LOCUS       AAB50257.1               116 aa    PRT              VRL 21-OCT-2002
DEFINITION  Human immunodeficiency virus 1 protein ( Human immunodeficiency
            virus type 1 (HXB2), complete genome; HIV1/HTLV-III/LAV
            reference genome. ).
ACCESSION   K03455-6
SOURCE      Human immunodeficiency virus 1 (HIV-1)
  ORGANISM  Human immunodeficiency virus 1
            Viruses; Riboviria; Pararnavirae; Artverviricota; Revtraviricetes;
            Ortervirales; Retroviridae; Orthoretrovirinae; Lentivirus.
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COMMENT     On Mar 25, 1997 this sequence version replaced gi:327742.
            [6]  sites; tat mRNA and other transcript boundaries. [7]  sites;
            tat mRNA.
            [8]  sites; mRNA splice sites.
            [9]  sites; 27K antigen cds.
            [5]  sites; gp160 and gp120 coding sequences.
            [1]  sites; regulatory sequences in the LTR.
            [(in) Weiss,R., Teich,N., Varmus,H. and Coffin,J. (Eds.);RNA Tumor
            Viruses, Secon]  review; bases 1 to 9718.
            [15]  sites; trans-activator function and TAR sequence. [19]
            sites; pol coding sequence.
            [22]  sites; 23K sor gene product.
            [23]  sites; pol NH2-terminal region.
            [20]  sites; sor 23K protein.
            [21]  sites; sor 23K protein.
            [24]  sites; Sp1 binding sites in the promoter region. [17]  sites;
            acceptor and donor splice sites for tat and 27K. [10]  sites;
            deletion mutants in the tat gene.
            [18]  sites; env gene conserved/varable regions; separate entries.
            [16]  sites; trs cds boundaries.
            [12]  sites; trs cds boundaries.
            [11]  sites; env gene conserved/variable regions; separate entries.
            [26]  sites; tar or transactivator target.
            [13]  sites; 3' orf mutations.
            [14]  sites; pol p34 terminus.
            [31]  sites; promoter, TAR, tat-III mutants.
            [32]  sites; envelope protein epitopes.
            [33]  sites; trs/art protein.
            [34]  sites; inducible enhancer element.
            [27]  revises [30].
            [29]  sites; long terminal repeat.
            [28]  sites; R orf.
            [35]  sites; sor.
            Sequence for [25] kindly provided in computer-readable form by
            L.Ratner, 19-AUG-1986.
            The HXB2 sequence is being used as a reference genome for all the
            HIV entries because it has been derived from a demonstrably
            infectious clone.  Hence not all of the 'sites' references above
            were concerned with this isolate.
FEATURES             Qualifiers
     source          /organism="Human immunodeficiency virus 1"
                     /mol_type="genomic RNA"
     protein         /note="trs protein"
     intron_pos      26:1 (1/1)