LOCUS       AFP95501.1                57 aa    PRT              VRL 09-MAY-2013
DEFINITION  Human betaherpesvirus 5 protein US33A protein.
ACCESSION   GQ221974-166
SOURCE      Human betaherpesvirus 5 (HHV-5)
  ORGANISM  Human betaherpesvirus 5
            Viruses; Duplodnaviria; Heunggongvirae; Peploviricota;
            Herviviricetes; Herpesvirales; Herpesviridae; Betaherpesvirinae;
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  TITLE     Direct Submission
  JOURNAL   Submitted (28-MAY-2009) MRC Virology Unit, Church Street, Glasgow
            G11 5JR, UK
COMMENT     On or before Aug 17, 2009 this sequence version replaced
            AY446863.1, AY446867.1, AY446875.1, AY169795.2, AY156040.1,
            AY325311.1, DQ195526.1.
            The original gene nomenclature has been retained. Genes presumably
            inherited from the common ancestor of alpha-, beta- and
            gammaherpesviruses (core genes), from the common ancestor of beta-
            and gammaherpesviruses (betagamma genes), or from the common
            ancestor of betaherpesviruses (beta genes) are indicated. A
            standard protein nomenclature has been applied so that orthologs
            have the same name in all herpesviruses.
FEATURES             Qualifiers
     source          /organism="Human betaherpesvirus 5"
                     /mol_type="genomic DNA"
                     /isolation_source="urine from a congenitally infected
                     /host="Homo sapiens"
                     /country="United Kingdom"
                     /note="sequenced at passage 3 in human fibroblasts; three
                     genes are mutated (RL13, UL40 and UL128);
                     acronym: HCMV; acronym: HHV-5"
     protein         /gene="US33A"