LOCUS       BQ558717                 389 bp    mRNA    linear   EST 18-DEC-2010
DEFINITION  H4053H05-3 NIA Mouse 7.4K cDNA Clone Set Mus musculus cDNA clone
            H4053H05 3', mRNA sequence.
VERSION     BQ558717.1
DBLINK      BioSample: SAMN00170680
SOURCE      Mus musculus (house mouse)
  ORGANISM  Mus musculus
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha;
            Muroidea; Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 389)
  AUTHORS   VanBuren,V., Piao,Y., Dudekula,D.B., Qian,Y., Carter,M.G.,
            Martin,P.R., Stagg,C.A., Bassey,U., Aiba,K., Hamatani,T.,
            Kargul,G.J., Luo,A.G., Kelso,J., Hide,W. and Ko,M.S.H.
  TITLE     Assembly, verification, and initial annotation of NIA 7.4K mouse
            cDNA clone set
  JOURNAL   Genome Res. 12 (12), 1999-2003 (2002)
   PUBMED   12466305
COMMENT     Other_ESTs: H4053H05-5
            Contact: Yong Qian
            Laboratory of Genetics
            National Institute on Aging/National Institutes of Health
            333 Cassell Drive, Suite 3000, Baltimore, MD 21224-6820, USA
            This clone set has been freely distributed to the community. Please
            visit for details.
            Plate: H4053  row: H  column: 05
            Seq primer: -21M13 Forward
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..389
                     /organism="Mus musculus"
                     /clone_lib="SAMN00170680 NIA Mouse 7.4K cDNA Clone Set"
                     /note="Vector: pSPORT1; Site_1: SalI; Site_2: NotI; This
                     clone is among a rearrayed set of 7,407 clones from more
                     than 20 cDNA libraries."
BASE COUNT           91 a          102 c          115 g           81 t
        1 cctccagtaa gggtgggaca agagacactg taacaggagg tattctgctc aggattgtca
       61 ggattgtcgg ggaccccctg acctaccaga gtgtgtatgt gggtggctgt ttcaggtgca
      121 ggcaatgggg aaggccaagc acaaggcaga ggccatcact aaggggctca ctcagtttga
      181 aaaaccagcc gtgggccagc cagctctggt aagagctttt taaccaatcc cactgacaat
      241 cgcccgccca cagactgaag aggacatctg atctccgctt ggatgctgct ctgtcatcgc
      301 acacctcacc agagactcca cagggcctcc tggaggtctt gtccccttct gtgaagaatg
      361 tgaagtcagg accctggtgg tggggtgag