LOCUS       AC073072               91192 bp    DNA     linear   HUM 31-JAN-2004
DEFINITION  Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-240H8 from 7, complete sequence.
VERSION     AC073072.11
SOURCE      Homo sapiens (human)
  ORGANISM  Homo sapiens
            Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
            Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini;
            Catarrhini; Hominidae; Homo.
REFERENCE   1  (bases 1 to 91192)
  AUTHORS   Hillier,L.W., Fulton,R.S., Fulton,L.A., Graves,T.A., Pepin,K.H.,
            Wagner-McPherson,C., Layman,D., Maas,J., Jaeger,S., Walker,R.,
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            Eichler,E.E., Green,E.D., Waterston,R.H. and Wilson,R.K.
  TITLE     The DNA sequence of human chromosome 7
  JOURNAL   Nature 424 (6945), 157-164 (2003)
   PUBMED   12853948
REFERENCE   2  (bases 1 to 91192)
  AUTHORS   Haakenson,W., Nguyen,C. and Yoakum,M.
  TITLE     The sequence of Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-240H8
  JOURNAL   Unpublished
REFERENCE   3  (bases 1 to 91192)
  AUTHORS   Waterston,R.H.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (08-JUN-2000) Genome Sequencing Center, Washington
            University School of Medicine, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis,
            MO 63108, USA
REFERENCE   4  (bases 1 to 91192)
  AUTHORS   Waterston,R.H.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (18-SEP-2001) Genome Sequencing Center, Washington
            University School of Medicine, 4444 Forest Park Parkway, St. Louis,
            MO 63108, USA
REFERENCE   5  (bases 1 to 91192)
  AUTHORS   Waterston,R.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (09-JAN-2002) Department of Genetics, Washington
            University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
REFERENCE   6  (bases 1 to 91192)
  AUTHORS   Wilson,R.
  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (31-JAN-2004) Department of Genetics, Washington
            University, 4444 Forest Park Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63108, USA
COMMENT     On Sep 18, 2001 this sequence version replaced AC073072.10.
            -------------- Genome Center
                Center: Washington University Genome Sequencing Center
                Center code: WUGSC
                Web site:
            -------------- Summary Statistics
                Center project name: H_NH0240H08
            NOTICE:  This sequence may not represent the entire insert of this
            clone.  It may be shorter because we only sequence overlapping
            clone sections once, or longer because we provide a small overlap
            between neighboring data submissions.
            This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted:
            all regions were double stranded, sequenced with an alternate
            chemistry, or covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >=
            30); an attempt was made to resolve all sequencing problems, such
            as compressions and repeats; all regions were covered by sequence
            from more than one subclone; and the assembly was confirmed by
            restriction digest.
            The sequence of this clone was established as part of a mapping and
            sequencing collaboration between the NHGRI Chromosome 7 Mapping
            Project (Eric D. Green, Director), John D. McPherson in the
            Department of Genetics (Washington University), and the Washington
            University Genome Sequencing Center. For additional information
            about the map position of this sequence, see
   , send
   , or see
            The RPCI-11 human BAC library was made from the blood of one male
            donor, as described by Osoegawa,K., Woon,P.Y., Zhao,B., Frengen,E.,
            Tateno,M., Catanese,J.J. and de Jong,P.J. (1998) An improved
            approach for construction of bacterial artificial chromosome
            libraries. Genomics 51:1-8. The clone may be obtained either from
            Research Genetics, Inc. ( or Pieter de Jong
            and coworkers at
            VECTOR:  pBACe3.6
            The clone RP11-240H8 contains a 722 bp insertion not sequenced in
            the neighboring clone RP11-84K19.
            The clone sequenced to the left is RP11-692K8 the clone sequenced
            to the right is RP11-84K19, 2000 bp overlap.  Actual start of this
            clone is at base position 1 of RP11-240H8.
FEATURES             Location/Qualifiers
     source          1..91192
                     /organism="Homo sapiens"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
     repeat_region   2..408
     repeat_region   775..874
     repeat_region   918..1049
     repeat_region   1084..1331
     repeat_region   1666..1879
     repeat_region   1926..2017
     repeat_region   3061..3249
     repeat_region   3463..3625
     repeat_region   4627..4799
     repeat_region   4871..4906
     repeat_region   8017..8108
     repeat_region   8114..8430
     repeat_region   9102..9274
     gene            11237..16034
     mRNA            join(11237..11317,11480..11670,12729..12842,13550..13696,
     mRNA            join(11250..11317,11480..11670,12729..12842,13550..13696,
     CDS             join(11299..11317,11480..11670,12729..12842,13550..13696,
                     /note="Homo sapiens interleukin 6 (interferon, beta 2)
                     (IL6), mRNA.; H_NH0240H08.1;
                     This gene was based on gi(10834983 15930148)"
     repeat_region   12199..12371
     repeat_region   12411..12576
     repeat_region   14332..14487
     repeat_region   14762..14897
     repeat_region   14995..15279
     repeat_region   15731..15767
     repeat_region   15952..15997
     repeat_region   16122..16592
     repeat_region   16593..16783
     repeat_region   17124..17385
     repeat_region   17386..17428
     repeat_region   18161..18234
     repeat_region   18331..18778
     repeat_region   26442..26738
     repeat_region   27196..27724
     repeat_region   27725..27907
     repeat_region   27908..28203
     repeat_region   28204..28347
     repeat_region   28348..28546
     repeat_region   28547..28866
     repeat_region   28867..28973
     repeat_region   28978..29267
     repeat_region   29268..29678
     repeat_region   29925..30111
     repeat_region   30280..30676
     repeat_region   33075..33666
     repeat_region   33678..34287
     repeat_region   34288..34311
     repeat_region   34312..34324
     repeat_region   34325..34604
     repeat_region   34605..35494
     repeat_region   35516..35645
     repeat_region   35647..36010
     repeat_region   39055..39195
     repeat_region   39196..39617
     repeat_region   39618..39834
     repeat_region   39998..40300
     repeat_region   40316..40482
     repeat_region   40484..40538
     repeat_region   40696..40743
     repeat_region   41462..41575
     repeat_region   41576..42103
     repeat_region   42104..42166
     repeat_region   42277..42455
     repeat_region   42459..42656
     repeat_region   42916..44614
     repeat_region   44625..45506
     repeat_region   45720..46030
     repeat_region   46110..46615
     repeat_region   47676..48991
     repeat_region   50057..51271
     repeat_region   51270..51753
     repeat_region   51762..52180
     repeat_region   52181..52496
     repeat_region   52497..52656
     repeat_region   52662..53025
     repeat_region   53040..53848
     repeat_region   53962..54464
     repeat_region   54430..54686
     repeat_region   54465..54737
     repeat_region   54738..55037
     repeat_region   55038..55103
     repeat_region   55104..55411
     repeat_region   55412..55439
     repeat_region   55454..55699
     repeat_region   55716..56008
     repeat_region   56206..56286
     repeat_region   57225..57397
     repeat_region   57429..57494
     gene            complement(57606..58051)
     mRNA            complement(57606..58050)
     mRNA            complement(57625..58051)
     CDS             complement(57682..58029)
                     /note="Homo sapiens ribosomal protein S26 (RPS26), mRNA.;
                     This gene was based on gi(15011935 16198372)"
     repeat_region   58574..58625
     repeat_region   59018..59119
     repeat_region   59964..60234
     repeat_region   62055..62266
     repeat_region   62268..62577
     repeat_region   62745..62824
     repeat_region   62935..62957
     repeat_region   63320..63551
     repeat_region   63648..63767
     repeat_region   63768..63908
     repeat_region   63910..63968
     repeat_region   63969..64279
     repeat_region   64280..64375
     repeat_region   64371..64820
     repeat_region   64819..64929
     repeat_region   67045..67197
     repeat_region   68683..68801
     repeat_region   68802..68844
     repeat_region   68845..69017
     repeat_region   69322..69641
     misc_feature    69325..69573
                     /note="CpG_island (%GC=58.6, o/e=0.90, #CpGs=19)"
     repeat_region   69847..69910
     repeat_region   69912..70149
     repeat_region   70171..70233
     repeat_region   70246..70693
     repeat_region   71141..71310
     repeat_region   71319..71471
     repeat_region   71498..71874
     repeat_region   71907..71959
     repeat_region   71960..72489
     repeat_region   72490..72660
     repeat_region   72665..72836
     repeat_region   72858..73049
     repeat_region   73050..73249
     repeat_region   73250..73553
     repeat_region   73554..73890
     repeat_region   73891..73927
     repeat_region   73928..74002
     repeat_region   74032..74322
     repeat_region   74851..75158
     repeat_region   75169..75346
     repeat_region   75768..75976
     repeat_region   75977..76281
     repeat_region   76282..76628
     repeat_region   76766..77076
     repeat_region   77083..77382
     repeat_region   77501..77618
     repeat_region   77623..77855
     repeat_region   77981..78181
     repeat_region   78367..78442
     repeat_region   78443..78750
     repeat_region   78751..78934
     repeat_region   79035..79400
     repeat_region   80158..80460
     repeat_region   81318..81504
     repeat_region   81505..81789
     repeat_region   81790..81996
     repeat_region   82395..82468
     repeat_region   82471..82764
     repeat_region   82893..83185
     repeat_region   83328..83647
     unsure          83328..83378
                     /note="unresolved simple sequence repeat"
     misc_feature    83328..83342
                     /note="sequence derived from PCR product from clone DNA"
     repeat_region   83721..83830
     repeat_region   84020..84125
     repeat_region   84128..84181
     misc_feature    84417..85326
                     /note="CpG_island (%GC=71.1, o/e=0.74, #CpGs=71)"
     repeat_region   85941..86402
     repeat_region   88126..88433
     repeat_region   88837..89132
     repeat_region   90025..90061
BASE COUNT        28485 a        18377 c        18703 g        25627 t
        1 gaattcacgg aaaacaaaat aaaaatggtt cttgaatacc tgaccaggtg ctcaatccta
       61 cttatacaag agagatgcaa attaaaacta cgctgatata agttcttccc tctgcaatct
      121 ggcaaagatc aagaaaactg acagtatcat gtgctgacaa acatatgagg aacagctgtt
      181 cccatacatc actggaggga gtattaaatt tgtacaacct ctacctgtct ctgtctcaaa
      241 actgcccata tcctttgagt cagcaattca atttctagga aactatcaca ctaatacact
      301 cacatgtatg aaatcgcaca tggacaagat tattcattgc cgctttagct gtaataacaa
      361 aagattggaa acaacctaaa attcccttaa tgggggactg gttaaataca tggaattcga
      421 aggctaaaaa ggaagaagca attctgcatc tcctgataag aaatgattgc taaaacccat
      481 tcaataaaga aagcaaaatg tagaacagtg taactgatgt gccatcactt atgtagaaga
      541 ataaaaataa atcctaggaa atatgaatat tttgctaata catgcatgaa gtatttctag
      601 aaggaatcac aagaacccag tagttacccc taatggctca cacatggtgg aagtgtaaat
      661 tttttttgta attttgttac taagtactct ttgttatctt ttgaattttg tgccatgggt
      721 atgtgttacc tatgtaaaaa ctagaaactt aacatataac attttaaaac aatggctgcg
      781 tgtggtggct catgcctgta attcctgtgc tttaggaggc caggagttca caatcagtct
      841 gggcaatata gtgagacctt gtctctacaa aaaacaattc taaaacattt caaaaccaaa
      901 tgaaatctat gagccacttt atttgccttt tttttttttg gtggtcattt tgggttttgc
      961 tttttttttt tttcagctgc ctttcccctt cttgctttgt ctatgttgat gcttttctct
     1021 ctttttccct tctcctctct gtttcccttg ccccacctct gtctaataca tcaacaacta
     1081 aacaacaaca attatcatct accaacaatt tagcatatac caataactgt ccttaatgga
     1141 taggatttca tttaattccc acaaccaccc ccagatggtt aagtattatt tgccacagtt
     1201 tacaaatgag gaaacgcagg cacagggaat tgaagtgcct tgcccaaacc cacacaagct
     1261 gtaaatgatg gagctgggat ttaaaccaag tcggcctctg caatccatgt tttctctagt
     1321 aaaccatact gcctgtgata tggaataagt acatgtattt tttttcttaa cttttgcgta
     1381 aagtatgacc atctttgttt ctaatttgta aatcaaataa gcttaatatt ttatatggct
     1441 tttagaaagc acatatacaa agaaaatttt ataaattaaa ctgttcttta cttctaaatc
     1501 tttgacgatt atttccaaga cataaattcc aaggagatcc cagctttcat tcgtttacca
     1561 tcctgtgcac caaccacgta ctcaaattca tgctattcct tcgcacaaga aagatagagc
     1621 cctcaagaaa ctctcaatca actggggaga aaataataac agtattaata gctcatgttt
     1681 actgggactc taccatgtgc caggcagatg ctaagcactt tacataggtt ctgataactc
     1741 tgtgacataa ggtgcaactg ctacctccat ttttaaaatg agaacaatta agcccagatg
     1801 ttaacttccc agcggacctc agcttagaaa gtacagaaca aggatttgaa cctaggcagt
     1861 ttggctccag agcctgtgcc atcacaacac tgcccggaaa cagattagta cagtacatgc
     1921 ccctgcggga gagcccagag gagaacctgc actattcctg gaaattgatc agcagaggct
     1981 tctgggagga tcgaggcatg atttgagtct tgacagaagt tcagaacaca gagacgtcac
     2041 ggcattctac cctgcactga aactgttcta aaaagactgg catgcttcgg agagaaaaaa
     2101 aaaaatgtag catagagtct cctgtgacct gcctgggagc tgtgccatgc aatggaacca
     2161 aatttccttc agggagtttt acattttact caatattctg aagtttagct atcacacaat
     2221 taagtatcaa ccaggttcct gtcatcagtg ggtactgttg gaagaggaca gggaattgga
     2281 tttaacaaca ctgtttgttc ttctaatgca acatcgtaga aatatgtaac agaactgtaa
     2341 tggagatgaa tcacaagaag gacgcagcac aagatgctat gccaagaata atattaggag
     2401 aagtgacgtt ctgtcattct gttacagtta agagtaaact tatgatccaa gaagcagcaa
     2461 tcctttagag accctgagaa ctcttcaggg ctctcctcgt ccttttcact cagggcccca
     2521 aagccagcct cttcattcat cagctctgga tgggacagac agtgacaaag cagaaatccc
     2581 taggcccctg ggctgctgct gtgcagcagc aaactccctc actgtgacta actttctgct
     2641 tctaacttat cccatggctc agaaaagctg ggctcagcct ctgccttgat ccatcaagcc
     2701 atgatccagc acgtggctgg ggaaaatctg agcgcatata attctgtagg acaaggtgtg
     2761 tcctgcgcac atcctaactc tccctcattc aggtggcagc ctgtgcctat ctgtttataa
     2821 aagtggcagc cttcattctg aggtatagaa gcagcatact ttgaccagaa caatctcttt
     2881 ccttaaaaag ctttgtgatc aattgccttt gaaatgagag aagatcaaat aatccttaat
     2941 gcctttgata catccttttc ttacactccc caaatagagc tcatacaata taactaatct
     3001 ctggaatgga ttgattttgc cttcaaaata tccttttatt tccttggacc cacttatggt
     3061 ctggaagata tttaacaact agctaaggaa cagagggaag ggagggctct gattgtagca
     3121 tttgccaatt tccatggtgt aatgtttcca cactaatttc aagctaccat caggagtcac
     3181 ttaatgtaga gttgggaaga gatcagtaca gttggctctc ttgaaccggc cagctcctgt
     3241 gcaaccctgc ctgggctcct ccatctggtg tcatgctgag atgtttgcaa cagcctctga
     3301 gcccacctcc cagactacaa tcccctgggg tcttcttcct gctcactcag atgaaatact
     3361 ttcatcatgt cactgttctt ctgacaaccc tacccccaat ttaccacccc attttacctc
     3421 ttctcccaaa gaccaatgaa cttttttcat gattctgggt tcctgcatca tctcaggtaa
     3481 ataaatcatt taacctctcc gaacttcagt ttcttatcca taaagtgaga ataaaatagt
     3541 cacctccata gagtgaagtt taaatgaatt aatgtgtgta aagcctctag tccagcacct
     3601 ggcatccaat aaatacctga ttaatcctac atgtcaatta ctcaaagtac cttagaagga
     3661 aaacaatggt gtcgttatag aattcaaagg ccacgaatcc tcaaaggact tcactcagta
     3721 cctcaaaact attccacatt ggtgcttact attatatttt tgatgagttc tagagagaga
     3781 agaaatgcta aaaaacccaa cagtagctca ttttagcatc tcagaatcct caagcaagac
     3841 catggccaaa cactcaaact ccttccctga ccgttatcaa gagaaactct ctgctttgtg
     3901 gtgggtcttg cttctgcacc cacaggaaat gcagtttctc ttgcacaagt aacacaatca
     3961 caataagtga gaggtcacct gagggagata caaccagacc tggagatgga aaggagagaa
     4021 atggtacaag actacaaagt ccttatcaag gtttacattt tttttgcctt gcaaaacaga
     4081 cctttataag aaatgtcaat gtattagagg taacgggcca cacaagatga gaaaagatga
     4141 tgatgccatc attcatgaca attctccgta ggtcctgcca ccaaggaaga gcaatgagct
     4201 actgatgccc attgtggggt ccaacaaaag catggttatg tcccagaacc agctgaaaag
     4261 caaagttcag ctgaactgca aactcatttt catgatgcca aacaatttgc acagcttgat
     4321 ttagggatta cactgctcca tgaacaactg gtaagttaac cctccaggaa actcagtgat
     4381 tgttttaaat gcatctcatc cccattaaga tatgaactct ttccccgcgc cttaacaagt
     4441 gaattgtgtg catatgcagg agtcatctgt aaacctcact tgatgtttcc cctctgaact
     4501 ctgattggta tacctacagc tattatttac ttcacctcta ctcagagtta tccagaatgt
     4561 tacgcataca aaggagtata aatagggaaa gcaggttatc aaacgccgtg gatggcattt
     4621 tcccattaca cctagataca tatgaaaaaa tgtacaaacg actagaatga ttacaccata
     4681 gtgataacaa tgattactac tgggtactaa gataatgtat tttataattt tttccttttg
     4741 tttatctctc ttttctgttt tctacattga aaatgtatta cttgttttta aattaaaaac
     4801 atttaatttg aatacctcat atgagtgtgg ccttacaggc ctgggtaccc aggaagcctg
     4861 gtctggcctg tataataatt aagaaataat taattgtata ataattgtgc ttgtataata
     4921 attaagaaat ctgctacctc ctttcaggta gcagccctta ccagggctct agaatctcct
     4981 gaatcagttt agtctccctg aagccactaa gatctgggca tgtcaaaatg ggtggcaccc
     5041 tgcccagtca aagcacttcc actaacaggt ccttgggtgg gaactagaag acagcatcag
     5101 gcttttgggc tttcaaaaag tatttcttaa tgtagagact cctattcctg tagtcccatt
     5161 aacagtagac tcttgattaa taagcatggc taatgaaaat ccacagaatc acagaaccac
     5221 agaatcctgg agctaggagg gaattcagca aacccctaag gtgggagagt actttgcccc
     5281 aaatcctcag ttcatcgtca tctgaacact ttcatctgcc aacagctaca ctcccaagac
     5341 acaagaagcc gaggatttgg caatgcagta aaaagacaag cctaattcag ggaaacccta
     5401 cattcagcca aaattttttg ctggcagtat aaaaccccca cttccttctg aatcctgcag
     5461 tctaaatcaa gccaagaagg gcaacagggc ttttacaagc ctggccaacc gattacccac
     5521 acaatgtcag acagaaacag cccaggactc aaatttccct ctgacacctg acctgcccct
     5581 gactacatac ctggtgtctt cagtagtttc actgggccca tggtggacaa acttaacaca
     5641 gagaaagaat gtgcatgaca gcctctctat tggttgtcct agagagatag gaggatctga
     5701 ggcacttggt ggcaactgct taggcagcaa gcctccaaac aagcctttag caataggaag
     5761 ccatttccac acatccagat cacttgccaa gctgatgggt gccttccctc ctgtccccac
     5821 ctctccccga cccccgtctc acccacagaa aagtagcaca tagaaaatat ggcttccagg
     5881 gtgagagata tagggaatcc cacagtgccc ttgggggaca cagtaatgtg gctcagacat
     5941 agaccactgt acagatccag cagcacagga agggctgcag gcctgggaga aaagtgacag
     6001 cagatggccg gtccaggctt tctgggtacc caggcctgta aggccacact catatgaggc
     6061 aggcagcacc ccttggaaca atatctatgg taggtctata gaccaagggc tctgctctgt
     6121 gccgcagaca tccacacaca tacataggta cacatgacat agaattcaat agcttgaaga
     6181 aattgcctat gattcttcaa cttgcttacc tggatctgaa ttcttccata acattttaaa
     6241 tcaatccagg tgtacccatc ttcagaaata atggacccca atgtctcaga attacagagt
     6301 cagagtcctc aacatgtcca aagcatttcg tggaaattat tccaccatga agactagaat
     6361 ggcctctctt catggattca gcttgctaag gaggcttagt tcagagggac taagacactc
     6421 tccttttagc aaataactaa ccaaaagggc aaggaaggga ggtaaaagac gtcataacca
     6481 ggccagtaga atcccctggt ctggccatta catgtgatga tttcaaatgg gttcttagta
     6541 ccttaatttt gagggaaaag agtagaggaa accagccaat gctttgcatg cttagtttct
     6601 gctgatgaca ctgaactcag agaactgaga tctttggaga aaccaaagat ggctcaaatg
     6661 actcgtgata ataaatgaac gtattactgc tcgctgacaa attgaagttt cctaattata
     6721 aagcagaacc agtggccacc accatagaaa gcctacccca cagatggaga agaggcaaag
     6781 cactgaaact cagtccgagg gacctcccca gccatggggg cagggccaaa tggggcttct
     6841 tcaggaccag caaagccatt tttctcatca gcaaactagc ttcagagaag tttgcaatca
     6901 gggcactctc ttccaagcct agagacccag ggaaaggggt acgggggtgt cccaaggcaa
     6961 agagaatcta cactttttgc ccccggagag gctacttccc tcccaagatg cctgggattt
     7021 tccacttcag cagggggaag gtaagtcaca tagcaaaata atgagggcac agaacagatg
     7081 acctccctat agagttttga atgagaaaca cagcagggca gatgtgcccc ttctctagtc
     7141 taggaggagc taggtccagc ccctgaacat cctccccctc agaaaagctg aggccagact
     7201 aagaattcac cagaccaagg agctacaaca ggacatcaga gctgaggctg caaagccagg
     7261 actgagacca gaccaggcag gaaactgtca agagctttgg tcaccaggcc tggctgccct
     7321 ccaacatcag ctggctcttt ctaaattgac acaccacatg tccctaaaat tctctcttca
     7381 agtaatacca ccatcaaagc aggacatttc ccagagcctt agagcctggt gtctgctcag
     7441 tgggactcaa ccccagaaga agctgttaaa tcacccactg tttcagttta caaacttctt
     7501 acgacttggc aacaagtgaa actacattct ggcagcaact gcaagttccc tagtacccag
     7561 gacttcccgt tttttcttgc tgtactccct cctgttaaat cacagactca tccatctcca
     7621 acccccagaa tatagagaaa gagcacaaca ctacatctta actcctgaga cgtggagaac
     7681 acttctcctc ctgagagctt aagtaccaaa tggaagctac ttttccccct tggtctcaaa
     7741 tgtattacta gattctgaac tggactccac catcacgtaa gaaagcagtc atgggcagta
     7801 attctgggag atccagatag gacatgccag ccccacactg gtggcatagg aagccaagtt
     7861 gctgcttcct ccctgtgcac tcccatttgt ctggcctctc ttgatctcag ctggcgctca
     7921 cttcacatca gctatgatgc aatccagcaa ctaaagtatt agttaataaa tgctgacagc
     7981 acagcctttt ctggtcacgt attcatacta aaatacgggg gagagttggg gggagagggg
     8041 gatatatggg aaatctctgt accttcctct ccattttgct atgacctaaa gctgcccttt
     8101 aaaaaataca aggggctggg cacagtggtt cacgcctgta aacccagcac tttgggaggc
     8161 cgaggcgcgt ggatcacctg aggtcaggag ttcaagaccc gcctggccaa catggcaaaa
     8221 ccccgtttct actaaaaata caaaaagtag ctgggcgtgg tcgcatgcat ctgtagtccc
     8281 agctactcag gaggctgagg caagagaatt gcttgaacct gggaggcggc ggttgaagtg
     8341 agccaagatc atgccattgc cctccagcct gggcaacaga gcaagactcc ttctcaagag
     8401 aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaag aaaaaacaaa gaatgagctc tccacgcgaa aaatccattg
     8461 agatgcaaag gaaggaagct atcattgtgg aattgcacat gtcagttaca ttaacgtttt
     8521 tggagcaagg tagagctcat ctctcccaca agcaaattcc agcccaaagc attgatacta
     8581 ataaagtgcc atgctgcgat gtgcaggggg cagacagtgt ctccaagctc cctacacaca
     8641 tgccttccca cagtttgccc tttcttgacc ccagaagcat caggcccctt caccctcgag
     8701 ggccactatc aggagtttga attaatggca atcaccatgc acagggaagg ctgtggaatt
     8761 ctgacataaa aacacttagt ggagggcttg gaaaaagtct agtaggagca agacgcaagc
     8821 tggactaatt atctaaaaca agagacctgg tttggggatc ttaatgttct caaaaaagaa
     8881 aattattatt atttttcatt ttgcactttg tgccataaaa cattttcaac aaaacataga
     8941 atctcatttc ttttgaggga aaatgattgg gagaccagct cattgctggc acagaggcct
     9001 ggttcattca taattccttc ataggcaaga caccaggtga accgatatag ccgagctgga
     9061 agagctctcc aaggcagaga ctctgagcca aggaatgttc aaagagctag catgtattgt
     9121 gggattacta tgcgccagga attttttaca ctgcatcacg ttccatcttc acaacagccc
     9181 tagaaaggaa gaactattat tacccccgtt ttataggtga ataaacaagg gcacaggtcc
     9241 ttgatgtaac agccaggatc aaacagctgg gaagacgaga aaacctttcc caggctagga
     9301 taacagagga tttggttgaa aatacaggca attaggtgct acctctggga aaaggggcca
     9361 ggagaggaag gagacacttt tccctgcatg ccctgatgtc ctatttgaac attttatcat
     9421 gaacacgaac ttcctattta aaaaacactt tttattgaaa agataaatct gtgtgttgta
     9481 ttgtgtcact cagttcaagt acttgaaatt tattgaattg tattttctaa aaaatagata
     9541 gttgagtaaa agcaagctca cattacatag acggatcaca gtgcacggct gcggagctgg
     9601 gagcagtggc ttcgtttcat gcaggaaaga gaacttggtt caggagtgtc tacgttgctt
     9661 aagacaggag agcactaaaa atgaaaccat ccagccatcc tcccccattt tcattttcac
     9721 accaaagaat cccaccgcgg cagaggacca ccgtctctgt ttagacaatc ggtgaagaat
     9781 ggatgacctc actttcccca acaggcgggt cctgaaatgt tatgcacgaa acaaaacttg
     9841 agtaaatgcc caacagaggt cactgtttta tcgatcttga agagatctct tcttagcaaa
     9901 gcaaagaaac cgattgtgaa ggtaacacca tgtttggtaa ataagtgttt tggtgttgtg
     9961 caagggtctg gtttcagcct gaagccatct cagagctgtc tgggtctctg gagactggag
    10021 ggacaaccta gtctagagcc catttgcatg agaccaagga tcctcctgca agagacacca
    10081 tcctgaggga agagggcttc tgaaccagct tgacccaata agaaattctt gggtgccgac
    10141 gcggaagcag attcagagcc tagagccgtg cctgcgtccg tagtttcctt ctagcttctt
    10201 ttgatttcaa atcaagactt acagggagag ggagcgataa acacaaactc tgcaagatgc
    10261 cacaaggtcc tcctttgaca tccccaacaa agaggtgagt agtattctcc ccctttctgc
    10321 cctgaaccaa gtgggcttca gtaatttcag ggctccagga gacctggggc ccatgcaggt
    10381 gccccagtga aacagtggtg aagagactca gtggcaatgg ggagagcact ggcagcacaa
    10441 ggcaaacctc tggcacagag agcaaagtcc tcactgggag gattcccaag gggtcacttg
    10501 ggagagggca gggcagcagc caacctcctc taagtgggct gaagcaggtg aagaaagtgg
    10561 cagaagccac gcggtggcaa aaaggagtca cacactccac ctggagacgc cttgaagtaa
    10621 ctgcacgaaa tttgaggatg gccaggcagt tctacaacag ccgctcacag ggagagccag
    10681 aacacagaag aactcagatg actggtagta ttaccttctt cataatccca ggcttggggg
    10741 gctgcgatgg agtcagagga aactcagttc agaacatctt tggtttttac aaatacaaat
    10801 taactggaac gctaaattct agcctgttaa tctggtcact gaaaaaaaat tttttttttt
    10861 tcaaaaaaca tagctttagc ttattttttt tctctttgta aaacttcgtg catgacttca
    10921 gctttactct ttgtcaagac atgccaaagt gctgagtcac taataaaaga aaaaaagaaa
    10981 gtaaaggaag agtggttctg cttcttagcg ctagcctcaa tgacgaccta agctgcactt
    11041 ttccccctag ttgtgtcttg ccatgctaaa ggacgtcaca ttgcacaatc ttaataaggt
    11101 ttccaatcag ccccacccgc tctggcccca ccctcaccct ccaacaaaga tttatcaaat
    11161 gtgggatttt cccatgagtc tcaatattag agtctcaacc cccaataaat ataggactgg
    11221 agatgtctga ggctcattct gccctcgagc ccaccgggaa cgaaagagaa gctctatctc
    11281 ccctccagga gcccagctat gaactccttc tccacaagta agtgcaggaa atccttagcc
    11341 ctggaactgc cagcggcggt cgagccctgt gtgagggagg ggtgtgtggc ccagggaggg
    11401 ctggcgggcg gccagcagca gaggcaggct cccagctgtg ctgtcagctc acccctgcgc
    11461 tcgctcccct ccggcacagg cgccttcggt ccagttgcct tctccctggg gctgctcctg
    11521 gtgttgcctg ctgccttccc tgccccagta cccccaggag aagattccaa agatgtagcc
    11581 gccccacaca gacagccact cacctcttca gaacgaattg acaaacaaat tcggtacatc
    11641 ctcgacggca tctcagccct gagaaaggag gtgggtaggc ttggcgatgg ggttgaaggg
    11701 cccggtgcgc atgcgttccc cttgcccctg cgtgtggccg ggggctgcct gcattaggag
    11761 gtctttgctg ggttctagag cactgtagat ttgaggccaa cggggccgac tagactgact
    11821 tctgtattta tcctttgctg gtgtcaggaa gttcctttcc tttctggaaa atgcagaatg
    11881 ggtctgaaat ccatgcccac ctttggcatg agctgagggt tattgcttct cagggcttcc
    11941 ttttcccttt ccaaaaaatt aggtctgtga agctcctttt tgtcccccgg gctttggaag
    12001 gactagaaaa gtgccacctg aaaggcatgt tcagcttctc agagcagttg cagtactttt
    12061 tggttatgta aactcaatgg ctaggattcc tcaaagccat tccagctaag attcatacct
    12121 cagagcccac caaagtggca aatcataaat aggttaaagc atctccccac tttcaatgca
    12181 aggtattttg gtcctgtttg gtagaaagaa aagaacacag gaggggagat tgggagccca
    12241 cactcgaatt ctggttctgc caaaccagcc ttgtgatctt gggtaaattc cctaccacct
    12301 ctggactcca tcagtaaaat tgggcgtgga ctaggtgatc tcatagatcc ttcctgctgg
    12361 aacattctat ggcttgaatt atattctcct aattattgtc aaaattgctg ttattaagta
    12421 tctactgtgt gccaggcact ttaaataaat attgtgtcta atcttcaaaa caaatttgca
    12481 aggaaggttt ttggagataa ggaaactgag actcaggatt aagtaacaca cctaaagtca
    12541 caggtgagct tggaactgaa cccaagtgtg cccccactcc actggaattt gcttgccagg
    12601 atgccaatga gttgtagctt catttttctt agagactttc ctggctgtgg ttgaacaatg
    12661 aaaaggccct ctagtggtgt ttgttttagg gacacttagg tgataacaat tctggtattc
    12721 tttcccagac atgtaacaag agtaacatgt gtgaaagcag caaagaggca ctggcagaaa
    12781 acaacctgaa ccttccaaag atggctgaaa aagatggatg cttccaatct ggattcaatg
    12841 aggtaccaac ttgtcgcact cacttttcac tattccttag gcaaaacttc tccctcttgc
    12901 atgcagtgcc tgtatacata tagatccagg cagcaacaaa aagtgggtaa atgtaaagaa
    12961 tgttatgtaa atttcatgag gaggccaact tcaagctttt ttaaaggcag tttattcttg
    13021 gacaggtatg gccagagatg gtgccactgt ggtgagattt taacaactgt caaatgttta
    13081 aaactcccac aggtttaatt agttcatcct gggaaaggta ctctcagggc cttttccctc
    13141 tctggctgcc cctggcaggg tccaggtctg ccctccctcc ctgcccagct cattctccac
    13201 agtgagataa cctgcactgt cttctgatta ttttataaaa ggaggttcca gcccagcatt
    13261 aacaagggca agagtgcagg aagaacatca agggggacaa tcagagaagg atccccattg
    13321 ccacattcta gcatctgttg ggctttggat aaaactaatt acatggggcc tctgattgtc
    13381 cagttattta aaatggtgct gtccaatgtc ccaaaacatg ctgcctaaga ggtacttgaa
    13441 gttctctaga ggagcagagg gaaaagatgt cgaactgtgg caattttaac ttttcaaatt
    13501 gattctatct cctggcgata accaattttc ccaccatctt tcctcttagg agacttgcct
    13561 ggtgaaaatc atcactggtc ttttggagtt tgaggtatac ctagagtacc tccagaacag
    13621 atttgagagt agtgaggaac aagccagagc tgtgcagatg agtacaaaag tcctgatcca
    13681 gttcctgcag aaaaaggtgg gtgtgtcctc attccctcaa cttggtgtgg gggaagacag
    13741 gctcaaagac agtgtcctgg acaactcagg gatgcaatgc cacttccaaa agagaaggct
    13801 acacgtaaac aaaagagtct gagaaatagt ttctgattgt tattgttaaa tctttttttg
    13861 tttgtttggt tggttggctc tcttctgcaa aggacatcaa taactgtatt ttaaactata
    13921 tattaactga ggtggatttt aacatcaatt tttaatagtg caagagattt aaaaccaaag
    13981 gcgggggggc gggcagaaaa aagtgcatcc aactccagcc agtgatccac agaaacaaag
    14041 accaaggagc acaaaatgat tttaagattt tagtcattgc caagtgacat tcttctcact
    14101 gtggttgttt caattctttt tcctaccttt taccagagag ttagttcaga gaaatggtca
    14161 gagactcaag ggtggaaaga ggtaccaaag gctttggcca ccagtagctg gctattcaga
    14221 cagcagggag tagacttgct ggctagcatg tggaggagcc aaagctcaat aagaaggggc
    14281 ctagaatgaa acccttggtg ctgatcctgc ctctgccatt tctacttaag ccagggtttc
    14341 tcatatgtta acatgcatgg gaattccctg ggcatcttct tgtggtgtgg agtctgactt
    14401 agcaagcctc gggtgggttt gagggtcaaa tttctaccag gcttatatcc ctggtgatgc
    14461 tgcagaattc caggaccaca cttggaggtt taaggccttc cacaagttac ttatcccata
    14521 tggtgggtct atggaaaggt gtttcccagt cctctttaca ccaccggatc agtggtcttt
    14581 caacagatcc taaagggatg gtgagaggga aactggagaa aagtatcaga tttagaggcc
    14641 actgaagaac ccatattaaa atgcctttaa gtatgggctc ttcattcata tactaaatat
    14701 gaactatgtg ccaggcatta tttcatatga cagaatacaa acaaataaga tagtgatgct
    14761 ggtcaggctt ggtggctcat gcctgtattc cctaaacttt gggagcctaa ggtgagaact
    14821 ccttgaactc ctaaggccag gagttcaaga ccagcctgga taacatagca agaccccatc
    14881 tctacaaaaa accaaaacca aacaaacaaa aatgatagtg gtgcttccct caggatgctt
    14941 gtggtctaat gggagacaga acagcaaagg gatgattaga agttggttgc tgtgagccag
    15001 gcacagtgct gatataatcc cagcgctatg ggaggctgag gtgggtggat catttgaggc
    15061 caggagttta agaccagcct ggtcaacatg gtaaaacccc atctctactt aaaaatacaa
    15121 aaaagttagc caggcatggt ggcatacacc tgtaacccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca
    15181 catgaatcac ttgaacccag gaggcagagg ttgctgtgca ccactgcact ccagcctggg
    15241 tgacagaacg agaccttgac tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag tttgttgcta tggaagggtc
    15301 ctactcagag caggcacccc agttaatctc attcacccca catttcacat ttgaacatca
    15361 tcccatagcc cagagcatcc ctccactgca aaggatttat tcaacattta aacaatcctt
    15421 tttactttca ttttccttca ggcaaagaat ctagatgcaa taaccacccc tgacccaacc
    15481 acaaatgcca gcctgctgac gaagctgcag gcacagaacc agtggctgca ggacatgaca
    15541 actcatctca ttctgcgcag ctttaaggag ttcctgcagt ccagcctgag ggctcttcgg
    15601 caaatgtagc atgggcacct cagattgttg ttgttaatgg gcattccttc ttctggtcag
    15661 aaacctgtcc actgggcaca gaacttatgt tgttctctat ggagaactaa aagtatgagc
    15721 gttaggacac tattttaatt atttttaatt tattaatatt taaatatgtg aagctgagtt
    15781 aatttatgta agtcatattt atatttttaa gaagtaccac ttgaaacatt ttatgtatta
    15841 gttttgaaat aataatggaa agtggctatg cagtttgaat atcctttgtt tcagagccag
    15901 atcatttctt ggaaagtgta ggcttacctc aaataaatgg ctaacttata catattttta
    15961 aagaaatatt tatattgtat ttatataatg tataaatggt ttttatacca ataaatggca
    16021 ttttaaaaaa ttcagcaact ttgagtgtgt cacgtgaagc ttaatataaa caagtttctt
    16081 gtcactgcca ccaccacgac caaaaaaagc taatcaatca ctatatataa tacatatata
    16141 tactatatat aataaatata tatactatat ataatacata tatacactat atataataca
    16201 tatatactat atatacacat atatactata tatacacata tatattatga atgtatatat
    16261 atagtatata tagtatatat actatgtatg tatatatata gtatatatag tatatatact
    16321 atgtatgtgt atatatagta tatatagtat atatagtata tatactatgt atgtatatat
    16381 atagtatata tagtatatat actgtgtatg tatatatata gtatatatat actatatatg
    16441 catacatagt atatatgcat atatactata tatactatat atttatatat actatatact
    16501 atatatacta tatactgtat atatactata tatgtatgta tacgatatat atatatacta
    16561 tatatgtaca cacacacata tatatataca tataagcacc tactacatgc caggcatcat
    16621 taaatgtgtt gcatccatca cgtcatttaa ccccagcact tgcacactcc tttctggttg
    16681 tggaagacta agtaatttat ctaagtcacc cagctggaag gtcaggcagg gacccagatt
    16741 tgaaatccaa gtctacctac ctacaggtcc cctactctta acctgtaggt cccactgcct
    16801 acccaggaac tgagggatga tgtagaaaat cccaaaacat gttaatatag ggaataccta
    16861 taaacatgca atcaaagtct ttgggactat acaaccactg tataaagcat aacaatgtac
    16921 aagcttccaa acaataacta gaagttctgc ctccctcttc tgggttccta aagcactgca
    16981 cctatctacc tgtcaaagca tctaccacat tgtaccacac cttaaaatca atggtttttt
    17041 tcttctcagc cagcatgtgg atgcctcaat aaagcagact cctttcatga cctaaaacta
    17101 atttcagggg ggaaaaaaag acgagctggg cgcagtggct cacgcctata atcccagcac
    17161 tttgggaggc tgaggcggga ggatcacttg aggtcagaag accagcctgg ccaacatggc
    17221 aaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctgggc gtggtggcgc acctataatc
    17281 ccagctactc aggaagctga gacatgataa tcgcttgagc ctgggaggta gagcctgggg
    17341 ctgcactcca tcctgggcaa cagagggaga ttctgtctca aaaaataata ataataatat
    17401 aaataaataa ataatttttt taaaaaaaga ctctttccta tattaatctt tgcatcctgt
    17461 gcccatggcc ccaaacctga ccaatgaagg ccccagtaaa tattttttga acaaaagaaa
    17521 atatagatga tcaaagataa gaaagataag aagacacctc aattcttgta ggcatatagt
    17581 ggtaggggaa atcactaatt ctgtgtgttt atgtatcttc atcttcagga aaaatagcaa
    17641 gaattagaaa gaaacactca aaggacttcc agagaaggca atgaatagcc agtgcatgta
    17701 cacctacctc catttccttt gccactggca ataatcttca tctgccctct cccctccccg
    17761 acctaaagtg gtagtgagag aggcaatctg gacaacttaa catggcctcg tttatccatc
    17821 tcaacacgac actgggaatt tggtgcagat ttcccctttc taacccctgc aatataaaag
    17881 ttctgtctcc ttataaagct tttccccatt ctacccgcta cagacttctt cctccagggg
    17941 aggagttctt ctgggtaagg gaaagtccac agaggtcaaa aaccgagagg agctgagcca
    18001 gaaaagagcc acatactctg atttctagaa accacgcatc acaagtgggc ttcccaaaac
    18061 tagggtcaag tcaaagaaca aagagaaatt gcgatcaact gatgctttca ttcttcaaac
    18121 aaaaatgggt tgagtttcat agataagtca gggaaagctc ctgagaaaga ggtgaaaggg
    18181 tagacatgat ccctgccctc ttgtgtagca cactatggaa gggaaaatag acattaaata
    18241 aagactataa atgtgataag gtttccaaaa agaaatgtgg gctgtgctga gaacccatac
    18301 tagaggcacg gataatctaa gtgaaccctg gtttggctgc tcaccactcg aaagccagac
    18361 atgagagaca aggttggtgg gaggaaaagc cagttcatca gaaagccagt aaaccaagaa
    18421 gatggtgagc tagtatttta aagtaccatc ttgaatttta aaatttatca cagtagtttt
    18481 taaagagaaa cttggtatgg gagatacgtg ggagtggtgc gtggtgtagg gtctgtgtgt
    18541 cttgttctga tggctatctc aggtaaccgc ctgtccggag gtctgtttgg gatcatctta
    18601 acttcagcta gatgatggat tcattgttca tgattccttc taaccaggag gattctgcaa
    18661 tgggggctcc ttgcctcgtt tgtttaaaga tcagcctctg ggatttttaa agcaagagta
    18721 taattagata agcatacatt gccagagggg agtgtctaga gagggaagga atgaagaggt
    18781 gagaggaaag aaaaggaaga aaaagaaagt gggtaagagg cagagcaaga tggcagaata
    18841 gaaagctcca ccaatggacc ccctggcaag gatacaaagt taacaactat ctgcacagaa
    18901 aaacaaacaa acaaaaaaca ccttcataag aatcagaact caggtgagca cacatagtac
    18961 ctggttttaa cttcatatca ctgaaacagg cactgaagaa attaaaaaac agtcctgaat
    19021 cacaatgcta cccctcccct atccacagca gcagtggtgt ggtgcggaga atgtctctgg
    19081 gtgctgggag aaggagaaca catcaattgt ggggcactga actcagtact gtcctgttag
    19141 aggagaaagg aaaaccagac taaacttagc tgatgtccac tcacagaggg agcatttaaa
    19201 ccatccctag cccaagagga attgtcaatc cccagcagtc caaacttgag tagccgcaaa
    19261 actctccact gagggccaaa cttgaaaggc agtctaggcc ataaggactg caactcttag
    19321 gcaagtacta gggctcaaca aggcccggag acctagtgga ctgaggggac atgtgacata
    19381 ccgagatacc agctgaggca gccaagggag tattggcttc acccctctcc taatcctagg
    19441 ctgcacaagt catagcttca aaagagactt tttctttctg cttgaggaga gaagacagaa
    19501 gagtggggag gacttggcct tacctcttgg ataccagctc agctacagca ggatagggca
    19561 ctagtcagag tcataaggcc cgtattccag acccaagctc caagacaaca tttctagaca
    19621 catcctagac tagaagggaa cccactgcct tgaatgaaag gacccagtcc tggcagcatt
    19681 catcacatgc taactgaaaa gcccttgggc cctgaataac cagtagcgat ccccaggtac
    19741 tacatcgagg gccttaggtg agcctctgag acttgctggc ttcaggtgag attcagcaca
    19801 ttaccaccta tggtggctat ggggcaaaac tcctcctgct tgggaaaagc agagggaaaa
    19861 gtaaacgggg ctgtatcttg ttgcacctta ggtaccaaca ccaccacaag ggggtagagc
    19921 accaggtggg atcttggggt ccctgattcc aagctttgac tcatgagtgg catttctgga
    19981 cctgccctgt gccagagaga ggcctattgc cctgaagggt gagtctcagg ccaggcagca
    20041 ttcaccacaa gctgacttaa aagacctaag gccttaaggg aacatccatg gtggtctggt
    20101 agcacttctt aaggccactg gggagcaggg tgggcagtag ctacagggtg agggttctct
    20161 gcttctgaaa aggggaggga agagtgggaa ggactgcatc ttgtgggttg agtgtctgct
    20221 cagtcacaag acaatagact acaaggtaga cttctaagtt ttttactctg gtccctaact
    20281 cccagatggc acttctggac ctaccctggg gacctcatca ccctgaaaga aaggacacag
    20341 gcctggctgg ctttgccatc tgctgattat tgagccccag ggccttcagc aaacataggc
    20401 agtagccaga gagtggttac agcaggcctc gggtaagacc cagtgctgtg ctggcttcag
    20461 gtgtgaccca gtgcagtcac agtggtggtg gccacatggg tgcttgtgtc atttcacccc
    20521 cagctttagg tggctcagaa cagaaagaga gattctgtat gtatgtttgg gagaaagtaa
    20581 aagaggagaa caagaggctc tgcctggtaa tccagagaat tctctcagat cctgtctaag
    20641 gctatcaagg cagtacctct atgaatctgc aagaaccaca gcattcctgg gtgggaggtg
    20701 ccccctaaag aagaaacagc ttagattaca acacccaaat cctttcaaat acctggaaat
    20761 ccttcccaag aaggatagct acaaataagc ccagacaatg aagactacaa taaatatcta
    20821 actcttcaat gcccagacat caaagaacat ctactagcat caacactatc caggaaaacg
    20881 tgaccacacc agatgaacta aataagtcac cagaaaccaa tcctagagaa acagagatat
    20941 gtgacctttc agacagagaa ttcaaaatag ctatttgagg aaagtcaaag aattcaagat
    21001 acacagagaa ggaattcaga attttgtcag acaaacttag caaagagatt gaaataattt
    21061 tgagaaatca agcagaagtt atggagctga aaaatgcaat tggcataatg aagaatgcat
    21121 cagagtcctt taatagcaga attgatcaag cagaagaaag aattagtgaa cttgaagaca
    21181 agctatttga aaatacatag tcagaggaga caaaagaaaa agaataaaaa actatgaagc
    21241 acaactatgg gatctagaaa acagcctcaa atgggtaagt ttaagagtta ttggacttaa
    21301 agaggaggta gagaaagaga tggggtagaa agcttattca gagggaaaat aacagagaac
    21361 ttctcaaaca tagagaaaga tattaatatc caagcacaag aagattatag aacaccaagc
    21421 agatttaacc caaaaaaagc ctacctcaag gcatttcata atccaactcc caaaggtaaa
    21481 gaataaagaa aggaccctaa aagcagcaag aaaaaacaag taaatagcat acaatggcac
    21541 tccaagacat ctagcagcag actattcagt ggaaacctta caggccagga gagagtggca
    21601 tgacatattt aaagtgctgg aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa acctttcacc ctagaatagt
    21661 atatccagca aaaatatcct tcaaacatat agaagaaata gactttttca gacaaacaaa
    21721 agctgaggga tttcataaat aaccgatctg tcctacaaga aatgctaaat ggagtactac
    21781 agtcagaaag aaaaggacat taatgagcaa taaataatca cctgaaggta taaaacttac
    21841 tggtaatagt aagtgcatag ataaacacag aatgtgataa cactgtaact gctatatgta
    21901 aaccactctt aaaaagttaa aaagctgggg gacaaagtta agagttttta ttagttttct
    21961 ttttgcttgt ttgtttgttt atgcaaatag tgttgttgtt accacgttaa aataatggat
    22021 tataagatag tatttgcaag cctcatggta acctcaaacc aaaaaacata caattgatac
    22081 ccaaaaaata agaagcaaga aactaaatca tatcaccaga gaaaattatc tttactagag
    22141 gcagacagga atgaaagaaa gaaggaagag aagaccacaa aacaaccaga aaacaaataa
    22201 caaaatggca gtagtaagtc cttacttatc aataataacg ttgaatgtaa atgaactaaa
    22261 ctcttcaatc ttcagacaca gactggctga atggatgaaa aaaagccatt gatccattgc
    22321 ctgcaagaaa cacacttcat ctataaagac acacatagac tgaaaataaa ggagtggaaa
    22381 aagatattcc atgccaatgg aaacaaaaaa agcaagagtt gttatatcag acaaaataga
    22441 cttcaagaca aaaaccataa gacgagacaa agaaggtcac tattaatgat aaaatgatat
    22501 atttgacaaa aagatataac aattttaaat atatatgcac ccaacactgg agcacccaga
    22561 tatataaagg aaatattatt agagctaaag agagagatag gtcctaatac aataatagct
    22621 ggaaacatca ataccccact ttcagcattg ggcagatctt ccagacagaa aatcaataaa
    22681 gaaacatcag atttaatctg cactattgac caaatgtatc taacagatat ttacagaaca
    22741 ttttatccaa gagctgcaga aaacacattt tcctcagtac atggatcgtt ctcaaggata
    22801 gaccatatgt taggtcagaa aacaagtctt aaaatatttt ttaaaaattg aaataatatc
    22861 aagcatcttc tctgaccaca atggaataaa actagaaagt aataactaga ggaattttgg
    22921 aaactataca aacacataga aattaaacaa tatgctcctg aatgaccagt gggtcaatga
    22981 agacattaag aagggaattg aaaaatttag tgataatgga aacacaacat acccaaaccc
    23041 atgggataca gcaaaagcag tactaagagt gaagtttata gctataagtg cctacatcac
    23101 aaaagaggaa aaacttcaaa taaacaatct aatgatgtat cttaaagaac taaaaaagca
    23161 agagcaaacc aaactcaaaa tttatatcaa aacaaataaa gatcagaaca gaaataaatg
    23221 aaattaaaat taaaaaaaag atcaatgaaa caaaaagtta aaaaaaaaaa agttaaacaa
    23281 aattgacaaa cctttaacca aactaaggaa aaagagagat ccaaataaat aaaatcagaa
    23341 ataaaaaagg agacattaca actgatactg cagaaattca aaggatcatt tgtggctact
    23401 ataactaact gtaagccagt aaattgaaaa atctagagga aatggacaaa tactgagata
    23461 catacaacct accaagactg aaccagtaat aaattgaaaa cctgaacaga ttagtaacaa
    23521 gtaatgagat tgaagctgta ataaaaagtc acccagtaaa gaaaagccaa agatctaatg
    23581 gcttcaccgc tgaattctat gaaacattta gaaaagaact aataccaatc ctactcatac
    23641 tattccaaaa aatacaggag gaaaaaatac tttcaaattc attctacaaa gcccgtatta
    23701 ccctgatacc aaaaccaggc aaagacacat caaaaaagaa aactacaggc caatatctct
    23761 gatgaatgtt gatgcaaaaa tcctcaaaaa atactagcaa aaatactagc attctaattc
    23821 aacaatacgt tagaaaggtc attcctcatg accaaatggg atttatccct gggatgcaag
    23881 gatggatcaa catatgtaga ttaatcaaca tgatacatcc tatcaacaga atgaaggata
    23941 aaaaccacag gatcatttca cttaatgctg aaaaagcatt tgataaaatt caacattcct
    24001 tcgtgataaa aactcttaaa aaaatgagga cagaagaaac atacccaagc ataataaaag
    24061 ccatatatga cagacccaca gctaatatca tactgaatgg ggagaaacag aatgcatttc
    24121 ctctgagatc tggaacatga caaggatgcc cactgccacc actgttattt agcatagttc
    24181 tgaaagtcct agctagagca atcagacaaa agaaagttat gaagggcatc caagttatga
    24241 agggcattcc tgaaaaggaa gaagttagat tatccttgtt tgcagaagat atgatcttat
    24301 ctatggtaaa acttaaagac tctacacaca aaaagctatt agaactaata aacaaattca
    24361 ataaagttgc aggatacaaa atcaacatac aaaaattagc agcatttcta tattccaaca
    24421 gggaacaatg tgaaaaagaa atttaaaaaa gtaatcccat ttacgatagt cacatataaa
    24481 attaaatacc tagaaattaa cttaaccaaa gaagtgaaag atctctgtaa tgaaaattat
    24541 aaaatactga tgaaagaaat tgaagagaac accaaaaaat ggaaaaatat tctatgttca
    24601 tagactggaa gaattagtat tgttaaaata tccataatac ccaaagcaat ctacagattc
    24661 aatgcaatcc ttatcaaaat accaatgaca ttcttcacag aagcagaata gaaaaaaaat
    24721 cctaaaattt atatggaacc atgaaagacc tagactagcc aaagctatcc taagaaaaaa
    24781 gaacaaaact ggaggaatca cattacctga ctttaaatta tactacagag ctgtagtaac
    24841 caaaagaaca tggtactggc ataaaaacag acacatagac caatggaaca gaatagaaaa
    24901 ctcagaaaca aacccacaca cctatagtga actcaatttt gacaaaggtg ccaagaacat
    24961 acactggggg aaaagacagt ctcttcagta agtggtgttt ggaaaactgg acatccatat
    25021 gcagaagaat ggaactagac ccctatctct caccatataa aaaaaaatca aatcaaaatg
    25081 gactaaagat ttaaatctaa gacctcaaac tgtgaaacta ctacaagaaa acattggagg
    25141 aaaactccag gatattggtc tgggcaaaat ttcttgagca ataccccacc agcacaggca
    25201 accgaagcaa aaatggacaa atgggatcac gtcaagttaa aaagcttccg cgtggcaaag
    25261 gatacaatca acaaagtgaa gagacaaccc acagaatggg agaaaatatc tgccaactac
    25321 ccatctgaca aggaattagt aataagaata tacaaggagc tcaaacaacc ctgtaggaaa
    25381 aaaaaatcta ataaatcgat caaaatatgg gcaaaagatt tgaatagaca tttctcaaaa
    25441 gaaggcatac aaatggcaaa caggtatatg aaaaggtgct caacatcact gatcatcaga
    25501 gaaattgtct caccccagtc aaaactgctt atatgcaaaa gacagacaat aacaaatgct
    25561 ggcgagaatg tagagaaaag ggaactgttg tatgctgttg gtgggaatgt aaattagtac
    25621 aaccactatg gagaacaaac agtttggaag ttcctcaaac aactaaaagt agagctacca
    25681 taggatccag caatcctact gctgggtata tacccaaaag aaaggaaatc agtatatcga
    25741 agagatacct gcattcctat gtttgctgca gcactatcca caatagctaa gatttggaag
    25801 caacctgagt gtccatcaac acatgaatgg ataaagaaaa tgtgaaacat atacacaatg
    25861 gagtactata caaccataaa aaaagaatga gatccagtca ttttcagcaa catggatgga
    25921 aatggagatc attgttaagt gaaataaacc aggcacaaaa aggcaaacat cacatgttcc
    25981 catttatttg agggatctaa aaatgaaaac aattgaactc ataaacatag agaatagaag
    26041 gatggttatc gaaggctggg aagggtattg tggggatggg ggcagaaaag gatggttaat
    26101 gggtacaaaa aaatagaaag aatgaataag aattactatt tggtagcaca acagggtgac
    26161 tatagtaata ataacataat tgtacatttt aaaataactt aaaaagtgta attggatcct
    26221 ttgcaactca atggataaat gcttgagggg atggatacct cattctccat gatgtgctaa
    26281 tttcacattg catgcctgta tcaaaacacc tcatattccc cagaaatata tacacctact
    26341 aggaacccac aaaagttaaa aataataagt aaataaaagt gggtgattaa aatatatttt
    26401 taaaactgaa gtacctggtt ataaacaccc ctctgttaag atttatttat ttatttagag
    26461 acagagtttc attttgctgc ccaggatgga gtgcagtggc acaatctcgg ctcactgcaa
    26521 ctctgcttcc caggttcaag aaattctcgt gcctcaccct cccaagtagc taggattaca
    26581 ggcatgcacc accacacctg gctaattttt gtgtttttag tagagacagg gttttgccct
    26641 gttggccagg ctagttttca actcctggcc tcaagtgatc cacccacctt ggcctcccaa
    26701 cgtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagccaccac ccccaaccta agttttattt tatttttatg
    26761 gaaaatgagt aatatattta ttttggctac tttttgctga aaaggtgtgt agttgtgggg
    26821 gcatggaatg gaacctggag ttgaaccctg agtggaaagt atttgtgagt ccttgggctt
    26881 acagaagaga ttactggagc attatggtga gtgtgtaata gcaatatagt tcacagtgga
    26941 ggaacaaacc tatctctaga atcatggcta aaattatgag taattttttt tttatcagga
    27001 gaagcctgat ctaaatcatg aggaaagccg ttgattttag ggcattgtgg gatgagacat
    27061 agcattaatt ttcctgtgta tgtcttagac gctgaggata tgttttcgga gttacccagg
    27121 atgtgcatac ggcatttatt cttatagtgc atgtttttca ctgtcaattg tatccagagc
    27181 ttctgtgggg agatgacaag ttagctaaat atacatattt aataggctac aggaggagct
    27241 atgcatattt atgaaggtgg tcctgacaca aggatattga acaaatatgt atgtaacata
    27301 tagtccatgt ctattttgtg ctggagacgt aatatttaaa tgtattataa ttagatcata
    27361 tacatcaaaa ggtcttttca agtcacaaag ccatgcacat gtataatttc tgtaaactgg
    27421 ccagaactag accatggttg gtagtctttt tatcaagaga aagttattga aatcaatctc
    27481 ttgtctaatt aaagttgtag ctatggctgg tggaacagga gctgagggtc agttagtctg
    27541 cttatgtaga gactagtgtt tttttggctg ctggtgaaaa agaaaaacct tgtggcaatt
    27601 agaatatagt gtacttttaa agtgtaggaa tatgtgactt aatctttgcc tggcatggtc
    27661 ttaggtcgtg tttgtaactt ggtattttat tgttataaag ggtttgtcag tcttatgatc
    27721 tgtattttat ttattttaga atttttaaat ttatttttga gatggagtct tgctctattg
    27781 cacaggctgg agtgcagtgg tgcaatcatg gcttaccata tccttaatct cccatgctca
    27841 agcaatcctc ccacctcagc cttccgagca gctgggacca caggtgctca ccaccacacc
    27901 tggctaattt tttttttttt tttttgagat ggagtcttgc tctgtcaccc aggctggagt
    27961 gcaatggtgt gctctcagct cgctgcaacc tccacctccc cggttcaagt gattctcctg
    28021 cctcagcctc gtgagtagct gggattacag gtgcgcacca ccacacctgg ctaattttta
    28081 tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttgatcaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgaccc
    28141 tgtgatctgc ctgcctcggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta caggcgtgag ccacatgcct
    28201 ggcaacacct ggctaatttt taaaatattt tttgtagaga tgggatctca ctgtgttgcc
    28261 caggctaatc tggaactcct aggctcaagt aatcatcctg ctttggcctc ccaaagtgtt
    28321 gggattacag gtgtgagcca ccgcaccagt catgatctgt atcttaatgt taaggctgct
    28381 cacttgtgtc taaactctaa agtggggagg atataatgag ccatgtacca ccactacttc
    28441 ctgccatggc ctgaactagt ttttcaggtt tcttcgggat ccctttggcc aataaggggg
    28501 tctattttgt ctgttagggg gaccagaatt ttatttttgg tttatattct cccccttctg
    28561 gccaagattt gccagaggca acattactgg tcaaactttt actttgtctc acagcactgt
    28621 gtggtggtgt ggctactggc cccaggtcca tcatgtacct cagtgggacc cctatggcca
    28681 agggacttcg agtaaaaaga attatagtca attaaatgtt ctagacaaaa tgggaatgga
    28741 gatgggcagg catctattaa ccttaaaatc ctttaagtaa tagaaaagcc aaaagtcaag
    28801 gttatgaaac tgacttattt ataaatttaa tgaattgagc tactgtaatc ttggcttaat
    28861 tagttttata tatatatttt atttatatat atagttgttt tgttatatat aaatatatat
    28921 atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atagttgttt
    28981 tgttttgagt cagagtctca ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtgggg caatcttggc
    29041 tcaccacaac ctctgcctcc tgggttcaag taattctcat gcttcagcct cctgagtagc
    29101 tagactacag gcatgcgcca ccgcacccga ctaatttttg tatttttagt agaggcaaag
    29161 tttcaccttg ttgactgggc tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct caggtgatcc accggcctca
    29221 gcctccccaa gtcctaggat tacaggcatg agccactgca actggcctaa ttagtcatat
    29281 tttaaaaagt attttgttaa aactatttaa gctaaagaat ttagagactt ttattgtatc
    29341 accatgaatt ttgaggtctt tttagtaatc tgtcctaagg tggctgatta aaaaaaaatt
    29401 taatatatat ctgaagcagg aaattcttta tggttgaaat ggatggaaag gggccacata
    29461 atggcccagg aggcaaaatt ccagctgttc aggcatctat gtgcctgtcc ttgatttaga
    29521 gaatctaaac taattttatt gctcaaaatc agcccttata atcttacaca cctacctatt
    29581 ccgcaatagt ccctgggcct agagggaagg tgtttacaca gttttagcag cagggcatta
    29641 gcaatgaaaa tatattaggc ccagtgagat tctaaatgtt tttaaatttt ggagatagca
    29701 ggtagaatct ttgttgtttt atctaatttt gtaaactagg tataaaatta gcaacattgt
    29761 aaacaaaaaa gacgtaagca ctgcttagct ctgacaataa taggagaaag gaaactcaca
    29821 ggtagataaa taaatcatct agtatgaaga catagaataa atatattaat ttagatagac
    29881 aaaaatatta aagggatatt atgcctttgt attaccatat aggcctgatc tagtgtcaca
    29941 tgaaagcagt ttattttgat tggtgccttt tcctgggtct aaagatgagg ctttggttaa
    30001 cttgactttg gtgtcagata ctagcattga tgtttaagat tcggtaggag ccagattccc
    30061 aggagtcaaa gccctggaac ttaacagcgc aagggttagt taacaatatt tgataaagac
    30121 cttttattta atgaggctgg aggaattatc tcaactgata tctaatcatt aggctggagg
    30181 tgatgatact agggtttatg acttagaagc tgtagaaaga ttctacaaca atggagtgat
    30241 taatatttat atttttgata atcccccagc aataaatcta agtcaaagac actttaggat
    30301 tcaatttggg attcaatttt ttgagaaggt ttgtcaaaag atgttgaaag cctcaaaaca
    30361 ttttattaaa atagaattat aggtcattag aaaataatat ttatttaacc agagtgacaa
    30421 ttaaaagatg ttaaaagcaa gaaagaaagt tatatggatg taaaaacctt aaccctttta
    30481 aagttttttt ttaagtaata ttttcctaat aaacgcaaca caggaatcat cttcatacaa
    30541 cgtaaaatct ttgtttctta ggctagttat caaaaaggtt aaaaaagaaa agaaaaaaaa
    30601 aaaaaacctt cgccagtgat tgtttttcct tatgggaaac ccatttggat aacctcaaag
    30661 tcaaacatgg gaaaaaccat caggaggggg tttctggagt taatcaggga tatgtttgga
    30721 ggaagcatgt gtaggcatgc ataaacatgc ataaacatgt cttttattat cattatgtcc
    30781 attaagcatg agtgaaatag caccttgtgg ttgtaaatgc tctctcatga ctttcaattt
    30841 aagtccagtt acaactgagt tggctgggtc caggctcccg ccatgctgga tcatagcatc
    30901 cccaaattta aaaaaaatac caagtgcatg gcagtgctcc catgagttgt catgagttga
    30961 ttagtcacta atccatggag atgtcttatt taaggagaac gtgtgagcat tctcaatgaa
    31021 catggcccta aagtaagaac cagatgccag gtatagtttc agtacagtca cccccaagcg
    31081 tgaatgggtc cagaacaaga agggtagtac ttcccgagtg ggttgttggt ttcgtgaagt
    31141 tcggtagtca agaaattagg ttggaggtga taagcatgtt gacaagaaat gactttactt
    31201 ggatgcacta tgtatgataa atgactaaat gtactatgca atattaagga gttattgagg
    31261 tggacaatag atatacgcac gagttctgtt tcatgggagg ttaatagaat atctgataag
    31321 tcgatataaa gttgttatat aaagttatac ttgcttaata ttcatgcaga caggagtttc
    31381 atgtatgata atgcatagat gtataacata cagttaagca tatatggtac tgctacatta
    31441 atttatgtgg ttgagcagga atgcatgatg tacatagtaa taccattgtc acagcattaa
    31501 ttctgtgagt ttctttgata ctgacatagc agttaaaata aaattattgc accttaagta
    31561 aagaattcag ggaataattt aagtagaatt tcagctttgg gtgctggcag tggagtggga
    31621 ggcttctttc cagaaattgt cctgggaagg tagaggccct ccattttggg tttacaagac
    31681 ccaaatgtat aatgtacaac aaggacttct tcatttaagt aacttgtttt cagttagact
    31741 agtaaatggt atacaaaaaa ataaaggatg agggagaagt atgcaatgca tgctgtttga
    31801 ccgatgatta tgaagaggtg ttcaatgggt aggcctctga ttcatgtgag tgtgagaaga
    31861 tctgctacta ggattcaaaa taggcattga cttaatggtc aaaatattat actttgttgt
    31921 ttggacatgt gaagtattgg gacaatggct agggtaagaa tggagagaac gagggctagt
    31981 aggcccatag tttcttggga acagagcata agattgtgca ggcaaaaaag aaaagaatca
    32041 ctctggttta atatggggcg gtgtgttgag ggggtttgct ggggtattgt tgtctggatc
    32101 gcctaacagg tcaggtgaaa atagaactaa tataattaat agcagtagta gaattaggcc
    32161 taaaatgtct ttgattgtaa aatgaggctg aaaagggatt ttatcagaat ctgatgaaat
    32221 tcccaaggag ttattagaca ctgttacatg gagaaataaa aggtggatgg cttctagggc
    32281 tgcaatgatt aagggtaaaa tgaagtagag gcaaagaatc atgtgagggt agttttatca
    32341 acagaaaaca cacctcagat tcattgtact aggtcagtgc cagtgtatgg aatagtgaca
    32401 gcagattggt gattactgtt gcaactcaaa aagatatttg tcctcatggc aagatgtaac
    32461 ctataaatgc tgttgctatt accacaaata ataggaaaat accaacatgt caggtttcta
    32521 gaagagtata agatccatac tataggcctc atcctacatg tcagaataaa cacataaaga
    32581 atattgaggc tctgttggca tgtagatacc aaataattca gctggaattc acctctcagc
    32641 agatgtgtgt gatggaggag acagcagtta ttgtgtctga tgtgtaatgc atggctagga
    32701 atagtcctgt aatgatttgt cgggccaggc aaacacctgg aagtgagcca aaatttcacc
    32761 atgtggaaat atttgatggt gccatcaatg aatgagtggt taaggatttt tattaagggg
    32821 tgagtttctt ggatgttggg ttcgtacagt tgaaatacaa tgatgatttt tcatggttgg
    32881 ggggttgtgg agttaatcga gaatatgttt aaggaaagtg tgcgtagaca tgcatacaga
    32941 aggaattaat caggaacagg aagagcatgt ccagggttga gtagacatta tattataaag
    33001 accctgaaca gggaaacatg tgactcagca acagcagggg aaattgcctg gttgtattga
    33061 acattttaga catatattgg tgctctgaaa aataatgccc caaaatggaa gcctcaggag
    33121 cagcctcaga agtagaagtt tttctttggc tttctcttgc cattccatct ctcagtccca
    33181 ttttccctca aggctggcca tagcaactag gatctctctt ccctaaagtg ggtcctagaa
    33241 acctgaactc attttcctca aaaccagcca taaaacctaa aaactattac tctaactttt
    33301 ctttgccttt ctgtgtaaga atgtggccat aaacaaataa tctaaccttt ctagttggac
    33361 tgtaggtcat aagatcacat agccagaagg aaggaaatgc atgcacaggg aggtaaggaa
    33421 gagtttagac agacaggcct tgccgggtag tctactagca ttaaattaca cccttttgtt
    33481 taattatact tttatatggc tgtccatgtc ttgttgaacc caagcataaa aacgaacaat
    33541 ttcctctgta ccttaggctt ttattctgaa aactcccaca tatatactct aaacaaattt
    33601 gtatatcttt ttctccatca atctatcttt tgtgacttga tttttttggc aaaacttcag
    33661 agggcctctg gtccctaaaa catattaaga aaaaacaaga atatagactt aagttaaatc
    33721 agagtaaaac attgcctttt taaaaccttc aagataaaac atttcagcat caggccataa
    33781 caacagattt agaactagag taggggaaga aatgttacag gagcccacaa aagttgaagg
    33841 agagagttaa tattccaggc cttttcaaag ggagagaggc tgaaagcagc agggtacagc
    33901 agaaggtgaa cttctgagat atcaatttga gaaatttgaa aagaaacaga taacagaaag
    33961 gaaacttgtt gcaatttcat taagagtaaa taaataagaa aatcttattg ttttcatcag
    34021 ttctttggtt ttgtactagt ttatttttaa tatcaaaacc caatctctag aaagacaaat
    34081 tttcttttaa ttaaagccaa cttaatcaca tataaaactt attttataca ttctcttttt
    34141 ataaacttta tgacaattta cacagaccat ttgtgatatg cttggacttt gtgttttgtc
    34201 ctaaaaatga ccctttctta aataatcagt cgttttactt taggacaaac tttaccatgt
    34261 aagatttttt ctttctctct ctctctctgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagagagaga
    34321 gagagagatg gagtctcact cttttgccag gctggagtgc aatggcacaa acttggctca
    34381 ctgcaactct gcctgccagg ttcaagtgat tcgcctgcct tagcctctca agtagctgga
    34441 attacaggca tgtgccacca cgcccagcta atttttatat ttttagtaga gacggggttt
    34501 caccaagttg gacaggctgg ccttgaactc ctgagctcaa gtgatccccc cgactcggcc
    34561 tctcaaagtg ctgggattat aggtgtgagc caccacaccc agcctaagat tttttctcat
    34621 ataaaattat tttcctttta attttcttta ttaaaaatgt atctttataa ctttcttcac
    34681 atctctctca cttactggtt cctttactta ctggtttcat gaaaaatctt taacttttga
    34741 attagacaaa aattattttc cttttaataa gaacacactt tttgtctttc ttataacttt
    34801 tttatttaaa acacatttca ttttggcaca ttttatatgc agaattatgt attaactaga
    34861 atttttattt ttagtaatgt taaatttttg tgaatagcta ggaagtaaga aatattgaat
    34921 tgtctgttac attagcattt tatagataag aatctttgat aattaatttt tatagaaaaa
    34981 agtttttcta taattttaat tggaaatgac caagacattt aatgaatatg tattatgtaa
    35041 tttaatataa ctttaagatg ttaaattata tgacaagttt atttatatgc attttattct
    35101 attcatttta tttttcatag tttacctagg ttatttatga aaactgggat attagacaaa
    35161 gctagtcatt atttaaagtt attcccctgt taaccatttt aatagcctat gaatatcata
    35221 tatttaccca agtcagaatc ttaaggttaa ataaatgggt atttttttat ttttattttt
    35281 ttgccaatag cttaggattt agctgttctt attaagccaa caatattaaa tgttttattt
    35341 atcaaaaatt acatgaacaa agattggggc tgggtttgca gttttataac ctttgtgcca
    35401 aaccttgaca ccttataatt catagcagag ataaatatga agccacttga ctaataaacc
    35461 tagacaaaaa tgtatactga caattttgaa gacaaaaaca atgtcttcaa aatcatcacc
    35521 cagactgaag tacagtgtca tgaacacagc tgaccgcagc cttgaccttg tgggctcaag
    35581 tgatcctctt acctcagcca cttgagtagc tgggaccaca gacatgcacc accatgcctg
    35641 gctaaacaat aattttaagg ctagcttatt tattaaatat ttatttgtca tgtgaacttg
    35701 aaagcttttg gacttgctta atctatgagt attcatttac atataagcaa atttggtagc
    35761 atgctagaca caatatataa tgcgtatata cacatatata gaaacacatt taaacaagca
    35821 tacacacaca cacaagtaaa gatccattcg ctttacctca gaactttagc catgagacag
    35881 catcacaatc tcatcagcct ataaaaggta gctggatcta aattatttct gacaaaattg
    35941 gggcctgtct acatggctaa atttcatttg ccccaggtaa cccaatgaag gctgtggacc
    36001 aaaatttggg gcaacagcat ctgttgtttc ctgacttttt taatgatcgc cattctaact
    36061 ggaatgagat ggtatctcat tatggttttg atttgcattt ctctaatgac tagtgatgat
    36121 gagctttttt catgtttgct ggctgcataa atgtcttctt ttgagaagtg ttcatatcct
    36181 tcactcactt tttgatgggg ttgtttgttt gtttttcttg tgaatttctt taagttcttt
    36241 gtagattctg tatattagcc ctttgtcaga tggacagatt gcaaaaattt tctcccattc
    36301 tgtaggttgc ctgttcactc tgatgatagt ttcttttcct gtgcagacgc tccttagttt
    36361 aactagaccc catttgtcaa ttttggcttt tgttgccatt gctttggtgt tttagtcatg
    36421 aagtctttgc ccatgcttat gtcctgaatg ttattgccta ggttttcttc tagggttttt
    36481 atggttttag gtctcatgtg taagtcttta atccatcttg aattaatttt tgtataagat
    36541 gtaaggaagg gatccagttt cagttttctg catatggcta gtcatttttc ccaacaccat
    36601 ttattaaata gagaatgttt tccccattgc ttgtttttgt caggtttatc aaagatcaga
    36661 tggttgtaga tgtgtggtgt tatttctgag gcctctgttc tgttttcatt ggtctatata
    36721 tctgttttgg taccagtatc atgctgtttt ggttactgta gctttgtagt atagcttgaa
    36781 gtcaggtagt gtgatgcctc cagctttgtt ctttttgctt aggattgtct tggctatata
    36841 ggctcttttt ttggttccat atgaaattta aagtagtttt ttctaattct gtgaagaaaa
    36901 tcaatggtag cttgatgggg atagcactca atctataaat tactttgggt agtacggcca
    36961 tttacacaac attgattctt cctatccatg agcatggaat gtgtttccat ttgtttgtgt
    37021 cctctcttat ttccttgagc agtcatttgt agttctcctt gaagaggtcc ttcacatccc
    37081 ttgtaagctg tattcctagg tattttattc tctttgtagc aattgtgaat gggagttcac
    37141 tcatgatttg gctctctgtt tatctattat tggtatatag gaatgcttgt gatttttgca
    37201 cattgatttt gtatgctgag acttggctga agttgcttat cagcttaagg agatctgggg
    37261 ctgagacgat ggggttttct aaaaatacaa tcatgttatc tgcaaacaga gacaattgga
    37321 cttcctgtct tcctatttga atacccttca tttctttctc ttgcctgatt gccctggcca
    37381 gaacttccaa tattatgtcg aacaggagtg gtgagagagg gcatctttgt cttgtgctgg
    37441 ttttcaaagg gaatgctttc cagcttttgc ccattcagta tgatatgggc tgtgggtttt
    37501 tcataaatag gtcttattat tttgagatac gttccatcac cacctagttt atggagagtt
    37561 tttagcatga aggggtgttg aattttatcg aaggcctttt ctgcatctat tgagataatc
    37621 atgtggtttt gtcattggtt ctgtttatgt tttactttta tggattatgt tatggatatg
    37681 tttatggatt acatttattg atttgcatat gttgaaccag ccttgcatcc cagggatgaa
    37741 gctgacttga tcatagtgga taagcttttt gatgtgctgc tggattcggt ttgccagtat
    37801 tttattgagg atttttgcat tgatgttcat cagggatatt ggcccgaaat tttctctttt
    37861 ttgtgtgtgt gtctctgcca ggttttggta tcaggatgat gctggcctca taaaacaagt
    37921 tagggaggag tccctctttt tctactggtt ggaatagttt cagaaggaat ggtactagct
    37981 cctttttgta cctctggtag aattcagctg tgaatccatc ttgtcctggg ctttttttgg
    38041 ttggtaggct attaattaac tgcctcaatt tcagaacttg ttattggtct attcagggat
    38101 tcgaattctt cctggtttag tcttgggcgg gtgtatgtgt tcaggaattt gtccatttct
    38161 tctagatttt ctagtttatt tgcatataag tgtgcatagt attctctgat ggtagtttgt
    38221 atttctgtgg gatcagtgat gatatcccct ttatcatttt ttattgtgtt tatttgattc
    38281 ttctctctgt tcttctttat tagtctggct agtggtctat ctattttgtt aatcttttca
    38341 aaaaaccagc tcctggattc attgattttt ttgaagggtt tttcatgtct ctaactcctt
    38401 caattctgct ctgaccttag ttatttcttg tcttctacta gcttttgaat ttgtttgctc
    38461 ttgcttctct agttttttta atcgttatgt tagggtgtcg attttagatc tttcctgctt
    38521 tctcttgtgg gcatttagtg ctataaattt ccctctaaac actgctttag ctgtgtccta
    38581 gagatcctgg tacattgtgt ctttgttctc attggtttca aagaacttat ttatttctgc
    38641 cttaattttg ttaattaccc agtagtcatt caggagcagg ttgttcagtt tccatgtagt
    38701 tgtgtggttt tgagtgagtt tttaaatcct gagttctaat ttgattgcac tgtggtctga
    38761 gagactgttt gttatgattt ccattctttt gcatttgcta aggagtgttc tacttctaat
    38821 tatgtggtca tttttagaat aagtgtgatg tggtgctgag aagaatgtat attctgttga
    38881 tttgtggtgg agagttctgt agatgtctat tagatccgct tgatccagag ctaagttcaa
    38941 gtcctgaata tccttgttaa ttttctgtct cattgatctg tctaatattg acagtgggtg
    39001 ttaaagtctc ccactattat tgtgtgggag tctaagtctc tttgtaggtc tctaccatgt
    39061 gccatcttct ctattcggcc ctgaggatac aatagtgaat aagacagaca agatttctgc
    39121 tctcaaggaa ctcacagtct agggaaaaaa atataaagaa attacttctt tgccatatgc
    39181 aagtatgcgt gctactgtta tgagttgaac tgtgtctccc aaaaagcttt gttgaaatcc
    39241 taatcctcag tgaatgtgac cttatttgga aatagtatct ttgccgatgt aatcaagata
    39301 agatgaggtc attagggtgg gctttacgag aagagaggag gctcagaaag acacaggaga
    39361 gattttccta tgaagactgg ctgatattgg agagaagcat ctataagcca gggaatacca
    39421 agggttgcca acaactactg gaaggtaggg agaggcaaag aaggatcccc ccttataggt
    39481 ttcagaggga gcatggcctt gctgacacct tgattccaaa cttccagcct ccagaactgt
    39541 gcaagattaa attcatgctg ttttaagcca tcctgcttgt ggtctattag tcacagcggc
    39601 cttaggaaac taatacagct actaaggcag tgcacaggag gagagttgaa tgtaatgcag
    39661 agggttgaca aaggattccc agcagaaatg acatttaaat ttatagcaaa agaatgtgta
    39721 ggatgtagcc attggaggca ggagaggtgc tccacttggg gagcgctgca ggtccgaagg
    39781 ctcgaggcaa gagagaacac attggaggaa ttgaagaaat cctaaatggc taaattacaa
    39841 aaatggaatt attataaatg acactgaagt agccatgaaa gagcacagtg aacagattaa
    39901 ataaaattgt tcatataaca gaaagacaaa gagcaacttt cttggaaaga gcttttaatt
    39961 ggggtatttt ttaaaaaaat tatccacctg ctttcacttt tatttatttt tatttttttg
    40021 agactgggtc tcactctgtc acccaggctg cagtgcaatg gtgccatctc cgatcactgc
    40081 agccttgact tcctgggctc aagcgattct cccacctcag cctcccaggt agctgggacc
    40141 tacttcaagc cctgccaatt ttggggtttt tgtttgtttg ttttgtagag atggggtttc
    40201 atcatgttgc ccaggttagt ctcaactcct gagctcaaat gatccaccca ctttggtctc
    40261 ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca ctgtgcctgg gcattgcttt tattattttt
    40321 aaattttatt ttatatttta tttatttaag acaggatctt tcttcctctg tcacccatgc
    40381 tggagtatag tggcatgaca gtagctcact acagcctcca actcttgggc tcaagcaatc
    40441 cttctgactc ggtcttccat agctaggact acaggggcac acgctgcctt ggccttccaa
    40501 agtgctagga ttgcaggctt gagtcactgc acccagtctt gctttcattt ttaatgttaa
    40561 gggatttttc agtttcttct ggtagaatag ggtcaggaga ttgggctcca gaggtaggga
    40621 ggagaagatc tagaagaggt gcagctttct gcagcatgtt ccagcaacag ggcacacagc
    40681 accaagaagg cgaggcacac acacacatac acatacatac acacacacgc gcgcacacac
    40741 acaaaggaga tgacaataag gagctccttg tagcagatgt tccctagtaa ctccagatac
    40801 tgtgatgtct agtagccaat tttaatttat cttccccctt actcacagaa cttccataag
    40861 ctttgttcac tagcacaaag caaatatctg tcagccaggt gctaacccaa ctctgaaaaa
    40921 taaagggatg ttgatgtcag tgtttggagg taaaattgat gagggatggt taaaatcaca
    40981 aaaagattca aagacctcaa aaagtggtca aggataagcc aaaggtaaga gttcaaggtg
    41041 agaagggaca ggcaacaacc agaaagtgtg aaattctcgt agtcagcttc ggatgaagac
    41101 gctgaatgct ctatgtggat gctagaggct tgagaacact taagttacac tatgaataca
    41161 acccaaaaat ttgcaattga gaaagccaat agggaggcag cagtacagac tccatttatg
    41221 ataaaaactg cagagtttct ggtgggttaa ggatgggaag aaagagataa accaaagtcc
    41281 aaatatgtct atgtgctgta acaagattaa taataatgat aacaatgata tagctgttaa
    41341 tgagaactga ctgtgtgcca ggaacagttc aatgtatgtt atttcagagg cacatgtatt
    41401 aatgaaagga gcagagagga taagcaactt gtgcagtcac aaagtttgaa aattccatag
    41461 cagactgcta gttatccttt cagctttatt cttcaccacc tctatggtaa taatagacat
    41521 gtggctgccc atctagaggc tacatttctc atcctccttt gcaattaggt gtggctgtgc
    41581 taaaaagaga acatggaagg cttaacattg caatccttag gaaaacctgc ttataagctt
    41641 ggcccttgcc ttgtgtctgg gaatttgaat aataaacagt tccctatgtc aaaataaaac
    41701 tttccccaaa tgataaaagc acctaaatga tttgtacaaa caatatggtc tatactaacc
    41761 acctgcattg ctcctgggaa tctgaaattt taaaatatgc aaagtagagg gtgtcccaat
    41821 aaaagtcttg ggcactgagt tgctaataac ttccctggtg gacacatgtt ttcacaaccc
    41881 attgctggag gatttaagtg catcctgtgt cattgcactg gaagaggact cttggatgcc
    41941 tgtgcctggt ttcctcctga attcacccac gtgtgctttt gctgagtttc ttttttatcc
    42001 ttttgctgca ataaatcata gccatgggta taactctatg ctgagtcatg tgagccctcc
    42061 cagtaaatcc ccaattctga gggtcttggg aaccccttac acagtgccta agttttcacc
    42121 agtgaaatgt gagtggaagt gatgcaaatt tactttcact ggcctaaaca gaaattgctt
    42181 gccctccatt atgtgtcttt tatgttcctg tagattagaa catgattgaa gcagcaaatc
    42241 agctacaatc acgtggaaga aagcaacacc catagttgca atgtccacat ggcacacagc
    42301 agcttcatgt attatttaat ttaaaattta aattagttaa aattaaataa agtttaaaat
    42361 taagaacccc aatttcacac gtggctagtg gctatcatat tgaacagtga agatacaata
    42421 cacttccatc actgcagaaa tatctattgg atggccgtgc cctagaggct agtggagcaa
    42481 aaagatgaat ggaaacttgg tcactaaatg atctcatgga actgaataga cttatcagcc
    42541 tagaacacta acaatcactg gactgttaga tgataaatat atttatatct tatttaaaca
    42601 actgtatttg aggatatctt tgttacagca ccttagccta tattttaact aacacagctt
    42661 ataatttatt cttaataaga atcatgcaga aagtacaata atcatgtagg acaggagcag
    42721 acagcatgtc tgagcacagc ttccctttat gcctaggtct ttttaatcag ggcacaagcc
    42781 tattggtaac agtatccaca tgacataagg tctcccagaa tctgaaaagc tcaattcttg
    42841 ctccaacact gcccctttta tactaagagc ttgcatcatt attcaggaag aactttaaac
    42901 aatctatatg cttccttttg attgaggtat ttaatgccac aaatatctct ttcattactg
    42961 ctttagcttt gtcccgcaaa ttttgtacgc tgcattttca tttagtttga tgcatttttg
    43021 ttattctctt aagacttccc ctttgacaca ggtattagac atgtgctgct tatactttct
    43081 cagtgtttga agatttttaa attttctttc tgatattcat ttctagtttg attccattgt
    43141 ggtcagacag cataatctat gtatgatttc aatattttta acttcgttga catttgtttt
    43201 atgacccagg atatggtcga tattggtgta tattcaaagg gtacttgaaa aaaacatgaa
    43261 ttctactatt gttaaatgaa gtgttttatt gtcaattaga tcctgttggt tgattgtcat
    43321 gttgagttct ctacatcttt gatgctgttt ctctctagtt gttctatcaa cagctagttc
    43381 tagttgagag aggagtgttg aagtcaccaa tgagaactgt ggatttatcc ataacttttt
    43441 ctttctatcc gtttttgctt catatatttt gcagttctgt tgtttggtga acacacacta
    43501 gggattgcta tgttttcttg gtgaattgac ccttttatca ttgtgtaatg tccttctctg
    43561 tttttgatat gtttctttta tctaaactct actgtatctg ataataacag agccacatct
    43621 gctttatttt gattaaagtt tgcatggtgt gtattttcca tcctttattt ttaagctaca
    43681 tgtataattt gaactacttg aagtgaattt cttatacaac atataattga gtcatttttt
    43741 taagtccact atgctaattt gtcttttaat tggtatgttt aaactattta tgtttaatgt
    43801 aattgctgat ctgttaaggc ttaaatatgc cattttattt tttactttat ctttgatctt
    43861 tgtatttctg tttctctgct tttatttttc tgccttctag tagatgactc aaacattttt
    43921 taaatgccat tttgatatgc ctatagtgct tttgagtgat tttctttgta gatctctttt
    43981 agtggtttct ctaagtatta cattacagac atttaattta tctgagtcca ctggtgtcaa
    44041 cattttacca gttagaatga agtatagaga ccttatgtct cttcatatca ctttattccc
    44101 tctctttaga atataattgt cttatttcct ctccatgcac tgagagccac attagacagt
    44161 tagacttttg cttcaataat caaacataat ttaacaactc aagaaaagga aagtcttgtt
    44221 tttactgatt gttttactca tcccatgttc tttcttcctt cctactgttc caagactttt
    44281 tattttacta tttctttttt gtctagagaa cttcctttag ccattctttt agaataggtc
    44341 tgctggcaac aatttttttt agttttccat catctgagaa tgtctttatt tccccttcat
    44401 tcttgaagga tattttcact ggacatagaa ttctgggttg acagttcttt tctctcagca
    44461 cttgaagagt gttatgtcat tccctctggc ctccatggtt tctgatgaga aatctgcttg
    44521 tcattcaaac tttttttttt gctatgggta ataggtaatg tgttattttt ctctagctgc
    44581 ttttaagaat ttttctttgt ctttagtctt cagatagaaa agatagtcta gattctctac
    44641 ttgccctgtt gacacccagg gtgagagggg cctctagtca ctactaggca ggggtgggaa
    44701 ttcagattcc ccactgggcc tccagtgata acaccttgcc tggagagcag tgcctgctcc
    44761 ccatctggat gcatctgaca tagctgggga ggtggtaggt ggtggccttg ttgttgctga
    44821 gtgttggtga aggtactgac tctccactag gccttaactg acatcctatt ggggagggga
    44881 aagaccacct ccttaaggat ggagggagtg gaagcccagg ctctccacat ggtctctcct
    44941 agcaccacag tggaaaagaa ggaaggggac tcattgcttc ctggcagagg taaaagtccc
    45001 agctcttcac taagcattcc ctgacactac cccagtgggg tgttgggtgc ctccttatag
    45061 cctcatgggg gtagaaggct gggcttctca cttggcctcc catgttgggg gaggtagtgg
    45121 ggccatagtt ttttctgtat atttggctgg agtctggtgg ttattatctc aagcttttct
    45181 atttttctag gccatccctt ctctggtcct ttggctgaag aaatcaagct tttcttagga
    45241 catgttattt gtttgcatcc attgacgttt ctggattctc cagaaactat ttggatactg
    45301 tcacctctag tatcaagtct gaaatatatg aaacaaaaag aaaagcctgg gaactcacca
    45361 ctgtgtcatt ccacaggttc tgaggtctcc agctggtgtg ccccttcact tttcagtctt
    45421 tttaggttta tttattatgt ccaggattgt agttgttctt agcaggagaa atagggggat
    45481 atgtgaatat tccatcttcc tggaagaaga catgcttcct tttaagacaa tgtgtactaa
    45541 atcaggtact cccaattttt aaccctagat cagatttgca aggccacatt ctcatcacag
    45601 ggagtacctg ccaatgatcc atctctcacc accactggct ttccatttcc ccacagggac
    45661 agatggaaat aatatttata aaggaaaaac agaacatcaa actaaaatta agaatccatg
    45721 gctgggcgcc gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctgag gcgggcagat
    45781 cacgaggtca gaagatcaag accatcctgg ctaatacagt gaaaccctgt ctctactaaa
    45841 aatacaaaaa attagcgggg tgtggtggca ggcgcctgta atcccagcta cttgggaggc
    45901 tgaggcaggg gaattgcttg aacccaggag ggggaggttg cagtgagctg agattgcacc
    45961 actgcgccac tgtactccag cctgggtgat agagtgaggc tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa
    46021 aaaaaaagaa tccacaagtg acaatagata cctatcatgt atttcaagtt ccattataat
    46081 tttctgtggg taatattttc atacattaac ctttctccca tttagaaaaa acgaagtgca
    46141 gcttactgcc agctctcatt tggttttaca taaacacatt ctttgaggct gaagcaaatc
    46201 tgactgattt tcaatgtgaa aatgaaacat aaaaactgtt cttggattta tttctaaaca
    46261 gaactaacat cagaatcatc tcaatcatga gaatcatcta tttccaaaaa aatggattca
    46321 tcgaatgaac ctttggccaa caactgttcg agaacgatgt taatatcatg cgtgggaatg
    46381 ctacgttttc tagtatttga catttacagc aatcgagaat tactgtattt tgtaaatgga
    46441 aataccacta ctaaaaagag agagctataa atagaatgat gtcttttgtt tccaaaatca
    46501 atgtgctaga gtgatgcaac aataataata aaagcgagat atttagtgac aaagatattt
    46561 cagggtaaac gctacagcct caagtgccac tggtgagtat tctcagggca aatggttaaa
    46621 cagatattct tttcatttct agtcatttct tttttgccct atgattcttc ctccattcaa
    46681 accatactct aagtcatcta ctgcctacag ggagagatgc ttccacagaa cagcagattg
    46741 ttttctcagt tataacaacc taatattgtg agtatatggc aaaacgtatg tattatcaaa
    46801 cgattggaga gaatgcataa ttatataaaa ttcaaatttt gctatcctag aggaaataca
    46861 gattatctta gctgtgggag atagggagtc ataagataga aaaacaggag tgttacttgc
    46921 tgataaatat ctctcagaat ggcagccacg tgttttgtgt gtgtctgagg atccaagtaa
    46981 gaacagcctg gagaggtctt agaacaggac aaggcagaca caacaaccag ccacgttgtg
    47041 tctgatgagt ggaagcctga tttacattcc attgcttggg aacaaatgac aaccatgtaa
    47101 ggacagatcc caagtgggct tgttctcacc cccaccctgg gaaatttcag cattcctggg
    47161 aatgatgctc attcctgaag gtgtgagggc catgccggaa gctagagtgt gaattgacat
    47221 gggaaacccc atttagcttc tatgaaacag gggcttaata tacaaatcac attccatttt
    47281 aaaaatatat gtcttacata cctgtgttga aagtttaaga ttcatgccca ctacagaaat
    47341 aatgaagtaa atgttggcaa gtgaccagaa ttattcaaat aagggatctt ggtgtttcag
    47401 tagacttggt agactaagta tatattgaga aataaattca ttgaattttt gtttaacata
    47461 tccacaaaca tttaaattct taatgaggtt ctattccagc accataataa ttaactatga
    47521 aatgccataa tgactaagag gtataatagg tagttctata cacagtagat aattcagcct
    47581 ttagaggtct ctaccctttg aaaaagagcc acaaggaaaa tgaaaattga gtgattcata
    47641 gagtcaaata ttgtttggaa aaacaaaagc agtatatgga caggaagaat cattatcagt
    47701 aaaatggcca tactgcccaa agcaatttat agattcagaa ctactcctat caaactacca
    47761 atgacattct tcacagaatt agaaaaatct gttttaaaat tcatatagaa ccaaaaaaga
    47821 gccaaagcag tcctaagcag aaagaacaaa gctggaggca tcacatactc aacttcaaac
    47881 tacactacag ggctacagta accaaaacaa catggtactg gtacacatag accaatggaa
    47941 cagaatggac agtccagaaa taatgctgca ccatctacaa ctatctgatc ttcgacaaag
    48001 ttgacaaaaa caagcaatag ggaaacgact ccctattcaa tgaatggagc tgggataact
    48061 ggctagcctt atgctgcaga ttgaaactgg acctctactt tatgccatat acaaaaatca
    48121 actcaagatg gattgaagac ttgaatgtaa aacttaaaac tataaaaact ctggaaggta
    48181 acctaggaaa tactattagg acttaggacg tggcaaagat ttcatgatga agacaccaaa
    48241 agcaactgca acaaaaacaa aaatttacaa atgagatcta attaaactaa agagcttcta
    48301 cacagtaaaa gaaactatca gcagataaac aacctacata atgggataaa atatttttaa
    48361 agtatgaatc catcaaaggt ctaatatcca gcatcttaag taacttcaac aaacttacaa
    48421 gcaaaacaca aacaactcca tttaaaaagt gggcaaagga cacgaacaga cacttttcaa
    48481 aagaagacat ataagcagcc agcaagcaaa tgaaaaaatg cttaacacca ctaattacca
    48541 gagaaatgca agtcaacacc acaatgagat accatctcac accagtcaga atagctatta
    48601 ttaaaaagtc aaaaaaataa cagatgctgg tgaagtcgca gagaaaagag aatgcttatg
    48661 tactggtggg agtgtaaatt agttcagcca ttgtggaaag ctgtgtggca atttgtcaaa
    48721 gaacttaaga cagaattgcc atttgaccca gcaatctcat ttttggatat atacccaaag
    48781 gataaatcat tctaccatga agacacatgc acatgtatgt gcattgcagc agtcccaata
    48841 gcaaagacac ggaatcaacc taaataccca tcaatggcag actggattaa agaaaatatg
    48901 gtacatatac accatggaat actatgcagc cacacacaca cacaaaaaag ccgagatcat
    48961 gtcctttgca gcaacataga tggagctgga gattctgatg atcccaaagg tagagataaa
    49021 gggaatacta caaaacccaa aatcaagctc aattaaatta gatcaataac catagcctct
    49081 gttgtttcca gaaaggctta ttctatgctc tccctccctc caactcctca tagcctctct
    49141 ttcctccagg tctccagtgt tgactcctct ctggggccaa agcaaacctg taaaatgtga
    49201 gctaacctgg agttcagctt cctcaaaggc tgttcctggg ggcttctgga taaagatggt
    49261 gggtaatgat attttactcc actgccctcc tcaaattttt ctgaaaacaa taaggatgaa
    49321 aatttgaggg aaaaaagaaa cacaacaaca tcatcagtga aatgggaacc aatcacagca
    49381 ccatttcaca agtacacagc ccagaacctg gggagtctgg tcagaagtgt gggaggaaca
    49441 aagctcccgc acaatgcagg aattgtctgc attctgaggg ctacccggag atctttagag
    49501 catctagtcc tgagggtagc aatgggccac agaagcgagg tgcatggtct gttcagacat
    49561 acatgttcct ttaatgaaaa tggattcaaa tacagttggt cattagacaa taccagtata
    49621 atggggaaat tgtgtaggct cctaggtgac cttttccagt cagtttgatg ctaccagggg
    49681 caaaacttct acaattaaaa agaaaatctt aacaatatat gaaatcctga agggggcaaa
    49741 aagaggctga aaatccttta ctacaagtat tggctggttt agtgacttca agaagcccta
    49801 cattttctac aaccgtaacc atttcaggga agtgaaagta cagacgaaaa actgcaaagg
    49861 catttccccc atattgaaaa aaataaatga agaaacactt aacacctgga tcaggtcacg
    49921 ctttcatttt tataccaatc tttgttaaaa gcaaatgccc tcaaggacct acacctcagt
    49981 ttaaggctgc aaaagaccta ctgaatgatg ctggacacaa atacgtgtgg agatttaact
    50041 gtgctattgg ggtttgtttt aaatagactt attttttaga gcagtttagg ttcacagcaa
    50101 aattgagcag aatgtacatc ctctggcccc acatatgcac aacctcctct attatcaatg
    50161 tcccccacca cagtggtaaa tttgttacag ctgatgaaac tacattgata tgtcattatc
    50221 acctatagtc tatagtttac actagggttc actcttggtg gcatacaatc tatgggtttg
    50281 gacaaatgta taatgacatg tctccaccct tataatatca tacagagtcg tttcgctgcc
    50341 ctagaaatcc tgtggtctgc ctattgatcc ttccctcccc ctaactcctg acaaccacta
    50401 atcttttacg ccctatagtt ttgccttctc cagaatgtca cttagttgga gtcatagagc
    50461 atgtagcttc ttcagattgg cttctttcac ttaataatat gaatttgagt tttttccatg
    50521 tcttttcaca gcttgatagc tcatttcttt ttagcactga ataatattcc attgtctgga
    50581 tatactgtag tttattcatc tactgaaggt caatttcaag ttttggcaat tattaataaa
    50641 gttgatataa acattcgtgt gcaggttttg gtgtggatat aagttttcag ctcctttgag
    50701 taaacaccaa agagcacaat tgctgaatca tatggtaaaa gtatgtttag ttttgtaaga
    50761 aatcaccaac tgtcctccaa attttgcatt tccaccaaca atgaaggaga gttcttgttg
    50821 cttcacatcc ttgtcagcat ttggtgttgt cagtgttctg ggttttgccc attctaacag
    50881 tgtagtggta tcttattgtt gttttaattt gcatttccct gatgacatat gctgtgaaac
    50941 atattttcat gtttatttgc catctgtata tcttctttgg tgaggtattt gttaaggtct
    51001 ttggcccatt tttaaactgg gttgtttgtt tccttattgt taagttttaa gagttctttg
    51061 tatattttgg ataaagtcct ttatctaata tgtcttttgc aaatattttc tcccagtctg
    51121 tggtttttct tttcattctc ttgacattgt ccttaacaga gcagaagttt ttaattttga
    51181 tgaaatctgg cctatcaatt ctttctttca tggattgtgc ctttgatgtt ttatctaaaa
    51241 tgtcatcacc aaacccaaag tcatttagat tcaaaaatat tatcaatatt ctgagagatg
    51301 taagagaaga cattgtagcc ataaaacaag aacagaaggc tattaaaaag ggaatatttc
    51361 aagaacaaaa agcaagttaa acattaaaaa attttaaagg tgacaggtcc agatagtgca
    51421 acatctaaaa gtaacaacaa accagaatta aagaaagata gaacagagaa aacagaagga
    51481 tggaaatcaa caaaacaatt caagaaactt ttccaggata gaaatataca agtttccaga
    51541 gtgaaatggc tattgaatgc acagcacaat taataaaaag actccccaca ccaagcatat
    51601 tcttttaaaa tctcagaact ctggggacaa atagatgatt ctgcatgctt caaagaggaa
    51661 aaaacaaaca ggtcacatag aaagaaaaaa acaggaatca aatggcctta gacttctcaa
    51721 aacagcatta aaagcaagaa tactggaaga atgagaaaca atggagcaga cagtgatttc
    51781 ttaaatataa taccaaagat ataagcagca aaagaaaaaa acagaaaaag tgaacttcat
    51841 gaaaatttaa agattttatg cataaaaaga tactaccaag aaagaaaaac ggcaatctat
    51901 ggaataggag gaaatatttg caaattatat atctgataaa agattcatac ccagaataca
    51961 tagagaaccc ctgaaactca ataacaaaaa acaagctgat tcaaaaatgg gcaaaggatt
    52021 tgaacagaca tttctccaaa gaagatatac aaatggctag taagtacatg aaaaggtgct
    52081 caacataacc aatcactagg gaaatgcaaa tcaaagttac aatgagattc caccccacgc
    52141 ccattagaat ggctactatt aaataaaaaa taaaaacagt ccagtcatgg tggctcatgc
    52201 ctgaaatccc agcatgatcc ctgcctttgg gaggccaagg caggcggatc acttgaggtc
    52261 aggagtgcga gatcagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaacccca cctctactaa aaatacaaaa
    52321 atcagcaggg catggtggcg tatgcctgta gtgctagcta ctgcagaggc tgaggcatga
    52381 gaatcacttg aaccgaggag gcggaggttg cagtgagcta agatggtgcc actgcactcc
    52441 atcctgggca agagagagag acttcatctc aagaacaaaa aacaaacaaa caaaaacaag
    52501 tgttggtgaa gacgtagaga aattggaacc cctgtgcgct attggcaaga ttgtaaaatg
    52561 gtacagctgc tgtggaagac agtgtggtag ttcctcaaaa actaaaagta gaattacctt
    52621 gatccagcga tttcacttca cagtatatag tcaaaaatat gtgatatggt ttggccctgt
    52681 gtccccaccc aaatctcatc tggaattgta atccccttga gggagggacc tggtgggagg
    52741 tgactggatc atgggggcgg tttcccatga tcatgccttt ctcatgatag tgagttctca
    52801 cgagatctga tggttttaaa agtgacagtt tttcctgagc tccctctctc tctctcctgc
    52861 tgccatgtaa gacatacttt gcctcccctt caccttctgc cataactgta agtttcctga
    52921 ggccttccca gccatgtgga actgtgagtc aactaaacct cttttattta taaattaccc
    52981 agtcttaggt agtatattta tagcatgtga aaacagaaca atacaggatg aaaaacaaga
    53041 ttataaaaaa gacaagaaat aataaatgct agcaagggtg tgtagaaaag gaaaccctag
    53101 tactctggtg gaaatgtaga ctggtgtagc cattatggaa aacagtatgg agagtcctta
    53161 aaaattaaaa atagagctac catatggccc agcaatccct cttctgggta tatacccaaa
    53221 ggaggtgaag tcaccacctc ctgaagatat ctgcactccc acgttcattg cagcactatt
    53281 cacgatagcc aagatatgga atcaaactta gtgttcatca atgaatgaat gagtaaagaa
    53341 aatgtgagag ttatatagat atatttacaa tgggatatta ttcagcctta aaacatgaga
    53401 tcctgtcatc tgccacaata ggaggtggac ctagaggaca ttaggctaag caaaataagc
    53461 cagacacaga aagaaaaata ttgcttcatc tcacttatgt gtagaatctt aaattttttt
    53521 taaaaaaacg gtcaaacata tagagaaaga gaataaaaca gaaaatagta actaccaggg
    53581 cagggggtgc gtggggaatg gggaactgta agtcaaaggc tacaaagtgg caatcacaga
    53641 tgaagaagtg tagagatcta atgtacaaca tgaggactct aataaaatcg tattaggaat
    53701 ttttgttaaa taagtagact ttagctgctc ttgctccaaa aaagtaactg tgtgacatta
    53761 gatatgttaa tttgcctctc tataataacc attttattat ctatatgtat cccataacat
    53821 caagttgtca acctcaaata tacacaataa aatttacttg aaagaaataa aactttatta
    53881 caaaaaaaaa aaaagaattg aaacggtgtc tttgaggagg tggagaagtg gttgcaattt
    53941 tattttttaa attgtttaat attattttca ttgacaaatc ataattgtat tatatttatg
    54001 gagtataatg tgatgttttg acatatatat acaatgggaa tgattacatc aagctaatta
    54061 acacatccat cacctcattt acttaacatt ttttgtggtg atacaattga aacttactct
    54121 tttagttatt ttgaaatata cgttattatt gactacagtc accctgctgt gcaatagatc
    54181 tcaaaactta ttctttctgt gcagccaaaa ctttgtactt tttgacaaaa ctccccattc
    54241 cattgctccc cagtgctctc ccaagcctct ggtaatcatc atttctactc tctacatcta
    54301 tgaattcaac ttttttagat ttcacatata agtgagatca tgtggtattt gtctttctgt
    54361 gtgtggagat atccctccaa catattgatt tcaattcctt tgaatatatc ccagaactgg
    54421 gattattaga tcatatggca gttctgtttt tagtttttta gggatgaaaa cagagtcttg
    54481 aacatttgta cacacatgtt cgtagtagca ttattcgcaa tagctaaaac atggaagcaa
    54541 cccaagtgtc cactgaggga tgaataggca aaatgcagca tagacataca atggaatatt
    54601 attcatcctt aaaacgaagg aaattctgac ctatgctata acatggatga aacttgatga
    54661 cattatgcta agtgaaataa gccaaatgtt gacaaataag caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacaa
    54721 atattatatg attgcaattt tttttttttt tttttttgag atgtagtctc tctctcttgc
    54781 ccaggctgga gtgcagtggt atgatcttgg ctcactgcaa cctccacctc ctgagttcaa
    54841 gcgtttctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtag ctgggattac aggcacacac caccacaccc
    54901 tgctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcacca tattggccag gctggtctcg
    54961 aactcctgac ctcatgatcc gcccgtctcg gcctcccgaa gcgctgggat tacaggtgtg
    55021 agctactgtg cccagcctat gattgcaatt ctatgaggta gagtagtgaa aatgatagca
    55081 acagaaagta gaacggtggg gatgggagca gtggctcaca cctgtaaacc tgacactttg
    55141 ggaggccaag gcaggagcag cattgcttga gtccaggagt ttgagaccag cctgggcaac
    55201 atagagattc catctctaca aaaaataaaa ataaaaataa attagacagg catggtggca
    55261 tgcacctcta ttcctagcta cttgagaggc tgaggtgaga gaattgcttg agcctgagag
    55321 gttgaggcca cagtgagcca tgatcacacc actgtactcc tgcctgggtg acagagcaag
    55381 atcccatcag gaagaagaaa aggaaaggaa aggagaggaa aggaaaggaa aatggaaagg
    55441 aaaaaggaaa ggaaaagtag aatgatgatt gccaggggat ggggagaaaa gggaatgagg
    55501 ggttgttgtt taatgtgtac agagtttcag ttttacaaga tgaaaagagt tatggagatg
    55561 gacagtggtg atagttgcac attatgaatg taggtaatac cacactgaac tatacactta
    55621 aaatcattaa gatactaaat ttatgtgata tgtattttat cacaataaaa aaattgcgga
    55681 aattttttga agggatggag caatggcatg tcaacagttc tcaattcatc caagcaatta
    55741 atcaagtgtg aagacagaat gaacacattt ttagacattc caggactcca aaaatgtaca
    55801 tctcatgcat tcttttggaa gtaagtactg catttgggct tcaccaaaac aagaaaataa
    55861 gccaaggaaa aggaagacat ggagtagagg aaagaggaga gaattgaagg taatctcaag
    55921 gtggaacgat gaggggggtt tctgggtaat accggtgtat caggtttaga ggacaacagt
    55981 ccagactgaa gcagtgtgac caaaaggcag ctgtgctggg gagctgttat cccttggacg
    56041 cctactgcct ttgaaacaga ggacagaatg cccagataag ccagcttata ttgttatcta
    56101 tattcagcct aacttgacca taggctggtt aacagcactc ctgccttcct cttcatgccc
    56161 tacaacctag aaaaactgaa gataagtaga atgtgcgctt tcacccaata tttctcaata
    56221 attagcatgc atcaaaatca ctggagggct tgtttaaaca cagattgtgg ggccccaatc
    56281 taagaggaaa tcacaccttc tagacaagtg tctttagtta cacaatgaaa atattccgag
    56341 acttgatgaa ccacttaaac caacttgctt gtttttatat attttatctc tactatgaat
    56401 attttgtttt cattatatga gtggaataga ttaattccac tttataattt acaatagtgt
    56461 acagcattag ctaggtgaat aatcagtttt cagatgttaa gatgtattga tatattcacg
    56521 tgattcacaa attaaccata actaaataat aagtcgcaag tcaacagttg gcacagtgat
    56581 ccttagtaat ttagcatttg agcagtttag atgtcttgat ctaagaaaca cattctccaa
    56641 gccctggagt ctccagtctt cactgaccag ggattaagag acttgtgtac attaaaaccc
    56701 ccactccacc ccctcacacc aatttaaata ttggtcaagc ccttttaaaa aacagatggc
    56761 aaaataaact tcactggaca tttttgctca aagaagacac actttttctt aatgtagtga
    56821 tagttgttga ctaaatgatg acaatgggaa tgattccaaa gagaaaaagg tcaaaagagt
    56881 ttgtacctgt ttttctcaaa atatgatccc tcaaatgctg ggttcgtttg attttgtagc
    56941 tgtaagttat ggtcaagtgc taaacccccg ggtgttattt gtagaagcta gggaagtaat
    57001 ggaaccacct aaacgctgaa acctaagtgg tgtttgaatt aaaaaaacat aagttcaaaa
    57061 ccacaaatca ttatttccct tataactgtg tttagttatg atggaaaagg acaaaatgtg
    57121 catgtacagc aatttccata ttaatcaagt gtatgtatac atattatgtg cagttttcta
    57181 tctttttcct atatgaggtt gttctgatta tttttattaa aatataattt tatgcctata
    57241 atctaataaa ataaacgggc ttttattttg tatgttttct tttcatttaa tttttctagc
    57301 aatttatttt tattgtcttt tgcaaaagaa ttagtctgtg atggagtgga aattacaaaa
    57361 aaaaaaaaag ctaaccacag taatttgaga aacactgatc cagctcactc aagcatggta
    57421 tatatatatt aggtttaacc agatgaaact gccaataatc taccattttg actttcaaat
    57481 ggcagatgta atatatggat gtttatttta cgattagtct ttaaagacca atttcaaata
    57541 gtggatataa caaagcctct gttctgacat gtatacactt tgatcctaga taagccccta
    57601 cactcttttt ttttaagtac aatgtccatt ttatttttct ccagagaata gtctgtcttc
    57661 agtctttaag aactcagctc cttacatggg ctttggtggg ggacgtgcgg cagcacccgc
    57721 aggtctaaat cggggtgggg gtgttcggtc cttgcgggct tcacgagatc gattcctgac
    57781 tactttgctg tgaattacac aactcacaca gtaatgtagc ttcacacaca gcttgggaag
    57841 cacataggca tcgaagacgc tcgcttcaga aatgtccctg actgctgcag cctccactat
    57901 gtttcgaatg acgaatttct taatggcgtt gtccttgggc acgcatcggg cacagttagt
    57961 gcagcgaata ggctgcacgt ggccgcggcc ctttttggca cgaacgttgt tccttctttt
    58021 ctttgtcatc ttggaggcat ggaccggaga gagcgataag cccctacact cttattctgg
    58081 acctatttac tcctgtgtta catacaacca tctaaggctt ggtttggttt ctccaggatt
    58141 caacaaaatt ggaaatggaa acaagagttg ctacaggtaa actcactggc aacagcatga
    58201 aatatcaagt ggaggagaca gaaaaactac aaaaagttga aaatagctat ctgtggctat
    58261 ttaatgatgg ggcaaatacc ttgctatttc tcaatagacc ctagaaacat cactgtaccc
    58321 acttatattt aaagtcctga gtaatcaata aaacaacaat ttgtattggt tacattgatg
    58381 ggggagtata taacacattt ctgattcaaa atgccgaata cacagttttc gagtttaaag
    58441 aagtaaatcc tcagttctcc aaagaattca tccatctgga caattttagt cccaagtgaa
    58501 tcatttctac atgacagcag aacacaaaat tgataggatt cagatattat aattagacag
    58561 actaagcatt aagacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tgcacgcaca
    58621 tatactttcc cacagaaatc cttgggtata acattaatca caatcagcag ttttccttct
    58681 attcaaattc agcttccagg aagatcaaag ctgttaaact aacaaggctc tgaataattg
    58741 cctcgctagg acctagttaa acctgattga gacagtcaga ccttagctgt catgtgtcca
    58801 tccatttgta tcccccttaa tatgtccttg atatgagaag acatgatggt atagtttgat
    58861 ataatttaaa agaatattac aatgtgttgg ggatatcaat tacacccaag acccctgtaa
    58921 ccgtccatac aatatcttcc ttggatggcc agttgagagc agctcctcta cccatgtccc
    58981 agctaggtgt acagatgcta ttggcctgga gccaggccat tctggatgcc acataaggaa
    59041 gaatgggata ggtcagggga caagattgga ggggtagatt gcagttaagt aactgctgta
    59101 aactcaggaa agagaccata gttgactcaa ataacacagg tttgaactgc aaagttctgc
    59161 ttacatgtgg attttttcaa caaatgtatt agaaaagatt ttggagattt acaataattt
    59221 gaaaaaaact cacaaacccg cagttgagaa atattttaaa aattaagaaa aaggtatgtc
    59281 ttgaaggcat agaacatgta gttatcaatc tattttacca tttactacca taaaatatac
    59341 acgaatctac cataaaaggt taaaattaat caaaacacat gcaaacactt attcacagtc
    59401 aagacaaatg taaccaaata taaagatgta gtattaaatc ataactacat gaaattaagt
    59461 gtagtaatac tatactattg taataatttt gtagccacct cctgctgcta ctgcagtgag
    59521 ctcaagtgtc acaagtatat gcttaacacc atgtaacact aattatctct gagtgaacat
    59581 ttcatctttc cagtaaattg tgtgtcacag taaaaagtga cctcttctgg ttcatcatgc
    59641 ttaagtgtaa caccatttac cttaataaca ccaggggacc catacaaagt gccactagta
    59701 aataatgctg gaaatgctcc caaaaagcag aaaaaaagtc ataacattac aagaaaaagt
    59761 tgaattgctt gatatgcacc atagattgag atctgcaact ccagttgtct gccaattcaa
    59821 gataaataaa tccagcgtaa ggaccattgt aaaacaagaa aaggaaattc gtgaagctgt
    59881 caatgcagct atgccactag gtgcaaaaat tttgcacttt ttccaaaaca cctttctgtc
    59941 tcgtattgaa aatgcatctt ttaccagaca tagtggctca cacctgtaat cccagcactt
    60001 caggaggcca aggcaggcga gaccatcctg gccaatatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa
    60061 aaatacaaaa aattagctgg gtgtggtggt gtgcacctgt agtcccagct actcaggagg
    60121 ctgaggcaga agaattgctt gaacctggga ggcggcagtt gcagtgagcc tagatggcac
    60181 cactgcactc cagcctggca acagagtgag actctgtctt taaaataaag aaaatgcagt
    60241 ttttatgcgg ggcaggattg ctataagaaa ggcacatcta tgggctcgaa tataattaga
    60301 gaaaaagtaa agtcattaaa tcacaactta aagggaaaat gaaggatata aaactggaga
    60361 atttaatgtc agcaaaggat ggttttataa ttttagaaag aggttttgct ttaaaaatgt
    60421 caagataaca ggagaagcaa cttctgctga ccaagaggtg agttccctta tgccattaag
    60481 aaaatcatgg aggaggaagg ttatctgcct gaacagattt ttaatgtaga tgaaagtgcc
    60541 ctgttctgga aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaatgc cacaaaggat atttattagt aaagaaaaga
    60601 agtgagctcc aggatttaag gcagaaagag agagggtaac tctaccgttt tgtgcaaatg
    60661 cagtcaggtt tatgaccagg attgctctta actaaaaagc tgctaacccc tgagatttga
    60721 tgagaaaata taaataccaa ctataagtat tttggttata caacaaaaag gcctgaacaa
    60781 caagaacact ttttctggat ttgttctatt gatgctttgt ctctgaagtc aggaagtacc
    60841 ttgccaataa ggggttgcct tttaaagttc ttttgatatt ggacaatgcc cctggccacc
    60901 cagaacccca aaagttcaac attaaaggcc ttgagatggt ctacttgccc ccaaacacaa
    60961 ggtctctaat tcagccacta gatcaggggg tcataaagac cttcaagctc attacatagt
    61021 gcaatctcta gaaagaattg tcaacattat gaaagcgaac ctgatagaac attatgaaag
    61081 cctggaagga ctacaccatt gaagatgcca tcattgttat agaaaaagtc atgaaagcca
    61141 tcaagcccaa aacaatacac tcctgctgga gaaaaccgtc cagaggttgt acatgacgtc
    61201 acaggattaa caacagagcc aatcaaggaa atcatgaaag aaactggata tggcaaaaac
    61261 agtggggtgg agggggtggg tgatgaagag cttcaagata gcaatcatgg aaatatttaa
    61321 gagcaaatag acaccacact agagaaatta acagaagatg gtttgatgga gacgagtgct
    61381 tctgaaccag tgccagagga tgaggaagat gtagaagcag tgccaggaaa caaactgaca
    61441 ttagacaatc tggcagaagg gttctgatta ttcaagactg ctttggacta cttttaagac
    61501 atggactctg ctatgttaca ggcactaaaa cagaagcaaa cagtggaaga aggatcggta
    61561 ccatatagaa acattttaaa ataaatgtaa aagcacaaaa gtctaacaga aattatgatg
    61621 tatttccata aagtcacccc gagggtgcct gcctctcctg ctccctctac ctcttccacc
    61681 tctgccaccc ccaagacagc aagaccaacc cctccatttc ctcctcagcc tactcagcat
    61741 gaagacaatg aggatgaagg cctttagggt gatccacttc cacttaataa atagtaagta
    61801 tatcttctct tccttatgat tttcttaata atattaatct cttctctagc ttactttatt
    61861 gtaagaatac agtatataat atatatataa catacaaaag atgtgttaat ctactgttta
    61921 tgttattagt aaggcttctg attaatagta gactataagt agttaagttt gggggaagta
    61981 aaaagttgta tgagggtttt tagactgtgt ggggggatgg cactcctagc cctcactttg
    62041 ttgaagggtc aactccatac tgtaatagtc taaactaagg aagggaataa gagtgttctc
    62101 aggagataaa accacagagc ttgaggattg aatgaaagag aaaaggagct aaggatgact
    62161 cccaagtttc tggcttaagc acatggaaag atggtggagg cattcactga cattttgaga
    62221 aaatagattt agggagaaaa taagtttcat ttttgacatg ctgtttcttc ttcttttttt
    62281 tttttttttt ttttttgaga cagagtctcg ctgtattgtc tccaggctgg agtgcagtgg
    62341 ctcaatcatg gctcactgca agctccgcct cccaggttca caccattctc ctgcctcagc
    62401 ctcctgagta gctgggacta caggcacccg ccaccacacc tggctaattt tttgtatttt
    62461 tagtagagat ggggtttcac tgttagccag gatggtctcg atctcctgac cttgtgatct
    62521 gcctgccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccactgca cccggccctc
    62581 tttcttaaga taatttgtga gataccaaaa ttaagatatc cagaatggat attgttttct
    62641 tactcagaaa agacataaaa gtttgaggag tatttagaat ttcagtgttt cacacctcat
    62701 tcctaagtta tttttatatg gtggaaagag ctgatatata catagcctat attttggtac
    62761 caaatctgct acaaactagc tgtatgacta gagagatcac tgaacctttc tcagcttctg
    62821 tttctataag gagatagaaa aacttgccct cccttattca cagggtaggt aattcaagta
    62881 tgagcatttt gaaaatgaaa gagggaaacc aatgtctgga gttactattg tctcttttaa
    62941 attaaaaaaa aaaaaaacta agctatttat tttctttgct ttcatgagga tatcattcct
    63001 aaaacagaag gaggcaagat tagaagattt ttgcactttt aaaacagagt tttacacaca
    63061 ccaaaagttt taaaggagca attttactgc aactattttt aaagagctca gtatcaattt
    63121 taagaaattc agcaactgac aggtttttaa tgaaaagaat aaacccttct gagttctcat
    63181 tttctgaaag cttttcacgt tttaagaatt gaaccactca gcacaggttt ttctgttacc
    63241 attttgaaga tgttggaagt attaaacata aaagctgtca ctgttaaaga aaatactttg
    63301 taacacaaaa agagatgaga gcataaatgt tatgtgcgta tgcttttaaa tcagaagttc
    63361 tgagttctaa ttctgtctcc atcagttaat agctatctga atgtaaacat taaaattaaa
    63421 cattatttaa atattctgac ccccccccag gtttttctaa tctgtgaaat ataaataata
    63481 attgtattat cctcagggag tggttagaag gattcaatga gacagtatat tcaaagcact
    63541 tagcactgtg caaaagagtg tgagagtaat taaatggtca agaaatacat gtagagctga
    63601 ttggcctcca tagtaatcaa attaacagag tttttatttt gttgctaata acattcagtg
    63661 atggcaaggt cagagagaga ggcattctat tcataagagt aaatggataa aacttttcag
    63721 gaaaaaaatt ttgaaatatg ctggtgaaag ccttaaaaat gtttacacca gatgcagtgg
    63781 cttgtaccta taatctcagc tactcagatg gctgaggcag gaggattgct tgagcccagg
    63841 aggtttaggt tacatgcact cctgtctggg tgacagagcc agatcttgtc tcttaaaaaa
    63901 aaaaaaaagt tacattcttt gagtcgttcc atttttaaga atcacttgtt agaaaataat
    63961 cagatatagg ccaggtgtgg tgactcactc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccaagg
    64021 cagtcggatc acttgaggtc aggagttcaa gaccagcctg aggaatatgg caaaacccat
    64081 ctctactaaa aatataaaaa ttagccgggt gtggtgatgt gcatttgtaa tccctgttat
    64141 tcaggaggat gaggcacaag aatcacttga atccaggagg cggaggttgc agtgggctga
    64201 gattgcacca ccacactcca gcctgggtga cagagcaaga ctctgtatca aaaaaaaaaa
    64261 gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa agaatcagat ataaagatgc agaattacat gtaaaaatca
    64321 gaaactacct aaatgtttaa gtccagaaaa atggcttaat aaattatggt acatcacctt
    64381 ctgaactgat gcactgagat tcagagaagg gcacgtcatc cctgtggtat ccttaccaaa
    64441 aatgcataac ctgaatttaa tcatgagaaa atgtcaagca aactcaaatt gaagaacatt
    64501 ctacaaaata aattgaggta ataaaagaca aataaaaatg aaggaactat ccccaaatgg
    64561 ggaaaactaa ggaaacacta caactgaatg catgacatgg tcctcgatat tagtggaaca
    64621 attcatgaaa tgtgggtgag gtctgaagat taaaatattg tatcacagtt aattttctgg
    64681 ttttgatcat tgtacatgat tatgcaagat gttaacattt gcaaaagctg gctgaaaagt
    64741 atactaaaaa tctttgtgct gtttttgcaa ctttgggtaa gacaaattat ttcaagatga
    64801 atatttctaa aatagaaaaa ttaaataatg gcacattcac acagtgatta tgcagccatt
    64861 taaaaggttt gtaattattc tgaatgacac tggaaaatgt tcactacata gcattattgg
    64921 gagaaaaaaa acaaaagcca gttcacacac tgaaaactaa agcccagaat gaatccacta
    64981 aaatcttgag aggacatttc taagtagaag attacagatg ctatgttctt aattaatttt
    65041 ttagtttcat atttcccaat tttttctacc atgagcattc accactttta aaattggggg
    65101 gaggatgtta tttttaaaca cacatcatga ttttgcatca aaaaaattca tttagacata
    65161 tttcttctcc ttggttttaa taaagaacat tttttcaatg ctttgagttt tcaaaactat
    65221 gattttgata agccaacaat gagccttagc ttaagtgagt ttcttaattt ggcatcagta
    65281 accaaaaatg cttaatggtt tccctaacta cttggaaatg aattcttggc actatgtctt
    65341 cttaagttct gtgggtctca tgttgaaaca gttgcttcat ttccactaaa taattggaac
    65401 tattccctgg gtcatcagag aagctcaaac ctatgcgcat ctgaatctca gtcaacaaca
    65461 gaaggaagag gaacctaata atttctcctc agcctgtcac aaatcaagag aagaatgcat
    65521 ttgtgctgaa gaccgggaaa ttaaaaagaa agcagatttt gctgggaggc aagtcaaggt
    65581 ggccaccagg aatcttagac ccctcggctt cagatgacca tcttctgagt aatcaggatg
    65641 tttagcaagg catacttgag ggggcgtaaa gcatggctcc tatctcaaaa tacctcctct
    65701 gtgaggtaat gtacgtgaca ctgctgtgca cttgtgtctg ttccttccat ccaggcactg
    65761 gccaaaaaag ctgtatttgc ttggctctgg aagaattttt aattccaaaa tttatcgccc
    65821 ccactcctac catcaaagtg caatgtgtca tctaccaaca tttcactaag caagtaattc
    65881 tagaacagaa ctggttgcag gcccaccaga ggacaaacaa tgtggggagc tggattcaga
    65941 aagcactaca gatgggcacc ttgaaaagag aggtgcagga ctcctgcagc aagttctgcc
    66001 aagccatggt cctctctggt gccatcctcc ttaggcgttc accactacct gcttgccagc
    66061 atcagcctgc cttctcaggg ttatgagtac atcccctcct ccatgccata agcattcccc
    66121 taaccccatg ctgacaagct caatgccagg ccccagttca tctttccaga cttccagctc
    66181 cctgcctcaa agcccaattc cagccacagt tcggagcttt gtacattgtt gcatccttac
    66241 ttagctttca accgcaactg tatccctgcc atctctactt caatgttatc tctgcaggcc
    66301 aaacataacc caccagctgc caaggcatgc agtaccacgc tcagcccatc gctacccgcc
    66361 tggacccttg tggcctcacc acttgcctcc tgagccttct gtgcccctcc cctggcccac
    66421 ctccaccatc tgccttctac actctgcctg tcaggggccc agtctcccca ctagtttata
    66481 ccatctccca tgttctattt ttatttgtgc ttgcccttgt tccagaaaag acaagacaac
    66541 acatactata gtcctaccat gttttctcag gtgggcttct taacccatgt ggcttctcat
    66601 tctatttgcc ctatgaagca cagggaatca aagacagcgt ttctctgtga catcaattct
    66661 cgcgccatct aagacaggtc aacagtaatg gcagaggcct tcctcgtagc aaagggaaaa
    66721 caatagcaaa ccactgatgt tgaactacca gccagaagcc aagtgagata ttaagacagc
    66781 aaagccacca gcaccaggac aggagctcat acctcttacc agatagatgc tgctctccca
    66841 ctccccctgc tggacaccga ggtcctgggg cgatgcttcc aaagtccaca gtccccaaat
    66901 gatcagacac ccatgtttgc cccaagaggt gtagactaaa cgttaaagag aagccacact
    66961 tgctaatctc atatttaatt atcttcaatg ccaaattaga gaaatggagt acccctcagt
    67021 ggaaaaaggt aggtgctact tgttaggcag actggctgtg agcccccatt ctgtcacaat
    67081 ctagttaggg tattaggaaa gttgttccaa gtgtccctgg gccttagttt ccccacctgt
    67141 aaagcacagg tgacactacc ctccccatat ggttgatatg aagattaaat gagataaatt
    67201 gcaggcatcc aattgttatt gtccacaccg attggcaact aagctcttgg cacacaatct
    67261 cttggcaccc cagtggcttc atctatgtaa ttccaataat acctgctcag cctacctgtg
    67321 agacttggct ggggcagatg agagaacaga tgtttgtcaa agcactctgt aaatcattaa
    67381 gtgctatgct aattcatcaa tgacaacaac acctgtctgg cactttgaag agacacagat
    67441 gacaatggta gttttgatct ttgtggagat ttggaaattt gtggatgaaa taagcatgca
    67501 tgagaataac tgtacttcaa ataggagatt gactgccata ttagtaataa agaaaaataa
    67561 taataggaat gaaaagaaaa gaaaatttga tttgcctgag gcagagggtc gagcaagaat
    67621 cacagatgac ctcatgagtg tctcatgctg cagcaggtca taaagacaag taagattgct
    67681 gtcagcagag atgaggagag ggcctcccag acccaagaaa gagtgagggc cacgatgcag
    67741 aggaatgatg gttctgggga tatgaagaac tccagcttga ccgcaccctg cgatgaggtg
    67801 ccacagtgga gaatggggtt atgaggacag gttgggacac catagcgttc tgtgagattg
    67861 aacatgacag ccaggcagtg cagagccatc taagctttgt gaacagcatg tctgaggaag
    67921 tttaccaaag acaatgtgaa ggctggcatg agatggggag aacaggggca aatacaggaa
    67981 ggaatcatga ttgccaaaga gagatggggg cctgaagtga ttcaggatgc acaggggaaa
    68041 gaagagatca aaggaaggga caaatataaa tggaaggtat tacgaccata gtgctcatga
    68101 caaagaacca catttatcac tcagttccac atgtaccaaa ggaaaatatc agaaagatgt
    68161 catgagctca aattaatagt gatctttggt aatttacaaa aggatagaag cagtaagatg
    68221 aagtaacaca aagcacgtct cttacagact tctagaatta acagggaaag taggagatgt
    68281 ggtgcaatta cttatcatct gggtaggtga atttcagggg aagaaaatct cagcaatatg
    68341 catttaatca acatatactt tgatatctgc ttttgcctaa gaagttcagt aatgtcttac
    68401 aaattgtgtt atgtttcagc atatcaagtt ctgcttgtag ctcactcaca atcatccagc
    68461 acaatgggga atttatcttg ctggtatttc cagggagact gggaaacagc cagtacagat
    68521 caaacctttt cacatcatca cactattcac tctactggtt agagataaca aagacaaaca
    68581 caatagggaa tggtcaattt atagcaacaa ggacgaggct catgtttctt cagcatactt
    68641 cctaacatgt cagcagtaat taccacatat taaaataagc cagactgggc acagtggctc
    68701 atgcctgtaa ttccaacact ttgggaggcc aaggcaggag gatcacttga gaccagatgt
    68761 ccaagaccag ccttggcaac atagcaagat tccatgtcta ctaaataaat aaataaaaaa
    68821 taaataaata aataaataaa taaaaacaaa tagctgggtg tggtggcatg tacccatagt
    68881 cccagctact ctggaggctg aggccagagg atcgctggag gccagaagtt caagggccct
    68941 gtgagctatg attacagaac tgcactccag cctgggtgac agagtgagac cctgtctcta
    69001 aaaacaaata aataaaatta gccatttcag taagcatatg ctcccaaatt aagaaacctt
    69061 gttccttatt ccatgacaac ttcaggggaa aacatatttt tccatttttt ggaagtttta
    69121 agacatatat gctcaatgta gaaaataaaa ccaaaaataa gagcatcctc tggtgtatgc
    69181 taaggttgta aaaaaattaa aaaaagaaag aagagctaat atcctccaat atactatgat
    69241 taagatcaat atttactcat tgttaatctt tgggaatact tccttctagt tttatttctg
    69301 tgctttttaa agaaacatgt tggccgggcg cggtggctca cacccataat cccagcactt
    69361 tggaaggccg aggcgggcgg atcacgaggt cagatcacga ggtcaggaga tcgagaccat
    69421 cctggctaac acggtgaaac ccagtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaaaatt agcccagcgc
    69481 ggtggcaggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcccttgaac
    69541 cggaggcgaa ggttgcagtg agccgagatc gcgccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga
    69601 gtgagactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aagaaaagaa acatgttaag attacattat
    69661 atttgaagct ctgaattcag ggctaaaaaa aaattagact acaaatatgt tgcattcttg
    69721 tattttgttt tgctcatcat aacaaatatt tctcccattg ttgaaagctg gaagactcca
    69781 ctcacaatcc atatttcttt aacaagacaa agaagcgaat gtgtattaat ttagtagtgt
    69841 aatggggact tccagttccc agtccaacat ttaaagagct tggaagtcat tgttctcatc
    69901 ttcacaacaa aatgaccttg tgtaattccc tcttgagtgt gggatggatc tagtcacttg
    69961 cttctaatga atcaaatatg gcaaaagtga tataccactt ttgatattag gttacaaaag
    70021 actgtaactg acttctgtct tgctaaatat ctccctctct ttctctctgg ttctttttgc
    70081 tggcttgttc tgatgcaagc aagctgccat gctgtgaatt atcctatgga gaggtccaca
    70141 tggcaaggat agagtttaaa atcagcaagg gaattcccta aatctgaggt ttgatgtttt
    70201 cattaatcct gaaaaaaaat ctcagtcatt attaacaaag ggcataggcc aggtataaga
    70261 ttccagttgt cctctcccaa tggagttgca cagacagtgc taaattctcc cagcaatgat
    70321 gtgtgacaat agatgtgaag tgttgcctac tagaaaagct cacccaaagg ttggtatcca
    70381 gggcttttat ggagtaacca catgactaac cttaacaatg taagtctcta gttgccctca
    70441 gaggtcaaat tggtaaggca gtggcctagg ccctcaggca aaaaaacaac aaaaacaggt
    70501 gttcatctta aattacattg ttaatatata atatccagaa gggcccatgg cctcaggtat
    70561 acaaataaac tctcatggtg ggattttaca agggcttgga gcttatcagc aggtggtcaa
    70621 agtccggtcc taaagacatt tggaatgtgt ggtgtttgga caacccaggc ctgctgcgtt
    70681 aactctttac tgccatctgc catcctgcct gcctttactg acaggaagcc atcaaggaaa
    70741 tagttgccta gatagcaaag agctcaccag atggtactgg aattgggtgc agtgctccct
    70801 ggtgctgtgt gccccttccc tatgcaggca atatgccctc agtagaacat gtgctagaat
    70861 atggccattc aagcaggaag ggcatcagtg ttcctagcaa cgtggctgaa tagtccatca
    70921 gtgtgaagat cttgcaggag gttcaagccc aggtaaggtg ttaggtagag tgtgagttta
    70981 ctgccctaga gtggcagtgt gatgcagaga aataaattgt aggtttagaa tgaggacacc
    71041 tgatcctgtc attttttcca actggcttta ggaccctcat ctgaaatatt ttcctattta
    71101 tagatgggag gcaatattgc gtagcaagca agagtgctgg cagggcaagt tcagtgggaa
    71161 agcaacttgc gcaggcacag agagccctgt actcaaaata accctaacca cggtttaatg
    71221 ctctgctgtc accatcttga acaatgttca aacaaggagc cccatatttt tgtttttcac
    71281 agggccccat aaattatgta gactctcctg gtgccaggtc tggagtcagc ctatgggttc
    71341 aaatccctga tctatcattt ttagatgtat gaactagggc ataacatcta atacctttta
    71401 gacttgtttc cttgtctata aacaggattt taaaagattg ttgtgaagat taaggaaata
    71461 atatatggaa aaatatagcg ttgtatatac ataaatacag tcattcctca gtatccatgg
    71521 gggattagtc ctaggacccc ctcaggtggc aaaatccatg gacactcaag tcccttatat
    71581 aaaatattta cacataacct atgtactatc ctcccacgta cttgaaatca tctctagatt
    71641 acttataata ccaaatacaa tgtaaatgct atgtaatatt tgttatactg tattttttaa
    71701 tttgttgggt tttttttatt ttattttacc agggaggcct gagagcctag aaaattttgt
    71761 attatttttc attgttgtat tttttttatt attgggggta gtttttgttg tagttttcaa
    71821 ggcatggttg gttgaatcca tggatgtgga acccatggat acaaaggacc aactttagtc
    71881 atgggtggta actattattt gttctcaaca ataaataaca ataaaataaa ataatataaa
    71941 taataacaat aaacaataat aatagctatc tattgctttg taacaaatta ccccaaaact
    72001 cagtggctta aaacaacaac acttattatc tcatggtttc tgtgggtcag aaatgccagt
    72061 gcagtttagc tagatcctct ggctcaaagc ctctcaccag actgcaatca aggtgtcagc
    72121 caaggctaca gtcatcttaa ggttgaactg cagaagactc tgttgccaag ctcatgcaca
    72181 tggctgttgg caggattcct agtagactgt cagaatgagg gcctcagttc cttgctggca
    72241 gttggctgaa ggacaccctc tgttccttgc tatgtggctc tctccttagg acaattcaca
    72301 acatggcagc ttgctggcat cagaacaagc aaaaagagcc agggagagag actgaatcag
    72361 acagaagtca cagtcttttg taacctaata tcaaaagtgg catagcatca cttttgccat
    72421 atttgattca ttaaaagcaa gtgactagat ccatcccaca ctcaagggga ggggattaca
    72481 caagatcatt gttacaaact gaacagaatc atcctaaaac ttaaatgttg aagttctaac
    72541 ccctagtacc ttagaatgtg actgtatttg aagataaggt cttaaaaagg gtaatacggc
    72601 taatgaaggt atataggtgt gcttaactcc aatatgactg gtgtccttat aagaagggga
    72661 aggggctggg tgcagtggct catacctgta atcccacttt gggaggcgga ggtgggatga
    72721 tagcttgagc ctgggagatt gaggctgcag tgagccagga tcacgccacc gcactccagc
    72781 ctaggtaaca gagcaagacc ctgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaaaagcat
    72841 accaaggatg cacgtgccag tggagaggcc aggtaaggac acagtgagaa gatggccacc
    72901 tacaagccaa ggaaagacac ttcaagagaa actaaaactg tcaacaggtc tggttggaca
    72961 ggtttgatct tagacttcta gcctccagaa ctgtgagaaa atacatttct catttaagcc
    73021 acccagtctg tagtattttg ttatagcagt gctgacaaaa agagtcaaac tctgtaaaat
    73081 attgtaagag atttattctg agccaaatat gagtgaccat agcccgtgac gcagccctca
    73141 gtaggtcctg agaacatgtg cctaaggcgg tctgggtaca gcttggtttt atatatttta
    73201 gggaggtaca aaacagcaat caaatatatt taagaaatac attggtttgg gccaggtacg
    73261 gtggctcaca cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gtaggcagat cacaaggaca
    73321 ggagttccag accagcctga ccaacatggt gaaacccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat
    73381 tagccaggtg tggtggcggg cacctgtaat ctcagctact cgggagtctg aggcaggaga
    73441 atcacttgaa cccaggaggc agaggttgca gtgagctaag attgcgccgc tgcactccag
    73501 cctgggcaga gagcaaggct ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatgaggtc
    73561 acacagatga ttgcaggatg ctgaaggcag agaattttat tgagccatga aaacggctct
    73621 cagcgaagag gagagttgga aaggggacgg gaagggaagg tcgtcttccc cgaagtcagg
    73681 ttgtctcttc tctgaagtca ggccatttcc cctctaccaa gtctggggtc tttataggca
    73741 catgatgggg gcaggttggg ccataggtag ttttgaaaaa ggcaacattc agttggtaaa
    73801 gaaaaaaaag gcattattca gaaagaacca atcaggagag aacaggcaaa cagcaataga
    73861 agttctcact ttgggctgcc ggtttcaggc tgtttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg
    73921 tttgtttttg agggtgaagg tggggtttca ccggggaccc gatcctgtct gcccagaatt
    73981 tctctgcctc ctatctctat tattatttaa gaatttaaaa cttaagtagt cttttttctt
    74041 ttttgagaca gagtcttgct ctgttgccca ggctggagtg caatggcgcg atctcggctc
    74101 actgcaacct ctgcctcctg ggttcaaaca gttcttgtgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctc
    74161 agactacagg tgctcactgc cacacccagc taatttttgt atttttagtg gagatggagt
    74221 ttcgtcatgt tggccaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc aagtgatctg cccacctcgg
    74281 cctcctaaag cactgggatt acaagcgtga gccactgcat ccatccaaaa cttaagtagt
    74341 tgtagcatgc agaacattaa aaagactttt aggttcaccc ccatatgtcc taatatgttg
    74401 tatttcaaaa tgttgtttta tttgagatta ggcctatctt gtttgccatc atttttagat
    74461 ctatgcattc tctgatataa tcagaaagca aaatgacagt cacacatttt cttccaactg
    74521 agctttaaaa aaaaaaaccg aaaaagcatt gacataggct gagtttccta cagctacagg
    74581 ctttcagaga ggaatcttat actttaaaaa acagaaatta aactaacagc tctacagaga
    74641 tcttttcaat gaaaaataac tcacaggagt tcttttcaaa gcatttaaaa attctcataa
    74701 tctactcatc cacatcaaca cttttaatta gagcctctgt ttacttaaaa ggaagtataa
    74761 ccaaaaaaga aatcgaaaga aaaataagat caagccaagc atatacgtca actccatctc
    74821 tcattgacaa ctgtgtcaat tgaaaaaata ggccgggggc ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc
    74881 ccaacacttt gggaggccga ggtgggtgga tcacgaggtc aggagttgga gaccagcccg
    74941 acaaacatgg tgaaaccctg tctgtactaa aaatacaaaa attagccggg cgtgatggca
    75001 cgcgtctgta atcccggcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga gaattgcttg aacccagaaa
    75061 gcggaggttg caatgagccg agatcgcacc actgcactcc agcctggaca acagagcgag
    75121 actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaagaaagt tgtctctaac ttccaattcc
    75181 agccatgaca gagtaagtct tagacttagc tttcctacca taaactggcc aaaatagata
    75241 aaacaatttt cagggattgg acaccagtta aaacagttat gatgtttgaa agaaaccaaa
    75301 cgaagtgagc ttcatgtccc ccactgcttg ggaagttgag tccaagtgga aagttgcatt
    75361 tgtatagggc agaggaaaga gaaactagaa tttgtgcctg ccacagtggc tgggatttgg
    75421 aagccaggtg ctgcagagca gggaatcaca cagaagagga cttcagagat tgaaccctga
    75481 aagtttataa acattcttct caggtccttg agcccaggcc atatgacctg actgtagggt
    75541 aagacaccca gggtctatca gagaataact gctgggaggc tggagagcta aacggaaatc
    75601 tcagaggcca cacagtgctg ggaatgtggt ggcattctaa tccagccagg gtaaagaaat
    75661 attggtgaat tcccagactt ccagatgagt cacaaagcaa aaaaggtcat gtcctaaaaa
    75721 tgtacattac cctctaggag taaggattat acccgaggag taaggtcaaa actgatgtaa
    75781 acccaccata gcaaagccta aacccaattt tcatcagaat taaaattatc tgtcaataat
    75841 ttaattgcca gccagaacaa aattcaacat tctttggagg aagttaacat gatccagagt
    75901 ttctataaaa tgtcattcat aatatctagc atgaaaagtt taccaggcaa gaaactggtt
    75961 aaagttacta atagccagcc aggcacagag gctcatacgt gtaatcccag tgctttggga
    76021 ggctgagatg ggagcattgc ttagagacaa gagtttgaga ccagcctggg caacaaagca
    76081 agtccctacc tttacaaaaa acaaaaataa aaaaagtagc caggcatggt ggcacacagc
    76141 tgtagtccca gctacccagg aggctgaggc aggcagatca cttgagctgg gagttcaagg
    76201 ctgcagtaag ctatgattgt gccactgcac tccagcctgg atgacagagc aagaccctat
    76261 ctctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa attttatttt tatttttact ttttaagtga ctagtagcca
    76321 agagatggaa gcaggtagag atgatccaga tattgaagtt agctagaaag acttcaaaat
    76381 aactataatt aatatgttaa agaaaagagg ggtaaagatt gacaatgaga atgaaaagat
    76441 gaagtataaa atcagagaat tagaatcttt tttaaagaga attaagtaga cattcaatat
    76501 ttgtaaaata caatatcaga aattaagaat ttatcagctg gattcacagt gcaaaagaaa
    76561 acaagattaa ttaatttgaa gacaggtcag aggaatatat ccaaactgaa acacagagag
    76621 aaaaaataac agtcacctta aatatattat ttgggagata ctcccctcat tcactcctct
    76681 ttttattctc ctttctccca ggcaacttat tttttctaat aagaaaaagc aggtgagagt
    76741 gggatgtaaa ataatacgtg gctatggccg ggcacagtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc
    76801 actttgggag gccaaggcag gcggatcacc tgaggtcagg agtttgagac cagcctgacc
    76861 aacatggaga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaaa ttagctgggc gtggtggcac
    76921 atgcctgtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct gaggcaggag aattgcttga acttgggagg
    76981 cggaggttgt ggtgagccag gatcatgcca ttgcacccca gcctgggcaa caagaccgaa
    77041 actctgtctc aaaaaaaaaa aacaaacaaa aaaaaacaac ttggttgggc acagtggctc
    77101 acgcctgtaa tcctaacact ttggaaggcc gaggtgggag gacgccttga gcccaggaat
    77161 tcaagaccag cctgggcaac acaggaaaac tccatcccta caaaaaacac aaaaatttac
    77221 aaaaaaacac aaaaatttag ctgtgtgaag tggcatgtgc ctgtaatcct agttactcag
    77281 gaggctgaaa tgagaggatc ccttgagcct gggcattcta gcctgggcaa tagagcaaga
    77341 ctctgtctca aaaataaaat aaaataaaaa tttaaaacaa aatataccaa gagaagcttg
    77401 gaaaaaaaat ttgctctaat caaagtcaaa cgacaaactg gaaaaatacc taccaatcat
    77461 atcacagata taatttctgt aaaatacaaa aggatctaca ggctgggtgt ggtggctcac
    77521 acctgtaatc ctagaacttt gggaggctga ggtgggagga ttgcttgagt ccagcagttc
    77581 aagatcagcc tcggcaacat ggcaagatcc cttctctatc atttaaaaag taaataaata
    77641 aaaggaccca taaatcaata tgaaaaaggc caacatgcca acagaaaatg cgctaaagga
    77701 aacacaatgg ttcttaaata tatgaaaaga ttctccatct cactcaaagc aaaatagtaa
    77761 ctaaatctat aaaacaccat gtttcatcag tttggaaaga ccattaagtt tgataacaca
    77821 tgactcagca aaggtatgga caaaaggggc tctcactaga gttttcagag atctactctc
    77881 ccaaacatac atcactctgc cattcctaga gtctggcctt tctcctcctg atccaagata
    77941 gctatcatcc agtcatttca catccatttc aagaaacata cttccctttc aggaagactt
    78001 acccaaagta ccacacaaca cttctgctta catctcaatt atcaaatatt agtcatagag
    78061 ctatatctaa cagcaagcct gggaatcttg tagcttggtt gccacatagc cagctaaaag
    78121 tgacactttg caagagagcg acagaaatgg atttttgtta ggcaattaac attctctgcc
    78181 atgcctactt ctttgattgc caaatattga tacacgcttt ctcatataca gaacacaatg
    78241 aatctctccc agggatacag ttctcaaatt tcatccagat actgcatcca ggtcaaagtt
    78301 caggaactct gggaaatatg taccttccat ctggtacaga cagcatctca tggtccagca
    78361 atcaaaaaac ttaaaaatga gttaactgcc cccaacttac ccaacataca aaggtggagt
    78421 aggagcaaga ttaaaacatt gaggccaggc gcagtggctc acgcctgtaa ttccagcatt
    78481 ttgggaggct gaggcaggcg gatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcgagactag cctgaccaac
    78541 atggagaaac cccatctcta ctgaaaatac aaaatgagcc aggtgcggtg gtgcatgcct
    78601 gtaatcccag ctacttagga ggctgaggca agagaatcac ttgaacccag gaggcagagg
    78661 ctgcagtgag ccgagatcgc gccactgcac tccagcctgg gcaacaagag cgaaactccg
    78721 tctcaggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gattaaaaca ttgaaactgc ccaccaggaa
    78781 aggggagaaa ggaaagcctg ctatagtcac tggtctacag caatattaaa tcttatgggg
    78841 caggaagagt gacttccttc ccaggcagta cctgggacct tcagttgtgc tctctgggaa
    78901 actcctttgg aggcttctag ttttgccctc tgaggttgtt tcttgtccac tatcttctgt
    78961 ggcctcatct taaataggca ttagggagca tcagcgagct gcagaccttc catagctcac
    79021 tctttattag tggttgtatt agtcggtttt cacacagctg ataaagacaa acccgagact
    79081 gggcaattta caaaagaggt ttaattagac ttacagtgcc atgtggctgg ggaggcctca
    79141 taatcatggt ggaaggcaag gaggagcaag tcatgtctta catgaatggc agaaggcaga
    79201 aagagagctt gtatagggaa actcccattt ttaaaaccat cagatctcat gagactcatt
    79261 cactattatg agaacgatgc atgatagacc tgaccccata attcaatcat ctctcaccgg
    79321 gttcctccca caacacatgg caattgtggg agttacaatt caagatgaga tttgggtggg
    79381 gacacaggca aaccatgtca ttccacccct ggcccatcac aaatctcatg tcctcacatt
    79441 tgaaaaccaa tcacaccttc ccaatagtcc cccaaagtct taactcattt cagcattaac
    79501 tcaaaagtcc acagtccaaa gtctcatctg agacaaggca agtccctttc gcctatgagc
    79561 ctataaaatc aaaagcaagg tagttacttc ctagatattt agaggtacag gcactgggta
    79621 aatgtaccca ttccaagtgg gagacattgg tcaaaacaaa ggggctacag gccccacaca
    79681 agtccgaaat ccagcagggc agtcaaatct taaaggtcca aaatgatctc ctttgactcc
    79741 atgtctcaca tccgggtcac gctgatgcaa gaggtaggtt cccatggtct cgggtagctc
    79801 tgcctctgtg gctttgcagg atacagcctc cctcccagct gctttcatgg actggcattg
    79861 agcatctgtg gcttttccag gcatgtggta caagctgcca gtggatctat cattctgggg
    79921 tctggaggat ggtggccttc ttctcacagc ccgactaggt ggtgccccag tagggactct
    79981 gtgtggggga tcccacccca catttccctt ctgcactgcc ctagcagagg ctgtccatat
    80041 gaggaaccca tccctacaac aaacttctgc ctgggcatcc aggcattccc gtagatcttc
    80101 tgaaatctag gcagaggttc ttaaacctca attctttttt tgtttgtttg gtttgtgttt
    80161 tttgttttgt ttttttgaga tggagtcttt gctctgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc
    80221 acgatctcgg ctccctgcaa gctccgcctc ccaggttcac gccattctcc tgtctcagct
    80281 tcccaagtag ctgggactac aggcacctgc caccacgctt ggctaatttt tttgtatttt
    80341 ttagtagaga cagggtttca ccgtgttagc caggatggtc ttgatctcct gaccttgtga
    80401 tcctcctgcc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc gtgagccacc atgcccagcc
    80461 ttaaacctca attcttaact tacgtgcact cacaggcaca acatcacatg aaagctgcca
    80521 acgcttgagg cttccaccct ctgaaaccat ggcctgagct ctatgttggc ccctttcagc
    80581 catggctgga gcagatggga cacagggcac caagtcccta ggctccacac aacacgggac
    80641 gctgggccca gcccacgaaa ccactttttt ctcctaggcc tccaggcctg tgatgggagg
    80701 ggctacagaa agttctctga catgccctgg agatattttc cccattgtct tggtgattaa
    80761 tatttggttc ctcattactt atgcaaattt ctgcagccag gttgaatttc ttctcagaaa
    80821 atgggatttt cttttctatt gccttgtcag gctacaaatt ttttgaactt ttatgctgtt
    80881 tcccttttaa aactgaatac ctttaacagc acccaagtca cttcttggat gctttcctgc
    80941 ttagagattt cttctgccag ataccctaaa tcatccctct caagttcaaa gttccacaaa
    81001 tctctagggc aggggcaaaa taccaccagt ctcttagctc aaacataaca agagtcacct
    81061 ttgctccagt tccaaacaag tttctcattt ccctctgaga ccacctcagc ctggacatta
    81121 ttgtccatat cattatcagt gttttggtca aagctattcc acaagtctct aggaacttcc
    81181 aaactttccc acatcttcct gtcttcttct gaaccctcca aattgttcca tcctctgcct
    81241 gttacccagt tccagagtcg cttccacagt tttgggtatt ttttcagcag cgccccactc
    81301 tactggtacc aatttactgt atatgtccat tttcatgcta ctgatgaaga catacctgag
    81361 actgggcaat ttacaaaaga tagacgttta actggactta cagttccaca tggctgggga
    81421 agcctcacaa tcatggtgga aggcaaggag cagcaagtca catcttacat agatggcagc
    81481 aggcaaaaag agcttgtggg ccatcgcagt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg
    81541 aggccaaagt ggttaggagt ttgaaatcac cctggccaac atggtgaaac cctgtctgta
    81601 ctaaaaatac aaaaaaatta gctgggcatg gtggtgcatg ccataatccc agctacttgg
    81661 aggctgaggc aggagaatcg tgtgaactcg ggaggcagag gttgcagtga gccaagatgg
    81721 tgccactgca ctccagccta ggcaacagag tgagactccg tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa
    81781 agaaagaaag agagagaggg aacttgtgta gagaaactcc catttttaaa accatcagat
    81841 ctcatgagac tcattcacta tcatgagaag agtgcataaa agagccaccc ccataattca
    81901 accacctccc accaagttcc tcccatgaca catgggaatt atgggagtta acaattcaag
    81961 atgggatttg ggtggggaca cagacaaacc atattaatgg tgcaagtcta agttttcttg
    82021 agaaaaaaag tgtttttcct caccctgttt ccatgtccct ttctttattt tctcatctgg
    82081 gctattcttg aggcaggagg aaaaagaaga gaaagtgctg ctgcgcactt tgtttttttc
    82141 agttttgagt aaaactccaa gattattatt caccttttaa tatccttata actttgcttc
    82201 tgacaggaaa gaacagcatc agctaaaatt tcccatatta gtttatctat gtcaacatca
    82261 aagtttttaa tacttaattt aaaaatcccc ctggactgtt cagcagagaa aaaccaaaat
    82321 cacacatgta ttgagtatct accatgtatg gtacactaag gataccaggt tcaagaagat
    82381 cctggtcccc attgtggtgt ggtggttaca gggtatactc aattggcaac attcaacaaa
    82441 tcgcatgtgc atttaagatc tattcattgt ggctgggtgc ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc
    82501 tcagcacttt gggaggctaa ggtgggtgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttt cagaccaacc
    82561 tgaccaacat ggtgaaaccc tgtctttact aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggtgtggtgg
    82621 tggacacctg taatcccagc tactcaggag gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaacctggg
    82681 aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatcact ccattgtatt cccgcctggg cgacagagca
    82741 agactccatc tcaaaaaaca aaaacagatc tgttcattgt tttgcatgta atagacacaa
    82801 taaaaatgta ggctatttaa ggaaagacca gaaaaataaa tgtttagtgt ttactactgt
    82861 taacacatta atttcgaaga agttaaattt acggccaggc acagtggctc acacctgtaa
    82921 tcccaaaatg ttgggaggct gaggcgggta gatcacttag ttcaggagtt caagaccagc
    82981 ctgggcaaca tggtgaaact cagtctctac aaaaaaatac aataaattag ctagacatgg
    83041 taacataccc aggatgctta ggtggacaga actcctgagc ccaggaggtc gaagctgaac
    83101 tgagccatgt tcatgccacc acactccagc ctgggtgaca gagtaagacc ctgtctccaa
    83161 aaaaaagaga gagagagaga aagaagttaa atttatgata tgaatttgac tattctatgt
    83221 gtataatata aggcactgaa tattgggtaa agtacatggg ccctttctat ggaacttgaa
    83281 atttagtttt tgtaattgtc tgtacaacat ttcttccact gtataaattt tttttttttt
    83341 tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttag ccggagtctt gctctgtcac
    83401 ccaggctgga gtgcaggtaa tctcagctca ctgcaacctc cgcctgccag gttcaagcaa
    83461 ttcttctgcc tcagcctcct gggattaaag gcacctgcca ccacacaggg ctaatttttg
    83521 tatttttttt agagacaggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcaaa ctcctgggct
    83581 caagtgatcc acccgccttg ccctcctaaa gcgctgggat tacaggccca agccactgcg
    83641 cccagccttc atccattgta taaattattt tgaaaagtag cacataccag taataggatc
    83701 ataagcatct ggttagtgga cctgggtcca aatccgtttt tcctgtgctt tgggggaaaa
    83761 ttacccatgg ctgtttcatt tgcaaaatag caataatgcc cagggttgtt gtggggacta
    83821 aatgaataaa ctgccaagtc atagtaaaca ttctctctcc catgtcacct cctcccagca
    83881 tcctttgatg tcaagtcctt ggccaggact gcaattaccc attatgacta acagtgaaaa
    83941 atattggccc tttatgattc atattatgcc aatatccagt tcacaaatgc attttatact
    84001 taatacgtat aattctgcaa tccattcatt cattttcatt gaacacctac catgtgccag
    84061 gacctgtgct aggctctaaa attacagcaa aagacagtgt ccgtatttat ggtgcttaca
    84121 ttctacaggc aggagacaag aaatatatat atgtatgtat gtatacacat atacatatgt
    84181 taaattataa ctttacatgt atatatcagg tgggtaaaac ttctttgaag aaaaagtgag
    84241 attagctccc tctccctctc cccacagtct ccctctcccc acggtctccc tctccctctc
    84301 tctctctttc cacggtctcc ctctgatgcc gagccgaagc tggactgtac tgctgccatc
    84361 tcggctcact gcaacctccc tgcctgattc tcctgcctca gcctgcccag tgcctacgat
    84421 tgcaggcgcg cgctgccacg cctgactggt tttcgtattt ttttggtgga gacggggttt
    84481 cgctgtgttg gctgggctgg tctccagctc ctagccgcga gtgatccgcc agcctcggcc
    84541 tccggaggtg ccgggattgc agacggtgtc tggttcactc agtgctcaat ggtgcccagg
    84601 cgggagtgca gtggcgtgat ctccactcgc tacaacctcc acctcccagc cgcctgcctt
    84661 ggcctcccaa agtgccgaga ttgcagcctc tgcccggccg ccaccccgtc tgggaagtga
    84721 ggagcgtctc tgcctggccg cctattgtct gggacgtgag gagcccctct gcctggctgc
    84781 ccagtctgga aagtgaggag tgtctctgcc cggccgccca tcgtctgaga tgtggggagc
    84841 gcctttgccc caccgccccg tctgggatgt gaggagcgcc tctgcccggc cgcgaccccg
    84901 tctgggaggt gaggagcgtc tctgcccagc cgccccgtct gagaagggag gagaccctcc
    84961 gcctggcaac tgccccgtct gagaagtgag gagcccctcc gcccggcagc cgccccgtct
    85021 gagaagtgag gagcccctcc acccggcagc caccccgtct gggaagtgag gagcgtctcc
    85081 gcccggcagc caccccgtcc gggagggagg tgagggggtc agctccccac ccggccagca
    85141 gccccgtccg ggagggaggt gggggggtca gccccccgcc cggccagccg cccagtccgg
    85201 gagggaggtg ggggggtcag ccccccgccc ggccagccgc cccgtctggg agggaggtgg
    85261 tgggggtcag ccccccgcct ggccagccgc ctcgtccggg aggtgagggg cgcctctgcc
    85321 cggccgcccc tactgggaag tgaggagccc ctctgcccgg ccaccacccc gtctgggagg
    85381 tgtacccaac agctcattga gagcgggcca tgatgacaat ggcggttttg tggaatagaa
    85441 agggggcaaa ggtggggaaa agattgagaa atcggatggt tgccgtgtct gtgtagaaag
    85501 aagtagacat gggagacttt tcattttgtt ctgtactaag aaaaattctt ctgccttggg
    85561 atcctgttga tctgtgacct tacccccaac cctgtgctct ctgaaacatg tgctgtgtcc
    85621 actcagggtt aaatggatta agggcagtgc aagatgtgct ttgttaaaca gatgcttgaa
    85681 ggcagcatgc tcgttaagag tcatcaccac tccctaatct caagtaccca gggacacaaa
    85741 cactgcggaa ggccgcaggg tcctctgcct aggaaaacca gagacctttg ttcacttgtt
    85801 tatctgctga ccttccctcc actattgtcc tatgaccctg ccaaatcccc ctctgtgaga
    85861 aacacccaag aatgatcaat aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa agaaaaagtg agattaaagg
    85921 agagaaggat ggggaggcaa tgatagagac aggagacagc caagggtccc cagcaaaacc
    85981 acaccttcaa tcctaaaaca gcctgaaggc tgagggaccg gactgctggt cccagatgaa
    86041 acctacaacc cagagggaga actgcccctg tttgcccacc ctttcctgac tagttctttc
    86101 tgaataatgc ctacttgcac actgggaaaa tggggcggag ccataggaag ttcatgcctt
    86161 atgccagggg aggaggccgg tcttttcagc ttttgtgtgt ggtggcctgg tattcaacct
    86221 gggaggtagg ggcccattag caggatgcct tgtcactttg ctcagttttt tttttttttt
    86281 tttccttttc gccaatgaat ccagccctcc tcagccttca atgtgtccat gtgcctaatt
    86341 tctcctggtt gtgacacaaa aacctggatt tagctaaact aaggagcaaa acttctacat
    86401 cagtttggtg gcacatctgg ggatcaagga agggtgagta agatgtgaac aaaaaaatat
    86461 ttttcccttt catttctaag ccttttcgtc cttggacttc tgagggtaga ggaaactgca
    86521 caccacccgc cccccaatag ccgcaggcat gcatgagatg aatgggcaaa tagcagctcc
    86581 ccagccccct tctcctcccc ctggtgctaa ggcgcatggc ccaagggtgc caggaggcag
    86641 actggcttgc atttgccacc acacatccac agtgtcttcc cctcccctgg ccaggggtcc
    86701 agctgtcaga cagcaattaa gttagtctcc ctgttagagg aacctatttg cataagaata
    86761 ggaggttctt ctgcatacat cttttttctt ctctctaccc tgtcagcagt taacacagcc
    86821 ctgcatttaa gctatttttt ttcttttctc caccaggtca ggagttaact ttaatgcaag
    86881 acgatttttt tctttttaga agacatttta cgaggccaag cccctaacta acagtttata
    86941 ttctctgtaa agttttaatt atgaaaaagg atttgtgagg ttggtcttaa gctgtagcca
    87001 atctggtgtg ctttgcatgt ctttctgtat ggtcagtagc aaactttgct gcaggcttcc
    87061 atcttgtttt acatccttgg aagtgtgacc tgtaaccacg tggcaatgct ttgttttagc
    87121 ttttgccgtt ttacaatggt ggcccaggtt caatcctggc tgagggaatg agtcttttct
    87181 ggtttgatat ctgcattatt tttatcattt gttgattctc tttccctcca tgaaccacct
    87241 tggattttcc tttctctgag cacctgggag gtcaccttta gtaaagtttg aaagccagaa
    87301 atattggcca cttggcacag ctaaaattgg gtaacaaggg atttaaaagg attttcttaa
    87361 agagcactca gcttaattaa aagtggatat ccaagttata ggtatattta aaaggccgtt
    87421 atatttgtct cttcttggtt cttgttttgc tggaaagggg tttagggttt tatctcagtt
    87481 gactgaatta tttctttcca ttttgccttg ccactcttaa tacacaagaa gagagagacc
    87541 tctgttttcc ccatggatcc ctctcaaaat ctgtttttgc cttccagctg tacctgttta
    87601 ttagacccta aaaactgcat gttttcctag ccttgctctt gaagggctcc acccagaggc
    87661 aaataatcca attaggaggt tggcaaaagg aaaagtctta tggttactgg gttttctttg
    87721 cctgtctgtg tagttatata tatgctgtgt gtgatgtcta ttaaaaagag atctaattaa
    87781 tttacttaaa gaaggataag tgcttggatc aaatattttt taaagggaag ataaaagctg
    87841 tggtaacttt tagttcacat gactttagtg tttgagaaat aaaaacagcc ttaaagatta
    87901 ttggtaaaat gccatcaaaa tgtaaatagg tggactaaat tatgcagatc agatactagg
    87961 tttgcaaaag gctttaaggc tataaactgc tttgtggttt ttgagaactg ttcgacttgc
    88021 ctgcttcaaa accagtaagg tctgaggaca tatggaatta accacaccct aaattatgct
    88081 agaagtcaaa acttggctgt acctagtaca taattaaaac aacttgctgg gcatggtggc
    88141 tcatgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccgaggcggg cagatcacaa ggtcaggaga
    88201 tcgagaccat cctggctaac atgatgagac cccgtctcta ctaaaaatac aaaaaattag
    88261 ccaggtgtgg tggcgggtgc ctgtagtccc agctactcgg gaggctgagg gaggagaatg
    88321 gcgtgaaccc aggaggcaga acttgcagtg agccaagatc gtgccactgc actccagcct
    88381 gggcaacaga gtgagactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaca aaaataaaaa aaacttacca
    88441 ggttttacat taaagtttaa aaatgctagg agttaccatt gtaacatata atgaagacta
    88501 ctggaaatag atttgtgaga aatacatgtg aggtgtataa gaacagtaaa atacgttttt
    88561 aataaaagat tataggaagg tgtggaaatg taaaattctt gcctaaggtt aaacgattgt
    88621 tttgaattag ataaaataaa gctaaaagtt caaacaagtt gtaaaaggaa tgtaaaaatt
    88681 aatcttgcaa aagaaattct gtgtgtgaac acattggcta aattcaaata tggcttttct
    88741 gtaaattaaa cattgaaata aaagcacaag gtactgagca ccaatctgct ctttagtaaa
    88801 atttgtaaag agttataaaa ggtttctgct tttaaatttc tttttttttt ttttgagatg
    88861 aagtctcact ctgtcaccct ggctggaatg cagtgccaca atctcggctc actgcaacct
    88921 ctgcctcctg cgttcaaacg attctcccgc ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg ggattatagg
    88981 cacccaccac cacgcctggc taatttttgt atttttagta gagacatggt ctcatcatgt
    89041 tggccaggct ggtcttgaac tcctgacctc aagggatcca cctgccttgg cctcccaaag
    89101 tgctgagatt acagacttga gccaccgtga ccttcctgct tttacatttc tgagtcatca
    89161 ttttggcaaa ataaataagt tatggtaatc tggaattcta tttcataaca tcaagtgttt
    89221 taaacttcta acatttaaca agcttcccaa aatcaaactt ctatttcaaa attgtctttc
    89281 ctgacacctg ccttttggat gctatagagg gcccctggaa catccagaag agaggtaaac
    89341 agaattaccg gacatgtcta ggtacatggg attgccaaaa tgttgtttaa tcttcatata
    89401 ttaatattca ctaacctata ttacctatat taatataggt tattaatatt aatagataat
    89461 taatattaat atgtaattaa tattaataac ctatattaat ataggtttag tgaatattaa
    89521 tatacgttcc aaaattgtat gggatttcta aaattctaat gcctgagtat atgctatcaa
    89581 tcacaaggtg gttaaattat tgtaaaccac agaaataaac caaatttctt tgtcaatcat
    89641 gtttctgact gtaactaccc tggacatttt gttatttata gatgattgtt gtttttatca
    89701 tcttcagaag atggtgtgta atcagctata gaactttaac aggtgctctc aaatgcaggt
    89761 ttctgatatc tttgaagatt gtgacactgg aataaaggaa aacatacagg actcatgaag
    89821 agctgacatg ttcgtgaata tcaagcaaaa caagagttaa tggaatggac tgaactaata
    89881 gaaaactgaa ataatctttt ttacttttgc ttggaacact gctgattctc attttgtttt
    89941 tcagactcaa ggaagcttat tttgaactat ttatggcctt taataattga gtaaggtaaa
    90001 ctcctgtgaa caaaatttgg agcatctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc
    90061 tgcctggctt ctccagaatt tagaaactag ttgtgagtat tcttaactta tggcaatata
    90121 gttatttgca tcagtgcaat aagaatccct tttcttttgc aacatgacac aattgtagaa
    90181 actggttgtc ttaccaaggc tttgactgga agggtgtgct tccctttaag gagtgaagct
    90241 caactggtag agccaataaa agccccttgg gaaaactggc ctcacacctt gtctacacag
    90301 tccctgtaca gggttcctga cttgtgataa gtaaagaatg tcactttctg acaggcccaa
    90361 gagctccaac tttatctcag gaccttaaga ggagaggatc acccaactca caggtatttg
    90421 atggtacaaa cccatggcta ggctcggttt tagaaagatt gaaatttctt gtggatcaga
    90481 gttccatcaa ggccaatcta ccaggcctat gtaaaaataa ttatttttgc tgtactttat
    90541 gcaaacaatc aagccaagta taagactaaa gtctattctg caaacaactc agtcctatca
    90601 tggtttgttt ttaacagaaa tgaggactgg aaacagagaa attatgtttc aaaacttatc
    90661 atacatttgt cattaacttc tagattcatt cgttgttttc aagtttttgc ctacatttta
    90721 gactgaccct gctaattcct gtgaaccatc cagtatctcc aactatagct cagaaggaac
    90781 aaaatggcat ggataatctg gatcaatatt ttaacactag caattatcct gcagaccctg
    90841 cggggtgatg ggaataaata gagcgcccat cagccggagg tttccttttg gggaaagacc
    90901 aagggagcta accacagcca agccacatgc acccaaatct tagcaagcat aactacagcc
    90961 accagttatc agggtgtgtc acaatacatc cttttctctc ccttgttaga ggagcactca
    91021 attccacagc ttcaccttag tattcagctt atgataagga gtccatgcaa tgcccctaag
    91081 acacattttt gtcccaaact caattccaag cttcgggtca aagtcctagg aaagaaaact
    91141 ggatctgagg gatccagagg cagacaataa caaaagttaa aagacacagt gc