcagctc gaccagcgga cttcggcgcc cagcgcgacc agggtctcga
   480301 tcagcacgcc ggtctggatg gtcatgtgga tgcaaccgag gatcttcgcg cctttcagcg
   480361 gctgctggcc ggcatacttg cggcgcaggc ccatcagtgc gggcatttcc gattcggcga
   480421 tgatcagctc gcggcggccc caggcggcca gggtgatgtc ggcgaccttg tagtcggtga
   480481 aaccggcggg cgtcatgaca gcgctcatgc gtaactctcc attcgttgtc tgcgaatggg
   480541 cgccgttggt gcgttgacag accggcgaga ccggcctgag agcgcgctcc gttcgagcct
   480601 gacaggccta ggcctgctgc agcgcccctc gaacggaagg cgggagcgac ccgaagggcc
   480661 gcctgagcgg gcgattatag cggcgccaca tgaaactccc aagtcacccc tgatacgccg
   480721 ctcgtcgccg tgcgtcgcgt cctcgggctg cggcgatgca ccgcagcgca gaagcgcggg
   480781 gaatttgcgg gtcaggatgc tagagtgcgc ggtcatgaga atcgctccca tctcccgctc
   480841 gccgctgctg cagtggctga gcttcgccct ctgtgcctgc gtgctggtca acgcgctggc
   480901 ttgcggcgtc ctgcacctgc aggcgctggg agtgggcagc gacaaggggc agaaggccag
   480961 cgtcgggctg ttctgcgtcg ccggtgccag ccaatggcta tccctggatc ccgacgacgg
   481021 gtccgccggc gatcctgcac cggtcaatcc ccagttgccg atgagctgcc cgatgtgcag
   481081 cgccctggtg ctgttcgtcg cgctcggggt gatctggtcc tggcgcttgc aacggcgacg
   481141 ccaggcacgt ttccgcccgc ccgccacgcg cgagccggtg ccgccccggt acgtctggcc
   481201 gccggccaac ccgcgcgctt cccccgcctg atcctgaacg cccgccgcgc cgggcatttg
   481261 catccgtcgc ccgtcctgcc tcgtccgcgc agcgctcgcc gctgtccatc cgggcgaggc
   481321 gggcgtgccc accatgcctt gcttcaggat cgctcgatga aaaagcactc cacggcccgc
   481381 cgcgtcctcg cgctgggtct caacctcacc ctggccggcg ttccggcctt gctctgggcc
   481441 gatgaggaac ccaccgaact gcccgccctc accgtcagcg ccggcgccgg cggggaaacc
   481501 ccgccggccc tcgatctcga cgacagcgcc ggcggcggct cgcgcctggg cctgagcctg
   481561 cgcgagactc ccggctcggt aagcgtggcc aaccgtgcca gcttcgagcg gcgcggcctg
   481621 cgcagcaccc aggacatcgc caacagcctg cccggcgtga acgcctcggc gccgcccggc
   481681 ttcggcggct tcgtcaccta ccgcggcttc agctcgaacc aggtcaacca gttgttcaac
   481741 ggcattccgg tgcaatacag cagcgccatg cgtccgctgg acgactggat cgtcgaccgc
   481801 gtcgagctgg tcggcggtcc gtcctccttc ctcaacggcg ccggtgccgt cggcggctcg
   481861 ctggactaca tcagcaagct cgccgaccgc tacggcgatt tcatggaagg ccgggtgcgc
   481921 tacggcagct acgacgattc ggaagtcgcc ttcggcttca accaggccct gggcatcggc
   481981 cccgagccga agcacttcgt gcgcctggac gtcagccgca gcggcggcaa cggctacgtc
   482041 gaccgcaatt cgcgcgaatc gtggaacgtc gctttctccc tgctcagcga cctgaccccg
   482101 gacctttccc acaccctggc cctggagtac caggacgagc aggaagacag cccctactgg
   482161 ggcacaccgg tgctcaatcc ctacgccggc gagctgaaga tcgacaagag ccgtcgccgc
   482221 gagaactaca acgtcgccga tggccgctac gaacagcgcg tgcgctggct gcgctcgatc
   482281 ctcgaatacc gggtcagcga cagcacgcgc tggcgcaaca ccttctacca ctacgacgcc
   482341 gagcgcgatt accgcaacct cgagacctac cgctacaacg ccgacaacag cggggtggtg
   482401 cgctccaacg cattcctcca gcgccacgac cagcagctca acggcaaccg cttcgagcta
   482461 cagcacagcc agccgctgtt cggactggcc agcgactggg cgctgggctt cgactacagc
   482521 atcaacaagc agacgcgctt cccgagtacc gcctccgggc cgttcggtac ggtcgatccg
   482581 gccagtttcg agccgggcca cttctacgac ctgccgggca tgcgtcccgg ccaccggaag
   482641 gaccgcagca acgaggtgcg caccagcgcg ttgttcgccg agaaccgcct gggcctgacc
   482701 gacgagctgt cgctggtcac cgggctgcgc tacgaccacc tcgacctcga cgtgcgcaac
   482761 catcgggtac ccgacaagga caatcccgca cacttcgaac ggcgctggga cgtggtcacc
   482821 gggcgcgccg ggctggtcta ccagttcacc ccgcacgcca acgtctacct gcaatacagt
   482881 accgccgccg acccgccggg cggggtgctg accagcgcca gcttcggcca ggtccgcgac
   482941 tacgacctgt ccaccggcga ccagtgggag ctgggcagca agttcgattt cctcgacggt
   483001 cgcggcagtg ccaccctggc cgcctaccgc atcgtccgcc gggacttctc ggtggccgac
   483061 ccgaacaacc ccaacctcag cgtgccggtg ggccagcaga cctccagggg catcgaggcc
   483121 gccgcctccc tgcggatcac cccgaagctg ctggccgagg gcaatttcgc ctgggtcgac
   483181 gcgcagtacg acgagttcac cgagaacgtc ggcggcgtcg ccgtctcgcg taagggcaag
   483241 acgccgccga acgtgccgga gcgggtcggc aacctgtggc tgacctacga cttcgacccg
   483301 gcctggcagg gcggggtgga cgcgcgctac gtgtcctcgg tgtacgccaa caacgccaac
   483361 acctggcacg tgccgtccta cacggtctac gggactttcc tcagctaccg gctggacgag
   483421 cgcacgcgga tcaccgggcg cgtgcgcaac ctcaccgacg aggtctacgc gcgcttcgtg
   483481 cagagcacgc cgctgtacta cgtcggcgac ccgcgcacct tcgagctgag cgtgcagacg
   483541 cgcttctgag gagtcgtcga tgaaacgcta cctgtacctg tggcaccgct ggctgggcat
   483601 cggctgctgc ctgctgatgg tgctctggtt cgtctccggc atggtcatgc tgtatgtcgg
   483661 ctatcccaag ctgactccgc tggaacgcct ggcccacctg cccgagctgg acggctgcga
   483721 ggcctgcgta ccgctgcgga cggccctcgc cggcggcgat ggaaagaccc cgcggagcat
   483781 ccggctggcc agcgtaggag gcctgccgac ctacctgctg gacgatgccg acggacgcac
   483841 gcgtgcgctg gcggcgcgcg acggccgacc gctggcggtg gacgcggaca gggtgctggc
   483901 ttcggcccgt gctttcagcg gcgaagtacc gatgcagttg caagggcggt tcgaggaaga
   483961 cgcctggacc catacccgca acctcgatcc gcaccggccg ctatggcggg tgcagaccgc
   484021 ggacgagcag ggccggctgc tctacctgtc ctcgcagacc ggcgaggtgg tacgcgacgc
   484081 cagccgccgg gagcgtgcct ggaactggct cggcgcctgg ttgcactggc tctatccgct
   484141 gcgcggcggc tggttcgacg ggcagtgggc gaacctggtg atcggcctgt cgctgctggc
   484201 gaccctggtg accgtcctcg gcatcctcgt cggcctgctc cgctggcgct tccgcaagcc
   484261 ctaccgcagc ggctcgcgct cgccctatgc gggcggtttc cagcgctggc accacctcgc
   484321 cggcctgctc ttcggcgcgc tggtgctgag ctggatcttc agcgggctga tgtcgatgaa
   484381 tccgtggaac ctgttcggcc gcggcacgcc gctcgacctc gcggcctacc agggcggtag
   484441 ctgggaccgg gcgctgcccg ccggactgga ggcggacgct gtcctgcggc gcttgcgtgc
   484501 cgccgggttg cgggtgcgcg agctggagtg gcgggcgctc gacggcgagc cctatgcgct
   484561 cgggcgcagc gccagcggca acagcctgct gctgacggcg gatggcgaaa tcctccgcga
   484621 gctacccgcg gatcgcctgc tggcggcggc tcgcgcgctg ctgccgggcg tgccgatgca
   484681 ggccgaacgg ttggaacgct acgacttcta ttactacccg cgcgaagaac acagcatgat
   484741 gggctacctg gagcggcgcc tgccggtctg gcgcctgcgt ttcgacgatc cccggcatac
   484801 ctgggtgcac ctggatccct acagcggcgc ggtggttggc gtgctcgacg acggtcggcg
   484861 cggcagccgc tggctgtttt ccctgttgca tagctgggac tggctgccgc tgctgacccg
   484921 gcgtccgctg tgggacctgt ggatgctcgg tttcagcctc ggcggcctgg tggtctgcgc
   484981 cagcggctgc tggatcggct ggcgtcgcct gcgcggccgc cgtccgaagc gtcgctgaga
   485041 ggggctacct ggcaagactg ggcgtcgccg cacgcccgga tttgctggta gccttggttg
   485101 aattcgcagt aatggatcgc acatgggcac acacaagatc gagatccgcc gccgcaacgt
   485161 cgagaagatt ctcctggccg ccgaaaaagt cttcgccgaa aaaggctacg ccggcacctc
   485221 catgggcaac atcgccgaag aagccgaact gccgcgctcc aacctgcact actacttcag
   485281 caccaaggac gagctgtacc gcgacgtcct cctcggcctg ctcgaggtct ggaagcagga
   485341 cgccctctgc ttcgagatgt tcgatgaccc aagggtggta ttgaccagct atatccgcgc
   485401 gaagatgaac cattcgcgca cccgcccgca tggctccaag gtctgggcca acgaaatcat
   485461 gcatggcgcg ccgctgctcg gcgccaccct cgacgacagc ctctacgaat gggccaagat
   485521 gaaggaggcg aagatccgcc agtgggtcga ggaaaagcgc atcctgtcga tcgaaccgag
   485581 cagcctgctc tacatgatct gggcctccac ccagcactac gccgacttcg gctaccaggt
   485641 cgaggtgctc aacggccacc agccgctcag cgacatgcag ttcgaaaggg cggtgcagac
   485701 ggtgaccagc gtagtcctgc gcggaatcgg attggagccc tgagcagcgg agccttcgct
   485761 agaaggctct ggcgaaggct cagctggcgc gggtgaagtc caccgcttca gcctgttcga
   485821 ggaacaccgt ggtctgcgcc gggaccgtct cggcgagcag ccgtccgccg cggatcgagt
   485881 agcgcaccgg gacctgccgg cgcaccgcgt cgaagccgtc gcgggccggc agcaccagca
   485941 ggttggccgg atggccgacc tcgatgccgt attcccgcag gccgagggtg cgggcgctgt
   486001 tgcgggtgat caggtcgagg ccgccgtcga tctcgtcgta gcccatcatc tgcgtcacgt
   486061 gcaggcccat gtgcagcacc tgcagcatgt tcgcggtgcc cagcgggtac caggggtcga
   486121 acacgtcgtc gtggccgaag caggtgttga tcccggcgcc gagcagttcc ttgacccggg
   486181 tgatgccgcg gcgcttcggg tagtcgtcga agcgaccctg caggtggatg ttcaccagcg
   486241 ggttggcgac gaagttgatt cccgacagtt tcagcaggcg gaacagccgc gaggtgtagg
   486301 cgccgttgta ggagtgcatc gccgtggtgt ggctggcggt gacccgtgcg ccgaggccgt
   486361 cgcgatgggc gagcatggcc agggtctcga ggaagcgcga ctgctcgtcg tcgatctcgt
   486421 cgcaatgcac gtccaccggc aggtcgtagc gcttggccag gtcgatggcc ttgtgcagcg
   486481 actcgacgcc cagctcgcgg gtgaattcga aatgcgggat cgcccccacc acgtcggcgc
   486541 ccaggcgcag cgactcctcc agcagttcca ggccgttggg gtaggagaga atgccctcct
   486601 gagggaaggc gacgatctgc aggtcgaccc agggcgccac ttcgccgcgc acctcgagca
   486661 tggccttgag cgcggtgagg gtcgggtcgg agacgtcgac gtggctgcgc acgtgctgca
   486721 cgccgttggc gatctgccat ttcagggtct gccaggcgcg ctgcttgacg tcctcgtggc
   486781 tgagcagggc cttgcgctgg gcccagcgct cgatgccttc gaacagcgtg ccggagcggt
   486841 tccactccgg ctggccggcg gtctgggtgg tgtcgagatg gatgtgcggc tcgatgaacg
   486901 gcggcacggc aagaccgccg gcgccgtcca ggcgctcgcc ggcgtcgtcg gcggcctgtt
   486961 ccatcggcac cagggcggcg atacggccat cggcgacgcg cagttgccag agaccttcgc
   487021 ggccgcgcag gcgcaggttg tcaatcagca tggaggacct cttctggttt gttcgggctg
   487081 cggctcagca ggggattgag cagcaggtag gcgatggcgg cgccgagcac cgcgttgacc
   487141 ggcactatcc ccggcagcca gtggccggcg gcggtgccgc aggcgacggc gaggatcgcc
   487201 gcccagttga tcgcctggat gtccgcgcag gggtgctggc ggtagcgccg gcggcgactc
   487261 aggtagtcgg cgatgatcac cccgccgatg ggcgggatgg cggcggagag gaaggtcagc
   487321 cagccgacga agtggttgta cagccagagc gcggcgaggg tgccgagggc gccgttgagc
   487381 atcgccagga agcggctgga gaggccggtg atgttggcga agccgaggcc ggaggcatac
   487441 agcgcgttgt cgttggtggt ccagatgttc aggccgagga ccaggatcgc cgggatcagc
   487501 aggccctggg cgatcatcac gtcggagatg tccgacttgc ccaccgccgc cgcgccggcc
   487561 gcgccgaaga tgaacatcag cgagttgccg aggaagaacg ccaccaggca caccaccacg
   487621 gcggtacgcg cgctgcggcc gaagcggacg aagtcggcgg tgagggtgcc ggcgctgacg
   487681 aacgagccga ccaccagggc gatcgcggtc gagaggctca gcggcgcgct cggcgtcacc
   487741 tgctgcagcg ccgccaggcc gccggcgtcg cgcaccgcga gccataccga gtagctgccg
   487801 agaacgacga tcgccgggac cgcgatggcc gacagcaggg tcagaccggc gatgccgaag
   487861 aacaccgtga gggtcataag cgctccggaa accaggatca gcaggttgac gtcgaggccg
   487921 gtggccttgg ccaccgggat ggcgaacatc gctacgccga cgccgaacca gccgacctgg
   487981 gtgccgccga gcaacgccga gggcagccag gagcccttgc tgccgaacga gtaatgcgcc
   488041 agcaggtggg tggaaaggcc ggtgcgcgcg ccgatgaagc cgaggatcgc ggtgtacagg
   488101 ccgagcatca ggttgcccag cagcacggcg aggaagaagt cgtcgtagct caggccggtg
   488161 ccgagggtgc cgccggtcca catgctggcg gaaaagaagg tcaggccgag catcaccacg
   488221 ctcagggcca gcgcgctctt gcgcgctgcc agcgggaccg gttgctggct gtagttgctg
   488281 tctgcggaca tgcgcgagtc tccgtggggc gccggccgtc cgggagcgtc ggccgggccg
   488341 cggcgaatgg tagtcgaagg cgggtcgatc cgacagacgc cgttgcgcgt cgtcggaccg
   488401 cagcggcacg caggaagcgt gccggcgcgc ggcagggcgg cgtccgccgg ggatgcgggc
   488461 gccgccctgc gttcaggagg cttcgcggta ggggttgcgc ggatcctggg tccagttgag
   488521 atagggcttg ccggtgtcct gcggcaccat ttcgatgcag ttctccaccg gacaggtgat
   488581 ctggcacagg ttgcagccca cgcactcggc gtcgatcact tcgtagcggt gcgtaccgtc
   488641 ggcccggggc aggctggcga tggcctggtg cgaggtgtcc tcgcaggcga tatggcagcg
   488701 gccgcaaccg atgcaggcgt cctggtcgat gcgggcgatc acctggtagt tgatgtccag
   488761 gtacttccag tcggtggtat tgcccaccgc gccgccgctg aaatcggaca gccgctggta
   488821 gccatggctg tccatccagc gcgcgagacc gtcctgcatg tcctcgacga tacggaagcc
   488881 gtgcagcatc gccgccgtgc atacctgcac cgcgccgcag ccgagcgcga cgaattccgc
   488941 tgcgtcgcgc caactgccga taccgccgat gccacagatc ggcaggccgc gggtctgcgg
   489001 gtcgcgggcg atctcggcga ccatgttcag ggcgatcggc ttcaccgccg agccgcagta
   489061 gccgccgtgg gtgctctggg tgccgaccac gggcagggcg accatgcgct ccaggtcgac
   489121 gctggtgatc gagttgatgg tgttgatcag cgacaccgcg tcggcgccgc cgcgatgggc
   489181 ggcgcgcgcc gactggcgga tgtcggtgat gttgggggtg agcttgacga tcaccggcag
   489241 cgagcagtgg gccttgcacc agcgggtgac catctccacg tactccggta cctggcccac
   489301 cgccgcgccc atgccgcgct cgggcatgcc gtgggggcaa ccgaagttca gctcgatacc
   489361 gtcggcgccg gtggcttcca ccagcggcag gatgtatttc cacgactcct cgacgcaggg
   489421 caccatcagc gacacgatca gcgcgcggtc tggccagtcc ttcttcacct gggcgatctc
   489481 gcgcaggttg atctccagcg agcggtcggt gatcagctcg atgttgttga tcccatgcac
   489541 ctggcggttc ggtccgaagt gcgcggaata acgcgacgac acgttgaccg ccgcggggtc
   489601 ttcgccgagg gtcttccaga ccaccccgcc ccagcccgcc tggtaggcgc ggaccacgtt
   489661 gtaggccttg tcggtgggcg gcgcggaggc cagccagaag gggttgggcg acttgatgcc
   489721 ggcgaattcg atagacaggt cggccatcac gcagcctcca cgttgagcat gagttgggcg
   489781 tggatcgctt ccgccgccag tttgccgtgc tgcaccgcct gcacggtgag gtcctcgccg
   489841 agcgccacgc agtcgccgcc ggcgtagatg ccggggatgc tggtgcgcat ctgtccgtcg
   489901 acctggatgc gctcgccgtc gcgccgcagt tgcgctgcca gcggatcgcc caggctggcg
   489961 ccttcgaagg cctggccgat ggccttgaag atggcgtcgg cggccagttc gaagtgctcg
   490021 ccggtgtcgc ccaggcgacc gttctccagg cgcgtgcggg cgaagcgcat gccgcgcacc
   490081 cggccgtgct cgtcaagcag tacccgttcc ggtcgggccc aggtcagcag gcgcacctgg
   490141 ctggccttgg cgatctcctg ctcgtggccg gtggcgccca tttcctcgaa gccacggcgg
   490201 tagaccaggt tgacgtcgcg ggcgccgagc cggctcatct gcaccgccat gtcgatggcg
   490261 gtgttgccgg cgccgatgac gatgcaacgg tcggcgacgg gcaggtcgag caggtcgtcg
   490321 ctctgccgca gctcgcggat gtagtcggtg gcggcgagca ggccgggggc gtcctcgtct
   490381 tccaggccga ggcgcttgct ggcggccagg ccgatgccga ggaacaccgc gtcgtactcg
   490441 tcgtgcaggg cgccgagcgc caggttgtcg ccgagacgct ggccgtggcg cagttcgata
   490501 ccgccgatct gcaggaggaa ttccacttcg cgccgggcga agtcgtccac cagcttgtag
   490561 cgggcgatgc cgtactcgtt gaggccgccg gccttggcgc gggcctcgaa gagcaccacg
   490621 tcgtggccgt gcatggccag gcggtgggcg caggacagcc cggccggccc ggcgccgacc
   490681 acggcgatgc gcttgccggt ggccggcgag cgcttgaacg gatgttcgcc gaagccggcg
   490741 tggtcgaggg cgtagcgttg caactggccg atcagcaccg gtgcgcattc ctgggcgttg
   490801 ttgcgtacgc aggcccgctg gcagaggatt tccgtggggc agacgcgggc gcagctgccg
   490861 ccgaggatgt tcgccgagag gatcttctgc gccgcgccct ggacattctc ctgggcgatg
   490921 ctgcggatga acccggggat gtcgatctcg gtcgggcagg cgttgacgca gggcgcgtcg
   490981 tagcagtaca ggcagcgggc gctttccagg gcggcctggc gggcgttgag cggcggcgcg
   491041 aggtcggcga agcgctcggc gagcgtgtcc gcgccggcgt ccggacgggg gaggtggttc
   491101 agggaatcga tcacggttgt agcctctctt ctggtttctt ctcggggcag tcaacggcaa
   491161 tacggcaccg tccggcctct acgggccggt ccggtattgc gggaaggatc agcgctcgac
   491221 ggcgaccggg cgctggcgtt cggcgcggcg gccgagcact tcgtacaccg acgggtaggc
   491281 cgggcgctcc acgtagcgtc cggcgccggg ttcggcgcgc aggtcgcctg cggcccagag
   491341 cagcttgccc tggctgatgg tgtggctggg tatgccgcgc acggtgcgac cttcgaagat
   491401 gttgaaatcg acccgctggt gatgggtggc ggccgagagg gtgcggctgc cctgcgggtc
   491461 ccagagcacc aggtcggcat ccgcgccgac gcggatcgcg cccttgcgcg ggaacaggtt
   491521 gaagatcttc gcggtgttgg tggaggtcag cgcgacgaac tcgtgcatcg acaggcgccc
   491581 gctgttgacc ccggcgtccc acagcagcgc catgcggtcc tcgatgccgg ccgtgccatt
   491641 gggaatcttg ctgaagtcgt cgcggcccat ggccttctgc tcggcgcaga agcagcagtg
   491701 gtcggtggcg gtggtatgca ggttgccgga ctgcaggccg cgccacagcg cttcctggtg
   491761 ttcgacggga cggaacggcg ggctcatcac gtagccggcc gcggtggccc agtccgggtg
   491821 gcggtagacg ctgtcgtcga gcagcaggtg cccggccagc acctcgccgt agaccggctg
   491881 gcccttggcg cgggcatagg cgatctcgtc cagcgcctcg cggctggaaa tatgcaccag
   491941 gtacagcggc gtacccagcg tctcggcgat gcggatggcg cggctggcgg cctcgccctc
   492001 gacttgcggc ggacgcgaca gcggatgcgc ctcggggccg gtgaggccct gggcgaggag
   492061 tttctgctgc aggtggaaga ccagttcgcc gttctccgcg tgcaccgtcg gcaccgcgcc
   492121 cagctccagg cagcgctcga agctggccac cagggtatcg tcggcggcca tgatggcgtt
   492181 cttgtaggcc atgaagtgct tgaagctgtt caccccgtgc tgtgccacca gctcgcccat
   492241 ttcccgggcg acctcgtcgc tccaccaggt gatggcgacg tggaagccgt agtccgcagc
   492301 ggatttctgc gcccagccgc gccaggtgtg gaaggcctcc agcagcgact gtcgcgggtt
   492361 ggggatgacg aagtcgatga tcgaggtggt ccctccggcc agcccggccg cggtgccgct
   492421 gaagaagtcc tcgctggcca ccgtgcccat gaagggcaac tgcatgtggg tatgggggtc
   492481 gatgccgccc ggcatcaggt actggccacc gccgtcgagg acgtcgcagc cggagggggt
   492541 ttcgaggttc tcgccgatgg cctggatgag gccgttggca cagagcacgt cggctcgata
   492601 actctcttcg tgagtaacca cggtggcgcc acggatcaac agggacatgc cgtctttcct
   492661 cgcaggctga ccggtcgttg ccggttcttg aaattgtttt ttcgccatgc gccgaggact
   492721 tttgtaatcc tgtcagcgct gacaggattc gaatctagat gctgatcatc gattgagcaa
   492781 gattattttc aaatggttgt ttgagtttgt aacttattga ttttaaataa ttaaaaataa
   492841 atatcaccaa aatggtgagg gttctcacca ttttgacgcg cttgacaaga attcaaaaag
   492901 gtcgagattt cccatgcaaa atcagccgct tgaaagccgt gttcgaacgg ttgtggggag
   492961 atgaaaaaag ttcgcctgca ctcctttggt tcctgaccgg ggcgacaggc tcgcgcattt
   493021 cccccggtga cacgccggac tgcccgtcgg cgtgtcaccg acgttgtcga tgaagtgttt
   493081 cagatcagtc ggttacctcc agtagaccgg cctgcccagt gacgtcgcgg ggttttcggc
   493141 acgcttattg agtgccgccc gccacggcat tgtccggacc ggaggtgcag tactggtggt
   493201 gcggtactcc ggccatcgca ttagcccgat gagcgaataa ctaaaagaat tctggagagg
   493261 cccatgcaac agagcagatc ggaagtgacc gagcgcgacg gcttggtcga gctgtccgcc
   493321 ggcagcgacg tactcgacag cccccgctac aaccacgaca tcgccccgac ccgggtggaa
   493381 cagcgtacct ggaacaggtg gcacatcacc gcgctgtgga tcggcatgtc catttgcgtg
   493441 cccacctaca ccctcggcgg cgtcctcacc gcctacttcg gcctcagcgt cggcgaagcg
   493501 ctgctggcga tcctgctggc caacctggtg gtgctgatcc cgctgaccct caatgccttc
   493561 gccggcaccc gctacggcat tcccttcccg gtgctgctgc gcgcttcgtt cggcatcatc
   493621 ggctccaacg tgccatgcct gatccgcgcc gtggtcgcgt gcggctggtt cggcatccag
   493681 acgctgttcg gcgggctggc gatccatctc ttcctcggtt cgatctttcc cgcctggaag
   493741 gccctcggcg gcaccggcga ggtgatcggt ttcctcctgt tctgggggct gaacctgtgg
   493801 gtggtgctgc gcggcgcgga gtcgatcaaa tggctggaga cactctcggc accgctgctg
   493861 gtgctggtcg gcctcggcct gctggtgtgg gcgctgccgc acatatcggt cagtgaactg
   493921 ctggcgcagc cgccgaagcg gccggaaggc gccagcgtca ccggctactt catggccggg
   493981 ctgacggcga tggtcggctt ctgggccacg ctgtcgctga acatccccga cttcagccgc
   494041 tatgcgcgta gccagaagga ccagatactc gggcagatct tcggcctgcc gctgaccatg
   494101 ttcctgttcg ccgccctcgg cgtggtgatg accgccgcct cggcctcgct ggtgggcgag
   494161 acggtttccg acccggtcag cctgatcggg cacatcccca gccccggctg ggtggcggtg
   494221 gcgatggcgc tgatcatcgt cgccaccctc tcgaccaaca ccgcggcgaa catcgtctcg
   494281 ccgaccaacg acttccagaa catcgcaccg aaactcatcg gccgcacccg cgccgtctgg
   494341 ctcaccggtt tcatcggcct ggcgctgatg gcccacgagt tgctgaagaa gctcggctgg
   494401 atcgtttccg acctcagcct ggaaagcgtc tactccaact ggctgctcgg ctactccagc
   494461 ctgctcgggc cgatcgcggg gatcatggtg gtggactact tcctggtgcg caggcaacgc
   494521 ctcgaccttg ccggactcta ccgcgacgac gtctacccgg cctggaactg gcccggcttc
   494581 gccgccttcg cggtgccggt ggcgctgacc gtcatggccc tcggcaaccg ccaattccat
   494641 tggttctacg actacggctg gttcaccggc tcgctgctcg gcggcgcgct ctactacggc
   494701 ctctgcggcc gccgtgcgcg gagcccggcg gcattggcca aaccgctgcc ctgatgggca
   494761 tacaggcggc cggcgagccg ccgacaccta ctccaagcct gaggagacga caatgagcac
   494821 tgcccggaac gtcctgcaat ccacccagcg acacatcgat ggccagcgcc tctggcaatc
   494881 gctgatggat ctcgcccgcc tcggcgccac cgccaagggt ggggtctgcc gcctggccct
   494941 gagcgatctc gaccgccagg cccgcgatct cttcgtgcaa tggtgcgaag cggccggctg
   495001 cacggtcagc gtcgatcggg tcggcaacat cttcgcccgt cgtcccgggc gtaacccgga
   495061 cttgcccccg gtgatgaccg gtagccacat cgacacccag cccaccggtg gcaagttcga
   495121 cggctgcttc ggggtgatgg ccggcctcga ggtgatccgc accctcaacg acctcggggt
   495181 ggaaaccgag gcgccgctgg aggtggtggt gtggaccaac gaggaaggct cgcgcttcgc
   495241 gccctgcatg atgggctcgg gcgtattcgc cgggaagttc accctggagg agaccctggc
   495301 caagcgcgat gccgacggtg tcagcgtagg cgaggcgctg gacgccatcg gctacgcggg
   495361 agcgcgcgat tgtctcggac atccggtggg cgcctatttc gaggcgcaca tcgaacaggg
   495421 gccgatcctc gaggacgagg agaagaccat cggcgtggtg ctcggcgcgc tcgggcagaa
   495481 atggttcgac ctgtccctgc gcggcgtcga ggcacacgcc gggccaacgc cgatgcacct
   495541 gcgcaaggac gccctggtcg gtgccgcggc ggtggtcgag gcggtcaatc gcgcggccct
   495601 cggccatcag ccgcatgctt gcggcacggt cggctgcctg cacgcctatc ccggttcgcg
   495661 caacgtgata cccggcgaag tgaagatgac cctggacttc cgccatctgc aaccggagcg
   495721 cctggactcg atgatcgccg aagtccgcca ggtgatcgcc gctacctgcg agaagcatgg
   495781 cttgcaatac gagctggtgc cgaccgccga tttcccgccg ctgtacttcg accagggatg
   495841 cgtcggcgcg gtgcgcgagg cggcgcaggc gctgggcatg ccgcagatgg acatcgtcag
   495901 cggcgccggc cacgacgcga tcttcctcgc cgaactcggt ccggcgggga tgatcttcgt
   495961 gccctgcgag aacggcatca gccacaacga gatcgagaac gccagccccg acgacctggc
   496021 cgccggctgc gcggtgctgt tgcgggccat gctcaaggcc tccgaggcga tcgccggcgg
   496081 ccgcctggcg gcctgagtgg cgcttccatc gaggcgccgg cattgaccgc cttctacacg
   496141 gggtcggtag ggcgaataac gccaggggcg ttatccgccg atgcgcggct gggcggcgga
   496201 taaccgcgtt gcggttatgc gccctacgtg gtgctgcgcg gggtacggtg gggcgttgtc
   496261 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496321 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496381 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496441 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496501 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496561 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496621 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496681 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496741 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496801 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496861 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496921 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   496981 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497041 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497101 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497161 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497221 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497281 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497341 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497401 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497461 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497521 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn
   497581 nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnn nngggcgaat aacgccaggg
   497641 gcgttatccg ccgatgcgcg gctgggcggc ggataaccgc gttgcggtta tgcgccctac
   497701 gtggtgctgc gcggggtacg gtggggcgtt gtccgccgat gcgtcgctgg ggcggcgcgc
   497761 ggggctcaga tcaccttgcc gtcgcgcagc ctttccagcg cggtcgcgtc caggccgagg
   497821 agcgtctcga ggacctcgtc ggtgtgctgg ccgagggtgg gcggtgggtt gcggtattcc
   497881 accggcgtct cggacaggcg gatcgggctg gctacctgcg gcaccgtccc ggccagcggg
   497941 tgcggtagct ccacgcgcag gccgcgggcc tgcacctgcg ggtcggcgaa cacctgcgcc
   498001 aggtcgttga tcggcccgca gggcacgccg gcgcgctcca gggaaagaat ccactcggcg
   498061 gtggtgtgca gcaccgtggc ctggcggatc agcgggatca gcacctcgcg gttggccacc
   498121 cgcgccttgt tggtggcgaa gcgcgggtcg tcggcccatt ccgggtggtc tgccagctcg
   498181 gcgaacttgc ggaactggct gtcgttgccg actgtgagga tcatgtcgcc gtcggcggtg
   498241 gggaagtcct ggtacggcac gatgttcggg tgtgcgttgc ccaggcgccg cggcggcacg
   498301 ccggtggtca ggtagttgag ggtctggttg gccaggcagg cgacctgcac gtcgagcagg
   498361 gccatgtcga tgtgctggcc gatgccgctg acgtcgcggt gggcgagggc ggcgagcacc
   498421 gcggtggagg agtacagccc ggtgaggata tcggtcagcg ccacgccgac cttcaccgga
   498481 ccggcgcctt cctcgttgtc ggcgcgcccg gtgaggctca tcaggccgcc caggccctgg
   498541 atcatgaagt catagccggc gcgcttggca taggggccgg actggccgaa gccggtgatc
   498601 gaacagtaga tcagcttcgg gttgacctgc ttcagcgatt catagtcgag gccataggcc
   498661 ttgagcccgc cgaccttgaa gttctccagc aggatgtcgg ccttggccgc cagttcgcga
   498721 acgatgcgct ggccttccgg ctgggtgaag tccaccgtca ccgacttctt gttgcggttg
   498781 gccgacaggt agtaggccgc ctcgctggtg tcgttgcctt cggcatcctt gaggaacggc
   498841 gggccccagg cgcgggtgtc gtcgccgctg ccggggcgct cgatcttgat cacctcggcg
   498901 ccgaggtcgg cgaggatctg cccggcccag gggccggcca ggacacggga caggtcgagt
   498961 acgcggatat gggaaagggc gccgggcatg acggttctcg ctgctggggg ctggaaacgg
   499021 aaatggccgg gaagacgggt tccttgcccg tctccccggc ggccggtgcg ctaccgtgaa
   499081 aaagcgcgcc ggggtgttgc tcggtggctc agaagaatgc ctggatgccg gtctgcgcgc
   499141 ggccgaggat cagcgcgtgg acatcgtggg tgccctcgta ggtgttcacc acttccaggt
   499201 tgaccaggtg gcgggcgatg ccgaattcgt cggagatgcc gttgccgccc agcatgtcgc
   499261 gggccaggcg ggcgatgtcg agggccttgc cgcagctgtt gcgcttcatg atcgaggtga
   499321 tttccaccgc cgcggtgcct tcgtccttca tccgccccag gcgcaggcag ccttgcaggg
   499381 ccagggtgat ctcggtctgc atgtcggcca gcttcttctg gatcagttgg ttggcggcca
   499441 gcgggcggcc gaactgctgg cggtcgagca cgtactggcg ggcggtgtgc cagcagaatt
   499501 cggcggcgcc cagggcgccc caggagatcc cgtagcgcgc cgagttcagg caggtgaacg
   499561 gaccgcgcag gccgcgcact tcggggaagg cgttctcttc cggaacgaac acgttgtcca
   499621 tcacgatctc gccggtgatc gaggcacgca ggccgacctt gccatggatc gccggggcgc
   499681 tcaggccttc ccagcccttc tcgaggacga agccgcggat ctgcccttcg tcatccttgg
   499741 cccagaccac gaagacgtcg gcgatcgggc tgttggtgat ccacatcttg ctgccgctca
   499801 ggcgatagcc gccgtcgacc ttcttcgccc gggtgaccat cgagcccggg tcggaaccgt
   499861 ggttcggctc ggtcaggccg aagcagccga tgtattcgcc gctggccagc ttgggcaggt
   499921 acttctgccg ggtggcttcg ttgccgaatt catggatcgg caccatcacc agcgaggact
   499981 gcacgctcat catcgagcga tagccggagt cgacgcgctc gacttcgcga gcgatcaggc
   500041 catagcagac gtagttgagg ccgctgccgc cgtaggcttc gggaatggtc gcgccgagca
   500101 ggccggtctc gcccatctcg cggaagatct tcgggtcggt ctgttcgtgg cggaaggctt
   500161 cgagcacgcg cggggccagc ttgtcctggg cgaactgctg ggcgctgtcg cgaaccatgc
   500221 gctcttcttc ggtgagctgc tggtccagca gcaggggatc ttcccagttg aagctagctt
   500281 tggtggccat gcgtacatcc tcgtcaagcg gtagcggagg ctggcgtggg ccagccggaa
   500341 tggaagcatc ctaagagcct agcgaatggg gcggcaaacg aggaattcgc acgcacttgt
   500401 gctattttct cactccgaga aaatgagtct cgtatttcat gcccttgaag aggcgcgagg
   500461 aatcgtgacc tgggcgtcat agatgcgaaa ccggcactcc ggagtcctcc atgcgacgca
   500521 agatcccttc caccgccgcg ctggtcagct tcgaatccgc cgcgcgccac gagagcttca
   500581 ccaaggcggc ggaggagttg tccctgaccc agagcgcgat ctgccggcag atcgccacgc
   500641 tcgaggagtt cctcggtgtc gagctgttcc gtcgctcgcg gcgcggggtc aagctcaccg
   500701 aggccgggct gtcctatagc cggcgggtgg cggtacgcct cgacgcggtg gagcgcgaca
   500761 ccctggcggt gatggggcac cagggcggcg gcgcgatcga actggcggtg gtgccgacct
   500821 tcggcaccca atggctgttg ccgcggctca agcgtttcca gcggctgcac ccggaggtca
   500881 cggtcaacct gaccaaccgc acccgcccgt tcctcttcgc cgacaccgag ttcgacgccg
   500941 cgctgtactt cggcgacgcc gactggtcgg gtaccgtctc gcatttcctg atgcgcgaga
   501001 atccggtgcc ggtgtgcagc ccggagctgc tgggcgggcg tcgaacgctg agcgccgagc
   501061 aggtcgccgg gctgccgctg atgcagcaga gcacccggcc ctacgcttgg cgccagtggt
   501121 ttcactccca gggactgaac gtcgcccacg acatgagcgg gccgcgctac gagctgttct
   501181 ccatgcttgc ccaggcggcc atgcacggca tgggcgtggc cctcataccg cccttcctga
   501241 tccaggacga gctggccgac ggaaggctta tcgtgcccat gcaacatgcc tatttgagcg
   501301 agaatgcgta ttacctgatc attcccgagc gcagggtcga atcggcgatg ctcaatgcct
   501361 tccgcgactg gctggtggaa gaggccaggc agtaccgcga ggccaacggg ctgggctgaa
   501421 cgcgcaggaa catcgggtgg cgcaggcagg acgcgccgcc cccgggaccg ggccgatccg
   501481 ccgggtcccg cggagccgcg gcggcgatac cgccgggcat cctccacgac ggccaggatg
   501541 gcggccgtgg ggcaccacac caggagttca catgaatttc cacacccgca agtgggtcaa
   501601 gccagaagat ctcaacccca acggcaccct gttcggcggc agcctgctgc gctggatcga
   501661 cgaagaagcg gcgatctacg cgatcatcca gctgggcaac cagcgcgtgg tcaccaagta
   501721 catttccgag atcaacttcg tcagctcggc gcgccagggc gacatcatcg agctgggcat
   501781 caccgccacc gacttcggtc gtacctcgct gaccatgacc tgccacgtgc gcaacaagat
   501841 cacccgcaag agcatcctca ccatcgacaa gatggtcttc gtcaacctcg gcccggacgg
   501901 cctgccggcg ccccacggca agaccgagat cacctacatc aaggaccagt tcaaggaaga
   501961 cgaagtcctg ccctgatcgg cgcgacgagc ggccggcacc cgtgccggcc gccgtgtttc
   502021 agaacagccg ggtgagcagc cagtagagcg aggccgagag caggatcgcc gccggcagcg
   502081 tcagcaccca ggccatcagc aggttgcgga tggtcttcca ctgtagtccc gaaccgttcg
   502141 ccgccatggt cccggccacc ccggaagaca gtacatgggt ggtggatacc ggcaagccat
   502201 acaggtccgc cgcgccaatg gtcagcatcg ccacggtttc cgccgaggcg ccctgggcgt
   502261 aggtcaggtg ggtcttgccg atcttctcgc cgaccgtcac cacgatgcgt ttccagccga
   502321 ccatggtgcc caggccgagg gcgatggcca cggcgatctt cacccatagc gggatgaact
   502381 tggtggcgtc gtcgatcttc cgcttgaacg cctgcaactt gccgcgggtg tcggcgtcga
   502441 agcggccgac gtcgtccttg tccatcaggc ggatcgcctc ggaggtcagg tacatgtcgt
   502501 tgcgcacgtt gcccatggct tgcgccggta cccgcgagaa cgcgccatag cctttcactt
   502561 cctggccgat cgagccggtc agggcggcca gcgccgggat cagctcaggc gatgcctgct
   502621 tgctgcgcac gtagtcggag agtacctggc gcggatcggc cggcgccggt tgcggcgcgc
   502681 tcttcaccag cgcttgctgg gtgacctcgg cgacggcggc gaactgcact gcctggtccg
   502741 ccggcatggt gcggttcagg gcgtaggcca tcggcagggt gccgaccagg atcagcatga
   502801 tcaggcccat gcctttctgt ccgtcgttgg agccgtgggc gaaggacacc ccggtacagg
   502861 tcaggatcag caggccgcgg atccaccagg gcggcggcgc cttgcccttc ggcgccttgt
   502921 acagcgcgcg gttcttcacc agcaggcgca gcgccaggag caacagggcg gcgcaggcga
   502981 agccgatcag cggcgagagc agcagggaat agccgacctt ggttgcctgg ccccagtcca
   503041 ccccgctggt gccgtcgcgc ccgtgcatca gcgcgttggc cacgccgacg ccgatgatcg
   503101 agccgatcag ggtgtgcgag gacgacgccg gcaggcccag ccaccaggtc ccgaggttcc
   503161 acaggatggc ggcgatcagc agggcgaaga ccatggcgaa gccggccgag gaaccgacct
   503221 gcaggatcag ttccaccggc agcagggcga tgatgccgaa ggccaccgcg ccgctggaga
   503281 gcaatacgcc gagaaagttg aagcaacccg accagaccac cgcgaagtgc ggcggcagcg
   503341 agtgggtgta gatcaccgtg gccaccgcgt tggcggtgtc gtggaagccg ttgacgaact
   503401 cgaagccgag ggcgatcagc agggccacgc cgagcagcag gaagggcgtc caggtggtga
   503461 tcgcggaacc gacgtcatcg acgtcctgca tcaggccgta ggcgctgaac agcagtccgg
   503521 tggcgagcac ggcgaagaat acgaaggcgg tgaggcggcc gggacgctgc tcgagatggg
   503581 gcttgtgcgc gttgccggcg gcactggcga cggcgtcggc gggaaggaca tcggaggtca
   503641 tggtgcgggt ccgcgctggg gatgaccggc acatgatggg caggcgattg tgacaagtta
   503701 tgtctttcgc ataccggctt cgtctggcga agaaaggaca agggccgcgg gaggccgccg
   503761 gaagccggat ggggtcgggc gccaggcggc ctgcccgctg cggccgcgaa gattaatgaa
   503821 ttcctgtggc gagtgccatc atttcgtcgc taaaaagttg gcatgttgag ggatttgccg
   503881 atccggacac gcgcggggaa ggcgagagcc actggactag actgagaagt gcgcggcggg
   503941 gccggtcgct tgccggcccg gtgcgcggga cgagcgcctt cgtcccgggg tggcccggcc
   504001 gggcggtcgg ggaggtcgat atgcggatgc cgtgccggct cgcgctggcg ctgttgctgt
   504061 gcttcgccgg cccggcctgt ctcgcggcct ccggaccggt acgggtgctc tcggtggatg
   504121 gtgcgatcgg cccggccagc gccgattacc tggtgcgtgg catcgagcgt gccgccgagg
   504181 acggcgcgca actggtggtg ctggaactgg acacgcccgg cggcctggac gcatcgatgc
   504241 ggcgcatcgt caaggcgatc ctcgccagcc aggtgccggt cgccggtttc gtcgcgccca
   504301 gcggggcgcg ggcggcgagc gccggcacct acatcctgta tgcctgccat atcgcggcga
   504361 tggcgccggg caccaacctc ggcgccgcca ccccggtgcg cctggggacg ccggacaagc
   504421 ccgcagagaa gcccccggcg cgggacgccg aacccatggt gcgcaagcag gtcaacgacg
   504481 ccgccgccta tatccgtggc ctcgcgcagt tgcgcgggcg caacgtcgaa tgggccgagc
   504541 gcgcggtgcg cgaggcggtc agcctggcgg cgcacgaggc ggcggcgcag aaggtgatcg
   504601 acctgcaggc ccgcgacctg cccgacctgc tgcgccagct cgacggccgc agcctgcgcg
   504661 tcggcgagcg cgcgctgacc ctggctaccg ccggcgccac ggtcgagcgc caggcaccgg
   504721 actggcgcgc gcggttgctg gcggtgctca ccgatcccag cgtggcgctg atcctgatga
   504781 tgatcggcat ctacgggctg atcttcgaac tggccaatcc cggcatggcg ctgcccggcg
   504841 tgctcggcgg catctgcctg ctgctcggcc tgtacgccct gcagatgctg ccggtcaact
   504901 acgccgggct ggcgctgatc gcgctgggcc tggcgttcat ggtgggcgag gcgttcgtcg
   504961 ccagcttcgg cgtgctcggc atcggtggaa tcgtctcgtt cgtggtcggc gcgctgatcc
   505021 tgatcgatac cgaggtgccc ggctacggca ttccgcccgg cctggtggtg gccctggcgt
   505081 tgctcagcgc cgcgctgatc gtcggtctgc tgggcatggc cctgcgtact cgccggcaag
   505141 cggtggtaag tggcaccgcc ggattggtcg gcagcctggc gacggtggcg gcggtggatt
   505201 ccgaacaacc ctgcgcaggc tgggtgcagc tccagggcga gcgctggcgg gtgctcgccg
   505261 cgcggccgct ggcggtgggc cagccgggct gggkgctggc gcgcaagggc ctgctcctgg
   505321 aagtcgcgct ggccgatgaa ggaggtggat gatgggtatt tcctatggtt tggcgatgtt
   505381 gctggtgttc ctcgcgctgc tgctgttcag cgcgctgcgc atcctccgcg agtacgagcg
   505441 cggcgtggtg ttccagctcg ggcggttctg gaaggtcaag gggccggggc tggtgctggt
   505501 gatcccggcg atccagcaga tggtgcgcat cgacctgcgc accatcgtcc tcgacgtgcc
   505561 gccgcaggat gtgatttccc gcgacaacgt ttcggtgaag gtcaacgcgg tggtgtactt
   505621 ccgcgtgctc gatccgcaga aggcgatcat ccaggtggag aactacctgg ccgccaccag
   505681 ccagttggcc cagaccaccc tgcgcgcggt gctgggcaag cacgagctgg acgagatgct
   505741 cgccgagcgc gagcgcctga acctggatat ccagcaagtg ctcgatgcgc agaccgacgc
   505801 ctggggcatc aaggtggcga atgtggaaat caagcacgtc gatctcaacg aatcgatggt
   505861 tcgcgccatc gcccggcagg ccgaggcgga gcgtgagcgc agggccaagg tgatccatgc
   505921 cgagggcgag ctgcaagcct cggagaaact catgcaggcg gcgcagatgc tcggccggca
   505981 gagtggcgcc atgcagttgc gctacatgca gaccctcggc gcgatcgccg gcgacaagag
   506041 ttcgaccatc gtcttcccga tgccgatcga actcttcggc ggcaagtacg caggtgccgc
   506101 gccgcggaac gaaaaggccg ccggagagga agaggagagg tgaacgcgtg cggtttgtga
   506161 tggaaatatc atcgagccgc gacacgggga catgcgtgcc cggggtcggg atggctatgc
   506221 tgtggcgatc cactcccggg acgctccttc atgctgcgat gcgcactcct gctgctgaca
   506281 ttgctcctcc cttgcgcgct gcctgccgcc aacctgcgcc tggtcggcga ctcctggccg
   506341 cctttcgtcg attcgcgcct gcctggcaac ggcctggcgg tggaactggt gaccaccgcg
   506401 ctcaagcgcg ccggcttcga ctcgagtttc cagcaggtac cctggtcgcg tgccctgtac
   506461 ggcgtgcgca gcggcgacta cgacatcgcc ctgagcgcct ggtacgagcc cgcccgcagc
   506521 ctctacgggc agttttcccg cgcctacctg agcaaccgca tccgcctgct gcaacgcaag
   506581 gggcggggta tcgagttttc ccgcctgagc gacctgcgtc cctaccgcat cgcggtcgtg
   506641 cgcgactatg cctacgcgcc cgaattcgac cgtgacagcc gtctgcagaa ggtcaacgtg
   506701 accagcttcg ccaacgccgc gcggatgctc gaggcggggc gggtcgacct ggcggtggag
   506761 gacgagctgg cgctgggggt cgccttcaag ggcgaactgg ccgatttgcg cgacaagctg
   506821 gaggtactgc ccatcccgct tggcgagaac ggcctgcacc tgctggtgag cctgaggaat
   506881 ccccggcatg acgagatcgt cgacggcttc gacctggcca tccgcggcat gcgcgacgac
   506941 ggcagctacc agcgcctgct ggaacgctac ggcgcgcgct agggctggcc tggcagtggc
   507001 tgcgcgccgg ccagttcctt cttcagcaag tgcgcggcca gggtgcgcag cggggcgagc
   507061 tggcggcaga tgtgtgccag ttgggtctgt accaggcgat ggctgtcgtc catgtcctcg
   507121 ggcatctgct ccagttcctt ggccagcgct tcctcctctt cgctgtagat ggcgaccggg
   507181 cgtttctgtt ccaggctcgc ggcgatttcc tcgaggctgg cggagagccg ctcggcggcg
   507241 cgctccagga ggccgtcgct ggcgtcctcg ggcaggcttt cgcggtgcgc gccgagaccg
   507301 gatagatagc tgagcagggt gtgcgagagg accaggaagc ggaagccgat ctcggcgtcc
   507361 ttcctgaaat ggccgggttc caggagcatg ttcgacaggg tggtcgagag cgccgcgtcg
   507421 gcgttgtgcg cgttgcgccg ggcggtgcgg tagtcgaggt cgtcgcgctt gccggtggcg
   507481 tactgctgca tgatctgccg caggtaacgg ctgttgcagg cgagggtgtt ggcgagcatg
   507541 cggttgagcc ggcggccctg ccagtcgggc agcaccagga acaccgcgag gccggcgatc
   507601 aggctgccca gcaaggtatc gaacaggcgg ggcaggatca gcccgtagcc atcgccgacc
   507661 tggttgaagc agaacagcac cagcagggtg atcgccgccg tcgccagggt atagcgactg
   507721 ctgcgggtgg cgaagaaggc gaccccggcg gcgaccgcga acagcgactg caccagcggg
   507781 ctggggaaca ggtcgatcag cgcccagccg accaccaggc cgaccaccgt accgaggatc
   507841 cgctgcacca ggcgcaggcg ggtcgcgcca tagttgggct ggcagacgaa caccgtggtg
   507901 agcagtatcc agtagccctg ggtcggatgg atccagtgca gcacgccgta gccggcggtc
   507961 agcgccaggg ccatgcgcag gccgtggcgg aacagcagcg aggtcggggt gagctgctgg
   508021 cgcaggcgct cgaaggcgtc cttcaggctg cgcggcgagc ggtcgagcag ggcgctgtcc
   508081 tgttcgtcgg cgatggcgtc cgggttgctc gccccggcca gcttgcggtc cagcgtggtg
   508141 aggttggcgg ccagggcgcc gagcgagcgc agcaggccct tccaggccgg gttgctctgc
   508201 tggcgcaggt gttcgagcga ggcctggagg tcttccaggg ccagctcgcg gtcggcgtag
   508261 tcgaacggct ggcgcaggcg gatagcccgc gccagggcct ggcaggcctt gccctgctgg
   508321 ttgagcaggc gctggcagcg gaacagcacg tcgctgtgga agaacgcctc ggccagccgg
   508381 ttgtacgggt agtgcgagga actggcgcgc tcgtggacgt cctgggcgat gaaatagagc
   508441 ttcaggtagc ggctcacctt ggggcccggc cgaccatggc cgaggcggtt gagaatggtc
   508501 tccttggcct ggttcagcgc caccaccacc ttgccgttct gccgtgccag ggcgaggcgc
   508561 tggccctcca cgtcgagctg gcgcaacggt tcgaacaggc tcgacttgat cctcaggtat
   508621 tcgcccagct cgaaatacag gcgggaaaga ctctgctgca ccggctggtt ggagaacagc
   508681 gcgttccaca gcaccgagag cagcccgtac caggccgccc cggccaccag cagcagcggt
   508741 tcgtgccaga catcggcgac ctcgccgccg cgctggtcca cgccgatcat ggtgtagatc
   508801 gagaggatca gggtcgccga ggcgattgcc gcatagcgct cgccgagggc gccgaggagg
   508861 atcatgccga acgccgacag cgccatcccg gaaacgaaca gccagggata ggggaacagc
   508921 aactcgacgg cgaaggcggc gacgctgaag cacagcaggg tcaccagcag cgcttgcagg
   508981 cggccgagcc agttgtcgtc ggtctccgcc agggcgctgg cgatgatccc gaggaacagc
   509041 gggatcagca gctcgatgcg gtcctgccac cagcacagca gcagggcgcc ggccagggcg
   509101 atgaacaccc gcaggctgta ggcgaacttg tcgagggccc agaggcggcg gagcgtgtgt
   509161 gtcaacgaag agggcggcat gggggcggag tgctatccga tggtccgtgg ttcagcctat
   509221 gtggcctgtc cggctaattc aatcggccga tttcgcgcga ctggaagtcc gctgcccgcc
   509281 gcagtcgcag gaagcgctgc cgtgggcaac tcggtcgagc cgggcatctg gcggatgcag
   509341 gcttcgtgcc tgcgaacgct aagacgtcgt cgccgcgccg aacgttaccc ggcggcgata
   509401 tcgcgcgccg gagcgggccc ggcgagcgaa gcggcggcgc gctaaagcag gcggaccttg
   509461 aacgagcgac ccttgatctt gccttcgctc aggcgcttga gggcctggtg ggcgaggccg
   509521 cgctcgatgg cgacgaaggc ctggaagtcg aagatggcga tcttgcccac cgcgctgccg
   509581 ggcagcccgg cgtcgccggt gagggcaccg agcaggtcgc cggggcgcac cttgtccttg
   509641 cgtccgccgg cgatgcacag ggtgctcatc ggcggcagca atggttccgg gctggccttc
   509701 aactggccga gggcgtacca ggccagcggc tgcttctgca ggtcctcgat ggcctgcgcg
   509761 cggctggcct cggccggcgc caccagcgac agggccaggc ctttctcgcc ggcgcgaccg
   509821 ctgcgtccga tgcgatggat gtggacctcc gggtcacgcg ccagctcgac gttgatcacc
   509881 gtttccaggg cggcgatgtc cagcccgcgg gcggccacgt cggtggccac cagtacgttg
   509941 caactgcggt tggcgaacac cgtcaggacc tggtcgcgct cgcgctgctc caggtcgccg
   510001 tgcagggcca gggcggaaat ccgctgcgcc ttcagtgcgt cggccagctc ctggcactgc
   510061 tggcgggtct ggcagaaggc cacgctggac tgtggccgga aatgctggag caggcgtacc
   510121 acggcgtcca tgcgctgttt cggatcgatc tcgaagaaac gttgctcgat ctggctgtcg
   510181 gcgtgcagcg actcgaccct cacctgtcgc ggatcgcgca tgaaggtctt cgccagcttc
   510241 tcgatgccgt ccgggtaggt ggcggagaac agcagggtct gccggcgctc ggggagctgg
   510301 ccgatgatct cggcgatgct gtcgtagaag cccatgtcga gcatccggtc ggcttcgtcg
   510361 aggaccaggg tattgagccc gtcgaggacc agggtgccct tgcgcaggtg ctcttggatg
   510421 cgccccgggg tgccgaccac cacgtgcgcg ccgtgctcca gcgaagccac ctgcgggccg
   510481 taggggacgc cgccgcagag ggtcaggacc ttgatgttgt cggcggcgcg ggccagccgg
   510541 cggatctcct tggcgacctg gtcggccagt tcgcgggtcg ggcacagcac cagcgcctgg
   510601 cagccgaagt agcgcgggtt cagcgggctg agcagggcga ggccgaaggc cgcggtcttg
   510661 ccgctgccgg tcttggcctg ggcgatcagg tcgtgtccct ggaggatcag cggcaggctc
   510721 tgcgcctgga tcggcgtcat ctcccggtaa ccgagggagt cgagattggc caggaggtcc
   510781 gcggaaagcg gcagcgagga gaaagcggtg gaggtcacgg ggcagggctc ggcaggcgat
   510841 acgagcggct agtctagcag cctgcggcgg cttgccgcgt gcgatcgccg ccggagcagc
   510901 agcgacaggc aatgtatctt tggccagtac cgttcgtccg aaaaacgaaa aaagcgcgtt
   510961 tctgtatttt tatacaggtt cgctttcctc agttttttgt cgtagagtgc tgacactgtg
   511021 tttgcatggg tcgccgtcga tcgtgacctg atgcggtcgg aaattccagc ccgtcctgct
   511081 cgactccttg taactccttg caactcagtt accggctacg atttcgtggc taaatcaata
   511141 cccatagttc caaggagaac ttgcaatgtc ccgtcagaac ggcaccgtta agtggttcaa
   511201 cgaaaccaaa ggctacggct tcattacccc ggaaagcggc ccggacgttt tcgttcactt
   511261 ccgtgccatc gaaggtaacg gcttcaagac cctggccgaa ggccagaagg tcagcttcga
   511321 agtcgtacaa ggccagaaag gcatgcaggc cgagcgcgtt caggtgatca actaagatcc
   511381 ctgggcccca gcccgaagaa cccggatgga agcatccggg ttttttattg cccggagaaa
   511441 accgtcacac tgtcttcgcc tgccgttcac cctgtcttga cgagttcccg cccagagtgg
   511501 cccggtcccg ttcggagtcg tttcgatgaa gcctgtgcaa tcccgtcgtc tggccttcgc
   511561 cgcgctgttg tcgctgtcgt tctcttccgc gtcctgccat gccgccaccg agcactgggg
   511621 ctggatcgag cagtcctggc tgatgcccga gcgcatgcag gccaaggcca agctggatac
   511681 cggcgcgctg acctcgtcgc tggacgcgag gaatatccat cgctacagga aggacggcga
   511741 gcgctgggtg cgcttcgatg tcgtgctgcc caccgccgac agcaaggcgc cggtcagcgt
   511801 gaccttcgag cgcaaggtgc tgcggctgat caaggtacgc ggcgccggcg gcagcgacag
   511861 ccgtccggtg gtggcgatgg acatctgcct gggcgccaag ctgctgcgcg agcagttctc
   511921 cctgcgcgac cgcggcaaca tgaactatcc ggtgctgctc ggtcgccgca cgctcgaaca
   511981 cctcggcgcg gtcgacgtgt cccgaacctt tacccgcaaa cctacctgca gcgcgctcgc
   512041 cgctcagtag aagaaccagc gcagcagtcc agcgcccagc gccacccaga acagcacgat
   512101 cagcgcagcc atccacaggt tgcgcgggtg cgtctcgacc tcgcgagccc gcgcgcggca
   512161 ctcggcgagc agcgtgggtg gggtgaggcg gatcgccagc cagatcccca gcggcaccag
   512221 caacaggtcg tcgaggtagc cgagcagcgg tatgaagtcc gggatcaggt cgatcggact
   512281 cagcgcatag gccaccacca gcagagccac cagtcgggcc agccagggca tgtgcggatg
   512341 gcggctgcac agccagaggg cgatgacctc ggtcttcagc tcgcgagccc agcgcttgag
   512401 cgtagcgatc caggccatcc tagaggtccg ggtccttttc cggatcgacc cggcgcgggc
   512461 tggtgcgacc gtcctcgctg ccgagctgga agaagatcgc cgcggccagc atcgacatca
   512521 ggccgacgct gacataggtg gcgtggaagg cgccgagtac ggtgtcctgc cccgtatcca
   512581 ggtcggtctg gaaaccgccc agcaacgccg ccgcgcaagc cacgccgagg ctgatcgaca
   512641 actgcacgac caccgacatc aggctgttgc cgctgctggc gttgctgtcc tgcaggtcga
   512701 tcagggtgag ggtgttcatc gccgtgaatt gcagggagtt caccgcgccg agcaggctca
   512761 ggtgcagcag cagccagacg tagggggtgt cctggtcgac caggccgaag ccggcgatca
   512821 ggcagccgag gatcagggtg ttgccgacca gcagcttgcg atagccgaag aagtccagca
   512881 gtggcttggc catcggcttg gcgaccatcg cgaacagcgc cagcgggatc atggtcatgc
   512941 ccgcggtgga gggcgggtag cccagtccca cctgcagcaa cagcggggtg aggaagggca
   513001 gggcgccgct gcccaggcgg gcgaacaggt tgccgaggat gccgacggcg aaggtccgcg
   513061 ccttgaacag gctcggtggg aacagcggct tgtcgatgcg tagcgcgcgc agccagtagg
   513121 cggtgagcag gaccagtccg ccgatcagca gcaggaccac gcgcaggtgc gacaggtgca
   513181 gctcgccgag tccttccagg gcgatggaga tcagcaccat ggagccgccg aagagcagga
   513241 agccgatgct gtcgaaacgg ctcggcaccg ggctgcgcag gtccggcatc agcttcatcg
   513301 ccaccaggca gccgagcagg ccgaccggca ggttgatcag gaagatccag tgccaggagg
   513361 cgtactccac cagccagccg cccagcgtcg gtcccgccag cgggccgagc aggccgggaa
   513421 tggtgacgaa gctgagcacc cgcaccaggt cctggcgcgg gtagacgcgc aggatcacca
   513481 gccgtcccac cggcatcatc agcgcgccgc cgacgccctg tacgatgcgc gccccgacca
   513541 gcagttcgag gctcggcgac agcgcgcaaa gcaacgagcc gaggctgaac agcagtaccg
   513601 cgccgaggaa cacccggcgc gtgccgaaac ggtcggcgat ccaccccgag gccggtatca
   513661 gcagggccac cgtgagcagg taggcgatca ccaccgcctg catgcgcagc gggttttcgt
   513721 tcagcgaact ggccatgctc ggcagcgcgg tgttgaggat ggtgccgtcg agggcttgca
   513781 tgaagaaggc gacggcaacc agccagggca gttggcgggc gatgcggggg gtgagctgga
   513841 acggctcgct catggacggg ctccctcggg cggacagggc ccaagcatag agaagttctc
   513901 gccgcgatgg gacggccggc gaccggatcg gggcgaacag cgggcattgc ggcggaagtc
   513961 gcggccagag aggtcgcctt tcattgtcct gggtcaagcc gaagcgctgg cgctcgccgg
   514021 ctgctgtgct agtactcaag agtcaccccg tcagtggctg cggatgcgac gtcggcgctt
   514081 cgtcatcgca cggacatgtc ccgcgttgca tgctcgacgg cgcgtgcttc accgccttgt
   514141 cgcgatgttc tccacgcagc gctcggcgac cccggtcgcc gctgccgtcg ccgaagccca
   514201 ccttccgtgg aaacaggagt cctcccatgg cccaggaact ttgcgctatc tgccacgaac
   514261 gtcccgccgt cgcccgcgtc agcctggtac agaacggcca gcgccgcgaa ctcgccctct
   514321 gcgaactgca ttaccgccag ttgatgcgcc agcagcgtat gcgctcgccg ctggagtcgc
   514381 tgttcggcgg cggcagcccg ttcgacgaga tcttctccgg cttcggcgag cagagcccgg
   514441 tcaccccggt gcgcgcccgc gagccggagg cggtggacat cgccgagtac ttcagcaagc
   514501 agaccaccga gtacctgcaa cgcgccgcgc aggtcgccgc cgaattcggc aagcgcgaag
   514561 tggacaccga gcacctgctc tacgccctgg ccgacgccga cgtggtgcag gcggtgctca
   514621 agcagttcgg cctgtcgccg gccgagctca agcagtacat cgaggccaac gccgtgcgcg
   514681 gcgccagcaa gggcgaggcg agcgaggaca tgaccatctc gccgcgggtg aagagcgcct
   514741 tgcagcatgc cttcgccctg tcccgcgaac tcggccacag ctatgtcggc cccgagcacc
   514801 tgttgctcgg cctggcggcg gtgccggaca gcttcgccgg gacgctcctg aagaagtacg
   514861 gcctgaccga gcaggcgcta cggcagaaag cggtcaaggt ggtcggcaag ggcgccgagg
   514921 acggccgcgt ggacggcccg agcaacactc cgcaactgga caagttcagc cgcgacctga
   514981 cccggctggc ccgcgaaggc aagctcgatc cggtgatcgg ccgctcgaag gaagtcgaga
   515041 ccaccatcga ggttctcgcc cggcgcaaga agaacaaccc ggtgctgatc ggcgagcccg
   515101 gcgtcggcaa gaccgccatc gtcgaaggcc tggcccagcg catggtccag ggcgaggtgc
   515161 cggaggtgct gcgcgacaag cgcctggtcg aactgaacat caacgccatg gtcgccggcg
   515221 ccaagtaccg cggtgagttc gaggaacgcc tcaagcaggt gatggacgaa ctgcaggcgg
   515281 cgcagagcga gatcatcctg ttcatcgacg aggtgcacac catcgtcggt gccggccagg
   515341 gcggcggcga aggcgggctg gacgtggcca acgtgctgaa gccggcgatg gcgcgcggcg
   515401 agatgaacct gatcggcgcc accaccctca acgagtacca gaagtacatc gagaaggacg
   515461 ccgcgctgga gcggcgcttc cagccggtgt tcgtccccga gccgacggtg gagcagacca
   515521 tctccatcct ccgtggcctg cgcgacaagc tcgaaggcca ccacaaggtg accatccgcg
   515581 acgaggcctt cgtcgccgcc gccgagctgt ccgatcgcta catcggcaac cgcttcctgc
   515641 cggacaaggc catcgacctg atcgaccagg ccgccgcccg cgtgcgcatc gccagcacct
   515701 cgcggccggc cgagatccag gaactggagg ccgagctggc gcagctcaag cgcgagcagg
   515761 actacgccgc cagccgcaag tggtacgacg aggcgaaggt cttcgagaaa cgcatccagg
   515821 aacgcaagga acacctcgag cagatcaccg agcgctggca gcagacccag gggtcgaaga
   515881 ccgaggaggt gcgggtcgag gacatcgccg agatcatctc caggctcacc ggcatcccgg
   515941 tcaccgaact gaccgccgag gagcgcgaga agctcctgca gatggaagag cgcctgcacc
   516001 agcgggtgat cggccagcag gaagcgatca ccgcggtcag cgacgccgtg cgcctggccc
   516061 gcgccgggct gcgccagggc agccggccga tcgccacctt cctgttcctc ggcccgaccg
   516121 gggtgggcaa gaccgagctg gccaaggccc tggccgaggt ggtgttcggc gacgaagacg
   516181 cgatgatccg catcgacatg agcgaataca tggagcgcca cgcggtgtcc cggctgatcg
   516241 gtgcgccgcc gggctacgtc ggctacgacg agggcggcca gctcaccgag cgggtgcgcc
   516301 ggcggcctta cagcgtgatc ctgctcgacg agatcgagaa ggcccacgcc gacgtcaaca
   516361 acatcctcct gcaggtgttc gacgacggcc gcctgaccga cggcaagggg cgcgtggtgg
   516421 acttcaccaa taccatcatc atcgccacca gcaacctagg ctccgagctg atcatgaaga
   516481 acgcccaggc cggcgagttc gcccagccgc cggagaagct caagcgcgaa ctgatgacta
   516541 ccctgcgcgg acatttccgc ccggaattcc tcaaccgcct cgacgaggtg atcgtcttcg
   516601 agtcgctgag caaggcgcag atcgaggaca tcgtgcgcct gcaactggag cgggtgaagc
   516661 gcgccgcgca cgctcaggac atctacctgc acatcgacga cagcctggtc ggccacctcg
   516721 ccgaagaggc ctaccagccg gagttcggcg cccgcgagct gaagcggcag atccgccagc
   516781 aactggagac gcgcctggcc acggcgatgc tcaagggcga ggtgaaagag ggcgagacgg
   516841 tcaccttctt ctacgacgcc aaggacggcg tcggctaccg caagggcgcc gcgccgaagc
   516901 cggcggcacg caagaaatcc ggcgccggcg agacgcccaa gggccgcgcg acggcggcga
   516961 ggaagccggc ggcgaagaaa ggcgccgccg ccaagggcaa ggccgacaag ccgaaggcca
   517021 agtgacccga ccaaggttgg ggaacaaggc accggccggt cggtcgaaat ctcaccccgg
   517081 cctgcgaatg cggccggggc gttcgatatc tcatgaggaa ttgccgatgc gcgtcaccac
   517141 ccacgctacc ctggccgcgg ccctgctgct cagcgccgcc tccgcgttcg ccttcaatct
   517201 cggggatgcc gccaaggcgg tcgccggggc atcccagggc gactccgccc aggtagccac
   517261 caccccgcag accagcggtc tgctcggcgc actcaccggc cagctcgggg tcagccagga
   517321 gcaggcggtc ggcggtaccg gcgccctgct cggcctggcc aagaaccagt tggccggcaa
   517381 cgattattcg caactggtta agaccatccc cggcctcgac aagctggccg gcaacaacgc
   517441 cctggccggt ctcggcgggc tcggcaacgt gctcggcaag agcggcggcg acagcaaggg
   517501 cctcggctcg ctgctcggca atgcggacag catgggcgac gtgaacaagg ccttcggcac
   517561 cctgggcatg gatagcggga tgaccgagaa gttcgcccag gtgctggtcg actacttcgg
   517621 caagcagggc gccaacagcg agctgctggg cagcctgagc aatctctggg gagtgagcaa
   517681 ggcgggcggc tcgtcgctgc tctgatctgc cgccagcgga tcggcggata accgcgctgc
   517741 ggttattcgc cctacgaagt gggtgcggcg cccggatatt cgttgcccgc accgcaccgg
   517801 tagggcgaat aacgcccccg gcgttatccg ccgccgctcc gtggaaacgg cggataaccg
   517861 cgttgcggtt attcgcccta cgaggtgggt gcgacccccg ggtattcgtt gcctgcaccg
   517921 gtagggcgaa taacgccccg gcgttatccg ccgctgcgcc gtggaaacgg cggataaccg
   517981 cgttgcggtt attcgcccta cgagatgggt gtgcttcggc cggtacttca gcgcagttgc
   518041 cgcaagcggg cgatgcgttc gtccttttct tcccacatgc gcgagaccca ttcctgcacg
   518101 tactggcgga acaccgggtc gttctcgtag tcgccctgcc acagggcggg atcgatcggg
   518161 cgggtctgga tgtcgacgat caccttcggc acccgtccgc agagcaggtc ccagaatccc
   518221 ggcaccttgt cgctcgggta gaccacggtg acgtcgagca gggcgtccag ttgctcgccc
   518281 agcgcggcga ggacgaaggc caccccgccg gccttgggct tgagcaggtg gcgatagggc
   518341 gactgttgcc gggccttctt ctgctcgctg aaacgcgtgc cttccaggta gttcaccacg
   518401 gtcaccggga tgcgcttgaa cttctcgcag gcggccttgg tgatctccag gtccttgccc
   518461 ttgagttccg ggtgcttctc caggaaggcc ttggaatagc gcttcatgaa cggatactcc
   518521 agcgcccacc aggccaggcc gaggaagggc acccagatca gctccttctt gaggaagaac
   518581 ttgaagtacg gggtgcgccg gttgaacacc tggatcaagg cggggatgtc gacccaggac
   518641 tggtggttgc tcaccaccag gtacgaggtg tcctggcgca ggtcgccggc gccgcgcacg
   518701 tcccagaccg tcggcgtgca ggtggcgaag atccacttgt cgatctccgc ccaggtctcg
   518761 gcgatccaca tcacgcccct ggagcagagg tctttcaggc gctggccggg gagcaccagc
   518821 ttgagcagtg cgatcagcat catcgggccg atcaggatca gcgtgttgag aagcagcaga
   518881 aggctgctgg tcaggccggt caacagttcc cgcatggttg gtttccctgt cctgggtgtg
   518941 ggtcgacgcg gcccatcata cgcatccgcg ccgcgccgcc caagccgccg gcgtggcgaa
   519001 cgaaaccacg ccgtgctagt cctatgtgga cctcgtatca cttcaggaga tgcccgcgtg
   519061 aagcgtgccc ttgccttgct ctcgctgttc gccctgccgg tcctcgccgc cgaacccaac
   519121 ctctacggcc gctacgaatg ggtctccctg ccggagctgg accgcaccct gcaggcgaag
   519181 atggacaccg gcgcctacac ctcctcgctg tcggccaagg acatcgagtt gttccagcgc
   519241 gacggcgagg agtgggtgcg cttccggctg gccaccaagg aggccgacgg ctcggtgttc
   519301 gagcacaagc tggcgcgcat cggcaagatc aagaaccgcg ccgacaaccg caacggcgag
   519361 gacgaggatg aggaccgcct gagcgaacgc ccggtgatcg acctgcaggt ctgcctgggc
   519421 ggagcgatga agaccatcga ggtcaacctc accgaccgca gcgccttcaa ctatccgttc
   519481 ctgatgggca ccaagggctt gcgcaaattc cacgtcgcgg tcgatccctc cgagcgcttc
   519541 gtcgccgaca agcccacctg caagtaagcg tcctacgcca ccggcggcgc gattgacgcg
   519601 cgcgccggct tgcggcaccg ttccggcatt cccgtcagcc gccgtcacgc catgccgcat
   519661 atcctgatcg tcgaagatga agccgcgatt gccgacaccc tgctctacgc cctgcaggcc
   519721 gaaggcttcg ccaccacctg ggtgaccctc gccggcgagg cgctggcgtt gcaggagcgc
   519781 cagccggcgg atctgctgat ccttgacgtc ggtctgccgg acatcagcgg tttcgaggcc
   519841 tgcaagcgcc tgcggcggtt ctccgaggtg ccggtgatct tcctcaccgc gcgcgatgcc
   519901 gagatcgacc gcgtggtcgg cctggagatc ggcgccgacg actacgtggt caagccgttc
   519961 agcccgcgcg aggtggcggc tcgggtcaag gccatcctca agcgcatggc gccgcgcccg
   520021 gcggcgctgg aaggggccgc gccgagcggg ccgttccagg tcgacgagga gcgcgtgcgg
   520081 atccactacc gcgacacccc gctcaacctc acccgccacg agttccgcct gctgcagacg
   520141 ctgctcgggc agcccgagcg ggtattcagc cgcgagcagt tgctcgacgc cctcggcgtc
   520201 gccagcgagg ccggctacga gcgcaacatc gacagccaca tcaagagcct gcgcgccaag
   520261 ctgcgccagg tgaacgaacg cggcgaagcg atccagaccc atcgcggcct gggctacagc
   520321 tacagcccgg accacgcctg atgccgctcg gcgttcggat cttcctggtc tacttcctgt
   520381 tcgtcggtct caccggctac ttcgtgctga gcacggtgat ggacgaagtg cgccccggcg
   520441 tgcgccagtc caccgaggaa accctggtgg acaccgccaa cctgctcgcc gagatcctcc
   520501 gccaggacgt gaagaacggc accctggcgc agagcgacct gccggagatg ctcgaggact
   520561 acggcaagcg ggtgccgcag gcggatatct ggggcttgcg caaggaggcg gtgaaccacc
   520621 gcatctacgt caccgacgcc agcggcaagg tgctgctgga ctccgccggg gtggccgtcg
   520681 gccaggacta ttcgcgctgg aacgacgtct acctgaccct ccgtggccag tacggcgcgc
   520741 gctccagccg cgaagacccg gacgacccgg attcctcggt gatgtacgtg gcggcgccga
   520801 tcaaggatgc cgggaagatc atcggggtgg tttcggtggc caagccgaac agcagcctgc
   520861 aaccctacat cgaccgctcg cagcggcgcc tggcctggct cggtgccggg ctgatcgccc
   520921 tcggcctgct ggtcggcggc ctgctctcct ggtggctcag cggcgcgctg cggcgcctca
   520981 cccagtacgc acaggcggtc agcgaggggc gccgcgccga gctgccgcgc tatcgcggcg
   521041 gcgagatggc gcaactggcc gacgcggtgg aacgcatgcg cacgcaactg gaaggcaagg
   521101 actacgtcga gcgctacgtg cataccctga cccacgaact gaagagccca ttggcggcga
   521161 tccgtggcgc cgccgagttg ctcgacggcg agatgccggc cgagcagcgg gcgcgcttcg
   521221 tcggcaacat cgccggcgag agcgagcgcc tgcaacaact gatcgagcgc ctgctgagcc
   521281 tggcccaggt ggagcagcgg caaggcctgg aggaggtcgg caaggtcgac ctgcgggaga
   521341 tcgccgcgtc cctgctggaa ggccaggcgg cgcgtatcca gcgccagcga ttgcgggtgg
   521401 agaaccgcct ggaaggtccc tgcgaggttc gcggcgagca gttcctgctg cgccaggcgc
   521461 tggccaacct gctcgacaac gccctcgact tcaccccgcc cggcggcatc cttcgcctgc
   521521 tcgccgaggt cgacggcgag ggtatcgcct tgcgcctgtt caaccagggg ccggcgattc
   521581 ccgactacgc cctggcgcgc ctcaccgaac gcttctactc gctgccgcgc ccggccagcg
   521641 ggcgcaagag caccgggctg ggactgaact tcgtcgccga ggtggcgcaa ctgcatggcg
   521701 gccggttgca ggtcggcaac cgcgacgacg gcgtcgaggc gctgctctgg ctgccgcgcg
   521761 gctgaggcgc ctccacggaa actccatcga ctctccacac ggcgacccga agcccgccat
   521821 cgcggcgccg cagactttcc gccatcaccc cgacggagag tccccccatg aaccgcacgc
   521881 tggcctacaa gctcggcgcc atcgccctac tcatcctgct attgctgatt cccctgttga
   521941 tgatcgacgg cctgatccgc gatcgccagg aggttcgtga cggcgtgctg caggatatcg
   522001 cccgcagctc cagctacagc cagcgcctca ccggcccgct gctggtggtg ccgtaccgca
   522061 ggacggtgcg cgagtgggtc accgaggaga agaccgagaa gcgcgtgttg caggagcgcg
   522121 agcagcgcgg cgagctgtac ttcctgcccg accgcttcgc cctcgacggg cagatgcgca
   522181 ccgagctgcg ctaccgcggc atctaccagg cgcgcctgta ccacgtcgac aacaaggttg
   522241 ccggctactt ccaggtgcct gcgcactatg gcatcgaaga agacctggag gactaccagt
   522301 tcgaaacgcc gttcctggcg atgggcatca gcgacatccg cggcatcgag aatgccctgc
   522361 gcctgtccct caacggtgcc agcgtcgact tcgagccggg tagccgggtc ggcctgctcg
   522421 gcagcggtgt gcacgcaccg ctgcaaggcg tcgacgggcg ccaggcgcag cgcctggagt
   522481 acgccttcga cctgtcgttg ctcggcagcg agcggctgga catcgtgccg gtgggccgcg
   522541 acagccaggt catcctgaag gccgactggc cgcacccgag cttcggcggc gagttcctgc
   522601 ccagcgagcg ggagatcacc gcccagggct tcaccgcgcg ctggcagacc agcttcttcg
   522661 ccaccaacat ggaagaggcg ctgcgcagtt gcgtggagga gcagcgttgc gacggcttcc
   522721 aggcgcgcgc cttcggcgtc ggcctggtcg atccggtgga ccagtacctg aaggccgacc
   522781 gcgcgatcaa gtacgcgctg ctgttcatca ccctgacctt cgccggcttc ttcctcttcg
   522841 aggtgctcaa gcgcctggcg gtacacccgg tccagtacgc gctggtcggc ctggcgctgg
   522901 cgttcttcta cctgctgctg ctgtcgctgg ccgagcacgt cggcttcgag ctggcctacc
   522961 tggtctccgc cggagcctgc gtcggcctga tcggcttcta cctgtgcttc gtcctgcgca
   523021 gcgtggcccg agggctgggc ttcagcgtcg gcctggcagg gctgtacggc ctgctctacg
   523081 gcttgctgag cgctgaggac tacgccttgc tgatgggctc gctgctgctg ttcgcggtgc
   523141 ttgccgcggt gatggtgctg acccgccgcc tggactggta cggggtcggc cgcaaggact
   523201 tcccggcggt acccgccagg gcctgacgac gaaggcggcg gcgccggccg ccgccgattt
   523261 ccaaggagga aaagcatgcg cctgttcttc gagttcaccc tctgtgccgc cctcggcctg
   523321 ctggtcagcg gcgtgatcct gatctttctg ctgttcttcg gcaagttcgg cctgatcgag
   523381 tactggatcg ccagcggcaa gcccctggcc cacgccatgt tggtactgat gccggacgga
   523441 ttctgggaag gcctcagcgg catcgagggc gccgccggca atccgcacgt gcgctccttc
   523501 ctggagcttt gcatggggct cggacagagc gcgctgttgc tgggcctgct gctgttccgc
   523561 ctggtgtgct ggaaatgaac ggctatgtcg gcctgcgcga cgaccgtcgc gacggcgagc
   523621 gcctggcggc gcggatcggc ctgctgttcc ccggcccctc ggcggcctgg ctgcaacgcg
   523681 ccgagcgcct gcggcggcag caggcgtcgg cgggcctcgg ggtcagacgc gggtggcctg
   523741 catcgacggg cgctggctga cttcggcgaa ccaggcggcg agtcgcgggt agcggccgcg
   523801 ccagtcccac tccggctggc gcaggtcgag atagcccagg gcgcaggcga cgccgatggc
   523861 ggcgatgtcg aagcgcgcct gcagttcggc gatgcagtcg ccctccagcc acgccaggga
   523921 ccgcccgatc ttttcccgct gtgcttcgag ccaggtgtcc cagcgcttct cctcggggcg
   523981 gacgaaggtt tcgtagcggg acagcaccgc ggcgtcgagg acggcgtccg ccagcgaggc
   524041 gatggtcagg cgtcgccagc gggcgctgcc ttcgcggggg atcagcggtt cgccgacgtg
   524101 ctgctggtcg aagtagtcgc agatcacccg gctgtcgtgc agcacctggc cgtccggcag
   524161 gcgcagggcg ggaatcttgc cggccgggtt gctggcgttg agctgccgga tgggcgcgac
   524221 cggcgtcggc gtgacttcct cgagcgccac gcgctcgcgt tggccggttt cgtggagcag
   524281 gaccaggacc ttgcgcacga agggcgaggc ggcggcgtag aacagcgtat gggtagcgct
   524341 catgcgggct ccttggaagg atcagtcgcg gacgacgcgc agacgatcgg cggcaggctc
   524401 ggcgctccag gtttctccgg ggcgaccgcc gagcagggcg ttgccgggcg ccggccggtc
   524461 gctgggcagg acgcggaatg tcgcctgctc actgtcgaaa cgcaagagcg ccccgctggc
   524521 ggcgtcgtgc agccagacac ggtccatggc gtcgacccgc aggctgtccg ggcgggcctg
   524581 gctgtccggc agcggccagc tctgccacga ggcatcgctg ggatcgtagc ggtacagccg
   524641 ggcgccaccg ctgtcgctgg cccagagcct gccgatggag tcggcgccga tcccgcgcaa
   524701 ggccttcgtg ccttcaggcg cgggcaaccg ctcggcgctg ccgtcgagcg gatcgacatg
   524761 caccagcgcg tcgtcctgcg cgtaccagac ctcgccgtcc ggggtgacgc agatgccgtt
   524821 cgccgccttg ccctggggcg agggccagac ctccaccagg cgcctggctg ggtcgaggcg
   524881 accgtggaag ccgcggctgc cggtgaacca gaggcgcccg tcgtcgtcga ataccgcgga
   524941 ctcgagcccg gccggcgcgg ccttggccgg tagcgggaaa cgttcgctgc ccaggcgctc
   525001 gccgccgatg cgaaggatgg cgttgaggcc gctgtcgagc acccaggcgt tgccgctctc
   525061 gtcgctgacg atggctcgcg gccgcgcgcc ttcgccgagc ggcacctgca cgctctcgcc
   525121 actggtcggg tcgaggcgcc ccagcgaatg cccgccgtcc gcgccgtacc agaccgcacc
   525181 ctgtgcactg ggcgcgaccg cgtagggcgc ggagcccttg tccagcgggt agtactgttc
   525241 gccggccagg gcggcgccgg tcgacgacag ggccaggaac aggcccagca gcgggtaggg
   525301 caggtgacgc atacggttct cccggaacga cgagcggaac gtggaaaggc tctgtcttgc
   525361 tattctggca gcgcattgag cataggagga actgcgaatg gccacagtgg aaatactcgg
   525421 ggcggaatgc cgcgcggggg gcgcggtgaa cgacgatgcg ctgggctgca cggcgcaggc
   525481 cgcctgggtg atcgacggtg ccaccagcat cggtcgcagc gtgctgggcg tggaaagcga
   525541 cgcgcgctgg ctggcccagg cggtggaccg gcacctgcgg ttgctgctgg aagtcgagcc
   525601 cgagcaatcc agcgagaccc tgctgcggcg cctgctcaac gatatccagg gcgacttccg
   525661 cgcccagagc ggccgcgact ggcacgacct cgaagacatg ccggcggcct gcctgagcct
   525721 gctgcggatt cgcggcggag aaatcgaact gctcaacatc ggcgacagcc ggatcctcgt
   525781 cgaaggcgcc gacggccagg tacgcagctt cggcgattcg gccctacacg aactggatcg
   525841 gcaatccctg gcgcatttct gccggatgcg cgaggaacat ccgcagtggg atcacgccga
   525901 actgttcaag gccagccgcc cgcgcgtgcg gcagaaccgc ctgctgatga acaagcccga
   525961 gggctactgg gcgctggaca tcagcgaccg ctggctcggc caggtgcagc gcgagacctt
   526021 gccgctcgcc gcgttgcgtt ccttcgtgct gatgaccgac ggcttcgacc ggctggtcga
   526081 gcctttccgc cgctataccg acgaacagtt gctgcgacgc ctcgaggacg tcggagtgag
   526141 cgccatgctc gacgagttgc gcgagatcga acagggcgac gaccaggccc tggctttccc
   526201 gcgtttcaag atccacgacg acgccagcgc gctgtggggt cggatcgcgg ggtgaacgat
   526261 gatctccggc gcccggaatg caggtcctcc ccattgcgcc ggctgccgat atcccggccc
   526321 tctccctcag gcgggaggag ggcatccggt gcccggaagg tacgttctgc ggtagggcga
   526381 ataaccgcga agcggttatc cgccgttacg cacctgtgac gcgtcgctca ccacttgtag
   526441 ctgacgctgc ccaccacgct gcgctggtcg ccgtagtagc agtagtagcc gtcgcaggac
   526501 gccaggtagt ccttgttgaa cagattgttg gcattgaccg ccacgctgac gcctttcagg
   526561 ctgccgttca attggcccag gtcgtagcgc acggcggcgt cgtacaaggt gtacgagccg
   526621 gcgtagccgt cgtaggtgtt ggcctggtcg ccgtaggtcg agcctacgta gcgggcgccg
   526681 gcacccacgc tgaaaccgtt cagcgtaccc tcgtgccagg tgtagtcggc ccatagcgag
   526741 gcctggttgc gcggcgcctg ttgcaggcgg ttgcctgcgt actggccttt tttcacttcg
   526801 gtgtcggtgt agctataggc gccgatcatc ttcaggttgt cggtgacgtt gctggtggct
   526861 tccagctcta tcccggagac cttcacttcg cccgtctgcg aagtgaccgg cgtgccgcct
   526921 atgttctgcg acacgctgac gttctcctgg cgcaggtcat agaccgcggc ggtgaacagc
   526981 gagtcggagc ccaccggctg gtacttcaca ccgatttccc attgcttgcc ttcggtcggc
   527041 ttcagcgaac tggtgctgtt catatcggcg ccagtggtgg gctggaacga ctccgcatag
   527101 gagatgtagg gcgccacgcc attgtcgaag atgtagctga gcgccgcgtt gccgctgaac
   527161 ttcttgtcgc ggctggtatt ggtggcgtcg cccttgttgt agaaggtggc cccggtgtgc
   527221 acccaatcct cgcgaccgcc gagggtcagg cgccaattgt cgagggcgat ctggtcctgg
   527281 acgtagaggc cggtctggta ggtcttctgc ttgtagtcgt agaaggccgt cgaacgatcc
   527341 ggtttgacga tcggctggcc gtagatcggg ttgttgacgt tgctcggcgg cgcgctgcca
   527401 aagatcgatg tgtattgatt gtcggtgcgg ttgtgatcca ggcctagcag cagggtgtgg
   527461 cgcagggcgc ctgtttcgaa gtcggcctgg aagttgttat ctactacgaa ctgactgacg
   527521 tcttcatcca ccgaggtggt gctgcgttcc agtgtgccgt cggcatgagc tgtgcccgct
   527581 gtaaccgcct ggaacgacag gtcgttgcgc aggtagcgca ggttctggcg gaactgccag
   527641 acatcgttga tccgccgctc gaaggcgtag cccagccagt agtaggtgcg gtcgtagtat
   527701 tcccagtccg gatcgccgag gttcttgtga tgggaaacct tgccgaacgg cgcgtcgtac
   527761 ttggttccgc gtagcggcag gaactggctg gtgatgccgg tatcgtcgcg gttgaactgg
   527821 ccgaggaagg tcagcctggt gtcgtcgtcg atgttccagg tcaggctcgg ggcgatgttg
   527881 tagcgcttgt cgtcgatatg gtcgacctgg gtgttgctgt cgcgcaccac gccggagacg
   527941 cgatagagaa agcgtccctc gtcgtcgagc gggccggtgc tgtcgaagct gacctgcttg
   528001 tggttgtagt tgccgacctc ggccttcacc tcgtgactgg cgacgttctg cggacgcagg
   528061 ctgaccatgt cgagcatgcc gcccggcggg gtctggccgt agaccgagga ggccgggccg
   528121 cgcaacaggg cgacacgctc caggttccag gtttccagtt tcgggttgtt gtagacgccg
   528181 accgccatcg gcaggccgtc gaggaactgg gtcggcttga agccgcgcac cttcaaccag
   528241 tcggagcggg tgtcgctgcc gaagctgctg gcgacgacgc cgggcatgta gcgcaccgcg
   528301 tcgtcgaggt tgtgcacggc gcggtcggtc atctgctggc gggtcgccac cgagatcgaa
   528361 cgcggggtct cgaggatcgg cgtatcggtc ttggtgccgg tcatgctgcg cttggccacg
   528421 tagccgctgg tcggccccag tgggtcttcc tcggcgccgc tgaccgtcat cgcctgcagc
   528481 gacagggtgt cttccggcac cttgcgcagg ctgtaggtgc cgccggcatt ttccaccagt
   528541 tccaggccgc tgcccttgag cgcttcgcgc aatgcgccgg gcgcgtcgaa gcgaccttgc
   528601 acggcgtggg cgctgcgtcc ttcggcgagc gccggatcca gggtgaggac caggccggcc
   528661 tgggccgcga tgcggttcag ggtgcctgcc agcggcccgg cggcgatgcg gtagtcgcgc
   528721 acgctggcct gttcggccgg ggcggcgtgg aggaacggtg cgggaacggc gagggcgatg
   528781 gctagggcga gcaggccggg acggaacgtc gggcgaggca tgtgcggggc tcctggatgg
   528841 aaacgagtct caatgcctcc ttgccggacg agtcggaaaa agtgataggg ccggcgggaa
   528901 aaatttttcg ccggcccgtt cggttcagcg tggcaccact tcgaaccacc aggcgttgtg
   528961 cctcacgctg cgcaccggca ggctcggctc caaagcctga agggcgaggc gggtgtcctt
   529021 cagcgggaaa ctgccggtga cgcgcaggtc ggcgatgctc gggtcgacct gcagcagcgc
   529081 cggcgaatag cgccccagtt ccgccaccag gtcggccagc cgggcgttct ccaccaccag
   529141 catgccttgt gcccaggcgc cggccagggc cggggccgct tcgctggcct gcaggccttg
   529201 cggcaggatc agcacctgct ggccttcctt gatcacacgc tcttcgctga gcgtttccgc
   529261 gcgcgcggcc accgccgact gcaacacggt gaggcgcgtg ccgggttcct cgcggcgcac
   529321 caggaagcgc gtgccgaggg cgcgcatgtc gccatcggcg ctgctgacca cgaaggggcg
   529381 cgggtcgcca tgggcggttt ccaccaggat ctcgccggcc agtagcacga cctggcggcg
   529441 ttcgccgtcg aagcggacgt cgatggcgct gcggctgttc aggcgcacat gagtggcatc
   529501 cgggagggtc agctcgcgct gctcgccggt ggcgctgtag gcatcggcca gcaggtagcg
   529561 gaccgggacg tagcggttgg ccacgccgag cccgacgcct agcgccagca ctagccccag
   529621 ggcgctgccg ccgagccggc gcaggcggcg cttgaagcgt gcgttgccgg acagcagggc
   529681 gttgcgtgcc ggcccgttgg cggctctcgc caggtgccgg tcgaggccgc cgagctgttc
   529741 ccaggcgcgt tcgtgttcgg gatgcgccgc gtaccagcgg tggaaggcgc ggtgatcgtc
   529801 gggatgggct tcgccggagt cgagcagcaa ttgccaggcg atggcttcgt cgagcacccg
   529861 cgcgcgtacc ggcgaatgac gatcgtcggc gctcaccggg gctctccgta gagggcgatg
   529921 tagcactggc gcagacccag ggccaggtat tggcgcacgc gcggcaccga gactccgaga
   529981 cgctcggcga tctccgcgtg gggcatgccg tccaggcggc tatagagaaa cgcgctacgc
   530041 gccttcagcg acagcgtgcc aagcaggcga tcgatctcgc ggaggtcctc gagaatcagg
   530101 tactgctctt cggccgaagg ctgctccgct tccggaacca gcgccagttc ggcgagatag
   530161 gcctgttcaa gggcggcgcg gcggaagtgg tcgatcatca gaccgcgcgc caccttcgcc
   530221 aggaacgcgc gcggttcgcg caggccgggc agctccgggc ggccgaggag gcgaacgaag
   530281 gtgtcctggc tgaggtcttc ggcgcgctgg cggcagccga ggttgcggtt cagccaggca
   530341 agcagccagc cgcggtggtc ccggtacagg ctacccacga attcgctgtt gctgacgtca
   530401 cccgccgaca cgaccgctcc ccatcccgaa acgggattga atggaaaaac gagaattatt
   530461 cgcaaatgat cgcaaagtgc gactatccct gcaattggcg tccgtcggga agccacttga
   530521 gtcgtcccgc tggtttgccg gaggatcggt gttcccataa caagaacagg agtctcgccg
   530581 tggccgaacc tttgctgatc atcggttcct atctgtcccc ctatgtgcgc aaggtgctgg
   530641 tgctgctgga actgaaaggc atcgcctacc gcatcgaccc catcgtgccg ttcttcggcg
   530701 acgaggcctt cgagcgcctc agtccgttgc gccagatacc ggtgctggtg gacggtgact
   530761 tcgtcctcaa cgattccagc gtgatctgcc agtacctgga ggagcgctac ccgcagccga
   530821 gcctgtatcc cgccgacatc ggccagcgcg cccaggcccg ctggctggag gagtacgccg
   530881 attcgcggct gggccaggtg atcatctggc agttgttcca ccagttggtg atcaaccgcg
   530941 gcatctggca gcgcgaaccc gaccaggcga tcctgcaacg cacctacgac gaagacctgc
   531001 cgtcgatctg caattacctg gaagggcgga tcccgccgag cggctggctg tgcggcgagc
   531061 tgtccatcgc cgatgtcgcc gtcgcctgcc tgttccgcaa tgcccagttg gcgcgctacc
   531121 aggtcgacgg cgagcgctgg ccgcgcctgg cgcgcctgtt ggctgacgct ttcgccttgc
   531181 cggccttcca gcatctggcg cgtttcgaga aggccaccgc gcagaccccg gtcgccgaac
   531241 agcgccaggc gctgcgcgag gccggcgcgc cgctcagcgc gaccagccac gcccgcgagc
   531301 ggccggtgcg cggtccgatg agccgctgag agggagtgcg ggcggcgccc agggcgccgt
   531361 cctgatgaag cgccattcag cgcctcgata agaccttcgc ggcgctggtg gatccagcgt
   531421 ccgggcatat tttatataga ccagtctata taaaacggag gccgcaccgt gatgaacgtc
   531481 cccgaagggt tccagccgct gttccgcagc agtccgttgc tcgacctgct cggtcctttc
   531541 ttctgccggc aggacgccca gcgccagttg gtggtggcgc tgcgcatcga cgaaaagcac
   531601 tgcaaccacg gtggcaccgc ccacggcggc ctgctctcga ccctggccga cgttggcctc
   531661 ggctacgcca tggcgttctc ccgcgaaccg ccgcagccga tggtcaccgt cggcctgcgc
   531721 ctggacttct gcggggtcgc gcgggtcggc gactggctgg aggtgcatac ccgggtcgac
   531781 aagctcggcc agcgcatggc cttcgcctcg gcccggctgc acagcggcga gcgcctggtg
   531841 gccagcgcca gcggcgtgtt tcatctgccc tgaggctcgg gcatgcttgc ccggtcgtct
   531901 gccgtgagtt ggggagtcag gtttgccgaa gaagtccaat gccgccgaac ggatcgtcca
   531961 tgccaccgcc tcgctgctgg ccagccgcgg gtatttcggc accgggctga gcgacatcat
   532021 cgctcgcgcc gaggcgccga aaggctcgct ctatcactat ttccccgagg gcaagccgca
   532081 gatcgccagc gccgcgatcg gcttcgtcgc cgacgaggtg gcgtccttcc tcgaccgcgc
   532141 cgggacccag gccccccatg cgcgcaacgt cctccgccag ttcaccgcga ccctgcgtgg
   532201 ctggctggag cattcgcgtt tcgaagaggc ctgcccggtg ctttccacca gcctgagcat
   532261 cgacgccgag ctggccccgg tgcacgctga atgccgccgg gcgctccgcg cctggcacgc
   532321 cagcatcgag cgtgcgttgc gcgccgacgg actggcggaa aagctcgccg cctcgcgtgc
   532381 ctggctgatc ctcgcggcgc tggagggggc ggtcgcggtg gcccgcgtcg agcggtcgtt
   532441 ccaggcgctg gatgcgatcg aggaagaatt gcaggcgcta ctgccggcct aggcgggtgt
   532501 cgcgcccagg ccggccaggt atccgtcagt gctgcacgct gtccaccgcg atcgcttcgc
   532561 cggaaacttc gtggtaggcc gtgcggcgct tggccagggc gtagtggatc aggccggcca
   532621 ggccggcgcc gaagaaccag gagaacggcg atagctcggc gaatgccggc aacaatgcca
   532681 gcagggtgga gatgatcgcc gccgggacga acgcggcgat ggcccgcggg ttcacccctc
   532741 gcgcgtagtg ataggcgccg gcgcggcttt cggtgtacag ctccggcagg ttcacccggc
   532801 ctttccgcac caggtagtag tcgaccatga tgatcccgta cagcgggccg agcagcgcgc
   532861 cgaggccgcc gaggaagtag aggatcaccc cggggctgtt gtacaggtgc cagggcagga
   532921 tcagcaccgc gatggtcgcg ctgatcagcc cggcgcggcg gaagttcagc aggttcggcg
   532981 ccaggttggt gagtacgtag gccggggcga cgaagttggc catgatgttc accgccacgg
   533041 tgacgatcag cagcgccagg ctggccagca ccaggaagag ggtgtcgggg atcgcggcga
   533101 cgatgtcggt ggggctctgg atgagctggc cgtcgatcct gaactgggcg ccggcgagga
   533161 ccaccgcgaa caggccgaac agcaggatgt tcaccggcag cccccagaag ttgccgacgc
   533221 tgatggtgcg gcggtccggg cagccgcggg cgaagtcgca gaagttcagg atcatggtgc
   533281 cgtacagggt cacccagaac gccgcgccgc cgaagatctt caaccacatc tgcgaaccgc
   533341 tcatgggttc gccgctggac caggcgatgg aggcgccggc gcgcaggtac atccaggcgg
   533401 cgagggcggc gacggtgagc aggatcaccg gtccggcgaa ggattcgtag cgacgcacca
   533461 tctccatgcc gtaggcgaag atcagcagtt gcacgcacca gatggcgacg aaggtcgccc
   533521 agcccaggct cgacaggccg aggatggcgt cctggtcgta ggctgcgagc cccggccaga
   533581 tcgccgtcag cagcacgcgc aggacgatgg aggcgagata ggtctggatg ccgaaccaga
   533641 cgatggcgat caccgcgcgg atcagcgcgg ggagttgcgc gccgtggatg ccgaaggcga
   533701 tgcggcacat caccgggtag ggcagcccgg tcttctggcc catgtagccg gacaggttca
   533761 tcagcccgta gaccatcagc gcgcccaggg ccagcgcggc gaggatctgc gcgccgctca
   533821 tgccgagggc gaagaggccg atggcgaagg agtagttggc gatattgtgc acgtcgttgg
   533881 tccacagcgc gaacaggctg tagcgtcccc agcggcgccc ttcggccttg gtcggggcga
   533941 gatcggcgct gtacaggcgc gggctcagcg gcggcagttc ggggccggcg tgatggctgg
   534001 cgcggggcag gcaatcgaga ctggcgggag tgcccaggtc caggcgcgcc gccgagaact
   534061 ccgctgcgcg cagcccggcg cgtggcaggc agtcgagact ggccggagtg cccaggtcga
   534121 gcagtgaggc ggagaactcg gcgctccgct gaccggcgcg cggcaggctg tcgaggcttt
   534181 ccagggtgcc gaggtcgagc agcgagggag aaaactcgcg gggcgaggcg ggcggcttcg
   534241 gggtgctgga catggcggtc tcctccggca gtcggaagaa ctcggcgcga ggtcgggttc
   534301 gtctgttgtt tttgtataca agaatttcga agatttaagc cagttatgtg ccaaccgatc
   534361 ctcgaccgaa ttttccgcgc tctgcggaaa ccggcctttc ggcggcaagc ccctgaaacc
   534421 gcttgggaaa aagctgtcgc ttcgatcagg taagaatttc gaaccgattc ataggcttat
   534481 gcggacggac gagggagagg ggaaaaaagc gggacgccag gaggccgcat tgggaaaatt
   534541 gtgcacaata attgtgccca gtgttaccgc cgcgcccgtc gacggtgcgc ggcgcgaagc
   534601 tcagcccgtc cgggaaatat ccaggccctt caactgcccg atcatccacg catgggcgtc
   534661 acgcccgaca tgctggacgt ggctgtagag ccgcagcacg tagggcggaa tgtcgaacgg
   534721 cgcgggatac agggcgaggc cggcggcttc cgccagggcc cgtgcggcat gtcgcggagc
   534781 ggtgagcagg aaatcggtgg agcctgccag gaacagcgcc gccagcaccg tcggcagttg
   534841 caccgccact tcgcgacgca ggccggagcg ggccagcagc cggtcgatca ccccgctgtc
   534901 ctcgttccac ggcgtcacca ccgcatgccg ttcggccagg tagccctcca gcgtcggcgc
   534961 cccggcgagg cgcgggtggt cgcgccgcgc taccaccacg tagcggtcgg cgaaccagtc
   535021 atgggcctgg atgccttcgg gcaggcgctc gtgttcctcg tcgtagccga gggcgaaatc
   535081 gatccgcccg ctggccaggg cctccaccga cagcttgcgt tccgcattga ccaggcgcag
   535141 gcgcactccg ggcgcgctgt gctgcaggcg gttcatcagc ggcggaagca gggcgaaggc
   535201 ggtgtagtcg gtggcggcga agacgaaggt gcgctggctc tgtcccggta cgaacggccg
   535261 ccactcttcc agcccctcgc cgagggcgcg cagagcggcg gccaccgcag cggccaggtg
   535321 ctcggcacgc tgggtcggct gcatgcggtt gccctggcgc aggaacagct cgtcgtccag
   535381 cccctggcgc aggcgcccca gcgcatggct gaaggccgag gcgctgatcg ccagttcgct
   535441 ggctgcggtg ccgacgttgc ggtggcgata cagggcgtcg aagacaagca ggaggttgag
   535501 atcgaggcgg cgcagcaggg gatgcatgtt attcagttgc cgatgagaag aatgcacttc
   535561 atgcatctta gcagtcgcac taggatggcc ggatccccca ccggaaggtt gcccatgact
   535621 ctcgaaatcc gtcccgccgt accggccgac gccgaacaga tccttgcctt catcatcgaa
   535681 ctggccgact acgagcgcgc ccgccacgag gtggtcaccg atgtcgaagg catccgccgc
   535741 agcctgttcg ccgaaggctc gccgacccgc gcgctgatgt gcctgagcga gggccggccg
   535801 atcggctatg cggtgtattt ctacagctac tcgacctggc tggggcgcaa cggcatctac
   535861 ctcgaagacc tctacgtcac cccggaatac cgtggcgtcg gcgccggtcg ccggctgctc
   535921 cgcgagttgg cccgcgaggc cgtggccaac gactgcggac gcctggagtg gagcgtgctg
   535981 gactggaacc agccggccat cgacttctac tgctccatcg gcgcgctgcc gcaggacgag
   536041 tgggtgcgct atcgcctgga tggcgaggcg ttgcgcaaga tggcggagta gctggcggca
   536101 agccgacgtt gatgctgggg gagtgtgtgg gggtagggcg aatagcgcct ggcgatatcc
   536161 gccagtttct caccgaggac gcctggcgcc tgccgagtca tcgccaccgg tatccatgcc
   536221 gctctcccgt agcgctgtag cgttgtcccg caggaacgcc cacaggcgtt ccgctaccgg
   536281 gccctgcgcg cgatcgcgcc ggcgcgccgc caccacctct tcgctgcgtc ctggcagatg
   536341 cggcccggcc agtgcgagca ggcggccgtc ggccagttcc tcgtctacca ggaagtccgg
   536401 caggtgcccc cagccgaggc cctggaggat cacctctttc ttcgttcgct ggtccggcac
   536461 gctgcactgt cgcgcgccgg cgagcatgaa atagtccgtc ggcggagaat ggcgggcgct
   536521 gtcgcgcatc acgcactggg cgaaggggcg cagttgttcc gggcgcaccg gtcgcggcgg
   536581 aggatcgccg agcaggcccg gcgcgatgac cgggaccagc ccgaccctgc acaggtcgag
   536641 ccattccagg cgtgggtcgg acttgtccac gcgatgcagg atcaggtcgg cctcgccgtc
   536701 cagcaggcgc tccagcgggc cgctgacggt ttcgaacagc aattgcaggc gggtctgcgg
   536761 ctggctgccg aagaaccctg cgagcagcgc cagggccggg cgcggcgggc agaggtcgcc
   536821 cagtaccact cgcagctcgc tttcctcgcc ctgggccagg tgcgcggcgt ggtcacgcag
   536881 cccttccagt tcgtagagca gggcctgggc acgctggtgg aaggagcgac cggcggcggt
   536941 caggccgacc cggtagccgc cccgttccag cagcaccagg ccgagctggc gctccagccg
   537001 ggcaacggcg gcgaacaccg ccggatggga gcggtgcagg cgctgtgcgg cggcctggaa
   537061 gccgccggcg tcgaccaccg cgtcgaagca ttggaggtcg tggagggtga agtcgtgcat
   537121 gtcagcttcc ctgacagagt cgttccattc tttgtagttt ttcccagggg ccgtcgcaac
   537181 tagcctggcg tgcatggcaa tcaccctgac cccggaggct cccatgggca acctgtcttt
   537241 tctcgctacc agcgatggcg ccagcctcgc ctatcgcctg gacggtgcgg cggagaaacc
   537301 gctgctggcg ctctccaact ccatcggtac caccctgcac atgtgggatg cgcaactccc
   537361 ggcactgacc cggcacttcc gcgtcctgcg ctacgacgcc cgcggccatg gcgcctccag
   537421 cgtgccgccg gggccctaca ccctggcccg gctgggcgag gacgtactgg agctgctcga
   537481 cgcgctggag gtacggcgcg cgcatttcct cggcctgtcc ctgggcggga tcgtcggcca
   537541 gtggctggcg ctgcatgcgc cgcagcggat cgagcggctg gtgctggcca acacctcggc
   537601 ctggctcggc ccggcggcgc agtgggacga gcgcatcgcc gcggtgctgc aggccgagga
   537661 tatgagcgag accgccgcgg gtttcctcgg caactggttt ccgccggcgc tgctggagcg
   537721 cgccgagcct gtcgtcgagc gcttccgggc gatgctcatg gccaccaacc ggcacggcct
   537781 ggccggctcc ttcgcggcgg tgcgcgatac cgacctgcgc gcgcaactgg cgcggatcga
   537841 gcggccgacc ctggtgatcg caggggcgta cgacacggtc accgccgcca gccacggcga
   537901 gctgatcgcc gcgtcgattg ccggggccag gctggttacg ctgccggcgg tgcatctgtc
   537961 gaacgtcgag ttcccgcagg cgttcgaagg cgcggtgctg agctttctcg gcgcagactg
   538021 attacgctat cgtcgcgcct tttccctcgg cgcaggagcc gacatgaacg agccgggcag
   538081 tttcatctgg acgtggtacg ggcaggatga gcatcgatgg gtcctgctca gcgcagaggc
   538141 gttcctggcg ctcgatttcc tggcccttga cggtgccatg cagagagaga ccatcggcag
   538201 ttgcccgggc tgctctacct ggtcggagaa ggtcgtgccg ttgcacgagt ggctcgaagg
   538261 ctgtccgggt caccaggccg ggagttttcg cgatgccttg aggcgtgtct gggcgctgtg
   538321 caacgagctg cccgaggaag cgctgggctg cttcgacttc gacatctatg cccaccccgg
   538381 atggcaggcg gtacgtcgag aggcccggga ggcgctgcgg cagaacggtt gggacagcat
   538441 ccgtagccac gccgaggagc tgcgcgacga ctgttgggag cgtgtgcatg gctacccgaa
   538501 gaaatgaaaa agccgcccct cggggcggct tttcgttgcg ctgcggcgaa cggcctacag
   538561 cccgttcttc gccttgaact cacggcggcg gcgatgcagg accggctcgg tatagccgtt
   538621 cggctgccgg gtgccttcca ccaccagctc cagggcggcc tggaacgcga cgttgtcgtc
   538681 gaagttcggc gccatcggcc ggtaggacgg gtcgctggcg ttctgccggt cgaccaccac
   538741 ggccatgcgc ttgaggctct cgaccacctg ctcctggctg atcacgccgt gacgcagcca
   538801 gttggccagc agttggctgg agatgcgcag ggtggcgcgg tcttccatca gaccgacgtc
   538861 gttgatgtcc ggcaccttgg agcagccgac gccctggtcg atccagcgga cgacatagcc
   538921 gaggatgccc tgggcgttgt tgtccacctc gttcttgatc tcttccgcgg tccagttggt
   538981 gttcggcgcc agcggaatgg tcaggatgtc gtccagcgag gccggggtgc gcttggccag
   539041 ctcggcctgg cgggcgaaca cgtcgacctt gtggtaatgc agggcgtgca gggtcgcggc
   539101 ggtcggcgac gggacccagg cggtgttggc gccggccagc ggatggccga tcttctgctc
   539161 gagcatggcg gccatcaggt cgggcatggc ccacatgccc ttgccgatct gcgccttgcc
   539221 ttgcaggccg gtggccaggc cgacgtcgac gttgttgttc tcgtaggcgc cgatccactt
   539281 ctccgacttc atggcgccct tgcgcaccac ggcgccggct tccatggagg tgtggatctc
   539341 gtcgccggtg cggtcgagga agccggtgtt gatgaacacc acgcgatcct tggccgcctt
   539401 gatgcaggcc ttcaggttca cggtggtgcg gcgctcctcg tccatgatgc cgaccttcag
   539461 ggtgttgcgc ggcaggccga ggacgtcctc gacgcggccg aacagctcgt tggtgaaggc
   539521 ggcttcttcc ggaccgtgca tcttcggctt gacgatatac acgctgccgg tgcggctgtt
   539581 cttgcggctg gtgttgccgt tcaggtcatg aatggcgatc aggctggtga acagaccgtc
   539641 ctggatgcct tccggcactt cgttgccgtc cttgtcgagg atcgcatcgt tggtcatcag
   539701 gtggccgacg ttgcgcacga acagcagcga gcggccgtgc agggtcagtt cggaaccgtc
   539761 ggccctggtg tagacgcggt ccgggttcat ggtgcgggtg aaggtgctgc cgcccttgct
   539821 gacttcctcg gccaggtcgc ctttcatcag gcccagccag ttgcggtaga tcactacctt
   539881 gtcgtcggcg tcgaccgcgg cgaccgagtc ctcgcagtcc atgatggtgg tgagggcggc
   539941 ttccatcagc acgtccttca cgcctgcggc atcggtctgg ccgaccgggc tgctcgggtc
   540001 gatctggatt tcgaagtgca ggccgttgtg cttgagcagt accgcttgcg gcttggcggc
   540061 gtcgccctgg aaggcaagga actggccagc attcttcagg ccggtttcgc tgccgttctt
   540121 cagcgcgacg accagcgcgc cgttcttcac gctgtaggaa gtggcgtcga catgggagcc
   540181 ggactccagc ggcgcggcct cgtcgaggaa ggcgcgagcg aaggcgatga ccttgtcgcc
   540241 gcgaaccttg ttgtagccct tgcctttctc ggcgccgcct tcttcgctga tcacgtcggt
   540301 gccgtagagt gcgtcgtaca gcgagcccca gcgggcgttg gaggcgttga gggcgaagcg
   540361 cgcattcatc accggcacca ccagctgcgg gccggccatg cgggcgatct cgtcgtcgac
   540421 gttctgggtg ccggcctgga agtcttccgc ctcgggcagc aggtagccga tttcctcgag
   540481 gaaggccttg taggcagctg cgtcgtgggc ctggccggcg cgagcctggt gccagccgtc
   540541 gatcttggcc tggagttcgt cgcgcttggc gagcagggct ttattcttcg gcgccaggtc
   540601 gttgatcacg gcctccgcac cggtccagaa cgtgtcggca gagacgccgg ttccggggat
   540661 ggcttcgttg ttcacgaagt cgaacaggac tttggcgacc tgcaggccac cgacttgaac
   540721 gcgttcagtc attgtttgcc tcactctgct ctagaccagc tctggacccg ggccgcacgg
   540781 ccttgtagtc cgagccgcgg catactacat gatgccgcgg gaaaaatcag tggttacgcg
   540841 tcgcgttacg actggatgac gcttcacggt cacgttggcc aggctcaatg ttcgcaaaaa
   540901 aactgtactt tgttccagat aaatctaaaa acagtacacg atttatcgcg agcccaactg
   540961 cggcgcggcg tcgcaggatg tttcactgcg ctgcgagcgc cttgcctata ctccggaatc
   541021 gccccaggag cctcgccatg cccgtccatg ccgcatccct cgccgatctc gccgacctgg
   541081 ttccgctgtt ttccgcctac ctcgacttct acgaagtgcc ggcgccggaa gagcaggttc
   541141 gcgcattcct cgccgagcgc ctgcgccagg gcgattcgac cctgttcctg gccagggatg
   541201 ccgaggcgcg ggcgctgggc ttcgtccaac tctatccgct gttcgcctcc ctggcgctac
   541261 gaccttcgtg gctgctcagc gatctctacg tccgcccgga ggcgcgtcgc cggggtgtcg
   541321 gcgaggccct gatgaaccag gcccggggtt tcgccgaaag catgggcgcc tgcggcctgc
   541381 aactggagac ggcgaagacc aaccacgccg ggcagtcgct ctacgagcgc ctcggctatg
   541441 tccgtgacga acagttctac acttactggc tgcagctctg aactcccatt cgtcccagca
   541501 ggaggcaagc tcatggatca cctggtcctg accgtgatcg ccaccgacca tcccggcctg
   541561 gtcgagcgca tcgcccaatg catcgcctcc cacggcggca actggctgga aagccgcatg
   541621 tcgcggatgg ccgggcagtt cgccgggata ctgcgggtgg ccgtgccggc ggaaggctac
   541681 gacgaactgg tggaagggct acagggcctg tccagccacg gtatccgcgt gctcctggcg
   541741 gaaagcggga tcgagccggt atgcaactgg aagcctatcc acctcgacct ggtgggcaac
   541801 gaccgccccg gtatcgtgcg cgacatcacc cggctgctgg ccgagcacgg ggtgaacctg
   541861 gagagcctgt ccaccgaagt gcgcccggcg ccgatgagca gcgaaccgct gttccatgcc
   541921 gatgcgctgc tggcggtgcc gctgaccctg tcgctggaca ccctgcgcga gcgactggaa
   541981 gacctggccg acgacctgat ggtggagttg gtgctggacg cgtcctgaag ttgttcagga
   542041 aagccgggga cgggcctgtg gaaaagcctt gggtgaaacc ctgaagccca ggcgccgcga
   542101 ggcttggagg tcgtagcgcg ttttttgacc agctgcgttg cggttattcc caaaccaggt
   542161 ggaccagcct gtgggtattc tgtgtggata agcttgcagg cctctatcca taggcgatac
   542221 aagggtttga tcgttttctg agcagcctct cttgcgcttt tgcttgtgga ttaaccttcg
   542281 ccgctatcgt tgcccctgtg cacaaatgac gtggagcagt ctgtgggtaa gccggggaaa
   542341 aatccatgca ggcctttatc catcggtaat ccaggtgtcc gtacgttttt tgatcgatgg
   542401 cttttccggt tcatccacag ttgctcacaa aagccttggg cagctttgtg gataagcctt
   542461 gtgtatatcg ttgtaaccct tggtaagcct ggcatgcagc ggtatgctca aagactgatc
   542521 aggcgctttg cagggcctct tccgacgagt tatccacgtg cctgcggaga ggagaaggca
   542581 ggtctatgca caaagtgcgt gcatgatcct gtggaaaagc ctggggtgga tcgctgagcg
   542641 tcagtattgg cgggggatag gaaggagtgc gtgttttttc gccaggcttg cggagttccg
   542701 caagcctggg gataacgtca gcccggctgg ggaaggcggc gcaggctgcg ccaggcgtcg
   542761 aagctgtaga cggccagggc gagccagatg aaagcgaagg cggtcaggcg gctggagtcc
   542821 agatgctcgc cgaacagcag gatcgcctgt agcaggacca gcgtcggcgc caggtattgc
   542881 aggaagccca gggtggcgta gggcaggtgc cttgccgcag cgttgaagca gaccagcgga
   542941 accagcgtca ccgggcccgc ggcgaccacc cacagggctt ccggggtgct ccagaaagcc
   543001 gtttcgctgg tcggcccgtc ggcgaacaac agcaaccaga ccagcgccag cggcagcagc
   543061 agccaggttt ccaccaccag tccgggcagc gcggcgaccg gcgccttttt gcggatcagg
   543121 ccgtagaagc cgaaggtcag ggccagcacc agcgacaccc agggcaggct gccgagttgc
   543181 cagacctgct gcgccacgcc cagcgaagcc agggccactg ccagccattg caggggacgc
   543241 aggcgttcct tgagcagcaa catgccgagc atcacgttga tcagcggatt gatgtagtag
   543301 cccaggctgg cttccagcat gtggccgttg ttcaccgccc agacataggt catccagttg
   543361 ctggcgatca gcagtccgct ggcggccagc acgacgaagc gctgcggatt ctggcgcagc
   543421 tcgcgccacc agcccgggtg cttccagaac agcagcagga cggcgccgaa cagggccgac
   543481 cagaccgcgc gctggacgat gatttccacc gcgggaatgc gttcgagcag tttgaagtag
   543541 agcgggaaca gtccccagat cacataagcc gtcaggccga ggacatagcc ccgacggagg
   543601 ttggcggtcg ccatggagaa tccttgaaac gtcaggcagg taagaatggc cgtgcacggt
   543661 atgcacgcgc ggatgacctg tgaattctag taggggggtg gcgagcttgt ctgcgcacag
   543721 ttcccgcgga aaagcaccgg cacacttgcc gttccctcgc ctgtcccgcg gcgggacgga
   543781 tagcgccgtc cgcaggaggc tcagaacagt cgcagcggtt cctcgtccag cgccgccagt
   543841 tgttcgcgca gcaccagcac ctgctcgccc cagtaacgtt cgctgccgaa ccaggggaag
   543901 ctcggcggga acgccgggtc gtcccagcgc cgcgcgagcc aggcgctgta gtgcatcagg
   543961 cggaggctgc gcaggccttc gagcagcggt agctggcgcg ggtcgaagtc gtggaactcg
   544021 ttgtagccgt cgaccagttc ggcaatctgc gccaggcgtt cgtggcgctc gccggcgagc
   544081 atcatccaca ggtcctggag agccgggccc atgcggcagt cgtcgagatc gaccatgtgg
   544141 tagacctcgt cgcggcacag caggttgccc ggatggcagt cgccgtgcag gcggatcggc
   544201 tggtagggca cctcggcgaa cagggcgtcg aggcgtttca gcaggtcgcg ggcgaccgac
   544261 tcgtaggccg gcagcaggct cctggggatg aaattgcctt ccagcagggt ggccagcgag
   544321 gcgtggccga agttatccac agcgagcgcc tcgcggtgct cgaacggccg cgtggcgccg
   544381 accgcgtgca ggcggccgag caactggccg aggcggtaga gctggtcgag attgcccggc
   544441 tcgggcgcgc gcccgccgcg ccgcgggaac agggcgaagc ggaagccgga gaatgcgaac
   544501 aggctttcgc cgtcgcgcga cagcggcgcc accaccggca cctcgcattc cgccagctcg
   544561 gcggagaagg cgtgctcctc gcggatcgcc gcgtcgctcc agcggtccgg tcggtagaac
   544621 ttggcgatca gcggctcgcc gtcctcgatg ccgacctggt acacgcggtt ttcgtagctg
   544681 ttgagcgcca gcacccgtgc gtcgctgaga tagccgaggc tttccacggc atccaggacg
   544741 aggtcggggg tcagttggtc gaagggatgg gacatgacgg ggcatccaag gctcgaaaga
   544801 cccctagtgt acgcaagccg gtgcgggccg gcaggttcac agcggcgtgc cgagcaggac
   544861 ctgggctgga tcgaaggagg cgatcacctt ctggcccttc ttcagcccca ggctggccag
   544921 gcgttcgccg gacagcagcg cgcagagggt aagaccgctg cccagggcga tgcgcacctc
   544981 gctgggaccg gccttggccg cgaggatttc ctccagggtg ccgtgcaact ggttcggctg
   545041 gtcctcgcgc ggttccagcc cgacgtccag ccagccggcc ttgatcagcg ccagtaccgg
   545101 gcggccgcga ccgagttcga gttgctcggt gctggcgcgg gtgatcagcg cctcgatgcg
   545161 ttgctggcct ggcagctcga tggcgatgcg gtcgtggaag ccttcgccat ggatcgacag
   545221 gacccgcccg tgcaattggt tgcgtgcgct ggtgcggagc atcaggcggc cgatcaggtt
   545281 gaggtcctcg gcgtcttccg cggcctgcaa cacctgcgct tgcaaggctt ccaggcgccg
   545341 gtagagagcc agcaggcgtt cgccctcggc ggtcagccgg gcgccgccgc cgcccttgcc
   545401 gccgacgcta cgctcgacca gcggacgctc ggccaggttg ttcagttcgt cgatggcgtc
   545461 ccaggcgccc ttgtagctga tgcccacggc cttcgccgca cgggtgatgg agcccagttc
   545521 ggcgatctgc gcgagcaggg cgatgcgttg cgggcgacgg gtgacgtgct gggcgagagt
   545581 ggagagtgcg gacatggagg cttcgctatg agcggacgta tacggcgaag gctccaacag
   545641 ccatgggcaa aacgcaaggg cgtcactcgg cggcctggta gagaccgtag ccggcggcgg
   545701 cgccggccag gtcccaggcg aggtccttcc agctccagcc gctgccggcg gaacggctgt
   545761 cgtagaactc cttgccgacg ccgaaggcga gcgagaagct caggccgaag cgtgcctggc
   545821 gagcgccgcg caggccgcgg tcgtgagcca tctgcatgcc cgccgcggca agggccgcgg
   545881 aactggcgaa atgcagggct ttgtcttcgc ccagccagtc gtcttcggcg aaatggctgc
   545941 aaccgtcgag caacaggcag gccgcgacca gcagtgcgcg catggatcct ctcccgtatc
   546001 ggttgcgcgg cagtttagcc cagctcagcc gggcttcggc gtgcgcgcca ggcagtagac
   546061 gtcgacccgc gcggcgcccg cccggcgcaa caggcgggaa aggcgctcgg cggtggcccc
   546121 ggtggtgagc acgtcgtcca ccagtgccag gtgcagcccg cgaacatcgc tggcgggcgc
   546181 cagggcgaag gcgtggcgca ggttgcgccg ccgcaccgtc gcgtccagtc cctgctgggc
   546241 cggagtatcc agcactcgcc gcaggctgtg cggatcgcag cgcaggtcca gctcgccagc
   546301 cagtcgctcg gcgagctgtt gcgcctggtt gaagccgcga cgacgttcgc gccgtggcgc
   546361 cagcgggacc ggcagcaggc gtgccgggcg cggcaggcct tcggcgtagc gttgccgcag
   546421 gtgttccgcc agcaactcgc cgagcagccg ccccagcggc caggccgccc ggtgcttgaa
   546481 gcggttgatc aggctgtcga gcggaaaggc gtagcgccag ggcgcgatcg cctgttcata
   546541 ggccggcggg cggcgcaggc actcgccgca cacctggccg tccagcggca ggggcagggc
   546601 gcagcgccgg cactgctggc gcgaccaggg caggtcggcg gcacaggcgc ggcacagtgg
   546661 gcggggcggc tggtcgctgc gggcggcgca gagcaggcag gccggcggcg gcaaaagcca
   546721 gcgagtgaga ggacgaagcg ggaacgacat ggcgggactt cctggcggat gtcgcaccat
   546781 gcaaccgcag gcgcgcgccg ccgaccagcc gttgccagcg ggttcggaac tcgcctgtgg
   546841 ataaccgaaa ccttccttcg ctccttgcgg aaacggccga cgcgtggatc agtggatgag
   546901 ccagctcatg acgatcaggc cgagcaccgt ccagatcacc ccgccgacta tcgagcggcg
   546961 catgaaggcg cgtataccgc tgtagagcag caacaggccg agcaccagga agacgaagct
   547021 gaacagcgat gcgtccatgc cgatggccct ggccaggccg tggaggaagt cgtccatggc
   547081 gtcccagatg ccgcccagca ggccggagag caggtccacc acgaagcgga tcgccctgcc
   547141 cagcatctcg cccagtccgt cgaaaaagcc ttctgtaccc atgagtgtcc tgtcctgagt
   547201 gttcccagcg ttggatcaga gattagccgc cgggttcagc gccggctgct gctttgctgc
   547261 ggagcgagga acgactggcg gaagtattcg cggaacgcgc gcatcccggc gctcgcttcg
   547321 gtgtcgcggc gccaggccag gccgacgctc atcgacggca ccgggtcgac cagcgatagc
   547381 gtctcgatgc gtttgccttc cagcgaccag ggccggtaca ccaggtcgga gaggatggcc
   547441 acgccggagc cgttggcgac catgctgcgc accgcttcca ccgaactggt atggaggatc
   547501 acctgcggcc ggtggccgct ctgttgccag tagcgcagcg cgctctgccc ggcctcgtcg
   547561 acggtgagca tgatgtaggg ctcgccggcc acgtcggcaa ggcccaggtc ggccttctcg
   547621 cccagcggat ggcggctggg cagccacaac cgtcgctcgg agttgaacag ggtttcggcg
   547681 gcgatcccgg gctcggtgag attgccggtg agcagcacgg cgatgtcgta gcgaccgtcg
   547741 aggaggccgc gctcgatgct ggcgcgctcg tcctcgaaca gttgcagctc cagttccggg
   547801 taccactgcg ccaggcgttg caggtggtgg gggaggaaat agcccatcac ggtatagctg
   547861 gcggcgacct tcagggtgcc ttcgacccgg gtgtccggtt gcgggctgtt gagcgcgtcg
   547921 tcgacgctgc gctggatcga ataggcgtgg ttgaggaagt gccggccgct gtcggtcagg
   547981 ttcatgccct gcgccgtgcg ggtgaacagg gcgacgccga gcatgctttc cagttcctgg
   548041 atcgcgctgg tcaccgccga ctgcgagatg ttcaggtgga tggcggcctg ggatatctgg
   548101 ccgaactcgg cggtggcgat gaagtagcga acctggcgga gggtcagggc catggggagc
   548161 atccggagga ggtatctgtt tttcagaaac cagtctatcg aataataaat ctacccaata
   548221 cctttcccgg cttttaccgt ggctccatcc aacaacaaga cagatgaggc ctgcgggcaa
   548281 tgactgaagt cgacctcaat tccgacatgg gcgaaggctt cggcccatgg accatcggcg
   548341 atggcgtgga cgcggcgatc atgccgctga tcagcagcgc caacatcgcc accggtttcc
   548401 atgccggcga cccgagcagc atgcgccgca ccgtggagat ggccgccgag catggcgtgg
   548461 ccatcggcgc ccatccgggc ttccgcgacc tggtcggctt cgggcgtcgg cacatcgccg
   548521 cgccggccat cgagctggtc aacgacatgc tctaccagct tggcgcactg cgcgaattcg
   548581 cccggctgca gggcctgtcg ctgcaacacg tcaagcccca cggcgcgctc tacatgcacc
   548641 tggcgcggga cgaggtcgcc gcgcgcctgt tcgtcgagac cctgcaacgc ctggaaccgg
   548701 aactgctgct ctattgcatg cccggttcgg ccacctggcg catcggccgg gaactgggcc
   548761 agccgctggt gcgcgagttc tacgccgacc gcgactacga ccgcagcggc tccatcgtct
   548821 tcacccggcg ggtcgccgcc ctcgatccgc agcaggtcgc cgacaaggtc ctgcgcgcct
   548881 gccgcgaggg caaggtgcgc accgtcgagg gcgaggacct cgacatcgcc ttcgactcgg
   548941 tgtgcatcca cagcgatacc cccggtgccc tggagctggt cgccagcacc cgtgcgcgcc
   549001 tggagggcgc cggcatccgc atcaaggcgc cgcgttgagc gccgctcgcc tcggcgagcc
   549061 tcgcgacaag cttttctgcc atttcctaca acgttcgaat aatgaggatt cgtcatggcc
   549121 gaacataacg tgcagtcccc cttgcccggc accttctatc gcaaggccag ccccgacgcg
   549181 ccgccctacg cggaggtcgg gcaggcggtc gaggccggca gcgtgatcgg gctgatagag
   549241 gtgatgaagc agttttccga agtgcaggcc gggcaggccg gcatactcca ggcgttccac
   549301 gtggaagatg gcgaggccat cgagccgggc caggtgctgg cggtgatcgc cagcgctacc
   549361 tgaggaggat gccatgcaca agcgactgaa caagctgctg gtggccaatc gcggcgagat
   549421 cgccgtgcgc atcatccgcg ccgcgcaggc actgggcatt cccacggtag cggtgtgcag
   549481 cgaggcggat cgcgattcgc tggccgcgcg gctggccgat gaggtacgcc tgatcggccc
   549541 tgcgcgggcc gaccggagct acctggatat cgaggcgatt ctcatggcgg cgcgggaaac
   549601 cggtgccgac tcgatccatc ccggctacgg tttcctctcc gagaaccccg ccttcgccga
   549661 agcggtgcag gcggccggcc tggtcttcgt cggtccggat gcgcagacca tccgccgcat
   549721 gggcgacaag gccgaggcgc ggcgtaccgc gatgtccgcc ggggtgccgg tggtgccggg
   549781 ctcgcccggc gagctggacg acctcgacgc ggcgctggct tgcgccgaag aggtcggcta
   549841 tccgctgctg gtcaaggcct ccgccggcgg cggcgggcgt ggcatccgta tcgcccacga
   549901 cgccgacgaa ctgcgtcggg aattccccat cgcccagcgc gaggcgcagg ccgccttcgg
   549961 ttcgccggcg gtgtacctgg agcgcttcat ccgccaggca cggcacatcg aagtgcagat
   550021 cctcggcgat ggcgagcgcg cggtgcatct gttcgaacgc gaatgctcgc tgcagcggcg
   550081 gcgccagaag gtcttcgagg aggcaccttc ggcggcgctg gacggcgcgc agcgccaggc
   550141 cctctgcgag agcgcggtgc gcctggcgca gagtctcggc tatcgtggcg cgggcaccct
   550201 ggaatacctg ttcgacgcgc acagcggcga gttcttcttc atcgagatga acacccgtat
   550261 ccaggtcgag catccggtca gcgagatggt caccggcatc gacctggtcc aggccatgct
   550321 gcgcatcgcc gccggcgagg cgctgccctg gcgccaggag gacattcgcc tgaacggcgc
   550381 ggcgctggag atgcggatca acgccgaaga cccggcgcgc aatttcttcc ccagccccgg
   550441 caccgtggag cgcctggaat ggccgcaggg cgagggcgtg cgagtggaca gccacctgta
   550501 tcccggctac cgggtgccgc cgtattacga ttcgttgctg gccaagctga tcgtccatgg
   550561 tcgcgaccgc gacgaagcgt tcgcccgcgc gcgccaggcg ctggagcgca ccgtgctggc
   550621 cggcatggcc actaccctgc cgctacatcg ctggctgctc gccgatgcgc gggtacaggc
   550681 cgcgcagttc gataccgcta ccctggaaac ctggctcgcc gagcggaccg ccgccgcgca
   550741 ggaggtttga gatgcatgcc aacatccgct acagcttcgg cggcgacgag cacctgttcg
   550801 ccgaggtcgc cgagtccatg tcgctggaag ccttcttccg cggcatggcg atcacccgcg
   550861 ccatcgagac actgcaattg cccggggtgc tcgacgtatg cctggccaac gcctcgttcc
   550921 aggtccgctt cgaccccgac cggctggccc cgcaggcgct gctggagacg gtgcgcggcc
   550981 tggaggtcga ggcggtcgcc gcgcgcagca tcgagacgcg tatcgtcgaa gtgccggtgt
   551041 tgtacaacga tccctggacc cacgagaccc tgatgcgctt ccgcgaccgg caccaggacc
   551101 cggactccac cgacctcgag tacgctgcgc ggatcaacgg ctacgccgac gtgcaggcgt
   551161 tcatccaggc gcacagcggc acgccgtggt tcgtctcgat ggtcggtttc gtcgccggcc
   551221 tgccgttcat gtaccagatg gtcgagcgcg agcggcagtt gcaggtgccc aagtacctgc
   551281 gtccgcgcat cgacacgccg aagctgaccc tcggccacgg cggttgcttc ggctgcatct
   551341 attcggtgcg cggtgccggc ggctatcaga tgttcggcgt gactccggcg ccgatcttcg
   551401 atccccgcca gggcctgccc tatctcgagg aatcgatggt gttcttccgc gctggcgaca
   551461 tcgtccagtt ccgccccatc gagcggaccg aatacgagcg catggcggcc gaagtcgaag
   551521 cgggcacatt cgacctgcgc atccgcccgg tgagtttcga tctcgacgcg ttcctcgccg
   551581 atccgcgagg ctgcacgcaa catctgcagg aggtgctgta tgtcgattaa ggtgctcaag
   551641 cccggcctcg ctacctcggt gcaggacgcc ggccgcgaag gccactatca cctgggcatc
   551701 ccgccgtccg gcgcgctcga ccagtatgcc ctgcgcgctg ccaacctgct ggtgggcaac
   551761 gcaccgaccg ccgccgtgct ggagtgcgcg ctgctgggtc cgcagctgga gttccagcgc
   551821 gacgccctgg tggccgtgtg cggggcgcgc atgacgcctc gcctggaggg cgcggagatg
   551881 ccgctggata cttccttccg ggttcgcgcc ggccaggtcc tggggttcga tttcatccgt
   551941 gccggcgccc gtggctatct cgccatcgac ggcggcatcg cggtacccga ggtgctgggc
   552001 agccgttcga cctacggtct ggggacgatc ggtggcttgc agggacgacg gctggcagag
   552061 ggcgacctgc tgcccctggg gcctgcctcg ccctctgccg tggagggctt ggcgctgccg
   552121 cgttcgttgc aggtggaggt cggcggcgag gtgagcttgc gggtggttcc cggactctac
   552181 gtccatcgcc tgacccccga cgcggtcgag cgtttcttcg ccgagacctg gtccgtcggc
   552241 tcggaggcgg accgcaccgg ctaccgcttc aagggcggca cggcgctccg gttcgagccg
   552301 cgcgaacagc cattcggcgc aggctcggac ccgtccaaca tcgtcgacgc ctgctatccc
   552361 ataggctcga tccaggtacc gggcgggctc gaacccatcg tcctgcatcg tgatgcggtg
   552421 tccggtgggg gatatgccac gctgggcacg gtgatcagcc ccgacctgaa ccggctggcg
   552481 cagatgcaac cgaaccagaa ggcgcgtttc gtccccgtca gcctggagga aggtctcgag
   552541 gcgcgtcgcc gttacaactg gcaagtgcaa cgactccagc acttcttcct gcgctgagtc
   552601 gtcgataccg ggccgcttcg gtctgcgaag cggccccggg cggtcacttg tagtagacct
   552661 ctatcgcggc ggtggcgttg aaggggcctg gcgttggagt gcccgtcatc cacctcacct
   552721 gggcgaggaa gtttcttatg accaccaatt ggttctggct attgggcacc agtacgaact
   552781 ccttgccgat atcgatgatg ctgcggtctt cctgcttgag aagtcggatt cccacggact
   552841 tgttgttgtt atccaaaaga gtgtccgaac cccacaggga ggtgctgccg gaggggagga
   552901 acatcgcgtt caggccatag gcgctgctgc agttcttatt ggcggtgacg ctgaacggaa
   552961 gttccttgag gatctggtcc cggctggcga aataggcctg caggctttgg aagtcgacgg
   553021 tttttggaga aaggctgatt gtggacgcgc aggcgacgta gcgaaggtta ttcaagccgt
   553081 ggagggtcat gcggaagttg taccccccta tgttattgat agcgctctcg ccatcgaact
   553141 ggaaaatcgg gtaggcgttt acccctgtga taggaccttc cttaccggta ctgggacctg
   553201 cccgcttgga gagaaagaag ttgaagttga cggtcatctt cttcgccctg ccttcgcaac
   553261 ctcgtcccgt ccagcaacca tcgaagtgca tgccgatctc ctttcggcac ttgtcgagtg
   553321 tcgagcagcg caggtcttcg ccgttcaggt tgatgcccac ctccaggtcc gaacccagcg
   553381 cgccctgacc ggttggactc aggtagaaat agacctgctc tggcccccag tcgcgatcct
   553441 ggaagcaagt gatcgatatg gagtagttcg gagaccgcca gagtacggtg tccttgggga
   553501 ggaccgatgg aacagcgatg ctcgtatcga tgtagacata atcttcggtt tgcttgttgt
   553561 ccgatttcca gcacatcaag gcgaagcttt tctgcgacag gacgagcagc attgcgacaa
   553621 gcatgtaacg gatgaaggca ttcatggggt tcttctgcag gttgttaatc gattcttgtt
   553681 tttgcagagc atgccgcgcc tgttgcaggt gcggcctagc ggtcacttgt aatagacctc
   553741 tatcgcggcg gtggcgttga acgggcctag aatgggtctg ctcgtcatcc acctcagttg
   553801 ggcgagaaag ttcttcgtca ccgtcgtctg ggttggggtg tagggaatga actcgaactc
   553861 cttaccgata ctgatgacgc tgcgatcctc attgaggagc ctgatgccca ctgttggatt
   553921 gtccttggcc agcaacgtat ccgtgctcga cagggtggta ttgctggcgg gaatgaacat
   553981 agcgttcagg ccataggcgc tgttgcagct cttattggcg gtgatgctga agggaagttc
   554041 tttgatgacc agattctgtg cggcaaattg cgattgcagt atctggtagt tgagggtttt
   554101 tggagaaatg cttagcgtgg aggtgcaggc gacgtagcgg aggttgttca tgccaagggc
   554161 atacatacgt aggttccggc cccccaggtt gttgatgcct cccactccat cgaactggaa
   554221 cagtgcgtag gagtttacgc ccgtgatggg accttccttg ccgggagtgg gggcggcgag
   554281 tttggagagg aagatctgga aacggacctg cttggtctga gccatgcctt cgcatccccc
   554341 ccgtcctcct gtccagcaac catcgaaatg catgcctatc ttctgccggc agccggggag
   554401 cgaggaacaa cggaggtcct cgccgttcag gttgatgccc acctccaggt ccgagcccaa
   554461 tgcgccctgg ccgtccggac tgagatagaa atagacgtcc tcaggtccgg tgttttcgcg
   554521 ctcctggtaa cacctgacgg agaaatcgta ggttggagag cgccagagca cggtgtcctt
   554581 gggcagagcc gaaggcacgg cgatgctcgt gtcgatgttg acatagtcga tcgttgcctt
   554641 gttgtccgct ctttcgcagg tcagcgcata acctttctgc gccaacgcaa ccagcattcc
   554701 cacaagtagt gttcgggtaa ttgcattcat ggtgtattcc gggcctcatg ggtgtttggc
   554761 gttggtctct acgcctgatt tcaatgcgcc gtgataaggg tggaggttcc ctccgtcgct
   554821 gacgatcgcg taacgcactt tgtcgggatg gcaggcggcg atgtcgaact ggtgattgga
   554881 gaagggcgcc agcatcaggt gttcgatggc ttcgccgcag ctccgctccg atgcgtcgag
   554941 gaactccaac tggctgaagg tgatgtggta gggcgaagga ttgtgtgcct tcggattgcc
   555001 gctggtgccg agcgtccacg tcacgccctc gttcgcctgc tcgacggtgg cttccagggg
   555061 cggccgatag aacagcttga agcgatggcg tagggcgatc tgcagggtct cgggagtact
   555121 gggcgcgtgc ggcacgtcca gcacgctcaa cagcaggtag gtctcgcggt cggtgggcag
   555181 gccctggccc tggtagagca cctccacctt ggcccgctgg ccggcgccca ggcggagcag
   555241 cggcctggac acggcgaagg gcagcgcctg ccccttgccg tcggtacccc aatccaggga
   555301 gatttccgcc agggccggct ccttgccctc gttgaccagc gtgatcggca ggcgcttgcc
   555361 tttcatcacg aaacggttct ggccgtcgaa cgagagatcg gcatgggcgg acatgcacag
   555421 ccaggcgaat atcgatgcaa gaaccatccg aagccaactt cggacctgga agaggcgctt
   555481 tccattcata ttcctgaatg tgcccgaatg aaacccgtat cgtgttttgg aaagtggttg
   555541 gtcggaaggg tcgaatatat ttttcgttat acttccgctg cgctttgaat ggctatattt
   555601 agggtggttg gttgcgttca tggttcaagt ctggataact tgttttcgtt gcgcaccgct
   555661 agggtggcaa gagattcaat gtttctccat gttagaaacc tgccagggaa tatataaata
   555721 agatatttcc tatttcttgt aggaaatatc ctaagcatta cttgtagttt tccgaggtag
   555781 ttgcgccgtt tcttctaggg agccgaatgc cacatagaga acgaggccga ttggagcagt
   555841 cgatgactac tggcttctac atgaatgatc aaatattgat cagatgtagt cctgtgtcct
   555901 gggttgggtt gacagcgtca tacagccact tatgatgccc ttgagcctga cccccggcgt
   555961 gccggggctc cccgacaaaa ggcgccatac aagcgtcgaa ggaatcttcc ccatgagtgc
   556021 aaccgcttcc gtcgccaccc gtcacgactg gtccctcgcc gaagtccgtg ccctgttcga
   556081 gcaaccgttc aacgacctgc tgttccaggc gcagacggtg catcgcgcgc acttcgaccc
   556141 gaaccgcgtg caggtctcga cgctgctgtc gatcaagacc ggcgcctgtc ccgaggactg
   556201 caagtactgc ccgcagtccg gccactacaa caccggcctg gacaaggaga agctgatgga
   556261 ggtgcagaag gtcctcgagg cggcggccga ggccaaggcc atcggttcga cccgcttctg
   556321 catgggcgct gcctggaagc acccgtcggc caaggacatg ccctacgtcc tggagatggt
   556381 caagggcgtg aagaagctcg gcctggagac ctgcatgacc ctcggtcgcc tgacccagga
   556441 acagacccag gcgctggcgg acgccggcct cgactactac aaccacaacc tggatacctc
   556501 gccggagttc tacggcaaca tcatcaccac ccgcacctac agcgagcgcc tgcagaccct
   556561 ggcctacgtg cgcgaggcgg ggatgaagat ctgctccggc ggcatcctcg gcatgggcga
   556621 gtcggtggac gaccgcgccg gcctgctgat ccaactggcg aacctgccgg agcacccgga
   556681 gtcggtgccg atcaacatgc tggtgaaggt caagggcacg cccctggcgg aagagaagga
   556741 cgtcgatccc ttcgacttca tccgcaccct ggcggtggcc cggatcatga tgccgaagtc
   556801 ccacgtgcgc ctgtccgccg gccgcgagca gatgaacgag cagatgcagg cgctggcctt
   556861 catggccggg gccaactcga tcttctacgg cgaaaagctg ctgaccacga agaacccgca
   556921 ggccgaaaag gacatgcagt tgttcgcccg tctcggcatc aagccggaag agcgcgaaga
   556981 gcacgccgac gaagtgcacc aggccgccat cgagcaggcg ttggtggaac aacgcgaatc
   557041 gaagctgttc tataacgccg cttccgcctg accatactgg aagggagggt gccgccgtcc
   557101 cttcgttgca gccgctgatg tcggccctgc gtggacgggt gcgcctgcgt ccgtccagca
   557161 acacgagcga cctgccatgt ccttcgatct cgcttcccgc ctcgccagcc ggcgcgcgga
   557221 agacctctac cgccagcggc cgctgctgga gtcggcccag ggcccggacg tcgtggtcga
   557281 cggccagccg ctgctggcct tctgttccaa cgactacctc ggcctggcca accatcccga
   557341 ggtgatcgcc gcgctgcgcg ccggcgccga gcgctggggc gtgggcggtg gcgcctcgca
   557401 cctggtggtc ggccacagcg gcccgcacca cgaactggag ctggccctcg ccgaattcac
   557461 cgggcggccg cgcgcgctgc tgttctccac cggctacatg gccaatctcg gcgcggtgac
   557521 cgcgctggtc ggcaagggcg acacggtgct ggaggaccgc ctcaaccacg cttcgctgct
   557581 ggatgccgga ttgctctccg gcgcgcgttt ctcgcgctac ctgcacaacg acccggcaag
   557641 cctcgccgcg cgcctggaca aggccgaggg caataccctg gtggtcaccg acggggtctt
   557701 cagcatggac ggcaatctcg ccgacctgcc ggccctggcc gccgtcgcgc aggcccgcgg
   557761 cgcctggctg atggtcgacg acgcgcatgg cttcggcccg ctgggcgcca gcggcggcgg
   557821 gatcgtcgaa cacttcggcc tcggccagga gcaggtgccg gtgctgatcg gcaccctcgg
   557881 caagggtttc ggtaccgccg gcgccttcgt agcgggcagc gaggaactga tcgagaccct
   557941 gatccagtac gcccggccct acatctacac caccagccag ccgccagcgg tggcctgcgc
   558001 caccctgaag agcctggagc tgctgcgccg cgaaagctgg cggcggcaac acctggcggc
   558061 gctgatcgcc cgtttccgcc atggcgccga ggcgcttggc ctgaccctga tggacagctt
   558121 cacgccgatc cagccgatcc tggtcggcgg cagccgccag gccgtggccc tggccggcat
   558181 gcttcgagcc cgtggcatca tggtcggcgc gatccgcccg ccaaccgtgc cggccaacag
   558241 cgcgcggctg cgcgtcacgc tgtccgccgc gcacagcgaa gcgcaggtcg accgcttgct
   558301 cgaagccctc ggcgaaagct ggcgacagct gtcgtctagc cttctggcag agatcgaagc
   558361 cgaggaggga gacgatgcgt gaccacctga tcctgttgcc gggctggggc ctgggtagcg
   558421 caccgctgga accgctgcgc gacgcgctgc acgagcgcga gccgcacctg aacgtgttga
   558481 tcgagccgct gccgtcgctg gacgacgccg ccgactggct cgacgaactc gacgataacc
   558541 tgccgcgcga tagctggctg gccggctggt cgctgggagg catgctcgcc ggcgaactgg
   558601 cggcgcgccg cggcgacgat tgccggggac tgctgaccct ggccagcaat ccgtgcttcc
   558661 gcgtgcgcga ggactggccg aacgcgatgc cggcggaaac cttcgaggac ttcttcgagg
   558721 ctttcctgct cgaaccgcac ctgacccgca agcgtttcac cctgctggtc agccagggtg
   558781 cgcgcgaccc tcggaccctg gcgcggcaac tgcaggtggc gctgccgcaa ctggagcgcg
   558841 aggcgctggt cgccggcctg cagttgctcg gccaactgga tacccgggcc gccctggaaa
   558901 acttccgcgg gccgcaattg cacctgttcg ccgaagccga tgcgctggtg ccgctggccg
   558961 ccgccgaggc cctgctcgag tggctgccgg acgtcgaggt ctcgaccctg gcggccagtc
   559021 acggcctgcc gctggaatgt ccggacgagg tggccggcgc aatcctgaga ttccttcgcg
   559081 agggtgacga tgcctgacga ttcctcgccg ctgctggcgc cccatggcgt tgccgcgctg
   559141 cccgacaagc gccaggtcgc cgcgtcgttt tcccgcgcgg cggccagcta cgacgcggtg
   559201 gccgaactcc agcgcggcgt cggtgagagc ctgctgtcgg cattgccgga aggcttctcg
   559261 ccgcgccgct gggtcgatct cggctgcggc accggttatt tcagccgggc cctggaacga
   559321 cgcttcggtg cggccgaggg cctggccgtg gatatcgccg aaggcatgct gctgcatgcc
   559381 cgcgcgcgcg gcggcgccag ccatttcatt ggcggcgacg ccgagaggct gccgttgcgc
   559441 gacggcagtt gcgacctgct gttctccagc ctggccatcc agtggtgcgc cgacctcccg
   559501 gcggtcctgg ccgaggcgcg gcgggtcctg cggccgggcg gcgtgctggc gttcagcagc
   559561 ctgtgcgtcg gtaccctggg cgagttgcgc gacagttggc gggtggtgga cggcttcgtc
   559621 cacgtcaatc gcttccgcgc cttcgccgac tacctgcaac acgcggccgg cagcggcctg
   559681 ctgccgctga ccctgcgcca cgaggaccgg ctcctgcatt tccctgacct gcgcagcctg
   559741 acccacgaac tcaaggcgtt gggcgcgcac aacctcaacc ccgggcggcc cgacggcctg
   559801 accgggcgcc agcgcatccg cgcgctggtc gccgcctacg agcgtttccg ccagcccgag
   559861 gggctgcccg ctacctaccg cgtcgtcttc ggcgtgctgc gcaaggattc ctgaaccatg
   559921 ccggcgttct tcgtcaccgg taccgacacc gagatcggca agaccaccat cgccgccggc
   559981 ctgctccacg cggcccggag tgccggcctg agcaccgccg cggcgaagcc ggtggcttcc
   560041 ggctgcgagc ctacggcgca aggcctgcgc aatggcgacg cgttggtgtt gctcggccag
   560101 tgctcgctgg cgctggccta cgagcaggtc aacccgctgg ccttcgcacc ggccatcgcc
   560161 ccgcacctgg cggcgcgcga ggctggcgtc gaactgagcg ccgcacgctt gcacgaggcg
   560221 gtgcgcgagg tgctggcgct acaggccgac ttcaccctgg tggagggcgc cggcggatgg
   560281 cgcgtgccgt tgctgggccg cgagaacctg tccgacctgg cgcgcctgct ggcgctgccg
   560341 gtggtgctgg tggtcggcgt gcgcctgggc tgtatcaacc atgcgctgct cagcgccgag
   560401 gcgatcctgg gcgacggcct ggcgctggtc ggctgggtgg ccaacgtcgt cgacccggct
   560461 acctcgcgcc tggaagagaa cctggcgacc ctcgccgaac gcctgccggc gccctgcctg
   560521 ggtcgggtac cgcgcctgga ggaagccact cccgcggccg tggccgcgca tctcgacctg
   560581 cggcccctgg gtatcgggct ataaacagcg ggccgtccat aaccaacggg cggtacccag
   560641 cgccggccaa gtctgcttga atagaagcca cttgctatcg cagtggcgcg tgcgcgtccc
   560701 caggagtaga gggtggaaat ttccggcaac gctttcgtca gtggtctcaa cgcggtgcag
   560761 tcgggcagcg cccgcgtcgc ccaggccggc agcgagatcg cccgcaacac cgtggaggcc
   560821 cgttcgcccc aggccgagca gatggtcgaa ctgacccgcg gcaagctcga ggcgcagagc
   560881 ggcgcccggg tcatcgaggt agccgacgag accctcggta ccctgatcga tacccacgcc
   560941 tgacttcctg gcggccggca gcggccgccc cgatccttcc ttttccgact gtcacccggc
   561001 ggcccctgaa gcctgccggg cgcttcgcca tgggctttac tgagagagac gaaagtgctt
   561061 tggaaggacg tggttgccag tgatttcggg catgaccgag cggtcggttc ggatgcttga
   561121 caagggattg gcgtaaacgt atgtttcaaa cgcctgtttg agagtcggga cgcatgagtg
   561181 cgtccggcaa ggcgaccggg agcgatcccg cactgcgacc gcagactctg gacatccgtc
   561241 cggtcgccga ttaaccagaa cccttcgtag aggttgactg ctatgcctga ttacaaggcc
   561301 cccttgcgtg atatccgttt cgttcgcgac gagctgctgg gctacgaagc gcactaccag
   561361 agcctgccgg gcgccgaaga cgcgactccc gacatggtca acgccatcct cgaggaaggt
   561421 gcgaagttct gcgaacaggt gatcgctccg ctgaaccgcg ttggcgacct ggaaggctgc
   561481 acctggagcg ccgacggcgt gaagaccccg accggcttca aggaggccta ccagcagttc
   561541 gtcgaaggcg gctggccgag cctggcccat gacgtcgagc acggcggcca gggtctgccg
   561601 gaatccctcg gcctggccat cagcgagatg gtcggccagg ccaactggtc ctggggcatg
   561661 tacccgggcc tgtcccacgg cgccatgaac accctgcatg cccacggcac cgccgagcag
   561721 caggcaacct acctgaccaa gctggtctcc ggcgagtgga ccggcaccat gtgcctgacc
   561781 gagccgcact gcggcaccga cctgggcatg ctgcgcacca aggccgagcc gcaggccgac
   561841 ggtagctaca aggtcaccgg caccaagatc ttcatctccg ccggcgagca cgacatggcc
   561901 gacaacatcg tccatatcgt cctggcccgc ctgcccgacg ccccgcaggg caccaagggc
   561961 atctcgctgt tcatcgtgcc gaagttcctg cccaacgccg aaggcaacgc cggcgagcgc
   562021 aacgcggttt cctgcggttc catcgagcac aagatgggca tccacggcaa cgccacctgc
   562081 gtgatgaact tcgacgccgc caccggcttc ctgatcggcc cgccgaacaa gggcctgaac
   562141 tgcatgttca ccttcatgaa caccgctcgc ctgggtaccg cgctgcaagg cctggcccat
   562201 gccgaagtcg gtttccaggg cggcatcgcc tatgctcgcg agcgtctgca gatgcgctcg
   562261 ctgaccggtc cgaaggcgcc cgagaagccc gccgacccga tcatcgtgca tcctgacgtg
   562321 cgccgcatgc tgctgaccat gaaggccttc gccgaaggca accgcgcgat gctgtatttc
   562381 gccgccaagc aggtcgacat cgtccagcgc agccaggacg aagagcagaa gaaagccgcc
   562441 gactcgatgc tggccttcct cacgccgatc gccaaggcgt tcatgaccga agtcggcttc
   562501 gagtccgcca accacggcgt gcagatcttc ggcggccacg gtttcatcgc cgagcacggc
   562561 atggagcaga acgtccgcga cagccgcatc tcgatgctgt acgaaggcac taccggcgtt
   562621 caggccctcg acctgctggg tcgcaaggtg ctgatgaccc agggcgaggc gctgaagggc
   562681 ttcaccaaga tcgtgcacaa gttctgccag gccaacgaag ccaacgaagc cgtcaaggaa
   562741 ttcgtcgctc cgctggcaca gctgaacaag gagtggggcg acctgaccat gaaggtcggc
   562801 atggccgcca tgaaggatcg cgaggaagtc ggcgccgctt cggtggacta cctgatgtac
   562861 tccggctacg cctgcctggc ctacttctgg gccgacatgg cgcgcctggc cgccgagaag
   562921 ctggccgccg gcaccggcga ggaagccttc tacaaggcca agctgcagac cgcgcgcttc
   562981 tacttccagc gcatcctgcc gcgtacccgc gcccacgtcg ccgccatgct gtccggcgcc
   563041 aacaacctga tggagatggc cgaggaagat ttcgccctcg gttactgatg gcacgggccg
   563101 ctggcggccc gttccccagg tgagaaagag cccgcccttc ggcgggcttt ttcatgcctg
   563161 tgatccgctg catcctggcc ttccgacctc ggggttatgg cgttgcattc agcgtccgca
   563221 gcgtgattgt aggcgcccgc ccggcgcagt agcttcgagg gattcgcgcc tgtggggcgc
   563281 ccctgccgag gagaacagag atgccggaat acaaggctcc gctgcgcgac atgcgcttcc
   563341 tgatcgatga ggtattcgac ttccatgggc gctaccaggc gctcggcgcc agcgacgcga
   563401 ccccggacat ggtggcggcg atcctcgatg aagggtcgaa attctgcgaa caggttctgg
   563461 cgccgctgaa ccgctccggc gacgaagagg gctgccactt cgacaacggc gtggtgacca
   563521 cgcccaaggg tttcaaggaa gcctatgcac agtacgtcga gggtggctgg aacggtgtcg
   563581 ccagcgatcc cgcgtacggc ggccagggcc tgccgcactc gctgggtctg ctgctcagcg
   563641 agatgatcgg cgccagcaat gtctcctggg gcatgtaccc gggcctgacc cgcggcgcca
   563701 tgtcggcgat ccacgcccac ggcagccagg cgcagaagga cctctacctg gcgcggatga
   563761 ccgccggcac ctggaccggc accatgtgcc tgaccgagcc gcactgcggc accgacctgg
   563821 gcatcatcaa gacccgcgcg gtgccgaacg ccgacggcag ccatgcgatc agcgggacga
   563881 agatcttcat ctccgccggc gagcacgacc tgagcgagaa catcgtccac ctggtgctgg
   563941 ccaagcttcc cgatgcgccg gccgggacca agggtatctc gctgttcatc gtgccgaagt
   564001 tcctacccga cgccgaaggt aacgtgggcg cgcgcaatgc ggtctcctgt ggctccatcg
   564061 agcacaagat ggggatcaag gcctcggcca cctgtgtgat gaacttcgac ggcgccaccg
   564121 gctacctgat cggcgagccg aacaagggcc tgcactgcat gttcaccatg atgaaccacg
   564181 cccgcctggg caccggcatg cagggcctgt gccttggcga gaccagttac cagggcgccg
   564241 tgcgctacgc ccgggagcgc ttgcagatgc gctcgctgac cgggccgaag gcgccggaca
   564301 agccggccga cccgatcatc gtgcaccccg acgtgcggcg catgctgctg accatgaagg
   564361 cgttcaacga aggcaaccgc gcgctggcct acttcaccgc ccagttgctc gacaccgagc
   564421 acctgtcgca ggacgccgcc gagcgcgagc gggccgccga cctgctggcc ttcctgacgc
   564481 cgatctgcaa ggccttcatg accgagaccg ggcaggaggt gaccaacctc ggcatgcagg
   564541 tctacggcgg ccacggctac atccgcgagt ggggcatgga gcagttggtc cgcgattgcc
   564601 gcatcgcaca gatctacgaa ggcaccaacg gcatccaggc cctcgacctg ctcggccgca
   564661 aggtactggg cagccagggc aagctgttgc gcggtttcac caaactggtc caccagttgt
   564721 gccaggccca ggccgagcat ccgcaactga agggacaggt cgcgcaactg gcggcgctga
   564781 acgcgcagtg gggcgaactg acccagcagg tgggcctggc ggcgatgaag aatgccgacg
   564841 aagtgggcgc cgcctcggtg gactacctga tgttctccgg ctacgtgacc ctggcctatt
   564901 tctggttgcg catcgccctg gtggcgcgcg agaagctgga tgccggcagc ggcgaggccg
   564961 cgttctacga agccaagctg gccaccgccg acttctactt cagtcgcctg ctgccgcgca
   565021 ccgcggcgca cgccgcggcg atccaggccg gcgcggcggg cctgatgagc ctgtcggcgg
   565081 agcagttttc gctctagcgg ctgccggggc aggggcgcgg cgcttcttcc cccggtttct
   565141 cccgcacccg ccgggcccgt cggactcccg gcgaactcgc tcgagcccgc gaaaagcggg
   565201 ctttctcatg cctgtcgcat agaagaccga tatagacttt gcggtcacga cgtgacgcta
   565261 caagtccgaa atgttggtgg tgtagactcg gccgcggcac gcctttcgtg cctccatttt
   565321 gttgccgctg gcccccggcc ggcgatcggt acgatcgagg attccccaca tggctgatta
   565381 caaagctccg ctgcgcgaca tgcgcttcgt cctcaatgag gtgttcgagg tctcccggct
   565441 ctgggcgcaa ctgccggcgc tggccgaagt ggtcgacgcc gagaccgccg cggcgatcct
   565501 cgaagaggcc ggcaaggtca ccgccggtac catcgccccg ctgaaccgtc cgggcgacga
   565561 ggaaggctgc cagtggaacg ctggcgcggt gagcaccccg gccggcttcc ccgaggccta
   565621 ccggacctac gccgaaggcg gctgggtcgg cgtcggcggt gatccgacct acggcggcat
   565681 gggtatgccc aaggtgatct cggcgcaggt cgaggaactg gtcaactcgg ccaacctgtc
   565741 gttcggcctg tatccgatgc tgaccgccgg cgcctgcctg gcgctcaatg cccatgccag
   565801 cgacgaactg aaggacaagt acctgccgaa catgtacgcc ggtatctggg ccggttccat
   565861 gtgcctgacc gagccgcatg ccggcaccga cctgggcatc atccgcacca gggccgagcc
   565921 gcaggccgac ggctcctaca agatcagcgg gaccaagatc ttcatcaccg gcggcgagca
   565981 tgacctgacc gagaacatca tccacctggt gctggccaag ctgcccgacg ccccggccgg
   566041 gccgaagggc atctcgctgt tcctggtacc gaaggtgctg gtcaacgccg acggttcgct
   566101 gggcgagaag aacagcctgg gttgcggctc catcgagcac aagatgggga tcaaggcctc
   566161 ggccacctgc gtgatgaact tcgacggcgc taccggttgg ctggtgggcg aggtcaacaa
   566221 gggcctggcg gcgatgttca ccatgatgaa ctacgagcgc cttggcgtcg gcatccaggg
   566281 cctggccact ggcgagcgct cctaccagag cgccatcgaa tatgcccgcg agcgtatcca
   566341 gagccgcgcg ccgaccggcc cggtggccaa ggacaaggcc gccgacccga tcatcgtgca
   566401 ccccgacgtg cgtcgcatgc tgctcaccat gaaggcgctg aacgaaggcg gccgcgcctt
   566461 ctccagctac gtcgcgatgc agctggacac cgccaagtac agcgaagacg cggtcacccg
   566521 caagcgcgcg gaagagctgg tggcgctgct gaccccggtg gccaaggcat tcctcaccga
   566581 catggggctg gaaaccacca tccatggcca gcagatcttc ggtggccacg gcttcatccg
   566641 cgaatggggc caggagcaac tggtgcgcga ctgtcgcatc acgcagatct acgaaggcac
   566701 caatggcatc caggcgctcg acctggtggg gcgcaaggtg atcggcagcg gcggcgcctt
   566761 ctcccgtcac ttcaccgacg agatcaaggc cttcgtcgct tccgccgacg aggccctggg
   566821 cgagttcagc aagccgctgg cggccgccgt ggagaacctg gaagagctga ccgcctggct
   566881 gctcgaccgc gccaagggca atcccaacga gatcggcgcg gcgtcggtcg aatacctgca
   566941 tgtgttcggc tacaccgcct atgcctacat gtgggcattg atggcgcgca ccgcgctggc
   567001 caagcagggc gaggacgact tctacgccag caagctgggt accgcgcgct tctacttcgc
   567061 ccgcctgctg ccgcgcatcc attccctgag cgcctccgtg cgcgccggca gcgagtcgct
   567121 gtacctgctg gacgccgagc agttctgagg cctggcgcct gagacggaaa gccccgcgat
   567181 gcggggcttt tttctgggcg ccgggggctc ggcgcgcggg acgggtgggg ggatatccgc
   567241 ttgcggctat ccgccattcc cagggttttc tcggggccgt gatgggacag ggtgatcggc
   567301 ggataacgcc gttggcgtta tgcgccctac ggctcctcgc gcaggacggg cggtagggcg
   567361 aataaccgct tgcggttatc cgccattccc gtggtttttc tcgcgccgtg aggggacagg
   567421 gttgtcgcgg tccgtcgcgg aggatacggg gatatccgtt gatggcgtct cgaccgcctc
   567481 agtgcgaggt tccctccgca tagccgatct tgttgccgac gttgtacttg cccgacggct
   567541 tgttcatcgg cagtcgcttc acttcctcca ggctgtgcgc gtcgtagacc accagcgcgc
   567601 cgtcgcggtc ccagacgctg agcagggcgt agcggccgtc gcgggtgaac tcgacgtggc
   567661 cggccacctt gcccgggctg gggcgcaggc gatgggcgat ttccagggtc tgcttgtcga
   567721 tcagcaggat ctcgtcgtgt ttcttgccaa ggaaggtatc ggtccaggcg tagggcgagt
   567781 cggcatggct acgcatgaag aagccggggc cgtcggtggc gatttccttc aacggcttcc
   567841 agttttgcag gtcgatcacc gagatcaccc cgcggctgat gttcggcgta gcgaacaccc
   567901 agcgcccgtc gcgcttccag tagatgcccg agccgaggtg cggcatgccc gacagcggga
   567961 tcgaggcgac ccgcgcgccg ctgtccagct cgatcacctc gccgcccctg gcctgccgcg
   568021 agctgcccag caggtagcgg tagtcggggc tgaaggagaa gtcgtcgagg tagtcggcca
   568081 ccgccaaccg tttcggcgcg accggcttgc cgttggcata gggcagctcc cacagctcgt
   568141 ggacgtcctt cagggcgacc acgaagctgt gtcgcggcgg tgccgtgtat accgcgctga
   568201 cccgcgaggc ctggccctgg gcgtcggccg ccgggatgac ctgcaccagg gacaggtcgc
   568261 gggcgtccag cagcaccagg ttgccgggca ggtagttgcc caccaggacc cagcgcccgt
   568321 cgtcgctgac cgccaggttg cgcgtgttga ggccggcgcg gacctcggcg accaccttca
   568381 ggttgtacag gtcgtagagg gttacccagc cgtcgcgcga ggcgaagtac accaggcgcc
   568441 cgtccgggga gaacttcgga cctccgtgca gggcgtagcg cgaggggaag cgggcgatgg
   568501 gctcgaagcg atcgccgtcg aggatggtca cgtggtggtc gccggactcc accaccacga
   568561 acaggttcag cgggtcggcc tcgaagcggg gcctggacgg cagggtggcg aggggatgcg
   568621 gctgaacctg gctggcccgg atgtcctcgg cggtccactg cggttcgcgc ggcggcgcct
   568681 ggtagagata ggcgaccagg gcgtccgccg cggcgtcgtc caattgaccg gcaaagccgg
   568741 ccatctgggt tgccgggcga ccgtgcagga tcacctcgcg ggcctgcgcc ggcttcagcc
   568801 gcgaaaggct ttccgggagc agggtcgggc cgctgccgcc gagccgtccg gcgccgtggc
   568861 aggcctggca gtgctggcgg tagagcgctt cccccggcgc ttcgccggcc tgtgcgaggg
   568921 cgccgaggag caggccgagg gcgaggccga tcaggcgcat gcgacggcct cgcggctgac
   568981 cggcgagccg gcgcccaggt atgacggatg cgccatcgcg cgctcggcga agagcgcgac
   569041 cacctggccg acgacgatca gcgtcggcgg cttcaactgg tagcgtcgcg ccagcgccgg
   569101 cagctcggca agggcgccgc gggtcacctg ctggcccgcc tgggtgccct ggctgaccag
   569161 cgccgccggg gtgtcgctgg cgaggccgtg ctcgaccagg cgcgcggcga tctcggcgag
   569221 gttgcccagg cccatgtaga acaccagggt ctgcttgcca cgcgccaggc cggcccagtc
   569281 gaggtcgagg cggccgtcgt tctgcaggtg gccggtgacg aaggtgcagg actgggcgag
   569341 gtcgcggtgg gtcagcggga tgccggcgta ggtactgcaa ccggaggcgg cggtgacgcc
   569401 ggggaccacc tggcagtcga cgccggcttc gagcaggcgc tccagctcct cggcgccgcg
   569461 accgaagatg aacgggtcgc cgcctttcag gcggaccacc cggcgttgct gccgggccag
   569521 gcgcaccagc agctcgttga tttcttcctg cggcaggctg tggtggccgc agcgcttgcc
   569581 gacgtagatg cgctggcagc tttccggcag aagggcgatc agctcgcggg cgaccaggcg
   569641 gtcgtagacc accacctcgg cctgttgcag cagggcccag gcgcgcaggg tgagcaggcc
   569701 cggatcgccg gggccggcgc cgaccagggc gacgctgcca gcagggaaat cgacatcgag
   569761 gagggacggc ggaatcacgg tagtgttcat gaggctttcc ttagacggcg tgcagcgcga
   569821 tgcgctcgag gccgatttcc tgatcgctga ggtagcagcc ggggtcttcg ccccagagtt
   569881 ctccgccggc ccaggcgcgg gtgcgggtgt tgccgttgca gatgtccagc cagcggcatt
   569941 ggctgcagcg cccgaccacc ggtcgcgggc gctggcgcag ttgcaggagc agcgggtcgg
   570001 ggcgctcgaa ccagaagtcg gcgaagcgct gatggcggat gttgccgacg ctgtggtgcc
   570061 accagtagct gtccggatgc acctcgccgg tgttgtcgat gttggcgatg ccctcgcccg
   570121 aggcgttgcc gccccagtcc agcagcagct cgcagagacg cgccagttgc tgcgggcggc
   570181 ggcgcttgag ccagtcgagg agaaggatcg cgtcggcgtc gttgttgccg gtgacgaagt
   570241 cgctgtcgcg cccctgccgg atgtcctcgt cggcccgttc gaagagcagc gcgagggcct
   570301 cgcgggtgcg ccggtggtgg gcgtcgaggg cgcggctgcg gcggccgcgg ccactgtagt
   570361 tgaggtgcga gaggtagaac ttctgcacgt cgagttcgcg catcaggtcg agcagtgccg
   570421 gtagttgcgc ggcgttctcc tcggtcaggg tggtgcgcat gccgacgcgg atatccgcct
   570481 cgcggcacag gcgcatggcc gccagcgcgg cgtcgaagct gccctgcttc tggcggaagc
   570541 ggtcgtgggt ctcgcgcagg ccgtcgaggc tgatgccgac gtagtcgaag cgggcctcgg
   570601 cgacgcgctg gatgttgcct tcgtcgatca gcgtaccgtt gctcgacagc gccacgaaca
   570661 tcccggcctg gcgcgcatgg gcggcgatct cgaagaggtc cgggtgcatc agcggctcgc
   570721 cgccggagag gatcagcacg cgcactccgg cggcgcgcag gtcgtcgatg ccgcgaagga
   570781 tttccgcggt ctccagctcg ccacggaagt cgctgtcggc ggaggtggag taacagtgct
   570841 tgcaggtcag gttgcagcgc cgcagcaggt tccagatcac caccggggcg cgcctgccgc
   570901 cggcgcggcg cggcgccggc gcgtcctcgg cgaggctgcg caggtaatgg ctgatcctca
   570961 gcatggacgt tcctccttct gcgccaggcg caggccggtc ttcttcagga tgcggctgct
   571021 caccagcatc tcgtcggcgc gacagtcctc gccgagcagc aggcggatct gctggcggta
   571081 gccttcgatc tccgcttcgc tgcggccgtg gaccatggcg aacaggttgt agcgccactg
   571141 cggcagatgg cgcgggcgcc ggtagcaatg gctgacgaag gactgcccgc cgaccagccg
   571201 gccgaggcgt tcgatgcgtt cgtcggcgac gtcccagacg gtcatgccgt tgtgccggta
   571261 gccaaggcga tagtggttgg gcaccgcggc gatgcgccgg atcaccccgg cgtcgcgcag
   571321 gcgcttcagc agcgccaggg tctccgcttc gctcagccgc agttgcgcgg cgatccacgc
   571381 ccaagggtcg gcgaccagcg gcaggccggc ctgggtcagc tcgatcaggc ggcgggcgag
   571441 cagggcgtca gagggggaaa tgcaggccga catggtaggt cgcctccttg ggcaggtcga
   571501 gtaccgccag cccgctctcg cgctccagcc gtgcgagggt ctcggcgacc tccgccgggc
   571561 tgtcgcaggc gaccaccagc cacatgttca gggcgtgctc gcgacggtag ttgtgggcga
   571621 cctgcggcca gccggcgagc agcgcggcga tctcttcgaa acgcgcctcc ggcacgctca
   571681 tggcggccag ggtgaaggca ccgccgaggg gctcgatatc gaacagcgga ccgaagcggg
   571741 tcagggtgcc gtcgtcgagc aggtcgtcca ggcggcgcag gatgtcttcc tcgcggcaat
   571801 ccagctcggc ggcgagcagc gcgtagggat gcggctccag cggcaggccg tgttgcaggc
   571861 ggttcagcag gcgccggtcg aactcatcca tggcggcgct ccaggtcggc cggcggcgcg
   571921 gtgtagcggc cgccgcactg cttgtaggcg cgcaggctga acagccagcg gtgcggtgtc
   571981 tggcgcaggg cgtggcgctc cagcagggcc tcgatctggc gttccacttc gccgcgctcg
   572041 cggccgtgga tcatgcaaaa caggttgtat ggccacatcg gcaggcgacg cgggcggcgg
   572101 taacagagcg agacgatcgt ttcgtgggcg agggcgcggc cgacggcgtc gacctccgcg
   572161 tcggcgacgt ccagcaccag catggcgttg gcggtatagc ccagggcgcg gtggtggagg
   572221 atcactccga agcggcggaa caggccgtct tcgtcccagc ggcggacctg ttccagcact
   572281 tcgtcttcgc cggcgccgat gcgttcggcg agcacccggt agggccggct ggccagcggc
   572341 aggccctgtt ccagcaggta gcgcaggtgt tgccgctgcg gcgcggcgag gggttcgacg
   572401 gggttcatcg gctggcctcc aggggaaacg cgaggtcgat gcagtaggct tcctgcatcg
   572461 gcaggtcgag gggttgcagg ccggtgtcgg cggcgatctc cgccagtacc cggtcgagtt
   572521 gcgcgcggtc gccggcggtg agcacgaacc acaggttgta gcggtgttcg cgctggtagt
   572581 tgtggttgac ctcggcgtac tggctgatgc gctcggcgac ccgttgcaga cgctcctcgg
   572641 gcaccgccag ggcagccagg gtgctggccc cggcgcgttg gtggcggagc accgggccga
   572701 cccgcgacaa cgcgccgtcg gcttccaggc gacgcagccg ttcgagcacc tcggcttcgc
   572761 tgcaacccag ggtctcggcc atccgccgat agggttccgc gcagatcggc aggcctttct
   572821 ggtagcgggc gaggaggcgg cgggagaggt cgtccatggt gcctcctaga gtccgatgtg
   572881 ctgggcgcgg tggctgaaga agatgccgct cgggctgcgg gccggaaggc tgccgatgcg
   572941 cttcaggcgg tacgggtccc agacctgcaa ctggtcggcg tcgcgcaccg agatccagac
   573001 ctggtcgccg cgcccgctga attccatgtg cagtacgccg gggccagggc gcagggtttc
   573061 gatcacttcg tgggtctcgc tgtcgatgac ctgcaccttg tcgttgtccg ggtaggcgaa
   573121 gttgacccag atctgccggt cgtccggtcg agtcatgacg aacaccggct ggccggcgac
   573181 gtcgatggcg tcggtctgct tccagtcgcg cgcgtcgagc accagcacct ggtgatggcc
   573241 gaccgccggg acgaaggcct ggtcgctggc gatggtccag ccctccaggt gcggcatctt
   573301 gtacaccggc agcttgcgtt ggccgcggcc gtagtcgccg agtacgcgcc tgacgccgcg
   573361 ctccgggtgc cagaggtcga gctgggccat gccgtcctcg ccgaacagcc cggccatgta
   573421 gtagcgcccg tcggggctga tgagggcgtc gtagggttgc ttgccgatat cgcggaagcg
   573481 ggtcaggtgc ggcgtgtcgc cctggctgaa gtcggcgatc cagatctcgc cgctgtcgaa
   573541 caggctgaac acgaagcgct gcccgggcgc gtcgaccagg ccgaccaccc gggagttcct
   573601 gtcctggccg gggaggcggg tggcgggaat ctcggcgacc agctccaggg tgcggctgtc
   573661 gaacaccttg accccgcccg gctcgtagtt ggataccgcg accagccgac cgtcctggct
   573721 gatcgctccg ccgatgctgt tgccgccctg gatcaggcgc ttgtcgatgc gctgggccag
   573781 caggtcgagc ttggtcaggc cgccgtcgcg accgaatacg taggcgtagc gctggtcgcg
   573841 ggagaacacc agggaggcgt gggacaggtc gccgaggcct tcgacccgcg ccagcgaggt
   573901 cttcgccgtg ccgtcgagga tctgcacgct gccgtcggcg cgttcgatca gcacgccgag
   573961 gtcgccgctg ccgcgcaagg gcggctgctg gctacagccg gcgagcaggg cgaggaaaag
   574021 cggcgcgagg ggacgcaggt tcatggggcg atctctcctt cgatcaggcg gtccaccagc
   574081 cagccggcgt cgtcttcgct gagcaggccg gcccaggggg gcatcggggt ttgcggacgg
   574141 cccatgagca cggtggcgac cagcgattcg cgcggcttgc cgcgcagggc ctcgggggtc
   574201 agcgccgggc cgaggccgcc ggtcaggcgc aggccgtggc aggagccgca gtcctgcaac
   574261 agcaggtgac gcaactgggc ctggcgacgg gcatcgggat gctcgtcggc caggcccgga
   574321 agaggacagg cgaacgtcag cgcgagggcc agccacaagg cgtggctggc ggcgcgccgg
   574381 aagtccggag gggcgttcat ttctgcgaca ggacccactt cgccagggtc tgcgcctcgt
   574441 cgtcgctgac cgcgttcggc ggcatcggga tcgggcccca gacgccctgg ctgccgttct
   574501 tgatccgctg cgcgagttcc gcttcggcgc cggcctggcc ggcgaacttg gcggcgacgt
   574561 ccttgtaggc cgggccgacc atcttggtgt cgatggcatg gcaggccacg cagcccttgt
   574621 tcttgaacag cacttcgggg tcttcggccc aggcgccctg ggcgagcagg gtgccggtgg
   574681 cgagcagcga aagcagtgcg tacggtttca tcacggttcc tcgtaggggg gagcgtgcgg
   574741 ggcgtgcccc gcacgcgggt ctcagtacac gtcgtgctgg gtgttgtaga cgttgaactt
   574801 accggtcggg gtgatcagcc gcgggtcctt gaccacggcc ttgagcttca gggtcttgtc
   574861 gtccaccacc accagcgcgg agctgtcgtt cttgccgttc cacaccgaga accagacttc
   574921 atcgccgcgc ttgttgtact cgggctgcac cacccgcttg gcgccttcgc cgagatcggc
   574981 ccattcggcg atcggcagca cctggtactt ggcgtcgagg ttcttcaggt cgaacaccgc
   575041 gacgctctgg ctgatcctgg cgtcggggtt gaaggtggtg tcgacgtaga ggtgcgagga
   575101 cttcggatgg gtcttgatga acagcgagcc gccgccctgg ccctgtagtt cggcgacttt
   575161 cttccaggcg tactgcggat ggttcttcgg atcggtgccg atcagcgaga tgctgccgtc
   575221 gcccaggtgg ctggtgctcc acaccgggcc gtacttggga tgcacgaagt tggcgccacg
   575281 ccccgggtgc ggggtcttgc cgacgtcgac cagggccgac aggcgacggt ccttggagtc
   575341 gatcacggca accttgttgg agttgttggc ggcggtcatg aagtagcggt ggctgctgtc
   575401 ccagccgccg tcgtggagga acggcgccgc accgatgctg gtgacggtga ggttgtcgat
   575461 atccttgtag ttgaccagca ggaccttgcc ggtctccttc acgttgacga tgaactcggg
   575521 gtgctcgtgg gaggcgatga tcgccgccac gcgcggttcc gggtggtagg tctgggtgtc
   575581 tacggtcatg ccgcgggtgg agacgatctg cttcggctcc agggtctcgc cgtccatgat
   575641 cgcgaactgc ggcggccagt aggcgccggc gatggtgtag cggtcctcgt agcccttgaa
   575701 cttggagctt tccaccgagc gcgcctcgat gccgatcttg atctcggcga ccttggtcgg
   575761 ctccttggcc cacaggtcga tcatgtcgat ccgcgcgtcg cggccgatca ccagcaggta
   575821 gcggccggaa gcggacatcc gcgagatatg cacggcatag ccggtatcga tgaccttgac
   575881 gatcttcttg ctgtcgccgt cgaccagggc gatctgcccg gcgtcgcgca gggtcaccga
   575941 gaacaggttg ggcaggtcga ggtcgttgag ctgtttcttc ggccggtcct ccggcttcac
   576001 cagcaccttc cacgattcgc gcatctccgg catgccccac tccggcggtt gcggcggggt
   576061 gtgctggatg tacttggcca tcagggtgat ctgttccttg ctcagctcgc cggagctgcc
   576121 ccagttcggc atgcccagcg gggtgccgta ggtgatcagc gcttccaggt attgctggcc
   576181 gcgttgctgg gtgatgtccg gggtcagcgg cttgccggtg gcgcccttgc gcaggacgcc
   576241 gtggcaaccg gcgcagcgtt ggaagtagat ctgcttggcc tcgttgaact cgctttcact
   576301 catgtcgggg gcaccgttgg tgcgcaccac gtgagcggga tcgacggcgg aagcggcacc
   576361 ctggtattgc tcggcggctt tcatgtcgtc cttggcgtga gcggtggcca ggcccagcag
   576421 cgtcagcgag gcgagcaagg tgcccaccag tggcttgcca aatggcatgg tctatctcct
   576481 caggagccct gcgaggcgct cccttagcag tgttttgggg gtggctgcgt cgggaactcc
   576541 cgggaattca tggcgcgaaa ggatcataga aagcagggtc tttacccttg cttgaccgga
   576601 atcaagattg cgttgctttg cgcttgtggc accttccaac tgtgaatagc gtgcggtcct
   576661 aatccctagc gcaggagtag gacatgcggg acgcgacacc cttctacgag gccaccggcc
   576721 atgagatcga agtcttcgag cgcgcctggc ggcacggcct gccggtattg ctcaagggcc
   576781 ccaccggttg cggcaagacc cgcttcgtcc agtacatggc gcggcgcctg gaactgccgc
   576841 tgtacagcgt cgcctgccac gacgacctgg gcgccgccga cctgctcggc cgccatctga
   576901 tcggcgccga cggcacctgg tggcaggacg gcccgctgac ccgcgcggtg cgcgaaggcg
   576961 gtatctgcta cctggacgaa gtggtggagg cgcgccagga caccacggtc gccatccacc
   577021 cgctggccga cgaccgccgc gagctgtacc tggagcgcac cggcgagacg ttgcaggcgc
   577081 cgccttcgtt catgctggtg gtgtcctaca accccggcta ccagaacctg ctcaagggcc
   577141 tgaagcccag cacccggcag cgtttcgtcg cgttgcgctt cgactacccg gcggcgcagc
   577201 aggaggcacg catcctggtc ggcgagagcg gttgtgccga gaccctggcg cagcgcctgg
   577261 tgcagttggg ccaggcgctg cggcggctgg agcagcacga cctggaggaa gtcgcctcga
   577321 cccgcctgct gatcttcgcc gcgcgcctca tcggcgacgg catggacccg cgcgaggcgt
   577381 gccgggtggc gctggccgaa ccgctctcgg acgacccggc gacggtggcg gcgctgatgg
   577441 acatcgtcga tctccatgtc gcctgatacc gtcgagcggc gcctgcccgg cgacctggcg
   577501 atgtggttct tcatcctcgc cgaactcagc gtgttcagcc tgctgctgct ggcgttcgcc
   577561 ggcgcccagg cctggcagcc ggagctgttc cgtgccggcc gggagcaact ggatagccgc
   577621 tggggcctgt tgctgaccgt ggccctgctc agctccggct ggctcgccgc gctggcggtg
   577681 catgcggtgc gccgcggacg gccgcgccag gcgagcggct ggttgctggc ggcgctgctg
   577741 ctggcgctgg tctacgtcgg cctgaagctg cacgagtacg ggcggctcgc cgatctcggc
   577801 ctggacatcg agcacgacac tttcttcacc ctctactggt gcctgaccgg cttccatttc
   577861 ctccacgtcc tgctcggcct gctgatcctc ggctggctgg cgcaggcctg ctggcgccgg
   577921 tgttatacgc cgcaggcttg ctcgggactg gagtcgggag tgctctactg gcacatggtc
   577981 gacctggtct gggtgctgct gttcccgctg gtctacgtcc tgcaatgagg tgccgatgcg
   578041 aaccctgacc ctctgctggc tggcgttgct ggcgctggcc gtggccggtg tgctgctggg
   578101 cggcgccggc gactctccct ggctgttggc ggcggtgctg gcctgcgcgg tggccaaggg
   578161 ctggctgatc ggcgagcgct tcatggagct ggcccatgcc ccggcgctat ggcgccgcct
   578221 gctgctggcc tggccgctgc tgatggccct ggcggtgggc gctgcgctgt acctggcgcg
   578281 gatgaataac tgagtaaatc gttcgggaat cttgattgcc atcaagcggg ttcgccgccg
   578341 ccgcttccta gaatcgccgc accacccatt ccaggaggcc gcatgtccga gacctttacc
   578401 aaaggcatgg ccaggaacat ctatttcggc gggagtgtgt tcttcatcct gctgttcctg
   578461 gccctgacct accacaccga gaagaccctg cccgagcgca ccaacgaggc cgcgatgagc
   578521 gccgcggtgg tgcgcggcaa gctggtctgg gaacagaaca actgcgtcgg ctgccacacc
   578581 ctgctcggcg agggcgccta cttcgcgccg gagctgggca acgtggtcgg acgccgtggc
   578641 ggcgaggagg gcttcaacac cttcctccag gcctggatga agatccagcc gctgaacgtg
   578701 ccgggccgcc gcgccatgcc gcagttccat ctcagcgagg gccaggtcga cgacctggcc
   578761 gagttcctca agtggagctc gaagatcgat accaaccaat ggccgccgaa caaggagggt
   578821 tgatgatgtc gcccaatggc tccctgaaat tcgcctcgca ggcggtcgcc aaaccctact
   578881 tcgtgttcgc cctgatcctc ttcgtcgggc agatcctgtt cggcctgatc atgggcctgc
   578941 agtacgtggt cggcgacttc ctgttcccgg cgatcccctt caacgtcgcg cgcatggtgc
   579001 acaccaacct gctgatcgtc tggctgctgt tcggcttcat gggcgctgcc tactacctgg
   579061 tgccggagga gagcgactgc gagctgtaca gcccgaagct ggcctggatc ctgttctggg
   579121 tattcgccgc cgccggcgtg ctgaccatcc tcggctacct gctggtgccc tacgccggcc
   579181 tggccaggct caccggcaac gaactgtggc cgaccatggg ccgcgagttc ctcgaacagc
   579241 cgaccatcag caaggcgggc atcgtgatcg tcgccctggg cttcctgttc aacgtcggca
   579301 tgaccgtgct gcgcgggcgc aagaccgcca tcagcatggt cctgatgacc ggcctgatcg
   579361 gcctcgccct gctgttcctg ttctccttct acaacccgga aaacctcacc cgcgacaagt
   579421 tctactggtg gtgggtggtg cacctgtggg tggaaggcgt gtgggaactg atcatgggtg
   579481 cgatcctcgc cttcgtgctg gtgaagatca ccggggtcga ccgcgaggtg atcgagaagt
   579541 ggctctacgt gatcatcgcc atggcgctga tcagcggcat catcggcacc ggccaccact
   579601 acttctggat cggcgtgccc ggctactggc tgtggctcgg ctcggtattc tcggcgctgg
   579661 agccgctgcc gttcttcgcc atggtgctgt tcgccttcaa caccatcaac cgccgccgcc
   579721 gcgactatcc gaaccgcgcg gtcgcactgt gggccatggg caccacggtg atggccttcc
   579781 tcggcgcggg agtgtggggc ttcatgcata ccctggcgcc ggtgaactac tacacccacg
   579841 gcacccagct caccgccgcc cacggccaca tggccttcta tggcgcctac gcgatgatcg
   579901 tgatgaccat catctcctac gccatgccgc gcctgcgcgg gatcggcgag gcgatggaca
   579961 accgctcgca ggtcctggag atgtggggct tctggctgat gaccgtggcg atggtgttca
   580021 ttaccctgtt cctctccgcg gccggggtgc tgcaggtctg gctgcaacgg atgccggcgg
   580081 acggcgcggc gatgaccttc atggccaccc aggaccaact ggcgatcttc tactggctgc
   580141 gcgaaggcgc cggggtggtg ttcctcatcg gcctggtcgc ctacctgctg agcttccggc
   580201 gcggcaaggc ggccgcctga gatggccttc gccgtcgagc tggaggaatg ggtcggcgcc
   580261 cactggcacc gcttcatcac ccgccatgcc agcggcgagt tcgaggcggc gcgggtgacc
   580321 ctggagagca tgcggcgtcc gctcggcatg ctcttccggg cgctcggcgg cgcaccgggg
   580381 gtagccctcg aggcgacccc ggcgcgccgc ctgctgctac gccgcacctg gttgcagcgg
   580441 gtcgccggga cctgcgagca ggccccggtg tcctggttca acggcgacag cctgcgcctg
   580501 ccggaatccc tcgcggtcta tccgcaggcc gagctgaacc gcgaactgta tcgctggctg
   580561 gcgctgctgg cggccagcgc cgggccgctg cggcactggg cccaggacaa ccagcgctgg
   580621 gcgcggcagt tgctcgatgc ctatccggcg ctgcgcccgc gctacgcccg gctggtcgcc
   580681 gcgcatctgc gccagcgccc gtcgctggac gattgcccgg cggcagacgc cgaactggaa
   580741 atcgccctgc gccgcgcgct ggccgagccg ggcagcgtcg agcgcttccc gcgagtcgag
   580801 cgggcgccct ggccggtgcc gctgtggctg tatcccggcg agcgctggac gccttccgcc
   580861 agcgcggagg acggcgagga agcggccgcc ggcgccggca agcgccaggt cgcccgcagc
   580921 ggagcgcgca agcgcgccga gcgcgtcgag gagcgcgaca gcgagcgcaa cctgctgctg
   580981 ttccgcctgg aaagcctgct cagttggtcg gagcacctgg ccctggaccg ctgtagcgac
   581041 gacgaggacg acccggacgg cgcgcgcgtc gccgaagacc tcgactacct gtcgctgtcg
   581101 cgccagcgca cgcagaaggg cggcggcctg cgcctggatc tcgacctgcc ggccgccgac
   581161 tacgatgacc tgccgctcgg ccccgggctg aagctgcccg agtgggacta tcggcagcag
   581221 cgcctgctga gcgaccacgt gctgctgcaa ccgatgcggc cgcgcggcgc gaccagcgcc
   581281 agcctgccgg cgcacctgga gaagaccgcg ctgcatctgc gccgccagtt cgcctgcctg
   581341 cgcgacggcc cccaacgcct gcgccagcag ccgcaaggcg acgagatcga cctcgatgcc
   581401 tggctcgact tccaggtcga gcggcggcgc ggcggttcca cccagccagg cctgttcctc
   581461 gaacagcggc cgcgccggcg cgacctcgcc tgcctgttgc tggcggacct gtcgatgtcc
   581521 accgaagcct acctcgacga ccagcggcga gtgatcgaca gcatcgtcga cagcctgctg
   581581 ctgttcggcg aggcgttgca ggcactgggc gaccccttcg cgctgtacgg gttttcctcg
   581641 gtgcgccggc agcaggtgcg ctggcaggtg ctgaaggact tcgacgaagg ctacggcggc
   581701 gaggtccgcg gtcgcgtgct ggcgctctcg ccgggctact acacgcggat gggcgcggcg
   581761 atccgccggg ccagccaggt gctcggcggg cagccgcaga agcgtcgcct gctgttgctg
   581821 ttgagcgacg gcaagcccaa cgacctggac cgctacgagg gccgctacgg catcgaggac
   581881 acccgccagg cggtgatcga ggcgcgcagc cagggactgg tgccgttctg catcaccatc
   581941 gacaaggagg cggcggacta cctgccctac ctgttcggcg ccgacggctt cgcgctggtc
   582001 gagcgcgccg ggcagttgcc cgagcgcctg ctccagctct atcggcgcct gcgccgctga
   582061 gatgcctcag ggagcatcgc gcggcaacca gagcatcatg cccaggcaga acagcgccag
   582121 cccgacgcag aaccaggcga agcgccgctg ccggcgaccc tggagctggc gctgggaagc
   582181 gctgggcagc ggcatgccgc actgttcgca ggcgctttcc gcgccttcgg tttcatggag
   582241 gcaatacagg cattggcgca tgggcgttct cgcgggctcg accccgccag cttgccggcg
   582301 gacgggccgt ggcgcgcttg accgcgatca agcggcggcg ctgttcactc gaagcactcc
   582361 aggcgttcgc ggtcgaggat gctgatttcg cggccgtcga ggcggatgat gccctcgtcg
   582421 ccgaggcggt gcatgattcg cgagaaggtt tccggctgga tcgacaggtg accggccacc
   582481 agttgcttgg ccaccgggat ttccacccgg cagttctccc ccggcgcgtg ggcggcgagg
   582541 gtcagcaggt agcgcaccac gcggtgggtg gcgttcttca gggaaagcgt ctcgatctcg
   582601 tcgatgcgct ggtgcaggcg ggtgctgagc ttggccagca gggccagggc caacggggtg
   582661 ttgtcctgca actggcgcag gtaggccttg ttggagaaac ggaacagctg gctgggcacc
   582721 acggcctggg cggtggccac gtagttcggg gtgtccatga acatcatcgc ctcggcgaag
   582781 gtgttgcgtt cgttggtcac ttcgagaatc ttctcctggc cttccggggt cagccggtag
   582841 atcttcacgc agccggaaat caggtagtaa aaggcgtgcg ccggctcgcc ctggcggaac
   582901 acgtaggcgc ccttgtcgag gttgaccagg tcgctgctgg cgagcagttc ctggagctgg
   582961 acgggagaaa gcggttcgaa caggtggtgg ctttgcagca actgctggtg gacgcgctgg
   583021 aattccatgc tgggaaggct cgcgatgatg aggggactgg ccactgtagc gggcccggcg
   583081 cagatcatct tgacgcacgg caagctcccg gcggctgggt gttgccgtcg gtccggcgag
   583141 cggaactatt acagcgtgta agccaaggct tacaaacggc ggtggttttg gctgctttct
   583201 ccccctcgcg gagatgcgta atcttcaaac cgtcaggaca ttgcgcagga agcgccaaag
   583261 acaatacgga aactcaggga atccaccatg gatggtggcg tagcacggat gtcaggatag
   583321 aggtctgcaa aaccccgccc aaaaggcggg gttttttatt gcccgaggaa aaccgcgtcg
   583381 ctcagaccac gccttccagc agcgagcgca gcagctcgac gctggcgtgc tggcgttgcg
   583441 cgtcgcggta gaccaggccg accttcagcg ggatgcgcgg ttcgctgagc ggtttccaca
   583501 gcagccgctg gttcgagtgc atctgccgtg ccttgcccgg tagaacggtg gcgaagcggg
   583561 tctgcggcag gctgtcgaga atcccgctca tgtggttcag ttccgcctgc acccgcggcc
   583621 gccggccgat cgcggcgagt tgctcctgcc agatctggcg cgcgcggaac tcttcgccga
   583681 gcagcagcat cggcaactcc gcggcctggg ccagggacac ctttctgaac tccttcaacg
   583741 ggtgttcctc ggggatcacc agctgcaatt cgtcctcgta cagctcgacg ctgtgcaggc
   583801 ccggctggcg cggcggcagg aaaccgatgc cgatgtccag gttgccggtg agcaggcgcc
   583861 gctcaatgtc gattcccgac agttcgtaga tctgcacccg caggtgcggc tgcgcggcat
   583921 gcaggcgttc gaccatgtac ggcaccaggc tggcgttgac cgtctgcagc acgccgatcg
   583981 ccaggctgcg cggggtctgc ccgcggaata cgcgcatcgc ctcgcgggcc ctttccaatc
   584041 cctccagcag cggtaccgca tggttgtaca gggtgtgggc ggcgacggtc ggcagcaggc
   584101 gcttgccgct gcgctggaac agcgagacgt cgaggttctg ctccaactgg cggatctgct
   584161 gcgagagggc cggttgcgac agggccaggc gttcggcggc gcggccgacg tggccttcct
   584221 cgtagagcgc gacgaaatag cggagttggc gaaaatccat aagctgttct tatcgatgaa
   584281 actggaaaat cgaaatggag tgggtcccgc gtgaggcact agtctagctg cattggcggt
   584341 acatcgggtg gtcgcggagc aatggagcag atagtcgtaa acggtgtttt cataggtaaa
   584401 gtcgaagaaa cctggggcgg attggtcagc gcgatcgaca agctgccggt cgagcaggag
   584461 ttctggctgg gccacgatgg cctgcccggc gacgaacagg ccgacatccg ccaccacggc
   584521 ggcctcgagc gcgctcttca tcactatccc gccgagcact accgctactg gcgcaagcgc
   584581 cacccgctga accgctggca actgccggcg ttcggcgaga acatctcgac ctacggcatc
   584641 accgaagccg aggtctgcat cggcgaccag ttccattggg gcgatgctct gctggaagtc
   584701 agccagccgc gttcgccctg ctatcgccag ggccagcgct ggaatcttcc cgagctgccc
   584761 gacgaattgc agagcggcgg ccgctgcggc tggttctatc gggtcctgcg cagcggcatg
   584821 gtgactcccg gggacgagct gaagctggtc cagcggcatt accctgaact gaccgtcgcc
   584881 cgcctgttgc agtggtattt cggcgatccc ctggagcctc tcgggttgcg ccagatgatg
   584941 gcctgcgacg cgctatccca gcgttggcgc aagacagcgg cgaaacgcct gtccagcggc
   585001 gtggtggaag actgggggcc gcgcctgcgc ggaccgtcgg attaccggga gcatgcctct
   585061 tgagcgacta cctgatcacc ctgagccagt ccggccggct gttggccagc atgacggtga
   585121 gcgccgcgcg ctttgccgag gtgcgcgagc tgatgcgcca gcgcttcccc gccggcgacg
   585181 gcttcgaact gcgcatcgaa acgcgccggg aaagccgccg gctgctggaa caggggccgc
   585241 agggcgtgcg cttgctggcg gtggagtaca tgaccgagga actgaaagat ggctgatgcg
   585301 ctggatagcc tgcgcctgat gcgcacccag gaacggcccg aacaggtgtt cgtccgtggc
   585361 cagggctcgt ggctgtggga cagcgacgga cgcgccttcc tcgacttcac ccagggcctg
   585421 gcggtgaact gccttggcca cagtcccagc gtgctggtcc aggccctggc ccggcaggcg
   585481 cgggagctgg tcagcgccgg cccctgcctg ctcaaccggc cggtgctggc attggcgcag
   585541 cgcctgtgcc tggcgaccgg cagcgaccag gcctacttcc tcaccagcgg cgccgaggcc
   585601 aacgaagcgg ccatcgccct ggcgcgcaag tggggccgcc tgcatcgcgg cggcgcgcaa
   585661 cggatcgtca gcactgtcaa cagcatccat ggacgcaccc cgggcaccct gacggcttgt
   585721 ggcaagccgg cgcagcatgg cctggaggga tttgccaggg tgccgttcaa cgacctcgac
   585781 gccatggccg cggccatcga cgaagagacg gtggcggtga tgctggagcc ggtgcagggc
   585841 gatgccgggg tgatcccggc gaccctcgac tacctgcgtg gcatcgagcg gctgtgccgg
   585901 cagcgcggcg tcctgttgat cctcgacgag gtgcagaccg gcatcggccg ctgcggcgcg
   585961 ctgctggcgg aggaactgta cggggtacgc gccgacatcg ttaccctcgg caagggcctc
   586021 ggcgccgggg tgccgctgtc ggcgctgctg gcgcgtggca acgcctgctg cttcgaaccg
   586081 ggcgaccagc ttggcaccca ccacggcaac gcgttgatga ccgctgccgg gctggcggta
   586141 ctgaataccg tgctggagcc gggtttcctg gagcaggtgc gcgagcaggg cactcacctg
   586201 cgcgatggcc tggcccgtgt cgcgcgtcgc tatgggcatg gtccgctgcg cggccaggga
   586261 ctgttctggg ggctgccgct gatcggccag cgcgcgccgg cggtggttcg cgcggcgttc
   586321 ggcgaaggcc tgctgatcaa cgcgccgcag ccgcattgcc tgcgtttttc cccggcgttg
   586381 acggtgagcc gggccaacgt cgacgaaatg ctgcggcgac tggagcgggc cctggcccgg
   586441 gtcgccaacc gacacgagga ggtggcctga tgcgcgccct ggtattgcaa cacgttccct
   586501 tcgaaggcag cgcgcggatc ggcgactgga tcggccgcca ctgcgagcac gagcacgtct
   586561 gctacctcta cgccgacgcc cacctgcctg cgctggacag cttcgacctg ctggtggtga
   586621 tgggcgggcc gatgagcgtc cacgacgaag cgcaatatcc ctggctggtg gcggagaagc
   586681 gtttgatccg cgcggcgctg gatgccggca agaaggtcct cggcatctgc ctcggcgcgc
   586741 agctgctggc ccaggcgctg ggggctgcgg tacgcccggg acgccaggcg gagatcggct
   586801 ggtggccgct gcacaggtac agccaggcgc tgggctcgcc gctgggcgag cgcctgccgg
   586861 aacggctgat ggcgttccac tggcacggcg agaccttcga cctgccggcc ggcagcgtgc
   586921 cgctctatgg ttcggctgcc tgcgcaaacc agggcttcat ctggaacgag caggctatcg
   586981 gcctgcaatg tcacctggaa agcaccgcgg agagcatcga ggcgctgctc gatgcctgcc
   587041 cgcaggacct gcaacgggaa ggggcggtgc agagcgccgg gaggatccgc cagggtgtcg
   587101 cgcattgccg cgaggtggcg ccggtgctgt tcctgttgct cgattacctg gcgcatcggc
   587161 cggcggagat cgcacgccgg gcctgatcgc cagaaagatt cctctgtcct cgcatgcgcc
   587221 tccggacgtc gttttggtcc tgtggggcgc tttttttatt ctaggctgcg tgctttccca
   587281 accagggctc cagtagtgcc aggtcgcgac gcaggctttc ggcgaacagg tgcaggcggg
   587341 tggggttgtc cagctcgccg ggctggatgc cgacgaaggt gaaggtttcg tcgtgctctc
   587401 gggcggcgac attgatactg acggtgccgt cgtagtgcat ccggcactgg cagtcgtagc
   587461 cttccagcgc ctggttcagg ctgcgctgga tctcgccgag atcggggtgc ttgttcttgc
   587521 tcatcgcgtc gctcatgcaa ggggatgggg ctttcttctc gtgcagggcg agtcgggtgg
   587581 atgcgtcgac gacctcggga ccgaggggcg gcgtagcctc ccggccggcg cggcgtctgg
   587641 gcttcccgcc cggacattgc ttcctgtatc gccagggtag gggtgcctcc gctatcgttt
   587701 cgcgatgcaa atgcactagc accgctagtg caatcgtcac gcgtgcgcgg tcagggcggg
   587761 cgggcatcct tgctgccccc ggaaaatcgc tccatccaag aggaacagca tgaacgacca
   587821 ggtactgcgt acccagaccg accgccgcca gttgcagcag atcatcgccg gccttaccga
   587881 aggggtgatc ctgatcgagc cggaccagcg catcctctgg gccaacgagg cggccctggc
   587941 gatgcacggc gtcgattcgc tggaaggcct gggcgccgat accggcgagt atcgcgaacg
   588001 ctttcgcctg cgctaccgca acaatcatcc gctgcaggag gggcagtacc cggccgagcg
   588061 cctggtggct ggcgagtgct tcagcgacgt ggtggtggaa gtgtttcccg ccgccgacga
   588121 ggacacccgc tgggtgcacc gcgtgcgcgg gttggtgctg accacccccg aggacaagcc
   588181 cgactgcctg gtgctgatcc tccacgacgc caccgagtgg gccagcgccg agcagcgctt
   588241 cgagaagacc ttcaatgcca acccggcgcc ggcggtgatc tgccggctca gcgactaccg
   588301 ctacgtgaag gtcaatgtcg gtttcctgga aatgaccggc tatgcccgcg accaggtgat
   588361 cggccgttcg gtgtacgagc tggacgtact cgaccaggcc gagcgccgcg aactggcggt
   588421 ggagcgcctg ggcgccggcg agaccatccc gcagatggag gcgagcctgc gggtggcgga
   588481 gggcggacgc aagtgcgtgg tggtcgccgg gcagccgata gaggtcggcg aggaggcctg
   588541 catgctcttc actttcaccg atctcgaacc gcggaagaag gccgaggagg ccctgcgcaa
   588601 gagcgaggag cgcttcgcca aggccttccg catggcaccg gtgccgagcc tggtgctgta
   588661 cggcgacgac ctgcaggcgc tggacatcaa ccaggccttc agcgaaacct tcggctacca
   588721 ggccgaggaa ctgctcggcg agtccaccgt cgcctgcggg ctgtggcagg acggcggcgc
   588781 cgagcgcctg ggcgagctgc tggcgcagag cggcagcgtg cgcaacgtcc agctgcgcct
   588841 gcagcacaag gatcgcaacg gcctggactg cctggtctcg gccgaggcgg tgagcctcaa
   588901 cgagcaggac tgcgtgctgg tggccttgct ggacatcagc gaccggcggc gcaccgaaat
   588961 ggagctggtg cacgccatcg agacggtgat gcaggacgct tcctggttca gccgcaccct
   589021 gatcgaaaag ctcgccaacg tgcgccgcgc caacgcgccg ggcaccggcg ccgaactggc
   589081 cgacctgacc gcgcgcgagc gcgaggtgtt cgacctcatc tgccagggcc tggcggacaa
   589141 ggagatcgcc aaggaactgg gcctggcgcc gaacaccgtg cgcaaccacg tggcgaccat
   589201 ctacgccaag ctcgatgtcc acagccgtgg cgaggccatc gtctgggcac gcgaacgcgg
   589261 attcgcgccg gagccgcgca acggcaacgg gcgcaaataa acgaagaggg tacgaatgca
   589321 ccagggcggc tggtgcattc gtacctgtcg cccgctcccg tcggcgccga cactggcgca
   589381 gcacgcccgg catgcccccg cccgtggtcg tgcacctttt ctccgcggcg cgagccgcgc
   589441 tgtccgcacg tctgttcccc tcgccagttt cgctctggcg gggggcttcc cgcctccttt
   589501 cgaatatttg cccctctgcc tctgctggtg cgcgacggca tcctgccggc cgtttgcgaa
   589561 tgctcgggac tggtgtcgtg aaattatatt ggttattttt catgaaaaat aaccaatata
   589621 atttcacggg ggtcgcgatg ttcctgcaat ccaacgagca tgtcggcact tactacgccg
   589681 ccgtcaatcc cgaactgatc cagccgcgcc aggccctgga gggtgacctc gactgcgagg
   589741 tgctggtggt cggcgccggt ttcagcggct tgcacacggc gctgcggctg gtcgaaggcg
   589801 gacgccaggt atgcgtcatc gaagccagcc ggatcgcctg ggcggcctcc gggcgcaacg
   589861 gtgggcaggc gctgcccggc tggtccagcg acctgccgcc gctggaggcc gacctcggct
   589921 acgaaggcgc acgccgtctc tgggacggca tgctctgggc ggccggcgag atgcgcgagt
   589981 tgccgcagcg acatggcttc gactgcgact accgggtcgg ccacctatgg acggcgatcc
   590041 tgccgcgccg ggtcggcctg ctctacgact ggcaggccga ggccaaccgt cgctggggct
   590101 acgaggggct acgcttcgtg gcgaaggacg agttgcccga atggatcgcc agcgagcgct
   590161 accttgccgg tctctacgat ccccacgccg cacacctgaa tccgctcaag ctggcgttcg
   590221 gcctggccgc cgccatcgag cgcgccggcg ggcgtatcca cgagcggacc cgggccctga
   590281 actatcgcga ggagggcgac ggctaccggg tccgtaccga gcacggcgag atccgctgcg
   590341 cggcgctggt gctggcctgc aacgcctaca tcgacgggct ggacagcgag ctgtcgcaac
   590401 ggatgctgcc ggtgggcacc tatcaggtcg ccactgagcc gctcggcgag gaacgggcga
   590461 agtcgttgct gccgcgcaac tgctgcgtga ccgacaacca gttcgtcctc gactacttcc
   590521 gcctgacccc ggaccaccgc ctgctgttcg gcggcggctg cacctacctg ggcggcatgc
   590581 ccagcgacat ccgcgccgcc acccggccct atctcgaaag ggtgttcccg cagttgcgcg
   590641 gggtggcgct ggagtacgcc tggggcgggc atatcgactg cagcatgcgg cgtaccccgg
   590701 acatcggccg gcagggcaac cgctactggc tgcaaggcta ctccggccac ggcgtgctgc
   590761 cgagtctggc ggcggccagg gcggtcagcg acgcgctgct cggcgacgac gagaccctgg
   590821 cgctctacca gcgcctgcgc aatccgaagt ttcccggcgg ccagcgcttc gccgcgccgc
   590881 tggaagccct gggcaaagcg tattaccgtt tgcgcgacct gttctgagag ggcccggagc
   590941 cgagatgagc gaagtagccg acgacctggc ggagatcgcc agcctggtgc gcgaattgcg
   591001 caagcgcaag ggcatcaccc tgcaggcact ggccgacggc attcgccgtt cggtgggctt
   591061 cgtctcccag gtcgagcgcg gcctttcgcg gccggcggtg gacgacctgg tcgccatcag
   591121 ccaggtgctc ggggtgccgg cgacctactt cttctgctcg ccgaagatcc aggcctcgcc
   591181 ctgggtgacc cgcccgggcg agcgtcggac cctggcctac gctcgtggcg ccagcgacaa
   591241 cctggtatcg ccgcgtctcg gcggcgcctt cttcatgctc gaaacctgcc ttgaagcggg
   591301 tgccgacagc ggcgagcgcg acctgctgga cagctcggag cagggcggct acgtgctcga
   591361 aggcgagctg accctgtggc tggaggacga ggagctgcgc ctgcaggccg gcgacggttt
   591421 ccagattccc agccatatgc gcagccgcta cgccaaccgc agccaggcgc cggtcagggt
   591481 gctctgggta tacgcctgac gaggcgagtt accctgtcgt ttgccggata acgccgggga
   591541 aaggctggcg tcgcccgttg cgcgaagact tccggcatcg gcgagaaccg tcgccgaccg
   591601 atgaaaaaag cccgaggcac aggcctcggg cttttcgtca ccagcgtccg gaggcgccgc
   591661 cgccgccgct ggagccgccg ccmccgcgga agatgctgcc accgccgctg ccgcctcccc
   591721 caccgccgcc gcgactattg aggatggcgc tgaggatggc catcagcact tcgccgggaa
   591781 gcaggaacag ggcgtagatg aacagggtcg gggccagtac gccgagactg tcgtccgccg
   591841 cgcggtcgac gttctgccac aggcccatgc tcaacagcca ggccaggccg gcgaccgccg
   591901 cgctgcaaag caggaagcgg ccgatgctgc gccgccgcat ccactgcaac ggcagcaggc
   591961 gtccgagcag ggccacggcg agcaggaccg ccacatagac accgaggtag accgggttgc
   592021 cccagagctg tccgctcagg ccgctcttct tcttcggctc cggcggggcg ctgtcataca
   592081 cctcaccctc gtcgaccggt gccggcaggg cccgcggcgg cgtggcctcg ggaaccgccg
   592141 gcaaggcgtc gacgggagcg ctggcggtag cgctgtccgg gttcttctcg gcatcgatca
   592201 gttgcaccag gctgtccacg ccggcctgga tgccgccata gaagttgccc tggcggaact
   592261 gcggcgtgat ctgctcgctg atgatccgtc cggcctggac gtcggtgatg gccccttcca
   592321 ggccgtagcc gacctcgatg cgcagggtgc ggtcgttctt cgccaccagc agcaggacgc
   592381 cgtcgtcgac cttcttctgg cccagcttcc atttctcgaa ggtacgcacc gcgtactcct
   592441 cgatggaatc gtcgccggtg gtcgggacca gcagcaccgc gagctgcgcg ccgctcttgg
   592501 cttccagggc ggcgagctgt tgctccaggt gctggcgctg gtcgccggaa agggtcgcgg
   592561 tgaggtcggt gacccgcgcc gtcaacgcgg gtatcggtgg cacatcggcc caggcgacca
   592621 ggctggcgag cagcagcccg gcgcccagta gcagccggcg catggcttac tgcgccggtt
   592681 gcgggttgcc gaaatcgact ttcggcgcgg tggagatggc cgcttcgttt tccacgctga
   592741 agttcgcctt gggcttatag ccgaacagct tggcggtgat cacgccgggg aactggcgca
   592801 gcagcacgtt gtattcctgt accgacttga cgtagcggcc gcgagcgacg gcgatgcggt
   592861 tctcggtgcc ttccagttgg gtcagcaggt ccttgaacag gccatcggcc ttcagttgcg
   592921 ggtagttctc ggtgactacc agcaggcgcg aaagcgccga gctcagttcg ccctgggcct
   592981 tctggaagcg ctgcacggcc tgctcgtcgt ccagttggtc ggcgttcagt tgcacgctgc
   593041 cgaccttggc ccgggcctcg gtgacctggg tcaggaccga cgcctcatgg gaggcatagc
   593101 ccttcaccgt gctgaccagg ttgggtacca ggtcggcgcg ccgctggtac tggttgagca
   593161 cttccgacca ggcggctttc acctgttcgt cgccggcctg catggcgttg tagccgcagc
   593221 cgctgagcag cagggcgagg acgggaagga gggcatttct gaggaatcga ggcatggtgg
   593281 tactcatccg ggttgagaaa gctcgattgt agaccagcca atggccagca cgttccttgt
   593341 gccggcacgg atatcggctc tgtcaggcgg tgcggcggcc gaacgccagc ttggccgcca
   593401 ggaccagcag gcagaacacg aacagcgcca gcgaccagac cgccatggac tggccgagca
   593461 gggtccagac cacttcgccg cacagcccct cgggctggaa gacctgcggc agccagctat
   593521 ccagcggtat ccattcgggg aagcccatga acatcttgca actgcccatg ccctgggcag
   593581 ccagtttctc ttccgcgacc agcgaccagg cgtggtagat cccgcccagg ctggcggcga
   593641 gcatgcccag cgcggcgatg ccgccggcga tccgcgaacg cggggcgagg ctgccgacga
   593701 tcccggcgag caccaggccg agcacgtcca ggcgaatgaa gatgcacagc gagcagggcg
   593761 cgaagccgcg cacgtgctgg aggtagagga cgaaagcgag gatcagcagg ccgccgatgg
   593821 cgaccgcggg ccagaacaag cgattgtcga ggggcttgag gagagcgctc aaggcaggga
   593881 ttcctgtgtc gttgataagg gaggccgggc cggcactgtg cggcgctggc cgatggtagt
   593941 ccatcaggat tgtccgaaga ttaagccgtt tgacgtaacg atgtctgctg catgtttctc
   594001 cgctttcgta ggagctttca gggaaaaacg ccgcaacgag gcgagcattt ggagcctccg
   594061 ccgggataga ctatcctggt ctataccaat aaggcccgtc atgctagcca ccagcctggt
   594121 gctatgcgcc gccgttctcc acgccacctg gaacaccctg gtcaagttca gcagcgaccg
   594181 cttgctggtg gtcgcctgca tggacgtggt cggcgtgctc tgcgccatcc tgctgttgcc
   594241 cttcgtcagc ctgccgccgg ccgaagtctg gccctggctg ctcggcgcca ccgtcctgca
   594301 actgctctac cgggtactgt tgatcgaggc ctacaaggtc ggcgacctgg gcctggtcta
   594361 tccgctgatg cgcgggctgt cgccgctggt ggtgctgggc ctgaccctgg cgttcggcgg
   594421 cgagcagctc agcggccggc agatcctcgg catcctgttg atccccttcg gcatgctttg
   594481 cctgctctgg ggcggcggcg gttcgcggct gccctggcgg accctgccgg tggtgctgct
   594541 gatcggcctg tgcatcggcg gctacacctg gagcgacggc aacgccttga agcgctggcc
   594601 gttggcgctt gactacctgg tctggctgac gctgctttcc ggcctgccgt tcccgctgat
   594661 cgccgttggc gcgcgaaccc gcgccttcgc ccgcttctgg gcgctggagt ggaagctcgg
   594721 cctggcggtc ggggtctgcg tgctggccag ctacggcctg gtgctgtggg ccatgcagct
   594781 ggggtcgatc gccgaagcgg cagcgttgcg cgagaccagc gtgctgctgg cggtgctgtt
   594841 cggcatgcgc ttcctcaacg agccgttcgg actgccgcgc ctgctggcgt gcggcctggt
   594901 gctggccgga atgctgctga tgaagctctg aaggggctgt gcctttacag aacgagcggc
   594961 gccagcttga gttgcagttc cacaactaca aggaactgcc atgaccatcg ctttctggtg
   595021 cgtgctgatc gcgatcttcc tgccttacgt ctgtacctcc atcgccaagt tcggcgggga
   595081 gggctacggc ggtcgggcca acgccgaccc gcgggcgttc ctcggttcgc tcgaaggctt
   595141 tcgccggcgt gccaacaacg cccagttgaa cgctttcgaa gtgaccccgg cgttcgccgc
   595201 ggcggtgatc atcgcccatc tggtcggcaa cgcttcgcag gcgaccctgg atagcctggc
   595261 cattgcctgg atcaccagtc gcctgctcta cgtcatctgc tacctcgccg actgggggcc
   595321 gttgcgctcg ctggtctggt tcgtcggcat gctgctcatc gccgcgttct tcgtggtttc
   595381 cgcctgagca gcccgctgcg gcctatggcc gcagtgcggg cgcgcggctc tggatcaatc
   595441 ggcggtggcg gcggataatc cgccgcttcc gtgatcgacc ctgaaaaaag agccttgcca
   595501 tgaagctgaa gtccctgctc gtcgtgctgc tggccggcgt cgccctgagc ggctgtcacc
   595561 gtatggatcc caattcgccc gaggccaagc gccaggcgat cttcaaggaa atgctacgga
   595621 ccagcgagga catgggcggg atgctccgcg gacgcctgcc cttcgacgcg gagaagttcc
   595681 gtgccggatc ggcgaagttg caccaactgg ccgaccagcc ctggcagtac ttccccagtc
   595741 ccaaggccgg cgaggagggc gaggacaccc gcgccaagga cgaggtctgg cagcgccagc
   595801 aggagttcaa ggccgccacc caggtcttca tcgacgcgat gaaccgtctc caggacaaca
   595861 cccgccaggc cacgccgacc ccggatggcg tgcgcaagga cttcgccgcg gtggaagacg
   595921 cctgcgaagc ctgccacaag aaattccgcg cgctctgagg ccggaccggg cgttatacgc
   595981 cgtgcctgga aggcgcgagg ggtagggcga atgagcgctg gcgctcatcc gccgttgcgg
   596041 cagcgctggg cggcacctgg tgtcccgctg cggcgcggat ggcggataac accatgggcg
   596101 tcatacgcct tgcgtgggag gcgcgaggcg tagggcggta cctggtgtcc tactgcgcct
   596161 gggcctgttc caggcctttc ttggcctctt ccagttcggc gcgggcctcg gccagcttgg
   596221 ccttgcgttt ctcgatcttc tccggatcgc ccttgcccat ggccttgcgc aaatccttct
   596281 cgcgttcgct gacctcgcgc tcgctgtcga tcaccttctg cttgttctcc ctcagcaggc
   596341 cggcttcggt gcagtgttcc ttgacctcgg agagggcctt ttccaagccg gccacctggc
   596401 cttcgttggc gaacgagcgg gccgtttcca gcttcgcctc gatggcggcc tgcttggcgg
   596461 cgcaaccgct gagtggggcg cctttggcgg cgcccggctg ggcggcagag agcggcaggg
   596521 cgacggcgag cagcagcccg gccagcggca gtgaaggacg aatggacatc ggttggctcc
   596581 ttgatcgaac ggccggtgcg gttgccggac gacggctcgg ccgagcgtcc tggcaggcgg
   596641 atgaggcagg cggcagccgg cgtgacaaag gcgcaagtgt gccagcaaac ggcacggttg
   596701 tggttgtccg ggagcaaagt acgccgcccc ggggtctctg gagaagggcc atggttcggg
   596761 cattccggca caacccggcc taacgttgtc cgaagacacc gagaacggga gaaccgcgat
   596821 gcgtacgctg atccgcctgg ttcgcacgct tatcctgctg ctggtcctgg cgctgctcgc
   596881 cggcgcctgg tggtggttgc aggacgaggc cctgcgcccc cccgcgctgg ccggccacag
   596941 cgaggactcg agtctgaagg tcgcgggcct gcgccggcat tacctgctct acgtgccgcc
   597001 gggcgtgtcc gagggagcgc cgttgctggt ggtgctgcac ggctcacggg gcgacggcgc
   597061 gcagatgcgc cgcatcagcg gctacggctt cgaccggctg gcggcgcaag aaggtttcct
   597121 ggtggcctac ccggacggct tcgagggcca ctggaacgat tgccgcaagg ccgccagcta
   597181 ttcggcgcgg ctgcgtgacg tcgatgacgt ggctttcctc cgcgcgctgg tggcgcggct
   597241 ggcccaggaa taccgcgtcg attcgcagcg ggtatatgtc gccggctact ccaatggcgg
   597301 ccagatggct ttccgcctgg ccgccgaagc gccggggttg ccggcggcga tcgcagcggt
   597361 ggcggcgagc ctgccgacca cggggaacga tgcctgtcgg ccggtcgagc ggccgaccgc
   597421 ggcgttgctg atcaacggca cgcgcgatcc gatcaatccc tatctcggcg gcaaggtcag
   597481 cctgttcggc ttcggcgacc ggggcgcggt acgctcgacc ctggactcgg cacgctggtg
   597541 ggccggcctg aacggcatcg cagcgccgcc ggacgtggcg ccgctgaccc gtcccggccc
   597601 ggtctggacc gagcgacagc gctggcagga agacggccat ccgccggtgg agctgctcag
   597661 cgtgcatggc ggcggccacg tgctggcgca gccggactat cgcttcccgc ggattctcgg
   597721 caagagcgac ccggaactgg acgcgccagt ggaaatctgg cgcttcttca gccagttgcc
   597781 gcgctgaggc tcagacctcg aagacgaatt ccggacggaa cccgcctctc tcgtggggat
   597841 agccgcccgg attggccagc acccgtgccc ggccgatgcg gtagtcgagg gcgtcgtgga
   597901 cgtgaccgtg cagccagtag tcggcctgcg ccaccagttc gtcgaggttg gaagcgaagg
   597961 ctggcgacag tgggttgccg acgaactgcg gcgggatcga cagcgcactg ggcgcgtggt
   598021 ggctgaccac cagcgtcggg ccgtcgtggg gccgcgccag atgttcggcg agccagtcgc
   598081 gcgaggcctg gtgcagggcg atgctctgct cgggggtgaa gtcgccaccg aaccagtcga
   598141 tgcagctgaa gtccggcatc gattgtaggg ccagctcatg ggcgggtgca tagccgtccg
   598201 cgccatagag ctggaagtcg gtccacaggg tggcgccgag gaagcgcgcc gggccgatcc
   598261 gcgcttcgtc gttttccagg aagtggatct ccagcgcccg ggcgatattg cgcatcgcct
   598321 gggtcaggtc ggtcatttcc gaggagtaga actcatggtt gccggcgacg tagacgatct
   598381 cgctgtcggc gaaggtctcg cgggcccagt gcaggccttc caggtggctg tggatatcgc
   598441 cggccagcac caccacgtcg gcctcgacct ctggcagttg gcgtcgcccg tcgaaatgtt
   598501 cgtggtggag gtcggacagc aggcggatct tcatggcacg gctcggcggt aggcgcggcg
   598561 gaccagcata gctccgccca ccccggggtt gaaggccgac aacgattgac gcaggtcatg
   598621 gctgtgcggg aaaacctcgc tggcctcgct aattccccca tgaagttaag ggacaattaa
   598681 gactggacgc gcagggttca ttccagcgat tcgcgcgttc tgtctgggag tggtgccaat
   598741 gaaactgtta tggggagttc tcgccgccgc gctggcggcc tggggcctga cgctggccgt
   598801 cgatccgccg gcgagcctgg acatctgggt ggcgcgcaag caggcgatcc tgcttaccgg
   598861 ggtagcgtcc ttcgccctga tgtcgttgat catgctgctg gcggtgcgtc cggtctggct
   598921 ggagaagccg ctggacgggc tcgaccgcat gtaccgcctg cacaagtggg cgggcatcct
   598981 ggccatcgtc ctcggcctgt tgcactacct gctggagttg gccggcccct ggctggcggg
   599041 tatcgtcggc aaaccggtga aaggcccgcg ggtggaaacc ttcctcgatg tcttccgtgg
   599101 ctcggccaag gagttgggtg aatggtcggc gtggattctc ggcgggatgc tgctggtcac
   599161 tctctggcag cgcttcccgt atcacctctg gcgttatgtg cacaaggcgt tggccctggt
   599221 ctacctggta ctggccttcc attccgtggt gctcgccccg gccagctact ggagccagcc
   599281 ggccggttgg ctggtggcgg cctgcgcact gctcggttcg gcctgcgcac tgttgtctct
   599341 gagcgggcgg atcggtcgca cgcgtcgcca tgcgggcgtg gtcaccgccg tcgagcggca
   599401 cggcgaaagc ctgctcgagg tgacctgccg gctgcagggc gactggtcgc acagggccgg
   599461 gcagttcgcc tttctcacct gcgaccgcct ggagggtgcc catccgttca ccatcgccag
   599521 cgccgaccgc ggctgcggcg aggtgcgctt cagcatcaag gcgttgggcg actacacccg
   599581 gcgcctgcag gacaacctgg aggtcggcgc cagggtcgag gtggaggggc catacggctg
   599641 cttcgacttc cgccgtggcc tggccgggcg gcaggtctgg gtcgccgccg ggatcggcgt
   599701 gacgccgttc atcgcctggc tggagtcgct gcaggccgcg ccggaaagcg cgccatcggt
   599761 ggagctgcac tattgcgtgc gcaattccca ggaagcgctg ttcgccgggc gcttgcgcga
   599821 gctttgcgaa cacctgccca gcgtgaccct gcacatccgc tatagcgacg agcagggcaa
   599881 gccgcaggcg gcgcaactgg gcgtgctgaa gagcgccgaa ggacgctggc cgagcgtctg
   599941 gttctgcggt ccgcaggggc tggccgacag cctgcgccgc gatctgcgcc ggcagggcat
   600001 gccgctgcgg ctgttccacc aggaagcctt ccgcatgcgc tgagcctgcc ggaaacgaaa
   600061 agccccgccg aagcggggct ttttcatcgc gcggtcgctc agaggccggc ggcgtcgcgc
   600121 aggagagcgg ccttgtcggt cttctcccag gtgaacgcgg tgaaggtatc gccgtccacg
   600181 gtcagttcga acggatgacg accgaagtgg ccgtaggccg cggtcggctg gtacatcggg
   600241 tggagtaggt cgagcatctt ggtgatcgcg tacgggcgca ggtcgaagtg ctcgcggacc
   600301 agttgcacga tcttctcgtc gctgaccttg ccggtaccga aggtgttgat cgagatcgag
   600361 gtcggctggg ccacgccgat ggcataggaa acctggatct cgcaacgctc ggcgaggccg
   600421 gcggcgacga tgttcttcgc cacgtagcgg ccggcgtagg cggcggagcg gtcgaccttg
   600481 gacgggtcct tgccggagaa cgcgccgccg ccgtggcggg ccatgccgcc gtaggagtcg
   600541 acgatgatct tgcgtccggt caggccgcag tcgccgaccg ggccgccgat cacgaagttg
   600601 ccggtcgggt tgatgtggaa ctgggtgtcc ttgtgcagca gctcggccgg cagcacctgc
   600661 ttgatgatca gctccatcac gccgtcgcgc aggtcgttat aggagacttc cgggttgtgc
   600721 tgggtggaca gcaccaccgc atcgatgccg accaccttgc cgccttcgta gcggcaggtc
   600781 acctgggact tggcgtccgg gcgcagccat ggcagcaggc cggacttgcg cgcctcggcc
   600841 tggcgctcga ccaggcggtg ggagaagcag atcggcgccg gcatcagcac gtcggtctcg
   600901 ttactggcgt agccgaacat caggccctgg tcgccggcgc cctggtcttc cggcttggcc
   600961 cggtcgacgc cctggttgat gtccaccgac tgcttgccga tgatgttcag cacgccgcag
   601021 gtggcaccat cgaagccgac gtcggagctg tcgtagccga tgtcgatgat gaccttgcgc
   601081 accagctctt ccaggtcgac ccaggcggag gtggtgactt caccggcgat gatcgccacg
   601141 ccggtcttga ccagggtttc gcatgccacg cgagcgtact tgtccttggc gatgatggcg
   601201 tccagcaccg cgtcggagat ctggtccgcg atcttgtccg gatggccttc ggacacggac
   601261 tcggaggtga aaacggaata ttcgctcatc aatcggttcc tacattaccg gtgggtgagg
   601321 cggctttcgg atgcatccct ggcgaagtgc cggacctgga tctggaagcc attgcgtaaa
   601381 ccaatgtaaa gactctcgcc gggcgtgagc cctgcggcgt cggcccactg ggccaggtcc
   601441 tcctgttcga aacccaacca gaggtcgccg caggcctccc tggcccagcc ctggttgtgc
   601501 cggcacaagt ccgtcaccag caggctgccg cccggatgga ccaggcgggc caactgtttc
   601561 agcgcctccg ccggcgcggc gaagtggtgc aggaccatgt tcagcaccac gcaatcggcc
   601621 ggttcggcgg cgtcctgcag ggcatcggcc aattccaggc ggacgttgcc caatccttct
   601681 tccttgcagc gctggcgcgc cagttccagc atcgccgcgc tgttgtccag cgccgtgacc
   601741 tggcggaaac gcctggcgag ttccggcagg aatccgccgt cccccgggcc gacctccagc
   601801 gccgtggcgc cgggggcgaa ggccagtgcg tcgagcaagg ccaacacgct ctcacggtat
   601861 tgcggcagtc ctgcgatcag gtcctgctgg gcctggaact tgtccgccgc gcgggcgaag
   601921 aagtcctggc tgaccgccgc gcgctgggcg tgcacggcat cgatccgcgc ccgcacgtcg
   601981 tcgggtagcg cccgttcgtc cacttcctcc agcagcgccg cgtgcagcgc gccgccggtg
   602041 cgttcggcca ggggcagcga acgtcggtag aagatcgcgt tgccctcgcg gcgcgtcgcc
   602101 accagcccgg cctgggccag caccttgagg tggtggctca tgcccgactg gccgatggcg
   602161 aagatctgcg ccagctccag cacgccgaac gaatcgttgg ccagggcgcg caacacattc
   602221 agtcgcagcg agtcgccagc cgccttgcac agcgcggcga gcgggtcgta gtcgtctggt
   602281 cgtatcgaag gcacgcgaag gctcatggag gcgcagtcta gtaccgggtc cgaaccccgg
   602341 caatgcctgt atcaaaaatt tttgatattg atgacgggtg gccgtcgcgc aattgcaatc
   602401 cggctgcgcc aggcttctgg caaaaccggt cggcagcgac atactgtccc cctgccgatc
   602461 tgtcattgcc ccttgggcct tcggtgggcg aaaatggcgc cctttttttc actcctggtc
   602521 ttccgaccag caacccccgt aggagaattg cgatgcccag ccgtcgtgag cgagccaatg
   602581 ccatccgtgc actgagcatg gatgccgtgc agaaagccaa cagcggccac ccgggcgccc
   602641 cgatgggcat ggccgatatc gccgaggtcc tctggcgcga ctacatgcag cacaacccga
   602701 gcaacccgca gtgggccaac cgcgaccgct tcgtgctgtc caacggccac ggctcgatgc
   602761 tgatctactc cctgctgcac ctcaccgggt acgacctcgg catcgaggac ctgaagaact
   602821 tccgccagct caactcgcgc accccgggcc acccggagta cggctacacc gccggcgtcg
   602881 agaccaccac cggtccgctc ggccagggca tcgccaatgc ggtgggcatg gcgctggcgg
   602941 agaaggtcct ggccgcccag ttcaaccgcg acggccacgc ggtggtcgac cactacacct
   603001 acgccttcct cggcgacggc tgcatgatgg aaggcatttc ccatgaggtc gcctcgctgg
   603061 ccggcaccct gcgcctgaac aagctgatcg ccttctacga cgacaacggc atttccatcg
   603121 acggcgaggt ccacggctgg ttcaccgacg acaccccgaa gcgcttcgag gcctatggct
   603181 ggcaagtgat ccgcaacgtc gacgggcatg acgccgacga gatcaagacc gccatcgata
   603241 ccgcgcgcaa gagcgaccag ccgaccctga tctgctgcaa gaccgtgatc ggtttcggct
   603301 cgccgaacaa gcagggcaag gaagagtgcc acggcgcgcc gctgggcgcc gacgagatcg
   603361 ccgcgacccg cgccgcgctg ggctgggagc acgctccgtt cgagatcccg gcgcagatct
   603421 acgccgagtg ggacgccaag gaatccggcg ccgcccagga agccgagtgg aacaagcgtt
   603481 tcgccgccta ccaggctgcc catccggaac tggccgccga attgctgcgc cgcctgaagg
   603541 gcgagctgcc ggccgacttc gccgagaagg ccgcggccta cgtcgccgat gttgccaaca
   603601 agggtgagac catcgccagc cgcaaggcca gccagaacgc gctgaacgcc ttcggcccgc
   603661 tgctgccgga gctgctcggc ggttccgccg acctggccgg ctccaacctg accttgtgga
   603721 agggctgcaa gggcgtcagc gccgacgacg ccgccggcaa ctacgtgttc tacggcgtgc
   603781 gcgaattcgg catgagcgcg atcatgaatg gcgtcgccct gcacggcggt ttcattccct
   603841 acggtgcgac cttcctgatc ttcatggaat acgcgcgcaa cgccgtgcgc atgtccgcac
   603901 tgatgaagca gcgcgtgctc tacgtgttca cccacgactc catcggcctc ggcgaggacg
   603961 gcccgaccca ccagccgatc gaacaactgg ccagcctgcg cctgaccccg aacctggaca
   604021 cctggcgccc ggccgacgcg gtcgagtcgg cggtggcctg gaagcatgcc atcgagcgcg
   604081 ccgacggtcc gtccgcgctg atcttctccc gccagaacct gccgcaccag gcgcgcgacg
   604141 tcgcccaggt ggccgacatc gcccgcggcg gctacgtgct gaaggactgc gaaggcgagc
   604201 cggaactgat cctgatcgcc accggttcgg aagtcggcct ggccgtgcag gcctacgaca
   604261 agctcagcga gcagggccgc aaggtccgtg tggtatcgat gccatgcacc agcgtctacg
   604321 agcagcagga cgagtcctac aagcagtccg tgctgccggt ggaagtcggc gcgcgcatcg
   604381 ccatcgaggc cgcccatgcc gactactggt acaagtacgt cggtctcgac gggcgcatca
   604441 tcggcatgac cagcttcggc gagtcggcgc cggccccggc gctgttcgag cacttcggct
   604501 tcaccctgga caacgtcctg gcggtggccg aggagctgct ggaagactga tgcacacgct
   604561 ctactggcgg gacctcgaaa gccccgccaa tggcgaatgg ctgggcctcg cggtccaggt
   604621 ggagggcgcc catcgggcgc cctctttcct tcatctgcaa tccggcggcc aggcccgcat
   604681 tcgcctgatg cgtggcgatc agccgctgct ctgggccacc cagttgccgt accacgatgg
   604741 catctggctg gtgaagagcc tggtcgcggc gagcccggcg caggccagcg tgccgcccat
   604801 cgactcgccg accctggaag cgttgcgcgg cctgcgcggc gaggcccgct acaaggcctg
   604861 gagccgctat ttcgtcgaga ccctgcgtac cagcccgggc agttgcctgg aggccgggcg
   604921 ctggttgctg cgcctgtcgc tcgccgagca ggtgcccgcc tggcagccac cgcagagcca
   604981 cgatccgcgc gaacgggtgc tggaacgctg gcgctaccgc agcgtcgggc gcgacgcact
   605041 gttgccggac tggcgcttct acagcctgga gaaggtcctc gacgacgact gggtgcagtg
   605101 gctcgactgg tgggggcgcg acaacgacgc cctgatcgcc ctgcgccggg tcgaggatga
   605161 cgaggggcgg gtcaagtggt ggcgcaagaa ggcccgcgaa ggcgagctgc cgccggtgct
   605221 ggcgctgcgc ctgaactgcc tggatgcctg cgtgatcctc gatggccact gccggctgcg
   605281 cgccggcctg ctggagaacg tcgcgccgga gatcctggtg ctctgtgcct acgacgagca
   605341 gccgatgccg gtggatacgg cgcagcgcga acgggtgctg caatcgctgg cgcagcgggt
   605401 cgacgcgccg gtgcgccgtg gacgccggcc gctggatagc gaacagctca accaggtgct
   605461 gctgcgcctg ttcgacgacc gtccctggcc gcgagtgctg acccgtgccc gcgcggtgct
   605521 gaaggaagaa cagtggtgcg cggaagtgcg cgactggctg gccgcccgcg agcgtctgga
   605581 cgcgctggag ccgatcatcc gtcgcgtcga gtagcgcgcc agcgccgcag ccattccagg
   605641 cctgccgagg tgtcgccgcg cggacggtac tcgcagccga tccagccctg gtagccgagc
   605701 cggtcgagta gctcgaacag gtaggggtag ttcacttcgt tgtcgtcatc cggctcgtgg
   605761 cggtcgggta ccccggcgat ctggacgtgg ccgatattgc cgatgtcgcg acgcagggtg
   605821 gtggccaggt cgccctcgac gatctggcag tggtagcagt cgaactgtac ctgcaggttg
   605881 tccgcgccga cctcgcggca gatggcctgg gcgtcgtcct ggcgggtgag gaagaagccc
   605941 ggcatgtcgc ggttgttgat cggctctatg agcaccgtca gcccggcgcc ggcggcttcg
   606001 cgggcggcat gggcgaggtt gtcgaggtag gtctcgcggt ggcggatgcg gtcggcgccg
   606061 gccggcagca gtccggccat gacatggatg tggcggttgc cgaggccttg ggcatagtcg
   606121 atggcctggg cgatggcgcg gcggaattcg gcctcgcgcc ccggcaggct ggccaggccg
   606181 cgctcgccct tgtcccagtc gccgggtgcg gcattgaaca gcacctggcg caggccgtgg
   606241 tcgtccagcc gggccttcag ttcggccgca gggtaggcat aggggaacag gtactccacg
   606301 ccctcgaagc cgtccgccgc ggcggcggcg aagcgttcga ggaagtcgtg gcgggggtag
   606361 agcatgctga ggttggcggc gaagcggggc atctggcgct cctggcggtc ggtggatgcg
   606421 ggcgagcctt gcacaacgga acgcggtcgc gccagccagg tgtcgcatga atcgtttcag
   606481 cgcctgcacg cgagccgttg ccgcggcgca cgccgcgccg cgcgggtcgc ggacggttcc
   606541 caggcgggcc catcccccgc ataattggcg cctttcactg gccccttgcc ggagctatcc
   606601 ctgccgatgt ccaccccgcc ttttcgcgtc gcgctcaatg gctatggccg tatcggccgc
   606661 tgcgtcctgc gcgcgctgca cgagcgcccg gagcaactgg gcttcgagat cgtcgcgctg
   606721 aacgacctgg ccgaccaggc cagcgtcgag tacctgaccc gcttcgactc cacccatggc
   606781 cgctttcccg gcgaagtgaa ggtcgacggc gactgcctgc acatcaacgg cgattgcgtg
   606841 aaggtgctgc gcagcccgac tccggaggcc atcgactggc aggcgctgcg ggtcgacctg
   606901 gtgctggagt gctccggcca gtacaccaac cgcgcccagg ccgagcgttt cctccgcgcc
   606961 ggcgcgccgc gggtgctgtt ctcgcagccg atggcgagcg aggcggacat cgacgccacc
   607021 atcgtctatg gggtcaacca gcaggacctc agcggccgcg aaacgctggt ctccaacgcc
   607081 tcctgcacga ccaattgcgg ggtgccgctg ctcaagctgc tgaacgaggc gatcggcctg
   607141 gaatacgtgt cgatcaccac catccactcg gcgatgaacg accagccggt gatcgacgcc
   607201 taccaccatg aggacctgcg ccgtacccgt tcggcgttcc agtcggtgat tccggtgtcc
   607261 accggtctgg cgcgcggcat cgaacgcctg ttgccggaac ttgccgggcg catccaggcc
   607321 aaagccatac gcgtgcccac ggtgaacgtc tcggcgctgg acatcaccct gcagacttcc
   607381 cgcgacacct ccgccgccga gatcaaccgg gtgcttagcg aggctgccga aagcggcccg
   607441 ctgcgcggac tgctggctta taccgagctg ccgcacgcca gttgcgattt caaccacgac
   607501 ccccattcgg ccatcgtcga tggcagccag acccgcgttt ccgggcctcg cctggtcaac
   607561 ttgctggcct ggttcgacaa cgaatgggga ttcgccaacc gtatgctcga cgtcgccgga
   607621 cactacctgc gcgccgccgt gcctgatcaa caagtaccca aggactgatt gtcatgaccg
   607681 tgttgaagat gactgacctc gacctcaaag gtaagcgcgt gctgatccgc gaggacctca
   607741 acgtgcccgt gaaggacggc caggtgcaga gcgacgcacg gatcaaggcc gccctgccga
   607801 ccctcaagct ggccctggag aagggcgcgg cggtgatggt ctgctcgcac ctgggccgtc
   607861 cgaccgaggg cgagttctcc gccgagaaca gcctgaagcc ggtggccgag tacctgtcca
   607921 aggccctggg ccgcgaagtg ccgctgctgg ccgactacct cgacggcgtc gaggtcaagg
   607981 cgggcgacct ggtgctgttc gagaacgtgc gcttcaacaa gggcgagaag aagaacgctg
   608041 acgagctggc gcagaagtac gccgcgctgt gcgacgtgtt cgtgatggat gccttcggta
   608101 ccgcccaccg cgccgagggg tcgacccacg gcgtggccag gttcgccaag gtcgccgccg
   608161 ccggcccgct gctggccgcc gaactggacg cgctgggcaa ggcgctgggc aacccggcgc
   608221 ggccgatggc ggcgatcgtc gccggctcca aggtttccac caagctcgac gtgctgaaca
   608281 gcctggccgg catctgcgac cagctgatcg tcggcggcgg catcgccaac accttcctcg
   608341 ccgcggccgg acacaaggtc ggcaagtcgc tgtacgaggc cgacctggtc gagaccgcca
   608401 aggccatcgc cgccaaggtc aaggtgccgc tgccggtgga cgtggtggtg gccaaggaat
   608461 tcgccgagag cgccgtggcg accgtcaagg ccatcgccga ggtcgccgac gacgacatga
   608521 tcctcgacat cggcccgcag accgccgcgc agttcgccga gctgctgaag acctcgaaga
   608581 ccatcctgtg gaacggtccg gtcggggtgt tcgagttcga ccagttcggc gagggcaccc
   608641 gtaccctggc caatgccatc gccgatagcg cggcgttctc catcgccggc ggcggcgata
   608701 ccctggcggc gatcgacaag tacggcatcg ccgagcggat ctcctatatt tccaccggtg
   608761 gcggcgcgtt cctcgagttc gtcgagggca aggtcctgcc ggccgtggaa atcctggagc
   608821 agcgcgccaa gggctgacgc agacggggca aaccattcgc cgtcctcggg ggtcacacct
   608881 ttgaggacga cgaaaaaagg aggtgcccca tgcgttccgt aaccttgcca ctcctgatgt
   608941 tctgcctggg cctggccgcc tgtagcggcg atggcggtcg acgcccgagc acctgcgagg
   609001 tgatcagtcc gccggacgtg atggtgccga ccgagcagaa ccgccagcgg gtcgagcagc
   609061 agagcagcgg cgatccgacc gccggacaaa agccggtgga atgcccgtag tgcttttctg
   609121 ccagtttcta cggaaagggc tggggattcg ccagcgtacg cagtagcatt gcgcctttcc
   609181 tgtgacaggc aaggccagcc ggccgccgcg cgggccgctt gcggcccggc gaggtgcggc
   609241 ggagcgttcc gcacggatgg aggatggaca tgaactactc gcgtatcgcc ctgttcggcg
   609301 gcttcgccgc cgcggcgctg ctggccggct gctccgcttc ctccggcaag ccgggcggca
   609361 aggactggac ccgctggacc tgcgacagca aggcggtgat cgaatggcgc tatatcgacg
   609421 gcagcaagaa catcgtcgac ctgcgcctga aggacgagga cgacgtggtc caccacttgg
   609481 agcaggaacc tgcggccgtc ggcgctttct atagcgacgg acgcctgggc ttccacctgg
   609541 agaacgacga aggcctggtg tactgggtcg aaaccgacga cctcatcggt cgcggttgca
   609601 aggcgcgctg agtcgcgccg gcaggggcgc ggcgccgcga ccgctcctcg caaggaactt
   609661 gaaccgggcc tgcccctgcg gcaggcttct gaatcactga acgaccccgc gattgggaga
   609721 tacgagaacc atggcactca tcagcatgcg ccagatgctg gatcacgccg ccgaattcgg
   609781 ctacggcgtg ccggccttca acgtcaacaa cctcgagcag atgcgcgcca tcatggaagc
   609841 ggccgacaag accgattcgc ccgtgatcgt ccaggcttcc gccggtgctc gcaaatacgc
   609901 cggcgcgccc ttcctgcgcc acctgatcct cgccgcgatc gaagaattcc cgcacatccc
   609961 ggtggtcatg caccaggatc acggcaccag tcccgacgtc tgccagcgtt ccatccagct
   610021 gggcttcagc tcggtgatga tggacggctc cctgcgtgaa gacggcaaga cccctgccga
   610081 ctacgactac aacgtccgcg tgacccagca gaccgtggcg ttcgcccatg cctgcggcgt
   610141 gtccgtggaa ggcgagctgg gctgcctggg ttccctggaa accggcatgg ccggcgagga
   610201 agacggcgtc ggcgcggaag gcgtgctgga ccacagccag ttgctgaccg atccggaaga
   610261 agccgccgac ttcgtgaaga agaccaaggt cgacgccctg gccatcgcca tcggcaccag
   610321 ccacggcgcc tacaagttca ccaagccgcc gaccggggac accctgtcga tccagcgcat
   610381 caaggaaatc cacgcgcgca tcccggacac ccacctggtg atgcacggct cttcctcggt
   610441 accgcaggac tggctggcga tcatcaacga gtacggcggc gagatcaaag agacctacgg
   610501 cgtgccggtc gaggaaatcg tcgagggcat caagtacggc gtgcgcaagg tgaacatcga
   610561 caccgacctg cgcctggctt ccaccggtgc catccgccgc ttcctggcgc agaacccgag
   610621 cgagttcgac ccgcgcaaat acttctccaa gaccgtcgag gccatgcgcg acatctgcat
   610681 cgctcgctac gaagccttcg gcaccgccgg caacgcttcc aagatcaagc cgatctccct
   610741 ggaaggcatg ttccagcgct acgctcgcgg cgagctggat ccgaaggtca actaagcgcc
   610801 ttcgttcgaa cgggagcccc gctggtcggg gctcttgcac atccgccccg gggaaatccg
   610861 atgcgccgct ggctcctgac cctgccgttc ctgctgctgg ccggttgcgc tggcctgcac
   610921 gcgccgtccc gcgacgtcga ggaggccgcg tcgccgagcg tagcgcgcga tcccgccgac
   610981 ccgcaggatt gcctggcgcg cagcgactgc acgaccaaga cttcgcgcac cttgctgttc
   611041 gtcttcgact atgcagaggc cggcggcgaa ctggtggtgc gcgacggccg ccaactggaa
   611101 accccgccgg cgccgcaacg ctccacctgg ccggcgttgc gcatccagct ggccgagccg
   611161 gtcaacggtc gcttcgagtt cgagagcccc tgcctgcgca agagcggcaa gggttgccgc
   611221 tacagccagg ctatgctgct gaaggtctac cgcagctacc tggtcggcaa gccttgctcg
   611281 ctgctcagtc ctcgcgcagt gaaacgctgc gtcgacccgg cggcgaccgc cgcgcggcgc
   611341 tgagtcaggg ctgcaggtcg aacagcgcct tgccgtccat gtcgaacggc gccgagaaat
   611401 gctcgtggat caccttccag ccgtcgccgt gcttgcggta gccggcgctg acccgcatcc
   611461 acgaggagtg cggctggccg tccgggccag tgccgccgca gtggcagagg tagtgggcga
   611521 aggcgacctg cgggtcggca tggatctgca gttcggcgat atcgaaggtc atcggtcctt
   611581 tgcacatctc ggtgcaggcc tgccagtgct tctggtaggc gtcgcgcccc ttgaattgca
   611641 attgcaggat ggcgtcgaag gcgacgatgt cctccgcgta gtacgagacg atgcgcggaa
   611701 catcgctggc gcggacggcg gctcgccagt cttcgatcaa ttggcggatg gcgctgactt
   611761 cgctgctcat ggctgactcc tggttgtggc gggggacgcc ggcgtgtgcc gggatgcttt
   611821 taccctggtc gtcgggtggg ccttcggatc gacaatagcc tcttccccga gaggtccacg
   611881 aagcccctga ccaatggctg cgagccacgc tgcgcaaggc tttgaaccgt tcgtctggaa
   611941 ttcggaggaa aaccgctgtg ctatacctcg ggctttccct gccgcccagg aggtccctca
   612001 tgtcgtccgt acacagcgcc gcccagcaag gtttcagcgc cgaggcccag cgttacgccc
   612061 agggccggcc cgagtacccg gaagcgctct ccgactggct gcgcgatgcc cttggcctgc
   612121 gtccgcagac cgtcgcggtg gacctcggcg ccggcaccgg caagttcacc cgcctgctgg
   612181 cccgtaccgg cgcgcgggtg gtcgcggtgg aaccggtgga tgcgatgcgc gcccagcttg
   612241 ccgaagcctt gccgcaggtc caggcgctgg ccggtagcgc ccagtcgatt ccgctggcca
   612301 acggcttcgc cgacgccctg gtgtgcgcac aggccttcca ttggttcgcc accgtggagg
   612361 cgctggagga aatgcgccgc gtgctgacgg cggaaggcag gctggggctg gtgtggaacg
   612421 tgcgtgacga gtcgctggat tgggtcgccg agatcacccg catcatcacc ccctacgaag
   612481 gcgatgcgcc gcgtttctac aagggcgact ggcgtcggcc gttcgagcgc gcgcccttcg
   612541 gaccgctgcg actttccacc ttcgcctacg agcatgtcgg cccgccggag caggtgatcg
   612601 tctcgcgctt cctttcggtg agcttcatcg ccgccttgcc ggagacggaa aagaacgccg
   612661 tggcggcgca attgcgcgag ctggtcgcca gccatccggc gctcaagggg agggagcagg
   612721 tagcgctgcc ctatcgcacc gaggcctatc tggccgaggc gcgctaggcg tactgccccg
   612781 ccgcataacc cgaggcccag gcccactgga agttgaagcc gccgaggtgg ccgctgacgt
   612841 ccagtacttc gccgacgaaa tacagccccg gcgagcgctg cgactccatg gtcttcgacg
   612901 acacttcgtc ggtgctcacc ccgcccaggg tcacttccgc ggtgcggtag ccctcggtgc
   612961 ccgagggcgt gacccgccag gccgaaagct gcccggcgat acccgccagt tcggccgggg
   613021 tgtactgcct catcggcttg gagacgaacc agcggtcggc cagcagtccg gcgagcttct
   613081 tggtgaatag ctcggcgagc aaagtcttca gctcgctgtt gggacgctcg cgctgttgct
   613141 gcgccagcca ttcgttggcg tcgtggtccg gcagcaggtc gatttccagg gtatcgcccg
   613201 gttgccagta ggaggaaatc tgcaacatcg ccgggccgct gaggccgcga tgggtgaaca
   613261 gcaggttctc gcggaacgcc tggccgttgc agctcacccg gcaatccacg gaggtgccgg
   613321 aaagctcggc gcacagctcc ttcagctggt cggtgatggt gaacggcacc agcccggcgc
   613381 gggtcggcag cacctcgtgg ccgaactggc gcgccacctg gtagccgaaa ccgctggcgc
   613441 cgagggtcgg gatcgacagg ccgccgctgg cgatcaccag cgactcgcag cgcatctcgc
   613501 cggcgctggt acgcaggcgg tagccgtcgt cgtcgcgggc gatctcttcg atcgaggtgt
   613561 ccagcaggat ttccgctccg gcctcggcgc attcgcgcag cagcatctcg aggatgtcgc
   613621 tggacttgtt gtcgcagaac agctggccga gtttcttctc gtggtacggc acctggtgct
   613681 tggccaccag gccgataaag tcccactggg tgtagcgggc cagcgccgac ttgcagaagt
   613741 gcgggttgcg cgaaaggaag ttggccggct cggtgtacag gttggtgaaa ttgcagcgcc
   613801 cgccgccgga catgaggatc ttcttgccgg ccttgttggc gtggtcgagt acccgcacgc
   613861 ggcgcccgcg cccggccgcc gtcatcgcac acatcagccc ggccgccccg gcgccaacga
   613921 tcagcacatc tgtacttgcc actgtcccac tccgctcatc ggaaacggcg cgcatattac
   613981 ccgaagcggc ggtcggccgc cggagctccc gacgcggtac actgggcgtt ttccgcgaac
   614041 cgccggaccc gtgcatgatc cccctcaagt acctccaggc ctatcccgca tcgctgcagg
   614101 accaggtccg ccagctgatc gccgagaacc gcctgggcga gtacctcgag cgccgctacc
   614161 cggggcgtca cgatgtgcag agtgacaagg cgctgtacgc ctacaccatg aacctcaagc
   614221 aggaacacct gcgcaacgcg ccgggcctgg acaaggtgct ctacgacaac aagctcgacg
   614281 tggtccagcg tgccctcggc ctgcacaccg cgatctcgcg ggtgcagggc ggcaagctca
   614341 aggcgaagaa ggaaatccgc gtggcttccc tgttcaagga cgccgccccg gagttcctgc
   614401 ggatgatcgt cgtccacgaa ctcgcccacc tgaaggaaag cgagcacaac aaggcgttct
   614461 accagctctg ccagtacatg ctgccggact atcaccagct ggagttcgac ctgcgggtgt
   614521 acctgacctg gaagagtctc tagcggctgt tacaaggatg aattctcgat gggaagcgct
   614581 tcgcaacgtt cggtgcagga tctttatgag gacgtgggag atcactaccg gatctttatc
   614641 cgggcgccat tctttcaatt gctgaaacac agggactact gggttcccct gctgtatttc
   614701 ttcttcgtgt tgatcacgat gttctgggac ttgtattgcc actccggaca gtacctctac
   614761 gaagccagga gtctgctccc tttctatctg ttcccgtttc tgatcgctgc gctacggata
   614821 ggcgatatcg tcgtcgatac gcgctgtcgc aatgtggaga acctgggagg cttcgagcgc
   614881 tccgccgaga gcagtcgcta cgtccagctt tccctctacg aacggcaatg gttccggctg
   614941 cggtaccggg cctatggcgg taacctccgc tgcctggcgg gcgatctggt ggagaactgg
   615001 cgcctctgga aggaggtgaa ttcgaaggcc gcgaaggata tcgacggcgc agtgatgctg
   615061 cgattctttc tgcctccccg ggaccttgct cgtctggtca cgctgttggc tgcgctcatt
   615121 gcggtcatcg ccactctcat cattaccctg ggggctgaca ggcagggcta tttcgagttt
   615181 gtcgacaacc tgcccgccta tctgaaactg tattggggcg tcgttttcat cattgccttc
   615241 agcggtccat acatgatctt cctggggatg caggcgcgcc tggtactgcg cgcaatgatc
   615301 gacgcattgt ccatttccca accaagcgac aagctgttct atcaattcat ccagcggctc
   615361 atctgggcgg acggagtgaa accggcgaac cccagtgcca acagcagggt gctacgggcg
   615421 gtcgactcca tggtcgactt cttctacgag gagtggagaa gcgccatcgg caagcttgtg
   615481 ctgtggctcg ttgccctgct tgtgctgctt ctttgcacgc ttttgcattg cctgctccga
   615541 gtcttttcct cggcgagaac gttgggagag gcgctgatgc ggattctctt ggctgttctg
   615601 gggggcgttt gctggatagt cgcggcgatc cagcgcttga atcttgccgt gcccttccac
   615661 tggaccttct tcgtgctgac gggaacggga gccttgttcg caaccctctg cgggcagccc
   615721 tgactcagac tgtccggcgc aggcgcgcca cggtctccgg cagttcgcgc atgtgctcga
   615781 cgatggcgat ggcgcccagc tcgcgcagta cctcggcgtg cccggcggga atgtgcccgg
   615841 cgccgacgaa gccgatcacc cgcatccccg cggcgagggc ggcgcgggtg ccggtgctgc
   615901 tgtcttccac caccaggcaa cgctcggggg cgacgccgag caggctggcg gcgtgcaggt
   615961 agacgtcggg tgcgggcttg ggcagggcga ccatatcggc gctggccagg cgttcgccga
   616021 tcagttcgct gagcccggcg cgcgccagcg agcgctccag gctgtggcgg cggctgttgg
   616081 aggccaccgc gacaggcagg tccagggcca gcagcgcctc gcgtgcgccg ggaatgggtt
   616141 ggacctgggc gaccatctcc tcgctgcgct ggcgcacctc gcggttgaag ctgtcgggga
   616201 tgcgcaggcc gaagtgcttc tcgacgcgat cgaggatgtc gcggctggtc aggccgaagg
   616261 tgccttccag caggcgctgc agctcctcca gcggcgcgta ggcgctgagc gcctcgtaca
   616321 tcacgcgctc ggcaatgacc tcgctgtcga ccaggacgcc gtcgcagtcg gaaatcagtg
   616381 cgtcgatggg gtggggcatg ggctacctcg ctgcgggcgt tggcgcaggg cgccggagtg
   616441 ggagcgaggc attctaaccc cggtcagggg cgggaaggga aacagggaga gggagaacgc
   616501 cgggccgtgc ggcccggcgg gaaggaatca ggcgatgccc ttcgggttct ggccgtactg
   616561 gttctggccg gcgtcgctgt ccttggccag caggtagatc aggtacaggc cgacgatcgg
   616621 gatcagcgcg atcagcatcc accagccgct cttgttgatg tcgtgcagac gccgggcggt
   616681 gacgcccagg gccggcagca gcacggcgag cgagtagaga ttggcgatcg gcaggagctt
   616741 ttcactgatc aggccgagca cgacgctcag cgcaacggag atgatgatgt tcaccagggt
   616801 gaacatccag tattccttgc gacgggcacg cccgttgaag tcgaagtagt gttccttcac
   616861 gcatttcaga aaccattcca tgtttgcctc ctgggcgtac tggtaaagcg ggagagtggg
   616921 tgccgcgaca agtacccccg cgcctccttg ccgggaaagc acagtgtagc cgtactgtca
   616981 gtgaattcgt acaggatgtt gcgaaaatca ttcacattgc atagcagcgg atcgccgaaa
   617041 tgtgcgccgg tagcgctttc agcgagcgga gtcggcctgg cggcggaaac ggcccggcga
   617101 tacgccgaag gcctggcgga aattgcggga aaacgccgcc tccgactggt agccggtctc
   617161 ggcggcgata tccagcaggc tcttctgcgt ttgtcgcagc aggccgcgag ccttctccat
   617221 gcggatgcgg gtcagcaggt tccacggcga ggttccgccg agggcggaga aggcgcggac
   617281 gaaactggcc cgcgacatcg ccgcctgctg ggcaagctgt tccagggtcc aggcatgctc
   617341 cgggcgttcc agcatggccc gcagggctcg tcccaggcgg gcgtcgccca gcaggccgaa
   617401 caggccgtcg cccagcggtt ggcggtccag gtaggcgcgc agggccaggg cgaacagcgc
   617461 ggtggccagc gcgtcgatga tcgagcgggc gccgctgcgg gtgctctcgg cttcctcgcg
   617521 catcaacccg atcagcgcgc gcaggggctg ctgggtcgac tcgtccatat gcaccagcag
   617581 gcgctcgggg agcgcgccga acaggctggc accggcgtga tagcggtagc tgccgcaaag
   617641 catgtcgagg gcctcgccag ggccgttcaa ctggtacagc gggatgctgc cgcggtgctc
   617701 tacggtgggt tcgcagggtt gcgccgggct gtcgctgcgc aggaggtgcg gggtgccgcg
   617761 tggcaacaga atcaggtcgc cgggatgcag gtcgaggcga ccgccatcga ggaattcgca
   617821 atagcaggtg ccggccatga cgatatggaa ggtcgcctcg ccgggcaccg cttgcgggtg
   617881 ctccagcgcc cagctgccct gtagctggca gcgctggtcg aggcggccct gcaggttggc
   617941 gagctggatg agccggtcga gtgggtccat gggatgagcc gatcaggtcg aaagtagaga
   618001 cgcatgggca ggcggcgcgg tccagactgg tcgagactgg taacccgacg cgccactccc
   618061 ggcgcgaaag caacggagaa tatcaccatg ctgaacaact ggaccgagtt cgtccccgcc
   618121 gtgaaaaaag ccttcggtgc cctgggcaag caacacccga agatgctcgc cgcctatggc
   618181 gcgctggagg aagccagcgc cgagggcgcc ctggatgcca agacccgcga actgatctcc
   618241 atcgccgtgg ccattaccac ccgttgcgac ggttgcatcg gcgtgcacac cgaggccgcg
   618301 ctgaaggccg gcgccagcga ggcggaaatc gcccagaccc tggctaccgc catctccctg
   618361 aatgccggcg ccgcctatgt ctattcgctg cgcgcgctgg aagcctacga ccagttcaaa
   618421 aagtgaggcc gtacaggcgc tgcaggtaga acagcaaccc cagccaggcc accagggcca
   618481 gccagcccag ccccagcagg cccttgcgca gcagcgtcga gggcctgccg tggagcaggt
   618541 cgaccaggct cagcacgccg ccgagcagca gcaggccgag cagcgcctgg gtgtactggg
   618601 cgaaactcgg cgacaacgcc tcgtcgccgt gggcggcata gttgtacagg ttccaggcgc
   618661 agatcagcgt cgccggcagc agcgccagca gcgcgccgag ccagcgcccg cggacatgca
   618721 ggaggaagcc cgcgagcagg ccgaccagcc cggtacccag cggtagcagc gccaggccct
   618781 ggctgaggta gaccaggtcg acgccgtcgg cgagcgccat cggggtgacg aaacggtagc
   618841 tgccgctggc gcagagcagc accgaaagca gcaacagggc gtagcccggc aggtacggcc
   618901 agaaggcggg acgcgggggc aggtcggaca tggatgttcc ttgcgggttg tccgctcgca
   618961 tgagcgtagg ctcaagcgta ccgctgcgcg tgacaggcgg cgagtaccgt tgcggttgaa
   619021 ccctccgcga atggcgggag tcagtcatag ggtgacgcga aaaaacgccg gctcacgcgc
   619081 cggacaccgt atcgaccctg gaccaaggag ttccgttcat ggacctgatc cgcatcctca
   619141 tcgccatcct cctgccgccg ctgggcgtgt tcctgcaagt cggcttcggc ggcgccttct
   619201 ggctgaacat cctgctcacc ctgctcggct acatcccggg catcgtccac gcggtgtaca
   619261 tcatcgccaa gcgttgaggc ccctgctcag gcgtagttcc atggttcctt cacggtgaag
   619321 tcccgccacg ggtcttcgcc gtggaagggg ccgacataga gcacctcgcc gccccggacg
   619381 atccattcca taccgtgttc gcggtcccat tcgcagttca gcgacaggtg gatcaccgct
   619441 tcgtcgccct gttccgggtc gggcacgatc agctcgcccg gttcgatccg ttccagcacc
   619501 ccgcgcgccg gcgcgacttc ctccgcagac tcgcccagcc gctccaggcg cgcggcgcgg
   619561 tagcgcaggc tggcggcaca aagccgctcg accacggcgt catccagttc gtcgagggct
   619621 cgggcgcagc gccaggcgta ggcgtcgtcg gcctcgttct cgatgaacag gctgatgtag
   619681 cgccggtaca ggcgacaata cacttcgccc atgttcgcat cgtccaggtt gcggatcagt
   619741 tccatgcgtg gtctccttgt tcagcagcgt tcggtgaggg cgatgccacg gccgtcgccg
   619801 aagccatcgt gtacgtgcag ccacagcggg atcggccagg cccagccgcc ggccttccac
   619861 cagcactcgg cgaaccaggc ttgcagcgta tcggcgagca ggtcgacgcc gccgaagccg
   619921 tcggcgaaat aggcttcgtc gaaatccggg gcatgtccca ggccgagcgc caggtccagc
   619981 gccttgccgg gaaacaggcg cgggtcgctg gcgtccaccc ggttgttggc gccattcagg
   620041 tacaaccacg cttccgctgc gtcgcgtccg tcctcgccga ggaacagttg gatctcgccg
   620101 tcgcgtagtc cttcctccag gggttgccgg agcagctcgc gcaggcgctg gatcacgctc
   620161 ggtgcggcgc attgcaggtc gcggcggtag cgctcgcgga attgttcggg gctgaggccg
   620221 aaaggaatca tgggcgtttc tccgtcattc gggcaggcag ggcccggctt ccagccaggc
   620281 ctccaggctg ggtgccaggg gttcgaagca gtccggcgtc atcgcgccat ggtcgaccag
   620341 gaacagcgcc tgccggtgat cgtccagggc catcaccacg gcgcggccgc tgctgtcgtc
   620401 gcctatggcc aggtagccgg ggcagtagag agaggtttcg aaggcccggt tgcgttccag
   620461 caactcgtcg gcggcgtaga gcagcaggcc cggctcgacg aggcggccgc cgtgctgctc
   620521 cagagcggcg acgaaggcag ccggcagcgg tcgtccgagc caggcctcta gggcatccaa
   620581 ttcaggcttc atcgggctcg tccagggcga acaatgcatg gtggcgggca tgggccagca
   620641 ggcgttcgcc cagcgcgtcg gccagggcgt agaagcgcgt gtccagcgca tccagggccg
   620701 cttcgcagtc gcggtcgggt tcatcggccc aggtcggcat gcgcaactgg cgttcggcct
   620761 gggagactgg caccggaccg tcgccgaaca gcagggcggc ggctcgctcc agcagggcca
   620821 gggcgtcctc cgcctccaat tcgcgaagac ccgcgcgcgc cgcctggtac tggtcgccgc
   620881 aggagttgcc gaagtactgg tcgaagccgc cgctgtgcac ttcgccgctg agcacgctca
   620941 ctgcgtagta gctccgttcg gccggcgaca gcccggcgaa tccctcgcgg ccatcgtaga
   621001 cgcgattcac cagcgcgctc cagtacagcg cctgcggact cgccaagtag cgccgtcgct
   621061 ccgtgtggaa acgcttgcca tcctcgatgt tctgccggta gccgcccttg cagggaatgc
   621121 acagtccgtc gttcctcgcc gctgtggtcg ggagaatgag atggccgcag gcgcggcagg
   621181 gaaggcggtc ggtcatgagc ggtccttgct ggtggaaggg gctcattatt gcgcaggatc
   621241 gttcagcttg aacgacagtt tggcttgcca gcctggcacg gcattgcccg ctggcatgac
   621301 cgaccctcta tcccttcggg gagaggggca tgaggaccgg cgcggagcga gaagcattac
   621361 cccgcgccag ccccctcagc tacgactcac ggaaacggcc acgccggcga cccctggctc
   621421 atgtccagaa gcttcaccgt gctgtattcg ttggtccggt tgttggcata gaagaacgcc
   621481 ggctgctcgg cgaaaccgta ggccgccacc tgcgcctggg ccgctgccga ggtacggatg
   621541 ccccatagcg cgaaggttgg ccgctggtcg cgctgggtca gccaggacag gccgagcaac
   621601 aggttgtcgt tgccgtccgt gctgctggca tcgccgctgt ttcccgggcg ctgggcgtag
   621661 gtgccgtagc cgagagcggc cttgttggcg tcccagtcgg acttgtccac ctggcgctgg
   621721 tgcaggtaga gcagggtcca gatatcccaa ccctgcagcg gatcgttctt caggtcggcc
   621781 cagtagtgca cccactgggt atagaaggcc atccgctcgc cgttcagcgc gtaggtgccc
   621841 gggtcttccc acaggcgctt gtatacgcct gccagcggat cggcttcggc gcgtccggcg
   621901 acgatcaggt tgtaggcgtt gcggtagttg acccgcgtat cgtcgaggtt ctgcccgaac
   621961 tcgcggagca cgcgccagtc cttgtgcaac gggaatatct ggttggagat ttcgcccgag
   622021 cgcccgccgt agatcttcag tcgattcact tgcaggttgt ggcccagctc atggctttcg
   622081 ccccagccac gcgggttcag gccccaggtc tggtcgtagg ggttgccgct gcaaccgccg
   622141 ccgcactggg cgtactggtc gacgttgatg tgctgggtgc cgggcagctt gtgcagggtc
   622201 tcgctgtcgc agtcccagcc gcgcaccgcg cattcctgct ggattgccgg agtcttcgcc
   622261 tggttgggaa tggcgaagcc ggccagggtg taggcgtcgt cgatgaacac ctcgttcaac
   622321 tcacggatga agcgctggac gtcgccgcca tagtccttgt cgatcgagcc acggaccttc
   622381 tccaccttgg cgtggacctc caccgagccg ctgcggatct ccagccagtc ggccttgtcg
   622441 gcgtccagcg cctggatgaa gtcggcaatc gcctggctgc tgtcctcgcc cggctggatg
   622501 tcgaggaacg gctggctggc cgcgccggtt accttgacgg ttaccgtctg tcccggcgtg
   622561 gcgccgctgt agaccagttg caacaggccg ccgtagggcg ataccagcgc caccgactgg
   622621 tttgcctgga gcttgatgtc cgggctcttg aggaagcgcg ggcggtcata ctggcgggta
   622681 ttccacagcc gcgtcgagcc gatgcgctgg gtgttcaggc cgaccgccag gctggcctgg
   622741 ccagcgtctt cgatgcgaat gctcaggcgc ttgcccggcg ccgccatgcg gccgatggcg
   622801 gtgaagccct gggccgacgg caaggtgagg gtcagggttt cctccgagcc cgataccggc
   622861 atcgactgtt ggcgctggcc ggcgtagctg cccagttcct tctgcgccgc gccggcctcg
   622921 cgcacgtagc cgacgatggc gtcggcgacg aaggtttcct ggaagcgcgc cgtgtcggcg
   622981 gccttgtcca tcgggtagcg gatgttctgc cgcaccgcgt cggcccacag cagccagagc
   623041 cgcagcgagg tggtgccggg cagggcgaag aggttctgcg ccttctggtt gtaggcgtcg
   623101 agggcgcctt tcagtacatc gacgcgcttg ctgaagtcgc tcagtcccgg cacgtcgtcg
   623161 caggtggtgc gaccgacgta ggaggtgcat ttcgaccagt cgtagtccgt gcgccagcta
   623221 ccgtcgacga tctgctgcac cagcgccggg tcctggccat aggcgccgcc cagctcgacc
   623281 gaacgcgtcc gggtgcggct ggatggcacc ctgtccttgt cccagtagtt gccgccgtag
   623341 gggccttcct gcaggcccag gccggtgagg atctgctggc cggtgctgct ctggttccag
   623401 ccattggtgt gcacgaagag gatcggcagc ccggcctgta gccgtgcgcg caccgtggcg
   623461 ctcaggctag cggcgctggc gccgttgccc agtaccagca atttgctggt gctggcgcaa
   623521 ctggcgtcgg tcagcgcgtt gcaggcggcg tccgccggtt gcaggccggc gctcttcagg
   623581 ccgttgaggg cggcggtctt gtccaccccg accacgctga ctttgaagtc cttcgcagtg
   623641 gccgcgcccg ggtcgccgtt caccagccac tgcaccgccc gcttcagcag cggcgcgtgg
   623701 gcggcattgg ccccgctcaa ctgggtgagc acgttggtgc cataggccag cccgcggccg
   623761 ccggcctcca ggctcaggct ggcgagcacg cggcccttgt cgccgatgag gaagggcagg
   623821 gtattgtccg ggttggccgg caggacccac atgctggcgg cgccaggatc ataggcttgg
   623881 ctgaggttct ggtagagacc gtcgagcaac tgggtgcggg tctggcggat gcgctcgacc
   623941 tgctgctgca ggcgcagggc gaccaggtgg ctgtcggtca gttgcgagga atccccgctg
   624001 accagtgccg catcgaggat ttcttcctgg gtggccgcct gggcggacag cgcgccagcc
   624061 aggcagaaac cggccagcaa cgctcggtgg cgagggatgg gtgagcgact catgttctct
   624121 ccttgcagtg agggaaatgc agtggtggac aggctcacaa ctggcgctat cggcccgtgg
   624181 agggcggcat attgttatgg gtgcgccggg tatcgcgtcg aacagggaat gggcctcgga
   624241 caatgccgga aatacgcatg ggcgatccgc tgcatcgaac gagtcaaggc gagaggagca
   624301 tgttgggaaa ggcggaaaaa ctatctgttc tggttgtttt tgaactgcgt ctgattattt
   624361 tgtttttatt tttaccgatt gttcgaagcg ctctggaata ggcgttccag cgtttcctgt
   624421 gacgaaacga tccagacttt ggttagggtc ttggaaaata ccgaggatgt atttccagag
   624481 ctgtcgatgg agttggaagt tgcagtttca tgaaggttta ggtacttcga agttaccgcg
   624541 ttggcgatgg aatcgatatc gtccggtagt gccttcggaa gtgcctgata agtgccttcc
   624601 cacgctcagg cggcgaacag agccgccacg tccatctgat tccgctccgc cagcgccagt
   624661 tcgccttcgc cgaaacttgc gctgctgccg cctacaccct gcgattgatc gcgcagtggg
   624721 tggcgattga caccgaagcc tgtgacctgc agcacggctc tccggtgcaa cggtagagac
   624781 ctatcggcag gtgctggaaa cctgccgttt ccagcacgaa gatgccgtag ggkgagagaa
   624841 atacgtggtc gatctgtgtc gtgccgtccg gcgtgttcag ggtgacgttg tgcaggcggc
   624901 ggtaggtgtg cctgtccagt tgccaatggg cgaacaggcg caccagcagt tcaccgatct
   624961 gccccttggc ccaaggcgat ttgagcaggc cgatcagcag ggctgccggg ataaaccagg
   625021 tcagcatgcc ccagacctgg gcgactatcg ggctgtaatc cactttcttc cttgagccga
   625081 gctgcttaat ggagaggcga ccattgtcct atggcgcgat gacgcatcaa ggactgatga
   625141 gcccggtgca ggcgctcagc gtgctatctg gtaacgggtg ctacgccctc tgccgggcag
   625201 tcgctcgatg cagccctttt ccagcaggtc gctcaggtgg cgggtcgctg tggctttgga
   625261 aaccttggcc acagcttggt attgcgccgc actgatgccc tcctcgaacc ccctttcgcc
   625321 gccatcgagc aggcggttaa gcactttgat ctgctccgcc gatagcgttt ggctgcgatg
   625381 tgcctgccag aagcgcgcct tgaccagcac gcggtcgata cgagcaagag cctgctccag
   625441 gctgttgagc aacgtcgcga gaaaccattg cagccagttg gtgatatcca gcgtgctttt
   625501 ctgacttgct tcgagaatgc ggtagtaacc ggcgcggtcg tcgaggatgc tcgcagacat
   625561 ggcgtagaag cgaatggctt gctgctcacc ctgagccaat gccagatcgg tgatagcgcg
   625621 ggtgaggcga ccgttgccgt cgtcgaaggg gtgcagggta acgaaccaga aatgggcgat
   625681 gccggcgcgc agaaagggat cgaggctggc atcgcggcgg ctgctctcga accaggcgag
   625741 aaagtccgcc agttgcgctt ccagccccgc gcggggaggg gcttcgaaat ggactgtcgg
   625801 gcggtcgatg cgaccggaaa ccacctgcat gggctcttcg ccacgcagtg caccgatgtg
   625861 tagcggtcga gtcagcagtt gctcatcagt ggggaatagc caacggtgcc aggtgaatag
   625921 tcgctgttcg tccagcggct cttgctgtgc gtgggtggca tcgagcagca gttccgccag
   625981 gccttcggag cgagaggtgg ttcgaccttc ttcgtgcaat cccagtcgcc gtgccagtga
   626041 tgagcgcacc gaaccgacat tcagttgctc tccctcaatg gctgaagagg tgacgatgtt
   626101 ctgcagcatg gcatccaggc tgctctgcac ttcggtgtca ctccccacgg caccgagcat
   626161 tcctaacaaa cgaccctgag cctggctaca ggagcgcagc agtggtgcaa gcgcttcggc
   626221 ttgccagttg aactgcggcc agtcgggctg ctgccagatc cagagtgggt cgttcataag
   626281 ggatattcat gagccgatta gagagcctat tcggctcatt ttgtgagccg ataatggcaa
   626341 ctattcggct cactgtctaa ttctcaagct gggttgatag cttgatgagc atgcctgttc
   626401 agggtgactg agtcagctaa agcgcctgtt tcagcacgtc aaaaaccttg tggacagagg
   626461 tcggccgtac cccttgggca tcgataaaat ttgatgcagg gacatgtagc tctcgggcta
   626521 caaaatgggg gcaggtcaca tgcgctcgga gccgcagtgc tggatgtaca cgccgcgtac
   626581 catctcgtct tcggtgcggc gtgcccagtc ttcggcgtcg cgcttggtgc ggaaggtttt
   626641 ttcgttggtc ggccaatccg ttttgcggcc cacgggaagg ggggacgact gttgccatca
   626701 gataaggact ccaaaggcaa actggctaac cagtactgta ccaactttgt accttttggc
   626761 catggagtcg tttatgaggc cactacccta gaaagcgcaa agccgcgcag tgcgcggctt
   626821 tgaaggtggt gggcccacac ggactcgaac cgtggaccaa aggattatga gtcctctgct
   626881 ctaaccgact gagctatagg cccccagaag gtcggcggat tataccggcg cttctcgggg
   626941 agcgccaatc ggctggcgcg gtttgaggaa tttgctggcg aacagctcgg cgggcagcgg
   627001 cgggctgagg acgaagccct ggatctgctc gcagccttcg tgggtgagga agctctgctg
   627061 accttcggtt tccacgcctt cggcgatcac cgtgagctgc atgctgcggc cgagggcgat
   627121 gatggcgcgg gtgatggcgg catcgtgggg atcgtcgggg aggccgcgga tgaacgactt
   627181 gtcgatcttc aggatgtcca gcggcaggcg cttgaggtag ctgagcgagg agtagccggt
   627241 gccgaagtcg tcgatcgcca gctgtacgcc gagacgcttg aggccgtgga ggacggcgag
   627301 ggcctcctcg gtctggttca tgatgaagct ctcggtgatt tccagttgca gccgcgacgg
   627361 ttccagcccg gactgctcca gcagttgctc gaggcgttcg atcagttgcg gctggccgag
   627421 ctgggcgccg gcgaggttga ccgatagcgg gccgaacggc gcgtgcagct tttgccattc
   627481 gcccatctgc tggcaggcgt gttccagcac ccagtcgccg aggggcagga tcaggccgca
   627541 atcctcggcg agggggatga agcgctccgg ggaaatttcc ccgaacagcg gatggtacca
   627601 gcgcaccagt gcctcggcgc cgaccagcaa gccgctctcc aggctcagct tgggttggta
   627661 gtagagctgc aactcgtcgc gctcgagggc gcggcgcagt tcggtttcca gcgccatgcg
   627721 ctcggtggcc aggtaggtca gttcgcgggt gtagtactcg atgcggctgc ggccccgcga
   627781 cttggcgcgg tacatggcgg cgtcggcgtt cttcaccagg gtcggggcgt cgtcgccgtc
   627841 cttggggaac agggcgatgc cgacgctggc gctgacgaag aattcatgac cgtcggcctg
   627901 gaacggcgcg gtgaaggcat tcagcagctt gcgcgcgacg tgctcggcgt cgctttcctg
   627961 gtgcaggccg gggagcagga tgatgaattc gtcgcccccc aggcgggcca cggtatcgac
   628021 gtcgcgcaac tggtcgcgca ggcgttcggc gatggccttg agcagcaggt cgccgatggg
   628081 atggccgagg ctgtcgttga tgtgcttgaa gcggtccagg tcgatgaaca gcacggcgcc
   628141 gggacgactc tcttcgcggg cctcgtcgag ggcgtgattg agccggctct cgaacagcag
   628201 gcgattgggc aggccggtga gcggatcgtg gtgggcctgg tagtcgagcc gggcctgggc
   628261 gtacttgagg gtggagatat cggcgaagac gccgacgaag tgggtgatct cgccctgcgg
   628321 attgtgtacc gcgctgatgg tcagccattc ggggtacagc tcgccggtct tgcgtcggtt
   628381 ccagatctcg ccctgccagt gcccgtcgcg ctccagctgg ttccacatgg cgaggtagaa
   628441 gctggagtcg tgttgtccgg aggagagcag gctgggcgag cgtcccagcg cctcctgctc
   628501 gctgtagccg gtgatctcgc tgaaggcgcg gttgaccgcg gtgatgcgtt ggcgggtatc
   628561 ggtgatcatc acgccttcgg cggtgctttc gaagacggtg gcggcctgct gcagcttctc
   628621 ctgcatgagc tggcgctcgg tgatatcgcg ggcgatggtc agcacgcagt cctcgccatc
   628681 gatgctgatc cggtgggcgg acatctcgca ctggcggatg ccaccgttgc ggtcccgtac
   628741 aggggcggtg aagccctggg tcagggtgtg gtggcgtacc agcgagatca ggcgcttgcg
   628801 gtcctcggtg tcgacccaca ggccgagttc gagcgtggag cgggagatga cctcgtcgcg
   628861 gcggtagccg gtgagacggg tgaagccatc gttcacgtcg atcagcgtgc cgtcttcgag
   628921 gcggctgatc agcagaccgt cggggtaggc atggaaggcg ttggcgaact tctcctcgga
   628981 gatccgcagc agttcctggg tctccaccag gtgggtgatg tcgcggatca ctaccaccag
   629041 cgccggggtc tggtcgaggg ccacgtgctg ggcgctgagc agcgcgctga aggtactgcc
   629101 attgcggcgc cgcaggggca cctcgaggtt ggtcaggttg ccgtggccga gcttttccag
   629161 gacctgcggg cccaggccgg ggagtgccca gatgcccagc tcggtggcgg tcttgccgat
   629221 ggcgtcgtcg gcggcgatgc cgatctgctg ctcgaaggtg ctgttcaccg cgaggaagcg
   629281 gccgtcggca ccgttggcca gtaccaccat gtccgggcag tggtggaaca ccgaagcgaa
   629341 cttctgttcg gacaggcgca tggcctgctc ggtgagcttg gcctcggtga tgtcgatcat
   629401 cagaccgcgc aggagcaggt cccggccttg cgtgatcggg gtgaccagat cgcgaatcca
   629461 gaccactcgg ccgtcggcgg cgagcatccg gtagtcgaag ctgtggtcgc gtccggcctg
   629521 gctttcgctc atgcagtagt ggatggcgta ctcggcgtcc atggggtgca gggtccgctg
   629581 ccagaagccc ggctgcagcc attcgccgag gggatagccg agcaggcgtt cggcgtgggg
   629641 cgagacgtag gtgaagcggt tctcctcgag gcgcatttcc caggcgatgg cattcaggct
   629701 ttccaccagt ccccggtagt gctgttcgct gtcgcgcagt tcgcgctcca attgccgccg
   629761 gcgattcacc tcgcggcgca ggcggcggtt catggccagc agtatggcga ccgagaccag
   629821 gatcagcagg acgatgggaa gaccgtaggt cgccatctcg cgccaggccg gacgtcggtc
   629881 gagcaggccg ccgacccagg gggcctggag tcgctcgatc tcctcggcgc tgaggtcggc
   629941 gaggaccttg tcgacgatcc cggcgaggat cggttgtccg cgcggcacgg ccatcgccag
   630001 ttggtagcgg tatggcgtct cgccgctgat ctccaggccg ttgagcttga gctggcggag
   630061 gttccatacg ctggaggcga agtcgccgac gaaggcgtcg gcctggccgg tggccagcgc
   630121 ctgcagggct gccgctaccg aaggcagcgg cagcagggtg aggtcgggat gctgggcgat
   630181 cagcagttcg tgaggagcat agtggtcgac caccgcgacc ttgagcccgt agagctcgtc
   630241 gatgcgcttc ggcatcgggc cgttcttgcg tgccaggatg atgatcggga agtccaggta
   630301 gggccgggtg aagctcaggt actcctggcg ctccggggta gccatgatgc cgggcagcag
   630361 gtccagccga ccgtccttgg cctgctccag gacctgcgtc caggtcttcg gttcgacagg
   630421 cgtcaggctg acgcccaggc gttcctgcag caggctgacg tagccggcgg cgagtccctg
   630481 gtagcggccc tgttcgtcgc ggaactcgaa tggcggccag gaggtgtcca cgcccaggcg
   630541 gatgctcggg tgctcggcca gccaggcccg ttcctcgggc gtgagcgtga gggcgccggc
   630601 cagccccggc cagcagcagg ccagacacag gagaagcacg gcctgcagac gctgcatgag
   630661 gcggtctcgc ggtggacggg aatataagcg gaagtgtaga cgccgggcgg cggggcaagc
   630721 ggcaaagaaa aacccccggt ttttcaggcc gggggttcgt tcgtcactcg tcgaggaagg
   630781 agcgcaggtg ctcgcttcgc gacggatggc gcagcttgcg cagcgccttg gcttcgatct
   630841 ggcggatccg ctcgcgggtc acatcgaact gcttgccgac ttcctcgagg gtgtggtcgg
   630901 tgttcatgtc gatgccgaag cgcatgcgca gcaccttggc ttcccgggca gtgaggccgg
   630961 cgaggacttc gcgggtggat tccttgaggc tctcgctggt cgccatctcg atcggcgact
   631021 gcatggtgga gtcctcgatg aaatcgccca ggtgcgaatc ttcgtcgtca ccgatcgggg
   631081 tttccatgga gatcggctct ttggcgatct tcagtacctt gcggatcttg tcctcaggca
   631141 tgtccatgcg ctcgccaagc tcttccgggg tgggctcgcg acccatttcc tggagcatct
   631201 ggcgggagat gcggttgagc ttgttgatcg tctcgatcat gtgcaccggg atgcggatgg
   631261 tgcgtgcctg gtcggcgatc gaacgggtga tcgcctggcg aatccaccag gtggcgtagg
   631321 tggagaactt gtagccgcga cggtattcga acttgtccac cgccttcatc aggccgatgt
   631381 tgccttcctg gatcaggtcg aggaattgca ggccgcggtt ggtgtacttc ttggcgatgg
   631441 aaatcaccag gcgcaggttg gcctcgacca tttccttctt cgcccggcga gccttggctt
   631501 cgccgatcga catcgcgcgg ttgatttcct tgatctcggc gacggtcagc tcgacctcgc
   631561 tttccagggc cgccagcttc tgctggttgc gcaggatgtc gtcgcgcagg cgctcgatgg
   631621 cctcggcgta cttcggcttg ctcttcagga cgctgtcgac ccacttctcg tcggtctcgt
   631681 ggttcgggaa caggcgcagg aagtcggcac gcggcatgcg cgcgtcacgc acgcagagct
   631741 gcatgatggc gcgttcctgg gcgcgcacgc cttccagggc ggagcgcacg cgggcgacca
   631801 gggcgtcgaa ctgcttgggg accagcttga tcggcatgaa cagctcggcc aggccggtga
   631861 gttcggcggt ggcctgcttg ctgccgcgac cgtgcttctt cagggccttc ttggccttgt
   631921 cgagctgctc ggagaccgcg gtgaaacgca ggcgggcttc ttccggatcc ggaccgccgt
   631981 cgccttcgtc gtcgctgtcg ctgctgtcgt cgctttcttc ttcctcgtcg tccttctctt
   632041 tcgagtcggc ggaatcgtcc ttcaggttga ccggctccac ctcttcggcg ggcaggctgc
   632101 cgtcatcggg atcgatatag ccgctgagga cgtcggagag gcgaccgcct tcggcgacga
   632161 tgcgattgta gtcggccagg atgctgtcca ccgtgcccgg gaactgggcg atggcgctca
   632221 tcacttcgcg gatgccttcc tcgatgcgct tggcgatttc gatctcgcct tcgcgggtca
   632281 gcagttccac ggtacccatt tcacgcatgt acatgcgcac cgggtcggtg gtgcgaccga
   632341 tgtcgctttc caccgcggcc agggccgctg cggcttcttc cgctgcggct tcgtcggtat
   632401 ccgcctcggc cagcaacagg gcatccgcat ccggggctgt ctcgaatacg ttgatcccca
   632461 tgtcgttgat catgcggatg atgtcttcca cctgttccgg atcggaaata tcctccggca
   632521 ggtggtcgtt gacctccgcg taagtcaggt atccctgctc acggcctcgg gcgatcaact
   632581 ctttcagacg agattgctgt tgcgcttttc cggacataac accctatcca ctgaaggtct
   632641 tggcgggcaa aaaataagca gaggattata cctgatgcct gggctgaggc gccagttcag
   632701 ctctgggaag gcgatgaagc ggcaacactg tagtgctctc tgagcaaggc tttctcttca
   632761 tcggtcagtt cactgtagct cttctgcatg acgctgcgta aacgctcctc ccgctcgccg
   632821 aaacgctggc tctcggagag tttagtaatg gtgtcgaaga actgcttttc aaggttctcc
   632881 tggacgatca gccactcctt ctcgcccagg gcctgcagca ggcggccctg gggcgtgccg
   632941 tgccagcgcg cgatgagttg catcgagctc tgccgcgggt tcttctgcag ggcttccagc
   633001 agggacacca gcaactgggc gtaggtatcc tgctccctgg cgagggtgcc cgcatcgtcg
   633061 accttcaagg ccaactgcgg atgatgcagc aaggtgcgca gggcgttgag ggtggtggac
   633121 tccacgctga ccggcgttcg ttgcggagtc ttgaagtcgc cgcggccgcc tttgtcccac
   633181 ttcttcttgc catcccactt cttgccgtcc cagggcttct tgtccttgtt ccagctcttg
   633241 cgcggttgcg cctcgccata gcctggcgca gcgtcgaacg gcgcatggga gggctcgttc
   633301 tcgtagtagg cgctggcggc gaaatagtcg tcgccgtcca aggcgccgct cgctccgtga
   633361 tccatggacg acggtggcgg gctgtggtgc gccagttgtc cgatgttttc gccggacagg
   633421 ccggtgattt ccgacagacg ttgccgcatc agcaggcgca ggttgttccc gggaatcttc
   633481 tccagcagcg gcgcggcgag ggtcgccagg tgggccttgc cttccagggt ggcggggtcg
   633541 gcctcgagca tcagttgctg gaagaagtac tccgccagcg gctgggcctg ctgggtgatg
   633601 cgtgcgcgga aggcatcctc gccctcggcg cgtaccaggc tgtccgggtc ctcgccctcg
   633661 gggaggaaca ggaagcgcac gcgcttgccg tcctgcaggt tcggcagcac cgactccagg
   633721 gcgcgccagg ccgccttgcg cccggcctgg tcgccgtcga aacagaacag gatgctcggt
   633781 accaggcgga acaggcgctt gatgtgttcc tcgctggtcg ccgtgccgag ggtcgccacc
   633841 gcgttgcgga tgccttgctg ggccagggcg atgacatcca tgtagccctc gaccaccatg
   633901 atctcgtcga ggtcgcgatt cttctgccgg gcctcgtaga gtccgtagag ttcctggccc
   633961 ttgtggaaga ccggagtctc cggggagttc aggtacttcg gcttgtcgtc gccgagcacc
   634021 cggccgccga aggcgatgat ccgcccgcgg ctgtcgcgga tcgggaacat cacgcgatcg
   634081 cggaagcggt cgtagcgctt gccggtgtcg ctgttctcca ccagcaggcc ggcgtcgagc
   634141 atggccttga gttgcaggtt gtcgccaccc aggtgcttga gcaggttgtc ccaaccgggc
   634201 ggggcgaaac cgaggccgaa gtcgcgggcg atctcgccgg tcaggccgcg gcccttcagg
   634261 tagttcaccg cggccttgcg cgccgggtgg cttttcagcg cctgcttgta gaactcggcg
   634321 gcggcgctga gcagcgggta gagcggcgag tcggtcggct ggcgcggcgt gtgcccgcgt
   634381 ccgccgcgtt cctcgcgcgg cacgtccatg ccggcgcgct tggccagttc ctcgaccgcc
   634441 tgggggaact ccagctggtc gtggtccatg acgaagccga gcgcgttgcc gccggcgccg
   634501 cagccgaagc agtagtagaa ctgcttgtcc gggctgacgg tgaacgaggg agtcttttcc
   634561 ttgtggaacg ggcagcaggc gctgtagttc ttgccggttt tcttcagttg gatgcgtgaa
   634621 ctcaccacct cgacgatgtc ggtgcggttc agcaggtcat cgatgaagct ttgcggtatc
   634681 aggccggcca tggtgttctc gaaaacgacg gcgcgtgggc gcagagcggc agcatagcaa
   634741 ttatcgccgg gccgatcagg ccggcgcggt gtttcaggag gagaggcgcg ccttcaggcg
   634801 ctggctgacc tgtgccatgt cgacgcgacc ctggacctgc ggtcgcagca ggttcatcgc
   634861 cttgcccatg tcctgcggac cctgggcgcc gctgtcgacg atgctgcgct cgatcagggc
   634921 gtcgatctca tggtcgtcca ggggcttggg catgaagtcc tggagcacga ggatctcggc
   634981 agcctcgacc tcggcgaggt cctggcggcc ggcgtcgctg aactggcgct gggcgtcgcg
   635041 gcgctgcttg atcatccggt cgaggatcag cagggctcgg gcgtcatcca cctcgatgcg
   635101 ttcgtcgact tcgacgcgct tgatgtccgc gagggccagg cgcaacgtgg tcagccgcgg
   635161 cttgtcctgg gcgcgcatgg cgaccttgac ggcgtcgagg aggcgggatt tgatttcgct
   635221 catggcggaa agccgaaagc ccggccgggg ccgggctgag gcacgatcac tgacgcgtgg
   635281 gcgtcgagtg gatcagtaca ggcgctcgcg acggcgctgt tcgcgctgta ctttcttcgc
   635341 gtggcgcttc actgcggcag cggccttgcg cttgcgctcg gcagtgggct tctcgtagaa
   635401 ctcgcggctg cgaacttcag ccagtacacc tgctttttcg caggagcgct tgaaacgacg
   635461 cagggctacg tcgaagggtt cgttctcttt tactttgacg gctggcatcc aggtcgtacc
   635521 ttcactgatt accgggggtt gaacgtactc cggcaaggtg gcgcggatac gtcggttttc
   635581 aagggttgcg gatattaacg gttcggccgg aggaatgcaa agcctccgat cgaaaaacac
   635641 tggtctggcg caaagccgcc gattatcatg cgcggcttcg tatttgccaa gctctaaggc
   635701 tcaagcccat gcgcgtgctg ggactggaaa cgtcctgcga cgaaaccggc gtcgcccttt
   635761 acgacagcga acgcggcctg ctggccgacg cgctgttcag tcagatcgac ctccatcgcg
   635821 tctacggcgg cgtcgtgccc gagctggcct cgcgcgacca cgtcaagcgc atgctgccgc
   635881 tgatccgcca ggtgctcgac gagtccggct gcacgccggc ggatatcgac gcgatcgcct
   635941 ataccgccgg ccccggcctg gtcggcgccc tgctggtggg ggcttcctgt gcccaggcga
   636001 tggccttcgc ctggggcgtg ccggcggtcg gcgtgcacca catggaaggg cacctgctgg
   636061 cgccgatgct ggaagagcag ccaccgcggt tcccgttcgt cgccttgctg gtttccggcg
   636121 gtcacaccca gttggtgcgg gtggacggca tcggtcgcta ccagttgctt ggcgaatcgg
   636181 tggacgacgc cgccggcgaa gccttcgaca agaccgccaa gctgatcggc ctgggctatc
   636241 ccggcggtcc ggaaatcgcc cgcctggcgg agctcggcac tcctggccgc ttcgtgttcc
   636301 cgcggccgat gaccgatcgc cccggcctgg acttcagctt cagcgggctc aagaccttta
   636361 ccctgaacac ctggcagcgt tgcgtcgagg ccggcgacga cagcgagcag acccgctgcg
   636421 acatcgccct ggcgttccag atcgcggtgg tcgagaccct gctgatcaag tgccgtcgcg
   636481 ccttgaagca gaccggcctg aagaacctgg tgatcgccgg cggcgtcagc gccaaccagg
   636541 cgctgcgcag cggcctggaa aagatgctcg gcgaaatgaa ggggcaggtg ttctacgccc
   636601 gcccgcgctt ctgcaccgac aatggcgcga tgatcgccta cgccggctgc cagcgcctgc
   636661 tcgccggcca gcatgacggc ccggcgatca gcgtccagcc gcgctggccg atggagtcgc
   636721 tgccggcggt ctgagtggcc gccaggtcgc agtcaggcag gtgtcgatga cgcagctggg
   636781 ccagactgca tgaagttttt tccttttatg gattagaaat gccgttcgcg gccggcgaac
   636841 agatcgcgta agttggcgcg gtgccgccag acgatcaggc cggtcagcac ggtcatcggc
   636901 agcagcgctc cgggctgctg ccaggccagc aacggcaggg tcagcggggt ggccaccagc
   636961 gaggcgagcg agctggtgcg cgacagcttg aaggtcagca gccaggccgc cgcggccagc
   637021 agtacggccg gcggatagag gccgaggagc atgcccgcgg cggtggcgac acccttgccg
   637081 ccgcggaagt tgaagtacag cgggtacagg tggccgatca cggcggcgat gccgacccag
   637141 gcctcctcca tcacgccgag ccccagccag cgggcgacca gcaccggcag caggcctttg
   637201 ccgacgtcgc cgagcagggt caggatggcg agtttcttcc cggcgacgcg cagcatgttg
   637261 gtcgcgccgg ggttgccgga accgctggcg cgcgggtcct gggtgccgaa ccagcggctg
   637321 agcaggacgg cgaaggagag ggaaccgagc aggtaggcga ggatcgccag tagccagacc
   637381 atggattcca ccgaggacga ggatgtcctc gattctaacg gggcggcgca cgcttgtcgt
   637441 ggcatccctt ggagcgggta gcgaagtgga cagagttttt atcgaaggct tggaggtcga
   637501 taccgtcatc ggcgtgtacg actgggagcg cggcatccgt cagtgcctgc gcctggacct
   637561 gaccctgggc tgggacaacc gtccggccgc cgcgggcgac aatctcgccc tggcgctgga
   637621 ctatgccgcg ttgtccgagc gggtgcagga gttcgcccgg gaatcgcatt tccagttggt
   637681 ggaaaccttc gccgagcgcc tcgccgaggt actgatgggc gagcgcggca ttccctggct
   637741 gcgcatccgc gtgaccaagc ccggcgcggt gccggcggcc cgtggcgttg gcgtggagat
   637801 cgaacgcgga tgtcgctgat cccggtctac ctcggcctcg gcagcaatgt cgagcgtgag
   637861 cgccatctgc atgccggcct cgatgcgctg gccgctttcc ttcatgacct gcgttgttcg
   637921 ccggtattcg agagcgagcc ggtgggtatc aagagcgggc cgttcttcaa cctggtggtg
   637981 tctgcccgca ccgatctgcc gctggccgaa ctgagcctgc gactcaagca catcgaggcc
   638041 gacaatggcc gctatgcgcc agagcgcaag gggctgccgc tggatatcga cgtgctgttc
   638101 tacggcgacc tggtgggcga tttcgatggc ctggtgctgc cgcgcgccga agtgctgaag
   638161 aacgctttcg tgctctggcc cttgtccgag ctggcgccga acctggagca tccggtcgcc
   638221 cgccagccgc tgggcgatct ctggcgcgag acgaggatcc agcagaagct ctggccggcg
   638281 ccattcgaat ggcgtggcca ggcgttgact cccgaagcgc tgcttcaggc ctttccgcgt
   638341 tcttccttgt aggccttgag tgcggcgagg cgcgcacgct tcagcgcctc gcccagttcc
   638401 gcgcccttca agcccttttc caccagcggc ttcacgctga ctgcccgcgc tgcctgcgcc
   638461 gcgccgagca ggtaggcggc ctgcggatag tcccgctgtt ccaggccgag gcggccgcgt
   638521 gcgtccatct cgctggcggc gacgaactcc tcgaaacgct gcgggcggcg atacacgtcg
   638581 aagctctgca acagctccag cagtgtattc gggcgcagct ccagcgcccg atgggcgtgg
   638641 gtgtggtact cgcccaccag gcgcgccagt tcctggcagt cgcgcggcac cctgaagcgc
   638701 tggttcaccg catcgatcaa cggcacgccg cgagcctcgt gggcgatatg gcggggccag
   638761 tccgcttcgc tggtgagtcc cttgcccagg tcgtgcagca ggcaggccca gcgtacgctg
   638821 agcggctgcc ggtggcgggc gcattgctgc aataccgaca ggacatggac gccggtatcg
   638881 atttccggat ggtgggccgc cggctgcggt acgccgaata gcgcctcgac ttccgggatc
   638941 agttcggcca gggcgccgca gtcgtgcagg acctggatga agacctcggg gttgggttcc
   639001 atcagggctc gggaaatttc cttccaactg cgctccgggg tcagcgcctg caactcgccg
   639061 gattccgcca gttggcgcat cagggcgagg gtttcggcgg cgacccggaa gcccaggccg
   639121 gcgtagcggg cggcgaagcg cgctacgcgc aggacccgca ggggatcctc ggcgaacgcc
   639181 ggggaaacgt ggcgcagcag gcgcgcctcg aggtcggcct ggccgccgta ggggtctatt
   639241 acccggccct gttcgtcctc ggccatggcg ttgatggtca ggtcacggcg agtcaggtct
   639301 tcctccaggg tcacctcggg gctggcatgg aaggtgaagc cgccgtagcc gcgcccgctc
   639361 tttcgctcgg tgcgcgccag ggcgtattcc tcgccgctct gcggatgaag gaagaccggg
   639421 aagtcggcgc ccaccgggcg gtagccgcgg gcgagcatct cgtcgctgct ggcaccgacc
   639481 accacccagt cgatatcggt gaccggacgg ccgagaaggc gatcgcgcac ggcgccgccg
   639541 accttgtaaa tctgcatggg aatcctccgc gtgataggcg gaagtctacc ccagggtgtc
   639601 ctagcgggcg cgtggaagct gccggagcag ggcgccgacc gccagttcga gctgttccgg
   639661 attggccctg gcggggctga ggccggtgct taccatacct tcccagagaa cgcgctcctc
   639721 caggtcgacc aggcgcacgc gcaatgtccc ggtttcgtcg cgcaggcggt ggatcgccag
   639781 atagggcccc atgccggagg tgggtggaag gtcggggcgg aattccagcg gtgcgtcgcg
   639841 tagcgccagc cagtagtaga cgcggaattg cggggtagcg ctctcgtggt agccgtgggc
   639901 cgccagtccc tggcgcagct ctgcgtttat cagcggatag cggttgcggt agggcagggc
   639961 gtcgaccgcc tgttccggcg gcatcaactg gaaaccttgc aggccgggca gtccggcgtt
   640021 ggccggatgg gtcacccggg cgctgggaat gtggctggcg caggtggcca ggacgaggca
   640081 gagcaggacg atggcgaaca ggcgcatggc ggctcccgtg gacggccggc ttcttgttct
   640141 gctgtgggcg gcccgaccgt gccggcatgc tggccggcgg tcggggcgga cgtcaaccga
   640201 tcaaatgggc gggatgatca ggtccaggcg cgggtagcct tcctcgccct cgctggcgcc
   640261 cttgggcggc atgtggtggg tctgcacgag ctggtcgccc tgcagggtct ccaggtggat
   640321 atcgaagccc cacaagcgat gcaggtgctt gagcacgtcg gcggtggagt cgctcagcgg
   640381 ctggcggtcg aactgctggt ggcgcagggt cagcgagcgg tcgccgcgac ggtcgacgtt
   640441 ccagatctgg atgttcggct cgcggttgcc gaggttgtac tgcgccgcca gggtctcgcg
   640501 gatggtgcgg tagccggctt cgtcgtggat cgccgcgacc agcaggtcgt ccttctggtc
   640561 gtcgtcgaga atgctgaaca gcttcaggtc gcgaatcacc ttgggcgaga ggaactgcag
   640621 gatgaagctt tcgtccttga agctcttcat ggcgaacttc agcgtggcca gccagtcgct
   640681 gccggcgata tccgggaacc agcggcggtc ctcgtcggta ggttcctcgc agatgcggcg
   640741 gatgtcgcgg tacatggcga agcccagggc gtaggggttg atgccgctgt agtaggggct
   640801 gtcgaaggac ggctggtaga ccacgctggt gtggtattgc aggaactcca tcatgaagcc
   640861 gtcgttgacc aggccttcgt cgtagaggtc gttgagcagc gtgtagtgcc agaaggtcgc
   640921 ccagccttcg ttcatcacct gggtctggcg ttgcgggtag aaatactggg cgatcttgcg
   640981 cacgatgcgg atcacctcgc gctgccaggg ctccagcagc ggcgcgttct tctcgatgaa
   641041 gtagaggatg ttctcctgcg gctcgctcgg atagcgcgcc atggattgtt ccttgtcctt
   641101 gccgccgacg cgcgggatgg tccgccagag gtcgttgacc tggcgctgga tcagttcctc
   641161 gcgctccttc tgccgctgcc gctcctcttc cgcggaaatc gggtagggac gcttgtagcg
   641221 gtcgacaccg tagttcatca gggcgtggca ggagtcgagc aggtcttcca ccgcgtcgat
   641281 cccgtagcgc tcctcgcact gcatgatgta ctgcttggcg aacaccaggt aatcgatgat
   641341 cgaactggca tcggtccagg tgcggaacag gtagttgccc ttgaagaaac tgttgtgccc
   641401 gtagcaggcg tgggcgatca ccagcgcctg catgcactgg gtgttttcct ccatcaggta
   641461 ggcgatgcag gggtcggagt tgatcacgat ctcgtaggcc aggcccatct ggccacgctt
   641521 gtagttcttt tccgtactga ggaagtgctt gccgtaggac cagtggttat agccgatcgg
   641581 catgcccacc gaggcgtagg cgtccatcat ctgctcggcg gtgatcacct cgatctggtt
   641641 cggataggta tccagggcat agcgctcggc gatcctgctg atttcccggt cgtactgctg
   641701 gatcagctcg aaggtccatt ccgagccggt ggcgatgggc tggcgcttgc tcatgcgacg
   641761 agcctcctct ggaacagctc gcggaacacc gggtagatgt ccgatgccga gacgatctgc
   641821 tgctgggcga agctgtcttc gaaggcttcg cgcacgcgct cgtactcgaa ccacagggcc
   641881 tggtgttcgc gcggggtgat ctcgacgtag gtgtagtact ggacgaacgg catgatctgc
   641941 ttgaggagga tgtcccggca caccggcgag tcgtcgttcc agttgtcgcc gtccgaggcc
   642001 tgggcggcgt agatgttcca ctcatgggtc ggataacgct cggccatgat ctcctgcatc
   642061 atcttcagcg cgctggagac gatggtgccg ccggtctcgc gggagtagaa gaactcctcc
   642121 tcgtcgacct cgcgggcgct ggtgtggtgg cggatgaaca ccacttcgat cttctcgtag
   642181 ttccgcttga ggaacaggta gagcaggatg aagaagcgct tggcgatgtc cttggtcgcc
   642241 tgggtcatcg agccggagac gtccatcagg cagaacatca ccgccttgga ggtggggttg
   642301 ggctgcttga ccagcagatt gtacttgaga tcgaaggtat cgaggaacgg cacccggtcg
   642361 atgcgcgcgc ggagcttggc gatttccagc tcgagttcct ggatatcgcc gaggttgtcc
   642421 ggctcttcgc gcttgatccg ctccagttcc ttcagcgccg cgcgcagctt ggcccggctg
   642481 ccgccggaca gcgcgatgcg ccgcgcatgg gccgagcgca gggtgcggac gatgttgatg
   642541 cgcgacgggt tgccgtcgtt gctgatgccg gcgcggacgg tcttgaaggt gtcggtgccg
   642601 gtgatgtggc gcttgaccag gttgggcagc tccaggtcct cgaacatgaa gtcgaggaat
   642661 tcctcctggg tgatctggaa gacgaagtcg tccatgcctt cgccgctgtt gctggccttg
   642721 ccgccgccgc ggccgccccc gccgccggat ggacgggcga tgtgctcgcc ggcggtgaat
   642781 tccttgttgc cggggtggac gacggtctgc cgcccgccac ggccatggtg cagcaccggt
   642841 tcgtcgatat cgcgcccggg aatgctgatc tgctcgccgt gctccatgtc ggtaatggaa
   642901 cgccggctga cggcctcctc gacggccttc ttgatgtgtt cacggtagcg cctcaggaag
   642961 cgctggcggt tcaccgtgct cttgttcttg ccgttcagac gccggtcgat gacgtagctc
   643021 atgaatgctc ctcagggcct gtggcgcccc gccggagcgg aggcgccgag gtccgaatgc
   643081 gacggcgacc ggtacggtcg cagcgaccgt accgatggca gactactgcg acttgcgaac
   643141 ccgcaggtac cattccgaca gcaggcggac ctgcttctcg gtgtagccgc gctcgaccat
   643201 gcgtttgacg aagtcgttgt gcttctgctg gtcctccttg ctggccttgg cgttgaagct
   643261 gatgaccgga agcaggtcct cggtgttgga gaacatcttc ttctcgatca ctacgcgcag
   643321 cttctcgtag gacagccagc tcgggttctt gccgttgttg ccggcgcggg cgcgcagcac
   643381 gaagttgacg atctcgttgc ggaagtcctt cgggttgctg atgcccgcgg gtttctcgat
   643441 cttctccagt tcctcgttga gggcggcgcg gttgaggatc tcgccggttt ccgggtcgcg
   643501 gtattcctgg tcctggatcc agaagtcggc gtacagcaca tagcggtcga agatgttctg
   643561 accgtattcg ctgtaggact ccaggtaggc ggtctggatt tctttgccga tgaactcgac
   643621 gtagcgcggc gccaggtatt ccttgatgaa gcgcaggtag cgctcgcggg tttccggctg
   643681 gaactgttcc tgctcgatct gctgttcgag gacgtagagc aggtgtaccg ggttggccgc
   643741 tacctcgtgc gggtcgaagt tgaatacctt ggagaggatc ttgaaggcga agcgggtgga
   643801 aagcccggcc atgccttcgt cgaccccggc cgagtcgcgg tattcctgga tcgacttggc
   643861 cttgggatcg gtatctttca ggttttcgcc gtcatatacc cgcatcttcg agtagatatt
   643921 cgagttttcc ggctctttca gcctcgacag cacggagaac tgcgagagca tcttcagggt
   643981 gtccggcgcg cagtgggcat gcgccagcga gctgttgacc agcaacttgt cgtagatctt
   644041 gatctcgtcc gccacgcgca ggcagtacgg caccttgacg atgtagatgc ggtcgatgaa
   644101 ggcctcgttg ttcttgttgt tgcggaaact gtgccattcc gattcgttgg agtgagccag
   644161 gatgatgccg ctgtagggca gggcgccgag accttcggtg ctgttgtagt tgccttcctg
   644221 ggtcgcggtc agcagcgggt gcaggacctt gatcggggcc ttgaacatct cgacgaattc
   644281 catcaggccc tggttggccc ggcagagggc gcccgaatag ctgtaggcgt ccgcgtcgtt
   644341 ctgcgggtat tcctccagct tgcggatgtc gaccttgccg accagcgcgg atatatcctg
   644401 gttgttctcg tcgccgggtt cggtcttggc gatggcgatc tggttgagga tcgaggggta
   644461 cagcttgacc acgcggaact ggctgatgtc gccgccgaac tcgttgaggc gcttggttgc
   644521 ccagggcgac atgatcgagc gcaggtagcg cctcgggatg ccgtagtcct cctcgaggat
   644581 ggcgccgtct tcgtcggggt tgaacaagcc cagcggcgac tcgaagaccg gtgagccctt
   644641 gatcgcgtag aagggcacct tctccatcag ttgcttgagt ttttccgcca gggaggattt
   644701 accgccgccg accgggccga gcaggtaaag gatctgcttc ttctcctcca ggccctgggc
   644761 cgcgtggcgg aagaacgcga cgatctggtc gatgcattcc tccatgccgt ggaagtcggc
   644821 gaacgccggg tagcggcgaa tcaccttgtt ggagaagatc cgcgacagcc tggagtccac
   644881 cgaggtgtcc agcaattccg gctcgccgat cgccatcagc aggcgctcgg cggcagaggc
   644941 ataggctgtc ttgtcttgct tgcagaggtc gagatattcc tggagggaat attcctcttg
   645001 gcgggtcgct tcgaagcgtt cctggaagtg actgaaaatg ctcatgacgt ctcctcgctc
   645061 gatgcagtga gccggcgcgg gatcggtcgt gcgggtgcgg gggggccgcc agccaggccg
   645121 gcgagaatcc cccagactcc gtcgctgcac ggtgcttccc tttccgccag cgctcctaac
   645181 ggtcacagcc gatggcccgg aagccggtgt gccggctctc ccctgttttg gatggcctga
   645241 ggaaaagaat agttcgttct ggacggagta aaggaagaaa ggcgagagaa gttacagttt
   645301 ttttggcggg gtagcggcgc ggcctactcc gcttcgccgc tgctggtatc cgcgggatag
   645361 acgctgcgcc atagctcgaa gccgccgtcg aggctgtaga cgtcgctgaa gccctgctgg
   645421 atgaaatagg cggcggcgct ctggctggag ttaccgtggt agcagaccac caccagcgga
   645481 gcgtcgaggt cggcggcggc gatgaagtcc gccaccgagt ggttgtcgat gtgccgcgag
   645541 ccgctgatgt ggccgacagc gaagctctgc gggtcgcgga tgtcgaccac ctgggcgccg
   645601 ttttcgcgga gctggcgggc ctgttcgggg gcgatgcgct ggaaggtgtc gctcatgtcg
   645661 gggtacctgt gtacagggcg tccaccggac gccggggatt catgcgggcg tggcggcggg
   645721 tctggccggc gcgcgctgtt cggcgcaatc gcagctcagg cgttcgccgc tgtcgacgtt
   645781 cagcagggtc atccgcgcgc cccagacgca gccggtgtcc agggcgaaca ggccgggctc
   645841 gtcgcagtgg ccttcgaggg ccgcccagtg gccgaagatg atcttctcac cgcgggtctt
   645901 gcgcgaaggg aagctgaacc agggggcgta gccgggcggc gcggtgtcga ggccttcctt
   645961 gctcttcagg tcgagcttgc catcttcggt gcagaaacgc atacgggtga agtagttggt
   646021 gatcaccctc aggcggtcga tgccatgcag cttcttgtcc cacttggccg gctcgttgcc
   646081 gtacatgccg tcgaggaaca gcggcaggcg ctggtcgtcg cgcaatgctt gctccacctc
   646141 ggctgcgcgc aggcgggctt tttccaggct ccactgcggg gggatgccgg catgcaccag
   646201 ggcgaccttg cgttgttcgt cgtagtgcag cagcggcagg cgacgcagcc agtcgagcag
   646261 tggctcgcgg tccggcgcct cgaggatttc ccgcagcgtg tcggacttct tcaggcgctc
   646321 ggacttgtgc gccaccgcca gcaggtgcag gtcgtggttg cccaggacgc tgaccaccga
   646381 ctcgcgcatg gcatagagga agcgcagcgt ctccagggac tgcgggccgc ggttgaccag
   646441 gtcgccgacc agccacaggc ggtccttggt cgggtcgaag gcgacgcgct ccagcaggca
   646501 tttcagggga tccaggcaac cctgcaggtc gcctaccgcg tagaccgcca tcagtgcagc
   646561 gctcccggta cggccaggcg aaacaccggg atcgcggcgt cgaaggcgat tccgtcgctg
   646621 ccgagcatct gatagctgcc gcgcatgctg ccgacccggg tcgccagcac cgtgccgctg
   646681 gtgtaggtgt gttgcgcgcc gggggcgatc agcggttgct cgccgaccac gccggcgccg
   646741 cgaacttcct gggtacggcc gtcgccgtcg gtgatgatcc agtggcgcga cagcagttgg
   646801 gccggaacct cgccctgatt ctcgatggtc accgtgtagg cgaaggcgaa acggttctgc
   646861 tccggggcgg actgttccgg aaggtagcgg gtgtcgaccc tgacgttgac ctggtgctgg
   646921 gtatcgctca tacggcttgc ctgattcctg acgagtgtct caccagacta acgattgcct
   646981 ggcagctcgg ccagccggtt ggccaggcgg acgaatgcgg ccaggtcgag ttgttcggga
   647041 cgaagggtcg gatcgacctc tgcggcctcg atgtcctcga cgctcaggag aggcttgagg
   647101 gtgttgcgca gggtcttgcg gcgctggttg aaggcctcgc ggaccacccg ttcgagcagt
   647161 ttcgggtcgc gtgccggatg gggcggctcg gcgaaggggg tgagacggac gatggccgag
   647221 tcgaccttgg gcggcgggtt gaacgcgccg gggccgacgt tgaacaggtg ctccacccga
   647281 cagtgatact ggaccatgat cgagagccgg ccccagtctc cgccgcccgg cgtggccgcc
   647341 aggcgctcga ccacttcctt ctgcagcatg aagtgcatgt cctcgatcac cggcgcgtgc
   647401 tccagcagat ggaagatcag tggcgtggag atgttgtagg gcaggttgcc gaccactcgc
   647461 agcttctcgc cgctctccac cagcgaggtg aaatcgaact tgagggcgtc gccctggtgc
   647521 aggctgaagc gcgactcgag gccgaatttc agcttcaaca gggggatcag gtcctggtcg
   647581 agctcgatca cgtccaggcg tgcgccgctg cccagcagtc cctcggtcag ggcgccctgg
   647641 cccgggccga tctccagcag gcgctgaccc tcgcgggcat ggatggcacg gaggatgcgg
   647701 tgaatcaccc cggcatcgtg caggaagttc tggccgaagc gcttgcgcgc gcggtgttgg
   647761 taaagctcgg acattggaaa cggttccagg ctgcgggccc caggccaagg cgggaggcgc
   647821 ggatgcgaaa gggcgccatt ttaacagcga agcgtcgggc cggcagggct aaacgatggc
   647881 cgaccgccgt cagcagcggc tggccgccat ctggtaggcg gtttccaggg cgacctgcag
   647941 gctgccgcta tcgatgcggc cgcttccggc caggtcgagc gcggtaccgt ggtcgacaga
   648001 ggtgcggatg atcggcaggc cgagggtcac gttcacggcg gcaccgaagc ccttgtactt
   648061 gagcacgggg agaccctggt cgtggtacat cgccagcacc gcgtcgcaat gctccagatg
   648121 cttgggagtg aacagggtgt cggccggcag cgggccgacc aggtcgaggc cttcgccacg
   648181 caggcgctcg aggcagggtt cgatcacctc gatctcttcc cggcccaggt gaccgccttc
   648241 gccggcgtgc gggttgagtc cgcagaccag gatgcgcgga tgggcgatgc cgaacttgtc
   648301 gcgcaggtcg gcgtggagga tgcgcgcgac ccgggacagg cgctcgtcgc taatggcgtc
   648361 ggcgacctcg cgcagcggca gatgggtggt cgccagggcc acgcgcaggc cgcgagtggc
   648421 cagcatcatc accacctggg cggtgtgggt gaggtcggcg aggaattcgg tatggccgga
   648481 aaaggggatg ccggcttcgt tgatcacgcc cttgtgcacc ggtgcggtga tcatcccggc
   648541 gaagtgcccg tcgaggcagc cctggccggc gcgggtcagg gtttccagga cgtaggcggc
   648601 gttggctcgg tccaattgcc cgggccggac cggggcggcc aggggcgtat cccatacgta
   648661 cagttggccg gctttggccg gtcgctctgg ccaggcggcc ggggaaacgt ccttaaggtc
   648721 gatcgccagg cccagttggc cggcgcgctc ttgcaggagc gtgcggctgg cgatggcgat
   648781 cagggggtgg ggctgggcgg agcgggcgag cagcaggcac agatcgggtc cgatacctgc
   648841 cggctcgccg ggagtgagcg cgaagcgcag gctcactgct tgatttccac gtaggcctcg
   648901 tcgcggatct gccgcagcca ggcttgcagt tcctcgtcat acttgcggtt gcgcagtacg
   648961 cttaccgcct gctgctcgcg gaacttctcg ctgctgtcgg tggcgcgacg gccgaggacc
   649021 tgcaggatgt gccagccgaa ctgcgagcgg aacggcttgg acagctcgcc ctgcggggta
   649081 tcgttcatca cctggcggaa ctcgggcacc agggcttccg gatcgatcca gttcaggtcg
   649141 ccgccgttga gggcggaacc cggatcttcg gagaagctct tcgccagttc gccgaagtct
   649201 tccccggact ggatgcgctc gtacagcttc tgcgccagct tctcggtctc cgcttcgctg
   649261 cggatttcgc tgggcttgag caggatatgg cggacatgca cttcgtcacg gaccatcttg
   649321 ctgccgccgc gcttctcttc cagcttgagg atgatgaagc cgccgggggt gcggacaggc
   649381 tcggtgacgt cgccgacggc cagggagccg atcatgctgt cgaacggctg cggcaactgg
   649441 gcggccttgc gccagccgat ctcgccgcct tccagggcgt tgtcgccggc cgagcgggaa
   649501 atcgccagtt ggccgaagtc ggcgccctgc ttgagctgct ggtaaagctc ctgggcctgc
   649561 tttgcggcgg cctggatcac gtccgaggac gcggcttccg gcaccgggat caggatattg
   649621 gccaggcggt actcttcgga aagctggatc ttgcccatgt ccgaggcgag gaagttcttc
   649681 acctcctgct cgctgacctg gatgcgctcg gcgacccggc gctgacgcac acggctgatc
   649741 accatctcgc gacggacctg ctcgcgggcg tcggcgtagg acaggccgtc gcgggtgagg
   649801 gcggcctgga actgctccag gctcatgccg ttgcgctggg cgatggtgcc catcgcctgg
   649861 ttcagctcct cgtcggagat acggatgccg gagcggtcgc cgatctgctg ctggatgttc
   649921 tcgatgatca ggcgttccag cacctgctgg gtcagcacgt gctcgggcgg cagcggcgcg
   649981 ccgcgcttga gcagcgtctg gtgcacttca cgcaggcgct ggtcgagctg gctctgcatg
   650041 atcacatcgt tgtcgacgat ggcgacgacc cggtccagtg gtaccacttc ggcatgcgcg
   650101 aaggagcaaa ggagtgctgc gcccaatgca agggggcgca gccggttaca tagcttgatc
   650161 ttcacgttga cgataacctt ggatgccttt gtcgaggaac atttcagcct tgttgcccac
   650221 gatgccgccg aggcccttca ggacgatctg caggaagatg ccgcggtcgg ctttttcatt
   650281 ttggttgagg aaggcatcgt catccacgtc cagccagtaa cggttgatca gacgcagctt
   650341 ccagcagcag ctgtcgtatt cgaagccacc gaaggcctcg agtgtgcggt tcttgttgta
   650401 gtcgtactgc cagcgggcga gtacggacca ctgcggtacc agcggccaga tgaccgagaa
   650461 gtcgtgctgt ttgatgatgt cgtcctcgcg gccgtacatg aaccgtcccg tggagctgtt
   650521 gaagcggcga gcatcttcgc ggtagcgata gccagcattg accaccttgt ttggattgtc
   650581 ttctggctga tagtggaaca tggcgctgcc agattctgta cgactggtgt tgggattcca
   650641 gttgaagtcg gagctgaccc tccagtcgcg attgaagcga tattgcccca tcagtgcata
   650701 tggcgaacgc cagctatcgg tatccggatc cttcagatca ggattggtca cgcgcagacg
   650761 atccaaatct ttttcggtca ggccgggcag ttgtacacga cgatcacgga aatagtaaat
   650821 ctggccagcg ctcaagctgg cgcgctcgaa tccgttggat tcgatgaagc gggtagtcac
   650881 gccgagcgac aattggttgg cgtctccgat acggtcacgg ccggagaacc gattctctcg
   650941 ccagagggag tcatagctga acgacggttc gctggtgtcg aataccggaa tattgtcctg
   651001 atccttgtac ggaacgtaca gatacatcgc tcttggttcc agggtttgcc ggaactgcgt
   651061 gccggcaaag gtcgtatcac gatcaaaata caggccacta tcaaccttga ccaacggaag
   651121 cgagcgatcc tgactgctat cgaatgtttc gtcatatgca gtaagggttt gcttgccctg
   651181 gctgtccaga tccagatcgt acttcgtata gaggaacttc agggtcgggg tcagatagcc
   651241 ccaactctgg gtcatcggca gactcatgcc tggctcaaga tggatacggt caccggtgga
   651301 gcgcgcaagc cccttcagat atgcgtcggg gcgtcgcccc caaacgctac cgtcgtcgtt
   651361 caggtagaca ttgtcatcca aatcccggtc gaaacgtacg aactcagtac tgtagttgag
   651421 cttcaccccg cctggctcgt agggaatgaa tccattgaaa gtgatttgcg gcaagcgttc
   651481 gtagggtgtc acgtctgtag tcgttgccaa ctggtacgct tgagcgttca gctggccggt
   651541 gaaggtatca ccgcgatagg tcagcgtgcc ccgctggttg agataggtcg tgctacccac
   651601 gcccaggtcg gaatccagat cctggaagta atagggatcg ctgatccgcg tgtagtcgac
   651661 ctcggccagc cagcgcgaat cgaggccggt ggtgttcttg aggccgtaca gccagcggtc
   651721 cttgctgtag tccgggaagt tctcgcggtg atcgtccttg tcgttcaggt aggcggcgtt
   651781 gacggtgcct tcgctgctgt gggtcaggta gcggaactcg ccttccagca tcatgccgcg
   651841 cttggccatg tagcgcgggt acaacgtggc gtcgtagttc ggcgccaggt tgaagtagta
   651901 cggggtgacc agggtgaagc cggtgtcgct ggtgctgctg aagctcggcg gcaggaagcc
   651961 ggactggcgg cggtcgtcga tcgggaaata gatgtacggg gtgtagaaca ccgggaaatc
   652021 tttgacccgg agggtcgcgt tggtcgcggt gccgaagccg gtagccgggt tcagcttgac
   652081 gttgttgccc ttcagagtcc aggcgttgct gctcggttcg cagcgggtgt aggtgccatc
   652141 cttgagcatg atgatggcgt tctcgctgcg cttggcgtag agcgcgctgc cgcgggcatg
   652201 ggccttgtgg atcacgtact cggcgttgtc gacctgggcc tcgccgttgt ccaactggac
   652261 ctgggcgtgg tcaccgacca ccagcatgcc cttgtcgcgc agcttgacgt tgccgaccag
   652321 ttcgccgcgg ttttccaact gatgcaggtt ggcctcgtcg ccttccacct gcatgctgcc
   652381 ctggcgcagg accacgtcac cggcgagggt ggcgatctgt ttttcctgct cgtagcgcga
   652441 agccttggcg gatacgtagg tcgggctctc gtcgctgggc gcgccgtcat ccatgcccgg
   652501 acgcaccggc tcgatgtagg agccgccgca ataggggccg atttccgcca actgggcggc
   652561 ggtcagtttt tcccgaggaa tccagtcgag gtgcgagtag tccgcactgc gggacttcag
   652621 cgcgcgaccg ccggactcgg tgaccaggcg ctgggtcggc tctgcctcga cggtttcgcc
   652681 tccgctgccg gatacactgg tgcccgccgc ggcggtgctg accgaggtcg cggtatgcgc
   652741 cgggcgcggt ggcaggttgg cattggcgtt ctgcagcggg gagcaatccc agccgccggt
   652801 ggccgatacc ttgcagtcga actgatcggc ggcctgtaca gtcaatgctg cgaccggctg
   652861 cagagccagc aggctgccgg tgaccagcag gggaaacttt cttcgaaaca cgagggattt
   652921 cactgccatc ttgttaatcc gggcttcctg cgcgccatcg gcccggtggg ccgcacgcct
   652981 ctcgatgggc tgaaaaagat gctggataat aaagcatgac ctgcgcaacg gctagggccg
   653041 tggagaaccc cgtaaatgtc tgatgatgcc cgtttccagc agctgaatcg ctggttggac
   653101 tcttgtttgc ccgagttgtt cgttgccgaa ggttgggggg aagtgccccc cgccgaactg
   653161 atcccggcca gtagcgacgc cagcttccgt cgttatttcc gctggcaggg aggggaccgc
   653221 agcctggtgg tgatggacgc gccgccgccc caggaagact gccgaccgtt cgtcaaggtc
   653281 gccggactgc tcgccggagc cggcgtgcat gtgccgagga ttctcgccca ggacctggag
   653341 aacggtttcc tgctgctcag tgacctgggc cggcagacct acctcgacgt gcttcatccc
   653401 gggaatgccg acgagctgtt cgaaccggcc ctggatgcgc tgatcgcctt ccagaaggtc
   653461 gatgtcgccg gtgtcctgcc tgcctacgac gaagcggtgc tgcgccgcga gctgcagctg
   653521 ttccccgact ggtacctggc ccgccacctc ggcgtggagc tggagggcga gacgctggcc
   653581 cgctggaaac ggatctgcga cctgctggta cgcagcgcgc tggagcaacc gcgggtgttc
   653641 gtccatcgcg actatatgcc gcgcaatctg atgctcagcg agcccaaccc gggcgtcctc
   653701 gacttccagg acgccctgca cggcccggtc acctacgatg tcacctgcct gtacaaggac
   653761 gccttcgtca gttggccgga gccgcgcgtg catgccgcgc tgaaccgtta ctggaagaag
   653821 gcgacctggg ccggcatccc gctgccgcca agcttcgagg acttcctccg tgccagcgac
   653881 ctgatgggcg tgcagcgcca cctgaaggtg attggcatct tcgcccgtat ctgtcaccgc
   653941 gacggcaagc cgcgctacct gggtgacgtg ccgcgcttct tccgttatct ggaaaccgcc
   654001 gtggcgcgcc gtcccgagct ggccgaactg ggcgagctgc tggcctcgct gccgcaggga
   654061 gccgaggcat gaaggcgatg atcctcgccg ccgggcgtgg cgagcgcatg cggccgacca
   654121 ccctgcacac gcccaagccg ctgatcgaag ccgccggcgt gccattgatc gagcgtcagt
   654181 tgctggcgct gcgccaggcc ggagtcgacg actgggtgat caaccatgcc tggcttggcg
   654241 agcagatcga ggcctatctc ggcgacggtt cgcgcctggg cgggcggatc gtctattccc
   654301 cggagggtga accgctggaa accggtggcg gaatcttccg cgccctgccg ttgctcggcg
   654361 agcagccgtt cctgttgctc aacggcgatg tctggagcga cttcgactac tctcggctgc
   654421 atcttgccga cggcgacctg gcgcatctgg tgctggtcga caacccggcg caccatcccg
   654481 ccggcgattt ccacctggat gccggcggac gggtgggcga gacccgcgaa gcgggcggca
   654541 acctgaccta cagcgggatc gccgtactgc atcccgcgct gttcgagggc tgccagccgg
   654601 gcgccttcaa gctggcgccg ctattgcgca aggccatcgc cgcggggcgg gtcagcggcg
   654661 aacaccatcg tgggcagtgg gtcgacgtcg gtacccacga gcgcctggcg gaagtcgagc
   654721 gattgctggc ggagcacgcc tgagatgctc tggcccgcta cgctgatcgg agccggagcc
   654781 ggctgggccc tggccagcat ccccggcgcc ctgctcggcg gcctgctggg gcaactgctg
   654841 gaccgcaggt tgcgcctgga gtcctggcgc ggcctgctgg cgcgcttgcg cgggcgggcg
   654901 gtgaacgatg aggacgacct gctgttccag ttgctcggct atctggccaa gagcggcggg
   654961 cgggtggagg agatgcatat ccgccaggcg cgcgaggaga tggcgttgcg caagctcgat
   655021 aggcgagccc agcggcgtgc catcgcgtcc ttcggcaagg gcaaggccgg catcgcccat
   655081 ctgcaggcgg aggtcgcgcg tctgaagggc gaacgtgcgg aggcagtatt gctcgcctgc
   655141 tggcggatgg cctgggctgg cggcgtgctc agccagtcgg cgcgacaact ggtgttgcaa
   655201 tgggggcgct ggctgggttg gtcggcggag cgaacggaac gcttgtcggc gcgggtcatg
   655261 ccgaagcgga cgcgcgctgt cgcccgggat agctaccgtg aggccctgct gctgctcggc
   655321 gtggaggccg gaagcgagcc ggcgctgatc aaacgcgcct atcgcaagct gatcagccag
   655381 caccatccgg acaaactggc gggagccggc gccagcgtcg agcgcgtgcg tgcggctacc
   655441 gagaaaaccc gtgaattgca ggcggcctac gccctggtcc gagagcgtga ggggttccgc
   655501 tgatcactcc gcaggtttct gcgcatcggc ctgcaggtga aggctgagcc agccgcggat
   655561 tcgtcggtac agttgctcct gctccgcctt ggggtcggcc ggtagcgcct gcatcgcgat
   655621 ttgtacgtag gccgggtgtt tctgccgctt gccggcctgc atgcgcagcc tggccgcctc
   655681 gcggtcggcg cgggcgtcgc ggtaatagaa gtcgccggtc gccagtttca gcttcggcac
   655741 catatcttcc agcgccgggc gaaaatcgcg cggtacctcc gcggcaacca gcagcaggtt
   655801 gtggatttcc gcaggctcct tctccgccag gtagcgtgcc gcccaatagg cgcccgtgcc
   655861 atgaccgagc aggacgacgc ttttcggttc gtgctgcagg gccaggtcga tgctcgcctg
   655921 caggcgcgcc atgacccgtt cggcgtgcgc cttgcgctgc tcgaccggat cgatggctgg
   655981 gggaggggcc tggtcctcgc tctgcgccgg ttcgccgctg ccggcttcgg cggtgctttc
   656041 cggcgccggc gcgttgccgc tttctccttt cacgtcaggc ttgcttgcgc tgtccgcggc
   656101 gctggcgtcc ttgtcggcgc tggcgctggc agcggattcc gcagggcggg taaccggcgc
   656161 ggtgctctgc gggtcgggca gggccaggct cagggtctgc cagccggcat ccggcagttt
   656221 gcgccttagc gggccgatgg cttgcggcca gtccggactt tcgccatcac cgggaaccag
   656281 gatcactaca ccttcggcct cggcggtgtt ggctggcaac cagagggtga ggaagctttc
   656341 gtcgccggcc ttgaggatct gctggccgtc ctccggcaac tggcgctcca gccccttggc
   656401 ctcgtcctgg ctgcgctcgc tgaccgccgg gcgttccacg ggggccggcg gctggtcctt
   656461 ggcggcctcc tcttcggcat gaacgaaagc cggcggcagg aaagcggcgg ccaatagcag
   656521 cggcagcagg gcggagggct tcggcagtag agagaaggcc ggcattggaa attcccgata
   656581 gacaatccag aaggcagcct aaacccagag cacttctttg tcaggccgag ccttcgcatg
   656641 gttcgccggt cgcgctcgcg gtaaggtatg cccgcttttc cttccgttgc ggtgtattcc
   656701 gtggagtgtc gccggcatgt tgcgtcgttg ctgtctgctc ttcttctgtc tgctgttgag
   656761 cctgcccgtg cgagcggagg agtcggtcgc cttgccgctg acggcggagc tacggacctg
   656821 gctggcggag catcgggaat tgcgcgtcgg ggtggtcacc gaagcgccct atgcccagta
   656881 cgaccgccgc ctgcaacagt attccggggc caacgtggag ctgatgggct ggctggccac
   656941 ggcaatgcag gtgaccttgc ggtggcaggg ctatcccgac caggcggcgc tcgacgatgc
   657001 cctgcgcgct gggcgcgtgg atatcgctcc cggcctcagc cagaccccag ccgggctgcg
   657061 cttgtggctg ttctccgatc cctacctgcg ggtttcccgg ctggtggtgg ggaagcgcga
   657121 tggcagcggc agcgtcgaat tggagcaact ggagcgcgat acccgggttg ccgtgcgggc
   657181 cggcagttcg gtagccgact acctcagcag cacctatagc ggcctgcaat ggggggcggc
   657241 cgattccgaa cgcgaggtgc tgcgcgccgt gctcgccgga caggcacgct acgcggtgat
   657301 cgacgaagcg caactcagcc gcctgactcg cgagccggag ttcgccgagc tagcggtggt
   657361 tggcgacatc ggctacccgc aactgctacg ggtggcgacc cgtcgcgact ggccggaact
   657421 ggcgatggtg gtcgaccagg cgttgcgctc gctgccgcgc aagtccctgg accagttgca
   657481 cgagcgctgg ttgcaaccca agtatccgcg cctcggcgag tcgccggggt tctggcagaa
   657541 cctgtcgatc ctcctcggcc tgctgctggc cggcgcgctg gcggcggtgt tcctccagcg
   657601 gcgccagcag catgcgctgg aagcccggct gtacggcgcc cgccgcgacc tggagctgcg
   657661 ccaggcggcc gaggaggcgc tgcgcctgac ccagttctcc atcgacaaca gcaccctggg
   657721 catcctctgg gtcaactggg acagccgcgt acgctacgcc aaccgcgccg ccgaacagat
   657781 gctcggccat gccgacggcc aactcgtgga ccgtccgctg gccgacttcg agcccggcct
   657841 ggacatggac cgctggttga atctttggcg tcgtgcgcgc aatagcgagg agggcccgct
   657901 cagcttcgag acccgctgcc tgcgcgccga cggcagttgg ctgccggccg acgtctcgct
   657961 tagcttcctg cgcttcggca cgtccgagta tctggtggtg ttcctcagcg acgtcaccga
   658021 gcgccgccgt gcccgcgagg cattgcagga aagcgaggcg cggatgaagg gcatcgcctc
   658081 caacgtgccg ggcatggtct tccgcctgga gcgcccgcgg gccggcgcgt tttccgactt
   658141 cgcctatatc agcgagggca gcgaggcgct ggtcggctac agcgctcgcg aactgatcga
   658201 gagcggccgc ggcattcgtg gcctggtcca tcccgacgac cgcgagcgct actggtcgag
   658261 ccagatggct gccctcgacg agaatcgcga ctggcattgg cagggccgca tcctcacccg
   658321 ccagggcgaa ttgcgctggg ccgacatcaa ggcttcggcg cgctgtttcg aggatggtcg
   658381 cgcggtctgg gacggggtgg tctgggacat caccgcgaac aagcagatcg aactcgaact
   658441 cggcgagtcg cgcgcccagc tccgcgagct gtcggcgcac ctggagtcgg tgcgggagga
   658501 ggagaaggcg cgtatcgccc gcgaggtcca tgatgagctg ggccaggtgc tgacggtgct
   658561 gaagctggaa acctcgatgt gcgagctggc ctatgccgat gcccaggagg gcctgcgcga
   658621 acgcctgggc aacatgaaaa agctgatcgc ccagttgttc cagctggtgc gcgacgtggc
   658681 taccgcactg cgcccgccga tcctcgacgc cggaatcggc tcggcggtgg agtggcaggc
   658741 gcggcgcttc gaggcgcgca cgcaaattcc ctgcctggtg gaggtgccgg agaactcgcc
   658801 gcagttggtc gacgccaagg ctatcggcct gttccgcatc ctccaggagg cgttgaccaa
   658861 tgtcatgcgg catgccgagg cgcatactgt gcaactgcgt ctgctgcgcg agggcgacga
   658921 gctgtgcctg agcgtcagcg acgacggtcg cgggttcgat gttgccacgg tggggcgtgg
   658981 cagttccttc ggcctggtcg gcatgcgcga gcgggtgctg atgatgggcg gtacgctgga
   659041 catcgacagt gcccccggcg agggcaccac gctcagcgtg aggattccgc tgggcgtcgc
   659101 gggcccgtga caagaacaac cgccggcaag gcggaacagc gtgaggcagc aaagagtggt
   659161 gatccgagtc ctggtcgctg aagaccacac gatcgtcagg gaaggcatca agcaactgat
   659221 tggcatggcc aaggacctgc aggtggtcgg cgaggccacc aatggcgagc agttgctgga
   659281 aaccctgcgc ggaacgcctt gcgaggtggt cctgctggat atctccatgc ccggcgtcaa
   659341 tggcctcgag gcgattccgc ggattcgcgc gctgaacgag ccgccggcga tcctggtgtt
   659401 gtcgatgcac gacgaggcgc agatggccgc ccgcgccctg aagataggtg ctgccggcta
   659461 tgccaccaag gacagcgatc cggcattgct gctcaccgcg atccgcaggg tcgccggcgg
   659521 cggacgctac atcgacccgg accttgccga tcggatggtc ttcgaggtcg gcctgaccga
   659581 ttcgcgtccg ccccatgcgc tgctttccga gcgcgagttc tcggtgttcg agcggctggt
   659641 gcagggcgcc aacgtcaacg agatcgccca gcaactggcg gtcagcaaca agaccatcag
   659701 tacccacaag gcacgcctga tgcagaagct caacgcgcat tcggtagccg acctggtgcg
   659761 ctacgcgatg gagcaccgcc tgctctgaca ggggcgttcg cccaggtttt gctcgcggct
   659821 tgtgcgccag gtccggtttt cgcgatctgc tgtctacctg gcttccgcgc ggcagggaat
   659881 gatgcttgcc ggccaacacg ataaggagaa gaaacgatgt tgccagccat gaggacgggc
   659941 ctgttgtgcg cccttctcgg agttaccgcg cccgcctggg cggaatacgt gaccgtgatt
   660001 tccttcggcg gcgccaacaa ggaagcccag gaaaccgcgt tctacaaacc cttcaagagc
   660061 gccaccggca atcgcgtggt gcatggctcc tacaatggcg acctggccaa gctcaagcgc
   660121 atggtggaga tcagccacgt ctcctgggac gtggtggaag tcgaggcgcc ggagctggcg
   660181 cgcggttgcg aggaaggtct gttcgagaag ctggacatgg cgaaggtcgg cgatcccgcg
   660241 gatttcgttc ccggcgcggt gcagccctgc ggagtcggca tcttcgtctg gaccacgctg
   660301 cttgcctaca accccggcaa ggttgcgggc agcccgcagg gctgggcgga tttctgggac
   660361 gtgaagaagt ttcccggcaa gcgcggcctg cgctggggcg ccaagtacag cctggagttc
   660421 gccctgatgg ccgatggcgt ggcgccgaag gacgtctacc agacgctggc gacgcccgcc
   660481 ggcgtcgagc gggcattccg caagctcgac gagctgaagc cctatatcca ttggtggaag
   660541 tccgggcagg accctgtgcg cgacctggcc gatggcacgg tggtgatgag ttcggcctac
   660601 aacgggcgga tcgccgcggc gcaggccgag aagcagcgcc tggcaatggt ctggagcggc
   660661 ggcgtctacg atttcgactt ctgggcgctg ccggtcgggg tttggaagaa gcagttggcc
   660721 gaggagttca tccgtttcgc cagccagccg gagcagcaga aggctttcgc cgagaacatc
   660781 gcctacggcc cggccaaccg caaggcggta ggcctgctcg atccgcaagt ggctgccaac
   660841 ctgccgaccg cgccgcagaa catgcagaac gcggtgggta tgaacgtggc cttctgggcg
   660901 gagcacggcg aggccctgga gcagcgtttc cagaactggg ccaagcgctg aggaggccgt
   660961 tgcgcgccag ccggagagcg ctggcgcgca aacctttgct cttctcgaaa gccccttccc
   661021 agagcggttc ggcccattcc gggatgcatc ttttttgtag ggcgattcct acaaagagct
   661081 ttcctttccc ctgatagaaa actctcttgc cggccgattt gcgtcctgcg ccgggttctc
   661141 taggctgttc gcacagcatc cataaaacga acaaaggtgc ggttatggcc gagactcaag
   661201 gcggcgatgt gctggtcagc ttccgtggcg tgcagaagag ctacgacggc gagaccctca
   661261 tcgtgaagga tctcaacctg gacattcgca agggcgaatt cctcaccctg ctcggcccct
   661321 ccgggtccgg caagaccacc agcctgatga tgctggccgg tttcgaaacc cccaccgccg
   661381 gcgaaatcct cctggccggt cgctcgatca acaatgtccc tccgcacaag cgcgacatcg
   661441 gcatggtgtt ccagaactat gcgctgttcc cgcacatgac cgtggccgag aacctggcct
   661501 ttcccctcag cgtccgcggc atgagcaaga ccgacgtgaa ggaaagggtc aagcgcgcgt
   661561 tgtcgatggt ccagctcgac gccttcgccg ggcgttatcc ggcgcagctt tccggtggcc
   661621 agcagcagcg cgtggcgctg gcccgcgcgc tggtcttcga gccgcaactg gtgctgatgg
   661681 acgagcccct gggagcgctg gacaagcaac ttcgcgagca catgcagatg gaaatcaagc
   661741 atctgcacca gcgcctcggt gtcaccgtgg tctacgtcac ccacgaccag ggcgaggcgc
   661801 tgaccatgtc cgaccgggtg gcggtgttcc accagggcga aatccagcag atcgagccgc
   661861 cgcgcaatct ctacgagcag ccgcgcaaca ccttcgtggc caacttcatc ggtgagaaca
   661921 accgtctatc cgggcagctt ctcagttgcg acggcgagcg ctgcgtggtc ggactgccgc
   661981 gcggcgagaa ggtcgaggcg ctggcggtca acgtcggcca gccgggcgag ccggtaacct
   662041 tgtcgatccg ccccgagcgg gtgcgcctga acggtgccag cgagtcttgc gtcaaccgtt
   662101 tctccggccg cgtggccgag ttcgtctacc tgggcgacca cgtgcgtgtg cgcctggagg
   662161 tttgcggccg cgacgacttc ttcgtcaagc agccgatcgc cgagctggac ccgacgctga
   662221 gcgtcggtga tgtggttccg ctgggctggc aggtcgagca tgtgagggcg ctcgaccctc
   662281 tgccggcggc gtgagcgccg gcagtcccga accgtaccga agcaaccctg cactgtggag
   662341 agaacaataa tgtcgaaatc cctgaaagcg gccagcctga agttcgccac cctggcggcc
   662401 ggcctggcct gcgcggccca ggccatggcg gtggacctga ccgtggtgtc cttcggcggg
   662461 gccaacaaga gcgcccagat caaggcgttc tacgagccct accagaaagc caccggcaac
   662521 aggatcgtcg ccggcgaata caacggcgag atggccaagg tcaaggccat ggtcgatacc
   662581 aacagcgtgt cctgggacct ggtggaagtg gagtcgccgg agctgtcgcg cggctgcgac
   662641 gaaggcctgt tcgaggaact cgacccggcg cagttcggca agaccgagga cttcgtgccc
   662701 ggcgccatcc aaccgtgcgg cgtgggtttc ttcgtctggt ccacggtgct cgcctacaac
   662761 gccgacaagc tgaaaagcgc gccgaccagt tgggcggact tctgggacat caagaaattc
   662821 cccggcaagc gcggcctgcg caagggcgcc aagtacaccc tcgaattcgc cctgatggcc
   662881 gatggcgtgg cgccgaagga cgtctacggc gtgctcgcca ccaaggaagg ccaggatcgt
   662941 gccttcaaga agctcgacga gatcaagtcg agcatccagt ggtgggaggc gggcgcccag
   663001 ccgccgcagt acctggcttc cggcgatgtg gtgatgagtt ctgcctacaa cggtcggatc
   663061 gccgcggtgc agaaggaaag caacctgaag gtggtatgga acggcggcat ctacgatttc
   663121 gacgcctggg ccatcccgaa gggggcgaag aaacgggaag agaccctgaa gttcatcgcc
   663181 ttctcggtgc agccccagca gcagaagact tactcggaaa acatcgccta cggtccggcc
   663241 aacaagcagg cggtgccgct gctggacaag gccctgctga aggacatgcc gaccactccg
   663301 gaaaacatcc agaaccaggt ggcaatggac gtgaccttct gggccgacta cggcgaacaa
   663361 ctggaacagc gcttcaacgc ctgggcggcc aggtaatcct cgcctgaccc tccagtgagg
   663421 gccggagggg ccgccgcgcg gcggctcctc ctaccgttcc acactttcca gggtcgttcc
   663481 cgacggcccg ctttttttcc ggagttcgct atggccacag ctgtgcccat atcccaggcc
   663541 accggcagca ccctcaagca acgcctggcg cgcgccgagc ggatgaaccg cctgaagtcc
   663601 caggcgctga tcctgcccct gctggccttc ctggtcctga ccttcctggt gccgatcgcc
   663661 gcgctgctct acaagagcgt gtccaacccg gaagtggttc gctcgttgcc gctgacggta
   663721 gaggccatct ccgcctggga cggcaagtcg ctgccggccg acgccgtcta caaggcgctc
   663781 agccaggatc tcgccgaggc tcgtcgcaac cagaccatcg gcgatctctc caagcgcctg
   663841 aacatggagc tggccggtta tcgcagcctg atggcgaaga ccgcgcgcaa gctgccgttc
   663901 aaggaggagc ccgcttccta caaggacgcc atggagcagc tcgacgagcg ctggggcgac
   663961 cccgcctact ggcaggtgat ccgccgcaac gccagcagct atacgcccta ttacctgctc
   664021 gcagccctcg accaccggat cgacgatctc ggcgaagtgg cgcgcgccac cccggaccag
   664081 gccatctacc tggacatctt cgcccgcacc ttctggatgg gcgcggtgat caccgtcatc
   664141 tgcctgctgc tggcctaccc gctggcctac ctgctggcca acctgccgac gcgcaagagc
   664201 aacctgctga tgatcctggt cctgctgccg ttctggacct cgatcctggt gcgtgtcgcc
   664261 gcctggatcg tcctgctgca atcgggtggc ctgatcaacg gcgcgctgct caagctcggc
   664321 ctgatcgacc agccgctgca actggtgttc aaccgcaccg gcgtatacat cgcgatggtg
   664381 cacatcatgc tgccgttcat gatcctgccg atctacagcg tgatgaaggg catttcgccg
   664441 agctacatgc gcgccgcgat ttccctcggc tgccacccgt tcgccagctt ctggcgggtg
   664501 tatttcccac agaccgtcgc gggcgtcggc gccggttgcc tgctggtgtt catcctgtcc
   664561 atcggctact acatcacccc ggcgctgctg ggcagcccga acgaccagat ggtcagctac
   664621 ttcgtcgcct tctataccaa cagcaccatc aactggggca tggccaccgc cctcggcggc
   664681 ctgctcctgc tcgccaccct ggtgctctac gtcgtctaca gctggctggt gggcgccagc
   664741 cgcctgcgcc tgggatagag ggccttccga gaaggccaac cgattcccct ctgccttcgg
   664801 aaaaaaggtt gcccggaggg cggggagagg gggatccgca cgaaacacat tggagagcga
   664861 gtcatgctga gtccctacat gtccccggtc gagcgcctgt ggttctactc cctgcgcatc
   664921 ctctgcggcc tggtactgct gttcctggta ctgccggtgc tggtcatcgt gccgctgtcg
   664981 ttcaactccg gcaccttcct ggtctacccg ctgcaagggt tctccctgcg ctggtacgcc
   665041 gacttcttcc agtccgccga gtggatgcgc tcgttgacca acagcatgat cgtcgctccg
   665101 gcggcgaccc tgctggcaat ggtcttcggc actctggccg cgatcggcct gacccgcggc
   665161 gagttccgcg gcaaggcact ggtgatgagc ctgatgattt cgccgatggt ggtgccggtg
   665221 gtgatcatcg gcgtggccag ctacctgttc ttcgctccgc tggggctcgg caacagctac
   665281 ctgtcgctga tcgtggtgca tgcggtgctc ggcgtgccgt tcgtgatcat caccgtctcc
   665341 gcgaccctgc aggggttcaa ctacaacctg gtgcgcgccg ccgccagcct cggcgcgccg
   665401 ccgctgacca ccttcttccg ggtgaccctg ccgctgatcg ctccgggagt gatttccggc
   665461 gcgctgttcg ccttcgccac ctcgttcgac gaagtggtag tgaccctctt cctcgccggt
   665521 cccgagcagg ccaccctgcc gcggcagatg ttcagcggca ttcgcgagaa cctgagcccc
   665581 accattgccg ccgcggcgac cttgctgatc ggtttctccg tactgctgtt gctgaccctg
   665641 gaatggctgc gcgggcgcag cgagaagatg cgtaccgcac aacccggcgg ctgaggcgca
   665701 gggcgcgccc ggcttggtcc gggcgtcggc tgctgcggcg aaaagtcgtc attttcaccg
   665761 ccaaaaaccg ataacggcta caatgcgcgc cttccgtgat cccctttgag gtgcgccatg
   665821 caacccttcg ccatcgctcc gtcgatcctt tccgccgatt tcgcccgcct gggcgaggac
   665881 gtggacaagg tgctcgccgc cggtgccgac atcgttcact tcgacgtgat ggacaaccac
   665941 tacgtgccga acctgaccat cggcccgatg gtctgctcgg cgctgcgcaa gtacggcgtg
   666001 agcgcgccga tcgacgtgca cctgatggtg tccccggtgg atcgcatcat cggcgacttc
   666061 atcgaagctg gcgccaccta catcaccttc catccggaag cttcccagca catcgaccgt
   666121 tccctgcaac tgatccgcga cggcggttgc aaggcgggcc tggtgttcaa cccggccact
   666181 ccgctggagg tgctgaagta cgtgatggac aaggtcgaca tggtcctgct gatgagcgtc
   666241 aaccccggct tcggcgggca gaaattcatc cccggtaccc tcgacaagtt gcgcgaggca
   666301 cgcgccctga tcgatgcctc cggtcgcgag atccgcctgg agatcgatgg cggcgtcaac
   666361 gtcaagaaca tccgtgagat cgccgcggcg ggcgccgata ccttcgtcgc cggctcggcc
   666421 atcttcaacg ccccggacta cgccgaggtc atccgcgcca tgcatgccga actggcccag
   666481 gcgcaccagt aatgagcgct gcggagccgt tcttcgccac gcgcctgccg cgtctggtga
   666541 tgttcgacct ggatggcacg ctggtcgatt ccgttcccga cctcaccgcc gcggtcgaca
   666601 gcatgctcgc cagcttcggg cggccgccgg cgggcatcga gaaggtccgc cagtggatcg
   666661 gtaacggcgc acgcgtcctg gtgcgtcgcg ccctggccgg aagcatcgag cacgacggca
   666721 tcggtgagga ggaaaccgaa gccgcgctgg cgttgttcat ggaggcctat gccgacagtc
   666781 atgcgctcac cgaggtctac cccggcgtcg tcgacaccct caagtggctc aagcgcaacg
   666841 gcgtggaaat ggcgctgatc accaacaagc cggagcgctt cgtcgctccg ctgctggatg
   666901 agatgaagct gggtcgctat tttcgctgga tcatcggcgg cgacaccctg ccgcagcaga
   666961 agcccgaccc ggcggcgctg ctgttcgtga tgaagatggc tggcatcgag cccgaagatg
   667021 cgttgttcgt cggtgactcg cgcaacgacg tgctcgccgc caaagctgcc ggcgtgcgct
   667081 gcgcggcgct gacctatggc tacaaccacg gccggccgat cgccgaggaa gcgcccaccc
   667141 tggtcatcga caacctgcgc gacctgctgc cttgcgccga ccaggccgct gagatagtgt
   667201 tgccggacga ctccctttcc ccctccgacc agcgagatca agccgtggcg gtcagcaaac
   667261 tctggatgaa ggtcatcaag gccctggcgc gttggcgctg gcgcgcctga catcatcctc
   667321 cgccggatag ccggcgcgcg tttgcaccct gttgaccgtt ctctcctccg atgaggctga
   667381 tcatgaatcg cgaagaattc ctgcggctgg ccgccgatgg ctacaaccgc atcccgctgt
   667441 ccttcgagac ccttgccgac ttcgacacgc cgctgtcgat ctacctgaag ctggccgacg
   667501 cgccgaactc ctacctgctg gagtcggtgc agggcggcga gaaatggggg cgctattcga
   667561 tcatcggcct gccgtgccgc acggtgctgc gggtctacga ccatcaagtg cggatcagca
   667621 tcgatggcat ggaaaccgag cgcttcgatt gcgccgaccc gctggctttc gtcgaggagt
   667681 tcaaggcgcg ctaccaggtg cccaccgtgc ccggcttgcc acgtttcgat ggcggcctgg
   667741 tcggctactt cggttacgac tgcgtgcgct acgtggaaaa acgcctggcc acctgtccga
   667801 acccggaccc gctgggcaac ccggatatcc tgttgatggt gtccgatgcc gtagtggtat
   667861 tcgacaacct ggccgggaag atccacgcca tcgtcctcgc cgatccctcc gaggaaaatg
   667921 cctacgagcg cggccaggca cgtctggagg agctgctgga gcgtctacgc cagccgatca
   667981 ccccgcgtcg cggcctcgac ctcgaggcgg cccagggtcg tgagccggcg tttcgtgcca
   668041 gcttcacccg cgaggactat gaaaacgcgg taggaaggat caaggactac atcctggccg
   668101 gcgactgcat gcaggtggtg ccgtcgcagc gcatgtccat cgaattcaag gcggcgtcca
   668161 tcgacctgta ccgcgcgctg cgctgtttca atccgacgcc ctacatgtac ttcttcaact
   668221 tcggcgactt ccatgtcgtg ggcagctcgc cggaggtgct ggtacgggtc gaggatggcc
   668281 tggtgacggt gcgcccgatc gccggtaccc gtccgcgcgg gatcaacgaa gaggccgacc
   668341 tggcactgga gcaggatctg ctgtcggacg ccaaggagat cgccgagcac ctgatgctga
   668401 tcgacctggg gcgcaacgac gtggggcggg tgtccgatat cggcgcggtg aaggtcaccg
   668461 aaaaaatggt gatcgaacgt tactccaacg tcatgcacat cgtgtccaac gtcaccgggc
   668521 aattgcgcga ggggctcagc gcgatggacg cgctgcgggc gatcctgccg gcgggcactc
   668581 tatccggcgc gccgaagatc cgcgccatgg agatcatcga cgagctggag ccggtcaagc
   668641 gtggagtcta cggcggcgcg gtcggctacc tggcatggaa cggcaacatg gacaccgcca
   668701 ttgccatccg caccgcggtg atcaagaacg gtgaactcca cgtgcaggcc ggcggcggta
   668761 tcgttgccga ctcggtgccc gcgctggagt gggaagaaac catcaacaag cgccgggcga
   668821 tgttccgcgc cgtggcgctg gccgagcaga gcgtcgaata agacggcgcg aggcggaaga
   668881 aaagaaggcg gatggcgttt gcgtcatccg ccttttttgt gcccggctgg acccacgcat
   668941 tggcttcgcc ctacgcggca ccgctttcgt agggcgaata tcgcggtgcg atatccgccg
   669001 ggcggagcat ggtgtcgctc cccgcgatgt aggcaacggc gggccgctca gggggcgatg
   669061 ctgacccacg cattggcttc gccctacgcg gcaccgcttt cgtagggcga atatcgcggt
   669121 gcgatatccg ccgggcggag catggtgtcg ctccccgcga tgtaggcaac ggcgggccgc
   669181 tcagggggcg atgctgtccg cgcctggcgg tgctcgacgg gcgcctccgg cttggttcgc
   669241 gcgctggtcg acgtaggcgg cgaggtgatc gagggccacg aactgcatgg ccttgtggct
   669301 atcgtcgagg gtcgtcaccg gcagggcgat ccgcccgcat gccagggcct tgctgaagtt
   669361 ttccttgttc aggttgcgaa accagcgttc gcgaacctgc tccagcggca ccaggacgtc
   669421 gccgaagatg cggtagacca attccacggt ttcctggcgt ggaatcggag tgctaggggc
   669481 gatggatggc tgcatggtat tccctcctgc ggctacacgt cgttgaaggg aatatagctc
   669541 aggttgtttt tttattcaat agctgaagtt gtagagcggg cgagcgccag gcgctcaccg
   669601 caccagggac gggccgcgcc ggtggcgtac ggtggaccac cagaagaccc aaccgatcat
   669661 gctgatctgg cggctgcgca tgtcctccgg cgagtactcc tcgtccggat attcctcgcg
   669721 gttgaagctg cgcaggcgaa tgccgccgcc gggcaggcga tagacgaact tcacccgcag
   669781 catgccgtca tgttcgaggg cgtagatctc gccatcggtg atatgggtgg tggcggtgtc
   669841 cacgccgatg gtggagccat ccatgatcag cggttccatg ctgttgccgg tgagttgggc
   669901 gcagatcgcc gccgacggat cgacgcccga ggcacgcagc gtggcatagg aaaaacgcag
   669961 cttgcgcccc tctatctcgc gtaccgcagt gcgtccggcg ccggcggaca tctccacttc
   670021 cttgtacagc ggcagttcca cttcgtcttc gtccagcggt gtgtcgctgt cccacggatg
   670081 cagcggttcg agcaccaatg ggctgccatc ggccacggac acggcactgc gcgcggctgg
   670141 agcgccttcg ccggtctgca gccagaccgg cgagacgccc agggccgccg cgatctcgat
   670201 cagcttgcgg gtgctctggg ccttgcccga ggtcagcttg tgaatggtgt tctgcgaaac
   670261 ccctgccgct tcggcgaggg tttcctgctt caggttgcgc atcgccatgg cctgcttgag
   670321 gcgagcggcg aagctgtcgg gcgggatctg ggtgctcttg tccatgttcg gcaatctaca
   670381 gaccgatgga ttctctgtaa agagcctagg tgttgacgat aaatagcttt ggttgtaatt
   670441 tctcttccgt cagaaagcgg aaggggtgag ctccacaact tcccacccgc ctttcagaga
   670501 tttcacatgg gtgcagggac gcacccggtt gtcggtgacc gacgatgcag gtgccgactg
   670561 cttgggtgcc ggggctatgg gaaagcgctc cggcacctgg agggccggag cgccgtccat
   670621 gcagacgctc cgtcccgctc attcattctg tcgccgacct gcttcaggta cggcggcgtc
   670681 gtacagggag tcattgccat gtcgcgagat acgcactcgc catttccgcg cagaggaacg
   670741 caggtcgccg aaccggcgcc gcgcatctgt catgttccat ccattcggcc gtcgggcgtc
   670801 gggcacgcca gggaggcttt ccatggctga ccttgccgat cacgccaacg aactggtcct
   670861 ggctcgcctc gacggcctcc tggcggcgcg cccggcgctg gccatccgcg agtccgcgga
   670921 agactgcgag gactgcggcg agcccattcc ccaggcgcgc cgccgggcgg caccgggttg
   670981 cagtcgctgc atcgactgcc aggaccgcca cgagcgccgt tgaaccgacc tcatgccgag
   671041 ccctcgcggg cagtgaaagg agacacgacc gtgatcaaag ccatcgatga aatgctcaag
   671101 ctctgggccg aggaaatgca cgcgccaggc agcaacggag gcggctacgc cggcggcaac
   671161 ctgatcgcca tgctgatcgc cagcaagggc gaggtggtcc gcggccaccg tggtagccgg
   671221 gtgatcctcg accgtgtggc ggaggtcgat cgcctggtga atcgcctacc cgaggaactg
   671281 aagaacgtgg tggtggagca ctatctcaat cgcgacagct tccccgagca gaagtaccgc
   671341 cactgcggtt gcagccgcaa caccttctat ctgcgcctgc atgtggcgca ccagggtatc
   671401 caggacggcc tgctgcggcg ggtggcctga gttcctggac cggataccgt atcccccctg
   671461 gaattttcca accggccttc gggccggttt tttatgcctg tcgcccatgg aggcggtgag
   671521 tcccatgcac agcagcggac cctgcacggt agaggcggat tcgggctggc gtagccatcc
   671581 ttttcgtcag tcgatgccgg gctttccaca tcggaagtgg gtatgcgctt gcccggatgc
   671641 ctggcgaagg ttcccagggc ggtatatcac cctcatatcg tggtgcgtct ccctcctatt
   671701 gcagtggatt gtcgagaagg cattgccggg ctgggaatcg ggcggtaaaa agtaggcatt
   671761 cttgtaaagg tgcgtcccca gggaggcact cgtgaagcac cggaacccgg ccctggcgcc
   671821 gggtttttta ttgcccggga aaacgttcgt gcggacgtgc ccggcgctgc ctgccaagga
   671881 gggacccatg ggcaacgaac cgcagacact gacggaaatg ccgctctggg tactgatcct
   671941 gctcgccgcg ctgggcggcg tcagcggcga gatgtggcgt gccgacaagg ccggtctcgg
   672001 cggctgggcc ttgttgcggc gcctggcgct gcgctccggc gcgtcgatcg tctgcggcgt
   672061 ggcggtgatg ctgctggcgt tggcttgcgg cgccgcgctg ctgttcgccg cggcgctggg
   672121 cagcctgacc gccgcggccg gcgcggagat cgccgtcggt ctctacgaac gctgggccgc
   672181 ccggcgccta ggggtttgcg agctgcccga ggaacagtcg gacgaccgtg gcccgcattg
   672241 aaactgatcg aaggagtcaa ccatgcctga acaggctgtt acgctcgagg ctctgtacgc
   672301 ggccatcgag caggtactgc gtgagcgtct gccggaggcg cagttgatcg gcttctggcc
   672361 aggcgtgccg gaaaataccc cggcggtttc cctggaaata gccgagctgc tgcccgagcg
   672421 cgatcccggt accggcgaga gcgccctgct gtgccgcctg caggcgcgga taatggtgcc
   672481 gcctggtgcc gatcgccagg cggtatccat tgcttgcgga atcgttcgga cattgcgcga
   672541 gcagacctgg aacctgtctc tgcagccggc gcgcttcgta cgctcggccg tcgacggcag
   672601 tcgcgaggag ctgaagagcc tgcgtgtctg gctggtcgag tggacgcagt cgctgcgtct
   672661 cggagacccg gagtgggcct gggaggacca gccgccgggc agcctgatgc tgggcttcga
   672721 cccgcagacc ggccccggcc atgagccgga ctacttcgct ccggaggcgt tggcatgagc
   672781 tatgtcagtg cggagcatga ccgcatgctc gccgcgatga tcctgccctg cgtggtggtc
   672841 gccgtggacc tggcagcggc gcgggtacgg gtgcgctccg gcgactggac cagcggctgg
   672901 ctgcgctggc actccctggc agccggcaag gttcgccact ggcgtgcgcc gagcataggc
   672961 gaacagggga tactgctcag cccgtcgggc ggagtgtcaa tgggcacctt tattcccggt
   673021 ctgtacggcg atgcgggcac ggcgccggac aacagcgcca gcagtgagac ctggcgtttc
   673081 gacgacggcg cctcgttgag ttacgactgg gctgcgcatc gctaccgcgt cgagctgccc
   673141 agcggcaccg tggaagtgag ggtcggcgcc agcgaggtgc gggtcagcga cggggcggtc
   673201 agtctcaagg cgccgaagat cagcctggaa ggaccggtgg agatcgccgg gacactgacg
   673261 gtcagcggag acatcctcgg cggcggctcg atcatcgaca ccgccggcaa cagcaaccac
   673321 cacacccatt gaacatacga cggggctgcc gaagggcggt ccgtcgaaca ttcaaccggc
   673381 ccgcgcgagc gggccttttc gtttgcggag ttcgccatgg gcaacactca cagccattcg
   673441 gagccaggcg cggcctgtct ctgccggagc gggagggcag ggcgatgatc gggatggatc
   673501 gccgtagcgg gctacccctg tccggcctgg ctcatcttaa acagtccgtc gaggacatcc
   673561 tgaccacccc gttgggcagc aggcgcatgc gccccgagta cggcagcaag ctgcggcgga
   673621 tggtcgacat gccggtgagc gaaggctgga aaagcgccgt gcaggccgag gtagcccgtt
   673681 ccctggggcg ctgggaaccg cgcatcgcat tgtctgccgt gcgagtcgtc gcggtcgtcg
   673741 atggccgcgt ggatctgctc ctgagcggcg tgttcgaggg cgagaacatc aatatggagg
   673801 tctcggcgtg atcatcgatc tttcccagtt gccggagcca gaggttatcg aaaacctcga
   673861 tttcgagacg atttaccaag agctgttggg cgacttccgc gaagccatgg ctggcgaatg
   673921 gacagcggag gtggagtccg atccggttct caaacttctg caactggcgg cctatcgaga
   673981 actgctgctg cgggcgcgga tcaacgatgc ggcgcgggcg gtgatgctgg catacgccag
   674041 cggtgccgat ctcgaccaga tcggtgccgg cttcaatgtg cagcgtttgc tgatcaggcc
   674101 cgctcagccc gaggcggtac cgccggtgga ggcgcagtac gagagcgaca agtcgctgcg
   674161 caatcgcatc cagctcgcgt tcgagcagct atccgtcgca ggaccgcgga acgcctatat
   674221 agcccatgcg ctgggcgcgg atggaagggt ggcggatgcc tctgcgacca gtccggcgcc
   674281 ctgcgaagtg ctgatcagtg tgctcggggt ggaaggcaac gggcaggcac cggaaacggt
   674341 gttgcaggca gtgcgcctgg cgctgaacgc ggaggacgtg cgtcctgtcg cggatcgggt
   674401 aacggtgcgc tcggcaggaa tcgttcccta tcaggtcaag gcgcagctct acctgtttcc
   674461 cggccccgag gccgagctga tccgtgccgc cgccgaggct tcgctgcgcg actacatttc
   674521 cgcccagcgc cgcctgggcc gcgacatccg gcgttcggcc ctgttcgcca ccctgcatgt
   674581 cgaaggcgtg cagcgcgtcg aactgcagga gcctgcggcc gacgtggtcc tggatgaaac
   674641 ccaggcggcc tattgcacgg ggtacgcgat caccttggga ggcgtcgatg agtagccgcc
   674701 tgctgccgcc aaacaggagt tctctggaac gctctctggg tgatgtattg cctgccgagc
   674761 tgccggtgcc gcttcgtgag cttaacgatc cggcacgctg tgaggcggcc ttgctgccct
   674821 acctggcctg gacgcgctcg gtggaccgct gggacccgga ctggagcgac gaggccaagc
   674881 gcaatgcggt agcgacgtcc ttcgtcctgc accagcgcaa aggcacgctg accgcgttgc
   674941 gccaagtggt cgagccgatc ggtgcgctga gcgaggtcac cgaatggtgg cagcgaagcc
   675001 cgcttggcgt gccggggacc ttcgagatca ccgtggacgt cagcgaccgt ggcatcgacg
   675061 aaggcaccgt actggagctg gagcgcttgc tcgatgacgt ccgcccggtg agcagacacc
   675121 tgacccggct ggacctgcgc attaccccgg taatccggtc ccgtcacgga ctggccgtga
   675181 ccgacggcga caccctggaa atcttcccct ggaaacagtg acatgacgac caatactccg
   675241 aaatacggtg gcctgctcac cgacataggt gccgctgcgc tggctgcggc cagtgcagca
   675301 ggcaagaaat ggcagccgac tcatatgctg atcggcgatg ccggcggtgc gccgggcgac
   675361 acgccggatc cattgccttc tgcggcgcag aagagcctga tcaaccaacg ccatcgggct
   675421 cagctgaatc ggctgttcgt ttccgacaag aacgccaata ccttggttgc cgaggtggtg
   675481 ctgccagttg aggtaggtgg cttctggatc cgcgagatcg gcctgcagga tgccgacggc
   675541 aagttcgtcg cggtatccaa ctgcccgccc agctacaagg ctgcaatgga aagtggcagt
   675601 gcgcggaccc agaccattcg ggtgaacatc gcgctctccg gcctggagaa tgtccagctg
   675661 ctgatcgaca acggcatcat ctacgccact caggactggg tgaaggaaaa ggtcgctgcc
   675721 gatttcaagg gccgcaagat cctggctggc aatggcctgg tcggtggggg ggatctttct
   675781 gccgaccgca gcattggcct ggcgccttcc ggcgtgacgg cgggcagcta tcgctcggtc
   675841 acggtgaacg ccaacggggt ggtcacccag ggcagcaatc cgaccaccct ggccggctat
   675901 gcgatcggag atgcctatac caaggccgat accgacggaa aactggcgca gaaagcgaac
   675961 aaggccacca ccctggccgg ctatggcatc accgatgcgc tgcgagtcga tggcaacgcc
   676021 gtgtcatcca gcaggctggc cgcaccgcgc agcctggcag ccagtggcga tgcctcctgg
   676081 tcggtgacct tcgacggcag tgccaatgtt tctgcgccgc tgagtctttc cgctaccggt
   676141 gtggcggcgg gcagctatcc gaaggtgacc gtggatacga agggaagggt gactgctgga
   676201 atggcgctgg cggcgacgga cattcccggg ctggatgctt cgaagttggt cagcggggtg
   676261 ctggccgagc agcgtttgcc ggtattcgcg cgcgggttgg ctactgctgt ctcgaacagt
   676321 agcgatccga acaccgcgac cgtgccgttg atgctgacca atcatgcgaa cggacctgtt
   676381 gccggacgat acttctacat ccagtcgatg ttctatccgg atcagaacgg caatgcttcg
   676441 cagattgcaa cgagctacaa cgctacatcc gagatgtatg tacgggtgtc ctacgctgcc
   676501 aaccctagca tccgggagtg gttgccctgg cagcgctgcg acattggagg ttccttcacc
   676561 aaagaggccg atggtgaact gcctggaggc gtcaacctgg attcgatggt gacctcgggg
   676621 tggtggagcc aaagttttac tgcccaagct gccagtggag ccaactaccc tatagctcgg
   676681 gccggcttgc ttcatgtgta cgccgcgagt agcaatttca tctatcagac gtatcaagcc
   676741 tacgacggtg agagtttcta tttccggtgc cggtattcaa atacctggct tccctggcgt
   676801 cgtatgtggc atggcggaga cttcaacccc agtgactatc tgttgaagtc ggggttctat
   676861 tggaatgcgc taccgggaaa acctgccact tttccaccat ctgcacataa ccatgacgtc
   676921 ggacagctta cttcgggcat cctccccctg gcacgtggcg gcgtcggttc gaatacggca
   676981 gcgggagcac gtagcactat cggagcaggg gttcctgcga ctgcttccct tggggcgagc
   677041 ggatggtggc gggacaatga cactggcctc attaggcaat ggggacaggt cacttgcccc
   677101 gccgatgccg atgcttcgat tacgttcccg attcctttcc ctacgctatg cctcggcgga
   677161 tatgcgaatc agacgagtgc tttccagccg ggaacggatg ccagtacagg tttccgtgga
   677221 gcgactacca ctaccgcggt gattcgcaat ggctactttg ctcaggcggt tctttcatgg
   677281 gaggcatttg gacgatgaag ggtgaatatt atttctcgcc aagccaggtg gcattctatc
   677341 cggcctcctt gcgagaggtt tatgaacacg caggctgctg gccagtcgat ggcgagtggg
   677401 tcagcgcaga gctacatgaa caactgatga acgaacaggc ggcaggccga gcaatcagtt
   677461 ccgacgtgaa tgggaaccca gtagcgatcg agcgccctcc gctttcccgt cagcaacgta
   677521 gcacccatga gcggagatgg cgggatagtc agctgttggc gaccgacggc ctagttgttc
   677581 gccatcgaga tcaattggaa accggaaagg aaacgacctt actccctgtc caataccatg
   677641 aactcatgtc gtacagagcc agcttacggg attggccgga agagccttta tttcccgaca
   677701 gtggcggacg tccgtccgta ccagattggc tcagacgtta tgtcaccccc tgaaccccgc
   677761 ctcgtgcggg gtttttcatt aatggagatc tacctatgag tttcttccac ggcgttacgg
   677821 taaccaacgt cgatatcggt gcgcgcacca tcgcgctgcc ggccagctcc gtcatcggcc
   677881 tctgcgatgt gttcacgccg ggggcgcagg caagcgccaa gcccaacgtt ccggtgctgc
   677941 tcaccagcaa gaaggacgcc gccgcggcgt tcggcatcgg ctcgtctatc tacctggcct
   678001 gcgaggccat ctataaccgt gcccaggccg tgatcgtggc ggtgggcgtg gaaaccgcgg
   678061 agactcccga ggcccaggcc agcgccgtca taggtggtat cagtgccgcc ggcgagcgca
   678121 ccgggctgca ggctttgctc gacggcaaga gtcgcttcaa tgcccagccg cgtctactag
   678181 ttgcgccggg tcattcggcc cagcaagcgg tggccaccgc catggacggg ctggccgaga
   678241 aactgcgggc catcgccatt ctcgatggtc ccaatagcac cgacgaggcg gccgtcgcct
   678301 acgccaagaa cttcggcagc aagcgcctgt tcatggtcga cccgggcgtg caggtttggg
   678361 acagcgtcac caatgccgcg cgcaacgccc cggcttcggc ctacgccgcc ggcctgttcg
   678421 cctggaccga cgccgagtac ggcttctggt cctcgccgtc gaacaaggag atcaagggcg
   678481 tcaccggcac cagccgtccg gtggagttcc tcgacggcga tgagacctgt cgcgccaacc
   678541 tgctcaacaa cgccaatatc gcgacgatca ttcgcgacga tggctatcgc ctgtggggca
   678601 accgcacctt gtccagcgac agcaagtggg ctttcgtcac ccgtgttcgg accatggacc
   678661 tggtaatgga tgcgatcctc gccgggcaca agtgggcggt ggaccgcggc atcaccaaga
   678721 cctacgtgaa ggatgtcacc gagggcctgc gcgccttcat gcgcgatctg aagaaccagg
   678781 gagcggtgat caacttcgag gtctatgccg acccggacct gaacagcgcc agccagctgg
   678841 cccagggcaa ggtgtactgg aacatccgct tcaccgatgt gccgcctgcc gagaacccca
   678901 atttccgtgt cgaggtgacc gatcagtggc tcaccgaagt tctggatgtc gcctaaggag
   678961 cgcccgtgat gattccgcaa accctgacca ataccaacct gttcatcgac ggcgtgagct
   679021 tcgccggtga cgtgccatcc ctgaccctgc ccaagctggc tgtgaagacc gagcaatacc
   679081 gtgccggcgg catggatgcg ccggtatcca tcgacatggg cctggaggcg atggaagcca
   679141 agttctccac caacggtgcc cgccgagaag cgctgaattt cttcggcctg gccgaccaga
   679201 gcgctttcaa tggcgtgttc cgtggctcct tcaagggcca gaagggcgcc agcgtgccag
   679261 tggtggctac cctgcgcggc ctgctcaagg aggtcgaccc gggcgactgg aaagccggcg
   679321 agaaagccga gttcaagtac gccgttgcgg tcagctacta caagctggaa gtcgatggcc
   679381 gcgaggtcta cgagatcgat ccggtcaacg gtgtccgcgc gatcaacggt gtcgaccagt
   679441 tggccggcat gcgcaacgac ctcggcctgt aagaggagct ccggacatga cccaagagaa
   679501 tcgactgccg ggctggctga cgctggatgc cgacgccgcc ctcgttcgtc tctcgcgtcc
   679561 ggcacagtgc aacggggtca gcgtcgacac gctgaccctg cgtgcaccca ccgtgcgtga
   679621 tatccgcctg gccggcaagg tggccggcga cgatgccgag gagcgcgaac tgcaactgtt
   679681 cgcctcgctg gcgcaggtca gccgccagga cctggagggg ctgaagctga gcgactacca
   679741 gcggctgcaa ggcgcctact ttcgcctggt gcaagacgac acggacgaca ccttcgcgta
   679801 tgcgtcaact ggcgaggcgc ctggccattg agctgggctt ccaggccagc gaactggagc
   679861 gcatgaccct gggcgacctg ctctggtggc tcgccgaggg cgaggagtga gcgacggcgc
   679921 cgtccgccag gcgagcggcg cccgcgctac ttcagtaggt ccgcggaggc ggacatcgat
   679981 aacagacgag acgaaccgtc atgagtaaag acatggacct ggtggtctcc atcggcggca
   680041 tcgccgaccc ctccttgggc aaggcattcg agaccgtcaa ggcacggctc gacagtctcc
   680101 aggaacgttc ccgccaggct tccagcctga gggatgtgct gggagacgcc atacgcctgg
   680161 agcgagagct cgccgatatg cgcaaggtcg gggaccgcgg cgttgctgag catgcccggc
   680221 agcttggcga acgccaggag caactgaagc gactcggcat cgaggccagg gccgcgggcg
   680281 atgcctacgc tcgactgggc gagatgcagc gtggcctgga tatgcaggtc cgcggcctgc
   680341 aacggctgga gcaggccagc caggcaatgc cattggctag cgcattttcc ggactggtcg
   680401 tggaagccag caagacggct gccggttatc aagcgcggtt gcgcgacctg gcgatccgca
   680461 acggcctgga cgtcggccgg gagccagcct tggcatccct gatccaggac agcgccaacc
   680521 agagcggcct gggacgcacg gcgacgctgg acatgctgga gcacttgaac gccaccggca
   680581 tggggttcgc cgccgcgcaa atgaatctgg gactggcggg ccgcttcggc tttggccaag
   680641 ggattgcttc agccgaggtt gcggggctgg ttcgagcgtt gcaactggcc cagggttcgg
   680701 actcgccaga gcaattgtcc gcctccctcg accgtctggt cgtcctgggt aaaggcagag
   680761 tcggcagtga ggccctggcg cgtcgcctgc ctgccttgtt gtcagcgctg ggcaatgcgg
   680821 gagaggccac ggccggcgat gtcggtgcac tgggtgcctt gctggagatt caggcaaaga
   680881 acaccacgcc agacaaagcg gacgtgcgga tgaaggcctg gctggagttc gtcggcagcg
   680941 gcagcttgaa acgcgcttat ggccaggact acgaccggga cctggaagcg ctgcgcaagg
   681001 acggagcgag tctgctggag gccaacctgg agctggctgc gcgctatcgg gataagggcg
   681061 gcaagctcag cgccggcgtg gcgtcgccgg cgcttgaagc ctatcgagcg tcgcgcggcg
   681121 agttccaggg cttgctcgaa tcccagcagt cttccgtagg ctcttcggag cgcgatgcgc
   681181 agcgtcgcaa ggggatgtcc caggagctgt ggaaggcttc cagcgacagt tgggagaggg
   681241 cgcagaccgc tttgggcagc gccctgaatc catatctgga caacctggcc aaggggagcg
   681301 cggtactcgg cgagtcgact gcggagctgc tcgaagccta tccgcggacg acggccggtc
   681361 ttaccgccgc cgcaggtgcg gtgttatccg ggtatctcgc ctacaaggga gggcgcggcg
   681421 ctatcgacgt gctgcgtggc ggtcggctcg gtcggcgagg gaccgctgcc gtcggcgacc
   681481 tgatcgaacg gggtgcaggc cgggtatcgg gtggtagcga aatacagcgc gtgttcgtta
   681541 ccaactggcc ggtgccggga ggcgactcta cgctggagtc cgcgaggagg ccggcacaac
   681601 gaaagcgcgg tcaaacacca cgcaggaaga gaggcaaggg cggtggggtg aaggcccgct
   681661 cccttccatc ccttggcttc tcggctggag gaggcttggg ggcgatggca ggaaagctgc
   681721 cgcgcctgtc gcgtttgccc atacgcaacg cgccgctgca agtggcctcg tcgttgatcg
   681781 atgttgctga ggtctactcc agcgacctgt cggagagcga aaagaccatc gcctatggcg
   681841 aggccggtgg ctccctggct ggttccctgg ctggcgccgc tctgggagcg agcatcggct
   681901 cggtggtgcc ggtggtcggt acgctgatcg gtggattggt tggcggcgct atcggcgcct
   681961 ggggcggtag cgaactgggg gggcgtctgg gacgcagtct ggctggcgat ccgccggcgg
   682021 actcggacaa caagccggcg gtgcccgcac cacaggccga gcccgtcgcg gctgcgccca
   682081 actggacctt cgcgccgcag atcaacctga cggtgcaagg caacgtacac gagccgcagc
   682141 gcctggccga cgagttgctg ccctacctgc gacgcatgct tgtcgacttc gccgacgagc
   682201 ggcagcggcg cagcctctac gacccggcga tggtctaagg agtccccatg gcatatctgg
   682261 aacaattgca ggccggcctg aggtacctgg gtcgcgccgg cgagtccgga cgcaagagtc
   682321 tggacaaggt ggtcgctccg gtgaacggtg cgatcagcga gatccgcggc gcagcctcgg
   682381 agctggagaa cctgcccggc gtatcgccgg aaatggctgc ccggctgcag cgtgccatgc
   682441 gcggcatcgg ccaggcgcag ggcaaggtga accgcgtggt ctccacctat gaccgggcga
   682501 gccgggcgtt gcttggtatc gacgaacgcc tggatgcgct gaaggtgcag gtgaacagtg
   682561 ccgcgcaggc ggtcggcaag gtcgctggcg acatcagtcc gacgctggcg ggggtgctgc
   682621 cgtcgtggct gctggcaccc tcggcgacgc cctcgagcga ggccgtagcg cccttgccgc
   682681 acctgctggt actgcagccg ctgaccgcca atgcccaacc gttctacttc aacctgaata
   682741 ctgccgcctt cgacgccctg cagcgcaaca gtgcctacaa ctggagcggg cagatgcgcc
   682801 tgggccggcg gccggcgctg cagagcgtcg gcatgggcga ggagagcatc ctgctcaagg
   682861 gtgcggtatt cccgctgcgt cgacaggtag gcaaccagga aaaggttgtc ggtctggagc
   682921 agctcgaagc gctgcgccgg ttggcggagc ggcgtgagcc gctgatcctg agcagcggct
   682981 acggcgaggt gcagatgggc ctctggtgtc tggtgcggat cagcgagaac cagagcgccc
   683041 tgctgggcaa cggcgctccc cgcaaacaaa ccttcgacct ggagttcaag cgctatggcg
   683101 acgacctgcc gaaccgctga cggcgacatg ctggacagcc tctgctacca cgtctatggc
   683161 catctgttgg gctgcgtcga ggcgaccctc gacgccaatc ccgggctggc cgatgagcag
   683221 cagccattcc gcgccggctt gctgatcagt ttccctgaca tgccggtggt caatgtcgaa
   683281 caggtgcgcc tgtgggattg atcgaccgct caaccgcaac cccgccttgg cggggttttt
   683341 cttttctgga gagatcaggt gcaaccgagt ttccgtatcg ttgccgacgg caccgacgtc
   683401 acccagcggc tgaatgaccg cctgctcaag ctgaccttgc tggacaagcc gggcatggag
   683461 tccgacagcc tgaccttgag gctcgacgat cgcgatggac aggtggcctt acccaggcgc
   683521 ggtgcggtgc tggaggttca tctcggctat gccggcgagc cactgatgcg catggggcgc
   683581 tttaccgtgg acaccctgca gtgggctggt ccgccggact gcctgaccgt cactgccaag
   683641 gccggcgaca tgcgcggcag tggcaagacg atacgcagcg gcggttggga gggcactacc
   683701 ctggctcagg tctgccgcga tgttggcgca cgcaacggct ggcgcgtgga gtgtccgttg
   683761 caggtggcga tcgcccgggt cgaccaggtc aatgagtccg actaccactt cgtcacccgt
   683821 ctggcgcgcc agtacgactg caccgccaag ctggccgagg gcatgctcat ggtgctgccg
   683881 cgacagagcg ggcagagcgc cacggggcgt cggatcgaac ctttggtgtt gggccgtgct
   683941 gacgtcggta gcttcgacgt taccgtcgac gaccgcagcc tgatgagagc ggtgaagacc
   684001 cgctaccaat tgcccggcag cggcgaggtc aagagcgtcg agttgaagaa cccgaaggca
   684061 ccggctacgg ctatgggcga gcatgtcgac cggcatctct atgccagccg tggagaggcc
   684121 gagcaggcgg cgaaggctcg cctggcgagc ttcagccgct ccagcgccag tgtgcgcctg
   684181 gaactgccag ggcgtggcga cctgttcgcc gagcgcagcc tgctgctcca aggcttcaag
   684241 gcgggaatcg acggcgagtt cctgatcgac tcggtggagc acacctacag ctccagcgga
   684301 tggaccactg tcgtgcaatg caacggcggc cgaggcggca aggggtgacg cctgaaaccc
   684361 atcggagtgc aggaggatcg atgaaactga ccgagcagca attgctgcgc atttttccca
   684421 acgcccgcct cgtcgcgggc gttttcgttg cggcgttgca acgggccatg gacgagaggg
   684481 agatcgacac accggcgcgg gtcgccgcgt ttctcgccca ggtcggccac gagagcagcc
   684541 agttgactcg gctggtggag aacctcaact acagcgcccg tggcctggct gcgacttggc
   684601 cgagccgcta tctcggcccc gacgggcagc ccaacgcgtt ggccttgcgg ctggcgcgca
   684661 atccgcaggc gattgccgac aacacctacg ccacgcgcaa cggcaatggc gacgaagcgt
   684721 ccggcgatgg ctggcgcttc cgtgggcgtg gcttgctaca gatcaccggg cgtgccaact
   684781 accggttggt cggcgaggcc ctcggcgagc cgctggaagc cgagccctgg cgcctggagc
   684841 agcccgtgcc ggcggcccgc agcgccgcct ggtggtgggc cggtcacggg ctcaacgagc
   684901 tggccgaccg cggcgagttc gctgccatca cccgccgcat caacggcggc ctgaatggcc
   684961 aggcggagcg cctggcgttg tggcagcggg ccagggtggt gctgtcatga gccggctcgc
   685021 tctgctcctg ccggccgtgt tgctggtcct gctggccggc gccttgctcg gcggcggcct
   685081 ggttgcccgc cactatcgtc cgcaactgga ggaggccctg ggccaactca ctgccagccg
   685141 tgtcgccagc ggccagctcg aggctttgct cgatgagcag cagcgagcgc tggcggcggt
   685201 acgggcgagc gccgagaggc gcgcgaagga cgccgagcag gcactcggcg aggccagggc
   685261 gcaggccgcg gagcagtatg ccgcggccgt gcgtctgctc caggaacccg acattggcgc
   685321 ggactgccag gcggcaggtg cggcgatcga ccgggagctg ggactatgac tcgtctcctg
   685381 ctggggcttt gtctgctttt cgcgggctgc gcagcctcgc cgacgacacc tcgccccgtg
   685441 cgcgtcgagg ttcccctggc agtgccttgc cgtgtacctg acgtgcgccc gccgagctgg
   685501 gccagcgcca cgttgcaggc tggcgattcg ctgcaggcca aggttcgcgc attgctcgcc
   685561 gagcgccgcc agcggcaggg ctacgaactc gaattgcagg cggcgttgcg tgcctgccgc
   685621 tgagacactg ggcgcatatg gacgtcgatg gacgtgtgtc cggcgcatat tgccgtgtat
   685681 tgattccgca gcgttgtcga gccaggaatc ggccggtaca acgtagtcat gcttgtacag
   685741 gtgtgtcccc ccagggatgc cacctgcaac ctcagagccc ggcccgtgtg ccgggctttt
   685801 tcgtttgcat ccgacaacgg ctcgggacgt ggaggctcct cgccgaccgc gtaccgcgcc
   685861 acggccgacc gtcctgggga cggggccaga cgacccgcct ggtgcgggtc ttttcatgtg
   685921 cataaaggag agttttccat gtccatcctg actcaaggta cccagatcta cgccctggtt
   685981 ccgccggtat ccggtaccgg tgccgctacc gtcctggaga tcgaaggcgt gacctcgttc
   686041 aacccgggcg gcaatccggc cgaccagatc gaagacccgt gcctgagcga cacttcgcgc
   686101 aagtacaaga aaggcctgcg cacccctggc caggcgaccc tcggcatcaa cgccgatcca
   686161 cgcctggcca gtcacgttcg gttgttccag ctgtccgaga aagatggcga gacgagcgtc
   686221 aagtgggcca tcggctggtc cgacggaatc gacgtaaagc cgaccgtcag caccgaaggc
   686281 gacgatttcg tgttgccgcc ggcgcgcacc tggttcacct tcgaaggcta cgtcagcgac
   686341 ttccccttcg atttcgccag caacacgctg gtcgctaccc aggccaccat ccagcgttcc
   686401 ggcgccggca agtggacgcc gaagtcggct tgaggagcgc gtagatgaat ctcaacgaac
   686461 ttcgtgcggc gggcggtttc atcgagtcgg cgctggtgcg caaggagatt agctggaccc
   686521 gcgttcccgc cggcaggaag aaggcggtca gcgacacctt ccaggtgttc gtccgacgca
   686581 acagttttgg cgcggtggag cgcctgttct ccgccgaagg cgaccagcag agccgcaacg
   686641 cgcgctacct cgccgaatgc attcgcctgg gcgagacggg agaggaaagc ctgacctacg
   686701 aacaggccta cgacctcgac ccggcgctgg gcttcctgct gctgcaggcg gtcggtgagg
   686761 tcaaccgggt cgaggacgcg gaaaaaaact gacccccgcc gacgaggttt ggcacgagct
   686821 ggtgctgaac ggcgtcggcg ggtcgaccat tgccgaggcc aaggagcggc tcagctacgc
   686881 cgagtaccgc gcctgggtcg cctacctgaa caagcgcggc tcgctccatc cgggacaccg
   686941 gctggagctt gcgctggctc ggatcgctgc gttgctcggg catgcgctgg gagcggacgc
   687001 cgatcccgac gcgttccgtc cgcatatggc tctccagccc ctttcgctgc atcaggcgat
   687061 ggatcaatgg gcatgacagg ccaccccgct gcggcggggt ctttttctgg aagacatgaa
   687121 tcatggccac gaataccgac ggcagcctga cgctcgacct ggtccttcgc agcgaagggt
   687181 acagggccgg gatggacaag gttggcagga tcaacgatca gaaaatgcgt gccatggagg
   687241 cgcgcgcgga aaaagctggc aaggctatcg gcaaaagcct ggacagttcg gcactgattg
   687301 ccagcagcgt gctggaccag gcgctggaca tgctgggcag gaccagtcgc caggcgggtc
   687361 aggccaagaa gcctgtgcag agcgcccagg acaaggtact ggccgagtgg aagtcccggc
   687421 agaaggaact gggcgaagcc tggaagagct atcgcgaacc actccaggat ctgtccaagc
   687481 tcaacgaagc attactgaag aactcttccg acaagctcga caaggcgctg ctcaatctca
   687541 gcgagaccgg caagctgtcg cttgccaacg tgggcaaggc cgcctacgcc gatgccgcgc
   687601 gcctcgcctc gcggcagatg acgctgatgc tgctggacgg gctgtttggc tgggtcgcca
   687661 gcgtcggtac cgagaagccc aaggtcgacg acaaggcggg caagggacag gcgaaggccg
   687721 gcgacgacga gaaggaacag ccgtcgctcc agtcgcaggt cttcaagcag tggctgttgc
   687781 agatgaacag tgtctggggc gcctaccgcg cgccgctgca ggatatctcc gggatgaccg
   687841 acgagctgtt caggaatgcg tcggagaagc tcgagaagtc gctgttcaat ttcgccacta
   687901 ccggaaagct gtccttgagc aacttcgcca agacggtgat cgacgatgtc gcccggatcg
   687961 ccgcgcggca gctttcaatg ctcgccctgg acggattgtt cggctggatg aatggcaagg
   688021 ccggcatcac cgaggcgcaa ctggccagcc agaagcccta tacctcgcta ctggaaaagg
   688081 cccgagcaga tgcgggacaa gcggctgcgg gcgctcccgc ggcccagggt gccgcgccaa
   688141 tgccggcagc ggcgatggat gtcggcgcga tggtggccac tgcttccggg cagaccgggg
   688201 acggttccaa ggtatcggct ggaggggctt cggcgagcgc tggcaagccg gtgggcagtt
   688261 gggtcgaaca gatggacgcc tcctgggcga gcctgcgcga ccaggcgcag gacgtctcgg
   688321 gaatgatgga catgctgttt accaacgctt tcaccaatat ggagaacgcc ctgttcacct
   688381 ttgccaccac gggcaagctg tcgttcaagg atttcgccga ctcggtgatc caggatatgg
   688441 cgcggatcgc cgcgcggcag gcgacgctgc agatcatcgg cggcatcgtc ggtgcggtca
   688501 gcgggttctt cggtagcggc gcaacggcgg gctcgcggat ttccgactat accggctcgg
   688561 acatggccaa ttgggtcagc aagcaacgcg ccggaggcat gcctgggttc gccaggggcg
   688621 gtgccttcaa cgatggcatc cagagcgcgc cggcgctgtt cagcatggcc ggcggtcgtc
   688681 cggcgctgat cggcgagcgt gggccggaag ccatcatgcc gctgagtcgc ggttccgatg
   688741 gcgtgctcgg cgtgcgcgcg ctcggcggcg gcgagggggg caacgtcttc aatttctcca
   688801 ccagcgtcag cctgggcggc ggccgcgagg gcgcggcgac ggccagcggc gacgacggta
   688861 cgggacagca gctggcggga atgatcaacg atgccgcgcg caacgtggtg gcgcaggagc
   688921 tgcgccccgg cggcctggta tggaggatgg tgaatggctg atctggaacg ctttacctgg
   688981 gacatctcga tcgattccgc cggccaggcg aaccaactgg tacgtcaggt gcagtacggc
   689041 ggcggctaca gccaggcgct cggcgacggg ctgaacaacc tcagcgagac ctggcaggtt
   689101 tcgcgtaccg gcgatctcgc gctgatcggc ccgatccgcg atttcctcaa gcgccacggc
   689161 ggctaccgct cgttcctctg gaccttgccc actggcgaac cggtacgggt gcgcgcccag
   689221 ggctggcaat tgcggccgcg cggcaacggc gtgttcaccc tgaacaccac cttccagcaa
   689281 gtcttcaatc cgtgaggtaa gcatgaccat cacagccgat gaccaggccc tcgagcctgg
   689341 tgcgctggtg cgcctgttcg acctggattg caccgggttc ggcggcgaga tgctgcgctt
   689401 ccacggccac ctgcagcagg ggccgatcca ctggcagggc aacgcctacc aagcttggcc
   689461 actggaggcg cgcggcttcg agcagcgcgg tgacggccgg gccagttcgc cgacccttag
   689521 cgtgggcaac atcgacggca gcatcagcgc gctctgcctg ttcttcgatg gcctggtagg
   689581 cgcgcgcctg atcgtgcgcg agacctatgc gcactacctg gatgcggcca acttcgccga
   689641 aggcaacccg caggccgacc cctcccagga gcgcctgaac atctggttcc tcgagcagaa
   689701 gaccgccgag aacagcgtcc aggtgacctg ggagctgtcc gctccgccgg acttccaggg
   689761 ccagcagatc ccggcgcgcc agatcacctc gctgtgccac tggtgcatca ccaacgagta
   689821 ccgcgggcag gactgcaact acaccggcac ggcgatgttc gatgccgacg gcaatccggt
   689881 ggacgatccg gcgctggacc gctgcggcgg ccgggtcagc gattgcaagc tgcgcttcgg
   689941 cgcggacaac ccgctgtccc acggcggctt cgccggcgcc ggcctggtca ggatgtgagc
   690001 atggaactga gtcgcagcct gcagcgggct atcgccgcac acgccgcccg cgagcatccg
   690061 cgcgaatgct gcgggctgat cgttcgcggt gtgcgtcaac gccgctacgt ggcctgtcgc
   690121 aacgcagccg gatcgcccag cgagcacttc gtgatcgatc accaggactg gtgcgctgcc
   690181 gaggatcagg gcgaggtcct ggccatcgtc cacagccacc cggacgttcc ggccacgccg
   690241 agcatggccg atcgggtcag ttgcgaactg catggtctgc cctgggtgat cctgtcctgg
   690301 ccggaaggcg atgtcgcgca tctagcgccg gagggctatc gggcgccgct gctcggccgc
   690361 gagttcgctc acggcgtgct cgactgctgg agcctctgtc gcgactggta ccgccgcgag
   690421 gcaggtttgg agcttccgga ctatccgcgc cgcgacggtt ggtgggaaac cggcgagagc
   690481 ctctacgagc agcactatgc ggcggctgga ttccggccgg tgccgctggc cggaatccgc
   690541 cgcggcgaca tgctggtgat gcaggtcggg agggcgctgc acccgaacca cgcgggcatc
   690601 tacctgggca atgactggcg tctggacagc gagccggtcc aggcgctctg cggcgacgga
   690661 ccgttcctgc tgcaccacct gtacggacgg ctgtcgaccc gagacgtgtt cggcggaccc
   690721 tggatcgaac gcacgcgcct ggtcttgcgg cacacgcgga tgccgcagtg aacgatatat
   690781 tcaagcgagc cgtcggaatc ggctctttac gagaggaaca ggtccatgaa tgacaccctg
   690841 agtcagggcc tcaccaccat ccgtctgtac ggggttctgg gcaagcgctt cggccgcatg
   690901 cacggccggt tgttggaaag cggcacggta cgcgaggcga tgagcgccct gaagcacacc
   690961 atggagggat tcgagacgtt catgcgcgag gcggaatcga aagggctgac cttcgccgtg
   691021 ttccgtgggc gtaccaacct gtccggcgag caactggaca tgcgcggacg cgaggatatc
   691081 cgcatcgtgc cgttggtgat cgggagcaag caggcggggc ttttccagac gattctgggg
   691141 gctgccttga ttgtcgtggg tggattcacg acgttcttct ccggtggaac cagttcgttc
   691201 ctggtaaccg ttggagtcag catgttggcg ggcggcgtca tgcagatgct cagtccccaa
   691261 cccaagggcc tgaagggccg cgaggccccc gagaacgccc ccagctatgc cttcggcggc
   691321 ccggtcaaca ccatcgccca gggccatccg gtcggcgtgc tctacggcaa gcgccgcatc
   691381 ggcggcgcgg tgatcagcgc cggcatctat gccgaggacc ggctgtagcc ggcaacgccg
   691441 taacaggccc gccatgcgcg ggcgtttttt tgcctgaagg aacgtcatga acaagaccat
   691501 cacgggccac aagggtggca gcaagaagcc gcgccagccg gtggagatgc cggactcggt
   691561 gcgctcgatc gcgcgggcga agattctcct ggcactgggc gaaggcgagt tcgacggtgg
   691621 cgtcgacggc cgttcgatct acctggacga tacgccgctg ctggcggcgg acggctcggt
   691681 gaacttcccc ggagtgacct gggagttccg tccgggctcg gtggaccagg aacacattgc
   691741 cggtgtgccc gccgtggaaa acgaactggc ggtcggcgtc gaactcaaga gtgacgcgcc
   691801 ctgggtccgc gcggtgaaca acacccagct ctcggcggtg cgcctgcgcc tgtcctggcc
   691861 tgccatccag cgccagcagg aaaacggtga cgtggtcggc taccgcatcg actacgcgat
   691921 cgacatcgcc gtcgacggcg gtgcctggca ggaagcgctg aaggcttcgc tggacgacaa
   691981 gtccaccagc cgctacgagc gctcccaccg tgtcgacctg ccggaggcgc ggagcggctg
   692041 gcaggtgcgc gtgcgccgcc tgacgccgaa ccagaacaac aaccgcatcg ccgacaccat
   692101 gcgggtcgag gcgatcaccg aggtgatcga cgccaagctg cgctatccga acaccgcgct
   692161 gctgttcgtc gagttcgatg ccagccagtt ccagagcatt ccgcagatat cggtggaagc
   692221 gcgcggccgg cgggtgcggg tgccgagcaa ctacgatccg cagacccgta gctacagcgg
   692281 cacctgggac ggctcgttca agtcggcctg gaccagcaac ccggcctggc actggtacga
   692341 catcgtgttg cacaagcgct tcggcctcgg tcggcggatc gacgcgagca tggtcgacaa
   692401 gtggtcgctg taccgcatcg cccagtactg cgaccagtcg gtgcccgacg gcaagggcgg
   692461 ccaggagccg cgcttcagct gcaacctgta cctgcagagt cgcgccgaag cctggaccgt
   692521 gctgcgcgac ctggcagcga tcttccgcgg catgtcctac tggtccggcg cggaaatggt
   692581 ggcggtatcc gacatgccgg aggacgaggc ctacaccttc tcaccgtcga acaccgtgcg
   692641 tggcgacgac ggcagccact tcaactacag cagcagccgc cagcgcgatc gccacaccct
   692701 ggccctggtc aactacgaca atccgggcaa cggttaccag agccaaccgg tagcggtgaa
   692761 caatgaccgc gcgcagcgcc gctacggcat cagccagttg gagatcaccg cgatcggttg
   692821 cacctccgag ggcgaggcgc agcggcgtgg ccagtgggcg ctgctgaccg aggagctgga
   692881 gcaggacgcg gtgaccttcc gcaccggcat ggatggccgt gggctggcgc cggggaagat
   692941 catcgccgta gccgacccgg tcaagtccgg caagcagatc ggcggacgcc tgagcgcggt
   693001 ggatggccgc gcgctgaccc tcgaccgcga cgtcgaggcc cgacccggcg atcgcctgct
   693061 ggtcaacctg ccgaacggca aggccgaggc gcgcagcgtc cagtcggtgg tcggccgcgt
   693121 gctgagcgtg accgcctcct attcggagac gcctcggccc caggggcagt gggcgctgca
   693181 gagcaacagc ctgaccaccc agcgcttccg catcatgagc atcacccggc cggaggacaa
   693241 ccttttcgag atcaccgcgc tgcaacacaa cgcgagcaag ttcgacgcca tcgacaacgg
   693301 tgcgcgcatc gagctgccgc cggtcaccag cattccgccg ggcgtgcagg cgccgccgca
   693361 gaacgtgcgg atcaaggctt tcaccaaggt cgaccagggg ttggcggtga ccagcctgtc
   693421 ggcctcctgg gatgccgcgc cgaacgcggt ggcctacgag gccgaatggc gcaaggactc
   693481 gggcaactgg gtgcgggtgc cgcgaacctc ggcgctcggt ttcgacgtgc cgggcatcta
   693541 tgccggtcgc tacctggtgc gggtacgcgc cttgaacgtg atggaggtcg gttcggtcta
   693601 cgccagcagt gtggagaccg ctcttgaggg caagaccacg ccgccgccgg cgctggccta
   693661 cctgcgctgc gtggccggcc cctggcgcat cggcctggag tgggggttcc cggccagcgg
   693721 cgcggcggac accgcctaca ccgagatcca gcagtccgcc acgcccggcg gcagcgagga
   693781 gaccgcacgg gcgctgggcc tgttcgccta cccaggcaat acccacctgg tatcgccgat
   693841 accggccggc gaacggctgg cgttccgcgg tcgcttgatc gaccgtagcg gcaacgtcgg
   693901 cgcctggtcg aactgggtca ccggcaccag ctccagcgac gccagcgaat acaaccagtt
   693961 gatcacccag gagtacgtcg agtcggcgct gggccagcag ttcttctccg atatcgagcg
   694021 gatgcaggtg gatatcgggg gcttgcagaa gcaggtcggc gacctcgccg acgttctgct
   694081 gtacgacccg gccaaggtct acgcgaagaa cgacatggtg cgacaggggc agcggttgta
   694141 ccaggcactg aaggctgtgc cggcgaagac ggcgccgccg aacgcggcct actggtccga
   694201 tatcggccag tcgctggaaa ccgccaacgg gctggcgcag caggtggcga gccataccgc
   694261 tgaaatcagc gaactcgacg gcagccttac cgcccaggca tcgcgccttg gcgtactgca
   694321 ggcggcgacc cgtgacgacg cggatgacgg caatggcgcc atggccgatg ccctgcgcgg
   694381 ctggaagacc gttgcccggg cagcccagga ggaaaccgta cgggccaccg aaaacgaggc
   694441 ccaggccact cgcacgacgc tactggaggc gcgcaccgcc gatgccgaag ggcgtatcgc
   694501 cacggtggaa cgggtcgcga ccagcgatcg ccaggccacc gcgcaacgtc tggaccagct
   694561 ctcggcctcg atcggtggca ccgcagccag cctgcagagc gaacagaccg cccgcgccaa
   694621 cgccgacagc gccctcgcac agcggatcga caccgtgcag gcgcgtaccg acaccaacag
   694681 cgcggcgatc cagaccacct cccaggctgt cacctcgctg gatggcaacg tcaaggcgat
   694741 gtacagcgtg aagctccagg cgcatgccaa cggacaaaag tatgcggcgg ggtggcagct
   694801 ggggttcgac agtgggacca gtgtgtcgac catggcgttt caggcggatc ggtttatctg
   694861 gttcgacagc tccagcggga cggcggtagc gccggtttcc attgttaatg gacagatgtt
   694921 tatcaagaac gccctgattc aggacggagc gatagataac gcgaaaattg gaaatgtcat
   694981 tcagtcaaat gcaatgtcca ataacggtat gccgatatgg aggctggata aagcgggtac
   695041 ttatacagta cgagacagtg caggccaggt cagagttgag atggggcttt tacagtcatg
   695101 agtatctatg gattacgtat ctatcgagag aatgggaccg ccgctgtaga tataactgac
   695161 agggcgttgc gggttgtata ttccaggcgg gttgatgcag tttcgaaagg agaagctgcc
   695221 acgcccggct ttggcccgaa caatgcttcc gtctacgtga ttggtgatga gcacaataag
   695281 cgtccggtct gggcgcgaat gggtgatggc gttgttcaat ggggctacga ggattggtgg
   695341 ccatcactat tccatacttc tggaacctta tatgtggtgg ccaaggtatg agtgagtatg
   695401 gggtcttggt aaggaatggc ttggggcaga ctgtaataga tggagagttt cataaccttt
   695461 ctcttctgtt ggaaagaaat attgaagtcg agacaagtca gtggttctca ctggattttc
   695521 catatgcggt cacatcagct gcacctcctg ttctagcagt tcaagcttgg aagaataaaa
   695581 ttctttactt cgactcagta cagtatcgag gtgggccagg aaactggaca ggcgccactc
   695641 tgagtttttc agggtatgga acacatacat ccggctccgt aagaattaga gtttatgcct
   695701 acgcattgcc tttgctgaaa ggatatggac ttcgtgttcg aaactcggcg ggaagtgtcg
   695761 ttttcgattc tctaagactt cccttggttt ttagtgcgga actgggcggg gcgccagaag
   695821 attgggttag ggtatctggg gaaccgatta taggagctgg ccgcatagac atatatcgcc
   695881 cagcgacatg gggtcagcct gccgatagct acattgcagt aggcatggcg cttgacgtgg
   695941 aatttggcag agtggcggta tctggtggta cggctaatgc aattatttat atacgctggg
   696001 gtttcactga ggatggagtg ccaaggctta tgcagcatgc atataccggg cttccaagtt
   696061 cttatcctgg aattccagct gctgtttatt atgctatgcc ttcaattccg ataataaagg
   696121 cttgagttga tttttgggag ataatgctat ggcttggcat tcgaaaggtt cggtttccgt
   696181 cacgctgaat tccgaagcgg tgttaggaaa cgctactgat tttatcgcca atgtgcgaac
   696241 cggcgatgcg ttccgtggcc ctgacggccg gtggtacgaa atcaccaatg tgaccagtgc
   696301 aacggttatt tctatcaagc ccaattatca gggtgcgacc gctagcggcc aagtttatgc
   696361 ggttgtccca atacatggtt attcaaaaaa cttggcagac caattccgcg acatcaacaa
   696421 ccagtggggg gccaccctgg cggggatcaa accctgggcg gtgtcctcga cgggccagca
   696481 ggcgcaggcc gacatgggag tctcggctgt tggtcgggcc ctgaacaatg cctcgacgcc
   696541 ggccaacgcc ttgagttacc tggggggcgt cgcgcctagt cagatgggct gggctggcaa
   696601 cgcgatgaat acggcggacc tcgattcgct gactatctcg gggctatatg ctcatggcac
   696661 ggcggtgcct tcgccggtga acaatgccca gggctatgtc ttgcatatgc aacacggcaa
   696721 cccggacttc gccgtccagc agtggtacca gttgaattcc gccactggcc agtacatgcg
   696781 gatcaaggtc ggtggcaact ggtcgcgttg ggtattgcag tacagccagt tcaaccttgt
   696841 cggattggcg agcttcgatg catcgaacaa tccgtccggc accatcatcc agcgcggcgg
   696901 gactgttggt tccaacgagt atgtgcgcta cgccgacgga acccagatct gctggggcaa
   696961 caccactacc aatgtgggag ccaccatggc ctaccagccg ggtggtacgt tgtcgttcta
   697021 tatcactccc gttgcctatt cgtgggggtt ccctgtctcg ttctcccggc ctccgtctgt
   697081 catggtcaac ccgatgaggg cagcgggaaa caacgcttcc cgtccctggg gttcgacgat
   697141 gtcggtcacc gaaacgctgt tttcctggta cggctacgac accgccagcg tggccagcgg
   697201 gatggccgcc agctatgtcg ctatggggag gtggaattga tgaagctgtt gttgaaacct
   697261 ttgttgcagc agggcattac gcctgacagg gaacgtctca gcgatgtcca ggtgcgaggg
   697321 tcggtgttta tcctggatgg cgtcgaatac gatttcggaa gaatgcagcc cggcgggtac
   697381 ctgcctccgg aggcatacca tggtacgcca ttcattgata ttcgcttcgt ggacggcgac
   697441 cgcctgtacc tgcactacat ccaccaggtg acctctgaag tgatgatgca gtttcccagg
   697501 gaggtcgagt caattccggt cgaccaggat ggaaaagtcg aggtagcgtt cagctatgaa
   697561 catccaatgg gataagtacg tcagccctgc aaaggccgcg gcagatgtgc gcgatcaggc
   697621 cttggccagc gtgcaggcca agcgccttct ggcctatcgg gaagaaagcg atccgctcaa
   697681 gaccgaagcc gagttcgatg cgatcaaggc cggtgccgag ccggactatg gcgcctggat
   697741 caccaaggtg gaagagatca agtcacgata cccgatgcct gaatagccga actccaggct
   697801 cgcctgggcg ccagccctgt ggtcccgaac taaccctacc aagcccgccg actgcgggtt
   697861 tttcattatc tggagaacgt catgccttgg tattccacag gcacggtttc cgtcgtcctt
   697921 aattcggaca cggtgaccgg cagcggcacc gccttcagcg ccaatgcgcg cgccggcgat
   697981 gccttcagag ggccggatgg ccgctggtac gagatcggca acgttgccag cgccactgtg
   698041 ctgaccatca agcccgcata tcaaggagct accgccaacg gccaggcata ttcgatcacc
   698101 ccggtgcagg ggtactcgaa gacactggcg gatcagttcc gtgacctcag caatcaatgg
   698161 ggttccctcc tggcggcagt gaagccttgg gcgatagcgt ctaccggttc gcaggcgcag
   698221 gctgacatgg ggatcaccga agttggccgt gctatcaatg gagcctctac cgtaggcaat
   698281 gcattggggt tcttgggagg tgtttccaag acccaagcac ccatggccct ggatatggac
   698341 acggtgaacg aaagcggatg gttctcgata acccccaata cttacaacgt gcctcttgga
   698401 aacaacaata tcagcggtgt gaacggccat gtcgctctgt cgatggtatt cgacgccagt
   698461 acccgctatc agctgttctt tgtgagaaat accaacctcc cggaggtttg gtacaggagc
   698521 tgtaccaatg gaacctggaa ggagtgggtc aggttttata cgacagacaa tatcgtgggg
   698581 agcgtaacga ggcgacttgt cacaggtaag cccaccgggg ccgtgatgga gagcgggaca
   698641 acttccaatg gctggtacgt tcgctttgcg gatggtaccc agatggcagc ggcaagatcc
   698701 gaaccgggcc tttcgtttgg agctaacgtg atacagctac cagctgcctt cgttacgggc
   698761 ttcaataccg gggtgacctg caattggatc ccctccagcg gatggcctgc cactgctggg
   698821 cagggggttc gtggggccta tctcaacggt agcagctctg tttctttcgc gacggcgcag
   698881 gcactggggg ctaacgacac cattacggtg atggctgtgg ggaggtggta ctgatgcgta
   698941 tcgaactcag tccggttgta gtcctgcccg aggactcgac tgatatggat gtcatggttt
   699001 ccggagattc gatagccgtc tcgggtgtca tgtacgactt ctcgcagtta ccggaggggg
   699061 gatatctgcc cgcctctgcc atccatgagg ggcctttttc cgggcgggtt accagggcag
   699121 gcggagagat atgcctgaca ttggtgtttc ccatccgggg gagctacagc gaagctgcca
   699181 aattccctgt ccccatccat atcgttgaag acggaaccgt ggagttgccc aagtgatcga
   699241 ttggaacatg atgaaaacac cagatcaggt ttccagagag cgggttcagc aagaatatga
   699301 tgctgtggtg gccagacgtg ccgaggccta ccgtttggaa agcgatccga tcaaaacgga
   699361 agtggagttc gattcgatcc gtgcaggtgt ggagacggat tacagcgcct ggcttgccaa
   699421 ggtcgaagag atcaaggcta gatatccgct cccgcgcatc tgacctggct gatggacgca
   699481 agcctgcctc gtgtaggctt cgccatttta gatcgctgct gtctggcctc tgcctggtaa
   699541 acaatttccg cttcttaagc ctctttcttc cgacatcccg ctgttgcacc catcctcccc
   699601 actgggctat gttccccaac atggctccgt gagaccgcta tcgtgatcca cctcagcagc
   699661 atcatcacct ccctcatcaa ggcattcgcc cgttggcgct ggcgcgcctg acttcttttt
   699721 cgccggcctg gccggtcacg tctccctgcg tcccccgttt tccacaggca taatgccgac
   699781 gttccactct cccttcctcc gcgtgcgcgc cgggaaacgg gtgtggcgaa agccgggtga
   699841 tgcgattcgc ataagaatga aatcaagagg ttacagccag catgctgctg atgatcgata
   699901 actacgactc cttcacctac aacctggtgc agtacttcgg cgagctcaag accgaggtca
   699961 aggtggtgcg caacgacgaa ctgagcgtgg aacagatcga ggccctggcg cccgagcgca
   700021 tcgtcctttc ccccggtccc tgcaccccca acgaggccgg cgtctcgctg gccgtgatcg
   700081 agcgcttcgc cggcaagctg ccattgctcg gtgtctgcct tggccaccag agcatcggcc
   700141 aggccttcgg cggcgaagta gtgcgggcgc ggcaggtgat gcacggcaag accagcccga
   700201 tccaccacaa ggacctcggc gtgttcgccg gcctggccaa tcccctgacg gtgacgcgct
   700261 accactcgct ggtggtgcag cgagagagcc tgccggagtg cctggagatc accgcctgga
   700321 cccaacatgc cgacggatcg ctcgacgaga tcatgggcgt acgccacaag accctgaatg
   700381 tcgagggcgt gcagttccat cccgagtcca tcctcaccga gcagggccac gagctgttgg
   700441 ccaacttcct ccgccagcag ggcggcgtgc gtggggaggg caactgagat ggatatcaag
   700501 ggagccctca atcgcatcgt caaccagctc gacctgacca ccgaggaaat gcaggcggtc
   700561 atgcgccaga tcatgaccgg gcagtgcacc gatgcgcaga tcggcgcctt cctgatgggc
   700621 atgcggatga agagcgaaac catcgacgag atcgtcggcg cggtggcggt gatgcgcgaa
   700681 ctggccgacg gcgtgcagtt gcctacgctg aagcatgtgg tcgacgtggt cggcaccggc
   700741 ggcgatggcg cgaacatctt caacgtgtcc tcggcggcgt ccttcgtggt cgccgccgct
   700801 ggcggcaagg tcgccaaaca cggtaaccgc gcggtctccg gcaagagcgg cagcgccgac
   700861 ttgctggaag ccgccggcat ctacctggag ctgacctccg aacaggtggc gcgttgcatc
   700921 gacaccgtcg gcgtcgggtt catgttcgcc caggtccacc acaaggcgat gaagtacgcc
   700981 gccggtccgc gccgcgagct gggcttgcgg actctgttca acatgcttgg cccactgacc
   701041 aacccggcgg gagtcaggca ccaggtggtc ggggtgttca cccaggaact gtgcaagccg
   701101 ctggctgaag tgctcaagcg tctcggcagc gagcatgtgc tggtggtgca ttcgcgcgac
   701161 gggctggacg agttcagtct ggccgcggcg acccacattg ccgagttgaa ggacggcgag
   701221 gtacgcgagt acgaagtgcg tcccgaggac ttcgggatca agagccagac cctgatgggg
   701281 ctggaggtcg acagtccgca ggcctcgctg gaactgatcc gcgacgcttt ggggcggcgc
   701341 aagaccgagg ctgggcagaa ggccgccgag ctgatcgtga tgaatgccgg cccggcactg
   701401 tacgctgccg atctggcgac cagcctgcac gagggcattc aactggccca cgatgccctg
   701461 cacaccgggc tggcacggga gaagatggac gaactggtgg ccttcaccgc cgtttacaga
   701521 gaggagaacg cacagtgagt gtgccgacgg ttctgcagaa gatcctcgcc cgcaaggccg
   701581 aggaggtcgc cgagcgccgt gcgcgcgtca acctggcaga ggtcgagcgg ctggcgcgta
   701641 gcgccgatgc gccgcgcggc ttcgccaatg ccctgctgga gcgggccaag cgcaaggagc
   701701 cggcagtgat cgccgagatc aagaaggcat cgccgagcaa gggcgtgctg cgcgaacact
   701761 tcgtcccggc ggagatcgcc cgcagctacg aggcgggtgg cgcggcgtgc ctgtcggtgc
   701821 tcaccgacgt ggacttcttc cagggcgccg atgcctatct gaaggaagcg cgggccgcct
   701881 gtgcgctgcc ggtgatccgc aaggacttca tgatcgatcc gtaccagatc gtcgaggcgc
   701941 gggcgatcgg tgccgactgc atcctgctga tcgtctcggc gctggacgac gtgctgatgg
   702001 ccgaactggc ggcgactgcc aagtcggtcg gtctcgacgt actggtcgaa gtgcatgacg
   702061 gcaccgagct ggaacgtgca ctgaagaccc tggacacgcc gttggtgggc atcaacaacc
   702121 gcaacctgca caccttcgag gtgagcctgg aaaccaccct cgacctgttg ccggaaattc
   702181 cccgcgaccg cctggtggtc accgagagcg gtattctcaa ccgggccgac gtggagctga
   702241 tggaagtcag cgaggtctac tccttcctgg ttggcgaggc gttcatgcgg gccgacgatc
   702301 ctggcctcga gctgaagcgc ctgttcttcc aggagcgtgg cggtgtggtg ctgggcgccg
   702361 atcctgactg atccgcgctg tcgaacccca tgaaaaaggc cggttgcgac cggccttttt
   702421 catgggtgct gttcagcggg tgccgaagac caccatggtc tttcctttca catgcaccag
   702481 gccctgctcc tccaggctct tcagcacgcg tccgaccatt tcccgcgagc agccgacgat
   702541 ccggccgatc tcctggcggg tgatcttgat ctgcatgccg tccgggtggg tcatggcgtc
   702601 cggttgctgg cacaggtcca gcaaggtgcg ggcgacgcgt ccggtgacgt cgaggaaggc
   702661 caggtcgccc accttgcggg tggtcttgcg caggcggtcg gccatctggc tgccgagggt
   702721 gtagaggatc tccgagtcct gctgcgacag ttcgcggaac ttcgcatagc tgatctcggc
   702781 gacttcgcat tccaccttgg cgcgaaccca ggcgctgcgt tcctgttcgc tgccttcctt
   702841 ttcgaacaat cccagctcgc cgaagaaatc accgctgttg aggtagccga tgatcatttc
   702901 gcggccgtcg tcgtcctcga tgaggatggt gaccgaaccc ttgatgatga agaacagcgt
   702961 ttcgcagcga tcgccggcat agatgatggt gctctttgcg gtgtagcggc ggcggtgaca
   703021 gtgtgcgagc agcttgtcta ggtgtttgag tttgggtgtg tgggtaatag ctaccatgcc
   703081 cgagtcccga aagaataaag aatatgcctg acgtacaagg cgatgttttt ttgagttctt
   703141 atggagagac ctgccagggc ccgggagctc agcggagagc tccccccaac cgggcagatc
   703201 aggaagtgtg ccagtaaacc gcgtccagct taacagacgg gccatgaagg tcgatgtgat
   703261 tttgcgacgc agctatcagg actgtgatcc cgtactgtcc ttgggccctg tgctaagctg
   703321 gcgccctttg ccggcgggag tctgaacgat gaaagcgcgt atccagtggg cgggcgaggc
   703381 gatgttcctc ggcgagtccg gtagcggcca cgtggtggtc atggacggtc cgccggacca
   703441 tggcggacgc aacctcgggg tgcgccctat ggagatggtc ctgatcggcc tcggcggctg
   703501 caccaatttc gatgtggtca gcatcctgaa gaaggcgcgc cagccggtgg agagctgcga
   703561 agccttcctc gaggccgaaa gggccgacga ggagcccaag gtgttcacga agatccacgt
   703621 gcacttcgtg gtcaagggcc gcggtctcaa ggaggctcag gtcaaacgcg cggtggagct
   703681 gtcggcggag aaatactgct cggcgtcgat catgctcggt cgcggcgggg tggagatcac
   703741 ccacgactac gagatcgtcg aactcggctg agacgacatc cggtcatcat aaaaggggcg
   703801 caaactctgg cggaggcttg attggctctg cataatgcgc cccttttttc gtgccgcgcg
   703861 attccgtcgg gcggccgttc agttcggaag attcttccgc tctgatagac gtttcccgag
   703921 ccatcccggt cgggtgacca atggcgccag ccggcgcccg tgcaactcaa caaaccacaa
   703981 tcgccatcgc gaagaggtgt taaccgtcct acgcaggtgc gtcgttcgca tctgacgggc
   704041 atgccccaac cctgcggcag agccgcaagc aaccgagaga gttccccacg gtgaaaagca
   704101 aactcaagct ccacgggttc aacaacctga cgaagacctt gagcttcaac atctacgaca
   704161 tctgctacgc cgagacgccc gaagacctcc aggcctacgt gcagtacatc gacgaagagt
   704221 atgacgcgga gcgtctgacg cagattctta ccgatgttgt cgacatcatc ggcgccaata
   704281 tcctgaacat cgcgcgtcag gactacgacc cccagggcgc cagcgtgacc atcctgatct
   704341 ccgagcagcc ggtcactccg accgacagcc agatcgaaga gtccccgggc ccgctgccgg
   704401 acaccatcct ggcgcacctg gacaagagcc acatcaccgt gcatacctac ccggaaatcc
   704461 atccggtgga cggcatcgcg accttccgcg tggacatcga tgtgtccacc tgcggagtga
   704521 tctccccgct gaaggccctg aactacctga tccaccagtt cgactcggac atcgtcacgg
   704581 tcgactatcg ggtccgcggc ttcacccgcg acatcgaggg gcgcaagcat ttcatcgacc
   704641 acgagatcaa ctcgatccag aactatctct ccgacgacac gcgcgaggcc taccagatga
   704701 ccgacgtgaa cgtgtaccag gagaacctgt tccacaccaa gatgctgctc aaggacttcg
   704761 aactggagaa ctacctgttc ggcgacgcta cccggacgct ctcgacggaa cagcgcgagc
   704821 aggtcacgga acggctcaag cacgaaatgc tggagatctt ctacgcgcgc aacatgccgc
   704881 gctgatcgca cacgagaaag aaaaagcccg cttcgagcgg gctttttcat gcgtgcgatt
   704941 cagatgcggt aggtgctctt ggtcatcacc ttcgccagca ggctcatgcc cagcttcacc
   705001 ggtgccggga agcgcaggcc gccggcggcc agggcgttgc tcgaatgctg ttcctcgtcg
   705061 atacgcatct gctcgaggat ggcacgggat ttccgatcct cctggggaat ctgcgccagg
   705121 tgttcgtcca gatgcttgca cacctggtct tcggtggcgg cgacgaagcc caggctgacc
   705181 cggtcgctga ccagcccggc ggcggcaccg acgccgaagg acaggccgta gaagatcgga
   705241 ttgagcacgc tgggacggct gcctaactgg cggatgcgtt gctcgcacca ggccaggtgg
   705301 tcgatctcct cctcggcggc ttcctccatc gcctcgcgga cctcgggcag cttggcggtc
   705361 agcgactggc cctggtacag cgcctgggcg cagacctcgc cggtgtggtt gatgcgcatc
   705421 aggccggcga tatggcgggt gtcttcctcg ctcagttcgc catcgggttc cacgatggcc
   705481 ggcgacggtc gcgccggctg gccgctgaac ggcagcaggg tgcgcagggc ggagtcggcc
   705541 tgcagcagga aacggtcgat gggcgaatag tggcggtcgg cgggcatggc gcacctccgg
   705601 aaacgaaaga tcgcaccagt ttaccggaag tgcgctgata gcaggatgtt gcggacgggc
   705661 tgcgatgtcg cagcgccagc agggattcaa cccggcggcc agtgcatctg gcgttgaccc
   705721 agcacgtgca tgtggatgtg gtgcacggtc tgcccgccaa ggtcgttgca gttcatcacc
   705781 acacggaagc cttcctcgca gccctgctcc cgggccaggc gctgggcggt gaagaggata
   705841 tggcctgcca gcggccggtc ggcctcggtc aggtgctcga gggtgggaat gtgccttttc
   705901 gggatgacca ggaagtgcac cggcgcctgc gggccgatat cgtgaaacgc gacaacttcc
   705961 tcgtcttcgt agaacttgcg cgcgggaact tcccccgcca cgatcttgca gaacagacag
   706021 tccatgggcg attcctccgg cctcgggtgc tttcccgagt gtagcggtgc ccgtcgcgac
   706081 cgcccaagcg tgaaggagcc gcagtgaaga acgacataca cgacctcggc ctggtcctgg
   706141 attcccgggt caagctgatc ctgatcgagt cctgggacga gccgaaggtg atggaaaccc
   706201 tcaccggcct ggcggtcagg cgcggccttg gcctgtatgc ctggtcggtg accgagggcg
   706261 tgcagcgcct gggcttcggc ggcgagccgc tgggcgggga ggagagccgc gacccggtcg
   706321 cggcgttgcg cttgatcaag cacgatcagc aggcgaatct ctacgtgctc tgcgacctgc
   706381 atcctttcct tggcgacagc ccgaccctgg tgcgcctgct caaggaaatc gccatggccg
   706441 aaggcaatca tcgaccgacc gtggtgctgg tgtcccatgc gctgaagctg ccggccgagg
   706501 tgcagcgctt cgccgcgcgg ttctcgctgt ccctgcccag cgaggacgaa ctgctcggca
   706561 tcgtccgcga ggaagcgacg cgctggagcg agcgcaaccg tggtgcccgc gtgcgcaccg
   706621 acaaccggac cctgcagcag gtggtgaaga acctgcgcgg gctcagccat gccgaggcgc
   706681 gactgctggc gcgcaacgtg atctgcaacg atggagcgat cacccaggag gacctgcccg
   706741 agctgaaccg caccaagttc cagctactcg acctggaggg cgtgctgagc ttcgagtacg
   706801 acaccgcgcg cttcgccgag gtcggcgggc ttgccgcgct caagcgctgg ctcggcgagc
   706861 gtcagtcggc gttcctcgcc ggcacgcctg gcgaccagcc gaagggcatg atgctggtcg
   706921 gcgtacaggg cgccggcaag agcctggcgg ccaaggcggt ggccggcctc tggggcttgc
   706981 cgttgctgcg tctggatttc gcctgtctct acaacaagta cttcggcgaa accgagcgca
   707041 acctgcgcga ggcgctgcgc ctggccgaac agatggcgcc ctgcgtgctg tggatggatg
   707101 aagtggagaa gggcatttct ggtggcgacc aggacaacgg cgtcagtcag cgcgtgctgg
   707161 gtaccctgct gacctggatg gccgagcgcg aggcgccggt cttcatggtc gccaccgcga
   707221 acgctatcga ccgcctgccg cccgaactga tccgcaaggg acgcttcgac gaattgttct
   707281 tcgtcgacct gccgacgccg gaggttcgcg ccgagatctt ccgcatccat ctgcaacgcc
   707341 gcgagctgga gccggcacag ttcgacctcc ttctgctggc ggctgccagc gagggtttca
   707401 gcggggcgga gatcgagcag gcggtggtgg cggcactgta cgccgggcag gcgcgacagc
   707461 aggcggtgga tcaggagctg ttgctcaggg agctgtcgcg aacctcgccg ctgtcggtgc
   707521 tgatggcgga aaagctcgcc gcgctgcgga cctgggccaa ggggcgggcg gtgccggcag
   707581 attgagccga cggctaacct cgttgccctg cgaggagagg ccgatcaacc ccgtgggacg
   707641 gagggtaccg ccgaggcgtt gacccgcgcg gcgagtcggc gcaccagcca gcgtggcgcc
   707701 aggcgtgggc tcagcgccag caggcgattg cgccaaccgg ggacgatcag ggcgcggttc
   707761 ttgtccagcc cgcgcagggc cagcagcgcg acttcctccg gggtcatcat cagcttgctc
   707821 cggtcgagcc tgccgagccg catcccggct tcccggaaga atgccgtgcg ggttggccca
   707881 gggcacagca ccgagacctt gacgccgcgc tctttcagtt cttcccgcaa gccttccgag
   707941 aagtgcagga cgtaggcctt gctggcgtag tagttgctca tccaggcgcc gggctggaag
   708001 gcggccaccg aggcgatatt gagtatctgg ccaccgccct gtgccaccat gcgggcgccg
   708061 agggagtggc aaaggcgggc cagggccagg atgttgagtt cgatcagctc ctgttcccgc
   708121 gcccattcct ggtcgatgaa ggggccggag gtaccgatcc cggcattgtt aaccagcagg
   708181 tcgatctgtc gttcgccctg ttccagttcg tgcaacaacc ctgacagttg cagcggctcg
   708241 gaaagatcgc aggtgcggaa cagcacttcc acgccgaaac gctgcgccag ctcataggcg
   708301 atgctctcca gcgcgtcgcg ctggcgcgcc accaggatca gggcgcgacc gcgccgggcc
   708361 agggcttcgg ctagggccag gccgataccg ctggaagcgc cggtgatcag ggcataacgg
   708421 ggcattcgag acttctccga aacggacggg gaattggacc ccgcccgtcg cgaggggttg
   708481 cgtggctact gttggtcgtc gtcttccatg gcctctgccg ccgccgtggc ggcttcatcg
   708541 gcttcggccg ccgctgcggc ggcctgctcg tccgtggtgt acgggtcggc tggagcgctg
   708601 gcgccgccgt catagttcgc gcgctccagg taaccctggt aggacggcag ggcgatggcg
   708661 gcgatgatac cgactatcgg cagcaggatg atcagactgg ccaggacttt caccccggtg
   708721 ctgttcgccg gcggcggcgg accgtagcgg ttggcgccgg tgctgccggg caggaccagc
   708781 atcaggatgc cgaacacgct gccgacgaag gggacgaagt tgagcagcca gagccagccc
   708841 gaccagccga ggtcatgcag gcgctgcacg ccgatcatca cggcaatgac gatgaaggcg
   708901 atcgaggcca gggcggtgac ggccacgccg acggtttcgc cgagcaggaa gcccaggccc
   708961 atgatgacga ggaaacagag cgtcatcgcc atcgaccagc cgagatagcg caggcgtccg
   709021 atccggccgt tggtggtgaa cacgttcagc tcgccgaact cggggagggc ttcgccgacc
   709081 tgggcgctgg gtggtgtgta gggagacgcg cccgcgcccg cggccgccgc aggcgcggcg
   709141 ttttcgccga gctgcgcctg gcgcgccagg tacttctcga tgatgatgcc gcaagccgaa
   709201 cattccgctc cgctgggctg ttcatggccg catttcgggc aggtcatggg aggcaggtct
   709261 tgcgctgggg tttcctccgc gacctggggg ttgtgatcgg gcgtttccac caggctcagg
   709321 ctggccgcca ggtcgacttc cttgtaggca ttggcgccgg cctggcgcag ggcggtcagg
   709381 taacgctccg cctcggcctc tggaagttcg cgtttcagca ccaccgggcg accgccgaag
   709441 agggcgtcga tcttgcccgg ttcgctcttg aacaggcggg cgagattgtc cttcacggtt
   709501 tcgagcgatg cgtcgggcat cagctcgccg gagaagacga tcttgaagcg ttggtcggtc
   709561 atgcaggcat ccttgtcagc tggggtgaga gaaatgcagc cgacagccta atcggcggcc
   709621 ttggcgccca caagcgcgag atgagaactc ccgcacaagc cagggcgccg taacccggcg
   709681 gtttcagcgc ggccagcggt tggccaggct atccatgttc cgcagggcgt ctcgatattc
   709741 ccggtcgagg cgggcgacca actcgtcgac gccgggcaag tcgtctatgt tgcccgcgcc
   709801 ctggccggcg gaccacacgg tcttccaggc cttggcctcg tcgttcaccg gcttgagttt
   709861 ctcgccgtag ttcatgtctg ccttgtcggt caggcgcttc agatcgtagc cggcggcctc
   709921 caggctttgc cgcatgaagc tggccggtac gccggacacc gccggggtgt gcacgatgtc
   709981 ggcggcgcgt gcctccagga tcatctgctt gtaggcgtcg gaagcattgc tctcgcgggt
   710041 ggcgatgaag cgagtgccga gataggccag gtcggcgccg agcatctgtg cggcgagaat
   710101 ctcgtggccg tggttgatgc agccggccaa cagcagggtc ttgtcgaaga actggcggat
   710161 ttccgcgacc agcgcgaaag ggctccaggt cccggcgtgc ccgcccgcgc cggccgccac
   710221 cgcgatcagg ccgtcgaccc cggcctcggc ggctttttcg gcgtggcggc gggtggtgac
   710281 gtcgtggaac accaggccgc cgtagctatg cacagcgtct accacttcgc gcactgcgcc
   710341 gaggctggtg atgacgatcg gtacgcggtg ctcgacgcag atccgcaggt cggcctgcaa
   710401 ccgcggattg gtgttgtgga cgatcaggtt caccgcatag ggcgcgggat tgtccagcgc
   710461 ctgcaggccg gccccgattt cctccagcca tccctcgaag ccgctgctct cgcgctggtt
   710521 gagcgccggg aagctgccga cgatgccgct gcggcagcag gccagcacca actgcgggtt
   710581 ggataccagg aacatcggcg cggccaccat cggcagtcgc aggcgttggt cgagcagggc
   710641 gggcaaggac atggacagga ctcctgggtc agaaaggttt gagcaccacc agtaggacga
   710701 tcagcagcag gaacagtaca ggcacttcgt tgaaccagcg gtagaacaca tggctgcgcc
   710761 ccggctcgcc gcgggcgaag cgcttgagca tggcgccgca ggcgtggtgg tagccgatca
   710821 gcaggaccac cagggtcagc ttggcgtgca gccagccttg gctcagccag ccgggggtga
   710881 gatagagcat ccagaggcca aggaccaggg tggcgagcat cgagggcatc atgatccctc
   710941 ggtagagctt gcgctccatg acgcagaagc gttcccggct ggtctggtcc tcgctcatgg
   711001 cgtggtagac gaacaggcgc ggcaggtaga acaggccggc gaaccagcag accacggcga
   711061 tgatatggaa ggctttgagc cacaggtaca tcaggacatc ctcttgatca cggtgccccg
   711121 atagtagagg gatggctgga acgcgtcacc ctggcggctt gccgctgtct gatttgccgg
   711181 cagatatggc cgcataacag gtaggaacat tcggataggg cctcgcagca atttctgccc
   711241 gacaaccccg ggggctagac tgccgaccga agggccgaac cggtcgcaaa gccggacgcc
   711301 cagcgctgtt catgccggcg ctcggctctt atcattggcc tcttttggct agcttgcctc
   711361 agcgcgcgga gtgatggaca gatgatcaag gtcggcatcg ttggcggtac gggttatacg
   711421 ggcgtggaac tgctgcgcct gctggcgcag catccgcagg cccgggtgga agtgatcact
   711481 tcgcgttccg aggcgggggt gaaggtcgcc gacatgtacc cgaacctgcg aggtcattat
   711541 gacgacctgc agttcagcgt gccggacgcg cagcgcctcg gcgcctgcga cgtggtgttc
   711601 ttcgccacgc cgcacggcgt ggcgcacgcg ctggctggcg aactgctgga cgcggggacc
   711661 cgggtcatcg atctgtccgc tgacttccgc ctggcggacg ccgaggagtg ggcgcgctgg
   711721 tacggccagc cgcatggcgc tccggcgctg ctcgacgagg ctgtctacgg cctgccggaa
   711781 gtgaaccgcg agaagatccg ccaggcccgc ctgatcgccg tgccgggttg ctacccgacc
   711841 gcgacccaac tgggcctgat cccgctgctg gaggccggcc tggccgacgc ctcgcggctg
   711901 atcgccgatt gcaagtccgg ggtcagcggc gccggtcggg gcgccaaggt tggctcgctg
   711961 ttctgcgagg cgggcgaaag catgatggcc tacgcggtca aggggcatcg gcatctcccg
   712021 gaaatcagcc agggcctgcg tcgggcctcc ggcggcgacg tcgggctgac gttcgtaccg
   712081 cacctgacgc caatgatccg cggtatccat gcaaccctct atgcccatgt cgcggatcgc
   712141 tcggtcgacc tccaggcgct gttcgagaag cgctacgccg acgaaccctt cgtcgacgtg
   712201 atgccggccg gcagccatcc ggagacccgt agcgtgcgtg gcgccaatgt ctgccgaatc
   712261 gccgtgcatc gcccccaggg cggcgacctg gtggtggtgc tgtcggtgat cgacaacctg
   712321 gtcaagggcg cctcgggtca ggcgctccag aacatgaaca tcctgttcgg gctggacgag
   712381 cgcctgggcc tctcgcatgc ggccctgctc ccctgatgtc cggctgggaa ctccagttcc
   712441 gtgatccacg gcgggcctgg ctggtccgcc tcggggtggg tgcgctgctg ctggcggttc
   712501 cgctggcgtt tctcggcggt cgctggtcga ccggggcgga cgccgctcgc agcgaggccg
   712561 atgcgcaacg ccaggaaacc ctgatcggcg agcagaaggc cgagctggag cgcctgcgta
   712621 ccgaaatcga ggtgttgcgc agcggagaac gtctcagcca gcaggccacc gaacagagcc
   712681 ggcagaccat caagctgctt gaggaccagg tgttcaagca gcaacaggac atcgcgttct
   712741 acaagggggt cgtcgcgccg gccagcaagg cggatgcgct ggaaatccgt gcctttgagg
   712801 tgcagggcac ggacgacccg cagcgcttcc gctataaggt gatgctcagc cgcctgggca
   712861 gggacgaccg caagctggat gggcggctga aagtccgcat cagcggcaag ctggcgcgca
   712921 aggacgctac ctacgacctc gaacagctct cgccggaact gggcaagaca gggctgtcga
   712981 tttccctccg gcatttccag tcgatcccag aaggggggcg tttcgccgag ctggagctgc
   713041 cgaagaactt catcccgaag ctgatcgacg tacgtgcgga gctgaatggc cagtccaaac
   713101 cgctacagcg ccgtttcgat tggccgaagc agtgagtgag cattatgtgg agcaagaaca
   713161 aaggccgggc cgacgtccag cgtttcaccg ggcagaccag cctgatcgcc agcggcgccg
   713221 aactggtcgg tgacatgaac ctcaagggcg cggtgcagat cgacggcacc gtccgcggag
   713281 cgttgcaggc gcacgaaggg ctggtgcggg tcagcgccgg cggtcgtgtc gacggcgaaa
   713341 tccgggcccc ccatgtgatc atcgacggtc aggtggatgg cgacatccat gccatcgaac
   713401 gcctggagct gggggcccag gcccgggtga agggcaatct tcactatggg ctgatcgaaa
   713461 ccgccatggg ggcccagatc gagggccgcc tgtgcccgat gaccgaggcc agtccgcgcc
   713521 cgctggaact gcctgccagc gtggaaactg tggattagtt gaccattttt ctgggacaag
   713581 aggataatgg gcgtaatgtt gtaacgcacg gcctcaagcc gggagattcg gaaacatgag
   713641 catcgagacc ttcaccccta cgcccctgct ctttacccca ggcgcagcca acaaggtgaa
   713701 gacgttgatt gacgaagagg gcaatcctcg cctgaaactg cgtgtattcg tcaccggcgg
   713761 cggttgctcg ggcttccagt atggcttcac cttcgacgaa gatatcgccg atgacgatac
   713821 cgtgatcgag cgcgatggcg tgggcctggt ggtggacccg atgagcttcc agtacctggc
   713881 gggctcggaa gtcgactacc aggaaggcct ggaaggttcg aggttcgtca tcaagaaccc
   713941 gaacgctgcc acgacttgcg gttgcggaca gtcgttctcg atctgacgtc gatggggccg
   714001 ctacgaaaac gccgcgcata taagcgcggc gttttcgttt caggcgggat acagcgcgcc
   714061 cagagttctg ggaccgagcg caccggtcac atcagggcag ttgccgggca ggcgctcgag
   714121 aaaccgatgg gctagccagg cgaatgccat gccctccatc caggcagggg gaatgccgta
   714181 ttcgtcggta ctggcgaccc gagctttggg catcagcagg gccaggcgct tcatcagcgc
   714241 cgtattgaag gcgccgccgc cgcataccag cacctcttcg cagtccggct gggcgtccag
   714301 cagcgattcg ctgatgctgc gcgcgctcag ttccagcagg gttgcctgga tatccgctgc
   714361 cggcaaggca gggtgacgag ccaggtgctc ctgcagccag gacaggttga agcgctcgcg
   714421 cccggtgctc ttggggccac gcgcggcgaa gaactcatcc gccagcaggc ttgccagcag
   714481 tgcgtggttc atctggccgc tggcggccca cgcaccgtcc cggtcgaaat gttcgccgcg
   714541 ttggtgatga atccaggcgt ccatcagcac gttgcccggg ccgcagtcga agccgcgtac
   714601 cggctttccg gggctgagca gcgaaacgtt gctgaagcca ccgatgttca ggaccgccct
   714661 ggaggcgtca tcatcgccaa acagcgcctg atggaaggcc ggtaccagcg gggcgccctg
   714721 gccgccggct gcgacgtcgc ggcggcggaa gtcggcgacg acatcgatgc cggtcagctc
   714781 cgccagcagg gcggggttgc cgatctgcac cgtgaagtgg cgagcgggtt catgtcggat
   714841 ggtttgaccg tgactgccga tggcacggac ttcgtcgggg ctcatctgct gctggagcag
   714901 cagttcgcgc acgccctgtg ctgcaagggc gacccagcgt tgctcgactt cggcggcgcg
   714961 ggcgatttca tcgggaccgg ggacgcacag ggcgaggatg tcttcgcgca gcccggccgg
   715021 catgggtagg taatgggaag cgagcaaggt ggtgcgatca ccttgctcga tcaggacgat
   715081 gtccatgccg tccaggctgg ttccggacat caaccccagg tagcgcggca cgatcagcgc
   715141 tgcttgttca gggccaggag ggttttcttc tcctgatcca tgcgcgcgat catcggctgg
   715201 gtctgcgcca tgaagcgctt gcgatctgcg ccaccgagcg ggtccgccat gggcagcttg
   715261 gcgctcagcg gatcgacgtg acggccattg atctggaact cgtagtgcag gtgcgggccg
   715321 gtggccaggc ccgtcatgcc cacgtaaccg atgatctggc cctgcttcac gctggtaccg
   715381 gcgcggatac ccttggcgaa gcggctcatg tgtccgtaga tggtccgata gcgctggccg
   715441 tgctggatca ccacggcgtt gccgtagccc cccttgcgtc cggcttcgag gatcttgccg
   715501 tctccggtgg ccttgatcgg tgtgccgatg ggggcagcgt agtcgacgcc cttgtgcgcg
   715561 cggatcttgt tcaggatcgg gtggcggcgg cccagggaga agcgcgagct gatgcgggcg
   715621 aaatccaccg gcgtacggat gaatgccttg cgcatgctgg agccgtcggc gcggtagtag
   715681 ctggtattgc cctgcttgtt ggtgtaacgc acggcggtgt aggtcttgcc gcggttgacg
   715741 aagcgggcgg cgaggatatt gccggtcgcc acttgcttgc cgttgacctt gtgctgttcg
   715801 tagatcacgt cgaactcgtc gccctcacgc agatcgaggg cgaagtcgat gtcgtagccg
   715861 aagatgttcg acagcgacgt gaccaggtta tagggcaggc cggcgttacg accggcaacg
   715921 aacagcgagc tggtgatgcg gccatgggca taggcggtat gcaggtctat ctgggccttc
   715981 tcgcgtttga aggagtagcc cttgtcggtc ttgtccaggc cgatggtctc gagttcgctc
   716041 tgcttgactc gcagcgcctg cagctctcct ttggggtcga gcttgagctt gacctcctgg
   716101 ccgaccttca gatgggtgaa gcgcttggca tccttgctgc tggtcagcat gtcgtgcatg
   716161 gccgaggtgg aaaggcctgc cttggtgaat acggtcgaca gcgtatcgcc actggcgacg
   716221 gtgatggtct tccactcggg atcgacgggc ttggtgtcgg catcggctac agatgtgccc
   716281 ggtttgtccg agtcttgctc ggcggtgttg tcgtcggagg cgccttctac ctgagcgaaa
   716341 ggcgtgcctt cgtcgctgga attggtgacc gattgcggca ggaggtcgtc tttctcctga
   716401 aggaggcgat cggtgttgct ttcaagctcc agattgagcg tggtcctctt ggcctcgact
   716461 tcgctcgagg ggaacaccag tagtgccaaa ctgaggagcg ctgcaacacc gctggcggcc
   716521 aacaagtggc ttttcgggta atacggcggc gctttctgat cggattgcgt catggcgtga
   716581 ttggtgtttt tggattgtga ataaataact gcctaaaata taaccaaaat ctccttgaat
   716641 caagccaaaa gtcgcgtctg gcctggctcc gtccccctga cggtcggcaa aatttgtttt
   716701 tagtctgcga tcttgtatgg ttggttccct ttcgattttg gcaattgggc agaacctgta
   716761 aatgaagtcg gttgaagagc agctggcgct gatccagcgc ggtgcagacg agatcctggt
   716821 agaggcggaa ctggtggcca agctgaagcg tggccagccc ttgcggatca aggccggctt
   716881 cgacccgacc gctcccgatc tgcatcttgg ccataccgtg cttattaata agctgcgcca
   716941 gttccaggac ctggggcatc aggtgatctt cctcatcggc gacttcactg ggatgattgg
   717001 tgaccccagt gggaaaagtg ttacccgtcc tcccctgacg cgcgagcagg ttctggagaa
   717061 tgcggagacg tacaagtccc aggtcttcaa gatcctcgac ccggccaaga ccgaagtagc
   717121 cttcaattcc acctggatgg accaactgac cccggctgac ttcattcgtc ttgcctctca
   717181 gtacaccgtt gcgcggatgc tggagcgtga tgactttagc aagcgctatg ccagcaatca
   717241 gcccatcgct atccatgagt tcctctatcc gctggtccag ggctatgact ccgtcgcgct
   717301 gaaggcggac gtcgagttgg gtggcaccga ccagaagttc aacctgctga tggggcgcga
   717361 gctgcagcgt gcctatggcc aggaggccca ggtgatcctg accatgccgt tgctggaagg
   717421 gctggatggc gtgaagaaga tgtccaagtc gctgggcaac tatattggta tccaggaagc
   717481 gccgggtgtc atgtacagca agctggtctc cattcctgac acgctgatgt ggcgttactt
   717541 cgaactgctc agcttccgtt ccctggatga gatcgatagc ttccgcaagg acgtcgaggc
   717601 gggcgccaac ccgcgtgaca tcaagatcaa gctggccgag gagatcgtcg cccgcttcca
   717661 tggcgaggag gcggcggcga gcgcacacaa gtcggccggc aatcgcctga aggagggcga
   717721 gctgccggag gacctgccgg agatcgagct gtcgtccccc gaggatatgc ccgttgcctc
   717781 tgtccttaat aaggcggggt tggtgaagaa tgcggctgcg gctcgcgatc tcctgggtgc
   717841 cggcagcgtc aaggtggatg ggcaggtcgt cgaccgcacc ttcatgctgg cgctgggtga
   717901 aacccgtgtg ttccaggcag ggaagaaggc tttcgcgcgc atcacgctga aagctgaata
   717961 attctttcaa ataagtgttg acgccagttt ctatctccct ataatgcgca ccactcccgg
   718021 cgacgacgaa gagtaaatgc ttgaaaatca aggatttacg gattctctcc caggggtggt
   718081 gaagcgctcc ggcaggttgt tcgccgcagc ggttcggtcc cgaaaggggt tcgaaacgaa
   718141 gcttcaccga ggtgcttgac agcgaatttg aacgctgtag aatgcgcctc ccgctgatcg
   718201 gaagatggtt tgaaggtcgg cgcaagcggt tgagtagaaa agaaaatttt cgaaaataac
   718261 gcttgacgga acgagaggtt gctgtagaat gcgcggcctc ggttgagacg aaagccttga
   718321 ccaactgctc tttaacaagt cgaatcaagc aattcgtgtg ggtgcttgtg atgtaagact
   718381 ggtgatcgca agattatcag caacgcaagt aacactcgtg aattcgagag ttttatctct
   718441 ttttaagaga atgcgattgc tgagccaagt ttagggtttt ctcaaaaccc aagcagtatt
   718501 gaactgaaga gtttgatcat ggctcagatt gaacgctggc ggcaggccta acacatgcaa
   718561 gtcgagcgga tgaagggagc ttgctcctgg attcagcggc ggacgggtga gtaatgccta
   718621 ggaatctgcc tggtagtggg ggataacgtc cggaaacggg cgctaatacc gcatacgtcc
   718681 tgagggagaa agtgggggat cttcggacct cacgctatca gatgagccta ggtcggatta
   718741 gctagttggt ggggtaaagg cctaccaagg cgacgatccg taactggtct gagaggatga
   718801 tcagtcacac tggaactgag acacggtcca gactcctacg ggaggcagca gtggggaata
   718861 ttggacaatg ggcgaaagcc tgatccagcc atgccgcgtg tgtgaagaag gtcttcggat
   718921 tgtaaagcac tttaagttgg gaggaagggc agtaagttaa taccttgctg ttttgacgtt
   718981 accaacagaa taagcaccgg ctaacttcgt gccagcagcc gcggtaatac gaagggtgca
   719041 agcgttaatc ggaattactg ggcgtaaagc gcgcgtaggt ggttcagcaa gttggatgtg
   719101 aaatccccgg gctcaacctg ggaactgcat ccaaaactac tgagctagag tacggtagag
   719161 ggtggtggaa tttcctgtgt agcggtgaaa tgcgtagata taggaaggaa caccagtggc
   719221 gaaggcgacc acctggactg atactgacac tgaggtgcga aagcgtgggg agcaaacagg
   719281 attagatacc ctggtagtcc acgccgtaaa cgatgtcgac tagccgttgg gatccttgag
   719341 atcttagtgg cgcagctaac gcgataagtc gaccgcctgg ggagtacggc cgcaaggtta
   719401 aaactcaaat gaattgacgg gggcccgcac aagcggtgga gcatgtggtt taattcgaag
   719461 caacgcgaag aaccttacct ggccttgaca tgctgagaac tttccagaga tggattggtg
   719521 ccttcgggaa ctcagacaca ggtgctgcat ggctgtcgtc agctcgtgtc gtgagatgtt
   719581 gggttaagtc ccgtaacgag cgcaaccctt gtccttagtt accagcacct cgggtgggca
   719641 ctctaaggag actgccggtg acaaaccgga ggaaggtggg gatgacgtca agtcatcatg
   719701 gcccttacgg ccagggctac acacgtgcta caatggtcgg tacaaagggt tgccaagccg
   719761 cgaggtggag ctaatcccat aaaaccgatc gtagtccgga tcgcagtctg caactcgact
   719821 gcgtgaagtc ggaatcgcta gtaatcgtga atcagaatgt cacggtgaat acgttcccgg
   719881 gccttgtaca caccgcccgt cacaccatgg gagtgggttg ctccagaagt agctagtcta
   719941 accgcaaggg ggacggttac cacggagtga ttcatgactg gggtgaagtc gtaacaaggt
   720001 agccgtaggg gaacctgcgg ctggatcacc tccttaatcg aagatcccgg cttcttcata
   720061 agctcccaca cgaattgctt gattcactgg ttagacgatt gggtctgtag ctcagttggt
   720121 tagagcgcac ccctgataag ggtgaggtcg gcagttcgaa tctgcccaga cccaccaatt
   720181 gttggtgtgc tgcgtgatcc gatacggggc catagctcag ctgggagagc gcctgctttg
   720241 cacgcaggag gtcaggagtt cgatcctcct tggctccacc atctaaaaca atcgtcgaaa
   720301 gctcagaaat gaatgttcgt gaatgaacat tgatttctgg tctttgcacc agaactgttc
   720361 tttaaaaatt cgggtatgtg atagaagtaa gactgaatga tctctttcac tggtgatcat
   720421 tcaagtcaag gtaaaatttg cgagttcaag cgcgaatttt cggcgaatgt cgtcttcaca
   720481 gtataaccag attgcttggg gttatatggt caagtgaaga agcgcatacg gtggatgcct
   720541 tggcagtcag aggcgatgaa agacgtggta gcctgcgaaa agcttcgggg agtcggcaaa
   720601 cagactttga tccggagatc tctgaatggg ggaacccacc taggataacc taggtatctt
   720661 gtactgaatc cataggtgca agaggcgaac caggggaact gaaacatcta agtaccctga
   720721 ggaaaagaaa tcaaccgaga ttcccttagt agtggcgagc gaacggggat tagcccttaa
   720781 gcttcattga ttttagcgga acgctctgga aagtgcggcc atagtgggtg atagccccgt
   720841 acgcgaaagg atctttgaag tgaaatcgag taggacggag cacgagaaac tttgtctgaa
   720901 catgggggga ccatcctcca aggctaaata ctactgactg accgatagtg aaccagtacc
   720961 gtgagggaaa ggcgaaaaga accccggaga ggggagtgaa atagaacctg aaaccgtatg
   721021 cgtacaagca gtgggagcct acttgttagg tgactgcgta ccttttgtat aatgggtcag
   721081 cgacttatat tcagtggcaa gcttaaccgt atagggtagg cgtagcgaaa gcgagtctta
   721141 atagggcgtt tagtcgctgg gtatagaccc gaaaccgggc gatctatcca tgagcaggtt
   721201 gaaggttagg taacactgac tggaggaccg aacccactcc cgttgaaaag gtaggggatg
   721261 acttgtggat cggagtgaaa ggctaatcaa gctcggagat agctggttct cctcgaaagc
   721321 tatttaggta gcgcctcatg tatcactctg gggggtagag cactgtttcg gctagggggt
   721381 catcccgact taccaaaccg atgcaaactc cgaataccca gaagtgccga gcatgggaga
   721441 cacacggcgg gtgctaacgt ccgtcgtgaa aagggaaaca acccagaccg ccagctaagg
   721501 tcccaaagtt gtggttaagt ggtaaacgat gtgggaaggc ttagacagct aggaggttgg
   721561 cttagaagca gccacccttt aaagaaagcg taatagctca ctagtcgagt cggcctgcgc
   721621 ggaagatgta acggggctca aaccacacac cgaagctgcg ggtgtcacgt aagtgacgcg
   721681 gtagaggagc gttctgtaag cctgtgaagg tgagttgaga agcttgctgg aggtatcaga
   721741 agtgcgaatg ctgacatgag taacgacaat gggtgtgaaa aacacccacg ccgaaagacc
   721801 aagggttcct gcgcaacgtt aatcgacgca gggttagtcg gttcctaagg cgaggctgaa
   721861 aagcgtagtc gatgggaaac aggttaatat tcctgtactt ctggttactg cgatggaggg
   721921 acggagaagg ctaggccagc ttggcgttgg ttgtccaagt ttaaggtggt aggctgaaat
   721981 cttaggtaaa tccggggttt caaggccgag agctgatgac gagtcgtctt ttagatgacg
   722041 aagtggttga tgccatgctt ccaagaaaag cttctaagct tcaggtaacc aggaaccgta
   722101 ccccaaaccg acacaggtgg tcgggtagag aataccaagg cgcttgagag aactcgggtg
   722161 aaggaactag gcaaaatggc accgtaactt cgggagaagg tgcgccggct agggtgaagg
   722221 atttactccg taagctctgg ctggtcgaag ataccaggcc gctgcgactg tttattaaaa
   722281 acacagcact ctgcaaacac gaaagtggac gtatagggtg tgacgcctgc ccggtgccgg
   722341 aaggttaatt gatggggtta gcgcaagcga agctcttgat cgaagccccg gtaaacggcg
   722401 gccgtaacta taacggtcct aaggtagcga aattccttgt cgggtaagtt ccgacctgca
   722461 cgaatggcgt aacgatggcg gcgctgtctc cacccgagac tcagtgaaat tgaaatcgct
   722521 gtgaagatgc agtgtatccg cggctagacg gaaagacccc gtgaaccttt actgtagctt
   722581 tgcactggac tttgagcctg cttgtgtagg ataggtggga ggctttgaag cgtggacgcc
   722641 agttcgcgtg gagccatcct tgaaatacca ccctggcatg cttgaggttc taactctggt
   722701 ccgtgatccg gatcgaggac agtgtatggt gggcagtttg actggggcgg tctcctccta
   722761 aagagtaacg gaggagtacg aaggtgcgct cagaccggtc ggaaatcggt cgcagagtat
   722821 aaaggcaaaa gcgcgcttga ctgcgagaca gacacgtcga gcaggtacga aagtaggtct
   722881 tagtgatccg gtggttctgt atggaagggc catcgctcaa cggataaaag gtactccggg
   722941 gataacaggc tgataccgcc caagagttca tatcgacggc ggtgtttggc acctcgatgt
   723001 cggctcatca catcctgggg ctgaagccgg tcccaagggt atggctgttc gccatttaaa
   723061 gtggtacgcg agctgggttt agaacgtcgt gagacagttc ggtccctatc tgccgtggac
   723121 gtttgagatt tgagaggggc tgctcctagt acgagaggac cggagtggac gaacctctgg
   723181 tgttccggtt gtcacgccag tggcattgcc gggtagctat gttcggaaaa gataaccgct
   723241 gaaagcatct aagcgggaaa cttgcctcaa gatgagatct cactgggaac ttgattcccc
   723301 tgaagggccg tcgaagacta cgacgttgat aggctgggtg tgtaagcgtt gtgaggcgtt
   723361 gagctaacca gtactaattg cccgtgaggc ttgaccatat aacacccaaa caatctgacg
   723421 attgtgtgtt gtaaggtgaa gtcgacgaac cgaaagttcg catgaaccgc aaaacacctt
   723481 gaaatcacat acctgaatcc ggatagacgt aagcccaagc gaacggatat ccaaccgaat
   723541 tgcttgacga tcatagagcg ttggaaccac ctgatccctt cccgaactca gaagtgaaac
   723601 gacgcatcgc cgatggtagt gtggggtctc cccatgtgag agtaggtcat cgtcaagctc
   723661 ctatcccaaa acccctggtc agcgatgacc aggggttttg cttttgcgcg cggaaaaagg
   723721 cgtgcttcct gttcaccttg ccgaaaccct cctggcatgt cctctttcgc gtctagcgta
   723781 gcgagagccg ggcggatccg catggcgctg gcgttcttgc gttcgccgta cctatcccga
   723841 tccgcgagtt agggcctcgc ttcgaggaga aagacgaaag gtggcttccg atgaagggaa
   723901 tcgcttgatt tactgtatga ataaacagta tcttgagcgc tccccccttc gtggccatcc
   723961 ctgttggcca tcccaaggca gctcgtctct cgagctgcct ttttctttgt ctcaatggaa
   724021 atcccggctg cggacgtcca ggccggtgag tagaggggtc aggtcatgca ggcgccctgc
   724081 gatgacgtgg cgcacctcgc cggaggactc caggatgccc tccacctgca gcagccggga
   724141 ctcgaggaat ggccgcctct gccgttcggc gaggtcgtgc cggaccacca cgttgagcat
   724201 gccgaactcg tcctccaggg tgatgaaggt gatgccgctg gcggtctgtg ggcgctgccg
   724261 gccgaccacc aggccggcga cccgtatcgg tcgtccatgt cccagtttcg ccagttcgcg
   724321 ggagtcgcgg cagcggcggg ccttgagctg tccacgcaag agtttcagcg gatgcgggcc
   724381 gagggtggtg ccgaggagag cgtaatcgct cagcagttcc tcgccgcgcg aaggcagcgg
   724441 caggctgacc gtggtttctt cgatgacggt cccttcggcg aacagtggca attgcggctc
   724501 gacgctggcg acggcccagc gcgccttgtg ccggtgtccg gcgagaccgc gcagggcgcc
   724561 ggcatcggcc agcaactcca gggcccgggc gtcgagcctg gcgcgtcggc cgagatcgtg
   724621 cacgtcgagg aacggctcgg cctcccggac ctgctcgata cgcctggcat cctcctcgcg
   724681 aaagcctcgg atcatccgca ggccgaggcg tatggccggt tgcgcctggc cgaacggctc
   724741 caggctgcaa tcccaaccgc tgtggcggac atccaccggg cgtgtctgca gggtgtggcg
   724801 gcgggcgtcc tggagcaact ggtcggggct gtagaagccc atcggccaac tgttgatcaa
   724861 ggcgcaggcg aaggccgccg gctcgtgacg tttcagccaa ctgctggcgt aggtgagcag
   724921 ggcgaagctg gcggcgtggg attcagggaa accgtagctg ccgaagcctt tgatctgctc
   724981 gaagatgcgc gctgcgaagt cggcctcgta gcccttggcg agcatgcccc gggtcagccg
   725041 ctcgcggtgg tgttccaggc cgccatgacg cttccaggcg gccatcgaac gacgcagttc
   725101 gtccgcctcg cccggcgtgt agtcggcggc gacgatcgcc agttccatga cctgttcctg
   725161 gaacaacggg acgcccaggg tacgttcgaa gaccttctcc agttcggccg atggataggc
   725221 caccggctct tcaccgtttc gccggcgcag gtaaggatgc accatgtcgc cctggatcgg
   725281 ccccggccgg acgatggcga cctggatcac cagatcgtag aacttctgcg ggcgcaggcg
   725341 tggcagcatg gccatctgtg cgcgcgattc gatctggaac acaccgatgg tatcggcgcg
   725401 gctgatcatt tcgtaggtgg ccgggtcttc gctcgggata ctggcgatgc tcaaccgctt
   725461 gccgccgcgc agcgcgtgga tcaggtcgaa gctgcggcgc agggcgctga gcatgcccag
   725521 ggcgaggacg tcgaccttga gcaggccgac cgcgtcgaga tcgtccttgt cccactggat
   725581 caccgtgcgt tcggccatgc tggcattctc caccgggacc agggtgtcca atggctgctc
   725641 ggagatgacg aagccgccgg ggtgctgcga gaggtggcgc ggaaaaccga tcaactcgtc
   725701 ggtcagggcc agcacccggc gcaggatcgg actctgcgga tcgaggccgg cctcttccag
   725761 gcgttcggcg ctgggggcct ggtcgctcca gcggccgcag cagttggcca ggacgtcgac
   725821 ctgctcgggc ggcagaccca gggccttggc tacgtcgcgc accgcgccgg cgccgtggta
   725881 ggtgctgacc accgcggtca gcgccgcgcg ctggcgtccg tagcgtgtga aaacgtactg
   725941 gatgacctcc tcgcggcgct cgtgttcgaa atccacgtcg atgtccggtg gttcgttgcg
   726001 ctcgcgggaa aggaagcgct cgaacagcag gttggtccgg tccgggtcca actcggtgat
   726061 gccgagggcg aagcacactg ccgagttggc cgccgagccg cggccctggc aaaggatttt
   726121 ccggccccgg gcgaaggcga cgatgtcctg cacggtgagg aaatagcttt catagcccag
   726181 ttcggcgatc agctcgagtt ctctctcgat ctgcttgcgg accttggcgc tcgcgccgtt
   726241 cggccagcgc ctggcgatgc cctgttcggt gagatggcgg agccatgacg ccgggtcgtg
   726301 tccggccggt accaattcgc gtgggtactg gtatttcagc tgttccagat cgaaccggca
   726361 gcgttcggcg atcttcaggg tttccgccag cagggcttgc gggtagatcc cctgcagggc
   726421 ctccagggta cgcaggtggc gttccccgtt ggggaagaga taggcgccgg cctcgctgac
   726481 cggcagatgg ttgcggatcg ctgtcatgca gtcctgcagg gctcgcctgc cgcgggcgtg
   726541 catgtggacg tcgccgcagg ccacgggcgg tagccggaga tgcgaggcga gcgcgagcag
   726601 tttgtccagg cgggcatcgt catcggcgcc gcgatgcaac tcgacgccca gccaaaggcg
   726661 ctgggggaag cgttcgcgga gccaagcagc ctgctcgtcc ccatggtcgt tcggcaacca
   726721 gatcgccaac aggccggcga gcggctgttg cagatcttcg cgcagcagcc ggtagtggcc
   726781 cttgtcggct tgtcgccggc cgcgggtgat gaggcgacag aggttctggt agccctccag
   726841 gtcctccgcc aggaggacca gcttgggccc ctgttcgagg cggatttcgc tgccgatgat
   726901 cagttgtacc tgatgctccc gcgccgcctg ccaggcccgc acgataccgg ccaggctgca
   726961 ttcgtcggtg atcgccaggg cccgatagcc caggcgtgct gcacgggcga agagttccgc
   727021 ggcgctggag gcgccgcgct ggaaactgaa gttggacagg caatgcagtt cggcgtaggc
   727081 gctcatgcga accagccatg cagccacagc ggcccttcgc tgccgacctc gcgatagacc
   727141 caggcacgtt gtccgctgcg ggtttccacc aggtaatagt cgcggcggat gtcttcgcca
   727201 tcccaccagc ccgactcgat ccgctccggg ccggccagca cggtgggcaa ggcctcgccg
   727261 agggggcgtg gctccgccag cagccagccg ggtcggaggc cgcaggctgc cggcgattgc
   727321 gccctgtcgc agctgtgcgg ccgccagctt cgctccggac ggtgttcggc gacggcgctc
   727381 aggccctgta ccgcctcgtc gcccagccgc gcgcgcaggc gttcccgcaa ctgttcccag
   727441 ccgagatact gctgtgggcg ctcgtcgaac agttcgcggt gctgcggcgt gaaaggaggc
   727501 agctcgcggg cctccaggcg cacggcatgc acgggggcgg gcagttgcag ctgttcgaga
   727561 cggccgcggg tcagttcgaa gagcatggcc gcctcgcgtt cggcgctgag caggccgacc
   727621 gtgacctggc tgtcggcgcg cccgtgatgc tccagatgca gggtgaagcg ctgcacgccg
   727681 ctgtcgcgtc cggcgagaaa ggcggcgaga tcggcgctca gccgtcgcag ggggaagagc
   727741 agggcctggt gcgattccac gtcgaaattg agttcgatgc gcaggtcgaa ggtgtccggc
   727801 ggccggtagt gctccagcgc cagtgggctg cggccgcaga ggcggtcgat gtgcaacagc
   727861 agttcggccg ggaagcgacg ggccagggcg gcgcgcggca actcgaggac ctggcgcaga
   727921 tggcgcagtc ccatgcgtcc gagggcgaca gccagctccc gcgagagtcc caggcggtcc
   727981 agcggaaggg cggacaactg gcgttgcagc gctatctcgt cctcgatggc caggccgtcg
   728041 tggctgttcg ccaggaccct cgccgccacc gggttcggcg ccaggcacag gcgatggcgg
   728101 aagcccagcg ccgtgagttc cttgcgcaag cgggcctcga agcgtggcca ggggccgaac
   728161 agggcaaggc tggactgcac ttccagcagc agcgcacgcg gatagtgcag gctgacctgc
   728221 gagctgaaac cgtaggccca ggcggcgagg aaggcctgcc agcgctccac ggcggcgagg
   728281 tcgtattccg ccgtggcgaa gtcccggctc agggcctggg cggcgatcag cgattgaccg
   728341 ggcctcaggc cgagcgcgcg tgccgctggg ttgaccgcct gcaactgccg gcgctgcgct
   728401 gggccgccga gcagcgccag cggtgcgtcg ggattgctcc gttgacgcag cgcgctgtcc
   728461 atggccagtt gcggcaggag aatgcaagcc cagagcatgg ccgcctcatt gccaggcgct
   728521 ggccggcagg gcggtcgccg gcgcgaggcc gccccggcac ttgaggatgc gcaggcgtgg
   728581 ggggcgggtt tcgatgcaca ggcgtagcgc tgccggcgaa gggttgaccg cttcgcgcag
   728641 ggggcgatag gcgaaaccca gggcctgacc gctttcggcg gcgacctgga ggcggcgcag
   728701 ggcgcggtcg ttggcctgtt gcggccaaca cagcacagcg gcgcaactgc ccgagcgcag
   728761 gcactgttcg gcagcccaca aggcgtcgcg tccgctggcc tgcaagagga ccaggtggcg
   728821 caggtcgacc gcggcggcca gccaggcctg cggatagggt acgtagggtg cgccgaccag
   728881 gacgacgcga cgttgcgcct gggtcaggcg agcgagggtc ggcatcagta gttgcagttc
   728941 gccgacaccg tcgcgggcat ggaggatttc gctcagggca tgctccggcc aaccgccgcc
   729001 gggcagcagt gcgtccaggc gcgcatgccc ggtgggcagg gaagcgccgg ccggcacggc
   729061 ggactggcct ttccagatcc tacgtgcgtc gagcagcgca ctcagcgcta tgccattgcc
   729121 tcgtccggcg acggctgcgg gtggggtgat gtcggctacg gatgaaaggg aggccaagga
   729181 aataactcga atactgtatg taaatacagt atttgctgta gtccttttct ggtcaatggc
   729241 agtcggtcgg catcctttcc tgtgacattg agattcaata acgaatataa ttgagaatcg
   729301 ttattgatcc tgggcacgct atgtcggccc agtgcgttcc gtccctcgaa aggaattccc
   729361 ctatggatac cctggcccct gaatccactc ggcaaaacct gcgttcgcaa cgcctcaacc
   729421 tgctgaccaa cgagccgcac cagcgcctgg agagcctggt gaagagcaag gaacccttcg
   729481 ccagccggga caatttcgcc cgcttcgtcg ccgcccagta cctcttccag catgacctgg
   729541 agccgcttta tcgcaacgaa gcgctggccc gcctgttccc cggcctggct tcccgcgccc
   729601 gcgacgacgc cgctcgtgca gacctggcgg acctcggcca tccggtgccg gagggcgacc
   729661 agagcgtgcg cgaggccgac ctgagcctgg ccgaggcact gggctggctg ttcgtttccg
   729721 aaggttcgaa gctgggcgct gcgttcctgt tcaagaaagc cgccgcgctc gaactcgacg
   729781 agaacttcgg cgcccgccat ctggccgagc cggaaggcgg ccgcgcgcaa ggctggaaga
   729841 gcttcgtggc gatcctcgac ggcatcgagc tgaacgagga ggaagagcgc ctggccgcca
   729901 agggcgccag cgatgccttc aatcgtttcg gcgacctgct ggagcgtacc ttcgcctgag
   729961 gggcgttcct tgtcctttga tcggcggcca acctcgccga cgacgattgc cccggcctgg
   730021 ttgtcggggt tttctgtctt gcgccgccgg ccaggacgcg gacctgcgga ggcccttagc
   730081 gaggcggccg ctgcgcttcc actgagttgc cgaacgaggt gcccaggcga atgcgcgtcg
   730141 ccgattggtt gtacaggccg agctggtttg gcggacgccg gacgatggcg gcggaatcca
   730201 gctcctgttc gcggcgggcc ctggccgcgc tgtcaggatc ggccatctgc tggctcaggc
   730261 attcatagga caaagcctgg tagccgttga cctcggtgtt gatgcagttc gccggcggcg
   730321 tcggctcgtc ggccagggtg gcgttcatgg ccaggcccag gatcagggcc ggcagaacct
   730381 gcgatgaacg gtgcatggcg attctcccgc gctgggatgg tggtttcccg cttatacggc
   730441 aatcggtgaa aacatgtcac cgcaggtacc gtcacaccac agtcacacag tgccatcagg
   730501 atgtccctcc tgggtgatgg ccatctggcc tgaaccgggt agttcggact ggaatccgtt
   730561 gatgtcgatc ctcggggtgg caaggtcgtg cgcagtgtcg ttgctcggtc tcggcatgct
   730621 gctgccggcg tccggtgccg tgccgggcga tggcggcagg ccgccgttgc gcctggcggt
   730681 gcacgcgttc gatattcctc cgcagagcct ggcatcggcg ctggtgacct acagcggggt
   730741 gacgggaatg gcggttctgg tggatggcga gctggcccgt ggacggcgct cggcccgctt
   730801 gcaggggcgc ttcaccgcca gcgacgccct gacccgactg ctcggcggaa ccggcctgat
   730861 ggcgcgctac accagccagg aagcgttcac cctgctgccg gcgcaggccg tcaggaacgc
   730921 tgcgccgctg ccggcagaga tgccgaaggt cgagcagccg ctggatcgcc gctacgcggg
   730981 agcggtccag gcggcgctgg aagaacagtt gtgccgctcg ccgcgcactc gtccgggtac
   731041 ctatcgcgcg gtgctgcaac tctggatcgg tcgcttcggc gaggttcgcc acagtcgcct
   731101 gctcggttcg accggcgacc cgcagcggga cagcgccctg gtggaaagcc tgcgcggcgt
   731161 gcgggtgatg caggcgacgc ccgctacgct ggcccagccg ctgaccatcc tgttgctgcc
   731221 gaagacgacg ggcaaggcca tggaatgcaa gctgacggag ggagtgggag ggtcatgagc
   731281 gattcgcggc aaagcgcgat ggtgaagctg ttcctcgcct cctacgacga cttcaaggcg
   731341 cgcctgaaac ggcgcctggg ctccgaggac ctggcgtgcg acgtgctgca cgaaacctac
   731401 ctgagagtcg accggctgga tgatgccctg gaggtcaaga agccccaggc ctacctgttc
   731461 cgtattgccc tgaacattgc cgccgaccgc cgcgagggcg acgcccgcct gctcaccggg
   731521 gaggaggtgg cggagctgtt gcaggtggcc gacgaaggcc tcgacccgga gcgcatcgtc
   731581 ggcggtcacg ccgagatccg tcgcctgctg gaggcgctct gcgaactgcc ggcgcggcgt
   731641 cggcagattc tcatcgcctc gcgcctggaa gagacgccgc atgcggaaat ctcccgtcgc
   731701 ttcggcattt ccacccgcac cgtggagaag gaactcaagg ccgccctgtg gttctgcgcg
   731761 gagcgcctgg aaagaaaagt catccagagg ttcggtcccg gggccggaaa accgtcataa
   731821 gcataagcag gtggaaaacc gccgccatat ccatcccatg agccattccg gtgtccgtac
   731881 agcacagtca tgacagcctc agactccgcc gccgatgaaa ccggcgacct tcgccacgaa
   731941 gcgcacgcct gggtgatcag cctgacctcc ggacgcgtca cccagggcga cgcgcgggcc
   732001 ttccgccagt ggtgtgcgcg cagcccgcaa cacctgcgag cgttcgtcga ggcgcgcgat
   732061 ctctggcagg cactcggcag tgccgccgct ctgccgctgg agtcgccggc cgtggcgcag
   732121 atcgcgccga ggcgtttcgg tcgtcgctgg ttcgtcggcg gtgcgctggc cgcctcggtg
   732181 gcgttgttcg tcttgcgccc gtcgctgctc gaccatggcc tgggcggcgc cgactacgtc
   732241 acggcggtcg gcgagcagcg ccaggtgcag gtgagcggcg agacgcggat cgagatgaac
   732301 acccgcaccc gcctgaacgt gcggcgcaat caagagcagc aggaaaccat cgaactgctc
   732361 ggcggcgagg ccgagatcat cgccagccac ccgccgcaga gcagcctgcg ggtgatggcc
   732421 gggagcgcct ggctgagcgc cagccgggcc cgcttcaatg tgcgcagcag cggtgacgtt
   732481 tgcgtggtga cctgcctgga gggcagcgtg cggctcgaac acctcggcca gcgcctggac
   732541 ctccaggccg gccagcagct gaccttcgac gagcgacgca acggtccgcc ggtgcctttc
   732601 gacgttgccg aggtgatggc ctggcgcgag cgcatgctgg tgttcaacga cgtaccgttg
   732661 gccacggtga tcgacgaaat caaccgctac cgtcccggca tgctcctgct gctggacaag
   732721 gcccttggcc gacgccgggt ccaggcccgt ttcagcctcg accaactggc cgacgtggcg
   732781 accctgatcc gcgatgccta tggcatcgag gtcacccgcc tgccgggcgg ggtggtgctg
   732841 ctcggctgag ccaccgcttc attgcagggc caccacccgt cgatagcgct ccacgccgtt
   732901 gcgggtgacc cgcgccaggc tgatctccag tccgctggcg cggactttgc tgcgtgccgg
   732961 caggcgcgtc cagccctttc ccggcaccca ggcacggatc tcgaaccgac tcacgtcgtc
   733021 cagcacagcc acccgctctg ccagcggcgg caacggcagg cggtcgccgc tgggcgaggc
   733081 ggcgcggtag aggaccttgc cctgtcgcca ccagcgcacg cgctgcagcg gcgcgcctgg
   733141 ctcggtactg gcgcggacga tgtccaggcg caatgggatc tcgctcaggc gcttcagtgc
   733201 gagtccgggc ggcaggctgt cgccggcccg gatcggctcg tcgccgctgg gcaggccgga
   733261 ctcctcccgg atggcgctgt gcagggcgat gtcgcgctcc agttggttca gcgcgcgcag
   733321 tagcgcggcg ccctgctcgg tgctgtcctc caggtgcgcg ctggcccggg cgatgctgtc
   733381 caggccgcgc caggccatca ggctgacgat ggccatgagc atgatcgcga ccatcacctc
   733441 gatcagggtg aagccggctt gccggcgccg cgtcgtcgcg cgttcagcgt acccggacat
   733501 ggccgttcgc ctcgcgcagc acggtgacgc tgtgttggcc gtcggagagc gttatccgca
   733561 acggcgcgcc gatccattcg gcgtccagca acaccggtcg cggcgggcgc acgctgaccc
   733621 gcagcggcgc ggcctgccag tcgcgcgcgc gcaattcggt gtcggcggcg aaggcgtcgg
   733681 tcttgccgcg ataggcctgc gggctgaagc gatagccctt ggcgctgggc tgccagagga
   733741 tcggcgtacc gcgtacccgc gcttcgccct gggctatttc cagcaaccgc gccaggcgcg
   733801 cggcatcctg gcgcagcagg cccgtcgggt cggggcgggc gctcaggctg atggccgccg
   733861 tggcgatgcc gacgattacc agcaccacca tcagttcgat cagggtgaaa ccgccttgcc
   733921 ggggtcgcct caccggatgc cgctccgcga agagagaggt ttccagagtg cccgacgaag
   733981 atgatcggcg tgtgaaacat aacggagaga attccgcgct aggctggtgc cggggcgccg
   734041 ttcgtggcgc ccgtcgccca tacgccagga gagcccgcca tgccggccat gccccgtatc
   734101 gatccgcccc gcctggtcca gttcgccgct gtgctggcga tcctcgccgg cctgctgttc
   734161 tggggctatc tgttgctggc gccgattccc ggcgtggtcc aggccgaggt cgccgacgtt
   734221 ccgccgccca gcggcgagga cgccgctcaa cgctggttcg cgacgccttc cagtgaggtc
   734281 gaggtgcaac tggcgggatt gatcagcggt ggtcccgcgg cgatcgccat cctctcggtg
   734341 aacggcgcgc cggcccaggc ctatcgcgag ggcgaggtcc tggcacgtgc ggcgaaggtg
   734401 cggcggatag aggccgacgc ggtactcatc gagcagaacg gcgaggttcg ccgggtgccc
   734461 atgcagcggc tcgccgaacc gccgccgctg gctaccctca agcgcggttg agatcaccgg
   734521 gagcggctca gcagggtgtt caggcgcgcc agcggcaccg cctgttcgcg ctgcgtgcgc
   734581 acacggattt ccacccacag tagcgcgggg tcgtcggtgg cctcgacgcg ttgttcgcag
   734641 tacaaccgca ggcggccctg ggagcattcg aaatcgctgt ttcccggagc cgcgccgacg
   734701 cccaggcgta gctcggcgag ccggctctcc gctgccagca gggccagcga cttgtcgcgc
   734761 aacagaccat tgccgtcggt catcaggccc accgcgcgga tcgccgcggc cagggcgatg
   734821 gcgacgatgg ccagcgcgac cagcacttcg atcagggtga aaccgcggga agacaggcgc
   734881 gtggacatcg cggaaaggtc gacgaaaggg gacttccagg ctagccggga aatctgaccg
   734941 atccctgaca aaagctcggg agggcgcccc cgcgagccat ccccggcgcc tgccggaaag
   735001 cccggctcca gggccttgcg ggcgcctccg gaagagcggc gcacccgagg attttcaata
   735061 tcgttgacat atcttcctga aacaatccgc ggcgaatcga accatgccga ggagtgtcga
   735121 gatggatgtc gtgcagttca gctccagccc gaaaggacat cggggacagc ggggcttcac
   735181 cctgatcgag atcatggtgg tggtggtgat cctcggcatc ctcgccgcga tggtggtgcc
   735241 caaggtgctc gaccgtcccg atcaggcccg cgccaccgcg gcgcgccagg acatctccgg
   735301 gctgatgcag gcgctcaagc tctaccgcct cgaccagggc cgctatccga gccaggcgca
   735361 gggcttgaag gtgctcgcgg agcgccctgc cgatgcctcg gcgagcaact ggcgctcgta
   735421 cctggagcgc ctgcccaacg atccctgggg caagccctac cagtacctga atcccggcgt
   735481 gaacggtgag atcgacgtgt tctccctcgg cgccgacggg cagccgggcg gcgagggcat
   735541 caacgccgac atcggctcct ggcagctctg agcgcgccat gaacggtcat cgccagcgcg
   735601 gcatggcgat tatcagcgcg ctgctgatcg tcaccgtggt cgcggtcata gccgccggcc
   735661 tgatcgcccg ccagagcgca ttcatccgcg ccctggaaag cgagcagcta cgcatccagg
   735721 ccggctggat gctgcgcggc ggcctggaat ggagccgcca gttgctgctc gaggacagcc
   735781 gccgcgaccc gctgacccgc ctcgaccagc gctgggcgca accgatgcgt ggcttgcgtc
   735841 tgagcagcgc cgaattgccg ttcaacggcc aactggaaga cgagcagggc aagttcaacc
   735901 tgcgcaacct gttggtcgac caacgccccg atctccagga gcgagcgaac ttcgaacgcc
   735961 tcgccggtct gctcggcgtg cgcccgaagg agacgcggct gatcgtcgag cgggtactcg
   736021 attcctatgc acggctgccc gccgaagcgc cgccggccga gacgcaaccc gcaggtttcg
   736081 acagcggccg cgagacttcg ccgggcgccg tgttgcgtgc gcttccggcg cgcatgccgg
   736141 cgctcaggcg tctcgacgac ctggcgcggc tgggcattcc gccggcgacc ctggaacgcc
   736201 tgcgacccta cgtcaccatc ctgcccgaaa ccacctggat caacggcaac accgcgcgcg
   736261 ccgaagtgct cgccgcctgt gtccccggcc tcgggctgga ccaggcgcgg cgggtgctcg
   736321 gcgagcgcga ccggggccgc tggttcctca atcgcggcga cttcgtcaac cgcctgaaca
   736381 tgccgcaatt gcaggcgcag tcggtgaagg tcgggatcac cagcgactgg ttcctgctca
   736441 ccgcctatgc ccggcgcgac cggcaagagg tgcgcctgca agccctggtg cagcgcaagg
   736501 ccggtgaaag cacggcggtc aactggatga gggtgggctc atgaaggccg cctggcgttg
   736561 cctgctgccg ccgctgagcg agttcgccga ggcggcgccg ctgcattgtt tgcgcctgga
   736621 tgcgcgcggc gcggtgcagg aacgaatcga ggtctcgctc gcggaactgg cgcggcggcg
   736681 ccaggggttg ccggtggcgc tgttcctgca tccgcgcgat tgccgcctgg tcagtctcga
   736741 actgccggcg ctgcctgcgg cgaagcttgc cgccgcggtg aactgtgcgg ccgaggcgct
   736801 ggtcctcggc gatccggcgc agctacgcct ggcccacggc ccgcgcggcg ccgacgggcg
   736861 cctgaccttg gggtggctgg aggcgtcggc gctggcctcg ctggagcagg ccgtacagcg
   736921 gctgcggctc gacgtgcggg aggtgcaggc cgcgccgttc ctcctgccgt tgcgcgatga
   736981 cgcttgggtg gccggcgagt gggacggcca tctgctgttg cgccgctcgc tgagcgacgc
   737041 tgtggtccat cccttgccgg agcagggcct cgctgaggtc ccgcaggagt tgcggctgtt
   737101 ctggctgggc gagcgaccgg cgtggcgctc cgcagccctg gagcgggccg aggcgctgga
   737161 cgaagcgctg cgctggagcg ggcccgccag tccgtgggga ttggcgctga aagcgccggc
   737221 gacgagcgcc ggcaacggca cctggaagat gcccctgttc tgcgctgccc tggccttgct
   737281 ggtgtgggtc gccggtctga acctgtacgc cgggcaactg gccgagcagg gccagtcctt
   737341 gcaacggcag agcagtcaac gcgtgcagca ggccttcccg gaactgccgg tggtgctcga
   737401 tccgctgcgc caggctcgcg agcgacgcga cgcctatctg gccggcaagg ccgatggcga
   737461 tgccgcaccg ggactggccg cgctgctgca tggcgccggc gaggcgatgc cgttcctcgc
   737521 cgggcgcctg caacgactgg actaccacgc cggcgaactg gacctggagc tgctgccggg
   737581 accgccaggc ggcgatgccg ctgcctggca gggcgagttg ggcaagcacg ggttgcaggc
   737641 cgatgcctcc gacaagggct ggcaggtgcg cgccatggaa gcgccgccag cgccggccgc
   737701 tggcgcggca gacagtggca ctgccgaggc ggctgccgat gaagatgaag atgaataagc
   737761 gcctggcggg cctgctgaat actccggcgc agcgctggag tcccctgctg ctgcgattgc
   737821 aggcctactg gcggcaactg gcgccgcgcg agcgcaagat tctcgccggc ggtggcctgg
   737881 cgctatgcct ggcgctgacc tggcaagtgt tcgtcgatcc gccgctggcg cggatcgagc
   737941 attggcaagc cgaactgccg cgcctgcgtg cgcaggctgc ggcggtggac ggcgtgttgc
   738001 gtgaggtcga ggcgttgcgc ggtccgaccc tgagcggtac ggcggacgcc gaggcgatcc
   738061 gtcgcagcct gcgcgatcag ggactcgacg gtttccaact ggacgccccg caaccgggcc
   738121 aatggcaact ggacttcgcc agcgtgtccg gcgaggcctt gctgcgctgg ctggcgcgca
   738181 gcccggcagc gttgcgcctg agcgtcagcg aggcgcaggt gacgcgtctc gatgctcctt
   738241 ccgaggagcg ctccggctct tcgaacgagc cgtccggcgg gctggtgtcc gcctcgatcc
   738301 atttgcagtc gacttccgct cccaaggatt ccccatgagg caatcagctt tccaccatgc
   738361 ccggcgtcgt tggcctgtac tgggcgtggc gctgggcgcg ctactggtcg cggcgtgtag
   738421 cgagacgccg aaggtccccg gcgtgccccc ggccgacgag gaagtcggtc ggccgctgag
   738481 cagtgtccgc tccggtgcgc cgttgcgcag cgccgacgtc cgcgagcggc cccaggccga
   738541 gcaggcccgc cgcgcgctga gtgccggacg cggcgtggcg cgctccggtg gcgtggctcc
   738601 ggtctcagcg acagcggccg aactcggcga gcagccggtc agcctgaatt tcgtcgatac
   738661 cgaggtggaa gcggtggtgc gcgcgctgtc gcgcgccacc ggccggcagt tcctggtcga
   738721 cccgcgggtg aagggcaagc tgaccctggt ttccgaaggc gaggtgccgg cgcgcaccgc
   738781 ctaccgcatg ctcaccagcg ccctgcgcat gcagggcttc agcgtggtcg acgtcgacgg
   738841 ggtcagccag gtggtgccgg aggccgacgc caagctgctc ggcgggccgg tctacggcgc
   738901 cgaccggccg gcggccaacg gcatggtcac gcggaccttc cgcctgcgct acgagaacgc
   738961 ggtgaacctg atcccggtac tgcgcccgat cgtcgcgcag aacaacccga tcaatgccta
   739021 tccggggaac aacaccgtgg tggtcaccga ctacgcggaa aacctcgacc gggtcgccgg
   739081 gatcatcgcc agcatcgaca tccccagcgc cagcgacacc gacgtggtgc cgatccagaa
   739141 cggcatcgcg gtggacatcg ccagcaccgt ctccgaactg ctcgacagcc agggcagcgg
   739201 cggcgccgag cagggccaga agaccgtggt gctcgccgac ccacgctcca acagcatcgt
   739261 gatccgctcg ccgagccccg agcgcacgca attggcgcgc gacctgatcg gcaagctgga
   739321 cagcgtgcaa agcaatcccg gcaacctcca tgtggtctac ttgcgcaacg cccaggcgac
   739381 ccgcctggcc caggccctgc gcgggctgat caccggcgac agcggcggcg agggcaacga
   739441 gggcgaccag cagcgcgcgc gcctgagcgg cggcggcatg ctcggtagcg gcaacagcgg
   739501 tactggtagc cagggcttgg gaaccagcgg caataccacg ggcagcggtt ccagcgggtt
   739561 gggcggcagc aaccgcagcg gcggcgccta tggtgcgatg ggcagcggcc agggcggcgc
   739621 cggacccggt gcgatgggcg aggagaactc ggcgttctcc gccggcgggg tcaccgtaca
   739681 ggccgacgcc accaccaaca ccctgctgat ttccgcaccc gagccgttgt accgcaacct
   739741 ccgcgaagtc atcgacctgc tcgaccagcg ccgcgcccag gtggtgatcg aaagcctgat
   739801 cgtcgaggtc agcgaagacg actccagcga gttcggcatc cagtggcagg ccggcaacct
   739861 cggcggcaac ggcgtgttcg gcggggtcaa cttcggccag tcggcgctga acacggccgg
   739921 caagaacacc atcgacgtgt tgcccaaggg gctcaacatc ggcctggtgg atggcaccgt
   739981 ggacatcccc gggatcggca agatcctcga cctcaaggtg ctcgcccggg cgctgaagag
   740041 ccgcggcggc accaacgtcc tgtcgacccc gaacctgctg accctggaca acgagtcggc
   740101 gagcatcatg gtcggccaga ccataccctt cgtcagcggc cagtacgtca ccgacggcgg
   740161 cggtaccagc aacaacccgt tccagaccat ccagcgcgag gacgtcggcc tgaagctgaa
   740221 catccgtccg cagatctccg agggaggaac ggtcaagctc gacgtctacc aggaggtcag
   740281 cagcgtcgac gagcgcgcca gcaccgccgc cggggtggtc accaacaagc gcgcgatcga
   740341 taccagcatc ctcctcgacg acggccagat catggtcctc ggcggcctgt tgcaagacaa
   740401 cgtgcaggac aacaccgacg gtgttcccgg actctccagc ctccccggcg tcggttcgct
   740461 gttccgctac cagaagcgct cgcggaccaa gaccaacctg atggtcttcc tgcgtcccta
   740521 catcgtccgc gacgccgccg ccggccgcag catcaccctc aaccgctacg acttcatccg
   740581 ccgcgcccag cagcgcgtgc agccgcgcca ggactggagc gtcggcgaca tgcaggctcc
   740641 ggtgctgccg ccggcgcagc agggcattcc gcaggccgcc tacgacttgc gcccgagccc
   740701 gcggccgctg cgcgcggtac cgctgggcga ggcggcgccg ctatgagcct gctgccctac
   740761 gcctgggcca aggcgcagcg cgccttgctg cggccgggcg agcatggcgc gaccctgctg
   740821 gtcagcccgc gcacgcccgg ctgggcgatc agcgaggtgc gccagcggca tgcgccggcc
   740881 agcctggaga gcgtccgcga cgacgagctc gacaccctgc tggccagcgc ctactccgat
   740941 accggcagcg ccgcggcggt ggtcggcgcg gcggagagcg aggtcgacct cgaccgcctg
   741001 atggacgata tccccgaggt taccgacctg ctcgacaccc aggatggcgc gccagtgatc
   741061 cgcatgatca acgcgctgct gacccaggcc gcgcgcgatg aggccagcga catccacatc
   741121 gagcccttcg agacccattc ggtggtgcgc taccgcgtcg acggcgccct gcgcgacgtg
   741181 gtcgcgccgc gcaaggcgct gcacgcggcg ctggtgtcgc ggatcaagat catggcgcag
   741241 ctggatatcg ctgagaaacg cctgccccag gacggccgca tcgccttgcg ggtagccggg
   741301 cggccgatcg acattcgcgt ctccaccgtg cccaccggcc acggcgaacg ggtggtgatg
   741361 cgcctgctgg acaagcaggc cggacgcctg aggctggaga ccctgggcat ggctcccggc
   741421 gtgctggcgc cgctggacaa cctgatccgc cagccgcacg gcatcgtgct ggtcaccggg
   741481 cccaccggca gcggcaagac caccaccctc tacgccgccc tggcgcggct cgacgccagc
   741541 accagcaaca tcctcaccgt cgaggacccg gtggagtacg acctgccggg gatcagccag
   741601 atccaggtca acgcgcgcat cgacatgacc ttcgccgtag ccctgcgggc gatcctccgg
   741661 caggacccgg acatcatcat gatcggcgag atccgcgacc tggagaccgc gcagatcgcc
   741721 gtgcaggcct cgctcaccgg gcacctggtg ctggccacgc tgcacaccaa cgacgcggtg
   741781 tcggcagtga cgcggctggt ggacatgggc gtcgagccgt tcctgctcgc ctcgtcgatg
   741841 cttggcgtac tcgcccagcg cctggtgcgg cgcctgtgca cgcattgccg ggtcgaagag
   741901 gacggcggct ggcgcgcggt cggctgcccg gcttgcaacc agaccggcta cagcgggcgc
   741961 accggcatcc acgaactgtt cgtgatcgac gacgagatcc gccgcctggt ccaccagggc
   742021 cgcgccgagc aggatctccg cgaagccgcc cgcgccgccg gcatgcgcag catgcgcgag
   742081 gacggcgagc gctggatcgc cagcggctcc accaccctgg aggaaatcct ccgcgtgacc
   742141 cgggacgcct gatgcagacc ttccgttacg aagccgccga cgcccagggc cggatcgaga
   742201 ccggcaccct ggaggcggac agccagcgtg gcgccctcgg ccaactgcgc gcccgcggcc
   742261 tgaccccgct ggaggtccgc gagcaggctg gcggcgggac cgggcaaggg gcgggcgcgc
   742321 tgttcgcccc gcgcctgtcc gacggcgacc tggcctgggc cacccgccag ctggccagcc
   742381 tgctggccgc cagcctgccg ctggaggcgg cgctgagcgc caccctcgac caggccgagc
   742441 gcaagcacat cgcccagacc ctgagcgccg tgcgcagcga cgtgcgcggc ggcatgcgcc
   742501 tggccgacgc ccttgccgca cggccgcggg acttcccgga aatctaccgg gcgctggtgg
   742561 ctgcgggcga ggagtccggc gacctggccc aggtgatgga gcgcctggcc gactacatcg
   742621 aggaacgcaa cgccctgcgc ggcaagatcc tcaccgcgtt catctacccg gcggtggtcg
   742681 gcgtggtctc catcggcatc gtcattttcc tcctcggcta cgtggtgccg caggtggtca
   742741 gcgccttctc ccaggcgcgc caggacctgc cggcgctgac ccgggcgatg ctccaggcca
   742801 gcgacttcgt gcgcgcctgg ggctggctct gcgccggcgc catcggtagc gcttactggg
   742861 gctggcgctt gtacctgcgc gacccgcagg cgcggctcgg ctggcaccgg cgagtgctgc
   742921 gcctgcctct gctcggtcgt ttcgtgctcg gggtgaatac cgcgcgcttc gcctccaccc
   742981 tggcgatcct cggcagcgct ggcgtaccgc tgctgcgcgc gctcgatgcg gcgcgccaga
   743041 cgttggccaa cgactgcctc gcgcaggcgg tggaggaggc caccgcgcag gttcgcgaag
   743101 gtgtctcgct ggcctcggcg ctgcgcacgc ggcaggtgtt cccgccgatc ctcacccacc
   743161 tgatcgccag cggcgagaag accggtgcgc tgccgccgat gctcgaccgc gcggcgcaga
   743221 ccctgtcgcg cgacatcgag cgccgcgcca tgggcatgac cgcgttgctc gagccgctga
   743281 tgatcgtggt catgggcggg gtggtgctga ccatcgtgat ggcggtgctg atgccgatca
   743341 tcgagatgaa ccaactggtc cagtagtccg tacctgaaca agcccttccc gtgctgggcg
   743401 attaaccgct cgcggctatc cgccgtgggg atggggcgtc tcagcagtct tccgaagaga
   743461 ggtatcggcg gataacgccg ctggcgtaat ccgccctacg ggaggggcct gtgcaagcag
   743521 gccttcctct cgctgtcatc aacccgtgtg gcctctcgcc agggctcggg tgcatgtttc
   743581 agcgaggttg ccccgaggga gcgccatggc cgtcgcgggc cggccgccgg gaggcgctcg
   743641 cggaacctcg caggtcccgc gaaaaggccc ggcgcagagc ctgcgaacac ccgaggaaag
   743701 gctgcgaaaa caattcgatg ctcccgagat tttttccccg atctgtcacc ggaacttgcg
   743761 agttttatcc ccagcggccc cttcgaccgg ctagggatgc aaagcccggc aagcacggcg
   743821 ccgcctcatg caagacgact tcctcaacgt accaacacca cgatgaaagg agattcttca
   743881 tgttcaagcg ctctctgatc gctgcctcgc tgagcgtggc cgccctcgta tccgcccaag
   743941 ccatggccgt caccggcggt ggcgcttccc tgccggccga gctgtacaaa ggctccgccg
   744001 acagcatcct gccggccaac ttcagctatg ccgtgaccgg cagcggcacc ggcaagaacg
   744061 ctttcctgac caacaactcc tcgctgttcg gcaccaccgg taccgttcac tatgccggta
   744121 gcgactcggt cctgagcagc tccgagctgt ccacctacaa caccaactac aacaacacct
   744181 atggtccgct gatccagatc ccgtcggtag ccacttcggt aactgttccc tacaagaagt
   744241 ccggcatcac caacctgaac ctgaccagcc tgcaattgtg cgatgtcttc tccggcgcca
   744301 ggactacctg ggggcaactg ctgggcagcg gcgacaccac gccgattcgc atcgtctacc
   744361 gtgtcgatgg cagcggcacc accgagttgc tggcgcgtca cctgaacagt atctgtccga
   744421 cgcgattcgc caccggtccg ctgttcgcca atgcccgttt gccgctcaac ggcccgctgc
   744481 ccgccaactg gattggcgtc kctgaaaccg ccgacgtgct gtcgaacctc gatgctgtcg
   744541 acggctctat cggctatgtc agccccgacg tagtgaatgt cagtgacaat gcccgcgtct
   744601 cccgcgtaaa caacaacctg ccgacggctg ccaacgttca gaccgctctg ggtagcgtag
   744661 ctccgccggc cactgctgcc gaccgtgcca acccgagcaa gtgggtgccg gtattcgcca
   744721 atccgaccgc tggctactcc atcgttggct acaccaactt cgtcttcggc cagtgctaca
   744781 aagatggcgg cgtgtcctcc gacgttcgca ctttcctcaa caagcactac ggcggtacta
   744841 ccaccaacgc cgctgtcgct gcccatggct ttgttccgct gacttcggct tggaagagcg
   744901 ccatcatcag tgccttctac actggcacca gcgaaaacct ggccatcggc aacaccaacg
   744961 tctgcaacac caaaggccgc ccgtaagcgc ttcgcctagg cgaatcgata cgaggaccgg
   745021 cagccctgtg gctgccggtc ttttttcttg tggggaaccc aggaggtttt catgctcaag
   745081 ccaatgcttg gcgtcgttgc actgacgttc ttcgccagcc aggcggccct ggccgtgacc
   745141 ggtggtggcg ccacgctgcc ggaagcgctc tacaaaggtt ctcccgacag cattctgccg
   745201 gctactttca gctataaggg agtggggagc agtgccggca agcgggcctt cctgaccaat
   745261 gacccggtgc tgttcggcgc gaccggcagc gtgcactacg ccggaagtga ctcggtgctg
   745321 cggaacgtcg agctgctgga ctacctcgta cgcttcaacg aagaatacgg tccgctgatc
   745381 cagattccct cggtggtcac tccggtggtc gttccctatc ggaaggcggg aaccaccgcg
   745441 ctcaacctgm rswgsmksca mygagttgct gacccgccac ctgaactcgg tctgcccgac
   745501 tcgcttcgcc accaactcga tcttcacgaa cgcccgtctg ccggccggcg gtgcgctgcc
   745561 gagcaactgg gtggcastay rgssydabgt gaacaacgcg gcgaccgtcg ccyrksttyg
   745621 tscccctggt tgcgatctgg aagagcgcgg tcatgaacac cttcgtcagc ggcaacggcg
   745681 aaaacctgaa catcaacaat ccaaacatct gcaccaaccg cggccgtcct tagtttccct
   745741 gcccggcggc gcttcacaaa ggatcgccgt cgatctccgc tccatgaact ttccatgaca
   745801 agtcttcggc ccaccctccg ccaggccgtc taccagtaac gggcgtcgtt gcgggcgccc
   745861 gaccgacttc atgctcaagg accccttcgc catgccgtcc cgttcgccgt cgtccgcccg
   745921 ttcctcccgc gcgctttgcg cgccgcgcct gaagccgttg gcccaggcca tcgccctgct
   745981 gctggtcgca gggggcgccc aggccgccgg gcagccgttc agcgccgcct ggttcgccgc
   746041 caagggcgcg gcgcagggcg gcgctgccgg agcgccgcga ccgggagcgc agttgccggg
   746101 ggcgccgccg ccgctggcgc agcagcagcg ggtcaaccag cagttgcagc gttcgatggc
   746161 caacctgaac aacaccgtcg ccgccattgc cgcccagcag gccgcccagg ccgccggacg
   746221 ccaggcggcg ctgaaccttc cgcaggatgt tccggacgga ctcggcgagg gcggtctcaa
   746281 ggtcgacgcc tcgctgccgt tcgagcaggc ctggcagaac gccaagggac cggtgcagac
   746341 ccaggccgcc ggcaagacca cggtgagcat cgagcagacc gccgacaagg cggtgctcaa
   746401 ctgggagacc ttcaatgtcg gccgcaacac ctccgtggac ttccagcagc acgccgactg
   746461 ggctctgctc aaccgggtca acgaccccag cgcgcggccc agccagatcc aggggcagat
   746521 caaggccgac ggcacggtga tgctggtcaa ccgcaacggc gtggtgtttt ccggcagcag
   746581 ccaggtggac gtgcgcaacc tgacggtggc ggcggcgaac atctcggacg aacagttccg
   746641 tcagcgcggc ctctactacg acaactccgg cagccgtccg accttcaccg acgcggctgg
   746701 tgccgtgcgc gtggagcagg gcgcacagtt gcgcacggca gcgccgtccg gctcgaccag
   746761 gggcggcggc tacgtcctgc tgctcggcag cgaggtggac aacgccggca gcatcgtcac
   746821 gccgaagggg cagacggtcc tgtccgccgg cgacaacttc gtcatccgcc gtggccaggg
   746881 caccgacggc aacctgacct ccaccacccg cggcaacgag gtgctgccgg gcttcgccgc
   746941 cgacagcagt gccggccggg tgcgcaacag cggcctggtg caggccgcca ccggcgatat
   747001 cagcctcagc ggccgcgagg tggagcaggc cggcgtattg ctttccagca gttcggtgga
   747061 cagccgcggc accctgcacc tgaaggccag cgagcggatc accctggccg aaggtgccac
   747121 cagcgccatc ctggtggata gcagcggcag cgccgccctc gacagccagc gcgaggcctt
   747181 gctcaagccg ttgaacggct ccagtgccgc cgtcagtcgg ggcgacgacg accgccgcga
   747241 cctgtcgcgg gtggagatcg actccgccgg cagcgtcgat ttccgcgacg gctccatcac
   747301 cctcgccagc ggtggccagg tggcggtcaa cgctggccag cgcgcgctgc tgcgcgacgg
   747361 cgcggtgatc gatgtctccg gcgagcaagg cgtgcaggtg gcgatggaga ccaacagcat
   747421 caaggtcaac gtgcgcggca acgagcagcg cgacgcctcg gtcaaccgcg agggcggcgg
   747481 tctgaacagc caggacgtgt gggtcgacgt gcgtgacctg gtacgggtgc ctgccggcac
   747541 caacggctat gccagcgacc gctggtacac cgccggcggc ctgctggagg tcggtggcta
   747601 cctgggcacc cagggccact cggcgggcga gtggatggcc cagggcggca tcgtcagttt
   747661 caccggcaac gacgtggtga cccaggccgg ttcacagatc aacctgtccg gcggaaccct
   747721 cgatgtgcag ggcggctaca tccgccagac ctggctgaag ggctcggacg gacgcctcta
   747781 cgaactcggc tcggcgccgg gtgacctgct ctacgacggc atctaccgcg gctacgaggc
   747841 acacagcgag cgctgggacc agacccgtta tttctacaat ccgctgatcg cgccgaccca
   747901 gcgctacgag aacggctaca gcgttggccg cgacgccggc agtctggtga tcggcagcgc
   747961 caatgcgcgg ctcgacggcc aggtggtcgg cgatacctat cgcggcgagc ggcagaccga
   748021 agcgccacag gccggcctgg acggctacaa ccagtcgcag aatgcggtgg cgcgcggcgc
   748081 gcagctggtc gtcgggcgct acacccccta ctacgtgaag agcagcggcc tgctggagta
   748141 cgctctcggc gccgatgccg gcagcctcaa gcaggtggtc atcggtgccg gcgaggtggc
   748201 ggccgaggag ccgaccctgg acgctccggt ggccgccgag cgccagggcc gcctgagcct
   748261 ggacagcgaa ctgctcaacg gcttccagct gggcggcctg aaggtggcgg ctggcgagag
   748321 catccgcgtc gacgccgcgc tgaccctggc caatggcggc gaggcgatcc tgttcgccaa
   748381 cgacgtggcg atcgacgccg acatcaccgc tcatggcggc agcctgcagg ccggcaacgt
   748441 actggcgcag atttccccga acgggacgat cgatggtttc gtcgatgccg gccgcgaagc
   748501 cggcatcttg cgcgtgggcg atggtgtacg actggatgcc agcggcttgt ggagcaacct
   748561 gctgctggcg ccggaggaca acgatacgtt ggcctaccgc gacggcggac ggatttccct
   748621 gcgcagcggc ggcgacctga gcctgggaca gggcagtctg ctcgacgtgt cgtccggggc
   748681 ggcgctgctg gccgacggca aacgactggg cggacgcggc ggcgacatcg ccttgcacgc
   748741 cagtgccggt ccggcgctgg ctggagacgg ccaactgcag ttgggcggca cattgaatgg
   748801 tctcggcacg agtggcgccg gcacgctgtc gctgcagagc ggcaaggtgc ggatcggcgg
   748861 cgacgacctc ggggatggca gcctgcaact ggccgaagat ttcttccagc agggcttcgc
   748921 cagctaccgg gtggtcggtc gctccggatt gacggtagcc gaggatgccc aggtgcgggt
   748981 cgcgcggccg gtctaccgtt tcgccagcgg ggccggcgag gtcgcggctg gcgaggcgcc
   749041 gcgagaggcg ctggaggcct ggacgccgcc gctgtacctg gaggatgccg tggccggacg
   749101 cttgatccaa cgcgaagggg cggacctgta cctgcaggca ggcggcgacg gcaatatcct
   749161 cgggcaactc gatcccgcca gccagacgct ggagctgggg cgcggttcgc tggtcgaggt
   749221 cgatccgggg cgcgccatcg tcctgcgcgg tcccggacag atcaccttgg atggcactct
   749281 gaacgcttgg ggcggacgca tcgacgtgcg ccagcagcag ttcggccaga tcgatgtcgc
   749341 cgaaagcttc cagagcgccc aggcgcaggc tcacgcacgc tccatctgga tcggcgaaca
   749401 ggccgtgctg gatgttgcgg ggcgtgctac gacggcgctc gactggcgcg gacggactta
   749461 tggagaggtg cagtccggcg gtagcatcgt catcggcggt gagatcgacc cgaccagggc
   749521 gaccgcaacc tcggcggatg ccttcgtcat cgttcgcccc ggcgcgcgcc tggaggcctc
   749581 tggcagccag gcgctgctgg atgtacccgg ccagggaagg acccaggtgg ctggtgacgg
   749641 tggacgcatt gccctcagtt cctatagcgg attgttcctc gacggtgcgt tgcgcgctgc
   749701 agctggcggt catggggcgg cgggcggcag cctggaattg gcgctggagt cgccgctgta
   749761 tcgcgtcagc gagttgcagg gcgctggagt gctggcgtgg cgcgaactgc aggtggcgca
   749821 acagatggag gagccgctgg gcrgmkakcg gtctggtcgg cgccggtggc gtttcgggtg
   749881 ccgagctgac caccggtatc acgttgaatg gccagcgggt ggaggttgac gatggtgcgc
   749941 gcctggatct gtccggcggc ggcgaactga ctggcgccgg cttcatctca ggtcgcggcg
   750001 gttctaccga cgcccgctac catccgctgg tgcagataga tgccgagggg cgcttccacc
   750061 tgccggagtt gggcgacaat ccggtctacg ccatccttcc cggggtgcag cccggctatg
   750121 cgccgcaggg cggcgaggcc ggggcggtgg cgccgctggc cggccagcag atcaccctga
   750181 cccagggcgt ccccggattg ccggccggca cctacaccct gttgccttcc acctacgccc
   750241 tgttgcccgg tgccttccgc gtcgaactca acggccgtgg gacgccggtc gcgacccagg
   750301 ccctgcgcaa tggctcctgg tccagcgccg gttatctgtc cgtaggcgga accgcgattc
   750361 gcgatagcct ggccagccag gtgatcctgt cttcggccga taccctgcga cgttactcgc
   750421 agtacaacga aaccagctat gccgatttcg tccgcgcaga cgccgcgcgc ctgggtgtgc
   750481 cgcgcgccat gttgccggcg gacgcccgtt cgctgctgct caacctggct aggagtgagg
   750541 acgcgcaggt cggttttcac tttgccggcg aagcctcgtt caaggcggcg aaggacggct
   750601 atggcgrsgy ccaggcgggc gccgccatcg atacccgcgg gcgtggagag ggcgccttcg
   750661 actccagtga tggctatgtc taccagtctg gcgaccgtgg tctgttggcg ctgtccaacg
   750721 gctggctgaa tatcctcgcg ccggccgctg gcaataccgc ccagatcagc atcggcgaat
   750781 gcgcgctcag cgtttgcgcg ccggtggaac tttattcgga aggcaccctg ggcatcgcca
   750841 ccaacggttc ggtgcaactc gacgacaacg ttcgttatgg cacgcgcaat ctaagcctgg
   750901 cgctaagcgc aatcaatatc ggctccagcc agtcgctggc cgacgcggcc gctcgcggcg
   750961 tgttgccgaa cggcctggcg ctggaccaga cggtgctcca gcgcctgctg cgcggcgagc
   751021 gcggggcggg tattccggct ctggaaaacc tgatcctcag tgcccgcgat gcggtcaaca
   751081 tatacggtag cgtcagcctc gacacctacg acccggccac cggcaaatcc agcctggcca
   751141 acctggtgct gggcaccccg gccatctacg gccatggcac cggcgaggat gtcgccagca
   751201 ttcgcaccgc cagcctggtc tggagcggct ccagccagcc gggcgcagca ccggtcgccg
   751261 gcggcgccgg tagcggtagc ggaaccctgc gggtggatgc cgagcgcatc accctgggct
   751321 acggcgcgaa tacccagccg gccggcgaga ccgacgaggc acgcctggcg ctgggcttcg
   751381 ccgaggtgca actgaacgcc agcgagctga tcagcgccaa ccacaagggc agcttgcggg
   751441 tctaccagcg cctggacggc tacgtcgccg gcgaaggcct gcgctacagt ggcggcgacc
   751501 tgcgcctgag cacgccgttg ctgaccggcg aggccggctc gctgagtcgg atcagcagcg
   751561 gcggtagcct cagcctggcg gcgccggcgg gcgctgccgc ggtgaccttc gacagcggca
   751621 ccgccgggct tggtgccgag ttgtccctca gcgcccgcga gatccgcctg gatagcgcgg
   751681 tctcgctacc cagcggcaag ctgagcctga gcgccgaaga cgacctggag ctgggcgatg
   751741 gcgcgcgcat cgacctggcc ggacgcaagg ccagcttcaa cgatgtggat aaatacagct
   751801 ggggtggcga cctgctgctg agcagtcgcg ccggcgacat ccgccaggcc gccggttcgc
   751861 tgatcgacct gtcggcgcgc aacaaccgcg gcggtaccct gagcgccgtg gcgttggccg
   751921 aggacgccgg ggtggtggac ctgcagggcc gcatactggg tggcgccagc ggcgactacg
   751981 atgccggtgg cacccgcgtg ccgttcctcg gtggcgagct ggagatccgc gcccagcgcc
   752041 tgggcgacgg cggcagcctg agcgagcagt tcaccgcctt gaaccagcgc ctgaaccagg
   752101 gcgaggtctt cggcgcccgg cgcttccagc tcaagcaagg cgacctgcag atcggcgacg
   752161 gcctgaaggc gcatcgcatc gaggtgtccc tcgacaatgg ccagctcggc gtgagcggaa
   752221 cggtggacgc cagcggcgcg caggtcggcg agatccgcct ggccggcggc cgcggcctga
   752281 gcctgggtgg caacgcgctg ctggatgcgc atggaagcct gctgcggcgc gacagctacg
   752341 ggcagatcat cgacagcccg aaccgggcga tggtcgagct gagttccggc agcggcacct
   752401 tggtcctggc cggcggcgcg cgcatcgacc tgcgccatgg caccgcggcg ccagcggaac
   752461 aggttgatgg cgtcgcccgt ggcacgttgg agttgaacgc gccacgcctg ggcggggtca
   752521 gcgccggcga catcgccatc gatgccagcg gcgcgctgga tatccgcggc gccggcagca
   752581 tcgccctgaa cgcgatgcag cgttacgacg atgcgccctg gggcaacgat ccggcggccg
   752641 gcgggcggtc ctaccaggtg atcgaccagg cttacctcga tgcgcggcat gccgagagca
   752701 gcgcgttcat cgccgcggcg ctggccaacc gcgagttgct cgatggcaag ctggccggac
   752761 tgaccaatgc cacctacgcg gatgctttcc acctgcgtcc aggggtggag atcgtcagtg
   752821 caacggcgga cggcgacctg gtggtgcagg gcgatctcga tctgtccggc taccgctacg
   752881 ccagcctcaa tccgaacacg ccgctgaccg aggtctacgg ttccggcgag gtcggcgcgc
   752941 tggtgctgcg cgccggcggt gacctgaacc tctacggcag tatcaacgac ggcttcgcgc
   753001 cgccgccgga ctcgccggac gacaagggct ggatcctcac cccgggggtg cagccgttcg
   753061 gcggcgacct ggtggttccc ggcccgggcg tggtgctcgg cgacggtacc gcgttcctcg
   753121 gcggccgcac cctcaactac gacctgccga tcaagggcac caccctggcc gccggcaccc
   753181 gtctggccac cgaggcggta ctcgaacagc cctataccct ggccgccggc agcgtgctgg
   753241 tagcggacat ccacgatgcc gccggcaacc tgctgtacgc cgcgggcagc ctgctgcgcg
   753301 acggggtgac gctggaggtc ggcagccggc tgggtgccgg taccctgctg gcggcaccgg
   753361 ccagcgtgca ggcgatgatc tggccggctg gcgtaccgtt gccgagcgtc gaggcttccg
   753421 gcaatacact gctgctcaat ggcgaactgg ccctggcacg gggctcgctg attccttcgc
   753481 agaccaccgt ggtgctgagc ggcgatgcgt cctccatcga actgcgcccc agcgacggaa
   753541 cacgccaggg gcgcaactgg gcgctggccg agatgttgcc ggtcggcagc cagtcctggt
   753601 ctctgcgtct ggtcgccggt gccgatctgt cggctgccga caaccgtctg gtgcggccgg
   753661 attccacggc gagcttgaac ctggccgatg cgcattatca ggtcaggatc gaagaaggga
   753721 caggcggcgg cctggtctgg agcgatcgca tcggcgagat gggcatgggg ttggagccgg
   753781 gaacgccggt ggatgaagac aatgcctgga tttgctccat cgatgccggc tattgcgtat
   753841 ctacgcccaa ggccacatgg gcaaaaggga actggctggg catgccggta ggggaggcga
   753901 tcagcgatag cgacttcgaa ctctggtgta gcggttttcc agagttgtgc gtgatcaact
   753961 cgaccaccaa gctggagccg cagaaccagt tgttcagcgt actgcgtaca ggcaccggcg
   754021 acctcgacct ggccagcgcc ggcaacctga cgcaatggtc gccgtacggc gtctataccg
   754081 ccggtagcca ggcggctgag gtggctgcgg agttcgacca gcagcgcggt cgcttcgatg
   754141 ggatggtgct gggcaatgcc ggcgcagact acgaagcgtt ggcggacagc cagtaccgtg
   754201 cctggtatcc gcagcacggc ggcaacctgg acattcgcgt gggtggcgat ctggcagggg
   754261 acatctgggc cgatggcccg gattcgctaa gcgattccct ggttcgctcc agtgcwgtat
   754321 ctacctgggc ccctccagca gcatgcagca gccaggcgct ctgaatacgt ccagatccct
   754381 actgcttgca ccttctctga acggtgaact ggagctgctg gcaggagact cgctatatgc
   754441 cggaggctat tcgatacagc gttcgggggc tgcgcagacc agcctggcct ctatccagaa
   754501 gccggctttc gccggttacg ccgaggcgag tctggtcaac cggatagcca gtaacggcag
   754561 cccggacggc aatccggcgg aaggttcggg gctacccctg ttctacttcg gcgccgacag
   754621 cgccggagtc ttggggcgta atctgcaacc tgcacgtttc tacgcgttga acggggatat
   754681 cgttggcctc aacagcgggg cgctgattcg tttcgacgat agcagcattg ccggtagtcg
   754741 ggccttgcag acctggtatg aaggtgccgg gtctgtttgg atgctcgccg ggcgtgacat
   754801 cgtcgcttct ggtactccgt tgggacagac tggaagcgcc gggccaagcg gtagcacgtt
   754861 caccggcaac ctcttcgtcc acgacgaccc caacgacctc tcgctggtcc aggccggccg
   754921 cgacatcctc tacggcaact tcaacgtcgc cggccccggt accctggaga tcagcgccgg
   754981 gcgcaacatt ctcatggagg atcgcgcggc gatcaccagt ctcggcgcgg tggtgccggg
   755041 cgacagccgg ccgggtgccg atatcgtgct ccaggccggc gcggcggggg ccgactatca
   755101 ggccttcctc gagcgctacc tggatccggc caacctggcg caggccggca ccccgctggc
   755161 cgagcagccg ggcaaggtgg tcaggaccta cgaaagcgag ttggccaagt ggttgaacga
   755221 gcgcttcggc ttcgccggcg acgcggaaca ggcccaggcg ttcttcgccg gcctgcccgc
   755281 cgagcagcag cggatcttcg cccgccaggt gtacttcgcc gaactcaggg ccggcggccg
   755341 cgagtacaac gaagtcggcg gggtacgcca gggtagctac ctgcgcgggc gcaacgcgat
   755401 cgccgcgctg ttccccgagc gcgatccggc gggcaatccg atcagctacg aaggcgatat
   755461 cgtcatgtat ggcggtgccg gcgtgcacac cgacttcggc ggcgacatcc agttgctcag
   755521 ccccggcggg cgccaggtgt tcggtatcga gggcgaggcg ccgccgtcca ccgcaggcat
   755581 cgtcacccag ggccagggca atatccaggc ctattcgcgg gacagcatcc tgctcggcca
   755641 gagccgcatc atgaccacct tcggcggcag catattggcc tggtcggcgg aaggcgacat
   755701 caacgccggt cgcggttccc agaccaccgt ggtctacacc ccgccgcggc gcatctacga
   755761 cgcctggggc aacgtcagcc tgtcgccgca ggtgcccagc accggcgccg gtatcgccac
   755821 cctcaacccg attcccgaag tggcaccggg cgacatcgac ctgatcgccc cgctcggcac
   755881 catcgatgcc ggcgaggcgg gcatccgggt ttccggcaac gtcaacgtgg cggcgctgca
   755941 ggtggtcaac gcggcgaaca tccagaccca gggccagtcc agcggcattc cgctggtggc
   756001 ttcggtgaat accggggcgt tgacctccgc cagcgccgcg gcgagttccg cgacccaggc
   756061 ggcggaggac gtcagtcgcc agcagcaggc cgccgcgcgg cagcgcatgc cgtcggtgat
   756121 cacggtgcag gtgctcgggt tcggcaacga gcgcctggag ccttcgcgcg acggcgccag
   756181 tcgttcgccg ggctacaacc cggacagcgc cgtgcaggtg ctcggcgccg gagccctcgg
   756241 cgaacaggcg cgcagccaat tgaccgatga agagcgcggc aacctgatcc tgtaaggcac
   756301 cgccgcggag gcacgatacc cgccaggccc tccccacgga gggccttttt tttggcgaac
   756361 ttccgaggcg ctggtcgatt ctcgggtgaa tgcccgttcg tccccgccgg cggcgcgcga
   756421 acggccggtc gcatgaagtt ttcatgacaa aagttcggtg gtgcggcggg gtcgccgtca
   756481 aacaggtgtg aatgaggaaa acggaattca gtggtgaaag gcagggacgg gaacgaaagg
   756541 aatcggccat ttcccgattg cgctgaccgg ttgctggaaa tgagcgtgtc gttcgagcaa
   756601 gacgcgttcc gctctgaaac aagagaacag tatccgctaa cggccgtggt cacaccggtg
   756661 aatacggcga aggacggtga gtattgatgg aaagttactc gaaagtcggt atgcaggaac
   756721 ttgaccagcg cctatcgaag atcgtcgaag ccgcacgcaa gaaaccggta tcggtttatc
   756781 gatatggggc gccatgggtc tggatagtgt cccaggaaga ttggcagggt gcgctcaagg
   756841 acgtgtccag ctatataccg ccgggacatt ccctggcgtt gctgaaaccg caaatagaaa
   756901 gtctccttgg cgaagaggct aaagtcctct cggcgctcgc ccgcgaacat ggcatgcagt
   756961 tggccccgga gccgctgatc catgcgctgc tgctgcaact gctgtacgcg attcccagcg
   757021 agcagcagtt gtacgagcaa ttgaactaca acctgctgta tcgctggttc gtcggcctgg
   757081 aaatgaagca gaagatctgg agttttccgg ttttcgtcgg cgatataacc gtcctgctga
   757141 acagcgcgga ggcggtaagg ataataggca ggattatcgg ggaagtgatt tccggggatc
   757201 tcatgcagat gccggagttc tccctgaact tcgccttgtt gcatacatgg caagcgcgcc
   757261 atggcggagc gcgacggctg aatatctagc gcgaaagtga aaatagaaaa gaacgaaatt
   757321 tcataagggc ggggcgctat ttttaacagg ttgttcatgc gtcatcgcta gtttgttgtc
   757381 tttcatagaa ctgttcgatg aacggacttg ttgcattaga acaataagtc ccgatggaac
   757441 ttcgggggac cgtgtgaagc gttcgctgtt caattgtgcg cacccgtttc gccagcgctg
   757501 gtcgatcggt tgcctggctg tcgcattgtc gtgcgcttcg ctggccgacg aggcccctcc
   757561 cgccgcggcg ggagccgagc cccagcgtct ggtggacatc aacgagtacg tggtacgcgg
   757621 caacaccgtg ctggacaacc gcgccatcga ggcggcggtg tatcccttcc ttggaccgca
   757681 gcgcagcctg ggcgacatcg agggggcgcg cgatgcgctg caggccgcct accaggagaa
   757741 gggctaccag tcggtctacg tcgagctgcc ggagcagcag gtgagcggcg gggtggtcta
   757801 cctgcaggtc accgagacca ctgtcggtcg cgttcgggtg gtcggcgcca agcactattc
   757861 gccggtggag ttgcgcgagg aagtgccggc cctggaggag ggcaaggtac ccgacttcgc
   757921 ccaggttcag cgcgagctgg cgcaggtcaa ccgcaccccc ggccgccagg tgctgccgat
   757981 ggtgcgcgag ggccagcggc ccggcaccat ggacgtcgac ctgcaggtgg aagacaagaa
   758041 tccctggcac gccagcatcg gcctgaacaa cgactacagc gccgacaccc gtcacttgcg
   758101 ctcggtggtt tcgctgggct acgacaacct ctggcaactc ggccacgcca tctcgctgac
   758161 ctatttcacc gcgccgcagg accaggacaa cgccaaggtc tggtccggct cctacaccgc
   758221 gccgctgagc cagcgctgga gcgtgcagct gtccggctac cagtctgaca gcgacgtggc
   758281 cacggtgggc agcatgaatg tggtcggcca gggccattcc tatggcgtcg cggcgatcta
   758341 cagcctgccg gtcaccggcc tctggtcgca ctcgttctcc ttcggcgtcg acttcaagga
   758401 cttcgaggaa cagacccgga tcggcggcaa caacgacagg gtgccgatca agtacgcccc
   758461 gctgaccctc ggctacaacg gcttccgcta caccgaacgt tcccagttgg cccttggcct
   758521 gagcctggtg gccggtaccg gcagtctcct cggctacggc gacgacgacg aggaattcga
   758581 ccgcaagcgt tatcgcgcca agtccggctt cggcgtgctc aagggcgatc tcaaccacac
   758641 cctgaccttc ggcggcgact ggcaggtggc gaccaaggcg gccttccagc tcgcctccgg
   758701 gccgctgatt tccaacgaac agttcgccgc cggcggtgcc accagcgtgc gtggctacct
   758761 ggcggcggag aacaccgccg acgacggcta cctgctctcc caggaatggc gtacgccgtc
   758821 cctcggacgc ttcctcggca agcgcgccgg cggctacgtc aacgactggc gcttctacgt
   758881 gttcgccgag ggcgcgcaac tgcgcctgca ggatgcgctg cccgagcagg acgacgactt
   758941 cagcctggcc agcgtcggca tcggcacccg cgcgcaactc gccgactggc tgtccggcag
   759001 cctcgactgg gccttcccgc tgctggaagg gacgaacacc gacaaacacg actcgcgcct
   759061 gcatttcagc gtgcaggcga gcttctgacg ctgaccccgg agtaatccca catgtatcgc
   759121 ttattgctga catcgctgat ctgcctgggc ctgctggccc cggccagcgc cagtgcctgg
   759181 tggcaggacg actggcagta ccgcaagcag gtctcggtcg ataccacccc gcaaggtgcg
   759241 gcgatcaacg acagtctcgg tcgcctgccg ctgctggtgc gcctgcatac cggcaacttc
   759301 accttcgacg gggtcaacga gaacggctcg gacatccgct tcgtcgccgc cgacgacaag
   759361 accgtattgc gccaccaggt cgagagcttc gacccgctga tgggcatggc cctgatctgg
   759421 gtcgacgtgc cgcgggtgga gggtggccag cgccaggaca tctggatgta ctacggcaac
   759481 gccaaggcgc cggagagcgg caacggccag tcggtgttcg acccggacta caccctggtc
   759541 tatcacttcg acggtgcgcc gggcactccg ccgcgggatt ccactgccta cgccaacaat
   759601 gcgcagaccg ccgccggcag tccggtggag ggcgtcatcg gtcgctccgc gcaactgctg
   759661 ggccagccgc tgctgctgcc ggccagccca tcgctggcgg tgagcgccgg tggcaccttc
   759721 agcttcagcg gctgggtgcg tcccgaccaa ctggccggcg aacaggtcct gctgtcgcgc
   759781 cgcgaaggcg gcaacgccct gttggtcggc ctggcccagg gcgcgccctt cgtcgagctg
   759841 aacggtcagc gcgctgccgc cagccaggcc ctggcgcagg ggcaatggca gcacctggcg
   759901 ctggtcgccg acggtacccg gctggcgctg tatctcggcg gtcgcgaagt cgccagcctg
   759961 gcggcggcgc tgccggcgtt cagcggcgcg atcgccatcg gcgcggaagg ccaggtcgcg
   760021 cctgcggccg ccaccgaggc ggcaagcggg gaaggtgagg cgagcgccgc ggcgccgacc
   760081 ctgcaaccct tccagggcgc catcgacgag ttgcgcctgt cgaagatcgc ccgcccggcg
   760141 gcgctgctcc tcgccgatgc caccgcccag ggcgccgagt cgcgcctggt ggcctacggg
   760201 gtcgacgaga agcagtccgg cttcggcttc ggcaagctcg gcttcctgct caacgcagtg
   760261 ccgctggatg cctgggtgat catcgcgatc ctggcgctga tgatggtcca gtcgtgggtc
   760321 atcatgtacc gcaagaacca gaacgtcggc cgcgtcagtc gtgccaacgg gctgttccgc
   760381 gagcgcttcg ccgaggtcgg cacgcgcctg gaactgctcg ccgacgaccg cgagctggcc
   760441 gcccgcctgc aacactcctc gctgtggcgc ctgtaccagg tggcagtgaa ggagatccgc
   760501 acccgccgcg agcagggcgc cgacacctct tccgtctccg cggccaccat cgaggcgatc
   760561 cgcgcctcca tggacggcgt gcgcaccaag gagaaccagc agctcggctc gcgcctgtcg
   760621 agcctgtcca acgccatcgc cggcggcccc tacatcggcc tgctcggcac cgtgctgggg
   760681 atcatggtgg tgttcctcgg caccgccatg gccggcgacg tcaacatcaa tgccatcgcc
   760741 ccgggcatgg ccgccgccct gctggccacg gccatgggcc tgttcgtcgc gatccccgcg
   760801 ttgttcggct acaaccgcct ggtcacgcgg aacaaggaag tcagcgcgga catgcgggtg
   760861 ttcgtcgacg agttcgtcac ccgcctcgcc gaggtgcatg gcgaaagcca gctcagcgaa
   760921 gtggcccatc gtcgcaacgg ccagccgttg ccggcctgag gagaacgcca tggcttccgt
   760981 gaacagcagc cacgacgatg acgacgacgg cgccgtcgac agcatcaaca tcaccccgct
   761041 ggtggacgtg ctgatggtgg tgctggtgat gttcatcctc accgccaccg cccaggtcgc
   761101 cgggatccag atcaacctgc cgaaggccag tgccaccgtg gcgctgtcgc agcccaagac
   761161 caaggcgatc tcggtgaacg acgccggcca ggtgttcctc gacgcctacc cggtgaccct
   761221 gcccgagctg gaggaccgcc tgcgtacgga gaaggccctc aaccccgact tcccggtagt
   761281 ggtccgcggc gacgccacgg tgcagtacca gaaggtcatc gaggtcctcg acctgctgcg
   761341 ccgcctggag ctgtcccagg tcggcctggt caccggcaaa ccgacctgag gcccgggatg
   761401 aacatgtccg ccgatcccaa gcacaccccc gagccgaaaa atgccgcgcc gctgtccatc
   761461 gacggccacc cggcgaaccc gaccctgcgc tacctcaagt ggggcctcgg cgcgctgctg
   761521 ctcgccggcc tcgcctggct ggtctgggag tgggccaacg acatgagcgg cgtgcgccgc
   761581 gaggcgccca aggtgccggc gatcatcccg ctgccgccgc cgccgcctcc gccgccgccg
   761641 gaaaaaccgc cggaaccgga gcagccggtg gaagaggaaa agatcgtcga gccggaaccg
   761701 caacccgaac tggaggaggt caagccgcag gaggaagcgc cgccgtcgcc ggccgacgac
   761761 ctggccgacc cgatgcagat ggatggcgac gcccagtccg gctccgacgc tttcaacatc
   761821 ggcgccggca agggcggcgg gatggccggt tccggcggcg gtcgcgccgg caacgccagc
   761881 tatagccagt acctggccta cgccttccag cgcctgctgc gggacaaccc ggagctgcgc
   761941 aacctggcgt tccgcctgca ggcggagatc tggctgagtt cctcggggga tatcacccgg
   762001 gccgaactga cccgctccag cggcgacccc gagaccgacc agaaggtgct ggccgcgctg
   762061 cgcgccgccg gccgcctgga agaacgcccg ccggcttcgc tgaccctgcc ggtgcgcatc
   762121 gccctgcagg gcaagcggcc gggatgagaa gacgccaacc cagaacgatt tccggcaggc
   762181 gactgccttg aaggacctta ggagccgtac acagatgaac gcgaaagtga accgactggc
   762241 gctggggatg ggcgtcatgc tcgccgcgct ggccggccag gcgcaggccc agccgccggc
   762301 gccctcggag aacgccacga tcaacctgat ccgcctgctg gtacagcagg gcgtgttgaa
   762361 gaaggaacag gccgatgcgc tggtcaggca ggccgaggcc gaggcgcagc aggcccagca
   762421 ggcgcgccag gccgtggcgc ccgcggcggc cgttgccgct gtccccgggg aggtccgcgt
   762481 accctatatc ccgcaggtgg tgcgcgacca gatccgcgac gaagtgaagg ccgaggtaat
   762541 gacccaggcc aaggcggaga attgggcgca gcccaacgcc ttcccggact gggcctcgcg
   762601 catcagcttc gacggcgacg tgcgcttgcg ctacgagtcg cgctccttcg gcaacggcaa
   762661 cagcaaccag atcaccgact tcgccgaact caacgacgac ggtccctatg acgtcaaccc
   762721 gaataccagc tcgggcctgc cgccgctgct caatacccgc gaggaccgcg acagcctgct
   762781 gcgcctgcgc gcgcgcttcg gcctcaaggc ggcgctgtcg gaaagctgga gcgccggcat
   762841 ccgcatcggc accggttcgg acaacaaccc ggtgtcgacc acccagaccc tcggcggcgg
   762901 cttcggcaag aaggacctct ggctcgacca gggctacctg acctggaagc ccagcgagcg
   762961 cctgagcctg accggcgggc ggatcgccaa tccgttcctg tccaccgacc tgctgtattc
   763021 caacgacctc aacttcgacg gcgtggcggc gatcttcaac cagccgctga gccgcgatgt
   763081 cgcgctgttc ggcacggtcg gcgcgttccc cgtggaatac agctcggaca ccgcctcgtc
   763141 gaacggcttc gacaaggaag acagcgacaa caagtggctc tacggcgcgc aactgggcgc
   763201 cacctggaag atcaacccgc agcacagcct taccggcgcg ctggcctact accgcttcga
   763261 cgatatcgaa gggcggcgtt ccagcccttg ccggccctgg gccggagatc cggagtgtga
   763321 caccgacggc agccgtccga ccttcatgca gaagggcaac acggtgttcc tcctgcgcga
   763381 catcgtgccc aacccggccg acccggcgaa cacgccgaac ccgcagtacg tcggcctggc
   763441 ctcggagttc aatctgctcg acctgaacct cggctgggat gccgagctac ccaacgactt
   763501 caagctgcgg gtggccggca actacgtgca caacctgggc tacgacgagg gcgacatgcg
   763561 caagcgcgcc ggcggtgtgg cgcagatcgc caacaacctc ggctccgacg gcgacatcaa
   763621 gagcggggcg aacgcctgga tgctccagtt caccctgggc aacgccctgg acatgcgcga
   763681 cgccggcgac tggcaggtct tcgccgccta caagtacatc cagccggatg ccctgccgga
   763741 cggtttcaac gattccacct tccaccttgg cgggaccaac gccaagggct acatcctcgg
   763801 cgccagctat ggcttcgaca agcgcgtcta cggtaccgcg cgctggctca gctccgacga
   763861 ggtctacggc gcaccgttct ccatcgacgt cctgcaactc gaggtcaaca cgcgcttctg
   763921 agcgctcctc gaggcagacc atgaagaggc agaccatgaa cacgcgacct ttctcattac
   763981 cgatctgggc ccaggcgctg ctcgccgggg ccgccttcgc cgcctacgcc agccaggcgg
   764041 cctacgccga cagcctggag gaacgcctgc gcgcccagtt gcgcagcacc acccagcaac
   764101 tccaggcgct gcagaccgaa caggcccagg ccaccgcggc gaaagccgcg ctggaaagcc
   764161 agcgcgatgc ggcgctggcc caggtcaagc aactgagcgc cgagctggcc cgggccaagg
   764221 gccaggccga gcagctctcg gcccagcaac agggcttgca cgaccgggcg cggcagatgg
   764281 tcgaggcgag caacgagcaa ctgggcaagt acaagcaggc ctacgacgag ttgctggtca
   764341 tggcgcgagc caaggaggcc gagcggcaga agctcgacct ggcgttccgc gagcacgacc
   764401 agcagttgca gcagtgcacc gcgaagaatc gggagatgta tggcgtggcc aaggagatcc
   764461 tcggcgccta cgagaacgtc agcgtcgccg aggtgatgaa gatccgccaa ccgttcgcca
   764521 gcggtgcgcg ggtgaaattc gaagagatgg cgcagaagct cggcgacgac ctctacaaga
   764581 cccaggtcga gaaccgccag gcggcgctcg cccagtgaaa tccgatagca aaccaggaac
   764641 ccggacatga acgacatcac cctgatcgaa cacctttccg tcgacagcct gaccgaggcc
   764701 ttgcaggagg caggctaccg ggtcaaccgc agcgagcaga acggcgtcgt gcaactgctc
   764761 agcgccagcc agggaatcgg ctacgcggtg cgcttcggca atccggcagc gacgccggcg
   764821 agctacctcg acttcacctt cagctgcgcc ctgcgcgtgc agggcgagtt gcccgccggg
   764881 ctgaccgagc gctggaatct cagccggcgc ttcggccgcc tgtcgcagca gggcgagttc
   764941 ctggtgatgg aaatggacgt gatcgtcgcc ggcggcgtca gcccggccaa cctgcgtagc
   765001 catatcgaac tgtgggatcg cctgctgcag gagttcatcg cctatctgcg cgactacagc
   765061 cgcctggccg cggagcagca gggcatggcg caggatgccg gtcaacccgt cgatggcgag
   765121 gcctgagccg atgcggccgg catttcgttg cggcgtcctg gcgttcgcgc ttgccgttct
   765181 cgccggctgt ggccagcgcg aggacggcgg cgcgggccag gccccggccg cgcttgccaa
   765241 gccatctgcc agcgccgccg cggaacccgc ggtggcccgc ctcggcgcct tgcaggtggc
   765301 gccggacgaa ctgaaggcgc tgctggccga ggtgccggcg gaaacccgcg cgcagttgag
   765361 cgagaaccgc gacgcactgg aacgctggat gcgtgcgcgg ctcgccgaga aggcgctcta
   765421 cgaacaggcc agcgcccagg actggcaaca gcgtccgcag gtgaagacgc tgatcgatgc
   765481 ggcggcgcgg cagatcgtcc tgcgtaccta cctggagtcg gtgagcacgg tgcccgagga
   765541 ctaccccagc gatgccgaac tgcaggccgc ctaccaggcg aacaaggcgc aactggctgt
   765601 accggcgctg taccgggtca gccagatctt catcgccgcc tctgcggccg gcgggcttgc
   765661 cgaagcgcgc aagcgcgccc aggaactcta ccggcaggcc gcggacggcg acttcgccga
   765721 actggcgcgc aagcattccg acgacccgca gaccgcccgc aacggcggcg acatcggtgg
   765781 gttgctggcg caggcgcaac tgctgccggc gatccgtccg gcgctggaac ggctgaaggt
   765841 cggcgcggtg tccgagccga tccagggcgc caacggtttc cacctggtca agctgactga
   765901 gcgtcgcgac gcccgcctcg ccaccctcga cgaggtccgt ggtcgcctgc gcgaaagcct
   765961 gcgcgcgcaa cgccaggagc agatagccaa ggcctacctg gatggcctgg tgaacaacgc
   766021 taccctgagc atcgacggcg cgttgctcgg caagaccctg gcggaactgc actgatggac
   766081 ggcatcccgg aggccaggcg tgggccgcgc gcgagccgct ggcggcacct gcgcagctgg
   766141 ctgttcggcg agcccgagcg gttctgcgac gaacgccagc ggctctgggg cgcctatgcc
   766201 gcatggctcg gcgagcaggt ccagcagcgc ctgggagaag acgccgaaac cgcgccgcgg
   766261 ctgctggcct tcctggagtc gcggcgcgcg gcggggcagt tgccgaatac cgacatcgac
   766321 ctgcgggtct ggctcgacga acgcggctgg atcgtccgtc tcgcctgcct gcgcagcgac
   766381 gccgagccga tcgagaatga actgcggcgc gcgctgatgg accgttcgtt gcgcctgccg
   766441 ccgccggaac acatgccgca gccgatcgaa ctgcggattc gcctcatgcc tggacgctag
   766501 cgaggaagca tggccctatc ggagtccgcc gggcagcgcc cggcactgct caggcccgcg
   766561 cagggacgcg acgaccgtgc ctattggcac gagctgttcg gttctctgga ggtggtgcat
   766621 ttcttcctgg tcaccgcccg ttgcggctgt ttcatgcagg ctgcgcgcag cctggacgtc
   766681 aagccgacgc tgctgcgcaa gaccctggcc cggctcgagg agcgcctcgg cctgcatctg
   766741 ttcgtgcatg agggcaacgc cctctcgctg acccgcgagg gccgcatcgt ccaggccgcc
   766801 gggcagcgcc tggtcgagga cagccagagc cacgccgatc ttcaccggca acagccgctg
   766861 gtgcgcctgg cggtggccga aagcgtcctg cacgatgtgc tcagtcgcga gctgtggggc
   766921 tacctgcgca agaacgccaa cctgcgcgta gccctcgccg agttgcgcga gggctggccg
   766981 gaaagcgcag ggccggcgga gatcgccatc tggatcgccg atccggggca gccgcatccg
   767041 gcgatggaag gccacttcgc cgcaccggcg cgcatcgccg agctggagta ccagccgcac
   767101 atcggcaagc gctattcgcg cgagcgcacg cggccggcca gcgaggacga gctggacgac
   767161 tacctgctgg cgcagctcca tggtcacgcc gccagcgccg ccctggcgcc ctggaaccgg
   767221 cgggtggcgg ctcgccagtc gggagtgatc gaggtgcaga gccacgacct gctgctacag
   767281 gcgatcctct ggggcgcctg catcggcctg ctgccgcatt acgccggacg cctggagcgc
   767341 aacctggcgg cgttgccgca ggtcttcgac gagccgatgc ggcgggaagt ctggatgagc
   767401 gtgcagccgg aagcggagaa ccgcgtggag gtgcgtgcct tgctcgatct gatcgagcac
   767461 gccttcgacg accggcgcga ctggttcgga cgctgacctt gcgggcttga cggcggccgc
   767521 catagccgac accgtttcgc cacggaacgg ctgacggaag gtacgcgatg acggagcggc
   767581 attggcaggg cgaggtctgg ctggcgcggg accacgcgct gttcgccggg gtcaacggcg
   767641 atactcgcga gcacgcgcac tatgcccacc agttgctgct ggcggagacg ccgctgcggg
   767701 tgcgcgtcgc tggccaggta ctggaggccc ggcgcttgct ggtgccctcg ctgcaagccc
   767761 attgcgtcga agcgtcgcag ccgttgctgg cgctgtacgc cgagccgctg gcgttcgaca
   767821 gcgacgacct gcgtcagctt ctcgaggacg ctcccggcga gcccgaggcg ttgctggggc
   767881 ggcttgcgcg gctgcctcgt cgacggctcg accgccgcgt cgaaaaggcc ctggcggcgc
   767941 tcgacgagca actcgcggcg cgggtcgagg cggaaagact ggcgcgcagc gccagtcttt
   768001 cgctgagcca actggagcgg ctgttcgccg tccaggtcgg cctgtcggtg cgccgcctgg
   768061 tgctctggcg ccgcctgtac ctggccttcg ccctggcctt gcaggggcgc agcctgaccg
   768121 aggcggccca tcacgccggc ttcgccgacg ccgcgcacct gtcgcgcagc gtacgcagcc
   768181 tgctcggtat ccgcgccggc ctgtcgctgc cgcacctacg cctggccggc tgaacgcccc
   768241 aatccttccg gcggctgtgg gacgtgcctg ctgcgtggca ggtcgcggaa tggcgcgagc
   768301 aactggccgg catagtcgcg gggatagtca ggctggtcgc cgatgcccat gtcggtgctg
   768361 tccaggcggt agtcgggacg atggagggcg gtgccgagca ggcggtccca gacgctgaag
   768421 aacagcgcga agttgacgtc gccggcgcgc ccatagcgga tgtggtgcag gcgatgcagc
   768481 ggtgcccagg cgaacacatg gcgtaacccg ccgatgcgca tgtcgacgtt gctgtgttgc
   768541 agcagcaact ggatgccgat ggcgaaggcg agcagcgcgg cgaccgtctg cggcacgccg
   768601 agcagcaaca gcggcagggt gccgccgagc gcttccaggc ccaggtgcag gggatgcttc
   768661 atcagcccgt tgaaaccgta caggcgctgc acgctatggt gcaccgcgtg cagccgccaa
   768721 agcagcgccg aacggtggct ggcgtagtgc accagggtga tgccgagatc ggccaggacg
   768781 atcgccagca gcagttgcag ccacagcggc caggcctgcg gccataccgg ccagaagccc
   768841 aggactccgg ccagcagtgg cagggcgagg atgccaagtg cgttcaggct ttcgttgacc
   768901 gacgcgtgca ggacatcgcg caggcggtcg gcgtgcggcc ggttccagcg tggctggtag
   768961 ggcagtcgtc gttcggcgag aaaggacagg ccgagcgccc cgaggaacag ggcgaccagc
   769021 caggcgtggg aagcctggcg atagccgacc tgccaggtcg ccaggccgat gaagccggac
   769081 cagaagaggg gcgcgtaggc gtagcgcagg aagaactgca tggtgggacc tccggatgaa
   769141 tgaggtcccc agcgtcgccc gcgacaggcc ggcggcgctt gaacgaaccg cgcaagttct
   769201 cagtcgcgca gcaccagcgg cgcgccttcc atgtccccgc gacccggcca ggtctcgcgg
   769261 gccagccagg ccccaaccag gcagaccagg ttggccagca gcaggtagcc cagcggcgac
   769321 agcggattgc cggtgacgcc gatcagccag gtcaccacga tctgcgcggt gccgccgaac
   769381 gcggcgacgc cggtcgcata gaccagggaa aaaccggtgg agcgcagcgc ccgggggaag
   769441 ctttctacca gcagcacgat cagcgccgcg ccgctcatgc catgcagggc cgagagcagg
   769501 gcgaggacgg cgaggaagac tgccggctcg gggtgacggg tcattgcctg cagtgccggg
   769561 aacagcaccg cgagcagcgc caggcgcggc aggatcagca cggcgcggcg cccgtagcgg
   769621 tcgcagagca cgccgccgag caacgccgag agcgccagtg cggcgccggc gaccagcgtc
   769681 gagagcatcg cgatgcccgc cggcaggtgt agctcggtaa gggcgaaggt ggtcatgtag
   769741 ttgaggaagt actgggtgat ggtgcttccg gagaggatca gcaggccgag cagcagggcc
   769801 cgccgatgat tgccgaacaa ctcgccgagc aggttccggg tgctggcctg gcggccgcgt
   769861 ccggaaaagg tctcggccag gttgaggcgg atgtacaggc cgatcggcag gaccagcagg
   769921 ccggccgcga agggaatccg ccagccccat tcctgcagtt ggcgttcgtc gagccagagg
   769981 gtgagcaggt agcccatcag cccggcggcg accgccgcga tgccttgcgc cacgacctgc
   770041 cagcaggcgt aggtgccgcg cttgtgcggc ggtgccgcct cgaggatgta ggtggtcgcc
   770101 ggcccggcct cgccgcccca ggccaggcct tgcagcaggc gggtcagcac cagcagcagc
   770161 ggcgcggccg ggccgatgct gtcgtagccg gggagcaccg cgatgccgcc ggtgcccagc
   770221 gccatcagga acagggtaag gagcatcgcc ggcttgcgcc cggcgcggtc ggcgtaggcg
   770281 ccgataagga ccgcgccgag ggggcggatg acgaagccga cgccgaacgc ggtgaccgac
   770341 aggagcaggc tgacgaaggc gctgtcggag gggaagaaag tccgtccgat catcaccgcg
   770401 aaggtggcat agaccccgaa gtcgaagaat tccacggcgt tgccgaggac cacggcaaag
   770461 acgctgcggc ggctggccgg atcggcggcc gccgggggac gggtggggga gcgcatggcg
   770521 aaggccctct cggagtgacg actgaaacac tcaggcctgg agccgagcga cgagcggctg
   770581 ccggcttcag tcagccggcg gccgtggcca gccgtggatc ggaccgcgcc agccttcgta
   770641 ggtcttgccg atgcgcaaca gccaggtatc ggcgaagcgc ggcgcgacca gttgcaggcc
   770701 gatcggcatg ccggcggccg tgaagccgca gtttatcgag agcgcgggct gttcgcccat
   770761 attccacggc acggtgaaga cgatgtgctc gaatggtcgc tgcgggtcgt tcagcggcga
   770821 ggcccagtcg gcggggaagg cctcgacctg gttggtcggc gtcagcagca ggtcgatctc
   770881 gccgaacagc cgggcggcgc gccggcgcat ctcgaaggtc tggttgaaac cgcgcaccgc
   770941 atcgaccccg ctgacccgtg cgccgccctc ggcccaggcg tggacatagg gcagcaccct
   771001 ggcccgccgc gtctcgtcga ggagcagcag ttcgctccac aggcgggcgc gccagaagtc
   771061 gttcaggccg tcgagcaggc tccggtccat cagcggttcg acgatcctga gctgggcgcc
   771121 gtgctcctcg aacagccgcg ccgcggcctc gatcgcggcg cggatttccg cgtcgggctg
   771181 caggccgcag ccggggtcga gttgcaggcc gaccctcagg ccgcgcaccg acagcggctc
   771241 ggcgctccag tccagcactt ccggcggcag gctggtggcg tcgcgggcgt cgggctgcgc
   771301 gaggtagcgc atcagcagca ggcagtcgtc catgcagcgg gtcatcggac cggcgcagcg
   771361 accggtgtag taagggtcga tggggatccg cccgaggctt ggcttgaagc ccaccaggcc
   771421 gcaccagccc gccggcagtc gcaccgagcc gccgatgtcg gtgcccaggt gcagcggtcc
   771481 gtagccggcg gcggccgccg ctgccgcgcc cgaactggag ccgccggtat tgttggccag
   771541 gttccaggga ttgcgggtga ctccgtggaa gctggagagg ccggatgaaa gcatgccgaa
   771601 gtctggaacc gtagtcttgg ccaggacgat cgcgccggct tcgcgcagcc gagcggccgg
   771661 cggcgcgtcg cagggcgcgg gttgcagggc ggtggcggcg ctgcccaatg ggataggttc
   771721 gccagcggtg gcgatcagct ccttgatggt taccggcagc ccgtccagcg ggcctttggg
   771781 ctgtcccttg cgccagcgct cggtggccgc cgcggcctgt tcgcgaaccc gttgcgggtc
   771841 gaagcgatac agcgcgttga gatgcggttc ccagcgctgg atgtgggcca gcagatgctc
   771901 gtagtactcg ccaggcgaga gttcccggcg ggcgaacagt gccagcaggc gggttcccgg
   771961 gaggtcgtgc agcgcggtca ttcaagctcc ctcgaagaac ggccgcgggc gtcaagcgac
   772021 cggcctaccc gttgtcgggc ggcgattcga aaccaaggtg tatcggggag gtatagccaa
   772081 ttaccttgcc accttggagt ccgcggggct caggtggtct cgtgatggag aaggaagcgc
   772141 ttcaaccggc ggaaggtggt gcggttccac tgccgcagcg gcagcgagcg gagcagttgc
   772201 caggcatgcc gcttgtccgc gaccacggcg tatttcaggg ccttgttgac cagctccgtg
   772261 cggccgcgct cgtaggctgg atgcgactgg tagggcgcga tggtgcgcag gtcggcatcg
   772321 agcagcacct tgtagcgccg cgacaggttg tcggggtggc gccggtagcg ggtgaccagc
   772381 accggcagct tgtggatctg gtagccctgg ctggcgatac gcagggtcat ctggaagtcc
   772441 tgcaccttga tctcgggatc gtagaagccg gcggcgcgca gggcctccat gcggtacagg
   772501 gacaccgggg cgccgcagac gtaggcgttg ccaagcaggt agtcgaagtc cagctggcgg
   772561 atgcgattgc cgttctgccg cttggtttcc tggccttcgc tgtcgatgta gatcaccagg
   772621 gcgccgacgc agccgacttc cgggtgctgg tcgaggtacg cggcgcgcac gctcaacgag
   772681 tgcggcagca tgatgtcgtc caggtccggc gtggctacgt agtcgccgcg ggcgtgttgc
   772741 agaccgaagt tcagcgctgc gctgacgccc tggttctgct ggcggtagag ctggaaaccg
   772801 tggactttct gcaactgctc cagcatggcg tagctgttgt cggtggaacc gtcgtcgacg
   772861 atgatcactt cgaaattcgg gtagtcctgc tcgtagatgc tgcgcagggc ttcttccagg
   772921 tacttttccg cgttgaagca gggcgctacg acggatacca gcggggcgtc cgtcgtgcct
   772981 gagtgcttgc tggaagtggc ttcttcaatc atgtgtcgtt cttgtcactc gtcttgcccg
   773041 gtagccgttc cagggggccg tcggtcatga agtcctgcga tcgttccggc gatcggtgct
   773101 cggcgcgggc tgtcggaaac acagcgtttc gctccgccgc tacggtcgct ggagtggctc
   773161 tggcacgcat gcctggatgg ccaggcatcg cgacagtata ccgtcggaag catagagggt
   773221 aggccatcgg gcccgagaaa aatcctcgac ctccttcgtc caaccgtcag gccgtggcat
   773281 ggcgctgttt ccagtgccgg tacaaggcgg ggatatcccc agtacacagc agtggcatgg
   773341 ctgcctcgat atcggccagt ggccagtccc accaggccat ttccagcagg ttctggatat
   773401 cgccatcgga aaagcgctta cgaatggtcc gggccgggtt accgccgacg atggcatagg
   773461 gctcgatatc gccggtcacc agcgcgcggc tgccgatgat ggctccgtgg ccgacccgta
   773521 cgccgggcat gaacatcgcc tcggtaccga tccagacgtc atggccgatc agcgtgtcgc
   773581 cggctggctg atagccgttc acggcgccgg cgaagacagg ctcttcgtgc atgaagtgga
   773641 aggggaaggt cgacgcccat tcggcgcggt gtccctggtt gccggccatg atgaaggcgg
   773701 cgccactgcc gatcgagcag aaactgccga tgaccagctt gtccacgtcg tcgcggtccg
   773761 gcatcaggta gcgggcgcag tcgtcgaagg aatgcccgtg atagtagccg gagtagtagc
   773821 tgtagcgccc cacccgtatg ttcgggttgc tgacctgttc cgagagcagc ttgcccctga
   773881 aggggctctc gaaatagttg cccatgaccg tcgtccctgt ccgtcgaaac cgccaagggt
   773941 agcgcctggt gggatagcgg gccagcctgg cgtgacggct ggcagccgcg tcggcgttca
   774001 gcaggccgga gtgctgaacg gccaggcctg gaaaggctcc gaatagtgcc tgccgtgacg
   774061 gaaggcgaag gggagtgcgt tggcttgttg gtgcagttcc tcattgtcga cgttgaggca
   774121 aagcatctgg atgtcctgtg ccaccaacag ccggttcagg tactcgatgc tcttgcgctg
   774181 gcgcaggtta cgcgtcagcg ggccgggggc aagcaggcgc gcgtccaggc ccaggtaatc
   774241 gcagaggccg gcgtcgacct cggcgaagca ctggcgagcg tcggtatcga tgcgttgcgg
   774301 gtgcagcgcg atgcgcacgc cgctgtcgcg tagccgggcg agggacgcca ggtactccgc
   774361 cgaggcgggt tcctgctcgt cgatggccag cagcaggcag agttcgacct ggtgctgctg
   774421 caattgcctg gccgaggcca ggatccgctc gcagaccccg gcgttgccca ggctgctggc
   774481 atgcagggga atgaagttct tgccgagcag ttcgaggtcg gtgttgtgcc ggtgcacgca
   774541 caggaggcgt gccagcaggt gcttgaccgc cgcctcggca agcagcggcg gtgcgccgga
   774601 aaggaaggcc gacaggtcga cgcgctggcg ccgttcgcgc agggagagct tgctgccgac
   774661 caacgcgccg ttcctcgcat agatgccatg ggcgaagagc tcgaatccgt cgttcgcatc
   774721 acggttgccg aggcagagcc atttcaatgg cgggggcgtt ctgtctgtcg cagtcataag
   774781 tgatggctct atgggcaaat ctcgccaagg cgctcgggca tggagcccgc acgcagggtt
   774841 gaggggtatc tagcggagac gaccctacct cccacgaatc aaggtctttc gtcggaaaac
   774901 ccagggggca ggtaggggat cggctcggca atcggtcgcc gagggtactt ccggtgtcgc
   774961 cgccaggcct ggttggtggc ggctttttct ctggtctgtg cagtggttcc gctgttaccg
   775021 atttttccga gtgcgtttgt gttgcggcat cgatcattgg cgtcagtcgg cgccgatgct
   775081 gtcgatgaag ccctggatca gcggcgaggc ttgctgtttg cgccagacga aatggatatc
   775141 gctggagtcc aggccggcta ccggttcggc atggaaaccc cgtcgcgcgg agggcatgcg
   775201 tgcaacgaag ctctccggca cgcaggcgaa gccgagaccg gcctcgatgc aggcgaagag
   775261 gctcgggtag gactcgattt ccagggttgc acgcggctgg ataccgcttt ccgccagcca
   775321 gcggtcgacc tggcggcggt agtggcaagt gtggccgaac acatagagtt cgaggctggc
   775381 gaggtcctcg ggagtgggtg ccggcaggtc ggcgggagtg acccgcaaca ggcgctcgcg
   775441 gaaggccagg cggctggcca gcaacgggtg ttcgatgggg ccgtcggtga cgatcaggtc
   775501 cagctctccc tccatcagca ggcgctcgag cagcagcgaa tgctccgggc ggatgtgcag
   775561 ttcaacgccc ggcgactcgc ggcggtagcg ggccaggcgc tggggcagat gattggccag
   775621 ggccacgtcc agtgcgccga cccgtagcgc gccgtgcgcc tggtcgccgg cgaacagcgc
   775681 agcggtctcg tcggccagcg ccagcaggcg cgtggcgtgg cggtacagca ggcggccctc
   775741 gggggtgacc agcaggcgat tcctttcgcg attgaacagg gctacgccga gttgtccttc
   775801 gagttcgcgc aagcgggtag tgatgttcga cggcacgcaa tgcaactgtt cggccgcggc
   775861 tgcgatggtg ccgcgttcga ccaccgcgca gaagaatccg agttgggaga gtttcacata
   775921 attctcttta agtgagtgct ttgctaatta ttgattactt ttaatgagtg aaaggccacc
   775981 ctagcatgga cctcgcgatc gcttccaacc ccatttcacg aggaaagatt ccatgaccta
   776041 ccacgtactg gttcagttcg acgttccctc cgacaagcgc gaagcgttcg ccgcggcagg
   776101 cctgttcgat gccaatggct cgttgcagaa tgaaccgggc accctgcgct tcgaggtgat
   776161 ccgcgacgag aacaaccgca accgcttcta cctcgacgag gtgtacgaag acgaggcggc
   776221 gttcctccag cattgccgca acgaaaccat cgcgcgcttc tatgaactga tcgacagcta
   776281 tgccttcggt ccgcttttcc tgttcaaggg ctaccgcgtc gagggttgat tcccgctccg
   776341 gcggctcgcc gccggattcc acggagaatt tccatgcgaa tcctgcacag catgctccgc
   776401 gtggccgatc tcgaggccgc gctggagttc tacacccgcg ccctggacat gcgcctgctg
   776461 cggcgccggg actatcccga aggccgcttc accctggcct tcgtcggcta ccaggacgag
   776521 cgcgcggccg ctgccctgga gttgacccac aactgggacc gggacggcta cacccagggc
   776581 gacggctacg gccacctggc catcgaggtc gaggatgccg ccgtcacctg cgcccgggcc
   776641 agggcgctgg gctatcgggt cacccgcgag gccgggctga tgcagcacgg acgcagcgtg
   776701 atcgccttcc tcgaagaccc ggacggctac aaggtggaac tgatccagaa gggcacccag
   776761 ttcgattgag cccgcgacca gggggcgaca tagcggctgc tgtcgttccg gctcagccgc
   776821 tggcgtcgaa tgcggcgtgg aaggccacta ttccttgcgc catgcgcccg ctgaaggact
   776881 gtgcctggaa gtattcggcg ggaactccgg gcaacgccag gccgctttcc acccgaaagc
   776941 cgaagcgcga gtagtaggtc ggttcgccca gtaccacgca gccacccgcg ggcagcagtc
   777001 gcagctcggt gagcaggcgc cggaccaact gcgaaccgag accctggcgc tgtcgcccgg
   777061 gcgccaccga tagcggcgcg aggccgtacc agtcgcccgc ttcgccatcg atggtcactg
   777121 gcgaggctgc gatatggccg atcacctggc cattcgcttc ggccaccagc gaaagcgtca
   777181 gcgcgccagc acggcgcagg gcatcgacga tgtactgctc ggtatggctg ctgtgcgttt
   777241 cgttgcggaa cgcggcttcg gtcaggtggg cgatggcgtc gatgtcgccg ggcgtctccg
   777301 cacggatgga aatattcatg caagcactcc tcggaacccc cccttgtccc ggcgggggca
   777361 atggaaaagg aagggggtca gcgattgtcc gcctgcgggc gcacggcttt cagcccggcc
   777421 atggatatcc ggtagggcct gccctggcgg gagtggacca ggcccttgtt cttcagcctg
   777481 gagaacaccg ccagggtgca gtcgagcagc aggtggccgt cgcggttgta gcactcgacg
   777541 cgggtgatct tgcccgaagc gtcgcgaagg aaggcgatat ggccgccctg ggccaaggcg
   777601 tgaagcgtcc gttgttccgg cttggaaacg ttcatgtcgg tagaacctgt aatcatcggt
   777661 gtgacaacgc ggccgcacgg cccgaaaagg cgcgtgcgag ccatggcgaa ggcagataac
   777721 cggcgacacc tcgtgcggga tgacgaagtg gcggttatcg gatgattact atctccaaca
   777781 tacaagcctc ggatcgggga gggcgcagcc acgaaagcgt gctgcgatgc ggcagtctaa
   777841 cgaagctggc gaagcgacgg caaggaactg cctgcgtcgc catgccgctg tgcgacgctt
   777901 gcgcctttgt gagggagttc gcctcgcccc gcggcggtcc gcgctttcat tatcggggga
   777961 ggcgggaggt atccatgttt cgcacggcgc tgatgctgtt catgtcttcg ttggcaattc
   778021 ctgccctcgc ctcgatgaga tgcggcacgc atctggtgga cgagggcgac agcgtcgagc
   778081 aagtcctgga aaggtgcggg caaccgctga gcaggatcgt caacgagcct gccctgcgca
   778141 acaacgacgt gcccaagttg aatgccgcac gcaccgaatt ctgggtgtat ggccccagtg
   778201 gaggcgtcta ccgacacttg cgcttcatcg atggcaagct ggtcgagatt cggctcgagc
   778261 ggaagtgata cgaggctgtt gaggagttat tcctacagat aattactaat ttgctgcggg
   778321 acaccgtgaa agagcgctga gagagaagac gagccgggtg cgggcctagg tggatgcgtc
   778381 ttccgtcgtg taggaattgc ccgatatcgg gcggcggggc ggaaggttgc gggccaccct
   778441 gatcgcatac ctgaaaagtt ggcggcgtaa tctccgcgat tttcaggcga ggaagcgtcg
   778501 tgttgaagtt attggtcgtg gttgcttccc tgttcatcgg cggaggcatg gccatgggag
   778561 agcctggggg ggcggatggg ttttccgctg tcgcagcggt cgatccggga gcgaaccccg
   778621 aagcgcaact ggacgaggag cctcaggagg tcagcgaagc gccggcctat cgcgtggatg
   778681 acctcacctt cctgtacctc acccatgagg tctatctgga accctacgtt tcctgccgtc
   778741 cgaaagtcct gggcgaacgt tcgtacgtcg cctgctggaa cgaaacctac tccggccgct
   778801 ccccgctgaa cttctgggaa tacgacgggg tgacttcctc gccctcaacg acccggcacg
   778861 tgtgttggcc gagggaaagt tcgccagcga gcagcgcatc ggcgaagcgc ccctgccgct
   778921 gcccctggat atcgatctgg accagttgga acgggcctac tcgctgatga tgtaaggaag
   778981 aggaaccttc cggctgcgcc tccgccgaaa tccagggggc gcttccgatc tttcctgggc
   779041 tttacgcggt aaagcctgaa aacagaaagc ccctggcact ggttggtgtc aggggccttt
   779101 gcattgggat ctggagcggg cgaagggaat cgaacccttg agaacagcgc tttgatgcgt
   779161 tgctatgcgt gccaatgcta ctgcttccgt cgcttcggcg actcgttccg tagctttccg
   779221 tgccattgat ttcgacacat tttcgacacg tctcgagtag tcgatattgg caagaaacgg
   779281 ctgtcctcat gcgcgcatca tcctgaacca taggtggwyt tggaaggaaa gagaggttgt
   779341 ttcctgccat gtataaagcc aaccctgaaa gtcccagccc tagagcgatt gcaagcgccc
   779401 atttaccaag gctctggctc tgctttcttc ttaagtattc cggtgcatca tccttgtcag
   779461 ctttcattct tgcctttcgt ccgtagggca taccatcgta gtgctgcttt tctagtgatc
   779521 gctatcccgc gttttgattg ggcaagtttc gatgggcttc atcatatgcg gggcttgttt
   779581 ggccgatttc cggcatgacg tcaccagtag aaagccacca gcgatactcg ggatagacct
   779641 tccccagaat ttctatctcc tcagcgccta ctcgcgcgcg ccctcgcttg atgctgaccc
   779701 accggttgta gtcggtttcg ccagctctcg tgagggcact taaattgctg cgctctatta
   779761 atagaatcgc tctttcagta atgccttcag ccattgataa ataccattat ggactattgt
   779821 catattttct gttttatgga taatgtccat atggacttaa tccataagca aatttcgcta
   779881 atgccacgaa tagtgacgga atgagcatgg aactggaaga gcttaacccc ggggccctga
   779941 tagggccgca acaggatgtg gagtccatcg aacggtgggc ggagcgcaac ggcattagct
   780001 atggcaccgc ccgcgcctgg gtttaccggg gtgtactgcc gtccgtgaag ctcggaaagc
   780061 tacgcatggt gaatagcgcg ctgctgcgta cctggctgtt ggaacaggaa tggagtgcct
   780121 gatatgcgct acctcgtaga gatttgcacc ttccacggcc cgacccggca acgtcgctgg
   780181 catcgcgtcc atcagggcat ttcccgcgtg gaatgccaac gctgggtcga agagttggtg
   780241 gctgtcttcc cgactgaaga agaagctcgc cgcttcttcg gcctgacccg cgaacgcgct
   780301 cggcaggtgt accgcatccg tggggtgagg gcatgaacca tggccgccag tccctactac
   780361 ctgcgccaaa cccacgcccc ggactgcgcc tgctctgtgt gctggtccgc aaggcaggtc
   780421 atcccattgc acagcccgtc gccgtgtccg gactgccggc cccctgggct gccctatctg
   780481 gaaggtggcc gctggctctg ccgtccccgt tccttctgcg cgaaacacga cccgtcccgg
   780541 cgtccgccga agtactggca cgttgtgtac gacagcggga agcccacgcc ctttgtgccc
   780601 gtgcgcgaag cattccaatt ggagggctga accatgctcg ctaagaccct gaaagcgctg
   780661 ctcctgttct gcctgatcca ggccgcccgc accgtggccg atccggtcaa gggccgcgct
   780721 cccggctcgt cggaacagct ttaccgttcc ggcgaacgga agcacgggcg gagcgcaccc
   780781 ttgaacgcct cccccctgaa acagcctccg ctggggagtg tggggcagct tctccgcccc
   780841 gcgctcccga gccctcggcg gcaagagcgg gatgacaagg gcagagccct tggtgttgct
   780901 ctgcgggttc caaggggaag cgttcccctt ggccgtcgga gacgacgttg cgataggggt
   780961 cgttacccgg atgggctgag acgaacaccc gtggttggct tggttcgcta gcgaatagag
   781021 cccggcccgc agggatcgcc cgacaaatca ctttcaccca acaccgctga atgaaggcga
   781081 aacagccgaa tttgcagcag cgggacaact cacgccgaaa aaggcgaatt gaaggagaaa
   781141 caccgatgaa catgtttgca acccaaggcg gcgtcgtcga actgtgggtc accaagaccg
   781201 acacctatac ctcgaccaag accggggaaa tctacgcctc ggtccagtcc atcgccccga
   781261 tcccggaagg cgcccgtggc aacgccaagg gcttcgagat cagcgaatac aacatcgagc
   781321 cgaccctgct ggacgccatt gtcttcgaag gccagccggt gctctgcaag ttcgccagcg
   781381 tggtccgccc gacccaagac cgtttcggtc ggatcaccaa tacccaagtc cttgtggatc
   781441 tgctggccgt gggcggcaag ccgatggcgc cgaccgccca agccccggcc cgcccgcaag
   781501 cgcaggccca agccccgcgc ccggcccagc agccgcaggg ccaggacaaa caagacaagt
   781561 ctccggacgc caaggcgtaa gccgtaggag gccgcgatgc tccgctatct ctcgctgttc
   781621 gcggtaggtc tggccaccgg ctacgcctgg ggctggatcg acggcctagc ggcctccctg
   781681 gctgtttgag gactgatcgc tatgtcaggc gttgtcgctg tgcaggtgtg taccgcgtgg
   781741 acctcgactc ccgagggctt catggggtgt cgcgaactcg catggcaaca ggcctacctg
   781801 attccgcccg aggccgctgg atacgtggac atcctggtca acggtggttt ctccccggaa
   781861 gccttcggca tcggtgccgc tggcgtcctg ggatcgttcg tgacggggct tttgattggc
   781921 tgggtcgcgt cacttcttcg taaagccaag tagagaggaa acaccatgaa agcaatgaag
   781981 caacgcatcg ccaagttcag cccggtcgcc tcgttccgca acctgtgcat cgccggttcc
   782041 gtcactgccg cgacttcgct gccggccttc gccggggtga tcgacaccag cgcggtggaa
   782101 tcggcgatca ccgatggcca gggcgatatg aaggccattg gcggctacat cgtcggcgcc
   782161 ctggtgatcc tggccgtcgc cggcctgatc tacagcatgt tgcgcaaggc gtaacgggtg
   782221 ctctggtcgg tgtggttggg ggcgttcttc gccggcgcct tcatcaccgg gtaccggacc
   782281 ggcgaattct tctaaccgaa cagaccgagg cggaagcccc ctccggagtt tccggcaggg
   782341 ggctttttca tgggtgactg gatgagtaac aacgcacgtt ccggccttgg ccgacttctt
   782401 tcgctgctgg gtctgctggt ctcgctgctg tggcattcct tggcgaacgc ggacttctac
   782461 caatggcaga tttccatccc tggagagccc acggccttct ttccatccta tacggckrca
   782521 aggaagttca gtgcagtgtt tcgggtactg gcggaatcac ctggcagacg aagactgcca
   782581 tcttgactgg tgatagctgc cctccagagc aagagctcga tccggccgat ggcgcctgca
   782641 agccgccgcc cgaagagtgc aaggaaggcg aactgtttcc ggccaagggc ccggactcgc
   782701 ctgttgtcac ctcgggcggg cggaactatg tcggcgacgg cggcgcaccg agcgcctgtt
   782761 atcaaagctg cgagtacggc ggcaacccca gcccggccag ttgctatctg gtcaaaggct
   782821 ccaccacgac cggcttctgc aattacatcc tcaagggcac cggacagaat tgcggtgccg
   782881 attcctacac cttcgcgcag accggcgatt cgctgaaccc acccgacacc ccgaacaccg
   782941 atccctccga cccgaacgat cccggctgcc cgcccggctg gtcgtggtcg gggactacct
   783001 gcgtcaagac cccgaccgat cccacggatc caaccgaccc aaccacgccg ggcggtgatg
   783061 gcgacggcgg cggcgatggc aatggcggtg gagacaacaa cggcggcggc aacgacggcg
   783121 gcaccggcaa tggcggcgac ggcagcgggg gaggggacgg caacggcggg ggcgatggta
   783181 gcggcgacgg tgacggcagc ggcacgggcg gcgatggcaa cggtacatgc gacccggcga
   783241 aagagaactg ctccaccggc cccgaaggcc ccggcggcga actcaaggaa cccacgcccg
   783301 gcacctggga tgacgccatc gccacctggg aaaagaaggt cgaggaagcc aagaaagaac
   783361 tcaagaccaa ggtgaaagcc aacgtcgacc agatgaaggg tgccttcgac ctcaacctgg
   783421 cggaaggcgg cgggcaactg ccctgcgaac ccatgaccat ttggggcaag tcctactccc
   783481 tctgtatctc cgactacgcc ggccaactct ccagcctgcg cgtggcgctg ctgctgatgg
   783541 ccgcgctgat cgccgccctc attctgctga aggactgacc ctatggaatg gctctccggt
   783601 tttctcgatc agatcatcgc cttcttccag tggatctggg atttcttcgc ccagggcatc
   783661 tatgacttcg tgcgcgacgg cctggtggtc gccaccaagg cgtcgatgta cgccgcgctc
   783721 cagaccctga tcctgctgat cgatgtcagc tacaccgccg cccgcgaact gatcgacagc
   783781 ctcggcgtgc cgcagatgat ccgcagcatg tacgccgcgc taccggggcc gattgcggcg
   783841 ggtctggcct tcttcggcgt gccgcaggcg ctgaacatca tcatggtcgc ggcggcgacg
   783901 cgcttctgca tgcgcttcgt gccgttcatt gggaggtgat ccgtgtcgat caagatccat
   783961 cacggcccca atggctccta caagacctcc ggcgcgatcc aggatgacgc cgtgcccgcg
   784021 ctgaaagacg ggcgggtgat catcaccaac gtgcgcggct tcaccctgga gcgggcctat
   784081 caggtcttcc cggacctgcc caacacggcg gaaatcatca acctcgatct ggagtcgctg
   784141 gaagacctcg aaaagatgcg cacgtggttt cagtgggcgc cccgcggggc cttcctgatc
   784201 ttcgacgaaa cccaactgct gtttcccaag tcctggcggg aaaaagacct cgagcgcttc
   784261 gactaccccg gtggaccgga agcggcccat gcggccgacc gccccatggg ctggctcgac
   784321 gcctggaccc ggcaccggca tttcaactgg gacattgtcc tcaccacgcc gaacatctcc
   784381 tacatccgcg acgacatccg catgacctgc gagatggcct acaagcattc caacctcgcg
   784441 gtgatcggca tccctggccg ctacaaggag gcccagcatg acgcccaact caaccgtccg
   784501 cccgccgatg gcaccatcat cgagtacaag cggatccgaa agcagacctt cgccctctac
   784561 cagtccacgg ccaccggcaa gacccaggac accaaggcgg gcaagagcct cttccggtcg
   784621 cctaagctgg ttcttctact ggcattgctg gccggcacta ttggctttgt ctggtatatg
   784681 gggcctctgc gcacgattgg cggtccggct gctgcgacac ctgccgacgc tcctggcgac
   784741 cctgctcaag cccctgctgc gcccgctgct gtggctgctc cagcgcgtcc tgctgcgaat
   784801 agctttcttc ctcctgggct tgtacctgat gggcctgctg ctgcgcctgt tgatctgaac
   784861 gcccatccct tcgccgatcg acggatctcc atcctcgccc acgcctaccg caagtcgcgg
   784921 ggcgatatct acctgttcgc cctggaggat cccacgggcc ggcgcctgga actcaccagt
   784981 tggcaactga tcggctccgg ctaccgggtg acgcccaagg gcgagtgcgt cgtagagctt
   785041 cgctatgagg actggaaaca gaccgtcacc tgtgccggga ggcagcccgg cgcggtggcc
   785101 agcatcgctc cggcagcgcc tgtcgccgcg tccgcagacg caccggccag gggccagtcg
   785161 ccgctgacca tcgtccccga ttccgaatac gcctcgcggc cctggaggca gaaatgatcg
   785221 attgggaatt tctcgtcccg gtggcgatgg gctgggcgct gcatcactgg tggacggtga
   785281 tgacggcgct agcggcggta ggggtgccgc catgaggggc gggccgcgcc gccggccggg
   785341 agcgcaaggc atgagcgata ggccgaaggc gcggccgacg cccctgtaac acgtcagata
   785401 agccacctat tgcggtttca attcgtacca atttggatcg ttaaagatga agaaaatcag
   785461 ccatcaaatt cgcgtcagta tcgagtcgga cggtcaggtc ttggaaagcc cgaaagggcg
   785521 gttgttcttc gacgacacca cggctcaatt caccgacctg tcaggcgtgc gcattctgcg
   785581 ttgcggcgtg gacacggtgc ggcagttgta caacggcaag ttgcgcccgg aagtgatggc
   785641 gctgttcgac tccymggaas atgtggtcga gttcgccggc tacgaatggt ccaagggccg
   785701 tatygggcgc gactctgggt atcagttccg tctgcagaat gcwgamctcg gcctgatcct
   785761 gctaatcaag aatcacaaca tgaagctgga gaccctcggc tcgcacctca agatcgaagt
   785821 atcgcctcac gccctcgatg gcgccgatcc gcgcatcctc cagggcgtgc tggatgactt
   785881 ggccgctgcc gtgctgagtc actgcgaaac caaccaagcc gctgtgcata tcgccctgga
   785941 ygtacagggt tgggcaccga aagaaaacat cgtggatcgc atgyaytgcc gctcgcgtcg
   786001 ggtacgccag atcagcggca tcgaccggat cgagttcaac ggcaacgcct cggtctacgg
   786061 gcgtggcgag acgtacatgt tcggctcggc caacggcctg caactgtcga tctayaacaa
   786121 gwcgctacag gcccgcgcta ccgacaagct cgattactgg aacgccgtct ggtccaccca
   786181 caacggggat ccgttyggyg ayggcgaccc ggcctataac cccctggaaa cggtgtggcg
   786241 gctcgaattc cgtttccatc actccatcgt ccagcaattc tccgaaggct cgcgtatggc
   786301 ctcgggggag gtcattggct gccgcaccta tgagggcctc tgcccgcatc tgcaaggact
   786361 gtggaactac gcctgcgaaa gcttcaagct gctgagccgg acggcggtct acgatccgtt
   786421 ctggagcctg atcagccagg acgcccgcgt ccaggtcgag tgcgatccgc tgatcgagcg
   786481 caccgagtat cggcgctatt acaagaccgc cawgggcttc agcgggcgca actgcgagat
   786541 gttcctcggc cagttcgtga gcctgatcgc gcgggagcgt gtcccggcaa aaaaggctat
   786601 tgagtccgcc cgtaaactgg agttctggca cgttatcgaa gaccactatc tcgccaaggg
   786661 ttggactcgt cgcgatctgg aaaggcacat acagaacctg atctcagacc gctatttgcg
   786721 gcgggggtat gccgtctaat gtcgatcacc aagctccccg atggtcgttg gttcgtcgat
   786781 gtcgaaccga tcaagggcaa gcgctttcgc aagcggttca agaccaagat ggaggcgcag
   786841 caattcgagg tcaccgcgcg tcagaagtgt gcggaaaacc ccagctggac gctcaagccg
   786901 aaggaccgtc ggcgtctctc cgagttggtc gaactctggt atgaactgca cggccagacc
   786961 ctgagcaacg ggcatcgttg cgtggcgatt ctgcggttgg tgacaaggga cctgggcgac
   787021 ccggtcgctg tctccctgga gcctgcgaaa gtggctcggt tgcgtagccg gcagatagcc
   787081 aatggcatgt cgggcaagac cgcgaataac cgtcttggct acctcaagtc catgtacaac
   787141 gaattgcgtc aactcggcgt cattgactat gagaatccgg tagggcgcat gcggccgctc
   787201 aagcttcagg aaagaccgct gtcgtacctg accaagcatc aggtgtccga actgcttacg
   787261 gccctggatg cgcgcaccac gtcgccacat ccgaagatgg tcgctcgtat ctgcctcgcg
   787321 acaggggctc gatggggtga ggctcaggcg ctgacgccgg aacgtctgaa aggtaatgcg
   787381 gtgatcttcg ccaacaccaa gtccaagcgt gtgcgctcgg tgccgatctc ggaagaattg
   787441 gccgccgaca ttcgccggca ttggcagacc cacgggctgt tcacgaactg ccttggcgtg
   787501 ttccgcctgg tgctgctgtc gacctcgatc aagctgccga aggggcaggc cagccacgta
   787561 ctgcgccaca cgttcgccag tcacttcatc atgaacggcg ggcacatcgt gaccctacag
   787621 cacatcctgg ggcacgcctc gttgtcgatg acgatgcgat atgcacacct ctcccaagac
   787681 cacctatctg aggctgttcg attcaacccg ctcataggtt gaaggctgcg ggggtcgaca
   787741 gagggaaaga aaaatagact tgagatggtt caaattcggt ctgaattcgg attatgatgt
   787801 tggagccgac ggtagacaga ctgccgacgc gcgaatccca ctcgtcgcct ggatatggag
   787861 cgtggtggag ttcgaacacc gtagaacctg agttccaggc cttaagtgtt cccacagcaa
   787921 tggaggtacc ggctcatgcg agtcgagaca attagttatt tgaaacgtca tgcggctgat
   787981 ctggatttat ccgagccaat ggtcgtcacg cagaacggtg tccctgccta tgtggttgag
   788041 tcatatgctg agcggaagca gcgcgatgaa gcaattgcgc tggtgaagtt gcttgcgatt
   788101 ggctcccgcc agtacgcaga aggcaagcat cgctctgttg atgatttgaa agctcgcctt
   788161 tccaggaggt tcgctcagcc agaataagga ggtttaatgt ccccggtcgt cattcgtttt
   788221 actgataccg cagagcaaag catcgaagac caagtccacc acttggctcc attccaaggt
   788281 gaacaggctg cactccagtc agtactgagc cttttggatg agattgaaga gaagatttca
   788341 cttgcaccta aaggttaccc agtcagccag caggcgagtc ttctgggggt gctgagctat
   788401 cgcgagctta ataccggccc ctatcgtgtt ttttacgaat tccacgaaga gcaaggcgag
   788461 gcggcagtga tcttggttct gcgacagaag cagagcgttg agcagcaatt gatccgctac
   788521 tgcttggtgg ggccaatcga gtgatggctt tctactcctg agcatctagc gctgaatgcg
   788581 cctcgacact tcttcgacac ctttcctttc cccaaaaagc aaagcccccg aaacgctagg
   788641 catttcaggg gcttggcaag gggttctgga gcgggcgaag ggaatcgaac cctcgtcatg
   788701 agcttgggaa gctcaggtaa tgccattata cgacgcccgc tcggatggct tttgcggcca
   788761 gggcgccttt ttaccagatg cgcggcggca ggtgaagccc ggggcggggt ttttgttgat
   788821 ttcgctgggt ttttccgcca ggggagcggg gctccccgtg gcggtggcgg ttagctggcg
   788881 agggcggcga gggggacgct ggcgccgttg ggctgggggc ggtagatcgg gttgagcggc
   788941 tgcgtgcgct gcgggcggag gaaggccagc agggcgtcct gggtctgttg ccaggcggcc
   789001 ttgtgctcga cgtcgatgaa gtggccggca ttgcggatgg tgtggaattc cgcgccgcgg
   789061 atcagttggc cgaactggcg ggcttcgtgg ggcgtggtgt agatgtccag ctcgccgttc
   789121 atgaacagca ccgggatctc gatgccggcg aagctctcgg tatagctatc ggcgttcagg
   789181 cgcagcactt cgcggatatg gaagtgcatc tggtggtatt cgtgctcgtc caggctgctg
   789241 acgtggcgga agttgtagcg cttgaacaac tgtggcaggt agcggccgat ggtttcgttg
   789301 accaggttgc cgacctgggt gcgatcgcag gcggcgaggt agtcgaggcc gcgatgcagg
   789361 tagtcgagca tggccgggtt gagctgaggc gagaatgagt tgaccaccgc cctgcggatc
   789421 cgtccgggac gctgcgccag ggccagcagg gtggcgacgc cgccccacga gaacgacatc
   789481 actacgtcgg cacggaagcg ttcgatcagt tccagcagga tcctggcctc gcactccttg
   789541 ctgatcggcg tgcggttttc gttatggggt ttggactggc cggcatacgg ctggtcgtag
   789601 agcaccacgt tgtaatgcgg ctgcaggtac ttcacggtct gggcgaagga cgctgtggtc
   789661 gacagcgagc cgttgaccag gatgatggtc tgctgcgccg cggggttgcc gtagaactca
   789721 gtgtgaatcc tgtattgccc gtggatctcg atgatggctg tttccggcct catgtcgctt
   789781 cctcctggaa tcgttcgatg ggaacgcggc gacctgcttg tcgcggcgaa tacaaaatgc
   789841 tcatgggcag atgaaagcgc ctcccaatga cagttgaatg tcattcggat ggatttgata
   789901 aacttttgat tttcaacgac ttacaggcaa atagagagcg tccgaaatcc tctcggattt
   789961 tggcgaagcg gctattggcc gggcaggaaa ggccggcgcc gaagcgcggg cagtcacgcg
   790021 ggctttcttg gaagtcgttt gtgactggtc agtcacaacg tgagcgtcag ttaagcagcc
   790081 ggcgtgccgg actgcaagcc ctgtttcgct tttggatggg ggaagggggg ctggaatccg
   790141 acgaaatgcc gcgaggcaag taccgatgct gcgatttcgg gatgccggga aggaaaggga
   790201 cggcgcggcc gccgccccgg cggttcattt gagcaggctg gcgatgactt ccggcgtacg
   790261 cgccgcacgt gccacggcgc agctctgcgg ggcgaggaag cgcgaggtct ccagccactt
   790321 cggctgcggg tagtaggcga acacgtagct gccgcgcttg agggtgttga tcagccgggc
   790381 ggccacggcc gggcgtaccg cagggcagcc ctggctgcgg cccaggcgac cgagcccggg
   790441 aaccaccctg ggatcggcgt aggcggcgga gtgcatgacg atggcgcgtt cttcgctctt
   790501 gtcgttgaaa cccggctcca ggccaaccaa gcgcagcgac tggccgtgct tgccggtata
   790561 gagctggccg gtctggaaca gcccgatcga cgactggtag ctgttcggcc ggttggagaa
   790621 ggaggtggca aggtcatcgc cgctgttctt gccgtgggtc acccactctt cgaagagcag
   790681 cttgcgggcc ttcaggtcga atacccagag gcgcttgtcg cgcgacggcc gcgagtagtc
   790741 gatcaccgtc agcaggccgt tgtcgccacc ctggctcgca ctcgcgcagg cataggcggt
   790801 gagggccagt tcgagggtcg gcaggctggc ctggggagcg agtttctgca ggtccttggc
   790861 ggagggaagt ggcatggcga acaccggccc gctggccagt gcgcaaaggg tggcgcccgc
   790921 caggctcagc ctgcgcaggg cggcacggag gaaggttggc atacgagcag tattcccatc
   790981 ggttcagtgt ggtttttacc ggatgagagg cattgtgctc gatttttgaa caacttgccg
   791041 actacttttt aagcgatttc gtcggattgt tcggtgtttc cgtggcgatc accgtgaaat
   791101 cggagtcgct gtgggtgtcc cgggtcgagg cccagtcggt gatcaccagg gtactgccga
   791161 cgtccatggc gctcagcatt tcgcggacga aggtcgggtc catgcggatc ttgcccagtt
   791221 gctcggaggg tgtcaggccc tgtcccgggt tgctcacctg gaccaccgac cagcgcaggt
   791281 tcggcgaggt ctcgccgatt tcgtccaggg tcggcttttc cagcagcgag aacactgcca
   791341 tgccggtttg cgggcgtgcc ggcaactgca ccggtgcggt gccgatgcgc tggccgccgc
   791401 ggtagacata ggcgcgctgg tcggcgcggc tgatcagcac cgacaacgga ccgcgctccg
   791461 cgccggggtc gttccaggcg atctctccgg gctccaccgg cagcgtcacc ggtcgcccgt
   791521 ccgctaccgt cggcgccagc aggccggggt ggtcgacttc cttcggcgcg ctgctggcgt
   791581 tggaaatgat taccgtggtg gagctgaatc cggtgatgcc gtagagcttc ttggcgaacg
   791641 ccatgggcag gcggatgcag ccgtgggagg cgggatagcc gggcaggttg ccggcgtgca
   791701 gggcgatgcc gtcccaggta aggcgctgca tgtagggcat gggcgcgcta ttgtagaggt
   791761 cggacttgtg gtcgacgctc ttttgcagga tcgagaacac tccggtcggg gtctcccggc
   791821 ccttcttgcc ggagctgagg gtgctgaccc cgatggcgat accgttgcgg tagatgtagg
   791881 ccttctgttc ggtaaggctg accacgatgg tcaccggtcc ctgcggggaa acctccgggt
   791941 accagaggta ctcgccgggc ttcatgctct tcagccgcgc cttgatgtcg gccggcggca
   792001 aaggcgcgtt cgctgggctg gcgggcgccg cgtggaggct gccgacggcg aaggccagca
   792061 gcagtacggc aagggatctt ttcatcggcg ctttctcttg ctccatgcgg gaaaggctgt
   792121 cgctccgaca gacgccattc agcttagcgt cgctcgcgac ggccggccaa acccctgcgg
   792181 tccggcctct ttcggtggac aggcggcggg cggcggggtt tcacaccgaa cagatttctt
   792241 cagcattcag ggggcgccag gcacccggcg gcaactgcgg gtcgagacaa atatcgccca
   792301 tgcgctcgcg gtgcaggcgc agcaccttgt tgtcgaagtg gccgaacatg cgcttgacct
   792361 ggtgatagcg gccttcgtgc agggtcaggc gggcgcagcg tgggccgatc ggttcgagct
   792421 gcgcggggag ggtgatcagg tcttcgaagc ggaagtggag gccggcggcg aaggcatcca
   792481 cgtagcgttg gtcgatgggc gcctcggttt ccacgtagta gaccttgtcg cgccggctgc
   792541 ccggcagggt caggcggcgc gaccactggc cgtcgttggt cagcagcatc aggccggtgg
   792601 tgttgtagtc gagacgaccg ccaatgtgca ggtcgtcgcg ctggtcttcc gggaacaggt
   792661 cgaggacggt cgggtgttgc gggtcgcggg tggcgctgac gcagcccatc ggtttatgca
   792721 gcatgtagta gcgcgccggc ttgccagcct ggagcagctg ctcgtccagt tccacccggc
   792781 tgaagacacg cacttcgtgg gtgccgtcgc gcaccacctg gccgtccacg cgcaggcgtc
   792841 caccggcgat cagcatctgc gcgtcgcggc ggctgagttc gggcaggttg gcgaggaagc
   792901 ggtccaggcg catcagtcgt cggcgtcggg cggcaatagt tgcgcgcagc gcgggcagag
   792961 gcaggcacgg cggcgcagct cggcgggaat ccgctccagc gcggccgcat cgatttccgt
   793021 ggtgaagcac cagcaagcct gggcggcgct agcgggatcg gccagggtgc agcggttgga
   793081 ttgctggcac agcgggcagc ggccggggtc gatttcgctg ttcatggcgc ggtggatggc
   793141 tggcgggtgc ccagggtgca gcgcccggcg cgcggatgca agcatcgcgc gccgggcggg
   793201 gcgtttcagc ggcgaacggc gttggtgatc cagggctcca ggcgctggcc gaagctgagg
   793261 tgcagttcca gcggcgctag ccggtagttt tgtccgtcga ccttggcgaa taccgcgtgc
   793321 cattgtcgtg gcacgttgat cgcggcgagg tcggtacggc tgatgtagcc gccgaccagc
   793381 gtcctgcctt cgtcgaccgc ggaccaggga cgcacccggc ccttgacgat ggcgtagcgc
   793441 tggcgctcgg ggtagcgctg gcgcagggcg gccaggtcga ggccggtgtc gacgatgaac
   793501 agtcggctgg cctctccctg ctcatgcttc agttggtggc gagcggcctc catctggctg
   793561 gacagcattt cgtccttggg cagggccttg ctgcgggcgc tggcctcggc caggcgctcc
   793621 tcggccaggc gtacttcgcg gcgataggcc gggccgtcga gctccaggac cagtagcacc
   793681 tgtttttcct gttggcggcg gtagcgccgt acgctctctt cgtcgagcgc gtccgggatg
   793741 ctgaaaccga gggcgcgcat ctgctcgggc ggcagcgggg gcgcgaggtc attgggcggc
   793801 tcgccgttcg gcgagcgaag ctccaggcgc agttcgacgc cactgttctc ttcgctccag
   793861 aagccgtagg accagttgcg ctggagttcg cgctgactga gcacgagctt gctttcggcc
   793921 tcgccggacc ggttccaggc gacgccaccg agggcggcca ggttcgccgc cagcagcagg
   793981 aggctgccgg cgatcagggc gttgcgacgg ttgcgattca tgcgtcagtc ctcgcggcga
   794041 tgcccagggg cgtgcgcagg cggcgcagga ccagcaggat cagcaaggcg ctgaggccga
   794101 gcaccaggaa gaacaggtac ttcggcatcg cttcccacca ccagtcgaag aacttggtgt
   794161 agaggaagat gacgaagaag gtgatcccgg tattgctcac gtcggcccag ttgcgtcgcg
   794221 cgccgagcca gatcaccagg gcggcggcga cgaagccggc gacctggtag agcccctcga
   794281 tgagcgccga cggcagcgcc aggtagctgc ctgagcccca gttggccagc accagcatcg
   794341 gcaggaacag gccgagcagg gcgaacaccc ggtagatcac ggcgaagccg ctgaagttgc
   794401 gctgctcgaa gcacagcggc acggcgaaga tcagcgcggc ggcggggaag aagttctccg
   794461 gtcgctcgcc tacgcccagc cagtagccgc cgccccaggt gccgacgcgc gcggcgatga
   794521 aacccatcac gcagaggatc gccgccgcca gcagcaggcg ggcgttgcac aggtaggcca
   794581 ggagcagggc gtagagcgcc cagggcacca gggccaggtc gctgggggtg acgttgaata
   794641 tctgcccgag catggtcagg tcgaggacga agcaggcgaa cgcgaccatc gccgccagct
   794701 tgctgaagta gccagaggcg tccttggcct ggacccagag cgtggcgaag aacgcggcga
   794761 aggcgctgcc gatcaggatc gccacctggg cgacggtggg gaacaggccc cagaagcgat
   794821 agaacagcag gaacacgctg gcggcgaagg ccagggcgcc gaagaacgag gctacccgca
   794881 tgcccagcga aagttgctgg ctgcgcaggt cgtggtcgat gtcgaaacgg tcgcggtagc
   794941 tgtccagcag ggccaggtga tagtcggcga gttgccgggc ctgggtcggt tcgaggcgga
   795001 acgcctgctc ctggtcgagg cgttgcagct cgcgctggaa caccaggatg tcgttggcgc
   795061 gctgctgtgc ctgggcgcgg tcgatgggtt gcatgcatgc tccttgagcc ttgccggcgg
   795121 ggccgacagt ccttgatccg cgcactctac cgagaaacgc cggcggcggt cacgccctgg
   795181 aggggcctgt cgttggtcgg attcagggaa tttccgtttt tcccttcggt ctctagtgca
   795241 gtcggattgc aaccgccgca accggcatcc cgctccatcg ggatcttgtc caggcgtggt
   795301 tcggctgcgt tctgcgatga aggagaatgc tgatggtcat gcgattgatc gggctgctgc
   795361 cggcggcctt cctggggagc ggttgcagcg ttcggcggcc gggcgactgc gtcgaactgg
   795421 acttcgacca gggttactac ggctaccatc gcggcggccc gccccattgt cctccaggcc
   795481 aggccaagaa aggctggtgc tgagcccgct cccttttccc gagtcttcac gtcgtatgcg
   795541 cgcctcgtag cgtcgccggt cgtccggctg gcggcggggc cgcaggaggc tgccatgtgg
   795601 cgcacattcc tgagagtccc gcttcttctg cttctcgcca gcctgggtgg ctgcgcggtg
   795661 tatgactacg actacgatga cggcgactgg cgccgctatc gcggccagcc ctacgcctac
   795721 gaagtgccac gctatcgcgt ctacgacgat ggctggcgta gcgaacggcg ctactactcg
   795781 acgcgctact acgaccaacg ctactacccg gcgccacgcc gctacgatgg ccaccgcgac
   795841 taccggcgcg agcaatatcg ctacccgcag cgccaccacg aatcgcgccc ggcccatcgc
   795901 ggcgagcggc atccgggcaa ctggcagcgc ggtggccagc cgcaatggcg cgggcattct
   795961 ccgcaacgct ggcagcaaca cggtgggcag gatcgtccgc ggcaccgggg ccagcagggc
   796021 ggggcgcctc gctggcgcaa ctgaggtgcg caagcaaaga cggcgcctgc gggcgccgtc
   796081 gtgctttcca gtcgaaagtg cggaccctct tggcgcattt gctcggcaca ctctgccgat
   796141 accgaaacga ggaggttccc atgagtcatt ttctgtcgtt cgccaagggc gccctggcga
   796201 tgttctggct cgtcgcgctg gtcaacctgg cctacccgct gggcgagttg catcgaccga
   796261 tcctgctgtt gtccggcgtg ctggtgctgg tccatgccgc cgagatcctg ctgctcaacg
   796321 ggcgtctcaa ggcgcgcccg gcaccttggc tggagcgcct ccaggtgctg ctgttcggcg
   796381 tcctgcacct gcgtagcctc ggctgattta cacaggcttt actctcgccg cgggcaccgc
   796441 ccgcgcgccg cgcagtccga tgtgcaggtt ccggaacagg caatcctccc gcatccgcag
   796501 gagaggccgg aaccgcacag gaggcgccat gcgtcgtttg ctttccctgc tgatcctcgt
   796561 cctgccgctg tcggcctgcg tggtctacga ccgcaacgac caccggcatc gtcccgacta
   796621 ccgctacgag cgctatcacg accgcgactg tgacaaccgc gggcgcgact ggaaccgtac
   796681 ctggcaggag cgccgcgacg acgctcgctg gcgctgagcc tcaggcggcg gcgaagcgcc
   796741 ggtcctgttc cagcacccgc tcgacgaaca ccgccgcggc cggcgacagg ctgcggccgg
   796801 cacggctgac cagaccgtaa gcggagccct tggcgcgggc gggctcggcg ccggcgggcc
   796861 agggcagcag cgccaggcgg ccggcctcga cgtcggcggc aaccacgtcc cagggcgcca
   796921 ggctgatcag ctcgctggag ccgaccaggc ccttgagcat cagcacatcg tcgcactgta
   796981 tgccgagcgg ttcgtcgcgt tgcagcaggc gcgccaggtc gccgcggact tccgcgggca
   797041 gacgcgggcc ggccagcggg taatcggcca attgcccggc gctcggccgc tccagaccca
   797101 gcagcggatg gccggggcgg cagaagagta cgccgggatg ctcgcgtagc gggtggatgc
   797161 gcaactgcgg atcgccttgc agctcgcgga tatcggcgac gaagagttcg acggcgtcat
   797221 ccagcaggcg ctggcgcagg gtctgccagt cctcgatgag cagtgcgacg cgcacgcgtg
   797281 ggtgggcgct ggagaaaccg gccagtgcct cgggcaacag ccgtgcggcg gggaagggac
   797341 cgccgcccag gcgtagctcg ccgctgtcga gattgcccag ttggcttacc gcgttgtgca
   797401 gtgcgcgatg cccggccagc aggcgccgag cgtgttccag caccagccgg ccgtgggccg
   797461 tgagggccac gccgcggctg ccgcgctcca ccagggtgca acccaactgt ccctccagcg
   797521 cctggatgct gcgggacagc gccggctggc tgagattcac cgcttcggcg gcgcgggcat
   797581 agtggccgtg ctcggcgagg gcgacgaagt ggcggaactg gcgtagatcg ctcatgcgga
   797641 ctccgcatcg aatatcggcc tggaatgcat tggaattatt gtcgtgccgc tcggcatagt
   797701 gccagccgaa cctcacaaca ataaaacgga gcatccgatg agccgtctgc tcgcactcct
   797761 ggcgctcgcc ccgctactcg ccggcgccgc cgaaccctcc gcgtccaagc cgcccagcgc
   797821 cttcaccgtc gaggcccagc ggcgggtcga agcggaattg cccttcgccg accgtgccga
   797881 cttcgagcgc gccgaacgcg gcctgatccg gcgcccggag cgggtgctca tccgcaaccc
   797941 tgacggcagc gtcgcctggc agctcggtgg ctacgacttc ctcctcgacg gcaagcctcg
   798001 cgacagcatc aatcccagcc tgcaacgcca ggccctgctc aatctcaagt acggcttgtt
   798061 cgaggttgcc gagggtatct accaggtgcg cggcttcgac ctggccaaca tcaccttcat
   798121 ccgcggcgac agcggctgga tcgtggtcga caccctgacc accccggcca ccgccagggc
   798181 ggcctacgag ctggtcagcc gcgagctggg cgagaggccg atccgtacgg tgatctacag
   798241 ccacgcccac gccgatcact ttggaggcgt gcgcggtctg gtcgagccgc agcaggtcgc
   798301 cagcggcgcg gtgcagatca tcgctccggc cggcttcatg gaggcggcga tcaaggagaa
   798361 cgtcctggcc ggcaacgcca tgatgcgccg cgccacctac cagtacggca cgcaactgcc
   798421 caaggggccg caggggcagg tcgacatggc catcggcaag ggattggcgc gcggaccgct
   798481 gagcctgctg gcgccgaccc gcctgatcga aggcgagggc gaggacctgg tgctggacgg
   798541 cgtgccgttc accttccaga acacgccggg caccgagtcg ccggcggaga tgaacatctg
   798601 gctgccgcgg cagaaggccc tgctgatggc cgagaacgtg gtcggtaccc tgcacaacct
   798661 gtacaccctg cgcggcgccg aggtacgcga tgcgctgggc tggagcaagt acatcaacca
   798721 ggcgctgcat cgtttcggca ggcaggccga ggtgatgttc gcggtgcaca actggccgcg
   798781 ctggggcaac gcggagatcg tcgaggtgct ggagaagcag cgcgacctgt acggctacct
   798841 gcacgaccag accctgcacc tggccaacca gggcgtgacc atcggccagg tgcacaaccg
   798901 cctgcgcctg ccgcccagcc tcgaccagga atggtacgac cgcggctacc acggctcggt
   798961 cagccataac gcacgggccg tgctgaaccg ctacctgggc tactacgacg gcaacccggc
   799021 gagcctcgac ccgctcagcc cggaggactc ggcgggccgc tacgtggaat acatgggcgg
   799081 cgccgagcgc ctgttggagc aagcgcgggc gtcgtacgcc aggggcgaat accgttgggt
   799141 ggtcgaggtg gtcaacaggc tggtcttcgc cgagccggat aatcgggccg cgcgcgagct
   799201 gcaggccgac gccctggagc agctcggcta ccaggcggag aacgccggct ggcgcaacag
   799261 ctacctcagc gccgcctacg aactgcgcca cggcgtaccg cgcgaccagc cgacgatgaa
   799321 ggccggcagc gccgatgccc tggcggcgat ggacaccggc ctgctgttcg actatctcgg
   799381 cgtgcgcctg gacgccggcg ctgcggaagg caaggcgctg agcatcaacc tgcgcctgcc
   799441 ggacatcggc gaaaactacc tgctggaact gaagaactcg cacctgaaca acctgcgcgg
   799501 cgtgcagagc gaggacgccg ggcagaccgt gagcatcgac cgcgccgatc tcaaccggct
   799561 gctgctcaag gaggtatcgg cggtacgcct ggtcttcgag ggcaaactga agagttccgg
   799621 caatccgctg ttgctggggc aactgttcgg catgctcggc gacttcgact tctggttcga
   799681 tatcgtcacg ccggcggcga agtccgaagg ctgacgacga aggcgcccga gaggggcgcc
   799741 tggtcttttc agtaggccac ggtgaagcgc tggcgatgat gacggggctg ctcggcctcg
   799801 tcgagcatgg ctaccgccag gtcttccagg gaaatccggc tctcgccctt ggcgtcgaac
   799861 aggacctggt cgccgccgag gcggaacttg ccgctgcgct ggccgggttc gaggagcatc
   799921 gccgggctga ggaacaccca gtccagtcgt tgctcgccgc gcagttggtc gagggcgtcg
   799981 gcggcgccga gggcgccctg cttccactgc tcggggaatt ccgggctgtc caccaggcgc
   800041 tggccggggg cgatctccag gctcccggcg ccgccgagaa ccagcaggcg cggcacgccg
   800101 gagcgtttca cgccgtcgag aatggcctgg ctgccggcgg cgtggcgggc gcggaggtcg
   800161 gcgctgcccc agccgccgtt gaaagcgctg atgaccacct cgtggcctgc cacggcgctg
   800221 gccacctggg ccgggtcgct gacgtccgcc tgcactacgc cgaggccgtc gcgcgccgcc
   800281 agcttgcccg ggtcgcggac cagggcggtt accgcgtggc cgcgttgcag ggcttcgttg
   800341 aggaaatagt ggccgacgtg gccggtggcg ccgatcaggg cgattttcat gctgcacctt
   800401 ccgttcgaga aatgccgcag agcggcgtcg atcagcatca tccgccctgc gctcgccggg
   800461 ataaaccgct gcgaggggga tgcactcgtt agcccagctt aataatcaga cctcctcgct
   800521 gtcgctcatc agggtcaggc tgcgggccac ggcgagggcg atgaacagga ccccgatcac
   800581 tccttcgctg ccggccagca ggcgcgccag cgggttgatc gcctggatgt cgccgtagcc
   800641 cacggtggtc agggtcacca ggctgtagta gacgaaggta tccaggccga gtgcgccatg
   800701 gctggcgatg aagctggccg gctgcatctg ttcgaccatg tagtaggcga gagcgaaggc
   800761 cagcgccatc tgcaggtaga gcgcgcagag tccgtagagc agctcgtggg tcaccgggcg
   800821 ctcctgggtg acgcggcgga acagcgcggc gaacagggtc aggtacagca ggatcaggct
   800881 cagcccgcgc agcaggccgg gcggcaggct ggagtaggga ctgctgaagt ccgcagtggt
   800941 gtacagggcc aggctgaaca ggccgaagaa ggccgtcagg tagaccagcg gactgcgtct
   801001 gcgcaaagtg ttcatcccgg ccagcaccag cagcaggagg ctgccgagca cccgtggctt
   801061 ggtgctcgac ggcaggccga ggatcgccgt gaacagcacg gtggaaaaga acagcaggcg
   801121 gaaacggtaa cgcagcagca gggcgttcaa ggcgggctcc tcgcatcgtc gaatcgacca
   801181 gcctgggcgc ggacccgcct gcctgtctat tggccttggg tcggatcgaa caatttctgc
   801241 accacggaaa agtcccgctc cgcatagccc tgcttcagca gcaggcggta caggctcagc
   801301 gccaggctgc ccatcggcgt gctgctggcg ctggcctggg cggcttcctg ggccagcccg
   801361 aggtccttgg ccatcaactg ggccatgaag ccgccgctgt agtcgcgcga cgccggagcg
   801421 ttctccatca cccccggcca ggggttgtag acttccagcg cccagttgcc gccggagctg
   801481 cggcgcatga tctcggccag caccttcgcc tcgaggccgt tggccacacc cagggccatg
   801541 gcttctgcgg taccgatcat cagcaccgcg aggagctggt tgttgcacac cttggcgacc
   801601 tggccggcgc cgtcggggcc ggcatggaag atgttccgac ccatggcctc gaacagcggc
   801661 cgggccttct ccagggcttc ggcgtcgccg ccgaccatga aggtcagggt gccggccgcc
   801721 gcgccggcag tgccgccgga caccggcgcg tcgagcatcg ccaggccgcg ctcgcgggcg
   801781 gcggcgtgga ccttgcgcgc cgaggtcggg gcgatggtcg agcattccag caccagggtg
   801841 ccgggggcga tgtgcgcgag caggccatcg tcgtcgaggt acaggccttc gacgtgctgg
   801901 ctggccggca gcatgctgat gaccacgtcg gcgccctgca ccgcgtcgcg ggcgctgcgg
   801961 gcggcgctgg cgccggcggc gaccaggccg tcgacggcgc tctgcaccag gtcgaagacg
   802021 ttcagcaggt agccggcctt gagcaggttg gtggccatcg gcgcgcccat gtggccgagg
   802081 ccgatgaagg cgatctgttt catggagctc ctcctgtggc ggccgcgagg cctcttgggg
   802141 atgctgtgaa acagcttaga cgctatggac gcggcgggcg cgcgccctcc tacggcagag
   802201 ggcggcgcgg cggatcagag ccccgccagc ggatgctcgc cctcccaggt cggctcgaag
   802261 tgcgcctcga tcaccgcctg cgggatcgat