LOCUS       BC065540                3030 bp    mRNA    linear   HUM 12-FEB-2004
DEFINITION  Homo sapiens poly(A) binding protein, cytoplasmic 4 (inducible
            form), mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:70755 IMAGE:6061561), complete cds.
VERSION     BC065540.1
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 3030)
  AUTHORS   Strausberg,R.L., Feingold,E.A., Grouse,L.H., Derge,J.G.,
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  TITLE     Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length
            human and mouse cDNA sequences
  JOURNAL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 99 (26), 16899-16903 (2002)
   PUBMED   12477932
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 3030)
  AUTHORS   Strausberg,R.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (26-JAN-2004) National Institutes of Health, Mammalian
            Gene Collection (MGC), Cancer Genomics Office, National Cancer
            Institute, 31 Center Drive, Room 11A03, Bethesda, MD 20892-2590,
  REMARK    NIH-MGC Project URL:
COMMENT     Contact: MGC help desk
            Tissue Procurement: ATCC/DCTD/DTP
            cDNA Library Preparation: Life Technologies, Inc.
            cDNA Library Arrayed by: The I.M.A.G.E. Consortium (LLNL)
            DNA Sequencing by: National Institutes of Health Intramural
            Sequencing Center (NISC),
            Gaithersburg, Maryland;
            Web site:
            Akhter,N., Ayele,K., Beckstrom-Sternberg,S.M., Benjamin,B.,
            Blakesley,R.W., Bouffard,G.G., Breen,K., Brinkley,C., Brooks,S.,
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            Tsurgeon,C., Vogt,J.L., Walker,M.A., Wetherby,K.D., Wiggins,L.,
            Young,A., Zhang,L.-H. and Green,E.D.
            Clone distribution: MGC clone distribution information can be found
            through the I.M.A.G.E. Consortium/LLNL at:
            Series: IRAK Plate: 140 Row: f Column: 17
            This clone was selected for full length sequencing because it
            passed the following selection criteria: matched mRNA gi: 6552335.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..3030
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /clone="MGC:70755 IMAGE:6061561"
                     /tissue_type="Skin, melanotic melanoma."
                     /note="Vector: pCMV-SPORT6"
     gene            1..3030
     CDS             802..2697
                     /product="PABPC4 protein"
     misc_feature    841..1053
                     /note="RRM_1; Region: RNA recognition motif. (a.k.a. RRM,
                     RBD, or RNP domain). The RRM motif is probably diagnostic
                     of an RNA binding protein. RRMs are found in a variety of
                     RNA binding proteins, including various hnRNP proteins,
                     proteins implicated in regulation of alternative splicing,
                     and protein components of snRNPs. The motif also appears
                     in a few single stranded DNA binding proteins. The RRM
                     structure consists of four strands and two helices
                     arranged in an alpha/beta sandwich, with a third helix
                     present during RNA binding in some cases The C-terminal
                     beta strand (4th strand) and final helix are hard to align
                     and have been omitted in the SEED alignment The LA
                     proteins have a N terminus rrm which is included in the
                     seed. There is a second region towards the C terminus that
                     has some features of a rrm but does not appear to have the
                     important structural core of a rrm. The LA proteins are
                     one of the main autoantigens in Systemic lupus
                     erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease"
     misc_feature    1099..1314
                     /note="RRM; Region: RNA recognition motif"
     misc_feature    1375..1593
                     /note="RRM; Region: RNA recognition motif"
     misc_feature    1684..1896
                     /note="RRM; Region: RNA recognition motif"
     misc_feature    2419..2631
                     /note="PABP; Region: Poly-adenylate binding protein,
                     unique domain"
BASE COUNT          751 a          808 c          801 g          670 t
        1 gggcttcgca gcctgaggaa aaaaagagaa aaagataaaa aaaatctgaa aacgcttcaa
       61 aatcctgaaa aaaaaaaaag gaaaagaaaa aacgaatcct cggagaaccc gcggggaagt
      121 cactttcgta cgcttccggc ctgccccgcg cccgccgccg cagcgcttgg cgtccgtcgg
      181 tctccgtccg tcggtccggg ggtgagccgc ccgcccggcc cgccgtgccc tccccccgct
      241 cgggccccga gccccgcgcc ccgcgcctgc cccggcgcac cacgtgtccg tgctgccctt
      301 cgccgcccgc ccggggctcg ccgagtcggc gcccacaaag atttggtttc cctctgcccc
      361 ggcggttgta atcttaaacc gccggagccc gaggcctata tttatagaga aacgcgtgtc
      421 cccgaggccg ccgtgggcag cgtccggtcg cctcttaaag gatttttacc cttcggaagg
      481 ggattccccg tttaattttt ttcctacttt gattttttga aatttggagc ttcgcaccag
      541 gaccgcggag aagtgcaaag tcgcggggag ggccgtattg tgcggagagc cttttgtctg
      601 cggtgctgcg gccgtgggag ccggcccccg cctcccgttt ccgtcccgtc tccaagcccg
      661 ccgactccag ctcgtcctcg ccgcgccggt gccacctgtg agccgcggcg cgggcccggg
      721 ctccgaaggc gcccctttgt cctgcggcgg gcccgataag aagtcctcct ggcggggctc
      781 ggggtggtgg ggggcgggga gatgaacgct gcggccagca gctaccccat ggcctccctg
      841 tacgtgggcg acctgcattc ggacgtcacc gaggccatgc tgtacgaaaa gttcagcccc
      901 gcggggcctg tgctgtccat ccgggtctgc cgcgatatga tcacccgccg ctccctgggc
      961 tatgcctacg tcaacttcca gcagccggcc gacgctgagc gggctttgga caccatgaac
     1021 tttgatgtga ttaagggaaa gccaatccgc atcatgtggt ctcagaggga tccctctttg
     1081 agaaaatctg gtgtgggaaa cgtcttcatc aagaacctgg acaaatctat agataacaag
     1141 gtactttatg atactttttc tgcttttgga aacatactgt cctgcaaggt ggtgtgtgat
     1201 gagaacggct ctaagggtta tgcctttgtc cacttcgaga cccaagaggc tgccgacaag
     1261 gccatcgaga agatgaatgg catgctcctc aatgaccgca aagtatttgt gggcagattc
     1321 aagtctcgca aagagcggga agctgagctt ggagccaaag ccaaggaatt caccaatgtt
     1381 tatatcaaaa actttgggga agaggtggat gatgagagtc tgaaagagct attcagtcag
     1441 tttggtaaga ccctaagtgt caaggtgatg agagatccca atgggaaatc caaaggcttt
     1501 ggctttgtga gttacgaaaa acacgaggat gccaataagg ctgtggaaga gatgaatgga
     1561 aaagaaataa gtggtaaaat catatttgta ggccgtgcac aaaagaaagt agaacggcag
     1621 gcagagttaa aacggaaatt tgaacagttg aaacaggaga gaattagtcg atatcagggg
     1681 gtgaatctct acattaagaa cttggatgac actattgatg atgagaaatt aaggaaagaa
     1741 ttttctcctt ttggatcaat taccagtgct aaggtaatgc tggaggatgg aagaagcaaa
     1801 gggtttggct tcgtctgctt ctcatctcct gaagaagcaa ccaaagcagt cactgagatg
     1861 aatggacgca ttgtgggctc caagccacta tatgttgccc tggcccagag gaaggaagag
     1921 agaaaggctc acctgaccaa ccagtatatg caacgagtgg ctggaatgag agcacttcct
     1981 gccaatgcca tcttaaatca gttccagcct gcagcgggtg gctactttgt gccagcagtc
     2041 ccacaggctc agggaaggcc tccatattat acacctaacc agttagcaca gatgaggcct
     2101 aatccacgct ggcagcaagg tgggagacct caaggcttcc aaggaatgcc aagtgctata
     2161 cgccagtctg ggcctcgtcc aactcttcgc catctggctc caactggtaa tgctccggcc
     2221 tctcgtggcc tccctactac cactcagaga gtcggcgttc ccacagctgt gcagaactta
     2281 gcgccacgcg ctgctgttgc tgctgctgct ccccgggctg ttgcccccta caaatacgcc
     2341 tccagtgtcc gcagccctca tcctgccata cagcctctgc aggcacccca gcctgcggtc
     2401 catgtgcagg ggcaggagcc actgactgcc tccatgctgg ctgcagcacc cccccaggaa
     2461 cagaagcaga tgctgggaga acgcttgttc ccactcatcc aaacaatgca ttcaaatctg
     2521 gctgggaaga tcacgggaat gctgctggag atagacaact ctgagctgct gcacatgtta
     2581 gagtcccccg agtctctccg ctccaaggtg gatgaagctg tagcagttct acaggctcat
     2641 catgccaaga aagaagctgc ccagaaggtg ggcgctgttg ctgctgctac ctcttagaca
     2701 aggaaaaacc gattcaaaag ccaaataacc ccttatggaa ttcaactcaa ggtttgaaga
     2761 cttcctagct tgtcctatgg acctcaacac caaggattac aaattgcaaa tttaataggt
     2821 cattttgtat caaaaggtca attatgaagc acctagaatt tttcaattat acgaatatgt
     2881 tctttgggtt ctgctgtggc ccagacagtg ttaacttttt ttttattgtg ggttttgatt
     2941 ttttccccca gaaattggtt ttatttgatg tacccaagtc ttacgtttcc caataaagaa
     3001 aaaaaatctc cataaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa